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VOLUME 22 NILES TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL WEST Y Yyyyyy yyy Y YY Y Y OAKTON AT EDENS SKOKIE, IL. 00077 THE SPECTRUM TRIBE EDITORS Editor-In-Chief Maria Leberis Assistant Editor Ray Chao Photography Editor Ellen Havdala Assistant Photography Editor Maria Leberis Copy Editor Brenda Moss Special Events Editor Tami Weitzman Sports Editor Van Stamos Clubs Editor Karen Schwartz Seniors Editor Lisa Shapiro Juniors Editor Devra Lipsky Sophomores Editor Erica Stone Freshmans Editor Holly Gershanov Faculty Editor Steve Miller Opening Section Ray Chao Division Pages Maria Leberis Graffiti Pages Maria Leberis Closing Section Ray Chao STAFF 5SSS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaa Mama Stacey Aronson Brad Joselit Staci Munic Merle Bergman Peter Joseph Carolyn Prinz Karen Bernstein Ken Justesen Patty O ' Boyle Effie Boudouvas Anna Karalis Stephanie Resnik Lisa DeCook Tony Konsewicz Mitch Rosen Michelle Feldman Chelli Krakow Diana Santillan Lori Freed Sari Kreiter Nina Serlin Michele Friedman Marilyn Levy Beth Shartiag Gina Gramatis DeeDee Lippe Pam Sideris Robyn Harris Kim Lores Sheldon Silverman Keoko Hirata Julie Martini Ellen Sprague Julie Huber Barb Miller Stacy Strongin Andy Much Adam Turner PHOTOGRAPHERS 2 Stacy Aronson Ray Chao Michele Friedman Jeff Gilbert Susie Huber Ken Justesen Sari Rubin David Parisi Neil Warshawsky Professional Photography Root Studio HU uuuu HUUUUUUV uv Home On The Niles West Range Clockwise from above: Seniors Deb Havdala and Lisa Shapiro take a load off their feet. The marching band proudly keeps the beat during halftime festivities. During a quiet moment. Junior Jeiyiie Campbell and Senior Robin Telengater share some secrets. The varsity cheerleaders " shake it up " at the Twi-light Pep Rally. Opening Clockwise from below: The Niles West Marching Band leads the Homecoming parade down Lincoln Avenue. At the Homecoming game. Student Union members Erica Stone, Michelle Gorchow, Tami Weitz- man and Principal Nicholas Mannos enjoy the half¬ time show. Another fantastic pom-pon routine and a smile from Senior Kim Lorres. Homecoming King Van Stamos escorts Queen Cindy Atsaves. To help " psych " her swim-mates, Junior Jacqueline Plonus makes a spirit poster. Before another day begins. Juniors Cheryl Rabin, Dee Dee Lippe and Jill Lebovitz spend some time together. Opening 5 now THE WEST WAS Clockwise from above: Hoping for an Indian Vic¬ tory, mascot Brenda Hill and Cheerleaders Heather Ross, Danna Kaplan, Hyo Sil Park and Beth Merkel cheer from the sidelines. With no one within listen¬ ing distance, Sophomores Stephanie Akwa and Ni¬ cole Rich are startled over the latest gossip. After be¬ ing introduced as Home¬ coming Court members, Seniors Ken LeComte and Brian Weinberg look " studly. " Donning a " sporty " tie, Mr. Jerry Turry returns a serve. f b Opening Clockwise from left: With determination in their eyes, Felicia Bakshy, Andrea Poet and Marsha Telengater give it the ol ' Fresh¬ men try. In the chem lab. Junior Tom Svrcek pours a highly sulfuric acid. On a crisp Autumn day, a student finds the flag pole a good place to lock his bike. The football fans let everyone know this is Indian Territory. Opening 7 52 Another Trail Ride Begins Sunrise. The students of Niles West embarked on yet another trail ride. For some, this was their first journey West, for others, it was another round-up of exciting events, thrilling adventures and non-stop action. We set up camp at Oakton and Edens Expressway. It was here we worked and played, laughed and cried, triumphed and failed. It was here we not only grew individually, but together, as one. They came from the surrounding territories of Morton Grove, Skokie, Lincolnwood and Niles to form a union. While the country battled unemployment, in¬ flation, and a Tylenol scare. West students were rustling with closed campus and Saturday deten¬ tions. The students united to set the West ablaze. With Homecoming festivities, athletic events, and club activities. West showed all it had to offer. The 2,100 Indians formed a tribe that could not be beat. We set our boundaries and let our cry be heard, " This is INDIAN territory! " Together, we made sure West was one. • BOW TBS WEST WAS ONE A Year Of One Spirit out West was at the highest level possi¬ ble. Signs, posters, singing and cheering were pre¬ sent not only in the Basrak Stadium stands, but also in the gym, cafeteria, and hallways. Defeat was not unknown, but we were never losers. We cheered for each other and ourselves not only 8 Opening through victory, but also defeat. We may have been out run, out scored, out smarted and out distanced, but we were never out classed. We won as a proud tribe and we lost as a proud tribe. We were one. Like our forefathers did in the late 1800 ' s, we at West expanded. We broadened our horizons by getting involved with school activities. We took the risk of revealing our inner thoughts and feel- ings, and more often than not, we were rewarded. We met, we shared. We had more than spirit, we had more than loyalty. We had each other. As one, we could do anything. It was the friendships we cherished the most. We made the kind of friendships that are never forgotten. And we shared a kind of year that isn ' t forgotten easily. A year of being one. Clockwise from left: After the flashlight routine, the pom¬ pon girls relax. The football players work together on the field and off. Some students come gift wrapped. The award winning Senior Class Cabinet float. At the pep assembly. West faculty members join in the fun. During Homecoming elections. Senior Tami Weitzman casts a watchful glare over the ballot box. Opening 9 i Clockwise from below: A perfect pyramid by the sophomore cheerleaders. Closer than close Seniors Lisa Shapiro and Abby Lando enjoy a football game. Fill the gym to the rim with INDIANS! Fierce Indian Sophomore John Panchisin checks out some sauaws. Opening 11 v 12 Opening Clockwise from above: With waves and smiles, the freshman cheerleaders enjoy the Homecoming Parade. During P.E., Mrs. Jean Armour takes some notes on a student ' s playing ability. With a shining spotlight, Senior Cindy Schwartz performs a beautiful solo. While holding up the yearbook spirit board panal. Senior Maria Leberis thinks about their chances of winning. The cast of Pow Wow ' 82 open the show with a song and dance number. % V V Clockwise from below: Even with a piece of super bubble-bubble gum. Junior Sherri Michaels is not amused with typing class. Pom¬ pon girls can boogie ... as members Randi Levinson, Susie Kim, Kim Lorres and Jackie Levin demonstrate. The cheerleaders want YOU! Da ... da ... da ... da ... da.... GO BIG RED! Junior Mark Arenson thinks about all his homework. Clockwise from above: " Guess who? " pro¬ claims Junior Devra Lipsky. No matter how much Senior Greg Bezkorovainy is prepared to offer, Mr. Albiani will not raise his se¬ mester grade. At a cross country meet. Sen¬ iors Susie Rosenblum and Geri Masterton perform death defying gymnastic stunts. Senior Rich Zenner has just as much fun as the " little people " in child development. After a wonderful evening on the dance floor. Seniors Randi Levinson and Cory Bin- stock share a moment alone. To help pro¬ mote the Great American Smoke-out at West, Seniors Helena Gabriel and Sabina Plonus solicit pledges. Yummmm % 14 Opening Clockwise from below: Although the Indians suffered a disappoint¬ ing season, the Varsity Team managed to compile two victories. With school spirit everywhere, Mrs. Lopez and psuedo pom-pon girl Shahin Koshbin enthusiastically sort out the absentee cards. With a little help from her friend. Junior Eileen Cousey gets her hair braid¬ ed by Junior Jennie Campbell in preparation for a race. mm WEST WES TOGETHER WE HAD IT ALL Meanwhile, back at the NW ranch, the bleach¬ ers and stands weren ' t the only places to be to¬ gether. The Indians pushed, shoved and squeezed into the bookstore ... together. We waited, wait¬ ed and waited in the lunch lines ... together. And we ate, studied, and lived ... together. Out in the wilderness, we attended the Who concert, " E.T., " and parties. Together, we turned on to punk, new wave, reggae, and " valley talk. " Even with all the different " outside " ways of life. West students still had one thing in common ... each other. We traveled a journey together. A spe¬ cial journey. Through this journey, we became one. We crowned our Homecoming King and Queen, we cheered our football team. We published our newspaper, we performed our plays. We formed our own unique school year, filled with the things we chose. For West, it was a special journey. It was ours. It may have had little meaning to observers, but to us, the Indians, it had a great deal of mean¬ ing. We made 1983 special ... together ... as one. Opening 15 The Children ' s Theatre presented the Red Shoes to the delight of neighboring grade schools. The Pom-Pom girls are set to begin their routine to " Don ' t Fight It. " Soccer Coach Joe Brennan and Captain Van Stamos have words of encouragement at the pep assembly. Left: Before a show Senior Hope Ross puts on Kevin Swerdlow ' s make-up. 17 Pep Rallies " Hawks fly away, Indians are here to stay " was the chant that roared through the gym on Thursday, Octo¬ ber 21, at the in-school pep assembly. The enthusiastic crowd was enter¬ tained by the spirited pom-pon girls, while the varsity cheerleaders led a cheering contest. The program also introduced the spirit panel contest in which various clubs and organiza¬ tions decorated boards of plywood to show their spirit. The contest winners were: originality, N-Club; spirit, var¬ sity cheerleaders; and overall winner. Art Council. Also included in the as¬ sembly was a visit from Main South " principal " Mr. Agnos and " home¬ coming court " Mr. Jones, Mrs. Chau- sow, and Coach Ricardi. The excitement continued that evening with the Twilight Pep Rally at Basrak Field, Rousing speeches were given by Coaches Brennan and Richardson. Fans and team members cheered along with the cheerleaders and Indian mascot, Brenda Hill. The event was highlighted by the tradi¬ tional flash-light routine and the proclamation of Van Stamos and Cin¬ dy Atsaves as Homecoming King and Queen, along with court members Barb Stone, Carrie Hlepas, Patty O ' Boyle, Cindy Schwartz, Mike Dahm, Stuart Sullivan, Kenny Le- Comte and Brian Weinberg. The evening concluded with the Main South effigy- burning. Pyramid building by the Varsity Cheerleaders draws spirit from the crowd. The opponents effigy goes up in flames at the Art Council members Hans Adelfang and Bill Payuk display their award-winning Spirit Panel at the Twilight Pep Rally. Pep Rally. Decked out in red and white jerseys, the Varsity Football Team listens carefuly to Coach Richardson s pep talk. Homecoming Parade The Homecoming Parade which took place Friday, October 22nd, at 2:00 p.m., sponsored by Student Union, traveled through the streets of Lincolnwood, Skokie, Niles, and Mor¬ ton Grove and followed a route which was newly designed to include many of the elementary schools and junior highs in the area. Included in the pa¬ rade were King Van Stamos and Queen Cindy Atsaves, followed by their court. All clubs were invited to participate in the parade and able to enter in one of three categories: car, truck, van, and float. The winners were Senior Class Cabinet-the best car, Spanish Ger- man Club- the best truck, and the Re¬ cycling Center-the best float. The parade added just the right touch to a perfect homecoming week¬ end. Junior Karen Minkoff comment¬ ed, " I think the parade was great and much more organized than in the past. " " The outcome of homecoming weekend was fantastic. It definitely showed how much work was put into it and made all of us involved very proud, " said Junior Robyn Harris, pa¬ rade chairman. Above: Waving to the spectators, the Student Union members are driven by Dr. Mannos down Lincoln Avenue. Below: Pom-pon girls Susie Rich, Sharon Schneider, and Cheryl Torres display their raw emotions. During the Homecoming parade, Indian mas¬ cot, Brenda Hill doesn ' t miss anything. 20 Parade Sophomore Bong Kim, and other football players bid farewell as the parade begins the route. Winner of the best decorated car category, the Senior Class Cabinet greets the crowd with a smile during the parade. Court members Carrie Hlepas, Patty O ' Boyle, King Van Stamos, Queen Cindy Atsaves, Barb Stone, and Cindy Schwartz await their chariot. Homecoming Game " Hawks Fly Away, Indians are Here to Stay " was the theme of the Home¬ coming Game against the Maine South Hawks. Though the Varsity team wasn ' t victorious, the players re¬ mained spirited throughout the entire game. " Our main problem was our of¬ fense ' commented quarterback Joe Coursey, " We just weren ' t playing up to our potential. " The final score of the game was Hawks 10, Indians 6. The only Indian touchdown was scored by 34 Senior Larry Asher. Other key players in the game were Brian Weinberg, and the entire defensive line. Despite the cold weather, hundreds of fans and alumni gathered to show their support for the team. Half-time highlights included the performance by the Marching Band and Pom-pon girls, plus the procession of the Homecoming Queen and King and their respective courts. During half-time the Pom-pon squad entertains the homecoming crowd. 22 Game Tui The defensive line-up gets ready to pounce on their opponent. The game ended. Tackle Ron Arledge takes off Sharing the spotlight on the V.I.P. platofrm Queen Cindy Atsavas and Van Stamos enjoy the half-time his helmet and heads for the locker room. festivities. Ice Cream Social Following the Varsity Homecoming Football Game, the Ice Cream Social took place in the cafeteria. This event was catered by Baskin Robins 31 Fla¬ vors. Faculty and students choose fla¬ vors from chocolate chip mint to va¬ nilla at each booth. The latest hits were playing on the radio to entertain the people, while they sat gorging themselves on their favorite ice cream. The Ice Cream Social was attended mostly by freshmen and sophomores; this was to their advantage because it helped them get acquainted with each other. The freshmen were able to meet other classmates of their year, that they might not have been able to meet during school. The sophomores were able to meet the incoming freshmen. Seniors, Sue Rabin and Linda Schmidt organized this special event. Sue says ' This social turned out to be a fun event despite the loss of our Home¬ coming Game. " Munching on an ice cream cone, Freshman Cor- rina Doyle punks out. Ice Cream Social ff 25 At the Ice Cream Social, some Freshmen, Jackie Rosenswak, Debbie Shwartz, Anna Wilson, and Lisa Ferran, gather while they indulge. Freshman Karen Palen rushes to finish so she can go back for more. Holding up the rest of the line, Freshman Kathy Tamaraz fantasizes on what flavor ice cream she would like. Homecoming Dance " Somewhere in the Night " was the theme for the traditional homecoming dance. The dance was the climax to the many various events from the pre¬ ceding days. Many couples, before coming to the dance, attended parties where they took pictures and talked with friends about the evening ahead. The clothes styles were pretty normal with guys in suits and girls in any¬ thing from black taffeta to the very " in " mini-skirt. Some of the guys even wore tuxedos for that special " evening " look. The band that kept everyone swing¬ ing for hours was " Cooler Near the Lake. " The gym was decorated with stars and moons for a somewhat spa- cey effect. Junior Lynne Levey com¬ mented, " The decorations were great which made for a fantastic atmo¬ sphere. " Though the dance itself end¬ ed at 11:00, the night was still not over. Most of the action-packed crowd headed downtown or to their desig¬ nated restaurants for the finishing act of the night. Some popular choices were Arnie ' s, The Manhattan, and Sweetwater. Even though the game was a loss, homecoming weekend was a fantastic success to be remembered in the many years to come. A slow beat provides the perfect opportunity for Karen Springborn and Bob Straub to share a special moment. 26 Dance King Van Stamos asks, " Is it butter or is it Imperial? " COOLER 1 NEAR THE LAKE Meeting " Somewhere in the Night " is Lori Per- peras and John Lembrakis. The band " Cooler Near the Lake " , heats up homecoming. TuJ Frosh-Soph Mixer The Freshman-Sophomore Mixer was held on September 11th and gath¬ ered more than 250 underclassmen. Students were casually dressed, with a few " punksters. " The evening was sponsored by the Sophomore Cabinet, which also provided appetizing re¬ freshments including punch, lemon¬ ade, cake brownies and every type of cookie imaginable. The mixer featured an exciting, en¬ thusiastic band called " Heartstar. " Their live, energetic music over¬ whelmed the gym and ev en inspired many freshmen to start dancing. In addition to the band there were sever¬ al other activities, including basket¬ ball, volleyball, and an exciting " Bea¬ tles " movie in the wrestling room. The theme of the mixer was, of course, to " mix " the freshmen into the high school scene, to make them feel welcome, and to promote freshman and sophomore school spirit. With the many activities, live band, and new and old friends, it was an evening enjoyed by everyone. Freshman Tony Roma satisfies his thirst and hunger in front of the Hall of Fame. 28 Freshman-Sophomore Mixer In the hallway, Freshmen Bob Butaris and Phil These girls are all smiles at the frosh-soph mixer. Rogers relax for a moment after playing a game of basketball. Volleyball was just one of the many activities available for freshmen and sophomores at the mixer. Freshman-Sophomore Mixer College Night Many students and parents attend¬ ed College Night on September 23. College Night was held at Niles North in North ' s cafeteria and first floor classrooms. According to coun¬ selor Dr. Walter Cocking, " College Night was held to show the students that there are many institutes for higher learning that have adequiate facilities for their majors. " He added, " College Night should show the stu¬ dents that they don ' t have to be Har¬ vard graduates to be successful. " College Night featured over 200 col¬ leges and specialty schools.Branches of the military services were also pre¬ sent to discuss their education op¬ tions. The larger schools held semi¬ nars for prospective students and their parents to attend, while the ma¬ jority of schools provided pamphlets, brochures and applications for admis¬ sion. Senior Cary Kochman found College Night to be very beneficial. " It provided me with more informa¬ tion than I could get from counsel¬ ors. " Senior Sheryl Barasch added, " The representatives were really help¬ ful. They told me a lot about the dif¬ ferent college campuses. I also saved myself a lot of trouble; I didn ' t need to send away for my applications be¬ cause I picked most of them up that night. " After an exhausting evening of checking out colleges, Junior Leslie Lee and her mother make their way to the exit. A representative from the University of Illinois tells the students about the many benefits Champaign has to offer. During a conversation with a representative. Senior Diane Johnson and her mother pick up some helpful brochures. Getting an early start. Junior Robin Schragei begins searching for a suitable college. Open House Open House was held Wednesday, October 27th at 7:15 p.m. beginning with homeroom. The purpose of Open House was to give the parents and teachers a chance to get to know each other and to familiarize parents with the classroom curriculum. Be¬ cause time was limited, each teacher gave a brief synopsis of the year ' s pro¬ posed studies. During free periods and study halls, parents were able to visit the cafeteria and eat doughnut holes while catch¬ ing a glimpse of Ni-We-Hi life. Many clubs such as the Booster Club, Junior Class Cabinet, and all different sports set up booths to inform parents about their organizations. One parent said, " It was a good op¬ portunity to meet our child ' s teachers and to learn the curriculum our child will be studying throughout this year. " " It ' s obvious that the very best students are supported by their par¬ ents ' interest. It is these parents who typically attend Open House, " com¬ mented English teacher, Angela Gra¬ ham. Open House once again proved to be an informative evening for all those involved. Social Worker David Lee, Guidance Counselor Mary Carr, Director of Student Services Rita Stewart and Business Education teacher Joanne Brownell discuss, Open House highlights. 32 Open House Open House if 33 Stopping to chat, Dr. Mannos, principal, in- Ready to give information, cheerleaders Julie Ciskowski and Carrie Hlepas offer their services to forms parents about some new school policies. parents. Social Worker Marlene Peterson goes over a student ' s schedule, while School Psychologist Chuck Kemmler looks on. Halloween Halloween treated West to another day of tricky costumes, make-up and masks as students and faculty roamed the hallways " incognito " . It proved once again that Halloween fun is not reserved only for little boys and girls, but also for big boys and girls. West was one big coven of ghouls and goblins and other scary monsters. On the lighter side, West was over¬ flowing with Raggedy Anns, babies, bunnies and kangaroos. Delicious costumes were seen as many Westers donned M M outfits. There were both plain and peanut around our hallways. The bigger boys and girls got into the fun too, as teachers also had some fun. Mr. Richard Gragg was costumed in a very uncharacteristic suit and Mrs. Philbin also wore an uncharac¬ teristic outfit . . . that of a witch. There were cowboys and indians and doctors and bums. And pom-pon girls and rollar derby skaters and flashers and punkers. " I had a fantastic Halloween, " Sen¬ ior Sari Rubin reported, " even though I didn ' t get to go trick or treating. " Above: Senior aliens Michelle Gorchow and Debbie Havdala discover “book " . Below: Who ' s the real cheerleader? Senior Shahin Koshbin or Senior Cindy Atsaves? Who is that masked man? Look out Mr. Broy! Senior Aaron Feinberg is loaded. Halloween 35 Pow-Wow On October 28, 29, and 30, forty of our most talented singers, dancers, ac¬ tors and actresses performed Pow Wow ' 82 entitled, ' I Hope I Get It ' . Pow Wow, a play staged annually, is written and directed entirely by stu¬ dents. Seniors Michael Albert and Sheldon Silverman collaborated to write one of the best scripts ever. Al¬ bert and Silverman also directed the play with the assistance of Junior Chris LaLiberty. Senior Michelle Gor- chow choreographed the play ' s ener¬ getic dance numbers, and Senior Glo¬ ria Camilli directed the outstanding musical numbers. ' I Hope I Get It ' traced the lives of four main characters: a writer, played by Senior Rich Schwartz, a dancer, played by Junior Joanne Matz, a sing¬ er, played by Senior Cindy Schartz, and an actress played by Senior Hope Ross. As the story progressed, the lives of the four characters entwined as each tried to achieve his or her goal of success and fame. ' " I Hope I Get It ' turned into a real¬ ization of the dreams of the entire steering committee, " commented cowriter-director Sheldon Silverman. Not only did Pow Wow ' 82 meet the expectations of the cast and steering committee, it also thoroughly enter¬ tained the audience. At rehearsal, Junior Neil Tobin belts out the hit tune, I Hope 1 Get It ' . 36 Pow Wow Some Pow Wow cast members examine the stock market listings in the opening number, ' Anything Goes ' . Joe Keller, played by Senior Michael Korey, During a rehearsal. Senior Cindy Schwartz prepares to fall into the arms of waiting cast members, tries desperately to get back in the graces of Marci Keller, his wife, played by Senior Cindy Schwartz. Pow Wow Children ' s Theatre Children ' s Theatre presented the charming " The Red Shoes " on De¬ cember 4, 5, and 6. Kevin Schuller en¬ tranced the audience with his lead role as the head gypsy. The role of Karen, the dancer, was portrayed by Marla Wallerstein. The role of Nells, the cobbler, was played by Steve Blonder. Jose Behar portrayed Jemmo, the clown mute. The grandmother was played by Sonia Bychkov. The role of the mayor or the " burgomaster " was portrayed by Andy Lawler. Cindy Philbin directed Children ' s Theatre for the fourth consecutive year. Ac¬ cording to Ms. Philbin, the play was a delight. She claims that Kevin Schuller, with his lead role as head gypsy, did a great job. This portion of the theatre department is always per¬ formed with quality and spirit from everyone involved. The choice of the play, " The Red Shoes " was an excellent one because it combined comedy, dancing, and dra¬ ma. Director, Cindy Philbin claims, " The audience was the largest we have ever had for Children ' s Theatre. The performance of the play was superb, the set was one of the best ever! " Steve Blonder and Marla Wallerstein watch Jose Behar in anticipation as he puts on the red shoes. Jose Behar begging as Jemmo, the clown mute. Children ' s Theatre Marla Wallerstein, portraying Karen, grabs the attention of Sonia Bychkov, Steve Blonder and Andy Lawler, as well as that of the audience. on. Jose Behar, looking as cute as can be, as Jemmo, the clown. Children ' s Theatre 39 Dance Show The 1982-83 Orchesis Dance Com¬ pany worked very hard this year in- preparation for their annual dance show. This year ' s show was titled " Steppin ' Out " . The girls certainly did " step out " as their show was a great success. They performed on Feb¬ ruary 10,11 and 12, with a full audi¬ ence at all three shows. Senior Patty O ' Boyle, who attended the show states, " This was the first time I ever attended an Orchesis dance show. I regret never going to any other shows because I never realized we had so many talented students here at school. " The dance company consists of 19 girls and their sponsor Miss Lori Sef- fren. Miss Seffren is aided by the offi¬ cers: Shari Watts, President; Jill Rap- pin, Vice-president; Jackie Bakshy, Treasurer; and Kari Cohen, Secretary. The members of the company choreo¬ graph all the dances they perform. The girls practiced every day after school in preparation for their show. Senior Orchesis member, Sue Rabin, claims, " The Orchesis show was dif¬ ferent this year because it was narrat¬ ed and similar to a paly, which made it more exciting. " The Orchesis troup will be going on tour this year to Montreal, Canada during spring vacation. Here they will perform parts of the February dance show. New member, Senior, Lisa Grass enthusiastically claims, " All the girls were really helpful because this was my first year. I wish I had been a member for all of my four years. I encourage everyone to join next year! " Senior Lisa Grass is on the prowl. 40 Dance Show Putting it all together for Orchesis 1983. Dance Show fi 41 Tigerettes Lori Kaplan and Kari Cohen go wild in the jungle. Spring Musical " The Wiz, " the hit Broadway musi¬ cal version of Dorothy ' s trip to see the wizard, hit the stage of Niles West March 10,11,12,18, and 19th. Under the direction of Robert Johnson, the twenty-five talented cast members " eased on do wn the road " to success. With an elaborate set, dazzling special effects, and the original Broadway costumes, " The Wiz " proved to be an extremely polished and professional production. The roles of Dorothy, Glinda, and Aunt Em were doublecast, with Sen¬ iors Gloria Camilli and Cindy Schwartz sharing all three roles. Sen¬ iors Marc Shellist, Sheldon Silverman, and Mike Albert protrayed the Scare¬ crow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion, respectively. Other major roles were played by Seniors Mitch Gitle- man, Francisco Reyes, and Hope Ross, and by Juniors Nikki Rich, Andy Lawler, and Colin Lawler. A classic story in a contemporary mode, the Niles West production of " The Wiz " did justice to both the old and new, and thoroughly entertained its audi¬ ences. Evilline, the wicked witch, has viciously locked up Dorothy and her friends. The Wiz, played by Shahin Koshbin, points the way to Dorothy and her friends. Spring Musical A stunned Dorothy, played by Cindy Schwartz, Dorothy, played by Gloria Camilli, dreams of no place like home, and Cuddly Lion, played by Mike Albert, watch Evilline, played by Hope Ross, melt. Exhausted from their long journey to find the Wiz, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, and Dorothy, take a rest. Spring Musical Senior Joe Coursey calls the next play. Stealing the ball from a Barrington player is Junior Tony Konsewicz Left: Soccer pro Jim Griletz does his thing. 45 Football Niles West had one of the toughest schedules in the state. Four of the teams qualified for the state playoffs and one was beaten by the Indians. The Varsity team started the season off with a victory over one of the top teams in the state, Aurora East. The following game was against No. 1 ranked Deerfield, which the Indians played even with for three quarters. Then the worst started to happen, injuries were something that would take its toll for the year. Coach Rich¬ ardson felt that if the team stayed healthy they could have a winning season, but with lack of depth and playing many juniors, it became only a dream. The Indians played a great game by destroying Maine East. They also gave an outstanding effort in the Home¬ coming game against Maine South. A near upset over undefeated Evanston showed the pride of Niles West. The All Conference players were Seniors Mike Dahm, Larry Asher, and Brian Weinberg. Coach Richardson believes the team fell short of one goal, to have a winning season. But they did reach the goal of improving over the pre¬ vious year. Junior David Shane rolls out left. Avoiding Maine South Senior Dave Wilm com¬ pletes the play. Front row: David Zucker, Tim Ismiel, John Kotsiopoulos, Bob Flood, Mike Grujanac, Nate Oyos, Gregg Sherman, Alex Govis, Armen Biberian, Victor Ovsey, Lou Maltezos, Frank Ji, Jeff Okamura, Ken LeComte, Alex Maliwanag 2nd row: Tom Gramatis, Sahib Kahn, Chris Delgado, David Shane, Larry Asher, Jim Baffa, Eric Frank, Kevin Bailey, Mike Greenberg, Dave Gershbein, Todd Jackson, Carlos Pyun, Mike Mandell, Jay Patel, Mark Bialik 3rd row: Coach Murphy, Coach Richardson, Glenn Bianci, Bob Spagnoli, Dave Zigelski, Jim Adam, Mike Dahm, Tim Abed, John Koudonis, Dave Wilm, Ron Arlege, Greg Bezkorovainy, Steve Erickson, Joe Coursey, Evan Kleeberg, Rich Koznarski, Don Hennessy, Coach Odlivac, Coach Stuart, Brian Katzman Back row: Neil War- shawsky, Dave Rappin, Allan Gerszonovicz, Steve Diamond, Stuart Sullivan, To ny Trippichio, Rich Bauer, Roger Chams, Rick Erens, Tom Burke, Brian Weinberg, Mark Kaufman, Ramsey Rodgers. Senior Larry Asher watches as teammate takes down Maine South Hawk. Between downs, Indians plan next touchdown play. Scoreborad NW 18 Aurora Hast 14 NW 0 Deerfield 35 NW 14 Waukegan West 31 NW 6 Highland Park 21 NW 12 New Trier 35 NW 40 Maine East 13 NW 0 Evanston 7 NW 0 Maine West 9 Football Football " Of course we wanted to win, but not at the expense of our goals ' stated Coach Casten. Although the sophomore football team ended up with a 1 - 8 record, they were successful in different ways. " At the beginning of the season, the coaches decided on a goal; the goal was to do everything possible for the varsity to win next year ' stated Casten. So they decided to play as many players as possi¬ ble to insure a great number of available boys for the varsity next year. As they finished up the season, the sophomores had 38 mumbers. Another goal the coaches had in mind, was to develop as many skilled players as possible. They were quite successful, developing three punters, three kickers, two quarterbacks, and seven backs. Front row: F. Youkhana, S. Brabec, C. Fornaris, M. Lochner, L. Mitchell, B. Wall, F. Epstein, R. Burnstein, C. Fabian, S. Dayan, R. Gershbein, 2nd row: K. Choi, P. Chepouilous, R. Failma, J. Hennessy, R. Edidan, M. King, M. Pomerantz, E. Pullano, M. Durso, Back Row: Coach Zook, T. Hehn, J. Klancnik, E. Fair, S. Reed, D. Levine, B. Kirchens, C. Cederholm, J. Klinsky, B. Gurvey, J. Dahm, Coach Casten The offense works hard to score. Sophomore team members huddle to talk about Spotting his man down field, is quarterback, J. their next play. Dahm. Sophomore Football Freshman A; Front row: M. Kirchens, B. Kim, E. Nutting, A. Goeke, C. Brabec Middle row: B. Guttierrez, T. George, D. Liebovitz, T. Georgas, J. Lowell, P. Stathopoulis, E. Mirkovic, D. St. Marie Back row: Coach G. Bauer, P. Rogers, S. Lee, S. Baran, P. Sarantopoulis, T. Merkel, K. Kiernicki, G. Burstyn, C. Cordes, Coach J. Kettleborough The players plan their next play. After receiving a pass, Rick Maybrun is tackled. The meanest huddle in town. On a strong offensive drive, Ted Georgas charges past the blocker. Freshman B; Front row: D. Bodd, A. Conton, R. Santos, G. Kotsiopoulis, B. Kessom, S. Teschky, J. Viner Middle row: E. Martinez, P. Smith, P. Flood, M. Poulakidas, R. Maybrun, D. Young, R. Gideroff, J. Pagos, R. Mankarious Back row: Coach Gralewski, A. Klein, A. Dahlman, B. Stotlan, E. Ruiz, S. Lashover, J. Cramer, D. Tenorio, A. Novakowski, Coach Erbe Football Soccer The Varsity Soccer Team had a very frustrating year. Early in the season, when the team played its least skilled opponents, it could not produce a win. Then came a turnabout. In the middle of the season, the kickers assembled a three game winning streak by defeating Wau¬ kegan West 4-2, Loyola 1-0, and High¬ land Park 1-0. Things seemed to be go¬ ing well, and it looked like the Indians would have a good season. It was then that another frustrating blow was dealt to them. In the Highland Park victory, junior Barry Margolin, one of the best players on the team, was injured. The loss of his agility and speed put an end to the kicker ' s style of quick-attack de¬ fense. After his injury, it seemed like a repeat of the beginning of the year. The kickers lost to teams that they should have beaten such as Notre Dame, 1-0. However, they never were blown-out. They put up commendable efforts against teams such as New Trier, Glen- brook North, and Maine South. As Cap¬ tain Van Stamos said, " It was a tough season. After a good game, we would think that things were going right, and then everything would fall apart in the next game. " In the State Tournament, the Indians ' played well. They got revenge on Notre Dame in the first game by beating them 5- 0. In the second game the kickers gave an all-out effort to beat Maine East 2-1. Even when they lost the sub-sectional championship match to Maine South 4- 2, they played well and kept the game close. All-Conference honors went to junior midfielder Seesun Yoo and junior full¬ back Bill Numri ch. Senior goalkeeper Glen Guttman played very well in the net. The Indians final over-all record was 6 - 12 - 2 . Front row: S. Curtiss, S. Majewski, G. Hurtado, S. Harris, A. Engels, B. Margolin, S. Yoo, D. Hahn, Back row: Coach Brennan, B. Straub, V. Stamos, D. Cedeno, B. Numrich, J. Griletz, G. Guttman, R. Erlebacher, S. Ubrig, S. Straton, R. Meyer. C With intense concentration. Junior R. Meyer keeps By effectively heading the ball away. Junior B. his opponent from getting past him. Straub stifles a Gordon attack. With one eye on the ball and the other on the goal. Senior S. Harris explodes past a defender. His efforts, however, are not enough to produce a goal. Soccer Junior Y. Kim makes a quick transition to generate some offense. Junior S. Erlebacher gets in front of a forward to put an end to a New Trier scoring threat. A defender sends A. Engels to the turf, but the foul results in a free kick. Front row: M. Weindling, M. Cohen, A. Pandazi, P. Davis, A. Borjon, G. Ponitch, D. Farkas. Back row: Coach Schnurr, S. Dorfman, Y. Kim, S. Erlebacher, A. Goldner, S. Straton, M. Shellist, S. Ubrig, T. Stoker. Senior S. Dorfman gazes dispairingly at the playing field. Scoreboard NW 3 St. Ignatius 5 NW 2 Oak Park 1 NW 1 Gordon Tech 2 NW 3 Willowbrook 3 NW 2 Barrington 2 NW 1 Deerfield 2 NW 1 Addison Trail 2 NW 4 Waukegan West 2 NW 1 Loyola 0 NW 1 Highland Park 0 NW 0 Maine West 3 NW 0 Notre Dame 1 NW 0 Evanston 3 NW 1 New Trier 4 NW 2 Maine East 3 NW 1 Glenbrook North 2 NW 0 Maine South 3 NW 5 Notre Dame 0 NW 2 Maine East 1 NW 2 Maine South 4 Boys Soccer Soccer The Frosh A team had an undefeated 11-0-2 season. The squad won the con¬ ference title as well as the CSL tourna¬ ment at the end of the year. They outs- cored their opponents 64-12. The only blemishes on their record were a 2-2 tie with Highland Park and a 0-0 tie in a conference game with their toughest op¬ ponent, Maine South. In both matches, West had many opportunities to win. Coach Peter Zorn explained the reason for the team ' s success, " Some teams had bigger and better players, but they did not play together as well as we did. " The team ' s top players were following in the footsteps of their older siblings. Center halfback Mike Reinhardt ' s big foot reminded many of brother Tony ' s powerful leg. Mike led the team in scor¬ ing. Zorn commented, " I usually try to put my top scorer at center half and set him up for goals. " The defense was an¬ chored by fullback Joe Lochner, just as it was by brother John the year before for the varsity. Joe and goalie John Hahn helped the team post seven shutouts. Unlike the A ' s, the B ' s and Sopho¬ mores had losing seasons, posting 0-11-2 and 4-11-2 records respectively. Both teams, however, were successful in their own way. The B ' s, led by Jeff Becker- man, Mike Hedrich and Shane Yank- hama, picked a good time for the only two goals of the year by tying New Trier and Highland Park 1-1. Coach Klebba noted that his crew was an " enthusiastic, hard-working group that could not be chased from the practice field. " The Sophomore team, during one stretch, went undefeated in 5 of 7 games, outscoring its opponents 17-14. The team ' s top performers included co-cap¬ tains Angelo Costas, Matt Hedrich, Jim Griletz, and Dan Arendt. Coach Sweeney was pleased with the squad ' s perfor¬ mance because, " We worked on winning games, and we won more games than last year. " Whether it was a fine record, hard work or improvement, all three clubs had something of which to be proud. m The Indians execute a " give and go " against the Trevians, early in the game. Dispersing a Trevian " wall " is Indian D. Arendt, uncorking on a direct kick. Determination as exhibited by D. Gabiel and E. Stroh- meier help the Indians to a 3-3 tie against Waukegan West. Front row: Coach Sweeney, H. Chang, K. Wexler, A. Sobel, E. Schenker, E. Strohmeier, M. Hedrich, Second row: D. Gabiel, T. Kang, J. Witte, B. Levi, M. Nang, D. Arendt, B. Kim, Top row: P. Berger, B. Wolter, N. Cablik, R. Tamunday, J. Griletz, A. Costas. Soccer Freshman A; sitting: M. Strazinski, A. Makouvka, B. Schmidt, J. Hahn, A. Mattan, C. Stark, T. Adams, Second row: C. Markos, K. Lee, S. Sparatos, S. Youkahana, S. Khashos, M. Reinhardt, Top row: L. Gramatis, W. Ebling, T. Edwards, S. Blonder, J. Lochner, M. Steiner, Coach Zorn. Freshman B; sitting: J. Chung, G. Feinberg, D. Chesler, S. Hammond, N. Karaginis, J. Levi, D. Maybrun, Second row: S. Pflaumer, S. Serlin, B. Bellisino, A. Katz, S. Frankel, M. Rah, S. Youkahana, J. Kang, Top row: S. Sparatos, M. Hedrich, S. Penaloza, A. Beckerman, J. Hoppe, H. Jyn, R. Reasman, Coach Klebba. With immense concentration on the ' header ' ' is M. Steiner, who leads the Indians to victory. Splitting the Highland Park defense is Indian attacker M. Reinhardt. An Indian attacker strives for success among two Trevian defenders. Soccer Golf The golf team had a super season! The team had only 4 victories and 8 defeats, but in conference, they fin¬ ished second. Second only to New Trier, the State Champs. Senior and Captain Pete Joseph led the Indians in conference with a one over par 73 and close behind were senior Frank Hor¬ vath, junior Scott Manzara, and soph¬ omores Jeff Krakow and Larry Riv- kin. Coach Hoeppner explained, ' This was the best season that Niles West has had in 15 years. I ' m extreme¬ ly proud of my team, especially of Captain Pete Joseph who took Confer¬ ence and qualified for sectionals and placed 20th out of 160 players down- state. " Coach Galla was very happy with the progress of his Frosh-Soph team. The team ' s record was 2-9 but much improvement was made week by week. Coach Galla recalls, " For some of the boys, it was their first year of golf and by the time next season starts, they ' ll be contending for spots on the varsity team. " Through the consistent play of Gary Miller, Lionel Go, and Scott Spata, the Frosh-Soph team had a successful season. Walking to his 300 yard drive, Junior Howie Brown is exhausted. Standing- Coach Hoeppner, Brad Cohen, Larry Rivkin, Scott Spata, Pete Joseph, Scott Manzara, Frank Horvath, Dean Schmidt, Jeff Krakow, Gary Miller, Lionel Go, Coach Galla. Front- Brad Pieser, Neal Wada, Bob Krebs, John Swanson, Al Dubrow, Howie Brown. Making their way to the next green, Senior Pete Jo¬ seph, Junior Dean Schmidt, Senior Frank Horvath and Jeff Krakow will all find their balls in sand. Sophomore Jeff Krakow wedges up on the green. Lining up his putt, Senior Pete Joseph realizes he needs it for an eagle. Golf Looks like the greenskeeper has forgotten to fertilize here, but never fear Sophomore Jeff Krakow will succeed. Standing in disbelief, Junior Scott Manzara can ' t understand why it went in the water. All three golfers watch for the line of Freshman Brad Pieser ' s putt. NW 177 Scoreboard Niles North 183 NW 177 Notre Dame 166 NW 170 Waukegan East 174 NW 172 Glenbrook South 153 NW 167 Deerfield 156 NW 165 Glenbrook North 159 NW 173 New Trier 164 NW 174 Maine East 165 NW 159 St. Viator 150 NW 159 Maine South 176 NW 177 Maine West 166 NW 160 Evanston 16 7 CSL NW 334 Opponent 311 IHSA Reg. NW 339 Opponent 299 This 20 foot putt is a " gimmie " for Sophomore Larry Rivkin. Golf Boys Cross Country The Niles West Boys ' Cross Country Team had a very successful season fin¬ ishing with a 7-6 dual meet record. At invitationals, the Indians captured a tro¬ phy at each race. Although the team con¬ sisted of only seven members, each run¬ ner practiced hard and consequently the hard work paid off. The Indians were led by Junior Jim Woodier, who was named All-Conference and qualified for the sectional meet, where he placed 31st. Other runners included Seniors Alex Paul, Matt Filippini, Chris Pawlowski, Henry Meinke, Junior Dan Sullivan and Sophomore Ed Perlmutter. Highlights of the fine season were the spectacular 2nd place team standing at the Glenbrook South Titan Invite, win¬ ning the Township Championship, and placing 5th at the Niles West Indian In¬ vitational. The Freshman Team, lead by Coach Ron Campbell, ran to a respectable 6-2 dual meet record and a surprisingly strong 3rd place in conference. Top per¬ formers included Nick Antonio, Mike Bourgerie, Ron Chan, Borpit Intawiwat, Rocky Lee, Bill Netzel, Todd Payuk, and Sean Samuel. After such a successful first year, West can look forward to a top cross country team in the near future. Back row: Dan Sullivan, Matt Filippini, Chris Pawlowski, Henry Meinke, Coach Pat Savage. Front row: Jim Woodier, Alex Paul, Ed Perlmutter M. Filippini and C. Pawlowski kick it in. J. Woodier holds off an opponent. And the Indians are off Boys Cross Country Sean Samuel gives it his best. Borpit Intawiwat leads the race. Coach Ron Campbell awaits the gun. The start of another exciting race. SCOREBOARD Glenbrook South Invite 2nd Township Meet 1st Rolling Meadows Invite 3rd NW Dual meet Invite 1st Indian Invitational 5th Milwaukee Invite 1st Niles West Invite 1st CSL Conference 6th IHSA Districts 8th Boys Cross Country Tennis " The Girls Varsity Tennis team did as well as they were capable of doing ' claims head coach Mr. Winans. The final record was 3-10. Winans also said, " The play was better than the record ' pointed ' out. " Most valuable player was senior Lisa Shapiro, and voted best team mem¬ ber was senior Georgette Bartholomew. The team was led by captains Debbie Havdala and Lisa Shapiro. Winans de¬ fined his highlight of the year as when his number one doubles team of Lisa Shapiro and Ellen Havdala came back from a deficit of zero to five games in the District meet to win 7-5, 7-5. One other thing Winans said was, " The girls showed much improvement in attitude, basic skills, and in competitiveness. " The team really worked hard and strived for a better showing. They also showed stiff backbone when the tough meets arose. To conclude, the netters ended up in a three-way tie for fourth place in the District meet. Junior Karen Bernstein prepares to slice the ball. Watching intently, Sophomore Sonni Park si- Front row: Tracy Feldman, Karen Bernstein, Georgette Bartholomew, Betsey Gerstein, Debbie Laser. Back row: Heidi Bojes, Mary Holm, Debbie Havdala, Lisa Shapiro, Ellen Havdala, Coach Winans. After a home meet, players Tracy Feldman and Debbie Laser chat about their recent victories. lently supports her teammate. Girls Tennis At an away meet at Evanston, Senior Lisa Shapiro gets in position for a cross-court forehand. With determination. Junior Ellen Havdala hits a mean forehand volley down the line. Front row: Sandy Yoo, Lisa Leavitt, Sonni Park. Middle row: Beth Gatilao, Helene Cohan, Kathy Murray, Barb Kassel. Back row: Val Attia, Judy Zemsky, Debbie Farkas, Kelee Schwenn, Ansu Varghese, Coach Matlak. NW 1 Scoreboard Lake Forest 6 NW 6 St. Scholastica 1 NW 0 Regina 7 NW 0 Glenbrook North 7 NW 5 Zion 2 NW 0 Glenbrook South 7 NW 0 Deerfield 7 NW 1 Maine East 6 NW 1 Evanston 6 NW 3 Niles North 4 NW NW 0 Maine West New Trier 7 NW 0 Maine South 7 Girls Cross Country Back row: Assistant Coach L. Price, E. Coursey, D. Hellestrae, R. Telengater, P. Doles, J. Campbell, C. Anderson, F. Bakshy Middle row: Coach J. Sloan, R. Miklaj, S. Huber, J. Kung, L. Kim, A. Shellist, E. Bojes, C. Moss, Coach J. Armour Front row: Mgr. M. Ring, M. Telengater, S. Son, A. Poet, E. Kim, Mgr. S. The Niles West Girls Cross Coun¬ try Team was not quite a successful as the 1981 team. After losing four of seven varsity runners, the team relied on Seniors Patty Doles, Robin Telen¬ gater and Junior Jennie Campbell to lead the pack. From the beginning of the season. Coach Judy Sloan and the Indians realized that 1982 was to be a rebuilding year. After establishing West as one of the state ' s best Girls CC Teams in only three years. Coach Sloan had a hard time topping last year ' s 3rd place State triumph. Sim¬ ply, the Indians lacked depth. With only three runners with any great amount of exerience, the Indians had a hard time at the big meets. For Doles, Telengater, and Camp¬ bell, their combined experience of six state races was not enough to lead the Indians to another trip downstate. Al¬ though the Indians won only two dual meets and one invitational, the season was far from unsuccessful. With top notch runners like Doles, Telengater and Campbell, West was well repre¬ sented on the CC course. The trio posed threats at every race and often, all three placed in the top 10. At the CSL Conference Meet, all three ran to All-Conference standings as Doles finished 6th, Telengater, 10th; and Campbell, 12th. For Telen¬ gater, this was her second All-Confer¬ ence honor and for Campbell, this was her third. The rest of the Indians worked to complement these fine places and consequently the team placed fourth. Other dependable run¬ ners included Junior Connie Ander¬ son, Sophomores Eileen Coursey, Diana Hellestrae, and Freshman Feli¬ cia Bakshy. Two runners, Telengater and Campbell qualified for Sectionals, after they finished 4 and 7 respective¬ ly at Regionals. However, the Indians failed to qualify runners to the State Meet, which has never happened be¬ fore. However, with the talent of re¬ turning Campbell, coupled with the efforts of the rest of the Indians, Coach Sloan and her runners are sure to " rebuild " and once again triumph at State. Maliwanag P. Doles and R. Telengater lead the pack. J. Campbell keeps her winning pace. A tense moment before a varsity race. Girls ' Cross Country The Varsity Indians get a fantastic start. Captains Robin Telengater and Patty Doles Diana Hellestrae makes her move. Rounding the curve are Sandy Huber and An¬ drea Poet. An Indian pack runs to All-Conference standings. Coach John Armour reviews the course. Felicia Bakshy gives her 100% Scoreboard Palatine Invite llth Glenbrook South Invite 5th York Invite 6th Rolling Meadows Invite 4th NW Dual Invite 1st Indian Invitational 2nd Wheeling Invite 8th Niles West Invite 2nd Dual Meets NW 36 New Trier 22 NW 27 Glenbrook S. 28 NW 28 Maine South 28 NW 15 Waukegan E. 50 NW 29 Maine East 28 NW 38 Maine West 21 NW 28 Evanston 27 CSL Conference Meet 4th IHSA District Meet 6th Girls ' Cross Country Girls Swimming Hard work and dedication were two main factors that helped the girls ' swim season become profitable. Every member of the team worked hard and did her part. Though the wins were few, every¬ one stuck together and improved tre¬ mendously; times dropped and spirits were lifted. The co-captains Jenny Co¬ hen and Sabine Plonus broke many re¬ cords, and were a good example of how hard work pays off. The team ' s overall record was two wins and ten losses. They placed fifth in Conference, and seventh in Districts. Two of the five divers not only dove but also swam competitively. Jacqueline Plonus, and Karina Doyle did a great job in the Medly and 400 free relays; along with some individual events such as the 50 yard freestyle, and the 100 yard breast stroke. The other three divers, Karen Palin, Julie Dissel- horst and Diane Rubenstein spent all their free time working for those perfect dives. The one that had them all baffled was the reverse. But in time they all per¬ fected it. Front Row: Arleen Milbrandt, Faith Epstien, Diane Rubenstein. Middle Row: Julie Disselhorst, Diana Santillan, Jacqueline Plonus, Sue Chang, Yasmin, Karen Kenmotsu, Annet Ledwon, Aida Santillan, Janna Tobin, Sheryl Balter, Lisa Cancio, Lisa Fallironi, Back Row: Misty Symcouski, Coach Larson, Karina Doyle, Chris Martin, Roula Stamatacos, Janice Walawiki, Sabine Plonus, Coach Nick Whelan, Jenny Cohen, Kelly Snell, Cayrn Rubenstein, Sharon Brabec, Angella Bruskato, Aliza Pinzel, Diving coach Jody Nebbia. Coach Nick Whelan demonstrates the finer points of butterfly. Janna Tobbin holds steady for the start. Sabine Plonus warms up with the breast stroke before a meet. Diana Santillan flys for a finish against Niles North. Janna Tobbin reaches for the wall on the breast stroke. Girls Swimming Clockwise Jacqueline Plonus, Diane Rubenstein, Karina Jacqueline Plonus warms up before a big meet. Doyle, Julie Disslehorst, Coach Jody Nibbia. Jacqueline Plonus doing a layout dive. Karen Palin holds it steady before entering the water. Scoreboard (Varsity) NW 39 Glenbrook North 87 NW 54 Wheeling 72 NW 41 Glenbrook South 86 NW 49 Deerfield 67 NW 49 Waukegan East 77 NW 72 Maine East 55 NW 51 Maine West 76 NW 34 Evanston 93 NW 46 Lake Forst 82 NW 74 Niles North 43 NW 33 New Trier 95 NW 32 Maine South 91 NW 59 Zion Benton 68 NW 47 Highland Park 80 An opponent ' s spike is returned by Sophomore N. Johnson. Front Row: J. Colen, M. Partipilo, C. Carrao, M. Janessa, B. McCowen, S. Lee, D. Partipilo, Back Row: Cpach Reilly, C. Tamraz, S. Kiss, Jane Doe, J. Maslov. Volleyball " Our young prospects pulled through with great esteem ' said head coach, Jean Yunker. The Girls Volleyball Team showed great post-season play to ad¬ vance to the third round in the regional meet. Yunker also said, " It was one step further than last year and maybe we will go further still in the future. " The cap¬ tain of the team was Senior Lois Mayer. The teams conference record was 0-5, and the overall record was a wurprising 3-9. One of Yunker ' s biggest thrills oc¬ curred at the regional meet to conclude the season. Finally, Yunker named her most valuable player as captain Lois Mayer. A well executed dig by Junior G. Chen saves the point. A successful block by Sophomore N. Johnson wins a point against Evanston. The ball is bumped to teammate S. Kiss Volleyball Dougal. Back Row: D. Cheung, J. Fortman, L. Mayer, N. Johnson, L. Gelman. Keeping the ball in play is Senior B. Weinstein. 