Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1976

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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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- - . My . 517, .-gig. .H N' ,.:. , b f, ' ' f - , .q, Q Ev- , , ,, -- ,t 4, Y. ,,,....g, ,,,, , i -K i BV- . - Xa Mgr ,, - - K j - V f, . " 'W , 4, J xi it - f,-. J Y , 'gQ?W?H-fv,..l.fY4ff4N -:VL H -W w:Qy..E,'.. .f1:r'2'a,,.. ' Qgmw .V mg -mummy M- Q l I ,fp 5 Xu . ," x WQEOQ----"" 3 Q x - ,p I 'I I X 5 X 6 3 5 'G 4 xx ts V 5. xg 3 aa e x 5 5 m f 5 Qli x 5 qi., is ts' 5 NIIVIITZ JUNIOR ,Aj x HIGH Li , , ,." - " X Q ' TU LSA, M - gl X x' " I f f 1' , f ,,,- 0' I N f NM' 2,1 I -I "hbsv5". eielf' ' 4 M W- ' ' Page drawn by Debb' Burr 1 Pa W CON TENTS pg. 3-7 Administration pg. 8 Teacher of the Year pg. 9-14 Faculty Pg- 15-27 Freshme pg. 29-38 Ei n ghth Grade ge drawn by Laura Crawie Y pg. 39-47 Seventh Grade pg. 49-62 Organizations pg. 63-72 Activities pg. 73 Sports Snaps 81 Autographs "I Am the Nation . . ." QSQLUTI QA! G Q' 6 5X.,9 Q " srl? Lv 3 TM U " 5 Tfi ,I 1, 1 I was born on July 4, 1776, and the Declaration of Independence is my birth certificate. The bloodline of the world runs in my veins, because I offered freedom to the op- pressed. I am many things, and many people. I am the Na- tion. I am 200 million people, living souls and the ghosts of millions who have lived and died for me. I am Nathan Hale and Paul Revere. I stood at Lex- ington and fired the shot heard around the world. I am Washington, Jefferson and Patrick Henry. I am John Paul Jones, the Green Mountain Boys and Davy Crockett. I am Lee and Grant, and Abe Lincoln. I remember the Alamo, the Maine and Pearl Harbor. When Freedom called, I answered and stayed until it was over, over there. I left my heroic dead in Flanders Fields, on the Rock of Corregidor, and the Black steppes of Korea. I am the Brooklyn Bridge, the wheat lands of Kansas, the granite hills of Vermont, the potato fields of Wisconsin. I am the coalfields of the Virginias and Pennsylvania, the fer- tile lands of the Mid-west, The Golden Gate and the Grand Canyon. I am Independence Hall, the Monitor and the Merrimac. I am big! I sprawl from the Atlantic to the Pacific, three million square miles throbbing with industry. I am more than five million farms. I am forest, field, mountain, desert. I am quiet villages and cities that never sleep. You can look at me and see Ben Franklin walking down the streets of Philadelphia with his hreadloaf under his arm. You can see Betsy Ross with her needle. You can see the lights of Christmas, and hear the strains of Auld Lang Syne as the calendar turns. I am Babe Ruth and the World Series. I am 169.000 schools and colleges, and 250,000 churches where my people worship God as they like best. I am a ballot dropping in a box, the roar of a crowd at the stadium, and the voice of a choir in a cathedral. I am an editorial in a newspaper and a letter to a congressman. I am Eli Whitney and Stephen Foster. I am Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Billy Graham. I am Horace Greeley, Will Rogers and the Wright Brothers. I am George Washington Carver, Daniel Webster and Jonas Salk. I am Longfellow, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Walt Whit- man and Tom Paine. I am Phillip Brooks, Billy Sunday and Bishop Quayle. Yes, I am the Nation, and these are the things I am. I was conceived in Freedom and, God willing, in Freedom I will spend the rest of my days. May I possess always the integrity, the courage, and the strength to keep myself unshackled, to remain a citadel of freedom and a beacon of hope to the world. This is my wish, my goal, and my prayer on this my birthday, two-hundred years after I was born. Author Unknown flteprinted from the "Wisconsin Veterannj pirit Uf pplcmclnlul color pages mwpexrml In mumnwrnurzxtu the 'UNI I1 2iIlIliYl'I'Si1I'X of tlul limitcri 114-s flf America in this hi- cm I1IC'IlI1iF1l yvnr 19715, UC! S .im ER H' 4 3 Q -if W5 ve Q LH' ll! "These Are the Times That Try Men's Souls . ." Thomas Paine 1! Captain John Paul Jones unfurled the first Stars and Stripes over the ocean when the young nation's banner, containing thir- teen stars and thirteen stripes, was hoisted aboard the Ranger. 2! From the deck of the captured British vessel Serapis, Capt. Jones and his crew watched as the American man-of-war, Bonhomme Richard, sank in victory, September 23, 1779. With the aid of friendly powers-namely France and Holland-and the leadership of commanders like Jones, the American fleet was able to effectively combat Britain's naval supremacy in the colonies. 3! General John Stark led the colonial forces to victory at Ben- nington on August 11, 1777. The victory, along with an American triumph at Saratoga on October 12 of that year brought France to the colonies' aid as an ally and was the turn- ing point of the war. 4! Outside of occupied Boston, colonial patriots organized themselves into a volunteer militia known as the Minutemen. On the eve of April 18, 1775, British troops numbering more than 800 were dispatched from Boston to seize colonial munitions stored at Concord. Forewarned, Paul Revere and others spread the alarm and the Redcoats were met by a deter- mined band of Minutemen at Lexington. It was here that the famous 'tshot heard round the world" was fired. It is not known which side fired the first shot of that battle which marked the opening of outright hostilities and led to open war. 51 The surrender of British troops under the command of General Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown on October 19, 1781, brought an end to all-out fighting. A few scattered skirmishes continued for over a year. However, complications of negotia- tion with England delayed the signing of a peace treaty for nearly two years. Gfeneral George Washington, commander of colonial forces, accepted the British surrender at Yorktown and later presented the captured British flags to the Congress. "Stand Your Ground. . . If They Mean to Have a War, Let It Begin Here. U Capt. John Parker If Capt. John Parker uttered those words as the colonial militia under his command prepared to meet the British troops at Lexington. Those words and the painting-Spirit of '76-exemplify the dedication and determination of the American patriots in their fight for independence. The colonies had organized to express their grievances in an effort to resolve the differences within the framework of the Empire. Several of the colonial legislatures had instructed their delegates to the Con- tinental Congress in Philadelphia to oppose any move toward in- dependence. The movement for independence was gaining strength and following the publication of Thomas Paine's Common Sense, which argued for colonial sovereignty, a resolution was adopted and a committee of five appointed to draft a declaration of independence. 