Nimitz Junior High School - Mast Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1970

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f 1 a E 3 Z P N ? 2 ? 5 2 5 3 ii 5 3? IB 6 3 as 1 W E se E 5 1 Q 3 in WA 5 bv. K ' "'---'.-' ""i.-'Nxx"1. J. "X un' ' ' - -- ' K 1 Nw- 1 ' - ' " 44 , W .,, A Q. . ,, . ,- , J THE MfIST Passvzffsssx by NIMITZ JUNIQR HIGH Tmasram CONTENTS Administration F aculty F reshmen Eighth Grade Seventh Gr ade Organiz ations Student Activities Music Sports Snapshots Autogr aphs K AD INISTRATICN V, PRINCIPAL Energetic, understanding if principal leads Nimitz's H i Vila students with dignity and authority, 'V A I VIIV i - X . Rm tx , a Q , . A man of varied interests and outstanding achievements, Mr. Carlos Clayton is completing his second year as principal of Nimitz Junior High School. Among his interests are youth work, participation in summer Y.M.C.A. programs, active church membership, and various spectator sports. He has a keen interest in current events, and is an avid reader, a fisherman, a bridge player, and a golfer. His career began as head football coach and athletic director at Webster, later he was a physical education instructor at Bell and at Hamilton, and he continued as an official for basketball and football for fifteen years. He advanced into the administra- tive field as assistant principal at Madison and completed three years as principal at Cleveland. Mr. Clayton is justifiably proud of his fine family which in- cludes his wife, a business education teacher at Byrd, his old- est daughter, Margaret, a junior at Abilene Christian College 3 another daughter, Beth, a senior at Memorial, his youngest daughter, Jan, a ninth grader at Nimitz, and his son, Carlos, Jr., a fifth grader at Carnegie. As an enthusiastic principal, he is willing and eager to give his time to counsel - to befriend, any who seek his assistance. Be- cause of his deep concern and unselfish interest in others, Mr. Clayton has earned the respect and admiration of the students and faculty of Nimitz Junior High School. At his Nimitz desk. I am so proud of you the students of Nimitz Junior High School. Your pride in yourselves, and the pride that your parents have in you, automatically makes our school a delightful place to be. As we consider our future, let's further develp our pride by: l. respecting our homes as sanctuaries of love and devotion. 2. respecting the law and refraining from com- panionship with those who fail to do so. 3. not condoning the faults of friends through a misguided sense of loyalty. 4. conducting our affairs in such a manner that we set examples worthy of imitation by others. It is my hope that this yearbook properly depicts your pride as I know it. ! , ' 67LJ I . . . OUR FIRST FAMILY. . In front: Margaret and Carlos, Jr. Back row: Beth, Mrs. Clayton, Jan and Mr. Clayton. li Qu' 4 .,, w K Qggayfifx Mr. Bob Averill Mr. Bill Donica :fg+fggii5gf:ifQggw f' ' ' ' A Mrs. Lola White 1 ..- A .,, Mrs. Arlie Pettypool Lf-fl B CDB A VER! LL A Young, enthusiastic vice-principal has an innate understanding as Dean of Boys. 9, 15' 5 an 1 'rf . , iff -- xrtfg-pl ,W if 2 ai' . ' 'B , ,gi light f-.- M KL' ,, DEANS AND C' O UNS EL GRS 9th grade counselor, Bill Donica's main Arlie Pettypool, 8th grade counselor, can be interest is his 19 month old son, Roger. seen crocheting in spare moments. ,, li' 3 L f5 ., 7 7th grade counselor, Lola White, has a hobby of ceramics. 5 .wwf Am' jf! ,,M.Q,.f' .fi71F1-f' Y -E - A ff- 'WK ,ff 43 FACULTY ENGLISH Miss Nancy Swanson Mrs. Clare Caldwell Mrs Mary Holley Mrs Rhetta Robinson as 1 :,. K skf' .wsv,o,, i H 4, - 95153 .gl ,,.,, 5 W as ,Q P Q ff Ei 3 N n,, M. -wfw -ff? . Qqgqg Q grip.,-, Mr. Dwight Smith Mrs Mar1e Faulkner Mrs J11l Sta11sm1th FOREIGN LANG UA GE' Spanish French Lat1n W m l fi 5,rr 3 M ha nh M M iii, ':., K L. Miss Jean McKnight Mrs. Jill Stallsmith Mrs. Mary Holley HIE llll un an lfll X , 2 IND US TRIAL ARTS Mr. Johnie Gragg Mr. Richard Lay INSTRUMENTAL - VOC AL Mr. Richard Branson Mrs. Mary Louise Rose V,.. E ' -' We A 'V 'M' i f' f as aaaa r ,435 ,.A, I , ly' ' .QQ X2-aG Q Miss Pat Cutter H is Mrs. Charlene Phelps ,irfqf 5911: - Q A . ' "ilu, f'."f i,, ',7g ' " 177 i Mr. Theo Williams G Mr. Jan Bartlett 'hui ii fi MATH Mrs. Lucille 40" fe, . i W A. I Charles 1 Mr. Arthur Brown Mrs. Daisy Oliver Mrs. Juanita h ' 4 If l .. EA W AV ur , "--: gf. 5 . -:.1 . .:'. r Mr. John ,y .-.- .Emp VVI, I . N.. M A, Miller . - . H ,.,, . is . ii: s if is in W me if Mrs. Bernice if B fi f Y Barrett L "M" W- 5 f,,fg52e.1 Mrs. Matti Eqiz Palluconi s. if-251' "B e'e'?1 g SPECIAL S UBIE C T S Mrs. Blanche Coiner 'Wa' ww Mrs. Henri Warren 1. N 1 xi . Mrs. Betty Sims Mrs. Thelma Jones Mrs. Jimmie Jeanne Pipkin Homem aking Art Typing Speech Libr ary A-mm-an rv if-Q 5,5316 Mr. Charles Ross Mrs. Lily Vogle Mr. Joe Meeks Mr. Bob Foster S OCIAL STUDIES SCIENCE Mrs. Margaret Ewing Mr. Roger VanDenhende Mr. John Roller Mr. L. D. Tiffin Mrs. Vi Greer Mr. Dwight Kertzman OFFICE S T AFP t i n rw L - if .infix 1? 4 mfs cg i ia? Q H1 K Mrs. Bury, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Tubb Office Aids are stu- dents who help in the school's main office. This is con- sidered a school service and students receive credit for this function. Duties include a variety of things such as run- ning errands, clerical help, and distri- bution of daily bulle- tins. l Wtwwt , OFFICE AIDS Top row Cleft to rightjz Andrea Perkins, Lynn Wells, Jean Ann Watson, Robin Renegar, Cathy Hunt, Carla Davis. Second row: Vickye Morris, Cindy Carpenter, Lynn Jacobsen, Vicky Green, Debbie Lee. Bottom row: Julie Shade, Debbie Petty, Cecily Sowers, Lisa Baldwin. Uflnl 4I,?s'o lm. ,!, . k Q A , V -'max ,.r1,, ef, f , I 11 CUSTCDDIAL STAFF Q Cleef. 1st Row: Mrs. Curtis, Mr. Rogers 2nd row: Mr. Gulley, Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Baker V vw W f ,ASR ,if Aff' 'ri lst row: Dortha Nelson, Louise Carson, Edna Coles. 2nd row: Erma Bailey, Nell Bishop, Alma Lay, Patricia Jones. 3rd row: LaVerne Cassidy, Linda Thompson, Mable Idol, Betty Saddler, Opal Thomas. Not pictured: Zelma Ross, Frances Rob- erson, Betty Hilderbrant. 12 Xl-c"f CAFETERIA STAFF Q52 iystpipypyyyp A E .Q 2 K fi L, 3 "x FA VOR! T E T EA CHER The Caldwell family - Nancy, Buddy, Clare, Bill and Marion CALD WELL Outstanding work with the Student Council coupled with being an excellent teacher made Mrs. Clare Caldwell a perfect choice for teacher of the year. Under her guidance the Student Council had one of its most successful years. In addition to her regular teaching duties she always found time for the many meetings, before and after school, that were necessary when sponsoring an organization. She started the school newspaper, the NIMITZ SPLINTER, and sponsored it until she became Student Council sponsor. She also sponsored a "Creative Writing Club", and she always attends the Nimitz's football and basketball games. Her varied interests, outstanding teaching ability, and excellent rapport with the students have made her a favorite among the entire student body. Mrs. Caldwell's talent for getting along with teen-agers may stem from the fact that she has had experience with her two daughters in college and a son at Nimitz. Her favorite pas- times are reading and playing bridge. Nimitz is indeed fortunate to have such a capable person work- ing with leaders of tomorrow. GF T HE YEAR Playing with Apollo 1 X X ' L up ' .Xx, x ,Q 'X a 1 XX " I 4 x p V l Nl tl 4 ----?I.. SCHOOL NURSE AND AIDS WJ A iv V U I , "' ' , . 