Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1979

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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Q ff MLCM NAQBXN UJU LUVULSL Q W fwfwfw gap, 44935 fpwwx QM AMW? X ff., 'YU NO y XLjyQf6'.!v 2214+ "gC,,y!0fNJy,x 5 CoQ5Si 5' W 'bf all X XX 1- V 1 Q, gvwi N64 Q53 5' Q X TJ if 'L f ff ,Q ,By ' CP ACH gy? , 5. S F2269 X J 52WS J V dw A99 QQ? gf Qgqwf ,ff f My w wig x X LY ' NE - Of. ff 'J KQV? jf my ' QQ M Xi? P Q61 R ?kj QMYALSLLOVI M Ogjmgiiifx GJVQWQQS .03 G CQ 45 MQ L My jfwls ow? LAM' ow-Q , ff ,OG We ffnfcf Spf, D U30 fa SMU fmfkf VF? V I La WWA M m ,QMQ J QOFJQVYLV CIVUQUK Ql VMSVQQ WQ VV7'U?HQQp4iQU19O ,HLWQQUMU mM, Qlwapgummfw '2G3iW0mQmw6QQQf7w .MCSE JMU' Oi. QQQQ cw uw mwk Lf,aOJX Omfvgl QJLQJX HMJ QQMWQC Czvffffifwm 431' W 43' cr 22.-' 1:3 ri I::1 LE' 5- 1 Q ll' i l l' vc ve i 50 , I ew we-M3 X E AX aeteeeew, f i Qkxew A 4 e Nb -lm 'QIFUC Cx X X N Q A gm l i Q Q' K I VWLLL QJkCx4lQL.f0, S0 . : -1- X, Leg CL Cgu Clif iglgmqwgfgza, X , i WML ii ,Q .. Lili, ,,,V N Q e fNXCMfL9Q '. fd 1 1 Qj 4 VK 4 C f Mfwcr- e ,Q ff As 57CfU9Lf"lO1,f,,.if,:ilm,..,f'iQ f L . x 'N I 6 'Elf Q O T 5 L5 5 K5 Nimitz Junior High 5 f Tulsa, Oklahoma '5' 'ES b :sci E Z C1 Page designed by Teresa Miller ,gyQ?a3iQi?NNWa, Q Qjffgiiiiiiff isipwfgsgpcgcypb WEAR miata r 1 X CONTENTS Page 3-7 Administration 1 Page 8 Teacher of the Year Page 9-11 Faculty ix N odians KN 4 Page 41-54 Organization X 1 Page 55-59 Activities Page 61-79 Sports jimi: Wwlwmi Qwiwq DJJ 7 Da gig? X4 pageggxgqg eaby N at CL ba Qpfifsjqigjimgsvii N X xx xfgiiiiii 2 By Nick Rouse Qi QP www M x .,4x,,55 bl j M f, IMITZ 51 f f if "Ai DHI N IQT rw my M 19 9 5 ENCJJJS-,Jec,pxffJ',?kNaN'3Kx Q v A MWWQQQQQKSM Hg M' Y A 4 N' ff' EI-mx f Q""vN0-51 ,JVM I' M 2 X 1 5? r 9 4 ' , W 4 3 Egg? Mr. Kendall gives his cooperation to the students in their activities of Red Cross, Student Council and Sports. This working together makes for better understanding between the administration and students. Mr. Kendall assisting in an assembly program. 4 PRI CIP L MR. W AYNE KE DALL Q Mr. Kendall has been at Nimitz 'f- five years helping those around him succeed - namely the students and N teachers. They don't feel like they X 'X have a judge sitting over them even ai Of' though everyone knows he has i . '-ffl authority. Rather, he is a friend. He 1 2- cares and wants his school to be the . best. Mr. Kendall is the key to the '. i il' success of Nimitz. Mr. Kendall's wife teaches in ' ' another Tulsa Junior High, their son attends O.S.U. and a daughter is a Junior High Student. it ' N f - I t 77 Listening to a student's problem that will be handled to everyone's satisfaction. MR. JIM NORMAN VICE PRINCIPAL Mr. Norman is seen everywhere inside and outside the building for his duties are many and varied. His day is long - from early morning hall duty, to noon cafeteria supervising, to loading buses after school. He handles all major discipline problems, oversees the SAR testing, is in charge of lockers and their problems, and is responsible for detention classes. His good disposition gives a good understanding and patience with teachers, students, and parents. Mr. Norman is certainly one of the most congenial persons you could ever work with. Miss Parks is characterized by understanding, humor, and finesse called for as Dean of Girls and Ninth Grade Counselor. Students come in and out of her office in a constant stream. With tact and judgement she handles all the problems that confront her. She sponsors the ninth grade prom and is constantly trying to help students mold good characters. MR. RON WHEATON SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE COUNSELOR The first friend a student has upon entering Nimitz is Mr. Wheaton. He visits their sixth grade classes and helps them plan a wise schedule for their 7th grade year. He believes in discipline, but not without first seeking the cause of a student's misbehavior. He's quick to find a solution and his fairness earns the respect of students. MISS LOU PARKS NINTH GRADE COUNSELOR X t ta- it . .. , ......4 ggyasx A . 1 2 L. P. 'X n09' Mrs. Reba Tubb GFFICE TAFF Wig?- f an ' I I. , gf lX '4' W V X6 1621 .sian 6 Attendance Clerk Mrs. Betty Marsh keeps records of all students' grades and makes a nine weeks report four times a year. She also keeps a record of all absences, tardies, entries, and withdrawals for students. Mr. Kendall's secretary, Mrs. Reba Tubb, attends to all of Mr. Kendall's Correspondence, figures the payroll and insurance and requisitions all supplies and textbooks. She is also the secretary of the Nimitz Board of Control and is responsible for all deposits and withdrawals of school money. She is responsible for the bool store. Mrs. Betty Marsh 64 Q Qu--Q I Mrs Marcella Baggett FR dk I X Q n"l5ll'Pn h I CHOOL UR E This is Mrs. Baggett's second year at Nimitz where she stays half a day, spending the afternoons at Carnegie and Grimes elementary schools. She previously spent four years at a number of west side schools plus Key, Bates and Stevenson. She graduated from Tulsa University with a B.A. in science and a nursing degree. She has additional study at Louisiana State University. She served five years in the service during World War II. Mrs. Baggett, her husband and their son and daughter came from Casper, Wyoming, where they lived fourteen years. We feel fortunate to