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Text from Pages 1 - 126 of the 1952 volume:

graduate CLASS a ' ti , ' sl [l 952 1 —. m M HI fit Vm ■il v» ' 1 1 V m y «y ‘ mlvMr Mt. U o w or d l l e, tine- 0,1 ass ojf? iSSZs, ha e attempted to acuyuu a mt lj on w » tk ou r staff, foc-i ti¬ tle-S CAtad CtotiviV c-s ° Z ' f v en o£U Scdnool clvrnacj " Me. past year-. lA e, lio oe as uou peruje ■tt Hope S tA a t cyou jDG-rusG, tftese ill apprc C-iot our jOacje s Una L ejom vv, I apy rec (Shorts im ' tints tin e tin • rd Vea r looo K published p = r O o k te cvej l ma Mat Q yn d uou cn n d (you a md y a a ■ er 387 100A SHIP I 1 I If i S : ! ?» 4 ; , ' t fihfmPfiht!: iwhM Ml mm ml iff® IkmiliiifcMiii !si i ' ' V a SSMM ' Vi v i - Sr? V 1 ■ W .l t ' ( : f —-- HElM .W;,! 1 . : tfifl fiff ' t: {.‘I’l : ■■ , j ' ;i;j;!!; , ;ij!?:j;j!;:j; ii Hi 111 at ' ia EM flW avKS ms I ■ ,,•1 I I DEDICATION DecUeatuxH J. Opp recio ' tion o£ yo r jbefie ictaL yu danae, InSi ht’ 0 • i • f?atle n 0 €; nteresir Qnd. faostr of d (your lr e friendship UJe, the hne nr berJ of Vie C. a9S of 9 5 ih ratefu t[ij aleJilGotk this LjeorS to Y 0U , tyrr Tumble. ADMINIS TR AT ION J, R. n o ra b I By M’S. ASSISTANT PRf N Cf PAL EVonS K. M ii S ; 0 S.jM.S. ADVISORY BOARD MR.JAMES J, PILGRIM MR.JAMES MITCHUM Laura C. Bu 5 enl ur( Ui brarian. Socia Science Cnora | “Di r ctress fr-Maru E. Stephens B.S. r PhijS ica I Education L.L. Edwards M -fL B ’V l- S - r . . naThematiCS Livrcs Heci A 0 - Adele Mono M i I le,r S. Home Econonr l 0 and Wijlma Owens James A. B- EncjlisU, Span ' i sh Asst- Choral Directress Marq A■ Jones Jb.s. Elementary Dept. Eula BLOwens 6.S. Elementaru 3)e ( Annie n fo e,r 0. S. . PrimQKU DepL, mo r BuS Drive rH- Lunchroom He I pc y Arfhur LoqOn BUS DRIVER B0rov n ie Crash CUSTOX)! AN Casper Rhodes Lunchroom Fiona jcr ' F rs. W n WilHomS SENIORS In In on © r and rnornoru of our schc olnio e rrd vvlio serve in tbc, Vrmed pieces Gw t. Msfof " " cl a SSm a ' tttS -f otwv n f « r Ecivxarci Cash TVc as C«r 5 o n L ' .-W ' ejokn Leroy JC« e y Willie v Ti ' tchorv Oharles Miller D ' , 5 G(Cofje EO r R ul A k-Ly 3 eLr SV«nC»«l i J kn Ev4vM»«,ms CLASS HISTORY September 16 » 1948 our class entered high school " green " befor us 51 8110 ' Unaware of 1,16 £ reat taste and trials thft lay Since that time We have been tried and have been Dut before impossible situations that We finally Overcame with but slight hesitation because we worked together not s i " fi y btt Cl e for all and all for one as a doss. iw a ? d we ? re then joined by some newcomers trOm Brevard,N.C. thus increasing our number of pupils thereby eiv- mg us strength in number. 7 51. v °b3tacles that would confront us as Sophomores academic Sd JtherS ' st! 0 " C ,ualnted with our responsibilities Our class was highly represented in all fields of endea- fe £h 0n he D ootball team we had Johnny Williams, .Billy Rawbi ns on. Thurman .Robinson, Jeff Brown, John Stanfield Thomas Carson a d Charles Miller. Fot the girls ' basketball S ' Edvards, Eleanor Haynes, Myrna Hodges and £ s . hen, so it is now; our clas 9 has play- ? d a great part in all sport activities. We are proud to say Clubs° ne ° f ° Ur classrnates has ' beeh captain of all these Varsity « P ? }} me r S all ¥ fled on win £3 of Mercury. _But alas! gad- ness befell us for during the latter portion of Our Junior year Service Uncle 9aw to draft ten of our boys into Military 4 .?