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yE3ydWwffH0d2f l9MU N K N bl XQLUQKUVQJ M ia JL J 1 my M 99' MLQW Qfjffizjf . M1159 Q! Cl Qi CW QXWQQ J, AEP ORA t N 9 x, 1' Vw x ,A Q0 'K ' , ' CB Lk J' 7 9 x 1 LL jy my ma L Vgvfgfy ,L wk M Ap QL WUQWS WOM Cla ' My ' ' 52 l5J7Eg,:2',-f2"' L ' 04 far , Ny' W ffl Qgy llfffj! 1122, 1 5 .1e U 'L f Q,! ffviQJ ,Mpk gN5y'9Y Jin KJHi7!f4Q iQ , N, Qs Xifggiy by 3? 5f'1fie' fi f f?oPf9iii9?i,0fgQ Qfggw 31 igigi QwggQz QE 51i22ZZgig?j My qi0Qw6 61 ydjjfvfi ?'QjQfi3'ONmQwg 'S 7 yWw5Qp?5WijQ Lxgwwww 4 1 I 4 .sw 1, L' .W ,W A :11lLhi2:g':::ifdj Magi' grim. iw-yrfi 1 -14.1. -., ...,, ,mg iQYifLfF':E?f?lQ.fQEQ M' .tf5,:ALg:qx k L1-lm .zwfmx NIJ' L44 .'LfL3f1"ffQ :f v-g,.5m,f5, 79:E'iL,1!l1iE-, Rib, Y x'1f-"--y'mff': , . 1: ,,1.:m,,-, 1 5, -A.. .JM ff, 'NLZFK 5-135:-2259231513 " M wJ.,.,1,A,n,Q1f Gehing info fhe mood of her music. La .Quinn Oiiver plays fhe piano in deep concenfrafion. 1 , S . ,f M PM iw og ' ' ' - ' .f , -' f . 6- " ' ' J"' fps: fx .iff Q" . TL ' fp C T' WWW rw xml. W-.V in r ,L..s:,,: --.J ek! , HM?-T, 'M V Qi , 4- -XwF,- 4,243 as uf 5 rxgblf ,. :Xxxxvbl ..,. Mx fi . a II, iw., X. 5 ., xi 'iw' -f -Q. ,, - Af' 'M-if , X, , Q"-N A o ip, n W in i Q xl ' or ifif fb' Q uv' " Xi X535 Xf ,,.f if-ff fi r gn i 'A X, ,ff XX- HKS .f XV 'F 'N . ff' fQ - -. 1 xx f '- fi ii -Q , V N, . i .V NQ-i NJ I, I RXSE, Xfrf X -x di Wy., :pf or QE W j,o Lf H if ' .A M V, .- -1 Q WT" lv, N. R I Nw' ,, 'N 1 , . F r M my QQ .,5,,x fx fm. 'ff 'fs ,xi N 'ff f 'X o f V., i V Q .M If ix X ff f XJ M2 ' xp., ,f 1 ifw Qji ,i ...f I 2 OPENING A carnaiion was presanfed to Anneffe Bilbrey during file Homecoming pep rally offer being named Senior Princess. -.4I Wifh pencil in hand, Sammy Lopez ufilizes fime preparing an archifecfural drawing. all We 're all in if Togefher I I very one of us is NimiTz High School. We as individuals have disTinguished ourselves as being special in differenT ways, yeT TogeTher we are one. We have come TogeTher To sTudy as well as laugh, sing, cheer, and more impor- TanTly, To enioy and live our high school years aT NimiTz To The ful- lesT. We're all in iT TogeTher. "TogeTher we learn. We learn noT only from our sTudies given To us by our Teachers buf from each oTher. Each face is a name, a per- sonaliTy. a resource of humor, and ideas. We find ThaT alThough we may be different we are all Vikings and Therefore, we are uniTed. We, as The NimiTz family, have learned To sTand TogeTher Through our share of joy and Trials of sorrow. Remember The exciTemenT. The cheering, The confeTTi everywhere, and The fun we had TogeTher? Each vicTory ThaT we experience proves Tl'iaT we can achieve our goals. We, as a school. have smiled aT success. yeT we also lcnow The agony of defeaT. Whafever The siTuaTion may be, our banner of Blue and Sil- ver is always raised To The sky." Preparing To rope, Roger Mora pracTices in his roping pen on Perry Road. AT The beginning of The year. The Valhalla sTaff sold T-shirTs before school and aT lunch. Paul Lopez. a member of The sporfs secTion. is headed To The cafeTeria To seT up a Table for anofher day of sales. OPENING lno'ivio'ually, we serve our school l We know fhaf we are if l. "Through our fogefherness. a feel- ing of responsibilify fo one anofher is impressed in our hearfs. lf is parf of being a Nimifz Viking. We feel fha? nof only musf we cheer for each ofher, buf fhaf we musf individually make a confribufion fo our school. All of us confribufe somefhing. Some sfudenfs involve fhemselves in sporfs acfivifies. Ofhers join differenf school organiza- fions. Even fhose +ha+ iusf come fo school each day confribufe some- fhing. We all share our falenfs and ideas wifh each ofher. Togefher, we have fhe falenf fo do anyfhing fhaf is asked of us. No single person has done more fhan fhe resf, for we have done if fogefher. "We are proud of our achieve- menfs as a school. Our confribufions may all be differenf, buf we all gef fhe same feeling of pride in our school. Remember when fhe Viking Band and Drill Team represenfed Nirnifz af The Dallas Cowboy game in fronf of 65,000 people? Alfhough we all wer- en'f presenf fo cheer and wafch our fellow Vikings perform, we all felf very proud." Alfhough he's offon found in fhe halls convers- ing wifh sfudenfs, Principal Roy Curry spends a quief moment in his office. Senior sfudenh are quife offen found visifing wifh senior counselor Mrs. Linda Sfaggs. Many. such as Chris Flores, inquire about various careers. OPENING X. 'iii-49' -M91 T516 'fcfofbail scene prove sdefffe as Shave W'hl!e coma hob Txlwdfj 5w.5W+w Ax fha school song is being played Tarvr Wim ley shows The fradifional iff slgn of fhe dose of a pep rally. The freshmen class illus'rra+es choir spirif fhrough fhe vicfory compefifion yell. With fhe new craze, Nimifz dances have furn disco. Lori Bafes and Monny Websfer em dancing af fhe firsl disco dence of The year. i OPENING Porfrayinq a mal? shop, Kathy Myres and Debra Pope perform in the senior slrif "The Clone Viking" af lhe Fiffies pep rally. Ealing a lollipop given fo him by fhe cheerle ers, foofball player Keifh Meeks enioys pep rally acfivifies. , X-gg, Through our loyaffy honor and frufh we unife When halTTime came on The Televi- sion, many oT us Tel+ like saying, "Hey, ThaT's our Nirnifz band and drill Team perTormingll ThaT's our schoofllw We could noT help buT brag because Though we were-n'T acTually perTorm- ing, a parT oT our school, a parT OT us, was represenTed in Them. This displays how much we really care Tor one anoTher. Through our pride in our school and admiraTion Tor each oTher, we gain sTrengTh. "Our sTrengTh has enabled us To adiusT To a dramaTic change wiThin our school. This change, as we lcnow, is The shorTening of class Time. No longer are our classes eighTy minuTes long, buT TiTTy-Tive minuTes. AT The beginning, we ThoughT everyThing would change. YeT. This year is noT much diTTerenT as Tar as our uniTy is concerned. TogeTher, we have over- come our doubfs abouT change. We have come To realize Thal' change is iusT a parT oT liTe and ThaT we musT learn To adiusT To new siTuaTions. lT is a lesson Tor us in life. Besides, There's always Time To do oTher acTiviTies, and all in all. we still have Tun. We sTill have each oTher." The "Going Bananas" chanT favored by all The classes is acTed ouT by Keifh Meelcs and David Carfer of The Junior class. OPENING Togerher, we are Nfmifz High School "This is whaf being a Vilcing is all abouf. Everyfhing af Nimifz involves everyone af Nimifz. We are a family because we all feel fhe same way abouf our school. We are proud fo be Vikings and are forever loyal fo Nimifz High School. Everyone of us represenfs our school and fherefore, we honor each ofher. "We finally realize fhaf more Many exfre hours are spenf af school by Paula Knighf, since she is a member of The Drill Team. Paula is on her way fo a pracfice session. Senior cheerleader, Toni Pipkins, acfs ou? a slcif showing fhaf fhe ofher foofball feams can be played wifh "no sweaff' OPENING fhan anyfhing, we need each ofher. We could nof accomplish much as a school wifhouf one anofher. We find in each ofher, someone who will always be fhere in fhe good as well as The bad fimes. "ln fhese fimes, we join fogefher fhrough our pride. Our pride is nor only recognized by sfudenfs who affend Nimifz, buf by people in ofher schools. When The name 'Nimifz High School' is menfioned, everyone says 'Thaf's fhe school wirh fhe greaf pride and spiriff When sfudenfs graduafe, fhey fake wifh fhem fhis sense of pride fhaf fhey carry fhroughouf 'rheir life- fime. Everyone enrolled af Nimifz is proud fo say, 'l am a Nimifz Vilcingl' Why? . . . because were all in if fogefherf' 5. A 4 .uw -W ' a l 'iii if Mui fm STUDENT LIFE s The year began, many acTiviTies were planned Tor The sTu- denT body. The year was Tilled wiTh Tun, exciTing, and memorable evenTs. Every weelc involved sTu- denT acTiviTies such as balce sales, class assemblies, rehearsals, pep rallies, sign painTing parTies, and, oT course, homework. These acTivi- Ties were a parT oT liTe aT NimiTz High School. They made The school year a very TulTilling one. Remember The Friday nighT TooTball games and The invasion oT Pizza lnn aTTerwards? Everyone was laughing, Talking, and enjoying each oTher's company. Then There were The week nighTs when we would come To school To waTch STacie STipes band and choir concerTs, as well as plays puT on by The drama deparT- menT. Many sTudenTs experienced The ioy oT being wiTh people who care abouT one anoTher. AT nighTs when They were worlcing aT school, The laughTer could be heard all around. AlThough There was so much To be done and noT very much Time, The load was lessened because The sTu- denTs worlced TogeTher. Everyone was involved in some- Thing To show ThaT The sTudenT body Toolc pride in NimiTz and The evenTs ThaT happened around The school. TogeTher we enioyed The acTiviTies ThaT made up our STu- denT LiTe. STUDENT LIFE Performing ai Texas Sfadium is noi ius+ everyday performance. Viica members prep fo pracfice before fine game. 3 vb Q Sw 'T L 34: STUDENT MFE his J Q k The Viking band members ge? flweir chance To be in fha spoflighf. The band is pradicing af Hue Texas Sfadium for fheir big performance. Affer long, hard hours of pracficinq, ine acfuai performance finally arrives. Datum U I mx lx D U' VOX Ox s- Q. c- s- if lx 4 Q. Q. nl 1 Q, o u - s Q Q a ng n ,. - . QAQQQA Q u y ax un, Q- ,X ug an 01 Q, Q 2 L 5 , K L A -. . n .I .A .4 ll 'li 01 A 'Y Oz .X .3 -K -g Q, -4 , .4 -,A 01 lg ng mg Of. 'Q :Q ng ui - ua og 04' og f- A 1 'Q 'Q Q35 G+, 0 'Q 'K 'K ' x -1 fx sg ng 3 n:jMx5,,4..Qu ,. "4 i KI -wM,,...Ew" 1 9 Q 0 'S s 0 0 'K v xl x if ,Q i, ' , ' 0 .fm 1 mW,, Q u 1 I1 Y w gm A M K W 4 qw n W M. ,f an A 7' A 1 4. .E Q' N' 1 E W New .4 I l fl , Q Q .M E-'y it Y ,W ,X Q: X J., rjnfz 'JV N5 a. m .b ul www , . 9 ,,,, , X N , , ' 'wgxiygfi ' W f- R' I i 1 f W ' w " is .X NS, . V I , f J f Rx I - Q . 4 ., 5. S: as - i P , V K 50 'N' X ,Q 3 :Q ., Q If '33 1 " Q., I 4 M, M ' w J , l 1 f V I U 3 S X G 4 2 Q. Q N H I M. . X'-,G P ai ' I' x my 6 AMW M , M 3 JI W fr-.Pkg 3 all h"'ff "1 y 1 I gl xg' if f '43 xr-. 'Q if I 'ES fi' I ,L Y 5 y , W-4 if 5 , y A 4610 ,f6-77 5 -ar' Q' -ff w- 41 ' 1 , W mm V N fi H , M M it X vm . A A 9 iweg w'!2f1?ius , K ' , in A 1 Mya: 'QQ 5 W1 - u L ' 'X wif, A ,E 5- Q x' J ,, .A ,V r , " 'iw ,A Aw' MM f fxx, V WN hm, Wm 5 if 2 Q 4 1 . rr! - ' Q 4 9 Valhalla . . Viclory f . Vikings, inh- Earl Halberhamp and Roy Curry view The Spire iTed Viking sTudenT body. Misfy SooTer performs her EasTern dancing sTyle aT The Admirals Revue. .3-,,pppsx... .fs . A . V 4 1' I r MV: ' . .Q-if .-if :wwe wg, . T . Q, Q -- -an ew. - T -, ,mvfiiy . ,giilgz-,ky QF. ,gm gfnpgf f + ,JY f 'J' fi-..?..3ff1-ff' .. ,iz mcg? if Wi: - f . I 1 :ff-515331 mir L :Q , f?TX my W K ,A lj M,-e .gg I .V'L:w:f,!-Ygsg. f-,1-R-f . r f ' ART 9 f' fL.'ffff rg,f5 - is M D D , Q? , ,, Home- connng. .. he l978-79 Valhalia Homecoming TesTiviTies began wifh The announcemenT oT The T-lomecoming Courf. lne Tivemem- ber courT was escorTed on To Tne gym Tloor aT The Grand Prairie pep rally by genTle- men Trom Their respecnve grade ievels. Clearly, There was The magic oT The WaiT Disney Theme in The air as The courT was viewed by The classmaTes who elecTed Them. ln keeping wiTh The enchanTed Theme each grade level displayed Their spiriT by decoraTing The halls oT NimiTz wiTh beloved Walf Disney characTers. The sen- ior class won TirsT prize Tor The "l:anTasia' decoraTions in The caTeTeria. Each class puT Their spiriT inTo The TesTiye decoraTions wiTh hard work, de-dicaTion, buT above all. wiTh honor Tor Their class and pride in Their school. On The morning oT November 3. The cheerTul aTmosphere goT inTo Tull swing aT The Homecoming pep rally. Again. The courT was inTroduced. as well as The reTurning exes. STudenTs were reminded oT The Disney Theme as The NimiTz Band per- Tormed The Theme song from Mlhe Mickey Mouse Club." Tackle ge!! V The Freshman Class of 1982 decked The halls wiTh The spiriT OT class pride. The Valhalla Homecoming CourT is viewed by The classmafes who elecTed Them. STUDENT LIFE ,ff .i . .4 -nfl fi? 1, T . . . A Disney producrion Affer The pep rally, The reTurning exes were honored aT a Tea held in The audifo- rium by F.T.A. members. Many familiar faces reTurned, unforgoTTen by Their Teachers. Tellow graduafes and underclass- men. l.aTer in The day, The Homecoming Parade helped counT down The hours unTil The game againsT Trinify. The parade sTarTed aT 2 p.m. from lrving Schools STa4 dium and followed The TradiTional rouTe down SixTh STreeT and Senfer, crossing Shady Grove, Turfher down SenTer, ending on The school campus. Every sTudenT could parTicipaTe, eiTher in Their organizaTions ThaT had a car in The parade, or by waTch- ing The spiriTed parade. AT 6:30 in The evening, sTudenTs refurned To The Nimifz baseball Tield To waTch The Torching of The symbolic "V" bonfire. The flames represenTed The burn- ing pride Thaf The sTudenT body feels for Their school, as The "V" sTood for Valhalla, VicTory, and mosT imporTanTly, Vikings. Vikings were enTerTained laTer ThaT N31 A n 'fp nighT aT Two showings of The Admirals Revue, a TalenT show sponsored by The choir. LasT-minuTe preparaTions were made for The Homecoming game and dance on SaTurday. November 4. Mums and bou- Tonnieres were picked up while suiTs and dresses were cleaned for The big magic momenf. The final momenf came aT lasT wiTh The Viking win over The Trinify Tro- ians, I4-7. HalfTime was a special momenf for The courT and all Vikings, wiTh The suspenseful crowning of Tina Taylor as The I979 Homecoming Queen. The Vikas per- Tormed a ladder rouTine To The band's ren- diTion of "ZippiTy-Doo-Dah." AfTer The game, The special momenTs of Homecoming ended wiTh couples going ouf To eaT and going To The dance, which lasfed unTil I in The morning. Facing e crucial fourfh-and-short siTuaTion, The Vikes pick up The firsT down on a quarferback sneak and go on To deTeaT The TriniTy Troians. W 1 .1 a, ' .'-Z. 'T ' T as-59'-vf""' -.- sz i E -i i il Refurning axes visif The sighTs around Then The dance. . A1 'Phe end of The game, Vikings old and new displayed fheir edmirafion for The vicforious Vilres. Anolher reminder of fhe fherne, Mickey Mouse graced fhe sophomore class officers' fruclr. A Glliceff A special promise of "Tomorrow" was per- formed by fhe Girls Choir. The iournalism deparrmenf promoted soles of L 1. fheir production by parficipafinq in lhe 'Fun of fhe Homecoming parade. STUDENT LIFE Hours spenf for s,oi'riT awaro' eTail The Tigers" or "Wrinkle The Rebels". l-Tours were spenT Thinking up These sayings and puTTing Them down on paper wiTh gallons oT painT. The person behind The brush painTed. while malcing sure each leTTer was even: ThaT each word could be seen clearly, so ThaT each person could undersTand The meaning behind The sign. ATTer signs were compleTed To The arTisT's saTisTacTion, They were leTT To dry unTil Friday morning - when They were hung To be viewed by all aT each pep rally. Sign painTing parTies served Two main pur- poses, They gave each class a chance To show Bernard Shauffer, senior Toreign exchange sTudenT Trorn SwiTzerland. conTribuTes his Time To sign painT- iusT how much spiriT They had, and They broughT sTudenTs TogeTher To enioy each oTher's com- pany while They worked. WheTher sTudenTs gaThered in The halls aT school. or wheTher They meT aT someones home. The signs never Tailed To geT done. Early on Friday mornings. while The cheerleaders were pracTicing and The band members were Tiling in, Those same sTudenTs who painTed The signs were up aT The gymnaf siurn hanging Them up. lT Took a loT of hard worlc To geT Them To loolr as good as possible buT iT paid oTT when The class was presenTed The SpiriT Award. Sophomores painTed signs Tor The Friday pep rallies ouTside Miss Piers room in The WesT Hall. il. ,nv Qavv-ow. unw- in STUDENT LIFE M44 Senior Cindy Sanford ouTlines a sign before painTing. Freshman Sharon Mason conTribuTed many aTTer-hours painTing signs Tor The pep rally. A journey Through Thehaffs usT as The halls never seemed big enough Tor us To have room To do whaTever we wanTed wiThouT running over a Triend, so our liTe space in The world never seemed To TiT our sTyle, or give us enough Treedom To do whaT we wanTed. When we were small, sTill in grade school, Tiny, brighT halls resembled our lives which were Tied only To our parenTs, who always kepT a TighT rein on us. There was always someone older and wiser waiTing Mr. Curry wafches as sTudenTs hurry To Their nexT class. around The nexT corner To puT us back in line, Then came The noT so big, buT so imporTanT move To iunior high. Up anoTher sTep buT sTill on The boTTorn of The pile, as we moved on To new expe- riences. A liTTle more Treedom was enjoyed as mom and dad loosened The apron sTrings and Tried To leT us grow. As big as The halls oT The school, we never Though+ we would Tind our way around. Then we were on Top of The sTack and couldn'T waiT To move ouT of The Tiny space ThaT bound us during The day. We wenT on To high school. wiTh more and more halls To blindly Teel our way around, going in every direcTion, as were The ideas and dreams we all held so dear. SiTuaTions we never knew beTore, we walked inTo blindly, noT knowing which way was up or ouT. AlThough we had Trouble and shorTcomings, we always seemed To come ouT on Top and realiTy was pro- foundly richer Than any dream we ever had. hall wiTh Treshrnan. John Poder and Frank l-lamilTon have Tun in The Class is ouT, everyone is happy Tor Tive more minuTes. waiTing Tor The end of The day. running... PhoTographers ge-T curious glances and geshires Trorn passing sTudenTs. STUDENT LIFE H Wasn'r1'rgrand7 usTle pusTle." "Hurry To classlu "Move over." 'TYou're in my way." T'Don'T shuT The loclcerlll "Canl sTand here?" "Yell louderli' l'Can'T you hear me?" "ls everyone here?" 'Tl won'T TiT." "Can you come?" "Oh no . . . l'm laTel" T'LeT's move downf' "Clap now." Ticheer now." "Cheer Tor a Touchdownlm Wasn'T iT grand To be shoved, pushed. moved, or sTepped on every day when you arrived To The crowded hallways oT good ole' NimiTz? lT would have seemed like mass conTusion To a ToTal sTranqer. buT Tor us, iT was an everyday Thing. We had our own liTTle crowd. and we were always TogeTher. There was always someone wiTh a new ioke, someone wiTh a hearTbrealc. and a Triend who was always There To lis- Ten. "l'm going ThaT way," or al leasT ThaT seems To be The loolc Thaf comes Trom This sTudenT. Mindy Slerling, Susan Heine and friends walch a parTicipanT in The Greelc Olympics, perlorm The sTand and iump. Smiling 'faces and happy places include David Peiser, Sammy Wood, STeve Mayo and Their happy Triends in The courTyard. 22 STUDENT UFE lx AfTer building up Their nerve, a few Vikas per' form a rouTine on The cafeTeria Tables while all The sTudenTs sTopped eafing in order To waTch. , V .X .""'i we.. , T' is 9 During The inifiafion, sTudenTs suddenly glanced aT a few Vika members as They sing The school song, as commanded by one of Their officers. A'fTer a long, hard day of school, Two Vikas sigh in relief, now ThaT They have accomplished Their iniTiaTion. lT's all in fun oT iusT every day sTarTed off as normal as would have been expecTed aT NimiTz. Who could forqeT The spe- cial appearance of The "Clone Viking" aT The fifTies-day pep rally, WesTern Day when everyone dressed up like cowboys, or even The spiriT days wiTh funny haTs, colorful socks, and sTriped Ties, YeT, probably some of The mosT hilarious days were The funefilled days of iniTiaTions. These iniTiaTions carried on by various organizaTions were a way To welcome new members To Their club. One was The Cheerleaders' iniTie aTions in which The members wore Their ouTfiTs wrong side ouT, as well as The Vikas' iniTiaTions. To Top off The Vikasi ouTfiTs, each new member wore a rainhaT. Members of The drill Team had To perform various dances from Table Tops or on sfairways. These spe- cial days made The year aT NimiTz even more exciTing and differenT. Even The Track Team wore sweaTsuiTs all day long. All in all, iT was done in fun. Laughing in embarrassment Vika Sandra Ellis Turns from The camera. x STUDENT LIFE 23 Club meeTfngs become a ,oarT ofschool life nvolvemenT came early in sTu- denT liTe, wiTh The reorganizaTion oT each club and wiTh The elecTion oT new oTTicers. As school began, club meeTings could be announced on The public address sysTem Tor a Tew weeks so ThaT The members could geT back TogeTher To plan The oncoming acTiviTies. MosT common To all club meeTings was ThaT one member who came when The meeTing was over, or ThaT one oTTicer who always TorgoT The daTe oT The meeTing. There were Being one oT The mosT acTive clubs, due To The pracTice oT each member beTore and aTTer school The Chess Club TeaTured maTches beTween such members as by Lynn STanphill and his opponenT. morning and aTTernoon meeTing where discussion occurred on wha' would be sold: malcing high schoof expensive. Also, There were The dis cussions over Tun club acTiviTies. Ban- gueTs, Tor example, were arranged so ThaT one could go To oTher club bangueTs on oTher nighTs. Poor plan- ning could have desTroyed such plans. YeT, even Though a small por- Tion oT The members aTTended The meeTings regularly, everyone goT TogeTher To have Their picTure Talcen. "---.....,.,,,,w.uw 'H-an-.......,,w, ----........ 6 STudenT Council members gaTher balloTs aTTer voTing on The EThics CommiTTee members. STUDENT LIFE 'Q M fx, W Demonsfrafing a scienfific experiment Blake Wllllams, Science Club member, prepares cnemlcals. 3 ff . t, J Q A 0 k , rr Parficipafing in a club even? fha? involves five days of planning is J-Ramsevs a lunlor wlno relwearses by herself in fron? ol a wall before a speech Tournament Senior and sophomore Student Council repre- senfafives confribufe ideas on flne upcoming plans lor Homecoming. As mosf club meelings perlawr To fne ser ous business of upcornlnq events The Naflonal For ensic League lNFl.l club members suclw as K rn Weddle and Kallvv Plulllps perform flwenr acl Doug Sepfer, senior Clvess club member looks - on flue chess board lor a posslble move fo cour leracf lwls opponenfs prnor move 1. x STUDENTUFE Ca+ching fhe phoiographer in acrion, a Nimifz siudenf deviafes from her classroom work. Jeff Johns u+ilizes his class Mme in a very "relax- ing'way. Freshman English sfudenis cafch fhe phorogra- pher's affenfion during a class lecfure. 3 "'-'S -g Doug SepTer knows beTTer Than anyone, ThaT Taking ' ' Q .h f Ll noTes is a parT oT every class. 'u 0,- 'Ku ai.,-Q 4 .. .0 s-T. as 3 fn , . 3 ' x 1 1 . Q ' ' Q , I is 1 V ws Day-To-day classes TTen when we qoT involved in exTra-curricular acTiviTies, we TorqoT abouT The acTual purpose oT school. We TorqoT abouT The everyday classes ThaT make up school liTe. Many oT our classes didn'T call Tor a qreaT amounT oT ouTside work. Tor example There was maTh, English, sci- ence, and hisTory. MosT oT The work Tor These courses could be Taken care oT in class, while some ouTside sTudy work was needed. OTTen our exTra- curricular acTiviTies such as aThIeTics. drama. band, drill Team. and iournal- ism Took precedence over These sub- iecTs. A Typical NimiTz class room consisTs oT ThirTy or more desks, a chalk board. sTudenTs, and a Teacher. OTTen The sTudenTs TelT The drab blue walls conf Tined Their minds and expressions. IT was True, ThaT The small and limiTed space conTined many sTudenTs, buT Tor The mosT parT, The Typical NimiTz class room served The purpose Tor learning. 5 aTTer along day. Many sTudenTs Took advanhaqe of The sfudy halls oTTered To caTch up on homework and relax There was no rule againsf working TogeTher in some classes. as Benny Hengy works on a biol- ogy assignmenT wiTh his lab parTner. STUDENT LIFE 27 lnvofvernenT brings success To class ach OT The classes aT NimiTz - Trosh, sophomores, iuniors, and seniors had special proiecTs ThaT made Them each sTand ouT. The TirsT main class acTiviTy was The weekly painTing oT signs Tor The TooTball pep rallies. There was oTTen The common complainT ThaT T'noT enough people Took parT" in This class acTiviTy, buT ThroughouT The season iT was evidenT ThaT many did Take parT. The nexT major acTiviTy was The decoraTing oT a designaTed hall aT Homecoming. The over all school Theme was "Disney Wonderland." The Frosh decoraTed The easT hall --1 a cT1vi Ties in a Jungle book Theme, orna- menTed wiTh leaves hanging Trom The ceiling conTaining each "Tish's" name. The Sophomores decoraTed The hall in TronT oT The caTeTeria wiTh a Theme OT "Disney Bowl." Dis' ney characTers adorned The walls in sTraTegic TooTbl moves. The Juniors developed The wesT hall inTo a Snow WhiTe palace. wiTh an acTual casTIe aT The end oT The hall. The Seniors Took The DecoraTion Award, Through developing The caTeTeria inTo "FanTasia," com- pleTe wiTh a TounTain and a gazebo. During The winTer Seniors held Their Senior play, anoTher NimiTz TirsT. and successTul class acTiviTy in The idea ThaT iT was porTrayed, ,. T... W .umm . T fi or . Seniors JenniTer Marshall, Ricky Jackson. and Yolanda Huerfa pause during rehearsal oT The Senior Play. A Dallas Tornado Soccer player shows oTT his TalenTs be-Tore a capaciTy crowd in The NHS gym during The Junior class soccer game. STUDENT LIFE direcTed and produced all by Sen- iors. The seniors ended Their year wiTh The TradiTional STudenT-l:ac- ulTy volleyball game. The Juniors kepT up wiTh NimiTz TradiTion by inviTing The Tamous Dallas Tornado soccer Team To a duel in The NimiTz gym. which proved inTeresTing. The Sopho- mores and Frosh held Their money- making proiecTs in The Tall, each oT which proved very successTul and proTiTable. Too. The diTTerenT acTiv- iTies oT each class made up The mosT remembered evenTs oT 79. lv1osT remembered abouT These acTiviTies was The chance Tor each sTudenT To be involved wiTh The success oT his or her class. "Lily Reardon," played by Senior Rh Wray, goes Through her blocking movemenT sTage. during rehearsal beTore The play. Mr. Bill Alfhoff, Coach Fred Kemper, and Coach Bryan Winnefl sfruggle for fhe ball, playing againsl lhe Dallas Tornados. 1.01 xi' J. 9095! ' 1 5' i Geffing involved wifh fhe Junior soccer and volleyball game, Journalism adviser Jaclc Har- krider fakes a "whack" al' The ball. nm -Il Confribuling 'I'o fhe successful Homecoming decoralions, senior Don Wifi. sfraighlens old nails while working on a proiecf 'lor 'rho Senior Class. Poriraying her per? as "Nana" in fhe Senior Play, Jofxnna lrwin reads fo fhe acfors on anolher part of fhe sfage. STUDENT LIFE A 'fi Q. '? re 9.4 Co-capfains Don Will and Waylon Hargrove nor only lead fhe loolball learn In performance, ' v buf spirlf, as well. Unusual ideas nol only creafe spirlf. buf also l ' lr laughfer, as shown here by seniors Windell McGill and Frankie l-lamlllon. 'O A 'lx A ' 1, .A Q21 , 0 al V' xx STUDENT LXFE Emberrassed sfudenh line up lo be ludged lor The Fiffies Day Pinky and Fonzie award. A creallve roufine by The Vilras dernonsfrafed wifh horses and guns livened up The audience in fhe Nirnlfz Corral. .rf- .Mr ' -4 4- nf" .. 41 MQ Togefher we grew info a family he Tamily pride oT NimiTz was shown during spiriT days by a large percenTage OT sTu- denTs and TaculTy who dressed up To prornoTe spiriT Tor The aThleTes. SpiriT days - chosen by The VarsiTy cheerleaders - made every sTudenT look inTo Their parenTs' closeTs in order To Tind Those poke-a-doTTed Ties. 50's skirTs. or Those large overalls which you were ashamed oT and were aTraid To wear To school. AlThough you were aTraid To wear Them. Those colored skirTs and caT glasses were worn in order Tor you To win The award Tor The besT Fonzie and Pinky look-alikes. which were won This year by Chad Bailey and Vicki Wilson. ATTer The hoT red lipsTick wore oTT each girls lips due To kissing The greasy haired gang lead- ers. The dusTy old booTs and spurs came ouT oT The corral To ioiri in on The wesTern round-up. During WesTern Day, mosT oT The sTudenTs became involved by wearing Their TavoriTe cow- boy haT, excepf Tor ThaT one "amigo." Tony Wi+h Irving High as opponenTs, David Peiser "Tops The Tigers." 4' MarTinez. who wore a sombrero. The Friday aTTer WesTern Day, when all The guns were puT up in Their holsTers sTudenTs became Tarmers and wOre overalls To school, The overalls were laTer Thrown back inTo The barnyard when crossvTown rivals caused spooks To enTer The school. During The week oT Hallowf een a number oT "wiTches" and "monsTers" enTered The halls oT NimiTz To spook The living Tigers. The sTudenTs placed rnore hexes on The Tigers by wearing Ties and haTs which produced spiriT slogans such as "Tie up The Tigers," and "Top The Tigers." The oTher cross Town rivals losT To our Viking Team. as The specTaTors sTood up ThroughouT The game chanTing "Sack Mac. Sack Mac." holding a paper bag in Their hands. The diTTerenT days oT spiriT caused much exciTernenT To The sTudenT body as They parTici- paTed in every evenT To supporT The Team. The involvemenT Trom bafh The sTudenTs and TaculTy broughT our Tamily closer Togefher. . .... Sandy Bragg displays her school spirif by wear- ing her overalls on ' overall" spiriT day. Senior members oT The "Raid" gang prepare To "raid The Raiders on FiTTies Day. STUDENT LIFE if ,,, 32 , Qllil. x Togefher. . TTer a couple oT hours doing exercises. a drop oT sweaT Tlowed down your Tace. You quickly smeared iT wifh The edge oT your T-shirT in order Tor ThaT drop oT sweaT To soak away. You realized ThaT you have almosT TainTed wiTh The hoT sun shining on you. buT you knew ThaT in The long run, Those hard pracTices were neces- sary. Tor iT had To be perTecT when displayed To The specTaTors. All our aThleTes pracTiced long. hard hours To prepare Themselves To win a vicTory. Our mighTy Viking TooTball Team worked in rain or shine To produce The besT oTTense and deTense. AlThough The Team was deT'eaTed on many occasions, The pracTices broughT The besT Team ouT of The hucldle. OTher aThleTes such as The baskeTball players pracTiced in The hoT gym, running lay-ups up and down The courl. while oThers would pracTice on "shooTing Tor Two." The baseball Team began pracTices Two monThs before The acTual Team was chosen. in order To have The besT Team possible. Two long biTTer r'nonThs of TrosT and snow did noT bring The pracTices of The baseball and soccer Teams To a sTop. The soccer Team sTruggled againsT we won if all The cold weaTher and kepT kicking goals inTo The neT. During The school year. The aThleTic deparT- menTs were boosTed by sTudenT spiriT. This spirif was caused by long rehearsals of The cheerlead- ers. Band and Drill Teams. Each individual organizaTion shared The pain of Tailure and The pain oT repeaTing Their performances unTil They were perTecTed, The drill Team pracTiced day and nighT unTil each high kick reached The girls smiling faces. While The high kicks wenT higher and higher, The band members rushed back inTo Their lines. marching off pounds of waisTlines To make sure ThaT every single noTe Trom each insTrumenT was heard on The TooTball Tield dur- ing halTTime performances. Rehearsals were oTTen scheduled by oTher organizaTions, such as The choir and drama deparTmenTs To prepare each oT Them Tor con- TesTs and TournamenTs. ATTer all The diTTerenT organizaTions carefully prepared Themselves, a respecTTul Teeling of sTrengTh was shown To The NimiTz Tamily because we all knew ThaT we were The besT. due To our TogeTherness. The movie "Grease" was a smash hiT and so were The Vikas when They perTormed To The song "Grease LighTning." STUDENT LIFE DespiTe The bad weaTher and sore muscles, The cheerleaders never cease pracTicing long, hard hours. Breaking daily rouTine, KaThy Osmer seTs her pace while running around The school, Q 'sn 32122 Mxgis ., . Q5 - we .1 4 I Ba, ry' I a,, I Q! Gr 5 KERI Y Due fo fhe girls' hard work and good coaching, +hey have fhe pofenfial fo be a number one feam. K zzisziiwi ..-6... ,,,rz-rn, j?f1H31y:1m .-..,, "fy 3' f .ga-.V lil-, A"' ,M ,. I L ,,,., , , 'Msg '2 ,afg zsw K a - s . .Q " ' Q F3 5 fa?" ,, J , r V ii. I K K it R f" W 'S affff Using e wres'Hing feam member, Coach Burch demonsfrafes fhe proper holding fechnique. Varsify cheerleader Keri McFarland prepares fo pracfice one of many cheers fha? are per- formed fhroughouf fhe year. -- Q-P -A -JK ,I xl! STUDENT LIFE We coufdn 'f five wifhouf ake sales were a familiar sight in fhe halls of Nimifz, as mosf organiza- fions parficipafed. Doughnufs, piclcles and brownies being fhe besf sellers. Amafeur salesmen were finding fhaf if wasn'f hard fo sell fhose candy bars or fhose sourballs fo hungry kids. Af ofher fimes, we would find someone in every room frying fo sell us somefhing we iusf couldn'f live wifhouf. Every now and fhen, even a carnafion was on sale for our favorife sweefhearf. All fhe organizafions parficipafed in fhe fun, selling anyfhing from color- ing boolcs and chrisfmas cards. fo T- shirfs and spirif ribbons. Mosf sales were held fo raise funds for various club acfivifies, or even fo buy new uni- forms and help club spirif. i Even fhough mosf of fhe fime, we ran shorf of money, we always found fhaf liffle exfra To spend, whefher if be on spirif or pleasure, in order fo help meef fhe needs of fhe fund rais- ers, offen found roaming fhe corridors of Nimifz. Sfecie Dane sells an l.O.U. fo a lafecomer wanf- ing a yearboolz. Taking a looi at fhe lafesl issue of The newspa- per, Cindy Curry smiles of an inferesfing arfi- cle. Working erlra hours, Judy Barnhill, a newspa- per sfaffer, fallls over fha days worlc. STUDENT LIFE W!! The candy machines satisfied +he hunger pains of many sfudsnfs during all hours of The day, Pickle cravings were doused by The Mu Alpha Thefa club, during Their pickle sale. .A i .N Sala signs, a familiar scene during fhe year, as Nimifz siudenfs parficipafed in various fund raising acfivifies. Sanfa Claus, porfrayod by a Nimirz student, roams fha halls during the final days before Chrisfmas holidays. STUDENT LIFE Frida y nfglur fe ver! riday nignu finally arrived, bringing willn if a weekend lull our lun and usually a Friday nigluf dance. Tluis year. more scluool dances were added lo flue acuivily calendar. in luopes To boosl scluool spiril and enfluusiasm. A yariely ol dancing was included in flue scluool lunclu room, from roclc-n-roll lo lxneefslappini counlry. Mosl sludenfs were glad fo see llnal +l'ue Suudenf Council was sponsoring more dances, Snapping wiiln flue beal a luappy sludenl enioys flue lun and lasr music. Sfeve Mayo and dale Kim Walker sul +l'iis one oul 'o res' and enioy a snor' coruversafion o er flue blare ol flue music. STUDENT LIFE usually one a mon+l'u 1 admission Tree. Sludenus allended lo ioin in flue Trol- iclcing and lun. Tlue music ranged from flue slowesl ol slows, lo flue ufaslesl disco numbers. Bringing in beuler crowds, 'flue luncluroom became flue scene of many luappy laces and dim- med ligluus, unuil everyone luad boof gied out Disco mania cafclues iunior Tony Marriruez af one ol 'flue rnany Sfuclenf Council dances. Unaware of 'rhe phofographer and his camera, fhis sfudenf wafches as The music confinues To play. S? ,,iA Kaihy Osmer and her partner laughingly enjoy The music, while showing Their iolenf. QR mv' I Every one wanh fo ge? info fhe acfion on fhe dance floor. Sammy Lopez fries some of fhe lafesf dance sfeps af a Friday nigh? dance. STUDENT LIFE 37 Z Wag 7010 .fwifffwe by , Nana Reardon, played Joanna i Todd Galloway, pl d by col' Crew, and Marcia Reardon, played by Lori Barflell, fogeflwer. The "o+l1er" Lily, played by Rhonda Wray, makes her appearance fo meer flue Parkers. WZWKZM ka.. STUDENT LIFE 38 Tl 9 4 A MY' Ask Kg ,sv x ' . sl uf mfg In an af-fempl fo gel rid ol the Parkers, Nana Reardon asks a "respectable" Llly 'ro play flue par? of "crazy" Lily, Allin 'the family: Nana Reardon Talks wifh Pene- lope and Warry Reardon, played by Tony Maceyicious. V7 'GQ Q' -. ,f he ,nv 0 I in x J iv' Y, ?-fr X The Senior Play broughf in a very large crowd especially during fhe rnalinee performance. as fhe sfudenfs wafch fhe Reardons and Parkers ea? breakfasf fogefher. Before The performance, Susan Canrerbury pracfices her currsies for the parr of little Pene- lope Reardon. .gg Nimfrz has more rhan one very Family l'las One fhe Sen- ior Play, was a hilarious safire of a fyp- ical American family, porfrayed by fwelve seniors, who made fhis year's play fhe mosf successful play ever performed. The fwelve acfors and acfresses direcfed by Sue Edwards, who became fhe firsf sfudenf fo ever direcf a play. broughf fhe audience fo hysferics. George Bafson, fhe aufhor, musf have creafed his ideas for his charac- fers from our own Nimifz family. Each casf member played fhe role of a nor- mal family member, beginning wifh The youngesf demon, who was fhe Laura Reardon, played by Jennifer Marshall. gives a suggesfion fo her maid. Essie, played by Lisa Uselfon. fo clean fhe kifchen, worldis besf af piano playing and long disfance iumping. Marcia, fhe older daughfer, who was a glamour girl, was pursued by fwo lovers, one being Todd Galloway who she really loved. and fhe ofher being Sherwin Parker. who was mafched up wifh her by her social-climbing mofher. The fafher of fhe daughfer 'rhoughf only abouf cars. shown by The screwdrivers which he always held. The granclmofher. who knew fhaf Marcia fruly loved Todd, began fo plan a scheme wifh fhe aid of a disfanl relafive named Lily. The scheme worked, wifh Marcia falling in love wifh Todd, and fhe breaking away from fhe Parkers. The climax of fhe play is fhe fable scene when shouf- ing breaks fhe plans among fhe Par- kers and Reardons. STUDENT LIFE Mr. Bobby Villareal lakes Time our from one ol his classes lo char wilh one of his many slu- denls. Miss Coral Pier, world hislory leacher. confin- ues lo give one ol her lamous leclures ,fm su' 1 . 'S ex Family e have been known as lhe home ol lhe Nimllz High lamily, where people care alinoul people, and where each sludenl is imporlanl, and each lile is precious. This saying was lrue This year, loo. lvlosl sludenls didnll realize how lucky lhey were lo have Teachers lhal care enough lo slay exlra long hours lo parlicipale in sludenl acliviries, hall decoralions. and pep rallies. Always when a slu- denl looked lor a helping hand, or a friend. lhere was always one lo be lound ln a leacher. A confused sludenl slops in lo gel some helpful advice lrom iunior counselor Molly Brown. Ms. Doflye Slanford ioins her dance class while They learn The sleps To a lolk dance. I STUDENT LIFE EleCTion Time hoosinq a Triend or a hard worker was The decision sTudenTs had To make when elecTion Time was here. BeTore elecTicns were held The candidaTes had To prepare Themselves by making posTers handouTs and campaign speeches. Nervousness came inTo each candidaTe wiTh The embarrass- menT oT sTandinq beTore his Tellow classmaTes and Tearing The announcemenT oT The winners. PxTTer The announcemenT The winners would Tell The losers ThaT They were sorry ThaT boTh could noT win while The losers would always Tell The winners ThaT They would make The besT oTTicer yeT, A Tew days aTTer The TabulaTion was compleTed and The elecTions were oyer iT was always nice To hear Trom someone ThaT would say. l yoTed Tor you especially if you did noT know Thaf person. Even Though you miqhT haye losT The elec- Tion, buT someone did come To you and say ThaT They yoTed Tor you, you knew ThaT you had a Triend, PeTer Howell, Vice-presidenhal candidaTe perTorr'ns his speech beTore The sTudenT body on elecTion day. STUDENT LIFE Rela Tfonshfps make bono' lThough we came To school To learn, we were conTronTed our TirsT day wrTh relahonships. ln school, There were many relaTronshrps - good ones, bad ones, worlcrng relaTronships or romanTic relaTronships. No maTTer whaT TaceT oT school we were involved in, we had rela- Tronshlps. The mosT memorable relahonshrps were The ones we had wrTh Teachers. The rnalor- lTy oT our Teachers were in The under-TorTy age group. Unlrlce our parenTs beTore us. our Teacher relaTionships were besT because There was noT such a greaT Alcorn- munrcaTron gapfl OT'Ten, many exTra hours were spenT wlTh our Teachers. malcing an even sTronger bond in our relahonshlps. Gur romanTic relaTionshlps mosT proba- bly broughT abouT The mosT dlscussron. lT was noT unusual Tor us To hear oT rnulTiple 'brealrfupsll and "geT-TogeThersM ThroughouT The day. IT seemed ThaT our romanTrc relahonships changed as oTTen as our classes drd. Relahonships -They seemed To geT us Through The oTTen long school day. Many broughT abouT Tears oT happiness or sad- ness. buT They always made Tor a sTrong bond beTween us and our peers. Newspaper sfaffers Tammy Hrndman and Becky McCarrall spend Therr Trme loolrrng Through an old yearbook and recollechng old memorres. Ts J The darkroom rs The seTTrng Tor Judy Barnhill and LeRoy Kemper 5 Trrendshrp, New faces oTTen broughT new relahonshrps. Lee Canhon a new Tace aT NimrTz began To malce Trrends rrghT away. STUDENT LIFE .sqm if ,f ik, In order for acTors To play Therr roles musT exrsT a relalronshrp beTween Them. 44 ln..- Whiz kid Jim Wyah' works wifli llwe mallw come pufer in a working relcfionslwip, Blair Ward, Scoff Dean and classmafes spend ca special lime fogeiher during a class parfy. Receiving Foolball Sweefliearf honors is exfra special when your boyfriend is a feam cpafain. Such was flue case wiflw Vicky Wilson and Wey- lon Hargrove. S? STUDENT LIFE 43 ' He. .Al A . 'J N HH , wfvr 601 lub l mum wx o M --'-fd-elf une us ' . OPEN l you could be sur Yo lnd loyal lens who sm lr lx! " , AHBY H16 mdhy Fruday nlglwl lOOf qameg l Q L Y W Q -f' foqellwer through Tlmcl: and Tlmrw. 4 ,ww-fun .Www ,-ggv-f.,,...r-ef-f-' I . - Q S 'J' J J 1 .I . ,' 'li . a Q L ' l ' o 5 v- --'- 1 A - , - - In Q' 5U ' ' C o l mv-f W -ff b x an W- ..-eq, 0 .lx wg Being chosen by Nimifz sludents as fhe No, I 4 Q' lwanqouf. Sonic was flue meefmq place fo mee? ' -1- old and new friends. For Those who goT bored wiTh cruising, The Cir- cle Disco was The perTecT hangouT. Crowded parking loTs and honking horns was The aTmosphere while socializing aT The Taco Inn Life affer school ven Though classes were dismissed wiTh The 3 o'clock bell, a number of sTudenTs were able To meef friends laTe aT nighT for acTiviTies unrelafed wiTh school. This compleTes The sTory of sTudenT life wiTh The enioymenT ThaT each sTu- denT had when friends saT TogeTher and Talked abouT Their boy friends or girl friends, Their cars, or a conversaTion of whaT They were going To do ThaT weekend exchanged from car To car or from Table To Table. The mosT common place for These conversafions occur- red aT The Sonic drive-in, where sTudenTs could cruise around from one speaker To anoTher confusing The car- hops on The orders. SofT drinks and milk shakes were ordered in abundance aT The Sonic, while The pizza plaTTers were warmed up aT Pizza lnn afTer each fooTball game for Those who would back up The Team wiTh spiriT by aTTending The over-crowded pizza parlor. Overcrowded dance floors did noT sTop NimiTz sTudenTs from appearing aT clubs To parTicipaTe in learning The new sTeps for The hoT-acTion dancing. IT money wasn'T available To dance, eaT, or drink, many sTudenTs sTill came TogeTher To Talk, siTTing on each oTher's parked cars. CaTching up on rumors were The socialiTes from all Three high schools who regularly appeared aT The Taco Inn and lrving Public Library parking loT. Many embarrassing siTuaTions and many broken engagemenTs among friends were broughT up in These parking loTs. WiTh each of us growing up TogeTher for Twelve years, Those hangouTs seemed To cause many Vikings To be as close as a family. Behind The lrving Public Library was a popular meeTing place for many Nimifz sTudenTs To congregaTe and have a good Time wiTh Their buddies. STUDENT LIFE fi - - ,-cnc s . is Q , .i s . .. . ., NP is We ss R w Q Pwfki ' rw X X AlThough mosT sTudenTs were noT oT legal age. They were eniiTled To Their own opinion when They voTed Tor Their TavoriTes. Many diTTerenT decisions were Tallied. Trom The melancholy Sen- V. ' ior who Took The voTing seriously, To The apaTh- eTic sophomore who wanTed To creaTe a laugh from Triends by wrifing down a senseless fi- fi remark. Even Though some vofes had To be Thrown ouT, a maioriTy voTe led To The winners. ' I. The easiesT required subiecT was The reason mosT sTudenTs chose Elglish as Their TavoriTe . ' course in school. AlThough grammar was drilled and redrilled. and composiTions had To be rew- riTTen sTudenTs sTill wanTed To say ThaT English was Their TavoriTe course. 2. Because The acTion was packed wiTh enioy- menT as sTudenTs wenT 50 and exes came back. . . The sTudenTs never sTopped To realize ThaT This was a special Time oT Their sTudenT liTe. The involvemenT ol The whole sTudenT body prepar- k ing Tor all of The acTiviTies have each individual The mosT enioyable Time They would ever ' encounTer. This special Time was called Home- coming, The land OT Walt Disney. The Home- V ' k. n g ' coming Pep Rally chosen as The mosf ouTsTand- 2 ing pep rally because The spiriT from The enTire NimiTz Tamily led our Viking TooTball Team To an imporTanT vicTory. 3. Named as The main aTTracTion by boTh girls by a landslide as The sTudenTs' TavoriTe car. Being a sporTy car and having admirable looks gave every sTudenT The desire To own a . ki n F and boys was The Camero which pracTically won .?5..,5 i. .,,-55... hifi 'Tes V Vikin Vikin g F v Camero. even Though insurance raTes were so ' ' iiiqii. l ' n g a 4. Since mosT wanTed To be original, sTudenTs chose Dr Pepper as Their TavoriTe soTT drink. . . However. originaliTy was noT The only reason Tor V k F choosing Dr Pepper. Some sTudenTs wanTed To 1 'n g a beinacrowd and becomeapepper. 5. "Hey Gang! - Are The Cardinals going To gl Q 4 win This game?" Well. This was The TavoriTe V' n g cheer picked by The sTudenTs because iT goT everyone inTo The spiriT showing our Team . . . pride. l.aughTer and involvemenT caused The 'kin V O r I + e S cheerleaders To perform The cheer as well as The Q oTTen requesTs given by The sTudenTs caused The ' . . , cheerTo be erTormed Tre uenTl . Vi ing FavoriTes Vik. D Q Y . .s . 1 ii , .f .T Q S i f i .. f Lf 3 wsu ass ,g fi-fi ze V fir My 3 s Q s. f T ' c .ff , A-is , Qs if-1 T gfZQ?psQ,.f T T?.i1'nf .. L fa. K . T5 T . A, .rf , .... .. 32244 L T 222155325 z Hifiil Tfiaifagg f'h.i3vGif'2yg iffgvlzzf is sg , egg 31, s 'pi fn Fsaifte is ,., s ru as es Vili s Vili vor Viki ' af. ig g .f ing Fav Fav iTes 'Te F F li I S F O C "Q-..,,, A x-.....i-,,,. 1 F F. T I vw ' ,, i GV GV in iki I VC C 3 I T S f:fgi?i?g?'1Q 6, 'f 251. 'is wi its -- . i 'if fa i- fikwg :' owes W 1- 5 Q S: T Xl'l 6, W-iTh Americas TavoriTe sporT being TooT- 'kings followed TradiTion and also Their TavoriTe sporT. When rTanT games d ball, Vi Ted FooTball as won Those impo nd SouTh Gran ThaT TO I' VOI ing i 0 I :king iking Fa liking Fa Favori'l FavoriT acco OT college life, s Ties and af'TiliaTed TraTerniTie was The reason rnosT sTudenTs picked The mo ' as Their TavoriTe. ' who would always ask a sTupid ques- go To our nexT class?" vvk- F es I ing avori 0 0 F 1 s Viking ' Vi selec our TooTball Team againsT MacArThur, TriniTy, a Prairie. we held our heads up high showing we loved our Team and backed Them IOO per- cenT. 7. Every day when driving home from ThaT long day aT school. you Turn The radio on. always managing To hear The number one hiT. When- ever The elecTions were held, The song "Le Freak," chosen as The TavoriTe song. was aT The Top oT The charTs. When The song was heard. sTudenTs would drive on The road keeping up wiTh The beaT and screaming "Freak ouTl". 8. ATTer Toofball and baskeTball games, many sTudenTs decided To Till Their empTy sTomachs aT The new hangouT called CrysTals, selecfed as Their TavoriTe place To eaT. The new, exciTing pizza and spagheTTi parlor sTopped many sTu- denTs in amazemenf when They TirsT saw The scenery inside and oufside The palace. Knowing abouf The TV room upsTairs, The TheaTer. and The aquarium Table, many sTudenTs came To enioy a peaceful rnomenT oT eaTing. Being able To make your own sundae To where The Topping would drip all over your fingers, and having To dare one oT your Triends To buy a Trozen yogurT To Tind ouT whaT They really TasTed like, were reasons sTudenTs wenT To CrysTals. 9, ElecTed as The TavoriTe movie was "Animal House," The zany movie abouT a TraTerniTy called DelTa House ThaT had wild parTies and mplished nofhing, RelaTing To our ConcepT I hown by The rash of Toga par- s and sororiTies, If vie IO. Friends Tion like, "do we have To was someTimeS answered by The phrase. "Duhl" AdapTing To The phrase was even ad-libbed by Tony Macevicius in The Sen- ior play when he answered a sTupid quesTion wiTh The phrase, causing laughTer in The audi- T you geT irriTaTed when someone uesTions wiTh "Duh.i' real- s sTupid and ence. I of your q asked wa ers one haT The quesTion you mber never To ask iT again. asnw :Ze T FGYTTG ing iking -s 5, Te ,S Viking FavoriTes . Er, i sw ,K . ,, .Wi 5, 1 'TW cf swf. Miz, as wg. --was cgi? W is 51 if 6 ai 23 K Q J f T? 5 i T4 'vs :L is .. mn' Pi , .9443 - i iisruoeiv as ik TLIFE T Vik. in fn i. fFV?N3'Z.-' .., ,J , Edu r UM.. 'W fem f, M2515 , Www yin, - 7,5 vi. 2' ,Wifi We Yielffg ws 'wi-A 4 Y.. :sg ,, gg Eg Q iii ?5'G!iYzf3. fi. mea x ' hu , . g 4 7 . M 5 l i,. . " :f1',f,:q-wt , ,, H 411,41 ff?if"4, gym m 'L ' '14 , fm, K W , ae' N , A g.mgz,,,, 1 Z 0 al 5':55iW Tiff .1 ' w?tf1 :,'f'w v1'g,',Q--:t', vfvk fs. 9, 1 l omecoming courf, Miss Flame finalisfs. Skihonner conresl- anrs, Sweefhearfs and Beaus, Who's Who, Favorifes. Mosl Valuable, and Mr. and Miss NHS is rhe make-up of honors. During rhe year. rhese vari- ous honors were besfowed upon sfu- denrs who showed leadership among fellow classmares. Surprise lingered over 'rhe school as awards such as Who's Who and Mr. and Miss NHS were nor revealed unfil rhe end of rhe year ar rhe Awards Assembly. The srudenf body spenf a greaf deal of Time saying, "I rhink he will win rhis award" "I ber she gels Home- coming Queenu "I knew he would Edi'ror: Kay Bauman receive The award for Who's Who in English." Somefimes fhe srudenr body was surprised when rhese hon- ors were announced. The recipien+s of such honors were so excired fhaf somefimes They cried, laughed, or didn'+ really know wha? To do. They realized. Though, fha? fhese accom- plishmenls could noi' have been ful- filled if someone had nor cared. The adminisfrarion, faculfy and sfudenf body acred as one fo succeed in everyfhing 'rhey aflempfed. Because we were all in if rogefher. 'fhe slu- denl body shared in The ioy fhaf each winner experienced when an honor was received. Honors consis+s of a grear amount of hard work, lime and effort The excifemenr shown on fhe laces of winners is shared by every member of The sfudeni body. Waylon Hargrove, iunior foolball player, congrafulafes Vicky Wilson as she is crowned Foofball Sweefhearf. HONORS Miss NHS if we Wi'Th concern ano' o'eo'icaTion 0 us. 'Sir all ln every Thing Gayle CovingTon did, iT was easy To spoT The concern, dedicaTion and supporT she had Tor NimiTz. She unselfishly gave oT herselT To The Choir, The cheerleading squad, The STudenT Council . . .and The lisT goes on. Gayla was included among The highly honored Who's Who Among American High School STu- denTs. In Who's Who, she gained naTional recogniTion: in January OT I979. she also received area recogni- Tion as The Irving Daily News Senior oT The MonTh. HONORS The varsify cheerleading squad and The Choir claimed The maioriTy oT Gaylas Time and TalenT. She was head cheerleader her senior year and as such, her supporT seemed endless. Gayla was a member oT The Girls Choir, The Madrigal Singers and The All-Region Choir. Gayla served as The Chorales vice presidenT and hisTo- rian. Gaylas involvemenT and honors didn'T end There as she was also cho- sen STudenT Council parliamenTarian, sophomore class oTTicer and TavoriTe and NHS member. Mr. NHS 5.3551 S 'is' g. S in T' John T on9Q t . They fefr Their marks here were Tew who didn'T recog- nize John Thomas' name when iT was menTioned aT school, and There were even Tewer who would disagree ThaT John had leTT his mark aT NimiTz in many ways. As public relaTions direcTor Tor The Band and The Sword 81 Shield, John's voice came over The loud speaker every morning To remind us of special evenTs. He had a sTyle ThaT caughT everyones aTTenTion. John also served excellenTly as co-ediTor oT The Sword 8: Shield, STudenT Council reporTer and hisTorian, and NHS member. Especially during his senior year, John received several ouTsTanding honors. He was The NimiTz winner OT The CenTury Ill Leadership CompeTi- Tion. and as a climax To his achieve- menTs, he was selecTed To be in Who's Who Among American High School STudenTs and was named as The Irving Daily News Senior of The MonTh Tor OcTober. HONORS Mr. and Miss Finalists' ' Leaving behind their signs ofsuccess s school seemed to be in a constant state ot contusion it was not always possible to note the accomplishments students had made. As the search tor tvtr. and Miss NHS began it was time to spotlight those that did tremen- dously well in their tour years at Nimitz. These were the tinalists tor'd tvtiss and as they graduated. it was clear to see all the signs ot success they had lett behind. This year the senior class was under the responsible direction ot class president Scott Crew: his success was noted in the class' out- standing achievements. Because ot his equal devotion in many many other organizations. he -W HONORS was named Outstanding Youth by the Optimist Club. In the past tour years Don Witt has been immensely successtul, He was named Exchange Club Youth as a senior and had many achieve' ments to baclr up this honor f class and Stu' dent Council officer. Varsity tootball captain and NHS member. Jett Owens made his senior year memorable by being named a National Merit Scholarship Commended Student. He was a member ot NHS and Mu Alpha Theta. As an NJROTC Executive Otticer. Joe Baugh ben' etited Nimitz. He was a member ot the Chess Club and Mu Alpha Theta. This year. hundreds ot students watched Jen- niter Marshall as she was a huge success in the Senior Play. Jenniter was also named as a National Merit Scholarship Commended Std dent and was a member ot the varsity tenni team NHS and Mu Alpha Theta. The achieve ments ot the Student Council were directly rel ated to its tine president. Anna-Lesa Moor Her respect tor this position and the ones sh held in several other organizations gained he the honor ot being named Outstanding Youtl by the Optimist Club. Stacie Stipes was one o the most concerned ot all Nimitz students. ann she proved to be a tavorite to many. as she wal named Basketball Sweetheart. and class otticei and tavorite. Cathy Hamilton gave completi dedication to the Vilcas as a Vilra Lieutenant She was also a member ot the People to Peopli Ambassador Program NHS and Mu Alphi lheta. 