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SPECTRUM 1986 You arc cordially luvitcd to Sprrtrum’s ilurr (Celebration Volume 25.19gfi KtVt NlUt Miu tuft So ol M CStn» i fc fct« , lUueo.0 • (nrm it (r SILVER SECTIONS Beginning his second year as principal, Dr. Donald Ring promotes the indian spirit for the Silver Celebration of the school. j I ' I 1 When Niles West was built, no one ever anticipated the use of railings in this fashion! Senior Jim Kobyleski executes a perfect " V” which scores a perfect ”10!” _ Preparations .p. 4 Seniors .p. 12 Juniors .p. 52 Sophomores . p. 68 Freshmen .p. 86 Happenings .p. 106 Athletics .p. 162 Clubs .p. 216 Academics .p. 258 A Last Look .p. 306 Silver Sections 3 25 Years At last I open my iron glass doors. For the shouting voices I hear approach. Yet, though it seems but a moment just passed, I sense their excitement is not first or last. For 25 years have passed since my youth. And thousands of freshmen have entered my coop. They seem not to notice the minutes go by, Emerging as seniors in such a short time, A constant reminder of my diminishing adolescence. Susan Lieberman lolls around waiting for something exciting to happen. In the meantime, Susan just enjoys the free-time. Dress-up time for Halloween proves to be a good time youngsters. This little ’witch” hardly seems wicked. A happy bunch of winners sit in front of the school in honor of being chosen on Homecoming court. One of these lucky six was announced to be the king. 4 A Silver Celebration No signs of senioritis yet for Ted Georgas! Ted keeps himself busy with an interesting magazine during his free period. Chrisiy tsmael appears to be ' wrapped” up in an activity during spirit week. POW!! Junior Dan Carver takes a shot and misses the Spectrum photographer. OF CELEBRATION! A Silve Celebration 5 IT ALL HAPPENED ON MIKE BASRAK FIELD r ’ • 1985-1986 was definitely the year of football for Chicago and although our own team went 3-6 it hasn ' t always been that way. In the past twenty-five years we have definitely had some winning teams. Here are the records of the Niles West football team for the last quarter of a decade. 1985-3 wins 6 losses 1984-3 wins 6 losses 1983-2 wins 6 losses 1982-2 wins 7 losses 1981-7 wins 3 losses 1980-6 wins 3 losses 1979-3 wins 6 losses 1978-no record 1977-6 wins 3 losses 1976-4 wins 5 losses 1975-6 wins I loss 2 ties 1974-7 wins I loss 1973-6 wins 2 losses sv ' (CO Indian quarterback sen¬ iors, Rick Maybrun, re¬ ceives the snap and decides to run the ball down field by himself. 1972-9 wins 0 losses 1971-6 wins 2 losses 1970-5 wins 4 losses 1969-no record 1968-5 wins 3 losses 1967-7 wins I loss 1966-5 wins 3 losses 1965-3 wins 8 losses 1964-4 wins 4 losses 1963-5 wins 3 losses 1962-7 wins I loss 1961-no record 1960-no record By: Elliott Baretz and Laurie Adams Waiting for his opponent to make the first move sophomore Kevin Lochner keeps his hands up and his eye on his target. A Touchdown Celebration THE " CLASSIEST” HIGH SCHOOL Niles West, what a school! It has certain uniqueness to it. I suppose you can say it has a style all its own. But when you actually think about it, it’s the students and teachers that make West the extraordinary school it is. Without them, who would make arrangements for dances or plan activities and fundraisers? Who would see to it that the year is a challenging and prosperous one, yet also fun and exciting? Looking back at some of the many memorable events that made Niles West the ’’classiest” high school, we can smile at all the good times we had and shared with others. Who could forget Friday Night Bashes, senior Hawaiin Day, the Niles West Gong Show, Homecoming week contests, and the faculty Christmas carol perfor¬ mance? These and many others added on to West’s description of ’’classy.” Then, of course, there are certain features found only in Niles West that add a special touch of style to the school. The pictures found in the hallway remind us of Indian victories, special events, and wild ’n’ crazy times. The ’’seniors only” section of the cafeteria, the electri¬ cal message board, and, of course, the pink hallways are sights to be seen in no other school. Last, but never least, the athletes, c heerleades, pom pon girls, Midnight Riders and Indian mascot. They’re cre¬ ative, outgoing, and most of all. they keep that Indian spirit soaring! So you see, no matter how you look at it, Niles West is, and always will be, the " classiest” high school! -Estelle Nikolakakis ’89 Seniors Julie DiModica and Joe Lochner enjoy their reign of Homecoming Qi King. 1986. Sophomore Greg Czernik concentrates on get¬ ting his work done for class. Czernik also stars on the varsity basketball team. 8 A Silver Celebration ives fellow team- grapher where all Indian mascot Judy Asher gives a traditional greeting. Judy kept up spirit even in times of trouble. The joyous ride through the streets of the I township community was another highlight for the 1985 Homecoming court. Members here seem to be enjoying this ride. Sophomore Joe j Rarba casualll sings the tunef from the hit; Celebration.” Both music and acting in the production proved to be most entertaining. AN$!” The varsity football victory against the Maine A Silver Celebration 9 A Tarnished Image Many of us have a simple answer to taking a test we did not study for. We call it cheating. Although everyone knows that cheating gets us nowhere, students still feel it is the only way to achieve a good grade in class. Nowa¬ days, college is very grade conscious. In order to even be considered for admission, students have to have a good class rank which directly reflects that student’s grades. Also, some parents stress very heavily the importance of achievement. Older brothers and older sisters have al¬ ways done " A” work, therefore, the youngest should fol¬ low in the exact footsteps. The result could prove to be disastrous for the student’s learning habits, by continu¬ ously cheating himself. There are many ways to cheat in class. Students draw up cheat sheets, or even put these cheat sheets on their pocket calculators. Girls utilize their long finger nails for easily available answers, and even write on their legs while wearing a mini skirt. Enevitably, these cheaters will get caught when taking a peak at the helpful " hints” they appear to be using. Unfortunately, cheating does not stop at the high school level. Colleg fraternities or dormatories have a useful device called a test file. This file is comprised of tests which are usually in use that semester-, they are stolen or copied. Cheaters are definately not helping themselves or those around them. One last thought for those who make cheat¬ ing a regular practice-, how would you like to be on an operation table, not knowing that your surgeon cheated on his MEDICAL EXAM? The varsity cheerleaders are " benched " but still smiling. These spirit¬ ed girls cheered through rain and cold weather. Senior Julia dj ttin rform« rfectly during the Celebration jJ ance poldin is active¬ ly involved in the musi jepartmijnt. Indian chiefs Gary Kaufman and Mrs. Stevens show their spirit during the " Cowboys and Indians " day. This day was one of the dress up activities of Homecoming 1985. A Silver celebration II Senior year is a time to say your last goodbyes, and to try and treasure life-long friendships. The senior class sponsored events such as battle of the bands, and bake sales. Seniors Elke Bojes and Judy DeAcetis represent themselves well as they sit in as Student Union and Senate members. Both clubs tried to boost school spirit, and activities. Division-Seniors 13 Concentration on future plans Senior Steve Hester spends his free time constructively in the Annex. During free time many students use the Annex to study, read or ' veg-out’. Seniors Judy Mercado and Ann Chutivanich look over the new Josten’s selection. Class rings are very important high school souveneirs. 14 Seniors LETS HEAR IT FOR SENIOR SPIRIT SENIORSI SENIORS! The words echoed from the Senior bleachers at the pep assembly. The class of ’86 has finally reached the top and they ' re proud. Fi¬ nally the oldest in the school, seniors feel their power and display their spirit in cheers, clothes, and activities. At assemblies there is no hesitation from the seniors to yell, clap, and be the loudest, rowdiest group in the school. " Although I’ve never been able to sit in the senior section due to participating in the band, I’ve always noticed the sen¬ iors have the most spirit,” said senior Jill Zabo. The bleachers resound with cheers of pride for the Indians. Our school mascot runs around the gym floor screaming Indian (and of course senior) power during her cheers. " Re¬ presenting the school as the mascot is fun and exciting. It’s a great experience being part of the spirit,” said Judy Ash¬ er, senior mascot. The colors red and white can be seen on jackets, hats, shirts, and almost any¬ thing else worn around Niles West. Though everyone, including underclass¬ men, wear these colors, seniors glorify them. It is not unusual to see spirited seniors walking through the halls with NW written on their faces in red and white during a big event. Everything from clothes to red and white polished fingernails demonstrate the seniors ' In¬ dian spirit. There are special activities or tradi¬ tions the seniors take part in. Sitting at the senior tables in the cafeteria has become a status symbol over the years. Senior Paulette Arvanitis said, " Sitting at the senior tables makes you feel like the oldest and no. I. It seems like people look up to you.” Though seniors have school spirit, they also have class spirit. They stick together in the cafeteria, on the bleachers, and on the field during graduation. Many seniors will soon be in college working their way up from little fresh¬ men to big seniors once again, but for now they are the big seniors. They know it, and it shows. Seniors 15 Seniors, as well as other students, can often be heard complaining about tests, homework, and the teachers that give them but what would they do if they were . . . teachers? When put to the test, seniors answered: If I were a teacher I would . . . Never give tests on Monday but on Friday. " Michelle Burdeen " Never teach gym! " Sonia Bychkov " Want my own personal marker board. " Andy Mills " Never go on strike! " Paula Krone " Not be in it for the money. " Sheryl Shimanovsky " Never wear plaid pants that clashed with a checkered tie. " Judy Man " Move into the private sector. " Eric Kopfstein Have mandatory nuclear war fall-out prac¬ tice. " Wendy Sedelsky Improve the methods of teaching freshmen English. " 16 Seniors Jennifer Gaiser Senior Debbie Freed concentrates on the intensity of the players. It was not hard for fans to gfet into’ the game. Ben Bauer Nissin Behar Bruno Bellissimo Alissa Bender Rhonda Bergman Abra Berkley Pamela Berndt Aaron Bernstein Steve Blonder Neil Bloomfield Margo Blumfelt Eric Bodi Elke Bojes Teresa Bondy Michael Bonino Sue Boscapomi Seniors 17 Benjamin Boshes Jamie Boton Mike Bourgerie Craig Brabec Tamara Brion James Broussard Joey Brown Tim Brunning WHAT A TIME A time it was . . . And what a time it was, it was . . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences. -Simon and Garfunkei 18 Seniors Senior Judy Zemsky has no time to talk to a friend as she rushes to her last period class. During passing periods the halls are usually filled with such students. Kim Bungum Michelle Burdeen Lori Burns Gerald Burstyn Sonia Bychkov Christine Bychowski Letitia Cadavid Robert Camin Lisa Cancelled Lisa Cancio Claudine Carrao Jim Chadwi ck Seniors 19 Ron Chan Kevin Chern Janet Cherney Laurie Chertow Dan Chesler Cecilia Chung David Cohen Elliott Cohen Ken Cohn Lior Cohen Bill Colby Jill Colen Tony Congine Russ Consigny Andre Conton Marc Cooper Chris Cordes Jordan Cramer Mike Cristante Joe Crock Cindy Cross Alan Dalinka Irene Dallianis Alan Dassow Reviewing vocabulary are seniors Andy Mills and Michael Edwards. The English Resource Center is a quiet place for preparing for tests. 20 Seniors I don’t know where I’m going I don’t know what I need But I’ll get to where I’m going And that’s all right with me The Who- " Drowned” Senior Barbara Silverman finds a quiet hiding’ place where she cah study comfortably. Seniors 2 Taking a water break between classes is Senior Paulette Arvanitis. Students can al¬ ways be found making their breaks useful. SENIOR HIDEAWAY Have you ever felt unwanted, out of place, or just plain lost? If you have recently then you probably are not a senior at Niles West. The seniors at West don ' t have that problem because they know that from the first day of school until graduation there will be a place for them where no freshmen, sophomores, or juniors are, a place where they can kick back and relax, a place where all their friends will be. That is, the senior tables in the cafeteria. These tables are on " reserve " for seniors only from September Until June and no one except a senior would dare sit there. These tables are used during the day for the various lunch mods and also after school when getting together. These tables aren ' t just for eating lunch but for talking with friends, studying, or just sitting back, putting your feet up and saying, " I belong. I ' m a senior!” 22 Seniors Reed Davis Judy De Acetis Shereen Deal Alayna Decker Frank DelPhin Julie Di Modica Linda Deutsch Barry Dodd v. Adam Dolinko Peggy Donath Sue Dorfman Karina Doyle Daniel Dreger Cindy Drexler Alana Dubin Maria D ' Ugo Warner Ebeling Acheatel Edidin Mike Edwards Donna Eriksson Lara Evans Douglas Fair Lisa Falleroni Ian Faloona Seniors 23 David Fasules Cuneyt Feizolof Jason Feldman Marty Fenton Lisa Ferrin Garrett Fienberg Jordan Firfer Paul Flood Steve Frankel Steve Freed Bill Frendreis Pamela Frey Sharrie Furman Jen Gaiser Darshan Gandhi Rachel Garcia Eva Gazdowicz Andra Georgakopoulos Helen Georgakopoulos Teddy Georgas Ted George Barb Gidlund Pam Goby Andrew Goecke Senior Mike Reinhardt tries to understand the concept of the paper as explained by English Teacher Mr. Sweeney. The English Resource Center is a useful place for students to get extra help. 24 Seniors Although no one really thinks about it, there are many differences between a freshman’s school day and a senior’s school day. Differences not only with the classes they take but with the way they actually live the day. Here are some examples: Freshman Day 1. Starts early (5:30 or 6:00) 2. Gets to bus stop (6:45) 3. Gets to homeroom (7:25) 4. Carries a minimum of five books all day. 5. Has one lunch with no one he knows. 6. No study halls (too many classes) 7. Starts homework at 2:45 8. Prepares for tomorrow before end¬ ing today. Senior Day 1. Starts later (6:30 or 7:00) 2. Backs car out of driveway (7:20) 3. Gets to homeroom (7:35) 4. Carries a maximum of one. 5. Has two or three lunches with ev¬ ery one he knows. 6. Three study halls (not enough classes) 7. Starts homework at 10:45 8. Prepares? X Telling the student body how to get more involved is Student Union President Jennifer Holt. Student Union is in charge of planning Homecoming, Turna¬ bout, and many other student ac- tivitics - Seniors 25 Testing out the new medical equipment is Senior Howard Tiersky. TH do anything to get out of class!’ Kim Green Sheelagh Greenfield Tom Gross Claudia Gruettner Mike Grzywa Victoria Guerrero Bob Gutierrez Denise Gutterman Carmen Guy Paul Haase Dean Hagen John Hahn Scott Hammond Julie Han Joseph Hansen Tom Hanson Henry Hedberg Mike Hedrich 26 Seniors Jason Gorchow Scott Gotfryd Lee Gramatis Deverlin Grant rx YOU LOOK MARVELOUS! It seems like everyone is into fitness these days. New health clubs, videos, and clothes are showing up everywhere. Healthy bodies are what’s in style in the ' 80 ' s and people are getting involved. Health clubs have been around for many years but it wasn’t until recently that they became so popular. Many students at Niles West are members of the North Shore Club, East Bank Club, and various Chicago health clubs. ’’After working out at the club I feel good about myself and energized,” said junior Evelina Stipisic. Commericals can be seen on television showing fit popular stars such as Heather Locklear and Cher keeping in shape at local clubs. Because of the popularity and facilities available, many clubs have high membership prices. For people who have the money and will to work, health clubs have become a popular attraction. Some people don’t attend clubs but work out at home instead. Aerobics videotapes have become a big part of the home workout. Jane Fonda is one of the many people who has tapes and books available in stores. The tapes usually run around an hour and work your body by movement rather than by machine. Senior Cindi Moss stated, ’’Aerobics is like dancing and exercising at the same time. It’s a lot of fun.” At first aerobics was considered a girls’ sport but now men are also involved. There is a co-ed class available in the P.E. department at Niles West. The fitness craze has hit our clothing stores, too. Years ago the big thing was designer jeans, today it is workout clothes. Sweat pants and tops are worn to school, out to lunch, and, of course, to work out. ’’Sweats are very comfortable to wear around school and they are usually pretty inexpensive,” said junior Brad Jones. Even the style of the workout clothes has changed. It used to be that a plain body suit or a shorts outfit was fine. Now if you’re part of a club or class, designer clothes are a must. Detailed print designs and exciting wild colors are the style on body suits and sweats today. Nobody knows if the fitness craze will last or not, but for right now it’s here and big. As Billy Crystal (or should I say Fernando?) would say, ”lt doesn’t matter if you feel good as long as you look good because YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!” Students ’Gets that Pepsi feeling during free mods. Most students meet in the cafeteria during free mods to Share a Coke and a smile.’ Seniors 21 Taking advice from friends is Senior Nadine Hug- meyer. Many Seniors agree that friends made in the last four years will be friends for life. Seniors Sonia Bychkov and Eric Kopfstein study together in the English Resource Center for tomorrow’s test. The English Resource Center is a quiet study area where students can go to help others and get help themselves. Startled by her appearance is Senior Kathy Sokalski. For many Seniors glancing in the mirror can be a lifetime trauma. Ingrid Helgeson Paul Helwing Don Hendley Danny Herman Michael Herzog Steve Hester WOULDN’T IT BE A RIOT IF Laurie was a Munster instead of an Adams Dave was old instead of Young Stephanie was a follower instead of a Leader Harold was an oak instead of a Pine Cindi was a fungus instead of a Moss Alex was a dog instead of a Katz Rachel was a muchacho instead of a Garcia David was a BLT instead of a Reubin Chris was A Budwiser instead of a Miller Rob was a Berlin instead of a Munic Heather was a Schwinn instead of a Ross Chris was jeans instead of Cordes Gail was a trumpet instead of a Sax Brian was a hate-it instead of a Lovett Anisha was a summer instead of a Winter Melinda was a bracelett instead of a Ring Robby was a grape instead of an Olive Lori was an antelope instead of a Deering Shawn was a beige instead of a Brown Sunny was a stadium instead of a Park Carolyn was a mustard instead of a Mayo Robbin was a pebble instead of a Stone Yummy was a moon instead of a Sun Judy was a woman instead of a Mann Joanna was a Dominic ' s instead of a Kohl Jeff was a Touhy instead of a Lowell Joey was a manicurist instead of a Barber Lori Hirshman Kevin Hohs Jennifer Holt John Hoppe Sharon Horiuchi Pam Hossfeld Samina Hussain Nadine Hugmeyer Borpit Intawiwat Steve Ivezic Craig Izenstark Stacey Jackson Tim Jacobs Mariann Janessa Kristina Justesen David Jutovsky Chris Kaecheie Myra Kahn Seniors 29 Jerry Kang Roula Kanterakis Carrie Kaplan Sylvia Karalekas Alex Kats Sabiha Kazmi Liz Kelley Brian Kellman Daniel Kellman Karen Kenmotsu Sonia Kersten Joe Khasho Kurt Kiernicki Jeff Kilian Ellen Kim Linda Kim Jim King Mike Kirchens Leading the Marching Band in performance is Drum Major Senior Cindi Moss. The Marching Band competed in two competitions bringing back 2nd and 7th place trophies. MONEY!! During a student’s stay in high school, one object is of the utmost need. MONEYII There are two ways a student can obtain this much desired need. They can either turn to a life of crime, or get a job. The latter seems to be the more popular choice among the students here at Niles West. Many fields are open to students. Department stores are popu¬ lar places to work. McDades and Courtesy Home Center both employ many Niles West Students. Their wages are adequate, but they work there for special discounts, or so they say. Grocery stores are also popular places of employment. Stu¬ dents pack bags, or stock shelves at Jewel and Dominicks, looking for free handouts. They keep in mind their life-long goal, to work a check-out counter. But how could we forget, the most popular field of all, the fine chefs. The people who work at fast food restaurants. These fine and talented people can prepare a cheeseburger, small fries, and a medium Coke in three minutes flat. It seems as if at every McDonald, Burger King, or Wendy’s, a familiar face is preparing your meal. 30 Seniors Kiss John Klancnick Mian Klein James Kobyleski Joanna Kohl Charlotte Kokulski Seniors 31 Sitting in the Annex highlighting the im¬ portant words in her text is Senior Debbie Shugal. The Annex is a quiet place for stu¬ dents to study comfortably. Seniors Danny Lebovitz, and Mike Kirchens get involved in a class discussion during phys¬ ics. Meeting friends between classes is a habit most students practice. Seniors Sharrie Furr- man. Laura Youngman. Janet Rabin, and Allen Teshky exchange a few words between pass¬ ing periods. Eric Kopfstein George Kotsiopoulos Scott Kravetz David Kravitz Bob Krebs Keith Kreiter llene Kreitzman Dino Krigos Galena Kirp Irina Krivenko Paula Krone Lisa Krull Ingrid Lampkin Moira Langer On toga day Senior Eric Nutting shows off his toga in the cafeteria. Toga day was just one of the many dress up days during Homecoming week. 32 Seniors Donna Langston Steve Lashever David Lasker Lara Leader Stephanie Leader Daniel Lebovitz Kun Lee Rocky Lee Steven Lee Susan Lee FROM BEGINNING TO END Ah, senior status! For the class of 1986, it marked a final year of learning at West. Learning not only academically, but in many other areas as well. Senior year dispelled many naive beliefs and replaced them with knowledge which freshmen would be wise to heed. Freshmen Believe Staying home is good for the com¬ plexion. G.E.E.K. is a new computer course at school. Curfew is when you go home. In riding at the front of the bus. In waiting in line. A party is ten. It should be less fill¬ ing! Saturday detention is missing cartoons. Study Flails are just that. Seniors are intimi¬ dating. Seniors Know Freshmen have acne anyway. It’s something named for under¬ classmen. It’s when you go out It’s better to take the car. You go to McDonalds. A party is 100. It tastes great! It’s a reason to get up before 12:00 noon They’re social rap sessions. They’re right . . . but ... Seniors 33 LOOKING BACK Can you remember back to that time long ago when Mom said, " It ' s time to go,” and you asked, puzzled, " Where?” It didn ' t take long to find yourself in a hard wooden chair, writing and reciting you ABC ' s. You experienced your first major problem that day, missing " Captain Kangaroo” and " Mr. Rogers” but more serious changes were yet to come. Mrs. Biology reminded you that lightning bugs commonly died in oxygen- starved jars and that for this reason, you received a " check” instead of a " plus”. You also learned that your " Black Cauldron” book report could have been written without reading the book, and that braces made speech class impossible. The lessons never stopped, even when you were old enough for high school. You soon found out that Niles West was a lot larger than your good old junior high, that room 138 (which you walked into that first day freshmen year) wasn ' t your English class after all but a study hall, that math and " A ' s” didn ' t necessarily correspond, and that term papers needed to be started a little earlier than 9 o’clock the night before they were due. Taking time out’ from studies are seniors Gary Paustian and Dean Hagen. A nice pat on the head isn’t always appreciated. Steven LeHew Lonny Levin Felicia Levy Ira Levy Janice Lewandowski Brian Lieber Dayna Lieberman Kim Liou Marc Lipsky Jonathan Lisco Anastasia Livaditis Mandi Lobert Joseph Lochner Brian Lovett Jeff Lowell Jennifer Lund Susan Maliwanag Mara Malnekoff Ramsey Mankarious Judith Mann Richard Mariacher Dean Marinakis Allen Mark Christopher Markos 34 Seniors Exchanging pictures in the cafeteria are seniors Lisa Sandlow, Carrie Kaplan, Debbie Freed. Most stu¬ dents meet in the cafeteria during their free mods. Indian Mascot Judy Asher cheers on the football team to a victory during a Fri¬ day night game. Time to go home! Senior Robert Olive leads a few child-developement kids downstairs to meet their parents after a long day at Ni-We High Kin¬ dergarten Seniors 35 Going ' Hawaiian” are seniors Lori Hirshman, Dawn Maz- Senior Alex Kats counts to himself, " How many zetta, and George Kotsiopolous. Many students show spirit days ’till Friday?” by participating on dress-up days. George Marks Julie Maslov Alan Matan Jenny May Dennis Maybrun Carolyn Mayo Dawn Mazzetta Elizabeth McCown Leovigildo Medriano Antonette Miklaj Tina Milios Adam Miller Christine Miller Andrew Mills Diane Mimp Mary Moll Cynthia Moss Elizabeth Moya Susan Mugrditchian Robert Munic Evanthia Nafpliotis Sanae Nakahata Brian Napravnik William Netzel 36 Seniors IN THE FAST FOUR YEARS WE’VE LEARNED THAT: Midnight means three more hours of homework. Homeroom is an optional class. Looking nice for school means sweats and combed hair. Taking the bus only happens when the car breaks down. The only living thing in the cafeteria is the food. There is no maximum speed limit for the hallways. The ’rag” is not something you wash with. A ’modified” excuse means Madison for the week¬ end. Homework assignments are only something to fill up the Chandler’s and lastly . . . Graduation is where the class of 1986 takes their hats off to everyone. Seniors 37 Shirley O Charles Oliver Elina Ozei Sheila Oztekin Jerome Pagos Karen Palin John Pankiw Cynthia Papoutsakis Sandy Park Sunny Park Kimberly Partington Dominique Partipilo Madelene Partipilo Margaret Paszko Archana Patel Thomas Petro Glenn Petrovich Rowdy seniors take a break for lunch. Fortunately the cafeteria fulfills everyones needs. 38 Seniors Watching a biology experiment are seniors Yummy Suh and Kevin Chern. Both agree that not all experiments are easy to stom¬ ach. PAISLEY HITS THE 80 s Each year there is a new fashion that works its way into the hallways and class¬ rooms. In years past it has been rhinestone jewelry, Swatch watches. Guess jeans, and spiked belts. For the " with it” student, the latest craze was paisley prints. Paisley first hit the fashion scene during the psychedelic sixties and then it slowly died down with the change in times. Now, twenty years later, we are seeing it again in various colors and styles. Girls and guys alike showed off this new fashion from head to toe. They modeled anything from sweaters, pants, blouses, socks, and even watches containing the paisley print. Many people even wore a paisley shirt and pants with a different paisley pattern just to get into the swing of things. Some people, however, were with the anti-paisley fad. They found it loud and obnoxious and refused to wear it. Many people complained of headaches from the bright colors mixed with so much print. These people had to keep their eyes closed just to avoid the encounter of a fellow classmate wearing paisley. Whoever said that history and fashion repeats itself was right because as we looked down our very own hallways, we saw an old fad being displayed in a brand new way. Whether you find it attractive or not. paisley has hit the eighties. Seniors 39 Harold Pine Aliza Pinsel Rachael Pitalis Loredana Pitti Andrea Poet Vicki Pontikis Mark Poolos Mark Poulakidas Peter Poulos Leslie Power Cheri-Lynn Pozdol John Psaradellis Maria Psyhogios Janet Rabin Holly Rappin Mitchell Ratnow Scott Redman Allen Reilly Michael Reinhardt Robert Reisman Albert Rhee Tracey Riding Christopher Riggio Melinda Ring Programming her new assignment into the computer is senior Myra Khan. There are two computer labs located in the school. SENIORS WHO ACT LIKE FRESHMEN You see it all the time. In the halls in the gym, in the cafeteria. You’re so used to it that you probably don ' t even notice it. What is this strange quirk of human behavior? Seniors who act like freshmen. Here are a few things our senior- freshmen did this year: -Took the wrong bus home -Went to the wrong class -Came to class early -Ate in the cafeteria duing lunch -Forgot their locker combinations -Fell down the stairs -Fell up the stairs -Studied for finals.six weeks early -Came to school on a day off If you found yourself doing any of these things don’t feel too bad, there were many other senior-freshmen doing the same exact things. 40 Seniors Coming up with a good conclusion for a biology lab is not an easy task to accomplish. Here seniors Garrett Feinberg and Jon Lisco debate on how to write out their conclusion. Catching up on some lost sleep is senior Shawn Brown. Sleeping is a popular ac¬ tivity for seniors during free periods. Seniors 41 EARLY SENIORITIS What is the newest epidemic to invade Niles West and other high schools throughout the country? Early Senioritis! Senioritis is defi ned in non-medical terms as total laziness and apathy towards school. Seniori¬ tis among upperclassmen is common and wide¬ spread. There is no cure for this disease, but it seems to disappear for seniors in June. As for the under¬ classmen they must wait until they graduate before any relief is in sight. There are some symptoms for Early Senioritis which include: Making a friend go to McDonald’s to get you a Big Mac and fries instead of eating the school food; going to a party the night before a test thinking that there is always homeroom to study; counting the number of days until gradu¬ ation; and, pressing the snooze button on your alarm time after time in the morning. So if you freshmen, sophomores, and juniors think you have this very contagious disease you should call the Early Seniori¬ tis hotline at l-A-M-L-A-Z-Y, and just hope that it’s not too late. 42 Seniors Jobie Rissman Sandra Rivkin David Rolf Anthony Roma Nicholette Romashko Melissa Rosen Sharri Rosenberg Richard Rosenthal David Ross Heather Ross Ira Ross Jacquelin Rozencwajg Melissa Rubens Diane Rubenstein David Rubin Chiaki Saito Sean Samuel Lisa Sandlow Aida Santillan Peter Sarantopoulos Gail llene Sax Anil Saxena Becki Schanz Tim Schnaitmann Seniors 43 44 THE HEAT IS ON! Pressure is one of the biggest problems that face students at Niles West, even seniors. It may seem that seniors have no pressure or problems by the wild, out-going way they conduct themselves during the year, but they do. The pressure of the last three years are corked up inside them ready to explode at any minute. Seniors go through many headaches, explanations to the dean, teachers, texts, and Monday mornings. Senior year is no different. However all seniors agree that the biggest pressure is what they will be doing after high school. Pressure of jobs and colleges, where to go, and what to do add to the stress of senior year. If you happen to see a senior yelling, ripping, or growling in school, don’t worry, he is just trying to relieve some past pressure to make room for the new pressure to come. Seniors Reviewing the chapter before a test is Senior Ronald Skogland. For some students cramming doesn ' t always work. Seniors Jamie Boton and Heather Ross brainstorm on a topic for a good English essay. Students agree that it’s easier to brainstorm with a friend. Harvey Schneider Lia Schreier Klaus Schuller Deborah Schwartz Laura Sebastian Wendy Sedelsky Mark Sergot Scott Serlin Vishal Shah Helen Shapiro Andrea Shellist Sheryl Shimanovsky Emily Shklyanoy Amy Shonfeld Rita Shubinsky Deborah Shugall Yuri Shvartsman Barbara Silverman Zafreen Sirajullah Ronald Skoglund Philip Smith Kimberly Sobczak Kathleen Sokalski Lynn Sonkin Seniors 45 I COULD TELL HE WAS A FRESHMAN BECAUSE He had his Niles West map with him everywhere, He carried his books with him the whole day, His locker card was taped to his locker, He showed his bus pass to the driver every day, His gym clothes didn’t have any rips. He always sat in the seat behind the bus driver and asked, " Where are the seat belts?” He always sat " three in a seat” on the bus even when there were empty seats in the back, guarded by seniors, He always laughed at the teacher’s jokes, He was the only one who waved back to Dr. Ring. Georgia Sotiropoulos Pam Sotiropoulos John Spagoletti Scott Steiner William Stephenson Robin Stone Kimberly Strusiner Yung-Me Suh Sandy Sun Sandra Taich Gina Talbot Catherine Tamraz Marsha Telengater John Tellefsen Nicolette Theodore Janna Tobin Rachel Trachtenberg Rosa Tsad Elana Tseitlin Adam Turetzky John Tzortzis Neil Uhler Lisa Urso Ansu Varghese 46 Seniors Finding humor in a lecture are seniors Torrey Browder, Harold Pine, and Phil Smith. Humor is hard to find in tough A.P. classes. Senior Jackie Rozenczwajg gives her outdoor as¬ sembly speech on Homecoming. Jackie’s accom¬ plishments made the outdoor assembly a success. Seniors 47 In the Library, there are comfortable places to finish homework. Senior Jim King finds the exact chair to complete his assignment. SENIOR HANGOUTS Weekends and after school, seniors like to get together and show their spirit. Whether before a movie or after a big home game, before practice starts or after a party, seniors like to " hangout.” The most popular place to meet continued to be Jack ' s Restaurant on Touhy. Jack’s, open 24 hours a day, was very accomodating to many late night seniors. Although the managers of Jack’s were not always thrilled to see hoards of seniors gathering around the tables to munch on late night snacks and gossip about late night festivities, it never stopped the class of ' 86. Another big attraction was the student parking lot. After athletic events, seniors headed to the lot and made their own fun. Car radios blasted as the seniors showed their spirit. When Jack’s was too crowded and the parking lot too cold, seniors traveled to McDonald’s on Dempster or the newly built one on Niles Center Road. The 7-11 on Gross Point Road and Lincoln Avenue was always crowded with seniors who needed a light munch. After school and during the school day, seniors purchased slurpees, Snickers and other junk food. In this case, when it comes to snacking, calories just don ' t matter. Seniors 48 Vincent Verstraete Lisa Vick Jon Viner Mark Wada June Wang Beth Wax David Weinberg Michael Whelan Marie Wilkinson David Williamson Marla Wilner Anna Wilson Michael Wiltgen Aneshia Winter Homecoming Court watches the football captains speak at the Twilight Pep Assembly. The assembly was followed by an informal dance. Seniors 49 Stuart Witzel John Woo Marianne Yakoubek June Yang Joe Yau Shane Youkhana Paul Youmera David Young Jill Zabo Vicky Zaffer Steven Zarch Sharon Zeitler Senior cheerleaders Alana Dubin, Michele Goldberg, and Laurie Adams enjoy the spirit of Homecoming. The cheerleaders also performed at the In School Pep-Rally. 50 Seniors GOODBYE Today I close my locker For the very last time Leaving my books And past learning behind. Though " goodbye” has always been for me The hardest thing to say My memories of these four years I’ll cherish more each day. Today I shall see faces And hear voices one last time Which in some way, Whether good or bad. I’ve grown to recognize. And though " goodbye” has always been The hardest thing to say My memories of these four years Will never go away. Senior Michelle Goldberg shows her true feelings of senior Kieth Kreifer’s latest remark. Seniors often gather around the " Senior Table " to rap. Reading ahead is senior Harold Pine. His Ap Biology class proves to be very challenging. Seniors 51 52 Juniors Junior year is a trial and error year to find out what kind of academic potential one has. Juniors also have the responsibility of living up to the expectations of an upper classman. Juniors also celebrate tfhe anticipation of becoming a senior! Above, Coach George Galla seems to have a while junior Rgfckasprak thinks of his next move. Dena Abrams Bettina Adam Jeanie Ahn Ed Aizenberg Jeff Atlschul Michele Alday David Allen Deanna Altenburg Pierce Andrews Joel Antman Jenny Araboglou Alan Auerbach Tossing her pom pons from side to side Junior Evelyn Winandi can ' t wait to dance at The Bash following the football game. Gennor Aujero Sang Bae Elliot Baretz Elaine Barrington Debbie Barry Joseph Bass Erik Bataller Mike Battaglia Lisa Baum Joann Bells Alex Bezkorovainy Adam Bland Steve Block Debbie Blonder David Bloom Melanie Bohigian Julie Bong Jordan Borak 54 Juniors Corey Borin Pat Boundroukas Eric Brabec Kevin Bradbury Maribeth Brocar Eric Burkel Vince Butera George Cacera Angelo Calalang Caress Calara Sharon Calderaro Fran Catanese Joe Calo Kathy Campbell STYLISH DAYS Julie Cancio Tracy Cappola Danny Carver Mario Celler Stylish days meant big, bold, layered, and diverse. Western shirts were at home on the range and at Niles West, while ascending to the peaks climbed high tops and Reeboks. For the more delicate, gardens of flowers showered across oversized shirts, and stirrups danced onto center stage. Mixed and matched were patterns, plaids, and paisleys galore, even equestrian spirit jumped high. Baroque jewelry played a must as an accessory. For those who just wanted to be comfortable, sweats were high on the list. Looking like everyone else was not the key to style, being yourself and having fun was. If climbing and jumping weren’t exactly up your alley, with the right clothes, no one could tell the difference. Rachel Greenspan ’88 Michael Celler Goran Cemerikic David Chang Chris Chelberg Dan Chen Donna Chmielinski Unjoo Choi Edward Chong Glen Christopherson John Chun Tom Clark Mary Coates Juniors 55 Adam Cohen Jill Cohen Mara Cohen Michelle Cohen Ron Cooper Katherine Cote Tiffany Cox Greg Czernik Amy Cozza Chris Dascenzo Steve Dalgetty Susanne Davis Darko Divjakovic Rocco De Fillippis Heather Doolittle Raul Duarte Karla Dubey Eddie Engels Ellen Epstein Sergio Estrada Lenore Estrada Gary Fabian Alan Farkas Mi chele Feinberg Pam Feldman Melissa Ferdman Tracy Feldman Marina Fialko Andrea Field Diane Field Cynthia Fisch Craig Fischoff WHAT IS A JUNIOR? A junior is someone caught between the obnoxiousness of being a sophomore and the complaceney of being a senior. A junior is someone who has no time to do everything and all the time in the world to do nothing. A junior takes his life one test at a time. A junior walks with his head high even if his grades are low. A junior knows the score and will gladly inform anyone who doesn’t. A junior is at his best when school is not in session. A junior hates his title but likes his position. A junior only takes " no” for an answer if he is asking whether or not something was his fault. A junior knows be tween right and wrong, which explains his behavior at school functions. After hours of practice, junior Chris Larkin struts his stuff at a half-time performance by the Niles West Marching Band. A junior commands the respect of any non-senior. A junior is what I am proud to call myself. by Dale Sherman 56 Juniors Mark Fisher Kevin Forman Michelle Frankel Barry Freed Rich Friedman Susan Gallo Maura Gannon Irene Geller Jeff Gassel Steve Geller Lisa Gentile David Gilbert Mike Giterman Lori Glassner Trina Goetz Larry Goldburg Loren Goldbortin Gordon Goldborton Alan Goldenstein Nicholas Goldish Nancy Goren Juniors 57 58 STAYING THE SAME Many times people will talk about the different things that they don’t like and wish to change. But we de¬ cided to ask some people the ques¬ tion: " If there were something that you DID NOT want to change, what would it be?” We got many unique replies. Some of them were: My age -Christy Esmael Nothing, I’d like to change everyth¬ ing -Danny Lebovitz I wish the spirit that we had ten years ago would still be happening to¬ day! -Mr. Galla My socks -Bruce Ramseyer The sun coming up in the morning and the moon at night Mr. Koch My habits -Cathy Tamraz My friendships -David Rubin My blue eyes -Michael Cristante My incredible charm -Keith Kreiter My K-Swiss gym shoes -Paula Krone Playing football -Gary Paustian Growing old -George Langus Good health and my likeness for the ’ Boss” -Sheri Berger The memories of homecoming ’85 -Carrie Ninsky My wild attraction to ’’snozzies” -Julie DiModica The memory of May beach rocks over the summer -Michelle Burdeen and Jeannine DiModica Julie Greenberg Riky Greenberg Robert Greiner Brad Grodsky Jeff Gross Jenny Gross Geraldine Guidote Mike Gut Mark Gussin Silvia Guetierrez Don Gutterman Bennie Guy Juhyun Ha Kelly Ha David Haberkorn Mark Hamid Dave Hansen Ann Hartman Juniors Above: Some people enjoy " Singing in the Rain " but junior Kathy Campbell prefers jogging in the rain. Her hard work and dedication will undoubtedly pay off. Left: Waiting for his Dean is junior Dan Carver. Smiles are not usually present on the faces of those who are waiting. Julie Hartman Jerome Hawkinson Karla Hellestrae Gina Herrera Ken Hogan Antoinette Hong Michelle Hogg Christine Holler Debbie Hoppe Paula Horn Syed Husain Dawn llling Mike Isberian Jodi Israel Abby Ivener David Ivezic Saudi Ji Marc Johnson Juniors 59 Cheryl Lanski Nick Langis Sharon Lapp Chris Larkin Kirsten Larson Lisa Larson Scott Lasker Mike Lazzara Tracy LeBrun Renee Lecomte Gina Lee Jinchun Lee Jenny Lee Jihyun Lee Seung Lee Tania Lee Nina Leininger Terry Lerch Kevin Lester Ellen Levin Jim Lewis 60 Juniors Venessa Johnson Brad Jones Bonnie Kaiser Scott Kalo Erin Karahalios Kim Kassel Tod Kassel Craig Keer Katherine Kelly Patricia Kerstein Maaz Kahn Jim Kim John Kim Mark Kim Nareen Kim Tony Kim Steve Kim Sung Kim Neil Kimel Matt Klapman Alysia Kleeberg Brian Klotz William Knowles Steph KoKott Kathy Koliopoulos Angela Kong Jennifer Koo Gary Korrub Eileen Krehely Tim Kronon HeeJai Kwon Jodi Langfeld MONDAY MORNING MISTAKES Monday. The worst day of the week where EVERYTHING seems to go wrong! What could be worse? After a fun and relaxing weekend, you awake at 5:30 in the morning to find that you must return to another long troublesome week of school. Stumbling out of your house, still half asleep, you realize that it’s freezing outside and you forgot to bring a jacket. As you wait impatiently for the bus, which is late once again, you think of how much more comfortable you’d be lying in your warm cozy bed. Finally arriving at school, you dash to homeroom hoping that you won’t be late. The whole day goes wrong! You flunk an important English test, forget your math homework at home, trip and fall while trying to get through the crowded hallways, and then, to top it all off, you drop a glass of fruit punch all over your brand new sweater during lunch. Storming out of the cafeteria, angry and discouraged, you look down to see that you have accidentally torn your favorite pair of jeans. " What a day, " you say to yourself, almost in tears, " I can’t wait until Fri¬ day!” Estelle Nikolakakis ’89 Juniors Kathy Campbell and Sandra Londano take time out from their pickleball game to give big smiles to the staff photographer. Juniors 63 WEST, NILES WEST I walked into the building with unusual apprehension. Here it was, summer, and I was actually about to enter that forbiding fortress of education they call West, Niles West. I made my way down the twisting and turning corridors. Dare I go further? I didn’t like the idea, but I knew I must press on. Down the hallway, what’s that? A sign? No, not just a sign, an arrow pointing left. I knew I was in business. A final left, then right; I had reached my destination. I casually slipped into the crowded room unnoticed, and proceeded to get in line. What must have only been forty-five minutes seemed like forever. I patiently waited in line , my arms ever-tiring from the strain of textbooks. Finally one person to go until my turn. My mission was to return my textbooks from the previous school year, pick up new ones to carry me through the upcoming year, and still be able to enjoy the week or so of vacation that was remaining. Sure, it sounded easy enough, but I couldn’t help wincing in pain each time I thought of the notice demanding $96.13 that had interrupted my summer vacation. My turn at last! My history book quietly slipped across the counter, the gleaming binding hiding the ’’abused” interior. I calmly explained how the previous owner of my math book must have filled in the answers, and how of course my German book was missing pages in the back when I got it. I was done. No, wait a minute, my ’’Steps to Better Writing” wasn’t accounted for. My suggestion that it was because I never received it was in vain, and I put down $6.00 on the counter. It could have been worse, I suppose. I quickly picked up my books for the upcoming year, and fled as fast as I could from the textbook center and that accursed fortress of learning they call West, Niles West. Mark Gussin Mary Llapis Sung Lim Angelo Limperatos Helen Lin Susie Lindenbaum Nina Liou Eric Lift Lynda Loiacono Sandra Londono Goran Lukic Tony Lumberg Tom Malkin Michele Maltezos Rick Mandell Romero Mango Kareem Mankarious Marcie Mankoff Laurie Malone Juniors Above: Junior Michelle Feinberg takes a break while studying. Michelle realizes that junior year requires more studying then she expected. Left: Twilight Pep Assembly Chairman James Van Osdol leads the anxious Indian fans in cheer. Go Go Go l-N D-l-A-N-S! Jeff Marcus Lauri Margolin J.J. McCulloh Nancy McLean Jerry Medvedovsky David Meltz Mike Meyers Natalie Meydbray Bill Miller Helaine Miller Shelly Misale Amy Miscinski Adam Mizock Glen Mohrlein Istina Morariu Tami Moss Nan Mugerdichian Liz Murray Juniors 63 Josh Myers Manuel Naanep David Nakabayashi Sasha Nikolich Jim Nikolakakis Craig Niedermaier Tom Nicolaou Laura Nelson John Nock Jeanne Nowikowski Jennifer Ozaki George Olney Christine Olsen Rachel Oliker Audra Okmin Andreas Papadakis Peter Paul Johanna Pelos Iris Penaloza Steve Penaloza Brittany Perry Paurence Petit Mike Phillips Denise Pinsly Lynn Piper Lynette Platz Jenny Plukarski Vickie Pontikis Elena Popovici John Pulgic Fred Pyter Bruce Ramseyer THE GRADE RUSH It ' s the last week of the six-week marking period and you still have to make up three homework assignments and two tests. You seem to be spending all the time that you used to talk in the cafeteria in the library. Actually, it seems that everybody is doing the same thing because there are very few seats open in the library. On top of the make-up work you have five tests Friday on the material covering the whole six weeks. You start coming earlier and leaving later, to study and to do your homework. All you can think about is your freedom on Friday at exactly 2:26 p.m. After you finish your last test on Friday, your teacher makes the announcement that the term paper, which was assigned when you were absent, is due on Monday. So instead of having a relaxing and fun-filled weekend you ' re once again stuck in the monotonous world of school. Workbooks are often a part of class work. Junior Gina Lee works diligently to complete her assignment. 64 Juniors Junior Pat Cattern is intrigued by the swarm of ants he sees on the ground. Cattern also participates in the well-established wrestling team at West. Mike Ray Michelle Reitman Steve Reitman Devra Resnick Dave RiHa Lana Rinaldi Anna Rasmussen John Roderich Sandra Rodriguez Jules Roman Allison Rosen Ellen Root Christine Ross Andy Rudin Mike Russo Chittukkala Sabapathy Steve Sajdak Chris Samuel Edgard Sanchez Dino Santorineos Depak Sathy Juniors 65 Mark Savidge Andrew Scafidi Marc Schaffer Geri Schapira Leah Seef Tom Sek Dana Shapiro Dale Sherman Debbie Siciliano Michelle Siegal John Siyalich Brian Skoglund Diane Smason Dan Smigielski Rachel Smith Sharon Smith Charles Snell Hollie Sobel Obviously fed up with homework Junior Elliott Baretz gives up on his geometry homework. Andrew Sprogis Darryl Stern Sandy Stiegel Evelina Stipisic Jackie Subrinsky Todd Sucherman Jennie Suess Mary Suansing Beth Sussman Jay Swidler Alyssa Tadelman James Takaesu 66 Juniors Carlos Talbot Carlo Tamunday Ericka Taraschewsky Sonya Tolksdorf Julie Tomczyk Jim Torrez Richard Trujillo Gus Tsoulos Marie Tulen Anastasia Valavanis Jan Valignota Larry Van Mersenbergen James Van Osdol Narong Vasavid Helen Vayzman Renee Verstraete Brian Vest Cris Vitacek Sam Volchenbaum Jeremiah Voris Bryan Wada David Wallerstein Lee Wang Michele Weinberg Chris Wendel Young Whang Graig Wildi Elizabeth Wilfong Gary Williams Evelyn Winandi David Wiseman Robert Wolak Soupan Wu Michelle Yactor Michelle Yaras Stacy Xentaras Debbie Yirchinski Steven Yuen Brian Yoo Donna Zadkovic David Zazra Ricky Zelinsky Juniors 67 Sophomore Danny Gold entertains his fellow table- mates during his free time. Danny can often be found as the center of attention!! John Bencivenga Craig Berent Sheri Berger Caryn Berk Debbie Berman Traci Bianchi Virginia Blameuser Pablo Blanco Melanie Block Stacy Bolinger Kim Boulware Chris Bradbury Mark Bradford Gina Bravos Frank Brodsky Jinjer Brody Alison Brooks Kathy Brophy Angie Brown Mary Brown Brian Buehling 70 Sophomores Laura Abrahams Mathew Achett Bob Adams Scott Adams Dennis Agnos Imran Akhter Lillyan Alcalde Linda Alexander Mark Alvarez Andra Amato Jenny Anast Robert Anderberg Sean Ansett John Antich Aggel Apostolopoulos Jonathona Arendt Timothy Arndt Pete Athans Chris Atkinson David Aufrecht Leonid Ayzenberg Hyung Bae Darrin Bairn Gurinder Bains Sari Baker Neil Bandalin John Barba Laura Barreto Amii Baskin Lainie Bauer Melanie Bauer Ellyn Beekil FRIENDSHIPS Going back to school was not the same experience for all students at West. For most of us, it meant seeing all those friends you promised to see over the summer but somehow never did, hitting the books again, studying for tests, and getting back into shape plus a whole lot more. For the fresh¬ men though it was quite different. Going to high school was a new and unique experience, yet scary. It meant meeting new people, seeing old faces, hoping that you looked right. It also meant getting used to a bigger school, with bigger hallways, and bigger people. It took a while to get into the beat of things but gradually everything fell right into place, and the new faces were now friends. Patty Tzortzis 89’ Already late for her next class, sophomore Amy Burnham searches through her locker. She displays her painting which is considered a work of art. Sophomores FROSH-SOPH MIXER PROVES POPULAR As the D.J. played the hottest hits, freshmen and sophomores got them¬ selves out on the dance floor to prove that dancing is what they do best! This years Mixer, held in the cafeteria on September 27, turned out to be a very popular event among underclassmen. The music ranged from hard rock to new wave, and even some slow tunes. It gave freshmen and sophomores a chance to meet new people, dance, and have a great time. Colorful decorations added life and creativity to the dance. Many added their own touch by wearing togas. In general, the Frosh-Soph Mixer turned out to be a total success! The crowd was wild and lively and seemed to be having a terrific time. That’s the spirit of ’88 and ’89! Estelle Nikolakakis ’89 Sheri Burger Amy Burnham Bill Burns Joe Camilli Kim Cancelled Tony Carollo Brad Carstens Ray Castro Kyung Chang Dorren Chen Henry Chen Eric Chern Amy Chertow Julie Cho Kang Choi Seong Choi Julie Christensen Susan Chung Preston Clark Darryl Colen Jackie Congine 12 Sophomores Resource centers are a great place to relax and study. Soph¬ omore Nikki Florio makes her¬ self comfortable in the English Resource Center. Sophomore Brian Mittleeman rests his eyes while studying in the cafeteria. To some, the cafeteria provides an area to enjoy living company other than the food. Dora Connell Mike Cooper Kelly Cordes Christine Cox Sean Cresham Jim Daehler Julie Daehler Scott D’Agostino Joel Dalinka Tom Dallianis Bernadeth Donguilan Michelle Dayan Eileen Deano Joe Dellumo Gail Dennis Herbie Diaz Jeannine DiModica Jordan Donsky Wendy Doyle Steven Drazner Traci Dreier Sophomores 73 Susan Drexler Ludmila Dudin Joanne D’Ugo Svetlana Dumsky Robyn Edelman Karyn Elliott Robin Fmalfarb Susan Eshaya Ramel Failma Vincent Fang Hayat Feizoulof Fernando Fen Mary Fenton Marc Fienberg Ross Fischoff Ann Fisher Nikki Florio Linda Fontana Angela Fortuna Angela Fuhs Amy Fullet Deanne Gabel Noel Garfinkel Steve Georgas Mike Gershbein Greg Geshelin Cindy Gesklin Eugene Gilerman Danny Gold Stephanie Gold 74 Sophomores HANGOUTS As you walk through the hallways at West, whether in the morning, during your free time, or even between passing periods, you probably have noticed the same faces in the same places at the same time. It’s what students call their " Hangouts.” To most it’s more than just a hangout. It ' s a place to see those friends you never see the rest of the day. Many people exchange gossip, hear the latest on the favorite sports team, see what ' s happen¬ ing around school or just comparing notes from biology class. These hangouts might be located in the cafeteria at a certain table, the band or pool hallway, or just at some¬ body ' s locker. A hangout is great to have because you know you will see some faces-, not the strangers in a crowd. So don’t just sit, hangout somewherel Patty Tzortzis ' 89 Stacy Goldstin Christina Gonzalez Monica Goodman Oliver Graf Craig Gramatis Deanna Gramatis Rachel Greenspan Amy Grimaldi Joy Grossberg Alex Gruzmark Leonid Gubenko Laura Gunnarson Jeff Gurvis Brian Gut Gail Gutterman Stacey Haber Kerstin Hagg Kris Hainke Lisa Halliday Angela Hanga Craig Harris Andy Harrold Cliff Hedquist Julie Hedrich Alexis Hershenhorn Amy Heytow Anita Hintz Carrie Hintzke Doug Hirsh Dave Hodshira f Sophomores 75 Dale Hoeft Susan Hoerrmann Meehee Hong Jason Hsu Diana lacobazzi Dan Incze Anthony Irpino Jack Isaacson Paul Isaacson Brian Israel Stefani Ivicic DaWn Jacobs Robin Jaffray Karin Janessa Milenia Jevremovich Susan Johnson Emmanuel Joseph Joseph Jovero James Jung Georgi Katsikonouris Athina Katsis Paul Katz Gary Kaufman Brad Kave Robert Keller Bertha Khasho Benson Kim Grace Kim Heejin Kim Paul Kim Sarah Kim Yoon Kim FIRE DRILLS: ARE THEY NECESSARY? Fire drills are necessary even though they are disruptive to the classes in session. Students and faculty should know how to exit the building quickly, yet safely, in case of an actual fire. Since fire drills are practiced, the students know where to go, and what to do, so that in a real fire they would be less likely to panic. Classes are disrupted by fire drills. A student may be taking a test or listening to a lecture. This can be very upsetting to a teacher. When all things are considered, how¬ ever, it is important to know something that can save your life. Anup Sathy 88 ' Tom Mazarakis 88’ Sophomores Larry Meyer, and Brian Gut, show their legs while slam dancing against the lock¬ ers. Both Brian and Larry enjoy today’s new wave music. 