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-4- .si H ik J 5. ii 3. '-1.-' 4 . , H. L : I. . 3' wi 11 . uf 5: yy, ,. 'U-Q 43: nfl X' h- A ., 1 'Q x Q A XP THE NAST 61. Jxwlog' 'k 7.VLsA OKWXX 1 9 7 I t 'ws Page designed by Lee Ann Miller l9'lI CONTENTS FACULTY FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE ORGANIZATIONS MUSIC ACTIVITIES SPORTS SNAPSHOTS AUTOGRAPHS ADMINISTRATION 91 o-o'-I X NlMITZ'S PRINCIPAL CARLOS O. CLAYTCN Nimitz is fortunate in having a man of Mr. Carlos Clayton's experience and character as principal. His enthusiasm, advice, and consid- eration keep Nimitz running smoothly and in- creases his popularity with both students and faculty. Because this dedicated principal willingly and wisely gives of his time, wisdom, and every- day guidance, Nimitz is recognized for its fine students and high standards of achievement. This is Mr. Clayton's third year at Nimitz. He also served Cleveland Junior High for three years as principal, and was assistant principal at Madison Junior High for six years. At Ham- ilton Junior High, he was the 7th and Sth grade counselor and social studies teacher. He was a Mr. Clayton gives instructions to student office assistant, Cindy Weinheimer. Mr. Clayton hosts the P.T.A. executive com- mittee luncheon. physical education teacher and football coach at Webster High and Bell Junior High. He re- ceived a B.S. from Northeastern State College and a M.S. from Oklahoma State University. He is doing additional graduate work at the University of Tulsa. Mr. Clayton is an avid golfer and enjoys sports of all kinds. VICE-PRINCIPAL BOB AVERILL Mr. Robert QBobJ Averill has been the assistant principal for the last three years. He was a teacher and counselor at Cleveland Junior High, and he was assistant principal at Wilson Junior High. He holds degrees from Northeast- ern State College and Tulsa University. His graduate work is in the fields of speech therapy, cotmseling, and admin- istration. Among Mr. Averil1's hobbies are playing bridge and traveling. He sponsors the K-Club, a school service organization at Nimitz. On Hobo Day, Arlie Petty- pool, Bob Averill DEANS AND COUNSELGRS Office staff and Deans with Christmas poinsettia Mrs. Arlie Pettypool is the girl's counselor and the ninth grade counse- ,- 'V ' . lor. She has taught at Cleveland Junior S High, and she has been at Nimitz for three years. Mrs. Pettypool has a B.A. ' A degree from Tulsa University and her - - 4 - major fields are social studies and -ff--Q A counseling. She enjoys her hobbies of . -yi crocheting and playing bridge. Bob and Susie confer Mr. Bill Donica is the eighth grade counselor at Nimitz. He has been at Nimitz since the school opened. He taught at Broken Arrow Junior High School after receiving his B.S. in Ed- ucation at Southeastern in Durant and ,sm his Masters in Education at Northeast- ""-' ern State College. His majors are Bi- ology, Guidance and Counseling. He enjoys reading, woodwork, electronics, and hlmting. Mrs. Lola White is the seventh grade counselor. She has been at Nimitz for 9 years. She has taught typing, short- hand, and bookkeeping at Sapulpa High and has taught typing at Clinton Junior High in Tulsa. She's earned her BS , and MS and has taught Business Ed. An active church member, Mrs. White is interested in ceramics. Her outside activities include NEA, OEA, TPGA, and TCTA. ,- ,QV-ia, M, .. , ff - ,, Q fed, ' NIMITZ OFFICE STAFF MRS. REBA TUBB attends to all of Mr. C1ayton's correspondence and answers the phone calls at Nimitz. She figures the teachers' payroll and takes care of the teachers' insurance. She requisitions all supplies and textbooks, and she also puts out the school's daily bulletin. Mrs. Bury and Mrs. Tubb greet visitors on Hobo Day. MRS. VERDA BURY is the registrar for Nimitz and keeps a record of all entries and transfers and withdrawals of students. She also is the sec- retary of the Nimitz Board of Control and so she is responsible for all deposits and withdrawals of school money. The book store is under her juris- diction also. X Q ,,,,,,..f Rims- . in ' MRS. FREDA BOWMAN is the attendance clerk here at Nimitz. She keeps a record of all absences and tardies, and she makes a nine weeks report four times a year. It is at her desk that students check in when they are told to report to the office. She also types on the copy for the yearbook. Q eg' ll 5 i r 0 i . 'bf?4 A 'N 'N 4? 0 VJ XJ ed by ck FACULTY FACULTY ART MRS. HENRIETTA IHENRD WARREN is an experienced artist as well as Nimitz's art teacher. She has worked in fashion illustration, childrens' book illustration, advertising, display and toy design and has had paintings on ex- hibit at Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa libraries, Verdigis Valley Art Show, and Muskogee Reginal Show. Recently she painted the murals in the new pedi- atrics ward of St. Francis Hospital. After receiving a B.A. degree from Tulsa University, she attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago. This is her ninth year at Nimitz. Pre- viously she taught in Kansas and at Eliot and Lanier Elementary Schools. HOMEMAKING MRS. BLANCHE COINER has been teaching homemaking at Nimitz for eleven years. She also taught at Edison and Cleveland Junior High Schools. She holds a B.S. degree in home economics from Oklahoma State University. Her hobbies are playing the organ, doing crafts, and sewing. She is active in several organ playing and home eco- nomic clubs. MISS CAROLYN TROTTER teaches typing and she is new to Nimitz this year. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. degree in business education, Among her inter- ests is her participation in the National Business Education Association, and she enjoys water skiing and playing golf. MISS SUSANNA MOSLEY, a speech and English teacher, is new to Nimitz this year. Previously she taught in Arkan- sas. When she graduated from the Uni- versity of Arkansas, she received a B.S. degree in Education. She has done graduate work at the University of TulsarAmong her activities is a crea- tive workshop sponsored by the Pres- byterian Church. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 71144252 M . K ...... " -.S .f.i.f.... .. ll-WY 191' 7-.Sim-L -353 fha, -W5 . ,,-,,,-,--, .... 1 .,-::,:: f it ifsiifi-Ki-25553:-ieaeixtiii ailmaa 45225315 ff -2 - - - - ffiuflaf, gsgrwiljg gi, 2-Nga. T S25 93. if 'li YT H w 2 at at S 2 S YQ ,,, at iitiiaw biw .i, at - -' .s11t,1,:w:1t..,,m. ' -aa .,, 5 il ,K le, 'J 12" 5 ,3 5 S K L S I 4- ' f S . XA " Q X. - lSis?:H'5,L ' " ' -' M6-fQ'Y'if"5 W 1' 2.. ':f':-i::v-:.-..I - I ' if -. -Wag..-.-.gfeatifsfm f we - - at f ' . .4 4.-1--tz,:s,.f fqf MR. THEOPOLIS QTHEOT WILLIAMS is in his fifth year as boys' physical edu- cation teacher at Nimitz. He holds a B.S. degree from Langston University and is now working toward a Masters degree at Northeastern State College. He was chosen Nimitz Teacher of the Year for the school year 1967-68. One of his activities centers around the Okla- homa Coaches and Officials Associa- tion, and he enjoys participating in many sports. MR. JAN BARTLETT has been teach- ing physical education at Nimitz for three years. He graduated from Cen- tral State College and holds a B.S. de- gree and a Masters degree in Educa- tion. He taught at Gilcrease Junior High before coming to Nimitz. Among his activities he includes the Oklahoma Coaches Association, and he enjoys hunting and fishing. MISS PAT CUTTER has taught girls' physical education at Nimitz for seven years. She earned a B.S. from Okla- homa College of Liberal Arts, and she is working on her Masters degree at Northeastern State College. Her hob- bies are ceramics, photography, fish- ing, and painting. Miss Cutter was se- lected Nimitz Teacher of the Year in the 1966-67 school year. MISS CHARLOTTE RQWE taught at Anderson Junior High before begirming this year as physical education teacher at Nimitz. She received a B.S. degree in Education from Langston Univer- sity with a major in physical educa- tion. She also has received a Master of Teaching Arts degree and is now doing graduate work at Tulsa Univer- sity. Her activities include the YWCA and her favorite hobbies are arts and crafts, and bowling. TYPING SPEECH e .,k V11 - .Z C z ENGLISH MRS. RHETTA ROBINSON is in her fourth year of teaching ninth grade English at Nimitz, and she has also taught at Carnegie and Cherokee Ele- mentary Schools. Her B.S. in education and English was earned at Northeastern State College. She is now doing gradu- ate work at Tulsa University. Among the activities which she especially en- joys are reading. swimming, and at- tending sports events. MRS. MARIE FAULKNER, a seventh grade English teacher, has been at Nimitz for six years. She previously taught at Holdenville and Pryor, Okla- homa. She was graduated from North- eastern State College with a B.A. de- gree. Her majors are English and music. Besides liking sewing and knit- ting, she enjoys reading. MRS. MILDRED TARB is teaching ninth grade English in her first year at Nim- itz. She taught previously at Gilcrease Junior High. She holds a B.S. degree in English received from Southwestern College in Kansas, and she has done graduate work at Tulsa University. She is an active choir member, and she en- joys reading and antiquing furniture. FOREIGN LANGUAGE MRS. MARY HOLLEY - Latin X I 1 S JEAN MQQSLQHI Spamsh teach er is in her ninth year at Nimitz She previously taught at Hamilton Junior from Tulsa University and has studied Spamsh culture in Madrid Spain She has visited Mexico three times and has lived two years in Japan and Korea. Her graduate work was at Washington University in St. Louis. Her hobbies are crocheting reading traveling