21 General Washington, who had been appointed commander-in-chief of American forces by the Second Continental Congress, was a brilliant military strategist. It was his decision to take his Continentals across the Delaware River on Christmas night which resulted in the first ma- jor colonial victory. That victory at Trenton over Hessian mercenaries gave the ragged army renewed vigor. Supported chiefly through the printing of Continental currency, the colonial army also went through the personal fortunes of many American patriots-among them Washington, Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee and John Adams. These fortunes were donated to the cause of liberty-a cause supported by about one-third of the American population which was near 2,000,000 Another one-third remained loyal to the English crown and the remainder were apathetic. Despite many defeats, the colonies managed to keep an army in the field as a symbol of American resistance, to guarantee a negotiated rather than dictated peace. l .5 l it 1? l i 3 r N I 1 . ' its j vw, W .A 1.31-v Wiki Sie, 1 lt 2 i ' '-4 it Q 'wif ,. E , i g 6955 I E., ,ii v "Qs 1 K NS 6 1 M AL i i. 'V ig K 'H t' liQji,,.iifr5t',5, mists el it Vw Y., .. J , ,,,,,,,,M,i,, , ,i.,W..iv,-,it W.: . -1 V Kiwi -- Wd 1 NA ". . Give Me Liberty. or Give Me Death!" Patrick Hemjv 3! Following the victory at Yorktown, Washington refused the offer of his troops to become king and returned to Philadelphia to aid with the establishment of a permanent government for the new republicAa loose alliance of sovereign states held together by the Articles of Confederation. An envoy composed of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Jay was sent to negotiate with the British, It was not until 1783 that the peace agreement, known as the Treaty of Paris, was signed, guaranteeing the sovereignty of the United States of America. The Articles of Confederation, despite many weaknesses, served to un- ity the states until 1787 when a special convention was held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to revise them. The meeting was attended by fifty-five of the most-prominent men of the day. Twentye nine of the delegates representing a majority of the states met on May 25 and decided to draft an entirely new constitution rather than am- mend the Articles of Confederation. The meeting then became known as the Constitutional Convention. 4! The men who assembled for the Constitutional Convention were an illustrious group with nearly every delegate a person of prominence in his home state. A large majority favored a strong central government. After four months of debate, on September 17, 1787, the new constitu- tion was completed. ln a little more than four months, six states had ratified the new constitution. Despite the good beginning, the fight for ratification was bitter and it was not until September 13, 1788, that the necessary two-thirds majority of the states had approved the docu- ment and Congress could call for states to choose their electors and congressmen. Several of the states had ratified the constitution with the provision that it would be amended. Thus, as one of its first official acts under the new constitution, the Congress added the first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights. Washington was un- animously elected President and a new nation was launched on a course of democracy. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me I lift my lamp e beside the -golden door. H 1' I P 'I N I ! 1 ke -M .l H 2 A 6 Q --... I 6 9 A ess I I ADMINISTRATION IVIR. WAYNE KEN DALL PRINCIPAL Lf Julie Jernigan and Parents accepting Spelling Award from Mr. Kendall. vrycqawk IVIR. JIIVI NORMAN VICE PRINCIPAL COUNSELORS NIR. RON WHEATON MRS. RHETTA ROBINSON 7th AND am DEAN GF GIRLS AND GRADE COUNSELOR 9th GRADE COUNSELOR V is OFFICE STAFF Q R t Mrs. Reba Tubb i Mrs. Tubb admiring the school Christ mas crds. - Juv! Mrs, Betty Marsh M0-nv WQNNNWQ .XXX.. Mrs. Marsh receiving her daily sick calls, SCHOOL NURSE Nurse's aide, Rebecca Avery, treating student with head concussion and high fever 5- tw 1 X-X I I Mrs. Wanda Holbert f f 'ff , n Nurse's aide treating patient with a bad case of wooden tongue. f M'- L, I 'Y X594 Q X' Z gt C 9 -. I fi 35 jf , 'il 31:1 THE TEACHER OF THE YEAH "Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes," so said Ben Franklin, This was true until 1974 when Ann Spurgin came to Nimitz Junior High. Her math students knew whenever they needed help and guidance she was certain to be there, not only in the classroom, but before and after school., The Nimitz Red Cross, which she sponsored, depended on her for leadership, organization, and understanding in their nu- merous, successful projects and were never disappointed, Finally, the students, the faculty, and the staff of Nimitz Junior High discovered a true friend as each became acquainted with Ann Spurgin, an outstanding "Teacher of the Year," cers with their successful canned food drive, -v 1: ' .Z leigh lynn: 5 2. ' - WZ L 'fi' Mrs. Spurgin's 1974-75 offi- 155,51 FACU LTY llll ll III ,, V 'VIII X x s H II g W LQ WW' ax QQ N Q QU UUQ f ' 'CDN ,f"7 I r A X I X 'nag K 2 ff f ' CA? f QV KQV f jx u 0' by? M y ,X FACULTY N24 5 ' - 'NK - r ,ff A -. fe- .. X1 Mr. Mike Aldrich Mr. Jan Bartlett Mrs. Pat Bradshaw Mr. Richard Branson Mr. Dwayne Brewer Science Boys' P,E, Special Ed Chorus--Instrumental Math and Social Music Studies -r we M JTC 