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Niles Township High School West Oakton at Edens Expressway Skokie, Ill. 60077 Volume XVIII i TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION . 1 SPECIAL EVENTS .8 REFLECTIONS .40 SENIORS . 56 UNDERCLASS . 104 CLUBS . 136 SPORTS . 184 STAFF .264 SENIOR SURVEY . 312 INDEX PATRONS .328 5 HOMECOMING 78 ! ! ,n M TWILITE PEP RALLY This year’s Twilite Pep Rally was attended by many enthusiastic Indian fans, The chee- eaders, Pom Pon girls, and Marching Band were there to entertaii and promote school spirit. Homecoming Queen and Court were announced. The evening was climaxed by the burning of th A aukegan East effigy. These exciting activities were coordinated by Cindy Trapanese and Janine Bolal. ABOVE: Indian Sue Johnson poses for a photographer LEFT: The Varsity Cheerleaders do a cheer. The fiery destruction of the Waukegan East effigy. The excited Senior Court. ICE CREAM SOCIAL Do you want to hear some great news about the Ice Cream Social? Here’s the scoop. This year’s Ice Cream Social was a fantastic success! Students and faculty could choose from many delicious flavors and a variety of toppings. While students assem¬ bled their own creations, the band “Unity” entertained in the contest gym. The food, music, and school spirit combined to make it a terrific night. £ TOP LEFT: The band Unity entertaining. BOTTOM LEFT: Some ice cream scoopers pose for a picture. ABOVE: Jenny Weiss and friends discoing. TOP LEFT: Sharon Cooper and Andrea Marmer scooping ice cream. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Mannos, Mr. Trapp, and Mr. Lorenz enjoying their ice cream. ABOVE: Some friends having fun as they eat. 11 1978 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT The 1978 Homecoming Queen and Court were elected Friday, October 6 by the juniors and seniors at Niles West. Corrine Hintz was chosen Queen. The Senior Court was: Nancy Balmes, Audri Evans, and Karen Kraft. Barb Atsaves, Sharon Cooper, and Julie Housakos were elected to the Junior Court. LEFT: Senior Court waves in parade. BELOW: Junior Court follows the seniors example. 12 INDIANS TAME THE BULLDOGS “Make the Bulldogs Tame with Indian Flame” was the theme for this year’s Homecoming game against the Wau¬ kegan East Bulldogs. Indeed, the Indian flame was bright as the Varsity team beat the Bulldogs with a final score of 21- 6 . RIGHT: A young fan lends her support to the team. BOTTOM: Coach Mitz gives players a last minute pep-talk. ABOVE: Coach Richardson yells support from the side lines. LEFT: Marty Walsh takes his final practice at breaking throup 1 the Bulldogs’ defensive line. 13 “ALWAYS AND FOREVER” Always and Forever” was the theme for this year’s Homecoming Dance on October 7. The group ‘‘Em¬ erald provided music for the dancing couples. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the Homecoming Queen Corinne Hintz. Cindy Trapancsc crowns Corinne Hintz our 1978 Homecoming Queen, while Bruce Sien- kowski stands by. C. Gekes and date take time out to pose for a picture. Couple boogies to the beat. 14 Couples at the dance enjoy cookies and punch. Slow dancing in the big gym. The group “Emerald” brought many couples to the dance floor with their outstanding music. J. Heinz tells B. Flood “Will you please get off my foot.” FROSH-SOPH-MIXER For all the freshmen and sophomores attending this event, it was a night to contribute to the making of new friends and fun. Put these two elements together, mix in some music and you have, A Good Time. 16 College night was a big success. Approximately 200 colleges assembled on the evening of the 27th of September. Many of those students who were undecided about what colleges they wanted to attend or which one suited their purposes the best, made up their minds that night. 17 B A C K T O S C H O O L D A N C E The first Back To School Dance” in Niles West history was a phenomenal success. The band, ‘‘Free Wheelin’ ” played for three great hours. Everyone became well acquainted again for another fun year at school. ABOVE: R. Sprogis and N. Bergstrom display new Pom-Pon techniques. RIGHT: Niles West dances on and on. BELOW: Students enjoying the dance. BOTTOM RIGHT: Typical freshmen posing for pictures. 18 FAR LEFT: Denise Green and Mike Klein dance their hearts away to some of their favorite songs. LEFT: Jodi Treitler is caught by Spectrum photographer. The whole crowd enjoying the music provided by “Free Wheelin.” FAR LEFT: Get down! 19 C D Oh o CC H C D Z«CIh ABOVE LEFT: D. Koch and friends clowning around. ABOVE RIGHT :The next Olga Korbut practicing at Niles West. BELOW RIGHT: The Lochness Monster. BELOW LEFT: Just hanging around. Sports night was a complete success this year. The students played volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Everyone got some good exer¬ cise and enjoyed participating in their favorite sports. 20 MARCHING BAND This year the Niles West marching band helped lead the Indians on to many victories. The Band, led by Dr. Charles Groeling, played music for pep rallies, football games and many other school events. ABOVE LEFT: Flag bearers marching in step with the music. ABOVE RIGHT: M. Kahn not paying any attention to her music. BELOW RIGHT: F. Gerson takes a nap while playing the tuba. BELOW LEFT: The band plays another good song. PARENTS GO BACK TO SCHOOL Open House was a great success this year. Parents visited their children’s classes. During their free periods they went to see the special displays that were provided by the students. Deans and Ad¬ ministrators walked through the halls and made sure the parents behaved them¬ selves. LEFT: Mr. Kaitchuck leads the Orchestra in some lively entertainment. HALLOWEEN SNEAKS UP ON NILES WEST Halloween sneaked through Niles West this year. In order to celebrate the hallowed event, both students and faculty members were seen prancing through the hallways in their costumes and masks. ABOVE: English teacher J. Batts goes over his Frankenstein script. RIGHT: Students pose as their teach¬ ers. TOP: Just clowning around in the student lounge. ABOVE: B. Byk winner of the best Halloween Costume contest, poses with his facsimile the 109 john. POW WOW MOVES FROM “OFFSTAGE ONSTAGE” Pow Wow ’78, “Offstage, Onstage”, was a new type of production. Instead of following the old musical comedy-variety show formula, this year it was a full-length play. It featured the trials and tribulations of putting on a student-run show. Un¬ der the direction of Michael Savitt and Amy Tolsky with a script written by Bob Levy, with additions by Haim Brody the show came to life. The outstanding band was led by Music Directors Mark Zivilik and Steve Cross. The other Steering Committee members were: Nora Steindler, Vocal Directors; Lisa Kharasch and Cynthia Tao, Chor¬ eographers; Mike Kochman and Karen Kozer, Technical Directors; Michael Ann Luncsford and Tarina Uglinica, Costumers. All-in-all, it was a great show! The cast demonstrates its togetherness in “We Go Together.” Liz Gump in “So Far Away.” Troy Potysman and Ricky Levine do “The Time Warp” again. 24 Allyson Harris gives the cast a last-minute pep talk in the dressing room scene. Dancers before “The Continental” Like a desert. Pow Wow was completely “Baron.” Steve Brown (interrogating The Freshman. Gary Perlmutter. 25 LEFT: Hopefuls warming up for their audition in “Life Is A Song Worth Singing.” BELOW: Haim Brody and Kim Noe discuss their relationship. looks at BELOW LEFT: Heide Karp and Steve Brown discuss life in the theatre while Miles Sonkin magazines. BELOW RIGHT: Marge Gump serenades her audience with “MacArthur Park.” This year Niles West had its first annual disco dance. The A.F.S. sponsored event was a big success. About 700 people showed up for an evening of entertainment pro¬ vided by Disco Experience. A dance contest was held in which the contestants got to do their own thing on a dance floor that was very similar to the one used in Saturday Night Fever. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. TOP LEFT: S. Johnson and B. Reichle show their talent. TOP RIGHT: Who’s next? ABOVE: Winners of the dance contest take time out for a picture. 28 AFS BRINGS DISCO TO NILES WEST TOP AND ABOVE LEFT: Students reliving Saturday Night Fever. ABOVE: C. Gekas and the disco disc jockey ponder the next song. ABOVE RIGHT: Niles West Gets Down! SOCK HOPPIN! On Friday, November 17, the 50’s sock hop spun Niles West back to a time of pigtails, bobby socks, and leather jackets. Stu¬ dents, dressed in their favorite fifties fashions, twisted, bunny hopped, and jitterbugged to many vivacious tunes played by the band, “Yesterday’s News.” The nostalgic evening provided students with a first hand exper¬ ience of the great fun and laugh¬ ter of the “good old days.” TOP RIGHT: The band plays a bit of nostaglia to remember the good old days. TOP LEFT: Two students trying to jitterbug. CENTER: Students discussing the memorable evening at Niles West. BELOW: The Niles West gym livens up with a new kind of dance, the Bunny Hop. 30 TOP LEFT: The pyramid seems to be falling down! TOP RIGHT: Kitty Sloma and friend dance their way back to the ‘50s. CENTER RIGHT: Students help dust off the gym floor, without pay?!. BOTTOM RIGHT: Student trying something to¬ tally, new rather than ’50s dances. BOTTOM LEFT: Students discussing the events of the evening. CEN¬ TER LEFT: People changing back to the ’70s way of danc¬ ing. 31 CHILDREN’S THEATER SPACES OUT This year’s Children’s Theater production fol¬ lowed the latest fad of science fiction space adven¬ ture. “Space War 2000’’ was about a war in an¬ other galaxy. The mad Nargot Prime Minister (Merle Kahn) planned to control the galaxy and sent bombs to annihilate Armagon. However, the galaxy was saved by her unfaithful android assis¬ tant Cregia and by Queen Monadine’s assistant Blee. Other main characters were Kelly Chester, Amelia Bartholomew, and Debbie Weiss. The ex¬ cellent acting and scenery in the show were com¬ plimented with spectacular lighting and sound ef¬ fects. Presented on December 15 and 16, “Space War 2000’’ was a really “far out’’ show. RIGHT: Queen Monadine’s entourage welcome Queen Delan- dria. BELOW: Rasputa rebukes Cregia for her traitorous actions. BELOW RIGHT: Galactic soldiers await orders from Rasputa. BOTTOM: Queen Monadine lies stunned by a laser gun. 32 ABOVE: Rasputa grins, satisfied with her wicked plans. BELOW LEFT: Rasputa’s accomplices brain wash a defiant galactic soldier. BELOW RIGHT: The princess examines the power¬ ful Armagon weapons. I ABOVE LEFT: Blee protects his queen. ABOVE RIGHT: Rasputa shouts orders to an angry Cregia. LEFT: Blee and Queen Monadine surrender to ga¬ lactic soldiers. RIGHT: Rasputa explains her evil plans to Queen Delandria. BELOW LEFT: The princess threatens to sabatage Rasputa’s spaceship. BELOW RIGHT: A Nargot robot dictates the battle plan. 33 A HEART WARMING EXPERIENCE ABOVE: Rob Casper attends Valentine s Dance with his heart’s delight, Terri Virag. ABOVE RIGHT: C. Trapanese crowns the King of Hearts, Gary Stone. BELOW RIGHT: Shelley Golden and date quenching their thirsts. BELOW: Couples try to find their sweethearts. LOWER LEFT: Dee Jemc and date ’’loving” every minute. 