'V - yl' Mrs. Elva Pratt i ,z,V P "S, Nurse assistants are those students who express a desire and interest to partic- ipate in the school service program and who are assigned to the school nurse's office. Lyn Hamman, Valerie Strong, Stacy Noel, Janis Lookingbill The duties consist of: 1, General clinical assistance that is, filing gym excuses, health cards etc., and maintaining a chart of all students seen by the nurse. 2. Helping the nurse when students are ill and require first aid. 3. Responsibility for the bulletin board maintenance. Mrs. Pratt seeing sick and injured in her office. EYE J ,7 v .if-3'2y7'f 'X i-si " ,fic , '- Aff vt' V ng O ty if Ik w... . ' ' glgx A.'-1A'q I, .M,:r7 4, - - uk, p ,E .M t . WW., ' -lvl ITN . OTHERS WHO ASSIST NIMITZ IN TEACHING Mrs. Carolyn Woodard, speech student teacherg Mrs. Margaret Hunt, science student teacherg Mrs. McAllen, accompanist in girls physical education. FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Bert Abel Roger Adkins Joyce Adkisson Helen Akins Tom Alessio Doug Allert Mark Allison Mike Amburgey Robin Arganbright Pat Babb Cheryl Baehler Tim Barrett Steve Barton Susan Bearden Steven Bell Lori Bernstein Karen Billingsley Jean Birbilis Bonnie Bishop -can-A-lr i Q gi v:'.. xx PK ...!. . . C PZ. T515 ' ,, . q fx ..v kv Vg Nancy Buzzalini Kathy Cabell Mike Cameron Heidi Camp Junior Caldwell Ken Campbell Kathy Black Don Blair Lee Roy Blaney Susan Borlin Mike Borofsky Stan Brander Craig Brashear Jim Bray Rick Brodsky Dick Broadland Carol Browning Lynn Burger Tod Burrington Jay Burscough Heidi Bussman FRESHMEN C onnie C arpente r James Carr Marc Chalmers Rick Charrier Roger Clark Jan Clayton Debbie Clegg David Cobbs Steve Cobb Pattie Collins Sheryl Collins Melanie Combs Karen Compton Steve Cooper Debbie Copple Lisa Corral Karen Coutret Barry Crabtree Cmdi Crites wi' I , '1 Ki Q' 'Q 5 55,55 , ,W it X ,I " V A i Q Sheree Dunn Danny Edmisten Kurt Eichling Steve Elliott Banda Ellis Dallas Emmons Richard Crump Carleton Curtis David Daugherty Carla Davis Louise Defenbaugh Ilene Degen Bonnie Dethrow Margy Dewell Mark Dickeson Kim Dominey Kim Doner Sally Dove Rick Drisko Debbie Duffield Marilyn Duck .ily ei ww 1. , , .i :- WK 'D T in W r in 49 W if 4 Q 4 z .vs tb it if I A ' ' '31 iii .:, 1415 . wmv- n-.,..,4 ,- 'wp QHM df.. an mfmzg , G Wifi I an .1 1 XXL 112 X Q I LN, SB- , ., 533 I 1, A -fi ,V 4 51 : . , K, - X A Q, X.W, ri, L if 'G ' ' -MR 'Judy or . it eeei fe M i gA 'i' X f w ki t A , gl FRESHMEN David Eslicker Kris Evans M2.YC EVSIIS Me T19 E V2.I'lS Cathy Farless Pam Ferger Jill Ferguson Missy Fite Linda Fitzgerald Gary Foote Karin Ford Jim Fourcade Jackie Fox Sally Frevert John Gallagher Terri Galt Barbara Gardner Greg Garms Ronnie Gee ki f . .,4,y,, i ' w e S4-1" 3? 33455 5 .. , -if W. f:1 if 'v' ' fx. m9E53.,.f - ef . 4 . mm, . Deana Grim X X or g ,,- Pam Griffith , H. Susan Hadley David Hair Jenny Hale you all . . q,. ga,-G hqnlv E G 5 NX J . L59E?Pl?zE5iZ5-3:5 Meamaszf . . Sally Geiger Judy Gentry Sharon Gentry Carol Getty Diane Gibson Tala Gilbert David Gilmore Chris Gilpin Rich Gilliland Mike Glasby Mark Godsey Bobby Goleman David Gorney Casey Graddy FRESHMEN Brad Hall Jody Hall Kevin Hamilton Adrian Hannah Donny Hansen Melanie Harney Gayle Harris Ann Hawkinson Karla Hayes Diane Hearn Raymond Hickman David Hinnant Launa Hoffman Helen Holt Terrie Hoss Pam Howe Ralph Howe Diana Howell Pat Howell Wiki' 5 Ramona Howerton Jo Lynn Huls John Huskinson Martha Husted Carol Iverson Mike Iverson Sue Jackson Pete Jacobsen Nancy Jenkins Mike Jenkinson Ray Johnson Tim Johnson Mary Karlovich Debbie Kaufman Steve Kennett Melissa King Shelley Kinnear Jim Knight Carol Kohlbacher Mark Krueger Tricia Kunkel FRESHMEN Shawn Lab K. C. Larson Russ Lawrence Becky Layne Dave Lebow Peggy Lechner Mark Leming Morey Lewis Marilyn Lipperd Maryann Little Tracey Lloyd David Lofton Mark Lohmann Mellodie Lohoefener Tom my Long Janis Lookingbill Janet Lowery Dean Luthey Becky Lutrmger .. YQ X A - A M 1 r any X P ,5 2 K Q .2 fy., f .- 4 SH 9? ag f ,f A izgsay, Q I YNW' Doug Markhar Steve Matles Bob Mattei 'Tom Mayfield Jack Meador Ricky Melson Steve McCharen Mike McClurg Jerry McCork1e Ronnie McCraw Davis McCune Jim McCuistion Lynn McDaniel Andrea McGehee Tracy McGraw Alice McKay Sharon McKinley Shannon McKim Jack Mahoney Marilyn Mahoney Patti Manning .rw W. QQ O ,uf gm:-.,"-. we rg ina 2 1 rv! - eff' f my t Q: 'I X . 1 .559 fm we , -rr 5 1,44 at FRESHMEN Cindy Menn Lee Meyers Z1 5 Wwggg ffiisgi laf Debble Moreland , W ,R Dora Moreland 3 , Q ' Paula Morgan . eeee e gm eeee wwf Robe rt Morris Q z 1 W chris Michaelson Cathy Michie Mark Milberger Jerry Miller Marc Miller Mike Miller Carol M1115 Susan Moore Jatonna Morrow Cheryl Mowry ian Martha Mueller Joyce Murphy Cyndi Myrick 235 !!""""1' fx-'TWEQQEL .,.i1-.Q1Ef122'1x.1.- .- 4 -'-ia. -0z"'M-sn 'f' '1 -C' Eif ., Q g wk' FRESHMEN ,ft fha L' A-ix 5 mi 'in Y" 2 ,QA -ss' if may W. l P - 5 gi Qi? ki' ,Z fa Denise Phillips George Phillips Alan Philoon Terri Pruett Mary Putnam Joan Raatz x.,,f 45 A , 575' 4?-'E' ,ff 1 if ZF?" uf. ' .y Carlen Nash Marilyn Neely Vicki Nelson Teri Newlin Mike Newport Wesley Nightingale Laura Norris John Oakley Chris Osko Brenda Palmer Karyn Parks Mike Payne Marty Peerson Janine Penuel Becky Petty S921 fWm,g1Q52:.e?ffag.: K A E 1 b y 4 ,V S' I V X Q ,Q Q J . - . .11 to . . 5 , ff f FRESHMEN Gary Radford Robin Rea Debbie Reedy Joe Reinheardt Beth Reinkemeyer Robin Reneger Bob Riddle Cindy Roberts Sheri Roberts Todd Roberts Lynette Roby Valerie Rogers Kevin R011 Carolyn Rummage Larry Sanders Sarah Sanger Tony Sanseverino Mark Schneider Linda Schulz qw. . 3 i as X Sri 1 Kevin Stephens Robin Stewart Jeff Stone Susan Stortz Bob Studebaker Tom Suess Barbara Scott Donna Shelby John Sherack Chris Shunk Renelle Sikkink Joy Simon Jerry Sims Garry Smith Peggy Smith Suzanne Spearing Gay Spencer Mike Spurlock Neil Staadt Paul Staats Kelley Stalder Leslie Sullivan 1W'im9M 3 Jani Sulton James Sutherland Trip Swain Scott Taylor Ronnie Thurman Eloise Tillman Denise Tipping Jim Tremaine Fawn Turnbo 'Y'i"'FF 'wi ,vpe-1: Mfrs I V' i A ,fav S-x:1"'x '35 Mike Wilmeth Keith Winfrey Joe Wood Kim Wood Preston Wood Nesa Womack Kathy Wyrrick Donna Yelton Jennifer De Fazio Not Pictured: Candice Richardson ti M' P5 Robert Wedlake Becky Weeks Karen Wehrenberg Kay Welch Pete Westfall Celia Wetherill Mark Wheeler Jerry White Larry White Kirk Whitman Jonnie Wilburn Barbara Williams Gayle Williams Melissa Williams Kevin Wilson can EIGHTH GRADE Peter Abel Jane Adair Barry Adler Ken Albright Debbie Alcouloumre Debbie Anderson Kevin Anderson Janis Andrews Bryan April Lori Aptak Stephen Ashbridge John Ashley f ,ft xv. 1 'W . . "" ' Q, .. til 2:2321 f tt .,,...,f W K- .J-mf ,.:-- w nz few ,1 f. K fx We S W x rutiitggzsxxs 55 M +4 X mm 'S' -A ,..., ,4 S , 3 , L 'YU' s x . ff 'M' ,W V V 3. 'N it f,ff"a. 'F' A R as I H , 5, J 1-by - ,.,,y 'L T, - 1 0:0 h t i t "ff new fe EI GH T H GRADE' Y ww- 'le-as - HJ? w il' 'K' at i2 iroo . satra , I1' ,f.fe J ::. iire 1 esii r.'lslbi.i 'im hs' 4' 'Ps m A 'Zeb fs X sa ,gi It , ,. MSM . .K A -2: Q is if -if ,-, . I Q. v .s 3 4, ff M 'fx L K Ng ,Q , 'La J , ew 3 ,Km f A Le , fi 2 'fr'-is ag v .W Y aw is 6' W 5 N. A ssii 3 i risins fm at 'P -lrf 'ik J 53 J ,iq -35 t 4 'N av" iw me We t md f 7 ,M , ,W m, .. an Q' if 5 ae- sv S A O I :tg LL N ' A .QM ' iv, K I 'W ,age-xg. AVF! 1 iam., ft S' , K . Ava Baehler Fred Bangs Cathy Barber Jed Barker Jerry Barnes Mariann Barton Patty Barton Kim Baughman Rusty Bayliss Mike Beattie Linda Beaumont Vicki Belew Sharon Benedict Elizabeth Bennett Steve Bentlage Rob Berry Cynthia Black Tom Bogdan John Bovaird Ronnie Bowlin Charlotte Boylan Steve Boyls Sharon Brewer Janet Briner 33 Frank Brocchus Jeff Brock Harold Brookens Ginger Brooks Matt Brothers Jeff Brown Louan Brown Tom Brown Rhonda Broyles Betsy Bryant Terry Burdick Chris Cadieux 5...