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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION .4 SPECIAL EVENTS . 18 SPORTS . 50 CLUBS . 106 SENIORS . 148 JUNIORS . 190 SOPHOMORES . 202 FRESHMAN .214 FACULTY . 226 SENIOR SURVEY . 278 INDEX .288 THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DECADE «» mmm 17 Clockwise from upper left: Undaunted by the strike, teachers hold their mid-day break. Mr Firak reads through the procedure. Lead by a few groups of students, fellow students strike the strike. Juniors make posters before students arrive. Thoreau comments on the strike. The angelic Mr. McMahon. Board hArA i V4 MWei C T LOCAL V iFL Ctn STRIKE FOUR! At the opening of the 1979-1980 school year, Niles Township saw its fourth teachers’ strike in 12 years. The official strike notice was given September 4, the day before school was to begin. School did not begin for another 15 days. The school board initiated a conti- gency plan September 18, under which students were scheduled into a five period day consisting of com¬ bined levels of general curriculum. Many students found the contigency plan unsatisfactory, which result¬ ed in a student walkout September 24. The students’ objective was to force a settlement between the board and the teachers’ union. An open board meeting was held the night of the 24, where many students and parents spoke out, urging a return to negotiations. A settlement was reached September 25; regular school began on Wednesday, September 26. HOMECOMING ASSEMBLY This year’s Homecoming was organized by the Student Activities Board. During the assembly, the nominees for Homecoming queen and junior and senior courts were announced. Rousing speeches by the coaches of the football and soccer teams and the introduction of the team players highlighted the event. The cheerleaders and Pom Pon squad promoted enthusiasm for the big week¬ end. Clockwise from above: Pom Pon squad takes on crowd. SAB President, Mary Weiss, orates. Football team responds with a cheer. Opponents stunned by “new " football team. Clockwise from above: Captain Moltz chews on mi¬ crophone. Why is Julie Tatooles smiling? Homecom¬ ing Queen and Court. Band gives more than music. TWILIGHT PEP RALLY Highlighting the Twighlight Pep Rally was the naming of the Homecoming Queen and the Junior and Senior courts. Nancy Buffo, Faith Amarantos, and Mary Flood were named to the Junior Court. Barb Atsaves, Sharon Cooper, and Julie Housakos were named to the Senior Court along with Queen Julie Tatooles. Pep talks by head football coach Don Huff and co-captain Al Moltz inspired the crowd. The rally culminated with the burning in effigy of the Maine South Hawk. 23 Clockwise from upper left: Faith Amarantos takes a dip. Two double chocolate hot fudge ba¬ nana splits with real whipped cream PLEASE!: Ice Cream socializers. " Horny” girl and her assis¬ tants. ICE CREAM SOCIAL The ice cream social was a “sweet " affair. Students cre¬ ated and enjoyed a variety of ice cream concotions and danced to the music of Boulevard, a local rock group. 24 Clockwise from above: Papier-mache Indian walks on small car. Senior Class Cabinet Float on the warpath. Senior Court and friends. Junior court is Flooded, Buffed, and Amarantoasted. HOMECOMING PARADE Everyone loves a parade, and Niles West is no exception. Our parade, complete with police escort, traveled the streets of Lincolnwood, Skokie, Niles and Morton Grove. Orchestra won the award for the best float, and the Senior Class Cabinet placed second. HOMECOMING GAME Homecoming fans witnessed an important conference football contest as the Indians, indeed, made the Hawks sparrows by trouncing them 26-0 for their sec¬ ond consecutive shutout victory. The Indians crushing victory set the spirit for the final event, the traditional Homecoming Dance. Clockwise from upper center: Snowing in October? Julie Tatooles is ready to play football. J.Housakos and C. Kasik, friends forever. Back from Texas, John Mayer raps with a Niles West cowgirl. The marching band has great form. Queen, courts. AFS students, and escorts intense¬ ly watch the fans. Football players practicing for the Homecoming Dance. Where the heck is the football? Clockwise from upper left: Brian Abrahams tries to sneak a squeeze. We could have danced all night. Only two couples discover the spiked punch. Darts entertain at “The Main Event.” Mike Buchino, devil of the year. Countess Dracula takes a bite. Julie Tatooles and Paul Prinz enjoy the first slow dance. Mary Weiss crowns Homecoming Queen, Julie Tatooles. Leave us alone! HOMECOMING DANCE This year’s Homecoming Dance, “The Main Event,” was the climax of the week¬ end’s many activities. Although the turnout was slightly smaller than in recent years, the fine dance music performed by “Darts” helped make the evening a memorable one. Clockwise from below: Big School? Little school?.Deci¬ sion and distraction. College Night attracts all ages. Gary Plotnick and Laura Meshulam do some college shopping. STUDENTS FOCUS ON THE FUTURE Together with their parents, students attended one of the most important events of the year, College Night. On the evening of Tuesday, Sep¬ tember 25, approximately two hundred colleges and universities from all over the country pre¬ sented informative and helpful material to inter¬ ested students and parents. “I got a better idea of what different colleges and universities offered and which of these alternatives were right for me,” said one senior. College Night, sponsored by the Guidance Department, is one of the many services provided for Niles Township students. Clockwise from above: Jordan Dolin shows parents how it’s done in the world of art. " Turn right at the end of the corridor, go through the double doors, then turn left, and follow the yellow brick road. " Mr. Hanrahan spells it out scientifically to curious parents. Come one, come all! Boosters boost sales at Open House. • " MTCl tober 54 F ST ved e OPtH HOUS er oc«. ,T w ' d TNILES USE ' r»F_N wcdnc oV " ob %.N HOUS EN HOUSE E. ES WEST ,S Wednesday - ' her 24 OP tober 4013 SE Wednesday - October 24 OPEN HOUSE STRESSES ACADEMICS AND ACTIVITIES This year’s Open House was held on Wednesday, October 24. Parents attended six minute classes based upon their child’s schedule. In class, teachers explained course content and objectives. During free periods, parents were able to browse through the displays of various extra-cur¬ ricular activities. One parent commented, “Open House provides me with a better per¬ spective of and increased interest in my child’s education at Niles West. I am very impressed with the caliber of education and the activities that the school offers its stu¬ dents.” 31 Clockwise from upper left: Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse meet Death. Spectrum photographer “spots” the “purrfect” cat. Two monsters pose with Niles West students. Smile if you’re not wearing underwear! J. Block on her way to Child Development class. Ready, set, FLASH! Ann and Andy lookin’ fine and dandy. Arabs strike oil in the Indian boat special. Fred and Ginger. Dr. Payne waits patiently for his next “patient”. mm mm Clockwise from above: “You’ve Got a Friend .” “Shall We Dance .?” The “peppiest " parents on the block. Crew director, Karen Kozer, puzzles over her work. The Pyranas get the principal “burning " mad. “Am I going crazy or did I hear a wrong note? " S. Silverman, the “new boy " , realizes that he is not wanted. “DON’T EAT THE HOT DOGS” Pow Wow, Niles West’s annual student production, was presented November 15- 17 in the school’s auditoriu m. This year’s show was an original parody of suburban high school life. According to student di¬ rector Steve Koek, the production used music, dance, and comic dialogue to make its point. Each year, the Pow Wow show is conceived and executed entirely by students from the school. Freshmen Sheldon Silverman and Richard Schwartz, and juniors Liz Gump and Ally- son Harris, were among those selected for lead roles in “Don’t Eat the Hot Dogs”. 35 Clockwise from upper left: Mrs. Barcow earns her stripes. “Please believe me!” A “typical” suburban high school scene. The two lead males talk “man to man.” Open your mouths and say “ahhh. Squid expresses shock after finding a radical left in the de¬ nominator. 37 THEY DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY The 1980 Orchesis Dance Show, “Steppin’ Out”, was presented Febru¬ ary 1st and 2nd by thirty talened and enthusiastic dancers. The dances were choreographed by current and alumni Orchesis members. Some of this year’s selections included “All That Jazz”, “Dust in the Wind”, “Applause”, “Sun¬ set People”, and other numbers to the music by The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Tchaikovsky. With the help of the Niles West Jazz Band and a most cooperative crew, the two evening performances dazzled their audiences with lively music, inter¬ esting lights, flashy costumes, and fan¬ cy footwork. Thanks to all who made “Steppin’ Out” 1980 a most entertain¬ ing and memorable show! Above Right: “Indians, Indians, number 1, Indi¬ ans number 1!’ Right: Orchesis shows its fine points. Above: Ta da! 38 I PINOCCHIO This year, Niles West High School Children’s’ Theatre presented Pinocchio. Two performances of the play were given: Friday, Novem¬ ber 30, and Saturday, De¬ cember 1. Both shows were held in the school’s audito¬ rium. Freshman Ted Good¬ man appeared in the title role, freshman Russell Reiter portrayed the wood- carver, Geppetto, and soph¬ omore Cathy Edman ap¬ peared as the Blue Fairy. Clockwise from upper left: Pinocchio watches his nose grow longer and longer. Cast of Pinocchio poses for a photo. Geppetto works on his master¬ piece named Pinocchio. Clowning around in a dance number. Gail Root at her best. Ted Goodman por¬ trays Pinocchio in his first high school role. Cathi Edman as the Blue Fairy, and Hope Ross as the hobo. THE SOUND OF MUSIC This year’s musical, The Sound of Music, was a great success in all aspects of the theatre. The show was per¬ formed on March 20, 21, 22, 1980 in the Niles West audi¬ torium. The outstanding cast included the talents of: Kim No, Maria; Steve Koek, Captain Von Trapp; Janet Pass, Mother Abess; Mike Perlin, Max; Mike Schultz, Rolf; Todd Stern, Franz; Ian Streicher, Herr Zeller; and Laura Borkovitz, Frau Schmidt. Featured as the Von Trapp children were: Al- lyson Harris, Liesl; Sheldon Silverman, Friedrich; Gloria Camilli, Louisa; Elisa Astor- ino, Briggitta; Ron Packowitz, Kurt; Barbara Moesen, Marta; and Holly Horwitz, Gretta. Ron, Bar¬ bara, and Holly are all Junior High students. 44 THE REHEARSALS Clockwise From Above Left: Liesl listens intently to Maria’s advice. Maria awaits the Mother Abess’ blessing. Maria is overjoyed at her forth¬ coming marriage. Max introduces the Von Trapp Family singers. The nuns “lead” Mr. Johnson on. “Edelweiss, Edelweiss .” Mr. Johnson shows Liesl the “old soft shoe” technique. 45 THE SETS Top: The crew paints a setting. Above: Lisa Sidler and Laura Rosow “brush " up on their sweeping technique. Right: Assistant Director, Randee Or- lean and cast members watch the action. 46 Top Left: Maria charms the Von Trapp children. Top Right: The Baron and Baroness stick their noses in the air. Above Left: " So long, farewell. " Above Right: The captain prepares for Maria’s entrance. Left: The Von Trapp family at their best! 47 “AFS FEVER” This year’s annual AFS dance seemed dissapointing to all who participated. The length of the teachers’ strike, and lack of student body support hindered planning of the dance. Proceeds went to those students who will be going abroad on AFS during the summer or year. Top Left: Best of friends. Top Right: Bill Ehlers and Kathy Nolar winners of the dance contest. Bottom Left: A typical Friday wit the girls Bottom Right: C’mon girls, use those arms. Upper Left: Enthusiastic freshman. Upper Right: Couples pair off. Lower Left: Electric guitarist for the band Fortune. Lower Right: Kelly F. expresses her love for the Spectrum photographer. FROSH-SOPH BLEND WELL To meet new people and have a good time was the basic theme of this annu¬ al dance for freshmen and sopho¬ mores. This year’s mixer was spon¬ sored by the Sophomore Class Cabi¬ net. Fortune, the band who performed, was sponsored by S.A.B. Proceeds went to the Sophomore Class Cabinet for more events and fundraisers that they held throughout the year. 49 11 X-X-I ' W-X-X-X-lW X-X-X-X •v.v.vX X X X X«X X t " fr ' ■ ■!!!!!« m • : t . ' .. VARSITY GRIDDERS HOLD THEIR GROUND Above Top Row (l-r): Coach Richardson, R. Ra¬ mirez, A. Moltz, M. Christenson, J. Morgan, J. Coursey, M. Froemming. J. Ades, P. Wax, Coach Ostroski Row Three: Trainer J. Nelson, Coach Huff, P. Chin. N. Rock, B. Peterson. B. Kaplan. R. Braver, B. Froemming, M. Walsh, R. Asher. F. Fornaris, Mgr. B. Heinrich, Row Two: Mgr. D. Citterman, J. Sliwa, E. Hoffman, E. Kiesel. S. Moll, B. Fouty, P. Morton, A. Rubin, S. Milewski, E. Nitche, Mgr. D. Zucker. Row One: P. Shem- The 1979 Varsity Football Team, de¬ spite a switch into an extremely strong division, finished up with a remarkably good season. The defensive line was the pride of the Indian football squad. The unit was recognized as perhaps the strongest in the tough Central Sub¬ urban League North division. The de¬ fense limited its opponents to seven points a game for the first seven games. Season highlights included 26- 0 and 22-0 shutouts of Maine South and New Trier West. The most exciting game of the season was surprisingly a loss to state ranked Deerfield. This team of fighting Indians was one of the best teams West has had in the last few years. Team leaders included Ben Froemming, Al Moltz, Ron Asher, Jim Sliwa, Ron Braver, and Chris Lapak. roske, S. Okimara, J. Elliot, C. Lapak, B. Weil, J. Terzis, G. Haramaris, B. Bordenet. A. Glick, S. Libman. Above: Ben Froemming hands off to a fullback. Above Right: Jim Sliwa hits the hole for a long gainer Right: Eric Kiesel outruns the defense. 52 3p 1 h : ra w - Upper Left: The fighting Indians at the line of scrimmage. Upper Right: A successful team tackle for no gain. Above: An injured player receiving attention by team trainer Above Right: A two on one Indian crunch. Left: Quarterback Ben Froemming gets tackled by the opposing team. Right: Chris Lapak takes off. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL ABOVE: BOTTOM ROW: (I to r) P Katowsky, B. Bordenet, G. Searle, K. Liano, S. Imhoff, A. Levey, J. Perperas, B. Elliot, P. Shemroske. ROW 2 (I to r): D. Gekas, S. Park, C. Schwartz, K. Benja¬ min, T. Schluder, G. Udell, J. Spagnoli, M. Figur- elli, A. Kideys, Coach Nelson. ROW 3 (I to r) : Coach Camostro, B. Sandlow, K. Sail, D. Albach, J. Vick, J. Bailey, P. Bordeu, S. Ridley, B. Cedar- holm, K. Wheeler, Coach Kiesel. Due to the lack of team members, the Sophomore Football Team suffered a dismal season, Coach Nelson feels that many of his players will succeed on the J. V. level next season. Star players included Bruce Sandlow, Shawn Ridley, and Joe Spagnoli. ABOVE: Ken Soil finds an opening and gets away. ABOVE RIGHT: No names will be mentioned on this incomplete pass. RIGHT: A dejected player 54 FRESHMEN TEAMS GAIN EXPERIENCE Enthusiam and determination, plus a hard hitting defense, brought the freshman A Football Team back to the victory ranks this year. Some of the outstanding players included Joey Coursey, Mike Dahm, Lee Schaps, Fred Stokes and Peter Roggeman. Coach Bauer thinks that this team has a promising future. ABOVE: BOTTOM ROW (I to r): K. LeComte. L. Asher, M. Kaufman, M. Dahm, L. Schaps, J. Mansfield, Coach Tadelman. ROW 2 (I to r): D. Wilm, F. Stokes, B. Bravos, L. Loggarakis, G. Bez- korovainy, G. Bianchi. ROW 3 (I to r): C. Duchaj, B. Weinberg, S. Khosbin, J. Coursey, J. Dorfman, P. Roggeman, Coach Bauer. The Freshman B Team had a hard time putting all the teamwork to¬ gether. Coach Armour said that this team looks promising for future years. Outstanding players included Alex Mozner, Eric Frank, Chr is Gon¬ zales and Scott Herbal. ABOVE: BOTTOM ROW (I to r): E. Bourdeau. M Cohen, B. Albach, T. Lindemann, B. Hill, C. Gon¬ zales, E. Frank, S. Rowe. ROW 2 (I to r): D. Hennessy, D. Woodfield, P. Joseph, D. Rugendorf, N. Washawsky, J. Wilfong, R. Spagnoli, S. Herbold, R. McCarty. ROW 3 (I to r): Coach Erbe, R Kraft, A. Mozner, D. Kloser, D. Klemenz, K. Chesteo, A. Maliwang, N. Oyos, Coach Armour. 55 VARSITY GOES ALL OUT IN CONFERENCE Top Row (I to r): Heeyong Yang. Roger Wendt. Mike Schmidt, Larry Kolar, Coach Brennen, Coach Zorn, Scott Margolin, Coach Schnurr, Leo Moritz. Howard Snow, Errol Oztikin, Wil Clark. Middle Row: Dave Adkisson, John Revis, Steve Siegel, Joe Smolenski, Bob Strauss, Dan Nam- nick, Al Eriksson, Mark Schwartz, Mark Stern¬ berg, Bill Majewski, Bottom Row: Aaron Melnick, Rick Murgas. Mike Haupers, Ben Piro, John Lochner. Bernie Ebling, Dave Weindling, Marko Calderon, Tony Reinhardt. The 1979 Varsity Soccer Team had a fine season taking third place in the toughest conference in the state. The team compiled a 3-2-1 conference re¬ cord. This year’s team consisted of a number of seniors, juniors and sophomores, who after practicing together a few weeks, became a strong team both of¬ fensively and defensively. The solid de¬ fense was led by senior, co-captain and all-conference center fullback John Re- vis. All-conference players Steve Sie¬ gel, Ben Piro and Dave Adkisson led the powerful offence. Skilled senior players included co-captains Bill Majewski and Mark Schwartz and goalie Dan Nam- nick and Heeyong Yang. Next year coaches Zorn, Schnurr and Brennen look forward to a fantastic team consisting of several returning lettermen. Also looking forward to next year are Scott Margolin and Tony Ta- tooles. Both had to watch the action from the sidelines because each suf¬ fered from a broken leg. Hopes of achieving a conference championship or better are in the minds of these tal¬ ented players and coaches. Above: B. Piro tries out his karate on opponent. Above Right: J. Reevis exhibits his all-conference concentration. Right: S. Siegel deeks out an opponent. i Top Left: S. Siegel chips to the middle. Top Right: Wacko Adkisson out manuevers the opponent Above: H. Snow races to the ball. Above Right: W. Clark’s head awaits the ball. Left: J. Lochner.floats the ball down the field to his opponent’s surprise. Right: H Yang drops the opponent to his feet while T. Reinhardt stares in amazement. 57 SOPHS EXPERIENCE UNEXPECTED EXPERIENCE Top Row (I to r): Hemil Nanavair, Gus Kadota, John Tomeras. Rob Newman, Dean Hirike, Jor¬ dan Lamm, Mike Resnick, John Bradley Bottom Row: Todd Kasik, Mark Gross, Richard Abelkiss, Brett Schulte, Gregg Wittenburg. Not pictured: Roman Konsewich, Robby Rich and Mark Jacob¬ son. This year our team experienced the spectrum of life through athletics. We gathered together before school opened to learn that half of our team qualified for the Varsity which meant that there would not be a sophomore B team and those who expected to play on the B level would not be starting on the A team. This meant a year of unex¬ pected experience and we knew that it would be a tough year in which to win. We tied Loyola and St. Viators and de¬ feated Waukegan. When BAM! Schurz, New Trier East and Glenbrook took us to the cleaners, but we rebounded and defeated Holy Trinity. Along came New Trier West and Evanston who defeated us. Then came Maine South who was ranked 1 in the league. We held them scoreless, our morale rose and our next opponent, Niles East, fell beneath our advance 3-0. Glenbrook, who de¬ feated us early in the season, was stunned as we forced them against the wall, allowing only two goals to be scored. All the players left their mark equally on the playing fields of Niles West. For you see we started as individ¬ uals and left as a team. Coach Burkel Above: Alex Engels nudges his way through blocking oppo¬ nents. Above right: Van Stamos tries jogging backwards for a change. Right: Keith Irato bionically runs down the field while Jim Nadder watches in awe. 58 FROSH LOOK PAST INDIVIDUALITY Top Row (I to r): Coach Porter, Mike Wilson, Bill Kruzel, Jeff Deer, Neil Lieder, Brad Joselit, Van Stamos, Steve Majewski, Blank, Joel Fink, Jae Chang, Efrem Silensky, Mike Ober- lander Middle Row: John DeGroot. Mike Bender, Steve Korol, John Murray, Mike Ir- pino, Marc Lipkin, Steve Miller, Steve Ubrig, Steve Stratton, Elliott Kravetz. Bottom Row: Jeff Gilbert, Gregg Ponitch, Ken Justesen. Alex Engels, Danny Freedman, Gary Golden- berg, Jim Nadder. Jeff Nimz. Not Pictured: Rich Selz, Keith Irato. Above: Goalie Gary Goldenberg prepares for the worst. Above Left: Mike Oberlander shows his opponent who is boss. Left Rich Selz dances his way down the field. The Freshman A and B Soccer Teams included many boys who had never played soccer before. All of these play¬ ers improved their game tremendous¬ ly. By the end of the season they began to jell as a team and not strive for indi¬ vidual accomplishments. The A team’s record was 2-8-1. Coach Porter felt that these boys were much better than that record indicates. The co-captains of the A team were Van Stamos and Steve Stratton. Some outstanding of¬ fensive players were Mike Oberlander, Mike Wilson, and Steve Ubrig. Some outstanding defensive players were Steve Majewski, Jae Chang, Alex Eng¬ els, and Joel Fink. They all worked very hard and a better record is expected from them next year. 59 NETTERS STATE THEIR FEELINGS Top Row (I to r): Sharon Cooper. Betsy Kraft. Debbie Rich. Judy Banathy, Renee Sprogis, Bar¬ bara Parks. Margie Kong. Coach Krone Bottom Row: Jill Mishkin. Tammi Pales. Diane Goldstick, Chris Conton, Edie Goldstein. The Girls Varsity Tennis Team had a good season in 1979. After losses to tough teams from New Trier, Arlington Heights, and Deerfield, the team won its last five matches of the year to fin¬ ish 5-4 overall and 4-2 in conference. Leading the team were all-conference singles player Margie Kong and Captain Sharon Cooper, whose 8-2 record for the season was best on the team. In district competition, Kong won fourth place and Cooper teamed up with fel¬ low senior Jill Mishkin to win third in doubles. All three players qualified for the state tournament, where Cooper and Mishkin’s 13th place finish and Kong’s fine play placed Niles West among the top twenty teams in the state. First year coach Dean Krone working with the team and is looking forward to next year. Above: Sharon Cooper deep in the shadows of intense con¬ centration. Above Right: Edie Goldstein showing a little leg. Right: Renee Sprogis doing the twist. J.V. SHOWS PROMISE Top Row (I to r): Melinda Bailey, Vicki Pappas, Bottom Row: Debbie Havdala, Debbie Laser. Lisa Shapiro, Carol Clarke, Michelle Gorchow, Anita Shapiro, Becky Weinstein, Helene He- Judy Koehler, Mary Clarke, Coach Schultz. man, Jamie Berg. The Girls’ Junior Varsity Tennis Team, headed by Coach Bobbie Schultz, had an enthusiastic year. Freshmen Michelle Gorchow and Debbie Laser led the team with their exceptional singles playing. The first rated doubles team, consisting of senior Melinda Bailey and Judy Koehler, a junior, helped the team tremendously with their superb playing. The team, according to the coach, was composed of hard-work¬ ing and super players, who were de¬ voted and willing to strive for their best performance. The season re¬ cord of 3-6 did not reflect the talent and ability possessed by this great team. It was a growing season, giv¬ ing the players a chance to pro¬ gress. They were strong players, who made it through a difficult and rough season, due to the switch in conferences. Some outstanding players were Becky Weinstein, Lisa Shapiro, Debbie Havdala, Vicki Pap¬ pas, Mary Clarke, Carol Clarke, He¬ lene Heman, Anita Shapiro, Jamie Berg. 61 VARSITY RACES THROUGH SEASON Above Top Row: Coach Savage, G. Simon, M. McCormick Bottom Row: S. Rosenbloom, G. Bri- lando, J. Quinn. The Niles West Varsity Cross Country team had another successful season with a winning record of seven wins and five losses. The highlight of the season was winning fourth place out of the 43 teams at the Indian Invitational hosted by Niles West. Leading the run¬ ning Indians were S. Rosenbloom, J. Quinn, G. Simon, S. Mersch, and R. Be- dony. Juniors included D. Zeller, M. McCormick, and S. Muth. Rosenbloom earned CSL All Conference Honors. Above: And the race is on. Above Right: Niles West runners take the lead. Right: J. Quinn races in for a great finish and a great time. LACK OF EXPERIENCE CRAMPS SOPHOMORES Above: M. Lee happily stretches before the meet. Above Left: K. McAllister clenches his fists to keep warm. Left: Waiting anxiously for the race to start. Above Top Row (L to R): Coach Savage, B. Claver, G. Klein, S. Vaughan, K. McAllister. Bottom Row: N. Larsson, M. Filipini, N. Oyos, M. Lee. J. Zeff The Frosh Soph Cross Country Team did not have a very good sea¬ son, due to lack of experience and very few Sophomores on the team. The Freshmen had a record of three wins and five losses, but they did come in seventh place at the Indian Invitational. The Sophomores had a record of four wins and six losses. Most of the losses were due to for¬ feits because of lack of runners. The Sophomore team lead by M. Lee came in fourth place at the Indian Invitational. The outstanding team members were N. Larsson, 0. Hintz, and S. Vaughan. Coach Campbell said that the team did show poten¬ tial but lacked experience. 63 SPIKERS ATTITUDE PREVAILS Top Row (I to r): Stacy Maslov, Donna Trippichio, Pam Hintz, Holly Anderson, Betty Steilow, Becky Schnell, Marsha Robin, Coach Beeftink. Bottom Row: Robin Young, Erin Gallagher, Karen LeHew, Sharon Murphy. The Girls’ Volleyball Team had a very challenging season. A switch in confer¬ ence made the competition more diffi¬ cult. However, Coach John Beeftink was pleased with the team’s perfor¬ mance, noting that the girls always gave their best and had a great atti¬ tude. The overall record was not indic¬ ative of the talent possessed by this enthusiastic team. This was a rebuild¬ ing season with only three returning players. They were Pam Hintz, Marsha Robin and Betty Steilow, of which the first two were co-captains. Aiding the team, with their outstanding and dili- gent work, were third year managers Above: LeHew and Anderson notice that the sky js falljng otacy MaslOV and Sharon Murphy. Above Right: Becky Schnell serves a winner. Right: Lee Pa- Some outstanding players were Donna panek shows expertise in spiking. Treppichio, Holly Anderson, Becky Schnell, Robin Young, Erin Gallagher and Karen LeHew. Coach Beeftink is looking forward to a more promising record next year. This year’s hard working players were rewarded by their improvement from game to game. JV TONE SKILLS Working on teamwork and indivdual skills were the main objectives of the Girls’ Junior Varsity Volleyball team. Coach Terry Kimura was very happy with the team’s performance, claiming that the girls showed remarkable im¬ provement with each game. Some out¬ standing players were Lois Mayer, a freshman moved up to Junior Varsity and sophomore Anne Steurmer. Co¬ captains Heidi Jassewein and Kate Jer- ney were also an important part of the team. They helped the team work smoothly and together. Managers Stacy Maslov and Sharon Murphy were very devoted to the progression of the team. This year’s Freshman Volleyball Team devoted much of the time to giving these strong, new athletes more experience. They also were taught the fundamental skills need¬ ed to be a good volleyball player. The team, according to Coach So- pocy was an enthusiastic and coop¬ erative group that worked very hard. A fantastic improvement was seen with each game. Some outstanding players were Karen Tenzillo and Jeri Beopple. This was a growing season where each player benefited. Top Row (I to r): Coach Kimura. Hiedi Jessewein, Michaelyn Jarosz, Lois Mayer, Lory Roller. Anne Stuermer. Chris Herkert, Jean Reljac. Bottom Row: Stacy Maslov, Lynette Fair, Lisa Tomleoni, Lee Papanek, Mary Ann Kenmotsu, Kate Jerney, Sharon Murphy. Top Row (I to r): Coach Sopocy, Rosie Miller, Kathy Hehn, Carol Swenson, Kathy Chadwich, Mariom Snyder, Jeri Beopple, Jacky Hoffman, Kathy Tenzillo. Bottom Row: Laurie Coconato, Julie Mamett, Jenny Monier, Phyliss Milewski, Beth Bonkoske, Karen Tenzillo. 65 VARSITY GOLFERS GET CLUBBED Back Row L to R: Jordan Dolin, Rob Chapman, Don Pieper, Jeff Floom, Coach Filliman Front Row L to R: Bruce Hacktman, Jeff Horwitz, Steve Tobin, John Malkin. The 1979 Varisty Golf Team had a very disappointing season. The team’s re¬ cord was two wins versus eight de¬ feats. Don Pieper finished eleventh in conference and seventh in districts. This seventh place finish was good enough for him to become the first golfer in six years from Niles West to qualify for sectionals. Other outstand¬ ing golfers were; Steve Tobin, and Rob Chapman. Above: Golfers prepare to start the driving competition. Above Right: Jordan Dolin takes the early lead with this shot. Right: John Malkin demonstrates his power drive. 66 J.V. GOLFERS IMPROVE SLIGHTLY BACK ROW L to R: Dennis Urow, Steve Greene, Burt Klien, Gary Benjoya, Jeff Bergman, Neil Waga, Coach Earl. FRONT ROW L to R: Alan Cit- terman, Mike Jefferson, Toby Meising, Mike Platt, Rob Morton, Mark Jacobs, Tom Weiss. ABOVE LEFT: Jeff Horwitz falls inches short with this shot ABOVE: Steve Tobin wins the competition by hitting the ball without a club. LEFT: Bruce Hecktman makes a final run at the leaders. The 1979 Frosh-Soph Golf Team was headed by Coach Earl. The team played 12 matches and won 4, dou¬ bling their last years total and finishing 5th in conference. Leading golfer s were Neil Waga and Alan Citterman. 67 VARSITY RECORD SETTERS ABOVE TOP ROW L TO R: Coach Axon, Shirley Daniels, Caroline Reinhardt, Denise Mahan, Chrissy Darville, Renee Hogg, Chris Reichsetter, Cindy Jochem, Coach Davis; MIDDLE ROW L TO R: Bryna Kane, Kim Jochem, Sue Klemm, Rhonda Jackson, Maria Koclanis, Caryn Barring¬ ton, Erin Sweeney; BOTTOM ROW L TO R: Sabine Plonus, Sandy Lipezker, Arleen Milbrandt, and Karen Shea. Although their record did not reflect it, the Niles West Varsity Swim Team had a very successful year. The team set five new school records. Sandy Li¬ pezker set records in the 200 yard freestyle, and 100 yard butterfly. Sa¬ bine Plonus set the record 50 yard freestyle record, and Cindy Jochem set the new 100 yard backstroke re¬ cord. Cindy Jochem along with Arleen Milbrant, Sandy Lipezker, and Sabine Plonus set the 200 yard medley re¬ cord. Varsity team members were; Caryn Barrington, Shirley Daniel, Chris Darville, Co-Captain Renee Hogg, Rhonda Jackson, Cindy Jochem, Bryna Kane, Sue Klemm. Co-Captain Maria ABOVE: The Masked Bandit making her escape ABOVE Koclanis, Sandy Lipezker, Denise Ma- RIGHT: Julie Martini tags up. RIGHT: Georgette Bartholomew han, Arleen Milbrant, Sabine Plonus, takes a break from a hard day; by blowing bubbles. Chris Reichstetter, Caroline Reinhardt, Karen Shea, and Erin Sweeney. Coaches were Mrs. Axon and Mr. Da¬ vis. J.V. MAKES A SPLASH Top Row L to R: Terry Cregar, Sharon Mahan, Cindy Puetz, Amy Nutting, Paula Miller, Ann Hel- lestrae, Randi Warshawsky, Robyn Lobert, Coach Davis. Bottom Row L to R: Jenny Cohen, Georgette Bartholomew, Julie Martini, Micheele Jaskolka, Dina Levin, Lea Marinakis, Andrea Cat- tern. The 1979 Junior Varsity Girls Swim Team coached by Mrs. Axon and Mr. Davis had a better than .500 season. Highlights of this years team included victories over arch rivals Niles North and Niles East, along with other confer¬ ence victories over Maine East and North. Team members were; Geor¬ gette Bartholomew, Andrea Cattern, Jenny Cohen, Teri Cregar, Betsy Ger- stein, Ann Hellestrae, Michelle Jas¬ kolka, Julie Martini, Lea Marinakis, Paula Miller, Amy Nutting, Cindy Puetz, Randi Warshawsky, and Elizabeth Trav¬ is. 69 VARSITY TEAM TOUGH Martin, Don Pieper, Bill Hienrich. Top row: Kalis, Marty Gerold, Gary Plotnick, John Mayer, Coach Murphy, Rick Schmidt, Bob Fouty, Don Steve Coward. Coach Field. Bottom row: Ted Odyniec, Sander Crum, Mid¬ dle row: Rick Rosenquist, Steve Rivkin, Joe Morgan, Scott Strongin, Morgan Cuff, Dave The 1979-80 Boys Varsity Basketball Team had their most successful sea¬ son since the appointment of Robert Murphy as head coach in 1977. Coach Murphy attributed the team’s success to an innovative and unrestricting mo¬ tion offense and a tenacious full court press. Aided by aggressive quickness and unyielding determination, the Indi¬ an ball club often rallied from near de¬ feat to victory. Although the West squad lacked height, they always dis¬ played maturity, maintaining their poise in apparently hopeless situations. Led by three year veteran Morgan Cuff, and play-making guard Scott Strongin, the Indian’s fast break was highly effec¬ tive. While Steve Rivkin, Joey Morgan, and Dave Martin supplied the team with their rebound strength under¬ neath the boards, Don Pieper was con¬ sistently accurate from the field. J i Above: Morgan Cuff displays the sweat and hard work needed to make a winning team. Above right: Scott Strongin takes the ball down court en-route to a West victory. Right: Steve Rivkin passes off. J.V. TEAM PLAYS FINE BALL Left to Right: Coach Field, Ted Odyniec, Avi Berkley, Howard Lipkin, John Carrol, Dave Welter, Dave Koch, Rob Chapman, Bill Hienrich. Above: Indian Team psyches up before a big game. Above right: Morgan Cuff takes a jump shot. Left: Dave Martin demonstrates his intense concentration. Right: Don Pieper drives for a layup. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SHINES Bottom row: Bob Strauss, Dave Stein, Neil Rivkin, Ken Soli, Mitch Stern, Dan Sugar, Sean son, Greg Aronson, Mike Rudants Wada, Jack Cohen, Tom Schultz, Gregg Searl. Ridley, Top row: Roman Konsevecic, Mike Middle row: Coach Klebba, Rick Binder, Tom Grunfeld, Chris Zamar, Mark Witt, Glen John- Emphasizing a fast break offense and aggressive full court defense, the 1979-80 Sophomore Boys Bas¬ ketball Team produced a superb winning r ecord. The season did not produce any one outstanding player, rather the success of Coach Kleb- ba’s well-conditioned squad was at¬ tributed to the team’s overall excel¬ lence as a unit. Starting sophomores were Jack Cohen, Mitch Stern, Mark Witt, Sean Ridley and Mike Grun- field. Above: Dave Stein drives down the lane for a layup. Above right: Mike Grunfeld demonstrates his dominating form. Right: Sean Ridley pump-fakes for a foul. 72 FRESHMEN TEAMS IMPROVE SKILLS Above Freshmen " A " Team; Top row (l-r): Lee Schaps, Glenn Bianchi, Joe Coursey, Greg Bez- korovany, Greg Engelhardt, Mike Dahm, Coach Minor. Bottom row: Larry Asher, Brad Joselit, Steve Majewski, Bob Batchen, Dave Kloser, Bob Reichart, Ken LeComte. The 1979-80 freshmen boys basketball teams coached by Larry Minor and Joe Brennan, served to improve the boys’ raw talent, refining and polishing the skills with which they entered high school. Although both the “A” and “B” teams finished the season with losing records, coaches Minor and Brennan felt that the season was a “learning experience” for all. The teams empha¬ sized set offenses and experimented with different zone defenses through¬ out the year. Frosh stars were Greg Engelhardt and Lee Schaps. Below Freshmen “B” Team; Top row (l-r): Mgr. David Zucker, Glen Guttman, Alan Smith, Jay Chang, Tim Linderman, Darrel Gold, Nathanial Gyos, Coach Brennan, Mgr. David Kapalanski. Bottom row: Darrel Gold, Van Stamos, Eric Frank, Joel Fink, and Steve Ma¬ jewski. 73 VARSITY WINNING AGAIN Top row (l-r): Judy Banathy, Pam Hintz, Michelle Bergulnd, Coach Earl, jak, Backy Schnell, Tina Conti, Barb Atsaves, Jill Beopple, Donna Trippi- Holly Anderson, Lynn Carlson, Karen Kaufman. Bottom row: Peggy Rel- chio. The 1979-80 Niles West Girls Varsity Basketball Team, coming off their state championship in 1978-79 was not a dissappointment but rather a pleasure as they played well all season, losing but one game in the early going. Coach Gene Earls’ “Earls Girls,’’ combined good shooting, sharp passing, and a su¬ perb defense in compiling their wins. Led by team captain Barb Atsaves, the girls drove toward the state tourny all season. Other team leaders were, Sen¬ iors Tina Conti, and Pam Hintz, Junior Holly Anderson, and sophomore Becky Schnell. Above: Indian players scramble for a rebound. Above right: Tina Conti drives for a layup as Holly Anderson and Barb Atsaves look on. Right: An upset coach heads to the locker room. Top left: Becky Schnell looks to Barb Atsaves for help. Top right: Tina Conti about to pass. Above: Holly Anderson boxes out. Above right: An Indian and an opponent scramble for the ball. Left: Becky Schnell dribbles over the time line. Right: Judy Banathy fights for a rebound. f r a J.V. PLAYERS MATURE Top row (l-r): Lori Roller, Julie Shurson, Rose Goeppert, Mary Klancnik, Gates, Patti Quist, Anne Stuermer, Tina Terpinas, Donna Gabel, Jean Nancy Martorano, Jenny Weiss, Coach Kay Sopocy. Bottom row: Mary Reljak, Donna Anderson. Coached by Ms. Kay Sopocy the girls junior varsity basketball team achieved a great deal of success. It is here on the J.V. level where the girls are groomed for play on the varsity team, and if this year’s squad is any indication of Niles West Basketball, the Indians should re¬ main a powerhouse for years to come. Team leaders included Jean Reljack, Nancy Martorano, and Rose Goeppert, all of whom contributed to the teams winning record. Above: Donna Anderson pulls down a rebound. Above right: Jean Reljak dishes off. Right: Tina Terpinas draws a foul while taking a jump shot. 76 FROSH GIRLS FOLLOW FOOTSTEPS STANDING L-R: Jeri Boepple, Lois Mayer, Laura Rockel, Patty O’Boyle, Hartzen, Karen Tenzillo, and Buffy Bonkoske. NOT PICTURED: Cindy and Lisa Shapiro. KNEELING: Jacky Hoffman, Becky Weinstein, Gayle Atsaves, Karen Nolen, Barri Caplan, and coach Donna Mueller. The freshman girls basketball team emphasized speed and accuracy throughout a successful 79-80 season. Led by coach Donna Mueller, the girls practiced together every day, improv¬ ing their court skills. Team captains Lisa Shapiro and Cindy Atsaves pro¬ moted spirit at each game. Working as a team, the freshmen continued the West tradition of excellence on the bas¬ ketball court. TOP LEFT: Cindy Atsaves steals the ball. ABOVE: JUMP! LEFT: Lois Mayer assists team mate. 77 VARSITY LACK EXPERIENCE TOP ROW L-R: Coach Richardson, Paul Rooth, Mike Figurelli, Dave Rubenstein, Jerry Coursey, Tim Schluter, Gus Haramarras, Dino Varnavas, Steve Milewski, Mike McMillen, George Milios, Craig Turton, Coach Huff, Coach Nelson. SEC¬ OND ROW L-R: Chris Wheeler, Brian Murphy, Mike Resnick, Jack Havdalah, Gary Speizman, Lacking experience, Coach Bill Ri¬ chardson’s Varsity Wrestling Team im¬ proved greatly throughout the season with the teams strongest perfor¬ mances coming in the last meets. With only four seniors on the team, more than half of the Indians starting lineup was underclass. The season was clear¬ ly highlighted through the numerous victories of co-captain Pat Shemroske. The return of co-captain Chris Wheeler also helped to brighten a rather dismal season. Other seniors; Mark Chao and Gary Rose aided the squad with both skills and experience. With seven re¬ turning starters, and the close of Niles East, next year’s Varsity Wrestling Team could be a Suburban League power. Mark Chao, Ayhan Kideys, Stuart Cohen, Earl Goldberg. THIRD ROW L-R: Bob Kilkenny, Tod Kasik, Rob Bailey, Paul Shemroske, Gary Rose, Kevin Kessler, Chris Flommer. LAST ROW L-R: Shannon McLean, Sharon Christensen, Laura Gaughrin, Jewel Desmond. JUNIOR VARSITY TRY HARD Top left: Tim Palenske gets set for a takedown. Top right: Oblivious to the match next to him, Tim Schulter retains control of his opponent. Above: Readyyy Wrestle. Above right: An Indian grappler takes down his opponent before a spec¬ trum photographer. Left: Jerry Coursey butts heads. Right: Before an audience of his teammates, a varsity Wrestler re¬ verses a foe. TO FUTURE SOPH LOOK Top left: A West wrestler controls an opponent. Top right: Indian Jack Havdalah in command. Right: Jeff Spiesman whips his foe to the mat. Below right: Wrestling can be a mass of arms, legs, and bodies. Below: Gary Rose gets ready to shoot. Below left: “Hon¬ est, I didn’t do it.” Left: Senior Co-captain Pat Shemroske. FRESHMEN LEARN BASICS STANDING L-R Coach Porter Bill Decker, Alex Mozner, Rae Chao, Carl Mark Cohen, Mike Stern, Dino Miliotis, Armin Babarian, Steve Robinson, Ducha, Shain Koshmen, Efrem Silensky, Scott Herbold. KNEELING L-R: Alan Citlerman, Bill Bravos, Fred Stokes. The 1979-80 freshmen wrestling team, despite a losing record, gained exper¬ ience that will be put to use in the years to come. Under the expert tutelage of coach Robert Porter the freshmen grapplers learned the basics of the sport, a foundation that they can build on during their remaining years at West. Lightweight Bill Bravos was one freshman who showed exceptional promise. Above: Coach Porter instructs Alan Citterman as he takes control. Above left: Freshmen wrestlers await the whistle. Left: Mike Stern shows his form. 81 VARSITY GYMNASTS UNDEFEATED FRONT ROW L-R: Coach John Burkel. Chris Coach Judi Sloan. BACK ROW: Nancy Buffo. Grear, Joanne Oppenheim, Manager Laura Conton, Jodi Trietler, Sue Friedlander, Janice Manager Mary Pearson, Margret Luncsford, Al- Friedlander. Ross, Gail Piper, Marie Helgeson, Assistant lyson Pollack, Captain Donna Zoros, Janice Super, fun, determined, and disciplined are just a few of the adjectives suitable for describing this years Varsity Gym¬ nastic Team. Season highlights were Janice Grear’s 8.8 score on the une¬ vens, Captain Donna Zoros’ new floor routine, Jodi Treitler’s vault at the Glenbrook South Invite, Sue Fried- lander’s 1 V 2 twist vault and Margret Luncsford’s 9.15 winning vault at Na¬ perville. Unforgettable moments in¬ clude: Nancy Buffos’ and Janice Ross’ great routines at the Niles West Invite, Allyson Pollack’s difficult unevens rou¬ tines, Chris Conton’s front somi, and the unrelenting drive of Gail Piper, Ma¬ rie Helgeson, and Joanne Oppenheim. Marla Lampert’s choregraphic exper¬ tise and the endless hours of work by Judy Miller, along with managers Mary Pearson, Laura Friedlander, and Sher¬ ry Gotomelsky were all greatly appreci¬ ated. The Varsity team went undefeat¬ ed, feeling its rightful place among the best athletic teams Niles West has ever had. Head coach John Burkel and as¬ sistant Judi Sloan cherished every mo¬ ment. TOP LEFT: Sue Friedlander works on bars. TOP RIGHT: Janice Ross practices on the balance beam. ABOVE: Allyson Pollack does a back seat circle on the unevens. RIGHT: Jodi Trietler poses on the balance beam. J.V. PREPARE FOR FUTURE Above: Lee Papanek on the unevens. TOP ROW L-R: Julie Disselhorst, Lee Papanak, Beth Todd, Julie Mammet. Above: Julie Disselhorst lands MIDDLE ROW: Coach Armour, Karen Wittenberg, Lisa DeCook, Sheryl Bar- after a vault, asch. BOTTOM ROW: Monica Christmann, Debbie Rose. To borrow a line from a Frank Sinatra song, “it was a good year”. This line effectivly summarizes the Niles West J.V. Gymnastics team. The J.V. team, led by Sophomore Lee Papanak and Freshman Sheryl Barasch, recorded an over .500 season of 5 wins and 4 losses for the 1979-80 season. Coach Jean Armour was extremely proud of her squads determination throughout the year. 83 BOWLING T® P R P W . L ' R: Lisa Singer Carol Hedberg, Karen Venson, Linda Kerz, Pam Sloma, Jamie Turchen, Coach Sue Hoffman. BOTTOM ROW: Veronica Milewski, Lynn Schildgen, Sue Hughes, Dale Larson, Karen Hedberg. The fact that a team can have few wins, and yet remain successful was proven by the Niles West bowling team. Although the squad had a disappointing season, the girls improved their scores, and had a good time. Coached by Sue Hoffman the team worked out every day at Oakton Bowl, where team captain Carol Hedberg polished her brilliant form. Top left: Coach Hoffman gives Karen Venson some advice. Top right: Lisa Singer poses for Spectrum. Above: Action in bowling. Right: Captain Carol Hedberg shows her form. Top left: Lynn Schildgen recieves advice from Coach Hoffman. Top right: Pam Sloma keeps score. Right: Veronica Milewski is unhappy with her shot. Bottom right: An exilerated Milewski picks up the spare. Bottom left: Linda Kerz demonstrates her form. Left: Sue Hughes has no excuse for her poor shot. 85 VARSITY SWIMMERS SUPER TOP ROW L-R: Coach Ray Carr, Manager Bryna Duda, Co-captain Art Milbrandt, Coach Mark cobs, Bill Daehler, Andy Benbow. Not Pictured: Kane, Coach Gary Davis, Brian Horan, Pat Recker. Bottom Row: David Walner, Mark Ja- Co-captain Mike Sacks, Len Travis, Jim Krozel. Duda, Barry Malkin, Kris McNichols, Chris The 1979-80 Boys Varsity Swim Team realized the most successful season a West varsity swim team had exper¬ ienced in years, with a dual meet re¬ cord of 5 wins and 8 losses. Coach Mark Reckers tankers accomplished this feat with convincing victories over Quigley North, Niles North, Niles East, Taft and Maine North. Three-fourths of the way through the season, the squad lost the services of Junior co-captain Art Milbrandt due to a knee injury. Strong swimmers for the Indians all season were: Seniors, Mike Sacks, Len Travis, Barry Malkin, as well as Junior Steve Kueller, and Sophomore Jim Krozel. Coached by Gary Davis, Senior diver Brian Horan also contributed greatly to the teams success. ' I Top left: B. Malkin swims the Butterfly. Top right: B. Horan about to enter the water on a back dive. Above: A. Benbow swims freestyle. Right: K. McNichols makes the ugliest face he possibly can. b » m FROSH TEAM ACCUMULATES WINS TOP ROW L-R: Mgr. Bryna Kane, Coach Ray Carr, Al Limpin, Mark Fallaroni, Tom Labelle, Hans Edelfeins, Rick Kraft, Neil Lieder, Rich Simon, Coach Gary Davis, BOTTOM ROW: Scott Schanz, David Turner, Alex Ingles, Andy Benbow, Bill Kruzel. NOT PICTURED: Jim Suess, Ken Sacks, David Farkas. The Boys Freshmen Swim Team had the most succesfull season of any swim squad in years. Winning their first five meets before experiencing a loss, the tankers final record was 6 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. Coach Carr felt that the Indians success was directly relat¬ ed to the work they put. Had the squad seen a bigger turnout they could have been even beter. Star swimmers were Jim Suess, Andy Benbow, Mark Fallar¬ oni, and Al Limpin. TOP LEFT: Bill Kruzel swims the last leg of an agonizing wor¬ kout. TOP RIGHT: Scott Schanz walks on water. LEFT: Kraft leaves the block. ABOVE: Coach Carr lectures on technique. BOYS TRACK Top row I. to r.: Coach Munson, Coach Nelson, John Quinn, Gregg Schneider, Gregg Simon, Howard Frazin, Steve Mersch, Coach Campbell, For the third consecutive year Coach Pat Savage has guided the Indian Track athletes to a winning season. The team was led by All-State Shot Putter Bruce Weil and by Steve Rosenblum who ran the fastest two-mile and one-mile in the history of Niles West. The team was blessed by hard working athletes and excellent coaching. The team was coached by Jeff Nelson, Al Lucas, Bruce Munson and Pat Savage. This past year has brought a great deal of excitement to Niles West track fans. The Indians not only won quite a few more dual meets than they lost, but they finished high in every big invita¬ tional meet that they entered. The Big Red Running Machine was a contender for the Indoor and Outdoor Conference Championship crowns and with a little luck could have called themselves Con¬ ference Champions. Coach Lucas, Coach Savage. Middle row I. to r.: Bottom row I. to r. Glenn Garfinkel, Mark McCor- Arthur Gunther, Mike Lippe, Steve Rosenblum, mick, Kai Abelkiss, Victor Wu. Eric Borin, Steve Siegel, Bruce Weil, Scott Evans. Left: Glenn Garfinkel prepares for the downhill? Above: On your mark, get set, go! Right: Runner surveys makeshift track. 88 BOYS TRACK Steve Moll and Morgan Cuff race through the halls. The loneliness of the long-distance runner .. 89 BOYS GYMNASTICS Top row I. to r.: Pete Masterton, Rod Goodman, Tony Tatooles, Bob Todd, Bob Braje, Paul Fish- bein, John Erickson, Rich Duese, and Coach John Armour. Middle row I. to r.: Stephen Pang, Scott Thomason, Joe Krozel, and Ron Taible. Bottom row: Steven Colen. The individuals on this year’s gymnas¬ tics team showed a lot of improvement over their performances from last year. The team’s success was mainly attributed to the fine group of return¬ ing seniors with the strong support of the juniors — last year’s sophomore conference champions. The two strong events were floor exercise led by junior Scott Thomason and still rings, led by junior Paul Fishbein. High scores during the season were attained by Joe Krozel on the pommel horse and by Paul Fish¬ bein. All-arounders Bob Todd and Scott Thomason brought in the majority of points with each working six events in every meet. Good performances were also turned in by seniors Ron Taibl and Paul Prinz on still rings, Rod Goodman on hi bar, Pete Masterton on free exer¬ cise, John Protchotsky in long horse vaulting, and Ken Klein on parallel bars. i r 3 Left: Bob Todd does an interesting variation of the can-can. Above: Barb Braje’s brother, Bob, balances beautifully. Above right: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ... Ron Taibl. Right: Junior Tony Tatooles practices his high bar routine. 90 Rod Goodman shoots it up. Stephan Pang practices on the parallel bars. Left: Scott Thomason dismounts off the high bar. Above left: Rich Duese hanging out. Above: Ride ’em cowboy! Above right: Junior Bob Braje works out on the pommel horse. Right: Gymnasts prepare for their routines. 91 VARSITY BATS A SUCCESS Top Row (I to r) Coach Murphy, Phil Wax, Bob Peterson, Joey Morgan, Howard Stoleberg, Dan Namnick, Coach Schnurr. Middle Row (I to r) The 1980 Indian baseball team ended a temendous year. Coach Billy Schnurr’s team was strong in every department; hitting, pitching, defense, base running and saviorfaire. Each player was su¬ premely confident in himself and equal¬ ly confident in his teammates. The team was a smart, alert unit that read¬ ily capitalized on opponents’ mistakes or weaknesses, but rarely gave the oth¬ er team similar opportunities. They were as a team of destiny, born to win because they would not permit them¬ selves to be beaten. Captain Ben Froemming was clearly the outstanding performer among an unusually large galaxy of stars. He led the team in virtually every offensive category, including runs scored, runs batted in, extra base hits, home runs, total bases and slugging percentage. Defensively he anchored the team with his stellar play at the vital catching po¬ sition where his great throwing arm and steady handling of pitchers were instrumental in stopping each oppo¬ nent. This talented athlete could have been a standout at any position on the field. Ben was certainly one of the fin¬ est high school baseball players in the ♦ate of Illinois. Joey Morgan, Bob Peterson and Gary Schnurr were the mainstays of a su¬ perb pitching starr. One of the three started every important game (fre¬ quently going the distance) and each was used in relief in key situations. This Mike Froemming, Eric Kiesal, Leo Moritz, Brett Wilson, Gary Schnurr, Steve Sanders. Bottom trio had a combined earned run aver¬ age of a sparkling 1.53. Steve Morgan, Ben Froemming, Phil Wax and Leo Mor¬ itz also pitched well in limited appear¬ ances. Jim Elliot led the team in hitting with a robust .455 average. Steve Weiss, Froemming, Wax and Moritz were all between .340 and .450. Eric Kiesal and Mark Schwartz combined with Weiss, Moritz and the Froemming brothers to provide speed and excitement on the base paths. Elliot, J. Morgan, Wax and others, though not as quick, also ran the bases well. The defense, though shaky on occa¬ sion, early became one of the strengths of the team as the season progressed. Kiesal, Weiss and Moritz, with occasional help from Mike Froem¬ ming or Steve Sanders, gave the Indi¬ ans a swift, strong armed, generally sure-handed outfield that was a tre¬ mendous comfort to the pitching staff. Schwartz, Elliot and Wax with M. Froemming and Don Kalas aiding J. Morgan and Peterson playing first base worked very hard to improve their in¬ field play. Their progress was astound¬ ing. Each of them was playing with un¬ usual aplomb by midseason. Brett Wil¬ son and Dan Namnick, a pair of catch¬ er-outfielders, and first baseman How¬ ard Stoleberg were among others who made important contributions to the great season. Right: Bob Peterson winds up for the big throw. Row (I to r) Mark Schwartz, Ben Froemming, Jim Elliot, Steve Weiss, Steve Morgan. 92 Clockwise from upper left: A Quick game of hot potato. Swimming on the gym floor? Howard Stoleberg throws his ear. Who is that mitted man? Steve Weiss patiently waits for the ball. Above: Mighty windy inside, isn’t it Bob? Right: Player peers persistently. Above: Ready or not here comes the ball. Right: Howard Stoleberg in position to catch the ball. Top Row (I to r) Coach Murphy, Howard Cohan, Bruce Privatsky, Steve Golds, Mike Vishny, Arthur Hoffman. Bottom Row (I to r) Lyle Berkson, J l ■■ ■ i l ■ » JUI Howard Snow, Steve Bychowsky, Bob Heelan, Gary Speizman, Dave Shi- manovsky, Steve Sanders. 95 GIRLS SOFTBALL The Girls Varsity Softball team ap¬ proached this years competition having won the Central Suburban League Championship for the past four years and boasting a 33-2 re¬ cord over the last two. This years team competed in the tougher Cen¬ tral Suburban League North Divi¬ sion, but with returning varsity play¬ ers Erin Gallagher, Laurie Vick, Bar¬ bara Atsaves, Marsha Robin, Robin Young, Jill Beopple, Donna Tripic- chio, and Becky Schnell the squad fared well. Top left: Barb Atsaves about to pick up a ground ball. Top right: Jill Boepple takes a cut. Above: Erin Gallagher follows through for a strike Above right: Becky Schnell stretches to make the catch. Right: Laurie Vick displays her form. Left: An Indian outfielder readies for the catch. 96 Top left: Donna Tripicchio displays her game winning batting stance. Top right: Erin Gallagher pitches a strike. Above: Team members gather around coach Her¬ rin to learn their signals. Right: Barb At- saves gets ready for the pitch. 97 BOYS TENNIS The 1980 Varsity netters were one of the strongest tennis squads Niles West has shown for years. The team competed valiantly in the strongest conference in the state. Leading the team were fourth year Varsity seniors Ross Laser and Steve Lirtzman in singles. Both completed their final season with the winning style they maintained throughout their Niles West tennis careers. Rounding out the team was singles player Rob Chap¬ man, who gained a valuable year of varsity experience in preparation for next seasons absence of Laser and Lirtzman. Doubles players Steve Rivkin (senior), Scott Weinstein (senior), George Karavattuveetil (senior), Larry Kong (junior), and Curt Warchol (senior) played excellently throughout the entire season, consistently winning in the clutch situations. Varsity Coach, Dan Hill, was extremely pleased with the team’s performance this season and is optimistic about future Niles West tennis success. Scott Weinstein is so good he can play with one hand. 98 Steve Lirtzman — Looking good! Steve Deer experiments by using his hand for a racket. GIRLS TRACK Bottom Row (I to r) Patty Doles, Chris Peterson, Linda Weiss, Patty O’Boyle, Maria Koclanis, Ann O’Boyle, Jamie Wainer. Middle Row (I to r) Barb Braje, Lori Dethloff, Julie Disselhorst, Sue Rod¬ gers, Cheryl Barasch, Karen Shea, Laura Freid- lander, Sue Rosenblum, Kris Woustra, Mary Lauders, Sabine Plonus, Robin Telengater, Julie Tatooles, Kathy Sander, Ellen Sprague, Carol Hedberg. Top Row (I to r) Coach Schultz, Coach Sloan, Anne Hellestrae, Lynn Paustian, Judy Rusch, Nancy Wegener, Lynn Schildgen, Miriam Snyder, Andrea Rubiano, Brenda Miller, Karen Hendley, Christine Kukulski, Kathy Hirschauer, Sharon Murphy, Cathi Edmand, Marilyn Moltz, Chris Koclanis, Lorelee Nelson, Lisa Nimz, (man¬ ager), Coach Armour. Not Pictured Judy Ban- athy, Karen Kaufman, Jenny Weiss, and Sue Manner. Being the first year the Girls track team had an indoor season, the team spirit and ability of the squad was improved. Led by outstanding coaches, Armour Sloan, Schultz, and Mitz, top perfor¬ mances were turned in by Laura Fried- lander, Judy Banathy, Linda Kaufman, and Barb Braje. Team Co-captains were Carol Hedberg and Maria Kock- lanis. Clockwise from above: Marilyn Moltz stretches out before practice. Laura Friedlander does what she does best. The buddy system. Everyone relaxes after a hard workout. CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS DO FINE Above (l-r): Coach Armour, Sue Rosenbloom, Fox, Laura Friedlander, Donna Zoros, Lisa Kukulski, Brenda Miller, Linda Kaufman, Jenny Susan Friedlander, Robin Telengater, Bryna Price, Margaret Luncsford, Laurie Detloff, Kris Weiss, Karen Kaufman, Coach Sloan. Above left: Robin Telengater enters the shoot at the end of the race with a smile. Above: Runners stretch before a race. Left: Laura Friedlander and Jenny Weiss push each other to the finish. Right Donna Zoros fastens her number before a race. In its first year of competition, the Niles West Girls Cross Country Team received as many honors and accol- lades as any other West squad. Led by sophomores Laura Friedlander and Jenny Weiss, the squad placed first in the Niles West Invitational, first in the Highland Park Invite and fourth in the Indian Invite, a meet with upwards of thirty teams. Re¬ ceiving all-conference honors, Fried¬ lander placed 75 out of 225 in the state meet. Coach Sloan hopes that with the return of Friedlander and Weiss coupled with the efforts of Robin Telengater and the rest of the squad the 1980 team can be even stronger than the squad West field¬ ed this year. 101 JUST FOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 7 Niles West 20 Waukegan West 14 Niles West 0 New Trier East 16 Niles West 22 New Trier West 0 Niles West 26 Maine South 0 Niles West 6 Deerfield 7 Niles West 40 Niles East 6 Niles West 34 Evanston 6 Niles West 14 Niles North 6 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL VARSITY SOCCER Niles West 3 Waukegan West 0 Niles West 4 St. Viator 2 Nile s West 0 Loyola 1 Niles West 1 Glenbrook North 4 Niles West 6 Schurz 4 Niles West 1 New Trier East 2 Niles West 5 Holy Trinity 1 Niles West 0 New Trier West 2 Niles West 3 Evanston 3 Niles West 2 Main South 1 Niles West 3 Niles East 0 Niles West 3 Deerfield 5 Niles West 0 Niles North 1 J.V. SOCCER VARSITY GOLF Niles West 171 Niles North 169 Niles West 180 Notre Dame 155 Niles West 176 Niles North 163 Niles West 163 Niles East 160 Niles West 166 New Trier West 160 Niles West 176 Rolling Meadows 153 Niles West 173 Deerfield 150 Niles West 170 New Trier East 151 Niles West 177 Palatine 153 Niles West 182 Waukegan West 174 Niles West 159 Evanston 136 Niles West 180 Main East 152 Niles West 165 Maine South 158 Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 26 Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 1 Niles West 0 Waukegan West 6 Niles West 5 St. Viator 0 Niles West 0 New Trier East 20 Niles West 1 Notre Dame 0 Niles West 0 New Trier West 14 Niles West 5 Hersey 0 Niles West 0 Maine South 24 Niles West 1 New Trier East 5 Niles West 7 Deerfield 43 Niles West 2 Notre Dame 1 Niles West 21 Niles East 8 Niles West 2 New Trier West 1 Niles West 0 Evanston 18 Niles West 0 Evanston 2 Niles West 1 Hersey 0 Niles West 4 Lake Forest 3 SOPHOMORE SOCCER FRESHMAN “A” FOOTBALL Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West 0 0 0 2 1 3 0 0 New Trier East Loyola Schurz Waukegan West St. Viator Holy Trinity New Trier West Evanston FRESHMAN B” L i FRESHMAN “A” SOCCER 5 0 3 1 1 0 4 5 Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 8 Niles West 0 Maine South 0 Niles West 8 Waukegan West 12 Niles West 3 Niles East 0 Niles West 6 New Trier East 0 Niles West 0 Deerfield 1 Niles West 20 New Trier West 0 Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 10 Niles West 6 Maine South 22 Niles West 0 New Trier East 0 Niles West 0 Deerfield 23 Niles West 1 Highland Park 2 Niles West 14 Niles East 0 Niles West 6 Evanston 14 r W 1 DMLL Niles West 1 St. Viator 3 Niles West 0 Hersey 1 Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 22 Niles West 0 Notre Dame 0 Niles West 0 New Trier East 36 Niles West 0 New Trier East 7 Niles West 26 New Trier West 0 Niles West 0 Maine South 10 Niles West 12 Maine South 14 Niles West 2 Hersey 0 Niles West 6 Deerfield 30 Niles West 3 Niles East 1 Niles West 8 Niles East 0 Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 10 Niles West 8 Evanston 0 Niles West 0 New Trier West 13 Niles West Forfeit Maine West Niles West 1 Deerfield 3 Niles West 0 Glenbrook North 10 Niles West 2 Niles North 3 Niles West 0 New Trier East 4 FROSH - SOPH GOLF Niles West 201 Notre Dame 179 Niles West 198 New Trier West 175 Niles West 202 Deerfield 168 Niles West 242 Waukegan West 245 Niles West 176 Niles East 228 Niles West 198 Rolling Meadows 190 Niles West 188 New Trier East 178 Niles West 187 Palatine 177 Niles West 155 Evanston 144 Niles West 182 Maine East 161 Niles West 197 Maine South 176 Niles West 191 Niles North 227 FRESHMAN “B” SOCCER Niles West o Niles West o Niles West o Niles West o Niles West i Niles West i Niles West 0 Niles West 0 Hersey 3 New Trier West 7 Glenbrook North 7 Niles North 5 Hersey 2 Lake Forest 1 Evanston 6 New Trier East 12 102 THE RECORD VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY VOLLEYBALL GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY Niles West 43 Maine East 20 NW 17-20-6 NW 1-7 NW 20-9-17 Highland Park Maine South Ridgewood 20-9-20 20-20 18-20-20 Niles West 133 Rolling Meadows Inv. 6th Niles West 20 St. Benedict 37 NW 19-20-20 Luther North 21-16-12 Niles West 29 Maine East 28 Niles West 31 Maine South 26 NW 15-3 Glenbrook South 20-20 Niles West 20 St. Benedict 78 Niles West 34 Deerfield 21 NW 15-10 Deerfield 20-20 Niles West 25 Deerfield 36 Niles West 40 New Trier East 21 NW 12-20-12 Wheeling 20-17-20 Niles West 38 Maine South 22 Niles West Niles West 39 26 Evanston Waukegan 22 33 NW 4-14 NW 14-18 New Trier East Maine East 20-20 20-20 Niles West 15 St. Scholastica 50 Niles West 15 Hubb? 50 NW 20-20 Waukegan West 11-10 Niles West 22 Evanston 33 Niles West 25 St. r 30 NW 21-20 Niles North 19-15 Niles West 42 New Trier East 18 Niles West Niles West 27 24 Haiv Quig. 28 31 NW 20-20 NW 4-16 Niles East Waukegan East 7-17 20-20 Niles West 159 Indian Invitational 4th Niles West 15 Lake I 44 NW 20-21 Evanston 10-19 Niles West 15 Waukegan West 50 NW 20-20 NW 15-23-11 Good Counsel St. Scholistica 14-9 20-21-20 Niles West Niles West Niles West 40 39 20 Wheeling Forest View Niles Invitational Highland 15 18 1st SOPHOMORE J.V. Niles West Niles West Niles West 38 21 21 Park Inv. Lake Forest Niles North 1st 37 37 CROSS COUNTRY VOLLEYBALL Niles West 43 Maine South 19 NW 1-5 Maine South Niles West 45 Deerfield 15 NW 13-8 Ridgewood Niles West 44 Evanston 15 NW 12-1 Luther North Niles West 45 New Trier East 16 NW 15-10-11 Glenbrook South Niles West 15 Waukegan West 50 NW 13-10 Deerfield Niles West 20 Hubbard 35 NW 15-4-12 Wheeling Niles West 43 Quigley North 20 NW 16-15 New Trier East Niles West 39 St. Benedict 20 NW 1-15-5 Maine East Niles West 23 Hales Fran. 38 NW 15-8-9 Waukegan West Niles West 18 Lake Forest 44 NW 13-12-3 Niles North NW 15-15 Niles East NW 15-8-12 Waukegan East NW 7-15-13 Evanston 15-15 15-15 15-15 15-15 8-5-15 15-15 10-15-15 14-8 GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS 5-10-15 Niles West 0 New Trier West 7 9-15-15 Niles West 3 Deerfield 4 7-15-15 Niles West 0 New Trier East 7 4-9 Niles West 7 Waukegan West 0 11-15-15 Niles West 6 Niles East 1 15-6-16 Niles West 2 Arlington Heights 5 Niles West 4 Evanston 3 Niles West 5 Maine South 2 Niles West 4 Waukegan East 3 FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY Niles West 47 Maine East 16 Niles West 20 St. Benedict 39 Niles West 50 Maine South 15 Niles West 50 Deerfield 15 Niles West 48 Evanston 15 Niles West 50 New Trier East 15 Niles West 15 Waukegan West 50 Niles West 15 Hubbard 50 FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL NW 2-2 Ridgewood NW 10-10 Glenbrook South NW 1-5 New Trier East NW 2-11 Maine East NW 4- Waukegan West NW 10-0 Niles North NW 13-10 Luther North NW 0-13 Wheeling NW 1-5 Highland Park NW 11-14 Niles East NW 11-2 Waukegan East NW 4-17 Evanston 15-15 15-15 15-15 15-15 15-15 Niles West 15-15 Niles West 15-15 Niles West 15-15 Niles West 15-15 Niles West 15-16 Niles West 15-15 Niles West 15-19 Niles West Niles West GIRLS J.V. TENNIS 0 New Trier West 1 Deerfield 6 1 New Trier East 6 7 Waukegan West 0 7 Niles East 0 1 Arlington Heights 6 5 Evanston 2 3 Maine South 4 7 Waukegan East 0 103 VARSITY WRESTLING Niles West 12 Rockford Gilford 43 Niles West 5 Rockford East 56 Niles West 8 Glenbrook South 55 Niles West 0 Niles East 58 Niles West 33 Chicago Christian 23 Niles West 30 Luther North 29 Niles West 6 New Trier East 51 Niles West 18 Deerfield 43 Niles West 11 Maine South 43 Niles West 30 New Trier West 26 Niles West 6 Loyola 51 Niles West 3 Evanston 59 Niles West 9 Niles North 47 Niles West 8 Waukegan West 53 Niles West 44 Luther North 24 VARSITY SWIMMING Niles West 72 East Leyden 99 Niles West 91 Niles North 78 Niles West 51 Maine South 108 Niles West 66 Mt. Prospect 105 Niles West 57 Deerfield 107 Niles West 51 Niles East 30 Niles West 94 Maine North 68 Niles West 29 Waukegan West 54 Niles West 57 Lane Tech. 101 Niles West 51 Evanston 119 Niles West 106 Taft 62 Niles West 66 Waukegan West 102 GIRLS VARSITY SWIMMING Niles West 31 New Trier East 139 Niles West ' 80 Highland Park 86 Niles West 94 Maine East 64 Niles West 82 Niles North 83 Niles West 65 Deerfield 89 Niles West 50 Maine South 121 Niles West 60 New Trier West 109 Niles West 31 Waukegan West 52 Niles West 108 Maine North 48 Niles West 131 Niles East 31 Niles West 37 Evanston 127 SOPHOMORE WRESTLING FRESHMAN SWIMMING Niles West 27 Glenbrook South 37 Niles West 85 East Leyden 67 Niles West 60 Niles East 9 Niles West 108 Niles North 49 Niles West 16 New Trier East 46 Niles West 103 Maine South 48 Niles West 12 New Trier East 60 Niles West 63 Deerfield 106 Niles West 29 Deerfield 36 Niles West 84 Maine North 74 Niles West 72 Deerfield 0 Niles West 12 Maine South 44 Niles West 72 Maine South 0 Niles West 27 Loyola 61 Niles West 36 Loyola 50 Niles West 12 Evanston 62 Niles West 6 Maine West 56 FRESHMAN WRESTLING GIRLS VARSITY BOWLING Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West 0 0 1 117 0 Niles North Niles North St. Benedict Quigley Maine East 5 5 4 40 5 GIRLS J.V. SWIMMING Niles West 35 New Trier East 133 Niles West 93 Highland Park 29 Niles West 92 Maine East 41 Niles West 100 Niles North 0 Niles West 55 Deerfield 102 Niles West 43 Maine South 125 Niles West 102 Waukegan West 55 Niles West 100 Niles East 0 Niles West 17 New Trier West 41 Niles West 110 Evanston 62 GIRLS J.V. BOWLING Niles West St. Benedict Niles West 38 Glenbrook South 26 Niles West 5 Niles North 0 Niles West 105 Quigley 56 Niles West 20 Niles East 53 Niles West 1 Niles East 4 Niles West 0 Maine East 5 Niles West 54 Chicago Chirstian 15 Niles West 0 St. Benedict 5 Niles West 2 Niles North 3 Niles West 63 New Trier East 106 Niles West 0 Maine East 5 Niles West 0 Niles East 5 Niles West 35 Deerfield 35 Niles West 0 Niles East 5 Niles West 0 St. Benedict 5 Niles West 41 Maine South 29 Niles West 0 Maine East 5 Niles West 25 New Trier West 39 Niles West 2 Niles East 3 Niles West 63 Loyola 9 Niles West 9 Evanston 54 104 VARSITY BASKETBALL Niles West 69 Carver 66 Niles West 46 Loyola 48 Niles West 55 New Trier East 82 Niles West 52 Glenbrook South 58 Niles West 40 Taft 35 Niles West 42 Niles East 40 Niles West 59 Waukegan West 51 Niles West 31 New Trier East 55 Niles West 76 Deerfield 74 Niles West 50 Maine South 52 Niles West 57 Niles North 47 Niles West 74 Evanston 66 Niles West 69 Niles East 52 Niles West 48 Elk Grove 52 Niles West 44 Waukegan West 42 Niles West 35 New Trier East 51 Niles West 64 