11 xA '14 . r. . . Hrve Algebra ' Q, Y 4:""5"' W w 5 ES -. Miss Pat Cutter Girls' P.E. Mr. Jerry East Science Mr. Johnny G1-agg Miss Suszanna Mosley Industrial Arts--Geography SPQGC11 1, W ni KY -Vg Vs! LQ V ff A' ' l,,-V fhrmlrk ,-X i ,Li r. 5 1 ' ' XS+UB9h'f' Mrs. Viola Greer Mr, Del Patterson Science Economics QWMW H , xl Y 'bis XX ,X Mrs. Lillian Harp IXUS' Juanxla img Mrs, Jimmie Jeanne Pipkin Homemaking lgebran a Libraflf Miss Phyllis Henry Mrs. Janet Ratliff Math Miss Cindy Leonard Eflgllsh English--French Mrs, Mary Holley English Mr. John Miller Math Mrs, Florinda Roberts Oklahoma History-- Geography Miss Charlotte Rowe Girls Physical Education Mr. Roger VanDenhende FACULTY 3 Miss Carolyn Trotter Typing--Geography Mrs, Jane Trotter English--Spanish Mr, Theo Williams Boys Physical Education Mrs, Henri Warren Art--English Mr. Cecil Tucker Industrial Arts Miss Carol Zwinggi U,S, History English Miss Rosalee McMullen Science Aide TEACHERS' AIDES Mr. Tim O'Ha1loran Intern Science Teacher Mr. John Turner Intern Art Teacher CUSTCJDIANS V W 'I 1414" Vwiltlitfl, 'm'fJ'Zjz M W pl I I ' "5f'lif'f7'fff'3f' ',, f'1w .giiflf JY, rxi fm ' ,Q wi' " ,,,, Iggffjg'-N' 1"5T:llfw' ,. ' 'm W my HM 1 Q I hz 9 ' -ity, Fred Robertson Noel Ramsey Russell Thomas Clarence Davis it all wwf , ' 'K Zi G' ax Q' 1 3 I' S-2' FQ .A Bob Lowery, building engineer and head of the custodial staff CUSTODIAL AND CAFETERIA STAFFS 7 All N. 9. '19-5 wg: A it - Row 1, Catherine Nostane, Betty Garrison, Doris DeShazer, Mary Ponder, Sherrie Kinnear, Erma Bailey, Row 2, Franpis Robertson, Loretta Johnson, Zelma Ross, Beverly Philcoff, Mabel Idol, manager, Dorothy Rinehart. Q 1 3 ,f H1- XX, us -1 S I-WN Page drawn by Ginny P 'f 'ww o'. h 9:5 .X I " ff ,mv . ,V 53' f m,,g,',, K-gf , wee it 't f 4E M Howie Adler Matt Adkinson Paul Alexander Boyd Altman- Jeff Andrews Clayton Austin Barbara Baker Daryl Baker FRESHIVIEN if if k HTTP , . 1 X f A tokflu W" A ffffl X!-,,,,., 1 - WW ,,,-s Y. 7 Dawn Ballentine Connie Banks Margaret Batchelor Sandy Becker C2-4, Beth Bernstein Marty Bernstein Joey Beshara Kelly Blackwell Katie Bangs Jim Barrett Rick Baumann Rod Beckstrom FRESHIVIEN wg . 4. ,, . 'av X52 W X an , my , Gliftff' l t '- Q . K 1 -52,44 N .. .Q.v.. , C at , 'C V 'Y il" W, . F E: ,v .a .ml 1 fc , '8..J-uri ...u-.5 MW.. N W' James Bloodgood John Blumenthal Dan Burns Jean Bowman Ty Boydstun Lynn Butler Chris Brady Kathy Brodsky Larry Caine Pam Brown Tracy Bruch Merilyn Carney Debbie Burris Kim Caine Cal Canfield Linda Carpenter Brian Castles Pam Choate Teri Clark 'KL .7 'ww lg l FRESHIVIEN -hd" N ,R I wa V 6, 1, w I . V, ,M :X was M x if , I - 1 Susie Cohen Pat Coleman Gary Cunningham Bill Cutsinger Sandra Conover Walt Corbett Ted Davie Buddy Davis Richard Crain Laura Crawley Sharon Davis Renee DeCou Jeff Creed Eric Cunningham Gary DeVore Jim Diacon Blake Dickeson . Casey Dorris i Mike Edson Cathy Egermeier Phillip Ellzey Dan English Marjean Evans Brian Fail Vicki Faith Cheryl Fields Thomas Fields Dave Filgas Bob Gent Rod Gibson Paul Gilliland Brett Glass FRESHIVIEN xx W : ,I i lf- I s lid A , X X amz David Flaxbart David Franks Laura Galusha Charles Gawey ' W 44 W, , , f Teresa Francis Kay-Dawn Gable Janna Garrison Larry Geiger it 21" gs? Laurie Graham Jamie Griffey Kathleen Hall Kris Hammon Paul Gregoli Molly Gruver Lee Hallock Lisa Harney FFZESHIVIEN anus-Hifi Janice Holmes Kilton Holmes Bill Howard fa -we 'sn S r-we Marci Haus Kim Hayes Drake Henderson Ceci Henry Barbara Hill Kerry Hinton Mike Hogan Kelly Holloway FRESHIVIEN - X gf' is 1 , 5255 in 'M' My , A ,f y :KALI M y ,W , .nf- ' nd' 1 A Gene Howerton Karen Huls Julie Jernigan Chip Keeley Jim Hutson Dixie Imel Phyllis Kennedy Jeff Creed Chris lnbody Dwight lngraham David Keylor Frank Kibby Kathy Jackson Joni Jeffries Laura Koepke Margie Korver vi Wi Andrea Kunkel - - Ken Lake e " Sherry Langston Robert Lawrence 5. ,Q - x Lowell Lay Blair Lewis Cindy Loveless Keith Marouk FRESHIVIEN N. O Kurt Lenhart Scott Lofton Missy Lovitt Tawana Mays 4 Lisa Michaels Kelly Miller Valerie Miller .wg 'wr 1 ix l ii-S 1 , . ,-fi L 5 l tix Ellen McBride Bob McClosky Dwayne McGuire Margie Mciqeivey Elise Mc Laughlin Laura McQuirk Matt Meador James Meyers FRESHIVIEN ' " X f' Eg .5 J. no s 'qlff' 4 is S jg C s iss? it , C4 .uv "9" 4 S 1 . . 'X Julie Milsten Steve Mindeman Christy Myers Jenny Myers Marlene Montgomery Andrea M01-gan Carmen Naya NancyIiIN11ce1y Eddie Morris Dana Moses Dave Nicho s Tom o an Fred Munier Colleen Murpht Jim Northcutt David Oliver 4. --5 -----cs"-'Is' ,tc Q-I : ' 4 I ' , 1 + I ff 1 " 1 J , " 7 X 10' li: an f If I ' 4 1- 1 lg ,KD -' L 'Q 5 i-A X I i' Q-sl! J .-f IA ,I 4 ' ,I " U .A M x ,J VL 5' ,J Eff' - .fy r s My 91 1 ' Hove' 4-H-man S.. FRESHIVIEN ,l" 'N 44" ,.. J 1 an Z1 I 0? Margaret O'Mal1ey Belinda Orta Steven Poppenhouse Paul Putnam Ann Osborn Clifford Osborn Roger Ralls Tamara Ramsey Steve Ostrander Ginny Parker Jay Ranger Janet Ray Gene Phillips Allen P0Ck Jon Ray Sue Reinkemeyer lf" Debbie Rex r' t Mark Richardson Mairin Riley u Shelley Ringllng ,M -1 W' wh FFIESHIVIEN K wx srY'2N'f3'i - . .... X. ..a.-Q,-M: fx .-k, -K www. ,g.fQ.M-.f-.----kv -N Qs 'iifwii-5 STM A A -1 Egg :ig mLLLA' ZI. Q ,rr XXQ Q31 .,.. ,,..,,,M 1 Sb m,1l, F xx..A I mmm... I or -L-L i -..-h.. f , .S ,, J S s,r.:XWg,, ., S - X Q rf. S' - Q 'vni' .4 'vw 'VYQH 'Ii-:T 'r,,: A if g 1 w 1 My 2 i V ,'x- ia Q -1 .W SWF!-,flflq-Aww ---- si fr Q Randy Roberts Freddle Shaw Carohne Short Wes Robmson Debb1e Shoulders Tracy Shrewder Ron Sauls Bobby Slater Bruce Sm1th Susan Scott Vlcky Smlth Karla Smder A s 'Cui Yi T -Q 5 he xt i Virginia Stough Neal Summers Jamie Sunderland Kathy Surber Judy Tanner Margaret Tanner Susan Thomas Sherry Thompson FRESHIVIEN W.. e xg Patti Thornton Timothy Tideman Skip Troxell Rusty Vandewedge xf Ward Voight Mark Vogle Tammie Wagner Brett Webber way' Dan Thurman Kay Trickey Carol Tattle Kenny Vick i FRESHIVIEN W .,"""" E E ae- fw- W l K n, ,A Tim Webster Steve Wells Derrick Wilson Jim Wilson Jeff Wetzel Beth Wheat Cindy Williams Kenny Winegarten Jon Wheeler Wilson White David Wolf Dede Wolfe Laura Wiley Charlie Williams Rich Womack Kevin Wood Mischell Worent Mike Zygmunt avg? ggi ri Q YNSLZQ Judges at Who Wlll WOI'k win? 44 ,yi 1975 SPELLING BEE Wow, that's a toughie!" Concentrating if 35 down, 2 to go, Decisions! Decisions! Did she spell it correctly? EIGHTH GRADE ...J Q "' 3 ff P 2 , i Adil . I ll E I Q. 