Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1982

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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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NIMITZ MAST 9 35 X f V X f Xf X 1 o X W Che.S'ILev- M Nimifz Junior Hi h .School 3 1 1 353:22 j"EEEE25?2:IgZj oo-"W -M oo 3:32-25 5:5 E I! -1 -- 5 -gi 2.5335 iii 'g :Q -1 SS C-Er.:-S129 S555 1 1 HI SS 3:75 5,635 r-NNQQ5 1 T plr' Ill: It 2-2 Fffj'oZ61 RNS E' if 54571 wwe. . hagy Nia.. V.- fx.: 1-Z., - ,- Qv.-v,,-AA , Y.-Y-----,-J W P g illustra eff M ted by olina I Contents Administration Faculty Cafeteria S Custodians Freshmen Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Organizations Activities Sports Baby Pictures Page illustrated by John Straw Cover design by Scot Elder Page 4 Page 9 Page I4 Page I6 Page 28 Page 37 Page 46 Page 60 Page 72 Page 84 M .f 5 4- EUUMUTZ QW? GW Administration Page illustrated by Leigh Rouse Principal Mr. Wayne Kendall Mr. Kendall is always working hard to improve Nimitz. IN 1 The Officers of Nimitz Mr. Kendall Mr. Wheaton Miss Parks Mrs. Jones Mrs. Case M F V Vice-Principal Mrs. Barbara Case Nimitz has been fortunate to have Mrs. Case become our vice-principal. She began working in Tulsa at Edison High School teaching social studies and then worked for Project I2 for nine years. She has a six year old daughter, Kerry who attends Grimes Elementary School. Her favorite pastime is cross-country skiing in Colorado. 11g 5. V A 'Q .ss fn r P 5 If 1 Ninth Grade Counselor Mrs. Yvonne Jones ooeoe C Seventh Grade Counselor Mr. Ron Wheaton Eighth Grade Counselor Miss Lou Parks Offic Staff Principal's Secretary Mrs. Reba Tubb 1 Nimitz Nurse Mrs. Myrna Dahlstrom i Attendance Clerk Mrs. Molly Pontious 6 rum I TZ mzum A -sf lgwmge I4 QQ? f Wfftlim Mmm wr Q, 3 Page illustrated by Sean Stevenson Faculty 29:6 Mr. Dennis Barlow and Mr. Jan Bartlett Erin Physical Education Geography 7 9 if-1' 1 ,mf . 17 ?? uh ! -2 M Mrs. Pat Bradshaw 7, 8, Special Education Mr, Dewayne Brewer Mr. J. T. Carvell Math 8 Math 8. Algebra 8, 9 fi? Mr. Jerry East Mr. Leo Engles Mr. Dale Ferguson Science 8. 9 Civics!Economics 8, Okla. History 9, Geography 7 , J . ,gs . Geography 7, Economics 8 Ms. Patti Goble Mr. Johnie Gragg Chorus 7, 8, 9, English Industrial Arts 7, 8. 9 7 Mrs. Ann Hammond Mrs. Lillian Harp Mr. Don Harrison Mrs. Juanita King Mr. John Miller French 8, 9 Home and Family Life Civic!Economics 8, Math 9. Elementary Math 7 - Education 7, 8, 9 Industrial Arts 8, 9 Algebra 9 Ms. Nancy Mullennix Mrs. Catherine Newsome Ms. Marty Peters Mrs. Jimmie Jeanne Mrs. Janet Ratliff L. D. English 8 Science 7 Pipkin English 9 Library h Sh M J Trotter Mr Roger VanDenhende Mr. Curtis West U S History 8 9 Physical Education 7 8 9 'u-497 Math 7 Mrs Judy Neal Typing 9, English 7 Scans Ezsugpx Not shown: Mr, Randy Feller Band!Orcheslra 7. Retirement l955 to l982 rs. Betty Marsh Mrs. Marsh came to Nimitz in l974 to work as the attendance clerk. For SV: years she was responsible for the attendance records of all of the students at Nimitz. lt was also Mrs. Marsh's job to keep a record of each students' grades and to send in the nine week reports on attendance at Nimitz. l974 Mrs. Marsh has always been ready to help the students, teachers, parents or visitors to Nimitz. She always has a friendly word and smile for everyone and Nimitz will miss her very much. Mrs. Marsh says she is looking forward to her retirement and plans to spend much of her time relaxing. Nimitz will always be grateful for her work and friendly manner. l982 it qi Retiring in l982 .. r. .lohnie Gragg Previously, Mr. Gragg taught at . ff' .X Jqw , l96l Yoxg Us Mr. Gragg has taught a total of 25 years. He taught for 23 years in the Tulsa Public School System and for 2 years at Berryhill. Nimitz has had Mr Gragg for 2l years and will certainly miss him. He has taught lots of students how to safely build things, but now will use his extra time to build some things for himself. Nimitz students and faculty wish him well. - has been an inspiration and an example to students since he helped open Nimitz in I96l. He tries to