Deerfield 43 Niles West 77 Notre Dame 62 J.V. BASKETBALL Niles West 59 Glenbrook South 72 Niles West 70 New Trier East 52 Niles West 68 Deerfield 51 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Niles West 44 Glenbrook South 42 Niles West 41 Taft 27 Niles West 40 Niles East 31 Niles West 36 Waukegan West 35 Niles West 55 New Trier East 46 Niles West 33 Deerfield 31 Niles West 36 Maine South 34 Niles West 74 Niles North 56 Niles West 34 Evanston 45 Niles West 50 Niles East 27 Niles West 53 Elk Grove 32 Niles West 33 Waukegan West 30 Niles West 58 New Trier East 40 Niles West 47 Deerfield 46 FRESHMAN “A” BASKETBALL Niles West 38 Niles East 23 Niles West 49 Waukegan West 51 Niles West 39 New Trier East 52 Niles West 62 Deerfield 60 Niles West 36 Maine South 49 Niles West 37 Evanston 36 Niles West 59 Waukegan West 55 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Niles West 87 Taft 34 Niles West 46 Taft 22 Niles West 70 New Trier East 31 Niles West 47 New Trier East 40 Niles West 58 Waukegan West 52 Niles West 57 Waukegan West 26 Niles West 82 Hoffman Estates 46 Niles West 51 Hoffman Estates 23 Niles West 39 Deerfield 34 Niles West 54 Regina 50 Niles West 54 Maine South 51 Niles West 39 Hersey 53 Niles West 64 Evanston 37 Niles West 59 Glenbrook South 33 Niles West 53 Waukegan West 21 Niles West 54 New Trier East 43 Niles West M Deerfield 35 Niles West 61 Waukegan West 53 Niles West 40 New Trier East 43 GIRLS VARSITY GYMNASTICS Niles Maine West 104.42 East 104.02 Niles Niles West 105.66 East 105.31 Niles West 99.17 Deerfield 96.08 Niles New Trier West 107.11 East 101.20 Niles Waukegan 72.87 West 101.86 East Niles West 104.27 Hersey 97.01 Niles West 107.71 Evanston 107.19 Niles Glenbrook West 107.68 North 99.58 Niles Main West 107.46 South 98.45 Niles New Trier West 51.80 East 55.30 Niles Maine West 57.05 South 60.45 GIRLS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Niles West 23 New Trier East 49 Niles West 38 Hoffman Estates 26 Niles West 26 Glenbrook South 21 Niles West 25 New Trier East 21 GIRLS J.V. GYMNASTICS Niles Niles West 50.7 East 35.4 Niles West 49.0 Deerfield 51.7 Niles West 45.9 Waukegan East 32.95 Niles West 53.45 Evanston 59.35 Niles West 52.3 Glenbrook North 51.85 FRESHMAN i B ’ 1 BASKETBALL Niles West 38 Niles East 33 Niles West 34 Waukegan West 59 Niles West 28 New Trier East 61 Niles West 56 Deerfield 54 Niles West 25 Maine South 54 Niles West 33 Evanston 34 Niles West 37 Deerfield 58 Niles West 24 New Trier East 60 Niles West 54 Loyola 52 105 FriTI? ' t ft t0 , ri ? h c : Sh ® ldon Silverman, Stacy Powell, Marci Lichter, Adam Cooper, Sherri Gostomelsky, Ted Smith, J °m E ' s ® nber S ' Paul Doppelt, Anc Simons, Mike Sathy, David Kaufman, Paul Schwartz, Joey Gan, Toby Rich Robbins, Matt Samuelson, and Mary Wadler Annette Miesing, The Student Representative Assembly is the only all student government in Niles West. The SRA represents the student body and addresses itself to any matter that concerns students. The officers this year were David Kauf¬ man, President; Aric Simons, Vice- President; and Monte McGuire, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer. SRA succeeded in opening the library to student access during closed hall s. President, David Kaufman; Vice President Aric Simons; and Sec¬ retary-Treasurer, Monte McGuire. First Row: Heidi Mittermeier, Jody Margolis, Randi Harris, Nancy Archibald, Diane Goldstick, Janice Grear. Second Row: Jodi Silverstein, Carol Coplan, Darlene Weiss, Anita Shapiro. Barbara Perlman, Lori Finkel. Beth Fink. Third Row: Nancy Buffo, Georjean Hlepas. Vicki Shandling. Margaret Rafferty, Nanc Jaffee, and Mary Weiss. The Student Activities Board promotes school and social activities for all high school students. This year, they spon¬ sored the homecoming pep rally, the ice cream social, and the Valentine’s dance. The sponsor of SAB was Larry Erickson and the club officers were Mary Weiss, President; Andrea Marmer, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Lori Finkel, Secretary; Beth Fink, Treasurer, and Margaret Rafferty, Pub¬ licity. s A B 109 Mr. Frank Mustari, First Row: Rosanne Friedman, Wendy Smason, Jodi Sullivan, Becky Weinstein, Maureen Memhardt Kelly Chester, Laurie Kahn, Linda Suerck, Barb Buckley, Linda Terzakis. Sedond Row: Mindy Shapiro, Karen Hathy Luisa Sousa’ Chris Bensen, Margret Lyman, Basia Olif, Debbie Bernheim, Aleyda Taveras. Third Row: Hugh Iglarsh, Laurie Barron Ariel Eselevsky CJ. Streiff, Scott Weinstein, Dawn Hansen, John Erikson. Adam Cooper, Ellen Mitchell, Mike Levi, Annette Earlbacher, Marci Lichter, Liz Wirtzchen, Humera Kahn, Karen Gaines, Rose Seiler, Dale Larson, Ron Papenack, Terry Smolin Lisa Russel Mark Chao, Cindy Jiu. Fourth Row: Richard Abelkis, Ian Haskel, Tarina Uglinica, Gayle Sidler, Joanne Barrington Kai Abelkis Lisa Levin, Linda Wadler, Inhe Choi. Liz Snyder, Karen Schulte. Ian Streicher, Holly Anderson, Lisa Sidler and Miriam Snyder. Aleyda Taveres The major goal of AFS is to raise money for scholarships for Niles West students and to encourage participation in foreign study. The major activity of the year was the Inter¬ national Weekend with Marengo, Iowa. The Board of Governors this year was Joanne Barrington, Gayle Sidler, Cindy Jiu, Ian Has¬ kell, Lisa Sidler, Ian Streicher, and Mary Ann Kenmotsu. Two foreign exchange students were hosted, they were Aleyda Taveres from Santo Domingo, and Luisa Sousa from Portugal. Luisa Sousa Peter Trefren, Chris Duda, Bob Hermans, Pat Duda, Mr. Firak. The Ecology Club was essentially a field biology club concerned with noting the plant and animal life in different ecosys¬ tems. The club has investigated prairie areas, woodland settings, and dunelands. Field trips were an important aspect of the club. Forums, headed by Mr. Lorenz, brought various speakers to the Niles West Audito¬ rium. This past year Forums talked to in¬ dividual homerooms to get ideas for speakers from the students. Not hindered by the small staff, Forums sponsored speakers on a wide range of topics to complete another successful year. George Travios, David Slotnick, Charles Bernstein. N A T I 0 N A L H 0 N O R S O C I E T Y 112 First Row: Byron Lam, Scott Heyman, Mike Jutovsky, Beth Fink, Steve Rivkin, Margaret Rafferty, Jodi Treitler, Bryna Fox, AHyson Pollack, Second Row: Sebastian Valiaveedu, Mark Chao, Julius Mak, Mike Chorpash, Gary Kaufman, Julie Tatooles, Dan Bernstein, Barb Perlman, Gayle Sidler, Nora Steindler, Shoba Ranganath, Robin Bachman, Randi Warshawski. Third Row: Rich Robbins, Steve Lirtzman, Joe Krozel, Ron Taibl, Gary Rose, Barb Braje, Lisa Nimz, Joanne Barrington, Karen Schulte Linda Wadler, lleen Zeinfeld, Wendy Fox, Fourth Row: Adam Cooper, Scott Strongin, Nancy Jaffee, Paul Prinz, Sue Manner and Liz Snyder. The purpose of the Niles Chapter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to en¬ courage the development of character in all students of the high school. Candidates eligible for election to the so¬ ciety must be a junior or senior and have a 3.2 grade point average. A candidate must receive ten recommendations from faculty members including the home¬ room teacher and counselor. They also must be involved in at least two different school sponsored activities. During the early years of the Chapter, the Society functioned as an Honorary Soci¬ ety and the members did not initiate ac¬ tivities as a group. Last year, students began to organize some service activities. On Saturday April 7, 1979 the Chapter held a party at Clifton House (home for retarded adults) in Park Ridge. This year the Chapter organized a Senior Citizen’s Day, initiated an Induction Ceremony and prepared a Scholastic Wall of Fame. The Club officers were Sue Manner, Presi¬ dent; Scott Strongin, Vice President; Wendy Fox, Secretary; Nancy Jaffee, Treasurer; and Mr. Wiedl, Sponsor. National Honor Society officers Sue Manner, Scott Strongin, Nan¬ cy Jaffee, and Wendy Fox. Left to Right: Steve Pang, Dan Aberg, Neal Ratner, Todd Kaplan, and Jay Zeff. The Chess Club was organized for those who truely enjoyed the game of chess. The team competed among themselves and against oth¬ er teams in the North Shore Chess League where ten other schools were involved. Phil Holleran was the president of this year’s Chess Club. Above: Jay Zeff feels the intensity of the game. Right: Steve Pang concentrates on the move that will win the game. M A T H C L U B 114 First Row (I to r): Byron Lam, Matt Filippini Julius Mak, Frank Miller. Second Row: Marc Zissman, Dan Filler, Mike Jutovsky, Gary Kremen, Jim Krozel, Scott Skoglund, Julia Bienes, Mr. Filliman, Karen Lee, Elisa Liberis. The Niles West Math Club was an ideal club for students interested in mathematics. The members partici¬ pated in many contests in and after school. The Niles West math intra¬ murals, Illinois Math League and At¬ lantic-Pacific Math League were ex¬ amples of a few of the tests. They were also members of the North Suburban Math League which met at various schools every three weeks. Students took tests based on grade levels and the best scores in each level were compiled to determine the school score. The officers were, Joe Krozel, President; Rick Manner, Vice-President; Karen Lee, Secre¬ tary. Above: Dan Filler applies Kang Kwon’s mathematical calulations. Left: Jim Krozel and Scott Skoglund take their “problems” seri¬ ously. Left: Mr. Rogoski, Christos Shiakalis. Aaron Feinberg, Mike Jutovsky, Dan Akwa, Julius Mak, Darren Zetek, David Schwartz. Not Pictured: Elliott Kravetz, Monte McGuire, Steve Malina, Keith Missner Above: J. Mak substitutes his hand for a plane when explaining. Above right: M. Jutovsky takes his planes seriously. The Aeronautics Club is one of the oldest organizations at West. Its pri¬ mary aim is to provide interested students with a chance to design, build and fly model aircraft and rock¬ ets. Competition among the mem¬ bers is an exciting activity. Several group projects, such as a nine foot long rocket and an eight foot dirigi¬ ble have been built and flown. This year the club sponsored a balloon race to raise money for these group projects. The officers this year were: President Mike Jutovsky; Vice-Presi¬ dent Julius Mak; Sec.-Treasurer Da¬ vid Schwartz. A E R 0 N A U T I C S c L U B 115 116 s c i E N C E S E M I N A R Left: John Quinn, Steve Deer, Susan Klemm, Karen Lee, David Schwartz, Mr. Rogoski Science Seminar provided students a chance to pursue science projects with hopes of competing at national levels. Entry into the Westinghouse Science Talent Search was encour¬ aged as well as participation in the Junior Science and Humanities Sym¬ posium held in the spring. Field trips to facilities like the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory at Batavia, Illinois were important activities de¬ signed to augment the student’s sci¬ ence experiences. Above Left: Steve Deer’s better side. Above: John Quinn surpris¬ ingly asks, “What are you doing in there Mr. Rogoski?’’ A family portrait Mitchell Kite communicates with the aliens Top Row (I to r): Rich Robbins, David Schwarz, Jay Stein, Kurt Lempke, Mitchell Kite, Scott Skoglund. Bottom Row: Tom LaBelle, Todd Kaplan, Gary Kremen, Brad Evans and Aaron Feinberg. The members of the Computer Club met twice a month to further their work in the world of computer science. This year brought new equipment, greater flexibility and even more en¬ thusiasm than in the past. The club ini¬ tiated a computer contest held at Niles West between the three Niles Town¬ ship schools. The emphasis was on in¬ dividual progress and problem solving. The regular meetings also led to the refinement of the computer club open house demonstration. The officers were: Rich Robbins, President; Monte McGuire, Vice-President; and Jay Stein, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Weit- zenfeld sponsored the club. c 0 M P U T E R C L U B 117 Bottom Row (I to r): Dan Bernstein, Kathy MacDonald, Jamie Wainer. Second Row: Len Go, Raymond Chao. Third Row: Linda Terzakis, Michael Attia. Fourth Row: Tom Weiss, Chris Shiakal- lis. Top Row: Monte McGuire and Mr. Davis, Sponsor. The purpose of the Photo Club was to encourage creative picture making through contests, discussions, cri¬ tiques and darkroom work. The Presi¬ dent of this group was Monte McGuire. The projects accomplished this year were the development of a photo mon¬ tage mural for the large wall in the main office, and the spring photo con¬ test. The subject matter for the mural was taken exclusively from scenes around Niles West. Black and white a nd color photographs of varying sizes were represented. The spring photo contest again featured cash prizes for the top four photographs. Left: Mr. Blackburn, Sung Mun Lee, Sugwon Lee, Jeff Horwitz, Ed Odyniec, Denise Monnier, Linda Svrcek, Rhonda Hoffman, Lilliana Mendez-Soto, Anita Loiacono. The main purpose of the Art Council was to develop the artistic environ¬ ment of Niles West. For the past few years the art Council has organized the junior and senior high school art shows. As of last year, the Art Council has completed three murals. Their ma¬ jor project last year was a super graph¬ ic for Mr. Turry designed by Jeff Hor¬ witz and Sugwon Lee. The officers of this club were: Pres. Rhonda Hoffman; Vice-Pres. Sung Mun Lee; Treas. Jeff Horwitz. The Medical Careers Club was open to all students interested in any medical field. The club was sponsored by one of the school nurses, Mrs. Jaros. MCC had four officers: Pres. Paula Smo- lenski; Vice-Pres. Lynn Kagehiro; Sec. Betty Dassow; Treas. Robin Glassner. The club had a variety of speakers, took field trips and saw films about spe¬ cial careers. They encouraged mem¬ bers to consider many medical fields besides those that they were particu¬ larly interested in. Bottom Left: Sharon Kloiber, Elizabeth Travis. Second: Paula Smolenski, Lynn Kagehiro. Betty Dassow. Robin Glassner. Third: Jodi Robins, Marcy Penn, Jill Goldblatt. Margaret Lyman, Jeff Ring, Marcy Kapsis. Top: Paul Wilm, George Travlos. A R T C 0 u N C I L M E D I C A L C A R E E R S 119 G E R M A N C L U B 120 1 ■—- C. Mak points out the highlights of the meeting. Would the real Marlina Diethrich please stand? Bottom Row Left: Chrysanti Mak, Sue Krause, Monica Christmann, Jeff Ring, Jodi Robins, Suzanne Fang, Pheadora Liou. Middle Row: Kyung Lee, Miss Beck, Mike Vishny, Elizabeth Lee, Lynn Reinhar d, Ed Ross, Lisa Nimz, Debbie Horvitz, Dorothy Cheung, Rose Seilei, Mr. Brink Back Row: Julie Baity, Lou Gross, Kurt Lemke, Helene Heyman, Patty Wei, Rich Abelkis, Collen Hubbard, Carolyn Long. Gemutlichkeit is the word that best de¬ scribes the German Club. There was a warm, comfortable feeling that pre¬ vailed during each meeting and activ¬ ity. Each year the German Club starts out with Oktoberfest activities. Then holi¬ day time comes, bringing Christmas decorations in all of the German rooms German Club had a German newspa¬ per, Das Deutsch Wort, printed twice a year. There were articles from former students, word searches and Tante Gertrude, their own version of Dear Abby. Whether the German Club was deco¬ rating Christmas trees, eating at Lutz’s pastry shop or playing a shoddy game of soccer, there was always a feeling that each person belonged. Above (I to r): Steve Williams, Steve Korol, Aaron Feinberg, Jeffrey Ring, Richard Aronson, Matthew Goren, Frank Miller, Jeff Deer, Julia Bionias, Dan Filler. The Niles West Debate Society is an organization that discusses major current issues. In the club, students researched and prepared for the many tournaments held throughout the year. The team spent the year working on the resolution: ‘Resolved: That the United States Should Significantly Change its Foreign Trade Policies.” Each debater was pre¬ pared to both affirm the resolution and negate it at each tournament. This year the organization was led by head coach Lorelei Pettigrew, and assistant coaches Bruce Austin and Dan Wolfe, of Northwestern. The officers of the team were Dan Filler, President; Steve Williams, Vice- President; and Rick Manner, Executive Secretary. Every day during home¬ room, Niles West’s “Morning Mouths” announced bulle¬ tins of the school events. This year senior Kim Olliges, junior Karen Klemens, and sophomore Mary Ann Ken- motsu, brought good news, bad news, triumphs, and de¬ feats to everyones’ ears. Above (I to r): Mary Ann Kenmotsu, Karen Klemens, Kim Olliges. Left to Right: Alan Wilczewski, Robert Dolce, Chris Maynard, Joe Toth, Lisa Lores, Mitch Klein, Jacky Udell, Lisa Coloian, Julie Gunchick, Sherry Sienkowski, and Mr. Darrel Smith. DECA, both a club and a class, promot¬ ed knowledge in the art of retailing. In the daily Distributive Educational class, they learned about the fundamentals and refinements of buying and selling goods. Sponsored by Mr. Darrel Smith, and headed by President, Alan Wilc¬ zewski; Vice-President, Chris Maynard; Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Dolce; and Parliamentatian, Lisa Coloian, the club went to local and state competi¬ tions national competitions and an area meeting of their association. The N-Club came back into existence this year under the leadership of spon¬ sor Don Huff, President, Bill Heinrich; Vice-President, Eric Kiesel; Secretary, Glenn Garfinkel; Treasurer, John Revis; and Sargeant at Arms, Kent Valen- ziano. The club sponsored the Mistle¬ toe Sale and the Slave Auction. First Row (I to r): Alan Moltz, Steve Mersch, Jim Elliott, Glen Garfinkel, John Revis. Second Row: Pete Masterton, Bill Heinrich, Kent Valenziano, Eric Kiesel, Gregg Simon, Mike Froemming and Gregg Schneider. " Home James.” All right Alan I ' ll give you the answers. First Row: J. Cohen, G. Barthalomew. Second Row: S. Mahan, A. Nutting, A. Hellestrae, Plonus, K. Jochem, A. Milbrant, S. Klemm, K. Shea, R. Lobert, A. Erickson, T. Lutz, L. Maranakis. Third Row: Larson, L. Gross J. Martini, T. Cregar, R. Jackson, D. Ottlinger, C. Jochem, D. Mahan, C. Putz, E. Travis, S. Daniels, R. Hogg, Mr. Geis, Miss Axon. The Guard Club was sponsored by Mr. Geis. They taught children to swim over the summer and on Saturdays. They served as life guards for free swim and adult swimming. Mr. Davis and S. Schell confer on strategies. “What do you mean there’s no water in the pool!” First Row: Kim Jochem, Bryna Kane. Erin Sweeney. Second Row: Mr. Recker, Betty Dassow, Cindy Jochem, Rhonda Jackson, Sharon Mahan, Margret Lyman, Mrs. Axon, Mr. Carr. The Timers Club trained and provided timers for swim meets. Sponsored by Mrs. Axon, this club also taught stu¬ dents to operate a score board and to compute the scores. The aid given by the Timer’s Club proved to be very beneficial to the swim team. “I told you the game wasn’t pointless.” The Intramural program offered all stu¬ dents a chance to participate in many sports, regardless of ability, after school. Participants in this year round activity used the school facilities to enjoy soccer, gymnastics, racquetball, basketball, weight lifting and many other sports. Mr. Skuban, the sponsor, worked very hard to expand this popular program. John Perparas, alias the " Hulk.” Keep your eyes on the ball i N T R A M U R A L S 125 L E A D E R S 126 Watch the birdie. O.k. girls, let’s take it from the top! First Row: D. Himmle, S. Friedlander, D. Goldstick, J. Tatooles, L. Prinz, J. Treitler, D. Zoros, J. Housakos, B. Fink, R. Caplan. Second Row: C. McCown, T. Conti, L. Colonian, B. Atsaves, P. Reljac, S. Maner, B. Braje, C. Hedberg, C. Goldberg. Third Row: B. Stielow, P. Heintz, C. Shoenberg, M. Bailey, C. Bjorklund, R. Sprogis, S. Warda, N. Jaffe, K. Steele. The Leaders overall purpose was to provide opportunities for girls to explore and devel¬ op techniques of working with individuals and groups. They sought to do this by the following: promoting interest in girls physical education, the out of doors, health and sports; increasing proficiency in, and the un¬ derstanding of several sports; developing a sense of responsibility; and promoting team¬ work and leadership. This is a three year program. Students are selected during their freshman year and en¬ couraged to apply prior to their sophomore year. Students participate in a special Lead¬ ers gym class their sophomore, junior, and senior years. In addition, they help to lead regular gym classes. The Leaders sponsored several fund raisers and a sportsnight. The proceeds went toward their annual cam- pout. First Row: L. Tomoleoni, M. Kimotso, S. Nakashima. J. Price, C. Kochlanis, B. Schnell. K. Youstra. Second Row: J. Robins, M. Jeskolka, M. Luncsford, K. B uczak, A. Hellestrae. L. Weiss, J. Reljac, K. Porcaro. Third Row: N. Kencos. I. Rock, P. Wei, L. Fair, K. Smith, S. Rodgers, D. Rich, M. Holler, J. Banathy, J. Weiss. First Row: D. Anderson, R. Goppert, D. Tripicchio, M. Lauders, K. Lehew, J. Chams, D. Edwards, Miss Heeren. Second Row: M. Reifenberg, H. Anderson, T. Terpinas, V. Shandling, C. Doppelt, L. Zelichman, J. Heinz, N. Tuzzolino, M. Flood. Third Row: G. Piper, M. Helgeson, D. Mahan, L. Edmonds, D. Hansen, J. Wedel, T. Furman, A. Monreal, K. Klemens. L E A D E R S 127 Bottom Row: Andrea Marmer, Beth Fink, Nina Dorfman, Joann Lee, Trish Hanrahan, Julie Tatooles, Marni Halap. Center: Janette Mason, Nancy Tuzzolino. Top Row: Pam Spourgitis, Laurie Zawiski, Faith Amarantos, Maryann Kucinic, Tina Ferman, Lauren Young, Cindy Doppelt, Mindie Gold, Cheryl Bjorklund, Dee Jemc, Kim Steele. Not Pictured: Hae Cho, Roberta Kaplan, Lori Nordeen, Yvonne Sherman. No-one pays attention to captain Lori Nordeen. Captain Joann Lee explains that there is more to it than just smiles. This year was very fulfilling for all the girls on the pom pon squad. They per¬ formed at all the home football and basketball games and with the band for special appearances. Captains Joann Lee and Lori Nordeen, along with spon¬ sor Mrs. Gina Hubbard, helped the girls. They started practicing for this year during the summer and attended a camp where many good things hap¬ pened. They received numerous first and second place ribbons. They also received a third place ribbon for their original routine and were invited to the Midwest Invitational. In individual com¬ petition, Julie Tatooles won the title of Miss Badgerette and competed again at the Midwest Invitational where she became a finalist. These girls were well prepared for an exciting year, and one it was, for what would a home football or basketball game be without them? 129 Eek, a mouse! The Niles West Indian Cheerleaders put many hours of hard work into their cheers. Sponsored by Miss Dryden, these girls met two nights a week after school to perfect their performance. The cheerleaders could always be seen at football and basketball games, leading the crowds in chants and songs. Together with the Niles West fans, they helped cheer the Indians on to victory. " Look mom. no cavities! " " All you gotta do is whistle. " The Indian’s victory brings a smile to the cheerleaders’ faces. v A R S I T Y C H E E R L E A D E R S 131 Can you reach it yet Julie? They went thata way. K. Nolen, C. Atsaves, L. Grass, C. Hlepas, K. Lores, D. Loicano, J. Halap, M. Hanrahan. Freshmen cheer for a Niles West win. F R E S H M E N C H E E R L E A D E R S 133 A C A P P E L L A V I V A C E 134 First Row: Karen Kozer, Jacqui Kolar, Rick Eishen, Cindy Jiu, Karen Goldstein. Second Row: Randee Orlean, Nora Stei ndler, Donn Simon, Steve Koek. Andi Kulbersh, Janet Pass. Vivace is an all-girl singing group which performs popular music. This year they sponsored the annual cookie baking contest which was held after the Holi¬ day Festival. During the year they per¬ formed at the Holiday and May Music Festivals, and gave a special perfor¬ mance for the Kiwanis Club. A Cappella, a small offshoot of Concert Choir, sings from the madrigals of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Per¬ fect pitch is an essential for the mem¬ bers, for they perform in many part harmony without the aid of an instru¬ mental accompaniment. This year’s main events included the Holiday and May Music Festivals. First Row: Caryn Lerner, Heidi Doderer, Laura Rosow, Debi Lerner, Nora Steindler, Gloria Camilli, Fern Orlean. Second Row: Laura Kulbersh, Andi Kulbersh, Shari Krawetz, Janice Kreher, Carolyn Long. Rosa Hsu, Elisa Schwartz, Karen Goldstein. Janet Pass, Mr. McGee. Accompaniest: Cindy Jiu. First Row: Cindy Jiu, Liz Gump, Janet Pass, Kim Steele, Elisa Schwartz, Karen Kozer, Nora Steindler Second Row: Amelia Bartholomew, Chris Steele, Donn Simon, Wendy Fox, Steve Koek, Andi Kulbersh, Todd Stern, Ian Streicher. Westones is a singing and dancing “show choir” which specializes in the popular type music. Under the direc¬ tion of Mr. Hugh McGee, its fifteen members met from 3:30 to 4:15 each Wednesday. The highlights of their year included the annual May Music Festival, the music department tour, and performances at the local Junior High Schools and the Kiwanis Club. c 0 N C E R T C H 0 I R 136 First Row: Mary Ann Kenmotsu, Cindy Jiu (Accompaniests). Second Row: Melody Heller, Karen Kozer, Lisa Jacobson, Marcy Penn, Jacqui Kolar, Rick Eishen, Peter Trefren, Lisa Tomoleoni, Liz Gump, Robyn Grobman. Third Row: Beth Silverman, Laura Rosow, Allyson Harris, Nora Steindler, Beth Fry. Heidi Doderer, Marilyn Moltz, Vicki Shandling, Steve Marmel, Donn Simon, Steve Hershenson, Nancy Gump, Laura Kulbersh, Fern Orlean, Helene Sonkin. Fourth Row: Kim Noe. Randee Orlean, Karen Goldstein, Florence Simon, Amy Hacker, Lori Barron, Carolyn Long, Mindy Diamond, Mike Perlin, Steve Koek, Todd Stein, Ian Streicher, Andi Kulbersh, Shari Krawetz, Nancy Feingold, Christine Kukulski, Janet Pass, Mr. McGee. Concert Choir is the largest of the cho¬ ral groups at Niles West. The choir sings a variety of styles and types of music. Their major performances of the year were the Holiday and May Mu¬ sic Festivals, and a special concert giv¬ en in February. The more ambitious members competed in the Illinois Mu¬ sic Educators Association (IMEA) and the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Solo Ensemble contests. This year, Nora Steindler was accepted to the IMEA district chorus. Concert Choir finished their busy year with the annual choral banquet. First Row Lisa Sidler Rick Hirsch. Ken Peterson. Joel Sucherman. Mark Zucker, Paul Sucherman. Julia Biomas. Second Row: Robin Glasner, Bruce Alpern. Lee Noren. Randy Martin. Third Row: Sharon Luzum (Student Teacher). Lisa Beth Nimz, Bari Caplan, Andy Serlin, Ron Papenek, Terry Grossberg, Mike Viner. Steve Hartzen, Steve Delano, Dan Blackman, Mike Parcelli, Andy Russell. Jazz Band, under the direction of Dr. Charles Groeling, met tri-weekly for the purpose of allowing students to learn about the elements of jazz music. In addi¬ tion to the instructional and rehearsal ac¬ tivities, the band performed throughout the year at such events as Pow Wow, the Dance Review, the annual music depart¬ ment tour, and various community af¬ fairs. Monday! □ Z DD M M c_ First Row: Robin Bachman, Alison Glenner. Shari Krawetz. Mike Chorpash, Kelly Chester, Gary Kaufman, Rick Hirsch, Todd Nickow. Second Row: Larry Glick, Cindy Jiu, Julie Kellman, Ian Boshes, Robin Drayer, Jodi Robins, Duke Cnijouic, Grant Johnson, Marla Friend, Ariel Eselevsky. Third Row: Larry Kaskel. Ken Peterson, Gail Hartzen, Candy Goldberg, Terri Kewith, Ron Steiner, Mimi Fox, Fred Leib, Lisa Sidler, Howard Kaplan, Marc Shellist, John Shapiro, Andy Serlin. Fourth Row: Sharon Luzum (Student Teacher), Randy Martin, Brian Murphy, Steve Koek, Ross Lirtzman, Bill Rolf, Jim Krozel, Mike Viner, Terry Grossberg Lettie Vargas, Chuck Richards, Steve Hartzen, Ron Papenek, Barb Groeling, Steve Kueller, Bruce Alpern, Jay Sussman, Alan Moltz. Fifth Row: Lisa Fogelson, Caryn Barrington, Diane Saklak, Lisa Kaufman, Diana Lipsky, Mary Ann Kenmotsu, Nora Steindler, Caryn Lerner, Kim Steele, Steve Sanders, Jeff Ring, Mike Parcelli, Steven Delano, Daniel Blackman, Laurie Vick, Marc Cagen, Andy Russell, Steve Rabin, Hugh Iglarsh, Lee Noren, Melody Thurton, Laurie Kahn, Nina Serlin, Debbie Paulis (Drum Major). Sixth Row: Dr. Charles Groeling, Mr. Keith Ramsden (Directors), Robert Kron, Jenny Weiss, Caryn Kaufman. The 1979-1980 Band Board First Row: Candy Goldberg (Secretary), Gary Kaufman, Debbie Paulis (Vice-President and Treasurer), Robin Drayer, Andy Serlin. Second Row: Steve Hart¬ zen, Terry Grossberg, Rick Hirsch Third Row: Todd Nickow (President). Debbie Paulis leads the spirited band during the Homecoming Pep Assembly. Drum major, Debbie Paulis, brings the half-time show to a close. Dr. Groeling awaits the start of half-time. This year, the bands performances in¬ cluded an All-District Honor Band, Pow Wow, the annual May Festival, and tour. Special emphasis was placed on the rec¬ ognition of the closing of Niles East. Mem¬ bers of the band assisted in special pro¬ grams honoring the Niles East theme. The concert band and the intermediate band combined forces to form the 1979 Indian Marching Band. This year drum major Debbie Paulis lead the band at the home football games, Memorial Day Pa¬ rade, LaGrange Pet Parade, and many other school and community events. On a competition basis, members of the group excelled in the IMEA District Festi¬ val, and IHSA Music Contests. This year Todd Nickow, and Rick Hirsch, on clari¬ net; Terry Grossberg, on trumpet; Lee Noren, on tuba; and Mike Parcelli; on drums, were selected for the IMEA Band. Niles West’s Flag Core; Caryn Barrington, Diane Saklak, Nora Steindler, Caryn Lerner, Mary Ann Kenmotsu, Lisa Fogelson, and Lisa Kaufman, shiver in the cold wind. 139 0 R C H E S T R A 140 First Row: Kenny Wishner. Karen Lee. Amelia Bartholomew. Chris Dina. Ronda Lowe. Nancy Wegener. Second Row: Susan Kim. Georgette Bartholomew. Eva Kim. Lisa Sliz. Paula Bocek. Third Row: Laurie Kahn. Melody Turton, Candy Goldberg. Debbie Paulis. Nancy Williams. Debbie Ziegelski, Lisa Nimz. Cathy Edman. David Walner. Betsy Klinenberg. Fourth Row: IMike Chorpash. Rick Hirsch. Nora Steindler. Todd Nickow. Shari Krawetz, Caryn Barrington. Howard Kaplan. Andy Serlin, Terry Grossberg. Elisa Leberis, Toby Niesing. Fifth Row: Mr. Kaitchuck. Mike Parcelli, Bruce Alpern. Al Moltz, Lee Noren, Linnea St. Marie. Lance Jordan. Gary Abrahams, Beth Handzel. Sad. Silly, and Shy. Practice makes perfect! Debbie Ziegelski serenades a friend. Concert Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Ted Kaitchuck, performed at various school functions throughout the year. The highlights of their year included per¬ formances at the Holiday and May Music Festivals, the spring musical, and the an¬ nual music department tour. The Dynamic Duo Many of the members participated in the IHSA Solo Ensemble contest and audi¬ tioned for the IMEA district orchestra. Ka¬ ren Lee, Amelia Bartholomew, Chris Dina, Nancy Williams, Lisa Nimz, Debbie Zie¬ gelski, Betsy Klinenberg, and Beth Hand- zel were the talented members chosen for the district orchestra. Debbie Ziegelski and Lisa Nimz take time out for a snack. This year’s orchestra officers: Kyung Lee; President, Amelia Bartholomew; Vice- President; Lisa Nimz; Treasurer, and Nan¬ cy Williams; Secretary, helped to make the busy year run smoothly. 141 0 R C H E S I S 14 ? First Row: S. Kim. B. Gerstein. M. Block. Y. Johanson. M. Lauders, K. Krasowsky, L. Sousa, K. Petrie. Second Row: L. Gelfman, C. Koclanis. A. Alpern. L. Litt, E. Kirkos, J. Miller. M. Block, L. Lampert. Third Row: M. Gorchow, D. Lipsky, D. Rich, J. Chams, L Goodman, J. Obrochta, B. Zellers, J. Zucker, R. Lasky, Miss Grossman. Upon further reflection ... Niles West’s dance company, Orchesis, headed by President Mary Lauders, Vice- President Yvonne Johanson, Secretary Kathy Krasowsky, and Treasurer Marcia Block, was split into two sections this year: senior and junior. This gave more girls a chance to participate. Together with their sponsors Miss Grossman and Marla Lamper, Orchesis began their sea¬ son performing at the open house. The culmination of their hard work was seen in their annual dance concert “Steppin’ Out” held in February. " I tried to warn you about the cafeteria food,” says J. Chams to L. Gelfma n. " C ' mon Tarina, it isn’t funny! " " The Finer Points of Slouching by the Thespians. Second Row: Karen Kozer, Sol Myers, Michal Ann Luncsford, Randee Orlean, Steve Koek, Lee Lift. Gail Rapaport, Mike Perlin First Row: Pam Wexler, Cindy Jiu, Karen Gaines, Tarina Uglinica, Todd Stern, Andi Kulbersh, Nora Steindler, Ian Streicher Thespians is a club comprised of those people associated with the drama de¬ partment. This year Thespians worked behind the stage, and have been active with each production. They have be¬ come Thespians by earning points ac¬ cording to the work that they put forth in a show. Their main goal is to get more people interested in theater. Represented by President Andi Kul¬ bersh, Vice President Steve Koek, Sec¬ retary Randee Orlean, and Treasurer Todd Stern, the club raised money to travel with their shows. This year they attended the International Thespian Conference in Muncie, Indiana, and the Illinois High School Theater Festival in Normal, Illinois. T E C H N I C A L S E R V I C E S 144 Top Row (I to r): Garry Klein. Don Birren. Karen Kozer. Michael Lanski, Sol Myers. Michal Ann Luncsford. Randee Orlean, Steve Koek. Lee Litt. Bruce Claver. Ian Streicher. Bottom Row (I to r): Pam Wexler. Andi Kulbersh. Denise Monnier. Karen Gaines. Tarina Uglinica, Cindy Jiu, Todd Stern. Gail Rapaport. The Technical Services Club, also known as Crew, worked directly with the drama de¬ partment to train people in the aspects of technical theater. Sponsored by Miss Phil- bin, and represented by President, Karen Kozer; Vice-President, Pam Wexler; Secre¬ tary, Karen Gaines; and Treasurer, Sol Myers; the club went on field trips and was truly the backbone of each dramatic pro¬ duction. Ian Streicher’s " One Ringy-Dingy " routine. Denise Monnier shouts for her rescue. Above: Ray Chao, Dan Filler, Lori Barron, Julie Kelman, Michael Albert, Sponsor; Mrs. Graham, Joel Lieb, Linda Gelfman. Opus One is a collection of original stu¬ dent drawings and manuscripts. Re¬ leased in May of each school year, the magazine culls the most effective of a wide range of submitted works, etch¬ ings, line drawings, sketches, poems, and short stories. Opus One staff works throughout the year, encouraging sub¬ mission of polished materials, some¬ times requesting changes to suit space limitations or to provide clarification of image. All efforts are considered; all are returned. Staff members actively participate in advertising, writing, judg¬ ing, layout and design. Opus One is then professionally published and sold by previous subscription or immediate sale. Linda Gelfman discusses opus One with co-worker. 