Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1978

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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1978 volume:

5 W 5? 4 g.A:3::.m: K , .. .. 5 if V fr , 5 41, .E .,,. . ..,, M, H ,,1 I, 'Q ' - ' ' ' Y , M-:-p,:-.2-we , 4-,,:,j. Z.: 7 . -'kgfgg . gf , KKWEQJAQ-Qlzfif-f-' , 'I' X' i3f:..zig1f: l RH, ' lg? , 2443? 57 , ma. T: ,f f :iff 'WT . ' X ax, , . 1' L-41 ,Ai.I fm?M -' . 1 :1fe3,:f:-21: 51 4 A SL . A f is A Q .:: -x ff 1 V ",puro,. 515 vsesa 99 ly 2 4 .'0,, ' XQN-yfi, fi, 2. 1' 0 1 a "" 15 X pf S 5 ' V ff' Q Q GSW Q Q-5 1 1-J 1 . 5 24 'G' I9 'OA I9 Ms rf! Q 955-2 5 mf, lla' g J' xc QS!!! f N ul' S' 'Xe S EF Q fo 5. M f f' ' ci 0 fm :V r-' 'fl 64, NIMITZ JUNIGR HIGH I TULSA, 141 , OKLAHOMA Q I Page Drawn by 5 Z Ia 445459 YN eww? 'wt 1 ,M W I Txxw rl X " W! VW 1 Q -1 CONTENTS Faculty ............. Freshmen ........ Eighth Grade ........ Seventh Grade ......... Organizations ........... Teacher Of The Year Actlvltles .....................,.. Sports ................................ Autographs ............................ ........... Page drawn by Sarah Frazee 5 ft f 3 J ADIVIINISTRATICN fi iii! 04 Q. n em. "i we Completing his fourth year at Nimitz, Mr. Kendall has guided the faculty and students to reach and maintain the highest standards. His advice and consideration have given us a pride in ourselves which automatically makes Nimitz a delightful place to be. Hello 5'l'uden'l'5 ...If . ,- , , 0 v ,- X fy' "' x if f Q 0 f va.-.1 amen, Mr. and has greatest pq- - MR. RON WHEATON SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE COUNSELOR -E E friend and take his advice in Q counseling or discipline. He keeps records of all students' attendance and scholastic achievement. He likes golf, caring for his horses and coaching a little league baseball team. No wonder students confide in this warm, friendly counselor. Nimitz. He is the boys' counselor and among his other duties, he is in charge of lockers and busses. As a social studies teacher, Mr. Norman has taught in a number of small towns and at Roosevelt in Tulsa. He was previously assistant principal at Wright A married son lives in California and a daughter was a Mason graduate. He loves gardening, but his Students know Mr. Wheaton as a Norman is a favorite with everyone at been at Nimitz six years. joy is his six-year-old grandson. MR. JIM NORMAN VICE-PRINCIPAL 5 A sympathetic counselor to students and their problems, Miss Parks also guides them for fun times like the ninth grade dance. She has made many trips to Europe, the Middle East, and Japan, and enjoys hiking , and good' music. Students say, "I like her because she's interested in me." . . - f I. gy ' it !' .f,,, Um f 4 We .f s MISS LOU PARKS NINTH GRADE COUNSELOR IVIR. KENDALL'S SECRETARY bw xx krrr V,,, IL., Q i ' 5 s i MRS. REBA TUBB attends to all of Mr. Kendall's correspondence, figures the teachers' payroll and insurance and requisitions all supplies and textbooks. She is also the secretary of the Nimitz Board of Control and therefore responsible for all deposits and withdrawals of school money. The book store is under her jurisdiction also, ---Q--....,...,.,,, '--Q-............,,,,, N,,"'J M Lft Q K 'will' A SCHOOL NURSE 4, MRS. SALLY BAGGETT as new to Nimitz this year, but f N" , comes with many years of experience. She takes care of t, ' the students' health problems and has the respect of all. ' , - X , W, ff X !"lff, 5 E 2 1 r..,, ,s., r Jst its . ATTENDANCE CLERK If ma,,,,, .A X, 4 J ... xy I t 'W MRS. BETTY MARSH keeps a record of all absences, tardies, entries, and withdrawals among her many duties. She makes a nine weeks report four times a year. She also keeps track of all students' grades. 2 1 ,A ,.hw -1:-.Q mu U f X 1cD,, - 5 Q'Z. 35 Mxfld 2 G 42 S T R . , ' 1 " ' f ,,.. my f .. f 1 N 1 if , fu gig Q- 5 3 X W 12. sk fb-41. 515 as ,f W K mil f' 'Hg .. Effi'5Ufi!sl3'a E TL 'K 3 ?L,g+1 Y3. J- 'Y as ' U A r .x N N Q S 5 3 Q W 5 , iw Neg? Q ? 1 M, A 4 ,Q i 9 fn 3? . 3 :EE . Qw,W s 'ii 1 1 - ,, Q. 4 in 4. I I' "NS ill - 4 jllfi' f L A 5 f X Q? wif gi' 4' N Y? in .FX lin 'IIE 'AF ,f4 Q, .. mc, fr EMA New , 5 if 1 1 ' s 49 lt!! 3' an: 011: llrglf- Q5-..PfR' FACULTY z N gil 4'-L4 .55 ' 69 1--it . xl? i 7 ctiss M 'G 11 Q 1 Q 'Z 1 'xiii ' 222' X I 1. if Mr. Mike Aldrich Mr. Dennis Barlow Mr. Jan Bartlett Science 8,9 Geography Boys' P.E. .SN Mrs. Pat Bradshaw Mr. Dick Branson Mr. Dewayne Brewer Mr. J. T. Carvell Miss Pat Cutter Special Education Inst. Music Math 7,8 Algebra 8,9 Girls' P.E. Social Studies Math 8 -4 fx 46 41 if Mr. Jerry East Mr. Johnie Gragg Mrs. Lillian Harp Mr. Don Harrison Mrs. Mary Holley Science 9 Woods!Metals Homemaking Oklahoma History English 8,9 Geography Y :QS ' 2 ",J 1 44? ww Mrs Juanita King Miss Cindy Leonard 9 P. "asf I W J V, 1 Main emlgebra English 9fFrencn i,n .2 'E 2 'I Mr. John Miller Mrs. Dale Mingo Math 7 Typing Lk A 'WS' J"Si'SL?nJeanne Mr. Janet Ratliff Library English 8 K s 1 Mr. Del Patterson Civics!Economics '53 " x Miss Charlotte Rowe Mr. Charles Shipman Dsrwood Girls' P.E, Speech ep enson Mrs. Jane Trotter Mr. Cecil Tucker Mr. Roger Mrs. Judy Wadley English 7 Boys' VanDenHende English 7,8 P.E.!Wood-Metals U.S. History!Geography Mixed Chorus x , g , . Mrs. Henri Warren Art Mrs. Viola Greer Mrs. Judy Bunch Wilhelm Science Aide Science 7,8 fwgygeq.