Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1973

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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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u e I L , :Qu . iv L! i Lv Hlilli IL' i I F mi-u -1--1-:env J, q-nm--... A Q ' ' fair-we 'E 'ff?'1F i1i17TI1'E2""'!!" """f 1 5 5 SE: Q, ,AE . ' 4 I r 1, y f, lb F I1 li, ll, II ll -:1 I in ng: I-Q t . IIA , if f sv, , mf lieu Ina? :Ffa 15 5 :EQ I, W iw' nfl gm - 3555 lic' .af- mg mg, IEJ Mg 1. .. I 1 1 9 X E . .' ll 5 z ' ix, . 1 f It . ' 6'- . , . . . .. Hi! Q.. . .- .'5'. .31-L .- g.-. ,o' ' 21 I 11-.'. 'A 1 '.-. . . .gd . . . . 'fin'-T lit'-' 13" - A... .g.. .... , Q... y. .I , - . , M.-.-, 'Ya'.'. . . . '.,. . L?.'. .- . Lv . .4 nn . ,, Q.. . ff 'fu .fs .'. Q i... FST 1 .f 1 ...1- . H... .. . A.: 'R 4 I . ., .fi I ,,. 'V-'4 v M-1. if-4 K g, -r .-1' o 5. . v.- . 'Z' ., 2. ,I I-,- 133 V. . x'., x g: 'ol 'lu 'Rf . "-I . ,n . V '.'.' ' .,.',4. 1 .... . j . . 0 . . . r.' ' ' f.. , .'. . '.'. . .' ' , .'. .' .Zi -f -T.'. ' . 1-4. 1 , Cf ',' ' , . f 3 ry - 3.. , . 'Y ', . V- 'A .D-.'. ., 2 ..,.' .mwah X "" . ,mm 1 . X .. 1 ,,...., ,,, 1 . 1 wmwonm , . Marceune, Mo., u.s.A. f 1 I n . .fv .ff 'til x ,QF A :R a E ' I fi "i i r fi pi i J, fl . 5' :il 'ffl -.qs ol: 5 .J F r SQ av wi .ggi 5. 2 .Ce ill? if ..: v . V, ,.,. Q 1 , A A ,,1 W? .J mm TZ M545 SI' 4z'i xxxxnrf Q xxxnm NIMITZ JUNIGR HIGH TULSA, OKLAHOMA QR- CGNTENTS 1973 Seventh Grade Organizations Activities Sports Snapshots Autographs KJ ADMINISTRATIGN G8 0 MR. CARLO CLAYTO PRI CIPAL i -.p R Nimitz has been guided by Mr. Clayton for four years. He is frequently in the halls, cafeteria and classrooms observing and becoming better acquainted with the teachers and their students. We appreciate this concern and dedication for our school. Mr. Clayton has a Wife and two daughters in the teaching field plus another daughter and a son in school. During leisure time he enjoys golf. Page drawn by Ruth Mason N.-Z" S., L.. ,-W-. fxk, f-X,f'f-xsfdx K4 MR. JIM NORM SSISTA PRI CIP L In his first year at Nimitz we observed Mr. Norman's ex- pert handling of all situations and his great interest in students and teachers and our affection for him grew. With his twenty-two years of experience and his easy going, friendly personality, he has created a calm atmosphere at Nimitz. A new interest in Mr. Norman's life is his 17 month old grandson. When not busy at school, he likes all sports and spends a lot of time gardening. M S. RHETTA ROBI As ninth grade advisor and girls' counselor, Mrs. Robinson is a friend, sincere in her concern and frank in her ad- vice. Whatever the problems, students find solutions to them through con- f ferences with her, - Ewa. n,.. . Her high school football player son keeps vw-N the family busy attending all sports ac- tivities. R. BOB AVERILL Mr. Averill became seventh and eighth grade advisor and boys, counselor this year. After serving as Nimitzls assistant principal for three years, he knows the students and faculty well. When time permits from this busy schedule at school, Mr. Averill enjoys cle who spoils two nephews. snow skiing and bridge and is a doting un- Wow .9 L JX .gl 5 fi 1 With her fine mind and ex- treme interest in students, Vi Greer has created such an in' terest in science that Nimitz students continue to stride in that field and go into it professionally. You will find her room filled with students an hour or more before school begins. For the many hours she has given to them the students showed their thanks by choosing her as their favorite teacher of the year. 1.2, TE CHER THE YEAR lM S. NUOLA GREER Busy, busy Vi in her classroom FACULTY Mr. Dennis Barlow Geography-Science 454 i Mr. Jan Bartlett Boys' P.E. 1 x ix 1 1 i Mrs. Viola Greer Science Mr. Johnny Gragg Industrial Arts A ' 4 I I M .X EX fl XX 1 1 Mr. Richard Branson Mrs. Marie Faulkner Chorus-Instrumental English Music AS5j?5?i3Qg2g,eS,5pgm,451:P1 v --H2541 . ,.r,,.,. ' w A "' fMM,i.,ig,.g,f, . miiifxx- . L . elsif-2'-fzsisssl' ff- - skgsfff . . - f: - . 3 Mr. J .T. Carvell Mrs. Blanche Coiner Miss Pat Cutter Math Homemaking Girls' P.E. Miss Debbie Duff Mr. Jerry East Science Assistant Science K VL:,:,, I Vyyk by Q.. .,.........,. 4 ,rt ' ,Hwy K A .,., L' V r we 'K' lm :ees W A W 1121 ,,.' : .- -A, -.4 H35-I gigs'-fggiswgfi?n V., . K A-,. L.,. A I I- M . 'S . 5 at " b .... , I yg p .qA 3 at ,,,...,., Mrs. Barbara Hambric ' l 75 if Miss Susanna Mosley English-Speech I A'g:' 4 Speech Miss Phyllis Henry Mr, John Miller Math Math Mrs. Mary Holley Mr. Joe Meeks EI1gliSl1 Oklahoma History- Geography Mrs. Thelma Hopkins Mr. Dwight Kertzman Mrs. Juanita King Mr. Richard Lay Mrs. Jean McKnight Math Science Math Industrial Arts English-Spanish Mr. Del Patterson Economics Mrs. Sandra Robbins English Miss Charlotte Rowe Girls' P.E. FACULTY Mrs. Jayne Trotter English Mr. Theo Williams Boys' P.E. Mr. Ronald Wheaton Civics-Geography Mrs. Joy Weddington English Mrs. Mary Stuart Miss Carolyn Trotter Mr. Roger VanDenhende Mrs. Lily Vogle Mrs. Henri Warren Math Typing U.S. History Geography Art X -I-mr N X NN xx X ..s-s.,.::- - .7 . . . fn- -3 - '. : STAFF ,V . x N NJN X Qi XX X Q X V rx N sr, N5 N as X N SL N x A 29+ N X X X A Q, N X wa w E K K .9 N X Q JMB X W is X NSW Qs N X 213 N' X : - W . .X2 , f 5 ' 7 N sf: QM- Wm.. . - i.?lfC2ligf3N ' .141-?:57SF'5f3Ski . " wi? -' Rv E Y SSH? . M, Mrs. Reba Tubb Mrs. Wanda Johns Mrs. Verda Bury if P.E. Cripples in the library. ...a Q..