° . our teacher, we are going out into the World and prove to l ’ ea lly build the ladder by which we rise and that all that she has endured with us will not have been in vain. j A u,-w, TTi J h our classmates we individually enjoyed our ups and ? 8c ?5 a !f and fa , ilares finally learning that no ta9k is too difficult if we work together toward the same goal. to our friends and fellow students we leave not our words rjor our wrong deeds nor our successes but with this little thought that we know from experience that to be a success it is necsssayy to work together. (low at the poiht of our departure we will leave with our motto in mind ' life build the ladder by which we rise ' we hope the class of VSS ' will make history, to you this is the end but For us it 1 only the beginning. Eleanor Marie Haynes Class Historian ; ' ' : ’ W f |: |j|ly ’ ilL- IlC ' v | » F r v v v jg, ; ' ' ,. 4 , Fames fc Jerel Hufc b isom Little. T K« i ff. Alice Lureoc Gash. " AT rt 5te who stumbles over the same stone twice deserves to break his 1 neck 1 Cheerleader Roieff a Green „ ' 5 Zulc f fL Jud j C not one iPjirxd j rt C-A rC o£ h i i - o.CC. Library Clot; ■ ' " Sta C 4 if J fAur ' Izd 4urd I4er phi I I I o +» te, l v»« n »v • _ Co• r»g. Poo4 " l c.ll | Rose bo 11 ■ ctehne. Curolyn £ J ua rd “Mat 7 " » rush •■» t he.rc- m J -j e-cLr t« £re A- " K. A, Sa$K. e f a (| C « «5 Alaru O Mauser „ 1 0 (ene " bji a r x.r ' $ rea.c.H should efcccd hi s or wha lf aheav CM -for. " Clobj CUcnnj Sl uad 8ftu aKrVe Owens — Star! 14 i skorl leTs , rno.KC “Hve. inn os ' ir il Glee Ctmb • 1 tficKtsy ' " lv »U |et no one, drag me 5o low as to Tnaice 7r?fch te U» m. GJeeCl prarnates l«bra.-ruC(.i b S N H A +Ch£Grl i ade.Y ' Laura % Ruth VX ar t ' Rooster " Its belter to have. “fcr ed and foiled than never to hq e tried at all Cheerleader N-H-A Salesa rl -far Class t re. Cl if {of 4 VVO ' yti ' 5 5 ? e to r ‘ ' Pbthat str ves jorthe top w Hi be rewarded - GieeCjub, 3ASKetball, 3aseba |, Cheering Jdrrvc.S Tfio - ttan Zlobin soO f e 4 " ' Ti» 5 eeK, t ■£md bot n $t tb c reld 5 r C|a s Pk€ 5 .j v»oe Pres $lee Cldj SosKetball Foot ba l Co ptair year - loooK Sta-f-f, Base ba 11 PAu Ll»ve WyNN " Not merely ' t ' o C Xts ' t ' Lo f t Omaun t " to 5oin 1 1 -|- C . CLee CluW, CAecr feader Ckdr Its Cl cxre rvc e Brooks " Dooley " To l)im wvJ| 0 w4.ll ro ' rt 1 Im oss " , We. Pram «jhc Cl olj S«sc l a I I JovepKi nt, £ lix-aWetk y«o nQ S i s " W Wa| ijDU a re i c Gr « d j 3 ' f 7 to cjou; wWat " We Cor -i e ij our Cj, (j-od . C-liee r f Vcar ! •• K Cri+e Jr- « i »• June, s tdocation +- ' o r r i s as ree. f Ae ■ ne cvai « g incJineg tduCa.TIon fo r- rv. ; ? mon mjnrf; .ost JS Went. tWe; tr Cl ss TVea .: filee, ClubJ QasetcJlj Poo-Hall. A ■ Ce«rje Edward W« Iks rtmij Joo ' fl Ever learn is to love Qnd We lowe l i r-, return . S ’CI++ s V-C6 fV«c.