-v-H I t M 'K'. , A'--.ffb vii.:-gy-e,fW" site M .,., 7 K Nm. '..., f.-- ., ..,t, . fill i Donald Arnett Noel Ramsey W. R. Phillips Russell Thomas q 1,5 if f-E Mr. Bob Lowery Head Engineer fm 5,53 , ,f 1- is 'Wie fl as ' ll f H F I ol X1 Y """l" o l A I 4 F a 4, , o SP. T N rl wifi f CAFETERIA FOOD! 5 6000 Q, Q . - J "' NF Q 0 ,K ' 9 cv -- - a i 1 .. QQ x 5 f 1 "' 'W 4 . gi X H, , 7? ,, Top Row: Pat Arganbright, Helen Howard, Mary Ponder, Dorothy 1 a Wil", 1 S, ly, Wall lManagerl, Francis Roberson. Row 2: Mary Thorpe, Alma 'Af Loy, Catherine Nastane, Mary Ellen Baker. Row 3: Ellen Walters, m D ' Erma Bailey, Johnnie Hovorka, Theresa Morr. Not pictured: ...,, , , Loretta Johnson FRESHMELJ I Q su-fs" R Q , we th W , 'vt h Q K x li ft' , ' if -,J wg: 3 elin A f 1 1.-'f H xv. ' . - X -U 131'-"Aff: A 75'-J-.f 'www '., A ,Q .1 F, - .- 0'-,J W ou. 4 ,' z' ? ':' ' 'i 11794 X if-'N M., ,7 FRESHIVIEN if X B X 1 J ,FAQ JC! x fl t y X! Xl, A Mark Adkinson Beth Aldridge Jennifer Allen Ann Allison Stacey Altman Soncha Anderson Libby Andress Cary Andrews Carol April Robin Barrett Haskell Bass Patty Bass Sheryl Beatty Eric Beckstrom Max Bennett Eric Black Damon Boggs Pennie Bomar Gerri Bond K '17 'Q' f fkn .1s.,.1' CLASS OF 1981 Julie Burton Hans Bussman Eric Castles Kelly Chase Carolyn Clark Pam Coefield Mike Cole Cindy Collins Donald Connor 17' Us X i 'ii Nancy Bonds Mark Bostick Mitzi Botkin Leigh Ann Bowden Stacie Bradshaw Jeff Broccard David Brodsky Matt Brooks Debbie Brown Becky Bruch di 'KT 4' i 5 1-fi' 5 me iff' 3 ff' is X M 'D Nga A 3 'Q Q i p . x 'Q fs. 'X fx' i JoAnn Cook Lisa Cordell Scott Coulson Julia Courtright Marty Cox Joe Craig Brad Creek Tonya Cress Terri Crites Dewayne Culbert Robert Daily Kristie Dalton Laura Daniels Laurie Dean John Doak Mike Doudican Robbie Duncan Aileen Dunn Bill Dupont ,... pd Brad Gibson P- Bart Glass Monte Goen , A 'i i 9 I Q . info 'Jr Q Dezzarae Dupuis Cary Eskridge Rozzel Evans Anne Fadler S., My ,Q Lisa Fail fzwi' 4 4- TQ, Robin Railing -.. I Bobby Faith Sharon Farris My fi V Warren Fields ' Q N X Susan Flaxbart A AA 'V VI NW X, 14 I 1 xX K 5 M S ix CLASS DF 1981 UNM vw Sarah Frazee Angie Garland Todd Gatewood X .-.r-'- aur' 1 ,A by M M., L Suzie Gotcher Taylor Graves David Gray E ' is w, i"'W'Wi A f f f'!E:2l?Li7fiLfLfH f'7 ' f Karen Green Liz Ann Greenwood Tracy Greever Denel Gronquist Bobby Hagan Wig ' L W L V f I k Q 71 fi? E214 f wi 4, , 4 A 4 YZ sl fl g We 1,, Laura Hancock Denise Hardison Shawn Harris Mark Harrison Megan Hawkins J f i J or ae 3 FRESHIVIEN Cathy Hays John Heiman Jack Henry John Henry Kay Herrick Christy Holbert Debbie Holliman ' Jana Hollingsworth Kendal Holmes :win "" wir 4 Harold Hoss Nina Horn Mark Houghton Seth Howell Gina Hudson 12 K' rf di ai V43 J, V .. za 4 A , ,iii ,, , 7 W, 1' L I I , V ' K v 0 " Q M' 4 Mr, V Richard Hulls Z QW, ,I ' 5? 1 , Nnfg, i Marianne lngraham 1 W' ii 7 A k 1 . 3 X " ai W 7 Brad Johnson f i jf, , , Eric Johnson i V 'x XJ N f' N Sally JOHNSON J' 5 ,....,f J, J M A ., 'if Tf' I 5 , . --X , wks 1 Q A 44.0, , 1 X x I my im.. E I 5""f,. ,J X' XX A H :ii J CLASS GF 1981 Landy Jones Mike Joslin Karen Kemper Karl Kemper C. D. Kirk David Kirk Kyle Kirk Leslie Knight Leslie Kress K-7 ig ,, x l fi vii iq IC! '13 KAY ., ,,,, A 'Y L X ,S .N if -fm I N' feiifii. :fit ff' 3 . A if :JK ir! A-.A FRESHIVIEN ,., W, .4 I ix ,P X , . f dw- 'F ii .W Lisa Kress Steve Lewandowski Hal Lewis Eric Liggitt Bruce Little Jeff Lopez Teresa Lopez Sondra Lowarance Andy Lucas Jim Lucius Frank Lynch Doug Magoon Doug Maritan Collin Marouk Joe Martin Mike Martin Nylsa McBride Cheryl Massey Robin Mays 19' 'WN Randy McCann Jim McCoy Loretta McKelvey Robert McOuirk MW sw. Julie Meador 2... -'x .,9,,. I M , .l . ,Jr "'-47 CLASS OF 1981 We 4 I l 3 "' -as-ni Jay Meyers Bobby Mitchell Laura Moore Keith Morgan Kim Morrison Marilyn Morton BMJ 'illtww Vanessa Murphy Danny Murray Kate Nilson 3 Jfai Karl Means Phillip Mefford Barbara Messersm Alyson Meyer Ann Meyer vii ii stiff 5 5 Yi tix X 3: i ll new ' a X I' I 1, u xl . X f J Q 1.7 A33 5- .mv " 2 , . o y gm ith SW 'N FRESHIVIEN 1 KX we X R tw yi? Q i Eric Ohlson Chris O'KeIIy Pam Paganis Pam Pang Greg Payton Bobby Pielsticker Karen Preston Mark Prichett Eric Ouandt Dawn Ratliff Scott Reeder Bob Reinkmeyer Lisa Remmert Rick Reppie Eric Rheinfrank Kelly Rice Paul Rinkel Susan Ritchie Ricky Roberts ,r .mi gf ' I gg XX ri' X. hug -YR .1 CLASS OF 1981 Q5 is tw" i B. .5 Danny Robinson Roger Roof Mike Root Terri Russell Andy Sanseverino Kurt Sauer Gary Schmidt Cheryl Scott Susan Scott Greg Sharp -fm sv-un ' ,s K t j. X 7 i 'R": ttly tt'1r 1 Q. yt yy M X txt? it . I QE - Chucky Shaw 'H Iif 5 ' Lynne Shupert tyy xii if 1 Stephanie Singleterry XR t S, 5 1 ix .... ' Scott Smith Stuart Smith Kristen Spearing 1 f Brenda Spears , i y' A Jeff Spencer L i 'W-5' Mary Lynn Staab f