Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1977

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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 98 of the 1977 volume:

'H '13'-Q . r , L A , , 5 , f Ji, ',, ,. 4,-.P . , -.... -L , ,111 H+-' Va... W, V ' - . A Auf'-, .w,1 ,N ,ml A- , ,N , . FQ-, '1' "N ' ,1 V , --uf-'rf-u" , .J 11 A , gf, --"-1L ff". - 11 ,un-: ,, . ,' M- -., ,,,,, ,Ag , . . 1 Maw- f..,, .H I A N ' .,.f -3: V '-.-.,,,:....-.-.i. -' 4 V 'wr 1. -1 , ' , "L, Y ' ' viwg7.1gGgjL..,.JJJ1W1-k31'.g1.'QQNH, 7 . 1 ff' :Q W,,,,,...w:4:,y , ,, ,,,,..g,.111.1f11 --1-.1 11 ' , ,, ,, 1 .1 ,. A 1wW.Mm1...1 kgmi H , 1 A 1 A, Y " 1- ,ww , ..,w.w5 1 "-'fw1-,rw-f'.'1., ,, -5.1117 511 f 1: 1-'iw' "" , ,.,,.1 .1.1 ' wh ',1.,51f, , wav , . 11. jf- -1111-WWWMW1-M.x4.f,,.1m, ,H 1-51 ir ,,E2f1,.f.' ' .gb ffauf- ,.21g1' W1 QT? 1. mMf'5'1fJ ' M , :""M.4.",,'f':gg'-1:1-15 w?aa,:mfW...1,"j. ,A A ,V r.1 11, ' Y , I ,W . JLx..'3j,,g,,--- 1-1-4',-.W '1 1.11.1 , 1 1-M 5 1. -1:11, 11,11L,,. , . f 1 , - ' ' ,iv ---- 1-w111111.1-W.,,L 1,10 A: W" ,-K V V 'SA MQW' ' -pam,-,.n 117 .4 . 'N' ' 1- f"'1111 ' 11 "5 ' 41 """' T W 11 1 ' "NflZ!i1rg,,?mz'M?1M11V 111'FTLiffM'?Tf"Tf" 'W W' 'f 2,-f 4 ,,.4f.'--lW..,1-1-47, 'gwv1u1,Y,.,1.11,,4m.:133, Y 1 -.1 R -' -3, , , -4 ""'1-- .,, 11 1 - .11 ,. .4 -1 -M H' L1Q..,.m ', ,. 11 amwn w ,,,,,..g+3pa....w ,, mg .... ' "f""1-,'f'1 L Lf :Hwy - 11111 1- -1: A, 1 ,511 A ' M-w"' -11.41 - HA 1" 1 M w Mill-K3-2,12 ., W' ' "' '.,.' 1 . -4.7-11' ,1 -...-1-A 1 -mn. ' "L it-u ' " ....-111 A, ,K Y ,-, -Y-11 .. , , J ,J , A'-A "- 1 ':f- ' ,111,,, . - 1.Mf-W M11-1 fm ,.,, ,. 1 1 1.- ' -f- H---104. 5- ,..... , ,,,,,, 1 K , I W ,T-,v'Qi-.,.,,r,.,v,.,Azgwgijw M, ,,,, WW, ,, u,1,,1. "f---p "1-L - ',,.q 11 MJ... 1.-1-17 +11 A ' K i X .i 1 -,M-111M1:, " 1 ., .,- '."""1'-k...,- ,uh,, V -' 'io . ,,.,m. Q . ff" ' ...- -. - A L M. mr M ,.,.. W, V, VJ., 4 , 1. uw. ff 1 1 fa1.Q'1,,.? ' y'3w1 I 134- 4 . , K , .NV f ,f 11 if 111.151 " y Q 1 n 0 X , , ' . ' 1'1" Mpc ,pr . ' 1 'Q U , 5 V . ,uw k lf Y ,r .v ' x,...,,, ,W -jr. , 1-V k 4 I va gl ,. ' A ' ,. .- , A, A ...auf - . ' 1 , ... 3 ,. ,. ww in 1. .. , ' '-,Q -vwliiih, H155 U- .J H.. --a'b " ' P A' bf is -.3-fi' v- , E R s A H i ! 5 5 f 5 I I 5 u 5 6 X v-.,.-1-.......-...-....w.f..-,.vwm- ..-..... ...-....,...,.. -.-K v.,-.Mnv.n.x.-.- .-.- .- ....... .......,....-.M-rv....,...vr.,,,.. ...N-......-..,..-.. .,.r.. 1 W,-V V .v Y--,U .. .,-. V ,- . U- .mv .v 1 L-, . , U. -.-A , . ,....., . ... H..-,-.-. vnr.--1.-, .1 1 -1... RJ., f - . 1 M 0 '45 'A V M ' rf .M i M 1 I N , . . -, U... .v Q., - t L af' fixggx V W-'--an if 1 f"Le--.:""'..., gn. - .... . ' -x --N . -1-. . -:vs f 'afvf - . ,.,, M . ,., .. vis" , AU-3-3'Y'7:5' - . ' -is n,.-p-. A ,Y f.- ...q..--... ' V ,A """'T-": .. , -M R -grub -,,, ' .2-"-rf ,,.,Q ' f"", 7. . .ff . ,L 4 -j ,. , . -,, ..,. ,Y . .-.. -,"u5u-J .-nr-.H-0 , r ' -XJ", Lib- - ,.i . ,, .-.-jf. , -Q - ,. in ' ' ' I WA. - - - - . ,, ,,- Q., , - pn-. ' Y ,- - 1 ..,, ,. -.... ,,. -N --'-in-,.f - ..-v-v- A ' q"',,... -.- - ' ' " A g -0. . . . N 1.-1 1 ,- .- - ' X ' 12' 5: - --qnn, . .. ' -- 'gf - 5 '.....-----. T' I K., ...:..--.- ., ,, ,, W., M M J - eq ' - ,.1..-- ! '.4- F., 1' , -' ,qt ' A ' M.,-Q 1 nib 1 Q-1" ',. - A '-1 .- ' 1, . ' - . 4 -if 'QL' ,- , .5-.P - - ,.'--'hx r . - - ... ,o-'J ' C - , Jr' ' ' n . ' ... Wx.-'.-7:1 " V ,1 Q. 1 no n' . -s. K .q"" f l . V 'xanga - ' If " . Q ',-' - . ' f-' of .f' ,.,.n-nv' -. -fi . . . -,,-. U-af',, t -PS' I' L .nf4.TJ:P5'-r,--- 4 r' ,'. N . I-I . ' L','f.J ' X, I 4 :I X, -,. H, ,, 5255? 'i NIMITZ JUNIOR HIGH TULSA, OKLAHOMA 1977 n 17' i ll! P-dufxn Kama GNTESNTS 'doo Y acuwg Y r eebmen Yfixgbxb Gmde Sew emb Gxade axixmaixoxx-5 ee Oxg., Psciwkix Spams Pxonogtapbs Yage designed '09, Sag Buoy an pf 1' ffl' 1 77 Page designed by Don Thurman Mr. Kendall at his desk ready for a days work. MR. WAYNE KENDALL PRINCIPAL Wayne Kendall, Nimitz's principal, guides the faculty and student body to even higher goals by his leadership. He posesses an innate understanding for running the school. The students look upon Mr. Kendall as a friend whose kindness and understanding supports their needs and desires. His calm disposition keeps Nimitz running quietly and efficiently. All respect him for this and his experience and knowledge. Giving the morning announcements, Mr. Kendall shows his school spirit by wearing a spirit ribbon. Mr. East, science teacher, Mr. Kendall and Mr. Howard of channel 2, watch, with students, the launching of an air balloon -a science project. Watching the students as they get their school picture taken. MR. JIM NORMAN VICE PRINCIPAL Supervising the school picture-taking is keeps students in order. He is kept at his desk among Mr. Norman's many duties. Here he part time to do a lot of paper work. Mr. Norman guides students and teaches by example, by his wise and capable understanding, by his even temperment, and by his smiling and friendly personality. In years to come, the students thoughts will return to Jim Norman to admire and to thank and to remember. MR- RUN MISS LOU PARKS WHEATON NINTH GRADE SEVENTH COUNSELOR AND EIGHTH GRADE COUNSELOR Mr. Wheaton helps the seventh and eighth grade students Miss Parks came to Nimitz this year from Horace Mann plan a wise schedule. As their counselor with his genial smile Junior High and has willingly and wisely helped students with and seemingly endless patience toward their problems, Mr. their problems. This quiet and capable counselor has already Wheaton makes Nimitz a happy place. become friends of the students and faculty. 