'dp E- A l' U. C47 on 1 'Q Chris Agnew Leslie Allen Brian Allison Mark Allison Susan Cherri Anderson Leonard Allmendinger Cindy Baker Argenbright Rebecca Avery Debbie Barnett Misty Baldridge Chris Barnes Ken Beard Andy Baughman Mike Bean A si? A ig C EIGHTH GRADE Alan Bearden Frank Billings Bo Boaz Robert Bowden Susan Brewer J- .MY 'c Swtlws. - W., 1 Kelly Bell Robin Bennett Julie Bird Patty Blight Brad Boaz Julie Borden Mike Bowen Chuck Bradshaw Rhett Brooks Gena Campbell if f i" Af , V N .... fflgi ,i 7. ' N i 1' 'af N . ' HH U 1 ' ' ,gm L. - l ffm' QM N lf, Sharon Campbell Carolyn Carothers J oim Catterlin Fermon Clark Gary Coefeild 7 Harker Tim Campbell Jay Carter Randy Chambers Jay Cobb Clint Colker if-F1 Janet Carmen Rob Cass Darlene Chism Kari Cochrun Kim Collins Ronnie Coulson David Cottrell Bill Craig Mark Crites Dusty Crowley Steve Curtis Renee Cypert Kathryn Daily Ray Daily Frana Davidson Tonia Davidson Joy Davis Debbie Dickman Denise Dohner Neil Dotson we-db n. .- ... . 2134 ii Maureen Duplain Brad Edwards Drew Epps Rise Farrell Tammy Flowers X +-vang' Frank Drennan Danny Dysart Chris Ekren Sarah Ellis J.J. Ewens John Farmer Marvin Fields Mark Filer Mike Ford Robert Franklin EIGHTH GRADE Andy Franks Lori Funston Leslie Geiger Gail Goldman Kathy Green Qvfxk xgyzr M174 Ken Freeman Robert Fretwell Jim Garland Brad Gawey Lisa Glenn Steve Goforth Brent Gordon Cecilia Graham Charles Betsy Grimm Greenough ,Wa .xA. - ,Wim gmt We Lisa Gunn Hope Hallack Michael Harker Randy Head Rob Herrick Dan Guterman Linda Hannack Teri Harrington Steve Hendon Stuart Hill Y'-Q0 Bill Hall Robin Hannock Joe Haven Heidi Hernandez Teri Hill Cathy Hogan Carole J am erson Phillip Jones Adam Kermedy Debbie Kop sky if 1? Si ' 4 we 4,5 f.,- A -151' A 1 1 .M f I .5 tw -wi Ellen Horkey Laura I.nbody Laura Jennings Penny Johnstone Scott Jones Kris Kadkel Susan King Wanda Kitdhens Terry Kopsky Cheryl Kuelzer li N cx b GU BIRQEYQW X. an ..1a":f'.."":3"' Scott Latch Mike La Velle Stan Lawrence Barbara Layfield Jeff Lewis Steve Lewis Jerry Lindeman Robert Little Linda Logan Scott Logsdon Valarie Longacre Sondra Missy Maguire Jennifer Mansell Lowrance Robert Marouk EIG HTH GRADE Danny Marshall Pam Mattinson Linda Maxwell Mike McCartney Lianne McCune Lori McCune Janet McIntosh Terry Kat McNulty Bill McShane McLemore David MGSSGI' Steve Metz Greg Medlock Marc Mi1St9Il Suzanne Metz 1. 1. Tim Mitchell Becky Mohn Nelson Moore April Morris Richard David Myers Musgrove Cole Nilson Bob Nettles Alan O'Donne11 Delana Oakley IPI in ff . 1, o V. E it . .ro. 43 ,. .. P fl X tit . - .Mx N. A 'X 1 Brittany Moore Tom Monroe Becky Nelson John Nowlin Shari Olinger Q,-v , si X 'x K! if 1 .na 'ZSV Y . .f A Tx.. Lisa Oliver Keith Oliver Richard Oltman Jay O'Rei11y Edwina Dan Page Andy Pastor Ostapowich David Peake Kelly Pearce John Patton David Pfeifer Lora Pirtle Darby Peters Lisa David Plummer Poppenhouse ,ww ox- .A Greg Price Robin Randolph Shellie Reynolds J eff Richardson Karen Ritchie If Ruth P rice Julie Reinstein Erick Reinfrank Vicki Richardson Eric Roberts Susan Rackly Brett Reynolds Mark Richards Rob Riley Rick Robertson EIGHTH GRADE Kari Root Jay Runylm John Sauls Patricia Schafer Ric Schelb Jimmy Sellers Carolyn Shannon Kathy Sharp Jimmie Shaw DeAnn Shelton Vic Sherrell Craig Slack Greg Smith Hopper Smith Janice Smith 4. l ,, -.ff-wr Janet Toler John VanMaren Melinda Walters Jeff Webster Boyd Whitlock UN X .' G fig Lance Wilburn Joy Wilson James Winslow Roger Worrell Beth Young Brenda Wilson Vicki Wiman Johanna Woodard J an Wyatt Megan Zusne Garth Wilson Robert Winland Emily Worrall Cathy York Ann Zolakar G '-.04 EIG HTH GRADE Na! JW ,XX N SEVENTH GRADE X X, A lv , 1 m2m.k X f X WZ ' I U v W Mm 4 w -All - W MVB ,316 Z -,- X - A - -,v 4' - SEVENTH GRADE Max Bennett Matt Brooks Geri Bond Tamara Black Denise Boden- James Borst gamer Mitzi Botkin Becky Bruch Pamela Bloodgood Mark Adkinson Jennifer Allen Ann Allison Stacey Altman Cary Andrews Libby Andress Carol April Robin Barrett Hadkell Bass Patty Bass Sheryl Beatty Er1c Beckstrom Leigh Bowden Anthony Bowen Julie Burton Hans Bussmam Damon Boggs Permy Bomar David Brodsky Catht Collins Julia Courtwright L14 C N T R-, Eric Castles Joanne Cook Pam Coefield Terri Crites Lisa Cox Joe Craig Scott Coulson Laurie Dean Carolyn Clark Danny Clayton Tonya Cress Bill Dupont Q? ,.,.., aw- y , 'tx X .i Karen Curtis Jamie Curtis Robert Daily Kristie Dalton Harold Daniels Lisa Fail John Doak Mike Doudican Robbie Duncan Glenn Dunham Aileen Dunn Sharon Farris Nancy Eames Gwen Edwards Michael Esche Cary Eskridge Anne Fodler Sarah Frazee Mike Gile David Gray Demel Gronquist SEVENTH Robyn Failing Bobby Faith Warren Fields Susan Flaxbart Angie Garland Todd Gatewood Jewell Farmer Bobby Frampton Tammy Gilbe rt 4911 .,f, 'RW ,,fr'1 7" F A .V.. K Bart Glass Lis Ann Tracy Greever Mark Gregoli Kay Herrick Karen Green Greenwood Shavm Harris Dianna Hartig Kendall Holmes Monte Goen Laura Hancock Kevin Grandpre Megan Hawkins Cathy Hayes Susie Gotcher Brad Gibson Taylor Graves Julie Grimm H John Heiman Jack Henry Christy Holbut Jana Lisa Holt Nina Horn Hollingsworth Seth Howell Dick Huls Harold Hoss Debbie Holliman Gretchen Horton Tammy Hunt GRADE T! Marianne David Ives Donnie Jackson Brad Johnson Eric Johnson Ingraham Mike Joslin Teresa Kellogg Karen Kemper Karl Kemper Landy Jones Kyle Kirk Leslie Knight Bryan Koepke Lisa Kress David Kirk Sally Johnson Elizabeth Kendall Hal Lewis SEVENTH GRADE Jim McCoy Loretta Andy Lucas McKelvey Robing Mayes Doug Maritim Nyla McBride Jerry McNulty Colin Marouk Randy McCann . 1-lv" I A . 1 :rf IM ' New Sandra Lake Jerry Langston Steve Tom McCo1lough Eric Liggett Bruce Little Lewandowski Kevin Lowary Mike Kohl Leslie Kress Larry Loyd David Cheryl Massay Matthewson 'T W.