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ii ■ V.-- - ■■ " ik ■ 5 r??! OUR OmR (7f)TCR52 ( T — 3 , orewofi J May you who glance through or digest cong letely this- the journalistic and pictorial Attic of Memoirs of the Class of — enjoy that we have experienced during our sojourn within the noble port9.1s of this our and to everybody, many thanks for everything. Alma Mater r- i 4 IN MEMORY OP OUR CLRSSnRTES IN the service CcusK Jr- ? 1 l Y(OfV DoliVis naj or Littlejohoi C eOY E-Mitcku-oo f SOOf Jeff e rscMV Sd ii ard Co sh Willie R. Cl., , a-,or vERGUSON JESSE FERGUSON W GREENE MARJORIE HODGES SMITH VESSIE OV ENS liA ' CI E. STiiiPIIENS . .Adviser OUR PRINCIPRL Under whose able and dynamic leadership the institution has progressed in steady strides since A. D. KORNEGAY erindent of City Schools BRUCE M. DRYSDALE Chairman, Board of Education EVANS K. MIMS B.S,, M.S. Ass’t. Prin. RBUISORY eomg A ’ •• L- ' ir % ' t ■ .4 . ' ic LAURA B, DUSENBURY ' A.B. Librariaji, Social Science L.L. EDWARDS B,S,,M.S. Mathematics WLYMA 0. JAMES A.B. English, Spanish ADDIE Cxrainmar M. MILLER B.S. Dept, eula b. ov ers B.S. El 611101 L 6 pt. EVA R. pilgrim B.S. Primary Dept, ODELL LI. ROUSE B.S. Primarj Dept, lARY i. . STEPHENS 3 - Bi alvg , Cl nils try P ' -rslcal Edi’f.ation JOHN R. MARABLE A.B.jM.S. French 4 4 ■ i ' H: I •1 that this dedication will forever serve a most excA?f humble but sincere appreciation for her “XiS fal?h abillty.»hole?ome guidanor we Tod? i®“°°ratic philosophy of education, edition of " iSe S|er Sr-atultously dedicate th Niss Mary ElU»rJ lef fimirs 9 I • £’ t f : V ’ ' y f % i f ' 1 1 September our class 3red high school to start on long hard,journey to higher nation. Unav are of the many bacles to be encountered,v e ?ted this trip with joyous IS for four years. Our general X of high school v as " just a - :her elementary school.” le first days of our high sch- life v ere spent,for the most in getting acquainted with high school routines. The jr-classmen v ere most willing lelp us andjWithhn a lit tie Le,we began to feel at home )ur new abode.The next days , 3ver,v ere quite different, by 3 time,most of us were acnuain v ith hiqh school life. )on classes began and we rea - d that our carefree , idle } were over, V e also learned 3 failure is easier to achieve 1 is success. Several of the lents were unable to withstand j obstacle and dropped along v ayside,leaving the most am- -ous ones to travel farther. I we settled dov n to study,we :ed forward to the holidays,be- ;e that meant v e v ould have a -od cf rest for the exams thnt .owed. Then came the exams fV we returned to school,from 6hristmas vacation. For once .ng the whole school term, the •ding was quiet and the halls .r because all the students b hind closed d ' ors they were |..:ed. began the sc ' onci semester a le mort; serieasly than we did hi. , hils was ou.r first year -..w.i football. V e repres- ie Clay,Marion Davis, ' iixTi, On the doys .ve had Willie J, W ' -. ‘o ' .- ' -v Shelton and Billie ... ' irls basket ball - ■e -. ' or_ted by Fannie Another week of exams ended aur first mile of the v ay. V e had be- attached to each other, so v ith tears in our eyes, dried only by the returning in the fall, v e parted. In the fall of ’[[,8 wc regis¬ tered as sophomores. Our being sophomores v as a matter of ad¬ justment. V e planned a trip to the Cherokee Indian Reservation, In the fall of ’[j.9 we registcrcc as juniors, looking forward to the junior-senior prom, which occupied most of our time during the spring. My how time flew, and here we were beginning the last mile of the way.Those of us who with¬ stood the storm thus far feel proUd to know that v e just about completed our journey. For some of us it means the end; for others the beginning,but v hat - ever our lot,we fear no trail and ' " ill continue to move on , Now, as v e stand on th :; t hue hold,we say farew ell to our teachers, classmates and