teach boys and girls to follow the rules and to be respectful, for this he sets a fine example. A friendly, happy man. he has never been known to say "No" when asked to do something. He is perfection as an industrial arts teacher. No wonder he is so appreciated by Nimitz. Horace Mann Junior High after coming to Tulsa from Berryhill. He attended Oklahoma State University and received his M.S. degree in Trade and Industrial Education. He has done graduate work at Oklahoma State University. He and his wife. Marie. have a married daughter and three grandchildren. His leisure activi- ties include church work, carpentry. a greenhouse. and gardening. -WA Custodians 3 f W, Bob Lowery, Head Engineer James Hutchinson Z t Noel Ramsey Brenda Earp 'Usb 9vP""""'-'X ,gf :"..'i'nu"" Cafeteria Staff Seated left to right: Teresa Moss, Mary Ponder. Lovina Hensley, Dorothy Wall. Cathy Nostane, Alma Lay. Standing: Lee Simmons, Loretta Johnson, Erma Bailey, Mary Ellen Baker. Helen Howard. Johnnie Hovorka. rf'- ,... M ,am- , JL, E W ' K ' , I 3 'f -" . 5 sl. .,: 4' .ss 5: I lv- 1.7: 5- 3 .Q -T52 -Ig -Z-2: td ., Lv ' a us- Fir. If - , .. 1 1 'I ' V' ."s-.1. "I.?' . F ,I .: . - X W .- 212' --" :W Z'.,.g:-Y,-1 fun,- 1,-.3 7-:' ,.. 3 :Ffa , -f. r- 751 "5 .-, -2. fi '7 2-'7 -' l,'.'Q , Lv! , ' 1 5' L ' LI .' ,iff cj .' ' 4 43- : II'- .FE 1 I' . J.: :-:iz 5 u W ,1.f.'f.:.:": mf' A -IN' up -. - 'UJJ ' -l.'ff'31"-. X' izw- -'-'W-Q31-91. : .Guts ,v ,l uae Af- "fa-H .5 - ' 'wffffv Biff if-sf, :ET .. .. 11:1 .-' .' :fag Svc 'Q . Q. ,- . M ,, ., ' X . Lv' ..,"3 . , ' . rl", sv ' .. ' "1-'a'-.,.-.' ' ' 'if-.2 5521: -:. -,J Q mv.-.--' .':l:'2rtf':' ' N . .Y xi' H-Q-1 all.: 365.2-.. .'-,. .-.4 .ffl . ' W 1-ft -f . 1.25-if ' , .1-3--....,-... , -qc f '-..---fc+-.,- --. kg! ' --.--. p--. ". .,!- 'I -' ':.2 -. -: -Jr ,iz-, P: . rg... 2 .- -.... ,Q-, I A. ur Gu ru "" " " '1"fE'3ft '75 1- '-"riff '.,2:. -..g. '13, .i .. 'I Lg-, L: .--g -H., -v,.:.. - ,-. .,.,. ., ,,: 41. ,f :,- :- 'Q -x--- - .1 I, ,., ,S . ., .-. N , r, .,..-1 F' 1 x -5 -:f :'.f:. -' 3 ,- .4 1 1- --J 3' It 1-'gt ' -'4 -IQ - 144 -2 -":?. :IR L-1 , '. ,- f 55: ..g .-: . -.. -,-. 1 ,,,. . 1. 1- ' - L ' '15 1. . . " --'fr v" ' " ., - Km., X. -1 ." .'- -,J---1g ..-s,. 'v iff. f- ::.',,. , - xt- - 1 ".:zf.-':---.---.'-11.4 .:.-f.2' 'r:'.'.'r.: -z-1-- .rf J . L. ..-2-1-'g-1-5.7311 ' - .- :- ff---" 1 .. -- "sf'-1Z'.',s'.i- .3-,..J.:..-n,.-:'.,-N, -1,1-'eff .L,:,Q-,iq.:.,,x-, u.,..uv - 1 I r- , : fig -.. A ' ' iq: ...K bifi' YQ! 522 fist: 123' -714' Ln' 'LQ aff? 'Lp-tl "fs '-" .s.- zfi ,g.f' Y t .Wm .':,11.,."Qf'nf l'l 1,33 V' x ' ..-:r-:" f.4,:"' :- Q1 .N-2 iff: .nu E.' A U tx Q." Q . 91. - 'Qu Pa e Illustrated b .,x 5.-. ra' Sf: Scott Taylor f sth 9 I6 .H-92 -.4 .tea 4 a f Mary Abernathy Donald Akenhausen Bob Amiri Erik Anderson Brett Andrews Jessica Atherton Linda Austin Steve Autry Ronald Avery Karen Bearden Frank Belcher John Bellovich Sharon Birbilis Mark Bollenbach Gary Bowden 35 N-.uf B i w W , I8 l' Kal, Q. F ' t Brent Brewer Mike Bridwell Fletcher Brimer Paul Brodsky Deidre Brown Jamee Brown Marie Brown Julie Burris Claudia Cafiero Darrin Carpenter '1 iw? Jed Castles is QP Claude Chiles Dennis Christy Crissy Chronister Chris Clark Stephen Clark Gail Clark W? Keith Claxton Kelly Coday Donavan Collins Johnny Collins Mark Collins Margie Collins Becky Collins Pete Conn Greg Conover Chris Coxey Kara Cozart Tina Craig Craig Crockett Kyle Daley John Dalton Gena Dickens Brent Dobbs it -fn. 'C M . 4 Q ,,n, ' ? , if ? 1 A,A.. V l y A M ,A F. -... ,X , ' I E f .J Stacy Dodd David Echols Chris Farmer Tura Fisher Vickie Forbes Todd Frazee Margo Fuller Kari Garland Barry Gioscie Sam Gomez F bfi W an W Susan Greensher N Libby Gustine Kathy Gwyn Jeff Hall Brian Hardin Pia Harvard Kelly Harkavy .g"""gy' 3 Z Carole Hatem Jimmy Hedge Christie Heldenrelch Leslie Hightower Shawn Hlndle Amy Hirsch Todd Hirsch Calysta Hlttle Steve Hollingsworth Bountene Homchanh Stacie Hurd Errol Ingram Andrea Iron Melanie James Jackie Jones J if 5, Y -N if f.