5 OFFICE STAFF 'ga Mrs. Betty Marsh Mrs. Marilyn Spencer Mrs. Reba Tubb Registrar Science Teachers' Aide Mr. Kenda1l's Secretary CHOOL UR E Mrs. Wanda Holbert i I 1 1 6 Mrs. Holbert, checks blood pressure. Miss Parks, counselor, BELOW, serves .. , as nurse when Mrs. Holbert isn't in 'f the building. , TEACHER OF THE YEAR MRS. JANET RATLIFF A young energentic teacher, Mrs. Ratliff gives much extra and personal time to assist students in any project that interests them. As sponsor of the Red Cross for 2 years, she guides them in all of that organization's work and supervised the first all-school carnival, and numerous dances. N The students appreciate her as a highly H qualified and enthusiastic teacher as well as a friend that assists in their good times, too. Accepting the award in an an-School T A g s-an-1.4 assembly An avid tennis player, Janet is seen often on the Nimitz Courts Attending a football game and working with her Red Cross Janet and husband, Larry, at home with plants and Larry entertains Janet and daughter, Dawn, an eighth grader at Nimitz. Gmini sf 55 -.Ia Q iw- w ss LJ' ww 1'F3' " ' 125 11 '?ng,.,.,.,,,., ,.., A ' --'---u-L .Jr fy .3 +1 S1 :Em -T5-"' I3 FAC LTY ins- 1- - gr" ' , -Y,,.- tw, v - .1 V J-V Y "iw- " , fi' 'Q :V - - 5-' - fl ' ' ' -'Fa-"S'u1,.. k' Pa e desi ned b Ruth Price ,,, -..... "gh 1 x 3 3 Y P' - I -4 , --s """"' t - ,'1" If . ,writ-g Y - :I Y "N "W" ' -M M.. -5 - Y. -- - , .-v,.,-, f,-NPW '----,Y 1 f " ' ': V W 1- - W- ffgiiiiraf-G. WM-MM ' 'W - 'fc' .lfgl 'tg H , W V' Y-J--Q-' -1.-:b 3. f I ,, ff i 1 I vig, 'I' fffzav A--as-H 'RX K Vi N N-. mr mfs A Mr. Mike Aldrich Mr. Dennis Barlow Mr. Jan Bartlett Mrs. Pat Bradshaw Mr, Dick Branson Mr, Dewayne Brewer Soc. Studies - Science 8 Geography 7 Boys P. E. Special Education Inst, Music - Soc. Math 8 Studies FACULTY Mr. J. T. Carvell- Miss Pat Cutter Mr. Jerry East Mr. Johnie Gragg Mrs. Vi Greer Girls P. E. Science 9 Woods - Geography Science 7-8 Mrs. Lillian Harp MTS--Mary HOHGY Mrs. Juanita King Miss Cindy Leonard Homemaking EI'1gl1Sh 9 Math - Algebra 9 English 9 - French Mr. John Miller Mrs. Dale Mingo Mr. Del Patterson Miss Jackie Phelps J ilnlnie J eanne Pipkin Mrs. J Hnei Ratiiff Math 7 Typing Civics - Economics Math 7-8 Library English 3 ii Q X v Mrs. Florenda Roberts Miss Charlotte Rowe Mr. Charles Shipman Mrs. Iva Tatro Mrs. Jane Trotter Okla. History - Girls P. E. Speech - English 8 Vocal Music English 7 - Spanish Geography 7 GAF ' 511 , 'N S .-an if Mr. Cecil Tucker Mr. Roger VBnDenh6I1d6 Mrs. Henri Warren Mr. Theo Williams Miss Carol Zwinggi Ind. Arts - Geography 7 U. S. History - Art Boys P. E. English 7-8 Geography 0,", F57 Q fs:- fif ' ' P logtq V V fm, 'ff' El "rr ,N ' 9 , 213 'WI 4 x, 659 . f I A Q ' X f 'ffg l x . -. -9 1 '- ' ' of , A 'L-ff A .L--"N---.. N U ',,qQ!?"'i'4:x1f:h 6, "Q U' I 'fre' vi h rk't's. - 40 I I. r. 1, E H. I pagq' A Q 6, 'bk' I 1 .'g:q . kv fr - ' ' 1 -Q2 ' 1-' , ' 4.15 X N g ' - " r '34 sf KUQU' Aj' N X vt NX J 6 a ult . .V v O O f'ffiE77 if: 0 . F' Q ,. ,.f."gv3J V -, QQ ff, ba 1, - 'E ,aw Q38 f R fb mf' L C Pia, .-, 'N "H g ,-nu , 4,35- ,YQ ' f". ' MTX Y f K . R S3 -'Hr RCB Q a " O 1 AQ: yi -K CQ? L' OFFICEQ ROW I-Kendall, Norman, Weatong ROW II-Tubb, Parks, Marsh HISTORYQ VanDenhende, Roberts SCIFNCEg QTOP TO BOTTOMJ-East, Greer, Aldrich FINE ARTSg KTOP T0 BOTTOMJ-Warren Shipman Tatro Branson ,A , ZEEPA 5,-X xv A fn , X f' G IES N ffxev , ' tiff? S I 5 ,J ey' c, W 9 S o ' A 4735, A l ' 177-. 'lfiififlklm . ' -VV-'-1 Will. gl' Mx 'V' W" X ! I l".ln gi W 'xv ftgx 1 , Sd 'Q f '- 5 if 2-4 ,,, ..: ' .Swap --il N' xx: Siixlltiw , l has ngfliw I '-2-2' 4212316393 W.7D'Q'a: gg. I OQQQQEQ0' Lg flllml ,fx 40 ae, JQCJQ fx A - all I9 X 'gli X N X' A -1 X Fhujsuca I ZJMCOMUH ' ENGLISHQ ROW I-Holley, Trotterg ROW II-Ratliffg ROW III-Le MISCQ QTOP TO BOTTOMJ-Pipkin, Mingo, Bradshaw, Harp SOC. STU.g QTOP TO BOTTOMJ-Barlow, Patterson PHY. EDU.g ileft to rightl-Cutter, Rowe, Williams, Bartlett IND. ARTSQ Tucker, Gragg ew 4 f Siu! t e. S 'fain ' -.ftwj x. R3 W 'Q l' ' 1 K 1 ,I .K Q' J J-gk' 'Agfa U. If . x'j 1 57, 7 V s V -R741 4- fa-4 mf'- 59491 0 H" , Y' 9 ef' f Ml lr "fel msg' 474' X05 I Q41 5 MATHg ROW I-Miller, Brewerg ROW II-Phelpsg ROW III-King, Carvell 13 ' l CAFETERIA AND CU A , lCAfETERllQJ TODIANS N 4, 'f I. an ,liar t lea V 1, , Rv. .1 x .4 4 Fl ROW 1: Catherine Nastane, Eileen Booker, Sherrie Kinnear ROW 2: Jo ann Danils, Alma Loy, Betty Garrison, Theresa Justus, Erma Bailey, ROW 3: Mabel Idol, Dorothy Rinehart, Laretta Johnson, Francis Roberson, Judy Drennan, Mary Ponder. L5 , .Q . 1 y, . I 1 5 tj y ll Uv NX, X ' til? 