76 Sophomores Stacy Kirkos Keith Kleiner Alix Kogan Patricia Koliopoulos George Kolovos Nancy Kono Sam Konstantinov Steve Koo Chris Kopier Jack Korol Maria Korolis Maxyne Kozil Stefanie Krakow Karla Krone Ron Lamlech Lisa LaPorte Lisa Lasowski Tim Ledwon Anna Lee Hye Lee Seung-Sook Lee Sandra lepold Maria Lereno Sophomores 77 THE HEAT IS ON During the first few weeks of school, everyone suffered from a lot of problems, classes, teachers, tests and the heat. It was difficult listening to the teacher or doing your homework with all of the heat and sweat dripping down your back. If you looked into certain classes you would probably some people waving their paper fans, (which was once their homework), hoping that the heat would go away. Unfortunately it didn ' t happen that way. Here are just a few ways on how some students fought the heat " I just didn’t think about it.” Estelle Nikolakakis 89 ' " I came to school in my swimming trunks " Alan Dassow 86 ' " I went outside during my free time " Jenny Suess 87 ' " I went to morning swim practice. " Mary Theodore 88 ' " I just went crazy and got a crewcut plus shaved the sides of my hair right by my ears. " Brian Gut 88’ " I wore as little clothes as possible. " Ann Liosatos 88’ Who knows maybe next year when the heat is on you might use one of these suggestions. Meanwhile, keep cooll Patty Tzortis 89 ' Wendy Martin Lisa Martinson Kathy Mar-Yohana Jeff Matsuda David Matz Tom May Tom Mazarakis Kim McAllister Coleen McCarthy Heather McCormick Judy McGinley Karin Meixner Aurelito Mercado Larry Meyer Jordan Meyerovitz Tracy Michaels Kathy Michalsen Christine Milewski Brian Miller Lawrence Mills Dejaw Milovanovi i 78 Sophomores Sophomores, Traci Dri¬ er. and Jinjer Brody are looking mighty happy, as they take time out for the photo. Cosmo, watch out. Sophomores Joy Gross- berg, Gabrielle Tomacic and Laura Abrams kick up their " Sunday” shoes at the Friday night Bash. Ellian Levin Cindy Levine Roby Levy Demetris Limber Anne Liosatos Jason Litwin Robert Liu Kevin Lochner Roddy Loewenthal Paul Lopez Lisa Lovett Isam Makhlouf Aaron Malina Benjamin Malkan Ellen Mamloff Janine Maniscalco Mark Mansfield Regina Margolin Pam Markfield Pamela Marks Kelly Martin Wendy Martin Sophomores 79 Rodolfo Perez Bill Pergl Laura Persky Tina Piluris David Pinsel Rod Pintang Karen Pintz Mary Pobol Martha Pontikis Steve Posavac Scott Poulos Stephanie Pritzker Frank Psyhogios Lena Quilici Melissa Rabin Greg Rappin Meena Ravella Whitney Reichert Laura Reiff Jim Rembiszewski David Rhee Claudia Ridley Christi Roberts Todd Romashko 80 Sophomores Laura Milsk Beth Milstein Bryan Mittelman Peter Miyama Aaron Moy Keith Mugford Kenny Munic Evie Murgas Heather Murphy Jenni Myint Brian Nakai Julia Nelsen Jennifer Nelson David Neuhauser Jackie Niziolek Barb Noesen Don Nole Stephanie North Chris Oliver Kirk Oliver Laura Oroni Karin Orsic Dena Owens Georgette Pagos Choi Pak Collin Palmer Elda Pangilinan Rossini Parayno Charlotte Park Hong Park Sabina Puthusseril John Patyk oanPERTYOf DECORATING LOCKERS When you walk down the halls at school, have you some¬ times noticed the cardboard cards that are taped to some of the lockers? When first seen from afar, you wonder, what ' s going onl Then you take a closer look and see the " HAPPY BIRTHDAY " or " SWEET SIXTEEN " . The decorating of lockers is a tradition for birthdays at Niles West. Friends of the birthday person get together and make a card. It could be plain white, or fluorescent yellow and pink. Cards might be fancy with newspaper clippings, balloons, streamers or just a simple " HAPPY BIRTHDAY " . Then, friends of the birthday person get together and sign it. It makes a person’s birthday more special. In this way you can show your friends you really care. Anna Liosatos ' 88 Sophomores Dawn Jacobs, Karen Janessa, and Karyn Elliott take a breather from all the strenuous dancing. Sophomores 81 Steve Rosen Rachel Rosenberg Greg Rosow Sheryl Rubens Susan Rubenstein Debbie Rubin Greg Rudin Jean Ruley Amy Rutschmann Stacy Saitta Nancy Sajadi Benjamin Salkin Practice, indeed, makes perfect. Tuba trio, senior Paul Helwing, Sopho¬ more Joal Dalinka, and sophomore Jack Korol " take five,” before re¬ hearsing the next number. Arturo Sanchez George Santillan Anup Sathy Pattie Scearce Rick Schaefer Steven Schaffer v Doug Schmidt Renee Schmidt Kathy Schoen Paul Schoknecht Mark Schusteff Ami Schwartz Christie Shadar Jennette Shedroff Caryn Shiffman Mindy Shiffman Dana Siciliano Mohammed Siddiqui 82 Sophomores Rome Silverman Susan Silverman Gwen Singer Jeff Skoglund Mark Slima Nathalie Slisz Catherine Smith Dave Smolinski Ron Sobczak Carolyn Song Alexander Soren Joan Sosnowski George Sotiropoulas Tracy Spear Mark Speidel George Spiratos Soula Spyropoulos Abby Starr YOU NEED A VACATION WHEN You fall asleep on the bus on the way to school. You push your snooze bar more than five times in the morning. You forget your locker combination in the middle of De¬ cember. You look out the classroom window for more than a half hour at a time. You need a fork lift to carry your books home on Friday. It hits -30° F. You know you need a vacation during your last final of second semester. David Wallerstein ’87 f ' Maritess Suansing Katie Swanson Julia Swiercz Dawn Szabo Phil Taldone Maritess Tamunday Joseph Tarica Sophomores S3 A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Members of the Class of ’88 took time out to look into their future. When asked the question, " How do you see yourself 25 years from now? " some replies were . . . " Coaching basketball for the Women ' s Olympic Basketball Team. " Claudia Ridley " Reading this yearbook. " Benjie Malkin " As a millionaire cruising on my yacht with my dog Spot. " Howie Aronesti " As a nun. " Sheri Lynn Berger " Owning a beach house on the ocean. " Doug Schmidt " Driving a red Porsche. " Craig Gramatis " Lead singer of Van Halen. " Ted Xentaras " Living off the Illinois State Lottery. " Ken Munic " Watching Wheel of Fortune. " Jeanna Grametis " A professional accountant. " Lilly Alcalde " Being a successful person. " Danny Gold " As I am. " Andrea Mollenberg " Rich and married to a gorgeous Italian!! " Jill Amodeo " Resident of a high rise park bench. " Scott Adams " Running from a communist take-over or living in a bomg shelter. " Brian Gut " Retired with three gold medals, teaching swimming, and being a profes¬ sional cosmetologist. " Wendy Martin " Twenty-five years older. " John Barba " Ruler of the universe with six wives and 18 children. " Joel Dalinka " Successful job and a family. " Jack Korol " Nuked. " Mathew Winer " Famous base drummer. " Herb Reagon " Being a super, fun, fun, ultimate, awesome frisby player with Jeannine Di Modica and having three Gold medals. " Carrie Hinzke " President of France " Evie Murgas " A Chicago Sting player. " Alex Kogan " A career in the medical field. " Lilianna Willamson Only time will tell what the Class of ' 1988 ' s future will be. How do you see yourself 25 years from now? Jeannine Di Modica ' 88 Mary Theodore Phyllis Theofanis Pam Thill Arthur Tiersky Janet Till Mircea Tipescu Gabi Tomacic Ari Turetzky Alex Tziortzis Ann Valenti Dana Vance Florence Vargas Angie Waggoner Julie Walters Pat Warden Eric Watson Michelle Weberman Jon Wefski Julie Wickell Sheha Wickemesekera Lilianna Williamson 84 Sophomores Sophomore Ann Fisher celebrates another suc¬ cessful Bash. Fisher also had time to ’’Celebrate” the Pow-Wow play. Andrea Wollenberg pours herself a " tall cool one, " after her activi¬ ties. Sophomore Wollen¬ berg keeps busy with the girl’s swim team as an active member. Matthew Winer John Witzgall Andrea Wollenberg Julie Wozniak Sonja Wuehr Theo Xentaras James Yactor Lalaine Yalignota Leo Yampolsky Ben Yashon Emily Yep Lori Yetter Tom Yi Tom Yim Flenry Yim Jean Yoo Wayne Youkhana Steve Yu Cindy Yuen Flelen Yung Luma Zaia Sophomores 85 86 Freshmen Division Freshmen 87-« — FRESHMEN ENJOY " GET INVOLVED " ASSEMBLY On September 10, almost 500 freshmen yelled and cheered as Miss Stewart welcomed the Class of ’89 to Niles West. During the assembly, freshmen were addressed by Mark Poulakidas, President of the Senior Class, and by Benji Malkin, President of the Sophomore Class, as well as other members of the faculty and staff. As a result of these speeches, freshmen learned about the many clubs, teams, and privileges available at Niles West. Following the speakers, Ms. Howell, Mr. Erickson, and Mr. Kupferberg per¬ formed in a comedy skit in which they impersonated three trouble-making freshmen facing the consequences of detention. Acting out the part of the dean was senior Paul Bouboutsis. All in all, the assembly turned out to be enjoyable for most freshmen. Learning to adjust to a new school is never easy, but thanks to the help of fellow students and staff, freshmen understood what was expected of them, and who they could turn to for help. Estelle Nikolakakis ’89 Andre Abelkis Joseph Achett Matt Adams Mia Adler Mark Adreani Suzanne Ahn Alfonso Alanis Jerry Alcozer Mark Anderberg Tecla Annes Maureen Antar Niki Antonakos Ted Apostolopoulos Senada Arabelovic Lisa Arnow Marty Bach Hyung Bae Ji Bae 88 Freshmen A stop at the water fountain is a must for thirsty Jason McGuire. Freshman McGuire pauses to quench his thirst. Rushing to their next class are freshmen Hum¬ berto Hortua, and Sta¬ cey Lasker. Humberto expresses himself after remembering his home¬ work in his locker. Eunice Baek Julie Baretz Mike Bartholomew Marc Bechar Israel Behar Christi Benedetti Dennis Bernabe Susan Bezanes Jim Bibizas Jermy Biewer Eric Biljetina Maria Bisbikis Suzy Bohigan Andrew Bok Katy Born Keith Bosshart Aaron Boyles Je annie Breit Freshmen 89 Michael Colby Joan Codetta Melissa Connell Ritchie Cordero Andy Costello Suzanne Covington Shannon Crowley Arnold Cruz Kevin Curtis Sarkis Danavi George Dauvikas Kendra Davis Bill Deacetis Elyse Decker Evergist De Guzman Maida DeLasalas Joseph Delfin Chris Dempsey Jes Dickstein Chris Doroba Dennis Dougherty 90 Freshmen Johnathan Breitzer Andy Browder Chris Brown Michelle Bruer Carla Bruno Andrea Bruscato Robert Burns Kelly Butera Neil Butler Roadjee Calara Michelle Campbell Peggy Campbell Tony Cannella Danielle Chams Erwin Chan Yiwen Chang Yoon Chang Steven Charny Shoma Chattergee Amy Cho Connie Choi Jeannie Choi Maria Choi Shirely Choi jfV JR? PINK WALLS When you think of the color pink, what do you usually think of? Pink bedrooms, a pink prom dress, pink hair-rib bons, pink lollipops! You don’t usually think of school walls, do you? Well, last summer the school decided to paint our walls pinkl Were they painted to cheer up our long and gloomy days here, or to make us feel more at home? Or maybe they did it so we could have yet another reason to hate school? Who knows. Here are some opinions expressed by West students ... " I think the pink walls are rather tacky but, in a way, they sort of liven up the hallways Dawn Jacobs " The pink walls bring a smile to my face! " Jeannine Dimodica " It was stupid not to make them red or white. " Wendy Martin " They’re different, so I like them. " Karen Pintz " I think they’re swell. " Noel Garfinkel " I totally love them!! They remind me of my bedroom! " Stacy Stratigakes " I think the pink walls are ugly, but now I really don’t notice the color. " Stephanie Pritcker " The Pepto-Bismol walls are ugly! Larry Mills Sun Mee Choi Woo Jin Choi Gus Chronopoulos Chris Chung Joseph Chung Jim Cienimy Lori Clark Rachel Cohen Freshman Nick Stratigakes is not ashamed to smile for Spectrum. Freshmen have that " new” Indian spiritl " You don’t really notice the walls. " Frank Brodsky Freshmen 91 BETTER OFF DEAD!! Arriving at the first class of the day, you sit down and relax until the bell rings. The teacher walks in with a stack of papers in her hand, but you think nothing of it until she tells everyone to clear their desks. Everyone realizes this is a " pop” quiz. Not getting nervous because you read the chapter last night, you take the paper from the person ahead, look at the test, and realize you read the wrong chapter. You didn’t have the faintest idea of any of the answers. Moving on to the next class you are excited because you’ll receive a test you took and thought every answer was right. Taking notes on a lecture the whole period, all you can think about is the test. Two minutes before the bell the test was returned and on the top you see an " F”. Now all you can think about is a way to get out of the rest of your classes and go home, but it is impossible because you have a huge math test and that’s your last class of the day. You study for the math test every chance you get throughout the day, and by the time math class comes around you know everything you need to know. Walking into the math room you spot a sub who announces that there will be no test. Instead, you will have it next week. At this point you think nothing worse can happen to you that day until you are walking around the corner and bump into a dean. You knock him down and he claims you did it on purpose and gives you a Saturday. By then you were ready to go home, go to sleep, and about a half hour later the annoying sound from your alarm goes off again. Thinking you must have set it at the wrong time you look at the clock and see 5:30 A.M. You get up and look in your parent’s room. They are both there. The question is, was it a dream or was it real? Ivy Drazner Richard Dubin Jill Dubrow Jenny Duda Maggie Duffy Robert Dziedzic Ares Ebreo Howard Edelman Dollie Espinosa Steve Farmer Chris Feldman Randy Feldman Edson Fernandez Laura Ferrin Esther Fineberg Lisa Fischbach Amy Flack Joel Fogelson Esther Fourkas Gina Frake Chris Gabriel 92 Freshmen Sophomores Elizabeth Stipi- cic, Abby Starr, Jean Yoo. and Julie Walters are the best of buddies. All of them attended the dance, and boogied to the rhythm of the night. Go Indians! Senior Indian mascot Judy Asher leads the crowd to spirit chants. Corin Gagliardi Xyla Gatilao Ann Gazer Jason Gelber Marc Geslani Jerry Giamakakos Kirsten Gieler Felipe Gherrero Jeff Goby Megan Goldish Tony Granatelli Marina Grinshpun Scott Gripman Robyn Groffman Mindy Grossberg Sebouh Gueyikian Claudia Halbac Urik Halliday James Han Patrick Hanks Becky Hansen Freshmen 93 Brian Hansen ke m Hansen Doris Haromi Ancfcreas Harris Jbd Hartman Mike Ha da a Carl Hewing KVHinda Hepner J tm Hieber Dennis Hoeixel Tahli Hoffman Robert Holton Pam Hormcke Rick Horrike vSa f n Horteiand Humbert Hortua Mike Horwich Stac Hesch Chert Howe Sharon Huang kristma Huge Anne Humphre Rummana Hussain Jim Hwang Jung Hwang Eta Incze Sandra Jaggi Danefle Janger Suzette Jasker Linda Jat Lisa Schaprra Jaewoo Jeong Sophomore Jason Litwm has spirit eten with his " bad break.’ Togas were the costumes worn during one day of spwit week. Home¬ coming 1985. FREAK SHOW On Friday nights many Niles West students went to see the " Rocky Horror Picture Show. " What’s was so great about it? Here’s what some of your feflow students said: " Some movies you laugh with. " Rocky Horror " you laugh at. " Tom Malkin ’8 " It’s a happening. Before the show the audience goes on stage and acts the movie out.” Marc Hamid ’87 ’1 love the audience participation.” Rob Munic ’38 " Great soundtrack.” Greg Rudin ’S3 For every line in the movie the audience yelled back several lines to the screen cutting the line up.) For example, when the narrator came out. the audience veiled out. " Where’s your neck. " During the rain storm the audience shot water at each other and put a newspaper over their heads for protection. During the wedding scene the audi¬ ence had a rice fight. When the profesuyr said the line. Great Scotts,” the audience threw rolls of toilet paper.” The Rocky Horror Picture Show " was presented at Evanston and Old Orchard Theaters. Freshmen if f Daniel Johnson kevan Johnson Shalani Josh i Hilary kaden Lanbros kalamans Hakpon kang Joanne kang V4att karlesk Jenm katz Lenm katz Scott katz Sher« katz Julie katzman David kazarian Sved kazmi Rich keaion uri keegstra Gordon kersien Rita khasho Sherinr khoshaba kevin kiedatsch Kris Kiernicki Christine Kim Frank Kim Jeannie Kim Jisun Kim Johnny Kim Samuel Kim Tony Klancnik Dean Klemenz Megan Knowles Sally Ko Irina Kogan Julie Kohl Sandy Kontuzias John Korolis Tracy Kozil Margaret Kozlowski Tami Kramer Eric Kreitzman Ivy Kron Tam Krueger Peter Kucera Ali Kwon Kristi Lall Athanacia Lallas John Lally Jacqueline LaManna Judy Lapp Charles Larenas Stacey Lasker 96 Freshmen BECAUSE Everyone at sometime has had to think fast when the teacher asked that dreaded question, " Why are you late? " The problem with the " usual " excuses are that nobody believes them. So next time you’re in that bind, pick a category and try one of these: JOCK-1 was in the bath¬ room and my zipper got stuck. POPULAR PERSON-1 was reading my social engage¬ ment book and didn’t hear the bell. MUSICIAN-My lips got stuck in my tuba. FRESHMAN-I couldn ' t get my locker open. INTELLECTUAL-1 had to wait until channel II was off the air. NERD-Someone locked me in my locker. TEACHER-My finger was caught in the Xerox ma¬ chine. SENIOR-Who cares? Michael Latash Patty Lazar Paul Lebovitz Carmen LeBron Agnes Lee Amy Lee Brenda Lee David Lee Edward Lee James Lee Elena Leibovich Naomi Levin Michelle Lewis Beth Lichtenstein Susan Lieberman Jordan Light Andreas Limber John Liv Kelli Lochner Andy Lundsberg Stacey Lutz Mikhail Lyubansky Renee Makdah Jason Malkin Charles Man Rob Mandell Irina Margolin Aaron Marks Debbie Massias Jane Martinez Freshmen 97 CARTOON FAVORITES If you were to ask Niles West students what their favorite food, rock group, or song was, you’d get a great variety of answers. Everybody has an opinion of their own. So when students were asked who their favorite cartoon characters were and why they picked these characters, the responses were original and rather amusing. Here are some of them . . My favorite cartoon character is: " Heman, because he reminds me of me.” -Helen Georgakopoulos ’86 " Garfield, because he’s so funny and original.” -Susan Bezanes ’89 " Fred Flintstone, because he’s fat, obnoxious, and eats a lot.” -Jemuel Ripley ’89 " Woody Woodpecker, because he’s very cute.” -Anne Liosatos ’88 " Casper the Friendly Ghost, because he’s a good guy.” -Patty Tzortzis ’89 " Heathcliff, because he’s cute and lovable.” -Melaine Soriano ’89 " Greedy Smurf, because he reminds me of me when I’m hungry.” -Lettitia Cadavid ’86 " Fred Flintstone, because he’s so realistic.” -Jenny Anast ’88 " George Jetson, because he’s futuristic and he’s funny.” -Susan Theotokatos ’89 by Estelle Nikolakakis ’89 - I Owen Masterton Mamie Malolcoff Heather McCulloh Jenny McGeary Jason McGuire Keith McMath Louis Meindle Mary Mercado Kim Miceli Angelo Michaels Kristi Mihelic Cari Miller David Miller Chris Minx Sean Mollet Maria Maloney Scott Moreth David Morris Chris Morton Jennifer Moyer Gordana Mraovic 98 Freshmen Elyse Decker enjoys the company. Freshman Cheer¬ leader, Decker helped out at Open House. Junior Alan Farkas puts away the overdue library book. Fartkus works dili¬ gently to finish that over¬ night project. Chris Murschel Jim Muth Jimmy Nafpliotis Parveen Najullah Naomi Nakahata Paul Newman George Nicolaou Estelle Nikolakakis Sajada Nima Bobby North Sophie Noussias Matt Nowikowski Mindy Nudelman Mike Obrien Matt Odirakallumkal Melissa Ohlson Carlene Olander Roselle Olea Cynthia Ong Danny Oroni Eric Orsic Freshmen 99 Cir dv Ratnow Maria Raucci Susan Reifman Julie Remke Miguel Remon Fritzie Replique Beatrise Revelins Gig i Reyes Matt Reznik Jennifer Rhee Brian Richards Jenne Ripley Ron Riss Tammy Robertson tden Rocklin Henry Rodriguez my-Lynn Roma June Rosales Jay Rosenbaum Lewis Roth Tina Rrajnoha ♦00 Freshmen Eric Oseiand Kevin Oztekin Mike Pacheco Kyong Mu Pak Valery Panoutosos George Papadopoulos Lynn Pappas Eugene Paprocki Sung Park Nalini Parsram Prashant Patel Derek Pedraza Nancy Penn Jim Peroulas Peter Pfeifer Eric Phillips Marny Pierini Gail Pitts DeeDee Pitsios Bob Pine Renee Piper Maria Plphiive Jason Pollack Laine Polyzos Rachel Posner Debbie Pozdol Alison Presley Nicole Price Susan Ouach Ansa Oureshi Cal Ramseyer Gina Ranellakis SWATCHES GALORE One of the newest and hottest kx ks among guys and girls at Niles West are the Swatch quartzes. Not only do these Swiss watches provide perfect timing, but they are also a very fashionable and " in look.” They come in a numerous amounts of colors and sizes including everything from a plain black or grey, to plaid and paisley. Swatches have become a very popular accessory and are worn by just about everyone. ”1 think that they’re cool because they’re original and different from most watches.” commented freshman Ivy Kron. So, if you’re not a Swatch owner, then do as the advertisement says and ’’Switch to Swatch!” Estelle Nikolakakis ’89 Freshman Julie Baretz takes a break from the dancing to tafc to a friend. Freshmen 101 SWEET OR NOT SO SWEET DREAMS Did you ever have a day that you thought was a nightmare, yet was real? The day begins at 5:30 A.M. with that dreaded buzzing of your alarm clock. Your first reaction to the annoying sound is to press the snooze button, but on this particular day instead of pressing that button your sub conscious tells you to turn it off. After what you thought was five minutes, you open your eyes, look at the clock to see if you have a little more time, and see that is is 7:00 A.M. At this point you jump out of bed and head for the bathroom, thinking about how after school you can come home and sleep. Suddenly you remember that you have a detention for cutting the last class the day before. You’re not worried that you missed the bus already, because you figure that mom can drive you before she goes to work. You peek into her room to ask her and nobody’s there. All you see is a note saying that she had to leave early and she hopes you have a good day. All ready to leave at 7:20 A.M. you start an eight mile hike. You arrive at school by 7:35 A.M., but while running up the stairs all your books and papers fall throughout the stairwell. After collecting all the papers it is 7:38 A.M. You finally get to homeroom 45 seconds before the class is dismissed and explain everything to the teacher. In return you get a referral with the statement, ’’This was your second time.” Jeff Seidman Rory Seleman Stella Sfikas Sophia Shakir Ejaz Shamir Margaret Sanders Paul Schramm Kathy Schroeder Eric Schulman Roswitha Schwager Gayle Schwartz Dawn Rugendorf Brian Russel Malathi Sabapathy Wally Sajdak Beata Salethik Hector Sanchez Kelly Seay 102 Freshmen Above: Freshman histo¬ ry teacher Dan Hill talks with interested parents. Open House gave par¬ ents the opportunity to ask some questions. Left: Freshmen take plenty of notes and de¬ velop their listening and writing skills in Mr. Batts’ honors English Class. Janet Shamoun Scott Shapiro Sameena Shariff Jay Sheirok Dave Signoretti Max Shulman Kenneth Smith Rea Song Melaine Soriano Chris Sosnowski Leanne Statland Kevin Steele Tony Stegich Laila Stein Sandy Stergios Nick Stratigakes Nicole Strusiner Rosalie Stulman Freshmen 103 Jason Szewczyk Karra Takehara Michelle Takolsky Greg Tchott Scott Theisen Linda Theotokatos Susan Theotokatos Anna Therios Sandy Thompson Scott Toban Marni Tobin Inna Tolstunova Georgia Tsoulos Merav Tsubely Fehlyn Tulen Desy Tziortzis Patti Tzortzis Robert Udoni Cindy Uehlein Brad Utanoff Al Utsunomiya Jim VAIavanis Jennifer Valic Jovino Valignota Javier Vargas Lucy Vargas Lisa Vetra Liz Villamil Lisa Virchinsky Lauren Wagner Lisa Warden Donica Weinberg NICKNAMES Almost everyone has a nickname at one time or another. Some people don’t mind if they are called by there nickname but others just hate it when they are called. " Humby” " Snork” " Martian”, " The Nose” " Mr. Responsibility” " The Generic Blob” " Millipeter” " Bucky” " Fifi” " Blondie” " Shadow” " Polly” " Aloma” " Heath Bar” " Izzie” " James” " Mouth” Humberto Hortua 89’ Laura Gunnarson 88’ Wendy Martin 88’ John Tzortzis 86’ Jules Roman 87 ' Marc Adreani 89’ Peter Kuceri 89’ Tom Buckley 86’ Desey Tzortzis 89’ Kristy Lall 89’ Marny Pierini 89’ Stephanie Leader ’86 Alana Dubin Heather Ross Laurie Adams Jamie Boton Michele G. Patty Tzortzis 89’ Freshman Danielle Chams turns from her friends to help a parent at Open House. All cheerleaders were required to attend and help. 104 Freshmen Greg Weinberg Jamie Weisman Donna Wezio Terry Williams Julie Wiltgen Evan Winston Larry Wishmck To Wlodarczyk Debra Wojtalic Chris Wright Darla Wright Monia Wright Ryoko Yamaguchi Kathy Yim Hannah Yoo Harry Yoon Brett Youstra Janey Yu May Yung Leonard Zinger man Net a Znora Andy Zoldoska Freshman 05 Happenings of the twenty-fifth anniversary year included twilight dances all the way to a formal Homecoming d LWewatched those who celebrated the completion of a school production. School spirit H rious rallies and parades. All in all. we had much to celebrate in our J anessa a " d Rill Pergl appear to be celebrating a dress iljl da during thedress up da s included Red and White Pa . 50 ' s Pay. oO s Pay, T 108 Often seen blowing her own horn is senior band member Marsha Telengator. The band is an important part of every assembly. ASSEMBLY BEATS THE HEAT On September 6, with the tempera¬ ture a mere 100 degrees in the gym¬ nasium, over 1974 students and fac¬ ulty gathered for the second annu¬ al " welcome back " assembly. Fold¬ ers were turned into fans as every¬ one tried desperately to keep cool, but the heat just became more in¬ tense. Mistress of Ceremonies, senior Judy Zemsky, wished every¬ one a warm welcome back. Many unplanned surprises charac¬ terized the pep assembly. In the middle of Principal Dr. Ring’s speech, chants of " less filling and tastes great " began with the senior class and continued with the ju¬ niors. Student Senate president senior Dean Marinakas, who was supposed to speak, was replaced at the last minute when his speech was not approved by the adminis¬ tration. Indian mascot senior Judy Asher fired up the crowd with a rendition of the song " Shout, " to the point where people began to move from the bleachers to the gymnasium floor to dance. Pom¬ pon girls were surprised by a false Showing their spirit, the senior class expresses their joy to finally be seniors. The opening Assembly was the Class of 86 s first chance to be ' real seniors. M start in their music which forced them to " freeze " until the music was restarted. The final surprise of all surprises was the sudden ending of the assembly without the tradi¬ tional playing of the school song by the band. Despite these happenings, the as¬ sembly included typical compo¬ nents consisting of performances by the varsity cheerleaders and speeches by Student Union presi¬ dent senior Jenni Holt and theater department representative senior Andy Mills. Robert Murphy, repre¬ senting the faculty was an added touch this year with his welcome back speech. " Overall, I thought the assembly went well. A lot of things that took place were byond my control but that is the risk you take when you plan something for so many people. I was very pleased to see everyone showing so much positive spirit so early in the year, " concluded Judy Zemsky. The Niles West varsity cheerleaders display their agility by forming a pyramid. No game would ever be complete without the spirit and enthusiasm of the cheerleaders. Passing out 3-D glasses before the assembly is senior Mark Poolos. Mark is just one of the many students who helped promote spirit during the assembly. The Pom Pon squad entertains the crowd with another award winning routine. The Pom Pon Nervously awaiting her first all-school perfor- girls put on spectacular routines to popular music. mance is Indian mascot Judy Asher. Judy brought smiles and spirit to all who watched her perform. Happenings 109 After a long night of dancing, the students Sophomores Pam Marks, Sari Baker, Andrea i students cool off by serving refreshments. Judy I and Sophomores Alexis Hershenhorn, Julie Wickell, and Gabbi Tomacic give the dance a thumbs up rating. The Back to School Bash was the first social event of the school year and a definite success. Students rush to the cafeteria to get into the dance. Getting bash tickets is sometimes difficult as the number of tickets sold is always limited. 110 Happenings BOPPIN’ AT THE BASH Summer was over and the new school year had begun. To help students get back into the swing of things. Student Union spon- sored the Back to School Bash. The bash was held after the home football game. From 9:45 until 11:45, the entire student body was invited to come, dance, and have a good time. Tickets were sold in advance for two dollars. Despite the bad weather conditions, many students showed up to make the bash a big success. The disc jockey provided a variety of music to which everyone danced. Refreshments were also served to give students a chance to cool off. For all who attended, the Back to School Bash was a great way to get together with friends, both old and new, and dance into the new school year. According to Sophomore Ryan Stoeterau, " The bash was a great way to forget the pressures of starting school and just have fun.” Helping the students achieve the maximum level of fun is a DJ from Dance Experience. He kept the dance going strong until II p.m. with his interesting mix of songs. Happenings III Gina Bravos politely asks Ted Xentaras to please get off her foot als yet another romantic evenin g is ruined. Most couples seemed to enjoy hem- selves at the mixer. Dancing to their favorite song are sophomores Abby Starr and Todd Romashko. Although it is raining outside, there are many shining faces indoors. Not pleased with the music from the D.J. is freshman Chuck Man who decided he would bring his own tunes from home. Acting like freshmen are sophomores Amy Fullett, Julie Nelsen, Dawn Jacobs, Gwen Singer, and Karin Orsic. Obviously being surrounded by so many freshmen had these girls confused as to what year they really were. 112 Happenings Sophomore Danny Gold finds the Freshman-Sophomore Mixer to be a great place to pick-up girls. Many new acquaintances as well as old friends could be found at the mixer. UNDERCLASS MIX IT UP The mixing of people took place at the annual Freshman and Sophomore Mixer. This event was held on September 27 in the Niles West Cafeteria and Courtyard. The mixer was sponsored by the Sophomore Class Cabinet, with more than 400 underclassmen attending. It was a good way to meet more people and have some fun. Sophomore Wendy Martin explained, " I met some new people and had a great time doing it.” Music by disc jockey Don Davis played throughout the night. The energetic music ranged from 60 ' s to modern day new wave. Refreshments, including brownies, punch, and every kind of cookie imaginable, were laid out for the students, giving them a break from all the dancing. Most of the students showed up in casual clothes, but some did get punked out. A few of the Sophomores brightened up the evening by wearing togas. Sophomore Dawn Ja cobs commented, " More Sophomores should have dressed up in toga. " All this excitement helped to make the night a success. Getting into the spirit of the dance by wearing togas are sophomores Jason Litwin and Chris Bradbury. This year, many underclassmen li¬ vened up the mixer by wearing togas and other strange forms of dress. Happenings 113 STRIKE GIVES STUDENTS " MINI VACATION " While Niles West students were only in their third week of school, it was announced that there would be a strike. The strike began on September 30 and continued until October 9. Although teachers picketed throughout the eight days, students used this time as a " mini-vacation " to sleep, go out, spend time with friends, or catch up on their favorite soap operas. Freshmen returned to school for half a day on October 8, and were to continue going to school this way. But that night, problems were resolved and school resumed on October 9. The first day back was a bit chaotic. Classes started two hours late and many students didn’t even show up because they were not aware that the strike had ended. But soon, school was " back to normal " and students realized that their " mini-vacations " were over and it was back to work once again. Estelle Nikolakakis ’89 Discussing the recent strike proposal with Dean Kupferberg is math teacher Stan Jones. Mr. Jones played a large part in speeding up the negotiation process Math teacher Carl Geis entertains other striking teachers with lively conversation. Mr. Geis was a regular on the early morning picket line along with several other teachers. 114 Happenings A patrol car from the Skokie Police station stops by Niles West to check up on the striking teachers. It is the job of the police to make sure that there are no disturbances outside of the school. Teacher Union President John Herbst expresses ’Don’t treat us like dogs!” is the slogan so effectively portrayed in his opinions to a reporter from CBS news. Chan- the picket line. The teachers had many ways to pass the time in the nel 2 was just one of the many local stations that picket line, covered the District 219 strike Happenings 115 Students and parents were free to talk with representa¬ tives of various schools. Brochures were also available to help them make their choice. Explaining recruiting information to some concernered parents is the Illinois Air Force repre¬ sentative. Students were not the only ones who attended College Night and collected pam¬ phlets. 116 Happenings College Night is open to anyone interested. As shown by the impressive turnout, students from many schools took advantage of the chance to get more information about various colleges. ACADEMIC PURSUIT On Tuesday, October I, over 200 coleges and universities were repre¬ sented at college night. Juniors and seniors who were college-bound were able to walk around to the different booths displayed throughout the cafeteria, gymnasium, and first and second floors. Larger universities occupied classrooms and held question-and-answer sessions. Students received pamphlets and brochures from various schools. College night, sponsored by the guidance center, seemed to be an infor¬ mative and worthwhile experience for many Niles Township students. Junior Chris Olsen explained, " It helped me decide which colleges would be good for me. " This seemed to be the case mainly for students who knew what career they wanted to pursue. However, for people who were undecided, such as senior Nissin Behar, college night was not as reward¬ ing. Behar stated ' I thought it was a little disorganized. There wasn ' t enough time to ask enough questions. " Many other students who walked into the gym and were overwhelmed by the numerous colleges cramped together shared this view. Dr. Cocking, who was involved in the preparation of college night, ob¬ served, " It went very well. The attendance was as good as in the past and there were fewer cancellations from universities then for the past two to three years. " In reference to the number of colleges undecided students had to contend with, he replied, " It’s a shopping experience. " In the future, Dr. Cocking felt that it would be a good idea to have a preparatory class for college night. These sessions would give advice to students about what kinds of questions to ask and which colleges they might look at if they know what field they will be entering. Meanwhile, college bound students can go to their counselors for answers to these and other questions. Junior Sue Chang answers some questions for Michigan State University. At College Night students were instructed to fill out questionaires if they desired further information about the school. Although hundreds of schools are represented at College Night, other options are also made available to the students. The Coast Guard, along with other branches of the military, made a special landing on the front lawn of the school. Happenings 117 " TO GA, TO GA " " TO-GA, TO GA!” This chant was the perfect one to kick off the fourth day of ”Niles West presents . . . A Silver Screen Anniversa¬ ry” The " Animal House” day theme found students dressed in togas and college sweats. The halls were filled with Flintstones’ sheets and sweatpants with Harvard printed across the back end. Some students wanted to go as far as starting a food fight in the cafeteria to follow the example of " Animal House,” but security assured them that B.A.C. didn’t quite fit into the theme. " Animal House” day brought out a little bit of wildness in all who participated, but it didn’t make a difference because " it was all Greek to them” " Toga day presented West students with a whole new world of fun, " concluded junior Dale Sherman. A firm believer in the ancient Greek art of architecture, junior Gary Nudelman puts a lot of thought into his technical drawing class. Dress-up days help make Homecoming more than just another football game. Here, seniors Jenni Holt and Jon Lisco get into the Greek spirit of toga day. 118 Toga Day Always the orator, junior James Van Osdol stresses his point as he makes himself comfortable in the cafeteria. Toga clad students could be found throughout the school, from the music wing to the science labs. Freshmen can have spirit, too, as shown by Mindy Grossberg, Students in togas could be found among all grade levels. While entertaining his friends, senior Eric Nutting shows The hallways are filled with togas as shown by senior off his original toga. Many students participated in this Melinda Ring. Toga day was just one of the five event by wearing togas in a variety of styles and colors. dress-up days that celebrated Homecoming. Toga Day 119 ASSEMBLY RUNS SMOOTHLY The indoor pep assembly was scheduled to get under way at 7:45 A.M. on October 23, but some energetic people began to show spirit even before this early hour. These student started handing out 3-D glasses in the parking lot and hallways to get the student body into the " Silver Screen Anni¬ versary " mood. With Jon Lisco as the master of ceremo¬ nies, the assembly began. It featured the annual spirit panel contest with Sophomore Cabinet winning first place. To keep the spirit flowing, the varsity cheerleaders performed their Homecoming routine, which was followed by the eagerly antici¬ pated announcement of the 1985 Home¬ coming Court. Members were: Julie DiMo- dica, Jenni Holt, Carrie Kaplan, Stephanie Leader, Heather Ross, Aneshia Winter, Joe Barber, Joe Lochner, Gary Paustian, Mark Poolos, and Mike Reinhardt. Next, the sen¬ ior members of the Pom Pon Squad per¬ formed their award winning kick line. Addressing the school during the Indoor Pep Assem- Senior pom pon girl Lisa Krull performs the Homecoming routine with perfection. This routine bly is Varsity Soccer Coach Joe Brennan and Varsity added a touch of excitement to the pep assembly. Football Coach Bill Richardson psyched up the crowd for a winning Homecoming game. 120 Indoor Pep Assembly A standard event in every pep assembly is a speech by the school mascot. Giving a pep talk, Indian Judy Asher leads the students in a cheering contest. Gathering in a huddle, the varsity football team shows their unity and desire to win the Homecoming game. To the team, a winning spirit is as important as a winning game. Senior Paul Bouboutsis and Steve Ivezic pass out 3-D glasses before the morning pep-assembly. The participation of the students in the stands helped make the assembly a success. Indoor Pep Assembly 121 Sophomore Angela Hanga gets into the Homecoming spirit as she hopes for yet another Indian victory. Many students showed their spirit by dressing in red and white and wearing face paint. Master of Ceremonies James VanOsdol rouses up the crowd with an enter¬ taining evening program. The Twi-Light Pep Rally helped to psyche up stu¬ dents for the next day ' s game. Using flashlights to experiment with a totally new concept in night-time routines is the Pom Pon squad. As usual the squad was one of the highlights of the pep rally. Last year’s Homecoming King Mike Lochner passes the crown down to his brother, this year’s Homecoming King Joey Lochner. The crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen is a major event at the Twi-Light Pep Rally. Q2 Happenings SPIRIT UNDER THE STARS " It was outstanding, it was marvelous, it was the most fun event I ever participated in, " stated sophomore Bryan Mittelman. Junior Adam Mizock added, " The Twilight Pep Assembly showed there’s some spirit at Niles West. " The night’s events included a spectacular and brilliant show performed by the pom pon squad, followed by what everybody had been waiting for ... the coronation of the home¬ coming king and queen. Sir King, Joe Lochner and her highness, Queen Julie DiModica, were the reigning king and queen of the year for the kingdom of Niles West. " I really appreciated the delightful music along with the rest of the events, " stated senior Paula Krone. The music was provided by Dave Allen at the keyboards and senior Adam Turetzky at the guitar along with the Marching band. The gala event lasted from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Following the rally, a twilight pep dance was held. The burning of an effigy symbolizes the downfall of an enemy. This effigy proved to be a source of strength for the Indian Homecoming victory. Practice makes perfect! The varsity cheerleaders are all smiles as they successfully complete their routine. Happenings Q3 SENIORS SUPPLY SERVICES On Thursday December 20, mem¬ bers of the senior class cabinet vis¬ ited the Jane Adams Hull House in Chicago for the annual Christmas par¬ ty. The purpose of the party is to give less fortunate children the opportuni¬ ty to have the best possible Christ¬ mas they can have. Also, the seniors have a chance to share in the real spirit of the holidays. The seniors this year went all out and put a lot of money into a most worthy cause. They bought a lot of presents for the children and worked hard to plan fun games that they would enjoy. Jon Lisco told the Christmas story and Jordan Cramer came in all the way from the North Pole to play Santa Claus and distrib¬ ute presents. Sherri Owens, the sen¬ ior cabinet’s new advisor, was very impressed with the party. " It was a terrific experience seeing our seniors getting involved with people less for¬ tunate than themselves. It is the only activity of its kind and I think the seniors will always remember it,” commented Owens. Another activity the senior class cabinet participated in was helping to coach the Malloy basketball team. The Malloy Center is a special school for mentally handicapped children. Going for the basket, two Malloy students. Jason and Jimmy, participate in a practice game. The students put as much effort into practices as they do games. Nametags were given to the students at the Hull House to provide a ’personal touch,” The Christmas party was beneficial to Niles West and Hull House students alike. 124 Volunteering Services A good defense is a strategic part of every basketball game. Seniors Jenni Holt and Jordan Cramer help the Malloy kids to understand this tactic. The children of the Jane Adams Hull House feel more comfortable when spoken to in their native language of Spanish. Senior Jon Lisco entertains the kids with a rousing game of " Simon dice” or " Simon says.” Giving one of the Malloy team members a pep talk is Cynthia Papoutsakis. Moral support is as important to the team as learning their basketball skills. One of the games prepared for the children of the day care center was " pin the nose on the clown. " Seniors Jamie Boton, Garrett Fienberg. and Katie Argetsinger assist the children in this game. Volunteering Services 125 Putting the finishing touches on the Midnight Riders’ Senior Judy Asher accompanies the Marching Band and Pom Pon girls along the parade route Homecoming float is senior Cathy Tameraz. The Midnight down Oakton. Niles West is definitely the only school with a roller skating Indian. Riders put a lot of time into various projects which made Homecoming a terrific experience. PARADE - A CROWD PLEASER Full of glitter and excitement, the Homecoming parade was an unquestionable success. A new route, going through more neighborhoods, meant that more people were able to watch the parade. The parade started at Niles West on Saturday, October 26 at 10:30, and made its way through Morton Grove, Skokie, and Lincolnwood, ending back at Niles West in time for the big game against the Warriors. At the head of the parade were the Homecoming King and Queen, Joe Lochner and Julie Di Modica, in a Cadillac convertible. The parade’s numerous floats included ones by the junior and senior cabi¬ nets, cheerleaders, pom-pons, swim team, basketball team, and the orchestra, which rated as the best float. The parade was organized by James VanOsdol and Dale Sher¬ man, president and vice-president of Junior Cabinet. Said VanOsdol, " It was a lot of hard work but it all paid off in the end, as everyone involved seemed to have a good time. " " The only thing that didn’t run smoothly about the parade, " com¬ mented Sherman, " was the local city traffic. " Just how much fun was had at the parade? Said junior Scott Mandl, " It was great fun participating in the parade, and it was great to see everyone having a good time. " Recalled junior Mike Phillips, " I had a better time than I ever thought I could have. " 126 Happenings Prepared for every situation, the Pom Pon squad brings along enough toilet paper for the entire parade. The squad gave up their traditional float on a fire engine in favor of a school bus. Representing Senior Cabinet is Garrett Fienberg and Lisa Sandlow. Their Float, like many others in the parade, showed that a great deal of time and effort were put into it. The beaming faces of seniors Zafreen Sirajullah and Albert Rhee show their pride in their float. The orchestra took first place in the float competition. ' ’We’re number one!” is the message that Student Union members express to nearby onlookers. None of Homecoming would have been possible without the help of many dedicated members of this organization. Happenings 127 During the half-time show, Principal Donald Ring addresses the Homecom¬ ing crowd. Dr. Ring received the honor of presenting the Homecoming Queen, Julie DiModica with the traditional game ball. Senior Rick Maybrun completes another successful play as he hands off the ball. Rick was just one of the devoted players who contributed to the winning of the Homecoming Game. Gathered in a huddle, the Varsity Football team plans their next course of action. This was the Escorting the Homecoming Queen, Julie DiModica first Homecoming victory in five years for Niles West, down the field is Homecoming King Joe Lochner. The happy couple was all smiles as they watched the Indi¬ ans’ victory. 128 Happenings Senior Lee Gramatis prepares for the upcoming game. The players were extremely nervous as they hoped for a Niles West victory. INDIANS " WHOMP” WARRIORS After many hours of preparation and anticipa¬ tion, the big event had arrived. The Indian football team eagerly awaited the start of the Homecoming game against the Maine West Warriors. On Saturday October 26, at 2:00 p.m., with the temperature a balmy 70°, the Indians began the game. The Warriors did not know what hit them as the Indians dominated the game with 191 yards total offense. Maine West was allowed only 50 yards. Senior quarterback Rick Maybrun led the Indi¬ ans to a 19-0 lead. The Indians scored in the second quarter and a one yard touchdown run and Sung Lim put up the extra point to give the team a 13-0 lead. Senior Jeff Lowell’s three-yard run accounted for the game’s first touchdown in the second quarter. During halftime the homecoming festivities continued. The 1985 Homecoming King, Joe Lochner, Queen, Julie DiModica, and court members Mike Reinhardt, Gary Paustian, Mark Poolos, Doug St. Marie. Joe Barber, Heather Ross, Stephanie Leader, Aneshia Win¬ ter, Carrie Kaplan and Jenni Holt were intro- With only four minutes left in the game, the Indians show the Maine West Warriors who is number one. The Indians had a substantial lead on the Warriors throughout the game. duced. Also, June Wang from the Republic of China was honored. Queen Julie Di Modica was presented a souvenir football by Principal Dr. Ring. Also included during halftime activities was a colorful performance by the band and pom¬ pon girls. As the final seconds winded down, the Varsity Cheerleaders gave the crowd some added spirit. Maybrun not only scored the first touchdown of the second half, but he helped out on the third score by tossing a 36-yard touchdown pass to Mark Poulakidas. The third touchdown was set up by senior Gary Paustian’s interception. Paustian and ju¬ nior J.J. McCulloh, who was credited with two solo and 10 assisted tackles, were defensive players of the game, according to Head Coach Bill Richardson. The offensive co-player of the week was sen¬ ior Lee Gramatis, who caught four passes for 43 yards. Rushing was paced by junior Paul Kasprak, who carried six times for 33 yards. Maybrun ended up completing seven of 15 passes for 102 yards and one touchdown. Joining Gramatis as offensive player of the week was senior guard Kurt Kiernicke. Finishing the season with consecutive victo¬ ries over Waukegan East and Main West, the team concluded the 1985 season with a 3-6 overall record, 2-3 in the CSL conference. Happenings 129 It was 8:00 P.M., Saturday, October 26, and the stage was set for the Homecoming Dance. The theme was " Stardust Memories " and Student Union had it played to the hilt. The gym was elaborately decorated as a gal¬ axy, with each of the 200-plus couples having their own star. A large parachute was sus¬ pended from the ceiling, which, in combina¬ tion with the band’s lights, helped to create an unearthly atmosphere on the faster num¬ bers and a very romantic setting on the slow songs. The band that provided the music and special effects was " Encore, " a group that was no stranger to West functions, having performed at previous dances. Knowing how the Indians like to party, " Encore " got the crowd moving with hot dance tunes " Oh, Sheila, " " 1999 " and " Sussudio. " To many in attendance, though, it was slow dancing to songs like " Cherish, " " Joanna " and " Who’s Holdin’ Donna Now? " that they’ll remember most. There was an aura about those in attendance that this would not be a night they would soon forget. In the words of junior James VanOsdol, " Maybe that stuff about these be¬ ing the best years of your life isn ' t such a lie after all. " Seniors Nicholette Romashko and Jordan Cramer share After a hard week at school. Juniors Dita Jusufi and Vince Butera relax on the dance floor. The a dance. They, like many other couples, thoroughly gym floor was crowded with energetic couples just like this one. enjoyed themselves and made Homecoming a success. 130 Happenings Waiting patiently for a glass of punch, junior Sam Volchenboum takes time out from the next dance. Several varieties of hors d’oeuvres and punch were served throughout the dance. Seniors Mike Grzywa and Dayna Lieberman share an Dancing the night away are seniors Melinda Ring and George Kot- intimate slow dance. The band. Encore, played a well siopoulos. Homecoming ’85 was the last opportunity for many sen- mixed variety of up-beat and slow tunes. iors to share the homecoming experience. Happenings 131 Open House is a good time for parents to meet their children ' s teachers. Offering his help to one of these bewildered parents is English teacher James Sweeney. Beginning with a lecture, social studies teacher Chuck Anderson treats parents like his stu¬ dents. Open House gives the parents a chance to ask questions and learn more about their children’s school life. - - rs Set up in the cafeteria is AFS representative Theresa Sloma. Theresa helped keep the parents occupied with a presentation of her AFS trip to Germany last summer. Many teams and clubs set up tables in the cafeteria to inform the parents of the many Niles West extra-curricular activities. Here some parents enjoy the refresh¬ ments while checking out the football display. 132 Open House Full of smiles, varsity cheerleaders Debbie Schwartz and Carrie Kaplan offer their assistants as tour guides to lost parents. PARENTS HIT THE BOOKS ONCE AGAIN On the evening of October 23, major confusion filled the halls of Niles West. The parents of Niles West students got a chance to experience a piece of their child’s day-to-day school life. Running through halls, ending up in the wrong place, and being late to class on top of it, were just a few things the parents encountered. They were just like incoming freshman coming to a new school. However, with the help of the cheerleaders, the parents came out smiling, knowing they were headed in the right direction. Many activities went on in the cafeteria that evening. Parents were able to meet with athletic teams and the different organizations, such as the Student Union, AFS, and the class cabinets. They were also able to listen to the orchestra perform. A fun and informative evening was had by all. Open House 133 Halloween turned out to be a day of creativity and surprise. Participating in the fun are seniors Carrie Kaplan as a playboy bunny, Lisa Sandlow as a doctor, Laurie Adams as static cling, and Jackie Rozencwajg as a baby. No, it is not Madonna, but it is close. Pictured is senior Jon Lisco in his extraordinarily accurate disguise. fm Senior Bob Gutierrez Wares in dis¬ may as he is immitated by senior Scott Kravetz. In this case, a cos¬ tume is not necessary since the pose tells it all. Grabbing a banana before his next class is the Niles West gorilla. Some costumes on Halloween proved to be extremely original and outragous. 