34 On Saturday, February 17, this year’s Valentine’s Dance went down in history as one of Niles West’s most heartwarming experiences. The band “Main Squeeze’’ provided music while many couples hap¬ pily danced the night away. The evening was climaxed by the crowning of the King of Hearts, Gary Stone. ABOVE LEFT: Tight Squeeze made lovely music. ABOVE: Judi Caplan and date are the “sunshine” of each other’s lives. RIGHT: Sue Friedlander and Sam Coletta are lost in each other’s arms. ABOVE RIGHT: The four of hearts. 35 UJ 0 c D co UJ J (X co uu u cc o U. (X UJ (X 2 E (X x BELOW RIGHT: Catherine, Pip- pin, and Theo (Howard Brown), dreaming of a new life. LOWER RIGHT: Leading Player, Pippin, and Catherine enjoying them¬ selves. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lewis, (Haim Brody) and King Charle¬ magne battling for the throne. FAR LEFT: Director Bob John¬ son setting the mood for the play¬ ers. BELOW LEFT AND RIGHT: Students rehearsing hard in the student lounge. Pippin, presented on March 29, 30, and 31, is the story of a boy searching for his “corner of the sky”. The title character, played by sophomore Dan Blackman, is the first¬ born son of the King Charlemagne (Bob Levy). Pippin’s goal in the play is to find complete fulfillment in his life. He is aided in his journey by the Leading Player (Amy Tolsky), his step-mother (Sonja Hagopian), and his grandmother (Robyn Grobman). Catherine (Allyson Harris) helps Pippin reach his final decision. This musical production, in addition to being performed at Niles West, was also presented for the Region Three American Theatre Association in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the cast, crew, and jazz band vis¬ ited in April. 36 BELOW RIGHT: The Leading Player strikes a flamboyant pose. LOWER RIGHT: Lewis and Fastrada attempt to console King Charlemagne. BOTTOM: Pippin and Catherine express their true feelings. TOP LEFT: Pippin wishes he were king. TOP RIGHT: Leading Player performs a little magic. ABOVE: King Charlemagne models his cape. 38 LEFT: Pippin pursues the only means to the throne: death to his father King Charlemagne. RIGHT: Queen Fastrada lusts after the crown for her son, Lewis.BELOW RIGHT: Fastrada confess¬ ing to hubby Charle¬ magne. ABOVE LEFT: Pippin in a moment of contempla¬ tion. LEFT: Pippin ad¬ mires brother Lewis’ (Haim Brody) physique. RIGHT: Pippin and his grandmother chuckle as she encourages him to test his ways with women. 39 NILES WEST AT WORK AT REST! WEST AT A GLANCE Support your school. 48 SENIORS Bari Abrams Steven Adkisson David Alpern Wallace Anderson Keith Abrams Thomas Ahrendt Stuart Ami Angie Anton Mitchell Abrams Dawn Abuja 58 Seniors Typical Niles West Senior behavior. Seniors 59 Jay Barasch Brett Bargamian Zoltan Barkoczy James Baron Joan Batchen Charles Bauer Judith Becker Terri Beckerman Epi Beltran Joanne Berzock Lee Bernstein Stephen Binder Debbie Izenstark decides that Jim Baron wins by a nose. 60 Seniors ABOVE: Walter Doderer catches up on the latest news. LEFT: Ernest Peischl explains the amazing properties of the “nothingness” between his hands. Scott Bjorklund Tam mie Blackman Holly Bland Merle Blum Michael Blumenthal Janet Boberg Jack Boepple Joan Boro Katherine Boyko Ronald Brandwein Seniors Allyne Braver Jean Brennan Haim Brody Jackie Brooks Steve Brown John Budzynski Judith Buffo Ellen Burns LEFT: Stuart Ami and date enjoying school dance. ABOVE: Ed Rice kisses his finger to make it better. RIGHT: Peggy Pescatore wins trophy for the whitest teeth. 62 Seniors Norman Burns Eric Carlson Kathleen Bychowski Bennett Byk Judith Caplan Robert Casper Elaine Chen Pamela Chen Michael Chimberoff Francis Chiu Seniors 63 64 Seniors Bennett Cin Peter Clarke Gina Cohan Gregg Cohan Superman — in the guise of John Weiss — demonstrates his amazing strength. David Cohen Sam Colletta Kevin Condon Michael Conner Bonnie Conrad Steven Cross Vv Rita Csukor Catherine Dargas Marla Tobin tries to unnerve her tennis opponent. Robert Daehler Stephen Daus Debra Davis Julie Davis Marianne DeGroot Nancy Desnet Lisa Dina John Dittrich Walter Doderer Alan Dolinko Seniors 65 V 66 Fran Donenberg Geri Drcxler Barbara Dworak Nancy Eck Gary Dong Charles Dubas Pamela Doppelt Debra Durso Christy Eckardt Mark Edelstein Steven Edwards Carolyn Eichner Ellen Eisenberg Linda Eissman Phyllis Ellin Hope Ellis Darcie Ellyne Chris Erickson Seniors 67 Connie Erickson Karen Erickson Merilee Erickson Marc Erlichman Marykay Erpelding Lisa Esterl Eric Estes Audri Evans Nestor Evaristo Amy Tolsky guards her Hershey’s box from chocolate freaks. Bonnie Rubin explains why she doesn’t want her picture taken. 68 Seniors Alyce Faingold Andrew Fefles David Feiler Glenn Ferdman Paul Filgut Rosemary Filipic Robin Fine Owen Firfer Howard Fishman Seniors 69 Michael Fox Jay Friedman Timothy Fritz Sylvia Fuentes Laura Gabriel John Gacki Danita Fleck William Flood Judith Fouty Benjamin Fox 70 Seniors Lawrence Gaertner George Gagesch Connie Galindo Kathleen Gallagher Connie Gekas George George Scott Gielow Natalie Gilbert Stacey Gilbert Lori Ginsberg Susan Glaberson Erol Gladan Seniors 71 Tamer Gladan Ramona Glasneck Michele Glaser Louis Glauner n Bob Levy studies the fine points of editorial writing. A mj Thomas Goetz Paul Goldberg Erroll Gokbudak Shelley Golden Diane Goldberg Normajean Goldstein 72 Seniors Karen Goodman Steven Goodman Penny Graham Jeffrey Grant Tina Grass Denise Green Kevin Green Daniel Greenberg Barbara Greenspon Christopher Grenda Virginia Gross James Grosse Ziva Grunfeld Mindi Gubin Margaret Gump Susan Gunther Nancy Gustin Karen Gutenkauf Sonia Hagopian Michael Halap Seniors Linda Hirsch Cynthia Hirschauer Kim Hoelbl Bruce Hoffen Vickie Hoffman Karen Hohs Michael Horberg Rachel Hornstein James Hosfield Bodil Hoyer 76 Seniors Julie Huber Daniel Hurwich Mark Imhof Chris Irpino Melissa Isaacson Gabrielle Iverson Debra Izenstark Keith Jacobs Michelle Jacobs Loreen Jacobson Nancy Jaffe Katherine Jakiel Seniors 77 Peggy Japely Gregory Jensen Marianne Jensen John Johanson Deana Johnson Christopher Kadota Carolynn Kalas Susan Johnson Michelle Jorgensen Jane Jung 78 Seniors Gary Kaplan Debra Karachun Georgina Karalekas Cameron Karpinski Nick Katsoulis Ellen Kaufman Nori Kaufman Julianne Kelly Anne Kencos € LEFT: Missy Isaacson tries to use telekinesis to remove her lock. ABOVE: Bob Pindras demonstrates the fine art of looking like a pig. RIGHT: Bob Porcaro discovers that just because he’s paranoid — doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get him. Seniors 79 80 Susan Kenn Adam Keno Helen Kerasoglou Michael Kerz Lisa Kharasch John Kim Laura King Susan Kirshner Andrew Klancnik Martin Klauss Seniors Marsha Klein Edward Klinenberg Michael Klein Kenneth Klint Nancy Klyman Michael Kochman Karyn Kogen Peter Konsewicz Jacalyn Korer Hennie Korman Lawrence Kornit John Koziol Seniors 81 Karen Kraft Reta Krozel Patricia Kueller Gordon Kummel Robert Krause Kathleen Krueger Peter Kron Heidi Krum Steve Adkisson and John Weiss have become very close with their new friend Pete. 82 Seniors Samurai Editor attacks photographer as he exclaims “What pictures?” Seniors 83 V Steven Levinthal Robert Levy Renee Levitt Patricia Lewis Cheryl Lichter Sandy Loggarakis Kathy Lisco Frank Lohre LEFT: Mike Horberg sees how well he can blend in with the school supplies. CENTER: Heidi Krum pleases the librarians by studying hard. RIGHT: Chris Irpino concentrates on his rhythm. S4 Seniors Karen Loiacano Robert Loiben Maria Luppo John Lutz Mary Lyman Amy Lytton Philip Mader Nicholas Mahan Stephen Malkin John Malloy Kevin Malone Susan Manes Seniors 85 Josephine Marchiafava Renee Margetis Steven Marks David Martin Julie Marx Dianne May Deborah Mathis Christine Mayer Andrew McCarty Andrew McNichols Joan Meier David Melnick 86 Seniors ABOVE: Georgia Wolf prepares to hit Jack Boepple after he gets fresh with her for the third time. BELOW: Jim Baron gets ready to run once Karen Sprogis tells him about her newest sorcery feats. Kathleen Messink Paul Michaels Ellen Midler Susan Mielke Francine Migon Amy Milanich Vivian Milewski Karen Miller Marylou Miller Bayla Milstein Seniors 87 Kitty Sloma shies away from the camera into Adam Keno’s arms. Ann Naum Cynthia Nawiesniak David Nelson Mindy Nelson 88 Seniors Jonathan Newman Scott Nitsche Vito Nitti Juliette Niven Richard Nordskog Dan Oberrotman Patrick O’Callaghan Emily Odyniec Pam Chen, Holly Bland, and Debbie Izenstark sign up volunteers for restricted study. Peter Konsewicz can’t keep his feelings for Marc Erlichman under control. Seniors 89 Katherine O’Heath Kerry Okamura John Olander Ellen Olson Linda Olson Julie Oscherwitz Donna O’Shanna Gary Page Paula Panchisin Diane Pandazi Thomas Pang