cooking, and caring for her cat. MRS. MARY HOLLEY has taught Eng- lish and Latin and creative writing dur- ing her four years at Nimitz. She has also taught in Dallas, Odessa, and at Southwestern College in Oklahoma. She graduated from Southwestern Uni- versity of Texas with a B.A. degree, and she has done graduate work at the University of Texas. She enjoys needle- work, arts and crafts, reading, and golfing. MR. DWIGHT SMITH is in his third year at Nimitz teaching seventh grade English. Previously he taught in Choc- taw, Oklahoma. He graduated from East Central State College with a major in English and a B.A. degree in education. He is currently working on a Masters degree in English at Tulsa University. He enjoys hunting, fishing, reading, and photography. MRS. SHARON SMITH is an eighth grade English teacherg this is her first year at Nimitz. She received her B.S. degree in English from Northeastern State College, and she did graduate work at Tulsa University. She has also taught at Madison Junior High. Mrs. Smith enjoys roller skating, gardening, and reading. MRS JILL STALLSMITH has been teaching at Nimitz for two years Pre viously she taught in Denver She grad with a B S degree Her hobbies include reading mountain climbing and par ticipating in many outdoor sports. She plans to travel and study in France this summer. vp A' i. ,gf -- ,--S-ii. ,ffl 41, , . . .... , MIS , ' - -ii,-,i , or If 3957 if 9' High. She received her B.A. degree uated from Oklahoma State University , Q- . Q , . . . , . I . 1 . . . V Q f W, ,J G 1. If A Tie"-..T.""'! 5 via Svgiftwx I 1 ' ' 1""' s 1 1 1 ,JZ N 2 if- gl Z "' ii? '.'ft,1 -- it yi Lf? FACULTY INDUSTRIAL ARTS F f' .- 1-Qi.. MR. JOHNIE GRAGG has been teaching industrial arts, woods, and mechanical drawing at Nimitz for nine years. Pre- viously he taught at Horace Mann Jun- ior High School. Mr. Gragg attended Oklahoma State University and received his B.A. degree in industrial arts and his M.S. degree in trade and industrial education. He has done graduate work at O.S.U. His main interests include church work, carpentry, and tinkering with his car. MR, RICHARD LAX attended North- eastern State College where he majored in industrial arts and where he re- ceived a B.A. degree and a Masters in teaching. Mr. Lay has taught electricity and metals at Nimitz for five years, previously he taught at Prue, Oklahoma. He enjoys building houses, fishing, and playing the guitar and banjo. bk 53" w '15, S th. 5 A177 MR. JOHN ROLLER has taught physical science at Nimitz for nine years. Pre- viously he taught at Clinton Junior High School. He holds two B.S. degrees and two Masters degrees with major fields including biology, chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, physical science, and counseling. He attended Tulsa Univer- sity, Oklahoma State University, and Southwestern State College. He enjoys sports and his hobbies are photography and coin collecting. MR. DWIGHT KERTZMAN teaches bi- ology. This is his second year at Nim- itz, and he has taught in North Dakota and Oregon. He received his B.S. de- gree from Valley State College in North Dakota, and is doing graduate work at Oklahoma University. Mr. Kertzman is the chairman for the National Science Teachers Convention to be held in Tul- sa, November 1971. He enjoys playing basketball. SCIE MR. RICHARD BRANSON teaches in- strumental music at Nimitz. He taught in Commerce, Oklahoma, and at North- eastern Oklahoma A. 8: M. College be- fore coming to Nimitz five years ago. He majored in vocal and instrumental music at Northeastern State College, where he received a B.A. degree in education. His hobby is golf. MRS. MARY LQQLSE BQSE has a Bach- elor of Music degree from Westminster Choir College in New Jersey. This is her third year teaching vocal and gen- eral music at Nimitz. Her activities in- clude working with a bell choir at her church and working with youth groups. MUSIC NCE MRS. VIOLA has been teaching at tz two years. reviously she taught at Cleveland Junior High School. Mrs. Greer attended Florida State College and holds a B.S. degree and a M.S. degree from Columbia University in New York City. She has done gradu- ate work at Tulsa University. Her ma- jors are health and physical education and a minor in science. Among her hob- bies are sports events, sewing, golfing, and fishing. MR. LEE D. TIFFIN is an eighth grade science teacher in his second year at Nimitz. He has taught at Byrd and Cleveland Junior High Schools. He has a B.S. degree and a M.S. degree and he attended East Central State College and Oklahoma State University. Among his hobbies are playing golf and studying science. LIBRARY SOCIAL STUDIES ROGER V QEN HENDE teaches U S History and has been at Nimitz for six years He has also taught at Casc1a Hall and Monroe Junior High School He graduated from Tulsa University with a B.A. degree. Some of his hobbies are fencing, sword collecting, sailing, muzzleloading and playing the bagpipes. MR. JOE MEEKS has taught Oklahoma History at Nimitz for six years. Pre- viously he taught at Wewoka, Oklahoma. He received a B.A. degree from Tulsa University and has done graduate work there and at Oklahoma University and at Oklahoma City University. He enjoys traveling, reading, horseback riding, and listening to music. MR. RONALD WHEATON, a seventh grade geography teacher is new at Nimitz. He is a graduate of Tulsa Uni- versity, and he has a B.A. degree in social studies. Among his favorite ac- tivities are hunting, fishing, and par- ticipating in sports. MR. DEL PATTERSON teaches eco- nomics and this is his first year at Nimitz. He has a B.A. degree from Northeastern, and his major fields are social studies and technical photog- raphy. His hobbies are reading, par- ticipating in sports, and playing the guitar. He is active in the musical or- ganization, "Sing Out Tulsa." foa- MRS. LILY VOGLE has been teaching seventh grade geography for ten years at Nimitz. With a major in history and social studies, she graduated from Oklahoma University with a B.S. de- gree. Her favorite pastimes are playing bridge and doing needlepoint. MRS. MARGARET EWING has taught civics at Nimitz for four years. She at- tended Holmby Junior College in Cali- fornia, and she received a B.A. degree in history from the University of Tulsa. Her hobbies include studying Russian, folk dancing, and participating in the League of Women Voters. MR. BILL RYAN teaches eighth grade civics. Freviously he substituted in the Oklahoma City schools. He received a B.S. degree in education with a major in social studies from Oklahoma State University. Among his hobbies are jog- ging, reading and fishing. PIPKW has been the school librarian since Nimitz opened. Previously she taught at Whit- ney Junior High School. She attended Christian College at Columbia, Mis- souri, and graduated from Oklahoma University with a B.S. degree in lan- guage arts and a Masters degree in library science. Reading is her favorite hobby and she enjoys doing ceramics. MATH .W ,::. . . fiaiqx f as iff? if ,,. 'L . . .4 513,254 I ha ff? . bi Y 'ce 'th X?-. ii ii E .pp-f' MRS. LUCILLE CHARLES who has also taught at Clinton and Edison Junior High Schools, has been teaching algebra at Nimitz since the school opened. She received her B.A. degree at Hendrix College in Arkansas, and her major fields are English, speech, and math. She did her graduate work at the Uni- versity of Arkansas, Oklahoma State University, and Tulsa University. Among her interests are gardening. col- lecting stamps, reading, and cooking. MR. ARTHUR BROWN has taught eighth grade math at Nimitz for eight years. He has also taught in South Dakota. He holds a B.A. degree from Tulsa Uni- versity, and his graduate work includes a Masters of Teaching Arts degree. Among his activities he especially en- joys participating in athletics with his sons and he enjoys gardening. MRS. MARY STUART teaches seventh and eighth grade math, this is her first year at Nimitz. She has taught at Hard- ing Junior High School in Oklahoma City and at Gilcrease Junior High School. She graduated from Northeast- ern State College and has done gradu- ate work at Tulsa University and at Southwestern State College. With a major in homemaking and math, she has a B.S. degree. Her hobbies are knitting, camping, and fishing. SCHOOL NURSE '95 dvd? MRS. ELVA PRATT has been the school nurse at Nimitz for five years. She at- tended George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Permsyl- vania, and she has a B.S. degree in nursing from Tulsa University. Among her activities she especially enjoys antiquing, art shows, and the theater. 12 FACULTY MRS. DAISY OLIVER, a seventh grade math teacher, has taught at Nimitz for two years. Previously she taught at Enid, Oklahoma, and Laverne, Okla- homa, and at Holmes, Lanier, and Phillips Elementary Schools. She re- ceived her B.S. degree at Phillips University. Among her activities she especially enjoys playing bridge. MRS. JUANITA KING teaches ninth grade math and algebra. This is her sixth year of teaching at Nimitz, and she also taught at Wilson Junior High. Majoring in mathematics, she gradu- ated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelors degree. She enjoys bridge church, community and family activi- tiesg her hobby is the stock market. MR. RICHARD HOOSE teaches seventh and ninth grade math. This is his first year at Nimitz, and he previously taught in Eldorado, Kansas. He re- ceived his B.S. degree in mathematics and biology from Northeastern State College, and has done graduate work at Kansas State Teachers College. He particularly enjoys fishing and other outdoor sports. I awe FRESHMEN ff t a Q' WEN' Jane Adair X in hp' W '--.. , J' His N N t if it xi v I ig? if ii 2 ' we CLASS T97 1971 Bryan April Lori Aptak Barry Adler Ken Albright Debbie Alcouloumre , -vs Q f s . W Jerry Aleman A Debbie Anderson it , - Kevin Anderson L Janis Andrews 7? R A 31.4 . 