Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1972

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Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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QEnd Sheet Design by Co Howardf W S 3. V- . f-'Vw V, fi'5'v"-' .V-' A V1 V: 1. V, , -'rTH'fV , '3 ,-VV.-:Q 3 ,, gr, KV' V. V, V, ' :V 1 V . . .- -V :.5f5V,fV -Vyyi' :ywg-2f1,egV,wA .. 9 -.V.:- ,Q - ,, . ': , -5-fVf,..s,f. ...VQV-1f',:V:y5,g1.s ,ma -.f.,n- 3-2g'.?1n-V,3wfi,2V:.51 V 1 1 . . . . gV1:QVV3V: --ff -i',,.1'r:'VfV1ff. , 2,3p:g:,,4 QV., Vg' .:. . ., -. - . gV,,fJ,fe f. , 'Jw V X . 1 ' ff! i ' " " W'? ' 1f4 7VgV :W i.v : w' .1q?QEeVVV sash" ... rig .L .V ' .4 13 sLMV4,4:Vg,VV,1fizpvN::3f1 V 2-1-V:-,?':.zW1? ,,QS5ig.,-gfiiviz vw Y 512:?'fJfzi111'f5se?3V-:fx'-V413-if V14 maxi'-Vi wif- Vfi ?w1:5g:L?xieW:g,',VQ:. V. Vw,'?'1,f','gg.111ffjA17QefV QV .wing f-ffv.. I 2 'V .WV sL..V-V5 ZX-,'1i'-QVHFJ-my-1,5:aff-:.,.qfan1Y".ff,E Va?-mi. Vim: wi V. -12 4:4-'4. 1 , " -x N VV-ii .V .V. - V. ,V .- V 2 , V V, V- . f 2- - .. W ,V f VV,.w.g-VJ. mqw.V,V,x+y-- -- , V ' f, ,, .V ..,.-V.,,' V-A .QV V . , 4. Wx x K , ,fr V . X, X Q 'r . . .. I 1.3, , . . y . ' Vfff uf"- '. . 1, ,,:-W V ' - --V . V525 -AV...V.,. , . ., V .ig 4 X '5 ,gn-2 1 Q x-, .gr V 1 ., 51' 2 'K V 'Q' :aff .me iVf"4'-:'1-,Mg . Ev' .ffilli ' . . ' . .:,,,V .V 4- , iw ,' .- ,AY L M V 8 7 V iff' . ,,V.L- gx:qfxfV '- . -V . ., V ,f ,1-U: , 72-.. Q-- J V..- ' . ua , x 1 . . 1 uf A ,K ,q A -3 V I . V X :- Wx -- 'AH '. 4- . - ' 144 .. ' ' V". '- - " " . Q V ' .- ni? .. ,gpxf , ,A ,-,N -A, Vg gm ...S 4 , gf X ,V Vj,,..-gy V. WVVV, V, 5. ,V Vf I V VV. up-'14 ' Lg. . .A 3 ,,V ,n V:1V,k-w,5- fm ygi, -V 1 1.--,g-.. ,,,VV ,V 5V 2, V, Vw .1,..V.g.1Vf4V'H-A f V- ,-ph., .H .VVV f .V . . - - -ws, -Vw 1- mr - , V . V.f.-Ur, -P :-. ,A VA ww- . . V +V.-, f. V V.: V." . V. -VM-. Aw w- -' .V- ' , .:.. ,VQ:y,..f, , ?.V , fa " V,- M. aw . ,, V. V ,wfgq r .- V1 - Q V. 4: V:' .9 '9VM ,3- 3 4 - ina- , VV . g,, V. xp .: gfiuacgg., 'z ., ., 4 NV, V..V ,. . . .. .. , V .V,.. VV ,.,,,,?,.V,..,,, N ,, ,, , V. . , .Q , , A J., 4 al e Wma A 1 THE MAST NIMITZ JUNIOR HIGH TULSA, OKLAHOMA 1972 CONTENTS 1972 ADMINISTRATION. . . . 3- 5 OFFICE STAFF ........ 11 FACULTY. ......... 7-10 TEACHER OF THE YEAR . .6 STAFF ........... 11-12 FRESHMEN ........ 13-28 EIGHTH GRADE ..... 29-39 SEVENTH GRADE .... 4:1-50 ORGANIZATIONS .... 53-64 ACTIVITIES ........ 65-74 SPORTS ....... . . 75-80 SNAPSHOTS ..... . . 81-86 AUTOGRAPHS. . . . , 87-88 Page designed by Jayne Perryman x ADMINISTRATIUN a MR CARLOS CLAYTON, PRINCIPAL Nimitz is fortunate in having a man of Mr. Carlos Clayton's experience and character as principal. The enthusiasm and consideration with which Mr, Clayton executes his job serve to enhance his popu- larity with teachers and students. Mr. Clayton's family is active in the Tulsa Public School System, Mrs. Clayton teaches typing at Byrd Junior Highg his daughter, Beth, is at Abilene Chris- tian College, while Jan is a sophomore at Memorial and son, Carlos, Jr., is a seventh grader at Nimitz. His oldest daughter, Margaret, has followed in her parents' footsteps and is teaching in Abilene. A principa1's leisure time is limited, but Mr. Clayton enjoys a round of golf, a bridge game or a fishing trip when time permits. N1m1tz's young, energetic '-"' vice-principal added to his duties this year by becom- ing eighth grade counselor. He is seen most often in the hall and his laugh is infectious. MR. BOB AVERILL ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL AND EIGHTH GRADE COUNSELOR Mrs. Lola White, beloved coun- selor has been at Nimitz since its opening in 1961. She has also served as Dean of Girls and has X XX always been seventh grade coun- f selor. She will leave a great I I .lt void when she retires this year. A :2-f is ef Mrs. Rhetta Robinson was well ac- quainted with Nimitz's students when she became Dean of Girls and ninth grade counselor this yearg previously she was ninth grade English teacher and chairman of the English department. She cer- tainly is a most attractive, intelli- gent and sy mpathetic person who is , always ready to discuss problems with the students. TEACHER OF THE YEAR Mr. L. D. Tiffin Mr. Lee Tiffin, a quiet, soft-spoken man, excites every student with scientific knowledge. His wis- dom, time and effort to teach it's developments and implications in this new age is endless. The Nimitz students recognized his capable classroom teaching and the qualities of a fine man through his daily example, and so honored him as the favorite teacher. Lee, with his wife, Ruby, a teacher at McArthur, will retire this year and go to Phoenix, Arizona. They have built a lovely home there and Lee can golf every day, Although miles away, he'll never be forgotten by all at Nimitz. : 75253 5 A . is , ..- f f .. R i In the class- , room and re- -T Y 'W laxing at home As the Nimitz stu- dents give a stand- ing ovation, Mr. Tiffin is presented the Favorite Teach- er Award by Julie Shade, Student Coun- cil President. An expert golfer, Lee seldom gives his clubs a rest. A 4X Page designed by Nancy Linstromberg Mr. Jan Bartlett Boys' P,E, Mr. Charles Bowlin Vocal Music Geography Mr. Richard Branson Instrumental Music s S 5 3 Mrs. Blanche Coiner Homemaking Cgbocfxlwvm me 'r 'b A FACULTY Qi ,Q Q AUP ay o Mr. Arthur Mrs. Lucille Brown Charles Math Math Miss Pat Mr. Jerry Cutter East Girls' P,E, Science Mrs. Marie Faulkner English Mr. Johnny Mrs. Vi Mrs. Mary Mrs. Vera Mr. Dwight Mrs. Juanita Gragg Greer Holley Jones Kertzman King Industrial Arts Science English, Latin Math Science, Math Math 8 Creative Writing Mr. Richard Miss Jean Mr. Joe Lay McKnight Meeks Industrial Arts Spanish Oklahoma History Geography 3' ii Mrs. Jimmie Jeanne Pipkin Library Zi a A il M? 2 il Mr. John Miller Math Miss Susan Mosley Speech English Mrs. Sandra Robbins English Miss Charlotte Rowe Girls' P.E. 5- -H. 'E' 2 S , n B Y l 2 lift ,Sys , A ff'?fi:"5f57 V Mr. Delbert Patterson Economics .rw i tr., " swf-wv-' 4 .wry N Mr. Dwight Smith English V Mrs. Mary Mrs. Janice Mrs. Brooksie when .-.., . Stuart Syedullah Sylvan Math French English Geography English V, H ' SVN ks J 5 Q ,f ,, gt Q A 4 L' '- i ' ' 5 K I ' ' I 6- gi WV, in t k 3' X! 13-15, X- i Mr. Lee Miss Carolyn Tiffin Trotter Science Typing Geography Mrs. Jayne Trotter Engllsh Mrs. Lily Vogle Geographv FACULTY Mr. Roger VanDenhende U.S, History V '-.5 ea 72:9 -. fi :',: A - ' is . f I Q ff ,,,..r 3 : - . 