1 f .-.. 4 . itunes 'Nl-hw ,Q - "ilk ,qs-4' " iv' HONORS 53 page T " Valhalla Courf - - K 5 w Z. it , s sf. s Fall Valhalla courr each girl a Winner alhalla weeic had To be one of The highe lighTs of The school year -The momenl when old and presenT sTudenTs alilce ioined in The many Homecoming acTiviTies with a special lcind of spiriT. The Time was especially memora- ble Tor The girls chosen To be in The Valhalla Court This years CourT held Ann Dean. sopho- more princess: Brenda Reeves. iunior princess: AnneTTe Bilbrey, senior princess: Tina Taylor, Valhalla Queen: Beclcy McCarrell, senior prin- cess' and Teresa MaThis, freshman princess, in a high posiTion ol honor and disTincTion. ATTer being voTed upon by The senior class, Tina Taylor became The l978-79 Valhalla Queen. Tina said Thal she had never expecTed To receive an honor so ouTsTanding as Valhalla Queen. When she considered how preTTy The ofher princesses were and how They, Too, deserved The T'iTle, Tina cherished This honor even more. This was a perTecT addiTion To Tina's lisT ol honors. As a sophomore, she was a JV cheerleader and since Then, she has been a var- siTy cheerleader. She was selecTed To be a mern- ber ol The STudenT Council, and during her iun- ior year, Tina was class TavoriTe. To principal Roy Curry, each of The girls was a winner 7 To be in The Valhalla CourT was a magniTicenT honor in iTselTi. Tina Taylor HONORS Traolfionaf sfage sef for homecoming ach oT The Homecoming acTiviTies was special. buT There was one acTiviTy, one lasTing TradiTion ThaT sTood ouT above The oThers -The presenTaTion oT The Valhalla CourT, Homecom- ing nighT. On November 4. The nine-year TradiTion was enacTed once more as Anna-l.esa Moore. STu- denT-Council presidenT, inTroduced The CourT's princesses and announced The new Queen. Mr. Curry Then added The mosT special Touch To The ceremony. Along wiTh The Two children as crown bearer and Tlower girl, Mr. Curry crowned Tina Taylor as Valhalla Queen. Tina's escorT. STeve CarTer. sTood by as she was given The TiTle. The momenT everyone had anTicipaTed was over so soon. YeT, This TradiTional ceremony has never failed To leave behind a feeling oT warmvh and TogeTherness. A feeling of nervousness came over iunior prin- cess. Brenda Reeves and escorT, John Randle. beTore walking on The Tield. IT was only momenTs beTore The crowning, as Tina Taylor anxiously awaiTs being inTroduced wiTh escorT, STeve CarTer, NJROTC Com- mander. IT was The climax oT The evening when Mr. Curry crowned The queen. STeve CarTer waTches proudly on during This very special momenT. HONORS PRINCESSES SHARE EEELXNGS OE RARE MOMENT he memory oT Homecoming was Tilled wiTh one unTorgeTTable momenT aTTer anoTher in The minds oT The Tive Homecoming princesses. Each wenT Through an experience They will look back upon Tor The resT oT Their lives. Senior princess AnneTTe Bilbrey could Think OT no beTTer way To Top oTT her senior year Than by being chosen as a princess. Homecoming was an incredible Time Tor her. AnneTTe's Tamily and Triends were Thrilled, and as ScoTT Crew escorTed her onTo The Tield, each was as happy as she was. Becky lvlcCarrell believed ThaT being chosen as a princess her lasT year was The nicesT Thing ThaT could have happened. Her smile could be seen by everyone as she was selecTed, and her smile remained on To Valhalla nighT as she sTood wiTh her escorT, Jim CalverT. Seniors AnneTTe Bilbrey, Tina Taylor and Becky lvlcCarrell each believed ThaT being in The CourT is The highlighf of Their year. Becky McCarrell has had a Tulhlling senior year hrs? as a Varsity cheerleader and Then as Valhalla princess, Jim CalverT sTudenT coun cil vice-presidenf was selecTed To ac? as Becky's escorT AnneT'le Bilbrey, maior of The Vikas, was never more nervous Than she was during The presenTaTion oT The CourT wiTh her escorT ScoTT Crew senior class preside-nT, HONORS 56 . , 3 s Brenda Reeves was lnnounced junior princess, she could nly Think oT how greaT iT was ThaT her ylass had chosen her To represenT 'hem in This way. Brenda was also elecTed lasT year, so being a member EXT The CourT had an even more special eaning To her. WiTh John Randle as ier escorT, Brenda walked onTo The oo+baII Tield knowing ThaT her class as behind her all The way. Brenda has een a member oT The STuclenT Coun- il and This year she was a varsiTy Being chosen sophomore princess made Ann Dean Teel especially proud To be a parT oT The sophomore class. She could remember no oTher Time when she TelT happier Than she did when she was selecTed. This happiness lasTed beyond The Homecoming acTiviTies as Ann and her escorT, Ron- nie Kemp, heard her name being announced during halT-Time. As a Treshman, Ann was also a princess in The CourT. Ann was a member oT The JV cheerleading squad, gymnasTics Team, Valhalla sTaTT and STudenT Council. Teresa lvlaThis was exTremely sur- prised when she was announced Tresh- man princess. WiTh This being her TirsT year aT NimiTz, iT made Teresa Teel even more honored To be included in a group she had always admired. She considered This To be The greaTesT complimenT her class could have everg given her. As Treshmen, Teresa and her escorT. ScoTT Bourland, were The TirsT To be presenTed beTore The crowd Homecoming nighT. Teresa was also chosen as Treshman class secre- Tary, FHA presidenT and STudenT uur-1... .... 3 . gy and escorT. K Council member. Ann Dean, sophomore princess, is proven To be an asseT To her class by being chosen princess boTh years, Ronnie Kemp. sophomore class presidenT, proudly served as her escorT. 4-A f-JN ,,, wr'-f" ld' Teresa Mafhis leTT a deTiniTe mark al NimiTz by being chosen class oTTicer and Valhalla princess. Freshman class presidenT ScoTT Bourland has The Q,-4 honor oT being Teresa's escorT. Brenda Reeves, iunior princess, wears a beauTi- Tul smile as she and her escorT. John Randle recall The same Time lasT year when They were picTured TogeTher as The sophomore princess HONORS Miss Flame Five finaiisfs experience excifemenf ofpageanr here are many ways To describe The experience oT being in a beauTy pageanT - hecTic, nerve-wracking. unique, Thrilling, and above all, exciTing. CrickeTT T-lackeTT, Tammy Hindman, Joni Mammen, Carolyn Olsovsky and Phyllis WhiTe had The opporTuniTy To live Through This experience as The Tive NimiTz Tinal- isTs Tor lrving's l979 Miss Flame Pageant The Sep-Tember I6 preliminaries marked The way Tor The I2 girls who were chosen To be This year's Miss Flame conTesTanTs. ATTer The iniTial shock oT being selecTed had passed, They busily prepared Tor The nighT oT The pageanT. Each nighT The Tinal- isT meT To rehearse dances and work on The evenings overall rouTine. BeTore The prel- iminaries, each girl was required To com- pose a 300-word essay on Fire PrevenTion. SepTember 30 came very quickly, and The Two weeks oT preparaTion were puT To The TesT. The MacArThur High School audifarium was Tilled To capaciTy as The I2 conTesTanTs gaThered To dance, model and answer quesTions Trom Bob Gooding, mas- Ter of ceremonies. Barri Murphy. oT MacArThur, received The cheers and applause oT everyone when she was selecTed as The l979 Miss Flame. To each oT The Tive TinalisTs. The experi- ence had been boTh exciTing and worTh- while. NoT only had each gained selT-conTi- dence, They also gained Il new Triends, and The memory of a once-in-a-liTeTime experience. HONORS .ll Tammy had always wanTed To be in a beauTy pageanT. Even Though iT had been hecTic, she would deTiniTely do iT all over again. Carolyn feels ThaT meeTing and becoming Triends wifh The oTher conTesTanTs was The besT parT oT The pageanT experience. Bl eh! i ' ,Q E ...Q Ei i Sail' z - Ti iii 5, ww uf' WY' 'c if V iii ' M ,, , L 'f . ,- ,, nf , M, I' gens N as f ...,. i 'Q The highlighi of fhe experience. fo Joni, was on 'rhe day of fhe preliminaries as she heard her name being called ou? as a finalisf. Joni Mammen, Phyllis While Tammy Hindman, Criclceff Hackeif and Carolyn Olsovsky gafher once again as Nimiiz's I979 Miss Flame final- isfs. One of fhe mosi exciiing moments in Crickeffs life was when she was chosen as one oi 'rhe I2 Miss Flame confesfanfs. sw. 63.2 y ' f' 'fpwiii 7'7"'f' 'WE gf ' fl' f L' ',: 'E' ia,'sssii is Q , ' 'f 6141 . ' f Q 1' Mag gy, 4 H' K ,inf 9,3 'l y V ' 1 lli M ai" l " Z'i"1i: 1 iLY il If X M N? M M ,is f fi 'iii 'Q - - 4' l 1 Wt fs' W ,.. Ha clc e H -W V, ,V AM, ' M "' Wswm a. , if , l By being involved in ihe Miss Flame pageant Phyllis learned fo communicafe wi'fh people more easily. MISS FLAME SHhonneT Renunkcenf ofheaven memorable March evening Tilled wiTh incredible exciTemenT and endless beauTy - This could very well describe The nighT oT SkihonneT. "Too Much Heaven" was The Theme OT This years pageanT, and as The music began, The conTesTanTs walked Through a series oT momenTs ThaT seemed unbelievable and dreamlike. As never before, There were 66 conTesTanTs in The pageanT - more sTudenTs could be nominaTed and more had The chance OT being named SkihonneT handsome or beauTy. The Theme was carried Through as conTesT- anTs modeled in surroundings reminis- cenT oT heaven. The panel oT iudges made Their decision, and Three cou- ples Trom each class were selecTed as winners. SkihonneT was an escape from The school rouTine: iT was a nighT ThaT had been looked Torward To by 66 nervous conTesTanTs and scores oT oTher anx' ious sTudenTs who could hardly waiT To see if Their Triends would win. s s.sss Qt' !gg f - J-, N y . s ,w 6 s .T ,S as is , A , .as l1s isswo' a .N . .4 .X - 5 sig? ' gh M KK Q f, xxl ,lx pw ,rs 1 T Nm' 1, 'K Senior 'finalisfs lLe'FT To righil, Donna Coach . . . Becky McCarrell . . . Mark BaTes and BrenT Scoggins. Senior Skihonnef TinaIisTs lLefT To righfl STa- cie Sfipes. . .Tammy Hindman . . . Brad ShelTon and David Canady. 60 HONORS - Senior pageani finalisls lLef+ fo righfl S+eve Woodard . , . Gayla Covington . . . Vicky Wilson and Don Wifi. in Senior finalish John Porfer and Tina Taylor. . . nof picfured, Monny Websfer and Anneffe Bil- brey. Junior confesianis lTop fo bohoml Taryn Whit- ley. . . Kelly Shrum . . . Keri McFarland . . . Keiflw Meelcs . . . Randi Fisher and Kevin Wol- ever. Junior Slihonnei linalisfs, Brenda Reeves and David Peiser .inof picfured, Don Hurley. HONORS - -- Slcjfvonnef Junior finalisfs iFron+ row, lef+ fo rigi1HMeiadie M Tiireii. . .Wayiion Hargrove iBaclrrow,ief1 +o righil Jonn Randle and Cindy Curry. Junior pageaniQon+e5fan1siLef++o righil Snerr, O Hara . . . Stacie Dane and Mark Briies iNof picfuredl Sarah Enright. i 'N' 'I' 3 r f I v . s . I i 1 sg aaaa i i SQ l I m Sophomore Slrihonnei confesfanfs iLef1' 'lo righfl Buzzy Murphy . . . Kim Hooper. . . Terry Ussery. . .Laurie Holf and Mike Frifz. HONORS Sophomore confesfanh iLe'H fo righfl Susan Carpman . . . Ann Dean . , . Ronnie Kemp and Tracy Cowen. Sophomore handsome and beaufy finalisfs iLeH io righfl Corinne Pies? . . . Donnie Kemp and Cafhy Griffith. 2? Q """w.. Sophomore Slrihonnof nominees lLeH fo righil Scoffy Johnson . . . Carrie Weaver . . . Elaine Willaford and David Saenz. r Qin 5'- L . ,,,. 1 HONORS 63 Q-"-nur Slcjhonnef Freshman 'finalish Hop +o boHoml Joe Wafsorv . . .Sonia Tubbs. . .David Wilder. . .Deri- ise Bradford . . .Valory Aldridge and Anflwony Acosfa. Freshman Slrihonne+ corwesianfs fLef+ +o righil Greg Smi+l'i . . .Monica O'Seid and Ciiff Pace. 64 HONORS X l Freshman con+es+an+s fLef+ +o righil Jiii John' son . . .Greg Lopez . . . SQOH Bouriand and Fiecia Pipkins. Freshman finaiisfs fFronf row, Ief+ fo righfj Bubba Jwecica, . .Sarah Green fBaclr row, leff +o righfi Demise Cueiiar . . . Darren Hafi and Feiecia Piplriris. Sweefhearfs and Beaus W ig A 'figs '21 I -. Se 1' 'i-slam N .." ina ,why . :J-'Q td E 4O"v.,ir y 4. 'J' ' -gvaafa, if - J '1ff'i:fiv', ,nm Qui' ,af inf' stain-all xv, Uv QQ' Y Loyal fans in or lose, lhere were cerlain people in lhe crowds al Foolball, Vol- leyball. Baskelball and Baseball games who slood oul above all olhers. The games could have been played here or miles away, and lhose special fans would slill be There. Their voices overe powered all olhers, and no maller how 'rhe Team was doing, il was nexl 'ro impossible lo keep 'rhem calm al lhe games. To honor lheir loyal fans, each Viking leam named a Sweelhearl or Beau. The lirsl lo be named was Fool' ball Sweelhearl, Vicki Wilson. Vice Principal, lvlr. Jerry Winn was nexl as he was named Volleyball Beau. The Boys' Baskelball leam voled Sfacie Slipes as lheir Sweelhearl, and Peler l'lowell was Girls' Baskelball Beau. Marcia Wilson was named Baseball Sweelhearl. Varsify players Tony l-lorlon, lsaac Buller and Foolball Sweelhearl Vicky Wilson share a verv special relalionship, alfer she was announced as lheir mosl special lan, -W Q lf, '4 M dia L in The Spring pep rally resul+ed in one of lhe lin' esl experiences Marcia Wilson ever encoun- fered as she was announced Baseball Sweela hear' and presented wilh flowers from lhe Team. Affer being announced as Volleyball Beau lvlr. Jerry Winn is escorled by Adele Dorbrilz and Vicki Villareal lo lhe poinl where he will receive his lhanks lrom The Volleyball players. HONORS Sweefhearfs and Beaus DevoTeo' helpers. . . evoTion To an organizaTior. could be seen by The concern one showed and The assisTance one unselT- ishly gave. ln addiTion To The SweeT- hearTs and Beaus named by Viking Teams. The Vikas and The Choir also Took The opporTuniTy To show Their graTiTude To Those ThaT helped Them The mosT. Members oT The Vikas chose Tom Blough and David Canady as Their Beaus. lT was Their way oT Thanking Them Tor all Their exTra supporT aT games and pracTices. In Choir, NaTa- lie Shumacher and Brad ShelTon were chosen by Their Tellow Choir members Tor Their conTinuing help and involve- menT. Those aT The pep rally are as exciTed as STacie STipes. as she receives The cape OT BaskeTball SweeThearT Trom Jimmy Davis and Ricky Hino- lose. ini S1 66 HONORS Vika officers surround Tom Blough and David Canady - The ones ThaT made Their year more enioyable and a loT easier: IFronT row, leff To righfl Cindy Curry, Beau David Canady, KaThy Ramsey, wack row, leTT To righfl Carolyn Olsov- sky, Tamie Bryan, Beau Tom Blouqh, AnneTTe Bilbrey, Jeana Sawyer and CaThy HamilTon, A s K " f r Afler having been announced Baskefball Beau fha? morning, Pefer Howell fallrs fo fwo of The players who gave him 'the lille. Mindy Sferling and Lynn Flaherfy. If seemed like Choir Sweefhearf, Na+alie Shu- macher was always fhere when help was needed. As a very falenled sfudenl and as a sfudenf-aide, Nafalie was always very dependa- ble. into ,, As e favorile of many Choir sfudenfs, Brad Shellon was vofed Choir Beau. His friendly per- sonaliry, his musical abilify and his dedicafion were iusf a few of fhe reasons he was chosen, HONORS - - --SweeThearTs and Beaus Fa vorffe members iTh The Symphonic Band having 54 members The ConcerT Band 65. and The NJROTC 76 members. a person would have To be incredibly special To be chosen as SweeThearT or Beau. And whaT made Them everyones TavoriTes7 For one, Their opTimisTic aTTiTudes, and secondly, Their acComplishrnenTswiThinTheorqaniZaTior1s. Symphonic Band Beau and SweeThearT were seniors Chad Bailey and Susan Cans Terbury. They deserved The recoqnihon They were given as They had worked Their wa, up To be Two oT The mosT valuable bard members. Junior Ben Uvalde was ConcerT Band Beau Celinda Lindsey lun- ior and Mary luscana, Treshman. shared The honor OT Band SweeThearT. Tammi l-luser was given a sign oT appreciahon, as she was named NJ ROTC SweeThearT. Chad Bailey, Symphonic Band Beau, was One example oT a band member who was boTh well- Txed and musically accomplrshed. Mary Tuscana was an lnsTanT success wiTh The members OT ConcerT Band as They showed by naming her one oT The Band SweeThearTs Ben Uvalde. CorneT player had To be one of The mosT friendly and popular oT all ConcerT Band members, as he was selecTed as This year s Band Beau. HONORS Q ,QL 'M I ire' Ir: . W -ZA f-Q, s 52:15 , Hag, , f5yia4,',M. Ceffnda Lindsey gun gi gal ,Q H Even +hough fhe Symphonic Band was an extremely iarqe orqanizanon Susan Canter, bury was abie fo capfure Uwe heads of many of Hs members as Huey named her Sym' phonic Band Sweemearf. 1 K X N f'az.sf 4 ,-,....---1 51 e M? Tammf' I-luser Cade? Lieufenanf Tamrnr Huser was crowned as ine new NJROTC Queen af ine Annual Naval Cade? Bair. Commander Sfeve Carfer escorfs her affer 'me momeni of Hue arvnouncemeni. The 'rifle of Concerr Band Sweetheart was shared mis year as Band members beueved fha? Cellrvda Lindsey deserved ?o be recog- nized for being sucn a qreaf assei io the orqanizafron. Hofvofes 69 Class Fa voriTes---- 4, V M 4' . ' 3...-ly wa s W' vs' l 1' The highesf complimenf haT does iT really mean To someone To lcnow ThaT Their Tellow classmaTes consider Them To be Their TavoriTes? lT's an overwhelming Teel- ing To say The leasT - a Teeling ThaT doesn'T reach iTs climax unTil The momenT aTTer They've been announced, and They realize iusT whaT They've received. They've received The hiqhesT complimenT Their class could give Them. On Jan. 26, The STudenT Council held Their monThly school dance, The highliqhT oT which was The announce- menT oT class TavoriTes. ScoTT Bourland and Teresa MaThis were named Tresh- man TavoriTes: Ann Dean and Terry Ussery were chosen by The sopho- mores as Their TavoriTes: junior Tavor- iTes were Brenda Reeves and David Peiser: and Tina Taylor and Don WiTT were announced as senior class Tavor- iTes, 70 1-iofvofes 3 hr 15-"-L' . 09' , 455' YE ,ff"" 'i fi'- The Freshman class gladly besTowed many hon- see why Their class believed Them To be ors upon Teresa MaThis and ScoTT Bourland This TavoriTes year. WiTh all They conTribuTed iT was clear To , x GW Being selecfed as class favori+e was a fribule fo Fronf row, Ieff fo righfl Ann Dean, Tina Taylor, Brenda Reeves. wack row, leff io righf, Scoff Bourland. Don Wifi, Teresa Mallwis, David Peiser and Terry Ussery for flweir class involve- menf and supporl in flne past year, ig M995 1- xii- P1 V1 VIH nu-,H T U X . Ci' 9' . i I. x ,Q KR I 9 A Q- y ' F x l Q fly M., xiii T f s, X rg ly Fx, ?h I we 2 ex, , an I i n. QT X ,,......-M- Gif 4,0 i1 S For fhe las+ lwo years, Tina Taylor and Don WM have gone hand in lwand as flwe senior class lavorules, . grf-'if' " ,....n.-y1'----- 'rw' W '15 m as r Q Q y f y ' 92' 'lll i V' ,, . . of l I By being chosen iunior class favorifes fhis year and lasf year. Brenda Reeves and David Peiser were shown lime and Time again how much Their class really admires and appreciafes Them. Two people wlwo delinifely seemed fo go foqeflwer as ones who supporfed and repre- sernled Their class well were Ann Dean and Terry Ussery - 'rlwaf is wha? flue many sophomores believed, as flwey named fnem as class lavorifes. HONORS 7, l -- --l-Who 's Who l STuo'enTs gain well-deserved recognihon s a NimiTz TradiTion aT The end OT The year, every deparTmenT Took The Time To recognize one sTudenT - a sTudenT ThaT had leTT an impression upon Them by Their hard work, Their ouTsTanding accomplishmenTs or Their Tremendous sense OT dedicaTion and responsibiliTy. The Who's Who award has always had a special meaning To Those who received Them. lT was a momenT when English ourTh-year English gained The repuTaTion Tor being a raTher diTTiculT course over The pasT years. Senior Brenda Barnes proved ThaT she could handle The work ThaT wenT behind The class - and handle iT in a remarkable manner. WiTh her discipline, Thor- oughness and TalenT wiTh words, Brenda was an excellenT sTudenT dur- ing each acceleraTed English course she Took. She had a consisTenTly high academic average in The class, she always TulTilled The assignmenTs given, and she always conTribuTed To class discussions. Biofog y cerTain criTeria was used This year in selecTing Who's Who in Biol- ogy, and insTrucTor, Ms. Hazel Wal- lace believed Thaf senior Don WiTT displayed each oT The qualiTies. Y ' subiecT, Don was capable oT doing well on anyThing ThaT was covered. WiTh his high grades and his exTremely courTeous class aTTiTude, Don was an excellenT conTribuTion To his class and To The deparTmenT. 72 HONORS Don made superior grades by doing well on each oT The labs and TesTs. WiTh his obvious inTeresT in The They realized ThaT The special eTTorT They had puT TorTh had been well worTh iT. Who's Who was a TribuTe To each sTudenT's skill and desires and a reTlecTion oT Their dedicaTion and Tal- enT. By working hard in science, band, or aThleTics, each sTudenT was working Toward Their personal goals oT devel- oping knowledge or sharpening skills. This award was recogniTion by The school Tor Those special eTTorTs. Each recipienT was chosen Tor dif- TerenT reasons. There were superb! qualiTies ThaT only They possessed., Perhaps a loT was expecTed oT Those ThaT were considered Tor The award, buT whaT made Them sTand ouT above The oThers was ThaT They always did' everyThing ThaT was expecTed OT Them. WhaTever They were asked To do, They did, and They did iT well. if i U B e arn 213' 5 -. r if 6 ,Q-is Physics - ChemfsTry hysics and Chemisfry. Two oT The mosT complex science courses oTTered, presenTed a challenge To mosT sTudenTs. WiTh discipline and skill, Conrad Vickroy and STeve PaTrick meT Those challenges, Conrad Vickroy. Whois Who in Physics. dem- onsTraTed a high level oT inTelligence and sciene TiTic curiosiTy Through The many complicaTed labs. lecTures and TesTs. Conrad possessed ouTf sTanding leadership and a clear sense oT pur- pose - qualiTies ThaT helped him succeed in class. As Whos Who in ChemisTry, STeve PaTrick showed a subsTanTial inTeresT in ChemisTry. as well as all other sciences. He revealed This inTerf esT by having a greaT deal oT knowledge on The subiecT. He knew abouT many Topics ThaT had noT been covered in class. ST-eve was an excellenT sTudenT in ThaT he would always pay close aTTenTion and would always display excellenT reasoning abiliTy in each aspecf oT The course. Ma Themaffcs T Took a cerTain kind oT sTudenT ThaT could work wiTh diTTiculT concepTs in maThemaTics. Karen Kubica. senior. was exacTly The kind oT sTudenT ThaT could deal wiTh The oTTen absTracT ide- als discussed in The course. In The pasT Tour years. her grades remained consisTenTly high as she Took each maTh course. As a senior, Karen Took The Tinal Two courses oTTered. Tri- gonomeTry and ElemenTary Analysis. She was a very inTelligenT sfudenf. buT even more ouTsTanding was her conscienTiousness. IT was The one dual' iTy in her classwork ThaT seemed To overpower everyThing else. l-ler eTTorT To do well in class was exTremely high. l-ler assignmenTs were always well pree pared. and There was never a Time when she wasniT ready To begin The nexT days work. - Honors 73 Who's Who Social STuo'ies ori BarTleTT, senior. could be described as The per'TecT sTudenT Tor Social STudies. To Ms. Linda Hal- comb, Social STudies insTrucTor, Lori was deTiniTely an ideal sTudenT - her aTTiTude was one OT The besT To be seen. and her inTeresT was a welcome sighT To any Teacher. One OT Lori's mosT admirable quali- Ties was ThaT she was always ready To learn. Her responsive and inquisiTive naTure helped The class in many ways. She always helped in TurThering class discussion, and her inTeresT inspired an inTeresT in Those around her. During her senior year, Lori was enrolled in STS 6overnmenT and beTore ThaT, she had Taken alrnosT every Social STudies course available. The TacT ThaT she did so well in each course, proved ThaT she had an inTer- esT and undersTanding Tor Social STud- ies. She had The abiliTy To grasp The idea oT each concepT discussed. Arr ld HONORS ean Schlarbaurn, senior, was a new sTudenT aT NimiTz This year. And To The ArT deparTmenT, she added a new, inTeresTing and creaTive sTyle all her own. Jean was an insTanTaneous success in ArT, and she leTT a very Tavorable impression upon all Those she worked wiTh. Jean's versaTiliTy was by Tar one of her mosT ouTsTanding TeaTures. She worked well in many diTTerenT medias oT ArT. She showed a Tremendous amounT oT enThusiasm in everyThing she did. and she always kepT her mind open To new ideas and concepTs. Jean was conTinually Trying new Things. DespiTe The possibiliTy ThaT she might have Tailed. Jean was sTill willing To Try a new and imaginaTive idea, iusT Tor The sake oT aTTempTing success aT someThing diTTerenT. For Jean, mosT oT her aTTempTs did resulT in success. Lori Barfleh ew Phofography or newspaper and yearbook workers, The phoTographer was The one who had To be depended upon. Senior Freddie HOTT possessed The Type oT dependabiliTy, as a phoTograf pher, ThaT made everyone else's iob much easier. DespiTe his involvemenT in oTher acTiviTies, he was willing To work as much as he could Tor boTh sTaTTs. Dur- ing many busy Times oT The year when several picTures had To be Taken and developed every day, Freddie noT only TulTilled his responsibiliTies, he helped oThers TulTill Theirs. Yearbook - Newspaper hefa xcellenT workers behind The scenes OT The school's publicaTions were responsible Tor making The year- book and newspaper greaT successes. Carolyn AncheTa and John Thomas were Two such hard workers. Over The Three years They spenT in iournalism, They boTh proved To be invaluable To Their sTaTTs. As co-ediTor oT The Valhalla. Caro- lyn AncheTa worked many long hours Trying To make each piece oT The year- book TiT TogeTher. Even as Things goT TighT Toward The end, Carolyn helped by developing a sTronger Torm oT leadership -- a leadership ThaT made everyThing go a liTTle srnooTher. To everyone on The yearbook sTaTT, she was a never-ending source OT help, encouragemenT and opTimism. John Thomas. co-ediTor oT The Sword 81 Shield, showed how valuable he was To The newspaper sTaTT many Times over. He was a Tremendous inTluence in making The paper some- Thing To be very proud OT. WiTh a greaT amounT oT versaTiliTy, John conTribuTed To each aspecT oT The paper. Trom inTerviewing popular and inTluenTial celebriTies down To Thinking oT and developing sTory ideas. wriTing sTories and ediTing maTerial. He was always There To share in any responsibiliTy, big or small. - HONORS 75 Who's Who Speech TTer exhibiTing many unique qualiTies and proving his abiliTy To such a high degree, Jim CalverT, sen- ior. was chosen as The worThy recipi- enT oT The Whos Who honor in Speech. Jim was a member of The execuTive council oT The NaTional Forensic League. and because of his acTive parTicipaTion and high level of per- formance in Speech TournamenTs, Jim acquired The mosT NFL poinTs. l-le showed his versaTiliTy in compeTiTion by doing well in many evenTs. As a junior, Jim won TirsT place in OraTory. and during his senior year, Jim quali- Tied in Two TournamenT evenTs, Origi- nal OraTory and ExTemporaneous Speaking, which made him eligible To be a Top compeTiTor in The year's STaTe TournamenT. Aside Trom achievemenTs in Tourna- menT, Jim has shown excellenT leader- ship in class. He showed concern Tor all members oT TournamenT class by giving consTanT encouragemenT and consTrucTive criTicism. Drama our years of experience in every area of Drama, from direcTion, To TournamenT parTicipaTion, To acTing in several Drama producTions made sen- ior Sue Edwards one oT The mosT highly involved and versaTile members of The Drama deparTmenT. Sue proved her acTing abiliTy by being seIecTed Tor The Drama Spring ProducTions since her freshman year. During her senior year, Sue showed ThaT she could also handle The role oT direcTor, as she assisTed in direcTing The Childrens Play and Then wenT on To compleTely direcT The Senior Play. Sue was equally TalenTed in Tourna- rnenTs as she qualified Tor STaTe Tour- namenT her iunior year, and double- qualiiied her senior year. Sue was presidenT of The TheaTre DepT. as a iunior and senior, and also as a iunior, Sue was chosen by her cla:smaTes as "BesT in Drama." 76 Hofvoies af Spanish he skill and TalenT To speak a Tor- eign language well has become respecTed and admired by many. Darci BarTleTT, senior. was one who had proven her abiliTy by being an excellenT sTudenT in Spanish Tor The lasT Tour years. Darci was noT only a good sTudenT in class. buT she also placed well in each OT The Spanish compeTiTions held every year. Her abiliTy. dedicaTion and discipline was oT The highesT caliber. and she spoke The Spanish language wiTh as much Tluency as was possible Tor a high French TTer sTudying The language aT NimiTz Tor Three years, Karen WaT- kins. junior, revealed a love and a Tal- enT Tor French. She was a Tine French sTudenT, which her grades quickly showed, and she spoke The language wiTh a high level oT Tluency. Karen was acTive in every aspecT oT The deparT- menT - she was presidenT oT The French Club, and she parTicipaTed in several language compeTiTions. Karen had always been very dependable in class and iT was This dependabiliTy, as well as her oTher excellenT qualiTies. ThaT made her well liked by Teachers and classmaTes alike. German he Task oT selecTing a sTudenT Tor The Who s Who award in German was an easy one Tor German insTruc- Tor Ms Joyce Joslin. Doug SepTer's loyalTy conscienTiousness, reliabiliTy and discipline made him very worThy ol This honor WiTh This being his Third year in German, Doug, a senior, showed ThaT he could handle The greaT amounT oT sTudy ThaT musT go behind learning such a diTTiculT language. Ms. Joslin admired The way Doug Tried so hard and The way he volunTeered his services whenever needed - he was someone ThaT could always be coun- H ONORS 77 Who's Who Vfkas rom fhe firsf year she was in fhe Vikas. if was evidenf fhaf Anneffe Bile brey, senior. was desfined fo be a fre- mendous assef fo fhe Nimifz drill feam. Ms. Doffye Sfanford. Vilma insfrucfor always fhoughf of Anneffe as a fruly unique person H if was easy fo see why. During her sophomore year. Anneffe was an oufsfanding new girl and was one of very few girls fo malce every roufine. As a iunior. she was selecfed Capfain and was yofed Cuff sfanding Qfficer by fhe Vilca mem- bers. Anneffe fhen wenf on fo earn fhe highesf posifion possible. fhaf of maior. As maior she was an excellenf leader. Anneffe lcnew iusf fhe fime fo work and fhe fime fo have fun. This nof only gained each girls respecf. if gained each girls friendship. Ms. Sfanford sfafed fhaf if fhere were any 'girl she would wanf for an assisfanf. fhaf girl would have fo be Anneffe. In lv1s.Sfanford's words. Anneffe was a dear friend and helped me many fimes when l fhoughf Qveryfhinq was hopelessf' Choir oss Thompson was one of fhe many examples of superior falenf found in fhe various deparfmenfs of Nimifz. Rossi many accomplishmenfs in Choir broughf him much recogni- fion especially during fhis. his senior year. Along wifh five ofher Choir meme bers. Ross qualified for fhe All-Region Choir in November of I978, An even higher achievemenf came in December. as Ross became fhe only member fo qualify for fhe highly hon- ored AllfSfafe Choir. Ross was presidenf of fhe Choir his senior year and was a member of fhe Chorale. Ross played many roles in Choir f as a leader and mosf imporf fanfly as a very oufsfanding and fal- enfed member. 78 HONORS 3 ly! 5 - ,W,, ,,,,,:. ,,, ,, xi e' TT., -rg 4.2 Band oberT Yarborough was absoluTely dedi- caTed To music, so iT was no wonder he had so many ouTsTanding musical accomplishmenTs noT only This year buT in pasT years also. RoberT was only a sophomore, buf he proved himselT To be a very accomplished musician. As a freshman. RoberT earned a TirsT division in The Texas STaTe Solo and Ensemble ConTesT - a conTesT where only I5of:, oT Those enTered earn TirsT divisions. This year, RoberT has leTT his mark by qualifying Tor Things never beTore obTained. RoberT was The only band member To earn a TirsT chair in This year's All-Region Band CompeTiTion. He Then wenT on To become an All-STaTe band member.l'le was The TirsT sopho- more To ever do This Trom NimiTz. RoberT plays The Tuba. as well as The elecTric bass, and he was a member of The STage Band. IT iT were possible, iT was said ThaT RoberT would probably pracTice eighT hours a day. His accomplishmenTs did noT come from luck - They came Trom a love, a dedicaTion and a bril- lianT TalenT Tor music. ROTC or Tour years. STeve CarTe has been an ouTsTanding member of NimiTz's Naval Junior ROTC. As a senior, he served as The groups CadeT Commander, and because oT his Top achievement STeve has earned This year's Who's Who honor, STeve has worked exTremely hard The pasT Three years To achieve The sTaTus oT CadeT Commander. WiTh his high academic perTorm- ance. his excellenT miliTary apTiTude. and his abiliTy To geT along well wiTh oThers, STeve has served well as boTh plaToon leader, his sopho- more year. and company operaTions oTTicer, his iunior year. LasT year, STeve was presenTed wiTh The Dis- Tinguished CadeT Award as OuTsTanding Junior Naval CadeT. an award presenTed annually To The Top CadeT in each grade level. To ROTC Commander STan Kunlcle. STeve has always displayed excellenT leadership quali- Ties in each oT his posiTions. Cmdr. Kunlcle loolced upon STeve as borh a good sTudenT and a good ciTizen. He was someone who epiTom- ized The Tine young people aT NimiTz. HONORS l 79 Who's Who VCE- Business - ynn Ehemann, senior, was hon' ored as a doubie Whois Who recipie enf. As an exceiienf sfudenf in bofh VCE Wocafionai Qffice Educafionj and in each of fhe Business courses she has fafcen. Lynn was obviousiy worfhy of bofh awards. Lynn was a fwo-year member of in OEA fQffice Educafion Associafionj: her inferesf was apparenf as she remained acfive in each of The clubs funcfions. As a iunior, Lynn was OEA hlsforlan. During her nexf year, she wenf on fo become presidenf of Sen- ior CEA, She has affended bofh Area and Sfafe Youfn Conferences fo compefe in differenf areas of office educafion, .,.,. Lynn was iafer honored as she was seiecfed as an advisory counselor for .,...,l Vocafionai Educafion Sfudents in fhe ,,.mq6,,ea, Lynn Ehemann Homemalcfng - HECE Affer faking aimosf every avaiiabie Home- Crd, Moss senior was bofh oufsfandinq in cmerrafcing and HECE ihlome Economics mai: ng Qourse Debbie Wiess senior made a :ass and af ref iob earned as a parf of fhe Coiceraf we Educafioni were fwo 'ofaiiy differ 5' ng mpregg jr or her feachers as a ver Vigrarr s wcrx coop. f-fer empio-,ers never en' ceases as were fhe 'wo girfs who received zecendaoie worker. There were very few firnes fa eo r v rg exce ion' evaiuafons on her re awards for The ciasses. Their speciai quaii- if an, when she wasn f busy working, wcrx. Dur nrg schoof Cind, did an exceiienf iob es sef fhemaparf. Wh'ie irfvofved in Homemakinq HECS ir reoresenfinq Nimifz in an HECE Vofafional Wo'LshQ1r: 80 HONORS - X43 W i 4? fa i ,,...... 'ln--A uaniTa Cherry and Judy Ripple gained special recogniTion in l-TECE and PELE lpre-EmploymenT Labora- Tory EducaTionl Child Care Tor Their excellenT apiliTy and obvious concern in worlcing wiTh children. As a member oT PELE The TirsT year program oT Child Care, JuaniTa Cherry, iunior, showed a Tremendous VQCT GCT deTiniTely loeneiiTed Trom The hard work sophomore Giga Zavala conTripuTed To The organiza- Tion. Qlga had a TanTasT!c aTTiTude in everyThing she did, and her vivacious personaliTy made her a pleasure To worlc wiTh. As a parT oT The VQCT worlc program, Qlga earned a iob ThaT she did exTremely well aT, Qlga was vice presidenT oT VQCT This year, and as a very concerned and acTive oTTicer, she successTully com- pleTed The many responsipiliTies she Toolc upon herselT. Olga did her hard- esT worlc aT all Times, buT she was ily! slew always ready To help oThers. TalenT in worlcing wiTh children. Jua- niTa spenT many mornings aT WesT- wood School working wiTh groups oT Tour-year olds. She planned various acTiviTies Tor The children and helped The Teacher in many oTher ways. Jua- niTa was always someone who would go ouT oT Their way To do anyThing ThaTwas needed. Judy Ribble, senior, also worked PELE- HECE Child Care wiTh children aT WesTwood School, buT in a more advanced posiTion. As an acTive member oT l-TECE, The sec- ond-year program Tor Child Care, Judy perTormed The duTies oT a regu- lar Teacher. l-ler enThusiasm in worlcing in This area was very noTiceable. l-ler peauTiTul aTTiTude also added To The special view many held oT her. HONORS 8, Who's Who- Girls ' - Boys' CVAE eidi Du-Bose and Terence STandTord made CVAE lCoordinaTed VocaTional Academic EducaTionl Their Top prioriTy aT school. The course gave Them The opporTuniTy To prepare Themselves Tor The employmenT world, and wiTh The enThusiasm They had Tor The class. Terence and Heidi Took advanTage of ThaT opporTuniTy. Heidi Du-Bose. Treshman, was by Tar one of The mosT capable sTudenTs in Girls' CVAE. Her inTeresT in The acTiviTies involved in The program made her enioy all ThaT she did, and her enioymenT seemed To inspire oTh- ers. Freshman Terence STandTord's maTuriTy, responsibiliTy and leader- ship helped him To succeed in Boys' CVAE. His abiliTy To work on his own was also an advanTage Tor him. 1" DE Because oT The good example she seT Tor The class, her desire To pro- moTe DE, and her enThusiasm Tor DECA, Lou Ann SmiTh showed how highly she deserved The Who's Who award in DE lDisTribuTive EducaTionl. Lou Ann's inTeresT in DECA lDis- TribuTive EducaTion Clubs oT Americal could be shown by The way she Took parT in each OT iTs acTiviTies. She served as presidenT oT The club as a senior. Lou Ann also served on The STudenT Advisory CommiTTee OT VocaTional STudenTs Tor Irving Schools. As a member of DE, each sTudenT worked in some kind of relaTed job. Lou Ann did especially well as she became assT. manager oT The sTore where she was employed. 82 HONORS in A ,r , 'lf N ,saw -'hx Dra fling uring his lreshman year in Gen- eral Dralling. his sophomore year in Archileclure and his senior year in Pre-Engineering, Torn Blough was rec- ognized above all olhers as an exlrernely lalenled and well-rounded sludenl ol Dralling. l-lis excellence in lhe lield could besl be seen by lhe many awards he won. l-lis lirsl year in Dralling, Torn won a blue ribbon lor lhe superb drawing he enlered in General Drall- ing. In l977, he won lhe Chel Gibbs Award in Archileclure, And as a sen- ior, Torn submilled a drawing lo Texas Agrlvl lor iudging al lheir lair. Woodshop - ICT acable worlrers lilce Roberl Walls ard Lee Heron rnade lhe induslrial arl prcgracfs al Nirnilz seern even more wevnwrne. Each were very lruslworlhy in 're crograrns rn which lney excelled. ln Vvzodsnop Roberl Walls senior was a ver, capable worlcer and lhrough 're ,ear re showed a delinile advance in l e ,leo ol induslrial arls. His accuracy a n s ap lily lo lollow direclions consisl- ax X -Q..........,N 5 Xxx " us. ardfn enll, produced excellenl resulls in his lay- csls labs and lesls. Lee l-lardir senior was spolcen ol very P Qn,ir1 regard lo his worlc in lcl llndus- lr 5 Cgogeralve ilrainingl, Lee did very we' r CONT areas ol lhe program: al his 'cp as an e eclr :ran and as a posilive con- 'r cu' or lo nis class. Lee served as presi- den' ol WCA Nocalional lnduslrial Clubs cl Arnerical his senior year and as such was an oulslanding and well-lilced leader. lr Februar, ol lC?79 he cornpeled in lhe of eeilronics during an induslrial arfs conlerence in Waco. Lee always WSG? lop grades in ICT and when he was a.-.a, a' :ornoelilrons he always repre- se"ed N-no 'Z well. - HONORS 83 Who s Who Boys' fkfhlefics he Boys' AThleTics deparTmenT was looking Tor a Team leader when They considered Their Who's Who recipienT. In David NenTwig, They Tound whaT They were looking Tor. As a senior on The varsiTy baskeTball Team, David had his goals seT Tor him- selT and Tor The Team. Davids TalenT sTeadily progressed during his Tour-year involvemenT in baskeTball. Since he was a sophomore. David was a sTarTer Tor The varsiTy Team. Because oT his Tine achieve- menTs ThaT year, David was named Sophomore Player oT The Year. Davids junior year Tound him mak- ing The second Team Tor All-DisTricT baskeTball. During The season, he was The second leading scorer. He once again made The All-DisTricT Team his senior year, and as his skill sharpened, David became The leading scorer. Along wiTh The oTher Team mem- bers, David was dedicaTed To doing as well as he could each season. Boys'PE n Boys' PE, senior, Chris HolT made a Tavorable impression upon his coach by his perTecT aTTendance, buT Then There were oThers who aTTended class every day - Chris was ouTsTand- ing in many oTher ways. Chris was never a problem in class. He was exTremely respecTTul and was wiThouT a quesTion - one oT The mosT highly skilled sTudenTs in The PE deparTmenT. He excelled in each oT The acTiviTies ThaT were covered dur- ing The course. ln many many ways, he was a Tine, well-rounded sTudenT. Due To The TacT ThaT he graduaTed early, only Chris' senior porTraiT was available. l' Girls' PE o do well in academic sublecTs, as well as PE, shows a greaT amounT of versaTiliTy. Brenda Barnes showed ThaT she held such a qualiTy by winning The Who's Who award Tor Girls' Physical EducaTion and English. Brenda was a very dependable sTu- denT in class. She was always ready To go - always suiTed up - and always ready To Try whaTever was asked of her. She parTicipaTed in every sporT and acTiviTy in PE. The aTTiTude she carried To aT leasT Try everyThing made her one oT The mosT ouTsTanding girls in The class. In PE, more Than in mosT oTher sub- iecTs, iT was very imporTanT To geT along wiTh all The oThers. Brenda han' dled ThaT siTuaTion wiTh ease. fm Girls ' Arhfeflcs here were many diTTerenT skills ThaT had To be considered when selecTing Who's Who in Girls' AThleT- ics. The program involved many girls involved in a varieTy of sporTs, buT senior JaneT SuTTer sTood ouT as one oT The deparTmenT's mosT accom- plished aThleTes. 'Her abiliTy in Tennis earned her rec- ogniTion aT several TournamenTs in and around The Irving area. JaneT was Tal- enTed in boTh singles and doubles Ten- nis which her record obviously proved. Because of her achievemenTs. JaneT was able To parTicipaTe in several Dis- TricT compeTiTions. JaneT was one of The mosT dedi- caTed members of The varsiTy Tennis Team. She was a varsiTy player from her sophomore year on, and during her senior year. she was co-capTain oT The Team. Aside Trom JaneT's skill. she could besT be remembered by her brighT, cheerful personaliTy. HONORS 85 MosT Valuable Players An asseT To The Team osT Valuable Players . . . all had Their goals seT Toward winning, and They wouldn'T seTTle Tor anyThing less. There was The desire To conTrib- uTe To Their Team's success in each OT Them, and To TulTill ThaT desire, They could never quiT. PracTice Tollowed more pracTice, and hard work and dis- cipline never ceased. In Tennis, varsiTy players JaneT SuT- Ter and Bruce Smilie were selecTed as The MosT Valuable Players. BoTh were exTremely dedicaTed To The sporT, and Their accomplishmenTs could be exceeded by very Tew. Even Though she was only a Tresh- man, Sheila Purlcey was one oT The mosT accomplished runners on The Girls' Track Team. One especially ouT- sTanding accomplishmenT was when she placed second in The DisTricT Cross-CounTry MeeT This year. MosT Valuable Player in Boys' Bas- lceTball was Top-scorer David NenTwig. As a sTarTer on The Team for The lasT Three years, David proved his abiliTy over and over, as he played consisT- enTly well aT each game. As a group, The senior members oT The va rsiTy TooTball Team were chosen as The year's lvTosT Valuable Players. There were 20 senior players, all equal in discipline. deTerminaTion and drive. During many low poinTs in The season when spiriTs were low -- They sTood TogeTher as a whole and refused To give up. ,ga N 7' A-ff The 20 varsify players were deTermined To do as well as They could Through The Three monThs of The FooTball season. This desire pulled Them TogeTher To The poinT where They were each oTher's main support Mos? Valuable Players are HONORS lFronT row, lefT To righil Tony HorTon, STeve Woodard, Isaac BuTler, Monny WebsTer, Gregg Peiser, lsecond FOV, RoberT Nicholas. RoberT WaTTs, Don WiTT, Nolan EgberT, John PorTer, wack row, John Parish. George Tenni- son, Alex SoTo, Michael Drake. NOT picTured are: Russell Cowen, Kenny Edmondson, Frecld Garcia, Chris Flores, Milne Wiley and Kei Campbell. ie Th Sheila Purley showed wha+ fhe difference was between a good afhlefe and a greaf afhlefe, as she accomplished Things no freshman runner has ever achieved. 'EV i 5 Q K az, 4 3 f David Nenfwig was in fhe middle of fhe action of each baskefball game. Seeing No. 32 Shoo?- ing for fhe baske? was a familiar sighf. Janef Su'Her was a greaf assef ro +he squad as co-capfain of fhe Varsify Tennis Team. She won several fournamenfs. and she inspired fha ofh- ers with her discipline and cheerfulness. --Q- s 5 WSF '92 Muir on ' 'll Bruce Smilie was also a fremendous confribuf- ing facior fo ihe varsify Tennis feam's success. Bruce made The varsiry feam as a sophomore and since fhen, he was The number one player his junior and senior years. , i"' ' M4-,iii HONORS 87 Ma rjfe Sffpes is Nimffz 5 super fan urang each person s laTe one usually experaences some emoTaon or Teelang ThaT as Too overwhelmang To descrabe a Teelang ThaT ausT canT be puT anTo words Mrs Maraae STapes experaenced such a Teelang when she receaved The I978 79 GMT and Prade award IT was a TradaTaon aT NamaTz ThaT aT The close oT The TooTball season each year The VarsaTy cheerleaders pay TrabuTe To one specaal person who depacTs The TaTle GMT and Prade Maraae STapes had shown an more ways Than one ThaT she was very worThy oT The honor Mrs Shpes had always been a spe caal parT oT NamaTz Sance IQ68 The openang oT The school she aTTended every pep rally and game waTh The excepTaon oT one or Two Durang each TooTball game she sTood ouT as The Tan who never sTopped screamang The one who never sTopped cheerang The Valcangs on To vacTory She reTused To gave up cheeranq durang a game Sance The Two organazaTaons began Maraae STapes had been a member oT her help ThaT The NamaTz BoosTer club TarsT began She became presadenT aTTer represenTang The club an almosT every possable way Thas was The TarsT year The GNT and Prade award was gaven To someone ouTsade oT The TaculTy and The ThoughT oT havang receaved aT leTT lvlrs STapes an a sTaTe oT shoclc Through ala The exTra help she gave The school she never consadered receavang an award everyThang was done ouT oT love Maraae STapes was NamaTzs super an Sance The day The sc oo opened her sparaT laTTed our sparaTs her opTamasm was undaunTed and her prade an us challenged us To do our besT Wan lose or draw she was always a Valcang and proud oT aT The expressaons Tell The whole sTory as Maraae Tapes loans The VarsaTy cheerleaders aTTer beang an ounced I I f I f The BoosTer Club and PTA. IT was wiTh l T . . . li ' HONORS Always The firsf lo sfand and fhe las? fo si? down, Mrs. Sfipes sfands our in The crowd al each Viking game. mm, Her happiness is eyidervf as Marlwe Sfipes clufches The award she cherishes so much. Tuna Taylor wafches as her exciremenf shows fhrouqh her smile. l 1 il ,ff Wllh The 'final momenf of fhe winning qarne nearing, Mrs. Sfipes shows as much enfhusi- asm as a loyal fan can show, The recipienl and presenters of The Grit and Pride" award are as close as They appear, as The yarslly cheerleaders llefl lo rlghf, Fronl fowl Sherry Ol-lara Brenda Reeves, lSecond rowl Taryn Whlfley, Kern McFarland, fBack rowl Becky McCarrelI, Gayla Covingron, Tina Taylor and Tonya Piplcins surround Marjle Sfipes. if 00? I ORGA NXZA TIONS xx ,go Q, N .W i .if 5 gi. sg ik. 'ii's"'Qf - s , , ,VX . ,V faq.- . fi, Mg, ,. . T X s ,J 4 . - , EdiTor: Paula Glover , U . i 'Si veryone wanTs To belong and The way ThaT we did so was Through ioining a club or even a number OT clubs. Joining oThers and Through iT all meeTing new Triends or having Tun wi+h old Triends was whaT made being a member oT a club so special. lT was Tun having meeTings, even if They were early in The morning - around 7:3O. Club acTiviTies which may have included picnics, parTies. bake sales, candy sales, conTerences, and TournamenTs were all Tun because we were sharing The Tun wiTh oThers. We were in a sense "working Tor The same goal." Being a member oT a club gave us a place in This large school oT ours. lT meanT a li++Ie added responsibiliTy To oTher club members, buT Tor The whole, ioining a club made school Tun and exciTing. GeTTing over The iniTiaTion in some organizaTions was halT The baT- Tle. Remember how embarrassing iT was To wear ThaT silly haT all day or doing oTher Tunny acTiviTies? YeT, iT was Tun being noTiced by oThers. Perhaps. you may remember oTher f' club acTiviTies. How abouT The sell- ing ThaT wenT on? Everyone some Time or anoTher experienced The "salesman blues." lT seemed so useless To sell candy or some oTher "goodie," while oTher clubs were selling Their wares as well, buT iT's Tunny because The candy goT sold mosT oT The Time. The resulTs made iT all worThwhile. ParTies, pic- nics, and Tield Trips were always worTh The Trouble oT lugging around boxes oT candy. Surely club members may recall aTTending convenTions, workshops, or TournamenTs TogeTher. lT was Tun compeTing individually or even TogeTher. SomeTimes iT broughT awards and recogniTion To Those sTu- denTs and mosT imporTanTly, To Nim- iTz. This brings us To The main reason Tor joining a club: The reward is greaT. AlThough The work may be hard or embarrassing, or may even seem useless, iT was Tun, and The rec- ogniTion by oThers made us Teel spe- cial. Clubs gave us a place To belong and To ioin TogeTher. Being a member of a club like Chorale doesn'T iusf mean meeTing every now and Then. IT means hours of pracficing old and new music in addifion To all The Tun acfivi- Ties in sTore Tor all sTudenTs who ioin an organizafion. Miss Kay Reeves clirecfs The Chorale during a rehearsal. ORGA NIZA TIONS Projecfs complefeo' fo benefff all l usy. busy. busyi These words besf describe how lhe S+uden+ Council was fhis year. ln addilion lo lhe usual ac+ivi+ies ol selling ribf bons, decals, and olher ifems lo promofe spiri+, ralcing charge of 'rhe hall decorafions. parade, and dance for Homecoming, and spon- soring Slcihonnet 'rhe Council arranged orher proiecrs as well. Wi+h ils l5 represen+a+ives from ,Six .f . .. 1 , K- f J, 'P' 13-fy rr as-L--W We 1, 1 . , , . ,ig 'I ' H5 ' .L sc... c.,,,. , 3, , I N0 y r 'i i is . ' .- . . . ..- A 'rf,.g!.,,3,i,'1,. 53,11 ,L '- .V i-:if 4 f s -.. if- - " K .5554 if X ORGA NIZA TIONS L- ,...- q,,s., ,V A 'U J... , ,k.. .f..,.a each grade level and four officers, lhey held some form ol Mfeacher apprecialionii eve-nl each mon+h for +he laculfy, arranged lo have one school dance a rnonlh, and senf flowers. scrolls, and cards fo members of +he N.l-l.S. family who were ill and in lhe hospilal. All pro- iecfs were done lor fhe benefif ol all sfudenls and even +he iacul+y. The Council held Wednesday morning meelinqs rhroughoul lhe 'Y year, and affended workshops ang convenlions in order lo learn new developrnenls ol 'rhe Sludenl Council. Yeli as N.l-l.S.S+uden1 Council Presidenl Anna-Lesa Moore slafed. "I+ was only effec- 'rive wi+h +he help of fhe enfire slu- denf body." Sludeni Council spon- sors were Mrs. Linda Halconnb and Miss Charlolfe Brown. S+uden? Council Officers: Donnie Kemp, Janei Copeland, Anna-Lesa Moore, and Jim Calvert 0? J 1 ' V SC K Wit l,' f. is if iggalf i l e 4 UQ- was . 'Af, is gsfkss f -if s . v if A Nw -4' K l L JY fi' if it Afqkgg f ' s S'ruden+ Council sponsors: Miss Brown, Mrs 31311541 - fp , I ' Halcomb x a+ hand Becky Moore lisfens affenfively a+ Paying close aHen+ion fo one of 'flue issues M Viz .. - i 1-Q ? ' Q . a . :J K: s fhe Sfudenl Council meefing. ,, S Exe f-1-1.--Q. ,gg Af flue Backbfo-School Dance, Brad Slxelfon helps wifli flue drinks. OR GANIZA TIONS ,T ml., -1. 1 F Senior Represenfafivesz lleff fo righfl Don WiH, Gayla Coving+on, John Thomas, Tina Taylor, Vicky Wilson, Brad Shel+on, Sfacie Sfipes, Junior Represeniafivesz llefl fo righf, Baclr rowl Lori Bafes, Kafhy Phillips, and Sarah Enrighl. lFronr rowl Meladie Mifchell, Dana Williams, Susan S+aggs, Sandra Snow. lS'randingl Randi Fischer and Taryn Whi+ley. No+ shown in 'the piciure are Cindy Curry, Waylon Hargrove, Keri McFarland, Becky Moore, David Peiser and Brenda Reeves. ORGANIZA TXONS v ie- , David Nenrwig, Paul Lopez, ScoH' Crew, Becky Annefie Bilbrey, Chris Flores, and T McCarrell, Monny Websfer. lNo+ shown arel Hindman. ir. . JB as Y.