-.Q Robert McQuirk John McShane Karl Means Joe Martin Julie Meador Bobby Mitchell Patricia Ann Meyer Kim Morrison McCartmey ' if if Q NP' .ju FQ: QV 'I -: ,'?5F......j5 vga 'I m' if egg .1 P .. ,U Brent Olson Er1c Olson Pam Pagams Pamela Pang Lisa Remmert Kelly RISE B0bbY Dana Plerce Gwen Potter Mark Pntchett Michael Root Tee1 Russell P911Sf9Ck91' Jay Myers Morr1s Nash Page Rackley Dawn Rathff Scott Reeder SEVENTH GRADE ' 54 f L: Susan Ritchie Roger Root Lynne Shupert Kristen Spearing Andy Bill Savage Stuart Smith Susan Scott Sanseverino Gary Schmidt Cheryl Scott Jeff Smith Robert Reinkemeyer JeH Spenser Greg Sharp Chucky Shaw Tommy Surber Mitch Surrett Bobby Talley Allen Shannon Russell Smith Sky Stanton Sherri Taylor Steve Terrell Cathy Terrey Jim Smith Mary Lynn Staab Stephanie Stacy Stone Bob Stovall Radley Sumner Stegman Brenda Taylor Joe Vincent DeAnn Waller Lori Waugh Jimmy Tillman Bryan Wells Mary West Lee Wheeler David Tipton Don Tobey Donna Todd Hai Tran SEVENTH GRADE Cindy Weedin Eric Untermeyer Brian Whitson Kirk Welch Ricky Williams Cathy Williams Kathy Young Harold White Larry Wehrle Jim VanMaren Susan Whitworth Tim Wolf Stuart Wolff CRGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1- Mr, Aldrich, Karl Means, Lianne McCune, Teri Harrington, Lee Wheeler, Susan King, Row 2- Sky Stanton, Sally John- son, Merilyn Carney, Gena Campbell, Kelly Holloway, Melinda Walters, Cindy Weedin. Row 3- Linda Logan, Laura Crawley, Christy Holbert, Jennifer Mansell, Patricia Schafer, Christy Myers, Blair Lewis, Ellen Horkey. Row 4- DeeAnne Shelton, Julie J ernigan, Kay-Dawn Gable, Cal Canfield, Brian Fail, Dixie Imel, Kay Trickey, Janice Holmes, Steven Wells. The Student Council this year is sponsored by Mr. Aldrich, a Nimitz science teacher. Some of the activities the Council has done are having a paper drive in which they earned over 500 dollars, a Nimitz Birthday Week, and an all-school talent show. During the Birthday Week, they had a room decorating contest and the winners received spirit points. At the end of the week there was a sock hop with free birthday cake for everyone. During Patriotism Week, there were singing valentines, red, white, and blue dayg assemblies with slpeakers such as Cal Tinneyg and a hoe-down western dance to end e week. Student Council Officers- Ellen Horkey, Julie Jernigan, Lianne McCune, Kay Dawn Gable, Marilyn Carney ACTIVITIES OF STUDENT COUNCIL , ' " I. -. 1 QEQ HQI, .- . I, - ,i,,,,,,n,,,,,.,,. V, ' M I -wi 1' Ig,Q kiIwg ,- 1 I ' " -1- I ' S w , , . --'W' .-w f1'i K' I -S45 RIA! HE-' FIG' zs52I:a3:':a:5g5 ., ug 51,35 5Iw1?25aI421 -W 2: I -311, ,1'-ig? ,'Fg:".:iI- 1-,. wy'1,,'f::I "w1ss',gq-q- '- , I -'uri 'I-iw wbzffesg-QII . 1. '-I-fgijw ' --III-L4 - IIII-,m.iI mef ..- msiiw-M1-SI I .915 I , I z Sail-Wfwx -' f - H ., is-s-Igpigik, . QFNII IPIQQW few-.Q I - fI,",gIfggaW3 - I' - In -, , , ' - 11. pf. . I I-I-Q21-,1-,,. , . Iggfjiggwgrr '4' 1wi9il5YggstQs?.3s?I ' ffi-2'fE:: 1- I' 'vwI431e?i ' ,fmgw ' 3 gxisfssfgvgf mg2gv'I'zI--g-,, p Sw aw H-we Igwk-131 Eze I -I ,-Nga: :Ia- 1-rffww ff' IW 2 1 ' -ffl ,III M ze H I fzkII4IT??If ,, -. ,z I ' 2 w H - II - "Il : f51fEfIYNf75 nfiilf' ,. , ' N- I f ' 3. . ,, ii-If ' .- ' M ww ' I i iky M Q +-- Wwwmvvf- .-.-,-I- .av- BQRYKUAY I I V','VVI . , .. I - E TQ QI 5 5 Q L Lima Q M 5 I I I I , fx T1 M ,, Q33 223, I C4 I'-11. 'S' ' ' 355 52 J' CI I 7 If-4- I -4 if C'II' m I 1'I- I , - ' I 1 fb I I I I I 1 I MIC , I Af - I ' .I frfr ,iii . MXL' I - My K 1 - 4'4" ,QI . I I- -IW I'.1g"::'k -fxwf 5 I f N I Q RED CROSS 00 Av A 41 fl' -145' J 7 '35 , 7 f 4, 1 ! I Iffrv asf' Y I K I xg-I .,, xxx I .719 RED CROSS Row l: Mrs, Ratliff, Gail Goldman, Eddie Morris, Shari Olinger, Debbie Dickman, Leslie Kress, Jim Smith, Ms. Leonard Row 2: Don Tobey, Cindy Loveless, Rod Beckstrom, Dawn Ratliff, Matt Brooks, Teri Clark Row 3: Robin Hanoch, Kat McNulty, Lisa Fail, Carolyn Clark, Suzanne Metz, Lisa Glenn, Scott Coleson Row 4: Debbie Burris, Kurt Lenhart, Robert Lawrence, Wilson White, Rusty Van Dewedge, Sue Reinkemeyer, Krls Kaskel, Mindy Maguire Contributions of more than 51,500 for the Enrollment Drive, 1,542 stockings to the Christmas Stocking Drive and thousands of cans for the Canned Food Drive are just a few of the many achievements of the Nimitz Red Cross this year. The Nlmitz Red Cross strives to aid the community in various ways throughout the year. This year the Red Cross also sponsored a foster child, Tse Lai Chu, in Hong Kong, and initiated two new projects: the Woodland Park Home Project designed to provide recreational activities once a month for retarded adults and a Spring Carnival to raise money for a gift for the school, The school year, as always, came to a close with the Red Cross presentation of The Most Generous Homeroom award. 1 OFFICERS Sita fi. y r . f XJ ff , it L! ,, 1 st' Q at X 5 My X t asia t if H X 45 . . 'SQ' Pres,,Brett Webber, Parliamentarian, ' , T Debbie Burris, Secretary, Shari Olingerg I N, Treasurer, Eddie Morris, and Vice Pres., ,T in Gail Goldman, s K hmm IVIATH CLUB I 5 fx Row 1 Teri Harrington, Kilton Holmes, Scott Smith, Fernon Clark, Tammy Black, Richard Oltmann Row 2 Mr, Carvell, Paul Putnam, Brett Brooks, Rob Stauder, Tim Mitchell, Marilyn Morton Chi Alpha Mu, the Math Club, is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the student's interest in mathematics. Members learn how to solve algebraic equations by the use of slide rules, adding machines and other enjoyable and educational means. They meet the first Tuesday in every month, Anyone is eligible to join, 9 -- .2 - ., y 1. . + 2 uu 2 5 I 8.,,cl lllfmqf, Officers L to R - Rhett Brooks, Richard Oltman, Teri Harrington K-CLUB Row l Richard Womack, Paul Alexander, Lee Hallock, Mike Zigmunt, Bill Cutsinger, Joey Beshara, Rod Beck- strom Row 2 Brian Castles, Robert Lawrence, Wilson White, Ed Schelb, Brett Webber, Gene Howerton, Rusty VanDewege Mr, Roger VanDenhende, social studies teacher, sponsors this group and the officers are Robert Law- rence, presidentg Rod Beckstrom, vice-presidentg Lee Hallock, secretaryg and Gene Howerton, treasurer, This service organization is affiliated with the Kiawanis Club International, Eighth and ninth grade boys are selected with faculty approval for their leadership ability, scholarship and character. They must be willing to work and donate their time to