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I . g H..-QL 'X,,.o I for the I97I Vlkmgsll ful! PWJ ABOVE The V1k1ng Band marches down the track at the Lrvlng Schools Stadlum LEFT Steve W11l1S Curtls Shlflet John Moore M1ke Hernan dez and 11m Culbreth d1scuss the events dur mg pracuce Admlnlstratlon Faculty Actlvltles Organizations Honors and Who s Staff Coverage I CAS Who lfpy sb-4 Contents 99 l2O Student Life Athletics Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class .lunlor Hugh , . C "'- al ' .s . ' ., l QM- . - w I, H: Q 4- 1 lf J b .-,5 l J I ,W , 5 J - r .! NK ,,' ' L' 19.1 ' ' ' 8 ' l28 20 ' I37 ' " 45 ' I7'O ' ' 68 l94 ' 2l6 . ' ' 24l ,am -sw' Q' ,ff X.,-"" ' ,Www Memorrs rt 1S always so nrce to remember' To remember that warm hello and and rnfectrous srmle the qurck wrt and eagerness to help whatever the problem the words of wrsdom offered rn counsel Honor 'Of the dedrcatron throughout her forty one years of servrce to seerng that her Job was well done Our trrbute to you Mrs Aubrey mia 'Sirk N Dedicated Lad Tom Chandler Principal 2 j , 'g.,!'Q., if A Al" WM -175' LEFT Anuclpaung a v1ctory Mr Chandler watches team mtensely BELOW Mrs W1mb1sh gets the word OPPOSITE PAGE A busy day for plan mug and admmlsterlng deta11s 'fr J -'S"s, Q . H' x 'Q A X 1 E, , I qi . 5 ,ff X h-Q 'S I 'm"""' F 5... 2 1 Q. X --1-Q., n"f gm... , .. S f L- 'r I .X 34 QV 55:- -,x' W. A 1 'R -"ii ,,,,.QP.. TWHHHIIIQD Q' L,-is 49 1 Ted Darland f Assistant Principal 315- : a L X is--"""' ' ""l for s 1 ABOVE LEFT: Student I.D. cards create another problem for Viking assistant prin- cipal. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Darland indi- cates student body is number one. BELOW RIGHT: A rare moment. ,f.,J4' ' Roy Curry Vice Principal , ' -,Q-, .W,W,21m'm,-fgn,:.1eta-.,Q ., .V . . , V ., ,,,, .,,.,w-,.-Vg 1 ,- vp ,:,',Jg . yftd . ,av , f 1 can-"Q ii.i I' ABOVE: Banging out a memo, Mr. Curry starts his day with a note to the faculty. BELOW: Time for a httle humor in the hectic clay of Mr. Winn. Vice-Principals are kept busy with daily .lerry Winn Vice Principal routine and major problems. v 1' ," TOP: Mrs. Margaret Aubrey, Junior class advisor, has been with most of these students since the junior high days. Mrs. Athlynn Butler is Sophomore class advisor. BELOW: Mrs. Aubrey and Mrs. Butler greet staff photographer, Doug Woodall. ,rf ,,,.,-- 5 M nf- is 1 A . my L, gs Advisors relate there are many challenging times for our teenagers. 'Q .- f" U K, 5 i A: Q Ad' f- 'r-+ 5 if 2- S 4 ' ABOVE: Mr. Lee Thompson is the Freshman class advisor a- long with the junior high. RIGHT: Mr. Thompson sorts through grade cards for Gary Johnson. BELOW: As the day begins, a quick planning ses- sion is in order. Sfaff Q imitz High Girl Fridays 1,17 r, , N lf' . Y V . 6, 'J' 'F , 'fi i"' y 91: E ,. 'V Q ,. yn, F In .sf -5.1 If C "5 . K wl . xy - .Q . 4"'tV, M E , I 1 x Girl Fridays keep the day from getting out of hand. From left to right are Jerry Armstrong, Head Attendance Clerkg Bessie Sargent, Cashierg Dorothy Reeves, Data Processingg Nell McPherson, Attendanceg Audel Cashion, Attendanceg Yvonne Welch, Attendanceg A A ,.. rs. vy, if I Ma Mary Clyatt, Attendanceg Ruth Ernst, Attendanceg Judy Winn, Library Clerk. BELOW: Mrs. Ernst keeps busy. ' wpmsvnrhdm-vu '-fb 'xb ' 'W' sq? wg Q 1 Y..ia. ,. 'Y' it f at me y 8-:ii l' X sf' mb fx lg g Q , X Q . if A PICTURED ABOVE, Left to right: Cora Cherry, Manager, Thelma Huckaby, Urusla Cooper, Betty Klernp, Dorthy Deaver, Opal Sparling, Jean Dozier, Shirley Wedler, Irma Pearson, Jean Longhofer, Bobbie Mexia, Kathrine Jacobs, Evelyn Reeves, Betty English, Betty Krueger, Glendel Zablosky, Ruby Harris and Roberta Fly. BELOW, Left: As Mrs. Cherry supervises, Mrs. Cooper collects receipts from David Russell and Cindy Rodriguez , RIGHT: Choices aplenty in the lunch line. i Q 5 lui an-va' ,lsr sv V K l gurls. L i s i y" Maintenance Means Attractiveness ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Earl Wall, Bud Stoval, Ruby Stoval, Hollis McLain, Louis Gardner, Betty Higdon, John Young, Evadee Williams, John Bartley, Lois Cates, James Summy, Orville Safford, and Lawrence March, BELOW LEFT: Mr, McLain cuts up during spirit week for cheerleaders, BELOW RIGHT: Mr, Gardner sweeps up after daily routine. . -t91'9?'?' 1 P P4 i,, . 3.2 . Er, 'F culty Athletic Department builds character . . . develops potential ik' .yu-.. 'Yds l ga 'fswri A , eww B I, A -8 ABOVE: Coaches Bingham and Greer plan strategy, ABOVE RIGHT: Wayne Bingham, Mike Greer, Cliff Bradley, Lane Ladewig, BELOW: Bignham takes time out to catch up, BELOW RIGHT: A pep rally message. audi! his H LEFT: Coaches Bingham and Brad- ley enjoy pep rally antics, BELOWg LEFT TO RIGHT: Coaches Don Nentwig, head basketball, Charles King and Harold Fikes, "B" football, and Joe Wood, assistant basketball, BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Don Nent- wig watches play, BOTTOM RIGHT: Greer and Lade- wig witness goings-on. This IS where It all begins ABOVE: Gary James, Head, Ninth Grade Coachg Nathan Purvis, Ass't Ninth Gradeg Jim Wheat, Eighth Gradeg and Marvin Utecht, Seventh, ABOVE RIGHT: Coach James talks to stu- dents at pep rally, LOWER RIGHT: Coach Utecht listens intently at gathering of the Vikings. R English prepares students for higher education TO THE RIGHT: Miss Plumlee reads a memo from the office, BELOW: TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Nadene Pearce, Eng. 3: Mrs, Joy Stewart, Eng. 3g Mrs. Helen Ledgerwood Eng, 35 Miss Rhonda Plumlee, Eng. 2g Mrs, Dinah Bleau, Eng. 23 Mrs, Peggy Elliott, Eng, 23 Mrs, Suzanne Muchmore, Eng, 13 and Mrs. Gladys Hill, Eng. 1. at ,4 ,Q . S it E .W-iii Q + :fs tw ibgf is . 'f' '-Q. , 1 .NJ ,s N.. , 5 ficq s., 'f ' x i7 ssii W1 ? E 1 ABOVE LEFT INDIVIDUALS: TOP TO BOTTOM: Mrs, Dee Campbell, Eng, 83 Mrs, Ellen Voelzke, Eng. 8g Miss Valerie Black, Eng. 7: Mrs, Mary Roli- son, Eng. 7 and 85 Mrs, Patsy Taylor, Rd, and Sp, 7,85 Mrs, Helene Smith, Rd, and Sp. '7 and Eng, 8. ABOVE: Mrs, Rolison corrects daily class assignment, LEFT: A vocabulary word study is as- signed by Mrs, Pearce. 2 Hi E iarw--f .ff f r b 3 is . rm Y ff' C h1'.,,1 kK1 E- A 1-. ,,...,1,-v..- M -, ,, .,,,.. 1 - - - V -Y H :- . 's:,i::::: .zfili-r. . rr f ,S r X liege, 3, . sill ' W N 'N x r E. 0 9 S. opens cusses formula deviations, LEFT: Mrs, Wallace " "lectures" gerbel, FIRST ROW ACROSS: Mrs, Hazel Wallace Mr, Bill Smith SECOND ROW ACROSS: Mrs, Shellye Gathiugs Mr, James Sitton THIRD ROW ACROSS: Mr, Eddie Green Miss Janice McKay Y the doors to discover ABOVE Mr Sltton demonstrates a law of phys1cs, RIGHT: Mrs, Alley explams an expeument, FIRST ROW ACROSS- Mrs, Cherry Jackson Mr. Ben Horton SECOND ROW ACROSS: Mr. Samuel Ne1lson Mrs. Evelyn Alley THIRD ROW ACROSS: Mr, Joe Tunks , 5 1 . 1 I f yyld . A xtulgg rf O ABOVE Mrs Branch lectures Amerrcan Hlstory class on developments leadrng to W W I ABOVE RIGHT Mrs Ruby Chance World Hrstory and Government Mrs Sandra Garza Amerlcan Hrstory Mrs Kay Branch Amerlcan Hrstory and SOC1010gy and Mrs Jane Worst World Hrstory RIGHT Mrs Chance helps Ellen Vrsh nesky w1th assrgnment Histor develops an iivwgg, if fa A 'w.,,..,...'.-it understanding 'U e ABOVE Mrs Cathy Baker Amerr can Hrstory Mrs Joam Thomas Hrstory 7 Mrss Carolyn Anderson Hrstory 8 and Mr Doug Roark ABOVE RIGHT Mrs Worst looks over World Hrstory assrgnment RIGHT Teachers attend pep rally rn support of team between the ast and the present ath Department adds five KMC? 'QQ Arr!! i'N -as-if wifpkw if xiktqv 'xi' 'Ns FIRST Row Acizossz Mrs. Molly Brown Mrs. Deena Hornsby Miss Ann Keefer Mrs, Mary Maughn RIGHT: The Math Department is hold- ing their first meet- ing of the year, SECOND ROW ACROSS Mrs, Candice Cheney Mrs, Margie Ilgenfritz Mr. Roger McDonald Mrs. Virginia Mauldin ABOVE: Mrs. Doris Renshaw, Mrs, Lucille Tupin, Mrs. Cesa Lynn Wortham and Mr, Jim Hertwig. . . . new teachers N'--.. XNTV. eeeW,,. ABOVE: Mrs. Ilgen- fritz gives the class instructions for a daily assignment, RIGHT: Mr, MC- Donalcl explains a new chapter, Homemaking Department provides N S with training and leadership 2 A " 'sk ' t it ',.., it.. m y .551 :KN l 2- . .i:' " 'ii K -1 :rf " Sz" l 1 L ABOVE LEFT: Mrs, Rollins makes suggestions to Janie Sandoval, ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Ian Rollins, HM 3 and Child Careg Mrs, Barbara Copeland Foodsg Mrs, Ioan Thaggard, Clothingg Mrs. Marilyn Lucas, Foods. BELOW: Mrs. Copeland talks to June Patterson about pattern, ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Thaggard awaits a question about a new assignment, ABOVE: Mrs, Lucas checks hem of dress. BELOW: Homemaking faculty discuss material to be used. 1 34 ' Students learn expression through Music and the Arts by 21 . I is ,,ts 4 . -1 Q, .Yr I rs. ,fs i , .t.t Q , ' argl , s .yasgszzgaasl LEFT PAGE INDIVIDUALS: TOP TO BOTTOM: Mr, Jim Jackson, A, B, and C Bandsg Mr, Bob Brandenburg, A, B, and Stage Bandsg Mr, David Montgomery, Choir Director, ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, Richard Watson, Art I,II,III and Yearbook, Mrs, Amy Page Drama and Englishg Mrs. Beth Lane, Speech I and II, 7 and 8 Mrs, Sienna Harvey, '7 and 8 Art and Reading and Spelling, Commercial Arts emphasize proficiency and understanding ABOVE RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Mrs. Eloise Wimbish, Typing and Short- handg Mrs. Frances Young, Elementary Business and Typing: and Mrs. Connie Patterson, General Business and Typing, sr' js v fi -627' . .f ..4rff??' :IV , ,Q f "" N 12 was 5 , V, .fx X in sf r vgsfg kzw-,rm V, me f ,f,,, , ,isii X' " ,is 'dh Www! .Wai ' Industrial courses provide skills ABOVE RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Mr, James Farris, Machine and General Woodsg Mr. Sam Scott, General and Architectural Draftingg and Mr, ,Terry Toon, I.C.T, essential ., 'Ya as X s ABOVE LEFT: Miss Brock pleads or explains with student, ABOVE Miss Sherry Brock, Spanish and Drill Teamg Mrs, Jimmie Mel ton Spanishg and Mrs. Eileen Mlllar French. LEFT Mrs, Millar plans ahead, to college-bound Students LEFT: Mrs. Cox checks papers during class, BELOW LEFT: Mrs, Beverly Cox German and Mrs. Donna Whiles, Spanish and English, BELOW: Mrs. Whiles explains to Steve Fleer a day's work, 9 M Physical Education builds strong Vikings TOP LEFT: Mrs. Sanborn speaks to pep rally, BELOW LEFT: Mrs, Carla Sanborn, Miss Jean Priestly Miss Shirley Mayhugh and Miss Janice Maxwell. BELOW: Miss Mayhugh answers up, 5 E 4 -f,, '.,, ,j,j,,,x ABOVE LEFT, TOP TO BOTTOM: MI. Curtis Burch, Mr, Jeff Redden and Mr, Victor Chacchia, ABOVE: Mr, Redden checks rules sheet for P.E. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Burch checks in at the office, BELOW: Mr, Chacchia relaxes between classes. tudents check on various school services ABOVE: Miss Rainey and students discuss procedure of the Library, ABOVE RIGHT: Miss Linda Rainey, Librarian and Mrs, Barbara Pick- hard, School Nurse. RIGHT: Student is checked into the clinic by Mrs. Pickhard, 'Halls designed to encourage stud habits ABOVE: Mrs. Norma Puckett, A Study Hall 1219 Mrs. Louise Waters, Study Hall 119 and Mrs, Bernice Mayers, Special Education. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs, Puckett chats A with student in 121. RIGHT: R011 check in 119 by Mrs, Waters necessary evil. Drivers Education rates high at "'i ' - LEFT TO RIGHT: Q -.l,. Charles Stephenson g Q 1 Coordinatorg 'KPEEQZT , Carroll Howard, gig lnstructorg 'I Berniece McCall, ' 1 Instructor. Drivers' Education is one of the most popular courses offered at NHS. Almost 300 students have benefited from instruction in safe driving and spend up to 32 hours in the classroom, three weeks of simulator instruction and from three to six hours of actual highway driving. Classes are set up fly according to the age of each student and Q25 whether or not the student has a study hall. lf the older students do not have a study hall, they are put into classes before or after school. Summer classes are also offered. QQ Activities Varangians Promote School Spirit ogooooooooj LEFT: Dan Moore, President. FIRST ROW ACROSS: Tom Head, Vice-Presidentg Cathy Lamere, Secretary. ,Q SECOND ROW ACROSS: Tommy Vawter, Treasurer, Terry Vawter, Sergeant at Arms. FIRST ROW ACROSS: Dan Moore, Tommy Vawter, Cathy Lamere, Terry Vawter, Tom Head. SEC- OND ROW ACROSS: Shelli Evans, Janet Lauderdale, Rosalie Schwarzkopf, Marla McGlone, Neva Her- ron. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Charles Johns, Susan Wadsworth, Carol Crowe, Martha Vela, Mary Marsh- all, Mary McDougal. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Miss Mayhugh, Gary Head, Marla Harris, Vicki Vernon Larry Stinett, Bill Shipp. N S Rodeo Club f or Nu .. X, us lr ,fs LEFT: Club members are: Terry Harris, Steve Russell, Jerry Henderson, Robert Jones, Wayne Teague, Rodney McCoy, Connie Cantrell, Melissa Garms, Melanye Brasher, Beverly McCuller, Debbie Buckner, Mike Nelson. Other members not included in the picture are: Dennis Bates, Ronnie Gaither, Randy Kinnamon, Sharon Moss, Bob Moss, Lonnie Cotton, Steve Brown, Jeff Zimmer- man, Cindy looney, Connie Green, Grady Storms, Raymond Yarbrough, Earl Yarbrough, David Wood, David Russell, John McVay. I v LEFT: Reporter, Jerry Terry Harris pose as Rosie looks on. Henderson and President Pat Marion displays presidential authority at 1. C. T. meeting. Industrial Cooperative Training Sweetheart fir Jeanne Ann Walker Officers are fleft to rightj: Pat Marion - President, Kirk Monroe - Sergeant-at-Arms, Randy Sandlin - Treasurer, Danny Beach - Vice- President, Steve Edwards - Reporter, Melinda Roberts - Secretary, Steve Russell - Parliarnentarian. Los Divertidos Reflejan mistad FIRST ROW ACROSS: Lisa McClure, Nita Dossett, Charlyn McGill, Kathleen Rushing, Jeanie Shanahan, Edie Hale, Gwynn Holland, Mrs. Donna Whiles - Sponsor. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Mrs. Jimmie Melton - Sponsor, Doug McCowen, George McMillan, Scott Parma, Jeff Rushing, ' Jimmie Stephens. JEANIE SHANAHAN KATHY .TODON President Vice-President JEFF RUSHING GWYNN HOLLAND Secretary Treasurer I . e Cercle Francais JAMES WAGONER IRENE BRETH President Vice-President MELISSA GARMS DIANE MCMEANS Secretary Treasurer FIRST ROW ACROSS: Melissa Garms, James Wagoner, Irene Breth, Mrs. Eileen Millar - Sponsor. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Cheryl Drinkard, Delores Stephens, Mary Bailey, Betsy Benton. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Lisa Gresham, Dianne Anstine, Cindy Hashert, Mikel Shilen. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Kathy Young, Debbie Miller, Neva Hearon, Tim Heffran. FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Jack Church. if Cf : Homemakers 0 9 0 O .," Vgl' America E f,, ,S F p S Happiness promotes FHA spirit FIRST ROW ACROSS: Susan Russell, Debbie McManus - President, Laurie Locke, Pat Nolasco, Marthawv Paty, Debbie McCarrel, Becky Holliday, Donna Caldwell, Connie Brothers, Connie Cason, June Patter- son. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Betsy Benton, Marilyn Lofton, Cynthia Cole, Delaine Holmes, Betty Bus- by, Carla Conners, Tina Robertson, Karen Mathews. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Julia Love, Donna Mathies, Yvonne Daley, Sharon Caldwell, Debbie Glover, Jean Mulder. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Dorothy Perkins Cindy Magar, Letha McClelland, Donna Garrett, Kim Minton, Sandra Mayfield, Christi Savage. FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Debbie Truitt, Terri Andrews, Lajuana Marshall, Debra Spurgeon, Terry Fields, Claudia Waggoner, Cindy Richards. SIXTH ROW ACROSS: Marsha Brandenburg, Beverly Spence, Cindy Dunkle, Nancy Creed, Phyllis Legate, Colleen Cuff, Pam Brown, Iulie Archer. SEVENTH ROW ACROSS: Vickie Dorety, Debra Weaver, Mariam Terry, Pam Grider. , ! . . . Travel to Texas State Fair 'dugg aaa , rf' 54 J ABOVE: Tim Haley, President, Dennis McBride, Vice- President, John McVay, Secretary, Vicki Smartt, Trea- . SUICI. T Student Council FIRST ROW ACROSS: Robert Adams Brenda Barger Cinda Barnes Cindy Barnett Leta Brewer Carol Buckner Larry Clarkston Jsrcoun Row ACROSS: George Cline Linda Coffee Carol Crowe THIRD ROW ACROSS: Jim Culbreath FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Roy Dail FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Ruben DeLaTorre Toni Dickson Sheila Fisher Donna Graham SIXTH ROW ACROSS: Sandy Geren Ricky Gregory Bill Grider Danelda Hamlin D' I-Iataway Debbie Hodges Janis Holman FAR RIGHT: Mrs. Chance, N. H. S. Student Council Sponsor, hurries to put finishing touches on one of the many projects the '70-'71 Student Council has participated in. They assisted in organizing the first Fall Valhalla, presented Tim Haley with a money tree, and sold girl slaves. RIGHT: Jimmy Burton presents his platform for Student Council Presi- dent to the student body of N. H. S. FIRST ROW ACROSS: Iovita I-Iuerta Priscilla Irwin Greg Jaynes John Kirby Mark Lee Bruce Linden Randy Little SECOND ROW ACROSS: Roger Littleton Rusty McClelland Rodney McCoy Molly McVay THIRD ROW ACROSS: Maria Martinez FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Nancy Nelson FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Diana Randle Gerri Randle Scott Rogers Jeff Rushiugs SIXTH ROW ACROSS: Jan Rutledge Reta Scyrkels Gary Stanley Kathy Valirnont Ken Vaughn Alfred Weber Patti Williams E- C I-FW" Celebrates First Chris Wilson Fal l Valhalla Molly McVay Patti Gee . . . Electing Tye Leffel Tye Leffel was crowned Valhalla Queen during the half-time ceremonies of the Nimitz - Sam Houston game. The queen's atten- dants were Leichelle and Alesia Thompson. The escorts were Terry Harris, Gene Burton, Tim Freestone, John Kirby, and Jeff Zimmer- man. Mrs. Chance, N. H. S. Student Council sponsor, and Mrs. Worst organized the Fall Valhalla festivities. Fall Valhalla Queen Tye Leffe Leichelle and Alesia Thompson 60 1 Vika Ellen Vishnesky Reigns as I 97 I Football Sweetheart Basketball Team Honors Denise McBride Sweetheart Denise McBride dyR Judy Revis Named Band Sweetheart Kathy Jodon Chorale Eleets Kathy Jodon Sweetheart Vikings Set Sail to Henderson LEFT: Teresa Morse, Patti Burton, and Donna Bicknell talk with Miss Brock before leaving. BELOW: Kirby Shelton leaps on the bus to get a good seat by the window. BELOW RIGHT: Jimmy Burton helps Benita Kirby decorate the bus to Henderson. Nw"-'w-,.,Q HHH LEFT: Mr. Watson checks to see if everyone is on the bus. BELOW: Viking football team gets ready for long trip. BOTTOM: Survivors of Henderson game eat hardy meal after rough encounter. wr' - f.,. . ,P .1 -' I , -V . . I -pp IL 4 .v.',F'-"'i,":l ":f,..,,L ,,a ' ,, f Ag,-f4f"'-1 611, if 4 -412-. . "1fs.,ilSA.:f5e7sH:,c"Q-..-sz,cs 1 .f w . V 4., .. ,-I 'I L 4. - ' -1 f.. , ff. . v Qvwb-1 'K ' .di '-A ,EI -J A N". J5' yi - 1:32 an 11. I uf 5,1 ' ".,i',i5 ""'-1' ' 3's"7 .'.. H 5' If I 'Q J , 5, , , Q ' . 'W f . j- 2, . 1 --v 1. .v in ,,- 0 13 -- A 1 . -9 .451 Orgclni a ions Library Practice Added to Curriculum Making the student more personally aware and more responsible and aiding in secretarial work are the goals of the new Library Practice course at N. H, S. The students are active in the processing, filing, shelving, checking and the care of library materials. Group picture above - lst ROW: Alan Kirnberlin, Dottie Man- gum, Nancy Seidner, Sheila Fosterm, Susan Smith, Gail Scovel, David Starnes. 2nd ROW: Terry Jenson, Donna Mathis, Teresa Golden, Diana Randle, Connie Green. 3rd ROW: D Anne Hat- away, Betsy Benton, Juanita Ellingson, Tesa Joplin, Mary Bailey. Nimitz High School Choir Department N.H.S. Chorale I97 I . K iw: H K ,,.,,, M imitz High chool Chorale FIRST ROW ACROSS: Selonna Taylor, Stephen Terry, Cindy Clark, Mike Boynton, Benita Kirby, Rickey Humphrey, Debbie Roddy, Karen Mize, Dana Goude, Susan Smith, Daivd Burnett, Judly Graham, Larrly Berry. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Mary Trocke, Wayne Carter, Donna Gardner, Tripp Ca k, Vicky Fau kner, Roger Littleton, Kathy Jodon, George Callejas, Linda Price, Rhonda Hayes, Forrest Karns, Irene Breth, Danny Weatherly, Mary Bailey. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Riche Patrick, Mike Martin, Donna Burgess, Mike Spatter, Becky Gresham, Tim Silmon, Micky McCarver, James Wagoner, Diane Mc- Means, Jim Antle, Deloris Bodine, Gayle Shields, Gail Argo, David Davis. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: John Boucher, Sharon Peters, Mike Henkel, Debbie Bristow, Mark Evans, Beki Burch, Jim Tindall, Kat- hleen Reynolds, Robert Adams, Dottie Mangum, Freddy Golden, Gwynn Holland, Gary Etter, Kathy O'Conner, Jack Parker. imitz Hi h chool C-3irI's Choir FIRST ROW ACROSS: Pat Shanahan, Carol Price, Becky Reeves, Rebecca Riggs, Laura Herron, Kay Sargent, Cheryl Drinker, Debbie Meeks. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Mariam Terry, Roxanne McDonald, Ginger Rogers, Debbie Taylor, Vicki Gravette, Debbie Hodges, Cynthia Welch, Amy Stevenson. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Carol Burrow, Susan Armstrong, Esther Resendez, Jerri Greenwood, Patty Burton, Becky Mills, Joy Hickey, Terry Cuppernell. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Beverly Copeland, Terri Bembenek, Nancy Hagar, Susan Rogers, Terry Watson, Sherry Watson, Paula Morgan, Teresa Morse. imitz Hi h chool Concert Choir FIRST ROW ACROSS: Terrie Andrews, Beth Markey, Denise Beasly, Mark Warren, Tim Heffran, Kirk Mize, Debbie Woerner, Becky Kirby, Teresa Smart. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Carolyn Carpenter, Sha- ren Jarrett, Teresa Ellis, Becky Harmon, Tony Mexia, Randy Ussery, Mike Clark, James Head, Brenda Kemp, Pam Riddle, Susan Duncan, Delaine Hinch. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Bonnie Satterfield, Cindy Murphy, Martha Russ, Ross Johnson, James Ward, Mike Redding, Sandra Furgerson, Renee Evans, Vac- helle Wade. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Kathleen Young, Debbie Stojanik, Jill Manard, Janene Mitchell, Dale Shields, Kenneth Sloan, Charles Kizziar, Terry Peters, Janis Mitchell, Barbara Andrews, Patricia Cooper. imitz Jr. High chool Mixed Choir FIRST ROW ACROSS: Sharon Hott, Robbi Wells, Debbie Smith, Luis Olage, Freeman Cruz, Lauri Boy- nton, Glenda Shields, Vicki Caffee. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Lisa Boone, Cindy Morris, Jeff Carter, Ricky Sanford, James Shaddox, Belinda Seaton, Eileen Empey, Donna Rawlinson. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Jimmie Bailey, Cindy Lile, Sandra Reno, Ray Caldwell, Philip Armstrong, Mark Madison, Carolyn Shafer, Susan Lopez, Jeanne Dimmette. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Lorrie Pence, Pam Bennett, Sharon Spradlin, Ramon Salinsa, Tommy Johnson, Mike Gossett, William Carpenter, Dianne Glover, Teresa Golden. ilver Madrigal FIRST ROW ACROSS: Laura Herron, Carol Price, Deloris Bodine, Susan Armstrong, Debbie Taylor. SECOND ROW ACROSS: Gwynn Holland, Gail Argo, Terri Bembenek, Amy Stevenson, Kathy Jodon, Mary Bailey. THIRD ROW ACROSS: Danny Weatherly, Wayne Carter, Stephen Terry, Larry Berry, Mike Boynton. FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Gale Sheilds, John Boucher, Roger Littleton, Tripp Calk. I f The Blue Debra Roddy, Cynthia Clark, Benita Kirby, Mr. Montgomery, Diane McMeans, Donna Burgess, Mary Trocke - Accompanist. Menagerie James Waggoner, Jim Antle, Fred Golden, Mr. Montgomery, Robert Adams, Dana Goude, and Mike Spatter. From Rags To Riches 1971 has been a rewarding year for the band. This is the year they received their first marching and concert uniforms. The uniforms boosted their moral to the pinnacle of explosion. They traveled to the Bell Marching Contest in October returning with a first division rating. Tears poured, for they worked through three months of long rehearsals to get into condition for the contest. 'The next and last contest for the season was U.l. L. at Franklin Field in Dallas. They again brought back to Nimitz a first division rating. They participated in the New Year's Day cele- bration along with their "country cousins" bands. 'They performed during the pregame and half time festivities. They worked hard this year to establish the Viking Band as a high ranking musical organization. it 1 -----4 A- -. ,7 , Q .1,.1 B322 J ia Jbiib li 5 T b 3 A ' l B- N C J K1 'W'x' f . 'C lrrrn J Rf- . .A:' K V 2 11 A'bV . 1 . Q mm" T X A A C., 3 'ES ..,:.s I 1 J ii: ,A N LV J R 1 if R - .J J J 5 . C, ...:.. Z Lki .i r . 'ex B J . R' 1lw , FIRST Row ACROSS: SECOND Row ACROSS: David Atteberry Edward Atteberry Wayne Baetz Edwin Bales Debbie Bembenek Yvonne Blackerby Carl Bonner Jerry Bonner Don Bozman Melanye Brasher Colleen Bratton Nathaniel Broughton Carol Buckner THIRD ROW ACROSS: Debbie Buckner L Melinda Bullock I. B. Butler Connie Cantrell Jamie Coiield FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Carolyn Collins Liz Corich Stan Cross Jim Culbreth Gary Davis Ralph Delman David Dimmette Jimmy Dimmette R A.. - A 'T A 1 . an A'A, rw'-es? ,,m ,,L L is . . L"" ' ' S' LLL' -. . V Tim., 1 1' A Jyif EFS Ti 1 fQf ls rf in rf kq:'. Q:,-. 'f.-- as mea 1 'B Hg lfz ,439 f QW rw .,... , M I ,' si ' E35 ' ' Q K A r IQ if FIRST ROW ACROSS: Todd Dimsdale Bill Dorsey Don Dozier Curtis Drinkard Lanier Duncan Daryl Embry Kevin Flaherty Larry Gable Robert Getts John Gomez Sheila Gormley Randy Greer Joyce Grigsby Scotty Grizzle Sandra Harris Richard Head SECOND ROW ACROSS: THIRD ROW ACROSS: Mike Hernandez Debra Horn Bill Houseworth Sandy Huckaby Sherry Husband Gilbert Hutchins Alan Isbell Mike Jenkins FOURTH ROW ACROSS Kirk Knittle John Lambert Katy Lewis Cindy Lindesmith Eddie Londt Carlos Luna Susan Mackie Steve Medwick , M X X K x , K l P . S f i t FIRST ROW ACROSS: Jack Monroe John Moore Billy Morse Sandra Nelson Shirley O'Quinn John Ozymy Nakita Parrack SECOND ROW ACROSS: Keith Patton Evelyn Peoples Vicki Ponder Judy Revis Holli Rollins Jeff Rushing Larry Saulter THIRD ROW ACROSS: Gary Schepf Mike Schroers Curtis Shiflet Vicki Smith Deanna Spurgeon Don Steward Linda Steward W fi .r. . FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Janet Tarbutton Kirk Tyer Trudy West Chuck Whitt Steve Willis Dale Wolford Jim Wylie ff -K Sipeciwandy Vikings Jim Jackson - Director Bob Brandenburger FIRST ROW ACROSS: Carlos Luna - Drum Major, Kevin Flaherty - Historian, I. B. Butler - President, Jim Culbreth - Social Chairman, Debbie Buckner - Treasurer, Linda Steward - Secretary, Keith Patton - Vice President. Assistant Director . . . Stage Band LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Steward, Hugh Atteberry, Bob Brandenburg - Director, Scotty Grizzle, Connie Cantrel, Robert Getts, Robert Adams, Jack Monroe, Carlos Luna, John Ozymy, David Dimmette, Jerry Bonner, Jim Wylie, Ralph Delmar, Kevin Flaherty, Keith Patton, Don Dozier, Gary Davis. . ,. . " " Band lst ROW: Marsha Brandenburg, Michele Russell, Linda Dale, LeAnn Ross, Lesa McClure, Michelle Shorb, Judy Reed, Karen Berry, Paula Brunkhorst, Nancy Wilcox, Kathleen Rushing, Donna Houston. 2nd ROW: Cindy Clay, Gwynna Walker, Sherry Kane, Susan Lewis, Sandy Walker, Cindy Bell, Char- lotta Brandenburg, Rhonda Phillips, Sandy White, Susan McKenzie, Mark Elliot. 3rd ROW: Karen Sen- stock, Cindy Clark, Lois Dill, Irma Flores, Julia Wilson, Debbie Glover, Rachael Barber, Sandy May- field, Kim Minton, Susan Hamill, Rhonda Gibson, David Coker. 