7 The J.V. team wins a point against Evanston when Junior Gaye Lauter ' s spike can not be handled by a Wildkit player. Front Row: R. Shemroske, G. Chan, D. Ciskoski, B. Daehler, S. Yaybulak, Back Row: C. Lepold, L. Me Allister, G. Lauter, S. Herkert, M. Pavlik, Ms. Carr. NW 0 Scoreboard Marillac 2 NW 2 Regina 0 NW 0 Deerfield 2 NW 2 Waukegan West 0 NW 0 Highland Park 2 NW 0 New Trier 2 NW 1 Maine East 2 NW 1 Maine South 2 NW 2 Waukegan East 1 NW 1 Evanston 2 NW 0 Maine West 2 NW 1 Ridgewood 2 Volleyball Boys Basketball Despite a 4-17 record the varsity did at times shine. The most exciting game was a conference battle with Maine East. Sen¬ ior Cory Binstock ' s shot at the fourth quarter buzzer sent the game into over¬ time. Junior Joey Rodgers hit two free throws to put the Indians ahead and sen¬ ior Lee Schaps connected on two more from the charity stripe to ice a 62-58 vic¬ tory. The varsity also hoped for a region¬ al title in the state tournament. The club ' s Most Valuable Player was six foot senior Greg Englehardt. " Swampy " led the squad in scoring (14ppg) and rebounding (6rpg). Engel ' s offensive moves faked many a defender into the popcorn machine, and he easily led the league in three point opportuni¬ ties. The only way Greg could explain his success was, " Some nights I just felt good, and everything I shot went through the hoop. " Sophomore Lou Atsaves added to the potency of the offense by chipping in thirteen points a game. " Porky ' s " weap¬ ons were a lethal outside shot and a smooth running-one-hander when he drove to the bucket. Senior co-captain Cory Binstock (7ppg) also had a good touch from the perimeter. " Marty ' s " 46% from the field topped the club. On defense the other senior co-captain Lawrence Asher led a tenacious bunch. " Scary " stole the ball often and took many charges. Coach Capitani remarked, " We stress playing tough defense, and every year we have a defensive specialist. This year it was Larry. " Larry also con¬ tributed to the offense with 7 points and 4 assists per game. The junior varsity behind high scorers Tony " Beef " Konsewicz and Bill Ter- pinas were 11-5 with 4 games to play. Their 5-3 conference record kept them in the race for the league championship. Coach Kiesel commented, " Winning a conference championship at any level is good for the program. " Front Row: L. Asher, J. Rodgers, T. Konsewicz, L. Schaps, S. Diamond, T. Russo, L. Atsaves. Back Row: K. Kiesel, B. Terpinas, G. Guttman, B. Joselit, S. Roggeman, G. Englehardt, J. Fink, C. Binstock, E. Capitani. Wi In a fourteen point win against Maine West, senior forward Brad Joselit scores an easy two. Senior captain Cory Binstock tries to drive down the sideline in an overtime victory against Maine East. The Demon ' s Tim Benka tries unsuccessfully to block senior Glen Guttman ' s layup. Boys Basketball Dribbling the ball over the time line is senior guard " Scary” Larry Asher. Nonchalantly dribbling the ball is Sophomore Lou " Porky " Atsaves. A three point play for senior Greg Englehardt. Front Row: R. Chains, T. Konsewicz, J. Koudounis, S. Manzara Back Row: K. Kiesel, R. Kowalski, J. Fink, B. Terpinas. Ow! Junior Tony Konsewicz is fouled by a Bronco defender. Scoreboard NW 35 Notre Dame 47 NW 51 Waukegan West 60 NW 50 Forest View 67 NW 48 Waukegan East 57 NW 55 Glenbrook North 67 NW 71 Glenbrook South 72 NW 54 Schurz 39 NW 53 Evanston 57 NW 64 Niles North 74 NW 46 New Trier 61 NW 48 Loves Park Harlem 55 NW 47 Quigley South 65 NW 62 Maine East 58 NW 41 Barrington 61 NW 59 Elk Grove 57 NW 39 Maine South 42 NW 73 Maine West 59 NW 40 Notre Dame 52 NW 58 Evanston 69 NW 55 New Trier 86 Boys Basketball Boys Basketball " S " is for sophomores and " S " is for spirit too, and spirit is what the sopho¬ more basketball team had. With coach Jerry Miner working the boys hard every day after school and giving them encour¬ agement, the boys went " all out " and did the best they could. They were a team to which everyone contributed. There had been a lot of changes since they were freshmen, and all for the better. Al¬ though this season the team wasn ' t on a winning streak, the future looks very promising. Just as coach Miner said, " These guys have come a long way. " " The Freshman " A " basketball team discovered that a high school team re¬ quires more than individual skill and in¬ dividual practice. " These kids will only get better. " says coach Stuart. The team had a disappointing season (3-10), but some players who proved their ability to contribute to future teams are, top scorer Mike Cristante, and guard Kreig Izan- stark. Only after they learn to intergrate their individual skills will they produce a super, winning team. The Freshman " B " basketball team had a very disappointing season. The team had 4 wins and 12 losses. The main reason is, they lacked basic skills, such as shooting, passing, and dribbling. But with coach Casten working them hard and showing them the ropes, the team improved a lot. Guys like center Robby Acheatal, guard John Woo and forward Andy Goecke led the team to their victo¬ ries. After a rigorious season, the Fresh¬ man " B " s have now developed the fun¬ damentals. Top row: Coach Minor, B. Fernstein, J. Chepulis, P. Adreani, R. Clark, T. Hehn, C. Czernic, Middle row: J. Dahm, E. Fair, R. Arza, A. Baker, K. Callisen, Bottom row: M. Hedrich, S. Spatta, C. Fornaris, L. Rivkin, R. Fortman. B. Fernstein pulls down a board as the Indians watch in amazement. Ripping down another board is Indian forward B. Fern¬ stein. Sophomore Basketball Frosh A top row: Coach Stewart, M. Cristante, C. Kaechele, G. Calare, Middle row: P. Stathopoulos, T. Merkel, J. Hahn, Bottom row: J. Lowell, C. Izenstart, K. Choenrudeemol. Getting up in the air to tip the ball in is Indian forward R. Acheater. Driving for a lay-up, forward A. Goeke has second thoughts. With intense concentration, guard M. Molay dribbles past half-court in time. Guard S. Lee uses his speed to get past a defender. With a burst of speed, guard J. Woo beats his man for an easy basket. Frosh B top row: Coach Casten, A. Goecke, M. Molay, R. Acheater, G. Burstyn, E. Evaristo, Bottom row: J. Woo, J. Lisco, J. Khasho, L. Gramatis, M. Bourdeau. Freshman Basketball Bowling " We progressed greatly over the season, and our improvement was ob¬ vious, " claims head bowling coach Sue Hoffman. The team finished sec¬ ond in conference this season and was able to compete in the state tourna¬ ment for the third year in a row. Hoff¬ man identified her most improved players as Paige Pawelek and Karen Hedberg. Other top varsity bowlers consisted of Renee Menini, Kim Kou- zoures, and Lynn Schildgen. Junior Lisa Downey claims, " This has been the best team of my three years on the varsity team. " Hoffman concludes by saying, " This season we tried our best, and the girls bowled up to their capabilities. " Front row: R. Shubinsky, M. Erickson, N. Theodore, L. Downey, K. Nedberg, D. Dougherty, G. Blum- berg. Middle row: Jane Doe, Jane Doe, Jane Doe, D. Gutterman, D. Larson, V. Greenstein, A. Melinger, T. Kreger, S. Sun. Back row: Coach Hoffman, J. Kohl, W. Riskin, C. Pozdal, K. Venson, L. Schildigen, K. Kouzoures, R. Menini, P. Pawelek. West bowler makes the approach — —and releases for a perfect strike. In the tenth frame, West bowlers realize they haven ' t Teamates rejoice after K. Kouzoures picks up a got a chance. tough spare. K. Kouzoures lays down a beautiful ball. A pin ' s view of the action. R. Menini smiles in triumph after her high game. Bowlers welcome teamate back to the bench after an impressive strike. West bowler tries to bring up average. Scoreboard NW 5 Forest View 0 NW 5 St. Benedict 2 NW 7 Niles North 0 NW 0 Fenton 7 NW 7 Niles North 0 Tournament NW 7 St. Benedict 0 NW 7 Lake Park 0 Bowling Boys Swimming The swim team, under the coaching of Don Larson, Nick Whelan and Barb Sapoznik, improved greatly on all levels. They practiced hard every day from 6-7 a.m. and 3-5 p.m., and proved their dedication. The varsity level performed well, even with the loss of last year ' s record-breaking seniors. They had a total of five wins and seven losses. Outstanding swim¬ mers were captains Andy Benbow and Al Limpin, and Pat Blackaller. The junior varsity level had a record of seven wins, four losses, and one tie. The freshman level did remarkably better than the other levels with an impressing record of eight wins and one loss. These swimmers will be the nucleus of the team in the future. They have shown much improvement and dedication. The diving team, although few in numbers, had an overall good season under the inspired coaching of Don Larson. Outstanding divers were Scott Rowe, Norman Larsson, Ray Santos, and Jim Kobyleski. Coach Whelan commented, " I look for big things for all levels in the future. " Front row: R. Hoelzel, K. Ashcroft, M. Michalsen, A. Bickers, S. Harris, M. Durso. Middle row: Coach Larson, J. Brody, A. Limpin, D. Mahan, S. Beegun, I. Reznikov, H. Limpin, C. Mogilner. Back row: R. Hoelzel, I. Wojtalik, M. Falleroni, T. Gut, B. Hayes, J. Bloomfield, M. Luncsford, P. Blackaller, A. Benbow, Y. Bashay, Coach Sapoznik. West swimmer is out in front in the 100-meter butter- Take your mark . . . Get set fly. Boys ' Swimming West swimmer gives it his all to catch his leading opponent. Senior S. Harris performs a difficult inward flip. Senior S. Rowe successfully attempts a one- and-one-half twist. West swimmer dives of the platform in perfect form. Front row: S. Hamlin, J. Kobyleski, R. Santos, D. Rolf, V. Shah, D. Cohen, A. Roma, T. Buckley, K. Kiernicki, P. Smith. Back row: Coach Whelan, T. Browder, N. Bloomfield, A. Klein, M. Sergot, I. Faloona, A. Dassow, R. Skugland, S. Lehew, R. Giderof, J. Tzortsis, D. Ashcroft, Coach Sapoznik. Scoreboard NW 47 Glenbrook North 80 NW 55 Glenbrook South 72 NW 52 Deerfield 75 NW 57 Maine East 65 NW 40 Evanston 84 NW 76 Lake Forest 51 NW 69 Maine West 57 NW 38 New Trier 86 NW 51 Maine South 75 NW 44 Downers Grove 79 NW 69 Notre Dame 50 Boys ' Swimming Wrestling The Niles West Varsity Wrestling Team had a slight setback from the 1981-1982 season. Even with an 18-4 record, the Indians finished a very disappointing second in conference. This was the first time in ten years that Head Coach Fred Richardi did not win the conference crown. " This was mainly due to injuries on the team, " Richardi mentioned. The team was led by senior captains Steve Brooks and Tom McCarthy. Other outstanding wrestlers included seniors Mark Cohen, Jim Carnow, Alex Govis and Tim Abed. Junior Bill LaManna returned to the varsity team just in time for the state tournament after suffering from an illness early in the season. LaManna at 105 lbs., Brooks at 126 lbs. and McCarthy at 138 lbs. won their respective regional titles.With the help of Govis and sophomores Brad Kolar and Mike Lochner, the tribe won the regional contest with all six advancing to sec¬ tionals. At the sectional meet, LaManna and McCarthy captured second place fin¬ ishes to advance to the IHSA State Finals. Brooks, who faced the defend¬ ing 126 lb. champion in a very early match, just missed advancing by plac¬ ing fourth. The tribe ' s future looks secure as LaManna improves with his second experience at state and such state ho¬ pefuls Kolar and Lochner returning next year. Front row: Steve Erickson, Brad Kolar, Mark Cohen, Mike Lochner, Matt Unterburger, Tom McCarthy, Steve Brooks. Second row: Tony Tripicchio, Pat Ruehrdanz, Steve Brabec, Phil Lotsoff, Jose Gonzalez, Dave Kolber, Rob Gershbein, Louis Mitchell, Alex Govis. Back row: Coach Porter, Dan Rotblatt, Mark Silverstein, Rich Begoun, David Paul, Dean Bravos, Dan McCarthy, Coach Richardi. After a tough match, Sophomore, Brad Kolar is victorious. 741 Attempting to take a grappler to the mats, Senior Tim Abed uses some quick moves. Wrestling Demonstrating his moves. Junior Steve Erickson tries to out-maneuver his opponent. Scoreboard Varsity wrestlers cheer teammate on to victory. Junior Tony Tripicchio traps his opponent in a " cradle” for three points. NW 43 Lake Forest 12 NW 55 Loyola 3 NW 37 Addison Tr. 15 NW 16 Glenbard No. 32 NW 33 Proviso East 18 NW 30 Grant 22 NW 28 Glenbrook No. 21 NW 34 Libertyville 25 NW 30 Glenbrook No. 30 NW 40 Glenbrook So. 17 NW 36 New Trier 17 NW 7 Leyden NW 27 Notre Dame 20 NW 6 Maine East 41 NW 35 St. Charles 20 NW 24 Fenton 30 NW 50 Maine South 3 NW 27 Maine West 24 NW 27 Holy Cross 22 NW 23 Grant 17 NW 40 Evanston 15 NW 22 Prospect 20 NW 31 Waukegan E. 19 Wrestling Wrestling The sophomore wrestling team strug¬ gled to success. Some outstanding wres¬ tlers were Matt Unterberger, Mike Lochner, and Brad Kolar. Both Mike Lochner and Brad Kolar wrestled in the district meet and were very hopeful of earning the title. The team ' s record at the end of the season was 18 and 4, and M. Unterberger, M. Lochner, and B. Kolar, who were sophomores, wrestling varsity, were very instrumental in attaining this record. The sophomores had terrific spir¬ it throughout the season. " The freshman wrestling team did an outstanding job, " stated Coach Porter. The freshmen ended with an overall re¬ cord of 18 and 3. They improved greatly as the season went on, starting out just average and ending up fantastic. One of the main reasons for this improvement was the practice they experienced with the varsity team. The team came in first in one tournament and took third in an¬ other. They dominated the conference tournament with champions Scott Bin- stock, Dean Bravos, Eric Nutting, Doug St.Marie, and Jim Angelakos. The fresh¬ man team was very dedicated to im¬ provement in skills, working as a team, and to their coach, Bob Porter, who helped throughout the season. In the words of fellow coach Richardi, " Bob Porter did a super job. " Front row: S. Binstock, E. Nutting, E. Mirkovic, B. Kim, F. Delphin, C. Brabec, B. Boshes. Back row: K. Kreiter, A. Teschky, M. Wiltgen, J. Angelakos, B. Albach, D. St. Marie, T. George, S. Baren, D. Bravos. Coach Porter. The ref awards M. Cohen two points for the rever¬ sal. Keeping control, West wrestler manipulates his man. Indian grappler has his opponent where he wants him. Wrestling M. Cohen is in full control of his man late in the third period. Coach Richardi gives a wrestler a few pointers between matches. Scoreboard NW 53 Lake Forest 10 NW 60 Loyola 11 NW 33 Addison Trail 30 NW 16 Glenbard North 43 NW 34 Proviso East 26 NW 9 Grant 49 NW 48 Glenbrook North 15 NW 33 Libertyville 21 NW 30 Glenbrook North 36 NW 41 Glenbrook South 12 NW 44 New Trier 15 NW 7 Maine East 37 NW 20 St. Charles 38 NW 35 Fenton 30 NW 55 Maine South 2 NW 23 Maine West 39 NW 26 Holy Cross 29 NW 24 Grant 31 NW 26 Evanston 32 NW 56 Prospect 12 NW 30 Waukegan 27 Girls Basketball For the first time since the 1976 sea¬ son, the Girls ' Basketball team failed to capture the conference championship. However, fifth year coach Gene Earl was still optimistic about this season, and looks forward to the future. Earl felt, " Even though we lost a lot of games this season, the players worked hard, showed their dedication to basket¬ ball and wanted to win. " While the club was a talented one, they lacked the playing experience of past squads. This season, Junior guard Nancy Zoros was the only returning starter. With only three graduating sen¬ iors on the team, Cindy Atsaves, Lois Mayer and Becky Weinstein, Earl be¬ lieves, " We ' re going to have a very good team next year. " Highlights for the girls this season in¬ cluded conference victories over Maine South and New Trier, defeating Fremd in the semifinals at the Evanston tourna¬ ment and the play of Zoros, the team ' s leading scorer and an All-Conference se¬ lection. Front row: N. Zoros, B. Weinstein, D. Zych, J. Roccaforte, Back row: G. Earl, J. Klancnik, L. Mayer, G. Kibort, N. Johnson, D. Estes, C. Atsaves. Faking the defender out and making the lay-up is Junior guard N. Zoros. Pulling down a rebound in heavy traffic is Sen ior forward C. Atsaves. Driving down the lane and through the defense is Sophomore guard D. Zych. Girls Basketball Late in the third quarter, senior forward C. Atsaves hits the jumper as G. Earl looks on. Junior guard N. Zoros desperately tries to block the shot. Despite pressure defense. Junior forward J. Klanc- nik makes the shot. Playing tenacious defense is Senior guard B. Wein¬ stein. Scoreboard NW 56 Glenbrook So. 58 NW 52 Niles North 32 NW 54 Glenbrook No. 43 NW 38 Evanston 46 NW 34 New Trier 51 NW 39 Libertyville 52 NW 45 Maine West 70 NW 42 Riverside Brookfield 36 NW 58 Oak Park 59 NW 60 Buffalo Grove 50 NW 42 Fremd 40 NW 43 Glenbard W. 53 NW 36 Maine East 38 NW 55 Maine South 53 NW 55 Maine West 75 NW 40 Regina 58 NW 54 Evanston 63 Girls Basketball Girls Basketball Playing against good competition and often at a height disadvantage, the J.V. Freshman Girls Basketball teams weren ' t as successful as past teams. The J.V. team finished with an 8-12 record. Under the coaching of Marvin Klebba, these girls acquired skills and know-how that are invaluable. Key players were Regina Shemroske, and Carol Billisits. The Freshman team coached by Jean Yunker finished their season with a 3-12 record. Two wins were against Evanston and the third by Maine South. However, this seasons competition served to give the Indians new insight into the fundamentals and techniques of basketball that will be needed for future success. Front row: R. Shemroske, C. Billisits, S. Murray, G. Bychowski. Back row: D. Olander, K. Wilczewski, K. Rowe, R. Stamatakos, R. Miklaj, S. Dougal, Coach Klebba. Trying to avoid a double team is Freshman Diane R°ula Stamatakos shoots over a Warrior defender. Mimp. Girls Basketball Front row: L. Reichstetter, J. Colen, P. Donath, S. Boscapomi, M. Psyhogios. Back row: Coach J. Yunker, C. Papoutsakis, C. Tanuaz, C. Kukulski, K. Sokalski, K. Sovczak, J. Holt, S. Kiss, D. Mimp S Zeitler. Sophomore Carol Billisits shoots in another short jump shot. Leading the run and gun offense is Maria Psy¬ hogios. Looking to pass the ball to the low post is Fresh man Regina Shemroske. Girls Gymnastics Progress, discipline and determina¬ tion are a few of the words that would best describe the ' 82- ' 83 Gymnastic Team. From the start of the season the Varsity team was plagued with injur¬ ies. Despite this hindrance, the girls managed to keep their spirits up and give 100%. Though they started out the season with only 112 points, the Varsity ended their last meet with a respectable 129.55 points. Leading the team to their proud finish were high scorers Jaqueline Plonus and Captain Sheryl Barasch. Both girls gave con¬ sistent performances meet after meet and provided a solid base for the team to work with and expand upon. Excit¬ ing moments included Sheryl ' s 1st place conference vault finish and Ja- queline ' s 1st place District finish on bars. The J.V. team showed potential throughout the season as well. The team performed well and slowly pushed their scores up each meet. Freshmen Lori Aronson and Karen Palin proved to be skilled enough to compete with the J.V. team. The J.V. gymnasts gained added experience, filling in at Varsity spots when need¬ ed. The freshman team showed a lot of personality throughout the competi¬ tive season, remaining vibrant and full of " spunk " at all times. Hard work and perseverance paid off as the team ended the year with a 6-2 record. The team was led by outstanding per¬ formers Sherri Furman, Heather Ross and Karina Doyle. Next year at the J.V. level the girls will undoubtedly remain successful and spirited. Back row: Coach Burkel, Jaqueline Plonus, Sheryl Barasch, Jill Burkel. Middle row: Julie Disselhorst, Kathy Verstraete, Jill Roberts. Front row: Peggy Thill, Lisa DeCook. During the Regional meet, Senior Lisa DeCook Captain Sheryl Barasch plays airplane on the beam. soared above the P ack and advances to Sectionals. Girls Gymnastics Sophomore Peggy Thill executes her bar rou¬ tine. Jill Burkel strives for another quality performance. After her routine, Lisa DeCook get congratulations and a hug from Julie Disselhorst. Despite her injury, Kelly McKeon smiles while icing her ankle. Coaches Nebbia, Lesmith, Burkel and Sloan. Third row: Peggy Thill, Julie Disselhorst, Jaqueline Plonus, Sheryl Barasch, Lisa DeCook, Mary Holm, Lisa Barasch, Kelly McKeon. Second row: Ingrid Helgeson, Karen Palin, Jill Roberts, Kathy Verstraete, Jill Burkel, Nicole Goetz, Lori Aronson, Diane Rubenstein. Front row: Pam Frey, Marsha Telengator, Laurie Adams, Karen Strohmeier, Sherri Furman, Stephanie Leader, Heather Ross. Scoreboard NW 111.00 Maine West 117.85 NW 119.75 Glenbrook North 112.45 NW 119.7 Waukegan East 102.50 NW 116.80 Glenbrook South 136.40 NW 118.15 New Trier 131.30 NW 124.70 Maine East 125.30 NW 127.55 Maine South 126.95 NW 125.90 Evanston 127.90 Girls Gymnastics Boys Tennis " Despite tough competition and a small turnout, the tennis team had a re¬ spectable season, " commented Senior Jeff Nimz. Returning varsity players Jeff Joss, Steve Miller, Tom Russo, and Mike Wilson formed the nucleus of the team. Coach Sacks, who termed the season " A step in the right direction, " was proud of several events that highlighted the year. The Miller-Wilson doubles team consis¬ tently came up with the big victories as they compiled a four year composite re¬ cord of 52-7. The Indians performed strongly in several key invitationals: Niles West, Rockford, and Township Quad. Coach Sacks was also pleased with the remarkable improvement of Seniors Tom Russo and Steve Dorfman. Several talented players who competed last year as freshmen formed the basis of a strong sophomore team. They included Rich Miller, Ken Rosen, and Eliot Schenker. Coach Winans believes that the experience these boys gained on the sophomore level will benefit next year ' s team. Front row: J. Nimz, E. Schenker, P. Davis, E. Hordilaro. Back row: K. Rosen, S. Dorfman, T. Russo, J. Joss, Coach Sachs. Not Pictured: S. Miller, M. Wilson, Coach Winans. T. Russo backhands a " tasty " drop shot. Junior H. Brown returns a smashing shot. Boys Tennis P. Davis moves to counter a volley. Fiercely slamming the ball into his opponent ' s court is H. Brown. Casually extending his racket, J. " Fiat " Joss loses the point. 1983 Tennis NW NW Quad NW Wheeling NW NW Indian Invitational NW Deerfield NW St. Patrick NW Waukegan West NW Highland Park NW Loves Park Invitational NW New Trier NW Maine East NW Glenbrook South Invitational NW Maine South NW Evanston NW Lake Park Invitational NW Maine West Front row: D. Weinberg, G. Feinberg, B. Lieber, A. Husain, S. Witzel. Back row: Coach Winans, J. Gorchow, D. Gross, M. Herzog, S. Blonder, A. Katz, Coach Sachs. Boys Gymnastics " Rebuilding " sums up the 1983 Niles West Boys Gymnastics Team. After losing the 1982 pommel horse champion, the team was forced to de¬ pend on Seniors Steve Klein, Scott Rowe, and Jeff Gilbert, and Juniors Dave Lisco, Mike Weindling, Ross and Steve Erlebacher, Tony Avella and Mark Musick. According to cap¬ tain Steve Klein, " We didn ' t have any superstars so we were forced to de¬ pend on our entire team. In fact, if it were not for the few superstars that many other schools had, we could have had a winning season. " Further evidence of the reconstruc¬ tion process was the freshmen team. Finishing the season undefeated they leave a bright outlook for varsity teams in years to come. Another inno¬ vation this year was the aquisituion of Coach Jodi Nebbia to handle the floor and vault apparatuses. According to head Coach John Burkel, " We have finally established a positive working atmosphere in the gymnastics area which should lead to positive results in the future. " Although the 1983 season was not a winning one, it was a necessary step in returning the Niles West Boys Gymnastics Team to a powerhouse in the district. Front Row: Mike Weindling, Ted Goodman, Mark Musick, David Lisco. Second Row: Tony Avella, Norman Larson, Scott Rowe. Back Row: Ross Erlebacher, Steve Klein, Steve Erlebacher. Dave Lisco gets psyched while powdering up. Performing a double leg circle is Tony Avella. Captain Steve Klein executes a flare. Boys Gymnastics Front row: Eric Strohmeir, Ken Kleiner, Bobby Kim and Gus Atsaves. Back row: Ken Krebs, Harry Anderson, Jon Tatooles, and Steve Disslehorst. Steve Klein gets ready for a meet. Showing winning form, doing a loop is Junior Ross Erlebacher. Demonstrating a solid " L " is Junior Dave Lisco. Mark Musick does the giant swing on the high bar. Schedule NW Niles North NW New Trier NW Main South NW Evanston NW Highland Park NW Glenbrook North NW Glenbrook South NW Maine West NW Maine East NW Niles North Inv. NW CSL Meet NW CSL Meet NW ISHA Regional Boys Gymnastics Baseball During his third year as head coach, George Galla made steady and much needed improvements in the baseball program. After adding an electronic scoreboard, fencing the entire field, and installing a warning track, the Niles West field will be, without a doubt, " the best in the conference, and above all, one of the best in the state, " exclaims coach Galla. Keys to this years success were Sen¬ iors Pete Joseph, Cory Binstock, Brian Weinberg, and Mike Dahm. With Jo¬ seph, Binstock and Weinberg on the mound and Dahm in the field, success was inevitable. Back row: Mike Frank, Brian Weinberg, John Marshall, Cory Binstock, Joe Rodgers, and Pete Joseph. Middle row: Coach Galla, Steve Diamond, Mark Aronson, Ramsey Rodgers, Dave Shane, Dennis Weiner, and Coach Schnurr. Front row: Bill Terpinas, Sam Butera, Jose Gonzalas, Jim Baffa and Mike Dahm. Sprawling for the ball. Senior Cory Binstock makes another great play. Baseball The “hit and run " is perfectly executed by Senior Brian Weinberg. Senior Pete Joseph knows it will be a strike. Senior Mike Dahm just barely misses this one. Attempting the double-play, Senior Cory Binstock is sure to succeed. Good pitching form is best exemplified by Sen¬ ior Pete Joseph. Schedule NW Niles North NW Oak Park NW Weber NW Schurz NW Quigley South NW Evanston NW New Trier NW Addison Trail NW Maine East NW Maine South NW Granite City South NW Granite City South NW Maine West NW Glenbrook South NW Waukegan West NW Waukegan East NW Deerfield NW Glenbrook North NW Highland Park NW Evanston NW New Trier NW Maine East NW Maine South NW Maine West Baseball Track And Field Although the Boys ' Varsity Track Team was small in number, they were large on talent. Coach Pat Savage fo¬ cused on individual talent, mainly seniors Don Hennessey and Jim Adam. Hennessey ran the hurdles, dashes and the long jump and was one of Savage ' s " jack of all trades " . The high hurdles however, were his specialty. The field events were lead by Adam, who tossed the shot put and discus. Other reliable athletes included seniors Alex Paul, Chris Pawlowski and Henry Meinke in the longer dis¬ tances and Matt Fillippini in the me¬ dium distances. Front row: H. Kim, R. Lee, B. Intawiwat, M. Siddiqui, D. Maranaka, N. Antonio, B. Netzel, T. Payuk, P. Sarantapolous, S. Steiner, M. Bourgerie, R. Cham. Back row: Coach Savage, T. Gross, J. Adam, D. Hennessey, V. Ovsey, L. Go, C. Fabian, M. Fillippini, A. Paul, U. Hennessey, C. Pawlowski, J. Woodier, H. Meinke, Coach Lucas, Coach Campbell, K. Burdin. Two miler Jim Woodier at work. Sophomore Ed Perlmutter makes his move At Niles East, varsity runners C. Pawlowski and J. Woodier await the gun. The Indoor track at Niles East, where home meets are held, is quite busy during practice. A weary West runner rests. Sophomore Lionel Go prepares for a vault. Coaches Campbell and Savage are surrounded by questioning runners. Schedule NW Lake View Luther North NW Lyons Township Morton East NW Niles West Invite NW Glenbrook S Ridgewood NW Hinsdale C Morton W NW Fenwick Notre Dame NW Elmwood Park Luther N NW Morton W Whitney Young St. Pat Waukegan W NW Lake Forest Invite NW Indian Relays NW Good Times Invite NW Deerfield HP Mt.C St. Rita Weber NW Glenbrook South NW Niles North Paul Gans Fred Zeedyk Invite Track And Field Girls Track And Field The Girls Track Team had depth, dedication and a lot of talent. With four year varsity members Patty Doles, Patty O ' Boyle, Susie Rosenb- lum, Kathy Sanders and Robin Telen- gater leading the field, coach Jean Ar¬ mour had high hopes for individual conference, regional and state tri¬ umphs. Seniors Patty Doles lead the long distance pack with junior Jennie Campbell. Coming off a fantastic cross country season, the duo showed diversity as they ran events from a quarter mile to two miles in distance. High jumping star Patty O ' Boyle broke record after record as she reached new heights. By the first meet of the indoor season, O ' Boyle cleared 5 ' 2 " and established herself as a defi¬ nite state contender. O ' Boyle also ex¬ perimented with the hurdles and of¬ ten ran a leg of the winning mile re¬ lay. Senior Kathy Sanders led the dis¬ cus throweres with her four years of experience. Sanders, along with junior Michelle Dolce in the shot put threw well consistantly. Veterans Susie Rosenblum and Robin Telengater ruled the track as they ran the relays, short distances and medium distances. The dynamic duo posed a double threat in the quar¬ ter and half mile races and often times ran as part of a top notch mile relay team. Other sprinters included ju¬ niors Desiree Abelkis, Tamara Uglin- ica and sophomore Karen Rosinski. Abelkis concentrated on the hurdles while Uglinica added the much need¬ ed spark in the short relays. Other quality athletes included sen¬ iors Karen Hedberg in both the shot and discus and Ellen Sprague, who as¬ sisted in the relays and sprints. Look¬ ing ahead. Armour notes Felicia Bakshy, Linda Kim, Dawn Repa and Lynn Sonkin as rising stars. Front row: P. Doles, R. Telengater, S. Rosenblum, P. O ' Boyle. 2nd row: J. Wipf, A. Patterson, L. Vick, D. Hellestae, J. Campbell, D. Abelkis, P. Coursey, S. Goldstein, J. Cohn. 3rd row: Coach Armour, JL. J. Cherney, G. Sotiropoulos, K. Justesen, C. Moss, F. Levy, P. Coby, D. Repa, L. Noosbond, K. Rosinski. Back row: Coach Sweeney, J. Wolowicks, F. Bakshy, A. Poet, L. Kim, S. Maliwanag, C. Trefren, M. Dolce, L. Sonkin, Coach Armour. Four year varsity veteran Robin Telegater before the gun. Sprinter Tamara Uglinica practices at the Niles East indoor track. Girls ' Track And Field A well deserved break. Half miler Susie Rosenblum has a long way to go. " I am woman " - Diana Hellestrae, sophomore sensation. Miler Patty Doles is in the lead. Senior Patty O ' Boyle clears the bar. Varsity runners Telengater, Rosenblum, Campbell, O ' Boyle, Doles and Abelkis " monkeying " around. Softball Under the coaching of Chuck An¬ derson and William Geisman. The 1983 Girls Softball Teams had a suc¬ cessful season. It also was a year of rebuilding after the loss of many out¬ standing players last year. Key players for the Varsity team were: Becky Weinstein, Shelia Olsen, Jacky Hoffman, and Nancy Zoros. Key players for the J.V. and Fresh¬ man Teams were: Regina Shemroske, Julie Klansnick, Deane Zych and Ja¬ net Rabin. Front row: Nancy Soros, Helene Cohn, Carol Billisits, Kathy Atsaves. Back Row: Becky Weinstein, Sonia Heckert, Renee Nenenee, Shelia Olsen, Jacky Hoffman, Karen Rubenstein, and Chuck Anderson Becky Weinstein and Linnae Me Allister watch Senior Jacky Hoffman releases the ball, their teammates in the batting cage. Girls Softball Front row: Stephanie Brooks, Michelle Kalo, Annette Lewdon, Shelia Murray, Linda Disch. Top row: Julie Klansnick, Deane Zych, Regina Shemroske, Kim Rowenand, William Geissman. Front row: Jane Smith, Allison Erickson, Alana Dubin, Kim Strussner, Faith Teigen, Laurie Chertow. Back row: Sandy Huber, Jane Hall, Janet Rabin, Kim Strussner, Janet Lentz, Liz Reid, Sue Dorman. Because of rain, practice was held inside. Schedule NW Waukegan West NW Deerfield NW Niles North NW Highland Park NW Barrington NW New Trier NW Maine East NW Leyden NW Evanston Inv. NW Maine South NW Evanston NW Arlington NW Maine West NW New Trier NW NW Inv. NW NW Inv. NW Maine East NW Maine South NW Evanston NW Maine West Girls Softball Girls Soccer The Girls ' Soccer Team competed in their second season as a varsity sport. Under the direction of Coach Joe Brennan, the tribe worked for one common goal - to place well at the Niles West State Tourney. With 16 games in the regular season, the team improved with each confrontation. " Girls ' soccer has definitely been growing, " senior Martha Ha men¬ tioned. " More and more high schools not only have a girls ' soccer team, but they have good teams and programs, " she concluded. The team had many returning let- termen with experience on the soccer field. Key games were played against Evanston, St. Charles and New Trier. The J.V. Team was led by Coach Leanne Heeren, who drilled the girls on basic fundamentals. With this sound background, the Indians are sure to continue their success in girls ' soccer. Back row: Coach J. Brennan, Martha Ha, Cindy Penaloza, Jamie Wolms, Barb Daehler, Jojo Valenti, Jackie Smessaert, Sherry Dougal, Carol Netzel. Front row: Jean Wilms, Diana Santillian, Debbie Ciskowski, Karen Wilczewski, Cindy Bychowski, Robyn Miller. Senior Martha Ha demonstrates the skills of run- Kicking . . ning Dribbling . . . And fancy footwork. Returning letterman Debbie Ciskowski warms up before a game. Soccer excitement mesmerizes fans. NW Soccer Schedule Libertyville NW Mundelein NW Evanston NW St. Charles NW Lake Forest NW New Trier NW Oak Park River Forest NW Highland Park Tourn. NW Niles North NW Evanston NW Oak Park River Forest NW New Trier NW Mariilac NW Glenbrook North Girls Soccer Art Council members create a masterpiece. Senior Aaron Feinberg and David Schwarz maneuver on of their projects through the air. Left: Arbella Odishoo adds some finishing touches to the West Word. 99 Senior Class Cabinet The Senior Cabinet enjoyed a very charitable year. With sponsor Roger Stein, the 35 seniors dedicated them¬ selves to helping those less fortunate than themselves. For the first time, the seniors began a year long project with Ray Newman at a local YMCA. The program, which Newman has been conducting for the past 29 years, works with children with handicaps and learning disabil¬ ities. Twice a week, seniors helped Newman and " his kids " . The seniors helped the children on a one-to-one basis to improve their coordination, balance, self-confidence and attention span. This was done in hour long ses¬ sions concentrating on warm-up exer¬ cises, balance work, tumbling and co¬ ordination training. " They may be slow, " Senior Julie Mamett explained, " but they like to have fun and they need love. " Another major charity project was the annual Hull House Christmas Party. The seniors raised over $100 in order to buy each child a special pre¬ sent. For many of the underprivileged children, the present they received at the party was the only Christmas pre¬ sent they received. The seniors played games, sang carols, and enjoyed the Christmas spirit. After a year of char¬ ity work, the seniors learned the true meaning of giving. Above left to right: Seniors Greg Bezkorovainy and Cary Kochman lend a helping hand at the Ray Newman program for the handicapped. At the Hull House Christmas party. Senior Caryn Eberhart conducts a game. Top row: Lori Freed, Ray Chao, Lisa Wax, Jill Chertow, Sponser Roger Stein. 2nd row: Greg Bezkorovainy, Linda Chi, Gail Root, Sharon Schneider, Randi Levinson, Amy Varon, Ellen Spra¬ gue, Lisa DeCook. 3rd row: Dave Rugendorf, Marci Firfer, Michelle Haddon, Dale Larson, Helena Gabriel, Eva Kim, Holly Gershanov, Anita Charous, Himanshu Patel. Back row: Cary Kochman, Andy Much, Jae Chang, Julie Mamett, Tina Venetos, Joyce Yoo, Estelle Angeltos, Wendy Smason, Caryn Eberhart, Jim Wang. Senior Cabinet Junior Class Cabinet The Junior Cabinet consisted of volunteers from the class of ' 84. Par¬ ticipation had greatly increased due to the change in the system of electing officers. Last June, an all-school elec¬ tion was held to pick a president and vice-president for the Sophomore, Ju¬ nior, and Senior Classes. The officers elected for the Junior Class were Sally Cohen, President, and Tony Konsewicz, Vice-President. ' ' Our main objective was to plan and organize the annual Junior-Senior Prom, " stated Cohen. Since a project like this is so expensive, many fund raisers were held throughout the year, such as a jumbo cookie sale, and nu¬ merous candy sales. Jodi Bergman commented, " We all worked really well and hard together to get the job done, and it sure showed! " Front row: Keiko Hirata, Staci Munic, Jacqueline Plonus, Jodi Bergman, Sally Cohen, Lynne Levey. Second Row: Karen Siegel, Stacy Strongin, Shpresa Jusufi, Deedee Lippe, Jill Lebowitz, Tamara Uglinica. Back row: Greg Kamp, Mrs. Horwitz (sponsor), Tony Konsewicz, Dean Trampis. Top to bottom: To make sure everything will run smoothly, prom ideas are planned early in the school year. The Junior Cabinet informally discusses their upcoming giant cookie sale. Junior Class Cabinet Sophomore Class Cabinet The Sophomore Cabinet had many activities which benefited the class of ' 85. President, Lori Tecktiel and Vice- President, Yun Kim led the class cabi¬ net to a very profitable year. Ms. Cor- ombos, sponsor, was very helpful in the planning and the actual produc¬ tion of the activities. Among the many activities sponsored by the cabi¬ net were the Frosh-Soph mixer, sales of baked goods, candy bars, the Great America tickets, and the Sophomore Volleyball Tournament. These activi¬ ties and many more were very suc¬ cessful. Sophomore, Julie Keller said, " The Sophomore Class Cabinet was a very worthwhile club to be involved in. It was great to see the Class of ' 85 get involved in the many interesting events. I hope, in the years to come more students will join class cabinets. It was a great experience. Best of all, the Class of ' 85 is distinguished for its enthusiasm and spirit ' Above left and right: President Lori Tecktiel explains some of her ideas to Lauri Balbirer and sponsor, Ms. Corombos. Sophomore class members get together for an informal meeting. Front Row: Valerie Attia, Karen Yashon, Yun Kim, Lori Tecktiel, Karen Zelickman. Second Row: Nancy Yamaguchi, Lauri Balbirer, Yleena Gesynuk, Aleli Estrada. Back Row: Rupinder Bains, Robert Plaziak, Catherine Kim, Sheryl Ferdman, Julie Keller. Sophomore Cabinet Front row: M. Liberman, M. Wilner, J. Zemsky, T. Bondy, P. Krone. Second row: G. Marks, M. Poulakidas, R. Bergmen, L. Sonkin, A. Denise, L. Sabastian. Back row: S. Park, S. Evanthia, S. Rivken, H. Rosinski, G. Talbot. Freshman Class Cabinet The Freshman Class Cabinet showed their spirit in ' 82- ' 83. The cabinet was led by President Mark Poulakadis and Vice-President Jon Lisco. Poulakadis said, " The cabinet has a lot of potential and we hope that in the years to come more people will join class cabinet. " One of the events the Freshman Cabinet participated in was the spirit panel contest for the ' 82 homecoming. Their panel was ex¬ tremely creative and unique. Miss Nash, sponsor of the cabinet, was very helpful in constructing the panel and supportive in the planning of events. " Mark and Jon did a fine job in the Freshman Cabinet and hope that in the years to come they can be more involved in the student senate. The cabinet has a lot more spirit to show in the years to come ' said Nash. Top to Bottom: The Freshman Class Cabinet lets everyone know that they like their chicken extra crispy. The float staff works on their homecoming float. Freshman Class Cabinet American Field Service American Field Service is an organi¬ zation designed to promote under¬ standing of foreign countries. The Niles West chapter of AFS had a productive year that was a lot of fun. This group has participated in many activities including many different types of parties, honorary dinners, and even going to a Spanish restau¬ rant to get a real taste of life in Span¬ ish countries. They have also held var¬ ious fundraisers throughout the year including a sucker and a candy cane sale. All profits from these ventures were used to aid Niles West students who wish to participate in study pro¬ grams abroad. The Niles West Americans Abroad student this past summer was Chris Steele. After going through many in¬ terviews, Chris was chosen as an ex¬ change student to Chile. Niles West was honored this year by hosting Marcele Oliviera from Bra¬ zil. Marcele comments, ' The AFS pro¬ gram is very worthwhile, I have learned so much and wish everyone could have the experience which I have had. " Above left to right: Niles West Americans Abroad student, Chris Steele and Marcele Oli¬ viera, exchange student from Brazil, discuss their experiences with other AFS members. AFS member Julie Saper begins the tiresome task of sorting Halloween-o-grams. Front row: Marla Friedman, Jackeline Plonus, Janet Leader, Dana Rugendorf, Marla Zissman, Linda Judovsky, Aleli Estrada, Marilyn Levy. 2nd Row: Dina Anton, Sugra Yaybulak, Julie Saper, Helen Lev, Merle Bergman, Janee Kaufman, Eva Kim, Dale Larson, Betty Brousalis. Back Row: Debbie Farkas, Christy Gunther, Valerie Attis, Donna Weinberg, Carolyn Prinz, Julie Berk, Marcele Oliviera, Arbella Odishoo, Chris Steele, Greg Kamp, Anna Minkov, Miss Carr. American Field Service Front row: S. Klein, P. Costas, T. Venetos, G. Root, L. Freed, G. Bartholomew, G. Hartzen, M. Ha, W. Smason, M. Firfer, J. Bacchiere. Second row: M. Haddon, C. Goldberg, A. Dayan, M. Korey, R. Telengater, S. Dorfman, S. Miller, J. Deer, T. LaBelle, C. Choi, M. Fillipini, A. Limpin, M. Glick, R. Chao. Third row: H. Gabriel, S. Rich, D. Farkas, N. Warshawsky, J. Kellman, I. Oliff, M. Albert, V. Stamos, S. Erlebacher, C. Steele, S. Korol, M. Falleroni, D. Schwarz, T. McCarthy. Back row: J. Gilbert, L. Mayer, D. Cheung, D. Havdala, T. Weitzman, Y. Arvanitis, B. Gerstein, K. Kung, M. Iskander, J. Chertow, A. Charous, S. Plonus. National Honor Society The National Honor Society, N.H.S., is a community service-based organization whose purpose is to cre¬ ate enthusiasm for learning, stimulate desire to render service, promote lead¬ ership, and encourage the develop¬ ment of character in all students of Niles West. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Each candidate must be a junior or senior, receive ten recom¬ mendations from faculty members, be involved in at least two school spon¬ sored activities, and have a grade point average of at least 3.4 This year ' s N.H.S. has undertaken more activities than in all previous years. In mid-October the society sponsored a Crusade of Mercy cam¬ paign throughout the entire school and was successful in raising a sub¬ stantial amount of money for the United Way. A school-wide holiday canned Food and Toy Drive was also held; the proceeds were donated to need charities. In addition to initiat¬ ing many other activities which served the community, the club also visited a number of senior citizens ' homes. Officers were; Helena Gabriel- president, Steve Miller-vice president, Van Stamos-secretary, Michelle Had- don-treasurer. Top to bottom: National Honor Society mem¬ ber, Al Limpin, helps senior citizens celebrate Halloween at the Goldman Home. Singing Cha¬ nukah songs with Northwest Home residents, Senior Marcie Firfer displays real holiday joy. National Honor Society Key Club Welcome to the world of Key Club International, a 100,000-member high school service organization with chap¬ ters in nine countries in North Amer¬ ica. The objective of Key Club is to work together to prepare for useful citizenship by serving the school and community. Emphasis is placed, as the introductory brochure proclaims, on bringing " primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the mate¬ rial values of life. " Summarizes Presi¬ dent Michael Korey: " It ' s a communi¬ ty service group for people who sin¬ cerely care about others. " On the local level, the Niles Town¬ ship Key Club is jointly sponsored by Niles North and Niles West High Schools and by the Skokie Valley Chapter of Kiwanis International. In the words of Vice-president Gail Perl¬ man, " We coordinate a great variety of programs — from organizing school blood drives to hosting holiday par¬ ties for retarded children, from plan¬ ning the community-wide distribu¬ tion of emergency medical informa¬ tion to individually helping a severely handicapped young man. " Adds Korey: " We ' re always willing to work with anyone needing assistance, be it special personal care or organizational fundraising. Just reach us through ei¬ ther of our sponsors . . . Ray Carr at West or Dan Henrick at North. We ' ll be happy to help. " Above left to right: Key Club sponsor Mr. Hen¬ rick and member Danna Kaplan listen atten¬ tively to important ideas. President of the Key Club, Senior Mike Korey, informs the group of their future fund raising. Front row: Janna Kimmel, Tamara Wasserman, Karen Zfaney, Stacy Carr, Dana Kaplan. Back row: Adriana Alcade, DeeDee Frey, Steven Bernstein, Michael Korey, Tom Svrcek, Dave Hahn, Mr. Henrick. Orchesis To the audience, a show is just a form of entertainment. To the per¬ formers it ' s not. For the Orchesis Dance Company a show is a lot of hard work. Hard work is put into ev¬ ery practice and show they perform. President Shari Watts and Vice-Presi¬ dent Jill Rappin, along with other members of the Company, choreo¬ graph all of the dances and put togeth¬ er the costumes for months. One of the main reasons for the show ' s great success was the practice put into it. Everyday from three to six o ' clock the girls practiced for the school show, and then for their tour in Montreal. Besides these two perfor¬ mances, the Company performed for several junior high schools. Vice-President Junior Jill Rappin comments, " I ' m really proud of the way we ' ve performed. I think the fact that we all get along so well added to our success. All of our hard work has paid off. " Front row: Molly Edelstein, Jackie Backshe, Lilly Kornhauser, Nancy Yamaguchi. Middle row: Nicolette Romashko, Jill Rappin, Lori Kaplan, Janice Bacchiere, Carrie Kaplan, Back row: Kari Cohen, Hope Ross, Donna Erickson, Julie Kirchens, Shari Watts, Eli Stration. Top to bottom: Orchesis officers take time out to pose for a picture. Orchesis members practice for an upcoming performance. Orchesis N Club The Niles West Lettermen ' s Club is an organization consisting of male an d female athletes who have earned Varsity letters. N-Club promotes school spirit and endeavors to involve all students in supporting West ' s ath¬ letic teams and activities. The 1982-83 club, under the spon¬ sorship of Brian Katzman, was headed by officers Tom Burke, President; Mike Dahm, Vice-President; Ken Le- Comte, Treasurer; Lisa Shapiro, Secre¬ tary, and Mike Mandell, Sergeant at Arms. A few of the activities N-Club planned was a bumper sticker sale and they also ran a concession stand for the girls ' home basketball games. Members went Christmas caroling at local nursing homes, ran an all¬ school volleyball tournament and pre¬ sented three honorary memberships to deserving individuals. The revival of the N-Club vs Facul¬ ty Basketball Game continued for its second year. As a service and promotional orga¬ nization, N-Club has earned the praise and respect of both administra¬ tion and students. Above left to right: At one of their weekly meet¬ ings, the officers pose for a picture. During the homecoming festivities, N-Club members pa¬ rade in their float. Top row: Sponsor B. Katzman, D. Hennessy, C. Binstock, S. Diamond, M. Dahm, T. Burke. Bottom row: J. Woodier, J. Campbell, P. O ' Boyle, L. Shapiro, K. LeComte, A. Govis. Pom Pon Front row: Ellyn Friedman, Jackie Levin, Randi Levinson, Susie Kim, Sue Rich, Amy Varon. Second row: Karen Springborne, Danna Kaplan, Wendy Graw, Val Daniels, Judy Rusch, Cindy Regador, Stephanie Resnick, Yun Kim. Back row: Lynne Levey, Diane Johnson, Becky Santos, Sharon Schneider, Deedee Lippe, Gloria Camilli, Cheryl Torres, Sue Rabin, Beth Todd. Ever wonder who those girls with red and white saddle shoes are? Well, wonder no longer. They ' re all a part of the Niles West Pom Pon Squad. Be¬ sides promoting school spirit, the squad performed at half time of all home football and basketball games. Their high kicks, pointed toes, and everlasting smiles were just a few rea¬ sons for the success of the squad. Under the leadership of Susie Kim and Randi Levinson, the twenty-four girls practiced for two hours a day, five days a week. They also attended a special summer camp at Whitewater, Wisconsin. It can be said all the work, effort, and especially cooperation among the squad members paid off. " We ' re very proud of our squad. We all work very well together, which can be seen in the way we perform, " com¬ ments captains Randi and Susie. Top to Bottom: Completing one of their rou¬ tines, the Pom Pon Squad entertains the fans at the half time of the New Trier game. Many hours of practice go into the making of a perfect routine. Senior co-captains Randi Levinson and Susie Kim are responsible for organizing the squad, arranging for practices, and making sure things get done right. Cheer¬ leaders Front Row: Alana Dubin, Carrie Kaplan. Second Row: Christy Esmael, Sharrie Furman. Third Row: Kristina Justesen, Lori Hirshman. Back Row: Heather Ross, Anastasia Livaditis. The varsity, sophomore, and fresh¬ man cheerleaders worked hard to spark a lot of school spirit. They prac¬ ticed twice a week to perfect their per¬ formance. Although the teams didn ' t always win, the cheerleaders never lost hope, and always showed their enthusiasm and dedication through¬ out all the games. The varsity cheerleaders practiced hard over the summer, when they at¬ tended a U.S.C.A. cheerleading camp in DeKalb, Illinois. The squad had a lot of spirit that was contagious to many fans. The cheerleaders encour¬ aged the crowd to learn the cheers, and to cheer along with them. The sophomore squad sparked a lot of sophomore spirit that had been lacking their freshman year. Their en¬ thusiasm and spirit showed at every game. They were very dedicated over the summer, practicing four days a week. They too attended U.S.C.A. cheerleading camp. The freshman cheerleaders have been busy working hard all year on technique and becoming more exper¬ ienced cheerleaders. They looked for¬ ward to every home game throughout the year, because of the many sup¬ porters that came to help them cheer their teams on. % Top to Bottom: Co-captains Jeanie Tosch and Carrie Hlepas smile for the Spectrum photogra¬ pher in the school courtyard. Noted for their pyramids, the varsity cheerleaders entertain the crowd at half time on Basrak field. V Cheerleaders Cheer¬ leaders Left to Right: Cindy Atsaves, Jill Rappin, Karen Minkoff, Stacy Munic, Erica Stone, Keiko Hirata, Judy Basilio, Caroline Kurita, Carrie Hlepas, Jeanie Tosch. Standing: Devra Lipsky, Barb Stone, Jill Piper, Julie Ciskoski. Standing: Chris Wiliams, Chelli Krakow, Dawn Diesing, Maria Kikes, Elli Straton, Julie Moltz, Anna Karalis, Hyo Sil Park, Nancy Yamaguchi, Sitting: Melodee Fillmore, Julie Keller. Sophomore cheerleaders practice one of their formations in the courtyard. Cheerleaders French Club This year was an enjoyable one for members of the French Club, spon¬ sored by Mrs. Eva Masur. Their goal was to learn more about French cul¬ ture, and this goal was attained through visits to the Art Institute, French operas, theatre performances, and restaurants. The club also held a French pot-luck dinner. Members of the board, under the coordination of Elisa Leberis, were Lisa Blok, Alan Dayan, Rosanne Friedman, and Mira Iskander. Above left to right: Senior Elisa Leberis plans the next meeting. Before a meeting, Senior Alan Dayan finds time for a laugh. A n2j French Club Front row: Sun Ha, Maria Leberis, Mrs. Masur, Elisa Leberis, Linda Kontos. Back row: Alan Dayan, Dimitra Kotsinonos, Rosanne Friendman, Lila Blok, Claire Buisseret, Lesley Lee, Colin Lawler. German Club The German Club is an organiza¬ tion that promotes student exchange between Germany and Niles west. This club consisted of fifty-five mem¬ bers which worked together to raise funds. Cook books were sold by the German Club members and also by German students as a fund raiser. President Helena Gabriel stated, " Our goal is to allow members to experience German cultures ' A Christmas party is held annually which allows mem¬ bers to decorate a Christmas tree and show off their German cooking. This club also visited German pastry shops and occasionally played German soc¬ cer games over the weekend. On April 23 the German Club attended Ameri¬ can Fest 300 held at Riverside High School to commemorate the first Ger¬ man settlers in America. The outcome of German Club was tremendous, and their motto was " Wir lieben Deutsch! " which means " We love German! " Students are urged to join the German Club next year and par¬ ticipate in this new and pleasurable activity. hriman CTI.iI. Front row: S. Fang, J. Cherney, D. Dougherty, J. Cohen, L. Lee, H. Gabriel, S. Plonus, L. Me Allister, A. Estrada, D. Diesing, K. Vlahos, P. Haase, E. Master, M. Ikramullah, C. Mak, L. Meixner. Second row: L. Chen, D. Rogan, C. Rogan, M. Feldman, A. Antonakos, E. Kim, J. Plonus, J. Kimmel, M. Lashever, H. Gueyikian, S. Kwon, L. Chertow, R. Me Guire, A. Poet, E. Bojes, J. Lund, R. Shubinsky, L. Chi, M. Speisman, P. Helwing. Back row: D. Chung, O. Hintz, T. Karas, L. Heidinger, K. Kuhn, S. Blonder, S. Lee, R. Jemc, M. Friedman, J. Kaufman, N. Goetz, P. Pawelek, L. Schmidt, S. Rosenblum, H. Bojes, R. Hoelzel, K. Rosen, G. Kwon, C. Kim, Herr Brink. Top to bottom: Planning future events are President Helena Gabriel and club members. Club members enjoying the Christmas party. German Club Spanish Club For the last two years, Mrs. Lopez, one of the Spanish teachers here at Niles West, has been the sponsor of the Spanish Club. Tom LaBelle pre¬ sided as president and junior Jose Be- jar was the vice-president. Many im¬ portant events took place. The club had a bake sale and also went to two restaurants which served Spanish and Mexican food. They also went to a day care center with mostly Spanish chil¬ dren. They brought them candy and toys to play with all day. The students had a fantastic time with the children. The Spanish Club also offered a scholarship for a student to go to a Full Immersion weekend at George Williams College. The weekend con¬ sisted of singing, dancing, studying and talking only in Spanish. In December, they had a Spanish fiesta with different Spanish foods. The Spanish Club had a fun and inter¬ esting year. Bottom row: Howard Malitz, Janice Gajdek, Wendy Smason, Jennifer Trefren, Jenni Lautensch- lager, Janet Hollman. Second row: Mr. Stein, Jose Bajar, Gary Korol, Nissin Bejar, Merle Bergman, Julie Saper, Claire Buisseret, Dale Larson, Alberta Lee, Jackie Sirajullah. Back row: Ms. Klinger, Allen Limpin, Steve Korol, Jeff Deer, Tom LaBelle, Debbie Loeb, Chris Abed, Chris Steele, Arbella O-Dishoo, Mrs. Lopez. Left to Right: At one of there meetings, mem¬ bers Debra Loeb and Jose Bejar make plans for their work at a nearby day care center. Having read the minutes of the last meeting, Spanish Club President Tom LaBelle, answers questions from fellow club members. Spanish Club Students For Israel The Students For Israel Club meets twice a month and strives to educate students in the current events of Isra¬ el, its culture and geography. It is sponsored by Mr. Miron and guided by President Karen Silverblatt, Co President Ira Oliff, Vice President Ste¬ ven Korol, Secretary-Treasurer Ro- sanne Friedman, and Secretary of Cul¬ ture Jeff Deer. The club sponsors sev¬ eral events throughout the year. These include interesting Jewish speakers and slide shows of trips to Israel. This year they even had a Hanukkah party that was very authentic. It included the lighting of the menorah, dreidle games, latkes with applesauce, and even, kosher " dunkin donuts ' ' . Other gatherings included taking a trip to an Israeli restaurant, and seeing the mov¬ ie, " The Troops " , an Israeli movie that has Hebrew dialogue with English subtitles. This movie could be inter¬ preted as an Israeli " Hair " . Students do not have to be in a Hebrew class to join this club, as it is open to all. Front row: Gary Korol, Steve Korol, Dave Cedeno. Second row: Dan Sosani, Alex Miron, Karen Silverblatt, Rosanne Friedman. Back row: Jorge Hurtado, Alan Dayan, Ira Oliff. Top to bottom: During an Israeli Club meeting, Steve Korol shows Alan Dayan a different way to eat his food. At one Israeli Club meeting all the members have fun cooking up a storm. Students For Israel Hellenic Club The Hellenic Club, sponsored by Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Panos of Niles North, has been in progress for two years now. The club has begun to ac¬ complish its goals, and the member¬ ship has greatly increased since last year. It has provided cultural enrichment for the members by the careful plan¬ ning of dinners at Greek restaurants, and the many other activities outside of school. Within the school, bake sales, bike-a-thons, and a drive for a Children ' s Memorial Hospital Reha¬ bilitation Center were successful fund raising events completed to enhance their knowledge of Greek culture, and to benefit charity. Evidence of the warm nature of the Hellenes was shown by their Christmas caroling at the Hollywood House, a home for the elderly. The club is comprised of not only students and teachers but Principal Dr. Mannos who takes an active inter¬ est in the Hellenic Club. Officers were Georgette Bartholomew, President, Craig Panos, Vice-President, Estelle Angeletos, Secretary, Tina Venetos, Treasurer, and Van Stamos, Activities Chairman. Above left to right: Reading the notes from the last meeting is Senior Estelle Angeletos. Van Stamos listens as President Georgette Bartholo¬ mew leads the meeting. Back row: Dr. Mannos, Korine Vlahos, George Papps, John Koudounis, Stephanie Poulakidas, Craig Panos, Estelle Angeletos, and Mr. Thomas. Front row: Mrs. Panos, Tina Venetos, Linda Kontos, Van Stamos, Georgette Bartholomew, Mark Poulakidas, Helena Gabriel, and Angie Anton- akos. Hellenic Club Lisa DeCook types sports copy to meet the last deadline. Editors Front row: Ellen Havdala, Devra Lipsky, Erica Stone, Lisa Shapiro, Maria Leberis. Back row: Holly Gershanov, Tami Weitzman, Van Stamos, Karen Schwartz, Steve Miller. Spectrum " I can ' t find a cropper, " was fre¬ quently heard in room 103. Most peo¬ ple do not know that a cropper is used to eliminate certain details in a pic¬ ture. Cropping pictures, which deter¬ mines their size in print, is one phase in the production of a yearbook. Oth¬ er elements include: drawing layouts, writing copy and captions, taking pic¬ tures, and putting all these functions in their final form. For the first time this year, there were two yearbook classes. However separate, the classes were both work¬ ing to produce one book. When it came to identifying people in pictures, the large staff was an asset, but there were some periods of chaos! As Editor-In-Chief, Maria Leberis co-ordinated the overall production of the yearbook. Other editors included: Ray Chao, assistant editor; Ellen Hav¬ dala, photography; Holly Gershanov, Freshmen; Erica Stone, Sophomores; Devra Lipsky, Juniors; Lisa Shapiro, Seniors; Steve Miller, faculty; Karen Schwartz, clubs; Van Stamos, sports; Tami Weitzman, special events. An¬ gela Graham and Jerry Orr were the sponsors. Front row: M. Leberis. Second row: S. Strongin, R. Harris, P. Sideris, E. Boudouvas, C. Prinz, Lauri B., C. Krakow, S. Munic, E. Stone, K. Schwartz, E. Havdala. Third row: K. Hirata, D. Kipsky, B. Stone, L. Freed, M. Bergman, M. Friedman, S. Resnick, J. Huber, G. Gramatis, A. Karalis, J. Keller, D. Lippe, K. Bernstein, L. DeCook, J. Gilbert. Fourth row: M. Rosen, S. Miller, T. Konsewicz, H. Gershanov, B. Moss, P. Joseph, T. Weitzman, V. Stamos, B. Miller, R. Chao, L. Shapiro, K. Lo res, M. Feldman, B. Joselit, P. O ' Boyle, S. Silverman, A. Much, J. Martini, D. Santillan, K. Justesen, E. Sprague. Spectrum West Word The West Word decided to try something new with its staff. The re¬ sponsibility of Editor-in-Chief was shared by two people, Debra Havdala and Brenda Moss. " The fact that Deb¬ bie and I had varied ideas and opin¬ ions about many issues turned out to be beneficial. We put our ideas togeth¬ er to produce a stronger, more appeal¬ ing paper for all students, " Brenda said. The page editors were Andy Much and Lisa Shapiro, News Editors; Julie Mamett and Arbella Odishoo, Editori¬ al Directors; Ray Chao, Features Edi¬ tor; Joel Fink, Sports Editor; and Beth Shartiag, Photography Editor. To learn about ideas for improving the paper, some staff members attend¬ ed summer journalism workshops and the whole staff attended a one day seminar at the University of Wiscon¬ sin at Whitewater. Some of the articles that highlight¬ ed the year were an editorial on the Tylenol scare, a sports injury story, and Ray Chao ' s column, etc. Above left to right: West Word editors gather for a pictures. Finishing her layout, Julie Ma¬ mett seeks the advice of sponsor Mr. Orr. Front row: Neil Warshawsky, Mitch Rosen, Lisa DeCook, Julie Mammett, Brenda Moss, Debbie Havdala, Wendy Smason, Ellen Sprague, Joel Fink, Lisa Freed. Back row: Maria Leberis, David Parisi, Nikki Rich, Beth Shartig, Andy Much, Lisa Shapiro, Ray Chao, Ellen Havdala, Arbella Odishoo. Front row: M. Cooper, J. Dunn, B. Auerbach, S. Taich, S. Bychkov, M. Lewin, R. Schraeger, J. Kimel, B. Shedroff. Second row: R. Sohn, M. Feldman, M. Wallerstein, C. Schwartz, L. Chi, N. Tobin, S. Akwa, W. Cone, N. Laliberty, F. Cavllieres, G. Mankoff, L. Mikerck. Third row: M. Gittleman, J. Schaffner, A. Mills, M. Anglin, H. Tiersky, K.Lapins, J. Soble, J. Strange, B. Claver. Back row: C. Lawler, S. Erlebacher, A. Lawler, S. Silverman, M. Shellist, S. Koshbin, D. Moshak, C. Laliberty, M. Albert, M. Lanski. Thespians Niles West Thespians took part in projects involving many high school age students. This year they presented several types of theatre. The Childrens Theatre, ' The Red Shoes ' which was a ballet, " The Wiz " a jazz production, Pow Wow which was student directed theatre, and then " Plaza Suite " directed by Mr. Batts. The directors were Robert Johnson, Cynthia Philbin, and James Batts. The president of this club was Mike Lanski. Also in the " Red Shoes " the technical directors were Mike Lansky, Seth Erlbacher and Bruce Clever. This group had fund raisers in which they sold popcorn, bake sales, and had two carwashes. Their goal for this summer is to raise enough money to go to The International Theatre Arts Conference in Muncie, Indiana which is held annually. Top to bottom: Thespians get directions from Ms. Philbin. Marc Shellist and friend practice a dance number from " The Wiz. " Thespians Technical Service Crew The Technical Services Club is in¬ charge of all of the technical aspects in the Niles West theatre department. The responsibilities of the club in¬ clude building sets and providing lighting and sound for all activities in the auditorium. These duties include assemblies, and outside groups that rent the auditorium, as well as school productions. Senior Mike Lanski states, " Stu¬ dents don ' t realize all of the effort put in by the club for each production. " In preparation for each play, the members of the club, under the super¬ vision of Miss Philbin, stay after school each day from 2:45 until 6:00. They also come to school on Saturday. When the plays are over the club is responsible for taking apart the sets. What would a Niles West theatre production be without the original sets created by the Technical Services Club. Above left to right: Bruce Claver and Seth Erle- bacher work on scenery for " The Wiz. " Ken Lapins gets ready to raise the curtains for " The Wiz. " Front row: M. Cooper, R. Schraeger, J. Kimmel, M. Lewin, W. Cone, B. Auerbach, R. Sohn, N. Laliberty, L. Mielcarek, B. Shedroff, B. Claver, J. Dunn, S. Bychkov, S. Taich. Back row: Ms. Philbin, H. Tiersky, F. Callieres, G. Mankoff, M. Lanski, A. Mills, J. Schaffner, D. Moshack, S. Erlebacher, N. Anglin, K. Lapins, J. Strange, N. Tobin. Technical Service Crew Front row: D. Ziegelski, E. Bodi, R. Hersch, M. Rosen. Second row: J. Snyder, S. Robinson, B. Burdeen, J. Rubin, B. Groeling. Third row: J. Moltz, T. Jackson, S. Lewin. Fourth row: J. Woodier, R. Harles. Back row: M. Levant, B. Zabo, C. Noren. Band The band provides a good opportu¬ nity for students to show their talent and abilities, not just in school but outside, as well. The band accom¬ plished a great deal throughout the year. The marching band played at all of the home football games, and their spirit and enthusiasm were a big help to the football team. The concert band played at the home basketball games, and they did a fine job, playing and encouraging the team with their mu¬ sic. The students worked hard with fund raisers to sell candy bars, and they had a " Pops " Dinner which c on¬ sisted of an authentic Italian dinner and band music throughout the even¬ ing. All this went to raise money for the students to go on tour to Montreal for an exciting five days. The bands were also involved in a Memorial Day Parade around Skokie, Lincolnwood, and Morton Grove, and in the La- Grange Pet Parade on June 4th, which was telecast on Channel 9. Another event took place was the Jr. High Fes¬ tival, where the Jr. High band stu¬ dents had a chance to play with our band. They accompanied Pow Wow, Orchesis dance show, and the musi¬ cal, " The Wiz " . Marla Friedman reflects, " It is be¬ cause of the band that I have had many great experiences. For instance, I have traveled, and made good friend¬ ships, the band has really added a lot more meaning to high school for me. " Front row: F. Yakoubck, B. Kellman, D. Hendly. Second row: G. Korol, T. Kreher, K. Lee, M. Rosen. Third row: J. Viner, R. Davis, M. Ikramullah, A. Klein, P. Helwing, M. Telengater, C. Cross. Fourth row: J. Witte, S. Blonder, J. Hoppe, M. Schwarz, S. Serlin, A. Berastem, D. Paul, P. Hosse. Back row: B. Koch, J. Zabo, B. Wozniak. Band Front row: J. Matz, B. Groeling. Second row: S. Robinson, C. Noren, M. Levant. Back row: Dr. Groeling, R. Harles. Front row: K. Schwenn, G. Camilli, G. Hartzen, L. Lee, G. Lin, B. Hill. Second row: N. Hanson, K. Pattison, M. Zissman, M. Friedman, L. McAllister, A. Antman, R. Alpern. Third row: N. Stein, C. Gruettner, M. Lashever, J. Hallman, R. Sohn, A. Silberman. Back row: Y. Barshay, A. Rosenblum, D. Kellman, N. Markos. Band Front row: S. Eichen, J. Matz, B. Handzel. Second row: Mr. Wada, R. Davis, C. Markos. Back row: J. Joss. Front row: A. Wilson, K. Doyle, C. Robins, A. Pawlowski. Second row: A. Miller, G. Lereno, E. Nutting. Back row: M. Cooper, K. Palin, L. Vick, T. Nickos. Front row: C. Moss, L. Soukin, L. Reichert, B. Kossel. Second row: C. Bychowski, S. Deal, M. Goldberg, L. Krull, I. Basilio. Third row: K. Ji, N. Chmielinski, D. Langston, B. Silverman, A. Dalinka, C. Buisseret, E. Nussbaum. Back row: S. Horiuchi, K. Kenmotsu, G. Bellos, E. Gazdowicz, C. Kukulski, C. Ericsson. Band Orchestra The Concert Orchestra kept quite busy throughout the year with var¬ ious activities. Orchestra members performed at Open House, the Holi¬ day Festival, the Pops Dinner Concert sponsored by the Niles West Music Parents Association, the May Festival and the exclusive fall and spring con¬ certs. In addition, members partici¬ pated in competition such as the IHSA Solo Ensemble Contest and au¬ ditions for the IMEA District and All- State Orchestras. Fundraisers were held periodically to enable orchestra members to participate in the music departments annual tour, held this year in Montreal. The purpose of pro¬ moting students ' musical develop¬ ment through experience in rehears¬ ing, cooperating, and performing was fulfilled very effectively. Orchestra Board Members were Elisa Leberis, President, Georgette Bartholomew, Vice-President, Connie Anderson, Secretary, and Ross Erlebacher, Trea¬ surer. Above left to right: Orchestra members per¬ form at a concert. Connie Anderson and Elisa Leberis bow after finishing their piece. Front Row: Sheryl Ferdman, Ross Erlebacher, Todd Kaplan. Second Row: Georgette Bartholomew, Eva Kim, Hyo Jin, Sandy Yoo, Jordy Sacksner. Third Row: Steve Lee, Fern Cauillieres, Alex Paul, Denise Mikita, John Kolski. Back Row: Linnae St. Marie, Mr. Kaitchuck, Steve Erlebacher. A 124 ll v Orchestra Vivace Vivace is a group of talented female students chosen from concert choir to sing light pop tunes. Vivace sings at all festivals and at the neighboring junior high schools. This group of singing dancers meets once a week to learn and practice choreography. The sponsor of this club was Hugh Magee. Front row: K. Feingold, J. Burns, Y. Vargas, S. Akwa, J. Kimmei, M. Lewin. Second row: S. Poet, S. Fine, B. Shedroff, A. Flakne, E. Schwartz. Back row: I. Kogen, N. Rich, L. Chi, L. Clark, N. Anglin, J. Krier, K. Kuhn, L. Doolittle. Front row: J. Kimmei, N. Tobin. Second row: K. Kuhn, L. Chi, N. Rich, D. Moshak, E. Schwartz. Back row: J. Soble. Westones The Westones, known also as the " Swing Choir " of Niles West, had a very busy year. In March they went on tour to Montreal with the band. They also appeared at Boston Pops ' Dinner on February 26th. The club performed as well, at Lincoln Jr. High and the Holiday Festival reception. The choir practiced Wednesday and Friday after school; their sponsor was Mr. McGee. They performed song and dance routines and most of the chore¬ ography was designed by Gloria Ca- milli. One of their favorite numbers was " Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy " , which they performed in Montreal. Vivace And Westones Concert Choir Concert Choir was off to a great start this year with officers. Sari Ru¬ bin, President; Cindy Schwartz, Vice President; Elissa Schwartz, Secretary; Jon Soble and Neil Tobin, Co-treasur¬ ers. Throughout the year in M08 one would find Mr. Hugh McGee and his students working diligently to give a superb performance, with the Holiday Festival, which was the first given. This included students from Lincoln Junior High School singing selections from, " The Wiz " . Mrs. Barbara Flem¬ ming, from Lincoln Junior High, ac¬ companied the choir at the piano. Along with this event was the an¬ nual cookie baking contest. The win¬ ners were, in first, Amy Antman, in second, Julie Kellman, and in third, Kathy Feingold. Mr. Hugh McGee, a dedicated man, leaves Niles West at the end of the year. He has helped in training voices and has encouraged many students to seek gratifying ca¬ reers in music. Mr. McGee, the Concert Choir of 1982-1983 would like to thank you for all of your hard work, patience and talent that you ' ve been able to share with others for the past thirty-two years! A Cappella A Cappella is an out growth of con¬ cert choir and is made up of a group of talented students who sing without the aid of instrumental accompani¬ ment. Madrigals of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are the subject of their work. In March A Cappella per¬ formed in Elk Grove Village at a solo ensemble. Two of the other main events were the winter Holiday and May Music Festivals. Front row: K. Feingold, J. Burns, Y. Vargas, S. Akwa, J. Kimel, M. Lewin. Second row: S. Fine, B. Shedroff, F. Rosen, H. Park, L. Shedroff, A. Flakne, E. Schwartz. Third row: S. Poet, L. Chi, B. Clave, N. Tobin, K. Kuhn, L. Doolittle. Back row: I. Kogen, L. Clark, D. Moshak, J. Sobel, N. Anglin, J. Kreher. Front row: S. Poet, K. Feingold, J. Burns, Y. Vargas, S. Akwa. Second row: L. Chi, S. Fine, B. Shedroff, H. Park, L. Doolittle. Back row: B. Claver, N. Tobin, N. Anglin, K. Kuhn, D. Moshak, J. Sobel. Choir Left to Right: Lisa Wright, Beth Ax, Cindy Lee, Janet Leider, Hans Adelfang, Jean Chen, Joanah Wipf, Bill Payuk, Kris Abed, Gary Davis, Melalyn Tan, Ken Lund, Gina Blumberg, Debby Dougherty, Debbie Rose, Monica Rahn. Council Art is a very rewarding hobby. A club which gives art-oriented students time to express their creativity in a relaxed atmosphere is Art Council. The members engage in fun-filled and exciting activities, both socially and artistically stimulating. When the club was just starting out, a group of talented artists came together and formed Art Council. Together they raised money, visited art museums and participated in art-related pro¬ jects, because the purpose of Art Council is to stimulate the growth of art by the members. The club met on Wednesdays. There were about twenty-five stu¬ dents involved in Art Council, of which Mr. Davis was the sponsor. On Wednesdays they discussed large pro¬ jects that they were going to under¬ take. After they knew what they were going to do, they would work in small groups. At these times they would tackle small projects for fun. As for big projects, they painted the bottom of the pool here at school. They also finished up painting room 111. It was started last year and fin¬ ished this year. On the pool they painted an Indian and in room 111 they painted " stills ' 7 from movie reels such as Charlie Chaplin scenes. Art Council also won first place for their spirit panel at Homecoming. “I really enjoy Art Council; it ' s a lot of fun! " said Todd Payuk, member of Art Council. Top to bottom: Working on o ne of their many projects, Senior Debbie Rose applies the finish¬ ing touches. By painting " the Duke " , Ken Lund gives the film study room the movie look. Art Council JM7 Science Fiction Club The Science Fiction Fantasy Club had a very exotic, bizzare year of searching for treasures, slaying drag¬ ons and avoiding evil wizards and goblins. Under the supervision of Dungeon Master Mitch Gittelman, the small, but mighty club challenged the elements of evil forces as they traveled to the unknown world of Dungeons and Dragons, a popular Sci-fi imagination game. According to Gittelman, the club spent many hours in the underground world, " explor¬ ing, probing, seeking and searching. " But the club also ventured in to the real world, with excursions to other schools for tournements and an occa¬ sional visit to a science fiction con¬ vention. The members also exchanged sci-fi books and magazines. Above left to right: During an intense game of Dungeons and Dragons, H. Patel makes a stra- Front row: V. Ovsey, M. Gittleman, D. Fogelson, H. Patel. Back row: J. Wang, H. Meinke, Mr. tegic move. After his move, H. Patel sits back Jones, and relaxs. A ' Science Fiction Club Robin Telengater, Geri Masterton, Sabine Plonus, Karen Hedberg, Phyllis Milewski, Jeanie Tosh, Helena Gabriel, Patty Doles, Kathy Sander, Caryn Eberhart, Dale Larson, Lisa DeCook. Front row: Mary Holm, Peggy Helestrae, Didi Fry, Danna Daplan, Amy Sunblum, Becky Santos. Second row: Jill Burkel, Helen Cohan, Janee Kaufman, Nancy Zoros, Jackie Levin, Sally Cohen. Third row: Dawn Olander, Julie Klancik, Gail Kilbort, Jo Valenti, Diane Estes, Jill Lebowitz. Back row: Jennie Campbell. Leaders For those girls who excel in Phys¬ ical Education, a Leaders Gym pro¬ gram was offered. The purpose of Leaders was to develop responsibility and to promote teamwork and leader¬ ship. Leaders provided an opportunity for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to participate in a specialized gym class and also teach other classes. By teaching other classes the girls are given a chance to develop techniques for working with individuals and groups. " Leading also gives the girls a chance to express themselves, " said Miss Lee Heeren, Girls 7 Athletic Coor¬ dinator. The Leaders " express them¬ selves " once each week when they participated in Fun Fridays. Every Fri¬ day the girls got a break from their regular class activity and played dif¬ ferent games. The games were ar¬ ranged by the different class levels and sometimes by the instructors. The Leaders enjoyed their gym class for many reasons. Senior Leader Caryn Eberhart liked leading because, " You become closer to your class than you would in regular P.E. because you ' re with the same girls for three years. " " Leading gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. I feel great knowing that I ' ve helped some one learn a new skill, " said Junior Mary Holm. Front row: Anna Piro, Linda Disch, Dawn Deising. Second row: Sherry Dougal, Sue Chen, Diana Santillan, Molly Edelstien, Nancy Johnson, Joyce Dassaw, Judy Cohen. Third row: Diana Hellas- trae, Cindy Penaloza, Julie Kerchins, Carolyn Prinz, Debbie Ciskoski, Chris Williams, Eileen Coursey, Christie Gunther, Peggy Thill. Fourth row: Jill Bernstien, Yun Kim, Julie Keller, Carol Billisits, Alelli Estrada, Michelle Garlan, Maryann Pavlech. Back row: Shiela Murray, Regina Shemroske, Dianne Zych, Kim Rowe, Daren Wilczewski, Rose Miklaj, Hoyo Sil Park. Guard Club Guard Club is an organization that consisted of teenagers. They spent their Saturday mornings teaching ele- menary students how to swim. Barb Sopoznik was in charge. She orga¬ nized all the groups, and got everyone together. " They are all great teachers, and do a good job communicating with the children, " stated Sopoznik. Barb felt that becoming involved with the younger kids may help them in the future. One of the members of the Guard Club was Mark Luncsford, who said, " I enjoy working with ele¬ mentary school students. I ' d be lost without my Saturday morning work¬ out. " Timers Club The timers club taught students to time the swimmers at home swim meets. They also kept scores of the divers. They announce who is up next to dive or swim and tell the scores. Sharon Brabec, a member of the girls varsity swim team said, " I enjoyed be¬ ing on the timers club during the boys swim season because it made my swim season last longer. " This club is very important to the swim team be¬ cause accurate timing can make all the difference whether a team wins or loses. Members of the Timers Club await the gun. Front row: K. Ashcroft, G. Bloomfield, N. Bloomfield, S. Begin, B. Sopoznik. Back row: M. Luncsford, A. Benbow, D. Mahan, T. Gut. Back row: J. Cohen, S. Brabec, J. Dassow, T. Buckley, G. Bloomfield, J. Cookie, K. Ashcroft, K. Andrson, D. Santillan, K. Kenmotsu, J. Bernstein, J. Gerveyl. 2nd row: H. Limpin, S. Begin, A. Dassow, I. Smeal, N. Bloomfield, J. Tobin, A. Pinzel, M. Sienkowski, B. Sopoznik, A. Benbow. Front row: I. Reznikov. Back row: Mr. Field, Mr. Murphy, S. Erlebacher, R. Shoglund, S. Erlebacher, R. Erlebacher, S. Lee, C. Choi, S. Blonder, M. Korey, T. Svrcek, D. Rubin, S. Faingold, R. Alpern, M. Fillipini, Mr. Filliman. Front row: D. Glassner, M. Edwards, J. Axelrod, J. Snyder, L. Lee, S. Freed, E. Leberis, A. Citterman, L. Heideger, M. Killian, D. Jutovsky, J. Yang, J. Kang. Math Team The problem confronts you: " Find the integer x which satisfies 10 x • 4 Too ™ x+1 You stare at it blankly for several moments (perhaps several hours!) until a flash of inspiration strikes you. Aha, you reason, let a be the middle term above and define b as the product | • f • f • f • • j- S • Then, by cancella¬ tion, ab = . Since a and b are nearly equal, the difficulty now is to deter¬ mine which is less and which greater than jo . Comparing terms, you con¬ clude that a b, so that = 10 2 a 10 1 = Yo • Therefore, x = -2. Such innovative solutions are fre¬ quently required by the Math Team members as they attempt to solve the unusual problems encountered on a variety of contests. Despite the chal¬ lenge, the team has performed excep¬ tionally well at the local, state, and national levels, ranking first in Illi¬ nois and in the ninety-ninth percen¬ tile in the country. The team is jointly coached by Den¬ nis Filliman, Bob Murphy, and Don Field. Officers for this year have been Michael Korey (president), Elisa Le¬ beris (vice-president), Tom Svrcek (secretary), and Steve Erlebacher (trea¬ surer). •Illinois Mathematics League, January 11, 1983 (Contest 3), Problem 6. Top to bottom: Team members work diligently on one of their tests. Matt Filippini concen¬ trates on a problem. Computer Club The computer club attended many local competitions that were held at various schools. When competing against other schools, depending on how are club members ' computer skills they are placed into two-man teams. After this is done, math pro¬ grams are given to the teams. Whoev¬ er figures out the program correctly first, is the winner. Members can ' t play games such as Space Invaders, Asteroids, etc. on the computers because it is illegal to copy them. They have to make up their own. This year ' s president was Junior Robert Fremont. The sponsor of the Club was Mr. Stanley Weitzenfeld, who says, " The purpose of the Com¬ puter Club is to give students a chance to get together and share ideas about computers. " Debate Team Debate is an advocacy activity which involves teams of two people who discuss both sides of a question. The debate team attended many tour¬ naments throughout the state of Illi¬ nois. The varsity team of David Glassner and Jerry Kang had the unique opportunity to be one of six teams to attend the Southern Bell Fo¬ rum Debate tournament held in Nashville, Tennessee. The 1982-83 de¬ bate question was " Resolved: The United States should significantly curtail its arms sales to other coun¬ tries. " The goals of the debate team were to increase the students ' skills in re¬ search, organization and speaking style. The specific goals of Niles West debate program over the past two years have been to increase participa¬ tion and acceptance of the activity in the school. Front row: J. Beckerman, S. Zarch. Second row: M. Cooper, D. Lasker. Back row: J. Doe, S. Smith, S. Le Hew, R. Frime t, Sponsor Mr. Weitzenfeld. Freshman Jerry Kang stresses a point. Front row: J. Kang, J. Man, A. Reeve, J. Wortman. Second row: Sponsor Sandra Berkovitz, M. Witzgall, J. Yang, J. Smith, M. Kilian, H. Shapiro, S. Bychkov, M. Cooper, A. Mozina. Back row: D. Kahn, M. Edwards, R. Chi, D. Glassner, D. Rubin, A. Dalinka. Computer Club And Debate Team Morning Mouths Carol Netzel and Brenda Hill. " Good morning, today is . . . Morning Mouths Every morning students were wo¬ ken by the sound of chimes. Follow¬ ing the wake up call there are an¬ nouncements. They confirm the final scores of sporting events, and the achievements of the students. Who were the girls that made homeroom tolerable? Their names were Carol Netzel and Brenda Hill. Each girl gets to make an announcement every other day. This makes it less confusing. That ' s not to say they don ' t make mis¬ takes, they do. Getting words all mixed up is a problem, and then try¬ ing not to laugh at themselves is al¬ most impossible. Carol Netzel had this to say, “When ever one of us makes a mistake, we wait until all the announcements are over, and then sit in a corner and laugh. " Ushers Club The Ushers Club helps to make a school production operate smoothly. These polite courteous, and friendly students take tickets, hand out pro¬ grams, and seat the audience. For a senior citizens ' performance, special care is taken. There are escorts to the washrooms, and other personal cour¬ tesies. For the children ' s theater pro¬ duction, the students even sit with the youngsters. The club consists of 32 members with Sandra Goldstein act¬ ing as President, Martina Hoeller as Vice President and Joyce Dassow as Secretary. Meetings are not held weekly, but the students meet once before each event to decide who will work on each night. The club ' s spon¬ sor, Miss Klinger, stated that it is im¬ portant to use common sense in aid¬ ing the viewers. The nice thing about this club, is that one can help people and also enjoy the school productions. Front row: A. Dassow, T. Buckley, R. Bains, J. Dassow, D. Sauer, S. Canabol, S. Goldstein, M. Garland, Miss Klinger. Back row: J. Lieberman, L. Wilcoff, L. Harwood, I. Catanese, Y. Gesyuk, C. Lee, L. Hathy, J. Chen, R. Abramovitz. Morning Mouths And Ushers Club Aeronautics Club The Aeronautics Club cruised along at flight speed as one of our oldest organizations. Its primary target was to provide interested students with a chance to design, build, and fly model aircraft and rockets. The club alternat¬ ed between airplanes and rockets, de¬ pending upon the season. In the fall, airplanes were flown; the winter was spent flying rockets and building or repairing airplanes for spring use. One of several group projects was the flying of large wire-controlled, gas powered airplanes. A balloon race was sponsored by the club last year to raise funds for these projects. The club was sponsored by Mr. Wayne Rogoski, and club officers included David Schwartz, President; Aaron Feinberg, Vice-president; and Mark Schwartz, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Rogoski adds, " This is the first year that there were girls in the club. " Above left to right: Future pilot Mark Schartz guides his plane to a safe landing. Sponsor Wayne Rogoski explains the fine points of aeronautics to club member Greg Ross. Kneeling: Aaron Feinberg, Mark Schwartz, David Schwarz. Standing: Mr. Wayne Rogoski, Greg Ross, John Axelrod, Steven Freed, Linda Chi, Sue Fang, Eric Bodi. Aeronautics Club Chess Club The Chess Club is a member of the North Suburban Chess League and participates in matches in the South Division. The team plays other clubs from schools such as New Trier, Ev¬ anston, and Niles North. The season consists of 6 matches of which Niles West has had a fantastic record. Sponsor Mr. Holz comments, ' This is definitely one of the best teams I have ever had the opportunity to work with. " The team consists of six play¬ ers, all of which have great concentra¬ tion. Junior Jordy Sacksner states, " The hardest thing about becoming a good chess player is to maintain a good train of thought. The matches really put us under pressure. " The 1982-83 Chess Club included captains Ilya Reznikov and Ted Field, Todd Kaplan, Bob Hoerrmann, Jordy Sacksner, who along with Reznikov had the best personal record, and Todd Lichtenstein. Top row: Ira Levey, Frank Delphin, Bob Herman, Todd Lichtenstein. Bottom row: Ilya Reznikov, Ted Field, Jordy Sackser, Todd Kaplan. Top to bottom: Sophomore Todd Lichtenstein smiles after having check-mated opponent Jordy Saksner. Freshman Ira Levey contem¬ plates moving his man forward. Chess Club Photography Club " Say Cheese! " The Photography Club at Niles West is designed to help interested students improve their photographic skills and knowledge. During meetings in... Photography Club, students learned new tech¬ niques in development and how to make mats and frames, along with im¬ proving their actual photographs. One of the Club ' s projects was a Photography contest for all interested students. Pictures were submitted and the three best were chosen by mem¬ bers of the Club. The Club also took a City Walk, where they spent a day downtown and took pictures of the architecture and other interesting sights. Several slide shows were pre¬ sented at different meetings by Kodak and, according to senior Neil War- shawsky, " The slide shows helped us to better understand our photographic techniques. " Although the club was relatively small, sponsor John Beeftink and stu¬ dents always welcomed newcomers. Front row: M. Leberis, E. Cohen. Second row: K. Juste- sen, D. Parisi. Back row: Mr. Beeftink, A. Much, N. Eliot Cohen prepares to print some pic- Warshawsky. tures. David Parisi and Kenneth Justesen listen intently as Mr. Beeftink reviews the proper darkroom techniques. A Photography Club Front row: A. Dayan, B. Rosenbert, S. Plonus, A. Limpin. Back row: H. Patel, Mrs. Koral, J. Mann, K. Silverblatt, B. Milkin, H. Lev, G. Bartholomew, L. Chi, C. Mak, S. Fang, M. Leberis, J. Chertow, H. Gabriel. Medical Careers Club The Medical Careers Club consists exclusively of high-school age stu¬ dents, and is sponsored by Mrs. Korol. The President is Alan Dayan, Vice-President is Bennett Rosenberg, Secretary is Sabine Plonus, and Trea¬ surer is Alan Limpin. The purpose of the Niles West Medical Careers Club is for the stu¬ dents to share their interests about the medical field. Speakers on various medical topics come every couple of months, and meetings are held twice a month. Members also take field trips to the hospitals and old peoples home to increase their awareness of the many possibilities in medical studies. The goal for the Medical Careers Club is for students to explore differ¬ ent areas in the health area. Every year they also sponsor the " Great Ameri¬ can Smoke-Out " . Over 100 Niles West students signed up for this. Above top to bottom: Seniors Sue Fang and Jill Chertow discuss ideas at a meeting. Senior Hei¬ di Bojes makes plans for the next meeting. Medical Careers Club Ecology Club The members of the Ecology Club investigate the relationships of organ¬ isms to their environment. The pur¬ pose of the club is to help bring our own nature area into a better state of existence. The club meetings depend on the season. In the winter, the meet¬ ings were frequent, but in the spring the Ecology Club met daily. The club took a trip to the Indiana Dunes, which aided the kids to appreciate and understand nature. A major project that the club spent much time on was the " prairie " , which is located behind the school. They tried to restore the prairie by slowly getting rid of invad¬ ing vegetation which would destroy old but valuable plant life, section by section, either by plowing or with chemicals (which are safe). There are two methods of planting a new gen¬ eration in the prairie: the first way is by broadcasting the seeds. This way is easier, but there is a smaller chance of the seeds ' succeeding in propagating themselves. The second way is to start the seeds in the greenhouse. The seeds are planted and taken care of in the greenhouse; then they are moved to small peat pots, and finally moved to the prairie. There are no specific offi¬ cers, and the members met informal¬ ly. These members included: Bob Hoerman, Jordy Sacksner, Linda Hei- dinger, Adrianna Alcade, and Richard Chi. The Ecology Club helped the stu¬ dents to become more familiar with nature and bring them to understand why things live where they do. Top to bottom: David Schwarz takes a short break and looks over what has been accom¬ plished. Ecology Club members find that plen¬ ty of muscle is required in planting. Ecology Club Front row: Linda Heidinger, Adrianna Alcalde, Back row: Richard Chi, Jordy Sacksner, and Mr. Firak Opus One Front row: T. LaBelle, A. Chern, H. Fishbein. Back row: C. Steele, W. Brenner, M. Glick, A. Rose. Opus 1 is the literary, art, and pho¬ tography magazine produced by the students and consists of material sub¬ mitted by students during the course of the year. All material was carefully selected by the Opus 1 staff, which was led by Editor Michael Glick and Literary Editor Christopher Steele. The staff, sponsored by Mrs. Derichs, met every Thursday after school in Room 114, where they discussed and judged the latest submissions and worked on publicizing the magazine. For the 1983 edition. Opus 1 em¬ phasized originality, creativity, and ingenuity. The goal was to compile a collage of art and literature that ex¬ pressed the thoughts and feelings unique to West ' s talented students. All grade levels were encouraged to contribute. The finished copy of Opus I went on sale in April May 1983; however, most copies were ordered at the beginning of the year. Top to bottom: Nearing the publication dead¬ line for Opus One, Niles West literary maga¬ zine, Mrs. Derichs, sponsor, and Mike Glick, editor-in-chief, discuss the merits of a submit¬ ted manuscript. Literary editor Chris Steele takes time to look over some artwork for Opus One. Opus 1 Student Union " The main objective of Student Union is to plan social events which will be enjoyable for the whole stu¬ dent body. We hope to spread school spirit and unify the student body in the process ' commented Student Union President, Stephanie Poulaki- das. Last year a great change was made which involved many student organi¬ zations such as SAB, SRA, and class cabinets. SAB-Student Activities Board, now called Student Union had been completely reorganized and now meets every day according to commit¬ tees. Student Union is the organiza¬ tion that plans many of the school ' s social events. Student Union ' s hard work was evi¬ dent in the outcome of the entire homecoming weekend. The weekend included such successful events as the in-school pep assembly, homecoming parade, Twi-light pep rally, Home¬ coming game, dance, and much more. The theme for the dance was " Some¬ where in the Night " , and the gym was decorated in a romantic, night-time atmosphere. Other events were the mini-500 rol¬ lerskating contest and the Valentines Dance. This club, responsible for so many school social activities, offered a great opportunity for all those inter¬ ested in spreading school spirits. As a result Student Union has done a great job in unifying our school. Above right: Publicity is a big part in planning the many events produced by Student Union. Above far right: Excited by the turnout of Homecoming, Stephanie Poulakidas, president of Student Union, smiles. Front row, left to right: E. Sprague, M. Irpino, J. Nimz, K. Yashin, M. Edelstein, Y. Kim, S. Weisman. Bottom row: A. Varon, S. Schneider, N. Remus, J. Keller, S. Michaels, S. Kreiter, M. Gorchow, S. Poulakidas, T. Weitman, E. Stone, D. Laser. Student Union Front row: E. Angeletos, M. Gintzler, J. Yoo, H. Gershanov, G. Root, J. Mamett. Second row: V. Attia, K. Zelickman, K. Kim, S. Miller, W. Smason, E. Havdala, M. Korey. Third row: R. Bains, S. Gross, L. Freed, A. Estrada, J. Chertow, T. Venetos, K. Silverblatt, J. Deer, S. Cohen, J. Plomus, C. Kochman Back row: J. Koudounis, M. Filippini, S. Korol, R. Jemc, R. Miller, D. Rugendorf, T. Uginica, J. Lebovitz, S. Jusufi. Student Senate Student Senate is the governmental organization within the Student Cou- cil. Students are required to operate under parliamentary procedures. The organization represents Niles West students at school board meetings, Educational Planning Advisory Com¬ mittee meetings, P.T.S.A. Meetings, and various seminars. The group was sponsored by Social Studies teacher Gerald Boevers and directed under the leadership of President Debbie Hav¬ dala, Vice-President Becky Weinstein, and Secretary-Treasurer Anita Char- ous. " We have tried to make Student Senate a means for students to learn about Democratic government ' said Havdala, " but we also want to be a worthwhile representative group for all students at Niles West. " The organization implemented new features such as the Staff Service Rec¬ ognition Award and " Open Forums. " Senate created a new constitution that was ratified in December and has con¬ sidered many important motions. At each meeting a written Agenda, that contains a complete copy of the min¬ utes from the previous meeting, is provided to group members. Above: Seniors Anita Charous and Mike Korey discuss future plans with sponsor Mr Boevers. Below: A busy day in the senate. Student Senate Senior Jill Chertow tries to under¬ stand how Steve Korol could wear that tie. Left: Members of the Senior Class Cabinet ride on their award winning float. " I ' m so confused! " states Senior Brad Joselit. Seniors Glenn Guttman and Cory Binstock display their spirit board panal. Estelle Angeletos Stacey Aronson Yvonne Arvanitis Lawrence Asher Cynthia Atsaves The library provides serenity for Senior Mike Gentile ' s quick nap and Senior Beth Before another day begins. Seniors Laura Rockel and Steve Ubrig Desnet ' s reading. relax with some friendly conversation. West Word staff members Neil Warshawsky, Joel Fink, Ellen Sprague and Julie Mamett discuss the next issue with adviser Mr. Orr. Kimberly Baker Jacqueline Bakshy Rosemarie Baque Renee Barasch Sheryl Barasch Nancy Barraza Yan Barshay Georgia Bezanis Gregory Bezkorovainy Glenn Bianchi Armen Biberian Cory Binstock 147 Senior Remembers . . . I remember my first year of high school very clearly. never arrive. From September of 1979 to June of 1980, I, a vulnerable My junior year marked a turning point in my high school freshman, looked upon the seniors of Niles West as my wise career. I felt much older and more accomplished. When our elders. The tall muscular guys (some of them even had senior pictures were taken in May, suddenly I realized that beards!) and the pretty, mature girls were symbols of an age the wonderful milestone of being a senior was not far away, and a time that were far, far away. These elites took sophisti- Now that my senior year has approached, I realize that the cated sounding classes such as College Prep, A.P. Chemistry, meaning of being a senior carries more weight than simply and C.V.E. They always seemed to be first in the cafeteria being more physically advanced than the underclassmen. In lines, first in the bookstore lines, and the first students ad- addition, I see that the seniors were not created solely to scare mitted into the dean ' s office. Everywhere a freshman wan- freshmen and lead lunch lines. As members of the Class of dered, there was a senior there to beat him. ' 83, we are the students who, with our many combined Throughout my sophomore year, my inferiority complex achievements over the past four years, are faced with the task was almost as intense when it came to dealing with seniors. I of representing Niles West for a full year, remember the shock I experienced when I learned that some Before we know it, we will be applying the knowledge that seniors actually owned cars and drove them to school. I recall we have gained in high school, both academically and social- the look of pride on a senior ' s face when he or she was ly, in the " big world. " With a Niles West diploma in our accepted into the college of his choice. Most of all, 1 can hands, we will certainly be prepared to face our futures, remember attending the commencement of the Class of ' 81 and thinking that my own graduation day would probably -Brenda Moss Wendy Brenner Steven Brooks Catherine Buisseret Monica Christmann Elizabeth Chung Julie Ciskoski Alan Citterman Bruce Claver Michele Cohen Gary Constance Pamela Costas Spending some time in the Annex, Seniors Steve Ubrig and Frank Ji joke around Laurie Coconato Jennifer Cohen Kari Cohen Mark Cohen 151 Enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sun,.Seniors Linda Schmidt, Heidi Bojes, and Junior Tamara Uglinica check out the guys. A difficult trig problem has Senior Frank Horvath perplexed. Joseph Coursey William Coyne Jeffery D ' Agostino Michael Dahm Valery Daniel Phillip Daus Raphidien Dawis Alan Dayan William Decker Lisa DeCook Jeffery Deer Michelle Deering John DeGroot Jodi Eisenberg Alex Engels Robert Epperson Some " sophomoric " antics as Senior Spending an AFS summer in Chile, Senior Chris Steele dis- Senior Julie Mamett getting her economics figures right, Sheldon Silverman gives Senior Deb 4) cusses his trip. right? Havdala a lift. Bradley Evans Marc Falleroni Sue Fang David Farkas Aron Feinberg David Fickert Theodore Field Vitaly Fiks Matthew Filippini Seth Erlebacher Kathy Erpelding Mauricio Estrada On a field trip to Whitewater, Wisconsin, yearbook students Van Stamos, Even with homeroom only seconds away, Seniors Anita Charous and Wendy Lisa Freed, and Mitch Rosen enjoy their lunch break. Smason have time for some " juicy " gossip. Senioritis Can ' t Be Ignored Senioritis-what is it? A well known disease that sweeps ing about college ' through high school students. Beginning in late spring of Senior Lori Nelson declares, " It means having more free- junior year, Senioritis will last until graduation day. While dom, even if it is onlv a little bit more than before. " Senioritis basically affects students ' attitudes toward school. Senior Neil Warshawsky simply defines senior year as, " A homework, and underclassmen, it means something different time when you are constantly enjoying yourself. " Whether to each person. Senior Joel Fink says that Senioritis means, seniors have a mild or serious case of Senioritis, the disease " Being able to act obnoxious toward underclassmen and not cannot be completely avoided, having to worry about anyone looking down on you. " Senior Julie Mamett states, " It ' s a feeling of indifference. -Lisa DeCook You no longer care about high school and you are now worry- Lori Freed Daniel Freedman Rosanne Friedman Julie Frishman David Fritzshall At an in-school pep rally, varsity football players Tom Burke, Bob Spagnoli, Mike Dahm, and Steve Ericson proclaim, " Indians Hit " . Mitchell Gitelman Michael Glick Charles Goldberg Darrell Goldberg Gary Goldenberg Anthony Goldish Rhonda Goldstein Margaret Hanrahan Robert Harles Stephen Harris Gayle Hartzen Debra Havdala Donald Hennessy Ellen Herman Before an audience or not, Pom-pon girls Susie Rich, Randi Levinson, Sharon Schneider and Susie Kim stick together. When going to their lockers, Seniors Gary Watson, Gary Goldenberg, Steve Ubrig and Frank Ji use the " buddy” sys¬ tem. 159 A Last Farewell Dedicated To Niles East Two years ago when Niles East and Niles West merged, there was apprehension that the two rival schools would not be able to come together as one. Fortunately, the students became friends instead of enemies. The last class of Niles East is now graduating, and what they brought with them will never be forgotten. When the students arrived at West, they made new friendships and gained many memories that will last a lifetime. The rowdy Trojans added more spirit and support to their new school and helped fight the apathy problem. We thank you, Niles East students, for providing West with the spark that began the bond of unification at Niles West. We bid a final farewell to the loyal Trojans who also maintained Niles East spirit during the past three years. East and West will forever live on as one and only one. -Patty O ' Boyle Richard Holowicki Joon Yung Hong Jay Hornstein Elmer Hortelano Frank Horvath 161 Tina Kalabogias Susan Kang Mark Kapelanski Todd Kaplan Instead of study hall. Senior Randi Levinson reads in the library. Wi,h P uzzled looks ' Seniors Jim Carnow, Dave Fritzshall and Mark Seef try to figure out life ' s questions. Susan Krause Elliot Kravetz Janice Kreher William Kruzel Steven Kuhn Caroline Kukulski ,166 Seniors Must Go Separate Ways As this is our final year at Niles West, we seniors have a lot to think about. Some of us will be going on to college to continue studies and others will be entering the world of work. Thinking about our four years of high school, we have many stored memories that will last forever. Athletic events, the drudg ery of every school day. Homecoming, and Prom will live on. Senior year marks a change in all of our lives. Everyone starts to realize that this is our last year together and that we may never see some of our classmates again. Guys and girls seemed more unified and sensed a strong feeling of togetherness. New friends were acquired and old friendships were strengthened. We all seemed a bit more mature and we realized that there wasn ' t much time left to spend with each other. It is now time for us to go our separate ways. -Barb Miller Mike Lembcke Mark Lemke Michael Lerman Karen Lesiowski Helen Lev Mark Levant Michael Levin Randi Levinson Craig Levy George Liakopoulos Lori Lichter Taking advantage of a free moment, Senior Alan Dayan studies for a test. At a soccer game, Varsity goalie Glen Guttman finds a way to keep a cool head " . Mark Luncsford Katherina Luppo Alex Maliwanag Cary Maltz Marie Mamaril Julie Mamett Michael Mandell 170 ' Look! " Senior Estelle Angeletos shouts to Senior Marci Ginzler. On the long bus ride home, Senior Craig Levy gets in 40 winks. Alesia Margetis John Marshall Norman Mansfield In another exciting A.P. Chem lab. Seniors Becky Weinstein and Pheodora Liou compete in a round of musical chairs. Julie Martini Geralyn Masterton Jo Ann Matchen Lois Mayer o Barbara Miller Stephen Miller Tracy Miller Lawrence Mimp ■■■■ Taking her senior picture, Senior Gina Quilici smiles prettily with toes pointed and chin raised. Ann Miscinski Jonathan Moradzadeh Showing true varsity skill, Senior Cory Binstock goes for two points. Midnight Riders Prowl At 10:00 p.m. on Thursday night a car pulls up in front of a house. Seven girls jump out and creep toward it. Ten minutes later they run back to their car and take off, leaving a white tornado behind them. What are these girls doing? Are they robbers? No, these girls are the Midnight Riders! Armed with rolls of toilet paper, the girls take about ten minutes to cover all the trees, lamp posts, and garage doors surrounding a house. They then jump back into the car and proceed on to the next house. The Midnight Riders can usually be seen scattered throughout the entire Niles West area toilet-papering the homes of Niles West football players. Being a Midnight Rider is not easy work. Many hours of work a week go into it. If a football game is on Friday night, Wednesday night the girls get together at one of the houses and and posters are made for every team member. On Thursday night the girls do the acual T.P. job. Senior Pam Nisson says, " It ' s fun to go out and T.P. the houses because we know that the players appre¬ ciate that we are behind them one hundred percent! " The next time you see a bunch of girls with tons of toilet paper attacking a house, don ' t worry. They ' re just harmless midnight riders! -Lisa Freed Jeffery Nimz Pamela Nisson Karen Nolan John Nosalik Amy Nutting Redecorating the yearbook office, Senior Van Stamos paints himself into a corner. John Piculas Yearbook photographer, Jeff Gilbert re¬ views his latest pictures. Sabine Plonus Floyd Pinkney Tracy Pitts Flexing a muscle. Senior Ken LeComte impresses all Gail Perlman Lori Peterson Sheila Poet Greg Ponitch Stephanie Poulakidas Michael Puerkel Gina Quilici Seniors Deb Havdala and An dy Much paint by Gail Root Adele Rose number. Debra Rose Frances Rosen Bennett Rosenberg Carla Rosenblum Susan Rosenblum David Rosenthal Hope Ross Kevin Ross Mariangela Rosselli 178 Clothes Reveal All The first day of high school is a hard day for most fresh- jeans just aren ' t in style, men. Proceeding through the day, many new things catch Junior year you are an upperclassmen. Again the first day your eye. You notice that there are all kinds of high school of school rolls along a nd, of course, there is a problem, fads that that you will have to live up to. The vast variety of Oxford shirts, Polos, Izods, turtlenecks, and Shetland sweat- shoe brands and styles is especially observed. These include ers are being worn. T-shirts just don ' t fit in anymore, the Adidas or Nike tennis shoe, all types of clogs, Frye boots, Finally you are a senior. You are prepared for something to and every style of Bass shoe on the market. go wrong on the first day of school. To your surprise, the fad Sophomore year quickly rolls around. You don ' t have to competition is over. Everybody accepts the individual taste of worry about buying new shoes because you already have everybody else. You suddenly realize that you have made it to every type that is available. To your surprise, however, a your senior year! new problem has arisen. Calvin Kleins, Sassons, Lees, and Levis are covering the bottom-half of Niles West students. -Stacy Strongin Again you are out of place. Stretched-out and worn-out disco Andrea Rubiano Sari Rubin David Rugendorf Judith Rusch Thomas Russo Kenneth Sacks Sandra Schreier Ross Schreiter Cindy Schwartz Elissa Schwartz Michael Sergot Nina Serlin Carole Serota Lisa Sesterhenn Lisa Shapiro Bill Shayman Barbara Shedroff Marc Shellist Caroline Sherman Antonia Spiliopoulos Ellen Sprague Sporting new suspenders. Senior Mitch Gitelman strolls down the hall. Cruising at 55 WPM, Senior Wendy Smason races for a West Word deadline. In Home Ec., Junior Kathy Verstraete and Senior Pat Blackaller learn the basic skills of baking. j m ' j Paula Teichner Robin Telengater Frank Tellez Karen Tenzillo Katherine Tenzillo Gus Therios Terry Thompson Elizabeth Todd Lori Tomoleoni Engaging in some senior girl talk " , Lisa Shapiro is dumbfounded, Abby Lando falls asleep, Jeannie Tosch keeps talking and Barb Miller just doesn ' t seem to care. Lorie Torch jeanie Tosch Trying to act " uninterested " , Senior Mark Kaufman listens intently to what Seniors Shar¬ on Schneider and Ellen Sprague are discussing. Senior Reflects On Past Four Years As I entered West this past first day of school, my mind raced with anticipation. This was my SENIOR year. After three long years of being an underclassman, I, along with 600 others members of the Class of ' 83, had finally reached the top of the totem pole. I remembered my very first day of high school. As a fresh¬ man, I carefully made plans with a few of my closest friends to walk to HIGH school together. As freshmen, we rarely traveled alone ... we were always in crowds. As a sophomore, I felt more at ease with my status of " high school student " . But even more comforting was dropping the label of " freshman " . I was no longer the " new kid in town " and actually had a lower species to pick on. The highlight of my junior year was the first time I drove to school. As I pulled into the parking lot with windows open and radio blaring, I couldn ' t help but smile to myself as I nodded to my peers as I drove past. Then came the walk from the parking lot to school. I stode in, with my books at my side and car keys jingling from my fingers (after all, I was almost a senior). It ' s strange, but as an underclassman, I always had this " idea " of what it would be like as a senior. I always thought seniors " had it all " . Now that I am a senior, I realize it is very different from what I had expected. It certainly is a special feeling being a senior . . . but then again, it was also a special feeling being a freshman. -Ray Chao David Turner Steven Ubrig Teri Ungar Gina Valenti Neil Warshawsky Shari Watts Lisa Wax Brian Weinberg Fred Zicaielli Steve Zimansky Julie Zivilik David Zuiker Sheryl Zyth Left: The plight of a Niles West underclassman. 191 After finishing her tennis match, Junior Karen Bernstein leads her teammates on. A smile and still life painting by Junior David Lynn. Midnight Rider DeeDee Lippe doesn ' t forget the lamp post. 333333 At a basketball game, Juniors Erica Stone, Sari Kreiter, and Stacey Strongin enjoy the action. After a debate meet, Junior Tom Svrcek gets ready to go home. Junior Peter Biasco waits for class to begin. Mark Allen Denise Altemese Asad Amer Connie Anderson Karl Anderson Sophy Anthony Ami Antman Kristine Abed Steve Abelson Mari Aberg Nadeen Akhter Julie Albach Karen Allen Mark Arenson Lou Argyrakis Ron Arledge Kevin Ashcroft Katherine Atsaves Beth Auerbach Jim Baffa Kim Bandalin Chris Baransky Angie Baron Mary Basham Judy Basilio Chris Baskin Diane Bedony Steve Beegum Rita Beier Antonietta Bellissimo Nick Bellos Pam Benjamin Heidi Be rger Jodi Bergman Aerobics Offered In Gym " I ' m finally having fun in gym class! " exclaims Junior Sherri Michaels. The Girls P.E. Department began offering an extensive aerobic dance program, borrowing a sport from popular culture. During a 40 minute class period, the girls do a series of warm-up exercises, high-energy level aerobic dances, and cool-down exercises to poular music. According to Jean Armour, Girls P.E. instructor, " Gener¬ ally speaking, the girls in the aerobic classes actively partici¬ pate and enjoy the class. Many of the students are disap¬ pointed when the 6 weeks are over and I wish we could continue aerobics. " Staff members have also become involved in the aerobic classes. Rita Kay, science instructor, said, " After reading about the aerobics classes in the Daily Bulletin, I decided to try it. It is a definite pick-up in the middle of the day, and it ' s a diversion from the stressful routine of teaching. " Above: Junior Devra Lipsky says to Junior Keiko Hirata, " Don ' t worry, I ' m shorter than the tree. Below: Displaying his natural ability with plants is Junior David Lynn. 194 Juniors I|r John Brocar Howard Brown Edith Brueckert Lisa Buck Jill Burkel Sam Butera Joanne Cabreira Raphael Campanini Bill Cariato Keith Carlsen Angelica Catiis Doris Centella Rudy Cerrone Grace Chan Adam Chern David Chester Richard Chi Christine Cho Michael Chwalisz Lisa Clark Helene Cohan Conehead Greg Loreno invites Junior Robert Zayia to consume massive quantities. J Juniors 195 Michael Epstein Stephen Erickson Jackie Erlebacher Ross Erlebacher Steven Erlebacher Diane Estes Steve Faingold Lesley Fair Phil Davis Jerry DeVries Peggy Delfino John Dethloff Michelle Dolce Laurel Doolittle Lisa Downey Sally Cohen Carl Coloian Shane Curtiss Barbara Daehler Robert Dakoff Scott Darville Tom Farmer Marianne Feldman Michelle Feldman Tracy Feldman Stacy Fine Karen Fischer Jeff Fisher Journalism is tougher than Juniors Jill Lebovitz and Jacqueline Plonus realize. Juniors Madai Frey Ellyn Friedman Jeffrey Freidman Michele Freidman Robert Frimet Cecilia Garcia David Gargano Beth Gatilao Jeff Gazer Lynne Gelman Jim Gidlund David Glassner Sharon Goldberg Sherman Gomberg Roberto Gomez Jose Gonzalez Katina Gramatis Tom Gramatis Michael Granat Wendy Graw Michael Greenberg Paula Gregorian Toula Gregory Sharon Gross Michael Grujanac Lori Grzesiakowski Houri Gueyikian Joel Guggenhiem Eric Gursch Janice Gurvey Thomas Gut Elizabeth Guth Carl Guy Soccer players reminisce about a recent victory. After a grueling basketball practice. Junior Joe Rodgers takes a fast break. J Juniors 19 7 Lisa Haddon Shannon Hagerty David Hahn Janet Hallman John Handzel Robyn Harris Lisa Harwood Ellen Havdala Adam Hecktman Peggy Hellestrae Sonya Herkert Kurt Heyman Karen Hildebrand Jean Hildner Brenda Hill Leslie Hinz Keiko Hirata Jeff Hoelzel Holly Hollander Mary Holm Andrew Holowicki Georgia Hontos Thomas Horan James Horiike Anthony Housakos Lisa Isberian Tim Ismiel Craig Israel Paul Jacobson Frank Janecek Michael Japely Anthony Jarosz Randee Jemc Above: Proudly displaying her homecoming pictures, Junior Staci Munic shares her memories with Junior Ellyn Friedman and Senior Debbie Havdala. Below: Between classes Juniors Effie Boudouvas and Megan Etting talk about their latest boyfriends. Junior Tom Gramatis wonders what he is eating for lunch. 198 Juniors Christopher Johnson Richard Johnson David Jordan Jeff Joss David Kahn Angela Kalabaka Gregory Kamp Stephen Kanavos Danna Kaplan Louis Kaplan Helen Karabinas Faye Karahalios George Katsoulis Janee Kaufman Brian Kave Laura Kazmier Sayeed Khan Gail Kilbort Yoon Kil Sun Kim John Kohl Melissa Koral Jeffrey Kosoy John Koudounis Linda Kozak Andrea Kozil Richard Koznarski Passing the time away in the library is Junior Mike Cohen. J Juniors 199 Robert Krehely Sari Kreiter Jerald Krueger Katherine Kuhn Jack Kundit Caroline Kurita Darinka Kusan Mary LaRosa Chris LaLiberty John Lambrakis Michelle Lashever Jenni Lautenschlager Gaye Lauter Vickie Lazar Lisa Leavitt Jill Lebovitz John Lee John Lee Lesley Lee Leon Lenchik Gregory Lereno Patricia Lesiowski Lynne Levey Jacklyn Levin Scott Levin Judy Levine Marilyn Levy Todd Lichtenstein Harvey Limpin DeeDee Lippe Devra Lipsky Rhonda Litt Linda Loiacano Clockwise: After finishing her chemistry homework, Junior Ellen Havdala rejoices with Freshman Ira Ross. Gymnasts Lisa Barasch and Linda Loiacano think of something besides gymnastics. Discussing last night ' s wrestling meet is wrestler Bill Lamana and Junior Jordan Lotsoff. 200 Juniors Scott Manzara Barry Margolin Cary Margolis Carolyn Marshall Christine Martin Joanne Matz Jordan Lotsoff Phillip Lotsoff Ellen Lovi Faith Lunsik David Lynn Louis Maltezos Gail Mankoff Mary May Jennifer Mayo Lanae McAllister Scott McCarthy Dianne McGrann Andrea Melinger Timothy Messink Richard Meyer Sherri Michaels Robyn Miller Karen Minkoff Jacqueline Moreth Damian Moshak Peter Moy Ross Much Lisa Mueller Staci Munic Richard Murphy Kathy Murray Shireen Najiulia Junior Mark Rosen plays to the beat of a different drummer. Juniors 201 Carol Netzel Leslie Noosbond Amy Nordskog Cary Noren Bill Numrich Rosalie Nuqui James Obermann Arbella Odishoo Jeff Okamura Dawn Olander Lifcha Olive Sheila Olson Phyllis Oppenheim Randi Oppenheim Aris Pandazi Jin Park Kathleen Pattison Cheryl Paustian Paige Pawelek Margaret Pearson Susan Peiser Cary Perlman Jill Piper Jacqueline Plonus Marlena Portnoy Karen Pribatsky Carlos Pyun Terrie Quillen Cheryl Rabin David Rappin Jill Rappin Jill Roberts Joey Rodgers Those Amazing Boxes Students find great diversity in the two fully equipped computer labs. Many students are not aware of all the in¬ triguing capabilities of the computers. Freshmen were taken out of their study halls to spend ten days learning the basics of the computer. ' This is a good idea ' said Freshman Rhonda Bergman, " because in the years ahead West stu¬ dents will make use of computers in various ways. " Many students entered the computer lab to study for the ACT and SAT exams. The various disks include, primarily, vocabulary studies. As Junior Devra Lipsky stated, " I use the computers for studying antonyms and synonyms. " Oth¬ er uses for computers were for math, science, languages and business. Many students even made up their own original programs. Sophomore Lynda Jutovsky said, " I go to the lab during all my free periods to work out my own programs. " Students should be aware that there is always a teacher in the computer lab ready to give assistance to interested stu¬ dents. Once one gets a taste of the computer ' s capabilities, he can ' t wait to return to the lab and continue his discover¬ ies. Nil til ■ I 1 ■ ifjj tlx m IT ' L; m -- n French fries, friends, and Time magazine make lunch time more enjoyable for Mike Epstein, Kurt Heyman, and Leslie Lee. Staff Reporter Merle Bergman 202 Juniors Ramsey Rodgers Cheryl Rogan Mark Rosen Caryn Rubenstein Renee Ryba Jordy Sacksner Rebecca Santos Julie Saper Julie Savitt Julie Scapardine Dean Schmidt Robin Schrager Claude Schroder Denise Schultz David Shane Laura Shedroff Greg Sherman Daniel Siciliano Pamela Sideris Karen Siegel Alan Silberman Karen Silverblatt Miriam Silverman West Silverman David Simon Mattew Simonson David Sklamberg Jackie Smessaert Pamela Smith Robert Sobczak Jon Soble Christine Socash Ron Sohn Juniors 203 Randy Sokol Karen Springborn Spencer Stern Erica Stone Jerry Strange Jim Streiff April Strissel Marty Swidler Chris Taldone Chris Tavoularis George Temes Bill Terpinas Andrea Thilmany Neil Tobin Gilbert Tolentino Richard Tonsul Cheryl Torres Mike Travlos Jenny Trefren Tony Tripicchio Sam Tuzzolino Kelly Tyson Gus Tziavarras Tamara Uglinica Emily Vala Nick Valavanis Jojo Valenti New librarian, Jim Morrison, keeps an eye on Junior Ed Borak. 204 Juniors Danny Vishny Korine Vlahos Vicki Volkodav Dimitria Vrahnos Marla Wallerstein Lindy Warshawsky Sandy Wei Michelle Weinberg Jill Weinman Suzanne Weisman Ami Weiss Tom Whelan Glenn White Peter Wierzchon Shelly Wilde Lisa Wilkoff Joannah Wipf Robin Wolfberg Danny Woo John Wrzala Gunter Wurmbach Kim Yde Mike Yetter Sandy Yoo Seesun Yoo Yun Yu John Zaffer Sharon Zeff Bob Zeman David Zemsky David Ziegelski Mike Zmolek Nancy Zoros Junior Merle Bergman is intrigued by the nature display at the library. Juniors 205 T T With concentration and expertise, Sophomore Judy Cohn finishes her artwork. Sophomore Faith Epstein is caught by surprise. Studying for her next class is Sophomore Michelle Kalo. Cheering on the Indians is Sophomore Eli Straton. Leaving school after a long day is Sophomore Yun Kim. 207 A Typical Sophomore If you ask them what they do, they will probably tell you, " Nothing, " but during the year, sophomores don ' t just occupy their time by studying, sleeping, and eating. Baby-sitting, going to sophomore football and basketball games, and being " driven " to movies distinguish them from upperclassmen and they know it. That is why most wait with anxiety for the day they turn " Sweet 16 " and get a chance to pass the test for their driver ' s license. They assume that this newly acquired form of transportation is the panacea to their social problems, only to realize it will be at least another year till their parents let them touch the family car. By Debra Havdala Ruth Abramovitz Angie Adams Paul Adreani Stephanie Akwa Rob Alpern Steve Altman Harry Anderson Kim Anderson Nancy Anglin Soja Anthony Dina Anton Daniel Arendt Alison Arkin Gus Atsaves Louie Atsaves Valerie Attia 208 Sophomores Sophomore Bill Netzel studies for an upcoming test. Soccer players Alan Sobel, John Witte, and John Tatooles support their teammates from the sidelines. Heidi Berman Jill Bernstein Andy Bickers Carol Billists Troy Blaisdell Russell Black Vickie Boudouveas Georgia Boundroukas Steve Brabec Judd Brody Andreas Brueckert Claire Buisseret Kevin Burdin Paul Burger Jean Burns Rick Burnstein Paul Byron Neil Cablk Kurt Callisen Rosalie Capdevila Maria Castillo Irene Catanese Aileen Catiis Craig Cederholm Emily Chan Ho Your Chang Jean Chen Peter Chepulis Dickson Cheung Francine Maltz and friends talk before homeroom. “Go Indians! " Sophomores 209 On her way to the bus Sophomore Anna Karalis is delighted to beat the rush. Nancy Chmielinski Sung Choi Yun Chon Paul Christmann Son Ha Chung Debbie Ciskoski Ron Clark Lisa Coconato Debbie Cohen Judy Cohn Wendy Cone Karen Corona Angelo Costas Eileen Coursey Mary Coyne Jack Dahm Joyce Dassow Steve Dayan Jeff DeCook Maggie Del Real Norman Desmond Tom Devlin Denise Diamond Dawn Diesing Linda Discn Steve Disselhorst Michael Doderer Paul Donna Jeff Dorfman ■ 210 Sophomores On a rainy day the Sophomore Football Team is forced to practice inside. Cheryl Ericsson Gamze Erokay Dan Ersoy Aleli Estrada Lohn Evans Charles Fabian Roel Failma Sherry Dougal Deborah Dougherty Kim Doyle Martha Dregely Michael Dreier Bill Dressier Viley Duarte Alan DuBrow Jeff Dunn Mike Durso Molly Edelstein Russ Edidin Sharon Elstrom Faith Epstein Frank Epstein Martha Erickson Pam Koral and Louis Mitchell think about their after¬ school activities. Delighted with a victory, Carrie Kadota receives a hug. Who, me? asks Nihad Zomot. Howard Fishbein Carlos Fornaris Ron Fortman Joan Fougerdusse Patty Fourkas Jodi Friedman Marla Friedman Dan Gabel Robert Gallagher Gabriella Garcia Michelle Garland Michelle Gasca Bob Gaughrin Brian Gawin Don Gelfund Robert Gershbein Marc Goldstein Sandra Goldstein Mark Goss Gina Gramatis Jim Griletz David Gross 212 Sophomores c 1 Cristy Guenther Ara Gueyikian Patty Gunchick Barry Gurvey Sun Ha Nadine Hanson Lisa Hathy Bill Hayes William Heelan Judy Heeedus Tony Hehn Sue Heinz Diana Hellestrae John Hennessy Denise Herman Ron Hirsch Tim Hoeft Martina Hoeller Randy Hoelzel Michael Horowitz Julie Huber Mabel Hurtado Alam Husain Mike Jacobs Amin Jahjah Kelly Ji Kevin Johanson Cindy Johnson Nancy Johnson In the English Resource Center Sophomore Lisa Wilkoff Three little words that mean a lot! works to finish her project. Lynda Jutovsky Carey Kadota Michelle Kalo Barrie Kane Tony Kang Lori Kaplan Andy Karafotias Anna Karalis Barbara Kassel Julie Keller Ayaz Khan Yasemin Kideys Maria Kikes Catherine Kim David Kim Haiyoung Kim 214 Sophomores A day in the life of a sophomore. Brad Kolar John Kolski Linda Kontos Pam Koral Lily Kornhauser William Kornit Gary Korol Angie Kotsinonos Kim Kouzoures Jeanette Kovitz Chelli Krakow Jeff Krakow Ken Krebes Richard Kulbersh Maya Kurz Grace Kwon Sophomores 215 Julie Lee Christina Lepold Brian Levey Dave Levine Melissa Lewin Patty Liakopoulos Tina Liapis Michelle Libman Jodye Lieberman Paula Lieberman Janet Lieder Vidal Limpin Mike Lochner Valerie Loukis Andrea Luisada Scott Lutz Dan Mahan Iyad Makdah Howard Malitz Francine Maltz Yana Margolin Nick Markos Sharon Marmelstein Scott Marshall Larry Martin Susan McDonough Jackie McDonough Kelly McKeon Linda Meixner During Sophomore Class Cabinet, Lori Tecktiel leads the meeting. 216 Sophomores In study hall, Sophomore Kenny Kleiner anxiously waits for the At the snac k bar, Sophomore Cabinet members sell goodies to raise money, bell to ring. Joe Meyers Mark Michalsen Loreta Mielcarek Denise Mikita Rose Miklaj Gary Miller Lisa Miller Rich Miller Anna Minkov Lisa Misale Louis Mitchell Kris Mittl Julie Moltz Sheila Murray Moses Nang Tom Nickas George Norberg John Noyola Ethan Nussbaum Ronna Olney John Panchisin Hysol Park Sonni Park As her friends gather around. Sophomore Carolyn Prinz tells them her exciting plans for the weekend. J Sophomores 217 At the Frosh-Soph Mixer, Sophomores Troy Blaisdale and a friend take a break for refreshments. Eddie Perlmutter Dawn Sepa Stephanie Resnick Mauricio Reyes Nikki Rich Larry Rivkin Lori Perperas Thomas Pfeifer Anna Piro Debbie Piscetello Rob Placiak Marty Pomerantz George Pontikis Beth Poulos Jeff Prinz Robert Puetz 218 Sophomores Karen Rosinski Kim Rowe Rubin Sari Patrick Ruehrdanz Dana Rugendorf Debbie Russel Diana Santillan Doris Sauer Joel Schaffner Elliot Schencker Cheryl Schwartz Mark Schwartz Kelee Schwenn Helmut Seiman Chris Seyter Julie Shayman Regina Shemroske Tony Sherman Ray Shurson Sandford Silverman Mark Silverstein Barbara Simon Kathy Singleton Jacie Siraiullah Debbie Slisz Ira Small Mike Smigielski Jenny Smith Troy Smith Sophomores 219 Patricia Smolin Kelly Snell Jeff Snyder Mark Sobczak Alan Sobel Scott Spata Melvin Speisman Roula Stamatakos Kiki Stamatiou Nina Stein Susan Stephenson Elli Straton Youn Hwa Sun Tina Takiguchi Rose Taldone Ron Tamunday Jon Tatooles Lori Teckteil Peggy Thill Scott Tittle Yana Tolstunoua Chad Torrez Carol Trefren Matt Unterberger Yvonne Vargas Valerie Vaysman Kathy Virag Bruce Wall Mara Walner " They should make these lockers shorter! ' In the Oakton Street Lobby, Sophomores Carl Czernik, Billy Dressier, and Randy Arza seem relaxed. 220 Sophomores Sophomores Brad Kolar and Peggy Thill wait for the 4:15 bus. During halftime, the Sophomore Soccer Team gets some tips from Coach Sweeney. Donna Weinberg Ron Weinberg Robert Wendel Ken Wexler Mauren Whelan Karen Wilczewski Chris Williams Ron Wise John Witte Ira Wojtalik Jamie Wolms Billy Wolter Brian Wozniak Frank Yakoubek Nancy Yamaguchi Karen Yashon Sugra Yaybulak John Yi Katherine Yi Frank Youkhana Yu Un Yong Damir Zagorsdak Karen Zelickman Daniel Zimmerman Marla Zissman Nunu Zomot Deanne Zych Melodee Fillmore Sophomores 221 Sophomores review for their next class. Taking an interest in the art mural, is Sophomore Patty Smolin. Smiling for a picture is Freshman Janet Rabin. Some Freshman talk in the hallway before homeroom. Ouch! Bill Abed Laurie Adams Markar Adiemian Barry Albach Mike Alcalde Argelike Antonakos Nick Antoniou Katie Argetsinger Anagiro Argirodoulos Lisa Argyrakis Lori Aronson Paulette Arvanitis Donald Ashcroft Judy Asher John Axelrad Felicia Bakshy Jennifer Bamaung Scott Baran Irene Basilio Ben Bauer Jeff Beckerman Nissin Behar Bruno Bellissimo Rhonda Bergman Abra Berkley Pam Berndt Arron Bernstein Scott Binstock Steve Blonder Neal Bloomfield Jill Blumenthal Margo Blumfelt Elka Bojes Freshman What Life Is Like After Eighth Grade Is there life after eighth grade? Freshman Steven Freed says, " High school is really different than what I expected. It feels good to be out of junior high. " Many freshmen find it difficult to go from being the most admired students in junior high to the lowliest on the high school scale. The way in which fresh¬ men are being treated has improved greatly. Freshmen are no longer swamped with offers to buy the illustrious " elevator pass " . " The one thing that really bothers me about high school is that the halls are too crowded. I feel trampled on every time I walk down the hall. " This comment was made by freshman Beth Wax. Laurie Chertow, another freshman says, " The classes are harder, but I ' m having a good time. I ' ve met a lot of people and I feel much older than when I was in eighth grade. " Freshman year, just like sophomore, junior, and senior years, is filled with good and bad experiences. It is the first rung on the ladder to senior year. Then, the cycle begins again. The first snow catches Freshman Jackie Rosenswag ' s attention during her afternoon study hall. Teresa Bondy Kim Bong Susan Boscapomi Ben Boshes Jamie Boton Mike Bourdeau Mike Bourgerie Craig Brabec Dean Bravos Tamara Brion James Broussard Torrey Browder Judy Brown Tim Brunning Angela Bruscato Thomas Buckley Brad Bugai Kim Bungum Michelle Burdeen Lori Burns Gerald Burstyn Sonia Bychkov Kiki Bychonski Aviva Chan Robert Camin Lisa Cancelled ► Freshman 225 Trying to stay warm, Freshmen Ted Georges, Keith Kreiter, Jeff Lowel, and Judy Asher enjoy an exciting football game. Freshman Jason Gorchow gets a head start on his algebra homework during a short break in the Oakton Street Lobby. Wkanpoi Chuenrudeemol Ji Chung Anuttara Chutira Kelly darkens David Cohen Elliot Cohen Kenny Cohn Bill Colby Jill Colen Marc Cooper Chris Cordes Lisa Covers Jordan Crammer Mike Cristante Ross Davis Judy Deacetis Shareen Deal Laurie Dearing Stacey Der Matoian Linda Deutseh Julie DiMidioa Larry Dixon Barry Dodd Peggy Dohath Sue Dorfman Karina Doyle Daniel Dreger Cindy Drexler 226 Freshman Resting his injured leg, Freshman Jon Lisco studies for his next class. Alana Dubin Maria Dugo Pat Dunn Warnan Ebeling Robbie Edidinacheatal Mike Edwards Donna Eriksson Christy Esmael Wara Evans Sonia Eyzaguirre Doug Fair Lisa Falleroni Ian Faloona David Fagules Cuneyt Feizoulof Jason Feldman Lisa Ferrin Garrett Fienbarg Jordan Firfer John Fischbach Paul Flood Steve Frankel Debbie Freed Steven Freed William Frendrei Pam Frey Suzy Friedman Sharrie Furman Jennifer Gaiser Darshan Gandhi Rachel Garcia Iwona Gazdawicz Ted Georgas Ted George j Freshman 227 Unable to understand her assignment, Freshman Marsha Telengater awaits her teacher ' s assistance. Concentrating intensely. Freshman Craig Brabec tries to ace a biology test. Ramond Giderof Barbara Gidlund Pam Goby Andy Goecke Michele Goldberg Robert Goldberg Jason Gorchow Scott Gotfryd Lee Gramatis Sheelagh Greenfield Tom Gross Claudia Gruettner Mike Guthrie Bob Gutierrez Denise Gutterman Carmencita Guy Paul Haase John Hahn Michele Hall Shadia Hamideh Scott Hammond Heejchang Han Joseph Hansen Tom Hanson Rivital Har-el Henry Hedberg Mike Hedrich Ingrid Helgeson Paul Helwing Don Hendley Danny Herman Mike Herzog Steve Hester 228 Freshman School donuts are one of the numerous cafeteria delicacies which Freshman Timmy Shreifman indulges in as his friend. Freshman Tony Roma com¬ pletes his history homework. After a home football game, Freshman Garrett Feinberg smiles about another Indian victory. Lori Hirshman Kevin Hohs Jenny Holt John Hoppe Sharon Horiuchi Pam Hossfeld Sandra Huber Suzi Huber Samiya Hussain Mushtaq Ikramullah Borpit Intawiwat Moloy Israel Colita Ivicic Craig Izenstark Stacey Jackson Tim Jacobs Diana Jahjah Mariana Janessa Ed Jones Lisa Joss Kris Justesen David Jutovsky Chris Kaechele Myra Kahn Jerry Kang Roula Kanterakis Carrie Kaplan Nick Karabinas Maria Karagiannakis Sylvia Karalekas Alex Kats Liz Kelly Brian Keilman Freshman 229 Ill III » ' m Distressed about having missed his bus, Freshman Garrett Fienberg contemplates his next plan of action. Freshmen Janet Rabin and Heather Ross say some After a long day at school, students race to their busses, excited to final good-byes to their friends until tomorrow. get home. Daniel Kellman Karen Kenmotsu Sonia Kersten Brian Kessem Joseph Khasho Kurt Kiernicki Jeff Kilian Margaret Kilian Ellen Kim Hyo Jin Kim Linda Kim Jim King Mike Kirchens Galina Kirp Sylvia Kiss John Klancnik Allan Klein Debbie Kloeckner James Kobyleski Jim Kodie Joanna Kohl George Kotsiopoulos Scott Kravetz David Kravetz Bob Krebs Tracy Kreher Keith Kreiter Ilene Kreitzman Dino Krigos Paula Krone Lisa Krull Charlotte Kukulski Kathy Kunow Nicole LaLiberty 230 Freshman The Cramming Crisis It ' s an age-old game we all play. John Doe knows of his chemistry exam three weeks in advance. Although he realizes that he has over fifty compounds to learn, he waits until the night before to " cram " all the compounds into his head. This method of studying is not uncommon. Senior Stacey Aronson says. Sometimes cramming is easier because I don ' t forget the next day what I learned the night before. ' " It depends on the subject, " says Junior Mike Epstein. Mike went on to say, " It is very difficult to cram for classes such as Biology and Chemistry because they demand a lot of memorization. " Freshman Steven Freed says, " Sometimes I do well when I cram, and sometimes I don ' t. It depends on how comfortable I feel with the subject matter. " Cramming for smaller exams is considerably easier than cramming for a huge final examination. Cramming helps to save time; however, it it not a good idea to consistently cram for tests. Cramming, if used in excess, may contribute to lower exam and final grades. So, when you find out about that huge Chemistry test three weeks in advance, don ' t be just another " John Doe, " ask yourself these questions: 1. Do I know the material well enough to wait until the night before to study? 2. Is it imperative that I do well on this exam? 3. Do I have the time and energy to set aside a half hour each night to go over notes? Consider the specifics and decide if cramming is for you. Ingrid Lampkin Moira Langer Donna Langston Steve Lashever David Lasker Lara Leader Stephanie Leader Dan Lebovitz Kun Lee Rocky Lee Steven Lee Susan Lee Sue Lee Steve Lehen Kara Leven Lonny Levin Felicia Levy Ira Levy Janice Lewandowski Brian Lieber Michelle Lieberman Kim Liou Marc Lipsky Jon Lisco Anastasia Livaditis Mandi Lobert Joe Lochner Eril Lofgren Brian Lovett Jeff Lowell Jennifer Lund Ken Lurie Adam Makowka Susan Malliwanag Freshman 231 Before art class is over, Freshman, Barry Albach, Ed Mirkovic and Brian Stotland are happy after finally cleaning up their table. On Friday morning, Freshmen, Joe Lochner, Bob Krebs and Carlos O ' Brien discuss the upcoming football game. Judy Man Ramsey Mankarious Dean Marinakis Allen Mark Chris Markos George Marks Eddie Martinez Julie Maslou John Mason Alan Matan Steve Matt Rhonna Matt Erika Maurer Jennifer May Denn Maybrun Rick Maybrun Carolyn Mayo Lynn McCarrall Beth McCown Zhanna Meinikou Judy Mercado Tom Merkel Antonette Miklaj Tina Milios Adam Miller Andy Mills Diane Mimp Eddie Mirkovic Paul Miscinski Matthew Mita Earl Mlekush Mark Molay Marylee Moll 232 Freshman Cindy Moss Susan Mugriditchian Robert Munic Augusta Myintsoe Evanthia Nafpliotis Brian Napravnik Jay Newman Bill Netzel Judi Nock Dawn Nole Chris Nosalik Dean Novak Eric Nutting Shirley Oh Steve O ' donnell Robert Olive Chuck Oliver Dan O ' Neil Robin Owens Sheila Oztekin Jerry Pagos Karen Palin Cynthia Papoutsakis Sandy Park Sunny Park Kim Partington Dominique Portipilo Madelene Partipilo Margaret Paszko Archana Patel Gary Paustian Todd Payuk Brad Peiser J Freshman 233 In the hall Freshman Rocky Lee recites his speech to Ron Chan. Between classes Freshman Dominique Pattipilo, Marsha Talengater, Elke Bojes, and Kathy Tamraz talk in the hallway. Steve Pehaloza Glenn Petrovich Steve Pflaumer Harold Pine Aliza Pinsel Rachael Pitalis Lori Pitti Andrea Poet Vicki Pontikis Mark Poolos Mark Poulakidas Leslie Power Cheri Pozdol Alexandra Prieto Maria Psyhogios Rick Purvy Laura Quist Janet Rabin Holy Rappin Mitchell Ratnow Scott Redman Loretta Reichstetter Allan Reilly Michael Reinhardt Robert Reisman Albert Rhee Tracey Riding Chris Riggio Melinda Ring Jobie Rissman Sandra Rivkin David Rolf Tony Roma Nicolette Romashko 234 Freshman On their way to gym. Freshmen John Spagiletti and Jimmy Jacobs talk about the day ' s activities. Before school starts in the morning, Freshmen Steve Lee, Albert Rhee, Craig Izenstark and Kenny Cohen catch up on homework from the night before. Melissa Rosen Sharri Rosenberg Rich Rosenberg Heather Rosinski Heather Ross Ira Ross Jackie Rozencwajg Melissa Rubens Diane Rubenstein David Rubin Eddie Ruiz Ron Ryba Ed Rzewnicki Sean Samuel Lisa Sandlow Lisa Sandowski Aida Santillan Rene Santos Peter Sarantopoulos Anil Saxena Becki Schanz Elizabeth Schildgen Tim Schnaitmann Harvey Schneider Lia Schreier Deborah Schultz Debbie Schwartz Laura Sebastian Wendy Sedelsky Mark Sergot Scott Serlin Vishal Shah Sheryl Shimanovsky Emily Shklyanoy J Freshman 235 Students Speak Out On Speeches " The first speech is always the hardest 7 stated Senior Lisa Wax. Many students found it rather difficult to stand up in front of a class and deliver a speech for the first time. " My hands were sweaty and my voice was shaky 7 commented Junior Ross Erlebacher. However, most students of speech class are not discouraged by that first recitation. The popular¬ ity of speech class is consistently overwhelming. Senior Wen¬ dy Brandwein said, " Although the first speech was difficult, I found the class very worthwhile. I am now able to express myself clearly and reasonably both in and out of the classroom situation 7 " My first speech was on how to throw a football. I didn ' t think I was going to get through it without fainting. However, once that speech was over, I was much calmer and more confident during my remaining speeches. 77 Giving a first speech seemed to have the same effect on Sophomore Scott Lutz that pressure in a football game put on its players. Although " the jitters 77 and nervousness were the prevailing complaints students made about their first speeches, Senior Lori Freed stated emphatically, " Just remember, you ' re not alone! " Having heard the bell, Freshman Aviva Kahn prepares to leave the quiet outdoors for her next class as Freshman Jill Colen studies her English. Amy Shonfeld Rita Shubinsky Debbie Shugall Yurio Shvartsman Mohammad Siddiqui Misty Sienkowski Barbara Silverman Zafreen Sirajullah Ron Skoglund Phillip Smith Kim Sobczak Kathy Sokalski Lynn Sonkin Georgia Sotiropoulos Pam Sotiropoulos John Spagoletti Sam Spiratos Peter Stathopoulos Scott Steiner Vicki Stellar Bill Stephenson Robin Stone Bryan Stotland Karen Strohmeier Kim Strusiner Michelle Subonj Yung-me Suh Sandy Sun Sandi Taich Gina Talbot Cathy Tamraz Marsha Telengater Alan Teschky 236 Freshman Taking advantage of a beautiful autumn day. Freshman Nicole LaLiberty, Stephanie Leader, and Gathering her books after another long math class. Freshman Lori Anderson discuss their after school activities. Sonia Bychkov smiles as she heads for lunch. Nicolette Theodore Howard Tiersky Janna Tobin Rachel Trachtenberg Adam Turetzky John Tzortzisv Neal Uhler Ansu Varghese Vince Verstraete Lisa Vick Mark Wada Beth Wax David Weinberg Mike Whelan Marla Wilner Anna Wilson Mike Wiltgen Stuart Witzel Janice Wolowicki John Woo Lisa Woodall Marianne Yakoubek June Yang Shane Youkhana David Young Laura Youngman Jill Zabo Vicky Zaffer Steve Zarch Sharon Zeitler Judy Zemsky Rachel Zimmerman George Zitzewitz Stanley Zlatopolsky Freshman 237 Left: Director Mr. Lorenz spends his free time playing the piano. 239 Board Of Education Resignation was the main issue the Board of Education faced. With the resig¬ nation of Superintendent Wesley Gibbs, the Board began a nation-wide search for a qualified replacement and Sheldon Marcus was appointed to replace Terry Liston after her move to Texas prompted her resignation from the Board. Mary Helen Archibald was elected President of the Board and Nancy Cohen was elected Secretary. Other members of the Board included: Marlene Aderman, Erich Moch, Lowell Ruffer and Florence Sutker. The Board spent time reviewing school policies and initiating new ones to start in ' 83. They adopted a heavier- weighted grading policy effective Sep¬ tember 1983 and voted to continue the 300 minute day. Early retirement for 26 teachers over the next three years was approved as well. Eric Moch and Dr. Gibbs try on hats stating " I promote Indian activities. " The hats were a gift from West students during National High School Activities Week. Sitting: Marlene Aderman, Mary Helen Archibald, Nancy Cohen. Standing: Sheldon Marcus, Dr. Wesley Gibbs, Eric Moch, Florence Sutker. Not pictured: Lowell Ruffer. Retiring Superintendent Dr. Wesley Gibbs re- A guest speaker talks to the Board about the views the agenda for the evenings Board meet- benefits of a heavier-weighted grading policy, ing. Considering the latest proposals are Board members Marlene Aderman and Sheldon Marcus. 