-fy 2 W' Q, Ma.- f l' 7 . ' rf 'Wy' i' Y if H., B, . A A my wt f'fff"f y ' X I f -an -up if fwZ2".5 l"""4 9 6 Q ww '35, in . 9 an 1 ,va 1 ,K-'gals sqgvfrdlt Y W an is? . . if ,us JY sable ,EVA 'HKKV' 1 T 9 1 E2 if ., . lg ' Cr: N 1' an ,sgsaf , ML RFP, .,.,r H ., 'fi -.affix-, if ,, A wi--514 X 1 2 +5vffz- -P 1 . H I iff EI GH T H GRADE 2 rnii xkwwg WF Q , - 1 ryrr ix F. 2 if N I 2 ,E E b i n . - " 'Q' ' , ,.,, ss. . Q W 1 W B -. es. l ms f V , L s Ji Y t i - is to fi 1-' ., i .Qi ,, Y fs T.. , f, A ,L., B M Y, t Sv x B 325232. Q21 2 A ,Q X, M V 5 R L VX X L 0 s - 1 :QM L-,GRM . fi, ' ' ,E-.ugh is fwflfz .lla Biff' X I ,Q N, L i L , t . . grassy:-iw wg. v,r' -- mea l "-B . ff: Q ? ' 0 E: ,a Q i ef, NA.-. 3, 1, . me . l 'Qs 'm M.: ,Mmm K ,f""'wu1T:x, Nanci Caglione Jena Camp Cindy Carpenter David Carnessali Susan Carney Elise Carter Gerald Catterlin Ricky Cottle Mary Cebuhar Phillip Cebuhar Lynne Char Jeff Crawford Kim Chestnut Chipper Chitwood Steve Christiansen Mark Christopher Rhea Clark Scott Clark Laura Coenen Donald Collins John Collins Bill Copple Christy Corp Brett Covlin 2 "iw:-unm"aQ-1 K fu :I ef" Q L FLW Ki is R F mg , S ' ' , . ' - Q X ' i , Y V sf 2 . in Q43 2, :.-ij : fn. . Q in fr 55 . We ,QM V .1 , V- F ,. 231514-9 7 ' Yr' ' 2nE,..f"i ' . " '. .F J F'-,qj1"W ,ib 1f5i3' 1 U, i "3 i Bob Cox Nancy Cox Dub Cross iKim DeSirey Carolyn Diacon David Dickman Sean Duff Karen Duffield Denise Duke Susan Dunlap Chris Economou Gayle Edmisten Chris Edwards Randy Edwards Loran Emmons Bobby Ess Robin Faulk Jerry Fidler Charles Fiedler Tornmy Fielder Bobby Filgas David Finer Louann Foor Patti- jo Foote Robyn Ford Deon Fourcade Charlotte Fox Jeff Francis Cecilia Frey Becky Frazier AS 8' 4 iff- '- e E., , , W - ' 5 is yeye ' Qs. Joy Davis Lex Dominey C n y '-r - an - I ftwi. - f. , 12 ri. Q1 'fm se . Q w Qf:,:Wf X5 'x is-PW' W 1 2? 2 5 I s L, A in .. ,M ., , M25 ,ff Q We X :QM 155335: DIWFUW C' if Q .K ff v t Q f' N r W i n f"v-o 2 1, ' .,l -A 7 .ffi,a'- 252355-::5':EiiIze,'-25:isEfj:i'ggi-2Q5:Qa,, . 15 A f i M ., ,:w,,f-mme- . .,,, Mzsgg, 'wr QF' F 3 .., -V ..,..v , K swf, E 3722 X ga aa c I Terry Frohnapfel ga i G1 Barbara Galyardt fi - - . Marc Gatewood ' 'li if Ellen Gernhardt 4, - - 'Fil-'f Greg Glidden ff ,gl , , H b Micky Goleman ereer r if H ' sexprggm, ic- it Ricky Goleman Phil Goodwin Mark Gotcher John Graham H cv I 74 YW " Vicky Green George Gruenwald Germaine Gruenwald Stuart Haas Karen Hale Debbie Hall Pat Hallett Lyn Hamman Kevin Harrison Marvin Harrison Judy Harshman Tim Hatfield Brenda Hathcock Kenny Hayes W, gre .W jwfi' i - I K rw- E J 7 is - Y 1 ' H ' , ,A gli . f .,., -B V' fx .- of . . " ' ereye M ' Q fr I k,'k f i. ' , , K M. " , so an-1 f ily 'V 4, 'V i 1 L K . Connie Hays Bill Henshaw Becky Hickman s 5. 'gc ' ' .:- John Head Anne Heffernan Kay Hendricks Mary Jane Herndon Don Higley ig sa? nw fl F W, :pk 2 ,Q 1. in .za 1 ,, K UWM. 2 253 "A "Y a My 'iif 'qv Mffrjq' A r L! 725 -A k V .ir V i l i 1 H H . lf in Y ,N . Y in 355 4,5 is V -. ' WRX, 1 ,Y mx . i We K :H m e ,R af 5 f a g .H is 'es s H , ,. .5 - V Q, , j .- ..V fe : an v is i . ' -,..,-AH' ' A ' f ..- I 2 K F3 1:f'e"fk ,wi K ,yew A .... .Li iV,1l!'1 mu 3 , Q" K WW ,Q -ini-X ' S' V ' N M" L "' Y' Fred Gilchrist di V511 -51. W, QW as ,.. 15 i S ,je Vw M 9 , , ' ' ' ... J , .B cssc vie . v ' 4 3 -t f" ' F5 I 1 f- K V -v:- :. 1 ', 4, XE H' H is W 25, li? ' My K Uh ' ,.'-- :iff ' , 'qi J, T.-:L as ,. . . XSZAV V . I, .,: E I5 a In I S gli? J r Q 5 KK" 4,LL we I Q 'lf F " 'WA 4. aw? .1 I H' E .R ,,.,, 5. g,, ,K V i.L . M Y 5 Q H - M fl - f - I xg I ig- ,, --' K' . . wg , f x 5, ,E a ag A a i W fs , K no B w "Eff rs , ' gg .f - 2 '5Q'5TfE"?E5 ' ' s '-1. A- - w as wa , . its .S K 1 'lg a n -,S - . 1 'Q -erik K, , ' , "K " f if . . H' ' '25 A H f f -ails U13 , X N - " X Eg I A 'gi . 'fy W V N 5 X f Yisisaf I Y- L V-15 , M . 4 H 4' on . in E if L , t . . NM it f ,W V Q A 9 . 'Fai l - 1 M E , Alf suus 4 I J ,-I K . N wks, -.M gif lg - .:: o : L i , . 3 ve D sg t Peggy Joyce Joel Kantor Bud Keeler James Keller Barbara Kerbel Kathy Kiestler Kent Kirchner Kent Kirk Louise Kirkland Susan Kite Sandra Kittrell Tye Koch EI GH T H GRADE' Jody Hobson Doug Hoffman Cathy Holland David Holloway Jennifer Holmes Brian Holscher Ed Horkey Beverly Hoss Cindy Howard Cathy Hunt Dennis Hunt Don Hutchison Blythe Imel Mark Inman Glenda Jackson Tommy Jackson Lynn Jacobsen Linda James Kurt Jennings Paula Jennings Jeff Johnson Joyce Johnson Michael Johnson Madge Jordan J , ' I 1 in 5 Q 4 an. Y ,O 6. V 'Qs vs Z vi fx N A fi 5. . K2 1 -eil 'c if " -W i it . V 1 . ., , 1 K 4' 1 5 ' L - V' is r 5 Q2 'N :::gi:2: N I ,s sf B1 ' K u p :i.y ..::::i xiiiiizgzfgggl,,::E,,a:,W , L , Q, .,.,. B C I N v 21 x' I 5 1 , Z - uf 'W S Nw if N W M fc v 2 Q 'L ,S Q J it it ""r Q ' f J X GQ ' 33 P: Hg si 'sf ' ' f rl .i .. L .1-L Matt Kohl Danny Korver Peggy Knox L ,L,, Steve Kunau Ricky Kurin p W ,, Jamie Langston 4. L L, 1 Barbara Lawrence Debby Lee Phillip Lewis Donna Lofton Christine Lombard Steve Longacre Kr 14' gi . it X2 QF 4 ! .W 5 ga -, ow L girls fnrfaafhz EI GH T H GRADE 4 L' is L "" L. ' Lf. 1 A H - 5""Xq iz 'q X L I ML L M L 4' Q L MW W rf if if l L g and Q -- , .. L TL. A 'L .1 ' W ff' ik' Lf: K L" 'pig f i- L L L K ' 1 ' If i'-aria -S -' X2 LLLKA A wg 'Q 2 L LssaLL Lies l 'Hiifnf 'S w',- f it W Yf gvif - k'k'. ...e- -fx L. - QL a fxfrfia L 4 K 1 3 L, L , ,AY 2 I X QR :tif .N ,,.-k W .nw CN V' S - ii l L Q . n L A 'Z' we L ,LL,L,L LVL H s fm X 4 LL -R Ns- 'ff I 7 3 1 NL i ef? 'QL-fL"L. fi :fb ivwuuv' V N ' ,Lv 2 l l L I LL,,L L SSL L ,... 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Bobby Statton Neal Stauffer Matt Stephenson Robert Stephenson Elizabeth Stone David Storts Valerie Strong Debbie Sturdivant Mark Sulton Sam Sweatt Anne Terrell Tricia Thomas EI GH TH GRADE E1 L :gf Q-.Q M .t1ff,':q .Www ' P we Lswlai 1 .W It : S. f,s,fs,y,.gg i fm' L' gi ,HIS Jerianne Roberts Lori Roll Mitchell Ross Brad Routh Linda Rushing Jim Ryan Barry Adler Joan Rutherford Harold Sanditen Sandra Sanger Joe Sanseverino Terri Schooley Dell Seay Tim Sewell Julie Shade Bobby Shaw Lisa Shea Steve Simmons Kathy Sloan Brian Smith Roseanne Smith Sandra Smith Cecily Sowers Mike Spies 'JSP-' vw 'ffm . ' I, J"""m M its fs. V -,S . ,F K . 'Z f -- L, 'E' A E ww.. 4 is is S ei M X 'QS ', I 1 W if 1-v ,,. - ' we 5. 1 We 5, X T ts- ' ' J. if K, 'i U 1' " i ' . ...... 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K Aww 7th Anne Dolman Cliff Doner David Dosser Lisa Dunn Mike Eaves Scott Edwards James Elliott Jeff Endsley Rex Enterline Mark Eslicker Doug Evans Shelly Farless Jim Ferguson Laura Ferguson Gene Fleming Mark Flood GRADE ..,, ' T - t - is-,,, Z- sf L36 ' wrsw-F X w w,f I 5 t fasgisgffv . L xlsiiigyiilz AH: F W, is . V wf. ?5M A 1 , , 'sf' W IW K -.paw I' fr-fn la 1. ,3 'Q' ' ' , 'W-Q ' H is k tw' - X , ,. K 5' M. XAIVLRE: -. .Q "i"""",g . ft . mf. , . . ' Na - ,M . N-W ,Ima z:xSg 1w 4sfa5z:f, " sg , szfiP"7"f "if . qw 5' . - 4' X ,iz Q, 4 Xl' : ,a Lv FTM- '.:1f!. ' xi. 'i A YW VS- wi' .. ,mr 1 if me s E Q.-Q r , 1 9 MLW- 1 f ' ' A .. . , f , itz A ,ar-, 5, 2 'im Yi ka N - ' . Q' wg f F.. ' Q 4 1 s D W- ' wt ,, -:YV Q x .Q KG Q. , qv P X Chris Fling Michael Foote Debbie Fourcade James Fox 7th GRADE at Qu 1 1 F kd' T' . ,.., ., 5. , ,Q wx-xy ,L - ,sz f, ,Q 1 Y ' A : ,3fiiif,gip-fy-Zfitins mimi! W ' 1:2 h,..f 5 - , , . x. w AY U4 04,44 ng, X .uvh if aaa? xx .. N , ,y lb 'Wi s. . . Q. , 'E 1,4 g . K ilk ' x Dody Frazee Eric Freeman Keith Freeman Martin Furr Buffy Gallagher Candy Garrison Scott Garrison Richard Gary Becky Gibbons Ricky Gibson Doc Gilbert Jim Gilchrist Sharon Gillick Jane Gilliland Mike Golan Mike Grady Mike Gray Rod Green Gail Grossich Mary Gustin Cindy Hale Bob Haley Dayl Hamman Jeff Hamra ,r H 47 xv ig f, wx 15. ' 'M 5QQ, A ' . 