have this capable and pleasant nurse at Nimitz. J' tn J vs Y f 44,5 U iw 4 s ' ii i fs! 1 Q W ,V, if , v XVI, ' ff i V XNAJW ., Fi 'T Q , T W, 1' I 3 fi. 1' wi flue Charles Shipman was selected by the students as their favorite teacher. He has gained popularity with them because of the great amount of enthusiasm and time he has spent in the building of the speech department. Mr. Shipman arrives early each day, stays long after school is out and works many week-ends. This dedication proves its worth as we witness wonderfully professional musicals presented by the drama i 1 students. He is one of those people who can give his classes a good time ' and at the same time capably teach his subject. Mr. Shipman is a graduate of Northeastern Oklahoma State fy J University with a B.S. and he received his M.A. from Kansas State S Universit Y- is ,, In 1977 he was selected the "Outstanding Young Speech Teacher of Q A fi . CHER OF THE YEAR CHARLES SHIPMAN Oklahoma" by the Oklahoma Speech Committee Association. He has been active in Theater Tulsa and the Gaslight Theater and has conducted a creative Arts and Drama Workshop for the Tulsa Public Schools He taught speech and English at Edison Junior High before coming to Nimitz three years ago. He has formed the Mighty Nimitz Arts Students to recognize outstanding drama students. Mr. Shipman has a three year old daughter, Nichole. His philosophy is that he challenges students with more than it seems possible for them to do and then they do it. His election as Teacher of the Ye proves that the students do appreciate him. 8 Ai Mr. Shipman in his seventh grade English class. Here he is passing out play parts to one of his four speech classes 'E' M 16 xy, EXwf'?f.'f5QQfk 622 ,bw 2, Eiga iggg QS iff? Qglgkfg Qcisi Y, Ola 2 f 2 Q df- X X 55 x1???CULTY6aQ513tiOif 324, fi - K D, ,V x :" 1 k kz i f ,gf X Mr. Mike Aldrich G Mn Dennis Barlowi Science 8 . Geography 7 la Mr. J.T. Carvell Algebra I,II Math 8,9 Q:-41 Q.-.Q we x SQ 6 Mr. Jerry East Mrs. Anna Globe Science II,III German I ID Mr. Don Harrison Okla. History 9 Economics 8 Geography 7 Mrs. Mary Holley English 8,9 Q' QU-as Q Mr. Jan Bartlett Mrs. Pat Bradshaw Mr. Dewayne Brewer Boys P.E. Learning Disabilities Math 8 F CULTY Wa.-is irfvi Miss Patty Goble Mr. Johnny Gragg Mrs. Lillian Harp Mixed Chorus Industrial Arts Home Economics i ,s. F if Kam ' if-.glsai Y i, 'Mk si r Mr. Dennis Kelliher Mrs. Juanite King Miss Cindy Leonard Mr. John Miller Mrs. Dale Mingo BandfOrchestra Algebra I English 9 Math 7 Typlng Math 9 French if L A YQKR .' Mrs. Janet Ratliff English 8 Mr. Del Patterson CivicsfEconomics ill N.. 'Q 1-r l Mrs. Jlmmle Jeanne Pipkm Library Miss Charlotte Rowe Girls P.E. .J Mrs. Jane Trotter English 7 Spanish Mr. Roger VanDenhende U.S. History Geography J I Lyla Mr. Charles Shipman Speech English 7 7. Mrs. Henri Warren Art 11 CAFETERIA AND CU Q a , Y , 4, H Mn: E ll fl 4 i- -Q ' J' 1 V 5 f l TOP ROW: Loretta Johnson, Alma Lay, Mary Ellen Baker, Helen Howard 2nd ROW: Johnnie Hovorka, Erma Bailey, Mary Ponder, Ellen Walters BOTTOM ROW: Cathy Nostave, Teresa Mass, Dorothy Wall, MANAGER, Pat Arganbright 4 - f Q "r"'-f ' ,"' 3 fl - T X. n o 5715 3 1 I ,, Wh 12 TODIANS an W F A I Q W! ' I NL. DL W. R. Phillips, Donald Arnett, Noel Ramsey, HEAD ENGINEER James Hutchinson Bob Lowery -P-new e LL, I 9 1 ?gfkQQ,3lQ jg CLK W LQ ffl QQQ QUXQ 5 I 5!q :fda J ew if r IJLIETQ-4, 53 by ,ff L, QL LQ een 2 "ff"-exe 1 N ee- 4 X b M J WWll!'llW '?, ,.,+3:'59VfN VKX" CK fu Q Q54 EKU! AL DL Avgi t LDFQJ C2156 CXPQ 61 fx 41,7 71 QC, gfL.,4fLQi igzjflfry Qtr: Lg 2 Q4 cum 5"'4. ' KY ' an rf,f'r34 xy? 'A CW' A V 'J ' X I 0 Q f X Cff,J,,-eye! QA Q Vg' .O Qeffffxfj ',, f e 15,34 ei, fgqlie P 5.9 CVLJL LJQLZI LQKQJ Q I ,ff e 0LLfQ7'xC' 41 A C-A V55 1 f . J f ,M X 5 . 1 2 1 if '- Q ff wr K9 ef e fe v' f N Diff 3 gb W Cf -19 A , A - , f M ,ff-'-"-. e C-lx ' e A e 4.5 fm? Efawv nn., E A KLQQ fL,eff9eQ,,f f I Q f W9 A ' S" 4 5 3 Ge , 5 ,L , QQ, 09+ We e f I FN-' ,scifi ,."0p4l'.. 3 X-AQ N O, QNX ,Q 1 x 0,-' ge 943 QQ ".'. f' ' XML 54 if 'f 0 e s 33 " B u ' fb 3 'Q FRESHME Y Q 5 ew 4 Q XX .f-,H . X ,X xgxgej A KO LQ f ffgfv xx I 55" sss V- I x fav ' A . fif 1 9555 W 5 ff!!! 0" X 1. ,X -ff' W Nix 3 14' 3 ff E9 Va 'XP - f 4 xx or pyfpn J 4,9 J Q2 I 4 ' , KQ':QE..? 5 , 4' 4 C' ' ,'.u-by Page Designed by: Jiu Lenhart X S.i,3j5'v x 13 , ,l X Donna Alexander Jim Alexander Trey Batchelor Phil Bates Thea Boggs Daryl Boyd .avr rrl I . e i or eeyl ,B sm, 'M f 1 Llsa Burnham Sheha Carr f :L we B A Denise Allmendinger Larie Aytes Mary Baxter Burl Beard FREL HME Marlcarolyn Brett Jason Brimer We M55 3 Q Opie Bandy Jeff Barnes Allison Bishop Jeff Blumenthal Joe Braverman ew rssy ' I ldrd' Kurt Bussman 76 V . ,S ,,..,. T, AA , , B sssse sesry 'fx ' ' f fa: A ' NN 14 . f - ' ,sv , 2 k ,kkw M ,,.QW rs R Kim Carrens Casey Cline Robert Case Julie Coday CLASS Kim Copenhaver eezzfit "1 .. . "K "' ' Qi ,, 1,i -:Q -. LE 'i.i L x 5 Chris Casey Kim Channel , .-.- Helen Coleman Grant Collingsworth , f- :, OF 1982 y 53, fi'-, - 1 f, -- -V .