- Boimtfj m 5 r.; G-lee Clot’, Dranvot " ! c CluWj 6 as t a |) A g fcl ci rfw year Woo JO f ean.K Wdrie aynes " Jwetty " One. eneniy r«o muci» . " Ga k e,f ba.llj b HJ |V H. .y C )C.Cr year Woo k Staff. H Lesfcar Sub oseo L-eslar CXjfc er " R a V. " To e,rr »S human, " to -forqiye.divine • Crlee. Club- 8 e ' SSiC ' Ann ' tz, Culh Grlov© « r mills o th©Grocfe grind Slowltj buf tfl©q grind exceedingly Vv ft I I , d e.rftr pa t ro I • heerirvg Sc ua. d «Sr irus l JeXferzor) St bern " Sam " Every $fce,p -forward in tTn wor cj wos moc|e ot " tine. Cost of me.n ' t a I aruf phuS ' co ! torture . fell© CU , Class 4r- +»st , Store- Sa lcSrru r . ”Dreamy El7xabet£ Summed " TUCK " " IKnow nof v r ai Coo 5 c. oTtiC-rS irmM ' hvKe n ' c ' q ' tve me.+T e K.ey to. ucttJS and V»a pp »n«-ss ■ " Bo 5 RctbAfll, 1 _| brxarxj CLr Dramati Clubs (Sle-ws -I n- rmer §to ) CW crlcade.n We Lost V l i ( I and the Senior CUss of Ninth Ave. High School Testa me nt t me DenLor CLASS ot Ninth Ave. High School heine (Mp hope) ot sound mtnd and body aware of the. brevity of our existence here, do make and declare this oar last wfL and testa- First to our principals and faculty we give our best wi pq and our priyers for the guidance.of thos£ who follow us! 3 , Second, we leave to the «Xtnior Class our places in the hieh school and our chairs in the auditorium. F e n,gh we ki 2 d remembrance nuke and bequeath the following personal donations; ° t e ys leaves her height to Db-ris Birnett. . Shir ley Clay leavcs her abili as Successful salesgirl to P« rr Wn leaves her soprano voice to Ora Robison. Jfeter Arthur Hemphill leaves his ability to play football to fobert aS ummey and Jessie Mae Snith, Shemwn Crite and Arzula Green leave their dignity. To Alfred Mitchum, Clixforq. Shelton leaves his excess weight. I 1An ' IS or qa n v __i_ _ • ° tive to Daniel Owens. Bessie Glover leaves her botsterousness to Betty tou Payne Cary i Er 53 tob S h " " lea ' e ihe,r ar “ StiC abill to fain of ttllo 0 cU h ‘ S POSitl0n 33 « - To Henry Glover, Hosea Sct er leaver his seriousness.. Alice Gash leaves her quietness. To Gabriel Payne. George Wilks leaves " his gift of flab and nis line of jive. 1° t Ele hor Haynes Leaves her good taste in dress. , f Johnson, Pauline tfynn leaves her ability to get along wxfh people. To Edith Cash, Mary Hauser leaves her petiteness. ty£ rn fL H°qges leaves her timidity. , 5. i£ s l Barnett . Charles Brooks leaves his ability to ’tnp the light fantastic toe.” fe ov . To terbara Johnson. Dreamey Sumrwrslier nonchalance w » wc rwruicr Deque „_ _ And earnest prayers for their success and happiness. We hereby Constitute and appoint Mrs. W.O. James, our ad¬ visor, our lawful executor to all intents and purposes to execute this our last will and testament, according to tne true intent and meaning-of the same. _ , .IQ witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names this Third day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two. Ot: Qll ' fJhtziy. W.O.tUrms Advisor Elizabeth Young Testator CLASS PROPHECY Listen 0 ye men and women, youths and maidens, and little children to the words of Wisdom from the lips of your prophet; wno now speaketh unto you that which hath, been revealed unto her As I look into the land of the future I see moving; away the dim shadows of the people yet to be, the ' familiar shapes of those fair and radiant beings who were once my classmates, now changed and transformed Into citizens of the world out¬ side even as they had longed to be X could see them even as if the intervening years were