1 213 W X 2 S2 LL 2 1 L i I K1 L f - ? ,- , 1. t , R rl ki vm ' S Rza A 1 1 rpTfgF idb 5 . as FQ M Wi- j ' : K '- Giv- - 'sniff f K :: Q ' ,bre 1 'iy' ga. it 4' 5 . 1 It 'fs1:1- - Tony Armstrong Steve Ashbridge is ir-2 -fir' ' ' John Ashley In "' Ava Baehler , A it Fred Bangs M A, '2 'Y A 4, y . 5'a.'N i ,s X Jerry Barnes A ., x A , Mariann Barton ' X ' il Patty Barton Kim Baughman Y? 9 Ki ff. in A 1 ' A ,sau Russell Bayliss Mark Bennett Ronnie Bowlin Jeff Brock lk Mike Beattie Rob Berry Charlotte Boylan Harold Brookens an--.4 "QAM .YV YH- -vsm--Qyq K f 1 lr' U in S--12' Steve Beavers Sharon Benedict Elizabeth Bennett Cynthia Black Scott Blackburn Jolm Bovaird Steve Boyls Sharon Brewer Frank Brocchus NINTH GRADE 4181? 11" , Ol J Matt Brothers Jeff Brown 5 Rhonda Broyles Ji? 'I 6. .Cx f 4 I I S A , Louan Brown 5 x if f qw-v CLASS OF 1971 Cindy Carpenter Elise Carter Lynne Char Kim Chestnut Chipper Chitwood Laura Coenen Donnie Collins John Collins www Betsy Bryant Terry Burdick Janice Butler Janet Briner fV"'.f2K an ff, 'izfzf if t Q 'X , f V :Q 2 x '34 sk S9332 X 45 ant? 5 Chris Cadieux Jena Camp J my? David Carnessali Susan Carney 5 K 5. mm. xx X , ery, .aw ...ff Tom Cooper Nancy Cox David Dickman Chris Economou v""'Q ,rw in Bill Copple Dub Cross Lex Dominey Gayle Edmisten 'Q'-'V ' x f' , T 'R' .. ff 3 f 'Q 4' .M K -r . , 5 W Z 1 as . I ,L 1, . an ,, A .IIS 1 .. M! 'l f . X wr 'Q X' fl, N SI s -. tix M 5 WK' 2 Y. z k ' N w 'X la D Sf, 'Mb' 3'9- Christy Corp Joy Davis Melanie Doyle . ,Q u In ,hz , all pa . ,5 3 . Ricky Cottle Kim DeSirey Denise Duke ,J-UM.-1 -rua- Bob Cox Carolyn Diacon Susan Dunlap NINTH GRADE Chris Edwards -'U' as . if S V 55 5 g ly 1 fe, '- in ,- 91 :M :+A I li A Q-my Y . as We "av . f' X Randy Edwards . V F f ,'Mff,i3 , QQ Loran Emmons 3 if 'Q F Robin Faulk if :,, R f' f-,ig '-.d QS ,V j 32 Tommy Fielder M ? i so ,, .5 Q I, Jerry Fidler Bobby Filgas F K David Finer F 5 Louann Foor C LAS S if 2 , K F gm op F V ii, if Z K 5, R 1971 I , ,v.--" K i H , X .,. ' V ,X -n ' n i x Robyn Ford Deon Fourcade Charlotte Fox Jeff Francis Becky Frazier V A X Cecilia Frey Terry Frohnapfel , Marc Gatewood J h , Ellen Gernhardt Fred Gi1ciu'ist Greg Glidden Phil Goodwin i nee ,ea Q i. is fs A 5?1fxb or 'aa' E u ,hi ..... G-44 J coal' wr' 5.4. 6112? Ya, 7 -I Ii' EAUN 15 il if IIN tnvowvre' Mark Gotcher Joanne Goulet John Graham Vicky Green Michele Griffin Tricia Griffin Stuart Haas Karen Hale Debbie Hall Pat Hallett LYH Hamman Kevin HaI'I'iS01'l Marvin Harrison Judy Harshman Tim Hatfield Brenda Hathcock rm fb Kenney Hayes Connie Hays Marcia Hays M- ff, ff if . 3 jg? M si -'fn 7' g i 1 ' T VE, 2 , g ma 1 wwog ' l S X . CLASS CDF 1971 Brian Holscher Ed Horkey Beverly Hoss Cindy Howard Phyllis Hughes Cathy Hunt Dennis Hunt Don Hutchison -CSX! John Head Anne Heffernan Kay Hendricks Bill Henshaw Mary Jane Herndon Becky Hickman Tony Hickman Jody Hobson il? "-R' i ,lub Qt' 7 y QM W J -ry mf 'ey xl FEMA f Cathy Holland Don Higley David Holloway Jeflllifel' HOIUISS V424 , I f , K M 0 J' 'M' in ,Ei 531 - X r J '+P 33? '21,-q, ,ws-5 5 H li. f o 5 awk ' f M 223 : If t I S vw ,,,,, ski 1- L, Lf? . H x : A A , . V V 7 .V A 332 , ... rv, U ,. gf. ,. Ji I x X an J X a B . 51 4 4 ' pu 2 W .. Z Y - f2P5?i" i?efi45ii , K 2 2 1 U X wi . M- A -:: if -' fc f:i': lv 3 . E ,.:,. ,5.i . 1, ,,,,. 5- K , K x 1 ,F g yyyr in ..,.,,:. W 0 vp - -gg - -Sf, iv ' ,A W 1' if ,W 1 , .. ig, 2-i J g Wa 5 l L Q J g Q3 3 4 J Q -f 1 - Blythe Irnel Kurt Jennings Madge Jordan Glenda Jackson Paula Jennings Peggy Joyce Barbara Kerbel Kenton Kirchner T rx 4 x i . N ,M , if H ing 'nuns-if .aff 41"fY N-..f ,ibn-4' 19105 V 'N-.1,2" rm. ., . M ,,. f. '.:l- .- f A f- . Tom Jackson Jeff Johnson Joel Kantor Kent Kirk si 127' Mark Jacobs Lynn Jacobsen Joyce Johnson Tim Jones Bud Keeler Jim Keller NINTH GRADE I, Hui lf! A-1,-X ww' fa., Ci-9. -,iC"'? flu.-M' CLASS OF 1971 Christy Lombard Steve Longacre Diane Loveall Donny Loveless Robert McAllister Ann McCas1in Mike McClintock Bob McCown Louise Kirkland Susan Kite Tye Koch Matt Kohl Darmy Korver Steve Kunau Ricky Kurin Jamey Langston leer' 'res- Barbara Lawrence Debby Lee Philip Lewis 13011113 I-Ofton --af .L , 5 I 4 :, ' i i 1 +3 HM 'QW' F- it - f liessil 'f- .,:gQ':-E' Ys2fs?m'.l'z 'fiiiu K 1 ' 'kfiiiil 7 .ii f "' f':: :II " ' 4 -A - 5 ,-fi' K 5 MXN 0 ' T 'lfwggi-,iff F li ll Mark McCurry Pat McMichael Kevin Mahoney Kelly Mason 41".,'7' 97,3 Cii,,y ! X yi is RWE. Q . 4. :EW 11' 5,5 X 5. 'Z 6 231 f 'S g 'K ini an M41 ki 8:8 X i if " , "E QE an i UL X Si' we aw i N 4, awxx 'L A f Y 1 4 Theresa McKelvey Gay McMillin Colleen Mahoney Melinda Massar 3 fl- 4 ,air 'S . bww , 'sr -rv l a M K ,Q A. f Q f sm' 99,5 X W R , w a s -' ' ' ' i s, Xu -K A reg., , Y a':. www' 4. x 4 . I Q. 2 nu' . R. , ,. r - 4 A f ',fV 49 , '- 4 , fp, ' A . .1 4 y i,-1 cj fffgz ff . X me -. f- X . flag ,Q 1? C 'Q 2 REV? Ufif xg L if iiwzii Jerry McKelvey Stewart McMurry Susie Manning Valerie Mattern it-if 4 'drvfr 'Thx Randy McKenzie David McQuaig Rosemary Mapes ,.,..,,,,s Castle McLaughlin Mark Magers Merle Mason NINTH GRADE F739 f 5 in M3 fi 5 K KV v U vi W Vi 1' X V s V J 3 . 1 . M k Q .,....-., . , - 1 ,,,.:' .mm 41 oi ff ' J, i-of 'hui' Becky Moran Melissa Morgan John Moritz Ken Morris Vickie Morris Carolyn Morton Janet Mullen Lisa Murray Qi..-uw .Q-nu. JW? x Doug Monahan Stephanie Montgomery Q ..,. are ill? Wm-ur Ernest Moody :VY rf 'iw-1 5w"y if-'Sf Marsha May Mary Mercer Vickie Merrill Betsy Meyer Mark Michaelson Lee Ann Miller Mark Mindeman Annette Mitchell X Susie Moore G-Q, -....., 'PSP ' 'rvf A '2-' if V . Lmw I ral P P l Beth Nash Bob Neville Vicki Norton Loyd Parker tigz 4 X. w 4 ,, 4? ofw , ,M sxafx Vi- 3 3 Yolanda Nava David Nickel Laura Ochsner Jeff Patten 1--p Q-0' L sawn-4 A A le P lf' A f ,J , .., C "wi ,P in it v Ji xl far? , j L' . if V aww .. , b Q, 3 Q Q 'F"'saZ'gs3. , . K N K L I 4, V x it X 1 1 A f- ,..-x A o -nail' ,ww-. Craig Nelson Jill Nelson Norman Nelson Mark Nichols Stacy Noel Celia Northern Barry Oyler Sam Page Linda Palmer NINTH GRADE Jennifer Patten Sue Onufer JN -L' 5 lu-.... '-n-gr , CLASS OF 1971 Randy Plost Barbara Plucker Ruth Ann Plucknett Jackie Plunkett Kenny Preaus Bob Purgason Bill Queen Carla Quigg qv ,K 'S wlnlk P rv' .2 ' P nm 4-fl'-"' ..-ff' W, , Nancy Peake Diane Pearce Roger Pearson Scott Perry Dennis Persall Ross Peterson ww ..,--w Debby Lee Mike Petty Debby Pike Paulet Pittenger Roger Pittman Sheri Pittman 'W 5 ,iW4. - -:' 1 R t vi P 'SEV x fj N5 if in . A, S Q Q ,.... L? Q gm KB V 5, 4 . x. T its 6 A I K I , y KL I Q, K 2 65? Aw' at , if' . sw f I . ,F-W Wr if fi il? X 55 XX. N ,r X 1045, fa Juli Rainey Brad Richison Jerianne Roberts Linda Rushing kl,O sf M.- K 'X Linda Reed Mark Ricketts Lori R011 'iw' ww 1 ' is iff' .. W QM te, ,pus-s. Jan Reynolds Barbara Rich Roger Richards Jim Riley Bob Riddle Sheryl Ritschel Darcy Rosato Mitchell Ross Brad Routh NINTH GRADE Jim Ryan l Joan Rutherford 5 elim, . CLASS i OF 971 David Smith Rosanne Smith Sandra Smith Cecily Sowers Mike Spies Trenton Staley Neal Stauffer Matt Stephenson Cory Sackett Harold Sanditen Sandra Sanger Joe Sanseverino Shelly Schmidt Terri Schooley Tim Sewell Julie Shade Bobby Shaw Lisa Shea Steve Simmons Kathy Sloan 'Fa' tel x ETS 5' 41 ..- gAfvf 'cf' -ff REQ ,xx .gl Robert Stevenson David Storts Mark Tillotson Greg Vance -Qu-up Valerie Strong Anne Terrell Andy Turner Mary Vardeman .Q-...Mp M, Qi 7' Debbie Sturdivant Mark Sutton Sam Sweatt Patricia Thomas James Thompson Terry Tighe Tom Turner Pam Tudor Bill Vaananen NINTH GRADE S is Christie Visher ga Sf 'Q I get ff A ,. S5 Mary Welsh Jill Werner Matt Westfall Bettye White Burly White Cheryl White Tom White Richard Whitelaw Sarah Whitney Susan Wilcox Kim Wilkerson Linda Wilkinson Bruce Wattman Jean Ann Watson Steve Waugh Kim Weber Karen Weig Cindy Weinheime David Wells Lynn Wells I' FRESHMEN sam-f X at , W 5 ,f X .3154 1 ' ' v fx 'V t gig, " M' 5 W, :Q xxx p il? :xiii :.4 ff,?giaE?5if5diE3 g -' - I , ,I Reggie Williams Randy Yeck Gary Anzuini E 1' :aw '-'I 4,..,..w v. T f -.1 r 4 ai qi En 5 X x ww, -Bruce Wood Kyle Wood Dan Worrall Cindy Wyrrick Cliffann Young Joe Zabienski Suzann Zimmer Gregg Zumwalt 10' wie I I-.. S Q A n AA- M. . -H ,W N. uf 7 new in S . niggaz' gi N M 3, H had I 33.73 .Ny N,"31- M., K I .A 'R gn- N! xf ai ii ,fa, .f.fv"L mai og , . ,. H -.5-ffm'--',: 7fHii5A FWZ . if . w H :-awe, ar.-,f:'Lew: ' 5fvHa,fa,a15,g-.,,,--gf .. f- 'fm-2? 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BRIGHT STUDENTS-THEN AND NOW 525 fha 'Myne X? ,A G8 dM N EIGHTH GRADE fl'- EIGHTH GRADE Vic Bird Kim Black David Blair Jeff Boltz Herbert Bond Connie Brashear Ellen Braverman Ford Brett Matt Bridwell Brian Broach Jan Broadland Susan Brodsky Betty Brown Charles Brown Sandra Brown a ' I V MW s 'fr x i S lla, , fi 'M 'Wg S LW" I ' 13 we " H , - li" my fii ' ' A L 7 - -5761 4 at :L f , g,ki ' 2:s.Y-f-'fflglj ff ,. , .vm 1. W., Ma. if : Q1 swung 543' '- al it 4 W M , f if f S, 4- Robert Adams Mary Akins Greg Allert Beverly Anderson Karen Anderson Roger Andrews Diane Arnett Susan Ashbridge Dick Austin Gregg Baker Lisa Baldwin Tom Banes Mary Beth Barbero Becky Barker Kenneth Bass Dana Beard Beverly Bearden Barbara Becker Jim Beckstrom Kathy Beilke Dana Beller Dana Belveal Bob Benjamin Ted Birbilis 3? wif G - if it mikmlfy, CLASS OF 1972 PM 's Tony Bunnell Jeff Burdick Leslie Burks Chris Burnett Q04 as J . if " 1 ,JW li ' . Q ia 5 il I' M .- - . ' . 'f JN if .N A 'sp xv li r .M ' s 1.