-3 kf' Jason Johnson Michelle Johnston Eva Keck Lance Kelley Chris Kennedy Kelsey Kennedy Shannon Kennedy Kristin Kerin Kristen Kessey Rick Klappenbach Hb Larry Kouplen Lisa LaVelle RayDon Leaton Joey Lee Brad Lenhart Mary Lewis Joe Li gs Y N . . ,... , S 5 va. . ' "':: lf. ' T.: in , f f was :': .L . Y' H in 5' my ' . lx X 5 N 5 ' R :mg 3' .4 Ei'-i 1 it A Y f , . I . if Suzanne Liggitt Stacey Lindquist Jarrod Link Mark Livingston Mike Livingston Nate London Michelle Loy Robert Lyons Kristie Mallory Kelly Maniss Carl Mann ,as Debbie Marshall Wai Andrea Martin Mitch McCune Jeff Molina John Moore Peggy Morrison V8.7 ln... , 'S , af f :tr .vs Toshia Morrison Melanie Mote Rusty Musick Jennifer Nagel Christine Nelson Susan Payton Paula Pfeifer Cheryl Phelan Kendall Pitcock Russell Pittman Susan Pogson Jimmy Pollard Duane Rademacher Patricia Reed Lizz Reilly Bob Reppe Brian Rogers '4 il 24 ' ..- Jorge Romero Leigh Rouse Gina Rozman Holly Sawyer Jere Snelling Walter Schwartz Stephen Scott Walt Sehl Roger Schafer Schuyler Sharp v v I 5? F as R. as John Shoemaker Melissa Shupert Tonya Simmons Andy Smith John Sogrrigg A zz y A 1 W . .... ', l . .-ff? 'ra ' ' m..a- 5'fJs'-, P ZW v Yu Q 42 g ,ff 4 ' 1 9 K 53744 ,f if Susetta Shouse Jolie Sowells 7 M, fy' -: sgi ,:... ,... N ' ooooo , ' ' mm1-1 I is Sean Stevenson John Swofford R. fig: X , 4, 3 fl F of .v 'T' .1 X T . I 1 ' il? ,r,, S VVk A 1-11 m A Lkk.i f Q if .T ,LL.2. in iik -N. John Strow Jim Suess Robbie Swanson Willie Swart Taroh Tamura Vi Tang Nora Tayor Tasha Tecumseh N.. Brent Thacker 'If Robin Terrill Leigh Thompson Russell Townsend Patty Tran Lori Vanderwege Trevor Varnell lf! 'N K ' :C 3 Q 10 Q. -1 K, e ' if 'f ,. Q Q V ,, 5 .. X Teresa Vinson Holly Waska Claudia Whisenhunt Susan Whisenhunt Rick White Kerry Wilburn David Wilk Bruce Wilkinson Chris Williams Courtney Williams David Williams Kelly Willits Erik Wiman Doug Wise Mike Wise Angela Wood Linden Wood Sarah Wood .23 E Eighth Grade lf,l Lisa Abels Sue Ann Baker Robert Bass Tracey Berna Robyn Berry Jack Berryhnll Tina Berryhill Lisa Bird Michelle Bishop Bull Blumenthal P '- ak-fl B K 5? M W3 4 J 0 . s-N, an Qi- Tommy Bowen Holly Brewer Tim Brice Lisa Bridges Deann Brown Lisa Brown Melvin Brown Teresa Brown Michelle Burnett Pete Burris Angela Butler Shelly Bryant Mike Capps Mark Caughrean Eighth Grade "' Joey Christensen Jason Clark Scott Copenhaver Kim Courtney Aaron Crawford Kim Crystaloski Laura Davis Robbie Davenport Laura Dekraai Denissa Diggs David Dupont Bobby Echols Cindy Edwards Scot Elder 1 A I, 1 ,Ki 'fe- , ? f 1 i 30 4 it W1'..'.T.fVf ""'Ax'x'---J' ...Q Elizabeth English Michele Emanuelson Hilary Fishar Johnna Flinsbaugh Teresa Flowers Kelly Flynn Michelle Forbes Toni Francisco Veronica Fugate Amy Garrett Jeff Garrett Charleen Gilbert Mark Gilbert David Goines Eighth Grade .lay Gould Dawn Griffin Tina Hackler Melissa Hailey Kent Hale Martin Hammond Megan Hardwick Danny Harris Keeva Harris Tim Hawn Chris Heck Lisa Henderson Tim Hinojosa Vihn Hong SI X W , K? 1 rf ' f , 4, - ,,. pf J 5. X 5? 4 f . .4 iii 'ii A J Renee Hubbart Kevin Huffman Tony lmboden Terri lsam Kendall Jackson Diane Johnson Geoffrey Johnson Neil Johnson Tammy Junghans Beverly Keller Kathy Kendall Angela King Shelly Kinnison Shannon Kirby Eighth Grade J ,L Joey Kubat Megan Landers Nicole Landholt Andy Landis Ginger Lane Jackie Langford Paul Laxson Pam Lee Lori Lewis Josh Link Mark Luce Mark Lyons Suzanne Maddox Julie Manners hw W", s l -ll Denise Marouk Melissa Montgomery Patricia Massay Geneva McConnell Estelle McKee Mark Merritt Cheryl Miller Tony Mitchell Eric Moore Sarah Moore Brenda Morgan Kim Morgan Travis Morgan Tonya Morrow Eighth Grade l Brent Musick Eddie Nevins Lisa Newman Tony Newton Dina Ogee Brian Ogg Jodie Orzech Eric Packel Melanie Paulsgrove Noel Paynter Trina Peters Stacey Pinkney Mitch Pirtle Laura Pitcock 1 FU Z 'ru . by A, ff fl N N t , R iff I 1 Robbie Pitcock Desiree Pope Heather Proia Sherry Ramey Emelia Rangel Bill Rector Dunn Reed Jerome Roberts Tom Roberts Roxanne Robertson Stacey Sanseverino Gail Sargent Bridgette Scales Tim Schmidt Eighth Grade Ann Scrutchtield Jenny Sharp Kim Shaw Alex Smith Alexia Smith Brad Smith Elizabeth Smith Jerry Smith Robert Snyder Verhonda Soloman Christy Staab Candy Starr