4th ROW: Nancy Creed, Mike Gra- ham, Tommy Riley, Kenneth Watson, Gary Johnson, Larry Saulter, Mike Edwards, Sammy Meade, Mark Davis, James Ott. 5th ROW: Dorothy Perkins, Randy Collard, Darrell Bruce, Chuck Whitt, Brian Seals, Wayne Baetz, Phillip Lawry, Larry Dean, Frank Jenkins, Johnny Brown, David Southwell. 6th ROW: Carl Sandburg, Ronnie Dulworth, Dennis Houley, David Smith, Alan Isbell, Kirk Knittle, Matt Garett, Jimmy Stephens, Stan Trigg, Kevin Draper, David Becker, Randy Hallmark. The I97O-7I imitz Viking Cheerleaders 125 xr .QQ X Sponsor - CARLA SANBORN The 1971 Viking Cheerleaders have worked hard this year in building up the spirit of N. H. S. , since this is the fir on st year for Nimitz to be in '7-AAAA competition. Their e main goal was helping Nirnitz strive to be No. 1. Their sponsor, Carla Sanborn, deserves much of the credit towards making this year a success. She has been the N. H. S. cheer- leader sponsor for the past three years. In her busy schedule, shehas devoted much of her time to the student body as a Junior Class sponsor, as well as a sponsor for the cheerleaders No one could have done a better job than she in making this ye ar one to remember. "Our Leader. " is Happiness is the fun of being together. Wow! That's the hairiest football 1'Ve ever seen! MOLLY MCVAY - Sophomore BENITA KIRBY - Sophomore DONNIE WATSON "The Ladder" The six "Viking" Cheerleaders consist of four Juniors and two sophomores. Together like any other athletic orga- nization, they work together as a team. Their loyal support and enthu- siasm are a great asset to the SPIRIT of N. H. S. DONNA FAULKNER - Junior , ..,,,, L, . MARCIA CONDER - Junior TYE LEFFEL - Junior Solid support. DEBRA HOLLINGSWORTH - Junior The I9 O-7 imitz Vikas The Vikas are the first drill team of Nimitz High School. Forty- eight girls make up the drill team. They were selected last year according to their charm, poise, and dancing ability. Miss Sherry Brock is the instructor for the group. She was a Strutter of SWTS for three years. Miss Brock held the position of captain in her senior year. The Vikas first year has been one of hard work and fruitful results. ,, 'TEH S , Q I ,. 5, . ,, ff, 1' W Af? I I A Q . gcga . ,I-at, , ' Q5 2 f A 1 , j5,Ei1S4gj:?1,i , 1 ' Zffitfif ' 'f' f ag, af E ,arf f f m 42 , .. , , ., ,..,. 4171? fav FIRST ROW ACROSS: Captain IUANITA ELLINGSON Sponsor MISS SHERRY BROCK Captain ELLEN VISHNESKY SECOND ROW ACROSS: Lieutenant DONNA BURGESS Lieutenant TERRI CUMMINGS 'P df' ! 4 1 gg H , 526 f H I PM w X. , 1, ,, I 2 P L I ' ' - as ' E 415 tjfifkff' . 22, fig? ' ,,.t,,, V,,, . THIRD ROW ACROSS: Lieutenant DEBBIE EWING Lieutenant MARIA MARTINEZ Lieutenant PAT PARMA Lieutenant GEORGE SAUCEDO Lieutenant RETTA SCYRKELS Lieutenant DEBBIE TILLERY A .,, 1 'I rw. K A va.. I,.r...,.zm M - I W ,I QP? x K 9 S as 5 X fag 355 Q4 an 2 f I ,n,. ,,,p I ,n,,..t I LI, I ' I . .W if , ,A ' ine aeei v I ' I .,,,i f - I ff., IE , I 1,-,,- f A M., .FJ S , ,gi A Mil' 3 m we X5 4 2 ,rv ' If L' uv Ja 7 A 12' fy! if fa if X A 1 fd"J4 Af E 1' J f 72 at fi 'lag H ' I , j ,I .1 1 ir If A 65" " Qu . ,B ' A' +R, 1 ff' 5, 536. 'Ek wig I 4712, A I an ia f 5, L f Y L hr if 1 DX 1 -l W4 1" ww? ' 9 L -If f. izgiilx , 5 I , - 55324 - if-G2 if , ' A I ,ff , ., f ,, H' be 3' i f I Sig Q A f ,,L A , .,AA,A i ,Ii -1,, gfr A Affg ' if ' V . f ' v' ' ' 'il 'f' fia ' ,eifiilffe - V m.,.,,,,,,w V., , ., '- rp., ' " ?2"T.'f-,f11Hlf9'T'15 1 T av? ,af ' '9i?1E33.'igffY5WffT ' f .' ' I 1' A ' A '- I A AV., Me, 3 FIRST ROW ACROSS: Ileda Baker Brenda Barger Linda Boatwright Patti Burns Patti Burton Barbara Calane SECOND ROW ACROSS: Stephanie Carter Cindy Christiansen Lisa Farris Vicki Faulkner Diane Forbus Patti Gee -, ,fz1::1r.w ' ,,a, , like, A+, . T 1 t a ku. Precision THIRD ROW ACROSS: Becky Holiday Karen Hollingsworth FOURTH ROW ACROSS Jovita Huerto Priscilla Irwin FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Kathy Iodon Paula Key SIXTH ROW ACROSS: Debbie McKey FIRST ROW ACROSS: FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Lisa Maughn Cindy Puckett Lisa Renshaw SECOND ROW ACROSS: Libby Robinson Paula Morgan Susan Smith Paula Murray Vicki Stephens Sue Sutton THIRD ROW ACROSS: Nancy Nelson SIXTH ROW ACROSS: Tina Nichols Becky Taylor Missy Taylor FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Becky Turner I Cindy Pardo Debbie Watson Linda Price Janet Watson , , , , ' Q N 'Sz NW T MSX V 1 D B' Beth W1thCIS :ya - I X vi? s si I E ,L 41 1 -5 is-pw a. I " I i f as " Dance Team 'im is :-Q S ,I S SAEI A ., My ' W2 ' nr 5' I it 2, K X , 1: 4, - :sv L ' 4 , K +5 1, ,bg 5 A 6 R VQW' ' ':', 4 .P - : 1 .,:.'. : X y 35 X --2 ,I i n . ' i., KVL: I T, ,,:, , ,. R PJ sw? Q I s'::i VI.: nga: I ' fi 93 LLI . I-. V S. If f,:. K' .0 514 m s lfgx 1 Msn ..,L 5 K ,, ,,. A A rj ' -at Q 0 I MQ Q' A Bs i iq p g - - N -f ,, ,-- is I 't'o I Ioy , .Q l Q .P Q I I , 4' x,:, , 5 PN V. '- S i . siss ,, Ui K, . f 5 -I Q l FX 5 :fait - fe K" 9 a XR: san X ' is :Q L.. . .. 3 x I fs X I 4 X A z X if 'I I S iking Interscholastie Volleyballers League A TEAM: Connie Green, Riche Patrick, Gwynne Holland, Vickie-Vernon, Marla Harris, Cynthia Rodriguez, Vickie Meeks, Lonnie Cotton. B TEAM: Beverly McCuller, Phyllis Chambers, Linda Sawyer, Toni Flores, Sharon Moss, Naomi Briseno, Linda Holcomb. The Nimitz Interscholastic League Volleyball Team competed against other teams for the title of district champions this year. Among the games played were the tournaments with Castleberry and the Irving Invitational Tournament. MANAGERS fnot shownj: Marilyn Cotton Cathy Patrick VOLLEYBALL INSTRUCTOR: Miss Jean Priesty Valkyries Instrumental In Development CAPTAINS Barbara Smith and Jan Rutledge TOP LEFT: FLOOR ROUTINE: N. Conder, I. Archer, B. Smith, P. Laye, S. Wright, R. Stancil, E. Newton, D. Allen, I. Rutledge, D. Booher. BEAM ROUTINE: R. Grider, B. Mills, D. Bishop, N. Hallford. TOP RIGHT: EVEN BARS: Francine Sentej BEAM: Dennise Bishop. UN EVEN BARS: L. Alexander, T. Stan- ley, H. Fisher, F. Senter, E. Hale, K. Lamere. V E a S d I t I h a a t I f o I f I, a IERRI BUTCHER RANDY STIPES LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach King, John McVay, Alton Lancaster, Donald Lawson, Don Booher, Dwane Darland, Philip Armstrong, Larry Stinnett, Kurt Bingham, Mike Carroll, Charles Crockett. Golf and TennisTeams Active in the Spring FRONT ROW: Kirk Mize, Jeff Rushing, Mike King, Stephen Terry, Kevin Maloney, Mark Muir- head, Ruben Puente, Brad Breitenbach and Mike London. BACK ROW: Mrs. Cherry Jackson, Coach, Slyvia Lloyd, Beverly Mizell, Patti Williams, Susan Armstrong, Terre Toland, Janine Stull, Diana Burch and Cheryl Drinkard. H0l10l'S Whds Who 00 Mr.N S l E 1 Donna Faulkner National Honor Society 3 Who 's Who in History 3 Miss NHS 2, 3 Head Cheerleader 1, 2, 3 Valhalla elects I9 I Mr. and Miss N S Randy Stipes National Honor Society 3 Class President 3 Student Council 1, 2 CVPJ Yearbook 2, 3 qAsst. Editorp Athletic Manager 1, 2, 3 Baseball 3 Miss N S Junior Favorites Toni Dickson Tim Haley Sophomore Favorites Ruben De La Torre ViCki Smartt Freshman Favorites X Leta Brewer John Kirby Valhalla Selects Beauties Ellen Vishnesky George Cline fye Leffe. .lan Harwell Pat Marion Clellene Sargent . . . and Handsomes for I 97 I 4 Tommy Sills January - Month . Gene Burton Marcia Conder F Sharon Moss Alan Berry . . . Set for Selection Dennis Bates Ronnie Gaither Denise McBride Sophomore Beauties ' Vicki Smartt Kurt Bingham Pat Parma and Handsomes Joe Morgan Dennis McBride N Lynn Peters John Kirby Freshmen Beauties . . Karen Hollingsworth Dan Burgess Patti Gee Terri Key Raymond Yarbrough O 0 Q a n d Handsomes . . . Chemistry . . . Valhalla Salutes Nimitz Faculty Selections of I 97 I Who's Who Biology . . . . . Athletics . DAVID ROBINSON . . . . . English . . KAREN BUFFINGTON . . . . . Social Studies DONNA FAULKNER . . . 4 . . Choir DANA GOUDE . . . . . Band . KEVIN FLAHERTY . . . . . Drama ROXANNE MCDONALD , , , . . . GirI's Physical Education . . . RICHE PATRICK . . . . . . Boy's Physical Education GARY WOOD 6 ..Math.. PAT DESROSIER , . . . . General Drafting . . . ARTHUR HARDIN . . . --GW , .,,, .ji . . French .TOY I-HCKEY . . . . . Spanish . . . GEORGIA SAUCEDO . . . . . German . , , LISA RENSHAW . . . n 7 ..Art. . ROD NEY RENO... . Homemaking BECKY HOLLIDAY . . . . Business . . BRENDA WILSON . . . .. LCfL RANDY SANDLIN . . . . .Shop . . . RICKY JOHNSON , . , Phoi OGVCIPHY A night of contemporary music in Dallas i S s v . Irving is known for many things, but now . . . The Irving Cowboys Super BOW1 by RANDY STIPES Dallas, an ever changing city, is constantly being confronted by both the old and the new. PhOto's by STEVE EDWARDS " X X . ,. ,,.,.. , f. 15 . , gwff wi.-lf2fE2S52E5l31f51'f .- 'H' , 1 X H ww ,N f Q , A.A. 25?, - S E, .. State candidates get a boost from head republican at Market Hall rally. 'V Republican Campaign Rally by DOUG WOODALL 4 f 3' A,kr37 , A ge, Wah Mm, A ,, K ggi 72' V' A in . guy 'El' 5 ir' " aww V 52557 153 Biggs 'v -B ,Mg ,Q The 1970 Cotton Bowl Queen receives a "Big D" New Year's Day Welcome. ff! ',v-' , !,f if eeeee' B Qmgg ,, ee,, E H Cotton Bowl Parade by MONTY SWIFT and DOUG WOODALL Football as Well as Racing Finds the Irving - Dallas Area . . alllai niaiafa wg Texas Stadium by DOUG WOODALL An Attraction to Everyone N.H,R.A. spring Nati 1 by STEVE EDWARDS Student Life Child Care Begins First Year 9 Nimitz High Enters First Science Fair Entertain Junior Class Photos by PAUL HUNTER Student Council 4 1 W Sponsors Talent Show I3 6 Athletics I9 0 Nimitz Viking FIRST ROW: Randy Kinnamon, Dennis Bates, Robert Holiday, Tim Haley, Donnie Watson, Gene Burton, Roger Littleton, Neal Hightower. SECOND ROW: Tom Pressly, Randy Little, Larry Venable, George Callejas, John McVay, David Robin- son, Ricky Mizell, Rusty McClelland, Earl Yarbrough, David Wood. THIRD ROW: Alan Berry, Tommy Sills, Ricky Kelly Ronnie Gaither, Jeff Zimmerman, Tim Freestone, Dennis Haley, Robert Hurtado, Terry Harris, David Hawkins, Randy Stipes. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Bingham fHead Coachj, Mike Greer qLine Coachj, Cliff Bradley fBackfie1d Coachj, Lane Ladewig fLine Coachj. "'4l 1 Q ' A --1' ' -ii' ' iking Coache and anagers 5 1 ,R aw Nimitz Viking 1970 Varsity Football Coaches are Wayne Bingham fHead Coachj, Mike Greer fLine Coachj, Cliff'Bradley CBack Coachj, Lane Ladewig fLine and Back Coachj. mm The managers for the Viking football team this year are Randy Stipes, David Wood, and Earl Yarbrough. 40 Adamson Topples Nimitz in First AAAA A ., if 'I an r' "Alai ' ,'f3f"f'. IBIW5 iJV" f f - 1 ' f,'- ' i:!5',i?i " 'fi . . i J 1 f f- K ,f 1 1. r . is v - , . . ,i ,A ,, A ,A. , , . A yy . .,Z, . ,. ,,,, : b y ,., , . , ,,A,,1 ,A. ., ,., , . . . s , 1 r ,,,"g,, -sb -v lu: H 1 'f ,gnu S 354.35 7 I f :y u n g A-gLg,,.g5: . ' 'th rf ?" .w ear ' . ROB ERT HURTADO Competition The first AAAA game for the Nimitz Vikings ended in a 14-6 defeat. Twenty-four strong, the junior and sophomore Vikings took on the more experienced and predominantly senior team of Adamson High. The Vikings threatened early with a 64 yard drive to the 2 yard line, 51 yards of which were Gene Burton aerials to Donnie Watson, Terry Harris, and David Robinson. The Leopards tock over on their 2 yard and drove 98 yards in 12 plays to score. The first half ended 7-0 Adamson. Robert Hurtado brought the Vikings back to life by intercepting a Leopard pass and returning it 31 yards to the Adamson 49. It took the Viking offense ten plays to drive to the Adamson 5, where David Robinson scored to make the score 7-6. The Vikings two point conversion was halted by the Leopards. Both teams had to give up the ball on punts because of strong defensive stands. The Vik- ings fumbled and Adamson recovered it. Seven plays later the Leopards scored and added the extra point to make the final tally 14-6. Even though the Vikings lost the game they gained something that would help in the weeks to come, experience in AAAA football. The Viking that received the least amount of credit for undoubtedly the best defensive play was Robert Hurtado. imitz Falls to Henderson Lions .TEFF ZIMMERMAN Long runs and long pass comple1:ions by the Hen- derson Lions killed the Vikings as the Nimitz defense couldn't stop the Lions or get the ball for the offense. When the offense did have the ball they couldn't get rolling.. The half was completely dominated by Henderson as the Lions scored 4 touchdowns in the first 24 minutes of play, and led 27-0 at halftime. Henderson came back to score 3 times in the second half while the Vikings managed to score on a blocked punt recovery and a 7 yard run by Jeff Zim- merman. Jeff, the Valhalla's weekly Award winner for the most valuable player, rushed for 56 yards on 20 carries and 1 touchdown. FAR LEFT: Robert Holiday C203 and Ronnie Gaither C325 put finishing touches on Adamson halfback. ABOVE RIGHT: Viking defense stop potent Lion offense for no gain. ABOVE: Tim Haley C503 dives to make tackle on Henderson fullback as Viking defense converges. 