R .., -XY 1 K, QQ a J j X S t f N Q. ' I L x SX 3 -iqqu :Mau .1191 At x "' Sky Stanton Stephanie Stegman Stacy Stone Anna Storey Bob Stovall Bill Struebing Sue Strutt Radley Sumner Tommy Sumner Mitch Surrett Brenda Taylor Sherri Taylor Steve Terrell Victor Thomas Jimmie Tillman Don Tobey Donna Todd Eric Unterweger Jim Van Maren ,f"Q. .., J., L 3 Kathy wade Lisa Walker I tg. Tim Walker tm' Lori Waugh Cindy Weedin C' xi H M f CLASS GF 1981 'usb' f .32 - X Q vki ' 0 9, ,I l Jerry White Brian Whitson Ricky Williams Larry Williams Stuart Wolfe Ralph Works Iris Wright Jeong Yi Kathy Young 1 ,L s Mike Welch t- L Bryan Wells ' L' Mary West y Lee Wheeler Harold White 2 , 1 i 5 . . .1 .., 2 me ' if 'itil A t s ls fsikf iff' ., A ,tu i N ill! X I x M at' VvN of , ,' 'Lg , . 'I 'L,,k 5 fl t L .L 'Ne in Q gf K Jw Q ' " f 4 sl ' if gg , . I 5 1 'N V gn N- 5 ab f .. -L 3 EE? - QQ L' x-if 5 3 Yv 3 F zwmobu Q? 83' wr ' S-n. ge 4+ 5 4 Q21 e gl 1 'Q-use lw I EIGHTH GRADE , e drawn by ike Root D Jeff Blumenthal , , ti, far em Q4 fl v ir' , T i A J1 ' "' t. Nr , A A ,J so Ng . H- we-A X ...M xg-Y ,145-at "fl . K as E x,7': ,X ww, X A Donna Alexander Kristie Barnett Allison Bishop Jason Brimer Curt Carlyle Dana Charlton nl 5:75 Jim Alexander Beth Bass Kyle Blackwell Tim Broccard Shelia Carr l, y..wvf Denise Nancy Avis Allmendinger Phil Bates Trey Batchelor Thea Boggs Jackie Bubenik if ' W 7 ' 'ff K 'itf s 215, ""Q.'z - Qu K ,,,. ,. . m.,H, L I VVVV my , K i as Laurie Aytes Mary Baxter Daryl Boyd Kurt Bussmar It 'W-LL?" -n-...,, ,aw em-.Q jr. i 28 , r GRADE Q 4 4 U zulu t..'Y Opie Bandy Burt Beard Joe Braverman Cindy Campbell Kim Carrens Elan-ITH JMU K is P I ff' f N -. EE' ii T We , H, ll' f 1 mr XX Jeff Barnes Morrill Beckman Marycarolyn Brett Steve Campbell Bob Case Terrence Cherry 'mf 5 I if fi-- Eg -T' ' 7,4 I ,Lu Y I s L""""""i"'f K? X NME ,i 1 i 'rn' 1 mb i 5 i -'QW 1 IV' if x., .-yr' .v 'rm WH Kathy Chase Charlene Chism Pam Clark Grant Brandi Collins David Collins Collingsworth Vince Corley Susan Cozier Richard Corley Lee Dawson Michael Diggs Kirk Davis W Casey Cline Julie Coday Ben Cohen Jerry Conway Sally Conway Kim Copenhaver Mellissa Craig Tina Craig Tommy Creed Doug Diggs Denie Donceel Bridget Dorndorfer K ?, Al Helen Coleman Jeff Cooper Elizabeth Cutsinger Randy Duncan JL is, " f Q: wma.. nf ' , A. K' Q. 45 f ' 42? 1 5 We 3' + 'A J, ive fi A Q " 13 .W ' E it "L--if , L' If-fax W "ily "'! 1 I QF f C 2 , .- 4' J: K if if iz' Q 2 K -F i ? ,rs H 1 4 , , .x x 4 1 ' V af 5 I 5 E , z in r l Z4 5. -dugg, vu.. K al A W 6 'fffi EIGHTH ,. Y :ai GRADE 6 ' 'Z' ' Fl'Ol'1f6Fh0USe if if " Kim Gist 5 - '1 Chris Hale Lee Herring X . Pam East Pam Freeland Renee Gibbons Jana Grootemaat Dana Hendon Joan Holmes 'K P01 ,lil ei Z - ,ff-, , 13 'L M f , 4, i 'X .Y 6 y P M, J' ' i I I' , -W K iz -..+-r' Xifi Dan Edwards Chris Ellis Doug English Nita Fuller Jackie Furr Mark Gaway Meg Glenn Valerie Goulker Kevin Grace Jeff Hammon Carl Hansen Pat Harker Monica Evans Matt Gawey Gillian Graham Barry Hatchett Laurie Hightower 4 X 7 ,, 4 tr x 1 1",, -W, ixv' Bill Fisher Craig Geatches Scott Greenwood Brian Heatwole Richard Hoyer ' ' ' , ifw'fY7j1f"Iff5i fb 9 elf? if -or I , Wffl l Mfr 45 K W, -t 1 4i . -w if M.. 421 3 -A- f 4 zm, x Nil Kevin Huddleston Karen Jones Mary Keller Kris King N . f l . 3. :if Q' 'I ' tg., . we iii if rir S w rlf - V , ,i , li W ., I FJ, K Aa -A H i K 1 'A ffl S J 442 ' . gnu , , Q iiiir S ia J, 'A r'-' l . J 4 ,Q yr f 3 fl ik Mfr KKKKK K , ,3 fy I Q , '.. - , 'A 2' N 'P A .. fy ,fi 5, A F - ' . Ai l 2' X. ' 11 'X Sherry Hutchison Sally lmel Brian Inbody Connie Jeffery Kristen Jones Todd Kemmerly Katy Kirkland Patty Jones Glenna Keoppel Scott Klein John Joslin Katy Kerlin Jill Knight Charles Kantor Stan Kessler Sharon Kopsky ,by FW Q tllt 5!, ,-Q ak I l at JH S , Tl- Ni A ,.. -og -4 -Um 4, Darren Johnson Jeff Kealiher Brian King Eric Keener J may ii' .r , i ,.-dvi wsqyx I A we Toni Johnson Kelly Keck Danny King Steve Lake ii I? ' ,.-if l S l Q J ereti 9 l . ,A ? . i to Jill Lenhart Mike Maze Hillary Michaels Laura Nash Ed Ostopowich John Liebman Flick Lnebman Melissa Renee Mays Misty McArthur Lowrance Teresa Miller Irene Monnett Bart Jane Nelson Wes Nelson McKenzie James Monroe Pete Noland EIGHTH adde n Jan McPike Jeanine Morris G D E Devin Northcutt Chris Owen Lazina Lamb Bobby Mayfield King Medlin Laura Myers Tommy O'Dell Patrick Pfeifer Frank Main Carolyn Meador Tony Murry Sherry Nowlin Sarah Page John Phillips y , s i If iii I ' P S iiiic . at - I --ufzmqt . , 'rpg X 'ij nib. Siiiiifwf- ' 4 ifzgfissgfisfii. . . H, in'-QgIZ:fiE5,1 lc --iz. -smggqfg--s spvafff- f .L ta. , age: 1 S 'Q at .. ,N S 'Z - x 'SQ J Q Chris Pitcock Chris Reznick Sinead Sands Terri Sherrell Mark Pittman Amy Pogue Becky Price Paul Rhodes Donnie Robertson Paulo Rocha Terri Sauls Gayle Sayles Susan Scorse Jamil Shoemaker Davy Short Paul Siddons i S -message sg. , ,fw 3: .. .-T ,cc 1 x- - a .nd .M -aw A - .., R . . F . 