Ronnie Starr Kelly Steele Ry i4 Trevor Stone Billy Stopp John Strickler Jeff Suess Blake Summer Mindy Surrett My Tang Scott Taylor Terri Tayrien Diane Teale Ryan Temple Kay Thayer Linda Thurman Melissa Tobey 'Wy Eighth Grade 2 Melissa Toschik David Tsui Leigh VanStraten Michael Veronis Leslie Walker Robin Warden Shay Warren Terry Waska Luann Webb Jeff Weinstein Marci Weiss Brian Wheeler Angela White David White a X Q Meg Whitney Brad Williams Daryl Williams Jill Williams Jeff Wilson Laura Wilson Lisa Wilson Rachel Wilson Les Wood Amy Woodward Harry Worthan Lee Yadon fs f Www. ,. N 1:6 Grade L Eighth lj Seventh Grade Q GQ' D C' Yr D 2 D .dll if' Z U Page illugtrlated Walter c wart NX li' N I 'X '1 F B X Y e' Q Q ff Michelle Allen Ashley Arnold Stephen Ashworth Erol Asya Andy Athey Linda Baily Mike Bailey Stephanie Bailey Joanne Baker Kory Baker Tamara Baker Eric Barsh David Bliss Richie Blythe Seventh Grade -...N Deandra Bovee John Boyer Garry Bradley Ray Nina Brown Mike Burris Jimbo Burris Q5 M 45 ev if if David Burris Craig Buffington Chris Bryant Linda Brown Andy Brimer Angela Brimer Mike Chadwell David Chan John Chiles Jennifer Christy Wanda Clark Scott Coffman Kevan Claxton Danny Collins Seventh Grade Kelly Colin Bryan Conn Shannon Coleman Amy Cozier Tonya Cozort Tonya Craig Quan V a in Q Z 9' 1 my f. 9 Joey Darling Kelley Davis Robert DeArmond Hugh Dunagan Ronnie Earnest Brent Ellis Cheryl Farnsworth Paul Fields Ben Fitzgerald Kevin Fitzgerald Mike Ford l.iz Fowler Scott Freeland Laura Freeman N1 Brian Frere Todd Fricke Enrica Fruth Michelle Gallagher Lisa Gannon Cathy Gawey n ' 7 A4 ,, f v - 1 f -6 Paula Geiger Missy Gibbs Jenny Gist Kim Glass Veronica Goss Deidre Gray Andy Grimm Mike Grogg Nancy Hall Jenny Hamlin Julie Hammons Cheryl Harrison Kim Harper Amy Harper gf' Seventh Grade f 4' ! .V rf ,W William Harrell Doug Harrell Tammy Harrington Dwayne Harris Tommy Harrold John Hayden B A! I ,ff 5 5 1,,.7 David Hawkinson Wayne Hendryx Lex Heidenreich Tommy Herrold Ronnie Herron Jane Hill Leslie Hillie Pam Holt Jennifer Horan Gayle Hunter Kellie Hunter Stacy Jackson Veronica Johnson Joseph Jordan Danny Jordan James Kastle Amy Kennedy Karen Kessey David Kinyon Julie Knight Allison Kroll Kandie Kucera Thom- Knew n J , 't'l' do 5 3 ,,,. ---' K , David Kupsick Michelle Lack Jennifer Lackey Bobby Lampkin John Larkin Scott Lasiter .psmmmf , 1 J Kathy Lumpkln Janne Lyon Darla Magee Tracy Martin Mike McGee Au' L Lorna Morris Klm Morrison James Moss Kathy Jo Muirhead Mary Muller Neely Newby Md, jr ' -. ,a par N' 8 , ' If , g, f 1 , 1 7 , il s X I jx ll F V' f 1 Jeff Nelson Nancy Norwood Rush Parks Lorri Parras Jim Paulsen Joanne Phelan Darren Phillip Kelly Porter Kary Preston Lora Price Karen Purgason Robin Ralls Nan Rudolph Melissa Runnels Sandra Rupe David Russell Todd Sanalford Julie Sands Jennie Sartore Stephanie Schelling Doug Scott Lex Sehl Dana Sellen K Brad Sewell Kristin Sharp Natalie Sherwood Sherri Shupack Joely Sims Brian Smith Jeremy Smith Angela Stalvey Ricky Stevens Brian Stowe Jeff Strow Suzie Stemmons Tesshin Tamura John Tarkowski Mark Terry Sean Thompson Suzanne Thompson Tina Tobia Debbi Tisserand Karl Tyler Steve Tyler Eric Van Eaton Christy Van Valkenburgh Melanie Warden Jeff Wattman John Webb Chris Weiss Donna Wharton Bill White Katy White Nlavffz f Mlke Winters Rhonda Williams Marcia Williamson Lisa Willits Ervin Wilson Julie Wilson Jimmy Wing Steve Wise Betty Wood Kenneth Woods John Worthan Michelle Wright Tracy Zeller Kim Zoller -4 'iw :I--: X rL.EE , sax?-agile EE. ii Q -EEV e.k l Na Q ,,...: . 1 is 5 E A 5' f ' 3 .a -r x Q gg " :ff ii' A . - ..