0730$ —I go m : St ve Lftzman Howard Frazin. Rachel Heyman, Evy Kirkos. Paul Morton, Ross Lirtzman, Matt Keenan Not Pictured: Adam Cooper, Mike Sacks, Scott Heyman. Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Paul Morton, News Editor Steve Lirtz¬ man, Assistant Editor Scott Heyman, Features Editor Adam Cooper, and Sports Editor Mike Sacks, the small but mighty West Word staff covered the news events of the ’79-’80 school year. Approaching and entering a new dec¬ ade, West Word provided several jour¬ nalistic innovations including critic Matt Keenan’s in depth movie reviews that both praised and panned Holly¬ wood’s latest efforts, and the West Word Sportlight that featured profiles of outstanding athletes. Continuing the policy of hard hitting editorials, West Word took their stance on such diverse issues as the 1979 teachers’ strike, student drug abuse, and curriculum changes. " They’re great, but do you think they’ll let us print them?” Editors (I to r): Rich Robbins, Editor in Chief; Shoba Ranganath, Assistant Editor; Diane Goldstick, Underclass; Monty McGuire, Photography; Robin Bachman, Clubs; Scott Heyman, Faculty; Wendy Fox, Special Events; Gayle Sidler, Seniors Not Pictured: Shoba Ranganath listens attentively. Mike Sacks, Sports. First Row (I to r): Bob Gussin, Maria Koclanis, Julie Tatooles, Laura Meshulam, Diane Goldstick, Sue Friedlander, Joanne Barrington, Janice Thall, Linda Wadler, Lisa Russell, Monica Cohen, and sponsor, Mr. Jerome Orr. Second Row: Dan Bernstein, Mark Schwartz, Shoba Ranganath, Gayle Sidler, Scott Heyman, Rich Robbins, Robin Bachman, Wendy Fox. A small but spirited staff headed by Editor Rich Robbins, Assistant Editor Shoba Ran¬ ganath, and Section Editors Robin Bach¬ man, Wendy Fox, Diane Goldstick, Scott Heyman, Mike Sacks, and Gayle Sidler pro¬ duced the 1980 yearbook. Stressing the theme of “The New Decade”, Spectrum staffers provided innovative layout design, improved organization techniques, and cre¬ ated futuristic art work. s p E C T R U M 147 150 Top Row (I to r): J. Tatooles. S. Ranganath, R. Bachman. S. Rivkin, N. Jaffee. J. Kohler, D. Bernheim, B. Atsavas, Mr. Stein (sponsor). Bottom Row (I to r): S. Kaplan, S. Steinberg, J. Treitler, J. Cohen, M. Rafferty, B. Fink. At the party (on Dec. 18), the seniors led the children in games and songs, culminating with the arrival of Santa’s elves (Beth Fink and Julie Tatooles) who passed out presents to the chil¬ dren. It was clear from the joyful reac¬ tion of the children that the party was a success. Cabinet members deemed this activiity to be truly memorable. During the second semester the cabi¬ net worked on plans for a unique class gift that continued this year’s Senior Cabinet theme of service to school and community. This year’s Senior Cabinet was com¬ prised of twentyfive hardworking com¬ munity spirited people, who, under the sponsorship of Mr. Roger Stein not only demonstrated school spirit, but also gave of themselves in a true act of charity. The Cabinet’s activities began in October with the building of an award winning Homecoming Float. The remainder of the first semester was spent planning a Christmas Party for the children of the Buckingham Hull House Center in Chicago. Cabinet members acquired funds for the pur¬ chase of toys through a series of school bake sales. Lawrence Aronson Ronald Asher Barbra Atsaves Maria Atsaves Robin Bachman Melinda Bailey Laura Barov Joanne Barrington Kathleen Bauer Deborah Becker 152 Richard Bedony Eyvonne Bender Marilou Benjamin Leif Berge Sindee Berger Band members performing a laid-back tune. ■■ l Jeannie Block Mark Blumenthal Kathleen Bochek Barbara Braje Ronald Braver Kathleen Brennan D. Kaufman speaks his mind. Annie Biberian Cheryl Bjorklund Eric Borin Scott Boden Lettuce entertain you. John Cammarata iPamela Caplan Lisa Coloian Elizabeth Conrad Christina Conti Adam Cooper Sharon Cooper ■ m Deborah Cox Morgan Cuff David Cvijanovic 156 Patricia Dong Paul Doppelt Laura Dorfman Nina Dorfman Robin Drayer B. Lam selling hot calculators. L. Wadler testing the theory of gravity. H. Stolberg calculates his I.Q. " Thank God for the teacher’s edition! " Ronald Drexler William Ehlers Diana Ezerins Timothy Fahey James Elliott Margaret Eisenstein Phillip Falk Scott Evans Danielle Duebner Lori Finkel Erin Flannery Cathy Flowers Lisa Fogelson Susan Fore S. Powell gives in to temptation. Benjamin Froemming Kathy Gaertner Dawn Friedman Mark Friedman Alison Glenner Jeff Glick Joel Glieberman Candace Goldberg James Goldsher 160 Diane Goldstick Rod Goodman T. Smith’s futile attempt to reshape his face. Sandra Gordon Larry Gross Mary Gross Cathy Guenther Liz Gump Julie Gunchick Robert Goone David Groner C. Reinhardt narrowly misses the Sears Tower. - 7 Andrew Gurrentz Tawny Hammond T. Sprague sets the mood. Robert Gussin Daniel Hartogh Amy Hacker Karen Hathy Faith Halap Patricia Hattendorf Cheryl Hailing Carol Hedberg — Georjean Hlepas Bryan Hobin Rhonda Hoffman Renee Hogg Brian Horan 163 Julie Housakos Hugh Iglarsh Now what channel is that soap opera on?” Llr David Hornsberger Charlene Hughes Susan Jaster Kathryn Jerney Heidi Jesswein Cynthia Jochem Grant Johnson Steven Johnson Michael Jutovsky Richard Kalter Sally Kapelanski Martin Kaplan Roberta Kaplan Shira Kaplan Mary Kapsis George Karavattuveetil Don Karger " There is nothing like a pop quiz to ' biten up ' my day! " Gregory Karlove Larry Kaskel Mark Kasch Cynthia Kasik Erika Keinrad David Kaufman Gary Kaufman Linda Kaufman Karen Kerz Hasan Khan Kathleen King Kenneth Klein Mitchell Klein Kenneth Klemm Ronald Kobyleski Maria Koclanis Jacqueline Kolar Robert Kolas Terri Kewith Lawrence Kimmel Betsy Klinenberg Eric Kiesel ‘Bachelor number three, the same question. ' Nilgun Kideys it A2k h w ' Mi Shari Krawetz Patricia Krier Joseph Krozel Patty Kuhr Andrea Kulbersh Michael Kundit t Sein Kung Carolyn La Gioia Byron Lam 168 Kenneth Levenson Tami Levinson Scott Libman Fredrick Lieb Pamela Lipshutz Steven Lirtzman Robert Loiacono Mary Loos Lisa Lores Elizabeth Luncsford “I am forever blowing bubbles.” 17Q Steven Malina Sue Manner 171 Xiomara Markham Andrea Marmer David Martin Randall Martin Laura Masters Steven Mersch 172 Paul Meister Christopher Maynard Kris McNichols Anthony McClain Brenda Meissner Connie McCown Montgomery McGuire Karen Mayer Erin McLean Peter Masterton Terry Max “ 016 !” c Ti ■§, WifJt, kM Robert May John Mayer Alan Moltz Mitchell Mooradian Lisa Moravcik Joey Morgan Steven Morgan Mr. Davis shows seniors the old Statue of Liberty play. Christine Nariss Daniel Nammck A picture is worth a thousand words. Or is it? Daryl Musick Ellen Murphy Lee Noren Stacey Oleck 175 Linnette Nordin Kimberly Olliges Randee Orlean Janet Pass Diane Pattison Debbie Paulis Mary Pearson Sheldon Perl Peter Petrakis Donald Pieper 176 Barbara Perlman Kenneth Peterson i Martin Peterson Susan Oztekin Tammi Pales Balcony belles. “Oh no! Not the Pledge of Allegiance again! 177 Suzanne Pipia Jeffrey Pollack Maria Pissios Stacy Powell Lisa Price Lisa Prinz Gary Plotnick (fc=r- Marla Podell Allyson Pollack Paul Prinz James Radermacher Margaret Rafferty Venitia Ragano Richard Ramirez Shoba Ranganath Gail Rapoport William Reichle He went thata way.” L. Noren perfects the somnambulistic technique. 178 John Quinn Lauren Rabin Laurie Rich Karen Rickert John Ringer Steve Risoff Steve Rivkin 179 Sam Ro Richard Robbins Marsha Robin Laura Rodgers Judith Root IT Pegie Reljac Caroline Reinhardt John Revis Carolyn Remus L. Gelfman “pigging out 180 Steven Rubenstein Andrew Rubin Carol Rubin Michael Sacks Lisa Schaffner Gerald Schanz Gary Rose James Rosin Shari Rotheiser G. Kaufman amazes fellow seniors by pulling answers out of thin air. Yvette Rubin t Barry Sacks David Schmiegelt Janice Ross Karen Schulte Michael Schuman James Schwartz Gregg Schneider Kristen Schonberg Mark Schwartz Paul Schwartz Andrew Serlin Michelle Seymour Bruce Shaw C. Siu forging mom’s signature. Steven Siegel Steven Siegel Sherry Sienkowski Todd Silverman Donn Simon Student overdoses on information. Sari Slivnick James Sliwa " 1 wonder ... 1 wonder ... 1 wonder ...” 1 m JBk 4 ' TAv V ■ ,ML it® David Slotnik Patricia Smith T ed Smith Paula Smolenski Elizabeth Snyder » v lit 1 V f W ' ' i , ll § Brian Sokniewicz Sherry Sonne Thomas Sprague Michael Springer Renee Sprogis 183 Nora Steindler Rhonda Stevens Elizabeth Stielow Howard Stolberg Stacey Stone Nancy Stotz Joel Strassman Scott Strongin Paul Sucherman Jolene Sullivan 184 Ronald Taibl Julie Tatooles Elizabeth Tenzillo Tony Thompson Lynne Tiltz Steven Tobin Anna Tom Students model Sasson’s “stripes”. S. Heyman measures his fingernail. Annie Toth Joseph Toth Leonard Travis Jodi Treitler Steve Tripp Melody Turton Jacky Udell Kent Valenziano Angelita Vargas Laurie Vick Three birds on a fence. Suzette Warda Phillip Wax Lynn Warkenthien Randi Warshawsky Andrew Wasserberg Ar David Watts wr. Bruce Weil » I Scott Weinstein I t Darlene Weiss Jill Weiss 187 Alan Wilczewski Keith Willerman Nancy Williams Stephen Williams Brett Wilson Dennis Zaslavsky Jim Zbilski lieen Zeinfeld Debra Ziegelski Donna Zoros AP “Yentas” share their " schtik”. 388888888888a i wmfflfflfflPmmm Kai Abelkis Julianna Abelseth Diane Adinamis David Adkisson Bruce Alpern Jacquelyn Altenburg Faith Amarantos Donna Anderson Holly Andersen Melissa Arkin Stacie Arkules Beth Aufmann Joanne Axley Cynthia Beffa Alan Balter Lori Barron Amelia Bartholomew John Becker Jerrylene Beltran Jamie Berg Junior Cabinet: (L to R:) Mr. Nelson, Carol Coplan, Jodi Margolis, Tammy Tamraz, Faith Amarantos, Sue Eicher, Abby Ginsburg, Nancy Tuzzolino. Michelle Berglund Joan Bergstrom Jodi Berman Amy Bernstein Daniel Bielski Donald Birren Daniel Blackman Marcia Block Jill Boepple John Bonkoske Bill Bordenet Nancy Borst Ian B oshes Margaret Bothfeld Christine Bowen Robert Braje Guy Brilando Scott Brode Patricia Brown Nancy Buffo Angela Burger Steve Bychowski Sandra Carlson Joyce Chams Robert Chapman Fern Chasin Michael Chelberg Kelly Chester Hae Cho Edward Cholewa William Clarck Howard Cohan Monica Cohen Steve Colen Carol Coplan Jim Costis Jerry Coursey Stephen Coward Angela Cress Rachell Cuff pArsfi S la L JH w A A 192 Kathleen Dahm Christine Darville Rachele DeFilippis Wendee DeSent Martin Dean Steven Deer Steven Delano Vince Der Matoian Karen Diesing Susan Dominic Kenneth Dong Cynthia Doppelt Cindy Drazner Christopher Drexler Christopher Duda Richard Duese Bernard Ebeling Arthur Edelstein Linda Edmonds Denise Edwards Susan Eichner Richard Eischen David Erickson John Erickson Brenda Ericsson Alan Eriksson Mary Eriksson Ariel Eselevsky Carlos Fadhel Sharon Feltman Dianne Fickert Paul Fishbein Robert Fisher Mary Flood Jeff Floom Robert Fouty Marjorie Freeman Pam Friedman Michael Froemming John Fuentes Tina Furman Donna Gabel Margaret Gallagher Carl Gargano Nancy Georgouses Cecilia Geralde Martin Gerold Elyce Gershowitz Lee Gerstein Abby Ginsburg Maureen Gielow Sheldon Gilbert Mindie Gold Randee Gold Edie Goldstein Robin Goldstein Steven Goles Leslie Goodman Rose Gappert Kenneth Grass 193 Janice Grear Edward Greenfield Christine Gregory Janice Grimm Terry Grossberg Glenn Grosskopf Arthur Gunther Nancy Gussin Neal Gussis Jane Hacker Marni Halap Regina Halfpap Lori Hanover Patricia Hanrahan Dawn Hansen Constantine Haramaras Randi Harris Steven Hartzen Jack Havdala Barbara Hedquist Niles West Indian prepares for war dance. Robert Heelan Jane Heinz Marie Helgeson Melody Heller Rachel Heyman Wayne Hildner Joyce Hilger Karen Hirsch Richard Hirsch Laurie Hoeft Trisha Hoglan Jennifer Hold Phillip Holleran Eric Holmblad Deborah Holowicki Iris Holtzman Theresa Horan Sheila Horvath Jeff Horwitz Rosa Hsu Kenneth Hugel Rhonda Jackson Carol Jaffe Tony Javid Deeann Jemc Cynthia Jiu Ellen Johanson Yvonne Johanson Susan Johnson Lynn Kaegehiro Lauren Kahn Don Kalas Renee Kamradt Steven Karahalios Humera Knan Steven King Kristene Kipp Evanthia Kirkos Mitchall Kite Mary Klancnik 194 Gordon Kleifield Karen Klemans David Knudsen David Koch Judy Koehler Steve Koek Larry Kolar Margaret Kong Rona Koral Jim Kostoglanis Stella Koudounis Betsy Kraft Kathy Krasowsky Kathleen Kreher Gary Kremen Maryann Kucinic Stefan Kueller Chris Kukulski Kathy Kumkoski David Kupski Nancy Georgouses and Janet Weiss check out the football players. Giselle Laborde Linda Lampert Karen LeHew Sugwon Lee Sung Lee Kurt Lemke Caryn Levin Dina Levin Michael Levy Tammy Liametz Terri Lieberman Howard Lipkin Michael Lippe Lee Litt Jacky Loiacano Carolyn Long Deena Lucas Michal Luncsford Kathleen MacDonald Denise Mahan Mariola Makowka Neal Marcus Jody Margolis Jessielyn Martinez Nancy Martorano Stacy Maslov Janette Mason Douglas Masters Carol Matchen Mark McCormick Laura McKeon Maureen Memhardt Karen Memmott Louis Meshulam Maricia Miklaj Arthur Milbrandt Steve Milewski Virginia Milewski Brenda Miller George Minzer 195 Susie Mishima Ellyn Mitchell Melissa Mitsui Heidi Mittermeir Thaddeus Odyniec Susan Ohlson Hiroaki Okada Scott Okamura Linda Olsen Joanne Oppenheim Tony Orlando Errol Oztekin Steve Pang Ron Papanek Mike Parcelli Barbara Parks Sheldon Perl Gary Perlmutter Chris Peterson Debra Petrie Barbara Pintz Gail Piper Ben Piro Ted Pirpiris Scott Pitts Jay Powell Cindy Puetz Douglas Rabey David Rabin Neal Ratner Tim Reasoner Karen Rector Christine Reichstetter Mary Reifenberg David Reinhard Charles Richards Sarah Riha Jeff Rocket Marcy Roman Paul Rooth Judy Rosenbaum Linda Rossman David Rubenstein Christine Runtz Rochelle Nuqui Anne O ' Boyle Jill Obrochta Edward Odyniec f « O « k k V- 1 196 Lisa Russell Diane Saklak Valerie Santi Carol Savitt Michael Schmidt Arthur Schroeder Michael Schultz Ken Seigel Rosemarie Seiler Vicki Shandling Anita Shapiro John Shapiro Yvonne Sherman Dave Shimanovsky Julie Shurson Amy Siemsen Christine Sikaras Patricia Sillitti Michael Silverman Florence Simon Douglas Skupiewski Joseph Smolenski Terri Smolin Howard Snow Jeff Sobczak Stacy Sperling Pamela Spourgitis Emily Spyratos Elizabeth Stein Todd Stern Mark Sterberg Elisa Stone Nancy Strauss Constance Streiff Dawn Strissel Jill Sultz Jay Sussman Serena Swanke Erin Sweeney Tammy Tamraz Antone Tatooles Tina Terpinas Athanasios Therios Steve Thill Scott Thomason Cheryl Tobin Robert Todd Kim Tralmer Nancy Tripi Donna Tripicchio Mark Trykowski Nancy Tuzzolino Tarina Uglinica Sylvia Vargus Edie Vass Gregg Varghn Michael Viner Michael Vishny Era Wadhwa David Walner 197 Laura Warner Paul Wax Nancy Weil David Weindling Ross Weisman Christopher Weiss Debbie Weiss Janet Weiss Roger Wendt Pamela Wexler Kevin Wheeler Cathrine Williams Christopher Williams Deborah Wise Linda Woodier James Wrzala Victor Wu Michael Yellen Yon Yi Janet Young Yvonne Sherman and Abby Ginsburg take it away. Karen Young Lauren Zawiski Patricia Zeitler Lori Zelickman Branda Zellers Carmela Zicarelli Jamie Zucker Miriam Becker Lyle Berkso Linda Bouroudjian Marcy Friedman Al Glick Linda Hanssen Howard Kaplan Steve Klinsky John Kopinski Tom Lofland Mike Loiben Solomon Myers Steven Rabin Craig Sommerfield Terri Smolin Marc Zissman 1 % hmmmmmmmmmmm .v.v.v v.%v? Richard Abelkis Daniel Aberg Gary Abrahams David Albach John Aim Amy Alpern Laura Anderson Todd Anderson Helen Anton Gregg Arenson Richard Aronson Michael Attia John Bailey Lisa Bailey Robert Bailey Judy Banathy Patricia Baron Caryn Barrington Paul Batchen Susan Baumann Ina Beller Claridad Beltran Matthew Ben-Zeev Kevin Benjamin Garry Benjoya Christine Bensen Harald Berge Jeff Bergman Chin Bian Matt Bier Jodi Libman gives a body building flex to the public at the Ice Cream Social Richard Binder Maureen Block Paula Bocek Robert Bordenet Michele Boucher Peter Bourdeau Alissa Brainin Valerie Brandt Barbara Buckley Kimberly Buczak Randi Burger Patty Burns Marc Cagen Margaret Campbell Joseph Carrao Robert Cederholm Inui Choi Andrew Choyinski Annie Choyinski Ja Chung Maria Ciezki Daniel Citron Carol Clarke Paulette Cocozza Jack Cohen David Colander Marilyn Conrad Christina Conton Steven Cote Vito Cozzo 204 William Daehler Shirley Daniel Betty Dassow Joel Davis Jewel Desmond Lori Dethloff Mindy Diamond Debbie Diesing Christine Dina Heidi Doderer David Dong Diann Doppelt Caryn Drexler Matthew Drexler Patrick Duda Joann Eberhart Catherine Edman Gretchen Edwardson Mark Ehas Daniel Eisenstein Robert Elliott Janelle Emalfarb Phyllis Erdman Robert Ericsson Annette Erlebacher Mark Esposito Cynthia Fagocki Lynette Fair Deirdre Faloona Nancy Feingold Tired of the cafeteria food, John Perperis takes to sucking his thumb. Lauri Feloman Paula Field Michael Figurelli Shari Finkel Simberly Fischer Michael Fisher Melinda Fox Anne Friedewald Laura Frielander Marla Friend Beth Fry Cindy Gaertner Karen Gaines Stacey Galanis Candace Gallagher Scott Garfinkel Laura Gaughrin Robin Glassner Leonard Go Amy Gold Earl Goldberg Jill Goldblatt Scott Goldman Karin Goldstein Elsa Golenzer Matthew Goren Susan Goss Sherri Gostomelsky Robin Grais Anne Green 205 Cheryl Greene Louis Gross Michele Gross Mark Groves Cindy Guenther Nancy Gump Betty Gustin Stacey Guttman Judy Hagen Marielle Hagman Adrineh Hagopian Kristin Hailing Robert Halperin Elizabeth Handzel Robert Hanson Lisa Harczos Karen Hartwig Marianne Hathy Helene Heman Karen Hendley Tor Henriksen Christine Herkert Steven Hershenson David Hoffman Harriet Hoffman Monika Holler Daniel Hones Dean Horiike Linda Horiuchi Debra Horvitz Where the girls are! Steven Irpino Lisa Isaac Mark Jacobs Mark Jacobson Daniel Jaffee Michaelyn Jarosz Michelle Jaskolka Kimberly Jochem Donna Johnson Lawrence Johnson Laurie Johnson Lance Jordan Heather Joseph Gregory Kadota Bryna Kane Wan Kang Bonnie Kanter Julie Kaplan Lori Kaplan Anu Karavattuveetil Todd Kasik Paul Katzowsky Caryn Kaufman Lisa Kaufman Reesa Keating Nicolette Kencos Mary Ann Kenmotsu Joann Keppen Linda Kerz Kevin Kestler 206 “How to carve a pumpkin and eat it at the same time.” Ayhan Kideys Marie Kim Lisa Kimmel Burton Klein Susan Klemm Sharon Kloiber Todd Kloster Lori Knobloch Christina Koclanis Renee Koda Elizabeth Kogen Lawrence Kong Roman Konsewicz Tom Kostoglanis Robert Kron James Krozel Steven Kuhn Laura Kulbersh Jordan Lamm Mark Larsson Robyn Lasky Kassandra Le Fever Jori Leavitt Karen Lee Michael Lee Constance Leventis Cynthia Leventis Alan Levey Paul Levine Lisa Levinson Kenneth Liano Jody Libman Marci Lichter Ted Lieberman Marvie Limpin Susan Liou Sandra Lipezker Diana Lipsky Ross Lirtzman Robynn Lobert John Lochner Anita Loiacono Ronda Lowe Gordon Lurie Scott Lynn Lillian Maltz Lisa Mansfield Scott Margolin Lea Marinakis Jody Marks Steven Marmel Sandra Martinez Janice Mayer Michael McMillan Shannon McLean Marlene Meier Kevin McAllister Aaron Melnick Lilliana Mendez-Soto Kenneth Meyer 207 Nancy Meyer Larry Michaels George Milios Frank Miller Janet Miller Paula ARlIer Tracey Miller Arden Miner Ruth Mittermeier Robin Moch Marilyn Moltz Denise Monnier Robert Moreton Jamie Mortellaro Anne Murray Laura Musick Toni Nadolna Rosalyn Nagrodess Nancy Najarian Susan Nakashima Caron Nelson Robert Neumann Hyo No Martin Noe Thomas Norberg Lawrence Nordin Charles Nuqui Kathleen O ' Neill Mark Obermann Christine Obradovic Happiness is being a Niles West sophomore cheerleader. Anna Odyniec Basia Oliff Jeanann Olson Fern Orlean Debbie Ottlinger Timothy Palenske Lee Papanek Vicki Pappas Hyo Park Song Park Thomas Partipilo Asha Patel Mary Pattison Lynn Paustian Michael Pecci Marcy Penn Scott Perlman Johnny Perperas Peter Perrotta Michael Platt Daniel Plotnick George Popovich Kelli Porcaro Glenn Poticha Judith Price Patti Quist Jue Ra Ruth Rawe Anthony Reinhardt Howard Reisman 208 Michael Reisman David Reiter Jean Reljac Michael Resnick Robert Rich Gail Richman Shawn Ridley Jeffrey Ring Gloria Stark David Stein Ron Steiner Julie Stepke Gary Stielow Thomas Rivkin Robert Robbins Jodi Robins Michael Robinson Irene Rock Susan Rodgers Lorayne Roller David Rosen Anita Rosenberg Laura Rosow Amy Ross Edward Ross Scott Rudin Michael Ruehrdanz Susan Ruesch Andrew Russell Kenneth Ryfkogel Sheldon Gilbert shows a sign of satisfaction as the class takes a snooze during his long lecture. Dorothy Saletnik Kenneth Sail Matthew Samuelson Bruce Sandlow Margarita Santiler Michael Sathy Shira Saville Karen Sax Gail Scapardine Susan Schmiegelt Rebecca Schnell Brett Schulte Cynthia Schulter Charles Schwartz Gregory Searle Heidi Sedelsky Peter Selz Steven Serota Karen Shae Paul Shemroske Nadine Shetler Lawrence Silberman Beth Silverman Steven Simon Scott Skoglund Elizabeth Slisz Charles Smith Rocella Smith Lori Smolenski Joseph Spagnoli 209 William Stolberg Jodi Stone George Straton Robert Strauss Ronald Strehl Daniel Sugar Alan Sussman Linda Svrcek Debra Terrazas Linda Terzakis Caryn Terzis Dean Thomason Lisa Tobin Christina Tomacic Lisa Tomoleoni Gloria Tonsul Margaret Toth Barry Trachtenberg Elizabeth Travis George Travlos Peter Trefren Jamie Turchen Darlene Turner Craig Turton Marcey Tutt Glenn Udell Angelo Valenti Michael Vinich Leticia Vargas Dino Varnavas Laura Friedlander and Roz Nagrodis express their feelings for Niles West as a photogragher snaps their picture. Jeff Vick Jane Vodvarka Anjali Wadhwa Jamie Wainer Jill Wall David Warso Nancy Wegener Patricia Wei Edward Weiler Leslie Weinberg Carolyn Weiser Alan Weiss Jennifer Weiss Linda Weiss Thomas Weiss Curtis Wheeler John Whelan Cynthia Wilczewski Rochelle Wise Mark Witt Greg Wittenberg Gary Witz Susanne Yakoubek Lauren Young Kristin Youstra Chris Zammer Jay Zeff Richard Zeid Joyce Zeinfeld James Zeman 210 Alan Zemsky Sandra Zernone Dion Antic Marccia Bezanis Dan Brodersen Ed Cardona Mary Clarke Erol Ersoy Kelly Fahey Dean Gekas Larry Glick Mike Grunfeld Jean Hein Kathy Hirschauer Sharon Hornsberger Aaron Izenstark Glen Johnson Carla Kornit Sandor Krum Margaret Luncsford Brian Murphy Bill Rolf Lisa Sidler Mitch Stern Joel Sucherman Paul Wilm Rich Zenner Bill Zidel Keeping in shape! Power to the students. 211 William Abelson Thomas Adams Daniel Akwa Brian Albach Michael Albert Adrianna Alcalde Estelle Angeletos Lawrence Asher Cynthia Atsaves Lisa Avella Sandra Avendano Janice Bacchiere Kevin Bailey Renee Barasch Sheryl Barasch Georgette Bartholomew Kristin Bauer Marcie Berger David Bernstein Georgia Bezanis Gregory Bezkorovainy Glenn Bianchi Howard Blum Denice Bocek Jeri Boepple Heidi Bojes Beth Bonjes Beth Bonkoske Laura Borkovitz Kenneth Bosshart Ernest Bourdeau Wendy Brandwein Miriam Bravo William Bravos Wendy Brenner Gloria Camilli Mary Campbell Bari Caplan Andrea Cattern Catherine Chadwick Jae Chang Raymond Chao Donald Chelberg Linda Chen Jill Chertow Kevin Chester Dorothy Cheung Linda Chi Sharon Christensen Monica Christmann Students getting over their boredom by spending time in the BAC room. 216 Alan Citterman Bruce Clayer Laurie Coconato Jennifer Cohen Mark Cohen Pamela Cohen Logan Collins Joseph Coursey Terry Creger Jeffery D’Agostino Valery Daniel Phillip Daus Alan Dayan William Decker Lisa Decook Jeffrey Deer Michelle Deering John Degroot Beth Desnet Mike Disch Julie Disselhorst Patricia Doles Jacob Dorfman Steve Dorfman Bryan Dubin Carl Duchaj Caryn Eberhart Michael Ehlers Jodi Eisenberg Alex Engels !Kathy Erpelding Bradley Evans Marc Fallerone Sue Fang David Farkas Aron Feinberg David Fickert Matt Filippini Joel Fink Lori Fleck Eric Frank Lori Freed Daniel Freedman Rosanne Friedman Steven Fuentes Helena Gabriel Janice Gajdek Joey Gan Patricia Geralde Student finds it very difficult to cheat the computerized test. 217 Holly Gershanov Elizabeth Gerstein Jeff Gilbert Julia Gillan Mitchell Gitelman Michael Glick Darrell Gold Charles Goldberg Darrell Goldberg Gary Goldenberg Rhonda Goldstein Susan Goldstick Ted Goodman Lisa Goone Michelle Gorchow Cynthia Gotfryd Elizabeth Grass Barbara Groeling Paul Grosse Natalie Gunchick Glenn Guttman Lisa Hahn Julie Halap Margaret Hanrahan Andrew Harrelson Gayle Hartzen Debra Havdala Karen Hedberg Karen Hedquist Kathy Hehn Richard Hein Donald Hennessy Scott Herbold Ellen Herman Robert Hill Oliver Hintz Keith Hirata Carrie Hlepas Jacqueline Hoffman James Hoffman Richard Holowicki Elmer Hortelano Beth Horvat Frank Horvath Richard Hugel Susan Hughes Michael Irpino Todd Jackson Peter Jacobsen The gym seems to be used as a substitute winter arena. 218 Renata Jakubowski David Javid Frank Ji Bradley Joselit Peter Joseph Kenneth Justesen Timothy Kaferly Mark Kapelanski Todd Kaplan Kimberly Kasnick William Kaufman Julie Kellman David Kewith Shahin Khoshbin Eva Kim Susan Kim Steven Klein Cary Kochman Steven Korol Dimitra Kotsinosos Louis Kovitz Lisa Kozokar Richard Kraft Susan Krause Elliot Kravetz Janice Kreher Julie Kremen William Kruzel Caroline Kukulski Thomas La Belle Dianne LaBorde Michael Lanski Lori Laratro Dale Larson Norman Larsson Debra Laser Alfred Lazar Kenneth Le Comte Elisa Leberis Maria Leberis Elizabeth Lee Yuna Lee Mike Lembcke Mark Lemke Karen Lesiowski Mark Levant Barry Levin Randi Levinson Craig Levy Susan Goldstick takes time out for a coke break. 219 George Liakopoulos Neal Lieder Allen Limpin Kenneth Linke John Liosatos Pheodora Liou Marc Lipkin Ernie Loggarakis Deborah Loiacano Kim Lores Joe Lucia Katherina Luppo Thomas Lutz James Lynn Sharon Mahan Steven Majewski Christine Mak Alex Maliwanag Julie Mamett Norman Mansfield John Marshall Julie Martini Geralyn Masterton Jo Ann Matchen Lois Mayer Robert Me Carty Keith Me Cormick Karen Me Donough Tobias Miesing Arleen Milbrandt Phyllis Milewski Veronica Milewski Dino Miliotis Stephen Miller Tracy Miller Lawrence Mimp Jennie Mirkovic Jennifer Monnier Brenda Moss Natasha Motev Alex Mozner Andrew Much Annette Mugrditchian John Murray James Nadder Zan Nedic Lorelee Nelson Mindy Newman Karen Nolan Little kids can play badmitton, too. 220 Amy Nutting Patricia 0’Boyle Lorraine O ' Rourke Michael Oberlander Ira Oliff Victor Ovsey Donna Pallson George Pappas David Parisi Hye-Ryon Park Himanshu Patel Lori Peterson Kimberly Petrie Floyd Pinckney Jr. Tracy Pitts Sabine Plonus Sheila Poet Gregg Ponitch Stephanie Poulakidas Gina Quilici Susan Rabin William Raucci Robert Reichert Lynn Reinhard Russel Reiter Susan Rich Steven Robinson Laura Rockel Peter Roggeman Cindy Roman Helene Romanofsky Gail Root Adele Rose Debra Rose Bennet Rosenberg Susan Rosenblum David Rosenthal Hope Ross Kevin Ross Jill Rovner David Rugendorf Judith Rusch Kenneth Sacks Elizabeth Salomon Daniel Sanet Kathleen Sander Lee Schaps Lynne Schildgen Linda Schmidt Huh? 221 Sandra Schreier Ross Schreiter Elissa Schwartz Richard Schwartz Bette Schwarz David Schwarz Arthur Seimen Nina Serlin Lisa Shapiro Mindy Shapiro Christos Shiakallis Patricia Sierzega Efrem Silensky Jay Silverman Sheldon Silverman Richard Simon Lisa Singer Chris Sinica Wendy Smason Alan Smith Paul Smith Miriam Snyder Joo Young Son Bob Spagnoli Ellen Sprague Linnea St Marie Van Stamos Christopher Steele David Steiner Michael Stern Laure n Stevens Barbara Stone Steve Straton Carol Swenson Robin Telengater Karen Tenzillo Katherine Tenzillo Gus Therios Elizabeth Todd Lori Tomoleoni Lorie Torch John Tripi Steven Ubrig Eleni Varnavas Amy Varon Monet Vass Tina Venetos Karen Venson Neil Warshawsky Let’s see those legs! 222 Gary Watson Shari Watts Lisa Wax Brian Weinberg Rebecca Weinstein Tamara Weitzman Jeffrey Wilfong Dwayne Wilken David Wilm Michael Wilson Karen Wittenberg David Woodfield Diane Wratschko Lisa Wright Sandra Yep Lisa Zeller Wendy Zepin Fred Zicarelli Julie Zivilik David Zucker Dean Antic Bob Batchen Jeri Boepple Lisa Byron Lisa Corona Mike Dahm Dorothy Deubner David Javid Gary Klein David Kloser Karen Lader Tim Lindemann Mark Duncsf ord Rosie Miller Ken Perl Andrea Rubiano Sharon Schneider Karen Schwartz Radivoje Tupanjac David Turner Scott Wurzbacher David Zucker The next Walter Payton. 223 The role of the principal in a large suburban school is to de¬ velop an optimal educational program for the students and parents of the community. The interesting and exciting chal¬ lenge is to create the annual program of learning opportuni¬ ties in conjunction with teach¬ ers, staff and fellow administra¬ tors. The many facets of Niles West require the attention of the administration toward the most important tasks of attain¬ ing excellence — maintaining strong student and faculty sup¬ port — and presenting a posi¬ tive charisma of public rela¬ tions for the benefit and pro¬ gress of the school. Beyond the many and varied tasks as principal, this year Dr. Mannos served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Illinois High School Associ¬ ation, a member of the Execu¬ tive Board of the Illinois Princi¬ pals Association and the state coordinator for the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Dorothy Mitnick PRINCIPAL Dr. Nicholas T. Mannos ADMINISTRATORS Counterclockwise from Upper Left: Dennis Fickes, Building Manager and director of physical education, Inset: Marlene Karpinski; Carl Geis, Dean, In¬ set: Rosiland Benford; Larry Erickson, Dean, Inset: Bea Mroz. 229 The administrative team met once a week to discuss issues that arise every day. A team goal was to provide a common philosophy among depart¬ ments for handling Niles West’s daily problems. The weekly team meeting also afforded the administration the opportunity to share ideas and information and make group decisions. One of the team’s major goals this year was to smooth the way for East students and fac¬ ulty who will be at West next fall. This year the team also in¬ stituted freshman study halls, a new attendance system de¬ signed to increase student ac¬ countability, and a policy re¬ quiring all students to take final exams with the exception of graduating seniors. Administrators clockwise from upper left: Richard Antes, English and Foreign Language; John Winterhalter, Voca¬ tional Education; Gerald Turry, Math and Science; John Lorenz, Social Stud¬ ies and Fine Arts; and Jerry Kupfer- berg, Student Services. Administrative secretaries inset, clockwise from upper left: Marge Phil- lipe, Phyllis Mooradian, Gladys Bonetti, Dorothy Beringer, and Faye Maden- berg. 230 231 BOARD OF EDUCATION ■ This year the Niles Township Board of Education spent its time reviewing the present policies of the school district and planning for the new dec¬ ade. The general curriculum was reviewed and educational trends over the past fifteen years were examined. Long- range plans for revenue and enrollment over the next five years were discussed. The high school counselor’s job was studied and regulations were discussed for student disci¬ pline. FOREIGN No new courses were offered in 1979 80 but all courses were combined to make the same foreign language offerings at North and West in 1980 81. Students of all languages took common final examinations for the second year. English as a second language was offered for the first time as a two-year sequenced course and stu¬ dents from many different lan¬ guage backgrounds were en¬ rolled. Field trips, foreign food, and foreign exchange students helped students to learn the cultural background of the dif¬ ferent languages. From upper left, clockwise: Katherine Beck, Joseph Brennan, George Brink, Olga Geor- giev, Julie Grossberg, Isaac Hoffman, Terese Klinger, Madeleine Loughran, Alex Miron, Ger¬ trude O’Reilly, Roger Stein, and Peter Zorn. LANGUAGE JUm Hsl 236 ri MATH Top left hand corner, clockwise: Ray Benson, Don Field, Dennis Filliman, Josphine Hentz, Gina Hubbard, Stan Jones, Dean Krone, Jim Martin, Miriam Metz The Niles West Math Depart¬ ment had several outstanding achievements this year. Note¬ worthy events were the Math Intramural competition and the Math Team Interscholastic competition in the North Sub¬ urban Math League. Niles West ranked fifth in the entire area in interscholastic competition. Many outstanding “mathletes” competed with member schools in grueling competition held throughout the year. Due to the expert organiza¬ tion and departmental interest, students were afforded an op¬ portunity to compete among the very top places. This year the math department joined the National MU ALPHA THETA Mathematics Fraternity. Stu¬ dents competed in the Atlantic- Pacific National Math Contest. Students performed admirably on the national examinations for advanced placement calcu¬ lus. A Math Trophy Case was created in order to maintain a permanent record of the out¬ standing achievements of math students. 