42 RONNIE GAITHER Skeeters Rally to Down Vikings Nimitz's third game of the season was a close one in which the Skeeters of Mesquite downed the young Vikings 14-7. The Vikings jumped off to a quick 7-O lead as they took the opening kickoff and drove 67 yards for the score. Gene Burton, Ronnie Gaither, and Jeff Zimmerman banged their way through, over, and around the Skeeter defense to the nine yard line. From there, David Robinson took a pitch around left end to the end zone for six points. Donnie Watson added the extra point to bring the score to 7-0. The Vikings had good field position in Skeeter territory the rest of the half, but couldn't generate any offense. Penalties halted Nimitz's drives in the second quarter. The Skeeters started moving the ball in this stanza and with 5:54 left in the first half, they scored. The PAT was good and the score was knotted at '7-7 at the end of the half. After an exchange of punts in the third quarter, Mesquite took the ball and bulled their way 59 yards for the go-ahead score. The Vikings came out after the score with a full head of steam. Zimm- erman and Burton rambled down to the Skeeter 8 yard line where it became fourth and three yards to go. Robinson got the call but he was dropped on the six, one yard shy of the first down: In the fourth quarter, the two teams exchanged punts and turnovers and neither team could score. The final score read 14-7, Mesquite, for Nimitz's third loss in as many games. Ronnie Gaither re- ceived the unsung hero award for busting his way through the Skeeter defense all night. He helped in setting up the first Viking score by ramming the ball to the nine yard line. He also helped in control- ling the Mesquite offense, while playing defense. TFT r an 1 w'a"1'ffit2wW':ff"- in , 1 Vikings Outclassed by Colts The Arlington Colts stomped the young Vikings 42-13 by using their superior strength and depth. The Colts with two long drives led 14-0 at the end of the first half. The Colts scored on a 1-yard plunge in the third period and exploded for 21 points in the last quarter for a total of 42 points. Quarterback Randy Little hit David Robinson on a 59-yard pass and run play for a touchdown, and Dennis Haley scored the last Nimitz touchdown on a 1 yard gallop through the Arlington defense. Gene Burton receives the weekly award for the most valuable player for hitting 15 out of 19 passes and driving the Nimitz offense deep into Arlington territory. GENE BURTON W3 ABOVE: Colt defense meets David Robinson. LEFT: Gene Burton runs for a good gain. I4 44 Cardinals Nip Vikings . . . Nimitz opened their '7-AAAA schedule with a hard fought 15- 12 defeat at the hands of cross-town school, MacArthur Cardinals. MacArthur jumped off to a quick 15-0 lead before they had to hold off the Viking desperation surge. The first half belonged to the Cardinals, but in the second half the Vik- ings took over and showed that they weren't ready to lay down and quit. The half time score was 9-0 in favor of MacArthur. The Cardinals scored on a one yard plunge up the middle, but the extra point attempt was missed to lead 6-0. With seven seconds left in the first half MacArthur kicked a 30 yard field goal to take a 9-O lead into the dressing roomlat half time. MacArthur opened the second half by driving 47 yards after a Viking onside kick attempt failed. The Vikings took the ensuing kick-off and drove the ball to the MacArthur 4-yard line. Twice, soph- omore tailback, Dennis Haley, rammed the line and the second try went in for the score. Viking head coach Wayne Bingham decided to go for two points, but the attempt failed with quarterback Gene Bur- ton being hauled down short of the goal line. Early in the fourth quarter the Vikings took over on their own 19-yard line and drove 45 yards, where the drive was capped off by a 36 yard touchdown pass from Burton to Robinson. Again the try for two points failed and the Vikings were still behind by a score of 15- 12. The remainder of the game was characterized by punts and turnovers by both teams. With only sixteen seconds left in the game, quarterback Gene Burton dropped back to pass. But being boxed in, he headed up the field, ran into an official, and went down as the final whistle was blown. Dennis Haley received the weekly award by scoring the first Viking touchdown in '7-AAAA action. He also showed that he could rise to the occasion on the spur of the moment as he took over for injured tailback, Jeff Zimmerman. TERRY HARRIS In 7-AAAA Opener DENNIS HALEY FAR LEFT: Viking game captains meet with Card captains and officials before game. ABOVE: Robert Holiday Q05 leaps high to catch a pass. BELOW: Randy Little 1823 jumps for joy as Dennis Haley 1215 scores first Viking touchdown in district action. 46 Trinit Trips the Vikings The Vikings, led by David Robinson and Randy Little, almost won their first game of the year against the Trojans from Trinity. The fourth quarter became the downfall for Nimitz as they had a 7-6 lead going into the final stanza. ln the fourth quarter however, the Trojans pulled the game out by the score of 22-13. This was Nimitz's sixth loss of the season. The Vikings took the opening kickoff for the initial score. Only three minutes had gone by when David Robinson was on the receiving end of a Randy Little pass that covered 73 yards. The PAT by Don- nie Watson was true and Nimitz had a 7-O lead over the favored Trinity Trojans. Nimitz was in Trojan territory all evening but failed to get the ball into the end zone. Turnovers killed Viking drives just when they would get something started. At the end of the first quarter, Nimitz had a 7-0 lead. The lead stood through most of the second quarter until Little had a pass interecpted. Trinity took it from their 42 yard line to the Nimitz end zone for a touchdown. The PAT was missed and the Viking took a 7-6 lead into the dressing room at half time. The third period ended 7-6, but in the fourth period both teams came alive. Trinity scored twice before the Vikings got on the scoreboard again. They ran over from the one and three yard lines for their scores. After both of their touchdowns they went for two points and converted on both of them. This made the score 22-7 in favor of Trinity. With 1:23 left in the game, Little fired a 13 yard pass to Robinson who took it for the Viking's final score. The pass to Robinson for the two extra points was overthrown by Little and the final was Trinity 22, Nimitz 13. Randy Little, who started at quarterback for the first time, completed nine of nineteen passes for 182 yards and two touchdowns to receive the weekly award as the outstanding player. He kept the Tro- jans on their toes all night with a balanced attack of running and passing. RANDY LITTLE S ikin s Stunned by Blue Raiders The tremendous running of the L. D. Bell offense and the stiff Blue Raider defense proved to be too much for the outmanned and outclassed Nirnitz Vikings. The only Nimitz score came early in the fourth quarter after Viking linebacker, Ronnie Gaither, recovered a Raider fumble at the L. D. Bell 34 yard line. On the next play, quarterback Randy Little hit halfback Robert Holi- day at the two yard line and Holiday dragged his defend- er into the end zone for the score. Donnie Watson added the extra point. The Blue Raiders scored the first five times they possessed the ball. They marched a total of 595 yards for 10 touchdowns, five extra points, and one two point conversion. The Vikings had a total of 10 first downs, 13 yards rushing, 57 passing. The Vikings had one out- standing player come through when the going got tougn. Robert Holiday was accredited with 51 yards on two receptions and one touchdown. ROBERT HOLIDAY me 147 48 Vikings Upset Tigers in Big . . . The Nimitz Vikings played with pride and determination as they upset the Irving Tigers in an inter-city rivalry. This game will probably stand out as one the "sweetest" victories in Viking history as they beat an old established high school the first time they played them. The Vikings scored first on a dropped punt by the Tigers on their own 30 yard line. Alan Berry caused the fumble by colliding with the Tiger player just as he caught the ball. The fumble was recovered by Dennis McBride and it took the Vikings only four plays to score. On a fourth and five situation from the Tiger 25, David Robinson ran a double reverse around left end for the score. The Tigers came out in the second half ready to play ball. On their first play from :scrimmage they went 40 yards to the end zone for six points. The two point conversion failed and Nimitz had a '7-6 lead. With 30 seconds left in the third quarter Ronnie Gaither intercepted a Tiger pass and ran 42 yards for the touchdown. The score was 14-6 after the PAT. The game was a battle of defense until late in the fourth quarter when Irving scored from five yards out on a fourth and two situation. The Tigers tried for two points again and made it. Both teams were offsides though, and the play had to be run over. This time the Tigers were stopped short of the end zone by the Viking defense for the decid- ing score. Donnie Watson kicked two all important extra points as theywere the deciding points of the con- test. The team, including coaches, active players and injured players received the award this week for the guts and pride that they showed throughout the game. The fans also can be complimented for their outstanding support and spirit that they showed not only in this game but previous games this year. Tim Haley was awarded the ball as the game was dedicated in his honor. A s , if , g ,qs-,A TIM HALEY -AAAA Inter-Cit Rival ABOVE: Dennis McBride and Donnie Watson fight with Tiger quarterback for fumble recovery. FAR LEFT: Rusty McClelland and Tiger quarterback scramble for loose ball in 14-12 victory. ABOVE: Vikings nervously watch as the defense holds the Tigers. 149 LEFT: Laurens Mitchell and the rest of the Vik- ing defense get ready to stop the potent offense of the Sam Houston Tex ans in the Fall Valhalla game. Vikings Come Up Short in Fall Valhalla The Nimitz Vikings played the Texans from Arlington Sam Houston but came up short, 33-20, in the first annual Fall Valhalla game. The Texans jumped off to a quick 21-0 lead but the Vikings fought back to within 'l-points. Turnovers played a major role in the game as Sam Houston scored twice on Viking errors while the Vikings scored once on the Texans. Their coming touchdown was a 9-yard pass from Randy Little to Donnie Watson. This was set up by a 35-yard double reverse by David Robinson, making the score 21-7 at halftime. In the third quarter the Vikings cut the lead to seven points when Neil High- tower scored from five yards out. After the Texans scored twice in the fourth quarter, Nimitz's final score came as Randy Little scored from the one yard line with 23 seconds in the game. David Robinson played his best game of the season by carrying the ball 23 times for -218 yards. He also had one reception for 27 yards and three punts for an average of 35. 5 yards, DA VI D ROBINS ON Star ti - M Xi.- ABOVE: The Viking football team listens as Q. B. Randy Little calls a play in the huddle in pregarne f W warm-up. RUSTY MCCLELLAND Vikings Defeated in ud Bowl The Grand Prairie Gophers defeated the Vikings in Nimitz's final game in their first year of AAAA competition. The game was marred by turnovers by both teams. The Vikings committed three while the Gophers committed four. The only offensive threat that the Vikings had in the first half was when sophomore tailback, Ronnie Gaither, ran over right tackle and rambled 41 yards into Gopher territory. A fumble on the next play ended the Viking threat. The score at the end of the first half was 21-O in favor of the Gophers. In the first half, Rusty Mc- Clelland came with an interception that halted a Gopher scoring threat at the Nimitz 20. This was the first of his two big plays that stopped Grand Prairie on scoring drives. In the second half, the Viking defense stiffened and only allowed the Gophers to score one time. The PAT was missed and the score was 27-0. Nimitz had two scoring opportunities in the second half as they drove to the Gopher 31 and 12 yard lines. The Vikings used all four downs in trying to keep both drives alive but both times they came up shy of a first down. The game ended as Randy Little was thrown for a loss trying to get the Vikings on the scoreboard with a desperation pass from the Gopher 12 yard line. Rusty McClelland who intercepted a pass and also pounced on a fumble was accredited with the player of the week award. 2 ,suv DENNIS BATES RANDY KINNAMON RICKY KELLY -::1.11:H' Head coach Wayne Bingham speaks at football banquet. Vw, . ROGER LITTLET ON L , L1 R .m wii 'iwgj if ' ' K - 4-'k v 1 fe Q Q an K, N 5935 W gm, 1!?zW,, V fzz. Sigma ig Qs W . . , ---' W' ,- Q f is? fl ,va ' - 1 -'WN F535 2 i SA S A J 1 ci . A-gmx , Qc ,. ,,J, g .,, ' wy 2 , u f 52. I 2 4 , ' W -N x' V ' W . - . S NEAL I-IIGHTOWER Four hsten to speaker f'5 -'N 4 af TOM PRESSLY ALAN BERRY 1 ' gm WT' f 4 1-4 535 'zflkff " ,ff 45 is M T' A ' 44 v A 1,1 f fi .mf " f W X 1 f 12 DAVID HAWKINS 1 Y fa agwiffe '., c5335 qawfha Principal Tom Chandler proudly accepts lrving game ball. .1 'O GEORGE CALLEJAS LARRY VENABLE all Team doctor Jack Ireland presents most valuable player award. DONNIE WATSON 5 , EM Sophs Help Varsity in First Year LAURENS MITCHELL KURT BINGHAM I9 O Viking " "-Bombers FIRST ROW: Carey, Hindman, M. Adams, Sanchez, DeLaTorre, Saddler, Gyer, Mitchusson, Carroll, Thomas, Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Harris, O'Neal, Howell, Parks, Northcutt, Booher, Carter, Caviness, McNight, Blankenship, Goolsby, Adams. THIRD ROW: Coach Dean Fikes, Coach Don King, Nix, 'Edmon- son, Douglas, Brown, Frerich, Edmonson, Martin, Mitchell, Bingham, Morgan, Freestone, McBride, Clark- S1IO1'1. 157 . imitz Ninth Grade Silver FIRST ROW: Gatlin, Moss, Womble, Baker, Rogers. SECOND ROW: Canfield, Haynes, Foster, Capehart, Walker, Grider, Sinclair, Birdwell. THIRD ROW: Coach James, Smith, Trevino, Linden, Kirby, Powers, Lambert, Lavender, Coach Purvis. imitz Ninth Grade Blue FIRST ROW: Woods, Becerra, Edwards. SECOND ROW: Stanley, Jaynes, Briseno, Atnip, Harris, Reese, Saucedo, Dunning, Douglas. THIRD ROW: Coach James, Halsey, Collins, Yarbough, Whitaker, Ybarra, Clarkston, Coach Purvis. imitz Sth Grade FIRST ROW: Smith, Legate, Warren, Cothran, Reno, Bucher, McClellan, Farish. SECOND ROW: Chapman, Kelly, Garrett, Dockweiler, Jaynes, Weiss, Nelson, Torres. THIRD ROW: Coach Iim Wheat, Ward, Welch, Moore, Shields, Fuller, Ussery, Rush, Rollins, Thompson. 