240 Faculty Administration Dr. Nicholas T. Mannos; secretary - Mrs. Dorothy Mitnick. The mission of Niles West High School is to aid our students toward the fullest development of their innate po¬ tential. In our school, we are most fortu¬ nate to possess a committed, dedicated and experienced administration and staff who, throughout the years, have offered excellent educational opportunities in all areas of our curriculum. I continue to be most impressed with our vitally interest¬ ed and concerned Board of Education and community, which have provided Niles West with excellent facilities and outstanding instructional materials and resources. It is a privilege to be a part of such an exciting, positive and dynamic venture toward the education of our youth. Niles West can attain excellence in each and every aspect of our program! This measure of success is dependent upon the commitment, zeal and sense of purpose by which we pursue our goals. May I express my thanks to our staff and administration for a most productive school year. Congratulations and best wishes for great success to the Niles West Class of 1983. Dr. Nicholas T. Mannos James Swanson; secretary - Mrs. Marlene Karpinski Faculty 241 Mr. John Lorenz Mrs. Beringer, secretary Rita Stewart Mrs. Spagat, secretary Mr. Richard Antes Mrs. Phillippe, secretary Mr. John Winterhalter Mrs. Mooradian, secretary The administration decides the ma¬ jor changes, occurences, and happen¬ ings. They are a dependable group who will oversee the general operation of the school as a whole. The adminis¬ tration meets once a week with eleven people; the Principal, seven directors and three deans. Usually only nine people attend, though one dean repre¬ sents all three. There is a special agenda which is pre-written and then followed on the day of the meeting. Each session has a different agenda, and a rotating recorder of the minutes. In general, at these meetings prob¬ lems of the school, and items occur¬ ring in the daily routine are discussed. Some of the more specific topics -dis¬ cussed are the school government, the mod system, new courses and grade weighting. The welfare of the stu¬ dents depends upon the careful work of the administration. Video taping a basketball game, Jerry Turry and Brian Katzman comment on how well the game is being played. Faculty Directors Leonard Ackman Mrs. Stezskal, secretary Mr. Gerald Turry Mrs. Wyko, secretary Deans Larry Erickson jfes Jerry Kupferberg The dean ' s office was not as busy as in recent years. Last year, the number of unexcused absences exceeded the amount accounted for this year. The deans: Erickson, Kupferberg, and Yunker, seemed to believe that the new attendance policy was working well. Many students attended a new addition to the school, Saturday detention. This innovation stopped students from re¬ ceiving further BAC assignments. Also, the deans followed through on dropping people from classes in which they had excessive absences. Over all, the atten¬ dance at Niles West has definitely taken a step in the right direction. Counselors The dictionary definition of " counsel¬ or " is: one who advises. But for the coun¬ selors at West, a broader definition would be more appropriate. Simply, counselors can be thought of as friends. Counselors must deal with the stu¬ dents ' academic concerns and personal needs. Our counselors are usually always ready and willing to listen, to help, and to work with the kids. They are here not only to advise, but to also guide students through their growth and development. Their main concern is watching the stu¬ dents graduate as independent and re¬ sourceful young adults. Joanne Brownell Mary Pat Carr A contemplative Leonard Winans ponders his stu¬ dents ' future. 244 Faculty Math Thirty-two computers are quite a lot, but not enough for Niles West students. Over 200 students have attended the computer rooms daily to strike away at the keys. Anything from foreign lan¬ guage discs to game discs can be played. Classes are even offered to students dur¬ ing assigned study halls for ten days of basic programming. Everyone including teachers had a lot of fun with them. The math and sciences weren ' t the only classes to use the computers. The Spanish Department, English Depart¬ ment, and the marching band held classes in the computer rooms. Computers are a big part of our future lives and everyone should have some ex¬ perience with them. Supervising the computer lab, math teacher Bob Murphy finds a flaw in junior Ken Lund ' s pro¬ gram. Todd Dvorak 248 Faculty Raymond Bentsen Emil Capitani Don Field The Niles West Science Department was successful once again, especially in the Chemistry Division. On some days, you could walk down the third-floor cor¬ ridor and it would smell like a profes¬ sional Chemistry lab. If you ventured into one of the Chemistry rooms, you might seen students wearing funny looking goggles and aprons, watching experiments smoke and bubble. Stu¬ dents found it remarkable when they created concoctions of different colors that they didn ' t even know existed. You could always see science students com¬ paring data to prepare for the dreaded lab reports. To end each period, there was always the final rush to get those test tubes clean. Bill Apostal John Beeftink Social Studies Though the core curriculum remained essentially unchanged, the Social Studies Department intiated several cocurricular measures this past year aimed at high¬ lighting the contemporary importance of the social sciences. Among these actions were the formation of the Current Events Club, the continuation of the Seminars for Scholars, and the expansion of the Library Speakers ' Forum, programs with topics as diverse as " Entropy and Our Future Energy Supplies " and " Latin American Crises. " Commented John Lorenz, departmental director, " Our stu¬ dents are demanding that we seek solu¬ tions to current issues in a way which we haven ' t seen since the 60s . . . what we have now is a positive intellectual riot. " Ronald Albiani Charles Anderson Social Studies teacher John Gault explains the fam- I John Gault John Handzel ily structure of the Mbuti Tribe to his freshman I class. I 252 Faculty Herr Zorn introduces his freshman class to the joys of German. Foreign Language It is estimated that about half of the students at West are enrolled in a foreign language. Linguists can choose from Spanish, German, French, and Hebrew. Each language has different levels rang¬ ing from basic to Advanced Placement courses. Many of the teachers in the foreign language department have been keeping unusually busy. For instance, Mr. Brink now teaches German classes at both West and Lincoln Hall Jr. High. Some of the teachers have also been broadening their teaching skills, Mrs. Georgiev, for one, has made the transition from teach¬ ing French to Spanish. Outside the classroom, students have also been able to check out the many language clubs. Joseph Brennan George Brink Isaac Hoffman Olga Georgiev 254 Faculty Peter Zorn Scrutinizing his German grade, senior Steve Dorfman gets help from senior Ira Oliff. Faculty 255 Drivers Education And Health Drivers Education, a one semester class, teaches the fundamentals of driv¬ ing, and prepares students for their li¬ cense test. This class consists of three parts; Classroom, Behind the wheel, and On the Range. Russel Edidin, a Drivers Education student, comments on the subject, " I thought Drivers Education was a good course, and the range was really fun ' The health program at West not only teaches students about alcohol, sex, drugs, and personal hygiene, but also provides the students with extremely im¬ portant information on C.P.R. (Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation). During the time of the C.P.R. unit, students are taught the correct procedures for reviv¬ ing a choking victim and applying one- man C.P.R. " C.P.R. is a very worthwhile unit be¬ cause it trains students in saving lives, " Senior Pete Joseph states. Health teacher Mr. George Galla be¬ lieves, " everyone should have the knowl¬ edge and ability to perform C.P.R. " Showing a health student how to start a heart beat¬ ing again is health teacher Ron Campbell. Ron Campbell George Galla James Kettleborough Carl Van Cleave Bill Warner Demonstrating on ' Resusca Annie ' , one sophomore shows how to perform C.P.R. 256 Faculty Art Richard Requarth Richard Wetzel Senior Victor Ovsey is an aspiring, talented young artist, who hopes to sell his works. The Art Program is a program where students can take classes and express themselves in the forms of art. There were many interesting classes dealing with everything from the most basic techniques in sculpture, painting and drawing, to a class in three dimensional design. More and more students got in¬ volved in the art programs, and were able to find their artistic abilities. Gina Gra- matis said, " I learned to express my emo¬ tions through my artistic projects ' The art department has many art facilities including kilns, ample display areas and extensive art materials, and students de¬ rive lasting cultural and personal bene¬ fits from art courses. Sophomore Art students, Jeff Krakow and Ron Ka- luzna, are attracted by the new novel, " Hot off the Self.” Faculty 257 Physical Education For 40 minutes each school day, stu¬ dents attend physical education classes, P.E. is mandatory and is a required class for graduation. " I personally like gym ' Senior Lisa Shapiro commented, " It ' s a good break during the day and I get to exercise ' This enthusiastic attitude was shared by many; however, some students like Sen¬ ior Wendy Smason think gym is " Just okay. It ' s nothing special ' Students participate in a number of outdoor sports during the fall and spring months. This includes football, soccer, track, tennis and softball. During the winter, sports include weight training, gymnastics, basketball, swimming, and wolleyball. The girls ' gym program also includes aerobics, folk dance, archery, cross coun¬ try skiing and circus stunts. Something new was the forming of a boys ' leaders program. In the past, the leaders program, a sort of " honors " gym class, was dominated by girls. However, the first boys ' leaders class experienced much popularity and success. Students warm-up before dancing. John Burkel Brian Katzman 258 Faculty Donald Larson Nick Odlivak William Richardson Elmer Lucas Robert Porter Billy Schnurr Patricia Matlak Fred Richardi Judi Sloan Faculty 259 Industrial Arts A wide selection of Industrial Arts classes were offered to students. These classes ranged from aeronautics, auto mechanics, and electronics to drafting, metal working, and wood working. Stu¬ dents seemed to like Industrial Arts classes because they develop skills that are very useful; also, they seemed to like the freedom of these classes. Projects which were constructed by the student were brought home at the end of the year. An Industrial Arts favorite among students was auto mechanics, which taught the different parts of the car and how they work. Ray Chao, who became an " autos " student to learn some basic automotive skills before investing mon¬ ey in a car, said, " Auto mechanics was a good course because it taught me the fundamentals of the car, things everyone should know. " Frank Epstein, an elec¬ tronics student, gets a head start; " Tak¬ ing electronics was a good way to get started in a good field. " Industrial Arts classes were an important factor in help¬ ing students begin early to gain career skills. 260 Faculty Anticipating trouble ahead, Rick Murphy and Peter Wierzchon observe the proper way to change a tire. Solving the puzzle of tire construction in autos are Roland Scheibe and Dennis Hagerty. Mel Schmidt Lee Sellers Gene Volkman Measuring carefully the parts of a furure table is Pat Dunn in " This carburator won ' t stop me from cruising, " mutters Steve Fuentes. woods. Faculty 261 Home Economics A round-up of the home economics classes revealed boys in all areas - yes, even clothing. In a class that kept them in stitches, students learned to make designer T-shirts, flight jackets, and even blazers. Students in child de¬ velopment happily worked with 3 year-old children in the nursery school. Foods classes offered an op¬ portunity to learn to eat and enjoy preparing a variety of foods. In Inter¬ national Foods students sampled the food of other countries and in Voca¬ tional Foods, they decorated cakes and operated a restaurant. Students in in¬ terior decorating expressed them¬ selves by designing and planning pro¬ jects for various rooms of the house. Barbara Chausow Wilda DeFur Josephine Hentz Marian Jaeschke Mrs. Chausow gives some help to a student. Elizabeth Oldham Junior Helene Cohen and friends display their masterpiece. 262 Faculty Hugh McGee Senior Elisa Leberis tunes her cello before a con- Percussion players set up for a pep assembly. Barry Burdeen and Steve Robinson wait for Dr. Groeling to give the downbeat. Faculty 2 3 k The band was off to a flying start. In order to get ready for their trip to Montreal, Canada they had numerous fundraisers and sold everything from memoboards to candy bars. The foot¬ ball season was made more exciting by the Niles West Marching Band. The extra special routine was taught by Dr. Robert Morsch of Georgia State University, and Sophomore Na¬ dine Hanson served as drum major¬ ette for the band. They played at all of the home football games and helped the Indian fans cheer their team on. This was the last year for band direc¬ tor Dr. Charles Groeling who will re¬ tire in June. He has been with Niles West for over twenty years and he will be missed by his admiring students. Music Ted Kaitchuck Charles Groeling Media Not only did the media center, which serviced over 222,000 people in 1981-82, increase its immense collection of books, periodicals, and other research materials, but also expanded upon and initiated many cultural and academic programs. Under the leadership of media coordina¬ tor Helen Porten, National Library Week, April 18-24, was an enormous success. This is a program that sponsors a student poster contest, exhibits books, and invites to the school famous authors such as Ms. Charlotte Herman and Mrs. Lucinda May. Another outstanding pro¬ gram, " Speaker of the Month, " initiated by media specialist, Arnold Agnos, host¬ ed speakers from a wide variety of fields including journalism, public relations, radio, and patents presented by a self- made millionare. In a further effort to broaden students ' horizons, nineteen display cases and ten special art exhibits were featured. The display cases, which are located between the annex and main library covered a variety of topics: consumer information, college and career planning, and hob¬ bies. The art exhibits in the main library offered students and staff an opportuni¬ ty to display paintings, sculptures, and even contemporary photographs. Arnold Agnos Eleanor Parker Helen Porten Albert Rambis Adele Higgins While taking a coffee break, Sylvia Rubenstein i s engrossed in a really great book. Billie Zidek, Nena Larocco, Arnold Agnos, Gloria Schabilion, Eleanor Parker. Sitting: Helen Porten. 264 Faculty C.I.C. - I.I.C Alexa Forman Ron Gralewski William Kelly CIC, Center of Individual Curriculum and IIC, Individual Instruction Center are two programs designed to give individual student services. CIC students must meet regular credit requirements, but CIC allows students to work with advisors on an indi¬ vidual basis. IIC tutored students who are enrolled in the program. IIC was also in¬ volved with helping visually impaired stu¬ dents. Dave Solovy Don Waddell Faculty 5 Business As we move into a more advanced world, computers are becoming a ma¬ jor part of our society, not only in the world of business, but at Niles West. In the Office Procedures class, many different machines are used. Students practice data entry on the computers along with more basic skills on calcu¬ lators, adding machines and copiers. In the accounting classes, most of the calculations are done by computers. The typing and shorthand classes use dictaphone machines at different speeds, depending on the student ' s ability. The computers have cost the school a great deal of money, but the school board feels that this is an investment that will prepare the students for the future computerized world. Annabel Begley Ewald Grosshuesch Frank Fitzpatrick Dorothy Wise 266 Faculty Richard Casten James Tomson Getting ready to type a manuscript, are students in Mr. Tomson ' s class. C.V.E Stanley Carey Carl Geis Cooperative Vocational Education (C.V.E.) is a career-oriented course which offers students a chance to take on a job during the school year. The students re¬ ceive one credit for classroom time and one credit for an outside job. C.V.E. pro¬ vides student the opportunity to get jobs for not only extra money, but also for some valuable experience. Some of the positions included: sale¬ speople, office workers, gas station at¬ tendees, stock people, medical assis¬ tants, insurance clerks, cashiers, and res¬ taurant work. The students usually left West for work around 1:00. The workers were reported on by their employees and teachers periodically to insure punctual¬ ity, proper dress, regular attendance, and responsibility for completing assigned tasks. As wage earners, the students de¬ veloped appreciation and respect for Senior Marty Savitt learns the trade of lawn snow maintenance student Jodi Beckerman learns. Faculty 267 Student Services For those students who needed help with special problems, Niles West had many people ready and willing to help. Students who weren ' t feeling well found the school ' s nurses, Dorothy Tay¬ lor and Barbara Scarbrough, to be help¬ ful and understanding, while others with personal or school problems found Da¬ vid Lee and Marlene Peterson ready to help. Psychologist Charles Kemmler was also there to help students with their problems. The Action Learning Center (ALC) in many ways was like a third high school in District 219. This group consisted of about thirty juniors and seniors who participated in an experiential, " hands- on " approach to learning. The students worked at day care centers, homes for the elderly, and accounting offices. They also published their own newspaper and planned field trips to many cultural places. Senior Mark Luncsford gives a helping hand to Freshman Mark Poolos While receiving help from Jean Barstow, Gregg Trykowski puts on a hazy smile for a photographer. Sharon Corombos, Reading Specialist Rollie Korol, Speech Correctionist Charles Kemmler, Psychologist David Lee, Psychologist 268 Faculty Barbara Scarbrough, Nurse Dorothy Taylor, Nurse Waiting their turn to see the nurse. Sophomore Kris MittI and Freshman Antonette Miklaj re¬ lax in the nurses ' office. Faculty 269 Office Personnel The individuals who make up the of¬ fice personnel are a group of hardwork¬ ing men and women whose work ranges from supervising the resource centers to secretarial work for the deans and coun¬ selors. Through doing many time-con¬ suming tasks they know their jobs and the people for whom they work. The students benefit greatly by hav¬ ing the services of the office personnel who provide the students with informa¬ tion that would otherwise be very diffi¬ cult to acquire. Men and women not only have work in school, but some of them even sponsor extracurricular activities. Miss Philbin, the driving force behind the English Resource Center, states, " My first job is to help the students with their questions as well as help the teachers with their paper work. My most creative job consists of my work in the theatre department. " Niles West office personnel are ofren overlooked by the student body, but play an important role in helping to effective¬ ly run the school. Mrs. Groth Mrs. Hintz 270 Faculty Security Officers Also helping to maintain the school larly kept watch over the school, functions. New to the group this year, were three security officers who kept They not only worked during school replacing security guard Ellen all situations under control and regu- hours, but also afterward, at school Schwartz, was Lori Fefferman. Lori Fefferman Ron Hagen Jim Puff Cafeteria As always, the cafeteria workers con¬ tinued to provide hot meals for the stu¬ dents at West. The price of $1.25 for a lunch remained the same as last year. Menus were carfully planned so that most students were satisfied. Janitors As everyone knows, it ' s easier to make a mess than to clean it up. How¬ ever, it has to be done, and it is done well by the custodial staff. Thanks to them, the students walked down swept hallways and ate in a clean cafeteria. They were also successful in keeping the grounds unpolluted and, in general, maintaining the school. o Front Row: Anna Campoli, Mary Campbell, Carmen Bartolone, Rich Strasinski. Back Row: Joe Destefano, Dom Taldone, Bob Schroder, Bob Halteman, Larry Schumacher, Jane Lain. L. Sheridan, L. Besterman, N. Stackman, B. Gibbons, M. Schultz, R. Costella, A. Northos, L. Maki, M. Lood, N. Refhalt, J. Koza, J. Shane, L. Nilewski, B. Kileney, A. Racana, B. Van Cleave. 272 Faculty Speaker Of The Month Program. 273 Speaker Of The Month Program Loughman speaks with interested members of the audience. The James Bond 007 Movie Car invented by Matthew Carbone. Loughman talks to students about current events Matthew Carbone shows students his photo album during the broadcast of his two hour show at West, of cars, which includes six Cadillacs, two limos and two movie cars. The Media Center sponsered a new program at West, the Speaker of the Month series. Each month, a guest was invited to the Library Annex to speak with students. Among the many popular speakers were Bill Rechtenwald, investigative reporter; Matthew Carbone, inventor; Jim Loughman, WGN radio talk show host; and Donn Pearlman, WBBM ra¬ dio correspondent. Carbone, who was a millionaire by the age of 19, drove to West in his custom-made James Bond 007 Movie Car. The car, which has a T.V., wet bar, radar, smoke screen and oil slick, was just one of Carbone ' s many cars. One guest, Loughman, visited West twice. The second time, Loughman broadcasted a two hour radio show live from the auditorium. All West students, parents and faculty were in¬ vited to discuss timely topics such as the draft, ERA, abortion, the educa¬ tion system and peer pressure. The program was quite successful as hundreds of students attended month after month. Juniors Jill Peiper and Staci Munic show their big red spirit after a touchdown. Freshman Doug St. Marie and teammate walk off the field after a game. Left: A typical winter day. The sun sets and Junior Miriam Silverman is still waiting for the tennis match to end. HOW THE WEST Cooperation Togetherness Dedication Indians Memories Smiles Friendship Hugs Pride ONE Cooperation Togetherness Dedication Sharing Pride Hugs Spirit Laughter Friendship Smiles Memories Indians Cheers Victory And Love ... 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AKWA, DAN: Bronze Key; JV Soccer 3; YMCA Weight Training; Tae-Kwon-Do; Aeronautics Club 1; and various afterschool jobs that took up a lot of my time also. My senior class with Albiani was the most memorable. It was totally insane, therefore I enjoyed it, because I an un¬ questionably nuts. ALBERT, MICHAEL: Red Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key, Silver Key, Gold Key; National Honor Society 3,4; SRA L 1; AFS 1,2,3; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Westones 2,4; Band Orchestra tour to New Orleans; Thespians 1,2,3,4, secre¬ tary 4; Junior Achievement 2; Math Club 1; Illinois State Scholar; Pow Wow cast 1,2; Assis¬ tant Director Publicity Director 3; Pow Wow co-director 4; Pinnochio cast 1; Sound of Music 2; Glass Menagerie Assistant Director 2; the Wizard of Oz 3; Grease 3; Spinoff 3; the Wiz 4; The Red Shoes 4; The sound of Music 1; the Enigma 1; Orchesis crew 1,2; Opus I 1; PTSA 1; Enazone 4; A Capella Choir 2,3,4; Tutors Club 3. My most memorable experience at West was having been a squid, a coachman, a nazi, a bear, a martian, a gangster, a lion twice, a greaser, a bank robber, a lech and a sailer - all in four years. I will also never forget being the " biggest thing " on the West stage junior year and being co director of Pow Wow senior year. ALCALDE, ADRIANNA: Key Club 4; Soccer 2; Spanish Club 2; Bronze Key, Medical Careers Club 1; Westones 4; Ecology Club 4, During my four years at West I met some teachers who were truly called into this profession. They were helpful, kind, interesting, encouraging, and made me really enjoy classes. I will treasure the memory of having met them. ANGELETOS, ESTELLE: Honor Certificate 1; Bronze Key; Junior Class Cabinet; SRA 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet. My most memorable ex¬ periences at West were all the " good times " I had with TV, MG, JY, AC, MH, SK, WS, AND JC - the best friends anyone can ever have. My plans after hieh school are to attend Loyola University ana get a defree in business. ARONSON, STACEY: Cheerleading 1,2; Track 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Bronze Key; Yearbook 4; Mid¬ night riders 4. I think that my most memorable experience at West was in gym junior year. I was late for class one day, and as I was walking up the stairs to the gymnastics room, I heard my name being called for attendance. I started running up the stairs and yelling " here " . Little did I know that the balance beam was in front of the door. As I ran into the gym, I tripped over the beam and fell flat on my face. That was embarrassing. I will also never forget all my friends, the good times we had and how wel¬ come they made me feel when I first started at this school. ATSAVES, CYNTHIA: Cheerleading 1,4; Soft- ball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Midnight Rider 1,2,3. My most memorable experience was in softball freshman year when Laura Rockel hune from the soccer goal in her sweats, well I think she had on sweats. To Diane Estes, the " Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, and hee, hee, hee ' s with Harry. That I ' ll never forget. AVELLA, LISA: My future plans are to marry a rich and famous lawyer from Niles East - Mike Pomerantz. ASHER, LARRY: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; N-Club; Major N 3,4. My most memorable experiences were going into my basement all of junior year and pounding with Bob before hoop games. I want to go to college and play football. BACCHIERE, JANICE: Cheerleading 2; Orche- sies 3,4; National Honors 3,4; Bronze Key 3. My most memorable experience at West was the Orchesis show 82. Before opening each night, the " Birdland " group had the best time. Thanks for clowning around. Also during the same show, long live " the Bus " . I ' ll miss you " Orcha- chicks " . And I ' m sure that 83 will provide me with many more memorable experiences. BAER, JENNIFER: Volleyball 1. My future plans are to go to college. BAILEY, KEVIN: Baseball 2; Football 2,3,4; Ma¬ jor N 4; Honor Roll 3,4. My future plans are to nave a wild and crazy time in college and not get thrown into any more mud. BAQUE, ROSEMARIE: Cosmotology 3,4. My most memorable experiences were all the great times on the cosmo bus. I plan on becoming a cosmotologist. BARASCH, RENEE: My most memorable ex¬ perience was having mass media with Mr. Flynn. I plan on meeting Roger Daltry before I die. BARASCH, SHERYL: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Co¬ captain 4; Indoor and Outdoor Track 1,2; Junior Cabinet, Wiz. My most memorable experience was being part of the Niles West gymnastics team and all the good times that I ' ll cherish forever. Splee and I watching Tony do his hand¬ stand up on the balcony. Driving Steve home from practice and the car not wanting to go there. Lori, sophomore year wummer, what a riot spending it together the whole summer. " Pig " remember Fern ' s party and Candy ' s. Rat, " Icn Liebe Dich " Dissel going downtown to look at the Christmas lights ana building a fire at your house. Thanks to all my good friends for the memories at West. BARSHAY, YAN: Soccer 3; Swim 3,4; Concert band, Marching band, Tour. My most memora¬ ble experience was setting a new record for the JV medley relay in swimming. BARRAZA, NANCY: Girls Ensamble 1; Dance Co. 1; Girls Bowling 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3. My most memorable experiences in high school were: freshman year at East walking into my English class, and everyone was staring at me. I haa just come from gym and had put on my bouse inside out. Also for meeting Denice Bo- cek the " greatest best friend " anyone could ever have. I would most like to be remembered for my crush on the certain greek guy, with the " punk haircut " . BATCHEN, ROBERT: Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,4. My future plans are to attend an institu¬ tion of higher education and to further my studies in business education. BAUER, KRISTIN: My most memorable exper¬ iences at West have been all the wild exper¬ iences Gina and I had in the caddy and jam¬ ming to Zepplin while playing auarters witn SC also my lunch hour when Kathy, Geri, Caryn and I had many conversations about bathing suits and all those scrumscious Mac chocolate chip cookies with hot chocolate with a little, what was it called Geri? BECKER, ELISA: Freshman Cabinet 1, Cheer- leading 1,2, Varsity Gymnastics 1, Major N 1, Bronze Key 4, Illinois State Scholar 4; The best experience I had in highschool was when T.W. and I took the day off (thanks S.P.), silently drove downtown, and spent the afternoon with Roger and " his friend " Kenney. A CLASSIFIED experience. My future plans are counting the planets in the universe and seeing a thought. (N.E. forever) BEHAR, JOSE: A Christmas Carol 1; Class Cabinet 1; Red Honor Roll 1; Second place- National Spanish Exam 1; First place 1,2; Span¬ ish Club, vice pres. 2,4; Debate Team 2,4; Pow Wow 81, 82; Grease; Red Shoes; Bronze Key. I plan to get my Bachelor ' s in psychology. Then, I will continue working for my masters in criminal law and make tne world safe for jus¬ tice. BENBOW, ANDREW: Guard Club 1,2,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Captain 4. My most memo¬ rable experience is Art ' s New Year Eve Party Sophomore year. BENDER, MIKE: Soccer 1; Wrestling 1; Science Fiction Fantasy Club 2,3,4; Bronze Key. My goal is to be a Spanish teacher so I can terrorize little freshman. This will go give me a false feeling of power. BERENT, CATHY: Spanish Club 1; Graphics Club 1; Ski Club 1; Track Team 1,2; Frosh Choir; Advanced Choir; Bowling Team 3; Year¬ book 3; White Honor Roll 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at West was when I moved here from Libertyville. Everyone was so nice and really made me f eel at home. I also give a lot of credit to Mr. Sortal, my counselor, for all his help. BEZKOROVAINY, GREGORY: Football 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Cabinet; President Senior Class; N-Club 4; Academic Bowl Team 3,4; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Honor Roll 1; Track 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; JR Breakfast Club 2; Moo- seheads of Dessingland 4. My most memorable experience was beating the system in Beloit WI with some of my best friends. The day Mr. Kochman and I broke into Dad ' s class and cooking in chemistry. I plan to come to Niles West, after graduating from Georgetown ' s Law school, and see my novella in the library. I hope to keep in tu touch with Miss Higgins and Dad and Mrs. Graham. I ' m going to be the savior of this nation someday. BINSTOCK, CORY: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Major N 3,4; Co-captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Major N 3,4; N-Club 4. My most memorable experiences were homecoming senior year and the week vacation I got afterwards, the nijghts on the roof with Marco Del Mundo, and all the wild week¬ ends with the rowdy seniors. BOCEK, DENICE: Costumes 3, Bronze Key 3; Band Tour 1,2; Orchestra 1,2,3. My most memo¬ rable experience was becoming best friends with Nancy Barraza and remembering all the great times we had with the " cutie pies " , includ¬ ing someone with loop pants named -ttrack 2cottack 2 " Juffy " . BOJES, HEIDI: Cross-country 2; Track 2, Ten¬ nis 3,4; German Club 3,4; Art Council 3,4; Bronze Key, B-club 4; Co-Vice. Prez. My future plans are to travel through out the world con¬ tinuing my research as a devout B-club member and joining the group Trio thereby forcing them to change their name to Quartet. Da Da Da Da BONKOSKE, BETH: Basketball 1; Softball 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3. The Valentine ' s Dance last year by driving through Cabrini Greene at mid- nigt, and getting lost on the way home! BRAVO, MIRIAM: Spanish Club 2 My most memeorable experience was this last Pep Rally Senior year. It was the best ever since the 4 years I have been here. BRENNER, WENDI: White Honor 1; Art Council 1,2; Opus I 2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; My most memorable experiences were escaping Zack to the " wind and the rain " , irking the Greek Eskimo, interviewing Richard Thomp¬ son, and, of course, being constantly mistaken for Lisa Wright. BROOKS, STEVE: Football 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Major N 3,4. My future plans are to make it through college, get a good job and make enough money so I will have a refrigera¬ tor full of beer at all times. BURDEEN, BARRY: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Band Tours 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow band 2,3,4; Musical Director 4; My Fair Lady Orchestra 1; Guys and Dolls orchestra 2; The Wiz orchestra 4; Brigadoon orchestra 3; Concert orchestra 3,4; La Grange parade 2,3,4; Home¬ coming Parade 1,2,3,4, IHSA Solos and Ensem¬ ble 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Band 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; IMEA District Band 4. My future plans are to somehow make a living playing my trumpet. BURKE, TOM: Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Major N 4; President N-Club 4; Loyal to N.E. 1,2,3,4. My most memorable ex¬ periences include: Larry Asher ' s house every Friday before his basketball games and getting smashed and then going to Wendy ' s and watcn Larry pull out 250 pennies and pay for his din¬ ner and going ' to Bob Batchen ' s warehouse with Bob Reichert and finding our hard hats. My future plans are to be a bum. BUISSERET, CATHERINE: Badminton 2,3, Tennis 3. My most memorable experience is being on the badminton team ' 82. CAMILLI, GLORIA: Pom-Pon camp 4; Scarlet Certificate; Bronze Key; Choral May Festival 1,2,3,4; Westones 2,3,4; President-Treasurer 4; Choral Union 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 2; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; U. of I. Summer Choir Camp 1; Choral Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; Choral Rehearsal accompanist 4; Society 1,2,3,4; Music Man ; Pow Wow 1; Sound of Music; Pinnochio 1; Inter, theatre Arts Conference 1,4; Mousetrap-ub 2; Oliver 2; Choreographer 2; ballet instructor 2; variety show cnoreogographer 2,3; Wizard of Oz 3; Brigadoon 3; The Wiz 4; Cadet Band 1; Concert manager 2; Chicago Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Band May Festival; Orchestra May Festival 1,2,3,4; Band and Orchestra Holiday Festiva; Band Tours 1,2,3,4; IHSA Solo and En¬ semble Contest2,3,4; IMEA District Band 3,4. CAMPBELL, MARY: My most memorable ex¬ periences were meeting new friends and keep¬ ing my old friends, and getting a chance to work with the best bunch of men and women that are on the staff. CAPLAN, BARI: Basketball 1; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Band 1,2,3; Pow Wow Band 2,3; Grease 3; International Grease in Muncie 3. My most memorable experience is when I was re¬ hearsing with the Orchesis band and finding out my name was Matilda, then shorter to Tif- lyon tour of 79-80. Pow Wow cast party-yellow caboose, fire and ice by Hall and Oates. Sum¬ mer show storms for those over 65! Why isn ' t my car moving-neutral! Happy New Year-10 p.m. Wait I think she is crying. I ' ll grow up when you grow up. What is the point. Yes, no, maybe so. Tour to New Orleans- snow bliz¬ zards, momo breath creeps up. CARNOW, JIM: Football 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Major N 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at West was remembering all the great times at East. Also, the night that Brooks stole a bottle of Canadian Club, I got very ripped, and was struck by a hit and run driver. (Jershy barely made it through the intersection and could not get the license number. He called out my name thinking I was dead. To his surprise, I wasn ' t hurt, but my bike looked like a used accordian, ready for the junkyard. CAULLIERES, FERNANDA: Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Thespian 2,3,4; My Fair Lady Orchestra 1; Mou¬ setrap 2; Pow Wow ' 81; Grease; Pow Wow ' 82 cast; Bowling team 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3. My most memorable experience at West was my tour to Denver and meeting B.Z. CEDENO, DAVID: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Karate 2; Rung Fu 3; Gung Fu 4; Work 3,4; OCC 4. My future plans are to go to college and own a financial empire and to be a professional mar- itial artist. CHAO, RAYMOND: Newspaper 3,4; Cubbie 2; Features Page Editor 4; " Westhi Story " col¬ umnist; West Word columnist, " etc. " ; Year¬ book 2,3,4; Assistant Editor 4; Bronze Key; Sil¬ ver Key; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar; National Merit Letter of Com¬ mendation; Wrestling 1; Track and Field 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet. A few of my many memories made my last four years extra special. This includes cheering some of my best friends as they ran to the end of their rainbow. I will always remember our family. I hope I will be remembered for my writing and also for Spectrum 1983-How the West was ONE. Thanks to my best buddy, who I have loved since Jr. High and will continue to love through college. Also, thank you Niles West for giving me and Lisa over 25 classes together. I will never forget the time I gave Lisa her " Sweet 16 " present (a huge box of whipped cream inda face!) Mv future plans include going to Cham¬ paign where I will become the First undergrad¬ uate journalist to write a column for the Daily Illini. Ultimately, I will grace the second page of the Sun-Times occupied by some guy named Royko. That ' s all, etc. CHAROUS, ANITA: Student Government 2,3,4; Secretary 3,4; Sophomore Cabinet; Junior Cabinet; Senior Cabinet; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Israeli Club 2,3; President 3; Badmiten Team 1,2; Seminar for Scholars 4; NHS 3,4; AFS 3. My most memorable exper¬ ience at West was sophomore year (my first year here) up on the third floor. I had to use the bathroom rather badly but wasn ' t familiar with my way around so accidentally, I went into the guys bathroom. Thank God I didn ' t see any¬ thing I wasn ' t supposed to, and thank God no one saw me walk out except one person (JE) who was in shock. CHEN, LINDA: Freshman CAbinet; Sopho¬ more Cabinet; Junior Cabinet; German Club 1,2,3,4; Opus I 3; Girls Soccer 3; Lincoln Doug¬ las Debate 4; Textbook Center 1 , 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at West was meeting and getting to know my friends, who have made my high school years full of strange, cosmic, bi¬ zarre and absolute fun times. CHERTOW, JILL: Student Senate 4; Junior Cabinet; Senior Cabinet; NHS; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Medical Careers Club 3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable experiences were spent with my friends. Whether it was planning turtleneck day or going to a soccer game the night before a calculus test or just acting crazy, we always had fun. Every day was a memorable experience. CHEUNG, DOROTHY: Red Honor 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; NHS 3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; AFS 2; Volleyball 2,3,4; Major N 3,4; Costumer for Sound of Music 1; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable experience was durinc finals 1st semester senior year, " the eel” ripped Mr. Dessing ' s notorious 35 year old periodic table with which Mr. Dessing immedi¬ ately retaliated by savagely tearing " eel s ' ' final CHI, LINDA: White Certificate; Bronze Key; Student Class Cabinet 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1; Softball 1,2,3,4; Major N 4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Leaders 2,3,4; Soccer intramurals 2; South Pacific 2; Grease 3; Pow Wow 4; Wiz 4; Thespian 3,4; Opus I 3,4; Concert Choir 4; Wes- tones 4; Aeronautics Club 4; Debate 4; Medical Careers Club 4; Laboratory Assistant for Mr. Stranad 2; Mr. Holz 4. My most memorable experience at West was me eting the sweetest people who ' ve made the unbearable, everlasting school days seem pleasant, and the " weekends” worth living for; Alan, Aron, Dave, Sandy, and Sue, thanks for all the fond memories. CHOI, CHANG SOO: Math Club 3,4; NHS 3,4; Bronze Key 3, Silver Key 4. My most memora¬ ble experience was in AP Physics class when I was a junior, the moment when Mr. Hoeppner shaked hands with me for my first and the last A on a test. CHUNG, ELIZABETH: Silver Key; Bronze Key; Medical Careers Club 3.1 remember eating " In¬ dian Specials”. CISKOSKI, JULIE: Volleyball 1; Basketball 1; Cheerleader 1,2,4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4. I will never forget sophomore year, sitting in the stu¬ dent lounge, 5th period, with Geri and Amy (Rae) and singing songs from the Sound of Mu¬ sic and the Brady Bunch. P.S. But my most memorable experience was meeting my best friend Riz (margaret) and spending most of all my high schooldays with JBW. CLAVER, BRUCE: Cross Country 1,2; Manager 3; Track 1,2; Chorus 1; Choir 2,3,4; Boys Chorus 2,3,4; Accapella Choir 3,4; Illinois State Music Contest 3,4; New Orleans Tour 2; Choir Piano accompanist 4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Technical Crew 1,2,3,4; Best Crew member for A Christ¬ mas Carol and Grease. Orchesis Crew 1,2,3,4; Drama crew 1,2,3,4. My most memorable mo¬ ment was when I started going out with Barb, finding a personal note on the drama board and the year and a half that followed. Also driving the Grease can down the hallway and running down all the greasers during the senior citizens performance. COCONATO, LAURIE: Volleyball 1; Mid¬ night riders 1,2,3; Cosmetology 3,4. My future f lans are to try and get through college without osing my mind and to one day own my own beauty shop with Carol and Debbie. COHN, JENNIFER: Varsity Girls Swimming 1,2,3,4; AFS Host 2; AFS 2,3,4; Bronze Key. My most memorable experience at West was being a part of " Nick ' s Chicks” and getting up at 5:30 every morning to go swimming. COHEN, MARK: Football 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at West was when I wrestled three times on a Saturday and I pinned all three of my opponents. COSTAS, PAM: Spanish Club 1,2; Softball Team 1; Badminton Team 2; Ushers Club 3; Junior Cabinet; Opus I 3; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Gold Certificate, Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Red Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Illinois State Scholar. My future plans are to go to Undergraduate school with Lisa and Marci at Hamburger University and then go to graduate school at Harvard and receive our PHD ' s in French Friology. COURSEY, JOSEPH: Football 1,2,3,4; Basket¬ ball 1 , 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Gymnastics 1; N-Club 3,4; Honor Roll 3,4; Student Union 4; Major N 4; Honorable Mention all conference 4; Doc ' s all training team 4. My most memorable exper¬ ience was being able to meet all the guys from the blue and gold and being the first guy to take sewing class and thanks to the biggest wooder (Joel Fink) for my new name, Injun Joe. DAHM, MIKE: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; All Conference Football 4; Honorable Mention All Conference Football 4; Honorable Mention All Conference Baseball 3; N-Club 4, Major N 3,4. My future plans are to become a successful owner of a chain of fine bars with Bob Spagnoli, but before I do that I plan on going to ISU and getting a college de¬ gree in something. DANIEL, VALERY: Cheerleading 2; Diving 3; Pom Pon 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was at a basketball game 2 minutes before halftime not being able to find my red Pom-Pon. The most irritating thing about this was the whole time that I was looking for it, somebody was sitting on it. DAYAN, ALAN: Gymnastics 1,2; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Hebrew Club 3,4; Chess Club 3; Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3; National Honors Society; Seminars for Scholars 4. DECOOK, LISA: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Leaders 3,4; Yearbook 4; Newspaper 4; Junior Cabinet 3, Senior Cabinet 4; Soccer 1; Cadet Band 1. My most memorable moments were: The wild times at Browns, having " Black Coffee in Bed” with Kathy and Karen, Surfing on pillows, finding the secret to Roseannadann ' s hair (re¬ member Sheryl?), Wisco ' 82, and of course be¬ ing re-named " Splee”. Also meeting S.T. my frosh. year. Who knew it would turn out this way? JOHN, DEGROOT: Aeronautics Club 1,2; Soc¬ cer 1,2,3; White Honor Roll DEER, JEFFREY: Debate 1; Soccer 1,2,3; N.H.S. 3,4; Seminars for Scholars 3,4 Red Honor roll Key, Bronze Key, Silver Key; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Hebrew Club 4; Student Senate 4; Illinois State Scholar. When I was a sophomore I acci¬ dently walked into the girls washroom. DESNET, BETH: Midnight Riders 4. Sopho¬ more year a bunch of friends and I were in a food fight against the Animals. But the most important thing to me was meeting and making new friends, and getting closer with the old ones, because without them I wouldn ' t have had half as much fun as I did. And, of course, find¬ ing out Debbie Rose didn ' t hate me. DIAMOND, STEVE: Football 1,2,3,4, Basket¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience at West was Halloween ' 82 and meeting Carrie. DISCH, MIKE: Nothing 1,2,3,4. My future plans? Well, I ' ll take it as it comes. DISSELHORST, JULIE: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Diving 4; Track 1. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was my junior year gym¬ nastic meet against New Trier, and being part of a great gymnastic team. When BArrel and I went for an interesting trip downtown, fries, homecoming ' 82, W. R. at L.N. may we share many good times. Deb ' s 17th birthday that last¬ ed for weeks because good old STAN may he one day be your man-weekends when D.S. par¬ ents go out of town-B. B. at 2:00 a.m.