Pam Papadakis 90 Seniors Janet Partington Ernest Peischl Michelle Penn Debra Perlman Lisa Paretzkin Sang Park Vito Parrilli Peggy Pescatore David Pettinato Robert Pindras 92 Tammy Cocking just doesn’t understand. Stacey Pirpiris Andrew Platt Julie Ponitch Robert Porcaro Seniors Edward Potash Meryl Poticha Steven Prinz Mary Beth Prochotsky William Qualiardi Jane Quirk Maureen Rafferty Stephen Ramseyer Tami Ratner Richard Reichert Paul Reichstetter Sheryl Robinson Edward Rice Kenny Rosebrook Ramona Ridenhower Celeste Rosienski Kevin Ridley Tammy Ross Bonnie Rubin Michael Rubin Michael Rubin Joanne Rueb Seniors 93 Becky Ryan James Sakas James Salomon Tova Samet Laurence Samuelson Lori Sandberg Saturday Night Fiver strikes Niles West. 94 Seniors Jay Sandlow Michael Savitt Robert Sarasin Cari Scalin 4 V Paul Scarpclli Linda Schaul Chris Schauwecker Dcena Schencker Jennifer Schonberg Murray Schwartz Anthony Scott Michele Sebastiano Michael Shartiag Philip Shemroske Seniors 95 Hugh Shonfeld Bennett Byk shields Cari Sable from the rough crowds at Niles Lisa Shuman West Bruce Sienkowski Larry Siers Penny Silverman Philip Simmons Daniel Simon Lynn Simon 96 Seniors Linda Singer Ruth Sinker Corinne Hintz models the latest fashion. Kitty Sloma Tracy Smith Robert Snow Bonnie Socash Janine Solal Teresa Sonne Jim Sorenson Stuart Sorkin Charles Spagnoli Laura Spreckman Seniors 97 Karen Sprogis Jerry Spyratos William Staiger 98 Seniors Sharon Stoller Stewart Stoller Gary Stone Antje Straub Mike Stuermer Jeffrey Sullivan Kevin Swift Miho Tanaka Cynthia Tao Barbara Tarrson Seniors 99 John Terzakis Michael Torres Laura Terzakis Marla Tobin Amy Tolsky Cynthia Trapanese Jeffrey Travis Karrie Trelford Lisa Treshansky Richard Trester 100 Seniors ■ John Tritschlcr Kathy Tuite Janet Trozzo Howard Tutt Ellen Midler guards her spiral from notebook thieves. Tony Vazquez Dwight Verdin Wendy Vinci Denise Vinson Theresa Virag Wendy Wallach Stephanie Warady Susan Warso Seniors 101 Students try to find out if four heads are better than one. “Aw, shucks!” 102 Seniors Karen Wikstrom David Wilfong Russell Wishner Mr. Flynn prepares S. Gunther s paper to be filed in his ■ desk. Kubra Yaybulak Pamela Zeid Mark Zivilik 103 5 J u N I O R S Brian Abrahams Nancy Archibald Larry Aronson Ron Asher Barbara Astaves Maria Astaves Robin Bachman Melinda Bailey Joanne Barrington Kathleen Bauer Richard Bedony Yvonne Bender Marilou Benjamin Leif Berge Deborah Bernheim Chuck Bernstein Daniel Bernstein Michael Best Linda Biederer Cheryl Bjorklund Ken Blecha Jeannie Block Mark Blumenthal Kathleen Bochek Eric Borin Patti Bothfeld Ron Braver Barbara Braje Kathleen Brennan Lynne Brenner Rachel Brenner Michael Buchino John Cammarata Pam Caplan Lynn Carlsen Neil Cashm n Sandra Castaneda Dawn Cederholm Mark Chao Phil Chin Mike Chorpash Mark Christensen Julie Cohen Michael Cohen Lisa Coloian 106 Tina Conti Adam Cooper Sharon Cooper Morgan Cuff Dave Cvijanovic Karen D’Amore Ray Dethloff Gina Ditardi Jordan Dolan Robert Dolce Patti Dong Laura Dorfman Robin Drayer Ronald Drexler Barb Dworak Bill Ehlers Margaret Eisenstein Dave Erickson Scott Evans Diana Ezerins Tim Fahey Brett Feiler Scott Fidlow Dan Filler Beth Fink Lori Finkel Jeff Fisher Erin Flannery Cathy Flowers Lisa Fogelson Susan Fore Bryna Fox Wendy Fox Howard Frazin Sue Friedlander Mark Friedman Benjamin Froemming Kathy Gaertner Erin Gallagher Glenn Garfinkel Linda Gelfman Carol Geimer Cathy Gidlund Daniel Glaser Alison Glenner Jeffrey Glick 107 A1 Goebel Candy Goldberg James Goldsher Diane Goldstick Rod Goodman Robert Goone Sandra Gordon David Groner Mary Gross Cathy Guenther Julie Gunchick Andrew Gurrentz Robert Gussin Donna Gustin Amy Hacker Cheryl Hailing Tawny Hammond Patrick HattendoH Cindy Nearn Carol Hedberg Tim Helander Randy Heman Kathy Hertler William Heinrich Scott Heyman Debbie Himmler Pam Hintz Georgia Hlepas Eric Hoffman Rhonda Hoffman Renee Hogg Brian Horan Julie Housakos Andrew Hurvitz Hugh Iglarsh Bert Ingles Nolan Jaffe Nancy Jaffee John Jakiel Jane Jakubowski B. Ingles and P. Caplan discussing their future plans. Guys goofing around in the lunchroom. 108 Juniors J. Udell and friends take time out at a football game. Ian Jasenof Susie Jaster Kate Jerney Heidi Jesswein Cynthia Jochem Grant Johnson Michael Jutovsky Laurence Kaiser Richard Kalter Roberta Kaplan Shira Kaplan Mary Kapsis Georgia Karalekas Don Karger Mark Kasch Cyndi Kasik Larry Kaskel David Kaufman Gary Kaufman Linda Kaufman Karen Kerz Terri Kewith Hasan Khan Nilgun Kideys Eric Kiesel Lawrence Kimmel Ken Klein Ken Klemm Betsy Klinenberg Maria Koclanis Jacqueline Kolar Robert Kolas Todd Kozak Brian Kozokar Shari Krawetz Pat Krier J. Morgan and S. Wainer having fun in the student lounge. Juniors 109 Andrea Kulbersh Christopher LaPak Carolyn LaGioia Byron Lam Mary L uders Joann Lee Karen Lejeune Caryn Lerner Kathleen Lesiowski Debi Lerner Alan Leib Joel Leib Freddy Lieb Mirtha L ipezker Pam Lipshutz Steve Lirtzman Janet Lloyd Margaret Lyman Bill Majewski Julius Mak Elias Makdah Steven Malina Barry Malkin John Malkin G. Sidler working hard. S. Jaster sneaking a peek. Rick Manner Sue Manner Tracy Margolis Xiomara Markham Andrea Marmer David Martin Pete Masterton Laura Masters Tery Max Bob May John Mayer Karen Mayer Chris Maynard Connie McCown Monte McGuire Anthony McClain Kris McNichols Paul Meister Mike Mendheim Steven Mersch Ellen Murphy Laura Meshulam Emanuel Miliotis 110 Juniors R. Drayer and L. Finkel smile pretty. Andi Miller Jodi Miller Sandy Miller Laura Moch Stephen Moll Alan Moltz Joey Morgan Steven Morgan Paul Morton Mike Moy Lilli Mozner Allison Mroz Mary Mueller Daryl Musick Daniel Namnick Christine Nariss Mike Neumann Lisa Nimz Kimberly Noe Lori Nordeen Lee Noren Linnette Nordin Stacey deck Kim Olliges Randee Orlean Susan Ovington Susan Oztekin Tammi Pales Janet Pass Diane Pattison Debbie Paulis Mary Pearson Barbara Perlman Kenneth Peterson Martin Peterson Peter Petrakis Donald Pieper Suzanne Pipia Maria Pissios Gary Plotnick Marla Podell Allyson Pollack Jeffrey Pollack Lisa Price C. Hedberg caught by surprise. Juniors 111 Lisa Prinz John Quinn Lauren Rabin Margaret Rafferty Richard Ramirez Shoba Ranganath Caroline Reinhardt Pegie Reljac Carolyn Remus John Revis Laurie Rich Karen Rickert Steve Risoff Steve Rivkin Sam Ro Richard Robbins Laura Rodgers Judy Root Gary Rose James Rosin Janice Ross Andrew Rubin Steve Rubenstein Gus Rubiano Carol Rubin Yvette Rubin Barry Sacks Michael Sacks Grace Santiler Gerald Schanz Richard Schmidt Kris Schonberg Karen Schulte Mike Schuman James Schwartz Mark Schwartz David Schiegelt Andy Serlin Michelle Seymour Bruce Shaw S. Kenn and D. Weiss “The Big Scoopers.” Juniors having fun. 112 Juniors Gary Stone and Sharon Cooper take a moment to themselves. Juniors get close together so as not to be “As cold as ice.” Karin Shedroff Pat Shemroske Gayle Sidler Sherry Sienkowski Todd Silverman Donn Simon Gregg Simon Maybelle Simon Sari Slivnick Jim Sliwa Paula Smolenski Pat Smith Elizabeth Snyder Brian Sokniewicz Sherry Sonne Tom Sprague Michael Springer Renee Sprogis Kim Steele Jay Stein Rob Stein Stacey Steinberg Nora Steindler Elizabeth Stielow Rhonda Stevens Howard Stolberg Stacey Stone Nancy Stotz Joel Strassman Scott Strongin Paul Sucherman Jolene Sullivan Julie Tatooles Liz Tenzillo John Terzis Janice Thall Lynne Tiltz Steve Tobin Anna Tom Mirjana Tomasic Juniors 113 Joe Toth Leonard Travis Josi Treitler Stece Tripp Melody Turton Jacky Udell Ralph Urban Kent Valenziano Siby Valiaveedu Laurie Vick Linda Wadler Mary Wadler Stacie Wainer Curt Warchol Suzette Warda Lynn Warkenthien Randi Warshawsky David Watts Phil Wax Bruce Weil Scott Weinstein Darlene Weiss Mary Weiss Steve Weiss Chris Wheeler Alan Wilczewski Elizabeth Wierzchon Keith Willerman Nancy Williams Stephen Williams Brett Wilson Andrea Wolfe Jamie Wolter Robin Young Dennis Zaslavsky lleen Zeinfeld Debbie Ziegelski Donna Zoros Mark Zucker Photography Editor shuns camera to pursue more interesting subjects. A. Kuan studies something other than German! m Juniors Kai Abelkis Andra Abrams Diane Adinamis Dave Adkisson Bruce Alpern Jacki Altenburg Faith Amarantos Lori Barron Amelia Bartholomew John Becker Miriam Becker Jerrylyn Beltran Jill Boepple Jamie Berg Michelle Berglund Joan Bergstrom Avi Berkley Lyle Berkson Jodi Berman Amy Bernstein Daniel Bielski Don Birren Dan Blackman Marcia Block John Bonkoske Nancy Borst Ian Boshes S o p H O M 0 R E S Margaret Bothfeld Linda Bouroudjian Christine Bowen Bob Braje Judith Brasch Guy Brilando Scott Brode 115 Lori Brooks Jeff Brown Patty Brown Nancy Buffo Angela Burger Chris Carlson Sandra Carlson Joyce Chams Carol Coplan Jim Costis Jerry Coursey Steve Coward Angie Cress Rachel Cuff Jay Cygan Kay Dahm Robert Chapman Fern Chasin Kelly Chester Edward Cholewa Howard Cohan Monica Cohen Steve Colen IS Jeffrey Palenske Chris Darville Martain Dean Therese Dedo Steve Deer Rachel DeFilippis Steven DeLano Vincent Dermatoian Christopher Duda Rich Duese Bernard Ebeling Arthur Edlestein Linda Edmonds Denise Edwards Sue Eichner Richard Eischen Wendee DeSent Karen Diesing Susan Dominic Ken Dong Cindy Doppelt Cindy Drazner Christopher Drexler ' T t " NfS v 116 Sophomores David Erickson John Erickson Alan Eriksson Mary Eriksson Ariel Eselevsky Carlos Fadhel Ed Fallon Louis Fasules Sharon Feltman Dianne Fickert Paul Fishbein Robert Fisher Mary Flood Jeff Floom Margie Freeman Marcy Friedman Pam Friedman Michael Froemming Tina Furman Peggy Gallagher Carl Gargano Nancy Georgouses Cecelia Geralde Martin Gerold Lee Gerstein Maureen Gielow Sheldon Gilbert The Three Stooges. Randee Gold Edie Goldstein Robin Goldstein Steve Goles Leslie Goodman Rose Goppert Sheri Grais Kennith Grass Janice Grear Chris Gregory Janice Grimm Robyn Grobman Sophomores 117 Terry Grossberg Suzanne Grossinger Glenn Grosskopf Arthur Gunther Elizabeth Gump Robert Heelan Jane Heinz Marie Helgeson Melody Heller Rachel Heyman Wayne Hildner Cheryl Hill Karen Hirsch