-0 fshman ReP"e59nl'6liVe5 N9 llefl +0 "l9l'1+. Sfevenson, Gina Peddy, Kelly Sanford, Leigh Ck . . . . , , II' l F. 'owl l-'f1dY Gflm. Vlche CSVVY. Alfred Greer, Terri Wilson, ScoH Bourland and Susan eno and Casey Barr. lsecond rowl Susan Sophomore Represeniafives are lleff 'ro righil Sammy Lopez, Lawanna Ford, Calhy Gri'ffi+l1, Laurie Holi, Buzzy Murphy, Terry Ussery, Kim Hooper, Vickii Zinn, Sonya Edwards, Ann Dean, Wormy Brewer and Corinne Piesl. Noi shown are Carrie Weaver and Sfacey Coffey. Sensloclr. lFron1 rowl Jan Harper, Valory Aldridge, Jill Johnson, and Teresa Mafhis. X F it kr W ' 1 ORGA NXZA TIONS They all had sparkle and glow ears, laughTer, happy Times and sad Times. Our cheerleaders Taced Them all. Our girls could always be Tound doing more Than Their share: buT ThaT's whaT made Them special. A group oT very special girls who, when enTering a room could lighT iT up wiTh smiles. They had a sparlcle and glow abouT Them ThaT made everyone Teel ThaT he or she was a viTal parT oT our school. The cheerleaders, along wiTh The sTudenTs, made our various Teams l whaT They were - Tull oT conTiden4 pride and love Tor our school and s denTs. We have been TorTunaTe have had very concerned and lovl cheerleaders. Sponsor: Mr. Bob Harmon Junior VarsiTy Cheerleaders Ann Dean Sonya Edwards, Wormy Brewer, Ka+hy Griffin, Keri Weaver, Corine Piesf. Varsify Cheerleaders: Tonya Piphins, Brenda Reeves, Keri McFarland, Becky McCarrell, Tina Taylor, Sherry O'Hara, Gayla CovingTon, Taryn WhiTley. ORGANXZA TIONS 5 :f X5 rg 1.-v Q 'say'-em.,,i"r' ,. ,,., x 4 V, fs' ' V r A Vxkungs A 10 smile abouf. 3, .-T V K Q. I 'S " ' 1-fs. xg V ,g i 1 .1 , 1 f f rv-7 55 N ,, E x Quniof- wav' V+ - 52 ff' fn .anh- I ,, afhy it riAEii+ 152 f f Q " -fm' 'Q 3.. k.Q5'1i.1L:' -2 3 ag . f ' ' g,5wf'.fr-'S 141' i 1 - bomd ,-- find a reason fo smil - OR 6-A NIZA TIONS YQ' w 'Une Viking ouT of many' ave you ever wondered whaT iT would be like To dress up like a Viking and geT everyones aTTenTion by blow- ing a horn? The Viking impersonaTor known around NimiTz also wenT To aTh- leTic evenTs and supporTed The Viking players. STanding on The sidelines, cheering Teams on To vicTory were some oT his responsibiliTies. This mys- Terious person was Wendell Single- Tary. Wendell, The TirsT sophomore To uphold This posiTion, proudly wore The name oT Big Vik, NimiTz mascoT. AlThough The gym shook wiTh laughTer every Time Wendell Tried To blow his horn, he sfill had The pride oT being The Viking mascoT. During TooTball season, Wendell could be seen on The sidelines wiTh The'Cheerleaders wheTher iT was a cold orrainy nighT, or ET The weaTher was perTecT. Holding a shield in one hand and an axe in The oTher Wendell represenTed The Vikings well. As Wendell is cheering The Vikings on To vic- Tory, he becomes inTeresTed in The TooTball garne. ' IT appears as iT Big Vik is The only viking in Vikingland, buT There are 2999 Vikings siTTing in The sTands waTching his perTormance. 2 i T is Wendell puTs ouT iusT as much eTTorT in his classes as he does Tor The school by playing The role oT Big Vik. Big Vik once again appears proudly aT anoTher pep rally. ORG-ANIZA TIONS ...sal Mr. Bob Harmon a compuTer mafh Teacher, explains To Phyllis The aCTiviTies which she should affend. - '.D XX Vodahn promofes spirif chool spiril' was promoTed many diTTerenT ways This pasT year, buT one of The Top promoTers was Phyllis Diclc- erson. who Tool: over The role oT Vodahn. Phyllis was The 'lirsl' 'Freshman ver To obTain The posiTion oT Vodahn. Phyllis pariicipafed in such evenTs as TooTball games, baslceTball games. and pep rallies. The Nirnifz High Tarnily was proud To have such a devoTed person promoTing school spirif. Because of her busy schedule, Susan Sfearns had To give up her posifion as Vodahn. During half-Time af a baskefball game, Phyl- lis sfands aT The concession sTand waifing Tor The second half. ORGANIZA TIONS T 99 4 Efforts, pracfices, ano' workshops pay off any long hours and pracTices were required To puT TogeTher a Tan- TasTic drill Team. Ms. DoTye STanTord succeeded in doing iusT ThaT by pro- ducing one oT The TinesT drill Teams. NimiTz could noT have been repre- senTed wiThouT The Thursday laTe- nighT pracTices and early morning meeTings on The days of pep rallies. This year's squad parTicipaTed in such acTiviTies as rolling The players' houses, having holiday parTies, baking Tor The players, selling cups To raise money, and iniTiaTing all oT The incom- ing members. Like previous. years, The Vikas wenT To S.M.U. To drill Team school and were raTed exTremely high. The oTTi- cers also aTTended a workshop aT The UniversiTy of Oklahoma, where They learned many new rouTines. Ms. STan- Tord was responsible Tor The Vikas doing so well This pasT year. Waiching her girls wiTh anTicipaTion is Ms. who is busily preparing anoTher rouTine. s Ai'xe-'sn 'T llefT To righT, Fronl rowl Kim Walker, Sherri Bafes, Renee Reger, Cindy Cox, Sondra Ellis, Sally Graham, Debbie Jeffcoaf, Audrey Presfon, Gee- Dharma, Anneffe Bilbrey, Susan Carpman, Laura Lee, Lisa Dagg, Renee Coleman, Lisa ParTney, NaNa Pipkins, CharloH'e Mason, Sarah Enrighf and , Falkner lSecond rowl Debbie Rich, Laura Saliclr, Regina Marshall, Tudy Warren, Beverly Mills, Lynn Sparks, Kim Mullins, Kara Eves, KaThy Phillips, L Mock, Cindy Curry, Carolyn Oslovslry, Joni Mammen, Gerri FerriTor, Sandy Webb, Tonya Kelly, Sandy Guariardo, Paula KnighT, Lisa Rosenberry, Loyd, Debra Robbins, and Candy Whafley lBaclr rowl Debbie Marlin, Dana Williams, Liz Trimble, Debbie Aldridge, Michelle Hchieson, Bonnie Huff Ter, Melanie Ball, Becky Van Wye, Susie Zimlich, Kim Hooper, KaThy Ramsey, Tammy Bryan, Meladie MiTcheIl, CaThy HamilTon, Jeana Sawyer, Ta Goodman, Becky Moore, Sondra Headrick, Marchel Trimble, Daina Hoyler, Monica Islas, Lisa ShulTz, Rhonda Wray and MiTzi Jefer. OR GA N IZA TIONS e...,,f W '-- -,W ... UA., -.-...f-..f.-..,.., 1 A . , L L . ,,:,...,L , , -........r..... ,mf ,. ., i............ . ., ..............,... ...3..1,M.-,U -eva Nc f , , -. W .. W., .... f 1 L L. ?, .elf ,We-1 -f rf - Mfr -5---f M' We Q' e 2 5. , ..,......... ... . . ..,.. -......,..... i -.l Vilma Officers: lleff fo righf, Beclr rowl Meladie Mifchell, Mejor Anneffe Bilbrey, and Lf. Jenna Sawyer lFronf rowl Lf. Cindy Curry, Lf. Kafhy Ramsey, Lf. Cefhy Hamilfon, Lf. Carolyn Olsousky. Being iudged by all of fhe ofher Villas is iunior Laura Mock. Social Officers: lFronfl Laura Moclr. lleff fo righf, Second rowl Marchell Trimble and Daina Hoyler, lBaclr rowl Joni Mammen, Debbie Aldridge, Tudi Warren, and Mifzi Jefer. The Vilas did a number of lwand roufines. Kim Hooper slwows flue crowd one of flnem flwaf ffmey learned af camp lasf summer, ORGA NIZA TIONS ConcerTs, conTesTs, pracTi'ci'ng and Mcgclvli inging a song may noT appear To be a very hard Task or require a long Time To perTecT, buT Tor The Cho- rale, in order To perTorm Their very besT aT concerTs and conTesTs, prac- Tice was parT oT The daily rouTine. Long hours were spenT rehearsing over and over and oTTenTimes, iusT over one liTTle parT To malce every- Thing work well. SomeTimes iT seemed ThaT all The pracTicing would never end and They would never geT iT righT To sponsor Ms. Kay Reeves, buT when The Tinal TesT arrived, perTormance would prove worTh iT all. YeT, noT all was worlr and no play. The annual Admirals Review during Homecoming l A 5 5 5 C i was a Time in which all The choirs ioined in one showing. lT was a Time oT happiness as well as sadness Tor The seniors who puT The show TogeTher Tor The lasT Time. Who could TorgeT, as well, The Chorales ChrisTrnas Carol- ing in The halls and laTer, The beauTiTul concerTs perTormed by The Chorale Tor The sTudenTs. AddiTionally, every- one surely can recall hearing, "Any- one wanT To buy some M8ilv1's?" This was The Time when raising money Tor Choir Trips and banqueTs was Their goal. YeT, Through These Times, remained The pracTicing. For Ross Thompson, a Senior Chorale member. The pracTicing allowed him To malce i is if . gg Chorale: ile'fT To righf, BoHom row, Corinne PiesT, David SmiTh, Sherri BurlreTT, Tony Gonza- las, KaThy Grim, Dale Davis, Tonya Piplcins, Skipper High, and Gina Williams, fSecond rowl Tonya Black, Norman Lawrence, Cheryl Lewis, OR GA NIZA TIONS Liz Reeves, Sandy Brag, STeve Meadows, Audrey Presfon, KaThy Myers, Jimmy Neff and Connie Maynard, iThird rowl Dewey Ford, Carol DeVasher, Brad ShelTon, Gayla Coving- Ton, Troy McGill, LaDonna Crane, David Dea- The All-Region Choir and qualiTyl The All-STaTe Choir TryouTs. l'le N The only member oT Chorale To mi The The and The end oT The year arrived. lTi All-Region Choir. Then, Throi pracTicing and Tun, Time pass a Time To say goodbye To all in a so For senior Chorale members iT T exTremely hard and Through The er Tion oT The song. many oTher Choi members in addiTion To sTudenTs, sl a Tear. The Tinal song, "May The Gr Lord Bless and Keep Youl' held a s cial meaning Tor The Chorale, To broughT back reminiscences oT Tl year spenT pracTicing and perTecTi and The Tun They had, as well. . Q-. fs -IN ,Q Ton, Deb Pope, lBaclz row, Kelly Grove, Ei HoI+, Sonya WaTson, Bre+T Sellers, Valerie ll benelc, Ross Thompson, DeLayne Jenlrins, ven Bosman, Kellie Kernal, Jack Grouse. 4194 61 f Wxlf' fig, ps--on -giw '-as 51 The Admirals Review would nof have been such x a success if fhese chorale members had no? pre- iudged fhe falenf acfs. emu x Nofes are somefimes hard fo hit ius? right so Miss Kay Reeves clemons+ra+es a B flat The fall concerf required many long rehearsals, in order To perform The music. so The Chorale is accompanied by fwo sophomore members on ihe piano. The chorale members sing one of several pieces in The falen+ show which required many hours of pracfice. ORGANIZA TIONS Pracfice makes ,oerfecf onTesTs, long hours oT pracTice and correcTions aTTer correcTions aTTer correcTions Trom Ms. Reaves - was ThaT whaT iT was all abouT? No, making people happy, enTerTaining, and Trying To give audiences some- Thing They had worked hard on. 'l'haT's whaT Girls Choir was abouT. The pay- oTT, which To some may noT have seemed much, oT seeing smiling Taces and proud parenTs was warfh all The hard work and long hours They puT inTo everyThing They did. The girls had a loT oT Tun, Too, along wiTh The work. How can anyone spend hours upon Rehearsing one of her piano solos in LaQuiTa Oliver pracTicing Tor The Admiralis Review. A'fTer a difficulf pracTice, Paula Winn Takes Time To Talk wiTh Triends during a break in The acTiviTy. OR GA N IZA TIONS hours working Tor a common goal, wi+hou+ geTTing a liTTle closer To one anoTher and making good Triends. Joining The oTher choirs in one choir evenT was also parT oT The Tun. One such evenT was The Admirals Review. AddiTionally, The girls had Tun acTing as well as singing in Their performance To The song, "Tomorrow" Trom The Broadway musical, "Annie," The pracTicing was long and hard buT in The end, The Girls Choir knew ThaT The rewards were many. Ms. Reeves is The girls choir sponsor and joined The NimiTz Tamily This year, coming Trom Louisi- ana. is Q iw. K S-be As a member of fhe Girls Choir, Sherri Sanders lisfens alfeniively To wha? Miss Reeves had 'ro say aboul The music fha? lhe Choir does fhroughouf The year. naw: im ' 'VT , V e'e' 2 J ee S A' J f S if ' N' le ' f 1' kr 1, , f S ga S ' Li ,, , yi Z M, i ? W: 3 I 1-.ia ,W i V V Girls Choir: lFronf row, lefi +o righfl Sarah Green, Jill Sfarek, Jill Johnson, Karla Sanders, Sherry Wheless, Lindy Grim, Sherri Sanders, Kim Mee, Diane Loudermilk, Becky Diaz, lSec- ond rowl Elizabeih Marfinez, Paula Sfone, Bar- bara Grim, Lynn McKnigh+, Brenda Mead, Del- isa Head, Dana Adams, Karla Wing, Nan McGill, Tina Armsirong, lBaclr rowl Donna Coach, Belinda Goodgion, Debra Lyles, Pa++y Moore, Phyllis Whife, Ginger Greenwood, Lisa Gulafer, Jamie Les+er, Sharon Amason, Terri Snead. ORGANIZATIONS ff- is ff is , , , iris Talking fo Ms. Reeves in Her office, Todd Par- rish ioolrs shocked af somefning fha? was said. James Burson and Spencer Alemenderez are sfudying some music for Boys Choir. Sfending a+ fhe door. Alan Wagner is waifing for class fo sfarf. 'K -a"'?' .4 if r o f i K .1 if ,1 XJ K ' 1 S4 A 5 is s 1-- 1 if ORGANIZATIONS Nix,,,, 1 ,'41 1335, Going over some sheer music, are Boys Choir members James Burson, Todd Parrish, and Tony Gole++o. Cool guys afAdmirafs Review emember fha? group of boys in lheir "cool" oulfifs, sliclced baclc hair, and darlc sunglasses af lhe Admirals Review? They probably loolced lilce Fonzie imilalions. bul lhey sure could sing, They were lhe Boys Choir. Despile fhe small number +ha+ made up lhe Boys Choir, lheir loud, proiece Q , NN ii iW'i.l3 5 'L jr . c . 53 . ,,. . . v V live voices made up for il. They sang 'rheir way info our hearls wilh such melodies as "Good Nigh+ Sweet heart" which 'fhey sang during lhe Admirals Review. Who can forget as well. fhe concerls in which They perf formed so well for everyone. Allhough praclice was mainly held during 'rheir iirsl period class under The direcfion of sponsor Ms. Kay Reeves, much worlc was done lo promo+e all choir aclivilies. They sold Mficlvls and sour balls wifh lhe resl ol fhe choirs. Wilh a lillle help from Their lriends, all lhe choirs had a successful year. 2 5 c 52 ' 2 if .Q x gn g - Boys Choir: lleH +0 righf, Fronf rowl Roy Nelson Todd Parish, lBack row, Mifchel Wilson, Mike Cheder and Jimmy Blyihe. and Alan Wagner, lsecond rowl Tony Gleffo, ORGANXZA TIONS IO7 NJROTC fakes a cruise n 'rlie Nimilz Junior ROTC male and lernale sludenls alike parricipaled in lield rrips and compelilions, look courses in Naval His- lory Searnarisliip. and Navigalion, and ioined in drill and command training programs. lr may lnave sounded rougb, bul fl'ie program gave rnany sludenrs llie opporlunify lo embark on an inleresring and rewarding experience as a naval cadet Acrivilies lor llie group starred early and conlinued in lull lorce unfil flie end ol lkie year. Most ol llne experience-programmed' cruises were laken during the summer in places such as Virginia. Florida, New Orleans, and even Spain, As rlie scliool year began, members bad To gel back lo llie ollier simpler buf iusl as imporlanf aclivilies. Tlie Drill and Rille reams wenl lo several compelilioris, always making a line slmowing and always placing very lwigli. During February members devoled many weeks lor llne annual inspeclion. Like oflner organizarions members bad lo garlier logerlner in an eller? lo raise money. In January, lliey sold candy ro gel llie money lliey needed lor rlneir Cadet Ball. ll was a busy year buf lkie experience eacli member gained wirli llie insrruclion ol Cmdrs. Sian Kunkle and Les lalkingron proved lo be borli a learning experience and an enjoyable experience. 1 1 Members or the NJ ROTC Are: llefi fo righi, Fronf rovll Com- mander Sian Kunkle, Cliff Kaiser, Mark Fisher, Sue McConley, Sieve Car+er, Joe Beugh, Joe Lowery, Commander Las Talking' lon, lSecond rovvl Nora Moranii, Phillip Wtasek, Melrose Bain, Pam Jolly, Tina Gerling, Amber Williams, Lavada Evans, Mona Maples, Wesley Harris, Bruce Munger, Jim Horn, lFourlh rowl Charlie Tidvell, Sfephen Vifasek, Jesse Saona, Malcom Hardy, Phillip Kirk, James Biefson, Barbara Guynn, Angela Hoskins, Sue Thompson, Erick McCarlhy, llfvfflm rowl Mike Milliorn, Billy Yakel, Jimmy Gaone, Greg Allqeyer, Ted Davidson, Mike Rush- Cindy McNeil, Vickie Dennis, Pam Hobbs, James Whalley, Dickerson, Lisa Price, lSevenfh rovvl Roger Harl, Dennis Srr las, Floyd Devine, Kenny Voss, Jon Macevicious, Jerry Pa Dale Smilh, Guy Scruggs, Tammi Huser, and Cindy Pierce, l picruredl Daniel Smiciklas, and Amanda BramleH. Mefheny, fllhird rowl Priscilla Adams, Karen Jessup, Donna ren, Susan Vance, Pam Jones, Anile Bifner, Shelly Mecha, lSirVh Bible, Kaiih Marmino, Troy Hammons, Scarf Campbell, Ben rovrl Walter Beth, Jimmy Smifh, Doug Brock, Kay Holley, - - - - L, . 1 ' H ' -yQ,g,z3mL g 'is ,sf f-f l 1 NJRQTC members wlwo served as Ballalion Training Ollicer: Sue McConley, Operafions Baugli, Execulive Olliceri nor picluredz Bryce ollicers lor This year were Mark Fisher, Mililary Ollicers: Sieve Carler Commander: Joe Burk, Cliiel Slall Ollicer, ORGA NIZA TIONS 108 of fhe Gold Company are: lleff fo CXLT. CMDR. Cliff Kaiser, Commander: C! C!Ens. Nori Moranfe, 4th Platoon ENS. Shelly Mecha, Adminisfrafive Officer: CXLT. Cindy Pierce, Execufive Officer: and CXENS. Eril: McCarfy, 3rd Plafoon Leader, . .Ly f. l Y z2.2iw f Di . I 515543545 Members of the Blue Company are: lleff fo righfl CXENS. Jimmy Gaona, lsf Plafoon Leader: CILT. Tammi Huser, Execufive Offi- cer: CILT. CMDR. Joe Lowery, Commander: CIENS. Floyd Devine, 2nd Plafoon Leader: and CfENS. Karen Jessup, Adminisfrafive Officer. The plaque fha? Commander Kunlnle is plac- ing on his deslr is awarded To fhe mosf ouf- sfanding plafoon every frimesfer. Yvonne. ,ani The NJROTC Flag Corps leads fhe annual Nim- ifz Homecoming parade. ORGANIZA TIONS NHS builds characfer haracrer. leadership, scholar- ship. and service characlerizes lhe Nalional Honor Sociely organizalion. Many of lhe members of lhe club were involved in STS courses and advanced placemenl classes, The service proiecl of lhe year was during The Chrislrnas season when members wenf To rhe Chrisfmas Cenler for The aging and decoraled Their doors. N ORGA NIZA TIONS Moneymalcing proiecls such as il'-shirl sales were one means of raising money for a scholarship To be given our al The end of lhe year. Naiional Honor Sociefy sponsor was Mrs. Roe Morris. "Shoclzed"a1+heiacfThaf he will have To make an announcement for lhe Sociely, is senior comedian John Thomas. Q K ff V ,f If , 2 f' X, W? . . 1 Making an early morning meeling is Society Secrefary Lynda Coffon, who sfops fo lisfen lo a friends sfory in 'the hall. Someone Cafches Bobby Mahalilcis aflenlion while he walls lor an Honor Sociefy meefing. is I i L-'- - . Pu Y I .x Finding fime fo fake a break, Susan Canlerbury iolres wifh a fellow Nafional Honor Sociefy member. Caughf in ihe middle of a discussion. is senior member Russ Carpman. who is falling abouf fhe Sociefy meefing iusf ended. lleff fo righf, Fronf row, Riia Pearson, Cheryl Richards, Bill Griffiih, Tom Blough, Lynda Coi- ion, Carolyn Anchefa, and Russ Carpman, lSec- ond row, Karen Wallins, Sieve Pafricl, Jack McDaniel, Bryce Burlte, Dwighf Arnold, David Filmore, Kay Bauman, David Desrosieres, lThird rowl Robin Works, John Thomas, Don WiH, Bobby Maholik, Don Hurley, Anna-Lesa Moore, and Benny Meriin, iBack row, Conrad Vicroy, Lynne Ehemann, Ca+hy Hamilion, Gayla Cov- , ingfon, Susan Cenferbury, and Robin Morris. 2' 'im ORGA NIZA TIONS Ambi'Tion -l- work I Mu Alpha TheTa 2-TFBZZCQ is a Tormula very Tamiliar To The members oT Mu Alpha TheTa. Being a member oT Mu Alpha TheTa was an honor because The club consisTed oT 50 sTudenTs Thaf showed an inTeresT in maThemaTics and were in Their Third year oT college prepara- Tory maTh. Anolher requiremenT was ThaT no maTh grades could be lower Than a B. Can you imagine siTTing in a class- room on a SaTurday Taking TesTs? The Mu Alpha TheTa did, buT They were compeTing in a maThemaTics Tourna- menT aT Richardson High School. AT The end oT The year, a scholar- ship was given To a senior member of The club. The money Tor This scholar- ship came from pickle sales and bake sales ThaT The club sponsored. The bake sales proved To be a greaT suc- cess and Tremendous Tun. Mu Alpha TheTa sponsors are Mr. Greg Jackson and lv1rs.Gwen ShelTon. Safurday morning Tournamerifs showed many disconfenf expressions as was shown by Rhonda Wray. Geffing ready To parTicipaTe in a Mu Alpha TheTa meefing are senior members Benny Ferro, Bobby Mahalik and Rhonda Wray. Discussing an upcoming maTh TournamenT are Lynda CoTTon, Kay Bauman and oTher members of Mu Alpha TheTa. ORGANIZATIONS J... Mu Alpha The+a members: lS+andingl Lynda CoHon, president Allan Mussler, Carol Row land, Dana Drab, Kannan Whillow, Annabelh Headriclx, Rila Pearson, Karen Waflxins, Sharon Sumrall, Cindy Pierce, Becky Moore, Lorre Kea++s, Bob Mahalilr, Don WIH, lSeafedl John Thomas, Kay Bauman, Mindy Slerling, Benny Ferro, lreasurerg Carolyn Anchela, Paula Rab- yor, secre+ary3 Kalhy Myres, and Kim Wafkins. .,f"X Thursday mornings before fhe regular Tuesday morning meelings The officers meer fo discuss The agenda for Thai rneefing. Presidenf Lynda Coffon and freasurer Benny Ferro malre plans for fhe annual banquef. Mu Alpha Thela sponsor, Greg Jackson, sefs our The morning meefinq plans before fhe club members arrive, ORGA NIZA TIONS Reminiscence is The woro' s mosT organizaTions began planning aTTer The opening oT school, The Valhalla yearbook sTaTT sTarTed early by aTTending a summer work- shop in Norman, Oklahoma. To plan Tor The T979 yearbook, The Three head ediTors planned and worked on Theme developmenT, copy wriTing, layouTs and cover designs in The weekelong workshop. As Time progressed. The sTaTT goT TogeTher and discussed TuTure plans Tor acTiyiTies such as The homecoming parade and The Tradif Tional slide show. The yearbook sTaTT decided To be creaTiye in The parade by walking in boxes To adverTise sales. -. :- ps, 'X iz .,,, Working hard Tor many hours, a small commiTTee compleTed The slide-show, despiTe Technical diTTiculTies. As more hours and several weekends oT hard work were spenT aT The school, The sTaTT compleTed each deadline wiTh only minuTes To spare. The winTer sea- son came To a ioyous end, wiTh The sTaTT's ChrisTmas parTy and The Tinal February deadline. The spring heaT came wiTh a Trip To The UniversiTy oT Texas Tor The ILPA iournalism work- shop, bringing home Tresh ideas Tor nexT year's yearbook. WiTh The Tinal monTh oT school rolling around, The Kay Bauman Honors sTudenT body asked each sTaTTer wl The yearbooks would come in. Wl The yearbooks did come in, They w disTribuTed in The audiTorium. Sc The lasT yearbook was handed ouT, c silence Tilled The audiTorium. Ee sTaTT member sighed Tor They co remember The long hard hours Tha Took To compleTe The yearbook. AT This shorT Time oT reminiscing, a T rolled down The eyes oT each sTa' because They knew ThaT The year l come To an end and The close Trie ship oT each member would die Tor each would go Their separaTe wi iguw, iflllillaa in ff? Ab! l nf " s f -up 1 , f- her emohons eller le deadline. Q Z --2 f-14 .J VV .l,Vb my ' a lole wo arl lhrouqh wilh ami e. ' 4. .L .W M ,gn Yearbook Slaffersz Tim Broughfon, Jeanne Hayes, Benny Ferro, Paul Lopez, Greg Wesf, Sfacie Dane, Carolyn Anchela, Lynda CoHon, Sandra Snow, Vanessa Nor- man, Mark Chapman, Billie Phillips, Tammie Jenkins, Cindy Sanford, Kay Bauman, Paula Glover, Janel Copeland, Scoll Crew, Sla- cie Slipes, Don Bodenhamer, Milne Rich, Mike Phillips, John Randle, Ann Dean, Mr. Harlrrider, Tony Marfinez, David Robinson, Fred Holi, and Leroy Kemper. ORGAIXHZA TIONS V' 3 W , yavix' WT . T K .. TMJW+wf,3,Q,,,v+ Lf O 0 AWS X U' BOW i NWT' .-T is X TT Wim AT is Jig Q ' l QOUTJNN , df uf -Nycop Mwany faces reflecf year rowns and smiles. happy and sad Taces, Tears and cheers. These characTerisTics are whaT made up The l979 Sword 81 Shield sTaTT. No one single person had all oT The bur- den To bear because The whole group did Their share. This excep- Tional sTaTT produced The TinesT newspaper ThaT a high school could produce, and had The paper ouT and Tor sale every Two weeks. The sTaTT promoTed sales by having The school "iing along wiTh John" and "do noThing wiTh John." John was The co' ediTor oT The Sword 81 Shield. The sTaTT direcTor, Mr. Jack Harkrider, also had Two oTher ediTors on The sTaTT To lighTen The load oT John and co-ediTor Judy Barnhill. These new posiTions were managing ediTor. held by Frankie l-lamilTon, and graphics direcTor, held by ScoTT Crew. The school paper conTained many new and inTeresTing iTems such as: QuoTe Me. inTerviews, Jabber Jock, leTTers To The ediTors. and several special eTTecT layouTs. Some of The special layouTs were oT Dallas Cow- boy Cheerleader Kim McKinney, a NimiTz graduaTe: The commercializa- Tion oT ChrisTmas. an April Fool's issue and many more. The sTaTTers worked many long exTra hours and sTrained Their brains looking Tor ideas and were rewarded by producing a very Tine newspaper. John Thomas, ediTor of The Sword 81 Shield, shows The sTudenTs how To use a hand-waxer on The newspaper. fle'f'T To righf, Fronf rowl John Thomas, Tony Marfinez, Becky Van Wye, Debbie Aldridge, and Judy Barnhill, lSecond rowl Vicky Wilson, Freddy HoTT, Becky ORGANXZA TIONS McCarroll, Tammy Hindman, Kay Bauman, Mary Arnold and Tudy Warren Back row ScoH Crew, J-Ramsey, and Kevin Bingham, Jack Harkrlder Jerry Traughber Mark lThird rowl Susan AncheTa, Debbie Becker, Fordice David Robison Leroy Kemper, Pam Duncan, Laci SooTer, Calling fo find our a lead on an irnporranf sfory is junior Debbie Becker. rwaep. iff' Working lward fo mee? his deadline, Mark For- dyce re-copies his newspaper sfory. Despife flue hard work during flue second period and Debbie Aldridge relax by playing comedi- rusl'1 ol sfory deadlines, Juniors Becky Van Wye ans in flue ball. ORGA NIZA TIONS ,, '- uf ' 'Wei-g's?ef A ,157 W . i331 i Way! f K .52 i II7 Recognffion shows Tafenf and skill ave you ever TelT ThaT you were ouT oT breaTh? This siTuaTion was common To band members aTTer a long concerT. Many rehearsals beTore, during, and aTTer school prepared each member in order To hold The noTes Tor eiTher a long or shorT period oT Time wiThouT sTraining The lungs. These rehearsals noT only prepared The TalenTed musicians in Their Tield. buT They also broughT close Triend- ships among Them. This organizaTion is spliT inTo Two diTTerenT bands, The Symphonic band and The ConcerT band. Earlier in The year, a mixTure oT boTh bands perTormed during march- ing season, placing among The Top bands. PerTormances aT halTTime were appreciaTed by bo+h The NimiTz Tam- ily and The opponenTs, with everyone in The sTadium giving The band a sTanding ovaTion. Being chosen To perTorm aT The opening TooTball game aT Texas STa- dium Tor The Dallas Cowboys showed ThaT our band had TalenTed and skilled members. ATTer The nerves seTTled down Trom The Cowboy game. nerves quickly rose wiTh The opening oT TooTball sea- son. The uniTorms were laTer puT in sTorage and broughT back ouT occa- sionally Tor diTTerenT concerTs. The mosT nervewracking evenT which The bands parTicipaTed in was The solo and ensemble conTesTs where members played beTore iudges, eiTher individually or in small groups. WaiT- ing Tor The iudges To posT The scores, gave The opporTuniTy To make new Triends Trom oTher schools. T?Q33'W'- W Q - - , . .- -V -W-.. , i i . , . ..Z. it 5, Musicians of The Symphonic Band are: lFronT row, leff To righfl Melody Fogleman, Robin Works, Kellie Allen, Rhonda Turner, Lori Davis, Sherre Whife, Cindy Hayes, Debbie Perryman, and Conrad Vickroy, lSecond rowl John Thomas, Carol Rowland, RiTa Pearson, Laura Jones, Tina Adams, Tracey Bell, Donna PaTrick, Rhonda Wray, Tim Huckaby, and Mike Palmer, lThird rowl Sharon Sumrall, Kanan Whiflow, Susan AncheTa, Leana Rowe, Jennifer Henry, JulieTTe Romero, Annabefh Headrick, Richard Brannock, Chad Bailey, Benny Hengy, WalTer BeTTs, and Sieve Pa+rick, lFourTh rowl Chris Neal, Lary Dorsey, John Soi, Randy Rhodes, Mike STevens, Jeff Jones, Tim Marsgall, RoberT . wg -4- Q Yarbrough, Bobby STephenson, MaTT Casfoe, Allan Mussler, and Russ Carpman, lLasT rowl Susan CanTerbury, YveTTe HameTT, Tommy Evans, Jim Sears, Mike Kirby, Joseph Romero, Tim BroughTon, and Phillip Rowe, lNoT picTured arel Leann Garrns, KrisTi Woods, and Blake Wil- Iiams. ORGANKZA TIONS II8 l I I 1 l r Musicians of flue Concerl Band are: lFronf row leff fo righfl Bonnie Flaherfy, Kafhy Hammer, Angie Sfevens, LeeAnn Clemenfs, Rufh Kubecka, Shere Leadabrand, Joanna Green, Robin Morris and Maria Diaz, lsecond rowl Pam Jacobs, Celinda Lindsey, Nancy Lewis, Shawn Harringfon, Sheila Springer, Peggy Tafum, Tri- cia Linfon, Linda Puenfe, Teresa Gamez, Evelyn Kimbrell, Esfher Rodriquex, and Lori Herring lThird rowl Darci Barfleff, Judy Keane, Mickey Pafrick, Michele McGlone, Romona Waffs, Mary Tuscana, LeAnn Cox, Noah Cano, Randy Hammer, Todd Pearson, Kelly Parker, David McCormick, Tom McNeil, Cindy Villereal, and Twanda Dorris, lFourfh rowl Dwane Shulfs, David Dennis, Roberl Yakel, Laura Graves, Mark Thomas, Paul Smifh, Tommy King, Paul Thorfonberry, David Dill, Mary Reich, Larry lg! Ono Harper, Ben Ugalde, and Wayne Day, lLasf rowl William Redman, Kevin Jones, BreH Berk- eH, and Poly Paddock. lNof piclured in phofoe graphsl Deanna Aicard, Sharon Bonner, Dewey Ford, Sfeve Lighffoof, Bill McCufcheon, Tim Miller, Ricky Reed, Lannie Self, Troy Sfephrn, George Turner, Jeff Wood, and Chris WyaH'. T lj 1 .4 xv we Nervousness came as fhe final momenf arrived when The marching band walked onfo 'rhe field wifh fhe large crowd of fhe Nimilz family wafching every sfep. In order fo have a perfect performance. early pracfices before school occurred shown by Sen- ior, Laurie Caviness. as she sfands in formafion, Assisfanf Band Direcfor, Jim McGahee, helps ouf wifh marching season by arranging fhe members info fheir posifion on fhe field. ORGA NIZA TIONS H9 Flag Corps o'is,olays Ta len Ts he NimiTz l-ligh School Viking Band acquired a new look Three years ago, wiTh an added group. This addi' Tion was called The NimiTz Flag Corps, which displayed Their TalenTs aT all OT The TooTball games and band conTesTs. ATTer marching season was over, The Tlag corps people began pracTicing on Their musical insTrumenTs. lv1r.Jim McGahee and Mr. Carl l-laberkamp boTh helped The Tlag corps in Their work To represenT NimiTZ well. llefT To righT, Fronf rowl Troy STephan and Celinda Lindsey, lBack rowl Mickey Pafrick, Mike Palmer, Ramona Wa'Hs, Sherre Whife, Leanne Germs, Judy Keane, Tim Huclraby, and Darci BarTIeTT. The Flag Corps shows sTrong school spiriT aT TooTball games. WaiTing To go on The Tield during an early morning pracTice is Flag Corps member Darci BarTleTT, ORGA NIZA TIONS 'Ulu , , , . o " "g'5'-.- E T ' ' J X The NimiTz Flag Corps waiTs To enTer onTo Th Tield Tor Their halT-Time show, a weekly highlighil during TooTball season. 9 i 3 if it Hear five bear he Nimiiz High School Drum Corps spenl many hours aifer school and af nighl working on The halilime enferrainmenr which was presenied during each Friday nighl ioolball game. During concern' season. The Drum Dorps ceased while 'rhey worlced on iheir overall fechniques. Dedica- Tion and hard work was a proven qual- ify of +he Nimilz Drum Corps. geff fo right Fron+ rowl Polly Paddock, Lori avis, iSecond rowl Yveife Hammei, Phillip Rowe, Tim Broughion, BreH Burirefi, lBacir TCW, Susan Canierbury, Chad Bailey, Kevin Jones, Conrad Vicroy, Robin Morris, William Redman. The percussion seciion plays fogeiher, while a+ an early morning pracfice. Conrad Vicroy carries fhe bass drum as he wafches oiher band members. During one of lhe many hall-lime shows. Phillip Rowe shows his faleni by playing lhe Tim-Toms. nj? P 9 OR GANIZA TIONS l2l The Viking Band unloads fheir equipmerwf for Texas Sfadium nlqhf. H was fhe groups firsf solo appearance in fhe sfadium. I+ was such a big imsirumenf for Senior Angie Perry To carry, she pufs if down and Takes a shorfresf. ' ,, The Nimifz Flag Corps prepares for half-Mme acfion during fhe nafionally fehevised Dallas- Balfimore game. Everyone fool: exira time for pracricinq, as shown here by Noah Cano, buf if was Safurday afferrwoon. and ir was ho? and suHry. L15 T' Symphonic Band Members: lfrom lefl fo righll Benny Hengy, Share Whi+e, Rhonda Wray, John Thomas, Richard Brannoclr, Chris Neel, .mu u Bobby Sfephenson, Jim Sears, Blake Williams. YLN 5 Q' -vi ,oA gs ' ,fee r,, :W .,,,, W B F " ' ' All-is swf im Sears, senior band member, shows his dediv Concerr Band Officers: lfrom leff +o righf, lBack rowl Todd Pearson, Ben Ugalde, David afion as he pracfices for lhe Chrisfian concerl. Fronf rowl Twanda Dorris, Dee Dee Aicardi, Dill. ORGAIWZA WONS 123 Q W k During a class cl scuss on Teresa Buffery o ns ii 0 ,A in g lhe conversafion every day ECA, The Disfribulive Educa- 'rion Clubs ol America, was a small educa'rional and business eslablish- menl in ifsell. Sludenls involved in This program could be seen every morning selling supplies al fhe DE school sup- plies slore or a+ lheir own iobs. Mrs. Phyllis Asplund +oolc charge of fhis group and helped lhem in plan- ning such acfivilies as fhe Labor Day Slcafe-A-Thon, a picnic designed fo welcome new members, and a ban' que? +o bring logerher fhe sludenls and 'rheir employers. Through 'rhe year. members allended area DECA worlcshops as well as Area and Slale Leadership Conferences, I+ look one meeling every monlh lo bring This group 'rogelher i a group fha? successfully developed info bofh an aclive and an excellenl organizaf hon. T V a rs, my ? e 'Ki One of lhe daily dufies ol sponsor Mrs. Phyllis Asplund is malcing sure the sfuderns are doing well in fheir respective iobs. Alihough fhe s+uden+s work part of the school day, learning lhrougli assignmenfs in class is sfill very imporianl. ORGA NIZA TIONS My N ,, l l l i i Nimffz produces sTa rs here were several drama-ori- enTed clubs aT NimiTz This pasT year, buT none compared wiTh The NaTional Forensic League. Those members worlced exTremely hard reaching goals ThaT were seT Tor Them aT The begin- AcTors Dewey Ford and Yolanda l-TuerTa reach a dramaTic peak in Their dueT. Ed Pecikonis perTorms a humorous inTerpreTa- Tional, one person porTraying Two charaders. ning oT The year, A loT oT These hard worlcing acTors compeTed in many TournamenTs by inTerpreTing drama, reading poems, and acTing ouT a cer- Tain parT oT a play. Many oT These members achieved Their goals by mala- ing iT To The Tinals, buT many Tailed and were going To Try and worlc Their way up To The Top The nexT year. Being a member oT The NaTional Forensic League is a goal in iTs own. TournamenT Class Members show ThaT To wave a winning squad, They need To "sup- 3orT" one anoTher. Darrel Conger, ScoH Crew, Chrisjy Simmons, , , David J. SmiTh. N.F.L. Members: llefT To righT, BoTTom row, Mrs. Toni Milford, KaThy Phillips, J-Ramsey, ', Yolanda Huerla, Sue Edwards, Mrs. Dina Willx- A , 'fm .y enson, lTop rowl ScoTT Alley, JoAnna Irwin, V lv T 4, " sr , I . ff 'I 5 A i 1' X N al R . V x ORGANIZATIONS 4 lbljy' vo' lfljlillrflllill ll li WU JJ VQ ll ry ff! J . ln a romanhc s abilify fo acl. X lx gl lliillll Drama brings many feelings and expressions shown liere by Scoff Crew. e, Coleen Lynch sliows lier wr, 'M'MW'-WHMWWWW ORGA NIZA TIONS I 26 V Y 1 , 62:11. - ' ff' 'Y s JK? vwbr. Q f1,,,'- .' rap, will One of fha more expressive club members, Jim Calvert lells his slory 'ro a friend, Some drama siudenls always wind up with a smile, as exliibiled by Sue Edwards. 5 . 1 r ?QW-i U f :f , ki T ' QV: 'Qi M151 an-. 4 ,,,. 'A .5315 Y' gifs, ., ,aim .W iw . -' i'i,'A9? Wag f , , Q. .. yi .,?',Uf': fi, 0' ' 2 'Hf,xQ,XfQrAV fx .5 M.i.,. "ga:..,.. , 34' Fw 1 i,. X . Praciicing hard for a Drama 'rournamenf and seeming To enjoy if is Scoff Crew g my . E , qcrni ,aww lm. . V2 Pracficing a scene, Colleen Lynch and Yolanda HuerTa geT inTo The emoTion of Their parTs. "' W N' Drama speaks our .e.' ,l., . - -Q. .5. J, ff' LH R 1 - - "rig 1' . In f 1, 1 ' in " sv T T or is i y T f ,L .. 3' Z TP' R T Y a se x lllll. L saggy, 'Q V f ,3 iissi -, . gi , .. 1 , ? s X5 B ii- 'Y' i ' s ,iii 'N i N .gf All "decked owl," Jim Sears acfs The characTer JT "Mn Reginald' in The Senior Play, "Every :arnily Has One." kppreciafive To her direcfing of The Senior 'lay. casT member, Yolanda HuerTa presenTs iue Edwards wiTh flowers. creaming, voicing your opinion, Tall:- ing back. These were many of The Things Thal a drama sTudenT had To do aT school ThaT They didn'T geT To do aT home. IT you had wallced by The drama room, you mighf have Thoughf ThaT someone was being killed, beafen or iusT made an "A" on Their reporT card. BuT iT was lusT Tale-nTed drama sTudenTs, acTing ouT a play or reading a poem. lFronT rowl Karen Bailey, lSecond row, Kafhy Lynch, Denise Bradford, Yolanda HuerTa, and Amy Loffice, lThird rowl Sharon Mason, Monica Oseid, Casey Barr, Brenda VanDylre, The Drama Club spenT many hours working on seTs and puTTing on many plays. During The year, They selecTed a childrens' play, made all The seTs, performed. and produced The enTire play. The Drama Club could noT have been a success wiThouT The help ol Their sponsor. Mrs. Gina Wilkinson. and Ricky Jackson, lBaclr rowl Colleen Lynch, J-Ramsey, Sco+T Crew, JoAnna Irwin, Kafhy Affeberry, Ed Pechilronis, and Sue Edwards. QRS l ORGA NXZA TIONS .fi x, 127 VQC7' earns credir for work he VOCT work program was for sfudenls who wanled To go 'ro school hall a day and work lhe olher hall, and collecl graduafion credils for if. ln order lo be a parl of lhis organiza- +ion, each had fo have a iob. Once a srudenl losl his job, or le'l'r if for one reason or anofher, he los? his credif. The class mel during fhird period and was sponsored by Rose Mary Evans. ln order for Mrs.Evans fo evaluale her sfudenls she lalked lo 'rheir employ- ers. VOCT sponsor Rosemary Evans lalks wifh one of her sludenfls employers during evaluafing lime. ' i-.miss . Cur+is Calhoon lakes lime lo cornplefe ofher VOCT s+uden+ Howard Kmsel altends classes schoolwork while wamng To go 'ro work as ell as working half a day ORGA N IZA TIONS l'1'.E.R.Q. shows apprecfa Hon all ol +he sfudenfs had lo be holding a permanenl iob. The HERO organizae lion had a dinner lor lheir employers al +he end ol 'rhe year +0 show lheir appreciafion. .E.R.O. was one ol The many omemalcing-orienled clubs af Nimilz. 'IERO consisled of many sfudenrs fho worked hall a day and wenf 'ro :hool 'rhe oiher hall. ln order 'ro slay wfhe groupis l'l.E.C.E. worlc program, aydreaming during class, Lorraine Tubbs ares oil' inlo space. For lasf-minufe preparafions, Cindy Anderson fypes a maior assignmenf for class. ying fo gel' fhrough The day. Anita Davis Filling ou'I' her work schedule, Cheryl Grosek id Pam Duncan worlm diligenfly. sees how many hours she had worlced. Gerfing ready for The furure aising a Tamily and Talcing care oT children was a greaT dream as a child growing up. Playing house, dolls, supermarlceT, and school was only a Tew TanTasies of a young girl. From ThaT Time on, iT seemed like an eTer- niTy unTil They would acTually be faced wiTh all The responsibiliTies oT raising a real Tamily. PELE was a program, planned To help young ladies loolr aT The siTuaTion Trom an adulT poinT oT view. Teaching and Taking care oT children is no easy iob. Therefore, PELE gave such girls an opporTuniTy To experience and learn whaT iT Tool: To do so. Senior girls had jobs aT various day schools and child care cenTers. Mrs. Barbara Copeland, sponsor oT PELE, gave much oT her Time and hard worlc To help geT iobs Tor These girls. PELE consisTed mainly oT iuniors and sen- iors, willing To learn and experience The TirsT sTage oT The child care pro- gram. ORGA N IZA TIONS Showing her sTudenTs new games and plans is Teacher and sponsor Barbara Copeland. P l C " ? Teaching The children many new skills and Helping a group of young friends is Judy Rib ideas. Robin Trobaugh sTops To pose Tor The ble, PELE senior sTudenT, camera. Growing up iapers, baby powder, baby cloThes: These were many OT The iTems an T-l.E.C.E. sTudenT saw during This pasT year. The girls ThaT parTicipaTed in T'l.E.C.E. learned how To Take care OT young children and The responsibiliTies involved in caring Tor young children. Mrs. Barbara Copeland helped The girls To grow menTally and physically as people and as TuTure moThers. Helping design a new bulleTin board, Nila Cherry smiles Tor The camera. k. Engoylng every minufe OT class, Sari Brown Tin- ishes her daily worlc beTore The bell rings. llefT 'ro righT, FronT rowl Debbie Perry, Sari Brown, Maria Sofo, Nifa Cherry, JeaneTTe Frifz, Julie Box, Marilyn Piplrins, lBack rowl Jo Coro- neda, Jerry Caniwell, Kim Kennedy, Dondi Peiers, Renee McPeTers, Carla Ferish. ORGA NIZA TIONS Half-n half hal lcind of iob do you have? Oh, I worlc in an office. Hey, lhal sounds neat buf don + you go 'ro school? Yes l worlc hall a day and go 'ro school h If a day. l'm also in 'rhe OEA club. Whal is OEA? lr sfands for Qllice Educa- +ion Associalion, and if promoles office educalion and lraining inside lhe schools. There are iuniors and seniors in Jrhe club, and They parlicipafe in lhe area OEA Lead- ership Conlerence. This is our sec- ond year and we are sponsored by Mrs. Elnor Sheppard. C6 ITIGFB " " """" .m i an 'VW' , ,ff 'swfz Q, P Selling your margins-ca 'V gel' ypu'los a er is upside Wn. 'M "'f' i i " , 'rf' ml Q- ORGA NIZA TIONS ,Q l Runnind ani ding rnachine was of The Eiufies T Viherry Ca hoon earned. I Learning look skills EA, consisling ol girls, was anolher work program fha? Nimilz had lhis pas? year. The OEA senior girls mel lor lheir Classroom parl during lirsl period. Each girls was responsi- ble lor cornpleling her own lab key- worlc in an alolfed lime period. These girls learned all ol fhe ollice skills and responsibililies 'rhal lhey would need lo know when running an office. The OEA senior girls were spon- sored by Mrs. Eleanor Sheperd. Q5 ., ORGA NIZA TXONS 'Expressing feelings in wrifing lie Crealive Wriling Club allowed eaclw member +o express 'rlweir own feeling as llwey saw llnem and fell llwem. Many people could no? express llweir leeling and True Tliouglwls willi- oul wriling llwem down. Wrifing W' s--qr- fliouglnls and feelings down became very rewarding for many people like Beniamin Franklin. George Washing- Ton, and people from all wallcs of life. Ms. Amy Page. a wriler in lier own riglwl, sponsored flue club and proved To be an inspiralion. Lisiening 'ro the members' slories. Ms. Page. sponsor, finds somellning amusing. Group discussion ollen Helps oul Hwese Cre- Siopping a+ her locker before a club meefing, alive Wrifing members. J-Ramsey gives flue plwofograplwers a smile. ORGANIZATIONS 5- if Creefive Wri+ing Club freasurer Michelle Klempin spends ner Tuesday aflernoons helping organize club acfivilies. Growing fn more Than one way ellowship oT ChrisTian AThleTes was a club composed oT boTh boy and girl aThleTes. The club had several meeTings and sTudied how a ChrisTian aThleTe should acT. OTTen Times, a guesT speaker Talked wiTh The group. F.C.A. had a good membership drive and mulTiplied Their membership by Three Times. Mr. Rick Gregory. a Nim- iT7 graduaTe, was The sponsor Tor The boy's F.C.A. club This pasT year and Ms. Kav BuTler was The girls sponsor. lleff To righT, FronT row, Mindy Sferling, Marsha Conder, Sandy ThornquisT, Keifh Meeks, AnThony Gomez, Greg WesT, Chrisfi Simmons, Sharon Mason, Kim Weddle, Susan STevenson, lBack rowl Blair Ward, GilberT Granado, Randy Smiih, Bobby Mahilk, Kevin Bingham. NimiTz ex, Rick Gregory, ioins The NimiTz Teach- ing sTaTT and Takes over The F.C.A. sponsorship. Working wiTh The PCA. club is iusT one oT The many exTra curricular acTiviTies ThaT Coach Donna Gram parTicipaTes in. ORGA NIZA TIONS C 6 nl , H 'QQ 1:5 of 'O 'nafshoe Q. To sew a sfraighf seam wiflwouf qeffinq ou? of line is wha? Huis homemalring sfudenf hopes To accomplish. ORGA NIZA TXONS 136 Dov, Q. This ceramic 'figure is one of flue many Trlnkefs fha? are se? around in rlwe homemalunq living X room To give a pleasan? surrounding for The slu- denfs fo work in. X F' N-film Senior Sheri Sanders digs in her ulilify box fo find a needle for sewing a hem social acTiviTies, were The club spon- Child care and developmenT was one oT The classes oTTered by Mrs. Roe's homemalring classes. A fiTTfe bif of home aT school T's noT iusT any day ThaT a wed- ding is held in a class, or eggs are TreaTed as babies. or even a Tashion show is held. buT Tor The FuTure Home- malcers oT America, iT was an every- day evenT. Each sTudenT in a home- making class had The opTion of being a member of This organizaTion which would, in a sense, "meeT every day oT The year." Class acTiviTies are numer- ous. Everyone someTime or anoTher in can recall wallcing down by The coolc- rooms and smelling cookies, or down by The sewing rooms where The Q. display case showed iTems made by sTudenTs. Homemalcing classes which included Food I, 2, and 31 Sewing I, 2 and 37 Child Development Home and Family Living, and Home Manage- menT, were always busy. YeT, school acTiviTies in homemalcing were noT Fl'lA's only obiecTive. Each TrimesTer, The homemaking classes were involved wiTh various social service proiecTs. OTTenTimes, They gave home-made giTTs To Childrens l'lospiTals, nursing homes, The burn clinic, and numerous oTher insTiTuTions similar To These. Heading such proiecTs. as well as club sors and elecTed sTudenT presidenTs and vice-presidenTs. These oTTicials were elecTed each TrimesTer in every homemalcing class. TogeTher, They decided whaT lcind oT annual social They would have To geT all members of FHA TogeTher aT one Time. The club was very large, as always, buT To everyone "l-lomemalcingn was Tun. i Before allowing her sTudenTs To compleTe Their sTiTchin . "' garmenTs, Mrs. Goodyear checlcs over Their The imporTance of puTTing in a zipper cor- recTly is explained by Mrs. Moss To her ORGANIZATIONS homemaking classes. GHG, TWG, 'click' he backbone Tor boTh The Val- halla Yearbook and The Sword and Shield newspaper were The nine sTu- denTs +ha+ walked around school wiTh cameras in Their hands. STudenTs Think ThaT all you have To do is click The buT- Ton on Top OT The camera and presTo - you have a picTure. This was noT The sTory This year wiTh The NimiTz phoTographers. Many long hours were spenT up aT school in order To meeT Crazy sfunfs pe-rTormed by Fred HOTT. Tony MarTinez. and David Robison are caughT on camera by an onlooking phoTographer. Placing confacf shee+s in his Tolder. shown by Don Bodenhamer. helps organize The greaT number oT picTures ThaT are Taken. Mixing chemicals properly Tor picTures, as does Leroy Kemper. is essenTial To developing a pho- Tograph. ORG-A NIZA TIONS deadlines. Many Times They did noT go home. The phoTographers had To puT ouT an exTra eTTorT in order To make Those conTinual deadlines. The phoTographers were divided inTo Two secTions. yearbook and newspaper, buT boTh seTs oT phoTographers helped ouT each oTher. Being a phofographer involves geTTing up early in The morning. as does Tim BroughTon. To Take picTures before school. Head phofographer John Randle siTs down wiTh his sTaTT To assign picfure orders. -gl Serfing goals oceffonal lnduslrial Clubs ol: Amer- ra was a club made up ol srudenls who f'-j""3U 'S var' learning ca lrade early, The snoenrs gel om of school el I I:3O To go Aefl gr 5 cerlein iob chosen as lheir gon 45' yer on in lile. AT school, lhe slu- G'3Ff3 reported weekly how rnuch lhey "ace EUC! new long fhey worlned. Sorne ol We Nerncers parlicipaled in lhe honne- ccrnlrg Darede sludenlflecully volleyball vc :sl,Ke'ba1l qarnes and disrricl and S'i'e v'.l,C.fX. conresls. They would nor have been such a big success wilhouf Mr. BQ: K 'xg 'nei' sponsor. Eddie Fuenfes, Gene Zeller, Bruce Wohlers, and Russell Pwr? wil and wal? lor lhe class lo Var' ps' Filling ouf his worlc report Eddie Fuenfes Telres lime lo lhinlr abou? sornelhing olher 'han classworlc, lLef1' fo righll Eddie Fuenles Theresa Karnes Tynece Parlcs Yolanda Salrmes Gere Slallinqs. ORGANXZA TIONS If "Hola Too'osf.' " abla espanol? Maybe noT, buT The Pan American STudenT Forum, Tor- merly called The Spanish Club around school, spoke Spanish every day in class, in addiTion To Spanish acTiviTies oT Their organizaTion. The Pan American STudenT Forum, in which our Spanish Club Tools parT. was an organizaTion in Texas, relaTing To The language, hisTory and baclc- ground oT all The counTries included in The American group oT naTions. IT was especially based on a more Thorough knowledge oT The peoples oT all The counTries oT The WesTern Hemisphere, such as learning Spanish as a medium oT communicaTion. The NimiTz chapTer of P.A.S.F. par- TicipaTed in several Foreign Language FesTivals during The year, in addiTion 2 4 S T as Before The moefing begins, AnnabeTh Headriclc and Mark Thomas discuss club acTiviTies wifh Tellow members. Reviewing Spanish liTeraTure is a parT of class, as well as The Spanish Club. so ThaT sTudenTs will do well in TournamenTs or conTesTs. OR GA NIZA TIONS To supporTing The sTaTe proiecTs oT The P.A.S.F. By raising money Through candy sales and The like, The club helped To supporT such organizaTions in Mexico ThaT boughT orThopedic braces and arTiTicial limbs Tor crippled children whose parenTs couldn'T aTTord Them, and anoTher ThaT paid Tor orphanage care Tor girls. The P.A.S.F. also aTTended a convenTion in San AnTonio. The Theme oT The con- Terence was "Progress Con AmisTad", which means "Peace Through Friend- shi Tohe P.A.S.F. sponsor was Mr. Bobby Villareal. As VanneTTa Van Riper and Cindy Cox give a suggesTion Tor a money raising proiecT. Mr. Vil- lareal, club sponsor, lisTens To Their ideas. 4155-Q f??f:?f Oafa 71? 10.0.11 French Club sfays busy he French Club was an organizarion a+ Nimi1'z,macle up of sfudenls inieresred in learning how +o speak French. Learning abour France, while working. +he club was very successful 'rhis year in many endeavors. Parricipafing in many fund raising proiecis, lhey were also acfive in fhe homecoming les- +ivi+ies. They were grafeful To fheir sponsor, Ms. McDonald, for com- ing over from Irving High School, for making fhe club fhe success +ha+i+ was. lTop row, Thomas McNeil. lsecond row, Jane Smilha, Pere Piefens, Lee Wyaft Susan Shoufer, Man Casfoe, lBoHom row, Tambry Tomaro, Lisa Richards, Pam Powell. . di, ww M? Cannon, Eva Mcliinnsie, and Mal? Casfoe Gerling up 'ro leave French class, Jane Smifha gefs my a day in French class. caughf by a camera, - ORGANIZATIONS ,4 , A fun and eclucafionaf experience euTs Cher Verein" . . .noT a Tamiliar group around school, buT The English inTerpreTaTion, "The German Club," was Tamiliar. OTTen when we ThoughT oT a foreign language club, we picTured sTudenTs learning only The language in class: however, ThaT was noT all. The German Club's acTiviTies included enTering in The Homecoming Parade, parTicipaTing in The Novem- ber TesT compeTiTion aT U.T.A. and singing German ChrisTmas carols To The NimiTz office sTaTT. All acTiviTies were German orienTed, buT They were Tun and educaTional. Folkdancing aT The Irving I.S.D. showcase in Irving Mall: Foreign Language CompeTiTion aT S. F. AusTin UniversiTy in Nacog- doches, and ETSU in Commerce, and NorThlalre College were also ami The German Club's evenTs of The ye The club's sponsor was Miss Jo' Joslin. Hop rowl Doug Sepfer. Mark Paddock. D Donley, Jim TlryaTT, lBoTTom row, Sherry L1 abrand, Jennifer Porfer, Sherre WhiTe. W German Club member Sherre WhiTe. smili a remark made during a meeTing. y Nici Looking Surprised, David Donley wonders why any- one would wanT his phofo. ORGANIZA NONE Colorful evenfs proved success ain+, sfencils and brushes were among fhe supplies fhe Ari Club members shared. This I7-parficipanf organiza+ion played a big parf in rnany colorful evenfs 'rhroughoul' 'rhe school year. Their annual Fine Arfs Fesfival, held in ihe courfyard for all To see, proved +o be a greal' success. Along wifh These displays of Talent a cusfom T-shirl was designed for pur- chasers, by members of The club. The Ari Club would no? have been a suc- cess had if no? been for lheir sponsor Ms. Donna Barnard and fhe willpower of each parficipanf. While concenfrafing very hard, Philip Schenlcler fries fo fhinlr of whaf he is going fo do for an ar+ assignment - - x her 'finishing sfage of T-shirf painfing, Judy gardner is lilfing fhe frame 'ro see her new Lfion, 'H-fs, M . Holding up a canvas painfing, Ms. Barnard shows her arf class a special painfing fechnique. ORG-A NIZA TIONS Concenfra Hon wins fhe game he Chess Club offered sfudenfs an opporfunify fo improve fheir chess game and To qef fo lcnow ofhers who had The same inferesf. The chess club parficipafed in fournamenfs wifhin Nirnifz and also wifh clubs from ofher schools. Members meef every morn- ing before school fo sfrengfhen fheir abilify as chess players. The sponsor of fhe Chess Club was Jim Siffon. Phillip Boufhier, Cal Green, Lynn Sfanphill, Brian Mooney, Ricky Limones, Jim Wyafi and Joe Dewey are chess club members. Spending fheir mornings and affernoons con cenfrafing, chess club members work on improving fheir slcills. Moving 'lowards checkmaie Lynn Sfanphull sfudies his move. OR GA NIZA TIONS W onsTrucTing an aTom model, Darrel Con- er makes sure every alom is in iTs correcT lace, beTore puTTing iT on display. l n 1' Tia five id you ever wonder why or how abouT someThing in science? IT so. maybe you should have ioined The Sci- ence Club. AlThough The club mem- bership was low This year, The iniTia- Tive To learn and undersTand abouT Science Club vice-presidenT Lisa UselTon dis- cusses an aTom TormaTion wiTh club members. is To learn science always prevailed. The Science Club gave The sTudenT The opporTu- niTy To Take parT in acTiviTies involving science, like Tield Trips or looking over a science kiT. The club acTiviTies included seeing a laser show aT Rich- land College and aTTending The Kim- ball-Bryan Adams Science Symposi- ums. The Science Club sponsor was Mr. Don Marsh. S g K 'nn-uf? 5 in -ff...-ie..