4 v ' SCIENCE Clockwise from Upper Left: John Beef- tink, Larry Broy, Gerald Firak, Glenn Dessing , JK The Niles West Science Depart¬ ment had another outstanding year which included the devel¬ opment of an industrial science seminar program. Several out¬ standing students involved in independent research were sponsored by area research firms. The technical assistance and support allowed Niles West to begin a program which should gain statewide atten¬ tion. The annual science fair as well as fine instructional pro¬ grams continued to allow West science students an outstand¬ ing opportunity for science education. Advanced place¬ ment programs continued to abound from West, which is one of the few area schools to offer A.P.P. courses in three disciplines. Student awards were showcased in the Science trophy hall of fame located on the third floor. Spreading artistic culture throughout the school is what the Art Department did best. Students in the department ex¬ celled in different aspects of art. Much of their work was dis¬ played throughout the corri¬ dors. Tom Blackburn (left) and Gary Davis ARTH HEALTH The staff of this years Health Department consisted of Ron Campbell and Sharon Zorn. Al¬ though there were only two teachers, they kept the depart¬ ment active. Health Education proves to be a valuable class for the Niles West student. Ron Campbell (left) and Sharon Zorn 242 Providing students with the necessary knowledge needed to drive an automobile is the responsibility of the Drivers Education Department. In- depth classroom sessions, aid¬ ed by valuable range and be- hind-the-wheel experience have been a great asset to the students. James Kettleborough (left) and Carl Van Cleeve. DRIVER EDUCATION ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTER The Alternative Learning Cen¬ ter provided students with a more personal educational at¬ mosphere. The center helps each individual to experience vocations outside of the class¬ room. Jean Barstow (left) and William Robin¬ son 243 HOME ECONOMICS The world of Home Economics at Niles West included diversi¬ fied activities ranging from a style show with Niles East and Niles North to graduation exer¬ cises for pre-schoolers who were enrolled in a program with the Child Development Class. While the food classes teased us with their pleasing aroma, some of us were in Management for Living dis¬ cussing the influence of the prime interest rate on the stock market. From top left clockwise: Barbara Chausow, Wilda DeFur, Marian Jaeschke, and Elizabeth Oldham. 246 sponsibility for educating young men and women in the facts of citizenship and demo¬ cratic ideals. In other words, social studies courses are asked to produce people wh o are politically informed and ac¬ tive. All this seems to be an impossi¬ ble task for most people-but the social studies teachers who go their daily rounds are ex¬ pected to live up to these ex¬ pectations and do an admira¬ ble job for Niles West students. Honors courses in United States History and Western Civilization were reinstated this past year with several students taking advantage of this enrich¬ ing curriculum. Psychology continued to be the most popu¬ lar of the social science elec¬ tives with over 600 students selecting this course. Social Studies teachers are ex¬ pected to do the impossible. They are required to be more or less an expert in a multiplic¬ ity and variety of social science disciplines. At the same time, they must be practitioners of the whole range of teaching strategies from the traditional to the latest trends. In addition to these expected accomplish¬ ments, there is societies’ insis¬ tence that the social studies teachers have the major re¬ SOCIAL STUDIES From upper left clockwise: John Gault, John Handzel, Dan Hili, Arthur Leipold, Bruce Munson, Michaela Rowland, Merilyn Schiffman, Carol Simone, Mar¬ jorie Stevens, Harry Stokes, Celestine Van Dorpe. 247 V INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Department continued to promote student interest in skilled labor. Some courses offered were: Auto Me¬ chanics, Aeronautics, Electric¬ ity, Radio Technology, and In¬ dustrial Drawing. From Upper Left Clockwise: Glenn An¬ derson, Erwin Froelich, Tom Kaiser, Jack Lain, Charles Swinford, Gene Volkman. 248 INDIVIDUAL The Individualized Instruction Center is designed to provide students with help in their ad¬ justment to the school environ¬ ment. The I.I.C. teachers work with parents, teachers, and students to aid students. They read assignments, examine tests, and make use of educa ¬ tional games to improve stu¬ dents’ work and study habits. Each teacher has a case load of students for which individual¬ ized plans based upon needs and goals must be developed. From Top Left Clockwise: Phyllis Axon. William Kelly, David Solovy, Sarane Schulz INSTRUCTION CENTER square below Witelegify o n The Niles West English Depart¬ ment offered the second year of the new English program. Sophomores completed a new, two semester course which was taught at the essentials, regular, and honors levels. Freshmen took a new test which was diagnostic and also measured progress made dur¬ ing the year. Clockwise From Top Left: James Knaak, James Batts, Richard Gragg, Molly Magee, Edmund Berek, Marvin Klebba, Morris Parker, William Geis- mann, Robert Johnson MED A Clockwise from upper left: Albert Ram- bis, Stephanie Szymanski, Phyllis Ep¬ stein, Diane Hosfield, Sylvia Ruben- stein, Billie Zidek, Marilyn Kolas, Nena Larrocco, Helen Porten, Joyce Horne, Marie Deleonardis. Eleanor Parker. ' ' A Niles West is fortunate to have a complete Media Center in¬ cluding a Main Library, Library Annex, Audio-Visual Center, Listening-View Area, and a Graphics Section. These areas are geared toward individual and group study, along with reference assis¬ tance for both students and staff. Also available is a wide textbook selection and compi¬ lation of bibliographies. A diversity of materials are pre¬ sent for continual sources of research. Available is the most current audio-visual equip¬ ment, supplies for publicity and promotion, records, filmstrips, and tapes. These well-rounded areas prove to be a great asset to the Niles West student. 255 BUSINESS EDUCATION Business Education classes en¬ able students to have a better understanding of the business world and its ways. The courses introduced students to a wide vocabulary of business terms, and furthered the skills of reading, writing and commu¬ nication. Clockwise from Upper Left: Annabel Begley, Robert Feick, Frank Fitzpa¬ trick, Edward Grossheusch, Pat Sav¬ age, Darrell Smith, Dorothy Wise. 256 The Niles West Physical Educa¬ tion Department provides each of our students with a daily physical education class. Its curriculum affords a wide vari¬ ety of gymnastic, aquatic, dance, recreational, team and individual activities. The four¬ teen member staff is well trained and highly specialized. The department seeks to pro¬ vide every student the oppor¬ tunity to develope a strong, healthy body; encourage good health habits; aid in the devel¬ opment of athletic skills for use now, and in adult life; and to teach the social values inher¬ ent in competitive activities. The high school years are a tre¬ mendously important period in the development of each stu¬ dent, physically as well as men¬ tally and emotionally. A healthy body enables one to more fully enjoy all aspects of living and assures a greater chance of success in any worthwhile un¬ dertaking. Regular participa¬ tion is the pathway to a longer life and a more satisfying exis¬ tence. STUDENT SERVICES Top (I. to r.): Joyce Ball, Mildred Es- kow, Maire Flynn, Mary Jaros, Charles Kemmler, Phyllis Klapman. Middle (I. to r.): Rollie Korol, Abigail Lawrence, David Lee. Bottom (I. to r.): Christine Martin, Kathy Burkel, Marlene Peter¬ son, Rita Schalk, Jim Van Vrenken, Jo¬ seph Guenther. GUIDANCE From upper left, clockwise: Robert Re¬ dig, Leo Hoosline, Frank Mustari, Harry Sortl, Roberta Jorgesen, Dr. Walter Cocking, Dr. Arthur Ryden, Mary Pat Carr. The Niles West Guidance De¬ partment successfully led stu¬ dents through another school year. Each counselor contend¬ ed with a great amount of work which consisted of schedule changes, applications for ad¬ mission to college, and the credit-audit program. The Guidance Department also pro¬ vided an effective testing pro¬ gram, job information for stu¬ dents, and an accurate listing of scholarship offers. The Music Department was made up of three basic organi¬ zations: Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, which in turn had groups that were related to them. The department also of¬ fered courses in music theory and guitar. The band program offered courses such as beginning band instruments, freshmen band, intermediate band, and concert band. A jazz band pro¬ gram was also offered to those who participated in the above bands. The concert and inter¬ mediate bands combined to form the marching band which played at football games, pa¬ rades, and basketball games. The Orchestra program of¬ fered a course in beginning strings, intermediate orches¬ tra, and concert orchestra which consisted of all strings plus a full wind section. Mem¬ bers of the orchestra partici¬ pated in the string orchestra which performed at open house, the honors assembly, and other outside functions. The choral program offered courses in glee club and choir; some choir members were se¬ lected to perform in the asap- pella choir. In addition, after school groups such as Vivace and Westones offered popular music. Piano instruction was also taught through the choral program. All three groups participated in concerts individually and to¬ gether. Counterclockwise from upper left: Sharon Luzum, Keith Ramsden, Hugh McGee, Ted Kaitchuck, Charles Groel- ing. 264 265 268 This year’s custodial staff was re sponsible for the mainte¬ nance of the school and its grounds. The custodians kept classrooms and hallways clean in addition to general upkeep and repairs. CUSTODIANS Clockwise from upper left: Nicholas Tselikis, Marie Osmolak, John Kor- ynt, Anthony Aviano, John Flaherty, John Hermuz, Cesar Reyes, Julius Dregley, Richard Strazinski. CAFETERIA The cafeteria staff provided hot lunches throughout the school year. They served the well balanced “Indian” specials everyday with smiles on their faces. Put¬ ting up with endless com¬ ments and grief, the efforts of the cafeteria staff were truly commendable. Clockwise from upper left: V. Novo- tony, L. Salvo, R. Brenda, J. Weimer, M. Schultz; Group picure, top left to right: M. Schultz, L. Besterman, J. Koza, L. Sheridan, J. Weimer, L. Salvo, M. Van Cleave, M. Lood; Bottom row left to right: A. Racana, R. Feldpauch, A. Ziameck; Not pictured: L. Archange- letti, R. Grenda, J. Koza, E. Kyncy, L. McClosky, A. Nothof, A. Roberto, N. Staackmann. 1980 SPECTRUM STAFF Editor-In-Chief Rich Robbins Assistant Editor Shoba Ranganath Faculty Advisor Mr. Jerrome Orr Special Events Editor Wendy Fox Sports Editor Mike Sacks Clubs Editor Robin Bachman Seniors Editor Gayle Sidler Underclass Editor Diane Goldstick Faculty Editor Scott Heyman Photography Editor Monte McGuire Cover Design Joel Lieb Artwork Page 2 Glen Noren Division Pages Joel Lieb Introduction Shoba Ranganath Rich Robbins Monte McGuire Candid Pages Shoba Ranganath Special Production Assistance Robin Bachman Dr. Joseph Robbins Graffiti Pages Shoba Ranganath Bob Gussin Senior Survey Robin Bachman Wendy Fox Index Scott Heyman Shoba Ranganath Staff Members Joanne Barrington Monica Cohen Susan Friedlander Pam Friedman Bob Gussin Maria Koclanis Laura Meshulam Tracey Miller Lisa Russell Mark Schwartz Julie Tatooles Janice Thall Linda Wadler Scott Weinstein Photographers Leonard Go Tom Weiss Howard Frazin Rich Robbins Brian Abrahams Dan Bernstein Duplication Services Mr. Gene Mitz Professional Photography Root Studios Publisher Josten’s American Yearbook Company Publisher ' s Representative Mr. Dennis Eder 271 FRIENDS AT WEST " Ti o tht Class of X R u LAuM r 3 o f jr ' tVV ? 1 0 ' S i 2 ot " " ' « v 4 t 4 , J- 4 r JP VcN " Ik % y c . ° Xh A ,v ??l X idouid jw»s+ I.Kt -to tafc 5 this ® t»P t L wish O.II of LjOt th t btsi of H ; fr- loX 1 T Wt tjoa all rtach ar a Z ' ? t c qoa.(S, P £ S octvsfol i P cor Carters f G |- - and tt tve Ihintj oft of |, that H 2 -I s Ji o 3 T 1 -’ ,ntc ,fc ,Y, 1 u ' tyo H f-s, r n is tJw ' - all ucv, ' dreams come. -J 1 1% T • H f 1 I ht | that all ijOvrd ' fea S Co r t- S £ x true. £spco 2ll to fr ndS ' 1 ' ;• - t- i? _ _, . ax bt ccmpliAioc. one ' ' £- 4 , N c- ' pLst of cor |k£S bu f ? % It 4 -Hus rnart -th J r- 1 G-s CT) l? ■ 3 € ' y L - i v.- J " £ “V fV N u s ? " $$ g " 8 $ L £ J fr fh ° £ l 6 „T iC-f L bttj nniocj of oor lertj fnf rx sK pS B £ St MS )£S class of ra ' »r)toio 5 j Gary V S - . A ?v kfe y. ' «,W £ .T x vyA ■f frn .-x vt Ope } u P V a Wi Mas i ' fnrr -H ( X ' ■Sos e. ycor Whle-oysi ' . ' _ CffttiR - ' SO S? Loi £, X Beih % finK cT ' -V jf X V O ' X , V N e y N AfjP 3 ' f ' +Ac . ' ' V Aid 7ou ' e be n great ' • always!! P.S Good Luck -Vo tLe Cla S of go ' 1 P-S.S. Gar ; Winter Vacation uoas great, Lt hope -Vhe he t sufMrner uj 11 Gc evem be tVer 1 ' Rc ei er Sufe y ine, Jactife ; Carol ; Cu i TOmife, Q 01 M 6 OM A L OW HO But w ?) 6 KIqt tYRLfliD,Cui t 6or rbcSom fnt oeifS - - 1 ° +-° fO v .5 at ' , 1 ' ° w Roie ' j D.B. gV 0 ,X ' ■x y % 4 r, r Ox y 7e z JpU-XX 0 Uw 3ant, ftoOcj £ - ei Htufcca -CLtk.ts g |A lo e l •, UsciA Or is v £,5ciq 7 n2 ( Co l ' UtVt V nice 5 cVl(p ” -» H v c i «j- ' (jr V£i;. ' ,, cici ' vwnu pr V ivoV - U»Me ch n ifed t u , vtxfcr sUoblt, j£. iu Vj£l ) l5or. • ' pop-f u C (a ju S4 t dc - Ltf As OS-l 0 dcEC a»vd v-m Qttus jOtVe 5b qawi " V ' K) UU- 5bp ■VkrdcutXA E ftane feds Ouf uTScdW 1 " J o : e.V A. A, a j: oiot kv a uit , tilt ; c A Q! n • A ;orx vX ' V‘ " the times W£ shared wi hio our hcav-ls of Qpo and bad as we depart TT e I ' rn S We had loched wHhin ?l 0 i.l be remember witt a c no But as we ock al times opne by we will ' remember Miles West H f h I °5° lo fli( Q f ,fj To Q.U ' fU- £r ZhCLf) Pv-R. ConCf4 A UJ cx£JL OiHddlu 0 C of ’y frrexl} Mlc l r WicK 4 TNctfs. . thi ° y V W Htt wtw- y Tv_ £ lOUiV pCjLCL Q. cUvJrt C r jet f r ° c cue V ' t e-PCc Z k? a €- )(rn-u 2 _ J B vji ' bn.frr-eAii 0 0. Mho Oxaju o 0 5 tjw -Joi jnnr Socko i$ S preyne Cor rr ur der gf Ue G xk X yl — 1r. Politer sa , ' ' 8, j-filfP «iSf«r£ 7 M 9 V p . HT -1 — - —S ' - Zliper f A ' 5 -Sr4 W NOVA bS 3 ST 0 Hi (U ip fAsn ?i1 ' fili V by JTlJH f»r SVoppMj X .. •» p a, 7 r 3 ( oc.ic K sk pl se Call ke ?? ■ 4 i vi ysheJ . B y - £ y first senior fancA, buddies’ M rget- lr „qs. ' d s 5he or da n ' 4 fd J + . °» Cor vertes M +■ . 6 + r d -C 1 r v ' lfh v s 3r e Av ' odciA f rVi as, Kof- H £ - Peppers ' , Mercedes, ar x -- Sr 3 3 C ord ey C, ' $ r (i fr C vo y .W 2 . - a - h Mof ft ' M f B cfgj oS, - h -1 c n s - . 8 ±. w t ,3 : " ,o 5 -io V r V V V - c hO BOVS, Vs-Bf-ALU | 2Arr,, ro « 9 O (o-SB-n 0 ! Qood bvje o M.les vJest Wal) O-Q If -i p is I i 3 « ? r 5 y r r b »w 3 0 • ! a) B Wf h5 - 31 ? ' w rs3 i vf e. 5 1 - 5 T S 2 ■ t - - x 3 4- CT7 G B - h4 + T -G _ 4 ta -r ; ' ,j " 0 i £ 0 °- tV -£- Mf s cSaer- , A«f 6 ii 9 °- Q ' -. d£ . r Q? A 7 " H 7 .4 si ' " . v Ahi 3-h S o) 1 fi v! CX to ' Pic c h K ' r ' £X y atsKi . AiVet ' borxia, |.ov,rro, V ) i3cbbv , teh-”H xll toe t rHv, ' aop-- " ' ravllvj scon- dee + aeoroji G owJWlt or vj(Xvr - TL n- +. i-5SSc .? d —r 9 04- § ..w, c Sl ? .D S CT+ 1 " °- ■? V u jp— 35 cu_± rt - - (V 0 ci.-a ■ 0 r c his- Cf s§ 0 § t » ? f K -C 4o°0 T cSO ' h ' V ' .A- , 0 lN ' cV wn- ' -ii 1 , 0 -r V_J h h " 3 4 ' V - n, y v v £ -T v 3 0 h j P 7- £ J - 2oc 0-4 CL_ P n p £ V Tv ' ■ V3 •_r ' — d 3 . O 3» jP o . £ d a Op£ pr- vT O’ A hJ 0 O 4 V ■ A V ?, v 4 i j ' .-? ' m ' i «• W car tete a % -e-m J Joa tBlQO? 30 rncx OiO a-V ' 4 $ Ca Af 2 StX - $ £T I % (B ,lii y d - t-c d I w W 1 46 o " y lo fhe Harrer lark gomq— yj(xj j A-oo _ ' Ofc . _2jL? ' N? Ujn f Lf pnna. do +oni h|? m j-3 -0 c-C 7 2 For the. times we’ve Shared Opd ' fhe -fun weVe had 4 c I-f!s -fine taugh+er We will remember Whenever we remember the way we were. . .. Thanks -, r nnemor ie dtf )dCajbuza- j ujiJ 2ptfij cL-,, V) r7 -V ock 3 dcr o,oc £ f £) d Vo honf Smo( e, She wanf 5 it - Zyy hikers _ -Siie _ A , llix Hearb £,V£ j, wj]. ’ % vc ' o ,Jrf V W g tt ' ,. c 2 Charlie Gruels - (0 Bsnny M»N s n pwty. 0 - b W ' 5 r ZO ' Cold asYce tfemcte, blotchy -h ShKvrvcc-Ks 6 v U • ' c xcAJU tfc juJLi — i OOGltS ST v Me (Vayy , n opnSaDmmG s E N I 0 R ABRAHAMS, BRIAN: Wrestling 1; Soccer 1,2,3; Photo Club 1,2; Newspaper 3,4; Yearbook 3,4; National Merit Scholar 3; Illinois State Scholar 4: Century III Lead¬ ership Award 4; 2nd Place Photo Contest 2: Presidential Class¬ room for Young Americans 4. My future plans are to open the first free clinic in Lincolnwood. ARCHIBALD, NANCY: Midnight Riders 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet 4: SAB 4: Bronze Key. My most memorable experience at Niles West was graduation. ARONSON, LARRY: Gymnastics 1,2. I would most like to be re¬ membered for my big mouth to teachers in class. ASHER, RON: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; N-Club 3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for getting a TV camera¬ man to come up into the stands at the girls basketball finals down- state. ATSAVES, BARB: Basketball 1,2,3,4: All-Conference, All State Tournament Team 2; Captain 4: Ahepa Athlete of the Year Award; Softball 1,2,3,4; All Conference; Cheerleading 1,2; Homecoming Court 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet 4: Rotary Club Scholarship Finalist 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for telling the TV audience downstate that I was a sopho¬ more and embarrassing myself. ATSAVES, MARIA: Midnight Rid¬ ers 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for WHAT!!! BACHMAN, ROBIN: AFS 1; Year¬ book 3,4; Clubs Editor 4; N.H.S. 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Con¬ cert Band 1,2,4; Intermediate Band 3: Tour Band 1,2,3,4: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Rank Leader 4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Mid-East Music Conven¬ tion 1; District Band 4: 1st Place IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3; Band Contest 3: White Certi¬ ficate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My most memora¬ ble experiences at Niles West were playing in the Concert Band in the first semester of my fresh¬ man year, and getting together with Rich Robbins at Opportunity Plus in May of 1978. BAILEY, MELINDA: Pacesetters 2; Aquasprites 1,3; Tennis Tean 3,4; Leaders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being a nice person. BAROV, LAURA: Scarlet Certifi¬ cate 1: Bronze Key. My most memorable experience at Niles West was this Senior Survey. BARRINGTON, JOANNE: Pow Wow 2: AFS 2,3,4; AFS summer exchange student to South Africa 3; Children’s Theater 3: Yearbook 4; N.H.S. 3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was being on Scott Heyman’s Year¬ book staff. BEDONY, RICHARD J.: Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. One truely important thing I learned at Niles West can be expressed in the phrase, “Doing what’s expected of you is not always the same as doing what’s best for you.’’ BERGER, SINDEE: Girls Softball Team 1; Concert Band 1,2,3; In¬ termediate Band 1; Mid-East Mu¬ sic Convention 1; Girls Badmitton Team 2; Orchesis Band 2,3; Pow Wow Band 3; 1st Place IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3; AFS 2; Marching Band 1,2,3; Pep Band. 1,2,3; District Band Contest 2,3. My future plans are designing the interior of homes, offices, and stores, continuing playing my acoustic and to meet my buddies on 11 11 87. BERNHEIM, DEBORAH: AFS 2,3,4; German exchange 2; Opus One 3,4; Pacesetters 2,3; Presi¬ dent 3; Scarlet Certificate 1; Girls Glee 3; Senior Class Cabinet 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West happened during an exciting gym period of scooter soccer, watching Joanne Barring¬ ton crawl across the floor. BERNSTEIN, CHARLES: Forums 3,4. My future plans are to go to college, to become a correspon- dant for a great metropolitan newspaper, and to have my name become a household word. BERNSTEIN, DAN: Tennis 1,3,4; Westword 1,2,3,4: N.H.S. 3,4; German Club 1,2; Bronze Key 2. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being Co-President and founder of the Ni-We-Hi-Ducky Club, and for living, loving, and learning. BJORKLUND, CHERYL: Gymnas¬ tics Demonstration Team 1; Pom- Pon 3,4: Swim Team 2; Midnight Riders 3; Leaders 2,3,4; Pow Wow 1. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for those 8th period hunt¬ ing excursions to catch a few “B’s’’M! My future plans are to meet my buddies on 11 11 87. BLUMENTHAL, MARK: Basketball 1. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was gradu¬ ation. BLOCK, JEANNIE: Midnight Rid¬ ers 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for the neck decora¬ tions freshman year. BODEN, SCOTT: Soccer 1,2; Bas¬ ketball 1,2; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was getting into trou¬ ble at Glenbrook North during the football game, having to see Dean Geis, almost being suspended .... and school had not even started! BRAJE, BARB: Track 2,3,4; Lead¬ ers 2,3,4; Orchestra 1; Music Tour 1; Soccerettes 1,2,3: N.H.S. 3,4: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. I would most like to be remembered for my eye and my “big shoe.” BRAVER, RON: Football 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being a fine student and never getting into trouble. BUCHINO, MIKE: Wrestling 2,3; Guard Club 3. I would most like to be remembered for not blowing off classes for 3Vfe years, “Until the Last Semester.’’ CAPLAN, PAM: Children’s The¬ ater 1,2,3. I would most like to be remembered for being one of the shortest seniors. CHAO, MARK: Football 1,2: Wres¬ tling 1,2,3,4; Aeronautics Club 1,2; Photo Club 3: AFS 4; N.H.S. 4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key; Illinois State Scholar 4. My future plans are to be the oppo¬ site of Mark Fishbein. CHIN, PHILLIP PAUL: Football 1,2,3,4: Baseball 1; N-Club 3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for having the wildest egg and shaving cream fight ... inside my car. CHORPASH, MICHEAL: Marching Band 2,3,4: Concert Band 3,4; Band Tours 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow Band 3,4; Orchestra 4: Basketball Band 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Dance Show Band 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Fo¬ rums 2: Bowling 1,2,3,4; District Band 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for participating in as few activities as possible. COHEN, JULIE Volleyball 1: Ger¬ man Club 1; Bronze Key 3; Year¬ book 2,3; Senior Class Cabinet 4. My future plans are to go into the marketing field and not to forget 11 11 87. COHEN, MICHEAL: National Hon¬ or Society 3,4, Aeronautics Club 1,2; Soccer Team 1,2. I would most like to be remembered for being the only person smart enough not to eat the school lunches. COLOIAN, LISA: Leaders 2,3,4; Pow-Wow 1; Junior Achievement 2; D.E.C.A. (Parlimentarian)4; Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experi ence at Niles West was playing S.T.B. on scoot¬ ers in Sr. Leaders physical Educa¬ tion class. CONTI, TINA: Softball 1, Leaders 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Confer¬ ence champs 3,4; Regional Champs 3,4; Sectional Champs 3,4, State Champs 3,4?. My most memorable experience at Niles West was beating East St. Louis Lincoln for the state champion¬ ship. COOPER, ADAM: Soccer 1,2,3: SRA 3,4: Westword 2,3,4; Ger¬ man Club 1,2,3,4; Student Ap¬ peals Board 3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2: Silver Key 4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; EPAC 3; School Board Representative 4; Caucus representative 3; AFS 3,4; AFS Americans Abroad Summer of 1979; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my westwird proo- freedng skils. COOPER, SHARON: Varsity Ten¬ nis 2,3,4; Captain 4; SAB 3: Lead¬ ers 2,3; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; White Certificate; Homecoming Court 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for taking 13th place in the state ten¬ nis tournament with Jill Mishkin. DEGER, LAURA: I would most like to be remembered for being an animal. DETHLOFF, RAY: Indoor Track 2; Gymnastics Intramurals 1; Soft- ball Intramurals 2,3,4. My future plans are to find a job. DORFMAN, LAURA: German Club 1; Concert Choir 3. I would most like to be remembered for not getting too upset the day I came to school and found several “Lau¬ ra Dorfman is a Moose who at¬ tends Moose U.” posters hung all over the school-including the cafeteria. Thanks Renee and John. DORFMAN, NINA: Midnight Rid¬ ers 2,3,4; Pom-Pon 3,4; Yearbook 3. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was escaping from the gym after badminton class without getting caught. DRAYER, ROBIN: Wind Ensemble 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Children’s Theatre 1; AFS 4; Band Board 4 Pow-Wow Band 4; Bronze Key 3; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Band Tour 1; 2,3,4; Scarlet Certificate 1; District Band 4, Orchesis Band 1; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Con¬ test 3,4; Mid-East Conference 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the 1978 Band Tour to New Orleans-1 went from the gutter to the luggage racks. DREXLER, RONALD: Photogra¬ phy Club 2,3; Bronze Key 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the strike Fresh¬ man year. EISENSTEIN, MARGARET: Stu¬ dents for Israel 1,2, Ecology Club 3,4; AFS 3; SRA 3; SFAA 3. I would most liked to be remembered for my sinfully good looks and electri¬ fying personality. My future plans are to get rid of my braces. ELLIOT, JIM: Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Gymnastics 1; N-Club 4; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for sitting in Coach Huff’s back pock¬ et like a penalty flag waiting to be thrown out and my brilliant sug¬ gestions I gave to the Midnight Riders for our posters. ERICKSON, DAVE: Football 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was my Junior Year in Coach Skuban’s rowdy 5th period gym class. EVANS, SCOTT: Track 1,2,3,4; 1st place Varsity Township Pole Vault; Ecology Club 2,3,4, Lab As¬ sistant 2; Junior Achievement 2; President 2. I would most like to be remembered for not having a nervous breakdown when I lost “My Sharona” in front of 2500 people at the Skil. Corp. picnic. FAHEY, TIMOTHY: Cross Country 1; Gymnastics 1; Track 2; Bronze Key; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for traveling to the ends of the universe and making it back for my next period class ... al¬ most. FEFLES, DENISE: Track Team 1,2; Freshmen Cabinet; Drama Club 1: Midnight Riders 2,3,4; Basketball Intramurals 1; Bronze Key 2. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being smart enough to graduate early. FILLER, LAN: Debate 1,2,3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; Science Seminar 1; ACS test 2; Band 1; White Certi¬ ficate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; ISU Debate Institute 2: Harvard 3: Georgetown 4; Opus I 4; Na¬ tional Merit Finalist 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for being like a Blue Nun, proper, nice, revered, pure, inhibited, and habitual. In short, correct with any dish. FINK, BETH RACHEL: White Certi¬ ficate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; AFS 1,2; Leaders Gym 2,3,4; Opus I 3; National Honor Society 3,4; SAB 3,4; Treasurer 4: Sopho¬ more Class Cabinet; Senior Class Cabinet; Pow-Wow skit writer 2; Yearbook 3; Pom-Pon 3,4; Mid¬ night Riders 2,3,4; Chairman at Homecoming Queen elections 4: Golf Key 4. My future plans are to be an asset to the world. FINKEL, LORI: Marching Band 1,2,3; Wind Ensemble 1; Concert Band 2,3: SAB 3,4 (Secretary); Pow-Wow Band 2; Midnight Rid¬ ers 3,4; Orchesis Band 2; Band tours 1,2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was over sleeping one morning on one of the band tours and missing the concert. FISHBEIN, MARK E.: Opus I post¬ er 4; It’s not important if I’m re¬ membered. FOX, BRYNA: Girl’s Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 4: Co-Captain Cross Country 4: German Club 2; Photo Club 2; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Bronze Key. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the inside of the guy’s lockeroom before home basketball games, and having a guy walk in and ask if we knew we were in the wrong lockeroom. FOX, WENDY: Yearbook 3,4; Spe¬ cial Events Section Editor 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Vivace 1,2; Pow Wow 1,2; Westones 4; AFS 2; Students for Israel 2; Senior Cabinet; National Honor Society 3,4; Secretary 3,4; Bronze Key 3; White Certificate 1; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for being the only one to laugh at my jokes, thus causing everyone to laugh (at the joke, of course) and also for my monomaniac addic¬ tion to green M M’s that finally brought about my metamorpha- sis on 10 31 79. FRAZIN, HOWARD: Basketball 1,2; Soccer 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3,4; Westword Editorial Cartoonist: Photographer, and Reporter 2,3,4; Yearbook Photographer 2,3,4; Math Intramurals 4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 3; Columbia University Scholastic Press Association’s Mark of Dis¬ tinction for Editorial Cartooning 2. My future plans are to initiate and be President of the Ayatollah Khomeini fan club and sell cold, moldy hot dogs on stale buns to Iranian cab drivers at the 1980 summer Olumpic games in Mos¬ cow. FRIEDLANDER, SUSAN GAIL: Concert Band 1,2: Demonstration Gymnastics Team 1,2,3; Com¬ petitive Gymnastics Team 1,2,3,4; Girls Track 1; Girls Cross Country 4; Marching Band 1,2; Leaders Gym 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4: I would most like to be remembered for my ability walking down the halls and tripping over my own feet and also for never reaching 5 feet tall. FRIEDMAN, MARK: Baseball 1: Tennis 2: Yearbook 3. I would most like to be remembered for the many classes that I enriched with my stunning sense of humor. FROEMMING, BEN: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; N-Club 3,4. My future plans are to go to college and be¬ come a successful CPA. S U R V E Y s E N I 0 R GALLAGHER, ERIN MARIE: Soft- ball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for pitching in the Girl’s State Softball Tournament. GALLAGHER, SHEILA: Art Council 2,3; Work Study 4. No single memorable incident comes to mind, but as I look back on my years at Niles West, I’ll be sure to remember all those hours in Dean Geis’ office and restricted study. GARFINKEL, GLENN: Soccer 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; N-Club Secre¬ tary 4; Bronze Key; Second Place DePaul University Stock Contest 3; National Honor Society 4. My future plans are to become suc¬ cessful and move to Lincolnwood. GELFMAN, LINDA: Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Pow Wow Choreographer 4; Opus I 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet; Band Tour 2,3. I would most like to be remembered for all my loves - my love of pigs, my love of parties, my love of guys, my love of bug¬ ging people and driving them crazy. GLENNER, ALISON: Girls Basket¬ ball 1,2; Softball 1,2: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4: Musi¬ cal 3,4; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Lead¬ ers Gym 2,3; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 4; District Band 4; Assistant Drum Major 4; Orchesis Band 1,2; First Place IHSA solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Mid- East Conference 1; Orchestra 4; International Thespian Confer¬ ence Band 3; Orchestra Manager 3,4: Basketball Band 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my infamous cast par¬ ties and surviving a year and a half going out with Alan Moltz. GOLDBERG, CANDY: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Or¬ chestra 4: Children’s Theatre 2; Leaders Gym 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was spending a night on an Amtrak train that was below zero on a band tour which caused me to lose my voice for ov r a week. GOLDSTICK, DIANE: Girls Tennis 1,2,3,4; Leaders Gym 2,3,4; SAB 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4; Under¬ class Section Editor 4; All-Confer¬ ence Tennis 2: Athlete of the Week 3; Varsity Letter 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was four years of learn¬ ing about myself and people and finding out who my friends really were. GOODMAN, ROD: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for having cot 1 in the nurses office for my first peri¬ od “crash out’’ every morning. GORDON, SANDI: Leaders Gym 2,3; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; Scarlet Certificate 1; Mid¬ night Riders 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for the wild party that I threw on Decem¬ ber 8: It was a pane in the glass. GROSS, MADELINE: Guard Club 2,3; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was the time one of my friends spilled choco¬ late milk all over my lap. GUALANO, AL: Soccer 1,2,3; Track 1,2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was fi¬ nally graduating after an extra half year. GURRENTZ, ANDY: Photo Club, Newspaper Staff 3,4, Yearbook Staff 3,4, Basketball Announcer. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for getting thrown out of the Annex a record eleven times in one day. GUSSIN, ROBERT: Cross Country 1,2, Track 1, SRA 3, Yearbook 4. My future plans are to seek out new worlds; new civilizations: to boldly go where no man has gone before. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was grow¬ ing a beard my senior year. HACKER, AMY LOUISE: Concert Choir 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for running into the gym wall Freshman year. HALAP, FAITH: Orchesis 1, Cheerleading 2, Pom Pon 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was escaping from the 6th period gym after class. HAMMOND, TAWNY: Cross Coun¬ try 1,2,3, Track 1,2,3, Milers Club 1, Indoor Track 2, GPA Leader 2. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being my own indepen¬ dent self. HEDBERG, CAROL L.: Girls Track 1,2,3,4, Bowling 3,4, Leaders Pro¬ gram 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for nothing in particular. HEINRICH, BILL: Varsity Football Manager 2,3,4, Varsity Basketball Manager 2,3,4, N-Club Business Manager 3, N-Club Preside nt 4, Boys Athletics Rotary Club Nomi¬ nee 4, My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was going down state to see the Girls Bas¬ ketball team win State in 1979. HERTLER, KATHY ANNE: German Club 1,2, Pacesetters 1,2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when in my history class, during a test, I took off my jacket and Mr. Anderson embar- rased me for the shirt I was wear¬ ing. It said, “Every Inch a Wom¬ an’’. He wanted to see every inch. HEYMAN, SCOTT: Debate 1, West Word 3,4, Yearbook Faculty Edi¬ tor 4, SRA 3,4, Bronze Key 2, Sil¬ ver Key 4, Student Appeals Board 3, SFAA 3, Illinois State Scholar 4, National Merit Semi-finalist 4, Na¬ tional Honor Society 4. I would most like to be remembered for not wearing dock-siders and duck shoes. HIMMLER, DEBBIE: Softball 1,2; Leaders Program 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for my continual clowning around. Laughter really is the key to living! HINTZ, PAM: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being a member of the State Champion Basketball Team. HIRSH, MITCHELL: My most memorable experience at Niles West was sleeping through all the films in Physics class. HLEPAS, GEORJEAN: Homecom¬ ing Committee 3,4: SAB 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was meeting Chris La- Pak. HOGG, RENEE: Varsity Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Captain 2,4; Aquas- prites 1,3; Timers Club 1; Guard Club 2. I would most like to be remembered for coming close to being the first person arrested, booked and charged with illegal possesion (of toilet paper). HORNSBERGER, DAVE: I would most like to be remembered for being able to be “ready for every¬ thing and anything.’’ IGLARSH, HUGH: Band 1,2: Con¬ cert Band 3,4; Orchestra 4; De¬ bate 1,2; AFS 2,3,4; Opus 1 4; Band tour 2,3,4; Sound of Music Orchestra 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4; Jazz Band 4; Nation¬ al Honor Society 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Semifin¬ alist 4; Brown Book Award 3. My future plans are to go to college for as long a time as possible and then gradually re-insert myself into the real world to be a voice for the downtrodden classes of the world. INGLES, BERT: Football 1,2; Baseball 1; Wrestling 2; Medical Careers Club 1. My most memo¬ rable experience at Niles West was getting into a fight in front of the Dean’s Office and not getting caught, even though there were at least 200 spectators. JAFFEE, NANCY E.: SAB 4; Na¬ tional Honors Society 3; Treasur¬ er of NHS 4; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Leaders Gym 2,3,4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being a founder and member of the “Winnie the Pooh Club” sixth period with An- drea and Lilli. JAKIEL, JOHN: I would most like to be remembered for my tardy- ness to class. JASENOF, IAN: Track 3,4; Bronze Key. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was gradu¬ ation! JOHNSON, GRANT S.: Concert Band 3,4, Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 3,4; Golf Team 1,2; Marching Band 2; Basketball Band 2,3,4. JUTOVSKY, MICHAEL: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Baseball 1; Intramural Softball 3; Aeronautics Club 1,2,3,4; President 4; Math Club 2,3,4; Sci¬ ence Seminar 3; Biology Lab As¬ sistant 2; Physics Lab Assistant 4; Fifth Place in Math Intramural Contest 3; Certificate of Award for Outstanding Achievement in Il¬ linois Math Contest 3; Fourth Place Team in Northwestern Uni¬ versity’s “Tech Olympics” 3; JETS Team 4. My goal in life is to become a competant and com¬ passionate physician: to bring my scientific skills and humanitarian impulses to the service of others. KAPELANSKI, SALLY: Concert Choir 2,3; Treasurer 3; Vivace 1,2; Pacesetter 1, White Certifi¬ cate 1, Bronze Key 3, Silver Key 4, Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for making it for the second half of all the home swim meets. KAPLAN, ROBERTA: Leaders 2,3,4; Pom-Pon 3,4, Midnight Rid¬ ers 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for yelling F.Y.A.H. down Collins Avenue with Laura and Lilli and swimming in one-of-a-kind bathingsuits, P.S. Detroit, here I come!!! KAPLAN, SHIRA: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; Feiffer’s People 2; Sen¬ ior Class Cabinet 4; Children’s Theater 1,2. I would most like to be remembered for coming to school dressed as a “green disco satin M and M’’ on Halloween. KAPSIS, MARY: Medical Careers Club 4. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was saying goodbye to all my friends and wishing them “all the luck.” KARAVATTUVEETIL, GEORGE: Tennis 3; Table Tennis Tourna¬ ment 1. I would most like to be remembered for being such a nice guy. KASCH, MARK: Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2. KASIK, CYNDI: Cheerleading 2,3,4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4. My future plans are staying out of “spats” with Jim Elliott. KASKEL, LARRY: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow Band 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Band 1,2,3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Bronze Key, Band Tour 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my creation of “Super Sax”. KAUFMAN, DAVID ALAN: Swim Team 1,2; Soccer Team 3; Intra¬ mural Racquetball 4; Racquetball Competition First Place 4: AFS 3; Students for Israel 3; Project “SAGE” 1; Debate 2; Forums Club 1,2; Westword Legal Correspon- dant 3,4; SRA 2,3,4, President 4; District School Board Alternate 4; Appeals Board 2,4: Educational Planning Advisory Committee 3; SFAA 2,3,4; District 219 Caucus 4; Niles Township Council of Stu¬ dents 3; National Honor Society 4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Hebrew Culture Exam Silver Pin 2; Gold Pin 3; Del¬ egate to National Association of Student Councils Convention (Or¬ lando, Fa.) 3; Illinois Association of Student Council Representa¬ tives 3; Gong Show 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4: Rotary Club Hon- oree 4. My ambition in life is to be the first Niles West student ever in the history of American jurispru¬ dence to attain the title and dis¬ tinct honor of Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (you are now adjourned!). KAUFMAN, GARY: Freshman Band 1; Intermediate Band 2,3: Concert Band 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; IHSA Solo Ensemble Con¬ test 2,3,4; Band Board 4; Pow Wow Band 4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 2,3,4; District Band 4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Rac¬ quetball 3,4; Medical Careers Club 1,2,3; SRA 1; SFAA 1; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. I would most like to be remembered for being the most mediocre clarinet player at Niles West. KEENAN, MATT: West Word 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was writing the en¬ tire April Fools Day issue of West Word and getting even. KEINRAD, ERIKA: Badmitton 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2; German Club 1,2,3; Children’s Theater 2; Scarlet Certificate 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was my Public Speaking class Sophomore year with C.J. and Glen. KEWITH, TERRI: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; District Band 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Con¬ test 2,3,4; Pow Wow 3; Soccer- ette 1,2. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was sitting in a 19 degree Amtrak train for a 10 hour delay to Philadelphia for our 78-79 band tour. KHAN, HASAN: Football 1, track 1,2,3,4; Intramural Basketball and softball. My future plans are to go to the University of Illinois for 4 years, go into Pre-Med and eventually become a very sucess- ful doctor. KIDEYS, NILGON: Scarlet Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 3: German Club 1; swimming 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was surviving my Freshman biology class. KIESEL, ERIC: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3: Basketball 1; N-Club 3,4; Vice- President 4; Bronze Key 2: Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. KIMMEL, LARRY: SRA 1; Year¬ book photographer 3; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 2,3: Photo Club 3; Guard Club 2,3; My future plans are to be a millionaire before 19. KING, KATHLEEN: Pacesetters 1; I would most like to be remem¬ bered for having passed all my classes without taking books home. KIRKOS, EVY: Orchesis 1,2,3: Marne costume crew, Pow-Wow 1,2; Westword Staff 3. I would most like to be remembered for my contribution to the Orchesis Dance Company, my constant and everlasting good humor, and Bevy. KLEIN, KENNY: Soccer 1; Gym¬ nastics 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; German Club 1; Bronze Key 2; Sil¬ ver Key 3 Gold Key 4. My future plans are to become a doctor and make money. KLINENBERG, BETSY: Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Childrens The¬ atre 2; AFS 2, Girls track 2; Metro¬ politan Youth Symphomy Orches¬ tra 3,4: IMEA District Orchestra 3,4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Con¬ test 1,2,3,4; Music Tours 1,2,3; Orchesis Orchestra 1,2,3; Sound of Music Orchestra 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was in Orchestra along with Debbie Ziegelski to be the first girl ever to get kicked out of Orches¬ tra during Charles Ives Fugue. KOCLANIS, MARIA: White Certifi¬ cate 1: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Track Team 2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4 Gong Show Partici¬ pant 2; Guard Club 2; Senior Class Cabinet; Leaders Gym 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. KOLAR, JACQUELINE: SRA 1; Childrens Theatre 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Vivace 1,2,3; Senior Class Cabinet 4. I would most like S u R V E Y s E N I 0 R to be remembered for my ex¬ tremely loud laugh. KOZAK, TODD: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3: Gold Key 4. I would most like to be remembered for not having any memorable experiences to write about. KOZER, KAREN: Thespians 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Mixed Cho¬ rus 1; Vivace 1,2; Acapella 3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4; Pacesetter 1; Sound of Music- Crew, Crew for Pinocchio, Pow Wow 3; Prisoner of Second Ave¬ nue, Pippin, Space War 2000, Tech Director of Pow Wow 78, Feiffers People, Marne, Crew for Barefoot in the Park, The Unsin- kable Molly Brown, Alice in Won¬ derland, Westones 4; Internation¬ al Thespian Conference 2,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was always getting lost in the c rowd by the middle stair¬ way in between periods. KOZOKAR, BRIAN: My future plans are to become an Oceanog¬ rapher and have my own T.V. show “The Undersea World of Bri¬ an Kozokar.” My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was throughout my four years, being able to meet many kids and being able to call many of them friends. KRAMER, JEFF: I would most like to be remembered for my perse¬ verance. KRAWETZ, SHARI: Pow-Wow Crew 1; Pow-Wow Band 3,4; Molly Brown Crew 1; Children’s Theater 1, Children’s Theater Publicity 2; Barefoot in the Park Crew 1; Sound of Music Orchestra 4; Con¬ cert Band 4; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4 Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Band Tour 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Vivace 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . KROZEL, JOSEPH: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4: Math Club 2,3,4; Presi¬ dent 4; JETS Team 3,4; Honors Certificate 1: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NHS 4 Rensse¬ laer Medal 3; ISMC Honor Roll 3; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the friendships I had my senior year with some very spe¬ cial people. KULBERSH, ANDI: A Capella 4, Concert Choir 2,3,4; Thespians 2,3; President 4; Vivace 1,2,3; Vice-President 4; Westones 2,3; Vice-President 4; Alice in Wonder¬ land Cast 1; Molly Brown Crew 1; Barefoot in the Park Crew 1; Pow- Wow 1977; Feiffer’s People Crew 2; Marne Crew 2; Hello Dolly Crew 2; Pow-Wow 1978 Crew 3; Pippin Crew 3; Space War 2000 Crew 3; Pow-Wow Technical Director 4; Sound of Music Crew 4; Interna¬ tional Thester Arts Conference 2,4; Illinois High School Theater Festival 4; Solo Ensemble 4; ATA Conference 3; Band Tour 2,3,4; Gong Show 4. I would most like to be remembered for my cheeks. LAM, BYRON: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Intermediate Orchestra 1; Concert Orchestra 2,3 IHSA Solo Ensemble Competition 2,3; Math Club 2,3,4; Vice-President 2; Math Intramural 3rd place 2; N.S. Math League 1st place 2nd Place; U.N.I. Math Contest 2nd Place; Science Seminar 3,4; 1st Place Award III. Jr. Acad, of Sci. Reg. Fair 3; Letter of Commenda¬ tion 4; III. State Scholar 4; Ameri¬ can Chemical Society Chemistry Contest Honorable Mention 2; HR Hi GPA 2,3.1 would most like to be remembered for being described as ‘competitive’, ‘paranoid’, and ‘Byronic’ and for being an individ¬ ual who understands his abilities and potentials and strives for per¬ fection. LA PAK, CHRIS: Baseball 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; N- Club 3,4; I would most like to be remembered for running with the football and scoring many touch¬ downs as an Indian running back ( 22 ). LAUDERS, MARY: Track 2,3,4; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Orchesis 2,3,4; President of Orchesis 4: Leaders 3,4; Bronze Key Honor Roll 1,2,4; Band Tour 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was April 18, 1978. LEE, KYUNG: I had enough trou¬ bles keeping up with ‘ordinary- curricular’ activities. Besides, “What is essential is invisible”. That is that ‘accomplishment’ has its meaning only to those who have ‘accomplished’. My future plans are to study what ‘we’ were in terms of what ‘we’ are. The ‘we’ that encompasses the very you and the very I. LE JUNE, KAREN: Swimming 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when I was giv¬ ing my first speech in Communi¬ cations and trying not to laugh. LERNER, CARYN: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4 National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; AFS 2; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3: Vi¬ vace 1,2,3,4; Treasurer of Vivace 2; President 3,4; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Band Tours 1,2,3,4; Band Librarian 4; Marching Band Uniform Crew 3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being in band for three years and never playing a note! LEVINSON, TAMI: Art Club 2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3. I would most like to be remembered for always get¬ ting caught for what I didn’t do and never getting caught for what I did do. LIEB, FRED: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow Band, Honor Roll 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when the teachers were on strike and I was on T.V. when they were talking to the kids. LIPSHUTZ, PAM: Badminton 1,2; Children’s Theater Clown 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going downstate to watch the Girls Basketball Team win, and also being in Mr. Smith’s biology class where all his mice got out of the cage and were all over the room. LIRTZMAN, STEVE: Varsity Ten¬ nis 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; In¬ door Track 1,2; West Word 3,4; News Editor 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3; Golf Key 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being the best, and only, tennis playing West Word editor Niles West has ever had. LOOS, MARY: My future plans are to have fun. LORES, LISA MARIE: DECA 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 1979. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for trying my best to help someone when she could have died! Thank you again to a few of the administration who cared! LYMAN, MARGRET: Swim Team 1: Medical Careers 3,4; Track team 2; AFS 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Glee 2; Timers Club 2,3,4.1 would most like to be remembered for just be¬ ing called “Lym’! MAHAN, MICHAEL: Football 1,2; Manager; Swimming 1,2; German Club 1,2; My future plans are to go into the hardware buisness. MAJEWSKI, BILL: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1,2; Bas¬ ketball 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable experience at Niles West was moving up from the freshman B soccer team as a frosh to the varsity soccer team as a junior and to co-captain of the team as a senior. MALINA, STEVE: Baseball 1, Aeronautic Club 1,3,4; Science Seminar 1. MALKIN, BARRY: Swimming 1,2,3,4; Guard Club 2; Forums 2; Yearbook 3; Newspaper 3. MALKIN, JOHN: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for keeping the best growth chart on the bulletin board in homeroom. MANNER, RICK: I would most like to be remembered for my great four-year disguise. MANNER, SUE: German Club 1,2,3,4: Leaders Gym Program 2,3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3; Presi¬ dent 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Letter of Commen¬ dation 4: Soccerettes 1,2,3; Tim¬ ers Club 1,2,3; Varsity Field and Track Team 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3; Music Tour 3. My future plans are to be a ‘bagel-lady’ for the rest of my life. MARMER, ANDREA: Leaders Gym 2; Student Activities Board Secre¬ tary 3; Vice-President 4; Midnight Riders 2,3,4; Pom-Pon 3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for adding that extra some¬ thing to New Year’s Eve ’79 and making it a night nobody could remember!! P.S. An extra note to the Florida Gang ESAD (figure it out!) MARTIN, DAVID: White Certifi¬ cate; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 2. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was graduat¬ ing. MARTIN, RANDALL: Wind Ensem¬ ble 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Tour Bands 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow Band 2,3,4; Orchesis Band 3,4; Bands- Pippin 3. MASTERS, LAURA E.: Softball 2; Midnight Rider 1,2,3,4; S.A.B. 2; Swimming 1,2. My future plans are college. MASTERTON, PETE: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3; Varsity Letter- man 2,3,4; White Honor Roll 1,2,3; Red Honor Roll 4; N-Club 4; Northern Illinois Pentathalon Medalist (7th place). I would most like to be remembered for keep¬ ing up team spirit with fun and laughter. MAX, TERRY: My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was being in one of Fitz’s classes. MAYER, JOHN: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for my nicknames that were given to me, such as Grubby, Happiness, and Big ‘N’ Yeller to name a few. MAYER, KAREN: Art Council. My future plans are to marry an oil sheik and have my own supply. MCGUIRE, MONTE: Photo Club 3,4; President 4; Yearbook Pho¬ tographer 3,4; Photo Editor 4; Math Club 2,3,4; Computer Club 2,3,4; Aeronautics Club 1,2,3,4: President 3; S.R.A. 3,4; Secre¬ tary-Treasurer 4; ACS Test Hon¬ orable Mention 2. MCLEAN, ERIN: Midnight Riders 3,4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for keeping my sanity after 4 years of Maria Atsaves, Jeannie Block, Maria Podell, Liz Tenzillo, and Cyndi Kasik. MERSCH, STEVEN: Cross Coun¬ try 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; N-Club 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for taking the bus to James Park when I was supposed to run there. MILIOTIS, EMANUEL: Gymnas¬ tics 1; Wrestling 2; Intramural Racquetball 3,4; Intramural Soft- ball 3. I would most like to be re¬ membered for getting kicked out of every place there is to get kicked out of in less then one peri¬ od. MISHKIN, JILL: Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4; S.A.B. 3,4; Yearbook 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was learning who my real friends were. MOCH, LAURA: Midnight Riders 1,2,3,4; Student Activities Board 4; Bronze Key 3. I would most like to be remembered for yelling F.Y.A.H. down Collins Avenue with Roberta and Lilli and swimming in one-of-a-kind bathing suits. P.S. Detroit, here I come!!! MOLL, STEPHEN: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; N-Club 3,4; Tomahawk of the Week 4; Mike Basrak Award Winner 4; Honor¬ able Mention All Conference 4: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for playing on the best defense in the history of Niles West football. MOLTZ, ALAN: Football 1,2,3,4; Tri-Captain 4; All Conference 4; Basketball 1, Wrestling 2; N-Club 3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Concert Band 3,4; Inter¬ mediate Band 1,2; Orchestra 3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3; Pow-Wow Band 4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Marne Band 2; Sound of Music Band 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; IMEA District Band 4; Basketball Band 1,2,3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Orchesis Dance Show Band 4: Band Section Leader 4; Gradu¬ ation Marshal 3. I would most like to be remembered for captaining an outstanding football team and surviving a year and a half of go¬ ing out with Alison Glenner. MORGAN, STEVE: Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 2: Baseball 1,2,3,4: White Honor Role 3. My future plans are to be accepted, attend, and graduate from Augus- tana College. MORTON, PAUL: White Certifi¬ cate, Bronze Key; Silver Key; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Finalist, Basketball 1,2; Football 3,4; West Word Editor-in- Chief 4; Senior Class Cabinet; Ro¬ tary Award Nominee. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the time Jill made a pass at me in the student lounge and I got in trouble for ‘‘excessive affection.” MOZNER, LILLI-ANN: Cheerlead¬ ing 1,2,3,4; Captain 4. I would most like to be remembered for yelling F.Y.A.H. down Collins Ave¬ nue with Roberta and Laura and Not swimming in one-of-a-kind bathing suits. P.S. Detroit, here I come!!! MUELLER, MARY: Softball 2; Bowling 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the day that I met Johnny. NAMNICK, DAN: Soccer 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Intramural Bowling 2,3,4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being myself. NEWMANN, MIKE: Soccer 2; Ten¬ nis 3,4; Golf 1; Yearbook 2,3,4; Newspaper 2,3,4; Photography Club 2,3,4.1 would most like to be remembered for my 1979 Year¬ book Cover and the school play posters I designed. NICKOW, TODD: Marching Band 1,2,3; Basketball Band 1,2,3; Band Officer 2; Band President 3; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3; Orche¬ sis Dance Show Orchestra 1,2,3; District Band 2,3; Pow-Wow Band 2,3; Musical Orchestra Sound of Music 3; Band Tours 1,2,3; IMEA State Orchestra 3; IHSA Solo Contest 1,2,3; IMEA District Or¬ chestra 2,3; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being lively and viva¬ cious. NIMZ, LISA BETH: Forums 1,2; Girls Field and Track Manager 2,3,4; German Club 1,3,4; Secre¬ tary 4; Concert Orchestra 2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Orchesis Dance Show Orchestra 2,3,4; Music Tour 1,2,3,4; Pippin Orchestra 3; Pow-Wow Orchestra 4; Sound of Music Orchestra 4; National Hon¬ or Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; IMEA District Orches¬ tra 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Soccerettes 2,3. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my often brutal hones¬ ty. Besides that, I’m a great letter writer. NOE, KIMBERLY K.: Scarlet Certi¬ ficate 1; Bronze Key 3; Girls Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Secretary 3; Vivace 1,2,3; Westones 3,4; Tour 3,4; International Thespian Society 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; First Place IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3; Dance Show Vocal 3; Pow-Wow Cast 1,2,3,4; Unsinka- ble Molly Brown Crew 1; Barefoot S U R V E Y llj z: — o cr 284 in the Park Crew 1; Alice in Won¬ derland Cast 1, The Effect of Man in the Moon Marigolds Cast 2; Marne Cast 2; Pippin Cast 3; The Sound of Music Cast 4: Interna¬ tional Theater Arts Conference in Indiana 2; Theater Conference in Ann Arbor 3; Reginal Theater Con¬ ference 2; Quartet for National Anthem 4. My future plans are to learn how to read music after four years of faking it. NORDIN, LINNETTE: Aqua- Sprites 1,3; Pace Setters 2; I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being in the best home¬ room in the school, right next to the nursery. OLLIGES, KIMBERLY: Choir 1,2; P.A. announcer 2,3,4; Hansel and Gretel 2. My future plans are to move to Peru and buy a poppy seed farm. NOREN, LEE J.: Wind Ensemble 1; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Orchesis 2,3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Aquasprites Water Buffalo Band 3,4; IMEA Distric Band 4; Sound of Music Band 4; Distric Band 4; German Band 3,4; Gong Show Participant 2, Band 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; IHSA Band Contest 3; IHSA Contest Division 1 Winner 2,3,4; Departmental Accompanist 1,2,3,4; NPPA Guild Distric and National Member 1; Northwest¬ ern Summer Music Institute 3; Major N Concert Band 2; Major N Orchestra 2; White Certificate 1; Basketball 1,2; Football 2; CSL Sophomore Football Champs 2; Numerals 1: Sophomore Letter 2; “Magic Door” Cast 3. My future plans are to become a successful and versatile musician. ORLEAN, RANDEE: Thespian 2,3, Secretary 4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Vivace 1,2,3: A Capella 3,4, Solo and Ensemble 3,4; Alice in Won¬ derland Cast 1; Unsinkable Molly Brown Crew 1; Barefoot in the Park 1; Pow-Wow 77 Cast 2; The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in- the-moon-Marigolds Crew 2; Marne Crew 2; Feiffer’s People Crew 2; Pow-Wow 78 crew 3; Pip¬ pin Crew 3; Pow-Wow 79 Public¬ ity Director 4; Sound of Music As¬ sistant Director 4; International Theatre Arts Conference 2,4; Illi¬ nois High School Theatre Festival 4; ATA Conference 3. My future plans are to become a C.P.A. OSIJCHUK, NATALIE: Badminton 1. My future plans are to move out and go to college. OZTEKIN, SUSAN: I would most like to be remembered for almost giving Mr. Kettleboro heart failure when I made a right turn into a snowbank on my first day of driv¬ er’s ed. PALES, TAMMI: Tennis 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was playing in a con¬ ference tennis meet with Debbie Rich when Cheryl Pease, one of our opponents, reached over the net to get a ball and the net .broke. PASS, JANET: Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Vice-Presi¬ dent 4; A Capella 4; Vivace 2,3,4: Westones 4; Secretary 4; Choir Robe Committee 3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 4; Thespian 2,3,4; Pow-Wow Cast 1,2,3,4; The Unsinkable Molly Brown Cast 1; Marne Cast 2; Pippin Cast 3; Sound of Music Cast 4; Hansel and Gretel Crew 2; International Thespian Conference 2,4; Ameri¬ can Theatre Association Confer¬ ence 3; Westones Tour 4; Gong Show 4; United Synagogue Youth 1,2: Secretary 2; Bronze Key 4; Spring Play Crew 4. I would most like to be remembered for milking this senior survey to the hilt! PATRINSKY, CATHY: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3. I would most like to be re¬ membered for always being there when I was needed. PAULIS, DEBBIE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Pow-Wow Orchestra 3,4: Pow- Wow Music Director 4; Pippin Or¬ chestra 3; Sound of Music Or¬ chestra 4; Mideast Music Confer¬ ence 1; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Ma¬ jor 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Band Board 3,4; Vice-President Treasurer 4; Bas¬ ketball Band 1,2,3,4; IHSA Band Contest 3; International Thespian Conference 3; I would most like to be remembered for being the best mama sow band president that never was. PERLMAN, BARBARA: Band 1,2; Cheerleading 2; S.A.B. 3,4; Trea¬ surer 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2: Silver Key 3; Midnight Rid¬ er 2,3,4; Band Tours 1,2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was meeting so many new friends that I will always remem¬ ber. PETERSON, KEN: Intermediate Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3,4: Solo Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Pow- Wow Band 3,4; Intramural Bowl¬ ing 1,2,3,4; Intramural Racquet- ball 4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; I would most like to be remembered for being in Super Sax and on “Real People.” PIEPER, DON: Football 1,2; Track 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Golf 3,4. PLOTNICK, GARY LEE: Basketball 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . PODELL, MARLA: Midnight Rider 2.3.4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being one of the smallest seniors with the biggest mouth. POLLACK, ALLYSON: Gymnastics Demonstration Team 1,2,3; Track 1; Gymnastics Competetive Team 1,2,3,4; National Honors Society; Bronze Key; Silver Key; White Certificate. I would most like to be remembered for entering high school as a shrimpy freshman of 4’8” and leaving high school as a big senior of 4’10”. POWELL, STACY: SRA 3,4; EPAC 3; Caucus 3; Math-Science Advi¬ sory Committee; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for the APP English papers for Mrs. Graham, which I rewrote, and rewrote and rewrote ... PRICE, LISA: Track 2,3: Cross Country 3,4; Co-Captain of Cross Country 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was my junior year, when Tina Conti and I were the only girls in our sports Lit. class. PRINZ, LISA: Track 1,2; Leaders Program 2,3,4; Chorus 1. My fu¬ ture plans are to continue going out with Gary, and of course to be happy, healthy, rich and famous!! PRINZ, PAUL: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Football 3; White Honors Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; National Honors Society; National Merit Semi-Fi¬ nalist; Illinois State Scholar. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my controlled and non¬ violent methods of handling the most trying of situations. RABIN, LAUREN: AFS 1,2; Pow- WOW Crew 1. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was getting in trouble for swearing at someone in the hallway my fresh¬ man year. RAFFERTY, MARGARET: Sopho¬ more Class Cabinet 2; Junior Class Cabinet 3; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Student Activities Board 3,4; National Honors Soci¬ ety 3,4; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for having so many nicknames. To name just a few: Maggie, Mag, Maggot, Marg, “Marge Rafferty”, Margs, Meg, Pgeg;;Peg, Porky, Margreta, Greta, Teragram, Gram, Ytreffar, and Ferty. RAGANO, VENITIA: My future plans are to become an Interior Designer or a teacher. RANGANATH, SHOBA: AFS Club 2,3; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Senior Class Cabinet; Yearbook Staff 2,3,4. My most memorable exper- ience at Niles West was when two friends and I were suposed to go to a Spanish restaurant, but took the wrong bus and ended up in Lincolnwood. RAPOPORT, GAIL: Pow-Wow 77 Crew; Pfeiffers People Crew; Pow-Wow 78 Cast; Pippin Crew; Pow-Wow 79 Cast; Sound of Mu¬ sic Crew; Thespians 1,2,3.1 would most like to be remembered for Masha finally buying her own toaster oven and cookin her chickin, and for being a teriffic topic for funnies. REINHARDT, CAROLINE: Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 2,3; Na¬ tional Honor Society 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Timers Club 1; Aquasprites 1. RELJAC, PEGIE: Swimming 1; Guard Club 1; Timer’s Club 1; Vol¬ leyball 2; Girl’s P.E. Leaders 2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for being Pegie and not my sister Jean (people constantly confuse us with each other); and that my name is pro¬ nounced like Peggy and spelled PEGIE which was constantly mis¬ pronounced and misspelled all four years. REMUS, CAROLYN: Senoir Ca bi¬ net 4; SAB 2; Pacesetters 1. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my crazyness and my thinness. REVIS, JOHN: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Letterman’s Club 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being able to talk my way out of any situation. RISOFF, STEVE: Soccer 1; Gym¬ nastics 1; Diving 1,2,4; Guard Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1; Concert Choir 1,2,3. I would most like to be remembered for my heavy schedule for my first 3 years. ROBBINS, RICHARD E.: Students For Israel 1,2; Computer Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 2; President 3,4; Aurora College Programming Competition 2,3; Batch Operator 1,2; Photo Club 2,3; Photo Contest 3rd Place 2, 2nd Place 3; Math Advisory Board 3; SRA 4: EPAC 4; Student Ap¬ peals Board 4; Photography Edi¬ tor 3; Spectrum Editor-In- Chief 4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; H omeroom G.P.A. Award 1; American Chemical Society Exam Honorable Mention 2; Case Western Reserve Summer Schol¬ arship 3; National Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Scholar 4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; J.E.T.S. Member 4; Rotary Club Service Above Self Candidate. I would most like to be remembered for being rational and calm during ev¬ ery Spectrum ’80 crisis. ROBIN, MARSHA: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Swim Team 2,3; Softball 1,2,3,4; All-Confer¬ ence 2; Leaders 2,3; Guard Club 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Band 1. ROSE, GARY: Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Soccer 3; Aeronautics 2,3,4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Bronze, Silver, and Gold Keys. I would most like to be remembered for directing the extremely success¬ ful toy collection for the Salvation Army. ROSS, JANICE: Gymnastics Dem¬ onstration Team 1,2,3; Gymnas¬ tics Competitive Team 1,2,3,4; District Champs 2,3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was freshman year at Kim Kerbel’s Gymnastics Christmas Party, when everyone told me that the water pipes were frozen, and like a fool, I brought 2 big pitchers of water to her house. ROTHEISER, SHARI: Concert Choir 2. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was finally reaching my senior year. RUBIANO, GUS: Wrestling. My fu¬ ture plans are to travel around the world. RUBIN, CAROL: Children’s The¬ ater 1. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was finally reaching 5 feet. SACKS, MICHAEL: Scarlet Certifi¬ cate 1; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Cap¬ tain 3,4; Yearbook 3,4; Sports Editor 4; Guard Club 2; Tennis 4. SCHELL, SCOTT P.: My most memorable experience at Niles West was the time my geometry teacher’s skirt fell off in front of 30 kids. SCHWARTZ, MARK: White Certifi¬ cate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Yearbook; N Club; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Bask etball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Intra¬ mural Raquetball; Indoor Soccer League. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was being elected captain of the varsity soc¬ cer team. SCHWARTZ PAUL: Football 1; Photo Club 2; Bronze Key; Silver Key. My future plans are an engi¬ neering type field. SCHULTE, KAREN: A.F.S. 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Girls Track 1,2,3: Bronze Key; Silver Key; White Certificate; S.E.S. Ger¬ man Exchange Program. I would most like to be remembered for being half of the most dangerous lab team to ever hit room 322- death by Bromine gas asphycsia- tion-it was Adnil’s fault! P.S. Smile! SERLIN, ANDY: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was the Nathaniel Hawthorne revival and Mr. Sweeney’s Honors Eng¬ lish class, during my junior year. SHAVEL, ROSS: I would most like to be remembered for having a permanent spot in the parking lot. SHAYNE, ELLICE: Bowling Team; Flag Corps. I would most like to be remembered for no teacher ever spelling my name right. SHEDROFF, KARIN: Mixed Cho¬ rus 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Scarlet Certificate 1; School Letter 2; Sil¬ ver Pin 3. I would most like to be remembered for keeping my cool, calm, and collected attitude no matter how tough things may have been and being able to make others smile too. SHEMROSKE, PATRICK: Wres¬ tling 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Base¬ ball 1; N-Club 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for my many adventures with cards, mountains, bushes, and trees. SIDLEY, GAYLE: Stagecrew 1; A.F.S. 1,2,3,4; A.F.S. “Bolivian” 4; National Honor Society 3,4: Sen¬ ior Class Cabinet, White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois Stat e Scholar 4; Year¬ book 3,4: Senior Section Editor 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for doing what I wanted, when I wanted, where I wanted, and with whom I wanted ... of course, with the approval of my friends. SIEGEL, STEVE: Soccer 1,2,3,4; All Conference 4; Track 2,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being punched in the face my senior year. SIEGEL, STEVEN R.: Illinois State Scholar 4; Football 1; Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1. My future plans are go¬ ing to the United States Marine Corps to fight the ever growing threat of Soviet Imperialism. SILVERMAN, TODD: Baseball 1,2; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2; Silver Key, Track 1; Basketball 1; Hockey All-State Conference 4. My future plans are to be an economist and save trees. SIMON, DONN: Concert Choir 4; S.A.B. 2,3; Science Seminar 2,3; Ecology 2,3,4; A Capella 4; Wes- tones 4. I would most like to be remembered for asking the most women to marry me. SIMON, GREGG MARLOW: Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being sick for a whole 6 week marking period and getting better grades than ever before. s u R V E Y S) LU Z — O CT 286 SIMONS, ARIC: Debate 1,2,3; SRA 3,4; Vice President 4; Educa¬ tional Planning Advisory Commit¬ tee. SLIVNICK, SARI: Pow Wow 1; Children’s Theatre 1: AFS 1: White Certificate; Midnight Riders 3.4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being one of the shortest girls at Niles West but al¬ ways managing to be heard. SMOLENSKI, PAULA: Medical Ca¬ reers Club 1,2,3, 4; President 4: SRA 2. I would most like to be remembered for all the hard work and dedication I put into the Medical Careers Club during my years at Niles West. SNYDER, LIZ: President Award 1; White Certificate; Bronze Key; Sil¬ ver Key; Gold Key; Orchestra 1, Children’s Theatre 1; Molly Brown Crew 1; Soccerettes 2,3; Girls Track 2,3; German Club 1,2,3,4; Jr. Cabinet; Senior Cabinet; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; AFS My future plans are to be¬ come a engineer and drive a choo-choo train. SOUSA, LUISA: Orchesis 4; AFS 4; AFS exchange student from Por¬ tugal. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was an ex¬ change student my whole year at Niles West. SPRAGUE, TOM: Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Almost a bronze key. SPRINGER, MICHAEL: SRA 1,2,3; Photo Club 1,2,3, Vice President, President; Medical Careers Club 1.2.3, Vice President, Committee Chairman; School Board Rep. SPROGIS, RENEE: Basketball 1, Pow Wow 1; Tennis 2,4; Spring Play 2; Pom Pon 3, State Scholar; Bronze Key; White Certificate; Leaders 2,3,4. STEELE, KIMBERLY: Mixed Cho¬ rus 1; Concert choir 2,3; Vivace 1,2,3; Westones 3,4; President 4; Aquasprites 1; Soccerettes 2; Co President; Bat Girl 1,2: Freshman Band 1; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Marching band 2,3: Basketball band 1,2,3; Band Tours 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 3; AFS 1; IHSA; Band Contest 3; Children’s Theatre Crew 1; Pom Pon 4: Leaders 2.3.4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for my ever-famous T- shirt that says “July 5th 1985’’. STEIN, JAY: AATSP; National Spanish Contest 1st place; Com¬ puter Operator 2,3; Computer Club 3,4; Sec., Treas.; Northwest¬ ern University Tech Olympics fourth place; Jets Competition. My future plans are to go to col¬ lege, get a job, get married; and be successf ul at all three of these. STEINBERG, STACEY: Opus 1; Scarlet Certificate; Senior Class Cabinet; Assistant director of Spring Play 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being the only fool who went to her classes during the strike. STEINDLER, NORA: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4, President; A Capella Choir 2,3,4; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Westones 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 4; Pow Wow 1,2; Pow Wow Vocal Director 3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; IMEA Dis¬ trict Chorus 3,4; Solo and Ensem¬ ble Contest 2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; State Scholar; Orchesis Band 2; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Band Board Secre¬ tary 2. I would most like to be remembered for keeping time during a vocal rehearsal for Pow Wow 1978. STIELOW, ELIZABETH: Leaders 2,3,4; Badmitton 1,2; Softball 3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going to Champagne to see my friends win the girls bas¬ ketball IHSA championship. It was definately a memorable and row- die time! STOLBERG, HOWARD: Wrestling 2; Football 3: Baseball 1,2,3,4; N Club 3. I would most like to be remembered for my dual shoe boxes. STONE, STACEY: Softball 2,3,4; Band 4; Marching Band 3; Band tour 3. I would most like to be remembered for gluing a certain person’s shoes to the ceiling in the girl’s locker room my supho- more year, with the help of Jill Boepple. SUCHERMAN, PAUL: State Scholar; Musical Director of Pow Wow 4; Pow Wow Music Compo¬ ser Arranger 3,4; Pow Wow Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3,4; ISHA Solo and Ensemble Contest 1st Division Award; Percussion Ensemble 3; Electronic Synthesist for Children Theatre 3; Orchesis Band 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Music Ar¬ ranger Composer 4; Multi-Key¬ boardist Pippin Band 3; Pippin Tour 3; Chicago Federation of Muscicians; American Federation of Musicians; Aquasprites 1,2,3,4; Feiffer’s 3 people band 3; Guest Pianist Orchestra Pop Strings 3,4; Band Tour 1,2,3,4; Musical Ar¬ ranger and Director of Gong Show 2,4; Intramural Softball 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was finding something, losing it, and gaining it back. SULLIVAN, JODI: Track 1,2; Pace¬ setter 1. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was meet¬ ing Ken, Sue, Marilou, Rhonda, Georjean, Tracy, and even Char¬ lene plus all my old friends and all the Great times we have had. TAIBL, RON: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1; Track 1. I would like to be remembered for searching for the realms of eterni¬ ty for the cosmic irrealities of the urb. TATOOLES, JULIE: White Certifi¬ cate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4- Senior Class Cabinet; Yearbook 4; Pom Pon 3,4; Miss Badgerette Finalist 4; Track Team 2,3,4; Leaders 2,3,4; Orchesis 2,3; Guard Club 2; Swim Team 1; Gong Show Partici¬ pant 2: Homecoming Queen 1979. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was when 500 pairs of eyes watched as I per¬ formed my solo Pom Pon routine. TERZIS, JOHN: Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2: Baseball 1,2. My fu¬ ture plans are to be number one gangster in the nation. THALL, JANICE: Alice in Wonder¬ land 1; Hansel and Gretel 2; Chil¬ drens Theatre 1,2; Spring Play 2; Yearbook Staff 4: Co-assistant Di¬ rector of Spring Play 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was getting lost freshman year from gym to my home room. TILTZ, LYNNE: Junior Cabinet 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was participating in the Homecoming parade. TOBIN, STEVE: Golf 1,2,3,4: Bronze Key: Silver Key. My most memorable experience at Niles West was having the battery from my car in the student parking lot. TRAVIS, LEONARD: Swimming 1,2,3,4: Co-Captain 3; Scarlet Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key. I would most like to be re¬ membered for starting the “Disco-Swimming Era’’ in ’79. TREITLER, JODI: Gymnastics Demonstration Team 1,2,3, Gym¬ nastics Competative Team 1,2,3,4, Third place State Gym¬ nastics Meet Vaulter 3, Track 1, All-Conference Gymnast, Senior Cabinet, Leaders 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3, White Certificate 1, Science Seminar 3, State Gym¬ nastics Meet 1,2,3, I would most like to be remembered for break¬ ing a supposedly unbreakable gymnastics spotting belt while in mid-air. TRIPP, STEVE: Football 1, Hockey Club 1,2,3,4, I would most like to be remembered for driving the blue Nova and cruising through the lot, open headers “L T 1” style. TURTON, MELODY: Band 1,2,3,4, Pow-Wow 2,4, Marching Band 1,2,3,4, Musical 4, Backgammon Club 2, Solo and Ensemble Con¬ test 1,2,3,4, District Band Con¬ test 4, I would most like to be remembered for being a bank jock UDELL, JACKY: My most memo¬ rable experience at Niles West was being turned down five times to the Valentines Dance freshman the same person. I would also like to thank a couple of special people and they know who they are, for being a “friend.” VALENZIANO, KENT: Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, Track 3,4, N Club 3,4,1 would most like to be remembered for the night of the Pickwick with ruined gloves 4 bowling pins. VICK, LAURIE: Softball 1,2,3,4, All-Conference 3,4, Freshman Band 1, Intermediate Band 2, Concert Band 2,3,4, Feifer’s Peo¬ ple Orchestra 2, Pow Wow, Or¬ chestra 3,4; Jazz Band 3, March¬ ing Band 2,3,4, Tour Band 1,2,3,4, German Club 2,3, Basket¬ ball Band 1,2,3,4, Orchestra 4, IHSA solo Ensemble Contest 3, Westones Band 4, IHSA Band Contest 3, District Band 4. WADLER, LINDA: Guard Club 1,2,3, Aquasprites 3, SRA 3, SFAA 3, Yearbook 4, AFS 4, Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4, White Certificate, Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3, I would most like to be re¬ membered for being the other half of the most destructive lab team ever to rampage through¬ out Niles West-our aspirin fumes almost killed Mr. Dessing. It was Nerakis fault! P.S. Smile! WADLER, MARY: SRA 4. I would most like to be remembered for my cheerful personality and smil¬ ing face. WARCHOL, CURT: Tennis 2,3,4, Intramural Racquetball Champ 3, Computer Club 1, Math Club 1, Tennis Intramural Champ 2, Sin¬ gles and Doubles, I would most like to be remembered for my contribution t o the tennis team. WARSHAWSKY, RANDI: Swim Team 2,3,4, Aquasprites 1,3, Guard Club 2, Timers Club 1, Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4, Scarlet Certificate 1, Bronze Key 3, Silver Key 4, Illinois State Scholar 4, I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being one of the notori¬ ous and undetected (well, almost) T.P. Bandits. WEIL, BRUCE: Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4,1 would most like to be remembered for “cradle rob¬ bing” and being a “space cadet” and a “pro bowler.” WEINSTEIN, SCOTT: Soccer 1,2,3, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Intramural Bowling 1,2,3, Intramural Raquet- ball 3, AFS 3,4, Bronze Key 3, Sil¬ ver Key 4, Illinois State Scholar 4, I would most like to be remem¬ bered for breaking in 3 home¬ room teachers. WEISS, DARLENE: S.A.B. 1,2,3,4 I would most like to be remem¬ bered for loving Devin cologne and the person who wore it. P.S. “Oh biga deal.” WHEELER, CHRIS: Football 1,2,3, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1, I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my hat collection and for having so much fun on my many free periods. WIERZCHON, LIZ: AFS 1,2,3,4 Le Center Exchange Program 3, Cross Country 3,4, Orchestra 1,2, I would most like to be remem¬ bered for not having a last name for four years. WILLIAMS, NANCY: Orchestra, Music Tours 1,2,3,4, Dis¬ trict Orchestra 3,4, State Orches¬ tra 3,4, Orchesis Orchestra 2, “Sound of Music” Orchestra, My future plans are to make a million (dollars) then spend it in one day (maybe two) WILSON, BRETT JOSEPH: Varsity Hockey 1,2,3,4, Division Champs 3.4, All Star Team 4, Baseball 3,4, Illinois State Scholar 4, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, I would most like to be remembered for be¬ coming a more mature person in my last year. WOLFE, ANDEE: I would most like to be remembered for all the fights Pam Lipshutz and I had over the four years and we still are friends. WALTER, JAMIE: My most memo¬ rable experience at Niles West was getting stopped by the police during the strike and telling us to go back to school. WOTMAN, LARRY: I would most like to be remembered for getting the most out of doing the least and going through my 4 years of high school as a casual observer. YANG, HEEYONG: Football 3, Soccer 3,4, I would most like to be remembered for my spiritual imagination of a life itself. YOUNG, ROBIN G.: Volleyball, Softball 1,2,3,4, Scarlett Certificate, Bronze Key, My most memorable experience at Niles West was Mr. Batts Expository Writing class 1st semester, junior year: I got an “A” on his term paper, AND MET GREG STEC! ZEINFELD, ILEEN: Guard Club 1,2,3, Aquasprites 3, National Honors Society 3,4, Scarlet Certi¬ ficate, Bronze Key, Silver Key, My most memorable experience at Niles West was when one of my friends got chocolate milk spilled all over her lap. ZIEGELSKI, DEBBIE: Concert Or¬ chestra 1,2,3,4, Orchestra Dance Shows 2,3, Music Tour 1,2,3,4, Metropolitian Youth Symphony Orchestra 1,2,3,4, IHSA Solo and Ensemble 2,4, IMEA District Or¬ chestra 4, Do It Yourself Messiah 4, Sound of Music 4, Pacesetters 1,2, Clown Ushers 2, My future plans are to continue in music and to someday conduct my own Po¬ lish Polka Orchestra. ZOROS v DONNA: Gymnastic Demonstration Team 1,2,3, Gym¬ nastic Competitive Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 4, District Champs 2,3,4, Track 1,4, Cross Country 4, Lead¬ ers 2,3,4, Bronze Key, My most memorable experience at Niles West was when my pixie put “slime” in my gym socks. ZUCKER, STEVEN MARK: Jazz Band 1,2,3,4, Pow Wow Band 1,3, Tour Band 1,2,3, Chairman of the Warren Holz Imitation Commit¬ tee, Member of the Anti-P.E. Or¬ ganization, I would most like to be remembered for playing rock mu¬ sic on Mr. Magee’s piano and driv¬ ing Mr. Holz almost wild. S U R V E Y 287 Abelkis, Kai Kestutis 110, 192 Abelkis, Richard 58. 110, 120. 204 Abelseth. Julianna 192 Abelson, William Abbott 216 Aberg, Daniel 113. 204 Abrahams. Brian Howard 28. 152 Abrahams. Gary Alan 140, 204 Abrams. Joel Michael Adamcyk. Laura Adams, Thomas Jeff 216 Ades. John Adinamis. Diane Mary 192 Adkisson. David Allen 56. 57. 192 Ahrendt, Curt Ahrendt. William Akwa. Daniel Martin 115. 216 Albach. Brian Allen 216 Albach, David 54. 55. 204 Albert. Michael S 145, 216 Alcalde. Adrianna Eliss Alexander, Donna 152 Alfredson. Brian Keith Aim. John Richard 204 Alpern. Amy Beth 142, 204 Alpern, Bruce Joseph 137, 138. 142. 192 Alt. William 152 Altenburg. Jacquelyn M 192 Amarantos. Faith 24. 25. 128, 192 Andersen, Holly Fern 64. 110, 127, 74 Andersen. Scott Anderson, Donna Rene 127. 192, 76 Anderson. Laura Kathlee 204. 212 Anderson Perry Joseph Anderson, Todd 204 Angeletos, Estelle 216 Angus, David Lawrence Antic, Dean Antic. Dion 211 Anton, Helen 204 Archibald, Nancy Ann 109, 152 Arenson, Gregg Stuart 72, 152 Arenson, Gregg Stuart 72, 204 Arkin, Melissa Joy 192 Arkules, Stacie Jo 192 Aronson, Lawrence E 152 Aronson, Richard M 121 204 Asher, Lawrence D 55, 216 Asher, Donald Dennis 152 Athans, Tony J Atsaves, Barbra 126. 152. 150, 75, 74 Atsaves, Cynthia Patric 133, 216 Atsaves, Maria 152 Attila, Michael 118, 204 Aufmann. Beth Ann 192 Avella. Lisa Lynn 216 Avendano, Sandra 216 Axley, Joanne Marie 192 Bacchiere, Janice Lyn Bachman, Robin Danielle 112, 138. 147, 152 Baffa. Cynthia Ann 192 Bailey, John Mack 54. 204 Bailey. Kevin Joseph Bailey. Lisa Deloris 204 Bailey, Melinda Lynn 61, 126, 152 Bailey, Robert Daniel 204, 78 Baity, Julie Lynn 120 Balter, Alan Jeffrey Banathy, Judy Kay 60. 127, 204, 75, 74 Barasch, Renee Sue Barasch, Sheryl Lynn 83 Baron, Patricia 204 Barov, Laura Susan 152 Barrington, Caryn Beth 68, 138, 139, 140, 204 Barrington, Joanne Lynn 110, 112, 147, 152 Barron, Lori 110, 136, 145. 192 Bartholomew. Amelia M. 135, 140, 192 Bartholomew. Georgette 68, 69, 123, 216 Batchen, Paul Richard 204 Batchen, Robert James 223 Bauer, Kathleen Mary 152 Bauer, Kristin Marie 216 Baumann, Susan Annette 204 Becker. David Samuel Becker, Deborah Jo 152 Becker, John 192 Becker, Miriam Ann 198 Beckerman, Jodi Sue Bedony, Gary Michael Bedony, Richard James 153 Beller, Ina Francine 204 Beltran. Claridad Medri 204 Beltran, Jerrylene M 192 Ben-Zeev. Matthew 204 Benbow. Andrew Joel 86. 87 Bender, Michael 159 Benjamin, Joseph Kevin 54. 204 Benjamin. Marilou Faith 153 Benjoya, Garry Scott 67. 204 Bensen, Christine Joy 110. 204 Berg, Jamie Carol 61. 192 Berge. Harald 204 Berge, Leif 153 Berger. Marcie Renee 216 Berger. Sindee Rae 153 Berglund. Michelle Mari 192, 74 Bergman, Jeff Loron 67, 204 Bergstrom, Joan Cynthia 192 Berkley, Avi 71 Berkson, Lyle Tod 198 Berman, Jodi Dee 192 Bernheim. Deborah Ann 110, 153, 150 Bernstein, Amy Jo 192 Bernstein, Charles S. Ill, 153 Bernstein, Daniel Ben 112, 147, 153, 118 Bernstein, David B 216 Best, Michael John 153 Bezanis, Georgia 216 Bezanis, Marcia A 211 Bezkorovainy, Gregory 55, 216 Bian, Chin Yann 204 Bianchi, Glenn E 55, 216 Biberian, Annie 154 Biberian, Armen Bielski, Daniel John 192 Bier, Matt Alan 204 Binder, Richard David 72, 204 Birren, Donald Henry 144, 192 Bjorklund. Cheryl Louis 126, 128. 154 Blackman, Daniel Aaron 137, 138, 192 Blankenship, Sandra Blecha, Kenneth Richard Block. Jeannie Michele 32, 154 Block, Marcia Lynn 142, 192 Block, Maureen Jill 142, 204 Bloom, Larry C Blum, Barry K Blum, Howard Evan 216 Blumenthal. Mark 154 Bocek, Denice Charlotte 216 Bocek, Paula Colette 140, 204 Bochek, Kathleen 154 Boden, Scott H 154 Boepple, Jeri Linda 65. 216, 223 Boepple, Jill L 192, 74 Bojes. Heidi Katherina 216 Bojic, Azra Bonkoske, Beth Ann 65. 216 Bonkoske, John Charles 192 Bordenet, Robert Paul 54. 204 Bordenet. William J 192 Borin, Eric B 154 Borkovitz. Laura 216 Borst, Nancy Ann 192 Boshes, Deborah Boshes, Ian David 138, 192 Bosshart, Kenneth 216 Bothfeld, Margaret E 192 Boucher, Michele Kriste 204 Bourdeau, Ernest Ray 216 Bourdeau, Peter 54, 55, 204 Bouroudjian, Hripsema 198 Bowen, Christine E 192 Boyko. Max Valentine Bradley, John Allen 58 Brainin, Alissa 204 Braje. Barbara Alice 112, 126, 154 Braje, Robert Edward 192 Brandt, Valerie Jean 204 Brandwein, Wendy Sue 216 Braver, Ronald Harvey 154 Bravo, Miriam 216 Bravos, William John 55, 216, 81 Brennan, Kathleen M 154 Brenner, Lynne Anne 155 Brenner, Rachel Ann 155 Brenner, Wendy Margret 216 Brilando, Guy Joseph 62, 192 Brode, Scott 192 Brodersen. Daniel 211 Brown, Patricia Ann 192 Bruchert, Gwen Buchino, Michael Steven 28, 155 Buckley, Barbara Ann 110, 204 Buczak, Kimberly Marie 127, 204 Buffo. Nancy Diane 25. 109, 192, 82 Burdin, Brian Lee Burger, Angela Claire 192 Burger, Randi Michelle 204 Burns, Patty Lynn 204 Bychowski, Steven John 192 Byron, Lisa Anne 223 Cagen, Marc Alan 138, 204 Calderon, Alba 155 Calderon, Marco R 56 Camilli, Gloria Lee 134, 216 Cammarata, John M. 155 Campbell, Margaret M. 204 Campbell, Mary E 216 Capdevila, Rolando J Caplan, Bari lllyssa 137. 216 Caplan, Pamela F. 155 Cardona, Edwin 211 Carlsen, Lynn Marie 155, 74 Carlson, Christian G Carlson, Sandra Louise 192 Carozza, Angela 155 Carrao, Joseph 204 Cattern, Andrea C 69. 216 Cederholm. Dawn Desiree 155 Cederholm, Robert Leif 54, 204 Chadwick, Catherine 65, 216 Chahal, Sharon Kaur Chams, Joyce Gail 127, 142, 192 Chang, Jae Y 59, 216 Chao, Mark 110, 112. 155, 78 Chao, Raymond E 145, 118, 216, 81 Chapman, Robert Cory 66, 71, 192 Chason, Fern 192 Chelberg, Donald J. 216 Chelberg, Michael Wayne 192 Chen, Linda 216 Chertow, Jill Cheryl 216 Chester, Kelly Ann 110, 138, 192 Chester, Kevin Francis 55, 216 Cheung, Dorothy Sui 120. 216 Chi, Linda Sy 216 Chiappetta, Susan E 155 Chin, Phillip Paul 155 Cho, Hae Chung 128, 192 Choi, Inhe 110, 155 Choi, Inui 204 Cholewa, Edward Stanley 192 Chorpash, Michael Alan 112, 138. 140. 155 Choyinski, Andrew Danie 204 Choyinski, Annie Maria 204 Christensen. David Christensen, Mark Alan Christensen, Sharon Eli 216, 78 Christmann, Monica M. 120, 216, 83 Chung, Ja 204 Chung, Sae Ciezki, Maria Diane 204, 211 Citron, Daniel Edward 204 Citterman. Alan Philip 67, 217, 81 Citterman, David M Clark, William 56, 57, 192 Clarke, Carol Anne 61, 204 Clarke. Hugh David 156 Clarke, Mary Ellen 61, 211 darkens, William M 155 Claver, Bruce Terry 63, 144, 217 Clesi, Samuel Joseph Coconato, Laurie Beth 65, 217 Cocozza, Paulette Marie‘204 Cohan, Howard G 192 Cohen, Jack A 72, 204 Cohen, Jennifer Sue 69, 123, 217 Cohen, Julie Heather 156, 150 Cohen, Mark Stuart 55. 217, 81 Cohen, Michael Jay 156 Cohen, Monica Lynn 147, 192 Cohen, Pamela Beth Cohen, Stuart Adam 78 Colander, David Raymond 204 Colander, John Eric Colen, Steven Dennis Collins, Logan C 217 Coloian, Lisa Armena 126, 156 Coltharp, Charles 20 Congine, Vito Joseph Coniker, Kathy Conrad, Elizabeth Ann 156 Conrad, Marilyn Christi 204 Conti, Christina Marie 126, 156, 75, 74 Conton, Christina Elisa 60, 204, 82 Cooper, Adam Charles 108, 110, 112, 156 Cooper, Sharon Rose 60. 112, 156 Coplan, Carol Jill 109, 130, 192 Cortez, James Costis, Jim A 192 Cote, Steven James 204 Coursey, Jerry Patrick 55, 192, 79 Coursey, Joseph M 217, 78 Cousar, Donna Marie Coward, Stephen Marlowe 70, 192 Cox, Deborah Jo 156 Cozzo, Vito Joseph 204 Creger, Terry Lynn 69. 123, 217 Cress. Angela Gail 192 Crown, Debbie Rachel Cruz, Jennifer Cuff, Morgan N 70, 156 Cuff, Rachel Colley 192 Cvijanovic, David 156 Cvijovic, Aleksandar Cvijovic. Dusko Cygan, James D Amore, Karen Lee Ann 156 D’Agostino, Jeffery J. 217 Daehler, William Robert 205, 86 Dahm, Kathleen M 193 Dahm. Michael James 55, 223 Daniel, Shirley Leah 68, 123, 205 Daniel, Valery Rebecca 217 Darville, Christine M 68, 193 Dassow, Betty Jean 119, 124, 205 Daus, Phillip Mark 217 Davis, Joel Ira 205 Davis, Michele Elizabeth Dayan, Alan Jesse 217 De Filippis, Rachele 193 De Sent, Wendee Mae 193 Dean, Deanna Fay Dean, Martin 193 Decker, William Jack 217, 81 Decook, Lisa Gabrielle 217, 83 Dedo, Therese Marie Deer, Jeffrey Wade 59, 121, 217 Deer, Steven Aaron 116, 193 Deering, Michelle 217 Deger, Laura Jean 156 Degroot, John Joseph 59, 217 Delano, Steven Joseph 137, 138, 193 Der Matoian, Vincent 193 Desmond, Jewel Ann 205, 78 Desnet. Beth 217 Dethloff. Lori Ellen 205 Dethloff, Raymond Paul 157 Diamond, Mindy Joy 136, 205 Dickholtz, Christina 157 Diesing, Debbie Ann 205 Diesing, Karen Marie 193 Dina, Christine Noel 140, 205 Disch, Mike David 217 Disselhorst, Julie Ann 217, 83 Ditardi, Gina Doderer, Heidi Marcella 134, 136, 205 Dolce, Robert Edward 157 Doles, Patricia Ellen 217 Dolin, Jordan 31, 66, 157 Dominic, Susan Maria 130, 193 Don, Robert 157 Dong, David Anthony 205, 212 Dong, Kenneth Samuel 193 Dong, Patricia 157 Doppelt, Cynthia Phylli 127, 128, 193 Doppelt, Diann Leslie 205 Doppelt, Paul Sanford 108, 57 Dorfman, Jacob Joseph 55, 217 Dorfman, Laura 157 Dorfman, Nina Lynn 128, 157 Dorfman, Steve Scott 217 Drayer, Robin 138, 157 Drazner, Cindy Susan 193 Drexler, Caryn 158, 205 Drexler, Catherine M. Drexler, Christopher J 193 Drexler, Matthew Paul 205 Drexler, Ronald Gerard 158 Dubin, Bryan Marshall 217 Duchaj, Carl Edward 55, 217, 81 Duda, Christopher John 111, 193, 86 Duda, Denise Duda. Patrick Raymond 111, 205, 86 Duebner, Danielle Louis 158 Duebner, Dorothy Rose 223 Duese, Richard A 193 Dulleck, Pat Bryan Ebeling, Bernard Werner 56, 193 Eberhart, Caryn Sue 217 Eberhart, Joann 205 Edelstein, Arthur 193 Edman, Catherine Marie 43, 140, 205 Edmonds, Linda J 127, 193 Edwards, Denise Marie 127, 193 Edwardson, Gretchen Ann 205 Ehas, Mark William 205 Ehlers, Michael Edward 217 Ehlers, William 48, 158 Eichner, Susan 192, 193 Eischen, Richard Donald 134, 136, 193 Eisenberg, Jodi Rae 108, 217 Eisenstein, Daniel Mark Eisenstein, Margaret 158 Elliott, James Anthony 158 Elliott, Robert 54, 205 Emalfarb, Janelle 205 Engels, Alex 58, 59, 217 Englehardt. Gregory All Erdman, Phyllis Carol 205 Erickson, David John Erickson, David K Jr 193 Erickson. John W 110, 193 Ericsson, Brenda 193 Ericsson, Robert Daniel 205 Eriksson, Alan Eric 56. 123, 193 Eriksson, Mark L Eriksson, Mary Lynn 193 Erlebacher, Annette 108, 110, 205 Erpelding, Kathy Ann 217 Ersoy, Erol John 211 Eselevsky, Ariel 110, 138. 193 Esposito. Majk Anthony 205 Esposito, Paul David Evans, Bradley John 117, 217 Evans, Scott Barry 158 Evaristo, Erlindo A Evaristo, Lorraine Ezerins, Diana 158 Fadhel, Carlos Alberto 193 Fagocki, Cynthia Mary 205 Fahey, Kelly Maureen 211 Fahey, Timothy Joseph 158 Fair, Lynette Ann 65, 205 Falk, Phillip 158. 127 Falleroni, Marc James 217, 87 Fallon, Edward Faloona, Deirdre Lynne 205 Fang, Sue F120, 217 Farkas, David Eric 217 Fasig, Michelle Fasules, Louis Robert Fefferman, Michael H Fefles, Denise 159 Feinberg, Aron Hall 115, 121, 117, 217 Feingold, Nancy Beth 136, 205 Feldman, Lauri B 132, 205 Feldman, Mark James 159 Feltman, Lisa Feltman, Sharon 193 Fetman, Corri Diane Fickert, David Lewis 217 Fickert, Dianne Lynn 193 Fidlow, Scott Field, Paula Lynn 205 Figurelli, Michael J. 54, 205, 78 Filippini, Matthew B. 63, 114, 217 Filler, Daniel 121, 145, 159, 114 Fillmore, Robert Scott Fink. Beth Rachel 109, 112, 126, 128, 159, 150 Fink. Joel Aaron 59, 217 Finkel, Lori Ellen 109, 159 Finkel, Shari Ann 132, 205 Fischer, Kimberly Johan 205, 211 Fishbein, Mark Edward 156 Fishbein, Paul 193 Fishbein, Steve Fisher, Jeff Alan Fisher, Michael Allen 205 Fisher, Robert Bennett 193 Fisher, Scott Flannery, Erin 159 Fleck, Lori Lynn 217 Flood, Mary Kathryn 25, 127, 193 Floom, Jeffrey Phillip 66, 193 Flowers, Cathy Gene 159 Fogelson, Lisa llene 138, 139, 159 Foley, David Fore, Susan 159 Fornaris, Frank J Forrester, Colleen Dori Forrester, Wayne Fouty, Robert A 70, 193 Fox, Bryna Carol 112, 159 Fox, Melinda Phyllis 138, 205 Fox, Wendy Devorah 112, 135, 147, 159 Frank, Eric Matthew 55. 217 Frazin, Howard 146, 159 Freed, Lori Michele 217 Freedman, Daniel A 59, 217 Freeman, Joel D 159 Freeman, Marjorie Lynn 193 Freres, Andrew Freres. Robert Friedewald, Anne France 205 Friedewald, John Friedlander, Laura S. 205, 210, 82 Friedlander, Susan Gail 126, 147, 159, 82 Friedman, Dawn Helen 160 Friedman. Marcy Lynn 198 Friedman, Mark Steven 160 Friedman, Pam 193 Friedman, Rosanne Fay 10, 217 Friend, Marla Rose 138, 205 Frishman, Julie Fritz, Deborah Ann Froemming, Benjamin R 52, 53, 160 Froemming, Michael R 193 Froutzis, John Froutzis, Peter Fry, Beth Margarite 136, 205 Fuderer, Ann Liz Fuentes, John Glen 193 Fuentes, Steven R 217 Furman, Tina Marie 127. 193 Gabel, David Alan Gabel, Donna Lynn 193, 76 Gabriel, Helena 217 Gaertner, Cindy Joanne 205 Gaertner, Kathy Lynne Gagliano, Lisa Annmaria Gaines. Karen H 110, 143, 144, 205 Gajdek, Janice M 217 Galanis. Stacey 205 Gallagher, Candace Joy 205 Gallagher, Erin Marie 64, 160 Gallagher, Margaret E 193 Gallagher, Sheila Ann 160 Gan, Joey Dean 108, 217 Garfinkel, Glenn Todd 160 Garfinkel, Scott 205 Gargano, Carl Victor 193 Gates, Mary Kay 76 Gaughrin, Laura Ann 205, 78 Gaughrin, Tim James Gekas, Dean John 54, 211 Gelfman, Linda Robin 142, 145, 160, 179 Georgouses, Nancy Ann 193, 195 Geralde, Cecilia Bacerd 193 Geralde, Patricia 217 Gerold, Martin George 70, 193 Gershanov, Holly Fay 218 Gershkowitz. Elyce 193 Gerstein, Elizabeth J 142, 218 Gerstein, Lee David 193 Gidlund, Catherine 160 Gidlund, John Gielow, Maureen Adair 193 Gilbert, Jeff I 59. 218 Gilbert. Sheldon L 193. 209 Gillan, Julia Maureen 218 Ginsberg. Michael David Ginsburg. Abby Lynn 192. 193. 198 Gitelman, Mitchell E 218 Glassner. Robin Hope 119, 137, 205 Glenner, Alison 138. 160 Glick, Alan Steven 198 Glick, Jeff Allyn 160 Glick, Larry Howard 138, 211 Glick, Michael Marc 218 Glieberman. Joel D 160 Glowienke. Michael Adam Go, Leonard L 118, 205 Goebel, Alfred Max Goeppinger, Teri Lee Gold, Amy Laura 205 Gold. Darrell Keith 218 Gold. Mindie R 128, 193 Gold, Randee L 193 Goldberg, Candace 126, 138, 140, 160 Goldberg, Charles Allen 218 Goldberg, Darrell 218 Goldberg, Earl Mikle 205, 78 Goldblatt, Jill Beth 119, 205 Goldenberg, Gary Andrew 59. 218 Goldman, Scott Alan 205 Goldsher, James Bruce 160 Goldstein, Edie Lynn 193 Goldstein, Karin 134, 136, 205 Goldstein, Rhonda llene 218 Goldstein, Robin Cheryl 193 Goldstein, Scott 60 Goldstick, Diane Marcie 60. 109, 126, 147, 161 Goldstick, Susan Slater 218, 219 Golenzer. Elsa Helen 205 Goles, Steven Alan 193 Gonzales, Christopher B 55 Gonzalez, Reynaldo Goodman, Leslie Lynn 142, 193 Goodman. Rod Charles 161 Goodman, Ted Matthew 43. 218 Goone, Lisa Muriel 218 Goone, Robert Neil 161 Goppert, Rose Marie 127, 193 Gorchow, Michelle Susan 61, 142, 218 Gordon, Sandra Lee 130 Goren, Matthew Brent 121, 205 Goss, Susan 205 Gostomelsky, Sherri D 108, 205 Gotfryd, Cynthia Ann 218 Grais, Robin Sue Grais, Sheri Lynn 205 Granatelli, Dean Grass, Elizabeth Kather 133, 218 Grass, Kenneth Phillip 193 Grear, Janice Ann 109, 194, 82 Green, Anne Thomas 205 Greene, Cheryl Beth 206 Greenfield, Edward J 194 Gregory, Christine A 194 Grimm, Janice 194 Grobman, Robyn Jennifer 136 Groeling, Barbara 138, 218 Groner, David M 161 Gross, Larry Robin Gross, Louis F 120, 123, 206, 212 Gross. M Madeline Gross, Michele Helene 206 Grossberg, Terry Craig 137, 138. 140. 194 Grosse, Paul J 218 Grosskopf, Glenn Alan 194 Groves, Mark Reginald 206 Groves, Nigel Keith Grunfeld. Michael J 72, 211 Gualano, Albert Cosimo Guenther, Cathy Louise 161 Guenther, Cindy Louise 206 Guenther, Julie Ann Gueyikian, Alidz Gump, Elizabeth Mary 135, 136, 161 Gump. Nancy Mary Kather 136, 206 Gunchick, Julie Ann 161 Gunchick, Natalie Marie 218 Gunther, Arthur David 194 Gurrentz, Andrew Martin 162 Gussin, Nancy Debra 194 Gussin, Robert E 147, 162 Gussis, Neal L 194 Gustin, Betty Anne 206 Guttman, Glenn S 218 Guttman, Stacey Ann 206 Hacker, Amy Louise 136, 162 Hacker, Jane Ann 194 Haegele, Kristina E Hag en, Judy Dorothy 206 Hagler, Jayne F Hagman, Marielle Denise 206 Hagopian, Adrineh 206 Hahn, Lisa 218 Halap, Faith Debra 162 Halap, Julie Ann 133, 218 Halap, Marni Beth 128, 194 Halfpap, Regina E 194 Hall, Anthony Clarence Hailing, Cheryl Marie 162 Hailing, Kristin Louise 206 Halperin, Robert Paul 206 Hammond, Tawny Lynn 162 Handzel, Elizabeth Mari 140, 206 Hanover. Lori 194 Hanrahan, Margaret Rose 133, 218 Hanrahan, Patricia Ann 128, 194 Hansen, Dawn Christy 110, 127, 194 Hanson, Robert Peter 206 Hanssen, Linda Lou 198 Haramaras, Constantine 194, 78 Harczos. Lisa G 206 Harper, Audrey Harrelson, Andrew Chari 218 Harris. Allyson B 136 Harris, Ellyn S Harris, Lyle Scot Harris. Randi Sue 109, 194 Hartogh, Daniel G 162 Hartwig, Karen Barbara 206 Hartzen, Gayle Lynne 138, 218 Hartzen, Steven Mich ael 137, 138, 194 Haskell, Ian David 110 Hathy, Karen F 110, 162 Hathy. Marianne Elizabe 206 Hattendorf, Patricia M 162 Haupers, Michael Smith 56 Havdala, Debra 61. 218 Havdala, Jack Salomon 194, 78, 80 Hayum, Wendy Eileen Hacktman, Bruce Daniel 66, 67 Hedberg, Carol Lynn 126, 162, 84 Hedberg, Karen Jean 218, 84 Hedquist, Barbara Jean 194 Hedquist, Karen Sue 218 Hedrich, Martin Joseph Heelan, Robert Anthony 194 Hehn, Kathy Susan 65, 218 Hein, Jean Irene 211 Hein, Richard Fred Heinrich, William Frank 70, 71, 163 Heinz, Jane Ann 127, 130, 194 Helander, Tim Arthur 163 Helgeson, Marie Ann 127, 194, 82 Heller. Melody Beth 136, 194 Hellestrae, Anne Marie 69, 123, 127 Heman, Helene 61, 206 Heman, Randall 163 Hendley. Karen Elaine 206 Hennessy, Donald Dennis 55, 218 Henriksen, Tor David 206 Herbold, Scott 219, 81 Herkert, Christine Barb 65, 206 Herman, Ellen Ruth 218 Hershenson, Steven Mich 136, 206 Hertler. Kathy Anne 163 Herman, Rachel C 146, 194 Heyman, Scott J 112, 147, 163, 185 Hildebrand, Julie Ann Hildner, Wayne F 194 Hilger, Joyce Katherine 194 Hill, John David 163 Hill, Robert T 55. 218 Himmler, Debra Lynn 126, 163 290 Hintz, Oliver 218 Hintz, Pamela Sue 64, 126, 163, 74 Hintz, Philip Joseph Hirata, Keith T 218 Hirsch, Karen Cee 194 Hirsch, Richard Brian 137, 138, 140, 194 Hirschauer, Kathleen M. 211 Hirsh. Mitchell 163 Hlepas, Carrie Maria 133, 218 Hlepas, Georjean 109, 163 Hoban, Kathy Hobin, Brian 163 Hobbs, Andrew Hobbs, David Hoeft, Laurie Anne 194 Hoerrmann, Robert Allen Hoffman, Arthur Irwin Hoffman, David Andrew 206 Hoffman, Eric John Hoffman, Harriet Charol 206 Hoffman, Jacqueline Ann 65, 218 Hoffman, James Andrew 218 Hoffman, Rhonda Renee 119, 163 Hogg, Renee R 68, 123, 163 Hoglan, Trisha Leah 194 Hold, Jennifer E 194 Holler. Monika Ann 127, 206 Holleran, Philip Steven 194 Holmblad, Eric C 194 Holowicki, Deborah 194 Holowicki, Richard 218 Holzmann, Iris C. 194 Hones, Daniel Joseph 206 Horan, Brian 163. 86 Horan, Theresa 194 Horiike, Dean Takeshi 206 Horiuchi, Linda Kyomi 206 Hornsberger, David Hornsberger, Sharon 164, 211 Hornstein, Jay Robert Horteland, Elmer A 218 Horvat, Beth Alyce 218 Horvath, Frank Joseph 218 Horvath, Sheila Anne 194 Horvitz, Debra Helene 120, 206 Horwitz, Jeffrey Scott 66, 67, 119, 194 Housakos, Julie Ann 27, 126, 130, 164 Hsu, Chien 181 Hsu, Rosa Rose 134. 