- :ef--. X mi 9 N W xv? l in X x r xr . XX "'1 5' ,,.., Vx A W r Terrance Cherry Pam Clark Brandi Collins David Collins Sally Conway Jeff Cooper Richard Corely Vince Corely .r.. ,. M Susan Cozier Melissa Craig Tina Craig 15 is X ss- 'J' is 1 Q .E Q L x s fx 'luv' 'Qs lXx N 'S' ' ,,, D.. v t v I, X Tom Creed Doug Diggs Chris Ellis 'if-7 m...,-- ix Elizabeth Cutsinger Bridgett Dorndorfer Doug English 16 I S 1 H, .X S H A L Sw RW Y fi Q. XX x Q 1. To 'E 1 M!! ws? lm me 4 5 ,N Q, X T? Frankie Garst Kim Gist ' ir SN. l Mark Gawey Matt Gawey Meg Glenn Valerie Goulker Craig Geatches Kevin Grace CLASS OF 1982 Teresa Harden Renee Gibbons Robert Gilbreth Gillian Graham Chris Hale Jeff Hammond Carl Hanson aaai a 15 ' Pat Harker Barry Hatchett iaaeii S K Vx M C b,bb. C fi ,sa..,aa+f - Scott Hathaway Brian Heatwole Dana Hendon tif: A Tk 17 Wal 'ld' H 'Y 'I J rr i' no in ,1.., fi .fih J 2 ie gy gs!! Q.. 1 ,L - we-a: .r e - .ask . aw- 13, 8 FREL, HME "1 Y' x.. xx l ,.-v' " - Lee Herring Laurie Hightower Sally Imel Brian Inbody Kristin Jones Patti Jones John Joslin Charles Kantor Jeff Kealiher 'fi Cl Kelley Keck Eric Keener Todd Kemerly Q, 'K 5--1' Stephanie Holbert Joan Holmes Dana Huff Sherry Hutchison Connie Jefferies Darren Johnson Toni Johnson Karen Jones N05-af -su! if WR? mm, x 'P Glenna Keoppel Stan Kessler Brian King Danny King Scott Klein Steve Lake Lazina Lamb Wendell Lane Ki , SS5 " J - l , ix N. N TK 'R ex X . Ed Madden Frank Main Bobby Mayfield xx Kris King Katy Kirkland Jill Lenhart John Leibman Rick Lieman Janice Livingston x Q Q ,CP Q 'Qx X ? ld v A Q. a f -'-fy, G T if 'ff rl? X J ' x x Renee Mays Mike Maze Bart McKenzie -Q Slug? R an "ff em XX FQ? 5:5 . S riiiirrf' ,wamili I., Teresa Miller Dickey Minyard Irene Monnet James Monroe Laura Nash Jane Nelson Wes Nelson Pete Noland F RE HME ' Jan McPike Hillary Micheals Jeanine Morris Tony Murray Devin Northcutt Julie Norman Jennifer Norman l S -J 0 4 ..., 1 I K 'PW Q X Sherry Nowlin X Mark Nutter I Q ' f Tai. Tommy O'Dell Chris Owen Sarah Page 20 ,naval-'Q Patrick Pfeifer John Phillips Chris Pitcock Mark Pittman Lisa Price Becky Price Mike Ramsey Angela Reynolds CLASS OF 1982 Lori Rupe Lorrie Sanders Sinead Sands 'GMX7' as Terri Sauls Gayle Sayles Susan Scorse we Amy Pogue Mike Potter Paul Rhodes Paulo Rocha Donald Robertson Nick Rouse qxwef QLY . X 4' 9 U f "J 3 my pf Q l 5 R r' X 'ar X fm A I x S-14.4 Jeff Sharp Julie Smith Jamie Taylor Margaret Shannon Paul Siddons Marci Surrett wr ww , M -me QQX X Si , 'J .s ' f + . x -x 'X Mandy Sharp Terri Sherrell Jamil Shoemaker Davy Short Veronica Allen Stevens Becki Stutz Andrew Sumner Stehouwer FRE HME Merry Terry Debbie Theberge ,' Jay Thorne Guylene Timmons Estella Tobie Laura Touslee Jon Tracy Roger Treece Lisa Vandiver Xr A e ' ff 5 i 2 rec 6 -' za 1.5 , --, S N 'ili we -Q X v .... Q , 22 s -v lsiiil , Q .. g iris: ,513 rw i 4523 ' F "1 Ii, , it we ' Q , ,As A X vw ix J :Av ' is is L 11, C Mark Van Maren Grovalee Wallace Jennifer Wampler Susan Ware Michelle White Pam White Dan Whitney Sam Whitney WK., CLASS OF 1982 Kevin Willis Robert Winslow ,M Jeff Wilson Rod Wilson Shelley Wilson '-N, ,.:, ,af Matt Webster Lesli Wilbanks Cheryl Williams Julie Whitaker David Wilkins Staci Williams 1 I fm X. . Q: lx '7 I , X fm 1 4' l Chris Winton xK"5:gN"P,J Tammy Wolf Jimmy Woods Robert Yadon 23 if c IDN SPM: -. N . 1--fa Q: M- ,,. . :.,ff:rwa:m ., 78 fi-1 mon: Q in 112 234:65-5N'i ' r A . T, ,Y Fl LQKA. . '2 if 2 Q Q35 Wx 31 fx xkl ' Y ' Y Y 7 -7' 'f' "'y 1 I U v W1 X Cafe , 066016 J ,gay 'f'.5. M5 , r fi" wa 4' e. 4- Q 4 1 5 7"'f4ff I X ww F,xw UU ' 1 ' ww, 99 ff' I ff Quad . , if ff X 9 -af' 6 f W ' 'f , X f Q 1 ,gf 91 -. N ' A 1 I .V Af ' - 3 5 ' ,gil Pa e Desi n Page 5' I , EIGHTH GRADE K 1 is - f ,, yy or K' I' ie f ji 5 'Z L A! , e Fm, , 54 A is f ,w.,. igl rf. I Greg Bond my Lance Bradshaw it ,mv- J J I' " ,,A k fa.. i or N X, X W., 2 ' ,, J ,,,, 35, 51- 7 'f1 fb if ' XA A 5-1 Mary Bridwell , i, VVVLV 4. 5 i gg X .X A 4? . fa dv Mark Abdo Patricia Ames Russell Armstrong Robert Avery Tom Baldridge Bruce Ballard Brian Bearden Melinda Bennett Tiffany Berger Joey Berklacy Linda Birbilis Nikki Bomar ,ff ' Elgar :WSI P L+-vw an :L M ,ia '1'-ws -M Z in p 1 is 2 5 , ' Q it -V dy Rermzgovesd Us 1 . ., : .l - , F f 5 7075 5 Im vQr"l'9N J fb M0-1,6 Your Tk.: Yea ' 5 fn ,Un Q 2' Q-.p st qw-Q' Jeff Cobbs Michelle Brown David Bryant Jeannette Burton Karen Bussman Tena Butler Doug Caldwell Ed Carson Neal Castles Dana Charlton John Chrisman Matt Cobbs Michelle Coefield Kristi Cook Ann Cooper Tami Craig Mike Crane 26 fl' See A eg? Yew 'W' '-WWI Smmmg, Gerald Breckenridge ""w7v5..,.. is 4. my A ii . , v f l ""' ' YEL 1' ' " 4.113 o,i.x3ll"i x xx y X at 22 JM' ' ' ... ,ziyvfrsw ' f ,Jf E Q or ,. K iii! I Mike Egermirer Susan Gable Kathy Guernsey Kelly Harrington ,- V ' : t 0 Chris Crawley Jack Cress Theresa Cummins Kevin Cypert Bill Daniel Summer David Jill Donley Taressa DuPuis David Eames X . . Q K . dit? 4 ' , , l ip M 591. -L 1 5 7 . Y. as if W W if N13 , .J , . gli, iiih,lh .C M 0 GOV? ,,e-ff . 5 Q x - 2 N X aff' Peter Ellis Linda Epps Pam Faust David Flinsbough Mike Freeman Whitney Frost Doug Garland Kathryn Gilbert Pam Glory Brian Goforth Walter Goodman Mary Griffin Nathan Hale Mike Haley Rick Hammill Brad Hammond Debbie Hammond David Harker Lee Harris Catherine Sandra Heckert Jeff Hill Brian Hoffman Carla Holland if 27 f ,ff fil l E img, EIGHTH GRADE Chandra Holmes Roger Huffman Melanie Imel Scott James Mark Jones Shawn Jones Terry Jones Terry Kelly Ross Kemmerly Kevin Kaylor Jabien Khan Kelly King iff . A' Elizabeth Kirberger Larry Knight T ' ' yy,r a if J 656.