4 A , 1 , , X . s, 577 i S X ' . : .XXY ' Qi ' 'ilk-.fig fx' ' Lisa Price Valerie Nick Rouse Rademacher Margaret Lori Rupe Shannon Jeff Sharp Julie Smith Kevin Sparks yaw- .P ,,.k . X . on xi' I " 1 gf ,aa Q X nffg l -ee aug-fi 2 TTT it K -1 -:xx Allen Stevens Guylene Timmons Susan Ware Michelle White Staci Williams Becki Stutz Pepper Toney Matt Webster Dan Whitney Jeff Wilson 5 Xi gli' " i , i, N M Ns..,.Q,e,s Y 5 xt X i X , Q Ji if Marci Surrett Jon Tracy Theodore Wiessenborn Sam Whitney Shelly Wilson Jimmy Woods XV y Q 41" i. f xg ,Q lg S t . ' 'ul . ' , nf 1. x 5 .5 :wg Q. jg .' ' 4 1 ' v.::-W--me X K Jamie Taylor Ann VanDeventer Mark VanMaren Tammy Weitzel D'Laine Whisnant Mary Terry Lesli Wilbanks Wendy Wilk Robert Winslow Chris Winton Becky Works Bobby Yadon EIGHTH GRADE exif lll,l.t,e T t yyet x lil 4 to ' 1 - X A if Jay Thorne Leeann Todd Keith Walker Jennifer Wample Julie Whitaker Amy White David Wilkins Cheryl Williams Tammy Wolf Tim Wolf SEVENTH GRADE l SEVENTH GRADE Mark Abdo Michele Abney Patrica Ames Russell Armstrong Kari Asbaugh Robbie Avery Tom Baldridge Bruce Ballard Tammy Barrett Brian Bearden Paula Belew Melinda Bennett Joe Berklacy Tiffany Berger Linda Berbilis Nikki Bomar Renee Bovee Lance Bradshaw Mary Bridwell Pam Broccard Jeff Brooks Michele Brown David Bryant Lisa Bubenik Jeanette Burton Karen Bussman Doug Caldwell Neal Castles John Chrisman Matt Cobbs Michele Coefield Mike Combs Kristi Cook Mike Egermeier Peter Ellis Linda Epps eee - nb A4 ' gg!-434 livin U-wx Jill Donley Taressa DuPuis David Eames Danny Eberly Darren Eskridge Mike Fisher Pat Ford Adam Fye Q . el e i 're .t ,M F so I 2 5 1k':' ii 3' qs fi Saw -fi Bill Daniels Summer David Eddie Davis Kelly Dawson Larry Deatherage Jeff Evans Patrick Fling Mike Friedman Susqan Gable Ann Cooper Sam Cooper Tami Craig Chris Crawley Jack Cress Theresa Cummins Pam Faust David Flinsbaugh Whitney Frost Doug Garland K' :P , ik .g . . "2 fr .av Q -, --5 f .ii, 1 f .. lk it fr i 1 x .a . SEVENTH GRADE 'N 1' 'N' ,, fx- -Q- A X, 5 .- , K ill 331 as X -v Sk ' f .fi r K Y . '1f:jft ?'1 - ' i?l ,J lf. . , iv " 4 ' ' fx! ,ffl ! 5 xg xf "5'l""2Jf-f 1 ,s x , 1 . if ' gk, , X , 9 E E. A" 5: ey" F Kathryn Gilbert Miles Gray Mike Haley Kelly Harrington Jeff Hill Rodger Huffman Af .'iyL at Q 4' at Q :,x M K., sm? Brian Goforth Kathy Guernsey ' , Brad Hammond Kevin Hawkins Mark Jones Sarah Jones Shaun Jones Carla Holland John Kemmerly Kevin Taylor Kelly King Brian Jenkins Elizabeth Mary Kay Kirk Larry Knight Kirberger , 1 W X f W: 41. ! 1' 1 ,Tn , ,uv A W 'ff' ax ..-f ll w- ff g is Gene Lynch Flalph Macon Kari Mallory ee X Tracy Lawson Mark Lewendowski Todd Liggett Mike Lindemann John Livingston Chip Marshall John Kopsky Liz Kubat Ricky Langston Gene Lash Brenda Latch Darren Lay Francisco Steve Massay Mathews Lamont McCann David McCorn Bill McCune Liz Mclntosh Tim McNulty sa. , f E 4+ ,.-. 'O NCQ: SEVENTH GRADE Sharon McQuaig Mike Meyer Paul Mohn Saxon Moore John Nettles Jeff Nixon James Pankovich Robin Pastor Patty Pierce La Dawn Pirtle Jay Ramey Kathy Rapp Kim Michaela Ann Meyers Brett O'KeIIy Patty Payton Beth Pogue Robert Raskin ff gf' s1'i 12' F 1" riiiti ii irrrirsisrlt R K ,tel - V Vk k 'W ertt P -,ffl if Sue Ann Monninger Jeff Nelson Kim Packel Mike Reedy Fritz Rheinfrank Roxie Roberts John Pielsticker Wendy Robertson Danny Rogers Ginger Roilings Debbie Pritchard Laura Rouse Wayne Rumley Susie Sanders Mark Reed F xii at I ' LAT . 'EAL A K it 2.12: ri 1 Q N s s ft l e Ni xv- V - X . f Q-y Allison Taylor Jon Wyatt Claire Wiman Lori Tesh Robert Worrell Julia Wilson .. v J X' L - .Q-' W' Q : l F sss ' 'iw' Dana Smith ,gy by T W S' f ZI K ll M Z Grady Smith to , its Cynthia staab m ii war i f Y" Eric Stageman it H Lawes Stanton xiii I John Suess Dana Sumner Paul Swafford Bobby Tillman Todd Varnell John Worcester Kara Wood Grant Wilburn Ronnie Widener it Q xfszsswseki -g.e-ftim.t- X -t L f 2 '- ., S, Es ik John Stoltz Shelly Stone Eric Stone Jay Storey Lynn Waller Claudine Wood Anna White ,. A ll 1 I, i is S Lisa Waugh Andrea Wood Brian Whitlock k it-.5 :fast-sf' " E :ESQ Q if Shannon Sawyer Paula Schnabel Steven Scott Kelly Sharp 5 Tim snaw Doreen Simon Libby Wells Robert Womack Lisa Whitson get Q P' f it A Q ,N 1. 1' - f ,ss 4' M A K Nm' QQ 3 Y .5 t f SL . Q -V Ng i is .X QQ 0 -0 L .::,,. A' """ J Q14 L f " " - :off '1 ' by . S Q is x, ff 6 .r Ih'...,vf'f N50 it K , x x 9 , ' Y gf! aff. 5 19 P' I 'ig .-gy, tx +L M. xi' as fiimw MW iff ' 5, ff f A, ,". ,f- .,,. ,wf 2 ::,ff f s 2' fw va f fe ' may ,,.,, G 'g H., ,Q ' ,A,, ,, , gang .. A V"' my , Vanin 1.5 4 wwf QM, 493Hl14!' iv W43. 'M-mf : , . , , mf,y :I '54 1 , ,T L M4 CRGANI ZATION 41 KX TOP ROW: Kari Mallory, Geri Bond, Sarah Frazee, Irene Monnet, Kim Morrison, Stacie Bradshaw, Alyson Meyer, Carolyn Clark, Aileen Dunn. ROW TWO: Kristin Jones, Karen Jones, Ann Allison, Steve Terrell, Lori Waugh, Kelly Rice, Cindy Weedin, Richard Hoyer. ROW THREE: Lisa Vandever, Brenda Wilson, Jill Lenhart, Beth Pogue, Meg Glenn, Lesli Wilbanks, Marci Surrett, Karl Means. ROW FOUR: Mr. Aldrich, Brenda Latch, Liz Mclntosh, Grant Collingsworth, Teresa Lopez, Melinda Bennet, Sandra Hockart, Paul Mohn, Laura Moore. NOT PICTURED: Kendal Holmes. STUDENT COUNCIL Each Homeroom elects a representative to make up the Student Council organization. They promote school spirit, build better faculty-student relationship, work for the betterment of the school and practice democratic procedures. A most successful newspaper drive this year got them off to a great start. Ruvi, FADCPR OFFICERS: Karl Means, president, Ellen Horkey, president Student Council 76-77, Lori McCune, president Red Cross 76-77 Laura Hancock president. "1 5 V wi Law Sv wi ahh if r Q? x-'P Q3 QW Qi' f A ll ' .