-A i Ylmdf Jil? 1, Q-Le' ur .4-an ,aww ew, lx lk -sus 57 Chris Bussman Lauren Buttery Debbie Bentley Buddy Caldwell Mike Caldwell Fred Calhoun John Cailloux Anita Campbell Carla Compbell David Carlson Bill Carothers Steve Carson Calvin Carter Eddie Carter Kevin Cash Mark Cebuhar Warren Christiansen Steve Clark Christy Cline Linda Cooper John Corral Allison Cotton Candy Cotton John Coutret John Cowen Camille Cratch Lori Crossland Mark Dauberman Bill Davis Mike Dethrow it af ' K 1 iv JV 'E'f:f - if."..:f.:., V - . MM ,gfl-'v 41.63. EIGHTH Candy Garrison Scott Garrison Beccie Gibbons Ricky Gibson Doc Gilbert Jim Gilchrist Jane Gilliland Steve Glazer Mike Golan Mike Grady Mike Gray Rod Green Gail Grossich Mary Gustin Cindy Hale K I g:f:,'.fgf 3-g::rv.,-nxxrznxx-35 Rick Doerner Anne Dolrnan Cliff Doner David Dosser Lisa Dunn Debbie Duvall Scott Edwards James Elliott Rex Enterline Mark Ernsberger Mark Eslicker Mike Eaves Shelly Farless Jim Ferguson Laura Ferguson Anne Fiedler Jeff Fisk Chris Fling Mark Flood Debbie Fourcade Dody Frazee Eric Freeman Martin Furr Buffy Gallagher Q. ,J an M- -W . , ,,,, A33 Ng Q ,.,' , .fl M .Q JQJX I Z i J, ' . , YK "ii, Q 1 l Jul. Wibilaxwfi X 'Hn' GW CLASS OF 1972 2 wfwij K 5. flu iti l YT! Robert Haley Patrick Hall Dayl Hamman an Jeff Hamra , fu S is 13 k 1015- .Q 1 .ax ., J 'f-9? " --Vfa t . ' -3 1 f if ff J gf L , W ' Xa I KX K li A C ti A h . ... ..- E .K l iff M-24.1 K ,g,:,... I li -- fa ' - mh fa' J t"' f t y bq , it A I J 00 J I , - 1 i A . it-' ' ' ' Aug., f' U! 3 6 3 J I ' law Q V, 'Q , .sa 1. A - I 1 ' 5 "J" as ' x y J w e X 5 18 4 W Q . ' if - ' V 1 R f , K, Q, elif 1' V' Easy. 'xv " ' 3, . ,, , . . f f f , Q , ,Ax W of Q V 5 I L 1 ..,.. 9 -A . Q. I by , , 1 N , A ax as D' "fl t 11 - f. W H if K h Y M K K . L.,, i A V Z FCE X12 4 K ,592 Kathy Handlan Hilda Harlton Angela Harney Trev Harney Harold Harper Mike Harris Mary Harrison Charlotte Hathcock Bruce Hatchett Scott Haus Holly Heaver Shirin Hewitt Jill Hitt Teri Hockett Tim Hofer Kathy Holcomb Merik Hollis David Hoot Carley Horst Co Howard Lynn Hunnicutt Katy lmel Pam Infield Ruthie Ives Debbie Jackson Susi Jackson Jana Jefferies Margaret Jenkins David Jenkinson Bob Johnson ,vc 1 , Et a if " I 7 if 3 A rs H : L Q, F., J ff as og S'-S . 3 K NG SX si X S3 'X , . X I: Q Q - - V fe, . ,f im. ge sl ,V 3 , 'P , 5- I me lg? ' if ' L ,L H ,, f. M 'x it 2 WE" 4 4159 ,Ky .7 , fig. e 3 7 ':.2 1 fi QR EIGHTH GRADE Debbie Logan Jimmy Long Joy McAski11 Patricia McArd1e Kevin McCharen Janet McCoy Jerry McCoy Sam McGee Kim McGraw Bob McKenna Kenny McMenamy Gwen McGuire Keith McKemie Jack Mahaffey Kathy Manning his S me 1 429' 9-.J ' Ribs: We wa ,M .KN Nt nfl..- an Tom Johnson Brenda Jones David Jones Laura Jones Claudia Jones Lenneke Jorritsma Judy Kantor Dawna Kaufman Ricky Keller John King Mike Klinefelter Bob Knight Sheila Knight Alan Knox Nancy Korver Carolyn Kuhn Dorian Kurin Torn Lamprey Lorrie Langston Pam Lenik Bob Larson David Leonard Jeff Lindemann Nancy Linstromberg CLASS CF 1972 W' L Ar -1- , S3 L32 l not 5 x 3, , . xg". e we A ' J 4i.-i..f Q , Lisa Marshall Mike Marshall Matt Matzdorf Karen May i F 'C' l 'QM7 '7x rf, 1' i ? 1 c .2 1, ff" an 3 iii, .Q Q we-ny-I V F' .ff ' 'i Flare 1 at 8 ff - Q I ' Q ' a 1 t 5 A -we, ' we -aw ,Q -,M . , 3-ht , if fx 552 fl- is I 1 Q X wg-N-r ml y ,j W ii Q 'C :1 an' -. ak, X , , rx im 63 Lisa Menn Bob Mercer Cheryl Miller Todd Miller Yvette Milner Sue Minshall Gary Montgomery Sherry Moore Pam Morgan Ron Morgan Catha Morton Allison Moskal Kirk Morgan Scott Mount Dee Mullins John Murray Sue Muth Teresa Nash Tom Neal Cyndy Newlin Scott Nicholson Elaine Northern Cindy Noss Kenny Nowlin Corinne Ochsner Charles O'Rear Julie Ostrander Julie Patten Lisa Peerson Steve Pence -ff'-If 'ffm f Y ' i K Y X 1' L -,,, K Z -. Av, '-9 h A by MM X :FQ i 1 ii n Y '4C.7 EIGHTH GRADE Michelle Rollins Charlotte Roof Ferd Rosenthal Darcia Routh Marla Ruggles Hildy Saizow Keith Schelb Terry Schmidt Marta Schneider Sarah Schuler Karen Schulz Adam Sebran Kent Shelton Suzanne Shelton Eddie Short ,rt , Ei W H H ix ,uk is x 1 ' f . 5 ,Es if it X ui if Q A ,t it filitgibis i 5 R 7 '71, ' f if , A WX I' ,ax 'ih- , 'Al .5 7' Stephen Perkins Jayne Perryman Donna Pfeifer Cathy Phillips Cathy Pielsticker Tom Plowrnan Harry Pefanis Leigh Ann Price Helen Pritzos Bert Provost .lim Powers Kris Quarstad Allen Quick Karen Raab Dave Radmilovich Charlene Ramsey Debbie Raskin Bob Render Dana Rice Sidney Rice Robin Richards Brenda Richison Andrea Ritz David Rodgers A R . ly at - 5 i n fi L1 fxtkki my we vs W ,lj 5 K R K' we P K Al W .1 Aglg ., , , I ,I ik ' 2 Q 5 A iiil ' Qc. V sa-rrqnn 1 K C., f X 1 A 'ff' C: E-C4 'UV V aw in 'Yi Fl' Ph ki ,.a-1 T7 i . ia. g ws ' - ' uri? - ,. T" z if -...L if "W .,' . cf fue, "' :fl ., 'Nw , ,I T if '7 T' .. .rv-v is 'FT' Suzy Short Helen Sims Jack Smith Dave Smith -all we fl Qi r . ' X .f"A'A - Q. f Q. 5' ...A, i gs . 3 iiifia , . g vii-if '-5 i ii L , urn-sf Q 1' .E 4 M rn E 2 M 1 R? qi 449' hav' 'Qwsh CLASS OF 972 -gy , x - if S Q, GQ: 'M E ' 1 , qs? ' . , ,T x z w q f 'P .9 T , any T4 -A :ivy xg 3 Q , if , M' "3-i!'.,L""K' 'ia at qu-Q Linda Smith Mark Solow Dave Spearing Steve Spearing DeDe Spencer Becky Spies Jeff Stanfield Laura Stauffer Kathy Stewart Melodie Stewart Ann Stockbridge Sam Strait Jay Taylor Kirk Taylor Mark Taylor Stacy Terrell Roy Thomason Kathy Thompson Byron Tipping Kenny Trickey Angie Turnbo Stan Thompson Tim VanMaren David Vaughn Cathy Walker Almna Walker Amy Walsh Joe Walton Marc Ward Brian Waugh 'l 1 is 'li in-rl wa 44:1 HY7 fm' w Y 11,-fr , ' 1. 'L Q4 if :if 1. ff K 1 'N 3 Carey Lasiter 5, WF za - 5 E J fra: I Bmw WMM Bill Young Valerie Zayat Kurtis Zimmer Suzanne Steele f 1, ,Eg gs 5 rf Dana Weber Brian Wedlake Adele Welborn David Wenger Ben Wetherill Lynda Wetherill Laurie Wharton Anita White Allen Wilcox Dale Wilkerson Chris Williams Nancy Williams Carolyn Wilson Judy Wilson Susan Winfrey Larry Winland Boudi Wood Melanie Wood Russ Wood Lisa Woods Debbie Woodson Mark Wuerflein Jim York Kay Young EIGHTH GRADE xxkfiz ,wf'M'ifMw7' xifwf Mmqil Qs ffgf X .X Q E, ji! , .f . 1 xx J ff. gf' XX if-S,-ZS N-"S. xx-E R, 'H ' - dgdby C E., Q 2- gf? xfjv SEVENTH GRADE 'xfx.,X, 5-Jxfg, if Tom Adams Kevin Adkins Sid Allen Tony Allen Jane April David Armstrong Dennis Armstrong Mark Augustine Judy Back Terrell Barlow Nancy Barrett Janet Bass Chris Bearden Paul Beattie Becky Becker Pam Bernstein Megan Berry Dean Berry Brent Bevenue Betsy Beyhan Vanessa Bishop Mitchell Black Russell Blackwood Becky Blair Hair lla f 'N s '3 f 'ff fn ., . E if , , e , .M 1 'f?"j X H. X , 'W B. 5 f .3 1-N , zz: ' -.,- v f to A za ffl cf ..., ' , A fa fail-5, 4 Y SEVENTH GRADE I tv of ' air 15 Hr ' Y L'-, , .,-lx Y 'v X .A sv' 5 .. Nuff x ..V4,D .nr L 'nm 'N ci' ll ""ff"f , K, N'-"K Fl 'ft W X 'K lf ish 6 1 I Qi? Ar ,A H-avg, P f NX ! f ,,. .Z A t ,. . wily I ,Ad Forrest Blakel Wes Blevins y Katie Borden Daius Bovaird Katle Brander Clnda Brashear Elaine Bra Lisa Braveglrngglel Elizabeth Brawne Susan Brett Brenda Brewer Jayne Britton Scott Brix Jill Brocchus C?1'0lyn Brooks Ilxigbby grown ncy 1 Paul Buriiggylfs Eric Brunner onna Bur Kflthy Buscslfough Rlcky Boone Bill Cabell Scott Cameron Patricia Carney Grady Carson Mark Carter Ronnie Cesar Danny Charrier Nancy Chitwood Richard Choate Mike Chozen Randy Christiansen Steve Christiansen Leigh Ann Clegg Bryan Cobb Greg Cobbs Nancy Compton Dawn Cotton Mark Courtright Brett Crane ' Shavonda Crawford Jimmy Crosby Kirby Crowe Casey Crutchfield Cindy Dennis H fi an W' L-'., if fV'4e X L A My Q 1 3 y .. N S l -- f Vai- " Hz ,.,: Y E ' f- . it I s 'V np! sn, f - 'C' - Aj' k 'T' ij ff' , M xy , K - - , ' I f J X if-f . M A .. - "i' r y in ' f' 1, I , -I V". YQ- 1, - 4 ' We 2 'fi-" ' ff " 'R ". n J sa. , X Q ' ' t f "' M A ' W . 're-v.,,., . , , .. Z' 'Q' , f K 1 JM X -ii: 1 'Z-I X 45 .af Ji'-'Q' ,Q Ou , t 1. 'Y 1- J E 5 -'lit ef 'li 'F' A gf f g f in,-rv in I F 4- ,, tsifs U ' W, Q I , L A H :"' li li 3, 1 - NW ,,, A 'l ., 'FIR , ,QT'?',f.x, at ggi, "tx . V. C ff .,,,t,. W g ::iV n X .fa ir' ' i"'i it 'ata X 1 iii L 1 M mf ., E NA 7 1 t ,,., , 5. A -wav X ., V K it tv okay A a r Mm XY! ff' 4' we ct J Q Jr Q N 6. , ,.--v.. mr' vs V", 2 . i' f 1179 4 rl N , ,jg K Y W R - w I. Q. T Terry DeSirey Diane Dexter Steve Dobbs Jim Dooley Bryan Dotson Janette Douglass Denise Dressel Melanie Duke Doug Duschatko Cathey Duvall Kathy Eason Larry Edwards Susan Edwards Ann Elliott Lisa Endres Kenton Erwin David Fadler Judy Fitzgerald Cindy Fox Kent Freeman Patricia Frohnapfel Robert Fry Sherry Erskine Jim Fingerlin Martha Gandee Dean Gardner Mary Helen Gardner Polly Gent Keith Garson Karen Gilchrist Randy Gilliland Neil Gilpin Krista Gladd SEVENTH GRADE , ,,.,t gi? 5? if ww, I , Q it Q QTY? ky, 1 wwf, W", Amy Glass Mike Glover Pat Glover Sf , 'Q SE John Godsey t ,AGGVL Mike Goodwin if 'w , ' t H' V V C , f Jeff Gordon ,V V Qt- - V Y :L Q 4 K' V 1 QC... Lisa qi., W A - v 5 Lk .-.e-'K Carl Gragg F, ' M fi ' - C ' Carrie Graybill ' ,.1V, itt, 5 mi 1 QL Ht, g i , 1 Sharon Greenberg .xg Mark Griffith Laura Grossich Linda Hall Johnny Harshrnan Karla Hawthorne 7 'ia Vx lu 155 U J ,x If C , 1 K , an ,,.t ,QC .Q : fx Q Jffffb. ' if -- X X ,f Eau, lgifg H, . rt,t be 'Ubi' -4"7 V ,rw H W C -. if "' 1 w....f V 5 I V. VV 59 V W J if -W ::- - as 1 " x ft we J it ,Y f' Ii if vga T X W A ,N U ,.. fi' ww!! f ff:Y 5 i t VFV QM C , ' . , KN ' fi' C' -ff li A V'f"'f'i ti t x , Xt 'X X2 Yfgw R Q 9' , .K V ,ir "f"' 2 jg: ZX if ww 1 A f-. 5 lf' ,J 1 51- A as V, . WTA 'ii E7 ' ga. 