1 Laser- if 2' s ' is .y r r . X Q Q E M Q ".Q J. :.f ws. we W Qfasfegg 45M-, Mrs. Henri YVHFFSYI Art .,, 5 5 ' NH , HV. ' , '-ii . W ,,kk I 1 K W - . . -qi , . A K, I1 f :za My J? f , is fi' :A -M il 7 Q ,, Y' . S we f 5 Q eil. S f we L. Mr. Ronald Wheaton C1V1FS W 1, 'sv ,A X N ee 2 Sf ,, 5 M5 7531.4 V. . mu, A -v ' .awar- ...1 1- X5 P 'if ,Q SCHOOL NURSE Mr. Theo Williams Bovs' P E in 'hr--'5f"F Mrs. Elva Pratt Nurse OFFICE STAFF ,, H., . .5-,K K Q ,E MRS. VERDA BURY is the registrar for Ni- mitz and keeps a rec- ord of all entries and transfers and with- drawals of students. She also is the secre- tary of the Nimitz Board of Control and so she is responsible for all deposits and withdrawals of school money. The book store is under her jurisdic- tion also. at , 335 f S Q 9 X ff'- A Qu MRS. FREDA BOWMAN is the attendance clerk here at Nimitz. She keeps a record of all absences and tardies, and she makes a nine weeks' report four times a year. It is at her desk that students check in when they are told to report to the office. She also types on the copy for the yearbook. MRS. REBA TUBB at- tends to all of Mr. Clay ton's correspondence and answers the phone calls at Nimitz. She fig- ures the teachers' pay- roll and takes care of the teachers' insurance She requisitions all supplies and textbooks and she also puts out the school's daily bul- letin. 11'-f"'..L..'Zf , MF CAFETERIA STAFF f 'W W if ,N- ,f , 13' ,N l ffhb N f .. J, ng Qiilllik ski 2 ' x x 5 R if tgik ktxs S QQNJ F-'pg-flSBYx Left to right-row one-Sherrie Rivett, Linda Boone. Mabel Idol CDept. Headj, Kay Hardesty. Row two-Alma Lay, Levita Coley, Dorothy Rinehart, Erma Bailey. Row three-Louise Rinkley, Opal Thomas, Phyllis Bar- tee, Mary Ostrander. ff' fe. f f li ,'f1'1 X . ,, ix 1 sry! 0i559a9i'F J 'JC Fx XJ 4 an Mullins 12 xl' lllilfll J CUSTODIAL STAFF Mrs. Curtis, Mr. Gulley, Mr. Ramsay Mr. A. L, Baker, Building Engineer and head of the custodial staff. ffl FRESHMEN 'S-P' 4. BTX' ROBERT ADAMS KAREN ANDERSON TOM BANES -dvi-f MARY ANN ROGER ANDREWS DIANE ARNETT SUSAN ASHBRIDGE GREG BAKER BECKY BARKER KENNY BASS 'VIARX BETH DANA BEARD iii? , " fm -A J A v 1 A 1 J M-WAHM 4, Q. --f ERAA DANA BELLER 21123- sqwf, ini' DANA BELVEAL BOB BENJAMIN TED BIRBILIS VIC BIRD CLASS OF 1972 I I KIM BLACK f 1 DAVID BLAIR I CRAIG BLAGOWSKY JEFF BOLTZ gf 'href' w , ,fn Q , ED BRINER BRIAN BROACH JAN BROADLAND SUSAN BRODSKY BETTY BROWN CHARLES BROWN SANDY BROWN STEPHANIE BROWN my "ll.i,.TAnv- uf--it , L., Qgyi' I.,t .M .MJ ig Ani-Q z e may ii N A -sf ,-1' . . , . III, po A '. CONNIE BRASHEAR ELLEN BRAVERMAN FORD BRETT MATT BRIDWELL 'Q' nw, Q T., ., .7 211 , at 2 - .ww 2- w ., , .f TARA BRYANT LAUREN BUTTERY CARLA CAMPBELL 5 N -432 TONY BUNNELL JEFF BURDICK LESLIE BURKS CHRIS BUSSMAN BUDDY CALDWELL MIKE CALDWELL FRED CALHOUN ANITA CAMPBELL DAVID CARLSON BILL CAROTHERS STEVE CARSON KEVIN CASH , Y af, T 5 I V ff 9 Af' I - ' , ,U I L, s?gQQf7m AVL- 'W 'Fa H A ,W A af AALA IILF IVALA ' A WARREN I I I I VANA 24 - I A CHRISTIANSEN wwe-N' ,f ' - V, kv , I Q ig, v,.,.,. Vw 325, ,M S i n L, M 1 '7 V5 .. V ,wx :" I ,fm ' f 'fi gg. A LQ HL-'kf5iT . Wy, I A ,,L? W?:g f L ' QQ? ,. ., Qwgjwgx .V I ,A W- f , :I ,f ' STEVE CLARK CHRISTY CLINE LINDA COOPER iw ,. A . 1, 'f iff f-3 ' I 2 ' 4 . ' I QF F? 1 Q L ? . B . .. " F3 ff e '52-' 37" 'Q can . 'M 'X 1 is in JOHN CORRAL CANDY COTTON JOHN COUTRET JOHN COWEN LORI CROSSLAND CLASS OF 1972 111,11 LISA DUNN MIKE EAVES MIKE EDWARDS SCOTT EDWARDS JAMES ELLIOTT REX ENTERLINE MARK ESLICKER CARM FARREL 1 wiv? j fi II ig S-aww-' 3 va-may Q JSS I f I 1' Q X .iff 1 QL I, - fm? . f H, Is-i . ,. 355512, 'wfzyf W -,1 ki, RH feiwgggiiuz, f Haiws -:Zifsa si1jeg5755qvs:f, I MARK DAUBERMAN EDDIE DAVIS ETOYCE DAVIS MIKE DETHROW RICK DOERNER ANN DOLMAN CLIFF DONER DAVID DOSSER In , ' I 3 , W W . ,gn--w. KW .fm , Yyfrn A KK Ti TONY FARREL CHRIS I-'LING KEITH FREEMAN Lg? x LAURA FERGUSON WILLIAM ANNE FIEDLER MARK FLOOD FERNANDEZ DODY FRAZEE GARY FULLER DEBBIE FOURCADE CARLA GALLOWAY MARTIN FURR 'HX . , 'I' z EQQX ""T'.f'r,f JEFF FISK ERIC FREEMAN CANDY GARRISON V .0527 .. .... . I Y .. 1 ' if I 'L' w E Q ,. 2 ,ja 1' I M552 5 'Ig . , :if fi' A EJ' :- '-Q Q- ff g g . I . I ' I SCOTT GARRISON BECCIE GIBBONS RIC KY GIBSON fw,,a w dw' '17 JANE GILLILAND 'fi il 'FIN -yr ck A STEVE GLAZ ER 3 MIKE GOLAN CLASS i 3 gi 5521 I qv Q DEBBIE GRANT OF 1972 H-:xv-of I f 'Qs-as-' DAYL HAMMAN JEFF HAMRA KATHY HANDLAN HILDA HARLTON ANGELA HA RNEY TREV HARNE Y HAROLD HARPER MARY HARRISON WMM' 4' , ' 4 if , H ii LA fx 'Vw Q A . ,Q H ,ig dp, . , A Y .1 K ,E 5 12. fg If 'f', 7 1 Y fr Q IF' A' X A i Rama I i vvv bww' .aw W.. ' I vb, A MIKE GRAY ROD GREEN GAIL GROSSICH MILES GROVE MARY GUSTIN SUSAN HAGGARD CINDY HALE BOBBY HALEY PAT HALL BRUCE HATCHETT CHARLOTTE JILL HITT HATHCOCK CARLEY HORST TERI HOCKETT CO HOWARD ,rf - I L R A ggi ll, 2 H L LL M- A I N A A 'PLN I A L R r "' , Q,f!if'i1W HOLLY HEAVER TIM HOFER BRAD HUGHES PAM INFIELD SUSAN JACKSON JANA JE FFRIES MARGARE T JENKINS MARCIA HENRY KATHY HOLCOMB LYNNE HUNNICUTT SHIRIN HEWITT DAVID HOOT KATY IMEL II1 ef WF I MW I Rf M-M4-' X RQ? E 1 W KK DAVID JENKINSON TOM JOHNSON BRENDA JONES CLAUDIA JONES DAVID JONES CLASS OF 1972 BOB KNIGHT ALAN KNOX NANCY KORVER DORIAN KURIN TOM LAMPREY LORRIE LANGSTON SANDRA LaPLANTE BOB LARSON N ,QPU Uw':ST'?" I N AA A ES? N FX figs R F .WAS ,A V 1511, LAURA JONES LENNEKE JORRITSMA MARK KAHN JUDY KANTOR DAWNA KAUFMAN RICKY KELLER JOHN KING MIKE KLINEFELTER 1223+ . WM 3 QI? !,. I ' I.HQ', 5 V. I . , 5 V L J J ES, wa, . X I A 5, ,MN f fa . - V KWA.: , , QA , X f uw X If I 1' 11 If ,L I A V If ff' J S K 1' ,jf if , I Fx ff' 12+ E A -A 'W ,Q , I I 5 :fx , 4 f --f I H .3 xx I Qm wr s x jj .1 ifqus -" ' I ra I '1C'i'?' CAREY LASITER DEBBIE LOGAN JERRY MCCOY 1 I ,, , . 4, lil avg , Q ff. by N hi 1" 'N 5 -. .Af if' .,,, A 5 PM Q, ' I ff X ff, rggfk , I, PAM LENIK JEFF LINDEMANN PAT IXICARDLE JOY MCASKILL SAM MCGEE KIM MCGRAW 5 . A42 , . I Q. . 0 I Q ., x I 'V f u- I A I I ' :T E T si I I A ...:- I if 1 I an In A I ,... , Lj g Q W I M M my J iy, L T fb' - M' .Q AVAEZ , . wi, .::: KENNY MPMENAMY JACKIE MAHAFFEY KA TH Y MANNING MIKE MARSHALL NANCY LINSTROMBERG KEVIN MCCHAREN GWEN MCGUIRE fe--'P 'N , - 5 I .0g-A,1- 52- I 4 Q I, -. . - , 5' A ngv V I 4 a Q - ig -:" , Lf , ' " 34", 'fb BILLY LITTLE JANET MCCOY BOB MCKENNA .QI 4 .5 P: . .575 IJ .ah II- mf ' ' F253 "W" " fs ,fa g ' ji I AK. - -I , . Rx, KAREN MAY LISA MENN BOB MERCER CLASS OF 1972 d""3, ,, JOHN MURRAY TERESA NASH TOM NEAL C YNDY NEWLIN SCOTT NICHOLSON ELAINE NORTHERN CINDY NOSS KENNY NOWLIN 'UN 'gif' ,Q '--.. It 1 If '1 'if .A-ua., x za 4 If av X I ifl?ffZ'i- -- ,C -- L+ fg' X ' Q, , , K f 1' N' z F-3 -gg 'uqvm I . X I A' ' r l Im -KI 91' CHERYL MILLER SUE MINSHALL SHERRY MOORE PAM MORGAN RONALD MORGAN ' CATHA MORTON ALISON MOSKA L 41 -A ' f ' .' X SCOTT MOUNT i in f it yr A E V vf 1 Y Q I ' x Q I DEE MULLINS ff, N5 D13 Nw, if IIIu.e1-QNL. 2 L.. I I 'Z 01 'xv' H, fe 5 , GA RY MONTGOMERY H I-I QQ-wr' 'mf' I 1 . ?n,u"8n A I I R 4' nr ig J COCO OCHSNER JULIE OSTRANDER STEVE PERKINS JAYNE PERRYMAN TOM PLOWMAN JIM POWERS Q B qw I, SSS S . If .Edib M.. ag