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NILE5 UJE5T HIGH 5CHDDL □RHTDN RT EGEN5 5HDHIE. ILL GDD77 LH RB :V Sill |U| SPECTRUM ’81 Niles Township High School West Oakton At Edens Skokie, Illinois 60077 Volume 20 Editor-In-Chief Assistant Editor . Photography Editor Happenings Editor All Together Editor Winners Editors Up Front Editor Moving Up Editor Scholastic Editor Monica Cohen Jodi Stone Leonard Go Tracey Miller Lisa Sidler Mark Witt Gary Witz Cheryl Tobin Marilyn Moltz Lisa Russell Cover Photos Back Cover Photo Opening Section Division Pages Candid Pages Staff Members Photographers Faculty Advisors Duplicating Services Professional Photography Publisher Publishers Representative Steve Rabin Jodi Stone Steve Rabin Monica Cohen Jodi Stone Monica Cohen Jodi Stone Gregg Arenson Gary Abrahams Karen Bernstein Miriam Cuatrecasas Rachele DeFilippis Cindy Doppelt Linda Friedman Pam Friedman Lee Gerstein Scott Goldman Brenda Hill Monika Holler Laurie Kahn Chris Koclanis Chris Kukulski Carolyn Long Gregg Arenson Mike Attia Amelia Bartholomew Ray Cho Laurie Kahn Maria Laberis Rob Neuman Mr. Jerry Orr Mrs. Angela Graham Mr. Gene Mitz Root Studio Jostens American Yearbook Company Mr. Dennis Eder Stacy Maslov Vicki Pappas Barb Parks Mike Sathy Karen Schwartz Beth Shartiag Fred Tajak Deb Terrazas Art Therios Gus therios Dino Varnavas Helen Verity Becky Weinstein Ami Weiss Tammy Weitzman Alan Zemsky Steve Rabin Mike Sathy Rich Schwartz Anita Shapiro Jodi Stone Tom Weiss Mark Witt PEOPLE is a trademark of Time Incorporated and is used by special permission. ON THE COVER Junior Peter Trefren lethargically keeps the beat. Senior Steve Koek checks to see if he made the cast. Senior Ken Hugel hard at work. Ju¬ nior Heather Joseph displays vigor¬ ous Indian spirit. On back Senior Mike Parcelli and junior Diana Lipsky relax on the Oakton lawn. UPFRONT □ P. 120 After four years of high school, the class of ’81 looks toward graduation and future planning. Academically prepared to face life after high school, seniors go their own way, ei¬ ther to various colleges, or job op¬ portunities. MOVING UP □ P. 110 INTRO □ P. 4 Lookout New faces and new friends flood the hallways of West. Spirit Students proudly display the Indians red and white. In Style Expression with a touch of class is evident throughout Niles West. HAPPENINGS □ P. 14 Senior Bill Johnson Special events set out to inform, en¬ lighten and entertain. Encourage¬ ment to participate in and attend school sponsored activities was strongly emphasized. The hard work involved in planning these programs paid off, as attendance was generally very good and enthusiastic. ALL TOGETHER □ P. 44 Clubs offer students who share the same interests a chance to pool their creativity. Expressing ideas and working together were important characteristics of any successful club at West. WINNERS □ P. 70 Teamwork is the basis for competi¬ tion, and the athletes at West worked long and hard as a team. Weeks of grueling practices strengthened teams desires for victory. Though not every team finished on top, the indivi¬ duals who gave it their all, most defi¬ nitely are winners. Sophomore Debbie Loicano Underclassmen count down the long awaited years of becoming an upper¬ classman. Experiencing new ideas such as study halls and drivers li¬ censes, the future leaders of Niles West kept on their toes, taking things in stride. SCHOLASTIC □ P. 214 With many additions from Niles East, the teaching staff at West became stronger and more complete. Our dedicated faculty and administration helped to keep our school in perpet¬ ual motion. PICKS AND PANS □ P. 258 Closing Notes 1981 Spectrum staff earns a round of applause Graffiti Writings on the wall are an interesting source of local gossip and information. Senior Survey Seniors express high school memories, and future plans. Index Searching for someone? Look them up in the Index. Table Of Contents 3 NILES WEST ON THE MOVE G aze past the active classrooms and bustling hall¬ ways and an everpresent vision of student life at West emerges. Dispersed in activities ranging from A.F.S. to aeronautics, individuals combined efforts and ideals necessary in reaching their goals with pride. The addi¬ tion of 600 students and faculty members from Niles East helped make the ’80-’81 year anything but ordi¬ nary. The vast array of people brought new ideas, friendships, and, most of all, lots of fun. The mesh of students taught the meaning of cooperation and valu¬ able teamwork. Together, we shared West’s sweet success. While the world’s concerns were focused on the presedential campaign, inflation, and the hostages in Iran, Niles West students shared worrries of electing a homecoming king and queen, paying $45.00 for Calvin Kleins, and serving time in the B.A.C. With a blend of diversity and originality, the people at West comprised a student body worth looking out for. in LOOKOUT Clockwise Bob Strauss blocks a shot, and Coach Brennan looks on with approval. Flute players stick together. Errol Oztekin invents a new way to drive. Lunchroom lady at work. Senior Mike Froemming. Lookout 5 Clockwise Senior Stacie Arkules takes a breather. Freshman Mike Cohen. Fabi Zemanski points out a foxy football player. A.F.S. students Helen Verity and Miriam Cuatrecasas. Senior Ed Odyniec shows off his organs. Who’s in there? Ian Streicher (right) easily beats Gary Bedony in an arm wrestling match. Senior Caryn Levin. 6 Lookout Lookout 7 SPIRIT WE’RE LOYAL TO YOU, NILES WEST “Go Big Red” was a chant often shouted from exuberant Indian fans in freezing football weather, crowded gymnasium bleachers, and bus rides to neighboring schools. “Anything goes” was the atti¬ tude for expressing enthusiasm for our school. While some spent evenings stalking athletes’ homes armed with rolls of toilet paper for the traditional “teepee- ing”, others remained content with selling fundraising candy or decorating lockers. The band, cheerleaders, pom pon girls, and various team members created an atmosphere which encouraged even the most timid of fans to cheer the red and white machine on to victory. School spirit was depicted throughout the student body with Indian t-shirts, club jackets, buttons, pom pons, team hats, and various other paraphernalia dashed with red and white. Students quickly learned that exhibiting Indian spirit left the true fan with a heaping dosage of pride and loyalty for Niles West. 8 Spirit Clockwise Band members relax after picking poppies. Sen¬ ior Margie Kong and friend believe there’s nothing better than Slurpees and tennis. Tackle! Pom pon girls in homecom¬ ing parade. Juniors Lauri Feldman, Amy Alpern and Jamie Wainer. Varsity cheerleaders. Spirit 9 SO CCER p )$ 4V 7) Clockwise Soccer team members watch from sidelines. The Clarke Twins. Hirsch and Greenberg. Senior Lee David Ger- stein. Varsity football players sing a song. Varsity cheerleaders. Pom pon girls. Steve McManamon and Mike Haupers imitate Raggedy Ann and Andy. Homecoming float leads the attack on the Deerfield Warriors. Eager lad! 10 Spirit WESTHI FOLLOWS A CLASS ACT Sometimes crazy, while always colorful and cre¬ ative, people at West seemed to find a unique yet wonderful way to remain in style. Never satisfied with second best, we reached the height of fashion in preppy shirts and Frye boots, cruised in Rene¬ gade jeeps and sparkling corvettes, and came forth with an intense flair for “doing our own thing”. And, as characteristic of Westhi students, this mode of expression was carefully executed with a touch of class. IN STYLE In Style 13 Clockwise Junior Lisa Sidler practices her saxa- phone. Jamie Wainer, Erica Stone, Jodi “Ducky” Stone, and Karen Bernstein clad in matching Lacoste shirts and duck shoes. Steve Sanders and date spruced up for a night on the town. Junior Mark Witt. “Check out my hat!” HAPPENINGS Clockwise Mr. Turry presents Homecoming King and Queen with game ball. Career Night marquee outside of West. Student pondering her future. Indian fans at a Friday night game WE’VE GOT SPIRIT T he 1980 Homecoming week got off to an enthusiastic start with the in school pep Assembly held on Wednesday, Oc¬ tober 17. The spirited crowd was enter¬ tained by the award winning pom-pon girls, the vivacious cheerleaders, and the energetic Indian. The program intro¬ duced the members of the Homecoming committee as well as the nominees for ourt, queen, and king. Inspiring speech¬ es were given by varsity Indian coach Don Huff and Gerald Turry, athletic director. Basrak field was lit up with excitement from the crowd as well as from the new lights at the Twilight pep rally held on October 16. The highlights of the even¬ ing were the traditional flashlight routine performed by the pom-pon girls and the naming of Jack Havdala as Homecom¬ ing king and Faith Amorantos as queen along with senior court members Nancy Buffo, Mary Flood, Bill John¬ son, Steve McManamon, Peter Rolick and Nancy Tuzzolino, and junior court Linda Weiss, Liz Kogen, Lauri Feld¬ man, Ken Sail, Alan Keller, and Paul Katzowsky. 16 Pep Assembly Clockwise Will the real Joe Ni-We-Hi please stand up! “Oh fudge!” exclaims senior Steve McManamon, “I forgot my wallet.” Senior Jackie Loicano gives junior cheerleaders tips on picking up football players. Cindy Doppelt presents junior court nominees Lauri Feldman, Liz Kogen, Suzy Nakashima, Monica H8gg, Linda Weiss and Lauren Young with flowers. Varsity Indians playing Red Rover. Chief Heather Joseph guards Indian reserva¬ tion. Pep Rally 17 TRADITIONS CREATE ENTHUSIASM T his year’s Homecoming Game was preceded and followed by two traditional events. The annual Homecoming Parade made its way down the streets of Lincolnwood, Skokie, Morton Grove, and Niles at 2:00 PM, the afternoon before the game. Leading the parade were Jack Havdala and Faith Amaran- tos, Homecoming King and Queen. They were followed by their respec¬ tive Courts and three categories of floats. A $20 cash prize was award¬ ed to the winner of each category. Following the game, the Ice Cream Social took place. Students and faculty chose from a variety of flavors and toppings. Instead of the usual band, a Disc Jockey enter¬ tained in the Main Gym. Included in the evenings activities, was an alumni reception hosted by the Students Activities Board. Old yearbook pictures were also dis¬ played for all students and alumni to see. 18 Homecoming Parade Clockwise When E.F. Hutton talks, Heather Joseph, Jack Havdala, and Faith Amarantos listen. Students make final preparations on float. F. Amarantos boogies to the beat. Student ponders whether or not to have more ice cream. Seniors Kathy MacDonald, Carmela Zicarelli, and Patty Zeitler take in the excitement. S.A.B. member Jodi Margolis perfects her “service with a smile” tech¬ nique. Junior court members Lauri Feldman, Linda Weiss, and Liz Kogen practice their passing. Varsity cheerleaders invade John Mayer’s car. Ice Cream Social 19 INDIANS FACE CHALLENGE ON BASRAK FIELD I his year’s homecoming theme was “Push the Warriors back with an Indian attack.” Unfortunately the Niles West In¬ dians just couldn’t attack and the Deer¬ field Warriors pushed them back. The Warriors scored a touchdown in the first, the third, and the fourth quarters. The Indians only touchdown was scored by senior Mike Froemming with a minute left in the game, and the unhappy final score was 21-6. Even though there were not very many exciting plays, this game was considered one of the most challenging games since the Indians played number one New Trier East. De¬ spite the loss of the Niles West Varsity football team, the 1980 Niles West homecoming will always be remem¬ bered. 22 “THE ROSE” BLOSSOMS INTO SWEET SUCCESS This year’s homecoming dance, “The Rose,” marked the end of the weekend’s activities. The band “Graffiti” supplied the music for ev¬ eryone to dance to. The Student Activity Board members, who sponsored the dance, did a super job of decorating the gym. With roses on the tables and along the walls, the theme of the dance was obvious. This year’s overwhelming turnout filled the gym. The crown¬ ing of the 1980 king and queen was the highlight of the evening. Faith Amarantos became the new queen, and starting a new tradition at West, Jack Havdala was crowned as the king. Clockwise Vito Congine and date share a few stolen moments. A newly crowned king and queen dance with their dates. Snuggle close. Kim Sorenson enjoying her dates company. “Graffitti” entertains at Homecoming ’80. It’s all in the eyes. Dance 23 THE FUTURE AWAITS YOU Clockwise Students search for college plans. Randy Harris and Hae Cho receive college info. Cheryl Tobin’s mouth drops open when ottered a wrestling scholarship. Unce again representatives from al¬ most 200 colleges attended this year ' s College Night on September 23. Each college had their own booth where re¬ presentatives spoke to college bound students. Pamphlets and brochures were given to prospective students. Both students and parents flanked the high school’s gymnasium. Opportunity Plus Careers Night was the second part of the successful “Days of Decision.” The program was de¬ signed to provide the students of Niles West with up-to-date information on ca¬ reers from active people in the work force. Senior Jenny Hold said, “Ca¬ reers Night was very helpful to me. I learned which fields were open and which would be good to go into at this time. Careers Night helped me to decide what I want to do after college.” She went on to say, " I feel that it is a fantas¬ tic idea and that all students should go to it. It really helped me to decide my future.” The highlight of Opportunity Plus Careers Night was the landing of the Army and Coast Guard helicopters on the Oakton lawn. 24 College Night COAST GUARD chcago Careers Night 25 Clockwise The Coast Guard drops in on West. The Military band enter¬ tains at Careers Night. Prospective law student listens attentively. NILES WEST OPENS ITS DOORS TO PARENTS On Wednesday, October 22, 1980, Niles West held an open house. The purpose was to show the parents of Niles West students what the day consisted of for his or her son or daughter. Other than just attending the classes of their sons or daughters, the parents were able to visit with members of of student services in¬ cluding; the Director, Guidance coun- celors, Psychologists, and Social Workers in the Oakton street lobby. A mini-concert of the Niles West String Orchestra was presented in the stu¬ dent lounge. Later that evening, the school’s song and dance group, Wes- tones, performed for the parents. Demonstrations such as ceramic, sculpture, and drawing were going on throughout the night. There were ad¬ ditional activities on display in the cafeteria including; Forensics, Nation¬ al Honor Society, and the Student’s Activities Board. The evening indeed turned out to be a success; as one parent said, “I found the evening to be both enlightening and entertain¬ ing.” Clockwise from far upper left: Mr. Roger Stein informs parents about the Spanish curriculum. Or- chesis performs in the main gym. Interested parents listen attentive¬ ly. This year’s Open House was a success with classes in full atten¬ dance. Mr. Peter Zorn, German teacher, talks privately with con¬ cerned parent. Open House 27 FROSH - SOPH GET THISCLOSE The sophomore class cabinet sponsored their annual frosh-soph mixer on Friday, October 10, 1980. Held in the main gym and the girl’s gym, the mixer promoted the theme of making new acquaintances and having a good time. A combined total of 400 freshman and sophomores attended the mixer. 15 year-old sophomore Richard Schwartz was quoted as saying, along with many other students who attended the mixer that, “I found the frosh-soph mixer to be one of the more fun and interesting school activi¬ ties at Niles West that I have attend¬ ed.” The evening consisted of numerous activities. A live band played in the main gym for dancing and listening. In the girl’s gym, various forms of com¬ petition were organized. Students could participate in volleyball, basket¬ ball, and math competition. A large number of students participated dur¬ ing the course of the evening. Frosh-soph mixer “The Mousetrap” Catches Audience The Niles West Thespians opened the 1980-81 season with one of Agatha Christie’s most famous my¬ steries, “The Mousetrap”. A free sen¬ ior citizen matinee on November 6th in the auditorium was first on the schedule. Two regular performances on the evenings of November 7th and 8th completed the run. The combined performances resulted in the largest audience ever for a non-musical pro¬ duction. Cast in the Robert Johnson di¬ rected “Mousetrap” were Michael Schultz as Giles Ralston, Allyson Harris as Molly Ralston, Dan Black¬ man as Christopher Wren, Michael Perlin as Sgt. Trotter, Todd Stern as Mr. Paravicini, Steve Koek as Major Metcalf, Gloria Camilli as Miss Casewell, and Amy Marschak as Mrs. Boyle. Assisting Mr. Johnson in directing, senior Michal Ann Luncs- ford. 30 Fall Play Fall Play 31 Clockwise: The Ralstons wish each other a Hap¬ py Anniversary. “Did anyone ever tell you, you have beautiful blue eyes?” “Me, I am a man of mystery.” Sgt. Trotter interrogates the suspects. “Wherever did you get that tie?” Sgt. Trotter informs the Ralstons of a murderer in the man¬ sion. POW WOW PRESENTS LIFE AMERICAN STYLE” Pow Wow, Niles West’s annual student produced musical comedy-variety show, was performed Janu¬ ary 14-17. The theme of this year’s show was “Life American Style”. It depicted the lifestyles and institu¬ tions of America, including the death penalty, draft registration, father and son talks, the importance of designer clothes, and teenage pregnancy. Written and directed by seniors Dan Blackman and Eliza¬ beth Gump, the variety show began on the alien planet Nebbish. Being forced to abandon the planet, the inhabitants of Nebbish chose Earth as their new home. After the aliens arrived, they observed our lifestyles, which occupied the rest of the show. Clockwise: “God Bless America”, land that we love. The inhabi¬ tants of the alien planet Nebbish observe America’s lifestyles. “The Wise Ones” decide to immigrate to planet Earth. Pow Wow dancers demonstrate perfect posture. Members of the 1981 Pow Wow cast salute Niles West. “Up on a Roof” with Steve Char- ous. Pow Wow 33 STUDENTS AND FACULTY PRESENT “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” T his year, Children’s Theatre present¬ ed Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. As a variation to this year’s production, both faculty and students presented an excellent version of Dickens’ universal theme. Students cast in the lead roles were seniors: Steve Koek and Dan Black¬ man as the well-known Scrooge, and Ian Streicher as Bob Cratchit. Faculty members that took part in the perfor¬ mance were Dr. Charles Groeling as Marley, Mrs. Linda Horwitz as the Ghost of Christmas Past, and Mr. Rob¬ ert Johnson as the Ghost of Christmas Present. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come was portrayed by four different faculty members at the various perfor¬ mances. They were Mr. James Batts, Mr. John Burkel, Mr. Don Huff, and Dr. Nicholas Mannos. Narrating the play was Mr. John Go- lata. The action of the play takes place in London during the latter part of the 19th Century, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Scrooge is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas who proceed to reveal to him the true aspects of life. 34 Children’s Theatre Children’s Theatre 35 Clockwise: Scrooge and Tiny Tim become very close friends. Marley warns Scrooge that he will be visited by the three Ghosts of Christmas. Mr. Robert Johnson por¬ trays the Ghost of Christmas Present. The Cratchit family sits down to Christmas Eve dinner. Young Scrooge speaks to his childhood love. The Ghost of Christmas Past and Scrooge look back on his school days. ORCHESIS STEPS OUT AND STRUTS ITS STUFF Steppin’ Out, Niles West’s annual dance show, was presented on two separate occasions this year. Friday, February 6, and Saturday, February 7, were the two dates set aside for Orchesis to perform a culmination of different dances worked on during the year. There was a total of fifteen dances performed. The music ac¬ companying the dances presented a wide range of interests and ideas: Whip It by DEVO, The Concerto For Prime Time, and Cockatoo by Spyro Gyra to name a few. Other acts were The Ecstacy of Gold, On the Street Where You Live, Hot Lunch Jam, Wheatland, Mr. X, A Chorus Line, Bye Bye Love, Boss Talk, Rose Pizzicatto, Shaft, and West Side Story. The Finale of the show was a Cole Porter medley. On hand to assist the dance troupe was the Niles West Band directed by Charles Groeling. Junior Bonnie Kanter saw the show and comment¬ ed, “Overall the show was fine, but three or four of the numbers truly excelled.” 36 Steppin’ Out Clockwise: The kicking line is in full attendance with this year’s dance company. Junior Christine Tomasic poses in the Finale. Diana Lipsky, Chris Koclanis, Kim Gross, and Lilliana Mendez-Soto perform in the Concerto For Prime Time. Performing in Wheatland Jamie Zucker and Yvonne Johanson. One, two, three, arms and kick. Or- chesis members gracefully move to the music. The Finale of the show brings together all the dances for one last number. Steppin’ Out 37 GUYS AND DOLLS REHEARSE FOR SPRING PLAY U nder the direction of Robert Johnson, the cast of Guys and Dolls, consisting of 40 stu¬ dents, spent two and one-half months rehears¬ ing for this year’s spring musical. Students worked after school and on week¬ ends perfecting their singing, dancing and act¬ ing skills. Starring in lead roles this year were Allyson Harris portraying Sarah Brown, Dan¬ ny Blackman as Nathan Detroit and Marsha Bizanis as Adelaide. Nicely-Nicely Johnson was played by Michael Perlin, Benny South- street by Michael Schultz and Arvide Aber¬ nathy by Todd Stern. Clockwise: Marcia Bezanis practices her solo " Bushel and a Peck. " Bob Johnson says, " C’mon, girls, show us your " Itsyboo Faces. " Beth Silver- man, Mike Schultz and Todd Stern. Nick Forser gets his lines straight. Neil Tobin tries out his scarecrow routine. Bob Johnson and cast. Mike Perlin and Danny Blackman review their lines during rehearsal. Terry Grossberg contemplates his role. ■ . f AND RESULTS ADC A SMASHING SUCCESS Clockwise: Arvide (Todd Stern) com¬ forts Sarah Brown (Allyson Harris) with the song “More I Cannot Wish You”. “The Guys” shoot craps in the sewer. Adelaide and the Hot Box Girls. Sarah Brown slaps her suitor Sky Masterson (Terry Grossberg). Nathan Detroit (Dan Blackman) trys to con Sky, while Adelaide and Sarah discuss men. Nathan begs Adelaide for forgiveness. Left to right: Varsity cheerleader during their half-time routine. Marching band members during rehersal. S.A.B. members Kathy Kumkowski and Mary Pattison during the ice cream social. Orchestra member all strung out. All Together 4 A Capella Vivace Concert Choir Westones MUSIC DEPARTMENT IN TUNE V ivace, the girls singing group, is composed of girls in Concert Choir and selected girls from the rest of the school. They sing at all festivals and tours to Jr. Highs. Officers are Cindy Jui, Gloria Camilli, Lisa Tomleoni, and Fern Orlean. A group of singing dancers who meet once each week to learn music and choreography, Westones sings at Jr. Highs and on the music tour in the spring. Officers are Cindy Jiu, Steve Koek, Elissa Schwartz, and Chris Steele. Concert Choir is a select concert choral group which meets during the day and sings significant choral litera¬ ture such as the Vivaldi “Gloria” Officers are Cindy Jiu, Lisa Tomleoni, Beth Fry, and Laura Kulbersh. A Capella is a small group of people selected from Concert Choir who sings music “unaccompanied” as indicated by the term “A Capella”. Departmental ac¬ companists are Cindy Jiu and Ken Wishner. Front Row: R. Hsu, C. Schwartz, J. Gillan, F. Orlean, G. Camilli, L. Tomoleoni, E. Schwartz. Middle Row: L. Rosow, C. Roman, M. Be- zanis, A Kleiman, S. Vaughn, M. Albert, N. Feingold, C. Jiu, M. McGeary. Top Row: M. Moltz, L. Barron, M. Diamond, T. Stern, N. Forser, M. Perlin, S. Koek, C. Kulkulski, J. Young. Front Row: B. Silverman, B. Shedroff, I. Seller, B. Claver, M. Levant, R. Eischen, F. Orlean, G. Camilli, L. Tomoleoni, E. Schwartz. Middle Row: J. Gillan, R. Hsu, L. Rosow, C. Roman, C. Schwartz, A. Kleiman, S. Vaughn, J. Bonkoske, T. Stern, I. Streicher, N. Feingold, C. Jiu, C. Baffa, M. Geary, K. Rector. Top Row: M. Moltz, S. Strongin, L. Barron, C. Kulkulski, M. Bezanis, M. Diamond, S. Marmel, M. Schultz, M. Perlin, N. Forser, M. Albert, D. Rich, J. Young, D. Fickert, C. Kulkulski, J. Hacker, L. Kulbersh. 44 A Capella, Vivace Front Row: T. Uglinica, T. Stern, B. Silverman, G. Camilli, C. Jiu, L. Rosow. Middle Row: L. Kulbersh, M. Schulz, N. Feingolf, E. Schwartz, M. Albert, M. Bezanis. Top Row: A. Kleiman, S. Koek, M. Moltz. Front Row: J. Gillan, B. Silverman, B. Shedroff, I. Beller, F. Orlean, G. Camilli, L. Tomolioni, E. Schwartz. Middle Row: R. Hsu, L. Rosow, C. Roman, C. Schwartz, A. Kleiman, N. Feingold, C. Jiu, C. Baffa, M. McGeary, K. Rector. Top Row: M. Moltz, S. Strongin, L. Barron, C. Kulkulski, M. Bezanis, M. Diamond, D. Rich, J. Young, D. Fickert, C. Kulkulski, J. Hacker, L. Kulbersh. Concert Choir, Westones 45 Marching Band Concert Orchestra Jazz Band MUSICIANS KEEP THE RHYTHM U nder the direction of Dr. Charles Groeling and this year’s Band President, Terry Grossberg, the Interme¬ diate and Concert Bands combined to form this year’s Marching Band. They performed at football and basket¬ ball games, pep rallies, and many parades, along with the Holiday and May Festivals. The band had many fund raisers for their most exciting activity, their tour to New Orleans. The Niles West Orchestra provides instrumentalists the opportunity to learn orchestra and ensemble litera¬ ture, procedures and skills necessary to a career in symphonic performance. The 80-81 orchestra per¬ formed for a Community Fund Kick-Off Luncheon at Teletype Corp., Open House, The Holiday Festival, the State Solo and Ensemble Contest, and other concerts at West including the May Festival. Club officers includ¬ ed Amelia Bartholomew, President, Karen Lee, Vice-President, Christine Dina, Secretary, and Beth Handzel, Treasurer. The Niles West Jazz Band is a laboratory to help students study and learn jazz techniques. Students learn and play jazz music. Activities this year included rendering public services, performing several concerts, traveling, and participating in the annual Jazz Band Contest. The Jazz Band was sponsored this year by Dr. Charles Groeling. First Row: G. Hartzen, D. Lipsky, L. Kewith, G. Camilli, L. Kaufman, L. Kahn, A. Eselevsky, M. Friend, and R. Hirsch. Second Row: J. Kellman, L. Sidler, C. Zelinsky, R. Steiner, S. Rabin, V. Lee, A. Nutting, C. Rosenblum, M. Lashever, K. Chester, G. Bellos, T. Quillen, R. Sohn, and C. Barrington. Third Row: K. Pattison, J. Robins, B. Burdeen, J. Krozel, M. Viner, R. Lirtzman, T. Grossberg, S. Gomberg, L. Glick, C. Duchaj, M. Fox, C. Jiu, B. Hill, B. Schmidt, H. Kaplan, J. Shapiro, M. Shellist, C. Steele, A. Antman, and D. Kahn. Fourth Row: J. Ring, A. Russell, D. Aberg, P. Trefren, D. Wilm, K. Kiun, M. Cagen, R. Robbins, T. Parcelli, S. Delano, M. Parcelli, S. Rabin, B. Zabo, M. Levant, T. Jackson, J. Sucherman, J. Suess, W. Rolf, S. Robinson, E. Kravitz, S. Hartzen, N. Tobin, Dr. C. Groeling-Director, S. Koek, B. Murphy, R. Harles, and B. Alpern. 46 Marching Band - @ j ' ? ' J r ' • _ ' 7 ' .£ -♦i a Sdbi- !? ' » 7 ? ' z m Left to right: Marching Band rehearses. Mimi Fox practices her part for the May Festival. David Kahn dreams of becoming a great musi¬ cian. Jue Ra warms up with a scale. j J 1 1 " J Uu CL J N 1 X X mi i fiw ■Ki 1 E i H - _ i w 1 J - _ 1 m ri ■K Its ' Bottom Row: S. Kim, A. Bartolomew, C. Dina, K. Wishner, D. Wolner, S. Adam, x Adam. L. Hahn, J. Ra. Row 2: G. Bartolomew, N. Wegener, R. Lowe, K. Lee, T. Miesing, T. Russo, D. Bocek, E. Choi. Row 3: A. Akada, P. Bocek, S. Chwalisz, K. K ' Hian, E. Kim, L. Holst, C. Edman, T. Field, T. Bocek, C. Taldone, R. Erlebacher. Row ■ David, A. Paul, M. Friedman, T. Kaplan, F. Caulieres, G. Hartzen, D. Lipsky, M. Silverman. Row 5: J. Sachsner, J. Lautenschlager, K. Heldebrand, S. Yoo, K. Chester, M. Friend, R. Hirsch, J. Shapiro, H. Kaplan, L. St. Marie, B. Handzel, G. Abrahams, ast Row: R. Robbins, M. Parcelli, T. Grossberg, S. Hartzen, R. Harles, B. Alpern, B. ur Phy, B. Zabo, Mr. Ted Kaitchuck, S. Eriebacher, L. Jordan. Top Row: A. Russell, J. Krozel, B. Burdeen, T. Grossberg, M. Viner, S. Hartzen. Middle Row: G. Wilm, R. Robbins, B. Al pern, J. Woo¬ dier, B. Murphy, Mr. Bruce Egre (Student Teacher). Bottom: M. Bienas, M. Aberg, J. Ring, J. Sucherman, C. Duchaj, R. Steiner, J. Kellman, C. Zelinsky, M. Fox, and L. Sidler. Not Pictured: Bari Caplan. Concert Orchestra, Jazz Band 47 CLUBS ENCOURAGE PERFORMING ARTS Orchesis Ushers Club Technical Service Thespians T here is more to dancing than meets the eye, as this year’s Niles Orchesis Dance Company has discovered. Creativity and self expression through dance were among the goals of this year’s troupe. Dedicated me m¬ bers were busy several nights a week from September through May, pursuing the art of dance. Due to the increased interest in the club, Orchesis divided into senior and junior members. This gave more girls a chance to participate. Orchesis began their year with a jazz demonstration at Open House. This served as a stepping stone to the culmination of their hard work, their annual dance show “Steppin’ Out” in February. Afterwards they were occupied with dancing in benefits and at junior highs. The exciting year ended with the girls’ teaming up with the band and orchestra to travel to New Orleans for the annual tour. There, the company dazzled the crowds with their snappy steps while the band and orchestra accompanied them. President Yvonne Johanson, Vice-President Heather Joseph, Secretary Jamie Zucker, and Treasurer Joyce Chams, along with their highly talented sponsor, Ms. Gail Lukasik, helped organize the group to work to¬ gether and plan fund-raisers and other successful pro¬ jects. The Ushers Club is a service organization that assists in assuring the smooth operation of school productions. These friendly students take tickets, hand out pro¬ grams, and seat the audience. The ushers get to attend performances of plays, musicals, concerts, and other functions at Niles West. The club ' s sponsor is Miss Terese Klinger. The purpose of Technical Service Club is to train people in running the different aspects of technical the¬ atre. People are trained in order to give them exper¬ ience in running equipment such as lights, sound board, which they will operate during the shows. The club holds various fund-raisers and participates in the activi¬ ties of the Thespians. The club officers are Pam Wexler, Marc Small, and Lisa Tomleoni. The Niles West Thespians had a busy year this year. With the direction of Robert Johnson, Cynthia E. Philbin, and James Batts and tech direction of Harriet Ball and Roy Hine, the productions this year were extremely successful. The Thespians worked with all types of theatre this year: mystery, The Mousetrap; children’s theatre, A Christmas Carol; student-run vari¬ ety show, Pow-Wow; musical, Guys and Dolls; and dra¬ ma, A Glass Menagerie. For the first time in Niles West’s history, the faculty took to the stage also. In A Christ¬ mas Carol, students acted and constructed sets with the likes of: Coach Huff, Coach Burkel, Dr. Mannos, Mr. Golata, Dr. Groeling, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Hor- witz, Miss Stewarts, and Mr. Batts. Club officers are Todd Stern, Michal Ann Luncsford, Pam Wexler, and Sol Myers. Sponsor Gail Lukasik, Marla Wollerstein, Sue Rabin, Diana Lipsky, Shari Watts, Lee Litt, Linda Kurz, Dianne Johnson, Judy Koeler, Brenda Zellers, Amy Alpern, Left to right: Lori Knoblock, Lisa Beth Harwood, Robin Glassner, Linda Lampert, Rebecca Lotsoff, Margie Bothfeld, Betsy Gerstein, Jill Rappin, Betty Dasow, Val Brandt, DeAnne Black, Susan Kang, Michelle Had- Carol Coplan, Chris Koclanis, Kim Gross, Janet Miller, Jackie Bakshy, Karen don, Marci Firfer, Janice Gurvey, David Zemsky. Minkoff, Lilliana Mendez-Soto, Jamie Zucker, Yvonne Johanson, Heather Jo¬ seph, Joyce Chams, Marie Mameral, Christina Tomacic. 48 Orchesis, Ushers Club Top Row: Ian Striecher, Steve Rabin, Daniel Blackman, Mike Perlin, Steve Koek, Mike Albert, Sheldon Silverman, Mark Shellist, Seth Erelbacher, Marc Small, Mike Lanski, Mike Schwalis. Second Row: Janis Preyer, Mari Abera, Alyson Kleymon, Tarina Uglinica, Nancy Feingold, Karen Gaines, Cindy Baffa, Julie Stone, Cindy Jiu, Jenny Monmer, Bare Shedroff, Elisa Schmeder, Bruce Claver, Pete Treferen, Mike Shaftner, Third Row: Laura Rosow, Laura Kulbursh, Lisa Tomleoni, Linda Lampert, Alyson Harris. Sitting: Michalann Luncsford, Todd Stern, Pam Wexler, Sol Meyers, Beth Silverman. Technical Service, Thespians 49 Mike Chavalesz, Jenny Trefren, Sharon Zeff, Scott Levin, Mari Aberg, Bruce Claiver, Julie Stone, JoAnn Matz, Jenny Mayo, Seth Erlebacher, Pete Tre- fren, Mike Lansky, Laura Kulbersh, Barbara Shedroff, Lisa Schmetter, Paul Guerrero, Jenny Monnier, Lisa Tomleoni, and Sol Meyers. Medical Careers Club DECA Key Club T he real purpose of the Medical Careers Club is to encourage students of all levels to thoroughly explore all of the many possibilities available in the medical and health fields. Sponsored this year by the speech thera¬ pist, Mrs. Korol, the club had various medically related guest speakers, plus field trips to hospitals and nursing homes in the area. Occasionally, films about special areas of particular student medical interest were seen. The Club had four officers this year- Lynn Kagehiro as president, Jody Robbins as vice president, Robin Glassner as treasurer, and Paul Wilm as secretary. Students who enroll in DECA gain knowledge in the art of retailing. Participating in competition as a club allows the members to utilize the fundamentals ac¬ quired in the daily Distributive Education Class. One of the most important gifts that one human being can give to another is the gift of compassion. Because ours is an individualistic and competitive society, we sometimes ignore the needs of others. The Key Club FUTURE PLANS AND HELPING OTHERS FOCUSED program allows people to work with those less fortunate than themselves. By coming in contact with those who can’t walk, talk or see we realize how lucky we are. Key Club’s purpose is to help others, and in that pursuit the greatest satisfaction is found. This gift of caring will remain with club members for a long time. Key Club is meaningful because it represents idealism put into prac¬ tice. Key Club Activities Worked for Kiwanis Peanut Day; funds raised to aid underprivileged in community Volunteered at Glenkirk Center for Retarded Children Helped ar Lambs’ Farm (Community for retarded adults) Will can for Juvenile Diabetes Will be having Blood drives at both North and West Participate (as club) in Raquetball Marathon, to raise funds for North Shore Center for Retarded Lox Box used as fundraiser for Spastic Paralysis TOP LEFT: Lisa Harwood, Janice Gurvery, Toko Kodama, Allan TOP LEFT: Scott Samuels. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Graff, Nick Sklivagoi Sayan, Sue Kang. MIDDLE ROW: Rogin Glassner, Lynn Kagehiro, Jodi Mike Lande. FRONT ROW: Lisa Kutok. Robin. FRONT: Paul Wiln. 50 Medical Careers, DECA Varsity cheerleaders, football, .basketball Sophomore cheerleaders Freshmen cheerleaders Pom-pon girls PEP SQUADS PROMOTE SPIRIT w hether the Indians were on the warpath, or being scalped themselves, those enthusiastic and energetic pom-pon girls and cheerleaders were there to boost them on through the 1980-81 football and basketball seasons. The cheerleaders provided the moral support neces¬ sary to any athletic team effort. Their spirited yells and sensational mounts produced excitement to keep the crowd interested in even the most predictable game. For the varsity squads advice was offered by Miss Pat Wahlstrom. Mrs. Barbara Chausow and Mrs. Mar¬ ian Jaeschke lent their assistance to the sophomore and freshman squads. Halftime would not be half as enjoyable without the pom-pon girls performing one of their eye-opening, show stopping routines. The time and effort these girls put into daily practices was fully appreciated by fans at every pep assembly, football, and basketball competi¬ tion throughout the year. Guidance for the squad was given by Miss Sharon Corombos. Standing: Jamie Zucker, Michelle Dodd, Jane Heinz, Janet Weiss, Kris Youstra, Merilee Slipinka, Linda W eiss. Kneeling: Faith Martinez, Sue Dominic, Carol Coplan, Liz Kogen, Suzi Nakashima, Shari Finkle. Bottom: Suzi Nakashima, Michelle Dodd, Jamie Zucker, Sue Rod¬ gers, Marcy Friedman, Connie Leventis, Liz Kogen, Faith Martinez, Shari Finkel. 52 Varsity football and basketball cheerleaders Standing: Carol Savitt, Maureen Block, Mindie Gold, Karen Nolan, Nicky Kencos, Faith Amarantos, Jackie Loiacano. Middle: Anita Arrigo, Dee Jemc, Cindy Doppelt, Kim Lorres, Mary Ha, Yvette Stroesser. Kneeling: Janette Mason, Anjali Wadhwa, Nancy Tuzzo- lino, Julie Halap. Not pictured: Lauren Young, Lori Smolenski, Lori Eberle, Monika Hagg. Left to right: Pom-pon captains, Yvette Stroesser and Nancy Tuzzolino. Freshmen chant their sideline che ers. Sophomore cheerleaders get ready to perform. Jlie Scapadine, Devra Lipsky, Judy Bassilio, Stacy Munich, Caroline Kurito, Ellyn Friedman, Julie Albach, Jill Piper Pom-pon, sophomore freshmen cheerleaders 53 ARTS A ND ATHLETICS PROMOTE DIVERSE INTERESTS Photo Club Art Council Timers’ Club is a service organization which assists the officials at all home meets. The students kept lane times, worked the recall ropes, announced the events, worked the kyroscope, and kept score. The club is sponsored by Miss Geri Nash; its club officers included Michelle Dolce, President, Pam Smith, Vice-President, Linda Bernheim, Secretary, and Gretchen Edwards, Treasurer. N-Club prided itself in promoting the image of good sportsmanship, fellowship and school spirit. To be eligible for consideration by N-Club, athletes must earn their ma¬ jor “N”. Letters are awarded to outstanding athletes com¬ peting on the varsity level. Photo Club is a group of students who share the com¬ mon interest of taking and developing photographs. One of their most recent projects is a West-campus photo¬ mural for the Administrative wing of the school. Member Tom Weiss recalls, “The Photo Club gave me the chance to work in a darkroom for the first time and learn the process of developing pictures.” The club’s sponsor is Mr. Gary Davis. Art Council is a club which gives interested, art-oriented students time to express their creativity in a relaxed atmo¬ sphere. They engage in different activities, both socially and artistically stimulating. In the beginning a lone band of talented artists came together and formed Art Council. Together they raised money and visited art museums and participated in art-related projects. The purpose of Art Council is to stimulate the growth of art by the members. Kathi Pattason, Karen Hilderbrand, Michelle Dolce, Sue Gross, Linda Bernheim Left to right: Steve McManamon, Fred Fagenholz, Tim Christopoulos Bill Johnson, Bob Fouty, David Rubenstein, Art Zygman, Chris Mamaril Not pictured: club sponsor Mr. Emil Capitani. 54 Timers, N-Club Clockwise Tom Weiss Maria Leberis, Ross Erelbacher, Len Go, Bottom left to right: J. Horwitz, Brian Smith, Lisa Wright, Adele Rose, Laurie Kathy McDonald, Mr. Davis, Steve Erelbacher, Linda Terazackis Kahn, Janelle Emalfarb, Debbie Rose, Stella Kodunis. Top: Sug Wun, Joe Lee. Mr. Gary Davis, Club Sponsor. Photo Club, Art Council 55 PUBLICATIONS ENHANCE WEST Opus I West Word Spectrum O pus I, Niles West’s art and literary magazine is a medi¬ um for students to express themselves creatively. All Niles West students were encouraged to submit work. Opus I looked for a wide variety of entries and tried to appeal to all of Niles West’s students. Art entries included poems, short stories, and riddles. The best of the two categories, art and literature, were sent to a panel of judges for com¬ petition. The two winners were awarded a cash prize. Opus I was under the guidance of sponsor Mrs. Jeanne Denichs. The few minor changes in the club’s structure included an elected editor rather than an appointed one and a larger executive board. The club, itself, met every Thursday to review material submitted during the week. The club decided what would go into the magazine and designed the format. The magazine was distributed in April. Opus I staff encouraged all students to take ad¬ vantage of this opportunity to have their best works published as a part of school history. The 1980-81 West Word staff brought interesting, informative newsworthy events to Niles West through its biweekly publications. The staff, headed by Editor-in- Chief Ross Lirtzman, News Editor Rachel Heyman, Features Editor Debbie Weiss, Editorial Editor Monica Cohen, Sports Editor Cindy Doppelt, and Photogra¬ phy Editor Steve Rabin, captured the headlines as they occurred and reported them with precise, accurate details. Consisting of a small yet able staff of hard¬ hitting, tough-nosed reporters and photographers, this year’s newspaper covered everything from important curriculum changes to personal profiles of West stu¬ dents with unique hobbies or jobs. The abundant Spectrum staff worked diligently to creatively cover all aspects of Niles West. Led by Editor Monica Cohen, Assistant Editor Jodi Sone, Photo Editor Len Go, section editors: Tracey Miller, Lisa Sidler, Mark Witt, Gary Witz, Cheryl Tobin, Lisa Russell, and Marilyn Moltz, the entire yearbook staff worked together as a team. With daily meetings 9th period in room 103, Spectrum successfully displayed our school in a bright, original fashion. Top Row: D. Monnier, N. Tobin, A. Rose, L. Holst, R. Michaels, K. Goldstein, L. Barron. Center: K. Gains Bottom: M. Glick, K. Kilian. Top: M. Cohen, T. Miller, H. Verity, I. Streicher, M. Cautrecassas. Middle: B. Moss, R. Heyman, D. Weiss, C. Doppelt. Bottom: E. Odyn- eic, J. Stone, S. Rabin. Not pictured: R. Lirtzman, M. Lippee. 