-am. , Is he really sick? 4 1 . fs Mrs. Elva Pratt 5 f 2.437 R3 . Row 1: Laura Wilson, Alma Lay, Linda Boone, Betty Frank Row 2: Opal Thomas, Levita Coby, Betty Garrison, Phylis Bartee, Row 3: Mabel Idol l ff!! Vw 1 a CAFETERIA TAFF Nell Bishop, Judy Drenmon, Portha Rinehart """"f kk rx i 1 i I , RF' , ,xl ii W' it V an if .ff le i CU TODIA fm pi rf , . fx S -Z f s .i: 'S:': 5 .f 5, ' Q31 D , 'F V Bob Lowery f A va' Head Engineer H X ' J Not pictured: Leota Curtis, Lewin - - Gulley, Noel Ramsey, Fred Robert- - SOD 4 A l B Zim ,A FRESHMEN CLASS OF gl X ll l 'YL avfew '-rw, mmwe W wmwwf-iw we ,Q ii ' B ril Qi, Q , - .,, 5 Z f in f K T W 1 IM f f 4 A Z e 5 xy il ,W,,M, , ,,,1L,,L, , ,,, z wwf? , hzmfwx 1 A r X ,fr f - 39 f 92 4 "Q 1:3 1,7 , , WWMW V ,, tg- , 4 5 g k J! of A if 3 V a' H 5 X 5' , f ef ff 3 N25 Sf g A 3 I + 'vw f ,nw 4 ,, ,7v,,.m-y iwwvvi' W? Tom Adams Tony Allen Diane Baker Nancy Barrett Paul Beattie Becky Becker W 9' 'IS Cv Q- 'UID 'lm Karen Anzuini Laura Barton Pam Bernstein Vanessa Bishop Russell Blackwood Kevin Blaine Becky Blair Jane April Janet Bass Meg Berry ff , W lf . 1 f 2 Q, .-a ff 'Y ff 'W f .5 " ay .f 4 ek 92 32 9 v ' J ,,. ., i "lr A 13, u ' 41 V E f, f lim if ? W , ffl f X 2 W Judy Back Chris Bearden Brent Bevenue 'Q ,WN-.1 fi M42 fyf ff ,W X, 9? 4 s ff 17 52 Sway 53 fm 1 a f - fewwwwe A 2 4 fa f 1 - :kenaf X 2 X ,, , -VVA 1 fi 4: 3 1 MVA fy f jf? A 0. Q A A , ,,, ,, H I 9, l ,A ,, ., Forrest Blakely Wes Blevins Ricky Boone Kathie Borden FRE HME tx!" X, JN l J, ' llake 'iv x V ii" Xxx M! , if N-A N 1 X J 1 i. lll Yu 65 Ullllmlll- '11 'ws U-Q., Davis Bovaird Katie Brander Cinda Brashear Elaine Braunagel Susan Brett Jill Brocchus Carolyn Brooks Libby Brown Don Brunnell Paul Bunnell Donna Burscough Kathy Busch Lisa Braverman Nancy Broyles Bill Cabell lf A2 1. t " - 'f V ,Ma ,W ,:,, ,,'Qzr he 4, , .. ,':q:,'fm?'i:' V- .. t g , W 6' i, ,, is ,imma I ,I V7 uufwagnx V. ,, 15751, ' E 1-we ' Z 4: E, V 4 ,, , 3 Z f ff f if W fl x' f' B f lnvarai 1-gr wp Zz , , , 1 QQQWWH N49 Qcott Cameron Mark Carter Randy Christiansen Bud Cantrell Danny Charrier Steve Christiansen Lisa Cardot Nancy Chitwood Jerry Clark Greg Cobbs Nancy Compton Gary Conway Dawn Cotton if ii , 2 if WS lx L XJ, Erin Carney Grady Carson Richard Choate Mike Chozen Leigh Ann Clegg Bryan Cobb www' Laura Cruikshank Bryan Dotson Larry Edwards wif' Casey Crutchfield Janette Douglass Susan Edwards an ' FRE HME Mark Courtright Brett Crane Jim Crosby Kirby Crowe Terry De Sirey Steve Dye Ann Elliott Diane Dexter Kim Eakes Lisa Endres Jim Dooley James Edmonds Sherry Erskine If-rm-s.,, ,Aan 9 JY Oil 43? Nexepsf 'gisagszif we 1 'nr itat N e . ,AX.., L.,.. me 24, 2 as i IAI - fu: . - -.uns , ma Q: X X x Q Oidxwl R X X 1 so at K K is Www X X X xx awww X 3, 5 wr . i Qfiimri.. NSR x ,M X E , M it , aria 5 X N sieve X Xi at 3 Q X i . . X ' w arise. k K5 . LLLL are irffgiixgfi . - G st FFL' ': fa. ' . Kiki- U i ' . fri: we Q- ai - ' .5 Q Q. K-Xg1Y'12f95. -. we . wr Q .X 1211, V , .E A -,Q g Q .Aw ,,.,,..,e Kenton Erwin Gretchen Esley Kent Freeman Patty Frohnapfel Jerry Geatches Polly Gent J2"s1L . , WW? My gy -Ln, David Fadler Robert Fry Karen Gilchrist Amy Glass John Godsey Janie Gordinier Lisa Gould N., r Judy Fitzgerald Martha Gandee Randy Gilliland Cindy Fox Keith Garson Neil Gilpin W. W' y E 4 3 ra , , 4 lm. EN ,,aw.., Janet Haggard Michele Hays Kim Hewitt . MW . ' A J ' ' . V V t Susie Harper Ron Helms Denise Hickman ,,,,4,Mr' FRE HME Carrie Grayhill Charles Griffin Mark Griffith Laura Grossich John Harshman Carol Hembree Mary Hinds i D illlifil- fe' Suzanne Haynes Karen Henn fifflj NX Cheryl Hays Bobby Henry Laura Hoffman Jay Hitt I "'N....y iii :MV -- V w . fi f- HW ' 1 31,4173 gw,.i?-1.1-W , qi V ,A J, .ei- svl x, A 4 1 im. A wc"- Patti Holcomb Marc Horn Chris Hughes f .V we is , W . 1,-J ,er , fig fs . all l A i .......aQn filkw Steve Holland Cindy Howell Debbie Hunter ..-...W ,... K - - ,Q , . , M f - 5 "' t W S ' - -. V -- - , M- Q f ' 1. S ..:.. 15, . we f '- P' g nu-. " W NY L t ,. , ' r Debbie Holloway Debbie Howell Gary Infield James Irby +N.,...4f - Bernice Holman 'Tracie Howell Danny Hoover Marty Howerton Elizabeth Jackson Steve Jackson Dean -Iavine Bryan Johnson Jeff Johnson - -- 2- - uwsskwi-am, Xe ,Ly - s YI? 5:7 5 - e:!S,i,-J-gg A riff' H2515 gig K' -is - stfsixswiaaz- -if-Y-,551 H -x m.wfsw+viL JJ-Q12 it ' L , lr ,, ,g i it Q35 1 N E Wes Kaefer Jim Kessler Billie Lee FRESHME Stan Johnson '.,1 l,'g,f1'.,.'l 1 H Cathy Jones V Q Scott Jones Sheila Jordan l x if l x Q17 5 HARME Lisa Keegan Doug Kelley Jenny Kelley Susan Krueger Betsy Lake Kirby Lane Cindy Lee Jim Leuthesser Jack Lewis David Kerns Jay Lebow Tommy Little 'Y' ll . MTV f. : 45 . get E if Q ak, , fini ' LL ki., L M N- 'D' iw ,W W 1 I - is Q xf as is we 1-P 5 YF all 9 x KN O '4i,f7" Becky Logan Diane Loveless Denise Loyd Leah McCoy Kelly McCune Brian McDaniel Kathy McKelvey AnnMcKenna Russell McKinney If lx W Deena McNiel Susan McShane 1 :lsulrf I Mark McWilliams '. . Mark Maguire '1 inf Sm: Q 'VK I S 5 up X 'HN 9 . 155: tg, ,Q-W-w. 1 ,. 1 . lx 1 Q ' 3 Diane McAfee Lezlee McDonald Kelley McLendon ' Vx PM ,Q fl l W ig ' ' fe if 1 K E -2 John McCoy Marylea McGehee Kevin McMichael Q , ff el' 5 43, A .Y Q ,,, Melinda Mathews Tracey Medaris Earl Meyers ,wwf Gail Matles Chris Medlock Michelle Miles FRESH Susan Mahoney Tom Maley Ruth Mason Susan Mason Susan Mattinson Terry Meek Marc Miller Mike Maxwell David Metz Tammy Miller 30 Jo Ann Meason Mike Metz Dennis Mitchell ws? My A x ig, 5' V g i...,.p,. M f ' i ' WMM wry' ,, We-1, I Q' 4 Ken Mitchell Ed Monnet Scott Morgan Don Morris Mickey Mulkey Rickey Mulkey 4.-Q nxt Kevin Moody David Morrison Kathey Myers David Newport Chris Nicely Nancy Nichols Mark Nicholson New Cathy Moore Andy Morgan Mary Morrison Diane Morrow Debbie Nelson Nancy Newby 81" ivfik FRE HME Steve Nicholson ...Q-swf" Betsy Nolan David Northern David Ostrander Eddy Parker Reece Patton John Pauliny Del Pender Bill Pielsticker Ruth Pierce Kevin Radford Rick Rayson Greg Renberg Mindy Payne Mike Plumer Jeff Render Tina Pelizzoni Charles Potter Patti Reynolds Nga-wg' xw ...Q-H tw fx, :ii ,nl hi .Wv, - -aj 'A R ii R r fi 4' it gf K L :X K -Y K K if is , - L3 Lg ,. i MQ A it rr- it ., X A ig ,gr g-3 l N i . 5' W K 2, ig, .,. .L I mga I ' 'Y TYR, Q X 's is . ' . i al? X f Xie .af 'i" 'S l 2 5 ,. i Q,-Jngiig if , we I New S ' K XX S 5+ S 5 is 1 if X . R km Kim Rinker Dana Sanger Jeff' Shaffer A ...- 2-4 QE ' x Thesa Rogers Stephanie Sanseverino Bobby Shaw S. IQZQHKESYQFSQ , A W :MPX is Q' X S. M X ae' M . rzzgrgrg 1,3 .1-..g,.