'N Y f ,, fv w uf XXL f .T T , ...MW Mil 'W we rf L is A KH Suzanne Hayes Cheryl Hays Michele Hays Ron Helms Carol Hembree Mary Hinds Jay Hitt Thomas Hjelm Terry Hjelm Ted Hobson Laura Hoffman Steve Holland Debbie Holloway Bernice Holman Martin Howerton Debbie Howell Chris Hughes Debra Hunter Gary Infield James Irby Elizabeth Jackson Steve Jackson Terri Jackson Bryan Johnson lf? we , an Jeff Johnson Kris Johnson Stan Johnson Cathy Jones Julie Jones Sheila Jordan Wes Kaefer Dana Kaufman Doug Kelley at 'M as .ff fi X e f , . can X . A, url? 51' Z MQ, ' 5, gif. i X! QM F65 HTH? Jenny Kelley Kraig Kemp David Kerns Jim Kessler ' Ann Knutson Susan Krueger Brian Lab Betsy Lake Cindy Landers Kirby Lane Mike Latham Mark Lawrence Jay Lebow Billie Lee Cindy Leonard QW' .aafl V7 5. '-ew:-1 ff .:.,ti A if x gl :FY 'Eff , . ,If f. ,ht in J f ,, f. Y ' d.a it ,, We Lge- Eix f P fr A X . 11,54 Q . M55 3131 fi fl f if Wil . 01 U, 'n 6 il 2 i an 'f' . e- 'gi 'M K' A 5 K 4? J va. ' Q f , A nl V 1 x '1 1 Agn 5 r54.,.,,4- 'A I I . M 8 1 'A S S X 4 I "ff 'Wiatr' . 1 3,5 . f gui 53 W af is .la QC? X X , r , 5 . ,H .4 R he fa' 171 yi- 5' N "2 5 J ax -nt 'L ey ., S YES as 1 .fe 1 dia I , ,ij 2 , , - lit .awk ' W K , ,Wi-X 1 wifi , oh X ,jwi S l ak Hr 2 M. 'wa , Ja. ...S -we , H 'B e 1- W J' e A an . - 1 . K 1 . .,.: V , - ,I L 8 E 0 4 1 a A all if M if l A X afu in .,,, t l X ,Q'i1," y 5 t ,i ,, , J Z , A 5? 7 kzke K K it, .f--Q., ,jjw 9 X A aan Jim Leutheaser Tommy Little Lynn Loftin Becky Logan Janet Lombard Diane Loveless Denise Loyd Nancy Lutringer DiAnne McAfee Kathy McBrien John McCoy Kelly McCune Brian McDaniel Lezlee McDonald Marylea McGehee John McGrath Julie McKenzie Ann McKenna Russell McKinney Kelley McLendon Mark McLeod Kevin McMichael Cinda McMillin SEVENTH GRADE 1 V e1:.? ,E' Deena McNiel sf' pa 1, A A Susan McShane Jia. ? it j "' ' Q Mark McWilliams if --M -ff ,F Mark Maguire 5 , P aw' 2 Susan Mahoney ' lv' Sylvia Maloy Ruth Mason Susan Mason Melinda Mathews Gail Matles Susan Mattinson Mike Maxwell Mary Ann May Jo Ann Meason Tracey Medaris Terry Meek David Metz Earl Meyers Mark Miller Tammy Miller Lee Milner Dennis Mitchell Ken Mitchell Ed Monnet Xp Ks -, fl 1- 14 ' ' 7 S ,1 Qs Y 3,1 'Q 5 f. 'ir 'Was s Sf? . 15' 'ijf J Q"l'7 ,N I 1 , 2 If-ER 44" vw . wr .ry . --nz ik .-,. ' W TJ 'K var ik .1 Q , ,. , Q if f ' t ' --, l 1 v l ei, , isa. . h 1 -M W , Qs , V A R Q ,fl ,Vkr A 1 e x K A ,443 N V rl is 1 it 31. lk ' uf-you ,gps -r l if A P' '1"'i' vwiuim lah s 'SW ,bZ. , I ' ysi 4 1 ' 99' Q 1 QW 5? X y - ,rfwavyfggw with 'I-' " in ' ff i, flivZiff' S , , H? fig W -4:,:'r .qi l D f ty L n K ., Q 7 . Q i '1 yt , f l ,Mg k,L QL fr 7 I MWQQ ' v 'iii' M1 Q AM? , X , - J I ,- ' M re l wi Q "H 1' iq 9 t ...:, few ii f i H t ,ig Kevin Moody Cathy Moore Ben Moran Andy Morgan Scott Morgan Don Morris Susie Morris David Morrison Mary Louise Morrison Diane Morrow Jill Moskal Mickey Mulkey Rickey Mulkey Kathey Myers Debbie Nelson Melinda Nelson Nancy Newby Nancy Nichols Steve Nicholson Mark Nicholson Betsy Nolan David Northern David Ostrander Eddy Parker Ronnie Parker Reece Patton John Pauliny Melinda Payne Terry Pefanis Tina Pelizzoni Del Pender Dennis Peterson Mark Pfeifer Tammy Pfitzer Lynn Phillips Bill Pielsticker Jeff Pike Ruth Pierce Mike Plumer Mike Poiriez Charles Potter Patty Presley -:Jw .. Ek ff. Q i an-me P ii mt., 'if' ,Nl in. X fi nf g 4 ,jg K fe-.' N . Q ui -or-"9" Q 'Y x --W , ia.ea f if 1 f' -N Kei' Q . 5 xiiaw ., ty t Ag: Y a he N 'F P ,xi 53' Kevin Radford if , av 2 Rick Rayson f "' " Thayne Reed ,A ff' ' Greg Renberg 'N' Jeff Render - V V Becky Rhodes S 'I K La iaar "" W e P TEE ,fi-"N g t i'1'A if ' M ., i im A5 . X if WW i4 ogg if y .2955 A .w--v-.D , Q,qQ..,A Q W 5 K A X Q 9' gg, i 'X so P W. ,X 'E if 'J' f 1 ,W -fa 3 PS5-1 X i i it x. S -ig S 5. , , X. 1' sg, H L , -...,,, 1, K F Q f 5 Bt E as -M , ,X -,L X A 'XV - ' . -K I . A - - - " - L' R' 3 P P ' " '35 -M , all as ef? 3 i y lil 'Q' 1 x K ,xx ....u-fi" -W-1 E ,- 1' 1 if 5 ith. f " 'IKE Vg 4, ,W M i E ft ,fb 1 1 ,.- fy 4 X -.-rv 1 ,-.X 'X 1 5 Bobby Rich John Ridgeway Kim Rinker Greg Roe Thesa Rogers Cindy Runyan Pam Ruis Lori Rossiter Paula Samara Dana Sanger Stephanie Sanseverino Mark Saylor Susan Schad Robert Scruggs Richard Seal Dave Secrist Mike Shade Megan Shaughnessy Robbie Shaw Sally Short Diane Shupert Carol Simon Linda Smith Pamela Snook Rebecca Sorrells Marsha Speer George Stabler Tammy Stalder Lisa Steinmeyer Stacy Steward Glenn Storts Jim Stovall Monty Sullivan Leslie Talley Becky Terrell Cindy Terrell David Smith Johnny Thurman Sonya Thurman Tracie Tutt Lennia Umholtz Carol Vance Vicki Vandiver Lynn Visher Mark Wackenhuth Laura Wadley Vincent Waldman Jack Walker in , if .53 I+? .ik ara , , : K w 'if w-15+-"" 1110 s-ff' X va.. m f L ia DIZ: M3336 ar ,E H ,F ' 3 J X 1 1 A 155- rx , 5' -. I A f x?,. B to R ,L gil at e t .404-'db ff " 4'-'W S ' ,..,- 1 X wr az 1 Q J, . ff A T., W, Eels! , Q - E .35 fr lilh S, '-,. a 1 WM.-. "" W P A y zii - 5 Z viiytayy J 4 l P div Y . . A , K1 .- s..,q a ,.-N f- L M M ,,, sg -adv c Y iii J, , qs Y' .f K Q' XJ wg X 4' ' Q l, K ,L . :fi L W. wwf -aw X ei Doug Wince Clifton Wood David Wood Tammy Zumwalt Richard Marshall 1 Doug Waugh Jerry Webber Lori Weber Marlene Weedin Tom Weeks David Wehrenberg John Wheat David White Mike White Tom White Lisa Whitehill Joyce Whitlock Paul Whitney Bonnie Willett Freddy Williams Kris Williams Ray Williams Tammy Wilson ORGANIZATIONS f ls ff! ,- STUDENT COUNCIL 'T it 9 5.31 i Left to right: bottom row-Bill Pielsticker, Neil Gilpin, Susan Schad, Dede Spencer, Jan Broadland, Joel Kantor, Kim McGraw, Dayl I-lamman, Mark Taylor, Carla Quigg, Janette Douglass, Vickye Morris, Judy Harshman. 4th row Brenda Richison, Stan Johnson, Mrs. Stallsmith. 2nd row- -Carolyn Wilson, John King, Rhonda Broyles, Scott Nich- Judy Hobson, Julie Shade, Susan Carney, Jo Ann Meason, olson, Chris Economou, Tommy Fielder, Bill Queen, Carol Bob Neville, Yvette Milner, Gay McMillin, Debbie Petty, Vance. Jerry Webber. 3rd row-Matt Westfall, Buddy Caldwell, X X ni? THANK f .SI'uDENT C0uN XX 6 I 23 S' A we OFFICERS T ff: ir,f f ff X Q 'QW 1 X gl ' 4 J - X B- Q - I 1 7 J ci Y i .JV KJV! bis. N C Tgxiri " I Tf- X- X W - -' be ,, J 0 u fl'-,+.'f.'g1f,f.,ff' G Q KV .i ,ffg f . fi.: : ' ,Q ... The Student Council is an organization composed of a representative elected from each homeroom and of officers elected by the student body. The Student Council sponsors most school activities, strives to promote school spirit, builds better faculty- student relationships, works for the betterment of the school, and practices democratic procedures. This year has proved to be a successful one for the Nimitz Student Council. Left to right: Buddy Caldwell, Vice-president, Rhonda Broyles, Parliamentariang Julie Shade, President, Tommy Fielder, Recording Secre- tary, Bill Queen, Corresponding Secretary. R . + an 5. M The Red Cross is a community service organi- zation at Nimitz. Each homeroom elects a delegate to this organiza- tion. This year has been an ac- tive one with an enrollment drive, Christmas stock- ings, canned milk drive and our continuing proj- ect of supporting an orphan in Japan. RED CROSS ti. A CR033 rirt J OFFICERS Wi Q Q ' J ex V X xi J, ! N r 0 5 ,fc Left to right: Andy 'I1xrner, honorary member M I L K 2 , . X Carolyn Morgan, lst Vice-President, Sharon E PZ' ' ' Benedict, 2nd Vice-President, Blythe Imel Re 7 - W J X ,J cording Secretary, Melissa Morgan, Correspond D R I V E 0 ' !fff"'1f ing Secretary, Jean Ann Watson, President ' Q "" mg ' Q Marvin Harrison, honorary member. 9 ' Left to right: Front rowg Mr. Meeks, Dana Sanger, Susie Manning, Bob Johnson, Susan Mattinson, Terry DeSirey, Aunna Walker, Mark Nicholson, Kelly Mc- Cune, Adam Sebran. Second row, Nancy Newby, Cinda McMi11in, Ferd Rosenthal, Candy Cotton, Nancy Compton, Diane Arnett, Lisa Murray, Keven Moody, Jennifer Patton. Third row, Kathy Imel, A at f. , f Debbie Lee, Lynn Harnman, Kay Hendricks, Melissa Morgan, Sharon Benedict, Carolyn Morgan, Denise Loyd, Christy Lombard. Back row, Mary Beth Barbero, Marvin Harrison, Beverly Bearden, An- drew, Turner, Kevin Anderson, Ken Trickey, Jean Ann Watson, Mary J. Herndon, Blythe Imel. 1' 4 's ' WP, Q g Q 1 0 if in , -1.1 ' -...igzpf ' ,. 'sh 'ff - -5-15 .- ' 'fill ip ', if I .. ' I .' N . 1.-33" K it ,Q-ga! 9' 'gt ' 51' ' Q ':.. .igsui .A :X . ' ' 3 The students operate and service the 16mm projectors that are scheduled by the teachers to show films 1n the classroom or the au- ditorium. The students may also operate the film strip projector, overhead projector, opaque pro- jector at the teachers's request. They are scheduled in this pro- gram as in any regular class and receive credit and grades for ade- quate performance. ,"2jfs, ' . -A .1 '-gy 29 K, .I 351 .. ZS! gs' at 'I ' -Q' I' 'if XQ' ,v ,n V, 4 -..y 45" , fl - Q., -" 1 rf -.,'. - ' 143 iii T 1 . its il' -H 11 . ,six r r . if . 42' .H ' ' . J . ' I 1 4 ' 11, I 5, K 4 ' Q f 5 . n 1 at N .f L T X: X '. ' gl: : 5:7 fs- "f ,' ' 'gvrbfg . . I 9, ,gl f, 5 , Q O 'Y . . . ,. I ' -L- U 'L So Bottom Row: Steve Spearing, Gregory Roe, Joel Kantor, Richard Choate. Top Row: Mr. Brown, Calvin Carter, Jim Ferguson, Don Higley, Tim Hatfield. 54 STAGE CRAFT L , I The stagecraft crew is a voluntary group of students who create sets, props, and other stage properties needed for assemblies and plays. These students come before school X hroooro ocs' T . and stay after school to work. Anyone who is interested, 'F especially if they are creative, may join. 59" v ....-- ix, W U 4r"f'M ,. lst Row: Cheryl White, Joe Zabienski, Chris Cadieux, David Dickman, Sandra Sanger, Ross Peterson, Adam Sebaran, Mr. Roller. 2nd Row: Karen Weig, Judy Hars man, Louise Kirkland, Melissa Morgan, Mary Welse, Lee Ann Clegg, Robert Stevenson, Gay McMillan. 