13 4 Halloween An unidentified monster gets into the Halloween spirit. Students from all grade levels participated in this mysterious and magical day. SCARY SITUATION It was the night of the Black Sabbath. Witches and warlocks gathered around the cauldron and chanted in an unearthly manner. People in the village knew this was the day to hide their young. Witches would sacri¬ fice children from the villages to show their loyalty to their lord, Satan. It was day for the undead to celebrate their day of freedom from their natural dormant state. It was Halloween. Although Halloween is not celebrated with sacrifices anymore, it is celebrated among the living in various other ways. Parents usually dress up their children in costumes and take them begging for candy, " trick’ or treating. " This is an old custom, orignating from those days when the spirits of the underworld would come for children and parents would give them candy in¬ stead, so they wouldn’t take the offspring. Teenagers, especially at Niles West, celebrate in their own festive ways. Egg throws and shaving cream fights are popular during evening hours. " I love to chase the kids around when they come to my house. I put on my gorilla mask and toss eggs at them, " stated David Bloom. Cheerleading is not as easy as it looks as seniors Mark Poulakidas and David Weinberg find out. They also notice that the cheer- leading skirts do very little to keep their knees warm. Halloween 135 POW WOW 1985. A " CELEBRATION! " " Celebration,” the rock musical which depicted an orphan and his struggle to obtain the remnants of an orphanage in which he once lived, marked the theme for Pow Wow ' 85. Held on October 31 and November I and 2, the musical was based on a script written by playwright Tom Jones and its music was adopted from the works of composer Harvey Schmidt. The story’s plot focused upon an orphan, played by sophomore John Barba, and his promise to an old man, Mr. Rich, portrayed by sophomore Arthur Tiersky. The orphan promised to make Mr. Rich feel young again in return for the restoration of his lost home. In pursuit of this goal, the orphan received the aid of Potemkin, played by senior Paul Bouboutsis, and an angel, portrayed by sophomore Michelle Dayan. The mood of the story was further enhanced by the presence of a chorus dressed in masks and headdresses. Through the combined efforts of actors, crew and chorus members, the show ' s run proved a success. As senior Andy Mills, the musical’s technical director and set designer commended, " Celebration was not only more successful than originally thought, but also an experience that will long linger in the minds of those who participated.” Capturing the moment. Michelle Dayan sings to a packed house. Celebration drew large crowds during its three night run. 136 Celebration As cast members John Barba and Michelle Dayan take a break in the wings, the show continues on stage. Performing on stage can be very tiring work. Potemkin, portrayed by senior Paul Bouboutsis, puts a reassuring arm around Orphan played by sophomore John Barba. Celebration, the student run production, was a huge success. Revellers Abby Ivner, Christing Feldman, Jill Zabo. and Roddy Lowenthal entertain the audience with a musical selection. Full of anger and rage, sophomore Arthur Tiersky portrays Mr. Rich with unbelievable emotion. In the play, Mr. Rich is promised his youth in exchange for restoration of an orphanage. Smiling a silly grin, Potemkin, played by senior Paul Bouboutsis delivers his lines with perfection. Celebration 137 WAKE UP!! Problem: You have a chemistry examination and an English term paper due tomorrow. Solution: pull an all night’er and sleep the next day while attend¬ ing school. Where are the best " snooz-spots " in Niles West? According to Junior Dale Sher¬ man, " By far the most comfort¬ able place to snooz in Niles West is with the cats in the Oakton Lobby. " Sophomore Greg Rudin shouted, " I sleep in the E.R.C. every day! " Senior Mike Cristante stated, " I crash out on the lounges in the Library. " Freshman Bob Faskos, a transfer student from Wyoming com¬ mented, " The best place to sleep is over there, yonder. " He said this while pointing to his home¬ room. " I zonk out every day in Mr. Dessing’s chemistry class, " smirked Junior J.J. McCulloh. Not able to wait for the closest chair, junior Todd Suckerman crashes on the comfortable carpeting in the band wing. After a long, hard night of studying, students will do anything to catch a few winks. Finding class to be too much to take, junior Jill Hedrich closes her eyes for just a second. Falling asleep in class is not an uncommon problem at Niles West. 138 Sleepers The nurse s office is a great place for a quick nap. Senior Having no homework to keep her occupied, senior llene Kreitzman catches a few extra winks Steve Feingold finds an exuse to get out of class and rest of sleep. Study hall is used as a quiet rest area, rather than a study area, for many students, for awhile. metimes long boringre e .sleep. Senior Shane YouW nb 6iass but his efforts fa After finishing some serious studying, senior Garrett Feinberg takes time out to relax. The English Recource Center is a popular place for students during their free time. Sleepers 139 Many of the judges put the pies under careful scrutiny before tasting them. Here, a judge gets a closer look at a pie so he can judge its appearance. CHEFS COMPETE Wednesday, February 19 was the day and the student cafeteria was the place for the eleventh annual cherry pie contest. In the first phase of the contest, students from beginning foods classes and chefs courses completed baking cherry pies. Students from each class baked pies which were judged on appearance by in¬ structors from the Home Economics Depart¬ ment. The two best-looking pies were picked, and two winning chefs then combined their ex¬ pertise to participate in the contest. Finally, the cafeteria phase of the contest came. Pies were judges by a panel of teachers and administrators on the basis of technique, ap¬ pearance, and finally, taste. The winners were awarded with a plaque. Foods and chefs course instructor, Elizabeth Oldham, stated that the contest was a great way to introduce and pro¬ mote the foods classes to the students. The proud bakers of each pie line up next to their pies. Winning the Cherry Pie Contest is an honor for aspiring bakers. 140 Cherry Pie Contest •Ml School board members, faculty and administration serve as judges in the annual Cherry Pie Contest. This festive event is sponsored by the Home Economics Department. Cherry Pie Contest 141 Judges of the Cherry Pie Contest take copious notes for each pie. They consider appearance and texture as well as taste. Savoring every bite, counselor Mary Carr, a judge in the contest, must sample over seven pies. Autos teacher Glen Jurek looks over the entries before taking notes. It is a tough decision since all the pies look so delicious. A SALUTE TO WALT DISNEY There was an element of magic felt in the air, as over three thousand elementary and pre-school children sat waiting in the auditorium for the curtain to rise and the show to begin. Childrens Theatre had a new twist to it. Instead of being a scripted play, it was composed of a medly of songs, paying a tribute to Walt Disney. The show was directed by Cynthia Phobin. Assistant to the director was Junior Abby Ivner. Technical Director was alum¬ ni Lee Goldberg. Assistant to the Technical Director was Andv Mills. Choreographer was Gretchen Glader. Assistant to Gretchen Glader was Andrea Field. Vocal Director was Sheri Owens, and her assistant was Millisa Rubens. Their was a talented cast of characters ranging from fresh¬ man to seniors. Peter Pan was played by Freshman Leila Stein. Pinocchio was played by Sophomore John Barba. Mary Pop- pins was played by Junior Rebecca Kolber, and Burt was played by Sophomore Matt Winer. Portraying Snow White was Senior Liz Kelley. Cinderella was played by Senior Lisa Ferrin, and her Fairy Godmother was played by Heather Doo¬ little. All in all, Children ' s Theater was once again a success. Doomed to a life of Windex and Spic-n-Span is senior Lisa Ferrin. Lisa portrayed Cinderella in the Children’s Theater production. 142 Children’s Theatre Desperately searching for the seven dwarfs, Snow White, played by senior Liz Kelly, dreams of finding her prince charming. Jiminy Cricket, played by sophomore John Barba, teaches Pinnochio, played by senior Marc Cooper how to use his wooden limbs. Getting down and dirty is sophomore Matt Winer. Matt portrays Bert who sweeps chimneys for Mary Poppins. Singing ' Westward Home.’’ sophomore Matt Winer, senior Marc Coo per. and sophomore John Barba dream of a new frontier. Children s Theatre 143 Resource centers are good locations to seek assistance from a teacher, or just to study for finals. Their quiet, comfortable atmosphere make them very conducive to learning. FIERCE FINALS Though many teachers saw them as an efficient means of measuring acquired knowledge during a semester of a given course, many students saw final exams as a rather tedious chore. For example, junior Craig Keer said that he found them " ... mentally and physically draining - all I could do was watch cartoons afterward. " Sophomore Missy Rabin thought they were " ... a real pain, " and freshman Mark Adriani thought they were " ... just such a hassle. " Some didn’t seem to care. Senior Lisa Sandlow thought finals were only " a minor inconvenience, " and Jamie Bo- ton, also a senior, found them " a joke. " Like them or not, all students had to take final exams in all of their credited courses. Junior Andy Rudin probably summed up the situation best when he said, " I knew I had to take them, so I simply studied hard and did the best I could. " 144 Finals During finals, students find time to study anywhere. Senior George Marks makes good use of his time in the Deans’ office to study for his upcoming finals. Often help from a teacher can greatly assist a stu¬ dent. Here. Ms. Van Dorpe points out some mistakes to a student so he will be sure not to make them again in the future. Knowing that her English final will be tough one, sophomore Caryn Shiftman asks James Sweeney for some helpful hints. Finals are a time of major stress for some students. Bustakers have found that the half hour before homeroom is a very good time to finish up undone homework or to do some last minute studying. Some students do this in the hallway, while others go to the Library or Annex. It is often easier for some people to study by themselves. This student has found a quiet table to review his homework before the final. Finals 145 Sophomore Allyson Brooks sings out to a mistress to buy her fresh milk. 146 Oliver Charlotte, played by freshman Katy Bom. and Noel Claypole. played by junior Dave Ivesic. jeer at Oliver. Adam Telengater. Senior Paul Bouboutsis, portraying the Artful Dodger, tells Oliver, 8th grader Adam Telengater, about the hardships of living on the streets of London. OLIVER AT WEST The stage was set at a London orphanage in the late eighteen fifties. Oliver was played by eighth grader Adam Telengater. This year’s show had a different twist to it. Junior high school stu¬ dents completed the chorus. Oliver combined a vast number of students pulling different aspects of Niles West together. Mem¬ bers of music, drama, athletics, cheerleading and all different social strata were involved. Director of the musical was Robert Johnson. Vocal director was Sheri Owens. The band was under the direction of William Koch. Behind the scenes, Cindy Philbin and Lee Goldberg were co- technical directors. The theater department hired Mark Schwartz, a professional lighting director. Some of the stars of the show were Senior Andy Mills as Fagan, Jon Lisco as Bil Sykes, Paul Boubutsis as the Artful Dodger. Junior Rebecca Kolber played the role of Nancy, and Bet was played by Sophmore Joy Grossberg. Mr. Bumble was played by Sophmore John Barba. Oliver 147 Sophomore Jenne Shedroff gives the rest of the crew their Oliver, played by Adam Tlengator fights freshman Chirsten Geller for his food. The cues. The stage crew is a very important part of the show. orphaned children were almost starved to death and made to work long hours in early London. " Food, Glorious Food!” sing the poor children. The children were brought up from the jr. high schools to perform in the play. 148 Oliver Comforting Oliver is senior Lisa Ferrin. Junior Jason Boehm contributes to the cheerful melodies of ’Oliver.” Oliver 149 Freshman Beth Lichtenstein leads the ’’Oliver Dancers” in a cheerful jig. The dancers spent long hours learning the choreography. Bill Sykes, played by senior Jon Lisco. ex- Nancy, junior Rebecca Kolber, and Bet, Joy Grossberg dance and sing along with Fagan’s kids. presses how cruel he can be in the song " My Name.” Fagan ' s kids kick up their heels and dance along to the song " Consider Yourself.” 150 Oliver Orchestra director Ted Kaitchuk strums along with the orchestra. This Sophmores Lisa Laskowski, Wendy Doyle and Arthur Tiersky find a wilted rose year’s musical’s orchestra was one of the largest in past years. lying on the streets of London. A flower can brighten someones day. The orphans gather around the dinner table. Food glorious food was one of the breathtaking scenes in Oliver. Oliver 151 Down in the dumps the orphaned children get in line to get served their grub. TOURNAMENT TIME Who says boys and girls can ' t compete on the sports field together? This year we had the annual N-club Volleyball tournament sponsered by " Doc” Katzman which featured both male and female athletes. The tournament, coined " The Tourna¬ ment of Champions,” by senior Mike Cristante was won by " The Batwingers” which included members John Han, Joe Lochner, Rick Mayburn, Dean Hagen, Dave Young, and Tom Merkle. Win¬ ning team captain commented after the victory that he felt his team really had no competition throughout the whole tournament. Ironicly, Tom’s teamate, Joe Lochner claimed that it was an ex¬ tremely competetive event. Dale Sherman said " It was a spectacle of Human Spirit never before wit¬ nessed in the Hallowed halls of Niles West.” Dale’s team the " mother’s nightmares” finished fourth. Sophomore Greg Rudin said " It was a great exper¬ ience destroying Gary Paustian’s team.” Attempting a set to senior Lee Gramatis is senior Craig Izenstark. Izenstark and his teammates were eager to win the competition. Sporting the Jim McMahon look, ' ’Weasel” Gary Paustian prepares to serve. Gary’s killer serves helped bring his team to the finals. 152 N-Club Volleyball Senior John Hahn readies himself to spike the ball. Volleyball greatly increased in popularity at Niles West. Junior Erik Bataller checks out the The volleyball tournament was sponsored by the N- competition in the Volleyball Tournament. Club. Keeping his eye on the ball, senior Mike Cristante anticipates his next shot. Although he was not a part of the winning team, he put forth a great deal of effort. N-Club Volleyball 153 CLASS OF 1990 VISITS On March 5, 1986, the annual Mini Open House was held for the incoming freshman class of 1990. The purpose of this evening was to introduce the different courses and activities that will be available to the students in the years that they attend Niles West. Counselors met with parents and students in different areas around the school. They discussed topics such as the new graduation requirements, the grade-weight sys¬ tem, and the basic freshman cirriculum. Teachers from each department had demonstrations and discussions about their individual subjects. Foods classes had tempt¬ ing samples made by students available to the incoming freshmen and their parents. The physical education de¬ partment held a series of games keeping a carnival-like atmosphere in the gymna sium. In the cafeteria members from various clubs and activities like Basketball, German Club, and Student Union were stationed to answer questions and sign up interested stu¬ dents. The Mini Open House proved to be a great way to show the class of 1990 and their parents some different aspects of Niles West. Proud of their many conference and state titles, the Niles West Wres¬ tling team displays the symbol of their victories. Don t worry, kid. we won’t hurt you,” Varsity football players juniors Curt Takiguchi. Paul kasprak. and J.J. McCulloh try to recruit new freshmen by showing game films. 154 Mini Open House " Go Big Red!” was the general theme of the Mini Open House evening. Parents from the Booster Club sold various Niles West memorabilia throughout the night. The West word wants you! Senior Rhonda Bergman tries to recruit new members for the student run newspaper. Various clubs and sports, such as the Varsity Soccer Team, had displays and presentations for the students throughout the evening. One of the main objectives of Mini Open House is to introduce eighth graders to the extra-curricular activities that Niles West offers. A representative of the golf team, senior John Spagaletti demonstrates the many skills he has learned while on the team. Mini Open House gave eighth graders the chance to meet some upper classmen. The singing and dancing talents of Expressions were also displayed at Mini Open House. The eighth graders appreciated the efforts of senior Carrie Kaplan and sophomore Joy Grossberg and friends. Mini Open House 155 OUR FAVORITE 156 Run For Liberty ’What a job!” Sophomores Benjamin Salkin and Julie Doehler proudly ex¬ claim to each other. Benjamin and Julie raised the most money of all Niles West students to be used to restore the Statue of Liberty. Proudly displaying the Lady Liberty portrait that Niles West received for its participation in the Run for Liberty are sophomores Benjamin Salkin and Julie Doehler. LADY During this past year, the restoration of the Statue of Liberty became a very important matter. Various types of fund raisers took place all over the United States hoping to raise enough money. Niles West also partici¬ pated in the fund raising by entering the Run For Liber¬ ty. An assembly was held in the auditorium explaining what the run was about. Students were given several days to receive pledges from sponsors who would be willing to help. A specific amount of sponsors could win you a Run For Liberty button or T-shirt. The run took place on October 28 and 29, and all students ran wheth¬ er they had sponsors or not. Many teachers ran too. ’’Inspirational” music was played while students ran (or should I say walked) around the track. Although the fund raiser was for a good cause, it was not very successful. Some money was collected, but not as much as they had expected. However, the money that was obtained will be very useful and will serve an important purpose, the restoration of the Statue of Liberty! Athletic Director Gerald Turry congratulates Judy Sloan, who directed the Run for Liberty, on the success of the event. The Run for Liberty could not have occurred without the help and support of the gym teachers. . - Andree Abelkis Joseph Achett Bettina Adam Deanna Alterburg Angelika Antonokos Andy Apostolou Senada Arabelovic Jonathan Arendt Lori Aronson Mike Bartholomew Marty Bach Eunice Baek Denise Barrios Mike Bacan Joseph Bass Lisa Baum Christi Benedetti Debbie Berman Pam Berndt Jimmy Bibizas Corey Borin Benjamin Boshes Janene Breit Johathan Breitzer Prank Brodsky Kathy Brophy Jason Burk John Burkel Bob Burns Neil Butler Boadjee Calara Kathy Campbell Antoinette Canneila Marcos Canneila Erwin Chan Doreen Chen Julie Christensen Conny Chronopoulos Christina Chung Cecilia Cheng Mary Ellyn Coates Dora Connell Suzanne Covington Chris Curtis Kevin Curtis Julie Daehler Sarkis Danavi Susanne Davis Maida Delasalas Gail Dennis Jessica Dickstein Donna Eriksson Garrett Peinberg Pernado Pen Laura Perrin Lisa Perrin Esther Pineberg Lisa Pischbach Joel Pogelson Angela Portuna Anita Pratini Pam Prey Eva Gazdowicz Jason Gelber Andriani Georgakopolo Alan Goldenstein Joy Grossberg James Han Becki Hansen Kevin Hansen Joseph Hansen David Hansen Doris Haromi Andreas Harris Michael Havdala Karla Hellestrae Tim Hieber Carrie Hintzke Susan Hoerrmann Robert Holton Antoinette Hong Sharon Horiuchi Gayle Hortelano Humberto Hortua Tina Hrajnoha Kristina Hugel David Ivezic Steve Ivezic Jaewoo Jeong Brad Jones Matt Karlesky Ccott Katz Lenny Katz Richard Keaton Kevin Keidaicch Christine Kim Jim King Ron Kiss Matthew Klapman Julie Kohl John Korolis Richard Krerwicz Charlotte Kukulski Andy La Liberty John Lally Nick Langis Cheryl Lanski Kirsten Larson Daniel Larver Dave Lee Gina Lee James Lee Susan E. Lee Susan N. Lee Dana Lloyd Kelli Lochner Jacqueline Longine Paul Lopez Mara Malenkoff Aaron Malina Jason Malkin Judy Mann Miriam Margolin Jane Martinez Owen Masterton Pat Matlak Kim Me Allister Elizabeth McCown Tom Merkel Angelo Michaels Dave Miller Diane Mimp Peter Miyama Bert Mohrdieck Jason Mueller Jim Muth Manuel Naanep Parveen Najiullah Naomi Nakahata George Nicolaou John Nock Bobby North Matthew Nowikowski Melissa Ohlson Carlene Olander Dena Owens Kevin Oztekin Melissa Pallson Eugene Papbocki Eleanor Parker Dominique Partipilo Madelene Partipilo Rajen Patel Peter Paul Jimmy Peroulas Laura Persky Dee Dee Pitsios Gail Pitts Nicole Price Margaret Pung Janet Rabin Calvin Ramseyer Maria Raucci Scott Redman Pritzie Repique Matt Reznik David Rhee Leo Rhee Tracy Riding Steve Rosen Christina Ross Dawn Rugendorf Mike Russo Chittukkal Sabapathy Benjamin Salkin Chris Samuel Greg Schott Paul Schramm Lia Schreier Ami Schwartz Jeff Seidman Dana Shapiro Jay Sheirok Michelle Siegel Kenneth Smith Sharon Smith Charles Snell Lynn Sonkin Joan Sosnowski Chris Sosnowski Soula Spyropoulos Tony Stegich Janet Stein David Steiner Scott Steiner Jenny Stellar Darryl Stern Elizabeth Stipisic Evelina Stipisic Sue Boscopomi Jennie Suess Jacob Swidler Alyssa Tadelman John Tellefsen Mircea Tipescu Georgia Tsoulos Jerry Turry Ai Utsunomiya Jennifer Valic Helen Vayzman Brian Vest Lisa Vick Angie Waggoner Lisa Warden Domca Weinberg Michele Weinberg Chris Wendel Donna Wezio Yoomee Whang Lilianna Williamson Julio Wiltgen Evan Winston Tom Wiodarczyk Stuart Witzel Darla Wright Paul Yaras Emily Yep Dave Young Brott Youstra Janey Yu Helen Yung GOING, GOING, GONGED AGAIN! Though many of the acts found themselves performing after very little prepara¬ tion, the second annual Niles West Gong Show still proved to be the talent showcase that all in attendance has expected. Acts ranged from the bizarre to the ridiculous. A vocal group pleased the crowd so much that they left the stage dodging dozens of thrown dimes. A trio of dancing aliens, a comical batch of nerds, and even a mime, who fortunately, was beat silly by members of his own act, highlighted the show. The winning act, ’’Scholastic Rockers” featuring seniors Jon Lisco, Garrett Feinberg and Ian Fa- loona, wowed the audience with riveting renditions of Saturday morning cartoon ditties from the past. Will the real Bruce Springsteen please stand up? The audience is confused as sophomore Arthur Tiersky does a touching rendition of " My Bar Mitzvah” to the tune of Springsteen’s " My Hometown.” The five-person panel of judges was comprised of Dr. Ring, principal. Dr. Stein, director of Language arts, Rita Stewart, director of student services, William Koch, band director, and Carl (Gong EmI) Geis, math wizard. The panel gonged many well-deserving acts and most of all agreed that they performed their job quite well. Few acts ran the Gong Show gauntlet and lived to tell the tale, but those who did had quite a tale to tell. In the words of Dale Sherman, a junior and surviving member of the act ’’Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mime-” ”lt was an experience like none I’ve ever had before or hope to again.” Obviously pleased with junior Mark Gussin’s guitar playing, M.C. James Puff shows his taste in music. Although he did not win, Mark was able to finish his performance before he was gonged. 158 Gong Show Hosting the Gong Show is a rough job, but somebody has to do it. Mr. Puff took on this difficult task for the second year in a row and pulled it off with style. " Nerds are people, too!” proclaims senior Dawn Mazzetta. De¬ spite some technical difficulties, this " Revenge of the Nerds” act was a big success. Who are these bubble headed aliens? Collecting third prize for their routine " I’m Praying to the Aliens” are seniors Andrea Poet, Karina Doyle, and Judy DeAcetis. The fans went crazy for the first place act, the " Schoolastic Rockers.” Seniors Garrett Fienberg. Jon Lisco. and Ian Faloona brought down the house and left the crowd ( 3 0n g $ how 159 screaming for more. 160 The Turnabout Dance, planned by Student Union, turned out to be one of the most memorable events of the year. Moving to the beat of their favorite tune are seniors George Kotsiopoulos and Steph¬ anie Leader. Freshmen Mindy Grossberg and Rob Mandell pause for a quick picture before dancing to the music of this year s band, the Yanks. Turnabout was a popular event among underclassmen as well as juniors and seniors. Not exactly the next Bruce Springsteen, but the music of the Yanks was good and easy to dance to. The students appreciated a live band instead of the standard D.J. that is always present at the bashes. Excited, but exhausted are freshmen Kevin Hansen and Julie Wiltgen. This year’s Turnabout was a magical trip through Candyland. " Is everybody having fun?” the lead singer from Yanks questions. The students answer with a resounding. “Yes ” CANDY- DANCE Turnabout, what is turnabout? It is exactly what it says, the reverse of the normal formal dance. The girls ask the guys and the guys turn them down or they don’t, depending on who has asked them. This Years turnabout was run by student union who have sponsered the majority of the activities this year. The theme was Willie Wonka: a trip through candyland, fea¬ turing the Yanks. The Yanks of course were the musical entertainment of the evening. According to some, they were a very enjoyable part of their candyland voy¬ age. Adam Zimmerman re¬ marked, " they did not play the top 40, they played stuff that, to me, went over very well. " Others were not so elated with the group. Senior Pam So- tiropoulos was one of them, " they’re weren ' t enough slow songs’’ was her brief critical remark. But as with all candies, things that are good don’t last too long. Eventually the Willie Wonka trip ended leaving many people with memories that they may never forget. N A " golden ticket” was this year’s pass into Turnabout. Here, freshmen Marina Grinshpun and Jimmy Bibizas wait to get into the dance. Admiring the dance decorations and centerpieces are junior Cecile Yoon and her date. Steve Alschuler. Many students thought that the candy dispersed throughout the dance was a nice touch. Turnabout 161 THE YEAR IN SPORTS W Sport Executing his professional baseball knowledge, this player scores and brings home another victory for the Indians. ' TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME” " Take me out to the ball game, Take me out to the crowd ... " Yes, these are the first two lines to the song we all know. However, for sophomore and freshman baseball players, these words mean little. For these dedicated ball players who practice hitting a curve outside in the forty- degree weather the only reason for playing the game, is the joy of playing. Head Coach Klebba summed it up by saying, " High School baseball is not a spectator sport. The players are there because they enjoy playing the game, not because of the glory and recognition they get. " Coach Klebba explained that one of their goals was to have fun and to win as many games as possible. Some of the boys that helped do the job were Craig Harris, Brian Israel, George Langis, and Paul Kim. On the J.V. and Varsity levels coached by Mr. Galla and Mr. Nelson the players used the skills that they had mas¬ tered during their previous years to win all their games. Some outstanding players were Seniors Joe Lockner, Rick Mayburn, Jeff Lowell and Tom Merkel. When these ball players grow up and have their grand¬ children on their knees, do you think they will tell them, " Son, I used to play ball in forty-degree weather for fun? " . You bet your peanuts and cracker jacks on it. Practicing is a major part of team work which leads to success, Senior Joe Lochner practices to improve his pitching. Boys Baseball Front row: B. Wada, P. Miscinski, R. Cooper, M. Poulakidas, B. Kave, J. Lowell. Middle row: E. Engels, D. Kaplan, S. Lim, K. Kiernicki, C. Niedermaier, C. Wildi, J. Altschul. Back row: Coach Galla, R. Maybrun, J. Lochner, T. Kassel, D. Young, T. Merkel, $. Lashever, J. Wills, M. Cristante, Coach Nelson. iPil ::::: ■ ' ••S5! i During practice, senior Steve Lashever, in the nor¬ mal crouching position for catchers, warms up the pitchers. Boys Baseball 167 Front row: K. Lester, D. Gold, J. Gassel, B. Guy, E. Evariista. Nock Second row: T. Kassel. J. Hahn, J. Altschul, S. Steiner, A. Sprogis, M. Hahn, T. Merkel Back row: J. Wills, J. Chadwick, G. Czernik, T. Kenn, R. Achaetel, J. Sheirok MEYER REBUILDING TEAM’S SKILLS For every head coach there exists a different game plan. This makes it difficult for the coach, players, and everyone else included with the program. When junior Greg Czernik was asked what he thought about this situation, he replied, " It is difficult to adjust to a new coach and a whole new system, but I think we did a good job becoming accostumed to Coach Meyer’s new offense. Even though our record may not show it, we worked extremely hard during practice and games, and have become a respected basketball team.” When Coach Meyer was asked what the school’s team lacked, he replied, ’’There needs to be more basketball played in the community before High School level. They are physically not a very tall team, so we have to concentrate on the skill level and give the team experience.” The basketball players on the Junior Varsity Team felt the same way. Junior Jeff Altschul said, ’’I’m very excited about the new season and the new coach. It is honor to play for Coach Meyer. I hope to be part of the rebuilding of the basketball team’s winning tradition at Niles West.” If past accomplishments by the Meyer family dictate the future, Niles West fans will have a lot to look forward to the next few years. 168 Boys Basketball While trying to beat top ranked Highland Park, senior John Hahn attempts a jumpshot. Blocked and no where to go, senior Tom Merkel searches for someone to pass the ball to. Tom ' s Highland Park op- penent puts pressure on him by keeping him closely guard¬ ed. Boys Basketball 169 Front row: R. Pintang, B. Kave, B. Israel, S. Schaffer Middle row: G. Kalovos, R. Patel, R. Fischoff, B. Burns, D. Agnos. R. Keller Back row= L. Mills, B. Buehling, L. Gubenko, D. Nole, D. Smolinsky, Coach Miner. LEARNING THE SYSTEM The freshman and sophomore basketball teams spent most of their first two seasons learning the Niles West " system”. Coaches Miner, Opels, and Doyle endlessly drilled the team, practicing until the play¬ ers automatically had the plays in their heads. The experience and leadership developed during the first two years pays off in the junior and senior seasons. " The practices were tiring but we all know that it is for the good of the team,” said freshman Max Schulman. The coaches tried to pound the thought of " playing for the team” into the players, and after two years the players learned that there is no " I” in the word team. This concept remains as one of the main guidelines of varsity sports. 170 Boys Basketball Looking for an open player is sophomore Brian Israel. Brian has been playing outstanding this season. Taking the advantage at the freethrow line is sophomore Brad Kave. This is Brad’s second year on the team. Back Row: Coach Oples. J. Ciemny. J. Lally. A. Lundsberg. D. Klemenz. Coach Doyle Middle row: O. Masterton, A. LaLiberty, S. Mollett, J. Bibizas. M. Bach, P. Schramm, R. Mandel Front row: M. Lyubansky, D. Johnson, A. Bok Back row: Coach Oples, D. Miller. E. Donde, G. Katsis. A. Marks, B. DeAcetis. J. Doyle Middle row: R. Duben, J. Vargas, R. Kis s, C. Ram- seyer, S. Moreth, J. Gelber Front row: P. Catchera, E. Schulman, A. Harris, M. Karlesky. Boys Basketball 171 INTENSITY KEY WORD " Intensity” was the word you heard echo from the huddle of the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. They played with an intense style. The team, with their hardwork and dedication, showed great talent throughout the season. Coach Earl led the team to many victories. The music they played inspired them at each practice and before every game, as they ran up and down the court. Although the workouts were tough, the team stuck together and made it through a season full of great memories. With the absence of Kathy Sokalski, the Indians strived to work harder and overcompensate for her loss. " It made us a stronger character team,” stated junior Diane Field. The Evanston Tournament proved to be a thrilling exper¬ ience. Despite the many absences, the team managed to pull together and take a third place. " The team was hard working and played well together. Even though the team is young, we get better at each prac¬ tice,” commented sophomore forward Linda Steiner. Out¬ standing players were Linda Steiner, Diane Field, and Helen Georgakopoulus. 01 ANs 14 01 A $ r 42 9 , 01 H 0 I ANs _ • I. 35 i 21 tyjflk 5 (M%0 1 _ ■ v n n 31 , : Front row: J. Israel. A. Georgakopoulos. J. Kreher Middle row: L. Yetter. R. Zarate. H. Georgakopou- los. D. Field Back row: Coach Earl, K. Kassel. L. Skiner. K. Sobczak, K. Sokalski. C. Wendel. L. Cadivad 172 Girls Basketball Junior Diane Field shoots in for two points while the Waukegan Raiders trail far behind the Indians. Kim Sobczak goes up for a layup following a fast break against Wauke gan East. Sobczak has been on the team for four years. Junior Jodi Israel fakes out her opponent and drives in Coach Gene Earl discusses his game plan to the Varsity Basketball team during a for a basket. Jodi’s future looks very promising. timeout. Girls Basketball 173 Front row: B. Danguilan, M. Connell. Middle row: D. Berman, V. Pontikas, C. Brown, A. Fuhs. C. Ridley M. Alday. Back Row: Coach Klebba, A. Heinz, $. Stergios, D. Pozdol, M. Shiffman YOUNG TEAM SHOWS POTENTIAL Although the girls J.V. team was still young, the players showed great potential. Vigorous practices after school included conditioning, lots of running, and fundamentals. Most of the basketball players agreed that the practices were tough, but the key to success meant hours of practice. The team was lead by Coach Klebba-, " Our coach was very fair in giving us all equal amount of playing time throughout the games,” commented sophomore guard Claudia Ridley.” I think our future looks very promis¬ ing.” Key players were Michelle Alday, Claudia Ridley, and Mindy Shiff¬ man. Freshman Heather McCulloh shoots in a basket against Deerfield. Another victory for the Indians. 174 Girls Basketball THUNDERING TO VICTORY Sitting quietly in the bleachers talking to some friends, popping a piece of gum, and generally minding ones own business. Suddenly, one hears a rumble, and a movement out of the corner of your eye catches your attention. It’s the Girl’s Basketball Team thundering onto the court, beginning their warm-ups, all psyched up for tonight’s game. This year’s team was highly organized and worked well together. Coach Klebba was enthusiastic about the team’s progress stating, " The girls practiced hard, played hard, and did a great job all around. The team looked forward to a winning season and strived to accomplish their goals. Front row: M. Sobiano, S. Lasker. K. Micel, M. Goodman. M. Goldish, G. Hortelanto. S. Jaskalka Middle row: S. Thompson. K. Lall. H. Kaden. S. Zarate. L. Clark, K. Lochner. K. Schroder. C. dander Back row; Coach Hansen. L. Warden. G. Tsoulos, B. Revelins, H. McCulloh, N. Strusiner. R. Jaffray Girls Basketball 175 m W GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY; ON THE ROAD AGAIN The twenty-three girls who participated in Cross Country had a sense of accomplish¬ ment, undefeated except for two forfeits. In the conference meet they tied for third which placed them fourth in the conference itself. Freshman Peggy Campbell, Debbie Pozdol. and Junior Kathy Campbell, were All-Conference. Captains Felicia Bakshy and Andrea Poet were outstanding leaders. While the teachers were on strike, both the girls and boys on the team organized the Indian Invite and hosted it all on their own. Two highlights were Peggy Camp¬ bell’s first place win in the freshman confer¬ ence meet and Debbie Pozdol’s fourth. " It was a super year.” replied Flead Coach Judi Sloan, " We had an abundance of young runners, the largest group since the team started. There will definitely be improvement next year. There are a lot of new runners plus this was a very good year. " Not only did the runners participate in meets, but they also observed the state meet in Peoria and went to Oglesby during the sum¬ mer. Their record in dual meets resulted in an 8:2 record! Sue Johnson, Melissa Connell, and Hye Ri Lee watch the races from the top of the stands like one big happy family. I 176 Girls Cross Country Senior Felicia Bakshy has the Demons surrounding her, but thats not a problem for the four year cross country runner. Coach Armour gets Sharon Smith’s time as she kicks into the chute for her best time. Girls Cross Country 177 Left to right: Coach Armour, A. Poet, M. Telengater, J. Tomczyk, H. Lee, M. Connell, K. Hugiel, G. Lee, C. Samuel, S. Johnson, P. Campbell, F. Bakshy, K. Campbell, E. Beekil, S. Smith, L. Vick, M. Pobel, A. Waggoner, D. Pozdol, G. Dennis, Coach Sloan. BOYS CROSS COUNTRY; STAYING IN STRIDE The Boys Varsity Cross Country Team had a fine season, finishing 9-4. The whole team worked hard, with an exceptional performance by senior Rocky Lee. Lee led the team for three straight years and ev en qualifyed for the state sectional. " We had a good year even though we had some bad races but usually we did well as a team. " stated Rocky Lee. The out¬ standing runners included senior Sean Samuel, Juniors Sung Lee, and Mark Kim. Sophomores turned out another fine season with a record of 9-3. They had a challenging season, but worked hard and accomplished many of their goals. The team was led by outstand¬ ing runner Steve Rosen. " We had a very successful season. We all worked hard and are looking forward to the next season " , sophomore Brian Mittleman commented. Varsity Coach Savage is getting ready to start the races in a few minutes. Senior Sean Samuel is using all his strength to overpower his opponets with a mile left to run. 178 Boys Cross Country Senior Rocky Lee leads the pack behind him to the finish line at the Glenbrook South meet. Sophomore Paul Lopez works on the track to improve his speed during his two mile race. Front: Mark Kim, Sean Samuel. Rocky Lee Back: Coach Campbell Steve Geller, Seung Lee, Steve Rosen, Coach Savage First Row Wally Sajdak, Tim Flieber, Frank Kim, and Joe Delfin. Second Row Eric Watson, Johnny Witzgall, Denny Hoelzel, Randy Feldman, and Ken Smith. Last Row Coach Ronald C. Campbell, Jon Arendt. Marty Bach, Steve Rosen. Bryan Mittelman, and Coach Patrick J. Savage. Not pictured: Steve Charney. Ritchie Cordero, Jaewoo Joeng. John Liu, Paul Lopez. Paul Newman. Eric Orsic, Ejaz Shamim. Jimmy Peroulas, Louis Roth. Thomas Wlodarozyk, Neta Zmora Boys Cross Country 179 Victory is ever so sweet! Teammates rejoice after the defeat of the Maine West Warriors during the homecoming game. HIT MEN! " Every game is the most important game of the season. We must prepare for each and every game . . . we can ' t let ourselves down after a loss. We have to hold our heads high and come back alive, " stated coach Richard¬ son during a hot, summertime practice be¬ fore their first game against Maine East. Niles West’s strong offense was headed by the likes of seniors Joe Barber, Doug St. Ma¬ rie, Jeff Lowell and Tom Merkel. The equally strong defense was spearheaded by Ray Gi- derof, Gary Paustian, Mike Kirchens, Chris Cordes and J.J. McColloh. In the Homecoming game, the Indians defeat¬ ed the Maine West Warriors by a score of 19- 6. This was the season’s final game, but not its final honor to the Indians. Named as " All- Conference " were Jeff Lowell, Doug St. Ma¬ rie, Ray Giderof, Rick Maybrun and J.J. McColloh. All in all, the season was looked upon as posi¬ tive. Senior Jeff Lowell stated that " Even if our record didn’t show it, we still had a pret¬ ty good season ... we had good talent and we were strong at the end ... we did the best we could considering the strike. " The Niles West Indians ended the season, then, with what was both a victory on the field and a personal victory for knowing they had done their best. Dodging his way to the oppositions end zone is Senior Lee Gramatis. 180 Varsity Football Discussing game plans. Senior Kurt Kier- nicki and Coach Spagnoli go over strate¬ gies for the second half the game. the kick off, the Indians make a twenty yard gain after intercepting the ball from the Maine West Warriors. 20,? 85 i ■ W i 17 sS5 t24- 79,. 8E 3 2 ' 12 « -»6 - 56 54 2S ' 80 _ «4t • +• ■ ' V- |i " fjsaa ' ’; Front Row: R. Cooper, J. Pankiw, M. Klapman, G. Nudelman, D. Bloom, J. Gurvis, G. Paustian, R. Giderof, M. Johnson. 2nd Row: C. Cordes, P. Yi, D. St. Marie, J. Barber, B. Gutierez, K. Kiernicki, J. Lowell. J. Cramer. M. Poulakidas, C. Brabec, J. Rizzo. 3rd Row: Coach Richardson. Coach Crusinski, Coach Schmidt, B. Guy, R. Mandell, J. Tuchten, E. Baretz, B.J. Miller, S. Lim, S. Lee, C. Takiguchi. Coach Delanardis, Coach Mossfield, Coach Murphy. 4th Row= ’’Doc” Katzman, Coach Bob, G. Korrub, B. Ramseyer, R. Maybrun. P. Kasprak, M. Kirchens, C. Riggio. S. Baran. L. Gramatis, D. Williamson, Coach Kasper, Coach Spagnoli, 5th Row: K. Kreiter, T. Kim, B. Stotland, T. Clark, J.J. McCulloh, T. Merkel, L. Wang. B. Buehling. 6th Row: J. Bass. T. Kassel, S. Lashever. R. Acheteal, C. Snell, E. Brabec, K. Bradbury. One of the major tasks of being a Quarter Back is looking for an open teammate to throw the ball to. as Senior Rick Maybrun shows here. Varsity Football ISI 10- 33 37 .63 -iii Front Row: P. Schaffer, K. Kleiner, M. Slima, W. Youhana, M. Cooper, C Harris, S. Poulos, D. Schmit, M. Bradford. Second Row: Coach Deleonar dis, A. Joffe, R. Failma, D. Pinsel, S. Pasovic, Coach Murphy, N. Odi shoo, L. Meyer, T. Corollos, P. Blancos, Coach Casper. Third Row: B Carstens, C. Atkinson, T. Romashko, N. Nafpliotis, G. Bains, R. Ficshoff J. Delemo, C. Bradberry. Back Row: S. Creshem, P. Athans, R. Sobzcak L. Gubenko. A. Tsagalis, D. Nole, J. Meyerovitz. 182 J.V. Sophomore Football J.V. TEAM GAINS EXPERIENCE Being a member of the Junior Varsity Football Team wasn’t easy for most players. Playing time was limited and the J.V. team played only four games. The reasons for this included a limited schedule to begin with and the obvious interruption of the strike. J.V. players were present at every practice and worked just as hard as the varsity players. However, they received only a small portion of the recognition. The Junior Varsity Team was under the direction of Coach Fred Crusunski. The team lost the four games they played. Most team members felt that not enough time was available for them to practice, leaving them unprepared for their games. Most players also agreed that their losses were due to their disorganized teams. The J.V. players realized, however, that they are the future Varsity Foot¬ ball Team. They are all very hopefull for a better record next year, but agree that some major changes must occur. Junior player B.J. Miller stated, " I would expect a drastic change between this year and next in the football pro¬ gram.” Sophomore Todd Mown The play having th sl tackle to make it third with th Indians m m %, m ' ' i« ss ■ 7 Taking a hand-off from the quarterback. Sweep-Right is one of the _ Y rtet Uie in itc rcon l Hwnt. As the quarterback comes to the line the defense attempts to prevent a gain. Practices are very important to perfect skills. many plays Niles West has in its arsenal Front row: E. Winston, H. Joon Kang, L. Mandel, J. Nafpliotis. Second row: A. Browder, R. Mandel, P. Cuacera, B. North, B. Mordike, M. Jesse, C. Jesse, H. Yoon, S. Morath, T. Stegich. Third row: Coach Erbie, J. Stuermer, A. La Liberty, P. Youstra, A. Costello, Coach Odlivak, R. Dubin. R. Luiz, G. Nikolao, R. Dziedzic, Coach Ramsery. Fourth row: R. Udoni. J. Cimony, J. Lee, J. Chung, D. Miller, C. Ramseyer, J. Bibicas, P. Lebbvitz. Back row: P. Sheram, J. Valignota, B. De Acedis, T. Klancik, A. Lunsberg, A. Marks, K. Johnson, C. Morton, P. Merkle Looking into the eyes of their opponents the offensive line is deter¬ mined to protect the quarterback. They have to be tough and strong. Freshman Football 183 Bottom row: N. Stratigakas, S. Benzanis, T. Joseph, E. Kreitzman, 2nd row: S. Theisen, J. Donsky, R. Friedman, A. Bezkorovainy, D. Cohen, B. Utanoff, 3rd row: Coach Hoeppner, M. Russo, M. Battaglia, B. Bugai, G. Olney, J. Spagoletti, Coach Galla. 184 Golf GOLFERS PUTT " PAR-FECT ft Hole in One. Birdie. Par. What do these three terms have in common? They all per¬ tain to the sport of golf. Golf calls for a lot of skill and coordination, as well as a steady arm and accurate judging distance. Several factors affected their season. The strike had a major effect as there was a poor turn-out from the sophomore class. They were also in the toughest conference in the state. Despite these circumstances, two seniors, David Cohen and John Spago- letti qualified for sectionals. The team played 12 tournaments and won three. When asked what he thought about the team’s season, Junior Tom Joseph replied, " We had the talent, but we just didn’t ap¬ ply it.” R. Friedman uses the correct position in order to hit the ball at the right angle. Golf 185 FLIPPING OVER TEAM ' S VICTORIES Concentrating on making their vault, mastering their flips and improving their form was all part of the girls gymnastics team. " They enjoyed coming to the gym and working out, " said Freshmen Coach Cami Axelson. " Com¬ ing to the gym and practicing was fun, not only because I like gymnastics, but because of the special freindships that I made, " stated freshmen Rachel Posner. Posner, along with freshmen, Laura Wagner and Peggy Campbell showed some outstanding talent and enthusiasm out of the ten girls on the team. " If we all stick together, next year should be very promising, " commented freshmen Shannon Crowley. Some of the outstanding members were seniors Lori Aronson, Ingrid Helgeson, Stephanie Leader and juniors Kathy Campbell and Lauri Margolin. Stated Head Coach Jodi Nebbia, " I ' m real excited about the talent on this year’s team. We will miss our four graduating seniors but our sophomores and juniors are ready to step in and fill the spots. " The team had a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. All their hard work paid off when they placed second in districts. Stated Stephanie Leader, " Of my four years on the team, this year was definitely the most fun. There was a feeling of real closeness among us. Our closeness and team spirit helped us to reach our final goal-to defeat Niles North in our Regional Meet! " Niles West has always been known for displaying talent. Sophomore Laura Oroni gracefully does a handspring on the vault. Tumbling for a ten. Junior Kathy Campbell tries her best. Kathy has been on the team for three years and qualified for sectionals this season. 186 Girls Gymnastics Front row: L. Margolin. P. Kerstein. L. Aronson, C. Lallas. L. Wagner Second row: J. Nelson. J. Weisman. K. McAllister. D. Connell. S. Reitman, L. Oroni. R. Posner, S. Crowley. S. Leader Third row: M. Kozlowski, P. Campbell, I. Helgson, M. Magnvedot- tir, A. Polek. C. Doroba. K. Campbell. R. Vertraete Back row: C. Axelson. M. Helgeson. Coach Nebbia Girls Gymnastics 187 GYMNASTS GET SWINGING " Gymnastics has always been a winning sport at Niles West. This year was no exception, " stated John Burkel, coach of Boys’ Varsity Gymnastics. This year they worked as a team whose goals were to win conference, qualify for sectionals, and have individuals qualify for state. Some of the outstanding team members included Tom Joseph, Dennis Maybrun, Bob Krebs, Marty Fenton, Scott Jackson, and Sung Kim. Bob Krebs stated, " I am involved in this sport because I feel gymnastics is unique and different than any other involves much talent and the Niles West team has what it takes to do the job. " The Sophomore gymnastics team, coached by Louis Torres, was physically strong and mentally tenacious. They set their individual and team goals and were excited about them. Stated coach Torres, " Sports are fun and challenging. I like to see young men who are tough enough physically and mentally to handle the challenges of the great sport of gymnastics. " Some of the better team members were Darrin Bairn, Anthony Irpino, Bob Levy, and Art Sanchez. 188 Boys Gymnastics On Horse: (Top Row Standing Up) S. Jackson. M. Fenton, D. Maybrun, B. Krebs, S. Estrada. Middle Row: (Sitting down) J. Borak, S. Husain, D. Baim, R. Patel, S. Kim. Bottom Row: (Lying down) A. Cohen, T. Joseph, G. Christofferson, E. Sanchez Top Row (L-R): H. Edelman, A. Browder, M. Colby, D. Pedraza. Middle Row (L-R): A. Sanchez, D. Colen, S. Ozied, K. Green, S. Moon, K. Kleiner, B. Levy, D. Baim, Coach Torres, D. Hoelzel, W. Isreal, N. Stratigakes. Bottom Row (L-R): D. Oroni, E. Paprocki, J. Biewer, M. Adams, H. Sanchez, J. McGuire Warming up on the rings, junior Andrew Cohen, practices his routine for the upcoming meet. As they, its not as hard as it looks is a lie. Senior Marty Fenton stated " You know you’ve done a routine the best you can when it looks easy, but its not.” Junior Timmy Joseph performs his routine with much concentration during a meet with Maine West. Boys Gymnastics 189 FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE KICKERS MASTER FUNDAMENTALS The Sophomore Soccer Team turned in an excellent season. They were aggressive and will¬ ing to learn, and " feared no op¬ ponent. " Most of all, they had fun. Practicing everyday after school the team greatly im¬ proved its skills. All the hard work paid off, as they ended their season undefeated in their conference. " The team progressed through¬ out the season and we played up to our ability, " said George Lan- gis. Jim Daehler added that the team worked well together on the field. Outstanding players were Alix Kogan, Ben Yashon, John Puljic and George Langis. The team was coached by Mr. Hart. The Freshmen A and B Soccer Teams including many boys who had never played soccer before. All of these players improved their game tremendously. By the end of the season, they started to work together as a team and not strive for individual accom¬ plishments. " The team worked hard and next year we are hoping to have a successful season, " comment¬ ed Greg Brudo and David Lee. Some hopefuls to look for in the coming years are Andres Limber and Ralph Anifiotis. The teams were coached by Mr. Zorn and Mr. Sweeny. The sophomore team shows spirit during their games in rain or shine. 190 Boys Soccer First row: A. Bok, D. Dougherty. D. Oroni. R. Seleman Second row: A. Abelkis, E. Fernadez. W. Choi. M. O’Brian. G. Kirsten. D. Bernerby. T. Chung Third row: Coach Sweeney. M. Bechar. G. Burdou. M. Lyubansky, G. Papadapolous, O. Masterton. A. Flarris, L. Kalamaris, J. Gianakakos. Coach Zorn Back row: A. Limber. S. Mollet, R. Anifiotis. K. Steele. D. Lee. K. Oztekin. U. Keegstra. J. Vargas. G. Douvikas. J. Rosenbaum. J. Valavanis First row: M. Aluarez. J. Issacson. K. Hainke. J. Puljic. R. Keller. G. Kolouis. M. Cooper Second row A. Gruzmarik. J. Hsu. H. Kim, E. Gillerman. T. Yi. G. Langers. J. Camilli. K. Lochner, C. Berent Third row: Coach Hart. J. Daeler. A. Harald. A. Tzotzis. A. Kogen. C. Gramatis. T. Yim Back row: S. Livaditis. B. Pergl. M. Tipeseu. O. Graf Boys Soccer 191 First row: D. Chang, B. Yoo, E. Engles, R. Wolak, M. Giterman, L. Rhee, Second row: S. Kim, J. Kim, L. Malin, A. Papadakis, N. Langis. R. Sunshine, B. Grodsky. Third row: T. Nickolou, D. Carver, J. Mueler, P. Stegios, C. Borin, Coach Kelbba. Back row: G. Lukic, D. Gilbert. D. Ivezic. 192 Boys Soccer First row: C. Markos, S. Kim, S. Yokana, A. Matan, T. Brunning, A. Rhee. Second row: A. Novakousky, M. Poulos, C. Keer, M. Servios, M. Reinhardt, K. Lee. Third row: Coach Hart, A. Makkokua. J. Kim, S. Steiner, J. Lochner, W. Ebling, Coach Brennan. Back row: T. Browder, S. Ivesic, J. Hahn, C. O’Brian. Senior John Hahan. the goalie, practices for the upcoming game which will b ' e very important. VARSITY AND J.V. KICKERS GIVE OPPONENTS " THE BOOT” The Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team had what senior co-captain Mike Reinhardt called " a season of ups and downs.” The team compiled an overall record of 8- 10 - 1 . Along with all the other fall sports teams the strike had a major effect on the soccer season. The team was able to make up the games lost but they had to play five conference games in four days. " For the most part of the regular season our schedule was filled with very tough games, " stated Reinhardt. In one week the team beat the number nine ranked team in the state Ne w Trier, by a score of 1-0, number 20 ranked Loyola, 5-2, and the number 24 ranked team Oak Park 3-1, at home. " Our victory over New Trier was our big¬ gest win as a team. It meant a lot to the seniors and Coach Brennan to beat them in their home field. " Many of the senior members on the team were part of the Freshmen A soccer team that went undefeated. Senior Joe Lochner warms up for the game. Lochner received an honorable mention in the state soccer competition. Boys Soccer 193 KICKING OFF THE SEASON Ability and speed is what a sport needs, along with team¬ work, and the Girls Varsity Soccer had it all. " We play to win, but we have fun when we play. It’s exciting to play in a sport that is rapidly increasing in popularity across America. Some of my best high school memories were made with other members of the team, " answered Jenni¬ fer Lund in response to the above. The kickers maintained the intensity and discipline needed to sustain their po¬ tent, short-passing game. " The team played with determi¬ nation and dedication, " one spectator said. The team maintained their competitiveness at the state level. Goal¬ ie Karina Doyle, and Defenders Peg Donath, Cynthia Pa- poutsakis, and Cathy Tamraz were outstanding team members. " The girls’ soccer team defies words, " re¬ sponded Doyle. " We play to have fun, and because of our high level of enthusiasm — combined with talent — we have been able to remain competitive with some of the best teams in the state. That’s what athletics are all about. " Coach Joe Brennan is happy that the team has come along so far, " from club to varsity. From local recog¬ nition to all conference, all state and all-american. Now we are on the verge of an official state tournament. Front row: K. Bychowski. G. Sotiropoulos, J. Nock, P. Sotiropoulos, K. Strusiner. Middle row: K. Doyle, C. Papodapoulos, L. Piper, K. Tamaraz, A. Santillan. Back row: A. Lividitis, Coach Brennan 194 Girls Soccer Varsity Seniors Georgia Sotiropoulos, Cathy Tamraz and Cynthia Papoutsakis practice on the sidelines. Their combined effort helped them win the game against Niles North. Varsity Soccer 195 Seniors Georgia Sotiropoulos and Cynthia Papoutsakis play a one on one. Looks like Cynthia has the advantage! Senior Cathy Tamraz perfects her soccer skills for the upcoming season. ■ mX m " If you have never seen ballet on grass, come see the Girl’s J.V. Soccer Team,” stated Coach Peter Zorn. The 20 member team worked diligently at perfecting their kicking, passing, blocking, and dribbling. When asked about their goals for the year, Coach Zorn replied, ”We shall maintain and FIELD BALLET improve our classical style of soccer and continue developing superior caliber players for the Varsity level.” The team’s efforts did not go unno¬ ticed. Some of the outstanding play¬ ers were Patty Mahrhettick, Carlina Hines, and Vicky Magira. Senior Georgia Sotiropoulos practices her cor¬ ner kicks. Being a star player is not easy. Front Row: J. Daeler. D.Jacobs. A. Wollenberg. A. Hanga, S. Rodreguez. Middle Row: K. Janesa. S. Gold. K. Elliott. A. Fullett. G. Tomasic, J. Wickell. Back Row: S. Pothesettel. J. Bellos. T. Feldman. R. Smith. M. Yaros. M. Tulen. L. Alexander. K. Yakobek. 