+ . .vpxib XX., in ,,' i 4 -f::"vr Lori Rossiter Cindy Runyan Tom Ryba Mark Saylor Bobby Scruggs Mike Shade Sally Short Diane Shupert Carol Simon Susan Schad David Smith Becky Sorrells 5' is x x-- Marsha Spear George Stabler nr,- FRESHM N Tammy Stalder Lisa Steinmeyer Glen Storts Jim Stovall Monty Sullivan John Swanson Becky Terrell Cindy Terrell Sonya Thurman Tracie Tutt Carol Vance Vicki Vandiver Lynn Visher Mark Wackenhuth Laura Wadley Jack Walker Doug Waugh Jerry Webber Lori Weber QQ JE -vS?'iW'3l"l KR Marlene Weedin Tom Weeks David Wehrenberg John Wheat David White Mike White Joyce Whitlock Paul Whitney Kathy Wiley Bonnie Willett Fred Williams Julie Williams Ray Williams Steve Wilson Todd Wilson Doug Wince Benton Roberts Clifton Wood Rhonda Wood Tammy Zumwalt EIGHTH GRADE Steve Aberson Brad Abelson Kerri Adams vu 1-fm ky fe t Teresa Adkinson Lyndy Affeld Lauren Andersen Martin Arnlinger ,aa David Anderson Roger Andrews , S as X 4 771' , 1 21 W f .mm i 1 5 ,QW ff 4 V 5 lr SWS? 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' I - ,awp f 5 N E, bgw ' , I, , 7 , , 5' w W,f'Q1 m me as vw Brent Ashley Dirk Atherton Shirley Avery Janette Beshara Mark Bearden Kathy Beatty Jeff Baldwin Phil Banfield Trudy Bangs Brian Blagowsky Anne Bomba Bob Barbero Carene Batchelor Laura Barton Sheila Brent Brander Brandenburg 2 2 E Becky Allert Kathy Andress Elisa Aptak rf vm, f It lzgieziezisrfavfssfl ,yfm l.,. ,fm VZ- N 'f e- ll51Qf5'9!, '51, f 'S fC W ' 1 4 David Beckstrom Bill Borton Keith Brewer ,..,,V vcr, I Q ,di v kiwi. , 1 4 wa f Q wg ,, :A , 5 we H Michael Brewer Richard Brown Judy Buzzalini x 4 6 F .14 Allison Broadland Jay Burris Butch Campbell NW' ""?f?'r Curtis Broome Simon Butler Caren Canfield - Wag 'Q 5 - - 6 5 2 Mark Carlson Doug Carolus Karin Clark . 5 X 4 Nl? i -1, 2 .V Jack Carlton Suzanne Cailloux Kelly Clark 'S Sandra Carnes Christine Childers Carl Clayton iiiiiii ' ffif: rieil s Q, .-sir: , A , if irst RSC: C i If ,'kk " : . . .- ' - I - K l ' A ' - I Q ' me i Krkhhii Lk sqft I si --.e if 72 . , . W X ' - ax f ' QL k . an-:V f.-- ' A , LL,k i Kfxi- gi .:.L.: , vrii get 1 .--- ' A -fi 1 Caryn Cundith Ann Daniel Jan Degen i il' V iiir ii it ' EIC IH I 'H GRADE X x x A rVVA ug, K.-sera,-,"' X K il John Cochran Sam Cohen Lisa Cook Whitney Coutret Linda Crabtree Lana Crane Kathy Creitz Butch Crites David Crockett A... 3' l I ,,,.ir,, ,. ,F ,:,,,,. ,, i f fzfliiia Z' V, ,,,' -2 fgfgzgtfggvg, f 1 ' rff- , ,gf, gg85,g , . 5 ',f- lgg,g:,,iy KW f"' wx i , M ' l il: 5 I A j fl ,af ga s ' , f l K Mark Dethrow Dawn Dohner Russell Dysart txx R a f 1 F 2 A i I A 3 ""Yaf fl f ws gf, 4? 'V is -.ffl in 1' 'Irv-4' i W - Q s A, 1 9-1 N X N Y it ii 1"2': ' Johnny Fair Jay Farris David Fling Wade Foor Nancy Franklin Kevin Gallagher 32 sf- 'SI f , of is ., 5. if , I' S2 i Q. t 2 t fy Judy Finer Debbie Foster Carol Galt Angela East Kenneth Edwards Michele Edwards Mark Egermeier Mike Ellison Bobby Enterline John Erskine Paul Esling Laura Fail is 1 i ai ia S to ra t is uf R g iv sa if Tracy Galyon Tom Gent James Getty Robert Glass Billy Goldman Mark Goldman Roxie Goodman Tisa Goudeket Jackie Grady , , .-f,:wgsf1w xi K K ad' W ..,. X l Q fx , is ge Q, 'Ex X . L ,fx , .is- : : -, sfiggg-if:-V ,. " wa Ji E, M- 3 f ,sf Y N 1 X , 'X 'ffssviiiii " :'l3l3.as1 . - , J .gigiagag-as - 1 . .L-glsmlsii - s .is ' A' - '-2F.:,1f'1ifEre:- fri :1 ,. I 1 r ': :fg51Y:ei1?5 . , ,SWS Si essr ' J ii 2 fig 5, : - .Iv - '1J.:I-is-f2:f'i,szEgm'.s . 4 sa 'ls all S' x, W3 x an 1 i ' -L' 1 . 4 X is X gs 1 ig f Q, .X I ,ir Richard Graham Randy Graybill Doug Green Leslie Hanoch Debra Hartig Denise Hartig Rhonda Green Lisa Greenwell Paul Griffin Angela Hatchett David Hayslip Jane Head Phyllis Grove Teresa Hall Tony Hall Tony Heineman Tammy Hernbree Terri Henshaw eww 'Eh Y in David Hickman Julie Hodge Janice Howell kb? Steve Hickman Patty Hill Hunter Hoffman Cindy Howell Hillary Hubanks Betsy Huckins it I ,Q J W 'K ,K ,V 1 1 v A rs, ' ' 2. , , , A I , .v ,EY ,VV ,7 J ir 'X "' E 5 V an ff gl Q 7 Brent Hughes Marsha Hunt Julie Jackson we-sfti as-Q-gzgigisgzg if r Yi any I ,1!!ffefe .ll u ,si "--, r - . . ' w eve err 1 i. New f. Q v f- i i -5 etewsiwt fpv f' A 'V L' 'lik Mark James Kathy Johnson E .msg A 'CT N ' . riff:-if -il, R545 7? L , IRQ ' ififkgaifiaif 1 glfae ie! .t f if ii. ?f X . gk .emi ,5.l1w ,L if f ' f. Linda Jones Sarah Kite Eric Kunkel 'E Tom Jones Randy Kalkis Laura Koch Billy Korver Karen Langston Ron Legrand 3 L e745 S P 555 1 4' ' We K ,QQ - ' Q 1 tg fe . g R' 1 N Q. .,r b at A L E tw, was V t L L W x like mi .wEiif:.,sii2?5 ,J A eg .. .. . A. l f egg? aefieaa S New elle v' L ee e it Q wr, tt .,,, ig tx , , S L g ' A , A R gk, X ,.,., . yi L Q X , gang : Q .fi 1 ,ggi . i . , 5 J'- ,P , K e-eoe 'HM ' . H Bob Lewandowski Teri Lindemann Mark Lindsey Michelle Maroney Mugs Manning Janie Margetson Jennifer Little Ginger Little Shelley Loveall Lesley McAfee Karen Martin Pepe Martinez Tim Lucas Mark Manners Cindy Manning Kim McElhiney Greg McGuire WF W.,-xr' J-'ll . Q P J '? P me if. k.k "" K Danny Meador Pam Melson Judy Metz Julie Michaelson Anna Miller Mike Miller Terry Moody Alfred Moore Mark Morton George Paganis Jimmy Parker Roger Pattison Cindy Pfaff Marty Phenicie Debbie Phillips Kathy Phillips Steve Philoon Mona Pittenger as K , .- 3 SQ K N 1, x ,J 5 5 W ' 3 Q Q Q W We 'i, i, -.1 1 . , a X 'ie X X fx is S k.A X t T .9 X S ks . r P rv- 5 ,rm - 2 lx Q Q X it K 2 5 Q as A... ,KI 5 S Julie Nash Debbie Neighbors Matt Nichols John Nixon Maureen O'Neil Bill Osburn Q .f ,,, , X V ,V ..,, H, 'HI ,wk . 5545? Mark Powers Bill Preaus .pw David Newport David Noss Kevin Oxley ag, 2 'swf z I "y 0 K , X 1 f 4 2 M Keith Prewett EIGHTH GRADE ,pipe Wes Proud Laura Putman Susan Raatz 4 A N HA . . 4 'QQ MQ? Rf, G Bert Roberts Kate Rodgers Brett Sackett he 3 4 .J '2- 3 KAAK - 7 ,3 , M I N . . ,, - ,. , c z ---av K' ,f. ' V' i f L? v ? 3 Qifillzigzff . Mike Roberts Robert Roby Scott Ross Vicki Rowe Mark Sampson Steve Roberts ,X srrf 1 R' Xx ,,. 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S gift wget ,A 1 Natl 5,3 t-,A Aff!