- One of The many acTiviTies include looking aT and Trying ouT science kiTs. George STephenson, Jim WyaTT, Lisa UselTon and Jim McCullough experimenT wiTh aTom kiTs. ln addiTion To Teaching chemisTry. Mr. Don Marsh sponsors The Science Club. ORGANIZA TIONS Help goes o long way long wilh The daily smiles and roufines, many sfudenfs expressed 'rheir concern for peof ple by volunfeering in Youfh Againsf Dysirophy and The Cancer Associafion. Youfh Againsl' Cancer sfarfed our the year by selling Halloween "insurance Policies" To The sfudenfs. They also helped raise money Tor the fund drive af Soufhwesf Bank and Trusf for Always willing To confribufe To The organizafion is member Rene Coleman. iH's always nice To see a smiling lace when Things were no? going well. Mrs. Jan Sfory, YAC sponsor helped our in anyway she can. Because a greaf deal of money is needed for research of diseases, Phillip Vifaselr, Sarah Enright and Chris English discuss a variefy of money-making proiecfs fhey can sponsor. ORGA NIZA TIONS I 6 "Susan," a cancer parienl. They could nor have done all of This wifhouf 'rhe special help of Mrs. Jan Sfory, Their sponsor. Youfh fxgainsf Dyslrophy had many acfivifies as well. fo show fheir concern Tor people. They parficipafed in fhe annual Dance-A-Thon, sponf sored by Y.A.D.'s. They couldn'+ have been suc- cessful wilhoul The help of Their sponsor, Mrs. Cafherine Rogers. ...If 45 waning.. Members of YAC and YAD's are IBaclr row, lofi McAdams, Sarah Enright Sharon Mason, and bare Tuscana, Reno Coleman, Chris English, fo righll Leiha lvie, Tommy Evans, Chuck Phillip Vilasek, lFron1 rowl Kim Remsden, Bare Charlofh Mason. and Sfoven Vifasolr. 4-aiu SIQNQNLX When fha sfudeni body contributed to fhe fund for "Susan," YAC members such as CharloHe Mason encouraged everyone fo help. ORGA NIZA TIONS I47 Being involved veryone aT one Time or anoTher in his or her liTe, has The need To Teel wanTed. Several sTudenTs experienced ThaT need by ioininq one oT The many NimiTz clubs or organizaTions. Each club held Their usual 7:45 or 3:00 meeT- inqs. There never seemed To be a morning wiThA ouT The sale of baked goods. T-shirTs, carnaf Tions, pickles, misTleToe messages, valenTines, or someone soliciTinq candy or sTaTionery orders. Those clubs raised hundreds oT dollars in This school year, Each club Tried To have a endeof-The-year parTy of banqueT, in order To close The year wiTh a smile. Each and every orqanizalion worked many long, hard hours and sacriTiced many ouT-oT-school acTiviTies To represenT Nim- iTz in Their besT way possible. So as The lasT club-member counT was made and The parTies were over. The doors oT NimiTz High closed one more Time To represenf The end OT a school year, buT The sponsors began planning acTiviTies Tor nexT years members. hifi f ,48 ORGANIZATIONS '- Clubs, sponsors Sludenf Council - Mrs. Halcomb. Miss Brown Cheerleaders - Mrs. Harmon Big Vik and Vodalin - Mr. Harmon Vikas - Miss Sranlord Choirs i Miss Reeves NJROTC - Mr. Kunkle, Mr. Talkinqlon Honor Sociely - Miss Morris Mu Alplia Tlnefa - Mr. Jackson Yearbook - Mr. Harkrider Newspaper- Mr. Harkrider Band - Mr. Haberkamp DECA 7 Mrs. Asplund National Forensic M Mrs. Wilkinson Drama - Mrs. Wilkinson VOCT 7 Mrs. Evans 5 HERO-Mrs.Roe PELE HECE - Mrs. Copeland OEA - Mrs.Sl'1eppard FCA - Mr. Gregory, Miss Gram Creafive Writing - Ms. Page FHA - Mrs. Lucas Plioloqraplwers - Mr. Harkrider VICA - Mr. King Spanish W Mr, Villareal Frenclw - Mrs. Joslin German - Mrs. Joslin Arr - Mrs. Bernard Clwess - Mr. Silfon Science - Mr. Siffon YAC-YAD - Mrs. Sfory ORGA NlZA TIONS -E lv SPOR TS 'Tlunn..,..,,,e4, ummer workouTs really goT To be a Tiresome Task and The long hours we spenT aTTer school pracTic- ing seemed like They would never end. No one acTually undersTands, Though, The saTisTacTion ThaT we aTh- leTes received before compeTiTion when we looked inTo The sTands and saw The Viking Tans supporTing us all The way. When we saw The exciTe- menT ThaT The Tans shared, we came To appreciaTe The Time and eTTorT ThaT we puT in during The season. EdiTor: Sandra Snow The broken legs, The sprained ankles, and The iammed Tingers are someThing we can all relaTe To. Through The hardships, we sTrived Tor perTecTion To be The besf school in The disTricT. NOT all The Time did we come ouT on Top, buT wheTher we did or noT, we could be assured ThaT The Tans were signaling The Tradi- Tional No. I, and we knew we were No. I in The column labeled pride. which is an imporTanT parT in all sporTs evenTs. TogeTher, we can appreciaTe The eTTorT puT inTo sporTs. Being No. I is noT always The mosT imporTanT Thing in sporTs. The spiriT and pride shown by The Tans during sporTs evenTs reveals To The aTh- leTes ThaT They are supporTed each Time They Take The Tields or courTs. Coach Don NenTwig and The baskeTball Team discuss Their sTraTegy beTore a Tournament ,M ' Fl' Q wi f SPORTS llefl fo righf, Fronl rowl, Bobby Jirnrny Howard, Kenny Edmontlfon, Davld Peiser, Blair ,L Ward, ,John Tedbeffer, Waylon Hargrove, Nolan 'E'Qberf, Freddy Garcia, and Micheal Drake, lSecond rovfl Sfudenf Trainer Roeky Rhodes, Ro,berl?fWaHs, Jack'McDaniel, George , . T' ff' A Tennison, Chuck Carnahan, Rick Bufler, Sammy Wood, Keifh Meeks, Rus Cowen, and Mgr. Tommy Tucker, lThird r Mgr. David Newell, Terry Ussery, Alex S Mike Harvey, Roberl Nicholas, Sieve M John Farish, Greg Peiser, John Porler, De 1978 va rsify... El e S2 1.0 Tfqg,peqA,Jle+ff Covingfon, 'ifbwj Mgr. TLqQim9?WRAenshaw,mC,hris el, Phillip FuiIer,,Don WiH, Monnyiwgab- , Tony Hor'ron,fS+eve Woqdafrd, Keifh pbeil, Buzzy Murphy, Milne McC6rrell, and . David WaHs, lBaclr rowi Head Coach V V V ,wmitg ,, 5 I K If, K ., I Wayne Bi afm, Qrgach QavidVHardy,,Coach' Mqggjgffio 1Z'K ifiig, Coach V Brddleiyl Trhinek Bob Wrighi, CoachVMiice Greer, and Coach Nqihan Purvis. i ' ii 2 M ,, 1 W ., ,Lg 'uri' ' mf, 1 4, ,. SPORTS l53 ,A g 1 X Sf, 1 ig 41 1 . 5 Y 1 Ji, 1,1 'A - r 9 I I l nv X .au-P 0 uri gf", 3, ,ff I2 21 Fm ' J O , . N K A f , 47 4? I 5 3 f W X . E E h ' x gli? I .Qi 'V f Q97 ! ffij ' f' X A, f. f . ' , i H s 3523 r. , . K 'Y my lfonfy for a week. . T could have been a very unsuccessful year for The NimiTz varsiTy TooTball Team, buT griT and deTerminaTion boughf Three wins Tor The Viking hopeTuls.'The Team dropped Their TirsT Three games To Tough opponenTs. This could be blamed on The inexperience oT The Viking squad in cerTain areas. buT The sTigma of Three sTraighT losses remained. NimiTz never quiT, Though. as They began preparaTions Tor Tacing Their crossTown rivals, The MacArThur Cardinals. Once again, how- ever. NimiTz proved They could move The ball, buT Turnovers on The goalline were cosTly. The Vikes did manage To score one Touchdown and ThaT was enough To win The game, 7-O. NimiTz was now on Top of disTricT 9-AAAA - if only Tor a week - and had momenTum going inTo a Tough game wiTh Duncanville. Key iniuries crip- pled The Vikes, buT They were able To Tie The PanThers and keep Their hopes oT a disTricT TiTle alive. ThaT was noT To be. Though, as NimiTz SPOR TS dropped Their nexT Three disTricT games To The DisTricT crown conTenders - L.D. Bell, Grand Prairie, and lrving. TriniTy was said by many To be The mosT- improved Team in The disTricT as The season progressed, buT ThaT didn'T sTop The Vikes. They showed oTT To a homecoming crowd and deTeaTed The Trojans, I9-I4, in a close baTTle. NimiTz's record now sTood aT 2-6-l, and They had a chance To up Their disTricT record To 3-3-I which would puT Them in The number Tour sloT in The disTricT race. ln order To accomplish This, Though, The Vikes knew They musT deTeaT a poTenT SouTh Grand Prairie squad. STorming inTo The Gopher Bowl Tor The second Time in The season, NimiTz used a pass inTercepTion To come from behind and derail The Warriors' Home- coming Express, I4-7. Ending The season wiTh back-To-back solid vicTories. The Vikings capped oTT an oTherwise lacklusTer season and sounded a promising call Tor The year To come. On The firsT down aTTempT. KeiTh Meeks moves The ball pasT The Tigers' 50 yard line. Along The sideline, Coach Bradley Takes Gregg Peiser aside To review a play. U or Q W fs f .ig ,Q Q Q -V J-gqisiw - -'ff we + rg " S iff -. LL,L ., ' , -.ew,f. fr ' -- ' xf . , ,..e-Qvfw-fffriefb My is , .awe - rem.. 'LKA' my-' i Calling ou? a play, quarterback Don Will checks fo see if flue players are in posifion. Resfing a momenf from flue game, Sieve Woo- dard wafclwes from The sideline. NIMIU 0 I2 0 7 I0 I3 7 0 I9 I4 OPPONENTS Soufhwesf Richardson Arlingfon MacAr+I1ur Duncanville L.D. Bell Grand Prairie Irving Trini'I'y Sou'fI1 Grand Prairie . 3 I6 28 0 I0 2I 42 28 I3 7 Guarded by David Peiser, Don Wifi carries flie ball down flue field for exfra yardage. SPORTS JV has high hopes eginning The season wiTh a I4-6 loss To The SouThwesT Rebels, The iun- ior varsiTy TooTball Team's hopes oT a greaT season were sTiTled. The Vilces Then came back To play Their Two mosT diTTiculT games oT The season as They deTeaTed Richardson, 24-7, and halTed hopes oT a win Tor ArlingTon, I3-O. LiTTle did The Vilces lcnow ThaT These would be Two of The Tew high poinTs of Their season. NimiTz Then losT Their second game, IO-O, To Their cross- Town rival lv1acArThur. Their Tinal win oT The season came when They deTeaTed Duncanville, 9-O, in a close baTTle. The iunior varsiTy Then drop- ped Their lasT Tive disTricT games To l..D. Bell, Grand Prairie, Irving, Trin- iTy, and SouTh Grand Prairie. The junior varsiTy TooTball Team sTarTed The season wiTh high hopes oT having an evenTTul year, buT Turned in a season record oT 3-7. AlThough They all played well, The Vilmes could never pull all oT Their eTTorTs TogeTher aT The same Time. Learning many Things This season They all TelT ThaT This year was greaT experience Tor The TuTure. Kevin PresTon sfands waTching The game from The sidelines. SPORTS Though The sfruggle is fiercely fought Kevin Trigg pushes Tor ThaT exTra inch. l l Refreshing himself, Kevin Bingham Ta?es a break from The game. 'N lleff fo righi, Fronf rowl Willie Jones, Donnie Presfon, Monfy Peiser, David Wesi, Charles Drake, and Mark Hall, lBack rowl Coach David Kemp, Kyle Kirby, Mike Frih, Kennefh Kelly, Ellis, Kevin Trigg, and Jerry Lamo, lThird rowl Hardy, Ronnie Kemp, Tom Casfillo, ScoH Sco'Hy Johnson, Sieve King, and Tommy Her- Willie Rhinehari, Kenny Johnson, Kevin Bing- Dean, Serigo Lozano, Mike Elsion, Mike Gar- nandez, lSecond fowl Marvin Reynolds, Kevin ham, Randy Smifh, Nicky Gamez, Donald ner, and Coach Morris Sloan. NIMITZ 6 24 I3 0 9 0 6 L I Bm' H-ql""" OPPONENTS Souihwesl' Richardson Arlingfon MacAr+hur Du nca nville Bell Grand Prairie I3 ,7 NI9 Irving Triniiy S. Grand Prairie wi? in 'f fa" 1 Q . ,Q .:.M,.,: g. V,,,,,,,k 34 a,251,,, -- , 2 i '-1 f 2, aff- 5: ' ii , .QT ' Y Barking oui The counf, Kyle Kirby checks fhe players positions. Jerry Lamb, Donald Drake, and Monfy Peiser sfand ready fo receive Ihe kickoff. , , ,,.., , I ,E ' SPORTS gn lleff fo righf, Fronf rowl Bill Hillebreimer, Dale Sparlrs, Max Cunningham, Dorry Tor- res, John Toney, Greg Lopez, Sieve Bailey, Gary Darden, and Dewey Vaughan, lSecond rowl Juan Vasquez, Danny Rhoden, Marlr Ferguson, Sco'H Bourland, Kelly Sanford, Robbie Ward, Adam Dunn, Jack Frederick, Kevin Dulre, David Snowden, and Bruce DeGra+e, lBacIr rowl Coach Tom Ladusau. Terrance Sanford, Greg Smirh, Anfhony Acousia, Benny Franco, Bobby Harvey, Ray Aslxins, David Roberfson, Ivan Harris, David Wilder, Joey Arias, Darren Hall, and Barry Carier. -4-H.. q..,.,..-.. a e " - g ' .Q - ' ..m,,.-,- b E'- ' :xr 1' 'P -1'-af" M. , X 54: ,-.. V , , ,,,. or 1' i gp Receiving a punf, Greg Lopez awaifs fhe block of feammale, in order fo make a sfronq gain upfield. NIMITZ Afier being iniured in The game. Terrance San- ford lends fo his swollen fool, SPOR TS I2 8 6 26 I4 lb 8 28 26 0 I-gbeihil V- ,, ,W ,w3,,.y - vi-4 -'N . f-fe.- -" I ,.e we-fan., We ,af--ff-3-H: ,.....e. -rr, -.f:.v..k'V I. '. .5 . ' .Q.f,if:-, i"'I .X ui, 'A ' A OPPONENTS Duncanville 6 MacAr+hur 2I MacAr+hur lrving 3 Duncanville I Grand Prairie 2 lrving S. Grand Prairie 0 S. Grand Prairie 8 R.L. Turner I4 ii, c, H ' tg?" - -so ,ggflsk Z '+C W f.1.?f7i1, as . , - M 1'--X . . .sms ,Q rs KL X Enix, Q- . 1:3 U Q T' .T is rs ...eww--wrgi-..g1f T 'w3,.,- G . f f .---4, .3 f,:k qv. 1" ,. -T, . ...f H . g.,2?.rfgTZf'.,,. .11-wg--:gil as 9 as T W 2 -. f if M 2 . 2 59.35 Frosh - DefeaT1's noT week beTore school They meT: 32 players and Two coaches. ready To begin a season ThaT was predicTed by many To be long, dry and Tilled wiTh deTeaT. This was The Viking Treshman TooTball Team, and all They had going Tor Them was hope and a "don'T quiT" aTTiTude. Winning Their TirsT game. a I2-6 upseT over Duncanville, The Treshmen proved To Themselves and oThers ThaT They could win. BuT Then came deTeaT. 2l-8, aT The hands oT MacArThur, Tol- lowed by a Vike Turnaround and a 6-2 decision over ThaT same Cardinal Team The nexT week. This was Tollowed Checking The scoreboard. Darren Hall looks To see how much Time is remaining beTore The halT. The lasT word by Three sTraighT losses. Then The Vike Trosh Taced Their sTernesT TesT yeT - The undeTeaTed cross-Town power- house, The Irving Tigers. ATTer a hearT-sTopping deTeaT OT 26-34, The Vikes were more deTermined Than ever To overcome lrving. Through Their deTerminaTion and The scorn OT being deTeaTed in Their TirsT encoun- Ter wiTh lrving. They came back To overpower The Tigers, in Their mosT diTTiculT game, which ended wiTh an 8- 7 score in The Vike's Tavor. Ending The season, wiTh a 5-5 record, The Viking Treshman TooTball Team showed how courage. deTerminaTion and hard work can pull a Team up Trom an expecTed lasT place. Moving in on The opponent Darren Hall geTs ready To Tackle. v Fr' is age To The opponent The bulk of The Trosh Team denies crucial yard- SPOR TS 7 L Dis Tricf TiTfe slips alling shorT in Their aTTempT aT Their Third sTraighT DisTricT Championf ship, The VarsiTy Volleyball Team Tin- ished as a very sTrong second-place Team behind l..D. Bell. Named To The all-disTricT Team on The TirsT Team were Seniors Cindy Kelly. Adele DorbriTz and iunior Tammy Humphrey. Cindy Kelly was named all-TournamenT player aT The ArlingTon Tourney Tor her good alle round play and Tough serving. HighlighTs OT The season included maTches wiTh Sam HousTon lArling- Tonl and Richardson High School. when NimiTz played in an aTTempT To deTeaT Two very sTrong Teams. The Teams sTrengThs included leadership Trom Cindy Kelly and Adele DorbriTz, wiTh good smarT deTensive play Trorn Senior Viclci Villareal, and Junior Tammy Humphrey. Overall, The Team experienced moderaTe success wiTh a record oT 20 wins and 9 losses. SPORTS Vicki Villareal, cornpleTes a serve. Adele Dorbrih, sTands ready To receive The serve. K - 1 aah.. ri 'ii fa.. - -.Q lleTTTo righf, Fronf rowl Vicki Villarreal, Dorinda Tammy Humphrey Jana Shnson Diana Marshall, Barbra High, lsecond rowl Coach brih, Cindy Kelly Kym Jackson John Bur Granf, lThird row, Donna BundrandT, mgr. mgr.,lFourTh rowl Adele Dorbrih Jumping in 'the air, Adele Dorbrifz spikes fhe WI ball over The nef. Kym Jackson spikes Irie bail as Jana Sfinson covers on fhe offense. if e ein ? sf' I Rs, A is 5 R I ,f if Z R I i 55 mason-swinging . '.- Q,,,A, ' , ,-i,.,L - ,I or ii I M1310 Q f,, , ,- ,, - I I . Power is imporfanf as Barbra High serves We bali fo the opponent Team members relax before sfarfing a sfremi- ous game. NIMITZ OPP. - 2 IRVING I 2 DUNCANVILLE o I I.D.I3ELL 2 ' o MACARTHUR 2 2 SOUTH GRAND I PRAIRIE o o TRINITY 2 2 GRANDPRAIRIE o 2 IRVING o I 2 DUNCANVILLE o o I.D.BELL 2 2 MACARIPILIR o 2 soum GRAND PRAIRIE I 2 TRINITY o . 2 QRAIXID PRAIRIE I NOIIDISTRICT 2 Bowne o , O ARLINGTON 2 SPORTS 4 NIMITZ OPP. 2 IRVING I 2 DUNCANVILLE O 2 L.D. BELL I 2 MAC ARTHUR I 2 SOUTI-I GRAND PRAIRIE I 2 TRINITY O 2 GRAND PRAIRIE O 2 IRVING O 2 DUNCANVILLE O 2 L.D. BELL I 2 MAC ARTHUR O 2 SOUTH GRAND PRAIRIE O 2 TRINITY O 2 GRAND PRAIRIE O I NONDISTRICT 2 BOWIE O 2 2 ARLINGTON I Susan Walfon compIeTes a powerI'uI serve. Being handed ihe baII. Lorre Keafs prepares Io serve. I fl WWI fwif' 2 2 SPORTS 2 Warming up is Imporfanr fo Corlna Gornez's I game. Tina Horfon waifs Io receive Ilwe serve FS Ik Debby Dodd does drills beTore each game To help improve her skills. Good defense is parT of Vickii Zinn's game sTraTegy, T11 1 1 lleTT To righf, FirsT rowl Tina Hor-Ton, Corina gensen, Mgr. Donna Bundrandf, lFourTh Gomaz, Debby Dodd, lsecond rowl Randi rowl John Burrow, Mgr. Coach Donna Fisher, lThird rowl Loree KeaTTs, Vicki Zinn, Grant Libby Toland, Susan WalTon, Cheryl Mor- JV leadership puffs Team Through very enThusiasTic iunior var- siTy volleyball Team Tound Themselves experiencing a year ThaT will long be remembered. They cornpleTed disTricT play undeTeaTed: boasTing a record oT I4 wins, no losses. They placed TirsT in The NimiTz junior varsiTy Tournament wiTh a second-place Tinish, and an overall record oT 27 wins and 3 losses. They were The only Team in The hisTory OT NimiTz volleyball To deTeaT all Three ArlingTon schools in a single season. STrong leadership was provided Tor The Team Through The eTTorTs oT Libby Toland. Debby Dodd, Viclcii Zinn, and Cheryl lvlorgensen. Viclsii Zinn and Debby Dodd received all-TournamenT honors in The Richardson lnviTaTional JV Tournament Libby Toland and Debby Dodd Tound Themselves as Two very sTrong players Tor The JV Team, so sTrong in TacT ThaT They spenT parT oT Their sophomore year helping ouT The var- siTy. When Libby joined The varsiTy, she added a new dimension To The aTTaclc and seemed To inspire The deTensive play oT The varsiTy. Debby helped The varsiTy wiTh her abiliTy To boTh seT and spike. "One can anTicipaTe ThaT The Vare siTy Volleyball Team oT The TuTure should again rank among The Top Teams in The sTaTe,'l sTaTecl Coach GranT. SPORTS 0uTsTano'I'ng season for fresh he Treshman volleyball Team sTarTed wiTh a "sink or swim" season early This year. ATTer only a week and a halT oT playing volleyball, The Team had To play in The NimiTz JV volleyball TournamenT when anoTher Team drop- ped ouT aT The lasT minuTe. The Tresh- men didn'T win, buT They held Their own againsT The more experienced JV Teams, almosT pulling OTT upseTs in boTh oT Their maTches. ParTicipaTing in The Cleburne Tour- namenT, The Treshmen losT Their TirsT maTch To DeSoTo, and wenT on To win The consolaTion Trophy. ln a Plano Tourney, The Team losT Their TirsT game, which puT Them ouT oT play. ln Their only oTher TournamenT, They deTeaTed Duncanville in The consola- Tion Tinals which landed The Trosh wiTh a second place TiTle in consolaTion. OuTsTanding players Tor The Tresh- man Team This year were Miriam Ingle and Denise LamberT. AnoTher noTable TeaT Took place when Denise LamberT and Miriam Ingle were moved up To JV Tor The lasT parT oT The season. "All OT The girls improved Their skills and will be an asseT To The volleyball pro- gram," sTaTed Coach Dornak. Overall, The Treshmen had nine wins and seven losses Tor The season, wiTh a 7-8 record againsT disTricT Teams. NIMITZ OPPONENT 2 IRVING o 2 I3uIsIcAIsIvII.EE I I 2 IvIAc ARTHUR o I SOUTH GRAND PRAIRIE 2 o GRAND PRAIRIE 2 2 IRVING I 2 DUNCANVILLE I I 2 MAC ARTHUR o o souTH GRAND I PRAIRIE 2 2 GRAND PRAIRIE I SPORTS lleTT To righT, Firsf rowl Billie Bledsoe, Trina Lyons, lSecond rowl Denise Cuellar, Trisha Clay, Gina Peddy, Jill Johnson, Lisa Ray, Leigh Greer, iThird rowl Carla STegman, Robin Marshall, Angie BranTley, lFourTh rdwl Pinky Resendez, Carol FriTTs, Arnold, mgr. Susan SensTock, Coach nak, Pauline Vaughn, Joy Groves, lFifTh Denise LamberT, iSixTh rowl Miriam Ingle During warm-up, Trma Lyons prepares fo serve. Waiiing, Billee Bledsoe stands ready fo recewve the bail. fe e e ee ,l Billee Bledsoe and Renee Eqberf rerurn fo posi- tion af+er a play. Anxiously, Renee Eqberf prepares To serve the ball. SPORTS Grapplers ,ofn honors ne lap down, six To gol ThaT was a common ThoughT running Through The minds of The wresTling Team members. The wresTling Team? Yes, The wres- Tling Team. The pracTices consisTed oT calis- Thenics, drills and a loT of running. Running builT up Their endurance Tor TournamenTs. ATTer a Zlfz-hour pracTice session. The Team members leTT exhausTed. only To geT up The nexT day and Tace The same ordeal again. Taking a sTrong hold early in The season, NimiTz wresTlers pinned many awards in TournamenT play. Up againsT 30 Teams in The Ebby Blair Ward waifs paTienTly Tor The signal from The reTeree To posiTion himself upon his oppo- nenT. SPORTS Holliday TournamenT aT R. L. Turner High School, NimiTz placed sixTh. Two Teams Trom Louisiana were acTive par- TicipanTs, including The Louisiana STaTe Champions who placed sevenTh behind NimiTz. The Two Tourney champions were Brian Nelson in The I26 lb. division and Blair Ward in The l85 lb. division. Mark Fisher placed TiTTh in The heavy- weighT compeTiTion. Andy WilT and Riclcy Orand won Two maTches each. while Robbie Ward won one. All wins conTribuTed To The poinT ToTal Tor The sixTh place win. Brian Nel- son was voTed by The coaches as being The ouTsTanding wresTler in all weighT divisions. ConT. on page I70 Maneuvering and using sTraTegy on his oppoe nenT, Blair Ward is hoping Tor The misTake which will resulTinapin. ' . , . ,... 4 M i na..uus...4aL-v .gk 4-nannies--Avlis UQTT To righT, Fronf FOV, Johnny Rush, Terry STurch, Bryce Burl and Ricky Orand, lsecond rowl David Medford, AuTro Guzman, Robbie .-. Ward, and Jim Horn, lBack rowl Mark Fisher Blair Ward, Brian Nelson end Coach CurTiu Burch. While breaking down his opponent Blair Ward controls his opponenfs acfions. A'Her posliioninq himself on his opponenf. Blair Ward awaifs for fhe signal To begin fhe mafch. V ,J -if - if A Nimih wresfler is pinning his opponenf as lhe referee pays close affeniion fo fheir moves. Brian Nelson keeps a cradle hold fighf on his opponent . SPOR TS ,,,,, Slruggling in allompl lo pin his opponenl on his l -, - -M ff' back is Blair Ward. Smelling viclory, Robbie Ward grapples wilh his opponenl frying lo pul him on his back. ff 1 X. J IL.. 5 GU n Q 5 I' in Ffliggbgwr hlisadpill'o:3rill,Reamy is preparing lo lourneys . L. Turner was also lhe sile lor a Novice lourney, which was lor beginners. Firsl was laken by Mark Fisher, second was given lo Andy Will. While lhird and lourlh were pulled oul by Johnny Rush and Paul Danish. Nimilz was a slrong lhird place leam. Andy Will, Johnny Rush and Mark Fisher slarled oul lhe season as JV SPORTS wresllers, bul as lheir skills and abilily improved, lhey were advanced lo var- Sily. "Our oulslanding wresllers are Brian Nelson and Blair Ward," com- menled Coach Curlis Burch. Nimilz also parlicipaled in a Texas Ollicials Associalion lounamenl. Blair Ward and Brian Nelson look lirsl place, and Mark Fisher look second, while Rocky Orand and Bryce Burk caplured lhird. Coming in lourlh, was Robbie Ward and Jim Horn, all in lheir respeclive weighls. Nimilz lin- ished lourlh in leam compelilion. Brian Nelson and Blair Ward broughl in lirsls in a Norlh Lake Wreslling Tournamenl, while Ricky Orand caplured second lor lhe only Nirnilz wins. Shown pradicing is Ken Re-amy, working To improve his abiiifies as a wresfler. Blair Ward is puffing The hold on his opponent . I ,E ..........,.,.,.----Y fleff fo righf, Fronf rowl Dale Sparks, Gary Dar- ery, ffhird row, Miko McCarrell, and Coach den, James Schaare, and David Head, Isecond Curfis Burch. rowl Ken Reamy, Jason Schell, ScoH Monfgom- Andy Wi'H and his opponenf sfrugqle for a pos- ifion in an affempf for a pin, SPORTS W, Powerhouse gymnasfs imiTz gymnasTs sTarTed OUT The fear with a new coach. Fred Kemper. Coach Kemper had college experience in q,mnasTics aT NOrTh Texas STaTe Univer- siTy while worlcing OuT on Tloor exercises. vaulhng and parallel bars. He also TaughT q,mnasTics in Demon Tor Tour years. Kemper goT inTeresTed in gymnashcs aT an early age buT said he TelT as if This was one OT lexas shOrTcomings in The sporT 1 very Tew gOT inTeresTed aT such an early age, MosT OT his 78-79 Treshmen have very liTTle background in gymnasTics. Powerhouse' was The name given by Kemper To The NimiTz Gymnashc Team. Doing a scale on The balance beam is Sonya Edwards. Pracficing an L-SET, George Tropoloc shows his TalenT. ,72 SPORTS T-le Te-lT ThaT They could be a real power- house in The Tumre Once They had proven Themselves. Qne OT The hardesT aspecTs OT gymnas- Tics is ThaT iT is nOT a game Type sporT.ll reporTed Kemper. l-le TelT ThaT iT Talces a special Type OT person To be a gymnasT. l-le looked Tor selT-discipline, selT-moTiva- tion and a posiTive 'il can dow aTTiTude. Working on The supporT in his Tloor rouhne, George Tropoloc musT use all OT his sTrenqTh To hold his body in posihon. sgpuaaowm is 5 ---... i .T -Nw' W - ,T ..:1r,?'Uf.,f. . Li Becky Moore works on Her compulsory bar row fine, as Sfacy Coffey and Carmon Eaium look on. gf f. + 4 s - 5 Q - Q , s. ff- 355 SS F? T .K V' . :QQ .. k 0. kk-...-...M Balancing is essenilal fo Sonya Edwards on fhe beam. Ann Dean resfs on Hue beam affer a parficularly hard workouf. 2 A Xi , :Quai Ii :fl, . . , . . QQ' u'V?" 5 f1', Sfrelchlng while awailing fheir Turn on fhe bars , 5 are Becky Moore and Paula Brandon. i ,g,g 5 Kbl, V,:VV A ,. . . . . i i i Q A Sole Circle is Jana Porler s aim on lhe bars, , f during a pracfice session. 2' .f iii: i , 'MK l Q is-Leis: ss 'if :,.. W e ' ,Ex as sy I aye , Pi 395 3 sq 'ss it 7. 44 'L 5 ak P Q 3 iw ' i if N S fi . s W ,..k, . , .MWA id., W ae f ,pw -- .Ti 2 W., .,,,,,.f Keeping up in ,oracrice he Women's Gymnasfic 'ream had more To if fhan was fhoughf. The gymnasfsi pracficed every day during lirsf period, sfrelching and exercising. These lirsr period praclices were essenlial lo keep Them in shape for fheir imporfanf meels. The gymnasfs' prepared for many fs. such as fhe dual meer ar Rich! 'l H.S,, The Richardson lnvilalional, he Irving lnvilalional for women. 'icr meer was held af Nimirz, 774 ygional meer was held af L. 'versify of Texas in Aus- Qlafe Meef. Winners in fhe Richland meer in lheir evenfs were Sfacy Colley, Ann Dean. Phyllis Dickerson, Carmon Ealum. Becky McCarrell, Becky Moore, and Susan Slearns. All-Around comperilors were Slacy Colley, Connie Kealon, Becky McCarrell and Susan Sfearns. Balancing on The balance beam were Ann Kean, Darla Hill, Sonya Edwards and Sherry O'l'lara. Taking on lhe bars were Paula Bran- don, Ann Dean. Darla Dill, Carmon Ealum. Camie Hinds. Delisa Hood, Becky Moore, Jana Porler and Mel- ody Silkoll. Dancing wifh floor exercises were Sandy Boswell, Brenda Brand. Paula Brandon, Phyllis Dickerson, Sherry 0'l'lara, Melody Sifkoll, and Misry Sooler. Jumping over fhe vaulls were gymnasls Phyllis Dickerson, Jana Por- ler and Melody Sifkoil. ln overall comperilion rhe women's gymnaslic 'team performed well in fheir praclices and Their meels. lLef1 fo righl, fronl rowl Lynneffe Edic. lsecond Brand, Misfy Scorer, lBack FOV, Sonya Edwards. Moore. Darla Dill, Ann Dean. lNo'I' shown, Phyl- rowl Paula Brandon, Connie Keelon, Slacey Sherry O'l-lara, Carrnon Ealum, Jana Porfer, lis Dickerson, Becky Mccarrell, Melody Sifkoff Colley, Sandy Boswell, Susan Slearns, Brenda Coach Fred Kemper. Delisa Hood. Becky Camie Hinds, 3! . cc ,.,,, . 5 ff Z 4 M' Delisa Hood prepares +o do a back roll on The balance beam. Sonya Edwards works on a compulsory dance roufine on fhe balance beam. S POR T5 On fhe horizonfal bars is Johnny House, work- ing on his compulsory roufine. Taking a breafher belween evenrs is Brenl Ker- nal. l.. l lLef1' To righl, 'fronf rowl Johnny House. Sammy poloc. Bruce Kennedy, Graig Darden, Gary Lopez, Gary Dickerson, Scoll Curlis, lBack rowl McCarfney, lNo'l shown, l-lung Phi Doan, Kelly Coach Fred Kemper. Paul Danish, George Tro- Ford, Bren? Kernal, Rex Williams. SPOR TS F rf: :- Adiusiing his grips before working on fhe rings is Gary Dickerson. 'Q D Z aul Danish works on his Cross on The rings. 1 '-Q My ,g f New . .W ,, ,.,.. ,lm ' . sewn., We :gg -on .-uw.. Going fn sfrong he men gymnasTs worked very hard To build up Their muscles and To sTay in shape. ln many OT The eyenTs such as The rings. The men needed sTrong arms Tor good compeTiTion. They compeTed in The NimiTz lnvi- TaTional, along wiTh The meeTs The women aTTended, excepT Tor The lrv- ing lnyiTaTlonal, which was Tor women only. The ouTcome oT The Richland meeT broughT Tive winners To NimiTz. These gymnasTs were Paul Danish, Craig Darden. Hung Phi Doan, Johnny House and George Tropoloc in Their evenTs. The Mens All-Around compeTiTors were Paul Danish, Craig Darden, Johnny House and Sammy Lopez, OuTsTanding compeTiTor on Tloor exercises was George Tropoloc. ln The horizonTal bars, iT was ScoTT CurTis, and working The parallel bars was Rex Williams. Excelling on The pommel horse were l-lung Phi Doan, Bruce Kennedy and George lropoloc. Swinging on The rings were ScoTT CurTis, Gary Dicker- son. Hung Phi Doan, BrenT Kernal and Gary McCarTney. Taking The iumps in yaulTing were Johnny T-louse and Sammy Lopez. ,am 'ww Tag W Johnny House inTensely holds an L-SupporT on The parallel bars. Holding a High V on The parallel bars is Craig Darden. SPORTS W1'nTer means baskehball inTer . . . The Time oT year when The QleaTs are hung up and The snealcers are broughT down. The Time oT year when everyThing goes indoors. when The Tall men emerge even higher in The crowd. WinTer Tor Vilcingland means BaslceTball. As six leTTermen reTurned wiTh The resT oT Coach Don NenTwigis baslceTf ball Team. They proved To be powerf Tul, and progressed successlully ThroughouT The season. BuT a.s disTricT rolled around, Old Man WinTer Turned his Torces on The Vikings, as The pre-season Tavored Team Turned cold. BuT even when The Tinal buzzer OT The Tinal game sounded, The NimiTz Vikings sTill held up The TradiTional lil sign and sTood behind The magical roundballers. Talking wiTh his sTarTers, Coach Don Nenfwig goes over a play during a Time ouf, Ja Hg ii I . 5. 'Nl ' A referee closely waTches Tor Touls as D' NenTwig is caughT beTween Two deTenders. L Jug I 'Q 1-Qi -- -. 'I' NIMITZ OPPONENT BOWIE SUNSET BERKNER I-IALTOM L. I-IIGI-ILANDS GARLAND MacARTI-IUR T. JEFFERSON GAINESVILLE CLEBURNE EVERMAN LAMAR BRYAN ADAMS DUNCANVILLE BISI-IOP LYNCI-I LONGVIEW CASTLEBERRY TRINITY BELL IRVING S.GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE MacARTI-IUR DUNCANVILLE TRINITY BELL IRVING S.GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE MacARTI-IUR 3' Warming up before a game, Ray Games and 1 DwiqI'wI Arnold pracfice lay-ups . . . sIep by sfep. Phillip Fuller waiches inrensely as his free flwrow sinks in flue bucket I Alfhough fha pressure gefs fouqlw, Issac Bufler sfill manages io deliver l'1is long sl1o1'. Coach Don Nenlwig reviews a play wifli an umpire. fm UW 1. u im X 3 X. lleH 'lo righf, Froni rowl Kevin Wolever, Bren? ond rowl Phillip Fuller, Ray Gaines, David Nenf- and Ricky Nye Back row Mgr John Carson Scoggins, Riclry Hinoiosa, and Ken Harris, lSec- wig, Jimmy Davis, lssac Buller, Dwighf Arnold, SPORTS .gum ri. 14 il New ,nv fl 1 'V ...-1 1 Q.'.W Jumping up for fwo, Jimmy Davis siwoois arnidsr a nos? of opposing players. Looking for an unquarded iearnmaie. Ken Har' ris fakes ou? an opponeni. Showing iniense concenfrafion, Bren? Scoggins guards iris opponent While playing in a Tournament Ray Gaines sefs a shof pasf The Irving Tigers. SPOR TS lf! Ricky Nye :funds ready To Throw The ball info waiting Ieammafe. Malcomb Ealum guards his opponent while ofher Team members guard The goal. .10 zisnsezwexwes '+R ",..,,. A . ' "af--....Cg, NIMITZ OPPONENT BOWIE 4 721- , A? . xg ' . V. f 1- '. ix XO- SUNSET BERKNER HALTOM BOWIE GRAND PRAIRIE N. MESOUITE T. JEFFERSON ARLINGTON RICH LAND IRVING LAMAR L. HIGHLANDS BRYAN ADAMS LAMAR BURLESON DUNCANVILLE BISHOP LYNCH Il.e'H Io righf, fron? row, Kevin Trigg, David Angiano, Chuck Carnahan, Brian Lambert Billy Carfer, Malcomb Ealum and Troy McGill, IBack Neal. Mark Robinson, Danny Tamayo and Reg- rowl Coach Rick Gregory, David Moore, Fred gie Chrisiian. SPOR TS l82 LONGVIEW CASTLEBERRY TRINITY L. D. BELL IRVING S. GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE MacARTHUR DUNCANVILLE Trinify L. D. BELL IRVING S. GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE MacARTHUR Nimffz ex improves skills oming back Trom Their Fresh- man year. They enTered inTo a new askeTball season wiTh a brand new -oach. A reTurning NimiTz ex. Rick Sregory, Took The responsibiliTy, long wiTh vicTory and deTeaT, oT oaching a Team oT Il ambiTious oys. Though They seemed never-end- ng, The rough pracTices and diTTiculT drills helped To improve Their skills. lrien Lembed guards an opponen+ while get ing ready To Take possession of The ball. The games each week oTTered a chance To display Their "worked ouT" TalenTs. Ending wiTh a greaT amounT oT spiriT was even more imporTanT Than The very successTul season The Junior VarsiTy baskeTball Team experienced. WiTh membership hoping To move up To The varsiTy level, They all TelT ThaT The improvemenT OT Their skills was also oT major imporTance. f sialf' 55253 W ' " Jw, ,,,,2f2'W ,,-Wm : 'U f ,, .,,., ., ff jp.. are ' , Q A ,s, ,, i,yf' "-s I Q ,- 1 T, T . f 'T he f . , ,gy T - 1 ' as " gliwiisip 1 Y ' ' ' ' 45: war' 5, f ' " Z' X 7 gi? 01 K f ' r' , -aa 'Emi W s ' W T' 'T ' 5 'mia Jay .,,,' iw . ,, .' , V Tig ,,,, , ,,,,, . ' Around an opposing player. Malcomb Eafum shows conTrol of The ball. -as i. ., -W WM Reginald ChrisTien gefs To a Team member. a S .g K giii .M ready To pass The ball SPORTS 183 Together for accompffshmenfs heTher or noT one was puT on The Blue Team or placed on The WhiTe Team, each Freshman baskeTbaII player worlced TogeTher Tor accomf pIishmenTs. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday aTTernoon, Tough demanding pracTices were aTTended. They ran mile aTTer mile wiTh sweaT never sTopping buT iT was all done as a Team. Team play was imporTanT on Their Monday and Thursday games. The live courT players along wiTh The sidel- iners were To acT and parTicipaTe as a single uniT. AIThough vicTory wasn'T esTabIished each Time They played. deTeaT was cerTainIy aT hand if individual ball skills dominaTed The games. NIMITZ BLUE WI-IITE OPPONEN 45 ' JESUIT 3I 6I 45 GRAPEVINE 3I 2 57 47 JESUIT 38 4 49 ' TJEFFERSON 45 58 56 NMESQUITE 5I 5 57 GRAND 78 PRAIRIE 54 38 IRVING 47 4 56 4I MACARTI-IUR 59 2 55 50 DUNCANVILLE 40 2 ...Y . 7'v'N , 5 4 V ,fp ,-, . 4 ,Vkk 47 ' GRAND 56 PRAIRIE 44 57 MACARTHUR 65 4' 57 39 5.GRAND 70 3 PRAIRIE 55 ' GRAND 8I PRAIRIE 79 4I IRVING 34 60 49 DUNCANVILLE 55 57 6l DUNCANVILLE 44 64 ' GRAND 63 PRAIRIE 48 34 MACARTI-IUR 52 1 70 57 SGRAND 6I . PRAIRIE 33 47 IRVING 45 I 'Games NOT Scheduled I I Nc -'Ti 'Si I als 8 aw- . IQI A ILefT To righTI Coach David I-Iardy Richard Ready To pass The ball, 5Teve Lacey looks Tor an Chewning Ray Hineiosa Dairen I-Ia' 5Teve iipenTeammaTe, Jones, David Wilder Tommy Chase Kelly San Tord Dori, Iorrez and 5Teve Bailey. SPOR 75 Sl' Ar? Coker gefs ready ro receive the ball, while frying to lake-oufu an opponent, Building up spiri+,1'l'ie wI'ii+e learn goes in for a pep Mall: before ca game. ,A V . :fi 15311 , or ua' e I E35 1 "'...r'-' ,.A I V' ""' "X X A er,. - i ,MM "' e re 'e - Mali mid r2e -jf A' C E lle'H fo righil Greg Lopez, Tommy McPefers, fer, Ar? Coker, Ivan Harris, Sieve Swasso and Ernesf Lacy, Vaughn Park, Tim Tale, Barry Cer' Coach David Hardy. -nge Ernesi Lacoy sfands ready for adion eller pass ing flue ball. SPOR TS Learning fo accepf o'ifferences ilh len players, The girls var- sify baslcelball Team improved Their slcills and worked Toward a season record Ihal was one ol slruggle and Ioughly Toughf vicfories. 'IThey had Trouble wifh consisfency during fheir season," slaled Coach Debra Macomb, "buf The yarsily was usually smaller physically and had Tewer people on our Team 'rhan ofhers had." Coaches emphasized The men- +aI aspec+s of The game in hopes of gaining poinfs in This area. The girls learned To accepl each orher's differ- ences and gained much Team unlfy during Their sfruggle To yicfory. The girls varsi+y Team warmseup before a game. as romana:-up -nauvnsnnssnqlniuui kwa 'BY' We WSWS T-mi NIMITZ OPPONENT SAM HOUSTON ARLINGTON BOWIE BURLESON ARLINGTON DeSOTO SAM HOUSTON I L. D. BELL DUNCANVILLE TRINITY MacARTI'IUR S. GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE IRVING L, D. BELL DUNCANVILLE TRINITY MacARTI'IUR S. GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE IRVING -4'--IRQ. J ii LW Leff Io righfl Wormy Brewer, Carla Ponder, Elaherly, Cindy Windham. Chrisly Simmons Sandy Thornquisf. Sfacy Jurelxa, Tammy Hum- Judy Barnhill, Kim Weddle and Trainer Mindy prey. DeAnn Dunlap Mgr. Kay Johnson, Lynn Sferling. SPOR TS Showing good form, Sfacy Jurecka shoofs a Free throw. f Z The girls refresh themselves, whHe Coach Debra Macomb reviews a play. Tammy Humphrey geis ready fo throw the ball ln from side courf. In an efforf fo fake Confrol of fhe ball, Lynn Fhaherfy sfrefches in a lump shof. SPOR TS l88 Dis Tricf ga m es pro vide in ce n five The girls' junior varsiTy baslceTball Team played a vary compeTiTive sea- son, as They worked hard, Tried To learn new TacTics, and did Their loesT To develop Their TalenTs. DisTricT games provided an emo- Tional incenTive To play harder. Even Though iunior varsiTy games couldn'T advance beyond disTricT play, The girls knew ThaT as They reached The varsiTy level, These would be The same girls They'd have To deTeaT in disTricT. Moving away Trom her opponent Billee Bliedeo pivoTs and heads dawn courT. NIMITZ OPPONENTS 27 PLANO VINES 5I I9 SAM HOUSTON 25 34 PLANO WILLIAMS 38 27 BOWIE 20 2I BIJRLESON 27 33 PLANO WILLIAMS 37 I4 DESOTO I3 SAM HOUSTON 26 L. D. BELL I8 DUNCANVILLE I9 TRINITY 20 MacARTI'lUR 26 S.GRAND PRAIRIE 36 33 54 5I 3I 34 I4 I9 GRAND PRAIRIE 33 3I 42 45 25 37 39 5I 30 50 IRVING 3I L. D. BELL I8 DUNCANVILLE 24 TRINITY 33 MacARTI-IUR 33 S.6RAND PRAIRIE 33 GRAND PRAIRIE 50 IRVING ILefT To righf, boTTom rowl Billie Bliedeo. Chris WaTTs, Marsha Condron, Lorie Edwards, and Linda Shanahan and Delia Godina. Trlna LVEW5' lsecond row, mgr- Clwisflna RI995' Sandy Simmons shows conTrol oT The ball during Susan N'Cl"Ol5' Jeanne l-l9V5' Kafhv l-mano' a warm-up session, while Lorie Edwards waTches Sandy Simmons. and Debra Dunlap, lTop rowl on -41" ww,- 'J 7 sr SPORTS S Showing well-developed fechnique, Felicia Pip- kins warms up before a game. Na furaf abifify NIMITZ OPPONENT PLANO VINES BISHOP-LYNCH NEWMAN-SMITH PLANO-WILLIAMS BURLESON PLANO-WILLIAMS NEWMAN-SMITH DUNCANVILLE GRAND PRAIRIE IRVIN6 GRAND PRAIRIE MacARTI'IUR DUNCANVILLE IRVING GRAND PRAIRIE IRVING S. GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE MacARTI-IUR 'i iii ,... ' ll Q 1' 'W-. fLeff fo righf, fronf rowl Angela Sfewarf, Eeli- Eoofe, Rosseffa Bufler, Tina Bursley, Kafhy cia Piplcins and Lisa Ray, lBacIx rowl Sherry Pasc- Wafers. and Jaclcie King. hall. Robin Marshall. Melinda Massey. Pam he I2 girls fhaf began fhe sea- son of pracfices and games had a naf- ural abilify for baslcefball. They had a greaf amounf of pofenfial and skill. These girls fhaf made up The girls' freshman baskefball feam worlced hard fo develop Their slcills, and affer a season of gaining confidence in fhemselves and encouraging fheir feammafes, fhey were seen fo be an assef fo fufure feams. , Felicia Piplrins moves fo pass fhe ball around her opponenf. SPORTS !89 , f A w f ff f sgffi-an . s , .i " ' hge' K gan' fi' paw ' will V51 :JS L 552 4 W- 1 Q 'ev i 1 I i SPORTS Going info acfion, Robbie Branch qefs ready To use a forehand. .su .. ,K X' vffxfv' JY milfs, K , 5 ,I I PM ' ' - I i 'A if' iam. ...,, W ,gi is 5 - ' ,, P.. W , ... -. 'S'--Q. ' ' 5 Az,- A 3 .x..,. .. 4. ak -N.... -rm-F K - , ,.. f C i R vi w i i mx' A 'K . . ww 1 w Y 'X kbs im i ' Q V4 A I i. 5 ii wi' Jimmy Helepaska pracfices his game on the irv- inq High courfs af ine beginning of The year. Ross Thompson waiis for his opponenf To serve before he gets se? To piay. Q. s - C-5eHing ready +o play one of her slu- denls, Ms. Kay Bufler walks onto The COurTS. if A ,4 .1 14 E' , ' ' 1 L' Ls? 1 943336 r g,,q,y.v,gf - ,. Using a double forehand, Tony Martinez power- fully refurns 'rhe ball. .hm l, .V K. .,,,t rf!-42, ,..,,, , ' , . .x., .,,v, ,4,. ,Ir s 'Illn--...hh Jeff Johns goes info his serve. Lisa Jenkins pracfices her form while play- ing on fhe new courfs. SPORTS Rhonda Woofen leaves flwe courfs affer a suc- cessful pracflce session. Ms. Kay Bu+ler explains how a lob slwof drops rapidly and how fo play if. , ,,,, ,,r.,,.,. ,, WM, .,,, l we r I SPORTS Susan Sfaggs siands ready while he-r parfner, Jennifer Marshall, serves. Bruce Smiley shows good Torm while serving The ball. 3 TF IT was Time T was Time. Time To bring ouT The Tennis balls and Talce The covers OTT The Tennis racqueTs. Time To puT on The warm-up suiTs and head ouT To The courTs. YeT upon sTarTing The new school year, The courTs - which were To be resurTaced during The summer - sTill were noT compleTed, due To a Tew problems. LiTTle did The varsiTy Tennis Team know ThaT iT would noT be unTil December l3Th ThaT The courTs would be Tinishecl. PracTice was oT The essence as TournamenTs drew near. buT The problem was - where? Irving High School solved The problem by allowing our Teams To pracTice on Their courTs unTil our courTs were play- able. l-lowever, clespiTe courT prob- lems, The Team was able To pull TogeTher and conTinue To pracTice. For every member oT The varsiTy Team, The year was a big challenge. They were a young Team, Tresh wiTh TalenT and were ready To play, despiTe Their laclc oT pracTice. Through all The problems, The besT clescripTion oT The varsiTy Team would have To be spiriT . . . griT and pride. Ms. Kay BuTler. Tennis coach, had a loT oT expecTaTions Tor The pasT year, many oT which came True. To coach, as well as players, IT was a TulTilling year. nncling behind Coach Kay BuTler is her expe- shall, Bill Zeller, Lynn Flaherly, Bruce Smiley, Branch, Rhonda WooTen, Lisa Jenkins, and nced VarsiTy Tennis Team, llefi To righfl JaneT SuTTer, Ross Thompson, James Wosnig, Susan Heiney. an Ransome, Lori BarTleTT, Jennifer Mar- Tony MarTinez, Tim Minfon, Jeff Johns, Robbie SPORTS llefi fo righf, Froni rowl Rosa De La Torre, Lisa Pogue, Shauna Smilh, Teresa Robinson, Paula Knighf, Rene Coleman, Robin Pace, and Coach Kay Bufler, lSecond rowl John Milruselx, Barry I uf uf ii LQ 2 Paula Kmghf clowns around whsle wamng for her fum on flue fennus courfs Rosa De La Torre plays agamsf sfronq wands which lallers her game 194 swing. on The new courTs. Smifh opponenT. awaiTs The oncoming reTurn Trom Robin Pace fOll0WS Through wiTh a baclchand PracTicing her Torehand, Robin Chapman plays Pracfice, pracfice, ,oracfice racTice," said Coach Kay BuTler, "was The Thing ThaT l have always sTressed The mosT. IT was imporTanT To The improvemerrl oT slcills and The deyelopmenT OT TacT Tor our iunior varsiTy players," she added. ExTended learning oT TundamenTals and pracTice was whaT The junior var- siTy Tennis Team was all abouT. They did noT parTicipaTe in TournamenT play, buT ThaT didn'T sTop Them Trom pracTicing during class and on Their own. Working very hard and puTTing in long, Tough hours on The courTs, They hoped Tor Their chance on The varsiTy Team. "ThaT is The Thing ThaT makes The junior varsiTy Tennis Team viTally imporTanT," sTaTed Coach Kay BuTler. S POR TS 195 Bobo Allen gels ready lo lee oll, while ollier varsity feam members compare scores. Benny Marlin pu'Hs flue ball wifli great preci sion. ,ffl X' ' ji by llefl 'lo riglwl, Fronl rowl Keifh Sherill, Spencer f0Wl David Fillmore, Benny Marlin, Bobo Allen, Almendarez, Milne Taldo, and Cary Duke, lBack Laci Soo'I'er and Coach Bryan Winne'H. SPOR TS 195 During one ol the many alfernoon praclice sions, David Fillmore gels ready lo pull. Bao' slfuarfon correcfed n pas? years. one coach faughf golf for all fhree Irving high schools and if made for a bad sifuafion because nof much was accom- plished. This was fhe firsf year fhere had been separafe coaches malcing for a beffer feam sifu- afionf' sfafed Coach Bryan Winneff. Wifh fhirfeen members, fhe Golf Team suc- ceeded in competing wifh ofher schools. nof among Themselves, Pracficing affer school unfil dark al Grand Prairie Municipal, Woodcresf Golf Club, and The Trophy Club, fhey baffled ice, cold and benf clubs fo gef in as much prac- fice fime as was possible, The five qualifying players falcen fo fhe four' namenfs played I8 holes, with much confrol and concenfrafion, while frying fo reach as low a score as possible. Bobo Allen follows fhrough affer feeing off. Cary Duke lceeps his eye on fhe ball affer pufv fing. Junior Versify golf Team member Spencer Almendarez fees off from The green. S POR TS 197 Going over the plays, the Varsity discusses dit'- terent techniques they plan to use during dis- trict games. Scott Dean directs the action down the tield as lie advances with the ball on the goal, gif nn wan. s., g c Fx Despite the cold, the team continues to prac- tice hard on the lighted soccer tield. Observing his players, Coach Jerry Inge plans some strategy for the team's upcoming oppo- nent. SPOR T5 I 98 Qvx., .T , 'Ney EE - x 'P 'x .. -- - ,, Q , David De Laiorre pracfices his dribbling while Versify and J.V. Team members Take c break aT an evening pracfice, during pracTice To play around. More Than a kick in Time here was more To soccer Than puTTing on a uniTorm, Then kicking a ball around in The grass. IT was hours oT pracTice ThaT sTressed Tundamen- Tals, buT pracTice was noT The only Thing a Team needed. Things like spiriT, pride, dedicaTion, and Team TogeTherness were also very impor- TanT. The NimiTz Vikings varsiTy soccer Team had These imporTanT qualiTies Thaf allowed Them To excel from game To game. This season proved To be very suc- cessTul Tor The school, buT more impor- TanT, Themselves Tor They learned ThaT success came Trom Team eTTorT. 'E' ii :TT To righi Fronf rowl Fred Hernandez, David Billy Bob McGlono, and Mike Rush, lBeck rowl Scruggs, Jesus Flores, Dan Wood, Scoff Deen o LaTorre Chuck McAdams, Jimmy Plumley, Coach Jerry Inga, Dwayne Buchanan, Guy and Coach Herman Walls. SPOR TS 5, 42: wwe Mm W in-if ..- Uv , K -' 555 ,gi - . ,fl ff M 200 Blake Jan awaifs for the signal fo start the pracfice game: an essenfiai par? of fhe Vikings workouf. Chris Craik awaih pafienfly For his +urn to begin kicking pracfice during a warm-up session. u- , r i inff COXVY- 'rg M -ee? w if'-F4 'L fe: as ' g 2 41" :ni i M Each asped of The game receives af+enfion in Herman Wells, coach, sfudies fine acfion of fine each scrimmage fiiroughoui all kinds of junior varsify ieam as iiiey go fnrough a hard weaiher. practice game. SPOR TS Ut 4 F, w Q' an ss' ,J Deus, s w 4. iz. Tommy Elmore yells some encouragmenT To a Tear'nmaTe on The Tield during a pracTice ses sion. A lciclcing season hrough long Tough hours oT compeTiTive pracTice, pracTice which sharpened Their skills, The kicking Torce did beTTer and improved very much. This kicking Team is very imporTanT and insTrumenTal -iT was The core Tor The VarsiTy Team. This kicking Torce was The junior varsiTy soccer Team OT NimiTz High School. This Torce pracTiced in any kind oT weaTher and pracTiced hard, along-side The varsiTy. Each member oT The iunior varsiTy was very imporTanT To This year's sea- son. Even Though The games were Tew and The pracTices long, They prevailed To become True Vikings. i ile'f'T To rigl'1T, Fronf rowl Tim Fookes, Tony Ellis, Jan, and John Sofo, lBaclr rowl Todd Van WarT, pauir, Brian Warren, Shawn Cook, John Phipps Jerry SeabolT, Tony Roberfs, Chris Crailr, Blake Duane Coleman, Billy Tyler, Rodney Houff- Dewayne ShulTz, and Brian Coleman. SPOR TS Showing excellenf form, Wmdell McGill per forms The bufferfly. Danny Haynes works fo cu? down on his fime while pracficing fhe breasfsholce. Zxjzfg ' :if-rvaf, ui If Ueff +o righfl Danny Haynes, Windell McGill, Bobby Enochs and Ray Hendrix. Bobby Enochs does 'Phe freesfyfe dormg an affernoon pracfice af ine YMCA. Windell McGill shows TalenT Tor his besf event The Treesryle, Trying To achieve perfecfion, Ray Hendrix perTorms The backsTroke. sg- '- .'. V 'W , ii s nil' 'nie , it ii T A common woro' urabiliTy - a common word among The swim Team members of NimiTz High School. Swimming every day, in all kinds of weaTher, They had To regulaTe Themselves To The heaT and cold. Each day a swimmer aver- aged Trom TwenTy-one To TwenTy- Three hundred yards of pool work. Then he wenT on To pracTice his par- Ticular evenT, always Trying To elimi- naTe Those few exTra seconds ThaT slow him down. The NimiTz swimmers were bound Tor perTecTion. "WiTh a ToTal of seven meeTs. The Team, as individuals. hoped To go on To regionals Then To sTaTe," said Coach Mike Jackson. W gwgfby 'xx 3 ,-x 5 f 1 iiisis -- New tfr-9' .. ,V Meme- ' ' --vi s.. -- --N in X - ""?:1.. .,a-A' Wsislli The TreesTyle. - : i,i V. 11. KM.. - gg . '-gi". s . 3 -M L, Ars .- ..,, X V - , s .sf -a ,V 1 237-f,, , -- L -K upcoming rneeT. , . nf , pm- ,Lf ' Windell McGill follows Through while practicing Danny Haynes pracfices The breasTsTroke for an SPORTS 204 Y N, ' , 'Wi , 'l 'M ,g,,' iff Q 5' 5 r , , f Q' Kenny Edmondson pracfices his s+ar+s off the "'X'1" -i ,,,, ,Z ' A " ' 5, Q 4 - . 'I .JW V "1m,'Q:a,,, 5, , 1 if ff . ,, :N ' 'wa E ani 4 mf 1 , ff H , 1, , we if ,As blocks. , n,,, 4,LLL , -K ' H As he paces himself, Roberf Nicholas runs i 'AW"':A," il I , around fhe fraclc. X - or r 453i x,Qa,w.w,,,, PM 'ji I W . N- 4111,-rj ,iw "'i..4f m"""" eww-v 4, .fWahwxIf'5- 'M 48412 4 f Q 11 Y ' ' fi'Q"k'w if 51fr+4?'?'frl I 3 , " - vf ,B . V 4 6-ae: , M I g A r jyfe-f.,,F3'2Q55,A. vJ:+?3x,..1 -A 43.9. 5 fr 55 fl' ' , , Q . 44' , V. . , - '14 , p . ,A 4 , - I r , . I ,,,, MW Jsmrrww ig' A f W .-ly., . 4' . . l 5' , s. , - QQ lLsf+ io rignf, boH'om rowl Wendell Singlefary. Troy McGill, George Tropoloc. lTop rowl Dar- Buzzy Murphy, John Porfer, and Frankie Reber? Nicholas, John Emby. Kenny Edmond- rell Trumbull, Freddie Holf. James Marlin, lon. son, Tony Horlon, Terry Ussery, David Thomas, Waylon Hargrove. Kevin Trigg, Michael Drake, SPOR TS IMITZ 'T-RAC Dashing for The relays he one-hundred yard dash, The broad and high jumps. Do These evenTs sound Tamiliar? They should because ThaT was whaT The I978-l979 NimiTz VarsiTy Boys Track Team par- TicipaTed in during The long Track sea- son. Preparing Tor These evenTs and many oThers meanT exTensive individ' ual workouTs, long Tough pracTices which helped sharpen Their skills. Indi- vidual achievemenT was very impor- TanT in Track because They were broughT TogeTher inTo a Team score. Through These evenTs, The Team's hard work, uniTy and spiriT pulled Them Through. Freddie Holi' Takes a breafher during pracTice. rg, 1 .'?,' 1,'f,,,if 2, gf. T 44, ,Y ,,,.f I L - Q ,i-p4.pq ffiiiisi A X 1 . K A ' T Frankie HamilTon improves his abiliTies wiTh The discus Throw. f , , , T w?4W"'W' 'i Waylon Hargrove pracTices pushing The shoT- ,T - -W 1' ,Q "'T' , r ' g f"'W"' pu. SPORTS 5 s as Runners of The mile ong-disTance running over Tough and diTTiculT courses is whaT The cross counTry Track Team did The loesT during The Track season. The Team consisTed oT people who liked To run long disTances. CondiTioning Tor These long disTance evenTs meanT counTless hours OT running. This was a Team evenT. They had learned The value oT Team uniTy. This evenT also required sTraTegy and a cerTain psychological TacTor. Taking advanTage of a "wind break" could mean a vicTory, and Tor The Team, They were hoping Tor more Than one "wind break." Building up The muscles in her legs, Julie Led- beTTer runs up and down The sTairs. .l , l .. 206 N: TE 55 4 if ad' sis Wi if lLeT+ +0 fight beck fowl Teresa RGWGV Coral LuAnn Manning concenTraTes as she does her Mapp, ElizabeTh Clough, LuAnn Manning, Jan- eTTe LonghoTer, lFronT rowl Susan Cough Terri Ryals, Julie LedbeTTer, Tori Mizell. Sheila Pur- key. SPORTS warm-up exercises. lBoHom row, lefT To righfl Ray Askins. David MuseT, Jimmy Turner, Charles KoerTh. lTop row, lefT To righfl lvan Harris, David Snowden. Freddie King, Terrance Sanford. Warming up before pracTice are The members of The freshman Team. 1 ..,, ' ' f' 'Vw - , is ."'?.' v i Q ".,fJf""-vr"'g.s 1F1'W V "' ,k,:ei ju ..' f.., :ig fl". .QD W , .1-...AZ . v T Af K K . :gg . Q. f "'-f' . ' 1. fs, 'Tow-. .J ' SSS'-'.,,,q, W - , 521: ,, .,g..f . 'L .""?'.....Q" '2 ,Q Jw Ml 43" , M ,... 'W " -, . ' f , we A ,.