-snake¬ baking parties but you always manage to find some fun. One that will never be forgotten 2- 15-82. Jeff-yo amor usted. Thanks to all my friends for making my high school years more enjoyable! DOLES, PATTY: Cross Country 2,3,4; Co-Cap- tain 4; Most valuable 4; All Conference 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Major N 2,3,4; N-Club 4; GPE Leaders 2,3,4; Cadet Band 1; White Certificate; Bronze Key; B-Club 3,4; Pres. 4; T.B. 2,3,4. My most memorable experience was reaching our goal in ' 81 by capturing 3rd place in State Cross Coun¬ try, but most of all tne crazy and great times I had with the best people in the world. T.B. ' s are number l! Forever New Balance and Olive Juice to BJ and Rex. Oh, I can ' t forget that unattaina¬ ble Sloan St. sign and Heidi ' s and my trip to Iowa! I love Peoria!! DORFMAN, STEVEN: Soccer 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Major N 2,3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Mr. Dessing ' s Mooseheads 4. My most memorable experience was having an out of town guest for Prom ' 82. I will also remember the times I had with Doi-Doi, Moo, and Cow¬ bells. I will always remember the messages I got from Ann Rosen about the Vet and Prom. EBERHART, CARYN: Leaders Gym 2,3,4; Class Cabinet 4. My most memorable exper¬ iences at West were: fainting in health class freshman year, having my leg gouged out by someone ' s fingernails during an intense game of scooter basketball in Senior Leaders Gym w Coach Richardson (I still have the scar). Re¬ ceiving an A on my paper from Mrs. Graham, doing my famous train experiment twice in Physics, being dazed and confused at our foot¬ ball games while watching a strip T-shirt show and going to J.A. ' s house after a swim meet with Yogi and the quarters man Mr. Bowman. ERLEBACHER, SETH: Thespians 1,2,3,4; Boys Choir 1; Technical Services Club 1,2,3,4; Match¬ maker Crew 1; Chamber Theatre Crew 1; My Fair Lady Crew 1; Pow Wow Crew 2; Wizard of Oz Crew 3; Grease Crew 3; Spinoff Crew 3; Orchesis Crew 3,4; Pow Wow Technical Direc¬ tor 4; Red Shoes 4; The Wiz 4; Plaza Suite 4; Boston Pop ' s Crew 3,4; Morton Grove Dance Show Crew 3; Math Intramurals 1,2; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Gold Certificate 1; Bronze Pin 2; Silver Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; National Merit Letter of Comendation 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Niles West Gymnastics Invitational Crew 4. Speak¬ ing to Mr. Johnson after the Baord of Education discovered our backstage flag and seeing his bald spot get all red. FALLERONI, MARC: Swimming 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3; National Honors Society; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Academic Bowl Team 3,4; Red Honors Award; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4. My most memorable experience was getting pulled over in the school parking lot for speeding and being in the best homeroom in the school. FANG, SUE: German Club 1,2,3,4; Class Cabi¬ net 1,2,3; Opus I 3; Aeronautics 4. My most memorable experience is the time I shared with my friends. Whether we were singing in the halls, making up themes, or new signals we always had a great time. FARKAS, DAVID: Soccer Team 2,3,4; Swim¬ ming Team 1; Math Club 1 Spanish Club 2,3; NHS 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. All the wonderful, kind, sweet, interesting, life-long friends here at, uh, this high school. Here are my most memorable ex¬ periences. FEINBERG, ARON: Computer Club 1; Aero¬ nautics Club 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NHS 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when my best friend and I were told that we couldn ' t sit in the chairs outside Dr. Man- nos ' office because we were creating a " security problem. " FILIPPINI, MATTHEW: Cross Country I, 2,3,4; Captain 4; Track 1,2,4; Untouchables 1; J. R. Breakfast Club 2; I.P.A. 4; National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Seminar for Scholars 3,4; M.G.B. 4; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Handball 1,2,3,4; My most memorable exper¬ ience at West were the J.R. Breakfast Club (3rd period Chem) and co- founding the ever popu- ar I.P.A. r la FINK, JOEL: Basketball 1,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,Vi; Newspaper 2,3,4; Sports Editor 4; Key Club 2; Go Blue Club 4; Wooder 1,2,3,4. It is a toss up between not going to prom with Jeanie Toscn and my two years of basektball under Coaches Capitani, Kiesel and Asher. My future plans are to join my friend Steve Klein at Michigan and eventually dominate the literary and audio-vi¬ sual components of journalism while remain¬ ing a Wooder the rest of my life. FIRFER, MARCI: National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar; Red Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Gold Certificate 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Badminton 1,2; 1st Varsity Doubles 2; Mi¬ nor N 1; Major N 2; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Freshman Class Cabinet; Sophomore Class Cabinet; Junior Class Cabinet; Opus I 3; Flag Corps 2; Ushers Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2. My future plans are to go to Undergraduate School at Hamburger University with Lisa and Pam and then to Harvard Grad, school to receive our Ph.D ' s in French Fiology. FLECK, LORI: Leaders 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was finding out who my real friends are. L.S. lets go have some Heines. FRANK, ERIC: Football 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2; Bas¬ ketball 1. My most memorable experience at West was chowing with Big Jim on New Year ' s and telling Abby to turn off the light. Also driving home after A.C.T s with Mark Kauf¬ man. FRANKEL, RICHARD: Intramural Raquetball 4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. When the mayor and all the sportscasters showed up at the last Niles East Homecoming. FREED, LISA: Newspaper 4; Yearbook 3,4; Cheerleading 1; Go Blue Club 4; Monitors Club 1; Freshman Class Cabinet; Niles East Trojan Rowdy 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience was freshman year at East when I blew off Health to sit in the sun and Mr. Galla yelled out of the window into the courtyard " Hey sweetie, aren ' t you supposed to be in class? " Also Yvonne, Pam, Teri always remember senior guys, Desiree Restaurant stairs, " theoffice " , fire extinguishers, water fights, Pam ' s party. The Dating Game, ROBO, Sylvan, Jerry Stone, Short People. Pam and Barb never forget all the great memories and especially Champaign ' 82. FREED, LORI: Student Senate 1,2,3,4; Sopho¬ more Class Cabinet; Junior Class Cabinet; Sen¬ ior Class Cabinet; French Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Children ' s Theatre 1; Pow Wow 2; Spring Musical 1; Red Honor Certifi¬ cate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Semi¬ nars for Scholars 3,4; Illinois State Scholar; Yearbook 4. My most memorable experiences have been those shared with my crazy Frugle sisters-Opaa! FREEDMAN, DANIEL: Soccer 1, Football 2; Baseball 1; Wrestling 2. The things I ' ll remem¬ ber best about Niles West is getting drunk with Eric, Mike, Lou, and Bob and almost killing Bob at Biasetti ' s. Spending 4 years at N.W. with my Wooder, Grover and all my other friends. FRIEDMAN, ROSANNE: French Club 3,4; He¬ brew Club 4; White Honors 1; Bronze Key 3. My most memorable experience was having cocktails backstage at the Opera House with the entire cast of Madama Butterfly. FRITZSHALL, DAVID: Fo otball 1,2; Baseball 1; Retired 3,4. My most memorable experience at West was when Chang, Stoker, Shayman and I drove down to Florida during spring break junior year. GABRIEL, HELENA: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Leaders 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; German Club 2,3,4; President 3,4; Hellenic Club 3,4; Vice-President 3; Student Government 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet; Medical Careers Club 3,4; AATG National German Exam Certificate; Goe¬ the Institute of Chicago Recognition; Red Hon¬ ors Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Merit Letter of Commen¬ dation; Illinois State Scholar. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was seeing the German Club Homecoming Float, which some of my friends and I worked on for 1 week, slide down the side of the van innediately after we left the parking lot. My goal is to open a string of turtleneck boutiques in Beverly Hills. CAJDEK, JANICE: Red Honor Award 1; Bronze Key 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Treasurer 4. My most memorable experience was having such a great bunch of wild friends (plus some hussies, especially S.A.M,M.C.,J.L., R.P.,and D.L.) and always having a great time doing all those crazy things and driving people crazy. I ' ll miss you all. Good luck class of ' 83! My future plans are going to a university in California and maybe passing, plus seeing M.C. getting all those tightends she ' s been checking out!! GENTILE, MICHAEL: Soccer 1,2. My most memorable experience at West was going to East . I plan to go to college, study civil engi¬ neering or computer programming. GERSHANOV, HOLLY: Children ' s Theater 1; White Honors Certificate 1; Class Cabinet 1 2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4; Freshman Editor 4; Bronze Key 3; Silver key 4; Student Senate 4; Seminars For Scholars 4. Looking back on four years, there were many great times; to remember just one would be a huge crime. It started Freshman year with Daisy the Clown " , from Pinnoccio to broken tables-my parents did frown. When the Frugle sisters met things really looked grand: Here ' s to Lars, Wends, Gilo, Smola, and 293 Holls, let ' s give them a hand. Dianna ' s, Lou Malnatti ' s and the Rocky Horror Show-We missed the movie but kept ourselves busy in the parkirye lot, you know. Dr. Jazz, now that was a treat. Tne place smelled like the water under a toilet seat! ' ' Why does chocolate cost more? " and " I ' m hungry! " , we cried, so we headed to Taco Bell, leaving our ice-cream aside. To our pal Juan Manots, who we ' ll never forget, how about " Bony Knees " and I ' m not finished yet - Thank you Lori, you ' ve been the absolute oest, and thanks to the Frugles, and all the rest. Our days at Niles West are now in the past, but the memories we share will always last. GERSTEIN, ELIZABETH: Swim team 1; Tennis team 2,3,4; Orchesis 1,2,3; Wooder 1,2,3,4; Class Cabinet 3,4; Red honor roll award 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Student Union 3,4; Publicity Chairman 4; NHS 3,4; Service Above Self Pro¬ gram 4; Medical Career ' s Seminar 3; Illinois State Scholar 4. My future goal is to " HAVE RELATIONS WITH ' J.F.K., Jr. so that I may collect my 1,000,000 clams from K.D.S. GIBERSON, DEANNA: Manager of girls soft- ball 3,4. My most memorable experience at West has been the night Sheila, Marie, Doug, Melissa, and I snuck into Skokie Valley Hospi¬ tal to wish Jay a Happy New Year. GILBERT, JEFF: Soccer 1, Bronze Key 2; Gym¬ nastics 1,2,3,4; Major N. 3,4; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Math Team 1; Yearbook 4; NHS 4. My most memorable experience at West was the day my teacher, who shall remain nameless, walked into class 5 minutes late with her shirt unbuttoned down to her navel. I don ' t think she was busy eating the Cafeteria food. GINTZLER, MARCI: Basketball 1; Softball 1; Hebrew Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 3; Flag Corps 2; AFS 3; Student Senate 4; Student Cabi¬ net 3,4; Treasurer 3,4; Gold Honor Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable experience at West occurred on my first day at West as a Sophomore. I felt like I was back in first grade again. I took the wrong bus home! Instead of being dropped off in Skokie, I ended up on the other side of Oincolnwood. When the bus driv¬ er stopped at the last bus stop and I was the only one left on the bus he asked me what the problem was. Embarrassed as I was, I told him. Thank God he understood and he dropped me off right at my doorstep. GLICK, MICHAEL: Swimming 1; Indoor Out¬ door Track 2; Literary Editor Opus I 2; Editor in Chief Opus I 3,4; Opus I Photography Award 2; Spanish Club 2; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; Outstanding Sophomore Ambassador to the Hugh O ' Brien Youth Foun¬ dation State Leadership Seminar 2; NHS 3,4; Junior Achievement V.P. Marketing Sales; White Honor Award 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. After I uh make my fortune lending quiet dynamism, I uh plan to just relax and un go around hitting other people with pieces of wood. GOLDBERG, CHARLES: Tennis 1,2,3; SRA 2,3,4; NHS 4; A. Graham Spelling Bee Award Runner-Up 4; Student Representative to PTSA 2,3; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Study Hall Monitor 3,4; Leaders Gym 2,3,4; Bowling Intra¬ mural Champ 3; Raquetball 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience was being picked by my homeroom teacher, Herr Brink, as a nominee of the $1,500 B ' nai Brith Scholarship Award. I plan to go to U of I and major in business and then go to the University of Chicago Graduate School and receive my MBA and CPA; so I can possibly work for my uncle ' s sanitation com¬ pany. GOLDENBERG, GARY: Soccer 1,2; Baseball 1; Red Honors Senior Year. My most memorable experience at West was causing trouble with the gang in good old Casten ' s class. Some of the other best days were sneaking Steve Straton out of his window to attend the West football game and having one of the nicest cars at West-my 1978 Martinique Blue Trans Am. GOLDSTEIN, RHONDA: White Honor Roll 1,4; SAB 2; Midnight Riders 1,2,3; BAC 1,2,3,4. One of the many most memorable experiences was the wild and wonderful Halloween of 1982 with Tom S., Laurie C., and Darrell G. Also most memorable is playing spoons for Schnopps parties with Dre ' s band and the Woods and everything in between. GOODMAN, TED: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Varsity N; Pinnochio 1. I ' m going to get dragged by horses, thrown through windows, get blown out of fox holes, fall from helicopters, drive fast cars, and ride fast women. I ' m going to be, a Hollywood stuntman. GORCHOW, MICHELLE: Tennis 1; Orchesis 1,3; Pom-Pon 2,3; Grease 3; Spinoff 3; Pow- Wow 4; Choreographer 4; Student Union 3,4; Vice-President 4; Executive coordinating coun¬ cil 3,4; Class Cabinet 3,4; End-Zone improv. group 4; Who-ligan 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar. I would most like to be remembered for being " Twisted " and for being obsessed with certain musical heroes. GOVIS, ALEX: Football 1,2,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experiences were being at " East " and going downstate wrestling weekend every year. GRASS, ELIZABETH: Cheerleading 1; Mid¬ night Riders 1,2,3; Orchesis 4. My most memo¬ rable experience at West was Sophomore year on Halloween, driving with Leo, Larry, Gus, Tony, Will, Joe, Paul, and Kim and letting it rain eggs on that poor kid who was riding his bike on Frontage!! When Jacky Hoffman and I cracked up over the kid who fell up the bus stairs. Senior Year!! Great times at Dutch Boy ' s house, how ' s the chair, Beth? GREENSPAN, PAUL: Soccer 1,2; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Radio Club 1 (East); White Honor Roll 3,4; JVN 2,3. My most memorable experience at West was walking into the same homeroom for 3 years and hearing Mr. Slatery say tuna salad, roast beef-instead of T.S.(thin sliced) roast beef. And also April Fools Day ' 82, when they let the greased pig loose and finally trapped it in the teacher ' s lounge. GROELING, BARBARA: Band 1,2,3,4, March¬ ing Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Orchesis Band 3,4; Pow-Wow 4; The Wiz 4; Student Union 2; Band Board 4; IHSA Ensemble Contest 3,4; LaGrange Parade 1,2,3,4; Tours to New Orleans, Denver, Montreal. My most memorable experiences at West are Tour ' 82, Colorado-celefcrating Gayle Hartzen ' s birthday and being one of the Blues Brothers, meeting Nicholas G., babysitting for a " Fresh¬ man " on New Year ' s Eve 1982, and having the biggest riots sitting up until 5:00 A.M. drawing posters, P.S. " Get out of my car! " GUTTMAN, GLENN: Soccer 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; N-Club 4; Minor N 3; Major N 4. My most memorable experience was in the second week of school as a freshman when I helped some friends push a classmate down the hall in a rolling garbage can from the cafeteria. This resulted in the first of my many referrals at N.W. HA, MARTHA: Basketball 1,2; Major N 1; Mi¬ nor N 2; Softball 1,2; Minor N 2; Co-Captain 2; Varsity Soccer 3,4; Major N 3,4; Homecoming Committee 1; Spirit Club 1; SAB 2,3; N-Club 4; NHS 3,4; Blue Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I plan to win the million dollar lottery, so I can buy every color turtleneck in the world. HADDON, MICHELLE: Spanish Club 1; Bad¬ minton 1,2; Opus I 3; Junior Class Cabinet, Senior Class Cabinet; Freshman Honors Certifi¬ cate; Student Senate 4; Bronze Key; Silver Key; NHS Treasurer; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable e xperiences always involve my friends — they know who they are. If it wasn ' t for them life would be pretty dull. I will never forget the surprise party they threw for me on my 18th birthday — it was fantastic! Another time was on Friday the 13th, I was watching a horror movie with a friend. Some of my other friends thought it would be funny to scare us, they did. Somehow I didn ' t find it funny at the time! Needless to say, the times I spent with my favorite guys (N. and F.) will never be forgotten. Thanks to my friends, my high school years will always be a memorable experience. P.S. To my D. Buddies-our screw drivers will always have a special place in my heart, memory, and liver! HAHN, LISA: Intermediate Orchestra 1; Con¬ cert Orchestra 2,3; AFS 3; Westones 2,3; Wash¬ ington D.C. Tour 1; New Orleans Tour 2; Den¬ ver Tour 3.1 would have to say my most memo¬ rable experience was at Kris ' house this winter - Eating pizza with Blodder, Jimmy, Kris, and Gina. Blodder smelled the food, Jimmy brought it and used the air freshener. HARLES, ROBERT: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; EOXE Drum Major 2,3; Band President 4; Band Board 2; Pow-Wow 3; Pow-Wow Director 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; IMEA Audi¬ tion for District Board and Orchestra (1st chair) 4; School Musicals: Guys and Dolls, My Fair Lady, The Wiz 1,2,4; Jazz Band 1,3,4; Band Tours: New Orleans, Denver, Montreal 2,3,4; Student Director 2,3,4; Chairman-National Fas¬ cist Committee for Social Reform 3,4; Niles East 1; Niles West 2,3,4. I plan to single-handedly solve all the problems of the world in one day - WWIII. HARRIS, STEPHEN: Soccer 2,3,4; Captain 4; Diving 3,4; Captain 3,4; Major N. 3,4. My most memorable experience was coming from Loyola Sophomore year ans scoring both goals against them in soccer to beat them 2-1.1 also regard as a memorable moment the trouble I got myself into when I went out with Debbie while I was seeing Maria K. HARTZEN, GAYLE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 2,3,4; Marching band 1,2,3,4; Basketball band 1,2,3,4; Orchesis band 1,2,3,4; Jazz band 4; Band board 3; LaGrange Pet Parade 1,2,3,4; Memorial Day Parade 1,2,3,4; Band May Festival 1,2,3,4; Band tours 1,2,3,4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4; IMEA District Band 3; Pow-Wow Band 3,4; “Guys and Dolls " Band 2; " The Wiz " Band 4; Basketball 1,2; Soft- ball 2,3,4; Varsity N 2,3,4; Red Honors Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NHS 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experiences at West include being the drummer for Pow-Wow 82, encountering the cold duck and the infamous telephone con¬ versation on New Year ' s Eve, being told " 20 million times " by Barb G. to " f.o. " , Deing un¬ able to bring the ball down the court with Mar¬ tha, being rude to " cocoa " , and spending 2 great years witn Cary. HAVDALA, DEBBIE: Student Gov ' t 3,4; Pres. 4; School Board Rep. 2,3,4, Chairman of the Executive Coordinating Council 4; School Newspaper 2,3,4; Co-Editor in Chief 4; Editorial Page Editor 3; Girl ' s Tennis 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; 1st Varsity Single 4; Varsity letter 3,4; Stu¬ dent Activities Board 3,4; Treasurer 3; Elections Chairman 4; Assistant for Legally Blind Stu¬ dents at Niles West 4; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Scholarship to World Affairs Seminar- Un- ivers. of Whitewater 3; Quill and Scroll Society 3,4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; NHS 3,4; Skokie Rotary ' s " Service Above Self " program 4; Representative in the " Daughters of the American Revolution " Good Citizen Award Competition 4; Silver Key, Bronze Key, Gold Key; Illinois State Scholar 4; NHS Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; IHSA State Convention for Stu¬ dent Gover ' t 3; Tutors Club 3.1 would most like to be remembered for my infamous green van. Watch out Lori, Holly, Andy and Bets. HEDBERG, KAREN: Girls ' Bowline 1,2,3,4; Girls ' Track 2,3,4; Leaders 2,3,4. My future plans are to find a long lost great, great uncle who has left me two and a half million dollars, and buy 20 billion cans of caviar for all the starving children in India. HINTZ, OLIVER: Track and Cross Country 1; Cross Country 2; German Club 4. My future plans are to go to Munich, Germany as an ap¬ prentice to study to be a chef for 3-4 years. HIRATA, KEITH: Soccer 1,2,3; German Club 1,2,3; Honorable Mention in National Merit Scholar Program. My most memorable exper¬ ience was my 6 V 2 stay in Japan. It showed me what my heritage really is. It made something which I was once very ashamed of a very impor¬ tant part of me, and made me proud. If anyone who ' s reading this ever gets a chance to study abroad, do it! HLEPAS, CARRIE: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Cap¬ tain 2, Co-Captain 4; Homecoming Court 4; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experiences at Niles West were: Having the best friends, The Awsome Five, Muggs, Babs, Aba- cab, and Paulsy, Valentines Dance ' 82 . Sor¬ ry, Dave. LaCage . . . thankx, Steve, Making the round with Annette. Niles East closing and gaining a great friend, Freddy F. Last, but not least, spending a special summer with a special person (thanx Steve). Lookout Florida, the Awe¬ some Five are coming!!! HOFFMAN, JACQUELINE: Volleyball 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Softball 1,2,3,4; Aunt Bev Fan Club 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at West was meeting Karen ' s Aunt Bev, the fun¬ nest person you ' d ever want to meet. HORVAT, BETH: I have had more embarrass¬ ing experiences than anything. Once, when I was a Freshman, someone threw my ski jacket into the middle of Varsity Basketball practice. The whole team stopped as I ran out to get it and played " Keep Away " from me. During a passing period, this guy came up to me and asked me if I had ever been " picked up? " When I replied " no " , he picked me up at the lcnees so I couldn ' t bend and I was practically touching the ceiling as he carried me all the way to my next class. HORVATH, FRANK: Football 1, Baseball 1; Golf 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at West was bieng so fortunate for having Mr. Holtz as a Chemistry teacher in ' 81- ' 82. HORNSTEIN, JAY: My most memorable ex- erience at West was meeting Lynn and just laving a party. HURTADO, JORGE: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Major N 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3; Bronze Key 3. My most memorable experiences were being the re¬ cipient of the ' 82-83 Fred Zeedyk memorial award in soccer, and, at Niles East, being the recipient of the ' 79- ' 80 Jeffrey Kesten Memorial Award in baseball. ISKANDAR, MIRA: Badminton 1,2,3; Gold Honor Roll 1; Bronze Key 2; French Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. My future plan is to go to college and make money so I can travel. p h: JACKSON, TODD: Football 2,3,4; Major N 3,4; Pow Wow 1; Band 2,3,4. The Band Tour of ' 80- ' 81 in New Orleans. Thanks Uncle Jack, you ' re a true friend. To live a happy life and to stay in touch with the gang. JI, FRANK: Baseball 1,2,4; Football 2,4 My most memorable experience was in Junior year, during gym. We were playing volleyball. The ball was served to me. I hit the ball hard and high over the net. It was going so high it broke one of the lights in the gym, and we had to stop playing until I cleaned up all the glass. JOHNSON, DIANE: Honor Roll 1; Orchesis 2; Pom-Pon 4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4 My future plans are to go on to college and have a career. I also plan on being a beach woman with Carla. JOSEPH, PETER: Football 1; Hockey 2; Golf 1,2,3,4; Major N 3,4; Conference Champ 4; State Finalist 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Captain 4; Yearbook 4; Semi-Finalist in the Evans Scholarship Award 4. My future plans are to go on to college, even¬ tually play on the Pro-Tour (P.G.A.) and have Jim ( " Jimbo " ) Adams as mv caddy, and Tommy Burke as my umbrella holder. JOSELIT, BRAD: Soccer 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bronze key 2; Silver key 3; Gold key 4; NHS 3,4; German Club 1,2; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Major N 4, National Merit Letter of Commendation; Yearbook 4; N Club 4 Illinois State Scholar 4, Mark Bialik Fan Club r. My most memorable experience at West took place at a gymnastics meet. Julie Mamett fell off the beam three times just after the meet ended she came up to Steve Klein and myself and Cried, " You have to come to another meet. You didn ' t see that. Steve then remarked, " Sure we saw it and I thought it was pretty funny. " Julie slapped him so nard you could ' ve heard the crack on the other side of the gym. I plan on becoming a lumberjack in the Sahara Forest. JUSTESEN, KEN: Soccer 1; Photo Club 4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Yearbook 4. My first memorable experience lasted all senior year in which Steve Straton and I burned Herr Brink to ashes in German class. My second didn ' t occur yet, but will when I get my diploma from this institutional like school. My plans for the future are to be bacteriological warfare spe¬ cialist, take over Zealeand, ana finally, become a successful doctor. KANG, SUSAN: Gold Certificate 1; Debate 1; Soccer 1,2; Usher ' s Club 2,3; Flag Corp 2; Medi¬ cal Careers Club 2,3; Current Events Club 4; Bronze key 2; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; NHS 4; Forensics 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Opus I 3; Key Club 3,4; Student Council 4; Junior Cabinet, 3. My most memorable experience at West was going to Chuck and Babs ' wedding, but missing the ceremony. Of course, we made up for this loss with a couple of drinks at the reception. My future plans are to go to Madison to get my B.A., go on to Law Scnool and branch off to international law. 295 KARAS, TOM: German Club 1,2,4; My most memorable experience was Sophomore year English with Mr. Flynn. Senior year English in Patrick ' s class was cool, too. My future plans are to go to college (Northern), get my master ' s and meet a nice 36-24-36 that likes Bob Seger and Journey. Also, I hope to have a good paying job, with lots of fringe benefits (if you know what I mean). KAUFMAN, WILLIAM: Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Aeronautics 4; B.A.C. 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Vice President, 4; Heileman schol¬ arship recipient. I will never forget when: I acci¬ dentally hit Dr. Mannos with a snowball at Dyche Stadium, B.R. accidently hitting me with a chair, Dean Erickson purposely hitting me with my first suspension. I won ' t forget: A.C.T. day and night, the field behind Dominick ' s, the Roof, the Rocks, Rush St., three-way hug, and nights in the Zeph and Vista Cruiser. But most of all. I ' ll always remember having good times with the new friends I made-especially Barb. My future plans are to stay married, research and experiment with the G-spot and to be able to slug one down in under 2.5 seconds. KELLMAN, JULIE: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Banal,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Band Boards 3,4; Vice presi¬ dent treasurer 4; " Guys and Dolls " orchestra 2; " Grease " band 3; International Theatre Arts Conference " Grease " band, 3; " Pow-Wow " cast, 4; Bronze key, 2; Silver key, 3; NHS, 3,4; Tutors Club 4; Skokie Rotary Club " Service Above Self " award nominee; Illinois Music Educators Association District Band 3,4; All-State band 4; IHSA Solo Ensemble Contest First Place 1,2,3,4; Graduation Marshall 3. My most memo¬ rable experience at West were being a Marna Sow (Washington was the best!), and being a Bernidji Buday! (We love you, Walker!) My fu¬ ture plans are to be happy, healthy, successful, and rich! KHOSHBIN, SHAHIN: Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; " The Wiz " . My most memorable experience is walking down the halls with my overalls on and nothing else except for Mrs. Dithers. My future plans are success, kids, and Mrs. Dithers. KIM EVA: Orchestra 1,2,3,4; AFS 4; Student Cabinet 4. My goal is primarily to finish college with straight A ' s and then start an exciting ca¬ reer so that I won ' t get bored. KIM, SUSIE: Pom-Pon 2,3,4, Captain 4; Orche- sis 1; Bronze Key; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; German Club 3,4; " The Wiz " Music 4. My most memorable experience was being in driver ' s ed. senior year, second semester. KLEIN, GARY: Gymnastics 1; Stage crew 1; Competitive Cycling 1,2,3,4. My most memora¬ ble experiences include going out with Bari Ca- plan, naving the experience of being taught by someone who will go down in history, as the only math teacher wno can ' t add or divide. May his ego follow him down! " If we haven ' t burned you yet, Todd, we will- your face!! " My goal is to become state cycling champion of Illinois, and possibly National Champion, this summer. Afterwards, I plan to go to college, study engi¬ neering, and make it a career. KLEIN, STEVEN: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Major N 3; NHS 3,4; Bronze, silver, and gold keys. My most memorable experience was attending a Niles West basketball game and seeing my buddies Brad and Joel both play and score. I plan to go to the University of Michigan and be an avid Wolverine football fan. I also plan to watch them destroy the Illini in next year ' s football season. KLEMENZ, DALE: Football 1. One of my most memorable experiences was in the student parking lot, when someone flattened one of my car tires and have to change it in 15 degree weather, while it snowed, and wearing dress clothes. The other was meeting that one special friend, and getting to know her better, and spending some very memorable times together. My future plans are, one, to have a great sum¬ mer spending it with the people I care about and like to be around. As for college, I plan to go to IIT and study to be a chemical or electrical engineer. KOCHMAN, CARY: Yearbook 3; Student Gov¬ ernment 1,2,3,4; Current Events Club 4; Senior Class Cabinet (Secretary); Debate 3; Seminars for Scholars 3,4. My most memorable exper¬ ience is when Greg and I were put in the posi¬ tion of having to break into dad ' s psycho class. All it took was a dime and a loose vent! ! My future plan is to have our novel published. KODAMA, AYUMI: Math Club 3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; My most memorable experience was being very lucky to make friends with various people. KODAMA, MEGUMI: Math Club 2,3; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My future plans are to go on to college, and to get a job where people are more respected than robots. KOREY, MICHAEL: Reflections 1, Pow Wow 2,3,4; Guys and Dolls 2; Grease 3; The Wiz 4; Chamber Theater 1; Thespians 2,3,4; Forty- Point Award 4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Board member 2; V.P. 3; president 4; Math team 1,2,3,4; secre¬ tary 3; president 4; Religious youth group 1,2,3; V.P. 1,2; president 3; Tennis 1,2,4; JV letter 1,2; Student Senate 4; delegate to Educational Policy and Advisory Council 4; NHS 3,4; committee chair 4; Investment Club 1; treasurer 1; Delegate to Presidential Classroom for Young Americans 3; Atlantic-Pacific Math League-first in nation 3; Junior Engineering Technical Society-third in nation, first in state 3; Illinois council of Teachers of Mathematics- first in state (two- person team and oral) 3; other awards from the North Suburban Math League, the Illinois Math League, the Atlantic Regional Math League; the Chicago Area All-Star Math Team; the Niles Township Math Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Rennsselaer Medal 3; Illinois Science Teachers Association Award 3; American Chemical Soci¬ ety-fourth place on citywide scholarship exam 2; Brown University Book Award 3; American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portu- guese-awards for 3 oral and 1 written Spanish contests 1,2,3; Northwestern University School of Speech Alumni Scholarship 4; Finalist in the university of Dallas National Competitive Scholarship Exam in the humanities and sci¬ ences 4; Post winner in VFW Voice of Democra¬ cy Oratorical Contest 4; School winner; one of ten state semi- finalists, and state alternate in the Century III Leaders competition 4; NHS scholarship semi-finalist 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My most memorable experience is getting stuck in a snow drift at Northwestern with only a whisk broom available to dig out a 5 ton minibus!!! KOROL, STEVEN: Science Seminar 1; State sci¬ ence fair 1; Debate 1; Soccer 1; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Sec Treas. of Apathy Club, Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4, NHS 3,4; Student Senate 1,3,4; Delegate to National Convention of Student Council; Hebrew Club 4. My most memorable experience was during the ' 82 Homecoming pa¬ rade, Allen Limpin and I forgot to tie down our float to the Van. So when we made our first left turn the entire float fell into the street and backed up the parade. KOZAK, FLOYD: Niles East Trojan fan 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to fight communism. KRAVETZ, ELLIOT: Cadet band 1; intermedi¬ ate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Tours 1,3,4; Aeronautics 1,2; Soccer 1. My most memorable experience was putting on that funny-looking marching band hat for the first time. Hey Doc-no offense, but those hats have got to go! The uniforms are fine, but the hats, pa-lease! KUNG, KHIN: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Badminton 2; Softball 1; AFS 2; Spanish Club 2; Gold Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3 Sophomore year. The first time I ever went rol¬ lerskating. Becky was helping me on one side while Chrysanti was helping me on the other side. I couldn ' t even move on rollerskates but they dragged me out there anyways. In the be¬ ginning I did all right but then, of course, I lost my balance and toppled over. Not only did I bring Chrysanti and Becky down, but also tack¬ led tne little kids skating behind me. That was the most embarassing moment of me life and the most painful one, too. I plan to go to Circle and major in Computer Science or related fields in Computer Science. LABELLE, TOM: Red Honor Roll 1; Uronze Key 2; Silver key 3; Gold key 4; Swim team 1; Tutor ' s Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Computer club 1; Opus 1 4; NHS 4; AATSP Poetry Con- test-lst place 2,3; AATSP Written Exam-lst place 3; National Merit Semi-minalist I can ' t 2 % teV Y V 4 name one single experience, but, ratber, a con¬ glomerate of occurences . . . Finding that I have a perfectly balanced incisive mind (I never knew I had a mind, let alone a balanced one!) watching the cafeteria, open house coversat- sions, Beach Boys songs, and that irreplacable smirk on a certain person ' s face . . . I ' m not sure of what, though, Ciao! ! LANDO, ABBY: Midnight Riders 2,3,4; A-5 3,4. My most memorable experiences include: my fifteenth birthday party, the Cars concert, par¬ ties at Lisa ' s house (voodoos), Loser Stretch, Joe at Dominick ' s, the piglet, corrupting P.O., Pin¬ head, July 3,1982, blue chair, and my seven day vacation. LANSK1, MICHAEL: International Thespian Society 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow crew 1; Pinnochio crew 1; Spring play 1; Orchesis crew 1,2,3; Sound of Music crew 1; ITAC Godspell 1; Mou¬ setrap crew 1; Pow Wow crew 2; A Christmas Carol cast and crew 2; Guys and Dolls crew 2; Glass Menagerie crew 2; Asst. Tech. Director Pow Wow ' 81 3; ob Wizard of Oz stage manager 3; Grease stage manager 3; Spinoff crew 3; ITAC Grease crew 3; Pow Wow ' 82 Tech. Direc¬ tor and Set Designer 4; Red Shoes Student Tech. Director 4; Orchesis Tech. Director 4; The Wiz Student Tech. Director and stage manager 4; ITAC 1,3,4; Morton Grove Dance Show crew 3; " Come-Back-Toy " finals 4; President of Thes¬ pian Troupe 1714 4. My most memorable ex¬ perience is the day Mrs. Bell left rehearsal and never came back! My future plans are to become rich and start a chain of " Jake ' s Master Rib Emporium Inc. " and " Mel ' s Shoe Palace " . LAPORTE, VIC: Football 1. My most memora¬ ble experience is meeting Dean Erickson for the first time and trying to stop laughing. My fu¬ ture plans are to go to a good engineering school and figure out a way to Dore out the earth and suck it out from underneath the Arabs. LARSON, DALE: Bowling 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,4; AFS 1,4; Opus I 4; Senior Cabinet 4; Major N 2,4; Leaders 2,3,4; Badminton 2,3. My most memorable experience at WEst was when the Spanish and German clubs constructed a float to place in the Homecoming Parade. We had thought that it was secured tightly to the van, but to the contrary we found out the oppo¬ site. As we were turning the corner to leave Niles West we watched with tears of hysteria in our eyes, our float fall off the van into the middle of the street. LASER, DEBBIE: Niles West Service Organiza¬ tion 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Sophomore Class Cabinet 2; Junior Class Cabinet 3; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Honor Society 1 , 2,3,4; Student Union 3,4; Cheerleader 3; tutor 3. I plan on having a pri¬ vate practice as a psychologist or working as an attourney. LAUFER, ROBERT: My future plans are to be¬ come an auto mechanic. LECOMTE, KENNETH: Football 1,2,3,4; Base¬ ball 1; Basketball 1; Wrestling 2,3; Major N 3,4; N-Club 4. My most memorable experience is listening to old Uncle Nick ' s speeches about the barroom brawls- and Tom. LEE, EDWIN: My most memorable experience was coming from East and meeting and becom¬ ing friends with a lot of people from West. My future plan is to become a farmer and plant corn and milk cows. LEE, VICKIE: Swimming 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3; New Orleans tour; Carrot Club 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experiences at West were: quarters in the cafe, a watergun fight in the Hilton, get¬ ting contacts, college visiting " Choo- chat-cnat- choo " , catch 19, escaping from the penitentiary early, writing mystery notes, being christened " Trilf " , Mickey D ' s, eating vegimite sand¬ wiches, seeing airplanes, eating toothpaste at DJ ' s with Boo-boo, Bowman, and " the couple " and having a bomb with Gar, Cid, April, Boo- boo, Squirt, Wheatie, Torquer, " your nose! " , Jon, DJ, Mr. Albiani, " Wow " and all you other weirdos! My future plans are-Watch out Bethel- here I come!! Righteous Rockin ' forever!! LEE, YUNA: JV Gymnastics 1; Freshman Hon¬ or Award 1; Ushers 2,3; Art council 2,3; Junior Cabinet 3; Orchesis 2; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key LEMBCKE, MICHAEL: My most memorable experience is causing a lot of trouble and de¬ struction, but never getting caught! LEMKE, MARK: Baseball 1; Bronze Key 3, Sil- verKey 4. My future plans are to attend SIU and achieve a degree in Engineering. LEVANT, MARK: Israeli Club 1,2,3; Concert Choir 1,2,3; Guys and Dolls crew 2; Pow Wow Band 4; Orchesis Band 2,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Football Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Band tours 2,3,4; Holi¬ day Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience at West was during our band rehearsal. My fellow tuba players and I started playing, but we couldn ' t get a note out. We turned the tuba around and out came 3 cubic feet of gray water!! My future plans are to con¬ tinue playing the tuba, conducting the band, and becoming a TV reporter. LEBERIS, ELISA: Math Team 1,2,3,4; vice- president, 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; president 4; French Club 3,4; president 3; Soccer Team 2,3 Medical Careers Club 2,3; vice president 3; Sophomore Class Cabinet; Junior Class Cabi¬ net; " Sound of Music " Orchestra 1; " Guys and Dolls " Orchestra 2; " The Wiz " , Orchestra 4; National Merit Finalist; Illinois State Scholar; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; America ' s Honors Orchestra, Califor¬ nia Orange Growers Association ' s Sunkist Award. My most memorable experiences in¬ cluded walking into chemistry 33 minutes late after falling asleep in the library, constantly pestering Nam the Man and just being so thankful for my friends, teachers and peers alike, who made the past 4 years unforgettable. LEBERIS, MARIA: Yearbook 2,3,4; photogra¬ pher 2,3,4; Faculty Section Editor 3; Editor-In- Chief 4; Newspaper 3,4; Photographer for cable t.v prmotional magazine 2; Photography Club 2,3; Vice-President 3; President 4; Who ' s Who Among American Student Award 3; Tennis Team 3; Medical Careers Club 2,3,4; Co-Presi¬ dent 3; Tutors Club 3; French Club 3,4; Forums Committee 2,3; Sophomore Class Cabinet; Ju¬ nior Class Cabinet. Some memorable exper¬ iences were with my friends at W.B.C., trying to explain to people everyday that it wasn ' t my birthday thanks to Dino, Gus, Rob, Jeff, Ted, etc. Also, 8-15-82 when I met D.M. LEVINSON, RANDI: Pom-Pon 3,4; Captain 4; NHS 3,4; Midnight Riders 1,2,3 Bronze Key 1; SAB 4; Senior Class Cabinet. My most memora¬ ble experience is going to Northwestern with AV and GH and having some severe problems! Homecoming ' 83. Finally, after 3 years, getting to meet BF at a party. LEVY, CRAIG: Aeronautics 2; White Honor Roll 3,4. My future plans are to have one of the best summers of my of my life, go to UICC, then to a Cal. state school to get my MBA. In the mean time I shall like to be remembered for never bringing a pencil to Mr. Savage ' s class, or attending any of my PE study halls during the year. Statements of the year: intense, such a deal-How are ya, How are ya, Michigan doesn ' t have pinball games-the all famous UWE Blop- and Golden Valley-What is your name . . . What is your Quest-Exterminate. Best wishes to all my friends. LIAKOPOULOS, GEORGE: Disco dancing 3,4; Greek Mafia member 1,2,3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience is Senior year in Mr. Casten ' s animal class. My future plans are to be a suc¬ cessful business man ana to study in my spare time the extinction of the Albino Gorilla. If that doesn ' t work I can always become the first Greek president. LIMPIN, ALLEN: Swimming 1,2,3,4; Co-cap¬ tain varsity team 4; Medical Careers Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; NHS 4; Bronze Key 4. My future plans are to eventually out- dress Steve Korol and then marry Virginia Hey. LIOSATOS, JOHN: Freshman year achieve¬ ment pin; Westword Staff 3; Honor Roll a cou¬ ple times. My biggest surprise during the past 4 years is managing not to lose my balance on the stairs and end up counting them on the way down. My future plans are to go to Northern and major in business and how to rip people off. LIOU, PHEODORA: Red Honor 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Soccer 1,2,3; German Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Medical Careers Club 4; Cos- 297 tume Crew 1; National Merit Semi-finalist. I hope to discover who I really am and to stop being so ficle and confused. LIPKIN, MARC: Soccer 1,2; Bronze Key 3; Cur¬ rent Events Club 4; Festival Organizer and Co¬ director 4; Student 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience was vfchen my mother came in and had a visit with Der. Mannos, Mr. Hoosline, and myself for reasons which were beyond me. Thank you to the Wonderful Adele Higgins. We ' ll miss you! LOIACANO, DEBBIE: Cheerleading 1,2; Cos¬ metology 3,4; Pete 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience is going to cosmetology and gossip¬ ing with all the girls, and being the only kids going to school on a Saturday. Also talking about the weekends during homeroom with Lisa. LORES, KIM: Cheerleading 1; Pom Pon 2,3,4; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4. My most memorable experiences at West would have to include: Going out with Scott Imhoff, TP-ing Eric Frank ' se in my underwear Fresh, year, all the great parties at Larry ' s house with the clan, winter vacation, and ND games, Soph, year: Toga parties, twisting to " Shout " , bopping in my car to " Let ' s Dance " , and all the wild and crazy parties at Labs ' house. Yes pinhead, I fi¬ nally got a new tape. I would have to say that the best part was getting to be best friends with Patty O ' Boyle and Alan Smith, although I ' ll never forget: Labs, Babs, Suzy Brain Tumor, Abbles, and even Carrie and Annette, though we had our differences. My future plans are to move to Hawaii, be a beach bum, learn how to surf and maybe, in a few years, get a job. LUNCSFORD, MARK J.: Swimming 2,3,4; Track 4; Guard Club 2,3,4; Timer ' s Club 2,3,4. My most memorable experience was going to State meet with Al Limpin and winning the 50 and 100. MAHAN, SHARON: Swimming 1,2,3; Leaders 2,3. My most memorable experience was when my mom was bugging me to swim senior year. When I get pre-engaged my senior year. MAJEWSKI, STEVE: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when our ' 82- ' 83 soccer team beat Maine East to clinch our second tournament victory. It was the most dedicated and devastat¬ ing team effort I have ever been a part of, thanks to a great team. All my future plans are directed toward becoming the happiest Polak ever to go to college. MAK, CHRISTINE: Soccer 1,2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when Helena and I spent 3 days making a float for the Homecoming Parade and Steve and Allen forgot to tie it down to the fan so when we turned left out of the parking lot it came flying down and backed up the whole parade. My future plans are to join the navy and fly JETS. MALIWANAG, ALEX: Football 1,2,3,4; Major N 4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; White Honor Roll 4; N-Club 4; Grover 1,2,3,4. My most memorable moments were in my senior year, one being at the 1982 home¬ coming game when I couldn ' t play, the other being tne last game where I had my teammates sign my football. Also, driving somewhere in Lincolnwood, one of my friends decided to hang his upper body out of his window. Just then I decided to run into a puddle of muddv water and get him all wet. I aid, and I can still remember nis exact woreds- " Oh, you idiot! " MAMARIL, MARIE: Class cabinet 1,2,3; Or- chesis 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; Soccer 2. My most memorable experience at West was when I finally got put on probation January of my senioryear. MAMETT, JULIE: Gymnastics 1,2,3; Newspa¬ per 3,4; Editorial Director 4; NHS 3,4; Current Events Club 4; Seminars for Scholars 4; Student Senate 1,4 Senior Cabinet; Volleyball 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Illinois State Schol¬ ar; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4. I have had two memo¬ rable experiences at NW. The first occurred in freshman biology when a certain someone wanted to get my attention. During a lab, Joel hid an onion in my purse. It was not discovered until late that evening when I noticed a strange smell in my room. He sure got my attention. Then during a US History lecture, Jim Nadder, out of the blue, screamed, " Nice Sassoon bra, Mamett! " I proceeded to give him one of my infamous back-handed slapshots to the face. The class was up for grabs for the rest of the day. In August I am going to Georgetown to room with Sir Patrick (I like my men like my coffee). After I receive my degree in Foreign Service, I plan to travel around the world and become a better power-hungry opportunist than D.H. MARTINI, JULIE: Yearbook 4, Leaders 2; Swimming 1. My most memorable experience was the Jap-gap War with the animals Sopho¬ more yr. during fifth period. Japs rule! ! MASTERTON, GERALYN: Sophomore Cabi¬ net; Junior Cabinet, head of Prom committee; Cheerleading 2; Indian Loyal fan 1,2,3,4; Lead¬ ers 2,3,4; B-A club 1,2,3,4; Class Rowdy 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experiences are: Freshman swim class; playing odds and evens in the park because we had no cards. Thank you Joey Cour- sey for showing me the sunshine. " Julie " , did Chris and Jeff hear that? " Pete Biasco and Patty o ' Boyle " Nobody ' s home " . But my most memo¬ rable is spending New Year ' s Eve with my 2 good friends. " Now are you Judy, JUlie, or Geri? " or are you Mike G, Mike J or Mike N. No Julie that ' s Mike K. And what do you mean no more fruit punch " Geri, can you move your neck? " Thank you all you guys. MAYER, LOIS: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NHS 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience was meeting my " bestest " friend and sharing all the great times we had together. Thanks for making sen¬ ior year the best. I ' ll always remember you, Binky! ! ! MCCARTHY, TOM: Football 1,2; Major N 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold key 4; NHS 3,4. Mv most memorable experience was my first high school wrestling match which was against Loy¬ ola and Notre Dame. That night I had 3 match¬ es and I watched the split- varsity team beat both Loyola and Notre Dame at the same time. It was memorable, both for the huge crowds which attended the meets and the winning tra¬ dition at East. MILBRANDT, ARLEEN: Varsity swimming, most valuable 2; guard club 1,2; Wrest- lettes 4; Timer ' s club 1,2,3,4; Boys ' swim team manager 2,3. My most memorable experience is the summer before my Sophomore year when I met Mark at Proesel Park while he was disas¬ sembling bicycles (mine) and that summer ask¬ ing him to a big party on Sunday and never realizing from that day that he would be the most important part of my life and that we would end up sharing together times I will nev¬ er forget, also in the winter of ' 82 taking Ruby for the first time and her gasing on the turn and running into a snow bank on the corner and becoming best friends with Sharon my senior year. MILEWSKI, PHYLLIS: Volleyball 1,2,3; Bronze Key 1; Silver Key 3. My most memorable exper¬ ience was being on the volleyball team, making new friends and learning about team spirit. MILLER, BARB: Yearbook 4; Midnight Riders 3.4. There is no way I could possibly write down one memorable experience because there are so many great times to remember. Some of them include: meeting some of the most excel¬ lent friends anyone could have, wild summers, pre-parties at Labs ' , Animal House, Halloween " 81, always finding the strangest places to re¬ lieve ourselves (windshields!), perpendicular arking, " Stairs " , corrupting Patsy, 3-way hug, ehind Dominick ' s, onion bagels, Muggs-Great America with Twiddley Bops in the pouring rain, T.P-ing (piglet!), Homecoming, G T ' s, bug zapper, TBGs, voodoos, SIU, the Jerks, my finger catching on fire, confession night, Mark- Woody ' s party and your pants, talking for hours, arguing over nothing, the Zeph, sex talks, etc . . . " Her face is as green as her shirt " , " Barbara, it smells funny in here " , " That ' s cool! " - There are a million more fantastic times- we are all having a reunion in 10 years! MILLER, STEPHEN: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Letter of Commendation for Na¬ tional Merit Scholarship; Illinois State Scholar; NHS 3,4; Vice-President 4; Soccer 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3; Captain 2; Major N 2,3; Yearbook 3,4; Academics Section Editor 4; Key Club 2,3; Span¬ ish Club 2,3. 