2 xt Mk, - X V F i-'-, Y "' Q 'ff' xx Y . V7 ' :' x 4. 5 , X ,. C?-'-5 xii K 'St 51- ' --'ix Hilda Harlton A N L -: ol .qt to H J R Angela Harney gi . .A Trev Harney fx' H 5. Kathy Handlan 94 ,fr sl 4 4 'N Drawing by Karen Compton Harold Harper Mike Harris Mary Harrison Charlotte Hathcock Scott Haus Holly Heaver Margaret Helbert Shirin Hewitt Jill Hitt Tim Hofer Kathy Holcomb Merik Hollis David Hoot Carley Horst Mary Howard Cindy Hungerford Lynne Hunnicutt Katy Imel Pam Infield Ruth Anne Ives Debbie Jackson Susan Jackson Mark Jacobs Margaret Jenkins ,-at If' 5 'ne 4 vw K 'K 93 .JI if ,N 6? 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I ' fi 0 an H W f,,k' W .Wg -1, 7th GRADE Jennifer Klein Mike Klinefelter Bob Knight Alan Knox Nancy Korver Dorian Kurin Steve Landes Lorrie Langston Thomas Lamprey Bob Larson Kathy Lechner Pam Lenik David Leonard Jeff Lindemann Glenn Lindsey fy, 'Sf . 4L..,4 X i X .f David J enkinson Tom Johnson Pam Johnson Bob Johnson Brenda Jones Claudia Jones David Jones Lenneke Jorritsma Judy Kantor Dawna Kaufman Ricky Keller John King Nancy Linstromberg Nu Q' H 49 'Y' . it M :QE K if 3 X ZIE ,r gf X 4 Q.. iff? lst row: Jimmy Long, Debbie Logan, Patricia McArd1e, Joy Askill, Kevin McCharen, Janet McCoy, Tim McCoy, Sam McGee. 2nd row: Kim McGraw, Bob McKenna, Kenny McMenamy, Lesa Magee, Robert Magee, Kathy Manning, Mike Marshall, Matt Matzdorf. Kg, X ,I ,jf Karen May . , Lisa Menn ,V if' , . if v- 5 lf?-71 S ' Bob Mercer 'S' 3 5 S W it it W David Merryman S , .. ,fr ,L e Cheryl Miner 1, i ' 'I Llly , 7 V 5 F, V V S Todd Miller In X -rf 7 1 ., i , , X .V -f mimi , 5, , " V A Yvette Milner 1 Y - g 'A Sue Minshall 'fa ,M ft Lg 2' H n jf - , wt, Kelly Mock Z '.,' Y W M K r Gary Montgomery g x,,, " A Sherry Moore L 2 if 5 , 5 Ronald Morgan f 'F N, 5 1 if Catha Morton 'Q ,ibm Alison Moskal Scott Mount Scott Mueller e,,. Dee Mullins W John Murray . an 5 R 4 ry, - , ,,, evv g A V , y Linda Mushrush ' 4 A , y , Sue Muth l " 1' 'ta f ,T T X4 - J- Bob Nailon . . r- ,QQ P 12, fp. M Jf' A Teresa Nash . n Thomas Neal Cyndy Newlin , . i t tynvr 1 t M t , .1 .. 2 'F ' in t 'W 'gm :viffw . ' H A' S ' elim f --... - 3 if , W fr . -. if ' . A i'i'e, ' -. f R , '4 --1 f - "'-:N 4-,rw 25 fb: W 'fbi N af. if 3. gy, . 7th GRADE' 7- f' i --'f-vf.11--f.-Wyjg,,:q1xgg5, - G if fx - 1117215- V sl vifi fem, ,V 'vii 1. Y we 3 if 5 S, 3 - 7 az? -S2315 9 e r as ' ' ,f" 1'--zslifei' 1 I Q I in sttn '- 7:1 -f.. KM Q J' -sEx'?sg :. 315515 ,.', . rg 3, Q 1, 9 3: .-3 '- , ..,f X ig if it 2 22, E 3, Ew- S get Ei - :L TT-l fi 1, lst row: Scott Nicholson, Cynthia Noss, Kenny Nowlin, Charles O'Rear, Julie Ostrander, Julie Patten, Lisa Peerson, Steve Pence. 2nd row: Steve Perkins, Jayne Perryman, Donna Pfeifer, Cathy Phillips, Cathey Pielsticker, Jim Powers, Leigh Price, Helen Pritzos . David Radmilovich Tracy Randall Debbie Raskin Steve Ray Dana Rice Sidney Rice Robin Richards Brenda Richison Andrea Ritz Tracy Robinson David Rodgers Michelle Rollins Charlotte Roof Ferd Rosenthal Darcia Routh Hildy Saizow Danny Sanders Jack Santee Keith Schelb Terry Schmidt Marta Schneider Sarah Schuler Karen Schulz Adam Sebran ai, 5-- V f: 125 .. , ,fee f'it,w ,f ' . 5 561 i sr F mfs W, f iz is w e pf 2 eg H MQ W WK is i S ' A ,.,i. P 'fi' , 5 if- t 5' g g gjff i V' g . an-V 7,.f Q sg . 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' 'llz Jeff Stanfield Z ,,V,,, , P gzg Q H xbnq Laura Stauffer ,tw E 3 , ,,,, , Susan Steele ws Sift- - , I is-1, Melodie Stewart Sam Strait 1, ,W A 3 A 1 . KG . 'f 'f ' ' W-was-. . -I . Q, " Sw- ' , ' 1 .- ' Terry Strickland -' T e f! -'-"A1Z"X S V ' - 1-c" T .. Y f ..1..X. g .X..,. Jay Taylor Mark Taylor Stacy Terrell ris f 1 Roy Thomason Kathy Thompson M: X R f ttf J H , Stan Thompson S S X X QX g fa. X 292 S ,WX t It 4 5 F ig Q9 -,gg Byron Tipping Ken Trickey Angie Turnbo Carol Vadas David Vaughn Cathy Walker ? i ix X5 W tw' iii , I A Leslie Walker Amy Walsh . rf f Marc Ward Hayden Ware 52 Brian Waugh Dana Weber -- Q up yr-5. X V 1 1 he H ii . y I 1 . .. . xg 1 A 12355-nu Q 3 M J. .v-2 .gi -sr H ,ra 2' fun, 2 . ,,, .f . sz f --,--. . '15 mf' ,fi 'lf . . , 5..ig1,, I W 5 ,W ., . , ,.., : , S, in ,.,,, ,K,L , X 'xnwaiilm 1' M, 1' g:sQ,asfw.i-A Z 1 :frmsi -. ,fa xi ,,,j" Q W. if 'H- x 1 -sf: 'X :vw 1115" ' 'Uv' vv w Q V1 . st ' ' . .ef , . A , Q M A , , wi. . ., I .I . W W K A -,k, wr E.. x .J A . .,, 1, , 5 ,I 73335553 . Z "' n ::fE'f: Ziff' ' ff' ' 1 g"",f 1 Lf. X . ,s-,V 1 Y i ? A' V . .- . ' ' 'Ti ' 2 5 . . . . g 51 ' f ' A Q Q ll .f-,. in EL. : ' K, , Q' ' - .4 f .f. Ls I I W A V LISA A ww. ' W M ' M f ' . ' ' ' a '- , "w,,i' P, I K A-5 K, 5 . , , . mx' A a mai, . bf H L' in W." T" Nr: ,fi H t 'A ' sa 1 , , -my f. , 1 , ' 'iii L, V. ' if L t' MN : . , we "' ,,. . o gy K E '15i'fgi. - 9 ...- 7 -new ' . 5-Zf ififiiaiw - : w e , V, .Wx if 1. A1 as 'ik if h G iz ' K, W ,Q 4 --we I 5 ,gf .yi 2' i L H gy. . nr- X is x'-Q2 f . Iii,-2 . :' .. 12-. W 5 W WY ' . M, fs W,- F f gl, , X W, 225 f .Y E S LN WT' is 5. F 4 was 7 K A-YE" 'li .LP W Sw rl iz :QM 1 'Q . A, .. X m 5 3 we ,f ii A- ' w i Q , , M... -1 W, ...H D ii . ,mama 1'-r i ' - - array?-Msg. '- - - L .. f. 1 ' 7 ff . Q vi X 1 ' 1 112:21-.:,:EW65', 22-'fin J, Brian Wedlake Adele Welborn David Wenger Ben Wetherill Laurie Wharton Anita White Allen Wilcox Dale Wilkerson Beverly Williams Nancy Williams Carolyn Wilson Judy Wilson Susan Winfrey Larry Winland Boudi Wood Melanie Wood Russ Wood Lisa Woods Debbie Woodson Martha Woofter Jim York Bill Young Kay Young Valerie Zayat Kurtis Zimmer WF 1 TEA CHEBS HA VE FUN TOO A A ,P----xx Wi gf. 'Q N 'F iw'-' Q' YS Z F 4,5 . OH! THA T LEFT HAND CRGANIZATIONS Officers: Cindy Menn, Sec., Bettye White Vice-Pres Dean Luthey, Pres., Paula Morgan, Sec.: Janet Lowery Parl Sn 4 a!!8!I3 The Student Council is com posed of a representative elec ted from each homeroom fioers are elected from the tire student body N1m1tz' Student Council 1S active in promoting school aCt1V1t16S, improvlng student faculty re- lationships, practlcing demo- mg for the welfare of the stu dents A 7 Q A ,, at W M3 " , 'P , K r .t t R gf ' . Q : of- en 1 X ,J to J J cratic procedures, and work- , .3 ' ' A M.. 9 Left to right First row. Scott Haus Kim McGraw, Tracey Lloyd Dave Spearing, Paula Morgan, Buddy Caldwell, Judy Harshman, Brenda Richison, Mrs. Caldwell. Second Row: Gay McMi11in, Stuart Haas, Julie Shade, Brad Richison, Janet Lowery, Jimmy Ferguson, Kathy Wyrrick, Mark McCurry. Third Row: Rhonda Broyles, Carolyn Wilson, Cheryl Mowry, Robert Vaughn, Eric Freeman, Cindy Menn, Sheree Dunn, Jill Werner, Cathy Michie. Fourth Row: Karla Hayes, Dean Luthey, David Gilmore, Bettye White, Chris Economou, Phil Goodwin, Jim Knight, Joyce Adkisson, Scott Nicholson. STUDENT COUNCIL lst row: Mr. Brown, Chris Edwards, Jerry Fidler, Jed Barker. 2nd row: Scott Clark, Steve Longacre, Mark Eslicker. 