196 Girls Soccer Practice makes perfect for senior Jenny Lund. She has been on soccer for four years. Front row: M. Popivic. L. Shapira. C. Miller. J. Katz. M. Grossberg. R. Cohen. V. Panoutsos. Middle row: J. Wiltgen. L. Vargas. M. Rasmesen. H. Yoo. D. Espinosa. S. Covington, A. Lee. Back ro w: Coach Hart Girls Soccer 197 198 HEADS UP IT ' S A HOME RUN! Front row: T. Gonzalez, A. Micinski. K. Cote, L. Steiner, D. Mimp. 2nd row: K. McAllister, D. Field, M. Janessa. Back row: Coach Sficas. D. Berman, J. Israel It’s a warm and sunny day and your friends are sitting in the shade, drinking a coke, and discussing the up coming week-end events. Suddenly, you hear a sharp crack and you hear the umpire yell, " Home run! " You look up just in time to see the ball flying over the head of the center fielder. You pick up your belongings and head for home. Another Niles West victory. If what you just read sounds familiar or if you lived through it every few days, then you were probably associ¬ ated with the Girl’s Softball Team. The team was made up of a group of girls who worked together like a family to secure a victory for West every time they went out on the field. Diane Mimp, senior softball player, states, " I like playing on the Niles West team because we are just that-a team, and not a group of individuals. Like one big family. " The softball coach, new addition Paula Sfickas, stated, " I want to teach the players the fun of athletic competition. The combined talent and enthusiasm make coaching soft- ball all worth while. " Softball Susan Bocapom keeps her eye on the ball while practicing the correct techniques for catching a softball during practice. 199 Softball TOGETHERNESS, DEDICATION, AND SPIRIT SET THE SEASON S RECORD Tough workouts combined with togetherness, dedication, and spirit helped the girls’ Swim Team through their long season. Though some meets and practices were missed because of the strike, the girls made it through the season with a record, and were able to place in the conference meet. No matter what the score, the team stuck together and was always full of spirit, thanks to senior captains Katie Argetsinger and Karina Doyle. " It was a good season overall with victories over Niles North, Waukegaun East, and Elk Grove, " stated Coach Don Larson. Doyle finished the season by placing 1st in conference and 6th in sectionals. Senior Diane Rubenstein finished 5th in conference and 12th in sectionals, thanks to the coaching of Jodi Nebia. Assistant Coach Cami Axelson also did a fine job keeping the junior varsity team together. " Though it is only my first year on the team, I ' m already looking forward to the next season, " stated Freshman Marny Pierini. Pierini, along with freshman Patty Tzortzis, competed at the varsity level and excelled in competition. Tzortzis placed 8th at the New Trier Freshman Invitational and 12th in conference. Other strong and promising swimmers were sophomore Wendy Martin who broke three school records and placed 4th in conference. " Next year looks promising because of the fact that so many of us are working out during the off season, " said sophomore Mary Theodore. Front: M. Manlikoff, First Row, P. Kerstein, Second Row, L. Oroni, Third Row, K. Doyle. S. Berger, D. Rubenstein. Fourth Row, M. Adler, Back Row, Coach Jodi Nebia. - 1 n Front Row: Arnie Malnekoff. Jodi Langfeld. Jeannie Kim, Nicki Theodore, Alicon Presley, Jenny Suess, Patricia Kerstein. Second Row. Laura Oroni, Diane Rubenstein, Andrea Wollenberg. Sheri Berger, Maria Popovic, Marny Pierini, Lisa Falleroni, Mary Theodore, Dayna Leeberman. Third Row, Coach Larson. Katie Argetsinger, Julie Remky, Pam Thill. Katie Swanson, Karina Doyle, Coach Axelson, Coach Nebia. Back Row, Kathy Brophy, Darla Wright. Wendy Martin. Sonya Tolksdorf, Mia Adler, Patty Tzortzis. Beata Saletnik. After winning the 100 yard backstroke race, sopho¬ more Wendy Martin enjoys her victory. Martin con¬ tributed to many victories the team shared. s w I M M I N G Girls Swimming 201 SWIMMERS BREAK RECORDS The Boys Freshman Swimming team got off to a 3-0 start, with victories against Glenbrook South and Maine East. Coach Steve Ramseyer commented, " With a little practice and hardwork, we have a great chance to win conference. " The highlight of the season was when they beat Deerfield, a top ranked team in conference. The team was led by a lot of swimmers including freshman Andy Browder. The Junior Varsity Team opened the season with a 2 - 2 record. They had a tough early loss against Deerfield, losing only by two points, but came back with a strong victory against Norte Dame. The Team’s best event was the relay race anchored by Sophomore Art Sanchez along with Junior Mike Gut who had competed in state last year. The Varsity Team had a start of a 5-0 record. Winning their first five meets was difficult because their schedule in¬ cluded swimming against Maine East and Glenbrook South, two strong rivals. Senior Alan Dassow led the team to many victories and broke many records himself. " He was one of the best swim¬ mers I have ever seen. " Said Coach Don Larson. Other strong swimmers includ¬ ed Torrey Browder and John Tzortzis. 202 Boys Swimming Varsity diver Jim Lewis sees the world a little different from here. Jim has been diving varsity for two years now and is just a junior. Top row: D. Carver, J. Tzortzis, P. Paul, G. Cemerick, A. Dassow. R. Skoglund. A. Graf, B. Gut. S. Cresham, K. Oliver Third row: T. Hieber, H. Hortua. L. Cohen, J. Marcus. M. Meyers, M. Stattland, T. Browder, M. Gut, E. Baretz, J. Lewis, T. Buckly, J. Roman. D. Haberkorn, G. Christopherson Second row: Coach Larson, Coach Ramseyer, B. Richards. J. Fogelson, T. Roma. D. Wiseman, E. Sanchez, J. Liv, D. Matz. M. Bartholemew, S. Katz, S. Wickremesekera, Coach Bromberg Front row: S. Charney, S. Adams, A. Sanchez. E. Orsic. P. Tsacson. K. Kiedaisch, P. Lopez, J. Tzau, R. Liu. J. Jovero, A. Gruzmark. A. Browder. s w I M M I N G Boys Swimming X)3 NETTERS TAKE TO COURTS Although the Boys ' Tennis Team lost several outstanding varsity members this year, they still held in strong. Senior Craig Izenstark, junior Tom Malkin and freshman Eric " Scoop " Schulman showed outstanding talent and enthusi¬ asm for the team. " The success of the Indians will depend on the development of our younger players, so we are counting on Izenstark and Malkin to help motivate the team, " stated varsity Coach Frank Sacks. " The goals that I have for the Frosh Soph Team are to improve the strokes and skills of each player and to have a winning record for the season, " added Frosh Soph Coach Len Winans. Although winning was an important aspect, the development of sportsmanship and discipline was an important part of the team, also. 04 Tennis " Just inside.” exclaimed freshman Robby Liv during an early morning practice session. During a second match Brad Utanoff returns the ball with a wicked backhand. Tennis 205 With a powerful swing Sophomore John Yefsky serves the ball to the opposite court during practice. 206 GOING THE DISTANCE " Going the distance " was the goal of the thirty five member Girls’ Track team. Mastering their skills, disciplin¬ ing themselves, and working together like a family were all part of going the distance and becoming a winner. The 1986 track team was not large in number, but it was strong in quality athletes with the potential to be con¬ ference champions. " We have many outstanding athletes on our team. If everyone performs to her ability, we should be a strong challenger for the conference championship. Also, sev¬ eral of our team members have poten¬ tial to be state qualifiers, " comment¬ ed Coach Jean Armour. " The reason I decided to join track was because I like to run and I like the intense competion. I also love to win. Niles West is a very nice school and I’m glad to be on its team, " stated Senior Rena Andrews. Senior high jumper Sue Maliwanag added, " I have high expections for this year’s track team, not only competitively, but non- competitively as well. I feel it is as important to have friends from other schools as being a good sportsman. The 1986 Track Team is very unified and family-like. I know that this year will be successful. " Track is an exciting sport where an athlete can test her ability against other individuals. Some outstanding members were Laura Oroni, Kathy Campbell, Sarah Kim, and Debbie Blonder. Freshman Peggy Campbell puts in her spikes before the big race. Besides run¬ ning. Peggy also does the high jump. Sophomore Sara Kim springs into palce to get her personal best jump. Sara has been on Varsity for two years. The hurdlers of Niles West have a great lead over their opponent while running in the cold weather. Girls Track Coach Armour gives the runners a little pep talk before the big race against Maine East. Front row: M. Malenkoff. R. Andrews, S. Maliwanag, B. McCown, Second row: C. Samuel. G. Lee, P. Boundroukas. D. Blonder, R. Zarate. Third row= L. Yetter. M. Magnvedottir, K. Campbell. S. Puth- ufferil. Fourth row. P. Thill, L. Oroni, P. Theofanis, M. Devie. Fifth row: Coach Armour, Coach Arrmour. S. Huang, M. Malenkoff. G. Dennis, L. Kim, M. Chang. Sixth row: C. Olander, D. Weinberg, M. Beller, P. Campbell. M. Campbell. D. Pozdol. Back row: Coach Sweeney. Sophomore Pam Thill and Freshman Michelle Beller warm up before the meet. This is their first meet where they compete against Evanston. Girls Track 207 Sophomore Doug Hirsch-gives it his all to pass the baton to his team¬ mate. The relay takes a lot of practice to get the baton off at the right time. KEEPING THE PACE " Distance and middle distance running takes more dis¬ cipline and hard work than most other sports’, " explained Track Coach Pat Savage. Because of this, practices were more difficult and demanding this year than in past years, which resulted in achieving the team’s goal of faster times and better placing in the meets. Another factor that helped in achieving this goal was that the athletes seemed more dedicated. Their goals were more realistic and they had a winning attitude, as typified by Senior Rockey Lee, who stated, " I am involved in distance running because I love to run and because Coach Savage has motivated me to work hard to improve and to qualify for the state meets. " There were approximately 15 team members, headed by Coach Pat Savage and Assistant Coach Ron Campbell. Some of the outstanding team members were Senior Rocky Lee, Juniors Seung Lee and Mark Kim and Sopho¬ more Steve Rosen. Track is a team when individuals have success. So, having more successful individuals will give you a better team like the one here at Niles West! 208 Boys Track Junior Kurt Takiguchi sprints the last leg of his race. Winning this race could be the ticket to the 1988 Olympics. w Speed, agility, and endurance are three characteristics a person needs to be on the track team. Sophomores Ben Yashon, Larry Meyer, Doug Hirsh, Steve Rosen, and Scott Poulos strongly exemplify these characteris¬ tics. Coach Campbell, track team coach for all levels, was asked how the track team would do this year. He replied, " We are in year two of a rebuilding program. Our goal is to be competitive in invitational meets on the frosh soph level. " In its first two meets of the season the track team was victorious over both Sullivan and Bakesville. Front Row: Coach Kuykendall. K. Smith, H. Yoon, H. Kang, F. Kim, R. Holton, L. Roth, M. Yu. Second Row: M. Cannella, A. Ebreo, R. Feldman, S. Kim, J. Jeong, T. Wlodarc- zyk, T. Hieber. Third Row= B. Yashon, J. Valignota, S. Rosen, M. Odirakallumkal, D. Lee, A. Apostolopoulos. Fourth Row: Coach Savage, R. Lee, C. Takiguchi, L. Meyer, K. McMath, P. Schoknecht. Fifth Row: Coach Campbell, S. Lee, M. Kim, L. Wang, S. Posavac, J. McCulloh. Back Row: Coach Spagnoli, T. Kim, A. Scafidi, J. Swidler. Not Pictured: Coach Kimura, D. Hirsch. As he finishes his last lap, senior Rocky Lee kicks it in. Rocky was the co¬ captain of track along with Jay Swidler. Boys Track X)9 SPIKERS " SET” FOR NEXT SEASON From the 50 ' s beach parties to the Olympic Games, all the way to the Indians of Niles West, volleyball has sure come a long way. Going down in history are the many accomplish¬ ments of the team. Two of their games were televised on cable for their many fans who were unable to see the action live. The team came in first place at the New Trier Summer End Tournament. Even with their many achievements, the team went through many rough times during the season, one of which was the strike. " Several members of the team hadn ' t reached their full potential yet, hope¬ fully, next year their goals will be While in mid air Senior Kathy Sokalski watch¬ es on as her opponents strategically block her return. reached, " stated Coach Paula Sfickas. " The JV team had a challenging sea¬ son with many tough teams compet¬ ing in their conference, but that did not stop their dedication and enthusi¬ asm. Sophomores Kim McAlister, Ka¬ ren Janessa, and Karla Hellestrae, were especially outstanding and showed strength and stability throughout the whole season. Ac¬ cording to Ray Carr the head coach for five years, " The strike and the shift of our practice in the North south gym which is much smaller, caused many problems. " 210 Volleyball Tve got it” proves Sophomore Karyn Elliott. It is very important to let vour teammates know so confusion is avoided. Anticipating the direction of the ball, Sophomore Karin Janessa gets ready to set the ball for her teammates. Front row: K. Elliott. K. Janessa, E. Yep, L. Gunnarson Second row: M. Uhn, J. Daeler, D. Blonder, S. Kim, J. Steller, K. Hellestrae, J. Grossberg, K. Mecalaster Back row: Coach Pung, P. Theofanis, M. Shiftman, Coach Carr, G. Gutterman Front row: D. Partipilo, C. Carrao, M. Partipilo, L. Piper Second row: D. Field, J. Maslov, M. Janessa Back row: D. Mimp. K. Kassel. L. Steiner, K. Sokalski, K. Cote. Coach Sfickas First row: J. Jackolski, D. Espinosa. C. Sosnowski, R. Khaso, S. Covv- ington, S. Ahn, M. Serring, Second row: I. Kron. T. Williams, M. Lewis, D. Weinberg, A. Therios, Y. Chang. M. Rosmussen. Third row: D. Mimp, N. Nakahata, K. Lall. C. Warden, K. Lochner, G. Kanelakis, C. Miller, Coach Wisket. Back row: R. Stulman, C. Clark, B. Revelance, S. Stergios, G. Toulos, H. McCulloh, S. Choi. Volleyball 211 GRAPPLERS " OUT WEIGH " OPPONENTS No guts, no glory is the slogan of the Niles West Varsity and JVI wrestling teams. According to sophomore and varsity wrestler Greg Rudin, " We have no more talent than other schools we just stick it out.” Working hard in the free weight room and hydrofitness center were daily parts of the rigorous training wrestlers went through. It paid off. Niles West has won many conference titles and regional titles. According to senior Barry Albalch, " Winning is part of our thinking? it has been a tradition at Niles West.” This season’s team had a strong nucleus of returning varsity seniors, including Barry Albach, Scott Binstock, Dean Bravos, Eric Nutting, Mike Wiltgen, and Doug St. Marie. The season’s goal according to returning state qualifier Dean Bravos, was to make it down state as a team. " We are on a campaign to Champaign.” Champaign, Illinois, is where the state tournament is held annually. Boys Wrestling Struggling for position is Senior Dean Bravos. Coach Porter Taking total control of the match is junior Pat Cattern, as he grapples and teammates look on. his struggling opponents face. INDIAN WRESTLING Back row: E. Mirkovic, C. Brabec, B. Albach, C. Langfeld, T. George. Middle row: D. Bravos, M. Wiltgen, S. Binstock. E. Nutting, G. Santillan, J. Lee. Top row: Coach Porter Jr., Coach Porter Sr., T. Anifiotis. J. Hansen, J. J. McCulloh, A. Rudin, D. St. Marie, J. Litwin. Coach Spagnoli. Putting his opponent in an awkward and uncomfortable position is Junior Erik Bataller. Boys Wrestling 213 Bottom row: B. Pine, D. Dougherty, L. Wishnick, R. Selemon. Middle row: D. Oroni, E. Phillips, K. Hansen, G. Burdo, C. Jesse, E. Lee. Top row: Coach Spagnoli, R. Anifiotis, N. Cogas, M. Nowikowski, J. Valignoto, R. Luisi, B. Youstra WRESTLERS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE Niles West is one of a few select high schools in Illinois where the Freshman and JVM sophomore Wrestling Teams practice with the varsity. Caoch Porter felt that " In the long run they will learn more, when they wrestle varsity they won’t be awed, they will be accostomed to wrestling top- notch wrestlers. According to freshman Bobby Pine, " I’ve learned a lot from wrestling with varsity stars like Dean Bravos and Scott Binstock. Freshman Eric Phillips felt that " it makes freshman tougher, wrestling with older, more ex¬ perienced wrestlers. The freshman team was led by undefeated wrestlers Larry Wischnick and Kevin Hansen. Led by Greg Rudin and Mike Gershbein, the sophomore team placed second in the High¬ land Park Sophomore Tournament. Charging in like a ram, sophomore Kevin lochner is ready to pin his opponent down. Kevin has been on the team two years. 214 Boys Wrestling Taking advantage of his opponent’s flaws is Sophomore George Santillan as he straddles and puts pressure on him. Bottom row: J. Sauerman, M. Alvarez, J. Lee, E. Nutting, M. Wiltgen, D. Bravos, S. Binstock, G. Spiratos, B. Albach, J. Dela Cruz, D. Schmidt, G. Rudin, G. Santillan. J. Litwin, P. Blanco. Middle row: T. Corollo, A. Calaland, J. Antman. P. Cattern, S. Rosen, K. Lochner, J. Arendt, P. Clark, J. Camilli, P. Taldone, R. Pailma, C. Langfeld, S. Koo, J. Medvedovsky, Coach Porter Jr. Top row: Coach Spagnoli, G. Sotiropoulos, N. Cachila, J. Hansen, C. Brabec, T. Anifiotis, T. Grammatis, A. Tsagalis, E. Brabec, J.J. McCulloh, J. Born, K. Bradbury, M. Gershbein, A. Rudin, D. St. Marie, T. George, T. May, E. Bataller, Coach Porter Sr. Boys Wrestling 315 Senior Stephanie Leader anticipates trouble when she scopes out prospective nails to bite. Lisa Sandlow, Jamie Boton, and Heather Ross sit around for the latest yearbook assignment. Interested people stand by for questions during open house. Senior Debbie Schugal practices her steps for the dance show. STUDENTS ABROAD Want to travel to different countries around the world and experience their cultures? Join the AFS club! The American Field Service is an organization to join for new and incredi¬ ble experiences. During the school year exchange students from countries around the world live at a student’s house. The exchange students are ’adopted’ by the student’s fam¬ ily. The exchange students attend school and are able to experience first hand the American way of life. Likewise, in the summer for three months, students from West travel to countries all around the world. They have the same oppur- tunity to experience new cultures and lifestyles. The co-sponsors for AFS were Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Carr. The President of the club was Mr. Kerstein. Meetings were held various days after school and on Wednesday nights. Some of the club’s fundraisers were selling raffle tickets and selling Halloween-O-Grams. One activity the group partici¬ pated in was going downtown and showing the exchange students around the city. The club’s goals are to raise more money to send more students away and to get more stu¬ dents involved. The two students going away this year are Patricia Kerstein and Andrea Wollenberg. Sophomore Andrea Wollenberg and junior Patricia Kerstein point out where in the world they have assignments for travel. Junior David Zazara joins a discussion in the HELP organizational meeting. Bottom Row: Eileen Deano. Letticia Cadavid, Eehlan Tulan. Top Row: Jeannie Ahn, June Yang. Anne Liosatos, Chris Feldman. Alexis Hershenhorn. Karen Kenmotsu, Nat Suki Gamura, Daryl Stern STUDENTS HELP " Hunger is Ethiopia. Love is Peace. " H.E.L.P., a caring group with concern about the famine in Ethiopia, X-mas- carolled through the hallways, sponsored bake sales, and had a series of concerts to raise funds for the starving in Ethiopia. " I think it’s important that students express an interest in and capacity to sacrifice for other people, beyond their immediate environment, " commented sponsor Mr. Tom McMahon. The H.E.L.P. organization was open to any stu¬ dent concerned about the famine. " When I read that 40,000 people will die a day, of hunger, I cried. I was so moved that it stirred me up to do something and get people involved,” stated the club’s president senior Letitia Cadavid. Sophomore Dessie Atsaves added, " It seems that I have all the material things, but there is a great feeling when someone gives. " Giving was an important achieve¬ ment that was accomplished by the H.E.L.P. organization. AES HELP 219 The German Club, sponsored by Mr. Brink, took part in many activities. They participated in fund raisers, special sporting events, activities with the German exchange students, and the annual Christ¬ mas party. At this event, members get to eat all different kinds of German dishes. The members were enthusiastic about their par¬ ticipation in the club. Senior Rachel Trachtenberg said, " I’ve taken German for four years and I want to be active in something having to do with Ger¬ many. " Approximately 25-30 students participated in the club. The officers were Senior Laurie Chertow, president; juniors Mark Gussin, vice-president; Le- nore Estrada, secretary-, and Erika Taraschewsky, treasurer. The French Club this year consisted of twenty- five students including President Andri Georgako- poulos, Vice-President Sue Lee, Secretary Cecile Yoon, and Treasurer Karla Dubey. The group met after school usually once a week. They planned many fundraisers to raise money for more French cultural trips. They held bake sales and sold Christmas ornaments and decorations. The group planned a trip to Great America and a French dinner for the members of the club. This year the French Club had much more involvement with oth¬ er clubs. An international dinner was planned in¬ volving many different clubs and organizations. " Being in the French Club is a good way to meet new people and learn more about the French cul¬ ture, " stated Senior member Lisa Falleroni. Front Row: Lenore Estrada. Laurie Chertow. Marc Gussin, Erica Taraschewsky Second Row: Cynthia Ong. Janine Breit. Natalie Meydbray, Christina Hoeller. Nina Leininger. Evelyn Winandi. Karin Pintz. Pam Markfield. Evie Murgas. Karin Meixner Third Row, Shane Youkhana. Stephanie Kokott. Vicky Pontikis. Tracy Kozil. Andy Rudin. Evelina Stipisic. Michelle Hogg. Nareen Kim. Tracey Riding. Laura Gamerson. Susan Rubenstein Fourth Row, Xyla Gatilao. Christina Gabriel. All Kwon. Charley Snell. Angela Hanga. Jill Cohen. Hee Jai Kwon. Kim McAllister. Dawn Jacobs. Karin Janessa Mark Hammond smiles for the spectrum photographer during his free time. 220 German Club French Club ANI- MIDABER - EVERET " Shalom,” or " peace,” were one of the many Hebrew words spoken at Israeli Club meetings. Activities included raising funds to send to Israel, planning field trips to Israeli Film Festivals, and having holiday parties. " The purpose of the club is to serve as a social gathering where Israeli subjects are discussed. In addition to parties to celebrate different impor¬ tant occasions of the year, the club had cultural, social, and educational objectives,” stated sponsor Alex Miron. " Its a chance for many students to get together and discuss differ¬ ent things about Israel in a social environment,” said member Cheryl Lanski. Frank Psyhogios; Second Row. Jenny Anast. Vicki Pontikis. Andrea Georgakopoulos. Leticia Cadavid. Angela Antonoki . Desey Tziortzis. Maria Lerano. Third Row ; Anastasia Valavanos. Demitrios Limber. George Kolovis. Steve Georgis. Helen Georgakopoulos. Georgia Tsolos. Patty Tzortzis. John Tzortzis. Do you like gyros and togas? Then you might be interested in the Niles West Hellenic Club. The club, now five years old, met once a month in the evening to talk and make plans for upcoming events. This was all done with the help of Mrs. Panos, sponsor of the club. Some of the activities the club participated in were a Greek dinner, fundraisers, International night, and the annual bike-a-thon. The bike-a-thon raised funds to help children from Greece come to the U.S. and have operations. Everyone is invited to join the Hellenic Club. You don’t have to be Greek to have a good time partici¬ pating in the activities. Maria Psyhogios and Sylvia Karalokas stated that the purpose of the club was To promote Greek heritage in Niles West and to get non-Greeks better acquainted with Greek customs.” There were approximately 30 students involved in the club. Last year’s officers were Andria Georgako¬ poulos, president; Angie Antonakos, vice-president? and Helen Georgakopoulos, treasurer. Students For Israel Hellenic Club 221 CASA CENTRAL Casa Central . . . have you heard of it? If you were a member of the Spanish Club you would have. You’d also know about activities for rais¬ ing money for Mexican and Columbian relief. Sponsors Mrs. Georgieve and Miss O’Rielly were very enthusias¬ tic about the Spanish Club. They praised the club saying, " It was an activity where stu¬ dents found out more about people and their lives in Span¬ ish-speaking countries, and where they could become ac¬ quainted with students who have similar interests. " Trea¬ surer, Senior Judy De Acetis, agreed. " I thought the best way to be with others who shared my interest in the lan¬ guage would be to join the Spanish Club. " Other mem¬ bers of the board included President Steve Le Hew, Vice President Jill Colen, and sec¬ retary Nissin Behar. _ ■ rm m am liilHes % Seniors Jill Colen and Judy DeAcetis plan the activities for Spanish Honors. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: Malathi Sabapathy, Jeanie Ahn, Rachel Oliker, Diane Smason, Jack Korol, May Yung, Falen Tulen Second Row: Bryan Wada, Steve Kim, Tom Malkin. Lisa Larson, Parvine, Lisa Vecher, Debbie Virchinski, Chris Samuel. Gina Lee, Judy DeAcetis, Janet Stein, Mick Antonio, Nissin Behar The purpose of Spanish Honor Society was, ac¬ cording to senior member Adam Dolinko, " to help perpetuate academic achievement in the foreign language subject area. " The society was made up of 23 students, all of whom had completed at least five semesters of Spanish with a B + to A- average or better. Members participated in the Interna¬ tional Fair, coordinated by the Foreign Language Department, and they attended a Spanish play. " The Spanish Honor Society has proven them¬ selves to be excellent students and to have a deep interest in the beautiful Spanish language, " stated sponsor Herminia Lopez. 222 Spanish Club Spanish Honor Society NO OTHER WAY; TIMELY CHECK MATE! What was different about the Chess Club in the 1985-86 school year? Nothing. In fact, this club wouldn’t have had it any other way. They got together for one pur¬ pose, and one purpose only: chess, the sport of Kings. The Niles West Chess Club, a member of the North Suburban Chess League, played twelve matches in the 1985-86 season. Al¬ though the team wasn’t as strong as had been anticipated, due to the loss of two members from the previous season, the club finished respectably. In April, the club ended the season with the State High School Tournament at Evanston High School. The dedication so often associated with the Chess Club was best summed up by Fred Delphin, captain of the team, who said, ”1 wish to contribute all I can to im¬ prove the game.” TOPICS r. M. rvwv nn The prospect of nuclear war. the Reagan-Gor- bachev summit meeting, the comprehensive test ban treaty and the crisis in Central Amer¬ ica were just some of the main topics dis¬ cussed by Current Event Club members last year. " The club proved a unique forum for the discussion of those relevant issues. " ex¬ plained senior participant Eric Kopfstein. Members not only expanded their knowledge concerning world issues through group inter¬ views. discussions and films, but were also urged to form individual opinions. " The club encouraged critical thinking, exposing stu¬ dents to more controversial subjects than they would normally encounter in day-to-day classroom activities. " verified Tom McMa¬ hon, the club’s sponsor. Approximately 20 students participated in the bi-weekly. Wednesday afternoon meetings. As the young club ' s exposure slowly grew, McMahon clarified that he viewed the club as an adequate supplement to classroom activi¬ ties " whose main intent was the expansion of knowledge through the interpretation and dis¬ cussion of recent world developments. NOW HEAR THIS Mu Oti Pc r - Chris Samuel. Sheryl Shimanovsky. Rebecca Kolber Every day, every morning, an all too familiar ’’ding” fol¬ lowed by an update of the news of interest was heard throughout the Niles West halls and homerooms. They were brought to us by Cheryl Shimanovsky, Chris Samuel, and Rebecca Kolber-the P.A. Announcers. Rebecca Kolber said, ”1 enjoy this activity because if I’m in a cheerful mood in the morning, I make everyone sick.” Sheryl Shimanovsky said, ”1 love shocking people by tell¬ ing them I’m a ’’Morning Mouth”. They don ' t believe me and usually ask me to prove it.” To add a bit of spice to their morning routine, they began making up little tunes to play on the xylophone before they read the announcements. On Fridays, they said ’Have a good weekend” instead of ' Have a good day.” And they did this all to make the unbearable mornings here at West a little less painful. Chess Club Current Events Club r.A. Announcers 22} SADD PROMOTES SAFETY S.A.D.D., Students Against Driving Drunk, is an organi¬ zation which promotes the separation of drinking and driving. Sponsor Paul VanCleave stated, " During the last three years since we organized S.A.D.D. at Niles West, the students have worked hard to accomplish the goals of S.A.D.D., which are to save their own lives and the lives of others, to educate the students concerning the prob¬ lem of drinking and driving, and to increase public awareness and prevention of this problem everywhere. S.A.D.D.’s efforts this year included showcase displays and S.A.D.D. Awarness Day. Co-chairpersons of S.A.D.D. were seniors Jon Lisco, Judy Zemsky and Lynn Sonkin. Senior David Rubin thinks about his second move. 224 S.A.D.D. er represent i driving. J U OF C COACH REALLY HELPS A new resolution involving the quality of water in the United States was just one of the many changes Niles West traditional debaters faced this past year. The most significant change involved the addition of new head coach Scott Durschlag, a student at the University of Chicago. " Getting a new coach really helped our team ’ explained senior Sonja Bychkov, the team’s president. " Scott brought a lot of new ideas and worked really hard with us. " Another change involved the team’s expansion to the Lincoln Douglas Debate. Under the instruction of co¬ coach James Batts, a few members participated in this new form, which, unlike traditional, involved the dis¬ cussion of moral issues based on liberty, equality and justice, rather than factual ones concerning nuclear war and water contamination. The L.D. debating was done on an individual basis without the need of a part¬ ner as traditional form required. " I thought the oppor¬ tunity to finally participate in L.D. was great, " com¬ mented one varsity team member. " It offered me the opportunity to see what I could really accomplish on my own.’’ Although the traditional sector of the team failed to reach its goal of establishing a national contender to represent West in any of the three competing divi¬ sions, members such as sophomore Greg Rosow felt ’’next year will prove more rewarding. " Senior debater Judith Mann smiles at accomplishments of the club. Debate 225 MATH TEAM Over the years, the Math Team has expanded its number of participants and its involvement in competitions. The 50-75 students included a variety of freshmen, sopho¬ mores and upperclassmen. " It is enjoyable working with math team members because we spend our entire energy on problem solving, " stated one of the team’s sponsors. " Since I’m not taking any math courses this year, I get my " dose " on the math team, plus, I have a lot of fun, " said senior and club Vice-President Andy Mills. " Taking math exams may be a strange way to spend an evening, but for me, Math Team has been interesting, challenging, and rewarding, " state d club president senior Jerry Kang. 226 Mathematics Team Mr. Filliman helps the Math Team prepare for a meet. Members of the team had to practice for hours after school to get ready for statewide and national competitions. A STRONG, HEAVY Mr. Geis tallies the scores after an intense practice for the Academic Bowl Team. His first year as co-sponsor, Mr. Geis has contributed an enormous amount of help to the team. COMPETITION If you have a strong stomach for heavy competition, then you are probably an avid follower of the Aca¬ demic Competition Club. The club is a compilation of sharp, well-rounded members with quick recall. Ian Faloona’s opinion of himself and his teammates was this. " We are all a bunch of nervous basket cases because each question has the paramount intensity of a $500 Double Jeopardy. " The club tried a few new things this year. First on the list was the new coach. Carl Geis. Commented Geis, " I was very excited about coaching the club. We had some very adept members this year. " As the result of an exciting new coach and the well-qualified, experienced coach, Mrs. Shapiro, the club was psyched for the Stevenson Academic Bowl, the Hillsboro and Bradley Bourbon- nais Bowls, and national contests in which the club competed via computer. Although the club began meeting in late November, most competitions took place in the spring. Senior Kim Liou does some quick figuring on paper, then pushes his buzzer. His thinking has been a valuable asset for the club. Academic Competition Club 221 FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES Once again the Aeronautics Club flew the skies. The leaders of this year’s flight plan were pilot, junior Young-Sik Whang; co-pilot, junior Dawn llling and air traffic controller, science teacher Wayne Rogoski. The two general types of aircraft in flight and under con¬ struction were rockets and line-controlled airplanes, both of which were flown on a regular basis. Sponser Wayne Rogoski stated, " The motto of this club is The sky’s the limit.’ We have proven this time and time again with such successes as Slotkowski, our dirigble, and our Polack series of nine-foot rockets.” The club hoped to challenge the crafting and flying skills of the crew by staging competitions. They also took time to visit the Air Museum, hobby conventions, and military aid stations. Front Row: Vince Fang, Michelle Yaras, Demetrios Limber, Andreas Papa- dakis, Jason Hsu. Second Row: Jordan Borak, Fred Pyter, Young-Sik Whang, Dawn llling, Christine Olsen, Aaron Moy MCC PROMOTES SMOKEOUT The Medical Careers Club’s big activity was the Great American Smoke-Out. Students and faculty were sup¬ posed to give up their bad habit of smoking, for one day. When asked what he thought about the Great American Smoke-Out, Junior Tom Abelson replied, " The smokeout was a very groovy idea, and I wish the period (to help smokers) would be longer. " The other activities planned by the 20 members of the club were helping with the blood drive, planning a fund-raising activity, and hosting speak¬ ers in medical careers. The officers were President Mike Edwards, Vice-President Debbie Virchinsky, and Secre¬ tary Cecile Yoon. Ecology Club member Tracy Rialing, Mr. Firak, Steve Frankel, Don Gutterman, Michele Reitman. An experiment for learning experience. ECOLOGY CLUB EDUCATIONAL The Ecology Club was not only educational, but it was also a lot of fun. " We usually have field trips to places of our choice. We have fun with friends and learn in the meantime, " explained club member Dawn llling. The club was lead by Gerald Firak, teacher of biology and earth science at Niles West, and has seven members. This makes it small enough to go without club officers and to make decisions by concensus. Ecology is the study of living organisms, plants and animals, and their relationship to the environment. Basical!, it’s the study of nature. The club made several field trips, including a trip to Lincoln Park Zoo and a visit to the Adler Planetarium to see the Halley’s Comet presentation. The members also planned to take a spring trip to the Starved Rock area. In addition, the club also did some environmental studies at the school prairie. As for benefits to its members, Steve Frankel put it this way, " The Ecology Club taught me to appreciate, instead of trying to exploit, nature. " Don Gutterman checks the condition of the plant from the prairie. Ecology Club 229 WEST OF EDENS So you enjoy creative challenges? Do you love to see your name in print? Are you an artist? Do you spend all your spare time writing poems and stories? Do you constantly walk around snapping pictures of anything that catches your eye? Would ybu like to be involved in an extracurri¬ cular activity that meets practically every Thursday after school? If you answered " yes” to even one of these ques¬ tions, you should consider joining West of Edens. West of Edens is an annual art literary magazine composed of original submissions from the students of Niles West. Last year was the first year the magazine was published in color instead of black and white. Submissions were judged by all members of West of Edens including: Editor-in-chief, June Yangj Literary Editor Sue Lee Art and Photography editor, Helen Shapiro; and Julia Goldin, Co-publicity editor. West of Edens came out in May after much hard work. All grade levels were encouraged to join. Front Row: Marc Lipsky, Helen Vayzman. Sheryl Shiminofsky, Wendy Sidelsky. June Yang. Second Row= Marna Buetner. Su- sanne Ahn, Nicky Antonakos, Jeanie Ahn. Daryl Stern. Steve Frankel. 230 West Of Edens NHS STUDENTS More Than Just A Name The National Honor Society is a service organization that helps benefit the community. It was made up of fifty-five students of all ages. Officers included President Kim Liou, Vice-president Andy Mills, Secretary David Rubin and Treasurer Torrey Browder. The NHS helped others by giving parties for disadvantaged children, sponsoring a blood drive, and collecting canned food and toys for needy citizens. They also helped promote school spirit with a round- robin racquetball tournament and a junior high spelling bee. Cuneyt Fiezoulof stated, " The National Honor Society promotes scholar¬ ship, leadership, service and growth of character for its members ' Front Row: Istina Morariu, Natalie Medbray. Sonya Bych¬ kov Second Row: Tania Lee, Rhonda Bergman, Nancy Goren Third Row: Darshan Ghandi. Kim Liou, Anil Saxena, Miss Klinger Fourth Row: Eric Kopstein. Darryl Stern, Mi¬ chael Herzog Front Row: Marna Buettner, Judy DeAcetis, Melinda Ring, Jerry Kang, Evanthia Nafpliotis, Rachel Zimmerman, Second Row: Li-Jen Vu. June Yang. Alan Dalinka, Melissa Rosen, David Jutovsky, Kim Liou, Sonia Bychkov, Sonia Kersten, Julia Golden, Rhonda Bergman Third Row: Anil Saxena. Cuneyt Fiezoulof, Steve Frankel. Jae Choi, Mike Herzog, Darshan Ghardi, John Axelrad, Eric Kopfstein, Mike Edwards. Fourth Row: Stuait Witzel, John Woo, Steven Freed. Ian Faloona, Jon Lisco, Nick Antonio, Torrey Browdev, Andy Mills, Mrs. Horwitz, Harold Pine TUTORS CLUB 1 GIVE THEIR TIME ■ . 1 " Do you need help? The tutoring club is there to do just that, help people. Last year 21 members gave their free time and stayed after school to help fellow students with their studies. The five board members, Kim Liou, Jerry Kang, Nancy Goren, Natalie Medbray, and Nina Liou, handled the scheduling, matching those needing help with tutors who were free the same periods. Stating why he joined the club was Jerry Kang. " Since tutoring is mutually beneficial, I have learned a great deal by helping other students in their classwork. " It is evi¬ dent that the Tutors Club is an organization of hard-working and intelligent students who are willing to help others. National Honor Society Tutors Club 231 ’ Binding Arbitration Ends Strike ' ’’Mistrial De¬ clared in Richardi Case ' ’’Should AIDS Victims Attend School? Disease Explained, " and ’’Gangs - are They a Threat? " were just some of the eye-catching headlines used by West Word edi¬ tors in addressing many of the controversial subjects which developed during the 1985 school year. Experimenting with new graphic designs and expanding upon its editorial staff, the West Word created 16 quality issues includ¬ ing a special holiday issue and a senior issue. According to West Word Adviser Jerome Orr, the newspaper’s improvement was the result of a hard-working staff of reporters who produced well-written stories, and a diligent editorial board which included: co-editor-in-chiefs, sen¬ iors Rhonda Bergman and Jonathan Lisco-, news editor, junior Diane Smason-, editorial directors, sophomore Bryan Mittelman and senior June Yang; features editors, senior John Axelrad and sophomore Marc Fienberg-, business editor, sen¬ ior Garrett Fienberg-, sports editors, sophomore Larry Mills and senior Judy Zemsky-, copy edi¬ tor, senior Andy Mills, and circulation editor, junior Jeanie Ahn. ’’The West Word was fortu¬ nate to have several four-year staff members and editors as well as a seasoned group of fact¬ finding reporters, " Orr commented. Johanna Pelos works diligently to complete her West Word story in time for the next deadline. Johanna, like many students, finds the English Resource Center to have a conducive atmos phere for studying. Front Row: Michelle Burdeen, Rhonda Bergman, Jon Lisco, Garrett Fienberg, Judy Zemsky, Andy Mills, Diane Smason, June Yang Sec¬ ond Row: Jenni Holt, Lonnie Levin, Jim King, Larry Mills, Michael Flavdala. Marc Fienberg, Alayna Decker, Jeanie Ahn, Johanna Pelos Third Row: Bryan Mittleman, Mike Phillips. Arthur Tiersky, John Axelrad Editors-Front Row: Bryan Mittleman, Andy Mills, Jon Lisco, Rhonda Bergman. Marc Fienberg, June Yang Second Row: Judy Zemsky, Garrett Fienberg, Larry Mills, Diane Smason, John Axelrad, Jeanie Ahn i m West Word Front Kow: Jamie Boton, Laurie Adams, Mr. Orr, Stephanie Leader. Fleather Ross Second Row: Marc Gussin, Lisa Sandlow, Elliott Baretz, Michelle Burdeen, Jeannine DiModica, Gina Lee, Leah Seef, Jill Fie drich. Johanna Pelos Third Row: Depak Sathy, Dale Sherman, Patty . Tzortzis, Estelle Nikolakakis, Anne Liosatos, Jennifer Gaiser. Tom Mazarakis, Beth Sussman, Anup Sathy Fourth Row- Jim King, Chris Larkin, Ann Fisher, David Wallerstein, John Axelrad, Alayna Decker Editors-Front Row: Leah Seef, Heather Ross, Michelle Burdeen, Gina Lee Second Row: Lisa Sandlow, Laurie Adams, Stephanie Leader, Jill Hedrich Third Row: Paula Krone, David Wallerstein, Depak Sathy, Marc Gussin ’Is it really your intention to capture my splitting image with that photographic device? " asks junior Dale Sherman. 25 YEARS TO " PROOF! " During the course of the year, our staff has had many problems. With a two week strike, production was drastically held back, and it was hard to get back into the swing of things. Fantastic staff members held up during those hard times when deadlines had to be made, and editors always kept in touch with their staff. 25 years of celebration is not an easy thing to bring together, especially when fash ions and fads have changed so much, but our silver anniversary book has much to offer, and much to cherish. Thank you staff for trying your hardest when times were really tough. Stephanie Leader, Laurie Adams, Co- Editors-in-Chief. Spectrum 233 " Art is an outlet to express yourself, " explains sponsor Gary Davis. That’s exactly what Art Council is about. Students of this club have worked independently on their projects and visited such places as the Art Expo and Navy Pier. Accomplishments such as the mural on the cafeteria wall by Steve Lee was an example of creativity displayed by club members. Gary Davis’ goal to " reach out to students who may not take art, but wish to after school " has been accomplished. Senior Steven Lee uses his talent to design our new cafeteria wall. 234 Art Council Photography Club Juniors Front Row: Carlo Tamunday. Leo Rhee. Jim Hahn. Sung Kim. Rajen Patel. Dave Ivezic Second Row: brie Burkel. Nick Langis. Johnny Kim. Marc Johnson. Goran Lukic. Tom Sek. John Nock Third Row: Peter Yi. Matt Klapman. Joe Bass, Marc Hamid. Sung Soo Lim. Charley Snell. Brad Jones. Dave Hansen. Luis Valencia Sophomores-Front Row: Jeff Gurvis. Keith Kleiner. Darryl Colen. Mo¬ hammed Saddikui. Paul Lopez. Steve Rosen Second Row: Robert Keller. Brian Asrael. Mike Tipescu. Paul Kim. George Langis. Preston Clark. Herb Diaz Third Row: Gurinder Bains. Alex Tzortzis. Jordan Mierkovic. Mi¬ chael Gershbein. Brad Kave. George Sotiropoulos. Noel Garfunkel Leaders is a unique program that helps develop the leadership qualities of selected sophomore, junior, and senior students who applied for entrance as freshmen. They continue to work and develop leadership skills in the class itself. Stated sponsor Ms. Heeren, " I enjoy working with students involved in the Leaders ' program. They are generally enthusiastic, motivated, and committed individuals.” Junior Helaine Miller added, " The purpose of this activity was to teach leadership not only in the gym, but in life.” Each Leader spent at least six weeks leading freshman or sophomore class. Stated junior David Ivezic, " Leader ' s gym class gave us the opportunity to lead other situations later in life.” Juniors-Front Row: Sharon Smith. Susanne Davis. Hollie Sobel, Helaine Miller. Kathy Campbell. Tracy Feldman. Ma¬ rie Tulen Second Row: Rachel Oliker. Alyssa Tadelman. Dana Shapiro, Eileen Krehely. Sandra Rodriguez. Stacey Valvanas. Michelle Hogg. Michelle Siegel. Rachel Smith Third Row. Jan- ine. Debbie Vurchinsky. Lynn Piper. Diane Field. Evelyn Win- andi, Jenny Stellar. Toni Hong. Hee Jai Kwon. Kathy Cote, Vanessa Johnson. Stevhanie Howard. Lynda Loicano Sophomores-Front Row: Berna¬ dette Danguilan. Julie Cho, Emily Yep. Laura Oroni. Jenny Nelson. Dora Connell. Caroline. Tina Gonzalez. Julie Hedrich Second Row: Kim McAllister. Sara Kim. Julie Wolzniak. Ali¬ son Brooks. Joy Grossberg, Eli¬ zabeth Stipisic. Susan Ruben stein. Kelly Cordes, Debbie Berman. Debbie Rubin. Monica Uhm. Laura Barreto Third Row: Dana Vance. Ilene Diano Junior Leader Marc Hamond demonstrates the perfect form for returning a serve. Leaders learn many skills which are not emphasized in regular gym classes. LEADERS OF THE PACK Leader ' s Gym 235 236 N-CLUB-COMMITMENT " N-Club is an organization of young men and women who have shown more than their share of commitment to athletics and school spirit,” stated N-Club sponsor Brian Katzman. To be a member of this proud group, student athletes from any sport must have earned a varsity letter. N-Club members raised funds by working the candy and popcorn concessions for girls’ home basketball games. They sponsored an all-school volleyball tournament and the annual N-Club vs. faculty basketball game. ' N-Club is a good organization for student athletes who want to get involved in school activities,” concluded senior member Mike Kirchens. Front Row: Charley Snell, Alan Matan, Mark Poulakidas, Curt Takiguchi Second Row: " Doc” Katzman, Kurt Kier- nicki, Chris Cordes, Mike Kirchens, Chris Riggio, Scott Steiner Honking horns in front of houses at 2 mid¬ night on Thursday nights may be annoying to some of the nearby homeowners, but to Niles West Midnight Riders, it’s a way to " Psych” the football players for the next day’s game. Every night before a football game, 25 students, all members of Mid¬ night Riders, drove to each Varsity play¬ er’s house with personal posters and at least twenty rolls of toilet paper. Very qui¬ etly they disposed of all the toilet paper in the player’s trees, grass, doors, and ever¬ ything else they could throw it around. Without a noise the girls would get back into their cars. It was not until they were all ready to leave that they simultaneously honked their horns. The loud honking con¬ tinued until they were at least a block away. " We had a great time t-ping for the players. We had one of the largest Midnight Riders groups yet. I think everyone got close as a group-not all those little cliques. It helped our class as a whole a lot,” said senior Cathy Tamraz. Meetings to organize and make posters were held once a week at Tamraz’s house. Each member had a Mid¬ night Rider jersey which was worn on the days of games. Member Debbie Shugall felt, " I think that doing the players’ houses really helped to boost their spirits. It made them feel that we really supported them and cared if they won or lost.” N-Club Midnight Riders Front Row: Lisa Falleroni, MicFiele Goldberg, Laurie Adams, Jenni Holt. Heather Ross Second Row: Myra Kahn, Laurie Chertow, Lara Leader. Aida Santillan, Cathy Tamraz, Elke Bojes, Debbie Shugall Third Row. Paulette Arvanitis, Lisa Ferrin, Chris Miller, Cynthia Papoutsakis, Sylvia Karalekas, Georgia Sotiropoulos. TIMERS " SET " THE RECORDS Every second counted as the Timers’ Club set off another year. The Timers’ Club, sponsored by Shirly Daniel, hosted all of the home swim meets. They helped out by setting up the timing pads, putting out the chairs, and timing the meets. When asked why he joined, senior John Tzortzis said, " It ' s the best way to cheer for the team.” With the Timers’ Clubs help, the meets were well organized and ran smoothly. According to Daniel, ’’Without the timers, we could not have run the home swim meets.” Riders admire the job they have done; all with Posh Puff toilet paper! Art students set up display. GUARD CLUB TAKES RESPONSIBILITY While most of us enjoyed sleeping late on Saturday mornings, the Niles West Guard Club was wide awake and ready to teach three forty-five minute sessions of swimming lessons to chil¬ dren. Many students were involved and each was given five to eight children, from ages three to thirteen. The members of the club took responsibility for their understudies and enjoyed the task. They went from teaching kids how to float to teach¬ ing the four basic strokes: back, breast, butterfly, and frees¬ tyle. The thirteen members, sponsored by Shirley Daniel, gained a sense of real responsibility. The Guard Club was kind of a teaching class, too, as senior Nicki Theodore said, ”1 enjoyed helping people learn, I want to pursue teaching.” Front Row: Ms. LaManna, Linda Sax, Laurie Chertow, Georgia Sotiropoulos, Cynthia Papoutsakis, Myra Kahn, Aida Santillan Second Row: Jacqueline LaManna, Gina Bravos, Amy Chertow. Chris Miller. Charlotte Park, Megan Knowles Third Row: Steph¬ anie Gold, Deanna Gramatis, Caryn Berk, Traci Dreier, Shannen Zarate. Maria Lereno WITHOUT THEM; DISASTER! _ ’’Without the girls our meets would have been a disaster,” said sophomore George Santillan about the wrestlettes. The wrest- lettes not only kept score, but cheered on the team, gave the wrestlers a lot of support, and brought fans to the meets. They were the wrestlers’ biggest fans. The wrestlettes also spon¬ sored Parents’ Night and sold taffy apples. There were approximately 60 girls, with no division of grade. There were more people, expecially underclassmen, then last year. ’’Being a wrestlette was not only fun, but a great way to get involved in sports and show our school spirit,” said sopho¬ mores Karin Orsic and Rachel Greenspan. Vice-president was Georgia Sotiropoulos. The president was Aida Santillan? the secretary was Chris Miller and treasurer was Cynthia Papoutsakis. Said about them by sponsor Shirley LaManna, ’’Under their leadership we had a great working organization.” Timers Club Guard club Wrestlettes 237 238 SQUADS HAVE SPIRIT! Enthusiasm, energy, and school spirit were displayed throughout the past year by the varsity, sophomore, and freshmen cheerleaders of Niles West. They did a fantastic job of arousing spirit at all football and basketball games, as well as at pep assemblies, the Homecoming parade, and many other activities. As varsity coach Marlene Feldman stated, ’The cheer¬ leaders’ dedication to school spirit is illustrated, in part, by their many tire¬ less hours of practice perfecting rou¬ tines. They are an energetic asset to Niles West.” The varsity squad with the help of captains Carrie Kaplan and Kris Juste- sen, did an exceptional job at all their games. Bottom Row: Amy Grimaldi, Kelly Cordes Sec¬ ond Row: Lena Ouilici Third Row: Stefanie Kra kow. Stacey Haber, Dorren Chen, Jinjer Brody, bvie Murgas The freshmen cheerleaders, who were new to all this, worked well together considering the short amount of time they had from tryouts to their first game. They got themselves organized very quickly and although it was diffi¬ cult to appear energetic at 9:30 A.M., they aroused plenty of spirit and got the crowd going. Sophomores were also success¬ ful at getting the crowd cheer¬ ing. Sophomore Lena Ouilici stated, ”1 think it’s important be¬ cause it gives me a feeling of being a vital part of the school. It’s great to be on the squad.” Bottom Row: Melinda Hepner, Danielle Singer Second Row: Mindy Grossberg, Danielle Chams Third Row: Joan Col- letta. Jenny Katz, Rachel Cohen. Elyse Decker, Lisa Schapira Bottom Row: Lynda Loiacono. Alana Dubin, Steph anie Leader Second Row: Holle Sobel. Kris Justesen. Pam Feldman, Michele Goldberg Third Row: Debbie Schwartz, Stevhanie Howard. Anastasia Livaditis, Carrie Kaplan. Laurie Adams Cheerleaders Bottom Row: Judy Hsu. Michele Maltezos. Janna Tobin, Lisa Krull, Nina Leininger, Heather Ross. Michelle Hogg. Stephanie Pritzker, Evelyn Winandi Second Row: Yummy Kim. Elaine Barrington. Rachel Gar¬ cia. Devra Resnick, Sue Maliwanag. Tracey Michaels. Jenni Holt. Donna Eriksson. The¬ resa Sloma, Nareen Kim. Kerstin Hagg. Hee Jai Kwon, Nicholette Romashko HALF TIME SENSATIONS Kick Up Your Heels Thanks to sponsors Lori Barranco and Nancy Tuzz- dino, one of the more spirited organizations this year was the pom pon squad. Not only did they partici¬ pate in all game half-times for the football and bas¬ ketball seasons, but they were also involved with pep assemblies and the Homecoming parade. Along with these activities, they performed with the marching band in two competitions, taking second and sev¬ enth place. Said Barranco about her girls, " I have twenty-two of the best daughters anyone could ask for. They’re independent girls that get things done.” The squad worked together to make a suc¬ cess of all their activities. They are like one happy family. Said senior Rachel Garcia, " I’ve been on the squad for three years and it’s been the most reward¬ ing part of my high school career.” And junior Devra Resnick summed it up saying, " Not only do we per¬ form together, but the whole squad is like a group of sisters. We all get along great.” The pom pon squad proved that this was their year by taking all first- place awards at camp, perfecting new and harder routines, and performing with a flair that was their’s alone. Their greatest feat was promoting school spir¬ it with enthusiasm that no one could equal. All smiles are senior pom pon captains Yung-me Suh and Jenni Holt. These girls have worked hard throughout the year to keep the squad together. Pom Pon 239 MORNING BASKETBALL - A WORKOUT! Twenty-five years ago counselor Dr. Walter Cocking in¬ troduced a beneficial fitness program to fellow teachers, counselors, and administrators from Niles West, as well as to those of other schools in the district. In the wee hours of the morning, four to twelve people awake and head to the Niles West gymnasium for a fun-filled game of basket¬ ball. The game not only keeps them in shape, but helps them to relieve the pressure of the upcoming day at work. Dr. Cocking stated, when asked of his personal benefits from the program, " 1 enjoy playing, I like the competition, not to mention it keeps me in shape.” Senior Donna Eriksson makes the last minute changes for midnight Carlos Tamunday perfects his serve in Leader s cym riders. 