'I '1 as "' o N Mrs. Mabel Idol N22 v . - Cafeteria Manager '75 X 'I Mabel Idol, head of the cafeteria, started the RIGHT ABOVE: Noel Ramsey, W.R. Williams BELOW: Russell Thomas Not Pictured: Don Arnett Nimitz Cafeteria when the school opened in 1961. She has done a wonderful job of organizing, serving good food and managing the whole operation. This year Nimitz loses her as she retires. She will be hard to replace and her laughter and talent to tell stories will be missed too. Enjoy yourself, Mabel! Bob Lowery, head of custodians and building engineer 1- -- , . V -av . e'x is ,- -gg! , fx " I :T i FRESHMEN xy? gf X fl X is xv,- ' 1 f , I ,"X1' 1 X34 5' f' 3' X jk 1 Xb J . l ff f .. 1 I -K 1 f X , I .gs lj 5 f X 1 4 f Nl ,X gk 'ix 5 gh tj , 5 iv Q I, - -f .I ! x nf Icy' 'K X , ,4 Ama f I 5 f"N1" ' A ,Q P d d b V k R h d Y 1 '71 Chris Agnew Susan Allmendinger Mary Alm Anna Andrew Rebecca Avery FRE HME Misty Baldridge Alan Bearden Debbie Barnett Frank Billings Andy Baughman Patty Blythe Mike Bean Brad Boaz ir. Ken Beard Kelly Bell Julie Bird Bo Boaz Julie Borden R-nl" Z- Jim. ' S Bud Bowden Mike Bulger Tim Campbell Janet Carmen Mike Bowen Benny Callicoat Carolyn Carothers Rob Cass Chuck Brashear Gena Campbell John Catterlin Chris Cherry Rhett Brooks Sharon Campbell Richard Cherry Darlene Chism Vince Bryan Alan Campbell Fernon Clark Jay Cobb . , X C ,. g..,.,2 FRE HME l Gary Coetield Scott Collins Lauri Cook David Cottrell Ronnie Coulson Elaine Craig Bill Craig Mark Crites Dusty Crowly lv Steve Curtis Joy Davis Kathy Daily Melissa Davis Ray Daily Debbie Dickman Steve Danielson Denise Dohner Cliff Donceel Neil Doston Denise Eberly Brad Edwards Chris Ekren Sarah Ellis Randy England Drew Epps Rise Farrel Carl Feghali Carol Feghali fl Q, wwwv' X All ' f is AX F F I N Marvin Fields Mark Filer Lisa Flake Tammy Flowers Robert Franklin K iii ,. ef Andy Franks Ken Freeman Rob Fretwell Lori Funston James Garland Brad Gawey Leslie Geiger Lisa Glenn Dala Gober Steve Goforth FRE HME 4 Gail Goldman Cecilia Graham Mike GUCTUSGY Kathi Green LQSH Gunn Charles Greenough Blll Hall Hope Hallock fa t i jg' .. 1 Linda Hanoch Robin Hanoch Mike Harker Terri Harrington Steve Hendon 1, wmv? U: A55 J In ?l - - X 1. 'lr 'i Rob Herrick Stuart Hill Teri Hill Ellen Horkey Tom Howard Laura Inbody Rhonda Jackson Rosemary Johnson Steve Johnson Kay Johnson A590 Qi .xwfw x Phil Jones Ada m Kem merly David Keylor Susan King Matt Kinney Debbie Kopsky Terri Kopsky Cheryl Kuelzer Scott Latch Mike Lavelle wr'-Nr FRE HME ff Stan Lawrence Tim Lawrence Barbara Layfield Jeff Lewis Michelle Liebman Jerry Lindeman Valerie Longacre Robert Little Sondra Lowrance Linda Logan Mindy Maguire Scott Logsdon Jennifer Mansell Robert Marouk Danny Marshall Cindy Martin Linda Maxwell Mike McCartney Y X M sf? Lianne McCune Greg Medlock Suzanne Metz Brittany Moore David Meyers K 1 Lori McCune David Messer Mark Milsten Nelson Moore Becky Nelson -t fe L f. ' 55' il 3 5 . 'f-... . ,, Janet Mclntosh Barbara Messersmith Tim Mitchell Tom Munroe Bob Nettles Don McKinney Steve Metz Becky Mohn Richard Musgrove Cole Nilson W W9 ,-vo" John Nowlin Richard Oltman Cary Pankovich David Peake Alan O'Donnel Jay O'Reilly Mary Paschal Kelly Pearce Sherry Olinger Edwina Ostapowich Andy Pastor Darby Peterson Keith Oliver Danny Page Jon Patton David Pfiefer Tina Piro Lisa Oliver it i it 1 1: x if ff f" Y! J T co L12 1. f, 1 'f Q? ,Lf Lora Pirtle David Plummer Lisa Poppenhouse Greg Price Ruth Price Susan Rackley Robin Randolph Julie Reinstein Brett Reynolds Shellie Reynolds Kari Root Jay Runyon John Sauls Patricia Schafer Ric Schelb 1 I I 'Q 3 3 X X at .- i - i Nd :- iii 1-If kr, .ks . Jimmy Sellers Carolyn Shannon Jimmy Shaw DeAnn Shelton V Vic Sherrell Craig Slack Hopper Smith Janice Smith Rhonda Sparks Jack Spencer Rob Stander Sarah Stewart Steve Stone Russ Stover Nina Story Mark Stranick Jimmy Sturdivant Mark Swafford T ff Cheryl Swim 1 Kimberly Temple Jim Terhune Scott Terry Sherry Thomason Shelly Thompson Don Thurman Randy Tieman Julie Timmons Frank Tutt Bill Tyler 26A i? if Y, 26B X 'V Y B ,. John Underwager John Van Maren Bob Vore Kelly Walker Melinda Walters Sally Ware Jeff Webster Betty Weeks Boyd Whitlock Lance Wilburn Chris Williams Brenda Wilson Garth Wilson Lisa Wilson Vicki Winan Robert Winland James Winslow Britt Womack Johanna Woodard Emil Worral Roger Worrell Jan Wyatt Cathy York Beth Young Anne Zalokar Megan Zusne 'K EIGHTH GRADE -7' QYK' 1'-Y.,--. Mark Adkinson ' Q, 9 , Y W ' vY,,,, v I " -A . M935 Jennifer Allen Carol April 'A ' f 32251 Sf?iz'::.:.fl f WM. f . H r Soncha Anderson S L t f , AQ 4' , ,lim M. -4' .4 W . an Libby Andress Patty Bass Cary Andrews Ann Allison Stacy Altman Mike Aptak Robin Barrett Sheryl Beaty Eric Beckstrom Haskell Bass Max Bennett EIGHTH GR DE f . Yr. to - Z- K ..,, 2 , .Q t Fil, S f I gQQ : R if 4 rl-1 x 5 - Stacie Bradshaw Penny Bomar Eric Black Tammy Black Damon Boggs Leigh Ann Bowden Hans Bussman David Brodsky Gerri Bond Mark Bostick Mitzi Botkin Julie Burton Matt Brooks Debbie Brown Becky Bruch 4 , il 'k"f Y' A all xi Kr? 