-i --':- ' , 4 A V' J S A l A e r, 1 Y I, , k .V K, 4 33,31 Q 'X' II Organizations Front Row: Mrs. Ratliff, sponsor, Julie Knight, Julie Sands, Joanne Baker, Lori Parras, Andy Grimm, Kathy Gawey, Michelle Galagher, Heather Proia, Denise Marouk. Row I: Kristie Kerin, Kelly Porter, Tracy Martin, Leigh Rouse, Suzanne Thompson, Aaron Crawford, Christine Nelson, Tammy Harrington, Jeff Weinstein, Angie Brimer, Rolanda Leal. Row 2: Trevor Varnell, Leigh Anne Thompson, Holly Brewer, Lisa Wilson, Paula Geiger, Nicole Landholt, Darla Magee, Lexi Smith, Jackie Langford, Brian Ogg, Kim Courtney, Andrea Martin, Russell Pittman, Row 3: Chrissy Chronister, Karyn Bearden, Becky Collins, Noel Paynter, Errol Ingram, Bob Reppe, Brad Lenhart, Kathy Gwyn, Kelly Harkavy, Doug Scott, Jarrod Link, Billy Blumenthal, Lori VandeWege. Robin Terrill. Red Cross Officers Parliamentarian - Kristie Kerin Vice-President - Karen Alexander President - Bob Reppe Secretary - Andrea Martin Treasurer - Kathy Gywn 'Nl ,4..... mf, Front Row: David Bliss, Kevan Claxton, Karen Kessey, Eric Moore, Ginger Lane, Tony Fransisco, Lori Price, Jenny Hamlin. Suzanne Maddox, Angela King, Allison Kroll, Scott Coffman, Jenny Gist, Mr. Barlow. Row I: Sheri Shupack, Michele Lack, Patty Massey, Elizabeth English, Lisa Bird, Julie Manners, Laura Wilson, Natalie Sherwood, Steve Hollingsworth, Diane Teale, Racheal Wilson, Mindy Surrett, Shay Warren, Lisa Gannon. Row 2: Keith Claxton, Katy White, Joey Lee, Sarah Wood, Stacy Sanseverino, Hilary Fisher, Eric Anderson, Mellisa Montgomery, Claudia Whisenhunt, Peggy Morrison, Kristen Kessey, Kristy Mallory, Eva Keck, Christy Staab. Row 3: Josh Link, Leslie Walker, Kevin Huffman, Liz Reilly, Lisa Lavelle, Lance Kelley, Brad Williams, Shawn Hindle, Cheryl Phelan, Jay Gould, Martin Hammond, Brian Messer, Jarrod Link, Bill Rector. Student Council Officers Treasurer - Eric Anderson Vice-president - Lisa Lavelle President - Liz Reilly Secretary - Kristy Mallory Parliamentarian - Brad Williams , , 4 Front row: Mrs. Thompson, David Bliss, Geoff Johnson, Michael Veronis, Karen Kessey, Joey Kubat, Chalin Gilbert, Cathy Gawey, Lisa Garret, Michelle Gallagher, Kathy Lumpkin, Danny Lowther, Bryan Conn. Jeff Wattman, Mrs. Brice, Mrs. Mallory. Row I: Mrs. Crowl, Teresa Flowers, Paul Brodsky, Allison Kroll, Ann Dakarri, Jo Anne Phelan, Deandra Bovee, Jennifer Nagel. Michell Allen, Christine Nelson, Robbie Snyder. Kim Goodie, Suzanne Thompson. Row 2: Kim Morrison, Amy Woodward, Laura Pitcock, Timothy Brice. Vicky Forbes, Walter Schwartz, Bridgette Scales, Gayle Sargeant, Kelsey Kennedy, Peggy Morrison, Mike Grogg, Mike Livingston, Steven Hollingsworth, Deann Brown. Row 3: Holly Brewer, Jim Suess, Brian Wheeler. Joe Li, Kathy Gwyn, Kelly Willits, Nate London, Shawn Hindle, Brett Brewer. Paul Laxson, Mark Merrit, Jarrod Link, Robyn Berry. Great Books ,Jai , it ff , """ ' r,' . sc Front Row: John Bellovich, Scott Taylor, Sean Stevenson, Harry Worthan, Pete Conn. Row I: Sharon Birbilis Monica Gilligan, Walter Schwartz. Miss Metsker, Jamee Brown, Schuyler Sharp, John Strow, Vi Tang Row 2: Jessica Atherton, Susetta Shouse, Susan Pogson, Leslie Hightower, Brad Lenhart, Leigh Rouse Russ Townsend, Scot Elder. Mast Staff Student Assistants Office Aides Left to right: Cheryl Phelan, Simone Archambo, Lori Van de Wege, Angela Butler, Andrea Martin, Amy Woodward, Mike Livingston, Suzanne Thompson, Laura Pitcock, Johnna Flinsbaugh. Teresa Flowers, Charleen Gilbert. Student assistants work in the office, the library, the audio-visual department and assist in some classrooms. These students perform a school service and receive a grade from their supervising teacher to earn regular school credit. Students must qualify with grades and character to be chosen for these positions. . ',.." if f 5 Q-6 Libra ry Aides Left to right: Brenda Morgan, Gail Sargent, Carole Hatem, Kara Cozort, Peggy Morrison, Tony Mitchell Cseatedj. T Tracy Marti n Tommy Harrold Beautification Team i Two members of the Nimitz Beautification Team who take pride in the look of our school. Tommy arrives early every morning to pick up trash around the school grounds. 1 e x iiiii T f x . g lfg html EE f . J ' 55520- K 1 - sif- Speech Aides 1 at John Swofford, Russ Pittman and Jason Johnson Audio-Visual Aides Front Row: Shannon Kennedy, Les Wood, Keith Claxton, John Sorries. Row I: Mike Livingston. Row 2: Tim Brice, David Johnson, Marc Collins, Bobby Echols, Steve Scott, Darrin Carpenter. 