-x, fx if lik 'SSR idk ,Q A Si: f , 4 t irqq N ,.,, 3'-X K 5 s Ruth Shannon Paul Shupe Jeanne Smith WWF? amim ffi f X S553 .x .'l fl -ff NE?1.S EH? S X li . .f .L f, in :E K 2 X X estate .te ix Jim Smith Steve Spurgin Todd Stewart Lisa Tipping 2 .2 min ,. tx, MQ - 5 .ff -f 3 Lg smllvi XX X3 ri .gg 1 ' 'X iqm. rwwkx - 4 I 'sr hw, ggi Daniel Spitzer Janna Stabler Mark Stith Us -AX ,:- iif 5 ' W A X7 ,,, I Lynn Toler WM Johnny Spitzer David Stanley Gary Storts if in 3? EIS 3, 5 ii is M . Q , .- iwfihjr 175'ff',f'iiif ' l ' 'f5S'i'9'f4' X-'liw1fj,,f: eg "W ti '4 'fm "Sri-ffi53.ifZ . -:Lf?l'5i.'t Neal Tomlins EIGHTI-I GRADE ., 4 K ' I Qms i mga. i,E f Q K X - B . .:k M 4. i l 2 3' T Susan Stough Greg Sullivan Laurice Teague Terri Thomas Phil Th0H1PS0H Mark Thorne Brian Tillotson Bruce Till0tS0r1 Greg Storts J' V 'f ,,.g,,. 1, I at 3 lj ma L ' if fi : 3 V lgwfi, . as .ef J 1 in, x gf' Scott Tomson Steve Toschik Gena Trott . ..,. 'kv f. Qs -I its- 1: I 4 I I . ig u.r,,.f.L ikJM. if - t,', """ V' ,t,, 1 ---'f ' AKAL - - . Ei .R 4 in if 5? 1 ttt if 1 A 'Y m ay . em i 7Qf'1, ft ' : ,- I ,mf -'H ' W . it 1.: 4? tQ,-t t Q is , Karen Van Fleet Karen Vesley Diane Vier Sara Visher Dirck Vorenkarnp Scott Walsh Todd Webb Sheri Wells Patti Wesche 'Wim S Gay Wetherill Nancy Wheeler Jana Wilbanks Gary Wilcox Kathy Wilcox Alan Wilkerson Betty Wilkins Chris Wilkins Darrell Wilson Janice Wilson Tammy Wing Marcia Winland Bart Wood Lori Woodson Mitchell York Mitchell Karen Zeligson Zabienski SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OF 1975 t - , we ' it,- arv- Hi -X X i K at A l s? Stephanie Alexander wa r ,eee Steve Benson , ..X,. , In I FS W K I X l 5 , saw, as R R in ff- J-1 lm W A ,- NS X 5 xv av X Ni h 5 ,X X1 it '.-,':e 1' .:h' ff'-. Q Russell Bass fix Sandy Broadland Ken Anderson Jennifer Ashley Susan Banfield you .1 x ' ., vs jim I gif Pamela Beard Kelli Beatty Kirk Bell Jeff Bernstein Matt Berry Grant Black Susan Borden Brooke Boydston Paul Braverman Brad Broadwater Harvin Broughton Beth Brown .nf 'J' ..: as N i V La. r as www far N ., fl S fm .1-,,t , ,v Mike Barber Teri Bennett Dana Blackwell Dorothy Bridwell Steven Brunell YQ David Blakely ..', . I dr K x.. -Y A ' ' is , K - -f X5 S it Michael Bass Bob Busch Melissa Benson Randall Blackwood Doug Brinlee Jennifer Burton ti X ,S in , 1' K S, 65, ' 'MY x fs fi 25 2- umm! EVE TH GRADE Stephanie Carlson " Wh , fi I A V ii V , V' , ' Wffxf'-'2"' , f. 4 , H I . V' :Q-1 A H , QA ,r Y f,,eV3i A N if 0 dr ,Qi V A k 'H H, 'H M 'xx ,r i L n K A ' W ay i-" lf wi, fo fm Richard Conway I 4, I' M. v W5 ,Q , if Q, A 5 3 5 gk Q Debbie Detamore David Carmony Chris Ann Christopher Phil Corley Dinah Daniels David Dexter M' 2 1- 1 L ,,,, ,f ,vi V 4. ' 4. , fi! , NNE! , Cynthia Cass I ,.ia1:"Sxxi V , K M 2 if V A AFM ' it i A we 'C by A T W ,, , A ,K .L 7 Mir' ig at Qi W E , , E Johnny Dainto is C lux, ur-' Q 'f ' E M2630 'ff' rw? we ,L ,X 'L W' M " 4 4 if. . yiffw 1"f'.l, 35752: 'F' x n A? . , ' ,sw ff K IA lr Dana Carpenter Ben Carson Jeff Carson Linda Carson Charles Clark Chris Clayton Colleen Cline Harley Cohen "ii IH , yin C ml Sandra Dye Clark Courtright Mary Cox Teresa Creamer Bengie Crockett Chris Daubert Susan Daugherty Curt Deetz Mike DeSirey Scott Dickman Mary Dolman Bryan Driscoll Hope Dupre Q E--CY" ,Q w e , .xx ' rff"Sft"w i Q, Q X X S Q X X X 5 - ,H sag, If iq if jx K x Becky Dzialo 5 .M - f - ' Si? 5252151 , Af '. 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M231 ,fam Mfr' X 1 J 0, .,,. m!,?Q73v' iis . lm ., ': Weir-743: 5 as E Mark Hanoch 52.5 ,:, 'H 6 rf 1429 1 Hai fkf "-1 ' Xl 'A .5 Gregg Hill Mark Jackson 1 Jack Harker David Hayes Terry Hill Bailey Howell Debbie Jeffrey Sheree Harper Kathy Heatwole Connie Hindle Edye Howell J'nean Jeffries Darren Harris Mary Pat Heiman Richard Hinkle Barbara Huckins Bret Jennings Paul Harris Kathy Herron Lisa Hodge Liz Hunt Barry Johnson , W ,, iv J, 'MM- QXE is ,Q in dia '57 Tori Haus 'MMO Tracie Hoss Terri Hartman Laura Johnson Marty Hickman Riley Holman Jean Inglefield Julie Johnson l Kent Kanton xl l wig lin Q- vi Q VA - 1 Susan Lake A 4' 01-. , -,. g Q gli Mark Lofton lit -, 5 VRk4'Ne" ml so' Qx,,e- 5., , V FY' ,, .K K Jill Mattinson K , . 4,.,,, . 5:1 .E Jeff McCown be ,,,- Mm,Q1 - , :5, ,NV f ,smaaf A Y I N 5 5 .V , xx : In gig gan B K if A 2 Y 1 VX . A x , it Nl? L- l f K n . V. JN Q l Tim Kelley Kyle Kirchner Buddy Knox Lu Anne Kuelzer Shirley Kyle Don McKnight Randy Lam Robert Latch Jim Ledbetter Debbie Brian Lewis Debbie Magoon Missy Maguire Chris Manion Lewandowski Stephanie Mansell David Maxwell Britt Mayfield Marty Mayfield Lee Manning Kevin McAllister Lisa McCune Janna McCurry Julie McCurry Morey McAfee Doug McKinney A it Laura McKelvey EVE TH GRADE his X-V3 -..X ir' 'fe Kristi McLendon ,if-,, 'Q Kathy Murray ii , . .. J ,F 'X C tw jk 1 it ix Q ii i Y W ii 1 il Kill Q J leg.. P' f , N9 ii its .4 19 as ..,i .ll JW' if M. ,, ... N, t , Wig A , lyk J om , 1 9 -,f92fJt3:Qo, 1 E Donna Mills ' , me 1 F .N .,, J ' 1 ,x A Q V -w ' N ii ' Z S X ziifef e 3 V X . gl' 2 krrk 4 - 5 3 N ' ' wfms F 1 Q Q1 f-3 - .Q nr Aw Q, fffix pw 5 it 'iii' in T. ' . ir., A M Nw. L- 't Af' ' , 5 Li 2 - J fi ' , ' 2 1 r"L 'Qi ' 1 - 4 rfifff T 1' 4 J ., ,Q Eric Nettles ti .. , M W g ,ac ,., 'V gi, A . ' ,Q f fiiltetxll il K we . 