--' .9- l T Q l ,T W L T y s r,e wks I NVVVV -fi I' N , ,f.ffffffm4,.L,,wi1 W -' 4 T - ff JW iw., ,Q .gzyyls M fr ta lu Running for The blue ribbon he runner slowly placed his TeeT in The sTarTing blocks. l-le awaiTed The sound of The gun. His body Tensed, Then lunged Torward crossing The rib- bon yards laTer. This was The Typical scene Tor The Treshman Traclc Team. The hard work and dedicaTion during pracTice gave The Team a sense of achievemenT and iT had sharpened Their slcills and also gave Them a Teeling oT spiriT and pride which carried Them Through The evenTs. Pracficing for The high hurdles required a loT of running and iumping pracTice and abiliTy. SPOR TS gs, ,Mi 207 Hurdles and high jumps here was more To being on The girls varsiTy Traclc Team Than iusT run- ning. They also parTicipaTed in many oTher evenTs, such as The high iump. To be a member of The Team required sTamina, endurance and deTerminaTion. WiThouT These quali- Ties, The long hours of Tough pracTice would have seemed unbearable, buT They managed To pull TogeTher wiTh pride. The Team carried ThaT Teeling Through various evenTs ThaT proved To be Tough and compeTiTive. YeT. despiTe The compeTiTiveness, The Team always seemed To pull oTT anoTher vic- Tory. AwaiTing anxiously Tor The sTarT signal To begin The race. are The members of The Track Team. S POR TS Julie LedbeTTer Takes a Tew pracTice logs before pracTice begins. Track requires much sTrenuous exercise, as This TracksTer shows. I '1 -1 Racing down ihe iraclc Temi Verner carefully paces herself. During pracfice, fellow Track members discuss fheir actions af a recenf frack meer. 1Le'f'l fo righf, froni' rowl Carol Mapp. Tori vlizell, LuAnn Manning, Janelle Lonqhofer. Julie Ledbefler, Gina Peddy. Sheila Purlney. Eeresa Reyna, lsecond row, Terri Ryals, Felicia iplxins. Angela Srewarf, Roselia Buller. Billee Bledsoe. Marsha Condron, Cindy Wall, Donna Denise Lambert, Trisha Clay, lBeclr FOV, Deanna Woods. Elizaberh Clough, ffhird row, Marilyn Aicardi, Marlene Kemp, Jimmie Williams, Woods, Judy Barnhill, Karen Carroll, Debbie Susan Clough, Linda Anderson. Sfella Perez. Dodd, Mena Turner, Joy Groves, Terry McCoy, Bessie Siewarr, Shirley Mcllarlin. S POR TS 209 ,,.zw A V W Gefling ready lo pitch fhe ball, Robin Crandall goes info his windup. Howard Burgess fhrows The ball back fo lhe 5 pifcher as Bobby Mahalilr wafches. S POR TS Don Wi'H serves as cafcher during an early spring worlrouf. Bobby Mahalilr wafches lhe man af baf, while playing upon The infield grass. Up af bd, GilberT Granada geTs ready To shooT one ouT To The Tield. The grea T American pasfime he GreaT American PasTime, Baseball. AT NimiTz, baseball had rap- idly improved over The years and The '79 Viking varsiTy squad was no excepe Tion. Beginning Their season on March I againsT MesquiTe, The varsiTy baseball Team showed The slcill and deTerrnina- Tion ThaT had always been displayed by Vikings. WiTh 9 leTTermen reTurn- ing from The preceding season, The VarsiTy was sTrong in iTs abiliTy To excel againsT Their opposiTion. Composed of eighT seniors, nine iuniors and Two sophomores. The Var- siTy Team proved To be quiTe powerful as They wenT Through The '79 season. Coach Tom Ladusau, spenT many long and diTTiculT hours wiTh The Team, Teel- ing ThaT pracTice was an essenTial Tac- Tor ThaT developed The Team. Through drills and scrimmage games beTore The season ever sTarTed, The varsiTy gained The experience ThaT was needed by The new members. ll.efT To righf, fronT rowl Billy Cooper, David Tracy Cowen, AnThony Gamez. Mark Hall and Willis, Greg WesT, Bobby Mahalilc, LesTer Lan- Desrosiers, Howard Burgess, Raul Cuellar, Don WiTT. lBack rowl GilberT Granada, Riclcy casTer and Chris Flores. SPOR TS 2ll Gilberi Granada holds the bat high while wail- ing for The oncoming ball. SPOR TS Riclzy Willis scoops up ihe ball and prepares fo make an underhcnd lhrow 'fo fhe bose. Bobby Mahalik yells lo as feammafe across The field, offer c "bloop" fly ball falls in for o single. ...YH Tom Hernandez fakes a pracfice session. minufe fo relax during a Don WEH predices pifching, while Chris Flores wafches fhe fechnique. we Y, rx s Third seeker, Howard Burgess keeps his eye on fhe runner, cffer complefing e force-.ouf af fhird. Lesfer Lancasier practices his swing before going up fo bat S POR TS ii I iq if si, :Fd x .Q James Hawfhorne runs off the field affer a pracfice, Walking ou? lo the field, Anfhony Gamez gels ready lo cafch a few flies. rev -ro 1--w, Pfeasanf memories aseball season - many pleasanl memories came lo mind as we lhoughl ol if, buf To lhe junior varsily baseball learn, il meanl hard work and long praclices. Mlhe Junior Varsily baseball leam was very compelifive during lhe '79 season," slafed Coach Tom Ladusau. All members hoped lo some day be moved up lo The varsily level, and lhey knew lhal improvemenl in skills was ol maior imporlance, if lhey wanled io make lhaf move. They played a dillicull season, lhal slarled March 2 wifh Lewisville and ended wilh Macflxrlhur on May 4. SPORTS 214 uf, -fzfffr-A.. W., , W -:Mic-L, W 'K an-... x X .W fi' " Q4-sf, - 1 f . 'i wif 'f' J Hr'sII w. A - M gf, ,,- . i A - U4 - 5 Y , , X .1 M - gs ij! .Vkk by k4.?.i,J4y,' f5f,wN L k ,,, N . - . I f R ff' h '- .. we .- 'egg J JF. s' as .'-' -' ,.,, . . ' fi . J'f5s"f rff fasfi-23 .gi-y i in . lLe'F1' lo righf, fronf rowl Hershel Nixon, Bubba Jurecka, Henry Coronado. Dory Torrez. Greg Garcia. Brian Young, Gary Hurlado, and Ray Nelson. lsecond rowl James Hawfhorne, Tom Renshaw, Dwiqhl Dorouqh, Kevin Weiche, Kelly Sanford. Scoll Johnson, Marlon Dickson, Mark Ferguson, Dewey Vaughn, Don Delorge, and- Ron Sleele, lBack rowl Coach Rick Gregory, Ari Coker, Rifchie Lake, Randy Reid, Daniel Tarnayo, Darren Hall, Mike Garner. Tim Price, Mickey Moon, Brian Lamberf, John Williams Scolf Hipp and Mike Barflell. fjgffQ5gl?fii -Y K. , I il s I - ,W W..- 3 f s ,un.1f.-pqy Y X 3 wma' fx . sv fe ff , , , .,,, 14- ,4 ' ,J K . hw Marlon Diclrson goes down To scoop up fhe ball during a pracfice session on fielding. .4 Q A Wk 351.777 'V i 12, .L 1 V V7 , K. V3 A eff n F l ' pg. V 'A ,J M ,V',. A 'N W M , l - lf W ' Dwiglwi Dorouglw fhrows flme ball back fo flue -4 .... f W ' i I . f' W my ,.,.w , f kk , . . . lf' ' 5 4, N Q tile .',, , 7 ,.,, ,, lg, 1 ' , Infield, as Rod Campbell runs back To his posh , ,, M hon. V I , lv 'N' 'V , L, - ,, , M , +V V ., Mickey Moon and Kevin l-leiche leave llwe field ' l , f 'V Z ' ,W ' afler accounhnq for flue llwnrd ouf. , ' , " "" ,G I W1 'X'94g,,, ., , ,, mfntazw uw, M- I M , 'EMM V, I 1,4 ,L ' Q' , y ,, "r' I ' N , , 31. 1 I " ' .- H f Q 2, A-wh: L. 4 I ' SPOR TS , l M mfls' :JZ Aim ., nf, 'fl IS' M ,Q f' .ln,l X lll""-"M SSE5 haf could we have ever done wifhouf our friends? H' wouldn'+ have been as fun if we didn? have someone +o share The ioys, someone +o falk fo who would undersfand, or even some- one fo lend rheir shoulder when Times weren'+ quife as good. Yer, fhere was also some-Thing else fha? made having companions special: The facf fha? everyone of us were individuals. Alfhough we were fellow sfudenfs and similar in Thar respect we all had somelhing differenl' To give. No? somefhing +o give, physically, buf more of The personaliry we each had. We had our funny sfudenfs, sfudious ing her assignrneni. Ediforz Cindy Sanford sfudenls, happy sfudenrs, no+-so- happy s+uden+s, and even +he "can'+ waif +o gel ouf of school" sfudenfs. Everyone had Their own poinf of view, fheir own ralenfs, and did "Their own fhingf' Thaf's wha? made Nimifz "+ick." Some sfudenrs represenfed fhe school 'rhrough choir, while olhers chose band. S+ilI ofhers ioined differenf school organizafions, while o+her s'ru- denfs chose 'ro represenr Nimifz by high academics. Everyone pur rheir lalenls info Nimifz To show Thai we were The besf school around, and in our eyes, we were. Togefher, we buil+ a pride in each o+her and in our school. Classes are an essenfial parf of school which involves a lol of sfudying. buf wifh our friends fo share Yhem wilh, classes can be enioyable. Michelle Covingfon ufilizes classfime by read- CLASSES 21 7 'FQ' f, ZH. ELL SENIORS T' rl, SCOTT CREW Presideni STACIESTIPES DAVIDCANADY VICKY WILSON Treasurer Vice-Presidenf Secre-+ary Senior class officers I ff? W y l J-. , A Wifi? iw wry 4? eading The Senior Class Through hard Times and Tun days was oresidenT oT The Senior Class, ScoTT Crew. He was always around when oroblems needed solving. Open Tor suggesTions, ScoTT was ready To help or piTch in and do his share and make 'hings have ThaT "iusT righT" look. "Looks" weren'T a new Thing Tor ETacie STipes who was The one ThaT 'he seniors looked up To Tor organiza- 'ion. Learning how To organize and perTorming Tasks. STacie never losT her beauTiTul smile, which was con- sTanTly displayed Tor The Taces of The Senior Class, as she held The oTTice oT Treasurer. Backing up The presidenT was David Canady in The oTTice oT vice- presidenT. IT was no easy job, buT David never losT his enThusiasm, or his smile. DependabiliTy was always imporTanT Tor The vice-presidenT. who was always willing To reach ouT To his Tellow classmaTes in order To NIM is ,, lend a helping hand. A helping hand is exacTly whaT Vicky Wilson gave To The enTire class as she held The oTTice OT secreTary, which Took much handy work and exTra hours Trom school Time. Through iT all, Vicky came ouT sTand- ing Tall. She showed durabiliTy and sTamina as she helped To record all The ThoughTs and many ideas of The Senior Class. SENIORS 219 Who is John Thomas. hal ofher school had spealcers such as Jimmy Carler, Sieve Marlin and Howard Cosell and ofhers? Thanks fo John Thomas we were honored wirh larnous celebriries almosl every morning during second period. 1 Could Nimilz ever be The same wilhoul Johns zaniness in fhe morning? Whar would if be lilre nof lo have obeyed his weird requesl, lalcen oul our car lceys and iingled along To some ridiculous song, or nor fo have lelf lilre a complete fool when we lound ourselves acfually doing if? By John playing comedian every morning, each sfudenl had rhe chance fo realize a lrue parl of his own personalify. John had accomplished many Things during his senior year, He was on The Citizens Advisory Commiflee, which discussed fhe music budgef. He also served his school in lhe Sfudenf Coun- cil, as Co-Edilor of fhe Sword 81 Shield, and parficipaled in The Marching Band. While school seemed fhe place lor him lo cur up and laugh a bil, his home lile was a fofally dilferenf experience. Wifhouf 'rhe presence ol John, many a sec' ond period announcemenf would have gone by unnoliced. buf as spice and laughler was added, he helped everyones day seem a liflle bil brighler. Aceves, Mary Albaugh, Tim Allen, Bobo 11' ,na fi Allen, Kellie Allen, Sharon Alvarado, Ignacio Anchela, Carolyn SENIORS CI-7 Armsfronq, Tina Ashley, Rhonda Baker, Jackie Ballard, Ken Banda, Carlos Banda, Raymond 24 'qw ' Baefz. Kennefh Bailey, Chad Barker, Sherry Barnhill, Judy As +he sun shines each day. so does fhe smile of Mary Burton. Being a senior seemed fo make every day a happy one. SENIORS M 2 -avi ef' Barnes, Brenda Barrdudson BarrienTos Lus BarrienTos Ruby uiclcly Togefher, forever ell, here we were, barely seniors in high school. The Time had Tinally come when we were The Top, The crowd everyone looked up To. We had experienced Three Tull years oT life wiTh each oTher, now we Taced our Tinal year in school TogeTher. With schedules in our hands and a class ring on our Tinger, our liTe as a l2Th grader began. The 8:l5 bell rang as mosT oT us began our day, while oTher lucky sTu- denTs awaiTed The 9:lO alarm. On The oTher hand, I:OO was quiTTing Time Tor mosT seniors, buT 2:00 was The Time ouT Tor mosT 9:IO'ers. Though we came and leTT aT diTTer- enf hours. somewhere and somehow we managed To bump inTo each oTher Tor a quick "hellofl Quickly was The word used To describe our year as seniors. While Time Tlew by, so did our lives. Those pasT 9 monThs were Tilled wiTh so much Tun and advenTure ThaT There was no Time To resT or even caTch our breaTh beTore someThing new and exciTing was happening. Through our busy schedules, day aTTer day, our parenTs seemed To Think we were never aT home. AcTually, we weren'T. Could we ever break The addicTion oT Sonic cruising or Pizza lnn inva- sions, iusT so ThaT our Tolks would know ThaT we were sfill Theirs? No, we were "seniors" and living iT up. As The year Tinally came To a close with The Senior ring spliTTing aparT, iT was Time To realize we, Too, were growing aparT. Each oT us had our own liTe ahead, To do whaTever we chose. WheTher we would quickly bump inTo each oTher laTer in liTe, we could remember The TogeTherness once shared as seniors. Barron, CynThia Barron, CynThia BarTleTT. Da BarTleTT L SENIORS 5 Baugh, Joe Bauman, Kay 5 Fifi' g 2' 15, f Baumerf, Bern Baxfer, Kay Biibrey, Anneffe Billey, Margie Blougi1,Tom Boyd, Bonnie Alb 'iv-V Boykin, Mike Brackeen, Mary Bragg, Sandy Bramleff, Amanda sffvioies 4 'His' wall? olding up lhe wall? l.oolcing cool? Whal was il lhal allracled The guys lo lhe walls belore school, al lunch lime. during class, aller school? ll seemed lhal all lhe guys had lheir designaled place on The wall. Whal did lhey do? They loolced al lhe girls, lried lo gel dales, or iusl 'rallied aboul how lasl lheir cars were. No maller whal 'rhey said or did, lhey were lhere. The loolball players usually look lhe place down by lhe gym. Rop- ers were down by lhe wafer lounlain. And lhe hol rodders were by lhe candy machines. ll iusl wouldnil have been lhe same wilhoul a hall lined wilh guys. ll iusl wouldn'l have been Nimilz. Aclivifies and people down The hall allracl Brad Shellorrs allenlion as he slands againsl lhe wall during lunch. l Branch. Roberl Bravo, Virginia za if 1 , Cx I Brewer, Cindy Brewer, Delisa Brewer, Norman Bridewell, Bill K 5 'J .fr 'T Bridges, Ray Bryan, Tammie Buchanan, Dwayne Burk, Bryce I SENIORS L I n r r Burrow. Pam Burrow, Darren Burrow, John Buffer, Isaac: I 2 if W 'Q 'll ji 3 2 x f .xy Being members of fhe varsify baskefbah fear-n, Isaac Bufler and Bren? Scoqqins have a chance fo be recognized af fhe pep rally. Calver+,Jirn CarnpbeH,Kei'rh I ,-,1 ,, , , ,-, . , if rf? K .. ..., ,yt 1 '12, 7 Canady, David Canferbury, Susan Carprnan, Russ Carroll, Jim SENIORS M wwf N v-of fi., f Carfer. Sieve Caviness, Lori Carfer, Guy Cherry, Lerris L Clark, Sharon Coach, Donna Conner, Paula C 5 Copeland. Jane+ Coronado, Dorofhy Co++on. Lynda -1--i--.1 Covinqfon. Gayla Covingron. Micheile Cox, David Crawford, Tom SENXORS T 'T fflkkgz., r ,Q B , . It at - .V s-1. :gk - Q1 f-.f 1 -.ig ' Crew. Sc:oTT Dane. Brad Daniel. STeve Daniels, Wayne Graduafionf T seemed ThaT Seniors were geT- Ting ready Tor graduaTion The TirsT day oT school. Then. iT was a loT oT Tun being The "Top dog." wiTh everyone looking up To us. lT made us Teel ThaT we were somehow special. November I. seemed a long Time Trom gradua- Tion. buT iT was Then wehad The assembly Tor ordering inviTaTions. SiT- Ting in The audiTorium, some oT us began To wonder, whaf would happen when we graduaTe? Would gradua- Tion iTselT even happen? When iT was over. we were ouT oT school. and iT was hard To realize ThaT we, The sen- iors oT '79, were on our own. We were noT in The audiTorium anymore. Trying To Tigure ouT how many inviTaTions To order. We were men and women in The real world. Danish, Paul Darden, Craig C5 Davis. Sendy Del.aGarza. fXlTred Del.aGarza. Cindy Delane. l.ori SENIORS How imporfanf is 5 mfnufe57 228 Il was anolher day. anolher class, anolher 5-minule break. As lhe course of lhe day conlinued, each sludenl had The opporlunily lo slrelch his legs 5 shorl minules before relurninq lo anolher one-hour sil. Durino This lime, one could go lo his locker, drink a Coke, or merely slroll down lhe hall. ll gave each sludenl' a chance lo brielly visil anolher friend. These shorl infer- missions may have seemed useless. buf al leasl lhey broke The monofony of schoolwork. ,442 QW, .,,, f 1 cr-57 n Delalorre, David Dennis, Brenl Dickerson, Joe Dodd, Teresa Dorbrilz, Adele Dorris, Twanda Dur.on, Tony Draper. Calhy 'Q'-lg? Ealum, Carmon Edmondson, Kenny Edwards, Sue Eqberl, Nolan SENIORS li . 1' l"'7" Ellis osemary Emmons Jean English, Chris Esquivel, Rosa Smiles mean, 'l caref' here is one Thing in school each person was noTed Tor. ll' was a smile. Each expression had a special Touch ThaT added To one's personaliTy. There were many diTTerenT Types which high- lighTed The day: The Tunny, ear-To-ear grin, and The Timid smile ThaT cap- Tured momenTs beyond any word's descripTion. QuiTe a Tew people underesTimaTed The power oT a smile. IT had The abiliTy To change one's Ter- rible mood inTo momenTs oT happi- ness. Happy as one may have seemed, smiles are greaTly needed. ThaT quick liTTle grin probably meanT The world To each person who received iT, Tor They seemed To always mean, "I carel" Tammy Hindman shows oThers ThaT her smile means happiness and sinceriTy To Those who cross her paTh each day. 1 U w ,,f Esquivel David Eubanlcs Cheryl Farish. John Farmer, Milce SENIORS vdhgxr . 'SQL 477 Fread, Sheryl Y- '- FriTTs, Linda -- N-:mx LeTT ouT7 n The modern socieTy ol Today, being diTTerenT someTimes was noT accepTed, Qne was supposed To TiT in and believe exacTly lilce everyone else does. BuT whaT abour The handicap' ped? Were They noT a parT oT high school? l'hroughouT The year, many sTu- denTs leTT class Tive minuTes early iusT To hobble down The hall beTore The crowd overToolc Them. They were car- rying on The same rouTine procedure ol The day, excepT Tor The minor inconvenience. Many were TorTunaTe in ThaT Their handicap was Temporary. The oThers. while Taped wiTh permanenT aTTlic- Tions, were helped and respecTed by all. Even Though a leg iniury hampered George Tennisonis liTesTyle, he faced iT wiTh smiles. ,. Fuller, Thelma Garcia, Rica Garms. Leann Garner. NaTure 1 av 6 'tif' "4 f Garza, Maria GeberT. Regina Gibson. Paul Glasgow. Bobby SENIORS N wi Glover, Paula Goligl'1lly,Davicl Granado, Silber? Granlland, Gary Grave, Kelly Gray, Anile Green, Mark SENIORS Griffin, Bill Guzman, Leonor l-laclceff, Sreve A Haskell, Teresa Haley, Danny Hall. Cindy l'lamill'Of1, CGHW Hamilfon, Frankie Hamilfon, Mark Hamlin, Melissa Hammer, Kafhy Ns. WI' .1 Home away from Home eing a new sludenl al a srrange high school, a sfrange cily, a s+range slafe, and even a slrange nafion, means meefing new people and expe- riencing differenl ways of living. As a Foreign Exchange sludenf, Bernard Sfauhfer lelf Swifzerland To become a parl of +he Unifed Sfafes, he chose Irving as his place To live. Nimilz seemed 'ro be his appoinfed "s+omp- ing ground," for he became a par? of 'rhe Nimilz Family. Adiusring To wha? would be his home away from home 'lor a whole year W6SI'1'l' always easy, buf wifh The love and warm welcome Thaf Nimifz had To offer, 'rhis adiusl- men? was a success. for America seemed +he place To be. Alfhough Physics appears fo be a demanding class Bernard has a liflle lun in wha? he does. Hammilf, Cindy Hardin, Lee Harper, Lynn Harvey, Mike Harred, Julie Harris, Cheryl SENIORS CV av k L Q Harridge, Micl'1aeY Hearn. Georgina Heberr, Mark Elnernann, Lynn Hensley, Doug Hicks. Gerald Hignrower. Debbie SENXORS Work1'ng foward fhe fufure Thoughis and ideas seem fo run Hwrouqh J. R. Robisorfs mind,asl'1e sfeadily works on his ari. 4' 172 wr V Hill. Tammy Hindman, Tammy Hinoiosa, Ricky Hobbs, Pam Q, vm -9 A i Holland, Belly Holl, Chris Hook, Barbara Hook, Mary Jane Horlon, Tony Hoff, Freddy Housewriglnf, Brian Housfon, Deblaiek Huckabay, Mike Huerla. Yolanda Hullmasler, Charles Irwin, Jofxnna SENIORS Ivie, Jim Jackson, Ricky James, Douglas Jeffcoaf, Mark ap- Jenkins, Charles Johnson, Kafherine Jones, Norvel SENXORS A C' Jessup, Kafhy Johns, Wade Johnson, Edne wg: ff' .4 . v Bmw 71.1- Kamenicky Doreen Kelly Cindy Kemp, Marlene if qi ,. Kemp, ScoTT fs N. KesTer on Roger King Freddie King, Teresa W To Senior benefirs s a senior, leadership was a word ThaT was broughT To mind quiTe TrequenTly during The school year. SeTTing a fine example Tor The new Treshmen was very imporTanT. AlThough iT was noT always The per- TecT example, There were Times oT pure embarrassmenT Tor The new freshmen ThaT seemed To have been piclced on by The seniors. To many Treshmen, This was a sign oT accepT- ance which They had long been waiT- ing Tor. Being dragged down The hall during lunch by seniors Frankie l'lamilTon, Wendell McGill, John PorTer and Bob Mahalilc, is only one of The many evenls involving freshmen. 1, Klempin, Michelle KonuT, Lisa Kruclcner, Sharon SENIORS 2 SENXORS Presiden? of 'Phe Nimifz Chorale, senior Ross Thompson makes very imporfanf decisions. I if Kubica, Karen Kuhn, Anfhony Lambert Laura Lamere, Anne Lawrence, Norman Lawson. Anifa V ',,, ,, ., 'Y Lefoureau. Debra Liles, Tammy LonghoTer, Larry Lopez. Paul si ,, ,y 1""'i' M The life of a busy cheerleader miles. laughTer, and crazy songs aT The pep rallies. Everyone expecTed ThaT oT The cheerleaders. BuT oT course, They always wenT a sTep Tur- Ther. A loT oT Time, preparaTion, and money was puT inTo being a cheer- leader. FirsT, There was pracTice aTTer pracTice unTil The TryouTs came. ATTer ThaT, iT was oTT To camp, which Took more money and hard work. All oT a sudden, iT was Time Tor school. Their work didn'T consisT iusT oT pep rallies and a game on Friday nighT. No. There was a loT more pracfice every day during TirsT period and aTTer school. On Fridays, by The Time The guys goT To The locker room, The girls would have decoraTed iT. They also deco- raTed lockers, along wiTh The drill Team. Every week, They would Trade and Take Turns doing The hall displays. IT would be virTually impossible To lisT all ThaT The cheerleaders did. BUT wiTh- ouT Their never-ending spiriT and smiles, our school would noT have had ThaT special glow. These girls gave us a cerTain class ThaT no oTher school could claim. All smiles, Gayle Covington prepares To deco- rafe a players locker. 'Q' sax Lowery. Joseph Loyd, Barbara Lynch, Colleen Lynch, Kim SENTORS 40 1 ON li Yi f Macevicius, Tony Mahalik, Bobby Marshall, Jennifer Mar+in, Benny ' UUE si :N - . Marfindale, Regina Mashburn, Sherman Mason. Jimmy Massey, Beniie Mafl'1ews,JoElien Mafiwies, Mignon SENIORS YT? f MaTThews, Michael Mammen, Joni 4- " 111, I l ManTooTh, Linda McCall, Renee Mccarrell, Becky McCarTney, David Pa rlcfng poses problem s The i978-79 school year began, once again, problems sTarTed arising wiTh The parking loT siTuaTion. IT seemed ThaT There were Too many cars and Too liTTle space. Confusion and TrusTraTion were The resulfs of This problem. ResidenTs who lived across The sTreeT began To complain because OT parking by sTudenTs on Their parTicular sTreeT. Many TickeTs were issued dur- ing ThaT period, and sTudenTs weren'T very pleased, nor were They happy wiTh The new parking loT rules. McClung, Debbie McConley, Sue McCullar, Mike McCuTcheon, William McDowra. Donald McGill, Windell SENIORS McGlone, Milzi McNeice.Cyn1'hia Mexia, Mark Milholen, Wayne if Y Mize, Becky Monfellano, Alfred M rs. Sfaggs 'o'oor s we enfered lhe lilrle office of senior class counselor Mrs. Linda Slaggs, our hearrs were made wel- come wilh 'rhe love Thar she had To give. Looking back on each and every momenf spenr wilh fhis wonderful lady, if hardly seemed possible Thar we were graduafing and she would be 'rhe "mo+her" of anolher freshman class. ll was underslanding and con- cern for each one of her "children," 'rhaf made our slay ar Nimirz a ioyous and memorable lime. We had shared rears, laughfer and even grief, wifh Mrs. Slaggs. l-ler hearl and door had always been open lo 'rhose who needed her a+ anyrime, and she always seemed To be able fo solve all Jrhe crises, whelher greal or small. She was someone whom we would all hold a special place for in our hearls. As we looked back on lhe successful years al Nimilz, we Thoughr of 'rhe smile which she gave To brighlen up each and every day. l-ler leadership and encouragemenl had led 'rhe senior class of I979 onro a successful iurure. Moore, Anna-Lesa Moore, Tony Moreno. Roberf Morris, Robin SENIORS was always open ,, 5 t +L 'f ,Q Q . , 3 N. r 5 ' 'issiiigmgb f 33' 1 32554515 3 Myres, Ka+l'1y Mouser. Susan r.. 4' I Maynard, Connie Narvaez, Maurncuo Neel, Chris Neff, Keiflw Neuse, Byron Nicholas, Roberf Norris. LeJean Norfhcuft Ralph 72 SENIORS 44 Appearance os? of The lime people don'+ realize how 'they aclually appear To olhers unfil Their phofos are lalcen. Judy Barnhill's surprised expression was caprured, as were so many ofher sfudenrs. rf N. 15 O'Conner, Ricky Oliver, Jeanne Oliver, Tammie Olsovslcy, Carolyn Overland, Wayne Owens, Jeff Ouvanshire. Laneffe Pace, Eddie 2 1: Pace, Terry PeH'y, Angela Parrish. Cheryl Pafrick, Mark SENXORS Peiser Gregg Phillips Billie Pipkins Tonya Pledger, Vicki Seniors ,ofay or many sfudenls, as They began a new year, +he wanling of involve- menf always came To mind. As a sen- ior, Sue Edwards made her debul as a parfof The Thealre Depf. She served as one of lhe lirsl' seniors To ever pro- duce and direcl fhe annual Senior Play. Wifh The help and assisfance of Scoff Crew, The play was a big suc- cess. As many seniors waired fo grad- uafe on commencemenf nighf, a rhoughf of 'rheir senior year swepl Through fheir minds, and all The even+s which fool: place in four years are now cherished memories. Plumley Jimmy Pompa Tony Ponce Jessie Ponder, Carla SENXORS 46 Pope. Debra Porfer, John Power, Joe Presfon, Bridger Price, Tina 1 Rabyor, Paula Rainwafer, Keifh SENIORS 'iii .QQ ix Y again if The honor of winning fha I979 Homecoming hall decorafions was achieved by many hours of individual hard work. pafes inifhis evenf. f x .ff " mf P 7 gy David Canady parfici Ribble, Befsy Ribble, Judy Rinehart Ray Robison, Roberf Rogers, Cornelius Rogers, Samuel Romero, Joe Ross, Lisa l Rush, Mikel Russum, Donna Sanders,Sl'1erri Sanchez, Joe ,,, , ,, , SENXORS 4 ' . n ? M5 Q Y Tina Taylor is one of fhe many seniors who is proud To be called a Mighfy Viking. i i ing, L - A-'ifymi ,- - N1 i i Sanford, Cindy Sawyer, Jeana N Schlarbaum, Jean Schnaiderman, Connie Schumacher, Nafalie Scoggins, Brenf qi. , X., Sco++, Rober+ Seabolt Gary Sears, Jim SENIORS Sekula, Kafhy Selman, Billy SepTer, Doug Shanahan, Paul Shelfon, Brad Sherman, June Sidney, Tammy Simmons. Linda SlcelTon, Laura Smilie, Bruce SmiTh, Dean n Tomorrow . . allcing The halls oT NimiTz High School . . . iT was easy To see everyfhing ThaT was laid ouT Tor each senior. BUT once graduaTed, seniors leTT, wondering whaT The TuTure held Tor Them. . .an uncerTain TuTure ThaT can leave a person wiTh a loT of responsibiliTy and decisions ThaT have To be made. LiTe is noT always Tun and games, Tor adulThood sTarTs and ado- lescence is leTT behind in The scrap books and Treasure chesTs. MoTher's apron sfrings are cuT and TaTher's will To leT his child ouT inTo The world Tinally begins. The world is a big, sTrange place wiTh opporTuniTies. Each and every sTep in life is impor- TanT. l.ive from day To day careTully, and cherish each mornenT of yesTer- day, Today. Life, lille high school, is a big and sTrange world. Ricky Willis, wiTh his puppy Triend, realizes iT, SENIORS 249 SmiTh Debbie SmiTh, JenniTer SmiTh, Loufxnn SoTo Alex iw 9 953 Sparano Laura Spurgeon. Terry STauTTer, Bernard STamphill Lynn Seniors involve Themselv s a senior. every momenT oT high school liTe was capTured wiThin a Tew monThs. only To cherish The memo- ries which were held in one's hearT. Being involved and acTive in school made each and every day an exciTing one in which To add To The lisT oT mem- ories. lT helped To geT more ouT oT school by giving your services To vari- ous clubs and organizaTions such as STudenT Council. This organizaTion was imporTanT aT NimiTz. The STudenT Council sponsored many evenTs and special acTiviTies during The school year. Each member seemed To give his all in making NimiTz The number one place To be. Seniors on The STudenT Council could also TurTher Their expev rience oT involvemenT by being con- cerned and having The will To care enough To wanT a iob well done. Beclry McCarrell and David NenTwig lisTen careTully To whaT is being said aT a STudenT Council meeTing. "fb-ff Shpes, Sfacne Sfory, Kevin Sfay, Carla Sfranqe. Dena my 9 Sfrong, Jon Sfubblefield, Glen Suffer, Jane+ Swasso, Duane 'n Sfudenf Councif , Rylanf, Kafny L, Taylor, Debbie SENIORS Taylor, Tarl Taylor, Tina Nw- Tc Hurry!!! ush, rush, rushl Everywhere sen- iors Turned. They had To rush To anoTher class meeTing To discuss anoTher proiecT. Their enTire liTesTyles became a race To capTure The rushing momenTs oT TooTball, baskeTball, dances and cruisin' in double Time. Somehow, seniors never seemed To have enough Time To accomplish whaT They were doing or whaT They were really supposed To be doing. BuT Through The miracles oT dedicaTion, sweaT and 48-hour busy days, The responsibiliTies oT being a greaT senior class were more Than iusT accom- plished, They were livedl While concenTreTion is infense. Bobby Glasgow aTTends a senior assembly. ...J sa 4 Thomas, STeve Thompson, Ross Torrez. Tv1aryAnn Trobaugh, Rhonda SENIORS Leann Garms and John Thomas enioy fheir lunch as a conversafion with friends corifinues. e ge Trobauqh, Robin Tropoioc. George 1 E Turner, Wilhemnia Uselfon, Lisa Vanderpool. Cafhy Vanderpool, Mark VanDyke, Brenda VanDyke, Diane SENIORS 25 VanWarT, STeve Vernon, Marshon Villa, lv1arTin Vogel, Craig Leaolership proudly proclaims a Viking 2 eadership in school means being imporTanT among The oTher sTudenTs, as well as represenTing NimiTz High. WheTher iT be varsiTy quarTerbaclc, cheerleader, ediTor oT The yearboolc, class oTTicer, or even presidenT oT The STudenT Council. each posiTion is vi+aIly imporTanT and holds a loT oT responsibiliTy. lT's noT always lighTs and glamour Tor Those who are leaders oT NimiTz. l'lard work, long exTra hours, and someTimes even Tears are shed in order To compleTe a Task or a iob well done. Represeming a Tamily oT 2300 sTudenTs and TaculTy is noT always,easy. buT aTTer vicTories have been won, loclcer decoraTions are down, yearboolcs are compleTed. proms are over, and school comes To an end, all The hard worlc and deTermi- naTion seems To be worTh every Tear ThaT was shed. These memories oT involvemenT over Tour years oT high school, all came To mind as we saT waiTing paTienTly To wall: across ThaT never- ending sTage To receive our diplomas. All These Things would soon be sTored in The baclc OT ones mind. as The TuTure Taced each senior. Fear and conTused Teelings we would all be con- TronTed wiTh. buT The sTruggle To suc- ceed in liTe was The imporTanT sTep. For iT is oTTen said. "LiTe begins aTTer high school." 4 SENIORS Wade. Lisa Wallace, Joel Wallis, Tony Walls, Cindy Walslm, Joe Walfon, Rodney Warner, Bren? Warren, Tudy Wa+lcins, Kim Walson, Jimmy Walls, Roberl Websler, Monny WLT? Weiss, Debbie Werner, Palrice Wesf, Greg West Slnerry SENIORS Senior dreamfano' s disTricT TooTball games were being played, The counTdown Tor homecoming evenTs was occurring. The STudenT Council meT To deTerf mine This year's Theme. Since Mickey Mouse was abouT To Turn 50 years old. "Disney Dreamland' was The Topic chosen. Each class spread The word and called special meeTings Tor plan- ning and organizaTion. CareTul prepa' raTion Took place To make ThaT cerTain hall or caTeTeria sTand ouT Tor The iudges To see. The senior class displayed The WalT Disney movie. l'l:anTasia.'i As mulTi- colored sTreamers lined The caTeTeria The baTTle was underway. Many hours were spenT making and creaTing col- ored Tlowers which hung on Tree branches accenTing The beauTiTul waTer TounTain ThaT Tlowed Through- ouT The evening. The nexT day would be a special Time Tor all To remember. As The iudges walked The school observing every painTed posTer and special eTTecT, a winner was To be choe sen. As The gym was Tilled wiTh sTu- denTs. new and old anxious ears awaiTed The presenTaTion. Silence dominaTed The room as The presidenT oT The STudenT Council. Anna-Lesa Moore made The announcemenT . . And The T979 hall decoraTions award goes To The seniors." Placing a flower on a Tree. STacie Shpes makes sure iT looks iusT righT. Whife, Robbie WhiTe, Phyllis WhiTe, Danny WhiTlock Tommy l .i WhiTworTh, Mike Wicks, Gerald Wilkinson. Charles Williams Polly SENTORS 256 I 1. Willis, Ricky Wilson, Vicki on X. Xiii J Wing, Kevin WIH, Don .4 Wood, Dan Woodall, Kevin Woodard, Sieve Wooley, Linda ,Q - C' 'GK I w L-W, Wosnig, Laura Wray, Rhonda Yarbrough, Ka+hy Young, Johnny SENXORS 257 'Kimi 3"3g,5 Zavala, GilberT Zeller, Gene Alley, ScoTT Arnold, DwighT l BeclcwiTh, Sammy Beers, Tanya Boone, RusTy Bowie, Roberi' . . .Proof ll elre Tinally graduaTing Trom Twelve years oT hard worlc. Or are we?" ThroughouT The 78-79 school year, represenTaTives Trom BalTour STudenT CenTer came To NimiTz, Taking and delivering orders Tor Senior lnviTa- Tions. lT was during The lunch class when we hurriedly placed our orders along wiTh The SIU deposiTs. This was The down paymenT Tor our announcef r'nenTs, along wiTh charms, keychains, and even memory books. While The memory oT our school years will be wiTh us Toreyer, iT was prooT oT senioriTy as we held our liTTle whiTe inviTaTion in our hands. Senior announcemenfs are a sign Tha? gradua- Tion is almosT aT hand. SENIORS af 'T 'T 1' In XJ . In i, 'W 'Y "w A il... M ' ff 1 ,Q f If r Q "4"wf.4 , , - . ge . ' K- X, if Y ' W. 5 sf 16.5. nb tj3,u..,, . L., My JM, L During one of The many Iare nighf sessions Greg Wes? works on fhe yearbook. 'TK ,nfs r Brannock, Rnchard Bridges, Jeff W Burnerf, Brenda Burron, Mary -.pam-www - we Campbell, Rodney Chapman, Mark Cowen, Russel Crawford, Thomas Drake, Micheai Embry, Roberr Escobar, Francisco Frick, Ricky SENIORS My life begins ooking back on whaT liTTIe oT my liTe has passed, I cannoT Think oT any parTicuIar momenT in which To change, Tor They all hold precious memories. There were so many diT- TerenT sTages and sTeps in IiTe. Growing, learning, and experienc- ing The good as well as The bad. AIThough iT seems ThaT The good Times ouTnumber The bad, They oTTen sweep Through my mind as I sTarT To remember back on Those Times. I-low exciTing iT was To play soTT- ball, Tag and house, Remember ThaT big beauTiTuI play house ThaT SanTa broughT one year? ITls noT so big anymore and iTs painT has nearly chipped oTT. Ch, Those summer Trips The Tam- ily used To Take. Those were so Tunl And Then There was The summer swimming pool. I-low crowded iT was. Now, as I look back, how Tool- ish I was To have cried over whaT I Though was so Tragic. NoThing would be The same as a resuIT, buT I never sTopped To realize ThaT eiTher mom or dad solved The problem. and Things were okay. As we reach The end oT I2 long years oT Tun and hard work, a Tear Tills my eye. Things aren'T The same anymore. lim caughT in The middle oT longing Tor The pasT and reach- ing Tor The TuTure. All The decisions ThaT sTiII need To be made. Which way will I go? Will iT be college? Only a posiTive aTTiTude and TaiTh can geT me Through These Times. I guess parT oT The change ThaT I sense is The obvious resulT oT reaching adulThood and The indee pendence l ThoughT I so desper- aTely needed. BuT a parT oT grow, ing up is knowing The Things a responsible adulT is supposed To know. I wish I didn'T have To learn The TruTh abouT Things, buT iT has To do wiTh accepTing reaIiTy. I Tind myselT, aT Times, worried abouT Tailing in IiTe. I-low impor- TanT iT is Tor me To succeed in whaT- ever I aTTempT. 'lFuTure." WhaT a disTanT word. ATTer graduaTion. The doors To The TuTure will be opened and ThaT big sTep inTo The big world will conTronT me. Dreams, goals, and prioriTies Tor my liTe are so real To me. All I have To do is seek Them. Twelve years oT noisy classe rooms, worn TexTbooks, IaTe-nighT sTudies, and Tond memories are abouT To be sTored away. IT was GraduaTion when I Tinally made iT across ThaT long sTage. As we gaThered TogeTher Tor The IasT school song and The Turning oT The Tassels. This momenT would be remembered Torever. As I Turned To The world and smiled - My l.iTe Begins. vw- Garcia, Freddie Gordon, Virginia Hickman, ErnesT I'lolT, Eddie Keane, Charlie Kelly, Dominic KeiTh, Richard Lacy, Gervis SENIORS gy, Q, .,.. .- Long, Bili Mclniire, Vickie Manzelli, Frank Miller. Don Mirchell, Keifh Mosher, Roberf Nenfwig, David Phillips, Mike Pipkins, Marilyn Rogers, Cornelious Sevilla, Danny Torres, Roberf Tubbs, Lorraine SENIORS L, 0 A L, "kIi' iv., 1 . , ' Vi Ag ff DAVID PEISER PRESIDENT LORI BATES RANDI EISI-IER STACIE DANE VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY JUNIORS K i Junior class officers ver fhe pasl years, being a nember of fhe junior class had been a 'ery difiicull lime for sfudenls. The 'iomenls of experiencing new sur- oundings were gone, along wifh The ifualion of "Well, l didn'+ know." For some reason, il was hard ior Jniors To realize lhey would be lead- rs oi lheir school nexl year. They fere iusi sluck in fhe middle of a YI 'v l Z gif .Hi'i2g crowd for anofher whole year. Al+hough Ilfh graders are in +he beiween, presidenl David Peiser was on lop. This was evidenl during The elecfion assembly, ior everyone knew he was lhe only one. Also slanding beside her class was vice presidenl Lori Bafes. l-ler pas? experiences as cheerleader has lead our class wilh pride and spiril. As spiril spread lhroughoul The iun- V ior class, lhe supporl of secrelary Sla- cie Dane never ceased, l"ler conlrib- urion of a smile has showed her love and devolion oi being a Viking. Smiles were nol limiled To only a few. Treasurer Randi Fisher exposed her bubbly personalify wiih each beam fha? was displayed. Because oi +he leadership fhal look place, we were "in beiween Juniors" +oge+her. JUNIORS hrough our lwo previous years al Nimilz l-ligh. much had faken place. We Came info lhis new world wilh a sense of fear, buf also a sense of responsibilily. As our dulies grew, so did our lives i 'rouching and reaching 'rhe people around us. When Time came for our second year To begin, we slood proud and slrong, for each of us knew lhe meaning of being a lrue Viking. Now, ano+her season was upon us. We looked To lhe fulure wilh our goals in mind, buf were reminded of 'rhe pas? Tha? had given us This founda- lion. Being a varsify cheerleader brings a smile To Taryn Whifley. This had become one of her goals in her high school days. Gel ser, goal O '2...:i i 'lf' . Adams, Rhonda Adams, Wilberl ., Akins, Sammy iii ' Albaugh, Tammy Q ' w'i',l Aldridge, Debbie ri A J N Allen, Carol ii 1' JJ f 'N Allen, Morris I Anderson, Cindy 1 M Anderson, Laurie , Anguiano, Delia Q Alfeberry, Kalhy - Auslin, Teresa w ' S 'r 5. ii 0 1 K l X Y i we , J " 1" A l I' K 1 x A V A r Q, 'M' L 19 WTA il! 4 xx l A 3 ln i.-1 X Avila, Arnold Aviles, l-lermalinda Baelz, Gary Baker, Linda Baldree, Marvin Bannisler, Tammy V? A. ii., JUNIORS 64 - .j 1 Quin!! 5 if ii' Eff S 'A :af Swffff- fwfr QV? . Q N . X JR ,q'1'ir ,ff-i - Af fhe 50's pep rally, Vilma Liz Trimble, performs a roufine fo fhe song "Greasecl Lighrningf' is Barber, Billy Bales, Lori Bafes, Sherri Bauman, Keilh Beclcner. Debi Bembenek, Valerie Bender, Curlis Bells, Waller Blclcley. Ronnie Biqqers, Pam Blackwood, l.oreHa Boalrighl, Mary Bouillion, Renee Bower, Rulh Box, Julie Bozman, Sleve Breland, Rhonda Briles, Marla Bringas, Roberf Brown, Eddie Brown, Marlina Brown, Sari Buclcner, Robbie Bullinglon, Calhy Bundranl, Donna Burgess, Howard Burlcell, Sherry IORS JUN 265 Burns, Debbie Burrow, Donila Cano, Noah Canlwell, Jerri Carler, David Carroll, John Caslillo, James Caslillo, Torn Chase, Bobby Cherry, Juanila Childress, Connie Childs, Paffy Chrislian, Reginald Chusfz, Vivian Clark, Rick Clough, Elizabefh JUNIORS 266 Q A bunch of bananas as ff i it lx Tak 'ig i Al lf x f -i ESQ?-'P??"' ' kiwi! . .a I QC? It .M , E35 vu , A i , . I . :gg fn ff' " - in -2ixii'N . is il E' l .. A. 1 I . XX ,L W m "V'Y"61x ff b hp: f. e .x ' - -- - -i. s , ' '.j ' I . 5.'2.5w',L Q ne " iii? g C ' 'xii gig ii, ., . if if ,Q X' i v i" f i 4 i Ai - Q wif, V V E '-at ' ' K X F511 f-.,, 1 N 5 Jgfgi, 'LQ 'I Nik W5 "Sli is! 5 X Y isis T. K. ' Q7 X Y. 'G E In I a Xl K D ,. sw 1 N New 3 f i W. I , uring fhe busy hours of fhe day, we didn'f have fhe chance fo share and experience high school wifh all our friends. Buf as fhe week was ending, fogefherness was beginning. On Thursday evenings af 7:30 fhere was usually a household invasion of painf, posfers, pofafo chips, and people from our Junior class. Togefher we worked and prepared our sfra- fegies and plans for The big pep rallys on Friday mornings. Excifemenf was filling The gym. as we juniors raised our "hanging signs" and made lasf minufe alferafions in our baffle plan. We were fhere fo show ofhers our pride and spirif - along wifh our big moufhs. Never a dull momenf was presenf, for we realized fhaf by acfing crazy fogefher, we were one nafural group. This crowd of unembarrassed classmafes cheered, laughed. and also cried wifh each ofher. We lcnew fha? fhis nexf year would be fhe lasf lime fo experi- ence fhe ioy of "Going Bananasull The iunior class of 1979 gafhers in lhe Specfafor gym for a morning pep rally. " ev 1 I Qs is aa rx mg Sikh ,.. Y i Er mf 1 A. A -w if 5 SJ .Q L i 1 1 if i Y V K . N, ,E .. ' A. iaf . i e s sssis i Xi, Cockrell. Bryan Coffey, Valinda Coleman. Rene Conner. Kelly Conrad, Befh Cooper. Billy Cooper, Cheryl Cornell. Keifh Coronado. Jo Covingfon. Jenine Covingfon, Jeff Crandell. Robin Cranford, Billy Crough, Suzanne Crufsinger, Cindy Cuellar, Raul Curry. Cindy Curfis, Randy Cuflip, Roberf Dane, Sfacie Daniel. Jed Davidson, Denise Davis, Anifa Davis, Chris JUNIORS 267 Davis, Gloria Dean. ScoTT De la Torre, AlTred De la Torre, Evelyn Desrosiers, David DeVasher. Carol Dharma, Gee-Tha Donley, David DorbriTz, Diana Dorsey, Larry Drake, Donald Dudley, Kevin Duke, Cary Dunlap. Deann Dumas, STeve Duncan, Pan' Dyess, JaneT Edic. LynneTTe JUNIORS 268 QE ti, is 'K f f gi yyyy X. , . ' c, . ,. . . ' id' ., W ig s aiss 'T T 11 Qing ' a-574' . 4. T T Life in a locker uring our days spenT as iuniors in high school, diTTerenT Types oT acTiviTies and responsibiliTies were aT hand. We were individuals wiTh a spe- ciTic characTer oT our own. Though we came in conTacT wiTh people every day. noT many knew our True personal- iTy. BuT a parT oT our hidden characTer could be exposed by unlocking The liT- Tle wall box down The hall- our school locker. This Tiny hole in The wall oTTen summarized our unique person- aliTy aT ThaT special Time in our liTe. The way we neaTly placed our coaTs or hurriedly crammed in our books, revealed a parT oT our inner selT. We may never have ThoughT abouT iT, buT aT The end oT The year, when we Tinally pulled ouT all oT The mess we had col- lecTed. iT was a parT oT us ThaT symbol- ized our school years. "Books, coaTs, picTures, sweaTers7 gum. caps, and old love leTTers. . Ginger Greenwood reTurns To her locker befween classes To gaTher nexT periods books. 'l l . W-M., 2, if 'wwe A "N-sq.,,, 1 ' A T .A ,qtiiglf Q ' 1 :- xv ' l xej ,GTP if ' V , Rffi , ,Cr-1-vii fir' M A. I if 'ft w .A ?f F in ' F ' : - in f Q ,,,y Q , ' F F lg 'rm 'H ' , is F ss iia, 'ff , H 1' was W ww F . an ..-1 Girl's baskeiball manager. Mindy Sferling, pre- Affer finishing her daily assignmenfs, Jane Klai- pares Yo make arrangemenfs for anlcle wrap- ber enioys +allcinq and yisiiinq will-i her friends, ' ping. Ellis, Charles Ellis, l.orri Ellis, Melissa Engle, Jeff Enright Sarah Ercanbraclc, Sanra Esirada, Joe Evanko, Sian Evans, Tommy Farish, Carla Farrow, James Fillmore, David Fisher, Randy Ford, Diana Ford, Libby Friiz, Jeanelie Frosl, Slacie Fuenies, Eddie Garcia, Dina Garcia, Felipe Garza, Micheal Garza. Raul Sailing, Jeff Glider, Riclcy JUNlORS 269 Giles, Kelly Goleffo, Tony Goligl1+ly,Vie'r'ra Gomez, Corinna Gonzales, Ernesl' Goolsby, Joe Gordon, Phyllis Gral'1am,Sally Graves, Cliff Gray, Sonya Grayson, Sieve Greenwood, Ginger Griffillm, Bill Grim, Kathy Grosek, Cheryl Guzman, Arfuro Guzman, Elvia Halcerman, Perry JUNIORS 270 f ab' W, ' 'A ! fr i,., iil 5 is! Q lllifilfr 7 n if . 5... C Wise 2. Lisfeners fake parf , As he is 'felring par? in a class discussion. Bobby Clwase lisfens fo oflwefs epinions. if f fr 5 .rv 0 N 9 my Q W Q," A r - sw fin .EV 1 . SHG' X ,G-fiifwzvf in ff , , ' - . 'LF'l'5", , Aviv K . I: ,sf Q55 if wx q" af P , f in ,.. , 'i t vi l it 1' " al" I 3 f ' i ' f ' 7 " X 'L 3'5!ffMi,'f, .. Q iilgl i V bl-3 A . gy 7' xi, A 0 ' , .L L 3, 5 ' X 44. x 7 X YQ X , 1 , 'id mit LQ' il We 1. 4 715:55 :S 1 . if fy ff -M we L .ff H ,QQ 'N has M ' i -aj -il .2 i 'L 'X W,"" Nw, li fv Mille Rich and Sandra Snow are fwo of lhe X many sludenls fhal false lime ouf lor a daily it snaclc. Hager, Damon Hair, Tim Halepaslca, James Hall, Doug Hall, Milne Hanlre, Sarah Hargrove, Russell Harris, Kim Hari, Roger Hazel, Deborah Heady, Randy Heiney, Susan Henderson. Sleye Hendrix, Cindy Hernandez, Ciro Hernandez, Fred Hernandez, Tommy High, Barbara High, Skipper Horsley, Donald Howard, Jimmy Howell, Peler Horning, Greg Huclcaba, John Huclcaby, Shelly Humphrey, Tammy Hurley, Don JUNIORS - 271 Huser, Tammi Husfon, Randy l-luffo, Chris lngle, Michelle Islas, Monica lvie, Lefha Jackson, Kim Jarosh, Craig Jenkins, Delayne Jefer, Mifzi Johns, Jeff Johnson, David Jones, Bufch Jones, Darcey Jones, Karen Jones, Laura Jones, Marvin Jurecka, Sfacy Kaiser, Cliff Karnes, Theresa Keefon, Raymond Kemp, Jamie Kemper, Leroy Kennaley, Krisfen Kennedy, Bruce Kennedy, Kim JUNIORS 272 5 ff s. . I A 'si s 54 s , ii .fi il .Rf xssfwi i ' X I S if ,f J: 'X zzz: 4 cv x A - f gov M ll f's Monday morning and back fo school. For five more long days, homework and lecfures will go on and on. Hfknofher day,is here. The feacher says we'll be busy working on our assignmenfs for fhe week. Good Luck! "Wednesdays here and were half- way fhrough fhe week. Jusf when we fhink The week is going fo end, fhe work sfarfs piling up on us. Will we ever gef finished? "Already if's Thursday, buf if's anofher busy day of classroom assign- menfs and - ugh - homework. We're sfill frying fo finish yesferday's work. "Whoopeel lfis Fridayl T.G.l.F.l We had fhaf dumb weekly fesf, buf now 'rhaf's ouf of The way and weive gof all weekend fo cruise. Monday? Who cares. lf's foo far away fo worry abouf. Jusf blow if off!" Though each lesson is differenf, Sfeve Mayo discovers nof all are inferesfing. alcing I1 is Qxgmx fo Frid , xl yn 5 I' 1 'X R ly 'Q ,G ,, ,av f, A f , 'R L f - if V ' Y i is - , 5 1 ilw' -.. 3" i ,N J ' ff slim N l if 'LJ ga ' fi? 'bv 1 iilwix 2 W, file i Q lx T vi. , asf 5 I - .I fr li M 6 fi. Z . e 9' .,. : hi.. King,Sl1onda Kinsel, Howard Kirby, Milce Klaiber, Jane Klassen, Veronica Knausl, Slan Lamberf, Brian Lambreclwr, Sally Landers, William Lawson, Alice Lawson, Carol Ledbeffer, Jolnn Lee, Slanley Lesfer, EI iza bellw Lewis, Cheryl Limones, Sandra Lindsey, Celinda Lindsey, Slierri Linlon, Tricia Lillle, Carol Long, Kerry Lopez, Kafy Loudermillc,Ca+l'1y Loyd, Brenda Lozano,Jol1n Larry, Zimmerman JUNIORS 273 Luian, Aden Luian, Evanielina Lyall, James Mallory, Elizabelh Manners. Sleve Manning, l.uann Marquez, Armida Marshall, Dorinda Marlin, Linda Mason, Charlolle Malson, Van Mayes, Shere Maynard, Linda Mayo, Sleve McAdams, Chuck McBride, Janelle McCarrell. Milne McCarlney, Larry McCoy. Angie McDaniel. Jaclc McGlone, Michelle McGuire, Dennis JUNIORS 274 lile. ll is essenlial lor lhe dillicull problems in which ,X A 3 -T . , ,?-'An Aj qs! yi., " v W i 1, siis 2 for c A , x X c ' f 1 . ' The poinl ofalrenlfon Concenlralion is a necessary parl ol high school one. such as Sandy Thornquisl, laces. ,si so l Q' , if X ia iw u. ' I iran' 'S .qrf if A "' N i . K f ii i W 'ff ' ' N 5? it f y X yy Q ab, f ,i Q: i' M E IIIMSEI d gg.: J " 1: F" llgnv ' . Y gli . 'NW' ' ia.. -'x..u' ' 'f' R5 Afier a neck iniury sidelined him for sfill experiences fhe concern and Hue season, junior Waylon Hargrove, fruslrafion of being a Team member. :V Q K ni K .K I fi i ' gee? fev1,i 1s.ey y 'fee A, 5, 'll gee-- Q xi M fj . ,F - ra is , eici A ei, ' l ' L' i Q ' P L31 -if' M., a t X if W4 'iq . rk ' 1 " ' Q fic 'ei l ii 'i been ' ,ff sg., aq,1 ' jqiy 1 McFarland. Keri McKellar, Linda Mclfniglnf. Lynn Mcpelers, Renee Meeks, Keiflw Milcuselc, Lisa Miller, Debbie Minion, Timmy Milcl1ell,Jol'1nny Milclwell, Meladie Mi+cl1ell,'l'an'irny Moclc. Laura Moody, G-reg Moore, Becky Moore. Melinda Moore, Rebecca Moore, Cheryl Morse. Mallliew Neal, Bill Nelson, Roberla Newell, David Nguyen, Tliuy JUNIORS 27 Nickerson, Thaiia Norman, Vanessa Nye, Ricky Chiara, Cheryl Chiara, Sherry Okie, Dennis Oliver, Greg QTTs, Randy Page, John Parker, Tim PaTrick. STeve Pearson, RiTa Peavy, Terry Pecikonis, Ed Peiser, David Perry, Debbie Pesina, Deanna PeTers. Dondi JUNXORS 276 -ff, ,zu Rf, f f if is f:. v of-f ' .-, ill , fi, i , QP i '2'?i 5 'aw fish. .2 A, , 4, 2 J ., ,iii en, 1 , s 3 Nw .A as , V . 4 n , Q T, ' as 4 1 , I , mix J 11 ' H ,n..i Work.' Choices of our own very day. and in every class, each oT us was Taced wiTh The realiTy oT classwork. We were expecTed To Tinish each assignrnenT ThaT was given, and cornpieTe The scheduied iessons which were due The nexT day. WheTher or noT iT was compleTed was ToTaily up To each one oT us. Each oT us had The choice OT aTTempTing The assignrnenTs and passing The course or never Trying and Tlunking. Success or Taiiure was a choice each oT Us had in I979. . .noT iusT once, buT rnany Times ThroughouT every day oT The year. ATTer 'Finishing her daiiy work Cheryi Cooper reTurns To her desk To begin anoTher iesson. I. .. .. 1. W 5 T isa, s Ti'if ' T T, 'ng . , .' S ?2i45TL"'.i f-PM Q 2 , .gf Q,-A .br gv, is 5 -.Ni-z X7 K1 4, 'si fi!!! x, 1 J 3 X , -. 3 " A is l i l i ii. M7 ' 4. Q 3 My ,i XF , il ll . CQ. h X is in x Coming from a pep rally is Wilberf Adams who lielps li s lunior class supporl llie allwlelic leams, dy' . 'K i2l,iW 1 . R 1 1 Rf Aiktiiff lf 1 ' ' ' mini' Nil , V .ag 0 5 Jil ,fig 13' ,! 3 4. 5 is f i X if-" 15 X J ,A ' ' s. Pierce, Cindy Pielens, Danny Phillips, Kalliy Porler, Duane Presley, Bubba Pressly, Gregory Preslon, Kevin Price, James Pruell, Russell Quinn, Kevin Ramsey, J. Rangle, Debbie Redding, Kelly Reeves, Brenda Reeves, Elizabelli Reger, Renee Resendez. Noe Reynolds, Rene Reynolds, Tarnrnie Rliodes, Randy Ricli, lvlilce Riclw, Debra Richards, Clieryl Rie, Beclcy Riley, Tim Roberls, James Robbins, Debra Robinson, Kenny Robinson, Marla Robison, David Rodges, Lesler Rodrigues, Ron Rowe, Plwillip JUINHORS 277 Sauer, Cliff Sanders, Karla Sanders, Robbie Schulfz, Lisa Seiber. Jane Seffle, Sheila Sherman, Sheila Shrum, Kelly Simmons, Clmgiy Simmons, Debbie Simmons, Kelly Sims, Tammy JUNIORS 278 " -. ri - J w . X . ..f ,r I ,. ,f 3 5 ,,., i 5 S ,,,, ,, S, i X N5 ,.,.f" V .rf a f P N 4 1 i ii 2 fff' ,Q i a .L 15, f in I. . rm. .JE v J wi 4iHihm ff' . Being looked up fe 'WM' NA. if., wifh respecr s we recollecfed our pasT year as a iunior, many precious Thoughfs were broughT To mind. We had gaTh' ered Thoughfs and ideas from The ones around us. Each sTudenT was a direcT influence upon our lives, as we were upon his own. Every day we came info conTacT wiTh a new face, a new name. and The same old crowd. "The gangl' had been basically The same lcids we knew since grade school. Buf as we had grown older, new acquainfances were found. Along wiTh finding new friends, we also found ourselves. Alfhough over 2,000 sfudenfs had crowded The halls. and filled The gym, we realized Thaf everyone of us had been an individual. We were individu- als wiTh specific righTs and valid beliefs. Quife a few fimes our ideas were nof accepfed or puT To use. buT aT leasT we had The courage To voice our opinion. And in voicing Thaf opinion, we found Thaf we had grown rneasurably. We were rapidly becoming our own person, and we became aware ThaT ofhers respecfed us for ThaT. IT was a good feeling, because ofhers respecfed us and we respecfed Them. We were individuals, fogefher. Somefimes school work can gef over ones head. J. Ramsey has Things under confrol, Though. yy-4 Sli isi .. f ..-- - fig lg - i, '1, - Q , J. g . , , A w Exif? I ...irc . 13 ,s . . E .XMXRI xg E . . i ef' i, T 1 KE fd .5 v s .- J y , 64 ,,,- ,Ny I 44 We T g NT , f , P. ' .139 W Q YT ,s sa nib. K,,,-N 1 .. SoToff, Melody Smiciklas, Daniel Smicilclas. Dennis Smifh, David Smifh, Gerald Smifh. Louis Smifh, Paul Snow. Sandra Snyder. Melinda Sofo, Candalaria Sfaggs, Susan Sfalcup, Charles Sfarnes, Dana STearns, Susan Sfephenson. George Sferling, Mindy Sfevens, Angie Sfewarf, Dawn STewarT, James STewarT, lacy SToffregen. Kelly Sfroup, Derrick Sullivan, Luke Surnrall, Sharon JUNIORS 279 Swimm, Melinda Swasso, Paula Tamayo, Daniel Tale, Charles Tefzlall, Veronica Thiele, Denella Thomas,lv1ark Thomas, Pam Thomas, Tina Thompson, Jane Thompson, Tommy Thornquisl, Sandy Tiplon, Sheryl Torrez, John Traughber, Diana Trimble. Liz Tubb, Debra Tuscara, Barbara Vancamp, William Vance, Bryan Vanderpool, Brenda Vaughn, Linda Verver, Kim Viclcroy, Conrad Vila, Susan Vilaselc, Slephen JUNXORS 280 A W an H,-'fl K, , M " 'S . I - - if! ,- iw 4' .J in ' .sf 5 , K. -me A -was -ewan K, -- Y. P: Q as X K 5 X 2 X12 m V If Grades reffecf our work '- ls Working on a paper during class lime, Kafy Lopez fakes a momenf fo gafher Q 1-2 Q? Eff .- ' W 135 Vg' A mx il fel , A.. - -- -s vw? Q' 1' li NX a ,dig , , -is 35 ,,, Nr 'sw . -., ff ,j ij her fhoughfs. L Q ' Nw-45 V Q, ..,s,.V 5 S ff A ,Q vw! h owl , i Q' 9 ' 1 - Q - X ' ii X ills. llli 1 1 f Y , .,.. pf 'R' nl ,L x ,fn IL A sz 1'NM', . : ,N 1 Ks Q-+ ww- 1. 4- ' iigjgl-?,Y ' 5757 3. N X K F A s .. .Q 1 i W- V L A 1 in . 'K V K ig - New lf! ' 2' W .i 'gi z. 35, I ' . 'Sth f . .'. 5 ie , l . y , , K .ni ,Z -5 i . . Li s 1 M l iAi Q . ff Cheerleader, Brenda Reeves, helps prornofe spirif as she dresses up for Wesfern Day before fhe foofball learn challenged lhe Sfallions. Voisard, Mike Vuong, Duc Wagner, Joy Walden, Lyle Wallace, Tammie Walker, Kim Wal+s. David Ward, Cheryl Ward, Blair Ward, Sandy Warren, Judy Wallcins, Karen Walson, Sonia Walls, Romona Weber, Palriclc Weddle, Kim Welch, Charles Werner, Scoll Wesl, David Wesl, Tim JUNIORS 28, New ways oflearning s The passage of Time demanded, we replaced The old Tradi- Tions and cusToms wiTh new Techniques , oT The modern age. 1 Reading, wriTing. and ariThmeTic were no longer The sole concern in our school. We adapTed To a wide range oi course oTTerings in which mosT oT us sensed a Treedom and varieTy in lay- T ing down The ToundaTion oT our edu- L caTion. i Teachers used diTTerenT Techniques i To presenT lessons To us. Audio-visual y equipmenT was puT To work many , l Times during The day. The eagerly awaiTed Tield Trips seemed To Turn our TexTbook TanTasy inTo realiTy, while i class discussions puT our ThoughTs To l" use. Even Though Times had changed, high school remained our place To learn. Various subiecTs are sfudied in Home and Fam- ily Living. Rohhie Sanders' and Lori Bafes Dar- Ticipafe in The uniT on marriage. l E i WhaTley, James WheaT, EThel A y WhiTe, Sherre If .4 , WhiTley, Taryn Williams, Becky f Williams, Blake 4, 4 le sf 4 ' ' gf w. 1 lf T Williams, Brian , Williams, Dana Williams, Kelly K ' T 1 M Williams, Lora Williams, Rex i Wilson, Larry '- ,. T iw- is M , . Q is- sw lv if-ik ' me w f ' fi 0 ,mJ. ,p x l if 1 l'fMn 4, Ag n 5? 6 i , V ii? I , Wilson, Marsha A 7 i Wilson, MiTchell .. -' ' Windham, Cindy i i ii' " Winn, Paula X WiTT, Mark x X Wohlers, Bruce 6 , ' ffpf 4 ,,,,. V. MA. , K - iff,-fr .' wx' ', RS 282 JUNIO - l .l in gui, 'Q-"TV My 'Q 3 ' 21 , P W A W ii .J X J? xi' 2. 