-1 A .fir 4. ' John Kopsky ' X" Liz Kubat r- W x x s. N N l a x Y-f. il J ,,' A755 'me W if K x 3' N QW, VV A ff -' ,, V, HW: ,Q Q f 1 '79' I :iw ,- ff ,lf J J 64 , f A ,lfwiam ,g 1 -wwf r " ' ' e J . Z lle .ei Q 1 Richard Langston Kari Mallory John Marouk Brenda Latch Darren Lay Robert Levy John Livingston Chip Liondon Dana Longacre 28 VW Chip Marshall Mark Lewandowski Danny Lucero Steve Massay Pancho Matthews Todd Liggitt Mike Lindemann Jenny Lyle Gene Lynch J Sue Ann Mike Mosher Monninger Nike Nickols Larry Nichols Patty Payton Robin Pastor Robert Raskin Kathy Rapp ' 3 2' 7 ff' ,, " ' , x ,1 , . I , 4: 'L - i In . E gi? Li 3 W W ffafflmm eh -B' ry, , I A VV Iv A V,, M 524 W , n if M fe Mi., , 3 ,, W . 4? . .6 .. Deann Mattern Lea Maxwell Lamont McCann Bill McCune Tim McNulty Liz McIntosh Mike Meyer Kim Michela Bobby Mize jgrevg V'i' f 'f '11' wav -fs, 1 VW ' lyk 5. E V, K 6 , ,,k ' h w, L K, , ..,, 1 -', , . , iffffi fie M fe L 5 7113 ' Y Sly! , ' , 15 A I , l ,, yu . ,,., rrr frr. R gut ,. , . It A ,. Q ' A .4 M in , , ' f i , A ,,,. Y i,L, Sheri Mount Jeff Nixon John Pielsticker Mark Reed .,., U J 'QW 'Wk 45 Saxon Moore Ann Myers Arlene Nelson Kathy Osborne Brent 0'Kelly Kim Packel Patty Pierce James Pigg La Dawn Pirtle Mike Reedy Angel Reeves Fritz Rheinfrank Jeff Nelson Page Pancoast Beth Pogue Roxie Roberts 29 f, , 3 , in sw fi? Z , M 4 M Jr , y G' 14 , ' H .dn Y EIGHTH GRADE .null V V, V, 5 In , . ,M wi Wendy Robertson Dan Rogers Ginger Rawlings Laura Rouse Wayne Rumley Susan Sanders Shannon Sawyer Barbara Saxbury Paula Schnabel Steve Scott Tim Shaw Doreen Simon f Y' V 5- 1 Q ' V VLVV Q ff' H V L , Mary Slayton 121.1 Dana Smith -1 f K , 2 y ur' y ,f 4' 4 6 S-I QT. , 5 Grady Smith Sonya Snitker M,. - mg,..,i j. f, 'V 4 ' T ii. vin mm A, 'ru ,eff . ff 12" , ' ',,7 fuwgu me ,l , H ,y Cynthia Staab John Suess Bob Tillman 30 'I at Kevin Sparks Dayna Sumner Tim Ullrich if ,, f F 14 Vf ' Lawes Stanton Eric Stone Shelley Stone Jay Storey Paul Swofford Liz Talkington Jeff Theberge Deena Thomas Lynn Waller Todd Varnell Libby Wells Valerie Wells Lisa Waugh Tony Whisman Bryan Whitlock Lisa Whitson Ron Widener Grant Wilburn Julia Wilson Claire Wiman Robert Womack Andrea Wood Claudine Wood Kara Wood Shawn Wray Jon Wyatt Kristin Zoller , W K lir 5 , ' igyy tyii . fl A 3 5,, V if W i..,,.yy M yi ,, .,,,, . 7 A I M I, ,, , g w wg 1 4? 4 6 'imp I .r,t, 1, ' - ii Milligan i x "ff I -g, V fl irey y W ' 'ef' ' E . , -' N y ,,i. 5 , g.t ftffnxy A, ' W 'iwmwk' l 31 S3 5 xx" , 2--f A - 2613 +5 Y? X A J J Betty Patterson Brittany Brewer Jennifer Aldrich Robyn Harrison TEACHERS' AIDES Mrs. Patty Dings, student teacher in scienceg Mrs. Judy Bunch, science aideg ' Mrs. Carol Goforth, science aideg Miss Jannell Causey, student teacher in speech X i 1 . QQ.: Q F 5' W M0 ji if V R if ,pf ii 5 :S ,jj fr xy 2 'jwiffwffiii i 6 J? ' u J DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL Faculty men 8z daughters: Mike Aldrich 8: Jennifer, Ron Harrison and Robyn, Del Patterson and Betty SEVENTH GRADE I!!-'ff -ezffffffrff elfff f."4f.f 1' fgflggf Q. ,., ff04fiq: Aurfhffn ff fsdff wfgf, in Willie "" .fry fin' ' .ffefffff vw I ff-fe i X! fllf In l si wf v if we ' - a' . x' aw." 1-'Ml , E ,yas . 1 . 5 01,3 ,, , H ,, Y Q sm. V Sue va A 5 'Q , , ' Page Designed by ' E E- I lt M Casey Cline 33 C YW? Lx., 'ie lk' '. ylfg' ,.' , i 4 , , g ' A A . 1 . , 'WY V f -' ' ' it 1 " ' ll fly W 'zg w', C X .4 1 ' kwin ia 41 H Q, 5. .5 was V "' My ,- 5 s i yew " V fs y,W:kQ,' K Y I i - V Sm 4- Q - 4 , .. y iff-Y y -of 'K J' B 'A' ,A, , , g A. Tf'f?g,W X V V' W 'A' V V A - 2 .il l it i Cindy Alexander Mike Avison ia Trey Arnold Susan Bates A Y 1 Todd Abels Lisa Allen Mickey Adkinson John Archer H Doug Ashworth Tom Atherton 5 like B r -X Clay Bishop Donna Blyth Jim Bradley Teresa Brockwell Faren Bunny Glenn Burnett f is ,, Z' Q A Z vw Doug Buffington ' ' " 1 V 3 David Carrens is p 6 .vs ' fs 1 ' f - , ' . , ,, .. ,.,,, i ' f Q V ,c ,,,,, , in X tt o ll u fuk' ,pi- Steve Chrisman Tammy Corey 'W , 2 l fm A' org an oee: esy,, W 2 f 1 1 ,, , Y 'm,,,W Benton Bandy Karin Beckstrom Leslie Billings John Cebuhar Lori Clark John Cottrell XM' rlll I 1 vw 47 55, , I ' fi, i 41115 ,- ww Tamra Barnett Eddie Beeke Frank Birt Jeff Choyce Cary Collins Rick Coulson so C, C" ' a .Q 7 . "' an ' -,- S 7V,: 9 llake Fail hris Gervino 'E ..,.. - f, . ai ws- 9355? 'iw' uu- if 3 A 1 ..- ,..kWtw,.f.'I V - . VC? ai 4-an Linda Coxey Tom Creek Jimmie Dunn Johnny Eller Jim Cozier Stacey Curtis Steve Duvall Michelle Ellis SEVENTH GRADE Debbie Gist Ritchie Fretwell Danny Fridenberg Cheryl Fuller Gayle Galt Billy Garst Denise G00d8ll David Graves Dan Guernsey David Hall 'hw' lg:-ev l A. Vfi ri L 1 QR John Cozzy Brian Craig Kelli Davis Larry Deathridge Cindy Egermeier Thomas Ekren Peter Ellis Shawn Ellis Tony Gee Shelly Harkavy 'NNY .- . f Sandra Harman Susan Howerton Stacy Johnson Laura Laing Dana Lasater Mark Livingston -mp- ? ' l I 1 A V L Xe-si tm News ,g. L fa..- A xy 1 ylyyi 'aii ' gm N A -.W-" Robert Harrison Matt Hussey Teresa Junghans Robby Landrum Debra Lowrence Stan Locker I 4 , W ,-sw' Terrie Hobbs David Kffml-7 Molly Ives Taylor King ' X ' C lf' . il Allison Littlefield Robert Main it X Darrell Lowrence Cathy Martindale .K y on y , 4' D1 "' 1, t I I I V: r ' e f ' fi ' X - afimikaf. X N 4- " 'ATX 77 .A X fr ', . 7 if , , 1' Q .,.,., lm is 'A ,,,, ,M , V lll W by 1, K 1'l , ,, tw uk f ' Mark Kealiher Kristen Klein Eric Koepernik Lisa Luster Steve Mannas Chuck Masters fx., Cliff Kennedy David Knight Cindy Kroll Chris Lynch Kim Markel David Mathews X 'N N X f 52 foax Wo f. pr .11 I P ZFX eq, - X E 'S , K so ' e HM . 