194 Hubay, Miklos Huge, Kenneth James 194 Hugel, Richard A 218 Hughes, Charlene 164 Hughes, Lisa Mary Hughes, Susan Marie 218, 84, 85 Hupperich, Mark Iglarsh, Hugh Isaac 110, 138, 164 Imhoff, Scott Michael 54 Ingles, Bert Elias Irpino, Michael Anthony 218 Irpino, Steven Michael 59, 206 Isaac, Lisa Susan 206 Isaacs, David M Ivener, Joe Izenstark, Aaron Bruce 211 Jackson, Rhonda S 68, 123, 124 Jackson, Todd Ian 194, 218 Jacobs, Mark Kenneth 67, 206. 86 Jacobsen, Peter Aage 218 Jacobson, Lisa Michele 136 Jacobson, Mark Cary 206 Jaffe, Carol Naomi 194 Jaffe, Nolan 164 Jaffee, Daniel Steven 206 Jaffee, Nancy E 109, 112, 126, 164, 150 Jakiel, John A 164 Jakubowski, Jane Anna 164 Jakubowski, Renata 219 Janesku, Joseph Jarosz, Michaelyn Julie 65, 206 Jasenof, Ian G 164 Jaskolka, Michelle Suza 69, 127, 206 Jaster, Susan Marie 164 Javid. David Ray 219, 223 Javid, Tony 194 Jemc, Deeann Ranae 128, 194 Jerney, Kathryn Patricia 65, 164 Jesswein, Heidi Marlene 65, 164 Ji, Frank 219 Jiu, Cynthia Gail 110, 134, 135, 136, 138. 143. 144, 194 Jochem, Cynthia Jean 68, 123, 124, 164 Jochem, Kimberly 68, 123, 124, 206 Johanson, Ellen M 194 Johanson, Yvonne Marie 142, 194 Johnson, Donna Lynn 206 Johnson, Glen August 72, 211 Johnson, Grant 138, 164 Johnson, Laurie Carole 206 Johnson, Lawrence Johnson, Richard James Johnson, Robert Joseph Johnson, Russell K Johnson, Steven Arthur 165 Johnson, Susan Margaret 194 Jordan, Lance 140, 206 Joselit, Bradley Sharf 59, 219 Joseph, Heather Shawn 206 Joseph, Peter William 55, 219 Justesen, Kenneth Peter 59, 219 Jutovsky, Michael Harri 112, 115, 165, 114 Kadota, Gregory August 58, 206 Kaefer, Kimberly Lynn Kaferly, Timothy Patric 219 Kagehiro, Lynn Keiko 119, 194 Kahn, Lauren M 110, 138, 140, 194 Kaiser, Laurence Jason Kalas, Donald Charles 70. 194 Kalter, Richard Barry 165 Kalthoff, Karen Lynn Kaluzna, Susan Beth Kamm, Vicki Margaret Kamradt, Renee Patricia 194 Kane, Bryna 68, 124, 206, 86, 87 Kang, Wan Hyung 206 Kanter, Bonnie 206 Kapelanski, Mark Richar 219 Kapelanski, Sally Ann 165 Kaplan, Barry L Kaplan, Howard Neal 138, 140, 198 Kaplan, Julie Denise 206 Kaplan, Lori J 206 Kaplan, Martin Douglas 165 Kaplan, Roberta Lynn 126, 128, 165 Kaplan, Shira Pamela 165, 150 Kaplan, Todd David 113, 117 Kapsis, Mary 119, 165 Karahalios, Steven G 194 Karas, Thomas Peter Karavattuveetil, Anu El 206 Karavattuveetil, George 165 Karger, Don 165 Karlove, Gregory Allan 166 Karol, John Robert Karra, Chris Karsten, Grant William 166 Kasch, Mark 166 Kasik, Cynthia Kay 27, 130, 166 Kasik, Todd Joseph 58, 206, 78 Kaskel, Larry Samuel 138, 166 Kasnick, Kimberly Joann 219 Kaszniak, Ron Scot Katzowsky, Paul Allan 206, 211 Kaufman, Caryn Ann 138, 206, 74 Kaufman, David Alan 108, 154, 166 Kaufman, Deborah D Kaufman, Gary Alan 112, 138, 166, 180 Kaufman, Jodi Lynn Kaufman, Linda Sue 166 Kaufman, Lisa Lynn 138, 139, 206 Kaufman, Michael Jeffre 55 Kaufman, William Mark 219 Keating, Reesa Elizabeth 206 Keenan, Matthew David 146 Keene, Samuel Kreiter Keinrad, Erika Susan 166 Keller, Luis Keller, Roger Kellman, Julie Elizabeth 138, 145, 219 Kencos, Nicolette Lety 127, 206 Kenmotsu, Mary Ann 65, 121, 136, 138, 139, 206 Kennedy, Linda Sue Keppen, Joann Louise 206 Kerz. Karen Sue 166 Kerz, Linda Marie 206, 84, 85 Kestler, Kevin Joseph 206, 78 Kewith, David Jon 219 Kewith, Terri Mary 138, 167 Khan, Hasan Mir 167 Khan, Humera Sultana 110, 194 Khoshbin, Shahin Ata 219 Kideys, Ayhan Erik 54, 207, 78 Kideys, Nilgun 167 Kiesel, Eric Eugene 52, 167 Kilkenny, Bob Joseph 78 Kim, Eva 140, 219 Kim, Marie Young Mi 267 Kim, Susan 142, 219 Kim, Ki Kim, Wook Kimmel, Lawrence 167 Kimmel, Lisa Diane 207 King, Kathleen Ann 167 King, Roberta D King, Steven M 194 Kipp. Kristene Jeanie 194 Kirkos, Evanthia Chris 142, 145, 194 Kite. Mitchell Kevin 117, 194 Klancnik, Mary Therese 194, 76 Kleifield, Gordon M 195 Klein, Burton W 67, 207 Klein, Gary Stuart 63, 144, 219, 223 Klein, Kenneth Lawrence 167 Klein, Mitchell Howard 167 Klein, Steven Howard Klemens, Karen Ann 121, 127, 195 Klemenz, Dale Robert 55 Klemm, Kenneth Jose ph 167 Klemm, Susan Ann 68, 116, 123, 207 Klinenberg, Betsy Rae 140, 167 Klinsky, Steven A 198 Kloiber, Sharon Marie 119, 207 Kloser, David Michael 55, 223 Kloster, Todd Morris 207 Knobloch, Lori Marie 207 Knudsen, David 195 Kobeski, Stephen Ronald Kobyleski, Ronald Edwar 167 Koch, David Theodore 71, 195 Kochman, Cary Allan 219 Koclanis, Christine Ann 127, 142, 207 Koclanis, Maria 68, 147, 167 Koda, Renee Ellen 207 Koehler, Judith Ann 61, 195 Koek, Steve Jay 134, 135. 136, 138, 143, 144, 195 Kogen, Elizabeth Ruth 132, 207 Kolar, Jacqueline 134, 136, 167, 150 Kolar, Lawrence Ross 56, 195 Kolas, Robert Mark 167 Kolko, John Steven Kolling, Ricky Josef Konecki, Michael Steven Kong, Lawrence Bryan 207 Kong, Margaret Mary 60. 195 Konsewicz, Roman John 72, 207 Kopinski, John Vincent 198 Koral, Rona 195 Kornit, Carla Michelle 211 Korol, Steven Jay 59, 121, 219 Kostoglanis. Jim 195 Kostoglanis, Tom A 207 Kotsinonos, Dimitra 219 Koudounis, Stella 195 Kovitz, Louis 219 Kowalski, Monica Kozak, Todd N 168 Kozer, Karen Joy 34, 134, 135, 136, 143, 144, 168 Kozil, Matt Alan Kozokar, Brian Edward 168 Kozokar, Lisa Sue 219 Kraft, Betsy Pauli 60, 195 Kraft, Richard Eric 55, 219, 87 Kraman, Randall Scott Kramer, Jeffrey Alan 168 Krasowsky, Kathryn L 142, 195 Krause, Susan Marie 120, 219 Krause, William John Kravetz, Elliot Marc 59. 219 Krawetz, Shari Dee 134, 136, 138, 140, 168 Kreher, Janice Marie 134, 219 Kreher, Kathleen Marie 195 Kremen, Gary Alan 114, 117, 195 Kremen, Julie Lynn 219 Krieger, Scott Kenneth Krier, Patricia Ellen 168 Kron, Robert Bert 138, 207 Krozel, James A 138, 168, 114, 207 Krozel, Joseph Walter 112 Krum, Sandor A 211 Kruzel, William Scott 59, 219, 87 Kubnick, Cheryl Lynn Kucinic, Maryann Marie 128, 195 Kueller, Stefan 138, 195 Kuhn, August B 168 Kuhn, Steven 207 Kuhr, Patty Ann 168 Kukulski, Caroline Step 219 Kukulski, Christine M. 136, 195 Kulbersh, Andrea Beth 134, 135, 136, 143. 144, 168 Kulbersh, Laura Susan 134, 136, 207 Kumkoski, Kathy Lynn 195 Kundit, Michael D 168 Kung, Sein 168 Kupski, Dave Alan 195 Kurz, Esther Sonia Kurz, Jeanette Carmen Kwon Kang-Hyon Kwon Young-Joo La Belle, Thomas James 117, 219 La Gioia, Carolyn Alice 168 La Porte, Victor Michae La Roche, Joseph La Rosa, Thomas James Laborde, Diane Marie 219 Laborde, Giselle I 195 Lader, Karen V 223 Lam, Byron L 112, 157, 168, 114 Lamm, Andrea Lamm, Jordan Gregory 58, 207 Lampert, Linda 142, 195 Lanski, Michael David 144, 219 Lapak, Christopher 53, 169 Laratro, Lori 219 Laroussa, Kenneth Lesli 169 Larson, Dale Lisa 110, 123, 219, 84 Larsson, Mark W 207 Larsson, Norman Lee 63. 219 Laser, Debra Elaine 61, 219 Laser, Ross Steven Lasky, Jodi Inez Lasky, Robyn T 142, 207 Lauders, Mary Jean 127. 130, 142, 169 Lazar, Alfred Isaac-219 Lazar, Patrick Isaac Le Comte, Kenneth John 55, 219 Le Fever, Kassandra 207 Le Hew, Karen Marie 64. 127, 195 Leander, Keith A Leavitt, Jori Jennifer 207 Leberis, Elisa Michelle 140, 219 Leberis, Maria Victoria 219 Lee, Elizabeth 120, 219 Lee Joann Honey 128 Lee. Karen Ko-Chia 116, 140, 114, 207 Lee, Kyung 120, 169 Lee, Michael S 63. 207 Lee. Sugwon 119. 195 Lee, Sung Mun 119, 195 Lee. Yuna 219 Leib, Alan 169 Le ib, Joel Brian 145, 169 Lejeune, Karen E 169 Lembcke. Mike Patrick 219 Lemke, Kurt Thomas 120, 117, 195 Lemke. Mark R 219 Lerner, Caryn Paula 134, 136, 139, 169 Lerner, Debra 134, 169 Lesiowski, Karen Ann 219 Lesiowski, Kathleen 169 Lev, Vicki Levant, Mark 219 Levenson, Kenneth Allen 170 Leventis, Constance P. 207 Leventis, Cynthia E. 132, 207 Levey, Alar 54, 207 Levin, Barry Neal 219 Levin, Caryn Dawn 195 291 Levin, Dina jane 69, 195 Levine, Paul Steven 207 Levinson, Lisa Arlyne 207 Levinson, Randi Susanne 219 Levinson, Tami Lynn 170 Levy, Craig R 219 Levy, Michael S 110, 195 Liakopoulos, George 220 Liametz, Tammy Lynne 195 Liano, Kenneth 54, 207 Libman, Jody Allen 204, 207 Libman, Scott Russell 170 Lichter, Marci Lynn 108, 110, 207 Lieb, Fredrick, Steven 138, 170 Lieberman, Ted 207 Lieberman, Terri 195 Lieder, Neal Arthur 59. 220, 87 Limpin, Allen Peter 220, 87 Limpin, Marvie F 207 Lindemann, Timothy John 55, 223 Linke, Kenneth Richard 220 Liosatos, John 220 Liou, Pheodora 120, 220 Liou, Susan 207 Lipezker, Sandra Vivian 68, 207 Lipkin, Howard Brian 71, 195 Lipkin, Marc Fred 59. 220 Lippe, Michael Stuart 195 Lipshutz, Pamela Robin 170 Lipsky, Diana Rachel 138, 141, 207 Lirtzman, Ross Alan 138, 146, 207 Lirtzman, Steven Marc 112, 146, 170 Litt, Lee Jody 142, 143, 144, 195 Lloyd, Janet Renee Lloyd, Keli Erin Lobert, Robynn Beth 69, 123, 207 Lochner, John Michael 56, 57, 207 Lofland, Michael Robert Lofland, Thomas Robert 198 Loggarakis. Ernie 55, 220 Loiacano, Deborah Ann 133. 220 Loiacano, Jacqueline M 130, 195 Loiacono, Anita Chariss 119, 207 Loiacono, Robert Allen 170 Loiben, Michael Frederi 198 Long, Carolyn Ann 120, 134, 136. 195 Loos. Mary Ellen 170 Lores. Kim Elizabeth 133, 220 Lores, Lisa Marie 170 Loukis, Mike Pete Lowe, Ronda Jane 207 Lucas, Deena A 195 Lucia. Joe Jr 220 Luncsford, Elizabeth M 170 Luncsford, Margaret M. 127, 211, 82 Luncsford, Mark J 223 Luncsford, Michal Ann 143, 144, 195 Luppo, Katherina 220 Lurie, Gordon Robert 207 Lutz, Thomas 123, 220 Lyman. Margaret Mary J10, 119, 124, 171 Lyman, Michael William Lynn, James David 220 Lynn, Scott Alan 207 Lynn, Tom F Mac Donald, Kathleen An 118, 195 Mahan, Denise Ann 68, 123, 127, 195 Mahan, Michael Anthony 171 Mahan, Sharon Michelle 69. 123, 124, 220 Majewski, Steven Walter 220 Majewski, William Bria n 56, 59, 171 Mak, Christine C 120, 220 Mak, Julius S 112, 115, 114, 171 Mak, William W Makowka. Mariola 195 Maliekal, James Maliekal, Joseph Xavier Malina, Steven Marc 171 Maliwanag. Alex Familar 55. 220 Malkin, Barry Alan 171, 86 Malkin, John Kenneth 66, 171 Malloy, Scott Thomas Maltz, Lillian 207 Mamett, Julie 65, 220, 83 Manner, Rick Fred 171 Manner, Sue Marie 112, 126, 171 Mansfield. Lisa Ann 207 Mansfield, Norman John 220 Marcus, Neal David 195 , 55 Margetis, Alesia Helen Margolin, Scott Howard 56. 207 Margolis, Jody Lynn 109, 192, 195 Margolis, Tracy Marinakis, Lea 69, 123, 207 Markham, Xiomara Damari 171 Marks, Jody llene 207 Marmel, Steven L 136, 207 Marmelstein, Robert E Marmer, Andrea 109, 128, 171 Marshall, John 220 Martin, Adam Martin, David B 70, 171 Martin, Deborah J Martin, Randall Marvin 137, 138, 171 Martinez, Jessielyn 195 Martinez, Judith Martinez, Sandra 207 Martini, Julie Ann 68, 69, 123, 220 Martorano, Nancy Lynn 195. 76 Maslov, Stacy Lee 64. 65, 195 Mason, Janette Lynne 128, 195 Master, Melissa Anne Masters, Douglas N 195 Masters. Laura Ellen 171 Masterton, Geralyn 220 Masterton, Peter John 172 Matchen, Carol Lynn 195 Matchen, Jo Ann 220 Mauriello, Angela Max, Terry Alan 172 May, Robert Joseph 172 Maybrun, Kenneth J Mayer, Janice Lynn 207 Mayer, John Edward 27, 70, 172 Mayer, Karen Alison 172 Mayer, Lois Pauline 65, 220 Maynard, Christopher W 172 Maynard, James Edward Me Carty, Robert E 55. 220 McClain, Anthony J 172 Me Cormick, Keith Steve 220 Me Cormick, Mark Stuart 62, 195 Me Donough, Karen Joan 220 Me Grann, Patricia Alii Me Kenna, Camala Me Keon, Laura Loretta 195 Me Lean, Erin 172, 78 Me Millan, Catherine Ma Me Millan, Michael 207, 78 McCallister, Kevin Sean 63. 207 McCown, Connie Patricia 126, 172 McDonough, Thomas Chris McGuire, Montgomery P 108, 118, 172 McClean, Shannon Patrici 207 McNichols, Kris Patrick 172, 86 Meier, Marlene Ann 207 Meissner, Brenda Lee 172 Meissner. Keith A Meister, Paul Allan 172 Melnick, Aaron Winslow 56, 207 Memhardt, Maureen Kay 110, 195 Memmott, Karen Ann 195 Mendez-Soto Lilliana C 119, 207 Mendheim, Michael John Mendoza, Elizabeth Mersch, Steven Richard 172 Meshulam, Laura Rebecca 30, 147, 173 deshulam, Louis Robert 195 Meyer, Kenneth Neal 207 Meyer. Nancy Lynne 208 Meyer, Paul Steven 173 Michaels, Larry Alan 208 Michaels, Rana Vivian Michalsen, Susan Joy Miesing, Tobias O 108, 220 Miklaj. Marica 195 Milanich, Mark Louis 173 Milbrandt, Arleen Janet 68, 123, 195, 220 Milbrandt, Arthur W 86 Milewski, Phyllis Mary 65, 220 Milewski, Stephen 195, 78 Milewski, Veronica J 220, 84. 85 Milewski, Virginia E. 195 Milios. George 208, 78 Miliotis, Dino P 173, 220, 81 Miliotis, Emanuel Miller, Audrea 173 Miller, Brenda 195 Miller, Frank Howard 121, 114, 207 Miller, Janet Michelle 142, 208 Miller, Jodi 173 Miller, Paula Jean 69, 208 Miller, Rose Marie 65, 223 Miller, S. Joseph Miller, Sandra Lynn 173 Miller, Stephen Robert 59, 220 Miller, Susan Lea Miller, Tracey B 208 Miller, Tracy Linn 220 Mimp, Lawrence A 220 Miner, Arden Krista 208 Minkoff, Eileen Joyce Minzer, George 195 Mirkovic, Jennie 220 Mishima, Susie 196 Mishkin, Jill Leslie 60, 173 Mitchell, Ellyn Fae 110, 196 Mitchell, Gary Marshall Mitsui, Melissa Misao 196 Mittermeier, Heidi P 109, 196 Mittermeier, Ruth 208 Moch, Laura Sue 173 Moch, Robin Lee 208 Moline, Janet Beth Moll, Gary James 196 Moll, Stephen J 173 Moltz, Alan Jeffery 23, 138, 140, 174 Moltz, Marilyn Faith 136, 208 Monnier, Denise 119, 144, 208 Monnier, Jennifer Ann 65. 220 Monreal, Annette 127 Mooradian, Mitchell W 174 Moravcik, Lisa 174 Moreton, Robert Wesley 208 Morgan, Joey D 70, 174 Morgan, Steven Ralph 174 Moritz, David Moritz, Leo J 56, 196 Moritz, Samantha Mortellaro, Jamie Drew 208 Morton, Paul Kenneth 146, 174 Moss, Brenda Helaine 220 Motev, Natasha 220 Moy, Michael C 174 Mozner, Alex 55, 220, 81 Mozner, Lilli-Ann 130, 174 Mroz, Alison Maureen 174 Much, Andrew Leigh 220 Mueller, Mary Ann 174 Mueller, Robert Albert Mugrditchian, Annette 220 Murgas, Carl Peter Murgas, Richard Ivan 56, 196 Murphy, Brian A 138, 211, 78 Murphy, Ellen Joan 175 Murphy. Joseph Earl Murphy, Sharon Ann 64, 65, 196 Murray, Anne M 208 Murray, James John 196 Murray, John F Murray. John Michael 59, 220 Murray, Martin Casey Murray, Mary Catherine 196 Musick, Daryl J 175 Musick, Laura Sue 208 Muth, Stephen Jay 196 Muth, Therese Ann Myers, Solomon Mark 143, 144, 196, 198 Nadder, James Robert 58, 59, 220 Nadolna, Toni Beth 208 Nagrodess, Rosalyn 208. 210 Najarian, Nancy Louise 208 Nakashima, Susan Emi 127, 132, 208 Namnick, Daniel 56, 175 Nanavati. Hemal 58 Nariss, Christine 175 Naum, James Nedic, Zan 220 Nelluvelil, Joseph J Nelson, Caron Ruth 208 Nelson, Ellen Denise 196 Nelson, Lorelee Alice 220 Neumann, Michael J 175, 208 292 Neumann, Robert Raphiel 58 Newman, Mindy Dawn 220 Nickow, Todd Adrian 138, 140, 175 Nimz, Jeffrey Edward 59 Nimz, Lisa Beth 112, 120, 137, 140, 141, 175 Nitsche, Eric Richard 196 Nitti, Luigi 196 Niziolek, Marsha Lynn No. Hyo Y 208 Noe. Kimberly Kathryn 175 Noe, Martin A 208 Nolan, Karen Alice 133, 220 Nolan, Kathleen 48 Norberg, Thomas John 208 Nordeen, Lori Ann 128, 175 Nordin, Lawrence 208 Nordin, Linnette Ann 175 Noren, Glen Thomas 196 Noren, Lee James 137, 138, 140, 175, 178 Nuqui, Charles F 208 Nuqui, Rochelle E 196 Nutting, Amy Lynn 69, 123, 221 O’Boyle, Anne Marie 196 O’Boyle, Patricia A 221 O’nonnell, Lauren O’Neill, Kathleen G. 208 O’Rourke, Lorraine 221 Oberlander, Michael 59, 221 Obermann, Mark George Obradovic, Christine An 208 Obrochta, Jill Catherin 142, 196 Odonnell. Thomas Austan Odyniec, Anna Alicja 208 Odyniec, Edward 119. 196 Odyniec, Thaddeus 70, 71, 196 Ohlson, Susan Marie 196 Okada, Hiroaki 196 Okamura, Scott Vincent 196 Oleck, Stacey Pam 175 Oliff, Basia Rose 110, 208 Oliff. Ira Anton 221 Olkiewicz, Daniela T Olliges, Kimberly Ann 121, 175 Olsen, Linda M 196 Olson, Jeanann Marie 208 Oppenheim, Joanne Robin 196, 82 Orfanos, Angela Orlando. Tony Joseph 196 Orlean, Fern Cindy 134, 175 208 Orlean, Randee Beth 134, 136, 143, 144 Osijchuk, Natalie Jane 176 Otten, Mark Nicholas Ottlinger, Debbie Ann 123, 208 Ovington, Susan 176 Ovsey, Victor 221 Oyos, Mark Oyos, Nathanael 55, 63 Oznoff, Ronald Oztekin, Errol Scott 56, 196 Oztekin, Susan L 176 Palenske, Janice Mary Palenske, Jeffrey Roger Palenske, Timothy Jon 208, 79 Pales, Tammi 60, 176 Pallson, Donna 221 Panek, Eugene Gerold Pang, Stephen Ying-Fang 113, 196 Panos, Joann Kathaleen Panousieres, Elaine Mar Panousieres, John James Papanek, Lee Ingrid 64, 65, 196, 208. 83 Papanek, Ronald Bergh 110, 37, 138 Pappas, George D 221 Pappas, Vicki Perette 60, 208 Parcelli, Michael Paul 137, 138, 140, 196 Parisi, David Samuel 221 Park, Hye-Ryon 221 Park, Hyo Sim 208 Park, Konsu Park, Song Joon 54 Parker, Kimberly Ann Parks, Barbara Beth 60, 196 Partipilo, Thomas Domin 208 Pass. Janet Ellen 134, 135, 136, 176 Patel, Asha 208 Patel, Birju Patel. Himanshu 221 Pattison, Diane E 176 Pattison, Mary Ann 208 Paulis, Debbie Jan 138, 139, 140. 176 Paustian, Lynn Marie Pawlowski, Christopher Payuk, William Lee Pearson Jeff David Pearson, Mary Carol 176, 82 Pearson, Scott Vic Pecci, Michael 208 Peischl, Hans Penn, Marcy Ann 119, 136, 208 Perl, Kenneth Bruce 223 Perl, Sheldon Gerard 176, 196 Perlin, Mike Alan 143 Perlman, Barbara Alice 109, 112, 176 Perlman, Scott Michael 136. 208 Perlmutter, Gary Alan 196 Perperas, Johnny 54, 125, 205, 208 Perrotta, Peter Michael 208 Petersen, Christine Ann Peterson, Kenneth Walter 137, 138, 176 Peterson, Lori Ann 221 Peterson, Martin Edward 176 Peterson, Robert K 196 Petrakis, Peter Thomas 176 Petrie, Debra Jeanne 196 Petrie, Kimberly Ann 142, 221 Pflaumer, Christopher Pieper, Donald William 66, 70, 176 Pinckney, Floyd D Jr 221 Pintz, Barbara Anna 196 Piper, Gail Amelia 127, 196, 82 Pipia, Suzanne 177 Piro, Ben 56, 196 Pirpiris, Ted 196 Pissios, Maria 177 Pitts, Scott Allen 196 Pitts, Tracy Jeanne Platt, Michael Jay 67, 208 Plonus, Sabine Ann 68, 123, 221 Plotnick, Daniel Mark 208 Plotnick, Gary Lee 30, 70, 177 Podell, Marla Lee 177 Poet, Sheila Marie 221 Pollack, Allyson Rae 112, 177, 82 Pollack, Jeffrey 177 Ponitch, Gregg Neil 59, 221 Popovich, George 208 Porcaro, Kelli Mary 127, 208 Poticha, Glenn Alan 208 Poulakidas. Stephanie 221 Powell, Jay H 196 Powell. Stacy Marlene 108, 177 Price, Judith Ellen 127, 208 Price, Lisa Cheryl 177 Prinz, Lisa Deborah 126, 177 Prinz, Paul Terry 28, 112, 177 Privatsky, Bruce N Prochotsky, John Frank 178 Provost, Peter D Puerkel, Michael J Puetz, Cindy L 69, 123, 196 Pyferden, Bryan Guilici, Gina Marie 221 Quilici, Victor Del Quinn, John Walter 62, 116, 178 Quist, Patti Dee 208, 76 Ra. Ju-E 208 Rabey, Douglas Michael 196 Rabin, David Martin 196 Rabin, Lauren Beth 178 Rabin, Steven A 138, 198 Rabin, Susan Denise 221 Radermacher, James Paul 178 Rafferty, Margaret Ann 109, 112, 178, 150 Rafilson, Bruce J Ragano, Venitia Santa 178 Rainero, Kenneth Oscar Ramirez, Richard David 178 Ramseyer, Cameron Dave Ranganath, Shoba 112, 147, 178, 150 Rapoport, Gail Delores 143. 144. 178 Ratner, Neal Ross 113, 196 Raucci, William R 221 Ravve, Ruth Naomi 208 Reasner, Timothy J 196 Rector, Karen Sue 196 Reeves, Dora Reichert, Robert A 221 Reichle, William Keith 178 Reichstetter, Christine 68, 196 Reid, Neil E Reifenberg, Mary P 127, 196 Reinhard, David Allen 196 Reinhard, Lynn Marie 120, 221 Reinhardt, Anthony Pete 56. 57, 208 Reinhardt, Caroline M. 68, 161, 179 Reisman, Howard Keith 208 Reisman, Michael Scott 209 Reiter, David S 209 Reiter, Russell Paul 221 Reljac, Jean Elizabeth 65, 127, 209, 76 Reljac, Pegie Anne 126, 179, 74 Remus, Carolyn Joan 179 Resnick, Michael Louis 58, 208, 78 Revis, John Mark 56, 179 Rich, Debra Lynn 60, 127, 142 Rich, Laurie Anne 179 Rich, Robert Scott 209 Rich, Susan Gail 221 Richards, Charles Edwar 138, 196 Richman, Gail Lynn 209 Rickert, Karen A 179 Ridley, Shawn Joseph 54, 72, 209 Riemer, Robert Allan Riha, Sarah Jane 196 Ring, Jeffrey Vincent 119, 120, 121, 138, 209 Ringer, John W 179 Risoff, Steve Edward 179 Rivkin, Steve Gary 70. 112, 179, 150 Rivkin, Thomas Stanton 72, 209 Ro, Kab Sung Ro. Sam Sung 179 Robbins, Richard Barry Robbins, Richard Elliot 108, 112, 147, 117, 179 Robbins, Robert Jay 209 Robin. Marsha Lynn 64. 179 Robins, Jodi Melinda 119, 120. 127, 138 Robinson, Michael Eric Robinson, Steven Marc 221, 81 Rock, Irene Dorothy 127, 209 Rock Norbert Adolf Rockel, Jeffrey Alan 196 Rockel, Laura Ann 221 Rodgers, Laura Lee 179 Rodgers, Susan C. 127, 209 Roggeman, Peter Andrew 55, 221 Rolf, William Ernest 138, 211 Roller, Lorayne Anne 65. 209, 76 Roman, Cindy Beth 221 Roman, Marcy 196 Romanofsky, Helene May 221 Root, Gail Ann 43. 221 Root, Judith Lynne 179 Rooth, Paul David 196. 78 Rosas, Dina Louise Rose. Adele Lisa 221 Rose, Debra Sue 221, 83 Rose, Gary Howard 112, 180, 78, 80 Rosen, David A 209 Rosenbaum. Judith Nancy 196 Rosenberg, Anita R. 209 Rosenberg, Bennett L 221 Rosenblum, Steven Ely 61 Rosenblum, Susan Lee 221 Rosenthal, David Alan 221 Rosin, James Richard 180 Rosow, Laura Ann 134, 136, 209 Ross, Amy Frances 209 Ross. Dominick S Ross, Edward Leo 120, 209 Ross, Hope Ellen 43, 221 Ross, Janice Rae 180, 74 Ross, Kevin Michael 221 Rossmann, Linda Joy 196 Rotheiser, Shari Faith 180 Rovner, Jill Wendy 221 Rowe, Scott Michael 55 Rubenstein, David Richard 196, 78 Rubenstein, Steven H 180 Rubiano, Andrea 223 Rubiano, Gustavo Rubin, Andrew Scott 180 293 Rubin, Carol Ann 180 Rubin, Yvette Susan 180 Rudin, Scott Howard 209 Ruehrdanz, Michael P. 209 Ruesch, Susan M 209 Rugendorf, David Scott 221 Runta, Christine Ann 196 Rusch, Judith Ann 221 Russell, Andrew 137, 138, 209 Russell, Lisa Renee 110, 147, 197 Ryfkogel, Kenneth Lee J 209 Sacks, Barry Alan 180 Sacks, Kenneth D 221 Sacks. Michael Jay 180 Saklak, Diane Jean 138. 139, 197 Saletnik, Dorothy Beata 209 Sai l, Kenneth Roger 54, 209 Salomon, Elizabeth Ruth 221 Salomon, Scott Daniel Samet, Aviva Esther Samet, Daniel Lazar 221 Samuelson, Matthew Ira 108, 209 Sander, Christopher Sander, Kathleen Ann 221 Sanders, Steven Michael 138 Sandlow, Bruce Robert 54, 209 Santi, Valerie Ann 197 Santiler, Margarita 209 Sathy, Michael R 108. 209 Saville, Shira 209 Savitt, Carol Beth 197 Sax, Karen Denise 209 Scapardine, Gail Theres 209 Schaffner, Lisa Ann 180 Schalz, Timothy Schanz, Gerald Allan Schanz, Scott Mike 180, 87 Schaps, Lee Roy 55, 221 Schell, Scott 124 Schildgen, Lynne Alliso 221, 84, 85 Schlesinger, Eugene D. Schlueter, Matthew Schlueter, Timothy 54, 78 Schmidt, Linda Veronica 221 Schmidt, Michael L 56, 197 Schmidt. Richard Alan 70. 180 Schmiegelt, David John 180 Schmiegelt, Susan Marie 209 Schneider, Gregg Walter 181 Schneider, Sharon Hope 223 Schnell, Rebecca Dawn 64, 127, 209, 75, 74 Schnurr, Gary Phillip Sch onberg, Kristen Ann 126, 181 Schreiber, Maurice Schreier, David Ty Schreier, Sandra Lyn 222 Schreiter, Ross Patrick 222 Schroeder, Arthur F 197 Schroeder, Michelle T Schulte, Brett Charles 58. 181, 209 Schulte, Karen Alice 110, 112, 181 Schulter, Cynthia L. 209 Schultz, Michael 197 Schulz. Manfred Schuman, Michael Aaron 181 Schwartz, Charles Eric 54, 209 Schwartz, Elissa Nan 134, 135, 222 Schwartz, James C 181 Schwartz, Karen Faith 223 Schwartz, Mark 56, 147, 181 Schwartz, Paul 108, 181 Schwartz, Richard B 222 Schwarz, Bette Marla Schwarz. David Michael 115, 116, 117 Searle, Gregory Hugh 54, 72, 209 Sedelsky, Heidi Dawn 209 Seiler, Rosemarie K 110, 120, 197 Seimen, Arthur Andreas 222 Selz, Peter Alan 209 Selz, Richard N 59 Sergot, Michael F Serlin, Andrew Bruce 137, 138, 140, 181 Serlin, Nina Merle 138, 222 Serota, Carole Dianne Serota, Steven Norman 209 Seymour, Michelle Lynn 181 Seyter, George Albert Shandling, Vicki Lynn 109, 127, 136, 197 Shapiro, Anita Karen 61, 109, 197 Shapiro, John Todd 138, 197 Shapiro, Keith Shapiro, Lisa Ellen 61, 222 Shapiro, Mindy Beth 110, 222 Shavel. Ross Alan Shaw, Bruce Alan 181 Shay, Pat Dean Shayne, Ellice Debbie 182 Shea, Karen 68. 123, 209 Shedroff, Karin Gail 182 Sheehan, Dan Ray Shellist, Marc Robert 138 Shemroske, Patrick J. 182, 80 Shemroske, Paul 54, 209, 78 Sherman, Yvonne I 128, 197, 198 Shetler, Nadine Helen 209 Shiakallis, Christos 115, 118, 222 Shim, Kyu Shimanovsky, Dave L 197 Shultz, Tom John Shurson, Julie Ann 197, 76 Shurson, Mark 0 182 Sidler, Gayle Dina 110, 112, 141, 182 Sidler, Lisa Beth 110, 137, 138, 211 Siegel, Alyssa Hope Siegel, Garry Jay Siegel, Ken Todd 197 Siegel, Steven Brian 56, 57, 182 Siegel, Steven Ross 182 Siemsen, Amy M 197 Sienkowski, Sherry Lynn 182 Sierzega, Patricia T 222 Sierzega, Richard Allan Sikaras, Christine 197 Silberman, Lawrence 209 Silensky, Efrem David 59, 222, 81 Sillitti, Patricia Ann 197 Silverman, Beth Michele 136, 209 Silverman, Jay E 222 Silverman, Michael J 197 Silverman, Sheldon E 34, 108, 222 Silverman, Todd Stan 182 Silverstein, Jodie H 109 Simmons, Theodore L Simon, Donn Alan 134, 135, 136. 182 Simon, Florence Adele 136, 197 Simon, Gregg Marlow 62, 183 Simon, Maybelle Kay Simon, Richard K 222, 87 Simon, Steven 209 Simons, Aric Lee 108, 183 Simonson, Paul Stewart Singer. Lisa Ellen 222, 84 Sinica. Chris Tina 222 Sklivagos, Nicholas Skoglund, Scott Robert 114, 117, 209 Skupiewski, Douglas M 197 Slisz, Elizabeth Ann 140, 209 Slivnick, Sari Lynn 183 Sliwa, James Joseph 52, 183 Sliwa, Susan J Sloma, Pam 84, 85 Slotnik, David 111, 183 Smason, Wendy Sharon 110, 222 Smiesko, Michael Smith. Alan Leon 222 Smith, Charles Albert 209 Smith, Patricia 183 Smith, Paul Martin 222 Smith, Rocella May 209 Smith, Ronald Glenn Smith, Ted 108, 161, 183 Smolenski, Joseph Steph 56, 197 Smolenski, Lori Ann 209 Smolenski, Paula Rose 119, 183 Smolin, Terri Kathleen 110, 197, 198 Smoller, Scott Allen Snow, Howard Keith 56, 57, 197 Snyder, Elizabeth Ann 110, 112, 183 Snyder, Miriam B 65, 110, 222 Sobczak, Jeffery George 197 Sobczak, Steven Michael Sokniewicz, Brian James 183 Sommerfield, Craig L. 198 Son, Joo Young 222 Sonkin, Helene Lisa Sonne, Sherry Lynn 183 Sorenson, Kim Ann Sousa, Luisa 110, 142 Spagnoli, Bob Michel 55, 222 Spagnoli, Joseph Edward 54, 209 Speizman, Gary Michael 78 Sperling, Stacy Ann 197 Spourgitis. Pamela 128, 197 Sprague, Ellen Lynn 222 Sprague, Thomas Neil 162, 183 Springer, Michael R. 183 Sprogis, Renee 60, 126, 183 Spyratos, Emily 197 St Marie, Linnea Ann 140, 222 Stamos, Van 58, 59, 222 Stankowicz, James M. Stark, Gloria 209 Stathopoulos, Angie Stavropoulos, Christine Steele, Christopher A. 135, 222 Steele, Kimberly Lynn 126, 128, 135, 138, 184 Steele, Thomas Joseph Stein, David 0 72, 209 Stein, Elizabeth France 197 Stein, Jay Michael 117, 184 Stein, Robert N 184 Steinberg, Stacey Lynn 184, 150 Steindler, Nora Ellen 112, 134, 135, 136, 138, 139, 140, 143, 184 Steiner, David Jay 222 Steiner, Ron Emery 138, 209 Stepke. Julie Marie 209 Stern. Michael Gary 222. 81 Stern, Mitch Alan 72, 211 Stern, Todd Merrill 135, 143, 144, 197 Sternberg, Mark Alan 56, 197 Stevens, Lauren Dee 222 Stevens, Rhonda Lee 184 Stielow, Elizabeth Kare 64, 126, 184 Stielow, Gary Arthur 209 Stoker, Richard G Stoker, Thomas T Stokes, Fred Charles 55, 81 Stolberg, Howard Steven 158, 184 Stolberg, William David 210 Stone, Barbara Mary 222 Stone, Elisa 197 Stone, Jodi Eve 210 Stone, Kim Stone, Stacey Marcia 184 Stotz, Nancy Anne 184 Strassman, Joel Lee 184 Straton, George Leo 210 Straton, Steve Leo 59 Straub, Andy Fred Strauss, Nancy Lynn 197 Strauss, Robert Samuel 56, 177, 210 Strehl, Ronald Kurt 210 Streicher, Ian Henry 110, 135, 136, 143, 144 Streiff, Constance Joan 110, 197 Strissel, Dawn Marie 197 Strongin, Scott Dennis 70, 112, 184 Stuermer, Anne Elizabet 65, 76 Sucherman, Joel A 137, 211 Sucherman, Paul J 137, 173, 184 Suess, James John Suess, Loring Michael Sugar, Daniel Lawrence 72, 210 Sugar, David Sullivan, Jolene Marie 110, 184 Sultz, Jill Rebecca 197 Sung, Sam Young Sussman, Alan Craig 210 Sussman, Jay Michael 138, 197 Svrcek, Linda 119, 210 Swanke, Serena Ann 197 Swanson, Jeffrey Lee Swanson, Renee Eleanor Sweeney, Erin M 68, 124, 197 Swenson, Carol Alice 65, 222 Taibl, Ronald Jeffery 112, 185 Tajak, Frederick F Tamraz. Tammy Christine 192, 197 Tatooles, Antone John 197 Tatooles, Julie Denise 23, 27, 28, 112 126, 128, 129, 147, 185, 150 Taveras. Aleyda 110 Telengater, Robin Jill 222 Tenzillo, Elizabeth Ann 185 Tenzillo, Karen Jane 65, 222 Tenzillo, Katherine J. 65, 222 Terpinas, Tina 127, 197, 76 Terrazas, Debra Denise 210 Terzakis, Linda Ann 110, 118, 210 Terzis, Caryn Marie 210 Terzis, John Nicholas 185 Thall, Janice 147, 185 Therios, Athanasios D 197 Therios, Gus Demos 222 Thill, Steve Edward 197 Thomason, Dean Craig 210 Thomason, Scott Gary 197 Thommes, Kevin John Thompson, Diana Niziol Thompson, Tony Franz 185 Till, Susan Bridget Tiltz, Lynne Tracey 185 Tobin, Cheryl Renee 197 Tobin, Lisa Meredith 210 Tobin, Steven Harley 66, 67, 185 Todd, Elizabeth Irene 222, 83 Todd, Robert James 197 Tom, Anna 185 Tomacic, Christina Ann 210 Tomaras, John Scott 58 Tomasic. Mirjana 185 Tomoleoni, Lisa Rose 65, 136, 210 Tomoleoni, Lori Lee 127, 222 Tonsul, Gloria 210 Torch, Lorie Rae 222 Toth, Annie Margaret 186 Toth, Jeanne Marie 210 Toth, Joseph Peter 186 Toth, Margaret Jean Tourville, Daniel Trachtenberg, Barry David 210 Tralmer, Kim Ann 197 Travis. Elizabeth Sue 119, 123, 210 Travis, Leonard Edwin 186 Travlos, George 111, 119, 210 Trefren, Peter James 111, 136, 210 Treitler, Jodi 112, 126, 186, 150, 82 Tripi, John Paul 222 Tripi, Nancy Lynn 197 Tripicchio, Donna 64, 127, 197, 74 Tripp, Steve M 186 Trykowski, Mark William 197 Tsokas, Nick James Tupanjac, Radivoje 223 Turchen, Jamie llene 210, 84 Turek, John Turner, Darlene 210 Turner, David S 223, 87 Turton, Craig 210, 78 Turton, Melody Claire 138, 140, 186 Tutt, Marcey 210 Tuzzolino, Nancy N 127, 128, 192, 197 Tyler, William Ubrig, Steven Heinz 59, 222 Udell, Glenn Laurence 54, 210 Udell, Jacky 186 Uglinica, Tarina Ann 110, 143, 144, 197 Urban, Ralph B Urow, Dennis Richard 67 Valenti, Angelo 210 Valenziano, Kent W 186 Valerio, Deneen Gina Valiaveedu, Sebastian A 112 Vanich, Michael 210 Vargas, Angelita 186 Vargas, Leticia 138, 210 Vargas, Sylvia 197 Varghn, Gregg 197 Varnavas, Dino James 210, 78 Varnavas, Eleni K 222 Varon, Amy Rae 222 Vass, Edie Michele 197 Vass, Monet Elise 222 Vaughan, Steven Paul 63 Vaughn, Gregory Robert Vazquez, Luis Vazquiz, Rebecca Vazzano, Michael J Venetos, Tina 222 Venson, Karen Ann 222, 84 Verdin, Ross John Rick, Jeff R 54, 210 Vick, Laurie Anne 138, 186 Viner, Michael Bennett 137, 138, 197 Vishny, Michael Howard 120, 197 Vodvarka, Jane Marie 210 Vogel, Peter Sam Wada, Neil 72 Wadhwa, Anjali 132, 210 Wadhwa, Era Rani 197 Wadler, Linda Ann 110, 112, 147, 157, 187 Wadler, Mary Katherine 108, 187 Wagner, John Matthew Wainer. Jamie Lynn 118, 210 Wall, Brendan Wall, Jill Beth 210 Wallace, Melinda Ellen Walls, Douglas Wainer, David L J 140, 197, 86 Walsh, Martin Peter 187 Wang, Jim Yi-Rong Wang Yi-Hon David Warchol, Curtis John 187 Warda, Edward Sargon Warda. Suzette Marie 126, 187 Warkenthien, Lynn M. 187 Warner, Laura Dawn 198 Warshawsky, Arthur David Warshawsky, Neil Mark 55, 222 Warshawsky, Randi I 69, 112, 187 Warso, David Martin 210 Wasserberg, Andrew Scott 187 Watson, Gary Andrew 223 Watson, John Scott Watts, David Scott 187 Watts, Shari Lauren 223 Wax, Lisa Abby 223 Wax, Paul Ross 198 Wax, Philip Lee 187 Wedel, Jill Marie 127 Wegener, Nancy June 210 Wei, Patricia Marie 120, 127, 210 Weil, Bruce Martin 187 Weil, Nancy H 198 Weiler, Edward 210 Weinberg, Brian Joel 55. 223 Weinberg, Leslie Hope 210 Weindling, David Samuel 56, 198 Weinstein, Rebecca Sue 61, 110, 22 Weinstein, Scott Alan 110, 187 Weiser, Carolyn Joy 210 Weiser, David Steven Weisman, Ross Harold 198 Weiss, Alan B 210 Weiss. Christopher J 198 Weiss, Darlene J 109, 187 Weiss, Debbie Beth 198 Weiss, Janet Ellen 195, 198 Weiss. Jennifer Marie 127, 138, 210, 76 Weiss, Jill Ann 187 Weiss, Linda Renee 127, 132, 210 Weiss, Mary Adele 22, 28, 109. 189 Weiss, Steven M 188 Weiss, Thomas William G 67, 118, 210 Weitzman, Tamara Lyn 223 Welter, David Eric 71 Wendt, Roger Ernest 56, 198 Wexler, Pamela Andrea 143, 144, 198 Wheeler, Christopher L. 188, 78 Wheeler, Curtis Wayne 54, 210 Wheeler, Kevin Michael 198 Whelan, John Albert 210 Widinski, Keith Wiechec, Mark 188 Wierzchon, Elizabeth 110, 188 Wilczewski, Alan Robert 188 Wilczewski, Cynthia Ann 210 Wilfong, Jeffrey B 55, 223 Wilken, Dwayne A 223 Willerman, Keith Glenn 188 Williams, Catherine Mar 198 Williams, Christopher L 198 Williams, Nancy Marian 140, 188 Williams, Stephen Mark 121, 188 Wilm, David Carl 55, 223 Wilm, Paul Eric 119, 211 Wilson, Brett Joseph 188 Wilson, Michael Jay 59, 223 Wilson, Patrick F 188 Wise, Deborah R. 198 Wise, Rochelle M. 210 Wishner, Kenneth Darrow 140 Witkowski, Karen Marie Witt. Mark Tyler 72, 210 Wittenberg, Greg James 58. 210 Wittenberg, Karen Marie 223, 83 Witz, Gary Ira 210 Wolfe. Andrea Merle 188 Wolter, Jamie Ann 188 Woodfield, David E 55, 223 Woodier, Linda Anne 198 Wotman, Larry Nathan Wozniak, Carolyn Wratschko, Diane M 223 Wright, Lisa Gabrielle 223 Wrzala, James E Jr 198 Wu, Victor H W 198 Wurzbacher, Scott F 223 Wydra, Michael John Yakoubek, Susanne M 210 Yang, Heeyong 56, 57 Yannakis, Helen Yannakis, Katherine 188 Yellen, Michael Craig 198 Yep, Sandra Mae 223 Yi, Yon Hui 198 Young, Janet 198 Young, Karen Amy 198 Young, Lauren Denise 128, 210 Young, Robin Gaile 64, 188 Youstra, Kristin Joanne 127, 132, 210 Zammar, Chris A 72. 210 Zaslavsky, Dennis Mark 189 Zawiski, Lauren Therese 128, 198 Zbilski, Jim C 189 Zeff, Jay Lawrence 63, 113, 210 Zeid. Richard Michael 210, 212 Zeinfeld, lleen Gail 112, 189 Zeinfeld, Joyce Gwen 210 Zeitler, Patricia Ann 198 Zelickman, Lori Renee 127, 198 Zeller, Daniel John Zeller, Lisa Marie 223 Zellers. Brenda Lee 142, 198 Zeman, James Andrew 210 Zemsky, Alan Jay 211, 212 Zenner, Richard 211 Zepin, Wendy 223 Zernone, Sandra 211 Zetek, Darren Richard 115 Zicarelli, Carmela A 198 Zicarelli, Fred Joe 223 Zidel. William 211 Ziegelski, Debra Ann 140, 141, 189 Zissman, Marc Alan 114, 198 Zivilik, Julie Anne 223 Zoros, Donna Lee 126. 189, 82 Zucker, David Gary 189, 223 Zucker, Jamie Dawn 130, 142, 198 Zucker, Mark Steven 137 Zucker, Michael IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Phyllis Epstein Mr. Otto Karbusicky Howard McElfresh ’74 James Springer ’75 Dominick Gagliano ’77 Michael Spagoletti ’77 Gregory Dulleck ’79 Eyvonne Bender ’80 Neal Cashman ’80 Susan Ovington ' 80 Stephen Williams ’80 The names of those who in their lives fought for life Who wore at their hearts the fire’s centre. Born of the sun they travelled a short while towards the sun, And left the vivid air signed with their honour. -Stephen Spender !k J.LEI

Suggestions in the Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) collection:

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