56 Opus I, West Word Tracey Miller writes a letter to the WestWord. West Word editor Ross Lirtzman, reads a letter from Mike Royko. K. Goldstein and L, Barron think up some creative logos for their posters. J. Stone says, “Smile, you’re on candid camera!” Spectrum 57 Top Row: C. Kukulski, R. De Filippis, S. Maslov, R. Schwartz, M. Moltz, L. Russell, M. Leberis, D. Varnavas, T. Weiss, M. Sathy, A. Zemsky, M. Holler, G. Abrahams, S. Goldman, L. Sidler Middle: G. Witz, A. Graham, H Verity, L. Gerstein, L. Kahn, M. Cautrecasas, B. Shartiag, C. Koclanis. Bernstein, T. Weitzman, L. Friedman, B. Weinstein, B. Hill, D. Terrazas, T. Miller, C. Tobin, R. Neumann, C. Doppelt, J. Orr. Bottom M. Cohen, G. Arenson, M. Witt. J. Stone, L. Go, A. Therios, F. Tajak, G. Therios. (not pictured: P. Friedman, C. Long. V. Pappas, A. Shapiro, A. Bartholomew, and A. Weiss) Senior Leaders Junior Leaders SophOTnofe Leaders STUDENTS DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN P.E. PROGRAM Leaders is a unique program that helps develop the leadership skills of its sophomore, junior and senior participants. Girls applied for entrance in the leaders program as freshmen, and now meet 6th period for training in various areas. These girls assist teachers in their P.E. classes and help students with different activi¬ ties. Says sponsor Lee Heren, “Leaders helps train girls to be better leaders, and to find enjoyment in P.E. class.” Senior Cindy Doppelt feels that the leaders program is “a great way to develop leadership qualities by having the responsibility of helping your peers.” Senior Nancy Tuzzalino likes being a leader beacuse “you meet alot of people you might not have had a chance to know. I just wish more people would get involved in the program.” SENIORS Seniors Top: N. Tuzzolino, D. Anderson, M. Helgeson, K. LeHew, D. Bottom: D. Edwards, J. Heinz, G. Piper, H. Andersen, L. Zelichman, V. Mayhan, C. Michaels, D. Tripicchio, M. Reifenberg, and T. Terpinas. Shandling, and R. Goppert. (not pictured: C. Doppelt.) 58 Leaders JUNIORS: Top: S. Rogers, L. Marinakis, K. Buczak, A. Hellestrae, D. Gas- s el. V. Heller. Middle: N. Kencos.J. Reljac, D. Rich, S. Nakashima, J. Moshak, B. Oliff, C. Koclanis, K. Hirschauer, J. Weiss, and M. Jaskolka. Bottom: I. Rock, L. Fair, C. Youstra, K. Porcaro, M. Holler, B. Schnell, J. Banathy, M. Luncsford, P. Wei, K. Hendley, L. Weiss, and J. Price. SOPHOMORES: Top: H. Gabriel, B. Weinstein, V. Pappas JR. J. Zeinfeld JR. L. Torch, P. Doles, K. Sanders, H. Ross, S. Plonus, L. Paustian JR. Middle: D. Larson, T. Venetos, P. Milewski, K. Hedberg, D. Doppelt (JR), R. Rawe (JR) S. Klemm JR. L. Fleck, B. Gerstein, S. Mahan, L. Dethloff (JR) Bottom: M. Iskamdar, A. Varon, L. Singer, G. Masterton, J. Martini, L. Chi, C. Eberhardt, A. Cattern, and B. Buckley (JR) Leaders 59 D. Anderson and T. Terpinas are real swingers! Debbie Rich concen¬ trates on her next move. Chris Conton gets in position to hit the ap¬ proaching ball. Two leaders smile pretty for the photographer. Student Activities Board Student Representative Assembly American Field Scholar National Honor Society STUDENTS MEET GOALS AND INCREASE LEADERSHIP T he Student Activities Board organizes school and so¬ cial activities for the entire Niles West student body. A few of the events they sponsored this year were the twilight pep rally, the ice cream social, and the Homecoming Dance. The sponsor of SAB was Larry Erickson and the club officers were Abby Ginsburg, President, Jody Mar- golis, Vice-President, Vicki Shandling, Secretary, Jodie Silverstein, Treasurer, and Tammy Liametz, Publicity. The Student Representative Assembly is an organiza¬ tion which does exactly what its name says. The group acts as an intermediary between the students and the school board. SRA is the only all student government in Niles West and is sponsored by Gerald Boevers. The major goal of AFS is to raise money for scholarships and to assist in the participation of study abroad. This year five foreign exchange students were hosted: Navine Fouad from Egypt, Niklas Forser from Sweden, Miriam Cuatrecasas from Spain, Norbert Meyer from Germany and Helen Verity from New Zealand. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to render service to the students, the school, and the community. Projects undertaken in ’80-’81 to help realize this goal were: a school-wide holiday toy drive to benefit needy children, visits by members to hospitals and senior citi¬ zens’ homes, and a contribution of money and time which resulted in a gift to the school. Top: T. Liametz, L. Stein, L. Kerz, M. Pattison, V. Shandling, B. Grow¬ ing, J. Wainer, T. Tamaraz, J. Silverstein, R. Harris. Middle: C. Coplan, M. Halap, J. Berman, K. Kumkowski, A. Shapiro, Mary Ha, Martha Ha, L. McKeon, S. Arkules, L. Weinberg. Bottom: J. Margolis, A. Ginsburg, S. Schneider, S. Rich, R. Goldstein, A. Mugrditchian, S. Poulakidas, L. Feldman, A. Alpern, C. Doppelt. Top: Steve Erlebacher, Ross Erlebacher, Valerie Browne, Judy Levine, Jc Valento, Cary Kochman, Heidi Weitmann, Helen Verity, Miriam Silverman Fern Chasin, Rose Seiler, Steve Winkler. Middle: Ricky Aronson, Mike Sathy Matt Samuelson, Matt Ben-Zeev, Matt Goren, Chuck Goldberg, Randef Jemcs, Ed Borak. Sitting: Diann Doppelt, Anita Charous, Frank Miller, Les Marinakis, Ruth Ravve, Lee Litt, Mary Clarke. Above: Foriegn exchange student Helen Verity speaks at the AFS dinner. Abby Ginsburg, Jody Margolis, Vicky Shandling, Jodi Silverstein, and Tammy Liametz — the masterminds behind SAB. Lee Lift, Mr. Boevers, and Mary Clarke keep the SRA meeting under control. nr ? a Top: M. Albert, Miss Carr, N. Forser, M. Kong, S. Kin, W. Smason, R. Choe, D. Rich, L. Sidler, R. Abelkis, K. Abelkis, A. Zemsky, Mr. Mustari. Middle: R. Seiler, H. Verity, J. Cohen, M. Cuatrecasas, M. Gintck, B. Oliff, B. Weinstein, K. Gaines, D. Kahn, L. Horiuchi, C. Steele, J. Horwitz, K. Hendley. Bottom: M. Memhardt, M. Lichter, J. Eisenberg, T. Miller, D. Zemsky, S. Koudounis. Sitting: C. Barrington, D. Lipsky. Top Row: J. Heinz, D. Anderson, A. Eselevsky, T. Stern, P. Wexler, J. Shapiro, R. Harris, A. Gunther, M. Viner, C. Jiu (Secretary). Middle Row: Mr. Weidl, V. Wu, D. Erickson, S. Murphy, S. Gilbert, L. Zelickman, R. Seiler, L. Becker, H. Khan, R. Hsu, L. Barron. Bottom Row: M. Zissman (President), S. Pang, E. Mitchell, D. Masters, R. Wendt, L. Kahn, S. Mishima, M. Kong, V. Malewski, L. Woodier. Not Pictured: A. Bartholomew (Treasurer), L. Berk- son, M. Brenner, J. Chams, K. Chester (Vice President), P. Friedman, S. Hartzen, R. Heyman, Z. Hurtado, J. Iskender, B. Kaplan, J. Koehler, H. Korey, A. Mann, L. Perlman, A. Shapiro, M. Silverman, T. Tatooles, N. Tuzzilino, D. Weiss, H. Weitmann. Forums Debate Forensics P.A Announcers FACETS OF SPEECH EMPHASIZED IN DIVERSE ACTIVITIES P eriodically throughout the year, the normal day for the students of Niles West was interrupted. This break was to go see a person or persons give a speech to the students on various topics. These interesting speakers were brought to the students by Forums. What is Forums, you ask? As English teacher Thomas McMahon put it, “Forums is a program designed to complement the academic curriculum by provid¬ ing challenging speakers and opportunities for stimulating discussion in the areas of the arts, politics, sports, and public affairs.” In the past, Forums has had many interesting speak¬ ers including; Mrs. George Bush, Richard Daley, and former Cub pitcher Ken Holtzman. On November 27, Forums had a presentation called “Inside Skiing”. A representative from Spoke and Ski shop in Skokie presented a film about a group of teenagers who had never skied before and their exper¬ iences while learning how to ski. Forums hopes to present such interesting and varied topics in the future as they have in the past. Debate is a two-person activity stressing argumentation and presentation on a variety of issues. This year’s National High School Debate topic was: “Resolved: That the Federal Government should initiate and enforce safety guarantees on consumer goods.” Two-man teams argued both the pro and con sides of this statement throughout the year at tourna¬ ments involving 10 to 100 schools. The local competition in the northern Illinois suburban area was thought to be one of the toughest in the country. Keeping this in mind, the Niles West Debate Team operat¬ ed in full force for its second year under the direction of Lorelei Pettigrew, an alumnus of Northwestern University and a previous high school and collegiate debater. After several successes last year at the novice level, the team members are experiencing the challenge of varsity level com¬ petition. Through 1980 the Niles West squad has attended seven tournaments, including Glenbrook South High School and Northwestern University Invatational, at which they com¬ peted against teams from around the country. At least seven more tournaments were battled in 1981, culminating in the National Forensics League Sectionals in March. Julia Bienias was the President of the Niles West Debate Team. Forensics is an interscholastic speech club which was reac¬ tivated for the year 1980-81. Our students participated in tournaments throughout the northern section of Illinois. There are many different competitive events such as: radio speaking, the reading of poe try, and humorous or dramatic cuttings from plays. Forensics is open to any Niles West student who has an interest in theatre, communications, or sportscasting. The sponsor of the club was Arnold Agnos. Good morning, today is ... Every morning during homeroom, Junior MaryAnn Ken- motsu and Senior Karen Klemens, attempted to entertain and inform fellow students. They brought us daily news events of the school’s triumphs and defeats, as well as warn¬ ings from the deans and messages of caution or congratula¬ tions from other administrators. Mr. McMahon, George Travlos Left to right: Ricky Aronson, Lori Holst, Mark Jacobs, and Frank Miller. German Club Spanish Club Science Club Math Team T he German Club enhances and promotes the learn¬ ing of German by exposing students to German culture in a concrete way: visits this year included a trip to German stores and restaurants, and a field trip to Ger¬ man Town, Chicago. German Club experienced a Ger¬ man Christmas party. There were 50 members in the club, and are still “DIE BESTEN’’. The Club was spon¬ sored by Mr. Brink and Miss Beck. The president of the club was Kurt Lemke, Vice-President Pheodora Liou, Treasurer, Nancy Gussin, and Secretary, Tina Venetas. The Spanish Club was a new club at Niles West this 1980-1981 school year, and they planned many differ¬ ent activities. The most outstanding, perhaps, was the planning and taking of a study trip to Mexico for the students at Niles West and the students at Niles North. In order to defray the cost of the trips to the students, many fund raising activities were carried out between fall and spring. The students met every two weeks and they had refreshments at their meetings. Constructing a " pifiata” was a December activity. The “pifiatas” were broken at a party for the club before winter vacations. The sponsor of the club was Mrs. Herminia Lopez, born in Chile, transferred from Niles East where there was a successful Spanish Club in existence for a long time. Club officers included: Margarita Santalier, EXPRESSION TAKES MANY FORMS President, Giselle La Borde, Vice President, Eliza¬ beth Travis, Secretary, and Lettie Vargas, Treasurer. The beginning of the ’80-’81 school-year marked the beginning of one of Niles West’s newest clubs, Science- Fiction and Fantasy Club. It was formed originally for the exchange of S-F-F books, music, art, etc. Through the year, it began to take on additional purposes. The game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and the creation of the club’s own ‘world’ were just a few innovations. The club also considered establishing a book club, using Niles East’s S-F-F collection, donations, and books bought by the club members, who would be able to ‘check out’ the books for a period of time. The club’s 20+ members planned to attend conven¬ tions, see plays, and or movies and work out D and D competitions. They also considered a S-F-F news letter. This new club was sponsored by Mr. Stan Jones and some of its members included, Karin Goldstein, Presi¬ dent, Sharon Murphy, Vice President, and Mitch Git- telman, Secretary. The Niles West Math Team excelled this year, placing high in several mathematical competitions, including the North Surburban Math League, the Illinois Math League, the Atlantic-Pacific Math League, the Illinois State Math Tournament, and the Annual National Math Contest. The team members enjoyed pitting their intu¬ ition, skill, knowledge and creativity against other stu¬ dents from around the state and country in solving challenging math problems. Math team members found this pursuit stimulating, instructive and most of all, fun. The Math Team officers this year were Steve Pang, President, Frank Miller, Vice-President, Karen Lee, Secretary, and David Erickson, Treasurer. a a r eft to right: Dan Citron, Donna Lee, Chris Herkert, Carolyn Weiser, Sue Strongin, hris Tomacic, Lisa Kaufman. Middle: Mr. Brink, Brad Joslett, Dave Erickson, Humara kahn, Stella Koudonis, Karen Sachs, Pam Wexler, Miss Beck, David Chester. Bottom: iff Ring, Kurt Lemke, Nancy Gussin, Harvey Limpin. Left to Right: Lesley Lee, Desiree belkis, Helena Gabriel, Houri Gaikeyen, Sonia Herkert, Korine Valehous, Kurt Lemke, ue Krause, Lynn Reinhart, Chrisante Mak, Rose McGuire, Jenee Kaufman, and Sue ang. Top row: Karen Venson, Karen Hedberg, Damian Moshak, Linda Horiuchi, Judy Price, Diann Doppelt, Fernanda Caullieres, Nancy Barraza, and Bar¬ bara Shedroff. Middle row: Dale Larson, Jue Ra, Sandy Ramon, Mile Corey, Mike Sathy, Frank Miller, Lilliana Mendez-Soto, Miriam Cuatrecasas, Wendy Smason, and Laura Anderson. Bottom row: Jill Chertow, Steve Korol, Steve Miller, Jeff Deer, Alan Glick, Adrianna Alcalde, and Alan Zemsky. 64 German, Spanish Left: Mitch Gittleman and Evan Kieveberg read an exciting science fiction book. Below: Karin Goldstein and Kathy Kilian smile pretty for a Spectrum photographer. sssss; sstsssss Computer Club Chess Club Ecology Club Aeronautics T he Computer Club develops knowledge of, and exper¬ iences with computer systems. Activities this year of the Niles West Computer Club included: Open House- the members of the Computer Club prepared a display for parents. The programs on display were classic interactive programs. These programs included Ron Steiner’s Mas¬ termind program and Gary Kremen’s Moonlander pro¬ gram. Science Fair- Computer Club’s display for the Sci¬ ence Fair contained all of the programs from the Open House plus several others. Large crowds of students and parents were attracted to this display. Computer Contest- the Niles West Computer Club team competed against other schools Independent Projects- The two main in¬ dependent projects were both done on micro-computers. Mitch Kite wrote several business programs. Gary Kre- men devised several statistical programs and a program that computes pi. This year’s Computer Club, sponsored by Mr. Stanley Weitzenfeld, has been among the most successful in many years due to new leadership and new initiative. Some members included Gary Kremen, Presi¬ dent, Mitch Kite, Vice-President, Ron Steiner, Secre¬ tary, and Bob Marmelstein, Treasurer. The Niles West Chess Club is a member of the North Surburban Chess League and play matches with other high schools such as Niles North, Maine West, and High¬ land Park. There are two divisions, North and South. Every year the team plays in the Illinois State Chess Tournament, held in 1980 at Waubonsee Junior College near Aurora. Niles West finished near the middle of the standings with about a fifty fifty rating. The state tournament requires eight men on a team, while the league uses five players on a squad. Members this year included: Steve Bychowski, Carlos Fahdel, Dan Aberg, Jay Zeff, Neal Ratner, Todd Kaplan, and Steve Pang. Starved Rock, and Wolf Road Prairie are several of the nature areas that the Niles West Ecology Club visited in the past several years. On these trips they attempted to note plants and those animals that can only live in these specialized areas. The club has been helpful in the begin¬ nings and development of Niles West’s own restored prai¬ rie by gathering, preparing seed, and weeding as well as planting greenhouse-grown seedlings. Under the leader¬ ship of sponsor Mr. G. Firak, the club has had a success¬ ful year. The Aeronautics Club is one of the oldest organizations at Niles West. Its primary aim is to provide interested students with a chance to design, build and fly model aircraft and rockets. The club alternates between air¬ planes and rockets depending on the season. In the fall, airplanes were flown; the winter is spent flying rockets, and building or repairing airplanes for spring use. Several group projects such as a 9 ft. long rocket and an 8 ft. dirigible have been built and flown. The club sponsored a balloon race last year to raise money for these projects. The club was sponsored by Mr. Wayne Rogoski and club officers included David Schwarz, President, Aron Fein- berg, Vice-President, Secretary-T reasurer, Elliot Kravetz. Mr. Stanley Weitzenfeld, Mitch Kite, Gary Kremen, Kurt Lemke, Steve Pang, Toko Kodoma, Ron Steiner, and Bob Marmelstein. Top Row: Pernendu Gupta, Dan Kerstein, Dan Aberg, Hyo No, Bottom Row: Neil Ratner, Munchul Jung, Spencer Stern, Not pictured, Todd Kaplan. 66 Chess, Computer r » 1449 Above: Spencer Stern concentrates on his next move. Mohammed Shariff checks over his rocket before getting ready to launch it. i Ecology, Aeronautics 67 Chris Duda, Mr. G. R. Firak, Rich Simon, Pat Duda, Pete Trefren and Bob Hoermann. Top Row: Mr. Wayne Rogowski, Steve Marmel, Chris Shakallis, Elliot Kravetz, John Lee, Barry Levin Bottom Row: Mohammed Shariff, Aaron Feinberg, and Dave Schwarz. 68 Winners WINNERS Winners 69 70 Varsity Football Peterson, M. Froeming, C. Huff, S. Goldfissh, R. Zenner, R. Firfir, D. Lewan- dowski, M. Figuerelli, B. Bordenet 4th row: S. Park, S. Greenberg, S. Hirsch, D. Keller, M. Cortez, M. Pomerantz, M. Killian, A. Glick, J. Bordenet, K. Liano, P. Rooth, K. Mueller, A. Keller, D. Zucker mgr. 5th row: P. Katzowski, N. Rowe, P. Shemroske, J. Peperas, A. Berkley, B. Elliot, P. Rollick, R. Boyce, S. Swartz, T. Hester, A. Levy, Blank, S. Malin BLUE MEETS RED F or 20 years, teams from East and teams from West have met. The two teams once again met this season; the imminent unification was finally realized. An aura of un¬ certainty preluded every aspect of the pre-season preparation. It seemed that the team itself was the only group of people who never doubted that the blending would be successful. Any doubts were quickly dispelled by three come from behind victories in the first three games. The Indians defeated Maine West, Glenbrook North, and Waukegan West, before a disas¬ trous performance led to a thump¬ ing by 1 ranked New Trier East. The Indians rebounded with two successful efforts against highly re¬ garded Oak Forrest and Maine South. It seemed fate paid back the Indians for defeating Maine South at their homecoming by being handed a loss to Deerfield at our own homecoming. The Indians then took the road to near Cham- paign-Urbana. There they encoun¬ tered Rantoul, “the parade of Cen¬ tral Illinois”, and left victor¬ ious. The season ended on a sour note with a loss to Evanston. Over¬ all the team finished with a 7-3 re¬ cord in the toughest conference in the state, the Central Suburban League North. By Bill Johnson Top row: G. Udell, S. Kamajian, C. Wheeler, S. Yates, T. Palenske, F. Fagenholz, K. Sail, J. Kostoglanis, L. Blanco, B. Fouty, S. Ridley, P. Rempas, B. Cederholm, B. Sandlow, 2nd row: J. Vick, P. Wenegerski, B. Swerdlow, E. Cholewa, B. Johnson, S. McMahamom, J. Coursey, M. Brabec, T. Gorham, T. Kostoglanis, G. Travlos, Coach Murphy, Coach Fred 3rd row: Coach Huff, Coach Richardson, D. Thomason, S. Milewski, D. Gekas, E. Nitsche, B. Facing page: The offensive line prepares to open a huge hole. I’d rather be playing. It’s up and good. J. Kostoglanis shows he can run with the ball too. The coaching staff ponders the action. SCOREBOARD NW 20 Maine West 6 NW 20 Glenbrook N 14 NW 14 Waukegan W 2 NW 3 New Trier E 41 NW 7 Oak Forrest 0 NW 21 Maine South 0 NW New Trier W fft. NW 14 Rantoul 0 NW 6 Deerfield 20 NW 12 Evanston 25 Varsity Football 71 TACKLERS MAKE PROGRESS Coach McCarrell felt players trom East and West greatly helped the team this season. The record was not very good, but he did see progress. An example was the last game against powerhouse Evan¬ ston. The Indians held the lead until the final seconds, when they were finally scored upon. Key players were J. Coursey, K. LeComte, and M. Dahm. Clockwise: Tackle! Indians in action, ream huddle. Team members getting eady for the big play. Charge! Coach Sku- aan aives the team a pep talk. Front Row: J. Okamura, R. Rodgers, T. Grammatis, T. Avella, R. Flood. 2nd Row: D. Risoff, J. Baffa, P. Jacobson, R. Campinni, T. Tripichio, D. Shane. 3rd Row: R. Chams, S. Erickson, R. Arledger, T. Somenek, J. Koudounis, C. Coloian. Top: Coach George Bauer, Coach Mike Skuban. Frosh A B Football 73 : ront Row: J. Wrzala, J. Rodgers, R. Goldburg, D. Lisco. M. Grujanic, L. Argarakis. 2nd Row: D. rambis, J. Kotsiopoulis, D. Vishny, M. Rosen, J. Dethlof, A. Braje. 3rd Row: D. Rappin, arn . tatsoulis, A. Gerszonovic, S. Wallace. M. Greenberg. 4th Row: S. Levin, R. Koznarski, R. Kowalski, Jarocz, A. Much, R. Bauer. 5th Row: Coach Elmererbe, R. Long, R. Rosas. VARSITY KICKERS PLAY HARD; JV MOVES ON T he varsity team started the sea¬ son with very high hopes. Both the Jrs. and Srs. were undefeated as Freshmen. Now with one year of varsity experience under their belts, the two highly talented classes unit¬ ed as one team. The season got off to a good start with a 4-0 romp over Catholic League Champ Gor¬ don Tech. Conference seemed to be a cake walk as the strong Indian team out passed and shut out ev¬ eryone, until the final conference game against Maine South. The In¬ dians saw their early lead fade with sun and a late effort was negated by a direct kick in the near dark¬ ness. Fortunately, Maine South’s record was slightly tarnished with two ties, so the Indian kickers shared the conference champion¬ ship with them. However, the team did not fare as well in non¬ conference play. For some reason the kickers could not maintain the intensity and discipline to sustain their potent short passing game. This inconsistency led to a 5-4-1 mark in non-conference play as op¬ posed to an outstanding 4-1 record in more difficult conference ac¬ tion. The Indians had set their sights on making the finals of the state tournament but that dream ended all too soon in the final game of the subsectional round. The kickers beat sister school Niles North in the first game of the tour¬ nament, but the trip to Evanston turned out to be the last game of the season. The Indians had man¬ aged to blank the Wildkits 2-0 in their first encounter. A fourth quar¬ ter flurry wasn’t enough to over¬ come Evanston’s earlier scores. The 2-1 loss bumped the Indians from the tournament and gave them a 10-5-1 record for the sea¬ son. The J.V. soccer team fin¬ ished the season with a 4-6-2 re¬ cord. Although there were no out¬ standing individuals, it is hoped that many of the players will move up to varsity next year. ' a A h( % T }| 1 JL )( 4 Top Row: Coach Schnurr, Tony Reinhardt, Mark Witt, Errol Oztekin, Roger Wendt, Leo Moritz, Nick Forcer, Will Clark, Coach Brennan. Middle Row: Ricky Murgas, Mike Haupers, Scott Margo¬ lin, Dave Adkisson, Mark Sternberg, Tony Tatooles, Joe Smolenski. Bottom Row: Ben Piro, Ma Marco Calderon, Dave Weindling, Bob Strauss, Aaron Melnick, John Lochner, Gus Kadota. 74 Varsity Soccer N.W. 4 Gordon Tech 0 N.W. 2 Glenbrook N. 2 N.W. 4 Waukegan W. 0 N.W. 2 New Trier E. 0 N.W. 3 Highland Pk. 2 N.W. 0 Loyola 1 N.W. 2 Evanston 0 N.W. 3 Maine S. 4 N.W. 4 Maine W. 0 N.W. 2 Glenbrook S. 0 N.W. 0 Gordon Tech 3 N.W. 2 Stevenson 3 N.W. 2 Niles N. 1 N.W. 1 Evanston 2 Below clockwise: The team gets psyched for the game. Team exhuberant after scoring a goal. Right Clockwise: Mike Haupers dances down the field. Tony Reinhardt crossing the ball. Ricky Murgas charging after the ball. J. V. Soccer 75 Top Row: John Bradley, Brett Schulty, Mark Overman, Rich Abelcis, Kai Abelgus. Middle: Todd Kasik, Dean Horike, Sammy LoBou, Dave Rapaport, Steve Ferdman, Jeff Wexler, Coach Schnurr. Bottom: Mark Jacobson, Arie Goldenstein, Tom Ciscowski, Val Siboni, Peter Manaros, Aye Kung. ' -v - ; ENTHUSIASM REMAINS THROUGH DISAPPOINTING SEASON P roblems led the Sophomore Soccer Team to a disappointing 1- 13-1 record for the 1980 season. Unfortunately, they had to forfeit many of their games due to techni¬ calities. These setbacks didn’t stop the team’s enthusiasm. Coach Zorn saw a great deal of improve¬ ment in the team’s passing skills. Alex Engels, George Hurtado, and Stephan Harris were out¬ standing players. Both Freshmen teams had aver¬ age seasons. The players learned basic skills from “A” Coach Porter and “B” Coach Klebba. Both had a strong defense, but lacked speed. Notable “A” team players were B. Margolin and A. Straub. Prominent “B” team players were R. Meyer and R. Erlebacher. Top Row: Coach Zorn, Joel Fink, Jae Cheng, Jeff Nimz, David Cedeno, Paul Greenspan, Brad Joselit, Van Stamos, Steve Dorfman, Neil Lieder, Jorge Hurtado, Steve Ubrig, Middle Row: Jeff Deer, Marc Lipkin, Jan Nedic, Steve Majewski, Keith Hirata, Steve Straton, Stephan Harris, Mike Gentile, Bill Kruzel, Mike Wilson, Steve Miller, Bottom Row: Greg Ponitch, John Murray, Gary Goldenberg, Glen Guttman, Marc Shellist, Mike Irpino. Alex Engels. Jim Nader. Clockwise from upper right: Phil Davis keeps his eye on the ball. Barry Margolin shows how coordinated he is by standing on one foot. Barry Margolin “hot-dog¬ ging” it as opponents rush towards him. Left to right: Phil Davis races to block a goal. A West defender steals the ball. 76 Sophomore Soccer Top Row: Coach Porter, T. Konsewicz, Y. Kim, B. Terpinas, A. Pandazi, C. Tavoularis, P. Moy, J. Lund, B. Straub, Blank, Blank. Bottom Row: B. Numrich, W. Schultz, D. Hahn, M. Weindling, B. Margolin, P. Davis, T. Horan, S. Yoo. Top Row: Coach Klebba, S. Erlebacher, J. Horike, A. Goldner, F. Bojic, R. Erlebacher, K. Carlesen, K. Lofland, T. Gut, M. Travlos, E. Gursch. Bottom Row: N. Akhter, G. Tzlaravaras, S. Gomberg, G. Anast, S. Bjorklund, R. Meyer, R. Pitti, P. Trbovic, M. Cohen. Freshmen Soccer 77 Top: Coach Galla, R. Hill, F. Horvath, M. Falleroni, T. Rivkin, P. Joseph, E. Evaristo, T. Weiss, Coach Hoeppner. Bottom: R. Chapman, M. Jacobs, R. Moreton, T. Gibens, M. Platt. SWING TOWN Coach Hoeppner was very pleased with the varsity golf squad. The overall record for the team was 3 wins and 8 losses, but as Hoeppner commented, “At least we didn’t get skunked!” Senior Rob Chapman consistently scored low, and made it to sections. One pleasant surprise was sophomore Peter Joseph, who made the district meet. The highlight of the season was the defeat of Deer¬ field, the conference champions. Since many juniors are returning, the outlook is bright for next year. The frosh-soph team also scored a few victories. One golfer humorously came up with a motto about his play: “It was easier to replace the turf than to returf the place!” Coach Galla was very happy with the improvement of sophomore Mark Fallaroni. Both squads hope for continued success next year. 78 Golf Left: R. Chapman chips onto the 18th green. R. Moreton can’t believe he hit that caddy. Right: T. Rivkin closes in on an¬ other birdie. M. Platt hits a long drive. “Why did they plant it there?” R. Chapman gives himself a pat on the back. E. Evaristo goes over troubled water. M. Esposito lines up a putt. NW 178 Buffalo Grove 172 NW 178 Notre Dame 158 NW 172 Maine North 174 NW 163 Deerfield 167 NW 188 Waukegan West 173 NW 177 Niles North 174 NW 179 Maine East 164 NW 391 Conant Inv. 340 NW 164 Maine South 155 NW 173 Evanston 153 NW 359 Lk. Forest Inv. 315 NW 173 St. Viator 157 Golf 79 COACHES SPARK STRONG COMPETITION X he 1980 Girls’ Tennis Team start¬ ed the season with a new coach. Ms. Matlak, and a solid win over Maine East. Barb Parks and Chris Conton led the way to a fourth place team finish in the Crystal Lake Invitational by placing second in a strong field of competitors. Varsity came in third in conference led by Lisa Cohan and co-captain, Margie Kong, who each placed second in their respective sec¬ ond and first singles position. Jr. Var¬ sity co-captain, Judy Koehler and her partner, Jamie Berg also had a strong showing in conference. The team ended the season with an excel¬ lent fourth place finish in the toughest district in the state with the help of Mr. Krone, and Mr. Winans, in addi¬ tion to Coach Matlak. Overall both Varsity and Jr. Varsity finished the season with winning records — a re¬ sult of the hard work and team spirit of the players and Jr. Varsity coach Mrs. Schultz. Top row: Barb Parks, Debbie Rich, Betsy Kraft Middle row: Chris Conton, Vicki Pappas. Debbie Lasar. Sitting: Lisa Cohan, Edie Goldstein, Margie Kong. NW 5 Maine East 2 NW 7 Waukegan East 0 NW 0 Deerfield 7 NW 4 Palatine 3 NW 1 New Trier East 6 NW 6 Waukegan West 1 NW 7 Ridgewood 0 NW 4 Maine West 3 NW 2 Evanston 5 NW 4 Maine South 3 NW 2 Glenbrook North 5 80 Girls’ Tennis Clockwise: Chris Conton returns the ball. Margie Kong follows through on her swing. Keep your eyes on the ball. Debbie Lasar concentrates on her game. Senior Edie Goldstein. Ir JkL 1 J A t WKfjym • lb fcPL l Top row: Mrs. Schultz, Judy Koehler, Mary Clarke, Barbara Parks, Betsy Kraft, Debbie Rich, Vicki Pa Ppas, Margie Kong, Coach Matlak. Middle row: Ellen Havdalah, Lisa Shapiro, Carol Clarke, Debbie Havdalah, Lisa Cohan, Edie Goldstein, Debbie Lasar. Bottom row: Betsy Gerstein, Jamie Derg, Chris Conton, Jonelle Emalfarb, Helene Heman, Angie Baron. Sitting: Tracy Feldman, Karen Bernstein. Girls’ Tennis 81 RETURNING PLAYERS LEAD TEAM TO SUCCESS T he Niles West tennis team had a highly successful season in ' 81. Re¬ turning varsity players Rob Chap¬ man, Eric Hinchman, Larry Kong, Howard Korey, and Neal Marcus formed the nucleus of the team. The remainder of the squad come from a number of talented players. They in¬ cluded seniors Steve Deer and John Shapiro and juniors Mike Attia, Steve Charous, Matt Goren, Frank Miller, Murry Mizock and Tom Riff- ken. First year varsity coach Frank Sachs was impressed with the level of play at Niles West and looks forward to many successful seasons. Several experienced players who competed last year as freshman will be returning to form the basis for a strong sophomore team this year. They included Steve Dorfman, Mi¬ chael Korey, Steve Miller, Tom Russo, Michael Wilson, George Pappas, Jeff Nimz, Chuck Gold¬ berg and Elmer Hortilano. Coach Krone believes that these boys will do very well in competition and hopes that some of this years freshmen will be able to help them to a successful season. Back row: Kevin McCalister, Steve Cholris, Neal Marcus, Ermie Hinchman, Mike Attia. Front: Mike Wilson, Steve Deer, Matt Goren, Frank Miller, Larry Kong, Coach Sacks. Back row: Paul Jacobson, Spencer Stern, Jeff Bloomfield, Danny Samet, Lou Kaplan. Middle: Kee Kim, Steve Dorfman, Jeff Jos, David Woodfield, Tom Rosso, George Pappas. Kneeling: Mike Irpino, Phil Davis, Chuck Goldberg, Jeff Nimz, Todd Licktenstein. Top: Neal Marcus and Larry Kong improve their doubles game. Ernie Hinchman returns the ball. Keep the vol¬ ley going. Boys Tennis 83 SWIMMERS IMPROVE INDIVIDUAL RECORDS C.Duda, T.Quinois, J.Palenske, S.Kueller, M.Rowe, S.Chwalisz, D.Walner, A.Milbrandt, H.Berg, B.Dahler, L.Blanco, J.Krozel, A.Melnick, P.BIackhaller, A.Benbow, P.Duda, Manager P.Greenspan, Coach Larson, M.lrpino, Manager A.Milbrandt, T.lshihara. The 80-81 Swim Team was the lar¬ gest in numbers that we’ve had in sev¬ eral years. It was also blessed with a number of talented swimmers, like seniors Art Milbrandt, Steve Kueller, and Jeff Palenske who will be missed next year along with seven other seniors. This was the first year at West for Coach Don Larson who was a transfer from East along with four East swimmers. They were all pleased with the improved facilities at West. A main goal of the team this year was improvement of each indi¬ vidual regardless of the team’s re¬ cord. They practiced twice a day, even on days of a dual meet, in an effort to place as many swimmers as possible in the State Meet. “We will definitely miss the large group of graduating seniors next year, but with the excellent swimmers on the lower levels and the effect of the newly in- tiated year round swimming program, we hope to continue to improve,” stated the swimming coach. 84 Varsity Swim Team A.Limpin, B.Kruzel, D.Turner, K.Sacks, A.Benbow, H.Berg, J.Adams, B.Dahler, J.Suess, T.Meissing, M.Falleroni, Coach Carr, Manager A.Milbrandt, M.lrpino, Manager P.Greenspan, G.Milios Not pictured: R. Kraft K.Ashkrof, A.Braje, T.lshihara, R.Morioko, D.Rizoff, Coach Geis, T.Bowman, C.Noren, T.Gut, J.Bloomfield, S.Simon, H.Lund, R.Arledge, G.Fogelson, E.KIeeberg, J.Lund. Opposite page top to bottom: Team mem¬ bers anxious for the meet. West swimmers ask, “Why do you think they call ’em taste- buds anyway?”. West swimmer pushes on. This page top and inset: Swimmers learn to fly. D.Walner frightened of water. NW 78 Niles North 94 NW 108 Wheeling 46 NW 100 Buffalo Grove 60 NW 66 Maine South 100 NW 74 Highland Park 102 NW 99 Notre Dame 66 NW 88 Deerfield 64 NW 103 Fremd 75 NW 76 Maine North 98 NS 100 Waukegan East 82 NW 75 Lake Forest 103 NW 98 Waukegan West 64 NW 77 New Trier East 102 NW 63 Evanston 108 Varsity Swim Team 85 GIRL SWIMMERS POOL TOGETHER Top Row: Diving Coach G.Davis, Asst.Coach R. Corr Row 2 (standing) F. Lunsik, M. Cuatreca- sas, A. Milbrandt, J. Plonus, K. Shea, S. Plonus, B. Buckley, M. Helgeson, J, Cohen, B. Daheler, L. Bielski Row 3 (seated) C.Martin, S.Lipezker, S.Brabec, K.Rubenstein, M.Ettling, V.Heller, E.Sweeney, Coach P.Axon Row 4 (in water) L.Marinakis, K.Jochem, S.Mahan, K.Barrington, S.KIemm, S. Daniel, T.Uglinica A Ithough the 1980 Girls’ Swim Team’s record did not reflect it, the team had a most successful season. It tied the first two consecutive meets and had to swim against some of the toughest competition in the state. The team set 5 new school records. Jen¬ ny Lohen, Sabine Plenus, Sandy Lipezkerand Arleen Milbrandtseta new school record in the 200 Medley, Sabine Plonus set a new school re¬ cord for 50 yd. freestyle, Arleen Mil- brant, the MVP for 1980, placed 9th in districts, in the 500 and set a new 200 meter record. Sandy Lipezker, in her last season as a Niles West swimmer, leaves holding 4 school re¬ cords, including 200 freestyle, 100 fly, 500 freestyle, and 200 medley. Spe¬ cial mention goes to Barb Buckley and Miriam Cuatrecasas for their continued high motivation and im¬ proved performances as individuals and team members. The team is a young team, and with the outstanding potential talent it should be a chal¬ lenge in the years to come. The 1980 Girls’ Junior Varsity Swim Team will prove to be the nucleus of girls’ swimming for years to come. Ten girls who became versatile swim¬ mers in all events showed that they have the West spirit. Outstanding per¬ formances were given by Barb Daehler, Lisa Bielski, Chris Martin and Tamara Uglinica. Several Junior Varsity records fell this season and more will fall next year. The Swim Team also expressed appreciation to the timers, maintenance, and the school for all their help and support throughout the season. Diving coach Gary Davis awaits scoring of diver. Left to right: E. Sweeney is preparation for a dive. L. Papanek shows her diving skill. Girls Swimming Above: G. Davis with his diving team M. Helgeson, E. Sweeney, and J. Plonus. Not Photo¬ graphed L. Papanek Of the entire swim team, only four were divers. These talented girls dove in ten meets. Erin Sweeney, senior, placed 9th in districts and 11th in the con¬ ference meet. She scored a career high of 159.60 and took six first places in dual meet competition. Erin’s highlight was to win the first annual " High Diver-Most Improved Award.” Marie Heigeson, senior, in her first year of diving, averaged 118 points in her ten dual meets. Her steady inspired performance led her to a 9th place in the JV confer¬ ence meet. Jacqueline Plonus, freshman, began her diving career averaging 130 points per dual meet. She promises to be an outstanding var¬ sity diver. Lee Papanek, junior, contribu- ed positively to the JV team by tak¬ ing 11th place in the conference meet. Diving coach Gary Davis was very pleased with the development of this year’s small diving team. The girls matured quickly, learning diffi¬ cult diving skills and performing consistently. NW 82 Niles North 82 NW 82 Maine East 82 NW 69 Wheeling 101 NW 33 New Trier East 138 NW 57 Waukegan East 98 NW 7 1 Deerfield 97 NW 59 Highland Park 109 NW 71 Maine West 101 NW 37 Maine South 132 NW 63 Stevenson 109 NW 55 New Trier West 116 NW 84 Buffalo Grove 87 NW 75 Waukegon West 92 Girls Diving 87 LACK OF HEIGHT HURST VARSITY, JUNIOR VARSITY GETS SKUNKED Coach Murphy, S. Coward, M. Grunfeld, H. Lipkin, J. Karol, D. Welter, M. Gerold, B. Fouty, M. Stern, Coach Field, S. Krum Mgr., S. Greenberg, J. Cohen, S. Goles, D. Koch, R. Chapman, D. Kalas. 88 Varsity Basketball T his years Boys Basketball Team had a very disappointing season. They fin¬ ished 6-22 at the bottom of the confer¬ ence and were knocked out of the state tournament early. Head coach Bob Murphy felt the boys had a good time playing together. A hight-light of the year was the defeat of Maine South at their court, for the first time in fifteen years. Captain D. Kalas and D. Koch were always steady at guards. S. Cow¬ ard’s outside shooting helped to keep many a game close. Another bright stop of the year was the play of Juniors M. Grunfeld at center and guards J. Cohen and M. Stern. Hopefully next year will bring better results. S. Krum Mgr., J. Carol, H. Lipkin, T. Rivkin, G. Johnson, S. Goldish, T. Odyniec Mgr., S. Ridley, M. Stern, T. Schultz, Coach Field. Opposite page: D. Wubby shoots from the corner. Steve Coward can’t believe the call Dave Koch checks out cheerleaders. This page: Marty Ger- rold getting snuffed. Don Kalas pops a three-pointer. NW 64 Glenbrook South 70 NW 57 Taft 72 NW 36 New Trier East 54 NW 49 Waukegan West 60 NW 51 Deerfield 77 NW 45 Maine West 57 NW 41 Maine South 43 NW 62 Niles North 44 NW 48 Elk Grove 57 NW 63 Evanston 85 NW 61 Notre Dame 72 NW 58 Glenbrook North 52 NW 43 Waukegan West 58 NW 58 New Trier East 88 NW 51 Maine South 47 NW 57 Deerfield 63 NW 62 New Trier West 72 NW 72 Evanston 87 J.V. Basketball 89 SOPHOMORES HAVE TOUGH YEAR FRESHMEN ENJOY FIRST SEASON Top row: W. Stulac, S. Diamond, B. Weinberg, V. Stamos, L. Schaps, M. Dahm, J. Coursey, C. Binstock, Coach Marv Klebba. Bottom row: D. Zucker Mgr., T. Russo, L. Asher, C. Gonzalez, J. Hirtado, N. Oyos, S. Majewski, M. Kapalanski Mgr. Not Pictured: G. Englehart, G. Guttman, B. Burdean A Ithough the 1980-81 Sophomore Basketball Team did not have a win¬ ning record this season, their future looks very promising. They are very competitive but Coach Klebba in¬ sists that their shooting must improve. Coach Klebba has started a lot of players since everyone is so close in ability. Key players were Greg En- gelhardt, Lee Schaps, Cory Ben- stock, and Larry Asher. T his years Freshman B Basketball Team was one of the biggest teams. Coach Brennen said that they are all good players and he has a rough time deciding who to start each game. They press the whole game and they are starting to get the hang of fast break. The games are very exciting because they are so close in score. Coach Brennen feels that the teams future looks very promising. The 1980-81 Freshman A Basket¬ ball Team, although not reflected in their record, had a very successful year. All players were hard-working and showed much improvement from when they started playing. Coach Larry Minor developed his team by playing each of them in every game. Clockwise: Mike Dahm shoots a basket. Lee Schaps looks down court Lee Schaps dribbles for the play. Coach Minor feels that a number of players will develop into outstanding varsity players. The team was lead by high scorers Tom Somenek and Roger Chams, center Roy Kowalski, strong, all-around players Danny Woo, David Shane, Mike Frank, Tony Konsewiczand Billy Terpinas. r 90 Sophomore Basketball Top row: Coach Minor, R. Chams, T. Konsewicz, S. Manzara, D. Shane, D. Woo, M. Frankl. 2nd row: J. Lee, J. Rogers, P. Moy, B. Terpinas, Team Mgr. Top row: G. Katsoulis, G. White, J. Koudionis, W. Silverman, M. Japely, B. Straub, Coach Brennan. 2nd row: G. Trykowski, M. Arenson, B. Margolin, J. Baffa, K. Carlson Counterclockwise: Bill Terpinas drib¬ bles down court Coach Brennan shout¬ ing instructions. Joe Rodgers gets the ball. Frosh A B basketball 91 EARL’S GIRLS END ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL SEASON Earl’s Girls enjoyed a very suc¬ cessful season this year. Due to their long hours of hard work, dedi¬ cation, enthusiasm, and together¬ ness they will have many good memories and only a few disa p¬ pointments. The team was led this year by seniors Holly Andersen, Cindy Michals, Chris Porter and juniors Judy Banathy, Caryn Kaufman and Becky Schnell. Other team members included Linda Becker, Rose Goppert, Mary Klancnik, Jean Reljac, Nancy Martorano, TinaTerpinas.and Donna Tripic- chio. Coach Earl stated, “I hope the players gained some positive val¬ ues from their basketball exper¬ iences that will be helpful as they continue onward to bigger and bet¬ ter things in life.” For the second time in three years, the varsity team competed in the IHSA tournament at Cham¬ paign. The girls defeated Wauke¬ gan West 58-42 in the quarterfi¬ nals, lost to Elk Grove 42-44 in the semi-finals, and lost to Marshall 66- 37, capturing 4th place in state competition. Top: “Where did everybody go?” Up, up and away. Bottom Left: Coach Earl gives Judy Banathy last minute instructions. Top Row: Jenny Campbell, Donna Tripicchio, Cindy Michals, Mary Klancnik, Coach Earl, Nancy Martorano, Linda Becker, Holly Andersen, Robin Telengater. Bottom Row: Jean Reljac, Chris Porter, Caryn Kaufman, Judy Banathy, Becky Schnell, Tina Terpinas, Rose Goppert. Girls Varsity Basketball Niles W. 73 Waukegan W. 42 Niles W. 75 New Trier E. 41 Niles W. 50 Deerfield 48 Niles W. 43 Maine S. 26 Niles W. 55 Buffalo Grove 53 Niles W. 57 Marshall 80 Niles W. 54 Regina 31 Niles W. 46 Maine S. 37 Niles W. 40 Glenbrook S. 31 Niles W. 55 Glenbrook N. 42 Niles W. 75 Evanston 49 Niles W. 50 Libertyville 34 Niles W. 54 Waukegan W. 44 Niles W. 71 Maine E. 15 Niles W. 45 New Trier E. 36 Niles W. 42 Proviso W. 43 Clockwise: Judy Banathy takes control. Jump! Becky Schnell passes from the sideline. Coach Earl gives a West Word reporter an update on the team Girls Varsity Basketball 93 jyS n ri -i J.V. KEEPS UP WINNING TRADITION, FRESHMEN BECOME ACQUAINTED WITH IT Top row: Coach Sopocy, J. Weiss, L. Mayer, L. Roller, J. Cristante, C. Atsaves, L. Shapiro. Row two: Co-Capt. J. Moshak, G. Hartzen, M. Ha, N. Zoros, Co-Capt. A. Stuermer. Not pictured B. Weinstein. The Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball Team, with its almost perfect win-sea- son, finished first in the Central Subur¬ ban League - North. The team also won first place in the Glenbrook North Junior Varsity Tournament. This championship team was led by Cap¬ tains Ann Stuermer and Jenny Mo¬ shak. Rebounding and scoring strength was found in juniors Jenny Weiss, Julie Cristante and Lori Roller. Guards Cindy Atsavas, Jen¬ ny Moshak and freshman Nancy Zoros sparked the court with their ball handling, passing ability and play¬ making. Lois Mayer, Becky Wein¬ stein, Lisa Shapiro, Martha Ha and Gail Hartzen were other talented and supportive members of the team. Coach Kay Sopocy calls this team the “best one she’s ever coached”. “They play outstanding defense, they work hard at the game and play as a team. Their talent and dedication has made our excellent season possible.” Clockwise: Only Vi the story of L. Roller’s basketball career. J. Weiss puts it up for two. J. Moshak looks for help from C. Atsaves. Coach Sopocy gives the ref a cold stare .... Crashing the Boards. 