3rd 5 fi, M h- Row: Debbie Lee, Susan Kite, Susan Wilcox, Barbara Lawrence, Jennifer Holmes, Kim Chestnut, Jill Werner Vickye Morris. 4th Row: Jerry McKelvey, Mike Beattie Bettye White, Sam Sweatt, David Nickel, Louan Brown, Harold Brookens, Tim Hatfield. Left to right-bottom row-Carla Quigg, Sandra Kite, Bruce Wattman, Louann Foor, Laura Coe- Sanger, Robert McAllister, Barbara Rich, Lori ner, Susan Wilcox. fourth row-Mary Jane Hern- Aptak, Mrs. Warren. second row-Cynthia Black, don, Becky Hickman, Jim Riley, Bettye White, Lee Ann Miller, Louise Kirkland, Mary Welsh, Cathy Holland, Mike McClintock. Linda Wilkinson. third row-Betsy Bryant, Susan Qi LM- W M-ixyda. -.J lu., W-,3 'X-.',,hnuu-... my . -.mlm A ' ,, , wa - MAST STAFF Editor- Jim Riley Photographer - Mr. John Holler The members of the Mast Staff are cho- sen by Mrs. Warren for their scholastic ability and de- pendability. They are second year art students and do advanced work in art during the second semester. sis 4 t . QE" -W Q . ,M .Q N wv. ' A I L K . ,1 f M wma, 9 'fuk ,il ., W 1 "Lt" . F 'Q QQ ,. j - L in R - f- ... X , Ai ' I 5 S. 5' , 4. 1 1 ,5 V ' ' V ' A Q wi 'K f? K-CLUB CAO 3 The K-Club is a service organization affiliated with the Kiwanis Club ln- ternational. K- Club boys are selected for their leadership ability, schol- arship and character. Only eighth and ninth grade boys are chosen, and they must be willing to donate their time to school service. Each ninth grade member of the K-Club attends a Ki- wanis luncheon once a year. One of the c1ub's O F F I C E R S most worthwhile projects 1? the gflristmas couea' Left to right Kevin Anderson Secretary treas IIOH of Toys for Tots urer Chris Economou Vice president Tom Sponsored by the Marine Fielder President Brad Routh Parliamentarian Reserve Corps. Left to right-bottom row-Mr. Averill, Mark Tay- lor, Bob Neville, Buddy Caldwell, Kenny Bass, John King. row 2-Boudi Wood, Tommy Fielder, Tim Hofer, Randy Plost, Russ Wood. row 3- Brad Routh, Bob Cox Eric Freeman T1m Sewell John Bovaird Kenny Hayes Bob Knight row 4- Andy Turner Rod Green Kyle Wood John Ash ley, Chris Economou Bob Haley Kevin Anderson THE SPLINTER The purpose of THE SPLINTER is to inform the student body of the current happenings at Nimitz. The paper is published monthly by a special class chosen specifically to work on THE SPLINTER. The editors are elected by the class with a different editor for each issue. THE SPLINTER tries to present an honest and complete view of the news at Nimitz. Left to right-row one-Cheryl Miller, Sarah row three-Paulet Pittenger, Jena Camp, Jim Whitney, Bill Vaxmanen, Jennifer Holmes, Matt Ryan, Barry Oyler, Math Beth Barbero, Stacy Westfall, Cindy Wyrrick, Mrs. Holley. row two- Noel, Denise Duke. row four-Cindy Howard, Joyce Johnson, Lynn Char, Carolyn Wilson, Jamey Langston, Nancy Peake, John Ashley, Barbara Lawrence, Marsha May, Sue Onufer. Kevin Anderson, Kim Wilkerson, Brad Routh. EDITORS Seated-left to right-Brad Routh, Jamey Langston. Standing-left to right-Kevin An- derson, Jena Camp, Stacy Noel, Jennifer Holmes, Paulet Pittinger, Cindy Wyrrick John Ashley. MATH CLUB Chi Alpha Mu is a national honorary society science, new math has to be invented to re- opened to all interested junior high school students who have shown a desire for knowl- was one of the first junior high math clubs edge of the language of all sciences - math- to be organized nationally. ematics. As each new discovery is made in Left to ri t row 1 Mrs Charles Vincent cord and tell it. "The Nimitz Matheletes" Weber, David White, Bob Knight, Vickey Green, gh - - ' r Waldman, Donna Pfeifer, Deon Fourcade, Linda Lyme Char, Clu'isty Visher, Darcia Routh, Matt Wilkinson, Kenny Bass, Amy Glass, Byron Tip- Westfall. row 4-Karen Hale, Paulet Pittenger, ping. row 2-Sarah Whitney, Susan Carney, Ted Birbilis, Cindy Carpenter, Ferd Rosenthal, Patricia Thomas, John King, Jill Nelson. Karen Schulz, Cindy Wenheimer. row 3-Dana ,,..-null' af 'W 'Q -Q., K wsu Ford Brett, Tim Jones, Eric Freeman, Bob Cox, 'R OFFICERS CHI Left to right-Paulet Pittinger, President, Bob Cox, Vice-pres- identj John King, Secretary, Matt Westfall, Treasurer. Q LATIN CLUB Left to right-bottom row-Christy Corp, Glenda Bill Queen, Steve Longacre. row 3-Cathy Hunt, Jackson, Cynthia Black, Anne Terrell, Lori Marvin Harrison, Marc Gatewood, Neal Stauf- Aptak, Mrs. Holley. row 2-Kay Hendricks, fer, David Wells, Patt Hallett. fnot picturedj Randy Plost, Carolyn Diacon, Denise Duke, Jill Nelson. GFFICERS Left to right-Kay Hendricks, Vice-presidentg Randy Plost, President, Lori Aptak, Secretary. 60 The Latin Club of Nimitz Junior High School is affiliated with the National Junior Classical League, and, as such, tries to promote an interest in the classics, Roman his- tory, and the Latin Language itself. The purpose of the Nimitz Junior High School Latin Club is to prepare the students for advanced Latin Club activities and to stimu- late an interest in the Roman heritage. lilii H5225 1 Tigris K-X VP . 5 3' v .. - : FRENCH CLUB The aims of the French Club are to create an interest in the cul- ture and customs of France and to provide students with an op- portunity to use their French in practice situations. These goals are accomplished by means of guest speakers and special pro- jects. This year's project involves dining in an authentic French restaurant. Membership in the club is open to all students en- rolled in French. HR JLG 164 RH an Ifff OFFICERS 526 MM gif Left to right-cindy wyrrick, Presidentg HREF!!! David Dickrnan, Treasurer, Sue Minshall, e' .-4 -H' IG' .o. ' "L 5, ,f. i 'x 9 A V If C V u H v , , 1450 'O 92: Vice-president, Jan Broadland, Secretary v xv QJZHQDV' qnllll""' ftt ff. A g .... '-'V n-M,,,,.,...w--if Y, 5 Left to right-bottom row-Lee Milner, Randy Gilliland, Lisa ris, Mary Helen Gardner, Allison Cotton, Bonnie Willett, Braverman, Melinda Payne, Cindy Wyrrick, Libby Brown, Susie Moore, Robyn Ford, Cathy Moore, Carol Vance, Debbie Petty, David Dickman, Dean Gardner, Susan Ash- Mary Hinds, Lori Crossland, Susan Dunlap, Sue Minshall, bridge, Vanessa Bishop, Martha Gandee, Jeff Gordon, Bill Tracie Tutt, Suzanne Haynes. row 4fKevin Harrison, Pielsticker. row 2-Carol Hembree, Jan April, Julie Jones, Rebecca Rhodes, Jan Broadland, Cindy Landers, Paulet Debbie Pike, Deon Fourcade, Paula Jennings, Christy Pittenger, Brian April, Kim Wilkerson, Jeff Brown, Rob Visher, Lisa Murray, Karen Weig, Diane Loveall, Cindy Berry, Tommy Fielder, Patricia Thomas, Terry Tighe, Hale, Carolyn Brooks, Mrs. Stallsmith. row 3-Susie Mor- Jennifer Holmes, Pam Lenik, Megan Berry. , f 1 Nwi -'-"z Left to right-bottom row-Miss McKnight, Cindy Ter- rell, Tom Jackson, Susan Jackson, Roger Andrews, Lisa Steinmeyer, Nancy Cox, Donna Pfeifer, Scott Haus. second row-Laura Grossich, Dana Weber, Judy Harshman, Beth Nash, Ferd Rosenthal, Greg Zumwalt, Kimberly Weber, Ken Bass, Linda Wilk- tured, Stephanie Montgomery. inson. third row-David Finer, Charles Brown, Stacy OFFICERS Left to right-Andy Turner, Sergeant-at-arms, Elizabeth Bennett, First vice-president, Bob Cox, President, Laura Jones, Treasurer, Jena Camp, Third vice-president, Barry Oyler, Re- porterg Ford Brett, Second vice-president and Kenny Bass, Secretary. 62 SPANISH CLUB All students enrolled in Spanish may be active or associate mem- bers of the Spanish Club. The purpose of the club is to increase our knowledge of the language, arts, and customs of the Spanish- speaking countries. Programs this year have included movie cartoons in Spanish, Mexi- can folk dances, and making pifiatas for the migrant children in Bixby. The highlight of the year is the Mexican dinner held at one of Tulsa's Mexican restaurants. Terrell, Kathy Thompson, Laura Jones, Ken Morris, Jena Camp, Lisa Peerson, John King. top row- Mike Spies, Ken Hayes, Elizabeth Bennett, Randy McKenzie, Mike Caldwell, Kyle Wood, Bob Cox, Eric Freeman, Nancy Peake, Barry Oyler, not pic- N11 377717 q 5 . X aww ECONAUTS is the name of the Nimitz science club, the name was chosen be- cause of the members' concern with ecology. The beginning of the word "ecology" was combined with the ending of the word ! .xx "astronauts"-who are our , most advanced scientists. Q 5 E J Any student may become a - E 5- Us . X , A I memberr hemust r OFFICE RS tend all the meetings. This M' y, ,h , year the group took a trip if i gy 1? , ,J l , , - , . . a s . Zl, y,ig,, ',nry iZy ' , ' -'-"A KV: t 5 Left to right-Julie Shade, Coordmatorg to the Chlldren S Medlcal V4 t ' ' Carolyn Diacon, Reporter: Sarah Whit- Center and have had 8 num- M' 5 5- ",.,,, a , M ney, Treasurer, Lisa Murray, Secre- ber of interesting scientific ' " ' ra 4 tary: Cindy Weinheimer, Vice-president, films shown at the meetings. AX X Mark Mccurry' President' ECO Left to right-bottom row- Byron Tipping, Tom Jack- son, Lisa Woods, Mark McCurry, Bobby Filgas, Carley Horst, Susan Jackson, Tom Johnson, Mr. Kertzman. second row-Julie Shade, Susan Carney, Lisa Murray, Tammy Pfitzer, Nancy Compton, Debbie Alcouloumre, Cindy Weinheimer, Sarah Whitney, Karen Schulz. third row-Valerie Zayat, V it:-+A 5 Fe ra-" 7' Si ,J rig Z . - . , P. qq.. ,. .A , , ,,..., .. 1 gi- if 4 s A ,. it ' C"w1'7'fiW5f1.ft . 1 U F7 'gil v .f . V 5 , - MQW 825, '-is " ' ' " -5' S92 . -:fs -J 9' K "vs et X.. in e V f- if f . V W ,tx ' V X 4' .. .-W N . iff ' C1 ' V ' ' :1 f 'L Aj' 'Y NAUTS Janet Mullen, Chris Burnett, Julie Rainey, Lynn Char, Tony Hickman, Jana Jeffries, Charlie Brown, Doc Gilbert. top row-Karen Hale, Jerry McKelvey, Jeff Brown, Eric Freeman, Warren Christiansen, Elizabeth Bennett, Philip Lewis, Kirk Taylor, Caro lyn Diacon. nj? STUDENT OFFICE Left to right-Kim Wilkerson, Mike Beatty, Vicki Weinheirner, Susan Brodsky, Jody Hobson, Beverly Merrill, Anita White, Lynn Jacobson, Vickye Morris, Anderson, Barbara Rich. Kay Hendricks, Holly Heaver, Yvette Milner, Cindy HOMEMAKING TYPING Left to right-Darcia Routh, Mrs. Coiner, Jane Gilliland, Left to right-Miss Trotter, Ceclia Northern, Lisa Shea. Lauren Buttery, Ellen Braverman. 