298 K _ F .. MILLER, TRACY: Class cabinet 2; Girl ' s soccer 1,2; Girl ' s bowling 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience was the one year that I ate lunch in scnool. I was eating with my friend and some¬ one threw some food at me so I threw it back and hit the wrong person. Well, the person that I hit was Shogun and she poured a whole carton of chocolate milk right over my head. The fun¬ ny thing about it was we never got caught for having a food fight in the cafeteria. MOSS, BRENDA: Newspaper 1,2,3,4 (Features Editor 3, Editor-in Chief 4); Yearbook Copy Edi¬ tor 4; Bronze Key 4; Skokie Rotary Club " Ser¬ vice Above Self " Nominee 4. Until I become the highest paid copy editor in the history of jour¬ nalism, I would like to be remembered for over¬ coming Ross ' ambush (you lost big, Lirtzman- experience and hjmanity ultimately win out) and for being one of the 12 original ANIMALS along with some wonderful members of the Classes of ' 81 and ' 82. MUCH, ANDREW: Photography Club 3,4; Football 1; Intramural Raquetball 2,3,4; NHS reject club 3; National Merit Letter of Commen¬ dation 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Wooders 1,2,3,4; treasurer 4; Intramural Math 1,2; bronze key 3; Silver Key 4; Homeroom 222 " Big Guy " 1,2,3,4; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Beloit trip 3; Newspaper 3,4; News Editor 4; Yearbook pno- tographer 4; Senior Class Cabinet; Hull House arty coordinator; Homecoming Float Boss. I ope to some day graduate from an institution of higher learning like Mooseheard U. and eventually become the dictator of a small Latin American country. E MUGRDITCHIAN, ANNETTE: Student Union 2,3; Midnight Riders 1 , 2,3,4; A-5 4. My most memorable experience at West were be¬ coming good friends with Carrie, Abby, Paula, Barb, Lisa and Patty and all the great times we had like cheating at quarters, making the rounds with Carrie, Valentine ' s Dance ' 82 in the B.H. bathroom, finally obtaining a relation¬ ship with M.D. and thanks for the good times S.Z., and thanks for the talks, Alan! Florida here we come! MURRAY, JOHN: Soccer 1,2; Basketball 2; In¬ tramural Racquetball 1,2,4. I ' ve had so many memorable experiences here at Niles West that I just can ' t remember even one of them. NADDER, JAMES: Soccer 1,2; Intramural Bowling 1,2,3; Freshman Honor Key 1; Bronze key 3; Cadet Band 1; Assyrian Club 1,2,3,4; Gym 1,2,3,4; Teenage Alcoholics Club 3,4; Nuke Lincolnwood Club 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to become head of the IBM computer department and to start an Assyrian club at Purdue U. Also to steal a street sign for V.L. NELSON, LORELEE A.: Indoor track 1; Varsity Soccer 1,2; Captain 2; Sophomore Cabinet. My most memorable experiences at Niles West were meeting and becoming best friends with Sheryl Barasch, learning things about myself and others around me, and most of all meeting a very special person, and having us grow into a very special relationship. I hope we last! NIMZ, JEFF: Soccer 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; SRA 3; SAB 4; Seminars for Scholars 4. One of my more memorable experiences occurred when our tennis team won districts, and qualified for the state tournament- Mr. Turry went wild and jumped on us. NOLAN, KAREN A.: Cheerleading 1,3; Girl ' s Basketball 1; SRA 1; Pom Pon 2; SAB 3; Home¬ coming Parade Chairman 3; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experiences were changing out of my uniform in LG ' s wagon, drinking too much Hawaiian punch with JH, TW, SP, and LG, watching SP and KS, play f- ball with my topsiders, praying to the Porcelan God at C.S. ' s house while the LW guys were downstairs, and walking in my house with no shoes on and bright red socks. Also beginning a relationship with B. Halperin on 8-8-81. A Smith, I apologize! O ' BOYLE, PATRICIA: Girls Track 1,2,3,4; Ma¬ jor N; Girls Basketball 1,2; Midnight Rider 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4; N-Ciub 4. To look back on my high school years and pick out one memorable experience would be impossi¬ ble. To begin with Freshman year when I broke a chair in the S.L. while sitting down on it, all those crazy times with and .G. K.L. Sophomore year being beach bums, and N.E. and N.W. together forever. Junior year, one of my most memorable years thanks to Pola, Abble ' s, Barbsy, Lab ' s, Mug ' s, and Carrie, for all our twisting and bopping to " shout " , toga parties, the haunted house, T.B.G. ' s, and all our party hopping. To Lab ' s, thanks for the use of your house, especially that one week in Dec. none of us will ever forget; To Pola, " yes after- track " , " watch out for that step! " and thanks for always being there; to Abble ' s that unexpected vaca¬ tion; to Mug ' s " no you only get one try " and " look out for the guy with the chainsaw " ; to Carrie " stop being such a Suzy Paranoya " ; to Jeanie a new friendship that was made Senior fear; to Barbsy Homecoming ' 82; and to Kim or being one of the best friends anyone could have - thanks for the past 5 years. Last but not least thank you class of ' 83 and good luck in the future. I O ' BRIEN, KATHERINE: One of my most memorable experiences at West was the day Michelle, Anita, and I put 160 twinkies in Diane Johnson ' s locker, also a few choice pic¬ tures we put in her locker from time to time. My future plans are to have a seven digit salary by the time I ' m 30. OLIFF, IRA: Baseball 1,2, Hebrew Club 1,2,3,4, Math Club 1,2, Medical Careers Club 4, Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3, Seminars for Scholars 3,4, National Honor Scoeity 3,4, Math Intrmurals 2nd place-Fr., 3rd place-Soph. Gold Pin 4, Illi¬ nois State Scholar, National Merit Semi-Fina¬ list, J.R. Breakfast Club 2; My most memorable experiences were the cooking labs in chemistry (J.R. Breakfast Club). OPLE, JOE: My future plans are to go back to Japan. OTO, SUZANNE: Gold Certificate 1, Orchesis Steppin ' Out 3; My most memorable moment was the one year that I spent at Niles East and being in homeroom with Mike and Dave. OVSEY, VICTOR: Science Fiction Club 1, Track and Field 2; My most memorable exper¬ iences were with the people in my homeroom. PANOUSIERES, ELAINE: My most memora¬ ble experience was going through four years at Niles West and every teacher pronouncing my name wrong. PANZELLA, GREG: Football 1, Baseball 1, Ra¬ quetball 2; My most memorable experiences were: totaling GEEK ' S backseat upholstery for a mere sum of three hundred dollars worth of damage (which I never paid); and watching Ohio State mysteriously ruin L.W. ' s hall rug. PAPPAS, GEORGE D.: National Honor Society 3,4, Bronze Key 3, Silver Key 4, Yearbook 3, Greek Club 3,4, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Major N 3; In the fall, I will be attending the University of Michigan, where I will receive an excellent edu¬ cation which will eventually lead me to one of the top executive positions in the country. Go Wolves! Beat those Illini, whatever they are. I love UMAPG. Maybe Todd will do O.K. with the pencil sharpener. PAPPAS, JOHN: Ballet 1,2,3,4; My future plans are to become a professional disco dancer, con¬ tinue school, and master the art of daisy pick¬ ing. PARISI, DAVID: Founder I.P.A., Photo Club 3 ,4; Illinois State Scholar; Westword photogra¬ pher 4; J.R. Breakfast Club 2; Bronze Key; Silver Key. My most memorable experience was boil¬ ing eggs over the Fisher burners sophomore fear while Mr. Dessing watched. This was the irst meeting of the J.R. Breakfast Club and I won ' t forget it. PASZKO, RICK: Baseball 1,3; Captain 1; Scrub 2,3; N-Club 4; Honor Roll 3,4. My most memo¬ rable experience was when Ken LeComte lit my underwear on fire in gym class, but then I got him back. 6 PATEL, HIMANSHU: Science Fiction and Fan¬ tasy Club 1,3,4; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Medical Careers Club 4. My memorable experience was having known Mr. Carr and otners in this school. PAUL, ALEX: Cross Country 3,4; A.A.C. 4; In¬ door Track 1,2,3; 4; Captain 4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience was graduation. PAWLOWSKI, CHRIS: Bronze Key 3; Cross Country 4; Indoor Track 4; Outdoor Track 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Ma¬ jor N 4; Among tutoring 2,3,4; Illinois State 299 Scholar 4. My most memorable experience was camping in the north woods of Minnesota with two friends during the summer of 1982. PERLMAN, GAIL ANN: Freshman Cabinet 1; Badminton 1; Major N 1; Spanish Club 1; Soph¬ omore Cabinet 2; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-Presi¬ dent 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was coming from Niles East and sharing the BEST times with all of my closets friends. PITTS, TRACY: Bronze Key 1; Junior Cabinet 3. My most memorable experience was having a friend like Linnea trip me in the Oakton Street Lobby. Also all the good times we had freshman and sophomore year during our free periods like remembering the A.C.T. PLONUS, SABINE: Varsity Swimming 1,2,3,4; Most Valuable Swimmer 3; Captain; Varsity Track 1; Leaders 2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; German Club 3,4; Medical Careers Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West were the wild and crazy swim team bus rides, punk glasses, rackets, and " Super Freaky " , having a nervous breakdown before Mrs. Graham ' s final, nightowl attacks, getting accepted at N.U., ana meeting T.F. Thanks J.T.H POET, SHEILA: Class Cabinet 2,3; Vice-Presi¬ dent 2; President 3, Concert Choir 3,4; A Capella 3,4. My most memorable experience was junior year when I actually made it to homeroom on time 4 days in a row! With my make-up on! POULAKIDAS, STEPHANIE: Student Union 2,3,4; Publicity 3; President 4; Hellenic Club 3,4; Treasurer 3; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4; Executive Coordinating Council 4; Bronze Key 3; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Busi¬ ness Departmental Award Winner 4. I would most like to be remembered for my smile early in the morning. My future plans are to major in accounting at Indiana University, obtain a Mas¬ ters degree in taxation, and become a C.P.A. QUILICI, GINA: My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was calling Larry " Box- head " collect from the payphone and saying it was his true love " Mary Fat " . To Larry, wherev¬ er you are, Kris and I know what went on that night in Fred ' s tent! ( HA HA HA) RABIN, SUE: Band 1,2; Pow Wow 1,2; Co-Cor- eographer Pow Wow 3; Orchesis " Steppin " Out " 2,3,4; Children ' s Theatre 3; " Grease " 3; Student Union 3,4; Pom-pon 4. I am seriously considering traveling to the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa to visit the Mbuti, Pygmy, Gunga-din-dung tribe and be the first women in history to teach bongo dancing to all the buh-wheats and gumbies. RICH, SUSIE: Pom Pon 3,4; Secretary 4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Stu¬ dent Union 2,3,4; Secretary 3. I ' ll never forget " tarnishine my reputation " with " the girl with the hair, " naving a secret affair at the end of junior year, and the two best friends I made as a result. I ' ll always love you both! ROBINSON, STEVEN: Wrestling 1; Gymnas¬ tics 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; March¬ ing Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Basketball Band 2,3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Pow Wow Band 3; " Wiz " Band 4; Marching Band Uniform Crew 3,4; Band Board 4; Band and Ensemble Contest Par¬ ticipant 2,3,4; Michael Reese Seminar Partici¬ pant 3; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; LaGrange Parade 2,3,4; Memorial Day Parade 2,3,4; Homecoming Parade 2,3,4; May Festival. My most memorable experiences at Niles West were all the times I spent with my close friends (especially Jodi). ROCKEL, LAURA: Basketball 1; Softball 1. My most memorable experience was freshman year during softball practice when I was hanging on the soccer goal and Cindy Atsaves came up be¬ hind me and pulled off my sweats. I was hang¬ ing there in my underwear and the whole team was cracking up. THANKS CINDY! ROGAN, CHERYL: German Club 1,2,3. Mv most memorable experience was having such great friends. I love ya and I never would have made it without you. My future plans are to marry rich and have a few kids. ROOT, GAIL: Senior Class Cabinet; Student Senate; Israeli National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 2; I will always remember the good friends I made and the fun times we had at good old Ni We Hi! ROSE, ADELE: Art Council 2,3,4; Opus 1,2,3,4; Westword Cartoonist 3,4; Current Events Club 4; Science Fiction and ;antasy Club 2. My most memorable times and etc. would be being on Westword, not being on Westword, the Greek Eskimo, BRENDA, THE ANIMALS and MR. BLACKBURN and all the little people that mat¬ tered. Also when the chip machine gave $6 at me and when I won the Art Dept, Award as a junior. ROSE, DEBBIE: Gymnastics 1; Class Cabinet 3; Bronze Key; Art Council 2,3,4; My most memo¬ rable experiences were First: Everything that happened through the years with " Stan. " Sec¬ ond: Mud wrestling with Mark Kaufman dur¬ ing the winter junior year. Third: When Lisa and I went out Defore senior late day and then walked into homeroom to find Linda In hysteri- cas. Most of all though was meeting all my new friends and of course keeping the old ones. ROSEN, FRANCES: bowling 1,2,3; Theater crew " Fiddler on the Roof " , " South Pacific, " " Brigadoon, " " Guys ' n Dolls, " " Mousetrap, " " Grease, " " Spinoff, " Students for Israel 1,2,3; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to go to college, get a degree in a good profession, become rich and famous, travel around the world, and retire at the age of 30. ROSENBERG, BENNETT LINDSEY: Driving Team 1; Hebrew Club 2,3,4; Gymnastics 3; Medical Careers Club 2,3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience had to be the 40 minutes a day I spent 1st semester senior year in gym class or should I say comedy shop. ROSENBLUM, CARLA: Soccer 2,3,4; Tennis 1,3; Band 1,2; Pow Wow Band 3. I plan to gra¬ duate from the University of Iowa, become an operating room nurse, move south to the east coast of Texas with my long-time best pal, Diane, live in a lighthouse along the ocean and beco me a beach woman. ROSENBLUM, SUSAN: Cross Country 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; B- Club 3,4; Secretary. My most memorable exper¬ iences are, first, sharing one hotel room with RT (Rubber) and JC (Porkey) in Charleston and corrupting them. Everything from cleaning off the sink every five seconds, to the " " on the highway, and walking in the out door trying to figure out why it wouldn ' t open. Thanks. Then, of course, there was that day we started school late after sleeping at Schwartzie ' s with Kaboom and had Moosenead for dinner (with nachos) and for breakfast, then went " running " for lunch and seeing Deb in the same condition. Not to mention us in the li¬ brary (pant- pant) with Rich. And last, I ' d like to thank almost all the Track-Boofs (including alumni) for a stimulating four years. Important B-Club bulletin: Keep a B-watch always! ROSS, HOPE: Children ' s Theatre 1, Sound of Music 1; White Certificate 1; Soph. Class Cabi¬ net; Cheerleading 2; Bronze Key 3; Grease 3; The Wiz 4; Pow Wow 3,3, 4; Orchesis 1,2,3; Leaders 2,3,4; Thespians 3,4; Endzone 4; Illinois State Scholar; Linda Schmidt fan club president 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experiences were anything I ever did with the twelves stooges, such as: swimming on institiute day, SC 7 JD friday nights; summer snow storms; decorating the ceiling with edible art; barbecued revenge in the locker room; the Sue-ie tanning club; the frosh-soph mixer - RUN; trying to walk down Sari ' s stairs after midnight; B-ball down-state, Matt-the-rat and crater-face; Jorurney, Pat and the NW beach; and fond fond memories of movies never made. RUBIN, SARI: Westones 2,3,4, Vice presi¬ dent ; New Orleans Tour; Pow Wow, 2,3, As¬ sistant director Grease, 3; Concert Choir 2,3,4, President 4; Yearbook photographer 4. The Winter of ' 82- ' 83 sure had helped me with all my problems and were there when I needed them. They know who they are. I hope when we all look back at this book and see everyone, we ' ll think of all the good times we ' ve had and cry. RUGENDORF, DAVID SCOTT: Student Gov¬ ernment 1,2,4; Senior Cabinet; Bronze Key, 3; Silver Key 4; Football 1,2; Current Events Club 4; Homeroom Announcement reader 2,3,4; Baseball Mgr. 1; Golden Bishop Award 4; Club Sarkis 1,2,3,4. I first plan on going to college and then going to graduate school. After all of this schooling, I hope to still be open minded and able to think for myself. I plan on becom¬ ing a public interest lawyer, but I can always sit in a tree and learn to play the flute. If Ronald Readgan could become President of the United States, I don ' s see why I can ' t or even maybe I could become the next Bob Dylan. RUSCH, JUDITH: Indoor track 1,2; Outdoor ta track 1,2; President of sophomore cabinet; president of junior cabinet; Pom-pon 4; Honor roll 3,4; B.A. Club 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experiences happened with my best friends GM, LN, JZ, LD, SS, and there are too many to pick out just one. I would just like them to know they were the best times and I ' ll never forget them. RUSSO, TOM: Soccer 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Ma¬ jor N 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Major N 3,4; Captain 4; Honor certificate 1, Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NHS 3,4; National Merit Letter of commendation; Illinois State Scholar. One of my most memorable experiences at NW was playing singles on the 1982 District Champion tennis team and competing in the state tourne- ment. Hopefully, 1983 will hold another trip to the state tourney, but this time we ' ll win a match. The most memorable was meeting and spending a lot of time with someone very spe¬ cial S.P. SACKS, KENNETH: Swimming 1,2,3; Newspa¬ per 1; Bronze key 4. Aside from 1983 Homecom¬ ing with Brian Weinberg, my most memorable experience at Niles West would be watching Kraft and Spagnoli go around school cleaning windows sophomore year. SANDER, KATLHLEEN: Track 1,2,3; Leaders Gym 2,3,4. My most memorable experiences at NW were my senior year which I speant most of my time with Boo-book Geri, Woody, and DeCooker listening to the mexican radio, while feeling hungry like a wolf and waiting for my black coffee in bed. Another memorable exper¬ ience was being dazed and confused at footDall games while watching a s trip T-shirt show. But can I tell you my most unforgettable experience of the year was slipping on am orange peel and birdie f fracturing my 1 finger. SCHILDGEN, LYNNE: Bowling 1,2,3,4; Major N 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; MVP 2,3; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Major N 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Major N 1 . Winning Districts for bowling and receiving a lovely ca¬ tered breakfast: bagles and cream cheese, ca¬ tered all the way from the cafe. And having a milk (chocolate) fight with Tracy Milburn Mill¬ er. and the time freshman year in Mr. Waddell ' s homeroom when someone broke the faucet and slmost the whole class got wet and the water flooded the room. And the time I introduced too very great people, because kennie and Sue were to shy. SCHMETTER, LISA: Thespians 1,2,3,4; Reflec¬ tions crew 1; Matchmaker crew 1; Chamber Theater cast 1; Pow-wow 2,4; Spring musical crew 1,3; Spinoff crew 3; Usher ' s Club 3; Fresh¬ man Cabinet; NHS 3,4; Gold Key 4; Silver Key 3; Bronze Key 2; Gold Certificate 1. My future plans are to go to undergraduate school at Ham¬ burger Univ. with Marci and Pam and then to Harvard Grad. School to receive our Ph. D ' s in French Friology. SCHMIDT, LINDA: Freshman Class Cabinet; Sophomore Class Cabinet; Girls softball 1,2,3 Nathi Nathional German Examination 2,3,4; Pow-Wow crew 3; German Club 3,4. My most memorable experiences at West include all the times I had with the 12 stooges (109 ' s cookie ceiling, sitting in a rainy car, broken windows, flooding the third floor and annex, perfume fights, frsdhman rowdiness), with fellow B-club members ( ' ' HOT ' ' sweats, stomach aches from lunch mods 14-16, elevator rides, pepsi in Mr. G ' s class, people on 175 lines, and constantly cracking up), and Is lastly, the day we started school late, ate breakfast at Schwartz ' s, ran to homeroom withourt a fallind falling and seeing Deb ' s crossed eyes in homeroom. There, I said it! I ' d just like to thank all my friends for being there and I love you guys! SCHNEIDER, SHARON: Softball 1,2; Student Union 2,3,4; Hebrew Israeli Club 1,2,3,4; Fresh¬ man and sophomore honor roll; Senior Class Cabinet; Midnight Rider 1,2,3,4; Pom-pon 4. Miles West brings me too many memories from football and basketball games to the good times in the student lounge to T.P ing houses, hotels, bedrooms, and the guys themselves to spending hours in the deans office to jgreat parties ana especially to my friends! The best memory Niles West holds for me is my friends. SCHREIER, SANDRA: AFS 3,4; Honor roll 2,3,4. My most memorable experiences at NIWEHI were surviving a very difficult fresh¬ man year and making it to my senior year- all while regaining some degree of sanity and a very strange field trip with a cetain Humanities teacher wno shall remain nameless. Special thanks to MPC, the best counselor a ' dis¬ turbed ' ' person could have. SCHREITER, ROSS: Photo Club 1; Gymnastics 1,2. My most memorable experience at West was not knowing where the neck I was going first day of freshman year and always telling myself that I wasn ' t the shortest guy here. I will also never forget trying not to have the big one while Wendy Smason was driving the car in Drivers Ed. I will also never forget all the friends I hade here, especially LK. SCHWARTZ, CINDY: Choir 1,2,3,4; Vice president 4; International Thespian Choir 3,4; International Thespian Society Conference 3; Drama Dept. Bake Sale Coordinator 4; Reflec¬ tions 1; My Fai Lady 1; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Grease 3; Childrens Theatre, the Wizard of Oz 3; The Wiz 4. My future plans are to attend Columbia College and study acting. My goals are to be¬ come a successful actress and nve my life my own way. SCHWARTZ, ELISSA: Choral Union 1; Con¬ cert Choir 2,3,4; Choir Officer 4; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Westones 1; secretary 2, president 3,4; Pow- Wow Costume Crew 1; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Music Festival 1,2,3,4; February Choir Concert 2,3,4; A Capella 2,3,4; Advanced Dance 2,3,4; Music Dept. Tours 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience is when we had a half day of school and we all got into my olds and drow drove to the beach and SR, LS, JR, SR, HR, and we went with and Sue and Linda went in after their Pepsi and then we went to my house to dry off and spill it on the carpeting. Also, when Schmidty broke the window in 109 and when 20 pygmies attacked me in the parking lot after a football game. SCHWARTZ, KAREN: Pow Wow 1,2; Red Honor 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; NHS 3,4; S.A.B. 3; Seminars for Scholars 3,4; Illinois State Scholar; Tutors Club 4; Yearbook 2,3,4; Special Events Editor 3; Clubs Editor 4. My most memorable experience at West was realizing what true friends are, and having the best possi¬ ble times with them. My future plans are to become a professional yearbook maker and someday become president of Jostens Yearbook Company. SCHWARZ, DAVID: Aeronautics Club 1,2,3,4; President 2,3,4; Computer Club 1; SRA 1; Sci¬ ence Seminar 1; Top ten math intramurals 1,2; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NHS 3,4; National Merit Semi-finalist. Following four years at Madison, right in the heart or Wisconsin, I plan to enjoy banana co-magnate- ship in the Caribbean with a certain two other aspiring magnates. You know who you are. We ' ll meet at the Miami airport, terminal B. SEEF, MARK: Baseball 1,2,3; JV letter; Swim¬ ming 1. I would like to become a better person in my actions and attitudes towards society. I would like to continue the thinking and learn¬ ing process, whether in an educational institu¬ tion or not. I would like to become very success¬ ful in the business world. And most of all I would like to continue appreciating and exper- ienceing life to its fullest. SERLIN, NINA: Cheerleading 2; Yearbook 4. My most memorable experience was Prom, freshman year- the people who were there know what I ' m talking about. My future plans are to go to college. SHAPIRO, LISA: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Newspaper 3,4; News Page Editor 4; Yearbook 3,4; Junior Section Editor 3; Senior Section Editor 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; MVP 4; Basketball Team 1,2; Ma¬ jor " N " 3,4; N-Club 4, secretary 4. All the good times spent with my close friends are my most memorable experiences at West. All the football and basketball games, all the wild parties and sleep-overs at my house junior year, SHOUT!, Halloween in togas and the parking lot with Babs, Valentine ' s Dance - Milli and our ' boy¬ friends from Jewel!, the Hedgehog, the back¬ yard with the lady on the porch - ' Hey, what do you think you ' re doing?! " , my sister-in-law 301 Pinhead, Abs (snapper, squeezebox), Dominicks with Chico, dancing in backyards in the snow ( " your bladder is the size of a peanut! " ), two trips to Wisconsin (Rob - alias Chris), our great talks about life (just move to another country! that will solve your problems!), the weekly trips with Muggs for bagels, many quarters games (you cheat Muggs!), Daiquiris, Journey - " I wouldn ' t take my dog to this concert! " , Basket¬ ball and Track drop-out - Patsy! Too many classes with CA-CA! Thanks for the great memories and good luck! SHAYMAN, BILL: Baseball 2, summer varsity; Basketball 1,; Football 1,2. My most memorable experience at West was my junior year, spring break, driving to Ft. Lauderdale with Stokes, Fritch and Jay. " B ' s " , beans and frisbee at 5:30 a.m. in shark infested waters. SHEDROFF, BARBARA: Thespians 1,2,3,4; Technical Services Club 1,2,3,4; Cadet Band 1; Matchmaker 1; Chamber Theatre 1; My Fair Lady Crew 1; Pow Wow crew 2,3; Guys and Dolls crew 2; Wizard of Oz 3; Grease Crew 3; Spinoff Crew 3; Pow Wow 4; Red Shoes Crew 4; Assistant Director the Wiz 4; Treasurer 4; Span¬ ish Club 2,3; Girls Ensamble 1; Illinois State Scholar; State Music Contest 4; Best Crew Member Award 3; I plan to be a sumo wrestler and if that doesn ' t work out. I ' ll go to the Uni¬ versity of Iowa and study nursing. SHELLIST, MARC: Gymnastics 1; Soccer 2,4, Pow Wow 1,2; Co-director 3; Sound of Music 1; Christmas Carole 2; Guy and Dolls 2; The Wiz 4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3; Concert Choir. My most memorable experience is counting all the bruises and cuts that Miss Philbin has inflicted upon my body. SHERMAN CAROLINE: Spanish Club 2. My future plans are to marry B.B. or Steve K. SILVERMAN, SHELDON: Pow Wow 1,2,3; Co-writer and Director 4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Chil¬ drens Theatre 3; Orchesis 4; End Zone 4; Coach Richardi ' s Best Friend Award; Yearbook 4; Stu¬ dent Council 1. Gym class 83 with Wilson, Smith, and a harumph-harumph for Shahin (a very dangerous friend). Thanks Coach Richardi for making it all possible. Also my gym theme song made possible by Shanin, " I left my heart ... " Another would be Bez and Shel - President and Vice-President of A.P. Some time in the near future, I would like to open a world wide chain of drive thru milts (just call me Bring em back Dooner). After this I would like to retire and live in a small bungalow in Andy Mcuh ' s Dictator controlled Latin American Country. SINICA, CHRIS: Volleyball 2; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3;. My most memorable experience occurred freshman year when Tracy, Alan and I put the " ACT " together and is our good deed for the year. SMASON, WENDY: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Red Honor Certificate 1; NHS 3,4; Seminars for Scholars 3; West Word 3,4; Student Council 3,4; P.T.S.A. Student Represen¬ tative 3; Board of Ed. Student Representative 4; Freshman Class Cabinet; Sopnomore Class Cabinet; Junior Class Cabinet; Senior Class Cabinet; Spanich Club 1,2,3,4; secretary 4; AFS 1,2,3,4; Girls Soccer 1. My most memorable ex- erience at West was not one specific incident ut rather four years of learning about myself and others, meeting different types of people, experienceing new situations, ana making some wonderful and lasting friendships. SMITH, ALAN: My most memorable exper¬ ience at West was becoming friends with new people. Also getting closer with old friends. Thanks for all the good times DF, KS, DT, EF, MD, KR, BW, BS, etc. Your welcome for listen¬ ing AM and last but not least thanks for the weird times KL. SPAGNOLI, BOB: Football 1,2,3,4; Major N 4; N-Club 4.1 plan to go to ISU (I hope) and make it through this school first without any draw backs, and be the successful owner of five bars with Mike Dahm, so we can make lots of mon¬ ey and lots of friends in it. SPRAGUE, ELLEN: Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Student Union 4; Class Cabinets 3,4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4. My future plans are to go to college anywhere except Illinois, be¬ come rich and retire, and live in a mansion in MORTON GROVE. STAMOS, VAN: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2; Baseball 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Yearbook 3,4; Sports Editor 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Major N 3,4; National Honor Society secretary 3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Hellenic Club 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Nadder, Bialik, Sullivan Fan Club 4. While there have been a great number of memorable experiences at this reknowned insti¬ tution, all equally memorable, I would have to say my most memorable one would be when I saw Mark Bialik and Stuart Sullivan for the first time (my senior year). My future plans include owning a restaurant like the rest of my Hellenic friends. STEELE, CHRISTOPHER: AFS 2,3,4; President 4; Summer Exchange Student to Chile 3; Opus I 3,4; Business and Publicity Editor 3; Literary Editor 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Cadet Band 1; Inter¬ mediate Band 2,; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 2,3; Westones 1,2; Treasureer 2; NHS 4; Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable experience was my AFS trip to Santiageo, Chile over the summer of 1982 during which I learned about myself and others while making many new friends and gaining a second family. STONE, BARBARA: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West came at cheerleading camp junior jear. The holiday Inn, in Macomb, Illinois will never be the same. Also, going to see Genesis junior year with Pam and Lisa was quite an experience. After four years of high school I still have a crush on D.Z. SWERDLOW, KEVIN: Trojan Fan 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Guys and Dolls 2; Wizard of Oz 3; Grease 3.1 plan to go to college, get an extensive education. Become a million¬ aire at twenty- two and party the rest of my life. TARASCHEWSKY, INGRID: My most memo¬ rable experience at West is meeting two very super sweet friends Sherry Z and JoAnn M (Jo Mama) and all the fun we had together. TEICHNER, PAULA: Cheerleading 1,2; co-cap¬ tain 2; Girls gymnastics 1; Varsity N 1; Mid¬ night riders 2,3; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3. My most memorable experiences were Halloween junior year in leopard togas and going to Pop- pin Fresh with friends over spring vacation after celebrating heavily. TELENGATER, ROBIN: Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; All-Conference 3,4; IHSA State Meet 3rd Place 3; Track 1,2,3,4; All-Conference 1,2; Major " N " 1,2,3,4; Basketball Mgr. 2,3; GPE Leaders 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Red Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; N-Club 4; B-Club 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was in Peoria. I will always remember sharing our 3rd lace finish in the 1981 Cross Country State inals with the " best " team in the world. Also, when we almost finished up our 1982 without you; you ' re the best! Thank you to all my friends who made happiness during high school possible. TENZILLO, KAREN: Volleyball 1,2; Basketball 1,3,4; Softball 1,2; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4; Aunt Bev Fan Club 1,2,3,4. My most memorable ex¬ periences were meeting Jacky ' s Aunt Bev, the funniest person you ' d ever want to meet and her friends Winnetred, Sammy, All my friends and our memorable experiences we ' ve shared together. I plan to be successful in what eve I do, and to look forward to our 5 year reunion. TODD, ELIZABETH: Gymnastics 1,2; Pom¬ pon 3,4; Midnight Riders 1,2,3. My most memorable experience at N.W. is my home¬ room buddies naming me Zeph. L.G. were on a kicker. BH what a great time. Remember 11-27- 82. I am going to ISU. TOSCH, JEANIE: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Captain 1,4; Basketball 1; Leaders, 3,4; Bronze Key. I owe all my memorable experiences to all my fantas¬ tic friends that I ' ve made these past 4 years. Freshman year: to my Niles East friends all those late night walks and romps in the snow, and of course to my best friends that attacked and disrobed me in front of St. Paul ' s Church. Sophomore year, N.E. N.W. together. Happy 15th Birthday Abby. Let ' s party. Junior year: all those crazy parties and quarters games with all my rowdy friends. " Paula, I think you better pull over, " " Joel, I prefer quiet parties for two. " " So when are we going to LG " " Abby, I think we need another Sunday afternoon rap see ses¬ sion, another road trip to Northern, maybe we ' ll see Tom again " " Glenn and Brad, we can always get pizza and play ping pong " Abby, Lisa, Barb, want some blue cake, splat. Senior year: Hey Lorie, let ' s take another road trip to Northern, maybe we ' ll see Tom Again " " Glenn and Brad, we can always get pizza and play ping pong. " Patty, thanks for making my senior year so special. TURNER, DAVID: Swim Team 1,2,3,4; End Zone. Being home in homeroom 304 with Mr. Martin; having never committed a serious crime against a member of the NW Administra¬ tion; writing my senior survey. UBRIG, STEVEN: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Wrestling 1; German Club 1. My most memora¬ ble experience will be leaving West. My plans are to go to college and be rich and at the age of 50, retire and live in Arizona. VARON, AMY: Basektball 1,2; Leaders 2,3; Senior Class Cabinet, Student Union 4; Pom¬ pon 4; Midnight Riders 2,3. A few of my most memorable experiences were walking to Buffalo after every basketball freshman year and sing¬ ing " It a creamy, lickin, chocolate sesation and most of all getting in a fight with PJ sopho¬ more year. (It wasn ' t my fault, it was Julie Zivi- lik ' s) My future plans are to go to college, get married and learn all the words to the Koclcy Horrror Picture Show by heart (not necessarily in that order). VENETOS, TINA: Leaders 2,3; Class Cabinet 3,4; Student Senate 3,4; Hellenic Club 3,4; Ger¬ man Club 2,3,4; AFS 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Red Hon¬ or Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable experiences throughout high school have been the fun times I have had with my great friends. I hope that they always remember my " laugh " . VENSON, KAREN: Bowling 1,2,3,4; White Certificate. My most memorable experiences at Niles West were being a member of the best bowling Team in the state, being in Mrs. Hentz ' s 9th period algebra class, " you ' re not thinking witn me, class ' " and being a member of the exclusive Agar-Agar club. My future plans are to graduate from college, retire at 30 years old, and move to Machu Picchu. WANG, JIM: Science Fiction Fantasy Club 4; Senior Class Cabinet. Leaving this school and to go to college and become a dentist. WARSHAWSKY, NEIL: Freshman Honor Key; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Car Keys; Photography Club 2,3,4; I.M Raquetball 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; SRA 1; Yearbook 4; Newspaper 4; Illinois State Scholar; NHS 3,4; N-C1 ud 4; My most memorable experience definitely deals with the experiences I encountered in the Niles West interschool sports program. I can honest¬ ly say that I am the first person in the history of Niles West to bunt a baseball with my face. Besides this, my body was pronounced dead on arrival from the second month of football, and finally I think that I am the only person to my knowledge, to have the top of my right ear ripped off durnig the middle of one of our foot¬ ball games. WATSON, GARY: Bronze Key. Meeting a very close person, who helped me get througn some hard times and you know who you are and I just want to say a special thanks to. WATTS, SHARI: Orchesis Dance Co. 1,2,3,4; Vice-president 3; President 4; Pow Wow 80-81, Pow Wow Choreographer 81-82. My most memorable experience was performing a strip¬ tease act. " All that Jazz " in front of an audience in the NW auditorium with Jill Piper during the Orchesis show my junior year. I plan to make everyones " teeth " shine and to spend the rest of my life with J.C.N. WEINBERG, BRIAN: Football 1,2,3,4; All con¬ ference football 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Major N 4; N-Club 4. My future plans are to go to college, get rich, drive a porsche 928 and live in alalibu. WEINSTEIN, BECKY: Tennis 1; Volleyball 2,3,4; Major N 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Major N 4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Major N 3,4; Yearbook 2; Leaders PE 2,3; AFS 1,2,3,4; AFS Host Sister 2; Bronze Key, Silver Key; Gold Key; NHS 3,4; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Illi¬ nois State Scholar; Student Senate 3,4; Vice president 4; JETS 4; Co-captin 4; American Chemical Society Examination Honorable Men¬ tion 2. My most memorable experience while at Niles West was riding to Hoffman Estates in a bus with 15 screaming sophomores for four hours only to find out tnat our basketball game had been cancelled. WEITZMAN, TAMARA: Yearbook 2,3,4; So- phomoresEditor 3; Special Event Editor 4; Stu¬ dent Union 3,4; Treasurer 4; Senior Class Cabi¬ net; Red Honor; Scholastic Homeroom Award, 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Illinois State Scholar; National Honor Societv 3,4. My most memorable experience was delivering a chocolate pizza to some special friends at the Ritz-Carlton with E.B. on December 10, 1982. My future plans are to continue the Dynasty Club with S.P. at I.U., obtain my Master ' s de¬ gree from the Wharton School of Business, and succed succeed in my chosen career of marke¬ ting adverticing. WILFONG, JEFFREY: Football 1,2,3; Gymnas¬ tics 1,2,3,4; A.C. 4; Major N 3,4;. I will never forget my experiences at Nile West. But the ones that stick out most in my mind are: when Mark M., Mark J. (SB), and I went on a cross country tour; off roading and a few Chinese firedrills, when we were only going to Hersey High School. I will always remember that rainy day at the end of sophomore year. And the night at Harrer Park where I met my Best: Ted G. and Mike I. P.S. Thank you for the " T " Niles Wes. WILM, DAVID: Football 1,4; N-Club 4; Major N 4; Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 2,3; Marching Uand 2,3; Band Tour to New Orleans 2, Ensemble Contest 3; Intramural Bowling 3; Camera Club 2; German Club 1; My most memorable experience was playing football senior year under the direction of the coaches and meeting Sandy. WILSON, MICHAEL: Tennis 1,2; Soccer 1,2; Honor Roll 4; My future plans are to go to college and graduate, see Bod Dylan, and marry the girl of my dreams OR)- WOODALL, KELLY: Midnight Riders 2,3. After graduation from good ol ' Niles West, I plan on going to college and e becoming rich 3333333333333333333333333333 and famous. WRIGHT, LISA: Art counsil 1,2,3,4; Opus I 2,3; Current Events Club 4; Hyatt House Pool Paint¬ ing 2,3,4; and of course, constantly being mis¬ taken for Weirdi Brenner. My plans are to es¬ tablish a Cantonese water borne duck farm on Lake Erie. YEP, SANDRA: Sophomore cabinet, Junior cabinet; Volleyball 4; Bronze Key; White Cher- tificate; Major N 4; Illinois State Scholar. I plan on going to college, survive, graduate, amke money and then meet the man of my dreams (who ' ll happen to be a trillionare) get married and have a $50,OCX) a month allowance to spend on whatever I please. In the meanwhile. I ' ll win at Wimbeldon (beating Martina Navratalova in straight sets), win the Indy 500, fly to the moon, and travel around the world a few times . just for fun. (I get so bored when I have nothing to do, sigh.) YI, SUE: My most memorable experience at West is my friend Janice and I got this terrific idea naming this girl " Queen Bee " . We got the idea by watching " I Love Lucy " . YOO, JOYCE: Spanish Club 1,2,3; Junior Class Cabinet; Senior Class Cabinet; AFS 3; Student Senate 3,4; Honor Certificate 1. There were so many memorable experienced at West that I ' ll have with me for a long time but what ' s more important are the people I had there experiences with. Thanx MH, Blondie, AC, Smilely, Gig¬ gles, and JC. ZABO, BARRY: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; March¬ ing Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3; My Fair Lady Orchestra 1; Pow Wow Band 2; Band Board 3. My most memorable experience was the band tour to Denver. ZASLOWSKY, MICHAEL: Baeball Mgr. 1 My most memorable year from the Bears Thanks¬ giving day football game. ZEPIN, WENDY: Girls Soccer 1,2; White Hon¬ ors 1,2,3; Red Honors 4. My most memorable experience at West was being the first act on the gong show Freshman year with Julie Gillan and getting gonged. ZIVILIK, JULIE: Pow Wow Crew 1; Softball IX My future plans are to major, sticking with it, doing the best I can, and enjoying it. And of course, keeping in touch with everyone that meant something to me during high school. ZUCKER, DAVID: Football Mgr 1,2,3,4; Bas¬ ketball Mgr. 1,2; Gymnastics IX Major N 1,2,3,4. I plan to go to Drake University and get a degree in Business Management and become corporate manager in the May Dept. Store Cor- peration. ZYCH, SHERYL: My most memorable exper¬ ience at West was meeting my two best friends Ingrid and Jo. Senior year was the best. 303 fff fff Iff fffffft f ffff % $ $ 2 5 5 ' i 5 -5 i % i 5 Abed, Kristine 114, 127, 194 Abed, Timothy 47, 74, 144, 182 Abed, William 224 Abelkis, Desiree 92, 93 Abelseth, Michele Abelson, Steve 194 Abelson, William 144 Aberg, Mari 194 Abhsie, Timothy Abramovitz, Ruth 133, 208 Adam, Jim 47, 90, 144, 162 Adams, Angella 208 Adams, Laurie 83, 224 Adams, Thomas 144 Adelfang, Hans 19, 127, 144 Adjemian, Markar 224 Adreani, Paul 66, 208 Akhter, Nadeem 194 Akwa, Daniel 144 Akwa, Stefanie 6, 119, 125, 126, 208 Albach, Barry 76, 224, 232 Albach, Brian Albach, Julie 26, 194 Albert, Michael 36, 105, 119, 144 Alcalde, Adrianna 106, 138, 144 Alcalde, Michael 224 Alexanian, Armen 144 Alfredson, Brian 114 Allen, Karen 194 Allen, Mark 194 Allen, Mark 194 Alpern, Robert 122, 208 Alpert, Ronald Altemese, Denise 194 Altman, Steven 208 Amer, Asad 194 Amer, Shehrazad 144 Amiel, Shareen Anast, George Anderson, Constance 60, 124, 194 Anderson, Harry 208, 214 Anderson, Karl 194 Anderson, Kimberly 208 Angelakos, Alexandra 144 Angelakos, Jim 76 Angeletos, Estelle 100, 116, 145, 171 Anglin, Nancy 119, 125, 126, 208 Antnony, Soja 208 Anthony, Sophy 194 Antic, Dion Antman, Amira 122, 194 Anton, Dina 104, 208 Antonakos, Angelika 113, 116, 224 Antonido, Nickolados 37, 90, 224 Apostolou, George Arendt, Daniel 52, 208, 211 Arenson, Mark 13, 194 Argetsinger, Kathryn 224 Argiropoulos, Anagiro 224 Argyrakis, Lisa 224 Argyrakis, Louis 194 Arkin, Alison 208 Arledge, Ronald 23, 47, 194 Aronsfcy, Alexander Aronson, Lori 83, 224 Aronson, Stacey 2, 145, 181 Arvanitis, Paulette 224 Arvanitis, Yvonne 105, 145 Arza, Randolfo 220 Ashcroft, Donald 73, 224 Ashcroft, Kevin 72, 130, 194 Asher, Judith 224, 226 Asher, Lawrence 46, 47, 67, 145, 208 Aisaves, Constantine Atsaves, Cynthia 5, 18, 21, 23, 34, 78, 79, 111, 145 Atsaves, Katherine 194 Atsaves, Louis 66, 67, 208 Attia, Valerie 59, 102, 104, 208, 218 Auerbach, Beth 119, 120, 194 Aujero, Eugene Aujero, Samuel Avella, Anthony Avella, Lisa 145, 161 Avendano, Sandra 145 Axelrad, John 134, 224 Azia, Sami Ba Maung, Janet 145 Bacchiere, David 208 Bacchiere, Janice 105, 107, 145 Badalian, Fiodora 145 Badalian, Fredrica 145 Baer, Jennifer 145 Baffa, James 47, 88, 194 Bailey, Kevin 47, 145 Bains, Rupinder 102, 133, 208 Bak, Hanna Baker, Andrew 208 Baker, Kimberly 146 Bakshy, Felicia 7, 60, 61, 92, 224 Bakshy, Jacqueline 107, 146 Balbirer, Laurel 2, 102, 208, 212, 217 Balter, Cheryl 62, 208 Bamaung, Jennifer 224 Bambulas, Helen Bandalin, Kim 194 Baque, Nancy 208 Baque, Rosemarie 146 Baran, Scott 49, 76, 224 Baransky, Chris 194 Barasch, Lisa 83, 200, 208 Barasch, Renee 146 Barasch, Sheryl 30, 83, 146 Baron, Angie 194 Barraza, Nancy Barrios, Dennise Barshav, Yan 72, 122, 146 Bartholomew, Georgette 58, 105, 116, 124, 137, 146 Basham, Mary 149 Basilio, Irene 123, 224 Basilio, Judy 111, 194 Baskin, Christine 194 Batchen, Robert 146 Bauer, Benjamin 224 Bauer, Kristin 146 Bauer, Richard 47 Baum, David 208 Baum, Svetlana 208 Bechar, Jeffrey 208 Becker, Elisa 146 Beckerman, Jeffrey 224 Beckerman, Jodi 146, 224, 267 Bedony, Diane 194 Beegun, Steve 72, 194 Beekil, Joel Begoun, Richard 74, 208 Behar, Jose 38, 114, 147 Behar, Nissin 114, 224 Beier, Rita 194 Bellissimo, Antoinette 194 Bellissimo, Bruno 224 Bellos, George 123, 147 Bellos, Nick 194 Benbow, Andrew 72, 130, 147 Bencivenga, Raymond Bender, Alissa Bender, Michael 147 Bendersky, Dmitry Benjamin, Pamela 194 Bennett, Richard Berent, Catherine 147 Berg, John 208 Berger, Heidi 194 Berger, Marcie 147 Bergman, Jodi 101, 194 Bergman, Merle 2, 104, 114, 117, 195, 205 Bergman, Rhonda 103, 224 Berk, Julie 104, 195 Berkley, Abra 224 Berman, Heidi 208 Berndt, Pamela 224 Bernstein, Aaron 224 Bernstein, David Bernstein, Jill 130, 209 Bernstein, Karen 2, 58, 117, 192, 195 Bezkorovainy, Gregory 14, 47, 100, 147 Bian, Wei Bianchi, Glenn 47, 147 Biasco, Peter 193 Biberian, Armen 47, 147 Bibizas, Sophie 195 Bickers, Andrew 72, 209 Bielski, Lisa 195 Billisits, Carol 65, 209, 218 Binstock, Cory 14, 66, 88, 89, 108, 143, 147, 172 Binstock, Scott 76, 224 Black, De Anne 195 Blackaller, Patrick 72, 148, 183 Blaisdell, Troy 209, 218 Block, Richard Block, Russell 209 Blok, Lila 112, 148 Blonder, Steven 38, 39, 53, 85, 113, 121, 224 Bloom, Larry Bloomfield, Geoffrey 72 Bloomfield, Neal 73, 120 Blum, Howard Blumberg, Gina 70, 127, 195 Blumentnal, Jill 224 Blumfelt, David Blumfelt, Margo 224 Bobrov, Eugene Bocek, Denice 148 Bocek, Theresa 195 Bodi, Eric 121, 134 Boepple, Jeri 148 Bojes, Elke 60, 224, 234 Bojes, Heidi 45, 58, 113, 148, 152 Bojic, Azra 148 Bojic, Ferid Bondy, Teresa 103, 225 Bonkoske, Beth 148 Borak, Edward 195, 204 Borjon, Aaron 51 Boscapomi, Susan 225 Boshes, Benjamin 76, 225 Bushes, Deborah 148 Bosshart, Kenneth 148 B B B, B) B R 5 By r JJJJ}7n?7?????777?77777777777777r ? 