- RED CROSS The Red Cross is a community service organization at Nimitz. Each homeroom elects a delegate to represent them in this organization. This year has been an active one with the enrollment drive, Christmas stockings, and dances. The canned food drive is still to come with the election of Miss Cantastic. Officers: Susan Ware, Treasurer: Kate Nilson, Parliamentariang Salli lmel, Vice-President, Laura Hancock, President, Cheryl Scott, Secretary. Top Row: Stephan Stegman, Vince Corley, Stephanie Holbert, Pam Colfield, Bobby Tillman, Neal Castles, Devin Northcutt, Kim Currens, Mandy Sharp. Row Two: Ann Cooper, Sally lmel, Laura Hancock, Sky Stanton, Dawn Ftatliff, Christy Hobert, Allison Bishop, Sarah Page, Leslie Kress. Row Three: Mrs. Ftatliff, Becky Price, Libby Andress, Pam Paganis, Kathrine Gilbert, Stacey Altman, Jay Storey, Lisa Kress, Melanie lmel. Row Four: Hillary Michaels, Robin Pastor, Cheryl Scott, Kate Nilson, Bart Glass, Donna Todd, Robin Mays, Susan Ware, Matt Webster. 'X I Top Flow: Soncha Anderson, Pam Coefield, Kim Morrison, Jim Von Maren, Mike Root, Susan Flaxbart, Lisa Walker. Row 2 Cathy Hays, Pam Pang, Keith Morgan, Terri Crites, Sarah Frazee, Julie Burton, Scott Smith iphotographerl. Flow 3: Mrs. Warren, Brad Gibson, Sharon Farris, Kendal Holmes, Libby Andress, Bobby Mitchell, Jim McCoy fphotographerl. Mrs. Warren's second year, advanced 4 Q- r, Q I. art class is your Mast Staff. They are ffl- 5 . chosen for their ability and sincere interest -'X "' ' N in giving you the best book possible. The Staff hopes they have recorded the y memorable events of the 1977-78 year at , Nimitz. mil' 6 ,X A4 DS X., Junk Woody Stalmaker taking class pictures for the Mast. Top Row: John Heiman, David Kirk, Andy Lucas, Bill Struebing, Scott Coulson. Bottom Flow: Mr. VanDenhende, Steve Terrell Richard Huls, Hal Lewis, Taylor Graves, David Brodsky. Officers: David Brodsky tSecretarYl, Bill Struebing tPresidentl, David Kirk lTreasurerJ The K-Club is a service organization and the boys are selected for their leadership ability, scholarship and character. K CLUB , T X , 4 ,U UK f . 2 I l 1 lZ'A L MIGHTY NIIVIITZ ARTS PLAYERS Top Row: Harold Hoss, Andy Sanseverino, Eric Quandt, Stephanie Holbert, Kim Copenhaver, Rik Reppe, Mr. Shipman, Laura Daniels, Max Bennett, Karen Green, Susan Scott, Susan Ritchie, James Monroe. Row 2: Maricarolyn Brett, Frank Lynch, Cheryl Massay, John Joslin, Steve Terrell, Cindy Weedin, Mark Houghton, Lynne Shupert, Jeff Spencer, Sky Stanton. Row 3: Brian Heatwole, Patty Jones, Stacey Altman, Lee Herring, Susan Cozier, Paulo Rocha, Jennifer Allen, Becky Price, Robbie Yadon, Melinda Bennett. On the floor: Denie Donceel, Stuart Smith, Grant Collingsworth, Mike Lindemann, Sue Ann Monniger, Tommy O'Dell Zi xl 6 i, 1. "gal I 1 1 7 Ml 0: gg fx. I Oi 'ITCAQ4-hx O l Yo uCRaH GOOD HRW C X'NOJLYy 5, BROLLJ Q " XJ Iii D NRLC-TUB Ck A2325 gk? STAGECRAFT TOP ROW: Paul Rinkel, Max Bennett, Mark Adkison, Eric Ohlson, Rik Reppe, Frank Lynch. ROW 2: Mr. Shipman, Steve Terrell Ricky Roberts, Danny Murray, Mark Houghton. ROW 3: Stuart Smith, Stacey Altman, Iris Wright, Susan Scott. gh A fy .9 'U . We 'T.QrtLId78 -5' SCHOOL AIDES Terri Flussell, Joan Holmes, Allison Bishop, Denise Allmendinger, Veronica Stehouwer, Cathy Young, Sally lmel, Leslie Wilbanks, Lisa Vandiver, Marci Surrett, Flobin Bassett. OFFICE AIDES fx ."5 'nf' wir -Ill Karen Jones, Jim Alexander, Patty Bass, Julie Meador. TC4,1'q,'7f NOT PICTURED: Penni Bomar LIBRARY AIDES SHCP AIDES Ricky Roberts Don Tobey HGIVIE MAKING AIDE Pam Paganis S1 AUDIO VISUAL Sam Whitney, Jim McCoy, Cary Andrews, Jim Van Maren, Bill F 45 . 9 i 'ff ii 1 TT F 'f .if- N - W ..g,,t,,.K g . Paratrooper Barlow during Vietnam War. This happy, congenial teacher has won the students' praise for the second time. He and Mr. Wheaton tied as teachers of the year in 1973. After teaching at Foster for three years, he returned to Nimitz and a whole new student body recognized the qualities of a personal friend and an outstanding teacher. He has an impressive service career-commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army, he was awarded the wings of an Army aviator a year later. He was in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division for two years. With such an exciting background, he makes geography fascinating for the students. Besides flying, he has other interests-tennis, basketball, photography, and astronomy. And, of course, the main interest is his son. Mr. Barlow is a fine example for students-fair, honest, with an interest in students, a good