240 Morning Basketball Action Wednesday nights, what happens on Wednesday nights? Nothing usually, but for two months, between the hours of seven and nine p.m., students banned together to form co¬ ed volleyball teams for the Wednesday night volleyball league. Although perhaps not the most serious competi¬ tion in the school, many kids enjoyed the afterschool activity. Its a good way to spend time before homework-Laurie Adams-Senior It was magical ... it was mystical ... it was envigorating it was all these things. Nothing beats the thrill of victoryl- Dale Sherman-Junior A good way to get the adrenalin flowing.-Lisa Sandlow- Senior Garrett Feinberg thinks about his next move. Junior Nick Langis serves for a victory. Yes, it was fun, but when the smoke cleared one team stood as champion. Led by John Han, the HANS were the victor. Their trophy .. . nothing; but hey, this was for fun. Joy Grossberg is stunned at the results and excitement from the tournament. Wednesday Volleyball 2A Estelle Nikolakakis explains the situation with her cur¬ rent assignment. Have you ever wondered how your science room gets so clean? Or why the test tubes sparkle in the light? If you think the teachers or custodians do this, your wrong. No, little elves don ' t come out at the stroke of midnight. Lab Assistants are the people who do these very important duties. Science teacher Gerald Firak said, " They are very helpful and I would be up to my head in dirty test tubes if it wasn ' t for these wonderful students. " Lab Assis¬ tant Marc Slima states, " I love science and being a lab assistant helps me to increase my knowledge of the sciences. " 242 Lab Assistant Action Li FRIENDS ARE THERE TO HELP | Front Row: David Lee, Nina Liou, Debbie Virchinski, Georgette Pagos, Tecla Annes, Heather Bender. Second Row, Josh Meyers, Evelyn Winandi, Judith Asher, Don¬ na Wezio, Tamara Kruger. Al Ross. Third Row-, Evelina Stipicic, Tina Anton, Adam Mizock, Elaine Barrington, Tamara Moss, Chris Samuel, Carrie Hintzke, Anne Lia- sotos. The Niles West Peer Counseling Student Leadership Pro¬ gram was set up to provide an opportunity for students to discuss common concerns and share opinions. According to David Lee, Niles West Social worker and head of the pro¬ gram, " The goal of the program is to help students to devel¬ op a more positive self-concept, make good judgments, de¬ velop better social skills, and to become more responsible ' Participating students met once a week after school for an hour. At the meetings students learned about problem solv¬ ing, decision making and group activities and experiences. Next year student leaders will go to study halls to recruit students. The peer counseling groups will meet once a week for 10-12 weeks. Peer-Counsel 243 Tina Anton. Georgette Pagos, and Tamara Moss discuss some soothing advice during peer-counseling. The colorful backgrounds at the home football games were provided by the Niles West Color Guard. The Color Guard, consisting of about 20 members, not only performed in many home foot¬ ball games, but also marched in the Homecoming Parade. Competitions were also done both at Whitewater Wisconsin and at Marango, Illinois. Long hours and hard work were involved through¬ out their long season. Color Guard is fun because it’s not something everyone can do,” stated Cap¬ tain Joanna Colt. Though next year seemed far away, routines and practices for the 1986-87 sea¬ son were already underway. Front Row: Kathy Schroeder, YooMee Whang, Linda Saxo. Second Row: Sabina Puthusseril, Jeanne Nowikowski, Joanna Kohl, Bill Colby, Tracy LeBrun, Paula Horn Bill Colby and Paula Horn represent the Color Guard at Parents’ Night. Parents have the opportunity to see the wide variety of clubs at Niles West. Kathy Schroeder warms up before performing for a half-time show. The Color Guard added a lot of sparkle to the entertain¬ ment. 244 Color Guard Flag Corps PRODUCTION BEAMS UNDER SPOTLIGHT The curtain was raised and the Theater Department gave its all. They beamed in the spotlight with such productions as the student-produced musical, " Celebration”, the Children’s Theater production, " A Salute to Walt Disney”, and the spring musical " Oliver”. Not only did the department keep busy producing shows, they also attended two professional theater performances and travelled to Mun- cie, Indiana, for a Thespian Festival- in the spring. Junior Heather Doolit¬ tle stated, " Theater is a lot of fun because you can meet many fun and interesting people with the same talents and interests as you.” Officers of the Theater Department were President Andy Mills, Vice-president Cheryl Lanski, Secretary Rebecca Kolber, Treasurer Howard Tiersky, and Fund-Raiser Helaine Miller. Front Row: Andrea Field, Yuri Keegstra, Marcie Man- koff, Chris Larkin, Ann Fisher, Tony Blumberg, Jon Lisco, Carrie Kaplan, Ian Faloona, Andy Mills, Arthur Tiersky, Stephanie Pritzker Second Row: Fleather Doo¬ little, Sue Drexler, Marc Cooper, Steve Blonder, Howard Tiersky, Matt Winer, Michelle Dayan. Alison Brooks, May de las Alas, Lisa Halliday, Jenne Shedroff, Sheri Katz, Pam Homicke, Brian Yoo Third Row: Roddy Loewenthal, Lisa Ferrin, Rachel Posner, Paul Bouboutsis, Beth Lichtenstein Fourth Row: Bruce Ramseyer, Helaine Miller, Cheryl Lanski, Katy Born, Joy Grossberg, Alyssa Tadelman, Rebecca Kolber, Lisa Lasowski, Emily Shklyandy, Kevin Steele, Kerstin Gieler, Pascale Trouil- lot, Amy Roma, Melissa Rubens, Ami Schwartz, Liz Kel¬ ley Fifth Row: Tahli Hoffman, John Barba, Wendy Doyle, Brad Jones, Laila Stein, Roselle Olea, Fritzie Repique, Stacy Hosch, Dawn Szabo. Jeremiah Voris, Pam Berndt Adam Telengater, an eighth grader at Lincoln Junior High, gave a smashing performance as Oliver. He hopes to continue his theater involvement in Niles West. National Thespian Society 245 246 USHERS CLUB: Front Row: Tracy Kozil, Tania Lee, Julie Bong, Ben Salkin, Meena Ravella Second Row: Sameena Shariff, Suzanne Ahn, Cynthia Ong, Jeanine Breit, Sheila Patel, Helen Vayzman, Miss Klinger Third Row: Yoon Chang, Nicole Price, Melissa Ohlson, Amy Falck, Mari¬ na Fialko, Dana Vance Front Row: Andy Mills, Jenne Shedroff, Brad Jones, Tony Blumberg, Amy Roma, Pam Berndt, Sherry Second Row: Sue Drexler, Pam Homicke, Yuri Keegstra, Marcie Mankoff, Lisa Halliday, Dawn Szabo, Jeremiah Voris, Stacy Hosch KEEP THINGS QUIET The Ushers’ Club was a great way to meet people and have fun. Besides ushering for performances and meetings, the club held a fund-raiser and planned social events. Ushers could be identified by the new sashes they wore as uni¬ forms. The 1985-86 officers of the Ushers’ Club were President Marina Fialko, Vice-President Doreen Smith, Secretary Sheila Patel, and Treasurer Meena Ravella. The club spon¬ sor was Miss Klinger. Said President Marina Fialko, " The Ushers’ Club was a wonderful way to meet new people while doing a great service to the school. Club member Tania Lee added, " The Ushers’ Club was a special organization to be involved in because the members were so friendly and willing to devote their time to provide a necessary service to the school. " " I’ve joined this club to see my ideas be used by actors. There’s nothing better than to see something that you have invisioned come to life on stage,’’ explained Technical Service Club member Jenny Shedroff. This club, also known as " Crew’’, involved 25 students who were responsible for setting up the microphones, working the lights and sound, and hiring speakers to come to Niles West. These students also built from scratch all the sets for all the shows, including " Celebration, " " A Salute to Walt Disney, " and " Oliver. " The sponsor of this group. Miss Philbin, explained that decisions were made by group consensus rather than by officers. TECH SERVICE CLUB: VITAL FOR ACTORS Ushers’ Club Technical Service Club Front Row: Kyun MiPak, Matt Winer, Stacy Fiaber, Abby Ivener Second Row: Jenny Rhee, Lisa Ferrin, Melinda Flepner, Julia Goldin, Joe Delfin, Michelle Dayan, Rosalie Olea, Alyssa Tadelman, Wendy Martin Third Row: Joy Gross- berg, Marna Buettner, Lisa Warden, Fritzie Repique. Kevin Steele, John Barba. Pascale Trouillot, Sam Volchenboum, Rebecca Kolber, Paul Bouboutsis, Kevin , Ftanson, Kirsten Geiler, Ann Gaiser The name " Expressions” says it all. Although this is the club’s first year, the success and membership was out¬ standing. Performances included the Winter Festival, Bos¬ ton, Pops, Fall Choral Concert and many others. They also sponsored the smash hit " Star Search” which involved many North Shore high school students. The success of " Expressions” goes to the help of choreo¬ grapher Gretchen Glader, and to Ms. Owens, the vocal director who helped a great deal with having such a well rounded swinging choir. " Next year looks like a good one, as long as we stay together,” stated freshman Rachel Posner. Expressions 2-T FORWARD MARCH BAND PLACES AT SECTIONALS A call for " forward march " echoed throughout the football field as the Niles West Marching Band enjoyed one of it’s finest years. For the first time the band competed in marching competitions. In a national tournament at Whitewater, Wisconsin, the marching band placed seventh. At Marengo, Illinois at a sectional competition, the band placed second. Also the percus¬ sion section went on their first competition ever, placing fourth. All of this and they also marched in two parades and every home football game. " Being involved with such a large group of people who are devoted to the same goals teaches a great deal about family, people and most of all, pride, " stated band president senior David Rubin. After the marching band season, they moved indoors to become the sym¬ phonic and concert bands. The transition is difficult from loud, marching music to soft, flowing concert music. Both bands performed at the Holiday Festival, Boston Pops Concert, and played for graduation. The Marching and symphonic bands keep hopeful outlooks that years to come will be as successful as 1986. Warming up her flute for the homecoming parade is sophomore Lisa Mar tinson. A lot of practice and dedication was put into the parade. Jazz Band-Front Row: Megan Knowles, Roddy Loewenthal. Matt Klapman, Joel Da- linka, Larry VanMersbergen Second Row: Christopher Markos, Ross Davis, Todd Su- cherman, Steve Blonder, Jason Boehm. Adam Turetzky, David Allen Third Row: Josh Myers. Jon Viner. David Rubin. Reed Davis, Lisa Larson, Paul Helwing, Jack Korol Fourth Row: Mr. Koch 248 Band Concert Orchestra- Front Row: Helen Lin. Sheri Berger. Grace Kim, Zafreen Sirajullah. Nicolette Theodore, Marc Mamid, Albert Rhee, Bruce Ramseyer. Brian Yoo, Tecla Annes, Jonathon Breitzer Second Row: Jarnne Briet. Dana Vance, Brian Nakai, Kang Choi. Frank Kim, Jim Takaesu, Beatrice Revelins. Malim Kim, Cynthia Ong, Suzanne Ahn, Sandy Ji, Xyla Gatilao, Christian Moller, Jason Msu, Third Row: Christine Kim, Jeannie Kim, Calvin Ramseyer, David Rhee, Dan Lee, John Tsau. Larry VanMersbergen, Rachel Oliker. Alan Da- linka, Alison Brooks, Aaron Malina, Jill Cohen. Wendy Doyle. Sonia Kersten Fourth Row: Neil Kimel, Sam Volchenboum, Marsha Telengater, Reed Davis, David Rubin, Jon Viner. Steve Blonder. Jason Boehm, Mark Schaffer, Aaron Bernstein. Jill Zabo. Charles Snell. Sharon Smith Fifth Row= Mr. Ted Kaitchuck. Mark Wada. Ross Davis, Andy Goecke. Todd Su- cherman, Chris Markos ORCHESTRA PROVIDES GREAT FORMS OF ART Concert Orchestra, conducted by Ted Kaitchuck, performed various concerts throughout the year. Performances included the Fall String Orchestra Concert, the Open House Pop String Performances and the Boston Pops Dinner Concert, as well as the tour to Cleveland and Boston. Stated sponsor Ted Kaitchuck, " The orchestra provides opportunity for students to interpret the great works of music as an art form, and develop skills to enrich their lives through music both in college and in adult life through community or¬ chestra. " The orchestra officers, President Albert Rhee, Vice-President Charles Snell, Treasurer Jason Msu and Secretary Nicki Theodore, helped the busy year run smoothly. Intermediate Orchestra-Front Row: Donica Wein¬ berg, Tammy Robertson, Nicole Price, Flena Lei- bovich, Janey Yu, Shirley Choi Second Row: Ali¬ son Presley. Angie Apostolopoulos. Deedee Pit - sios. Ji Sun Kim, Karian Takehara, Ansa Oureshi, Jennifer McGeary Third Row= Mr. Ted Kaitchuck, Gordon Kersten, Kenneth Smith. Carl Nelwing, Jason Burk, Amy Flack Orchestra 2A9 Front Row: Nancy Mugerdichian, Tracey Riding, Rebecca Kolber, Ivy Drazner, Heather Doolittle, Amy Roma, Soheryl Rubens, Tra¬ cy Perrotta, Pam Frey Second Row: Gary Kaufman, Laila Stein, Melissa Rubens, Mama Buettner, Liz Kelley, Caress Calara, Sabina Puthusseril, Trina Goetz Third Row: Lisa Baum, Jerome Hawkin- son, Howard Tiersky, Tracy Cappola, Charlotte Kukulski, Eva Gazdowicz, Jim Turpin, Ami Schwartz HITS RIGHT NOTE Practicing to perfect their voices are Marna Buettner, Sabina Puthusseril, Ami Schwartz, Liz Kelley, and Amy Roma. The concert choir worked hard to prepare for their annual Christmas performance. GOOD NOTE What’s the best way to start the year off on a good note? Sing in choir! With the help of spon¬ sor Sherri Owens, the Girls’ Ensemble strove to improve their voices. And it was evident that their dedication and hard work paid off. From the Fall Festival to the May Concert, their voices were heard loud and clear. The choir hopes to attract even more people in the future so the altos and sopranos are more evenly balanced. Junior Michelle Cohen expressed the enthusiasm of the group saying, " Singing is fun and interesting, and we learn a wide variety of songs. Each person is given an equal opport unity to sing by our wonder¬ ful teacher Mrs. Owens. " Front Row: Gwen Singer. Ji Yeon Bae, Maria Raucci, Linda Kim, Second Row: Denise Gutterman, Pam Homicke, Donna Langston. Monica Goodman, Julia Goldin Third Row: Tammy Robertson. Laura Nelson. Eva Gazdowicz, Michelle Cohen, Pam Berndt. Ellen Levin Well over 30 talented and dedicated students were involved in Concert Choir. Sponsor Ms. Owens stated, " We have tripled the number of performances of the Concert Choir this year, as compared to 1984-1985. That has been a primary goal of mine. " Included in those perfor¬ mances was the addition of a fall choral _ concert, a dessert concert in the Oakton ■ Street Lobby, and a combined concert with ■ Niles North. " I’m involved in Concert Choir I because I enjoy singing and I meet many ■ people who share the same interest that I I do,’’ stated senior Elizabeth Kelley. ■ OFF ON A 250 Concert Choir Girls’ Ensemble Maritess Tamunday and Julie Cho practice non-stop for their upcoming show. Through this hard work and enthusiasm, the girls added their spark to the performance. Judy Hsu demonstrates the steps for a new dance to her fellow dancers. Orchesis members have the opportunity to choreograph and teach their own dances. Members of the Orchesis Dance Company worked hard to produce their annual show. " Maneuvers” was presented earlier last year, in the fall instead of the spring, to allow dancers time to rehearse all new numbers before the spring Music Department Tour. Sponsor Gretchen Glader said, " Putting together a production such as ours is a learning experience from beginning to end. Being a dancer means trying to cultivate the body of an athlete and the mind of an artist.” Officers included President Nan¬ cy Goren, Vice President Ellen Kim, Secretary Elaine Barrington, and Treasurer Stephanie Pritzker. Front Row: Hyun Kil. Jeannie Choi Second Row: Linda Choi. Sandy Ji. Julie Cho. Myra Kahn, Debbie Shugall. Ellen Kim. Un Joo Choi Third Row: Jennifer Bamaung, Susan Rubenstein, Pam Markfield, Stacy Kirkos, Maritess Tamunday. Judy Hsu. Eileen Deano. Lori Hirshman Fourth Row: Michelle Dayan, Nancy Goren Fifth Row: Katie Kelly. Elaine Barrington, Erica Taraschewsky, Cecile Yoon, Sue Maliwanag. Elena Leibovich. Beth Lichtenstein DANCE COMPANY CULTIVATE MOVES Officers-Seated: Elaine Barrington, Nancy Goren Standing: Ellen Kim Not pictured: Stephanie Pritzker Orchesis 251 Sophomore Desey Atsaves listens to something funny that was said. SOPHOMORES BUSY! Sophomore Class Cabinet, under the advisory of Mrs. Krone, was very busy. All thirty sophomore students in this organization, including Benjie Malkin as president, Marc Fienberg as vice-president, Missy Rabin as trea¬ surer, and Stefani Ivisic as secretary helped in some way to make sure the class of ’88 had a successful year. Their first major activitiy was planning the Frosh Soph mixer in September. Cindy Levine enjoyed that activ¬ ity, remarking that she joined cabinet because ”1 want¬ ed to help plan for dances ' With her efforts and many others, the dance was a total success. The next activity on their agenda was to make a spirit panel for Homecoming. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it since they took 1st place in the spirit panel contest! In November, for a fundraiser, they had the original idea of selling bagged popcorn. The popcorn sold fast and the cabinet benefitted from the profits that were made. ALL NEW GOV’T. Planning for bake sales, the Frosh-Soph Mixer, the vol¬ leyball tournament, and grade level activities are a few of the accomplishments of Freshman Class Cabinet. According to sponsor Ms. Nash, " Freshman Cabinet is a great way for students to get involved from the very beginning of their high school years. " The officers were President Stacy Lutz, Vice-President Fehlyn Tu- len, Secretary Rachel Cohen, and Treasurer Mindy Grossberg. Although this was all new to them, the 30- member club did a great job and had a very successful year. Front Row: Stacy Lutz, Mark Gislani, Howard Edelman, Falen Tulen, Hannah Yoo, Jill Dubrow, Shannon Crowley, Alison Presley Second Row= Janey Yu, Jane Martinez, Julie Katzman, Ivy Kron, Sandy Kontzias, Gail Schwartz, Leone Statlard, Lisa Verchinsky, Linda Theototakos Third Row= Andrea Schwartz, Marina Grinshpun, Richard Dubin, Mindy Grossberg, Cindy Ratnow, Lori Clark, Susan Bezanas 252 Freshman Cabinet Sophomore Cabinet Front Row. Rachel Shapiro, Sunny Park, Jamie Boton, Second Row: Mark Poulakidas, Lisa Sandlow, Stephanie Leader, Pam Sotiropoulas, Third Row. George Kotsiopoulos, Jenni Holt, Heather Ross, Georgia Sotiropoulas, Jackie Rozenzwajg, Fourth Row: Jordan Kramer. Garrett Fienberg, Alana Dubin, Laurie Chertow, Rhonda Bergman Fifth Row: Judy DeAcetis, Jon Lisco, Carrie Kaplan, Judy Zemsky, Lori Aronson, Sixth Row: Cynthia Papas, Elke Bojes, Dean Marinakis, Lisa Faller- SENIORS STAY ON TOP. Senior Class Cabinet involved between 30 to 35 students. Offi¬ cers were: President Mark Poulakidas. Vice-President Lisa Sand- low, Secretary Jordan Cramer, and Treasurer Jon Lisco. Senior Cabinet had planned many activities such as the bake sales, the Homecoming float, a Christmas party, the Battle of the Bands, and the Senior Breakfast, for their class. Club sponsor Sheri Owens said, " I have enjoyed my first year as sponsor for the Senior Class Cabinet. The groups dedication to the school and community provides excellent leadership for the class of ’86 ' Secretary Jordan Cramer stated. ’’The reason I am involved in this activity is to do good things representing our class for the school and community.” President Mark Poulakidas said, ' The purpose of Senior Cabinet is to promote spirit and have fun by planning activities which serve both the school and the community.” JUNIORS PLAN FUND RAISERS Senior George Kotsiopoulos " munched on some bake sale goods. As is tradition, the responsibility for planning Prom was placed in the hands of Junior Class Cabinet. Part of that responsibility entailed fundraising with all profits going to the Prom. Fundraisers included selling taffy apples on two separate occa¬ sions, having a bake sale, the " After Game Madness” dance, showing a feature film in the auditorium and running conces¬ sions at the Battle of the Bands. The twenty-plus members of Junior Class Cabinet and their sponsor, Mrs. Linda Horwitz, worked patiently and diligently through the weeks to organize and develop, " Once In A Life¬ time. Prom 1986. This work included inventing a theme, choos¬ ing a favor, designing the bid, and picking a Prom logo, as well as planning the details of the dance itself. Junior Class Cabinet raised a substantial amount of money to help defeat the costs of the fine Prom they had planned. In the words of Junior Class Cabinet President James Van Osdol. " The key to our successes were in the ideas and hard work of every¬ one involved.” Senior Michelle Burdeen works on her lates project for cabi Junior Cabinet Senior Cabinet 253 Front Row: Cindi Levine Second Row: Michelle Malte- zos, Traci Michaels, Cathy Smith, Judy Zemsky Third Row: Lisa Falleroni. Melissa Raben. Jenni Holt Fourth Row: Elaine Barrington, Michelle Fienberg, Devra Res¬ nick. STUDENT UNION — PLANS ACTIVITIES Homecoming parade and dance, Back to School Bash, Turnabout, pep rallies . . . the list goes on and on. These are just some of the many activities that were planned by the Student Union. What is Student Union? According to junior member James VanOs- dol, " Student Union is the entertainment branch of student government. We’re the smile producers in this school, we plan rip-roarin ' fun activities that the kids just love. It’s a lot of laughs and good times being involved in Union.’’ Throughout the past years, the number of members involved in Student Union has increased greatly. Who ever believed that group of 80 would become 106? Yet all the members worked hard and worked well together and the outcome was simply amazing. The officers included President Jenni Holt, Vice- President Devra Resnick, Secretary Judy Zemsky, and Treasurer Michele Feinberg. The sponsor was Mrs. Forman. Thanks to all the effort, creativity, and enthusiasm put in by the members of Student Union, the 1985-86 school year was fun, exciting, and one that will always be remembered! Junior MicFielle Feinberg works on decorations for Turnabout Dance, ’’Willie Wonka.” Student Union STUDENT SENATE PROVIDES ■ GROUND RULES " Student Senate plays an important role acting on behalf of the students and preserving the rights of students. I think it’s great because one can fin d out what’s really going on and do something about it,” stated junior Mark Gussin, secretary and treasurer of Student Senate. He, along with President Dean Marinakis and Vice-President Mike Phillips, made up the club’s officers. The 30 member club was active and involved with various activities. They attended regional conferences, and sent representatives to sit in on board of education meetings as well as EPAC meetings. In addition, they were the sponsors of " Meet the Board,” and participated in the student appeals board. When asked for his opinion of Student Senate, sponsor Mr. J.A. Sweeney replied, " I feel that I am associated with the most exciting activity in the school. " Members of Student Senate. Evelina Stipicik. Nicki Romashko. Rhonda Bergman. Jeannine DiMadica. and Elke Bojes are here to represent the organization. Student Senate 255 ECC COORDINATES GOVERNMENT Whenever new ideas came up for all-school events, such as fundraisers, E.C.C. provided a forum to hear those ideas. Whenever conflicts of interest arose between student groups, E.C.C. helped settle the debate. If friction occurred between students and the administration, E.C.C. provided the lubricant to keep Niles West a well-oiled machine. Yes, the Executive Coordinating Council played a pivotal role in communications between all the groups at Niles West. Topics for discussion could have been channeled through the representatives of any of the respective administrative and student governmental groups. Once channeled, these topics were thorough¬ ly discussed and consensus decisions made, usually to the satisfaction of all involved. Senior member Judy Zemsky listens up to the next activity to be discussed. Senior Lisa Sandlow, Senior Class Vice President, speaks of her next plan. 256 ECC Senior Howard Tiersky shows Mr. Golata that he can carry Greece on his shoulders. Nancy Goren high steps on her dance move. Sophomore Cyndi Levine works hard on a project for Student Union. School is sometimes difficult, but not as bad as to ’’throw” it ail away! Action 257 Division-Academics 259 Barbara Chausow- Home Economics Walter Cocking- Guidance Juanita Carlson- Center of Individual Curriculum, Mary Pat Carr- Guidance John Chambers- Guidance Jean Damisch- Individual Instruction Center Gary Davis-Art. Wilda DeFur-Home Economics Edward Degenhardt Sc ' «ence Irwin Drobny-Social Studies Gene Earl-Driver Education Gerald Firak-Science Agnos checks out the statistics of the necoming game. Mr. Agnos is well known for his enthusiasm in Niles West activities. 262 Academics TO MOST ask, is or even at home, it is just something ise the that has to be done. Barbara Handler- Guidance Bill Handzel-Audio Visual Josephine Hentz Business Education Daniel Hill-Social Studies Dennis Hoeppner- Science Linda Horwitz- English Junior Mario Moya catches some Zz ' s during a busy day. Taking a nap behind the teacher ' s back is not an uncommon thing, especially in a morning class. Mr. Geismann takes some time in the quiet English Resource Center to read some Shake speare. Olga Georgiev- Foreign Language John Golata-English Ewald Grossheusch- Business Education Pat Flynn-English Dottie Fugiel- Science George Galla-Health John Gault-Social Studies Carl Geis- Mathematics William Geismann English Glenn Jurek-lndustrial Arts Brian Katzman-Physical Education COMPUTER POPULARITY: NO ERROR Rita Kay Science Robert Keen-Industrial Arts William Kelly-IIC Charles Kemmler-Student Services Since the mid- 70’s, computers have been gaining popularity with the American public. The computer population at Niles West has almost tripled in the last four years. Nowadays, computers do all our work, from balancing our checkbooks to counting our calories. In general, the average American has a little silicon chip doing all his thinking. " Computers are fine to a point. But when they start to rule the world somebody ought to pull the plug on them and go back to using the abacus as a counting machine, " said Junior Chris Larkin. How¬ ever, without computers where would we be now? Sophomore Ann Fisher explained, " Computers help me a lot with my typing skills and my homework. I sure am glad I bought one. " Marvin Klebba-English Terese Klinger-Foreign Language William Koch-Music Marion Jaeschke-Home Economics Robert Johnson-English Roberta Jorgensen-Guidance 266 Academics Mr. Patrick Savage finds the time to answer questions in his computer Mr. Benson, the computer center operator, often prepares the pro¬ class. These students are learning the fundamentals of working the com- grams so that students can use the computers. Sometimes when the puter so that they can operate the machine on their own. programs break down, Mr. Benson gives a little human assistance. Academics T67 Junior Todd Kassel stops off at his locker to pick up some books. Unlike freshmen, upperclassmen do not like carrying a heavy load of books around all day long. Shirley Lundberg-IIC Patricia Matlak Physical Education Mrs. Angela Graham lectures an English class. Last school year, Mrs. Graham was designated Master Teacher of Illinois State. Tom Meyer-Physical Education Alex Miron-Foreign Language John Moshak-Socia! Studies Robert Murphy- Foreign Language Frank Mustari- Guidance Geri Nash-English Elizabeth Oldham- Home-Economics James Olsen-Action Learning Center Gertrude O ' Reilly- Foreign Language Jerome Orr-English Sheri Owens-Music Marlene Peterson- Student Services Mel Pirok-Social Studies Robert Porter- Physical Education Wayne Rogoski- Science Lee Sellers-Industrial Arts Faith Shapiro-English Carol Simone-Social Studies Jerome Slattery- Mathematics Judy Sloan-Physical Education H ' M ' THE DEVIL-IN-WEST I Students who always sigh because they think they have to fill another English requirement with another boring grammar class should stop their sighs and look into an exciting class called " Devil in Literature " . The class taught by Jean Derichs, was much more that a literature class. Derichs described it as the closest thing to a philosophy class at Niles West. Research reports on the supernatural and cults were written. There were also many in class activities. The students created their own hell, in writing. As a class they discussed the change in attitude about the devil throughout the ages. They also disscussed the origin of evil. They read many books dealing with the devil. " Inferno " by Dante, " Mysterious Stranger " by Twain, " Childhood ' s End " , by Arther Clarke, " Exorcist " by William Blatty, and " Dr. Faustus " by Marlow are some titles of books read. Derichs added another reason the class was so stimulating, " I like it because I get some of the most interesting students in the class. I find that they look at the ordinary in a most t nordinary way. " j Biology teacher James Strnad works after classroom hours to prepare for his classes. Mr. Strnad has had many of his sciences, claiming they owe come back to tell of their j successes in the Academics 271 ive, all an ea ed from tf grc trolled aking course learned deal ss started off with the statements from their fortable with the group. A few w€ ling the proper structure, the sti ke mini-speeches standing before the grc making a few " minies,” students made major on assigned topics and even on topics of theii ing. Finally, at the end of the semester, studer asked to make impromptu speeches. To those who toe the course, public speaking proved more than just class, it proved to be an experience that woulc them get through social situations for the rest of lives. MmuKm 274 Getting help after class from William Kelly are seniors Danny Zebovitz and Neil Uhler. Kelly helps students in the CIC department. Tom Hansen figures out the next step in his technical drawing class. STUDY AREAS There are many different study areas of Niles West. Various students were asked of their favorite spot and these were some an¬ swers. The cafeteria seemed to be the most popular study area of the school. But almost everyone agrees it is one of the hardest places to con¬ centrate. " Food is the main attraction to studying in the cafe. " according to Junior Gina Lee. For band members the band wing and main room is the best spot. Besides being able to practice music, there are other reasons for using the room. Senior Jill Zabo said, " I enjoy the quiet atmosphere, studying by the win¬ dow for fresh air and being with my friends. " A couch and chairs in the band wing also make studying more comfortable. Senior Paula Krone voiced the opinion of many newspaper and yearbook staff mem¬ bers. " I like working in the Westword office because it feels like I’m at home. There is unlimited amounts of paper, pens and of course a phone. " Academics Some of the more unusual spots for studying were, " In the hall between classes " according to Sophomore Bryan Mittleman, " At my desk during the test. " said Senior Jim King, and Junior David Bloom says " I don’t study. " Senior George Marks checks out the days news during his free time. Mr. Feick hands back papers to his business class Computers are becoming more and more part of the business world. 275 ACADEMIC DIRECT! TS Rita Stuart, Student Services Director Leonard Ackman. Math and Science Director James Swanson, Buildng Manager - —- AND SECRETARIES W ORK AS ONE THE WORK NEVER ENDS! For the secretaries at Niles West, the work is never done! Whether it be paper work or even a simple phone call, these devoted ladies get the job done with speed and accuracy. All day long, they have to deal with screaming parents, complaining students, crabby teachers or de¬ manding directors. Without the understanding of the la¬ dies, our school would not function on a smooth level. John Winterhalter, Practical Arts Dorothy Beringer Phyllis Mooradian Audrey Longo Marge Phiilippe J! Dorothy Mitnii -„,ck Betty Stezskal Dolores Wyk S3B iifli _ _ p Dr. Ring goses with senior Sfe and sophomore Jinger Brod two year as principal, Dr. involved and concerned w(th| PRINCIPAL FACES SECOND YEAR Dr. Donald Ring has completed his second year as prin¬ cipal at Niles West. When asked of his evaluation of the school and of his thoughts and plans on Niles West, he replied, " Each day brings new challenge and rewards. I continue to enjoy the friendship and spirit of our stu¬ dents. I would like to maintain an excellent curriculum given our declining enrollment, also to improve school spirit next year.” He also added that he enjoys being principal and that the students are very courteous and work hard. 278 Academics EW CHALLENGES Dr. Donald Ring-Principal The Indian spirit has caputred Dr. Rings. At the Homecomin ties Dr. Ring gives the crowd some of the spirit. BOARD RAISED WITH PROBLEMS! The District 219 Board of Education consists of a six member team that works out potential problems in the schools. One problem that the board is working on is the change of the gradu¬ ation requirements by raising the num¬ ber of credits necessary to graduate, rather than the traditional thirty- six. Another important issue concerns that of discipline. The Board wants to change punishments for violations, such as suspension. Lastly to dispute on wheter or not to make up the days lost from the strike. Students were able to learn of and discuss these and other important issues with the Board at the ’ ' Meet the Board” session held in Octo¬ ber. Students question The Board of Education at the highly successful, second annual ’Meet the Board.” Members of the Board of Education : Back row. Left to Right Mr. Saul Weiner, Gail Stone, Mrs. K Aderman, Mr. Shelly Marcus; Front Row: Board President Martin Tiersky and Superintendant Dr. SECRETARIES PROVIDE VITAL HEL PROVIDERS FOR STUDENT At Niles West many people other than teachers are instrumental in keeping the school on its feet. Prom Mrs. Bow¬ er in the guidance office to Mrs. Al- banese in the registrar’s office, Niles West is always prepared to get the days work done. When seeking information in the Li¬ brary or Annex help is never far away. The media staff is always ready to give assistance wherever it be needed. When copies are needed, Mr. Mitz is the man to see for all duplicating ser¬ vices. Whether its a single copy or several hundred, whether its printed on white or colored paper, Mr. Mitz makes it all happen. If its solving an attendance problem or clearing a computer problem, the many people behind the scenes at Niles West are always willing to help. Sue Newcomb Bookstore Miss Molone Bookkeeper Mrs. Nord Reading Center boeial enter Mrs. Samuels Homebound Secretary DEANS GET THE JOB DONE 282 Academics Chrystine Margetis Beatrice Mroz Kupferberg Sandra Piper SAFETY AND SECURITY The " home of the Indians” is also the home of many students with aches, pains and fevers. Always willing to try to make the student feel better, the school ' s nurses are to be commended for doing a fine job. After taking your temperature, whether they send you home, excuse you from gym, or just let you lie down for a little while, you can count on the nurses to take care of you. When leaving the nurses’ office, you may want to clear up your unexcused absence with the dean. Although most people, including the deans, feel that the less one is in the deans’ office the better. Niles West is lucky to have three fine deans and their secretaries doing a professional job of what needs to be done. Another group of people that deserve credit for doing a job that needs to be done is the security guards. When trouble arises, the security guards act quickly and efficiently to return everything back to normal, and to maintain a calm and studious atmo¬ sphere. Dorothy Taylor Nurse Barbara Scarbrough - Nurse Mr. Mitz- Duplicating Services Jacquelyn Udell - Security Guard Janies Puff and Steve Ramseyer - Security Guards . , Academics TS3 SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY ROB ACHEATELi Basketball, captain, football 3.3.4, honor able mention aN conference! track. 3 t honor rod. Scoring X)points in our first victory of the season, going into double overtime to finally beat conant. The last football game of the season, it was Homecoming. The air was filled with excitement. Just waiting for that kickoff was unbearable. The game was a battle and it was won. There were tears in some of the players eyes. The emotion was intense. LAURIE ADAMS, Bronze key, silver key. gymnastics. 1.3, cheer- leading 3.3.4, yearbook 3.3.4, co-editor. 4, senior class cabinet. 4 ( student union 4, midnight riders. 3.4. " bumping " into KGB, " ness " - " I am voidl ' ' - " Oh. no, not the hill " Be-ne-ne-ne! N.W. Beach-my blondes- we smell like fishl Jenni. we are the same personl Aloma- turbo woman, JH will never knowl Phreaghed- dieey ft 80 sims forever! Mich, best friendsi every good time unmentionable! and she does-diving boards! Car dancesi yester¬ day . . i steph. dym for our partying days ( eating r_ch at KK " sactocarypotinl " Elliott, get it this weekend? our joy ride! cbt. bht. mope. mrs. L. flakey. i poly-friends forever, and too many amazing times to mention! I ' ll love you guys always H.R. screaming legs ( Uofli ugliness! Summer breakdowns, thanx fab Si MB- deadly morning rides! Bella Feyman lives on w diet cokes! 13 ft. long cukel Car trouble. SL? reckless girls-AD- say hello to the floort |oey loch i love you-itt-bitty baby! schticle men! Bk park¬ ing! MP. DP. CC great times! Brian, if you read thisi " Oh h_t!” all night fun, ice cream monsteri wooffi we are so happening! I ' D love you always! LARRY ALVAREZ: Wrestling. 3, Meeting my good friend Rcik and having many meaningful conversations. Bus rides home junior year w B.D.. AG. GM. EGG stud, summer nights at the beach. Going to Highland park w KC to see his loving cousin. Evanston w RB. Parties at madison w TL and KH and " beating the systemi whenever possible. KATIE ARGETSINGER: Swimming 3.3.4, Co-captain. 4. AFS. 3,3,4. abroad to Indonesia. 3 ( president. 3i class cabinet 4 t midnight riders. 4. JD breaking the shelf at wooiworths. Dancing at JL’s w KS. TM and other unknown male spectators. Pretzels and wine quarters with touchdown. TM w 3 pairs of underwear. LF break¬ ing her goggles at conference. All our " hard " workouts. New years 86. quarters in GP bathroom with DS. Debbie breaking her sock. Can I have a ? Thanks for all the qreat memories. LORI ARONSON: Gymnastics 1.3.3,4, AFSm Israel. 4, vice presi¬ dent 4i German club I.3.3.4, SADD 3.4, Red certificate. Ii Bronze key 3i silver key 3i NHS 3.4, seminars for scholars. 4, SES 4i medical careers stub 4, class cabinet. 3.4, student union. 3.4, Surfing in the parking lot of old orchard. My many trips to Ed ' s. MR RZ and I trying to make up a physics experiment. AFS. Israel. Chinese firedrills. Wee little tot (84-85 season.) I ' ll never forget ES great times with the best of friends, JG ' s noses and my eyes. PAULETTE ARVANITIS: My most memorable experiences are, 5pock, spitz, spaz. gandi. and larva. Psychotic actions with the butcher knife normanl Ohno-Jason! New years at NU? De¬ cember 3nd, wax hair- princess gone, zakdmambkg. The three musketeers, party animals at aneshias. Ron of Japan. Purple rain freak out with hawaiin. Mars bar at 300 am. " The warehouse. " Forever love for JB. Remembered hatred for Bl. Down-state with Steven and his coke and rum splurge. Turnabout 85. Precious Roxanne. Room 43. George Winston. Forever love for my Ste¬ ven Feb. 33nd. 86- thanks for everything and I love you! Spring break 85.1st time with si. The Bossll Cafe provencal. Madison 861 DON ASF4CRAFT: Swim team. I. Soph year when Glen and I flipped the old mans sodding, dirt side up and finding out mike’s vette could go 185 MPH. JUDY ASHER: Girls soccer I.3.3.4, School mascot. 4, Theater 4, midnight rider. 4, frosty the snowman and mickey mouse, t-ping those friday wifes was great- except for being attacked, getting stuck in the elevator w mg sophomore yr. the alarm going off. unforgettable, exploring the janitors quarters was always fun. w JB. LF and her Lemon-sliding under ic ' s car! CELEBRATIONI What a success! JR after 4 yrs of Hr. we re finally friendsi Good luck I JOHN AXELRAD: Newspaper features editor. 4, wast of edens. 3.4. Spanish club I.3.3.4, national honor society.4, seminars for scholars. 4, yearbook photographer 4, aeronautics club. I, math team IJ.3, leader ' s gym 3.3.4, Spanish national honor society 4, theater publicity. I, Spanish poem contest 1st place, Spanish apti¬ tude contest, honorable mention, bronze key. silver key. Illinois state scFiolar. candidate for english dept, award. Going on the spying adventures with Whisk at night, and the BIG rock scandal with Jennifer in Park Ridge, (we were on a mission from GOD.) FELICIA BAKSHY Cross Country I.3.3.4, all conference 3.3, co¬ captain. 4, track 1.3.3, wrestlettes 3.3, leaders 3.3. Evan’s what elseis there to say? Downstate 85 baths with SL, Conant and Fenton guys MR s where s the remote control and brownies with hedgeclippers, parties-MC why ' s the car smoking? Kornit who fell down the stairs? where ' s all the street signs? Maxwell ' s DR no more broken glasses. JC-no more singing midnight swims and drip drying at the beach. Budd ' s squirrels in garbage disposals and crackers in fans. 8$ policeman knocking on car windows.- October 19. 1984. and so much more l love you! To my friends- great times, more to come, you ' re all the best!! Florida here we come! JOE BARBER Football. 3.3.4, captain 4. Seeing Kreiter. jaws to¬ gether. Keith ' s face smelling like dead fish one night, rose the next night, Blizzard. Saturday B ' s. latenight downtown Taking pictures of Swine at KK party. Seeing Hagen with Myra Kahn that warm Miller. AA. Playing Sophomore football with Lowell torched lawn. Eating oatmeal with Craig. Watching Lee Being Pansed in form! of Pom-Pon squad. Busting Lee. Garcia on the lawn. " 84 " homecoming with Irene, and hour. Min. Mike busted by mother doing b ' s. Min. Friday sessions. Stotland, Izenstark ' s window. DENISE BARRIOS: Girl’s jv soccer. I, cabinet 1.3.3, international night. 3. Sue ' s book opened durint the eng. final as mr. Geisman inched closer. Going to all those parties with " you know who you guys are. " Esp the Tunabout which was followed by Master ' s hall. Mr Kettleborougj i Marie ' s heartattacks during D.E. Falling asleep on the social studies ' section of the ACT. IRENE BASILIO: Pom pon. 3.3, Midnight riders 3.3.4. My most memorable experiences are, the dogs in the Hilton bathroom. Falling out of my window popped veins! Streaking down niles center, it ' s aburn. Christy! Reunion w Julsl Long intense talks w Kevin. Junior guys. " I love yal " Dawn ' s basement get-to¬ gethers, (lotion). Taste of Chicago the jacket. Good times w Joey. Time spent w Vince and the most unforgettable moments spent w the scrubs. BEN BAUER Free dinner for 4 at Chinese palace, Lunch in the Pagos mobile, watching Timmy create a regn of destruction. (mlO0)i Seeing the Dead in the cold rain and snow. Getting happy and unhappy on 60s day, Tree 19 (oh oh. spaghettio), " Do you want ice. Jason? " Rocky Mr. High with Mike, Wxperiencing waters w Jason, and late night with Italian Gourmet. NISSIN BEHAR America s outstanding names and faces. 3, span ish club I.3.3.4, secretary. 4, Spanish honor society. 4. My most memorable experience at Miles West will be leaving it. But hon¬ estly. Marc is the one man responsible for many an adventure. Remember A and B. but not C. RHONDA BERGMAN West word I.3.3.4, editor in cheif. 4, news editor 3, features editor 3, cub reporter I, " Westhi Story " colum¬ nist for Pioneer press 3.3.4, NHS 3.4, Illinois state scholar. Red certificate, Bronze key, Silver Key, student senate. 3.3.4, Secre¬ tary treasurer. 3, class cabinet., secretary. I, treasurer 3, Illinois citizenship experience. 3, IHSA student government con¬ vention delegate 3, Seminars for Scholars. 4, Tutors club. 4, student careers club. 3, AFS. 3.3, Hebrew club. 3, wrestlettes. I, S.A.D.D. 3, current events club, 3 Spanish honor society. 3.4. ABRA BERKLEY Best friend Sheelagh water fights as freshmen, we were so cool! When Karen Strohmeier and I went parting all night at Cheers, and for a motorcycle ride, Down to Rush w Roula cruisin around! I will most remember the experiences of new friendships, school activities, and daily events which have created my own " Westhi story " In the future. I plan to be a famous (ournalist for a major newspaper. I will receive calls constantly from Niles West asking me to find time in my busy schedule to return as a speaker of the Month. PAM BERNDT Girl’s Ensemble, set conruction for celebration and Oliver. My most memorable experiences are. Sat- in Evan¬ ston weekends with the gang Party. Fri. with Keith, and all the time spent with my friends. AARON BERNSTEIN Marching band I.3.3.4, band I.3.3.4, tour I.3.3.4, pow wow. 3.3, Jazz band. 3, AFS. 3, SASB. 3.3.4. My most memorable experiences of high school are having fantastic times with Jill. Cindi. Mark. Neil. Reed. Ross. Yummy. Theresa. Chris- sie. Evelina. Cindy. Paul. Bill. Todd. Lisa and Alayna. You ' re the fifteen best friends a person could ever have. I will never forget any of you. (but possibly mark .) SCOTT BINSTOCK: Wrestling, I.3.3.4. Going on road trips during vacations. Nights in the woods blown out sitting next to a huge fire. Going to a Greatful Dead concert where the " A” bomb strikes, and making it home in one piece. How we made it to Cambridge, no one will ever know. Going to the Smokey Moun¬ tains last spring break. What a tnp Chopping down trees in Wisconsin. All the summers in Minnesota, what a blast. The skylarks downfall. STEVE BLONDER: Symphonic band 3.3.4, section leader. 3.4, jazz band. 1.3,3.4, marching band I.3.3.4, intermediate band, I, concert orchestra. 3.3.4, thespians, I.3.3.4, national honor society 4, semi¬ nars for scholars. 4, SADD. 3.4, german club 1.3.3, debate team 1.3, board member. 3, Pow-wow cast. 1.3.3, celebration assistant di¬ rector. 4, Red shoes cast. I, Rumplestiltskin cast. 3, Walt Disney cast. 4, The Wiz cast. I, Any body out there? cast 3, Dames at Sea orchestra. 3, Poppin cast. 3, Joseph and the amazing technicoior Dreamcoat. cast. 3, Oliver cast. 4, math team. I, leaders gym 3.3, tennis team I, soccer team. I, Red certificate. I, Bronze key. 3, State Scholar. 4. Opening nights of Joseph, and the Wiz, getting milk crates with HT, history with Howard, Dorbny throwing things at us, time spent with JIU- Jack ' s tour, and everything else, the car ride to Flomecoming 84 with DR. NEIL BLOOMFIELD: Swimming I.3.3.4, All-conference swimming 3.3, National honor society. 4. Memorable experiences ar swim¬ ming. especially when we broke the 400 record. Trips to Michi¬ gan (traveling bar) and Illinois (drink it or wear it). Dive rolls with Buck, " I’m not " Torrey covering the front door by booting P. " Hide me! Vida ' s after me!” Leaving here! MARGO BLUMFELT: My most memorable experiences are. Senior year becoming friends with Julie D. Christie E. Dawn M. Pam S. Shareen A. Irene B. Laurie D. Debbie F. Rachael G, Kim S, and Cathy T. All the good times and late, late nights. Julie-for sale, eggs. Christy- our walks, Laurie fc Rachael-Teaching me to dance at Jeff ' s Dawn- good movie, Irene, going out at 5,30 AM, cathy- B on the rocks. ELKE BOJES: Soccer I, cross country I, german club. 1.3,3,4, stu¬ dent union, 3.4, class cabinet. 3.4, midnight riders, 3.4, German exchange. 3, My mos memorable experience include, Andrea getting busted in East Germany, (next time don ' t bring your camera), my unforgetabie car pool w Sylvia t Cathy, getting to hoveroom before 7,35 only twice the whole year. To many adven¬ tures of KROD Kris 1 1 shared. 3 years of Zorn. I survived, need I say more. SUE BOSCAPOMI: Basketball. I, Softball. 3.3. My most memorable experiences are boring classes, accounting with mr. G, Claudia and Donna, and my Before, during and after finals parties. BENJAMIN BOSHES: Wrestling. 1.3. Northern Illinois what a week- " Dancing the night away ’ are seniors Jon Viner and Wendy Sedelsky. 284 Senior Survey SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY endl John ' s hand on fire at the Grace under pressure concert and a lot of Friday mornings with Chet Chit Chat also a certain bet which a certain person about a certain song and a lot of late night hockey games. JAMIE BOTON: Student union. 2.4, senior cabineti yearbook. 4, homeroom 202. U.3.4. My most memorable experiences are. laughing in the kitcheni hot chocolate on the stairsi having my shoe picked out. falling out of a shopping cart with joeyi burning my hair and head, Homecoming 85. The aspen suite. Mr. Albianis MX) class (crying). Ron Jeremy. Lev’s class. 7-11 every time Rach. all my names given by NU. Lying on the bathrrom floor, spending senior year with great new friends. GK. LF. LS. MR. SPmNU. DW. $K. AT. AT. HP. DL. SH. RM. and my oldest. RT. 4 years of best times ever, thanks. Ange. PAUL BOUBOUTSIS: Soccer I, hellemc club. 2.3.4, theater. 2.3.4, sniper club. 1.3.4. The endless summer nights at Northwestern mayfest. 85. Who ever heard of free ribs? I mean it guys, there was somebody pouding on the door. I swearl Wxcuse me ma ma. I’m taking a survey, and I’d like to know if I could have a few minutes of your time Our improv debut at O’hare. Chicken fried rice come with sidy puddy. Joy. you ' ve changed my life, oh and by the way. those were glass cows, really, who cares? I Love You anyway. Bruce. I hear that they ' re looking for help over at Marshall Field’s selling Polo. I wonder why I wonder. Some serious advice. Take advantage of the time you ' ve got now because that ' s all you’ve got. If I may quote the eternal words of my father. " Hello do house!” What will I miss the most. Billy Schnurr. and maybe my Siamese goldfish that I ate for lunch yesterday. Goodbye friends. MIKE BOUEGERIE: Cross country. I. indoor track, I. track. I. red honor roll. I. The last day of senior year. GRADUATION. CRAIG BRABEC: Wrestling U.3.4, football. U.3.4, N club. 4, Na¬ tional merit commended student. Illinois state scholar. New year ' s with Mike K-can you say resiewdub? My first encounter with something called the BB. an interesting experience I must say. Down state with Chris. Mike. Steve. Doug, and Rita ' s party I couldn’t forget if I tried. Senior year everything’s been great, but the best is yet to come-down state and Proml TORREY BROWDER: Swimming I.2.3.4. All-conference swimming 2.3.4, captain swim team. 4. national honor society treasurer. 4. soccer. 1.3,4. seminars for scholars. 4. I don ' t want to remember. I ' m trying my hardest to forget these four years. One last part¬ ing apology. Dr. Ring. I’m sorry about your car. HAIHAI TIM BRUNNING: Soccer 2.3.4, Party RS meet Ray from GBS, Walking home hammered. Keruchtin drive tractor at PD. GP. RC slide tackling loft early. RC blowing chow at BS. HS at GS otis say Chuck is a relative. RM wannat shot and me carrying RC home Halloween cans at cop cars. 4th July hammered by 12 swinging on rope. Keruchtin banging kids head on wall, lunch w Paul Schaffer. ANGE BRUSCATO; My most memorable experiences are the ones held with my best buddies in the world. Thanx Jame for letting me pick your shoe. Kim-you ' ll always be the craziest-and above everything-Laurie. we ' ll make it big time! Thanx to my buddies (tony.Richard. Frank. Joardan. Franky. ETC) you guys taught me the partying necessities-and to Russell thanx for all the short lived lunch hours, and for the best moments of my life-love ya always! And lastly, best of luck to my kid sis. Andrea. MICHELLE BURDEEN: Soccer. I, Softball. 3, photography club. IJ.3,4. band photographer 2,3,4. band tours 2,3.4. yearbook pho¬ tographer. 2.3.4. photo editor 3.4, newspaper photographer 3.4. Trying to find Mr. Turry ' s office frosh yr. Billy Joel condert for DF sweet 16. Harrer pk. mbros. new year ' s 85. scenic route, beach. Simonfcsimon. microphone. Maxwells, sidewalk, sonuts. cubs. Wendy ' s love boat, poems, driving poster chasing " you know who " taking pictures, the unforgettable band tours. Jack’s dinners w Debbie finding out the gossip, long talks about ever¬ ything w DR. 18 yrs. of very special friendship w Debbie fc Christy. The great friendships wacky times I ' ve made w my friends, the last day of Sept, we well always remember into the mailbox went 18 dollars as we began to hollar but just down the street there was extreme heat she was in no doubt when he asked her out I LORI BURNS: Girl ' s soccer, three years. Hossfeld parties, being friends w all the cod people, learning who my real friends are and the summers with Chris Phlaumer. But my best memories belong to Gail and Ange. GERALD BURSTYN: I ' ll never forget all those special friends who I loved and made me happy. MC sophomore homecoming was the start of the best of times and the worst of times. To my buddies, incredible junior summers (PS. RC. AT) I ' ll remember those ad ventures at the beach. DC and SY- Lev and chem. DN. you ' re wonderful. TO Melinda. I only ask. " do you?” my answer, " of course.” Goodbye, and good luck. SONIA BYCHKOV: Debate I.2.3.4, president. 4. west of edens. 2.3.4, literary editor. 4. National honor society. 3.4. seminars for schdars. 4. current events dyb. 3.4. children ' s theatre. 2.3, spring play. 85.3. red honor roll. I. bronze key. 2. silver key. 3. gold key. 4, Illinois state schdar. 4, National Merit letter of commendation. 4. Overnight tournaments, congress. 1983. the day that sandy left, and most of all: December I. 1984. and every day after that LETITIA CADAVID: Junior cabinet. WOE. HELP, art council, he lemc club: french club. Ritz nights out. Marz B. Being grounded for life, meeting Malcdm and Steve and never seeing Steve again. Son and Tam fc Nat. Joe. Adam. Adam spaz. Vodka all the way. meeting Jimbo Carl fc Brian fc Mark. Homecoming Massa ere at Andrea ' s house. The cure, everything but the girl, in memory of Ray. Going out till 7, Taste of Chicago and collecting beer cups, creating a nuissance. creating HELP and going through red tape. Dessie. no you can’t have my shirt. Alexis, what ' s up? CLAUDINE CARRAO: Volleyball I.2.3.4, leaders. 3, N-club. 3.4. Rick the gigalo: The green hornet and the stick, SZ and our annex experiences. My " set togethers " with MP. My many disagree ments with SL. Alfonso and the Santa fight with CF. KA and the Joyce voice regionals. My new found friends. MF. KA. AK. DM. fc MP. My very good friend MJ. and all of the countless good times we ' ve had. Finally Mad and Dom what can I say. Italy will always rule! KEVIN W. CHERN. My most memorable experiences: graduating, lubricating my car with a Niles West pizza, seeing Ms. O ' Reily issue referal 1 million, my first day of freshman year some girl spilled a cup of punch on me. Mr Holz saying. " It ' s a geml " Ms. Magee ' s public speaking class, spending time alone and with friends. CFTY rules! JANET CHERNEY. Girl’s track 1.2, Spanish club. 1.2. My most memorable experiences have been the fun times I have had with my friends. Seeing Gary Williams (my adobted brother) in the hall for the 1st time. Becoming best friends with Paula and sharing the best of times together. " Hey. let ' s be roomies! " my future plans include going to college and becoming a business major Thanks to all my friends for making my high school years more enjoyable! LAURIE CHERTOW: Student union. I.2.3.4. class cabinet. 1.2,3.4. german club I.2.3.4, midnight riders. 3.4, wrestlette. 