77??7 7777?77777 r 7 304 Boton, Jamie 225 Bouboutsis, Lisa Bouboutsis, Paul Boudouvas, Effie 2, 117, 195, 198 Boudouvas, Vickie 209 Boundroukas, Dina Boundroukas, Georgia 209 Bourdeau, Ernest 148 Bourdeau, Michael 67, 225 Bourgerie, Mike 90 Bowman, Tom 195 Brabec, Sharon 62, 195 Brabec, Steven 48, 74, 209 Brandwein, Wendy 148 Braje, Andrew 195 Branham, Michelle Bravo, Eduardo Bravo, Miriam 148 Bravos, Dean 74, 76, 225 Brenner, Wendy 149 Brin, Lawrence Brion, Tamara 225 Brocar, John 195 Brodersen, Daniel Brody, Judd 72, 209 Brooks, Brian Brooks, Stephanie 220 Brooks, Steve 74, 149 Brousalis, Betty Broussard, James 225 Broussard, John Browder, Torrey 73, 225 Brown, Carol Brown, Howard 54, 195 Brown, Judith 225 Brown, Michael Brown, Tim Brueckert, Andreas 209 Brueckert, Edith 195 Brunning, Timothy 225 Bruscato, Angela 62, 225 Buck, Lisa 195 Buckley, Thomas 73, 130, 133, 225 Buczkowski, Donald Buehler, Juanita Bugai, Bradley 225 Buisseret, Catherine 149, 209 Buisseret, Claire 112, 114, 209, 213 Bungum, Kimberly 225 Burdeen, Barry 121, 149, 263 Burdeen, Michelle 225 Burdin, Brian 149 Burdin, Kevin 90, 209 Burger, Paul 52, 209, 219 Burke, Thomas 47, 108, 149, 157 Burkel, Jill 82, 83, 129, 195 Burns, Jean 125, 126, 209 Burns, Lori 225 Bumstein, Ricky 48, 209 Burstyn, Gerald 49, 67, 225 Butera Samuel 88, 195 Bychkov, Sonia 39, 119, 120, 225, 237 Bychowski, Christina 123, 225 Bychowski, Cynthia Ly Byron, Lisa 149 Byron, Paul 209, 260 Cablk, Neil 52, 209 Cabreira, Joanne Cahn, Aviva 225, 236 Calara, Gerome 67 Calderaro, Edward Callisen, Kurt Camilli, Gloria 36, 109, 122, 149, 209 Camin, Robert 225 Campanini, Rafael 195 Campbell, Jennifer 4, 15, 60, 92 93 108, 129 Campbell, Mary 149 Cancelleri, Lisa 225 Cancio, Lisa 62, 225 Capdevila, Rosalia 209 Caplan, Bari 149, 188 Cariato, Billy 195 Carlsen, Keith 195 Carnow, James A. 149, 165 Carrao, Claudine 64, 225 Castillo, Maria 209 Catanese, Irene 209 Catiis, Aileen 209 Catiis, Angelica 195 Caullieres, Fernanda 119, 120, 149 Cedeno, David 50, 115, 149 Cederholm, Craig 48, 209 Centella, Doris 195 Cerrone, Rudy 195 Chadwick, Catherine 150 Chahal, Kim Chams, Roger 26, 47, 67, 88, 90 Chan, Emily 209 Chan, Grace 64, 65, 195 Chan, Ronald 52, 225, 234 Chang, Ho Youl 209 Chao, Raymond 2, 100, 105, 117, 118, 150, 186, 189 Charous, Anita 100, 105, 150, 154 Chelberg, Donald 150 Chen, Jean 127, 133, 209 Chen, Linda 113, 150 Chepulis, Peter 48, 66, 209 Chern, Adam 139, 195 Chern, Kevin 225 Cherney, Janet 92, 113, 225 Chertow, Jill 100, 105, 113, 137, 143, 150 Chertow, Laurie 225 Chesler, Daniel 53, 225 Chesler, David 195 Chester, Kevin 150 Chester, Patrick 209 Cheung, Dickson 113 Cheung, Dorothy 65, 105, 150 Chi, Linda 100, 113, 119, 125, 126, 134, 137, 150 Chi, Richard 138, 195 Chin, Angus Chmielinski, Nancy A. 123, 210 Cho, Christine 195 Cho, Lisa Choi, Chang 105, 150 Choi, Joanne Choi, Kenny Chon, Eun Chon, Yun-Kyung 210 Christensen, Sharon 150 Christmann, Monica 151 Christmann, Paul 210 Chuenrudeemol, Kwanpo 62, 226 Chuenrudeemol, Pat Chung, Anthony C. Chung, Elizabeth 151 Chung, Ji Heon 226 Chung, Son Ha 210 Chutivanich, Anuttara 195 Chwalisz, Michael 195 Ciskoski, Debra 65, 210 Ciskoski, Julie 33, 111, 151 Citterman, Alan 151 Clark, Lisa Jean 125, 195 Clark, Ronald 66, 210 darkens, Kelly 226 Claver, Bruce 120, 126, 151 Coconato, Laurie 151, 210 Coconato, Lisa Cohan, Helene 59, 129, 195, 262 Cohen, David Cohen, Debra 210 Cohen, Elliott 136, 226 Cohen, Jennifer 62, 113, 130, 151 Cohen, Kari 107, 151 Cohen, Mark 74, 77, 151 Cohen, Michael 199 Cohen, Michael J. Cohen, Michele 151 Cohen, Sally 101, 129, 196 Cohen, Scott Cohn, Judy 92, 206, 210 Cohn, Kenneth 226, 236 Colander, Michael Colby, William 226 Colen, Jill 64, 226, 236 Coloian, Carl 196 Cone, Wendy 119, 120, 210 Congine, Anthony Congine, Dino Conrad, Margaret Consigny, Rustyn Constance, Gary 151 Conton, Andre Conton, Mark 49 Cooper, Marc w6, 119, 120, 123, 226 Cordes, Christopher 49, 226 Corona, Karen 210 Costas, Angelo 52, 210 Costas, Pamela 105, 151, 180 Coursey, Eileen 15, 60, 92, 210 Coursey, Joseph 47, 45, 152 Covers, Lisa 226 Cox, Linda Coyne, Mary 210 Coyne, William 152 Cramer, Jordan 49, 226 Cristante, Michael 67, 68, 226 Cross, Cynthia 121, 226 Curtiss, Shane 50, 196 Czemik, Carl 220 D ' Agostino, Jeffery 152 D ' ugo, Maria Daenler, Barbara 65, 196 Dahlman, Andrew 49, 226 Dahm, Jack 48, 210 Dahm, Michael 8, 46, 47, 88, 89, 108 152, 157 Dakoff, Robert 196 Dalinka, Alan 123, 226 Dallianis, Irene 226 Daniel, Valery 109, 152 Darville, Scott 196 Dassow, Alan 73, 130, 133, 226 Dassow, Joyce 130, 133, 210 £ § i y y y y y v y y y y g i y K g £ $ £ ' K :g g g y g g 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 , 305 7 r Ul£LLUtlUllUlU£ £ll£££U£ £££££M£UUUUlUUU % % 2 ?J £ 2 3! jg g; 3 , 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 i 6 Daus, Phillip 152 David, Pamela Davis, Lynn Davis, Phillip 81, 85, 196 Davis, Reed 226 Davis, Ross 226 Dawis, Rapidien 152 Dayan, Alan 105, 112, 115, 137, 152, 170 Dayan, Steven 48, 210 De Acetis, Judy 226 DeCook, Jeffrey 210 DeCook, Lisa 2, 82, 83, 100, 117, 118, 152, 155 De Vries, Gerald 196 Deal, Shereen 123, 226 Decker, William 152 Deer, Jeffrey 105, 114, 152 Deering, Laura 226 Deering, Michelle 152 Degroot, John 152 Del Real, Margarita 210 Del Real, Michael Delfino, Mariella 196 Delgado, Christopher 47 Delphin, Frank 76, 135 Der Matoian, Edward Der Matoian, Stacey 226 Desmond, Norman 210 Desnet, Beth 145, 153 Dethloff, John 196 Deutsch, Linda 226 Devlin, Thomas 210 Di Modica, Julie 226 Diamond, Denese 210 Diamond, Steve 47, 66, 108 Diesing, Dawn 111, 210 Disch, Linda 210, 216 Disch, Michael 153 Disselhorst, Julie 62, 63, 82, 83, 153 Disselhorst, Steve 210 Dixon, Larry 226 Dodd, Barry 49, 226 Doderer, Michael 210 Doern, Lori Dolce, Michelle 92, 196 Doles, Patricia 60, 61, 92, 93, 150, 153, 189 Donath, Peggy 226 Donna, Paul 210 Doolittle, Laurel 125, 126, 196 Dorfman, Jeffrey 210 Dorfman, Steven 51, 105, 153, 255 Dorfman, Susan 226 Doroba, Richard 153 Dougal, Sherry 65, 211 Dougherty, Deborah 70, 113, 127, 211 Downey, Lisa 70, 196 Doyle, Karina 24, 62, 63, 266 Doyle, Kimberly 211 Dregely, Martha 211 Dreger, Daniel 226 Dreier, Michael 211 Dressier, William 211, 220 Drexler, Cindy 226 Duarte, Vilcy 211 Dubin, Alana 110, 227 Dubrow, Alan 54, 211 Duchaj, Carl Dudovitz, Barry Duebner, Dorothy 153 Dunn, Jeffrey 119, 120, 211 Dunn, Patrick 227, 261 Durso, Michael 48, 72, 211 Dziedaic, Bogumila Ebeling, Warner 227 Eberhart, Caryn 100, 153 Edelstein, Molly 107, 140, 211 Edidin, Acheatel 227 Edidin, Russell 48, 211 Edwards, Michael 227 Ehlers, Michael 153 Eischen, Scott Eisenberg, Jodi 153 Elstrom, Sharon 211 Engels, Alex 10, 50, 51, 153 Engelhardt, Gregory 66 Epperson, Robert 153 Epstein, Faith 62, 206, 211 Epstein, Frank 48, 211 Epstein, Michael 196, 202 Erens, Richard 47 Erickson, Martha 70, 211 Erickson, Stephen 22, 47, 74, 75, 157, 191 Ericsson, Cheryl 123, 211 Eriksson, Donna 227 Erlebacher, Jacqueline 196 Erlebacher, Ross 50, 124, 131, 196, 236 Erlebacher, Seth 105, 119, 154, 250 Erlebacher, Steven 51, 131, 196 Erokay, Gamze 211, 216 Erpelding, Kathy 154 Ersoy, Daniel 211 Esmael, Christy 110, 227 Esterl, Joseph Estes, Diane 78, 79, 129, 196 Estrada, Aleli 102, 104, 211, 220 Estrada, Mauricio 154 Ettling, Megan 198 Evans, Bradley 154 Evans, Lara 227 Evans, Lohn 211 Evaristo, Ed 67 Eyzaguirre, Sonia Fabian, Charles 48, 90, 211 Failma, Roel 48, 211 Faingold, David 211 Faingold, Steven 196 Fair, Douglas 227 Fair, Evan 48, 211 Fair, Lesley 196 Falleroni, Lisa 62, 227 Falleroni, Marc 72, 105, 154 Faloona, Ian 73, 227 Fan, Leon Fang, Sue 113, 134, 137, 154 Farkas, David 51, 105, 154, 188 Farkas, Debra 59, 104, 211 Farmer, Thomas 196 Fasules, David 227 Feinberg, Aron 35, 99, 134, 154, 181 Feingold, Kathy 125, 126, 211 Feizoulof, Cuneyt 227 Feldman, Jason 227 Feldman, Marianne 113, 119 Feldman, Michelle 2, 117. 196, 203 Feldman, Reesa Feldman, Tracy L. 57, 196 Fenton, Martin Ferdman, Michael Ferdman, Sheryl 102, 211 Ferrin, Lisa 2r,25, 211, 227 Fickert, David 154 Field, Theodore 135, 154 Fienberg, Garrett 85, 227, 229, 230 Fiks, Vitaly Filbin, Michael Filippini, Matthew 56, 90, 105, 154 Fillmore, Melodee 111, 221 Fine, Stacy 125, 126, 196 Fink, Joel 66, 67, 118, 146, 155 Firfer, Jordan 227 Firfer, Marci 100, 105, 155 Fishbach, John 227 Fischer, Karen 196 Fishbein, Howard 139, 212 Fisher, Jeff 196 Fisher, Scott Fitershtein, Margarit 196 Flakne, April 125 Flannery, Brian 196 Fleck, Lori 155 Flood, Paul 49, 227 Flood, Robert 47 Fogel, Larry 155 Fogelson, Gary 128, 196 Fornaris, Carlos 48, 212 Forsyth, Michael Fortman, Joan 65, 196 Fortman, Ronald 212 Fortuna, Frank Fougerousse, Joan 212 Fourkas, Patty 212 Frank, Eric 47, 155 Frank, Michael 88, 196 Frankel, Richard 155 Frankel, Steven 227 Fratini, Elizabeth Freed, Debra 227 Freed, Lisa 2, 117, 118, 154, 155, 173, 194 Freed, Lori 2, 100, 105, 117 Freed, Steven 134, 227 Freedman, Daniel 155 Frendreis, William 227 Frey, Madai Adele 129, 197 Frey, Pamela 83, 227 Fridman, Pavel Friedman, David Friedman, Ellyn 109, 197, 198 Friedman, Gary Friedman, Jeffrey 197 Friedman, Jodi 212 Friedman, Marla 104, 212 Friedman, Michael Friedman, Michele 2, 117, 197 Friedman, Rosanne 112, 115, 115 Friedman, Susan 227, 233 Frimet, Robert 197 Frishman, Julie 155 Fritzshall, David 155, 165 Fruehe, Edward Fry, Eric Fuentes, Steven 156, 261 Furman, Sharrie 83, 110, 227 ’????????????!?? nun777777777777 306 Gabel, Daniel 52, 211 Gabriel, Helena 14, 100, 105, 113, 116, 137, 156 Gaiser, Jennifer 227 Gaidek, Janice 114, 156 Gallagher, Robert 212 Gan, Joey 156 Gandhi, Darshan 227 Garcia, Cecilia 197 Garcia, Gabriella 212 Garcia, Rachel 227 Gargano, David 197 Garland, Michelle 133, 212, 213 Gasca, Michelle 211 Gatilao, Beth 59, 197 Gaughrin, Robert 212 Gawin, Brian 212 Gazdowicz, Iwona 123, 227 Gazer, Jeffrey 197 Gelfund, Donald 212 Gelman, Lynne 65, 197 Gentile, Michael 145, 156 Georgas, Ted Evans 49, 226, 227 George, Theodore 49, 76, 227 Gersnandv, Holly 2, 100, 117, 156 Gershbein, David 47, 156, 187 Gershbein, Robert 48, 74, 212 Gerstein, Elizabeth 58, 105, 156 Gerstein, Richard 212 Gerszonovicz, Allan 26, 47 Gesyuk, Yelena 102, 133, 212 Gianaris, Vasilios Gibbons, Mary 156 Gibbons, Thomas Giberson, Deanna 156 Giderof, Ramond 49, 73, 228 Gidlund, Barbara 228 Gidlund, James 197 Gilbert, Barry Gilbert, Jeffrey 2, 105, 117, 156, 176, 188 Gintzler, Marci 156, 171, 177 Gitelman, Mitchell 119, 128, 157, 183 Gladan, Yasemin 212 Glassner, David 197 Glick, Michael 105, 139, 157 Go, Lionel 54, 90, 91, 212 Goby, Pamela 228 Godeman, Anthony 212 Goecke, Andrew 49, 67, 68, 228 Goetz, Nicole 83, 113, 212 Gold, Barry Goldberg, Charles 105, 157 Goldberg, Darrell 157 Goldberg, Michele 123, 228 Goldberg, Robert 228 Goldberg, Sharon 197 Goldburg, Ronald Golden, John Goldenberg, Gary 157, 159 Goldish, Anthony 157 Goldner, Ashley 51 Goldsmith, Beth 212 Goldstein, Marc Goldstein, Rhonda 157 Goldstein, Sandra 92, 133, 213 Golenzer, Martin Gomberg, Sherman 197, 197 Gomez, Roberto 197 Gonzales, Jo Ann Gonzalez, Jose 74, 88, 197 Gonzalez, Reynaldo Goodman, Ted 157 Goone, Lisa 157 Gorchow, Jason 85, 226, 228 Gorchow, Michelle 5, 34, 36, 140, 157 158 Goss, Mark 212 Goss, Susan Gotfryd, Cynthia Gotfryd, Donald 228 Govis, Alex 47, 74, 108, 157 Gramatis, Gina 2, 117, 212 Gramatis, Katina 197 Gramatis, Lee 67, 228, 253 Gramatis, Thomas 47, 197, 198 Granat, Michael 197 Grass, Elizabeth 157, 161 Graw, Wendy Michelle 109, 197 Greenberg, Michael 47, 197 Greene, Jeffrey Greenfield, Sheelagh 228 Greenspan, Paul 158 Greenstein, Vicki 70, 158 Greer, Jeffrey Gregorian, Paula 197 Grejgory, Toula 197 Griletz, James 44, 45, 50, 52, Groeling, Barbara 121, 122 Gross, David 85, 212 Gross, Kim 158 Gross, Suan 197 Gross, Thomas 90, 228 Gross, Paul 158 Gruettner, Claudia 122, 228 Grujanac, Michael 47, 197 Grzesiakowski, Lori 197 Guenther, Cristy 104, 213 Guerrero, Victoria Gueyikian, Alioz Gueyikian, Ara 213 Gueyikian, Houri 113, 197 Guggenheim, Joel 197 Gunchick, Natalie 158 Gunchick, Patricia 213 Gupta, Purnendu Gursch, Eric 197 Gurvey, Barry 48, 213 Gurvey, Janice 197 Gut, Thomas 72, 130, 197 Guth, Elisabeth 197 Gutierrez, Robert 49 Gutterman, Denise 70, 228 Guttman, Glenn 50, 51, 166, 143, 158, 170 Guy, Carlo 197 Guy, Carmencita 228 , 212 , 221 Ha, Martha 105, 158 Ha, Sun 112, 113 Haase, Paul 228 Hacker, Jeffery Haddon, Lisa 198 Haddon, Michelle 100, 105, 198 Hagerty, Dennis 158, 261 Hagerty, Shannon 198 Hagman, Justin Hagopian, Hagop Hann, David 50, 106, 198 Hahn, John 53, 67, 228 Hahn, Lisa Halap, Julie 158 Hall, Christopher Hall, Michele 228 Hallman, Janet 122, 198 Hamideh, Shadia 228 Hammond, Scott 53, 228 Han, Hee Chung 228 Handzel, John 198 Hanrahan, Margaret 159 Hansen, Joseph 228 Hanson, Nadine 122, 213 Hanson, Thomas 228 Hanwell, Shana Haque, Sadaf Har-el, Rivital 228 Harles, Robert 121, 122, 159 Harn, Scott Harris, Robyn 2, 117, 156, 198 Harris, Stephen 50, 72, 73, 159 Hartzen, Gayle 105, 122, 159 Harwood, Lisa 133, 198 Hasty, Robert Hathy, Lisa 133, 213 Havdala, Debra 4, 34, 58, 59, 105, 118, 153, 159, 164, 178, 198 Havdala, Ellen 2, 58, 59, 117, 118, 198, 200 Hayes, William 72, 212 Hecktman, Adam 198 Hedberg, Henry 228 Hedberg, Karen 70, 159 Hedquist, Karen 159 Hedrich, Matthew 53 Hedrich, Michael 50, 228 Hedrick, Howard Heelan, William 207, 213 Heeedus, Judy 213 Henn, Anton Hehn, Kathy 159 Heidinger, Linda 113, 138 Heidkamp, Joan 159 Heinz, Susan 213 Helgeson, Ingrid 83, 228 Heliestrae, Diana 60, 61, 92, 93, 129, 213 Heliestrae, Peggy 198 Helwing, Paufll3, 121, 228 Hendley, Donald 121, 228 Hennessy, Donald 47, 90, 108, 159 Hennessy, John 213 Herbold, Scott Herkert, Sonya 198 Herman, Daniel 228 Herman, Denise 213 Herman, Ellen 159 Herzberg, Timothy Herzog, M ichael 85, 228 Hester, Stephen 228 Heyman, Kurt 198, 202 Hildebrand, Julie 160 Hildebrand, Karen 198 Hildner, Jean 198 Hill, Brenda 6, 20, 122, 133, 198 Hill, Robert 160 Hintz, Oliver 113, 160 Hinz, Lesley 198 Hirata, Keiko 2, 101, 111, 117, 194, 198 Hirata, Keith Hirsch, Ronald 121, 213 i i $ $ y $ $ $ y g y £ y y y ' y y $ y y y ✓ r 1 y y 307 MV | tj Hirshman, Lori 110, 229 Hlepas, Carrie 21, 33, 110, 111, 160 Hoeft, Timothy 213 Hoeller, Martina 213 Hoelzel, Jeffrey 198 Hoelzel, Randy 72, 113, 213 Hoerrmann, John Hoerrmann, Robert Hoffman, Jacqueline 160 Hohs, Kevin 160 Hollander, Hobly 198 Holm, Mary 58, 83, 129, 198 Holowicki, Andrew 198 Holowicki, Richard 160 Holt, Jennifer 229 Homa, James Hones, Kathleen Hong, Joon-Yung 160 Hontos, Georgia 198 Hoppe, John 53, 121, 229 Hoppe, Jr. Ronald Horan, Thomas 198 Horiike, James 198 Horiuchi, Sharon 123, 229 Hornstein, Jay 160 Horowitz, Michael 213 Hortelano, Elmer 160 Horvat, Beth Horvath, Frank 54, 55, 152, 160 Hossfeld, Pamela 229 Housakos, Anthony 198 Huber, Julie 2, 117, 212, 213, 217 Huber, Sandra 60, 229 Huber, Suzanne 2, 229 Hughes, Susan 161 Hugmeyer, Nadine Hurtado, Jorge 50, 115, 161 Hurtado, Maoel 213 Husain, Syed 213 Hussain, Samina 85. 229 Ikramullah, Dilshad Ikramullah, Mushtaq 113, 121, 229 Intawiwat, Borpit 57, 90, 229 Irpino, Michael 140, 161 Isberian, Lisa 198 Iskandar, Mira 105, 161 Ismiel, Timothy 47, 198 Israel, Craig 198 Israel, Holly 229 Ivicic, Lolita 229 Izenstark, Craig 67, 229, 235 Jaanimagi, Velda Jackiw, Michael Jackson, Stacey 229 Jackson, Todd 47, 121, 161 Jacobs, Michael 213 Jacobs, Timothy 224, 229, 235 Jacobsen, Peter 161 Jacobson, Edward Jacobson, Paul 198 Jahiah, Amin 213 Maniah, Diana 229 JakuDowski, Renata Janecek, frank 198 Janessa Mariann 64, 229 Japely, Michael 198 Jarosz, Anthony 198 Javid, David Jemc, Randee 113, 198 Jernberg, Keith Ji, Frank 47, 151, 159, 161 Ji, Kelly 123, 213 Joast, Henry Johanson, Carl Johanson, Kevin 213 Johnson, Christopher 199 Johnson, Cynthia 213 Johnson, Diane 31, 109, 161 Johnson, Lawrence Johnson, Nancy 64, 65, 78, 79, 213 Johnson, Richard 199 Jones, Edward 229 Jordan, David 199 Joselit, Bradley 2, 66, 117, 143, 161 Joseph, Peter 2, 55, 54, 88, 89, 117, 161 Joss, Jeffrey 123, 199 Joss, Lisa 229 Jung, Munhi 161 Justesen, Kenneth 2, 117, 136, 162 Justesen, Kristina 92, 110, 229 Jusufi, Shpresa 101 Jutovsky, David 229 Jutovsky, Lynda 104, 214 Kadota, Carolyn 212, 213 Kaechele, Christopher 67, 229 Kaferly, Timothy 162 Kahn, David 47, 199 Kahn, Myra 229 Kalabaka, Angela 199 Kalabogias, Tina 162 Kalo, Michelle 206, 214 Kaluzna, Ronald 259 Kamp, Gregory 101, 104, 199 Kanavos, Stephen 199 Kane, Barrie 214 Kang, Jerry 229 Kang, Susan 162 Kang, Tony 52, 214 Kang, Young Kanterakis, Roula 162, 229 Kaplan, Carrie 110, 229 Kaplan, Danna 6, 106, 109, 129, 199 Kaplan, Lori 107, 214 Kaplan, Louis 199 Kaplan, Todd 135, 162 Kapsis, Nicholas Karabinas, Helen 199 Karabinas, Nick 229 Karafotias, Andrew 214 Karagiannakis, Maria 229 Karanalios, Faye 199 Karalekas, Sylvia 229 Karalis, Anna 2, 111, 117, 210, 314 Karas, Thomas 113, 162 Kasnick, Kimberly 162 Kassel, Barbara 59, 214 Kats, Alex 85, 229 Katsoulis, George 199 Kaufman, Janee 104, 113, 129, 199 Kaufman, Michael 162 Kaufman, William 46, 47, 162, 167, 185 Kave, Brian 199 Kazmier, Laura 199 Keller, Julie 2, 102, 111, 117, 140, 214 Kelley, Elizabeth 229 Kellman, Brian 121 Kellman, Daniel 22, 230 Kellman, Julie 105, 162 Kenmotsu, Karen 62, 123, 130, 230 Kerstein, Daniel Kersten, Sonia 230 Kessem, Brian 49, 230 Kesul, Scott 163 Kewith, David 163 Khan, Ayaz 214 Khan, Shirin 163 Khan, Waseem Khanania, Afram Khasho, Joseph 67, 230 Khoshbin, Shahin 5, 34, 119 Kibort, Gail 78, 129, 199 Kideys, Yasemin 214 Kiernicki, Kurt 49, 73, 230 Kikes, Maria 111, 214 Kil, Yoon Jung 199 Kilian, Jeff 230 Kilian, Margaret Kim Bong, Chan 21, 49, 76, 225 Kim, Bonnie Kim, Catherine 102, 113, 214 Kim, David 214 Kim, Ellen 60, 230 Kim, Eva 100, 104, 113, 163 Kim, Haeng Chan 163 Kim, Haiyoung 214 Kim, Han (Bobby) 52, 214 Kim,Hyo Jin 230 Kim, Hyunhee 214 Kim, Hyunjoo 163 Kim, Linda 60, 92, 230 Kim, Mansun 214 Kim, Sun 199 Kim, Susan 13, 109, 159 Kim, Young 51, 199 Kim, Yun 102, 109, 140, 207, 214 Kim, Ki Kimel, Janna 106, 113, 119, 120, 125, 199 King, James 230 King, Michael 48, 214 Kirchens, Julie 214 Kirchens, Mike 49 230 Kirchens, Robert 48, 214 Kirpichnikov, Galina 230 Kiss, Sylvia 64, 230 Klancnik, John 48, 230 Klancnik, Joseph 214 Klancnik, Julie 78, 79, 129, 199 Kleeberg, Evan 47, 199 Klein, Allan 49, 73, 121, 216, 230 Klein, Gary 163, 260 Klein, Steven 105, 163, 184 ’ 77777777777777777777 777 7 777777777 7 777777777777777777 308 Kleiner, Kenneth 214, 217 Klemenz, Dale 163 Klinsky, Jordan 48, 214 Kloeckner, Debra 230 Kloser, David 163 Knudsen, Julie 214 Knudson, Mark 199 Kobyleski, David 199 Kobyleski, James 73, 230 Kochman, Cary 30, 100, 164, 169 Kodama, Ayumi 164 Kodama, Megumi 164 Kodie, Charles Kodie, Jim 230 Koek, Kenneth 214 Koenig, Walter 164 Kogan, Irena 125 Konl, James 214 Kohl, Joanna 70, 230 Kohl, John 199 Kokott, Christopher 214 Kolar, Bradley 74, 215, 221 Kolber, David 74 Kolling, Eric 164 Kolski, John 215 Kondic, Steven Kong, Joy Konsewicz, Anthony 2, 45, 67, 101, 117, 203 Kontos, Linda 200 Kopfstein, Eric Koral, Melissa 199 Koral, Pamela 212, 215 Korey, Michael 36, 105, 106, 131, 164 Komhauser, Lily 107, 213, 215 Kornit, William 215 Korol, Gary 114, 115, 121, 215 Korol, Steven 105, 114, 115, 143, 164 Kosoy, Jeffrey 199 Kotsinonos, Ageliki 215 Kotsinonos, Dimitra 112, 164 Kotsiopoulos, George 49, 230 Kotsiopoulos, John 47 Koudounis, John 47 Koudounis, John 47, 67, 116, 199 Kouzoures, Kimberly 70, 71, 215 Kovitz, Jeanette 215 Kovitz, Louis Kowalski, Raymond Kowalski, Roy 67 Kozak, Floyd 164 Kozak, Linda 199 Kozil, Andrea 199 Kozlowski, Monica Koznarski, Richard 47, 199 Kozokar, Lisa 164 Kraft, Richard 164 Krakow, Jeffrey 54, 55, 215, 259 Krakow, Rachelle 2, 111, 117, 215 Krasowsky, Susan Krause, Susan 165 Kravetz, Elliot 165 Kravetz, Scott 230 Kravitz, David 230 Krebs, Kenneth 215 Krebs, Robert 54, 230, 232 Krehely, Robert 200 Kreher, Janice 165 Kreher, Tracy 121, 230 Kreiter, Keith 76, 226, 230 Kreiter, Sari 2, 140, 193, 200 Kreitzman, Ilene 230 Krigos, Dino 230 Krivenko, Irina Krone, Paula 103, 230 Krueger, Jerald 200 Krull, Lisa 123, 230 Kruzel, William 165 Kuhn, Katherine 113, 125, 126, 200 Kuhn, Steven 165 Kukulski, Caroline 123, 165 Kukulski, Charlotte 230 Kulbersh, Richard 215 Kundit, Jack 200 Kung, Khin 65, 105, 165 Kunow, Kathleen 230 Kurita, Caroline 111, 200 Kurz, Jeanette 165 Kurz, Maya 213 Kusan, Darinka 200 Kwon, Grace 113, 215 Kwon, Sonia 113, 165 La Belle, Thomas 105, 114, 139, 165 La Manna, Mark 165 La Manna, William 200 La Porte, Victor 166 La Rosa, Mary 200 La Rosa, Michael 215 Laborde, Diane 166 Lader, Karen 166 Laeioia, Guy 215 Lai, Dolly 166 Laliberty, Christopher 36, 119, 200 Laliberty, Nicole 119, 120, 237 Lambert, Lisa 215 Lambrakis, John 27, 200 Lampkin, Ingrid 231 Lanaa, Marina Lande, Steven 215 Lando, Abby 11, 166, 185 Langer, Moira 231 Langston, Donna 123, 231 Lanski, Michael 119, 120, 166 Lapins, Kenneth 215 Lapke, Linda 215 Larson, Dale 70, 100, 104, 114, 166 Larson, Susan 215 Larsson, Norman Lascala, Rosa Laser, Debra 58, 140, 166 Lashever, Michelle 113, 122, 200 Lashever, Steven 49, 231 Lasker, David 231 Lasky, April 166 Lasky, Dale 215 Laufer, Robert 166 Lautenschlager, Jenny 114, 200 Lauter, Gayle 65, 200 Lawler, Andrew 39, 119, 215 Lawler, Colin 112, 119 Lazar, Alfred 167 Lazar, Vickie 200 Le Brun, Beth Le Brun, Richard Le Comte, Kenneth 6, 10, 47, 105, 167, 176 Leader, Lara 230 Leader, Stephanie 83, 231, 237 Leavitt, Lisa 59, 199, 200 Leberis, Elisa 112, 124, 131, 167, 263 Leberis, Maria 2, 12, 99, 112, 117, 118, 136, 137, 167, 316 Lebovitz, Daniel 49, 231 Lebovitz, Jill 5, 101, 129, 196, 200 Ledwon, Annette 62, 215 Lee, Alberta 114, 215 Lee, Cindy 127, 133, 215 Lee, Edwin 167 Lee, Elizabeth 167 Lee, Helen 167 Lee, John 200 Lee, John 200 Lee, Julie 216 Lee, June 167 Lee, Kun 121, 231 Lee, Kyong Won Lee, Kyong Yol Lee, Lesley 31, 112, 113, 122, 200 Lee, Rocky 57, 90, 231, 234 Lee, Steven 49, 231, 235 Lee, Susan E. 64, 231 Lee, Susan 231 Lee, Vickie 167 Lee, Yuna 167 Lee, Joann Lehew, Steven 73, 231 Lembcke, Mike 168 Lemke, Mark 168 Lenchik, Leon 200 Lepold, Christina 216, 218 Lereno, Gregory 123, 200 Lerman, Michael 168 Lesiowski, Karen 168 Lesiowski, Patricia 200 Lev, Helen 104, 137, 168 Levani, Mark 121, 122, 168 Leven, Kara 231 Leverich, Jerry Levey, Brian 24, 52, 216 Levey, Lynne 26, 27, 101, 109, 200 Levin, Jaclyn 13, 109, 200 Levin, Lonny 231 Levin, Michael 168, 180 Levin, Scott 200 Levine, David 48, 216 Levine, Judy 200 Levinson, Randi 13, 14, 100, 109, 159, 165, 168 Levinson, Susan Levy, Craig 168, 171 Levy, Felicia 92, 231 Levy, Ira 135, 231 Levy, Marilyn 2, 104, 200 Lewandowski, Janice 231 Lewin, Melissa 119, 121, 125, 216 Li, Ta-Wei Liakopoulos, George 168 Liakopoulos, Patricia 216 Liapis, Tina 216 Libman, Michele 216 Lichtenstein, Todd 135, 200 Lichter, Lori 168 Lichter, Michael Lichter, Shawn 169 Lieber, Brian 85, 231 Lieberman, Jodye 133, 216 Lieberman, Michelle 103, 231 Lieberman, Paula 216 Lieder, Janet 104, 216 Lieder, Neal 169 Limbrunner, Peter Limperatos, Lee Limpin, Allen 72, 105, 114, 137, 169 Limpin, Harvey 72, 130, 200 Limpin, Vidal 216 Lin, Grace 122 Lin, Richardson Lindenbaum, Larry Linke, Kenneth 169 vvuunv ' w v wwwww v w JlJJ f{fff fffffff f(i{£££££££££ ((ff6U UUULUU. U 169, -losatos, jonn 169 Liou, Kim 231 Liou, Pheodora 169, 171 Lipkin, Marc 167, 187 Lippe, Deedee 2, 5, 101, 109, 117, 192, 200 Lipsky, Devra 2, 14, 111, 117, 194, 200 Lipsky, Marc 231 Lisco, David Lisco, Jonathan 67, 103, 227, 231 Litt, Rhonda 200 Livaditis, Anastasia 110, 231 Lobert, Mandi 231 Lochner, Joseph 48, 231, 232 Lochner, Michael 74, 216 Loeb, Debra 114 Lofland, Kenneth Loggarakis, Ernie 169 Loiacano, Deborah 169 Loiacano, Linda 200 Lorenz, Michael Lores, Kim 2, 5, 13, 117, 161, 169 Lotsoff, Jordan 200, 201 Lotsoff, Philip 74, 201 Loukis, Valerie 216 Lovett, Brian 231 Lovi, Ellen 201 Lowell, Jeff 49, 67, 226, 231 Lucena, Guillermo Lucia, Joe Lucia, John Luisada, Andrea 216 Luncsford, Mark 72, 130, 170 Lund, Jennifer 231 Lund, Jon Lund, Kenneth 127 Lunsik, Fa ith 201 Luppo, Katherina 170 Lurie, Kenneth 231 Lutz, Kathleen Lutz, Scott 216, 236 Lynn, David 192, 194, 201 Lynn, Scott 170 Lynn, Valerie Macaddino, Daniela Mahan, Daniel 72, 130, 216 Mahan, Sharon 170 Maiewski, Steven 50, 170 Mak, Christine 113, 137, 170 Makdah, Iyad 216 Makowka, Adam 53, 231 Malitz, Howard 114, 216 Maliwanag, Alex 47, 170 Maliwanag, Susan 92, 231 Maltezos, Louis 47, 201 Maltz, Cary 170 Maltz, Francine 209, 216 Mamaril, Marie 170 Mamett, Julie 100, 118, 146, 147, 153, 170 Man, Judith 232 Mandell, Michael 47, 162, 170 Maniloff, Leland Mankarious, Ramsey 49, 232 Mankoff, Gail 119, 120, 201 Mann, Alvin Mansfield, Norman 171 Manzara, Scott 54, 55, 67, 201 Margolin, Barry 50, 201 Margolin, Yana 216 Margolis, Cary 201 Mariacher, Richard Marinakis, Dean 90, 232 Mark, Allen 232 Markfield, Robert Markos, Christopher 123 , 232 Markos, Nicholas 53, 122, 216 Marks, George 103, 232 Marmelstein, Sharon 216 Marshall, Carolyn 201 Marshall, John 38, 166, 171 Marshall, Scott 216 Martin, Brien Martin, Christine 62, 201 Martin, Lawrence 216 Martin, William Martinez, Edgar 49, 232 Martinez, Joel Mrtinez, Myla Martini, Julie 2, 117, 171 Maslov, Julie 64, 232 Mason, John 232 Master, Eric Masterton, Geralyn 14, 171 Matchen, Jo Ann 171 Matan, Alan 53, 232 Matt, Steven 232 Matt, Rhonna 232 Matz, Joanne 36, 122, 123, 201 Maurer, Erika 232 May, Jennifer 232 May, Mary 201 Maybrun, Dennis 49, 53, 232 Maybrun, Jeffrey Maybrun, Laurie Maybrun, Richard 232 Mayer, Lois 65, 78, 79, 105, 171 Mayo, Carolyn 232 Mayo, Jennifer 201 Mays, Melody McAllister, Lanae 113, 122, 201 Lynn 232 McCarthy, Daniel 74 McCarthy, Scott 201 McCarthy, Thomas 74, 75, 105, 169, 171 McCarty, Robert 171 McCown, Elizabeth 64, 232 McDonough, Jacquel McDonough, Karen 171 McDonough, Susan 216 McGovern, Johanna McGrann, Diane 201 McGuire, Elizabeth 113 McKeon, Kelly 83, 216 McMahon, Sharon Meinke, Henry 56, 90, 128, 171 Meissner, Gary Meissner, Keith Meixner, Linda 113, 216 Melinger, Andrea Melnikov, Zhanna 232 Menini, Beth Menini, Gregory Mercado, Judith 232 Merkel, Beth 6 Merkel, Thomas 49, 67, 232 Merzon, Jeremy Messink, Timothy 201 Meyer, Jacquline 172 Meyer, Richard 50, 201 Meyers, Joseph 217 Michaels, Sherri 13, 140, 199, 201 Michalsen, Mark 72, 217 Mielcarek, Loretta 120, 217 Mikita, Denise Miklaj, Antonette 232, 268 Miklaj, Rose 60, 217 Milbrandt, Arleen 62, 172 Milewski, Phyllis 172 Milewski, Veronica 172 Milios, Tina 232 Miliotis, Dino 172 Miller, Adam 123, 232 Miller, Barbara 2, 117, 167, 168, 172, 185 Miller, Gary 54, 217 Miller, Lisa 217 Miller, Richard 217 Miller, Robyn 201, 205 Miller, Stephe 2, 105, 117, 172, 316 Miller, Susan Miller, Tracy 172 Mills, Andrew -19, 224, 232 Mimp, Diane 232 Mimp, Lawrence 172 Minkoff, Karen 111, 201 Minkov, Anna 104, 217 Mirkovic, Edward 49, 76, 232 Misale, Lisa 217 Miscinski, Ann 172 Miscinski, Paul 232 Mita, Matthew 232 Mitchell, Louis 48, 74, 212, 217 Mittl, Kristine 217, 268 Mlekush, Earl 232 Modilevsky, Vladislav Mogilner, Gary Molay, Mark 67, 232 Moll, Mary 232 Moltz, Julie 111, 121, 217 Monreal, Adam Moradzadeh Jonathan 172 Moreth, Jacqueline 201 Moshak, Damian 119, 125, 126, 201 Moss, Brenda 2, 117, 118, 149, 173 Moss, Cynthia 92, 123, 232 Moy, Peter 201 Much, Andrew 2, 100, 117, 118, 136, 144, 173, 178, 184 Much, Ross 201 Mudloff, Steven Mueller, Lisa 201 Mueller, Melvin Mugrditchian, Annette 173 Mugrditchian, Susan 233 Munic, Robert 233 Munic, Staci 2, 101, 111, 117, 198, 201, 275 Murphey, Richard 201, 261 Murray, John 173 Murray, Kathy 59, 196, 201, 218 Murray, Sheila 217 Musick, Mark Musleh, Isaac Myintsoe, Augusta 233 Nadder, James 173 Nafpliotis, Evanthia 233 Najiullah, Shireen 201 , 77 ? 7?7 777?????77?77777777777777?777777777777777 r) 310 Nakabayashi, Kaneko Nanavati, Paragi Nang, Moses 52, 217 Napravnik, Brian 233 Nedic, Zan 173 Nelluvelil, Elizabeth Nelsen, Paul Nelson, Kirstin Nelson, Lorelee 173 Netzel, Carol 113, 202 Netzel, William 57, 90, 209, 233 Neuhauser, Todd Newman, Jay 233 Nickas, Thomas 123, 217 Nimz, Jeffrey 140, 173 Nisson, Pamela 161, 173 Nock, Jodi 233 Nolan, Karen 173 Nole, Dawn 233 Noosbond, Leslie 92, 202 Norberg, George 217 Nordskog, Amy 202 Noren, Cary 121, 122, 202 Nosalik, Chris 233 Nosalik, John 173 Novak, Dena 233 Novakovsky, Alex 49 Noyola, John 217 Numrich, William 50, 199, 202 Nuqui, Rosalie 202 Nussbaum, Ethan 123, 217, 243 Nutting, Amy 173 Nutting, Eric 49, 76, 123, 233 O, Shirley 233 O, Manchu O ' Boyle, Patricia 2, 21, 92, 93, 108, 117, 160, 167, 174 O ' Brien, Katherine 174, 232 O ' Donnell, Steven 233 O ' Neill, Daniel 233 O ' Rourke, Lorraine Obermann, James 202 O ' Brien, Carlos Odishoo, Arbella 99, 104, 114, 118, 202 Okamura, Jeffrey 47, 195, 202 Olander, Dawn 129, 202 Oliff, Ira 105, 115, 174 Olive, Lifcha 202 Olive, Robert 233 Oliveira, Marcele 174 Oliver, Charles 233 Olsen, Nancy 174 Olson, Sheila 202 Olson, Thomas Ople, Joseph 174 Oppenheim, Phyllis 202 Oppenheim, Randi 202 Oto, Suzanne 174 Ovsey, Victor 47, 90, 128, 174, 159 Owens, Robin 233 Oyos, Mark 174 Oyos, Nathanal 47, 174 Ozei, Elina Oztekin, Sheila 233 Pagos, Jerome 49, 233 Palin, Karen 25, 83, 123 Pallson, Donna 174 Pallson, Valerie Palm, Dawn Panchisin, John 11, 217 Pandazi, Aristodimos 51, 200 Pankiw, John Panos, Elaine Panousieres, Elaine 174 Panzella, Gregory 30, 175 Papadopoulos, Stella Papoutsakis, Cynthia 233 Pappas, George D. 175 Pappas, George W. 116, 175 Pappas, John 175 Parcelli, Tony Parisi, David 2, 118, 136, 175 Park, Hye-Ryon 175 Park, Hyo 202 Park, Hyo Sil 6, 111, 217 Park, wandy 103, 233 Park, Sang Park, Sonni 58, 59, 217 Park, Sunny 103, 233 Partington, Kimberly 233 Partipilo, Kimberly 233 Partipilo, Dominique 64, 233, 234 Partipilo, Madelene 64, 233 Paszko, Margaret 233 Paszko, Rick 175 Patel, Archana 233 Patel, Himanshu 100, 128, 137, 175 Patel, Jayesh 47 Patel, Piyush Patterson, Anita 92, 175 Pattison, Kathleen 122, 202 Paul, Alexander 56, 90, 175 Paul, David 74, 121, 217 Paulis, Mark 217 Paustian, Cheryl 202 Paustian, Gary 233 Pavlik, Maryann 217 Pawelek, Paige 70, 113, 202 Pawelek, Wendy 217 Pawlowski, Andrew 123, 217 Pawlowski, Christopher 56, 90, 175 Payuk, Todd 57, 90, 233 Payuk, William 19, 127 Pearson, Margaret 202 Pearson, Scott Pearson, Steven Peiser, Brad 54, 55, 233 Peiser, Susan 202 Penaloza, Cindy 217 Penaloza, Steven 234 Perl, Kenneth 175 Perl, Neil Perlman, Cary 202 Perlman, Gail 176 Perlmutter, Edward 56, 90, 218 Perperas, Lori 27, 218 Peterson, Lori 176 Petrovich, Gle-n 234 Pfeifer, Thomas 218 Pflaumer, Scott Pflaumer, Steven 234 Piculas, John 176 Pinckney, Floyd 176 Pine, Harold 234 , 101 , Pinkowski, Diane Pinsel, Aliza 62, 130, 234 Piper, Jill 111, 202, 275 Piro, Anna 218 Piscitello, Debbie 218 Piscitello, Phillip Pitalis, Rachael 234 Pitti, Loredana 234 Pitti, Ray Pitts, Tracy 176 Plaziak, Robert 102, 218 Plonus, Jacqueline 5, 63, 82, 83 104, 113, 196, 202 Plonus, Sabine 14, 62, 105, 113 137, 176 Poet, Andrea 7, 60, 61, 92, 113, 234 Poet, Sheila 125, 126, 176 Pomerantz, Martin 48, 218 Ponitch, Gregg 51, 176 Pontikis, George 218 Pontikis, Vicki 234 Poolos, Mark 234 Portilla, Karen Portnoy, Marlena 202 Poulakidas, Mark 49, 103, 116, 234 Poulakidas, Stephanie 116, 140, 176 Poulos, Beth 218 Power, Leslie 234 Pozdol, Cheri-Lynn 70, 234 Prieto, Alexandra 234 Prinz, Carolyn 2, 104, 117, 217, 218 Prinz, Jeff 218 Privatsky, Karen 2, 202 Psyhogios, Maria 234 Puerkel, Michael 176 Puetz, Robert 218 Pullano, Eugene 48, 218 Purvy, Richard 234, 249 Pyun, Carlos 47, 202 Quilici, Gina 172, 176 Quillen, Terrie 202 Quist, Laura 234 Ra, Min Su Rabey, Lynda 218 Rabey, Timothy 218 Rabin, Cheryl 5, 202 Rabin, Janet 222, 230, 234 Rabin, Susan 109, 144, 177 Rahn, Monica 127, 218 Rappin, David 47, 202 Rappin, Holly 234 R 0 y t 0 £ $ V y y y y y y % y £ y $ y y y y g £ Hl 7?m ?77T777?7777r777T7T777rr?7T7777777777777777777777 , 311 J JJJJJJ ff f (ffffftft tui $ i $ jjl- 1 5 2 f 2 6 i i K. .pin, Jill 107, 111, 202 Ratnow, Mitchell 234 Rayyan, Sam Razdolsky, Ilya Reasner, Kri-tin Redman, Scott 234 Reed, Scott 48 Regan, Charlotte Regidor, Cindy 109, 218 Reichert, Patricia 123, 218 Reichert, Robert 177 Reichstetter, Loretta 234 Reiff, Lisa 218 Reilly, Allan 234 Reinhard, Lynn 177 Reinhardt, Michael 48, 234 Reisman, Robert 234 Reitenbach, Antal Remus, Nancy 140 Repa, Dawn 92 Resnick, Stephanie 2, 109, 117, 212, 218, 219 Reyes, Mauricio 218 Reznikov, Ilya 72, 130, 135, 177 Rhee, Albert 234, 235 Rich, Nicole 6, 118, 125, 218 Rich, Susan 20, 105, 109, 159, 177 Richart, Dennis Riding, Tracey 234 Riggio, Christopher 234 Ring, Melinda 60, 234 Riskin, Wendy 70, 177 Rissman, Jobie 234 Rivkin, Larry 54, 55, 211, 218 Rivkin, Sandra 103 Ro, Kab 177 Roberts, Jill 82, 83, 202 Robins, Cary 123, 216, 218 Robinson, Steven 121, 122, 177 Roccaforte, Gina 78, 218 Rockel, Laura 145, 177 Rodgers, Joseph 66, 88, 197, 202 Rodgers, Phil 29, 49 Rodgers, Ramsey 47, 88, 203 Rogan, Cheryl 202 Rogan, Denise 113, 218 Roggeman, Peter 177 Roggeman, Steven 66 RolC David 73, 234 Roma, Anthony 28, 73, 229, 234 Romanofsky, Helene 177 Romashko, Nicholette 234 Romero, Gina Root, Gail 100, 105, 178 Rooth, Eric Rosas, Raymond Rose, Adele 139, 178 Rose, Debra 127, 178 Rosen, Frances 178, 218 Rosen, Kenneth 113 Rosen, wark 201, 203 Rosen, Melissa 212, 235 Rosen, Mitchell 2, 117, 118, 154 Rosenberg, Bennett 137, 178 Rosenberg, Sharri 234 Rosenblum, Alan 122, 218 Rosenblum, Carla 178 Rosenblum, Neal 218 Rosenblum, Susan 14, 92, 93, 113, 178, 182 Rosenthal, David 178 Rosenthal, Richard 235 Rosinski, Heather 103, 235 Rosinski, Karen 92, 219 Ross, Greg Ross, Heather 6, 83, 110, 134, 230, 235 Ross, Hope 16, 17, 36, 1074, 148, 178 Ross, Ira 200, 235 Ross, Kevin 178 Ross, Paul Rosselli, Mariangela 178 Rotblatt, Daniel 74 Rowe, Kimberly 219 Rowe, Scott Rozencwajg, Jacqueline 25, 235 Rubens, Melissa 235 Rubenstein, Caryn 62, 203 Rubenstein, Diane 62, 63, 83, 235 Rubiano, Andrea 17 Rubin, David 235 Rubin, Jeffrey 121 Rubin, Sari 219 Rubin, Sari 2, 10, 34, 35, 147, 179 Ruehrdanz, Patrick 74, 219 Rugendorf, Dana 104, 219 Rugendorf, David 100, 178, 179, 180 Ruiz, Edward 49, 235 Rusch, Judith 109, 179 Russell, Debra 219 Russo, Thomas 66, 179 Rzewnicki, Edward 235 Sacks, Kenneth 179 Sacksner, Jordy 13 5, 138, 203 Saito, Chiaki Saloman, Elizabeth 179 Samet, Daniel 179 Samuel, Sean 57, 235 Sander, Kathleen 179 Sandlow, Lisa 235 Sandowski, Lisa 235 Santiler, Andres Santillan, Aida 62, 235 Santillan, Diana 2, 62, 117, 130, 219 Santos, Rebecca 109, 129, 203 Santos, Rene 49, 109, 235 Saper, Julie 104, 114 Sarantopoulos, Peter 49, 90, 235 Sauer, Doris 133, 219 Savitt, Julie 203 Savitt, Lisa Savitt, Martin 179, 267 Sax, Gail Saxena, Anil 235 Scapardine, Julie 203 Schaffner, Joel 119, 219 Schanz, Becki 235 Schanz, Scott Schapira, Tom Schaps, Lee 66, 179 Scheibe, Paul 261 Schencker, Eliot 52, 213, 219 Schildgen, Elizabeth 235 Schildgen, Lynne 70, 180 Schmetter, Lisa 180 Schmidt, Dean 53, 54, 203 Schmidt, Linda 113, 152, 180, 182. 185 Schnaitmann, Peter 180 Schnaitmann, Timothy 229, 235 Schneider, Harvey 235 Schneider, Sharon 20, 100, 109, 140, 159, 180 Schrager, Robin 31, 119, 120, 203 Schreier, Lia 235 Schreier, Sandra 180 Schreiter, Ross 180 Schroeder, Claude 203 Schulman, Kevin Schultz, Deborah 235 Schultz, Denise 203 Schulz, Wolfgang Schwartz, Cheryl 273, 219 Schwartz, Cindy 12, 21, 36, 119, 163, 180 Schwartz, Deborah 25, 235 Schwartz, Elissa 125, 163, 180 Schwartz, Karen 2, 117, 174, 180 Schwarz, David 99, 134, 138, 180 Schwarz, Mark 121, 134 Schwenn, Kelee 59, 122, 219 Sebastian, Laura 235 Sedelsky, Heidi Sedelsky, Wendy 235 Seef, Mark 165, 181 Seimen, Arthur 181 Seimen, Helmut 219 Seltzer, Elisa Selyutin, Sergot, Christine Sergot, Mark 73, 235 Sergot, Michael 181 Serlin, Nina 2, 181 Selin, Scott 56, 121, 235 Serota, Carole 181 Serrano, Randy Seyter, Christina 219 Shah, Vishal 73, 235 Shane, David 10, 46, 47, 88, 203 Shapiro, Helen Shapiro, Lisa 2, 4, 8, 11, 58, 59, 108, 117, 118, 174, 181, 184, 189, 317 Shariff, Mohammed Shartiag, Beth 2, 118 Shayman, Bill 168, 181 Shayman, Julie 219 Shedroff, Barbara 119,129,125,126,181 Shedroff, Laura 203 Shellist, Andrea 60 Shellist, Marc 51, 119, 181 Shemroske, Regina 65, 219 Sherman, Anthony 219 Sherman, Caroline 181 Sherman, Gregg 47, 203, 260 Shetler, Annette Shetler, Stephanie 182 Shiakallis, Pascalis Shilvock, Teresa Shimanovsky, Sheryl 235 Shklyanoy, Emily 235 Shkodnik, Marina Shonfeld, Amy 236 Shubinsky, Rita 70, 113, 236 Shugall, Deborah 236 Shurson, Raymond 219 Shvartsman, Yuri 236 Siciliano, Daniel 203 Siddiqui, Mohammad Sideris, Pamela 2, 117, 203 Siegel, Karen 101, 203 Sienkowski, Misty 130, 236 Sierzega, Patricia 182 Silberman, Alan 122, 203 Silensky, Efrem 182 Silverbaltt, Karen 115, 137, 203 Silverman, Barbara 236 Silverman, Jay 182 Silverman, Miriam 203, 275 Silverman, Sanford 123, 219 Silverman, Sheldon 2, 36, 117, 119, 153, 156, 182 312 Silverman, West 203 Silverstein, Mark 74, 219 Simmons, Theodore 182 Simon, Barbara 219 Simon, David 203 Simon, Richard 182 Simonson, Matthew 203 Singleton, Kathryn 219 Sinica, Chris 182 Sirajullah, Jackie 114, 219 Sirajullah, Zafreen 236 Sklamberg, David 203 Skoglund, Ronald 73, 236 Skupiewski, Cindy Slisz, Deborah 219 Small, Ira 219 Smason, Wendy 100, 105, 114, 118, 154, 182, 183 Smessaert, Jacqueline 203 Smigielski, Michael 219 Smith, Alan 166, 182 Smith, Jennifer 219 Smith, Pamela 203 Smith, Paul 182 Smith, Philip 49, 73, 236 Smith, Troy 219 Smolin, Patricia 220, 221 Snell, Kelly 62, 220 Snyder, Jeffrey 121, 220 Snyder, Miriam 183 Sobczak, Kimberly 236 Sobczak, Mark 220 Sobczak, Robert 203 Sobel, Alan 52, 209, 220, 221 Soble, Jon 125, 126, 203 Socash, Christine 203 Sohn, Ronald 119, 120, 122, 203 Sokalski, Kathleen 236 Sokol, Randy 204 Son, Joo 183 Son, Paul Son, Susie Sonkin, Lynn 92, 236 Sonkin, Randy 103 Sosani, Daniel Sotiropoulos, Georgia 236 Sotiropoulos, Pam 92, 236 Spagnoli, Bob 47, 148, 157, 183 Spagoletti, John 235, 236 Spata, Scott 54, 220 Speisman, Melvin 113, 220 Sperling, Sheryl Spiliopoulos, Antonia 183 Spiratos, Sam 236 Sprague, Ellen 2, 8, 92, 100, 117, 118, 140, 146, 155, 183, 185 Springborn, Karen 26, 109, 204 Sproat, Mark Spyropoulos, George St. Marie, Doug 49, 76, 275 St. Marie, Linnea 183 Stamatakos, Roula 62, 220 Stamatiou, Kiki 220 Stamos, Van 2, 5, 10, 17, 18, 21, 23, 27, 50, 105, 116, 117, 154, 176, 183 Stathopoulos, Peter 49, 67, 236 Steele, Christopher 104, 105, 114, 139, 153, 183 Steele, Thomas 183 Stein, Nina 122, 220 Steiner, Lisa Steiner, Scott 53, 90, 236 Stellar, Victoria 236 Stenzel, Reinhard Stephenson, Susan 220 Stephenson, William 236 Stern, Michael 183 Stern, Spencer 204 Stevens, Lauren Stoker, Susan Stoker, Thomas 51, 169 Stokes, Fred Stone, Barbara 21, 26, 111, 117, 184 Stone, Erica 2, 5, 111, 117, 140, 193, 204 Stone, Julie Stone, Robin 236 Stotland, Bryan 49, 232, 236 Strange, Jerrold 120, 204 Straton, Elizabeth 107, 111, 207, 220 Straton, Steve 50, 51, 184 Straub, Robert 26, 50 Streiff, James 204 Strissel, April 204 Stroesser, John 184 Strohmeier, Eric 52 Strohmeier, Karen 83, 236 Strongin, Stacy 2, 101, 179, 193, 204 Strusiner, Kimberly 236 Stulac, Walter 184 Sturgis, Sena 204 Subonj, Michelle 236 Suess, James 184 Suess, Robert 209 Suh, Youn 220 Suh, Yung-Me 236 Sullivan, Daniel 56, 204 Sullivan, Stuart 47, 184 Sun, Hsi 184 Sun, Hsi Sun, Sandy 60, 70, 236 Sundblom, Amy 129, 204 Svrcek, Tom 7, 106, 193, 204 Swanson, John 54 Swenson, Carol 184 Swerdlow, Kevin 16, 17, 184 Swidler, Martin 204 Swinford, Richard Szumal, Robert Tabin, Michael Taich, Sandra 119, 120, 236 Taiak, Frederick Takiguchi, Tina 220 Talbot, Gina 103, 236 Taldone, Christine 204 Taldone, Rose 220 Tamraz, Catherine 25, 64, 234, 236 Tamraz, Jack Tamunday, Ronald 52, 220 Tan, Melalyn 127, 184 Tang, Mary 184 Taraschewsky, Ingrid 184 Tatooles, Jon 209, 220 Tavoularis, Chris 204 Tecktiel, Lori 102, 216, 220 Teichner, Paula 185 Telengater, Marsha 7, 60, 83, 121, 228, 234, 236 Telengater, Robin 4, 8, 60, 61, 92, 93, 105, 150, 185, 189 Tellez, Frank 185 Temes, George 204 Tengesdal, Susan Tenorio, David 49 Tenzillo, Karen 185 Tenzillo, Katherine 185 Terpinas, William 66, 67, 68, 204 Teschky, Alan 49, 76, 236 Theodore, Nicolette 70, 237 Therios, Gus 185 Thill, Margaret 82, 183, 220 Thilmany, Andrea 204 Thompson, 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££££££JJJJ7£77J.£££££££££f £££ff JJJ f-7l 1 $ $ y t y 2 y y i 4 y y 4 i i i t. Vala, Emilia 204 Valavanis, Nicholas 204 Valencia, Sandra Valenti, Gina 186 Valenti, Josephine 129, 204 Vargas, Yvonne 125, 126, 220 Varghese, Ansu 59, 237 Varnavas, Eleni 186 Varon, Amy 100, 109, 140, 186 Vass, Monet 186 Vaughn, William Vaysman, Valerie 220 Veenhuis, Richard Venetos, Tina 100, 105, 116, 186 Venson, Karen 70, 186 Verstraete, Kathleen 82, 83, 183 Verstraete, Vincent 237 Vick, Lisa 92, 123, 237 Vilas, Jacqueline 187 Vilas, Marilyn Viner, Jon 49, 121 Virag, Cathleen 220 Vishny, Daniel 205 Vlahos, Korine 116, 205 Volkodav, Victoria 205 Voss, Timothy 205 Vrahnos, Dimitra Wada, Mark 54, 123, 237 Wall, Bruce 48, 220 Wallerstein, Marla 38, 39, 119, 205 Walner, Mara 102, 220 Wang, Jim 100, 128, 187 Warman, Jeffrey 187 Warshawsky, Lindy 205 Warshawsky, Neil 2, 47, 105, 118, 136, 146, 187 Watson, Gary 159 Watts, Shari 107, 187 Wax, Beth 127, 225, 237 Wax, Lisa 100, 189 Wei, Sandy 205 Weinberg, Brian 6, 46, 47, 88, 89, 187 Weinberg, Carrie Weinberg, David 85, 237 Weinberg, Donna 104, 231 Weinberg, Michelle 205 Weinberg, Ronald 221 Weindling, Michael 51 Weiner, Dennis 88, 187 Weinman, Jill 205 Weinstein, Rebecca 65, 78, 79, 171, 187 Weislak, Bob Weislak, Donna Weishman, Suzanne 140, 205 Weiss, Ami 205 Weiss, Steven Weitzman, Tamara 2, 5, 9, 10, 105, 117, 140, 158, 162, 187 Wendel, Robert 221 Wexler, Kenneth 52, 221 Whelan, Maureen 221 Whelan, Michael 237 Whelan, Thomas 205 White, Glenn 205 Wierzchon, Peter 205, 261 Wilczewski, Karen 65, 221 Wilde, Denese Wilde, Shelly 205 Wilfong, Jeffrey 174 Wilken, Dwayne Wilkinson, John Wilkoff, Lisa 205, 214 Williams, Christine 111, 221 Wilm, David 46, 47, 187 Wilner, M arla 237 Wilson, Anna 25, 123, 237 Wilson, Michael 188 Wiltgen, Lawrence 188 Wiltgen, Michael 76, 237 Wipt, Joanah 92, 127, 205 Wise, Ronald 221 Witte, John 52, 121, 209, 221 Wittenberg, Karen 188 Witzel, Stuart 85, 237 Witzgall, Mary Woitalik, Ira 72, 214, 221 Wolfberg, Robin 205 Wolms, Jamie 221 Wolms, Jean Wolowicki, Janice 62, 92, 237 Wolter, William 52, 221 Woo, Danny 67, 68, 205 Woo, John 237 Woodall, Kelly 188 Woodall, Lisa 237 Woodfield, David 188 Woodier, James 56, 90, 108, 121 Wooster, Maria Wozniak, Brian 121, 221 Wratschko, Diane 188 Wright, Lisa 127, 188 Wrzala, John 205 Wurmbach, Gunter Wurzbacher, Scott 188, 205 Xentaras, Demtrios Yakdubek, Frank 121, 221 Yakdubek, Marianne 237 Yamaguchi, Nancy 102, 107, 111, 221 Yang, June 237 Yashon, Karen 102, 140, 221 Yaybulak, Sugra 104, 221 Yde, Kim 205 Yedlin, Judy 210, 221 Yedlin, Michael 188 Yellen, Jonathan Yep, Sandra 65, 188 Yetter, Michael 205 Yi, John 221 Yi, Katherine 221 Yi, Myonjung 188 Yoo, Joyce 100, 189 Yoo, Sandra 59, 205 Yoo, Seesun 50, 205 Youkhana, Francis 48, 221 Youkhana, Shane 237 Young, David 49, 237 Youngman, Laura 237 Yu, Un 221 Yu, Yun-Chu 205 Zabo, Barry 121, 189 Zabo, Jill 121, 237 Zaffer, John Zaffer, Vicky 205, 237 Zagorscak, Damir 221 Zagorscak, Gordana 189 Zarch, Steven 237 Zaslowsky, Michael 189 Zayia, Robert 195 Zeff, Sharon 205 Zeitler, Sharon 237 Zelickman, Karen 102, 221 Zeller, Lisa 189 Zellers, Michael Zeman, Robert 205 Zemsky, David 205 Zemsky, Judith 59, 103, 237 Zepin, Wendy 189 Zhivotinsky, Inna Zicarelli, Fred 189 Ziegelski, David 47, 121, 205 Zimansky, Steve 189 Zimmerman, Daniel 221 Zimmerman, Rachel 237 Zissman, Marla 104, 122, 221 Zitzewitz, George 237 Zivilik, Julie 189 Zlatopolsky, Stanley 237 , 7J???????77 77?7777f77 7 77 7 7 7 7777777 ' J777777777777777 7 ? 314 Zmolek, Michael 205 Zomot, Nihad 212, 221 Zons, Dawn Zoros, Nancy 78, 79, 129, 205 Zucker, David 47, 189 Zych, Deanne 65, 78, 221 Zych, Sheryl 189 Ackman, Leonard 242 Agnos, Arnold 264 Albiani, Ronald 252 Anderson, Charles P. 252 Anderson, Glenn E. 260 Antas, Richard 242 Apostal, William 250 Armour, Jean 258 Armour, John 258 Barstow, Jean Batts, James C. 246 Bauer, Geroge (Dr.) 258 Beeftink, John P. 250 Begley, Annabel E. 266 Bentsen, Kathleen 248 Bentsen, Raymond R. 248 Bloom, William 248 Boevers, Gerald W. 252 Brennan, Joseph 254 Brink, George A. 254 Brownell, Joanne 244 Brov, Lawrence E. 250 Burkel, John R. 258 Campbell, Ronald D. 256 Capitani, Emil 248 Carey, Stanley 267 Carlson, Juanita 265 Carr, Mary Pat 244 Carr, Raymond 265 Casten, Richard 266 Chambers, John 244 Chausow, Barbara 262 Cocking, Walter W. (Dr.) 242 Corombos, Sharon 268 Damisch, Jean 265 Davis, Gary D. 257 DeFur, Wilda M. 262 Egenhardt, Ed 250 Derichs, Jeanne 246 Dessing, Glenn L. 250 Drobny, Irwin 252 Duffy, Dennis 246 Dvorak, Todd 248 Earl, George E. 258 Erickson, Larry G. 243 Ernst, Edward 250 Feick, Robert E. 266 Field, Don W. 248 Filliman, Dennis E. 249 Firak, Gerald R. 251 Fitzpatrick, Frank E. 266 Flynn, Patrick J. 264 Forman, Alexa 265 Froehlich, Erwin C. 260 Fugiel, Dottie 251 Galla, George 256 Gault, John W. 252 Geis, Carl 267 Geismann, William F. 246 Georgiev, Olga M. 254 Golata, John 246 Gordon, Barbara 246 Gragg, Richard K. 246 Graham, Angela T. 246 Gralewski, Ronald 265 Groeling, Charles R.(Dr.) 263 Grossheusch, Ewald W. 266 Handler, Barbara 244 Handzel, John W. 252 Hanrahan, Robert P. 251 Heeren, Lee M. 258 Hentz, Josephine 262 Higgins, Adele 264 Hill, Daniel D. 253 Hoeppner, Dennis L. 251 Hoffman, Isaac 254 Holz, Warren J. 251 Hoosline, Leo F. 244 Horwitz, Linda H. 247 Hulsh, Maya Jaeschke, Marion 262 Johnson, Robert L. 247 Jones, Stanton M. 249 Jorgesen, Roberta A. 244 Jurek, Glenn 260 Kaitchuck, Ted A. 263 Kay, Rita 251 Keen, Robert 260 Kelly, William 265 Kemmler, Charles P. 268 Kettleborough, James H. 256 Klebba, Marvin G. 247 Klinger, Terese E. 255 Knaak, James M. 247 Korol, Rollie 268 Kort, Anthone 249 Kupferberg, Jerry 243 Larson, Donald 259 Lee, David 268 Leipold, Arthur H. 253 Levinson, Ann 251 Lopez, Herminia 255 Lorenz, John 242 Loughran, Madeleine 255 Lucas, Elmer E. 259 Lundberg, Shirley 265 McElfresn, Mary Ann McGee, Hugh D. 263 McMahon, Thomas J. 247 Magee, Molly L. 247 Maggio, Andy 267 Mannos, Nicholas T. (Dr.) 241 Martin, James C. 249 Masur, Eva 255 Matlak, Patricia 259 Miller, Judie 257 Miron, Alexander 265 Moshak, John 253 Mass, Susan Murphy, Robert L. 249 Nash, Geri M. 247 Odlivak, Nick 259 Oldham, Elizabeth 262 Olsen, James C. 269 O ' Reilly, Gertrude 255 Orr, Jerome E. 247 Parker, Eleanor S. 264 Parker, Morris W. 247 Peterson, Marlene 269 Pirok, Mel 253 Porten, Helen A. 264 Porter, Robert E. 259 Rambis, Albert 264 Redig, Robert A. 244 Requarth, Richard 257 Ricnardi, Fred 259 Richardson, William R. 259 Rogoski, Wayne E. 251 Rowland, Michaela 265 Savage, Patrick J. Scarbrough, Barbara 269 Schmidt, Mel 260 Schnurr, Billy D. 259 Schutt, Robert 247 Sellers, Lee 260 Shane, Ron Shapiro, Faith V. 247 Simone, Carol A. 253 Slattery, Jerome 249 Sloan, Judi 259 Smith, Darrell R. 267 Solovy, David A. 265 Sortal, Harry W. 244 Stein, Roger D. 255 Stevens, Marjorie 253 Stewart, Rita 242 Strnad, James 251 Swanson, James R. 241 Sweeney, James 247 Taylor, Dorothy 269 Tomson, James 266 Turry, Gerald 242 Van Cleave, Carl 256 Van Dorpe, Celestine 253 Waddell, Don 265 Warner, Bill 256 Weitzenfeld, Stanley 249 Wetzel, Richard 257 Wexler, Sheila 269 Wiedl, Ralph C. 249 Winans, Leonard 244 Winterhalter, John J. 242 Wise, Dorothy H. 266 Yunker, Jean 243 Zook, William 249 Zorn, Peter R. 255 ' 7?3 7 7????777?77?????????????7?7777777777777?77777777?7: 315 The Ones Who Put It Together In the past years, Spectrum has attained honors around the country that makes one proud and want to keep that standard. I felt very honored to be the chief of the tribe for Spectrum 83 ' and without the help of many people. Spec¬ trum 83 ' would have lost its status. The hard work of many paid off and they deserve comendation. I ' d like to thank assistant editor Ray Chao for his help when crises occurred just before deadlines and for his work on the opening section, Lisa Shapiro for a terrific job 7 on the senior section that she only had two weeks to produce it in, and for her constant dependability. Special credit also goes to Karen Schwartz for all her late night work on the clubs section which is the most difficult, photo editor Ellen Havdala; and section editors Van Stamos, sports; Tami Weitzman, special events; Steve Miller, faculty; Devra Lipsky juniors; Erica Stone, sophomores; and Holly Gershanov, freshman. Acknowledgment also goes to Julie Keller for all her work on the index, Lauri Balbirer, Lisa Freed and Chelli Krakow for all their dedication and John Witte for all his help. A special thank you also to advisors Jerome Orr and Angela Graham for all their expertise and guidance; Jostens Representative Dennis Eder for his knowledge and Richard Antes and Marge Phillippe for all their help. With their help and that of others tribesmen. Spectrum 83 ' has captured many memories that will last forever. Maria Leben ' 5 Maria Leberis Spectrum Editor Finding out needed information is Senior Steve Miller 316 Spectrum Staff Seniors Ray Chao and Lisa Shapiro hold up the yearbook spirit board panel. Seeking information from Adviser Angela Graham is Sophomore Anna Karalis. Junior M. Feldman and M. Bergman look over their lay-outs. J. Gilbert and B. Joszlit discuss their assignment. Senior V. Stamos chooses pictures for his section. Spectrum Staff 317

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