1, Don Crowley Robert Daily Kristie Dalton T Joe Craig Tonya Cress Teri Crites Caroline Croskery Don Conner Joanne Cook Lisa Cordell Scott Coulson Julia Courtright Ann Carter Eric Castles Carolyn Clark Pam Coefield Cathy Collins Steve Combs Lora Daniels Lavanna Davis Laurie Dean John Doak AL Mike Doudican Robbie Duncan Aileen Dunn Bill Dupont Danny Dysart Nancy Eames Gwen Edwards Mike Esche Cary Eskridge Anne Fadler Lisa Fail Rfibyn Failing Sarah Frazee Bobby Frampton Bobby Faith ' Monte Goen Angela Garland 'iq fi.. L Sharon Farris Warren Fields Susan Flaxbart Todd Gatewood Brad Gibson Bart Glass Brent Gordon Susie Gotcher Taylor Graves GRADE , all Y V' 4, fn Nw l D 59: - . , K ' Laura Hancock Lisa Ann Kevin Grandpre David Gray Karen Green Denel Gronquist Kathy Hays Greenwood Tracy Greever Mark Gregoli Julie Grimm Megan Hawkins Shawn Harris Mark Harrison Dianna Hartigg Jim Hartshorn 5:3 3 .. as x Qf ,gs X F Si ,x .... rs W Brad Johnson Eric Johnson Sally Johnson Richard Huls Scott Houston Marianne Ingram David Ives Kendal Holmes Nina Horn Harold Hoss Mark Houghton Seth Howell John Heiman Jack Henery Kay Herrick Christy I-lolbert Debbie Holliman Jana Hollingworth Landy Jones Scott Jones Victor Jones Michael Joslin Karen Kemper Karl Kemper Betsy Kendall were i fri C. D. Kirk David Kirk it wt. X I 2 Qj sf' Kyle Kirk Leslie Knight Bryan Koepke Mike Kohl Leslie Kress Lisa Kress Sandi Lake Bruce Little 41- Jerry Langston Eric Liggitt Kerry Lowary Frank Lynch Ze? 'M' Steve Hal Lewis Jim Lucius Lewandowski Andy Lucus Joe Martin Kevin Lowary Collin Marouk EiEliiTH GRADE Jerry McNulty Randy McCann Cheryl Massay Robin Mays Nyla McBride Loretta McKelvey Ann Meyer Robert McQuirk Jim McCoy Bobbie McDonald Mike McGee Alyson Meyers Julie Meador Karl Means Phillip Mefford Wes Nelson Mike Nichols Kate Nilson Eric Ohlson Kevin Murphy Vanessa Murphy Danny Murray Jay Myers Morris Nash Bob Mitchell Laura Moore Keith Morgan Kim Morrison Marilyn Morton Marty Munroe HoMlR Rl-51 Chris O'Kelley Brent Ohlsson Pam Paganis Pam Pang Greg Payton Shane Peck Tracy Phillips G Bobby Pielsticker Dana Pierce Scott Posey Gwen Potter Mark Pritchert 'X 1 isa- Kristi Puckett Eric Quandt Paige Rackley Debbie Ramsey Dawn Ratliff Scott Reeder I If K, 'fb -,JXZA V V A hi: Qs Bobby Reinkemeyer Lisa Remmert Roger Roof 7' '. by A Zia V - mg Ricky Roberts Andy Sanseverino Eric Rheinfrank Kelly Rice Susan Ritchie Mike Root Robert Row Terri Russell Bill Savage Gary Schmidt Cheryl Scott EIGHTH GRADE Tina Rogers Stuart Smith Chuck Shaw Susan Scott Allen Shannon Greg Sharp Scott Smith Brad Stevens Kristin Spearing Lynne Shupert Stephanie Jim Smith Stephanie Stegrnan Jeff Spencer Singleterry Margaret Stanton Mary Lynn Stabb +. ,. . Y Qing, 1 'ie kg ef' i vt se.. ,aw if-e Jimmy Tillman David Tipton Don Tobey Donna Todd Eric Unterweger Jim Van Maren Lisa Walker Lori Waugh fm Bobby Talley Brenda Taylor Sherri Taylor Cathy Terri Steve Terrell Stacy Stone Anna Storey Bob Stovall Bill Struehing Mitch Surrett Tommy Surber Cindy Weedin Kirk Welch Bryan Wells Mary West Lee Wheeler Harold White Brian Whitson Susan Whitworth Ricky Williams Larry Williams Cathy Williams David Wolfe Stuart Wolff Ralph Works Kathy Young SEVENTH GRADE i X S Q lim Ay jf! X ' Brimer Jason ll ff? vw Alexander, Donna Alexander, Jim Allen, Gary Allmendinger, Denise Alm, Nick Banely, Opie Barnes, Jeff Bass, Beth Batchelor, Trey Bates, Phil Beard, Burl Berry, Lisa Berziel, Doug Bishop, Allison Blackwell, Kyle Blumenthal, Jeff Boggs, Thea Bowen, Teddy Boyd, Daryl Braverman, Jow I hy. 5 n, awp! , ,tlt ,,,, Q :VM 7 Britton, Tammy Buford, Steve Burnham, Lisa Bussman, Kurt Cambell, Cindy Cambell, Steve Carlyle, Curt Carr, Shelia ,fm un? All an farm .1 I, Kim Carrens Bill Carter Terrence Cherry Charlene Chism Pam Clark Casey Cline Julie Coday Ben Cohen Helen Coleman Grant Collingsworth Brandi Collins Sa David Collins Jeff Cooper Kim Copenhaver Richard Corley nw A Jay Crowley Vince Corley Susan Cozier Melissa Craig Elizabeth Cutsinger Scott Daily Robert Davis Lee Dawson Hansel Day Tina Craig Tommy Creed Pam Cropper em ft f - fix i Renee Gibbons ff ffl T , fs 4' ,zgng W V i, . 1 .1 lI.l.H.l- ls?-rkfjersrvwi lllllflllnll Kevin Grace Gillian Graham Karen Grayson Janet Grootemaat Chris Hale Jeff Hammon Carl Hansen Pat Harker Mark Delashaw Douglas Diggs Mike Diggs Denie Donceel Bridget Dorndorfer Randall Duncan Shelly Dyson Paul Eagleton Pamela East Dan Edwards Monica Evans Chris Ellis Doug English Mark Eustis Bill Fisher Kristan Foster Pam Freeland Mary Fusco Mark Gawey Matt Gawey Kim Gist Meg Glenn Barry Hatchett Brian Heatwole Dana Hendon Ricky Hensley Lee Herring Laurie Hightow el' Heidi Hinton Stephanie Holbert Joan Holmes Richard Hoyer Sherry Hutchinson , 5.55. if xf ,fax Sally Imel Brian Inbody Connie Jeffery Darren Johnson Jeff Kealiher Kelly Keck :fn -Q ,ws t .4 Karen Jones Eric Keener Todd Kemmerly Glenna Keoppel Katie Kerlin Stan Kessler Chris Pitcock Toni Johnson Vicki Johnson Patty Jones John Joslin Charles Cantor LA kg if l..,f'x' me fl' I M HV ' ai I Y if .. 