4. the wrong house, sleeping with a friend, superbowl celebration. FT. Lauderdale. Skokie lagoon with Todd and Andy, sleeping in the truck. Edgebrook nights, running through alleys, treehouse par ties, handy Andy. " Ron. you stem " California with Sheila and Lisa, hotel busts and most important-my friendships with Lara and Myra. CECILIA CHUNG. First place National Spanish contest 1st year, Highest score in the country. I am most pleased and thankful for the opportunity to come to the U.S.A. and be part of this school. My most memorable experiences were spent with my sister Christina, my family, and the greatest home. KENNY COHN: Homeroom with Tina and Deb. Bob ' s party, Yes concert, partying with E.B.. what an experience, pizza and beer at my house. Artos with Sylvia and Kelly, what a biowoff. the wars at the dump with M.F. and M.M., parties at Holiday Inn and all the other good times I had. DAVID COHEN HR, AFS, Swimming. 1.2.3, Golf. I.2.3.4, baseball I. golf U.3.4, MVP. 4. regional co-champ. Watching Lee fall from the top of the bleachers though it was his death! Playing baseball w coach Shane frosh yr. and pitching about every game. Coach Hoeppner calling BP potty mouth, John’s fast pitch leg kick, Mr Johnson s English class, coach Floeppner taking a 14 on the 12th. golf in the rain at retionals shooting a 75! JILL COLEN: Volleyball 1.2, Softball 1.2.3, Basketball 1.2.3, Soccer 4, Spanish Club 4, AFS club 1.2.3, Americans Abroad. Brazil ' 84 summer AFS. Spain ' 85 summer EIL. Bronze Key. I ' d always re ’ Madonna” Jon Lisco and Ion Faloona give the Sexy look. member the clique, red rum there by their cars. Fantastic sum mers in Brazil and Spain, and great times with the gang. Borrow mg street signs, learning my left from right, falling down, creat¬ ing the punch at H.R. ' s party, nature walks and new experiences. Carrots at R.S.’s Concerts U2. Springsteen. Phil (memorable I still have the library card) and hopefully many more great times to come with great friends to share them. ANDRE CONTON. Football U. QOT parties, AD mixed drinks and witty insults. SH and I in the BR with b-cans stacked to the ceiling, cooler races with SZ and SL. G=CK. lost and found quarters, broken mirrors, roadtrips, broken mirrors, classes TH and the pictures that never came out. SH ' s melted ajeket. SZ and me in TKD. sitting in the first row in DfcD in Bev. Hills with AD fc SH waiting for the BIG scene, thanks to all my friends and the good times, some closing words. Big Deal, take off. " that ' s OK. " and_u_that_h_. MARC COOPER Thespian. U.3.4,-Technical Crew. I, Pow Wow. The Wiz-Cast, 2.3.4, Pow Wow. No Parking. Celebration. Oliver Intermediate band: U-Symphamc band. 3.4-Expressions: 4-De¬ bate. 1.2.3-Coomputer club. 1.2, President. 2 National Merit Fina¬ list. 4. My freshman year my favorite place to sleep was Mr. Gault ' s People fc Their Cultures class. While watching a movie I droped off and noone bothered to wake me when class was over. Half way into the next class I woke up. at which point Mr. Gault noticed me. I ran out of the room and got to Algebra late for which I recieved my first detention. 40 minutes. Also, the first time I had the car for a date. I broadsided another car at the intersection of Lincoln and Kostner. The relationship crashed a week later. CHRIS CORDES. Football U.3.4 N-Club. Leaders Gym 2.3.4. My most memorable experiences are. Diane Rubenstein. I Love You. I ' M never forget you. " The Boat " with D.H.. J.L.. K.K. Al of St. Maries parties and the corner to Pratt and Cicero (My Car). The Strike Bash. Watching and helping Steiner geet his crew cut at Doug ' s brothers house and when Steiner fell through a car win¬ dow. Good times at Northwestern and the rocks. Also, the Beach Bash and the story I fed our wonderful Deans Jr. yr. Finally, all the good times with my good friends. K.K.. M.K.. S.S.. C.R.. S.L.. C.P.. J.M.. and D.S.. THE WEASELS. Good Luck to everyone next year. JORDEN CRAMER. Class cabinet 3.4, secretary 4. student senate Senior Survey 285 SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY 4; football My most memorable experiences are Brea kin in the B party at Mike C’s. crazing through Laramie park. Doughnuts with Brabec on the underpass. Zinc’s car burning up on the Edens. Battle for the hill Halloween ' 85. Wrigley party in the Aspensuite H.C. ' 85 starring Ron Jeremy. Strike parties. Bartending at the North Shore. Harold ' s Jiffy jar Procto. E T C. Drinking Club. MICHAEL CRISTANTE Football 2, Basketball U. (Varsity letter 2) Baseball l.2.3.4i My most memorable experiences are The bicycle days with Tom. crossing the bridge; CSN ' 84. meeting SYD; CSN ' 85. love the one you ' re with!, what do we do!; the golf course; Montana with Ben. I don ' t know what it is. but it ' s big! the Dead concert; rooming with Dean and Shane; skiing with Monk t El; the numerous brings in and out of school with many cool people; Smitty; Just remember this is the end of nothing but the beginning of something wonderful; Jennifer remember what we ' ve said and done and felt about each other. " Wish you were here. " the best is yet to come. Bizarre! PAULA CRISTIE Foreign exchange student Jamaca, My most memorable experience was arriving at O ' Hare Airport and find¬ ing my new american family with a banner chanting my name. I was so embarassed. P.K. that Saturday night at the office! Demo Shut Up! I ' ll miss you all! Good-bye America and Thank you! ANDREW DAHLMAN: Football li My most memorable exper lences are Thanks Lee Foods for all the cases”: off roadmg it in hillside Thanks. Hilton the " moose ' 3-D glasses Football every Sunday The Kodiak shuffle: Bio 3 4 w Lizzy t Janet: Tee- borg: ISU roadtrip To the future LIFE ALAN DASSOW Swimming. I.2.3.4; all conference. 1.2.3; state qualifier. 4 years to swim practice. Nick as a coach. Andy Ben bow. State qualifmg. Van clan. DO and Dan ' s house. The beach breakfast club, pool hallway. Josephine and the great friends I made. JUDY DEACETIS: AFS. 3.4; leaders. 2.3; senior class cabinet. 4; student union 4-. seminars for scholars. 4; Spanish club. 4; NHS, 4; Spanish honor society 3.4; red certificate. I; bronze key. 2; silver key. 3; gold key 4. My 4 years at Niles West have been full of memories thanks to my best friends Andrea. Sharon. Sue. Ingrid, and Jill. My greatest memories include the night of the 21 laws with Trev and the gang, meeting Assadolah the Springsteen cab driver w A.P.. hitting a car during my drivers test, all the fun S.H. and I had on our Door County trips like my fat stomachs and Sharon ' s weird voice whem she lost MASSIVELY in monopoly. DO runs w I.H.. sitting on the side section in an aisle seat at the movies w S.D.. bowling w A.P.. I.H.. K.C. and Age the Librarian, squirt gun skits and long talks w JiNy. and all of the fantastic friends I have made and kept during the past 4 years. ALAYNA DECKE Drama Club. I, Color guard. 3, A.F.S.. 3, Year book. 3.4; Newspaper. 4. My most memorable moments are Causing trouble in the band wing. New Years Eve at the Orring- ton. picking up punks at Northwestern (lets), crying with Jill, parties w Sheelagh. wrestling with Marc and Bui. and just being with my friends. LAURA DEERING. Summer nights; twilight zone; May 17. 85; Kreiter ' s big " prom” party; Jenni Holt; poor baby; the special night that I met Gary Paustian; Ange Bruscato and I got in trouble for something we will never forget! Five finger discount, (ha-ha). Boo Ha-He Booll Half a pack in the box please. 7-11 LINDA DEUTSCH: Spanish Club. I; Tutors Club. 3; Bowling Team. 3; Shopping sprees to Old Orchard with Margaret, the bus ride with J.G.. visits to Happy Foods with M.L. to see Eric, joking about Freshman English with Marianne, spending lime with Kathy. Scott, and the rest of the gang, and having long talks with A.K. in College Prep. JULIE DIMODICA: It ' s leaking through. Holy cow. Pam. I thought you were just here. M.K. Hey. the old lady with the orange juice!. K.A. it ' s her cousin ' s appendix!. Seeing Dawn attack D.M.. The Jacket. Chicken Pox and Polo cologne. C.E. blind dates, running from motorcycle gang, gouber. Soph year and B.F.F.. Julie, would you stop wearing our socks?. Irene ' s x-mas tree. 501 blues. A-B-C James Taylor!, Irene, the D.B. at Mike ' s. Great times with J.R. guys and meeting the B.F. anyone could meet. ADAM DOLINKO: Football. 1.2.4; Surf Club. Ski Club. Academic Bowl. Spanish Honor Society. Illinois State Scholar. How can I forget going downtown with Marty and Sandy after the Super¬ bowl. all attended parties, my friends Mickey. Heiny. and the Moose. Destroying neurons at U of I. Greek town, and Mad town. Playing Freud for Dena. and other assorted deviations from social, moral, and ethical norms. PEGGY DONATH: Varsity Soccer I.2.3.4; Leaders. 2.3.4. K.P. re¬ member Rockets in Health. Jr. year caroling for money and New Years Eve. Down state 85. R.P. and me in my car eating and watching the excitement. Putter and me in the fourth B—g-a- ton. R.G. saving us from terrorists at McD ' s. Taco Bell Runs! Ron Shrooml Hindo Heaven. Reindeer sisters. Cindy, great movie. K.K. thanks for the beer fights, still owe you one Dead concerts and all I learned there 6 1085. Alex G. thanks for biting my ankles and introducing me to J.C.. Jim there ' s so much, summing it up. I Love You! PEGGY DONATH. Varsity soccer. I.2.3.4; Leaders 2.3.4, K.P. re member " Pockets " in Health. Jr. yr. caroling for money and N.Y. Eve. Downstate 85. R.P. i me in my car eating t watching the excitement Putter fe me in the 4 hr. B-A ton. R.G. saving us from terrorist at McD’s. Taco Bell runs! Ron Shroom! Hindo Heaven. Reindeer Sisters. " Cindy, great movie! " (Putter) K.K. thanks for the b fights, still owe you one. Dead concerts i all I learned there. 6-1085. Alex G. thanks for bitting my ankles t introducing me to J.C. Jim there ' s so much, summing it up. I love you! (more) KARINA DOYLE: Swimming Diving. (Gymnastics), Soccer. Band?. Leaders ' Gym. Foreign Exchange Program to Germany. Seminars for Scholars. Peer Counseling. A true athletic support er. DIVING: Reverses X-mas ' 85 Nancy’s Gacy ' s Sunday. Nov. 17. 1985 learning growing up SOCCER: Maine South shut out 2nd degree burns. GERMANY Palace B- day dead bird at Frauka ' s. MISC Steve Martin. Valerie. Phyllis sesquipedalianist N.I.U.. Dee Road. Lutheran Gen¬ eral 4th floor chemistry. Ammonium Dichromate; OOPA! breakfast retarded Electric Company Lasting Friendships. MARIA DUGA. Cosmetology. Homecoming ”84 " with John Tios; Joe Anna 6 Mike Jill 8 John Howard Hohnson whirlpool, saunna. John mooning at the camera, being with John K. Fresh. Soph and Junior years. Water i gel fights with Rosi. Anna. Tina in Cosmo Getting kicked out. Sex talkin child dev. with Cindi M.. Doug F.. Chris K.. Karina D. staying for friends with Carmen fe making up with Ann. ALANA DUBIN BRONZE Key. I; Orchesis. I; Softball. I; Cheerlead mg. I.2.3.4; N.H.S.. 3.4; Senior cabinet; Midnight riders. 4; Illinois State Scholar. Howie K!l Slime experiences-rocking down school hill, old orchard bank parking lot. the ticket, getting stuck in front of my house. Reckless ew Chew chew. Camp meat balls, choices choices. Bernard! MG-Rozy K) trips, the monkees. blow pops, liquidsky, and she does, jo-gunny-jo. Libby, the best times!! The Best Summer! Fab 5. Car dancing Billy, Shout. Jailhouse Rock. Turbo Boost (I will do it Jenni!) underwear fc jumpsuits. Mark Poulakidas offers his shoulder to Jenni Holt for friendship. Intense talks at beach. Nights at J.H. ' s Beatles. My house-pizza and kisses in the oven. 12ft. luke. having car trouble Steph? waking up everywhere. S.l. DeerparkNorth. Being rude never pays. M.G. ' s B day. L A. eat itll Oh no-not the hiHI Taco-n-Tequilia weekend-drowning. Madison-elevators. the bomb, ex-con. ice cream with MARSHMELLOWS. stealing L ' s stuff. Champaign-tres spray, ugliness, go away schtickles, Kams. screaming legs. D.Y.MI Never ending shopping w J.H. Knocking off M.B. ' s glasses at the Billy Joel concert. WARNER EBELING: Soccer. I.2.3.4, German Club. New Years Eve snowball front w John. Al. and Chris, Dang doughnuts at IIOO in Golf Glen p lot w Mr. Officer, driving in Wilmette w Mark ' s mercede and mexican music, cruisin to the beach w the To-tops off cranking the cars on the Blaupunkt, won ' t forget yal JH. MP. AM. and CK. Bye guys! MICHAEL EDWARDS Debate I.2.3.4, letter of distinction. 3, quali fier for nationals and tournament of champions, princeton, semi¬ finals. New Trier, finals, Loyola, semi-finals, state championship, OCTO-finals, math team. I.2.3.4, secretary treasurer. 4, rib bons from the north suburban math league Illinois central, Illinois junior academy of science, 2 outstanding awards. I, top 30 junior science scholar award, special achievement in microbiology, Westinghouse science talent search. 85, honors group. 4, llth annual Chicago junior science and humanities symposium. 4, medical careers club. 2.3.4, president. 4,NHS. 3.4, seminars for scholrs. 4, current events club, 2.3.4, soccer 1.2, Illinois state scholar. 4, bronze key, silver key, german club. 1.2.3, Northwes¬ tern high scFiool engineering institute, merit scholarship. 3, aca¬ demic bowl team. 3.4, national competition 1st in state. 3.4, Bausch and Lomb science award. 4, who ' s who among AHSS. 3.4, American mensan. 4, junior engineering and technical society, 3.4, 2nd place award in biology at regionals 3. Bachelor party, spending 5 weeks in a dormitory, captivity with " stoners " the " bozos” an affectionate " yoda” and " yuppie. " DONNA ERIKSON: Orchesis I, Soccer I, Montreal tour I, Florida tour 2, Pom pon 2.3.4, treasurer 4, leaders 2.3, Midnight riders 3.4, My most memorable experiences are getting totally busted on tour in florida soph year w a few pom-pon girls for having bfcb. 1st place overall 85-86 pom-pon camp. N.D. prom ' 85. S.W.A.T. team spying w Ana. Lisa. Kirsten. 4am skitching t sledding after a wild party and feeling " NO Pain”! Getting good laughs from a certain guy. Getting chased through L.W. shopping center in a car w SJC.C. Spending many great experiences w the best friends ever! CHRISTY ESMAEL: Cheerleading I, cosmo 3.4, My most memora¬ ble experiences are Sophomore year, hurdling over a fence, broken Fleets. Locking Juls out of tier house. A.J.. Pam ' s party, sneaking out. Irene it ' s fantastic, running from taxi driver. Mont¬ gomery Wards bathroom, running from motorcycle gang. Beetle. Junior boys. Dancing in a parking lot. commercials. New years eve. Margo as John. Dawn being sneaky, and the BEST times with my friends! LARA EVANS: Student Union 3, Class cabinet 3, German club Midnight Riders 3.4, My most memorable experiences are Wild nights in Edgebrook with L.C.. L.C. passing out tFien being dragged to an alley to sober up. tree house, walking all night. Skokie lagoon, " are you sisters?”, hotel parties with M.K.. L.C, K.P.. L.F.. J.A. AND S.O.. Champaign. Fort Lauderdale, meet mg S.K. Saturday nights, long drives. Flomecoming. and just be ing together. EDDY EVARISTO Basketball 1.4, Indoor outdoor track 1.4, My one and only memorable experience my four years here was sharing many good times with the one person that will always be special to me SUE VARGAS: 46 FOREVER. DOUG FAIR Hanging out with the guys, the hill with Otis and Spanky. cruisin with Firf. hangin ' out at Ramsey s, I cannot forget garage workouts with Yo. my first " b” with Rasa, and breaking in the Boba. Guys, this round is on me (Diana ' s): Hey Rams, " what ' s a_?” Child Dev party! LISA FALLERONL Swimming I.2.3.4, cheerleading. I, student union. 2.3.4, class cabinet. 2.3.4, AFS 2.3.4, vice pres., NHS, french club. 2.3.4, midnight riders. KA. swimming. Steve ' s MfcM, SH. GK. RM. JL. the biggest bust, SH. MR. LS. SP. I like candy! JH. HR. SH. AD burning down the house! JL ' s priceless champaigne, meeting SH in gym, new year ' s 86-need I say more! T-bangers and smiley cookies, GK chunking in my sink, pasta salad for NU. GGG to conip. class 26-28, My first stage kiss with Arthur Tiersky, all the nights with MF. Senior Survey SENIOR IAN FALOONA: NHS: swim team. IJ.3, academic bowl teami math team. I.2.3.4. All-nighters with Garrett.Jon. Jerry. Andy ( 540 ' s with Lisa and Laurii waiting in the mornings for Garretti Laps in the pool with Nick W, The latest great times with Nina and Michede, the greatest Hawaiian party ever, and the follow mg 600 am. Drive across the country in Grandma’s Honda, Thank you Carrie. Jon. Garrett, and Lisal CUNEYT FEIZOULOF: Math teami Spanish club. 2.4, tutors club. 3,4i NHS, 3.4i Spanish honors society. 3.4 t National merit com¬ mended studenti Red certificate. Ii bronze and silver keysi Illi¬ nois state scholar. 4. " Ode " to BB. Losing bucks to Steve every Sat. night. Dave s nightly calls and calc, complaints. AP chem and nick’s motheri An_I " sex bay " , sexena, he still needs a haircut. AS’s steamy Turkey-o-gram to KSi he still doesn ' t know who sent iti stop smiling Liou. I must say. Maybe I ' ll look you guys up when I ' m a millionaire! LISA FERRIN: Midnight at riders. 4, Pow wow 4, Celebration) Children ' s theater. 4i spring musical. 4 Oliver) expressions show choir. 4. New year ' s eve " It’s a frogl” halloween 84 with the banana mobile which is now a lemon, due to vandalism) " it ' s leaking through! " Freshman crushes which lasted two years-GS T-ping the wrong house, ending up with a black eyel Hotel parties with Laurie and Judy, and many other memories and good friends which I will never forget! GARRETT FEINBERG, Senae. 2.3.4, cabinet. 2.3.4, VP. 2, SADD. 2.3.4, tennis I.2.3.4, Academic bowl. 3.4, SAB rep. 4, PTSA rep. 3, West Word business mgr.. 3.4, bronze, silver, and gold keys. National merit comm., NHS, seminars for scholars. W Jer, $1000 ransom for kidnapped box! w Lisa. " Andretti " Sand low. 540. 3 am. chem. WMET. Dave 4 Ruth, w Carrie. Homecoming, geome¬ try tutoring, towel shirts, hypnosis, w lan 4 Jon, all nighters. muggign I am alarm, frozen shoes, battery deaths. Stanford, Tracer war. Turnabout bed with Andy. Carrie. Michelle. Jerry, and Joy-congrats, a guiness record-w Lauri, dances sandy beaches, great times! fondue. PB-ILY and 18 months of unadulter ated hell! JORDAN FIRFER: Work for a Living I.2.3.4. Nick and Adam-2 flat tires in Lincolnwood. Plunger party at Hi’s, corvette summer scoping. Geneva!. Spanish visual by Robin. Diana nights. Super Bowl Sunday, night rides with Nick and Al. hangmen forever, hugging seepher moods, smelly Kevins, me and moom-cards on cars. N.B.C.. sour kar-eem. STEVE FRANKEL, Raquetball 3.4. Debate 3. Seminars for scholars 4. Current Events club 2.3.4. Soccer IJ.3. Key club 4. West of Edens 4. Ecology club. Being an atheist sophomore year, running the nuclear reactor in Zion-junior year, bench pressing 300 pounds-senior year, receiving Coach Richardson ' s award for demonstrating MANF400D. shooting out Coach Osdlivak ' s porch light. DEBBIE FREED, Orchesis dance company. IJ, pom pon. 3. DM. KS. NL. and I got busted one sunny afternoon by the Skokie cops- when we were definately out-of-control. Dad: ' s day weekend memories with RG. IB and JH b—r for breakfast. RG and KK ' s lighter fight, KK ' s polished toe nails, and Jenni. " oh. no-1 broke my toe. " KK’s party with BS (H7-86). the " scenic” route to Grayslake with BS and BK, week day afternoon get-togethers at Strusiner ' s, KS " who loves you baby?” and 18 yrs of special memories with Christy and Michelle. STEVEN FREED: Bronze key. silver key. gold key, Illinois state scholar, National merit commended student, highest GPA home¬ room award. I, NCTM mathematics contest winner. 3, math team. 1.2.3, Spanish club. 2.3, aeronautics club. I, NHS 3.4, Spanish honor society 3.4. The summer I spent in Michigan and the weekends I spent with my friends. BILL FRENDREIS: Exploring the auditorium and walking on its ceiling during kmch with TH. DR. and TC. Also, checking out the tunnels under the pool hallway. PAM FREY, Gymnastics. I, Key Club. I, west tones. 2, concert choir. 2.3.4, chorus. I, Spanish club. 3, bronze key. When TP and I tried to get people to join our club, reject. Al honors classes, right ?! SHARRIE FURMAN, Gymnastics. I, cheerleading 1.2, softval. 4. Making the grade in western vie, late night at Strusiner ' s, going through Christy ' s dru-kin cry spells, partying with the boys, taking Sr us 4 Brian to the pumping company for 25 cent drinks and making it on Thursday for school. Going out with my good SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY friend Laurie A. 4 Debbie K. to market and showing me the ropes, late night skinny dipping in Mike ' s pool with Julie S. Rosie C. and Judy, dealing with the snobs of Lincolnwood Jeff. Mike. Craig, and Keith (JJ), getting my license before anyone else, going out with Greg, dealing with Kim and having a little older sister Renee ' . JENNIFER GAISER: Current Event Club. Yearbook Production: My most memorable experiences are: Filliman’s calss with Dawn 4 Diane, going to see Rocky 4 with Jeff 4 Lee. painting our faces for the pep rallies, being angels 6 devils. Sylvia ' s Sweet ' 16 ' 4 a whole bottle of champagne on the floor 4 in the garbage. Playing darts 4 Dave ' s waterbed. Diane it’s such a freakI DARSHAN R. GANDHI: Debate team (one meet), Freshmen soc¬ cer B team. Spanish Club. German Club pictures. Chess team. Tutors club. NHS. Spanish Honor Society. Red certificate. Bronze Key. Silver Key: Due to extenuating circumstances. I was as signed a debating partner who was unable to speak English. A.S. finally shaved, when I saw Greenberg ' s ugly face for the first time, still waiting to tutor Tami Moss. Kim finally mastered the technique of combing his hair, enduring the soccer season with¬ out a victory. RACHEL GARCIA: Pom Pon 2.3.4, Midnight Rdiers 3,4, Tour 2, M.C.’s party. M.K. " I ' m on the r this happens all the time.” The Big B. bust with boys and b. The van. popped blood vessels. K.K’s ticket and the position, summer ' 85. K.K.D.V pulling up on motor¬ cycles with K.V., P.S.. and P.W. TRC. go strikers. Phredle. getting stuck in a snow bank going 45. trying to ditch a taxi. CJt made me kiss a black C.E. and I.B. walking down Lincoln in they ' re bras and underwear. D M. getting a wet but at Taco Bell. Scrubs! TED GEORGE: Wrestling Baseball I. Footba-I I., Winning my first wrestling tournament senior year my senior year in wres tling because it got messed up. Florida. H.C. was greasy, the beach rocks. KJ. sorry about my running away. Robin hard work that didn ' t pay off. I ' m sorry Steph for dirty looks-l didn’t mean them, visiting dairy star, passover. and everlasting friendships to al my great friends and me 4 Gregg forever. THEODORE GEORGE Baseball I. Football I. Wrestling I.2.3.4. Have a great time with Tom 4 Rodge and Scott. The best thing that happened my senior year is meeting Magia and going out with her. We had great times let ' s keep it that way. When Tom just started to get to know him he was a riot we had a great time, hopefully we can have the same fun at Southern. Me and Rodge did a lot of Nutty things, one is ditching a cop. almost going to jail for it. but us just sitting and doing Bingers until we can ' t do them anymore. Also, one last thing I wish my wrestling season could have gone for the whole length of the season. 2 out of 4 but no I go I for 4. Too bad senior year couldn ' t of been my best one. TEDDY GEORGAS: Sat. night beach strolls. 31 flavors. Sup. Dog. movies. Halloween, etc. w L.K.. Super Bowl XX night w K.K.. C.C.. M.K.. C.R.. S.S.. BEARS WIN! Down state trip, freshmen football. LAST GAME VICTORY. New Years ' 85 bad food. 4th of July storm. Hill! 9 month hanging from a wad. Homecoming ' 85. T.S.. W.L.K.. N.B.C., L.K.. All parks. J.K. Sweets. Blooms room Geo.. L.K. thanks for making high school a breeze, love ya. Teddy. ADRIANI GEORGAKOPOULOS: Freshman basketball (At another school). J.V. basketball. Varsity basketball. President of FJellenic Club. President of French Club. Junior cabinet. H.E.L.P. club. J.V. Track team: Mo most memorable experiences are all my friends and the time we ' ve spent together, the fun and parties with the girls on the team: Letty in homeroom every morning: Being called Squeaky. Being beaten upon by He-man, and freshman year at Mather High School. HELEN GEORGAKOPOULOS: Secretary Of Greek Club. 2. Varsity Basketball. 3.4. Track team. 1 The Greek connection-L.T.H.S.. Andria " Dec 22nd " five and alone. " Jan. 24th " " Mommy! " G.F., P.D.. J.I.. " Feb. 13th” Touching legs " -G.K. BARBARA GIDLUND Volleyball I: To New Year s Eve-Elroy will never be the same! Wisconsin. Melrose Park. Falling in BR ' S " stuff”, driving " together " , to BM for being the best friend ever- for walking to school w me every morning, no matter what! To Elroy, the great time Downtown t Wi. the many lunches, great talks. 4 let ' s not forget Mickey! Thanks for everything!. I ' d miss you a lot. PAM GOBY Freshmen track. Senior Cabinet Meeting Gregg. Great America and July 4th with Gregg. Ilene and Harold, my Corvair. windows, bike accident. Madison, party at Flee s, tidy bowl, chickens, far bike rides with Felicia. Genesis. Phil Codins. Madonna It ' s |ust a fantasy. Dirty laundry. Paul McCarthy I love you. Summer of ' 84. brake up 1. sneaking out of my house late, long talks with Laura. Sue ' s lectures, double dating with L.B.. ANDY GOECKE Football 1.2. Basketbad I. Concert band. Sym¬ phonic band., Throwing Dena Novak in the garbage, accidentady hitting Coach Bauer in the head with a football, being put threw living h— with Scott Steiner in Mrs. Kinger ' s class for a year and a half. JULIA GOLDIN: Swing Choir 3.4. Choral Union 4. Seminars for Scholars 4. NHS 4. West of Edens 4. Children ' s Theater 4. Musical 4. Bronze Key 3., My senior year, meeting new people and mak ing friends, sleepovers and piggouts. reading the phone book at one o ' clock at night with Jon. long talks and dreams that come true. MICHELE GOLDBERG: Cheerleading 2.3.4. Student Union 1.2. Band I. Montreal Tour I.: I’d never forget The Fab Five- Fishface pictures CBT- ' 80Sim Phreaddieey Highland Park par ty- I hate me moaning oldies (Monkees. The Longest Time) w A.D. Beatles w Yesterday peeing anywhere-DYM My 17th B day downtown my party downtown at my aunt s when M.R. got towed blow pops Liquid Sky Going to P.P. w J.H. (what size are you?) Strike ' 85 at K.K.. L.A. eats the Rl-Scouts honor with H.R. and J.H. after blowing off 2 red lights-A.D. and I entertaining ourselves oh no the hid I! Terrorizing Howie K.. Man of the Year And she (me) does on the diving board-car dances we smed like fish- our deadly down Lincoln-FRIGHT NIGHTI-YAY. I got my peri-d-C.K. 4 A.D. sleeping over. C.K. fainting down the stairs Madltbs Wipeouts soph. yr. me sleeping at A.W s waking up w toothpaste and oregano, giving Roger Chams instructions for bio- jo—I Robby. ya wanna study? thanks M.R. New Year ' s Ad of my incredible experiences with my " cousin " M.R. Bidy Joel ' s concert w M.B.’s glasses going over the balcony ! would most like to be remembered for my nicknames Mouth 4 BHT and for my promise to the foot bad team soph. yr. if they won Ftomecom mg. They didlll LEE GRAMATIS: Soccer I. Basketbad 1.2. Basebad IJ. Footbad 2.3.4, M7 Beach. Jam on it. Toad over the fence, warm-. soph. summer, and the sponge. K Dog . kitchen scene. Stevie Wonder. G.G. Jaws. Ou Ou. she was.. P.J. ' s somments. I.B.’s house. Til ' s Apt. chunks-Bo oth " Kep " . open pit. French dressing. Paula. " Lazy A " busted w wife at Blooks Stucky. K.U. Rodmg Meadows. Greek almost busted by L.B.-I.B.-Basilio-Nice-. BOB GUTIERREZ Footbad IJ Watching are three buzz heads get buzzed! Going to Aneshia ' s house for finals jr. yr. 1st semester, the band days with Turk and playing Sady s Stage in Aug. 83. taking out the Lincoln and the van freshmen year, moving from Morton Grove to Lincolnwood to Skokie, my party Nov. 85 and the owner coming home. Senior Survey 231 SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY DfcNISt GUTTERMAN Bowling 1.2.3. Choir 2.4.: My most memora ble experiences are being good friends with Tracey R. Liz K. Pam B. and everyone else CARMEN GUY My most memorable moment was w N.A. behind the bar. top tip. A D S Honey Bunch and Going Bowling in our formats! Going out with the flips of West and for going to Wag $ There is a bug in my salad! " M.T. SHEELAGH GREENE IE ID Best friend Abra. all our times together; Hawaiian mte w Kevin. Heraty. Tom. Larry, alayna; Tony Parcelli and El.xer, Homeroom w Roula. Lara. Kelly Super dog. dove-ms. pee wee w MC. MV. KH. D donuts w Maria, break w Cmdy F. Andrea G; so far the best 4 yrs. of my Life! PAUL HAASE During my four years in Niles West I have been involved in many clubs; The Hoizmama club. S.A.S.B. HR. 315. I. HR 304 2. HR 303 3.4, Band. Marching Band, Paul Haase fan club, which is still very successful. I think I had to many great exper tences in High school to try and tell about htem in 50 words I enioyed High school at West and if I had to do it again (Thank God I don ' t!) I would keep it pretty much the same way DEAN HAGEN Captain of A.A. IJ.3.4, Wrestling IJ.3. Some good times were B bmgs. Quarters, the Deadly camera, the hand cuffed paddy wagon ride with Stoney. DUI, Kreiter s party (Craig. Keith. Gary, you sickies.) Greeces driving talent at Ml. Trashmore. Gilat Kreiter. the birthmark on your A—. Rockm with Saka Nights. S— in lockers. Nutting sleeping with Stacy at Lochs. Pretty boy Lochner naked in Holt s bath tub. Beck s lake. Cordes Pond. Liz belching on your date, spiHed V dka on my couch. Many busts by mother. LoweC. slide m KU ' s Hal. InteR.v. sion (2 cases), watching the stump dance Reinhardts swine episodes, open pit eating nights, the never ending Barber com¬ ments. Jiz on Irene s pool table. The beaver sessions at lunch with curious k,rchens Thanks to Lee my Old Orchard tour guide. Hot B. 10th floor lobby. Death trips in the Merk Mobile. Leipold s class. Izy s woody slump. JOHN HAHN: Soccer IJ.3.4, (All-Conference, Fred Zeedyk award. Basketball IJ.3.4, My most memorable experiences were the parties and the parting Warner. Mark. AJ. and I have done in 4 years, nights at Northwestern. Blues festival, and the little incident that occured at McDonalds with Warner and the North boys. JULIE HAN: I can never forget the summer of 83 . I accidently sat on Guy s lap at the movie theatre! 1 I embarrased Yummy. Sandv. and Myself! I’l never forget my best friend Jenm. We shared many excitements and thrills and yet there were times Jeff Lowell shows some skin in his costume during Halloween when we needed each others shoulders to cry on! Good luck w Mr. M! EV. thanks for being there when I needed you! (Mr. T.) and I d like to thank my good friend Gina who embarrassed me infront of D K! and I ' d like to thank all of my friends for making my 4 years of High School so memorable! JOSEPH HANSEN: Soccer I, Football 2, Wrestling 2.3.4, My most memorable experiences are The times I spent w Sherrie, Kim ' s house to relax t mellow. Hick t me downstate discussing how good of buddies we are, waking up in a room full of strangers, Hick flexing in the mirror while somebody dies in the bathroom. My trip to Wis. w Bok. Raz. Ken. and Kermit, Crash up derly on the go carts, talking w officer friendly, havin my underwear placed outside of the room nude w the people from the restau rant watching Friday night pizza w Hick. HENRY HEDBERG: Most memorable Tina. Johnny L.. Tim. Rita at Great America (how we all have changed) the new people the new girls the possibilities. Pure H II! except study hall and Jenny G Tracey P at Church. C. at my house. Blooms Geometry class. Pete C. and keep away from runaround Sue! crusmg around all summer Minnesota Scott. Lonny. (the different breed) and the Swedish Blonds Low down dirty movies. aN the singing. Jenny t DeAnna two of the best friends I ' M ever have keep in touch. The roast still in the oven. Katie picking my nose Vishal and his Blond preference. Thanks Mages (Naked Shah. Machine man Blondy) SCOTT HAMMOND Soccer I, Football 2.4, Swimming 1.2.3, My most memorable experiences are Rocky IV w D man. Aka mud. out parties, oh it ' s a stop sign. I ' ve got it at home Rich. III. State road trip. " No one ' s crusm here " k—-k schuffle. Spags OPI It ' s good for you? INGRID HELGESON Girls Gymnastics I.2.3.4, Captain 4. Leaders gym 3.4, AFS I.2.3.4, Co-President 3, AFS exchange student Aus tria. summer 84 My most memorable experiences are Beat mg Niles North at the Regional gymnastic meet, the car accident when I was the only American in the car with 8 exchange students. AH the great times w Judy. Sharon, and Andrea. Win nmg the Gong Show Junior year. PAUL HELWING Intermediate band I, Symphonic band 2.3.4, Marching band IQ.3.4, Drum maior 4, Pow Wow 2, Dames at Sea band 2, Oliver band 4, Jazz band 2.3.4. Band tour I.2.3.4, Band Board 4, German club 1.2, SASB 2.3.4, My most memorable exper lences are Tour 83 Hanging out the windows. Getting a ticket, being a member of SASB!!! and snow DON HENDLEY Track and field Polevault High |ump 1.2, Band IJ.3, leaders gym. My most memorable experiences are Tour 84 in Florida. Hangm around w Laura. Chris, and Steve, Skmy w Chris, Partying % Rick and Dave, and going out w Woody and Chico on weekends MICHAEL HERZOG: Israel club I.2.3.4, Aronautics club I, tennis IJ, Tuter club 4, White. Bronze. Silver and Gold key, NHS, Seminars for Scholars My most memorable experience during my four years here at West is qhwn I came to school in the FaH of ' 85 and found that all the walls had been painted pink AH together my years at west have been fun and I look forward to going on to college this coming fa STEVE HESTER BasebaH I, NHS 3.4, Softbal (in) 2.3.4, Tutor 3.4. ETC Drinking club I.2.3.4, Bronze. Silver, and Gold key Many of my memories involve the CLUB and the clubclan Turk. Zine. Neil. Weins. Bobby. Leb. Scooter. Freddy, and everyone else who partied there, w Sname game, fragile walls. Hot Tub Club, snow storms, cocktails, the towel room, and a little tennis it ' s been an unending party Thanx for Teddy s basement and S -grams cards at Scooters and A.U Goodbye to KeHy s room w Joast and the freaks Cocktails at brunch w Bobby. Weins. i Turk and flip it leb. flip it!” lighten 141 NoD.U.I. LORI HIRSHMAN Cheerleading 1.2, JV soccer 2. Orchesis 4, My most memorable experiences were participating in 1982 and 1983 Homecoming parades The summer of 82 at cheerleading camp and many memorable experiences, E.T never phoned home. Junior year DR Lund did a great 10b in educating the class as DR Ruth s assistant I won ' t ever forget Carolina. Louisianna. Maine, or Maryland. Carrie what a great memory The most lasting experiences are all w my man ANDY. JENNI HOLT Midnight riders 2.3.4, Pom pon 2.3.4, Captain 4, Student Union 2.3.4, Secretary 3, President 4, Class cabinet 3.4, Newspaper 3.4, NASC delegate 4. Red Honor Certificate I, Bronze Key 2, Silver key 4, Illinois State Scholar 4, Rotary club scholarship nominee 4, ECC4, Basketball I. (ha) Who’s who among American High school students (w Mark) 4, My most memorable exper tence Car dancing, wipe out Fridays. Dym. Howie K, green slime in 00. going the wrong one way because Mark ' s foot " wouldn ' t drive " , my " minor " accident which still isn’t funny. Mr where ' s the car? Drowning in trays of tacos . the automatic elevator in Madison. D.F. " watch the house. " the bus ride to Madison. New Year ' s eve Jr. year-my roomate in the funny clothes, hurting in K.K ' s bathroom, taquila bangers, oreo cookies the big bust in Florida. Pom pon camp. Quarters and oldies. Alana s oven the Kgb. Doug ' s TS party, letters, the beach. CSN. the swings. Span ish 61. flipping onto a snow bank w Ffeather and the nicest man alive bought us a shovel, my freshman haircut, which I’m sure nobody will ever let me forget, and last but not least, almost killing the best friend I will ever have 6-9-85, a castle, stars, and the best summer of my life-1 LOVE YOU FOREVER JOEYIII Turna bout ' 86-setting out on a road to nowhere and ending up at the classic table for 7 at Denny ' s P.S. If anyone ever calls me by my first name in the real world. I wouldn ' t know what to do. JOHN HOPPE Baseball I, Soccer 1.2, Band 1.2, My most memora ble experiences are the rowdiest times in 202 frosh. yr. soc. stu.. so cerespeciaHy frosh! K.L. ' s house and cutlass in summer and winter of junior year! Madison trip w TJ. t S.Y. slidin all the way there on the snow. The Dead concert J.S. i S.M. truckin at the weel. The best times in the fo rest w " the group " all in all the past four years have been the best road trip!! NADINE HUGMEYER: My most memorable experiences are making it through Senior year after dropping out. I left school for the first 10 days in Sept, and was about to start working when I realized I needed the education and so I came back. The cherry pie contest, getting out of school, and having a fight w a senior guy freshman year and winning. STEVE IVEZIC soccer and club teams, coached 3rd 6 4th graders for Niles park dist. My most memorable experiences are Paul. Mark, and I at Northwestern beach last spring for the Miller Jazz May Fest, Danny and I on Thursday night w Jeff i all the good times at La Margarita. Lola and I whenever we are together, my most memorable day was Nov. 9th 1985. CRAIG IZENSTARK My most memorable experiences are Beating on Joey in the bathroom, watching him run into K.K ' s car. comments, watching Lee chunck at Jeff’s, also backing up after he blew off a red light " taco fight " attaco and tequiHa w keith. late night bmgers w Joey at Keith ' s. Joey and Bryan breaking my picture window. Hagen " the cone summer night at the beach " 6 " the toilet. " Dean the drive Downstate. the eggs in the back of the truck. " I’m almost seventeen. " the night at K.K ' s. Jeff breaking in at KU " edens wall " and your brother s apt. w Keith. Michael the pictures at Keith s and the birds on K.K ' s wall. To " ALL " the great memories visiting schools, the sessions, skinny dipping at Northwestern beach, and the Downtown visits. To Dean and Lee the future one ' s at A.S.U. " cookoo” Kreiter. TIM JACOBS Gymnastics 1.2, My most memorable experience is when Dean Marmakis. SHANE YOUOHANA. Mm Ra. and I drove up to my summer house in Lake Geneva Wis. To go to the Greatful Dead concert. We had the house to ourselves and we were about to see the Greatful Dead two nights in a row It was the most exciting and fun thing that I ' ve ever done. It was A fun school season here at Niles West. MARIANN JANESSA Volleyball 2.3.4. SoftbaH 2.3.4, Manager g basketball 2, Statistician B Basketball 4, Seminars for Scholars 4. N Club 3.4, My most memorable experiences are Sophomore SoftbaH, meeting CAP (IMY) My 3 special twins (C.C.. M.P.. i D P ) Volleyball 85. regionals. SoftbaH 86. Homecoming ' 85 (T.K.) friendships C.P.. D M.. K.D . t K K. To my sister Karin, I ' m taking my clothes and leaving you my common sense. KRIS JUSTESEN Track I, German club I.2.3.4, Leaders 2.3, Cheer leading I.2.3.4. Captain 1.2.4. Midnight riders 4. My most memora ble experiences are Andrea and I lighting our Chemistry experiment on fire, Following Red. ET and other humanas w Ana and Maria, Having a wild time at Rita s party w Sue and Maria, ISU trips w Debbie Debbie missing a tollb-oth. playing Trivial Pursuit and UNICORN. Champagne night w Elke, Cheerleading camp |unior year, running w Hollie to the bus every morning, fa ling off a fence in order to cheer Ana up. McDonald s drive through w Ana CONE and CH CH CHEESEBURGER 288 Senior Survey SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY DAVID JUTOVSKY: Spanish Club IJ.3, Math Team IJ.3, Aeronau tics club l NHS 3.4. Spanish Honer Society 3.4. Illinois Stale Scholar 4, Red certificate I. Bronze Key 3, Silver key 4, My most memorable experiences are Stealing Jennifer ' s rock w A.K., D.L., and leaving it on Sue ' s driveway. Blackhawk ' s games, " scamming. " getting the necessities in rm. 303. and everything else I can ' t think of right now. CHRIS KAECHELE, Frosh Soph Basketball Snowball fight on New Years Eve. 130 on highway in T.A.. talks about life John with my singing, fun times at the O.O.T., sex talks with Amy and Cindy, me and Doug beating on Amy. being alkone with my girlfriend June 13. 1985 MYRA KAHN: ORCHESIS. WRESTLETTES. MIDNIGHT RIDERS NE GE A TWA. DOWNSTATE: HY HOJO MO s. FAIRE, NEAR DEATH W ARDMORE GANG. Backseat RonRico. " Ever spent the in in thje womens cel?” JT. yellow icicles. DH’s comb. RG Mike ' s party-it happens all the timel REDRUMIDM ya no?Di- lust I want sexual healin ' . I give more sh-tsl LC we re in the same boat. All special Ni-We-Hi friendships love and memories forever. ROULA KANTERAKIS: My 2 best friends. Abra and sheilah. mid night trips to watertower place,wild weekends.Love you guysl computer buddy Lisa W. " here we gol come onl” Billy S. fan fimmies. bear hugs and kisses. Mark S.. more than just a neigh bor. someone special, love yal HR makeup sessions w Sheilah Lara and Kelly. AB. shopping, speeding tickets, scarfing out and getting d. JohnG. corvettes, money and me I Don’t forget the rain checks! JERRY KANG: Math team. president, debate team.lj.3, pres UP debater of the yr. seminars for scholars.4i current events ckjb.2.3.4i soccer.I medical careers ' club.3i secretary. NHS.3.4. Spanish honor society.3.4. academic bowl team.3,4. Jets team.3.4. tutor ' s dub.2.3.4. executive board. Avancing to JV state quarter finals debate.MK breaking at Harvard and being 2nd seed. Varsity semi ' s at Princeton, tetturide summer .MM, Tracer gun war at Andy ' s house meursault. mar low e, and Antoine English creative project Hell is no other people, new friendships Gf. fr. Jl. DR. and DN. SYLVIA KARALEKAS: Midnight riders. 3.4. class cabinet. 3. stu¬ dent union. 3. Hellenic club. IJ.3.4, leaders gym. 2.3.4» national honor society. 3.4, Sophomore year with Ana chasing RC and BLT. junior yr. chasing after banana and curly Q: ANa and Maria. IJ1 2.5 hour party line talcs. Eke and Cathy hearing announce ments in stereo every morning. Holy. Sue. Felicia, and Cathy. MY hair is tingling I Kris picking up that total dork at the Christmas dance who almost folowed us home. Maria ' s crush on the gym coach Ha-Ha! (the older man). To al the future memorable ex per tences with my friends, and of course being with Zme CARRIE KAPLAN IJ.3.4, Capt. 1.4, Orchesis. IJ.3, sect. 3, AFS. 3.4-. SADD. 2.3, musical, diver. 4, bronze key. 3. Cheerleading. XC routine. Downstatet and t weekend. Aaron. AJana packages, haloween Doobie and Jacks ter. Heather bus floor. Jenm fat lady. HC 84. the name game. Gejas. Garrett. Ian. Jon. my three brothers, xerox Nancy-letters over the summer, twin sister. Joy-best little sister, peachird. pinkird. green slime, potchki. mad and dome chem. Oliver, fagin kids forever. Joy and Andy Stars, footbal game. Howard, buymh presents. Highland Park, cast party. Andy, turnabout. Jewel, six in a bed. ants, reckless, period. Michele laugh. I love you ak smile ' ELIZABETH KELLEY Medical careers club 2J, ecotogydub 2J, choral union. IJ concert choir 3.4. president. 4 expressions. 3 theatre. Celebration- Pow wow. 85. children s theatre, red honor rok A salute to Walt Disney. Snow white, Oliver, solo and ensem¬ ble contest. 3.4. Meeting al those crazy people at my wld parties Ike DC and KE. PI never forget al the different plays, expecialy being snow white. Also being m the band with SA. the famrfy with RA and the gang with AS. Al the awesome twnes with Tracey KAREN KENMOTSU Sewnmmg. L23, Varsity. 2J. Spanish dub. 4, AfS IJ.3.4, co-president„ 3 leaders gym 2.3.4, Intermediate band I marching band. I West of Edens.. 4, HELP. 4, Kor ran dub. . 4 seminars for scholars. 4, tuners dub. IJ, travel abroad. Colombia. 1984, ■iocs state scholar Running w LA at 200 am m the O weather, trig with AB. geometry with AB, and Algebra w AB My frst year ever with no ctasses w LL. swimming w, mS. AS and KA. going to Colombia and coming hack, try mg to give a speech, gomg to certam so-caled parties w MS. and friends. Most of al. I remember Pehn s and fmdmg out that thev speak some Span¬ ish. SI s and JY s hdarwus not and RZs hfe changing comments SONIA KERSTEN NHS., 4 national merit,i 4 Who ' s who among american HS students. 4, orchestra. IJ.4, german club, IJ,3.4i leader 2.3, medical careers club., 3 Illinois slate scholar. 4. Walk mg into Mr Schutt’s honors class and hearing THE speech on the first day of school, spending long Friday afternoons at the li brary w Marianne doing English, freat Ante tea during the torna do (why wasn ' t I told the keys were in my purse?) parlies at Liz ' s, parties that I didn ' t show up for because of excessive homework (sorry about that ) being friends w Marianrte since kindergarten, all of my other friends, Orlando lour, and the last 4 unforgettable years. JOE R. KHASFIO Soccer 1.2, basketball. I. The summer nights on my hid, first shunks al the Monkories (those apricots), The walk to 02E with Puke O luke, the great cat hunt, the b ball games al Pohaton, Halloween 1985 style, sophomore yr. Itftathon, Shmack and the YRC YACS, Flrflr. the boy gone bad, the tuesday night in tracey s firebir d after Diana s OPA), My job at Dunkm Donuts KURT KIENICKh Football, baseball 1,2,3, swimming. I, N club When Mike K got me pi tered for the first lime, Chris C ' t cottage, on the boat, puling up with lashe s Hard A routines, Riggs and our brush with death in his car, getting a car with Gary P and the classic Steiner hair cut at Doug s brother s, Flnaly. every moment I spent with Deb sl I I love you always and for ever, and can only hope the best for usl JIM KING West Word. IJ,3.4, Spectrum IJ.3,4, photography club. 2 honor rol. IJ.3.4, All the parties my junior year with carl and Ross in newspaper class, al the senior pranks we did and GRADUATION! MIKE KIRCHENS Football IJ.3.4, off season player of lf e yr parties at Donna ' s, downstate at the Chief Mini, brain cel tests w GP, pa rty at AW over finals, the Beach Bash, being suspended and going to lunch w CR, Parties at DS bro s house, SS shaving his head, crewcuts w CC GP, the beach dmkmg on the rocks, the weasel ' s crushing oreo ' s, wearing a bib. Red l white at RM, footbal. D5 strike party, punch outs w CR whirlpool at club Iron Eagle w SS and CR and al the other good times! Weasels 161 SYLVIA KISS Voleybal IJ.3.4, basketbal IJ. Meeting good friends. Jobie Sharon. Dee. Kely. Sheila. Jennifer, and Julie, My unusual Sweet 16 party for the 2 people who know what I mean, being introduced to my boyfriend. Andres, putting up with Ken in Autos, vegetating in Autos ALLAN KLEIN Band IJ.3.4, footbal. I, french club. I, swimming IJ, ecology cU). I, Israeli club I When I joined BBYO, met a lot of new people. 11 never forget NW. This was truly a part of my life that was enjoyable and painstaking al at the same time GEORGE KOTSIOPOUOS Oats cabinet. 4, student umon. 4, footbal. I SADD. 3.4 BBO s at my house Homecoming w M Ring, summer fondue. New Year ' s 16 at the Hilton, ambushed m Northbrook wher MJ almost died, sleeping and showering with IF. SH. A. RM. tossing my cake at Italian lady ' s, parties at Uhier s, X Mas at FaCs, partying wAeb, midnight m trunks at the drive in, a surprise party three weeks late, thanks) Versaile room at Ed s special thanks for otd tenet to UN leb Wems. Rob. Zme. Mesm Turk. K av. Rmgster. Swz. fait Sandfew Spar ku . Gucci Rach. James, and larva?! SCOTT KRAVETZ Basketbal. 3.4, racqueThai L3, whirr honors award, k Super bowl Sunday and the bizarre scene downtown, losing money ptavmg cards with loch, Ned Zme. Leb, Bow i-2 •3, gomg nuts at the ck4 eith Turk Ned Zme. He freddie and atwever etse woMd show upT keep these plastics m our town because Martha M«s ready gets around " NU credit when credit is due the hassle m Northbrook BOB KREBS Golf. IJ gymnastics iJJ.4. Homecoming night. Kan party where Marty was ready for take off whirties, skmnv d?p«ng at Dusty s M e the snarf meiser with Cruster the swinger at the beach-fat chance, my trip to Wisconsin with Jay. Denny and the other guys- Damn, we seemed to have picked some vegetation , gomg to Suzannes with Jav and watching the m pet movie Tom and h« weekend girts ’ Dennv and His shppage. and most of al being with Stan. KEfTH KlEfTEt Footbal. I.2.J.4, SX UJ.4. Ff with Shtucky. AJana s bar and car rhursdav n ght b-sessums, Hagen steeping on the toder after a mghr with ganga, chunk mg m the sponge footing irxnd w a transvestite, c nwsm to soph parties w Bra- Semor Paulletle Arvanitis and Steve Lee slowly take In the nights excitement. vos, " Oh my G-D. " in the truck, getting busted w the eggs, almost 17 " seeing v grrece fal of the bleachers head 1st, dink mg urm instead of b, break circle 3 am at KU, hatves, whole , chants, lounges, Tco 4 taquila w the other sister, f mound w Perkousky, instant Margars, BS being with the dev! Barber, shows the fingers busting him on the poof faMe kinky, HP gels w Rmo, pictures McGreevy ' s to the goyem in General, visiting coiege . b session , breaking on car roofs, soph summer, grass stam gram getting action, hoops at prose! ale by cove, sfcmny dipping and Gino ' s quail hunt JOANNA KOHl Color guard 2.3.4, pow wow 1,4, bowling, lusher ch IJ. MV sweet 16, tiger on our, shopping w Rachael, working at courtesy , al my per tonal soap operas at courtesy, driving mound with Ffelame m Pee Wee, raw crotttnat dough, Celebs a turn and the cast party, color guard and si the people I went causing problems w . ERIC KOPFSTEIN NHS. 3 A, Mmot state scholar. 4, seminars for scholars 4, West of Edens. 1 4, business editor. 4, current events J.4, tutor ' s chib. 1.4, aeronautics cFyb., I Northwestern ISEP I, student congress. 3, UTKA. 2.3A, bronze key, silver key Mod 6-9 sophomore yr and what it gave me for life thank you JT and H for aM the prodding, General «, Bines lor J year at we« at rhat which is unprintable for re atom of good taste TRACEY KRFHER Wrestlrtfe . 2, Takmg Lisa Woodal w me to the driver ed Range and ended up regretmg it every tune she put the emergency break up while I was driving, ft ' such a simply lovely outfit!” RENE KREfTZMAN Sophomore class cabinet Al the limes spent with my friend ! Betfv pdsbury doughboy, downstate GAZ? super bowl XX. Gray man. french accent, summer of 15 our friendship 1 Robm-night of Sdvi a t party. Larry ' s Htrle apartment rafts experiences. NBC w JI and NG Mand Honk if U luv Wham! boyfriend ar RK bste night Whami parties, visit to Hol¬ ly ' s, getting B bed w SM I CB Ram-summer of 14 July 4th. with m GS Kentucky fried chscken and you hiding m back of my car double dating w MT and DR Rhonda si rhe nights we went and had rhe best rime ' Than you guys for making rhese rhe best 4 yr of my Mei PAUL A KRONE Cabinet. U, SAOO. 2.3, yearbook 2.3.4 The sum¬ mers spent with J when we went ro rhe beach and I was afraid of being mugged The rime when we gor losr and ended up m 6. Chicago, kid.. Sanara. don ' t mention rhe TP Mans cookie I ' m not a BoBo do! Hey mr yuk Homeroom K»l nn g rachet goodbve FV we X mis rhe bus Karla- 2 down. Gma I bow down to yms. for I am just a peasant! Senior Survey 2S9 SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY USA KRULL: Band.) I softball. 2, student union. 3i junior cabinet) pom pon 3.4. Trying to ski w Anna. Jackies party, trying to make the blotter, vaccuming a dragon fly at Lisa S ' s. SWAT team spying on " someone ' s house " w Donna. Ana. Kerstin The best summer I’ve ever hadi first place overall with 85-85 pom squad, the best 2 yrs of my life with Teddy G. I love youl Meeting the best friends everl CHARLOTTE KUKULSKh Choir I.2.3.4, band. I basketball I. track U council 1.3. Sandi party with grandma, flying corks. BonJou " I want my beret. " racing John taylor ' s limo. glitter. New years 86. ping pong, and downtown. Caress and Nancy, Red Skyz. light lime. VIP and BJ. Chris England and party with VHi Carol-freez¬ ing rain. Paul Young and PS, Sosmo, Cheri. Erika, and Shmoos. Ev. and Sue, freshman bunch. Helen. Tracey, and Liz, party all the timel NICOLE LALIBERTY: Soccer 2.3, Wrestlette 3, Pow wow I. French club l» Midmghtriders 3.4. My most memorable experience was downstate junior year w Aida, Georgia. Cynthia. Chris. Myra. Tobes. And Paulette, green plydo. pictures. B.B ' s the Brothers, pink french fries, front desk, also the time Dawn. Debbie. Kim and me got busted for speeding while they blew off school and I got arrested for not having a license. CHEIF’S BASH, and meeting Mike who I ' ll love forever. STEVE LASHEVER: Baseball I.2.3.4, Football I.2.3.4, Senior leader, Honorable mention all conference 4, N-ckib 4, My most memora ble experiences were the night or RED white w Riggsand J.J., J.R’s party. C.C ' s car. Getting chased by an old man in a Che- vette w Riggs. The ninth hole w the weasels. My feuding friend¬ ship w Claudine. Evanston party. Beach bash (what an ordeal) Doug’s parties. Downstate ' 85. Valentines Day w Kerstin. All of the good times w my close friends (M.K.. C.R.. S.S.. C.C.. K.K.. D.Y.. AND S.Y.) My best experience was going out w Kerstin. I Love Youl ROCKY LEE, Cross-country I.2.3.4, MVP 2.3.4, Capt. 4, Indoor track I.2.3.4, Outdoor track I.2.3.4, MVP 3, Capt. 3.4, My most memorable experience is beating Tony Vodicka in the 800 and blowing away Ruby and Tim in pool and Chemistry w Ramsey and Rob and all the water fights. STEVEN LEE: Football 2.3.4, Track U.3, Basketball, Concert Or chestra U.3, Orchesis 3, Pow wow ' 84 band 3, painting cafeteria wall 86 Math team IJi German dub 1.2, NHS 4, Seminars for Scholars 4, State Scholar ' 85. ' 86, Who ' s who in Amenca ' 85 ' 86. My most memorable experiences are O.T. parties. Montreal. Orlando. Best friends: " Bert " . " Ben”, i " SmeRiot.” And Paulette. Remember Chief lllini. Turnabout ' 85. Springbreak ' 85. puking at " Phil Collins. " dancing to " The Boss.” 6-month, room-42. Lip- pie. Precious Roxanne. I ' ll always be " crazy for you.” but for now we ll have to live our " Seperate Lives” .. Thanks. Love Forever! SUSAN LEE: Volleyball 1.2.3, Softball 1.2.3, LEaders 2.3, Wrestlette 2.3, NHS 3.4, My most memorable experiences are Evan ' s. Wooley mamouth time, becoming a P.A. in ' 85 w H.R., the Klepto club us standing on the Cruser to hang on a sign, Downstate ' 85 " if your gonna come in. come in” and beer baths w F.B., Kriskets in the fan and squirrels in the disposal, our rocks at N.W. beach w H.R. i C.T., rescuing S.C. in the parking lot, the never ending remote control search. Bouncing w D.R., Listening to J.C. sing, Skitching at 4a.m. in a 6 passenger car w 8 people flysping w D.E: Super Bowl Sunday Rush st. (WB), DC s Skokie house, and all the great times I have spent w H.R.. D.R.. J.C.. F.B., and everybody else. Look out Ft. Lauderdale Get those Kicks in ' 86111 STEPHANIE LEADER: Cheerleading 2.3.4, Gymnastics I.2.3.4, White Certificate I, Bronze key 3, Yearbook 2.3.4, editor of Special Events 3, Co-Editor in Chief 4, Class cabinet 2.3.4, Home coming court 4, NHS 3.4, Midnight Riders 3.4, Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4, I ' ll never Forget: Mondo Fox. Mbuti poses. Devils. H.C. ' s Togo (pillowcase) Party. Ham. Hamlet. J.Z.