3 Q, 3 5 M an 'rf 'ls .4 ff slftixf. , as 'sp 'ogy' Lea Maxwell Doug McPike Chris Mitchell Troy Murphy W ,,,,f. i ll,l it MH H V! .. 5 Km if i ef H C, M ' ' wwf iff, ., ,,"W , ,ff ,, My ,-', V V I kk, I tk, in S 5 el hill Zi r Cindy McArthur Karen Maine Todd Moore Kathleen Nagel SEVENTH GRADE aammy O'Connor LaVona O'Dell Mark O'Rear Scott Osborn skeet Preston Tracie Prince Annette Pruss Jimmy Rector VE , , David Perkins A X, r. li 1 5' 'I M: ' . I - I pta1,i X J S Michelle Pirtle Terry McCorkle Stuart Meyer Megan Mote Leslie Nelson Elaine Pitcock Sherry Ritter Regina Prater ,'rS, 1 ,r., H if? ' A ' H - , i ' f ' fi.. Q 1 43 ,V ri k if ff. ,.,, . K. , I n K P' l I f '1f'i' P X S' A ' M, ,ns aiai , KVKV N t,VV ,VN ,,., , ,,, S R iirr T r i ni aa t 1 ' 'Q wfj ' ,., ' Lf he erry . aerlr f rvr - a Brett McKenzie Claudia Millsap David Munn Caroline Nolan 37 ? A ,A W mf W in M' A H 5 A V " Q4 ' ,W fiax . 'V' ,1 C' Nagy' e ix! 5 4 Doug Rogers Brian Russel AQ! Rusty Roberts Todd Robison Michael Rose Jimmy Ruggles Kim Sanderson Keith Sands Jean Soerries Mark Stehouwer Jamie Taylor 9 ie 2,12 1, "iii .6- ,,,, . Q' . A Shelly Stegman Marty Stewart William Teale 0 Q , I0 , nf- .I Mitch stone gn Vt XY-2,3 Bobby Thomas in ,y , A lf 'W Mm I , I n Q I l vw- Jeff Scorce Ronnie Shaw David Tishar Dana Walker my ' , 11, X .M X, 1 . X yi -swag' .3 ,. l ,J 7 Brandi Self John Shoemaker Damen Smith Ken Timmons Virginia Sessions Joci Shrewder Dan Smith Richard Elizabeth Temple VanderDys Teresa VanZandt Lauren Walters Carey Watson . W Q f , -, v .,.,,V V i A 1 A I A-Nw' y, T f" i 5 M 'lil-1 Kenny Weaver Chris Webster David Wheeler Dave Whitaker Sean Whitley Beth Whitney Mary Ann Wiles David Williams Stefnie Winn Robert Woodruff Cathy York Sandra York , X ? M 1 1 ,,W, 'Mil , x ,uf .,., f if va., 1' 1 Fw, mf f 4ff,,,wf 1 ,W f,,,m5,, ,. .F . ,H ' .1 f f f ,gg ,W .,,, 5 ,,,,, ? Z H , ff ff' M 2 WZ f 1 1 if f 1 r ,M ' f f V ai il 1 if 4 ,,,, W W 4, if A v W 9 f W - V , "ii - if 1 . :ww iv, 4 V .,., f f ,f aj, , A f J , 71 'W' sf N ' . . Q msg: 1 .lsr -. 'x M X x ggfff' 2 iii ' sm' . -1 Q Vk., .A , gy - vm 11 .I 451 w. My . .Em . . X 4? xx . . 5, Q :faq ,..,. Q eff: x - ' N zefikzx- ,f sw v. may . ' ifff-fYEf'k'k'7f' .4 1 .157 X QK-Vffw i ifl'- 1" f , I Sf. - Q-.M,.,N.W.,s. 1: W'-- W x 3 N X wi 4. . -3 Q AQ N 'QUWJQQL f f wi WEBDMJN W3LMJiZNlWQlZZQwww wwmf1RgwwwA M GWWA wa 5039! "VN X Q W W ,7 2 f' FA -. X SNL 15 7' 1 U,'2w'f XMWIX UW? www I A 4 I p illtil 7 iq I 5 ,,,,11l!ll 111, X X rf, fly!! , , K , :z::,.,M,f2ffffff2ff f . 7 'awww f - ' .. . m T - 7 far ,.-- ' I ff f 1,1 in rllllfll I I-, 4 u1u1,:il4g11JQlJ1tI:iL1qfL1r, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,111lg:: . W vi . I I 1 , i I ' 1 W . lllffl V'-"-'7 ' - Y ' Y 4 I zz 0' I," ' 1 7777 1 1 1 1 1 :ul if - 1 111111311111111111!1u1ug1,!,g,,,,,,,,,7,x ll 0 Y Q V f lj x K I w A sf ' Vllfllll '1 111 Infduff11,,q4ygg1f11,,,,,20411711 'idx X X I M Page Deslgned By Becki Stutz TUDE T COU CIL w Top Row: Jamie Taylor, Ann Cooper, Libby Wells, Lee Herring, Russell Armstrong, Laurie Hightower, Barry Hatchett, Tiffany Berger, Vince Corley Row 2: Kara Wood, Meg Glenn, Teresa Miller, Connie Jefferies, Matt Gawey, Kristin Jones, Marci Surrett, Veronica Steyhower, Lesli Wilbanks, Lisa Vandiver, Lisa Waugh Row 3: Whitney Frost, Hillary Michaels, Pattie Patton, Michelle Pirtle, Julia Wilson, Becki Stutz, Kristin Zoller, Laura Rouse, Gayle Galt, Kathy Rapp Row 4: Mr. Aldrich, Mark Livingston, Grady Smith, Scott Osborn, Brenda Latch, Shelly Harkavy, Mary Ann Wiles, Virginia Sessions, Liz Kubat, Beth Whitney, David Nunn Student Council is an organization which is set up to aid the school. This organization involves people from each grade level. The Student Council this year is sponsored by Mr. Mike Aldrich, a Nimitz science teacher. The Student Council sponsors events to create more school spirit. It sponsors school drives, dances, and many other activities. There are two representatives elected from each homeroom. 1: Jim? gnu Top: Matt Gawey: Parlimentarian Row 2: Kristin Jones: Treasurer Row 3: Lisa Waugh: Vice-President, Marci Surrett: Secretary Bottom: President Jim Alexander 4' xr- Q ,W s...:Wz N bmw i' 1 , 5 2 Q J 4 w X 4 X1 QW X 1: .. W X p Q XX 2 Wi , al P I A? X 4. X 4. RED CROSS Top Row: Joan Holmes, Kelly King, Stephanie Holbert, Devin Northcutt, Brian Inbody, Sally Imel, Maricarolyn Brett, Pete Noland, Mandy Sharp 2nd Row: Doug Caldwell, Mrs. Ratliff, Jill Lenhart, Thea Boggs, Katherine Gilbert, Deanne Mattern, Melanie Imel, Kim Carrens, Allison Bishop, Pattie Pierce 3rd Row: Stacey Johnson, Susan Gable, Ross Kemmerly, Robin Pastor, David Wheeler, Robby Landrum, Sandy Heckerd, Kim Michaela, Susan Ware, Caroline Nolan Bottom Row: Dan Smith, Karen Means, Kim Gist, Michelle White, Summer David, Julie Smith, Matt Webster, John Archer, Debbie Gist If 6-- X us. . p Q X. X , O vxx X. -N Y f K bf 5+ If lififlgxsaf OC. img fi 5' X . Drive ,, yr- fi f J all lil -QA 'dw 44 A " ,- " ,Q W M ,,W..,,m,,.J 5 W 17 - , . ARL. sg W f MAST STAFF Top Row: Kris King, Robert Winslow, Davy Short, Casey Cline, Row 2: Shelly Wilson, Brandi Collins, fi Kristin Jones, Teresa Miller, Mark VanMaren Row 3: Paul Siddons, Pete Nolan, Jill Lenhart, Meg Glenn, Chris Owen, Row 4: Mrs. Warren, Nick Rouse, Becki