3rd row: Steve Matles, Jeff Brock, Cris Shunk, Sam Page. A UDIO- VISUAL ff' Qt 'Q XX Ny we-LW '32-EQ Q M y QT Y J A gif y , t.oa V t f m y my X- The students operate and service the 16mm projectors that are scheduled by the teachers to show films in the class- room or the auditorium. The students may also operate the film strip projector, overhead projector, opaque projector at the teacher's request. They are scheduled in this program as in any regular class and receive credit and grades for adequate performance. Mrs. Warren's second year, advanced art class is your Mast Staff. They are chosen for their ability and sincere interest to give you the best year- book possible. The Staff hopes they have recorded the memora- ble events of the 1969- 70 year at Nimitz Junior High. Cover design by Kim Doner Title page by Dave Lebow Content page by Jill Ferguson Freshmen--Mark Allison, Louise Defenbaugh, Susan Moore 8th Grade--Sarah Sanger, Marilyn Lipperd, Karen Wehrenberg 7th Grade--Robin Renegar, Linda Fitzgerald, Diane Gibson Art Work--Kim Doner, Dave Lebow Faculty--Sallye Frevert, Peggy Lech ner I l I x organizations--Kathy Black, Cheryl S Baehler, Karen Compton, Ann 5 if Hawkinson, Lynn MoDaniels, Jill S' Ferguson. S A 5 Activities--Shelley Kinnear, Celia I b Wetherill, Mary Ann Little, Cheryl 4 U' H Mowry Snapshots--Cindy Crites, Sally Gei- ger 5 Photographs--Mr. Roller, Diane Gib- ' son, Ann Hawkinson. Left to right: lst row: Susan Moore, Kim Doner, Kathy Black wa- ,ses 1 r K , Shelly Kinnear, Linda Fitzgerald. 2nd row: Jill Ferguson, Karen Compton, Sarah Sanger, Diane Gibson, Cheryl Mowry, Cindi Crites, Sally Geiger. 3rd row: Mrs. Warren, Mary Ann Little, Sallye Frevert, Peggy Lechner, Karen Wehrenberg, Celia Wetherill, Ann Hawkinson. 4th row: Lynn McDaniel, Cheryl Baehler, Mark Allison, Dave Lebow, Louise Defenbaugh, 58 ' Robm Renegar. K-CL UB land, John Bovaird, Elliot, Dave Lebow, Mike Newport, Trip Brande r. 35 CDFFICERS Left to right: Steve Elliot, Parl., Jerry Sims, Sec-Treas., Steve Bell, Vice Pres., Dick Broadland, Pres. E 'Z The K-Club is a service organization affiliated with the Kiwanis Club International. K-Club boys are selected for their leadership ability, scholarship and character. Only 8th and 9th grade boys are chosen who are willing to donate their time to school service. Each 9th grade member of the K-Club attends a Kiwanis luncheon once a year. One of the club's most worthwhile projects is the Christmas collection of "Toys for Tots" sponsored by the Marine Reserve Corps. 'P+ R' ADV' W' First row, left to right Kenny Hayes, Tommy Fielder, Dick Broad Randy Plost, Mr. Ave rill. Second row: Rob Berry, Russ Lawrance, Brad Routh, Bobby Ess, Jerry Sims, Barry Crab tree. Third row: Steve Dean Luthey, Kevin And erson, Bob Cox, Steve Bell. Fourth row: Jim Knight, Pete Westfall, Kyle Wood, John Ash ley, Chris Economou 1st hrow: Mrs. Charles, Ross Peterson, David Dickman, Susie Borlin. 2nd row: Kathy Wyrrick, Becky Petty, Sharon Gentry, Jani Sulton. 3rd row: Judy Gentry, Beth Nash, David Cobbs, Nancy Buzzalini. 4th row: Russ Lawrence, Gayle Harris, Becky Weeks, Margi Dewell, Barbara Williams. Officers: Nancy Buzzalini, Vice-Pres., David Cobbs, Pres., Ross Peterson, Sec. 60 MATH CLUB Chi Alpha Mu is a national honorary society opened to all interested Junior High School students who have shown a de- sire for knowledge of the lan- guage of all sciences-Mathe- matics. As each new discovery is made in science, New Math has to be invented to record and tell it. "The Nimitz Mathe1etes" was one of the first junior high math clubs to be recognized nationally. ,.. if' f N s. it r KS-A' I i i 1 fi f lst row: Alan Knox, Kay Bowman, Lisa Woods, Pam Infield, Kenn Campbell, Bob Johnson, Susan Winfrey. 2nd row: John King, Joy Simon, Blythe Imel, Ann McCaslin, Lori Crossland, Vicky Green, Kim DeSirey, Jennifer Patten, Steve Matles. 3rd row: Lori Bernstein, Lisa Shea, Melissa Morgan, Carlen Nash, Patti Manning, Karen Wehrenberg, Denise Tipping, Shannon McKim, Tracy McGraw, Dora Moreland, Lyn Hamman. 4th row: Lynn McDaniel, Carla Davis, Roger Pittman, Kathy Thompson, Mary Karlovich, Robin Arganbright, Cyndi Myrick, Jean Ann Watson, Renelle Sikkink, Jim Sutherland, Marvin Harrison, Pam Lenik. RED CROSS A representative and alternate from each homeroom leads this very worthwhile organization in many successful projects. This year has been a very ac- tive one with an enrollment drive, gathering toys, canned food and Christmas stockings for the needy, and a windshield Wash. Officers: Dora Moreland, Secg Karen Wehren- berg, Sec, Patti Manning, lst Vice-Pres. Cyndi Myrick, Pres, Denise Tipping, 2nd Vice- Pres, Roger Pittman, and Lori Bernstein, Hon. Members. First Row: Cindy Wyrrick, Pam Infield, Kim Doner, Bob Knight, Russell Wood, Cheryl Miller and Mrs. Holley, spon- sor. Second Row: Janet Lowery, Gayle Williams, Kathy Lechner, Mary Beth Barbero, Kim Wood, Jody Hall. Third Row: Bonnie Bishop, Marilyn Duck, Lori Berstein, Barbara Lawrence, Tommy Fielder, Russ Lawrence. Fourth Row: Brad Routh, Dave Lebow, Jim Knight, Trip Swain, Kelley Stalder, Kevin Anderson. SPLIN T ER S T AFP' Editors: Bonnie Bishop, Kelley Stalder, Jim 62 Knight The SPLINTER, symbolizing a portion of a ship's log, is a monthly school newspaper. The staff , chosen by the spon- sor, is composed of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders selected on the basis of their writing ability, dependable leadership academic standing, and en- thusiasm for and interest in Nimitz Junior High School. '-4. , A af M-"' gl. K. ,- ff! PZ' ffl- ,f ,,,. . V' f A 'ff' W W! STAGE CRAFT 7th grade: Barbara Becker, Jeff Bur- dick, Camille Cratch, Shelly Farless, Mike Harris, Cindi Hungerford, Bob Larson, Kenny McMenamy, Lisa Menn Ferd Rosenthal, Jay Taylor, Bobby Vinyard. 9th and 8th grades: Mariann Barton, Sharon Brewer, Nancy Cag- lione, Bill Copple, David Dickman, Tim Hatfield, Tim' Johnson, Barbara Lawrence, Debbie McAfee, Beth Nash, Ross Peterson, Diana Reynolds, Jim Riley, Jim Ryan, Robert Stevenson, Vallerie Strong, Joe Zabienski. This is a group of '7th, 8th, and 9th grade students who paint scenery and props for various school plays. They work before school and after school. Mr. Roller is the sponsor. ! Roger Adkins, Kathy Black, Heidi Bussman, Connie Carpenter, Jan Clayton, Melanie Combs, Karen Compton, Karen Coutret, Carla Davis, Louise Defenbaugh, Bonnie Dethrow, Sheree Dunn, Kristie Evans, Merie Evans, Cathy Far- less, Barbara Gardner, Greg Garmes, Judy Gentry, Sharon Gentry, Diane Gibson, Mark Godsey, Pam Griffith, Ann Hawk- inson, Diane Hearn, David Hinn- ant, David Holman, Ramona Howerton, Martha Husted, Ray Johnson, Debbie Kaufman, Shelly Kinnear, Mark Krueger, Becky Layne, Janis Lookingbill, Janet Lowery, Lynn McDaniel, Steve Matles, Chris Michaelson, Susan Moore, Debbie Moreland, Dora Moreland, Cyndi Myrick, Carlen Nash, Terri Pruett, Mary Putnam, Debbie Reedy, Beth Reinkenmeyer, Robin Renegar, Cindy Roberts, Sherri Roberts, Lynette Roby, Barbara Scott, Suzanne Spearing, Peggy Smith, Denise Tipping, Jackie Twist, Lori Vinyard, Robert Wedlake, Barbara Williams, Kevin Wilson. 1-- 'Q--i.""'-N I So Q, .3 Left to right. lst row: Susan Hadley, Bonnie Dethrow, Mark Leming, Heidi Bussman, Mrs. Holley. 2nd row: De- nise Tipping, Sharon McKinley, Marilyn Duck, Dick Broadland, Barbara Williams. 3rd row: Kay Welch, Robin Renegar, Jerry Sims, Mark Sch- neider. 4th row: Marc Evans, Becky Weeks, Trip Swain, Dean Luthey, Jean Birbilis, Diane Hearn. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club of Nimitz Junior High School is affili- ated with the National Junior Classical League, and, as such, tries to promote an interest in the classics, Roman history, and the Latin language itself. The pur- pose of the Nimitz Junior High School Latin Club is to prepare the students for advanced Latin Club activities and to stimulate an interest in the Roman heritage. W "wa I 2 64 Left to right. Dick Broadland, Pres. Dean Luthey, Vice Pres. Jerry Sims, Sec. SCIENCE CL UB Left to right, standing. Mr. Kertzman, Kelly Stalder, Jim Left to right, standing. Kelley Stalder, Suzanne Spearing, Knight, Kris Evans, Nancy Buzzalini, Sue Jackson, Sheri Jim Knight, Kris Evans, Nancy Buszzalini, Sue Jackson, Roberts, Gayle Harris, Susan Stortz, Dean Luthey, Beth Sheri Roberts, Beth Nash, Susan Stortz, Gayle Harris, Mr. Nash, David Eslicker. Sitting: Suzanne Spearing, Jackie Kertzman, Dean Luthey, David Eslicker. Sitting: Jackie Fox, Janet Lowery, Joy Simon. Fox, Janet Lowery, Joy Simon K A S .Q-all' G 0 A Q d N I 41 2 f' I Mr. Kertzman sponsors the Newton Science Club which is made up of eighth and ninth grade students who are interested. They have inspiring meetings of lectures and field trips, and members are encouraged to learn all they can about the various fields of science. Left to right. Joy Simon, Vice Pres, Janet Lowery, Sec Treas. Gayle Harris, Pres. Left to right, lst row: Mrs. Stallsmlth, Martha Woofter, Cindy Hale, Deon Fourcade, Kim Black, David Dickman, Debbie Fourcade, Carolyn Rummage, Mary Francis Cebuhar, Cindy Wyrrick, Beverly Williams, Susie Short, Susan Ashbridge. 2nd Row: Lisa Dunn, Ted Birbilis, David Merryman, Becky Barker, Diane Loveall, Kevin Harrison, Ann Terrell, Robin Ford, Allison Cotton, Karen Weig, Lori Crossland, Yvette Milner, Kathy Wyrrick, 3rd row: Teri Newlin, Jan Broadland, Paulette Pittinger, Jerianne Roberts, Jennifer Holmes, Gayle Edminsten, Debbie Petty, Ellen Gernhardt, Blythe Imel, Lisa Murray, Elizabeth Stone, Sally Dove, Pam Lenik, Laurie Wharton. 4th row: Tom Suess, Becky Petty, K. C. Larson, Tommy Fielder, Patricia Kunkel, Martha Husted, Susan Bearden, Linda Shultz, Margie Dewell, Kim Wilkerson, Jennifer FRENCH CL UB The aims of the French Club are to create an interest in the culture and customs of France and to provide students with an opportunity to use their French in practice situations These goals are accomplished by means of guest speakers and special projects. This year's project involves dining in an authentic French restaurant. Membership in the club is open to all students enrolled in French. Hale, Leslie Sullivan, Jill Ferguson, Brian April. , ' Qifff Q. ' I lx ff ' ,-u' Yr 5 F lx 5: ... Y ...J .Lf ...-f- -X M 17 jf . H Margie Dewell, Treasurer, Kathy J ff f- Wyrrick, President, Debbie Petty, vice ' , A i ...-. J f fy President, Cindy Wyrrick, Secretary. E zgvv, Z.. ' L' j , I ,,,,., 0 .. ' , , ,,, I N zfikeyi' D NA 66 LEADER C ORP Girls are chosen for Leader Corp for their character an dependability. They assist in the Physical Education classes, and this gives them an opportunity to develop leadership and an interest in Physical Education. The many services which they perform free the teachers for full time teaching I f Left to right, 1st row: Lori Aptak, Kim Doner, Debbie Petty, Debbie Moreland, Glenda Jackson, Kathy Wyrrick, Lori Oakes, Miss Cutter. 2nd row: Dora More land, Mary Putnam, Susan Hadley, Nancy Buzzalini, Becky Petty, Lisa Murray Paula Morgan, Lee Meyers, Sarah Whitney. 3rd row: Helen Akins, Kim Baugh man, Cindy Menn, Melissa Williams, Patti Manning, Terry Pruett, Rhonda Broyles, Carlen Nash, Denise Tipping, Jill Nelson, Janet Lowery. 4th row L 83 Marilyn Duck, Karen Coutret, Joyce Adkisson, Susan Stortz, Robin Arganbright, , Kim Wilkerson, Helen Holt, Robin Renegar, Diane Hearn, Lynn McDaniel, Jo W- ' Lynn Huls ,ff 's yww A 1, ,5it ,,. 1 -,Wk A , , tif f", ' 1 ' fm' ,iii K in it ' , A A+ - i f f 1. ."j'.'lv if' ,V 5 5 , A "' m K Nw ,gn f ' ':.'i"t ii'-is t:fl'.' ,- fifgviliti if if ft .v N 2. 'Em -- v ,. Y-, , , gi 3-. A A ?i'y,3.,,,,,Q.t. 5 " tr ,- 52 ig is , tg' :gt s Y -i ,f,q. A ,-gl,,ltf, za may it J. 2 ff 1 i - fxtfat,fra-rMfr+.V it ii 1' qrfifftllw H ly tl aw' ' 'W " 'Q f i ts, 'ann'--'Hz Win , 'tif , , , 2 - 7 P- 1 mil! 'Hsieh' 3 - ,g ,, , rew qg, ua, J, 5 gif, - K .- X, ,A ,. f.,,f f', , ,il l ,-93 -, til fi' Rf Vf jf , ,. ' , , ,, Q 'v u :Jig t Officers Committee Chairmen Tommy Fielder, Secretary, David Dickman, Adver- tising, Scott Clark, Membership. Andrews, Janis April, Bryan Anderson, Debbie Adler, Barry Anderson, Kevin Adair, Jane Barton, Mariann Brown, Tom Brock, Jeff Brookens, Harold Belew, Vicki Bayliss, Rusty Barton, Patty Boyls, Steve Berry, Rob Broyles, Rhonda Baehler, Ava Barnes, Jerry Beattie, Mike Baughman, Kim Brewer, Sharon Briner, Janet Coenen, Laura Collins, Don Cross, Dub Clark, Scott Char, Lynn Cottle, Ricky Cox, Bob Cadieux, Chris Camp, Jena Cebuhar, Mary Chitwood, Chipper Copple, Bill Dominey, Lex Duffield, Karen Dickman, David Ess, Bobby Edwards, Chris Edmisten, Gayle Frazier, Becky Filgas, Bobby Fielder, Tommy Foor, Lou Ann Foote, Patti-jo Fourcade, Deon Fiedler, Charles Ford, Robin Francis, Jeff Frohnapfel, Terry Fidler, Jerry Fox, Charlotte Graham, John Gilchrist, Fred Gotcher, Mark Goleman, Mickey Goleman, Rickey Goodwin, Philip Gruenwald, Germaine Garrick, Bruce Holland, Cathy Hatfield, Tim Hathcock, Brenda Hays, Connie Harrison, Marvin Harshman, Judy Head, John Herndon, Mary Hoffman, Doug Holscher, Brian Horkey, Ed Hunt, Dennis Hutchison, Don Haas, Stuart Heffernan, Anne Hayes, Kenny Imel, Blythe Jacobsen, Lynn Jackson, Tom James, Linda tg. , ,lu 1 .Q '-Vim. 537' ' ' -4 ,fi fslstztgy af ec gm, , , , Any Nimitz student can request membership in the Economics Club, which has meetings before school They invite speakers from various Professions to address students for the purpose of inspiring and challenging them to prepare for and attain success. The three committee chairmen provide publicity, maintain membership and engage speakers. Mr, Foster, Economics teacher, directs and spon- sors the group. MEMBERSHIP Joyce, Peggy Jennings, Paula Johnson, Jeff Jennings, Kurt Kiestler, Kathy Koch, Tye Kirk, Kent Korver, Danny Kunau, Steve Knox, Peggy Keller, Bud Kohl, Matt Kittrell, Sandra Kurin, Ricky Lombard, Christie Luthey, Dean Lawrence, Barbara Loveless, Donny Longacre, Steve McCurry, Mark McClintock, Mike McMurry, Stuart McMillin, Gay McAllister, Robert McKee, Kristi MaAfee, Debbie McAlister, Angela McCaslin, Ann McMichael, Pat Mock, Danny Mahoney, Kevin Meador, Mark Moody, Ernest Morris, Ken Magers, Mark Mahoney, Coleen Manning, Susie Mason, Kelly Mason, Merle Mercer, Mary Meyer, Betsy Mitchell, Annette Michaelson, Mark Moritz, John Morris, Vickye Mullen, Janet Miller, Jim Moore, Susie Morgan, Melissa Nickel, David Nelson, Norman Nelson, Jill Nash, Beth Nelson, Craig Oakes, Lori Oyler, Barry Patten, Jeff Page, Sam Perry, Susan Persall, Dennis Petty, Debbie Patten, Jennifer Peterson, Ross Perkins, Andrea Pittenger, Paulet Palmer, Linda Peterson, Debbie Petty, Mike Plucknett, Ruth Ann Richison, Brad Riley, Jim Ricketts, Mark Roberts, Jerianne Rutherford, Joanie Rushing, Linda Ryan, Jim Sanseverino, Joe Sanditen, Harold Stone, Elizabeth Smith, Sandra Statton, Bobby Stevenson, Robert Storts, David Sutton, Mark Spies, Mark Shade, Julie Shaw, Bobby Shea, Lisa Sloan, Cathy Turner, Tom Turner, Andy Thompson, James Terrell, Anne Tudor, Pam Thomas, Patricia Visher, Christy Wattman, Bruce Watson, Susie Werner, Jill White, Burley White, Tom Wood, Bruce Weinheimer, Cindy Wilcox, Susan Wilkerson, Kim Watson, Jean Ann White, Bettye Westfall, Matt Weber, Kimberly Whitelaw, Richard Wood, Kyle Wright, Mike Wyrrick, Cindy Yeck, Randy Young, Cliff Ann Zimmer, Suzann Zabienski, Joe T YPIN G ASSIS T AN T S Mrs. Sims, Mellodie Lohoefener, Paula Morgan, Joyce Adkisson H OM EMAKIN G ASSIS T AN T S Row 1 Cseated, left to rightj: Carolyn Morton, Janet Mullen, Roseanne Smith. Row 2: Cstanding, left to rightb Mrs. Coiner, Rhonda Broyles, Marsha May, Carol Kohlbacher, Nancy Caglione, Donna Lofton, Jill Nelson, Susie Moore. LIBRAR Y ASSIS TAN TS CLeft to rightjz Mrs. Pipkin, Librarian, Jim Ryan, Cecilia Frey, Terry Bur- dick, Jill Werner, Kimberly Weber, Susan Perry, Jennifer Patten, Mary Mercer, Susie Watson, Susan Manning, Susan Winfrey. -audvf O GIRLS GL EE CL UB i A C C