-my broken Knee. Thomas gas. Jr. Yr. and R.F.. Sr. Yr. and Beach. Turbo. C.B.T.. i She does!. Car dances. Madison Halloween L.B. ' s stuff. Bomb in J.H.’s hood. " Dem ' iz Candy” Wess ' s underwear. Smokin ' at Band B.. MEATBALLS!. L.A. crashing the K.G.B. Leader st.. D.Y.M.. yesterday. Fright Night. Not the Hill. Being stuck in __ ' $ car. Losing a finger at L.S.’s. Walking home Jack ' s, Cigars. Driving home K.K. ' s New Years. Chuck ' s car blowing up. Fri-wipe out! Touching brick w J.H.. H R. on last day as seniors. ROB and BOB M.G. i I luv you!!! DAN LEBOVITZ Baseball 1.2.3, Wrestling U, Football I, Class cabinet 3, Bronze key. Silver key. Towel room 4, ETC 1.3.4, My most memorable experiences are Getting suspended fresh man year for taking 25c. Junior year winter break. Meeting Janet. Parting w Janets brother s friends w us. Teeth weekends w Bedside Buddy at ETC. BBO s at Ghandis. Thanks for the good times Janet. Uhles. Zin. Ghandi. Bob. Weins. Scooter. Club Med boys sparkms. MY most me morable experience will be leaving this place and the people here, who I can ' t wait to forget. STEVE LEHEW Swimming I.2.3., Chorus. West Side Story 3, Cho rus. No Parking on the Stage floor 3, AFS 3.4, President 4, Spanish Club 2.3.4, President 4, My most memorable experience was going to Spain last summer as an exchange student few will ever understand what being an exchange student is really all about Thanks Ms. Carr 8 Mr. Cohen! Less seriously. I ' ll always remember wheel of fortune w Sue. Tom and I. What her name from Dominick ' s. I dropping A.P. Bio Finally! I mustn ' t forget that personal essay (or was it two?) that I turned in to Mrs. Grahm ON TIME A final thanks to all of you who ' ve made life here at NiWeNi truly interesting and unique You know who you are!! FELICIA LEVY: Track I, SADD 2.3, Cabinet 4, My most memora ble experiences are French Baker w Pam. you eat tacos? Chem¬ istry-mods 5-7w laura. New year ' s w Notre Dame guys, (junior cabinet party) Northern. Bakers square waitress,s—ew on _. watching someone wash their car w Lori. W.C. parties, analyzing conversations w Sue. Walks and talks w Max- yne. summer of ' 85 and most of all meeting Matt. BRIAN LIEBER: Soccer 1.2, Tennis 1.2, My best experiences were just all the good times I had getting together w all my friends. The sober time on the boat. Halloween and the cops. Gillson park. Northwestern rocks, the woods. Driving out to Golf Glen for an upset. The concerts The parties, the rented movies, the al—hoi and the FUN. DAYNA LIEBERMAN: Swimming 3.4, My most memorable exper iences are Dan the Man Big Al Moontanning w Mary, the swimming Gang, Pool hallway, 200 IM w Maryl YEAH! JODI. JODI. JODI: Best Buddy!! KIM LIOU: Math team I.2.3.4, tutors club 2.3.4,-Executive Board member 2.3.4, NHS 4,-President 4, Seminars for Scholars 4, cur rent events club 3, Academic Bowl team 3.4, Junior Engineering team 4, German club I.2.3.4, Red certificate I, Bronze key 2, Silver key 3, Gold key 4, National Merit Finalist 4, Illinois state Scholar 4, My most memorable experience was the time I almost killed my driver ' s Ed. teacher while behind the wheel. I made a left turn at a busy intersection w out checking the approaching traffic. It was a close shave, but I think we missed the Audi coming at us at 45mph. by at least five feet. MARC LIPSKY: White honor ro« I, Red honor roll 2.3, Bronze key 3, silver key 4, Illinois state Scholar Seminars for Scholars. Who ' s Who among American High School Students. NHS, West of Edens. Current events club. Israeli club. My most memorable experiences are L.A. hunting, the H connection, turnip bulbs, Glass in the on is, J.T. Big Mouth is Mrs. Meow. Meow, there? The median be on the left side of the road N.I.S.? Phu. Phu. Horseface Joan. My friendships and great times w Nissin. Eric. Sonia. Ron. Mike ANASTASIA LIVADITIS: Cheerleading I.2.3.4, Soccer I.2.3.4, Or¬ chesis 2, Leaders 2.3, Midmight rider 4, Student union 4, Hellenic club 2.3.4, My most memorable experiences are Our many encounters w RC. B.L.T.. and Red. An almost signed yearbook, and an unexpected conversation at a party thanks to Georgia. Kris has mono. Winning Nationals at camp Hello W Banana and curly-Q. A squirt gun massacre. Kris (Tilly-cupkake) and her Clinique bottles McD ' s-Krod-kiko. Maria and I the Two cripples going down the stairs. Cynthia and I at Michigan, and Skiing. Spring break. The G.B.S. three hour lunch w Sylvia (large coke, cadi, lane) The Swat team Lisa (spike) Donna (flash) Kerstin (shiek) Me (no-name). The yeller whiter phase. A snowball fight w pictures. Red and Black sisters skitching at 4:00 a.m. Donna and Sue skitching into a puddle, and REVENGE OF THE NERSIIIII MANDI LOPERT: Class cabinet 1.2, Student Union, My most memorable experiences are IckHonk if you luv Whaml. MR. Mister, blueberry pie. club trop. " Drinks are free.” escaping mooses on edens. Cabrini green, Rhon Knots Landing. Florida ' 84. " bathroom " MR. S’s Pics, numbers 2 8 3, Berthie-Rm. 316. Aunt S.. nice Trip on New Years, car lights on. Co-ed gym. B.W. s jacket. Open arms. MAGIC POWER. Pics, at N.W., Steph-J.B.I F4on. I have a lighter! Baldy-OUr night in Evanston, Mar trials and tribula¬ tions of M.P. 8 E.S. Pinky, Rob There ' s Abe! S8P. taping, water towerw mittens. 16 candles. 1st trip to mars, lost at Phil, bloopers. April 12-19. I know N.U. isn’t far! V.V.B.F.F. I Love you guysll JOE LOCHNER: Soccer I. 2.3.4, Baseball I.2.3.4, Major N-2.3.4, N club, My most memorable experiences are WHen me and my better half Jenni. really did fall asleep till 3=30. and were awaken to the phone " Her Mothers.” June 9. Sand castles. 11.11. Stars. Golfing, tans. Special times alone, quarters that I won. Hagen getting arrested, then mono, then herpes all in one summer. Summer of ' 85. BRIAN LOVETT: Achievements throughout my 4 years are help ing Niles West purchase 100 new computers, elected senior Ro tarion. getting through 3 years of Mr. Slattery, and Surviving! My most memorable experiences are Yet to come! PRom. Graduation. College. freedom! Good-Bye Niles West. Hello WORLD!!! JEFF LOWELL: Football I.2.3.4, Baseball I.2..34, Basketball I, My most memorable experiences are Throwing Dena Novak in the garbage can Fresh, year Sophomore football w Joey. Going through an eight foot ditch w Keith and Craig. Dawn Mazzetta Steve Ivicic and Paul Bouboutsis take a " hand” stand on things during passing 290 Senior Survey SENIOR breaking My grandfather clock. Lee pushing a 4 year old girl down the hill at Wilmont. Joey cracking my mother ' s Door. Going out w Suzy F. for my whole High school Life. Thursday sessions at kreiter ' s before footba-l. Chasing Hagen and Munic down the halls of Kansas, quarters w Hagen (sinking him all the time). Mike falling off the ski lift. D M., 8 M R. f in my Mom ' s car. Seeing Min mellow every party. Get togethers at Aneshia ' s house. A.W. 8 Me putting toothpaste on M.G.’s face. M.G. prom¬ ising to the sophomore football team soph. year, getting int for the first time w J.V. 6 M.R. then going over to S.F. ' s house. Skokie Police station w krieter. Mike R. Honda Civic Intel, at C. I. ' s Main South baseball frosh. year. Golf at condos w J.B. C.l. parties at my house every Christmas breaki Torching the lawn acrosss from Dean M. ' s house. Putting it out w Mike. N.U.. J.D.. S.A.. two hot chicks (chicken pox). JENNIFER LUND: Soccer I.2.3.4, Midnight riders 3.4, My most memorable experiences are T.M. and K.S. all the great times, memories, and laughs we ' ve shared, the rounds Spring break ' 86 Sex shooters. Sobbie 8 R.C.. L.G.. laugh-cry. Friends forever!: K.A.a night W..T.D. pretnzles christening the trees at Austin park) D. S. congrats you win the dance contest, worms. Oh no you broke your sockl K.K. smile in churchi M.F. a gym locker 8 a boyfriend Lean Cuisene L.H.-A doctor Ruth Party M.P.-Cheppie. goat. spot, ember all the great times, junior year, scar-faceember all the great times, junior year, scar-face weekend! P.R. a winning game of quarters) M.K. " my IA " thanks for being a great friend remember) Computer class 8 soccer! Ms PacMan! I love you all! Class of ' 86 FUN TIMES?!! SUE MALIWANAS: Children’s theatre (2-weeks) orchesis 4 Cross Country 1.2, Ushers club 2, Missing ushers 3.4, Pom pon 3.4 Track-indoor 8 outdoor 1.2,3.4, All conference 2, All conference champ 3.4) Captain 4, My memorable moments are Freshman English final-class project BigMouth Denni on conference call w Bill H. Janice L. at my party " Who the ? @? is that? " RAW. power-CGD-892 ' 85 auto show-Charlotte 8 Japanese buyer Thanksgiving ' 85-Westin-Andy. Brad. Denise. Doug. Scott Mauricio 8 D.D. Gang, to ho jo ' s at 2,00-No go. to Wag ' s Scott in bathroom, and Knocking on Alex ' s window at 4:00 a.m. ADAM MARTIN MAKOWKA. Soccer I.2.3.4, German Club 1.2, My most memorable experiences ate Getting a chance to par¬ ticipate in the first Niles West Homecoming soccer game, and scoring the winning goal. The unforgettable Freshman Killer soc¬ cer season) 13-0-1. Special thanks to Mr. Peter Zorn for a great coaching job. Spring break junior year in Mauiw sis. what a time w out the P ' s. the sun. the beach, the waves and the Maui Maui. To the Class of ' 86, May all of your dreams come TRUE, reach for the stars. GO for IT and Have a Drink On Me. MARA MALNEKOFF, French Club 3.4, Track 3.4, Sadd 3.4, H.E.L.P. 3, My most memorable experiences are Playing softball w " Munn " JUnior year w SFB and " what” and when SFB threw the softball at (yes. you know who SFB) L.C. and she exclaimed " what are you doing? " Then there’s track and sitting in the " senior section " of the bus. and sue. Rene, and Pam screaming crazily. DEAN C. MARINAKIS: SOccer 3.3, Indoor Track 1.3, Track 1.2, Intramural Basekeball 3, ECC 4, Dead head I.2.3.4, Student denate 3.4, (president) Student council 3.4, SADD 3.4, WHO ' s who among American High School Students, Hellenic Club 2.3.4, llli nois State Scholar, Seminars for Scholars 4, Bronze key 3, My most memorable experiences are The unique friendships which I made during my four years in West. I ' m totally Psyched that I finiaNy got to know Nichoiette well and M.R. 8 G.B . who talk too slowly. Of course, the weird sisters and the Aspen crowd. Finally there is Shane. Anna. And Timmy: the best friends that a person could ever have. Wisconson. Zinzer. Steallmg. the Hags, the Flower of Power The jokes and I have been through a lot.-Proffesionalism rules. Uncle Larry’s G-force. late night calls, and Bob Marley all contributes to a freaked out four years. RAMSEY MANKARIOUS: football. 2, Bronze key, Silver key, My most memorable experiences are Doba. L.G.. Rambokms. Tambam. the hill. Seefis and apricot. B. Hangmen forever. Wilber ' s one and only afternoon stand. Rasafrasa. Firf ' s Dripage. Firf ' s beach slaughter. Opa at Dianna’s. Spanky and the pretty boys. O.K.S. ' s Private Lessons, the big 40. Tea-Time in Skokie, crusing beaches w the guys. Rarkee M. Computer Wiz. CHRISTOPHER MARKOS: Soccer 1.3, Symponic Band I.3.3.4, Jazz Band 1.2.3, Dames at Sea, Joseph, Joseph: Pow Wow 3, Spartan Percussion Festival 3.4, Illinois State Scholar, NHS, My most memorable experiences are Mr. Submarine, Labor Fest, Play¬ SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY ing GIGS w O.T.. Meeting my Idol STEVE SMITH: Road Tripping w Nick. Bill. 8 Jeff, Tour ' 83, Berklee College summer of ' 85, The Battle of the Bands ' 85, Good SCREAM Al, Being arrested at age 15, and Meeting JEANNINEIII BETH MCCOWN: Soccer 1.2.3, Track 4, Volleyball I, My most memorable experiences are going to soccer games late and getting away w it. Foods 1.2 w Liz having food fights and strangling Debbie w a smelly towel, trying to ride my new bike home while under the influence. Definetly Melrose park, what an experience!! Splashing juice all over Aliza. long talks w B.G. to the track team: Making it the best year possible! TOM MERKEL: football, captain 4, basketball 1.2.4, captain 4, baseball I.2.3.4, N club 4, Lift a thon 3, My most memorable experiences are Up and Over w Dena, Hey Lowell I thought you say daylight! Doug ' s strike party-LA women-DB ' s work too hard right Jimmy, Teddy we couldn’t live w o the wall. Between me and Rodg-groids bathrroms one moon coming up-take it easy Conme-Hey Rodg 5 times last night-OUCH!! TINA MILIOS: My most memorable experience will be Spring break in Daytona w Jenny and Kathy. Jenny. " Nasty girls” the classic party w M. and L.. Andre pink, quarters w P.R. " thirsty- " Kathy. Where ' s my sunglasses? two pairs of underwear. 130’s in the back seat w M.S. Should I take him up stairs? Maria: Cuban muffin. Rasberry cookers, more anastetic. ADAM MILLER: Marching band I.2.3.4, Symphonic band I.2.3.4, Leaders gym 2.3, Jazz band 3.3, My most memorable experiences are Going on all the band tours and winning the Battle of the bands on March 15. 1985. CHRIS MILLER: Wrestlette 2.3.4, Soccer 3.4, Midnight rider 4, German exchange student 4, My most memorable experiences are Downstate ' 85 8 ' 86, My car accident on the way to school on toga day, T ping, the 4 sale signs, and blinking lightsoff the road blocks. Homecoming ' 85, Playing GI-JOE in the Holiday Inngetting T.P., Cynthia swimming in the fishnet, Alda and the famous sweater, playing Spicoli on top of the boats at the beach, garbage cans at Aida ' s, My " Party” I never knew I had and being grounded for a month, Going downstate w Karen 8 Kim meeting those guys from Indiana, Midlands 8 Pennstate 8 Arizona guys. New years Evel Coming here from the Cornfields and meeting my bestest friends, I LOVE YA LOTS! ANDY MILLS: Theatre Dept. I.3.3.4, Pow Wow I.2.3.4, Technical director 4, Children ' s theatre I.2.3.4, The Wiz I, Dames At Sea 3, JOSEPH 3, Oliver 14, Spring Play 1.3.4, International thespian society I.2.3.4, Math team I.3.3.4, All Conference Math team 3, West Word I.3.3.4, NHS (vp) 3.4, Jets 3.4, National Merit Finalist 4, Illinois state Scholar 4, Bronze. Gold 8 Silver Keys 2.3.4, Theatre 219 I.3.3.4, Seminars for Scholars 4, SASB 3.4, My most memorable experiences are all the people w whom I have come in contact. I ' m not going to list them because I would forget. But you Know who you are. I would like to thank BJ. Philbin. and Lee for teaching most everything I know. Most of all. I have just enjoyed being part of NI-WE-HI. Oh-how could I forget that English cre¬ ative project? What a blast!! DIANE M. MIMP: Cabinet I, Basketball 1.2, Softball 1.2.4, Manager 3, Volleyball manager 2.3.4, Leaders gym 2.3.4, My most memora¬ ble experiences are Karina, bike rides to the Pavilion. " Flon- est Dad I don ' t Know where we are " , Mariann, Frosh 8 Soph softball, don ' t forget the mouse in the GPE office and " don ' t drive Radiated! " , Sobbie 8 Bosco, " Donuts at the Opera! " , Dawn 8 Jenn, " It ' s such a freak! " , R.P.: thanks for being a great friend, P.S. 8 C.N.: thanks for believing in me your the best. EDWARD MIRKOVIC Football I, Wrestling I.3.3.4, My most memorable items which helped lead to memorable times include: A 59 Cadillac, a golden cooler, stones tapes, my dad ' s car keys freshman year, assortment of bikes, a motorcycle, axes, pellets, fire and wood, backyard plantation, homade tools, corvairs. Min¬ nesota. Cambridge. Wisconsin. Southern. Champaign, and par¬ ties at Erici ' s or Doug ' s always worthwhile. PAUL MISCINSKI: Soccer I, Baseball I.2.3.4, My most memorable experiences include Mr. Flolz slamdunking the air vent after reaching Defcon one. Mr. Pirok ' s off the wall experiments, and Spags. Scott, and I doing the Three man wave for the nation in the rain during a Sox game. Of course. Hopefully a State Cham¬ pionship in baseball! MATTHEW MITA: Wrestling 2, Commended studdent, My most memorable experience was waking up in English and realizing I Rob Munic takes a moment off and thinks about summer. was not a poor, black, sharecroppers son. Traumatic? But then again. Rhythm ain ' t everything. MARY MOLL: Track 1.2, Crosscountry 2, most memorable exper¬ iences are The spinning Amoco sign at Milwaukee and Dev¬ on. June 20. 1985. Erika’s car. Ring response. Indian road, mickey D ' s. King Burger, the golf course, and the pit. And to Erika. Donna. Cheri. Lauren, and Eric, my best friends in the world. And my very most memorable experiences Oct. 19. 1985. CINDI MOSS; Cross country 1.2, Track I, Pow-Wow 3.4, Spring musical 3, Intermediate band I, Concert bnad 2, Jazz band 2, Symphonic band 3.4, Marching band I.2.3.4, Mandatory band camp I.2.3.4, Drum Major 4, Band board secretary 4, Library crew 2.3 (never again!!) Tour 2.3.4, Costumer 4, Drum line 3.4, (Yeah) SADD 4, SASB 2.3.4, My most memorable experiences are Toronto (they’re Knocking on the wall) Drum line. Maxwell ' s. Initiation. New year ' s. Sex talks w Doug (Why?) Freak out day (TS). Medusa s. T.P.. Billy Bombs. Soph, french (Fifi. Emilee. Jo¬ seph) Thanks to my friends for all your Love and support. Thanks Todd for Understanding I ' ll Love you Forever! SUSAN MUGRDITCHIAN: Senior class cabinet. My most memora¬ ble experiences were w my good friends Felicia. Melissa. Laura, and Pam. Phil coHins concert. My surprise party, and I thought everybody was cracking up. Hitting parked cars on the way to G.P. ' s house talk to me Ahbie animal. My dream come true.airy Star. Artrichio. C.G. 1 or C.G. 2? No. I haven ' t punched any Microwaves lately. Some people would rather have dogs? I love Robies. Visiting M.H. at the tennis club during lunch. Marla ' s famous saying " hold the handle up it ' s a foreign car " thank for all the great times guys! ROBERT MUNIC tennis IJ, soccer 1.3, SA-D 3.4, class cabinet 3.4, ETC drinking club 3.4, MoNy center 3.4, spring play 3.4, Children theatre 4, June Wang escort 4, Bowling 1.4, My most memorable experiencesare Zines Procto. Porns. Phil 8 fruseng lade, tennis practice w Vid. Spavs window. Sox game " A-hole " Kansas w chese. " Northbrook Neily. " Dan Jeremy. Driving in N.B. w Scott " Dick.” Camin’s swiss miss trip. Keith s bust (dad Kreiter) Buggers in my car. bike ride w Cristante. Dean 8 Joe s tushies, sauna w Flolt. Bans dork. Mr. F----George. Bugger fight w keith. Sambo, bleacher diving. Nerf ball brawl, closet marcus. P.. Vish’s naugle. Beave’s brunch. Zines $5 Heave. Jeffy 8 Jer maine. Greek dukes 8 Neil. Night club act w Neil. Spag doody Nail. Turk ' s Exorcism. SPL ' s 180. Turk’s " red eye " Greek meet balls. Hot Tub Club. George ' s eyes. Neil ' s arms an " Org " at Deerfield. Lee G ' s Ralphage. Ted ' s cake dish. EVANTHIA NAFPLIOTIS Class Cabinet IJ, Orchestra IJ.3, Red Certificate I, Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3. Illinois State Scholar, National HAnor Society 3.4. My most memorable experienfes at West include: homeroom w A.C. and S.M. Sand He s thuch a Senior Survey 291 SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY thavagel (Bon who?) Carm neighbor . Halloweenl Wanna go on Dakton? J.H.- Go Cub . ummer ' 84. Gym w Marta. he ' no my husband Den. Remember Flip . Greek rulel And all the great time I ' ve had with my friend , thank for putting up with me. SANAE NAKAHATA Vlleyball 2. Math Team 4. My mo t memora ble experience ha to be the 3 year I’ve spent with a lot of different people in Nile We t H.S. Li-Jen and Jaechun. good luck in college and visit Japan to ee me if you have a chance. An u. it was very wonderful to have you as my lab partner in AP cheml I hope to see all of you again someday in my life. BRIAN NAPRAVNIK: Soccer 2, Wrestling 2,3. German Club 2. Jay Hansen fan club 4. My mo t memorable experience are: full moon with A.M. P.M.A.M. The party that almo t was crui ing with A.Z.. K.B. D.Z.. G.K. Stil got the mask? Hey guy how about some more mutated mice in the cafe? Cruising w Adam M. Hey BJ How about a dip? Thanks for all the fun times at N.W. guys, see you later. HA! BILL NETZEL: Pros Country U, Track. Indoor 1.2, Track. Outdoor U. My most memorable experiences are: Harry the humanoid, snausages. Happy ' s sheep, furry’s song. Boston cream ceiling, initiation, murder by phone, bird in an open bathroom. Mine, is your room clean? No Hands. biHards. Klennex. Nike vs NB. Phan tasm. New Years ' 85. New Years ' 86. Mackington. AAROUGH. Billy Bomb. Friendship forever. JODI NOCK: Soccer Team 2.3.4, Spanish National Honor Society 3.4, Seminars for Scholars 4, Red F3onor Roll I, Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 4, Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experiences are: Teaching Melinda how to drive. Surfing in the parking lot at Old Orchard. Getting a flat tire in the Niles WEst parking lot the night before finals. DAWN NOLE: My most memorable experiences are: Taking alge bra W Diane and Jen and failing chem. w Marcie and making fun of P.B. All the times Jen and I went driving around and always getting lost. Playing quarters with Danielle and Mike, Mike, all the times we went looking for Mary Ann and never finding her. Mike, thanks for all the great talks. Diane- IT ' S SUCH A FREAKII ERIC NUTTING: Wrestling I.2.3.4, Bronze Key. My most memora ble freaks are: Fires in the woods late night. Every Wrestling match I’ve had. Down State. Yoke cFiopin ' trees. NA. Roof hop ping. Taking apart embryo ' s bike. Prom. Homecoming. Good Parties. Cruising in Laura ' s ' 59 Caddie. Kessem the chemical b—tard. SKJ (only 2 hours) Halloween. Superbowl Party. Hitch¬ hiking in Wise. Riotous road TRIPS. Dead concerts Out Of Con¬ trol! Lots more to come ' cause the stu boys don’t quit!! SHIRLEY OH: I will never forget the way I met my best friend Sandy. Joohee-I love you the way you love Chongl Sandy P.-Do you still have an argument w Caroline?? John W.-you still didn ' t tell me (us) the secret yet. When should we expect to hear it? Helen-WHAT A YEAR!! Sandy Sun-How’s a Larry. Jim. Roger doin’(??l!) S.L.-Thanks a lot for a computer date. (I’l hate you Dave Lasker has his photo taken for a change! forever). Guys Good Luck and many best memories forever. ELINA OZEI: My most memorable experience? Partying at Gina’s house Lori falling down the stairs! All the restless Friday and Saturday nites with " the happy bunch” -Lola. Ginita. Vicks (Lori P. Gina T. Vickie P.) Getting lost in down town Chicago with Lori and George " Stop the car I wanna I The haunted house in the summer time. Going to the " dude ranch” with Angela and many more. SHEILA OZTEKIN My most memorable experiences are Hilton busts, lunch with S.K.. T.Ping chalk graffiti cold " ellies " train tracks in Edgebrook. Homecoming ’84 brawls " 225 " , tree house times. Halloween ’85 Cedar Lake, wierd wedding times with RJ. G.B. ' s " Ja. okay!. W.D. ' s spazing. Jr. Prom with S.Y., Spring Break ' 86 with Laurie and Lisa We are gonna have a great time! JERRY PAGOS: Football 1.2. My most memorable experiences are at lunch in the cafe and on the road partying Also I had a great time during football practice partying and all But the most fun I have had in the past four years was this year. It was an awesome year. CYNTHIA PAPOUTSAKIS Soccer I.2.3.4, Wrestlette 2.3.4, Basket ball I; Hellenic Club 2.3.4, Student Union 4, Senior Class Cabinet 4. My most memorable experiences are Down State ' 85 + ' 86. Half a_ed b_ch. Aida ' s sweater. Chris the vacuum. 24 hour partying and green play due Miller’s unforgetable party, the gong show with the Revenge of The Nerds, t-ping the shool. blinking lights and for sale signs. Ana’s long talks, the barn in Michigan. Spring in Fla. Getting caught in Kim ' s fish net. Ticker tape parade, skiing and almost went blind and falling off ski lift. To Ana. Georgia. Aida. Chris. Janna. Etc. You are the best of friends. Thanks for the memories. SUNNY PARK: Class Cabinet 1.2,3.4, Student Union 1.23, Midnight Riders 2.3.4, Yearbook 3 My Memorable experiences are Laura ' s psychotic attacks w butcher Knife-being surrounding by 4 squad cars interrogation by officer friendly. Ron of Japan then Rush St. finally hit Jacks. G.K ' s summer night Bar B Q ' s! Sophomore phase. Partying at Nesh ' s! Fondue anyone? Edens. New Years 85 86 Homecoming Versaille Room Aspen Suite. Purple Rain frea kouts w the graphic, all the unforgettable aggressions brought out by D.L. But mainly |ust being together w a special group of people. Someday I plan to turn M.R. into a very descriptive person Good times fly too fast DOMINIQUE PARTIPIIO Volleyball I.2.3.4, Softball I. My most memorable experiences: L. Adam s great parking job at Burger King and then going through a red light while C.C. tried stopping traffic with her hand. A great volleyball season and all the little " B’”s. Chinese dinners with C. Keplan and late night talks. Ac counting buddies w Uncle Mark ' s great advice. Getting to know L. Chertow and having an awesome team in volleyball. Letting D.H. beat me in scrabble and hearing snowballs hit my window at L30 in the morning. Summer of ' 85 with Dave. " MADELENE PARTIPILO: Volleyball I.2.3.4, NHS, Leaders 2.3. My most memorable experiences are: Volleyball with the varsity team. Dairy Queen with L.A.. Dorn, and C.C.-the car wouldn ' t start. Late studies with C.K. for chem. Our Adv. Accounting class with G. Volleyball camp with Mariann. Dorn, and Claudine. " Take me back to Chicago.” Dorn’s driving experiences right L.A. and C.C. M.J.. C.C.. D.P.. L.A. thanks for the great times. GARY PAUSTIAN: Football I.2.3.4, N-Club 4, Weightlifting I.2.3.4. Memorable Experience : Making weasels a good click. Meeting Laurie Deermg crying in hall on Prom Day ’85. Thank God. The Americana. Fresh, year weightroom w Mike Kirchens. May 17th. GREAT Day. Swimsuit issues. Lost Necklace. Sorry Laur. Beach Bash. C.C.’ car out in parking lot before B ball games. Broken car door w Scott. 4 years of new friends during football and school. Wrestlemania-Mike’s living room. Telling my problems to M.K.. J.B.. I.B.. K.K.. B.G.. S.S.. D M.. L.K.. etc. THANKS. Hard times w Laurie. but only good times ahead!? Homecoming ’85 w Laurie. Joey + Irene (Motel 6) Good Joke. HAROLD PINE: NF4S.3.4, Span. Honor Society.3.4, Seminars for Scholars. 4, tutors 3.4, West of Edens. 3.4, Current Events. 3, raquetball. 3.4, Bronze and silver keys. Living in TG basement for 2 yrs, A home away from home. Edens tennis club, Same game, hot tub club, Hester breaking wall w his head, removable ceiling tiles, working out w coach Lass, ' Hill. House . Strike never ending thirst-Zafreen! " Boys ' you’ve created a monsterl To Amy, I have just 3 simple words. " Your loss honey!” RACHEL PITALIS: Marching Band 1.2, Concert Band 1.2, Color guard 2. My most memorable experiences have to include an uncomfortable night sleep at Helame ' s party, late night dinners at Bakers Square and Lou Malnatis. Working at Courtesy Home Center. Sue’s after finals party, peach br_dy and Do¬ mino ' s pizza on New Years Eve. and spending too much money with Joanna. LORI PITTL My most memorab experiences are getting lost down with George and Elina. Party ing at Elina ' s house. Elina losing her sun glasses. Gina and " the fridge”. Going to Pizza Hut with the gang. Vicky and Elina. The Hunted House with the red lights. The racoon at Elina’s house. Hiding in Vicky’s car. Driving with " Primadonna . " Alex and his N.D. hat. John and his ring. Vince and his hair and Freddie. ANDREA POET: Cross Country I.2.3.4, co-captain, Track 1.3, Soc¬ cer 2, Wrestlette 2.3, co-captain 3, Leaders 2.3, German Club 1.2, SES German Exchange 3, Orchestra I. My most memorable exper iences include: Realizing men in suits never wave, the night of the 21 laws and the Mbuti policeman, cruising Dempster in a boat, bag ladies, downstate wrestling-lost my socks in Cham paign, Ingrid ' s cottage and KMart specials, and ther German exchange Royal Motel 6. busted in East Germany, and Italy- E Lorre! ALEX POLAKOWSKL My most memorable experience is never buying and or eating a school lunch- other than that. none. VICKIE PONTIKIS: Soccer I.2.3.4. My most memorable exper iences are I) When Lori. Martha. Vickie and I were being fol¬ lowed in Chicago and while trying to get rid of them we got lost. 2) Summer of ' 85 with Gina. Lor. Elina. Yogi. Martha, and Ray¬ mond. I wish them all luck. MARK POULAKIOLAS: Football I.2.3.4, Baseball 1.3.4, Class Cabi net I.2.3.4, Freshman Class President I, Junior Class Vice-Presi dent 3, Senior Class President 4, Student Senate 2.3.4, Student Appeals Board Rep 2, School board Rep 3, EPAC Rep 4, Executive Coordinating Council 1.3. Flellenic Club I.2.3.4, Vice-President 2, President 3, N-Club 4, Red Certificate I, Bronze Key 3, National Honor Society 3.4, Illinois State Scholar 4, Seminars for Scholars 4, National Student Council Conference. Coventry. R.l. 2, Presi¬ dential Classroom for Young Americans 3, Skokie Rotary Service Above Self Award Nominee 4, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students (with Jenni) 4. My most memorable include being coerced upstairs by L.I.S. - eventual parental bust, suggest ing walking after certain Subaru towaway, hopping fences to avoid the law, pre-liscense fiasco Green Bay Rd., sponging in gas too often in NXI9I, my front lawn incident, displaying better Halloween legs than P.W.: unplanned New Year ' s guest, 11 4 84- good idea Snook, L.B. ' s wicked slap, Party snail ' s final Saturday doughnuts Central Pk., indirectly getting C.M.G.C.’s message, swings and Spanish 61, " chips " at 1,37 A.M., my one-way dilema. sorry about that, you L.C.W.I.A.B.D. CHERI POZDOL: Bowling 1.2, Soccer I, Leaders 2, Cosmetology 292 Senior Survey SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY 3.4. My moil memorable experiences are; Wrestling at North¬ western w John. Erika, and Wes. Becoming friends with Mary again after all these years. Cosmo with Char. Erika, and the rest of the gang. Meeting John and love at first sight. Fun with the Pondo Gang. JOHN PSARADELLIS: Town Soccer I, Town Baseball 3, Church Basketball 3. My most memorable experiences: trading bikes with Ray. getting dr_for the first time with Andy and Steve. Ms. Cheasty. Partying in Angelo’s basement. St. George. Mary and the beach. Meeting Raymond. Picking up 35 year old women with Sparky. Aris and P.O.E.T.S. Having Ray take care of me. McSIeesy’s. Game Room. Working out with Sasha. Ray’s T A. My mom. Saving Lori from Ray. Good Luck to my brothers. MARIA PSYHOGIOS: SOccer 2.3, Basektball I, Midnight Riders 4, Hellenic Club I.3.3.4, German Club I.3.3.4. My most memorable experiences were: Kris bobbing for apples soph. year, flushing toilets jr. yr. Scouting for Hummanas. Rita ' s! Jenny-How low can you go? Scarface weekends. Tina-muffin Ju piece of pumpernick el. Kathy- voodoo doMs. " Fire Alert.” How many pairs of socks do you have? Ana-kneebrace twins. Sylvia-school girls fantasies. To Hoss and Horses- and Guys I don’t have a rollercoaster head! MIN RA: Soccer 1.3.3, The dead at Alpine weekend at Tim’s house in Wis. The times before July 10th. 85 l Shane ' s crossbase and garagei Trips to the park at night w Shane and Dean. the remark $ " Little Flea w o a coat, aren’t you cold? " By Joey, the question " Are those air conditioners on that motorcyle? " playing in the band) 2 strange 2 explain: my mind has been clear for eight months! FIOLLY RAPPIN: Super bowl XX at Diane ' s then cruising to rush St. and meeting the Weber boysi Summer of 85 clepto club- street signs, cones, horses, and of course. O.T.i Skitching at 4:00 am. A spontaneous swim at Debbie ' s hosue (and the beach) SI rescuing an almost full bottle. Becoming the PA’s of 851 Evan ' s. Mc6sl Hornet ' s, and Bud’ parties! Downstate 85! Drip drying at the beach! SL and DR’s bouncing techniques. Shrink sessions w FB. Indiana w Jill. Watch out Ft. Lauderdale! Further details on FB. JC. SL. and DRI MIKE REINHARDT: Soccer U.3.4, Varsity 3.3,4. All-Conference, all sectional. 3. All-Conference. AN-Sectional. All state. MVP. 4, baseball. I. LG-New year’s Jr. Yr. Ginos. JL- w JB at Suzy’s Wil- mot: JB getting busted w Mr. doing b’s. optional stop signs kk your kegfest. pictures. H. park: Chunks, quarters, beach. Golati MP relationship w front lawn, sorry . no more burger. JH-Jr. yr. new year’s, mersie ' s sweats. All of Barber ' s comments, " are those vents on the motorcycle for conditioning? " ALBERT RHEE: X Country. I. varisty soccer 3,4. gymnastics U, concert Orch Orch board pres. 4. NHS 3,4. Seminars for scholars 4, math team. 3. Illinois State Scholar 4, Who’s Who in 86. 4. At the lunch table recovering, asked to turnabout 85. Thanks Hyun Chris. I ' ve never forgotten that date. Feb. 35.1985. You will always be deep w i my heart and occupy a space that even love cannot replace. Forever yoursl TRACEY RIDING: Choral union. 13. concert choir 3.4. V.P.. 4. German club 3,4. Med Careers club 3.3. Ecology Club. 3. Expres¬ sions. 3. red honor roll, bronz key. Silver key. Solo 8 ensemble contest. 3.4. Junior year, summer parties where JOsh. Rob. and I formed the family, weekends w the gang, meeting Joe at YG. 8 all the times spent w my closest friends. Pam B. and Liz K. Saturdays in Evanston, all those fun walks. CHRIS RIGGIO Football I.3.3.4, baseball I, N Club, Downstate 85. 3 guys JJ killed, in woods and on way to Red 8 white party, beach bash. St. Marie ' s parties, ally. Steiner w Kirchens mom ' s Sun glasses on b-fing out the door. JJ attacking 3 girls at St.’s bros house. Strike bash, the day after. KB cheese sandwich. St. marie at oakton 8 GPR, the punch out w Mk along w the rest of the night. Hagen at KK ' s quarters contest. Killer rabbit, merkel at S.M. room (advertisemtn) JJ Dancing. 84-85 New year’s eve. MELINDA RING Laurie, seeing life in flames. Lara, we survived suicide hill. Sheila, roasting marshmellows on table. Jed. Judy D. volleyball pros, rachel. moby dick. Jodi, driving lesson. Ian. silent phone calls. Aneshia. Mare bar and cloves. Lisa F. sb parties. Suzi. shopping in Evanston. Neil, bakers sq. 8 bathroom floor, Jamie, party game 8 DD. Garrett, wrestling. Jon. cheating on GB. Dena. pullse x-periment. George. H.C. 85. pick cigs. Lisa S. wild side raiders. L3LP. Dean. HC 85. ed’s. I trust your driving. Sunny adopted sister, spinach soup. Brat! and great times. Gerald. windows, h-cuffs. Sheriton. caught, bg slops, " of course I dol " - I love you ad. JOBIE RISSMAN: Scenery Crow I. CC. 3. Sk. Cm. and other friends sat in a circle signing the yearbook our 1st yearbook, when cm and I said we would always act like Frosh ha. when TB. HH. DKL. and I sat outside during lunch jr. yr. and HH’s pants split all the way down the tush playing hacky-sac! As scaring me from be hind, dragging me down the hallway w o knowing who it was. just being in school w my only love JS every day is memorable. SANDRA RIVKIN: Frosh. Soph. Jr. Cabinet. Sue’s sweet 16. " Who s that? DB 8 MP. Donna my b-buddy. " What’s Eva doing on the floor? " Paula wrapped in toilet paper at my sweet 16, Bosco wearing drinking glasses, toga, and tie on Halloween, Ev’s words of wisdom. " He’th thuch a thav! " Char meeting John Taylor 8 Ratt lucnh at pump room, new years. Better keep in touch or else! You too Herman! NICHOLETTE ROMASHKO Orchesis. 1.4, Pom pon. 3.4, council 4, SADD 3. AFS. 3, Midnight riders. 4. May 35. 1985, a very weird evening at halloween party, soph yr. great times w Dean. Lev ' s Chem class. H.C. 85-with the exception that the pom pon seniors had no time during the game, stuffing K) people in Lisa ' s car going to McD’s, the music video. Engiano! Man is alone 8 lonely. MELISSA ROSEN Symphonic band. I.3.3.4. Marching band. 1.3.3,4. Pow wow band. 3.3.4. Jazz band. 1,3. Tour 1.3.3. German Club 1.3.3, SADD. 3. Academic bowl team. 3,4. NHS 4, Seminars for scholars. 4, red honor award, bronze, silver gold keys, Illinois state scholar, SASB, 3.3.4. Driving to school in the snow. Champaign 8 Chi Phi parties w Ev. work in w Susie 8 Felicia, driving by certain peo¬ ples houses. Phil 8 Bruce concerts, tour, getting A for I six week in physics, all times spent w my friends. RICHARD ROSENTHAL Swimming. 3. OOT parties at the Hilton. Rocky IV at the hillside, the drive home, waiting in line for rush tickets. Oh. it’s a stop sign, who is going to pay for the this yaket? HEATHER ROSS, Gymnastics. 1.3. Cheerleading I. The Wiz, I. White Honor roll. I. AFS. I.3» Pow wow 3, Student Union 3.4, Class Cabinet. 3.4, Midnight Riders 4. Bronze Key. 3, HELP, 4. Amadeus, fur gloves, Israel on bus w Judi, being an m-buti w. Stephanie in gym, making our pillowcase togos. our downtown picture for Michele ' s b-day. my 5 accidents w Jenm, backing into a snow bank and meeting the nicest man in the world. Scout ' s honor, Michelle s glasses at Billy Joel concert, nites North party in my living room. Steph 8 Alana. Salads in Kitchen. T ping at 5 am. smiley face cookies, bangers at Lisa’s, unexpected stay at Mark ' s new years 85. 5-ing w Steph. Dym. sreaming legs, being w the best friends in the world! JACKIE ROZENCWAJG Class cabinet. 3.4. Student Union. 3.4. My Frosh party, Irving ' in the ram, passing out on the lawn, senior showcase, my first night w the car, making food rounds, looking for North guys, following ML to dark alley, seeing Steve in BG. Singing name game in Gejas, dreams of BR coming grue. discuss¬ ing frat parties. D w Howard’s friends at ISU. calling WALTER PAYTON, Halloween at U of I . being chased by masked man. buying everything (Him, playing Football, living w Deb. and many more.” MELISSA RUBENS Choral. Union-3, Concert Choir 3.4. Pow Wow 3-Crew, Pow Wow 3.4-Cast, Rumplestiltskin-Crew, Dames At Sea-Crew, Winnie The Pooch-Cast. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat-Cast. Anybody Out There?-Costumes. A Salute to Walt Disney Assistant Vocal Director. Oliverl-Cast. Thespian-3.3.4. The experiences I’ve had in theatre. Auditions, hopefully seein my name on the cast list, fingers crossed, re¬ hearsals. final results! AH the friends I’ve made, my favorite teachers. Mr. Johnson. Mrs. Owens, and Miss Phtlbin. thank you so much? DIANE RUBENSTEIN: Gymnastics 1.3, Diving. I.3.3.4, Student Union. 4. Midnight Riders. 4. Skitching at 4.-00 am, you have 8 people in a 6 passenger car? The Klepto club- Street signs 8 license plates Do ya have a phillips ? Myra- I give 6 — about you. sexual healing. ABC. quick. Michael Jackson is onl Tedd stay in fuel economy, is that mole on Jim M ' s nose getting smaller? New years 85. bouncing w Sue L. at Rappm’s bash, super bowl XX. rush st. w AB. SR. SL. HR. the Bears mobile 8 Weber boys, Thanx for the great times! Christopher-We have great memories together that I’M never forget I love you! Henry Hedberg and Vishall Shah take a break from study to be seniors! DAVID RUBIN: Symphonic band U.3.4, Orchestra. U.3.4, Jazz band. U.3.4, Imea All District band. 3. Marching band. U.3.4, President of band. 4, board member. 3. IHSA ensemble Contest. 3.3.4, Section leader, Pow wow. U.3.4, Music director 4, International thesbian society. 4, The Wia. I. Dames at Sea. 3, Joseph. 3, Oliver. 4, Stage crew. I, Pippin, summer theatre or chestra 4, Seminars for Scholars. 4, Bronze. Silver. Gold keys, leaders gym. 3.3.4, debate team. 1.3, JETS . 3.4, NHS 3.4, secretary 4, SADD. 3.4, Gymnastics. U, Spanish club. 1.3, Math team. U.3.4, American chemical Society Semifinalis 3, Spanish Natl. Flonoc Society. 4. Tour, band tours, marchin in Disney world, competing in Marengo, performing in Muncie. The times w friends. I’l never forget Jazz w Barry. Downtown w Mar F. the tracer war at Andy ' s. Everything w Marla! DOUG ST. MARIE: Football U.3.4, Capt. 4, Wrestling. U.3.4, Capt. 4, Track l„ N-Club. Teachers strike bash, finishing 3nd keg. Evanston Golf course. Gretchen, 4 cases open, man walks in. B in LD fish tank. Going to w-room in middle of Grots pt, all star wrestling Kirchen’s house, upsidown bmg - Merkel. Pluto-Shar- een, Lou Malnatis after KS party, Hot tub- Steiner. Corole ' s car, Daonstate JJ. Sandra, park bench- KB, Happy B-day-new years- KB: Toga prty Aida. CHAIKI SAITO. AFS. 4. Everything that happened during the 4 yrs. I appreciate aH of you friends, an my counselor Mr. Winans. and Mrs. Florwitz I won ' t forget all of you. Good luck in your future! PS. Dear Archana. I had fun talking about Dl CYNTHIA SAJDAK: NHS. Everyone is very friendly. SEAN SAMUEL: Cross Country. U.3.4, Indoor track. U, Outdoor track. I, Spanish club. My trip to Fla. Senior yr. partying all night, having a blast. Me. Rocky. Seung. and Mark hacking down on the sign at Calowell and Oakton. Almost got rocky and me killed trying to do some quick turns. LISA SANDLOW HR 303. U.3.4, Jr. cabinet Secretary, Senior cabinet VP, Student senate. 3.4, Student Union. 3.4, ECC. 4, Yearbook Editor 3.4, SADD. 3.4, National Merit Commended Stu¬ dent. Who ' s Who Amon American High School Students. Minois State Scholar, bronze key. NHS. 3.4, Seminars for Scholars. 4. New Year ' s eve. 85 and 86, Irvings, North guys. JR ' s party, getting chased through the cemetery, unconscioussness at AD ' s Major parental bust, all night film fests. pep talks, skiing lake genera, spring break 86! Florida ' II never be the same! I love aH you guys, my friends have been most memorable-Oops. can’t forget Home¬ coming 83 and 84. and the best oneyet. Homecoming 85. LISA SANDOWSKI, all the great times at three 19 w TB. JS. JP. JH. VS. KL. BB. Having good times and bad w my best friends Vick. ANd T. AIDA SANTILLAN Swimming. U.3, Soccer. U.3.4, Wrestlettes. 1.3.3, Pres. 4. Midnight riders. 4. Downstate. Bob. Rod. Marty, the brothers. Monagetois. and the Vacuum Hickle. TPing the school, Janna 8 Steve, all of Kim ' s parties. Meeting Kerry Ryan and Mike Hruska. Going out w Karen and Nicki before and after Child Dev. Revenge of the Nerds. Chirs in my garbage can. T.A.Z. and Study hall w Kelli Lochner. Senior Survey SENIOR SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY GAIL ILENE SAX: The long strange trips around the block during lunchi morning drives w Rob Wendell the time me. Michelle. Stacey, and Dee went out for lunch w Stacey’s boyfriend. Scott. Parties at Pam’s, Grateful Deadi meeting my purpl man. Chris. ANIL SAXENA: red certificate. I, bronte key. 2, Silver Key. 4, Current Events club. 3, Seminars for Scholars. 4, N.H.S. 4i Tutors club 2.3.4, Mina ' s State Schola 4. Cuneyt Feizoulof. cliffing every book for englishi Liou sleeping through every lecturei 5 people sitting in the back of John Mason ' s Sub- compact car. Nick, we still haven ' t forgiven you for not knowing the area of a triangle. BECKI SCHANZ: Jum achievement) volunteer work at hospital) Bronze. Silver. Gold key awards. Miss Nash actually giving us a hr. final and passing itl All the fun times w my friends! HARVEY SCHVEIDER: Getting chased by cops Soph yr. in Laromie pk. w AolamThe House. Andy- on it ' s a stop sign. Rich- overnight for concert tickets - Scott - Big deal) Andre- quarters) Rod-no school. I didn ' t get to sleep until 11=00) Steve- Bicardi. S i Cokes. ISU. Champaign and OOT hotel parties. LIA SCHREIER: Montreal Frosh yr. w LV. BS and NS parthmg w everyone from baskin robbins. film study soph yr. LV going, to the drive in. A-l fun deives down Golf road and through Glenview w LV Que Pasa w everyone from CRC especially meeting FJK and all the good times. KLAUS SCFIULLER: I was only here such a short time everything was worthy of Rememberance. DEBBIE SCHWARTZ: Cheerleading 3.3.4. Jackie’s party, getting chased) prom 84. summer 84. McD ' s. beach. JK swee ts. BK. all in one night! North guys, block party, senior showcase, blind invite oate. Fla. 84. sun pals, catching stars, brownies, cheerleading 2nd place Natl. Champs! Scots, weekends at ISU. burger bash, trivial pursuit. U of I. halloween. green tagged pizza. 2 different parties, being cornered by a jeep, getting plane flight for FLAI LAURA SEBASTIAN: Frosh Cabinet. Fixing Sue and Felicia up w sophomores. wild weekend w Pam at Madison Sue ging going out w her dream mam helping pam cope w her problems) ND’s prom 85 Felicia dropping beaker of boiling water on my head in chem- turningin cheat sheet w test in Brennan ' s class- toilet el manO) Mandi ' s info- Sue prise! WENDY SEDELSKY: Track I, Frenc club. 1.2.3, West of Edens. 3.4, Pub editor, Current E. Club. 3.4, Seminars for scholars. 4, Wrest left. 3, Honor Certificate I, Senate. 3. Getting kicked out of algebra frosh yr, having soph teacher " Ole Fuzz face,” how serious I ' ve become, good times w Sheryl-thanx! Eric ' s snoau- sages - head Jerks - bio w Strnad. Isaac from Africa-corn grow¬ ing in lowa-Flomecoming 85 - 86 w Jon L’Avovel MARK SERGOT: Swimming 1.3, Summer of 85 was the best, turned out the worst w RA waste of time, Tom and the Arizona chick, what an experience. Thank G-D for Danny D one helluva friend! J.P.T.R goodbye, off to SIU! SCOTT SERLIN: Soccer. I, Football. 2.3. Late night summer parties in pool at 2 30 in the Am forgot towels and other useful particles, Mike. Rob. Mike Alex. Diane. Melissa. Katie. Ann. Lisa. Mike. Shelly. Audrey. Blake, and Canoless. Midnight fiesta at NW beach. Where Vernon hills is located, late night drive and my late rondevous w lrene. VISHAL SHAH Swimming. 1.3. Getting Barmizpahed at Fall ' s house by Neil, Helping Matt w a telephone call New Year ' s Eve, Red and white party, at Edens tennis club trying to act like John Belushi. and trying to break a bottle over my head, feeling the effects the next day! SHERYL SHIMANOVSKY Pow-wow I, Red Shoes crew. I, Pow Wow. 2.3, PA Announcer. I.2.3.4, tutor ' s club. 2.3, French Club. 2, West od Edens. 4. Prom 85. being friends w Eric. Sr. Year, meeting new people, wild weekends being best friends w Wendy. RITA SHUBINSKY: Soccer 1.2.3, German Club. I.3.3.4, Seminars for scholars. 4, Student union. I, red. bronze keys. My Jr. yr. party, replanting rose bushes - the mornint after, " happy " Friday morn¬ ings w Craig, Kicked outta Jack’s, all those Ni We-Hi wild par ties, NW parking lot in the summer, countless experiences w all my friends! DEBBIE SHUGALL Orchesis. 2.3.4, Midnight riders. I.3.3.4. Dis covering ducks (Kurt) breaking my sock, Jenny running into the shed-soph yr. Fla. Confined to our rooms and having a great time. Stupid things we did fresh yr. weekends Katie and John movies. Gary ' s b-room sip and drag. Kurt asking me out (best) Gary talks, sorry Jane and all the good times! BARBARA FAITH SILVERMAN INtermO ediate band. I, Symphonic band. 2.3.4, Marching band. I.2.3.4, Color guard 2, band tour. Learning to throw tp. eatig eating raw croissants, having our room tp ' d cause Lisa had no key. going skiing and coming home on crutches. Grandma Baba, overflowing toilets, the Kell- man ' s. volleyball, my sweet 16. fighting w IRA in child Dev w Nicki as referee. RONALD SKOGLAND Swim team. I.2.3.4, Math team. 1.2.3, Semi nars for scholars. 4, SADD. 3, West of Edens. 4, quard club 3.4, Illinois State Scholar. 4, SASB. 2.3.4. Swim team bus rides, AP chem class, our attempts to blow up the school, and finally getting an HP KATHY SOKALSKL Basketball. 1.2.3, All-conference. 2.3, AH area. 3, Volleyball. I.3.3.4 AM conference. 2.3.4, Co-capt. 4, Midnight riders. 4. Falling on Ice patch getting out of Jenny ' s Cave in front of SS i CR. Winning b ball againt New Trier by I point w thre ft. shot i 20 sec. left. Spring break w TM. JL and all the parties? Good times w DS. DE. KA. JL. TM. Jenny, RC. JD. HA! Tina. 2 pr of underwear, Katie, Sandpaper face, o-qeez, Debbie: Mm aybe, Donna: MS and BG. the 4th of July and course CR, Marcia, Now that ' s a five! Voodoo doM. " We love you. Bulge! " Thanx for all the great years! LYNN SONKIN: Frosh cabinet. I, track. I, concert band. 1.3.3. symphonic band. 4, marching band I.3.3.4, Charman SADD. 4, Scoreboard. 4. Tour 84 w SV. I’M never forget you. Skiing for first time w the band, Thanx Jon for getting my ski, playing cupid w Dee and Waltor. All the luck in the world to you both: SFB ' s forever Michael thank for memories. Mora you look marvel¬ ous! Thanks Mr. Koch for everything! GEORGIA SOTIROPOULOS: Girls ' soccer. 1.3.3. Indoor track. 1.3, Wrestlettes. 2.3.4, Cross Country. 3, Sr. Cabinet, Hellenic club. NHS. 3.4, Spanish Honor Society. 3.4, Midnight riders. 3.4, red certificate, bronze, silver, gold, keys, Illinois state scholar Down state, the ride down, Aiola. Sweater. Chris crashed on b- room floor, myra-hush puppies my party soph year-our encoun¬ ter w red and RC accident in togas, squirt gums, New year ' s eve, ticket tape parade Tobes hitch-hiking, Chief’s bash . Kim free enterprisers revenge of the Nerds, Midnight riding, TPing school 8 Jumping the fence. PAM SOTIROPOULOS: Soccer, Hellenic chib, Class cabinet, Stu¬ dent union, Jr. achievement Ahepa red honor roll, Bronze. Silver. Gold keys. Mom and Dad ' s surprise visit to a burnout party” in Chicago, my party soph yr. w the tapper, the zoo and the sailor boys Dawn and I couldn ' t get rid of, Jr. guys, Homecoming 85, DEC. 14 and the cars JONG! Most importantly, the friendships I formed w the TRC and Kevin. SCOTT STEINER: Soccer. I.2.3.4, Basketball. I.2.3.4, baseball. I, N- Club. 4. All of St. Marie ' s parties, strike bash, Beach Bash, thanks for saving my life Steve. Ariel. Ukla. Riole! When I fell through the car window, Reggio wearing the sexy nightgown, All star wres¬ tling in Kirchins living room. Killer rabbit at my house, 9th hole and 7th fairuay, Almost dying in St. Marie’s car, when I ripped Gary ' s car door off, New years eve. playing b ball in 2ft. of snow. To the rest of friends I ever had-Chris R. Mike. Steve. Chris C. Gary. Kurt- The Weasels! ROBIN STONE: Cabinet 1.3. Rhon-tight pob. Fla. B80 balony. bob. Canada man is minel Bearth buckner to Frencik. ghosts. BW ' s jacket. Aunt Shirley. Pam Gregg forever! Ick, pee wee. HC. 30 worth at Larry ' s, rice down mailbox, the park special times. Doug t Jordy-thanx for oregano-l love you! Anna. II times, your unbe¬ lievable! Steph -love the hair-gym was worth the FI you’re the best! Drell. Luv them earrings! thanx for USA. Johnny P. Weezy. Phill teeth! Goonies food, northern isn ' t too far! BFF melendez! BRYAN STOTLAND; Football I.2.3.4. Smokey ml. memories w Stu boys, summer of 84. days Days of the caddy, Skinny dipping at golf course blownout! The dead concert 85 Cambrige I stars and moons. JB preaching in back of buick, JB pushing Mr thru Cl window, Urso m. Cabin that fantastic Plastic, Roger Water ' s concert w BK. DB, Dean Chunked all over McD ' s b-room. Kessan ran. skiing w AB. PS. AF. the winter of 86-head on w KK ' s gar bage. KAREN STROHMEIER: Soccer. 1.2, Wrestlettes. 3, gymnastics, I, Student union. 3, Student senate 3, Midnight riders. 3.4. Frosh yr. W Mr (no exp. but memorable,) toboggonmg 86-CT and CS- what doyou do? I Ski New Years 86 Bob and it’s free! NL U2. Brett and Adam and S t M. strike. Marquette. Paul H. MK. McGreevys. AK. NS. - Michigan - thumper, cases, and Kitty Cat, (CT 8 AW) falling asleep under window, black blazer on touhy. Bob, out of Control! AS benwahl balls. Nerds! KS party naked! CM dance on glass tables. GS the maskman on rush. CMDI MF. As TAI It ' s cod. it’s wild, it ' s happening, it’s hip to the groove. Zebol KIM STRUSINER: Softball 4, Wrestlettes. 4, Stiners I.2.3.4, Mid night riders. 4. Making incred rd. trp. w the boys, URS to the dead, dosing all hours of night. Picking up at last min. going to urso mnt. w BS. BK. AW. JM and DM! Taking 1st hit w boys. New years at Hyatt w all Soph friends, Blizzarding in our room. Freak¬ ing out to CT Jamming Live Zepp. Playing happy homemaker Pepper at pik wik - JM freaking on swing w Shades - The duck making every trip to beach w KS. AS. CM. NL. GS. CP becoming great friends. Having 7 bashes! Dealing w DF and her Jappy things. Quit and JM renaming my dog to Porkeyl TRC’SII SANDY SUN: Bowling. I, Cross Country I, orchesis. 2.3. Jooehee and I were eating a lot at mcD’s. then Richard. Jose, and Jim walked in. " My G-DI " The cat night, the night at Chinatown. SANDI TAICH: Debate I. Theatre 1.2. Color Guard 2.3. Symphonic Band 4. Westones 2., Yo-Yo ' s 16th, Going to the " Fireside”, " cele brating” in the empty parking lot (w the exception of that guy in the passenger seat-HA HA) Yo-Yo screaming by my parent ' s door, bologna picnics w microwaved croissant dought on the side Baber the Mogen. tall falling asleep w one pillow and a lot of table cloths. Ravid and Rhris. " Ed ' s Chinese. Ed ' s Pizza. Ed ' s Ribs. Ed ' s Pub. Ed ' s fish and Chips-Ed ' s BLOCK GINA TALBOT Soccer I. Cabinet 1.3.3, Summ er of ' 84. and the good times we all had during tFiese four years-Elmachika. Lola. Victoria CATHERINE TAMRAZ: Varsity Soccer I.2.3.4. Volleyball 1.2.3. Ba sektball 1.2. N-Club 3. Student Union I. Midnight Riders I.2.3.4, HEIIemc Club. 4., Holly. Felicia. Sue. Diane stealing signs. NW beach our rocks, fake I.D. ' s Park Ridge Boys. First time buying, downtown Money in the lake. OUT OF CONTROL Elke Gilson Beach, my sister ' s apartment. QUEEN ' S greatest hits. Ameshia Bullet. Skiing, sleeping, cars. Kevin Flotel. Joliet. Jeff ' s house. Aneshia and Karen New Year ' s Eve. Skiver Lime. Mirror. Ditto. First Night. T-P inh Nick ' s house w N.D. boys, Kim S. thanks for all the first ' s and Led Zepplin. Aida. Maine South. Midnight riders breakfast. To HENRY JOAST thanks for allot the great memories. Love ya. NICKI THEODORE: Bowling team I.2.3.4. Captain 3. Debate I. Swim team 3,4. Guard Club 3.4. Timer ' s Club 3.4. Chor Union I. Concert Choir 4. Intermediate orchestra I. Concert Orchestra 3.3.4. Secretary 4. Red Honor Roll I. Tour I, Swimming the 500. co¬ ed volleyball. Freshmen tour. Lisa ' s constant injuries in gym class. Mary ' s freshman year. Bruce ' s and Calvin ' s smilin " faces. Mary and Kathy ' s excuses for skipping practice, hamburger runs, drive thrus. Sharri ' s night out. Turnabout ‘85. Zafreen ' s lunch¬ room obscenties. full orchestra, and Mr. Flynn ' s College Prep Class. Rob Munic and George Kotsiopoulos feel the baby kicking on dress-up day. 294 Senior Survey SENIOR RACHEL TRACHTENBERG: Pow Wow U Dame at Sea 3. Orche- si 2. Student Union 3. German Club 1.4. Class Cabinet 3. New Years ' ' 86 Hilton - my bathroom buddy J.L., Homecoming 85 - Aspen suit Allen Blani ' s intense changes. George Hester, Turk. Jermai Jasmine. Flamie- Luv ya. J.C. won t get up. Taking care of Zine. Love the one your with - cry. Marty Mobile. 