Nancy Gussin Neal Gussis Jane Hacker Shant Hagopian Marni Halap Lori Hanover Dawn Hansen Linda Hanssen Allyson Harris Randi Harris Steven Hartzen Jack Havdala Ian Haskell Bruce Hecktman Barb Hedquist Richard Hirsch Laurie Hoeft Trisha Hoglan Jennifer Hold Philip Holleran Eric Holmblad Theresa Horan Shelia Horvath A. Ginsburg and A. Keno are the clean-up committee. Jeff Horwitz Rosa Hsu Rhonda Jackson Lisa Jacobson Carol Jaffe Tony Javid Dee Jemc Cindy Jiu i 118 Sophomores Ellen Johanson Yvonne Johanson Lynn Kagehiro Lauren Kahn Don Kalas Karen Kalthoff Renee Kamradt Bary Kaplan Howard Kaplan Steve Karahalios John Karol Heide Karp Erika Keinrad Linda Kennedy Humera Khan Steve King Kristene Kipp Evy Kirkos Mitchell Kite Mary Klancnik Karen Klemens Steven Klinsky David Knudsen David Koch Judith Koehler Steve Koek Larry Kolar Margie Kong Rona Koral Stella Koudounis Besty Kraft Kathy Krasowsky Bill Krause Kathy Kreher Gary Kremen Scott Krieger Carol Krueger MaryAnn Kucinic Steve Kueller Christine Kukulski Kathy Kumkoski Giselle Laborde Linda Lampert SugWon Lee Sung Mun Lee Karen LeHew Kurt Lemke Caryn Levin Dina Levin Sophomores 119 Tami Levinson Michael Levy Tammy Liametz Terri Lieberman Howard Lipkin Mike Lippe Lee Litt Michael Loiben Jackie Loiacano Tom Lofland Carolyn Long Deena Lucas Michal Luncsford Tom Lynn Kathleen MacDonald Denise Mahan William Mak Mariola Makowka Jody Margolis Jessielyn Martinez Stacy Maslov Janette Mason Doug Masters Carol Matchen L. Goodman tries to cool off after a hard day of school. Two girls take time out for a smile. Angie Mauriello Ken Maybrun Neal Marcus Doug McClain Laura McKeon Maureen Memhardt Karen Memmott Louis Meshulam Sue Michalsen Arthur Milbrandt Steve Milewski Virginia Milewski 120 Sophomores Eric Nitsche is stagestruck by camera. Brenda Miller George Minzer Susie Mishima Ellyn Mitchell Melissa Mitsui Heidi Mittermeier Luigi Nitti Gary Moll Leo Moritz Sharon Murphy Jim Murray Mary Murray Stephen Muth Solomon Myers James Naum Ellen Nelson Todd Nickow Marcia Miklaj Joyce Hilger Kathy Nolan Rochelle Nuqui Ann O’Boyle Jill O’Brochta Edward Odyniec Thaddeus Odyniec Susan Ohlson Scott Okamura Daniela Olkiewicz Linda Olsen Joanne Oppenheim Tony Orlando Errol Oztekin Steve Pang Ron Papanek Mike Parcelli Barbara Parks Hans Peischl Sheldon Perl Mike Perlin Gary Perlmutter Chris Petersen Debra Petrie Barbie Pintz Sax quartet performs during halftime. Sophomore 121 Gail Piper Ben Piro Scott Pitts Jay Powell Cindy Puetz Victor Quilici David Rabin Steven Rabin Gail Rapoport Karen Recter Chris Reichstetter Mary Reifenberg David Reinhard Charles Richards Robert Riemer Sarah Riha Jeffrey Rockel Paul Rooth Dina Rosas Judith Rosenbaum Steven Rosenblum Dominick Ross Linda Rossmann David Rubenstein Chris Runtz Lisa Russell Diane Saklak Carol Savitt Michael Schmidt Arthur Schroeder Vicki Shandling Anita Shapiro John Shapiro Yvonne Sherman Dave Shimanovsky Julie Shurson Ken Siegel Amy Siemsen Rick Sierzega Sophomores coming out of Health Education with a smile. 122 Sophomores Christine Sikaras Patti Sillitti Michael Silverman Jodie Silverstein Florence Simon Mario Singer Doug Skupiewski Ron Smith Joseph Smolenski Terri Smolin Howard Snow Jeff Sobczak Craig Sommerfield Stacy Sperling Pam Spourgitis Emily Spyratos James Stankowicz Liz Stein Rose Seiler Todd Stern Mark Sternberg Elisa Stone Nancy Strauss lan Streicher C.J. Streiff Dawn Strissel Jill Sultz Erin Sweeney Tammy Tamraz Antone Tatooles Tina Terpinas Art Therios Steve Thill Scott Thomason Cheryl Tobin Bob Todd Kim Tralmer Nancy Tripi Donna Tripicchio Mark Trykowski Nancy Tuzzolino Tarina Uglinica Sylvia Vargas Edie Vass Michael Vaughan Rebecca Vazquez Michael Viner William Bordenet Sophomores 123 Mike Vishny Era Wadhwa David Walner Laura Warner Paul Wax Nancy Weil David Weindling Donna Anderson David Weiser Ross Weisman Christopher Weiss Debbie Weiss Eddie Weiss Janet Weiss Roger Wendt Pamela Wexler Kevin Wheeler Catherine Williams Chris Williams Deborah Wise Karen Witkowski Barbara Wnuk Linda Woodier Glen Noren Victor Wu Helen Yannakis Michael Yellen Janet Young Karen Young Lauren Zawiski Patricia Zeitler Lori Zelickman Dan Zeller Brenda Zellers Carmela Zicarelli Marc Zissman Jamie Zucker Jim Kostoglanis I “Jim, I am so tired I can hardly stand, what a day ” Sophomore ‘studs’ making their entrance. 124 Sophomores Danny Aberg Gary Abrahams Laurie Adamcyk David Albach John Aim Amy Alpern Laura Anderson Todd Anderson Helen Anton Gregg Arenson Richard Aronson Gregory Ash Michael Attia John Bailey Lisa Bailey Rob Bailey Terry Bailey Judy Banathy F R E S H M E N J. Libman and friend hamming it up for a picture. Freshmen 125 Harald Berge Jeff Bergman Marcia Bezanis Chin Bian Matt Bier Richard Binder Maureen Block Andrea Blumenfeld Paula Bocek Robert Bordenet Michele Boucher Peter Bourdeua John Bradley Alissa Brainin Valerie Brandt Danny Brodersen Mike Brown Barbara Buckley Kimberly Buczak Randi Burger Patty Burns Michael Bychowski Marc Cagen Jordan Lamm Margaret Campbell Edwin Cardona Eric Chastain Inui Choi Andrew Choyinski Annie Choyinski Maria Ciezki Daniel Citron Carol Clarke Mary Clarke Paulette Cocozza Jack Cohen Stuart Cohen Marilyn Conrad Chris Conton Sheri Cooper James Cortez Steve Cote 126 Freshmen Donna Cousar Vito Cozzo Debbie Crown Bill Daehler Shirley Daniel Betty Dassow Joel Davis Deanna Dean Jewel Desmond Lori Dethloff Mindy Diamond Debbie Diesing Christine Dina Heidi Doderer Walter Dones David Dong Diann Doppelt Caryn Drexler Matthew Drexlei Patrick Duda Joann Eberhart Catherine Edman Gretchen Edwardson Mark Ehas Dan Eisenstein Bob Elliott Janelle Emalfarb Phyllis Erdman Dan Ericsson Annette Erlebacher Erol Ersoy Kelly Fahey Lynette Fair Deirdre Faloona Nancy Feingold Lauri Feldman Michael Figurelli Shari Finkel Kim Fischer Michael Fisher Scott Fisher Colleen Forrester Melinda Fox Paula Freld Freshman try to form a straight line after hitting ‘the punch’. Freshman 127 Laura Friedlander Marla Friend John Froutzis Beth Fry Cindy Gaertner Karen Gaines Stacey Galanis Candy Gallagher Scott Garfinkel Laura Gaughrin Dean Gekas Francine Gerson William Gilbert Rick Glasneck Robin Glassner Matt Gluchowski Leonard Go Amy Gold Earl Goldberg Jill Goldblatt Scott Goldman Karin Goldstein Scott Goldstein Elsa Golenzer Freshman studying hard. Matthew Goren Susan Gross Sherri Gostomelsky Robin Grais Anne Green Cheryl Greene Louis Gross Michelle Gross Michael Grunfeld Cindy Guenther Nancy Gump Betty Gustin Stacey Guttman Judy Hagen Adrineh Hagopian Kris Hailing Robert Halperin Elizabeth Handzel Robert Hanson Lisa Harczos 128 Freshman M. Diamond and friends dance the night away. Karen Hartwig Marty Hedrich Jean Hein Anne Hellestrae Helene Heman Karen Henc Tor Henriksen Christine Herkert Steve Hershenson Philip Hintz Kathleen Hirschauer David Hoffman Monika Holler Dan Hones Dean Horiike Linda Horiuchi Debra Horvitz Lisa Hughes Scott Imhoff Lisa Isaac Joel Ivener Aaron Izenstark Mark Jacobs Mark Jacobson Daniel Jaffee Michelle Jaskolka Kimberly Jochem Donna Johnson Glen Johnson Laurie Johnson Robert Johnson Lance Jordan Freshman practicing the senior art of rail-leaning. Heather Joseph Gus Kadota Susan Kaluzna Bryna Kane Bonnie Kanter Julie Kaplan Lori Kaplan Anu Karavattuveetil Todd Kasik Paul Katzowsky Caryn Kaufman Jodi Kaufman 179 Lisa Kaufman Reesa Keating Micky Kencos Mary Kenmotsu JoAnn Keppen Linda Kerz Kevin Kestler Ayhan Kideys Bob Kilkenny Marie Kim Lisa Kimmel Burt Klein Susan Klemm Sharon Kloiber Lori Knobloch Christine Koclanis Renee Koda Lawrence Kong Roma n Konsewicz Carla Kornit Tom Kostoglanis Robert Kron Jim Krozel Sandor Krum Steve Kuhn Laura Kulbersh Jori Leavitt Karen Lee Michael Lee Jodi Lasky Robyn Lasky Constance Leventis Cindi Leventis Alan Levey Paul Levine Lisa Levinson Kenneth Liano Jody Libman Marci Lichter Marvie Limpin Susan Liou Sandy Lipezker Diana Lipsky 130 Freshmen Ross Lirtzman Robynn Lobert John Lochner Anita Loiacono Ronda Lowe Margaret Luncsford Gordon Lurie Scott Lynn Joel Maliekal Lillian Maltz Lisa Mansfield Scott Margolin Lea Marinakis Viodelda Markham Jody Marks Steve Marmel Judith Martinez Sandra Martinez Janice Mayer Kevin McAllister Shannon McLean Marlene Meier Aaron Melnick Lilliana Mendez-Soto Kenneth Meyer Nancy Meyer Larry Michaels Conny Miesing Frank Miller Janet Miller Paula Miller Tracey Miller Arden Miner Gary Mitchell Ruth Mittermeier Robin Moch Janet Moline Marilyn Moltz Denise Monnier Robert Moreton Jamie Mortellaro Robert Mueller Anne Murray Laura Musick Tracy Muth Toni Nadolna Roz Nagrodess Nancy Najarian Susan Nakashima Freshmen 131 Joseph Nelluvelil Caron Nelson Robert Neumann Christine Niven Charles Nuqui Mark Obermann Chris Obradovic Anna Odyniec Larry Glick Basia Oliff Jeanann Olson Kathleen Oneill Fern Orlean Debbie Ottlinger Lee Papanek Vicki Pappas Peter Park Hyo Sim Park Song Park Kimberly Parker Thomas Partipilo Mary Pattison Lynn Paustian Marcy Penn Irene Perez John Perperas Mike Platt Danny Plotnick George Popovich Kelli Porcaro Glenn Poticha Tammy Powers Judy Price Patti Quist Cameron Ramseyer Dora Reeves Tony Reinhardt Howard Reisman Michael Reisman Jean Reljac Sophomore leans on locker to keep her prisoner from escaping. 