character, and an outstanding teacher. When you hear him greet someone in the hall, "Hello, Doll", it might be a 50 year old teacher or a 12 year old student. We all love him. As such a popular social studies teacher no wonder he has the world in his hands. FAVORITE TEACHER OF THE YEAR 1 MR. DENNIS BARLOW few Mr. Barlow receiving his award as favorite teacher at the end of school in 1977 from the 1976-7 Student Council President, Ellen Horkey. Like father-Like son-Lance, age six. u I 1 1 -D P I I I G N ' M19 xi 'XM f xx 5 ff iff? I X I I X XXX X ACTIVITIES MIXED CHORUS Top Row: Curtis Pope, Pam East, Marianne lngraham, Lisa Ftemmert, Valerie Gouker, Barbara Messersmith, Kelly Sharp, Pam Glory. Row Two: Tim Shaw, Joey Burklacy, Beth Pogue, Kathy Young, Sheila Carr, Dayna Sumner, Whitney Frost. Row Three: Kimberly Michela, Debbie Brown, Melanie lmel, Lisa Price, Doug Caldwell, Wendy Robertson, Renee Gibbons, Mr. Stephenson Fourth Row: Wendy Wilk, Carla Holland, Brian Walker, Taressa DuPuis, Andrea Wood, James Pankovich, Teresa Cummings, Susan Sanders. A practice session with Mr. Stephenson f GRCHESTRA Dana Herdon, Libraian, Cindy Campbell, President, Laura Nash, Secretary IN FRONT: Sharon Kopsky, Head Librarian. STAGE BAND S -fl . TOP ROW: Ronnie Widnel, Leigh Dawson, Laura Nash, Lisa Waugh. ROW TWO: Joann Cook, Richard Hoyer, Cindy Cambell, Dana Hendon, Sharon Kopsky, ROW THREE: Matt Ciffs, Mike Haley, Sarah Jones. NOT PICTURED: Mike Fisher, John Phillips, Bart McKenzie. TOP ROW: Karl Kemper, Jeff Cooper, Chris Winton, Phil Bates Bob Reinkemeyer, President. ROW TWO: Jeff Blumenthal, Eric Castles, Nita Fuller, Secretary, Richard Hoyer, FRONT ROW: Mr Branson, Daryl Boyd, Jeff Broccard, Bridget Dorndorfer, Jamie Taylor, Warren Fields, Vice-President. ADIVIIRALS BAND TOP ROW: Richard Corley, Jeff Blumenthal, Jeff Wilson, Jeff Barnes, King Medlin, Eric Castles, Patrick Pfeifer ROW TWO: Ben Cohen, Tim Broccard, Karl Kemper, Jeff Cooper, Chris Winton, Phil Bates, Craig Geatches, Renee Mays Bob Reinkemeyer. ROW THREE: Laurie Hightower, Donna Alexander, Warren Fields, Pam Freeland, Nita Fuller, Richard Hoyer Jennifer Wampler, Jamie Taylor, Mandy Sharp, Melissa Craig X gi' N.,,, Daryl Boyd, Jeff Broccard. FRONT ROW: Mr. Branson, Sherrie Larson, Robyn Failing, Monica Evans, Bridget Dorndorf KW . I. ,I 'fl ' , .I I 0 v t U 1A x 1 ,O Q ' 1 1 I I i ' 4 TOP ROW: Mandy Sharp, secretary, Eric Liggitt, president, Pam Freeland, librarian, FRONT ROW: Jennifer Wampler, head-librarian, Warren Fields, Vice-President, Phil Bates, librarian. IL-s. J -f.c.n.,J7x CAPTAIN'S BAND TOP ROW: David McCorn, John Nettles. ROW TWO: Lee Harris, Grady Smith, Sam Cooper. ROW 3: Mike Fisher Paul Robien, Danny Lucero, Pat Ames, John Chrisman, Ronnie Widener, Russel Armstrong, Jay Ramey, Russ Kemmerly ROW 4 Mike Myer, Mark Lewandowski, Pam Broccard, Paula Belew, Jeff Evans, Matt Cobbs. FRONT ROW: Mr Branson Julia ' Wilson Ann Cooper Ginger Rollins Karen Bussman ""s-Q, STANDING: John Chrisman, Librarian, Julia Wilson, Head Librarian, Ann Cooper, Secretary, Mark Lewandowski, Vice-President, Grady Smith, Librarian, SEATED: Ross Kemmerly, President W al' s iii -J' """u-'-15, ,EYVW ,. S Z ,...,,. ,,,....,,,,. A ,,,..,N M L, .- NM A 5 mm 'Mg 'I In f- t .,., A tt'k' ..,..l wb M q - 1 -' ..-: f ,,:: K 1 S ' ' " '11" . ' - '-,., , .Q . , .ff . k ,.. f ..,. . R, ,,... , ,, wwf----WL My 1-L f A Jlf - ' ' ' i"h , - .sfffn 3" L 1421. 544, P xgfhwiwi 5g.JQ5r - sf: .1:f1.f,-- me x xmffw, ., .2 ,zu A f . ,. ,,,. .. .. ..... .,....,,.. .. - . - -'.' A--. I - - K: , K KP ' - f at N Sy' v ' -K - ' .Q 'L XK" A ,,,g A , H 'N Q." ' 2 1 Q . Q .- -LL ' , . .b R53 .-'- , f ,EE g- VAVA, ,Q A 5, WW, .,,X,,, -- Q Ak Vkkh .. .V . YN ,.,,., ,,.,,,. , .. H fzrz. "' f i - FSM - if S , - ' '1 . , 2 ,Q as ... K K K 9. . "" ill U 3 3 A j F A A -' ig W 'Q m 5 1 A - g .xg N.. sr ' Q- A 1' we ----'-, ' - g - . lf,-ip' "k' .,,. M V ..AA N RA , , .,.. . ..X. is E5 if .-., SPCJRTS -'T-, f--f 5 1 w 7th GRADE PEP CLUB TOP ROW: Laura Rouse, Julia Wilson, Whitney Frost, Nikki Bomar, Kelly King, Dana Longarcher, Libby Wells, Tiffany Berger, Mary Kirk, LaDawn Pirtle, Kathy Rapp. ROW 2: Melanie lmel, Kari Mallory, Lisa Whitson, Lori Tesh, Deeann Mattern, Paula Schnabel, Kathryn Gilbert, Shelly Stone, Lisa Waugh, Andrea Wood. ROW 3: Robin Pastor, Kara Wood, Kristy Cook, Jeannette Burton, Susan Gable, Claudine Wood, Roxie Roberts, Patty Payton, Liz Mclntosh, Karen Bussman. ROW 4: Kim Packel, Liz Kubat, Summer David, Brenda Latch, Cynthia Staab, Sharon McQuaig. , 'si eff M " 1' ,A 50-hoJ'1 3n.ouS,o.Q Sth GRADE PEP CLUB r,-Q 4 if if94ffF.'+ 5 I J ' ' 41 rt ll T' . J ' X H IVIVTT ' J 5 4 .din 3 iffl TOP ROW: Mandy Sharp, Meg Shannon, Pam Freeland, Laurie Hightower, Devin Northcutt Guylene Timmons Ste hanie H lb ' , p o urt, Maricarolyn Brett, Jamul Shoemaker, Melissa Craig. 2nd ROW: Sally lmel, Veronica Stehouwer, Kristin Jones, Susan Cozier, Kim Carrens, Allison Bishop, Sarah Page, Jan McPike, Teresa Miller, Cheryl Williams. 3rd ROW: Sherry Nowlin, Lislie Wilbanks Marci Surrett, Valerie Radermacher, Donna Alexander, Sheila Carr, Meg Glenn, Mary Terry, Jeanine Morris, Jenner Wampler. 