agfwslf Mad, -ev' 'df-as E . H. J -uf .Uiii E, - . K ,,. ., ig 581 vi S I I x, JULIE PATTEN DONNA PFEIFER LISA PEERSON CATHY PHILLIPS LEIGH ANN PRICE HELEN PRITZOS ,ph ALLEN QUIC K DAVID RADMILOVICH CI-IARLENE RAMSEY DEBBIE RASKIN E: if if 52,2 IVY 5 + M - A - STEVE PENCE CATHEY PIELSTICKER BERT PROVOST ,..4-H-A E W STEVE RAY BOB RENDER DANA RICE SID RICE ROBIN RICHARDS I Ik'. MARLA RUGGLES HILDY SAIZOW KEITH SCHELB TERRY SCHMIDT MARTA SCHNEIDER ADAM SEBRAN STAN SHANNON KENT SHELTON CLASS OF 1972 ALL A ' " f um-vr ea xx' Q 5 sf ga NSC. ' I a X BRENDA RICHISON DAVE RITCHIE ANDREA RITZ ANDY ROBERTS MICHELLE ROLLINS CHARLOTTE ROOF FERD ROSENTHAL DARCIA ROUTH 4-mai M. L, '44 Q 4329 ' P' H 2 I "Y it , I ' Q-me M ""' if' T'AW I . ,. ln -I f hr: AVAI x 'I SANA SHELTON EDDIE SHORT SUZY SHORT HELEN SIMS BRON SLACK JACK SMITH LINDA SMITH MARK SOLOW DAVE SPEARING STEVE SPEARING DEDE SPENCER BECKY SPIES BETSY SPOMER JEFF STANFIELD DEBBIE STANSBARGER ww 4+ LAURA STAUFFER LL, I ILTS KATHY STEWART M 1 A V, : V - VV f,.',, VK,L ulr A x,,..fy MELODIE STEWART CINDY STOCKTON SAM STRAIT JAY TAYLOR KIRK TAYLOR CLASS OF 1972 ANGIE TURNBO CATHY WALKER AMY WALSH JOE WALTON MARK WARD BRIAN WAUGH BRIAN WEDLAKE BEN WETHERILL 'lf L.., ., 'g MARK TAYLOR STACY TERRELL ROY THOMASON KATHY THOMPSON STAN THOMPSON LAURIE TIERNAN BYRON TIPPING KEN TRICKEY -.L M 1 5, -M'fFrI ? gigs I, 1 ,. MIKE WHALEN CAROLYN WILSON MELANIE WOOD BILL YOUNG KAY YOUNG VALERIE ZAYAT VICKIE BARNETT JANET BEERS BENNY DAVIS TODD MILLER SUZANNE WALTERS I-41:-O .Qu-f .f 'f 1 milk, ..fw" 3.5 -I fi' - .ai W gg 1 , ,Sr M4 -fi PAUL WHITMIRE JUDY WILSON RUSS WOOD ,mm AT Q, fri! ALLEN WILCOX SUSAN WINFREY LISA WOODS DALE WILKERSON LARRY WINLAND DEBBIE WOODSON Hr ,,,,,,-.- NANCY WILLIAMS BOUDI WOOD JIM YORK -vfr1'F'7' 1 I s " l n 1 I . Q . Q XX EIGHTH GRADE 13 Judy Back Gr-fa fm Tom Adams Karen Anzuini Jane April 'Clif I nf Y 1. W iw.. B Z f iff y Paul Beattie Becky Becker Shelley Bernard Pam Bernstein Megan Berry Brent Bevenue Betsy Beyhan Vanessa Bishop Russell Blackwood n 'A I IH., t 2 Yf' l 1 ' 44 499 tr z ii, liis Mi Q if ki ' aw! 'R it 5 fi w ig ,f. , i Diane Baker Terry Barlow Nancy Barrett Janet Bass Chris Bearden EIGHTH GRADE Kevin Blaine Becky Blair Forrest Blakely Wes Blevins Katie Borden if R an W l X -K K f,-. -1. 1 4 ii f t ti X :W , to . Davis Bovaird Katie Brander Cinda Brashear Elaine Braunagel Lisa Braverman Susan Brett Jayne Britton Jill Brocchus Carolyn Brooks Libby Brown Nancy Broyles Eric Brunner Paul Bunnell Donna Burscough Kathy Busch Scott Cameron Erin Carney Grady Carson Greg Cobbs Nancy Compton Dawn Cotton Mark Courtright Brett Crane Jim Crosby Kirby Crowe Casey Crutchfield Cindy Dennis Terry DeSirey Diane Dexter Jim Dooley Mark Carter Danny Charrier Nancy Chitwood Richard Choate Mike Choz en Steve Christiansen nf ttf: rig' A W0 an R ti-Ni, 'iii 17" is Q Jerry Clark Leigh Ann Clegg Bryan Cobb Fr . ftrky I V 5 if .3 . q' g V , Q-1 l .. - aw , f- iw rg ' -4 Ag, 5. tif" . . A "'.i, z - .V ,av " KM .. . . Us W 'V ' 2 . ft. if ". ' V ff'l' :gb J " A by Y Q: 'S pr ' ... 'VJ' ' ' N 7.5 , N, , Q' I f' lx? . - has . w ' f P, ,Wa I W I N, Vi K , . , W sjiywff K ,V i it ffwlfiyy 2 1. 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Q 'fl ai! .ilvrrg T gEE?5Ei,3i 'fi 3' 'ftrzzrmnr f:.i:i212?i 1 l t ga F' 3 fi 2 2 , S 5 5 lk S g 5 fa I t a X gal iff:-w2s5ni"2 -21.2 -f -we X395 If , S '58 gallja Jay Hitt Laura Hoffman Steve Holland Debbie Holloway Bernice Holman Danny Hoover Marc Horn Debbie Howell Martin Howerton Chris Hughes Debbie Hunter Gary Infield if If 1 42 Q ,ffawy 1 H fiii ES' -: "I"f fl - 5552534 fbf aggsgiiagai 51 Wil!" ,.i5'f?-531532452 5' fliffeff. "?iV5i?5Ei5Qf5f7Lif. 'I' I fi.: 55455?:f!5W3'?'553? ti' 'L f warfare, liifisggggj ies, 3 V J ff, 1-U - :-i fi in A Tim Hawk Karla Hawthorne Susan Haynes Cheryl Hays Michele Hays Ron Helms Carol Hembree Bobby Henry Mary Hinds A H ai 'af 1 H 4... D, A , .V ,V 'Eff - ' , L. as 3 vi K , . A i I 4., -. .B '?'f5 yi 8 - ,az Q, x ,.W,, A in ww- 3 I. ' A E f -ni,-my ms.. V 1 A, A ' 'K , 2 , vi 4 -ff l, 7 x . . 4 'f , 3 5 f X Q e gg fl 57 1 fl x ... r- 1, M523 N? win QE, :' NK . ai-4 G 3 R if , 1 ,vyi- 5 1' 'KW .31 -if 542,11 Q -vw: 1.5 D is 3? , 5" z i l" 'W X L 3 K' H ,.., x 1 I :K gif .2 " ' ' rw J 5 i A TN. fa f 2, A .5 Scott Jones .M Sheila Jordan Wes Kaefel' Dana Kaufman James Irby Elizabeth Jackson Steve Jackson Dean Javine Nancy Jensen Bryan Johnson Jeff Johnson Kris Johnson Stan Johnson Cathy Jones Joanne Jones Julie Jones EIGHTH Jenny Kelley Doug Kelley David Kerns Jim Kessler Ann Knutson 't KN aa f-fi' 7 X R Susan Krueger Betsy Lake Cindy Landers Kirby Lane Jay Lebow Billie Lee Jim Leuthesser Jack Lewis Tommy Little Becky Logan Diane Loveless Denise Loyd Nancy Lutringer DiAnne McAfee Debra McCord John McCoy Leah McCoy Kelly McCune Brian McDaniel Lezlee McDonald MaryLea McGehee John McGrath Ann McKenna Russell McKinney Z: gif! fa ,- we Mr' 'RX 1? X .x l1,l +A - , vx , M 5 him up . 1 ' A - 4. ,.yo .l . Xxx K if K Lf N' X 1 'Va M Ruth Mason Susan Mason Melinda Mathews Gail Matles Susan Mattinson Mike Maxwell Mary Ann May Jo Ann Meason Tracey Medaris Chris Medlock Terry Meek David Metz If ,, rw - ly, . ll fi ...QA , if RX Deena McN1el Susan McShane Mark McW1111ams Mark Maguire Sylvia Maloy Susan Mahoney -Q 7 a S if ci, S V' :W ff-.. Q le K .. V g 8, ' K, Hx, A fg4,,,s.f. . Q-gh Ls f isp li- 1 H 4 bv A - an z I we if V W gin W, E K i ' i 1 ii Kelly McLend0n Cinda McMil1in "Qs:- f l -,. , -, .. gl' ' 4 ?4f as V Y 'QJ5 e YI?" ' N sf ,tpx dr 5 e ' fx C' E2 k -4 1 X N - 2, P 4 x is .L f 'elf' 'f c 5 , tix ,. 1 , ix 1 .ge ea"-'-.3 mini' I 5 ' A Q ,.. . . 4 as, .4 .f 'f I wi' flmfx 'tif 5 , L. f W., ,, Xt. s 'RZ' I .- V WY' V 4.14-. ix ws X at gl w milf if--5 4 L r A st' 32 , f l 9 X ,P A lz, E1V.. . Z , My Q Donald Morris David Morrison Mary Louise Morrison Diane Morrow Jill Moskal Mickey Mulkey Rickey Mulkey Kathey Myers Debbie Nelson Q20 JIH 'iff -Q .fa- Mike Metz Earl Meyers Marc Miller Tammy Miller Dennis Mitchell Ken Mitchell Ed Monnet Kevin Moddy Cathy Moore Ben Moran Andy Morgan Scott Morgan EIGHTH A J' ' t fuses. we X an I4 ii A ,. X , K . y- M ' fl M e . ,. i ,awk V i P f t it q w rl 5 y s s asf 'if swim GRADE Nancy Newby Chris Nicely Nancy Nichols Mark Nicholson Steve Nicholson Betsy Nolan David Northern David Ostrander Eddie Parker Ronnie Parker David Patterson Linda Patterson Bill Pielsticker Ruth Pierce Mike Plumer Charles Potter Kevin Radford Ricky Rayson IK ,n-MI John Pauliny Melinda Payne Tina Pelizzoni Del Pender Lynn Phillips P.. ,xi if! , L ,Zi 1 51 s o , Q -3 f ik 5 A S ' L X 1 :I-fx. R Chris Rychel Paula Samara Dana Sanger Stephanie Sanseverino Mark Saylor Susan Schad Bobby Scruggs Richard Seal Mike Shade Megan Shaughnessy Robby Shaw Sally Short c 1 ll gf imp. I, rg, ,. by Q oly lks f X . ' -, ix gl S :-Q ' ia eff X 7--4' f ,rv x S 5 Y ' Xi mf" Joby Reed Greg Renberg Jeff Render Kim Rinker Greg Roe Thesa Rogers Lori Rossiter Pam Ruis Cindy Runyan QM J - . X -13+ V 'ra V K, gf: f , E fun, J, Q A, A M AAVA ' fr ff lg, . W .l ,fl X i www? bl HUN 3 . M -' .r 2 I ,, W f f wa -v 4 5 1 ..: K f fn V av F, , ,H . ' 1 -if -"'? 