1' J ' I , vl 97 ' 4 ' - W. A 1 i. ,A I ' .V gi V K X rw ,le X , it M A f . L ' 'S ffi::r' k"" -' ff: Vince Owen Holly Meason George Moore Len Musgrove Nancy Nolan John Paganis Melody Medlin Robbie Morris Rusty Nance Lisa Norton Alan Page X. .qw 11 -x , xg 47 fy Pat Metz John Morrison Richard Neal Angela Nowlin Scott Pastor 4, Darcy Miller Ann Mullen Jill Nelson Charles OlDonnell Kevin Patton if is Vin- ,,.LQ:?fZZzn'f?fW ,.. Tim Miller Bobby Murray Mark Nelson David Osburn Vickie Perine 8 f ,Q Q Q x Lorna Perry Robert Patterson ,Q :X S Sandy Rea J' 3 F f fix Y-Nw it SS W E ,l S M iw .ar . l E li N Y QSM , . ' ' K i K 1 x 1 r 1 1 rr 2 l 2 l', . Q . ' 1" s if' at tl. , ,it W S -qs 4 i X Q' e X 1' .,- - w fa - - in 1 - 'ffei'-il l" L 4 Darden Purgason .gi V iff. ' Debbie Ross is g..f,:::', K . K W .kg b f i? ff'-6 1 ex ,NLS Cindy Scott lohn Pfeifer Betty Pierce Hildy Plost Bruce Porter Lesley Proud Debra Purvis David Radford Paul Radrnilovich Teresa Randolph Greg Raskin Mark Remmert Darci Rhea Glen Rice Marta Rich Larry Rood Mike Rossiter Dedee Rowe Joel Rutherford Anita Sanseverino Rena Schmitt Monica Smith fa Kim Sellers Angela Shaw Mary Shelby Missy Single Jerry Siler is we Q QF Q, 5 if r Powl Smith Wy :gt f Robert Terrell sw- . ,W , . .,,, 4-, fzg .ix-if M 'E ego, M 39, J , Dena Stephenson Roger Wadley Chris Soder Donald Stuart Tim Terrell Lisa Tracy Suzanne Wagner Jeff Tomlins Mark Speer Braiden Spencer Eric Spomer Tye Steinmeyer Becky Waugh Stacy Summers Brent Taylor Susan Taylor Tim Terhune Lee Thompson Mark Thompson Mark Thompson Dean Todd Barry Trotter Theresa Van Maren Pam Vierra Scott Vorenkamp Chuck Walker Patty Walker Ronnie Walters Keeley Walton if A+ ,.kk - Q . ' W Y 2 S X N L., H Q w ,V X H 'Q x Linda Webster Alison Whitmire Tracy Wilson Leesa Woods EVE Tim Welsh Janet Williams Leigh Winslow Beth Young TH GRADE , ew, Mlm? K ' A N V XNN .Nw I X ff X I ,kin H vrpr rr, if ORGANIZATIONS The Student Council is an organization that serves the school. The money making projects assist in building school spirit and provide the Student Council with the money re- quired to have activities the students enjoy. This year's activities included a varsity-faculty basketball game, a poster sale and a pickle sale. Winning Christmas doors ,A ,fi, , ,Y , 3 " :Qs i',,:, L , A ll i r mm f i i e it as ' vsss , i ,K kgxky s A? 1 Row 1: Patty Frohnapfel, Terry DeSirey, Cindy Terrell ' 'i'i , g C H' Row 2: Jerry Webber, Mona Pittenger 523 I Qi c iisr F' is was , fig i::': L aw E '93 J E ami -.,...M xJ A: 1 STUDE T COU CIL Row 1: Lisa McCune, Neil Tomlins, James Getty, Mike Bass, Mr. Patterson Row 2: Becky Etton, Jay Farris, Tori Haus, Cheryl Hays, Cindy Terrell, Julie Nash, Tony Economou Row 3: Lynn Visher, Patty Frohnapfel, Susan Brett, Terry Desirey, JoAnne Meason, Lynn Toler, Holly Mason, Teri Bennett, Row 4: Nancy Broyles, Sherri Erskine, Jerry Webber, Jeff Baldwin, Mona Pittenger, Laura Fail, Erin Carney, Lisa Endres This year the Nimitz students contributed S880 in the Red Cross Enrollment Drive. This was far above what many of the other Tulsa schools gave in the Drive. At Christmas each homeroom made 2 or more Christmas stockings and filled them with toys and candy for the hospitals and Childrens Medical Center. We are also supporting our orphan Noboru Aoi who lives in Japan. , k CROSS -,,,, ii 1.L!b' W 4 .XFN 1 N Q ia lllll . A f .. ' 4 I - Row 1: Kelly McCune, Nancy Barrett Row 2: Lyndy -, Affeld, Jay Lebow, Lisa Steinmeyer RED CROSS Row 1: Miss Trotter, Debbie Detamore, Cindy Fox, Jill Nelson, Annie Silver, Monica Smith, Tye Steinmeyer, Powell Smith Row 2: Nancy Barrett, Kelly McCune, Lyndy Affeld, Jana Wilbanks, Jan Deagan, Cindy Manning, Colleen Cline, Tracy Galyon, Row 3: Elaine Fraunagel, Vanessa Bishop, Lisa Cook, Jane April, Mary Lea McGeehee, Mary Hinds, Carolyn Brooks, Lisa Steinmeyer Row 4: Steven Hickman, Pam Beard, Billie Lee, Debbie Hunter, Jay Lebow, Kirk Bell, Tammy Wing, Susan Ban- field, Martha Phenice ?d 5-f'F. C5 cuss life l Two of the K-Club's projects this year were selling candles in a can to raise money and buying and decorating the Christmas tree for the school. The K-Club is a school service organization made up of 25 eighth and ninth grade boys. It is affiliated with the Kiwanis and each month two ninth grade members are invited to the downtown Kiwanis luncheon. The club buys the school Christmas tree. ushers for school functions, sponsors drives for the needy and gives a gift to the school each year. Last year's gift was a share of the new intercom in the auditorium. This year's gift was a television set. Seventh grade students are recommended by their teachers and if any have had discipline or academic problems they are not eligible. Those eligible candidates are then voted on by their teachers and the top twelve are elected for membership. Row 1: Doug Green. Neil Tomlins. David Beckstrom, Bobby Barbero, Greg Storts, Danny Charrier, Mr. Kertzman. Row 2: Kevin Ray. John Nixon. Marty Howerton. Steve Philoon. Dirk Voverkamp, John Erskine. Forrest Blakely. Row 3: Jerry Webber, David White. Kent Erwin. Mike Maxwell. David Fling, Marc Miller. Brian Dotson. Row l: Uarol Simon. Cheryl Hays. Nancy Barrett. Karen Anzuini. Ruth Pierce. Scott Jones Row 2: Betsy Lake. Stephanie Sanseverino, Elizabeth Jackson. Ann Elliott. Kelley Mcl,enclon. Nancy Nichols, Russell Blackwood. Row Il: Mrs. Warren. Amy Glass. Doug Kelley. Debbie Hunter. Nancy Uornpton. Ann McKenna. Ruth Mason. liori Rossiter. Not Pictured: Donna l-lurseough. Janette Douglass , Q .s ::3m'4,.?5v- lil hit MA T TAFF Work ,Q The Mast Staff is selected by Mrs. Warren from second year art students. This year s 24 members are dependable and serious students. After com- . pletmg the yearbook the first semester. they do advanced art idx WY. .na .. My , t - K 0 v., I TNQ? " " T.-N f. . K '-v..,g,,. .-4 -.Lift 1f"Ifl'lY:gX. Q S iw l . 'I . ty ,7 5 W Y 9 I fp' 10,9 fi, AUDIO 5 VISUAL Q Ziff i C rf s-X - 5 0 Students who assist Mr. Wheaton in audio visual receive class credit for their work. The boys are selected by the faculty from a list of students re- questing audio visual for their dependability. They show films at the request of teachers. Row 1: Danny Meader, Butch Crites, Simon Butler, Richard Choate, Mr. Wheaton Row 2: Ron Helms, Sid Allen, David Fling, Dave Newport STAGE CRAFT This group of student volunteers is choosen for their good citizenship and academic achievement for although most of the stage work is done before and after school, regular classes must be missed when a production is scheduled during the school day. -4 x ! They aid in the production of all plays, assembly programs and concerts, making sets, operating spotlights and arranging sound effects. No class credit is given for their school service. Q fam , , tin 'ff Y' Row 1: Ruth Pierce, Nancy Barrett, Lynn Visher, Cindy Terrell, Laura Wadley, Martha Gandee, Mr. Wheaton. Row 2: Nancy Broyles, Debbie Hollaway, Sherry Erskine, Joyce Whitlock, JoAnne Meason, Terry DeSirey, Row 3: Debbie Hunter, Eric Freeman, Meg 1 Berry, David Smith, Nancy Compton, Ann McKenna. l O .