'mi ww Q 'r 'z gif, 03 I st ' .El 1 fy Iv 4 ' Q ,-nf: if -7 Y ,,,, 4 E ,, .i Players Officers Jorge Romero, Kristi Mallory and Bob Reppe 53 Mighty Nimitz Art Players Front Row: Calysta Hittle, Jeff Weinstein, Paul Brodsky, John Dalton, Eva Keck, Jorge Romero, Kristi Mallory, Bob Reppe, Russ Pittman, Steve Hollingsworth, Kristen Kessey, Jenny Sharp, Blake Summer. Row I: Melissa Shupert, Karyn Bearden, Donovan Collins, Trevor Varnell, Mike Livingston, Rachael Wilson, Mark Gilbert, Mr. Shipman, Eric Packel, Ryan Temple, Alexia Smith, Angela Wood, Jarrod Link. Row 2: Ray Nina Brown, Erik Wiman, Jere Schelling, Jason Johnson, Jeff Garrett, Josh Link, Melissa Montgomery, Hilary Fisher. Kim Courtney, Diane Johnson, Noel Paynter, Robin Terrill, David DuPont. Row 3: Nate London, Joe Li. Kathy Gwyn, Liz Reilly, Lisa LaVeIle, Doug Wise, Brad Williams, Mark Caughrean, Jeff York, Mike Barnes, Jay Gould, Brett Brewer, Scott Copenhaver, Mark Livingston, Kendall Pitcock. Stagecraft Front Row: Melissa Shupert, Calysta Hittle, Shelly Kinnison, Paul Brodsky. Row I: Sarah Wood, Mr. Shipman, Trevor Varnell. Row 2: Shannon Kennedy, Jeff Weinstein, Mark Livingston, Jeff York, Mike Livingston. Row 3: Bill Blumenthal, Jason Johnson, Doug Wise, Front Row: Miss Goble, Suzi Stemmons. Melissa Runnels, Denise Marouk, Ben Fitzgerald, Michelle Allen. Lora Price, Laura Freeman, Amy Kennedy. Row I: Tommie Cook, Calysta Hittle, Sheri Shupack, Kelly Porter. Tommy Harrold, Frankie Collins, Sherry Ramey, Shay Warren, Michelle Gallagher. Row 2: Amy Harper, Sonya Riley, Darla Magee, Johnny Collins, Jarrod Link, Monica Gilligan, Cari Mann, Kari Garland. Row 3: Sarah Wood, Veronica Goss, Cheryl Phelan, Brian Wheeler, Walt Sehl, Joely Sims, Debra Marshall. Mixed Chorus Front Row: Miss Goble. Karen Purgason, Brad Sewell, Ronnie Earnest, Michelle Lack, Lorna Morris. Row l: Ronda Williams, Michelle Wright, Rolanda Leal, Dana Sellen, Melanie Warden, Deidre Gray. Mixed Chorus Front Row: Miss Goble, Cindy Edwards, Stephanie Schelling, Garry Bradley, Danny Jordon, Betty Wood, Jennifer Lackey Row I: Robin Ralls, Veronica Fugate, Veronica Johnson, Wayne Hendryx, Tina Berryhill, Jenny Hamlin Row 2, Nora Taylor, Jackie Jones, Michele Bishop, Jimmy Wing, Laura Davis, Julie Burris. Row 3: Cheryl Miller, Renee Hubbart, Travis Morgan. Candy Starr, Roxanne Robertson, Pia Havard. Admirals Band Front Row: Peggy Morrison, Ture Fisher, Deann Brown, Lisa Newman, Michelle Burnett, Shawn Hindle, Kelly Willits, Holly Waska, Brian Hardin, Christine Nelson, Cinimin Kaumeyer. Row I: Lisa Abels, Megan Hardwick. Robin Berry, Bruce Wilkinson, Holly Brewer, Dianne Teale, Kim Goody, Steve Barker, Heather Proia. Row 2: Vicki Forbes, Erik Anderson, Jeff Hall, Chris Kennedy, Chris Coxey, Chris Clark, Joey Christensen, Daryl Williams, David Goings. Row 3: Mitch Pirtle, Jed Castles, Kelsey Kennedy, Alex Smith, Rick White, Raydon Leaton, Andy Smith, Robert Bass, Marc Luce, Dunn Reed, Kevin Huffman, Mr. Feller. Captains Band Front Row: Kathy Lumpkin, Marcily Pete, Brian Jordan, Laura Wilson. Natalie Sherwood, Jimbo Burris, Trevor Stone, Gail Sargent, Mary Muller Row I: Sydni Cereiff, Joanne Phelan, Lisa Wilson, Kendall Jackson, David Kinyon, Kim Morrison, Megan Hardwick, Todd Sanford, Estelle McKee, Chrissy Cronister, Sill Williams Row 2: Linda Austin, Mark Bollenbach, Mitch Pirtle, Kent Hale, Buddy Newton, Bill Rector, George Bailey, Mr. Feller Orchestra Front Row: Kelly Hunter, Stephanie Bailey, Linda Bailey, Dana Humphrey, Laura Wilson, Tamara Baker. Shellie Mape, Cheryl Farnsworth, Shannon Moore, Joann Baker. Row I: Colin Kelley, Craig Buffington, John Larkin. Andy Grimm, Chuck Marshall, Doug Herrell. Lisa Wilson, Khristin Sharp, Karen Kessy, Kim Harper. Row 2: Joey Darling, Jimmy Palilson, Mike Ford, Doug Scott, Rush Parks, Hugh Dumagan, Michael Bailey. Chris Heck, Mr. Feller. 1 , 1 V Q N ML Vgv -ai E 4 1- 14 I' fur 4 taut t 4 B, , mm -.4 ,.., LJ' . ,..,f5,viM?, R ffm' mamma . 1 "f:,K1f:zz'?f 1 'vim f 2 H...-H' ASW! M0885 wma. -cn. 3 wi ' 4 w K 3 A ti itie En .rv 1 ' 5 r Page illustrated by Vi Tang vm .H mf -. QM I ,Q ,,,, ,ha 1 I r ig dk KXN 5 we Sf wwx 3 ' 1--"'S:1SzJi'2ziw.fkf,5is'.f.: X W - M- mm V L. 'mv - ' ' ' .J N, Y 1.222 , WR Wu., 535' , , :K ' if Wm 5 S . ,, 5 'Swank ,im . , X .1 mix.. 2. - X. ,Aa E A 5 wg K Q , 14,4 445 ',,.gN.g5 L 325 ff. f -wi Nw-wmwvwmf 2: gf? , V ,, J A . - '4 9' 3 Z Q Q -f 55:1 n. 