'n,, Q p 2 ,, 6 6 r! K t 15 5 1, i ,vm 4 Kb Robert Kimball Brian King Danny King Christopher King Katy Kirkland Scott Klein Jill Knight Sharon Kopsky Donald Kuenzili Stephen Ladd Stephen Lake Melissa Lawrance Jill Lenhart Richard Liehman Edward Madden Frank Main Clay Marston Maurice Masic Robert Mayfield Charlotte Mays Michael Maze X Misty Mmffhur Xffvl N' P -elf.. Bart McKenzie Jan McPike Carolyn Meador King Medlin Hillary Michaels Teresa Miller Mickey Minyard Irene Monnet W1 44 aff James Monroe Jeanine Morris Tony Murray Laura Nash Jane Nelson Brad Nichols Pete Noland Devin Northcutt Sherry Nowlin Tommy 0'Dell Vanessa Orta lv ,", ,af , nsnn W J ,wi , .5 k,,.,, ,.w,,,,,,.., . Carolyn Pope V I l Edward Ostapowich Chris Owen Dyton Owen Sarah Page Michael Potter Becky Price Andy Paschal Patrick Pfeifer John Philips Lisa Price Valerie Rademacher Mike Ramsey Chris Pitcock Mark Pittman . ,J in so .Why Z? lr Amy Pogue ..,, :gf ' x LJAN ,.,x Qi! ual Julie Smith Gayla Sobol Kevin Sparks Veronica Stehower Allen Stevens Rebecca Stutz Marci Surreytt Beth Sweetman Paul Siddons David Smith Angela Reynolds Christopher Reznick Paul Rhodes Donald Robertson Keneth Robinson Paula Rocha Nick Rouse Lorie Rupe Laura Sanders Sinead Sands Terri Sauls Gayle Sayles Susan Scorse Margeret Shannon Jeff Sharp Mandy Sharp Teri Sherrel Jamil Shoemaker Davy Short Ronald Shouse Jamie Taylor Mark Terry Mary Terry Jay Thorne Guylene Timmon Roni Todd Pepper Toney Jon Tracy Ann Van Deventer Lisa Vandiver Mark Van Maren Keith Walker Randy Walker ' Jennifer Wamplex ' H24 Susan Ware l Matt Webster Theodore Weissenborn Tammy Weitzel Dlaine Whisnant Ken White Jan Whitney Sam Whitney Lesli Wilbanks Michelle White Wendy Wllk David Wilkins Cheryl Williams SEV NTH GRADE Staci Williams Jeff Wilson Shelly Wilson Robert Winslow Chris Winton Kim Wolf Tammy Wolf Tim Wolf Jim Woods Becky Works Nimitz students have lots of fun ORGAN IZATION S fgjv d TUDE T COU CIL l i ROW 1: Mr. Aldrich, Karl Means, Matt Gawey, Lianne McCune, Cheryl Scott, Vanessa Orta, Bobby Mitchell, ROW 2: Ellen Horkey, Jimmy Sellers, Susan King, Sally Johnson, Bobby Pielsticker, D'Lainne Whisnant, Richard Hoyer, ROW 3: Cindy Weedin, Janet Carmen, Julie Meador, Gena Campbell, Mary Carolyn Brett, Lee Wheeler, Jim Alexander, Julia Bird, ROW 4: Sky Stanton, Aileen Dunn, Debbie Barnett, Robin Randolph, Patricia Schafer, Richard Musgrove, Aillison Meyer, Devin Northcutt, Sarah Frazee President-Ellen Horkey, Parliamentarian-Kari Root, Treasurer-Gena Campbell, Secretary-Lisa Gunn, Not Pictured-Vice-President-Karl Means Student Council is a fun, but hard working organization. During the year we do many service projects for the school. Dances are a regular project for the Student Council. We provide entertaining activities for the student body. The paper drive, for example. Another annual project is the Talent Show, this is for anyone who has talent and wants to preform in front of an audience. Each year we have a great group of people that help make Nimitz the number one Student Council in Tulsa. x I p PM-5 1.3 A i 1! 2,- ...,g,.eL., ,Q I 1'--5" 'zu ' as W i-....-0 .UQ-Ivpi "" sjlg 'I' ROW 1: Susan Ware, Bart Glass, Kate Nilson, Jim McCoy, Robin Mays, Gail Goldman, Mrs. Ratliff, ROW 2: Linda Hanoch, Laura Hancock, Lisa Kress, Ann Allison, Dawn Ratliff, Debbie Dickman, Janice Smith, Becky Price, ROW 3: Darby Peterson, Lisa Glenn, Teri Harrington, Paul Eagleton, Robin Hanoch, Janet Mclntosh, Beth Young, Sarah Stewart, ROW 4: Carl Feghali, Linda Maxwell, Mindy McGuirer, Lori McCune, Laura lnbody, Becky Brouch, Nina Story, Shari Olinger Not Pictured: Julie Smith, Conny Jeffery, Sally Imel, Joan Holms, Officers: Lori McCune-President, Dawn Ratliff-Vice-President, Mindy Maguire-Secretary, Beth Young-Treasurer, Linda Maxwell-Parlimentarian. The 1976-77 school year was a most successful and rewarding year for the Nimitz Red Cross. The students donated over 531,200 to the Enrollment Drive and filled 1700 Christmas Stockings making Nimitz number one again in the city. A powder puff football game, the Spring Carnival and numerous dances sponsored by the Red Ain Cross heightened school spirit. Total fulfillment and personal satisfaction were achieved by numerous students participating in the volunteer programs "Adopt a Senior Citizen" and the y , volunteers also participated in the Woodland Park Home project. Giving and sharing are the driving forces behind the Nimitz Red Cross. i lg ,V ' .. M 2 1 at f ?4rlig, y f il' if is w W f-,. f of N st? 4 T Y 4 'I 4 , fx , -' ,.' 7 qv ' fiiii' Al' V V j 4 i s ,, 'S QTv""f' ' 'EE 3 9 P ' 01 g , , I 1 1: ny gm y, , K I , b K ,W4 4 . Vw ?af5515MMBER ckoss Q U V i ll .1 940:25 s '11, I 9559 ROW 1: Mrs. Warren, Mike Harker, Julie Borden, Bill Tyler, Brett Reynolds, Barbara Layfield, Scott Latch, Rob Riley, ROW 2: Brittany Moore, Linda Logan, Lori Funston, Ruth Price, Lora Pirtle, Julie Reinstein, Vic Sherrell, Kari Root, Sarah Stewart, ROW 3: Ric Schelb, Carolyn Shannon, Robert Little, Jay Runyan, David Peake, Don Thurman, David Plummer, Chris Williams, Vicki Richardson MAST STAFF I l l .