OMPANIS T S AND LIBRARIANS Bottom row Cleft to rightj: Susie Brodsky Steve Clark, Heidi Camp, Mrs. Rose. Row 2: Harold Sanditen, Brenda Jones, Melanie Harney, Joy Davis, Roger Pitt- man. Row 3: Charlotte Fox, Kevin Ham- ilton, David Nickel, Jeff Brown, Laura Stauffer. Bottom row Cleft to rightj: Shirin Hewitt, Sharon Gillick, Brenda Richison, Camille Cratch, Dana Beller, Jennifer Klein, Margaret Jenkins, Judy Kantor, Susie Brodsky, Adele Welborn, Hilda Harlton, Cindy Noss, Patricia McArdle. Row 2: Diane Arnett, Martha Mueller, Gay Spencer, Pam Infield, Heidi Camp, Karen Duffield, Co Howard, Angela Harney, Mary Harrison, Cheryl Miller, Sue Muth, Cyndi Newlin. Row 3: Laura Stauffer, Laura Ferguson, Debbie Sturdivant, Linda Rushing, Judy Wilson, Jane Gilliland, Mary Beth Barbero, Charlotte Fox, Kathy Beilke, Dana Rice, Angie Turnbo. Row 4: Mrs. Rose, Sharon Brewer, Jill Hitt, Ruthie Ives, Melanie Harney, Becky Frazier, Brenda Jones, Paula Jennings, Darcia Routh, Catha Morton, DeDe Spencer, Bron Slack. Q3 5 r--'ln ! I' sf K 5 . X K if ul!" ,,,,,,,-nnv""" BOYS GLEE' CL UB Bottom Row Cleft to rightj: Glenn Lindsey, Mark Dauberman, Stan Shannon, Richard Whitelaw, Adam Sebran, Joel Kantor, Steve Clark, Dana Beard, Harold Sanditen. Row 2: Kevin Hamilton, Kevin Anderson, Roger Pittman, Jeff Francis, Rex Enterline, Tim McCoy, Steve Ashbridge, Ricky Gibson, Bob McKenna. Row 3: Mrs. Rose Neal Stauffer, Mark Mindeman, David Nickel, Kenny Trickey, Sid Rice, Allen Wilcox, Steve Landes, Jeff Brown. Q x 4-121 S W Q Q QD' if l' f A , Q me ln Bottom row Cleit to riglitj: Lisa Woods, Mike Golan, Kay Bowman, Tim Hofer, Scott Mueller Row 2: Mark Cebuhar, Scott Nicholson, Scott Edwards, Mr. Branson STRING ENSEMBLE A ADVANCE OR CI-IES T RA Left to right, lst row: Fred Calhoun, Barbara Lawrence, Sarah Whitney, Denise Tipping, Valerie Rogers, Mike Spurlock. 2nd row: Bobby Filgas, Chris Economou, Patricia Thomas, Kathy Sloan, Karen Hale, Susan Hadley, Diane Hearn, Brad Routh. 3rd row: Bob Wedlake, Ray Johnson, Mark Krueger, Marilyn Neeley, Jackie Twist, David Wells, Marc Gatewood, Christy Visher, Alice McKay. 4th row: Chris Cadieux, Bill Queen, Alan Philoon, David Cobbs, Bruce Wood, Dawna Kauf- man, Dell Seay. 5th row: Mr. Branson, Gary Radford, Richard Crump, Fawn Turnbo, Jeff Crawford. Left to right: Terri Pruett, Karen Coutret Buffy Gallagher, Jim York. BAND LIBRARIANS STAGE BAND Left to right, lst row: Philip Cebuhar, George Phillips, Jerry McCorkle Sam Page, Bruce Wood, Y John Head. 2nd row: Ron- nie McCraw, Mark Mil- berger, Mark Krueger, Harold Brookens, Lynn Burger, Brad Routh, Dawna Kaufman. 3rd row: Mr. Branson, Gary Radford, Richard Crump, Pat Howell, Alan Philoon, Bill Queen, David Cobbs, Mark Cebuhar. ld um P 3 ii AD VANCE BAND Left to right, lst row: Janis Lookingbill, Karen Coutret, Kathy Kiestler, Annette Mitchell, Terri Pruett. 2nd row: Phillip Cebuhar, Diana Reynolds, Terri Schooley, Tala Gilbert, George Phillips, Jerry McCorkle, John Head. 3rd row: Ronnie McCraw, Mark Milberger, Shawn Lab, Lynn Burger, Robert Stevenson, Harold Brookens, Pat Howell, David Storts, Sam Page. 73 lst row: Nancy Wil- liams, Carley Horst, Sherry Moore, Char- lotte Roof, Susan Win- frey, Kathy Holcomb. 2nd row: Matt Brid- well, Buddy Caldwell, Brian Wedlake, Jim Beckstrom, Charles O'Rear, David Leon- ard, Chris Burnett. 3rd row: Lorrie Langs- ton, Keith Freeman, Cathy Walker, Buffy Gallagher, Ronald Morgan, Marc Ward, Steve Spurlock, Amy Walsh, David Hoot. 4th row: Mr. Branson, Lesa Magee, Lynne Hunnicutt, Byron Tipping, Eddie Short, Doc Gilbert, Jimmy York, Gary Mont- gomery. 74 ENSIGN BAND lst row: David Rodgers, Bill Young, David Doss- er, Craig Blagowsky, Leslie Burks, Alison Moskall. 2nd row: Tracy Robinson, Bert Burgess, Mark Flood, Dave Smith, Tom Banes, David Smith. 3rd row: Kevin Cash, Glen Lindsey, Mr. Branson. CAPTAINS BAND mmm 4 'XX , . A ,V .ki f "M.LfvTw-T' ', ,W A I A. IM. if? A f ,.,W. I 2 ,M ,1w4:x5gg 'k W A-3.1 . . I 426.511 ' -1- 'I AN 5 'FL J' , . Xb' iw J 1'-Jalrx ACTIVITIES S CHO OL PLA YS if W J if J xg ,, ,77 THANKSGIVING Q- PLAY CAST "Wildcat Willie Carves the Turkey" 8th grade cast: Jones Adrews Mark McCurry Paulet Pittenger Jackie Plunkett Randy Plost Tim Sewell Charlotte Boylon Christy Corp Bill Vaananen Mark Gotcher Joe Zabienski Marvin Harrison Dennis Hunt Glenda Jackson Kurt Jennings Joyce Johnson CHRISTMAS PLAYS Collen Mahoney Debbie McAfee Kimberly White ,il gi,-,C ,.,., an My ,,,. , , ' - K tsplwwf siliiiiif t f fw- is fl agile 5 ,Q F fi - 5 fifiif A 2 is-egg V - 1,31- .:i.:' 5211 1 . J 67:2 f 1, EffS Ri'ff5 qpf ,gfiwtzxss T 3 tlidifiz iz ' -Wit. 'fr f' A., W ,K , ,ai if, .Q gggwli - 2 -Q , at .W 4: , 15 : , ' " S. 27512, :- .3 , "' "A . Q. , . ,fn 7' i 0 ,Q Carolyn Deacon Pat Hallett Tom White -125215 2- sg 1' v1.s'a?51s ' 7J"dfs??5t.l' ' Q -' FH Win 73 I , mx, wg - ' fi i 'I -is 1 A 2 ifilega- .:. '- . V -A ,: 1 as 1 : ' :f.':, 'asrluiif' . , ,,,, ,, ,. ..... .,,g,,m -- X- 2" 1-. nfiwri an f x 4 gg . ' f A lm W i ! ,ygr 4... ,:-Q - C - f 1 V32 1? 'NY N "Grandpa Hangs the Bonnie Bishop Kim Doner Marylin Duck Jackie Fox Pet Jacobsen Tim Johnson Tracy Lloyd Patty Manning Tom Mayfield Sharon McKinley Cindy Menn Lee Meyers Mike Miller Carol Mills Joe Reinheardt Candice Richardson Linda Schulz Gayle Williams Mike Wilmeth Joe Wood Kim Wood Holly MOST SPIRITED HOMERCDGM Front row Cleft to rightjs John Graham, Linda Palmer, Julie Shade, Cindy Weinheimer, Jody Hobson, Sandra Sanger, Brian Smith, Mrs. Holley. Row 2: Susan Carney, Mike McClintock, Becky Frazier, Barbara Kerbel, Betsy Meyer, Linda Wilkinson, James Thompson. Row 3: Brenda Hathcock, Linda Reed, Ruth Ann Plucknett, Jean Ann Watson, Sue Onufer, Susan Wilcox, Debbie Hall, Barbara Plucker. Row 4: Matt Kohl, Stewart McMurry, Dub Cross, Sam Sweatt, Mike Petty, Frank Brocchus, Roger Richards, Ernest Moody. ,f so , xg 2 x K R Y in K, if .Lb , ,,,, Eighth grade Homeroom 51 won the contest for the "Most Generous Home- room" by making the largest contri- bution in the annual Red Cross drive. Nimitz's total contribution was 3547.253 51's contribution was S'78.11. Their reward was a coke party and this yearbook picture. Sponsored by the Nimitz Student Coun- cil, Spirit Week was held during the week of November 3-6. At the end of the week, Homeroom 104, for the sec- ond successive year, was awarded a plaque naming it the "Most Spirited Homeroom". They earned 283 points from a possible 300 by D12lCiUg SGC- ond with 97 points in the bulletin board contest, having 100'Z, dressed in school colors, having 8892, in attend ance at the Homecoming game, and having only 4 points subtracted on Silence Day. MCDST GENEROUS HOMERCDOM Front row Cleft to rightj: Bobby Filgas, Tom Turner, Joy Davis, Karen Weig, Cecily Sowers, Debra Alcouloumre, David Holloway, Jed Barker, Mr. Foster. Row 2: Gay McMi11in, Susie Moore, Laura Coenen, Susan Dunlap, Denise Duke, Kimberly, Weber, Jennifer Holmes, Roseanne Smith, Lisa Shea. Row 3: Barbara Lawrence, Stacy Noel, Dan Worrall, Roger Pittman, John Bovaird, Greg Glidden, Craig Nelson, Valerie Mattern, Cathy Hunt. Row 4: Donny Loveless, Marsha May, Pat Hallett, Cindy Howard, Bettye White, Elise Carter, Lori Roll, Kathy Sloan, Louan Brown, Steve Simmons. 77 VARSITY is A ,MFE f S ' . 'if ..'