0 0 l -ImItZ 7th Grade 1 FIRST ROW: Ellingson, Canney, K. Taylor, Farish, Stancil, Stephens, Mace, Perdue, Duncan, Rollins, Mc- Knight. SECOND ROW: Gunter, J. Taylor, Fowler, Cummings, Parma, Lawson, Carroll, O'Callaghan, Jack- son, Kelly, Emeric, Bush, R. Sanford. THIRD ROW: Butler, Woods, Curry, Citzler, Dennis, Parker, Ron Sanford, Henry, Rinehart, Seeber, Dunigan, Gossett, Coach Marvin Utecht. 'I59 60 Coach Don Nentwig's I97O-7I Viking Varsity LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Nentwig, Randy Rhyne, Robert Langford, Randy Little, Donnie Christy, Tom Pressly, David Robinson, Ken Vaughn, Alan Berry, David Russell, Randy Stipes. MISSING: Gene Burton, Donnie Watson. RANDY LITTLE - 2nd Team A11-District angina Irving Player of the Year and All-City lst Team All-City 2nd Team ALAN BERRY All-District Hon. Mention The 1970-'71 Viking Varsity had a difficult time jumping into'AAAA competition this year for the first time. Always at a definite height disadvan- tage, they had to make up for it with a full court All-City 2nd Team press and outside shooting as the taller opponents kept things bottled up inside Speed and quick ness were particular characteristic of the Young Vikings. DA VID ROBINSON 62 ROB ERT LANGF ORD The Vikings managed a 7-'7 record in Pre-Dis- trict competition with the highlight being a Consola- tion Victory in the West Side Lions Club Tournament in Fort Worth. RANDY RHYNE is ,z r , 2 I DAVID RUSSELL The Vikings entered district play in January but could not manage a single victory as some of the teams took advantage of the Vikings short-handedness and poured it on. Although O-14, the team managed to keep it close -and exciting on numerous occasions, losing by close margins. GENE BURTON DON GHRISTY 4 KEN VAUGHN The 1970-'71 season may not have been a successful one in terms of number of victories, but the effort displayed and the determination put forth was undoubtedly a victory for coaches and players alike. DONNIE WATSON TOM PRESSLY Coach Wood and His Viking "B" Bombers LEFT TO RICIBIT: Coach Wood, Donnie Watson, Robert Lowry, James Pitts, Dennis McBride, Robert Holiday, Tim Freestone and David Wood. 9th Grade Blue and Silver Roundballers FIRST ROW: Crosby, Aviles, Baker, Horn, Green, Keith, Cook, Saucedo. SECOND ROW: Coach Fikes, Gregory, Powers, Clarkston, Durham, Edwards, Reeves, Womble, Coach Utech. 'I6 6 Coaches Wheat and Purvis and the 8th 8 7th Graders FIRST ROW: Holiday, Farish, Russell, Nelson and Garrett. SECOND ROW: Coach Wheat, Ussery, Woods, Keatts, Moore. Fuller. i FIRST ROW: Perry, May, Purdue, Farish. SECOND ROW: Coach Purvis, Parker, Seaber, Butler, Wade. 0 Baseball makes Debut at NHS In I9 I QNNRQ.-. , Q 4 L 4 r 4 Q : a 1 1 Q 1 , A 4 Q 1 Q 2 1 1 ' ' - 1 1 , 1 V gif: BACK ROW: Coach Purvis, Junior Sanchez, Gene Burton, David Robinson, Gary Wood, Randy Little, Mark LePori, Mike Domnick and Larry Uribe. MIDDLE ROW: Ricky Kelly, Matt Adams, Donnie Watson, Daryl Hindman and Terry Harris. FRONT ROW: Randy Stipes, Tim Freestone, Johnny DeLaTorre and Tommy Sills. COACH PURVIS TERRY HARRIS I67 68 y 1 1971 Nimitz Track Schedule March 6 March 13 March 20 March 27 April 3 April 17 Texoma Relays Possum Kingdom Relays Red Dog Relays Prairie Relays Irving Airlanes District Meet Track and Field Participate in Spring Meets ABOVE LEFT-RIGHT Ricky Kelly Chuck Morse David Robinson LEFT : Gene Burton RIGHT : Philip Brown OPPOSITE PAGE ABOVE LEFT-RIGHT Tommy Sills John Adams Richard Reece MIDDLE: Tim Burton Randy Kinnamon Preston Price BOTTOM: David Hawkins Victor Narvaez Ricky Harris ,F ,ff W ,W X 1 ' is va 1 '. Mn x JW 1 al, E U 1 A Qmrff .r.f .. 5 .,,,Il. Mg A -awww' az' Mmfs 5 My +9-fr Y ' , WL3'fQ,, '1'f1,f. . rf , ,w en 1 :'3 Zvi , , ev nf, aff.: V if 5? ffl. v 1 mu .15 'I69 70 . 'F Af...-f4""? DENNIS BATES RETTA SCYRKELS RANDY LITTLE RANDY STIPES Vice-President Secretary Treasurer President Junior Between Class Comments ' X ' ,..V I A, I' if W::h" -f ' ' . - ' :'1' ' I -c f ,'-I ' f A' ,:,:' V ,f-, . ku' ' N?7T?if? W1-wwf '-:" "' W' sle ,, ssse ' 'Q ssse :1f'ef:i:fs 1, ,f f me ff" X kf'ZzW,g f,,. "2fsmes'ff'1f 'L ,,,, , ,.,. ' ,,-- ,Q-rf ,."' ' sssss A eee 13 :v :'i W gf ,.'i'-- 2' 1 ,, gf, .37 f,,W5,.,,,:-m,:e:fQs,f fr A r . V a 5 FIRST ROW ACROSS: Robert Adams Lynn Alexander Debbie Allen Geary Allen SECOND ROW ACROSS: Jim Anderson Debbie Andrews J im Antle Sharon Archer THIRD ROW ACROS1 David Atteberry Debbie Atteberry Ricky Baetz Mary Bailey - '41'A 'Mi' ABOVE: Tim Haley, Randy Stipes, and Earl Yar brough comment on the up coming game against Adamson. FIRST ROW ACROSS: Donna Bankston Cinda Barnes Joe Barron Karen Barry Debbie Bartlett Nancy Barton SECOND ROW ACROSS Ronald Bate Dennis Bates JoAnn Baufield Danny Beach Debbie Bembenek Mark Bennett THIRD ROW ACROSS: Betsy Benton Alan Berry Denise Bishop Susan Bitts Yvonne Blackerby Linda Blackwell FOURTH ROW ACROSS Linda Boatwright Delorise Bodine Jackie Bradford Valerie Brantley Brad Breitenbach Naomi Briseno pirit Week at N. .S. October -I0 ABOVE: Caught in the act? Not these juniors . .. alias Pat and Nancy, .fre . gi: T35 K- . FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS: THIRD ROW ACROSS Nathaniel Broughton Eddie Buck Gene Burton Debbie Brown C31-01 Buckner Jimmy Burton Henry Brown Karen Buffingron Tim Burton John Brown Donna Burgess Jerri Butcher - Y f- 'Ml-an-A i 1' ' . ,SN 'gs IT M ,A 'FE' ' Q 1 -fu I 1' Wai' s o Ax 4 if if X N ' ia? :asv-E' r. 'N' 1, sf 5 S, NS S M :ai-. - -- W ts Jia Q' Eff ,,,.. 3, .V N. wr E , 2 1 FIRST ROW ACROSS: I. B, Butler Mark Buttery Dale Cain Donna Caldwell Tripp Calk George Callej as SECOND ROW ACROSS Steve Camp Nancy Caridi Gale Carroll Sharon Carroll Martha Carroll Kathy Cavette THIRD ROW ACROSS: Billy Caviness Jerry Chandler Cindy Clark Melissa Clark George Cline Wanda Cloy FOURTH ROW ACROSS Virginia Cofer Tim Colchin Marcia Conder Carolyn Collins Billy Cook Liz Corich Vikas express school spirit with a smile FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS: THIRD ROW ACROSS: Pat Cowan Pat Cunningham David Davis Gaylon Cox Donnie Dail Gary Davis Hayes Crockett Yvonne Daley Toni Davis Mark Crowe Sheryl Damon Vicki Davis ABOVE: Cinda Barnes and Vika, Becky Taylor, "call time" in sociology to demonstrate their school enthusiasm. zkg L fi "iii 2 LL,., . f':f1fsgrs wig-vefkf7,vw:.g f ABOVE: Vika, Donna Burgessi practices with the band A E 3 during one of the many Thursday night rehearsals! FIRST ROW ACROSS: David DeHaes Buddy Deal Burt Derr Pat Desrosiers Kg 2 QE? f 5 , L .4 'T' 1 l sillizf , 51, ,AQ A H ww 'i ,s,rr , if H-23 :"f,i 'ifffiti -'YI ' ' L, 7?-,i'1'11f' 12- gi fiz, ZR auf! ,A E 'SM If Q fl! , , '-4' I fd 'ii' V al! SECOND ROW ACROSS: Stephane Diaz Toni Dickson Lois Dill Bill Dorsey fi 4 - a. f '.f' , 1 ooyyo ,QQQ TY .ry Ng as .,,:' fix :XY w ' X is , f - 2 Nw "' ,, 1 QP' A 27 1 1 ,L, i gm.: , 1 Vey. - .. 4. 'sf Tl-HRD ROW ACROSS Sherry Douglas Don Dozier Becky Dunlap Bobby Dunlap FIRST ROW ACROSS: Tony Earle Steve Edwards Juanita Ellingson Ronnie Ercanbrack Johnny Esquivel Don Estes SECOND ROW ACROSS: Robert Estrada Gary Etter Deb Ewing Donna Faulkner Heather Fisher Kevin Flaherty THIRD ROW ACROSS: Toni Flores Sheila Foster Walter Frank Jana Friemal Joe Garcia Cathy Garner FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Janice Garrett Debbie Gatlin Robert Getts Dana Goude Jerry Gray Billy Green I 1 ' E 1 X 9 S Q K K .,,. r N A it w . . HW fem 5 xg 'SX sis , garwfaflf . 1. gs r-:asw:.is2::gy1 we ar if W' E' X L' sr r EMS in E W? E iw 4 is ASW W Connie Green Becky Gresham Curtis Gressett Scott Halket Tim Haley THIRD ROW ACROSS: Danelda Hamlin Oscar Guzman FIRST ROW ACROSS: Ioyce Grigsby Scotty Grizzle Arthur Hardin SECOND ROW ACROSS: Barclay H3-ge! Rita Grider A N SRS N x X . 732 f 'B 1 . , 4' . 1 Qi . Ms K my Si' r , X Edie Hale I : i .S E " .':1 . EF , -sr v f ' M' as Af Ev wi uf? " A A ,,... .. ' A f AA'r Q g i K ,, . ' ' t,t7y 'SS if ' 555221 :-5: :NFZEQS " - A , 2 1 ' 'sialic - ' H ABOVE: Donna Faulkner, Pat Harrington, and Cinda Barnes enjoy the new addition to NHS - THE SNACK BAR! A 'iii f - A ,,..n O gs rsa w ra iw.. X FIRST ROW ACROSS: Margaret Hardin Jeff Hargis Pat Harrington Sandra Harris Terry Harris Vance Harrison SECOND ROW ACROSS: Jan Harwell Cindy Hashert David Hawkins Tim Haynes James Hazel Tom Head THIRD ROW ACROSS: Linda Heimann Cindy Henrikson Eddie Hill Linda Holcomb Robert Holiday Gwynn Holland FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Debra Hollingsworth Janice Holman Debbie Hubbs Jovita Huerto Robert Hurtado Priscilla Irwin X . RQ s at is ig 'QR X 3 zszzaifmw-f - . .T :T - ,.,, ,.,,,: . in X1 S , X Y 1 R ' ig v 'avi mm Ri. H 'Q W' X H 3 sang xy X ., 4, N E fs 'Q i W 5 Es? 'S ri . ' T i ,ig Q, X ' ,, X 'A ' ' ' 7 O - 215513235 for iyy,ii 3 s oy ,ir.i - , , .,rr 2' O ,. E lf: 5 ' '- fl ' .-" R' Y H.. ,M , Q i,rr iaixwq W il Q NWT 5 X si Y WQFQ 'X Rr if 'E I: ti' K' S " I K I I ' 'N-Qrxgzifw M.,-lg, :w.Wm,,f--- -Q : , , . m .T 'RA IL WA VS ABOVE: Pat Smith and Debbie Miller are rushing to finish putting up the sign for the bus to Henderson. " ' - -V 1 ' F ff:-SHS " - A f T A ' '1 ' A- . ,si- 1 , -fi 1' FIRST ROW ACROSS: Anita Isbell Hoyt Jaynes Kathy Jodon SECOND ROW ACROSS: Vicki Johnson x an x . r R 5 1 ll 3' ff E 2 r Debbie Jones Tesa Joplin THIRD ROW ACROSS Curtis King Forrest Karns Ricky Kelly Glenn Kimberlin ' f if .. SS: E Pisa' f"!zE1r55ENi-E. QE ik rr xxx K Kr- Y ' :- If W 1 . 1 .S If v' ,Kgs :I X 1, , i R if ' Sf , 'jf Santa laus joins Chemistry class r f S ec, M 5325! fi S to 451, 5.515 15 -5 J H ' 'f' 1 a i MMM tt r .L 2? tw fri L ABOVE: Santa Claus handles handouts among two junior chemists, David White and Liz Corich. .,.Q?"s9f, W few - X g,a, ff'?ffri sissza FIRST ROW ACROSS: Mary Lavender Margo Lambert Don Lawson Cathy Lamere THIRD ROW ACROSS: Alton Lancaster Marcia Lee SECOND ROW ACROSS: Tye Leffel Robert Langford Ann Leibensberger 2 4 if , 4 23 f if ' J .4 I iw ,,,, I .2 .kkf f , -. i l .w f A , , r ,-za, f ,af . , ' ' 'F W M A w X ag fl 5, M, ",' Vfliflfl if '11 " A EV -M I, C, ...,i,t W ,, , ,, ,, A , ' ,Ek rf .r rf? 5 5? if , 5 K B V Q L 5,42 .- FOURTH ROW ACROSS Cathy Lenart Mark LePori Kirk Lewis Pat Linam 1 1-.lm an ,...z::f 5 . -rf: , ' K l it 3 '., " " H na H 2 H ,N :"'f5f1ff: i-'L l ,... V H " ,m"" ' 3:31 51 I ,.':f -f,55Z:'i"fEi5i-" x. :1 ""' II: if' illifi' Niiiwlxif L Q15 R Q X sy si W a N 'W"wj K, me M- sn S' 4 N NSR . , ,, X 2 i.'1:3-vikff :T t R 1 r my le l' ,S P M A. I le 1,3 mf m , , a:,w?gg.f-my-f-. E Xi! ,A x S 5 -lx " I ' Nga?" Jawa "' -'frbqhx 6 5 raft S. BS X X if t i ff- if 52 WN t '- its fig 2, . ,,. a im -vw fe .zgzwf we -. FIRST ROW ACROSS: Cindy Lind esmith Gary Linsley Mike Linsley Shirley Linville Randy Little Roger Littleton SECOND ROW ACROSS Mike London Debbie Long Cindy Looney Robert Lowry Gail Luker Micky McCarver THIRD ROW ACROSS: Rusty McClelland Diane McMeans John McVay Susan Mackie Kevin Maloney Karen Maner FOURTH ROW ACROSS Dottie Mangurn Bill Mantooth Pat Marion Sue Martin Sharon Martindale Isaias Martinez FIRST ROW ACROSS: Maria Martinez Karen Mathews Donna Mathies Chris Maus Patricia Mays Mike Meadows SECOND ROW ACROSS: Steve Medwick Vicki Meeks Bill Metzger Dann-y Miles Debbie Miller Mike Miller THIRD ROW ACROSS: Rita Minix Karen Mize Jack Monroe Kirk Monroe Dan Moore Chuck Morse FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Sharon Moss Jean Mulder Brenda Murphy Martha Narvaez Mitch Nelson Sandra Nelson W -Q,,,.J, ...., . 5 X is MQ sages -sn,-1 Q sfzsuwfsw :rf -22i2iE:f.t - ' ,,,1f5ygL,gr: all ff i 6 1 ,V W bmk' f '-fa. f-..' 1 fa 51-zwwritt iziyafri: i it 2 H FIRST ROW ACROSS: Elaine Newton Hank Norman Ricky Pagitt Cindy Pardo SECOND ROW ACROSS: Jack Parker Nakita Parrack Cathy Patrick David Patrick THIRD ROW ACROSS: Richie Patrick Keith Patton Eric Pennal Sharon Peters Simulators set challenge for Vikings BELOW: Debbie Schroeder studies the situation 5 f ff .1 Tift: .f"1faf""' ' X f " " L A 1' f M53 V r 'Y' . . .., ,.,. rr if ,V "HSV rf U, m:frr,fff!1:f'W19f H-SHS vi ' JN -iff: :s afiw i "ffZf,1ef?fr' V P1 :fe 1 -"sv .. f-i"v, -22:1 P-:Y was ,Q . K1 35' . , ' 5: 15' 1, + fy, fb f ,. . f , f ., ,,,, Q1 2+ f W. 