- 1 M Mr. Woody Stallmaker is the school photographer from Enterprise Studios. The Mast Staff is a group of second year art students and student photographers. Mrs. Warren is in charge of the Mast Staff and determines the composition of the Mast. Mr Patterson, social studies teacher, sponcers the Mast photographers, Bill Tyler, Robert Little, Chris Williams. David Plummer was the '76-'77 editor. Mast Staff at work ROW 1: Charles Greenough, Richard Musgrove, Kelly Pierce, Frank Tutt, Neil Dotson, ROW 2: David Messer, Jeff Lewis, Robert Little, Cole Nilson, Marc Milsten, ROW 3: Alan O'Donnell, David Peake, Rhett Brooks, Rob Stauder Don Thurman, Jim Terhune IC-H2-I 'WL ROW 1: Secretary-Robert Little, Vice-President-Richard Musgrove, President-Don Thurman, ROW 2: Treasurer-Jeff Lewis MATH CL B ROW 1: 2: Rich Danny 5: ff? 1 ll Ka EJ Q if Mr, Miller, Grant Collingsworth, David Collins, Maurice Mask, Michael Diggs Kevin Sparks Mr Carvell ROW ard Hayer, Richard Oltmann, Leslie Knight, Kendall Holmes, Neil Dotson Mike Bowen ROW 'S Rhonda Jackson Marshall, Rob Stauder, Marvin Fields, Vince Bryan, David Plummer, Fernon Clark Teri Harrington Chi Alpha Mu, the Math Club, is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the student's interest in mathematics. Members learn how to solve algerbraic equations by use of slide rules, adding machines, and other enjoyable means. They meet every Tuesday after school. , F" n I ' r s if il? Nw- ,rd 'id- Wh. 1 sf sw Sie is ui 'L . 3 .- , X154 f-'-f . j kg QQ fb Q, W -in Q ii f 'egg 151.3 .--""" SCHOOL AIDE LIBRARY AIDEL K llly Rice, Suzy Storey, Vicki Wiman, Steve Combs, Lisa Poppenhouse, Barbara Layf ld M ,,, , e-, ,A HO EMAKI G A1SbE 56 Q '75 'DISK 4' 1 1 . .X Q 4 4 l'l v' :Vg 0 ls! 1 4 'VI ,O MQ SCIE OE AIDE Dan Page, Mike Guernsey, Lance Wilburn OFFICE AIDE ROW 1: Ann Allison, Kathi Green, Becky Bruch, DeAnn Shelton, Nancy Eames, Lori Waugh, Leslie Knightg ROW 25 Kathy Young, Sharon Campbell, Kristen Spearing, Laura Hancock, Emily Worrall, Donna Todd CIE CE CLUB Q, i a s H a 95 EEZ? x,3.",,E ROW 15 Mr. East, Scott Daily, Sam Whitney, Jim Woods, Dan Whitney, Doug English. ROW 2: Mike Bowen, Drew Epps, Terri Kopsky, Brad Stevens, Richard Oltmann, Jeff Richardson. ROW 3: Roger Worrell, Fernon Clark, Vince Bryan, David Myers, Brent Olsen, Danny Marshall, Jack Spencer, Ken Freeman, Kelly Pearce. .2 I 'F . ,pf QI i 5. ll' The Science Club is open to students interested in all areas of science. This year it is composed primar- ily of students interested in building and flying model rockets. The club meets each Wednesday afternoon with Mr. East as the sponsor. SQA in R S, A 'XO N A x. 5 Ni STAG CRAFT , ca A, : l ik ROW lg Mr. Patterson, Jim Smith, Kendal Holmes, Ruth Price, Lisa Wilson, Becky Nelson, Stuart Smith. ROW 2: Kirk Welch, Nina Story, Becky Brunch, Jennifer Mansell, Brenda Wilson, Terri Crites, Max Bennett. l "'4t:g.. Oi" Ffa' .9 5' 1 -'B ,lu 4 A J O' A DIO VISUAL U .. it Y X Bill Tyler, Jim Woods, Roger Worrell, Ken Freeman, Bo Boaz. or I7 ' L i37 9 59 ACTIVITIES gi AB uf--N Q 'Nl rx gm 9- Tr: 'G f Q f1,,s my 54 fx ,f I 5 , STAGE BAN ROW lg Mr. Branson, Karl Kemper, Marjean Evans, Becky Nelson, David Ives ROW 2: Jimmy Sellers, Steve Hendon, Cheryl Kuelzer, Robin Failing, Lisa Wilson ROW 3, John Doak, Gath Wilson, Marvin Fields, John Catterlin, Fernon Clark, Kathy Daily, Eric Liggett I I f434 X ix I . fm Jiurgfim f inning-m fs 441 Ai :agen llulii' ldv alle OFFICERS: Becky Nelson, PRESIDENT John Catterlin, VICE-PRESIDENT ORCHE TRA 4 ROW 13 Joanne Cook, Harold White, David Ives, Kate Nilson, Cindy Campbell, Dana Hendon ROW 25 Mr. Branson, Jana Hollingsworth, Neil Dotson, Betsy Kendall, Lora Nash, Nina Horn, Becky Nelson, Richard Oltmann, Kathy Collins ROW 35 Lisa Wilson, Jimmy Sellers, Eric Liggett, Fernon Clark, Vicki Wyman, Marvin Fields, John Catterlin, Bob Rinkmeyer, Robin Failing, Lee Dawson xl , A ef-mlfifd' 'UHI75 li fd ' Baal-P 1- .,, '. , 0 of o j S s t C . U e:--1 , 1. V V ' H f ' . ,QA ,. .4 ' W' at , 1 ' VIL. ' DMIRAL ' 5 C . 5 1 EX i . . 1 C , L .1 Qj rx" ROW 1: Sherri Taylor, Karl Kemper, Gwen Potter, Dawn Ratliff, Richard Oltman, Cathy Terry, Susie Gotcher, Warren Fields, Mr. Branson, ROW 2: Lisa Wilson, Shelly Reynolds, Kathy Daily, Robert Daity Eric Liggitt, Steve Hendon, Mary Pascal, Jimmy Sellers, Becky Nelson, Gary Schmidt, ROW 3: Cheryl Kuelzer, Troy Johnson, Nelson Moore, Kenny Beard Marvin Fields, John Catterlin, Garth Wilson, Bobby Reinkemeyer, Fernon Clark, Robyn Failing ' 4. ROW 1: Jeff Kelliher, Mike Ramsey, Richard Corley, Ann Vanderventer, Tammy Britton Jeff Blumenthal, John Phillips, Doug English, Susan Ware. ROW 2: Jennifer Wampler, Donna Allexandsr, Alan Stevens, Todd Kemmerly, Frank Main, Deryl Boyd, Phil Bates, Mark Pittman, Vicki Johnson, Tina Wilson, Wendy Wilk. ROW 3: John Tracy, Maurice Mask, Greg Getches, Jim Alexander, Jamie Taylor, Jeff Barnes, Chris Winton, Mandy Sharp, Mark Delshaw, Richard Hoyer, Jeff Wilson. ROW 4: Jeff Cooper, Monica Evans, Ronnie Todd, Bridget Dorndorfer, Patrick Phiffer, Bart McKenzie, King Medlin, Pam Freeland, Laurie Hightower, Renee