64 ASSISTANTS AT NIMITZ w Q5 ltr., E' ' fy 1 rar' Wil? A 4, Hausa nfs! 'i an NURSE Left to right-Mrs. Pratt, Ruth Ann Mason, Robin Richards, Anita Campbell, Carla Quigg, Charlotte Boylan, Merik Hollis, Beverly Beardan. 1 SCIENCE Left to right-Mark McCurrey, Gayle Edmonston Chris Cadiex. 1, A student assistant is doing ' a school service. He re- ceives a grade from the supervising teacher, and he earns regular school credit. To apply for this work, a student makes a request to his counselor t who then decides if he qualifies by grades and character. 2 E LIBRARY ...-q Len to right-Bobby Filgas, Camille 21 Cratch, Candy Cotton, Debbie Wood- 1 son, Melanie Wood, Becky Gibbons, Mrs. Pipkin. f LIBRARIANS ... Yr-flair I 55 MIXED GLEE CLUB ROW 1: Mrs. Rose, John Wheat, Mindy Nelson, Kirby Lane, Ray Williams, Cindy Noss, Dana Beller, Bren- da Richison, Neil Gilpin, Robbie Shaw, Mitchell Black, Carla Campbell, Adam Sebran. ROW 2: Cindy Newlin, Ron Helms, Shirin Hewitt, Sherry Erskine, Dennis Armstrong, Ricky Gibson, Dee Mullins, Angela Har- ney, Kris Johnson, Marc Nicholson, Adele Welborn. ROW 3: Richard Whitelaw, Susan McShane, Helen ACCOMPANISTS Pritzos, Pam Infield, Jill Hitt, Fred Williams, Marc Miller, Ruth Ives, Pat McArdle, Catha Morton, Randy Christiansen, Dana Beard. ROW 4: DeDe Spencer, Laura Ferguson, Laura Stauffer, Gary Infield, Jeff Francis, Jeff Stanfield, Kevin Anderson, Ken Trickey, Jeff Brown, Kirk Taylor, Linda Rushing, Angela Turnbo, Dana Rice. E AND ROW 1: Mrs. Rose, Dana Bel- ler, Ruth Ives, Angela Har- ney, ROW 2: Sherry Erskine, Shirin Hewitt, Charlotte Fox, Jeff Francis, Catha Morton, Pam Infield. ROW 3: Linda Rushing, Ken Trickey, Kevin Anderson, Jeff Brown, Laura Stauffer. 66 , Q. . C fl 55 " S N-X io g . J . ..3vQaQfQ,. Q ' Left to right-row l-Mrs. Rose, Terry Hjelm, Carla Hawthorne, Margaret Jenkins, Dawn Cot- ton, Cinda Brashear, Brenda Richison, Michele Hays, Wendy Nelson, Carla Campbell, Mar- - lene Weedin. row 2-Adele Welborn, Betsy Nolan, Diane Dexter, Connie Brashear, Shirin f Hewitt, Susan McShane, Anna Walker, Debbie Howell, Ann Fiedler, Dana Beller, Cathy Jones. V , - , L, , row 3-Lisa Endres, Angela Harney, Kathy McBrien, Teri Jackson, Jill Hitt, Jo Ann Meason, ,- A V Pam Onfield, Cindy Dennis, Dana Belveal, Nancy Nichols. row 4-Kathy Brander, Patricia g R52 McArdle, Dana Rice, Elaine Northern, Brenda Brewer, Judy Wilson, Laura Ochsner, Julie ' 'QQ Ostrander, Tammy Stadler, Nancy Compton, Ruthie Ives. -i i will . ' O F2153 x A ef K an P fx Q I o D WIFW H4 sim o il , .ly V1 A x GIRLS GLEE CLUBS I F' I Left to right-row l-Mrs. Rose, Marsha Spear, Di- anne McAfee, Deena Mc- Niel, Cindy Newlin, Dana Kaufman, Sheila Jordon, Nancy Chitwood, Gail Matles. row 2-Diana Pearce, Sherry Erskine, Gwen McGuire, Lori Rossiter, Dee Mullins, Lynn Visher, Cindy Noss. row 3-Krista Gladd, Coco Ochsner, Brenda Jones, Ann McKenna, Donna Burscough, Leight Prit- zos, Janette Douglas. row 4-Angie Turnbo, Char- lotte Fox, Judy Fitzgera ald, Linda Rushing, Laura Stauffer, Laura Ferguson, Denise Loyd, Catha Morton, Dede Spencer. 67 x I' ff' 'ZZTFQ BAND LIBRARIANS Paul Whitney, Tammy Pfitzer, Christy Visher, Jim York, Carley Horst, Steve Boyls. 68 o fa : V Q RW, 5 Irv ENSIGN BAND Left to right-row oneJi11 Marshall, Kathy Borden, Richard Choate, Mike Plu- mer, Robert Fry. row two- Amy Glass, Jeff Render, David White, Steve Christ- iansen, Mark Maguire. row three-Mr. Branson. '- nl , ti ADVAN . C Left to right-row om+Barbara Lawrence, Scott Edwards, Scott Nicholson, Ed Briner. row two-Bobby Filgas, Mike Golan, Lisa Woods, Tim Hofer, Cathy Phillips, Mark Wuerflein, Bruce Hatchett, Cathy Walter, Susan Winfrey, Carley Horst. row three-Kathy Holcomb, Patricia Thoma S, ED ORCHESTRA David Leonard, Robert Stevenson, Chris Economou, Bruce Wood, Dawna Kaufman, Christy Visher, Karen Hale, David Hoot. row four-Keith Freeman, Byron Tipping fnot seenj, David Storts. standing-Mr. Branson, Kent Erwin, Terri Hockett, Mark Cebuhar. 5 ,np 0 W is , ,C I I is g g 'K Left to right-row oneDawna Kaufman, David Hoot, Breadwell, Charles O'Rear, Harold Brookens. row Charlene Ramsey, Sam Page, Philip Lewis, John three-Steve Boyls, Randy Yeck, Mark Cebuhar, Kent Head, Bruce Wood. row two-Allison Moscow, Buddy Erwin, Terri Hockett, Mr- BFHHSOH. Caldwell, Gary Montgomery, David Storts, Mat f' nu-,Q .W , BOYS GLEE CLUB Left to right-row one-Mrs. Rose, Terry Pefanis, Armstrong, Dana Beard, Mark Miller- Fred Wil- Jay Hitt. Ray Williams, Mitchell Black, John Wheat, liarns. Randy Christiansen, Richard Whitelaw. row Adam Sebran, Sherry Erskine row tw0ANei1 Gilpin, four-Gary Infield, Jeff Brown, Jeff Stanfield, Kevin Ron Helms, Kris Johnson, Mark Nicholson, Robbie A1'ld6I'SOH, Ken TI'iCk9y, Jeff FI'aI1CiS. Kirk Tay1OI'. Shaw, Kirby Lane, Richy Gibson. row three-Dennis INTERMEDIATE ORCHESTRA Left to right-row one-Lynda Smith. Mary Louise Morri- son, Ruth Mason, Glen , Storts. row two-Tom Adams, Nancy Newby, Susan Mattin- son. Steve Nicholson. row three-Mr. Branson. rl xi mn I Eid' v,:'wl..fa ,,,, 2 ,,l-,..t,,,,M.,la-,A 111. F4-wan, . X up A 4 'un fu A Fl ll J-.. J lf, ff''-1495" 'R .,1 ,. . 4,- sviwf "wifi- A A N C A .- ffm- D V E D B N D ' Left to right-row one-Yolanda Nava, Buffy Galla- RHIHSGY, Sam Page, Phillip Lewis. row four-Charles , , gher, Marc Ward, Amy Walsh. row two-Annette O-Rear, Harold Brookens, Matt Birdwell, Chris , -3 Mitchell, Charolotte Roof, Leslie Burks, Sherry Burnett, Jim Beckstrom, Tom Banes, Tom Neal, X We ...-- dnl Moore, Alison Moskal, Susanna Skelton, Marla Rug- Brian Wedlake, Warren Christiansen, Jim York, x gles. row three-Lynne Hunnicutt, Buddy Caldwell, Gary Montgomery. row five-Mrs. Branson, Ed elium Tom Plowman, Dave Smith, John Head, Charlene Short, Randy Yeck, Steve Boyls. A ' X rg A V 7' ra 2' fi CAPTAIN'S BAND Left to right-row one-Eric Bruner, Danny Sherier, Cindy Faulks, Vincent Wald- man, Kelly McLendon, Paula Gent, Janet Bass, Susan Ed- wards. row two-Tammy Pfitzer, Pam Snook, Vicki Vandever, Lynn Lofton, Grady Carson, Carol Simon, Nancy Broyles, Cinda Mc- Millin. row three-Martin Howerton, Jim Kessler, Cindy Leonard, Ken Mitchell Jim Stoval, Casey Crutch- field, Becky Becker, Tina Pelizzoni, Tom White, Paul Whitney, Forrest Blakely, James Irby. row four-Tom Weeks, Mike Glover, Jerry Weber. Ed Monnet, Denis Mitchell, Mark Augustine, Scott Cameron, Mr. Bran- son, Richard Seal, Mark Griffith. Not pictured: Tony Armstrong, Maria Ruggles, Thesa Rogers, David Rogers Buffy Gallagher, Tom Plow- man, Mark Magers. kj , ,- 1- , M 1 i f ffiffil Ulf W Effflllf MRS. MARY HOLLEY TEACHER OF THE YEAR Patient. congenial, fair, honest, sincere, and an exceptional teacher: these are ways the students describe Mrs. Mary Holley. "Teacher of the Year? Mrs. Holley ex- emplifies the qualities of a master teacher and sets an example for both colleagues and students. She has earned the respect and admiration of all who know her. Her teaching experiences range from junior high through college. At the present time she is teaching eighth grade English, Latin, and creative writing. After school hours Mrs. Holley becomes a full-time mother and wife. She cherishes the time she spends with her husband, Ron, and five year old son, Regan. Although Mrs. Holley enjoys sports primarily as a spectator, she is occasionally asked to play football with Ron and Regan, but ONLY if they can't find anyone else to fill in. Regan says she's "not very goodlm They also spend rnuch time caring for and training their three dogs. Kelly, a German shepherd, and Miss B and Bitsy, both poodles. Mrs. I-lolley's hobbies include doing needlework. making samplers, knitting, reading and doing club work. I-ler outstanding teaching ability, her vast knowledge of subject material, her per- sonal interest in students and faculty members, and her warm personality, make the perfect combination for the 'Teacher of the Yearl' - - - Mrs. Mary Holley! ...sil0"' At home with her husband, Ron, and four year old son, Regan, . ...W -aw' at.. .fs 'wif I gli' Mary in the classroom is an inspiration to her Latin, English and creative writing students. M961 the 1'9St Of MHI'y'S family-Ueft i0 Fighfl Who is she fooling? Is she really cooking and doing her school home work? Kelley, Bitsy, and Miss B. ACTIV ITIES Jerry McKe1vey MOST SPI RITED HOME ROOM asm 1 ,,, 1 1 ,H,,,..wriYU"1 Left to right-bottom row-Mrs. Warren, Lori Aptak, ler, Susan Wilcox, Susan Kite, Louise Kirkland, Judy Chris Edwards, Carla Quigg, Barbara Rich. second Harshman. fourth row-Bill Copple, Roger Richards, row-Cynthia Black, Sandy Sanger, John Graham, Bruce Wattman, Cindy Howard, Bettye White, Terry Mary Welsh, Cory Sackett, Ann McCaslin. third row- Tighe, Mike McClintock, Tom Cooper. Mark Ricketts, Tye Koch, Lisa Murry, Lee Ann Mil- fe is . . CLASS ROOM DOORS DECORATED FOR CHRISTMAS. Mrs. Faulkner's room 14102 Mrs. Warren's room 6117 Mrs. Robinsonls room 44105 Sponsored by the Nimitz Student Council, Spirit Week was held dur- ing the week of November 2, 1970, At the end of the week, homeroom 117 was awarded a plaque naming it the "Most Spirited Homeroom". This room earned 467 points from a pos- sible 500 by having 10041, dressed in school colors, 97172, in attendance at the Homecoming game, 9092, on their bulle- tin board, and 10092, for a Homecoming day poster, and 8092, for the singing of the school song. MCDST GENEROUS HOME Room Left to