school service. A al . g. I 4' 'f if 77.1. vii 1512, r'v if fr 'f-ea' , n . . ha -45 B,sl"'a " hi 4 Turf l NIIVIITZ'S THE IVIAST STAFF YEARBOOK The Mast Staff is comprised of advanced, second year art students. Only 17 are chosen by Mrs, Warren for their good character, discipline, art and scholastic ability. Almost a semester and a half are spent on doing the yearbook, the class studies art the rest of the year, i I bottom row- Boyd Altman, Debbie Burris, Joey Be- shara, Laura McQuirk, Row 2, Rod Beckstrom, Laura Crawley, Mark Roberts, Susan Thomas, Caroline Short, Row 3, Julie Jernigan, Jeff Wetzel, Ronald Sauls, Ed Shelb, Drake Henderson, Joni Jeffries, David Flaxbart, Mr, Del Patterson, social studies teacher takes all the snap-shots for the yearbook, Mrs, Warren and the staff really appreciate his cooperation in this time consuming job. u -as Q gl - - 1 -E 0 s o 'c'-be: 0,1 "Whose picture is this?"' "I know that picture is here somep1aceI" DECISIONS, DECISIONS- FOR THE IVIAST STAFF or S IISI It 'IIAI "' S 'IEI ' I I Joni Jefferies and Laura Crawley of the Mast Staff helping the Red Cross I 'Will we ever get lt together?" "W e all work together". 57 STUDENT-ASSISTANTS AT NIIVIITZ A student assistant is doing a school service. He receives a grade from the Supervising teacher, and earns regular school credit, To apply for this work, a student makes a request to his counselor who then decides who qualifies by grades and character, LIBRARY ,fiiz H --nn ll m! ,T ' G l QV' HJ . 1, S Eff? tr ga :zu Q mo' 4:-1" I-U Bottom row: Debbie Shoulders, Susan King, Lianne McCune, Kim Collins Top row: Cheryl Fields, Bar- bara Baker. l fag U N X 115 '. 3,1 Q3 ep-- ll 'ghd lg ul IH 2 , f 4 ART IW .2 ,.., Mia- Leslie Geiger STAGE CRAFT The stagecraft crew is a voluntary group of students Row 1: Mr, Patterson, Terri Crites, Sandy Conover, Renee who create sets, props, and other stage properties DeCou, Pat Coleman, Cheryl Fields, Becky Bruch. Row 2: needed for assemblies and plays, These students Tracy Bruch, Vicky Smith, Kilton Holmes, Robert Lawrence, come before school and stay after school to work. Brian Castle, Rusty Vandewege, Marvin Fields. Anyone who is interested, especially if they are creative, may join. This school service group does not receive a grade or credit for this valuable service to their school AUDIO VISUAL 1' f 0 ,. I, Q 0 -X , H ,XL 'P' iff' A f g -...fieagi . 5 , 1 n . My if ' tat xr v 'nay' j Ken Freeman, Mike Bowen, Robert - Franklin GFFICE GIRLS 5 v, I P 7 l 'OD K SM M 4613 4 4 MMM3 1 F196 ,SUQ-XG uv,-Xl H fx W I . xc' 8 In front: Edwina Ostapowick erri Kapsky, Lisa G Teri Hill Back row: Tracy Bru h a ana Mays, G Campbell Lind axwell Shar' Oli g V l ' acre, M g STUDENT ASSISTANTS Q 9 all " f -. Q Q Q-'qt' .-9, .1 l TYPING Cynthia Williams and Laurie Graham Robert Ralls Mr. Tucker, Metals instructor and Robert Ralls working together. METAL SHOP AIDE Sus 7, an Thema. 'QS-'IG' 1--x Denise Dohner HOIVIEIVIAKING VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Row 1: Teri Harrington, Karen Huls, Debbie Burris, Hope Hallock, Sandra Conover, Kathy Daily Row 2: Tawana Mays, Dixie lmel, Debbie Rex, Pam Brown., Crazy! So you thought we couldn't do it? HZ C I ll I.. .' I IEEE" :i""'E!HIll' l l:::l! sawlllgll-" as E.. seas: tggeg-ng!! What a teaml XX The Nimitz volleyball team was composed of eleven selected players. They practiced every day after school XE? ' after Christmas vacation until the first games. They won .A , all four matches that they played January 24, winning - 2. QM-P their bracket. At the finals they won one out of the two l S matches they played, winning 3rd place of the 20 teams sk ' that competed, Congratulations! JJ! N-4 WW ACTIVITIES I I Pag d awn by Connie Robertson ADIVIlFlAL'S BAND Admiral's Band Officers Left to Right Brett Webber, Secretary, Sue Reinkemeyer, Librarian, Dave Nichols, Head Librarian, Dana Moses, Librarian, Matt Story, President Not Pictured: Brian Castles, Vice- President. Row 81 Tonia Davidson, Jimmy Sellers, Frana Davidson, Randy Chambers, Kathy Jackson, Tamara Ramsey, Jeff Webster, Marlene Montgomery, Richard Oltman Row 452 Mr. Branson, Becky Nelson, Larry Geiger, Carmen Nava, Dana Moses, Cheryl Kuelzer, Maggie Tanner, Greg Medlock, Mike McCartney, Kathy Daily Row 63 Steve Hendon, Brent Olson, Dave Nichols, Garth Wilson, Walt Corbett, Sue Reinkemeyer, Paul Gilliland, David Filgas, Fernon Clark Row 34 Frank Kibby, Rusty VanDewege, Brian Castles, John Catterlin, Jim Northcutt, Brett Webber, Debbie Rex, Andrea Kunkel, Joe Haven, Matt Story, Vince Bryan Not pictured: Ken Beard, Bob Gent, Nelson Moore, Jon Ray, Shelly Reynolds, Craig Slack, Greg Smith, Ward Voight, Betsy Grimm, n L Q r ,R S.. - . W., .. . , W, f ,M pw- ' ADIVIIFlAL'S ORCHESTRA 4 ff f-v x R Row 81 Richard Oltmann, Neil Dotson, Mairin Riley, Joanne Cook, Sherri Taylor Row 82 Drew Epps, Fernon Clark, Renee DeCou, Robyn Failing, Kathy Jackson, Mr. Branson Row 43 Renee Cypert, Andrea Kunkel, Eric Cunningham, Randy Head, Grent Olsson, Vicki Wiman Not Pictured: Lisa Wilson, MarJean Evans H A . C? E , ' 1 H 1- - J f A, -0 Admiral's Orchestra Officers left to right Renee DeCou-P resident, Lisa Flake-Head Librarian, Neil ,V Dotson-Vice President V in MQ?" my V ,Q . M X F. .. - Ii Fixx Q X YQ, ' 9 'Q 0 1 Q e Bahru 1. 