'N' dw, 1 Hgh' 'fi vi ln.- Q11 Aff QS R Monty Sullivan Becky Terrell Cindy Terrell Judy Thompson Diane Shupert Carol Simon David Smith Lynda Smith Pamela Snook Becky Sorrells Marsha Speer George Stabler Tammy Stalder Lisa Steinmeyer Glen Storts Jim Stovall EIGHTH John Thurman Sonya Thurman Tracie Tutt Carol Vance Vicki Vandiver Lynn Visher Mark Wackenhuth Laura Wadley Vincent Waldman Jack Walker Doug Waugh Jerry Webber Lori Weber Marlene Weedin Tom Weeks David Wehrenberg John Wheat David White Mike White Lisa Whitehill Joyce Whitlock Paul Whitney Kathy Wiley Bonnie Willett Fred Williams Julie Williams Kris Williams Ray Williams Todd Wilson , . X 23 543. if wi V j ei ax lx! sg, S Q4 'Vw J is ,eg gs 5 1 fi lifts 5 ' e 1-S Du 'W s :W 'Q Doug Wince Clifton Wood David Wood W ,,lt 3 as is" 'gf ff .- . - L L H I " 'iglli'-"T , , A , 155355f51:321212312'.?gQr:,15f3.v,4 Qsigf : ' ,V Q ' 1.11'xi':i1,i.:,z.x...2,-.--.Im I 'vm-us - mm if . 1 . N wi ' - k'i' M' if-, W sf un Tammy Zumwalt Becky Barkman 'W a Joyce Cadion '-f", .... if . Q ix J 1-f . it H 4 -A Ramona Clark Jody Roddy -nr-7 i X ii-f -,aw ifiib x -- X 2, ,., 5 K N 'K u 1 f -LQ' K , I .W .xykrys ,- ifzfz.-., ,Q 4. 1 Q-ax 2 w e :l?5f1,i'Zf1Ql,, : 'gig f?233igQ?ffQ515:-iszmz, Ta, Kimi f fw5z.ff51si1s,1ssfS:seg fi, Gm Ma w.fa,6,sA-lf,-w.xw f no 531 if A ' Q Q35 Q 2 Na 2 g , ggi? 1 'Z "gf iff iffm, 415mwzs,Lg?!? 14ffaffSfa2?g.afe'3wgu:f:e mf? mfg:wmfg:,s?,11fm,xf' gee? f?Q?'fw,'wmgffQ am-, ,m,. -e rf-,T f5,'k1f:'5.'??"ffEL:1 1,iA,,., , .W S lg, 465 sg f an if gg? V . Tk. x T Iggy,-m lkllf Q N' :f,,1f-'.,, uw? ,,g12,f1:,--M fm, 1 f ,-h: 555 ' f.:-i'f,Q'h'- Yf I? ' - . 'fly or M 'V . if "viii ,QQQQ9 -23532 ,, +- ,41sZ,e:g1 , , l 5H6Wf'f1f M, 7 Plfw . S - --.w.,,.j 4 i 5.5 .. 5 if 3' , . 4 W wwf ' A Red Cross Christmas project was Santas, provided by each home room, who collected 35109 throughout one day. Needy children were given a dinner and 35.00 each. u Nimitz s Student Council Spirlt Day in spired many decorated cars for the Nimitz-Edison football game. ek-fi X Ixf.-ef , -is-Y-ft - - Q 1 , ,wif 3 41" SEVENTH GRADE lx n. . A ,'X, X Steve Aberson Brad Ableson Kerri Adams Teresa Adkison Lyndy Affeld Tom Aleman Becky Allert K ,m David Anderson ji, ii, V' Kathy Andress 5 Roger Andrews Elisa Aptak ,V 9 E -- ,A ? 'L 4 -' by g 's W 2 X K S -'- if r.. A 'Z i , -. ----, Q-gg. T2 QL x, 1 ' SEVENTH GRADE Warren Bailey Jeff Baldwin Phil Banfield Trudie Bangs Bobby Barbero Brenda Barnes Brian Blagowsky Anne Bomba Bill Borton DeAnn Boyer Sheila Brandenburg Brent Brander ll -QW ,Vg ,-- . A A ff 1, Q,-1 f ,-A fkxefk I ,- '-. lsis at w A Y ,. A wi .,. W 1 W' I l M Y tv EW 'V K if' s 1 fm. .TCH ' -ns 1 'X sn, X F .u v K I fi 1 I - l 'A H1 - ., ' -E M l Q i x I , 'M ,fm fl 'r ffl, l 'QA h ,Q 3 2 " 2 :W 1 'S ,X X E in , :. L X W' I , 5 ,V R. lf - ,J ' l h:,, X ' 15 E ,i.l , , 1 Dennis Arend lg, Jeff Atkinson 3 Lee Augustine iii. 5' .a--A 5 - f 'X- ..- ,, 4' ,,- A--Q 4 'UN -vs Carene Batchelor Kyle Bayliss Mark Bearden David Beckstrom Paul Bennett Brent Billingsley 'If Q di Q is s ' - ,ng ' ggi ie X Keith Brewer Mike Brewer Allison Broadland Curt Broome Joe Brothers Richard Brown we f 'M aim "" 7 1 W as-f' N' Q W, 2: is ,1 so to - C, .8 Q , ., L "LI Q R C, ME L .aw me - f--ILN3' 3315 a?53L1n sz. Q' ij-f' S i iw. """ a if .-" A Steve Brown Tresha Brown Jay Burris Simon Butler Judy Buzzalini Dan Cagliero Debbie Camp Gordon Campbell Caren Canfield Mark Carlson Jack Carlton .zk qilz, J N ,re fir Xf, i in . gk E K LS 7-5 . -K km. k t? , rgi, K-g aelr K ,n 14" if lX K E tail , , n A 'DY YHITOE Sandy Carnes Doug Carolus Christine Childers Karin C lark Kelly C lark Carl Clayton John Cochran Kathy Cook Lisa Cook Daniel Cota Whitney Coutret Linda Crabtree Lana Crane Kathy Creitz Robert Crites Kevin Dagg Ann Daniel Jan Degan Mark Dethrow Dawn Dohner Beth Doran Brett Dotts Amey Drewry 3... 11 3 B David Duschatko Russell Dysart Kathy Eaves Kevin Eckard W, Kenny Edwards Mark Egermeier Mike Ellison H '- Bobby Enterline 553 M, John Erskine Laura Fail Johnny Fair SEVENTH GRADE John Fingerlin li in David Fling , fl Wade Foor H. Q Qi if Nancy Franklin . Kevin Gallagher Sara Galloway 1 ,-,,. Q - Q 44151 N7 X tr MA E Q Q TZ: M: E 4 3 Y E Q, L KB? kfkifw K xl V Rv? - i fl ' - . if all H 1 "iii ofa? :N 53 fl o.i' :" Billy Goldman l L J E E 'R I . Roxie Goodman , H- A J M' gl A Trisa Goudeket C y ' M X I Jackie Grady I W. h qLQ,,i Richard Grahar Wg' W' " Q if Randy Graybill mv l 4 Y SQ f ' xl X3 A il dk I, Q gl gl V 134 2 . 'i l ' ' 1 1 , lu 1 . ' V if l f l.f,,s,,, ,A .:,,.v -lswli . , . R ,L 5-ia 'X l Q JL """ lk - ,. V f2'Hmg'k.'g mu -l . H am., ,Q , f len, S v Q 1,245 l fl if N 'fax r' --.ff M., X E A 7' 5 Jay Farris Judy Finer M VS Carol Galt Tracy Galyon Tom Gent James Getty Robert Glass Mark Goldman Doug Green Rhonda Green Lisa Greenwell Paul Griffin Phyllis Grove Teresa Hall 1 I if 8 Cecilia Fernandez 1 Q, J W ilxjilg VK, ,P - . T df-W S df wb 2 ' Y A . , ' ' VAVV f ff? J Q ' H -..A . " it 'se -as ,W fi .2322 . K if 5 F ,ga s -1 ' 5 Tony Hall Leslie Hanoch Tony Heineman Tammy Hembree David Hickman Patty Hill " 1 j" ' . ifff f ,,"Q ' f ,,: L ' .. ' ' 'fi x""?, A P? . Y 2 'E 1 v 'fit r iw, 3,9 Q lj .f'. - Angela Hatchett Terry Henshaw Hunter Hoffman ' fl , QESQ QJ '1 iff . Q Q 1.33, fr ' ai , a yiiii . xx? it lt 27 ' '- Q 'v J tv Jane Head Melanie Hewitt Janice Howell .sm L bl' wrt? A rite ., Q? - -1 .V Q ,453 gs X if an X eww WC? 3 w N 4 v A 3 t P 3 ., '.',. I A iv I Mig . Jil- . f it A H p J f QE Z -4 - :Q Z VV V 'A A ii if :2:'- , ' gs K ,M i J J i i 5 .5 f "T1" gf 'L fi 'iii ii tw 14 J ,vw-an yi.. -x : 5" we ' . i K ' K ' V- r if he iffy ' , ' gl , ,r - L 2 ifillllgx, jiflfrixi X I fx- fgi. V , Z! "-- K t J ,- 'J it fiff.Ai gf V ' . " if-Z We , 1 125' ' ,fi K ' ' , f , E. 'T i' MV? E' ,1 wif -J' 3 we Y . Hillary Hubanks Betsy Huckin Brent Hughes Kara Hunnicutt Kelly Hunt Marsha Hunt Tom Hutton Toni Hutton Mark James Becky Johnson Kathy Johnson Linda Jones Tom Jones Brian Kahn Randy Kalkis Sara Kite Lori Koch Billy Korver Eric Kunkel Kerry Kurin Karen Langston Pam Lasiter Bob Lewandowski Terri Lindemann Mark Lindsey Ginger Little Jennifer Little Shelley Loveall Tim Lucas Lesley McAfee ,VL td Y Kim Mclilhiney Greg McGuire Jim McKnight Tim Mahaffey Mark Manners SEVENTH GRADE X ff .1 . '-A, . -N . , ,A ,- Ki, , Ne al.iQ!, 'V 1, ,Q :gif ff.. 