7-11 ask the nice man for help. Geyser. Schmeckles the clown - Fly Girl - Nell. Cherry Slurpess w NII. Tootsie roll bag. Holly ' s-Western snail. Etc parties, neil. I Love you. thanks for being my best friendl ADAM TURETZKY: Marching band 4. Jazz Band 4. Battle of the Bands 2.3.4. Pow Wow 4. Pep Band 4. Fitness Club 3.4, Summer of ' 83 with Bob G.. Paul S.. Dave L. Bob All the great people I met and jammed with in Ellxer. Vinnie F.. Tony P.. John P., And most of all my 5 yrs. of working at Edens Tennis Club with HESII And of course Freddy F. and all of his friends Joast t Kelly’s room. FLIP IT LEBIt Party at the Club. Vacation with He . Tommy t Cousin Richy II Fragile walls. Hope for a strike, rock on andll all the guys are invited back stage when I play the Florizonl Up the irons. M.U.Y.A. keep these Acusticsl JOHN TZORTZIS: Conference champion swimming, track. Hel¬ lenic Club.: Van clan. DQ. " N.N.L.O.P” JAPS in general, confer¬ ence champl. superbowl. Jimbo. time war,, rocky. Lunch at the 7- II. NEIL UHLER: My most memorable experiences were: E.T.C. Ted’s house. Johnson’s class. Dotties class. Kelly’s Getting kicked out of Jack’s - Nike shave your eyebrows, getting a new nose by Niles North at Dawn ' s, getting thrown out of the car at G. South. H. C.. and all the ot her great times with Rachel. And all the memorable even unforgetable. mind altering parties doing shots and playing quarters. LISA VICK - Track I.2.3.4. Cross Contry 2,3,4. Marching Band I. 2.3. Color Guard 2. Concert Band 1.2.3. Symphonic Band 4. Tour I.2.3.4, Tours were great teepee out windows, overflowing toi¬ lets. bagels, peanut butter. Pete. Fagel. conrad. train conductors, pantsing in halls, ogelsby. Reoria- Goil " Jean Nate " . Sue " pryro ”. cornfields. Quite most, look-out post at window. Pizza Hut- Oli¬ ver. Debbie. Volleyball- interesting. Yowsa. Peter bed. Querry. Lia- Rick ' s motorcycle. Bumpkins. Triumvera. Florest. " Fly " . JON VINER - Football 1,2. Marching band I.2.3.4. Cymphonic Band, Jazz Band 1,2,3,4. German Club 1,2, Concert Orchestra 2.3.4. Pow-Wow ’84, ’85. Musicals-Dames at Sea. Oliver. National Honor Society. Gold Key. , Twilight Pep assembly freshman year Jazz Band rehearsals that ran late. Mr. Albiani. goofing around in Mr. Dessing’s class, and evening with N.S. MARK. WADA: GOIf. 1.2, Symphonic Band. 1.4, Orchestra 2.3.4, marching band. I.2.3.4. The time I spent with Christine and with aH my friends. Thank you Christine for making my senior yr. the most memorable one. To alal my wonderful friends. I ' ll never forget you. All the greathings we did. Thanx for keeping me inshape. MINE I BETH WAX: Senior class cabinet. James, move over I’m getting in: Seymore is my man, Wed 3:30 forever: flinstone vitamins are the meaningful song tunes: I love ya. for sure we’ll visit each other, do not change, Rob-1 don’ want that girl at my house, hostess cupcakes and honey roasted peanuts are always here. Get your hands off me, BW jacket is mine, Mandi-you run my life. Thanksgiving DM 316, Rhon save they walk, stop kicking the talbe in. come down and stay somewhere different, Mar the Ball The head, that’s my hand, he ' s got a smile. DAVID WEINBERG: Tennis I.2.3.4, ETC DR club 3.4. To Gram s Uhls. Dotti and one mod, tests, to Plonus-PooPat. estate, Prime rib cultures hock, and big —, In edens tennis club, To Turk. Hest. Zine. Uhls. Rob. Leb. Krav. Kotsi. and the rest of the ETC Boys, here’s to stiff dr—ks. broken walls, the hot tub club, the back room, the cleaning crew, and other adventures that westw bruta I hang - ers, bottoms up boys! To MP and cheerleading cos¬ tumes " dink more b—and hope for a strikel To SK. DS. KJ. HP. and the beststudy ever, to AW. SS thanks for making child dev almost fun. Super bowl XX and money: HS-stay cool dudel DAVID WILLIAMSON: FOotball. 2 yrs. No more beach Parties in mid-winter. You still don’t have a girlfriend. Hagen?! MARLA WILNER: Student union. I, cabinet. 1.2, choral union. 1.2, yearbook. 3. MH and my goat hair, the many nicknames, my ganglia, the incident with ES and Valentine s day. 2 friends and an apology with a quarter, all the gum. winter in Florida with the fish. Disney, winter in Canada with " Mickey " , summer in Israel with the boys. Frosh study hall, problems with the rat and that letter, telephones. Boudins with ML. when? Champaign with Rhonda, cadberry eggs in OO. stealing cookies at McDee ' s. the best and long lasting friendship with RB (donda) patience for SURVEY SENIOR SURVEY ever with a phone. New year’s in a hot tub. w uncle Phil. De- peche mode with " somebody " , and graduation. ANNA E. WILSON Band. I, gymnastics 1.2, AFS 3.4, Peru, 3, junto cabinet, student union. 3. New years 86.11 times, Elima buddies, ying to make the blotter, Jackies party, ordering pizza to my neighbors and looking through a newspaper, road trips to dunkin dunuts. Thanks for homecoming 84. Chuck, rememberenc es of someone who will always be in my heart who will never read this, I miss you! The best times of my life with my best friends in the world. Lisa K, Lisa J, Lisa S, Jackie. Debbie. Nicki. Dean M. James V, I love you guys! shopping sprees w ro w Robin. " WE don t sell taffy apples here. " s drivers! thanks for being there for me Jimmylee! Finally the song " The search is over ANESHIA WINTER: Orchests. 1.2, Pom pon. 3, midnight riders. 3.4, German exchange. 3.4. New year ' s 86 in a silver stretched lincoln Marriot-Cathy. Karen. Dino. Bob?? paranoia! Partying at the Best Western and getting lost, Germany Mr. Koch in swimming pool, 3 Musket-bein arrested by 4 policement w psycho, BULLET, Sunny’s b day ron of Japan. Rush St.. Jack’s, DEAD BUG! Cefe bratmg finals w a special toch jr. yr, winter vacation 85 early morning visits, Oregano toothpaste late night snack for Michele, liquid sky t shmese food at Cary’s, 3 ' s company at Jeff’s roo mates for a day, sleeping under the window, G force on bridge,!!! OUT OF CONTROL!!! STUART WITZEL Debate. I, model student congress. 1.2.3, tutors club. 3.4 Israeli club. 3.4, NHS 4, White key. I, bronze key. 3, Illinois state Cholar. Mr Holz’s class junior yr and finally making mrs. Graham s scale this year. LISA WOODAE Wreslettes. 2. Ron when are you gonna call?, Bill open shirts aren ' t sexy, Indian burns, big hugs, to cosmo I’m a toys r-us kid! Water bottle fights, McDonalds, Mary terrible looks. Georgia-cosmo buddy, Jeanne-ferocious, spike your hair, Tracy BF for 6 yrs. BF 4-ever! camping, twings. mixed drinks, my daughter s soon to be adopted friend, " building snowmen at night. Homecoming” dresses, pierced ears. X mas songs, ED always and forever! MARIANNE YAKOUBEK: White honor roll certificate, bronze key, chorus concert choir. Receiving strange looks after loosing 50 poulds in which I thank everyone for influencing me a great deal, esp. SOnya and Patty, Pam rolling down the stairs and being perfectly fine, simple gift’s woman. Mr s fleming PUSH, chorus piano sub, and the good times I had with Gina. Yasemin. and Mike SHANE YOUKHANA. Soccer I.2.3.4, german club. 4, senate. 4, bronze key. 3. Sitting on Robby earnin ' pen, seeing the Grateful Dean and hangm out with Mm. Dean, and Tim, the night I freaked with my roommates Mike and Dean, the day Mm finally made it final, my car after soccer games, getting busted twice by the same cop with the same people right after them, how I never get busted. DAVE YOUNG Baseball, football 1.2. Going downstate with Merkel. Rodgers. Kleiner. That’s about all I remember LAURA YOUN6MAN Pow wow. 84, orchesis 84. When I threw a party, got busted for it. and didn ' t even attend it. The endless amount of time I spent gabbing about who I had a crush on each week, five of which I’ll never forget are DL. BR PL. Walter and AM. remember DL’s nickname Bunny Walter the Duran Duran nut, Thanx to everyone that made my high school experience what it truly was. you people know who you are, goodbye and good luck! JOE YAU BOWLING. 2.3.4. raquetball. 3. Friday 13. oh what a night it had to be December. I can’t remember the worst of it though, the cruising and downtown. The pier when nice enough out, The pool games at the campus room and just walking around Loyola, let’s relive the summer w " the BOSS” PC and the Beach Boys. PAUL YOUMARA When I graduate and when I got a tongue lashing from my dean about being absent too much. JILL L. ZABO Pow wow. 1.4, marching band I.2.3.4, concert band I., sumphomc band. 2.3.4, concert orchestra 3.4, drumlme. 4, softball 1.2. newspaper 4, SASB 2.3.4, Helame s cottage and the " tape " what lustre! Ichbein new years! Strip pool? The firecrack¬ er wars and Cmdi’s spot in the bushes. MINE! Bagel man and marching band. Orchestral Ho HUM. Billie bombs CTP. Maxwells and halloween! Marc s tests and immitations. OY! Leave us alone sailors! Great frien forever! VICKY ZAFFER: Hellenic club 2.3.4, volleyball I, white honor roll 2.3, soccer. 4. Goodbye highschool and to all my friends whom Debbie Schwartz gets caught in a tantrum while going to class. I’ve shared my experiences with-all the dances, parties, summer nights at the beach, and just cruising around. Goodbye to my good friend Steve whon I’ll never forget. Biology wouldn ' t have been the same without you, Bye to everyone else. STEVEN ZARCH: Swimming. 1.2. Mark. ANdre’, the MG police and Me, summer at NW beach, Lee foods and Hilton parties, Drobny jr. year, HR w Harvey. Liz. and John, Bio. 3.4 w Audra. Jenny. Vicky. Mark, Wed. night chats and Phred like phone, Sandy, our everlasting friendship and the neverending list, ANdy. Andre ' . Sandy. Audra. thanks Anna sorry, Nicholette, RRR, See you all in 1996 IIFE. SHARON ZEITLER: Basketball 1.2, volleyball 2. When me. SK. CC. and MP stopped by a cop for drag racing. JP. Remember the 2 curbs and the ' 1”. JC your shoe at the breakfast. DF " get B " Ak remember the creamy lips, JR. picking up my muffler and putting it back im my trunk. RACHEL ZIMMERMAN: Spanish club. 3.4, NHS. 3.4, class cabinet. 3.4, red honor roll, bronze key. 2, silver key. 4, Illinois state scholar. 4 senate. 3, Spanish honor society. 3.4, SADD. 3, semi¬ nars for scholars. 4. The Moby Dick report Melinda and I did Jr. Yr. surfing in the Old Orchard parking lot. the many physics extra-credit projects, and meeting many people who turned out to be the best of friends. JUDY ZEMSKY: Student Union 2.3.4 Secretary 4. Student Senate 2.3.4. Class cabinet I.2.3.4. Secretary 2. Newspaper 2.3.4. Sports Editor 3.4. Yearbook 4. World Affairs Seminar Participant 2. Illinois Girls State Participant 3. Seminars for Scholars 4. White Certificate I. Bronze Key 3. Tennis Team U. Mistress of Ceremo¬ nies Outdoor Homecoming Assembly 3. Mistress of Ceremonies Welcome Back All School Assembly 4. S.A.D.D. 3.4. Co-President 4, My most memorable experiences include being with my friends and sharing cherished memories which are: breaking Steph’s knee. Maxwell ' s with Deb and Jack, being sick in Israel with Heather, Jane Fonda sessions at R.B.’s. Aviva- This is Schaumburg! Lisa " Fighting” for the same men. basketball games and the H.P. party. Jacks-falling books. BBG. and an end¬ less number of other memories from a great friendship. New Year ' s Eves, the " Shabbat Dinner " Deb- clean up session! You’re the greatest!. Jam thanks for everything!. Sampson How bout those scraps?, can we " talk? " . Homecoming ' 85. a story w memories all to itself. Superbowl XX. Zemsky Style. Springbreak ' 86. if we remember itl These memories are unique, but the people behind all these stories are what really make them special. You all have a special place in my heart! Well only be a phone call away! Senior Survey 295 mmmm i ciass of s? TuuE - dorrt 0fibb € fTTudl p)std - DRivecpreFuiw SMOoze- U dnooiarngm i K»m-u ioi rcunOLl ? : STPfff - rOUJtN neUJOd 1 SAri-YoaeCLrapOutorra F=WT y0 »- cnUt c rW-sxn PCLUF( DOOJIkJST Te U, pf Vlt)vJ-XM «fi u!sS ' OOuoniiTRlE-LDVO dCjuv5- K)€juayeopbeoer y _ Ml ic ) ' PNfi) H u»U lis UP. -For o» — cr -« ' I?oVe V ped nta . ” F HfcVtR. flt ScOMt rt. pufAus» f PcRfekET " VHM Uy fht. 4i. 4i« - Wav. u b5. 0 R TV E BEST M no. U " H $ . }Y - j4q£ L - vnj jXHT Tns8iLL 3t»Jc, S+,mcs (Sorry P v} Mp _pU ICWfeV l l ?c y7( S K - b ! » kHcrtM , H.W- iWtirfeS fcr mj Afc-yxafi y,y? d«!!22 vVfittyi K a ( OHCelbStuT ' Jts-52rn Dc yocv-vco • Ofc . CoPC jCNA -? MAo, ?- Z 2 .Tof( M !) p t) «UJS U(WW . JrSseSS " ' 3r r % ' !st: M1Mif-vV NjooKsafle tr! SKxo b A OL jeQ, , ft£ vioteTb oo ONJ ' T Ale 6or X tout (OU 111 4 $S tool ru missgtf . cnoun LUAP 5 r. OSUOl 3vd - rwa rUvJi t wiHI Mg«r " 0 OTA Ck iM C |aA , - i • ' - ( jO i i J j _ w A«t«»r WJ « . _ pf - ■ J wit r «fe W| V. )-£ i » Wf|- " " A v ! W«» cW«f4 Qj _q ' r s Y»4 c ! TWif vjosf ? • I ' r-J • I wp TRft P»o b AW» J»- - A e OVfitOft ' . 9oiv mh • 0 Mr€ fc uoAvW . vJ -J wovit’S ' -jour «o- 3 ..OO « r , Preset - ht 0 . jou r ' j v tJUrtstaiG - Cjov rt cx. wJu ivvAol { . 4, — u — Dow + " ? ' . Mik U Qwi Q«J .. x ( DtwLi . - ve H ' UCtJ 1 floi kcr«;tllieTcAsT " To 7$ . (trJjJ iTHjeOrurmt ' Pt+Ajk y M f r fllMXtifo ii ' r s + ■ Tb HyCruUTZ t A J rri $ jfakivOt ft - ag?sa»» «zr r .« M?:z ksSS? a; Ut ' flLny$ St Oron $. j tfty X yevATScriekt vtS x. DAVE HOW ABOUT ' tTFT ' aoiiDemt ’reboot _r -g.l- MlCHPXg I HOPE •( )2 YOU BECOME A piwsyom to 5 p 3 tfy m - w . ,7T 2 01 a . I I C s j Jarorfie LL1 C_ J 1 WtE fro iiS ' jvWcsvTiiiz: ; Tf ° Xr 2 - ' cUask J. © icoy. _ qc V 0 Mr t ® »•« » ' • ' X © I “t " ♦ 10,00c appUs ' . Oo ofH€ i «. d ’i ' », fc u t " ! Hr v»_ jbbSSXSS • o«. r A £? tT s - vxo w -- 3 u 0 g IO wW (£ « 1 n p «- r ou £e «JK SrtHS TM€ie OJC r£S? : n° U MU iS .CM ne cau rroce i t 2 - L 5vt ' e5ji " rf ' •|§K oKjC «. fsjco ' cun rj %. — 5 V U wa 2 oomT thats gm | £t O 33 t 2 (pt ? ‘ ' - f8jg» %Z y ► % ' r ' fc V C _ : « NT£WS£! n}% jclflt AliL ttc- Ypp ax l- t [ U fkr A -«. j: o« y« Jo» » " +SCU. JW io U LS ' Vr D’ot. S3c T J»y_ iSy , S« »m«_ ' ■Tu.-Vu i! nV o ' W vd X ' l ? V ' !” ' rry»k.«i I felf J ■ - o, (Vuofr wh F«»i ’ ' jd. v t - w rt (hVh w - j v ci iDfV nft Kl Cal. vrl r F nof V,AaU t CobO k f fSt i ?.. vi bcvDi 1 U c( 1 1 a 1 u 1 • .T r e- fc- ' ' AxxVb co ‘ . w 0 ' A labu v £ . ► f Kcu p ‘ 1° - to9r, r y r m U3tr« cj fritois 1 (V ' Xr. ' ' r k ' ' v ' «.4 .v w . sa,V ;r T “if " _ KuppenS Kc pp®f i ) X u ' v .—L ' X- z YV HKl.xe«L, " ;;: • Cg - ■ 1 - +0 cxll A. The Geco ' 5 wo l« Jf 71 . C Jcn .. c o To ' yeskil (J cC Lc7 vl R.o €fi Old sry e XeS f . J ‘ e riiitrf tt-sy j- 7 W A " ; T »V v Pur+itj . . . .... ,, rj - h U Pi V. TK l i .-l+h% • A, 7 Hu Ay fi. tsw S, 0 -v r — gTT 7 tv 7 UOVt LJ • •. L+jetvxi ' ojo-yjCPfv y) 2 $ ■» r . . WWl 25 X iss u- fxLSoHrc -■ VOd Gciys A|t2t iT €ki Barrios Besr o D | I ' ' Tnar S cr C|ood meoOQGeS | MauwjjsIac ' (FIoclV -x u c Vou -tUiikT) i uve Vou ' 1 ;—ll LE— ‘ ( jr d X) hvnd — k.€EP SMO.lfcJi - WiU. c« ) . ' MAI21A. - i A K y IQv e: R u . ; akiu ' - eae s ™ e Tpepuur-. i fciekiix ALLvn E,t| i nPv.WJl the.hcuUxXxycpRrry) ... . IbAPy) -o e£ j£rvo!i Oct . y FVods (Polish c map □oJi .ThX. OQOKS?, hirn- fbOji-nr 7 Rllof you Rems at 1 ? A 1 5 .P. ?ii io 85 % r vouuhcieistcra " brvora-TMlmis Uy, -C OLnnM 1 fiSt ayr w -v ujt -—-,— r , - -h QT £ ie st Friends korex e ' ! m to ® +k ft. . ' 4,v, y „ tttitixr iu« ye I I fcJDRvet ± 1 pp Xcoft hcncx " Tarrabcul; i? OidiCS 7 - .Q f Srl rr cV X. s STtie • 5 4 (1 w.Tvne ' W ? u (lRCl , 9n£ X » t lc W rw | ; TU 7777.7 wtTneRf co-rd : V V , jp IAJ Ar V rs, GTe P X i 6 0 St !i S vvi Vc K n I I K T l v Net? IA( W77a 1 ;77 . . V Tell. vs A SToMIII, . 03 r oin 7 L Qo ,iliiar ' «£. ’Pcc ' P ev N : I t:Ue cl i r - - ' - WE Att .fMW _ __ 1 .»wmh 6 «.v MAHrSTof Twtf f S ' i 1 .«AQ y e W-Ku. ot To ' f OVJ c e XV l A x rf « »♦ V«y- + W Hr F I., r i; Wxor TxoWOvM-, i HetP ' tA 0 ' ' - uv S 7 L Ivj SW ' As-WrMXx wj.r i o a v= AK e.w jCM.Cin«. X 7 ' «S V-UM viry Q,A A{- v ,V ' o ,n ' ' IT’ --W. ,. Tok rea- W i VV 1 ’■ H j V rr e. . r e.v»j uyjar srx. v ,o. ! cocci C «_v i V-cA«arc 5 r V ttC j C vP A l | J ! h 9 i ' er H l — -v— - T yvwlv V __ c 7 , V a lallTOj q rrr » € ■ “ l—VAV vA.« t vA o- 0 v ‘X ’ Cor AP.b j»Li 3K,Srt 4 Vwoy r e iv 4 v | ?? ? X STe. e 2. Aa O V PckoI I f S 77 Ckr i 5 CS Carlos p ' iC )c 7 - ? r. o . 17 5 -i . ’ fi W , r hoc N?rui n aiu Qv4f oc " u - ft fc p -Hvcixb.r veyounor - ;f y . 1 Vo CN-NK qx drwe. I Lv H ,W p 7 • C 7 If : +KC iTV: t Vr mo r IhuS O QrtMr. Cf r Y)OZ been aiflii- ncase- ■ no YnoreWM pp ' K) INDEX aaa Abed. William Abelkis. Andree 88 Abelson. Thomas Abrahams. Laura 71. 79 Abrams. Dena M. 54 Academic Competition Club 227 Achett. Joseph 88 Achett. Mathew 71 Acheteal. Rob 109 Adam Bettina 54 Adams. Babak 73 Adams. Christine Adams. Laurie 14. 29 , 104 Adams. Mathew 88 Adams. Scott 71. 84 Adjemian. Markar Adler. Mia 88 Adream. Marc AES 219 Agnos, Dennis 71 Agoncillo. Andrew Ahn, Jeanie 54 Ahn. Suzanne 88 Aizenberg. Edward 54 Akhter. Imran 71 Alams. Alfonso 88 Albach. Barry 14 Alcalde. Libyan 71. 84 Alcalde. Timothy Alcalde. Michael Alcozer. Jerry 88 Alday. Michele 54 Alexander. Linda 71 Allen. David 54 Altenbrug. Deanna 54 Altchul. Jeffrey 54 Alvarez. Laureano Alvarez. Mark 14. 7| Amato. Andra 71 Amiel. Shareen Amodeo. Jill Anast. Jenny 71 Anderberg. Mark 88 Anderberg. Robert 71 Andrews. Pierce 54 Andrews. Rena 14 Amfiotis. Rafael Anifiotis. Thomas Amnmis. Esra Annes. Tecla 88 Ansett. Sean 71 Antar. Maureen 88 Antich. John 71 Antman. Joel 54 Anton. Tina Antonakos. Angelika 18 Antonakos. Nikoletta 88 Antoniou. Nickolaos Apostolopoulos, Aggel 71 Apostolopoulos, Theod 88 Apostolou. Andrew Apostolou. George Apostolou. Peter Arabelovic. Senada 88 Araboglou. Jenny 54 Arendt. Jonathon 71 Argetsinger, Kathryn 15. 125 Armonis. Magdalene Arndt. Timothy 71 Arnow. Lisa 88 Aronesti. Howard 84 Aronson. Lori 15 Arvamtis. Paulette 15. 22 Ashcroft. Donald 15 Asher. Judith 15. 16. 126. 9. 109. 93. Asher. Shannon Athans. Pete 71 Atkinson. Christopher 71 Atsaves. Despina 79 Auerbach. Alan 54 Aufrecht. David 71 Aujero. Eugene Aujero. Gennor 54 Axelrad. John 16. 4 Ayzenberg. Leonid 71 300 Index bbb Bac h. Martin 88 Bae. Hyung 71 Bae. Hyung 88 Bae. Ji 88 Bae. Sang 54 Baek. Eunice 89 Baim. Darrin 71 Bains. Gurinder 7| Baker. Sari 71. 110 Bakshy. Felicia 16 Bamaung. Jennifer 16 Bandalin. Neil 7| Baran. Scott 16 Barba. John 71. 137. 43 Barber. Joseph 16.79 Baretz. Elliott 66. 54. 63. 181 Baretz. Julie 89. 101. 5 Barnett. Turman Barov. Kenneth Barreto. Laura 71 Barrington. Elaine 57. 54. 57 Barrios. Denmse 16 Barry. Debra 54 Bartholomew. Michael 89 Basan, Michael Basilio, Irene 16 Baskin. Amii 71 Bass. Joseph 54 Bataller. Erik 54. 10. 213 Bates, Nathan Battaglia. Michael 54 Bauer. Beniamin 17 Bauer. Lainie 71 Bauer, Melanie 71 Bauer. Michelle Baum. Lisa 54 Bechar. Marc 89 Beck. Scott Beekil. Ellen 71 Behar. Israel Behar. Nissin 17 Bellissimo. Bruno 17 Bellos. Joann 54 Bencivenga. John 70 Bender. Alissa 17 Bender. Heather Benedetti, Christi 89 Bennett. Charles Berent. Craig 70 Berger. Sheri 58. 70. 84 Bergman. Rhonda 17 Bergstrom, Geffery Berk. Caryn 70 Berkley. Abra 17 Berman. Deborah 70 Bernabe. Dennis 89 Berndt. Pamela 17 Bernstein, Aaron 17 Bezanes, Susan 89 Bezanis, Steven Bezkorovainy, Alexand 54 Bianchi. Traci 70 Bibizas. James 89 Biewer. Jeremy 89 Biljetina, Eric 89 Binstock, Scott Bisbikis. Maria 89 Blameuser. Virginia 70 Blanco. Pablo 70 Bland. Adam 54 Block. Melanie 70 Block, Steven 54 Blonder. Deborah 54 120 Blonder. Steven 17 Bloom. David 54 Bloomfield. Neal 17 Blumberg. Anthony Blumenthal. Jill Blumfelt. Margo 17 Board Of Education 179 Bodi. Eric 17 Boehm. Jason Bohigian. Melanie 54 Bohigian. Suzanne 89 Bojes. Elke 17. 13 Bok. Andrew 89 Bolinger. Stacy 70 Bondy, Lisa Bondy. Teresa 17 Bong. Julie 54 Bonino, Michael 17 Borak. Jordan 54 Borin. Corey 55 Born. Joseph Born. Kathryn 89 Boscapomi. Susan 17 Boshes, Benjamin 18 Bosshart, Keith 89 Boton. Jamie 18. 45. 125 Bouboutsis. Paul 121, 137 Boulware. Kim 70 Boundroukas. Patty 55 Bourdeau. Michael Bourgerie. Mike 18 Boyles. Aaron 89 Varsity Boys Basketball 168 Brabec. Craig 18. 37 JV. Boys Basketball 170 Brabec. Eric 45 Erosh Basketball 171 Bradbury. Christopher 70. 113 Bradbury. Kevin 55 Bradford. Mark 70 Bravos. Dean 213 Bravos, Gina 70. 112 Breit. Jamne 89 Breitzer. Jonathan 91 Brion. Tamara 17 Brocar. Maribeth 55 Brodsky. Frank 70 Brody. Jinjer, Lori 70. 79. 85 Brooks. Alison 70 Brophy. Kathleen 70 Broussard. James 18 Browder. Andrew 91 Browder. Torrey 47 Brown. Angie 70 Brown. Christine 91 Brown. Joey 18 Brown. Mary 70 Brown. Shawn 29, 41 Brucal. Godfrey Bruer, Michelle 91 Brunning. Timothy 18 Bruno, Karla 91 Bruscato, Andrea 19. 91 Bruscato, Angela Buckley, Thomas 19 Buehling. Brian 70 Buettner. Marna 19 Bugai. Bradley 19 Bungum, Kimberly 19 Burdeen. Michelle 16. 19. 58 Burdin. Kenneth Burdo, Gregory Burger, Sheri 72 Burk, Jason Burkel. Eric 55 Burmane. James Burnham. Amy 72 Burns. Lori 19 Burns. Robert 91 Burns, William 72 Burstyn. Gerald 19 Butera. Kelly 91. 130 Butera, Vincent 55 Butler, Neil Bychkov. Sonia 16. 19, 28 Bychowski. Christina 19 Bychowski. David ccc Caceres. George 55 Cachila, Nathan Cadavid. Letitia 19 Calalang. Angelo 55 Calara. Caress 55 Calara. Gerome Calara. Roadjee 91 Calderaro. Sharon 55 Callas. Stephanie Calo. Joseph 55 Camilli. Matthew 72. 73 Camin, Robert 19 Campbell. Kathleen 59. 61. 55. 186 Campbell. Margaret 206 Campbell. Michelle 91 Cancelleri. Kimberly 72 Cancelled. Lisa 19 Cancio. Julie 55 Cancio. Lisa 19 Cannella. Antoinette Cannella. Marcos 91 Cappola. Tracy 55 Carollo. Anthony 72 Carrao. Claudine 19 Carstens. Brad 72 Carver. P»aniel 59. 5. 55 Castro. Raymund 72 Catanese, Francesca 55 Catanese. Roberto Cattern. Patrick 65 Celler, Mario 55 Celler, Michael 55 Cemerikic. Goran 55 Chadwick. James 19 Chams, Danielle 104. 91 Chan. Erwin 91 Chan. Ronald 20 Chang. David 55 Chang, Kyung 72 Chang, Yiwen 91 Chang. Yoon 91 Charny. Steven 91 Chatterjee. Shoma 91 Cheerleaders 238 Chelberg. Christina 55 Chen. Daniel 55 Chen. Dorren 72 Chen. Henry 72 Chen, Julia Chern. Eric 72 Chern. Kevin 20. 39 Cherney. Janet 20 Chertow. Amy 72 Chertow. Laurie 20 Chesler. Daniel 20 Chess Club, 223 Chmielinski. Donna 55 Cho. Amy 91 Cho. Julie 72 Choi. Connie 91 Choi. Jae Choi. James Choi. Jeannie 91 Choi. Joon Choi. Kang 72 Choi. Linda Choi. Maria 91 Choi. Seong 72 Choi. Shirley 91 Choi, Sun 91 Choi, Unjoo 55 Choi. Woo 91 Chong, Edward 55 Christensen. Julie 72 Christophersen. Glen 55 Chronopoulos. Gus 91 Chun, John 55 Chun. Saeme Chung. Cecilia 20 Chung. Christina 91 Chung. Ji Chung. Joseph 91 Chung, Susan 72 Chung, Thomas Chutivanich. Anuttara 14 Ciemny. James 91 Clark. Lori 91 Clark. Preston 72 Clark. Thomas 55 darkens. Kelly Coates. Mary 55 Cohen. Adam 56 Cohen. David 20. 185 Cohen. Elliott 20 Cohen. Jill 56 Cohen. Lior 20 Cohen. Mara 56 Cohen. Michelle 56 Cohen. Rachel 91 Cohn, Kenneth 20 Colby. Michael 90 Colby. William 20 Colen, Darryl 72 Colen. Jill 20 College Night 116 Codetta. Joan 90 Concert Band. 248 Congine. Anthony 20 Congine. Jacqueline 72 Connell. Melissa 90. 176 Connell. Rhodora 73 Conroy, Sherry Consigny, Rustyn 20 Conton, Andre 20 : Cooper. Marc 20. 143 . Cooper, Michael 73 Cooper. Ronald 56 Capitoni. Emil 269 Cordero. Ritchie 90 iCordes, Christopher 20. 79 ! Cordes, Kelly 73 Costello. Andrew 87. 90 ' Cote, Katherine 56 Covers, Lisa Covington. Suzanne 90 Cox, Christine 73 Cox. Tiffany 56 Cozza. Amy Cramer. Jordan 20. 125. 130 Cresham. Sean 73 Cristante. Michael 20. 56 0 Boys Cross Country. 179 H Girls Cross Country. 176 H Cross. Cynthia 20 j Crowley, Shannon 90 I Cruz. Alan .P Cruz. Arnold 90 ■ Current Events Club. 223 Curtis, Christine W Curtis, Kevin 90 F Czermk, Gregory 56, 8 •• Czernik. Joseph ddd Dugo, Maria ( D ' Agostino. Scott 73 P ' Ascenzo. Christiane 56 D ' Ugo. Joanne Daehler. James 73 ? Daehler. Julie 73, 156 Dahlman, Andrew Dalgetty, Steven 56 Dalinka, Alan 20 Dalinka. Joel 73, 82. 84 Pallianis. Irene 20 , Dallianis, Thomas 73 Danavi. Sarkis 90 Danguilan. Bernadeth 73 y Dassow. Alan 20. 78 Davis. Kendra 90 Davis, Reed 59 Davis. Ross 23 Davis, Susanne 56 Dayan. Michelle 73, 136 De Acetis. Judy 159 Debate-. 225 De Filippis, Rocco 56 De Las Alas. Maida Deacetis. William 23. 13. 90 Deal, Shereen 23 Deano. Eileen 73 Deans. 282 ) Decker. Alayna 23 Decker. Elyse 99. 90 Deering, Laura 29 Deguzman. Jr Deguzman. Noel 90 Dela Cruz. Jason Dela Cruz. Jonathan DeLasslas. Maida 90 Delfin. Joseph 90 Dellumo, Joseph 73 Delphin, Frank 23 Delphin, Frederick Dempsey. Christine 90 Dennis. Gail 73 Der, Matoian Deutsch. Linda 23 Deven, Richard Devis. Jackeline Devis, Maureen Di Modica. Julie 23. 58. 8. 128 Diaz. Heriberto 73 Dickstein, Jessica 90 Dimodica. Jeannine 58. 73. 84. 91 Acedimic Directors. 276. 277 Girls Diving. 201 Divjakovic. Darko Dodd. Barry Dolinko. Adam 23 Donath. Peggy 23 Donde. Edward Donsky. Jordan 73 Doolittle. Heather 56 Dorband, Patrick Dorfman, Steven Dorfman, Susan 23 Doroba, Christine 90 Dougherty. Dennis 90 Douvikas. George Doyle, Karina 23, 159 Doyle. Wendy Sue 73 Drazner. Ivy 92 Drazner. Steven 73 Dreger. Daniel 23 Dreier, Traci 73, 79 Drexler. Cindy H. 23 Drexler, Susan 74 Driscoll. Jefferson Driscoll. Matthew Duarte. Raul 56 Dubey. Karla 56 Dubin. Alana 23. 50. 104 Dubin, Richard 92 Dubinsky, Vure Dubrow, Jill 92 Duda, Jennifer 92 Dudin, Ludmila 74 Duffy. Maggie 92 Dumsky, Svetlana 74 Dunn. Patrick D’ugo. Maria 23 D’ugo, Joanne 74 Dziedzic, Robert 92 eee Eb. Andrew Ebeling, Warner 23 Ebreo. Ares 92 Edelman. Howard 92 Edelman, Robyn 74 Edidin. Archeatel 23 Edwards. Michael 20, 23 El Rassi, Chantal El Rassi. Linda Elliott. Karyn 81. 74 Elterman. Inna Emalfarb. Robin 74 Engel. Raul Engels, Eduard 56 Epstein, Ellen 56 Ericsson, Regina Eriksson, Donna 23 Eshaya, Susan 74 Esmae. Christy 58. 5 Espinosa. Dollie 92 Estrada. Lenore 56 Estrada. Sergio 56 Evans. Lara 23 Evaristo. Ed Fabian Gary 56 Failma, Ramel 74 Raingold. David Fair. Douglas 23 Falleroni, Lisa 23 Faloona. Ian 23. 159 Fan. Amy Fang. Vincent 74 Farkas, Alan 56. 99 Farmer, Steven 92 Fasules. David 24 Feinberg, Mark, 73 Feinberg, Michele 56. 63 Feizoulof. Cuneyt 24 Feizoulof, Hayat 74 Feldman. Christine 92. 137 Feldman. Jason Feldman, Pamela 56 Feldman. Randy 92 Feldman, Tracy 56 Fen. Anna Fen. Fernando 74 Fenton. Martin 24 Fenton. Mary 74 Ferdman. Melissa 56 Fernandez. Edson 92 Ferrm. Laura 92 Ferrm, Lisa 24, 49. 142 Fialko. Marina 56 Field. Andrea 56 Field. Diane 56. 173 Fienberg. Garrett 24, 41. 125. 127. 159 Elenberg. Marc 74 Fmeberg. Esther 92 Firfer, Jordan 24 Firtim, Anita 77 Fisch, Amy Fisch. Cynthia 56 Fischbach. John Fisehbach. Lisa 92 E ischoff. Craig 56 Fischoff. Ross 74 Fisher. Ann 85, 74 Fisher. Mark 57 Flack. Amy 92 Flood. Paul 24 Florio. Nicole 73. 74 Fogelson. Joel 92 Fontana. Linda 74 Varsity Football. 181 Forman. Kevin 57 Fortuna. Angela 74 Fourkas. Chris Fourkas. Esther 92 Frake. Gina 92 Frankel. Michelle 57 Frankel. Steven 24. 263 Fratini. Anita Freed, Barry 57 Freed. Debra 17. 35 Freed. Steven 24 French Club 220 Frendreis. W illiam 24 Frey. Pamela 24 Friedman. Richard 57. 185 Fuhs. Angela 74 Fullett. Amy 74. 112 Furman. Sharrie 24. 30 888 Gabel. Deanne 74 Gabriel. Christina 92 Gagliardi. Corin 93 Gaiser. Jennifer 16. 24 Galla. George 58 Gallo. Susan 57 Gandhi. Darshan 24 Gandhi. Dmkerrai Gandhi. Kamlesh Gannon. Christopher Gannon. Maura 57 Garcia. Lillian Garcia. Rachel 24. 29. 10 Garfinkel. Noel 91. 74 Gasca, Marc Gassel. Jeffrey 57, 270 Gatilao. Xyla 93 Gazdowicz. Iwona 24 Gazer. Ann 93 Gelber. Jason 93 Gelfand. Marc Feller. Irene Geller. Steven 57 Gentile. Lisa 57 Georgakopoulos. Andri 24 Georgakopoulos. Helen 24 Georgas. Steve 74 Georgas. Ted 24. 4 George. Theodore 24 German Club 220 Gershbein. Michael 74 Geshelin. Greg 74 Gesklin. Cindy 74 Geslani. Marc 93 Gianakakos, Jerry 93 Giderof. Ramond Gidlund. Barbara 24 Gieler. Kirsten 93 Gilbert, David 57 Gilerman, Eugene 74 Giterman, Michael 57 Glassner. Lori 57 INDEX Toby. Jeffrey 103. 93 Goby. Pamela 24 Godot. Orion Goecke. Andrew 24 Goetz. Trina 57 Gold. Daniel 70. 84. 74. 113 Gold. Stephanie 74 Goldberg. Michele 26. 50. 51. 10. 104 Goldberg. Larry 57 Goldberg. Robert Goldbortin. Gordon Goldbortin. Loren 57 . Goldburg. Larry Goldenstein. Aian 57 Goldin. Julia 126. II Goldish. Megan 93 Goldish. Nicholas 57. 270 Goldstin, Stacy 75 Varsity Golf. 184 Gonzales. Christina 75 Gonzalez. Carlos Goodman. Monica 75 Gorchow, Jason 26 Goren, Nancy 57 Gotfryd. Donald 26 Graf, Oliver 75 Gramatis, Craig 84, 75 Gramatis. Deanna 84. 75 Gramatis. Lee 26. 129, 180 Gramatis. Thomas Granat. Rachel Granatelli. Anthony 93 Grant. Deverlm 26 Grant. Michael Green. Kimberlee 26 Greenberg. Julie 58 Greenberg. Riky 58 Greenfield. Sheelagh 26 Greenspan. Rachel 35. 75 Greiner. Robert 58 Grimaldi. Amy 75 Grinshpun. Marina 93 Gripman. Scott Grodsky. Brad 58 Groffman, Robyn Gross. Jeffrey 58 Gross. Jennifer Gross. Thomas 26 Grossberg. Joy 79. 217. 75 Grossberg. Mindy 93, 119 Gruettner. Claudia 26 Gruzmark. Alex 75 Grzywa. Michael 26. 131 Gubrenko. Leonid 75 Guerrero. Felipe Guerrero. Veronica 26 Guerrero. Victoria Gueyikian. Sebouh 93 Guidote, Geraldine 58 Gummo. Marci Gunnarson, Laura 69. 75 Gurvis. Jeffrey Gussin, Mark 62. 158 Gut. Brian 76. 78. 84. 75 Gut. Michael Gutierrez. Robert 26 Gutierrez, Sylvia Gutterman, Denise 26 Gutterman, Donald 58 Gutterman, Gail 75 Guy. Bonifacio 58 Guy. Carmencita 20 Girls Gymnastics. 187 hhh Ha. Juhyun 38 Ha. Kelly 58 Haase. Paul 26 Haber. Stacey 85. 75 Haberkorn. David 58 Hagen. Dean 26 Hagg. Kerstin 63, 9. 75 Hagman. Justin Hahn, John 26. 169. 193 Hainke. Kristofer 75 Halbac. Claudia 93 Halliday, Lisa 75 Halliday. Unk 93 Hamid. Marc 58 Index 301 INDEX Hammond. Scott 26 Han. Hee Han. James 93 Han. Julie 26 Han. James Hanga. Angela 75. 122 Hanks. Patrick 93 Hanley. Andrew Hansen. Brian 94 Hansen. David 58 Hansen. Joseph 26. 212 Hansen. Kevin 94 Hansen. Rebecca 93 Hanson. Thomas Haromi. Doris 94 Harris. Andreas 94 Harris. Craig 75 Harrold. Andrew 75 Hart. Helen Hartman. Ann 58 Hartman. Judith 94 Hartman. Julie 59. 110 Hasty. Robert Havdala. Michael 94 Hawkinson. Jerome 59 Hedberg. Henry 26 Hedquist. Clifford 75 Hedrich. Jill Hedrich. Julie 75 Hedrich. Michael 26 Helenic Club 221 Helgeson. Ingrid 29 Heller. Christine 59 Hellestrae. Karla 59 HELP 219 Helwing. Carl 94 Helwing. Paul 29. 82 Hendley. Donald 29 Hepner. Melinda 94 Herman. Daniel 29 Herman. Richard Herrera. Gina 59 Hershenhorn. Alexis 75. 110 Herzberg. Thomas Herzog. Michael 29 Hester. Stephen 14 Heytow. Amy 75 Hieber. Timothy 94 Hintz. Anita 75 Hintzke. Carrie 58. 84. 75 Hirsh. Douglas 75 Hirshman. Lori 29. 36 Hodshire. David 75 Hoeft. Dale 76 Hoelzel. Dennis 94 Hoerrmann. Susan 76 Hoffman. Tahli 94 Hogan. Kenneth 59 Hogg. Michelle 59 Hohs. Kevin 29 Holler. Christina Holt. Jennifer 125. 29. 118. 239 Holton. Robert 94 Homecoming 118 Homer. Chervl Homicke. Pamela 94 Hong. Antoinette 59 Hong. Meehee 6 Hoppe. Deborah 29. 59 Hoppe. John Horuke. Richard 94 Horiuchi. Sharon 29 Horn. Paula 59 Horowitz. Robyn Horteland. Gaylyn 94 Hortua. Humberto 89. 94 Horwich. Michael 94 Hosch. Stacy 94 Hossfeld. Pamela 29 Howard. Stevhanie Howe. Cheri 94 Hrajnoha. Tina Hsu. Jason 76 Hsu. Judy Hsu. Yu Huang. Sharon 94 Huber. Sandra Huchting. Bill Hugel. Kristina Hugmeyer. Nadine 29. 28 Humphrey. Anne 94 Husain. Syed Huss. Jerry Huss. Michael Hussain. Rummana 94 Hussain. Samina 29 302 Index Hwang. Jin 94 Hwang. Jung 94 ♦ ♦ ♦ III lacobazzi. Diana 76 tiling. Dawn 59 Incze. Dan 76 Incze. Eva 94 Intawiwat. Borpit 29 Irpmo. Anthony 76 Isaacson. Jack 1 6 Isaacson. Paul 76 Isberian. Mike 59 Israel. Brian 171 Israel. Holly Israel. Jodi 59. 173 Ivener. Abby 59. 137 Ivezic. David 59 Ivezic. Steve 29. 121 Ivicic. Lolita Ivicic. Stefam 76 Izenstark. Craig 29 ♦ ♦ ♦ JJJ Jackson. Scott Jackson. Stacey 29 Jacobs. Dawn 81. 91. 76. 112 Jacobs. Timothy 29 Jaffray. Robin “ ' 6 Jaggi. Sandra 94 Jahnke. Ken Janessa, Karin 76. 81. 107 Janessa. Mariann 29 Jaskolka. Suzette Javid. Mike Jeong. Jaewoo 94 Jesse. Christopher Jevremovich, Milema 76 Ji. Sandy Jo. Tom Joast, Henry Joffe. Aaron Johnson. Robert 173 Johnson. Daniel 95 Johnson. Kevin 95 Johnson. Marc 59 Johnson. Susan 76. 176 Johnson. Vanessa 61 Jones. Bradley 27, 61 Joseph. Emmanuel 7 6 Joseph. Thomas 185. 184 Joshi. Shalini 95 Jovero. Joseph 76 Jung. Hwan Jung. James 76 Justesen. Kristina 29 Jusufi, Aferdita 130 Jutovsky. David 29 kkk Kaden. Hilary 95 Kaechele. Christopher 29 Kahn. Jeffrey Kahn. Myra 29. 40 Kaiser. Bonnie 61 Kalainaris, Lambros 95 Kalo. Scott 61 Kanellakis. Gina Kang. Hak 95 Kang. Jeanne Kang. Jerry 30 Kang. Joanne 95 Kang. Young Kanterakis. George Kanterakis. Roula 28 Kaplan. Carrie 28. 35. 133 Kaplan. Daniel Karabinas. Nick Karagiannakis. Maria Karagozian. Kevork Karahaltos. Erin 61 Karalekas. Sylvia 28 Karlesky. Matthew Kasprak. Paul 53 Kassel. Kimberly 61 Kassel. Todd 61. 268 Kats. Alexander 28 Katsikonouris. Georgi 76 Katsis. Athina 76 Katsis. Gus Katz. Alex 29. 36 Katz. Jennifer 95 Katz. Lenny 95 Katz. Paul 76 Katz. Scott 95 Katz. Sheri 95 Katzman. Julie 95 Kaufman. Gary II. 76 Kaufman. Louis Kave. Brad 76. 171 Kazarian. David 95 Kazmi. Sabiha 28 Kazmi. Syed 95 Kazmi. Syed 95 Keaton. Richard 95 Keegstra. Yuri 95 Keer. Craig 61 Keller. Robert 76 Kelley. Elizabeth 28. 143 Kelly. Katherine 61 Kelly. Kimberly Kellman. Brian 30 Keliman. Daniel 30 Kennotsu. Karen 30 Kenn. Thomas Kerstein. Patricia 61. 187 Kersten. Gordon 95 Kersten, Sonia 30 Kessem. Brian Kham. Maaz 61 Khan. Waseem Khasho. Bertha 7 6 Khasho. Joseph 30 Khasho. Joseph Khasho. Rita 95 Khoshaba. Sherine 95 Kiedaisch. Kevin 95 Kiernicki. Kristy 96 Kiernicki. Kurt 3o, 180 Kil. Hyun Kilian, Jeff 30 Kim. Benson 76 Kim. Christine 96 Kim, Ellen 30 Kim. Frank 96 Kim. Grace 76 Kim. Halim Kim, Han Kim. Hee|in 76 Kim. Jeanme 96 Kim. Ji 96 Kim. Jimmy 61 Kim. Johnny 96 Kim. Johnny 61 Kim. Joo Kim, Linda 20 Kim. Mark 61 Kim, Nareen 61 Kim. Paul 76 Kim, Samuel 96 Kim. Sarah 76. 206 Kim. Steven 61 Kim. Sung 61 Kim. Tony 61 Kim. Yoon 76 Kimel. Neil 61 Kimura. Natsuki King. James 30. 48 King. Paul Kirchens. Mike 30.31 Kirkos. Anastasia 77 Kiss. Ronald Kiss, Sylvia 31 Klancmk. Anthony 96 Klancmk, John 31 Klapman. Matthew 58. 61 Kleeberg, Alysia 61 Klein. Allan 31 Klein. Jordan Kleiner. Keith 77 Klemenz. Dean 96. 170 Kloeckner. Debra Klotz. Brian 61 Kluge. Janet 269 Knowlse. Megan 96 Knowles. William 61 Ko. Sally 96 Kobyleski. James 31, 3 Koch. William 58 Kodie. Jim Kooner. Neil Kogan. Alix 81. 84, 77 Kogan. Irina 96 Kohl. Joanna 201. 31 Kohl. Julie 96 Kokott. Stephanie 61 Korulski. Mr. 31 Kolber. Rebecca Koliopoulos. Katherin 61 Koliopoulos. Patricia 77 Kolovos. George 77 Kong. Angela 61 Kong. Joy Kono, Nancy 77, Konstantinov. Sam 77 Kontzias. Chrisanthy 96 Koo. Jennifer 61 Koo. Steve 77 Kopfstein. Eric 16. 28. 32 Kopier. Christopher 77 Korol. Jack 82. 84. 77 Korolis. John 96 Korolis. Maria 77 Korrub. Gary 61 Koscak. Kristina Kotsiopoulos. George 32. 36. 131 Kozil. Maxyne Kozil. Tracy 96 Kozlowski. Margaret 96 Krakow. Stefame 77 Kramer. Tamara 96 Kravetz. Scott 32 Kravitz, David 32 Krebs. Robert 32 Krehley. Eileen 61 Kreher, Jill Kreher. Tracy Kreiter. Keith 58. 32. 51 Kreitzman. Eric 96 Kreitzman. Ilene 321 Krerowicz. Richard Krigos. Dino 32 Krip. Glenn 32 Krivenko. Irina 32 Kron. Ivy 96 Krone. Karla 77 Krone. Paula 16. 58. 32 Kronon. Terry Kronon. Timothy 61 Krueger. Tammy 96 Krull. Lisa 32. 120 Kucera. Peter 96 Kukulski. Charlotte Kulbersh. Richard Kwon. All 96 Kwon, Heeiai 61 III La Croix. Michael La Liberty. Andrew Laborde. George Laliberty. Nicole Lall. Kristina 96 Lallas, Athanacia 96 Lally. John 96 Lamanna. Jacqueline 96 Lamlech. Ronald 77 Lampkin. Ingrid 32 Lande, Allan Langer, Moira 32 Langfeld. Jodi 61 Langis. George 58 Langis, Nick 60 Langston. Donna 33 Lanski. Cheryl 60 Laporte. Lisa 77 Lapp. Judith 96 Lapp. Sharon 60 Larenas. Charles 96 Larimore, Charles Larkin. William 56. 60 Larson, Kirsten 60 Larson, Lisa 60 Lashever, Steven 33, 167 Lasker, David 33 Lasker. Scott 60 Lasker, Stacey 89, 96 Lasowski. Lisa 77 Latash. Michael 97 Lazar. Patricia 97 Lazzara. Mike 60 Le Brun, Tracy Le Hew, Steven Leader, Lara 33 Leader, Stephanie 29, 104, 187 Lebovitz, Daniel 58. 31, 33 Lebovitz, Paul 97 Lebron, Carmen 97 Lecomte, Renee 60 Ledwon, Timothy 77 Lee, Agnes 97 Lee. Amy 97 Lee, Anna 77 Lee, Brenda 97 Lee, Daniel Lee, David 97 Lee, Edward 97 Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Gina 60, 64 Lee, Hye 77. 176 Lee. James 97 Lee. Jenny 60 Lee, Jihyun 60 Lee. Jinchun 60 Lee, John 73 Lee, Kun 33 Lee, Kyong Lee, Rocky 33, 179 Lee, Seung 60 Lee, Seung 77 Lee. Steven 33 Lee, Susan Lee. Susan Lee, Tania 60 LeHew. Steven 34 Leibovich, Elena 97 Leininger, Nina 60 Lembcke, Mark Leone, Loredana Lepold. Sandra 77 ; Lerch. Terry 60 Lereno. Maria 77 Lester, Kevin 60 Levin, Ellen Levin. Ellian 60. 79 Levin, Lonny 34 Levin. Naomi 97 Levine, Cindy 79 Levy, Felicia 34 Levy. Ira 34 Levy, Robert 79 Lewandowski, Janice 34 Lewis, James 60, 202 Lewis. Michelle 97 Llapis, Mary 62 Lichtenstein, Beth 97 Lieber, Brian 34. 131 Lieberman, Dayna 34 Lieberman, Michelle Lieberman, Susan 4. 97 Light. Jordan 97 Lim, Sung Limber. Andreas 97 Limber, Demetrios 79 Limperatos. Angelo 62 Lin, Helen 62 Lindenbaum. Susan 62 Liosatos, Anne 78, 81, 79 Liou. Kim 34 Liou, Nina 62 Lipsky. Marc Liseo, Jonathan 34, 41. 113, 125, 159 Vishnevsky, Martha Litt. Eric 62 Litwm, Jason 94, 79. 113 Liu. John 97 Liu, Robert 79 ivaditis, Anastasia 34 Livaditis. Steve yd, Dana Vobert, Mandi 34 Vo ehner. Joseph 34. 8. 122. 128, 193. 166 Vochner, Kelli 97 Voehner, Kevin 6. 79 ) Voewenthal. Roddy 79. 137 Voiacono, Lynda 62 Vondono, Sandra 61. 62 Lopez, Paul 79 Lovett. Brian 29. 34 Lovett, Lisa Lowell. Jeff 29. 34 Loyfman, Alex Luisi. Rosario Lukic, Goran 62 Lumberg, Tony 62 Lund, Jennifer 34 Lundsberg, Anders 97 Lunsik, Mark Lurie, Kenneth Lutz, Stacy 97 Lygiros. Evans Lyubansky, Mikhail 97 mmm Makdah. Renee 97 Makhlouf, Isam 79 Makowka, Adam Malin, Lome Malina, Aaron 79 Maliwanag, Susan 34 Malkin, Benjamin 73, 84, 88. 79 Malkin. Jason 97 Malkin. Thomas 62 Malnekoff,, Mara 34 Malnekoff. Mamie 98 Malone. Laurie 62 Maltezos, Michele 62 Man. Charles 112, 97 Man, Judith 16, 29, 34 Mandell, Richard 62, 96 Mandell, Robert 97 Mandi, Scott Mango, Romero 62 Mangul, Romeo Maniloff, Ellen 79 Maniscalco. Janine 79 Mankarious. Kareem 62 Mankarious. Ramsey 34 Mankoff, Marcie 62 Mansfield. Mark 79 Mar yohana, Kathrine 78 Marcus, Jeffrey 63 Margalit, Carmi Margolin, Irina 97 Margolin, Lauri 63, 187 Margolin. Miriam Margolin. Regina 79 Mariacher, Richard 34 Marinakis, Dean 34 Mark. Allen 34 Markfield. Pamela 79 Markos, Christopher 34. 36 Marks, Aaron 97 Marks, George Marks. Pamela 79. 110 Martin. Kelly 79 Martin. Wendy 84. 9, 78. 79. 201 Martinez, Jane 97 Martinson. Lisa 78 Maslov, Julie 36. 210 Mason, John Massias. Debbie 97 Master, Eric Masterton, Owen 98 Matan. Alan 36 Matsuda, Jeffrey 78 Matt, Steven Matt. Rhonna Matz. David 78 Maurer, Erika May. Jennifer 36 May. Thomas 78 Maybrun, Dennis 36 Maybrun, Richard 6. 128 Mayo. Carolyn 29. 36 Mazarakis, Thomas 76, 78 Mazzetta, Dawn 36, 159 Me Allister. Kim 78 McCarthy, Coleen McCormick. Heather McCown, Elizabeth 36 McCulloh, Gerald 63 McDonough, Thomas McDougall. Douglas McGinley, Judy 78 McKeever, Tom McLean, Kenneth McCulloh. Heather 98. 175 M-Geary, Jennifer 98 McGuire. Jason 89. 98 McLean, Nancy 63 McMath. Keith 98 McDriano, Leovigildo 36 Medvedovsky, Jerry 63 Meindle. Louis 98 Meixner. Karin 78 Meltz. David 63 Mercado. Aurelit 78 Mercado. Judith 14 Mercado, Mary 98 Merkel. Patrick Merkel. Thomas 169 Meydbray, Natalie Meyer, Larry 76, 78 Meyerovitz. Jordan 78 Meyers. Michael 63 Meyobrey, Natalie 63 Miceli, Kimberly 98 Michaels, Angelo 98 Michaels, Peter Michaels. Tracey 78 Michalsen. Kathleen 78 Mihelic, Dara 98 Miklaj, Antonette 36 Milewski, Christine 78 Milios, Tina 36 Miller. Adam 36 Miller. Bill 63 Miller. Brian 78 Miller, Christine 29. 36 Miller, David 98 Miller. Helaine 63 Miller, Mary 98 Mills. Andrew 16. 20. 36 Mills. Lawrence 74 Milovanovic, Dejan 78 Milsk. Laura 81 Milstem. Beth 81 Mimp, Diane 36 Minx. Christopher 98 Mirkovic, Edward Misale. Shelly 63 Miscinski, Amy 63 Miscinski. Paul Mita. Matthew Mittelman, Bryan 73. 81 Miyama. Peter 81 Mizock. Adam 63 Mohrdieck. Bert Mohrlein, Glen 63 Moll. Mary 36 Molett. Sean 98 Moloney. Maria 98 Morariu. Istina 63 Moreth, Scott 98 Morris. David 98 Morton, Christopher 98 Moss, Cynthia 29. 36 Moss, Jeffrey Moss. Tamara 63 Moy. Aaron 81 Mova. Elizabeth 36 Moya. Mario 264 Moyer. Jennifer 98 Mraovic, Gordana 98 Mueller. Jason Mugerdichian, Nancy 63 Mugford, Keith 81 Mugrditchian, Susan 36 Mulcahy. Scott Munic, Ken 84. 81 Munic, Robert 29, 36 Murgas, Evie 84. 81 Murphy. Heather 81 Murschel, Christopher 49 Muth. James 99 Myers. Joshua 64 Myint. Jenni 81 nnn Naanep. Manuel 64 Nafpliotis. Demetrious 99 Nafpliotis. Evanthia 36 Nafpliotis. Nick Najiullah. Parveen 99 INDEX Nakabayashi, David 64 Nakahata. Naomi 99 Nakahata. Sanae 36 Nakai. Brian 81 Napravnik, Brian 36 Nelluvelil. Elizabeth Nelsen. Julia 112. 81 Nelson. Jennifer 64. 81 Nelson. Laura Netzel. William 36 Neuhauser. David 81 Neuman. Paul Newman, Jay 38 Nicolaou, Anastasio Nicoladu, George 99 Nicolaou, Tom 64 Niedermaier. Craig 64 Nikolakakis. Estelle 61. 71. 78. 88. Id. 114, 99 Nikolakakis, James 64 Nikolich. Sasha 64 Niziolek. Jacqueline 81 Nock. Jodi Nock. John 64. 38 Noesen. Barbara 81 Nole. Dawn 38. 81 Nole. Donald North. Bobby 99 North. Stephanie 81 Nosalik, Chris 38 Noussias. Sofia 99 Novak. Dena 38 Novakovsky, Alex Nowikowski, Jeanne 64 Nowikowski, Matthew 99 Nudelman. Gary 118 Nudelman. Mindy 99 Nussbaum. Aaron Nutting. Eric 32, 38 ooo C Shirley L Chu O ' Brien, Carlos 38 O ' Donnell. Steven Obrien. Michael 99 Odirakallumkal. Matth 99 Odishoo. Ashur Odishoo, Ninus Oh. Shirley 38 Ohlson, Melissa 99 ✓ Okmin. Aurda 64 Olander, Carlene 99 Olea. Roselle 99 Oliker, Rachel 64 Olive, Robert 29. 35, 38 Oliver. Charles Oliver, Christopher 81 Oliver. Kirk 81 Olney, George 64 Olsen. Christine 64 Ong. Cynthia 99 Orchestra 249 Oroni. Daniel 99 Orom. Laura 81. 186 Orr. Jerome 60 Orsic, Eric 99 Orsic, Karin 112. 81 Oseland, Eric Id Owens, Dena 81 Owens. Robin Ozaki. Jennifer 64 Ozei. Elina 38 Oztekin, Kevin Id Oztekin, Sheila 38 PPP Pacheco, Michael Id Pacheco, Migdalia Paek. Carol Pagos, Georgette 81 Pagos. Jerome 38 Pak. Choi 81 Index 303 INDEX Pak. Kyong ICH Palm. Karen 3$ Pallson. Melissa Pallson . Terese Palmer. Collin SI Palmer. Steve H Pom Pon 239 Pangilaman. Elda SI Pankliw. John 3S. ISI Panes. William Panoutsos. Valery 101 Papadakis. Andreas 64 Papadopoulos. Betty Papadopoulds. George ICH Papoutsakis. Cynthia 38. 125 Pappas. Lynn ICH Paprocki. Eugene ICH Parayno. Rossini 81 Park. Charlotte 81 Park. Hong SI Park. Sandy 38 Park. Sung ICH Park. Sunny 29. 38 Parrillo. Wayne Parsram. Nalim ICH Partington. Kimberly 3S Partipilo. Dominque 38. 210 Partipilo. Maeelene 38 Paszko. Margaret 38 Patel. Archana 38 Patel. Piyush Patel. Prashant ICH Patel. Rajen Patel. Rohit Patel. Sheila Patyk. John SI Paul. Peter 64 Paulsen. Peter Paustian. Gary 58 Paz. Anthony Pedraza. Derek ICH Peiser. Brad Pelos. Johanna 60. 641. 232 Pemble. Melvin Penaloza. Iris 64 Penaloza. Steven 64 Penn. Nancy 101 Perez. Rodolfo SO Pergl. William 80. 107 Peroulas. James ICH Perrotta. Tracy Perry. Brittany 64 Persky. Laura 80 Peterson. Denise Petit. Laurence 64 Petro. Thomas 38 Petrovich. Glenn 38 Pfeifer. Peter ICH Phillips. Eric 101 Phillips. Michael 64. 176 Pierini, Marny ICH Pilsius. DeeDee ICH Piluris. Tina 80 Pine. Harold 29. 40. 47. 51 Pine. Robert 101 Pinsel. Aliza 40 Pinsel. David 80 Pinsly, Denise 64 Pmtang. Roderick 80 Pmtz. Karen 80 Piper. Dawn 77 Piper. Lynn 64 Piper. Renee ICH Pitalis. Rachael 40 Pitsios. DeeDee Pitti. Loredana 40 Pitts. Gail Id Platz. Lynette 64 Plpluive. Maria Id Plukarski. Jennifer 64 Pobol. Mary 80 Poet. Andrea 40. 159 Polakowski. Alexander Pollack. Jason Id Polyzos. Lame Id Pontikis. Martha 80 Pontikis. Vicki 64 Pontikis. Vickie Poolos. Mark 40. 109 Popovic. Marija Popovici, Elena Porretta. Michael Posavac. Steven 80 Posner. Rachel Id Poulakidas, Mark 88 Pouliezos, Michael 304 Index Poulos. Peter 40 Poulos. Scott 84, 80 Power. Leslie 40 Pozdol, Cheri 40 Pozdol. Debra Id Presley. Alison Id Price. Nicole Id Pritzker. Stephanie 80 Psaradellis. John 40 Psyhogios. Frank SO Psyhogios, Maria 40 Puliic. John 64 Puthusseril. Sabina Pyter. Frederick 64 qqq Quach. Susan Id Ouilici. Lena 80 Oureshi. Ansa Id rrr Ra. Mm Rabin. Janet 31. 40 Rabin. Melissa 80 Rainero. Kenneth Rainero. Lome Ramseyer. Bruce 58. 64. ISI Ramseyer. Calvin Id Ranalakes. Gina Id Rappin. Gregory 80 Rappin. Holly 40 Rasmussen. Anna 65 Rasmussen. Maria Ratnow. Cindy 100 Ratnow. Mitchell 40 Raucci. Maria 100 Ravella. Meena 80 Ray. Michael 65 Regan. Herb 84 Redman. Scott 40 Reece. Cary Reece. David Regan. Herb Reichert. Whitney 80 Reiff. Laura 80 Reilly. Allan 40 Reinhardt, Michael 24. 37. 40 Reisman. Robert 40 Reitman. Michelle 65 Reitman. Steven 65 Reitman. Susan 100 Rembiszewski. David Rembiszewski. James 80 Remke. Julie ICO Remon. Miquel ICO Repique. Fritzie ICO Resmck. Devra 57, 65 Revelins. Beatrise ICO Reyes. Gigi 100 Reznik. Matthew ICO Rhee. Albert 40. 127 Rhee. David 80 Rhee. Jennifer ICO Rhee. Leo Richards. Brian ICO Richlin. Eden ICO Riding. Tracey 40 Ridley. Claudia 87. 80. 175 Rieger. Ronald Riggio. Christopher 40 Riha. David 65 Rinaldi. Lana 65 Ring. Melinda 21. 79. 40. 119. 131 Ring. Dr. Donald 128. 278 Ripley. Jemuel 100 Riss. Ron ICO Rissman. Jobie 43 Rivkin. Sandra 43 Rizzo. Jason Roberts. Christi 80 Roberts. Laurin Robertson. Tammy 100 Rocklin. Eden Roderich. John 65 Rodgers. Phil Rodriguez, Sandra 65 Rodriquez. Henry 100 Rogalla. Steven Rolf. David 43 Roma. Amy ICO Roma. Anthony 43 Roman, Jules 65 Romashko. Nicholette 43. 112. 130 Romashko. Todd 80 Romero. Rene Romero. Tanya Root. Allen 65 Rosales. June 100 Rosen. Allison 65 Rosen. Melissa 43 Rosen. Mitchell Rosen. Steve 82 Rosenbaum. Jay ICO Rosenberg. Rachel 82 Rosenberg. Sharri 83 Rosenthal. Richard 43 Rosow. Gregory 82 Ross. Christine 65 Ross. Heather 29. 43. 45. 104 Ross. Ira 43 Ross. David 43 Ross. Stephanie Roth. Louis ICO Roumeliotis. Bessie Rozencwajg, Jacquelin 47 Rubens. Melissa 43 Rubens, Sheryl 82 Rugenstein, Diane 43 Rubenstein. Susan 82 Rubin. David 29. 58. 43 Rubin. Deborah 82 Rudin. Andrew 65. 9 Rudin. Greg 82. 10 Rugendorf. Dawn 99. 102 Ruley. Jean 82 Russell. Brian 102 Russo. Michael 65 Rutschmann. Amy sss Sabapathy. Chittukkal 65 Sabapathy. Melathi 102 SADD 224 Saito. Chiaki 43 Saitta. Stacy 82 Sajadi. Nancy 82 Sa|adi. Nimi Sajdak. Christine Sajdak, Cynthia Sajdak. Steven 65 Sajdak. Walter 102 Sakolski, Michelle Saletnik. Beata 102 Salkin. Benjamin 82. 156 Samuel. Christine 65 Samuel. Sean 43. 178 Sanchez. Arturo Sanchez. Edgard Sanchez. Hector 102 Sanders. Margaret 102 Sandlow. Lisa 35. 43. 127 Sandowski. Lisa Santillan. Aida 43. 10 Santillan, George 82. 215 Santorineos. Dina 65 Sarnxopouius. Peter 63 Sathy, Anup 76. 82 Sathy. Depak 65 Sauerman. John Savage. Pat 178 Savidge, Mark 66 Sax. Gail 29. 43 Sax. Linda Saxena. Anil 43 Scafidi. Andrew 66 Scearce, Pattie Schaefer. Richard Schaffer. Marc 66 Schaffer. Steven 82 Schanz. Becky 43 Schapira. Gerri 66 Schapira. Lisa 94 Schielie, Ted Schildgen. Elizabeth Schmidt. Doug Schmidt. Renee 82 Schnaitmann. Timothy 43 Schnayer. Marsha Schneider. Harvey 45 Schoen. Kathy 82 Schoknecht, Paul 82 Schott. Gregory Schramm. Paul 102 Schreier. Lia 45 Schroeder. Kathy 102 Schuller. Klaus 45 Schulman. Eric 102 Schultz. Deborah Schultz. Robert Schusteff. Mark 82 Schwager. Roswitha 102 Schwart. Ami 82 Schwartz. Andrea 95 Schwartz. Deboarh 133 Schwartz. Debra 45 Schwartz. Gayle 102 Seay. Kelly 102 Sebastian. Laura 45 Security Guards. 283 Sedelsky. Wendy 16. 45 Seef Leah 66 Seidman. Jeffrey 102 Sek. Tom 66 Seleman. Rory 102 Sergot. Mark 45 Sergot. Matthew Sergot. Scott Serlin. Scott 45 Serrano. Myrana Serrand. Randy Seikas. Stella 102 Shader. Christie 82 Shah. Vishal 45 Shakir. Sofia 102 Shamin. Ejaz 102 Shamooon. Hanan Shaomon, Janet 103 Shapiro. Dana 66 Shapiro, Helen 45 Shapiro. Scott 103 Shariff. Sameena 103 Shedroff. Jeannette 82 Sheirok. Jay 103 Shellist. Andrea 45 Sherman. Dale 56. 66. 233 Shiffman. Caryn 82 Shiffman. Mindy 82 Shimanovsky, Sheryl 16. 45 Shklyandy. Emily 45 Shonfeld. Amy Paul Shubinsky, Rita 45 Shugall. Deborah 31. 45 Shulman, Maxim 103 Shvartsman. Yuri j 45 Siciliano. Dana 82 Sigiliano. Deborah 66 Siddiqui. An|um Siddiqui. Mohammad Siddiqui. Mohammed 82 Siegel. Michelle 66 Signoretti. Dave 103 Silverman. Barbara 21. 45 Silverman. Bonnie Silverman. Rome 83 Silverman. Susan 83. 110 Singer. Danielle Singer. Gwen 83. 112 Sirajulfah. Zafreen 43. 127 Siviero. Mark 66 Siyalich. John Skoglund. Brian 66 Skoglund. Jeffrey 23 Skoglund. Ronald 44. 45 Slima. Mark 83 Slisz. Nathalie Sloma. Theresa 132 Smason. Diane 66 Smigielski. Daniel 66 Smith. Catherine 83 Smith. Doreen Smith. Kenneth 103 Smith. Philip 47, 45 Smith. Rachel 66 Smith, Sharon 66 Smolinski. Christine Smolinski. David 83 Snell. Charles 66 Snitovsky, Tama Sobczak. Kimberly 45, 173 Sobczak, Ronald 83 Sobel. Hollie 66 Boys Soccer, 191 Sokalski, Kathleen 45, Song, Carolyn 83 Song, Rea 103 Sonkin, Lynn 43 Sonshine, Ricky H. Soren. Alexander Soriano. Melaine 103 Sosnowski, Chris Sosnowski. Joan 83, 103 Sotiropoulos, George 83 Sotiropoulos. Georgia 46 Sotiropoulos. Pam 46 Spanish Honors 222 Spagoletti, John 185, 46 Spanish Club, 222 Spear. Tracy 83 Spectrum, Staff, 233 Speidel. Mark 83 Spiratos, George 83 Spiratos, Sam Spiropoulos, Michael Sprogis, Andrew 66 Spyropoulos, Soula 83 Marie, Doug Starr. Abby 83. ID Statland. Leanne 103 Steele. Kevin 103 Stegich, Anthony 103 Stein. Janet 83 Stein, Laila 103 Steiner. David 83 Steiner. Greg Steiner, Linda 83 Steiner. Scott 46 Stellar, Jennifer Stellar, Victoria Stephenson, William 46 Stergios. Peter Stergios, Sandy 103 Stern, Darryl 66 Stern, Garrick Stevens. Mrs. Stiegel, Sandra 66 Stipisic, Elizabeth 83, 93 Stipisic, Evelina 21. 58, 66 Stoeterau. Ryan 83 Stone. Robin 20. 46 Stotland. Bryan Stotland, Marc Stratigakes, Nicholas 91. 103 Stratigakes, Stacy 91 Strauss, Richard Strike 114 Strohmeier, Karen 9 Strusiner. Kimberly 46 Strusiner, Nicole 103 Stuermer, John Stulac, John 83 Stulman, Rosalie 103 Suansing, Maritess 83. 66 Suansing. Mary Suboni. Michelle Subrinsky, Jacalin 66 Subrinsky, Jordan Sucherman, Todd 66 Suess. Jennifer 66, 78 Suh, Yung 29. 39, 46. 239 Sun, Sandy 46 Sussman, Beth 66 Swanson. John Swanson, Katie 83 Sweeney. James 24, 173 Swidler, Jacob 66 Swiercz, Julia 83 Girls Swimming, 201 Boys Swimming 203 Symphonic Band 248 Szewczyk, Jason 104 ttt Tadelman. Alyssa 66 Taich, Sandra 46 Takaesu, James 66 Takehara. Karian 104 Takiguchi, Curtis Takolsky. Michelle 104 V Talalaj, Chris Talbot. Carlos 67 Talbot, Gina 46 Taldone. Paul Taldone, Phillip 83 Tamraz, Catherine 58. 126. 46 Tamunday. Carlo 67 Tamunday. Maritess 83 Tanis. Darren Taraschewsky, Erika 67 Tarica, Joseph 83 Tchott. Greg 104 Teachers 262 Telengater, Marsha 46, 108 Tellefsen, John 46 Teschky, Alan 31 Theisen, Scott 104 Theodore, Mary 78, 84 Theodore. Nicolette 46 Theofanis, Phyllis 84 Theotokatos, Linda 104 Theotokatos, Susan 104 Therios, Anastasia 104 Thill. Pamela 84 Thompson, Sundy 104 Tiersky, Arthur 84, 158 Tiersky, Howard 36. 137 Till, Janet 84 Tipescu, Mircea 84 Toban. Scott 104 Tobin, Janna 46 Tobin. Marni 104 Tolksdorf, Sonya 67 Tolstunova, Inna 104 Tomacic. Gabrielle 79, 84 Tomczyk, Julie 67 Torrez, James 67 Toth, Julie Trachtenberg, Rachel 46 Girls Track, 207 Trelford, Jeffrey Trouillor, Pascale Trujillo. Richard 67 Tsagalis, Angelo Tsad, Rosa 46 Tsao. Tzu Tsau. John Tseitlin, Elana 46 Tsoulos, Georgia 104 Tsoulos, Gus 67 Tsubely, Merav 104 Tuchten. James Tulen, Fehlyn 104 Tulen, Marie 67 Turek, Thomas Turetzky, Adam 46 Turetzky, Ari 84 Turos. Nicole Tziavaras, Nicholas Tziortzis. Alek 84 Tziortzis, Desey 104 Tzortzis, John 46. 202 Tzortzis, Panagiota 71, 75, 78, 104 uuu Udoni. Robert 104 Uehiein. Cindy 104 Uhler. Neil 46 Uhm, Monica Urso, Lisa 46 Utanoff. Bradley 104 Utsunomiya. Ai 104 vvv Valavanis, Anastasia Valavanis, Jimmy 104 Valencia, Luis Valenti. Ann 84 Valic, Jennifer 104 Valignota, Janette 67 Valignota. Jovino 104 Valignota. Lalaine Van. Alst Van Mersbergen, Larry 67 Van Osdol, James 63. 67, 100, 119, 122 Vance, Dana 84 Vargas, Elorencia 84 Vargas, Javier 104 Vargas, Lucinda 104 Vargas, Susanna Varghese, Ansu 46 Varghese Jr.. Sam Vasavid, Narong 67 Vayzman, Helen 67 Verstraete, Renee 67 Verstraete, Vincent 49 Vest. Brian 67 Vetra. Lisa 104 Vick. Lisa 49 Vilas, Pilar Villamil, Elizabeth 104 Viner, Jon 49 Virchinsky, Debbie Virchinsky, Lisa 104 Vitacek, Christopher 67 Clahos, Themis Volchenboum. Samuel 67, 131 Gi ls Volleyball. 211 Voris. Jeremiah 67 WWW Wada, Bryan 67 Wada. Mark 401 Waggoner. Angela 84 Wagner, Lauren 104 Wagonrod, Ronald Waladis, Thomas Wallerstein. David 67. 82 Wallin. Andrew Walters. Julie 84, 93 Wang, June 49 Wang, li 67 Warden Jr.. Patrick 84 Warden, Lisa 104 Wasserman, Scott Watson, Eric 84 Wax. Beth 49 Weberman, Michelle 84 Wefsky. Jon 84 Weinberg, David 49 Weinberg, Donica 104 Weinberg, Greg 105 Weinberg, Michele 67 Weisman, Jamie 105 Weiss, Jennifer Wendel, Christine 67 Wendel, Robert West, Word. 232 Wezio. Donna 105 Whang. Yoo Whang. Young 67 Whelan, Michael 49 Wickell, Julie 84 Wickremesekera, Sheha 84 Wildi. Craig 67 Wilfong, Elizabeth 67 Wilkinson. Marie 49 Williams. Dawn Williams. Gary 67 Williams, Joel Williams. Terry 105 Williamson. David 49 Williamson, Lilianna 84 Wills, James Wilner. Marla 49 Wilson. Anna 49 Wiltgen. Julie 105 Wiltgen, Michael 49 Winandi, Evelyn 67 Winer. Matthew 84. 85, 143 Winston, Evan Scott 105 Winter. Aneshia 29. 49, Winterhalter. John Wiseman, David 67 Wishnick, Lawrence 105 Witzel, Stuart 50 Witzgall. John 85 Wlodarczyk. Thomas 105 Wojtalik. Debra 105 Wolak. Robert 67 Wollenberg. Andrea 84. 85. 110 Woo. John 50 INDEX Woodall. Lisa Wozniak. Julie 85 Boys. Wrestling. 212 Wright. Christian 105 Wright. Darla 105 Wright, Maria 105 Wu. Sou 67 Wuehr, Sonja 85 XXX Xentarax. Anastasia 67 Xentaras, Theodore 84. 85. ID yyy Yactor, James 85 Yactor. Michelle 67 Yakoubek, Marianne 50 Yalignota. Lalaine 85 Yamaguchi. Ryoko 105 Yampolsky, Leo 85 Yang. June 50 Yaras, Michelle 67 Yaras. Paul Yashon, Bennett 85, 163 Yau. Joseph Yefsky, Jonathan Yep. Emily 85 Yetter, Laura 85 Yi, Peter Yi. Tom 85 Yirchinski, Debbie 67 Yim, Henry 85 Yim, Kathy Ungeong 105 Yim. Tom 85 Yoo, Brian 67 Yoo. Hae 105 Yoo. Jean 85, 93 Yoon. Cecile Yoon, Harry 105 Youkhana. Shane 50 Youkhana. Wayne 85 Youmara, Paul 50 Young. David 29. 50 Young. Sheri Youngman, Laura 31 Youstra. Brett 105 Yu. Hyon Yu, Janey 105 Yu. Li Yu. Michael Yu, Steve 85 Yu, Yong Yuen, Cynthia 85 Yuen, Steven 67 Yung. Helen 85 Yung. May 105 zzz Zabo. Jill 50. 137 Zadkovic, Donna 67 Zaffer. Vicky 50 Zaia, Luma 95 Zarate. Romy Zarate. Shannen Zarch, Steven 50 Zazra. David 67 Zeitler. Sharon 50 Zelinsky, Ricky 67 Zemsky. Judith 19, 42, II Zimmerman, Adam Zimmerman. Rachel Zingerman, Leonard 105 Zmora. Neta 105 Zoldoska, Andy 105 Zorn. Peter 270 Index 305 A CELEBRATION OF Team work. Lifting their spirits into the air these two gymnasts, with team work, complete the flip. Study. Senior Mark Hammond uses his study hall to catch up on some work. es Doreene Chen and Nole Garfinkle com¬ pete in a scootter race. Memories. During the Homecoming Dance seniors Diane Rubenstein and Debbie Schugall discuss their plans for after the dance. Spirit. The spirit of Niles West shines in the cheerleader ' s " spirit The Silver Celebration, Is coming to its finish. Dedication and memories which will never deminish. Through the years, the faces have changed. New hair-do ' s and clothing. And classrooms rearranged. Working towards goals and dreams coming true. But along with the happiness their was sadness, too. The Spectrum, which is now 25 years old. Has received its " Silver. " And is striving for " Gold! " Meeting. The Frosh-Soph Mixer was a place to meet new people Freshman Julie Baretz meets with Freshman Flumberto Hortua Pride. An underwater aqua-shot proves thumbs up by senior captain Torrey Browder, and Allan Dassow. A Celebration Of REALITY The Best Days of Our Lives, Or so they say- " Live not for each second. But for each and every day.” I find it hard to cope. With the things life has in store It’s hard growing up When you don’t know what your for Our sun is finally setting Our times together are few It’s time to start our lives again Forget the old and look to the new It all seems like a dream Those years of learning life. We must now go out on our own Taking the happiness and taking the strife. Most of will succeed. But some of us will fall So wish me luck in this time- And good times through it all. By Debbie Freed ’86 , ‘ • • ' Co-Editors-ln-Chief Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Happenings Sports Clubs Academics Photography Editors Division Pages Index Calligraphy Photographer At Large Laurie Adams, Stephanie Leader Heather Ross David Wallerstien Depack Stahy Jill Hedrich Mark Gussin Lisa Sandlow Paula Krone. Gina Lee Leah Seef Jill Hedrich. Mark Gussin Michele Burdeen. David Bloom Nick Nafliotis Laurie Adams. Pat Dunn Steve Lee David Lasker Staff: John Axelrad, Elliott Baretz. Jamie Boton. Alayna Decker. Jean- nine DiModica, Ann Fisher, Jennifer Gaiser. Rachel Greenspan. Kerstin Hagg. Bill Larkin, Anne Liosatos. Tom Mazarakis, Estelle Nikolakakis. Johanna Pelos, Anup Sathy, Dale Sherman, Beth Sussman. Patty Tzort- zis, Judy Zemsky. Photographers: Michele Burdeen, David Bloom. David Lasker. John Axelrad, Elliott Baretz. Dennis Eder - Josten’s Representative Sharon Krone - Faculty Adviser Jerome Orr - Faculty Adviser Professional Photography By Root Studio. Thank You 311

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