94 Girls Basketball Bottom row: A. Sundblom, C. Skupiewski, L. Woodfield, B. Daehler, J. Levin, S. Olson, D. Olander. Top row: D. Kaplan Mgr., C. Garcia Mgr., S. Krawoski, Mgr., J. Klancnik, M. Silverman, D. Estes, G. Kibort, D. McGrann, Ms. Houston Student Teacher, Coach Wojdula. The Freshman Girls Basketball Team had a good season this year. Their introduction to basketball here at West went smoothly. They also be¬ came familiar with the winning ways of Niles West Girls Basketball. Many of the members of this team will play at the J.V. level next year and will certainly be a great help. Key players were: G. Kibort, D. Estes, M. Silver- man, and L. Woodfield. Miss Waj- dula was their coach. Girls Basketball 95 WEST PLAYERS BAT .1000 Mr . Galla, head coach of the varsity baseball team this year, has had a great deal of coaching experience. He coached nine years at Niles West, both Freshmen and J.V. teams. He then coached the varsity team for seven years at Niles East and he is now back at West. The mixture of East and West helped the team a great deal this year. Some of the key members of the team were pitchers Bob Peterson, Leo Moritz and Terry Shapiro; while Ben Froeming and Don Kalas were helpful with their defense and hitting. E Row One: M. Froemming, B. Peterson, S. Goldish, J.K. Benjamin, B. Swerdlow, L. Moritz, Row Two: Coach George Galla, L. Berkson, M. Vishney, K. Sail, Coach Billy Schnurr, Row Three: A. Keller, M. Stern, J. Zeman, D. Shimanovsky, S. Goles, D. Sugar, Row Four: S. Bychowski, D. Keller, D. Kalas, K. Mueller, D. Lewandowski, Row Five: G. Searle, B. Heelan, T. Hester, M. Kilian, J. Ossey, T. Shapiro, Row Six: J. Perperas, B. Elliot, J. Sucherman, S. Wilenski, S. Sanders. Not pictured: Gregg Arenson. 96 baseball Left: Leo Moritz in the windup Bob Peterson tips his hat to eoaoh Schnurr Clockwise this page: Team member awaits the ball. Senior Steve Bycowski. Don Kales and Scott Sanders during practice. Mike Froemming. Pitcher shows his form. Baseball 97 NEW COACH BRINGS HIGH EXPECTATIONS Mr. Anderson, girls varsity softball coach this year, went into the season with very high expectations. First, to go down state and second, to win confer¬ ence. Some of his other goals were for the girls to improve their softball skills, learn teamwork, and to have a good time. Although this was Mr. Anderson’s first time coaching softball, he has had a great amount of experience coaching J.V. baseball. During the fifteen years that he coached baseball at Niles West, the baseball team was two state championships, a second place, and numerous conference championships. Left page: Scoop up that ground ball. Team members warm up. Right page, clockwise: Karen LeHew concentrates on catching the ball. Team member makes the play. Mary Pat Reiffenberg calls the ball. Heads up! Back row: Pam Krone, Jill Boepple, Karen LeHew, Chris Reidsteder, Lisa Pearson, Lory Roller, Patti Wei, Chris Herkert Second Row: Ronna Constance, Judy Price, Helene Herman, Lynette Fair, Jenny Moshak, Lisa Cohan, Vickie Heller, Mary Pat Rifenberg, Coach Anderson. Kneeling: Coach Geisman, Anne Misunsk, Becky Wein¬ stein, Martha Ha, Cindy Atsaves, Linda Yi. Sitting: Buffy Bonkonske, Jeanie Tosch, Gayle Hartzen, Karen Tenzillo, Sharon Schneider, Julie Zivilik. Not pictured: Holly Anderson, Becky Schnell, Cindy Michals, Tina Terpinas, Barb Groehling. 98 Softball J GYMNASTS VAULT TO THE TOP Our gymnastics team is great! We pool our resources so that our team, and each of us, is successful on and off the competition floor; we try hard to keep our grades at the level of our gymnastics expectations; we enjoy spending our evenings teaching the younger children the fun of gymnas¬ tics; we realize the importance of friendship with our peers and recog¬ nize that there is a world outside the gym; we strive to create an image that is good for sports. Beyond this, we are still ourselves — each different, each successful in her own way. TRIBAL HONORS Freshmen- Undefeated and confer¬ ence champions Junior Varsity- Undefeated and con¬ ference champions Front Row: Nancy Buffo, Joanne Oppenheim. Second Row: Beth Todd, Julie Mamett, Gail Piper, Julie Disselhorst, Jill Burkel, Chris Conton. Third Row: Marie Helgeson, Margaret Luncs- ford, Jill Roberts, Lisa DeCook, Sheryl Barasch, Mary Holm, Mary Ann Kostyniuk. Bottom Row: Coach Burkel, Janice Grear, Laura Jnson, Coach Sloan, Jacqueline Plonus, Coach Nebbia, Kathy Verstraete, Linda Loiacano. Not Pictured: Managers Sherri Gostomelski and Monica Christmann. Varsity- Evanston Invitational Cham¬ pions 10 wins 1 loss season record Conference Champions District 1st place Sectional 3rd place State 7th place By Coach Burkel Clockwise: Janice Grear polishes her win¬ ning bar routine. Nancy Buffo strives for per¬ fection. Mary Ann Kostyniuk flys through her routine. Margaret Luncsford waits her turn. Vaulter in action . Gymnastics mm NW 111.58 Maine East 110.97 NW 107.62 Deerfield 94.23 NW 106.19 Glenbrook North 95.00 NW 108.92 New Trier East 102.61 NW 110.00 Resurrection 96.20 NW 104.91 Highland Park 90.41 NW 108.17 Evanston 98.06 NW 111.20 1st Evanston Invitational NW 105.83 Maine South 97.12 NW 65.25 6th Niles West Invitational NW 112.61 Glenbrook South 106.52 NW 112.61 Waukegan West 58.10 NW 110.47 Addison 114.57 NW 110.96 1st Central Suburban League NW 112.43 1st District NW 110.11 3rd Sectional NW 110.57 7th State Gymnastics 101 GYMNASTS FLY THROUGH SEASON Left page: A cross-L performed by senior Paul Fishbein. Steve Pang executes a V on the parallel bars. Right page: Mark Jacobs imitates Mighty Mouse. Steve Robinson does a Leaning Tower of Pisa handstand. Scott Thomason flies through the air. Matt Samulson demonstrates his version of the Thomas Flair. Samulson is the only one in the district to perform this move. Top row: Rich Duesse, Steve Pang, Bob Braje, Scott Thomason, Paul Fishbein, Tony Tattoles, Coach John Burkel. Bottom: Mark Jacobs, Matt Samulson, Tom Weiss, Scott Imhoff. 102 Varsity Gymnastics Top row: Steve Klein, Coach Schnell. Middle row: Kevin Chester, Jeff Wilfong, Scott Row. Bottom: Jeff Gilbert, Ted Goodman, Alan Dayan, Steve Robinson. Top row: Tony Avella, Louis Argyrakis, Coach Schnell. Middle: Steve Erlebacher, Tom Bowman, Ross Erlebacher. Bottom: Steve Bjorklund, Mark Musik. Soph frosh gymnastics 103 DEDICATION LEADS TO SUCCESS Although last year’s Boy’s Track Team did not capture every award, the team did succeed in capturing several. This year the team plans to do even better. Senior Art Gunther, a middle and distance runner, said, " This year’s track team looks like it should be a state contender. Not only have we gained more members, but those that have been on the team have gained experience. Many of the middle and distance runners have a fine background from cross-country, and between seasons we have worked our tails off. Sprinters are looking forward to their new coach and the field men are practicing hard. Coach Savage, Campbell, McCar- rell, and Pagnoni give us their exper¬ tise. The dedication of the members has created a great camaraderie which lends itself beautifully to the success of our team.” Along with Art Gunther, other middle and distance runners include: Mike Lee, Steve Rosenblum, Bruce Sandlow, Jay Zeff, and Dan Zeller. Among the sprinters on this year’s team are, Erlindo Evaristo, Mike Lippe, and Scott Margolin. The field men include Mark McCor¬ mack, Norbert Rock, and Victor Wu. Bottom row: Lou Gross, Mike Lee, Scott Margolin, Rich Zenner, Steve Rosenblum, Erlindo Everisto, Coach Savage. Second row: Mark Larson, Martin Noe, Ken Ryfkogol, Chuck Nuqui, Tony Parayno. Third: Mike Lippee, Gary Abrahams, Bruce Sandlow, Scott Garfinkel, Jay Zeff. Fourth: Art Gunther, Norbert Rock, Mark McCormick, Victor Wu, Len Go. Fifth: Jamie Mortallero. 104 Track Left: Steve Rosenblum leads the pack. Above: Art Gunther keeps in shape between seasons. First row: Alex Maliwanag, Dan Sullivan, Alex Paul. Second row: Dave Cedero, Mike Glick, Matt Filippim, Zan Nedic Third row: Howard Brown. Brad Evans, Ray Chao. Guy Bezkorovainy. Fourth row: Sayed Kahn, fifth row: Rob Sweet Craig Israel. Scott Levin, Jeff Friedman. Sixth row: Marty Swidler, Soug Park. Seventh row: Don Hennessy, Ed Goldenberg, Jim Woodier, John Kohl, Al Silberman, manager. Eighth row: Dave Robyleoki. Track 105 106 Girls Track RUNNERS STAY IN TOP SHAPE FOR SEASON 0 Iv C. Above: Coach Armour gives the team a pep talk before a meet. Left: Margaret Luncsford shows her form in the hurdles. The Girl’s Track Team had a very successful season, which began early in February. Mrs. Armour was head coach for the team as she has been in past years. At the beginning of the season Mrs. Armour tested each athlete in different events to discover any hidden talents she might have in a particular area. The team used the sprinters practices consisted of a lot of speed work, passing the baton, and starts on the blocks. Mr. Armour, the long distance coach, had his run¬ ners work on their endurance. The distance runners ran up to 8 miles a day to keep in shape for their races. Kathy Hirschauer. Linda Woodier, Pam James. Michaelyn Jarosz, Heidi Bojes, Brenda Miller r ' D . 0 T ? Ue , R0Se . nb m ' baura Fnedlander, Miriam Cuatracaces Second row: Coach Jean Armour Chris Kukulski, Lou Gubot, Regina Johnson. Geri Masterton. DeeDee Lippe. Megan Etlling Marqare Luncsford. Chris Conton, Peggy Pearson, Gina Johnson, Coach John Armour. Third Row: Anita Patterson Noosbond, Judy Rusch Robin Telengater, Jenny Campbell, Effie Bovdouvas, Jamie Wainer Kaths ' C i a yn R n b .K? S « ei O Jl1 ' P, P er ' Karen Sprmgborn, Connie Anderson, Sheryl Barasch. Fourth Row Lewv 9 niinp°Mrnn i Su 5 Do6, y icl ?f. lle D °! ce ’ Diane Bedon y- Devra Lipsky, Desiree Abelkis, Lynr Manko 1time0 r tckley? S (ma agerj nam V ’ 3fa U9 ' iniCa ’ Pe " V He " eS ' rae ’ Ann Sm " h ' Gai indoor Niles East track for practices during the months our track at Niles West was under the snow. Weight training was used to keep the runners’ muscles toned up. Plenty of stretch¬ ing was done before the actual work¬ outs began to prevent injuries. The V Clockwise: Coach Armour times the re¬ lay team. Linda Woodier paces herself. Jamie Wainer takes off as she’s handed the baton. Team captain Laura Fried- lander takes a moment out from practice. Runners keep pushing. “On your marks BOWLING SEASON FANTASTIC, WIN DISTRICTS, GO DOWNSTATE The bowling team has improved greatly from last year when they placed in confer¬ ence and had no wins. This year the Varsity Team won four dual meets, and things are looking good for next year, since 3 4’s of the team are sophomores and freshmen. Patty Zeitler is the only senior, and has been with the team for four years. Lynn Scnildgen, Dawn Winandy, Paige Pawelek, Lisa Singer, Sue Hughes, Patty Zeitler, and Karen Hedberg all had averages over 130 and received rec¬ ognition for it in conference. Practice and home meets were held at Oakton Bowl. Dawn Winandy took the high game for the conference with 237. Because of their great success, they went downstate. Lynn Schildgen, Dawn Winandy, Paige Pawelek, Lisa Singer, Sue Hughes, Patty Zeitler, Karen Hedberg, Lisa Downey, Tracy Miller, Dale Larson, Fernanda Caullieres, Jamie Turchen, Frances Rosen, Pam Sloma, Karen Venson, Veronica Milewski, Wendy Riskin, Vicki Greenstein, Nancy Barraza, and Coach Sue Hoffmann Clockwise: Team member waits patiently for her score. Bend those knees! What great form. Above left: Lisa Singer waits for her ball. A helpful member keeps score. Coach Hoffman approves the scores. 108 Girls Bowling EAST WRESTLERS BENEFIT TEAM r Top row: M. Haupers, S. Milewski, D. Rubenstein, A. Solomon, T. Cristopolis, S. McManaman, A. Zygmun, A. Herbold, J. Karnow, Coach Fred Richardi. 2nd: V. Onsey, M. Winston, D. Varnavas, S. Potts, J. Ossey, N. Rowe, K. Santillan, R. VanRoyan. 3rd row: S. Cristensen, J. McCarthy, C. Turton, D. Freedman, K. Hoss, A. Govis, M. Pechter, S. Sylvan, C. Mamari, C. Spreggins; Wrestlette. 4th row: S. McLean, R. Bailey, S. Brooks, M. Cohen, F. Meridian, P. Kahn, B. LaManna, J. Wexler, L. Fullett: Wrestlette Clockwise: Niles West opponent about to be pinned. Opposing team tries to get out of bounds. Paul Kahn tries to pull a drag on his opponent. 110 Varsity Wrestling Heavyweight Art Zygman sticks his man. T he 1980-1981 Niles West Wrestling Team had a very productive year. Not only did they win most of their confer¬ ence and state matches, but they also proved that Niles West will be tough in the 80’s. Most wrestlers agreed that the addition of Niles East wrestlers added to the team’s great winning season! « Clockwise: Coach Richardi watches from the sidelines. Wrestlers take hold. Wrestler hopes for the best from his teammates. NW 40 Holy Cross 7 NW 48 Glenbrook S. 9 NW 18 DeKalb 20 NW 37 Notre Dame 19 NW 39 Wheeling 17 NW 56 New Trier E. 3 NW 31 Addison T. 22 NW 18 Proviso E. 27 NW 22 Palatine 30 NW 18 E. Leydon 28 NW 31 Notre Dame 27 NW 51 Deerfield 2 NW 49 Maine S. 9 NW 61 New Trier W. 0 NW 40 Evanston 14 NW 44 Mt. Carmel 9 NW 44 Loyola 20 NW 39 Waukegan W. 18 NW 39 Maine W. 9 JV Wrestling 111 NEW WRESTLERS INCREASE TEAM SPIRIT Top Row: Save Welter, Larry Fogel, Jerry Coursey, Dino Varnavas, Dave Gershbein, Steve Potts. Bottom Row: Larry Blume, Bill Decker, Rob Bailey, Paul Shemroske, Victor Ousey T his year’s wrestling teams were greatly improved with the help of Coach Richardi, and the addition of many competent wrestlers from Niles East. Also the combination of wrestlers from East and West re¬ sulted in greater enthusiasm and team spirit. 112 JV Wrestling Top Row: Phil Lotsoff, Bill Lamanna, Paul Jacobson, Tomy Tripeaccio, Steve Erickson, Tony Jarass, Middle Row: Bob Greer, Jeff Okmora, Mitch Rosen, Ricard Bower, Jim Anderson, Josi Gonzolaz, Yoma Kim, Bottom Row: Tony Parcalli, Dan Rotblatt, Peter Linburner, Rich Tonsul, Dan McCarthy, Dave Lisco, Ron Goldberg. Clockwise: Intense wrestling. The countdown. Niles West takes hold. Team members watch from the sideline. Wrestling 113 A LOSING SEASON IS STILL A SUCCESS The Niles West Varsity Cross Coun¬ try Team experienced its first losing season in over a decade as they were able to only defeat five opponents while losing to eight teams. The team was captained by senior Steve Ro- senblum and junior Mike Lee. Coach Savage suggested that the season was still a success as West easily won the Township Champion¬ ships with a convincing win over Niles North by a score of 21 to 34 with Rosenblum, Art Gunther, and Lee taking the first three places. West also placed in the top ten of the 46 team Indian Invitational and won a trophy at the Niles Invitational. Coach Sav¬ age was especially pleased with indi¬ vidual performances of Art Gunther and Paul Wilm. Steve Rosenblum was the Most Valuable Runner on the team. He won nearly every meet he competed in and set records at the Township Cham¬ pionships, the Indian Invitational, the Glenbrook South Invitational, the Mil¬ waukee Meet, the Niles Invitational and the Central Suburband League Conference Championships. For the second year in a row Steve was se¬ lected to the CSL All-Conference Team. Coach Campell thought that this years Frosh-Sophomore team did “pretty good.” They finished 3 in 6 in the conference meet, while finished 7- 3 in the dual meet. He is looking for¬ ward to next year because of the po¬ tential which the boys hold. Runners which displayed their talents in the sport especially well were: Jim Woo¬ dier, Dan Sullivan, and Dave Koby- leski. Above: Art Gunther and Mike Lee pull it in the stretch. 114 Crosscountry Top Row: Coach Campell, Bruce Claver, Geoff Blumfield, Craig Israel, Matt Filippini. Middle Row: Dan Sullivan, Dave Kobyleski, Randy Sonkin, Matt Simensen, Dan Kerstein. Bottom Row: Silber- man, Sang Park, Jim Woodier, Ed Borak Not Pictured: Ed Calderaro, Jeff Friedman Crosscountry 115 DUAL MEETS St. Viator Quigley North Niles North King Deerfield Maine South Taft Waukegan West Latin Evanston Milwaukee-Washington New Trier East Kennedy Township INVITATION ALS Maine North Rolling Meadows Titon Indian Conference Niles 21 NW 34 22 NW 33 37 NW 15 40 NW 19 20 NW 43 22 NW 39 24 NW 31 38 NW 21 49 NW 15 19 NW 42 34 NW 21 20 NW 43 22 NW 31 34 NW 21 4th place 10th place 9th place 10th place 5th place 3rd place Clockwise: D. Sullivan in competition. Varsity runners in training. Runners on your mark ... FLEET FEET CARRY GIRLS CROSS-COUNTRY TO STATE MEET The Girls’ Cross-Country Team is deemed one of the best in the area after just two years of exis¬ tence. The team members knew the depth of their school’s respect and good wishes the morning they left for the state meet in Peoria. The girls received a send-off from the Niles West Pep Band, other athletes, parents, teachers, and administrators. The flowers, the music, and the tears proved that they were already number one to those who knew them. The Indian runners earned the right to run before more than 5000 spectators in Peoria on No¬ vember 8, by taking 2nd place in their district competition a week earlier. During the season they compiled a 10-1-1 overall and a 6- 1 Central Suburban League dual meet record. Four of the team members, Jenny Weiss, Laura Friedlander, Sue Rosenblum, and Jennie Campbell were se¬ lected 1980 All-Conference run¬ ners by the CSL coaches. The great 1980 season is just a preview to what the West cross¬ country team will be in the future. There is little doubt that it will be one of the teams to watch in terms of growth and success.— Coach Judy Sloan Clockwise: P. Doles comes in looking tired. M. Luncsford looks for cracks in the sidewalk. The girls check their scores, “On your marks, get set, _“ Top row: J. Cristante, J. Campbell, H. Bojes, V. Shandling, P. Pearson, P. Doles, K. Hendley, D. Trippichio, R. Telengator Middle row: L. Dethloff, K. Gross, G. Piper, L. Friedlander, J. Weiss Bottom row: Coach Armour, Coach Sloan, C. Anderson, S. Krisowski, B. Miller, S. Rosenblum, K. Kukulski, L. Woodier Not Pictured M. Luncsford 116 Cross-Country Clockwise from top: L. Friedlander leads the pack. S. Rosenblum rests before a meet. Coach Armour likes the results. The “STA- TEBOUND” bus takes the team to Peoria. J. Weiss is turning 7-up. The end of the Skokie Run. The all important watergirl. “Stretch”. Left, Sitting “Indian” style can be fun. Norseman Invite 2nd place NW 22 NN 33 Niles Dual Invite 1st place Mustang Stampede 2nd place NW 15 Main East 50 NW 15 Main South 46 NW 20 Deerfield 30 Glenbrook S. Invite 2nd place NW 15 Waukegan W. 50 NW 16 Chicago Latin 45 Indian Invite 1st place NW 30 Evanston 27 NW 28 New Trier E. 28 Conference meet 2nd place Niles Invite 1st place Highland Park Invite 1st place Districts 2nd place State meet 13th place Cross Country 117 VARSITY SPIKERS ARE A SMASH; O.T. HURTS JV AND FROSH 118 Top row: C. Porter, C. Michals, H. Anderson, L. Roller, J. Reljac, B. Schnell, Coach Beeftink Bottom Row: S. Maslov, K. LeHew, R. Gold, A. Stuermer, C. Herkert T his years Girls Volleyball Team had a mediocore season. At times they played very well, and at others they played poorly. Though the re¬ cord did not show it they really en¬ joyed themselves. The team began the year with 6 new members, con¬ sidering this everyone got along very well. Mid-season brought Coach Beeftink a new assistant, Miss Pon- tow. Her arrival brought 4 consecu¬ tive victories. This was one of the highlights of the year along with sen¬ ior Karen LeHew being named All- Conference. Next year will bring many new faces from J.V. to Varsity and hopefully a little more consis- tancy. Top left: In your face . Above; L. Roller concentrates on the ball. Left; The romping, stomping H. Andersen spikes the ball. The J.V. Volleyball Team had a 4 wins, 10 losses record this year under Coach Wodjdula. The coach felt that the girls have a lot of potential and skill but need a little improvement. She also thought that the 4- 2 offense was very effective. Outstanding setters were B. Bonkowski and B. Wein¬ stein. The Frosh Team had a similar 5-8 re¬ cord. Their inexperience showed early but as the season progressed things came to¬ gether. Team leaders were: Captains N. Zoros and A. Sundblom The number of losses shown by both teams is somewhat misleading because several of these games were lost in over¬ time play. Top row; S. Maslof, S. Avendana, L. Mayer, K. Hent, J. Hoffman, C. Sinica, D. Cheung. Bottom row; L. Everisto, P. Milewski, K. Kung, B. Wienstein, B. Bonkos, K. Tenzillo, Coach Wodjdula Top row; L. Levy, S. Michaels, P. Hellestrae, S. Herkert, G. Lauder, K. Fisher, J. Matts, Coach Sposey. Bottom row; L. McAllister, N. Zoros, A. Sundblon, R. McCoy, W. Linde- mann, C. Taldone Clockwise on top; B. Wienstein sets up a team member; A Niles West net- ter gets a hand on things; “I see the light” i NW 15,1,5 Highland Pk. 13,15,15 NW 2,15,15 Waukegan E. 15,10,9 NW 2,7 Niles N. 15,15 NW 13,15,15 New Trier W. 15,4,12 NW 14 Lane Tech. 16 NW 15,8,12 Deerfield 4,15,15 NW 13,5 New Trier E. 15,15 NW 15,15 Glenbrook S. 10,3 NW 15,15 Waukegan W. 9,7 NW 13,15,15 Maine E. 15,5,10 NW 6,13 Evanston 15,15 NW 14,12 Maine So. 16,15 NW 8,6 Schaumberg 15,15 Girls Volleyball 119 UP FRONT • • v - a Left to right: Mary Ha concentrates on her lab assignment. Cindy Doppelt quickly types up her latest scoop in order to meet her WestWord dead¬ line. Art Gunther laces up for his afte r school run. Seniors get into the holiday spirit. Kai Abelkis Diane Adinamis Dave Adkisson Eddie Adler Dave Alexander Bruce Alpern Jackie Altenburg Faith Amarantos Brad Amoded Donna Anderson Holly Anderson Judy Anderson 122 Seniors Dave Angus Melissa Arkin Stacie Arkules Anita Arrigo Tony Athans Beth Aufmann Joanne Axley Michael Babitz Left to right: Mike Schulte and Michael Perlin sing the Blues. Senior Dan Zeller, Marcia Bezanes, John Bon kowski, Laura Kulbersh, Howard Snow and Larry Wolfberg at College Night. Senior Heidi Mietermier. Seniors 123 Left to right: Dave Ruben- stein says suggestive things to Miss Piggy. Rick Murgas looks amazed. Dave Welter, Paul Rooth, Sue Dominic, Karen Levin and Nancy Weil. John Becker Linda Becker Miriam Becker Jerylyne Beltran Jamie Berg Michelle Berglund Joan Bergstrom Steve Berkowitz Lyle Berkson Jodi Berman Amy Berstein Dan Bielski 124 Seniors 8 1°»4 Ian Boshes Margie Bothfeld Chris Bowen Bob Braje Seniors 125 Don Birren Dan Blackman Marcia Block Barry Blum Jill Boepple John Bonkoske Bill Bordenet Nancy Borst Robert Chapman Fern Chasin Michael Chelberg Todd Chernick Kelly Chester Hae Cho Ed Cholewa Steve Chwalisz William Clark Howard Cohan Monica Cohen Steve Colen DECORATED LOCKERS ADD CHEER w hat’s gray and long and beautifully decorated? That’s right! It’s a Niles West locker ingeniously camoflauged (well almost) as a cheerful happy birthday greeting! Everyday Niles Westerners walk down their beloved school’s hallways without appreciating the delicate, cre¬ ative artwork done by fellow students on lucky friends’ birthdays. One almost takes for granted the signs, bal¬ loons, and streamers hung on birthday lockers unless he or she is celebrating his or her own special day. In fact, the birthday locker often proves to be a person’s most special and enjoyable birthday gift. It serves as a friendly reminder to everyone of a person’s birthday while while also inviting others to sign their own personal birth- say greeting (or anonymous romantic offer, as the case may be!). Fortunately, the idea of the birthday locker has branched out into the fields (or lockerooms) of Niles West athletic participants. On teams such as Girls Gymnastics, Cross Country, and Track, busy little “pixies” can be found. Their job is to decorate lockers before a competi¬ tive meet in order to wish a fellow teamate good luck. This “pixie” practice often serves as a morale booster for the girls, and in the end, for the entire team. Hopefully, this unique and inventive tradition of locker decorating will continue at West. Being greeted on the morning of your special celebration by colorful balloons, streamers, and spirited words by good friends is enough to brighten up even the drabbest locker while also making a birthday or athletic event truly happy. — Debbie Weiss Seniors 127 Ronna Constance Bruce Cooper Carol Coplan Jerry Coursey Steve Coward Margie Coyne Jack Craven Angie Cress Rich Cristanti Miriam Cuatrecasas Kay Dahm Nicky Daiello 128 Seniors Left to right: Tim Schaltz is left speechless. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Mike Froemming recieves help from a teacher. Janette Mason and friend enjoy a super day! % Vince DerMantoian Jewel Desmond Robert Dickert Karen Diesing Seniors 129 Chris Darville Laura Davis Rachelle DeFilipps Nick Demagos Wendee Desent Marty Dean Steven Deer Steve Delano Left to right: Seniors Abby Ginsberg and Carol Coplan model the latest in Midnight Rider fashion. Sue Dominic Ken Dong Cindy Doppelt Cindy Drazner Chris Drexler Chris Duda Richard Duese Bernard Ebeling Lori Eberle Arthur Edlestein Linda Edmonds Denise Edwards 130 Seniors Sue Eichner Richard Eischen Lisa Engelberg Dave Erickson John Erickson Brenda Ericsson Alan Eriksson Mark Eriksson Mary Eriksson Ariel Eselevsky Susan Estralaelj Erlindo Evaristo TOILET PAPER BOOSTS SPIRIT A t 10:00 p.m. a car stops in front of the house. Five girls climb out and creep towards it. One girl places a mysterious object inside the screen door and hurries away. Are these girls robbers? No, these girls are Midnight Riders. The mysterious object is merely a poster. These girls, armed with handfuls of toilet paper, cover the trees, lampost, basketball net, and house before scurry¬ ing away, leaving behind a snowy white mess. The night before a football game the Midnight Riders have been seen toilet papering houses of the Niles West football players. “The purpose of”, thinks soph¬ omore Karen Tenzillo,” is to psych the football play¬ ers up for the game.” Being a Midnight Rider is not easy. If the football game is Friday night, Wednesday night is spent making posters for every team member. On Thursday night the girls go Everyone piles into 2-4 cars and pro¬ ceeds to toilet paper their designated areas. Almost 250 rolls of toilet paper will be used for each grade level. The toilet paper comes trom grocery stores, 7-Eleven, Convenient, door-to-door scavenger hunts, and the neighborhood Hyatt House and Hilton Hotels. A novice Midnight Rider is easy to spot. She is the one throwing every available roll into the top of trees, or the one toilet papering the wrong house or car. “It takes practice”, comments sophomore Midnight Rider Ellen Spargue. How do the parents of the football team react to having their houses toilet papered? At first they do not seem exactly thrilled. In fact, some parents have called the police, while others have threat¬ ened to chase the girls with machetes. After this new tradition is explained to them, their attitudes change drastically. Some parents even invite the Midnight Rid¬ ers into their homes and offer them food. The football players love all the attention they receive and do not seem to mind the mess created by the toilet paper. Sophomore football player Dave Fritshall explains, “It shows us someone cares whether we win or lose.” Quarterback Mike Yedlin commented, “I love it, ex¬ cept when it rains because the toilet paper becomes virtually impossible to clean up” — Julie Mamett Seniors 131 Carlos Fadhel Fred Fagenholz Sharon Feltman Corrie Fetman Dianne Fickert Christine Fiedler Robert Fisher Robyn Flakne Jeff Floom Nevine Fouad Niklas Forser Bob Fouty Left to right: Seniors deal a quick round of cards before returning to class. Mike “Muscles " Haupers. Anita Shapiro musters a big grin. 132 Seniors Tina Furman Donna Gabel Kathy Gail Peggy Gallagher Seniors 133 Michael Frankel Margie Freeman Robert Freres John Friedewland Marcy Friedman Pamela Friedman Michael Froemming John Fuentes Top row: M. Cuatracassas, H. Verity, S. Karabinas, P. Krone, R. Heyman, M. Co¬ hen, C. Savitt, N. Wile, L. Stein, T. Liametz, D. Wise, W. Dessent. Middle row: H. Whi¬ teman, C. Doppelt, R. Flakne, S. Arkules, P. Friedman, C. Coplan. Bottom: A. Gins- burg, T. Tamaraz, F. Amarantos, N. Tuzzo- lino, L. Hanover, D. Weiss, S. Ichner, J. Berman, L. McKeon, Mr. Stein. Carl Gargano Mitch Garfinkel Tim Gaughrin Nancy Georgouses Cecilia Geralde Martin Gerold Lee Gerstein Guy Gervasio Maureen Gielow Sheldon Gilbert Mike Ginsberg Abby Ginsburg 134 Seniors Vicky Goeke Mindie Gold Randee Gold Edie Goldstein Robin Goldstein Steve Goles Robyn Gomberg Lesley Goodman Rose Goppert Pete Govis Mary Graff Ken Grass IDEAS BLOSSOM INTO SUCCESS CD X he Senior Cabinet has planned and od. Each meeting was full of discussions accomplished a wide variety of events and and ideas which blossomed and came to programs throughout the school year. The life in the coming year, large and enthusiastic group of girls, led by All agreed that this year s senior cabinet their advisor Roger Stein, held bake was a complete success which set a preci- sales, celebrated a Christmas party at the dent for many more productive years to Hull House in Chicago, and planned the come. As cabinet member Cindy Doppelt senior graduation exercises with much sue- said, “We tried out some new ideas this cess year that were a success. Hopefully this will Throughout the year, the cabinet met on encourage the futture members to do the Wednesday afternoons during eight peri- same.” — Debbie Weiss. Seniors 135 Janice Grear Steven Greenberg Ted Greenfield Hugh Greenspan Mike Greer Chris Gregory Laurie Gresham Janice Grimm Ella Gringauza Terry Grossberg Glenn Grosskopf Art Gunther 136 Seniors o Seniors 137 Lett to right: Senior Sylvia Vargaa. Neal Ratner and Barb Pintz rearrange the card catalog Ian Haskell concentrates on his reading. Mike Pechter and Mary Ann Kostynik. Nancy Gussin Neal Gussis Mary Ha Jane Hacker Jayne Hagler Adrine Hagopian Marni Halap Gina Halfpap Anthony Hall Danielle Handel Mimi Handleman Lori Hanover 00 Left to right: Student shows her undying East spirit. Mary Ha, Martha Ha, and Abby Ginsburg work together tor a fun- filled Homecoming ’80. Pat Hanrahan Dawn Hansen Linda Hanssen Gus Haramaras Allyson Harris Randi Harris Steven Hartzen Ian Haskell Mike Haupers Jack Havdala Wendy Hayum Bruce Hecktman Barbara Hedquist Ken Heftel Anita Heine Bob Heelan Jane Heinz Marie Helgeson Mary Beth Heller Kim Hewick Rachel Heyman Wayne Hildner Joyce Hilger Karen Hirsch NILES EAST TALENT BENEFITS ACTIVITIES AT WEST The halls are more crowded, cafeteria lines are longer, and the parking lot is more full. But the addition of over seven hundred new students at Niles West this year has boosted the quality and participation of many activities. The closing of Niles East last spring brought half a school’s worth of talent in various activities to go along with that which was already here. Some programs have excelled greatly by having the new students. Although other programs may not have been so greatly benefited, Niles West students have just enjoyed meeting new peo¬ ple. There was tremendous participation of new students on this years Indian football squad. Half the team was former Niles East players. They helped the team to an impressive 6-3 record. Senior Steve Milewski, starting defensive back on the team, said, “They have improved the team. They gave us more depth. They gave us key people in key positions. We wouldn’t be as good without them. I’m glad they came here.” The band, while not getting a great turnout from East students, definitely improved from them, according to Seniors Kelly Chester and Cindy Jiu. Only seven out of the 75 band members are from East. However, they have helped by “increasing quality and leadership,” said Kelly. Cindy commented, “They were accepted, that was it.” They both agreed that they all consider themselves West people now. Junior Sue Strongin, formerly in the Niles East choir, is definitely glad she is now in the Niles West choir. The Niles West choir is much better,” she said. “It is better because there are more people than there were at Niles East.” Only three East students are in the choir, but they have made a definite contribution. Junior cheerleader Michelle Dodd is one of four East students on the West squad. She seems to be enjoying it very much. “I like it,” Michelle said. “This year it is better. The girls are more together. " The East girls have benefited the squad with their talents and by showing how well the schools can unite. — Bruce Hecktman seniors 139 Rick Hirsch Laurie Hoeft Art Hoffman Joel Hoffman Trish Hoglan Keith Hohs Jennifer Hold Monika Holler Eric Holmblad Debbie Holowicki Iris Holzman Therese Horan Seniors Jeff Horwitz Chad Howard Rosa Hsu Ken Hugel Yon Huigi Robert Hunsick Mark Hupperich Zulima Hurtado John Iskandar Rhonda Jackson Carol Jaffe Paul Jaffray Seniors 141 Karen Kalthoff Renee Kamrodt Bruce Kaplan Sandra Karabinas Steve Karahalios Kim Karnes John Karol Sharon Keating Dave Keller Linda Kennedy Humera Khan Hyun Kil CHANDLERS GAIN STATUS w hat is dark gray, small, and is invading Niles West High School? The Chandler’s Assignment Notebook. You can look at what kids are carrying and many times see a Chandler’s Assignment Notebook tucked under an arm. Some of them are decorated with stickers, some with different kinds of clips, and others, just plain blank. If you open one, most likely you will find colorful pages with more stickers and drawings. In a few, you will find homework assignments and dates to remember. Students color in them mainly out of boredom in class or because they don’t have anything else in them. Some students think that the stickers are cute and make their Chandler’s more colorful. “I used to draw and put stickers in my Chandler’s be¬ cause I was bored and because it was so bare. Now that I have more homework, I don’t as much. I think as you get older, you tend to become more mature,” said Janee Kaufman, freshman. “I never really decorated my notebooks. I think that it’s kind of childish. You don’t see that many seniors with pictures in their Chandler’s. It’s just a matter of time be¬ fore people get out of that habit, " said Marianna Feld¬ man, freshman. Chandler’s is not the only brand of assignment note¬ book on the market. Why do kids tend to buy Chandler’s, then? They are usually more costly and do not contain anything different than the colors. “It’s become a matter like clothes. Some kids buy Cal¬ vin Klein jeans over some no-name brand. It’s kind of,” added freshman Marianna Feldman,” “the same situa¬ tion here.” The notebook gives room on each day to write assign¬ ments, special events, and important dates to remember. It has an alphabetically organized address and telephone section, but does not have a section to record your report card and or semester grades. The Chandler’s Assignment Notebook costs $1.89. It has an academic year calendar, assignment recorder, academic schedule, quiz recorder, memoranda, and tele¬ phone and address section. — Arbella Odishoo seniors 143 Kim Wook Seniors 145 Steve Koek Larry Kolar Margie Kong John Kopinski Rona Koral Howard Korey Jim Kostoglams Maryann Kostymuk Stella Koudounis Matt Kozil Chris Koziol Betsy Kraft DESIGNER MANIA HITS! “Oola la Sasson”,“lf my Calvins could talk I’d be ruined”, and “Bon Jour doo doo doo doo doo” seem to be popular phrases in everyday conversation. Not only did these sayings become the commercials, but also the latest fashion. Evidently, a great number of people like the jeans for many reasons. They like the fit, the brand name, or maybe they like the idea of spending so much more on a pair of jeans than the average pair costs. Some people may like the fit, while others do not. Then, if you look at it again, some people want to look spruced up, while others simply look for comfort. If a person is looking for durability, they would probably choose a dependable brand, such as Levis, that may not be as fashionable. Others need jeans to be stylishly well groomed. There are even people who want a tight fitting pair of jeans to emphasize their derriere. Howev¬ er, there are some who don’t care to show off that part of their anatomy. Styles come and go, just as the designer jeans mania will pass. Surely people will continue to wear these jeans, but the desire to own them will be gone. Some new style will take over these jeans, and everyone will adapt to the newest way of being in vogue. — Joyce Hilger Kathy Krasowsky Kathleen Kreher Gary Kremen Scott Krieger Pam Krone Maryann Kucinic Stephan Kueller Christine Kukulski Kathy Kumkoski Lisa Kutok Giselle Laborde Andrea Lamm 0 146 Seniors pi • ' £« ,.. . I I a I Linda Lampert • JM| I Michael Lande ' v I Tom Larosa Sugwon Lee H Sung Lee Karen LeHew Kurt Lemke Caryn Levin Dina Levin Michael Levy Tammy Liametz Terri Lieberman Left to right: Students display trendy Calvin Klein jeans and practical Levis. Seniors 148 Seniors Kathleen MacDonald Denise Mahan Mary Makowka Alisan Mann Gemma Marabella Neal Marcus Jody Margolis Robert Marmelstein Jessielyn Martinez Jeff Martini Nancy Martorano Stacy Maslov Seniors 149 Left to right: Mitch Kite gives a long dissertation in Physics. Steve Rosenbloom anticipates the taste of his chocolate chip cookie. Jtfmie Zucker can’t believe she ate the whole thing. Jay Powell, Gary Kre¬ man, and Steve Pang make plans for tomorrow ' s wardrobe. Left to right: Terry Smolin, Jamie Zuker, and Chris Sikaris, or is it Chris Sikaras, Jamie Zucker and Terry Smolin. Lynne Rheinhard tricks Lisa Singer when she refuses to give her a treat. XT Maureen Memhardt Karen Memmot Ellen Mendelson David Merel m M k Ali 150 Seniors Janette Mason Doug Masters Carol Matchen Mark McCormick Joe McDonaugh Patty McGrann Laura McKeon Steve McManamon Louis Meshulam Rana Michaels Cindy Michals Marcia Miklaj Arthur Milbrandt Steve Milewski Virginia Milewski Brenda Miller Susie Mishima Ellyn Mitchell Melissa Mitsui Heidi Mittermeier UNIQUE GARB HAUNTS HALLS O n Halloween, Niles West was extremely energetic. The students and faculty alike were seen in unique garb. While moving through the corridors, one could see clowns and cowpeople, ballet dancers and boxers, and even in the spirit of the occasion, witches and monsters, all dashing around, laughing and joking about each other’s costume. Students had various reasons for dressing up. Sopho¬ more Lory Flech, dressing as a cowgirl explained, “I chose a cowgirl because the costume wasn’t hard to make. I had to work after school and I thought it would be comfortable to work in.” Another reason was given by junior Cindy Schulther, as a baby with bottle and teddy bear in hand. She re¬ vealed “I needed a costume for a party after school, and knew it wouldn’t be too hard to make.” S ophomore Beth Salmon, who was a ghoulish bat, had a question to ask. “Aren’t you supposed to dress as a scary monster or something? Well that’s just what I did, I’m a scary black vampire bat.” The Halloween spirit wasn’t confined only to the student body. A Frankenstein, wearing a blue suit, was seen carry¬ ing his briefcase down to the main office; the Franken¬ stein’s name was Mr. Richard Antes, Director of English and Foreign Languages. The new head wrestling coach from Niles East, Fred Richardi was wearing a pair of glasses with a false mous¬ tache and nose. Even as I spoke to him, he joked around by twisting the false moustache. Coach Richardi ex¬ plained, “I think Halloween should be a fun time, with jokes and laughter, and I’m just trying to do a little of that.” Halloween at Niles West was spirited and happy occa¬ sion. The students and faculty had their wit and humor “up” as they dressed themselves in their costumes and paraded through the halls looking their best. — Rob Hill Seniors 151 152 Seniors Kurt Mueller Rick Murgas Sharon Murphy Jim Murray Mary Murray Sol Myersa Ellen Nelson John Nikcheuich Gary Moll Lisa Mollan Annette Monreal Leo Moritz Left to right: Marie Helgeson, Heather Joseph, Dan Blackman and Debbie Havdala are dressed for the Senior Prom. Debbie Weiss, Ian Haskell, and Stella Koudounis before trick-or- treating. Jenny Weiss informs Lori Smolenski of a missed doctors appointment. Steve Thill and Lillianna Mendez-Soto look for victims in the cafeteria. Seniors 153 Luigi Nitti Kathy Nolan Glen Noren Rochelle Nuqui Anne O’Boyle Jill Obrochta Edward Odyniec Ted Odyniec Sue Ohlson Hiro Okada Scott Okamura Daniele Olkiewiez COLLEGES MAKE THE GRADE M ore colleges are represented in the halls of Niles West than at its annual college Night. How? By college T-shirts, of course. Every school from Harvard to Arizona State University is represented on the clothing of hundreds of students. No one is excluded from this trend, but the school usually reflects the wearer’s interest. The most popular college apparel here at Niles West seems to come from the University’s of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. This is reasonable, because the suppliers of these clothes are usually older brothers or sisters at¬ tending these schools. One student explained her reason for wearing college clothing this way. “I wear them because it shows you have contact with college life. Somehow it makes you feel older, more mature.” College clothes are a status symbol just about anyone can attain; all one needs is a college to buy them from. They are fairly cheap and can be picked up at any school, no matter how small. During vacations many students hit several colleges to stock their wardrobes. A vacation on the West or East coast is a T-shirt collecting gold mine. These expeditions can leave the student broke; however, there are ways of getting around this problem. “I ask my parents to get them when they go out of town,” commented Jami Thunholm, junior. “That way I save money and they know what to bring back for me.” One avid collector of these shirts is Joel Fink, sopho¬ more. Joel owns a shirt from every Big Ten school plus several others. “The shirts draw attention,” said Joel. “I wear them so people remember me.” — Denise Stoll Linda Olsen Joanne Oppenheim Angie Orfanos Tony Orlando James Ossey Mark Otten Errol Oztekin Janice Palenske Jeff Palenske Stephan Pang John Panousieres Vicki Pappas 154 Seniors Mike Parcelli Konsu Park Barb Parks Brian Patel Hans Peischl David Peiser Scott Peller Michael Perlin Larry Perlman Gary Perlmutter Chris Peterson Bob Peterson Left to right: There goes one proud DePaul fan. Students display a potpourri of colleges on their t-shirts. Seniors 155 156 Seniors Dave Rabin Judy Rabin Steve Rabin Dawn Ransom Tim Reasner Karen Rector Dan Regidor Barb Reich Chris Reichstetter Mary Pat Reifenberg David Reinhard Chuck Richards Seniors 157 158 Seniors Mark Rosenblum Jinx Rosenbrock Linda Rossman Steven Rothman Sue Johnson calmly handles the pressure of being a Niles West senior. Marcy Roman Paul Rooth Aileen Rosen Judi Rosenbaum Sarah Riha Lauri Rock Jeff Rockel Peter Rollick Nick Rowe SeNIORITIS: sen ior»it«is ’sen-yar-it-as- noun: 1. a disease affecting the majority of students in the twelfth grade of our educational system. 