'v , K eq . ML' 1 ,Q ,ar L -sf ,.. ei 1 Jail' ESB Y gk 'vi' Keith Mattern Orvin Maynor Danny Meador Steve Mercer Judy Metz Julie Michaelson Brenda Morgan Mark Morton Lizanne Moskal Julie Nash Debbie Neighbors David Newport J 'ST wma 1, EL as 4' va.. w 3 gk , X. l Q f . K , ff' W 'lv new ,S we .Y , ' 1 ' 3 1 Q-if '44 'PTF' J-.5 fr ri xt , Y K Lk W N' ' g ? ' M 5 Nl ' f J' ,ifl - l e e g 4, . J Q3 "WIN" , :sfr.f:.i-A i J eltii 1 ' qu -n-Q, . , ,,.. A at ". K ' - . A new ,X j,5..::- 915 . K K ' .,f,g225. ta., , . K1 2,1 f , I . 2 3.313-iii.-in 45 ' X , S 2lf '.',"'4f-'P'-1' wi.. N, . - xy Cindy Manning Margaret Manning Jane Margetson Anna Miller Karey Miller Terry Moody Alfred Moore Shelley Moore Carol Moran 0 , t Charles Newport Powell Newport Matt Nichols John Nixon David Noss Maureen O'Nei1 X '. et 5' sw - 1 X if W iii f it 1 f R fn 'R P we f V ss. L W sf,Ei.' Kevin Oxley George Paganis Martha Phenicie Debbie Phillips Mona Pittenger Sherry Plumlee rc P ff ' X, lg , . 1 S l Y x V f 4 V. ' S 'Yi gg-ik 55 1, ily. . ' ' ' V Kg,-! V Aga 3 iw .X - ' X X A of ' R . si 5. , gui I , A 41 , E xx eff- . ,115 . ' . we ,. s- sum , n l iffy ' , Pwr it 3' Z" l f? " 1...-H N ' it if Kathy Pearson Cindy Pfaff Kathy Phillips Steve Philoon Xiu , W ff' it , .5 A, ' sm 35? 4- -. X ' . Laura Powell Mark Powers S, it I if Us . ,,- xgzft ,7 .4-M' . ',"' 'V' be brag EJ? ,I fair. - fix fm S+! ' ,S X 1 ,V "4 af K ' 2 ffm. , 1 W lg, 5 4 i Q ui Z- f .ag lj K S Bill Preaus Sherry Preston Keith Prewett Wesley Proud Laura Putnam Susan Raatz Dauane Raby Jana Rainey Jim Ramsey Warren Ranger Joe Rapp Kevin Ray Larry Reeder June Marie Roach Bert Roberts Steve Roberts Susan Roberts Rod Robison Robert Roby Kate Rodgers Beverly Roff Scott Ross Vicki Rowe 3 ' i 4' n ' 2- I , 1 K 1- S 5.-if I linlgi ty X xx., U 'il t. t 55' at tm I5 iff 47 egg g fglfggg , 5, h Brett Sackett Tod Sanger Robert Savage Sue Saylor Sharon Schooley Cindy Schuler x Catherine Scruggs Cynthia Scruggs Jeff Shaffer Ruth Shannon Thomas Short SEVENTH GRADE Cindy Smith Jeanne Ann Smith Jim Smith Daniel Spitzer Johnny Spitzer Janna Stabler David Stanley Todd Stewart Mark Stith Gary Storts Greg Storts Susan Stough Pam Strait Greg Sullivan Dawn Tharp Terri Thomas Christine Thomasson Phil Thompson , ge t I 1 . . gm- V ' - YH ei, QW ' Z '- W T ,g , 'gay . M y .' cfm- N 41 f V ' Wee ' , NYY- Y - f , I 'gsflgtiig 15612 x Mark Thorne Roddy Thrasher Brian Tillotson Bruce Tillotson Lisa Tipping Lynn Toler Jay Shrewder Annie Silver 5Ieal Tomlins Scott Tomson David Tongier Steve Toschik iaren VanFleet Karen Vesley Diane Vier Sara Visher Jirck Vorenkamp Steven Wall Scott Walsh Todd Webb 1 if t., ,re , Q. , 5 KW sf . :J nf tl. 2 4 A- SQ!! ef. J H K 'xx ai Kb ' in it c Q if it as NV 4. fa f, ..t mx xi, ya . L5 Karen Weddle Sheri Wells Patti Wesche Gay Wetherill Nancy Wheeler Jana Wilbanks Gary Wilcox Kathy Wilcox Alan Wilkerson Chris Wilkins Betty Wilkins Jenifer Williams Darrell Wilson Janice Wilson Janette Wilson Tammy Wing Marcia Winland Bart Wood Bryn Wood Lori Woodson Mitchell York Mitchell Zabienski Karen Zeligson '49- Michele Edwards Beth Henthorn Julie Hodge Karen Martin Mike Roberts Kenneth Sease M- , 64:39 7: ' : 5 if """""" ww W L 'fm' is , -K ,M 3 IN MEMORY OF JEFF FISK A Boy of daring will, Now a dying bill, When the sun was down He made a frown. He rides his bike On such a short hike. He takes his crown, But leaves the straps down, He starts his machine And thus his death stream. He rode the evening without luck Into the path of a small, harmless truck, And now our friend Jeff Has become a victim of Death, It goes to show that Life can be cruel If you don't follow those tiny rules. Now we have seen That life can be mean If he had taken his time, He might have been fine. A kid like Jeff doesn't deserve Death. Please, God, save whatever is left. I hope the rest of the human race is blessed And at Peace, as he is at rest. by Mike Grady Adam Sebran Jeffrey Scot Fisk was born at Waco, Texas and attended elementary school in Highland Park, Dallas. After one year at Memorial Junior High School in Houston, he entered Nimitz. MEMORIAL TO JEFFREY SCOT FISK August 27, 1957 - November 23, 1971 One of our own has died. He will not walk among us again, but his spirit will be with us always. lt is hard to lose a friend. Death is such a mystic thing. We sit here alive and one we felt so very close to is not here. May this memorial reflect the many moments of life that Jeff shared with us. Surely, he of all people, would want us to remember the times we laughed together. 1 1 I 1 5- fAfl3l' .-fmt fi .4 X 1 I . I ' o , 'I ' 'xt , 'V , - 4-'ll I gt! 1:2 mir' " ' e 'wx I ix I XSAI in . . . . I ' N 1 fe J-""' 'fff X. 2x K f e .'f' ax fc 0" 1-. X- It ! 25. 4,' 'Qui u Q y li C ' 1 V 14 lf P- I I V P ,, f Wm - ' ' .. IW IJ!! 55:5 552: 'MER . pn: 'Qu 55151: ::" 'fif mu L -e v.-ff' he - " 22:25 "fm-'N!2x.:,:-we 'm:'2eR,Fv" r' llllll ' ' ilu 1 1' ur' 1 1 A 5 5 Q Q :E .qs V AVA ' , ORGANIZATIO Page designed by Jeff Burdick CDCDOSUO UMW . Left to right: Row one: Mr. Meeks, Mark Goldman, Rod Robison, Kelly McCune, Judy Back, Bert Roberts, Lisa Q Steinmyer, Carol Simon, Kate Rodgers. Row two: Sue Saylor, Stephanie Sanseverino, Christi Cline, Mary Hinds, I Carolyn Brooks, Dawn Cotton, Cindy Manning, Joe Walton. Row three: Janet McCoy, Russ Wood, Dawn Tharp, 3 Candy Cotton, Ferd Rosenthal, David White, Caren Canfield, Paul Bunnell. Row four: Katy Imel, Angie Turnbo, 1 Mary Beth Barbero, Beverly Bearden, Ken Trickey, Pam Lenik, Valerie Zayat, Elaine Northern, Cinda Mc- Millin. N The Red Cross is a community service organization composed of a representative chosen by each home- l room and officers elected by the student body. This , has been an active year for the Red Cross with an l enrollment drive, Christmas stocking project, Red Cross-Student Council girls basketball game, swim l suit drive and our continuing support of an orphan in Japan. ' RED CROSS ORPHAN N oboru Aoi My Dear Sponsor-sama, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year' Thank you very much for helping me from the far place. I want to be a good boy who is use- ful in the world. The picture on the card shows a kite-flying. I am not so good at it, but I like it very much. I am looking forward to Christmas. May God bless you. Your Sponsored child, Noboru Aoi 67497f39 Tokushima Jido Home 541 C '11 'Tl v-1 Q P1 W CD E 11 i 55 .5 1 3 5 Q + Officers - Beverly Bearden, Corresponding secretary, Katy Imel, Recording secretary, Candy Cotton, President, Ferd Rosenthal, First Vice-President, Kelly McCune, Second Vice President. FHGZGGO '-lZt11UC'Hcn eft to right, row l: Mr. Patterson, Billy Pielsticker, John Fair, Nancy Chitwood, Kris Williams, Kathy Piel- zicker, Tony Heineman, Betsy Huckin. Row 2: Mark Morton, Dayl Hamman, Bobby Lewandowski, Nancy Broy- s, Cheryl Hays, Mary Harrison, Cindy Terrell, Brent Brander. Row 3: Brenda Richison, Patty Frohnapfel, ancy Lutringer, JoAnn Meason, Roger Andrews, Susan Roberts, Nancy Linstromberg, Kim McGraw. Row 4: eDe Spencer, Becky Barker, Jan Broadland, Kirk Taylor, Chris Fling, Scott Nicholson, Mona Pittinger, arol Vance, Buddy Caldwell, Jerry Webber. I D Q I t 0 4 lg ,, - "2v'r I ta '?:5:::,l 15:15 --5-Ill.. llllllllgik lllllll,v' vlunllf .s ..nli' SI :E1!?1.D This year the Student Council hosted the state convention on the 4th and 5th of No- vember. We also had a ear decoration con- test at Johnson Park to show spirit at the Edison game. At Christmas the Student Council and the Red Cross had a canned food drive to get food for a needy Tulsa family. In January Student Council girls played the Red Cross girls in basketball. OFFICERS CJ sb fc ..