.,' Row 1, left to right: Brad Hall, Pete Jacobsen, Steve Waugh, Todd Roberts, Richie Charrier, Donny Hansen, Roger Clark, Carleton Curtis. Row 2: Ronnie Thurman, Doug Allert, Ronnie McCraw, Pat Howell, Jerry Sims, Ronnie Geer, Tim Barrett, Casey Graddy, Steve Bell. Row 3: Mike Jenkinson, Preston Wood, Bob Mattei, Trip Brander, Ralph Howe, Tommy Long, Jim Knight, David Gorney. Row 4: Coach Howard Waugh, David Gilmore, John Gallagher, Pete Westfall, Gerald Catterlin, David Daugherty, Mark Miller, Trip Swain, Kevin Roll, Coach Bob Humphrey, Coach Bob Waugh, Co-ordinator Lou Jenkinson. jf' 'Nj E as F'l Q gp, T , . ., . gf?s,,,Qf1, 5. I UNI OR VARSITY Row 1, left to right: Mike Johnson, Roger Andrews, Matt Westfall, Barry Adler, Merle Mason, Kent Peterson, Jed Barker, Joel Kantor, James Keller, Jerry Barnes, Ken Hayes. Row 2: Mike Spies, Jerry Fidler, Bill Queen, Charles Fiedler, Ed Horkey, Tom White, John Moritz, Chipper Chitwood, Mark Meador, Chris Cadieux, Randy Edwards. Row 3: Ken Albright, David Blair, Dennis Persall, David Wells, Jamie Langston, Brad Routh, Fred Bangs, Roger Richards, David McQuaig, Mark Mindeman. Row 4: Coach Elliott, Coach Peterson, Donny Loveless, Tom Bogdan, Terry Frohnapfel, Kyle Wood, Greg Vance, John Ashley, Burly White, Neal Stauffer, Mr. Loveless. 3 94 at . -74 fa ii it i wg 'Nnfff ' 22 79, 42 87 , ,gi qnmmtapuam W ll' -99 G Row 1, left to right: James Elliott, Gregg Baker, Craig Blagowsky, Bob Larson, Mike Klinefelter, David Jenkinson, Kenny Bass, Doc Gilbert, Brian Waugh, Steve Clark, John Cowen. Row 2: Rex Enterline, Steve Pence, Greg Allert, Jackie Santee, Tracy Robinson, Ed Short, Chris Bussman, Russ Wood, Bob Mercer, Vic Bird, Charlie Brown, Ricky Heller, Terry Schmidt. Row 3: Scott Mueller, Kurt Zimmer, Jeff Hamra, Cliff Doner, Buddy Caldwell, David Jones, John King, Ford Brett, Marc Ward, Roy Thompson, Tony Bunnell. Row 4: Sam Strait, Hayden Ware, Jim Powers, David Vaughn, Jeff Stanfield, Ken Trickey, Mike Harris, Steve Perkins, Allen Wilcox, Scott Garrison, Rod Green, Keith Schelb, John Cailloux. Coaches: Darrell Strait, Warren Adams, Ed Brown, Jim Doolittle, Bill Privitt. PREP TEAM 79 mm-Y ,E ' ' nw S ADMIRAL CHEERLEADERS F if gpm? H 'L WE P' 4 A' -M - A 1? leav- ff' ' it as if W S 1 E 3 if la j fl fab- l z W l .ff F1rst row, left to right: Cindy Wyrrick, Vickye Morris, Jean Ann Watson, Laura Coenen, Kay Hendrlcks, Lon Aptak Second row Jani Sulton, Janet Lowery, Leslie Sullivan, Sheri Roberts, Kathy Wyrrick Th1rd row Helen Akins, Sheree Dunn, Joyce Adklsson, Robin Arganbright, Susan Stortz, Cathy Michie. Not pictured Cynthia Black, Susan Carney, Tracey Lloyd BUSY SEASON FOR BUSY STUDENTS HCDMECOMING Queen - Joyce Adkisson Attendants - Monica Wages and C athy Michie WWW W ar1nnuni.....,,1 I NIMI T Z SPORTS BASKETBALL V WRESTLING lst Row, left to right: Jeff Patten, Steve Clark, David Jenkinson, Boudi Wood, Roger Clark, Tony Bunnell. 2nd Row: Paul Schupe, Chris Cadieux, Chris Klinefelter, Tom Johnson, David Radmilovich Todd Roberts, James Fourcade. 3rd Row: Donnie Hansen, Carlton Curtis, Kirk Whitman, David Gorney, Mike Jenkinson, Bob Mattei, Coach Perry Brinnlee. 7 CBack rowj Mr. Brinnlee, Kirk Whitman. CFrontj Mike Jenkinson, David Gorney NIM! T Z SPCR T S All-City Football. Left to right: Mike Jenkin- son, Kirk Whitman, Preston Wood, Donny Hansen, Paul Swain Rod Green - most valuable player award sf Winners of Blue-T Tournament. 1st Row, left to right: Bobby Benjamin, John King, Buddy Caldwell, Ricky Doerner, Chris DeFazio. 2nd Row: Sam Strait, Ken Trickey, Rod Green, David Carlson, Kenny Bass. 2nd Place in Blue-T tournament. lst Row, left to right: Barry Oyler, Ken Hays, Bob Neville, Tommy Fielder, Jamie Langston. 2nd Row: Marvin Harrison, John Ashley, Rusty Bay- liss, Kyle Wood, Mark Gatewood, Sam Sweatt. 83 if ,or ff: 2 Aix if W3 STUDENTS: FUR REAL AND fi' ORQ MAK E -BELIE VE 5 Sndpsho'1'S f. ,gm iwgxwsf f f STUDENTS IN SERIOUS STUDY SPIRIT WEEK ae j E a'- ri.. ...qu wx, E . , w Q filf Ei 9- M I1 ii Q . K A xv f .0 E' af FLUCK Q 5 Q is 335 STUDENTS, STUDENTS EVERYWHERE! 98 8 i' 4 W4 wgga A- ' X .. , .X Q 3 4,1325 ns sf .ff - f . V 15, mam mi awww ug? V pak R' pu" z K s xi-. ,xg A M ' 5-i241 ,,,..,e ur fo ,w de mi? ,, J 5 , i,15u-- ,, 56, ,pa-5 M,-f-qgwr an ' I fm. f ia-Eat l u if iw ,Q J x , lvl l ii 'VM D ti! A , . H '7 lf Flight crew of Apollo ll: Commander Neil A. Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Col- lins, Lunar Module Pilot Edwin li. Aldrin Jr. Zf Neil Armstrong waves as the astronauts board a van that will take them to the launch complex. Jf Lift-off! The ApollofSu1urn V spacecraft is on its way at 9:32 EDT the morning ol' July lo. l969. A half-million spectators watched from thc perim- eter of Cape Kennedy Launch Complex 39A. 4f Flight Plan: Leave Larth Wednesday morning. July I6. Arrive in lunar orbit Saturday. Touchdown and walk on Moon Sunday. Leave Monday for return flight. Splashdown Thursday in Pacific Ocean. ,Q 'sv 5. .,f..- x W., ff W vw --Jw.. f 4-""' 5 wav- - " ' .MM ni- ' 'QQ W ,,f.,'- 'ar-1' ' - .M R f N, .n. 1 , M 4 . V.. A 'Q w Q . P X . -. 1- f 1 1 l,'Tl1e riaing Enrlli greets .ilpnffo ll us the nxiriniuiilx come lroin behind the Moon ulter lunur innerlion burn. 2, .-Xxlmnuirl Collinn mdk lhix pielure lrmn the eniiiriidml module Clliflllllhlill as Eagle yepnrgned lor dexeenl in the Moon with Arnistrong and Aldrin nhonrd. 3, Lgirge eenlrnl ernler ix idenlilied Aix lnLer'ninidnnl ,Mlm- noniicul Union 308. on the lair side ol' llie Nloon. -l' Crzller and ierriiin features pliulogixiplied neqir llie land- ing me on llie Sen Ul.TI'L1Ilklllllllf. if Aldrin dexeendx lndder ul' the l.Nl to join :Xi'rnsii'niig lor ii milk on the xltlllll. Here klieir xieiglil mu onli 11 xixili ul' what it in on lfnrlh. by Televixion viexxerx on lfurlli were enllirailled in llie Lu- ironiiuix xxenl through in elieeklixl ol' lunar eliorex. Arni- nlrong und Aldrin spent 22 houiw on llie Monii. including 2':liiiiirxoillxiiletliel.N1. 'S H 'ffl M . is in . 1 A S Ll 1' L ' 5. U' Md' Q 14 I l l 3 .gag li JET? ' I 4 'fx W -i . .ii . 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'J ', vfffczrwbtqi' a fy' A loolt hack as the astronauts lilt oll' lrom the Nloon aboard lfugle to rendezvous with the eommand module 7-Sy lnside the eommand module Colzmilvm, Astronaut Miehael Collins prepares to doelx with Eagle, Alter Arm- strong and Aldrin are ahoard. the LM is jettisoned and transearth injeetion is made lor the return voyage. 9f Ablative material hurns lrom Apollo ll as it plunges back into the liarth's atmosphere over the Paeilie Oeean. l0f A reeovery helieopter hovers to piek up the astro- nauts. Splashdown was .luly 2-1. ffm 1' 'f 9 '7 If President Riehard Nixon and the astro- nauts in their quarantine capsule listen to prayer by the USS H0flIL'I chaplain, If New York showers welcome to the three astronauts in what was the eity's largest parade in history. ...A journey ot' a thousand miles begins with one step Pir'1ure.x hy the Nulizmzzl Aerm1auIit'.r ana' Space A flU1flIlA'IfUIl'llll. IIIWALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY X MARCELINE, MISSOURI A U T O GRAPHS R X , . 1 X J ig Q, mf' lf J 1 Xi i I A s X F ,M.,.Q., J 'fi " 'S I 9' J 12 1, Mm I w f W . 44 1, WALSWORTH Marceline, Mn.. U.S.A. A W Twig, t .ef I . .,f , ,V , ' .'wiQ.?f, ig? X41 W H 4 AWLL 1 if X 'mill Wufinfaf. W-I .. W.. 43" f W mlb ' I - -5L'f'f-V A fra: ' V , 'W' ,f pghfg-vvfq, ly1'f,f ,.1 H .-nr, '1v,'.,,., f E g f r' 'Q , 4 . fi , -' - ,I , ,,,, V, .. .,,,,' j"..'-f.'?:-!'Qk,y.S-rf1,w 7':.vA 4 ,-:H-. - 5 . s., . ,:Aff H-3 JUG v- . J ll ,V . Y, kr A - , 3. V ,V .V I . ,fv,1.5,,4-,A X.,,,.,4,5.,-.X i .,3 v,-An . N N .,: 5.v . -f .f f , , lj - . ' V, - - ',,,',,w..m WH . M '- -- . - 1-w A Y Q i, , ,. V bg., 1. 7 v..,,,, ,f ,. AA. 4' ...wg 2 ' . .- V 1 ' ff ,- . ,. - 1: fixgqfm'-.-+ ,-zgfif-if'-'--vp. wr' 1 . -+xvv','zfE,. 'I-ff " '-.-. . .- .' .mir-1: -.QQ 'ff'- ,,:. t- ,. -- 4 N V' 1, n.g,', , 1. ' ., v Xg, .-v., ,kr-1 - 4- , - . f N --.5 .. , , ,,. 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