132 Freshmen ABOVE: Freshman attempts to break the record for holding a note. BELOW: Freshmen wait for a senior to ask them to dance. Robert Robbins Jodi Robins Mike Robinson Irene Rock Susan Rodgers Lory Roller David Rosen Mike Resnick Debbie Rich Rob Rich Randy Richardson Gail Richman Shawn Ridley Jeff Ring Tom Rivkin Anita Rosenberg Laura Rosow Amy Ross Edward Ross Jeannine Ross Scott Rudin Mike Ruehrdanz Sue Ruesch Andy Russell Dorothy Saletnik Ken Sail Aviva Samet A n Yl Margarita Santiler Mike Sathy Shira Saville Karen Sax Gail Scapardine Sue Schmiegelt Rebecca Schnell Matt Samuelson Chris Sander Bruce Sandlow Brett Schulte Cynthia Schulter Charles Schwartz Greg Searle Heidi Sedelsky Steven Serota Lori Shapiro Pat Shay Freshmen 133 Karen Shea Paul Shemroske Tom Shultz Lisa Sidler Lawrence Silberman Beth Silverman Steven Simon Scott Skoglund Lisa Slisz Susan Sliwa Pam Sloma Chuck Smith Kelley Smith Lori Smolenski Helene Sonkin Kim Sorenson Joseph Spagnoli Steve Springer David Stein Ron Steiner Julie Stepke Mitch Stern William Stolberg Jodi Stone George Straton Robert Strauss Ron Strehl Anne Stuermer Joel Sucherman Dan Sugar Alan Sussman Linda Svrcek Renee Swanson Debbie Terrazas Linda Terzakis Caryn Terzis Dean Thomason Kevin Thommes Lisa Tobin Christina Tomacic John Tomaras Lisa Tomoleoni Margaret Toth Barry Trachtenberg Jamie Turchen Marcey Tutt 134 Freshmen Elizabeth Travis George Travlos Peter Trefren Darlene Turner Craig Turton Glenn Udell Angelo Valenti Lettie Vargas Dino Varnavas Jeff Vick Jane Vodvarka Neil Wada Anjali Wadhwa Jamie Wainer Jill Wall Melinda Wallace Freshmen waiting to purchase elevator passes. ■ Ari Warshawsky David Warso Nancy Wegener Patty Wei Leslie Weinberg Carolyn Weiser Alan Weiss Jenny Weiss Linda Weiss Thomas Weiss Curt Wheeler The innocent smiles of freshmen. John Whelan Cindy Wilczewski Rochelle Wise Mark Witt Greg Wittenberg Gary Witz Sue Yakoubek Lauren Young Kris Youstra Chris Zammar Jay Zeff Richard Zeid Joyce Zeinfeld Jim Zeman Alan Zemsky Sandy Zernone Freshmen 135 t f SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS ABOVE: (L. to R.) TOP: Steven Delano, Keith Meissner, Monte McGuire, Rich Glasneck, Ed Odyniec, Micheal Shartiag MIDDLE ROW: Mark Chao, Dave Alpern, Rob Robbins, Steve Malina, Ted Odyniec BOTTOM ROW: Mike Jutovsky, Steve Marmel, Bruce Shaw, Sugwon Lee BELOW: Club members look over new building plans for an airplane. Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Niles West Aeronautics Club nine-foot Pollack II rocket. Under this year’s leadership of offi¬ cers; Monty McGuire, President; Ju¬ lius Mak, Vice-President; Bruce Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer, and sponsor Mr. Wayne Rugoski the Aeronautics Club has done a remarkable job of applying aerodynamics principles in the design of model aircraft. Projects have includ¬ ed remote-control plane flight, and the design and flight of the Von-Slopen- berg dirigible. 138 A CAPPELLA LUNGS OUT!! A Cappella is a small group of students who were chosen from the larger Concert Choir. These students are fulfilling the experience of singing fifteenth and six¬ teenth century music. In the past year they have sung at all holiday concert festi¬ vals. TOP ROW: K. Kozer, R. Orlean, S. Levinthal, S. Hagopian, and D. Davis. MIDDLE ROW: J. Kolar, P. Pescatore, E. Potash, T. Smith, and M. Klein. BOTTOM ROW: N. Steindler, A. Tolsky, M. Gump, S. Koek, and C. Jiu WESTONES ARE MOVING UP!! The Westones captured everyone’s hearts this year at Niles West. They par¬ ticipated in many activities, such as the music festivals, and singing for the Kiwanis Club. TOP ROW: M. Sonkin, D. Davis, S. Levinthal, S. Hagopian, K. Abrams, A. Kulbersh. BOTTOM ROW: K. Steele, K. Noe, N. Steindler, J. Erickson, M. Klein, S. Koek, and B. Greenspan. Not pictured: M. Potchia, E. Kaufman, and P. Dopplet. 139 A.F.S. HAS A FUN YEAR!! A.F.S. was an enlightening program. Members were given the opportunity to go abroad or have a foreign exchange student live with them. A.F.S. was an active group with a serious main goal of raising scholarship money. This year’s events included the disco dance, all sucker sales, a holiday pot luck dinner for all A.F.S.’ers and their families, and the Le Center Minnesota Cultural Ex¬ change trip. This year’s American Foreign Exchange students were: Keith Abrams, who had the pleasure of visiting Japan; Chris Kadota, visited South America; Meryl Poticha, spent the summer in Switzerland. ALPHABETICALLY: K. Abelkis, K. Abrams, C. Baffa, C. Barrington, J. Barring¬ ton, D. Bernhein, T. Blackman, S. Brode, F. Chasin, A. Cooper, K. Dahm, D. Davis, C. Doppelt, C. Duda, P. Duda, J. Erickson, A. Erlebacher, P. Friedman, L. Gump, N. Gump, N. Gussin, D. Hansen, S. Hartzen, I. Haskell, K. Hathy, B. Hayer, M. Heller, R. Heyman, R. Hsu, H. Iglarsh, L. Jacobson, M. Jensen, C. Kadota, L. Kahn. M. Kahn, E. Kaufman, L. Kaufman, N. Kaufman, M. A. Kenmotsu, H. Khan, R. Koda, S. Koek, A. Kuan, M. Memhardt, R. Levine, D. Levin, M. Levy, S. Meyers, S. Mishima, E. Mitchell, M. Lyman, L. Olsen, M. Poticha, V. Quilicii, S. Ranganath, L. Russell, K. Schulte, R. Seiler, J. Shapiro, G. Sidler, M. Silverman, F. Simon, T. Smolin, L. Snyder, T. Stern, I. Streicher, C. J. Streiff, L. Terzakas, C. Tobin, T. Uglinica, N. Wegener, S. Weinstein, L. Wier- chon, D. Weiss, and L. Zelickman, Sponsors Ms. Carr and Mr. Mustari. 140 AQUASPRITES MAKE A BIG SPLASH “Movies” was the theme for this year’s Aquasprites show.The show, or¬ ganized by Ms. Kouba was the culmi¬ nation of a year’s work to combine dancing and synchronized swimming. The show consisted of 13 numbers, including solo numbers by Karen Gu- tenkauf, and Terry Sonne. A special feature of the show was a boy-girl duet, performed by past graduate stu¬ dents John Benbow and Stephanie Warady. Aquasprites do one of their many formations. TOP ROW • LEFT TO RIGHT • I Zeinfeld, D. Maham, L. Wadler, M. Bailey, L. Nordin, J. Derichs, S. Sonne, C. Barrington, K. Schonberg. MIDDLE ROW: S. Warady. D. Wise. M. Loos, T. Ross. T. Rainer. L. Dina, B. Dassow. BOTTOM ROW: M. Jaskolka, R. Warshawsky. C. Tomacic, Vice President R. Hogg, President K. Gutenkauf, Secretary-Treasurer D. Fleck, B. Buckley, C. Jochem. VARSITY ALL THE WAY ABOVE: F. Donnenberg, C. Gekas, L. Mozner, D. Perlman, K. Kraft, C. Kasik, G. Wolf, A. Evans, S. Gordon, B. Socash BELOW LEFT: Cheerleaders end cheer with style. BELOW: Cheerleaders prepare for end of cheer. At every Varsity game, whether it was football, basketball, or soccer, the Varsity Cheerleaders were there lead¬ ing the fans in cheers. The cheer¬ leaders didn’t only lead cheers; they also did skits. One of the better skits was “King Tut” performed during the Homecoming Pep Assembly. FAR LEFT: L. Mozner, C. Kasik, S. Gordon pose for Spectrum photographer. RIGHT: Cap¬ tain Fran Donnenberg shows pep that made this year’s Varsity Cheerleading squad one of the best in many years. BELOW: Varsity Cheerleaders manage to all smile at the same time for their picture. 143 YEAH YEAH SOPHOMORES The Sophomore Cheerleaders this year were not only beautiful but they were talented. They showed great agility in their cheers and were the loudest ever. Under the leadership of Captain Su¬ san Dominic, the Sophomore cheerleading squad proved to be the best ever. LEFT: K. Young, J. Loicano, C. Copna, J. Heinz, J. Zucker, S. Dominic, Y. Sherman. BELOW: Sophomores show off style at pep rally. BELOW RIGHT: S. Dominic poses for picture. 144 FRESHMEN CHEER FOR VICTORY This year’s Freshman Cheerleaders showed great enthusiasm at all sporting events. The cheerleaders were a great inspiration for the Indi¬ an Spirit. ABOVE LEFT: Freshmen show off talent. ABOVE RIGHT: Freshman Cheerleaders lead them on to victory. LEFT L. Cohen, E. Brainin, L. Weiss, N. Meyer, S. Nasashimah, C. Levatis, A. Wabahwa, T. Muth. 145 MEETING OF MINDS ABOVE ROW 1: Joe Holleran, Phil Simmons, Sponsor Warren Holtz, Jay Friedman, Phil Holleran, Mike Shartiag. ROW 2: Neal Ratner, Rick Manner, Mike Bychowski, Bobby Fischer ROW 3: Jay Zeff, Matt Samuelson, Dan Aberg. BELOW: Phil Holleran responds with amaze¬ ment over “the hand’s” move. Meeting every Friday after school, the chess club enjoyed one of its finest seasons. Due to increased membership, the chess team fielded an impressive squad in the tough North Shore Chess League. Leading the team were Jay Friedman, first board and Vice-President; Phil Simmons, second board and President; Mike Shartiag, third board; Phil Holleran, fourth board; Gordan Kum- mel, fifth board. Excellent playing was also privided by Joe Holleran. USHERING IN THE COMPUTER AGE TOP ROW: Monte McGuire, Rick Manner, Rich Robbins, Phil Simmons, Mike Shartiag. ?OlV 2: Mark Fishbein, Dan Filler, ROW 3: Mitch Kite, Gary Kremen, Mike Loiben, Jay Stein, Dan Citron. BOTTOM ROW: Bert Klein, Dan Jaffe, David Dong, Bruce Rafilson. BELOW: Serious programming. New additions and greater flexibility in the computer center may have been the spark for increased member¬ ship and activities in the computer club this year. The club, which met weekly, was engaged in many new projects. Not only did the club partici¬ pate in interscholastic programming competitions, but it also put together an information packet on program¬ ming for school use. The officers were Rich Robbins, President; Phil Sim¬ mons, Vice-President; Mike Shartiag, Secretary-Treasurer; and Mr. Wietzen- field, sponsor. 147 CONCERT CHOIR TONES IT UP Under the direction of Hugh McGee and leadership of President Ellen Kaufman, Vice-President Peggy Pescatore, Secretary Kim Noe, and Trea¬ surer Sally Kapalanski, Concert Choir proved to be a great success! The choir toured to Kiwanis at El Bianco and local junior high schools. The Holiday Festival, May Festival, and February Concert of the Bach concer¬ to no. 140 were choir’s highlights of the year. For the more enthusiastic and advanced individuals, there were the I.M.E.A. and Solo Ensemble contests. Extra group activities included a Homecoming float and a choir banquet. HufhwLcZ “sFriown p e .