- I rv 3 5 nb F O o P1 f-s ro cn . cn na ra 'F K .... '-s Pr '-3 rv 14 l-I o J-s Recording Sec'y.g DeDe Spencer, President, Bill Piel- sticker, Vice-Presidentg Kim McGraw, Parliamentarian MAST STAFF ,ig This year's Mast Staff consisted of twenty students. The class is selected by Mrs. Warren from second year art students. These students are chosen for their conduct, intention and character. The class completes the yearbook during the first semester and in the second semester they do advanced art work. Left to right: Row 1: Jayne Perryman, Hilda Harlton, Gail Grossich, Mary Harrison, Mrs. Warren. Row 2: Suzy Short, Betty Brown, Susie Brodsky, Judy Kantor, Barbara Becker. Row 3: Christy Cline, Nancy Linstromberg, Lisa Dunn, Anne Dolman, Leigh Ann Price, Co Howard. Row 4: Bert Provost, Kevin McCharen, Jeff Burdick, Ford Brett, Ted Birbilis. Top row: Mike Maxwell, Rod Green, Eric Freeman, Bob Haley, Boudi Wood, John King. Middle Row: Jerry Web- ber, Ken Bass, Bob Knight, Buddy Caldwell, David White, Gregg Cobbs. Bottom row: Dwight Kertzman, Alan Knox, Mark Courtwright, Russ Wood, Brian Dotson, Mark Taylor, Danny Charrier. e- Sea. 0 m lv: My 'E', .7 1: Ulf! I I ,ls 'mfn fn . DM. Univ K - CLUB K-Club is made up of boys chosen for their ability, leadership, and workman- ship, with the teachers' approval. K-Club has Bake Sales, car Washes and other activities so they can earn money for the betterment of the school. Officers: Bob Knight, Presidentg John King, Vice-Presi dent, Kenny Bass, Sec'y.g Rod Green, Treasurer, Boudi Wood, Parliamentarian. ag AUDIO VISUAL sa W--f gb' '22 The audio-visual students show films at the request of teachers. These students """ are chosen by the sponsor for their de- 3 pendability. They receive class credit l for their work, --' Ui- , WA ...f L Ni i Left to right: Row one: Richard Choate, Mark Griffith, Paul Beattie. Row two: Ricky Keller, Mark McWilliams, Kevin Cash. Row three: Mr. Brown, Ron Helms. Row four: Kirby Crowe, Sid Alien. 58 1,0 x S 59- soo 4' STAGE CRAFT eft to right: Row l: Mr. Wheaton. Kris Williams, Terry Desirey, Amy Glass, Lynn Visher. Row 2: ann Godsey. Brian Johnson, Kevin Radford, Debbie Holloway. Row 3: Kent Freeman. Susan Krueger. iark Wackenhuth. Paul Bunnell, Ann McKenna. rn H 'Qi H V 'i' I 'iii U t aefrpey The stagecraft organization at Nimitz is an extra-curricular ac- tivity that functions as a service group. It aids in the production of all plays, assembly programs and concerts which take place in the auditorium. This group is responsible for the building of sets, the operation of spotlights, and the arranging of the technical light- ing and sound effects for stage productions. Members of the stagecraft organization are selected from a volun- tary list of students who have demonstrated both citizenship and academic achievement for although most of the work of this group is done before and after school, much of it requires that regular classes must be missed when a production is scheduled during the school day. 59 ,, , ,,., . ....,....l.n.,. Bottom to top: Left to right, Row l: Mrs. Charles, Brett Dotts, Alan Knox, Warren Ranger, Danna Pfeifer, Dar- cia Routh, Lyndy Affeld, Jack Carlson, Neal Tomlins. Row 2: Fred Calhoun, Robert Glass, Timothy Hawk, Byron Tipping, Kathy Holcomb, Martin Howerton, Susan Ashbridge. Row 3: Pam Snook, Kelley McClendon, Debbie Grant, Mark Carter, Ken Bass, Ellen Braverman, David White, Susan Mattinson. Row 4: Ferd Rosenthal, Ted Birbilis David Hoot Kenton Erwin Jeff Burdick Ford Brett Steve Ray Lenneke Jorritsma. ' ! 3 I 9 7 Y Ford Brett Club President Chi Alpha Mu, the Math club, is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the student's interest in mathematics. Members learn how to solve algebraic equations by the use of slide rules, adding machines, and other enjoyable and educational means. The club has meetings every other Wednesday. Anyone is eligi- ble to join, 5x 5x+r o fl 5'-5 xl - in - I f X: .. - J: AERTIQIUI' f su ' ' L Dwi'-SZ'-'r"'cJm '-11'-ribs'-icn FEES' WWE 4 N . - l The staff relaxes as they read the rewards of their work. The Splinter staff publishes a monthly school paper "The Splinter." The whole creative writing class contributes to the paper. Each month new editors are elected. The editors have the job of putting the paper together and giving the paper new looks and ideas. The editors work hard to give the student body of Nimitz a paper that few junior high schools have. For five years Nirnitz has had a paperthat is constantly being changed. The paper is not limited to the work of the creative writing classg other students also contribute to the paper. The Splinter staff feels that the students enjoy seeing their own work in the paper. Left to right: Row l: Sana Shelton, Darcia Routh, Kathy Stewart, Mark Taylor. Row 2: Anne Fiedler, Kenny Bass, Stacy Terrell, Charlene Ramsey, Hildy Saizow, Betsy Spomer. Row 3: Holly Heaver, Kathy Thompson, Mary Beth Barbero, Debbie Stansbarger, Buddy Caldwell, Marla Ruggles. Row 4: Bob Knight, John King, Boudi Wood, Chris Fling, Ken Trickey, Kirk Taylor. l ,f LIBRARY Left to Right: Mrs. Pipkin. Julie Jones, Jill Brocchus, Karen Vesley, Nancy Broyles, Michele Hayes, Joyce Whitlock. HOME MAKING Left to Right: Mrs. Coiner, Diane Loveless, Cindy Terrell, Donna Pfeifer, Laura Wadley. if so . z" , X A1 . 'Q J- Xl wh Ti ll x, 62 af 4 Q a-'::.:Zxv js... STUDENT ASSISTANTS AT N IMITZ xii l q-gp :fig 2 F. NURSING Left to Right: Betsy Nolan Stan Thomp- son, Pam Lenik. OFFICE Left to Right: Jana Jeffrles, Susan Schad, Katy Imel, Kathy Busch, Nancy Newby, Kathy Andress, Vanessa Bishop, Laura Grossich, Lynn Visher Dana Kaufman, Tammy Zumwalt, Carla Campbell, Charles Newport, Doug Green. 