'I af - F. , farm ' - 1 ,., wie ' , ' - "h' I . ' flffi, A 9 wwkf' i 'Yi 4' W P ABOVE: Coach Nentwig is wishing a speedy recovery to , V George Callejas, out with a ruptured disc. dydd T FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS! O t M Io Ann Phillips Vicki Ponder 5 'I Terry Pitts Ton Pressly 2 Dwain Pokladnik Ruben Puente ya THIRD Row ACROSS: Randle '- f"' ' 2 5' 5.26 "'f1 James Rawlinson Rodney Reno A- AF Football injuries increase during I 9 season FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Roger Reno Judy Revis Randy Rhyne ,ava- al FIRST ROW ACROSS: Vicki Richardson Linda Riojas Sherry Ripley Raymond Riss Shirley Roadman Melinda Roberts SECOND ROW ACROSS: David Robinson Debbie Roddy Cynthia Rodriguez Donna Rogers Alton Rollins Chuck Ross THIRD ROW ACROSS: Jeff Rushing David Russell Steve Russell jan Rutledge Randy Sandlin Janie Sandoval FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Clellene Sargent Georgia Saucedo Debbie Schroeder Rosalie Schwarzkoph Gail Scovel Reta Scyrkels 1 fiiziiefr , ' '1':f:Ls21Sf'1li'Il4: vu-if - .Q-Iii: - r . ,r., . -V "ft 5 .liar W E N ' , 5 5 I: Ro:-PM N13 5: K r -155 1 :' it N ,"' g I 'K on X - xuzzzzzelw an 95:w,f?m!zs ,- rfzaswsi- 1 :ss 4 M 1, -1 . - A .'s, I 3 5 B 5 ik! I Qi SS ik A 1 l! ! gr, E 5 se 5 f Q-515.5 - K H I W 9 S. xr Y 5 f k as was ? Q A N F R l is t ,Q Q ,Q-A ES ' li r X 'N Q Jr M if I sr- Q ke iw R R M ,sf ,L , ON, if 'i5li'1rE2i4n55if:s, ' :gi I L", X it Ek: 45+ s i ,jiri fs Q L jg fir. 1 , S i. 1 , il . .SIE 5 sig 1 its v Q' Q X Killa, S ' sl rf .rw z-Q 'tn S W M sy ifsf ., t"iZ::?1 in ' in Akyk . , ,. ,N.. , . ig 1 ,X I XX Ha ' My M ... ,. , ..,. . ., V . ik is Xu- A A ,iz ,. r sa gi' N' 4 .tuu,r ruuu,uur , -' i1f:"f?1-Q 3 --" 'r'r L f 3 ,- .ggi wg. uqfgxgz, -Ziff C , 'Q uiuytt FIRST ROW ACROSS: Nancy Seidner Robert Selveen Jeannie Shanahan SECOND ROW ACROSS: John Shearer Ronnie Sheffield Kirby Shelton THIRD ROW ACROSS: Mikel Shilen Angie Shorb Tommy Sills " 1---ti ABOVE: Junior choir member, Mary Trocke, finds time for a short rest on the bus before per- forming at the E. T, S,U, Choir Concert. FOURTH Row ACROSS: Mike Smith Timothy Silmon PHI Smith James Smith Mary Smith FIRST ROW ACROSS: Susan Smith Mike Spatter Vicky Sperry Rhonda Sprouse Karen Spruce Carolyn Spurgeon SECOND ROW ACROSS: Gary Starnes Vicky Stephens Don Steward Larry Stinnett Randy Stipes Terri Strickland THIRD ROW ACROSS: Becky Taylor Charlotte Taylor Selonna Taylor Wayne Teague Phillip Thayer Frankie Thompson FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Debbie Tillery Jim Tindall Joe Trevino Mary Trocke Henry Truitt Barbara Tucker r, X 5' X 4 s 5 U iq 9x f 3 Q Q fx l r X ax X it , Q . gg N x z X 1? . QL , a ' H S A ""r L - -- f r Itr f 3 A553 1 ' .asp ,. 2,1511 , irlar Y Q. as QS E' 5? A K- Kg 5 1 is Basketball seems to have its dramatic moments . . ABOVE: Randy Stipes is helping Randy Little look for his Contact which lies somewhere beneath the basket- ball goal, W ii S fs ' 1 Q., 63' ' www N mes 3 ,. :sggj "Q. sf- - ,lbs M gig wx 5 Q Q X in Swv Y s,, E X SY i S R' -i , A 1-if N' 'read ,L ls as X .Nl iris fa . , f s 'R' Rs mi 3 ' 1 X Q Q , is ' tg? fig wig, a 'Lg Rx H R Y s ef' W MW Km xx sei ,.,. ,R , W' E rik ! wgffghi aint!-wif f mf R N-me 'W X Q 1 'siJ' ,,,f, X ra H 1 sg as N 3' Y Wi 11 X FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS: Tommy Vawter Jeanne Ann Walker Larry Venable Vilda Walker Ellen Vishnesky Mary Ward Randall Wade Joe Ware THIRD ROW ACROSS Debbie Watson Donnie Watson Monty Watson Robert Weathers 0 O 0 as seen through the eyes of its spectators ABOVE: Mrs, Darland, Clellene Sargent, and Jan Harwell study the basketball goal. QQ .Q Z2 A Isi swf? K 9 at 'Q ,. 5 s J s., .""'f5. is it 5 iQ is X it li ily xt I 'X 'fs Sf' - ,ie ff i FIRST ROW ACROSS: Margie Weaver Sheila Weise Clyde Welker SECOND ROW ACROSS: David White David White Robert White THIRD ROW ACROSS Debbie Whitmire Keith Williams Preston Williamson Brenda Wilson ,.., W , :,L:1, ,.,:1I,:,1, -1 -1.: 2 1 S7 , . 9' Cu ay 3 4 it ff Z 45? K1 3 I- K 1: ew . - -, , z f 'fb-W MQ!-i ff ff NA md 15 5 3 , Q JV' ,V ' A 4 GQ 1 4 1 1 2 ,gl in jk 1 42 ff ff .gear 'nw 1' 3,1 'zs1'f7Wf2f Z uwzziwse :gi 3 H f.:,g1,J5E.1,55: ,.:,,Vm I, , 1 9 f 7412? aiffh 'f ra fa W 9 . 'A A r I f 3 71 B 1 1 ALA A 'X 5' 11 gi , ', 1 : , fer Fw f M S mmrr lL if 'A "' FIRST ROW ACROSS THIRD ROW ACRQ53 Chris Wilson Mary Wirick Gail Womb le SECOND ROW Garry Wood Kim Wood Sue Wright ACROSS: lim Wylie Earl Yarbrough Jeff Zimmerman ikings Q come 15 ff 0 shapes and sizes 94 8 L.. Soph omores 3.513 f :1'f j ! , wire? 5131 ,, 43? .,f,,, :gf V ' . r :": HW are 11 I' -,W , n , n g ,ff,. rj u W 9 gm if ,gg f 2 ,,s, - A '59 aa 5' f V ? 6 fr 5, Q f W i .9104 ww V ,, - . - f-,f f if, .W-1 .,,..,,::Q ,,.W- ' J 1 'r an fi, .,,,, 1-. A it , 1 li" lg Q, ,' r I ri f ' Q f if 'L + ' N ,ri ffiv' W 'iw 1 M f Q f' ra A AA,: FIRST ROW ACROSS: Iohn Adams Matt Adams Yvonne Akers Ronnie Akins SECOND ROW AC ROSS: Peter Alarid Chandra Allen Jimi Andrews Gail Argo THIRD ROW ACROSS: Julius Arrambidez Donna Ashley Arlene Bailey FOURTH ROW ACROSS Ileeta Baker Rose Banda Antone Barbosa FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Brenda Barger Cindy Barnett Robert Beach Loya upporters BELOW: Sophomores, Kim Garrett and Lisa Renshaw observe closely the Viking defense in a Tuesday night basketball game. C ,ni-1 ,U-Y 'QW 5 9 f fy -Xcfi xr Q f ,,,5,, , W , ,, ff E CA Jfmif: ,,,.,, may 4, gr, .IN -5 .fi , rr. '-Q Warez- J' , , . . 5 Q.- H, f r wfzzfs: - ra' My V , 'Y 2 W 'ff x , , 1 ' " 1 97' - 'Sill X X -ri, , T .,,1 H . ' 22? 112 my it t i faiiaariial it it t ifgiilil V A,, 5 Q Vyyyhh - : at .w:,.f1 ,3 '59 , ' ff ,V 1 v-S22 -Ma ,. Y t 24' ,I 15, it iii mf ' Kg T A W W am if FIRST ROW AC ROSS: Helen Bennett Larry Berry Donna Bicknell Kurt Bingham Don Birdwell Kathy Bitts Ricky Blankenship Carl Bonner SECOND ROW ACROSS: Jerry Bonner Donald Booher Tommy Booker John Boucher Judy Bowen James Boyd Melanye Brasher Colleen Bratton ' AJ A . 45 f my We? 4 yang +1 ,pf N 'HHWB M if S f. 4 , , 'mt ..' 5 ff Q' Z . ,,., ,Q ,, W .,,,hr,, ,fl ,. LRE, mimi? 4 g f "W 3 . ,rw::r2:,, nz' V 'rm' rj: Kf.,gaas,.g ,v f -H ,5,ff,.rr,,iz:wi M' 3 , , 2 , ' 'if f " 1 qgy' lag, 1 ' - ir gf? 41'gif,f -2 1,1 We fs? r WS , ,, S sf if fn p ' ' 1 ' 115' f gm Z THIRD ROW ACROSS: Bev Breitenbach Irene Breth Martha Briseno Deborah Bristow Barbara Brogden Connie Brothers Anthony Brown Debbie Brown FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Debra Brown Greg Brown Phillip Brown Steve Brown Debra Bruce Debbie Buckner Melinda Bullock Beki Burch FIRST ROW ACROSS: David Burnett Patty Burns Carol Burrow Patty Burton SECOND ROW ACROSS Micheal Bynum Barbara Calame Sharon ,Caldwell Robert Callejas THIRD ROW ACROSS: Vicki Canady Jeff Canfield Connie Cantrell Larry Carey FOURTH ROW ACROSS David Carroll Mike Carroll Becky Carroll Wayne Carter Connie Cason Ricky Caviness Phyllis Chambers ,yr . K wif FIRST ROW AC ROSS: Ann Charles Cindy Christiansen Donald Christy James Church Cindy Clark Larry Clarkston SECOND ROW ACROSS: Julie Cloy Donna Coe Linda Coffey Brad Collins Kenny Compton Denise Conn THIRD ROW ACROSS: Barbara Conner Janet Cothran Jackie Cotton Lonnie Cotton Marilyn Cotton Darrell Covington 4. AWK? FOURTH ROW ACROSS Karrie Crabtree Veta Crawford Sharon Crayton Stanley Cross David Crouch Cynthia Crump ABOVE: Student Council Vice-President, Den- nis McBride, "lays it on 'em" during a pep rally. OPPOSITE PAGE: "Jack-in-the-Box, " Barbara Smith, does her "thing" on the trampoline during the gymnastic Christmas program. Talented Sophomores FIRST ROW ACROSS Jim Culbreth Iolynn Culver Teresa Cummings SECOND ROW ACROSS Michele Davis Wanda Dearing Abraham DeLaTorre THIRD ROW ACROSS Johnny DeLaTorre Ruben DeLaTorre Ralph Delmar FOURTH ROW ACROSS George Dill David Dimmette Rosie Dixon Mike Dominick Gary Douglas Roy Douglas 'WZ 1 Q 10 ir S af 1 4' 4' V F sf "ff - 4 -fi-M1 ' ,XM---.Q , .k lgigk . Nr, ,,4,.:,,m ,L - W R , F X 'SJ C S35 .ax W ESQ! aff ,.t,,.W,. ,Vg ?,E..fig get WL ,i w s..-Visa. f 5 Z Byers? 1 -V? A Y, i 1 is L Q' A . f , . 5 r A Um Q ' 4 ' I' z E . ., , 5 S N 1 S . -Q - - 2 r 9 7 A , fx LL,, . 3 'H X L V K .h.A,2i. ' is fr X Efiiqi. ,, 1::' M ,, 'I A j' ' gikl ..r: 'q"' i FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS: THIRD ROW ACROSS: Curtis Dfinkafd Tom Edwards Bill Epperson 101111 Dumas Vicki Emery Angelina Estrada Fred DUUCHU Pam Engel Mark Evans DHUUY Edmonson Joe Enright Pam Evans David Edmonson Tim Enright Ken Faling FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Janet Fairris Mark Farish Vicki Faulkner Terri Fields Susan Flarity S, gg., 4 -S, a Ks FIRST ROW ACROSS: Irma Flores Diane Forbus Don Fox Tim Freestone Harvey Frerich SECOND ROW ACROSS: Sammy Furgurson Larry Gable Ronnie Gaither Donna Gardner Melissa Garms THIRD ROW ACROSS: Kim Garrett Danny Geist Sandra Geren . E K E 5 'R Q F ev 1' U ssh? www Q X? 331 Ax new? Steve Gideon Lisa Gillentine FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Debbie Glover Robert Glover Sharon Glover Fred Golden Belinda Gonzales W 1, vu he , 'ia oon Nap Time BELOW: After the exhausting morning activities, Walter Frank and Larry Uribe take time out to rest in the library f 'SA Q cv , ,Q J , 'f Q? T? i W 4 '11 4 f S T if b 2. 34 av i A A LE, '- . - 1 xx I Z .gf f v. zzizixz., Q V- 4 5' ,J I M f M .34 4 k , ' as av , f aa g 25 Grieg YV ft! 1 if if 3 5 K f ,-. -.W,,. ' f zgy' 11 Ar , f if mx ' I 1 1 "'4' ' A . , FIRST ROW AC ROSS: Patricia Goodm Roy Goolsby Sheila Gormley Joyce Gowan Judy Graham Richard Grant Gale Gravette Robert Greene 3.11 .gift VVV, 632 Zu ' Q .ef W um 5 pa., , ,I 5 ..,,, ,.,,1 , J , My mga, fm F555 2 fi: . . Wag' J af F f .. ,Z 44, w ,,..,4n . aa. r.-an - , ' ww, - if .fn af, V ,fum f,,w..w.,,,y 7 64:5 , 'YQ a K l R if If f? ni 9 ' G W, W 22 if , ,f 1 '- E la g M is 1 fix' 'Mg 44 XE' 1 "fi ' 7 ,.,,- M11 my J , 5? -.' 'Ev asa, in QM A, , K - .ffnff f a ,' a z at N9 SECOND ROW ACROSS: Jerri Greenwood Randy Greer Susie Gunta Jane Gunter Robert Guthery Iose Guzman Inocensio Guzman Randy Gyer THIRD ROW ACROSS: Glenn Hale Dennis Haley Nelda Hallford Chris Hallmark Rickey Hamilton Rickey Hammer Rockey Hammer Jerry Hammon TES: J M11 ff? ,rl ,, ' if A ' .11 . fx 2 'i' ,.,. .W,,,..,,,. ,uma ,K , , Wg 2-awww, .,,, QQQE e 11, EJ "Z , 3 , eb . 512, vw 'Y afar , 2' A 1 f.,,,4,,,',y,.f?fWg,,, , 1-HUM., FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Gary Harris Marla Harris Robert Harris Charles Hash Debbie Hayes Rhonda Hayes Richard Head 5+ J , , J M , 5 ug, J Q40 it . r ria as 'r W 4 A FIFTH ROW ACROSS Jerry Henderson Mike Henkel mfr ,, , i 4, an ,x ra, ' 1 H249 " H J ' r r f H .I zu ff f ap., 1, ,. i f i f ,ai f wwf- ns.- np 'Trp , if - rug., f ? J U xg. 1 Mmm. L yer ,Q fag fa' 2 r W M? 1 .wa ' 7 ' rw ,, :mrs , ffff wsxrezzrsfafa ' , r I -W Qfgasfrzarzgexe ,,,,.v . 1 .ff Ji "" E' 2 , M X .,H. 7,, , 4,,:5 ,,,..,, 3 4 Q J' at 7' 2 if 5 FIRST ROW ACROSS: Joy Hickey Sandra High Neil Hightower Randall Hill Daryl Hindman Becky Holiday Bill Houseworth David Houston V21 33 SECOND ROW ACROSS: Walter Howell Sandy Huckaby Rudy Huerta Donna Huff Rickey Humphrey Paul Hunter Danny Hux David Isaac 4, 1-any THIRD ROW AC ROSS: Allen Isbell Dennis Isham .Joan Jackson John Jackson Diane Jackson Horace J effus Terry Jenkins Tom Jenkins 7 rm, M, , E J : S4 I ff f, fy , F cw ff ? J FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Terry Jenson Debbie Jessup Suzy Johnson Ricky Johnson Robert Jones Sheila Jones Leeta Keele Jack Kelley , Q fl I X' 7 A, ., f gm, f fi f Ewa" ' . pw' ir, , L 2' ifv fb k- . iw wr- A f fmzz w-if fm we 1 r f-ft H f-4 W fm ,. ww, . , W ,Um .. 'L w wf wa' 'xr- aa .yi--1 W- , fr ,list W,f11m,:fjvrw -5 . " ' if ' 'gm 1 K f """' W w ff' Ig gk!" :L vi' .., 'li' W . Epi - W- Efiffvi' zwswta if 2t7f:25m-ifwr--wr: f,4gg,4,:,,m,, W J, H, ,. . .C .0 ,-- Zlgfylv his . r..,15L 4,5 , 11.1 .7 , Q ' vw? ? are if ,W rpg -QW, 2 i ,.,, , 61 . gi .95 if 1 5 I 5 ,fy,,ge,'zzig,,i,.Q,, me .ui fzgggzzg , L, kwj' gh 5:55- aaa fr 4 1 FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS: Paula Key Shelby Lankston Alan Kimberlin Janet Lauderdale Randy Kinnamon Don Lawrence Benita Kirby Terry Knight Thea Korver Clifford Krob Mary LaFary Steve Lawson Perry Layfield Richard Layton Marc Lee Mark Lee -1 l, Y , faaa fair a a iW ii 4 S ima gt ' 25 .3 15 -"- - . X 1 9 ag - -'f. 1 ',,,.ff we rug ,, . R THIRD ROW ACROSS: Peggy Lee Katie Lewis Laurie Locke Ason Louviere Mike Love Julia Love Carlos Luna Tempie Lydia FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Denise McBride Dennis McBride Debra McCarrell Melody McClure Robert McCowen Beverly McCuller Dee Ann McGibboney Marilyn McGlone M FIRST Row ACROSS: Al S . SSSS Pam MCGHHG 'S " S S SS - Debbie McKee if fir? SSS'SS i S S S , i I 1 y , 1 Susan McKenzie ' SSS S S - "P ":A . L 4S-:S . S A . Si K' f + X , Debble MCMHHUS ' gif. -- -5: ., 1:-Pu zz: if-I SSW ,f.. tm MP - ng-i t S S f f SSSS "S S S 1 B . S George MCM111HH Molly McVay S 't:L:. 'iffy f ff 7 .WM - 11... -we-nf.: :::. ,ew " , 5 M K . . ,.iE?5, 5:W,?, , S:.E 'Xe S 1 E i i xv: 581, , .Epi is ix X X gs -x tg .1 32514 .Hx at-,.-:1i3m.bu1b,, .te.QSa,. f,,.,1,,, ..., ,. a TW' 'iffff-:SST ., ' L: if B-Teamers Support Varsity LEET: Dynamic B-teamers contribute spirited support for the Viking Varsity Basketball game as displayed by Kurt Bingham, Kent Northcutt, and Bobby Clarkston. SSSSSSi sEcoND Row ACROSS Marsh M2115 Bi11,MaY Pat Mayfield 1 lf, if-. tg? 1 gg' 3. ,V , ,ylwvy "' ,119 57. -1 1,7 ,. 5 4 aft r W2 ghhh Y' . 5 M m,- F ' "" ' I 5 -. r- X J ,rw S, ... r 3 if .. ly s3..,., , a , ,J 5 ...M . H.. 4 ,. , 2 f ,f, 1 K , l ,M , 1 my 5,1 Q , f 0 ci an 539 W Q f is it ff ,gp gs la .akin ,, W X e, , .1 "", ",Q' l. .. ' 1? if , r , A V , 1 V Qr X 1 r 4 -w Wax 41 ,Q 5 'sggkv fb we 2 as V 5 Sa in 1 was .1 wr. ff' - ' af l . ry. .s ag g y fx 54 'K ' ' as I.. , ,,., 6 ds! ,. ,, , ww. . f' . 1, W, 1, ,, ns, C-' ,ff V' as kt rl A J AW +A, FIRST ROW ACROSS: Tony Mexia Becky Mills Susan Minix Joel Mitchell Laurens Mitchell Dale Mitchusson Rickey Mizell Robert Monroe ff, FM! .,,,t,,1tt.. . , . SECOND ROW ACROSS: Clifford Moody Susan Moody John Moore Ioe Morgan Paula Morgan Jackie Morriss Teresa Morse Marcus Muirhead .la 1 v A ' 1 .,r, J I I X fi 1 5 U A -, rcrs We 'TX A' gpg j5 gay ' Wflfklizi THIRD ROW ACROSS: Priscilla Munson Kay Murphy Paula Murray Victor Narvaez Jo Anne Neff Terry Newman Tina Nichols David Nix V .sw w rrri A gy, , E- r. 1 'wif 5, 4 ,,r,::, , Ei' r 5 z 4 if ff 1 Q jab A ' 'Y-:iif w i F. -HV ilu.: A 'ff 3.1 , K lr ww lm! 