° dy n e er ' Mar9e Gump ’ Edward Potash Karen Hahs - Marsha Klien ’ Nora Steindler, Miho Lanaka, Kulberlh Traff Wff P p “ , Kapala ski ' Randee ° hlean ' Barb Greenspan, Amy Tolsky, John Erickson, Ian Streicher, Andi Steve Le Jimhal Wpoh’ Pe " y PeSCa, ° re - Cynd, Kiu. Lauri Terzakis, THIRD ROW :Lori Barron, Kim Noe. Kim Steele, Amy Hacker, Keith Abrams, bteve Levinthal, Wendy Fox, Soma Hagopian, Debbie Davis, Jane Hacker, Amelia Bartholmar. STRIKE UP THE BAND Concert Band performed beautifully this year in everything they did. They performed at the Holiday Festival and May Festivals as well as accompanying in Pow Wow, Steppin’ Out, and the musical. Because of the band’s great reputation, they toured in Philadelphia along with the Con¬ cert Orchestra and Orchesis. Their excellence was also shown at every home football and basketball game as they marched together. Guiding the band was Dr. Charles R. Groeling with the aid of the board: President Kathy O’Heath, Vice-President and Treasurer Steve Brown, Secretary Pam Henning, and Jboard members Steve Cross, Judy Fouty, Dianne May, Todd Nickow, Ken Rosebrook, and Mark Zivilik. Let’s hear it for the great year!!!! FIRST ROW: Kathy O’Heath, Sharon Stoller, Melody Turton, Amy Lyt ton, Phil Simmons, Judy Fouty, David Cohen, Sindee Berger, Stuart Ami Kathy Lisco, Todd Nickow SECOND ROW: Robin Drayer, Debbie Paulis Ken Rosebrook, John Shapiro, Steve Brown, Owen Firfer, Mike Cohan Fred Leib, Mike Shartiag, Ken Peterson, Bruce Hammerberg, Grant John son, Gary Kaufman, Stacy Stone, Dianne May THIRD ROW: Merle Kahn Chris Irpino, Dan Blackman, Mike Parcelli, Steve Rabin, Andy Serlin, Howard Kaplan, Terry Grossberg, Steve Hartzen, Adam Keno, Mike Korpash, Judi Brasch, Ariel Esevleusky, Dick Hirsch, Cathy Dargas, Nora Steindler BACK ROW (TOP OF PICTURE) Lee Noren, Wally Anderson, Bruce Alpern, Steve Cross, Laurie Vick, Dr. Groeling GLIB DEBATERS In an attempt to increase par¬ ticipation in the debate club, while improving the level of de¬ bating, the debate program at Niles West underwent major re¬ organization. Northwestern Uni¬ versity students, Jim Crotty and Steven Eisen were new additions to the coaching staff which also included returning head coach John Hamell. This year saw in¬ creased membership which in¬ cluded debaters from Niles East. With these changes the debate team was a tough contender in interscholastic competition. DEBATE ABOVE: TOP ROW: Jim Cortty, Peggy Pescatore, Karen Goldstein, John Spira, Mr. John Hamell. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Williams, Dan Filler, Mark Fishbein, Mr. Steve Eisen. BOTTOM ROW: Rick Manner, Alan Cohen. STUDENTS PREPARING FOR A BUSINESS WORLD DECA, in its second year as a club at Niles West, continued to expand in its very unique position as both a club and class. As a class, Distributive Edu¬ cation was taught by Mr. Darrell Smith. Instruction was in basic princi¬ ples of marketing, management and merchandising. Under the leadership of President John Lutz, the club worked to promote business interests as well as to develop the traits of confi¬ dent, active leadership. The chapter participated in both regional and state¬ wide conventions for the DECA orga¬ nization. SITTING: Donald Stotz, Allyne Braver, Joel Glieberman. STANDING: Bob Catrone, Rachel Hornstein, Robert Dolce, Lisa Lores, John Lutz, Mr. Darrell Smith. 150 FORUMS BRINGS SPEAKERS TO WEST Are you interested in listening to politicians, newcasters, archaeoligists, and others speak at your school? Forums has made it possible for you. Sponsored by Mr. Otto Karbusicky, Forums brought such speakers as Congressman Abner Mikva, Sportsw- riter Rick Tally, an archaeologist from the Koster Site in Southern Illinois and many others. Forums is a great club which we hope will continue bringing great speakers to Niles West. LEFT TO RIGHT: O. Karbusicky, E. Potash, S. Heyman, and C. Bernstein. ECOLOGISTS AT WEST The Ecology Club, sponsored by Mr. Firak, explored the wildlife and its natural surroundings. Their chief purpose is to try to preserve our world in any way possible. The Ecology Club took field trips to the Morton Arboretum, Illinois State Beach and many other places. TOP: LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Levenson, Scott Evans. Tom Lofland, Donn Simon, Chris Duda, Pat Duda BOTTOM: Marla Friend, Cassie Bychowski, Chris Kukulski, Sue Ya- koubek, Karen Lee 151 GUTEN TAG A wide variety of activities and func¬ tions attracted over 70 West students to this year’s German Club. The club, spon¬ sored by Miss Beck and Mr. Brink, took part in such activities as Octoberfest and a visit to Germantown. This year’s offi¬ cers were President C. Bychowski, Vice President S. Schell, Secretary L. Nimz, Treasurer B. Handzel. TOP ROW: Heidi Doderer, Lee Papanek, Kurt Lemke, Chris Obradovic, Lorayne Roller, Ramona Glasheck, Mike Vishny, Fraulein Beck, 2ND ROW: Jeff Ring, Ed Ross, Jodi Robins, Christina Tomacic, Janet Miller, Sandor Krum, Debbie Horvitz, Robert Kron, 3RD ROW: Ona Bonner, Karen Schulte, Nori Kaufman, Cassie Bychowski, Lisa Nimz, Rick Man¬ ner. Not Shown: Sue Manner, Scott Schell, Erika Keinrad, Liz Schneider. LEFT: German club displays holiday spirit with their brightly decorated Christmas tree. RIGHT GUARD Guard Club was sponsored by Dean Geis, Ms. Stewart, Mr. Anderson, and Mrs. Anderson this year. The co-captains were Larry Kimmel, Marsha Robin, and Karen Gutenkauf who, with the aid of the other members, taught children swimming techniques such as breast stroke, side stroke, back stroke, crawl, and back crawl every Saturday morning. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Gutenkauf, Nolan Jaffe, Chuck Richards, Kim Jochem, Mike Pacino, Cindy Jochem, Madeline Gross, Betty Dassow Ileen Zeinfeld, Larry Kimmel. TOP ROW: Chris Mahen, Nicki Speis, Jeff Polinski, David Groner, Alan Erickson, Mark Larsson, Steve Rizoff, Lou Gross, Linda Wadler, Cindy Putz. 153 GIRL GYMNASTICS SHINE ON ABOVE: LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW Wendy Vinci, Joann Oppenheim, Karen Loiacano, Therese Dedo, Marie Helgeson, Mary Flood. SECOND ROW: Linda Woodier, Gail Piper, Kitty Sloma, Stacie Wainer, Nancy Buffo, Deidra Falona, Judy Koehler, Coach Jean Armour and Mindy. THIRD ROW: Wendy Wallach, Corinne Hintz, Donna Zorros, Jody Treitler, Jancie Ross, Susan Friedlander. FOURTH ROW: Lee Papinek, Laura Friedlander, Allyson Pollack, Judy Buffo, Janice Greer. The Niles West Demonstration Gymnastic Team had a fine season. Sponsored by Mrs. Jean Armour, they continued to perform well. The team showed its skills at Open House and performed at junior high schools in the community. We really can be proud of this years team! Keep it up girls! RIGHT: Mr. Berkel assists a team member while practicing on the horse. 154 ABOVE LEFT: Jodi Treitler in perfect form on the balance beam. BELOW LEFT Mrs. Jean Armour patiently awaiting the attention of the team. BELOW RIGHT: A team member performs on the balance beam during a practice. BELOW: Judy Buffo practices her routine with the help of Coach Burkel. MATH PROMOTES GOODNESS Even though the Math Club was in its second year of existance, it performed quite well. The club members prepared for competition with the North Suburban, At¬ lantic-Pacific, and Illinois math leagues, whom they com¬ peted against once a month. Along with President Peggy Pescatore, Vice President Rick Manner, Treasurer Steve Williams, and Secretary Byron Lam, these math wizzes also prepared for the annual math contest with the aid of their enthusiastic sponsor, Mr. Filliman. Numbers, num¬ bers, and more numbers is how the Math Club solved its problems! TOP ROW: Rick Manner. Mark Fishbein. Joe Krozel, Rich Robbins, Phil Simmons. Monte Mcguire, Mr. Filliman. THIRD ROW: Steve Pang, Jim Krozel, Steve Williams, Gary Kremen, Dan Filler, Scott Skoglund. SECOND ROW: Jeff Ring, Julius Mak, Mike Jutovsky, Frank Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Byron Lam, Peggy Pescatore, MariAnne Hathy. NOT PICTURED -John Wang, Greg Cohen, Tom Pang, Mark Milanich, John Quinn, Marc Zissman, Rosa Hsu, Dave Erickson, Ron Papanek, Ken Siegel Amelia Bartholmew, Susie Mishima, Bob Fisher, Edie Goldstein, William Mak, Victor Wu, Kurt Lemke, Deb bie Horvitz, Marvie Limpin, Ross Lirtzman. PIZAZZ JAZZ The past year was the most active ever for the Niles West Jazz Band. Spurred by a strong Sax and Trombone Section, the band brought New Orleans to Niles West. Some of the band’s more memorable performances were Pow Wow, Steppin’ Out, tour to Philadelphia, and the May Music Festival. The Jazz band was under the direction of Dr. Charles Groeling. FRONT ROW: Lisa Nimz, Mark Zuckcr, Joel Sucherman, Dan Blackman, Lee Noren, Paul Suchermam BACKJJOW-IBruce Alpern, Ken Rosebrook, Wally Andeson, Steve Brown, Steve Hartzen, Ken Peterson, Terry Grossberg. NOT PICTURED: Chris Irpino, Michael Shartiag, Andy Banathy, Mark Zivilik. “THE LEADERS” Senior leader program is sponsored by Ms. Lee Heeren. They meet everyday through their classroom activity. Besides helping the teachers, they try to better their leadership qualities, improve their organization techniques and teaching abilities, and get the experience of working with groups. This year’s Senior leaders club has 22 members. S E N I O R S TOP ROW: W. Vinci, C. Hintz, C. Erickson, M. Isaacon, C. Lamm, B. Abrams, W. Wallach, T. Blackman, and D. Durso. MIDDLE ROW: L. Gabriel, K. Wikstroni, J. Becker, N. Goldstein, D. May, J. Fouty, K. Sprogis, K. O’Heath, N. Eck. BOT¬ TOM ROW: K. Austin, L. Sandberg, J. Heinz, V. Hoffman, D. Izenstark, H. Bland, R. Sinker, S. Stepke, and C. Nawiesniak. 158 JUNIORS (listed alphabetically): B. Atsaves, M. Bailey, M. Benjamin, C. Bjorklund, B. Braje, L. Coloan, T. Conti, S. Cooper, B. Fink, S. Friedlander, D. Goldstick, S. Gordan, C. Hedberg, D. Himmler, P. Hintz, J. Housakos, N. Jaffee, K. Jerney, R. Kaplan, M. Koclanis, J. Lee, S. Manner, C. McCown, L. Prinz, P. Reljac, M. Robin, K. Schonberg, R. Sprogis, K. Steele, B. Stielow, J. Tatooles, J. Treittler, S. Warda, D. Zoros. D. Anderson, H. Anderson, J. Chams, C. Doppelt, L. Edmonds, D. Edwards, M. Flood, M. Freeman, T. Furman, R. Goppert, J. Heinz, M. Helgeson, K. Klemens, M. Kong, K. LeHew, D. Mahan, A. Monreal, B. Pintz, G. Piper, M. Reifenberg, L. Rossman, V. Shandling, T. Terpinas, D. Tripicchio, N. Tuzzolino, J. Wedel, M. Weiss, L. Zelichman, D. Hansen, M. Lauders. 