right-row one-Cindy Noss, Susan Winfrey, Ferguson, Laura Jones, Pam Linke, Charlotte Roof, Greg Baker, Becky Spies, Helda Harlton, Suzie Jan Broadland, Jill Hitt. row four-Ken Trickey, Short, Mike Grady, Mr. Tiffin. row two-Sharin Mark Cebuher, Steve Glazer, Sid Rice, Kevin Mc- Hewitt, Lisa Baldwin, Mike Dethrow, Buddy Cald- Charen, Herbert Bond, Tim Hofer, David Jones, well, Susana Shelton, Leigh Ann Price, Steve Clark. Kathy T'hompson. row three-Angie Turnbo, Becky Barker, Laura A , L Mr. Tiffin's eighth grade homeroom 4122 I won the contest for the i'Most Generous Homeroom" by making the largest con- tribution in the annual Red Cross enroll- ment drive. Nimitz's total contribution was S950 which surpassed the goal of 3750. Mr. Tiffin's homeroom contributed 5100. This was a most successful drive this year. The prize for the winning homeroom was a pizza party. -tk fx all fl fs WN fx om Qfos s . .. -- ,-,,,... I X J fswfm NIMITZ ADMIRALS VARSITY Head coach, Howard Waugh, assistant coaches, Bob Waugh, Joe Lane, Tom Slammons, Mike Trout, Harold Gage. 10 Steve Waugh, 11 Tommy Fielder, 12 Terry Frohnapfel, 13 Dennis Persall, 19 Jamey Langston, 20 Steve Simmons, 21 Jed Barker, 22 Kenny Hayes, 22 Matt Westfall, 23 Jerry Barnes, 24 John Ashley, 25 Mark Gatewood, 29 Bill Queen 30 Mark Gotcher, 31 Doug Hoffman, 32 David Finer, 33 Bruce Wood, 34 Trenton Staley, 35 David McQuaig, 40 Mark Sutton, 41 Donnie Hutchison, 42 Bill Henshaw, 43 Jeff Brock, 44 Donny Loveless, 45 Ed Horkey, 50 Brad Routh, 51 Kenneth Preaus, 52 David Storts, 53 Fred Bangs, 60 Barry Adler, 61 Phil Goodwin, 61 Tom White, 62 Bob Purgason, 63 Tim Jones, 64 Kenny Albright, 65 Greg Glid- den, 70 John Head, 71 John Bovaird, 72 Neil Stauffer, 73 Burly White, 74 Sam Sweatt, 75 Rusty Bayliss, 80 Randy Edwards, 81 Bill Vaananen, 82 Greg Vance, 83 Andy Turn- er, 84 Lex Dominey, 84 Fred Gilcrease, 85 Kyle Wood. : . I JD X 1 :Nr Q.,-18,5-4, yin, xx 3? Q"'Dky.t., 458 -ewwi '. win' Mg X , 1 , 4 , Lg, it gi t A X X KG: 1 4.4 , A . ' ??'v' .1 . , .,,,, , Q 1 fir .msg-1 ' if, l.4.A..-...Ml ,,2i2a,,an.NL.Lh. .L,,..., ,, W. ,,.,, W-'if' , ff vif' Vai' f frffg " 'E M3752 A -"' ' ff! .-,u A si? W ,. VA Vx , . A , V' "KX ,I f +1 1 7 1. QI. vQxfnl11lj,'::u i iq U ' b '19 4 , L f wg 31625, fr ' as if .. 4. . J' 5 -. ,. -n ., ' wal' , ,. , 4 A 4' Q' f ' . QQ 1511 pn! gs dl' JUNIOR VARSITY Head coach, Ed Browng Assistant Coaches, Bill Jeffers, Warren Adams. 10 Brian Wedlake, 14 Mike Klinefelter, 15 Steve Perkins, 16 Jack Smith, 17 Steve Clark, 18 Ken Bass, 21 Pat Hall, 24 Tony Bunnell, 26 Bob Benjamin, 28 Harry Pefanis, 30 Greg Baker, 31 Sam Strait, 33 Trev Harney, 36 David Jenkinson, 37 Charles Brown, 38 Kurtis Zimmer, 39 Rod Green, 46 Rex Enterline, 47 James El- liott, 48 Sam McGee, 49 David Radmilovich, 53 Keith Schleg, 54 Greg Allert, 55 Bob Larson, 56 Roy Thomason, 57 Gary Montgomery, 60 Eddie Short, 61 Victor Bird, 62 Jeff Hamra, 63 Bob Mercer, 66 Brian Waugh, 67 Thomas Lamprey, 68 Cliff Dower, 69 Doc Gilbert, 70 Jim Powers, 71 Jay Taylor, 73 Dana Beard, 76 Steve Pence, 77 Terry Schmidt, 78 Allen Wilcox, 79 David Carlson, 80 Jerry McCoy, 81 Scott Edwards, 82 Ken McMenamy, 83 Stanley Shannon, 85 Mike Harris, 86 John King, 87 Ken Trickey, Mark Cebuhar, Rick Keller. 1 K as ni-.,, .,ll9:1xZ I Q, W QQ. J :dmc .fr f fjd' ,L W K M I K Aly., .K SEVENTH GRADE PREP TEAM Head coach, David Wilbanksg Assistant Coaches, Lewis Stabler, Jim Proctor, Lonnie Hobbs, John Suttor. 10 Lee Milner, 11 Mitchell Black, 12 Bryan Cobb, 13 Kevin Rad- ford, 15 Andy Morgan, 20 Douglas Wince, 21 Mark Carter, 23 Sidney Allen, 24 Michael Shade, 25 Terry Peganis, 28 David Wood, 31 Doug Waugh, 32 Rick Rayson, 33 Mark Nicholson, 34 Paul Bunnell, 35 Kevin McMichael, 40 Stan Johnson, 41 Michael White, 42 Jeff Johnson, 43 Mark Mc- Leod, 44 Steve Dobbs, 45 Mark Wackenhuth, 50 David Wehrenberg, 51 Kent Erwin, 52 Ron Helms, 55 Dennis Mitchell, 59 Scott Morgan, 60 Jack Walker, 62 Jay Hitt, 64 James Stovall, 65 Mike Poiriez, 66 Donald Morris, 67 Larry Edwards, 68 Steve Nicholson, 70 David Northern, 71 Eric Brunner, 72 Randy Christiansen, 73 Terry Bar- low, 74 Jerry Webber, 75 Davis Bovaird, 77 David Os- trander, 78 John McCoy, 80 Wes Blevens, 81 Rand Gilli- land, 82 Dean Berry, 83 Mark Saylor, 84 Neil Gilpin, 86 Steve Holland, 88 Doug Kelly, 89 John Harshman. 77 BASKET lst row Cleft to right?-Bob Neville, Barry Oyler, Kenny , Hayes, Greg Vance. 2nd row-Rusty Bayliss, Burly White, Marc Gatewood, Sam Sweatt, Kyle Wood, John Ashley. me BALL Q. TS F S A 2 Mx ff E . - ,nemesis . vw. .rf faq. .N 24. E - we A ' 'K el ,513 l M of e R , oeeo in h fl , 151 A A eos ,P ,J IVP, ,,,:j,,, ,.,,,. . if ,hewywww fe 'S 1 4,1-Q. swf' Lf' - -ehe'- fe ef-9,4 ' R - RR , ' , .. ,.- 1 Q " N N ' 'N is Q m ' "':-' A -Mus. lm' ii A ,,,, ,Nm fi. " if J, : A K AL nwuviwwwd W 'www J -,-f ff- 1 ,,,. 1' fig, W r""' " ' v R -' 1 e f ,.,, i . fy 51 ni . , 1 fr- 1 2 t ' ,, X Q5 as .3,,,flj 15 pink' W 'S .1 in M,iLuA ,K 89' l A ' ' - W ' . zh' gr: 4' e ..,A f g 1 , W ky A! g t x 61 Ay ,Y J' . . Q , j li ' ger m s . JJ K V s I, so 5 !V.1i:ifv.4: -wrFd' L Wm. - K gk? A ki me .. ., 'ik . ,eg.:. ......,. we .41 1.3. , ww. , - 'fm-: ,XL , , V- -I -9 mmm, , V :W 525: Iezliwl 'F ' fi, , ,- , my fm Ngfmc' 1- . 80 V Q": MLL G X ' f,..a.s , gy m if ml C ADMI RAL CHEERLEADERS Standing, left to right-Lori Aptak, Linda Wilkinson, Susan McGraw, Dayl Hamman, Dody Frazee, Holly Heaver, Carney, Cynthia Black, Kay Hendricks, Rhonda Broyles, Becky Barker, Candy Cotton, Katy Imel, Hilda Harlton, Laura Coenen, Pat Hallett, Gean Ann Watson, fnot picturedj Cnot picturedl Brenda Richison. Cindy Wyrrick. Junior Varsity. Kneeling, left to right-Kim 13 ' PEP CLUB OFFICERS Julie Shade, Presidentg Blyth Imel, Secretary: Janet McCoy, Vice-president. The Nimitz Pep Club's main goal is to bring enthusi- asm and spirit to the school's sporting events, Any girl at Nimitz is eligible to join the Pep Club. Before being an officer or trying out for cheerleader, mem- bers must meet certain rules and requirements. The Pep Club uniform of navy blue and white helps to sig- nify the name t'Admirals." Through the year there are meetings, pep rallies, Homecoming and a dance. The Pep Club also helps boost spirit with the sale of spirit ribbons and the placing of spirit posters. The Pep Club's loyalty and spirit at games contributed to many Admiral victories. xl 3 Sei ,,,,,.. I' I 1' ,li an QE Vt- 3715" . -:g,e5-if - -.T my .lf -1.f-WEA V-I tl -2- S- ' 1.1, 3 '--'zz t,":'vf ig!-ca Lei A-w1:fQw 1 If 14 JE- 'ai'--.":'E -viii' lfllila 1-24353 Eel .IE-31525 ,g . i 515, 3"'4W'f, s - t 1 1,71 , ,ig W-f-rpg:-fs: .s 51: ffl V. F' 12-197. -fa '.""' . 3 -V 2- 42.15.24 5.1 . 'Q up Q ' ' F 5: gre A ' 'Str' P' 4. 5 -'S X ,, , xx t, Ii , A ,f A ' - I X ' , C ll 1. ii, zfaft' E , All A-A ' sl... . gig ' i A - A 1 XX Q, ,:K,,,,h 4 tw 4,3 ., Q I E ,,l"2ff,, If a..:,' f ,' ,,.f Q -4. 4 A' 4 CHEERLEADERS IN ACTION f -f 2 E P . ii xx I I 1 A ', .f x , . 5 U' I Qing 'JNL X355 JCM. HOMECOMING NIGHT Queen Jean Ann Watson W" 'I-n-..... A L,L,L, , , Z 2 K .A Q63-, an lijxw ' i' 1 r H385 "E..n?i-- A , ....M.,:.Mgsq...--.z fE - ,.,i - 1 A AA , 1 4m m A . i " I -W 5' Ljfw ,Q CANDID F 40 ,QM Q ::. - ,. 4 N .4 ag M ' 'ISHN 'Q-Q V . 'EVM if ,e , ,M 2 . A A .fgii 'E , N Q if 5 fs W H, V A 5 .,,5fyg,, L: fgipkglg yi 4. ,q.'wvg," 3 Fr-,ef mb, ' -g .5 4 y 4 , Q F ,A -Qi ,Q in A 'zz A - 's NK tl 1,,:,gs22H-2-4 .4 4' F .Q 4 Q ...,, -- W M , . K Q " 1 : SNAPS 4- - K ,'f 33,4 . ,A Mfg H' Q M0 1,1 5' f X . Ml -L tw- g Z A , tk V In 'ww 1 11 'fda . , +:4iMQaa3i .iL,,., , 5 86 I' , iw Q 3 X ,Q ,. . -3 'Y 1 , f GM, .,, ,lf ,. Ma. 4. " 'f ' 2' A . ,:.,? . , ...., -T. g I Q, ., it CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right-row oneDortha Nelson, Louise Carson, Edna Coles. row two-Erma Bailey, Nell Bishop, Alma Loy, Pat Johnes. row three-Laverne Cassidy, Linda Boone, Mabel Idol, Betty Sadler, Opal Thom as. Qnot pictured! Louise Pinkeey, Mollie Carter, Mar- gie Wilder, Rhea Dean Mc- Cance, .ff fda.. X News ,ff ,..,-J' Q na i Q ,,.. A '93 fr-f v. , Sk 3 . CUSTODIANS Left to right-row one-Mrs. Curtis, Mr. Rogers. row two-Mr. Stephens, Mr. Gulley, Mr. Ramsey, and Mr, Baker, head engineer. Qwsgfafm ? r 609 fx A , . v, , x 3 L1 ,.:' .J ,.,.. Q.- ,. ,-,.,,1,- D U Af.-. v A , ' J . f , 4 af-.4 --- ,I-fl-1-, A QM ,,J, v 1. is-, gg -1, , f, f df., ww- A 'W-Y F, -4 1 ' ' 1- A 5 v xr- 1' ' , 1 , , K 1 . ,, wg, S S - , - ' ' f 1 N X ,-ha., , tif- f . .- - ,:g,w'7f if 1.- . ' "1wq??nf:'X 'Ly f!w".1f-.1 , H. iii' 4 . Y f .1 1.6 .., .S I v ' ' J "JY, , fi-z 1 f 3 A , . Vx 5, 7349 :J , 'f'QiL"2' ' :jp 4 22+ 'L 'ik 'RG . .V . if ..w.: --M . Q 3 A Q .'K ,eg N- 14 v , 4 , 'A , f,, A 9 gl.,--' x- yr' ,,:",- , 3. ' ,,.,,,, ,. ,U -, , , ' .K .gy , V , , - -, , ff. 5.1, , .'-lf, a-- ,- . Q f-nv vw -M :.-L' 'fr w :- Av. -V u '- 'M .ff ., .uv-.,::-RF' -4.i':i ,V yy. iw-f"'1-'I mn' I - 1 :1 W3-x 1-L 1 -f,.f-1' 4w Ns, y'K:l'E"'- ivAf1'ilT',,'fQx 1 - - ,1-'L .-1 +V,- ..,.., .f, g ' m, , e,- Jiffmv 21351 '4 "Af " '- tiff ,, -i5'f':r",rg,"'f1' fr. 5 ..5-H Q, 'fx f ,, " .5m,, 5g 1 ,-.!,:.v.-+fn1.' ',,--351 , 'A .mmf-G rf? - .f5.m,nm,:yf,x' 12,3533 'xfexiag u. 494'-'-wx-:4f.'4-:N":1' , ,,-:. . ., N -'-1, w x , 4-ng., ,, '. , , , ,- vgfwfw-. -.-. " g., . N. Trwiwi ,, . . .343 Culp -3-5, 1 .fy . , 3,. ,T.U7,'.7L,..Afiyi-:.W,.!!-,1, VI," ,4 M.!K:'.l,. v,,'.',,WQ4,y3,,Q-V: Q.: Nr., ying ,asf ,,,5js,-,fu-, ,f57:'w:f5f5'fi,',,l- ,H :,,:?l-my tgzkrlfexl Ll , ..- . , ,AL . ., V, . .F W . A wma- A 1 4 sr! 4, I. ..,.f vm, .-, . .N. W 'f,,fv,:, Q , A , . V. ..,, HQ. L ,, , V 1 . ' . V- " I-fb.: ' .' , , ',,: -.jjuvk ' ' .' . , , ,W Y " "ra, rye

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