'gf' T ' ,fi is 2 Wm In-nd. 1,- ix-1 25? gif. f,EM,g E ,gf 5 -K -'A' ' I QA- Q61 in "' "--W. 5 5. ' 'F3l X X EA: fx- Q F K 'fi Q L if f 1 H gf eff? b -5 K PK K A fam N tk ff A' W ' --' A .. A V f f z ff 2 22? V! A fa ,wwe ""'0ha as My .gg '- r xv .f K-wi . +. K X? 3 D K i '49 04 ffvf' :mA ,sf J' M QM' f in X xi? gf Y K. 'S i 1 . N L, ,ff 1 Y . QR .KX ' 'I W ,Q -fi . fl ,J x.. H- Tv 3597" R L. ff' ,I :si .Q lk f.'LW:::,' , , tag: , f I-iaigxy ' ' fi ' .' 5 0 i l is I 'N' 4' 'WN 4 1 :iii lm ,x .0 1,0 if lg' ,' 6? 7 if V If ,, 1 Q gel'-1 4. i rl if! I . .,,.,. .:..,,fh-mg,-W-, . ,ML ,, , ,,,.. SI -wwf 5 is fx 2 9 72 , , I ,.,. Q M Q if ,.... , .. W. . V f--ff ,mm aww Y, fy mt' M1163-'fYf:,f.N-.,f.f-w,q,,,,,-Y - YW-WF'--mm-N M-A w K ,, MM K 4, ,, .. . s Q.1wHi ill ul Coach West Favorite Teachers I9SI For l98 I, Mr. Barlow and Coach West shared the honor of being the favorite teachers of Nimitz students. Both work very hard to improve and support Nimitz Junior High School. Mr. Barlow Math Competition 7th Grade Winners JoAnne Phelan Jeff Nelson David Chan Jeff Wattman Michelle Gallager Math Competition 8th Grade Winners Front Row: Alex Smith, Carter Bandy, Debbie Abernethy, Sarah Moore, Row I: Nicole Landholt, Brad Williams, Robin Berry. -..,.....,,......,......, ...mam L. ,,,,, ,, My , . t,-.,.,..-......,m.. ,,..W,, ,..,,,,,.,,.. 3 1 -Q.. ss ,Y , ,, Dungeons and Dragons Club Front Row: Jed Castles, John Bellovich, Miss Metsker. Row I: Kelsey Kennedy, Schuyler Sharp, Russell Townsend, Walter Schwartz. 69 '+9i5'H UMUC! X Xl, T090 f xx . P J f 1 f 1 x I X i 1' m fi 11 :Y Qs is Q, Ei 'x fx 1 ,dl A . ., . . al gu y ! 1, fm "'2"?,'B , , Aww iff' I E 1 f 5 Li ig? W i ,.,.-9--' x I in--Q S b., ann, r "SWK if 1 , 455 x , . , .M i nnlfxl. ....av"'b 1 I 7 A rr , ---'li' R QQ 'f v X Sports ,Y ,gl -. , igfgs. I' -JIM X wr' Varsity Squad Front Row: Russel Pittman, Steve Scott, Dennis Christy, Todd Frazee, Mark Bollenbach, Jere Schelling, Bruce Wilkenson, Chris Clark, Donovan Collins. Row I: Eric Anderson, Kelly Maniss, Brad Lenhart, Paul Burris, Raydon Leaton, Chris Kennedy, Mitch McCune, Steven Autry, Lance Kelly, Craig Crockett, David Williams. Row 2: David DuPont, Rick White, Brian Rogers, Tom Roberts, Doug Wise, Jeff Hall, Edward Nevins, Johnny Moore, Mike Briedwell, Jeff York. Football A iss f D lf, Jr. Varsity Squad Front Row: Jeff Weinstein, Ryan Temple, Alex Smith, Tony lmboden, Carter Bandy, Robby Davenport, Jorome Roberts. Row l: Robert Bass, Brad Barr, Darrel Maclintic, Mark Luce, Josh Link, Joe Brock, Lee Yadon, Brian Ogg, Mike Ford, Row 2: Bill Blumenthal, Mike Barnes, Brad Williams, Mark Caughrean, Scott Copenhaver, Rick Ballard, Noel Paynter. , 1, an , W 'H 1 U I QS W' l M J at sa am: Riff! 'Wal .,,, Prep Squad Front Row: Andy Brimer, Craig Buffington, Gery Bradly, Dan Jordon, Cory Preston, Jimmy Paulson. Row I: Jimbo Burris, John Hunter, Steve Wise, David Russell, Mike Winters, Ronny Herron, Brian Jordan. Row 2: Scott Lasiter, Scott Freeland. Doug Scott, Jon Barnes, Lex Heidenreich. Pep Club Picnic 'Y ,V N in GM'-V: gsm ffl Varsity Cheerleaders all--Mg . 'r,', "QT,-1. Front Row: 9A Leigh Rouse, Stacie Hurd, Kristi Mallory Leslie Hightower, Liz Reilly, Kelly Harkavy, Melanie Mote, Suzee Payton, Kristen Kessey, Julie Buris. Row l: 9B Eva Keck, Andrea Martin, Becky Collins, Kathy Gwyn, Lisa LaVeIIe, Holly Sawyer, Karyn Bearden, Kristie Kerin, Christine Nelson. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders scfflf t, as fs ,A iw Front Row: 8A Jenny Sharp, Mindy Surret, Tina Berryhill, Melissa Montgomery, Diane Johnson, Michelle Freeland, Robin Warden, Christy Staab, Lori Lewis, Angela King Row I: SB Kelly Flynn, Julie Manners. Sarah Moore, Hillary Fisher, Leslie Walker, Kim Shaw, Kim Courtney, Meg Whitney. Elizabeth English, Denise Marouk Prep Cheerleaders M A Front Row: 7A Ashley Arnold, Kim Zoller, Allison Kroll, DeAndra Bovee, Katy White, Michelle Allen, Lori Parros, Michelle Lack, Jenny Gist. Row I: 7B Melissa Runnels, Kellie Hunter, Tammy Harrington, Julie Wilson. Mary Kay Maniss, Cheryl Farnsworth, Amy