not at all. . . I see Madeline Edwards as head of Athletic Department at Barber Scotia, and there are Charles Brooks and Earnest Hut¬ chinson as co-owners of a chain of Wight Spots and Eateries from Maine to Florida As I look again I see Alice Cash and Arthur Hemphill on stage acting Romeo and Juliet, r look a- ? ain and see Bessie Glover is operating an Employment Agency n N y C X aiso see Sherman Crite playing baseball with the New York Yankees. Gazing deeper my eyes are cast upon Arzulia Green as head of the Rome Economics Dept at Bennett College. Looking deeper I see the world r s greatest artists Samuel Suber and Paul McMinn operating a Commercial Art Studio Eleanor Haynes is supervisor of Nurses at Meharry Medical School. Myraa Hodges is designer for Vogue Pat terns. . 9 j look deeper and see Thurman Robinson Director of Vhr- nCr There is Mkry Hauser owning a beauty salon in 0 L? a J is «n + Gazing deeper I see Clifford Shelton managing the GlobeTrot¬ ter ' s Basketball Team. I find myself on the inside of a large Congregational Church where Hosea Suber is or. Well well well there is Beulah Owens supervising the fltee Toddlers Nurserv School. Ruth Ward is entertaining Service Men in Europe Upon looking deeper I see George Wilks as President of the CIO. Pauline Wynn is stenographer at Sears, Roe bucks ' Chicago office. There is Elizabeth Young as voice in¬ structor at Tuskegee Institute. .. . Lo the strains of music fade away, the veil is drawn over mint eyes shutting our from W.vtsion_|he thing to to and I turn mine eyes back to the things f4 at are r events cast their shadows before only goodness, truth and prosperity shall follow all the days that are to come to ta tented members of the class of 1952. N. Perryman JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Q) -C «rt 0 « It ° X -D • C c c « a cj i Q O U1 L . o w» 3 .5 " Ct " 5 i»l J s.s V £! 9 ) c T»f- ■ CDO FRESHMEN UNDERCLASSMEN GRADE El G H ' S ' UqaaQ Q Dj nr J ' 9j UI N 3A3S 3(JV£ID GRADE SIX Mrs. n. rii ' Me ' — " Teac vsr GRADE FIVE PI r s. Gr- f?. G rec-n — Ifcacliar GRADE O k X CO ir o — J «) V £ grade: one Wrs.o n- f?o 0 56 — " TeaoAe r i ACTIVITIES (0 v u Uj UJ O C t 0 ’ X w u to C T 1 4 ej LIBRARY CLUB 4f THE NATIVITY ATHLETICS THE TIGERETTES THE CHEERING SQUAD •? c ' rt +2 a ? o cO _ I _0 cu £ t) I c y c a £ ¥ ’ t ... .. mr ■ U • «r »Ss -,4 m i zm advertising Com plim nfcs c t !lcr mutiuytm DIAL 3£ 11 DAY OR NIGHT Wnen shadows -Pa we od«qvor " to S« rye i rn Q y ' wcxlj that honors " fclnose wliose NAiorK is done and help tAose wAo u©t h- - 1 y Qv ♦ wor 1 C to cJo- Ja me s J P o. im , 0 ' v n« r V |cjnag®r PROTECT YOUR ENTIRE FAniLY BY JOINING OUR MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION it is better to Know c S a nd not need us tin O n fc O n »d Ld S and not Know l s Corner W littzJ- HeruJeKSOnvill N. C. OMENS ' GROCERY LOrCy e efafe le,S Tlie Friend y ybt crJvxxJ Stc and Cured pleats £resli and Frozen U Poultry SEAFOODS - ' Dairy products Nfoo name ft, we hove it J-RjIdE Ovxen ' | Own«r 4 SI Southside Ave, W E. fTOLAND JEWELRY CoT Expert NAfcftch Rspcunno Watches - Diamonds ru Convenient Teti 5 at " NoE tra Cost: 4 5 ' lorKVfc St • Dial 21 7 V,a -3-376l SHOP ATT PORTERS SeI f-ServiceSTo re. We Del i ver J. C-Srte