2. May affect any upperclassmen, mainly seniors. 3. The disease may begin to occur du ring the summer preceding the senior year, or during the fall of senior year; the major¬ ity afflicted contract the disease on weekends and especially around holidays. SYMPTOMS: Aversion to getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to get ready to go to school. Excessive absences from school. Lack of attendance in (a) specific class(es) (i.e.; gym). When attending a class, one or more of the following occur; a) sleeping b) daydreaming c) writing letters to friends, or d) expressing one’s creativitiy on pa¬ per (or desks) through pictures or doodles. Ad¬ ditional symptoms: enjoying one’s job better than school. Avoiding homework at all costs (or at least putting it off until the night or period before the test). Going out with friends until all hours. An almost constant yearning to “get away from it all”. Excessive television watching and radio listening. Non-stop telephone ringing and calling, accompanied by large telephone bills. Conversation topics limited to: a) the op¬ posite sex b) plans for the weekend, holidays or summer and c) college. CURE: GRADUATION! — Pam Friedman David Rubenstein Lisa Russell Chris Sakaris Diane Saklak Scott Samuels Steve Sanders Val Santi Shira Saville Carol Savitt Karen Sax Michael Schaffner SENIORITIS GRADUATION CURES Seniors 159 “ kK 160 Seniors Henny Schmidt Mike Schmidt Art Schroeder Michelle Schroeder Mike Schultz Dianne Schwartz Rose Seiler Ken Siegel Amy Siemsen Patricia Sillitti Mike Silverman Jodie Silverstein Left to right: Here lie the remains of Cheryl Tobin who was struck down by the librarian for talking. Senior Bill Johnson. Senior Carol Coplan. Amelia Bartholomew proofreads the WestWord. Sarah Riha asks Jamie Berg “Where did this wall come from?” Seniors 161 Florence Simon Vicky Shandling Anita Shapiro John Shapiro Yvonne Sherman David Shimanovsky Julie Shurson Nick Sklivados Sue Sliwa Rocella Smith Ron Smith Joe Smolenski Left to right: Ellyn Mitchell stops to chat before going to class Nancy Wile smiles upon arriving safely in class. Chris Stavropoulos Liz Stein Mark Steinhoff Sigrio Stenzel Todd Stern Mark Sternberg Elisa Stone Nancy Strauss Ian Streicher Constance Streiff Dawn Strissel Yvette Stroesser o GETTING TO CLASS MADE EASY H ave you ever felt that getting to class was like trying to get on an “off” ramp? With shoe crowded halls and jam-packed stairways, it’s nearly impossible to make your class on time. But why complain? There’s not much anyone can do about it, so you may as well live with it, right? WRONG! It’s true you can’t do much about crowded halls, but there are ways to make it to class on time. For instance, how many times have you had trouble open¬ ing your locker? It’s the story of my life. But now I ' ve got the problem licked. One day, being in a terrible hurry, I stopped at my locker, which, naturally, refused to unlock. So what did I do? I gave that stupid hunk of metal a good hard kick. Ever since then, I’ve had very little trouble with it. Uh, I’ve had to remind it every so often who’s boss, but you’d be surprised at how quickly a locker catches on. But so what? I can get my locker open faster. So I save maybe thirty seconds. Big deal! I still have to navi¬ gate my way through those crazy halls and up those creepy stairs. Aha! There’s a way to solve that, too. It’s unorthodox, but when the treat of BAC looms over me, I’ll try anything. What I do is try to think like a motorcyclist weaving in and out of a traffic jam. Instead of standing behind some dumb lug who doesn’t move, I take advantage of every little opening, swerving in and out between peo¬ ple, walls and open locker doors. A word of warning, though. Be careful how you do this on the stairs; one unwary step can send you and twenty other people tumbling to the bottom of the steps. And then, you may never get to class! — Jill Burkel Seniors 163 Jill Sultz Jay Sussman Serena Swanke Erin Sweeney Tammy Tamraz Wendy Tarantur Tony Tatooles Tina Terpinas Ted Theodore Art Therios Steve Thill Scott Thomason 164 Seniors Nancy Tuzzolino Tarina Uglinica Hollie Unterberger Leticia Vargas Left to right: Nancy Buffo, Nancy Meyer and Joanne Oppenheim horse around. Cin¬ dy Jiu enjoys an ice cream cone. Larry Wolf- berg sneaks a peak. Anastasih Trambas Nancy Tripi Donna Tripicchio Mark Trykowski Cheryl Tobin Bob Todd Dan Tourville Kim Tralmer Seniors 165 Sylvia Vargas Paul Wax Sue Waima Nancy Weil David Weindling Elise Weiner Dan Weisberg Dave Weiser Chris Weiss Debbie Weiss Janet Weiss Craig Weissman Ross Weissman LUNCH SPOTS SERVE TASTY CHANGE OF PACE W hen close encounters in the express lane for the Indian boat special do not appeal to the delicate taste buds of the average Joe Ni-We-Hi, where do they spend their all too short moments and money for culi¬ nary delights? “Nick’s Drive-In for gyros because they’re the best,” said senior Bob Fouty, and pals Jim Murray and Jim Costis echo his sentiments. For a small amount of mon¬ ey you can purchase a hefty gyro with all the trimmings. “It fills you up without leaving your wallet empty” ex¬ plains why Nick ' s is so popular. Many students prefer the convenient franchises lo¬ cated nears Niles West such as MacDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. Besides not draining the pocket- book, they also offer a variety of items to please differ¬ ent appetites. Ann O’Boyle agrees. “I like Wendy’s be¬ cause they have a real good salad bar.” Others like them because the burgers-fries-coke routine is their scene. For those who are calorie counting, Dairy Delight and Darnetts have everything from carob to cantaloupes, the basic salads to more complicated creations. Any¬ thing a dieter or health food lover could lust for is available at either of these hangouts. Senior Karen LeHew likes Dairy Delight because “it’s something dif¬ ferent, inexpensive, and low calorie. " However, for a small majority of students, home is their favorite hide away for lunch. “There’s no place like it,” declared senior Anita Shapiro. Besides not spend¬ ing a penny for food, students can catch up on their tavorite soap operas and much needed sleep. Some may even find time to finish that assignment for the next period. Sure students at West get bored with the same food and faces in the cafeteria every day, but senior Donna Anderson summed up the real reason why people munch their lunch elsewhere. “It gives us a chance to get away, even if it’s just for a little while.” — Cindy Doppelt Seniors 167 I M 168 Seniors Heidi Weitmann Roger Wendt Bill Wengerski Pam Wexler Kevin Wheeler Cathy Williams Chris Williams Mark Williams Debbie Wise Ken Wisher Joe Wisniewski Dana Wohlbrandt Larry Wolfberg Linda Woodier James Nrzala Ross Verdin Seniors 169 Victor Wu Susan Yates Mike Yellen Bonita Yoo Janet Young Karen Young Laurie Zawiski Patricia Zeitler Joanne Zelasko Lori Zeleckman Dan Zeller Brenda Zellers Carmela Zicarelli Fabi Zimansky Marc Zissman Jamie Zucker MOVING UP Left to right: Freshman Linda Friedman • Matt Goren occupies himself with his pre-calculas Student closely examines the funny pages. Junior Ken Meyer. Dan Sugar calmly handles the pressure of being a junior. mi i JUNIORS JUMBLE THOUGHTS AND PHRASES r he most thrilling thing I did this year was chal- lange Mr. Earl to a tennis match ... too bad I lost!” - Lisa Kaufman. “I enjoyed U.S. History this year because Mr. Hill is a funny guy.”-Bill Zidel. “This year I discovered the importance of existentialism in my immediate realm of life.” -Rob Nueman. “I was amazed to find out who my real friends are.’’-Laura Musick. “This was my third year of geometry. I finally passed!”-Carol Clarke. “Body building is the next best thing to football. ’’-George Travlos. “I enjoyed meeting different people from Niles East this year.”- Randi Burger. “After three years, I still don’t get no respect.”-Angelo Valenti. My high school philos¬ ophies are: the key to happiness is orange juice with ice, and life is a big fish!”-Amy Alpern. " Later, as in much. ’’-Scott Maloy. “I liked Spanish because Mr. Stein is a great teacher.”-Judy Price. “Just call me SUZY lose big!”-Marilyn Moltz. " And I’m SUZY’S sister, or what’s the story here?”-Jodi Stone. “The most exciting thing I did this year was barackading five yearbook staff members in the yearbook of- fice.’ -Gregg Arenson. 172 Juniors Left: Marci Lichter participates in yearbook candy sale. Aaron Melnick tastes “da-feet!” Laura Rosow is out to lunch. Right: Beth Silverman and Nancy Feingold smile for a Spectrum photographer. Chris Conton works towards perfection. Paul Katzowsky asks, “Hey guys where are you going?” Juniors 173 Gary Abrahams Stefan Adam Amy Adler Dave Albach Joanne Albrecht Patty Alexander John Aim Amy Alpern Sharyl Amodeo Laura Anderson Todd Anderson Helen Anton Gregg Arenson Ricky Aronson Mike Attia Donald Bae John Bailey Lisa Bailey Rob Bailey Judy Banathy Patti Baron Caryn Barrington llene Bass Paul Batchen Sue Baumann Ina Beller Richard Bena Joseph Benjamin Garry Benjoya John Bennett Chris Benson Matt Ben-Zeev Harold Berge Lesley Berger Jeff Bergman Wendy Bernet Marcia Bezanis Chin Bian Julia Bienias Matt Bier Rick Binder Maureen Block 174 Juniors Left: Juniors study in their sleep. Junior Marla Friend. Junior Amy Gold. k UM w. Paula Bocek Ferid Bojic Bob Bordenet Peter Bourdeau Debbie Bowler Ron Boyce Mark Brabec Val Brandt Henry Breidenbach Richard Brow Barbara Buckley Kim Buczak Randi Burger Patty Burns Cari Burnstein Marc Cagen Jordan Camm Peggy Campbell Joseph Cano Mike Castillo Eric Chastain Inui Choi Ann Choyinski Andy Choyinski Tim Christopoulos Ja Chung Maria Ciezki Tom Ciskoski Danny Citron Carol Clarke Mary Clarke Lisa Cohan Jack Cohen Rich Cohen Dave Colander Rozanne Colucci Joan Conrad Chris Conton Jim Cortez Steve Cote Patty Coyne Julie Cristante Juniors 175 JUNIORS RATE RECORDS O nee again, the Juniors of Niles West proved their versatil¬ ity in a recent poll concerning interests in favorite musical groups, albums, songs, and types of music. Also asked was what their last album purchase was, and how many albums they bought last year. When asked what their favorite group or performer was, the majority of students firmly answered, “REO”. Students liked REO for a variety of reasons, ranging from their rhythm and songs, to one juniors’s view, “They have a beat you can listen to forever.” REO beat the second place group, The Who, by a 4:1 ratio. Close behind, there was a four-way tie for third place. The third place groups were: AC DC, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, and Rush Of AC DC, Vicke Lew said, “They have a certain tune in the music that just makes me want to listen!” Further down the list were the Rolling Stones, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, Charlie Daniels Band, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Black Sabbath. Valerie Brandt wrote, “Supertramp has been in the business a long time and just keeps getting better.” Towards the bottom of the list were the Beatles, Foreigner, The Kings, Barry Manilow, Yes, Cheap Trick, Kansas, and The Doors. The winner for the favorite album was REO - A Decade of Rock and Roll. Close behind was AC DC with Back in Black. Further down was Glass Houses by Billy Joel, The Game by Queen, and the musical Godspell. REO also came in first when the juniors picked their favorite songs. In first place was REO with, “You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish”. “Time for Me to Fly”, also by REO, came in a close second. Kenny Roger’s “Lady” was a distant third. Bar¬ bara Striesand’s “I am a Woman in Love” came in fourth place. Also noticeable were “He’s So Shy” by the Pointer Sisters, “I ' m All out of Love” sung by Air Supply, and Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”. Almost every type of music ever recorded was picked as a favorite by the students polled. Types chosen ranged at the bottom of the list from Blues to 50’s music to Bluegrass to opera to musicals to Swing. Others preferred classical, punk rock, new wave, and hard rock. At the top of the list was Rock and Roll with an astounding number of votes. Much further down the list were soft and mellow rock. REO also won in the category for the last album purchased. Their most recent album, REO - A Decade of Rock and Roll, ranked first. Close behind was AC DC with Back in Black. Both albums were recent releases. The amount of albums bought last year ranged from as few as one, to as many as fifty. — Lee Gerstein and Rachele DeFilippis Bill Daehler Shirley Daniel Betty Dassow Joel Davis Lori Dethloff Geof Dexler Debbie Diesing Michele Dodd Walter Dones Dave Dong Heidi Doperer Diann Doppelt Paul Doroba Caryn Dexler Matt Drexler Pat Duda JoAnn Eberhart Cathi Edman Gretchen Edwardson Janelle Emalfarb Phyllis Erdman Annette Erlbacher Erol Ersoy Dan Erycsson Julie Esmael Mark Esposito Kelly Fahey Lynette Fair Michelle Fasig Nancy Feingold Lauri Feldman Lisa Feldman Steven Ferdman Michael Figurelli Shari Finkel Dani Firfer Randy Firfer Kim Fischer Kevin Flannery Melinda Foy Mark Frankson Laura Friedlander Allisa Friedman Marla Friend Beth Fry Lisa Fullet Cindy Gaertner Stacey Galanis 176 Juniors Candy Gallagher Bhaun Gandhi Scott Garfinkel Debbie Gassel Laura Gaughrin Dean Gekas Robin Glassner Larry Glick Len Go Amy Gold Rhonda Gold Frank Goldberg Jill Goldblatt Scott Goldman Arie Goldenstein Steven Goldish Karin Goldstein Ellie Golenzer Mathew Goren Tony Gorham Sherri Gostomelsky Robin Grais Anne Green Cheryl Greene Keith Gross Lou Gross Michele Gross Mark Groves Mike Grunfeld Cindy Guenther Stacey Guttman Judy Hagen Dennis Hagerty Monica Hagg Kris Hailing Beth Handzel Robert Hansen Lisa Harczos Marrianne Hathy Vicki Heller Anne Hellestrae Helene Heman Karen Hendley Tor Henrikisen Chris Herkert Steve Hershenson Connie Hertel Kathy Hirshayer Juniors 177 Danny Hoffman David Hoffman Harriet Hoffman Monika Holler Daniel Hones Linda Hoppe Dean Horike Linda Horiuchi Kathy Hueppl Lisa Hughes Sue Hughes Scott Imhoff Lisa Isaac Aaron Izenstark Mark Jacobs Mark Jacobson Dan Jaffee Danny Jahjah Sue Jakoubek Pamela James Michaelyn Jarosz Michelle Jaskolka Kim Jochem Chery Johnson Donna Johnson Glen Johnson Heather Joseph Muichul Jung Gregg Kadota Steve Kamajian Brina Kane Wan Kang Bonnie Kanter Julie Kaplan Anu Karavattuveetil Todd Kasik Caryn Kaufman Lisa Kaufman Allan Keller Maryann Kenmotsu Joann Keppen Linda Kerz 178 Juniors LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Davis is shocked by Joe Lees s assignment “Will the real Mike Newman, Dave Stein and Bobby Halpen please stand up.” Kevin Kestler Kathy Kilian Mike Kilian Marie Kim Lisa Kimmel Burt Klein Susan Klemm Phil Klier Sharon Kloiber Lori Knobloch Christine Koclanis Rene6 Koda Liz Kogen Carla Kornit Lawrence Kong Roman Konsewicz Tom Kostoglanis Carol Kotsiopoulos Robert Kron Jim Krozel Monika Kroeger Steve Kuhn Laura Kulbersh Aye Kung Scott Kushner Young Kwon Sue Lambrakis Jodi Lasky Robyn Lasky Lisa Leipold Donna Lee Joseph Lee Karen Lee Michael Lee Cindy Leventis Conni Leventis Alan Levey Lisa Levinson Don Lewandowski Ken Liano Marci Lichter Ted Lieberman Juniors 179 TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY P recious metals mean precious memories for those who chose to buy a class ring. But with the cost of class rings today, students have a hard time deciding. According to Yvonne Johanson, senior, her ring will continually remind her of the happy days at Niles West. “It’s an everlasting symbol of the high school I will gra¬ duate from. It’s something I will cherish forever.” Heather Joseph, junior, commented, “I can always keep it, just like my memories of school.” Senior Kathy Krawsowsky said, “I wanted a nice ring to wear. The class rings are personal, by purchasing a ring order I have something to remind me of highschool later on in my life.” It’s easy to tell when ring ordering time is near. The pink plastic ring sizers are the fashion of the hour. The trophy case is momentarily upstaged by the class ring display. Students gather during the five minutes passing periods to ponder the variety of styles and de¬ tails available. According to advertisement posters, class rings are, “a part of today, a part of your lifetime. A pair of jeans should fit your personality ... could you expect less from your class ring?” Some students disagree. Cindy Doppelt, senior, said, “It’s to expensive for just a memory.” Senior, Vicki Shandling, believes the rings are not worth it. “A rip-off” were her exact words. Bob Braje, senior, decided against buying one because he just would not wear it. JoAnn Oppenhiem, senior, is just one who is unde¬ cided. “I wanted a ring, just never did get one. " She said, " I don’t really know why, but now I regret it. Maybe I will get a college ring instead.” Senior, Donna Anderson, wears her ring constantly now. She stated, “I doubt I will wear my ring after highschool but I ' m glad I bought one.” Whether or not students decide to get a class ring, Niles West memories will remain. But with a unique class ring, students hav e a personal, tangable memory. -Marie Helgeson Mark Larsson Marvie Limpin Susan Liou Sandy Lipezker Diana Lipsky Ross Lirtzman Robyn Lobert Sam Lobue Eric Locastia John Lochner Julie Lopez Bob Losoff Rolda Lour Margaret Luncsford Scott Lynn Scott Malin Lillian Maltz Chris Mamaril Marina Maniatis Elena Macaddino Scott Margolin Lea Marnakis Albert Mark Judy Marks Steve Marmel Amy Marschak Faith Martinez Judy Martinez Sandra Martinez Janice Mayer Kevin McAllister Tom McDonough Frank McLaughlin Shannon McLean Marlene Meier Jean Hein Aaron Melnick Kevin Mendelson Lillianna Mendez-Soto Ken Meyer Nancy Meyer 180 Juniors Larry Michaels George Milios Frank Miller Janet Miller Paula Miller Tracey Miller Arden Miner Peter Minetos Alice Miscinski Ruth Mittermeier Murray Mizock Robin Moch Marilyn Moltz Robert Moreton Scott Morrison Helen Moshak Jennifer Moshak Jamie Mortllaro Denise Monmer Brian Murphy Anne Murray Laura Musick Roz Nagrodess Nancy Najarian Susan Nakashima Caron Nelson Robert Neumann Martin Noe Tom Norberg Larry Nordin Charles Nuqui Mark Obermann Chris Obradovic Anna Odyniec Basia Oliff Jean Olson Kathy O’Neill Fern Orlean Debbie Ottlinger Timothy Palenske David Parisi Juniors 181 Above: Hello, this is Mr. Rudin. Scott won’t be in school today.” Sandy Lipezker takes a dip Gregg Arenson munches out. David Papadopoulos Lee Papanek Mary Pappas Vicki Pappas Song Park Tom Partipilo Asha Patel Paru Patel Mary Pattison Lisa Pearson Mike Pecci Janet Pena Scott Perlman Johnny Perperas David Perry Mike Platt Mike Pomerantz George Popovich Kelli Porcaro Christy Posquith Glenn Poticha Steve Potts Judy Price Jue Ra David Rappaport Ruth Ravve Dora Reeves Chanttel Reilly Tony Reinhardt Howard Reisman Mike Reisman Sandra Remon Michael Resnick Jean Reljac Debbie Rich Robert Rich Shawn Ridley Jeff Ring Tom Rivkin Robert Robbins Tracy Roberts Irene Rock Sue Rodgers Bill Rolf Lory Roller Anita Rosenberg Laura Rosow 182 Juniors Amy Ross Edward Ross Alan Rubenstein Scott Rudin Susan Ruesch Ken Ryfkogel Lauri Sacks Mike Saldak Dorothy Saletnik Ken Sail Aviva Samet Matthew Samuelso Bruce Sandlow Margarite Santiler Ken Santillan Michael Sathy Gail Scapardine Steve Scharous Patti Schmidt Sue Schmiegelt Becky Schnell Linda Schnudt Anne Schwartz Charles Schwartz Mike Schwartz Greg Searle Peter Selz Steve Serola Heidi Sevelsky Keith Shapiro Pat Shay Karen Shea Paul Shemroske Nadine Shetler Robert Shrifter Tom Shultz Lisa Sidler Larry Silberman Beth Silverman Scott Skoglund Merilee Slipenko Elizabeth Slisz Marc Small Lori Smolenski Helene Sonkin Craig Spata Chrissie Spraggins Juniors 183 Above: Bruce Sandlow hits the jackpot. Tom Weiss and Len Go cover their eyes for a game of “library hide-and-seek”. Frank McLaughlin checks out the books. ) JUNIORS WORK TOGETHER S mall but mighty aptly describes the junior class cabinet. The enthu¬ siastic members did not let this fact hinder their performance, as they worked together in planning the 1981 prom. Says active member Jodi Stone, “The fact that we were extermly small allowed us to work closely with each other, and closely concentrate our efforts.” Amy Alpern added, “We all knew who was in charge of what. If someone had trouble meeting their responsibilities, someone was there to help them out.” Club sponsor Ms. Linda Horwitz is an English teacher and thought the job of sponsor would give her a chance to work with students on a different basis. With her aid, the ju¬ nior cabinet definatly feels they can accomplish whatever they set out to do. David Stein Ron Steiner Julie Stepke Mitch Stern Bill Stolberg Denise Stoll Jodi Stone George Straton Robert Strauss Sue Strongin Anne Stuermer Val Subonj Joel Sucherman Dan Sugar Hsi Sun Alan Sussman Robinson Sweet Brian Swerdlow Debbie Terrazas Linda Terzakis Caryn Terzis Dean Thomason Kevin Thommes Jamie Thunholm Eric Tittle Lisa Tobin Christina Tomacic Lisa Tomoleoni Genie Toth Margaret Toth Barry Trachtenberg Elizabeth Travis George Travlos Peter Trefren Jamie Turchen Craig Turton Marcey Tutt Ken Tyson Glenn Udell Alex Ulasevich Angelo Valenti 184 Juniors Left: Debbie Rich and Lauri Feldman scurry to a class cabinet meeting. Junior Class Cabinet members Amy Alpern, Debbie Rich, Jamie Wainer, Jodi Stone. Not pictured Lauri Feldman. Cabinet members work together. Mike Vanich Edna Varga Dino Varnavas Marina Ventrelli Jeff Vick Neil Wada Anjali Wadhwa Jamie Wainer Jill Wall Melinda Wallace David Warso Nancy Wegener Patty Wei Ed Weiler Leslie Weinberg Carolyn Weiser Jenny Weiss Linda Weiss Tom Weiss John Whelen Steve Wilensky Tina Williams Paul Wilm Dawn Winandy Rochelle Wise Mark Witt Greg Wittenberg Gary Witz Scott Yates Nancy Yedlin Lauren Young Kristin Youstra Andy Zarch Mark Zawistowsky Jay Zeff Richard Zeid Joyce Zeinfeld Jim Zeman Alan Zemsky Richard Zenner Sandra Zernone Juniors 185 186 Sophomores Left. Chris Steele takes a crash course in helecopter driving. Debbie Havdallah rests after having a sprawl with a roll of killer toilet paper. Sophomores Larry Asher, Alan Smith, Kenny Le- Comte, Bob Spagnoli, and Mike Gentilli having a great time at the Frosh-Soph mixer Joel Fink displaying one of his many college t-shirts. Right: The sophomore cheerleaders during a late . . . night game. Steve Karol takes advise from an intelligent desk. SOPHOMORES SPEAK UP LOUD AND CLEAR M y most memorable experience was dropping my books in the student lounge, and watching my papers fly!” - Lorie Torch, “My favorite class is geometry. " - Mike Albert, “I couldn’t stand biology this year because of the double periods. Nice life .... you have to be in the same class twice as long.” - Barb Stone, “I’m bad, bad, I’m super bad.” - Ricky Kraft, “Don’t mess my hair.” - Da¬ vid Fritzshall, “Indians are Number 1.” - Lisa Grass, “I enjoyed much partying this year.” - Kenny LeComte, “I hated typing because I failed the first, second, third ... six weeks.” - Larry Blume “The most embarrassing thing that happened this year was during 4th period, when Dave Gershbren gave me a chocolate milk (bath).” - Carrie Hlepas, “I had a great time in geometry.” - Mark Lippkin, “Give me a break.” - Lisa Singer. “My most memorable experience was wearing my high-heeled shoes, and sliding across the entire cafeteria, while people were shouting and laughing.” - Cindy Roman. “I ' d like to thank all my great new friends at Niles West.” - Rick Erens. “Oh, shut up!” -Sharon Schneider. “Abby Lando, Susie Rich, let’s eat Twinkies.” - Bo Derek and the Sophomore Twinkie Club, “I don’t like the idea of having 300 minute class days.” -Tom LaBelle. “Can I be you?” -Sharon Schneider. “My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West sophomore year was teepeeing in my underwear with the sophomore Midnight Riders!” -Kim Lores. “East plus West-Winning Teams.” -Mike Mandell. “Chico Gonzales has made our Sophomore year at Niles West a joyous one.” - Class of ’83 Sophomores 187 Bill Abelson Jeff Adams Hans Adelfang Dan Akwa Mike Albert Adrianna Alcalde Gail Alexander Hrach Alexanian Alexandria Angelakos Estelle Angeletos Bobby Argys Yvonne Arvanitis Larry Asher Cynthia Atsaves Lisa Avella Sandra Avendano Janice Bacchiere Fiodora Badalian Fredrica Badalian Jennifer Baer Kevin Bailey SOPHOMORES fV Kim Baker Jacky Bashky Rosemarie Baque Renee Barasch Sheryl Barasch Nancy Barraza Georgette Bartholomew Kristin Bauer Elisa Becker George Bellos Andrew Benbow Mike Bender David Bernstein Georgia Bezanis Greg Bezkorovainy Armen Biberian Glenn Bianchi Cory Binstock Patrick Blackaller Lila Blok Denice Bocek 188 Sophomores Jeri Boepple Heidi Bojes Azra Bojic Buffy Bonkoske Ken Bosshart Ernie Bourdeey Wendy Brandwein Miriam Bravo Wendy Brenner Steve Brooks Barry Burdeen Brian Burdin Tom Burke Dorothy Caeung Gloria Camilli Mary Campbell Bari Caplan Jim Carnow Andrea Cattern Cathy Chadwick Jae Chang Anita Charous Don Chelberg Linda Chen Jill Chertow Kevin Chester Linda Chi Sharon Christensen Monica Christmann Julie Ciskoski Alan Citterman Bruce Claver Renee Clemens Laurie Coconato Jennifer Cohen Kari Cohen Mark Cohen Michelle Cohen Pam Cohen Gary Constance Pam Costas Joe Coursey Sophomores 189 Bill Coyne Scott Cramer Jeff Dagostino Mike Dahm Valerie Daniel Lynn Davis Phillip Daus Alan Dayan Bill Decker Lisa DeCook Jeff Deer Michelle Deering John Degroot Chris Delgado Beth Desnet Steve Diamond Mike Disch Julie Disselhorst Patty Doles Steve Dorfman Rich Doroba Bryan Dubin Caryn Eberhart Jodi Eisenberg Alex Engels Robert Epperson Seth Erlebacher Kathy Erpelding Mauricio Estrada Bradley Evans Douglas Faller Marc Falleroni Sue Fang David Farkas Aaron Feinberg David Fickert Eric Fiedler Paula Field Ted Field Matt Filippini Joel Fink 190 Sophomores Marci Firfer Lori Fleck Richard Frankel Lori Freed Dan Freedman Rosane Friedman Dave Fritzshall Larry Fogel Helena Gabriel Joey Gan Fernanda Gaullieres Michael Gentile Holly Gershanov Dave Gershbein Elizabeth Gerstein Jeff Gilbert Julie Gillan Marci Gintzler Mitch Gitelman Michael Glick Darrell Gold t FINAL EXAMS PROVOKE NEGATIVE RESPONSE M ost students can bear with the amount of wear and tear that our teachers inflict upon us daily. Quizzes and tests, which are merely part of our weekly routine, are accepted as a way of life between September and June. But when it comes to the subject of that 75-minute test called the final exam, teenagers often reveal a sudden negative attitude toward a once acceptable lifestyle. We all think of and prepare for final exams in different ways. Some people force themselves into total seclu¬ sion for a given time, studying as never before. Others of us hurriedly skim our notes while gulping.down Whea- ties or Lucky Charms the very morning of our exam. Then there are the brave and daring who are deter¬ mined to ace their desired grade without a moment of studying. One member of this group, sophomore Kim Gross, commented, “I don’t prepare for finals. If you ask me, that’s a waste of time.” Our teachers tell us that the signifigance of finals is to tell them just how much we’ve learned in a semester. But students think of them simply as the last chance they have for the grade they’ve been hoping for or dreading. The final exam score can be the major break¬ through or the downfall of a semester of hard work. “Finals are ridiculous because they try to cram 18 weeks into three days.” contributed senior Bob Heelan. Sophomore Julie Kellman summed up her opinion by saying, “25% of your grade is too much to base them on.” Whatever the reaction may be to the controversial and unpleasant final exam topic, we must set aside our (four letter) comments and attempt to look on the bright side. After all, finals represent the official completion of a busy and vital semester. This prominent cue can offer the opportunity to start anew and consider bettering ourselves past a degree we never before would have considered. -Brenda Moss Charles Goldberg Darrell Goldberg Gary Goldenberg Tony Goldish Rhonda Goldstein Ted Goodman Chris Gonzales Lisa Goone Michelle Gorchon Cindy Gotfryd Alex Govis Lisa Grass Paul Greenspan Vicki Greenstein Barb Groeling Paul Grosse Alice Gueyikian Natalie Gunchick Veronica Gustek Glenn Guttman Sophomores 191 Martha Ha Michelle Haddon Lisa Hahn Julie Halap Rob Harles Andrew Harrelson Stephen Harris Karen Hartwig Gayle Hartzen Debbie Havdala Karen Hedberg Karen Hedquist Kathy Hehn Joan Heidkanp Don Hennessy Scott Herbold Ellen Herman Julie Hildebrand Robert Hill Eric Hinchman Oliver Hintz Keith Hirata Carrie Hlepas Jacqueline Hoffman James Hoffman Ricky Holowiski Lori Holst Jay Hornstein Elmer Hortelano Beth Horvat Frank Horvath Jorge Hurtado Mike Irpino Mirli Iskandar Todd Jackson Peter Jacobson Renata Jakubowski Desiree James Janice Gajdek Jackie Jenkins Frank Ji Diane Johnson 192 Sophomores Brad Joselit Peter Joseph Munhi Jung Ken Justesen Maria Kacak Tina Kalabogia Susan Kang Mark Kapelanski Todd Kaplan Kim Kasnick Mark Kaufman Michael Kaufman Julie Kellman David Kewith Shahin Khoshbin Eva Kim Ki Kim Steve Klein Dale Klemenz Cary Kochman Ayumi Kodama Left: A doors eye view of Alan Smith. Shari Gostomosky, Gretchen Edwardson, And Pat¬ ty Doles enjoy lunch. Karen Nolan, Kathy Luppo and Barb Groeling take time out to study. Sophomore JeannieTosch. John Murray gazes through the glass. Sharon Schneider and friends play games in the hall. Megumi Kodama Walter Koenig Steve Kolber Dimitra Kotsinonos Lou Kovitz Floyd Kozak Lisa Kozokar Susan Krause Elliot Kravetz Julie Kremen Bill Kruzel Carol Kukulski Michael Kurey Sonia Kwon Khin Kung Thomas La Belle Diane Laborde Kenny Lacomte Polly Lai Mark Lamanna Abby Lando Sophomores 193 Mike Laivski Dale Larson Norman Larson Debra Laser April Lasky Robert Laufer Alfred Lazar Elisa Leberis Maria Leberis Edwin Lee Elizabeth Lee Joann Lee June Lee Vickie Lee Yuna Lee Mike Lembcke Mark Lemke Mike Lerman Karen Lesiowski Barry Levin Mike Levin Back: Linda Schmidt, Holly Gershanov. Lori Torch, Hope Rose, Lori Freed, Jodi Eisenberg, Dorothy Chung. Middle: Lisa Wax, Debra Lasar, Wendy Smason, Shelia Poet, Linda Chen. Front: Maria Leberis, Judy Rusch, Geri Masterton. Randi Levinson Craig Levy George Liakopoulos Neal Lieder Allen Limpin Tim Lindemann John Liosatos Pheodora Liou Marc Lipkin Debbie Loiacano Kim Lores Kathy Luppo Tom Lutz Mark Luncsford Sharon Mahan Steve Majewski Christine Mak Alex Maliwanag Cary Maltz Julie Mamett Marie Mamaril 194 Sophomores Mike Mandell John Marshall Alesia Margetis Julie Martini Geralyn Masterton Jo Matchen Lois Mayer Tory McCarthy Keith McCormick Karen McDonough Henry Meinke Norbert Meyer Toby Miesing Anna Miklaj Arleen Milbrandt Phyllis Milewski Veronica Milewski Dino Miliotis Barb Miller Rosie Miller Steve Miller SOPHOMORES SPREAD SMILES T he Sophomore Class Cabinet was victorious this year in promoting both school spirit and smiles. Determined to cut down on student apathy, the cabinet met weekly under the spon¬ sorship of Mr. Carl Geis. “Our cabinet worked well together, and we had a great time too!” said cabinet member Geri Masterson. “A class ought to be able to have lots of fun together, and everybody should have the chance to meet each other. That’s something we’ve tried to achieve this year.” Claiming they had the highest level of school spirit, the sophomores set out to prove it by showing apprecia¬ tion to the Indians. The cabinet claimed that during the cold, windy football season, there were more sophomores cheering in the stands than any other class. The cabinet worked on events such as the frosh-soph mixer, the building of a homecoming float, and a co-ed sports night Member Elisa Leberis said, “Things have gone very well, but it would be nice if next years cabinet can produce a better mixer than those of the past!” Overall, the Sophomore Cabinet had a productive year, and its mem¬ bers are confident that the results will be the same when they are juniors. — Brenda Moss Tracy Miller John Minikowski Larry Mimp Jennie Mirkovic Anne Miscinski Johanne Monaco Jennifer Monnier John Moradzadeh Brenda Moss Natasha Motev Alex Mozner Andy Much Annette Mugrditchian John Murray Jim Nadder Zan Nedic Lori Nelson Jeff Nimz Pam Nisson Karen Nolan Amy Nutting Sophomores 195 Patty O’Boyle Katherine O’Brien Jim O’Conner Ira Oliff Nancy Olsen Joseph Ople Lorraine O’Rourke Suzanne Oto Victor Ovsey Mark Oyois Donna Pallson Elaine Panousieres Greg Panzello George Pappas George Pappas John Pappas Ayeryon Park Rick Paszko Himanshu Patel Anita Patterson Alex Paul Chris Pawlowski William Payuk Ken Pearl Gail Perlman Lori Peterson John Piculas Floyd Pinckney Tracey Pitts Sabine Plonlis Sheila Poet Gregg Ponitch Stephanie Poulakidas Mike Pubrkel Gina Quilici Susan Rabin Bob Reichert Lynn Reinhard Russell Reiter Francisco Reyes Susan Rich 196 Sophomores Left: Mike Gentile and Vance Stamos watch from the sidelines. Michelle Deering. Geri Masterson and Lori Nelson ham it up. Elaine Panousieres and Monet Vass. Lee Schaps Lisa Schmetter Linda Schmidt Peter Schnaitman Sharon Schneider Sandra Schreier Ross Schreiter David Schwarz Elisa Schwartz Karen Schwartz Rich Schwartz Mark Seef Art Seiman Michael Sergot Lisa Sesterhann Dhiren Shah Lisa Shapiro Mindy Shapiro Bill Shayman Barb Shedroff Sophomores 197 Wendi Riskin Steven Robinson Jodi Robins Laura Rockel Peter Roggeman Cindy Roman Helen Romanofsky Gail Root Adele Rose Debra Rose Frances Rosen Carla Rosenblum Sue Rosenblum Hope Ross Kevin Ross Marcia Russel Sari Rubin David Rugendorf Judy Rusch Tom Russo Kathy Sander Chris Shiakallis Efrem Silensky Jay Silverman Sheldon Silverman Rich Simon Lisa Singer Chris Sinica Wendy Smason Alan Smith Paul Smith Miriam Snyder Joo Son Bob Spagnoli Antonio Spiliopoulos Ellen Sprague Linnea St. Marie Van Stamos Chris Steele Thomas Steele Mike Stern Lauren Stevens PRACTICAL CLASSES RATE HIGH W hat are some of your favorite classes? Who are some of your favorite teachers? What classes are most benefi¬ cial at West? The sophomores had a chance to answer these questions in a recent survey. The first question, which concerned favorite classes, had suprising results. The favorite class of the sopho¬ mores was physical education, which led by a wide mar¬ gin. Dean Erickson said that “P.E. is the most frequent¬ ly cut class at Niles West.” Maybe its popularity stemmed from the fact that i t was described by many as a “blow off” class. Some sophomores decided to elimi¬ nate the possible theorizing, and responded that free periods and lunch were their favorites. The choice of favorite teachers, however, does not coincide with favorite classes. Many teachers were con¬ sidered “best” Mr. Jones tallied the most points, win¬ ning such favorable comments as “easy going”, “a comedian” and simply “a good teacher”. Mr. Davis ran a close second, but for different reasons. “Mr. Davis lets everyone listen to the radio in art class,” said Adele Rose. “Also, she noted, “he teaches on a person to person basis.” Mr. Fields was another highly favored teacher. Lisa Shapiro felt that Mr. Fields was “a great teacher. He liked what he was doing, and it showed.” The response to the most beneficial classes was a realistic one. Math, typing, English, biology, and business classes were top scorers. Lunch, although a favorite class, was considered beneficial by few. Aaron Feinberg commented, “Lunch is the only time of the day when I’m afraid to eat!” — Laurie Kahn and Helen Verity Barbara Stone Julie Stone Steven Straton Ron Strehl John Stroesser Carol Swenson Kevin Swerdlow Ingrid Taraschewsky Paula Teichner Robin Telengater Karen Tenzillo Kathy Tenzillo Gus Therios Terri Thompson Elizabeth Todd Lori Tomoleoni Lorie Torch Jeanie Tosch John Tripi Nick Tsokas Scott Tullock David Turner 198 Sophomores Left: Mr. Fields doing what he does best. Students take part in beneficial classes. Mike Wilson Larry Wiltgen Mark Winston Karen Wittenberg Kelly Woodall Diane Wratschkd Lisa Wright Mike Yedlin Sandra Yep Myojung Yi Joyce Yoo Barry Zabo Gordama Zagorscak Mike Zaslowsky Lisa Zeller Wendy Zepan Darren Zetek Fred Zicarelli Steve Zimansky Julie Zivilik Dave Zucker Sherry Zuch Sophomores 199 FRESHMEN EXPRESS SIGNIFICANT IDEAS D on’t mind being a freshman except when people say I act like one” - Robyn Harris. ‘‘My favorite class this year was honors lunch.” - Tom Farmer. “I hated closed halls this year because I could never get to my locker. " - Cheryl Torres. “Yes, I have a twin brother!” - Jordon Lotsoff. “I really enjoyed Spanish this year, because I goofed off all year and didn’t get caught.” - Caryn Rubenstein. “Do unto others before they do unto you.” - Seesun Yoo. “Do I look O.K.?” - Jackie Levine. “My pet peeve is when people call me Jor¬ dan.”- Phillip Lottsoff. “I like cheerleading.” - Jill Pieper. “Being in the Niles West Band was a memora¬ ble experience.” - Cary Noren. “I hate when people say, ‘I never realized how short you are”’ Erica Stone. “Say what?” - West Silverman. “Massive” - Jill Rap- pin. “My worst class this year is Hebrew.” - Spencer Stern. “What.?” - Karen Bernstein. “Like, can I tell you, like do you know what I mean?” - The Entire Freshman Class. 200 Freshmen Left: Mike Weindiing rests during a freshman soccer game. Becky Weinstein, Maria Leberis, Ellen Havdala, Katina Gra- maris, DeeDee Lippe and Linda Friedman show just how cam¬ era shy they really are. Freshman class members ride in the Home¬ coming parade Right: Jack Kundit wants you! Sheryl Sperling wonders what Jack Kundit is doing. Randi Sokol awaits the bell during Freshman study hall. Freshmen 201 . Steve Abelson Mari Aberg Desiree Ablkis Paul Adsen Nadeem Akhter Julie Albach Armen Alexanian Ronnie Alpert Denise Altemese George Anast Constance Anderson Diane Anderson Karl Anderson Ami Antman Mark Arenson Louis Argyrakas Ron Arledge Kevin Ashcrot Katherine Atsaves Beth Auerbach Tony Avella Jim Baffa Kim Bandalin Chris Baransky Angie Baron Jenny Bartolomei Judy Basilio Bob Batchen Diane Bedony Steve Beegun Jose Behar Rita Beier Antonietta Bellissimo Nick Bellos Ray Bencivenga Pam Benjamin Richard Bennett Jodi Bergman Merle Bergman Julie Berk Linda Bernheim Karen Bernstein FRESHMEN I Left: Rich Tonsul clipping away Neil Tobin kidnaps a fellow freshman. “Stop smiling and get to class!” Freshmen!! Ricky Kraft caught in an attempt to pull the fire alarm. 202 Freshmen ' Y • W - Lisa Bielski Sophie Bibizas Deanna Black Geoffrey Bloomfield Edward Borak Aaron Borjon Effie Boudouvas Ron Bower Tom Bowman Sharon Brabec Andrew Braje John Brocar Carol Brown Howard Brown Valerie Brown Lisa Buck Jill Burkel Sam Butera Ed Calderaro Rafael Campanini Jennie Campbell Bill Cariato Keith Carlsen Angelica Catiis Rudy Cerrone Kim Chahal Roger Chams Grace Chan Adam Chern David Chesler Patrick Chester Richard Chi Joanne Choi Christine Cho Pat Chuenrudeemol Mike Chwalisz Lisa Clark Mike Cohen Michael Cohen Helene Cohan Sally Cohen Scott Cohen Freshmen 203 Carl Colonian Jeff Congine Mark Conton Linda Cox Shane Curtiss Barbara Daehmler Bob Dahoff Pam David Steve Davis Phil Davis Geraldine Dawis Peggy Deffind John Dethloff Ed Dernatoian Mitchell Dolce Laure Doolittle Lisa Downey Scott Eischen Michael Epstein Steve Erickson Jackie Erlechbacher Ross Erlebacher Steve Erlebacher Diane Estes Megan Ettling Steven Faingold Lesley Fair Tom Farnier Marianne Feldman Michelle Feldman Reesa Feldman Tracey Feldman Stacy Fine Karen Fischer Jeff Fischer April Flakne Bob Flood Gary Folgelson Kris Francescomr Mike Frank Madai Frey Ellen Friedman Left: Freshmen study in study halls. Caryn Rubenstein passes the time away. 204 Freshmen Jeff Friedman Linda Friedman Michelle Friedman Mike Friedman Cecilia Ga rcia David Gargano Beth Gatilao Jeffrey Gazer Allan Gerszonovicz Tom Gibbons David Glassner Sharon Goldberg Ron Goldburg Sherman Gomburg Bob Gomez Jose Gonzales Katina Gramatis Tom Gramatis Michael Granat Wendy Graw Michael Greenberg Jeff Greer Paula Gregorian Toula Gregory Steve Gresham Lori Grzesiakowski Susan Gross Mike Grujanac Paul Guerrero Houri Gueyikian Joel Guggenheim Purnendu Gupta Eric Gursch Janice Gurvey Tom Gut Liz Guth Lisa Haddon Shannon Hagerty David Hahn Chris Hall Janet Hallman John Handzel FRESHMAN STUDY A mong the many additions Niles West had this year, there was one that was instituted last year and con¬ tinued to remain a part of every fresh¬ man’s school day. Freshmen study halls were put into freshmen’s schedules beginning with the class of 1983. The State of Illinois’ require¬ ment of 300 minutes of daily teacher supervision was the reason for this recent addition. Being that eight per¬ iods of supervision would fill this re¬ quirement, the study halls helped to achieve this goal. Each freshman student was as¬ signed to study hall during one period of unscheduled time each day. Stu¬ dents were not assigned to them where lab classes were held through¬ out the week. The study hall, located in room 309, had students in it for the entire day — periods one through ten. Study hall tenth period created complaints among freshmen who were assigned this period because they could have left the school ninth period to go home. Sophomore Barry Levin had study hall last year and comments, “I think the period is really helpful for students who really do want to study. The stu¬ dents that don’t, simply create disor¬ der. If the class were optional, then it could serve with the same purpose by allowing people who wish to study, to study.” Sophomore Steve Klein also replied, “It seems to be exactly like the BAC, and you feel that you are being punished for committing no crime.” Mr. Jerome Orr supervised a study hall last year and felt it was the ideal place to study. He also said, “It was effective if you had no more than 30 students. I had 12, but I know some teachers who had 60 or 70 stu¬ dents.” Freshmen Sherri Michaels who attended a daily study hall this year said, “It’s a good idea because I do get to finish my homework, but I also seem to get a chance to get some sleep before my next class.” Miss DeFur, who supervised first period study hall this year comment¬ ed, “One of the major problems is that students often don’t bring things to study with them and some don’t have a positive attitude toward the purpose of the study halls.”