63 Lenneke Jorritsma, Kim McGraw FRENCH CLUB The French Club have special projects and guest speakers to create an interest in the cul- ture and customs of France. Meetings provide students with an opportunity to use their French in practice situations. Membership in the club is open to all students enrolled in French. President-Gary Fuller, Vice-Presi- dent- Becky Barkerg Secretary-Lisa Dunn, Treasurer-Cathy Pielstickerg Publicity-Sandy Brown. Left to right-first row: Mrs. Syedullah, Lisa Braverman, Libby Brown, Lori Weber, Cathy Pielsticker, Todd Wilson, Martha Gandee, Terry Meek. 2nd Row: Lori Langston, Mindy Payne, Gail Grossich, Sandy Brown, Lisa Dunn, Suzy Brodsky, Susan Ashbridge, Cindy Hale, Lisa Gould. 3rd Row: Debbie Fourcade, Gary Fuller, Jane April, Sue Minshall, Debbie Grant, Mary Hinds, Suzanne Haynes, Anne Dolman, Kathy Stewart. 4th Row: Susan Mahoney, Cathy Moore, Becky Barker, Carol Vance. Mark Solow, Jan Broadland, Meg Berry, Pam Lenik, Tra Cie Tutt. ,-'K A, S lx' I Q XZ!!! S A2 s., ig, x N D72 N 4 Q X --r Us "' ,J Q X' X X Y, f' N ff 4 x I a P A 4. - 9 in slgnedby .L , rnandez 65 Row 1: Mr. Bowlin, Al- fred Moore, Kyle Bay- liss, John Wheat, Kevir Gallagher, Keith Pre- witt, Cheryl Miller Cac- companistj. Row 2: Mit chell York, Curt Broome, Neil Gilpin, Keith Brewer, Tom Jones, Mark Powers, Dennis Arend. Row 3: Roddy Thrasher, Kevin Oxley, Brett Dotts, Rok by Shaw, Randy Gilli- land, Jay Burris, Butcl Campbell. Row 4: War ren Bailey, Marc Millei Jeff Stanfield, Gary In- field, Dana Beard, Dav Ritchie, Ricky Gibson, Mark Nicholson. Not pictured: Fred Wil- liams, Steve Aberson, Larry Reeder, Mike Brewer. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row l: Angela Harney, Catha Morton, Brenda Richison, Dana Beller, Cindy Noss, Cheryl Miller. Row 2: Sherry Erskine, Debbie Grant, JoAnn Meason, Dee Mullins, Elaine Norther, Angie Turnbo. Row 3: Mr. Bowlin, Jeff Stan- field, Mark Nicholson. Not pictured: Fred Williams. LIBRARIANS, AND OFFICERS fi i -Q :if Rpm I-'S 11' 3' 2nd Hour Girls' Glee Club: Row l, left to right: Terri Lindemann, Gail Matles, Sarah Kite, Susan Stough, Patty Wesche, Melinda Ma- thews, Dana Beller, Cindy Noss, Catha Morton, Leigh Ann Clegg, Sheila Jordan. Row 2: Tracy Galyon, Whitney Coutret, Shelley Ber- nard, Angela Hatchett, Nancy Franklin, Lisa Woods, Teresa Hall, Debbie Howell, Dayl Hamman, Leslie Hanoch. Row 3: Brenda Rich- ison, Gwen McGuire, Cinda Brashear, Diane Dexter, Leslie Burks, Shirin Hewitt, Erin Carney, Jana Wilbanks, Susan Roberts, Cathy Jones, Sherry Erskine, Dawn Cotton. Row 4: Caren Canfield, Elaine Northern, Jill Hitt, Pam Infield, Susan Mason, Susan Brett,JoAnn Meason, Katy Brander, Lisa Greenwell, Paula Samara. Not pictured: Krista Gladd, Susan McShane, Tracy Medaris, Cindy Dennis, CoCo Ochsner. GIRLS' GLEE CLUBS 3rd Hour Girls' Glee Club: Row 1: Mr. Bowlin, Teresa Adkisson, Becky Barkman, Linda Crabtree, Anne Bomba, Marlene Weedin,Kate Rodgers, Betsy Huckin, Julie Michaelson, Kelly Clark, Linda Jones, Susan Raatz. Row 2: Kathy Wilcox, Melinda Ames, KarenVanF1eet Cindy Smith, Marsha Hunt, Allison Broadland, Jackie Grady, Lisa Cook, Trudy Bangs, Ruth Shannon. Row 3: June Marie Roach, Nancy Wheeler, Janice Wilson, Andrew Eckard, Cindy Stockton, Cindy Newlin, Brenda Jones, Debbie Neighbors, Ginger Little, DiAnne Mc- Afee, Pam Strait, Leah McCoy. Row 4: Martha Phenicie, Debbie Grant, Angela Harney, Jennifer Little, Stephanie Brown, Jenifer Wil- liams, Laura Fail, Karen Zeligson, Denise Loyd, Dee Mullins, Angie Turnbo, Dawn Tharp. 67 Row 1, left to right: George Paganis, Roxie Goodman, Shelley Moore, Kathy Eaves, Kevin Eckard, Lisa Tipping, Jane Head. Row 2: Phil Banfield, Deborah Camp, Jeff Atkinson, Tony Heineman, Judy Buzzalini, Dawn Dohner, Sharon Schooley, Vicki Rowe. Row 3: Steve Roberts, Dirck Vorenkamp, Scott Walsh, Matt Nichols, Tom Hutton, David Tongier, Scott Ross, Johnny Cochran, Todd Stewart. Row 4: Paul Bennett, Jack Lewis, Brad Ableson, Bob Lewandowski, Dub Foor, Tom Gent, Jana Rainey, Sheri Wells. Standing: Mr. Branson. CAPTAIN'S BAND WH!!! ADMIRALS BAND Front row, left to right: Richard Choate, Danny Charrier, Forest Blakely, Craig Blagowsky, Cindy Fox, Jill Moskal, Diana Baker.Sec- ond Row: Janet Bass, Charlotte Roof, Sana Shelton, Marla Ruggles, Leslie Burks, Sherry Moore, Polly Gent, Becky Becker. Third Row Kathy Wiley, Lynne Hunnicutt, Pam Snook, Tom Banes, Scott Cameron, Byron Tipping, James Irby, Paul Whitney, Charlene Ramsey. Fourth Row: Ed Monnet, Brian Wedlake, Marty Howerton, Jim Kessler, CaseyCrutchfield, Chris Nicely, Robert Fry, JeffRender, Mark Maguire, Mike Glover. Fifth Row: Dennis Mitchell, Warren Christiansen, Gary Montgomery, Tom Plowman, Buddy Caldwell, Steve Christiansen, Mark Augustine, Tom Weeks, Jim Stovall, Mr. Branson. X 69 I ADMIRALS ORCHESTRA lst Row, L to R: Susan Winfrey, Nancy Williams, Vicki Vandever, Cathy Phillips, Lynda Smith, Chris Thomasson. 2nd Row: Nancy Newby, Carley Horst. Mary Morrison, Lisa Woods, Dawna Kaufman, Susan Mattinson, Tara Bryant, Thesa Rogers. Ruth Mason. 3rd Row: Jerry Weber, Kathy Holcomb, Larry Winland, Glen Storts, Mike Golan, Ken Mitchell, Tom Neal, Alison Moskal, Amy Walsh, Steve Nicholson. 4th Row: Terry Hockett. Keith Freeman, David Hoot, Scott Nicholson, Bruce Hatchett, Kent Erwin, Matt Bridwell, Marc Ward. Tom Adams. Standing: Mr. Branson. fd!!! K I """"""y 3 gg I 'li Qi. li if , at -.C BAND AND ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Row 1. L to R: Jeff Atkinson CPres. Capt. Bandj, David Tongier, Nancy Williams, Dawna Kaufman CPres. Admirals Orch.J, Carley Horst. Row 2: Bob Lewandowski, Matt Nichols, David Hoot, Vicki Rowe, Mr. Branson. Not Pictured: Buddy Caldwell, CPres. Adm. Bandj, Mark Flood, Jim York, Leslie Burks, Paul Whitney, Sana Shelton, Cathy Phillips, Brian Wedlake. 1 COMMODORES STAGE BAND well, Mark Maguire, Alison Moskal, Carley Horst, Charlotte Roof, Charlene Ramsey, Terri Hockett. Row 3: Tom Plowman, Gary Montgomery, Tom Weeks, Kent Erwin, Marty Howerton, Ken Mitchell, Steve Nicholson. Standing: Mr. Branson. CAPTAINS ORCHESTRA Row 1, Left to Right: Greg Storts, Daniel Cota, Brian Blagowsky, Bobby Enterline, Gary Storts. Row 2: Lynn Toler, Becky John- son, Kathy Cook, Tammy Wing, Jannette Wilson. Standing: Mr. Branson. Row 1, Left to Right: Chris Nicely, Jerry Webber, Ed Monnet, Craig Blagowsky, Dawna Kaufman, Pam Snook. Row 2: Buddy Cald- MOST SPIRITED HOMEROOM Row 1: Mrs. Warren, Jayne Perryman, Hilda Harlton, Gail Grossich, Mary Harrison. Row 2: Suzy Short, Betty Brown, Susie Brodsky, Judy Kantor, Barbara Becker. Row 3: Christy Cline, Nancy Linstromberg, Lisa Dunn, Anne Dolman, Leigh Ann Price, Co Howard. Row 4: Jana Jeffries, Bert Provost, Kevin McCharen, Jeff Burdick, Ford Brett, Ted Birbilis. . . . . 