friends. To our Teachers: ' Jo have proven and v ill prove tlmt your labor you have put forth shall not be in vain. To our qlassmates:The joys we have shared will linger in our m emories to remind us of our stay here. To our priends: Our chain shall not be broken,but streng¬ thened. So v ith our motto in mind: To strive, to seek, to find, but not to yield,we now face the world , and the history of the Class of 1980 goes dov n on record,Yet for us it is only the beginning and not the end. C Class liistorians •k CLR8S 0-F ' 5-1 . MARJORIE ANN HODOES Seopet® VESSIEE. OlVENS !! i! ! !!! i; bertha L. LOGAN .!!!. ' .!! ,!T?nswe ' SSE FERGUSON .tX! Mgr. MSS COTnR? M®’ not to yield. " SS COLORS : Maroon and white . jj. J.a, lass PLOjER : Carnation UDer a x v s VVittest- ' .Villie Clay Susie Norman Sweetest-David Norman I Vessie Owens Best looking-Bjlly Greene Edith V ' aters Best dressed-Robert Shelton Edith v ' aters I Most popular-Bertha Logan Billie Greene I Most atheletic-Fannie McKenzie I w ' .Villie Mitchuin ; ' ' ost likely to succeed---Thema Ferguson i uVlllle Clay T ‘ ' Hi ' , i y f k w • I • ' 1 s I t ' ? ( f V.1V •n 4 j iX- vcLLTE ma:e .ooley ! ' ’Sweet?- ' " ;h ' ' ■ ' lub. Cheering Cluli ' ;SSE CHRISTOPIER PERGUSOI " Poster” " Love is s.’s Love does ' ’een-age-canteen. Sec; ' ‘arsity; English Club; Mgi i.f Year Booh MARY GILL BROOKS WILLIE ROY CLAY Varsity; English Club Dramatic Club; Sr. Class,Pres.; Editor of Year Book. GARET LUCILLE CASH " Marg " •A.; Glee Club; (lish Club. MARION DAVIS " Snake " English Club; Varsity I OPELISHER JACKSON " Toots " English Club; Glee Club :XIAM GREENE,JR. " LlUll " iii sh Club; Va:» slty. PAUL ALLEN KIRBy English Club; Varsity MARJORIE ANN HODGES " Cookie " N.H.A., Glee Club Dramatic Club , Sr. Class,Sec A CHRISTINE FERGUSON " Chris " A.;Glee Club;Dramatic ub GEORGE EDWARD HUTCHINSON " S " " Shink " " I live the life I sing about ’ Varsity; English Club EMMA JAIJE LITTLEJOHN ” Do unto others as you would have them to do Tinto you " HA LUCILE LOGAN, " Sis ' re is plenty room at top without pushing ne off " ity; Gheering squad; las3,Traas iiNiE MAE McKenzie " Ean " io strive for the t t in life and not for the least ' |. A y Glee Gluh , |Lish Club; Varsity MARIE LVNCH WILLIE JAMES MITCHUM " Little Willie " Varsity;English Club Teen-age- canteen SUSIE MAE NORI N " Sue " Glee Club; English Club Cheering Squad Aajor Littlejohn " Moose " Varsity IE ELIZABETH OV EM " Chick " 3 is what you mak b Lsh Club;Glee Clu Ing squad. ROBERT ROSEVELT SHELTON, JR. " Bob " Varsity; Teen-age-canteen English Club ' ' ■ . ' -V xA- . ■ ' -v ..-s ' ■■ ’V..-.- .jr ft ► ,r, EDITH WATERS English Club; Varsity JEANETTE SMITH " Ginny " " Not at the top, but climbing. Library Club; Bramatic Club; Cheering Squad. JOAN YOUNG " Joe” Glee Club; English Club. U ifi cmd destum en t jVe, the Senior ulass of Ninth Ave. High School, 1951, being in mental faculties and free from forcef do hereby devise,do bequeatn and convey our various school day person herein after mentioned; to be held by Article I To the citizens of Hendersonville, we leave a beautiful vote courtesies bestowed upon us during Dur high school days in this city. Article II To the entire faculty of Hendersonville High School, we leave ‘ffo tei f heartful th s for their over present aide in our efforts to learn to live. Article III To the Juniors,Sophomores, •qual number of the numerous the use of the " new school ' and Freshmen classes we will an C jcymenc S t aat we have had besl ' os ' when it is completed. Article IV. 1. To Pearlie M. Suber, Fannie McKenzie bequeaths her ability to play basketball. 2. Thema Ferguson conveys her height to Thurman Robinson. 3 . Joan Young wills her feet and hair to Audrey Simmons. a. It is a request that Mary Hauser receives Marjorie Ann Hodges’ legs. To be sure that Larwence Ivy is in good hands Susie Norman v llls him to Pauline Wynn. 0 . Ofelisher Jackson wills her quietness to Jessie M. Smith. 