101 U iw! l Row 1- David Gray, Danny Murray, Harold White, John Doak, Warren Fields, Row 2- Mr. Branson, Tracy Greever, Jennifer Allen, Tammy Black, Susanne Gotcher, Karl Kemper, Damon Boggs, Kerry Lowary, Row 3- Tonya Cress, Brian Whitson, Bill Savage, Eric Liggitt, Gwen Potter, Eric Castles, Mitch Surrett, Stephen Lewandowski, Row 4- Susan Whitworth, Gary Sclunidt, Marilyn Morton, Michael Root, Russell Smith, Haskell Bass, Robert Reinkemeyer, Robert Daily, Dawn Ratliff, Not Pictured: Gerri Bond, Sally J ohnson, Robert Mitchell, Radley Sumner, Cathy Terry CAPTAIN'S BAND ' I Q , , .. ." ,lx ' . px ' ' 's f x M Q fl." ' N!" Q M I' 1 Row l- Davm Ratliff-Librarian, Haskell Bass-Vice Presi- Q .2 ' dent, Sally J ohnson-Secretary, Bobby Mitchell, Librarian, Jennifer Allen-Librarian Not pictured: Geri Bond-Presi- dent '-r 4' -5' Q -ui-Al' 'W-f-f':-"E" r-lv" 'X 4 ali i ...A 0 ,IN-. The stage band is opened to all students enrolled in mus1c classes They meet before school and receive no credit or grade Mr Branson works with them and they play for assemblies and special programs. They have lots of fun as mdicated by their willingness to come early to school to practice This is an espec- ially talented group of mus1c1ans that Nimitz are very proud to have ft' . X32 v , . X yd 4 ' 1 Q X, t 915 s Q at . COIVIIVIODORES STAGE BAND Row 1341 Sherri Taylor, Larry Geiger, Carmen Nava, Steve Hendon, Tamara Ramsey, Row 82 David Filgas, Paul Gilliland, Sue Reinkemeyer, Dave Nichold, Randy Head, Dana Moses Row 63 Andrea Kunkel, Debbie Rex, Brian Castles, Jim Norhcutt, Brett Webber, Matt Story, Rusty VanDewege 68 CAPTAIN'S ORCHESTRA ,.n 33 5 In 0 1 1 , 2 . ax . vi ll nb! gl Qi Q g...l1v-1 1 an ,Ji "' Captain's Orchestra Officers Left to Right Joe Craig, Vice Presidentg Cathy Collins, President, Katie Nilson, Librarian John Hieman, Secretary 'ei'i E mzwz 2 J 5 5 I 5 David Ives, Donnie Jackson, Row 82 Nina Hoen, Row 41 Jana Hollingsworth, Elizabeth Kendall, Cathy Collins, Joe Craig, Karen Green, Lore Dean, Larry Wehrle, Mary West, LizAnn Greenwood, Mefford, Kate Nilson Mr. Branson, Not Pictured: John Heiman, Phillip Row ffl Tracy Phillips, Sherry Anderson, Deann Waller, Jeff Spencer, Patrica McCartney, Kathy Young, Anthony Bowen, Loretta McKellvly, Mr, Branson Row 62 Libby Andress, Todd Gatewood, Teri Russel, Ann Allison, Brad Johnson, Kay Gerricks, Brenda Taylor, Tammy Gilbert, Penny Johnstone Row 33 Andy Lucas, Daryl Baker, Scott Coulson, Nila McBride, Judy Tanner, Patty Blight, Jenny Myers, Mike Doudican, Don Tobey, Kelly Holloway, Carmen Nava Row 94 Teri Crites, Christy Myers, Lisa Harney, Andy Sanservarino, Kathleen Hall, Virginia Stough, Marci Haus, Alieen Dunn, Christy Holbert, Jewel Farmer, Roger Roof A - ,Ita if I .ff qx, x xv, ' s , "' 1 I , - Q' It if Al I' N, x A S x Virginia Stough--The female Liberace of Nimitz. Virginia has been the right arm of Mr, Branson and the mixed chorus helper for the past two years, This lovely and talented musician will go far in the music world of Memorial High School. Everyone at Nimitz will be missing Virginia, es- pecially the Vocal Music Department, -q,, N L 4 , 1 r F V V Tx... . RL ' nh ty 5, 'vwd -z 'I .if . so V Q vw! X , A 1, I ' 3 A A :hifi A H V 1 2 p ' Chorus Officers: Row ffl Marci Haus -- Secretary, l Jenny Meyers -- Head Librarian, Row W2 Andy San- severino -- Librarian, Kelly Holloway -- Vice -" President, Brenda Taylor -- Librarian, DeAnn Waller .Tho ' 0.5 -- Librarian, Lisa Harney -- President, Brad John- '75 ' son -- Librarian NIIVIITZ NEWSPAPER DRIVE fggwb M OU fffififafi 'if O 1 ff 150961- ye ' v fx! - , ,f X f, 1 , X as C ff1x ik 71 - -gy are fl f QV f ry V1 X 1,1 Y if QW31 7 W . fx ,,.x - XQ1. fl TODEXY UQ: 3 G T a MRI? 1 Yr X Hlgtiehlsg Mr, Carvell receiving a gift from his students to put under his Christ- mas tree. Mr, Carvell's homeroom brought the largest amount of newspaper for the Nimitz's paper drive. This gave the school a nice amolmt of money which was presented to Julie Jernigan, Student Council, in a special assembly This will be used to buy a gift for the school. The drive was sponsored by the Student Council and fathers of the student, Mr. J ernigan, Mr, Holmes, Mr, White helped to transport them to the paper company, The Student Council greatly appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm of the students, especially H.R. lll for their cooperation. HOIVIEROOIVI 111 - IVIR. CAFIVELL E Row l-Jamie Griffey, Teresa Fox, Keith Marook, Pam Choate, Sherry Thompson, Belinda Orta, Row 2-Dan Thurman, John Ray, Jamie Sunderland, Elise McLaughlin, Dawn Balentine, Jay Ranger, John Myers, Row 3-Jim Wilson, Marty Bernstein, Kevin Wood Kim Hayes, Mark Vogle, Rodney Gibson, David Oliver, Chip Keely, Row 4-Charlie Williams, Fred Munier, Kelly Black- well Paul Putnam, Mike Hogan, Kurt Lenhart, Ken Lake, Kenny Winegarten, Mr, Carve1L S l NIIVIITZ S 9 I ' O ' 9, E E'f"3'o'-fffx .QI " - ,v-v . v'ff'i'.'7'Q'9 ,v'y' ' 9 J x 5 .9 O Q 'fxs ,0,l' .l f No ' 4 S ' Q All ' -- YQ: X ...izfigit B M . g , J' , Jw ', 12" g 'f' ',5s.'-0"D 1 K 0, G' F5 I e 4 .i My I In r? Q, 'S f f ' ' wg f F. , Q' xr 1 ' f ,ga 1 fs gift: if W af' x?" rg Q -13- ,J x 'tg' t 9:55. rg? Q B 8 , Lh- f.s"i"' T M- ' Page designed by Mark Roberts if Qu S 175 j ff! ' I If o 1 ' Q.. Cr . PEP CLUB GFFICEFIS 9th GRADE Z 3' 5 5 Back Row--7th grade squad leader: Allison Myerg 8th Top: Sue Reinkemeyer, Karri Sparks, Lisa Michaels, grade asst.: Robin Randolph and Suzanne Metz, 8th grade Valerie Miller, Kay Trickey. Bottom: Randy Roberts, squad leader: Gail Goldman, Front Row--Vice President: Eddie Moris, Steve Wells, Wilson White, Jim Diacon. Sue Reinkemeyerg President: Kay Tricky, Secretary: Valerie Miller an ,L cigars: isssriwzf :mags ', W fi 1 ' 5 5 A Q ' - 5 V :Z Q w ,K ig ::' V al ' i t 1..f r1g,,,j,ei,L,iia .R W R ,R A gqfq ai my-Q 8 ,gypsy ,Q Q ll 2" Qf ff ieqiimfff 1f!'Qs 'J 5 . +R sf ' as 'U 'M 1,1 LJ ,341 ' 1- is W ' RL! rf- if at e . , ree R x in . Us 1 A A 3 ph- is J A ii, 5? R A -Q R+ I-f.r ...-l..,..nwi if '- W irer rrer 1 f1 eaa iiti ieal 1 reeee eriir R is J, X WW R Xi! vm, am, em Pep Club PEP CLUB l 8th GRADE QhMU?Q 5 if l 6 'IF' 1 X .ll l it u 6 ,. J Q Q E1 W ,Ai fav 'Q x X l mi 4 X -b Row 1: Leslie Allen, Ruth Price, Heidi Hernandez, Gail Goldman, Betty Weeks, Barbara Layfield, Pam Mattinson Row 2: Joy Davis, Linda Logan, Deanne Shelton, Suzanne Metz, Linda Hanoch, Lisa Wilson, J. J. Ewers Row 3: Penny Johnston, Susan Brewer, Robin Randolph, Linda Maxwell, Cecelia Grahm, Valerie Longacie, Valerie Loranee. N n ' ' O 'xi' A6 Mio X 'TW jf ' .a ,fr 'sr , '1,'. - V ,ll ,ff ' 6 f f '1 .A .sz A' ff 5 sf if , A ff! Lf Y ' r Ahh. Rowl Carol April Pam Paganis, Alyson Myers, Robyn Barret, Stacy Altman Donna Rice, Becky Bruch Susan Flaxbart, Robin Failing Carrie Lowry, Christie Dalton Row 3 Kendal Holmes Ann Fadler, Tracy Greever, Kim Morrison, Kathy Hayes, Patty Bass, Jana Hollingsworth, Marylyn Morton, Leigh Ann Bowdon, Susan Scott, Ann Allison, Brenda Taylor, Patr1c1a McCarteny Kristen Spearing . V A t I l X : ' , ' , Todd Row 2: Gwen