0 K Sp1r1t week is sponsored by the N1- ,. mitz Student Council and for the sec- x ond successive year, Homeroorn 112 ' x was awarded a plaque naming it the Q ' "Most Spirited Hornerooml' They 5, L' earned the most points for partici- pation of dressing in school colors, 4 attending the game, having a deco- rated car, the best Santa Claus, etc. I I ' b S Trudy Bangs giving money to Ford Brett who is this year's winner of the Santa Claus con- test. Ford was the Santa Claus representing Homeroom 117. X 'ff HMOST GENEROUS HOMEROOM! Mr, Miller's seventh grade homeroom 4112 won the con- o test for the "Most Generous -za Homeroom" by making the N , ftxzkew 60 cb 0 W largest contribution to the an- ,Avril XE G, E CQ 0 nual Red Cross Enrollment Y f' Q 5 Drive. Their contributions 'B' totaled 3120.00 and they re- 3 K I . ceived a prize of a pizzaparty. W mf? ff The total school contribution nk for the Drive was approxi- NN WIIIUVJ X VXJCI 'Wllllllllf e e I mately S900,00, This made Ni- mitz second in the city in the Red Cross Campaign. Left to right, Row 1: Mr. Miller, Lisa Aptak, Keith Prewett, Julie Michaelson, Carl Clayton, Betsy Huckin, Alfred Moore Kathy Johnson. Row two: Kate Rodgers, Marsha Hunt, Steve Toschik, Tom Jones, Cathy Creitz, Greg Storts, Tod Sanger. Row 3: Steve Brown, Lori Woodson, Kathy Wilcox, Mark Manners, Keith Brewer, Cindy Smith, Marcia Winland, Mark Powers. Row 4: Jay Burris, Butch Campbell, Kathy Andress, Karen Zeligson, Laura Fail, Nancy Wheeler, Orvin Maynor Trudy Bangs. , RETIRING STAFF 0 e f J u .a I f 5 . . f A :I d ,ska MEMBERS ggi . 4- ' . .. sw, tg- . . i I ,nv ,..... 1 Sgt' vi -1- Nimitz will certainly q,-Qjjkii. , - U 5, ,." have a large void next VLA- ND 355 year because these ex- - , 5, 8 cellent teachers and V565 . s,,fAx , H 'wigs A personnel are retiring, till! uf, Au, st m egan, il They deserve much hap- , ,,, """'i" g g - Skevz 'gi piness after a job well 2- i ' ,A - hh done. Giving unselfishly ukxnu V . f 1,5 L. of their time and knowl- ' Ziff? ef' . 5 I l '75' " ff edge, they have influ- C 0 N f enced hundreds of lives. fl Q WT, ' -N ... .. Q Q They will never be for- - Q A N-A ' "' 3.19. . J W ,Lu gotten and we thank them, J S w A N N' """' f m A 'X -Q f fl Mr. Lee Tiffin, Science, I X will move to Phoenix and Q ' ff play lots of golf in the sun. Q X X f- ,i . 2 I J is "i , Mrs. Lola White, Coun- Q 5 JZ ' selor, whose husband IL also retires from Hor- ':,7,,4 3' Q ace Mann this year, I IIA plans to fish a lot in a Mr. A1 Baker, Engineer, is if ., 4 beautiful new boat- already an authority on an- - - - - tiques and has restored old s ax A LIS f clocks as a hobby for years. He and a brother will open ANTH GOES f their own antique store in yr' Missouri. ,N .. ,, 3 Q, , I- i 52 15 vi' X -Q . 7 Q ,digit vm' g ,T ' 9' .5 "" MI . 5 A Q X ' o 0 gl. l eil ,Q , ,193 O I U V ' so -Q5 x x M ' - f .X E N 8 Q: . C CA. 1 . 11, ,XJ Z 4 L, K "swf - , inn U 4 ,' IL- 1 ' is 0 Mrs. Lucille Charles, Math, will have time to spend with her three grandchildren and Xl X x S ' r , . . , ' 1 l X r i A5 I at N ' 3 ff' be 4 D E V 74 xx pursue other interests of gardening, crocheting, and ceramics. Mrs. Verda Bury, Clerk, g heads for England to visit Q . her cousins and plans to f A i 'ap . crochet a lot. K 4 nl Neg.. 5-,,,..,..J. NIMITZ 1971-72 FOOTBALL 9TH GRADE VARSITY TEAM 8TH GRADE TEAM 7TH GRADE TEAM fi nl- Wag T . 1 A MK , ,QQ lil if ly K a,,l sy .Q i Q Q I1 fl- 5 f U Nfzjw Q 1 - Q ,w Z' A-IQ MQ fi Q I Mr . ,L-' is-A M X Q, m WRESTLING 1971 Junior Olympic Medal Winners: Tony Bunnell, Left to right, Row 1: Russell McKinney, Alan Wilkerson, Bart Wood, Danny Meador, Boudi Wood. Danny Meador, Mike Plumer, Mike Metz, Sam McGee. Row 2: Mike Klinefelter, Ray Williams, Dale Wilkerson, Steve Clark, Paul Bun- nell, Tony Bunnell. Row 3: David Jenkinson, Boudi Wood, David Rad- milovich, Coach Ron Woodson. 5 l if if 'gu , in I We VARSITY Left to right Row 1: Dody Frazee, Kim McGraw, Cathey Pielsticker, Sandy Brown Hilda Harlton. Back Row: Dayl Hamman, Angela Harney, Linda Smith, Katy Imel, Melanie Wood ADMIRAL CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY left to right, Row l: Mary Ann Nlay, Kelly' RlcCune Nlarsha Speer Row 2: Sheila Jordan Becky Terrell, Susan Brett, Janet Bass, Carol Xance, Erin Carney 79 NIMITZ CHEERLEADERS l Left to right, Row 1: Elisa Aptak, Kathy Phillips, Annie Silver, Susan Roberts, Jana Wilbanks, Vicki Rowe, Kelly Clark. Row 2: Mary Ann May, Sheila Jordan, Becky Terrell, Susan Brett, Janet Bass, Carol Vance, Erin Carney, Kelly McCune, Marsha Speer. Row 3: Dody Frazee, Kim McGraw, Dayl Hamman, Angela Harney, Katy Imel, Linda Smith, Melanie Wood, Sandy Brown, Hilda Harlton, Cathey Pielsticker. PREPS Left to right, Row 1: Kathy Phillips, Annie Silver, Susan Roberts. Row 2: Jana Wilbanks Vicki Rowe Elisa Aptak, Kelly Clark. Y , W NAP O 51 ??, gi xi ll! NIMITZ- STUDENTS M, AC-TI N 6 NPEIUBAL. . X K' QQGPU' Freunim X . XA , X' --IQ W ' -1, 1 my 5 Q Q O K! , W., I V o o U N Qx X N 'Th' 3 ' A msn Q V9 1 A 'Rem g . , 'X Z :II , lJ I gradual! Q ,QN fn, X , ., W. , S' f x ,J 14 n N LN N 6 l w I , 2: fx Debbig, gt h My ,X , 4 woodS0h. U y'M'y A x CandyCo1'bn ' - 'zrgn 'gmgdiancl gmda Mg Mallm, V 1 QM ' L in ,L Mdloei Baud.: Bubba , U04 Kina 8e"l"mm A Tdm F':?q,-Q, Harrisorx..C1a3l GIOSSUN - Nlakri e. za -.,aT'f ,, , Kxhmw , .ii 6 r u C Wg' g ' N f ' MM 175-, IM r v' N- 'I ,ig 4. Z L VA ,lk Y f 3 :- 'ff W 1 ' . .4 ' 0 9 Q M 64 5' G Hjrrrgson L U 32512713 'W David V Ulenkinsch I 0 'ROI ng 5? Q f 9 QQ? 2338 QQ, mifg-elle. 00 OZ ' NY no ., 'Brin-xna.r 'PAGES BY' HYLDA Hi-XHLTON 1-5 Q3 Mb ,su X fgfnll V . ' I I I 2- M w f E58 Ya No TBGVVL J ww, VJ' afi- .- be ,M A il, VI do O 1 137: V' fi " af Q 2' Q u x . u 1' gavage?-'W 'Q 5 .OAG Qffufgfifll-ll 7 X 1' ............-A, - - ...--T ,U Q' x, bv' if Nth- 1 gn- 'flu-4 ,A fu. :iff ff X .,,,h..-J ,, ff , ,. ,l ltl '- I: I 4' 1- Q My ...t W. y LQ Q t 'lr 'Sf :,i , G f,- ' X .aw is 'ht an va' P ff .4 ti f., "' LL, - . Vg , hr . :Z 1 ,L 1 kr! , 1 I , .E 'Q ua i ' ' V. .2 5 - . X ' I it as i f' , af? , I R L Xl y as ABE 5 M 2 K 3 I, 2, i f .wel ' X as, ,la-al e. - -J Wm ,S fwf ,, : ,we-rl '1 , :: ff' :iI ,,, "" 4 JA Row 1: Dawn Cotton, Christy Cline, Brenda Richison, Dave Smith, Mary Harrison, Doug Waugh, Vanessa Bishop, Steve Holland. Row 2: Dody Frazee, Kenny Bass, Tony Bunnell, Sam McGee, Judy Back, Denise Loyd, Leigh Ann Price, Greg Allert. Row 3: Mike Gray, Kenny Nowlin, Pam Infield, Ray Thomason, Brian McDaniel, Julie Patten, Karen May, Candy Cotton. REMEMBER WHEN? Row 1: Neil Gilpin, Carol Simon, Gary Infield, James Irby. Row 2: Tony and Paul Bunnell, Ellen Braverman, Kevin McMichael, Doug Wince. Row 3: Sandy and Steve Brown, Erin Carney, Mary Harrison, Michele Rollins, Sam McGee and Judy Kantor. Q51 I ki" f' S I .RN gg? 'W - 24, fa'-.::w.::. 4' : sv y K V I 3' In 3 'I I , ,g A W ef I , ' at I, fur""f'A we -gm ' L I , :": l ' Ff ,P . .,. f, V X. K ' fl 'K A ,L , iil, , Rf' If" I 4 's X A X 159m i aa" f x 1 EB . xx- 4 - lx. 19 4 Y. I ff' vii, IV f 1-Aaf W 6 655 In , Q5 fCover Design by Gail Grossichj

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