'W S ,W X X 5 s i s if 7 . yyy lyy A rr,r,r. r . . or T .1 741 : HH eq 'P i sl l 1 5 A , W, ef ak M + r 5 X Q ri X 1, FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Pat Nolasco Thomas Norris Kent Northcutt Terry Notley Kathy O'Conner Barbara Ogden Karen O'Hara Ann Oliver Denise McBride was elected NHS Basketball Sweetheart during the 13th Annual West Side Lions Club Tourna- ment at the Public School Gymnasium in Fort Worth, T 11, 1 32 Q K SQ . X st,, Sophomore Named Basketball Sweetheart FIRST ROW ACROSS: Sst lib Iohme Ozymy SECOND ROW ACROSS: tsn Sblsi SS 3? Pat Parma S S,7i A S S THIRD Row ACROSS: Dennis Parrott ' Janet Partain FOURTH Row ACROSS: on ,Tune Patterson Q " S Paul Patterson Paula Patton Martha Paty Evelyn Peeples Cynthia Pena r- A'- ' 2 ' was ,ge - ,. I A.L, 'if f i" ,ZZ 1 ' iii 'fi A, is 1, J' W , to 5 'A b wif V mf, 23 J A " ' iv R '- L FIRST ROW ACROSS: William Pence Susan Pennal Edward Perdue Dorothy Perkins Lynn Peters Dena Phillips Dorothy Phillips Johnny Pilgreen I-il 1l 1 .ll- f ' - M f ff ZX, 2 f 2 - A 15 f Q4 ff Q' l W W' ft' ' 4 ff' f 4 i r vb 5 P' A - ,F AW R' 1 3 '-f-ff , vn f f fs., x 2 win A , S - f gt i - f S yyyy , -V ' 4 H ,ff f If , , I V A "'i , - '22 ' if fisi'-:f ' af SECOND ROW ACROSS: Debbie Price Leah Price Linda Price Preston Price Thomas Prophitt Cindy Puckett Lisa Renshaw Robert Reynolds ' 4 K 'ft 55. K YQ! f at-,, I :'f:'fLfv ' A S 11, t hr 5 if 'Z 5 , JW ,,,, K H RWM N i 'w ,f Wi.. im, is 1.9, if I ' .V "" V 'iii fi "iff "l il i , ' ' ' 559 I , t", . ' 2 . .,,. -f 'i THIRD ROW ACROSS: Joe Riojas Marilyn Roan Libby Robertson Carl Robinson Danny Rollins I-Iolli Rollins Columbia Rosas Janie Rubalcava FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Debbie Rudder Ricky Russell Susan Russell Freddy Ryals Junior Sanchez Linda Sawyer Gary Schepf Donna Schmitz FIRST ROW ACROSS: Michael Schroers Brian Seals Wilton Seaton Francine Senter SECOND ROW ACROSS: Charlotte Shafer Debbie Sharp Gayle Shields Russell Sims s ,. f XE- as W. fr , 'fm X 1' Vey , 9333 as lg i f r :Q il s -if-sf? X S ,,rr. S , ,,r., , il. -15. Q15 'Q C 1-41:15:55 fm. Q M -Q aw.. Q will K' 'ESQ J' fi K 'I-ff? 1 st ' G I , X Q ll Q Nz 1 r i 2 1 . Enthusia m in and out of THIRD ROW ACROSS: Paul Sisk Vicki Smartt Barbara Smith David Smith Debbie Smith James Smith FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Kathy Smith Pam Smith Randy Smith Richard Smith Ralph Snowden Rodney Snowden -I---' xx X Y as s s R' X 24 H A-3 st 5 X rm Q school tt.s X it S A ' sf . -- :rs1:::z1.:, 5J,,,i:f .'EfiE5i-fi-H?"-5 1 w ' K , I littl- xi RFQ -frlriff, 5 fi: J t . , , r S 'R Ejzn i f K 5 ,Q : - "--.', - X' I l L, Y , , .4,., Y , 2 'El' 'W 3 FIRST ROW ACROSS: Karen Spradlin Deanna Spurgeon David Starnes Bobby Stegman Dolores Stephens SECOND ROW ACROSS: Randy Stevens fb J -SA, 2 V ,, , ...WW .,1',,it:.,1i.. , H! H - fre:-rfrlilzxf ,f , V 2 gv 4 OPPOSITE PAGE ABOVE LEFT. Johnny DeLaTorre ponders over a problem during Spanish class, Linda Steward ABOVE: Sophomore Cheerleader, Molly McVay, Debbie Stewart prepares for the upcoming football game, Grady Storm Steve Stovall THIRD ROW ACROSS: Brian Stowell Steve Strickland Janie Stull Sue Sutton Monty Swift FOURTH ROW ACROSS Betty Tatom Dann Taylor Thom as Templeton Stephen Terry Jan Thomas rf, y 4 2 5 I fi' F X 3 Q. Qi , Xl a 'Q fi-2,xf:f:fa:.4g15vg:2 V W x 5 L ,V ' 1 QWU viii ' al QW!! 1 ' , 'ii-an 5 1 Z ,V I kk , --eww gpg-Q, ' ,W ff , , ,, E FIRST ROW ACROSS: THIRD ROW ACROSS: FIFTH RCW ACROSS Wallace Thomas Mike Tuminello Vicki Vernon Lynn Thrall Becky Turner Bi11Thre1fa11 Larry Uribe SECOND ROW ACROSS: FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Johnny Tittle Kathy Valimont Terre Toland Ken Vaughn Ruben Torrez Terry Vawter FW W , ' 4 ,, LEFT: The first chartered bus ride for the Vikings proved to be a trip full of adventure, discoveries, and humor. FIRST ROW ACROSS: Theresa Vrla Kelley Wade James Wagoner SECOND ROW ACROSS Lou Ann Wakefield Frances Walker Julia Walker THIRD ROW ACROSS: Pam Walker Robert Walker Robin Walker FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Sandy Walker Tim Walker Leslie Wallace Robert Wallace Adi ,www 9? r' 5 . WE -1 w.:wQn ,A - - frzssyzf- N111 5 wg: asf--M 'L ' ..xEk,..,-M , , f.W V , ,J 4. ::. 0- F!" - . . S , , ,, ,X li, ' i 5:3251 , Q, an ,, ,,ii A Wien! 5 53 515 ,Z fiiafrifv A I , 1 W Q J 5 .L 'f , 1 . V. A 1.1 :Zn , 'e , -:A If -:s '. 4: f ,,, ,,,, , ,, , .. R, -, A'l'Ab A A ' L ,",, if z 'W 4 E9 if 2 9 ,MQ 1 ' 1 f' ae .ig 1 2 ' fy' . f 4,4 y ig r wif' vs ' ,Q 4 'E 3? ' ,, 1 sa' - ,i " H i ,+, 1 A 5 V7'1,w x F as is rf Q K -wh :fu - f ,I f I jim' 1 if N,.. r , ,K K XX -, gaV,5 is ag' t'.' I P I -' eff" E fi Ak la2,,,g-if if .,..,r t:N::'x drum -r2e1"2e?:'::'i?, .fE2Q'E3if1s. XV- 'ii-Qlifff' bl' '-'15fiP2aQ,1,::Q' 11 Z :sawn it if if 3 se' 4 .... 45 R W3 Q J Q1 six, ,J ii, ME. I . as " - - ' . Zig, ag., .. -,,, wi' "-' V . . FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS: Robin Wallace Steve Watkins Teresa Walsh Janet Watson Calvin Waltman Paula Watson Ray Ward Richard Watts Sheila Ward Danny Weathefll' Kelly warms Cynthia Welch THIRD ROW ACROSS: Jeffery Whitehorse Sharon Wilkerson Susan Wilkie Jimmy Williams Patti Williams Steve Willis A x .sw- f if ,Q ' LIVA A . af ff'f73?f V If , 4 E55 .:.-ii 2- , , if '-- -'ff"" ,' "gA i g"gg' J I " 'fiL2?721f m 'f 5 " til ' Tl.: fL EE?i f "Z 'iw' A S W ,V sm Lzzz wg X Cf?" 1,2 ,s.3f.'.,,, 2 ,gi 'fy 7 g . fix. ig 2 1, 4 37141 ii ia: FIRST ROW ACROSS: Carl Wilson James Wilson Julia Wilson SECOND ROW ACROSS: Richard Wilson Bobby Wilson Kenneth Wise THIRD ROW ACROSS: Beth Withers David Wood Doug Woodall FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Dean Woodard John Wright Theda Wright FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Bonnie Ziegler 2 ii S! ABOVE: "Big Vik" goal post posters were provided the Art III class of NHS, Yi 's L 1.f by 216 CJ' S P. -1 If K J A Y X O Freshman FIRST ROW ACROSS: Jon Adams Sharra Aday Debra Aden Marlene Aikin David Alarid Dale Allen Jerry Allen Nina Allen Patricia Allen Patricia Allen THIRD ROW ACROSS: James Alley Mike Amador FOURTH ROW ACROSS Jimmy Anderson Nancy Anderson ABOVE: Tim Hefferan, Larry Berry, and Kirk Mize look on as Mr. Jackson directs the Viking Band in the school fight song. Freshmen help fill stands with spirit SECOND ROW ACROSS: , Q-:ww A 6 Zig? A -MW yf ff . .WB , -- , -s.: .f it tl 7""l . ' ?' Eg' 5 if it ff fm f -f 5 E' Ls S W I ,Hr W . L Hr ' 4?,:! ,?l Q- 7 ey f 2 MQ, f if 'i 'W , ,ff if Af R' N lg? H, ,151 ' ,, ' ' ,, f T K 'W Q21 " ,ff . 1 ,, E iw H, . , H, , y-ff ' f f irii M ,er f la w ' " W3 , W I is 5 2 ' fi I i VH, ,, , iq QW-11 f ,v fi, , -fa . , if in ff e J 1 JJ , f i .. J , i , ,fm , ,, J W' . f fili "4 -"i 5 ABOVE: Frank Dunning, Mike Rodriguez, Kenny Culver, and Chris Halsey enjoy the excitement of a pep rally. FIRST ROW ACROSS: Susan Anderson as iii M iii, 5 mek Q .,:., . -f 'RN 3222 ll aggmvfe 'N NX-X SJ 1 5 Rodney Andrews m,:V -'-N-f. -A Terrie Andrews . , Eddy Archer y A . Julie Archer h . p y J Susan Armstrong s.1EQ A A Kerry Amir SECOND ROW ACROSS: 15" 1 A - A Ed Atteberry A 4, 1L'- Q Ben Aviles p Q35 Wayne Baetz "3 Melissa Bailey Mnyib .A ml,., ,s'e p ri Pam Baker f' or R Phillip Baker gi' Edwin Bales 3' 3.551 2 5 ' E' 51 s s- 'ii' Sh Il R ABOVE: Mark Edwards, Vicki Dorety, and Debbie Hodges discuss plans for the upcoming football game. THIRD ROW ACROSS: FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Willie Barajas Butch Baxter Anna Barbosa Sharron Beasley Lucy Barron Albert Becerra Donna Bartlett David Becker -k-h . Grin and bear it . . . FIRST ROW ACROSS: Cindy Bell Donna Bell Terri Bernbenek SECOND ROW ACROSS .Toe Benavidez Cathy Bennett Karen Berry ' ' ' ff ,qw-Ls X . UW . '- ii' 5 5 X' A THIRD ROW ACROSS: Mike Billups Darlene Binion Johnny Birdwell Charles Blanchett Denise Bloomquist Jerry Boatwright Sharon Bodine FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Chris Bonilla DeAnn Booher Howard Boren John Boren Richard Borer Cindy Bower Mike Boynton ABOVE: Joe Benavidez and Bobby Gatiin change the subject in study hall to study the staff photographer . . , -4, 2 , , . f fn' -f 5:15 'L ' J ,gl FIRST ROW ACROSS: Don Bozman Regina Branch Marsha Brandenburg Leta Brewer Jaime Briseno SECOND ROW ACROSS: Charon Brown Mary Jo Brown Pamala Brown Paula Brunkhorst Donovan Bryan 3 C if 1 w 1 'Q i- af F ' , if af ri' fufy 'f Eff il , . A af' di if ga I iii! f if 1 1161 1 'f Fx.-H 2 -,My R , -V fri., J 7 ,, 3 f , as 1. ' 2 r if f , ii" was Q' 2 ' THIRD ROW ACROSS: Debbie Bunch Diana Burch Dan Burgess Timothy Burris Betty Busby . . . Freshmen ABOVE: Belinda Gonzales cautiously studies the laws of mathematics. "',G25" FOURTH ROW ACROSS Lesia Butts Lety Callejas Brian Campbell Kevin Campbell Terri Canady Greg Canfield David Capehart FIRST ROW AC ROSS: Billy Carpenter Linda Carpenter Stephanie Carter Andy Caster John Chalfant Kathy Chappell David Christiansen Jackson Church SECOND ROW ACROSS: Randy Clark Bobby Clarkston Cindy Clay Debra Clay Rosalyn Cline Ronald Cobb Jamie Cofield David Coker THIRD ROW ACROSS: Cynthia Cole Ricky Collier Alan Collins Nancy Conder Betty Conner Mark Conner Carla Conner Bobby Cook '9' fi Q-ski +V may . ,,.., FOURTH ROW ACROSS Debbie Cook Joy Cook Noel Cook Cliff Cooper Beverly Copeland Vickey Counts Moni Cowen Jerry Cox . item- m 71 9217 -.,'. ' ' 45 ' ya! 15157 i f ' ,w':5'y5:,'.5 A x 15,3235-L I .I I ir .1 L 1 Al ' 'f "" . -A if f . r K K' ' ,, ff 4 l ' ! ff 'e 5 1 K f Y , , 2. ff! ,E WT' V. 1 E M Mm Jw Z vf 15 X 'Eff' V! :vm 'rf' 4 ' 1, f"- T S 5 Q S ys i - ' V ' 4, ' ,' ty f' R X R -'ffl ! 2 x Q an '- ,,.: ff- - si W' -V f 'Q Q 1 A .1 J A it 4 H 1 I rv , T q s: 1 ,,wx,,, , ffmszqgp, ,MM 'rifpfii nf yi f,:,1- kiffliu- 'VY' ir iiiifilllfif 1'fliWa:?f"52i45'Vsbfii :7'ff1im..5, f? :" ' aff Q ,q mii: ,:,f'fn,,:i5'7 V ' M V ' V 1 ' "f-' Q 'T '2 ig W,.. fi. ' f " ,fi ,,,W . . ' ., Hliltaiifw -'ff Qi, .gfg n -H "" -- if-a t , rf ' L FIRST ROW ACROSS: Robbye Cox Donna Crabtree Glenn Craddock Nancy Creed Malcolm Critz Danny Crosby Carol Crowe Colleen Cuff SECOND ROW ACROSS: Kenny Culver Terry Cuppernell Stephen Cutchshaw Ricky Dail Linda Dale Eduardo Dalli Richard Dalli Deann Darland THIRD ROW ACROSS: Sherre Davila Connie Davis Mark Davis Marsha Davis Walter Davis Mike Dawson Mary Day Larry Dean 51? FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Waldo Dees Greg Del-Iaes Robert DeLaTorre Vicky Dennis Nancy Densmore Mikki Desrosiers Geneva Diaz Matilda Diaz FIRST ROW ACROSS: Jimmy Dimmette James Dishman Russ Dixon Vicki Dorety Jerry Douglas David Doxsee Tom Doxsee Cheryl Drinkard . 5, .,..,.,,1 r i,i11,.., .- A .k,, V? .,k, ,,k,:,,,k ,5K.k,k3,ilE will ..,.., .X-firm, i s mr 'MMS L E s 2 fi' 'E . , X , X X 5 WE L K . ' , ' Y 513, H: "zzz,-:: 5 , ,,,, W, r f SECOND ROW ACROSS: Cindy Duenkel Victoria Dulock X Xt X Q X I xk :arse -:L-,pf-,vsf'z is f- -- A ..:1X.w- -wr' my fu- ,g V. as Phil Dunn Beth Dunning Debra Dunning Frank Dunning Ken Durham Harvey Ealum Q'X.rH? rwii3u 'wma X.. uagsif rrgggmw finws Xsraaaaiagg 'Ramada ru,LiWwifE55 5 TXSSSV sffrrffra s s. frffzsm S aM-sQwafkm- wwf, , ' A ,ig X, ..,,, 2 - ,s Isabel 5EES'y ,iii sf . Hr' ' -, ' x THIRD ROW ACROSS: Debbie Edmonds Dewayne Edmondson Anita Edwards Charles Edwards Mark Edwards Mike Edwards FOURTH ROW ACROSS Stephanie Ellis Daryl Embry Curtis Emert Nina Emery Tana English Thomas Epperson Louisa Esquivel Bill Ellis Pauletta Ellis Terry Evins X ,t.r. sir., tr S 'Q i3,E,, if X :fmgs---afzz: '-ass: ff - X.. -at we : eases. . - ,p:r.f,,,,,.f L. rw is-1. 3 avi? Ewxfyr E5 X H I ' : X05 1 rg rwrfwsfwm in Q s .. ' ' - .4 - is ,EQN vH??4a T ssaaaf 'aaaa ' P-- i?5,fEEi ?k W ' 1' . ,, :rf '-, 5133? il - '1 6 934 Q , I 'B Qu. Wm 1 W 1 f me QQSZCJWZEM 4 f ' ,U 5 f ,ew 3 1 xi ,lf f ,E Q25 V S fr 11 .. V, vv as S L : 1:25314 5 K . f:,afzf:.f-,f .,... , .,.. . , - w.,ff,,zf . . ..., ,Q sr if SJ 3 ff .Qfiw ,1- FIRST Row ACROSS: A.V AAV AA A ,yvi Q ,V 'S Steven Evins A ' William Farrow ' , . . . 'V l R SOS Q R Q "k'7 5116113 Flschef K 1 A,N S . f"1 'ZAZ J,A H . SUHCIY Flfzgefald ...M S , S :1 S SECOND Row ACROSSr R O SSSS Willlam Fltzsimmong AV,-V if .,f:lvmM M M Joy Flarity Steve Fleer W f ? . ,.., Y S' fx 'I f Danny Foster Q """ ' N f fr THIRD ROW ACROSS: FOURTH ROW ACROSS: David Foster Tony Garland Legoria Fugitt Donna Garrett Fa I I I h a I I a Rosi Gamez Bobby Gatlin captivates Princess Bruce Gammon Patti Gee '93 , fm , gg, if FIRST ROW ACROSS: Kenneth George Van Geren Tommy Gill SECOND ROW ACROSS: Jill Goins Sue Ann Goins John Gomez I Wir 4 fl ef LM 2 :vf '. i1jzw5fffv'1f V, '::v 2 fffe: 1 ff V F W ag . , rl rr aa ff f 5 1 8 THIRD Row ACROSS: y Carol Gonzales A . Ioe Gonzales 'E Steve Gonzales Q' ' V S g f l2??5 'i' ' wg, I 2" ,L ax, . X J J, it ,f A Robert Gordon Renee Gowan Donna Graham Vicki Gravette Patricia Green Tommy Green Tony Green , 35 ' . , 4 X 1 ' 1 '4 M ff wig, HS- if 4' rf . C626 1 FOURTH ROW ACROSS: . . 3 , g' 45 " gfz:z"1f'-:1f ' ' ":iE:v::"1 VZ : w w ..., , -'maxima mei n '- W may 2 S 's f R T .,,., . '5 fr if g XX i W . . A M ,, wail? f Q2 fx-V - 1 A i W Nifriwifii "IM if Q rr ir af if ,Q A rr Qc M4 R Q I? 1 7' ha ,, ,,ee , f fi N4 -fav 5' , , i f , rrr,r,,r n ,1. giiiifn MS? ' Z ,, - ,frr :sf f Ricky Gregory FIFTH ROW ACROSS: Kenneth Gresham Pam Grider Bill Grider Olga Guzman Nancy Hager f' Nj S Q' j 5 'W we -1 was rg: or ff, rf, htm. ' ' H ' , WW, . I fff 1 I --',z ff fig gag gs Wi A 5 5' 442, 6 Y 5 ji I . f . ' f - 2 F ef. if 'X was W s at fegh K G Wi Ai gy Z 5' W-'if W 'if W ., , ta, if S H 1 s aw it 'Wa Q 5 4 f . .L ,L JY r f 1, 'M M is FIRST ROW ACROSS: SECOND ROW ACROSS: Susan Haley Becky Harmon Diane Hall Gary Harris Linda Hall Bill Harris Randy Hallmark Chris Halsey Suzanne Hamill Deborah Hamilton Keith Hardin D'Hateway - Mary Hatheway Russell Haynes James Head Jeff Heard T HIRD ROW ACROSS: Neva Hearon Donna Helton Mike Helton Rusty Henderson Mike Hernandez Laura Herron John Higgins Cheryl Hill ' is .aw WM? i f J ,"ittl. - M A Hwaai awe-far W "', 4 A ' , " H Q, . "Wi 'f ' 'f ' Y sf' tiiig QQ5fiaa ilgaif 5Q?mQ??