4th ROW: Susan Ware, Julie Smith, Denie Donceel, Angie Reynolds, Michelle White, Hillary Michaels. Sl Q ff, rr it 9th GRADE PEP CLUB iii ,LZ . M .. , kf"X in ,f- 'JMQM r. -gm TOP ROW: Carolyn Clark, Cindy Weedin, Marilyn Morton, Stacy Bradshaw, Sarah Frazee. ROW 2: Pennie Bomar, Vanessa Murphy, Lori Waugh, Alyson Meyer, Mary 3: Robin Barrett, Kate Nilson, Kathy Young, Dawn Ratliff, West, Aileen Dunn. ROW MaryLynn Staab, Stephanie Singletarry, Susie Gotcher. f f ' M 'S O - ,:: T Q '--. ' 1 f z ' ' l :ll C ,, ,. . .,,. 1 r r' il' if'i 135 I' M , , ,, : ,, C liii' SS seiflrl ':' , 'kkkh zfg A, . T, 92:51-. 3: 15. . :ami Am N 5"-, A S51 -x O 1 ::,'Q,:-,w :fi ',.: l P l 'C 'O il' 2 W i my -W-- of-: r A '--- we - ,,- gs: 1 If . . C S , -xx 'Q AX Ei 1 gf ii! Y . - x xx I 4. 1 3' ,fw W M 1 X v yAzV7K - ' A' A 5 , 2 5 ' V 7 aw v 1. ' "A'A A A . -A J is 'W-,' ui 'E , . - J If w , ,vii 5 LJ 'f kd + -ld A anatomy! Top Flow: Laura Hancock, 2nd row: Julie Meador, Lisa Fail, Lisa Kress, Christy Holbert, Leslie Kress 3rd row: Teresa Lopez, Cheryl Scott, Libby Andress. 4th row: Sally Johnson " " SQUAD CHEERLEADERS sawn-f 4 ...K TOP ROW: Michelle White. 2nd row: Joan Holmes, Susan Ware, Lesli Wilbanks, Sally lmel, Sarah Page, Julie Smith, Katy Kirkland. 3rd row: Lisa Vandiver, Meg Glenn. ,? js -.. Top Flow: Patty Pierce, Brenda Latch. 2nd row: Mary Kay Kirk, Kathryn Gilbert, Robin Pastor, Laura Rouse, Kara Wood. 3rd row: Lisa Waugh, Kana Wood. 4th row: Cynthia Staab. sf Top Row: Kate Nilson. 2nd row: Lori Waugh. 3rd row: MaryLynn Staab, Carolyn Clark, Sarah if Frazee, Dawn Flatliff, Mary West. 4th row: Susi Gotcher. Top Row: Marci Surrett. 2nd row: Hillary Michaels. 3rd row: Devin Northcutt, Stephanie Holbert, Mary Carolyn Brett. 4th row: Melissa Craig, Teresa Miller, Thea Boggs. 5th row: Kristen Jones, Jeanine Morris. .l Wyman ,I SQUAD CHEERLEADERS .5 AMA i 2 l E . g I L Top Row: Kristi Cook, Patty Payton. 2nd row: LaDawn Pirtle, Libby Wells, Tiffany Burger, Julie Wilson. 3rd row: Dana Longacre. 4th row: Melanie lmel, Lisa Whitson. QQ". f K gf' yfr, , X ' 'Y , ,iz X f I m ,fn fr' www HOIVIECO .Ng Wg x Q fi ,,':,.,,l., Nb ' W, M wr 4 1 Q SMuh VARSITY FOOTBALL TOP ROW: Coach Holland, Mark Adkison, Greg Sharp, Bob Reinkemeyer, Doug Maritan, Cary Andrews, Cary Eskridge, Jeff Lopez, Bill DuPont, Bill Struebing, Radley Sumner, Coach Murrey. ROW TWO: Eric Black, Seth Howell, Tim Walker, Mitch Surrett, Brad Johnson, Eric Ohlson, Jerry White, Eric Johnson, Haskell Bass, Robbie Duncan, Coach Keverin. ROW THREE: Mark Harrison, Joe Craig, Jerry Conway, Landy Jones, Jim Tilman, Don Tobey, Monte Goen, John Heiman, Keith Morgan, Collin Marouk, Coach Reikemeyer. ROW FOUR: Gary Goen, Ralph Works, Todd Gatewood, Richard Hulls, Vince Corley, Mike Martin, Shawn Harris, Lee Wheeler, Bart Glass. hh . 4 , ,, JUNIGR VARSITY TOP ROW: Coach Hammond, Chris Hale, Brian lnbody, Lee Dawson, Nick Rouse, Patrick Pfiefer, Bart McKenzie, Kirk Davis, King Medlin, Steve Campbell, Stan Kessler. ROW TWO: Lee Herring, Brian Heatwole, Mark Gawey, Carl Hansen, Ben Cohen Trey Batchelor, Opie Bandy, Casey Cline, John Joslin, Craig Geatches, Eric Keener. ROW THREE: Jeff Heather, Davy Short, Tommy Creed, Jeff Wilson, Randy Duncan, Mike Diggs, Terrance Cherry, Daryl Boyd, John Tracy, Tommy O'Dell. 0 J bmdmomlw xv C QE' 1 ' A Aww WRESTLING Top Row: Robert McQuirk, Lamont McCann, Jim Lucas, Hans Bussman, Brian Wells, Randy McCann, Coach Bill Joslin. Front Row: Tim McNulty, Bart Glass, John Joslin, Steve Terrell, Mark Houghton, Joe Craig. Flow 3: Mark Reed, Jay Thorne Stewart Smith, Dewayn Culbert. A N Agni? X 117.425 f f ' -,wdfrw ' ' kf?f'VefQQ, . 'f 1'l""' 57 , . T I , 47 ' Il PAOFJAN A, BASKETBALL GRADE BLUE 'lllllly T p Row: Coach Russell, Mark Adkinson, Eric Quant, Bob L St ll D g M t Bll DP tC hH t I Bttom R S t R bby D BHS g f NWT'-' GRADE -1 -an ,L L .Eia,f'v' 2 L LA r E ,ALE L' EAD lm h XX l l W kj g k Xl ii 1 N A WI xiH1rzS W" t AALL W D ' sw M . U , , f L l L C' -if 2L A L L L" L Q L - at Z lu i x lrlaiil mr fwurz glllflf l R xxx A ..,. , sh! 32 3416 xgurl 5 - .. L L ,M Q A l L7L L M M L - D 'k""" i l fDLW I ,. 4 V N , 1 LL LLLAL L Q . 1. :fi B LE! L L . ' L L LLL' L L T p R w: Coach Coulson, Mike Doudican, Andy Lucus, Brian Koepk B b Reinkemeyer, Bill St b g Bottom Row: Mike Martan, Brad Creek, Mit h S tt R R pp K k Wel h H lL ' . i 'Oi "ECalhA.x7! 