Stutz, Row 5: Kurt Bussman, Mike Diggs, Julie Smith, Not Pictured: Elizabeth Cutsinger, Sarah Page 3, A,A: . , Q. Mrs. Warren's third year advanced art class is your Mast Staff. They are chosen for their ability and sincere interest in giving you the best book possible. The Staff hopes they have recorded the memorable events of the 1978-79 year at Nimitz. Mr. Patterson is our photographer sponsor and this year his staff was Kurt Bussman, Robert Winslow, and Chris Owen. op row: Mr. Vandenhende, David Collins, ftreasurerl Mike Diggs, Paul Siddons, Jeff Sharp, Grant Collingsworth, Paulo Rocha ow 2: Jim Alexander, James Monroe, Kurt Bussman, Jeff Cooper fPresidentJ Jeff Barnes fVice Presidentl Frank Main Secretaryj 7 X 9 o li N 0 ll CLUB The K-club is a service organization and the boys are selected for their 0 outstanding leadership, ability, scholarship and character. 40 fl The club is sponsored by the Kiwanis and two boys have lunch at their N s 1 i 1 x x Him if :f""L F X X fc' QS- A of monthly meeting. Nimitz K-club raises funds to leave a gift to the school. They usher at school activities and help promote school activities like dances. walnut i fwxmf ,.,, MIGHTY IMITZ ART PLAYERS Top Row: Mr. Shipman, Steve Massay, LaDawn Pirtle, Chandra Holmes, Matt Gawey, MariCarolyn Brett, James Monroe, Lee Herring, Kathryn Gilbert, Mark Lewandowski, Tiffany Burger, John Joslin, Katy Kirkland, Thea Boggs, Brian Goforth, Roxy Roberts, Middle Row: Bill McCune, Lisa Whitson, Brian Bearden, Patty Payton, Steven Scott, Susan Cozier, Robby Yadon, Michelle White, Shannon Sawyer, Sandra Heckart, Paul Swafford, Melinda Bennett, Darren Lay, Kristan Zoller, David Harker, Linda Birbilis, Bottom Row: Brett O'kelly, Patty Pierce, Mike Lindeman, Kathy Hathaway, Jeff Nelson, Jeanine Morris, Stephanie Holbert, Becky Price, Jason Brimer, Patty Jones, Brenda Latch, Jeff Marshall, Sue Ann Moniger, Michelle Brown, Steve Lake, Susan Gable. gagu 1 4 sr if Q ' e , ,,,,,, as J ,V We 1, .M .V ' E ii' ,, ,, f-Wg A . I Q, K rl AW. i ?E1Y:255'fEs9iZfL?1EK, it ,ig .5 2 .X B ,wx 1, A 5-Q Sig' . me? Q 0551 a ' .... .. K wi m.. 3 xg N , YS wx YL in mm, . wsrvssm SCHOOL AIDES J AUDIO i VISUAL Top row: Marty Wasson. 2nd row: David Wilkens, Larry Knight, Robert Womack, Bob Mize, Saxon Moore, Dan Whitney. Bottom row: Mr. East, Todd Varnell, Todd Liggitt, Tim Shaw, John Kopsky, Kevin Keylor, Not pictured: David Bryant. A student assistant is doing a school service. He receives a grade from the supervising teacher and earns regular credit To apply for this work, a student makes a request to his counselor, who then decides who qualifies by grades and characte Audio visual aides show films or slides for any teacher who wishes to enrich his classroom teaching. x - .L dl" ' K limi X ' Xl, W is ' fi X 'X Le- ' T 11 f , X f " 'ks X 4 ky fu 4 ATTN - -S i J . ii' ' A B. SPEECH AIDE -5, ,f Slvlrfw s X John Joslin is a valuable student X to Mr. Shipman. He helps in the speech classrooms and in the construction of stage scenery for drama productions. 50 P j A T' t l l l if 1 Q 0 STAGE CRAFT The stagecraft :rew create sets, props, ind other stage xroperties needed for assemblies and plays. Phese students come before school and stay ifter school to work, ,nd unlike other Jimitz aides, do not eceive school credit or their volunteer ervice. Top row: Jeff Fronterhouse, Lee Herring, Dan Guernsey, Paul Eagleton, Scott Klein, John Livingston. 2nd row: Steve Scott, David Harker, Tim McNulty, John Joslin, Deann Mattern, Rusty Roberts, Mr. Shipman. Bottom row: Roxy Roberts Eddie Davis, Patti Jones, Pat Harker, Melinda Bennett, Chuck Masters, Michelle Brown. WQ J i t l' i 1 N Q Ehggfsv' f N ,,,, . a Er. fif' ., f l 1 ,X V157 I. ,. I eLfXki?ui?yJV,f 51 4 r OFFICE AIDES 'EQ These Students Collect attendance Slips Right to left: Laurie Hightower, Devin Northcutt, Denise Allmendinger, Lisa Waugh, Kathj from every Classroom each hour distribute Etdapp, Dalxgd Bryalnti Kristi Cook, Summer David, Jennifer Wampler, Terri Sherrell, Kim ' ichela, im Pac e . bulletins, help Mrs. Marsh with attendance Zfm-A records, run the copy machine, assist visitors in ,jj the offfce, and deliver messages to students. ' "X A ' . ll :Ab .. QW Q ... A 3 :- rip- 1 F 1-,-1 W 'E-STUTL M LIBRARY AIDES These students assist the librarian by we Q if ' checking in and out books, by shelving ' X books, by writing and sending overdue O notices, and by filing catalog cards. Also ' s 7 they help the students who are using the Q is sl 4 . library. - A i . I F: Left to right: Kirk Davis, Whitney Frost, Jeff Nelson, Dana Hendon. Not picturedg Karen Bussma and Melissa Lowrance. , . a . -1115+-'ll 52 W lrrler - Q. Q el k l "-fmiixiwuj g .K 5 K, O. Eg A . ,,., ' L W- . ..... .. 