- ' kf igfii glv FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Norman Hock Debbie Hodges Ted Holden Kenneth Hollaway Debra Hollingsworth Karen Hollingsworth Freda Holmes Evelyn Holt ii A' s fi 52 ef a 4' 5 , 4 aw , W , . F Q , In J ',s 1 , 'J J 9 ,, Z , fag f f iff Q f A Ag W X 1 ' rwffss f' if s wifi! af- , I i f .,.. Ji, A L. meg? Z, 1 ff "ff Mig J 'x i " We aff J 5 I J 3' .1 gg ,k., v 4 ff ,, ,, 4 rf, W, i , .. -I I 1 1, X W :V A as 5 'M wv:MfT""'v, ,, - , L, , 5 , ,, fr f-ffag, A ...aa 'fle a ff , A ,,, 'W 1 S 5 X , 2 .mr 411 J fb' 2 f J ' A gi 'L,L I MMS rf iii ' ' . r ,J ' 2 , 2 JE gi , , if, , ' ,, ' A - - V V, if L'-" ,V J 1 J iii ,r JJ kLr,. .r . WJ . f 7 'W ' '- "sf "L' I fy l J 'mzzrf ,- , ,f.., -f'., W' ,. . as asf , I . AJ " ,--,,,. 1 'k,,. 3 -, r , ' . ,,,, .V,, ., . ,.,, , , , J J m,,,,, 5 2 -V" ' , "L , A A A , ' Jrrr ' A if 1 . s J' J " N-'-- 4 ' f f 9 f ' FIRST ROW ACROSS: Debbie Horn Orval Horn Mike Hurtado Sherry Husband Gilbert Hutchins Joanna Hutson Becky Hux Vickey Jackson SECOND ROW ACROSS: Gregory Janes Sharen Jarrett Mike Jenkins Tex Jennings Dan Jenson James Jessup Charles Johns Bobby Johnson THIRD ROW ACROSS Gary Johnson Liane Johnson Lynn Johnson Thomas Jones Tommy Jones Sherryl Kane Mark Keatts Terri Kee FOURTH ROW ACROSS Roberta Keefe Dennis Keeth Randy King Susan King Jerry Kinsel John Kirby Sheri Kirgis Joe Kizziar L2' , 4 I' 5 all A A :ima aff K2 ' 'Wy f 'a X it , . fi., A f'..:f ,, W,,,: 4- , 'ikwc uf 4 ga ' " ff ,V it Q 'wma fff- " ' iff.-5 '-,H fi ia' 1 fb , 1 if M1 W , ' FIRST ROW ACROSS: Kirk Knittle David Krueger Charles Lambert John Lambert Quaida Lambert Victor Lambert Carolyn Lancaster Charles Land We Q wr B ff , gi if 592 t ' l f s f,i2-sfsfsfffffsfrzw, ""-w f f -f,,f W , f 9 s , 3' 1 X .,?E',,- fm. Hs Jw 4 . 25 W' yy 4 M f. 53 r. Q4 X2 as I af E Jura f M . i " aiwf fi , 41 .. H .,kL ,3 V 5 fl .-,gh W ,V y 1 , ,, 5 1 . I wil' " 45 fig, 1 fl f ff' x M W A , .rvk fm 3- iii'fEI'T'3bx 6429: g f , at SECOND ROW ACROSS: Tl-HRD ROW ACROSS: Lonnie Lavender Janet Lees Phillip Lawry Mike Laws David Lawson Pam Laye Lonnie Leach Charles Lee Katherine Lee Charlotte Leftwich Phyllis Legate Bobbie Lewis Michelle Lewis Patsy Lewis Susan Lewis Bruce Linden FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Bobby Lindamood Tin Lindamood Cheryl Linsley Sylvia Lloyd Marilyn Lofton Jeannie Lollar Eddie Londt Joy Long 44 ,MK R, H if 1 ' ',. A A ffl T L ' , .T , , iriifigu rn 5. 31: fihin fzff , 'V , ' ,, if 1 ' V -vr . ' :WH " ff , ,,"Y'I. ix' 22 55217 'AL ' A - , gh l flififlff ' zz f if FIRST ROW ACROSS: Neil Lote Gary Loyd Randy Loyd Jerry McArthur Terry McArthur Michael McBride Susan McCarley Letha McClelland SECOND ROW ACROSS: Patti McConathy Janet McCorkle Ronnie McCorkle Susan McCorkle Rodney McCoy Roxanne McDonald Mary McDougal Thomas McLaughlin BELOW: Karen Hollingsworth and Edie Hale lend a helping hand to the office, x. ir 1 . im 'Q if, +' X 11 A A A 3:,,:s::f : Wa PM e" 'r ff Ylisafh fl arfifra. H ,,,as.,'1 233 few ,L ":::: 'M - 0' .:,, 1 " 255: V 593. , f 1 " Fi' 21 THIRD ROW ACROSS: Diane McMullen Marilyn McPeters Diane Maltman - E f V E' , ff r 1 Q 2 2512 ,, W, ff," M in 3551 11 2 im FOURTH ROW ACROSS Phillip Mammen Jill Maner Paul Manning FIRST ROW ACROSS , Q Beth Markey A W 1 R Linda Marlowe Lajuana Marshall Paul Martin Margaret Martindale r af 1, ,Q Y' ' f' 2' f-, 3 , . r if af . .f I Q, ir f l if an 3' Rowena Marvin fr if Wayne Mashburn ' 'L" O r..r ,lf 12 1 f lfff R . f 'wffif ' S re,' f - V, r 1. 1 f ,,.. ? W ' 4 1 f- ,,,, 7 , ., R':R ' ' r e ' A - ,W ,rrarr rrr .M ... Q , - ,. 'V "W," ' I .. gf' O r"rr 2 ' J ll ' ll . -,,. 5 , ' "'r 1 ww. ' M , . ,. " W new ww-'1:: ':,, -+ A: "'-is . u 'wwf " ' v':' -,1-wfffl a It , , it ,g. ,V , SECOND ROW ACROSS: Torn Maternowski Harvey Matrox Sandra Mayfield Sam Meade Debra Meeks Michael Metz Cathy Metzger THIRD ROW ACROSS: Vicki Milburn Gregory Miller Mark Miller FOURTH ROW ACROSS: Kim Minton Mike Mitchell Kirk Mize ABOVE: Kirk Mize and Tim Hefferan show their spirit, kif. , M. ir 1. 5 Maia- nf, g - my ,., r aw .. -- ---f . K K if I , ,Q 'H u,sn1.i42:ggm55g f rf , .W K ff , Q , x,LQ?qs,, es1gis41, 5 ,lqzgfr-V P S " 5 K K , " MQ fit , 'me . J , f 1 is 1.-mvfw.. is ,ri ,.,..w, fi. ff,f., , V --V. ,.,,. i ,W,,L A ,, LL.. , , ,,W, Q. .... ,- ' f K", fr:-ef' ,J , , My 1 . J f H K ,J , W, , ff s r ' w,1?.'-V s dj 2 if M' -Luth in J 1 H, 2 ' ,M .7 f z gq- 1 I 2 . 41 - W .M ,Q ,, H.. ,, 3 .sy 145 - ., fi y y W 7155? A ' 4' Q 4 4 'f 1 ff , s f f 3 t 5-. 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'A A THIRD ROW ACROSS: Judy Reed Richard Reese Becky Reeves Mike Renfro Esther Resendez Steve Revell Paul Reynolds Keith Rice FOURTH ROW ACROSS Cynthia Richards Renee Riddle Penny Riedel Joni Riggs Rebecca Riggs Debbie Riley Renetta Ritter Tina Robertson if ,, , 1 , s my 5 esp x w G ,eg f ' l tr l 1 QI? . 2 r fa fr g. an 4, iz ' l a 1 r f all", Q71 rd, j V' wx' 1 N ' I MW ' 1. 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F rm M 'rf .W 5 Ljjff' ,,. - rxk -' I . -gig' . z - ' X A sslls A A A A ..:r N' ,. if ,""' SECOND ROW ACROSS: Hector Banda Rosemary Barron Melanie Baufield Jerry Benavidez Pamela Bennett Karla Benton Gena Blackwelder Teresa Boase Lisa Boone Cheryl Bowden THIRD ROW ACROSS: Lauri Boynton Debbie Brazier Brenda Brown James Bunch James Bush Jonathan Butler Vicki Caffee Ray Caldwell Eugene Canney Thomas Carlson '1 i FOURTH ROW ACROSS Paul Carpenter William Carpenter Marcus Carroll Cynthia Carter Jeffrey Carter Dolphus Cason Melanie Chambers Lillian Chase Janet Cherry Mark Citzler fr-gg , K k.-k , ,, f ,,,. .mf,,, 1 :W r .m,f- Q, K.. -R , ,,,. 111nf,.,.,,., C.. if sir ,,.. , 1 . ag .. ss? . K WW -X ' Q .. v Q , 4 -...,y"g9-1' , f A, yi - 35 as .i rig Y an . ,.. r ur., I I , -. "1 . r R '-It ww W 4--Q 2 H - K - ff K fb, V .. s Q. 4 ,X . . 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' - -as , ' - we-f - f , ' T "i-r 'ws aw r rg' ' ' A znvsgfsiaa ' , FOURTH ROW ACROSS Robert Garza Sherry Gatlin Sheryl Gifford Sher ee Gilbert Dianne Glover Teresa Golden Hermenia Gomez Michael Gossetr Jimmy Gowan Cynthia Green U9 W s-, I A 5 4' A 1 ms. . ,SK x as , ar, -, g,,1fg Qs, A liiffffif- f for 'f f fl?" .f ff -sg is -sl , n g J, . - , ,.1t fi ., J f - , : ww V is J S S if , ., 1' ' - - H V 'I ' . 'sf ' W' , ' - 1 A f 1 L-,' i X Y ,V , J ' 5 J 9 if ' " 1 i lfgfystfv " ffm H32 3: aim ?'a"'- S . . -' ' , it ' 1 , ,M """' J f J -1 J 1, Q Q p is - m y J , ' A J ' " Q -L,, I "' ' is . . ff , .,f i , SJ, , ,, ' has 'X ' J W A J ' 9 V- - " , S f , 'L"'L .,. f X' - ' 4 J ' S A ' ., J f ' - 7 , , V - ., .,,. J ' 'L E W,., . H , " FIRST ROW ACROSS: Wilma Green Anna Gresham Melba Gressett Billy Gunter Asuncion Guzman Efrain Guzman Joyce Hale Ronald Hamlin Dubbi Hargrove Joel Harris SECOND ROW ACROSS: Cynthia Hartman Denise Hayes Gary Head Ronald Henry Teresa Henry Eldelia Hernandez Tim Hinson Michael Hollaway Mayrea Hopson Sharon Hott 'lm' 'Mi ' ' THIRD ROW ACROSS: Janet Huckaba Dawn Hudnell Tim Hudson Timothy Hux James Jackson Kathy Jackson Ronnie Jackson Stephen Jackson Brenda Jessup Tommy Johnson FOURTH ROW ACROSS Ricky Keelings Michael Kelly Carl Kendall Steven VKlemQ Lynn Lamens John Lawson Richard Laye Irene Leatherwood James Lees Cynthia Lile Qi ' ' ,, . A ' Q A - ,, fy 715' : W E I "1 4 'f- N If V'-. H V it D f" 'Q 2 x ' , .1 "1 , lad ' x"' 1 . - 1- 'I - , .1 . .. 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N , X JN' Q it 2, C tr if H viii. ll in .. is? at iw 1 'H rl' .. xi Z H 5 W SECO ND ROW ACROSS: Gary Rogers Kenneth Rogers Ronald Rollins Melissa Roper Lene Rosas David Ross David Russell Ramon Salinas Sylvia Sandoval Richard Sanford 5 ci.ssc - E as ff 1-f -:r"' 'IT A6 ,mx Q is Q fs 0 sg 'Q , I . 1 atm- :airs , f -X '1'1r3r.Sv-S .QM 5 J THIRD ROW ACROSS: Ronald Sanford Steven Scoval Belinda Seaton Charles Seeber James Shaddox Carolyn Shafer Sally Shaw Glenda Shields Deborah Smith Forest Smith 'Ei f 1' R 'EV' Nw t 'l f i3f:lf!Ti.25f ' Q A s J Q 1 B 5 X me , Q g. Q ,.,, ,t, S 9' ',-. 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X fy E FIRST ROW ACROSS: Jose Sustaita Laura Sutton Leslie Sweet Pauline Tamayo Christopher Taylor Jeff Taylor Kelly Taylor Glenn Teague Tammy Tissier Teresa Truitt SECOND ROW ACROSS: Richard Turner Michael Wade Robbi Wells David Whitaker Debra Wilcox Sidney Wilson Debra Wise Douglas Wood Joe Wood Carl Woods THIRD ROW ACROSS: Kimberly Wright Rocky Burnett Troy Cates Darlene Cook A Donna Fox James Gordon Ralph Holt Nanette Rayner Jody Royal Billy Shipley ,.- 2 fi 'ii 2' 'X Y XS, ,Wx r X M f n 'H W F X 5 7, f Ti T 4 ' , st 1 ,cs is- ! ,Wi ' , f f :SST alls ' V a - L'.-, fx . 5 I iff' - . s - A I EM,- Le vis . fn . 5.5 eiik 1 7 " , - 1 f ww 1, a,.f i t .vf L' in f 'L .iiififw 'v,, 'z ' ,. :WX ,W C 1 " fa? C A Xi? VM if' J - 1:21 FOURTH ROW ACROSS David Smith Donny Twyater ing , -www 1cQHE hwwmw ,Q .W11 ' - ' ' ' an naf aadga ltwweyf AAWBB ap r f A ',1: ., Hawker w wwwwiawwwa - lima ff.. . fr.. v , ,. '52,,,.,,,, ,H A ,, ,. N f .,. V , aff? BME? 'dwyf Va A l -va? 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S FIRST ROW ACROSS: Mark Daman Dwain Darland Deborah Davison Todd Dimsdale Ernest Dockweiler Lanette Dossett Lanita Dossett Kevin Draper Ronald Dulworth Susan Duncan SECOND ROW ACROSS: Beverly Echols Jackie Ellingson Mark Elliott Teresa Ellis David Empey Kenneth Empey Sylvia Esquivel Shelli Evans Sydney Evans Franklin Fail H: THIRD ROW AC ROSS: Leslie Farish Cheryl Feverbacher Char les Fitzgerald Thomas Freeman Kathy Friemel Sandra Furgerson Marilyn Gaines Raymond Gaines Mary Gaitan Johnnie Garcia 4- ---- , f' ws I F 'A' 3 1 Y 39 sql X 1553 ,,.. Q- - . J Q R Q A' .RX gag 5 Y 2 Y ' H-E! 1 R .1 :Q E 5 FOURTH ROW ACROSS Iohn Garcia Matthew Garrett Randal Garrett Rhonda Gibson Ferrell Golden Mary Gonzales Pamela Goodman Brenda Graham Michael Graham Daniel Green ' 21 my as Q N? Q 4 .S X ik Km s 6 . ! - S 1 , riff' . ... .. V. ,:: 3 r ,:. Lk..-is , .. ,,,,,A, , H A f ?l f " Vis 3 if . .. s . ... .W... . 1, EE. E as ' 1-1 ls: I ,L I. ...ra f fizgs.. :Q .':, g- -ifi .W . , , 'ff'-'Yf5'1.',,.' 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THIRD ROW ACROSS: David Keats Andrew Kelly Karen Kelly Brenda Kemp Julie Kilmer Rebecca Kirby Judith Kirgis Mary Krob Robert Lambert Kim Lamsens If ' ,, 3 Q E ' A mi R 1 sk Egg ,' . -1 fjafz. V' " is X 'ii' 1 .fi fs x 2 45 -r. ie ' ails it. . are " l f FOURTH ROW ACROSS Marrion Ledbetter Richard Legate Donald Lindig Ronald Lindig Ernest Love Vivian Lydia Laquita Lynch Thomas McClellan Lesa McClure Belinda McGill J Jss .J Efifsiv 1 ' tif?" f QF 'if " -i J ,JO 'W' f " R 'ffl . J ' ' A J. " eff 4, 11 , f -.M 'ah if ' W , 3 J A J si ' f e I - l. it-V 313' 'ff ziiijfx' "",,. 'W ' J ' fl- 5' 2 ' fsffl f A L ' li ,,.. 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'A 'iiii '," 'EL SECOND ROW ACROSS: Mike Speaker Valerie Stanton Jimmy Stephens Randa Stewart Tammy Stice Lisa Strickland Dolores Tamayo Brenda Thomas Tommy Thompson Panteleon Torres THIRD ROW ACROSS: Ronald Torres Frank Trigg Randy 'Ussery Martha Vela Roi Wade Gwynna Walker James Ward Mark Warren Michael Warren Richard Wasinger FOURTH ROW ACROSS Kenneth Watson Monette Watson James Weiss Jeff Welch Karen Wells Richard Wise Debbi Woener Gloria Ybarra Kathleen Young Santos Zavala To The Faculty and Students of Nimitz High School The job of putting together a book such as you have just finished should be the product of enjoyment for both staff and student body. Such is not always the case. The advi- sors job is not an easy one - sorting out what can and can- not be used, sifting ideas, weighing reaction and criticism, handling controversial incidents, soothing students and faculty alike - all this plus having to face facts which are as unreal as a Martian landing, bear this out. This yearbook reflects many hours of hard work by a few people - who shall go unnamed here - and many who will get the acclaim without much participation. Let it be said - you can't always tell a book by its cover and you can not thoroughly understand what goes into it until you've tried it. The Valhalla records the school year for posterity and with it a fine job by a single person - your editor, Jerri Richard H. Watson Valhalla Advisor Butcher. 25 4 1 , I chool dministration I VALHALLA welcomes Dr. Townley to Irving as new Superintendent. Dr. John F. Townley comes to Irving from Taylor, Texas, where he served as Superintendent of Schools before tak- ing his Ph.D. from the University of Texas. He has also served in a similar capacity at Everman and Pharr- San Juan Alamo. Dr. Townley is a native Texan and has -attended Weather- ford College and Texas Wesleyan College prior to the University of Texas. Dr. Townley and his wife, Eula Marie, reside in Irving. DR. JOHN F. TOWNLEY Superintendent MR. ARTHUR CASEY Secondary Coordinator MR. CHARLES I. PARKS Business Manager LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. 12111165 A- RBFICFCC, DI. Richard L. Banowsky, Dr. Richard D. Bates, Dr. John F. Townley, Superintendent, Mr. G. M. Dykes, President, Dr, H. L. Watkins, Mr. John W. Stipes, and Mr J. R. Moreland. v V-.- V ,sv v f 7- 1-2 --W-fn -- kiwywj 3 QEQQDNSE fit if H RQ 0 A Q35 WW QQSZQSYW W M2 Ng. wal? YS, V mx QD -P - , f , mf W Wfw 252 WWW Qi? W W M Z? E S , WM me MM fjyLQ. j2'?Zf+WMfWm - 59M,77:vwQM 1 Y , I f,114',K'l4f' , Q? if .4 M. V .. :- , -1 , , .... '- , V v. 4 1 K 'f ' ' , f - 1 f fiffflf V -' A f I 1 1 f , f . I f I xg HH Q17 40 fl ' , fl 75,'4F 1 df I QQ 3 X, , WLAN K My QEWQ' WW 1 I . 0W?Ycq f W X59 WQJQWQQM wwf My H W M75 W Jil 95375 of 3 M H CJJQ fb 0 JW MQ ,K 3 ff A1Qifo4jL f 22017 Q M2 . QM , wif W TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY P E ii, 'I l "The WorId's ' 1 S403 1: VW M W GY M WW 25 gkM1 ww 2 S WM M CFM WPA' pgdapi RZHUL U' I ' Q A A ' x ' q . Eid! 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