24, r- .i ll is S' ' 2 5 . ,A x, V V '4 J ,ik - N .sg Q4 .K Q . ,V - if . W ,i n '- "' X . rf' in 5 NJ E "2. :In fx .df - 52' ' R R 5'-1.1 I4 M P sQ5e15 ,su'f 4 gif, x Q-'il si gg 'Q " ' " X ff. , 5 W ii H. , - -ii X 2 Xi. if -, I -. p , ig if 4. 1 I 3 Q 2 X . i N- 6 ii 1-, ,, .pix . by X. 5, 'ik in uuri ,p,- :ay ' 1 flifiiki r , A l Sk a ., .. K - M i WN fi ' r A h During a class break, Chrisly Simmons pauses fo fall: fo a fellow classmafe. Boswell. Sandra Conder, Bren? Cruisinger. Cindy Ellis. Melissa Enright Sarah Gross. Jack Ham. Sabra Hargrove. Waylon l-larris. Ken Hendrix. Cindy Henkel. Bridgelf Howell. Peier Jenlcins. Tammy King. Deselle Ledbelfer. John Lopez. Guadalupe Nelson. Roberfa Phillips. Kalhy Pressley. Greg Randle. John Rowe. Debbie Sfarnes, Anfhony VanCleye. Lori Wells. Eddie Williams. Julia Wood. Sammy Woleyer. Kevin Woolen. Robin Works. Robin Wyafl. Chris Yarbrough. lylerrily Zeller. Bill Zimlich. Julius JUNIORS 283 A-df' 1 Yun.: Q, 284 S' Tj Q ...vw-"""" , N 5. KIM HOOPER TQMMY TUCKER SECRETARY TREASURER RONNIEKEMP LAURIEHOLT PRESIDENT VICEPRESIDENT SOPHOMORES 551 vw-a.nnf.,,,Mx - Q, Sophomore class officers ii ers VX' 1 A '21 Wf, , "'k' WJ 44.45 asia Q9 ',4QY,' iff H 1 QV Tnti i ,Q-his lv C M.. ii yen Though The TirsT year oT high school has pasT, The Sopho- more class had Treshly began once again under The leadership oT Tour new oTTicers. The IOTh grade class had grown and experienced Their second Tull year OT high school liTe. High school had become a big parT oT liTe To presidenT Ronnie Kemp. Aside from The long hours during school, he had been acTively involved in TooTball Tor The pasT Two years. Vice-presidenT Laurie HolT had shared in The long drawn ouT hours also. BuT alThough iT someTimes seemed Tiresome and depressing, her smile had quiTe oTTen been The lighT Tor oThers To Tollow. Shining Through The crowd was Kim Hooper, secreTary. WiTh pasT experiences as a cheerleader, Kim had Turned ThaT spark of class spiriT inTo a blazing Tlame OT ioy and pride. Proudly represenTing his sophomore class was Treasurer Tommy Tucker. He had broughT a new dimension To The words "par- TicipaTion" and "concern." For as The days passed, his devoTion had conTinued. SOPHOMORES , l 2 286 We Adams, Lisa Adams. Priscilla Adams. Terry K Adams, Timolhy Adams. Tina Adye, Laura 4-,mu Q' es. , .At Aicardi, Deanna Aibauqh. Tam an y, ,Q W Q.. Alcorn, Carl g - "L 'L -VLA Alexander, Philip W i A I Y Allen, Rashida . .,.x gf 'V 16 K ' , Allen, Chrisfine g K. X . 4 Al V, .' Y il i F l A .- xi sssn, . si 4 s N - X f A J 1 Y Q ,p '.: A . - X Allen, Duane Allen, Rosie K Allgeyer, Greg 'T 0' Amason, Sharon Anchela, Susan W' Andrews, Tyrone 5 ii ax X i, We will always be No. I sfablishing a lradifion al Nimilz was a very hard lhing To do. Wifh sfyles and fads changing every year, nolhing ever seemed +o oullasf our changing moods. ll had To be very special for Vikings To accepl il and call if our own. Here af Nimilz we didnlf accepf second besl because we have always been No. I. As long as fhere is a Nimilz High School and a Nimilz family The lradilion will live on. The Sophomore Class ioins in The Tradilional No. I salufe af The close of a pep rally. Anguiano, Fred Archer. Charles Arnold, Mary Aslcins, Tammi S - X Avery, Lorraine h Q Baily, Kevin ' ' 'ffff SOPHOMORE5 Bain, Kyle Balmer, Debra Baley, Brian Ball, Melanie Ballard. Keifh Banda, Lourdes Barnes, Cyfhia Barnharf, Charles Bean, Sfeve Becerra, Tony Belez, Tammy Biclcley, Donnie Bidwell, Shaun Biggs, Tracy Bingham, Kevin Birdwell, Donna Blaclc, Tania Boase, Cindy Bodenhamer, Don Bonner, Sharon Boone, Henderson Braclce++, Larry bOPHOMORES 28 V ooo Brandon, Paula Brazier, Becky A3 Breland, Deneice . Brewer, Nafiian A: ' 'Bl' Brewer, Wormy f M Bridges, Kevin "' ,I N' 1 Do your own Hving , 1 ,or A --'- " ' -' K K , I, iff, ii-ffiif Q, K K Even fhough a lo'I' of Time is spenr on dass work +o find Mme fo "do Their own rhingf' and dub acfivifies, some sfudenfs sfiil manage '1 'wk Briggs,S1'eve Brock, Doug Brougnfon, Tim Brown, David i Brown, Dennis 1 Brown, Jerry gi xywv N Brown, Kevin y V? V H 554 ",, ,Q ny? Brunner, Robyn Q is ,, s' ii f Burclnard, Dexrer A' 4 .E I ' Burgess, Shane 5 Y, A' ' Mi' "5 Burnerf, Beverly f' X ., A 7 1 4 ' BurneH,Ci1ris+ine 'X X i s 1' ' , 5- 2, D ll i Fifi? 'is 1' 5 i' i ,MM J x SOPHOMORES 288 MQ , L .Q be A -... we qi. fi K L lf. '67 my . C A I fig' . .R H gs,""-i wif' A Cc., 3' -w " in ii Qllaigli L i A ii i V ., f, V W it Y., iw, v i V, 1 'i wi 1 ,1,: , ,, i u u 5 ' . . . .. Muslcally falenfed David Saenz pracfices 'A K, K? before audifioning for The Admiralis Revue dur- K Q If ing Homecoming acfivifies. x - r , i i, C if xp , A hh.Q y , 5 o'o- 3 "' ooo X will Q ft? S a' ,. X XX si A-'B rf so-'E o o - M - r 'X N 5 I ' , A X 1 ' W! 'l ! Q! as is , - SOPHOMORES Burris, Donnie Burrow, Michael Burlon, James Calhoun, Cur+is Cambell, Bre++ Canady, Susan Carlson, Richard Carnahan, Charles Carney, Torri Carpen1'er,Charica Carpman, Susan Carrasco, Jaime Carroll, Greg Carroll, Karen Carson, John Carver, Jack Casper, Tina Chalk, Debbie Chapa, Pedro Chapman, Robin Cindy, Childs Clark, Billy Coffey, Slacey Coleman, Duane Collins, Delora Condron, Marsha Conger, Darrell Coronado, Henry Couch, Karen Cowen, Tracy Cox, Cindy Cox, William Crane, Ladonna 289 CraTord, Karen Cuellar, Vince Currier, Brenda Dagg, Lisa Davis, Dale Davis, Lori Day, Boyd Day. KaThy Dean, Ann Deane. Donna DeaTon, David DelaTorre, Rosa Dempsey, Sharon Denham, Sheila Devine, Floyd Dickerson, Gary Dickson, Marlon Dill, David Dodd, Debbie Dorough, DwighT Drab, Dana Dunn, Denise DuTsch, MargareT Eaves. Kara Edic, Kevin Edwards. Lorie 290 SOPHOMORES ,S if .f s 2.3 f m iz +sfXil'3 'Ki Xl , A Q si: ,F .fn ,Kimi A 'R Vi Q 1 . 1 l- ' Q iii . ., .5 R l X' of Rifigi A K. if J, , D ,pl .jf ,,., I ,F 4 ff' W Tim , if' X ii i ,,,' Hawaii i Z! . T T Q ws. Worfci'ng Togerher parT oT maTuriTy was also being able To work "well" wiTh onels peers, Though some oTTen Tound Times when disagreemenTs were ineviTable. As The sophomore class, They conTinA ued To maTure in a way ThaT made Triendships sTronger and very helpTul. Benny l-lengy and his lab parTner showed Their abiliTy To worlc well wiTh one anoTher. RelaTionships such as These proved To be very proTiTable Tor all concerned. The Science deparTmenTs used The sysTem oT combining sTudenTs To malce lab Teams. or lab parTners. Though This sysTem was basically used To lower The amounT oT laboraTory eguipmenT in use. iT also proved To be a greaT learn- ing asseT Tor The sophomores on Their journey inTo adulT liTe. Comparing noTes, Benny Hengy and his lab parTner prepare Tor a TesT in Mrs. Wallaceis Biology class. 1 - i n 7 L 'Q 3 X 1- Y I Q 4 x f-K .A 1 A ,S E113 3. ." L- 1 ' F ' f 28' 1 ggxh 3 if J rf 7 0 1 4 ' . ' -, "-'lf T' 1 ,1..I+'J 'l all-fa uf . ' . 1 ' 5 " . ii V. . , K Kiki? iii- L V rkik V f X .wwf 2355 g"'-Q? ' 0 if ll brings ma furify A 9' W X. ifgfr 6 ,. v E .. ii , ily -1 X i Q, N .951 E - R 2' AK "' 1 , I' .N .Q af i Wff, 1 I Q YA Edwards, Sonya Ellis, Sondra Elmore. Vernon Elslon, Mike Emrey, Donna Embrey. John Enochs, Bobby Espinosa, Eugene Esquiville, Raul Elchieson, Glenda Eubanks, Jeania Eackler. Harry Ealkner, Joni Fell, Elaine Eerrilor, Gerri Elall, Mike Elores, Johnny Ford, Kelly sa, 5, E, W4 Ford, Lawanna il if , Fordyce, Sharon V X, X A i E Foresfer, Connie E . Free. Pam Erilz, Mike K Froslev, Tammy i Euller, Phillip E V ' Gamez, Nicholas SOPHOMORES ' 291 Gaona, Jimmy Garner, Mike Godina, Dilia Goins, Ben Gonzales. Tony Graves, Lora Gray, Connie Gray, Lynn Green, Cal Greer, Ricky Griesing, Michelle Griffhh, Brad Grillilli, Callwy Grim, Caryn Groselc, Roxanne Guaiardo, Sandy Gullef, Kyle Halleman, James Hamell, Yvelle Hammer, Randy Hammonds, Troy Hargrove, Sfacy Harper, Larry Harrell, Milce Harris. Duane Harl, Jimmy SOPHOMORE5 292 V' ff' 'N Q, J fy' Q -.:... .4 'E H N l-.J - ri, if ar ,vi if ,fa f if if '?fWHQ455aQif, 3 5 K 4-L. 'GT ,M , ,,r X in ' r,,, ,, iilii X l :fi VRN f J X v , vagina Kwai , smiaeag Sophomores show spirff Clapping along wiih Hue cheerleaders and leading flwe sophomore class in a Clieer, Kim Hooper llgels info flue spirif' of an early morning pep rally. E63 i' ' " 5. , -5 .9 is 31 if we Ik ,, S, 1 if J y IS Y 1 '-'. 1' A, .. 4 5. ia C' 9- ' . L. v . i AJ ilfff Q -f A A iii? lg' sas! ji ly i if" ll- wifi" . 1 i MQQQWQM ,gxuii H ,- M1 . s lf : Ei isp ' ,. ,, '15 "xv we Y, . ,. 9 ,Gy J YV, s , 1 ' W is MX 3-K, ,k,X gy 4 ,br fi 1 ,.., r r U A I , Q ,A . ff S' A 43' , X f l I FE , fe X K X Qu i , X K x T xi 0' rr. A-L vu 'X 'N f" V 5 V kfk , ' 1 Q -Q , we Cx" 95525 553171 bi in . ii QA' fo - f WI, l 'Q' I , gf ! Q Q K .xywhdsav In W, .. K .if 1 I 1 K as Affer a visif fhrough fhe ever-famous snaclc- bar, Pam Powell reiurns lo her loclcer for fhe books she will need in her nexl class. Pam is one ol fhe hundreds who baffle lhe long snackbar lines each day for a quick burger and Coke, and maybe a side order ol fries - iusl enough To gel lhem Through fhe res? ol fhe day. Harl, Nancy Hari, Phillip Haynes, Daniel Hays. Jeanne Head, Carol Headriclc, Annabelh Hengy, James Henry, Jennifer Henry, Paul Herman, David Herring, Lori Hervey, Ronald Holt Cindy Holf, Laurie Honey, Roberr Hood, De-lisa Hooper, Kim Horfon, Thomas Horron, Tina Hoyler, Daina SOPHOMORES 293 Huclraby, Tim Hudson, Shelley Hulfmasfer, Bonnie Hyden, Kelly lnman, Kennefh lslas, Dora Jackson, Joe Jacobs, Pam Jeffcaf, Debbie Jenkins, Lisa Jessuo, Karen Johnson, Kenny Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Randall Jones, Krisfa Jones, Lonnie Jones, Sieve Jones, Terri m Sfuoly half is full ofjofcers pf f 1-...,,, , , I K Siudy hall oflen finds sfudenfs no? sfudying ifinq wifh friends. cafching up on fheir sleep, SOPHOMORES 294 mv-""' ' 1 0 ,. ,,... ., fi is ' ig ' A i in at MVN .. ......--Q-i'i v 4 X .bu+ rafher vis- time by playing cards, as Tina Casper and Joni Faulkner or passing fhe are doing. s. l i X 'l im A1 Qi s.. , ky ' " . WA li , ,Y f ' P - 1 ' J im 1 Q ii Y i" K 7 'J 1 A K? K. KA I s i W , l J ,. J if ff e ss 1 . -..,?u.. ff" ' Q ' w..-,,.Q - L , Af! is . vii, ,H x X-nia 8 X ii M Y . . , , ,- V i J, M I gt .Y. -'-N sig .s ,.,. ir 'QW X5 W -ag-N5 X i i 5' '71 Q Qx Wx' i , , A f 4 T7 ,f"' 1 J Ay 15' , , i -J ,QQ f 9 r Jump, Don Juslus, Randy Keaffs, Lorre Keefon, Connie Kelly, Kennellw Kelly, Tonya Kelso, Dana Kemp, Donnie Kemp, Ronnie Kendall, David Keouql'1,Jenore Key, Billy Kile. Vernon Kinder, Ken? Kindriclc, lim King, Mark King, Sleve Kirby, Kyle Kirby, Tracy Kniqlnl, Paula Kniql'1+,Keill1 Knopp, Jane Koliul, Melinda Kubaclca, Rulli Lamb, Jerry Lambert Sonya Lancasler, Lesler Landers, Layona Law, James Lawyer, Kevin Laylon, Randy Leadabrand,Sl1eryl l.edbeHer,Sl1elley SOPHOMORES 295 'Work' around The cfoclc any oT our hours aT school were spenT on exTra-curricular acTivi- Ties. IT we were To calculaTe The ToTal number oT hours spenT, The average Tor mosT OT us would have counTed in The hundreds. AlThough many hard hours were spenT, someTimes in vain buT always in a sTrive Tor perTecTion, we also had Tun, The worlc Toolc a greaT amounT oT Time, buT The hours would seem To slip away and The iob would geT done because we had Triends wiTh us. Our high school years would noT be called "The good ole' days" were iT noT Tor The memories we gained in The hours we spenT aT school. An abundance of spirif and enThusiasm was shown This year by The sophomore class aT The pep rallies. Lee, Laura Lee, RoberT Lewis, Nancy LighTTooT, STeve Lilley, Sharon Lloyd, Julia Lopez, Alice Lopez, Sammy Lopez, Greg Lozano, KaThy Lynch, Amy Mayberry, Lori Macha, Shelly lv1angum,RoberT ManTooTh, Laura Manzelli, Don lvlapp, Carolyn Marshall, Regina SOP!-IOMORES 296 xo , A Y, Ia TA yr, .L its sf 85519 rg ,Q 9 jf' -xl 'llzfagfr-3,5 ff Q A, fpJg + s 1 , Assy' 'il ia, wi X 'K ll 'if U ff fl ar Mft , ,E n "' , 'L . H ' I f W . ,. , ' 'H 2 Y ,gk el, , .ALf ,XA 5 iz 'n 5 E l el , fr -" f fag Kb" 1 we we 3' 5 Z i E 'R 4 ,,... ff., ff' .rj A N 3 -" I, F .. ,x 19X ? Q , Vxyxllx , .-. f '4 1 i -J x1Q"N ll' KX lx" 7 l K i ll 2, , 'X F, . at " A , fi 1,25 57 i 3 V 'F Q , i li K , X x Y X 5 if , if I 1 reparing for an early morning English exam, uzzy Murphy and Tommy Tucker sfudy dill genfly. ...iw ,,-nv' Marlin, James Marlin, Tammy Marlinez. Gerri Massey, Kim Massey, Philip Malernowslci, Barry Mafheny, Roberl Mafhies, Sandra Mauer, Chris Mayberry, Ron Mayo, Tracy McDowell, Kyle McGowin, Dena McKenzie, Eva McCar+ney, Gerald McClure, Roger McCormick, David Mcculluogh, l-lollie McDonald, Marcia Mclzarlin, Shirley McGill, Troy Mclfeller, Glenn Meade, Brenda Meadows, Sieve SOPHOMORES 297 Meyers, Shelley i Mikusek,John -K g 1 Miles, Paul ii - i fxigyi '5' Miller, Beverly , 'M j Miller, Mark is P, ii T L Q Minor, JenniTer 'ig ' , IQfx, 'gil , - Egl if MinTer, Jerry Moon, Mickey Q Moore, David ' Q Moore, PaTTy S X Mora, Roger 5 MoranTe, Nori J g, as in vw .ii-' X, 1 . - was xi is sd A If i i . s 7 f y in i, 1 4. X J as rf' l il 5 Check T one Time or anoTher everyone oT us joined ThaT eTernally resTless Tlow oT humaniTy which ebbed Through The halls each morning beTore school. For many. iT was a daily rouTine. For oTh- ers. iT was an occasional Thing . . . iusT checking ouT The scene. Some- Times we Told ourselves we were only going To our lockers To geT our books. BUT why did we Take The long way To gef There? Yeah, we were iusT cruisin'. SorT oT like we did on The weekends when we would Take a run Through The Sonic. We were killing Time, buT more imporTanTly we were seeing and being seen. And wasn'T ThaT whaT cruisin' The halls was all abouT7 Enioying The special friendship Tha? many sTu- denTs aT Nimifz share, a Tew oT The JV cheer- leaders Take Time ouT beTween classes To clown around wiTh each oTher. 3 if our Moreno, Ilda ' , A Morrison, Linda , A Moarse, Nancy ig T Mouser, Sharon i ii ii Mullen, Sharon ' K X 9 Mullins, Kim iili i 8 SGFHOMORES J iz' + iv, v l fs-, Q X, 13 .li .513 5 in Q .4,j 'X ah- 5- E 1 B , V v , -n . l K X X , y lm' 1 C ll-"bx.ff V K l -,,,,..w, , V -Q ifigkal Im will 3' f fx ,vs- 14 my .' F, s, get J JA., A :RL ,gf 954 N I A . 5 LV if ,Y FT , s al , 1 ' ' X i Jil t - 2 A so 1 s fQ4 S- , fr, ii .,,.,nf ,.. , ., .,,..f"""N N 'af ..w,,-an A fypical sophomore, Toby Sfra+han walks fha Sporls wrihar of the "Sword 81 Shield," Kevin halls before school. Bingham fakes a break from wrifinq newspaper stories To have a lilfle fun. Murphy, Buzzv Mussler, Allan Nealherlin, Scarlofle Nell, James Nehrke, Frederico Nehrlce, Susana Nelson, Roy Nerio, Sandra Neuse, Kay Newman, Regina Nicholas, Susan Niclcell, Sonya Nickerson, Dariece Nixon, l-lershell Norlhcull, Lana Ochoa, Dahlia Oliver, Bryan Orand, Richard Overland, Belly Owen, Roberf Pace. Robin Paddock, lvlarlc Palmer, Curlis Palmer, lvlilce SOPHOMORES 299 Parker, Kelley Parlcs. Willie Parlney, Lisa Paschall, Kafhy Palriclc, Donna Palriclc, Lori M- -f Q.: , if 2f'.j . -?!?'.f -".i we iv, 4' i 1 4 .T , 4 , , I 5 . ,. Hr? ' ,,,,, V '.- , 7 ' f ' ' 4' W ' P dl :i x If t. , we f , 1 I, Q .GAVAV flag X., '+V' ' E - 1 ng 4 ', 4 f w f I x an ., - 1 is 5 7 ,, X 'T' ' Pallerson, James Payne, Jerry Payne, Viclcie Pearce, Gene Peiser, lvlonle Pepper, Ellis 4 A! Perez, Sfella Perryman, Debbie Phillips, David Phipps, Charles 1 Piesl, Corraine 1 Pinclcard, Thomas l l if, 1 .. 'Dra fling' arfisfs eneral Dralling had rapidly gained more and more popularify over lhe lasl lew years. Sophomores fhali Tools General Drallinq in Their freshman year had The opporfunify lo move as lar as Archilecfure Two by lheir senior year. ln This course, slu- denls could use Their arlislic Talenl To draw up blueprinls of houses and olher large buildings. ll was con- ducled by Mr. Bruenies who has been leaching al Nimilz lor six years. General Dreffing provides many opporfunilies lor sludenfs, such as Marlon Dickson, who wan? advanced knowledge in archileclure. Polouz, Joe . ' V' Por'rer,Jana N ,,..,, Porler, Jennifer D i , , " Powell, Pam ' . Power, James , Prall, Jamie W l R 300 SOPHOMO ES Sfudenf council members Corraine Pies? Terry of anofher meefinq in which discussions con- Ussery and Cafhy Griffifh awaif The beginn ng cerninq The sfudenl body will be conducfed. 1 5. rg 'T Q K X Q 6 , I hw, Qtr Us P Y N ff ,,4,. . ' S fix . . , M' Qf " 2 'V x ig ' iii ff? - F5 'C 3 f - . 5 ,. Z, I I 4 r i" Y Vkrl A J A. A 5 5 fi, 3 Ei ...... . , ,,,w,. K ' 5933 M ,4r'"'. Preslon, Audrey Preslon, Sherry Price, Lisa Price. Tim Pruelr, Michelle Purlcey, Belh Ramsden, Kim Randall, Tracy Ransome, Susan Raper. Gayla Ray, Cindy Reich, Mary Reid, Randy Reinhard, Willard Renshaw, Thomas Reuna, Thomas Reynolds, Audrey Rhoads, Roclclyn Rich, Don Richardson. Deanna Roan, Thomas Roberson, Gayle SOPHOMORES 30X 302 Robinson, Teresa Rogers, Darryl Rosenberry, Lisa Romero, Julielle Rolen, Joe Rowe, Don Rowland, Carol Rubealcaba. Harvey Russell. Danny Russem, Gayle Ruflw, Reva Ryals, Terri Saenz, David Sainf, Susan Salick, Laura Sandoval, Jeronimo Big Vik - Everyone 'S fa vorife S as ' ,Q if " :S 55 Q' ,V ,nf of--. fw R Q . ', ' Q 'W - ' lsll 'Q-'.-X 4 .f s R . v ' x f-f.ff'ws, M., X ,.. g fl VSA yfixfqnsma il 'eg i . KX . .ms I -f AY ?,.4.19.f-sg-3,4 is .ff . QT 5 'ff .,.-. SOPHOMORES JF S Q 3 'fx iii? su it 4 ss ir ff J My lx X his N i 14 1 44.5.2 i ff kvj v is -i. ri Y . 1 4' ..,,i g VZA M W 5 Y A X 4 L ii i . S ,r Ala ' 4 -' - . xl Y xl 'NX XX L R1 'r i L ,i 'N' X Q .Y V- 1VL., i v . g g i . Li I ly QQ my i stef .. ii i-ii li .i F 1, F I X X X kkky E llfi Q ." if . . - i , X .' , if- ' f - 'Q' 3 '15, ai: ' ' """" ' fs , QQ.-z.. I-.'.' was ,I hen I+ came To involve- menl, Wendell slood on lop for his excellenl abililies. His pride g 'L A ,J as a Viking made him our lirsl J 9, sophomore Big Vik. Wendell i iiiri had made himself very well L " L 5353? ii 741: known by lhe iolly characrer lhal he beslowed upon each of his fellow classmales. Smiles and ' W 1. 'f' - K laughler follow Wendell, lor he s csi H ia zt q1, Yi . f Y! was loved by many. As he lin- - s he ished his second year al Nimilz, .- r Wendell seemed To have cap- g y lured lhe lrue meaning of being I a Nimilz High viking. l W ln his ar? class WendellSinglefary works V' i i on a proiecl as he perlecfs his arfisfic skills. Vi A 33 ,wx . - 4, - X-mar? lf: ' Y"-Sv Sandoval, Roberl Sarandis. Nicholas Sargent Jeff Sauer. Cliff Scoll. Alena Scruggs Guy Sellers. Ken Self, Lannie Shanahan. Linda Sheileild. Flora Shelloni Mark Simmons, Sandy Singlelary, Wendell Skellondulie Smifh Billy Srnilh Bobby Smilh, Erik Smi+h,Joanna Smifh Monica Smilh Paul Smilh Randy Smilh Shauna Sneed, Terri Snow, lvlarney Snyder Jr.. Barry Sooler. Lacie SOPHOMORES 303 Sophomore eyes The fufure long wiTh The sophomore year, came Tor rnosT, The compleTion oT The required subiecTs. All sTudenTs were required To Take Two years oT science Tor graduaTion. MosT chose To Take physical science Their Treshman year, and Then a choice oT chemisTry or biol- ogy Tor Their sophomore year. This sophomore chose biology. Biology class aT NimiTz enTailed everyThing Trom sTudying The sTruc- Ture oT an amoeba To The grand Tinale of dissecTing a Trog. Though some were Too squemish Tor The Task, mosT Tound iT very "inTeresTing" and rewarding. SoTo,John y . Sparks. Lynn ,, 5 STaTTord, Randy i STallings, James f ' STanTon, Blake E . A , Qc s+esmS,viCki X 'vs' V gg, is 'ilk Ti Q Tx' STephenson, Bobby STeyens. Greg STevenson, Gary STrahan, Tobi 1-'tai ,, 3 . wiv ...v i .f 1 .,, S' i' ii - 1 X xx ' i al X STubbs, Ray 'Th y 1 . , i STurch, Terry Q T 5? TTTI 3' i :Tix T A T QQQBXV' 3 2 5 My . TaTe, Kelly i i A ' K il-al'UfTl, A is fig Tedder, La Donna , ' 5 yxbz. yir-i Nj efv Tedder Lisa Tiil ..... X ' 'QM' I V V ff' . if i s'.:fs.,. . Terry, David X I ThOmaS1Mark . A Vy... Q Q-fs.'f- my . F . Tv 4 "1 1' rf, T 'iff '1 TQ fj E T i B SOPHO 304 MORES T. in .4-' Thomason, Larry Thompson. Paula Thorn, Randy Thornhill. Janice Tinlcer, Terry Toland, Libby Torano. Kalhy Torres, Joe Torres, Mary Trauqhber, Jerry Trigg, Kevin Trobaugh, Russell Tubbs, Harvey Tucker, Tommy Tunslall. Tammy Turner. Rhonda Ugalde, Ben Ussery, Terry Van Connel, Jeff Van Dylce. Kevin Van Ripper, Vannelfa Van Wye, Becky Velez, Linda Vernon, Dayid Veryer, Temi Vinyarcl, Shelly Voss, Ken SOPHOMORES 3 306 Walden, Dorofhy Wallace, Kerry Waller, Tammy Walfon. Susan Warren, Brian Waffs, David k"' A W, ez? '- Q iv yi an 0 if i if "Vi" 1 3 i 5, ,,,. Waffs, Don ' Weaver, Carrie E Q G A, Weaver, Jackie ".V if W il , Webb, sandy , rc 3 Weisbecker, Kellie , I . if N Q f 3 , yi , ,,, WL.. an , k.vfA E, A ' 'LR N in U , g i V Y -: 5 is r 3 sg " , 3 ' of 'Q' i Wesf, Vernon Whafley. Candy Wheless, Sherry Whife, Troy Whiflow, Karen Willaford, Elaine SOPHOMORES Moving on - fasf any complainfs were heard fhrough- ouf fhe year because of fhe five-minufe period breaks, Some felf fhaf if wasn'f enough fime fo gef done all fhose fhings fo be done befween classes. For example, a 'rrip from Mr. Sifforrs physics class fo a locker in fhe middle of fhe upsfairs soufh hall, fhen behind fhe cafeferia fo fhe healfh rooms would resulf in being ouf of breafh. fardy, or bofh. Many sfudenfs coped wifh fhis problem when fhey firsf came fo Nimifz, buf by fhe fime they were sophomores, fhey had found ways fo 'lbeaf fhe sysfemf' Some kepf a good supply of fardy passes handy, while ofhers chose fo run fhrough fhe courfyard. The sprinfers had fo wafch ouf for many obsfacles, fhouqh, including los? freshmen and fhe Ndippersu who gafhered daily near Big Vik. For some, nofhinq seemed fo work, so fhey iusf accepfed fheir leffers fo home or confer- ences wifh vice principals. Buf fhey usually found a way fo keep from geffing licks. Sophomores, such as Mark Thomas, as well as :sgdsglla mr ofher classmeri, offen use fhe courfyard as a shorfcuf fo classes. XXX X, G c , if Q , .9 .. SEZ 1 S V V 1 ff X -' as X lk if 'll I , Q I -1 'TK Ji... . K.. Y " if up c ,, ,.,,, s. .1 41- 5 fly Af I if s '- ir1,rf . 15 K 'I 41 , A i X 3 . f ' Qi? Q X. . l i . y- . W i 1 . wb V I, ' N i. l X fi: y . A ' 1. ' ' f' li - f 1 , T, xv 1 K X. l ' Q I A rv ,, on V 'N,NL , at , - K, K s, , i k Kim Mullins smiles during a pracrice session for one of fhe many drama slcifs. 3 . Wa J mm Ei' 5.1. Y xg' WL '2- I' ks T5 5 .ai Q Qs . 'L Q, ffl' ii qixx' my K: 1 , x l i Ni, Sli ul W E1 ffl il lil 5 K. 'Gif lil ' Q4 gf, I ix ., is :fat QA L 1 gf E V N '5 al .hm V9 - I Williams. Gina Williams, Jaime Williams, Sharon Wilson, Milne Wilson, Tracy Wolford, Paul Wood. Jeff Wood, Krislina Woods, Marilyn Wooley, Sandra Wosnig, James Wright Dana Yalcel, Bobby Yalcel, Willie Yarbrough, Roberl Yeager, Kalhy Young, Sharon Zaunbrecher, lvlelaina Zavala, Olga Zimlich, Gaylon Zinn, Viclcii Zuniga, Raymond Adams. Dana Aguirre, David Baldree, Tommie Baumann, Deborah Baxley, Cafhy Bergman, Greg Bowie. Sylvesler Burnell, Cheryl Carler Torri Clemens Leigh Danish Heidi as " Y i asi LSR ' 157' W Q 53:37 SOPHOMORE5 307 Davis, Brenda Delorge, Donald Ellis, AnThony Escareno, Maria ETchieson, Glenda ForTenberry, Roy eueiieio. cyiiiiiia Hsidiii, Monica Hsiiis, ciiaiies Headiicii, AnnabeTh Hesdiicii, Sonia wiigiii, Vicki 308 SOP!-IOMORES -.3 . g K riff S 1 ii is is xx. ki k.-. ii-V K, , X Q K. illdl W - 3 i . 1 T ' , if T" --i- 1 in ' 6 if ii -' :A 1 T if T i, T s Sfudyfng vs. acfiviries T was a classic baTTle . . . sTudy- ing vs. exTra-curricular acTiviTies. On one hand. There was ThaT biology exam coming up Tomorrow. buT on The oTher, The gang was geTTing TogeTher over aT Judy's house To painT signs Tor The pep rally. Some slapped a Tirm scholasTic hand over Their Tree spiriTs and began The Tedious Task oT memor- izing The phoTosynThesis process. OTh- ers blew iT oTT and headed over To Judy's hquse Tor chips, dips, and The laTesT gossip. SomeTimes, The sign painTers were able To snealc in Their sTudying during oTher classes. OThers wenT inTo The exam "cold Turkey" beT- Ting Their scholasTic sTandirigs on memory and Twoeweelc-old noTes. BUT, aTTer all, wasn'T sociology in acTion iusT as imporTanT as sociology in a TexTboolc? To many, The answer was a resounding YES!!! Sophomore Jana PorTer sTudies diligenTly Tor Tinal exams. S Because of The pressure of sTudying in class as well as The pressure oT a phofographer, Jerry Traughber Takes a momenT To collect his ThoughTs. l-luclcabay, Kalhy Jenkins, Lisa Johnson, Phyllis Kile, Tammy King, Felecia Lynch, Amy Fu fure journaffsfs MMV W,e,,y ,erepa re S2lT?ZflBZim, Pillman. Jerry Ramos, Rebecca Reid, Randy Rodgers, Lesfer Romero, Julielle Q3 RQ Rosenburger, Bruce was iiii K, ,,.,, 5 5 Rosson, Clinl - r Rubealcaba, Harvey Smilh, Dean Smilh, David Smifh, David Tinsley, Derynda Trumble, Daniel Williams, Sharon i, f, i'i 'fwfsr 1' Wing, Karla Waifing inside fhe room, Elaine Willaford is ready for anofher lesson in Mr. Harlmrideris Journalism lclass. SOPHOMORES 309 gig 29 N f . if ,f ,. 440 'rw f" .JW I ,,. 1 5 .8 'Q .2-- xl., ,W 35344 N 5. TERESA MATI-IIS SECRETARY FRESHMEN JILL JOHNSON TREASURER SCOTT BOURLAND VALORY ALDRIDOE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Freshman class officers or The Treshman class. iT had Truly been an exciTing and successTul fear. IT has always been said, "Your iirsT year is The hardesT." The l978-79 class oTTicers had Taken a gianT sTep Jn The ladder oT liTe, by sTriying To nalce Their TirsT year one which could oe remembered by all. As presidenT, ScoTT Bourland had :een an inspiraTion To each member :T The Treshman class, by The Triendly x '.i-h. i smile and warm hearT ThaT oThers who came in conTacT wiTh him saw. He was respecTed by many sTudenTs and was commended Tor all he had done To make The I978-79 Treshman year a success. Valory Aldridge, vice presie denT, had conTribuTed her Time To The success oT The year. She had proven To her Tellow classmaTes ThaT high school was The place To be. SecreTary Teresa MaThis had if 2' K . 7 .5 V , indeed represenTed her class as The Treshman homecoming princess. As an oTTicer, iT was always nice To be respecTed and considered a leader by The people. As leadership conTinues, Jill Johnson. Treasurer, also sTrived To make her TirsT year The besT oT all. WiTh Three more years leTT aT NimiTz, each Treshman grew as one, and in The TuTure will become closer as a Tamily, helping one anoTher Through success and deTeaT. I FRESHMEN 3ll Acosle, Anlhony Adams, Sheryl Ahrens, Johnny Aldridge, Valerie Allen, Lorella Allen, Mandy Almendarez. Spencer Andrews, Carol Archer, Tina Aries, Jose- Luis Aslcins, Don Avila, Abner Bailey, Clinl Bailey, Karen Bailey,Ricl'1ard Bain, Kelly FRESHMEN 3!2 There is no place like home FTE. Q K s -.1 s U www i fa 2 , A 3 V9 3 Mui. -gk K M le . :fax X' E Ax ' 5" Iii ii -. .iii f M""""' , f' Miii ,,, he Y? . ,l,,,,,.,, ,, ffifig' -fiii 5 4 f,,, - .,,,,,,,m' ff f, refs, fsfi ,hm 1 - i,,,,,. W5 f ,iisriiy A A QW Q Y YK if y , is K I v' E 1' l ks, ww I gefg: W Q... fm, , ., , -A F f ,, ,H ., ,W ,,.-v-W i . ,, Ad z l S1 WM, . ,,,,, . ,M . if-2' if ,. 2 f . Q' , ' '- K fa L, in '15 v A nfl E' ,TJ--fi 3 3.3 -4 I Q ,fs wi ,. xma- yylex Qui 1 ' s f' , , . 1 . ,W XX: f .R W A X i Q51 1 41' A his , T12 Q. V is gt.. K A 1152 W if ix , , qi: h A -I i+h hillsides, rolling Tields of green, OxTord, England sTands proudly upon a pedesTal. This porTraiT which is canyased in our mind has been an acTual experience in The liTe oT Tresh- man Denise Bibbs. As The TearTul deparTure occurred Two years ago, a young lady experienced a whole new sense oT being. This place, Though The Tounder oT our cul- Ture, shared a new Tormi OT life. A disTincTive Type oT speech. Tashionable sTyle oT dress, and days oT unusual weaTher were challenging buT endurable. Now, as Time passes. Denise relives her adyenTure once again. As Tamiliar Tears appeared in her eyes, America was The place To be. .,.. .. ff' ,Q , ,ls wx vi in K we A-if ' :. Y k C X fi V T 1 I by av an ., Tix in -xi T,,.Qi f, A ., ' ,f ggi ' A it is Gilt K9 ti 'F ,lx Q T Rs X ,, ,' .T '5 i - : iff " ,+I A' Bain, Melrose Baker. Dayid Baker, Phil Baldree, Tommie Ballard. Karen Ballard, Lisa Banda, Maria Barlcer, Angela Barker, STacy Barns. Terry Barr, John BarTleTT, Milse BasseT, Jeanna Bean, Jimmy Beardmore, Greg Becker, David Bell, Tracy Bible, Donna BiTner, Anifa Blaclcley, Kelly Bledsoe, Billie BlyTh, Jimmie BolTon, Robin BooTh, Barbara Bourland, ScoTT BouTher, PeTer FRESHMEN 313 STuo'enT Council makes overall pecial aTTenTion and careTully chosen words were evidenT during The STudenT Council meeTinqs. Freshmen AlTred Moreno and Gina Peddy dis- played This Type oT mood aT The Twice' a-monTh gaTherings. Every class represenTaTive was gaThered in The cold audiTorium, while serious plans Tor The sTudenT body Tool: place. There were many impor- TanT decisions ThaT became an inTluA ence on each liTesTyle aT NimiTz High School. Decisions abouT dances, iulce- box righTs and The "Valhalla'i Theme were some Topics presenT. AlTred sum- med iT up by saying, "We are The members oT The STudenT Council, buT our decisions are everyones." decisions 4, sv .7 y 'Q Bowie, SylvesTer Bowman, Denise BradTord, Gloria , BraeTz, James Brand, Brenda - ' Brewer, Todd if L Brock, JaneT BroTherson, RoberT BroTherTon. RoberT Brown, David 7 We Brown,JeTT f R - A mf Brown, Leah 0 ' n XT-Jig Brown, ScoTT Brown, Tina Bruce, Kevin Bungardner, Judy BurkeTT, Kevin BurneTT, Deborah FRESHMEN 314 Q N ix, 4 ,af T? s an sz Q -Q- 13 X f O . Q- if X.-fd A aw- , if Nik K 6. XX .- X 'f a " If., il C, 1 , li AY C X LL-Xff i N W X Q BQQX A L f f. . , , I n 4 , gs . F' . "'j 6. WE H , AL-xL .. 413-'ii - 7- .,,,.,. Q L ,. . :I li 5 me f ing? , A V s X xx' X i x X K N1 in wr l, 'x as 5 5. nge , . 5 .,, Q1 bfi v Y' f I if rffliiifi-iw :ar 'il During lunch break and belween classes, 'rhe Mafhis and Alison Evers puf fhis overworked ever larrious Coke machine never sfops. Teresa device fo use. Bursby, Tina Burson, James Busrillos, Raymond Burler, Roserla Cannon, Sfeve Vicki, Carry Carler. Barry Carrer. Gary Casloe, Marlhew Casfro. Nalividad Chandler, Connie Chase. Tommy Chasfeen. Ellen Chewning, Richard Clay, Trisha Clernenfs, Kennefh Cline, Jane? Clough, Susan Coker, Arl Coleman. Brian Conner. Penny Cook, Colleen Cook, Shaun Cook, Tracy Coronado, Henriefla Cofhran, John Cox. Lee FRESHMEN 3f Culipher, Laura Cunningham, Max Cuellar, Denise Darden, Gary Davidson, Thomas Davenporf, Carol Degrafe, Bruce De la Garza, Debra Denningfon, Doris Craik, Chris Curfis, Scoff Davis, Laurie ll sg I f if , , s ,fs . 'Tm . s LQ .L gk ,, wwf - vnrw, 1 K .X- , 1-fi rr ' :sissy Xl. Eg! 1 , , yay f ? . ss- if is ' - .x Dennis, David Q Dennis, Vicky Dewey. Joel uf wt Diaz, Maria .. v ,.., , ' Diaz, Rebecca fl D g 5322? K Dickerson, Ann .." bg.. s, Y. 'i 5 0:5 .fs,Lc 4 3 isra e ish, i if ' Sign pa uring fhe I978-79 school year, pep rallies were a special evenf fhaf fook place on Friday mornings. ln preparafion for each pep rally, pose fers had fo be made, slcifs had fo be worked ouf, and signs had fo be painfed. lf didn? false The freshman class long fo cafch on fo fhe weelcly acfivifies and dufies fhaf are required in order To have a greaf pep rally and possibly even winning fhe spirif award. Sign painfing was a fradifional acfivify fhaf fool: many hours of imag- inafion, characfer, and fremendous efforf. If seemed fo be a greaf reward fo fhe freshman class as fhey slowly buf surely adiusfed fo fhe Nimifz way of living. fnring: Arr for Hve fun offf Di kerson, Dhyllis y . L .f Dill, Darla im., r-. g f' X ft ' Dodd, Randy ,ZL ? V st ,. Y Dorris, Carlos i sr... ,w, cs- -A 'fi Doxsee, Angie L. . i DUBOSQ, Heidi g Sf' , X I iiiiii i FRESHMEN rn... SF' Tommy Chase shows his hard working abilify lo sludy during his freshman English class. s.. 1 any J' 'WV' 4 EE- A iii ? fr I , 1 A ., . E ., xi "-s J ' E RL E .ifva - i - f, -. lag- s,Q',1j,y,. l W ,i ve , 3 i1!'.:lilii E ,f ,s.,h 7 qs fi J Y ' fbi, x ,g g , 'll , :pa Qsl2.v.srl3i'il J, Duke. Kevin Dunn, Willie -E ' Dunlap, Debra Durham, Rhonda Edmonds, Teresa Egberl, Malinda Eidson, Scoll' Ellzey, Mark Eurben, Denise Essary, Evelyn Eslrada, Silvia Evans, Joe Evans, Lavanda Evers, Alison Everell, Desmond Eails, Wayne Eielder, Janel Finch, Jirnrny Elalf. Belinda Elores, Johnny V ifi Eooks, Tim Eoole, Pam FRESHMEN 317 Fordyce. John ForTenberry. Howie Francis. James l:riTTs, Carol Gamez. Gloria Gamez, STeven Gaona. Jesse Garcia. Belinda Garcia. Greg GilberT. Don Glidewell. Denise Glover. Janice Goad. Ginger Goad. Wayne Gomez. AnThony Gomez. Teresa Gonzales. Debra Goodgion, Belinda Gorman. RoberT Graham, JenniTer Grayson. Shelly Green. Joanna Green. Sarah Greer, Leigh GriTTin. Milce Grim. Lindy FRESHMEN 318 -e N , I . ffl 5 - . 1 F 6 Q 4.-e 141' 0 Qff v ,V -Q ,ff .sg L A er is .M rr M ' ' 'f fi 'X . ,ii l J Qu, I ' -4 , , J, " ff" 'gif ' A i" "' Q f 1 1 K- A iv V 1 1 , Q, fy .., 'K 'VJ' I Q,-1. KV ...- I ,. Imaf , r' , , J.. 1 S ll v" Homecoming excifemenf he Homecoming TesTiviTies sTarTed oTT wiTh an exciTing pep rally which announced The I978-79 home- coming courT. The sTudenTs roared wiTh spiriT and ioy over Their Treshman princess. Teresa lv1aThis. escorTed by presidenT ScoTT Bourland. WhaT a way To sTarT oTT The TirsT year oT high school, as Miss MaThis proudly represenTed The Treshman class wiTh her head held high in pride oT being a Viking. For Those who par- TicipaTed in The evenTs which Tilled The Homecoming weelc. iT was indeed a success, Tor The senior class oT I982 has Truly proven To The upperclass- men. as well as The Teachers and sTaTT, ThaT They have done Their besT To leave behind The Lamar Lion and Bowie Cub TradiTion To become proud, mighTy Vikings. 4 fs J.. 451 't A fi if ' T W 1 in 2 is T ',?' -T f"' T Wifi? sa 5 ,ai 6 K 'i 'L Grimrnell, David Grves, Joy Grumrnerl, Tracy Guenler, Lisa Guynn, Barbara Guynn, Kalhleen 'Aff' Halas. Karen Halepaslca, Neil Hall. Mike , , Ham, Henry " Hancock, Johnny ,W Hardin, Rhonda Q X i .X ar, Hair, Ellen 1 z . 1 1, Harris, Theron ig V. " , i ' w ,,, x, X X 1 6 gi: , . Harless, Jimmy A , -f Harmen, Kelly 1 l I' s Harper, Jan 'X I X Harringlon. Shawn f i , if Q 5 li' V W? Harris, Charlolle , N V Harris, Wesley ii , Harvey, Bobby Halhorn, James Hayes, Cindy Head, David Hearn. George if ,L Hendrix, Ray E-, I u lvl' vv FRESHMEN 319 Freshmen lead The Way To Tomorrow s many Treshmen enTered high school, a sense oT responsibiliTy became an everyday aTTair ThaT required a greaT deal oT leadership. IT wasn'T easy To leave The old junior high days behind. As 8Th graders, each was considered a Top leader in his own way. lT gave Them a Teeling oT maTuriTy and pride To know ThaT some- one looked up To Their way oT living. Now ThaT They had passed ThaT sTage, iT was back To being low man on The ToTenn pole once again, dream- ing oT The day ThaT They would arise and become respecTed by many as The senior class oT NimiTz High School. WiTh Three more years leTT To esTab- lish Their goals and earn Their rewards as a Viking, iT would noT be an easy Task To compleTe, buT The senior class oT I982 would hold TorTh The TiTle oT "GreaT Leaders" as They worked hard To mainTain Their goals. Each Treshman had his own conTribuTion in making Their TuTure years in high school The besT years OT Their lives. one .sw Q1 as ,W Hillebremer, Bill Hill, Tammy Himes, CurTis Hinoiosa, Ray Hipp, William HoTTpavir, Rodney Holmes. Gordon HorTon, Gene Hoskins, Angela House, Johnny HousTon, Derrell HousTon, Larry Howard, Kayla Howell, Larry Huckaba, Regina Hudson, Roby HuTT, Julie Hranco, Bruce 320 FRESHMEN . y if 23' 16x X xl 'iv X Q! li' Q45 K I V, , A ii. ,gig KM. l .... .4lgifll" fig, Q wif " 2 1. , x f' B T 5 M I A Li ' x n,.,, A ,,,,- , . ta ., VT., - x. an if X3 1- if lx i. Sill! ' ' i' X li. is Q ' '- - 1 Flfieia " ' ' it :-35 4,51 4 l J as Q I 'bd' xl S 5 Sf A S X o Q? ' S. Q QW, ,Q K, flllfif ll a ' f 1 ls - 'i- I in a,A,1.,i 5 '-- ilk. In 'x . , . . . . I--.J ":'i'55A1 As fhe days go by, if s always nice fo have a kindness by Taking lhe falls fo fhe ollice. 1 Q 5-3-ii helpful sfudenl. Sonya Tubbs displays fhis ad of 1 . 'EZ as-'fel-, l-lunl. Michael l-lurfaclo. Gary lnqle, Chrisline lnqle. Miriam Jackson, Jamie Jackson, Marry Jackson, Tammy Jackson, Tina Jackson, Blake Jay, Larry Jerpi, Kevin Jesler, Mike Johnson. Jill Johnson, Karen Johnson, Marie Jolly, Pam Jones. Jeff Jones, Pam Jones, Slephen Jurecka, Bubba Karl, Belinda Karnes, Kim Keafls, Teresa Keck. Joni Keelon, Susan Kell, Carmen Kelly. Tim FRESHMEN 3 21 Kemp, TimoThy Lyles, Deborah Lynch, Karen Lynch, KaThIeen Lyons, Trina McClain, Nan McCoy, Terri McCullough, Jimmy McCullough, Pam McCuTcheon, Jon McFarland, Pam McGIone, Marion 22 FRESHMEN , Ll I ,, .WA x A- ' , i , if ' I I ' -71 4. ' , ff' If , S- I -!5i I V 35 . , Then, now, :X 7 A, , L' T' spenT many long and Tiresome if .M Q. X f..W.xX. I as 5. ,X we iv X X T Moffat i 4 ig gf T. .yasi S 2 , I'h'.R'f2, 'Mi x e heneyer a change Takes place, uncerTainTy and conTusion are presenT. Many sTudenTs have or will experience This siTuaTion during Their high school days. "Who am I?" and "WhaT am I doing here?'I had TrequenTIy run Through The minds oT The Treshman class. BuT wiTh The help oT Their counselor, Mrs. Melba Woodson, research oT indiyiduaIiTy has begun. To Mrs, Woodson research was noT an uncommon word. She had hours siTTing and sTucIying in The quieT aTmosphere oT a library. These libraries have been an oTTice and world OT qeneoloqy. This arT oT Tracing ancesTors was noT a mere habiT. IT had become a porTion oT her IiTesTyIe, a parT ThaT would conTribuTe To her TuTure genf eraTions. Geneology Ties ToqeTher The pasT wiTh presenT. To The TuTure. Mrs. Woodson will be a linlc oT The pasT To The TuTure in The Iiyes oT her Treshman sTudenTs. Kmwsxsvhs A Jew ...Q Y. I l -is. K mn ws? s . l , , afer. . . A day never passes wifhoul Vickie Carry qreef- q her classmafes wilh a smil JB: ' 'fi' mls 'T-115' M 5 Ii, ll f ff: l" T H D A E ,GM '43 X i xml ,f V U 1 McNeil, Cindy McNeil, Thomas Mcpefers, Tommy Maceyicius, Jon Maher, Ray Manderscheid, Jeff Manner, Ginger Maples, Ben Maris, Debbie Marrow, Lesler Marshall, Robin Marshall, Tim Marfinez, Alex Marlinez, Elizabelh Marlinez, Roberf Mason, John Mason, Sharon Massey, Melinda Masl, David Malhis, Teresa Malheny, Mona Mallon, Nelson Maynard, Lori Medford, David FRESHMEN 323 Mee, Kimberly Meeks, Jimmie Mexia, Michelle Miller, Chris Miller. Theodore Millican, Mike Milliorn, ErnesT MiTchell, Jerry Mock, Doug MonTgomery, ScoTT Moore, George Moore, Mary Moraes, Alex Morale, KaThy Moreno, Alfred Moreno, lrocema Mosher, Michael Mullins, Sandra FRESHMEN 324 - 1: .3 1 ss H as Z3 3 , , ff . fi as . A Vi 5 Q ii 'fi 4 T i iiiii T R X ! - , A i 4 T iii of ii i iii , T T lnvolvemenf: A key To success s a Treshman enTers The high school liTe, each as an individual has some sorT oi need To be accepTed by his new class members. As well as his old iunior high acquainTances. one Taces The Tear oT noT being "Popular" wiTh The new Taces and classmaTes in which he will be working and growing wiTh Tor The nexT Tour years. For This very reason, The soluTion To This prob- lem always seemed To resulT in becom- ing involved. In doing This, The STu- denT Council is one oT The TirsT oppor- TuniTies a Treshman has when enTering NimiTz. lnvolvemenT is an imporTanT sTep Tor a Treshman as he prepares To make his TuTure years aT high school a success. ' i ' ,Hifi 4' irsf T 4 r T ?k if i O i C n L- za f 4 i .X Fi Wax ,i ef R li ff qi A ,f . vu ,- T ah 3 by X Q X : TR- n, Iii l Nxt v is a X 'qt s-,I H31 , .15 , me Q 9 E ao s, ,,., . V N .x iQ ,b 4 y, tr L iiqq ...J iv- aw iii +1 X ef ,!71,!g,,. lif as - ' lilix' sv . , 'SWR , 7 T -Q , if 31. - .W A a :aff s ei. T fi ei Rf 1 f N X X Jan Harper, Jill Johnson, Bubba Jurecka, Teresa Mafhis, freshmen sfudenf council represenfafives. and Alfred Moreno, show Their involvemenl by serving as Munqer, Bruce Murphy. Gerald Murphy, Tony Musset David Neison, Roy Nerio, Ruben Nichols, Roberf Norman, Melissa Oakley, Danny Q'Brien, Shannon Oliver, William Oseid. Monica Osmer, Kaihy Owen. Jerry Pace, Cliff Pace, Maryin Paddock, Paula Parish, Todd Park, Vaugh Pafricic, Larry Parfridqe, Sarah Paschall, Sherry Pafferson, Shaye Pearson, Todd FRESHMEN 325 Peddy, Gina Phillips, John Phillips. Mark PieTens, Harry Piplcins, Felicia Plymale, Debbie Pogue, Lisa Posey, KaThy Poyer, Mary PresTon, Larry PrueTT, Janice PuenTe, Linda Punsalon, CynThia Purkey, Shelia Ramsey, Richard Ray. Melissa Reamy, KenneTh Reeves, John Reger, John Resendez, Amparo Reyna, Teresa Reynolds, Marvin Richards, Lisa Riggs, ChrisTa Rivers, ChrisTie RoberTs, Tony i 62? 'I fi' Q s ,' - ,..""'- ', , T fs 'T fe ...wx af ii 'i J' YF 1 a-'T V Qi ,4-X saw f' Ki ,ij I f N A 'ii sis 'sf -.3 if 5, 'Q F T ii Freshmen show T was The NimiTz pep rallies every f Friday morning ThaT Tilled The specTa- Tor gym wiTh exciTemenT and ioy. L-3 3s V WheTher vicTory or deTeaT, The Tresh- :fi man class seemed To always sTand i behind Their aThleTes To help in rrsii xi' spreading Their spiriT ThroughouT The 1 X. D "' year. As They yelled The cheers and fl " - parTicipaTed in class slciTs, each pep :Q rally always grew iusT a Iiffle biT beT- N Ter. and The spiriT oT Their class never f 1 seemed To cease. Wi+h leadership oT . ,yy 'i'l .E ,J -Q The class oTTicers, sponsors and cheer- " K 7 ff leaders. The Treshman class won Their 1, ,T T Z VM R share oT spiriT awards. There was no I, T j y:Y,. X doubT in our minds ThaT pride Tilled X X-,K ' l - each hearT as The pep rallies came To R 71 an end and every arm was held high as The number I symbol spread Through- ouT The gym. This TradiTion came inTo J, 1 QA being The year beTore. and had been K 9, - accepTed as a sign oT love and appre- R I ciaTion Trom The sTudenTs oT The Nim- A iTz l-ligh Tamily. A il ,iiii """""' " . I S - it ,,. N -s yy 1 23 X f f si -i- ,-- s . iii Vg, ll TN G X ' S. S .- usa-c .T F FRESHMEN 326 i .Y 414 Q 'if' " ' i V ,f ax ,-x. 11 'ii' it , .F f .ffiij ,-fX s ,f X X , y '61 ia' Q - -sq ' CX Q gi ii F ., , Hi wh r: f' V, frlw ' f L wi f fufure leadership l. . f l jitfr 7. F 'li 1 s, N i V' S. i f.. ,f ip i , -5'1'!5Si.i-veg 6-ifziiiflgf ,milfs y'.3i!'nggg-g,?ff.:'1 "Q i il. if XF ii L, i 3 we ' NM- K ' 4 K V' x n rkkk A sz, 1 ess, Q29 2, 1 i 'fl is asm-pq. is ,A - A f L . is ff sf L35 Eiiffff X N sa , l id v Roberlson. John Roberlson, Karen Robison, Calhy Robinson, John Robinson, Michael Rodriguez, Esfher Roser. David Rowe, Liana Rowell, Diana Ruiz, Johnny Rushing, Leslie Russell, Lauren Russell, Todd Rusfllon, William Ruyle, Penny Ruyle, Tony Ryals, Frank Sanford, Kelly Schaare, James Schenlcler, Phillip Schoendiensl, Sleyen Schofler, Kallie Seaboll, Jerry Sellschopp, Palli Sensfoclc, Susan Shaddox, Roberl FRESHMEN 32 7 Sherell, Raymond Shoper, Susan Shrum, Gina Simmons, Kelly Simmons, Melinda Sloan, Donna Smi+h, Gary Smi+h. Kevin Smi+h. Trinda Smi+ha, Jane Smy+he, Ronald Snowderl. David Solomon, Charles Soward. Carl Springer, Sheila S+an+on, Troy S+arek, Kim S+ark, Julia FRESHMEN 328 m :sr ' 1 M sv .. ary:-1 ,r, W 5 , Ka. . . bi. X xg A l 4 i 5 5 4 43 I fa b v L i. ,gf N . ,,., I, f :freshman English: Whaf an n+igone." Mark Twainls "The Adven+ures o+ Tom Sawyer! and Edgar Allen Poeis "The Ravenf So +his is wha+ wfreshrnan English is all abou+. Then +here were all +hose com- posi+ions we had +o wri+e - "My l:avori+e Color," "The Mos+ Exci+ing Thing Tha+ Ever Happened +o Me,' "My Family." I+ seemed as +hough +hey would never end. And was all +ha+ grammar really necessary? A+ +he +ime, we +hough+ we had enough in iunior high. bu+ +hey kep+ piling i+ on us +reshmen un+il we +hough+ weid never ge+ ou+ +rom under. Bu+ as +he year wen+ on, +hings go+ a li++le easier, and +here were even +imes we could +une ou+ in class and never miss a lick. C+ course wri+ing +hose inedep+h papers was always a hassle, bu+ didn + everyone wai+ un+il +he las+ couple o+ days +o do +heirs7 A+ +he end o+ +he year we looked back and discovered we had developed skills we knew we never had. Then, wi+h apprehension, we prepared +or +hree more years o+ manda+ory English, a newly adop+ed policy by +he school dis+ric+. Couldn+ +hey have wai+ed one more year be+ore s+ar+ing +ha+? experience A V' ' -:M ,E rv ff I W if fa f' ' 'IQ ig 5 I 4 Q ff-1 X Nfh f i i - A 1 l ,Rl Casey Barr fakes advanfage of his free lime before his 8: I 5 class. seg? x 3 ,-.- :. 'f'ggL.?' . .ff 'wx , .-1 O ASS- HR all gr l R i 1' ,Q f P i :xvq si lui X37 , I A:- "' i. ff. 1 ,- x is Ai ,r i J- -vw X .S Q gsss 5 3 il va xx, 1 ix A i 1 1 ,i ,rv' 0 if K I -. ,XE 4 is Q 1- H -.1 , ,ff ik ' if 1 ,Q ' x 4 3 'H' 'I Slay, Troy Sleele, Ron Slegman. Mary Slephen, Troy Sfery. Johny Slevenson, Susan Sfewarf, Angela Slibley, Keifh Sloffregen. Barry Slubblelield. Glenna Sullivan, Ellen Swasso, Sfeven Taldo, Mike Ta+e. Tim Taylor, Linda Taylor, Tammy Theile, Roger Thompson, John Thompson, Sue Tindall, Margie Tobias, Cindy Tomaro, Tambrey Toney, John Torrez. Dory Torres, Ramona Trui++, Melinda Tubbs, Sonia Tqrner, Cliff Turner, Debbie Turner, George Turner, Jimmy Tuscana, Mary Tyler, Billy FRESHMEN 32 330 Usery, Donald Valenline, Gary Vance, Mark Van Warl, Todd Vasquez, Tracy Vaughan, Dewey Vaughan, Paula Vawler, Cheryl Velez. Joe Villarreal, Cindy Vilasek, Phillip Wagner. Alan Wagner, Dale Wagner, Rachel Walden, Michael Wallace, Roberl Wallis, Cynlhia Walsh, Mall Wallers. Tim Wallon, Merri Ward, Roberl Warren, Kim Walkins, Tommy Walers, Dale Walers. Kalhleen Walson, Joe Walls, Chris FRESHMEN .ik , is ,Q i' c "' ff ii' as - .fi - fs xx 1: . XE X S ,Q - ,, ' I., ta "' 1 ' I if ff I , y X . ' ' . Lf' ig .sd --' 1 751 ,ii 'wiv fgf. vi- g in . lx dxf? N ii iv :ul I Q zilll if 5 W3 'TJ W "1-"i ' .- . W ' 15,3 S l Q 'ffm I, is ii 'I ' A V.. .-3 - 6 ii f ,E Q , ftp? L R s v .4 ii iii .5 1, ii I i i i x . . , 'I K: X i X I V I b Mi g . ,,,y X I is-'ff' -f"'1 ii3f9'i - "II ,pw viii ,hi-'iifg s '--, I "V 'J' ,I 'wi izsxmsllg 38: -' . I . ' ' la .Q f 1 X s ,P Q E i ,. c -f W spur' H if 1, 'l-XI Q45 ig 59' JI .I .. , r I ,,,s Xglf' ii : G X Suddenly, l m s I look back on lhis year. l ollen wonder how I succeeded in everylhing l allempled. Those many limes I weeped wilh lears, laughed wilh ioy, and sullered wilh pain. "Remember lhe lime I slepped oul ol lhe car orilo lhal big campus ol Blue and Gray inlo a world ol lellow' ship, work, and love? This new selling would be a home ol which I would live lor lhe nexl lour years. l was experi- encing lear, ioy and a sense ol malu- rily. "Wow, high schooll Whal a big slep lrom iunior high! ll's so dillerenl. No single lile lines, no lunch lable monilors, no malh packels lo slruggle lhrough, and no more galherings al lhe slore aller school lor lhe daily lighls. All lhese lhings, gone! No longer will l be conlronled wilh lhese lhings. l'm responsible lor my own aclions, I musl change! I musl adiusl lo lhis exciling new environmenl and make new lriends lo share lhis leeling wilh." ini 'B 'B' 'I' i I, gg: K A .. ' T ' - - , as . f'4 we a sophomore I seems my old friends are so disfanl. I-low will I ever reach lhem? Bu? Ioolc al l'he new faces Thai I see. Where did 'they all come from? "I never dreamed Thar high school would be so diflerenl. Loolc al all 'rhose upperclassmen. They're so big! I wonder if lhey can pick us freshmen oul ol The crowd? "I realize lhal' I've go? so many goals and lulure plans ahead of me. How will I ever succeed? "I+'s been a whole year since I made lhal lirsf slep in lo Nimifz High, and I can honeslly say lhal il was a greal year. Bu? as lhe old saying goes - 'on lo bigger and beller lhingsf Sophomores, Thafs hard lo believe! I'm acfually a sophomore. Where did 'rhis year go? As lhe limes linger, lhe memories ol my freshman year will be in my hearf, for lhis has been a lruly greal year. Now, on 'ro bigger and beller Things." A rl t We K, - K .. s . 0 .I ii .. f-: , ,... k f' . ,..,. ,..,. g , 5 4 ill' i xg I 'A Q ii. s . :ffm .K .. K , ,ri A "M fx .-. -.,. . , . I nsgniif. I". , I I Ii X 955 - m i... K e ' , Ns ,wr ' if i 1 is il ' F ,,,, ' iii, J' . i Q95 f - A-,yr ' 4 -fwis f QP' "W A 1, Leibensberger, Gail Walls, Kennelh Walls, Pam Welker. Janef Wieche, Kevin Werner, Jeannine Weslerman, Tammy While. Carhy While, Todd Whiflock, Michele Wicks. Adora Wilburn, Tamara Wilder, David Willell, Michael Williams, Amber Williams, Donald Williams, Harry Williams, Ruben Wilson, Teresa Wosneg. John Windham, David Woolen, Sieve Wyall, Lee Ann Wynn, Edifh Wrighl, Janel Young, Julie Zeller, Barry FRESHMEN 331 Bickley, Mike Campbell. ScoTT Canney, Eddie De Money. Robin Dingler, Jack Ferguson, Mike l'larTweck, Ronnie Hawkins, Michelle Henning, Rhonda Jordan, JonaThon KesTerson, STeve Kilgo, Kasandra King, Jacqueline Kirk, Phillip Knippers, Tina Knox, KaThy KoerTh, Charlie Lacy, Tanya LamberT, Denise Lands, Karen Langley. Connie Lawson, Todd LedbeTTer, Julie Lee. Mark Lee, Wanda LegaTe, Bruce Lehrer, Jill FRESHMEN 332 Freshmen Tino' freedom henever The subiecT of "high school" enTers a conversaTion oT 8Th graders. Treedom is The main Topic. While This Treedom is only dreamed OT wiTh ToTal independence in mind, iT doesn'T necessarily happen ThaT way. There are many privileges one can experience during senior high. This is evi- denT The TirsT day oT school. One does noT have To siT in The caTeTeria beTore ssi,ssss,g,s, 8:l5. Each person can siT wherever he wanTs during lunch lsomeTimes, The courTyaid is The mosT pleasanT placel. Every sTudenT has a wider selecTion oT classes in which To choose. While Tree- dom is Tun, rules are required. The rules are esTablished To proTecT each person and his righTs. Why would one wanT To keep breaking The resTricTions, losing more privileges? For The Treshmen have only now Tound This new Type oT Treedom. QX. , , .-s. ai.. , T E i s WM? .. .. if I if New st 4 ip ., s if - . WEEK a Ti f ii if T 2 A . nz :PY .Xi . 514-Q aelm if l Q . 315 k kx X T f 6 1 J 5' V , W. 4 . ..,. j Ar I WI EN 3 Ti 3 gf , X xf. fi. i M. ig 3 gd, .Q fig s. as ii XX Q 4 ,ki i 553 Q. 5 V ig is l. .TL N4 1, 'gf . i . 'fc sim mg if fgzgwis f . .,c.-.1 s L ,M J! ' is 4, J Q, "Si 1 -23 'E ' 'VNQFL . S R f'. ' ' . K . s aw ,. Q .4 y X A S Q S VA ,ff f, A . Q '61 6 ' 2. WV N' in X in I L U Lg - . . . SS Q ' J i 'y l Wg , I N 'Q ,1', f A . or . 33321 yy is , ' I ' , L 5 ,lpffxq V L Qfl. f 1. , y X , Q I f Q ' , y. -is i. I 5 , ' i. L ' 4 WC? J -if Q,5.e . . ik , Q., K Q f . Wig A 3 3 Freshman Alan Wagnor is one of The first to experif Waiching wirh enficipafion, Billy Parks waifs for ence frue senior Hhospiialityf' Frankie Hamil?on one of his friends aflunch. and Windell McGill hos? This event. ia Lemons, James Lewis. Mark Limones, Enrique Lindsey. Scoir Loffice, Amy Longhofer, Janefie Loudermilk, Diane Lovell, Chrisfy Mclnfosh, James Mefzger, Hank Moneyham, Randy Moya, Leonor Murphy, Gerald Read, Richard Rives, Roberf Rosiias. Teresa Rush, Johnny Schell, Jason Shulfs. Lawrence Soofer, Misfy Tamayo,Marqare1 Tedder. Robert Thorn, Tony Waller, Ronnie Zemlich, Kevin Zuniqa. Sfella FRESHMEN 333 Ali. Rashinda Allen, Maurice Anderson, Linda Andrews, Carol Branlley. Angela Bruner, Valinda Bulman, Belh Collendrina, Sally Deel. Roberl Ewing, Tammy Ferguson. Mark Jones, Kevin Kammerdiener, Angela Kimbrell. Evelyn King, Tommy Langley, Conni Marmins, Keilh Miller, Chris FRESHMEN 334 - w fa 'V yd A . . .A . MA i il I ' A I v , :4,..- A L I K' A- . c. T.: A ,ff V . A 3, X l -f ,,llln' . r u . . . i l, 'l f' ,f WH 'if Q I ff u mm A ll seems imporlanl fo be ach one ol us is born inlo lhis world wilh a cerlain purpose and rea- son lhal may nol be underslood al lhe lime. bul somewhere along lhe way il would be revealed. When we were young. learning lo walk and color piclures inside lhe lines were very imporlanl lo us. Bul as we see. lhe seasons change and as momenls pass by. il is lim'e lo realize we are growing onlo aruolher plallorm ol lile. We will look back over lhe years and ask, "Why did lhose silly lil- lle lhings mean so much?" Well. here we are again on lhe nexl slep ol growing up. ll seems lhal our inleresls have changed. Was lhe lhoughl ol being lirsl in line so impor- lanl aller all? As our lile conlinuest we ask. "Why did lhose silly lillle lhings mean so much? Why did I always have lo be lirslff' The days ol our early years conlinued as we expee rience lhe big iunior high days. Wilh a dillerenl sweelhearl each week, we were given lhe chance lo sneak a quick kiss when no one was looking. Also, we lried lo beal our besl lriend in lhe number ol malh packels com- pleled. Again, "Why do lhose silly lhings mean so much? Why does acceplance become so vilalf7" Then here we were surrounded by lhe novel environmenl ol senior high. where our besl lilelime lriends were growing inlo complele slrangers. The kids lhal wenl lo olher schools were becoming close lo us. Whal were we all searching lor? Was il simply lhe lhrill ol winning lhe spiril award or wearinq fashionable clolhes? Perhaps il was sharing wilh a special someone lhe inner love you cherished. Lel's lake a deep look ahd ask ourselves. "Why do lhese serious lhings mean so VT1UCl'I?lI Fla. 