r- Owner® Oporafcr IC l mmonS St- V a 3-l3VI Astiff, v.jie. N.r,. v c v uQ I o n Comp Ietc Seaufu Ssr v » Co The, Choic e o j- ILad i es who or C-y rtVcolar a boot " OO QANy HixfSi W H . Sm itn dable-£c 4 n wic l - C oX C ' o Vi U - or- 436 °PP Landing Corb 5 ©rv »ce- _on’VH STREET Cold Dr in Ks ; Sandwiches ‘EOee r HEMDCRSCWVlLbE, N-C. Omplime.n " ts of HENDERSONVILLE AI KWOBILE DEAL EES ' - ■ Co m pii me,rifs o Town office supply co. S fsr, st. Dio i 9 HEMDERSOM VlLLt. hi. c. Com p li ments o f THE SMOKE SHOP N e w.s deole r s 14 2 Third Ave W. TDia. 12,2, Hendcrwnvi lle, NC. orr » pj| m ent5 °-p FL AG-AN pp MTfrVG CO • Con mer ial Pr-intinq W£ " NfVfR, •DiSAPPobvT " ffl.7TK.rd Ave W. D al - 73 o Lomelimcnts ojl J }CK 5CH 1 AN ' 5 Qoal ' tiif Clo ' Hi n? -£r tAe fnhre F’« ,, P , rJL7N.riain si 1 pia 1-6 77 Hc-ndtrionvil p,, V «C . Lompli entJ M? tarlan Food SMoP CAKE ' S 1 a nd PIES 3o ,M.K a ,n St. Dial CA?! Hfcndie on ville. . N • C • Kmpli enS ' «f KALfrv ' S FuQn iTUR t CO y 4 r Fnvndlu Ewrr» ti re Dealer Mo rr J Kali n i ' 7S.Mflin St- P ' a l ' 5 43 M end ers6n v» ne N ' ( • . Co mjDlirn £, r 1 s O T STATE TRUST CO- HOO N- Main St. Dia 1 3 -51 f-jende SoriN 1 1 l 2 y N -C. Com p 1 i menTs ° " p C ar 5on |cc C rca.oq C-o- Wholesale 1arw| c ' fore Dij Wo Blue 3iRD . » £e crfam C«mplimenT5 Railroad Salvage co- f Softer Valves in fUm ' tTkjr e, Alain S4. at " Third Av©- Dial S 27 7 HENDEf?50NV j Lh N . C- C m p li me ots o} WalKcr Hardware Co v lr»C. F 1 V 5 F Avenue and K. r J D° sr- t " Rin’fs C npK mcnTs «-f S RRA-rls clean e-RS Expert C «an • n ; 3s pasnn A ter i n BRCWskP N C f mP 1 i menTs rf M;ll Ends Sfor® 5.l r shop ft ceG,d5 D»K ,tt 6j;fc E. Vdr E So s Ufs 343 Afajn Sk Plione ° £jl. Cornel t C.n |S Jypc io L.dunJru ond Cleaners (iain OfftCC. Maple Sh- Phone, 43 $8 H-l SlCyland Mdel » - £ ne rlo p«Sifr S cS’ C « »«■ ' Hender3°« v « lle , N»C. --___ Compliments -p K J I. Groc ERy fr«e 3 -i lodKj PTjrr %OC BRiBS MEATS, G-AS and O 1 U 45« t£j Ave..W.- Mender-fan vi lie N-C. sj r . c P.ft- N 3 an d ' TppZZZZZp 730$ - .; 1 Sesir Wishes She rrnQ nS Sport nj Goods 3 ON.Main St J iol 54ZZ Hondcrsony illc,. N . C. 41 Lou ' S Williarns and Sons S fo W bu 7 and sc jonK’ ' Pfumbars Supplies x ' To Seventh fy©v E- Dial 3 8 CanipTimarits df Richardson ' s fuels Supply CO- LZS-Sg ' Ay e.j ' H. t ial7 ' ft Henc e.r n i ll .N C 1 7V- 7V_ JgKW w r w -1 - (£§) | , noc rj c rT7 L L t fts L A U N D RY cf CLEAN E RS THE HOME OF The. New Dr -She-eri Cleaning i-n H ndefsonvi Me. 42.3N Kinj Sir. Dia 1 74 2 £ Gsrtip 1 i me.n ' ts ° p Cash C RRy super. i kket CurllS Ke- 1 le- j Owrit r BREV RD, n - c G cccxt buu. 0AKE " Where, friends HeoL -8REA.D CA KFS and PVASTRY VVe 5pcc ' fllix.c in 5a 1air St !, D»ai Henderson v» 1 N » Ct - Compliments °-|- 0ELK- 5 nPSON Co. Department Store. . 31 N.Ham St. D a|-53o3 Hinder son v»l M C Co mp merit 5 LOVELAND STUD 0 PoRTRA T5 and CoRinicrc ia I Pilot ' Rn is In 1 CoSKanuja d. X iai (m3S L l Acnie ftin vil lr. .N-Q.- ■ ' J o (9u r Jsb-an3 I eA berS Cxp the fSe n ior loSS ' ' Wish " to " tPitf n r y l yoi»r llbev-al Coriftribuiv n 9 ClnJ Other Qssisij Ounce QrQnt ' eA. US fbu arcL ma K HS year ' s jaijer " possible 0 AUTOGRAPHS n ’. , ’ " s ? i- ;■ " v;W

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