-:L-3 I n mnjhnm t 1 frilly Mflundsn PLI TER TAFF Each month a volunteer staff of reporters and editors publishes our school newspaper, THE SPLINTER. This year's staff has representatives from all three grade levels. Students were chosen on the basis of written application. Staff members attend regularly scheduled meetings before school and must write all assignments outside of school hours. Row 1: Mrs. Holley, Delene Frazee, James Getty, Betsy Lake, Scott Cameron, Cindy Terrell, Paul Whitney, Karen Henn, Mrs. Robbins Row 2: Judy Buzzalini, Warren Ranger, Terr DeSirey, Dana Sanger, Joel Rutherford, Becky Waugh, Betty Pierce, Todd Stewart Row 3: Lori Weber, Carol Galt Becky Sorrells, David Stanely, Tracie Tutt, Suzanne Haynes, Susan Mattinson, Brad Ableson, Cynthia Cass. Row 4: Greg Cobbs, Lisa Keegan, Carol Vance, Debbie Hunter, Jay Lebow, Mona Pittenger, Tammy Wing, Karen Clark, Ruth Mason, Cathy Moore , 'f F N ' x if k E 5 Z O' Row 1: Betsy Lake, Dana Sanger Row 2: Terry DeSirey, Cindy Terrell, Susan Mattinson Row 3: Greg Cobbs, Debbie Hunter, Lisa Keegan MATH CLUB Row 1: Mr, Miller, Brett Sacket, Jack Harker, Jennifer Berton, Julia Francis, Scott Dickman, Robert Glass, Kent Kantor, Row 2: Harvin Broughton, Brett Jennings, Laura Wadley, Debbie Holloway, Bobby Barbareo, Tony Economou, Bruce Porter Row 3: Forrest Blakely, Teresa Van Maren, Kirk Bell, Carrol Foor, Joyce Whitlock, Donald Stuart, Becky Waugh CAMERA CLUB is-s 4 , ' or 'Sf' Q, , ..-:jaw wi ' J rw a 'A A M K . f ,L ,f Chi Alpha Mu, Creative Adventures in Mathematics, is a national organization. The Nimitz chapter is one of the charter groups. The purpose is to promote an interest in math. Chi Alpha Mu also has an active chess group and a camera committee. t CHE CL B N ,f SY. 'His The Camera Committee is a branch of the Nimitz chapter of Chi Alpha Mu. It is open to all students who are interested in photography. In addition to learning about cameras, members take pictures i F4 I Q' Xlyicil xtllfegg 0 ,ga W 'ca G for the Nimitz Mast. This is a loose knit organization with the only requirement being enough interest to come in before school. The main goal is to provide opportunities for those who are interested in chess to learn more about the game. This goal has been approached in two ways: Ill by providing chess sets in Room 111 to be used for chess matches before school. 121 by set- ting up a school wide chess tour- nament for any Nimitz student interested in competing, Check! It is your move. JMX., 4-of ee xo 9 CHGOL AIDE ...ll-A c, .Mb vsp, 0 ff es WI , W M 'J' U t wr! i l if W ll, I Mrs. Coiner, Rhonda Green, D Diane Vier HGMEMAKING awn Dohner 9 , can K Q X i ' R rss: I X , F H' in if E 5 l LIBRAR Y W ' ' Julie Michaelson, Kathi Creitz, Tracy Galyon, Karen l Van Fleet, Kathy Andress, Barry Trotter, Keith Brewer, Mrs. Pipkin. IL X School aides are assistants in the of- fice and to the faculty. They perform any duties that are requested of them therefore freeing the personnel of time consuming jobs so they can devote full time to their regular job. Any student can request one of these school service jobs. They are then chosen by the faculty and receive a full unit credit just as they would for a class. O C I Dianne Morrow, Nancy Newby, Lisa Greenwell, Brenda Morgan, Vicki Vandiver, Lisa Endres, Angela Hatchett, Terry DeSirey, Christine Childers, Marsha Hunt, Sandra Carnes, Teresa Adkison, Robert Glass, Susan Roatz CIE CE June Roach, Cindy Smith Jerry Webber, Marc Horn, Mr. East E GLI H PM Lynn Visher ,,, im! Q we 'Blix TUDE T AIDE QL -'iff I . N97 N o X J ..j.Y.i'l 6 x A 9 J' lx -' D gill" ' J H Woon Kent Freeman, Mark Griffith, Del Pender, Mr. Gragg R YA ' A 0 TYPI G UR E ART Sheila Jordon, Susan Schad, Pat- Maureen O'Neil Nancy Nichols Li Holcomb M54 vial-Lfzfzf 60 CI: ah ACTIVITIES AD IRALS TRI ORCHE TRA Row 1: Susan Mattinson, Lynn Toler, Brian Blagowski, Greg Storts, Hope Dupre, Gary Storts, Row 2: Ruth Mason, Nancy Newby, Tam- my Wing, Mary Morrison, Carol Foor, Glen Storts. Row 3: Mr. Branson, Kent Erwin, Tom Adams. :Mi A V - CAPTAI BA D Row 1: Mr. Branson, Jack Harker, Dicky Neal, Roger Wadley, David Dexter, Chris Daubert. Row 2: Alison Whitmire, Susan Taylor, Debbie Lewandowski, Christy Fox, Ken Anderson, Norman Winland. Row 3: Hope Dupre, Dinah Daniels, Scott Vorenkamp, Charles Clark, Harvin Broughton, Julia Francis, David Green. Row 4: David Webster, Steve Wood, Nancy Faith, Debbie Hartig, Jim Ledbetter, George Moore, Donald Stuart, Bruce Porter. Not Pictured: Paul George, Chuck Garrison. MMI AD IRALS HO OR B Row 1: Alan Wilkerson, Katie Borden, Cindy Fox, Danny Charrier, George Paganis, Jane Head, Roxie Goodman, Richard Graham, Phil Banfield, Caryn Cundith, Mr. Branson. Row 2: Scott Cameron, James Irby, Forrest Blakely, James Edmonds, Stepehn Hickman, Matt Nichols, Janet Bass, Carol Simon, Lisa Tipping, Brad Ableson, Kathy Wiley, Tracey Howell. Row 3: John Cochran, Jack Lewis, Scott Ross, Mark Cawthron, Marty Howerton, Chris Nicely, Dirk Vorenkamp, Bob Lewandowski, Ken Mitchell, Tom Gent, Polly Gent, Thesa Rogers. Row 4: Steve Roberts, Mark Maquire, Casey Crutchfield, Robert Fry, Tom Weeks, Tom Ryba, Jim Stovall, Jerry Webber, Bud Cantrell, Steve Stith, Dub Foor. Row 1: Mr. Branson, Cindy Fox, Danny Charrier, George Paganis, Richard Graham, David Blakely. Row 2: Forrest Blakely, James Edmonds, Chris Nicely, Stephen Hickman, Dirk Vorenkamp, Lisa Tipping, James Irby. Row 3: Steve Roberts, Tom Weeks, Ken Mitchell, Kent Erwin, Marty Howerton, Jim Stovall, Mark Maquire, Mark Cawthron. ...