7' Y' 'illiiili sp , Q .WM K .K x TUDE ROW 1: Robin Pastor, Dayna Sumner, Dayna Sumner, ROW 2: Grovalee Wallace, Grovalee Wallace, Pam Faust llll 1141 "' mem, Q if' T THE OW ,A W f 4 5 WWWQA ,M- 4 ll i f 'lf' k I is wif 5 Cfjfbwxp Q, Q0 QQKEJFKRVXX lg Vggwbfgse ' VTMKLD Ljgla- WACTIVITIES Vw Sigma QqS+,xQk,,-Y Hum? viii? 5' my NSTXNNS gpscf E05 613555 5 -ff Y 9 0 - -I L0 5 x?2?542QiELm Q+l Nff 1+ vvxe,wrQvNc5 I- swag okgxg VXSPQ, Yxm gm we 10 1-SMP MWCLSQTQLK gwd WIIUJYZ, YLBCJC6 NUS P My k50cdQ+Qf,kX. gfxoouu QMAQCY L15 LL mi Sie I LUXXQX .QCKPAQNYXQX 6Q!LUfX VCOQXGXE1 Jaw, M fldf' VQQVS vim ' x 'SLQQQGX Q , NSPS if W C-if W . S J M545 t K X YK 5 Suuvwniiqyg QQ XL A dO"f'35 LQ -""4' Ai 44:7 5 Pg d B d WW MIXED CHDRU Top Row: Michelle Ellis, Mike Friedman, Ron Widener, Samdra York, Will Teale, Kenny Weaver, Kathy Osborne Bottom Row: Miss Goble, Mitch Sone, Dana Walker, Keli Davis CO CERT CHOIR Top Row: Pam East, Laura Laing, Kevin Sparks, Wendall Lane, Valerie Gouker, Laura Touslee Second Row: Sonya Snitker, Mary Terry, Franke Garst, Tin Shaw, Lea Maxwell, Amy Pogue Bottom Row: Miss Goble, Regina Prater, Debbie Gist, Beth Whitney, David Mathews, David Tishar, Carla Holland, Pam Glory, Renee Gibbons Z U .J URCHEL TRA 1 li X O 1 u l , . l N. ""'3 Mr. Kelliher, instrumental music director, is new to Nimitz this year. Mason Senior High School shares him with us. He is there in the mornings and comes to us in the afternoon. He has created a lot of enthusiasm for his classes which have given outstanding performances. Top row: Richie Fretwell, Mr. Kelliher, Annette Pruss. 2nd row: Karen Means, Linda Coxsey, Teresa Brockwell, Dana Hendon, Wharon Kopsky, Todd Abels. Bottom row: John Cebuhar, Mike Haley, Jimmy Riggles, Lisa Lester, Mary Ann Wiles, Laura Laing. ADMIR L' BAND TOP ROW: Mr, Kelliher, Jay Ramey, John Nettles, Paige Pancost, Jeff Barnes, Jeff Wilson, John Phillips, Jeff Blumental SECOND ROW: Matt Cobbs, Todd Kemmerly, Daryl Boyd, Mike Myer, Janice Livingston, Ross Kemmerly, Russel Armstrong, Ronny Widner THIRD ROW: Jeff Cooper Phil Bates, Frank Main, Renee Mays, Jeff Fronterhouse, Lee Harris, Shawn Wray, Patty Ames BOTTOM ROW: Mandy Sharp, Jamie Taylor, Mellisa Craig, Bridget Dorndolfer, Ann Cooper, Julie Wilson, Ginger Rollings, Dianne Ferguson. CAPT I BAD H Top Row: Mr. Kelliher, Dianne Ferguson Second Row: Chris I, fx Gervina, Edward Beebe, Danna Blithe, John Woodruff, Dan U N Smith, Mark Stehower, Stewart Meyer, Glen Bernet Third 'I iz Row: Leslie Billings, Molly Ives, Tod Robinson, Terry U A McCorkel, Stan Locker, Bobby Main, Mark O'Rear Bottom NS Z Row: Virginia Sessions, Sherri Ritter, Cheryl Fuller, Douglas I Rogers, Shawn Ellis, Michelle Pirtle, Karen Beckstom NOT -- -4 PICTURED: Jeff Choyce ? 2" ' 0 I I A , ka j . I ,gig , .1 H1111 V A I Q-V A mf' ' if ,ev f 2 C KT '22 3- - f t P ' ' ? 7 X :fa-J lm l. ff a ff' ' 1 IQ WF ' 1" - '- A f" X" ' if E . 5-xl ' , f .W . E? A ' N I 'n lp,-s low! . . . 2. fi -he All to gg g X mv J g f ' Q QN- 59 'M ,ov-Q4 if-nn fill A, ., N35 KLLPSPORTS WP W H wmmnhmi - ' Www y O , g 3 ' g x - 36 'QM Z! QM w- .QW 'vi u A 0 5. ,, J J' 'Z M MW , , - ---- "" 'tillft-6 , K' 'I T x ""'k -W q?'Jfg3i'i-W 'WM J kjtwgplhr- 9 .AW -4MM'U""' W5 S 5 sl in 1 ,M E 5 ,fl iv Q Q if if . V ' ' A f 2. K N ff'fM ,,',, - - 'L ' :ff WW I fff '52, L ' , ' V ,' 'W ww A,-QVVVQ Vgf-1 m'V5j ' V -4 HQ 5 - V' V H X , ,H , .fs 9 2 fl' N W W 14 M if . ' U, ,W HV? ,.1,, V ,,,. N V ,, X Q4 , I B I A , . Y f ' 1 , , . N, A 1 4 Ak W4 at My df h w. n g, , V mu A v W ,V ,E in ,VV VV mg. W , 'aitflwni ,',+f-wil'-26' . . W ,EMM 3 ., .-,. . H M QV,.,4Vfu 11 i Q, I ' f Q ,,.f Qu fr ,. N n C ,. v A ""'! 9 K A x -it A ff' f. Alb... -w nn , LV . I V pg- If ,,,,,,, g 1 I 'V Q V , 7 2'f Q 7 A wi fr . 1 fri f 4 3 Q K 5 1 ' A k wa NINTH GR DE PEP CLUB Top row: Maricarolyn Brett, Stephanie Holbert, Devin Northcutt. 2nd row: Kristin Jones, Becky Price, Guylene Timmons, Joan Holmes, Pam Freeland, Jeanine Morris. 3rd row: Kim Carrens, Thea Boggs, Melissa Craig, Sally Imel, Allison Bishop, Lisa Vandiver. 4th row: Teri Sands, Veronica Steyhower, Laurie Hightower, Sarah Page, Marci Surrett, Meg Glenn. 5th row: Pam East, Cheryl Williams, Sinead Sands, Teresa Miller, Michelle White, Jennifer Wampler. 6th row: Julie Coday, Kim Channel, Sherry Nowlin, Jill Lenhart, Julie Smith, Susan Ware, Lesli Wilbands. i il l I 14 if EIGHTH GRADE PEP CLUB Top row: Dana Longacre, Tiffany Berger, Libby Wells. 2nd row: Patty Pierce, Robin Pastor, Whitney Frost, Lisa Waugh, Katheryn Gilbert, Kari Mallary. 3rd row: Laura Rouse, Julia Wilson, Patty Peyton, Sherry Mount, Melinda Bennett, Ann Cooper. 4th row: Kara Wood, Kristi Cook, Cathy Hathaway, Liz MacIntosh, Kristin Zolar, Susan Gable. 5th row: Kim Michela, Summer David, Liz Kubat, Brenda Latch, Cynthia EVE TH GRADE PEP CLUB up Row: Allison Littlefield, Kristen Klein, Lori Clark, Shelly arkavy, Stefnie Winn, Joci Shrewder 2nd row: Elaine tcock, Dana Walker, Megan Mote, Leslie Nelson, Stacey ihnson, Karen Means 3rd row: Stacey Curtis, Elizabeth znple, Teresa Brockwell, Laura Lang, MaryAnn Wiles, Cindy exander 4th row: Shelly Stegman, Teresa Van Zandt, Lisa len, Lesle Billings, Cindy Kroll, Jamie Taylor 5th row: aren Beckstrom, Virginia Sessions, Sherry Ritter, Donna ythe, Kim Sanderson, Cathy York Bottom row: Debbie Gist, ichelle Samara, Dana Lasater, Caroline Noland, Gayle Galt, ichelle Pirtle Staab, Sharon McQuaig. .ri NINTH GRADE A S UAD Ar. Top row: Kristin Jones, Stephanie Holbert, Sally Imel, Sarah Page. 2nd V. M row: Thea Boggs, Meg WT" 3' Glenn, Lesli Wilbanks. 3 W. row: Lisa Vandiver, Mari Surrett. 4th row: Julie Smith. CHEERLEADER e NINTH GRADE 7B7 SQUAD Top Row: Pam Freeland, 2nd row: Laurie Hightower, Melissa Craig, 3rd row: Joan Holmes, Veronica Stenhouwer, Jeanine Morris, Devin Northcut, 4th row: Teresa Miller, Susan Ware, Allison Bishop. 66 lHGHTH GRADE CCB!! SQUAD 'op row: Kari Mallory, ,ibby Wells, Ann Cooper. nd row: Whitney Frost, ,aura Rouse, Kara Wood. rd row: Liz Kubat, Patty 'ierce, Sharon McQuaig. 