-Tracy Miller Freshmen 205 Robyn Harris Lisa Harwood Ellen Havdala Adam Hecktman Peggy Hellestrae Linda Heidinger Sonya Herkert Kurt Heyman Brenda Hill Keiko Hirata Karen Hildebrand Jean Hildener Lesley Hinz Jeff Hoelzel Mary Holm Kathy Hones Holly Hollader Andy Holowicki James Homa Georgia Hontos Ronald Hoppe Tom Horan Jim Horiike Tony Housakos Jin Park Hyo Lisa Isberian Tomoaki Ishihara Craig Israel Paul Jacobson Frank Janecek Anthony Jarosz Mike Japely Randee Jemc Chris Johnson Carl Johanson Dale Jordan Jeff Joss Shpresa Jusufi David Kahn Sayeed Kahn Angela Kalabaka Greg Kamp Left: Jean Hildner caught cheating. Freshmen arrive early to class. Student enjoys a popsicle. John Lee trying to take his afternoon nap. 206 Freshmen Steve Kanavas Danna Kaplan Louis Kaplan Nick Kapsis Faye Karallalios George Katsoulas Brian Kave Janee Kaufman Laura Kazmier Danny Kerstein Laura Kewith Gail Kibort Yoon Kil Young Kim Janna Kimel Julie Klancnik Evan Kleeberg David Kloser John Kohl David Kobyleski Steve Kondic Tony Konsewicz Missy Koral Steve Korol Jeff Kosoy John Kotsiopoulos John Koudounis Linda Kozak Andrea Kozil Richard Koznarski Sue Krasowsky Sari Kreiter Jerry Krueger Kathy Kuhn Jack Jundit Caroline Kurita Darinka Kusan Chris Laliberty Bill Lamanna John Lambrakis Mary Larosa Michelle Lashever Freshmen 207 Jennifer Lautenschlager Gaye Lauter Sherry Lazar Vickie Lazar Lisa Leavitt Jill Lebovitz Beth Lebrun John Lee John Lee Lesley Lee Leon Lenchik Greg Lereno Patti Lesiowski Jaclyn Levin Judy Levine Scott Levin Lynne Levey Marilyn Levy Todd Lichtenstein Wendy Lindemann Harvey Limpin Dee Dee Lippe Devra Lipsky David Lisco Rhonda Litt Debra Loeb Ken Lofland Linda Loicano Robert Long Jordan Lotsoff Phillip Lotsoff Ellen Lovi John Lucia Faith Lunsik Kenneth Lund Kathleen Lutz Dan McCarthy Scott McCarthy Ruth McCoy Sharon McMahon Diane McGrann Billie Mendeis Top: Demi Vrahos, Karen Hildebrand, Michelle Dolce, John Sobel. Spencer Stern Middle: Sue Gross, Jackie Sme- sert. Sena Sturgeos. Greg Kamp, Todd Lichtenstein Bottom: Laurel Doolittle, Janee Kaufman, Holly Holander, Jerry Strange, Damie Moshah 208 Freshmen Daniela Macaddino Louis Maltezos Alvin Mann Scott Manzara Barry Margolin Cary Margolis Brian Martin Christine Martin William Martin Kelly Maslankowski Joanne Matz Laurie Maybrun Mary May Jenny Mayo Mellody Mays Lanae McAllister Beth Merkel Tim Messink Rich Meyer Sherri Michaels Robyn Miller Karen Minkoff Kevin Mollan Gail Mankoff Jackie Moreth Rex Morioka Damian Moshak Peter Moy Ross Much Lisa Mueller Staci Munic Mark Musick Shireen Najiullah Paragi Nanavati Carol Netzel Todd Neuhauser Gail Niminski Leslie Noosebond Amy Nordskoo Cary Noren Bill Numrich Rosalie Nuqui FRESHMAN FUN T he 1980-81 Freshmen Class Cabinet, led by presi¬ dent Holly Hollander, showed “a lot of spirit and enthu¬ siasm,” according to sponsor Miss Nash. The purpose of the Freshmen Cabinet is to promote leadership and camaraderie. The freshmen not only dem¬ onstrated leadership, they also had fun. “I enjoyed work¬ ing on the Freshmen Class Cabinet because I met many new people, and we did all sorts of interesting things,” decided Secretary Janee Kaufman. The Cabinet began their activities in October with the builing of their Homecoming float. They continued to meet once a month to plan for the Open Sports Night in the spring. This fund-raiser was held in order to obtain enough money to purchase Class of ’84 t-shirts. Despite other school activities or outside jobs, the students on the Freshmen Class Cabinet worked to help their classmates and future freshmen. “A few people can change and improve conditions for all freshmen classes. We tried to make it so that the Freshmen Cabinets in the years to come will be as enthusiastic as we were, and have as much fun,” commented Damien Moshak, Trea¬ surer. The Cabinet is open to all freshmen interested in plan¬ ning activities strictly for freshmen. President Holly Hol¬ lander said, “I think the Freshmen Class Cabinet is good because all freshmen are involved, and we can make the school work for us!” The Freshmen Cabinet provides good experience for those who plan to be active in stu¬ dent government. “I’m gong to continue working on stu¬ dent activities at Niles West. This is just a beginning.” An important aspect of all class cabinets is that a couple responsible people are chosen to stand for their fellow students. Vice-President Jerry Strange replied, “I like the idea of representing the entire freshmen class.”- Lisa Shapiro Freshmen 209 210 Freshmen Jim Obermann Arbella Odishoo Atsuko Okada Jeff Okamura Dawn Olander Lifcha Olive Shelia Olson Phyllis Oppenheim Randi Oppenheim Dawn Palm Aris Pandazi Elaine Panos Sang Park Mahjabeen Patel Kathy Pattison Cheryl Paustine Paige Pawelek Margaret Pearson Susan Peiser Frank Perez Neil Perl Gary Perlman Scott Pflaumer Kim Pintor Steve Piorklund Jill Piper Phil Piscitello Ray Pitta Jacqueline Plonus Marlena Portnoy Karen Privatsky John Pszyk Cheryl Rabin Dave Rappin Jill Rappin Kristen Reasner Brenda Reeves David Risoff Anna Roberto Jill Roberts Joseph Rodgers Ramsey Rodgers Cheryl Rogan Mark Rosen Mitchell Rosen Greg Ross Ray Rosses Danny Rotblatt Caryn Rubenstein Mike Ruly Jordy Sacksner Andrew Santiler Becky Santos Julie Saper Julie Savitt Lisa Savitt Marty Savitt Julie Scapardine Dean Schmidt Robin Schrager Denise Schultz Ellen Schusteff Elisa Seltzer Christine Sergot Sonali Shah David Shane Mohammed Shariff Beth Shartiag Laura Shedroff Gregg Sherman Daniel Siciliano Pam Siperis Jackie Smessaert Pamela Smith John Soble Ronald Sohn Randy Sokol Tom Somenek Sheryl Sperling Karen Springborn Chris Socash Lisa Stein Reinhard Stenzel Spencer Stern Erica Stone Jerry Strange Jim Streiff April Strissel Karen Siegel Alan Silberman Karen Silverblatt Miriam Silverman West Silverman David Simon Matthew Simonson Cindy Skupiewski Left: Lets boogie! Paul Jacobson cleans up the hall¬ way. Merle Bergman expresses her inner emotions. Freshman Holly Hollander. Freshmen 211 Stacy Strongin Sena Sturgis Rob Subczak Dan Sullivan • Hsi Sun Amy Sunblom Tom Svrcek Marty Swidler Robert Szumal Chris Taldone Chris Tavoularis George Temes Bill Terpinas Andrea Thilmany Neil Tobin Gilbert Tolentino Rich Tonsul Cheryl Torres Constatine Trambas Mike Travlos Predrag Trbovic Jennifer Treffren Kristy Trelford Tony Tripicchio Greg Trykowski Sam Tuzzolino Kelly Tyson Gus Tziavaras Tamara Uglinica Sandra Valencia Jojo Valenti Israel Ventura Kathy Verstraete Dan Vishny Korine Vlahos Dimitra Vrahnos MASH TOPS T.V. POLL I n early November, the freshmen class of ' 84 was given a questionaire asking them about their favorite T.V. show, the amount of television they watched per week, their favorite ac¬ tor, and the best movie they had seen. The most popular show with Niles West freshmen is MASH. Other shows that ranked high were: Dukes of Haz¬ ard, Soap, Dallas, and Eight is Enough. There are certain reasons why MASH was so highly favored. Tom Syrcek thinks MASH s “realis¬ tic, funny, and somewhat entertain¬ ing.” According to Rich Mayer, MASH ranked high “because the plots are really good.” Says Damien Moshak, “it is humorous in many dif¬ ferent ways, and it keeps the reality of war and the hardships of people.” The average West freshman watch¬ es anywhere from 1-30 hours of tele¬ vision per week. T.V. watching is de¬ termined by how much school work, jobs and other extracurricular activi¬ ties the student had. The freshmen also rated Burt Reynolds and Bo Derek as the top actor and actress. Others high on the ladder were: Alan Alda, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Cheryl Ladd, Jane Fonda, and Barbra Streisand. Steve Faingold likes Burt Reynolds because he is crazy, while Carolyn Marshall thinks he’s a fox. The class of “84 described Bo Derek as “extremely beautiful” and “very funny.” The favored movie was " The Blues Brothers” with John Belishi and Dan Akroyd. Other frequented mov¬ ies were: “My Bodygaurd” and “The Empire Strikes Back”. Though these movies are very different, all were de¬ scribed a being “thoroughly enjoy¬ able.” — Alan Zemsky 212 Freshmen Stuart Wallace Marla Wallerstein Lindy Warshawsky Sandy Wei Carrie Weinberg Howard Weinberg Michelle Weinberg Mike Weindling Jill Weinman Suzanne Weisman Ami Weiss William Wheeler Tom Whelan Glenn White Peter Wierzchon Steven Winkler Joanah Wipf Mary Witzcall Robin Wolfberg Danny Woo Laura Woodfield James Woodier Kurt Wozniak John Wrzala Gunther Wurnbach Jon Yellen Mike Yetter Sandra Yoo Seesun Yoo Yu Yu John Zaffer Sharon Zeff Mike Zellers Robert Zeman David Zemsky David Ziegelski Freshmen 213 SCHOLASTIC [wise: Varsity Indian coach Don Huff confers player. Typical Niles West behavior! More typical Vest behavior!! What were you up to? Mr. Mustari liss Carr go over some last minute details. SCHOOL LEADERS ATTAIN TOP PROGRAM T he role of the Principal at Niles West is an exciting and challenging responsibility. Since its inception in the 1957-58 school year, Niles West has developed an array of outstanding educational programs for the many students who have been such a vital part of the school’s tradition. This optimal educational program has been possible only because of the excellent support which the community, working through its School Board, has provided the school with professional talent and facili¬ ties toward the task of attaining excellence in each of our programs. It is a distinct privilege to be a part of a concerned, committed, and enthusiastic community that shows profound concern for its youth. The mission of the Niles West Administration is to strive for excel¬ lence in the various facets of our Niles West Program. This goal of excellence extends into the curriculum as well as in our co-curricular activities. This thrust can only be achieved in conjunction with fellow administra¬ tors, the faculty, and the noninstructional staff. This spirit of cooperation is one of the vital ingredients that has helped to guide Niles West toward excellence in the short term of our existence as a school. There is nothing more meaningful in a high school than a positive and confident attitude toward self-family and school! The deans’ office has been expanded to accomodate a third dean, needed for the 2,561 students at West this school year. The old method of dividing students by class level is no longer feasible. Counselor assignment is used to assign the students to Mr. Ramirez; Mr. Kup- ferberg; and Mr. Erickson, the only dean from last year. Deans 217 fl ■ i John Lorenz Dorothy Beringer Gerald Turry Dolores Wyko Rita Stewart Elsie Levin Richard Antes Marge Phillippe John Winterhalter Phyllis Mooradian 218 Directors Leonard Ackman Betty Stezskal BOARD FORMS CITIZEN GROUPS T he Board of Education, consisting of Ray Fleischer, President, Mary Helen Archibald, Secretary, Eric Moch, Fred Minkus, Florence Sutker, Lowell Ruffer, and Bertram Meyers, unified into a solid, hard-working group. The Board had many accomplishments this year. They closed Niles East in an orderly fashion, renting it to many primary groups such as Oakton Community College and Centreast Organization. Another of the objectives they accomplished was the formation of citizen groups to help the Board of Education. One of the most important of the groups is the Drug Abuse Task Force. Board Of Education 219 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT GENERATES ENTHUSIASM William Bloom 220 Science E nthusiasm generated by staff and students allowed the Science Department at Niles West to have an outstanding year. Once again the Annual Science Fair was extremely successful. The programs continued to provide an out¬ standing education for all students and resulted in excel¬ lent scores on national tests. Advanced Placement pro¬ grams continued to prosper at West, which is one of the few area schools to offer APP courses in three disciplines. c Robert Hanrahan Ed Degenheart Right Glenn Dessing lectures his class. Gerald Firak aids a student. Science 221 Above Seniors concentrate on labwork. 222 Science Don Field MATH DEPARTMENT INCREASES ACHIEVEMENTS T he Niles West Math Department had an outstanding year. Due to the expert leadership provided by the staff, student enthusiasm was at an all time high. Noteworthy achievements consisted of the Math Intramural Competi¬ tion and the Math Team’s success in the North Suburban Math League. Niles West ranked fourth regionally and twenty-sixth in North America in interscholastic competi¬ tion. Above Don Field assists a student in need. Stan Jones sits back after a hard days work. Math 223 Students also competed in the Atlantic-Pacific National Math Contest, the I.C.T. M. Mathematics Contest and con¬ tinued membership in the National ALPHA THETA Math¬ ematics Fraternity. Students once again performed admi¬ rably on the national examinations for Advanced Place¬ ment Calculus. The math trophy case continues to grow with the outstanding ach ievements of the math students. 224 Math Carl Geis Jerome Slattery Above Dennis Filliman aids student with geometry. Math 225 Angela Graham Richard Gragg Linda Horwitz Arnold Agnos Jeanne Derichs CHANGES REVEAL BENEFITS Teachers from East and North divisions became part of the West English Department. With the closing of East, other benefits were derieved. The English Resource Center was refurnished by using the wood shelving from the East library. This year was also the first time that 2 1 2 years of English courses were required district-wide. A new district-wide course book was also used for the first time and several new electives were added at West. All freshmen and sophomores were given the Basic English Test at the beginning of the year and students were tested at the end of the school year. 1 Dennis Duffy ■ —— ■ ■ Barbara Gordon Patrick Flynn John Golata James Batts William Geismann Left Arnold Agnos prepares for his class. William Geismann shuf¬ fles through English papers. Above Pat Flynn braces himself for the arriving class. English 227 Robert Shutt Faith Shapiro 228 English James Knaak Molly Magee Thomas McMahon Geri Nash Morris Parker Jerome Orr Robert Johnson Marvin Klebba James Sweeney Clockwise: “Have you heard the one about ...” Geri Nash passes out a test. Cindy Philbin helps Bob Johnson type. English 229 TEACHERS AGREE ON CLASSROOM MATERIAL C ommon testing was the major project in the Foreign Language Department. Teachers agreed on common material and tested students at each level with common tests. Two-hour classes were offered on a two-year sequence. Spanish Club was reinstituted this year. The students in the foreign exchange program helped stu¬ dents to learn the cultural aspects of their countries by sharing their ideas in the classrooms and attendance in many of the classes. 230 Foreign Language Madeleine Loughran Eva Masur Gertrude O’Reilly Roger Stein Peter Zorn Alex Miron Foreign Language 231 Ronald Albiani Gerald Boevers Michaela Rowland Irwin Drobny 32 Social Studies NEW TEACHERS ENHANCE DEPARTMENT T he Social Studies department at Niles West welcomed the addition of Mr. Mel Pirok, Mr. Irwin Drobny, and Mr. John Moshak this year from Niles East. Their excellent teaching background and sincere concern for students greatly enhanced the social studies department. Our freshman students took a newly developed social studies skills test to measure their knowledge in social studies. The Niles West program attempts to teach each student enrolled in the program. dJ This same test will be given to these students near the end of their junior year to measure the effectiveness of our social studies program in teaching skills. A program to assist students who are experiencing difficulty in social studies once again assisted a large number of students. Students who are failing or near failing are assigned during one of their free periods for working in the Social Studies Resource Center under the supervision of a teacher. When the student is passing the course he she is released from the program. Nearly 200 students participate in this support program each year. Students in the Political Science class traveled to Val- pariso University to participate in our American Govern¬ ment Program. Social Studies 233 Marjorie Stevens Harry Stokes Daniel Hill John Gault Arthur Leipold Not pictured: Mel Pirok and Katherine Beck. 234 Social Studies Students listened to a variety of speakers and partici¬ pated in panel discussions. Several political personalities visited our Political Science classroom, among them were: John Porter, Robert Weinberger, Stanley Kusper, and Richard Daley, Jr. P. E. DEPARTMENT GETS IN SHAPE T he Niles West Physical Education Department gained a new thrust this year with the closing of Niles East. Sever¬ al Teachers became part of the Westhi staff for the second time in their careers, as they had taught here early in their careers. Others cherished the opportunity to work in a new environment. The physical education department began careful review of its facilitie s and scheduling during the 80- 81 year. P.E. 235 There is considerable support to develop a more com¬ prehensive program in both adapted and co-educational physical education.The challenge of the 80’s will create new emphasis on greater opportunities for boys and girls in the regular program. The present method of elective scheduling used in girls physical education as opposed to the traditional setting for boys will be broadened. Bill Schnurr Jean Wojdula Robert Porter Michael Skuban Judi Sloan Coach Matlak happily looks over todays succesful tennis results. P.E. 237 Special programs such as “leaders” class gave the students an opportunity to demonstrate excellence. Noteworthy events such as the leaders campout in Sep¬ tember were exciting activities. Finally, several of the staff attended state and local workshops in effort to keep abreast of the changes in the curriculum. Special emphasis was given to dance and handicapped phys¬ ical education. Helen Porton Wilhemina Zidek Ruth Hosfield Marilyn Kolas Joyce Horne Marie De Leonardis MEDIA HAS IT ALL T he Niles West Media Center was a large complex located in the center of the West Building. It included the following: 1. A Main Library which housed books, pam¬ phlets, maps, charts and art reproductions. 2. A Library Annex that housed magazines and career and college materials. 3. Graphics area. 4. An Audio Visual area. 5. A listening and Viewing area-these two latter areas housed all the hardware and software. Albert Rambis Sylvia Rubinstein Gloria Schabmon Andrew Maggio Nena Larrocco Eleanor Parker Media 239 Students used the facilites for reference work, assign- ■nents, or browsing duting any unassigned periods. There were revolving exhibts during the entire school year. Some of them were created with student materials from art-wire sculptures, water colors, or English projects such as sketches and samples of costumes from noted plays. Aside from these types of activites, a National Library Week program was planned around the students with poster contests and a student-performed music session during the school day within the facilities of the Library. In addition, special programs were prepared to com¬ memorate great Americans; for example Martin Luther King, Jr., with book exhibits on black culture in conjunc¬ tion with an Audio Visual program. In all of these ways the Media Center provided materials and services to facilitate students’ personal, social, and intellectual de¬ velopment. Joan Coon Pat Savage Darrell Smith J» 3 J ( Uc 2 o vp- Frank Fitzpatrick Ewald Grosshuesch Annabel Begley Robert Feick Dorothy Wise 240 Business Education BUSINESS PREPARES STUDENTS FOR CAREERS B usiness Education is the study of the structure and functions of business. Our courses are designed to allow students to begin preparation for careers in business. We have courses in accounting, business management, data processing, sales and advertising, shorthand and typing. A look around the Business Education Department on a typical day finds students learning the theory of debits and credits, the principles of electronic data processing, in¬ stallment, buying, machine transcription, typing and nu¬ merous other things. CVE ENTERS THE WORK WORLD C ooperative Vocational Education is a method of in¬ struction which moves the classroom into the “real world of work.” It is an instructional plan which combines learn¬ ing experiences gained in on-the-job supervised employ¬ ment and vocationally related in-school instruction. The overall objective of CVE is to provide an opportunity for interested students to acquire marketable skills and knowledge in an occupation for which they have an apti¬ tude. Stanley Carey Jack Lain Left Senior brushes up on her typing skills. CVE 241 FIELD TRIPS HIGHLIGHT YEAR S tudents enrolled in the Niles West art program par¬ ticipated in a variety of interesting activities. Niles West once again welcomed the return of Mr. Richard Re- quarth to the teaching staff. Mr. Requarth taught crafts and painting and had his students involved in a variety of challenging and rewarding activities. A highlight of the year was a field trip to the Fel-Pro Corporation Triple R recreation facility in Cary, Illinois. Student s participated in the field trip journey to the Triple R and completed a series of drawing, painting, and pottery activities centered around natural surround¬ ings. The afternoon session was spent playing softball, volleyball, and swimming. Mr. Davis’s graphics class designed both the Open House and Academic Awards program covers among many other activities. A series of valuable field trips to the art museum and Chicago area galleries allowed students the opportunity to view and study the work by proffesional artists. A highlight of each year has always been our junior and senior high school art shows. An evening Grand Opening afforded our school and community the oppor¬ tunity to view the work created by students in the art program at Niles West under the direction of Mr. Tom Gary Davis I Blackburn, Mr. Gary Davis, and Mr. Richard Requarth. 242 Art Richard Requarth Tom Blackburn INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION PROVIDES ADVANCED TRAINING O ur Industrial Education program was about how things work. It included courses in aeronautics, auto mechanics, electronics, drafting, metalworking and woodworking. These courses were designed to improve the quality of one’s life by helping a person to better understand the materials and processes used in todays highly technical world. Students taking Industrial Arts courses learned through hands on experiences how to design, draw, build, test, and repair many of the devices encountered in their daily lives. ■■II Glenn Jurek Mike Deutsch Above Mr. Lain explains good drafting techniques. Not pictured: Glenn Ander¬ son, Lee Sellers. Industrial Arts 243 HEALTH EVALUATES PAST LEARNING f he Health Department boasted another full-time teacher, George Galla, as well as Ron Campbell and Shar- on Zorn who taught at West last year. An important part of the work to be done in the health curriculum this year had grown out of the task force to re-evaluate what was taught to students from elementary school through high school in regard to drug education. 244 Health HOME EC CHANGES WITH THE TIMES H ome Economics may be the name of the department, however the daily activities that took place in our class¬ rooms covered a much broader aspect of the lives of our students today. While some of our basic instruction cen¬ tered around the traditional foods and clothing courses, tradition was broken when our students ran a restaurant, studied fashion merchandising, and operated a nursery school. Our courses have been available to boys for many years, and in the last few years we have experienced a substantial increase in our male enrollment. Barbara Chausow Elizabeth Oldham Wilda Defur Linda Snyder Marion Jaeschke Mrs. Chausow checks over a students work. Home Economics 245 DRIVE RIGHT D rivers Education consisted of 3 phases: classroom, behind the wheel, and on the range. This one semester course taught the fundamentals of driving and driving safety which enabled the student to take the license exam. Bill Warner Carl Van Cleave 246 Drivers Education 1 Ted Kaitchuck Charles Groeling T he Niles West music program began with the performance of our Marching Band under the lights accompanied by a newly formed 25-member flag corp. The outstanding Niles West orchestra was invited to play for the TeleType Corporation Crusade of Mercy Drive. This outstanding performance was ap¬ preciated by the members of the communi¬ ty’s largest corporation. This year’s May Fes¬ tival provided Niles West with an exciting and unique concert under the lights in the Neles West stadium. The Grant Park style concert was an overwhelming success. The year came to a close with the entire music depart¬ ment making their annual tour to New Or¬ leans, Louisiana. After an enjoyable train ride, the musicians played concerts at high schools, a hospital, and an outdoor concert at the historic Jackson Square. Hugh McGee STRIKE UP THE BAND “When Dr. Groeling speaks, people listen.” Music 247 lie SUPPORTS STUDENTS I n Special Education there were three new IIC (Individ¬ ualized Instruction Center) teachers: Ray Carr, Jean Da- misch, and Shirley Lundberg. The six IIC teachers met their students in room 112 as in the past, for tutoring and supportive help, but the setting had undergone changes to accomodate additional staff and students. 248 nc William Kelly Jean Damisch CIC LENDS A HAND T he five CIC (Center for Individualized Curriculum) teachers at home in room 102 after their move from East were Ron Gralewski, Alexa Forman, “Gus” Carl¬ son, Lloyd Norton and Pat Wahlstrom. They served 60 students who met for many of their credit courses in self-contained classes taught by this group of five spe¬ cial teachers. A CIC Student must have met the curricu¬ lar and credit requirements of any other student to have received a diploma from Niles West. Also lending a hand in this program was Judy Greier and Diane Szy- maski . Judy Geir Diane Szymaski Not Pictured: Ron Gralewski, Juanita Carlson, Alexa Forman, and Pat Wahl¬ strom. CIC 249 SUPPORTIVE PERSONNEL CONTRIBUTE GREATLY f he Action Learning Center was pass-fail alternative study program opened to sophomores, juniors, and sen¬ iors, which emphasized learning through participation in activities of the adult world. Students contracted for com¬ pletion of specific goals and objectives and keeped re¬ cords of their progress towards these ends. Personal de¬ velopment, social development, and career development were stressed by teachers. New faces were seen, too, in the support personnel who contributed greatly to Student Services. The three new security officers at West were James Puff, veteran of many years at East, Ellen Schwartz, and Greg Welter. Not Pictured: Jim Olsen and Bill Robin¬ son. 250 ALC And Student Services STAFF ADDITIONS SERVE STUDENTS | n the Area of Student Services there were two signifi¬ cant differences: the addition of many new staff members and the addition of full-time staff employees. As a result of the closing of East, the following came to West as full-time personnel: The Speech Correctionist, Rollie Korol; the Reading Specialist, Sharon Corombos; and the nurses, Dorothy Taylor and Barbara Scarbrough. David Lee Rita Mahan Not pictured Rollie Korol Student Services 251 COUNSELORS AID STUDENTS w ith the closing of East, Leonard Winans was added to the counseling staff along with John Chambers, also re¬ turning after two years at North. Special activities in the Guidance department include Days of Decision, which was held on September 23 and 25, giving students of the entire district an opportunity to investigate, question and quire information to making career and college choices. f g[L? edi 9 _Leo Hoosline_ Arthur Ryden 252 Counselors Frank Mustari John Chambers Roberta Jorgenson ! “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Counselors 253 Mrs. Hinz Mrs. Groth Mrs. Schalk Mrs. Nord Mrs. Bohl Mrs. Douvikas Mrs. Eskow Mrs. Wright Mrs. Brommelkamp 254 Office Personnel OFFICE PERSONNEL EARNS RECOGNITION N iles West has always depended on these people tor the superb behind the scenes jobs they have performed. This year was no exception; in fact in this time of transi¬ tion, these special people deserved special recognition. Niles West salutes its secretaries, switch board operators, duplicator, and clerks. Mrs. Bower Mrs. Nudleman Mrs. Nichales o Miss Philbin Mrs. Warkenthien Mrs. Blum Mr. Mitz Mrs Natker Office Personnel 255 Hank Tesky and Mike Chuck Riola 256 Custodians JANITORS KEEP IT CLEAN M aintaining of the school and its ground was the responsibility of the custodial staff. Although the increased enrollment may have added to their work job they did a terrific job in keeping our rooms and hallways clean and everything in good repair. Lou Macki Edna Kyncy and Augusta Racna Bonnie Gibbons Judy Eschette Jean Weimer Ritta Costas Wh the increased enrollment of this past year, the cafeteria staff was called upon to put forth an even greater effort than they had in past years. Nevertheless they con¬ tinued to provide hot meals daily. PICKS AND PANS Picks And Pans 259 Clockwise: Angie Barron and Robin Harris live it up at the frosh soph mixer. Ami Weiss lays on a smile for the world. Tony Reinhardt, Roger Chams, Mike Gunther and Aaron Melnick taunted by a burnt out light bulb. Rich Zenner gets a lift during football prac¬ tice. Students sell stuffed animals. Auto mechanics push their homework out the door. Students demonstrate the latest disco dance steps. Todd Kasik caught eating his lunch single handedly. Friends 261 Clockwise: Hyo No during an intense game of chess. Trish Hanrahan and Lori Eberley relax after learning a new routine. Niles West “mini fan” Kelley Brennen cheered on the girls basketball team all season. Greg “Mr. Announcer” Arenson. Leslie Hinz reads up on how to reach leaves on tall trees. Jodi Stone and Monica Cohen getting ready to cruise in the Len-Mobile. Three unknown Halloween humans. Friends 263 f£oPL£AT sr , 0 r! (§£ 3 ft P£ rft£ Zoft£ ivfto . Pur IT tP rftfA!. ' .Dexxr Tri chok, Jhojri -tor ctM thjjL oread tumsio ' ■ £ cut 1 never, ever Moracd. fchem Hi (A nd Urxxntes OdlSi most bcvrOt ' GLOXjnd t udixn l -» . J . . A, , C- l (jCAjtXV CU 00 iu f LOrU ri y% r - vx » needfLd cxCxj . ' nasd ll I oJUduO, S.? ■ C? r° M» S nAf 5 59 «» “ i I l y«l 1 a 1 l rv y .V vC . do rirlfl £ 6 1 O - |e r fating _1 o c_ D J o v M’ cr dv rp ' 5 ri p s § fA nd +K 5 Re m £Y Be •.Rtc ,JT djcc o i ' |S jCAf x Nt Qgz ' Wv c -% t n t ' Augt PfitrP S x to c c ' g nUs: swim 5 «$Tt KA-Twy $r p ir — 3 - 1 rf[ 9 t rV ,r 1 r msp! JJ onvc urf; " $ £■ f e £ «£ f, ff ' W t | Jr Srtevl l u ' ? s (sl V SL cxlujOJOO, CULkflJ ? o " § A to ’ X 7? ? ta$«rH «. etL-Uj- (Dear rdona Juaq, OO -t-K -Ps r e-Fcr Uu5i uJtAjrrt -to lirwni v ® ne »iici r « v 0 . poM l I -n »r X-Just uJarrV to KnorTK tpOqa o u »n €ritTijn 1 r » V UCK for qJT; Jf i gj s« ' b 7 m«« feerdS ihfo Qe Vde -$ 1,A ' c a 4 n roucjx TOrdi hoceK f£ £ ' r XAr c fUqt or es-vHc r i i| vy - ¥ - a “ c °‘—■ " P0»C» (C 5 u)a yT2 Crn»a6r. 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V 2 £iSSSI r? ensewb v—Yrib i- H ' gf D ' JC K Scy« OrV - ! “T he. p 5 S SiUV re T l n “ff ?r WTEir 5 3 ? 5 ; SEX Cro rvjOaike, c o eve, Wo je, A rMCe vV6l. r, M|e. Tiro0S 6S-, . efe U i ! — r T 7 )e G;a b: =€- i twe - W CJ 3 X H 3 v orv 1 = f u - arQ rf- frc sh pofflc j-» « O 1 , fWjrff ejuy ?£r£l Ox. £vre rv wy ?|: 2d£w tf? laur.i,kcKu Wj 3 r v lfc Ifkde UCU» « t ov ; V £0- WS ' rfSS i_-r fvnvrt ' VGd - iC6r%VI hi« tf _ T $ ooJtCI Nr h fgHS 1 V - -iq feafe ' . • r ( p»g M« (?odfo J ' v i v Kfc 1 ?k U Ik " r f »3 wi £ ' r - KV ricyrrj j HXi; fel5 ° pa(J.} .3 V ■.-.« . ' ‘-W. , A , . A S«A f f£ s nrW 5 =P D ' tS J ni y sc-j fx ? v j ' V ) L-ieYVorjJ xnc«3. Chxc ,C r f " Iff 0 ' e °» tS|| 5 sS ' » , lr | ■ vf - ' JK a » y wmm N ■ n rv f- LM . pijpSi oA ,j a P- • f 0 c !b „ Ai wi ' S 1 feM“ ■‘ r --Cnfe iHjf HESflf g g r Se S ' _ . V l .- iS : ,v I Ts s? c _ ' " V. fl if N C 7;r XOs " . ' ■ f V .cv " VV S2: v ; 0 £ww " e | « T P Aifcte JB (fi (X yi vP •j oi ill ♦•— •• ' j t4 s$ i SENIOR ABELKIS, KAI: Indoor-Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; AFS 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,4; German Foreign Exchange 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going to the soccer finals sopho¬ more year and drowning my sorrows afterward. ADES, JOHN: Football 2,3; R B Club 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was all the great friends I made. ADKISSON, DAVID: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Soccer MVP 3,4; Soccer Captain 4; Gymnastics 1,2.1 would most like to be remembered for staying away from the student lounge gang. ALPERN, BRUCE: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Band Tour 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Sound of Music 3; Guy and Dolls 4; Summer Theatre 4; IMEA District Band 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being a one trombone marching band. ALTENBURG, JACKI: Gymnastics 1; DECA 3; Breakfast Club 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was after three years of trying, finally making the Honor Roll. AMARANTOS, FAITH: Midnight Rid¬ ers 1,2,3,4; Pom Pon Squad 2,3,4; Ju¬ nior Class Cabinet 3; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Court 3; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Senior Class Float 4; Home¬ coming Queen 4. I would most like to be remembered for being part of the best group of friends around, who helped make every experience a memorable one. (P.G. of the M.) ANDERSEN, HOLLY: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball Co-Captain 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Basketball All-Con¬ ference 3,4; Softball 1,2; AFS 3,4; Summer Exchange Student 3; National Honor Society 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being a starter my Sophomore year on the State Championship Basketball Team and going to Iceland the summer after my Junior year with AFS. ANDERSON, DONNA: Softball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, Leaders 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for pitching in a softball game when my foot went into a hole on the mound and I fell flat on my face in the dirt. The game was held up be¬ cause everyone was laughing so hard, even the umpires. ANDERSON, JUDY: Basketball 1,2; Softball 1,2; Archery 2,3; Homecom¬ ing Committee 1. My future plans are to go to college. ARKULES, STACIE: Homecoming Float 1,4; Children’s Theatre 2; Senior Class Cabinet 4; S.A.B. 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was almost flying out of Cindy Dop- pelt’s car on Dempster after the Twi¬ light Pep Rally junior year. BAFFA, CINDY: Pow Wow 2,3,4; AFS 1,2,3; Summer Theater 2,3; Band 1,2; Marne 1; Pippin 2; Sound of Music 3; A Christmas Carol 4; Choir 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was becoming friends with Bon, Whale, Toss Blee, Lil, Merlin, Mush Baby, Pasta, Refern, Saal, Shmoo, Keck, Hershy, Leon, Borky, Ducky (Jodi), Andy and most of all my fellow Bird. Love, Rocky Baf. BARRON, LORI: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; AFS 3; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Choral Board 3,4; Choir Float 4; A Capella 4; Vivace 4; Recipient of Letter of Commendation 270 Senior Survey from National Merit Scholarship; Sci¬ ence Fiction and Fantasy Club 4; Opus I Staff 3,4; Winner of Opus I’s Litera¬ ture Award 3; Illinois State Scholar. I would most like to be remembered for the following statement: “I hereby de¬ clare that I am violently opposed to any excessive analysis of fiction and that any analyzing I did while in school was under duress.” BECKER, LINDA: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3; Dance Company 1,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; G.A.A. 1; Illinois Girls State 2; Spanish Club 2; Sophomore Cabinet 2; Reflec¬ tions Crew 2; Student Office Monitor 2; P.A. Announcer 3; Student Senate 3; Junior Cabinet 3; Debate 4; Illinois State Scholar. My future plans are to graduate from Northwestern University and become another one of their “fam¬ ous” alumni. BERG, JAMIE: Girl’s Tennis 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being best friends with Jenny all four years. BERGLIND, MICHELLE: Basketball 1,2,3; Freshman Float 1. BERGSTROM, JOAN: My future plans are to attend school at the Art Institute of Chicago to obtain a Bachelor’s De¬ gree in Fine Arts and to marry the Mat¬ thew of my dreams. BERMAN, JODI: Homecoming Float 1; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; S.A.B. 4; Senior Cabinet 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was all my friends who made high school so enjoyable. BIRREN, DON: Band 2,3; Stage Crew 2,3. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for not being here freshman year and eighth semester and never being caught in the halls without a pass. SURVEY BLACKMAN, DANIEL: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Dance Show Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,4; Holiday Festi¬ val 2,3,4; International Thespian Soci¬ ety 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 1; Fieffer’s People Band 1; Gymnastics 1; Marne Crew 1; Band Tours to New Orleans 1,4; Philadelphis 2; Washington, D.C. 3; IMSA Solo Ensemble Contest, First Place 2,4; Soccer 1,2; Intramural Soft- ball Champs; Muncie, Indiana Tour 1; Pow Wow Orchestra 2; Pippin Cast 2; Regional Theatre Conference, Ann Ar¬ bor 2; ITAC Godspell Cast, Muncie; Mousetrap Cast 4; Guys and Dolls Cast 4; Pow Wow Writer Director 4; Gong Show Band. I would most like to be remembered for knowing what my assets were and knowing how to use them, and introducing the word “Smegma” into the Niles West vo¬ cabulary. BLOCK, MARCIA: Orchesis Dance Company 1,2,3; Steppin’ Out 1,2,3; Soccerettes 1; Pow Wow Make-up 1; Hansel and Gretel Make-up 1; New Or¬ leans Tour 1; Philadelphia Tour 2; I would most like to be remembered for my uncanny ability to tolerate the unto- lerable. BOEPPLE, JILL: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being in¬ volved in the Girls Basketball program when they won State in 1979 and play¬ ing on the Softball team when they went downstate that same year. BONKOSKE, JOHN: SRA 1,2; Choir 3,4; Thespian 3,4; Chess Club 1; Pip¬ pin 2; Sound of Music 3; Spring play 3; Guys and Dolls 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was my friends, because without their help I would have never made it through the rough times. BORDENET, WILLIAM: Football 1,2,3,4; N-Club 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was winning the Mike Basrak Award. BORST, NANCY: My future plans are to attend Saint Francis Hospital School of Nursing where I hope to receive a diploma as a Registered Nurse special¬ izing in Pediatrics. BOTHFELD, MARGARET: German Club 1,2; Orchesis Dance Company 4; Steppin’ Out 4; New Orleans Band Tour 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for the color purple. BRENNER, MARC: National Honor Society 3,4; Math Club 1,2; Football 1; Pep Club 1; Soccer 2; French Club President 3; Student Senate 3; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; N.E.D.T 2. My future plans are to at¬ tend the University of Illinois followed by Graduate work at the University of Chicago. BRILANDO, GUY: Cross Country 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2; Indoor Track 2; Basketball 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was breaking the Indoor half mile record and becom¬ ing Conference Champion. BROWN, PATRICIA: I would most like to be remembered for well, no ... maybe, but I’m not ... no. Hey! ... Who? ... maybe ... I don’t know ... Who?! Oh, not really ... No ... not that, what? I’m not sure ... so what? Well ... well ... maybe ... oh, forget it! BUFFO, NANCY: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 Midnight Riders 2,3,4; Cheerleading 1 Demonstration Gymnastics Team 2 S.A.B. 3. BURGER, ANGIE: My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West were those sixth and seventh period adven¬ tures with Tim, Dina, and John. BYCHOWSKI, STEVEN: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2; Chess Club 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was winning the State Baseball Championship for the 1981 Baseball season. CHAMS, JOYCE: Orchesis Dance Company 2,3,4; Steppin’ Out 2,3,4; Leaders 2,3,4; Pow Wow Cast 3,4; Or¬ chesis Treasurer 4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Soccer¬ ettes 1; Fashion Show 2,4; Band Tour to Philadelphia 2; New Orleans 4. My future plans are to become a success¬ ful doctor, get married, and of course, to be happy, healthy, rich, and famous! Wayne Hildner displays his self-portrait. Senior Survey 271 Senior Mike Silverman CHASIN, FERN: AFS 1,2,3; Debate Team 1; SRA 4. My future plans are to go on to college and to become a law¬ yer. CHESTER, KELLY: Marching Band 2,3,4; Band Tour 2,3,4; AFS 2,3,4; Concert Band 3,4; Uniform Crew 3,4; National Honors Society 3,4; Fresh¬ man Band 1; Hansel and Gretel 1; Space Wars 2000 2; Intermediate Band 2; Intermediate Band Board Re¬ presentative 2; Pinocchio 3; Pinocchio Publicity Chairman 3; AA Student to Paraguay 3; Orchestra 4; Band Board 4; Pow Wow Band 4; National Honors Society Vice President 4; AFS Board 4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Sil¬ ver Key 4; National Merit Semifinalist 4; National Merit Finalist 4; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was my AFS trip to Paraguay, where I learned the most about other people and myself. COHEN, MONICA: West Word 3,4; Editorial Editor 4; Yearbook 3,4; Editor 4; SRA 3; Rotary club nominee. I would like to be remembered for being able to talk to 10 yearbookers at the same time, and CALMLY surviving Spec¬ trum ’81. DOPPELT, CINDY: Leaders 2,3,4; Children’s Theatre 1,2; Midnight Riders 4; Pom-Pon 3,4; Senior Cabinet 4; Newspaper 3V2, 4; Sports Editor 4; Yearbook 4; S.A.B. 4; Homecoming Chairperson; SRA 3. I would most like to be remembered for my smile, spot, and shrill voice and also for being there whenever my friends needed me. DRAZNER, CINDY: Chorus 2,3 My future plans are to go to Harper Col¬ lege and major in dental hygiene. DUDA, CHRISTOPHER: Guard Club 1,2,3,4; Ecology Club 2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3; AFS 1,2; Children’s Theatre 2; Science Fic¬ tion and Fantasy Club 4; Bronze Key 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was getting my first “A” in Mrs. Graham’s APP English class. DUESE, RICH: Football 1; Gymnas¬ tics 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to be¬ come rich. EBELING, BERNIE: Soccer 1,2,3 My future plans are to go into electrical engineering. EDELSTEIN, ARTHUR: I would most like to be remembered for helping Jack Havdala become Homecoming King. EDMON, LINDA: Track 1; Leaders 2,3,4. EISCHEN, RICHARD D.: Cross Coun¬ try 1; Pippin 2; Pow Wow Cast 3; A Capella 3; Beginning Choir 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2; Junior Achievement 3; Ecology Club 3,4. My future plans are to go to col¬ lege, to visit Norway (again), to be¬ come a pastor, and possibly to be¬ come the 46th president of the United States. EICHNER, SUSAN: Midnight Riders 2,3,4; S.A.B. 3; Junior Class Cabinet; Senior Class Cabinet; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for having Todd Rund- gren help me become Sue “I’m Pretty” Eichner. ERIKSSON, MARY: Bowling 1,2; Homecoming Float and Parade 1. ESELEVSKY, ARIEL: Soccer 1,2,3; Band Tour 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Show Band 4; Intermediate Band 1; Pow Wow Band 3,4; AFS Club 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4; Con¬ cert Band 2,3,4; Foreign Exchange Student to Ecuador 4; AFS Executive Board 4; Guys and Dolls Band 4. My future plans are to attend college and graduate and to become a successful radio personality. ESCALEW, SUSAN: My future plans are to go to college at the University of Illinois and to become a business wom¬ an. EVARISTO, ERLINDO: Golf 1,2,3 4; Indoor Track 1,2,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,4. My future plans are to go to col¬ lege. FAGENHOLZ, FRED: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; N-Club 3,4; Wrestling 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being part of the Niles West football team in 1980. FETMAN, CORRI: Track 1; My future 272 SENIOR plans are to become a successful law¬ yer and have houses in Hawaii, Colora¬ do, Spain, and Florida. FICKERT, DIANE: Concert Choir 4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Vivace 4. I would most like to be remembered for Bananas. FISHBEIN, PAUL: Soccer 1; Gymnas¬ tics 1,2,3,4; N-Club 4; Computer Club 1; I would most like to be remembered for going through four years of Niles West without ever being suspended. FISHER, BOB: Golf 1,2; Chess 3,4; White Key; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key. I would most like to be re¬ membered for my academic achieve¬ ments. FLAKNE, ROBYN: Swimming team 1,2,3; Archery team 2; Track team 1,2; Senior Cabinet 4; Key Club 4; Rip- plettes 1,2; Blue Certificate 1; Bronze pin 2; Nat’I Merit Letter of Commerce 4. FLOOM, JEFF: Golf 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to go to college and become a successful doctor. FORD, DAVE: My future plans are to enjoy life. FOUTY, BOB: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; SRA; Track 1,2,3. My future plans are to go to college. FREEMAN, MARGIE: Leaders 1; Girl’s track team 2; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet; Student Activities Board 4. My future plans are to go to college and become a successful RN but to have fun while doing it. FRIEDMAN, MARCY: Midnight rider 3,4; Cheerleading 4; Homecoming float 1,2,3. FRIEDMAN, PAM: AFS 1,2,3,4; Soc- cerette 1; Senior Cabinet 4; Yearbook 2,3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4. My future plans are to take all of my “chauffeurs” on a trip by “car” for miles and miles and miles. FROEMMING, MICHAEL: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; N-Club 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going down to the state playoffs in baseball my junior year. FUENTES, JOHN: Basketball 1; Au¬ tos 1,2,3,4; White Honors 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for having six cars during high school and not driving one for more than two months and having the fastest cars always. GARFINKEL, MITCHELL: My most memorable experience at Niles West was accidentally walking into the girls washroom on the third floor. GEORGOUSES, NANCY: Midnight Riders 2,3,4. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles WEst was finally graduating. GERSTEIN, LEE: Bronze Key; Year¬ book 4. GERVASIC, GUY: Football 1,2 GIELOW, MAUREEN: Gymnastics 1; My future plans are to go to Madrid and back. GILBERT, SHELDON: Wrestling 1; Soccer 1; NHS 4; Yearbook 1,2. I would most like to be remembered for being a warm, kind, caring human be¬ ing who was always ready to help, however, not having been a warm, kind, caring human being who was al¬ ways ready to help, you may remem¬ ber me as you see fit. GINSBURG, ABBY: Freshman Cabi¬ net; Sophmore Cabinet; Junior Cabi¬ net; Senior Cabinet; Midnight Riders 2,3,4; SAB 3,4; president 4; NASC Conference 4; Rotary Award 4; SFAA 3; PTSA Student Rep 4. GOECKE, VICTORIA CHRISTEIN: Intermediate Band 1,2; Marching Band 2; GAA 1; German Club 2; Volleyball 1,2,3; Frosh number minor N 2; Major N 3; Basketball minor N 1; Softball 2; minor N 2. My future plans are to go to a junior college and study or major in Interior Design or any other field in Home Economics. GOLD, MINDIE: Pom-Pon 2,3,4, Mid¬ night Riders 4. I would most like to be remembered for being an intense whale. Bronze Kay 3, Silver Key 4. GOLDSTEIN, EDIE: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key. I would most like to be remembered for my unique style of dressing. GOLES, STEVE: Football 1,2; Basket¬ ball 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3. My future plans are to go to college at Northern II. U. GOODMAN, LESLIE: Orchesis 2,3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was playing “Beat the Clock” 6 period in the student lounge every Friday my junior year. I was the master of ceremonies! GOPPERT, ROSE: Pow Wow; Basket¬ ball 1,2,3. I would most like to thank SURVEY 273 SENIOR Mommie Gopher for all the hlep she has given me! GRAIS, SHERI: Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Steppin Out 1,2,3,4; New Orleans Tour 4. GRASS, KEN: Soccer 1,2. GREAR, JANICE: Girls Varsity Gym¬ nastics 1,2,3,4; Girls Demonstration Gymnastic Team 1,2; Midnight Riders 2,3,4. GRESHAM, LAURIE: Gold Honor Certificate Bronze Honor Pin; Silver Honor Pin. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was during Mrs. Powell’s English class. Dana Wohl- brandt and I decided to go to the cafe¬ teria. We returned before the period ended, and brought her an apple so she wouldn’t be mad. GRIMM, JANICE: Bowling 1; Basket¬ ball 2; Softball 2. GROSSBERG, TERRY: Tennis 2,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow Band 1,2,3; Pow- Wow 4; Marne Band; Pippin Band; Sound of Music Band; Guys and Dolls; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Band Softball Team 1,2,3,4; Fashion Show Band 3; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; I.M.E.A. District Band 3 seat 3; I.M.E.A. All-State 7 seat 3; I.M.E.A. District Band 5 seat 4; Band Board 3,4; Band President 4; VFW Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; I.H.S.A. 1 place 1,2,3,4; St. Scholastica Graduation Ensemble 2. I would most like to be remembered for being the best bloody band president the Niles West band ever had or will have. GUMP, ELIZABETH: Thespian 3,4; Marne crew 1; Pow-Wow 2,3; Director and writer of Pow-Wow 4; Pippin 2; Westones 3,4; Concert Choir 2,3; Cho¬ ral Union 1; AFS 1,2,3,4; National Hon¬ ors Society. I would most like to be remembered for graduating in 6,8 and 7 semesters. GUNTHER, ART: Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 4; Varsity Letter 3,4; White Certificate Bronze Key Silver Key; Gold Key; National Honor Society 3,4. My most memorable experience in high school were the friendships I devel¬ oped with so many great individuals including my fantastic teammates with whom I grew and learned. I hope to never forget these people. GUSSIN, NANCY: Basketball 1; Soft- ball 1; German Club 2,3,4; German Club Treasurer 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Intermural Raquetball 3,4; Faculty-Student Tennis 3,4. My future plans are to go to college, get a degree in business, and be flushed into the mainstream of American capitalist so¬ ciety. GUSSIS, NEAL: Wrestling 1. My most memorable experience in high school was the fantastic extended summer I had while the teachers were on strike at the beginning of junior year. HA, MARY: Homecoming Commitee 2,3,4; Homecoming Co-chairperson 4; Sophomore Cabinet; Junior Cabinet; Wrestlettes 2; Pom-Pon 3,4; Gold Honor Certificate; Bronze Honor Pin; Silver Honor Pin; National Honor Soci¬ ety; Student Activity Board 4. I would most like to be remembered for mak¬ ing great new friends at West and 3 best years of high school at East. HANOVER, LORI: Volleyball 1; Mid¬ night Riders 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Cabinet. I would most like to be re¬ membered for wearing my Gucci out¬ fits to school everyday. HANRAHAN, PATRICIA: Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4; Pom-Pon 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being mistaken for Rula so many times ... and being so quiet and shy. HANSEN, DAWN: Orchesis 2,3,4, AFS 1,2,3. I would most like to be re¬ membered for my dedication and love to the Orchesis Dance Company and everyone in it. Janet Weiss tries to push Steve Greenberg off his chair. 274 Senior Survey SURVEY HANSSEN, LINDA: Basketball 1; Softball 1,3. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was playing 3rd base my freshman year and always having a song to sing and a little dance for the rest of the team. HARRIS, ALLYSON: Childrens The¬ atre Crew 1; Girls Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble 3,4; Pow Wow Co-Music Director 4; Pow Wow Cast 1,2; Pow Wow Co-Director 3; “Marne,” “Pippin,” “The Sound of Music,” “Guys and Dolls,” “Hello Dol¬ ly,” “The Music Man,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” Thespian Banquet Committee 2; “Vivace” “A Coppella;” “The Mou¬ setrap;” HARRIS, RANDI: White Ceritifcate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Mid¬ night Riders 2,3,4; Student Activities Board 3,4; Homecoming Committee Chairman 4; Freshman Classs Cabinet; Sophomore Class Cabinet; Junior Class Cabinet. I would most like to be remembered for driving everybody crazy with all of my stories all of the time. HARTZEN, STEVE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marne Orchestra; Sound of Music Orchestra; Pow Wow Band 1,2,3; Pow Wow Co-Music Director 4; Band Vice President 4; Soccer; Nat’I Honor Society 3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience in high school was swallowing my trumpet in the marching band with the spit valves open. HASKELL, IAN: AFS 1,2,3,4; Aero¬ nautics Club 1,2; Bowling 2. My future plans are to complete college after be¬ ing a ski-bum for a year, and become and Aerospace Engineer. HAVDALA, JACK: Soccer 1,2; Wres¬ tling 3; Intramural Rqquetball 4; Home¬ coming King 1980. I would most like to be remembered for staying anono- mous for 3 years. HECKTMAN, BRUCE: Soccer 1,2; Golf 3; Racquetball I.M. 3,4; Bronze Key. My future plans are to go to what¬ ever college takes me. HEDQUIST, BARBARA: My most memorable experience in high school was meeting and becoming friends with new people. HEINZ, JANE: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4; Leaders 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4. HELGESON, MARIE: Demonstration Girls Gymnastic Team 1,2; Girls Ceom- petative Gymnastic Team 1,2,3,4; J.V. Girls Softball 3; Girls swimming and diving 4; Leaders gym class 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for being the number 1 clutz of the girls gymnastic team! HILDNER, WAYNE: I would most like to be remembered for trying to help my friends smile! HILGER, JOYCE: My future plans are to attend the school of the Art Institute of Chicago and further my art educa¬ tion. But most of all I hope to live hap¬ pily ever after. HIRSCH, RICHARD: Concert Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; IMEA District Band; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Pow Wow Musical Director and arranger 4; Orchestra for Pippin 2; Sound of Music 3; District 219 Fiddler on the Roof; Guys and Dolls 4; Jazz Band 3; Band Board 3; Band for Orchesis 2,3,4; IHSA Band Contest 2; Jazz Contest 3; Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Music Dept. Tour 1,2,3,4; Musical Tour 2; Westones 3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was Bloody Friday. HOFFMAN, ART: My future plans are College-full-time employment. (Univer¬ sity of Wisconsin.) HOFFMAN, JOEL M: Soccer 1,2,3; Varsity letter-soccer baseball; Honor Roll gold blue; Basketball 1,2; M.V.P. 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4; N-Club 3; Bronze Honor Pin; My future plans are to become a C.P.A. and have my own firm. HOLD, JENNIFER: Badmitton 1; My future plans are to go to college and study journalism. HOLLER, MONIKA: Sophmore class cabinet; Leader 2,3; S.A.B. 3; Year¬ book 3; White Ceritificate and a three year graduate; Ski Club; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for being the only girl my hiehg who wasn’t on the basketball team, and for beingt he best friend of Vicki Pappas for the past 3 years and probably the next 4. HOLOWICKI, DEBORAH: Choir 1; Spanish Club 1,2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the ex¬ perience of a new school. HOLZMANN, IRIS: My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was hav¬ ing a “Blast” in homeroom with Mary, Scott, and Angie. HORAN, THERESE: My future plans are to visit For Lauderdale every De¬ cember for the rest of my life. HORWITZ, JEFF: Photo Club 1,2; Computer Club 1; Golf Team 1,2,3; Art Council 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; President 4; Gong Show 3; AFS 4; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for always being ready? willing? and ener¬ getic for each and every day of gym. I will never forget how close I came to winning the “Athlete of the Year” award. HOWARD, CHAD: Football 1,2,3; Blue Certificate 1; Bronze Pin 3. My Senior Survey 275 future plans are to become a world dictator. HSU, ROSA: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; AFS Club 1,2,3,4; Math Club 2,3; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Vivace 2,3,4; Acapella Choir 4; Choral Board 4. I would most like to be remembered for my incredulous self-confidence and my vivacious dimple. HUGEL, KEN: Bowling 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for my readiness to question and debate any possibly unfair action taken to¬ ward myself or a class by another stu¬ dent or teacher. HUNSICK, ROBERT: Varsity Football 3; G.l.T. 1,2; Cabinet 1,3; Baseball 2. I would like to be remembered for help¬ ing with the Niles East Prom 1980. JACKSON, RHONDA: Swimming 1,2,3; Timers Club 2,3,4; Guard Club 3,4; Freshman Homecoming Float; Stage Crew 1. My future plans are to become a special ed. teacher or a law¬ yer for the deaf. JAFFE, CAROL: Badminton 1; Timers Club 1,2. My future plans are to go onto college become rich and have to worry about what color Vette to buy each year! JAFFRAY, PAUL: My future plans are college. JEMC, DEE: Track 1,2; Orchesis 2; Pom Pon 3,4. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was staying up till 4:30 A.M. the basketball players’ houses junior year JIU, CINDY: Photo Club 1; AFS 1,2,3,4; AFS Board Member 2,3,4; AFS umm Exchange Student to Argen¬ tina 1980; Thespian 3,4; Pow-Wow 2,3,4; Children’s Theatre 1,2; Musicals 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Secretary 4; Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Band Board 4; Marching Band Uniform Crew 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; President 4; Vivace 3,4; Treasurer 3; President 4; Westones 3,4; President 4; Acappella Choir 2,3,4; IMEA District Chorus 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Depart¬ mental Accompanist 2,3,4; White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the truly special people I met dur¬ ing my four years who gave high school life that added, extra-special touch of friendship. JOHANSON, YVONNE: Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Steppin’ Out 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Vice-president 3; Orchesis President 4; Band Tour 1,2,4. I would most like to be remembered for my contrivutions to Orchesis Dance Co. Thanks to all. Keep Dancin’. JOHNSON, BILL: Football 1,2,3,4; Honorable Mention All-Conference 4; N-Club 3,4; Homecoming Court 4; NEDT Certificate of Commendation; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Swimming 1; Na¬ tional Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist, Honor Roll, Pep Club. JOHNSON, SUSAN: Gymnastics 1,2; Track 2; Midnight Riders 4. My future plans are to become a court reporter, cruise in my 450 SL, and ski the Alps. JUSUFI, SHERIFE: Volleyball 1,2,3; Wrestlettes 1,2,3,4; Softball 1; Key Club 1. My future plans are to go away to school for business. KACAK, INGRID: Theatre Props 1. My future plans are becoming a prima¬ ry grade teacher (preferably kindergar¬ ten). KAGEHIRO, LYNN: Medical Careers Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice-presi¬ dent 3; President 4; Opus I 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being smart enough not to have any! KAHN, LAURIE: Scarlet Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Pow-Wow ’77 “Things That Go Bump in the Night’’ Cast 1; Holiday Festival 3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Con¬ cert Band 3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensem¬ ble 1,2; Soccerettes 1; AFS 1,2,3,4; AFS xecutive Board 4; Americans Abroad to Japan; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Art Council 4; Yearbook 4. KALTHOFF, KAREN: Orchestra 1; Freshman Scarlet Honors List. I would most like to be remembered for actual¬ ly graduating. KAPLAN, BARRY: Football 1,2,3. I would like to thank Mr. Mustari for everything he’s done for me. I couldn’t have made it without him. KAPLAN, BRUCE: Baseball 1; Soccer 1,2; Key Club 1; Junior Cabinet 3; Stu¬ dent Senate 3; National Honor Soci- ety3 ,4; Gold Honor Certificate 1; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Silver HonorPin 3; Gold Honor Pin 4; NEDT Certificate of Merit; Illinois State Scholar. My future plans are to go to Northwestern Uni¬ versity, become very wealthy, and re¬ tire at 35. KAPLAN, HOWARD: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Band tours 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Pow-Wow Band 4; Sound of Music Orchestra 3; Guys and Dolls 4; Chess Band 4; Basketball 276 SENIOR Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Goldblatts Ribbon-Cutting Band 2. My future plans are to make it through life without any hassles. KARABINAS, SANDRA: Key Club 1,2; Track 1,2; French Club 2,3; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Captain 4; Home¬ coming Committee 2,3,4; secretary 3; Sophomore Cabinet; Junior Cabinet; Senior Cabinet; Prom Committee 3; Midnight Riders. KAROL, JOHN: Basketball 3,4; Intra¬ mural softball Champs 1,2,3. KIL, HYUN S.: Math Club; Korean Club. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for participating in a lot of math competitions even though my score wasn’t that good. KING, STEVE: Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1; Ping Pong Champ 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to be a computer programmer and thrill seek¬ er. KIPP, KRIS: I would most like to be remembered for eating 100 tater tots with Angie Burger after a daily outing. KITE, MITCHELL: Computer Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-President of Computer Club; Math Team 1; 1st place in Dis¬ trict 219 Computer Programming Con¬ test. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for having the crazy idea of tak¬ ing over Rhode Island and starting a new country of Zambesia. KLANCNIK, MARY: Girls Basketball 1,2,3,4; Girls Softball 1. KLEMENS, KAREN: Leaders 2,3; De¬ bate 1; SRA 1; Public Announcer 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . KOCH, DAVID: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 2. Mymost memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was junior gym class with Coach Lucas. KODAMA, TOKO: Math Club 4; Medi¬ cal Career Club 4; Computer Club 4; Math Intramural 3; AFS 4.1 would most like to be remembered for transfering from Japan junior year. KOEHLER, JUDY: Gymnastic Demon¬ stration Team 1,2; Gymnastic Compe- tative Team 2,3,4; Orchesis 4; Steppin’ out 4; National Honor Society; Sopho¬ more Class Caginet. KOEK, STEVE: Intramural Bowling 1; AFS 2; Pow-Wow ’77 Cast 1; Marne Cast 1; Pow-Wow Cast 2; Space War 2000 Crew 2; Pippin Crew 2; Prisoner of 2nd Ave. Cast 2; Director of Pow- Wow ’79 3; Pinnochio Crew 3; Sound of Music Cast 3; Theatre 219’s Fiddler on the Roof 3; Mousetrap Cast 4; Pow- Wow ’81 Band; A Christmas Carol Cast 4; Guys and Dolls Cast 4; Glass Managerie 4; Gong Show Crew 1; Gong Show Unknown Comic 3; Orche¬ sis Dance Show 2,4; Crew for Interna¬ tional Production of Godspell 4; Thes¬ pians 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 3; Inter¬ national Theatre Arts Conference 1,3; ATA Conference 2; Illinois High School Theatre Festival 4; Westones 2,3,4; Vice-President 4; Acappella Choir 2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; February Concert 2,3,4; Holiday Festival for Choir 2,3,4; May Festival for Choir 2,3,4; May Festival for Bands 1,2,3,4; 1st Place Solo and Ensemble Acap¬ pella Choir 3; 1st Place Solo and En¬ semble Brass Quintet 3; Band Tour to Philadelphia 2; Band Tour to Washing¬ ton 3; Band Tour to New Orleans 4; Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Rank Leader 4; Basketball Band 2,3,4. I would most like to be remem- SURVEY 277 SENIOR bered for my swoppy, yet woubwy compuwsions for articuwating and vocawizing my C’s during my 4 yrs. in the Drama Worwd. KOLAR, LARRY: Soccer 1,2,3; Bas¬ ketball 3,4. My most memorable ex¬ perience in high school was my beating Clevage junior year in our poster con¬ test. KONG, MARGARET: Varsity Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Co-captain 4; All-Con¬ ference 2,4; MVP 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; AFS 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3; White Certificiate 1; Bronze Key 2; Sil¬ ver Key 3. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles WEst was being one of the ‘‘gourmet cooks” in Mr. Dessing’s Chemistry class. KOREY, HOWARD: National Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Letter of Commendation; NEDT Certificate of Merit 2; Gold Honor Certificate 1; Gold Honor Pin 4; Silver Honor pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Trea¬ surer 4; Investment Club 3; Committee to Close Niles East 1,2,3; Dist. 219 Community Service Award 4; Soccer 1,2,3; Major N 3; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Illinois State Scholar. My future plans are to become a doctor of sports medicine and take those rich athletes for every penny they have. KOSTOGLANIS, JIM: Football 1,2,4; Baseball 1; Football Co-Captain 4; All Conference. My most memorable ex¬ perience in high school was meeting Pam Spourgitis in my senior year and being voted Co-Captain of the 1980 Varsity Football Team. KOUDOUNIS, STELLA: Scarlet Certi¬ ficate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Lab Assistant 3,4; AFS 4; Art Council 4; Senior Cabinet 4; German Club 4; Opus I 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being an assiduous stu¬ dent and an individual striving for moral and academic perfection ... but somehow never seeming to make it! KOZIL, MATT: My future plans are to go to Southern III. and become an avi¬ ation technician. KRAFT, BETSY: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Soft- ball 1,2; Basketball 1. KRASOWSKY, KATHRYN: Girls Demonstration Gymnastic Team 1; Or- chesis Dance Company 1,2,3,4; Sec¬ retary 3; Bronze Key 3; Niles West Indi¬ an Mascot 3. I would most like to be cur Senior Karen Hirsch remembered for my dancing and being the Niles West Indian Mascot for 1979- 1980. KRAUSE, BILL: Football 1,2,3. My fu¬ ture plans are towork full time at Do¬ minicks, to move out, and to go to Oakton. KREHER, KATHLEEN: Pow Wow 1,2,3; Marne 1; Pippin 2; Sound of Mu¬ sic 3. My future plans are to go to the International Academy of Merchandis¬ ing and Design to become a ‘‘famous” fashion designer. KREMEN GARY: American Chemical Society Test 2; Anti-SS Society 2,3; ADH Award 3,4; Debate 1,4; Comput¬ er Club 1,2,3,4; President of Computer Club 4; Aurora Computer Contest 2; First Annual Niles West Computer Contest Advanced First Place 3; Cross Country 2; Math Club 2,3,4; Math In¬ tramurals 2,3,4; Ml Finalist 2,3. KRIEGER, SCOTT: My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was hav¬ ing milk poured on my head with Carol Jaffe. KRONE, PAMELA: Girls Glee 1; Bowl¬ ing 1; Volleyball 3; Softball 2,3,4; Minor N 1,2,3,4; Cabinet 4. KUCINIC, MARYANN: Pom-Pon 3,4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4.1 would most like to be remembered for being the Blonde Bomber accompanied by her good friends Woody Crystal Leggs. KUELLER, STEVE: Swimming 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . KUKULSKI, CHRISTINE: Holiday Music Festival 1,2,3,4; May Music Fes¬ tival 1,2,3,4; February Concert 3,4; Band Choir Tour to New Orleans 4; Vivace 4; A cappella 4; Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Yearbook 4; Volley¬ ball 2; Sound of Music Costumes 3; Life American Style 4; Choir 3,4; Guys and Dolls Costumes 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was Brenda ca-ling me Crisco and say¬ ing that my running career is shorten¬ ing. KUMKOSKI, KATHY: Bowling 1,2; S.A.B. 4; Honor Roll 3. I would most like to be remembered for being my¬ self. 278 Senior Survey SURVEY LAMPERT, LIN: Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Mame Crew 1; The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the- Moon Marigolds Crew 1; Pippin Cast 2; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Pow Wow Choreo¬ grapher 4. LANDE, MICHAEL: I would most like to be remembered for doing donuts on the football field the night of College Night the 1979 Roller Skating Team which took 6th place. LEHEW, KAREN: Swimming 1; Soft- ball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; All Con¬ ference 4; Leaders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for creating a 35 foot monster that the sewing classes of 78-79 will never forget. LEMKE, KURT: German Club 1,2,3,4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Computer Club 1,2,3,4; Football 2; Band 1; White Honors Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; American Chemical Society Test 3. My future plans are to go on to college to obtain a degree in computer science and then try to find a job to use it. LEVIN, CARYN: Midnight Riders 4. My future plans are to attend college, get an Equestrian Science degree, and to someday have my own riding acad¬ emy. LIAMETZ, TAMMY: SAB 2,3,4; Float 1,4; Gong Show 2. I would most like to be remembered for my whistle that everybody loves, and my voice that no¬ body ever made fun of. LIPEZKER, SANDY: Swimming 1,2,3; MVP 1,3; Soccer 2,3. My future plans are to become a successful doctor by 1987. LIPKIN, HOWARD: Basketball 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . LIPPE, MICHAEL S: Soccer 1,2,3; In¬ door Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Bronze Key; Varsity Letters 3,4. My most memorable experience in high school was Chem istry class with Mr. Holz. (It was a Binaca blast.) He made everyth¬ ing “crystal clear”, and he made Til¬ bury tolerable. LISS, LINDA: Cheerleading 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 3; Homecoming Committee 1,2; Minor N 1; Major N 3. LITT, LEE: Orchesis Dance Company 1,2,3,4; Steppin Out Dance Show 1,2,3,4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow ’77 Things That Go Bump in the Night Crew 1; Feiffers People Crew 1; Mame Crew 1; Pow Wow ’78 Offstage On¬ stage Crew 2; Children’s Theater Space War 200, Technical Director and Set Designer 2; Pippin Set Design¬ er 2; Pow Wow ’79 Don’t Eat the Hot Dogs, Choreographer 3; Gong Show Crew, 1; Westones Choreographer 4; Band Tour to New Orleans 1; Band Tour to Philadelphia 2; Band Tour to New Orleans 4; Holiday Festival Crew 1; Holiday Festival 4; May Festival 4; SR A 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Stu¬ dent Faculty Administrative Associ¬ ation 3,4; District 219 Caucus 3. I would most like to be remembered for my apathy and disconcern in school activities. LOIACANO, JACKIE: Cheerleader 1,2,3; Pom-pon 4; Midnight Rider 2,3,4; My most memorable experience at Niles West was having accounting 4th period senior year with Maryann, Freddy, Robby, and Mr. Grosshuesch. LONG, CAROLYN: Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Vivace 1,2,3; The Sound of Music Cast; German Club 3; Bronze Key; Yearbook r. I would most like to be remembered for being the shy and quiet person that I am not. LOTSOFF, REBECCA: Gymnastics 1,2; Orchesis 4; Blue Certificate; Bronze Pin; Silver Pin; Freshman Cabi¬ net; Junior Cabinet; Prom Committee. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being mistaken by complete strangers for Lori Kahn and having long, indepth discussions of my visit to Japan. LUCAS, DEENA: Choir 4. My future plans are to discover what I want to do. LUNCSFORD, MICHAL ANN: Guard Club 1; Thespian 2,3,4; Vice President 4; Mame Costumes 1; Pow Wow ’78 “Offstage Onstage” Costumer 2; “Pippin” Costumes 2; “Prisoner of Second Avenue” Costumer 2; Pow Wow ’79 “Don’t Eat the Hot Dogs” Costumer 3; “ Sound of Music” Cos¬ tumes 3; “The Shooting Gallery” and “Enigma” Costumer 3; “Godspell ITAC ’80” Costumes 3; “The Mouse¬ trap” Assistant Director 4; “A Christ¬ mas Carol” Assistant Costumer 4; Pow Wow $ “Life American Style” Costumes 4; “Guys and Dolls” Assis¬ tant Director 4; “The Glass Mena¬ gerie” Costumer 4; “Silhouettes of Fashion” 2; “Starring in the ’80’s” 3; White Honors 2,3,4. My most memora¬ ble experiences at Niles West were 4th and 7th periods senior year, belonging to the Drama Dept., and attending the International Theater Arts Conference in Muncie, Indiana, 1980. LYMAN, MICHAEL: Gymnastics 1,2,3; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Chess Club 1,2; Scarlet Honors; White Honors; Drama 1,2,3; Choir 1,3,4; Pow Wow 3,4; N-Club 4. MACDONALD, KATHY: SRA 1,2,3; SFAA 1,2; PTSA Rep. 1,2; Photo Club 1,2,3,4; Vice President 3,4. My future plans are to go to OCC and transfer to Loyola and become a CPA. MCDONAUGH, JOE: My most memo¬ rable experience at Niles West was my Senior Survey 279 senior year, being my only year here. I am very glad that I came here. When I first came, I was scared, because I have never been to a public school before. I can’t believe how fast I made friends, and really adapted to everyth¬ ing. My classes are great and my teachers are nice. I am very glad and honored to have been a student at Niles West. McKEON, LAURA: Midnight Riders 2,3,4; SAB 3,4; Co-Chairperson of Homecoming 4; Senior Class Cabinet; Bronze Key. McMANAMON, STEVE: Football 1,2,3,4; All-Conference 4; Captain 4; M.V.P. 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Major N 2,3,4; Captain 2; Honorable Mention All Conference 3; N-Club 3,4; Home¬ coming Court 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3. I would most like to be remembered for being a part of a winning football team my senior year. MAHAN, DENISE: Swimming 1,2,3; Leaders 2,3,4; Aqua Sprites 2. My most memorable experience at Niles WEst was when my best friend, C.M. pushed me into a door with a class in there! MANN, ALISAN: Gymnastics 1,2,3; Major N 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Home¬ coming Committee 3; Gold Honor Cer¬ tificate; Bronze Pin 2; Silver Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar. My future plans are to go to the University of Illinois, have a great time, graduate and make lots of money. MARCUS, NEAL: Tennis 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to be an electrical en¬ gineer. MARGOLIS, JODY: Freshman Class Cabinet; Sophmore Class Cabinet; SAB ,3,4; Vice President 4; Midnight Rider 2,3,4; Gong Show 3. I would most like to be remembered for being extremely outrageous and lots of fun. MIKLAJ, MARICA: My future plans are going to college to become an inte¬ rior designer, hopefully a successful one. MARTINEZ, JESSIELYN: My most memorable experience at Niles West was four years of learning about myself and people and finding out why my real friends were. MARTORANO, NANCY: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1. My future plans are to go to college and major in law enforce¬ ment or work with kids. MASLOV, STACY: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Library Aids 2,3,4.1 would most like to be remembered for being everywhere for everyone, and doing it with a smile. MASON, JANETTE: Pom Pon 2,3,4; White Honors 2; Scarlet Honors 3. I would most like to be remembered for always getting the short end of things. MASTERS, DOUG: National Honors Society 3,4; Computer Club 1; Math ' ub 1,2; Debate 1,2; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key. I would most like to be remembered for healing the most students. MATCHEN, CAROL: I would most like to be remembered for being nominat¬ ed for the girls wrestling team with Cathy Williams and Kay Dahm by sen¬ ior guys as a freshman. MEMHARDT, MAUREEN: A.F.S. 1,2,3,4; Medical Careers Club 1,2; Art Shows; Honor Roll. My future plans are to go to college and take up art as a career. MEMMOIT, KAYER: Volleyball 1,2; Basketball 1. MEYER, NORBERT KARL: Soccer 4 I would most like to be remembered for the good times I had as a foreign stu¬ dent at Niles West. MICHAELS, RONA: Scarlet Certifi¬ cate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Chil¬ dren’s Theater 1; Opus I 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was unsuccessfully attempting to go 280 SENIOR through, rather than over, the elephant vault in gym. MILEWSKI, VIRGINIA: Handzel and Gretel Crew 1; SRA 1; Chorus 3; Life American Style Costumes 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Bookstore Employee 2; Girls Soccer 4; Holiday Music Festival 3; May Music Festival 3. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was Mr. Ander¬ son’s homeroom (206) junior and sen¬ ior year. MILLER, BRENDA: Cross Country 3,4; Track 2,3,4; German Club 1; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2. I would most like to be remembered for running to parks, and being part of a great family. MISHIM, SUSIE: Bowling 1,2, AFS 2,3,4, Math Club 2,3, National Honor Society 3,4. My most memorable ex¬ periences at Niles West were the AFS field trips which always ended up at Water Tower and the Art Institute in spite of noble attempts to go else¬ where. MITCHELL, ELLYN: Cast of Chil¬ dren’s Theater 1, Track 1,2, AFS 2,3,4, White Certificate 1, Bronze Key 2, Sil¬ ver Key 3, Gold Key 4, National Honor Society 3,4, National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. I would most like to be remembered for being Ellyn with a “y”. MOLL, GARY: My most memorable experience at Niles West was the up¬ roar caused by the girls basketball team during their trip downstate into the playoffs and their eventual win of the state title. MONREAL, ANNETTE: Volleyball 1,2, Guard Club 1,2, White Certificate, Leaders 2,3. My most memorable ex¬ perience in high school was learning who my real friends are. MORITZ, LEO: Baseball 1,2,3,4, In¬ door Track 2, Soccer 1,2,3,4, All-Con¬ ference 4 (soccer). My future plans are to attend A.S.U. or S.I.U. while study¬ ing business management and playing baseball. MURRAY, JIM: Hockey 1,2,3,4, Base¬ ball 1, S.R.A. 4. My most memorable experience in high school was Hallow¬ een 1980. MURRAY, MARY: My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was going through 4 years of high school and having lots of memorable experiences that I just can’t remember! NELSON, ELLEN: Guard Club 1,2, Pow Wow Crew 1,2. My most memora¬ ble experience in high school was man¬ aging to go to the cafeteria with Karen and Jinx for food in 6 minutes and not being late for gym. NIKCHEVICH, JOHN: Soccer 1,2,3 4, Basketball 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to attend Carthage college and to gra¬ duate with high honors. NOREN, GLEN T.: Football 1, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to be¬ come rich. O’BOYLE, ANN: Demonstration Gym¬ nastic Team 1, Track 1,2,3,4, Midnight Rider 3,4. ODYNIEC, EDWARD: Aeronautics 1,2, Basketball 1, Art Council 3, News¬ paper 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for having a drawing pad spot welded to my arm. ODYNIEC, THADDEUS: Football 1, Band 1, Basketball 1,2,3,4, JETS 3,4, Aeronautics Club 1,2. My future plans include a six-digit salary. OPPENHEIM, JOANNE: Girls Gym¬ nastic Demo. Team 1,2, Girls Competi¬ tive Gymnastic Team J.V. 2, Varsity 3,4, Co-Captain 4. My future plans are to go to S.I.U. for 4 years, enjoy my¬ self, get a little work done-get married and live happily ever after! OZTEKIN, ERROL: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Spring Soccer League 2,3,4, Basket¬ ball 1,2, Scarlet Honors 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for scor¬ ing both goals in the first soccer game of the supersectionals in which we beat Niles North 2-1 in overtime. PALENSKE, JEFF: Football 1, Swim¬ ming 1,2,4. I would most like to be remembered for going through the Oakton Street door without opening it. PANG, STEPHEN: Math Club 2,3,4, Math Club President 4, N.S. Math League 1st and 2nd place 2,3,4, JETS Team 3,4, JETS Engineering-Graphics 1st place 3, Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Out¬ door Track 1,2, Varsity Letter 3,4, White Honors Certificate 1, Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3, Gold Key 4, Na¬ tional Honor Society 4, Math Intramur¬ als 2,3,4, Math Intramurals winner 2, Lab Assistant 3,4, Computer Club 4, Chess Club 3,4, ELH Club 4. I would most like to be remembered for being friendly to people I know, helping my friends with their problems, striving for perfection, dodging the land mines in the hallways, and being the best I could ... at least I thought so! PAPPAS, VICKI: Scarlet Certificate 1, Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3, Sopho¬ more Class Cabinet 2, Tennis Team 2,3, Yearbook 3, Leaders 3, S.A.B. 3, Ski Club 3, 3 year graduate. My future plans following graduation from Niles SURVEY 281 SENIOR West are to spend 4 glorious years at Indiana University where I hope to make up for lost time. YEAH Hoosiers! PARCELLI, MIKE: Baseball 1, Gym¬ nastics 1, Softball Intramurals 3,4, Racquetball Intramurals 3,4, Concert Band 1,2,3,4, Wind Ensemble 1, Marching Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band, Basketball Band 1,2,3,4, Pow Wow Band 2,3,4, 3rd Place I.M.E.A. Band 3,1.H.S.A. 3 1st Place 2,3,4, Pip¬ pin Band 2, Sound of Music Band 3, Guys and Dolls Band 4, Jazz Band 2.3.4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Tour Band 2.3.4, I would most like to be remem¬ bered for keeping the Orchesis girls happy on the band tours. PARK, KON-SU: My future plan is to be a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree as they flow down the might rivers of the British Columbia with my best girl by my side ... the lodge, the pine ... the giant Redwood tree. The Se¬ quoia! The little weeping willow tree we’d sing! Sing! Sing! PECHTER, MICHAEL: Wrestling 1,2,3,4, N-Club 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being from Niles East. PERLIN, MICHAEL ALAN: Pow Wow, Marne 1, Marigolds 1, Stage- crew 1, Pippin 2, Sound of Music 3, Guys and Dolls 4, Concert Choir, Solo¬ ist 2,3,4, Solo and Ensemble Contest 2.3.4, Mousetrap 4, Fiddler on the Roof, Russian Soloist 3. PERLMAN, LARRY: Key Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Newspaper 1,2, Bronze Pin 2, Sil¬ ver Pin 3, Blue Certificate 1, Illinois State Scholar, NEDT Certificate of Merit. My future plans are to go to col¬ lege and to be the President of IBM. PERLMUTTER, GARY: Pow Wow 1,2,3, Feiffer’s People 1, Children’s Theater Crew 2, The Shooting Gallery 3, Thespians 3,4, Science Fiction and Fantasy Club 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was summer. PETERSON, ROBERT: Baseball 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Football 1,2,3,4, All-Conference Baseball 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when I caught Dean Erickson spy¬ ing out of a classroom window with binoculars into the student lounge. I waved and got 3 weeks of BAC. PINTZ, BARBIE: Demo Gymnastics 1, Leaders Gym 1, Sophomore Class Cabinet 2. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being “Mrs. Butch’’ the soul fan of the varsity soccer team. PIPER, GAIL: Competitive Gymnas¬ tics Team 1,2,3,4, Gymnastics Demon¬ stration Team 1,2, Orchesis 1, Track Team 3,4, Cross Country Team 4, Leaders GPE 2,3,4. My future plans are to go to Northern Illinois University and major in Home Economics Educa¬ tion. POWELL, JAY: Track 1, Intramural Racquetball 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was waiting an hour for the dean during a class to get lectured on why I should not miss a class. PRIVATSKY, BRUCE: Basketball 1, Soccer 1,2, Baseball 1,2,3. My future plans are not looking forward to the next eight years of school toward my career in medicine. QUILICI, VICTOR: Bowling 1,3, White List 3, Football 1, Pow Wow 1,2, Pip¬ pin, SRA 3,4, Weightlifting 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being one of the most popular of all disco dancers and girl chasers. RABIN, DAVID: Soccer 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key. I would most like to be remembered for looking and playing like a space creature during the sophomore basketball season. RABIN, STEVE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow Band 1; Pow-Wow Crew 2; Co-writer of Pow-Wow “Don’t Eat The Hot Dogs;” Pippin Cast 2; Or¬ chesis Band 1,2,3,4; West-Word Pho¬ tography Editor; Bronze Key 4. I would most like to be remembered for my work on various emulsions throughout my four years, and being appreciated for it. RATNER, NEAL: Tennis 1; Bowling 3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for never losing an argument to a teacher. REGIDOR, DANNY: Wrestling 1,2,3; Key Club 1,4; Frosh nom, J-V. Letter; DECA 3; DECA officer, parliamentar¬ ian 3. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being a nice guy. REICH, BARB: Sports Reporter Nile- highlite 2; Sports Editor Nilehighlite 3; Cabinet 2,3; German Club 1,2; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Silver Honor Pin 3; Gold Honor Pin 4; Quill and Scroll Literary Award 3 (For newspaper). I would most like to be remembered for my shyness. REICHSTETTER, CHRISTINE: Varsi¬ ty Swimming 1,2,3; Softball 3. My fu¬ ture plans are to go to college and get my bacherlors degree. REIFENBERG, MARY PAT: Softball 1,2; Leaders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for helping some of my friends when we went downstate to Pekin for Girls Softball. 282 Senior Survey SURVEY Fred Fagenholz is entranced by a talking box. REINHARD, DAVID: My future plans are to go to college and attempt to satisfy my insatiable, inordinate desire to acquire knowledge. RICHARDS, CHARLES: Guard Club 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 2; Concert Band 2,3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was having every period free for 4 years. ROLLICK, PETER: Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; N-Club 2,3,4; All Confer¬ ence in Football 4; Major in Wrestling 2; Major in Football 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being a master of sound effects and pig calls. ROMAN, MARCY: My future plans are to become a psychologist. ROSENBLUM, STEVE: Cross Coun¬ try 1,2,3,4; Captain 3,4; Most valuable 3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; Captain 4. I would most like to be remembered for having 2 different color eyes. ROWE, NICK: Football 2,3,4; Wres¬ tling 3,4; Swimming 2. My future plans are to get as far away from Skokie as possible. RUBENSTEIN, DAVID: Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; N-Club 2,3,4; My future plans are to go to college, get a Bachelor’s Degree in business man¬ agement — maybe run for president if Reagan is still here. RUSSELL, LISA: Homecoming float 1; AFS 1,2,3; Sophomore Class Cabi¬ net; Yearbook 3,4; Scarlet Certificate; Bronze Key. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was having sur¬ vived 2 years as Pam Wexler’s lab partner. SAKLAK, DIANE: Rank 1,2,3. Band 1,2,3,4; Flag SAMUELS, SCOTT: Soccer 1,2,3; Major N 3; D.E.C.A. 4; Bronze Key 4. My future plans are to have an excel¬ lent time at college, graduate, and then go on to a career in Hotel Restuarant Management. 1,2,3,4; Tartuffe crew 1; Our Town 2; Seesaw 2; Reflections 2; Crew Chair¬ man 3; My Fair Lady Crew Chairman 3; Matchmaker Crew Chairman 3; Cham¬ ber Theater Crew 3; Theater Pieces Crew 2; Thespians 3,4; Mouse Trap Crew 4; A Christmas Carol Crew Chair¬ man 4; Pow Wow 4. My future plans are to further my education in college. SCHROEDER, ART: Football 1; Base¬ ball 1.2. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was being Sopho¬ more Baseball Conference Champs. SCHULTZ, MICHAEL: Sound of Mu¬ sic 3; Mousetrap 4; Concert Choir 4; Pow Wow Steering Committee 4; Guys and Dolls 4. I would most like to be remembered for contributing the use of my blue eyes to the theater depart¬ ment of Niles West. SCHWARTZ, DIANE: Key Club 2,3,4 Class Cabinet 1,2,3; French Club 3 Homecoming Committee 3; Crew 1,2 Marching Band 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was my 3 years at Niles East. SEILER, ROSEMARIE: Bowling 1,2; German Club 3,4; AFS 2,3,4; SRA 4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Sil¬ ver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Ger¬ man Contest 1st place. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going on AFS field trips in which we dutifully planned to go to such places as the Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art, but always end¬ ed up at Water Tower. SHANDLING, VICKI: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Gong Show 1; Children’s The¬ ater 2; Concert Choir 3; SAB 3,4; Sec¬ retary 4; Girls Cross Country 4; Gym Leaders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for trying to be an individ¬ ual in this world of ordinary people. ROWE, MICHAEL: Football 2. Swimming 2,3,4; SCHAFFER, MICHAEL: Technis SHAPIRO, ANITA: Yearbook 4; Ten- Senior Survey 283 nis 2,3; SAB 3,4; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Gong Show 1; Red Honors 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was watching my friend eat 4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on 2 for 1 day. SHAPIRO, JOHN: Concert Band Or¬ chestra, and Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 2,3,4; Band Tour 1,2,3,4; Debate 1; AFS 1,2,3,4; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Sophomore Class Cabi¬ net; National Honors Society 3,4; Sil¬ ver Key. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was being able to partake in the foreign exchange pro¬ gram and actually going through with it. Brazil was fantastic! SHAPIRO, TERRY: Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being the only pitcher on the Niles West baseball team representing the beloved Niles East. SHERMAN, YVONNE: Cheerleading 2; Pom-Pon 3,4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the 1979 Valentine’s Day Dance with a very special person. SHIMANOVSKY, DAVE: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2; Wrestling 1; In¬ door Soccer 2. My future plans are to go to college, get rich, and live in a mansion. SHURSON, JULIE: Girls Basketball 1,2,3; Co-Captain 3; Girls Softball 1,2; Marching Band 1; Wind Ensemble 1. SIEGEL, KEN: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; SILVERMAN, MICHAEL: National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Gold Key 4; Silver 3; Bronze 2; NEDT Certificate of Merit 2; SRA 1,2,4; Student Faculty Admin¬ istration Assembly 1; Board of Educa¬ tion Representative 2; AFS 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow 1; Pow-Wow Band 4; Swim¬ ming 1,2; Illinois State Scholar. My fu¬ ture plans are to become a lawyer and to be the diplomatic liason to Lincoln- wood from the third world. SIMON, FLORENCE A.: Basketball 1; AFS 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2; Concert Choir 3; Holiday and May Festivals 1,2,3; Vivace 2,3; Pow-Wow 3. SKLIVAGOS, NICK: I would most like to be remembered for walking the halls of Niles West and whistling like a bird; everybody would turn around and say “That’s Nick!” THILL, STEVE: Cross Country 1; In¬ door Track 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4. My future plans are to finish college and eventually get married. TAMRAZ, TAMMY: Midnight Riders 3,4; Guard Club 1; Freshman Class Cabinet; Junior Class Cabinet; Senior Class Cabinet; SAB 4; Homecoming Committee 4. I would most like to be remembered for my many student lounge conversations, that humored those around me. TATOOLES, TONY: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Yearbook Photog¬ rapher 2,3; Tennis 1; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society. I would most like to be remembered for being a petrified pine brother. THERIOS, ATHANASIOS: Bowling 1,2,3,4; Photography Club 1,2,3; Ski Club 2,3,4; S.R.A. 3,4; White Honor Ro-I 2,3; Sophomore Class President; D.E.C.A. 3; I would most like to be remembered for my ability of helping others with their personal problems. THOMASON, SCOTT: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Football 1. My fu¬ ture plans are to become wealthy enough so I won’t have to work after the age of 30. TOBIN, CHERYL: AFS 1,2,3; 1st place Teacher-Student Mixed Doubles Tournament 2,3; White Certificate; Lisa Sidler and Monica Cohen goofing off — as usual!! 284 SENIOR Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Yearbook 4; Senior Section Editor 4. I would like to be remembered. TODD, BOB: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. TRIPICCHIO, DONNA: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3; Leaders 2,3,4; Cross Country 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going down state with the cross country, basketball, and soft- ball teams. VERITY, HELEN: AFS 4; SRA 4; Tim¬ ers Club 4; Senior Cabinet; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4. I would most like to be remembered for being the AFS ex- chage student with a funny accent from New Zealand. VISHNY, MICHAEL: Baseball 1,2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Red Honors 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was blow¬ ing away the Central Suburban League Conference in Freshman Basketball with a 14-2 record. WAINER, JAMIE: Scarlet Honors; Bronze Key; Girls Track; Pow Wow; Orchesis; Junior Class Cabinet; Prom Committee; SAB. My most memorable experience at Niles West was my fourth year. WALNER, DAVID: Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Holiday and May Festival 1,2,3,4; Mu¬ sic Tours 1,2,4; IHSA Solo and Ensem¬ ble Contests 2,3,4; IHSA District Or¬ chestra 2,4; Sound of Music Orchestra 3; IHSA State Orchestra. My future plans are to be a successful person and enjoy life to its fullest. WARDS, EDWARD: Football 1. My fu¬ ture plans are to take automotive courses and become a mechanic. WARNER, LAURA: I would most like to be remembered for purple, “in one ear and out the other”, and owning our gang’s mascot, Uncle Al our purple pal. WAX, PAUL: My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was Mrs. Gra¬ ham’s college Prep, class because of the hours of enjoyment it gave all who attended, and also Mr. Albiani’s home¬ room. WEIL, NANCY: Pow Wow 1,2; Orche¬ sis 1; Steppin out 1; Pippin 2; Senior Class Cabinet 4. WEINDLING, DAVID: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 2; Bronze Key, Silver Key; National Merit Letter of Co-mendation. My future plans are to retire and enjoy life before I start working. WEINER, ELISE: Softball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 2; Midnight Raders 4. WEISBERG, DAN: Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2. My future plans are to go to college. WEISMAN, ROSS: Baseball 1; Wres¬ tling 2. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for calling my parents before a wrestling meet and telling them I would beat my opponent. I pinned him in the first round. WEISS, DEBBIE: Newspaper 3,4; Features Editor 4; Senior Cabinet 4; SRA 3; Soccerettes 1; Children’s The¬ ater 2; AFS 2,3; National Honors Soci¬ ety 3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze key 2; Silver key 3; Gold key 4; Homeroom GPAAward 3; Rotary Club Scholarship Award Finalist 4. My future plans are to attend the University of Illinois in Champaign, major in Broadcast-Jour¬ nalism, graduate with honors and im¬ mediately become an anchorman with Walter Jacobson on Channel Two. WEITMANN, HEIDI: Homecoming Committee 1-4; Student Government 3,4; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Cabinet; Tennis 3; Gold honor certificate; Bronze key 2; Silver key 4; NEDT Certificate of Merit 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for making new friends at West my senior year and having 3 great years at Niles East. WENDT, ROGER: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4; Lab Assistant 2,3. My future plans are to study for a degree in Construc¬ tion Engineering. WENGERSKI, BILL: Football 1-4; Track 2. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was the look on Coach Earl’s face when he reached in the football bag during the season and found a dead rabbit that somehow got there. WEXLER, PAM: White Certificate 1; Bronze key 2; Silver key 3; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Thespian secretary 4; Stage Crew 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow Steering Committee 3,4; German Club 4; Honor Society 3,4; Fall play 1,4; Pow Wow 1,2,3,4; Children’s Theater 1,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Asst. Director for Musical 4; Spring Play 1,2; TSC 3,4; TSC Vice-President 3; TSC President 4. I would most like to be remembered for putting out the fire during the Dec. 11th matinee performance for A Christmas Carol. WHEELER, KEVIN: Baseball 1. My fu¬ ture plans are to go to Las Vegas and win a half million dollars and blow it the next day. SURVEY SENIOR WILLIAMS, CATHERINE: Softball 1,2,3; I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being nominated for the girls wrestling team with Kay Dahm and Carol Matchen by the senior guys as freshmen. WISE, DEBBIE: Homecoming Float 1; Scarlet Honors Award 1; Guard Club 1,2; Aquasprites 2; Senior Class Cabi¬ net 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being able to sleep and listen in class at the same time. My most memorable experience in high school was my 4 years in homeroom 222, now 218. WISHNER, KENNETH: White Honor 1; Scarlet Honor 2,3; Bronze key; Con¬ cert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Accompanist for the Concert Choir 3,4; Jazz Band 3; Talent show 3. My most memorable experience in high school was all the good friends I met at West. WOHLBRANDT, DANA: Tennis Team 1,2,3; Softball Team 2; Bronze key; Gold Honor Roll. My most memorable experience at Niles West was a great junior year at East which seemed more like my senior year-thanks to all my crazy, fun East pals. WOODIER, LINDA: Gymnastics Dem¬ onstration Team 1,2; Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 4; Pow Wow and the Sound of Music Crew 3; Volleyball manager 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being a member of the 1980 Cross Country Team, with Camp Sweat and collapsing at Trashmore the moment we realized how we placed in the Dis¬ trict Meet and finally going downstate. WRZALA, JIM: Cross Country Team 1. I would most like to be remembered for going to Niles West. My future plans are to go to college. WU, VICTOR: Cross Country 1; Indoor and outdoor track and field 1,2,3,4; Varsity Letters 3,4; Track MVP 3; Hon¬ or Society 3,4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Math Intramurals 2,3,4; North Subur¬ ban Math League 1,2,3,4; White Certi¬ ficate; Bronze Key; Gold Key; Silver Key. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my nicknames-Styck, Stew, Digs, Digby, Victory, and Vector. WYPRA, MIKE: My future plans are to work and make money. YELLEN, MICHAEL: I would most like to be remembered for walking through closed halls and making up excuses to teachers who caught me. YOUNG, JANET: Band 1; Girls En¬ semble 3; Choir 4; A Cappella 4; Vi- vance 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for always having a good time. My future plans are to complete college and become a teacher. ZAWISKI, LAURIE: Pom Pon 2,3. I would most like to be remembered for being one of the “guys” in homeroom. ZEITLER, PATRICIA: Bowling 1,2,3,4; Captain 4. My most memora¬ ble experience at West was meeting new friends that I will always remember and never forget. 286 Senior Survey ZELICKMAN, LORI: Volleyball 1; Bas¬ ketball 1; Track 1,2; Leaders Gym 2,3,4; A.F.S. 2,3,4; German Club 2,3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; N.H.S. 3,4. My future plans are to become a suc¬ cessful occupational therapist. ZELLERS, BRENDA LEE: Orchesis 2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for building closer friendships in high school with girls I went to grade school with. My future plans are to at¬ tend the University of Iowa and major in Journalism. ZICARELLI, CARMELA: SRA 2,3; SFAA 2,3; SFAA Secretary 2. I would most like to be remembered for being able to listen to my friend’s problems and trying to help them. My most memorable experience at Niles West was finishing my College Prep Re¬ search Paper. ZISSMAN, MARC: Wrestling 1,2; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Society 4; Jets 3,4; Rensselaer Medal; Bronze, Silver, and Gold Keys. I would most like to be remembered for going to this school for four years and not being in a single production of the Drama Depart¬ ment. ZUCKER, JAMIE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Captain 4; Mid¬ night Riders 2,3,4; Senior Class Cabi¬ net 4; A.F.S 1,4; Girls Gymnastics Team 1; Orchesis Dance Company 3,4; Secretary 4; Girls Varsity Track Team 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for staying up til 4 a.m. to make an apple suit so I could be one of the “Fruit of-the-Loom Guys” and wear boys’ jockey shorts to school!!! SURVEY Clockwise: Terry Grossberg and Mike Viner play their trumpets backwards. Pow-Wow directors Dan Blackman and Liz Gump during an after school rehearsai. Mary Flood expresses herself artistically. John Shapiro tries his hand at cooking. Senior Survey 287 A Abelkis, Desiree Abelkis, Kai ... 75, 122 Abelkis, Richard ... 75 Abelseth, Julianna Abelson, Steve Abelson, William ... 188 Aberg, Daniel ... 66 Aberg, Mari Abhsie, Timothy Abrahams, Gary ... 2, 57, 64, 174 A Cappella: . 44 Ackman, Leonard: 218 Adam, Jim Adam, Stefan ... 174 Adams, Thomas ... 188 Adelfang, Hans ... 188 Ades, John Adinamis, Diane . . 122 Adkisson, David ... 74, 122 Adler, Amy ... 174 Adler, Eddie ... 122 Aeronautics Club ... 67 Agnos, Arnold 226, 227 Ahrendt, Curt Ahrendt, William Akhter, Nadeem ... 77 Akwa, Daniel Martin ... 188 Albach, Brian Allen Albach, David ... 174 Albach, Julie Lyn Albert, Michael S. ... 187, 188 Albiani, Ronald . 232 Albrecht, Joanne ... 174 Alcalde, Adrianna ... 188 Alexander, David ... 122 Alexandr, Gail ... 188 Alexander, Patricia ... 174 Alexanian, Armen Alexanian, Frach ... 188 Alexanian, Shahan Alfredson, Brian Allen, Karen Allen, Kenneth Allen, Mark Aim, John ... 174 Alpern, Amy ... 9, 172, 174, 184, 185 Alpern, Bruce ... 122 Alpert, Ronald Altemese, Denise Altenburg, Jacquelyn ... 122 American Field Service ... 61 Amarantos, Faith ... 16, 18, 19, 22, 134, 162, 122 Amodeo, Brad ... 122 Amodeo, Sharyl ... 174 Anast, George ... 77 Andersen, Holly ... 58, 118, 122 Anderson, Charles 233 Anderson, Constance ... 116 Anderson, Donna ... 58, 82, 180, 122, 167 Anderson, Glenn . 243 Anderson, Judy ... 122 Anderson, Karl Anderson, Laura ... 174 Anderson, Perry Anderson, Todd ... 174 Angelakos, Alexandra ... 188 Angelakos, Evangelia Angeletos, Estelle ... 188 Angus, David ... 123 Antes, Richard . 218, 151 Antic, Dean Antic, Dion Antman, Amira Ann Anton, Helen . .. 174 Apostal, William . 222 Archibald, Mary 219 Arenson, Greg ... 2, 57, 172, 174, 182 Arenson, Mark Steven Argyrakis, Louis ... 73 Argys, Bobby ... 188 Argys, Demetri Arkin, Melissa Joy ... 123 Arkules, Stacie ... 6, 125, 144, 134, 123 ‘ Arledge, Ronald ... 73 Armour, Jean . 235 Armour, John . 235, 116, 117 Aronson, Richard ... 174 Arrigo, Anita . . . 123 Art Council ... 54 Arvanitis, Yvonne ... 188 Ashcroft, Kevin Asher, Lawrence ... 186, 188 Athans, Tony ... 123 Atsaves, Cynthia ... 188 Atsaves, Katherine Attia, Michael ... 2, 174 Auerbach, Beth Aufmann, Beth ... 123 Avella, Anthony ... 73 Avella, Lisa ... 188 Avendano, Sandra ... 188 Axley, Joanne ... 123 Axon, Phyllis . 248 B Babitz, Mike . .. 123 Bacchiere, Janice ... 188 Badalian, Fiodora ... 188 Badalian, Fredrica ... 188 Bae, Donald ... 174 Baer, Jennifer ... 188 Baffa, Cynthia ... 123 Baffa, James ... 73 Bailey, John ... 174 Bailey, Kevin ... 188 Bailey, Lisa ... 174 Bailey, Robert ... 174 Baker, Kimberly ... 188 Bakshy, Jacqueline ... 188 Balter, Alan . .. 123 Banathy, Judy ... 59, 174 Bandalin, Kim Baque, Rosemarie ... 188 Baransky, Chris Barasch, Renee ... 188 Barasch, Sheryl ... 188 Baron, Angie ... 29, 81 Baron, Patricia ... 174 Barraza, Nancy ... 188 Barrington, Caryn ... 174 Barron, Lori ... 56, 57, 123 Bartholomew, Amelia ... 2, 57, 161, 123, 160 Bartholomew, Georgett ... 188 Bartolomei, Jennifer Baseball, J.V. ... 97 Baseball, Varsity ... 96 Basilio, Judy Basketball, Freshman, Boys ... 91 Basketball, Freshman, Girls . 95 Basketball, J.V., Boys: ... 89 Basketball, J.V., Girls ... 93 Basketball, Sophomore, Boys ... 90 Basketball, Sophomore, Girls ... 94 Basketball, Varsity, Boys ... 88 Basketball, Varsity, Girls ... 92 Bass, llene ... 174 Batchen, Paul ... 174 Batchen, Robert Batts, James . 227, 144 Bauer, George 73, 235 Bauer, Kristin ... 188 Bauer, Richard ... 73 Baumann, Susan ... 174 Beck, Katherine 230, 234 Becker, David Becker, Elisa ... 188 Becker, John ... 124 Becker,Linda ... 124 Becker, Miriam ... 124 Beckerman, Jodi Bedony, Diane Bedony, Gary ... 6 Beeftink, John . 221, 118 Beegun, Steve Begley, Annabel . 240 Behar, Jose Beier, Rita Beller, Ina ... 174 Bellissimo, Antoniett Bellos, George ... 188 Bellos, Nick Beltran, Claridad Beltran, Jerrylene . . . 124 Ben-Zeev, Matthew ... 174 Benbow, Andrew . .. 188 Bencivenga, Raymond Bender, Michael ... 65, 188 Benjamin, Joseph ... 174 Benjamin, Pamela Benjoya, Garry ... 174 Bennett, John ... 174 Bennett, Richard Bensen, Christine ... 174 Bentson, Kathlene 223 Bentson, Ray 223 Berg, Jamie ... 80, 81, 161, 124, 160 Berge, Harald ... 74 Berger, Heidi Berger, Lesley ... 174 Berger, Marcie Berglund, Michelle ... 124 Bergman, Jeff ... 174 Bergman, Jodi Bergman, Merle ... 211 Bergstrom, Joan ... 124 Beringer, Dorothy 218 Berk, Julie Berkowitz, Steve ... 126 Berkley, Avi ... 70 Berkson, Lyle ... 124 Berman, Jodi ... 134, 124 Berndt, Wendy Bernheim, Linda Bernstein, Amy ... 124 Bernstein, David ... 188 Bernstein, Karen ... 2, 13, 57, 81, 200 Bezanis, Georgia ... 188 Bezanis, Marcia ... 174, 122 Bezkorovainy, Gregory ... 188 Bialik, Marc Bian, Chin ... 174 Bianchi, Glenn . .. 188 Biberian, Armen ... 188 Bibizas, Sophie . . . 203 Bielski, Daniel ... 124 Bielski, Lisa .. . 203 Bienias, Julia ... 65, 174 Bier, Matt ... 174 Binder, Richard ... 174 Binstock, Cory ... 188 Birren, Donald ... 125 Bjorklund, Steven ... 77 Black, De Anne . . . 203 Blackaller, Patrick ... 188 Blackburn, Thomas 242 Blackman, Daniel . . . 125 Blanco, Lucio ... 70 Block, Marcia ... 125 Block, Maureen ... 174 Blok, Lila ... 188 Bloom, Larry Bloom, William . 220 Bloomfield, Geoffrey . . . 203, 115 Blum, Barry ... 125 Blum, Howard Evan Blum, Rose . 255 Boberg, Kurt Bocek, Denice ... 188 Bocek, Paula ... 175 Bocek, Theresa Boepple, Jeri ... 189 Boepple, Jill ... 125 Boevers, Gerald 232 Bogdan, Michael Bohl, Anne . 254 Bojes, Heidi ... 189, 116 Bojic, Azra ... 189 288 Bojic, Ferid ... 77, 175 Cano, Joesph ... 175 Cohen, Jack ... 175 Bonkoske, Beth ... 189 Capdevila, Rolando Cohen, Jennifer ... 189 Bonkoske, John ... 122, 125 Capitani, Emil 223 Cohen, Kari ... 189 Borak, Edward ... 203, 115 Caplan, Bari ... 189 Cohen, Mark ... 189 Bordenet, Robert ... 70, 175 Carey, Stanley . 241 Cohen, Michael ... 203 Bordenet, William ... 70, 125 Cariato, Billy . . . 203 Cohen, Michael ... 6, 77, 203 Borjon, Aaron . . . 203 Carlsen, Keith ... 77, 203 Cohen, Michele ... 189 Borst, Nancy ... 125 Carlson, Christian ... 126, 141 Cohen, Monica ... 2, 56, 57, 134, 137, Boshes, Deborah Carlson, Juanita 249 127, 156 Boshes, Ian ... 125 Carlson, Sandra ... 126 Cohen, Pamela ... 189 Bosshart, Kenneth ... 189 Carnow, James ... 189 Cohen, Richard ... 175 Bothfeld, Margaret ... 125 Carr, Mary Pat . 215, 252 Cohen, Sally ... 203 Boucher, Michelle Carr, Ray . 248 Cohen, Scott . . 203 Boudouvas, Effie .. . 203 Carrao, Joseph Cohen, Stuart Bourdeau, Ernest Castillo, Michael ... 175 Colander, David ... 175 Bourdeau, Peter ... 175 Catiis, Angelica . . . 203 Colander, John Bowen, Christine ... 125 Cattern, Andrea ... 59, 189 Colen, Steven ... 127 Bower, Phyllis 255 Caullieres, Fernanda College Night ... 24 Bowler, Debbie ... 175 Cedeno, David ... 76 Coloian, Carl ... 73, 204 Bowling ... 108, 109 Cederholm, Robert ... 70 Coltharp, Charles Bowman, Tom ... 203 Cerrone, Rudy . . . 203 Colucci, Rozanne ... 175 Boyce Jr., Ronald ... 70, 175 Chadwick, Catherine ... 189 Computer Club ... 66 Brabec, Mark ... 70, 175 Chahal, Kim . . . 203 Concert Choir ... 45 Brabec, Sharon . . . 203 Chahal, Sharon Congine, Jeffry .. . 204 Bradley, John ... 75 Chambers, John . 252, 253 Congine, Vito ... 23 Brainin, Alissa Chams, Joyce ... 126 Conrad, Joan ... 175 Braje, Andrew ... 73, 203, 126 Chams, Roger ... 73, 203 Conrad, Marilyn Braje, Robert ... 180, 125 Chan, Grace .. . 203 Constance, Gary ... 189 Bramati, Steve Chan, Joshua Constance, Ronna ... 128 Brandt, Valerie . . . 175, 176 Chang, Jae ... 76, 189 Conton, Christina ... 80, 81, 82, 173, Brandwein, Barry Chao, Raymond ... 2 175 Brandwein, Wendy ... 189 Chapman, Robert ... 78, 79, 127 Conton, Mark .. . 204 Bravo, Miriam ... 189 Charous, Anita ... 189 Cook, Elizabeth Bravos, William Charous, Steven ... 183 Coon, John . 240 Breidenbach, Henry ... 175 Chasin, Fern ... 127 Cooper, Bruce ... 128 Brennan, Joseph 5, 74, 230 Chastain, Eric ... 175 Coplan, Carol ... 160, 128, 130, 134 Brenner, Marc . . . 126 Chausow, Barbara . 245 Corombos, Sharon . 251 Brenner, Wendy . .. 189 Cheerleaders ... 53 Cortez, James ... 115 Brilando, Guy ... 126 Chelberg, Donald ... 189 Cortez, Michael ... 70 Brink, George 230 Chelberg, Michael ... 127 Costas, Pamela . 189 Brocar, John . . . 203 Chen, Linda ... 189, 194 Costis, Jim ... 167 Brode, Scott ... 126 Chern, Adam . . . 203 Cote, Steven ... 175 Brodersen, Daniel Chernick, Todd ... 127 Coursey, Jerry ... 70, 72, 128 Brommelkamp, Helen 217, 254 Chertow, Jill ... 189 Coursey, Joseph ... 189 Brooks, Brian Chesler, David . . . 203 Coward, Stephen ... 128 Brooks, Steve .. 189 Chess Club . .. 66 Cox, Linda . .. 204 Brow, Richard ... 175 Chester, Kelly ... 127, 139, 141 Coyne, Margaret ... 128 Brown, Carol . .. 203 Chester, Kevin ... 189 Coyne, Patricia ... 175 Brown, Howard ... 203 Chester, Patrick . . . 203 Coyne, William ... 190 Brown, Patricia ... 126 Cheung, Dorothy Cozzo, Vito Brown, Tim Chi, Linda ... 59, 189 Cramer, Scott ... 190 Browne, Valerie . . . 203 Chi, Richard .. . 203 Craven, Jack ... 128 Broy, Larry 220 Children’s Theatre ... 34, 35 Cress, Angela ... 128 Buck, Lisa ... 203 Cho, Christine . .. 203 Cristante, Julie ... 175, 116 Buckley, Barbara ... 59, 175 Cho, Hae Chung ... 24, 127 Cristante, Richard ... 128 Buczak, Kimberly ... 59, 175 Choi, Inui ... 175 Cross Country, Boys ... 86, 87 Buffo, Nancy ... 16, 126, 165 Choi, Joanne . . . 203 Cross Country, Girls ... 84, 85 Buisseret, Catherine Cholewa, Edward ... 70, 127 Crown, Debbie Burdeen, Barry ... 189 Choyinski, Andrew ... 175 Cuatrecasas, Miriam ... 2, 6, 56, 57, Burdin, Brian . . . 189 Christensen, Sharon ... 189 134, 128 Burger, Angela ... 126 Christmann, Monica ... 189 Cuff, Rachel Burger, Randi .. . 172, 175 Christopoulos, Timoth ... 175 Curtiss, Shane . . . 204 Burke, Thomas ... 189 Chuenrudeemol, Patcha ... 203 Cvijovic, Dusko Burkel, Jill .. . 203, 163 Chung, Elizabeth Cygan, James Burkel, John . 235 Chung, Ja ... 175 Burns, Patty ... 175 Chwalisz, Michael . . . 203 n Burnstein, Cari ... 175 Chwalisz, Steven ... 127 D Butera, Samuel . . . 203 Cieplinski, Christian Butler, Bruce ... 126 Ciezki, Maria ... 175 Bychowski, Steven ... 66, 126 Ciskoski, Julie ... 189 D’Agostino, Jeffery Byron, Lisa Ciskoski, Thomas ... 75, 175 D’Aiello, Nicolina . .. 128 Citron, Daniel ... 175 Daehler, Barbara ... 204 A Citterman, Alan ... 189 Daehler, William ... 176 u Clark, Lisa . .. 203 Dahm, Kathleen ... 128 Clark, William ... 74, 127 Dahm, Michael ... 72 Clarke, Carol ... 10, 81, 172, 175 Dakoff, Robert . .. 204 Cagen, Marc ... 175 Clarke, Mary ... 10, 81, 175 Damisch, Jean . 248 Cahn, Laura ... 126 Claver, Bruce ... 189, 115 Daniel, Shirley ... 176 Calderaro, Edward ... 203, 115 Clemens, Renee ... 189 Daniel, Valery ... 190 Calderon, Marco ... 74 Cocking, Walter 253 Darville, Christine ... 129 Camilli, Gloria ... 189 Coclanis, Christina Darville, Scott Campanini, Rafael ... 73, 203 Coconato, Laurie ... 189 Dassow, Betty ... 176 Campbell, Jennifer . . . 203, 116 Cocozza, Paulette Daus, Phillip ... 190 Campbell, Margaret Cohan, Helene ... 203 David, Pamela . .. 204 Campbell, Mary ... 189 Cohan, Howard ... 127 Davis, Gary 179, 198, 242 Campbell, Ron . .. 244, 114, 115 Cohan, Lisa ... 80, 81, 175 Davis. Joel ... 176 289 Davis, Lynn ... 190 Davis, Phillip ... 76, 204 Davis, Stephen ... 204 Dawis, Geraldine . . . 204 Dawis, Raphidien Dayan, Alan ... 188, 190 Debate ... 63 DEC A ... 51 De Filippis, Rachele ... 2, 57, 176, 130, 129 DeFur, Wilda 205, 245 De Leonardis, Marie 238 De Sent, Wendee ... 129, 134 Dean, Deanna Dean, Martin ... 129 Decker, William ... 190 Decook, Lisa ... 190 Deer, Jeffrey ... 76, 190 Deer, Steven ... 129, 144 Deering, Michelle ... 190, 197 Degenheart, Ed . 221 Degroot, John ... 190 Delano, Steven ... 129 Delfino, Mariella Delgado, Christopher ... 190 Demagos, Nick ... 129 Dentzer, Bernard Der Matoian, Edward ... 204 Der Matoian, Vincent ... 129 Derichs, Jeanne 56, 226 Desmond, Jewel ... 129 Desnet, Beth ... 190 Dessing, Glenn 220, 221 Dethloff, John ... 73, 204 Dethloff, Lori ... 59, 176, 116 Deutsch, Mike 243 Diamond, Mindy Diamond, Steve Dickert, Robert ... 129 Diesing, Debbie ... 176 Diesing, Ka ren ... 129 Dina, Christine Disch, Mike ... 190 Disselhorst, Julie ... 190 Divjakovic, Srdan Dodd, Michele ... 176, 139 Doderer, Heidi ... 176 Doern, Lori Dolce, Michelle ... 204, 208 Doles, Patricia ... 59, 190, 193, 116 Dombrowski, Paula Dominic, Susan ... 125, 130, 124, 144 Dones, Walter ... 176 Dong, David ... 176 Dong, Kenneth ... 130 Doolittle, Laurel ... 204, 208 Coppelt, Cynthia ... 2, 17, 56, 57, 58, 180, 134, 130, 121, 135, 167 Doppelt, Diann ... 59, 1-6 Dorfman, Jacob Dorfman, Steve ... 76, 190 Doroba, Paul ... 176 Doroba, Richard ... 190 Douvikas, Mrs. 254 Downey, Lisa ... 204 Drazner, Cindy ... 130 Drexler, Caryn ... 176 Drexler, Christopher ... 130 Drexler, Matthew ... 176 Drivalas, Sylvia Drobny, Irwin . 232, 234 Dubin, Bryan ... 190 Duchaj, Carl Duda, Christopher ... 67, 130 Duda, Denise Duda, Patrick ... 65, 67, 176 Duebner, Dorothy Duese, Richard ... 130 Duffy, Dennis . 227 Dulleck, Pat Dvorak, Todd .. 223 E Earl, Gene 172, 235 Ebeling, Bernard ... 130 Eberhart, Caryn ... 59, 190 Eberhart, Joann ... 176 Eberle, Lori ... 130, 131 Ecology Club ... 67 Edelstein, Arthur ... 130 Edman, Catherine ... 176 Edmonds, Linda ... 130 Edwards, Denise ... 58, 130 Edwardson, Gretchen ... 176, 193 Ehas, Mark Ehlers, Michael Eichner, Susan ... 134 Eischen, Richard ... 131 Eischen, Scott ... 204 Eisenberg, Jodi ... 190, 194 Elatkin, Ilia Elliott, Robert ... 70 Emalfarb, Janelle ... 81, 176 Engelberg, Lisa . . . 131 Engels, Alex ... 76, 190 Englehardt, Gregofy Epperson, Robert . .. 190 Epstein, Michael ... 204 Erdman, Phyllis ... 176 Erens, Richard ... 187 Erickson, David ... 131 Erickson, Larry .. 198, 217 Erickson, Stephen ... 73, 204, 113 Ericsson, Brenda ... 131 Ericsson, Robert Eriksson, Alan ... 131 Eriksson, Mark ... 131 Eriksson, Mary ... 131 Erlebacher, Annette ... 176 Erlebacher, Jacquelin ... 204 Erlebacher, Ross . .. 65, 76, 77, 204 Erlebacher, Seth ... 65, 190 Erlebacher, Steven ... 77, 204 Ernst, Edward 222 Erpelding, Kathy ... 190 Ersoy, Erol ... 176 Eselevsky, Ariel ... 131 Eskow, Millie . 254 Esmael, Juli ... 176 Esposito, Mark ... 79, 176 Esralew, Susan ... 131 Esterl, Joseph Estes, Diane . . . 204 Estrada, Mauricio ... 190 Ettling, Megan . .. 204 Evans, Bradley ... 190 Evaristo, Erlindo ... 78, 79, 131 Evaristo, Lorraine F Fadhel, Carlos ... 66, 132 Fagenholz, Fred ... 70, 132 Fagocki, Cynthia Fagocki, Donna Fahey, Kelly ... 176 Faingold, Steven ... 204, 212 Fair, Lesley ... 204 Fair, Lynette ... 59, 176 Faller, Douglas ... 190 Falleroni, Marc ... 78, 190 Fallon, Edward Fall Play 30, 31 Fang, Sue ... 190 Farkas, David ... 190 Farmer, Thomas ... 200 Fasig, Michelle ... 176 Fasules, Louis Feick, Robert . 240 Feinberg, Aron ... 66, 67, 190, 198 Feingold, Nancy ... 173, 176 Feldman, Lauri ... 9, 16, 17, 19, 176, 177, 185 Feldman, Marianne ... 204, 143 Feldman, Michelle ... 204 Feldman, Reesa Feldman, Tracy ... 81, 204 Feltman, Lisa ... 176 290 Feltman, Sharon ... 132 Ferdman, Steven ... 75, 176 Fetman, Corri ... 132 Fickert, David ... 190 Fickert, Dianne ... 132 Fiedler, Christine ... 132 Fiedler, Eric ... 190 Field, Don . . 198, 199, 223 Field, Paula ... 190 Field, Theodore ... 190 Figurelli, Michael ... 70, 176, 178 Filbin, Michael Filippini, Matthew ... 65, 190, 115 Filliman, Dennis . 65, 225 Fine, Stacy . . . 204 Fink, Joel ... 76, 186, 190, 154 Finkel, Shari ... 176 Firak, Gerald 66, 67, 221 Firfer, Dani ... 176 Firfer, Marci ... 191 Firfer, Randy ... 70, 1-6 Fischer, Karen ... 204 Fischer, Kimberly ... 176 Fishbein, Paul Fishbein, Steve Fisher, Jeff . .. 204 Fisher, Michael Fisher, Robert ... 132 Fisher, Scott Fitzpatrick, Frank 240 Flakne, April . . 204 Flakne, Robyn ... 132 Flannery, Kevin ... 176 Fleck, Lori ... 59, 191, 151 Fleischer, Ray 219 Flood, Mary ... 16 Flood, Robert ... 73, 204 Floom, Jeffrey ... 132 Flynn, Patrick 227 Fogel, Lawrence ... 191 Fogelson, Gary ... 65, 204 Football, Freshman, A B ... 73 Football, J.V. ... 71 Football, Sophomore ... 72 Football, Varsity ... 70 Ford, David Forensics ... 63 Forman, Alexa 249 Forrester, Colleen Forrester, Wayne Forser, Bengt ... 74, 132 Forums ... 62 Fouad, Nevine ... 132 Fouty, Robert ... 70, 132, 167 Fox, Melinda ... 176 Francesconi, Kristine ... 204 Frank, Eric Frank, Michael ... 204 Frankel, Craig Frankel, Micah Frankel, Michelle ... 133 Frankel, Richard ... 191 Frankson, Mark ... 176 Fratini, Elizabeth Freed, Lisa Freed, Lori .. . 191, 194 Freedman, Daniel ... 191 Freeman, Marjorie ... 133 Freid, Stuart Freres, Andrew Freres, Robert ... 133 Frey, Madai ... 204 Friedewald, Anne Friedewald, John ... 133 Friedlander, Laura ... 176, 116, 117 Friedman, Alissa ... 176 Friedman, Ellyn .. . 204 Friedman, Jeffrey . . . 205, 115 Friedman, Linda ... 2, 57, 201, 205, 170 Friedman, Marcy ... 133 Friedman, Michael . . . 205 Friedman, Michele . . 205 Friedman, Pam ... 2, 57, 134, 133, 159 Friedman, Rosanne ... 191 Friend, Marla ... 175, 176, 166 Frimet, Robert Goeppinger, Teri Gross, Susan . . . 205, 208 Frishman, Julie Golata, John 227 Grossberg, Terry . . 136 Fritzshall, David .. . 187, 191, 131 Gold, Amy . . . 175, 177 Grosse, Paul ... 191 Froemming, Michael ... 5, 20, 70, 133, Gold, Barry Grosshuesch, Ewald 240 128 Gold, Darrell ... 191 Grosskopf, Glenn ... 136 Frosh-Soph Mixer ... 28, 29 Gold. Mindie . . . 135 Groth, Dorothy 254 Froutzis, John Gold, Randee ... 135, 118 Groves, Mark ... 177 Froutzis, Peter Gold, Rhonda ... 177 Grujanac, Michael ... 73, 205 Fruehe, Edward Goldberg, Charles ... 191 Grunfeld, Michael ... 177 Fry, Beth ... 176 Goldberg, Darrell ... 191 Grzesiakowski, Lori ... 205 Fuderer, Ann Goldberg, Frank . .. 177 Guenther, Cindy ... 177 Fuentes, John ... 133 Goldberg, Sharon ... 205 Guerrero, Paul ... 105 Fuentes, Steven Goldblatt, Jill ... 177 Gueyikian, Alidz ... 191 Fugiel, Dorothy .221 Goldburg, Ronald ... 73, 205, 113 Gueyikian, Houri ... 205 Fullett, Lisa ... 176 Golden, John Guggenheim, Joel ... 205 Furman, Tina ... 133 Goldenberg, Gary ... 76, 191 Goldenstein, Arie ... 75, 177 Goldish, Anthony ... 191 Gump, Elizabeth Gump, Nancy Gunchick, Natalie ... 191 G Goldish, Steven ... 70, 177 Goldman, Charles Goldman, Scott ... 2, 57, 177 Gunther, Arthur ... 136, 114, 121 Gupta, Pukrnendu ... 66, 205 Gursch, Eric ... 77, 205 Gabel, David Goldner, Ashley ... 77 Gurvey, Janice . .. 205 Gabel, Donna ... 133 Goldstein, Edie ... 80, 81, 135 Gussin, Nancy ... 137 Gabriel, Helena ... 59, 191 Goldstein, Karin .-. 56, 57, 65, 177 Gussis, Neal ... 137 Gaertner, Cindy ... 176 Goldstein, Rhonda ... 191 Gustek, Veronica ... 191 Gaines, Karen ... 56 Goldstein, Robin ... 135 Gut, Thomas ... 77, 205 Gajdek, Janice ... 192 Golenzer, Elsa ... 177 Guth, Elisabeth ... 205 Galanis, Stacey ... 176 Goles, Steven ... 135 Guttman, Glenn ... 76, 191 Gall, Kathleen ... 133 Golf . . . 78. 79 Guttman, Stacey ... 177 Galla, George 78, 244 Gomberg, Robyn ... 135 Guy, Carlo Gallagher, Candace ... 177 Gomberg, Sherman ... 77, 205 Gymnastics, J.V., Boys ... 101 Gallagher, Margaret ... 134 Gomez, Roberto ... 205 Gymnastics, J.V., Girls ... 103 Gan, Joey ... 191 Gonzales, Christopher ... 189, 191 Gymnastics, Varsity, Boys ... 100 Gandhi, Bhavan ... 177 Garcia, Cecilia . . . 205 Garfinkel, Mitchell ... 134 Garfinkel, Scott ... 177 Gargano, Carl ... 134 Gargano, David . . . 205 Gonzalez, Jose ... 205, 113 Gonzalez, Reynaldo Goodman, Benjamin Goodman, Leslie ... 135 Goodman, Ted ... 191 Goone, Lisa ... 191 Gymnastics, Varsity, Girls ... 102 H Gassel, Debra . . 59, 177 Goppert, Rose ... 58, 135 Ha, Martha ... 192, 138 Gates, Mary Gorchow, Michelle ... 191 Ha, Mary ... 137, 121, 138 Gatilao, Beth . . . 205 Gordon, Barbara 227 Hacker, Jane ... 137 Gaughrin, Laura . . . 177 Goren, Matthew ... 177, 170 Haddon, Lisa . . . 205 Gaughrin, Tim ... 134 Gorham, Anthony ... 70, 177 Haddon, Michelle ... 192 Gault, John . . . 4 Goss, Susan Hagen, Judy ... 177 Gazer, Jeffrey ... 205 Gostomelsky, Sherri ... 177, 193, 126 Hagerty, Dennis ... 177 Gazer, Terry Gotfryd, Cynthia ... 191 Hagerty, Shannon . . . 205 Geir, Judy . 249 Govis, Alex ... 191 Hagg, Monica ... 17, 177 Geis, Carl 195, 225 Govis, Peter ... 135 Hagler, Jayne ... 137 Geismann, William . 227 Graf, Mary ... 135 Hagman, Marielle Gekas, Dean ... 70, 177 Gragg, Richard 226 Hagopian, Adrineh ... 137 Gentile, Michael ... 76, 186, 191, 197 Graham, Angela .2, 57, 226 Hagopian, Hagop Georgiev, Olga . 230 Grais, Robin ... 177 Hahn, David . . 77, 205 Georgiou, Lisa Grais, Sheri Hahn, Lisa ... 192 Georgouses, Nancy ... 134 Gralewski, Ron 249 Halap, Julie ... 192 Gerber, Howard Gramatis, Katina ... 201, 205 Halap, Marni ... 137 German Club ... 64 Gramatis, Tom ... 73, 205 Halfpap, Regina ... 137 Gerold, Martin ... 134 Granat, Michael .. . 205 Hall, Anthony ... 137 Gershanov, Holly ... 191, 194 Grass, Elizabeth Hall, Christopher . . . 205 Gershbein, David ... 187, 191 Grass, Kenneth ... 135, 141 Hailing, Kristin ... 177 Gerstein, Elizabeth ... 59, 191 Graw, Wendy ... 205 Hallman, Janet ... 205 Gerstein, Lee ... 2, 10, 57, 176, 134 Grear, Janice ... 136 Halperin, Robert ... 179 Gerszonovicz, Allan ... 73, 205 Green, Anne ... 177 Handel, Danielle ... 137 Gervasio, Guy ... 134 Greenberg, Michael ... 73, 205 Handelman, Miriam ... 137 Gianaris, Vasilios Greenberg, Steven ... 70, 136 Handzel, Elizabeth .. 177 Gibbons, Judy Greene, Cheryl ... 177 Handzel, John .. 233 Gibbons, Mary Greenfield, Edward ... 136 Handzel, John ... 205 Gibbons, Thomas ... 78, 205 Greenspan, Hugh ... 136 Hanover, Lori .f. 134, 137, 162 Gibbs, Wesley 219 Greenspan, Paul ... 76, 191 Hanrahan, Margaret Gidlund, James Greenstein, Vicki ... 191 Hanrahan, Patricia ... 138 Gielow, Maureen ... 134 Greer, Jeffrey . .. 205 Hanrahan, Robert 221 Gilbert, Jeff ... 191 Greer, Michael ... 136 Hansen, Dawn ... 138 Gilbert, Sheldon ... 134 Gregorian, Paula . .. 205 Hanson, Robert ... 177 Gilbert, William Gregory, Christine ... 136 Hanssen, Linda ... 138 Gillan, Julia ... 191 Gregory, Toula . .. 205 Hanwell, Shana Ginsberg, Michael ... 134 Gresham, Laurie ... 136 Haramaras, Constantin ... 138 Ginsburg, Abby ... 135, 134, 130, 138 Gresham, Steve . . . 205 Harczos, Lisa ... 177 Gintzler, Marci ... 191 Grimm, Janice ... 136 Harles, Robert . . 192 Gitelman, Mitchell ... 65, 191 Gringauz, Ella ... 136 Harn, Scott ... 73 Glassner, David ... 65, 205 Grobman, Robyn Harrelson, Andrew ... 192 Glassner, Robin ... 177 Groeling, Barbara ... 191, 193 Harris, Allyson ... 138 Glick, Alan ... 70 Groeling, Charles 247 Harris, Randi ... 24, 138 Glick, Larry ... 177 Gross, Keith ... 177 Harris, Robyn . .. 200, 206 Glick, Michael ... 56, 191 Gross, Kimberly ... 191, 116 Harris, Stephen ... 76, 192 Go, Leonard ... 2, 56, 57, 177, 183 Gross, Louis ... 117, 114 Hartwig, Karen ... 192 Goecke, Victoria ... 135 Gross, Michele ... 177 Hartzen, Gayle ... 192 291 Hartzen, Steven ... 138 Harwood, Lisa ... 206 Haskell, Ian ... 138 Hathy, Marianne ... 177 Haupers, Michael ... 10, 74, 75, 132 138 Havdala, Debra ... 81, 186, 192 Havdala, Ellen ... 81, 201, 206 Havdala, Jack ... 16, 18, 19, 21, 22 138 Hayum, Wendy ... 138 Hecktman, Adam ... 206 Hecktman, Bruce ... 138, 139 Hedberg, Karen ... 59, 192 Hedquist, Barbara ... 139 Hedquist, Karen ... 192 Hedrich, Martin Heelan, Barry Heelan, Robert ... 191, 139, 166 Heeren, Lee 58, 235 Heftel, Kenneth ... 139 Hehn, Kathy ... 192 Heidinger, Linda ... 206 Heidkamp, Joan ... 192 Hein, Jean ... 180 Heine, Anita . . 139 Heinz, Jane . . . 58, 139 Helgeson, Marie ... 58, 69, 180, 139 Heller, Melody ... 139 Heller, Vicki . . 59, 177 Hellestrae, Anne ... 59, 177 Hellestrae, Peggy ... 206 Heman, Helene ... 81, 177 Hendley, Karen ... 59, 177, 116 Hennessy, Donald ... 192 Henriksen, Tor ... 177 Hentz, Josephine 245 Herbold, Scott ... 192 Herkert, Christine ... 177, 118 Herkert, Sonya ... 206 Herman, Ellen ... 192 Herman, Michael Hershenson, Steven ... 177 Hertel, Connie ... 177 Hester, Dan Hester, Thomas ... 70 Hewick, Kimberly ... 139 Heyman, Kurt .. . 206 Heyman, Rachel ... 56, 134, 139 Hildebrand, Julie . . . 192 Hildebrand, Karen . .. 206, 208 Hildner, Jean . . . 206 Hildner, Wayne ... 139, 166 Hilger, Joyce ... 146 Hill, Brenda . . 2, 57, 206 Hill, Daniel . 172, 234 Hill, Robert . 78, 192, 151 Hinchman, Eric ... 192 Hintz, Oliver ... 192 Hintz, Phillip Hinz, Lesley .. . 206 Hinz, Lydia . 254 Hirata, Keiko ... 206 Hirata, Keith ... 76, 192 Hirsch, Karen ... 139 Hirsch, Richard ... 140 Hirsch, Steven ... 70 Hirschauer, Kathleen ... 59, 177 Hlepas, Carrie ... 187, 192 Hoban, Kathy Hobbs, Andrew Hoeft, Laurie ... 140 Hoelzel, Jeffrey ... 206 Hoeppner, Dennis 78. 221 Hoerrmann, Robert ... 67 Hoffman, Arthur . . . 140 Hoffman, Daniel ... 178 Hoffman, David ... 178 Hoffman, Harriet ... 178 Hoffman, Jacqueline ... 192 Hoffman, James ... 192 Hoffman, Joel ... 140 Hoffman, Peter Hoffmann, Edward Hoglan, Trisha ... 140 Hohs, Keith ... 140 Hold, Jennifer ... 24, 140 Hollander, Holly .. . 206, 208, 209, 211 Holler, Monika .2, 57, 59, 178, 140 Holm, Mary .. . 206 Holmblad, Eric ... 140 Holowicki, Andrew ... 206 Holowicki, Deborah ... 140 Holowicki, Richard ... 192 Holst, Laurelee ... 56, 192 Holtz, Wayne 220 Holzmann, Iris ... 140 Homa, James ... 206 Homecoming ... 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Hones, Daniel ... 178 Hones, Kathleen ... 206 Hontos, Georgia .. . 206 Hontos, James Hoosline, Leo . 252 Hoppe Jr., Ronald . . . 206 Hoppe, Linda ... 178 Horan, Theresa ... 140 Horan, Thomas ... 77, 206 Horitke, Dean ... 75, 178 Horitke, James ... 77, 206 Horiuchi, Linda ... 178 Horne, Joyce . 238 Hornsberger, Sharon Hornstein, Jay ... 192 Hortelano, Elmer ... 192 Horvat, Beth ... 192 Horvath, Frank ... 78, 192 Horvath, Sheila Horwitz, Jeffrey ... 141 Horwitz, Linda 184, 226 Hosfield, Ruth 238 Housakos, Anthony ... 206 Howard, Chad ... 141 Hsu, Rosa ... 141 Huepfl, Kathleen ... 178 Huff, Don . . 16, 70, 215, 236 Hugel, Kenneth ... 3, 141 Hughes, Lisa ... 178 Hughes, Susan ... 178 Hunsick, Bob ... 141 Hupperich, Mark ... 141 Hurtado, Jorge ... 76, 192 Hurtado, Zulima ... 