7. Margaret Cash bequeath her hair styles to Selah Brooks. 8. Willie Mae Cooley wills her looks to Nancy Perryman. 9 . Vessie Owens conveys her smallness to Eleanor Hayneso 10, Mary Gill Brooks leaves her shape to Arzula Green. 11. The handsomeness of Billie Greene will go to George Wilks. ©anette Smith v ills her oenman - ship to Ruth Peak. 13. Robert Shelton wills his shoulders to Johnny Williams. ll|. Emma Littlejohn conveys her hair to Bessie Glover. Edith Waters wills her height to Bobby Simmons. 16. The ability to play basket ball will go to Thurman Robinson from Willie Clay. 17. Jesse Ferguson wills his physique to Alfred Mitchum and to Johnny Williams he leaves his romatlc ways. 18. The seat of " class sleepei " " will go to Ida Avery from George Hutchinson. 19. Willis Richardson wills his height to George Owens and his looks to Wm. Johnson. 20. It has been a special request of Paul Kirby that his hair be left to Billie Rawlinson. 22 21. In order that Clifford Shelton may sing better Marion Davis leaves him a voice. 22. The job of class president goes to Samuel Suber from Major Littlejohn. 23. Willie James Mitchum wills his ability to play football to Alvin Gash and his love to Joan Cooley. 2l , Bertha Logan wills her lips to Dreamy Summey and her hips to Edith Cash. We do hereby charge the Jimion Class to execute our last will and testament. Testators PROPHECY Jeanette Smith, and Fannie M, enzie have been working steadily 5e Oot.1950 on several elements an and un-human wise and other- Having come into the posses of a vast amount of wealth. T decided to toiir the United tes and gather information and research on their class mates 1 they know better than they anyone else. Their research . corcern success and failure 1 Hendersonville we boarded a .n to New York City Where very ;unately one of the first per - 1 we saw was William Greene Jr. is now manager of the Waldorf ria Hotel. Prom him we learned Marjorie Ann Hodges was tour- Europe as a Concert Artist.We ned too that Edith Waters was ical Education Instructor at ett College in Greensboro ,N.C. P- learning this we decided I to t some of our classmates who d in New Jersey.In Atlantic f we stopped at a fashionable 3 shop which was owned and ated by V illie Mae Cooley.Here Dund data leading to the where 3uts of more of our- classmates earned from Willie Mae, that “•illie Clay was designing for General Motors. She also -oned the ' fact that Thema C. ISon was head nurse at John ■ns Hospital in Baltimore,Md . •so learned that Willie James Lum v as playing professional ■tball v ith the Harlem Globe - ■er- . To our luck there was a tl following night in the of Washing ' -or f aturing The crotters pn. jhe Capital .So we nat ' - lly decided to I ' 3 -n the hai ' e” we were . converse c illie James id; ' , we lear-ned hat Emna Jane i j 1 was matliaiiietlcs instru- ! ' . ims Hi hi Un. n, S.C.We ' ' 1 ' d thau Vessie Owens I -• ' •oclaimed ' Worlds tall- |r ?o our amazement we f. - O that Hertha jogan was j ; ' ■ nei at Wilbforce Univer¬ sity.While listening to this,we noticed there were some familar faces in the crowd. Especially four persons whom we least ex¬ pected to see. Guess who they were? - Mary Gill Brooks,Bobby Shelton,Marion Davis,and Ofelisher Jackson. After dis¬ cussing past experiences we learned that each of them had served on the staff of the pop¬ ular Ebony Magazine. After learning this we were determined to learn more.So we made a date see each other the following day We were informed that Margaret Cash was a member of Katherine Dunnham’s dance troupe and Joan Young was personal secretary to P.D.Bluford,Pres. of A T College. We learned that Major Littlejohn was president of Morehouse Collec in Atlanta. Being satisfied with information we decided to attend a dance featuring Buddy Johnson. We had no knowledge of the sur¬ prise in store for us at Inter- mlssionl11 to our bewilderment Susie