-- Us COMMODORS STAGE BA D l 63 ADVA CED CHORU Row 1: Mr. Branson, Alfred Moore, Catherine Scruggs, Susan Stough, Laurice Teague, Keith Pruitt, Chris Hughes, Row 2: Melinda Matthews, Lori Koch, John Wheat, Martin Amlinger, Kevin Gallager, Anne Bomba, Marlene Weedin, Leslie McAfee. Row 3: Angela East, Cindy Smith, Leslie Hanoch, Diane Dexter, Tracey Howell, Jennifer Little, Leah McCoy, Ginger Little, Carol Hembree. Row 4: Nancy Wheeler, Janice Wilson, Mark Nicholson, Fred Williams, Gary Infield, Randy Gilliland, Martha Phenicie, Laura Fail, June Roach. r I TERMEDIATE CHORU Row 1: Mr. Branson, Missy Maquire, Julie McCurry, Kathy Murray, Linda Carson, Kathy Herron, Jill Gale, Vicki Perrine, Mike Barber, Debbie Detarnore, Amy Whitney. Row 2: Robert Terrell, Kim Sellers, Becky Etter, Kent Hamilton, Doug McKinney, Scott Dickman, Anita Sanseverino, Michelle Eidson, Scott Pastor, Barbara Huckin. Row 3: Kathy Heatwole, Dorothy Bridwell, Alan Page, Morey McAfee, Debbie Jeffery, Andy Fiedler, Ben Carson, Susan Daugherty, Mary C0x,'iJill Mat- tison, Harley Cohen, Ann Mullen. Row 4: Jennifer Burton, Jean Inglefield, Terri Hartman, Missy Sigle, Rusty Nance, Len Musgrove, Rene Schmitt, Darci Rhea, Teresa Creamer, Betty Pierce, Susan Wheeler, Sandy Broadland. OFFICER A D ACCO PANISTS MIXED CHCRU Row 1: Kathy Murray, Jill Gale, Kathy Herron. Row 2: Scott Dickman, Dorothy Bridwell, Ann Mullen, Doug McKinney. Row 3: Len Musgrove, Terri Hartman, Mary Cox. ADV CED CHCRU Row 1: Kevin Gallagher, Susan Stough, Patti Weshe, Melinda Mathews. Row 2: Fred Williams, Mark Nicholson, Tracey Howell, Martha Phencie. BA D ORCHE TRA Row 1: David Webster, David Dexter, Cindy Fox. Row 2: Steve Wood, Charles Clark, Mary Louise Morrison, Marty Howerton. Row 3: Tom Adams, Ken Mitchell, Kent Erwin, Jim Stovall, Jerry Webber. Si .. -s E fggv Nik QW 2 +519 'ix 55 W uf 1 6 SPORTS BA KETBALL 1972-7 'FEhXh4S A Team: Mark Carter, Bobby Scruggs, Neil Gilpin, Kent Erwin Mike Maxwell, Kevin Radford, Jeff Johnson, Gary Conway, Jimmy Crosby, Jerry Webber, Doug Waugh, Doug Wince B Team: Kir by Lane, Martin Toombs, Kenny Mitchell, Randy Gilland, Mike Chosen, Bill Peilsticker, George Stabler, Ron Helms, Tom Weeks, Mark Courtright, Chris Bearden, Chris Medlock 9 i My .J GOLF A D TENNI WINNER 9 "" Q LQ I my 4' X I ,L I xx W Lal," 41 lm o"'z: N Row 1: Jay Hitt, Jay Farris, Alan Knox, George Paganis, N si Tony Heineman, Hunter Hoffman Row 2: John Magrath, I Q' X Z r Greg Allert, Keith Schelb, Mike Shade S 0 Mx i' 'KY' be Junior Olympic Medalists-Left to Right Doug Brinlee, Robert Funkhouser, Danny Meador, Russell McKinney WRE TLI G n 5 l r, if Issl .A-5... I , l A 6 lX.NQQ:ij A .1 wan, A K ' W - 5 " f ,Q 17 Row 1: Alan Wilkerson, Bart Wood, Doug McKinney, Russell ' "' McKinney, Robert Funkhouser, Danny Meador, Mike Plumer, Brian Blagowsky, Row 2: Doug Brinlee, Mike Metz, Ray Williams, Bruce Porter, Scott Vorenkamp, Paul Bunnell, Jack Walker, David Northern, Bob Funkhouser. EVE TH GRADE PREP "wi A W, T . , iv ', W X L .5 .fig rf. .J fall qygqym affix .,.At qgfkzj A-M I -' W , ,..,,,sv. . ff . . N . H :gif SN- 'fa V-, ,As ww, A ffl- -si :fi-i.Q'f,:..x.1'f':a.ffE4vf',,g-t 42, r Row 1: Doug Green, Bart Wood, Carl Clayton, Steve Ray Rileyham, Doug Brinlee, Mike Eastman. Row 2: Tim Ramsey, Gary Wilcox, Jay Shrewder, Butch Crites, Tom Apnes, Bob Lewandowski, Mark Powers. Row 3: Paul Shupe, John Nixon, Tim Lucas, Coach Gayland, Bill Borton, David Anderson, Doug Foor. Not Pictured: Jeff Baldwin. EIGHTH GRADE JR. VAR ITY Row 1: David Radford, Matt Berry, Ronnie Walters, Robert Latch, Greg Hill, Phil Corley, Brad Broadwater, Kurt Webber, Brent Taylor, Patrick Metz, Mark Remmert. Row 2: Harvin Broughton, David Green, Clark Courtright, Doug McKinney, Paul Radmilovich, John Wyrrick, Richard Purgason, Scott Goforth, Mark Thompson, Jay Gunn. Row 3: Chris Clayton, few-A . ...X 'QQ li Q iihfg: ,F- Bob Busch, Jeff McCoWn, Louis Fox, Chris Soder, Dan Four- cade, Bryan Driscoll, Morey McAfee, Kent Harnilton, Richard Conway, Dean Todd, Jerry Siler. Row 4: Charles Clark, Tim Welch, Marty Mayfield, Doug Whitlock, Mark Speer, Darren Harris, Len Musgrove, Richard Hinkle, Steve Wood, Charlie O'Donnell, Coach Worthington, Ted Bransum. NINTH GRADE VARSITY ' . ,inf Nx' X ,Y X f . j ,V L 1' -.J -if' R' ',' rf' ,rf ,J .,' 61 N 'I Q' e, Q -, 'ly , , .. .A ' K 4- ' pn ' Z' A ,pf "1 fr' ' X' N' rf -'M .-I yy' A .ff .N 1 N Q - A ,. Q , A ,. U We 1, . ,. - ,.. , , N.. , ., .,, .. C, w, f A ...qi VJ:-A A o . L . . - ,N ,ge A f . , . ,V " ' ' ku ,-M on Row 1: James Irby, Darrell Wilson, Brian McDaniel, Kevin Blane, Stan Johnson, Mike Metz, Andy Morgan, Mark Nicholson. Row 2: Doug Wince, Dennis Mitchell, David Wehrenberg, Marty Howerton, Paul Bunnell, Steve Nicholson, Jame Edmonds Robert Fry. Row 3: Kevin McMicheal, Jack Walker, Gary Conway, Doug Waugh, Jeff Johnson, Mike Shade, Randy Gilliland, Doug Kelley. Row 4: Kent Erwin, Mark Wackenhuth, Mark Carter, Steve Holland, David Northern, Jim Stovall, Mark Saylor, John McCoy. Row 5: Coach Foor, Coach Brown, Coach Carlson. Not Pictured: Paul Esling, Jim McKnight. .9 I ffl x -A K X' . , r Cf -f' Q , s l Q x r 5 X un A93 WWW' Q CHERYL HAYS HoMEooMING QUEEN '72-773 The homecoming ceremonies were held at Johnsoi Park on October 4th. Cheryl Hays was selected as tl queen by the Varsity Football players. To honor tf queen the Varsity Nimitz Admirals defeated the Edison Eagles 16-0. Cheryl Hays is very active in Nimitz activities. She the captain ofthe Freshmen cheerleaders for Baske ball season. Cheryl has been a student council representative for two years and was selected for tl Mast Staff this year. 