141 I Ikramullah, Dilshad Imhoff, Scott ... 178 Irpino, Michael ... 76. 192 Irpino, Steven Isaac, Lisa ... 178 Isberian, Lisa ... 206 Ishihara, Tomoaki ... 206 Iskandar, John ... 141 Iskandar, Mira ... 59, 192 Israel, Craig ... 206, 115 Ivener, Joe Izenstark, Aaron ... 178 J Jackiw, Michael Jackson, Elvis Jackson, Rhonda ... 141 Jackson, Todd ... 192 Jacobs, Mark ... 78, 178 Jacobsen, Peter ... 192 Jacobson, Edward Jacobson, Mark ... 75, 178 Jacobson, Paul ... 73, 206, 211, 113 Jaeschke, Marion . 245 Jaffe, Carol ... 141 Jaffee, Daniel . .. 178 Jaffray, Paul . .. 141 Jahjah, Danny ... 178 Jakubowski, Renata ... 192 James, Desiree ... 192 James, Pamela ... 178 Janecek, Frank ... 206 Japely, Michael . .. 206 Jarosz, Anthony ... 73, 206, 113 Jarosz, Michaelyn ... 178 Jaskolka, Michelle ... 59, 178 Javid, David Javid, Tony Jazz Band ... 47 Jemc, Deeann ... 142 Jemc, Randee ... 206 Jenkins, Jacqueline ... 192 Ji, Frank ... 192 Jiu, Cynthia ... 139, 142, 165 Jochem, Kimberly ... 178 Johanson, Carl . . . 206 Johanson, Ellen ... 142 Johanson, Yvonne ... 180, 142 Johnson, Bill ... 3, 16, 70, 160, 142 Johnson, Cheryl ... 178 Johnson, Christopher ... 206 Johnson, Diane . .. 192 Johnson, Donna ... 178 Johnson, Glen . . . 178 Johnson, Laurie Johnson, Lawrence Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert 30, 229 Johnson, Robert Johnson, Susan ... 142, 158 Jones, Stan 198, 223, 224 Jordan, David Jordan, Lance Jorgesen, Roberta 253 Joselit, Bradley ... 76, 193 Joseph, Heather ... 3, 17, 19, 178, 180 Joseph, Peter ... 78, 193 Joss, Jeffrey . .. 206 Jung, Munchul ... 66, 178 Jung, Munhi ... 193 Jurek, Glenn 243 Justesen, Kenneth ... 193 Jusufi, Sherife ... 142 Jusufi, Shpresa . . . 206 K Kacak, Ingrid ... 142 Kacak, Maria ... 193 Kadota, Gregory ... 74, 178 Kaferly, Timothy Kagehiro, Lynn ... 142 Kahan, Paul Kahn, David .. . 206 Kahn, Lauren ... 2, 57, 198, 142 Kaitchuck, Ted . 247 Kalabaka, Angela . . . 206 Kalabogias, Tina ... 193 Kalas, Donald ... 142 Kalter, Mitchell ... 142 Kalthoff, Karen ... 143 Kaluzna, Susan Kamajian, Steve ... 70, 178 Kamp, Gregory ... 206, 208 Kamradt, Renee ... 143 Kanavos, Stephen . . 207 Kane, Bryna . . 178 Kang, Susan ... 193 Kang, Wan ... 178 Kanter, Bonnie ... 178 K anterakis, William Kapelanski, Mark ... 193 Kaplan, Barry Kaplan, Bruce ... 143 Kaplan, Danna ... 207 Kaplan, Howard Kaplan, Julie ... 178 Kaplan, Lori Kaplan, Louis . .. 207 Kaplan, Todd ... 66, 193 Kapsis, Nicholas .. . 207 Karabinas, Alexandria ... 134, 143 Karabinas, Helen Karagiannis, John Karahalios, Faye .. . 207 Karahalios, Steven ... 143 Karas, Thomas Karavattuveetil, Anu ... 178 Karnes, Kim ... 143 Karol, John ... 143 Karpinski, Marlene 216 Kasik, Todd ... 75, 178 Kasnick, Kimberly ... 193 Katsoulis, George ... 73, 207 Katzowsky, Paul ... 16, 70, 173 Kaufman, Caryn ... 178 Kaufman, Janee . .. 207, 208, 209, Kaufman, Lisa ... 172, 178 Kaufman, Michael ... 193 Kaufman, William Kave, Brian ... 207 Kazmier, Laura . . . 207 Keating, Reesa Keating, Sharon ... 143 Keben, Robert 243 Keller, Allan . .. 16, 70, 178 Keller, David ... 70, 143 Kellman, Julie ... 191, 193 Kelly, William 248 Kemmler, Charles 251 Kencos, Nicolette .59 Kennedy, Linda ... 3 Keppen, Joann ... 178 Kerstein, Daniel ... 66, 207, 115 Kerz, Linda ... 178 Kettleborough, James . . . 246 Kewith, David ... 193 Kewith, Laura . .. 207 Key Club ... 50 Khan, Humera ... 143 Khan, Sayeed Khan, Shirin Khoshbin, Shahin ... 193 Kibort, Gail ... 207 Kil, Hyun ... 143 Kil, Yoon ... 207 Kilian, Kathleen . 56, 65, 179 Kilian, Michael . . 70, 179 Kilkenny, Bob Kim, Ami Kim, Chong Kim, Chong Kim, Eva ... 193 Kim, Marie ... 179 Kim, Susan Kim, Young ... 77, 207 Kim, Ki .. . 193 Kim, Wook ... 144 Kimel, Janna ... 207 Kimmel, Lisa ... 179 King, Roberta ... 144 King, Steven ... 144 Kipp, Kristene ... 144 Kite, Mitchell ... 66, 148, 144, 149 Klancnik, Julie . . . 207 Klancnik, Mary ... 144 Klebba, Marvin 76, 77, 229 Kleeberg, Evan . . 65, 207 Kleifield, Gordon Kleiman, Alison ... 144 Klein, Burton ... 179 Klein, Gary Klein, Steven . 29, 193, 205 Klemens, Karen ... 144 Klemenz, Dale .. 193 Klemm, Susan . . 59, 179 Klier, Philip ... 179 Klinger, Terese 230 Klinsky, Steven ... 156 Kloiber, Sharon . . 179 Kloser, David . . 207 Kloster, Todd Knaak, James 228 Knobloch, Lori . 179 Knudsen, David ... 144 Knudson, Mark Kobeski, Stephen Kobyleski, David ... 207, 114,115 Koch, David ... 144 Kochman, Cary ... 193 Koolanis, Christine ... 2, 57, 59, 179 Koda, Renee ... 179 Kodama, Ayumi ... 65, 193 Kodama, Megumi ... 193 Kodama, Toshiko ... 65, 66, 144 Kodie, Charles Koehler, Judith ... 80, 81, 144 Koek, Steve ... 3, 145 Koenig, Walter ... 193 Kogen, Elizabeth ... 16, 17, 19, 179 Kohl, John ... 207 143 Kolar, Lawrence ... 145 Kolas, Marilyn 238 Kolber, Steve ... 193 Kolling, Eric Kondic, Steven ... 207 Kong, Lawrence ... 9, 179 Kong, Margaret ... 80, 81, 145 Konsewicz, Anthony ... 77, 207 Konsewicz, Roman ... 179 Kopinski, John ... 145 Koral, Melissa ... 207 Koral, Rona ... 145 Korey, Howard ... 145 Korey, Michael ... 65, 193 Kornit, Carla ... 179 Korol, Rollye . 251 Korol, Steven ... 207 Kort, Anthony . 224 Kosoy, Jeffrey ... 207 Kostoglanis, Jim ... 70, 71, 145 Kostoglanis, Tom ... 70, 179 Kostyniuk, Mary .-. 137, 145 Kotsinonos, Dimitra ... 193 Dotsiopoulos, Carolin ... 179 Kotsiopoulos, John ... 73, 207 Koudounis, John ... 73, 207 Koudounis, Stella ... 145 Kovitz, Louis ... 193 Kowalski, Raymond Kowalski, Roy Kozak, Floyd ... 193 Kozak, Linda . .. 207 Kozil, Andrea .-. 207 Kozil, Matt ... 145 Koziol, Chris ... 145 Koznarski, Richard .. .73, 207 Kozokar, Lisa . 193 Kraft, Betsy . 80, 81, 145 Kraft, Richard . . 29, 187, 202 Krasowsky, Kathryn ... 180, 146 Krasowsky, Susan . . 207 Krause, Susan ... 193 Krause, William Kravetz, Elliot ... 66, 67, 193 Krehely, Robert Kreher, Janice Kreher, Kathleen ... 146 Kreiter, Sari . 207 Kremen, Gary ... 65, 66, 149, 146, 149 Kremen, Julie ... 193 Krieger, Scott . . 146 Krissman, Maryanne Kroeger, Monika . . 179 Kron, Robert . . 179 Krone, Dean 65, 80, 224 Krone, Pam ... 134, 146 Krozel, James ... 65, 179 Krueger, Jerald ... 207 Krum, Sandor Kruzel, William ... 76, 193 Kucinic, Maryann ... 146 Kueller, Stefan . . 144, 146 Kuhn, Katherine . . . 207 Kuhn, Steven ... 179 Kukulski, Caroline ... 193 Kukulski, Christine ... 2, 57, 116, 146 Kulbersh, Laura ... 179, 122 Kumkoski, Kathy ... 146 Kundit, Jack ... 201, 207 Kung, Aye ... 75, 179 Kung, Khin ... 193 Kupferberg, Jerry .. 217 Kupski, Dave Kurita, Caroline ... 207 Kurz, Jeanette Kusan, Darinka ... 207 Kushner, Scott ... 179 Kutok, Lisa ... 146 Kwon, Sonia ... 193 Kwon, Young-Joo ... 65, 179 L La Belle, Thomas ... 187, 193 La Manna, Mark La Manna, William ... 113 La Porte, Victor La Rosa, Mary La Rosa. Thomas ... 147 Lader, Karen Lain, Jack .. 241, 243 Lai, Dolly ... 193 Laliberty, Christophe . . . 207 Lambrakis, John . . . 207 Lambrakis, Sue ... 179 Lamm, Andrea ... 146 Lamm, Jordan Lampert, Linda ... 147 Lande, Michael ... 147 Lando, Abby . 187, 193 Lanski, Michael Laratro, Lori Larrocco, Nena 239 Larson, Dale ... 59, 194 Larson, Don .. 236 Larsson, Mark ... 180 Larsson, Norman ... 194 Laser, Debra ... 80, 81, 194 Lashever, Michelle . . . 207 Lasky, April ... 194 Lasky, Jodi ... 179 Lasky, Robyn Laufer, Robert ... 194 Lautenschlager, Jenni ... 208 Lauter, Gaye ... 208 Lazar, Alfred ... 194 Lazar, Patrick Lazar, Sherry ... 208 Lazar, Vickie . .. 208 Le Brun, Beth Le Comte, Kenneth ... 72, 186, 187, 193 Le Hew, Karen ... 58, 118, 147, 167 Leaders, Junior ... 59 Leaders, Senior ... 58 Leaders, Sophomore ... 59 Leander, Keith Leavitt, Lisa 208 Leberts, Elisa . 194, 195 Leberis, Maria ... 2, 57, 194, 201 Lebovitz, Jill ... 208 Lee, David . 251 Lee, Donna ... 179 Lee, Edwin 194 Lee, Elizabeth ... 194 Lee, Helen Lee, John . 208 Lee, John .. . 208 Lee, John . 208 Lee, Joseph ... 179 Lee, June .. 194 Lee, Karen ... 65, 179 Lee, Lesley ... 65, 208 Lee, Michael . . 179, 137, 114 Lee, Sugwon ... 147 Lee, Sung . 147 Lee, Vickie ... 194 Lee, Yuna . . . 194 Lee, Joann ... 194 Leipold, Arthur 234 Leipold, Lisa ... 179 Lemboke, Mike ... 194 Lemke, Kurt ... 65, 66. 147 Lemke, Mark ... 194 Lenchik, Leon ... 208 Lereno, Gregory . . . 208 Lerman, Michael ... 194 Lesiowski, Karen ... 194 Lesiowski, Patricia . .. 208 Lev, Vicki Levant, Mark Leventis, Constance ... 179 Leventis, Cynthia ... 179 Levey, Alan ... 70, 179 Levey, Lynne .. . 208 Levin, Barry ... 67, 194, 205 Levin, Caryn . . 6, 125, 124, 147 Levin, Dina ... 141, 147 Levin, Elsie . 218 Levin, Jaclyn ... 200, 208 Levin, Michael ... 194 Levin,.Scott ... 73, 208 Levine, Judy .. . 208 Levinson, Linda Levinson, Lisa ... 179 Levinson, Randi ... 194 Levy, Craig ... 194 Levy, Marilyn . . 208 Levy, Michael . . 147 Lewandowski, Donald ... 70, 179 Liakopoulos, George ... 194 Liametz, Tammy ... 134, 147 Liano, Kenneth ... 70, 179 Libman, Jody Lichtenstein, Todd . .. 208 Lichter, Lori Lichter, Marci ... 173, 179 Lichter, Shawn Lieberman, Ted ... 179 Lieberman, Terri ... 147 Lieder, Neal ... 76, 194 Limbrunner, Bant Limbrunner, Peter Limperatos, Lee Limpin, Allen ... 194 Limpin, Harvey ... 208 Limpin, Marvie ... 180 Lindemann, Timothy ... 194 Lindemann, Wendy ... 208 Linke, Kenneth Liosatos, John ... 194 Liou, Phedora ... 194 Liou, Susan ... 180 Lipezker, Sandra ... 180, 182 Lipkin, Howard ... 148 Lipkin, Marc ... 76, 187, 194 Lippe, Deedee ... 201, 208 Lippe, Michael ... 56, 158, 148 Lipsky, Bradley Lipsky, Devra ... 208 Lipsky, Diana ... 3, 180 Lirtzman, Ross ... 56, 57, 180 Lisco, David ... 73, 208, 113 Liss, Linda Litt, Lee ... 148 Litt, Rhonda .. . 208 Lobert, Robynn ... 180 Lobue, Salvatore ... 75, 180 Locasha, Eric ... 180 Lochner, John ... 74 Loeb, Debra . . . 208 Lofland, Kenneth ... 77, 208 Lofland, Thomas ... 148 Loggarakis, Ernie Loiacano, Deborah ... 3, 194 Loiacano, Jacqueline ... 17, 148 Loiacano, Linda ... 208 Loiacono, Anita Loiben, Michael ... 148 Long, Carolyn ... 2, 57, 148 Long, Robert ... 73, 208 Lopez, Herminia 230 Lopez, Julia ... 180 Lorenz, Anita ... 148 Lorenz, John 218 Lores, Kim ... 187, 194 Losoff, Robert ... 180 Lotsoff, Jordan . . . 200, 208 Lotsoff, Philip .. . 200, 208, 113 Lotsoff, Rebecca ... 148 Loughran, Madeleine . 231 Lovi. Ellen . 208 Lowe, Ronda Lucas, Deena ... 148 Lucas, Elmer . 236 Lucia, Joe Lucia, John . . . 208 Luncsford, Margaret ... 59, 180, 116 Luncsford, Mark ... 194 Luncsford, Michal ... 148 Lund, Jon .77 Lund, Kenneth . . 208 Lundberg, Shirley 248 Lunsik, Faith . . . 208 Luppo, Katherina ... 193, 194 Lurie, Gordon Lutz, Kathleen 208 Lutz, Thomas ... 194 Lyman, Michael ... 148 Lynn, David Lynn, James Lynn, Scott ... 180 Lynn, Tom M Mac Donald, Kathleen . . 19, 149 Macaddino, Daniela . . 209 Macaddino, Elena . . 180 Magee, Molly 228 Maggio, Andrew 239 Mahan, Denise . 58, 149 Mahan, Sharon ... 59, 194 Majewski, Steven ... 76, 194 Mak, Christine ... 194 Mak, William Makowka, Mariola ... 149 Maliekal, Joseph Malin, Scott ... 70, 180 Maliwanag, Alex ... 194 Malloy, Scott ... 172 Maltezos, Louis . . . 209 Maltz, Cary ... 194 Maltz, Lillian ... 180 Mamarl, Cris ... 180 Mamaril, Marie ... 194 Mamett, Julie . . . 194, 126, 131 Mandell, Michael ... 187, 195 Maniatis, Marina ... 180 Kankoff, Gail ... 209 Mann, Alisan ... 149 Mann, Alvin ... 209 Mannos, Nicholas .. 216 Mansfield, Lisa Mansfield, Norman Manzara, Scott .. . 209 Marabella, Gemma ... 149 Marching Band ... 46 Marcus, Neal ... 149 Margetis, Alesia ... 195 Margolin, Barry ... 76, 77, 209 Margolin, Scott ... 74, 180 Margolis, Cary ... 209 Margolis, Jody ... 19, 149 Marinakis, Lea ... 59, 180 Mark, Albert ... 180 Marks, Jody ... 180 Marmel, Steven ... 67, 180 Marmelstein, Robert . 66, 149, 156 Marschak, Amy ... 180 Marshall, Carolyn ... 212 Marshall, John ... 195 Martin, Brien ... 209 Martin, Christine . . . 209 Martin, James 225 Martin, William . .. 209 Martinez, Faith ... 180 Martinez, Jessielyn ... 149 Martinez, Judith ... 180 Martinez, Sandra ... 180 Martini, Jeffrey ... 149 Martini, Julie ... 59, 195 Martorano, Nancy ... 149 Maslankowski, Kelly . .. 209 Maslov, Stacy .. 2, 57, 147, 118, 149 Mason, Janette ... 126, 128, 150 Masters, Douglas ... 150 Masterton, Geralyn ... 59, 194, 195, 197 Masur, Eva . 231 Matchen, Carol ... 150 Matchen, Jo Ann ... 195 Math Club ... 65 Matlack, Patricia 80, 81, 236, 237 Matz, Joanne ... 209 Mauriello, Angela May, Mary . . . 209 Maybrun, Kenneth Maybrun, Laurie ... 209 Mayer, Janice ... 180 Mayer, John ... 19 Mayer, Lois ... 195 Maynard, James Mayo, Jennifer ... 209 Mays, Mellody ... 209 Me Allister, Lanae ... 209 McCarrell, David . 72, 236 Me Carthy, Daniel .. . 208, 113 Me Carthy, Scott . .. 208 Me Carty, Robert Me Cormick, Keith ... 195 Me Cormick, Mark ... 150 Me Coy, Ruth ... 208 Me Donaugh, Joseph ... 150 Me Donough, Karen ... 195 Me Geary, Mary McGee, Hugh .-. 247 Me Grann, Diane . . . 208 Me Grann, Patricia ... 150 McGuinness, Pat 250 Me Guire, Elizabeth Me Kenna, Camala Me Keon, Laura ... 134, 150 Me Mahon, Sharon . .. 208 McMahon, Thomas 228 McAllister, Kevin ... 180 McCarthy, Thomas McDonough, Thomas ... 180 McLaughlin, Frank ... 180, 183 McLean, Shannon ... 180 McManamon, Steve ... 10, 16, 17, 70, 150 Medical Careers Club ... 51 Meier, Marlene ... 180 Meinke, Henry ... 195 Meissner, Gary Meissner, Keith Melnick, Aaron ... 74, 173, 180 Memhardt, Maureen ... 150 Memmott, Karen ... 50 Mendels, Billie ... 208 Mendelson, Ellen ... 150 Mendelson, Kevin ... 180 Mendez-Soto, Lilliana ... 180, 190 Mendoza, Elizabeth Merel, David ... 150 Merkel, Beth ... 209 Meshulam, Louis ... 151 Messink, Timothy ... 209 Meyer, Jacqueline Meyer, Kenneth ... 180, 170 Meyer, Nancy ... 180, 165 Meyer, Norbert Meyer, Richard ... 76, 77, 209, 212 Meyers, Bertram 219 Michaels, Larry ... 181 Michaels, Rana ... 56, 151 Michaels, Sherri . . . 205, 209 Michals, Cynthia ... 58, 118, 151 Miesing, Tobias ... 195 Miklaj, Marica ... 1 Miklaj, Visnijica ... 195 Milbrandt, Arleen . .. 195 Milbrandt, Arthur . .. 151 Milewski, Phyllis ... 59, 195 Milewski, Stephen ... 70, 139, 151 Milewski, Veronica ... 195 Milewski. Virginia . 151 Myers, Solomon ... 152 Olsen, Jim 250 Milios, George ... 181 Olsen, Linda ... 154 Miliotis, Dino . . 195 Olsen, Nancy ... 196 Miller, Barbara ... 195 N Olson, Jeanann Marie ... 181 Miller, Brenda ... 116, 151 Olson, Sheila ... 210 Miller, Frank ... 65, 181 Open House ... 26, 27 Miller, Janet . . . 181 N Club ... 55 Ople, Joseph ... 196 Miller, Paula ... 181 Nadder, James . . 76, 195 Oppenheim, Joanne . . . 180, 154, 165 Miller, Robyn . . . 209 Nagrodess, Rosalyn ... 181 Oppenheim, Phyllis ... 210 Miller, Rose . . . 195 Najarian, Nancy ... 181 Oppenheim, Randi ... 210 Miller, S. Najiullah, Shireen ... 209 Opportunity Plus Careers Night ... 25 Miller, Stephen ... 65, 76, 195 Nakashima, Susan ... 17, 59, 181 Opus 1 .. 56 Miller, Susan Nanavati, Femal Orchesis ... 36, 37, 48 Miller, Tracey ... 2, 56, 57, 181, 205 Nanavati, Paragi .. . 209 Orchestra . .. 47 Miller, Tracy ... 195 Nash, Geri 209. 228. 229 Orfanos, Angela ... 154 Mimp, Lawrence . . . 195 Natker, Mrs. 255 Orfanos, Lydia Miner, Arden ... 181 National Honor Society ... 61 Orlando, Tony ... 144, 154 Minetos, Peter . .181 Naum, James Orlean, Fern ... 181 Minikowski, John . . . 195 Nedic, Zan ... 76, 195 Orr, Jerome .2, 57, 205, 229 Minkoff, Karen ... 204 Nelluvelil, Joseph Ossey, James ... 154 Minkus, Fred . 219 Nelsen, Paul Oto, Suzanne ... 196 Minzer, George Nelson, Caron ... 181 Otten, Mark ... 154 Mirkovic, Jennie ... 195 Nelson, Ellen 152 Ottlinger, Debbie . . 181 Miron, Alex 231 Nelson, Lorelee . . 195, 197 Ovsey, Victor ... 196 Miscinski, Alice ... 181 Netzel, Carol . .. 209 Oyos, Mark ... 196 Miscinski, Ann ... 195 Neuhauser, Todd . . . 209 Oyos, Nathanael Mishima, Susie ... 151 Neumann, Robert ... 2, 57, 172, 179, Oztekin, Errol ... 5, 74, 75, 125, 154 Mitchell, Ellyn ... 151, 162 181 Mitchell, Gary Newman, Mindy D Mitnick, Dorothy 216 Nicholas, Jeanne 255 r Mitsui, Melissa ... 151 Nikchevich, John ... 152 Mittermeier, Heidi . . 122, 151 Niles West Service Club .50 Mittermeier, Ruth .. . 181 Nimz, Jeffrey 76. 195 Palenske, Janice ... 154 Mitz, Gene 255 Nisson, Pamela ... 195 Palenske, Jeffrey ... 154 Mizock, Murray ... 181 Nitsche, Eric ... 70 Palenske, Timothy ... 70, 181 Moch, Eric 219 Nitti, Luigi ... 153 Pallson, Donna ... 196 Moch, Robin ... 181 No. Hyo ... 66 Palm, Dawn . . . 210 Moline, Janet Noe, Martin . 181 Pandazi, Aristodimos ... 77, 210 Moll, Gary . . . 148, 152 Nolan, Karen ... 193, 195 Pang, Stephen ... 65, 66, 149, 154 Mollan, Elizabeth ... 152 Nolan, Kathleen ... 153 Pankiw, Martha Mollan, Kevin .. . 209 Noosbond, Leslie . . . 209 gfl Panos, Elaine ... 210 Moltz, Marilyn ... 2, 56, 57, 172, 181 Norberg, Thomas ... 181 Panousieres, Elaine ... 196, 197 Monaco, Johanne ... 195 Nord, Mrs. 254 Panousieres, John ... 154 Monnier, Denise ... 56 Nordin, Lawrence ... 181 Panzella, Gregory ... 196 Monnier, Jennifer ... 195 Nordskog, Amy . . . 209 Papadopaulos, David ... 182 Monreal, Annette ... 152 Noren, Cary . . . 200, 209 Papanek, Lee ... 182 Mooradian, Frank Noren, Glen ... 153 Pappas, George ... 196 Mooradian, Phyllis . 218 Norton, Lloyd 249 Pappas, George Moradzadeh, Jonathan ... 195 Nudleman, Marion . 255 Pappas, George ... 196 Moreth, Jacqueline ... 209 Numrich, William ... 77, 209 Pappas, John ... 196 Moreton, Robert ... 78, 79, 181 Nuqui, Charles ... 181, 126 Pappas, Mary ... 182 Morioka, Rex ... 65, 209 Nuqui, Rochelle ... 153 Pappas, Spiro Moritz, Leo ... 74, 149, 152 Nuqui, Rosalie... 209 Pappas, Vicki ... 2, 57, 59, 80, 182, Morning Mouths ... 62 Nutting, Amy ... 195 154 Morrison, Scott ... 181 Parayno, Antonio Mortellaro, Jamie ... 181 Parcelli, Michael ... 3, 155 Moshak, Damian .. . 208, 209, 212 0 Parcelli, Tony Moshak, Helen ... 181 Parisi, David ... 181 Moshak, Jennifer ... 59, 181 Park, Hye-Ryon Moshak, John 232, 233 O’Boyle, Anne ... 130, 153, 167 Park, Hyo Moss, Brenda ... 56, 191, 195 O’Boyle, Patricia ... 196 Park Hyo Motev, Natasha 195 O’Brien, Katherine ... 196 Park, Konsu ... 155 Moy, Peter ... 77, 209 O’Connor, James ... 196 Park, Sang ... 210, 115 Mozner, Alex ... 195 O’Donnell, Thomas Park, Sung ... 70, 182 Mroz, Beatrice 217 O’Neill. Kathleen . . 181 Parker, Eleanor . 239 Much, Andrew .. 73, 195 O ' Reilly, Gertrude 231 Parker, Kimberly Much, Ross . . . 209 O’Rourke, Lorraine ... 196 Parker, Morris . 229 Mueller, Kurt ... 70, 152 Obermann, James ... 210 Parks, Barbara ... 2, 80, 82, 182, 155 Mueller, Lisa Renee . . . 209 Obermann, Mark ... 75, 181 Partipilo, Thomas Mueller, Robert Obradovic, Christine ... 181 Pasquith, Christy Mueller, Wayne Obrochta, Jill ... 153 Paszko, Rick ... 196 Mugrditchian, Annette ... 195 Odishoo, Arbella ... 210, 143 Patel, Asha ... 182 Munic, Staci ... 29, 209 Odyniec, Anna ... 181 Patel, Bharat ... 155 Murgas, Richard . . 74, 75, 124, 152 Odyniec, Edward ... 6, 56, 153 Patel, Himanshu ... 196 Murphy, Brian ... 181 Odyniec, Thaddeus ... 153 Patel. Manjabeen .. 210 Murphy, Joseph Ohlson, Susan ... 153 Patel. Paru ... 182 Murphy, Robert 70, 225 Okada, Atsuko ... 210 Patterson, Anita ... 196 Murphy, Sharon ... 152 Okada, Hiroaki ... 153 Pattison, Kathleen . . 210 Murray, Anne . . 181 Okamura, Jeffrey ... 73, 210, 113 Pattison, Mary ... 182 Murray, James . .. 152, 167 Okamura, Scott ... 153 Paul, Alexander ... 196 Murray, John . 76, 193, 195 Olander, Dawn . . 210 Paustian, Cheryl ... 210 Murray, Martin Oldham, Elizabeth . 245 Paustian, Lynn .. 59 Murray. Mary .. 152 Oliff, Basia . . . 59, 181 Pawelek, Paige . . 210 Musick. Laura . . . 172, 181 Oliff, Ira ... 196 Pawlowski, Christophe ... 196 Musick. Mark . . . 209 Olive, Lifcha ... 210 Payne, Gregory Mustari, Frank 215, 253 Olkiewicz, Daniela ... 153 Payuk, William ... 196 295 Pearson, Elisa ... 182 Pearson, Margaret ... 210 Pearson, Scott Pecci, Michael ... 182 Pechter, Michael ... 137 Peischl, Hans ... 155 Peiser, David ... 155 Peiser, Susan ... 210 Pena, Janette ... 182 Pena, Richard Perez, Frank ... 210 Perl, Kenneth ... 196 Perl, Neil . . . 210 Perlin, Mike ... 122, 155 Perlman, Cary ... 210 Perlman, Gail ... 196 Perlman, Larry ... 155 Perlman, Scott ... 182 Perlmutter, Gary ... 65, 155 Perperas, Johnny ... 70, 182 Perrotta, Peter Perry, David ... 182 Petersen, Christine ... 155 Peterson, Lori ... 196 Peterson, Marlene . 251 Peterson, Robert .. 70, 155 Pflaumer, Christopher Pflaumer, Scott ... 210 Philbin, Cynthia 229, 255 Phillippe, Marge 218 Piculas, Angie .. 156 Piculas, John ... 196 Pinckney, Floyd ... 196 Pintor, Kim ... 210 Pintz, Barbara ... 137, 156 Piper, Gail ... 58, 116, 156 Piper, Jill ... 200, 210 Piro, Ben 69, 74 Pirok, Mel 232, 234 Pirpiris, Ted Piscitello, Phillip ... 210 Pittel, Gary Pittel, Laurel Pitti, Ray . . . 77, 210 Pitts, Scott ... 152, 156 Pitts, Tracy ... 196 Platt, Michael ... 78, 79, 182 Plonus, Jacqueline ... 210 Plonus, Sabine ... 59, 196 Plotnick, Daniel Poet, Sheila ... 194, 196 Pollack, Bonnie ... 156 Pomerantz, Michael ... 70, 182 Pom Pon ... 52 Ponitch, Gregg ... 76, 196 Popovich, George .. 182 Porcaro, Kelli ... 59, 182 Porten, Helen . 238 Porter, Christine ... 118, 156 Porter, Robert 76, 77, 237 Portnoy, Gay ... 156 Portnoy, Marlena ... 210 Poticha, Glenn ... 182 Potocki, Liza Potts, Stephen ... 182 Poulakidas, Stephie ... 196 Powell. Jay ... 149, 149, 156 Pow-Wow ... 32, 33 Price, Judith ... 59, 172, 182 Privatsky, Bruce ... 156 Privatsky, Karen ... 210 Provost, Peter Puerkel, Michael Puetz, Cindy ... 156 Puff, James . 250 Q Quilici, Gina ... 196 Quilici, Victor ... 156 Quillen, Terrie Quinones, Jose ... 156 Quist, Patti R Ra, Ju-e ... 182 Rabey, Douglas Rabin, Cheryl ... 210 Rabin, David ... 157 Rabin, Judy ... 157 Rabin, Steven ... 2, 56, 148, 157 Rabin, Susan ... 196 Rafilson, Bruce Rainero, Kenneth Rambis, Albert . 239 Ramirez, John . 217 Ransom, Dawn ... 157 Rappaport, David .. 75, 182 Rappin, David ... 73, 210 Rappin, Jill ... 200, 210 Ratner, Neal . 66, 137 Ravve, Ruth 59, 182 Rayyan, Sam Reasner, Kristin . . 210 Reasner, Timothy ... 157 Rector, Karen . 157 Redig, Robert 252 Redlin, Larry Rees, Richard Reeves, Brenda ... 210 Reeves, Dora ... 182 Regidor, Daniel ... 157 Reich, Barbara ... 157 Reichert, Robert ... 196 Reichstetter, Christi ... 157 Reifenberg, Mary ... 58, 157 Reilly, Rose Reinhard, David ... 157 Reinhard, Lynn ... 196, 150 Reinhardt, Anthony ... 74, 75, 182 Reinmueller, Curtis Reisman, Howard ... 182 Reisman, Michael ... 128 Reiter, David Reiter, Russell ... 196 Reljac, Jean ... 59, 182, 118 Remon, Sandra ... 182 Rempas, Perry ... 70 Requarth, Richard 242 Resnick, Michael ... 182 Reyes, Francisco ... 196 Reznikov, Ilya Rich, Debra ... 3, 59, 80, 81, 82, 182, 185 Rich, Robert ... 182 Rich, Susan ... 187, 196 Richardi, Fred 236, 151 Richards, Charles ... 157 Richman, Gail Ridley, Shawn ... 70, 182 Riemer, Robert Riha, Sarah . . . 161, 158, 160 Ring, Jeffrey ... 182 Riola, Chuck . 256 Riskin, Wendy ... 197 Risoff, David ... 73, 210 Rivkin, Thomas ... 78, 79, 182 Ro, Kab Robbins, Brian Robbins, Robert ... 182 Roberto, Ana ... 210 Roberts, Jill ... 210 Roberts, Tracy ... 128 Robins, Jodi Robinson, Bill . 250 Robinson, Michael Robinson, Steven ... 197 Rock, Irene ... 59, 182 Rock, Lori ... 158 Rock, Norbert Rockel, Jeffrey ... 158 Rockel, Laura . .. 197 Rodgers, Joseph ... 73, 210 Rodgers, Ramsey ... 73, 210 Rodgers, Susan ... 59, 182 Rogan, Cheryl ... 210 Roggeman, Peter ... 197 Rogoski, Wayne 66, 67, 222 Rolf, William . 182 Roller, Lorayne . . . 182, 118 Rollick, Peter ... 16, 70, 158 Roman, Cindy ... 187, 197 Roman, Marcy ... 158 Romanofsky, Helene ... 197 Root, Gail ... 197 Rooth, Eric Rooth, Paul ... 70, 124, 158 Rosas, Dina Rosas, Raymond ... 73, 210 Rose, Adele ... 56, 197, 198 Rose, Debra ... 197 Rosen, Aileen ... 158 Rosen, David Rosen, Frances ... 197 Rosen, Mark ... 210 Rosen, Mitchell ... 73, 210, 113 Rosenbaum, Judith ... 158 Rosenberg, Anita ... 182 Rosenberg, Bennett ... 189 Rosenblum, Carla . .. 197 Rosenblum, Mark ... 158 Rosenblum, Steven ... 114, 149 Rosenblum, Susan ... 197, 116, 117 Rosenbrock, Jinx ... 158 Rosenthal, David Rosow, Laura ... 173, 182 Ross, Amy ... 183 Ross, Dominick Ross, Edward ... 183 Ross, Greg ... 210 Ross, Hope ... 59, 194, 197 Ross, Kevin Rosselli, Mariangela Rossmann, Linda ... 158 Rotblatt, Daniel ... 210, 113 Rothman, Steven ... 158 Rowe, Michael Rowe, Nicholas ... 70, 159 Rowe, Scott Rowland, Michaela 232 Rubenstein, Alan ... 183 Rubenstein, Caryn . . . 200, 204, 211, 213 Rubenstein, David ... 124, 159 Rubiano, Andrea Rubin, Sari ... 197 Rudin, Scott ... 182, 183 Rubinstein, Sylvia 239 Ruehrdanz, Michael Ruesch, Susan ... 183 Ruffer, Lowell 219 Rugendorf, David ... 197 Ruley, Mike ... 211 Runtz, Christine Rusch, Judith ... 194, 197 Russell, Andrew Russell, Lisa ... 2, 56, 57, 159 Russo, Thomas ... 197 Ryba, Renee Ryden, Arthur . 252 Ryfkogel, Kenneth ... 183 S Sacks, Kenneth Sacks, Lauri ... 183 Sacksner, Jordy ... 211 Sadovnick, Marla Saklak, Diane ... 159 Saletnik, Dorothy ... 183 Sail, Kenneth ... 16, 70, 183 Salomon, Elizabeth ... 151 Salomon, Scott Samet, Aviva ... 183 Samet, Daniel Samuels, Scott ... 159 Samuelson, Matthew ... 183 Sander, Christopher Sander, Kathleen ... 59, 197 Sanders. Steven ... 13, 159 296 Sandlow, Bruce ... 70, 183 Santi, Valerie ... 159 Santiler, Andres ... 211 Santiler, Margarita ... 183 Santillan, Ken . . . 183 Santos, Rebecca ... 211 Saper, Julie ... 211 Saputo, Lisa Sathy, Michael ... 2, 57, 183 Savage, Pat 240, 114 Saville, Shira . . . 159 Savitt, Carol ... 134, 159 Savitt, Julie ... 211 Savitt, Lisa ... 211 Savitt, Martin ... 211 Sax, Karen ... 159 Saxena, Anup Scapardine, Gail ... 183 Scapardine, Julie .. 211 Scarbrough, Barbara 251 Schabilion, Gloria . 239 Schaffner, Michael ... 159 Schalk, Rita 254 Schalz, Timothy ... 128 Schanz, Scott Schapira, Tom Schaps, Lee ... 197 Scheibe, Paul Scheibe, Roland Schildgen, Lynne Schlesinger, Eugene Schlueter, Matthew Schlueter, Timothy Schmetter, Lisa ... 197 Schmidt, Beth Schmidt, Dean ... 211 Schmidt, Linda Schmidt, Linda ... 194, 197 Schmidt, Michael ... 160 Schmidt, Patricia ... 183 Schmiegelt, Susan ... 183 Schnaitmann, Peter ... 197 Schneider, Sharon ... 187, 193, 197 Schnell, Rebecca .. 59, 183, 118 Schnurr, Bill 74, 76, 237 Schrager, Robin ... 211 Schreier, David Schreier, Sandra ... 197 Schreiter, Ross ... 197 Schroeder, Arthur ... 160 Schroeder, Claude Schroeder, Dawn Schroeder, Michelle ... 160 Schulte, Brett ... 75 Schulter, Cynthia ... 151 Schultz, Denise ... 211 Schultz, Michael ... 122, 160 Schultz, Mrs. 80, 81 Schulz, Manfred Schulz, Wolfgang Schusteff, Ellen ... 211 Schwartz, Ann ... 183 Schwartz, Charles ... 183 Schwartz, Cindy Schwartz, Diane ... 160 Schwartz, Elissa ... 197 Schwartz, Ellen . 250 Schwartz, Karen ... 2, 197 Schwartz, Mike ... 183 Schwartz, Richard ... 2, 28, 57, 197 Schwarz, David ... 66, 67, 197 Science Club ... 65 Scott, Karen Searle, Gregory ... 183 Sedelsky, Heidi Seef, Mark ... 197 Seiler, Rosemarie Seimen, Arthur ... 197 Seleman, Alan Sellers, Lee 243 Seltzer, Elisa ... 211 Selz, Peter ... 183 Selz, Richard Sergot, Christine ... 211 Sergot, Michael . . . 197 Serlin, Nina Serota, Carole Serota, Steven ... 183 Sesterhenn, Lisa ... 197 Seyter, George Shah, Dhiren ... 197 Shah, Sonali ... 211 Shandling, Vicki ... 58, 180, 116, 161 Shane, David ... 73, 211 Shapiro, Anita ... 2, 57, 132, 161, 167 Shapiro, Faith .. 228 Shapiro, Jeffrey Shapiro, John ... 141, 161 Shapiro, Keith ... 183 Shapiro, Lisa ... 81, 189, 197, 198, 209 Shapiro, Mindy ... 197 Shapiro, Terry Shariff, Mohammed . . 67, 211 Shartiag, Beth ... 2, 57, 211 Shavel, Ross Shay, Pat ... 183 Shayman, Bill ... 197 Shea, Karen ... 183 Shedroff, Barbara ... 197 Shedroff, Laura ... 211 Shellist, Marc ... 76 Shemroske, Paul ... 70, 183 Sherman, Gregg ... 211 Sherman, Yvonne ... 161 Shetler, Nadine ... 183 Shetler, Stephanie Shiakallis, Christos ... 198 Shiakallis, Pascalis Shimanovsky, Dave ... 161 Shkodnik, Marina Shrifter, Robert ... 183 Shultz, Tom ... 183 Shurson, Julie ... 161 Shutt, Robert . 228 Siciliano, Daniel ... 211 Sideris, Pamela ... 211 Sidler, Lisa .2, 13, 56, 57, 183 Siegel, Alyssa Siegel, Garry Siegel, Karen ... 211 Siegel, Ken . .. 160 Siemsen, Amy ... 160 Sierzega, Patricia Sierzega, Richard Sikaras, Christine ... 150, 159 Silberman, Alan ... 211, 115 Silberman, Lawrence . . 183 Silensky, Efrem ... 198 Sillitti, Patricia ... 160 Silverblatt, Karen ... 211 Silverman, Beth ... 173, 183 Silverman, Jay ... 198 Silverman, Michael ... 160 Silverman, Miriam ... 190, 211 Silverman, Sheldon .. 198 Silverman, West . .. 200, 211 Silverstein, Jodie ... 160 Simmons, Theodore Simon, David ... 211 Simon, Edward Simon, Florence . . 161 Simon, Richard ... 67 Simon, Steven Simone, Carol 233 Simonson, Matthew ... 211, 115 Singer, Lisa ... 59, 187, 198, 150 Sinica, Chris ... 198 Sklamberg, David Sklar, David Sklivagos, Nicholas . . 161 Skoglund, Scott ... 65, 183 Skuban, Michael 73, 237 Skupiewski, Cindy ... 211 Skupiewski, Douglas Sladek, Michael Slattery, Jerome 225 Slipenko, Merilee ... 183 Slisz, Elizabeth ... 183 Sliwa, Susan ... 161 Sloan, Judi 237, 116 Sloma, Pam Slussar, Kerry Small, Marc . . . 183 Smason, Wendy ... 194, 198 Smessaert, Jacqueline . . . 208, 211 Smith, Alan . .. 186, 189, 193, 198 Smith, Charles Smith, Darrell 240, 241 Smith, Michael Smith, Pamela ... 211 Smith, Paul Smith, Rocella ... 161 Smith, Ronald ... 161 Smolenski, Joseph ... 74, 161 Smolensk!, Lori .. . 183 Smolin, Terri ... 150, 162 Smoller, Scott Snow, Howard ... 122, 162 Snyder, Linda 245 Snyder, Miriam . . . 198 Sobczak, Jeffery ... 162 Sobczak, Robert Soble, Jon ... 208, 211 Socash, Christine ... 211 Soccer, Freshman, A B . .. 77 Soccer, J.V. ... 75 Soccer, Sophomore ... 76 Soccer, Varsity . 74 Softball, J.V. ... 99 Softball, Varsity . 98 Sohn, Ronald . . 211 Sokol, Randy ... 201, 211 Somenek, Tom ... 73, 211 Sommerfield, Craig . . 162 Son, Joo ... 198 Sonkin, Helene 183 Sonkin, Randy ... 115 Sorenson, Kim ... 23 Sortal, Harry 252 Spagnoli, Bob . . 186, 198 Spagnoli, Joseph Spanish Club ... 64 Spata, Craig ... 183 Spectrum .57 Speizman, Gary ... 162 Sperling, Sheryl ... 211 Sperling, Stacy ... 162 Spiliopoulos, Antonia ... 198 Spiliopoulos, Peter . . . 162 Spourgitis, Pamela ... 162 Spraggins, Chrissie ... 183 Spraggins, Susan ... 162 Sprague, Ellen ... 198, 131 Springborn, Karen ... 211 Spring Play . 38, 39, 40, 41 Sproat, Christina . . . 162 Sproat, Mark Spyratos, Emily ... 162 Spyropoulos, George St Marie. Linnea . . 198 Stamos, Van ... 76, 197, 198 Stankowicz, James ... 162 Stark, Gloria Stavropoulos, Christi ... 163 Steele, Christopher ... 186, 198 Steele, Thomas . . 198 Stein, David ... 179, 184 Stein, El izabeth ... 134, 163 Stein, Roger . . 172, 231, 134, 135 Steiner, Lisa Steiner, Ron ... 66, 184 Stelnhoff, Mark ... 163 Stenzel, Reinhard . 211 Stenzel, Sigrid ... 163 Stepke, Julie ... 184 Stern, Michael ... 198 Stern, Mitch . . . 184 Stern, Spencer ... 66, 67, 200, 208, 211 Stern, Todd . . . 163 Sternberg, Mark ... 74, 100, 163 Stevens. Lauren ... 198 Stevens, Marjorie 234 Stewart, Rita 218 Stezckal, Betty . 218 Stielow, Gary Stoker, Thomas Stokes, Fred Stokes, Harry 234 Stolberg. William ... 184 Stoll, Denise ... 184, 154 Stone, Barbara . . . 187, 198 Stone. Elisa ... 163 Stone, Erica ... 13, 200, 211 Stone, Jodi ... 2, 13, 56, 57, 172, 184, 185 Stone, Julie ... 198 Stone, Kim Stotland, L awrence Strange, Jerrold ... 208, 209, 211 Straton, George . . 184 Straton, Steve ... 76, 198 Straub, Robert ... 76, 77 Strauss, Nancy ... 163 Strauss, Robert ... 5, 74, 174, 184 Strehl. Ronald .. . 198 Streicher, Ian ... 6. 56, 144, 163 Streiff, Constance ... 163 Streiff, James ... 211 Strissel, April ... 211 Strissel, Dawn .. 163 Strnad, James 220 Stroesser, John ... 198 Stroesser, Yvette ... 163 Strongin, Stacy ... 212 Strongin, Susan 184, 139 Student Activity Board ... 60 Student Representative Assembly ... 60 Stuermer, Anne ... 184, 118 Stulac, Walter Sturgis, Sena . . . 208, 212 Subonj, Valentin ... 184 Sucherman, Joel ... 184 Suess, James Suess, Robert Sugar, Daniel ... 184, 170 Sugar, David ... 65 Sullivan, Daniel ... 212, 114, 115 Sullivan, Stuart Sultz, Jill ... 164 Sun, Hsi ... 184 Sun, Hsi ... 212 Sunblom, Amy . 212 Sussman, Alan ... 184 Sussman, Jay ... 164 Sutker, Florence 219 Svrcek, Linda Svrcek, Tom ... 212 Swanke, Serena ... 159. 164 Swanson, James 216 Swanson, Jeffrey Swanson, Renee Sweeney, Eric ... 159, 164 Sweeney, James 229 Sweet, Robinson ... 184 Swenson, Carol ... 198 Swerdlow, Brian ... 70, 184 Swerdlow, Kevin ... 198 Swidler, Martin ... 212 Swimming, Boys ... 114, 115 Swimming, Girls ... 116, 117 Sylvan, Stephan Szumal, Robert ... 212 Szymaski, Diane 249 T Tajak, Frederick ... 2, 57 Taldone, Christine . . 212 Tamraz. Tammy . . . 134, 164 Tang, Mary Tarantur, Wendy ... 164 Taraschewsky, Ingrid . . 198 Tatooles, Antone ... 74, 164 Tavoularis, Chris . . 77, 212 Taylor, Doro thy . 251 Technical Service Club ... 49 Teichner, Paula ... 198 Telegater, Robin ... 198, 116 Temes, George . . 212 Tennis, Boys ... 82, 83 Tennis, Girls .. 80, 81 Tenzillo, Karen . . . 198, 131 Tenzillo, Katherine ... 198 Terpinas, Tina ... 58, 82, 164 Terpinas, William . . 77, 212 Terrazas, Debra .2, 57, 184 Terzakis, Linda Terzis, Caryn .. 184 Tesky, Hank 256 Test, Student 3 Test, Student 4 Theodore, Teddy .. 164 Therios, Athanasios . 2, 57, 164 Therios, Gus . 2. 57, 198 Thespians ... 49 Thill, Steve .. 164 Thilmany, Andrea ... 212 Thomason, Dean ... 70, 184 Thomason, Scott ... 164 Thommes, Kevin ... 184 Thoson, Terry ... 198 Thunholm, Jami ... 184, 154 Till, Susan Timers ... 54 Tittle, Eric ... 184 Tobin, Cheryl ... 2, 24, 56, 57, 165 Tobin, Lisa 184 Tobin, Neil . . 56, 202, 212 Todd, Elizabeth ... 198 Todd, Robert ... 165 Tolentino, Gilbert ... 212 Tomacic, Christina . . 184 Tomaras, John Tomoleoni, Lisa ... 184 Tomoleoni, Lori ... 198 Tonsul, Gloria Tonsul, Richard . . . 202, 212, 113 Torch, Lorie ... 59, 187, 194, 198 Torres, Cheryl . . 200, 212 Tosch, Jeanie ... 193, 198 Toth, Jeanne . . . 184 Toth, Margaret ... 184 Tourville, Daniel ... 165 Trabaris, Maria Trachtenberg, Barry ... 184 Track, J. V., Boys ... 105 Track, J.V., Girls ... 107 Track, Varsity, Boys ... 104 Track, Varsity, Girls ... 106 Tralmer, Kim ... 160, 165 Trambas, Annastasia ... 165 Trambas, Constatine ... 212 Travis, Elizabeth . . 184 Travlos, George . . 70, 172, 178, 184 Travlos, Michael ... 77, 212 Trefren, Jennifer ... 212 Trefren, Peter ... 3, 67, 184 Trelford, Kristy ... 212 Tripi, John ... 198 Tripi, Nancy .. . 165 Tripicchio, Anthony ... 73, 212, 113 Tripicchio, Donna ... 58, 116, 165 Trykowski, Gregory ... 212 Trykowski, Mark . . 165 Tsitrin, Alla Tsokas, Nick .. 198 Tulloch, Scott ... 198 Tupanjac, Radivoje Turchen, Jamie .. 184 Turner, Darlene Turner, David ... 198 Turner, Kathleen . .. 199 Turry, Gerald 15, 16, 218 Turton, Craig ... 184 Tutt, Marcey ... 184 Tuzzolino, Nancy ... 16, 58, 134, 165 Tuzzolino, Sam ... 212 Tyson, Kelly ... 212 Tyson, Kenneth ... 184 Tziavaras, Constantin ... 77 U Ubrig, Steven ... 76, 199 Udell, Glenn ... 70, 184 Uglinica, Tamara .. 212 Uglinica, Tarina ... 165 Ulasevich, Alex ... 184 Ungar, Teri . . . 199 Unterberger, Holly ... 165 Urow, Dennis Ushers ... 48 Usiskin, Daniel V Vala, Anna Vala, Emilia Valdman, Roman Valencia, Sandra . 212 Valenti, Angelo .. 172, 184 Valenti, Gina . 199 Valenti, Josephine ... 212 Van Cleave, Carl 246 Van Dorpe, Celestine . 233 Van Roeyen, Richard Vanich, Michael . . . 185 Varda, Edna . . . 185 Vargas, Leticia ... 165 Vargas, Sylvia ... 137, 167 Varnavas, Dino ... 2, 57, 185 Varnavas, Eleni Varon, Amy Rae ... 59, 199 Vass, Edie ... 166 Vass, Monet ... 197, 199 Vaughan, Steven ... 199 Vaughn, Gregory Vaughn, William Vazquez, Rebecca ... 166 Vazzano, Michael Venetos, Tina 59, 199 Venson, Karen . . 199 Ventrelli, Marina . .. 185 Ventura, Israel ... 212 Verdin, Ross . 163, 168 Verity, Helen 2, 6, 56, 57, 198, 160, 134, 166 Verstraete, Kathleen ... 212 Vick, Jeff ... 70, 185 Vilas, Jacqueline Viner, Michael ... 161, 166 Vishny, Daniel ... 73, 212 Vishny, Michael ... 161, 166 Vivace ... 44 Vlahos, Korine ... 212 Vlay, Kenneth Vodvarka, Jane ... 161, 166 Vogel, Peter Volleyball ... 118, 119 Vrahnos, Dimitra 208, 212 W Wada, Neil ... 185 Waddell, Don . 222 Wadhwa, Anjali ... 185, 161, 166 Wagner, John Wahlstrom, Pat . 249 Wainer, Jamie ... 9, 13, 185, 161, 166 Wall, Jill Wallace, Melinda . . . 185 Wallace, Stuart ... 73, 213 Wallerstein, Marla ... 213 Wainer, David ... 161 Walter, Harvey ... 166 Wang, Jim Wang, Yi-hon Wanke, Gary 222 Warda, Edward ... 166 Warkenthien, Mildred 255 Warman, Jeffrey ... 199 Warner, Bill 246 Warner, Laura ... 166 Warshawsky, Linda ... 213 298 Warshawsky, Neil ... 199 Warso, David ... 185 Watson, Gary . . . 199 Watts, Shari ... 199 Wax, Lisa ... 194, 199 Wax, Paul . 167 Wegener, Nancy ... 185 Wei, Patricia . . 59, 185 Wei, Sandy ... 213 Weil, Nancy 134, 124, 162, 167 Weiler, Edward ... 185 Weinberg, Brian ... 199 Weinberg, Carrie ... 213 Weinberg, Howard ... 213 Weinberg, Leslie . . 185 Weinberg, Michelle ... 213 Weindling, David ... 74, 167 Weindling, Michael ... 77, 201, 213 Weiner, Dennis Weiner, Elise ... 167 Weinman, Jill ... 213 Weinstein, Rebecca ... 2, 57, 59, 199, 201 Weisberg, Daniel ... 167 Weiser, Carolyn . 185 Weiser, David ... 167 Weisman, Heide Weisman, Ross ... 167 Weisman, Suzanne ... 213 Weiss, Alan Weiss, Ami ... 2, 57, 213 Weiss, Christopher ... 167 Weiss, Debbie ... 56, 127, 135, 167 Weiss, Janet . . 167 Weiss, Jennifer .. 59, 185, 116, 117 Weiss, Linda ... 16, 17, 19, 59, 185 Weiss, Thomas ... 2, 57, 78, 183, 185 Weissman, Craig ... 167 Weitmann, Heidi ... 168 Weitzenfeld, Stanley 66, 224 Weitzman, Tamara ... 2, 57, 199 Welter, David ... 125, 124 Welter, Greg 250 Wendt, Roger ... 74, 168 Wengerski, William ... 70, 168 Wes tones ... 45 West Word ... 56 Wexler, Geoffrey ... 75 Wexler, Pamela ... 168 Wheeler, Curtis ... 70 Wheeler, Kevin ... 168 Wheeler, William ... 213, 162 Whelan, John ... 185 Whelan, Thomas ... 213 White, Glenn ... 213 White, Michael Wiedl, Ralph 224 Wierzchon, Peter ... 213 Wilensky, Steve ... 185 Wilfong, Jeffrey ... 199 Wilken, Dwayne Wilkoff, Lisa Williams, Catherine ... 168 Williams, Christopher ... 65, 168 Williams, Marc ... 168 Williams, Tina ... 185 Wilm, David ... 199 Wilm, Paul . .. 185, 114 Wilson, Michael ... 76, 199 Wiltgen, Lawrence ... 199 Winandy, Dawn ... 185 Winans, Leonard 80, 252, 253 Winkler, Steven ... 213 Winston, Mark ... 199 Winterhalter, John 218 Wipf, Joanah ... 213 Wise, Deborah ... 134, 168 Wise, Dorothy 240 Wise, Rochelle ... 185 Wishner, Kenneth ... 168 Wisniewski, Joseph ... 168 Witt, Mark ... 2, 13, 56, 57, 74, 185 Wittenberg, Greg ... 185 Wittenberg, Karen ... 199 Witz, Gary ... 2, 56, 57, 185 Witzgall, Mary . . . 213 Wohlbrandt, Dana . . . 168 Wojdula, Jean .. 237 Wolfberg, Lawrence . . 162, 122, 165, 168 Wolfberg, Robin ... 213 Woo, Danny ... 213 Woodall, Kelly . . 199 Woodfield, David Woodfield, Laura .. 213 Woodier, James .. 213, 114, 115 Woodier, Linda ... 116, 168 Wozniak, Kurt ... 213 Wratschko, Diane . . 199 Wrestling, Freshman ... 113 Wrestling, J.V. ...fill Wrestling, Sophomore ... 112 Wrestling, Varsity ... 110 Wright, Lisa ... 199 Wright, Mrs. 254 Wrzala, James ... 168 Wrzala, John ... 73, 213 Wu, Victor ... 65, 169 Wurmbach, Gunter ... 213 Wurzbacher, Scot! Wydra, Michael Wyko, Dolores 218 Y Yakoubek, Susanne Yates, Scott . 70, 185 Yates, Susan ... 169 Yde, Kim Yedlin, Michael ... 29, 199, 131 Yedlin, Nancy . . . 185 Yellen, Jonathan ... 213 Yellen, Michael ... 169 Yep, Sandra ... 199 Yetter, Michael ... 213 Yi, Myojung ... 199 Yi, Yon Yoo, Bonita ... 169 Yoo, Joyce ... 199 Yoo, Sandra ... 213 Yoo, Seesun ... 77, 200, 213 Young, Janet ... 169 Young, Karen 169 Young, Lauren ... 17, 174. 185 Youstra, Kristin ... 59, 185 Yu. Yun-chu ... 213 Zicarelli, Carmela ... 19, 169 Zicarelli, Fred ... 199 Zidek, Wilhemina 238 Zidel, William ... 172 Ziegelski, David ... 213 Zimansky, Fabiana ... 6, 169 Zimansky, Steve ... 1-9 Zissman, Marc ... 65, 169 Zivilik, Julie . . 199 Zmolek, Michael ” Zorn, Peter 76, 231 Zorn, Sharon 244 Zoros, Nancy Zucker, David . . 70, 199 Zucker, Jamie . 149, 149, 150, Zucker, Michael Zych, Sheryl ... 199 Zygmun, Arthur 169 z Zabo, Barry ... 199 Zaffer, John ... 213 Zagorscak, Gordana ... 199 Zarch, Andrew . . 185 Zaslowsky, Michael . 199 Zawiski, Lauren ... 169 Zawistowski, Mark . . 185 Zayia, Denis Zayia, Robert Zeff, Jay . . 66. 185, 114 Zeff, Sharon ... 213 Zeid, Richard ... 185 Zeinfeld. Joyce . . 59, 185 Zeitler, Patricia ... 19, 169 Zelasko, Joanne ... 169 Zelickman, Lori .. 58, 169 Zelinsky, Cliff Zeller, Daniel ... 144, 114, 122, 169 Zeller, Lisa ... 199 Zellers, Brenda ... 169 Zellers, Michael ... 213 Zeman, James . . 185 Zeman, Robert . . 213 Zemsky, Alan . . 2, 57, 212 Zemsky, David ... 213 Zenner, Richard .. 70, 185 Zepin, Wendy ... 199 Zernone, Sandra . 185 THE PBOplB WHO MADE IT HAPPEN W hen Lord Chesterfield wrote a letter to his son in 1746 and exclaimed, “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well,” he might just as well have been refering to the yearbook staff and their dedicated ef¬ forts that evolved into Spectrum ’81. Though the staff as a whole is deserving of commen¬ dation, several individuals have earned a special pat on the back for their relentless perserverance. I’d like to thank assistant editor Jodi Stone for all her late night cropping, posters, dittos, cooperation and support, photo editor Len Go for keeping his sanity and always coming through in a crisis, section editors Tracey Mill¬ er, Happenings, Cheryl Tobin, Up Front, Lisa Russell, Scholastic, Mark Witt, Winners, Marilyn Moltz, Mov¬ ing Up, and Lisa Sidler, All Together, for putting up with the general harassments and always getting their work in on time, (or shortly thereafter!) Special credit also goes to Cheryl Tobin for getting candy for our successful fundraiser, Jodi Stone for her great work on the Senior Surveys and graffitti pages, Tracey Miller for her monumental effort on the index and Senior Surveys, and Tom Weiss for always being extremly dependable. Thanks also to advisors Mr. Jerome Orr and Mrs. Angela Graham for their proofreading skills and good advice, and Jostens representative Mr. Dennis Eder for his help and encouragement. Together these great “people at west” compiled a fresh, innovative photojournalistic medium filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Lord Chesterfield would be proud! Monica Cohen Spectrum Editor 300 staff Clockwise: Gary Abrahams, Lisa Sidler, and Tracey Miller combine yearbookability. Mark Witt and Jodi Stone try to figure out what’s going on. Photo editor Len Go embezzles film. Spectrum editor Monica Cohen gets cropped. Marilyn Moltz takes advan¬ tage of a mellow 9th period. Ray Cho and Cheryl Tobin support their sweet tooth. Tom Weiss caught in the act. Staff 301 IN MEMORIAM MICHAEL CASSIDY 75 JEFFREY LIAMETZ 73 It matters not how long we live, but how. P.J. Bailey Festus: Wood Water 302 — _ _ 0

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