Mae Norman was crowned Miss Bronze America” by Buddy himself of course we were among the hundreds who rushed up to congradulate her.She was as much surprised to see us as we were to see her.She Invited us to her lavishly furnished apartment.She talked about her exciting ex¬ periences and didn’t hesitate to mention the fact that Jesse Ferg¬ uson was staring in motion plct- j es for M-G-M. She also said George Hutchinson had won the Nobel Prize for suceeding to ne- goiate peace between the wise and unwise ' . ' After hls store of information we were bubbling over with excitement of our Classmates Achievements. Our next thought was to re tom home and tell the home folk of our wonderful adventu.’e. Pi ' ophets Jeanette Smith Fannie Mae McKenzie I uniofi I iILLIE H. RAvYLINSON . . .Pres. MDELINE EDWARDS. Sec. EORGE E. OWENS ......Vice Pres. BEULAH OWENS . Treas. • LALF B DUSENBURY Adviser lotnof’e S ri V ARD..Pres. ORA ROBINSON .Sec. LUCILLji AVERY - Vice Pres. ANNIE M. HUTCHINSON ... Treas. WLYI»IA 0 . JAMES . LATAS L. EDVifARBS Advisors I I men AN COOLEY .... Pres. JEANETTE STEPHENS . . . Sec. RRIET GASH .... i Vice Pres. MAMIE DAVIDSON MARY L. MIMS ADVISER V{ »S EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE FOURTH GRADE SEv. C ' jJL GRATE THIRD GRADE FIRST GRADE CHORRL SOCIETY Director ...... LAURA B, DUSENBURY President SUSIE M. NORIvlAN %» i. a } M fit f % J. k ■% • £ » 1 LIBRFIRY CLUB : l a s{iQ lA a : J Adui sor I QU 4. B. ,1 Cojricu yti ‘fja zj ' ■ : »A. ' Cn4j oacA, BOV ' S BASKETBALL TEfin ' 7 r Jt - w M im--W X Jt? jm P»-’ Jj ' v r’ 1 ik A f JLi 1 . ' Jjkjl ■ ? h s W ' W ■ ' V 1 : L -yi Toh ZOi ' C nn. i Co-COj? ' L Sl,(4 Oioolvnisorc Co-cy ’fejr ?. JlartaJeC , ocuiJu OUR CHEERLtRDERS vllie ' Vie . 0«.».wel e l nenc uur players Lo ft, J omccomin yo ueen Q. . I A ■ 1 i t f A ' ■V ■•ii . .1 t V M S- ? , 1 il ' t i i J UEETHCRRT5 f ' fi ' ji :,- 1 Coyry n 4 S£ ' {. ' €Y " O Ji.nooj tys. a i 0 " yvcey - yort " C) ytceJcfS oy7a ro-i fcmot US PILGBIM ' PUNCRHL H@N1G DRY OR NIGHT, DIAL ?6J1 Wh« i shcudouJS ‘fa.(I w« eo Jeavor -to sevue cnr a cuof j honroYS IKosc wKosc y Jork is oiva o tcl help I ' ftosC jjho ho ic w«xk ' to A o atn£S 0 X|1 Y£r O yr f f ' lanro, PROTECT YQUR ENTIRE FAMILY BY JOINING OUR MUTURL BURIAL RSSOCmTION OR 3rd AVE.,W. AND WHITIfD HFNDEKSONVKIE,N.C CompLiri 07 He f i JersoNs xJULji ART afllLfRY iS-lD N. M . V D. G129 Cofnp t ieNis o ' Brook Cob Co 9M rtsb Difli iMCUlW PLRNRGflN PRINUNC Co. I if? i-- W. DiU 7380 }y fp t ?rsofvvj(le N-C. Til ' • ..A A Compliments of HEITDERSONVILLE DEALERS AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA i e Cqr p- Df?XCK MANUfFtC UR HENDERSONVILLE , NORTH CAROLINA the best in materia: ill ii s LN J f Goii ' plinients i ' of I SHOP L LANDRUM’S BEAUTY SHOP MII:NIE MILLS TAILOR SHOP CITY CAB CO. DIAL. iJeoiat f owi IaIooA CrcLfi Shop Robinson Ave. 771 2;’ I Zy y e £yC II SILVERWARE -x- DIAMONDS JC- WATCHES-- 1 If 34lMaln St. | I BELK- SIMPSON CO I DEPARTMENT STORE | ‘Dial 5303 318 Main I 1 Mims BerUT Y " Hop 1 1 Geob gie Miivis Owner —OpeftnroR I 1 DiBL S 4 Z4 I c -i ETlCS u lv£c€yrhSa s uxt Dm MAInICTTPINCt . ••- m t ■- ' A - V t f •MRST ave, groceries WATSON BANKS CAM’S SPORT GOODS 136 l;th Ave, V T)-? nT An -L iy.± — — — — — —OW 00 lo.n(k Sd.w ' Pf ' ttthat: “Pvtsa. 127 Brd Ave. W. Di.,1 7380 KALIN’S FURNITURE STORE Hendersonville, N.C. Dial -—5170 o. r lov 00 ci oo jioUnis MefloYd 306 N.Main St. Dial 6291 ConpUh D zp t Siarc 1.00 II. I.IAIN r HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. Collifvs A liUunJrij ! Plant, and Office J 229 ain St i Dial 73I-: BECK BROS. PHARMCY 23I N, Main Dial 69l-!-B ” ' .EEMAN NE YS STAND ,i,: - V.. St. Dial 36?! KALIN»S DEPARTMENT STORE " Your favorite store " Hendersonville,N.C, f Jrc., " tke. Me-Mi £rs Of the. C cMioy " Of ISJo- ' Jl ynisJ, h expf ' ess Our A.. I i i: DUltONS UO je,3Lri CUi .|.r. St yyrrc

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