Potter, Susan Whitworth, Julie Burton, Kathy Williams, Kelly Y 9 75 CHEERLEADERS - A SQUADS Row 1- Sarah Frazee, Cindy Weedin, Julie Meador, Lori Waugh Row 2- Lisa Fail, Carolyn Clark, Libby Andress, Ai- leen Dunn Row 3- Lisa Kress, Stacy Stone Row 1- Ellen Horkey, Mindy Maguire, Lianne McCune, Row 2- Kari Root, Robyn Bennett, Lisa Gunn, Patricia Schafer Row 3- Sharon Campbell, Melinda Walters, Susan King. Row 1- Janice Holmes, Laura Galusha, Julie Milsten, Tracy Shrewde r, Debbie Burris Row 2- Lisa Harney, Margaret Batchelor, Marci Haus, Row 3-Kelly Holloway, Merilyn Carney. - - . mgema-:ff-if.1efx-fee. K Row l- Nina Story, Sally Ware, Janice Smith Row 2- Lori McC1me, Gena Campbell, Laura Inbody. Row 3- Shari Olinger B SQUADS Row 1- Kathy Young, Penny Bomar Row 2- Sally Johnson, Mary West, Cheryl Scott, Katie Nilson. Row 3- Laura Hancock, Leslie Kress Row 1- Laura Crawley, Jenny Myers, Connie Banks Row 2- Christy Myers, Molly Gruver, Dixie Imel. Row 3- Barbara Hill ll 0 ' fd. ft 6535, f" 15 1 W 9' tif ,l Q: f Q4 ,tj fi W1 Jkbt f ' Hfjd ,igyf t 'I , o ft W t HWY? n if Q K fi V fgf' HOIVIECOIVIING 1976 1976 QUEEN - Lisa Harney fm My to 5 Q 'AP' 'iff DNJ' M' Q AF. fi 'f 2 W WI" ' f of nt bf,,ln ,gW y . , X1 . ' , ' NlU'4flffllmWK7'j f n f P Jf Attendant Margaret Bat- chelor with escort Cal Canfield Attendant Kay Trickey with escort Matt Story 6. .'-my J 2?-, Row 91 Jim Sellers, Lance Wilburn, Jerry McNutty, Richard Oltman, Steve Terrel, Brad Boaz, Jerry Langston, Jerry Smith, Row 32 Joe Craig, Lee Wheeler, Eric Ligitt, Brian Wells, David Franks, Radley Sumner, Adam Kimberly, Rob Carr, Hopper Smith, Stuart Smith, Row 93 Mr, Clay Roberts, Mr, John Busherr, Keith Marouk, Mike Levelle, Charley Willam, Lee Hallock, Charley Cucklow, Ken Beard, John Nowlin, Mr, Jim Bushan J WRESTLING TEAM BASKETBALL TEAIVI - n -A John Blumenthal, Dwayne McGuire, Jeff Andrews, Char- t t V les Gawey, Matt Adkinson, Buddy Davis, Richard Womack Row 42 Gene Howerton, Brett Webber, Ed Schelb, Bob McCloskey, Brian Fail, Bobby Slater, Chris Inbody A I 5,-fl-'lt' 4'-41-'F' or I 17 VARSITY FOOTBALL '75-'76 Row l Brett Glassg Paul Gillilandg David Keylorg Matt Adkisong Matt Meadorg Larry Geiger Row 2 Mrs Mike Northcutg Charles Gaweyg Jeff Creedg Mike Elderg Bill McShaneg Mike Zygmuntg Bill Howardg Roger Rollyg Row 3 Rusty Vande- Wegeg Ted Davieg Chris Inbodyg Dwayne McGuireg Cal Canfieldg Gary DeVoreg Chris Bradyg Coach Phil Adamsong Row 4 Matt Stacyg John Blumenthalg Bob Slaterg Randy Robertsg Bob McC1oskeyg Jim Northcutg John Wheelerg Allen Pock X x -ffl' fl 1-N 5 qw NLK f fff A H1 l lx! I X I l 'F -'-, 5 V"' .':f 1-1 -:11:.V 'IIV :'i, :::, 1: ,-:.::, ,,, ' X , xg fp we "" Ling, 5 r r f Q 1 1 5' 5 E Q' pm E ff -af L K XS 5 1, gl ,. ,V ,. V. 3, 'A " Q' fi 1 1 ao'a SW F Q Lrfrgii if fair wwe? S Q .. -- A . .. .. M J 5 W B 3 ri M 2 5 J H are Eile en " ' M f' W f fe 13 A 21553 3 I i gig? Www ref -X lf mineirm m 555 mm X' ei W M ww ,?Sf?e2l2mmff ywwaeie 1 YA - .: ':': gif iii " il JUNIOR VARSITY Rowl Hopper Smithg Brad Boazg Jim Sellersg Brett Reynoldsg Bo Boazg Scott Logsdong Steve Lewisg Brad Edwardsg Scott Latch Row 2 Mark Critesg Robert Frankling Robert Bowdeng Cole Nilsong Stan Lawrenceg Bill Hallg Philip J onesg J eff Lewisg Greg Priceg Coach Mike Murphy Row 3 Pete Andersong Joe Haveng Alan O'Donnellg Don Thurmang Stuart Hillg Mark Swaffordg Rhett Brooksg Garth Wilsong Nelson Mooreg Randy Headg Coach Owens PREP TEAIVI ROW 1: Gary Goen, mascotg Mike Gileg Bart Glassg Richard Hulsg Ralph Woodsg Bobby Pielstickerg Joe Craigg Thomas Harrisg Danny Murrayg John Doakg ROW 2: Coach Pat Morelyg Jim McCoyg Monte Goeng Bobby Duncang Lee Wheelerg Eric Liggettg Steve Lewendoskig Scott Reederg Greg Paytong Seth Howellg Jerry Langstong Kevin Grandpreg ROW 3: Stuart Wolffg Landy Jonesg Jim Tillmang Brad Johnsong Don Tobeyg Bobby Talleyg Scott Coulsong Mark Adkisong Joe Marting Mitch Surretg Max Bennettg ROW 4: Coach Steve Coleg David Curkg Randy McCanng Eric Beckstromg Bill Dupontg Doug Maritang Cary Eskridgeg Cary Andrewsg Jotm Heimang Wes Nelsong Bobby Reinkemeyerg Coach Tim O'Hal1oran ' 1 J ' - it J J it it Y I , f 11 , , Q,,:11' gfyfm, , ,Iwi Z QL, ,A,,,. I I M ff.w,f,f,57M:,f,, 3 ,V ,, . ni, ZW, f ' ,f ,V " ' N NINTH GBADE BLUE TEAM Row ifl Matt Adkinson, Jeff Andrews, Richard Womack Row 52 John Blumenthal, Buddy Davis, Chris Inbody, Cal Canfield, Dwayne Mc Guire, Charles Gawey, Row 153 Mr. Jerry Webber, Brian Fail, Bob McCloskey, Ed Schelb, Brett Webber, Bobby Slater, Gene Howerton BASKETBALL N '14--. 'H'-0. g 84 XL ,ifof K 41x K, '-'F 1 X J' K ? I NINTH GBADE GOLD TEAIVI Row 91 Eddie Morris, Step- hen Wells, Brett Glass, Row 82 Dan Burns, Kenny Wine- garten, Randy Roberts, Bill Cutsinger, Jim Barrett, Kerry Hinton Row 33 Mr. Tim O'Halleren, Paul Alexander, Kilton Holmes, Wilson White, Ted Davie, Jim Deacon, Brian Castles, Mr, Jim Barrett EIGHTH GRADE GOLD TEAIVI Row 1: Scott Latch, Rob Cass, Richard Mus- grove, Jerry Lindemann, Mike Bean, David Cottrell, Marc Milsten, Frank Billings, Row 2: Mr, Coulson, Haskell Bass, Rob Herrick, David Peake, Jay O'Reilly, Jon Stowell, David Messer, Mr. Billings. hu!! SEVENTH GRADE GOLD TEAM Row lg Stewart Wolf, Bart Glass, Kirk Welch. Row 2: David Broadsky, Hal Lewis, Bill Savage, Sean Harris. Row 3: Mr, Heatwole, Mike Roof, Cary Eskridge, Bob Stovall, Kevin Lowery, Mr. Bill Russell EIGHTH GRADE BLUE TEAIVI Row 1: Bo Boaz, Jim Terhune, Alan O'Donnell, Ronnie Coulson, Steve Goforth, Terry Thomason. Row 2: Mr. Powell Douglas, Don Thurman, Rhett Brooks, Rob Stauder, James Winslow, Mark Stranick, Garth Wilson, Mr, Douglas, SEVENTH GRADE BLUE TEAIVI Row 1: Tracy Phillips, Bobby Pielsticker, Kevin Granp re. Row 2 Scott Reeder, Bobby Talley, Monte Goen, Seth Howell, Mitch Sur- rett, Mark Adkinson, Row 3: Mr, Larry Reeder, Scott Coulson, Bill DuPont, Doug Mari- tan, Andy Lucas, Robbie Duncan, Mr. Kipp :YR sn, ' NI K 5 X' Y gs .., i 4 ' S ' , ,Q t W . H si ,Q -f 1 ' is A Q L X E - .L gfllkr 'i,"'fm'l S gX ,, E - - ' :--1 . S A . 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Suggestions in the Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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