'if . .4 ' x gz I 'e A vff A if 7326 g Picfure g ' ' Y Available 2, th 91. X Vifcfngs, foge l4, As one grows older, llwings will aller and cl1ange.Qui're ollen, llnis clwange will no? be accepled, buf Jllier Times, we will realize il's lor 'flue lneller. Despile our ever-changing aociely, we will loolc baclc and realize 'lwal our days al highschool have welped us eslablisli goals and loundaf 'ions lorour lives. lvlooneylwam, Randy Parlcer. Jerry Smilln, Joey Snnilliey, Bernadine Sparks, Cary Springer. Slweila Tliomas, Cliris Tibbs. James Vance, Jolin Vance, Susan Will, Andrew Young. Brian FRESHMEN 335 sa go IFACUL TYAND ADMINISTRA TION 'T ow did we ever come TogeTher wiThouT our TaculTy and adminisTraTion? We oTTen ThoughT They were ToTally diTTerenT Trom us, buT in realiTy, They weren'T. They were iusT like us. They were Trying To make school Tun, and more impor- TanTly, To Teach us how To cope wi+h This world oT ours. lT's Tunny, The dif- TerenT ThoughTs we had abouT Teach- ers. Remember The Teacher who was "hard" and gave loads of homework every nighT7 Then There was The Teacher who was willing To lisTen To you iT you TelT like you deserved an buT insTead received a Some oT us marveled over The Teacher who goT along wiTh all The sTudenTs and was easy To Talk To. YeT, despiTe our images oT The EdiTor: JaneT Copeland Teachers, we realized ThaT They were iusT like us. They were once sTudenTs like us. and They also led normal lives like everyone else. They wenT grocery shopping, ouT To eaT, and even wenT skiing. Being a Teacher iusT happened To be Their chosen career in liTe. The same was True Tor principals, counselors, and oTher sTaTT members. We realized ThaT we could never have accom- plished whaT we did wiThouT Them. Who were The ones responsible Tor our school displaying pride and love? Mr. Curry, Mr. Winn, Mrs. STaggs. Mr. SiTTon, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Ford, Mr. Wall, Mrs. Kemp . . .The lisT goes on. The enTire TaculTy was responsible. Through Them, we gained a sense oT pride and love Tor NimiTz, and wiTh Them, we became The NimiTz Fanily. We offen Think Teachers are diTTerenT from us, buT in realiTy, They aren'T. They are iusT like us. They are Teaching us To live in This world of ours. Mrs. Looper gives a few English noTes To her class. FACULTYAND ADMINSTRA TION Qui' leader, our principal, our friend here are 'Few people who can handle over 2000 sfudenfs and s'rill have rhe love and respecr of each and every one. As principal of Nimiiz, Mr.. Roy Curry carries 'rhis awesome responsibilify. and yer he seems To handle if wifh ease. When one enjoys 'rheir work as much as Mr. Curry does, all fhe problems, duries and Time-consuming Tasks seem fo fall righf info place. As principal, each day. Mr. Curry makes decisions 1'ha'r direclly affecf Nimi'rz's sfudenfs and employees. In whafever problems fhaf may arise, he always does whafever is in 'I'he sfudenls' besf inferesfs. Along wifh feachers and parenfs, if is Mr. Curry's iob fo aid lhe shaping of each sfudenr. The sfudenfs are his firsf concern, and whaf he does is done for fhem. Mr. Curry +rea'rs each sfudenf as if fhey were his own. He makes Nimirz seem like a second home. As he greers each sfudenf in fhe office or in The halls, his smile shows a hardy welcome. When a man who has over 2000 faces fo remember calls you by name, if leaves a very special impression wifh each slu- denf. Mr. Curry is more Than a principal: he is always fhe 'firsf fo lend a hand when one is needed. He's exacfly whaf a principal should be - an organizer, a disci- plinarian, a leader and a friend. FA CUL TYXA DMINISTRA TION X "' 3,45 X M19 llll i an Y A... MM R T '. .ee A ' s Mr. Curry 'leeches his grandson, James Du. how fo be a Viking. While siudenfs are in class, Mr. Curry cafc up on fhe world news. Mr. Curry usualiy can be seen greefing the sm- denfs befween dasses. Because Mr. Curry is concerned abou? sfude-nfs, he sfays aware of evenfs by sfanding In fhe halls befween classes. Sending birihday cards is one of the many nuce fhings Mr. Curry does for Hue sfudenfs. FACUL TYXADMIMSTRA TION imp-nuns-w .fgwfw 'X-we ws. Vice principals work wiTh sfudenfs in mino' any sTudenTs have The idea ThaT vice principals have an evil and desTruc- Tive naTure, buT They Tail To realize how much demanding and sTrenuous work is puT inTo Their iobs. A vice principal performs many dufies during The day as well as his usual yearly Taslrs. Each vice principal has cerTain jobs ThaT musT be Tulfilled. Mr. Jerry Winn, assisTanT principal works direcfly under Mr. Roy Curry. He is responsible Tor l2Th grade discipline and The scheduling of sTudenTs' classes, grades and exams. Giving The morning announce- menTs is anoTher one oT Mr. Winn's daily duTies. Jobs and Taslcs iusT seem To pile up Tor Mrs. Dollie Ripley as she goes Through one of her normal days. She is in charge of all sTudenT acTiviTies as well as llfh grade dis- cipline. Mrs. Ripley Talces care of every- Thing from clubs and organizaTions To sen- ior rings and lunch permiTs. She also coor- dinaTes equipmenT and supplies Through The Learning Resource CenTer. Mr. Jim Puryear, lOTh grade vice princi- pal, has several equally imporTanT duTies. ln addiTion To being in charge oi The school budgeT, Mr. Puryear is responsible Tor TransporTaTion, TexTboolcs and mainTe- nance OT The building and grounds. A con- siderable amounT OT dedicaTion has gone inTo Mr. Puryears sTay aT NimiTz. STaying aT NimiTz is an obiecTive Tor 9Th grade vice principal, Mr. MilTon WiTT. ATTer a Transfer Trom Travis Junior High. Mr. WiTT has Tound a new home wiTh The NimiTz Tamily. He is an adviser Tor The BoosTer Club and The UniversiTy lnTerscho- lasTic League. Mr. WiTT has cerTain rouTine iobs. He is responsible Tor sTudenTs' lock- ers, The driver's educaTion program, and The payroll. Even wiTh all These duTies, Mr. WiTT always Tries To Tind The Time To help NimiTz sTudenTs. Even Though days are crowded and The paperwork never seems To sTop. helping sTudenTs is The main purpose and obiecTive of The Tour vice principals. Their love and concern Tor each oi The sTudenTs helps Them Through Their busy days. T 11. Taking a momenf away from his paperwork, Mr. By firsf cheching ouT The inTormaTion in his mail- Jim Puryear converses wiTh The secreTaries in his box, The I2Th grade vice principal, Jerry Winn ouTer office. FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION begins anoTher hecTic day. A! M 5--s 4. .N W Mr. Millon WiH, looking over a bus schedule, makes sure The buses are on lime. Afler receiving fhe honor of Volleyball Beau, Mr. Jerry Winn wears his gif? shirf from fhe Girls' Volleyball Team. 'R Jr-'fe ,, N .sz . . , W xg 'E 3 X S ig A , A-' B' Checking over fha record books, Mr. Milfon Will' makes sure everyfhing is in order. Allhough shs's always busy wilh paperwork, Mrs. Dollie Ripley finds lime 'ro say hello fo slu- denls in fhe halls. FACUL TYXA DMINIS TRA TION Ready fo begin his rounds, Mr. Jim Puryear reflecfs upon his daily acfivifies. 2 The friendly ufmosphere a+ Nimifz is shown fhrough new vice principal, Mr. Milfon Wifi. As senior ecfivify coordinafor, Mrs. Dollie Rip- ley makes sure everyfhing goes as scheduled. FA CUL TYXA DMINISTRA TION A Al 1 is E MM Board oversees everchanging n the third Monday ot every month, a group ot special elected citizens rnet together to determine policies tor the lrving Independent School District. Occa- sionally this group known as the School Board ot Trustees met at other times as maior decisions were necessary. The Superintendent Dr. John Townley. had the duty ot making sure that the policy drawn by the board was carried out, Each school board member had the opportunity to serve a three-year term. with two new members being chosen each year, except every third year, three new members were chosen. The seven members serving tor the l978- 79 school year were Dr. Richard Banowsky, who later resigned his position: Dr. Richard Bates, who was chosen by the board to till out the unexpired term Barbara Caldwell. school scene Roger Hill, Troy Hill. Ann Ptatt Dr. Bob Pierce, and John Stipes, president ot the board. The seven members made this year one ot the most successtul school years tor all elementary iunior and senior high schools, A large elementary school enrollment in South lrving was handled with the delayed opening ot J. F. Townley Elementary School lust down the street trom Nimitz at Mac- Arthur and Oakdale. Other improvements included the remod- eling ot grounds at many schools? the remodeling ot Crockett Jr. High and lrving Schools Stadium, where the three high schools played their home tootball games. Atter careful consideration and an impas- sioned plea by members ot the Nimiti tam- ily, the School Board decided that all Nimitz and MacArthur classes would return to 55 minutes from 80 minutes. Although most ,wwf .Q , fu. students wanted to keep the 80-minute classes, all adiusted to the shorter periods. Another event which attected Nimitz this year was the long delayed renovation ot the tennis courts. The tennis team had to wait three long months to practice at Nimitz, while the court work went on. Many important decisions were solved by the board in their ettorts to make ours one ot the best school districts in the state. The school board was the backbone ot the entire Nirriiti educational program. lleft to right, Sittingl Roger Hill, John Stipes, lstandingl Ann Pfeff, Dr. Robert Pierce, Barbara Caldwell, Not pictured are Troy Kelley and Dr. Richard Bates. Mr. John Stipes discusses issues concerning the School Board with Dr. Townley. superin- tendent ot IISD during a visit to his ottice. FACUL TYAND ADMINISTRATION Going Through The sophomore schedules for a sfudenf. Mrs. Afhlene Bufler checks To see if a Transfer can be made. The main fundion of a counselor is To guide sTu- denfs Through differenf areas of high school. Mrs. Linda Sfaggs always leaves her door open To sTudenTs who may come To visiT her. FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION Counselors open oloor s we enTer inTo anofher day of school, Tiny doors in The office opened wide. Gazing info This Tighfly enclosed world. our eyes were caughf by piles of paperwork upon The deslcs. As The TypewriTer Typed and The Telephone rang, confusion seemed To rule The day. As we looked info The lobby, we found Mrs. Melba Woodson and Ms. Kay Hardin carefully planning acfivi- Ties for Their freshman class. DifficulT as iT seemed. adiusTmenT To hir school was a challenging Task. NOT all adiusTmenTs were credifi To The freshmen. Sophomores al faced difficulfies. Too. BuT Through T hard Times, Mrs. AThlene BuTler w waifing wiTh her door open and l' eyes upon The sophomore class. Through The pasf Three years of Ti moil and uncerfainfy. Mrs. Mo Brown has been aT The side of her ii ior class. As she saf in her office. d afTer day. we realized iT was n A7 1 Y 'Xi X or Sfudenfs rely fhe job she was here lor. Hard 'lc and dedicalion was The back- ie of her characler. fharacler could be lhe middle ne of senior counselor Mrs. Linda qgs. Her office has been a "home aylrOrT1hOme"lOr each senior over Checking and rachecking schedules of each sfu- denf is par? of Mrs. Melba Woodsons every- day Tasks. O pasl four years. l-Ier help and lersfanding made each day and h year iusl a lilfle more briqhler. ' smile was never ending and her 5 lor lhe senior class will conlinue Jughouf The days fo come. manvr-" fi Yarenfs ofien coniaci the counselors Yo see how fheir sfudenfs are doing. Mrs. Molly Brown answers fhe parenfs' quesfions. Adiusling 'lo Nimifz has been a long buf easy Trip for fhe schools 600 freshmen and their new counselor, Kay Harlin. y U . 1 ,. lm .,....a-"""' NW , I x FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION 34 541461 M4014 -We sr, Cfifwyeawwwwvfy i Qu... wggfoiwilj M , ga QJMLAQ +2 JJUM Xpw C6 md S6 SGC G ,, l QA!! 3 pfnx D45 N ,.1.. ' lvfwi Cs . 7 X K3 L 193 f being a lea er ' I ij requires ore fhan jus? receivin a degree in educafion. The biggesf parf of being a Teacher comes from experi- ence, 'from dayfro-day conlacf wifh hundreds of srudenfs. A favorife Teacher fo mos? sfudenfs, Miss Carol Pier shows her Viking spirif by faking parf in i Overalls Day. fs, Q .f ' wa 5 leafws LQ- ,Jedi ffgqi Tom Allen 5 cil- li ' 3 Hisfory T -isr W ii Bill Alfhoff " ' ,, i," -X M-nh 'S Vi lll i ff ' Phyliss Aslund i -A D.E. .:1', - if '- Hope Bailey 'ii i I i Special Ed. Chrisfine Bishop English 3 an C1 qv i,,. 5 Joe Bourland CVAE A1 cuff Bradley E i Hisfory ' ' 4' L Helen Bradley k." , . I. W Hisfory ' W ,f Ron Bruenias ' " Draffing 5 nr I W 4 8 2 ' is Curfis Burch E .Q I' 'Q- Kay Bufler Tennis Mary Ann Buffs Bus. Law Donna Chandler Science Barbara Copeland PELE ' Mary Copeland CVAE A A Q' ' w ,A i isgiiit its B F Vilclri Daum English i Emily Dodson . - Science if Carolyn Dornak P.E. June Easley Hmlrg. Mar-fha Evans English X.. f ' K: - 4-Q. E 2 Q my 3 it-ax A SQN s - K , E BI 346 FA CUL TYXA DMINIS TRA TION X 'fi E .. ii 'ii j . 25' X iss . x ' lush-.... Q 'E W., iss .ffm 1 ' Q. -. ci Y 33 figs 1 'M wwf mfgxrmgsf I' 717179 ' School fills Coach Joe Bob TayIor's fhoughfs as he considers wha? assiqnmenfs he'll give To his oufdoor class. Showing anofher side of himself as an arfisf is Mr. Bob Harmon, mafh +eacher and cheer- leader sponsor. Rosemary Evans A CVAE 1- Martha Faulds 'V Resource "W" f' Frances Fore? Mafh 1 lrr M Qfgw xi i Sfeven Fox English Kay Fraffacia 5 , Reading i . Carolyn Goodyear , Hmlxg. I A Jackie Greenfield " an 1 irq .3 ff ,ff 4' English Li f' Milne Greer Hisfory 5 X R icky Gregory l Healfh Linda Halcomb Govt FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION 34 IT 's noT easy being a Teacher T's very hard To be a good Teacher. NOT only do They have To be undersTanding, They have To realize They have a lasTing eTTecT on each sTu- denT They Teach. Besides The parenTs, iT is The Teacher ThaT mosT aTTecTs The sTudenTs' Thinking and behavior. lT's a large responsibiliTy, and The Teachers aT NimiTz do everyThing in Their power To see ThaT This responsibiliTy is han- dled. STudenTs look To Teachers To help Them cope wiTh Their problems. Whaf may seem like crises aT one Time, Turn David Hardy HisTory Jack Harkrider Journalism x Bob Harmon ' MaTh if Special Ed. T Sienna Harvey AH K was l g' Wendy Harper 1 - Gladys Hill f Business , Ti N Kay Hill be Business T - Donna Hopkins ArT T JYW Susan Hopkins Science r- T T Tl T T Debbie Hopson X 1 Hm. Ec. -' 5 Brenda Jackson English Greg Jackson Mafh 'N Fred Kemper -T fs ST HisTory Gail KenT T' English Don Killian HisTory 'Mxkl 4 FACULTYXADMINISTRA TION ixwifx TN ffis T T i W ouT To be minor problems ThaT can be easily solved. Each Teacher usually Tells his sTudenTs Trom Day One ThaT he'II be There To help Them. IT only Takes one Time Tor a sTudenT To see ThaT This is True. Teachers are always There, noT only during The 55 minuTes oT class Time, buT They are also work- ing overTime To make sure each Schoolday goes smooThly, each sTu- denT is making iT Through The class, and each lesson is prepared so They can Teach a subiecT To The besT of Their abiliTy. T3 3 Q sy .s s. .-My 43, gl x sf 'T I or TT is- ,s T 2 i.ii E xx-sf 4 Y i, mi T. 5 Si .S i if T Q35 er Miss Roo Morris quiefly reads her magaz while her class is busy wiTh Their work. Y D 'rs ," ' gi iiii T T n s Sem 4 . 1- Q , s l A ar ls' f Q G F 0 O ,,,,s7' 63' ? Besides spending 'lime wi+h foofbell, Coach David Hardy enioys renovafing old frucks and vans as a pasfime. Rounding up fhe first lrimesfer, English feacher, Sfeven Fox pufs his sophomores' final grades in fha gradebook. Don King Govt Roberf King ICT Ralph Knapp i Govf. fi zii ii Z l Sian Kunlxle ' ROTC Jerry Kunsfadf Mafh 1:1 L.VL 5 :N I Tom Ladusau Hisfory Peggy Looper English Marilyn Lucas Hmkg. Debra Macomb P.E. Linda Mahan A Business E W 1 Don Marsh Science Diane McMeans English Barbara McVay Mafh A Tony Milford , Speech ' T Roe Morris K - English FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION A Teachers job very school day becomes rouTine Tor Teachers. The day usually sTarTs early, abouT 7:30 each morning. During This Time before school sTarTs, Teachers open up Their rooms Tor sTudenTs who may need To come in early Tor help on homework, or perhaps would iusT like To chaT abouT someThing going on in school. The Teach- ers also spend Time beTore school making sure The room is ready and rechecking plans Tor each class. IT seems like They're always busy working To make The sTudenTs aT NimiTz comTorTable aT school. Each Teacher makes learning inTeresTing. ln addiTion To helping sTudenTs in The morn- ing and making class Tun, They spend a loT oT Time aTTer school, helping wiTh school acTiviTies. They are devoTed To The sTu- denTs. DespiTe a busy schedule, Mr, Jack Harkrider Takes a momenT To relax. Jane Moses HisTory ' Mary Jane Moss Hmkg. T Q . Richard Nelms Biology 1 'J 'war s M i a i 'X ,. is .M.:c.4, 'sz we-sg f- ---new .asses-s.. K N, . N T19 'MJ-as .-5 1 'ii s i ' if , -2 as , of x C ,... E . .W .5 s - 'hm , V ., Don Nenfwif-J i i iii i ' . if f"7iEi es 2 I .,.. . , Q -Siem 1. 'ik AQ' 14' 65 x 2 if 'Q fir i 1 G HealTh 5 Amy Page English Carol Pier HisTory ScoH Pohl PlaneTarium NaThan Purvis Biology Kay Reeves Choir Doris Renshaw MaTh I af" 4. .SN ,f 8 if , il IJ il i ssisgssfx v, ini :H ' A . . .. .Y 1. 'Qi i' .1 'Q H .... . .. sf T., -.. . N. i .Q . , - .1 u . 1256221 4, R. Q. '1 . - .,. --i.s.:..w s, .a .. . . 5 X s ssss.. 3, ., , , , ,R I ,A if . - s i -i y ,T if , x. ' su as E, Y vi Q ,S v xl l K , " Lyndia Roe ,JV v 3 Hmkg. "ii Q ..- -K CaTherine Rogers , f-S s 3 k'. .T 4 -I Science TF 'Q t . -' y -i i ,1:-i f i g i Sherri Sessions . gi .V, 5 ,. . f K.. 1 isa, . Track Q ,,, K . .. so V , 1 .N ..i. i s T Gwynn ghenon ,... . is g Q , 3 ,,1 .y A- Me-fh if ea.. N35 T F 5 if T fa ,- ii ' - James Simmons ff k.f..i,:x? Q fi KX i Mafh , g'!. 15 sq A Alfa? if sf as .1 T .ew A 5 FA CUL TYXA DMINISTRA TION gas. . QQ -C5 2 sec -X . s 4 i 3 X E, l 5 s . if X 4 3 s 'T...Q.. c ' wow, M," L :sin ,M ,i Wi ik y . Keeping fhe library as organized as possible, Linda Raney files The cards for ihe libraryis new books. To keep up wifh all fhe books in ihe library, Mrs. Jackie Mayberry does fhe daily lask of checking in books. as is 1- fb. , 'TZ . ir -was in ,. fe..-f .- r . . A' .f verdue books. library cards. checking our books - fhose were iusr a few of +he many iobs rhe librarians deali wi+h each day. They kepl fhe library srraighl and in neai order so 'rhar lhe sludenrs would be able To find wha+ rhey needed. The library was ofren raken for granred, bu+ for many of us if was a necessiiy, and many a life-or-dealh rerm Theme was furned in on lime - iusl under lhe deadline - 'rhanks lo lhe lacililies in our library. Bur books are iusr books, and wi+hou+ our librarians, all our - , research wouldn'+ have been possible. Mrs. Doris Didway uses fhe card cafalog 'ro help sfudenfs who have Trouble finding books. .av 1 L sc :af-,Ss,T:' .ex 'L ,qgx ., , I.. i l .-- 5 .. '..4"' . rr- ' Doris Didway Library Jackie Mayberry if Library Linda Raney Library FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION All work and no phofos ome feachers were always busy working for lhe bellermenl of 'rheir class and for lheir sludenls 'rhal There iusl' was nol enough lime +o gel fheir piclures faken. The 'teachers who are nol picfured are Wayne Bingham, Charlolle Brown and Winifred Mal- Ium from lhe malh deparfmenl. From 'rhe arl deparfmenl are Donna Bar- nard and lrene Glascow, Jim Morris Sloan Healfh and P.E. M A.1- 'HS Rufhsmafh .5 'sn'nr Hmkg. DoHy Sfanford ' 1 ' Drill Team -f r i - N Annehle Stevens M English ' Jan Sfory - English Eric Sfromberg Science Paul Swegler K English Les Talkingfon " g ROTC i Joe Bob Taylor Heallh and P.E. Faffy Taylor Psychology Rick Thompson English Bobby Villareal Spanish Laura Wages Resource Hazel Wallace Biology Cheryl Wear Resource Peggy Webb English Liz Whale Sfudy Hall Gina Wilkinson Drama Frances Wilson English Eloise Wimbish Business FA CUL TYXA DMINISTRA TION di i it r 1 McGahee and Earl Haberkamp from lhe band deparlmenl. Olher Teachers nol piclured are Dean Filces, Hisloryi Donna Granl, P.E.g Jo Land, sfudy hall: Joyce Joslin, German: Rulh Moore, sludy hall: Gary Piffman, woodshop, and Elnor Shepherd, VOE. Deep in 'lhoughf abouf fhe nexf day, Mrs, Vikki Daum prepares assignmenfs for her English classes. Q .l.., K 44 if ,s lv Q Rl if 8 If all Q - 1 Q SK. an. is A swifchboard opera+or nof only answers the pl'1one, buf has ollwer dufies as well. Mrs. Suzanne Aldridge also was responsible for send- ing messages To sfudenls some lighf fyping, and selling foofball fickefs. Heading up fhe secrefarial s+a'F'f are: lleff fo righfl Josie Solo, Billie Epperson, Mary Ewa Ford, Joyce Beaver, Carol Fillmore. Rufln Moore, Audel Casliion, Norma Puclceff, Rufli Ernsf, Yvonne Welch, Gerry Armsfrong, 1 . H "' Q Bryan Winniff Golf Bob Wright PE Paula Wyman Mafln Frances Young Typing FACUL TYXADMINXSTRA TION Sa Tfsfying our needs he Two iobs ThaT were usually Taken Tor granTed in any school were Those oT The ianiTorial sTaTT and caTe' Teria workers. There were Tew jobs, Though, which could have been con- sidered more imporTanT Tor The school To run smooThly every day. Every nighT while mosT sTudenTs are asleep, The cusTodians were busy cleaning up Tor The Tollowing school day. They also worked during The day when some mainTenance problem came up. The cusTodians were always working so ThaT The school would look H! 2 I . ' 1' f I -Q W iTs besT aT all Times. The ianiTors, as well as The sTudenTs, kepT NimiTz' rep- uTaTion as a cleanly school. The caTeTeria workers were always busy preparing lunch, early each morning. When ll:3O came around, They knew They musT be ready To give sTudenTs a hoT meal because The sTu- denTs, by ThaT Time, were quick To siT down Tor lunch and geT back To class. ThaT was why They worked so hard Tor The sTudenTs. Each oT These iobs were more diffi- culT Than They seemed. They are essenTial parTs oT NimiTz' sTaTT. ' 5 7: L f A s if" " . ' f5f'fYff 'f ,VN .N ' , .1 27114151 V T fe . .,,, I . . , . ,,.,,, ...,, , ,,,, ,,L., , .. ,A ,.,,1,,.g, e,,.M,., 5' FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION Because of The choice beTwe-en orange iuice and milk in The snack bar line, Carol Ann Kemp prepares cups wi+h ice Tor The orange iuice. Making sure everyThing goes righT during The school day is one oT The daily Tasks Tor ianiTor Carl Bonner. fi I f .fm 2 I XX .gig W .es sr 2 ss.. Q W T- ZQ, X ai ' fffsfx .Q Q Ri? Ms ,J f i 5 fi Q.. 15-. 354 Ak unless 5 going fo be along day for Bonita House as gsfarfs geffing ready fo prepare and serve lch. 1 Mr. Bud Sfovall is fha cenfer of a+fenfion as he y enfoys his birthday wifh friends. Taking a much deserved resi from a hard day's l l work are head cusfodians Earl Wall and Jimmy ' L Bar+on. - W5 -av fhe fask of feeding close fo 2000 sfuf House, Evelyn Pecikonis, Lila Prophiff, Second row, Sharon Grosek, Carol Kemp, Joan Mason, and staff each day in less fhan an hour row, Roberfa Fly, Helen Gammon, Evelyn Eva Smifh, Jessie Mcclendon, Palsy Ribble, half are lleff fo righf, Fronl' rowl Bonifa Reeves. Mary Torrez, Dorofhy Deaver, lBacll Emma Wilson and Linda Smifh. FACUL TYXADMINISTRA TION Remember This, remember Thar. . . greaT year is overl IT seemed To pass so TasT. Toward The end of The year, many sTudenTs could be heard saying 'Remember This," "remember ThaT." There were so many acTiviTies To remem- ber abouT The 78-79 school year. and The yearbook sTaTT worked hard To capTure Them. Everyone worked TogeTher To make This year CLOSING a memorable one. When we sTarTed To school in SepTember, everyone was glad To geT back and see old Triends and meeT new ones. They Told of Their summer experi- ences such as new jobs, vacaTions, parTies, and Trips To The lake. ATTer a while, Though. we seTTled down To sTudy and geT back inTo a rouTine which we had noT been in Tor Three rolled around. we were ready To go To TooTball games. As TooTball sea- son progressed, The weaTher became colder, and we all pulled ouT our leTTer iackeTs ThaT had been waiTing in our closeTs Tor The winTer season. We wanTed everyone To know ThaT we aTTended NimiTz HiqhSchool1 During The winTer monThs, everyone monThs. We sTudied hard during The week and when The weekends Two 'Faces of dramaTizaTion. Kenny WaTTs and Sue Edwards give Homecoming parade onlook- ers a happy Tace and a sad Tace. Kenny and Sue are members of The Drama DeparTmenT mime Troop. Hey! lT's cool! Mike McCullough gives every- one a double peace sign, characTerisTic To "Fonzie's" Aylll, wiTh Thumbs up. 5 Amid fhe husfle and busfle ol sludenf life, class sfudying - of course - remains irnporranl. Becky Brazier works on an assignrnenf in Biol- ogy. Could happiness be having someone fo bear up on? No, if means having a friend lo ioke around wiflw. Terry Wilson and Craig Darden have a lif- fle "friendly" fun during fheir lunclw break. il' ln 'the middle of all flwe acfion of disco dancing, liglwls were furned To announce class layoriles. Terry Ussery, sopliornore fayorife, bears a smile as Kay Bauman pins on a boufonniere. The er? depurimenf "molds" sfudenfs into arf' isfs, buf Jesse Flores reverses The sifuafion by molding clay info his own creafion. -i . .S sl N-...ik -og U CLOSING "We're Number I," is illus+ra+ed by John Led- beffer wifh The number one sign. The impor- fance of fhe symbol is 'thai' il involves everyone af school. Lisa Jenkins lumps up oll fhe courf fo celebrai gelfing a new, livelier surface for fhe Nimif Tennis courfs - iusf in Time for fhe season. Y i'M',f ' 'f nz- , 'K' W . lsfw 1 fi sssroso 'ff ""'-S' 7' 'V ' fksf, 1' fy , -552544. ff W " w5r24ffFJ f Y"v'f xx, t .. , ,RWM , . ., 1 AR' ffl .-rw. i 9 ,x XXX . . if fr O A 1 'KKK fp I A ' .K ,. Q , If f - . f ffw.. Q. ,f -T f -'A-if lfYf,x!,f,'g,,,vVy'fifty .lf x,,Y?Jw'Af,',1lw'- f gf v 111 v' -. If f A , 1' yww r.'K.' ' ffge,f'3.',' f H. 1' - tr if ' 1 1 Y Y 1 1 . 1 ff 1 vfv x v , -if' frfir Y l 1 X 1 "iff f'Kff,Y,f4,f .1 ,ff fx. fl 1 The Times we shared Togefher. . . JW'Y' ' Y--1 prayed Tor snow so ThaT we could miss school Tor a Tew days. No hope: school was open every day. BaskeTball Took up where TooTball leTT oTT, and The exciTemenT in The gym was immense. One person would sTarT clapping or geT a cheer going such as, "DeTense, Vikings, deTense," and The whole crowd would ioin in. ATTer every TooT- ball and baskeTball game, The players would sTand in TronT oT The Viking Tans while They sang The school song and showed The TradiTional No. I symbol. The monTh of December showed everyone in The ChrisTmas spiriT. We were all ready Tor our ChrisTmas vaca- Tion, which lasTed Tor I2 days. A ChrisTmas dance was sponsored by The STudenT Council, and SanTa Claus made his appearance. The STudenT Council sponsored one dance a monTh from This Time on. The juniors were exciTed because They received Their senior rings righT before we goT ouT Tor This vacaTion. When we came back To school on January 2nd, some peo- ple revealed Their New Year's resolu- Tions, while oThers did noT. A wedding aT school? No. iusT a home and Tam- ily living class acTiviTy To model The new Tash- ions in wedding apparel. Tammy Jenkins, leTT, AlTred MonTellano, and Tammie Reynolds, Take parT in The cuTTing of The cake. Being a yearbook sTaffer and a phoTographer can geT preTTy rough around deadlines. Tony MarTinez, phofographer, illusTraTes To sTaTTer Kay Bauman whaT he does To people upon geT- Ting a phoTo order. OT course, all was done in Tun. CLOSING I I O will never be forgoffen because IT was a new year, and everyone wanTed To sTarT iT oTT righT. During This Time, many clubs and organizaTions were planning Their banqueTs Tor The end oT The year, and deciding on new members Tor Their clubs. TryouTs Tor various organizaTions were also being held. The school was Tilled wiTh exciTe- menT during The lasT Tew monThs oT school. ln March, The seniors experi- enced someThing They probably will never TorgeT. IT was aT an 8 a.m. pep rally. ATTer The pep rally was over, The seniors were asked To assemble on The gym Tloor. Every senior knew whaT was abouT To happen. They all lined up around The gym Tloor and crossed Their righT hand over Their leTT and grasped The person's hand beside Them. The iuniors, sophomores, and Treshmen all sTood up and waTched. The band began playing The school song, and The gym was quieT excepT Tor The seniors singing The school song Tor The lasT Time. An iniTiaTion inTo Fufure Homemakers of Amer- ica was celebraTed during Ms. Jendells Child DevelopmenT class. New members received Their membership cards, also. Sharing in The cel- ebraTion are Brenda Davis, Debbie BurneTT, and Debbie Turner. Dallas Tornado goalie Ken Cooper assisTs Chuck McAdams by giving him a Tew hinTs abouT deTense. Chuck was puT To The Tesl by oTher members oT The Dallas Tornados when They kicked The ball aT him To see how well he could deTend The goal, svnfs Q 3'-f--i sav- fi,- vo- . . M I' -as f la 6 .BRS- l N.'f,.f:h1.ilxJ . 5 . 1 X .., G X. Kg! Al W xv! X 0 CLOSING Drama sfudenfs, Leflwa lvie and Joni Mammen perform in flue Clwildreriis Play, "l.iffle Red Rid- Befween classes, Mrs. Susan Hopkins goes fo ing Hood." Elemenfary sfudenfs came fo Nime flue work room fo gef supplies for a lab experi- ifz fo wafcfi ffie play while flue Clwild Develop- menf l'ier biology sfudenfs will perform. me-nf classes observed. i is The "Candy Man" af Nimifz, known as "Herm," hopes 'lo disguise himself wiflw some overesized glasses. l-lerm knows many of ffie sfudenfs, and clwafs wifff flwem befween classes. vhidfrxae ' i CLOSXNG I 361 ER This year's flweme, "We're All ln lf Toqeflmerfl was depicled flmrouqlwouf +l1e wlwole sclwool year as 1l'1e sluden?body,lacul1y,and adminislrafion supporfed each ofher in all acrivifies. ll l I 17meTlweK CLOSXNG Girl's sporfs is becoming a large evenl in many lwlqlw sclwools. The girls' baskefball Team shows llwelr pride and splrif by expressing llwaf 'rlwey are No. l, also. 4? Poriraying The image of a cowboy, Adams fries on a cowboy haf fo amuse classmafes. we had a greaf year As flue underclassmen sfood qui' efly wafcluing, a few fears could be seen because some were losing very close senior friends. Many sen- iors were crying, for flue fime was near wluen fluey would be gradual- ing. Senior invifafions arrived, and fluey luad fo be addressed and ouf for flue May 3Oflu graduafion. As flue end of flue year was nearing, a sense of sadness fell over flue scluool. Everyone lcnew fluaf anofluer year in flueir luiglu school life was over. For flue seniors. if was on fo college or sfarfing a career. For flue underclassmen, if meanf mov- ing up anofluer sfep on flue ladder. lf is May, and flue yearbooks are being luancled ouf. We are lauglue ing and remembering flue good fimes we sluared during flue IQ78- '79 scluool year. Tlue seniors are saying, "Please lceep in foucluf' wluile ofluers are saying, "See you nexf year." Tluese fimes will always be remembered because WE WEREALL IN IT TOGETHER. Calculeling problems is one of flue many obiecfives lo be learned in Cluemislry, Mr. Don Marslu luelps one of luis sfudenfs work foward lluis goal. Found in flue office, Donald Dralre raises luis arms up proclaiming flue facf fluaf "lue didnif do if." Donald didnif really gel in lrouble, lue was iusf sfarfled by flue pluofog- rapluers. CLOSING 'SHN crazy affer all These years' EDITORS-IN-CHIEF: Carolyn An- chefa and Lynda CoHon GRAPHICS EDITOR: Benny Ferro STUDENT LlFEfs+sCae snpes iedamy, ScoH Crew and Tammie Jenlcins HONORS: Kay Bauman lediforl ORGANIZATIONS: Paula Glover Iediiorl, Ann Dean and Vanessa Norman SPORTS: Sandra Snow lediiorl, Milne Phillips and Billie Phillips CLASSES: Cindy Sanford Iediforl, Sfacie Dane Icopy ediforl and Greg Wesf. FACULTYXADM.: Janef Copele Iedi+orI INDEX: Paula Glover and Sfa Sfipes Iediforsl PHOTOGRAPHERS: Leroy Kemp David Robison, John Randle Ih pho'I'ographerI, Tim Broughion, Bodenhamer, Jeanne Hays, J Traughber, Fred Ho++ and Tony Iv +inez. SPONSOR: Jaclc Harlxrider CLOSING ff u :MZ , zffdfg M. 4P1,Aff3 F4444 A11 51' 'llaliy 2'Xz'1f7.Q Mp! Lui' 106 A632 Z7L,'zc1,17ff1, '11, CUZ c'l6'LqQ'ZffH 5 fA761f11' 7Z4'f1fmLfjJ !fUlfAO'-Gif ffJl'f:.V1zfj Lfgfu fum ,"' fHu,4,6!L 44,1 flzcdly ff7173f.LgA1ff,Zr 7414 Kwai 426167 U4 gym fauif Ekatl, -6: pu? 5"l.4,f 12. 7fgt.4fZnf fA foe 4!1AKf2l,'fVC-ri. .fjfu King, f4L, :'fZ! AA2.cfZ.g 55.1111 Mr? 60614 ,A71k9ff'i.Zl mf the Qduizl ZUCWZ4' ccfmffg LZ, and ifki' ,lzz!aA1.f.a'mv 411 5a'M,fl11w4? LMC' Lu-UL! XVLQ4-UZ . .jfi glam LLLZZZ7 AZ-6 f-474'-fffivwi ZAfLcLQL.1A1 nf TAC Llflifd Zin! 7414 ,Hamm C2f74l,ZflLZ41,f,tc'6-K. ffffl 00614141 Mild 'lc L1CC.fv1z'f 01,64 fA4,41,ki4, ZZ 7?f,17C0L fQ,4 'fQgZ'fl' LM? C61v:71'2mA?VQ 72ZzlfJLp0', 00.11 11717'lf-Gdnfzifzff,' fkmnyf fi.Z.lc7, gfzffu zflmymwf LAM Q-an 141. LUzMef1,n?'f,1LA2 H4 f,4Af,f214Q4,, 01,92 'v7"c'1fl' S11 M, 'f1,c ,r',LLzf' ,, L,-1231, M4 Ulf M1114-C5 Zjgnw ,4f747 Wig, Cl,w, g!4f, AL 11. 4 '51lxjJj 'f LLM gum! LfVL5C"Zif4 K3 Q1 ff wa , gum! uz1f.fa.f4m, ing Simff Lw!.m,w, Luc Agubf 7fLwf,'2L Qifaz 62, .WULLCL ,itdflfaxfnj Leia' ZAmf M .1'- 5 gm fUu.f Lu'--Oli Ln LZ" Ccfyzidm . Qfzpfkfn ,LM gf z!?744,da, - CLOSING 365 Deciicafeo' fo Mrs. Marilyn Lucas his year having been The IO+h anniversary of our school's exisrence, was one milesfone reached for all slu- denfs and The school ilself. From I969 'ro l979, we had grown in size, buf mos? imporfanfly, in spiril and pride, lo our fhen presenl "Nimi+z Family." Through fhe years, Mrs. Marilyn Lucas had walched our school evolve and had confribufed her slcills as a feacher in l-lomemalcing courses. She was an imporfanl member of our family. However, due fo prolonged illness. she was away from us for much of fhe 78-79 school year. We missed her. We never really knew how close we ""-.., 'jl g . I '-'iv - 1-... , V "-., N 2' Y vu.Q,jgu. , W. V 4- .., . . " H z:,',' yy W ,1 jfs" mflxlz . ' 7 s were fo each ofher unfil rhis member of our family parfed from us for awhile. Her spiril and pride were qualilies fha? we could never forget even while she was away from us. I+ was, fherelore, in appreciafion an wirh love, Thar fhe yearbook sfaf dedicafed fhe l978-I979 Valhalla yearbook 'ro Mrs. Marilyn Lucas. 366 cLosnve ACEVES, MARY EI-I.A. ALLEN, JIMMY F.H.A. Chairman IIO, III Golf Team I9, IO, I I, IZI Co-Capiain Mos? Improved Golfer I9I Sludenf Council I9, IO, III ALLEN, KELLIE F.H.A. II II I Woods and Walers II2I Band I9, IO, II, I2I I Solo and Ensemble Band 110, I2I Chorale II I, I2I Choir Solo Ensemble II II U.I.L. Sweepslakes IIO, III ALLEY, KEVIN N.F.L. ' Speech Tournamenfs Spring Play "MouseIrap" - Paravacini II II Foofball ANCHETA. CAROLYN Spanish Club SecreIaryfTreasurer IQI Number Sense IOI F.H,A.I9, 123 Nalional Honor Sociefy IIO, 1 II, 123 Ii Vice-Presidenf IIZI Mu Alpha Thela II2I Valhalla SIaIIIlO, I I. I2I Sporls Seclion IIOI Honors Seclion II II Co-Edilor in Chief I I 2I Junior Achievemenl Presidenl of Jay-Key Co. IW Oulsfanding Academic Achievemenf - Honor Roll I9, IO, I I. I2I Counselors Merif Rall II II Who's Who Among American High School Sludenls II2I Irving Women's Chamber of Commerce Honoree IIZI I-Ionorarium Journalism Award Il2I Usherefle for '78 Gradualion Il II People Io People Sludenl Ambassador Program Nominee II II Senior acf1'v1'f1'es 1'no'ex D.A.R. NomineeII2I Whois Who in Yearbook Il2I ARMSTRONG, TINA Concerf ChoirI9I Girls ChoirIIO, I I, IZI AUSTIN, SUSAN Spanish CIubIIOI AuvENsH1NE,LaNETTE v.o.E.11 1, I2I O.E.A.II 1, IZI BAILEY, CHAD Symphonic Band Symphonic Band Beau II2I Slage Band 5 Firsf Divisions al' U.l.L. Solo and Ensemble Righl Guide Fonzie Day Award BALLARD, KEN F.H.A. Swimming Team BANDA, RAY Wresfling Team BARNES, BRENDA H.O.P.E. I9I Nafional Honor Sociefy IIO, II, 123 Science CIubII II Band Marching and Symphonic IQ, IOI Daughler of Ihe American Revolufion Good Cilizenship IIZI Nafional Meri? Scholarship Semi-Finalisf IIZI Americas Oulsfanding Names and Faces IIZI All-Region Band I9, IOI Whois Who Among American Sluclenls II2I Who's Who in English IIZI Whois Who in Girls' P.E. UD BARNI-IILL, JUDY Y.A.D.S. I9. IOI F.C.A. II II Number Sense I9I Newspaper II I. I2I Co-Edi+orIl2I Baskelball II I , I2I TrackI9, IO. II, IZI SoccerI9, IO, Il, I2I BARR, JUDSON Drama I9, IO. I I, IZI Vice-Presidenl' II2I "Don'I Drink The Wafer" -Sefs, Sfagehand Up The Down Sfaircase -Sels "Charly" -Joe, Sels "CharIey's Aunf' f Sefs, Slagehand "Jack and The Gianf' - Jack, Sefs "MouseIrap" - Seis. Sfagehand "Every Family Has One" - Sherwin, Sefs "Double Door" - Sels. Sfagehand Scholarship Io Sfephen F. AusI'in's Summer Workshop iio, 1 II Superior Award in Technical Design I IO, III BARRIENTOS, RUBY Arl Club Presidenf BARRON, CYNTHIA Honor Roll BARTLETT, DARCIA Spanish Club Band I9, IO, II. I2I Flag Corps IIO, I I , I2I Who's Who in Spanish II2I BARTLETT, LORI Nafional Honor Sociefy Mu Alpha Thefa Fellowship of Chrislian Alhlefes H.O.P.E. "Every Family Has One" - Marcia Tennis Team Who's Who in Social Sludies UU BAUGH, JOE Chess Club Mu Alpha Thefa N.J.R.O.T.C. Execurive Officer Mr. N.H.S. FinalisfII2I BAUMAN, KAY Mu Alpha Thefa IIO, I I, I2I Nalional Honor Sociefy IIO, II, I2I Valhalla S'1aIIII2I Honors Edilor Il2I Newspaper Sfaff I I 2I Who's Who Among American Sludenfs II2I D.A.R. Nominee II2I BAIJMERT, BETH French Club IIOI F,H.A. Il I, I2I H.E.C.E. Il2I BAXTER, KAY F.I-I.A.I9. io, 1 1, I2I H.E.R.o. II II BILBREY, ANNETTE Spanish Club I9I F.I'l.A. I9, IOI Drill Team IIO, I I. IZI Capfain II II Major II2I Who's Who in Vikas IIZI Sludenf CouncilIIO. I I. IZI Gymnasrics I9, IOI Homecoming Princess I IOI Homecoming Princess IIZI Homecoming Oueen Nominee IIZI Skihonnel Nominee IIO, I I, I2I Favorile Nominee IIO, III BILLEY, MARGIE F.H.A. BLOUGI-I, TOM Science Club IIO, I I, IZI Spanish Club IIQI Nafional Honor Sociefy Il I, 123 Treasurer I I ZI Band I9. IOI N,J.R.O.T.C. I9I Senior Play Technical Crew UU Sr. Boys Drill Team, Seniors vs. Facully Volleyball Game Nimifz Rep.. Irving Coordinaling Commillee UU Oulslanding Residenfial Design Sfudenf I.I.S.D. IIOI Irving lndusfrial Arls Fair Isl Place I9I Vika Beau II2I Whois Who in Dralling IIZI BOYD. BONNIE Woods and Wafers Il2I F.H.A. II2I Marching Band I9, IO, I I, IZI Symphonic Band I9, I II Concerl Band IIOI Concerl Band Sweefhearl Um Flag Corps II I. I2I BRAGG. SANDI Y.A.D,S. II II F.H.A.I9. io, 1 1. l2I INDEX Band 191 Cho1r11o, II, 121 BRAMLETT, MANDY F.H.A. N.J.R.O.T.C. BRANCH, ROBBY F.H.A.1I21 Tennis Team 19, IO, II, I21 BRANNOCK, RICHARD F.H.A.1I I1 Marching Band19. IO, I I, I21 Asst. Drum Maior1I I1 Head Drum Maior1I21 Symphonic Band 19. IO, I I , I21 Stage Band 191 All-Region Band 19, I I1 Band Chaplain 1I I. I21 Solo and Ensemble Awards 19,1o,11. 121 Tournament - Debate 1IO1 Student Council Rep. 191 BRAVO, VIRGINIA French Club 19, IO, I I1 P.H.A.19, io. 11. I21 BR EWER. CINDY F.H.A. BRIDGES, RAY Band 19, I O1 BRYAN, TAMIE F.H.A.1I I, I21 Drill Team 1IO, I I, I21 Lieutenant 1l I1 Captain 1I21 National Honor Society 1I I I21 BURK, BRYCE National Honor Society 1IO, 11. 121 Mu Alpha Theta 1I21 Key Club 1101 N.J.R.O.T.C.19, IO, II, I21 Chiet Petty Otticer191 Distinguished Cadet 19. IO1 Honor Cadet 19. IO, I I1 Platoon Leader 1IO1 Color Guard 1IO. I I1 Us. N.A.S.A. Award 110 111 Honor Platoon Leader IIOI Company XO1I I1 So1ourners Award 1I I1 3rd Place Academic Award 1I I1 Battalion Chiet ot Statt IIZI Wrestling Team 1I I , I21 3rd Place T.W.O.A. Wrestling Tourn. Whois Who Among INDEX American Students 1I21 People to People Student Ambassador Program Nominee 1I I1 BUCHANON. DWAYNE Soccer Team 1IO. I I, I21 Captain 1I I1 Football Team 191 BURNETT. BRENDA D.E.C.A. BURROW. JOHN B V,l.C.A. Air Conditioning and Retrigeration President II2l Marching Band 19. IO, I I1 Volleyball Manager 1l21 UTTERY, TERESA Drama Club 19. IO1 F.H.A.19, IO, II1 French Club 1I I1 D.E,C.A. 1 I 21 CALHOON. SHER RY O.E.A.11 1, I21 Treasurer 1I I, I21 O.E.A. Area Wide Contest Girls Soccer Team 19, IO, I I1 Spanish Club 191 CALVERT, JIM H.O.P.E. Theater Dept. 1I I. I21 N.F.L.1I I, I21 "The Mousetrap"1I I1 State Oualitier in Speech ll2l Who's Who in Speech 1I21 Vice-President Student Council 1I21 Governing Council ot N.F.I.. II2l Football Traclr "Double Door" - William II2l CAMPBELL, KEITH Football 19, IO, 11, 121 M.V.P.1I21 F.H.A.1I21 Track 191 Drama 191 Sr. Boys Drill Team, Seniors vs. Faculty Volleyball Game Il2I CAMPBELL, RODN EY Baseball CANADY, DAVID Student Council 19. IO1 Outdoor Ed. 1I I, I21 Pres. F.H.A.1IO. Il. I21 President Football 191 Baseball 191 Class Otticer1I21 Vice President Favorite Nominee 1121 Vilma Beau 1I21 Head Committee Chairman Senior Play 1l21 Sr. Boys Drill Team Lieut. IIZI CANTERBURY, SUSAN Spanish Club 191 Marching Band 19, IO, I I. I21 Symphonic Band19, IO, I I, I21 Symphonic Band Sweetheart 1 I 21 Drama Club 1I21 "Every Family Has One" - Penelope Mu Alpha Theta 1I21 National Honor Society 1I I. I21 Student Council 191 Right Guide 1I21 All-Region Band 19, I21 CARPMAN, RUSS National Honor Society Treasurer1I I1 President 1121 Mu Alpha Theta Band Who's Who in Chemistry Top in Class 19, IO, I I1 Nominee Young Texas Award CARROLL. JIM Art CARTER, STEVE Woods and Waters Club Bat. Commander N.J.R.O.T.C. Who's Who in N..l.R.O.T.C. Il2l CAVINESS. LAURIE F.H.A. F.T.A. H.O.P.E. Marching Band 19, IO, I I. I21 Concert Band Ist Division Award U.I.L. Solo Ensemble COACH, DONNA F.T.A. F.H.A. Explorers Club Treasurer Choir Slcionnet Nominee 1I21 CONNER. PAU LA Band Spanish Club H.O.P.E. F.H.A. COPELAND. JANET Class Otticer191 Secretary Executive Council 191 Student Council 19, IO, I21 Treasurer 1I21 Yearbook Statt1I0, I I, I21 Student Lite Editor 1I I1 Faculty Editor 1I21 Tennis Team 191 Voter Registration Deputy II2l Favorite Nominee 19, IO1 Homecoming Princess Nominee 19, IO, II1 COTTON, LYNDA Spanish Club 191 Student Council 1IO1 Mu Alpha Theta 1I I, I21 President 1I21 National Honor Society 1I2 Secretary 1I21 F.H.A.1I I1 Yearbool: Statt1I0, I I. I21 Organizations 1I01 I Organizations Editor 1 I I1 Co-Editor 1 I 21 Who's Who Among American Students 1I21 Irving Women's Chamber ot Commerce I-lonoree1I21 Honor Roll 19, IO, I I, I21 Homecoming Nominee 1IO1 Honorarium Award in Journalism 1I21 Best Valhalla Statter1I I1 Usherette tor '78 Graduation 1I I1 People to People Student Ambassador Program Nominee 1I I1 D.A.R. Nominee 1I21 COVINGTON, GAYLA National Honor Society 1121 Drama Club 191 Girls Choir19, IO, II, I21 Chorale 19, IO, II, I21 Historian 1I I1 Vice President 1l21 MadrigaI1I I, I21 Student Council 19, IO. I I, I21 Parliamentarian1I I1 Varsity Cheerleader 1I I, I2 Head Cheerleader 1l21 Class Otticer 1I01 Treasurer Class Favorite 1IO1 Irving Daily News Senior of the Month I SkIhonnel Nominee II I, IZI Miss N.H.S. II2I OVINGTON, MICHELLE F.H.A.I9, Io. II, I2I H.E.R.O. II I, I2I H.E.C.E. II2I P.E.L.E. II II Drama Club IIOI Tennis Team I9I Honor Roll I9, IO, I I. I2I REW, SCOTT Drama Club I9, IO, I I, l2I Vice-Presidenl II II "The Crucible" -John Proclor "Charly" - Charly "Hansel and Grefeln -- Frilz "MouseIrap" - Sergenf Troller "Double Door" - Rip Van Brel "Every Family Has One" - Todd Galloway N.F.L.I9, IO, II, I2I Secrelary IIOI Vice-Presidenl II II ' Presidenl II II All-Slale Dramalic lnlerprelalion IIO, I I, I2I All-Dislricl Exlempl II II All-Dislricl Prose IIOI Besl Newcomer I9I Crealive Writing Club II2I Vice Presidenl IIZI Yearbook SfaIIIIO, I I, IZI Honors I IOI Sporls Edilor II II Sludenl' Life II2I NewspaperII I, I2I I Special Correspondent I ll Il 3 Graphics Direclor I I 2I Isl' Runner-up Slale I Presidenllnlerscholaslic League Press Conference If ll Tennis I9I Sfudenl Council II I, l2I Parliamenlarian Il2I Senior Class Presidenl II2I IOplimisl Youfh Apprecialion Award II2I Runner-up Cenlury III Leadership Scholarship I I ZI Who's Who Among American Sludenls IIZI Irving Finalisl lor Soroplimisl Scholarship Il2I Advisory Commillee Io School Board IIZI People fo People Sludenl Ambassador Program Nominee II II D.A.R. Nominee II2I T.A.C.T. Nominee IIZI Mr. N.H.S. Finalisl' Il2I DANISH, PAUL Gymnaslics Team II2I DANIEL, STEVE Swim Team II I, IZI DARDEN, CRAIG F.H.A. II2I Gymnas1icsI9, IO, ll, I2I Caplain II2I Wreslling Team I9I DAVIS. SENDY C.V.A.E. V.O.C.T. IIOI Reporfer H.E.C.E. II I, I2I DELANE, LORI F.l'l.A. F.T.A. P.E.L.E. H.E.C.E Beginning Tennis Team I9I Honor Rall DELATORRE, DAVID Soccer Track DICKERSON, JOE N.J.R.O.T.C.I9, IO, II, I2I Drill Team Honor Plaloon F.H.A. Drama Club DORBRITZ, ADELE Spanish Club I9I F.H.A. I9, III Volleyball IIO. I I, I2I All-Dislricl Team Il2I DORRIS. TWANDA F.T.A. I9I F.H.A. II2I Marching Band I9, IO, I I, I2I Concerl Band I9, IO, I I, I2I Social Chairman II I, I2I Firsl Chair Il2I DRAPER, KATHY H.E.C.E. F.H.A. EALUM, CARMON F.I'l.A. Gymnaslics Team EDMONDSON. KENNY F. Foolball Team J.V. Foolball IIO, III Varsily Foolball II2I M.V.P. I I 2I Track I I 2I EDWARDS, SUE Thealer Depl. I9, IO, I I, I2I Presidenf II I, l2I Vice Presidenf I IOI N,F.L. II I, I2I F.H.A. I9I Sfudenl Council I9, IOI Band I9, IO, III Choir II2I "Crucible" - Sarah Good I9l "Charly" - Dr. Slrauss IIOI "Mouselrap" - Mrs. Boyle II Il "Double Door" - Vicforia Van Brel IIZI "Every Family Has One" - Direclor IIZI H.E.B. Marching Conlesf 6-Flags Confesl U.l.L. Choir Conlesl T.F.A. Sfale Qualifier Humorous Inlerprefalions Iio, I2I Who's Who in Drama Il2I Social Chariman Band II II EGBERT, NOLAN F.C.A.II I, I2I Foofball I9, IO, II, I2I All Dislricl' Firsl Team Il2I All Grealer Dallas II2I All Cify Il II Who's Who in Texas Foolball II2I All-American High School Alhlefe II2I Team Caplain II2I Mosl Valuable Player II2I Baseball I9I EHEMANN, LYNN F.T.A.I9, IOI F.H.A.I9, IOI Spanish Club I9, IOI O.E.A.IIO, II, I2J National Honor Sociely IIO, II, I2I Number Sense I9, IOI Volleyball I9, IOI ManagerIIO, II, I2I Who's Who in V.O.E. II2I Who's Who in Business II2I ELLIS, Rosie F.H.A.I9, Io. II, I2I ENGLISH, CHRIS F.H.A. IQ, Io, I I, I2I Y.A.c, IIZI ESOUIVEL, DAVID v.I.c.A. ESOUIVEL, ROSA Soccer I9, IO, III EUBAN KS, CH ERYL H.E.C.E. F.H.A. FARISH, JOHN F.C.A. FooIballI9, IO, II, I2I Mosf Valuable Player II2I All-Cily Foolball Team Caplain IIZI Wresfling Team I9I Senior Boys Drill Team FERRO, BENNY F.T.A.I9, IOI Secrelary IIOI Number Sense IQI Mu Alpha Thefa II I, IZI Treasurer II2I Tennis Team I9, IOI Yearbook Sfaff IIO, I I, I2I Organizalions I IOI Faculfy II II Graphics Direclor II'2I Honorarium Journalism Award II2I Honor Roll I9, IO. I I, l2I Counselors Meri? Rall II II D.A.R. Nominee II2I FLAHERTY, BONNIE F.H.A. Marching Band Concerl Band FLORES, CHRIS Arl Club Sludenl' Council I9, IO, I I, I2I Foolball I9, IO, II, I2I Baseball I9, IO, II, I2I Mosl Valuable Player I I 2I FOGLEMAN, MELODY F.H.A. I9, I2I Woods and Wafers II2I Marching Band I9, IO, I I, I2I Symphonic Band I9, IO, I I, I2I Who's Who American Sludenls II II All-Region Band II2I FORD, DEWEY Thealer Depl. II2I Band Choir N.F.L. IIZI INDEX EORDYCE MARK Chess CIubII2I Vice-Presidenl I I ZI Newspaper SIaIIII2I FRANKLIN, DONNA V.O.E., O,E.A. Hisrorian I I ZI F12EAD,sHE12YL F,H.A,1Q IO Il 123 GARCIA NORMA V,O.E. O.E.A.III, 123 GARCIA RICA Soccer Team I9, IO, I I, I2I Track I9I GARMS LEANN I-I.O.P.E. I9. IOI Band I9, IO. II. IZI All-Region Band II I, I2I GARNER, NATURE F,H.A.IQ 10. 1 1, 123 H.E,RiO.I9 10,11 123 Srudenl Council IQI Beginning Tennis I9. IOI Child Care Il II GARCIA MARIA Spanish Club E.H.A. GEBERT REGINA H.O.P.E.I9 IOI Marching Band I9, IO, III Symphonic Band Il II Concerr Band I9, IOI Presiden+IIOI Social Chairman IIOI Sfudenr Council IQI GLASGOW BOBBY Rodeo Club President Il I, I2I V.l.C.A, High Poinl Cowboy Il II Rookie oi Ihe Year I I OI GORDEN BILLY D.E.C.A. Area Comperifion 77-78 Won Area II Compelifion 77-78f79x GRANADO GILBERT Outdoor Ed. Club E.C.A, E.I-IA. Baseball Eoofball Sold Mos? Senior Candy I I 2I INDEX GROVE, KELLY FI-LA. 19, 123 Concerr ChoirI9I Chorale IIO, I I, IZI GUZMAN, LEONOR I-l.E.C.E. E,H.A, D,E.C.E. Spanish Club GLOVER, PAULA Jr. Hislorians IQI l:.I'I,A, I9, IO, III Sludenl Council IQ, IOI Volleyball I9I Yearbook Srall Il I , I2I Organizalions I I II Organizalions Ediror IIZI Index Edifor II2I GREEN, MARK Arr Club II II Honor Roll HACKETT. TERESA E,H,A. Volleyball Track Baseball Miss Flame Einalisf HALEY, DANNY EI-I.A.I9. IO, I I. IZI E. Baskerball Swim Team IIO, I II Sr. Boys Drill Team HAMILTON, CATHY Y,A.C.S. I123 PI-I.A. IQI Srudenl Council I9I Vikas Drill Team IIO, I I, l2I Lieufenanl I I ZI Nalional Honor Sociefy II I l2I Mu Alpha Thela Il I, I2I People Io People Ambassador Program II2I Whos Who Among American S'rudenrsII2I Miss N.H.S. Einalisl I I ZI HAMILTON, ERANKIE FI-I.A. I9, IO, I I, IQI Junior I-lislorians I9, IOI German Club I9I Eoolball Team I9, IOI Track I9, IO, I I, I2I Sfafe Junior Olympics Discus Einalisfs Lefrered in Track II I, I2I Slale Texas Amafeur Arhleric Fed. Summer Track Discus Einalisl I I ZI HAMMER, KATHY Mu Alpha Theia Nalional Honor Sociely Band Soccer HAMMIT. CYNDI O.E.AiI1 1, 123 HARDIN, LEE Whois Who in I.C.T. II2I HARRED, JULI Crealive Wrifing I9, I ZI HARVEY, MIKE F.C.A. E.I'I.A. Foorball Track Sr. Boys Drill Team HEARN. GEORGINA Anno, II, 123 O.E.A.IIO,Il, 123 F.H.A.I9, IO, II, I2I F.T.A.I9, IO, II. IZI Nimirz Bal Girl II I, I2I I-IICKMAN, EARNEST Baseball Team Cseffnan HICKS, GERALD V.I.C.A. Symphonic Band Marching Band Bell Marching Conre-sf Secrerary V,I.C.A. Club I-IIOI-ITOWER. DEBBIE E,I'l.A. Soccer I9, IOI HILL, TAMMY D.E.C.A. Secrelary Il II Srudenf Council I9I Gymnasfics I9, IOI HINDMAN, TAMMY PHAT 19, 10, II, I2I Sfudenf Council IIQI F.C,A. IIOI Volleyball Team IQI Skjhonnef Nominee IIZI Newspaper SraIIII2I Miss Flame Einalisl II2I Princess NomineeIIOI Americas Names and Ea IIZI HINOJOSA, RICKY Srudenr Council IIO III I:.H.A. C85 HOBBS, PAM N.J.R.O.T.C. IQ. IO, I I, I2I HOLT. CHRIS Whos Who in Boys' P.E, I I2 HOLT, EDDIE Drama I9, IO, III ChoirI9, IO I I, IZI Eoorball I9, IOI Track I9. IOI TennisII II HORTON, TONY E.H.A. President Foorball I9, IO. Il. IZI Capt II2I Track Sfudenr Council I9I Narional Honor Sociely HOOK. BARBARA Chorale I9. IO, III H.E.R.O. Il I, I2I P.E.L.E. II II H.E.C.E. II2I I F.H.A.III, 123 HOTT, EREDDY TrackIIO, II, l2I Baskelball I9I Yearbook IIO. I I, I2I Pholography Il I, I2I Whois Who in Phorography Il2I HUERTA, YOLANDA Drama I9, IO, I I, IZI Secrerary-Treasurer I I QI 'Every Family Has One" - Mrs. Parker I I ZI Spring Producfion Sfudenf Direcfor Il2I N.F,l., Il 1, 123 IRWIN, Jof-WNA FI-LA. I9I Tournamenf Drama I9. IO, 11, I2I Drama Club I9, IO, I I, IZI N,F.L.I9, 10, II. 121 "Charly" - Mrs. Cherry IIOI "Double Door" -W Caroline Van Brel II2I "Every Eamily Has One" - Nana IIZI T.E.A. Sfale 7 Dramaric Inrerp. II I, I2I E.C.A. Ouldoor Ed Club Baseball II I, IZI JACKSON, RICKY BaskeIbalIIIO, I I, IZI Drama I9, IO, I I, IZI iiCrucibIe" - Hopkins IQI Every Family Has Onew 7 Mr. Parker I I QI "Jack and Ihe Gianll' II II "Double Doori' IIZI JENKINS. CHARLES Chess Club II II JESSUP, KATHY F.H.A. JOHNSON, EDIE Science Club I9, IOI French Club I9, IOI O.E.A. CIubI9, IOI Volleyball I9. IOI V.O.E. Lab II II KAMENICKY, DOREEN Soccer Band Marching Symphonic KEANE, CHARLIE Rodeo Club KELLY, CINDY Spanish Club Nalional Honor Sociely F.T.A. F.H.A. Hope Club Volleyball All Disfricl All Tournarnenl Whois Who in American High Schools KEMP. MARLENE Nall. Honor Sociefy I I 2I F.H.A. TrackII I. IZI KESTERSON, ROGER Woods and Wafer Club FHA. IQ. io, ii izi Vice Presidenl IIZI Foolball I9, IO, III Baseball I9, IO, III KING. FREDDY Track Manager KING, TERESA F.H.A. KLEMPIN, MICHELLE TrackII I, IZI Cross CnIry.IIO. I I, I2I 3D Track Award II II F.C.A.II i, IZI Mu Alpha Thela I I ZI Nalional Honor Sociefy II I I2I Crealive Wriling Club IIZI KOHUT. LISA F.H,A. Spanish Club KUBICA. KAREN F.H.A.I9, io, ii. IZI F.T.A.IQ, io, i i, i2I Mu Alpha Thela Nalional Honor Sociely F.C,A.Ilo, ii, IZI Baskelball IQ, IO, I I, l2I Whos Who Among High School Sludenls IIZI Oulsfanding Academic AchievemenII9, IO, I I. IZI Whos Who in Malhemalics F,l"I.A. LOPEZ, PAUL Yearbook II II Class Presiden+ I9, IOI Class Favorile IQI F. Foolball J.V. Foolball II II LOWERY. JOSEPH N.J.R.O.T.C. Y.A.D. LYNCH, COLLEEN Drama I9, IO. I I, IZI Secrelary-Treasurer II II "Charly" IIOI N.F.L. IIO, I I, I2I IIZI KUI-IN, TQNY MACEVICIUS, TONY H.O.P.E.I9I FHAIIZI V.I.C.A.III, i2I LACY. G-ERUIS F.H.A. D.E.C.A. LAMBERT, LAURA Spanish Club Nalional Honor Sociely V.O.E. Whos Who in Spanish II II Company of Ihe Year lor Junior AchievemenIII II LAMERE, ANNE F.H.A. O.E.A. LAWSON, ANITA D.E.C.A. II I, I2I Reporler II II Parliamenlarian IIZI Whois Who in D.E. II II Area 2 Presidenl Il I, I2I Winner Adverlising Even IIZI D.E.C.A. Aclion Team II i, izy Key uniIi2I Chorale IQI Fi-i.A.IQ, io, iii Spanish Club I9I Srudenl Council I9, IOI March oi Dimes Youlh Council II2I Muscular Dysrrophy Youlh Council II I. IZI LILES, TAMMY Key Club I Key Link I9I Chess Club I9, IO, I II PresidenIII II Ar? Club II II "Every Family Has One" k Warry IIZI Junior Achievemenl I9, IOI MAHALIK, BOBBY Mu Alpha Thela F.C.A. Baskelball I9, IOI Baseball I9, IO, I I. I2I Honor Sociely II I , I2I Junior Class Secrelary II II MANTOOTH, LINDA F.H.A. I9, IOI D.E.C.A.II I, IZI Tennis IIOI MARSHALL. JENNIFER Honor Sociely IIO, I I. I2I Mu Alpha Thela IIO, I I, IZI F.C.A. Varsily Tennis IIO, I I, IZI "Every Family Has Onel' Laura Reardon II2I Tournamenl Drama II II N.M.S.Q.T. Commended Sludenl Miss N.H.S. Finalisl IIZI MARTIN, BENNY Goll Team I9, IO, I I. IZI Marching Band IQI Symphonic Band I9I Coll Co-Caplain II I, I2I Honor Sociely II I, I2I Firsl Division Solo IQI MASHBURN, SHERMAN F.H.A. Theafre Deparlmenf I9, IO, ll,I2I Sel' Designer IIO. I I, I2I Senior Play Commiflee I9, lo, I i. i2I Spring Producfion I'-7, IO. I I, I2I Superior in Technical Thealre al SFA College Superior in Coslume Design Superior in Make-up Superior in Technical Thealre Superior in I All-Around Design MASS EY, BENJ I F.H .A, Chess Soccer MATH EWS, JO ELLEN O.E.A. H.E.C.E. F.H.A. Iv1ATHIES,MI6NON Crew F.H.A. MAYNARD, CONNIE F,H.A. F.T.A. Concerf Choir Chorale McCARRELL, BECKY Spanish Club I9I F.C.A. IIOI Sludenl Council II I, IZI Gymnaslics Team I9, IO, I I, I2I Newspaper SIaIIII2I J.V. Cheerleader IIOI Varsily Cheerleader II I , I2I SkIhonneI Nominee IIO. I I, IZI Beauly II II Favorife Nominee IQ, IO. I I, I2I Princess Nominee I9, IO, I I, I2I Whos Who Among American High School Sludenls II II MCCARTNEY, DAVID Rodeo Club IIO, I I, I2I Foofball I9, IOI McCONLEY, SUE Y.A.D.S. I9I N.J.R,O.T.C. I9, IO, I I, IZI F.H.A. IIZI KeyClubIIO, III Color Guard Commander IIZI Drill Team I9, IO, I I. I2I Rifle Team Il II Aplifude Award I9. IO, I I, INDEX IZI Exemplary Conduct I9. IO. I I. IZI McCULLAR, MICHAEL V.I.C.A, Auto Mechanics Football Track Wrestling Honor Roll MCCUTCHEON. BILL Marching Band Concert Band McC5ILL. WINDELL F.C.A.IlO, III F.H.A. II2I Student Council I9I Swim Team IIO. I I. IZI Soccer I9I Swim Team Captain McGLONE. MELISSA F.I-t.A.I9. IO, III MEXIA. MARK Art Club II II F.H.A. II II R.O.T.C. I9I Best in Division Dratting MITCHELL. KEITH Spanish Club IIOI Mu Alpha Theta IIZI F,H,A.II I, I2I First in Best Dratting Fair MIZE. BECKY Choralell II Girls ChoirI9. IOI F.H,ficI9 io. ii. I2I MOORE ANNA-LESA H.O.P.E. I9, IOI Science Ctub IIOI F,H.A.I9- I2I Student Council Vice,President II II PresidentII2I Mu Aipiis riieis IIO. ii izi Spanish Club Voted Outstanding in Student Council II II District Representative to FHA Conventions Chosen to Attend "C-olden Carpet Day at Baylor University Chosen as Optimist Award Winner Chosen to Attend "Birds Eye View ot N.T.S.U. Nominated tor Daughters ot American Revolution Citizenship Award IIZI National Honor Society II I IZI Miss N.I'I.S. Finalist IIZI INDEX MOORE. TONY C.V.A.E. MORRIS. ROBIN Honor Society Soccer Band WhoIs Who Among American High School Students MOSHER. ROBERT F.H.A. MYERS. KATHY Mu Alpha Theta II2I Science IIZI Spanish Club I9I Chorale I9, IO. II. IZI Section Leadei-Il II Historian IIZI Madrigal IIZI NEFF, KEITH N.T.H.S,R.A. IIOI V.I.C.A F.H.A. Ii2I Gymnastics IQI NEEL, CHRIS Band I9. IO. II. I2I Symphonic Band I9. IO, I I. I2I Marching Band Band President All Region Band All Region Orchestra NORRIS. LEJEAN F.I-I.A.IIO. II. I2I Volleyball Manager I9. IO. i ii NENTWI6. DAVID Baslietball Most Valuable Player IIZI Who's Who in Boys' Athletics II2I NORTHCUTT, RALPH F.H.A. Gymnastics OLIVER, DIONNE F.H.A. Concert Band Most Valuable Bass Player OLIVER. LAOIJITA French Club Drama Club Chorale Band Ist Place in French Poetry OLIVER, TAMMY F.H.A. I9. IO, III Vice-President IIOI President II II V.O.E. II2I Who's Who Among American High School Students OCONNOR, RICKY Varsity Soccer Team OLSOVSKY, CAROLYN Y.A.C. Student Council I9, IOI F.H.A. IIOI Historian CIubIIOI ViI:asIIO. I I, I2I Treasurerll II OtticerII2I Nominated tor Princess IIOI Miss Flame Finalist IIZI American Names and Faces IIZI OWENS. JEFF Number Sense I9. IO, I I. IZI Mu Alpha Theta IIQI F.H.A. Ii2I Honor Society IIO. I I. I2I Mr. N.I-I.S, Finalist IIZI PACE. TERRY Chess Club IQ, IOI R.O.T.C. I9. IOI Marching Band I9. IO, I I. I2I Concert Band IIO. I I. I2I ArtCIubII I. IZI Soccer Team IIO, I II First Class Petty Otticer IQI President and Vice President Art Club PARRISH. CHERYL F.H.A. I9, IO. I I. I2I Spanish ClubI9I PEISER, GREGG F.H.A. Il II Football I9. IO. II, I2I Most Valuable Player II2I Captain II2I Wrestling II II PETTY, ANGELA F.H.A. I9. IO. II. IZI H.O.P.E. I9I Marching Band I9, IO, I I. I2I Concert Band I9, IO. I I. I2I Wind Ensemble I I OI All Region Band IQI MVP-Concert Band IIOI Ist Chair Marching Band IIO, II. I2I Ist Chair Concert Band IIO III PHILLIPS. BILLIE Art Club I9I F.H.A.I9. IOI Traclx Team IQI Yearbook Statt IIZI PHILLIPS. DEBBIE TAYLOR Math Club Historians Club Honor Roll PHILLIPS. MIKE Chess IIOI French IIOI Drama II II Junior Achievement I9I Yearboolr Statt I I ZI POPE. DEBRA F.I-I.A.II I, I2I F.T,A. I9I Choirlfi. io, ii, i2I Secretary-Treasurer I I I . I2I Made a I at Solo and Ensemble Contest and Received a Medal This Year in the Mandrigal. PONDER. CARLA F.H.A. Basketball 2 Yrs. PORTER. JOHN FootbalII9. IO. II, I2I Traclr II2I Most Valuable Player - Football IIZI Slrihonnet II2I PRESTON. BRIGGETT F.H.A.I9, io. II, I2I Spanish Club I9. IO. III PRICE. TINA F.H.A. P.E.L.E. H.E.C,E. RABYOR. PAULA Spanish Club I9. IO. III Science Club IIO. III President II II Mu Alpha Theta II I, I2I Secretary I IZI F.H.A.I9, io, ii. I2I Honor Society I I 2I Honor Rall RAMSEY, KATHY I F.H.A. I Y.A,C. I VilcasIlO,II,I2I I Publicily Chairman Il II Lieufenanf IIZI I RAINWATER, KEITH , F.H.A. I REITERSHERRI I F.H.A. O.E.A. Beginning Tennis IIOI Junior Achievemenf 3 Years I RIBBLEJUDY I I-I,E.C.E. whos who in H.E.c.E. Iizi P.E.L.E. ROBISON, ROBERT H.E.R.O.