8 IHGHTH GRADE CGA77 SQUAD Top row: Tiffany Berger 2nd row: Kathryn Gilbert, Lisa Waugh 3rd row: Lisa Whitson, Kristin Zoller, Susan Gable 4th row: P P t K ' t' C k atty ay on, ris 1 oo 5th row: Brenda Latch. A jigs SEVENTH GRADE QB? SQUAD Stacey Johnson, Leslie Nelson, Sandra York, Caroline Nolan,Miche1le Pirtle, Gayle Galt, Dana Laster. 68 CHEERLEADER SEVENTH GRADE 7A7 S UAD Lori Clark, Shelly Harkavy, Alison Littlefield, Kristin Klein, S f ' W' M te nie mn, egan Mote, Joci Shrewder, Debbie Gist. U P W NYM if v: sf vrrro A,AA 5u-can-...- 'T' HOMECOMING 7 8-7 9 I X Q BMI DI Queen Marci Surrett escorted by Vince Corely Attendant Sarah Page escorted by Nick Rouse 4 Attendant Kristen Jones escorted by Trey Batchelor si f f v' , fr 'V , . ., ' 4, , It A X I I 'rdf lg N- .gg -.- 'ar Us VARSITY N Top Row - Coach Keverinm, Coach Little, Paul Eagleton, Brian Inbody, Patrick Pfeifer, Nick Rouse, Coach Holland, Coach Kennedy, Row 2 - Stan Kessler, Lee Dawson, Mark Gawey, Casey Cline, Burl Beard, Trey Batchelor, Mickey Minyard, Chris Hale Row 3 - Matt Gawey, Lee Herring, Opie Bandy, Brian Heatwole, Daryl Boyd, Barry Hatchett, Vincent Corley, Carl Hanson, Chris Owen, Row 4 - Greg Bond, Ricky Hamill, Jim Alexander, Jeff Wilson, Richard Corley, Tommy O'Dell l 1 A I il x . . f' w..' SSRN 1 Q X- X ' XX - ,.. Y Y l : 6 mvf'2f.65 Z Ni y JU HHRVARSHWT ,,,.f- N .. ..., .. L on Rare Q-Z1 x , as -s ia J I, I X ,i X v Top Row - Coach Read, Mark Lewendowski, Jack Cress, Coach Hammand Row 2 - Chip London, John Kopsky, Timothy McNulty, Billy McCune, Brian Goforth, John Livingston, Billy Daniels Row 3 - Jay Storey, Billy Garst, Eddie Davis, Brian Bearden, Brad Hammond, Brett O'Kelly, Bottom Row - Mark Reed, Lawes Stanton, Walter Goodman, Jeffery Nelson PREP Top Row - Coach Aklin, John Cebuhar, David Wheeler, Blake Fail, Rick Coulson, John Shoemaker Coach Briggs, Row 2 - Trey Arnold, Todd Moore, Carry Watson, Mark Livingston, Brian Russell, Doug Ashworth, Shawn Whitley, Row 3 - John Woodruff, Mickey Akison, David Carrens, Benton Bandy, Todd Ables, John Archer, Clay Bishop Bottom Row - John Eller, Dan Smith, Jim Bradly, Ronny Shaw, Troy Murphy 73 LaMont McCann, Neal Castles, Robert Tillman, NINTH GRADE CCA77 TEAM Bottom row: Terrance Cherry, Pete Noland, Brian Heatwole, Trey Batchelor, Bill Fisher, Randy Duncan, Darren Johnson. Top row: Coach Russell, Chris Hale, Brian Inbody, Bart McKenzie, Patrick Pfeifer, Nick Rouse, Coach Heatwole. NINTH GRADE CCB77 TEAM ' 'LQFL5 X " Niml iii Bottom row: Todd Kemmerly, Frank Main, Jim Woods, Joey Braverman. Top row: Coach O'Connell, Jeff Cooper, Chris Ellis, Sean Mclntosh. 'FF' 'Wind EIGHTH GRADE "A" TEAM I Bottom row: Brian Bearden, David Harker, Brian Goforth, Bill Daniel, Mark Lewandowski, Jeff Hammon. Top 'owz Coach Blaylock, Jon Wyatt, Bobby Tillman, Mike Nichols, Neal Castles, Jack Cress. .43 ' A CM, .-.. i 5 'S f X N 4 ' X 'X D lf N f x ! XSJ! X"' EIGHTH GRADE "B" TEAM N I l V Bottom Row: Jeff Nelson, Larry Nichols, John Chrisman, Mike Lindeman, Shawn Wray, Robert Raskin. Top row: Coach Maure, Jeff Nixon, Terry Kelley, Russell Armstrong, Larry Knight, Eddie Davis. WWQZ I .1 'A Top Row: Coach McClain, Andy Solomn, Rick Coulson, Blake Fail, David Wheeler, John Cebuhar Bottom Row: Micky Adkinson, Brian Russell, Todd Moore, Trey Arnold, Chris Gervino, Marty Stuart, Steve Chrisman 7TH GRADE A TEAM 5' BASKETBALL A 7TH GRADE B TEAM Top Row: Coach Dupont, David Main, John ' Cottrell, Dan Guernsey, Brett McKenzie, Erik Koepernik, Tom Atherton, Coach Reeder Bottom Row: Dan Smith, David Whitaker, Mike Rose, Mark Stehower, Benton Bandy, Keith Sands, Jimmy Dunn Of . A '.!,,.s, . 8 W. , Q, L, "Q 4 , Ll xi , .,x Q Q ,m s '91 1 -sg fAf Y Hag A da GIRL BASKETB LL Varsity - Top Row: Marjorie Thurman, Kelley King, Dana Lonacre, Irene Monnett, Beverly Wilson, Bottom Row: Taressa DuPuis, Julia Wilson, Laura Nash, Margaret Shannon, lnot picturedl Julie Norman, Elizabeth Cutsinger, Katy Kirkland, Jenifer Norman Junior Varsity - Top Row: Paul Alexander, Debbie Hammond, Pam,Faust, Ginger Rollings, Beth Pogue, Cindy Alexander, Jim Barret, Bottom Row: Karen Beckstrom, Doreen Simon, Sherry Mount, Kathy Guernsey, Stacey Johnson, Kim Michaela Ag: sa, W1 qw 4' -..,, I K 'L ' 5 ,, Q , H, ., ' If? fff Q i i 5 if at K iiitee -3? A ,S 'kQ,. 1. Q .i an W3 Q 5 K I .,1g,. - M.. Q i i X--L , S .ff ,gf ..,.111 WN M a Q , I .- ' 1 fi i M ,g ... . f iatt K he 5 L.,- - Top Row: Sherry Hutchison, Mike Diggs, Paula Schnabel, Mark Stehouwer, Veronica Stehouwer Row Two: Doug English, Deonna Mann, Shelley Wilson, Grovalee Wallace Third Row: Patrick Pfeifer, Sherri Ritter, Melanie Imel, Becky Stutz, Paula Schnabel, Kevin Grace Fourth Row: Kathleen Nagle, Kathy Guernsey, Becky Stutz, Jenny Lyle, Whitney Frost S 3 2 4 J. X 1' ix 'libs Q- 'i 5 5 li 5 i 9 rf 4 K .A ,ora 41' qui 1 S M, fi. 'F 'ix Top Row: Ann Cooper, Paula-Schnadel, Brenda Latch, Gayle Sayles, Kim Packel, Sharon McQuail, Meg Glenn, Dan Smith, Pam Faust, Kevin Grace Row Two: Jenifer Norman, Lazina Lamb, Lea Maxwell, Devin Northcutt, Toni Johnson Row Three: Barry Hatchett, Kim Gist, Whitney Frost, Shelley Wilson, Lisa Burnham Row Four: Sally Conway, Whitney Frost, Kathy Guernsey, Lori Rupe, Debbie Gist Qhwnka bm Qmw L1,LQjZ! QQ ' H fm W wwf wwf QQWMEMQW . 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Suggestions in the Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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