Mays, Melissa Craig, Mr. Branson IMITZ CAPTAIN ' BA Q MIXED CHORU ROW 1: Mark Bostick, Pat Harker, Terrence Cherry Angela Reynolds Beth Sweetman Amy Pogue Lisa Burnham Terri Sherrell, Donny Kuenzil, Gayla Renee Gibbons, Tammy Black, Sobol, Marci Surrett Laura Hussey David Smith ROW 2 Leslie Kress Kathy Young Leslie Wilbanks Lisa Kress Veronica Stehowwer Kim Wolf Lisa Seltzer Bobby Mayfield, Stacy Stone, Lisa Vandiver, Tma Craig ROW 3 Laura Sanders Terry Russell Brenda Taylor Steve Campbell Kay Herrick, Aileen Dunn, Marianne Ingraham Julie Meador Gwen Edwards Burl Beard Trae Butchelor Kristie Dalton, Shela Carr, ROW 4: Rise Farrell Lisa Remmert Penny Bomar Bobby Talley Rhonda Jackson Carolyn Clark Allen Shannon, Richard Cherry, Misty Baldrige Kim Temple Alyson Meyer Glenna Keoppel Mitzi Botkin Drew Epps Mrs. Tatro, Not Pictured: Andy Sansevermo Becky Works Pam East Leslie Geiger Toni Johnson Karen Jones Victor Jones, Nyla McBride, Jan McP bin ff ,vi ROW 1: Aileen Dunn, Lisa Kress, ROW Meador, Richard Cherry, Lisa Vandiver ike, Barbara Messersmith Devin Northcutt Chris Rezmck Cindy Walton Tammy Weitzel 2: Julie i JH -dim JSA- 5 Q , if Nm.. Nh Q XE fy? 4? .if xl .,., Am-A d""X . K ml as---""" kkf.. . f ig LV1.. ' 'Lb , R X fr X , Q K . ,,,,,, . ,,,, W s V x ifi , v Y if ..,.!' , . , 4 ' 1 f ,, I ii ng. A 414 W U F I i st f 'Q f ff if if ' I , Q it DX W fviqflgw , 'K' wg 7"'ff"f 4 1 10 X QJQQ Nimitz students and mighty art players perform in '76. 6.- fiw mimrg SHEE TS Ns? E53 ? WNV 2 , X,,..x... 5' 9-A li S E c, 4 - was 'S 5 ......:- A ,,,,.,,,.,.,,a I ::iffff ffl! 'gf' 'Q'- ,vs an A DYNXQ' ROW 1: Linda Hanoch, Lianne McCune, Gail Goldman, Ellen Horkey, Julie Bird ROW 2 Janice Smith Shari Olinger, Suzy Storey, Lisa Gunn, Mindy Maguire, Lisa Poppenhouse, ROW 3 Robin Hanoch Janet Mclntosh Lori McCune, Laura lnbody, Janet Carmen, ROW 4: Shelly Thompson, Debbie Barnett Darby Peterson Lisa Glenn Gena Campbell, Dala Gober, Linda Logan, Sally Ware, Beth Young, ROW 5: Linda Maxwell Suzanne Metz Kim Temple Barbara Layfield, Ruth Price, Kari Root, Robin Randolph EIGHTH GR DE ROW 1: Karen Green, Mary Lynn Stab, Kate Nilson, Cheryl Scott, Susie Gotcher, Leslie Kress, Sarah Frazee, Sally Johnson, ROW 2: Jana Hollingsworth, Donna Todd, Pam Paganis, Patty Bass, Anna Storey, Gwen Potter, Libby Andress, Lisa Kress, Kathy Young, ROW 3: Brenda Taylor, Carol April, Lianne Bowden, Dawn Ratliff, Aileen Dunn, ROW 4: Darlene Love, Susan Flaxbart, Stci Bradshaw, Kelly Rice, Marilyn Morton, Vanessa Murphy, Laura Daniels, Robin Barrett, ROW 5: Lori Dean, Nancy Eams, Stacy Altman 72 cliff, PEP CLUB SEVE TH GRADE Ham 2 ROW 1-Left KTOP TO BOTTOMJ-Devin Northcut, Thea Boggs, Cindy Campbell, Kelley Keck, Mandy Sharp, Jill Lenhart, Misty McArthur, Veronica Stehouwer, Jenner Wampler, Michelle White. ROW 2-KTOP TO BOTTOMD-Joan Holmes, Pam Cropper, Jan McPike, Sally Imal, Katy Kirkland, Venessa Orta, Julie Smith, Sinead Sands, ROW 3-QTOP TO BOTTOM!-Pam Freeland, Teresa Miller, Susan Cozier, Meg Glenn, Kristen Jones, Allison Bishop, Lisa Vandiver, Angela Reynolds, Marci Surret, Jeanine Morris, Wendy Wilk, Tammy 'W Weitzel. ROW 4-KTOP TO BOTTOMJ-Irene Monnet, Kim Carrens, Leslie Wilbanks, Laura Sanders, Caroline Meador, Tina Craig, Patty Jones, Sherry Nowlin, Katie Kerlin, Susan Ware. 'SNL CHEERLEADER QUAD A un-4 Ninth Grade, ROW 1: Lianne McCune, Gena Campbell, Melinda Maguire, Shari Olinger, Ellen Horkey, ROW 2: Laura Inbody, Lisa Gunn, Patricia Schafer, ROW 3: Susan King, ROW 4: Melinda Walters. Eighth Grade, in FRONT: Cindy Weedin, ROW 1: Laura Hancock, Pennie Bomar, Lisa Fail, Cheryl Scott, Libby Andress. ROW 2: Lisa . Kress, Sally Johnson, Kathy Young. TOP: Leslie Kress. diss tb' X My J' Q "" .- . A 1 I ' i... ,Z ,ge2.,4'v,rflw , o.K,qK5g?a,, fu 15 Seventh Grade, ROW 1: Jeanne Morris, Stephanie Holbert, ROW 2: Sally Imel, Tammy Whitesir, ROW 3: Sarah Page, Joan Holmes, Allison Bishop, Leslie Wilbanks. ROW 4: Lisa Vandever, Marci Surrett. , igeffif i 2 5' ME" 'wid flu: ,naw -.1 Qffil- Qi: "J" i " 4+,r,,,, ::x3I'4' rr EQ: , 'wx-gg fa H., ff Q . Jfsvzemf, -mmm., r ,, W 2, --,, , ..,. , f CHEERLEADER QUAD B li T , ,. ,Z 52 lIu51'S'v , X K-92" Ninth Grade, ROW 1: Tina Piro, Barbara Layfield ROW 2: Sally Ware, Lori McCune, Kari Root, Lisa Oliver, Robin Randolph. ROW 3: Janice Smith, Linda Hanoch. ROW 4: Linda Maxwell. Eighth Grade, IN FRONT: Alyson Meyer, Aileen Dunn. ROW 1: Kathleen Perry Nilson, Susan Whitworth. ROW 2: Mary West, Carolyn Clark, Christy Holbert. ROW 3: Lori Waugh. ROW 4: Sarah Frazee, Julie Meador. ,ff yt .Y Q . 