'N U' 9. A ' ,as v Q xg f l s .ff J y lg- s N J , 2 it Www.. is V ts. Janet Bass Patty Frohnapfel Cheerleader attendant Pep Club attendant 3 ins- V, n f Naam. 6 , ,J VAR ITY CHEERLEADER Row 1: Marlene Weedin, Cheryl Hays, Kelly McCune, Marsha Speer, Melinda Mathews Row 2: Stephanie Sanseverino, Becky Terrell, Janet Bass, Carol Vance, Erin Carney 1 61 nk El . F ? EIGHTH GRADE vi Row 1: Kathy Phillips, Teri Lindemann, Kelly Clark Row 2: Christine Childers, Jana Wilbanks, Vicki Rowe, Marsha Hunt Row 3: Jeanne Ann Smith, Elisa Aptak, Allison Broadland EVE TH GRADE Row 1: Jill Gale, Missy Maguire, Hildy Plost, Beth Young Row 2: Sherry Weedin, Susan Lake, Becky Waugh, Anita Sanseverino MOST PIRITED HOMEROO Row 1: Mrs. Warren, Cheryl Hays, Nancy Barrett, Ruth Pierce, Carol Simon Row 2: Karen Anzuini, Stephanie Sanseverino, Betsy Lake, Ann Elliot Row 3: Lori Rossiter, Russell Blackwood, Ann McKenna, Doug Kelley, Kelley McLendon, Nancy Nichols Row 4: Ruth Mason, Nancy Compton, Janette Douglass, Donna Burscough, Amy Glass The "Most Spirited Homeroomv Award is an honor given to the homeroom that shows the most interest and spirit in Student Council activities. Some of the activities this year were the float contest, the door decoration, and cleaning the seal. For the third successive year, Mrs. Warren's Homeroom 117 won the award. fs um Q , YD 3" AQ 'llllllk x , rr am .man V' OST GE ' 'Q i 2 uf' 14 ui , i ffl! , 3 l Q. ZS W i s., QQ .Q ..- .Mi sa :U-'y r I0 1 N.. 5'-0 Q14 I SZ' xl ::'-.1 MCL'-All! EROUS HO Eighth grade Homeroom 120 won the contest for the "Most Generous Homeroom" by con- tributing S127 for the Red Cross enrollment drive. Jan Degen was the Red Cross representative for room 120. The reward for this generous homeroom was a plaque, and their picture in the yearbook. EROO , Q20 ,Lf- .Xt K' fn ati? .MWDQ as 4' J M Avzuaw 1 Row 1: Mrs. Greer, Teri Lindeman, Suzanne Cailloux, Sarah Kim McElhiney, Jeff Shaffer, Caryn Cundith, Butch Crltes Kite, Betsy Huckin, Chris Wilkins, Phil Thomson Row 2: Bruce Denise Hartig, Bert Roberts, Jan Degen Row 4: Teresa Hall Tillotson, Todd Stewart, Judy Buzzalini, Todd Webb, James Lisa Greenwell, Steve Roberts, Steve Aberson, Mona Pittenger Getty, Kathy Beatty, Mark Sampson Row 3: Sherry Preston, Wes Proud, Dirk Atherton, Jack Carlton Diane Baker, Luanne Kuelzer, Jay Lebow Many Nimitz speech students attended a make-up workshop at the Tulsa Little Theatre, and the special sessions had to be held after the adults had finished. -' 2 li asm -- If ,H .. s.. S is iff 1 A ' X : f 3 1 , A 5. W Sn sg: Wm J .257 W , -15 . ,asf . f s -si X X NN N I iii - - if f 23'-" . 1. Easy S fs 1-:sg ,,.. f . , ,,.mW'w, 4 ? "" PEECH ,ff . is 5? iff .S a s 5 - 5 . ,, , ..,t, ,, . , E K S ttzl ' S E55El,E, .s .. ss: sf Q, H:,..."E: -' EE.f:""'5:1:s',? aim' Six , . .1,,Z ,, J, X at 5 N 7 f . f. w My SR , . i ., X Q ....: ,. ts i , S L .N . , . ., Q- -is N sf f f if A 23,5 fn ,MM .4 A My ffmwjm qw? W ,mm M Wana ,M L2 :ws 7-N -45 -. . L , 5 , W: 11. as sr- 4 , K, 5 - -r - I i Q 2 W.. - M ' 3215'- 'lx Diane Baker CLASSES PREFORM M5 5 Wren A ' ,, N :.. is -mi 'ii i X3 5 X s s 5 f 5 5 sls, E RWE : f:..: g Ls:- ..,-s '- : x.'-. ' ' s 1 L X N. 32,55 1-an ',,w,.. 1 ., ' ii X it :Iwi 1 Q L , X W. 5 EE 'Vi ks 1 ., 'SR X 1 2 1 H V 1-mf, -fi ' .:- A , PQQ, . A ' -, J. Q- . ....,,.,. X M K . -6+ Nm was A L so W . 'W' 4 'V as were 5 gg 3 Q it if -Q 5 HMM! x 'V Q x Sf 5 A t , 'Q' L 1 -E -K .S 2 5, E X . "2-1 f 3 .li uf Q " R - . ' g ' X Q . I ff" f N KQI 515,12 x urrllil ll S., .351 . . Cilllflfl .41 f lllilxki flflillfhiisi A ' K V ll' SX.. nw - C db f 1 , . Yr? - - 67 'S' fr icfiqai E . lfxlclcome Fi ..,- V N' ' c:,.: , rg--me 'hw-f X, .H Y-v 'QP' Row 1. Mrs. Charles, JoAnn Meason, Kelly Clark, Dana Sanger, Amy Glass, Cheryl Hays, Jane April, Jay Lebow. Row 2. Johnny Fair, Susan Edwards, Mrs. Pipkin, Mrs. Macklin, Kim Hewitt. Row 3. Mr. Carvell, Ann McKenna, Mona Pittenger, Sheila Jordon, Marlene Weedin, Nancy Chitwood. Row 4. Mark Saylor, Gail Matles, Donna Burscough, Robert Glass. Row 5. Nancy Barrett, Brian Johnson, Sue l A 1 J 'Iv-ru. 5 Saylor, Ruth Pierce, Jill Brocchus, Kelley McLendon, Kent Erwin, Mike Maxwell, Debbie Hunter. Row 6. Carol Simon, Danny Charrier, Randy Gilliand, Larry Edwards, Ricky Rayson, Mr. Patterson, Joyce Whitlock, Steve Jackson. Row 7. Judy Buzzalini, Carol Vance, Lisa Steinmeyer, Mark Nicholson, Sally Visher, Billie Lee. 0-......-ui X"""' l 1 KW 4, 'ZW , A2 He, 4 df ff 5 ,,..,,"",SN-l "1v'-femur 56 80 pu .,,-'rx """J,.........uv" 0 Jw- . . Qww-P 4' 42 W , f ,fy ,., , sn ,Q 3, f J 4 , g ,z, , 2, mow ' If '1 5 My K '47 1 W if WWW V I W K ' .f 'fb fm wwf 3 ij, '93- K EE. t x ' , ,aff 5 'A . "fr, K ,i I ' In , ,V 4 ,k?,w445f"1?' 26 1 L,,A ,,. . , . "'?q,,i 1: me 3 v , f 4+ A xx H S A is aff' ' i sg ,f.L Af - 154 3 2 W 5' 'WH pqurw-'f s-ww . 1' - A xx 45-lay OH, TEACHER DEAR TEACHER! 'XJ -f.ff5 5 :qs-pggggsxv VV W A.XL- xsmxm gwmws WHAT A DAY AT CHOOL! ,QW 6" 9 6 . I,-, . ,q , ff ' '53 5155 MWWZIE? .mf Kevin, Milenciofx AUT! RAPHS cnnoa. , , 0 , G: qw ? j L xv4s4uvQf'a I 1 CA QOL. Sl- R! 45 AUT4 as X 3 4 iii? 2 W ' gg RAPHS v fl 7 f CQ 4 O 42 ux 'T Vi, 1 iigilinsi 1' ,,,, v A AQFIJK- DEDICATIO Q7 Nancy Kay Compton August 6, 1958 - March 10, 1973 As we close this last page of the 1973 MAST, we pay tribute to one of its members, and in her memory we dedicate this book. Nancy was proud to be chosen for the MAST class and enjoyed every minute of the hard work envolved in completing this book. Nancy loved Nimitz, and her school spirit was demonstrated by her volunteer work for stagecraft, as a Red Cross representative and by her active interest in the gymnaestrada. A talented art student, she had won a national honorable men- tion for a traffic poster, first place in a city opera poster contest, and an award in an all-school contest for the cover of our 1972-73 school directory. Her statuesque beauty, friendly smile, and bubbling enthusiasm will be in our memories forever. White-winged horses in a bright blue sky Fresh flowers born in morning dew Cool breezes on a warm spring day And favorite hands to hold - - Slender girl, cherished child, dearest confidante Possessor of the sincere smile which ever won our ivy- Compassioned in youthful presence, a grand part taker of life - - Supremely the aura of Nancy - - love ex- emplified By Lisa Keegan Y.. Nancy fin backl was the winner of the title "Miss Can tastic" and is shown here with classmates dressed in their can costumes during an all-school canned food drive in February. ,L ,Q ,,kfh V. ktrygyy iw s hu it i" s ht 12,

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