-H.E,C.E. J.V. Tennis ROMERO, JOSEPH Band All-Region Band Swimming ROGERS, CORNELIUS D.E.C.A, ROSS, LISA F.H.A.I9, io, in J.V. Cheerleader I I OI REMLEY. VIRGIL Chess Club I9, IO, I I, IZI Wresfling Team RUSH, MIKEL D.E. Soccer SANDERS, SHERI Number Sense IQI H.O.P.E. I9I French Club I9, IOI Vilcas I9, IOI Boys Choir II II Girls ChoirII2I Presidenf I SHCLARBAUM. JEAN I Whois Whoin ArIII2I SNADY, ROBERT Baseball SANFORD, CINDY F.H.A. IQ, io, in Presidenf II II F.T.A,I9, io, ii, I2I Key Linlr IIO, III Yearbool: SlallIlO, I I, I2I Classes IIOI Classes EdiI'orIl I, IZI Tennis Team I9I Senior Play Commilfee II 2I Honor Roll SAWYER, JEANA F.H.A.IIO, III Officer ViIcasIlO, I I, I2I Secrelary Il II LieuIenan+II2I SCHNAIDERMAN, CONNIE F.H.A. I9, IOI Spanish ClubIlOI Marching Band IQI Concerl Band IQI SCHUMACHER, NATALIE F.H.A. I9, IOI Girls Choir IIOI Chorale II I, l2I Librarian II2I Choir Sweefhearl II2I SEARS, JIM Drama Club I9, IO, I I, l2I N.F.L.-IIO. ll, l2I Symphonic Band IIO, I l, l2I Concerl Band I9I Marching Band I9, IO, ll. I2I "Crucible" - Giles Corry I9l "Charly" IIOI "Mousefrap" - Giles Ralsfon II II "Double Door" - Sully Il2I "Every Family Has One" - Reardon Il2I Ocluba Fesf Il2I All-Region Band I9. I I, l2I Band Camp Capfain IIO, I I IZI Band Vice Presidenl IIZI SEPTER, DOUG German Club Chess Club Civil Air Palrol Isl af German Dramalics Is? in German Poelry at lhe Irving Compefilion Whois Who in German II2I SHANAHAN, PAUL French Spanish Club SHELTON, BRAD F.C.A.I9, io, in F.H.A. IIOI Baslcelball I9I Baseball I9. IO, II. I2I Sfudenf Council IIO, I I, I2I Junior Class Vice Presidenf Chorale I9, IO, ll, l2I Madrigal IIZI Choir Beau IIZI Nominee Class Favorile IIO. ii, izi SlrIhonnelIIO, Il, l2I Handsome II II Baseball Capfain IIZI simmons. LINDA F.H.A.IlI. izi SKELTON, LAURA F,H.A.I9. IO, III SMILIE, BRUCE Tennis I9, IO. ll, I2I Mos? Valuable Player Il2I SMITH, LOU ANN F.H.A.I9, IO, III Chairman II II D.E,C.A. Vice Presidenl' II II Presidenl II2I Vocafional Advisory Commiflee Il2I Who's Who in D.E. Il2I SOTO, ALEX F.H.A. Foofball Soccer M.V.P.- Foofball Il2I STAY, CARLA F.H.A. 3 Years STAUFFER, BERNARD French Club Exchange Sfudenl From Swifzerland STINSON. JANA O,E.A. II II Honor Sociely II II Volleyball I9. IO, ll, I2I STIPES, STACIE Key Linln IIOI French Club IQI Drama Club IQI F.C.A. IIOI F.H.A. I9. I0. III Junior Hisforians Sludenl Council I9, IO, I I, izi Hisforian II II Freshman Class Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer YearbooIcII I, I2I Organizalions II II Sludenf Life Edifor I I 2I J.V. Cheerleader IIOI Who's Who Among High School Sfudenls Princess Nominee IIO, I l, I2I Freshman Princess Favorife Nominee IIO, I I, IZI Freshman Favorile Baslcelball Sweefhearf II2I Oplimisl Tex-Anne of The Monfh II2I T.A.C.T. Nominee II2I Honor Roll I9, IO, I I, I2I Womens Division of Ihe Chamber of Commerce Honoree Il2I Slcihonnef I l 2I Miss N.H.S. Finalisl I I ZI STORY, KEVIN F.H.A. Baslcefball I9I Baseball I9. IOI ' SUTTER, JANET F.H.A. F.T.A. F.C.A Spanish Club Tennis Team Mos? Valuable Player Il2I Mosl Improved Caplain Who's Who in Girls' Afhlefics II2I TAYLOR, TARL Mu Alpha Thela Honor Sociefy Chess Club Wreslling Freshman Vice Presidenl TAYLOR, TINA F.H.A. I9, IO, III J.V. Cheerleader IIOI Varsily Cheerleader Il I, I2I Sfudenl Council II I, l2I Favorile Nominee I9. IOI FavoriIeII I, I2I Junior Homecoming Princess Homecoming Queen Il2I SlcIhonnel Nominee II I, I2I rennison. esoizee Pi-i.A.iio, in F.C.A. noi Faoin-ellis. io, ii, I2I Traclc I9, IOI I THOMAS, DAVID Drama Track THOMAS, JOHN Honor Sociefy IIO, I I, I2I Mu Alpha Thefa IIO, I I. l2I Sludenl' Council Il2I NewspaperII I, l2I Co-Editor II2I Band 19. io, ii, i2I MC for Admiral's Review II2l MC lor Slcihonnel' IIO, I I, I2I MC for Vilma Variely Show INDEX ii I, i2I Journalism Public Relations Direclor II I l2I Band Publicily Direclor Nominee lor Senior Class Fayorile I I QI Sword and Shield Fayorlle ii iw Senior ol lhe Monlh IIZI Sludenl Member ol Irving School Board Citizens Adyisory Commilree lor the Music Deparlmenl IIZI Sludenr Council Reporrer- Hislorian Il ZI Nimilz Winner in Cenlury III Leadership Conlesl I I ZI Whois Who Among American High School Sludenls I l ZI Who s Who in Newspaper lI2l Mr, N.l'I.S. I I 2I THOMAS, SHEBA Sludenl Council I9 IO I I IQI Class OIIicerIIOI Girls Traclc I9 IOI THOMPSON ROSS F.I-I.A.II2I Varsily TennisIlO Il I2l CapIainII2I All-Dislricl Tennis II II Chorale I9 IO II IZI BOysCI'ioirIC? IO Il l2I Pop GroupIIl IZI Solo-EnsembIeII Il All-Region Choirlll l2I All-Area ChoirIlI IQI All-Slale ChoirIl2I Mosr Oulslandinq Male II ll Chorale PresidenIII2I WhosWhoinCl1oirII2I TORREZ MARY ANN Spanish CIubI9I F.I'I.A.II II H.E.C.E.II II P.E.L.E,Award TROBALIGI-I ROBIN P,E.L.E. I-l.E,C,E, EI-LA, E.T.A. USELTON LISA ETA. INDEX 374 Science F.T.A. Spanish iiEyery Family Has One I lI2l VANDERPOOL CATHY F.H,A. Spanish Club VANDERPOOL, MARK H.E.C,E, Perlecr Aflendance I9 IOI VAN DYKE BRENDA Theatre Deparlrnenf I9, IO, ii l2I F,H.A,II II Childrenis Playii Il II VAN DYKE, DIANNE E,H,A. VAN WART STEVE Key Club IQI R.O,T.C, I9I Junior Achieyemenl IIZI VERNON. MARSHON F.H.A, Traclc Choir Gymnaslics VILLARREAL VICKI Sludenl Council IQI Spanish Club IQI F.H.A. IQI Volleyball Team II II WADE, LISA O.E,A, Vice President WARNER, BRENT D.E. WARRENTUDY H.E.R.O.-F.H.A.I9 IO II IZI Y.A.C.II2I ViIrasIlO II IZI Newspaper Slall I I QI Gymnaslics IQI P.E,L.E. II II Presidenr ol Vikas I I 2I Vice Presiclenl H.E,R,O. II II Runner-Up in American Drill School II2I Vilma ol Ihe Weelc II I. IZI WATKINS, KIM French Club II I l2I Crealive Wririnq IIZI Mu Alpha Thela IIZI E.H.A, II II Senior Play Connrnillee Il2I "Double Door' II2I WATTS, ROBERT Foolball Mos? Valuable Player II2I Whos Who in Woodshop lI2l WEBSTER, MONNY Foolball I9, IO, I I, I2I Mos? Valuable Player II2I Traclc I9, IO, I I, IZI Honor Rall Slrlhonnel I I 2I WEISS, DEBBIE Rodeo Club I9, IO, I I, I2I F.I"I,A. Officer Who's Who in Homernalrinq lI2l WEST GREG F.H.A.Iio, I ii i2I F.C.A, IIZI Baseball II2I YearbooIcII2I WHITE. PI-IYLLIS Sfudenl Council I9, IOI F.H,A. Band I9. IO, III Choir I I 2I Varsily Cheerleader I I II Miss Flame Einalisl I I 2I SkII"ionneI Choir Vice Presidenl Social Chairman WILKINSON, CHUCK H,E,C.E. WILSON, VICKY F.H.A. I9, IO, III Sludenf Council II I I2I Newspaper S'raIlII2I Class Treasurer II II Class SecrelaryII2I J.V. Cheerleader IIOI Foolball Sweelhearl I I ZI Princess Nominee IIO. III Favorife Nominee II I . I 2I Whos Who Among American High School Sludenls Chamber ol Commerce Honoree IIZI SIrIhonnelII2I WING, KEVIN V,l.C.A WISE, RONNIE F.H.A, WITT DON Honor SocielyIIO, I I, I2I Mu Alpha Thela IIO, I I. IQI F.C.A.IIO ii I2I FoolbaIlI9, io, ii. i2I Mosl Valuable Player I I ZI BasebaIII9. IO, I I, l2I Class Officer Vice Presidenf IIOI PresidenIII II Class Favorile IIO, I I, I2I Nominee lor SIcIhonne'r I IO, ii. IZI Sluclenl Council I9, IO. I I. IZI Parliamenlarian I I I I Chaplain IIZI Whois Who in Biology IIZI Mr. N.I'I.S. Finalisl I I 2I WOODS, AN N Soccer WOODS, DONNA Junior Hislorians C.V,A.E. E,H,A. Traclc WOODARD, STEVE Football I9, IO I I, IZI Mos? Valuable Player IIZI Caplain II2I Slcjhonnel Nominee IIZI WRAY RHONDA French Club I9, IOI F.T.A. I9I HiO.P.E. I9, IOI Marching Band I9, IO, III Symphonic Band I9, IO, I I, I2I Vilras Il2I "Every Family Has ones' - Lily IIZI Band Social Chairman II I , IZI Vilma ol Ihe Weelr II2I -A- Aceves, Mary - 220 Acosla Anfhony - 64, 3I2 Adams Dana - 307 Adams, Lisa - 286 Adams Priscilla - 286 Adams, Rhonda - 264 Adams Sheryl - 3 I3 Adams Terry - 286 Adams Timolhy - 286 Adams Adams Tina - 286 ,Wilberl - 362 Adye, Laura - 286 Aguirre, David - 307 Aicardi, Deanna - 286 Akins, Sammy - 264 Albaugh, Tammy - 264 Albaugh, Tim -220 Albaugh, Tom - 286 Alcorn, Carl -286 Aldridge. Debbie-9, General index Archer, Charles - 286 Archers, Tina - 3 I 2 Arias, Jose Luis - 3 I 2 Armslrong, Tina - 224 Arnold, Dwighl- I79, 258 Arnold, Mary- I I6. 286 Ashley, Rhonda - 224 Askins, Don - 3 I 2 Askins, Tammi - 286 Alleberry, Kalhy - 264 Auslin, Teresa - 264 Avery, Lorraine - 286 Avila, Abner- 3 I 2 Avila, Arnold - 264 Aviles, Hermalinda - 264 -5- Baelz, Gary - 264 Baelz, Kennelh - 22I I I6, 264 Aldridge, Valory - 64, 372 Almendarez, Spencer - I06, I97, 3 I 2 Alvarado, Ignacio- 220 Alexander, Philip - 286 Allen, Carl- 264 Allen, Chrisline- 286 Bailey, Chad-68, 22I Bailey, Clinl-3I2 Bailey, Karen - 3 I2 Bailey, Kevin-286 Bailey, Sleve-3I2 Bain, Kelly-3I2 Bain, Kyle-287 Bain, Melrose-3I3 Baker, David - 3 I3 Baker, Debra-287 Allen, Duane - 286 Allen, Jimmy - I96, I97, 220 Allen, Kellie - 220 Allen, Rosie - 286 Allen, Lorella - 3 I 2 Baker, Jackie - 22 I Baker, Leona - 264 Baldree, Marvin - 264 Baldree, Tommie - 3 I3 Baley, Brian - 287 Ball, Melanie - 287 Ballard, Karen - 3 I3 Ballard, Keilh - 287 Ballard, Kennelh - 22I Ballard, Lisa - 3 I3 Allen, Morris - 264 Allen, Sharon - 220 Alley, Scoll- I25. 258 Allgeyer, Gregory- 286 Amason, Sharon-286 Anchela, Carolyn-75. III, II3,II4, II5, 220, 364 Anchela, Susan - I I6, 286 Anguiano, Delia - 264 Anguiano, Fred - 286 Anderson, Cindy - I29 264 Anderson, Laura - 264 Andrews, Tyrone - 286 Banda, Carlos-22I Banda, Lourdes- 287 Banda, Maria - 3 I3 Banda, Raymond -22I Barnharl. Daniel Barnhill, Judy - 34, 42, 22I Barr, Casey - 95, 3 I3 Barr, Judson - 222 Barrienlos, Lus - 222 Barrienlos, Ruby - 222 Barron, Cynlhia - 222 Barllell, Darci - 77 Barllell, Lori - 38, 74, 222 Barllell, Mike - 3 I3 Bassell, Jeana - 3 I 3 Bales, Lori- 6, 94, 262, 263,265,282 Bales, Sherri- 265 Baugh, Joseph- 52, 223 Bauman, Kay- I I4. I I5, I I6, 223, 357, 359,364 Bauman, Keirh-265 Bauman, Deborah-30 Baumerl, Belh-223 Baxley, Calhy-307 Baxler, Kay-223 Bean, Jimmy-3I3 Bean, Sieve-287 Becerra, Anlonio - 287 Becker, David - 3 I3 Becker, Debi- I I6. I I7, 265 Beckwilh, Sam - 258 Beers, Tanya - 258 Belez, Tammy - 287 Bell, Tracey - 3 I3 Bembenek, Valerie - 265 Bender, Curlis - 265 Bergman, Gregory - 307 Bells, Waller- 265 Bible, Donna - 3 I3 Bickley, Donnie - 287 Bickley, Michael- 332 Bickley, Randle - 265 Bidwell, Shawn - 287 Biggers, Pamela - 265 Blackley. Kelly - 3 I3 Blackley, Kimberley Blackwood, Lorella - 265 Bledsoe, Billie- I67, I88, 3I3 Blough, Tom -66, 83, 223 Blylhe, Jimmie - 287 Boase, Cynlhia - 287 Boalrighl, Mary- 265 Bodenhamer. Don - I I5, I38, 287, 364 Bollon, Robin - 3 I3 Bonner, Sharon - 287 Boone, Henderson - 287 Boone. Rusly - 258 Boolh, Barbara - 3 I3 Boswell, Sandra - 283 Bauillion, Renee - 265 Bourland, Scoll - 57, 64, 70, 7I,95, 3I3 Bower, Rulh - 265 Bowie, Roberr- 258 Bowie, Sylvesler - 3I4 Bowman, Denise - 3I4 Box, Julie - 265 Boyd. Bonnie - 223 Boykin, Michael- 223 Bozman, Slephen - 265 Brackell, Larry - 287 Brackeen, Mary - 223 Bradford, Denise - 64 Bradford. Gloria - 3 I4 Bragg, Caroline - 3 I . 223 Bramlell, Amanda - 223 Brand, Brenda - 3 I4 Branch, Roberl- I90. 224 Brandon, Paula - I73, I74, 288 Brannock, Richard - 259 Braw, Virginia - 224 Brazier, Becky - 288, 357 Bannisler, Tammy -264 Barber, Billy - 265 Barker, Angela - 3 I3 Barker, Sherry- 22I Barnes, Brenda - 72, 85,222 Barnes, Cynlhia - 287 Barnes, Terry - 3 I3 Barnharl, Charles - 287 Biggs, Tracy - 287 Bilbrey, An nelre - 2, 223 54, 56, 66, 78, Billey, Margie- 223 Bingham, Kevin - I I6, I35, I58, 287 Birdwell, Donna - 287 Bilner, Anila - 3 I3 Black, Tania - 287 Breland, Rhonda - 265 Breland, Denice - 288 Brewer, Cynlhia - 224 Brewer, Delisa - 224 Brewer, Nalhan - 288 Brewer, Norman - 224 Brewer, Wormy - 95, 96, 97, 288 Brewer, Todd - 3 I 3 INDEX Campbell, Brerl - 289 3.5 Cuellar, Raul-267 I I 376 Bridewell, Bill -- 224 Bridges. Jeff- 259 Bridges, Kevin -- 288 Bridges, Ray - 224 Briggs. Sieve - 288 Briles, Mark- 62,265 Bringas, Roberl - 265 Brock, Doug - 288 Brock, Janel- 3 I4 Broughlon, Tim - l I5, I38 . 288, 364 Brown, David - 288 Brown, David - 3 I4 Brown, Dennis - 288 Brown, Edward - 265 Brown, Jeff- 3l4 Brown, Jerry - 288 Brown, Kevin - 288 Brown, Leah- 3 I4 Brown, Marlina - 265 Brown, Sari- I3 I, 265 Brown, Scoll- 3 I4 Brown, Tammy - 3 I4 Bruce, Kevin - 3 I4 Calhoun, Curlis- I28, 289 Calhoon, Sherry - I33, 225 Calverl, Jim - 56, 76, I26, 225 Campbell, Keilh - 225 Campbell, Rodney- 2 I 5, 259 Campbell, Scoll- 332 Canady, David -60, 66,225 Canady, Susan - 289 Canney, Edward - 332 Cannon, Sleve - 42. I4I, 3I5 Cano, Noah- 266 Canlerbury, Susan - 39.68, 69,225 Canlwell, Jerri- 266 Carlson, Richard - 289 Brunner, Robyn - 288 Bryan, Tamie - 66, 224 Buchanan, Dwayne- 224 Buckner, Robbie - 265 Buffingron. Calhy - 265 Bundranl, Donna - 265 Burchard. Dexler - 288 Burgess, Howard - 2 I 0, 2 I 3, 265 Burgess, Shane - 288 Burk, Bryce - 224 Burkefl, Sherry - 265 Burnell, Beverly - 288 Burneff, Brenda - 259 Burnell, Chrisline - 288 Burnerf, Deborah- 3 I4 Carnahan, Charles - 289 Carney, Terri - 289 Carpenler, Charica - 289 Carpman, Russ - 225 Carpman, Susan - 63, 289 Carrasco, Jaime - 289 Carroll, Greg - 289 Carroll, James Carroll, Karen Carry, Vickie - Carson, John - Carrer, Barry - - 225 266 Carroll, John - -289 95,3I5 289 3I5 Carler, David - 7, 266 Carler, Gary - Burns, Debra - 266 Burris, Donnie - 289 Burrow, Darren - 225 Burrow, Darren - 225 Burrow, Donila - 266 Burrow, John - 222 Burrow Burrow , Michael- 289 . Pamela - 225 Burson, James - I06 Burlon, James - 289 Burfon, Mary - 259 Busfillos, Raymond - 3 I 5 Burler, Isaac - 86, I54, I80, 225 Bu'I'Ier, Rosella - 3 I 5 Bullery, Teresa - I24, 225 INDEX Carler, Guy - 226 Carler, Sieve - 55, 79, 226 Carler, 'Iorri - 307 Carver, Jack- 289 Casper, Tina - 289 Caslillo, James - 266 Caslillo, Thomas - 266 Casroe, Maflhew - I4I, 3 I 5 Caslro, Nafividad - 3 I 5 Caviness, Laura - 224 Chalk, Debbie - 289 Chandler, Connie - 3 I 5 Chapa, Pedro - 289 Chalk, Debbie - 289 Chandler, Connie - 3I5 Chapa, Pedro-289 Chapman, Mark- I I5, 259 Chapman, Robin - I95, 289 Chase, Bobby- I52. 266, 270 Chase, Tommy - 3 I 5 Chasleen, Ellen - 3 I 5 Cherry, Juanira - 8 I , 266 Cherry, Lelris - 226 Chewning, Richard - 3 l 5 Child, Cynlhia - 289 Childress, Connie - 266 Childs, Rally - 266 Chrislian, Reginald - I83, 266 Chus+z, Vivian - 266 Clark, Billy - 289 Clark, Rick- 266 Clark, Sharon - 226 Clay, Thisher - 3 I 5 Clemens, Leigh-Ann - 307 Clemenls, Kennefh - 3 I 5 CIine,Janel'-3l5 Clough, Elizabelh - 266 Clough, Susan - 3 I 5 Coach, Donna - 60, 226 Cockrell, Bryan - 267 Coffey. Sracey - I73, 289 Coffey, Valinda - 267 Coker, Arr- I85, 3I5 Coleman, Brian - 3 I 5 Coleman, Duane - 289 Coleman, Rene - 267 Collins, Debra - 289 Conder, Brenr - 283 Condron, Marsha - 289 Conner, Kelly - 267 Conger, Darrell- I25. I45, 289 Conner, Paula - 226 Conner, Penny - 3 I 5 Conrad, Belh - 267 Cook, Colleen - 3 I 5 Cook, Shawn - 3 I 5 Cook, Tracy - 3 I 5 Cooper, Billy - 267 Cooper, Cheryl- 267, 276 Copeland, Janel-92, I I4, I I5, 226, 364 Cornell, Kevin - 267 Coronado, Dororhy - , 226 , Coronado I-Ienrierla - 3I5 Coronado Henry - 289 Coronado, JoAnn - 267 Colhran, John - 3 I 5 Collon, Lynda - I I4, I I5, 226, 364 Couch, Karen - 289 Covingron, Gayla - 50, 94, 96, 97, 226 Covingfon, Jeff- 267 Covingfon, Jeannine - 267 Covingfon, Michelle - 226 Cowen, Russell- 259 Cowen, Tracy - 63,28 Cox, Cynfhia - 289 Cox, David - 226 Cox, Lee - 3 I 5 Cox, William - 289 Craig, Chrisfopher- 204, 3I6 Crandall, Robin - 2 I 0. 267 Crane. Ladonna - 289 Cranford, Billy - 267 Crawford, Kalhleen - 290 Crawford, Thomas - 259 Crew, Scorr - 38. 53. 56, 94, I I5, II6, I25. I26, l27, 227, 364 9 Crouch, Suzanne - 267 Crulsinger, Cindy - 267,283 Cruz, Susan Cuellar, Denise - 64, 3I6 Cuellar, Vincenl' - 290 Culipher, Laura - 3 I6 Cunningham, Max - 376 Currier, Brenda - 290 Curry, Cindy - 34, 62, 66,267 Curlis, Randy - 267 Curlis, Scolr- 3 I6 Cullip, Roberl' - 267 -D- Dagg, Lisa - 290 Dane, Brad - 227 Dane, Slacie - 34.62, I I5, 262, 263, 267, 364 Esquivel, David - 229 Daniel, Jed - 267 Daniel, Slephen-227 Daniels, Wayne-227 Danish, Paul- I77, 227 Darden, Craig - I77, 227, 357 Darden, Gary - 3 I 6 Davenporl, Carol - 3 I 6 Davidson, Denise - 267 Davidson, Thomas - 376 Davis, Anifa - I29, 267 Davis Chris - 267 Davis Dale - 290 Davis, Gloria - 268 Davis, James 66, I8I Davis, Laurie - 3 I6 Davis Lori- 290 Davis, Sandy - 227 Day, Kalhy - 289 Day, Boyd - 290 Dean, Ann - 54, 57, 63, 70, 7I, 95, 96, 97, I I5, I73, 290. 364 Dean, Scoll -43, I98, 268 Deane, Donna -290 Deafon, David - 290 Degrafe, Bruce - 3 I9 Delagarza, Allred - 227 Delagarza, Cynlhia - 227 Delagarza, Deborah- 3 I 6 Delane, Lori -227 Delalorre, Allred - 268 Delalorre, David - I99, 228 Delalorre, Evelyn - 268 Delaforre, Rosa - I94, 290 Delorge, Donald - 308 Denham, Sheila - 290 Denninglon, Doris - 326 Dennis, Brenl - 228 Dennis, David - 3 I 6 Dennis, Vicky - 326 Demoney, Robin - 332 Dempsey, Sharon - 290 Desrosiers, David - 268 DeVasher, Carol- 268 Devine, Floyd - 290 Dewex, Joel - I44, 3I6 Dodd, Debbie- I65. 290 Dodd, Randy - 3 I6 Dodd, Teresa - 228 Donley, David - 268 Dorbrih, Adele - I62, I63, 228 Dorbrilz, Diana - 268 Dorough, Dwighl - 2 I 5, 290 Dorris, Carlos - 3 I6 Dorris, Twanda - 228 Dorsey, Lary - 268 Dharma, Geelha - 268 Diaz, Maria - 376 Daiz, Rebecca - 3 I6 Dickerson, Ann - 3 I6 Dickerson, Gary - 290 Dickerson, Joe - 228 Dickerson, Phyllis - 97, 3I6 Dickson, Marlon - 2 I 5, 290 Dill, Darla - 3 I6 Dill, David - 290 Dingler, Jack- 332 Doxsee, Angie- 3 I6 Drab, Dana -290 Drake, Donald - I59, 268, 362 Drake, Michael- 86. 259 Draper, Kalhy- 228 Du-Bose, Heidi- 82, 3I6 Dudley, Kevin - 268 Duke, Cary - I97, 268 Duke, Kevin - 3 I 7 Duncan, Pam- I I6, 268 Dunlap, Deborah - 3 I 7 Dunlap, Deann - 268 Dunn, William - 3 I 7 Dunn, Denise-290 Dumas, Sleve- 268 Durham, Rhonda - 3 I 7 Duron, Tony-228 Dulsch, Margarel-290 Duess, Janel-268 -E- Ealum, Carmon - I 73, 228 Ealum, Malcolm - I82 Eaves, Kara - 290 Edic, Keven - 290 Edic, Lynnefle - 268 Edmondson, Kenny - I52, 204, 228 Edmunds, Teresa - 3 I 7 Edwards, Lorie- I88, 290 Edwards, Sonya -95, 96, 97, I72, I73, I75. 29I Edwards, Sue- 76, I25, I26, I27, 228, 356 Egbert Malinda - I67, 3I7 Egbert Nolan - 86, I54, 228 Ehemann, Lynn - 80. I33 Eidson, Scofl - 3 I 7 Ellis, Anlhony - 308 Ellis, Charles - 269 Ellis, Lorri - 269 Ellis, Melissa - 269. 283 Ellis, Rosemary - 229 Ellis, Sandra - 23, 29I Ellzey, Mark- 3 I 7 Elmore, Tommy - 20I Elmore, Vermon - 29I Elslon, Michael- 29I Embley, Donna - 29I Embry, John - 29I Embry, Roberl' - 259 Emmons, Jean - 229 Empey, Caroline Engle, Jell - 269 Englerl, Donald English, Chris - 229 Enochs, Bobby - 204, 29I Enrighf, Sarah - 94, 269, 283 Erben, Denise - 3 I 7 Ercanbrack, Sandra - 269 Escaremo, Guadalupe - 368 Escobar, Francisco - 259 Esquivel, Almarosa - 229 Esquivel, Raul- 29I Essary, Evelyn - 3 I 7 Eslrada, Joe - 269 Eslrada, Silvi - 3 I 7 Efchieson, Glenda - 29 I, 308 Eubanks, Cheryl- 229 Eubanks, Jeania - 29I Eugene, Espinaza - 29I Evanko, Slanley - 269 Evans, Joe - 3 I 7 Evans, Lavada - 3 I 7 Evans, Tommy - 269 Everefl, Desmond - 3 I 7 Evers, Alison - 3 I 7 Fackler, I'larry - 29 I Fails, Wayne - 3 I 7 Farish, Carla - 269 Farish, John - 86, 229 Farmer, Mike - 229 Farrow, James - 269 Fell, Elaine - 29I Ferguson, Mark- 332 Ferrilor, Gerri- 29I Ferro, Benny- I I4, I I5, 230, 364 Flaherly, Bonnie - 230 Flaherly, Lynn - 67, I87 Flafl, Belinda - 3 I 7 Flall, Mike - 29I Flores, Chris - 4, 2 I 3, 230 Flores, Jesse - 358 Flores, Johnny - 29I Fielder, Janel - 3 I 7 Fillmore, David - I96, 269 Finch, Jimmy - 3 I 7 Fisher, Randi-94, 262, 263,269 Fogleman, Melody - 230 Fooks, Tim - 3 I 7 Foole, Pam - 3 I 7 Ford, Dewey- I25, 230 Ford, Diana -269 Ford, Kelly- 29I Ford, Lawanna -95, 29I Ford, Libby - 269 Fordyce, Jon - 3 I 8 Fordyce, Mark- I I6, I I7, 230 Fordyce, Sharon - 29I Foresler, Connie - 29I Forlenberry, I-Ioward - 3I8 Francis, James - 3 I 8 Franklin, Donna - 230 Fred, Sheryl - 23 I Free, Pamela - 29I Frick, Ricky - 259 Frilfs, Carol- 3 I 8 Frills, Linda - 23 I Frilz, Jeanelle - 269 Frilz, Mike - 62, 29I Froslev, Tamara - 29I Frosl, Slacie - 269 Fuenles, Edward - 269 Fuller, Phillip - 80, 29I Fuller, Thelma - 23 I -5- Gaines, Ray- I80, I8I Gamez, An'rhony - 2 I4 Gamez, Gloria - 3 I 8 Gamez, Nicholas - 29I INDEX 77 78 Gamez, Sleve - 3 I 8 Gaona, Jesse - 3 I 8 Gaona, Jimmy - 292 Garcia, Belinda - 3 I 8 Garcia, Dina - 269 Garcia, Felipe - 269 Garcia, Freddie - I54, 260 Garcia, Gregorio - 3 I 8 Garcia, Norma - I 33 Garcia, Rica - 23 I Garms, Leann - 23 I Garner, Mike - 292 Garner, Nalure - 23 I Garza, Maria - 23 I Garza, Mike - 269 Garza, Raul- 269 Galling, Jeffery - 269 Geberl, Regina - 23 I Gibson, Paul- 23I Gilberl, Donald - 3 I 8 Gilaer, Ricky - 269 Giles, Kelly - 270 Glasgow, Bobby - 23 I Glidewell, Denisa - 3 I 8 Glover, Janice - 3 I8 Glover, Paula - I I4, I I5, 232 Goad, Ginger- 3 I 8 Goad, Wayne - 3 I 8 Godina, Delia - I88, 292 Goins, Ben - 292 Golello, Tony - I06. 270 Golighlly, David - 232 Golighlly, Vielfa - 270 Gomez, Anlhony - 3 I 8 Gomez, Corinna - I64, 270 Gonzales, Anlhony - 292 Gonzales, Debra - 3 I 8 Gonzales, Ernesl - 270 Goodgion, Belinda - 3 I 8 Goolsby, Joe - 270 Gordon, Phyllis- I32, 270 Gordon, Virginia - 260 Graham, Jennifer- 3I8 Graham, Sally - 270 Granado, Gilberl- 2I I, 2I2, 232 Granlland, Macky - 232 Graves, Cliff- 270 Graves, Lora - 292 Gray, Anila - 232 Gray, Connie - 292 Gray, Lynn - 292 Gray, Sonya - 270 INDEX Grayson, Shelly - 3 I 8 Grayson, Sleve - 270 Green, Joanna - 3 I 8 Green, Mark- 232 Green, Sarah- 64, 3 I 8 Green, Verner- 292 Greenwood, Vriginia - 268, 270 Greer, Leigh- 95, 3 I 8 Greer, Ricky - 292 Greising, Michelle - 292 Grillin, Billy - 232 Griffin, Mike - 3 I 8 Grillifh, Bill- 270 Grillifh, Brad - 292 Grillifh, Calhy - 63. 96.97, 292 Grim, Ca ryn - 292 Grim, Kalhy- 270 Grim, Lindy- 95, 3 I 8 Grimmel, David - 3 I9 Grosek, Cheryl- I29, 270 Grosek, Roxanne - 290 Gross, John - 283 Grove, Kelly - 232 Groves, Joy - 3I9 Grummerl, Tracy - 3 I 9 Guaiardo, Sandy - 292 Guenler, Lisa - 3 I9 Guerreo, Cynlhia - 308 Gullefl, Kyle - 292 Guynn, Barbara - 3 I9 Guynn, Kalhleen - 3 I9 Guzman, Arluro - 270 Guzman, Elvia - 270 Guzman, Leonor - 232 -1-1- Haberman, Perry-270 Hackell, Sieve - 232 Hackelf, Teresa - 232 Hager, Damon - 27I Hair, Tim - 27I Halas, Karen - 3 I 7 Halepaska, James- I90, 27I Halepaska, Neil - 3 I9 Haley, Danny- 232 Hall, Cindy - 232 Hall, Darren-64, I62 Hall, Doug-27I Hall, Mark-27I Hall, Michael- 3I9 Halleman, James - 292 Ham, Henry - 3 I9 Ham, Sabra - 283 Hamelf, Yvelle - 292 Hamillon, Calhy - 52, 66,232 Hamillon, Frankie - 2 I , 30, 205, 233 Hamillon, Mark- 233 Hamlin, Melissa - 233 Hammer, Kalhy-233 Hammer, Randy - 292 Hammil, Cindy- 233 Hammonds, Troy-292 Hancoch, Johnny- 3I9 Hanke, Susan -27I Hardin, Lee - 83,233 Hardin, Rhonda - 3 I9 Hardy, Malcolm Hardy, Karen Hargrove, Russell- 27I Hargrove, Slacy- 292 Hargrove, Waylon- 30, 43, 49, 62, I54. 204,275,283 HarIess,Jimmy-3I9 Harmon, Kelly- 3I9 Harper, Jan -95, 3 I9 Harper, Larry- 292 Harper, Lynn - 233 Harred, Julie-233 Harrel, Michael-292 Harringlon, Shawn - 3 I9 Harris, Charlolle - 3 I 9 Harris, Charles - 292, 308 Harris, Cheryl-233 Harris, Ken - I8I, 283 Harris, Kim - 27I Harris, Theron - 3 I9 Harris, Wesley- 3I9 Harl, Jimmy-292 Harl, Nancy-293 Harl, Phillip-293 Harl, Roger-27I Harlridge, Michael- 234 Harlweek, Ronnie - 332 Harvey. Mike - 233 Harvey, Bobby- 3I9 Hafhorn, James-2I4, 3I9 Hawkins, Michelle- 332 Hayes, Cindy - 3 I9 Haynes, Daniel- 204, 205,293 Hays, Jeanne - 293, 364 Hazel, Debra - 27I Head, Carol- 293 Head, David - 3 I9 Headrick, Annabelh - 308 Headrick, Sonya - 308 Heady, Randy - 27 I Hearn, George - 3 I 9 Hearn, Georgina - 234 Heberl, Mark- 234 Heiche, Kevin - 2 I 5 Heiney, Susan - 22, 27I Henderson, Sleve - 27I Hendricks, Ray - 3 I9 Hendrix, Cindy - 283, 27I Hengy, James - 27, 293 Henkel, Bridgel- 283 Henning, Rhonda - 332 Henry, Jennifer - 293 Henry, Paul - 293 Hensley, Doug - 234 Herman, David - 293 Hernandez, Ciro - 27I Hernandez, Fred - 27 I Hernandez, Tommy - 2 I 3, 27I Herring, Lora - 293 Hervey, Ronald - 293 Hickman, Ernesl- 260 Hicks, Gerald - 234 High, Barbara - 27I High, Skipper - 27I Highlower, Debra - 234 Hill, Tammy - 235 Hill, Tammy - 320 Hillebremner, William - 320 Himes, Curlis-320 Hindman, Tammy- I I6, 58, 60, 235 Hiniiosa, Ray-320 Hinoiosa, Ricky- 66, 235 Hipp, William - 320 Hobbs, Pamela - 235 Hollpavir, Rodney - 320 Holland, Belly - 235 Holmes, Gordon - 320 Holl, Chris - 84, 235 Holl, Cynlhia - 293 Holl, Edward - 260 Holl, Laurie - 62, 95, 284, 285, 293 Honey, Roberl - 293 Hood, Delisa - I74. 293 Hook, Barbara - 235 Hook, MaryJane - 235 Hooper, Kim -95, 284, 285,292,293 Horning, Greg - 27I Horsley, Donald - 27 I Horfon, Anfhony-5, 86,235 Horlon, Gene - 320 Horfon, Thomas-293 Horfon, Tina - 5, I64, 293 Hoskins, Angela - 320 Holt Freddie - I I5, I I6, I38, 205, 235. 364 House, Johnny- I75, I76. 320 Housewright Brian - 235 Houslon, Deborah- 235 Housfon, Derrell - 320 Housfon, Larry- 320 Howard, Jimmy- I52, 27I Howard, Kayla - 320 Howell, Lawrence - 320 Howell, Pefer -4l , 67, 27 l, 283 Hoyler, Daina - 293 Huckaba, John - 27I Huckaba, Regina - 320 Huckabay, Mike - 235 Huckabay, Shelly - 27 I Huckaby, Tim -294 Hudson, Roby - 320 Hudson, Shelley - 294 Huerla, Yolanda - 28, l25, I27. 235 lvie, Jim - 236 lvie, Lehla - 272, 36I -J- Jackson, Blake - 32l Jackson, Jamie - 32l Jackson, Joel- 294 Jackson Kim - I63, 272 Jackson, Marly - 32 I Jackson, Ricky - 28, 236 Jackson Tamara - 32l Jackson ,Tina-32l Jacobs, Pamela - 294 James, Doug - 236 Jan, Blake - 200 Jarosh, Craig - 272 Jay, Larry - 32l Jellcoat Debra - 294 Jellcoat Mark- 236 Jurecka, Slacy - I87, 272 -K- Kaiser, Clifford - 272 Kemenicky, Doreen - 237 Karnes, Kim - 32l Karns, Theresa - 272 Keane, Charlie - 260 Kealls, Lorre - I64, 295 Kealfs, Teresa - 32l Keck, Joni - 32l Kee'ron, Connie - 295 Keefon, Raymond - 272 Keelon, Susan - 32l Keifh, Richard - 260 Kell, Carmen - 32I Kelly, Cynlhia - 237 Kelly, Dominic - 260 Jenkins, Charles-236 Jenkins, Delayne-272 Jenkins, Lisa - I9I, 309, 358 Jenkins, Tammie - I I5, 238, 359 Jerpi, Kevin - 32l Jessup, Karen - 294 Jessup, Kafhy - 236 Jesfer, Michael- 32l Jeler, Mifzi - 272 Johns, Jeff- I9 I, 272 Johns, Wade - 236 Kelly, Kennefh - 295 Kelly, Tim - 32 I Kelly, Tonia - 295 Kelso, Dana - 295 Kemp, Donnie - 63, 92, 295 Kemp , Jamie - 272 Kemp, Marlene - 237 Kemp, Ronnie - 57, 63, 284 . 285, 295, 297 Kemp, Scol+ - 237 Kemp, Tim - 322 Huff, Julie - 320 Hullmasfer, Bonnie - 293 Huffmasfer, Charles - 235 Humphrey, Tammy - I87,27I Hunt Michael- 32I Hurley, Don - 27I Hurfado, Gary -32l Huser, Tammi - 272 Huslon, Randy l'luHo, Chris - Hyden, Kelly - - 272 272 294 Johnson, David - 272 Johnson, Edilh - 236 Johnson, Jill- 64, 32l Johnson Karen - 32l Johnson, Kafherine - 236 Johnson, Kenny - 294 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Marie - 32l Phyllis - 309 Randall- 294 . Scoffy - 63 Jolly, Pam - 32 I Jones, Bufch - 236,272 Jones. Darcey- 272 Jones, Jeff-26, 32l Kemper, Leroy -42, 54, II5, II6, I38,272 364 Kendall, David - 295 Kennaley, Krisfin - 272 Kennedy, Bruce - 272 Kennedy, Kimberley - 272 Keough, Lenore - 295 Keslerson, Roger - 237 Kesferson, Sfeven - 332 Key, Billy - 295 Kile, Vernon - 295 Kile, Tammy - 309 Killgo, Kasandra - 332 Jones, -1- Inge, Chrisline-32l ngle, Michelle-272 ngle, Miriam -32l nman, Kennefh-294 rwin, Joanna - 29, 38, l25, 235 slas, Dora - 2 94 slas, Monica - 272 Jones, Karen - 272 Jones, Krisla - 294 Jones, Laura - 272 Jones. Lonnie - 294 Jones Jones ,Slephen - 32l Sleven - 294 . Terri - 294 Jordan, Jonafhan - 332 Jurecka, Bubba - 64. 32l Kinder, Kenf - 295 Kindrick, Tim - 295 King, Deselle - 283 King, Felicia - 309 King, Freddy - 237 King, Jacqueline - 332 King, Mark- 295 King, Shonda - 273 King, Sfeven - 295 King, Teresa - 237 Kinsel, Howard - 273 Kirby, Kyle - I59, 295 Kirby, Michael- 273 Klaiber, Jane - 269, 273 Klassen, Veronica - 273 Klempin, Michelle - 237 Knaust Sian - 273 Knight Kei+h - 295 Knight Paula - 8, I94, 295 Knippers, Tina - 332 Knopp, Jane - 295 Knox, Kafhy - 332 Koerlh, Charles- 332 Kohut Melinda - 295 Kohut Melissa - 237 Kruckner, Sharon - 237 Kubacka,Ru+l1- 295 Kubica, Karen - 238 Kuhn, Anfhony - 238 -L- Lacy, Ernesl- I85 Lacy, Gervis - 260 Lacy, Tanya - 332 Lamb, Jerry- I5, I59, 295 Lambert Brian - I83, 273 Lambert Denise- 332 Lambert Laura- I33, 238 Lambert Sonya - 295 Lambrecht Sally - 273 Lamere, Anne - 238 Lancasler, Lesfer - 2 I 3, 295 Landers, LaOna - 295 Landers, William - 273 Lands, Karen - 332 Langley, Conni - 332 Lawrence, Norman - 238 Lawson, Alice - 273 Lawson, Anila - 238 Lawson, Carole - 273 Lawson, Todd - 332 Lawyer, Kevin - 295 Laylon, Randy - 295 Leadabrand, Sheryl- 295 Ledbelfer, John - 273, 283, 295, 358 Ledbefler, Julie - 208, 332 Ledbeller. Shelley - 295 Lee, Laura - 296 INDEX Lee, Roberf- 296 Lee, Sianley - 273 Lee, Wanda - 332 Legafe, Bruce - 332 Lesfer, Elizabelh - 273 Lefoureau, Debra - 238 Lewis, Cheryl- 273 Lewis, Mark- 332 Lewis, Nancy- 296 Lighffool, Sieve - 296 Liles. Tammy- 238 Lilley, Sharon - 296 Limones, Enrique - 332 Limones, Sandra - 273 Lindsey, Celinda - 68, 69, 273 Lindsey, Scoif - 333 Lindsey, Sherri - 273 Linfon, Tricia - 273 LiHle, Carol- 273 Loffice, Amy - 333 Long, Kerry - 273 Long, William - 26l Longhofer, Janelle - 333 Longhofer, Larry - 239 Lopez, Alice - 296 Lopez, Gregorio - 64. l60, 296 Lopez, Guadulupe - 283 Lopez, Kafy - 273, 280 Lopez, Paul- 3.94, 234 Lopez, Sammy- 2, 37, 95, 296 Loudermilk, Calhy - 273 Loudermilk, Diane - 333 Lovell, Chrisfina - 333 Loveday, Donna - 239 Lowery, Joseph - 239 Loyd, Barbara - 239 Loyd, Brenda - 273 Lozano, Kafhy - 296 Lozano, Sergio - 273 Luian, Adan - 274 Luian, Evanielina - 274 LyaH, James - 274 Lyles, Deborah- 322 Lynch, Amy - 309 Lynch, Karen - 322 Lynch, Kafhleen - 322 Lynch, Colleen - I26, 239 Lynch, Kim - 239 Lyons, Trina - I67, 322 -M- Maceviius, Jon - 323 INDEX Macevicius, Tony - 38. 240 Macha, Shelly- 296 Mahalik, Bobby-2I0. 2l2, 240 Mahar, Ray-323 Mallory, Elizabefh- 274 Mammen, Joni- 59, 24I, 36I Manderscheid, Jeff- 323 Mangum, Roberl - 296 Manners, Sco+'r - 274 Manning, LuAnn - 206, 274 Manroorh, Laura - 296 Manfooih, Linda - 24I Manzelli, Frank - 26l Manzelli, Don - 296 Maples, Ben - 323 Mapp, Carolyn - 296 Marquez, Armido - 274 Marshall, Dorinda - 274 Marshall, Jennifer - 28, 39, 53, I92, 240 Marshall, Regina - 296 Marshall, Robin - 323 Marshall, Timofhy - 323 Marlin, Benny - I96, 240 Marlin, James-297 Marlin, Linda - 274 Mafindale, Regina - 240 Marrinez, Alex - 323 Marfinez, Elizabeih - 323 Marfinez, Gerri - 297 Marfinez, Roberf-323 Marfinez, Tony- 36. l l5, l I6, l38, I9I. 359, 364 Mashburn, Sherman- 240 Mason, Charlofle - 274 Mason, Jimmy - 240 Mason, Sharon - 20 Massey, Beniie - 240 Massey, Kim - 309 Massey, Melinda - 323 Massey, Philip - 297 Masi, David - 323 Mafernowski, Barry - 297 Mafheny, Mona - 323 Mafheny, Roberf - 297 Mafhews, JoEllen - l33, 240 Mafhes, Mignon - 240 Marhis, Sandra - 297 Marhis, Teresa - 54, 57, 64, 70, 7l,95, 323 Marson, Vanessa - 274 MaHhews, Michael- 24l Maifoon, Nelson - 323 Mayberry, Ron - 297 Mayes, Shere-274 Maynard, Connie - 243 Maynard, Linda - 274 Maynard, Lori- 323 Mayo, Sieve- 22.273, 274 Mayo, Tracy - 297 McAdams, Chuck- 274, 360 McBride, Janeife - 274 McCall, Renee - 24I McCammon, Ralph McCarrell, Becky - 42, 54, 56, 60, 94, 96, 97. I I6, 24I McCarrell, Mike - 274 McCar+ney, David - 24l McCar+ney, Gerald - 297 McCar1'ney, Larry - 274 McClain, Nan - 322 McClure, Roger-297 McClung, Debbie- 24I McConely, Sue - 24I McCormick, David - 297 McCoy. Angie - 274 McCoy, Terri - 322 McCullar, Michael- 24I McCullough, l-lollie - 297 McCullough, Jimmy- 322, I45 McCullough, Mike- 356 McCullough, Pam - 322 McCu'rcheon, Jon - 322 McCu+cheon, William - 24I McDaniel, Jack- 274 McDonald, Marcia - 297 McDowell, Kyle - 297 McDowra, Donald - 24l McFarland, Keri- 33, 96, 97, 275 McFarland, Pam - 322 Mclzarlin, Shirley - 297 McGill, Troy - 297 McGill, Windell - 30. 204, 205, 24l McGlone, Marion - 322 McGlone, Melissa - 242 McGlone, Michelle - 274 McGowin, Dena - 297, McGuire, Dennis - 274 Mclnfire, Vicki- 26I McKellar, Linda - 275 McKellar, William - 297 McKenzie, Eva- l4l, 297 McKnigh1', Lynn - 275 McNeice, Cindy - 242 McNeil, Cindy - 323 McNiel, Thomas - 323 McPefers, Tommy - 323 McPe+ers, Renee - 275 Meade, Brenda - 297 l Meadows, Sfeve - 297 Medford, David - 323 Mee, Kimberly - 324 Meeks, Jimmie - 324 Meeks, Keifh - 6, 7, 76 I55, l56, 275 Melzger, Hank- 333 Mexia, Mark- 242 Mexia, Michelle - 324 Meyers, Shelly - 298 Mikusek, John - 298 Mikusek, Lisa - 275 Miles, Gina - 309 Miles, Paul - 298 Milholen, Wayne - 241 Miller, Chris - 324 Miller, Debbie - 275 Miller, Donald - 26l Miller. Mark- 298 Miller, Theodore - 321' Millican, Deborah- 309 Millican, Mike - 324 Milliorn, Ernesf- 324 Minor, Jennifer - 298 Winier, Jerry - 298 Minion, Timoihy - 273 Mifhchell, Jerry - 324 Milchell, Johnny - 27!l Miichell, Keifh - 26l Milchell, Meladie -62 94, 275 Milchell, Tammy - 271 Mize, Becky - 242 Mock. Laura - 275 Mock, William - 324 Monfgornery, Scoff- 324 Monfellano, Alfred - 242, 359 Moody, Greg -275 Moon, Mickey-2l5, 298 Mooney, Brian - I44 Moore, Anna-Lesa- Nelson, Brian- I69 Nelson, Roberfa - 275, 283 Nelson, Roy - 325 Nelson, Roy - 299 Nenfwig, David - 73, 84, 87, 94, I78, 26l Nerio, Ruben - 325 Nerio, Sandra - 299 Neyse, Neuse, Byron - 243 Kay - 299 53.92, 242 Moore, Becky -93, 275, I73, I74 Moore, Cheryl- 275 Moore, David - 298 Moore, George - 324 Moore, Mary - 324 Moore, Melinda - 275 Moore, Paffy - 298 Moore, Rebecca - 275 Moore ,Tonny - 242 Mora, Roger - 3, 298 Moraes, Alex - 324 Morale, Kafhy - 324 Moranfo, Nori - 298 Moreno, Alfred - 95, 324 Moreno, llda - 298 Moreno, lrocema - 324 Moreno, Roberf- 242 Morris, Robin - 242 Morse, Maffhew - 275 Morse, Nancy - 298 Mosher, Michael - 324 Mosher, Roberf - 26l Moss, Cindy - 80 Mouser, Sharon - 298 Mouser, Susan - 298 Moya, Lenor - 333 Mullen, Sharon - 298 Mullins, Kim - 298 Munger, Bruce - 325 Murphy, Buzzy - 62, l56, 333 Murphy, Tony - 325 Murphy, Vincenf - 95, 299 Musseff, David - 325 Mussler, Allen - 299 Myers, Kafhy - 6, 243 -N- Narvaez, Mauricio - 243 Neal, Bill - 275 Neafherlin, Hope - 299 Neel, Chris - 243 Neff, James - 299 Neff, Keifh -243 Nehrke, Fred - 299 Nehrke, Susana - 299 Newell, David - 275 Newman, Regina - 299 Nguyen, Thuy - 275 Nicholas, Roberf - 204, 243 Nicholas, Susan - 299 Nichols, Roberf - 325 Nickell, Sonya - 299 Nickerson, Dariece - 299 Nickerson, Thalia - 276 Nixon, Herschel- 297 Norman, Melissa - 325 Norman, Vanessa - I l5, 276, 364 Norris, LeJean - 243 Norfhcuff, Lana - 299 Norfhcuff, Ralph- 243 Nye, Ricky - I82, 275 -Q- Oakley, Danny - 325 O'Brein, Shannon - 325 Ochoa, Dahlia - 299 O'Connor, Ricky - 244 O'Hara, Cheryl- 276 O'l-lara, Sherry - 62, 96.97, 276 Okle, Dennis - 276 Oliver, Bryan - 299 Oliver, Greg - 276 Oliver, Jeanne- 2,244 Oliver, Tammie- 244 Oliver, William - 325 Olsovsky, Carolyn -58. 66,244 Orand, Richard - 299 O'Seid, Monica - 64, 325 Osmer, Kafhy- 37,325 Offs, Randy - 276 Overland, Wayne - 244 Owen, Jerry - 325 Owen, Roberf - 299 Owens, Jeffery - 52. 244 -p.- Pace, Cliff -64, 325 Pace, Marvin - 325 Pace, Robin - I95, 299 Pace, Terry - 244 Pace, Edward - 244 Paddock, Mark- 299 Paddock, Paula - 325 Page, John - 276 Palmer, Curfis - 299 Palmer, Michael- 299 Parish, Todd - lO6, 325 Park, Vaughn - 325 Parker, Kelley - 300 Parker, Timofhy - 276 Parks, Willie - 300 Parrish, Cheryl- 244 Parfney, Lisa - 300 Paschall, Kafhleen - 300 Paschall, Sherry - 325 Pafrick, Donna - 300 Pafrick, Larry - 325 Pafrick, Lori - 300 Pafrick, Mark- 244 Pafrick, Sfephen - 73, 276 Pafferson, James - 300 Pafferson, Shaye - 325 Payne, Jerry - 300 Payne, Vickie - 300 Pearce, Gene - 300 Pearson, Rifa - 276 Pearson, Todd - 325 Peavy, Terry - 276 Pecikonis, Edward - I26, 276 Peddy, Gina - 95,326 Peiser, David - 22, 70, 7l, I52, I54, l57, 263 276 Peiser, Greg - 86, 245 Peiser, Monfe- I59, 300 Perez, Sfella - 300 Perry, Debbie - 276 Perryman, Debra - 300 Pesina, Deanna - 276 Pefers, Dondi - 276 Peffy, Angela - 244 Phillips, Billie- l ls, 245 Phillips, David - 300 Phillips, John - 326 Phillips, Kafhy - 25, 94i l25, 277, 283 Phillips, Mark- 326 Phillips, Michael- I I5. 26l, 364 Phipps, Charles - 300 Pierce, Cindy - 277 Piesf, Corinne - 63, 95. 96, 97, 300 Piefens, Danny - 277 Piefens, Harry - 326 Pinckard, Thomas - 300 Pipkins, Pelecia - 64, I89, 326 Pipkins, Marilyn - 26l Pipkins, Tonya - 8, 96, 97, 245 Piffman, Jerry - 309 Pledger, Vicki- 245 Plumley, Jimmy - 245 Plymale, Debbie - 326 Pogue, Lisa - 326 Polous, Joseph- 300 Pompa, Tony - 245 Ponce, Jesse - 245 Ponder, Carla - 245 Pope, Debra -6, 246 Porfer, Duane- 277 Porfer, Jana - I74, 300 Porfer, Jennifer - 300 Porfer, Johnny - 2 I , 246 Posey, Kafhy - 326 Powell, Pam - 300 Power, James - 300 Power, Joe - 246 Poyer, Mary - 326 Praff, Jamie - 300 Pressly, Greg - 277, 283 Presfon, Audrey - 3Ol Presfon, Briggif - 246 Presfon, Kevin -- l58, 277 Presfon, Larry - 326 Presfon, Sherry - 30I Price, James - 277 Price, Lisa - 30l Price, Tim - 30l Price, Tina - 246 Prueff, Michelle - 30I Prueff, Russell- 277 Punsalan, Cynfhia - 326 Purkey, Befh - 30l Purkey, Shelia - 87,326 Ouinn, Kevin - 277 -R.. Rabyor, Paula - 246 Rainwafer, Keifh - 246 Ramos, Rebecca - 309 INDEX Ramsden, Kim - 30I Ramsey, J.- 25, I I6, I25, I34, 277, 278 Ramsey, Kafhy -- 66, 247 Ramsey, Richard - 326 Randall, Tracy - 30l Randle, John - 55, 62. I I5, I38, 364 Rangel, Debbie - 277 Ransome, Susan - 30l Raper, Gayla - 30l Ray, Cynfhia - 30l Ray, Melissa - 326 Read, Richard - 333 Reamy, Kennefh - I70, I7 I, 326 Reavis, Vivian - 247 Redding, Kelly - 277 Reeves, Brenda - 54, 55, 70, 7I, 96, 97, 277. 28I Reeves, Elizabefh - 277 Reeves, John - 326 Reger, John - 326 Reger, Renee - 277 Reich, Mary- 30l Reid, Randy - 309 Reinhard, Willard - 30l Reifer, Sherri- 247 Remley, Virgil- 247 Renshaw, Thomas - 30I Resendez, Amparo - 326 Resendez, Noe - 277 Reyna, Teresa - 326 Reyna, Thomas - 30l Reynolds, Audrey - 30l Reynolds, Marvin - 326 Reynolds, Renee - 277 Reynolds, Tammie - 277, 359 Rhodes, Randy - 277 Ribble, Befsy - 247 Ribble, Judy 8 I , l3O. 247 Rich, Deborah- 277 Rich, Donald - 30l Rich, Mike- I I5, 27I, 277 Richards, Cheryl- 277 Richards, Lisa - 326 Richardson, Deanna - 30l Rie, Becky - 277 Riggs, Chrisfa - 326 Rineharf, Ray - 247 Rivers, Chrisfie - 326 Rives, Roberf- 333 Roan, Thomas - 30l INDEX Robbins. Debra - 277 Roberson, Gayla - 30l Roberfs, James - 277 Roberfs, Tony - 326 Roberfson, John - 327 Roberfson, Karen - 327 Robinson, John - 327 Robinson, Kennefh - 277 Robinson, Mark - 277 Robinson, Roberf - 247 Robinson, Teresa - 302 Robison, David- I I5, I I6, I38, 277, 364 Rodges, Lesfer - 309 Rodriguez, Esfher - 327 Rodriquez, Ron - 277 Rogers, Cornelius - 26 I Rogers, Darryl- 302 Rogers, Samuel- 247 Romero, Joseph - 247 Romero, Julieffe - 309 Rosen, David - 327 Rosenburger, Bruce - 309 Rosifas, Teresa - 333 Ross, Lisa - 247 Rosson, Clinf- 309 Roffen, Joseph- 302 Rowe, Don - 302 Rowe, Liana - 327 Rowe, Phillip- 277 Rowland, Carol- 302 Rubealcaba, Harvey - 309 Rush, Johnny-333 Rush, Mikel- 247 Rushing, Leslie - 327 Russell, Daniel- 302 Russum, Donna - 247 Russum, Gayle- 302 Rufh, Reva - 302 Ruyle, Penny- 327 Ruyle, Tony- 327 Ryals, Frank- 327 Ryals, Teri- 302 Saenz, David - 9, 63, 302 Sainf, Susan - 302 Salick, Laura - 302 Sanchez, Roberf - 247 Sanders, Karla - 278 Sanders, Robbie - 278, 282 Sanders, Sheri- I36, 247 Sandoval, Jeronimo - 302 Sandoval, Roberf- 303 Sanford, Cindy- 20, I I4, I I5, 248, 364 Sanford, William - 327 Sarandis, Nicholas - 303 Sargenf, Jeffery - 303 Sauer, Cliff - 303 Sauer, David - 303 Sawyer, Jeana - 66, 248 Schaare, James - 327 Schell, Jasone - 333 Schenkler, Phillip- 327 Schlarbaum, Jean - 74, 248 Schmidf, Kafhy Schnaiderman, Connie - 248 Schoendiensf, Sfeven - 327 Schulfz, Lisa - 278 Schumacher, Nafalie - 248 Scoggins, Brenf - I 8 I . 248 Scoff, Alena - 303 Scoff, Roberf - 248 Scruggs, Guy - 303 Sea bolf, Gary - 248 Seabolf, Jerry - 327 Sears, Jim - I27, 248 Seiber, Jane - 278 Sekula, Kafhy - 248 Self, Lannie - 383 Sellers, Kennefh - 303 Sellschopp, Paffi - 327 Selman, Billy - 249 Sensfock, Susan - 95, 327 Sepfer, Doug - 25, 27. 77, 249 Seffle. Sandra - 278 Sevilla, Danny -26I Shaddox, Roberf - 327 Shanahan, Linda - I88, 303 Shanahan, Paul- 249 Sheffield, Flora - 303 Shelfon, Brad - 60, 67. 93, 94, 249 Shelfon, Mark- 303 Sherman, June - 249 Sherman, Sheila - 278 Sherrill, Debbie Shopher, Susan - 328 Shrum, Gina - 328 Shrum, Kelly - 278 Shulfz, Lawrence - 333 Shumacher, Nafalie - 67 Sidney, Tammy - 249 Simmons, Chrisfy - I25, 278, 283 Simmons, Debbie - 278 Simmons, Kelly - 278 Simmons, Linda - 249 Simmons, Melinda - 328 Simmons, Sandy - I 88, 303 Sims, Tammy-278 I Single-Iary, Wendell- 98, 303 Sloan, Donna - 328 Skelfon, Julie - 303 Skelfon, Laura - 249 ' Smickala Smickala s, Daniel- 279 s., Dennis - 279 Smilie, Bruce - 87, I93, 249 I Smifh, Bi lly - 303 Smifh, Bobby - 303 Smifh. David - 279, I2! Smifh, David W. - 309 Smifh, Dean - 249 Smifh, Debbie - 250 Smith, G Smifh, G erald-279 reg - 64, 328 Smifh,James I4I Smifh,Jennifer- 250 Smifh,Joannah- 303 Smifh, Kevin - 328 Smifh, LouAnn - 82. 250 Smifh, Louis - 279 Smifh, M onica - 303 Smifh, Paul- 279 Smifh, Paul - 303 Smifh, Randy - 303 Smifh, Shauna - I95, 303 Smifh, Trenda - 328 Smifhe, Jane - 328 Smyfhe, Ronald - 328 Sneed, Terri- 303 Snow, Marney - 303 Snow, Sa I I4, I 364 ndra -9, 94, 15,271,279 , Snyder, Barry - 303 Snyder, Melinda - 279 Solomon, Charles - 321 Soofer, Lacie - 303 Soofer, Misfy- I7, 333 Sofo, Alex - 86, 250 Sofo, Candalaria - 274' Sofo, John - 303 Soward, Carl- 328 Sparano, Laura - 250 Sparks, Lynn - 303 Springer, Shiela - 328 Sfafford, Randy - 303 Slaggs, Susan - I92, 94, 279 Slalcup, Charles - 279 Slallings, James - 303 Slandlord, Terrance - 82, I60 Slanphill, Lynn - 24 Slanlon, Blake - 303 Slanlon, Troy - 328 Slark, Julie - 328 Slarnes, David - 279 Slauller, Bernard - 20, 250 Slay. Carla - 25l Slay, Troy - 329 Slearns, Susan - 279 Slearns, Vicki- 303 Sleele, Ron - 329 Slegman, Mary - 329 Slephan, Troy - 329 Slephen, Kalhleen Slephenson, Bobby- 303 Slephenson, George- I45, 279 Slerling, Mindy-22, 269, 279 Slerry, Johnny - 329 Slevens, Angela - 279 Slevens, Mike - 250 Slevens, Scoll - 303 Slevenson, Gary - 303 Slevenson, Susan -95, 329 Slewarl, Angela - 329 Slewarl, Dawn - 279 Slewarl, James - 279 Slewa rl, Tacy - 279 Slinson, Jana - I62, 250 Slipes, Slacie - 54, 60, 94, 25l Slollregen, Kelly - 279 Slory, Kevin - 25l Slory, Milzy - 67 Slehan, Tobi - 303 Slribley, Keilh - 329 Slrollregen, Barry - 329 Slrong, John - 25I Slroup, Derrick - 279 Slubblelield, Glen - 25l Slubblelield, Glenna - 329 Slubbs, Ray - 303 Slurch, Terry-303 Sullivan, Eileen - 329 Sullivan, Luke-279 Sullivan, Pamela Summers, Wendell Sumrall, Sharon - 279 Suller, Janel - 85, 87. 25I Swasso, Pamela - 280 Swasso, Raymond - 25l Swasso, Sleven - 329 Swimm, Mara - 280 -7- Taldo, Michael- 329 Tamaro, Tambra - 329 Tamayo, Daniel- 280 Tamayo, Margarel- 333 Tale, Charles - 280 Tale, Kelly - 303 Tale, Tim - 329 Talom, Peggy- 303 Taylor, Linda - 329 Taylor, Linda - 329 Taylor, Tammy - 329 Taylor, Tarl - 252 Taylor, Tina - 54, 55, 70, 7l, 94, 96, 97, 252 Tedder, Ladonna - 303 Tedder, Roberl - 333 Tennison, George - 86, 252 Terry, David - 303 Telzlall, Veronica - 280 Thiele, Denella - 280 Thiele, Rodger- 327 Thomas, David - 252 Thomas, Sheba - 252 Thomas, John - 9, 5 Ii, 94, l l6, 252 Thomas, Mark- 303 Thomas, Neal- 280 Thomas, Pamela - 280 Thomas, Sleve - 252 Thomas, Tina - 280 Thomason, Larry - 303 Thompson, Jane - 280 Thompson, Jon - 329 Thompson, Paula - 303 Thompson, Ross - 78. l90, 252 Thompson, Sue - 329 Thompson, Tommy - 280 Thorn, Randy - 303 Thorn, Tony - 333 Thornhill, Janice - 303 Thornquisl, Sandy - 274, 280 Tindall, Margie - 329 Tiplon, Sheryl- 280 Tinker, Terry - 303 Tinsley, Derynda - 309 Tobias, Cynlhia - 329 Toland, Libby - 303 Toney, John - 329 Torano, Kalherine - 303 Torres, Evdoro - 329 Torres, Joe - 303 Torres, Mary - 303 Torres, Mary Ann - 252 Torres, Roberl - 26l Torrez, Joe - 280 Traughber, Dona - 280 Traughber, Jerry- l I6. 303, 364 Trigg, Kevin - I58, 303 Trimble, Liz - 265, 280 Trobaugh, Rhonda - 252 Trobaugh, Robin - l30, 253 Trobaugh, Russell- 303 Tropoloc, George - 253 Truill, Melinda - 329 Trumball, Darrell- 309 Tubb, Debra - 280 Tubbs, l'larvie - 303 Tubbs, Lorraine - I29, 26l Tubbs, Sonia - 64,329 Tucker, Tommy - 284, 285, 297, 303, 305 Tunslall, Tammy - 303 Turner, Debbie - 329 Turner, George - 329 Turner, Jimmy - 329 Turner, Rhonda - 303 Turner, Wilhemina - 253 Tuscana, Barbara - 280 Tuscana, Mary - 68. 329 Tyler, Billy - 329 Usellon, Lisa - I45, 253 Usery, Donald - 330 Ussery, Terry - 62, 70. 7l, 95, 303, 357 Uvalde, Ben - 68,303 -y- Valenline, Gary- 330 Van Camp, Henry - 253 Van Camp, Terry - 253 Van Camp, William - 280 Vance, Bryan - 280 Vance, Frank - 253 VanCleave, Lorrie - 283 Van Conell, Jell - 305 Vanderpool, Brenda - 280 Vanderpool, Calhy - 253 Vanderpool, Mark- 253 Van Dyke, Brenda - 253 Van Dyke, Diane - 253 Van Dyke, Kevin - 305 Van Riper, Vannella - 305 Van Warl, Sleve - 254 Van Warl, Todd - 330 Van Wye, Becky - 305 Vasquez, Tracy - 330 Vaughan, Dewey - 330 Vaughan, Lynda - 280 Vawler, Cheryl- 330 Velez, Joe - 330 Velez, Linda - 305 Vernon, David - 305 Verver, Kim - 280 Verver, Terri- 209, 305 Vickroy, Conrad - 73. 280 Villa, Marlin - 254 Villarreal, Cindy- 330 Villarreal, Vicki- l62, 253 Vinyard, Shelly - 305 Vila, Susan - 280 Vilasek, Phillip - 330 Vilasek, Slephen - 280 Vogel, Craig - 254 Voisard, Mike - 28l Voss, Kennelh - 305 Vuong, Due - 28 I -W- Wade, Lisa - 255 Wagner, Alan - l06, 330 Wagner, Dale- 330 Wagner, Joy - 28l Wagner, Rachel- 330 Walden, Dorolhy - 305 Walden, Lyle - 28 l Walden, Michael - 330 Walker, Kim - 36, 28l Wallace, Joel-255 Wallace, Roberl- 330 Wallace, Tammie-28l Waller, Ronnie- 333 Waller, Tammy- 306 Wallis, Cynlhia - 330 Wallis, Tony-255 Walls, Cynlhia - 255 INDEX Walsh, Joe - 255 Walfon, Merri - 330 Walfon, Rodney - 255 Walion, Susan - I64. 306 Waliers, Timorhy - 330 Walls, David - 28l Ward, Blair-43, I68. I69, l70, I7I,28l Ward, Cheryl- 28l Ward, Roberi- l70, 330 Ward, Sandy- 28l Warner, Bren? - 255 Warren, Judy - 28l Warren, Kim - 330 Warren, Tudy - 255 Wafers, Kafhleen - 330 Warson, Jimmy - 255 Wafson, Joe - 64,330 Walkins, Karen - 28l Warkins, Kim - 73, 252 Wafkins, Tommy - 330 Wafson, Sonia - 28l Waffs, Chris - 330 Waffs, Donald - 306 WaHs, Kennefh - 330. 356 Walls, Ramona - 28l Waffs, Roberf - 83. 255 Weaver, Carrie - 63. 96, 97, 306 Weaver, Jacky - 306 Weber, Pafrick - 28 I Webb, Sandy - 306 Websfer, Monny - 6. 86, 94, l54, 255 Weddle, Kim - I25, 28l Weche, Kevin - 33 I Weisbecker, Kellie - 306 Weiss, Debbie - 80. 255 Welch, Charles - 28l QP- Q .C cl Wells, Edward - 283 Wells, Herman - 200 Welker, Jane+- 330 Werner, Brenl - 306 Werner, Jeannine - 330 Werner, Pairick - 255 Werner, Sco++ - 28 I West David - 28l West Vernon - 306 West Greg - l I5, 255 West Sherry - 255 West Tim -28l Whafley, Candy - 306 Wha+ley, James - 282 Wheat Efhel - 282 Wheless, Sherry - 306 While, Cafhy - 33l Whi're, Dawny - 256 Whife, Phyllis - 59, 256 Whife, Robbie - 256 Whife, Sherre - 5,282 Whire, Todd - 33 I Whifley, Taryn - 5.94. 96, 97, 264, 282 Whiflock, Michele - 33l Whiflock, Tommy - 256 Whiflow, Kanan - 306 Whifworfh, Mike - 256 Whicks, Addra - 33 I Wicks, Gerald - 256 Wilborn, Tamara - 33 I Wilder, David - 64. 330 Wilkinson, Charles - 256 Willaiord, Elaine - 63. 306 Williams, Amber - 33 I Williams, Becky-282 Williams, Blake - I3. 25, 282 Williams, Brian - 282 Williams, Dana--94, 282 Williams, Donald - 33l Williams. Gina - 307 Williams, Harry- 33l Williams, James- 307 Williams, Julie - 283 Williams, Kelly - 282 Williams Lora - 282 Williams, Polly-256 Williams, Rex - 282 Williams, Ruben - 33 I Williams, Sharon - 307 Wallis, Ricky- 212. 257 Wilson, Larry - 282 Wilson, Marsha - 282 Wilson, Michael- 307 Wilson, Mi+chelI - 282 Wilson, Teresa 357 - 330. Wilson, Tracy - 307 Wilson, Vicky - 49, 43, 65, 94, l l6. 257 Windham, Cindy - 282 Windham, David - 33l Wing, Karla - 309 Wing, Kevin - 257 Winn, Paula - 282 Wilt Don - 29, 30, 53. 70, 7l, 72, 86. 94. l57, I7l, 2l0, 257 Wifi, Mark- 2 l 3, 282 Wohlers, Bruce - 282 Wolever, Kevin - 283 Wolford, Paul - 307 Wood. Dan - 257 Wood, Jeffery - 307 Wood, Kris'rin - 307 Wood, Sammy I54, 283 Woodall, Kevin - 257 Woodard, Sieve - 86, I57, 257 Woods, Marilyn - 307 Wooley, Linda - 257 Wooley, Sandra - 307 Woolen, Rhonda - I92, 283 -22. I54. Wooren, Sieve- 33l Works, Robin-283 Wosing,James- 307 Wosing, John - 33 I Wosing, Laura - 257 Wray, Rhonda - 28, 35, 38,257 Wright Dana - 307 Wright Janef-33l Wya+t Chris-283 Wya'rtJames-43, I44 Wya'rt,Lee Ann - 33 I Wynn, Edi+h - 33 I -y- Yakel, William - 307 Yakel, Roberi- 307 Yarbrough, Kaihy - 257 Yarbrough, Merrily - 283 Yarbrough, Roberl- 79, 307 Yeager, Kafhy - 307 Young, Johnny - 257 Young. Julie - 33 I Young, Sharon - 307 -Z- Zaunbrecher, Melaina - 307 Zavala. Gilberf - 258 Zavala, Olga - 8 I , 307 Zeller, Barry - 33 I Zeller, Bill- 283 Zeller, Gene - 258 Zimlich, Julius- 283 Zimlich, Kevin - 333 Zimmerman, Larry - 273 Zinn, Vicki- 95, I 65. 307 Zuniga, Raymond - 307 Zuniga, Slella - 333 W gi ooj W fx Q 65763351 -,, .C ON Q.. Q - -f ,,. 36555 +5 -Q90 3325 7 CJd5E2Qog3g5g.3gg gg a2???WefUOe559QQ Q03 4MH l 33Ecu535d52o?533gf L+ V ,J 'hy' .,., ,, ,W N L J -1 ,f I j r , ,J W1 ,- , ' ' 'I ," ' ,J J X , - XV , A f-Y ., 2 --b ,... A 'gi - V, , A , 'fd' 1 vu ,M-' . -1 .4 -N , X r . -" --1, f 5 b . N ' f ' 1 1--" i , Z2 f J 'V I M Q Q 'f ,J 1 WA ff 5 w-Q 0 S 5 Q 33 E5 0 Nl Q V53 S.. , 35: ' GD! C3 5 .T 5 5 QQX' 'ff fo :f5fQl553.5DNT 'J Q ww IMC 5 555559

Suggestions in the Nimitz High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Irving, TX) collection:

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Nimitz High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Irving, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Nimitz High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Irving, TX) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


Nimitz High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Irving, TX) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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