Harper, Angela Brimer, Leslie Hille, Cathy Gawey, Suzy Stemmons. Homecoming I98I Attendant Melanie Mote Escort Mitch McCune Q, Q' o Queen Liz Reilly Escort David DuPont Attendant Suzie Payton Escort Brad Lenhart E 'Q V ffm OX , jii3? w .:, XV if ... E mmmgnaxz, it K gy 'B ds fllllilm l Y!! ZZ, jf ZX A ,Team Front Row: Jorge Romero, Raydon Leaton, Errol Ingram, Lance Kelley, Andy Smith, Erik Anderson. Row I: Coach Bill Russell, Eddie Nevins, Mike Wise, Doug Wise, Brent Dobbs, David Dupont, Mitch McCune, Coach Rueben Heatwole. Varsity Basketball B Team Front Row: John Swafford, Jarrod Link, Dennis Christy, Sean Stevenson. Row I: Bob Reppe, Jed Castles, Brett Brewer, Bob Amiri, Jere Schelling, Coach Kelvin Jones. A Team Front Row: Joey Kubat, Carter Bandy, Mark Gilbert, Jeff Wilson, Eric Moore. Row I: Noel Paynter, Jay Gould, Brad Williams, Mark Caughrean, Scott Copenhaver. Coach Jim Schmid. Junior Varsity Basketball 1 f va, B Team Front Row: Blake Sumner, Tim Schmidt, Eric Packel, Darrell McCIenic, Tony lmboden, Tommy Bowen. Row lx Coach Doug Wing, Shane Cantrel, Andy Landis, Scott Taylor, Joe Brock, Mike Barnes, Kevin Huffman, Martin Hammond. Tony Newton, Coach Carol Lasiter. A Team Front Row: Ben Fitzgerald, Stephen McCormick, Scott Lasiter, Jimmy Wing, David Russell Row I: Coach Pat Campbell, Steve Wise, Ervin Wilson, Doug Scott, Scott Freeland, Graham Mallory Prep Basketball ls' N' 1-.-f" B Team Front Row: Kevan Claxton, Alex Sehl, Andy Grimm, Brent Ellis, Scott Coffman. Row I: Clint Lawson, Lex Heidenreich, William Harrell, Jon Barnes, Mike Winters, Ronnie Herron, Coach Travis Barrow. Varsity - Ninth Grade Front Row: Tasha Tecumseh, Patty Tran, Sarah Wood, Pia Havard, Leigh Rouse. Row I: Coach Kristi Sieck. Kelly Harkavy, Lisa LaVelle, Kelly Willits, Liz Reilly, Michelle Johnston, Coach Bruce Jensen, Coach Ron Ellis. Girls Basketball Junior Varsity - Eighth Grade Front Row: Toni Francisco, Tina Berryhill, Diane Teale, Lisa Abels. Row I: Coach Landom Burcham, Elizabeth English, Robin Berry, Tanya Morrow, Hilary Fisher, Angella Stalvey, Bridgette Scales, Coach Cristy Stafford. -X . Q. ' ' R , Nl Prep - Seventh Grade Front Row: Veronica Johnson. Linda Brown, Mary Muller, Deirdre Gray. Row I: Neely Newby, Lisa Wilson Nan Rudolph, Laura Wilson, .loanne Phelan, Coach Dianna Smith. Our future stars? s ,. 5 Nimitz 7th Grade Girls Softball Team l98l Front Row: Trina Peters, Lisa Abels, Charlene Gilbert, Robyn Berry. Row I: Christy Staab, Laura DeKraai, Diane Teale, Lisa Bridges, Tammy Junghans, Coach Alan English. Row 2: Kim Shaw, Elizabeth English, Julie Manners, Patti Massey, Angela King, Kelly Flynn. Nimitz 9th Grade Boys Soccer Team l982 Front Row: Tim Schmidt, Sean Stevenson, Bobby Echols. Row I: John Bellovich, Kelly Steele, Jed Castles, Mark Livingston, Chuck Knight, Brent Andrews. Row 2, John Strow, Schuyler Sharp, Butch Carrier, David Echols, Tim Brice, Mike Livingston, Coach David Echols. AL :A 4. f xl I X , M WH: 1? Ii ' E gi' 543 L' ' Q N Ein I I 'H f X? 5 . A X R R Pag .HF s E Toni Francisco, Suzanne Maddox, Ginger Lane. Shay Warren, Rachael Wilson, Shelly Kinnison. Frankie Collins Sue Ann Baker N-.--,, mln- Robin Terrill Andrea Martin i .uma 1, Leigh Thompson Michelle and Vicki Forbes f , ar 'V ' ,ev .110 457' , x " .gif L fl one X ,,-I' , Todd Liggitt Eric Liggitt Suzy Liggitt ef' 'Q 'Sf hi v -+-.jay Laura DeKraai ., M Denise Marouk M.-A-.f Claudia Whisenhunt " 'S J . iq' fl f Q fb af ni' fu mg L . ,,,, W ,V G 5 Nts ,K 'gf f 'f iw ? e l az l " l I Q ai .' ' K :ig A3 ' if Melissa Toschik Ann Scrutchfield Nga-, XX Kim Courtney Amy Woodward Karen Alexander Noel Paynter Mike Livingston Susan Whisenhunt fm in nu. , ,A fl gf, ,, eh 2 W ,, . ., ., y y 4 ' A " . Y K 7 ' g V 'A D-X-ff-ff,-W,4W,,AX,:L,-Wwigi 'GSS' ,W f in Q. 5 M ' f W A 1 ef +1 Q , Fira- ff .1 13, s , W Wiz -. 15 4 I K V H .WM fm., A B, . 'ae-f Elizabeth English De De Bovee Lisa Bird Alexia Smith Hilary Fisher X15 -L Lisa Bird 'M Holly Sawyer Toni Francisco Kelly Flynn I Fnelds and Juhe San ds 'fi '44 5 fl Trevor Varnell Jumbo Burns Suzl Stlmmons nk Anderson V

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