'WH if Seventh Grade, ROW 1: Melissa Craig, Julie Smith. ROW 2: Katy Kerklin, Hilary Micheals, Vanessa Orta, ROW 3: Teresa Miller, Deven Northcutt, Thea Boggs. ROW 4: Susan Ware. 5. . S V M ' " K YQ ig, K U1 A, lv it mag. . ,.,. W-""" I H0 ECOMI G Each year, the Varsity football team elects three girls from the Pep Club or Cheerleading squads to be their Queen and her attendants. This year, the Homecoming game was on November 24, at Johnson Park against Blue T. The queen and her attendants are as follows: QUEEN: Shari Olinger escorted by Cole Nilson lst ATTENDANT: Susan King escorted by Brad Boaz 2nd ATTENDANT: Lisa Gunn escorted by Bill McShane 1 K 3 5., Q., i F r f, , ,V M mf T 1 1 X 49" K. s ts if , N, V x s, v fl L- '-" r I ffffiss I ew Q t Q 5 SVN :ik x if 2 Hs., if 5" i x 1' I ,Age ' 1 fl . Lg, . PN sflxaami 0. ' ak tw "K-91 ,Q- as I .wg 4 1 +L fs Y 'E vp ii Nrxwn Av e fe 'eff , is uv .tk f, W' REJFLI l Captains: Jimmy Sellers, John Nowlin, Hopper Smith ROW 1-Warren Feilds, Tracy Drew, John Joslin, Stuart Smith, Jay Thorne, Hans Bussman, ROW 2-Eric Ligget, Keith Morgan, Jerry McNulty, Jimmy Sellers, Hopper Smith, Robert Row, Lance Wilburn, Steve Terrel, Joe Craig, ROW 3: Scott Terry, Alan Bearden, Steve Metz, John Nowlin, Vince Bryant, Kirk Davis, Randy McCann, Steve Wells. VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW 1: Philip Jones, Mark Crites, David Keylor, Stan Lawrence, Richard Musgrove, Cole Nilson, ROW 2: John Nowlin, Bill Hall Ken Beard, Randy Head, Alan O'Donnell, Mike Lavelle, Nelson Moore, Garth Wilson, ROW 3: Scott Latch, Bo Boaz, Greg Price, Brad Reynolds, Brad Boaz, ROW 4: Bill McShane, Gary Coefield, Bill Craig, Mark Swafford, Rhett Brooks, Tom Howard, Stuart Hill 'QQ' VCFW W . 1 -.4 my Q .. Vu? I Q , rf wiki, Y T A f f if--'flier If . w 1' 1, M 4, ' , ,. ,V K l-4 ww fi H ff ,yah X, , .X 1' fem, ?Wf""i'. . . , eaii t T -, ,fu ' .f gf ,, ,, :wwf and Q, M' f' f' 30, -ff 1 I wi, V 'N ' , T ' - 'R' V e "fi " 7-'Z " 1 1 'Yi' 'l,'.n3w,i 1 ? 1' Q' JU'IORYHUHHTY ROW 1: Scott Houston, Seth Howell, Lee Wheeler, Jerry Langston, Mitch Surrett, Eric Castles, Kevin Grandpre, Robbie Duncan, ROW 2: Scott Reeder, Brad Johnson, Eric Ohlson, John Heiman, Bobby Reinkmeyer, Mark Adkinson, Bobby Talley, Don Tobey, Monte Goen, Jimmy Tillman, ROW 3: John Doak, Shawn Harris, Bobby Pielsticker, Greg Payton, Brian Dewitt, Landy Jones, Joe Craig, Dick Hullss, Ralph Works, Bart Glass, ROW 4: David Kirk, Bill Dupont, Bill Strubling, Cary Andrews, Cary Eskridge, Doug Maritan, Greg Sharp, Mickey Minyard, Randy McCann, Scott Coulson PREP ROW 1: William Diggs, Michael Diggs, Bryan Heatwoll, Casey Cline, Randy Duncan, Clay Martin. ROW 2: Jim Alexander, Brian Inbody, Opie Bandy, Stan Kessler, Lee Dauson, Trey Batchelor, Carl Hanson. ROW 3: Tommy O'Dell Kyle Blackwell, Kevin Sparks, Derell Boyd, Jeff Wilson, Lee Herring, Tommy Creed, Davey Short. ROW 4: Steve Campbell, Burl Beard, Nick Rouse, Kirt Davis, Pat Pfeifer, King Medlon, Danny Edwards. . 5-'G 'I GIRL GLLEYBALL I'iF55i'5Il5'EI5'E "'lJ"',3' IIIIIEIII lun!! M-"-- J Illk .N ROW 1: Rhonda Sparks, Leslie Knight, Kathy Daily, ' Anna Storey, Terri Harrington, ROW 2: Lisa Wilson, J P l I I 51,15 illlli-:' ,X x lil 5 g NW N X Vx l I . ' it lf t A X' U VARSITY BASKETBALL -Qi., x' 1 Fi f ,,.. V: V l CD I 'H Blue Team: David Peake, Don Thurman, Mark 0 Stranick, Rhett Brooks, James Winslow, Terry 1 Thomason, Ronnie Coulson, Jim Terhune, Garth n Wilson, Rob Fretwell, Jeff Lewis, Tim Lawrence, Steve Goforth, Coaches: Bill Daniels and Tim Wright - u ,JJ X - kms f Q fri S ? YOU ERE O "CUTE" THE FW 3 MJ www mf ff. "' -nib lt.. M , Q f f " " J if "' M 1 1 ROW 15 Terri, Debbie, and Sharon Kopsky, Don Thurman, Leslie and Lisa Kress, ROW 2, Stacy Stone, Charlene and Darlene Chism, Kate and Cole Nilson, ROW 35 Brenda Taylor, Spanky Nilson, Vanessa Orta, Suzanne Metz, ROW 4, Debbie Dickman, Stuart Smith, Lisa Fail, Anne Meyer, Jim McCoy, Robin Hnaoch, Victoria Richardson, ROW 5, Lori Funstin, Mark Harrison, Anne Fadler, Kirk Welch, Kate Nilson, Terri Crites, Jerry Lindeman, Sharon Farfis, Susan Ware 'li I D i M A M W L " 3 . W 'li' 1, THO.,E ERE THE DAYS Sf i l " Y, Y "ii l 4 l T 1 L L", , in my iigtl fl all if 1' p p ff ww- , 'W w T E J i - jf: 'L ---1" . j' .Q.w . l " s il. X I ,, I ., Af , ww , ,W i 5 l , ,L , 1 A will i 9 .mr w ' Y ' M' 1, l , ' .., tw V on Y 1' -W , Y ,, ...N , ' if Q V , ' ""' -A , fr , ,V 5 ., M E at W i 'hindi' Hilfe time 'W . ' is it , lg gg i N M im WF if ROW lg Christy Holbert, Laura Hancock, Julie Borden, Stephanie and Christy Holbert, ROW 2, Mary Brett and Joan Holmes, Julie Reinstein, Mindy Maguire, Janice Smith, ROW 3, Stephanie Holbert and Carolyn Brett, Beth Bass and Sara Page, Julie Burton, Gerri Bond, Deanne Shelton, ROW 4, Eric Beckstrom, Pam Pang, Doug Maritan, Keith Morgan, Seth Howell, Deborah Brown, Darlene Chism, ROW 5, Sally Ware, Debbie Dickman, Sherri Taylor, Bobby Peilsticker, Alan O'Donnell, Frank Tutt, Mark Adkinson, Cindy Walton, Cathy Hays, ROW 63 Linda Maxwell, Nelson Moore, Gena Campbell, Susan Rtichie, Dona Todd, Mark Harrison, Kate Nilson ,fi W 1 0 Q XWQQXS lung Gif 'II :iff gavv emfoz.05 SX' 'QSWEXS QW I 1-1 , W Y.. fyffyff I 'a'39'f'H1r"'fi ffffl .-'f",.f:1f11f1'-2319 Q, r"2,m4.,:f' k!5f2.i 0' ' ff:Z-QGQ'-"!"k3'ig'Wie gf Y' ,,.e,K.'2'z5.' A urfawwff A "44!.e:'1vze-'sw' - f f -.Mr 6 .6 -I' f r aa H 8 1 WI .-. . x . , M' L I ug: . f ' ' I - A, R Q, J 'M-4 115 T115 0 A L F P ' -:"'4 rDllJ Ne." ,. II ll -.Q N 4 9 5 ' ' A' f 159 O --I- AUTOGRAPH WALSWORTH 88 Marceline, Mo., U.S.A

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