75 EIGHTH GRADE , BLUE ' TEAM Top row: Coach DuPont, Nick Rouse, Pat Pfeifer, Bart McKenzie, Brian lnbody, Steve 1 Campbell, Coach Reeder. Front i row: Darren Johnson, Randall Duncan, Brian Heatwole, Bill Fisher, Pete Nolan, Terrence Cherry, Robert Winslow. BASKETBALL Top row: Coach Gifford, Chris Winton, Jeff Cooper, John Leadmen, Richard Leadmen. Front row: Mik Diggs, Frank Main, Donald Robertson, Jeff Wilson, Joe Braverman J, We-W f-ffm-X i 6 '14, 4 .4-'N N lllq si E Girl' Eigwm P'-355 zum: x 'wil Top row: Coach Atkinson, John Wyatt, Bobby Tillman, Jack Cress, Bruce Ballard, Front row: Mike L deman, Robert Woolman, Bill Daniels, B 'an Goforth, Tom Stanton SEVENTH BASKETBALL G' SEVENTH GRADE GOLD TEAM Top row: Coach McClain, Ralph Macon, Russell Armstrong, Neil Castles, David McCorn, Eddie Da s Fro t o B ya Wh tlock Da y Luceo Kelly Ha gto B an Bea den Floss Ke e ly Joh Ch st a l+ GBADE BLUE TEAM 1 1 v i w rn VM Mprvq A y zz I4 , Gigi ll X X bfllm w,,,,,l,M,l , 'W 'iwmlwllx .wi x ' I 1 M " ' I it ,XNA li QXXXQNL it-MWWWWN X, , , , 3 , W an' A , will L Xl W rl ll l l E mx K li m if , l 'figiuw " N L W W . ' MM N l- ' , W , ,,, rl A ', N -ill..i ,. , 'il' X, . N ,M l " " t i L L. 1 -'ll n'w::w 1 ' if it "" . Wt ' we ,L H ' , , l i mi! -.M - 1, , g F ' -. ll., , , , l i It SW! , .Y -- ' - 1, iv si, , 5 Q X vim!! H do l W it Y jg E gilt- rl m i il l 'PU iw, v , , , H ,G N ' f. 4 X ' ' ' Ai' - - , mlm ' H ,. w e .N V , ,L .M ' L it li ' - l , 1 f 5 -N , E ' it l tr, ' gy I, w i, W-M N . "" 'W' ' " ' M if Y ifl, i ,,r,,,'5i4 ' - ,-u ,l " " ', N' it il it 'N 3 .55 fx A AJ We f E, 3 l , , , 0 3 1 Wh, l +5 , ,H L W , , Y W W 5 s Y W in , it . 1. an NN ' ,,,,, - , M if ,f ' ' , "i 1 ' 1' 1 we-M it xl A Z? l! ,,,, , XIX, M, My 11 -i5., 2,, ' I 44 3 1, 'N Y 'il "" 1 , lil ' W i sw 'gi ll Jlll N, LQ. , L J W Y W l lib an in 1 5 9 ' t fl if , .,,, W- . .,,, ,, M I L ti K: Bk H E lias, Y Wil, wx -i H N F x l xxxx v it , N W , I it we v ,J 'Q sv ' . , Y ' ,J V ,W mi V ,, W X TOP ROW: Sarah Frazee, Susan Scott, Leslie Kress, Kristie Dalton, Mary Lynn and Cynthia Staab. ROW 2: Kendal Holmes, Leigh Ann Bowden, Debbie Brown, Carolyn Meador. ROW 3: Doug Maritan, Michelle Coefield, Mark Harrison, Stacy Altman, Meg Glenn, Sally Imel, Jill Lenhart. ROW 4: Bart Glass Carolyn Clark, Doug Maritan, Pam Coefield, Kim Carrens, Robbie Dumcon. ROW 5: Dawn Ratliff, Leslie and Lisa Kress, Stephanie Holbert, Lesli Wilbanks, group: Allison Bishop, Libby Andress, Stacy Stone, Aileen Dunn, and Lisa Remmert 'Y 2 3 k' . N . .3-we ' ,S xv 'I Y u r .W W. L' A I , I , Ra' 1 t J 'T Q -.Vh Q f 4 , - 'wr M... wr aff I., j .vfg ,. yr 4, , ,, T' .'f'1',1-,"'gir,.Q1: ,-.Jilu-N 4 : 'QS . if T i ts b 3 Q N- E iiilgl, fn T N ' f tr I, 1 xx N0 . -f, , A ,.......aaw i A g in fi . ' - I We :Vi V X s. ,... . Li ,i r -V K V ' . . X Q is " :,xQU:,..1 A . A if , T Q, . T T .S Q., .3 ff .k 'Is a -S If 3 was 5Q'F"""" 5 TOP ROW: Stuart Smith, Shelly Wilson, Julie Burton, Kathy Young ROW 2: Julie Meador, Sky Stanton, Kristi Cook, Penny Bomar, Brenda Taylor ROW 3 Gerri Bond, Kevin Grace, Laura Daniels, Nikki Bomar, Kathryn Gilbert ROW 4: Cindy Campbell, Guylene Timmons ROW 5: Lisa Fail, Alyson Meyer, Tommy Creed, Matt Gawey, Angela Reynolds, Julie Smith, Joan Holmes .fygf ff ll S' 'D 1 . es 1 1 AAA All I' 'Qh,,"?idl:'.2g fr Bal C Q WJ' x l I , 2 A :gf Mx., in X W l Wllylglmgp E ww., iz 4 f 5 x ,Z , C Q h J M an 4 1, , ll ES -is g,pulW'llr ,E ,- Mil! f .... 'S--.. lx, xxxx xl' 'F X ,-.' il afzlzia ,"! , is Q My Silk N I, z ,if P' lx 523 , ROW 1: Stuart Smith, Robin Mays, Julie Meador, Terri Sue Crites, Karl Means, Tommy Creed ROW 2: Melissa Lawrance, Kevin Grace, Tommy Creed, Brian lnbody ROW 3: Mary Lynn Staab, Dawn Ratliff, Christy Holbert, Kirk Welch, Tommy Creed, Julie Burton ROW 4: Vince Corley, Bobby Faith ROW 5 Jill Leghart, Alyson Meyer, Joan Holmes, lNikki and Pennie Bomarl ROW 6: Allison Bishop, Susan Ritchie, Kristie Dalton, Jim Van Maren, Becky Bruch, erri rites i v - J f i l ,tl ' 'W 'W f K W, .aaa- , ,, ? ,t , V f ' J to w it h ,Wit 'S f I it 'Nl 5 V i X If ' M, -, V W W N, '- ' W Ji -. l Tr im W" ,M -1- t " " - - ' ' i W ,.....,M Vwmtlllit : N" ,gli l 11 W, " 4 K' Q ' 'V it Ufmfb , ml rw . , ,V Y t .. t it -4 w X V ji' , Z? 2 . lil' 'S-,-f X , if-my ff' W' 1 hx at it ,X 4" . it l W wi ,R 'ri l :mmm gig I ", V, M sir- :ab 1 V N ,S 6 ,F U W Y W I5 W , ROW 1: Monte Goen, Jill Lenhart, Maricarolyn Brett, group: Jennifer Allen, Stephanie and Christy Holbert ROW 2: Alyson Meyer, Terri Crites, Cheryl Scott ROW 3: Glenna Keoppel, Karl Means, Sally lmel, group: Stuart and Julie Smith, Marilyn Morton ROW 4: Kara Wood, Lisa Fail, Mary Kay and David Kirk, Christy Holbert, ROW 5: Robin Mays, Marci Surrett, Maricarolyn Brett, Sarah Page, Dawn Ratliff TESTING SCIENCE BALLOONS -.1 N1 I , 11,,.1- fri!! X gg 2 KKAKV LL J' . Ra V ' vw S , Q K A Y ' len' ,Q 155 it K ,. ,, ,,,,, 4,, H H fig, A: if 4xkkVk,L' 5' ' ' W 1 J W ' ,,L iff' f 4. I A 'Q W m.,,.. . ,.,, ps 1 -- , I . :List if Q L ,ea ' . ... x --wi va.. - 2. 5 A fi: A' 'Nw W5 X Af' lggmmmnu 5 . . W..kk X - s-Q -1. X. 1 . ,JEEQPE i 5' .. W9 ' -:. f ,yr QZEX ,X-'XXVN , Dveoffl X O nl f 4 1 : - 1 gi I x "gr . , -v 1.4 My I G L' PP-G55 DESIUSED Br: Q59-44Afz41504-C7-jZ,d0A35'?f 'Pafw... l Cv 9 SS wh V E WVY O QQ R f ,A J! :N 'L m I Y x if I 2 ' avi' J-AN mfs an 'Nw lm! .E '15 in ki' its ' LL,,LLxL QL1 L, -YLL ' E , f x! 0 ,J 0 . g yi. Q x N M . ,, OF! 5 s 3 f 1 S5 5 P kg ,gf Q ' f-34 , '5- Q1 'Q 1 fn X I m 3 , WI Z7 ff 9' 3 ' 45 in H5335 Fila if 3 3 Q in .X C-.Q in WEEE U 'W M 5 ATUOGRAPHS a 'EK W' -Af' H T5 oo o C 0 0 O Q0 Saad-QL? I 'XJ ' f' x 5 .fig Q iff ,,," ' wiE:'f' 3 - 1- 4, , if - 'wmv 'X 'A f '14 X I ,A Q,

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