159 MEDICAL CAREER FOR THE INTERESTED Medical Careers Club was sponsored by nurses Ms. Lawrence and Ms. Jaros. Their main attempt was to educate the members on every occupation in the medical field; by: seeing health films, hearing speeches, and of course this year’s field trip the Lutheran General Hospital. TOP RIGHT: R. Lowe, N. Wegener, L. Dethloff, B. Dessow, L. Kimmel, S. Castaneda, and G. Laborde. MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Jaros, M. Penn, M. Lyman, L. Moravocik, R. Glassner, G. Santiler, and Ms. Lawrence. BOTTOM ROW: M. Memhardt, M. Springer, G. Kaufman, and L. Kagehiro. NOT PICTURED: D. Karger, P. Smolenski, and S. Stoller. MORNING MOUTHS!! Every morning we heard announcements over the P.A. system bringing us the news of the day. The special people that brought us the news for nine months were Senior Bob Levy, Junior Kim Olliges, and Sophomore Karen Klemens. Karen Klemens, Bob Levy, and Kim Olliges relax after the morning announcements. 160 N-CLUB SPONSORS NEW EVENTS “N” Club the varsity lettermans’ club this year had a winter dance, a basketball game against the facuty, and a spring carnival. The club was sponsored by Coach Don Huff and William Mitz. Officers were President J. Le Comte, Vice President C. Grenda, Business Manager H. Roth stein, Finance Manager B. Heinrich, Sargent at Arms C. Spagnoli. ABOVE: S. Moll, B. Froemming, J. Hosfield, K. Ridley, H. Tutt, A. Moltz, J. Sakas, M. Schwartz, M. Christensen, K. Valenziano, W. Mitz, D. Huff. SECOND ROW: G. George, E. Kiessel, C. Lapak, B. Weil, H. Rothstein, J. LeComte, C. Grenda, S. Ramseyer, H. Stolberg, C. Spagnoli. LEFT: Officers H. Rothstein, C. Spagnoli, J. Le Comte, C. Grenda. 161 ORCHESTRA PERFORMS This past year has been a very exciting one for the members of the orchestra. Of the many things they did, going on tour with other band groups from West was probably the most exciting. This year the orchestra visited Pittsburgh. Other events of interest during the year were the Holiday Festivals, solo ensemble contests, Open House Concert, and May Music Festival. FRONT ROW: (1 to r) Karen Lee, Byron Lam, Amelia Bartholomew, Rhonda Block, Lisa Nimz, Debbie Zigelsky, Dave Walner, Betsy Klinenberg. MIDDLE ROW: Thomas Pang, Ed Klinenberg. THIRD ROW: Kathy Jeckyl, Janice Grear, Diane Adihamis, Nancy Buffo, Kathy O’Heath, Judy Fouty, Andy Sirloin, John Shapiro, Debbie Paulis. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Hammerburg, Kathy Lisco, Todd Nicow, David Cohen, Cathy Vargus. LAST ROW: Mr. Kaitchuk, Terry Grossberg, Steve Cross, Steve Hartzen, Wally Anderson, Lee Noren, Gary Blackman. 162 ORCHESIS KEEPS ON DANCING Orchesis does keep on dancing! Under the new sponsorship of President Darcie Ellyne, Vice-President Lisa Kharasch, Secretary Ellen Kaufman, and Treasurer Cindy Tao, Orchesis members worked on improving their techniques. They began their graceful year with a demonstration at Open House. They proved their hard and thorough work at their annual show “Steppin Out” in January. Afterwards, they danced in benefits at local junior high schools. The club danced to the music played by the band and orchestra on its tour to Philadelphia. Because of its great year, we know Orchesis will keep dancing! TOP ROW: Amy Bernstein, Jill Obrachta, Sue Johnson, Brenda Zellers, Joyce Chams, Linda Gelfman, Sherri Siehkowski, Yvonne Johanson, Dawn Mansen Tina Ferman. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Feltman, Evy Kirkos, Karen Hohs, Dee Jemc, Mary Lauders, Janet Miller, Lee Litt, Meryl Poticha, Heather Joseph, Kim Austin, BOTTOM ROW: Marcia Block, Shari Grais, Amy Tolsky, Cynthia Tao, Darcie Ellyne, Lisa Kharasch, Ellen Kaufman, Julie Tatooles, Kathy Krasowsky. WORDS AND PICTURES Opus I, the art and literature magazine produced by students, selected the best works of students and printed them. The person with the best piece of literature and the best work of art received a 25 dollar bond. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Graham. Officers were Editor in Chief Phyllis Ellin, Assistant Editor in Chief Bonnie Rubin, Business Manager Ellen Midler, Art Editor Joel Leib. LEFT: Joan Batchen, Jeannie Solal, Linda Gelfman, Tony Scott, Joel Lieb, SECOND ROW: Ellen Midler, Debra Bernheim, Mrs. Graham, Phyllis Ellin 164 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB SHOOTS AGAIN Photography Club’s primary purpose this year was to give students the opportunity to learn new photographic techniques. Club members also had the opportunity to see elements of good photography by sharing their works with one another. Getting suggestions from their sponsor, Mr. Davis and their President, Mike Springer was another means for improving their photographic work. To increase interest in photography, the club sponsored the spring and fall photo contests. BOTTOM ROW: Laura Terzakis, Kathy McDonald, Monte McGuire, Mark Chao, Ron Drexler. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Neumann, Larry Kimmel, Lily Ann Mendez-Soto, Rich Robbins, Art Therios, Kenny Meyers. TOP ROW: Leonard Go, Janelle Emalfarb, Mr. Davis, Jodi Robbins, Jeff Horwitz, Danny Bern¬ stein, Mike Springer. 165 POM-PON ENTERTAINS CROWDS 166 TOP: Maria Luppo, Beth Fink, Terri Virag, Roberta Kaplan, Faith Amarantos, Andrea Marmer, Nancy Balmes, Mindie Gold, Kim Austin, Norma Berg- strum. MIDDLE: Laurie Zawiski, Norma Goldstein, Mary Lyman, Julie Tattoles, Faith Halop, Cheryl Bjork- lund, Nancy Tuzzolino FRONT: Renee Sprogis, Sue Stepke, Lori Nordeen, Jeanette Mason. Can you imagine a Niles West basket¬ ball or football game without the Pom Pon squad? The squad, sponsored by Ms. Franz, adds entertainment to all half time activities. The squad practices four times a week during the school year. Other events this year included marching in var¬ ious parades with the Marching Band. ABOVE: Faith Amarantos is exhausted after a hard day of ponning. LEFT: Co-captains Ruth Sinker and Nancy Balmes. BELOW LEFT: The Pom-Pon girls shake their pom-pons. BELOW RIGHT: The Pom Pon Girls take time for a pose. WE WOULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT S.A.B. The Student Activities Board had a very busy year. Some of the Valentine Dance, and of course, the Sock Hop. These activities activities they provided us this year were: Homecoming ’78, The couldn’t have been planned without the help of Cindy Trapanese Homecoming Dance, Ice Cream Social, Back to School Dance, and Mr. Erickson. TOP ROW: L. Finkel, A. Marmer, D. Goldstick, B. Perlman, B. Fink, and L. BOTTOM ROW: S. Kirshner, M. Weiss, C. Trapenesse, S. Kenn, and L. Erickson. Erickson. MIDDLE ROW: M. Rafferty, J. Solal, D. Weiss, S. Cooper, J. Mishkin. Not pictured S. Martin, R. Leavitt, C. Lamm, J. Batcher, and E. Chen. 168 BUDDING EINSTEINS For the first time in the club’s histo¬ ry, Scie nce Seminar members re¬ ceived school credit for their indepen¬ dent research projects. These projects were entered in the State High School Science Fair Competition. As a group, the members went on field trips and helped run the Jr. High School Sci¬ ence Fair which was held at Niles West this past March. TOP ROW: M. Horberg, J. Mak. C. Duda. R. Robbins, S. Deer, Mr. Wayne Rogoski, S. Perl. SITTING: E. Holmbald, M. Friend, A. Toth, M. JutovsKy 169 STRIKE THE SET ABOVE: TOP ROW: L to R: Cindy Jui, Lee Bernstien, Joyce Chams, Tarina Uglinica. Linda Olson, Steve Thill, Claire Schlueter, D. Monnier, Miles Sonkin, Fern Orfean, Pam Wexler, Karen Gaines, Cheryl Greene, Renee Koda, Cindy Baffa, Kay Dahm. MIDDLE ROW: Todd Stern, Ina Beller, Kathy Kraer, Ian Striecher, Karen Kozer, Andi Kulbrush, Craig Sommerfield, Marge Gump, Lizzie Gump, Nancy Gump, Gail Rapaport Sol Meyers. BOTTOM ROW: Julei Kaplan, S. Cooper, Laura Rosow, Laura Kulbrush, Mark Zivlick, Randee Orlean, Barb Greenspon, Gary Perlmutter. BELOW: TOP ROW: L to R: C. Jui, J. Chanis, T., Uglinica, L. Olson, C. Schlueter, D. Monnier, F. Orlean, P. Wexler, K. Jaines, C. Greene R Koda C Baffa, K. Dahm. ROW TWO: I. Beller, K. Kraer, L. Rosow, K. Kozer,’ A. Kulbersh, C. Sommerfield, M. Gump, N. Gump, S. Meyers. ROW THREE: J. Kaplan, S. Cooper, R. Orlean, B. Greenspon, L. Kulbersh, and G. Rappoport. 170 THESPIANS HAVE A GOOD YEAR Thespians is a club whose main purpose is to honor students who have worked in theatre. Our Thespian troupe has had the honor of performing “Marne” at the International Thes¬ pian Conference in Muncie, Indiana. They also had the pleasure of performing “Pippin” at the American Theatre Association Conference. Our Thespians were the only high school troupe to perform there. We should all be very proud of them! ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Pass, Steve Rabin, Robin Grobman, Hiam Brody, Dan Blackman, Bob Levy, Keith Abrams, Miles Sonkin, Bruce Hoffen, Steve Leventhal. ROW TWO L TO R: Linda Lampert, Karen Kozer, Pam Wexler, Taring Uglinica, Kathy Kraer, Lee Bernstein, Dorothy Glass- berg. ROW THREE: L TO R: Ian Strecher, Mike Perlin, Marge Gump, Ricky Levine, Amy Tolsky, Kim Noe, Allyson Harrison, Barb Greenspan, Todd Stern, Cindy Baffa. ROW FOUR: L TOR: Mark Zivlick, Randee Orlena, Andi Kubbrush, Sol Meyers, Marsha Klien. WESTWORD GETS THE SCOOP West Word, Niles West’s biweekly newspaper, was more than mildly successful this year. Under the intelligent leadership of Editor-in-Chief Dan Hurwich, the paper made its mark on the student body and the community in general. Senior Bob Levy raised both interest and controversy while becoming West Word’s first featured columnist in fourteen years. The editorial staff was also lead by Sports Editor Tony Scott, Fine Arts Editor Pam Chen, and Features Editor Holly Bland. Hurwich was assisted in his monumental task by Assistant Editor Dan Oberrotman. West Word staff writers who were noted for their exceptionally hard biting stories and their warmly interesting feature articles were seniors Jim Baron, Merle Blum, Tony Bravo, Steve Brown, Mindy Nelson, and Linda Singer, and juniors Adam Cooper, Scott Heyman, Steve Lirtzman and Paul Morton. Also contributing to the success of the fortnightly were Howard Frazin, Dan Bernstein, Mike Nueman, Ian Streicher, and Heide Karp. Not to be forgotten was the often unnoticed but nonetheless important contribution of faculty sponsor Jerry Orr. ABOVE: TOP ROW: Dan Hurwich, Pam Chen, Dan Oberrot¬ man, Holly Bland, Bob Levy, Paul Morton, Jim Baron, Adam Cooper, Mindy Nelson, Steve Lirtzman. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Bernstein, Sherhl Robinson, Linda Singer, Scott Heyman, Mike Shartiag. Not Pictured: Merle Blum, Tony Bravo, and Tony Scott. RIGHT: P. Morton stops the presses with his story. 172 S. Brown proofreads his copy. West Word staffer s get a laugh out of correcting columnist Levy’s copy. 173 SPECTRUM STAFF DOES IT! ABOVE: Left to Right: TOP ROW: Gary Aufman, Janine Solal, Jim Baron, Mike Neumann, Julie Cohen, Laura Meshulam, Karen Sprogis, Wendy Fox, Bruce Hoffen. SECOND ROW: Susie Martin, Debbie Mathis, Cynthia Tao, Laura King, Penny Graham, Diane Goldstick, Phyllis Ellin, Elaine Chen, Pam Freedman. KNEELING. Gayle Sidler, Sebastian Valeevedo, Scott Weinstein, Dan Bernstein, Grace Santiler, Beth Fink, Deena Schencker, Nina Dorfman, Jill Mishkin. BOTTOM ROW: Sheryl Robinson, Rachel Heyman, Heidi Karp, Shoba Ranganath, Susan Kirshner, Debbie Izenstark, Mike Shartiag. BELOW: Spectrums staff editors. Almost 40 members strong, this year’s Spectrum staff worked hard to put together this yearbook headed by Editor Mike Shar¬ tiag an d Assistant Editor Debbie Izenstark. The staff’s seven sections editors were Phyl¬ lis Ellin, Faculty; Sheryl Robinson, Clubs; Jim Baron, Sports; Cynthia Tao, Special Events; Susan Kirshner, Seniors; Elaine Chen, Underclass; Rich Robbins, Photogra¬ phy. Much help in preparing Spectrum came from sponsors Mr. Jerome Orr and Ms. Su¬ san Stone. Spectrum’s new publisher this year was Josten’s American Yearbook Com¬ pany. 174 TOP LEFT Phyllis Ellin helps another Spectrum staff member with his copy. TOP RIGHT: Jill Mishkin works hard over a final copy. BELOW LEFT: Diane Goldstick concentrates on her work. BELOW RIGHT: Pam Freedman and Laura Meshulam are finding the difficulties of working on a yearbook. LEFT: Sponsor Ms. Stone proofs one of the many yearbook pages. BELOW LEFT: Sue Kirshner puts in another hard day’s work. BELOW: Editor in Chief Mike Shartiag reviews page assignments with Assis¬ tant Editor Debbie Izenstark. BOTTOM: A few minutes are spent reviewing photographs with photogra¬ pher Monte McGuire. 176 ART COUNCIL LIGHTENS SCHOOL Art Council has had a productive year sponsored by Rhonda Hoffman. They have made murals for Mr. Turry, Mr. Lorenz, and Dr. Mannos. They meet to try to improve their art skills and also to make art projects for the school. TOP ROW: Karen Mayer, Joe Leib, Jim Goldsher, Alan Leib. BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Horwitz, Tammy Levinson, Sheila Gallagher, Andy Platt, Rhonda Stevens. JUNIOR CABINET DOES IT AGAIN What comes to your mind when you think of these past events: prom, prom assembly skit, homecoming float, the bal¬ loting for Prom King and Queen? If you haven’t come up with a answer yet, it’s the Junior Cabinet. The Junior Cabinet has been spending its energy on these exciting projects over the past year. RIGHT: G. Karalekes, L. Tilts, B. Dvorak, L. Sny¬ der, and R. Stein. SENIOR CABINET WORKS HARD Senior Cabinet sponsored by Bill Geis- man has had a very rewarding year. The cabinet worked on plans for graduation, raising money for the class gift, elections to help plan for special activities, and the Rotary Award. TOP ROW: Mr. Geisman, C. Trapanese, K. Sloma, N. Goldstein, J. Buffo, L. Gabriel, J. Baron. BOT¬ TOM ROW: P. Ellin, T. Virag, C. Hintz, J. Solal. NOT PICTURED: C. Lamm, D. Shencker, V. Mi- lewski, and P. Zeid. 178 THE BEST OF THE BUNCH TOP ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Larson, Miss DeFur, P. Provost, J. Ring, L. Gross, L. Ander¬ son, J. Marks, R. Glassner, S. Rudin. BOTTOM ROW ; J. Weiss, M. Ciezki, K. Fiescher, D. Dassow, M. Kenmotsu. The Freshman Cabinet this year built the first place float for homecoming. The class slogan was “82 The Best Of The Bunch.” The cabinet included director Mr. Winterhalter and Miss DeFur the sponsor. Officers were President J. Weiss, Vice President K. Parker, Secre¬ tary M. Ciezki, Treasurer K. Fisher, and Publicity Leader D. Dassow. CAMERA SHY SOPHS Members not pictured: Anne O’Boyle, Barbara Pirtz, Kathleen McDonald, John Shapiro, Nancy Buffo, Carol Coplan, Lisa Russell, Judy Koehler, Sheldon Perl, Neal Marcus, Ian Haskell, Athanasios Therios, Janice Grimm This years Sophmore cabinet was headed by Mr. Turry and sponsored by Mr. Fitzpatrick. The cabinet sponsored a very successful Frosh-Soph Mixer in Oc¬ tober and a disco party in April. The Sophmore float finished third at home¬ coming. The sophmore cabinet major ac¬ tivity was raising money for a tree pro¬ ject. 179 THOSE CLOCKWATCHERS ON TIME The Timers Club, sponsored by Miss Shari Kouba, is a great asset to the girls and boys swim team. At the meets, the club, which consists of twelve members, attends every swim meet and does miscellaneous things. The Timers announce, clock the swimmers watch for fast starts and help the coaches and team members. The Niles West Swim Teams would definitely be lost without them TOP ROW: L TO R K. Jochem, C. Jaffe, T. Deds MIDDLE ROW: H. Doderer, C. Jochem, BOTTOM ROW: B. Dassow and K. Gutenkauf SOCCERETTES DISPLAY TALENT The Soccerettes, sponsored by Coach John Burkel, did a terrific job of helping out at each soccer game. Headed by Co-Presidents Sue Manner and Barb Braje, the soccerettes retrieved balls, kept score and assisted with the officiating. They were great asset to the Niles West Soccer Team. FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Liza Nimz, Ressa Keating, Dora Reeyes, Carla Kornett, Ann Hellestrae. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Olson, Sue Manner Candy Gallaqher Cheryl Green, Marilyn Moltz. TOP ROW: Karen Schulte, Barb Braje, Laurie Johnson, Sue Goss, Kim Buczak. NILES WEST’S ACADEMIC ELITE This year our National Honor Society members performed various services for this school. These included fundraising activities and the construction of an academic wall of fame. Mr. Wiedl was the sponsor for the society. The officers were Pam Chen, President; Dan Hurwich, Vice-President; and Cynthia Tao, Secretary. TOP RO W: Steve Prinz, Robert Krause, Michael Kockman, Karen Sprogis, Kathy Lisco, Mindy Nelson, Janine Solal, Gabrielle Iverson, Sue Glaberson, Vivian Milewski, Mr. Ralph Wiedl SECOND ROW: Ben Fox, Lawrence Samuelson. Holly Bland, Phyllis Ellin, Debbie Izenstark, Susan Kirshner, Audri Evans, Debra Durso THIRD ROW: Bruce Hoffen, Michael Horberg, Ellen Kaufman, Lisa Kharasch, Amy Tolsky, Patricia Lewis, Ellen Midler. Peggy Pescature, Sharon Stoller, Marge Gump. BOTTOM ROW: Edward Klinenberg. Keith Abrams. Pamela Chen, Cynthia Tao, Michael Savitt, Tom Pang, Daniel Hurwich. 181 GOVERNMENT IN ACTION This past year, SRA was actively involved in maintaining student rights and privileges. Led by President Mike Kochman, the assem¬ bly addressed itself to such serious topics as school budget and expenditures, truancy, and final exam policies. Other officers were Lawrence Samuelson, Vice-President; Au¬ drey Wolff, Secretary-Treasurer. STANDING (left to right): Adam Cooper, Carmela Zincharelli, Robin Goldstein Kathy Mc¬ Donald, Scott Heyman, Mike Levy, David Kaufman, Mike Springer, Lawrence Samuelson Mike Kochman, Audrey Woffe, Mike Horberg. SITTING: Dan Hurwich, Mike Silverman Monte McGuire, Linda Wadler, and Stacy Powell. BELOW LEFT: SRA at work. BELOW RIGHT: President Mike Kochman presents a proposal. 182 VIVACE SINGS OUT Vivace, which means vivacious and lively, applies not only to the music they sing, but to the members themselves. Under the direction of Mr. McGee, the group performed their songs in three-part harmony at the Holiday Festival, May Festival, and Club El Bianco.President Caryn Lerner, Vice-President Marsha Klein, Secretary Nora Steindler, and Treasurer Peggy Pescatore organized the annual cookie baking contest and other group functions. FRONT ROW: Nora Steindler, Melody Heller, Karen Kozer, Lisa Tomoleoni. MID¬ DLE ROW: Jacqui Kolar, Caryn Lerner, Rosa Hsu, Marsha Klein, Barb Greenspan, Laura Kulbersch. BACK ROW: Peggy Pescatore, Randee Orlean, Amelia Barthol- mew, Lee Bernstein, Kim Noe, Debby Davis, Andi Kulbersch. 183 VARSITY GRIDDERS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE ABOVE: TOP ROW: (1 to r): M. Walsh, R. Asher, M. Arcangeletti, P. Wax, B. Ash, A. Wilczewski, K. Ridley, A. Yang, M. Christiansen, R. Casper, C. Grenda! C. Spagnoli, B. Froemming, M. Schwartz, R. Braver. ROW 2(l to r): Coach Mitz, Coach Richardson, Head Coach Huff, A. Moltz, M. Erlichman, J. Boepple, J. Morgan, K. Valenziano, L. Glauner, H. Tutt, B. Sienkowski, J. Hosfield, Coach Nelson, Coach Yanz. ROW 3(l to r): H. Stolberg, S. Moll, P. Chen, F. Fornaris, P. Prinz, J. Sliwa, P. Morton, B. Weil, B. Porcaro, G. George, M. Cuff, H. Rothstein, S. Ramseyer, P. Shemroske, Mgr. B. Heinrich. ROW 4 (1 to r): J. Lecomte, T. Vasquez, C. Wheeler, E. Hoffman, J. Elliot, E. Keisel, K. Blecha, J. Terzis, S. Nitsche, J. Sakas, C. Lapak, T. Sprague. This year’s Varsity Football team had great expec¬ tations. Lead by senior captains Chris Grenda and Chuck Spagnol i, they fought hard and were support¬ ed greatly by a tremendous amount of spirit from the rest of the school. Head Coach Don Huff said he is looking forward to next year and sees great upcom¬ ing talent. Helped stupendously by great quarter- backing from Grenda and Junior Ben Froemming and great running by Jim Sliwa, Chris Lapak, Jim Hos¬ field, and Joey Morgan, just to name a few, the men went on to beat their last season’s record and, at the same time, provide an exciting season for the fans. way. F. Fornaris exclaims “Who me?” but the referees think a different ABOVE: Phil Wax and Bruce Sienkowski are pleased with the work that they have done. RIGHT: Chris Lapak goes into the end zone in Paytonesque style. ABOVE LEFT: The offensive line gets ready to go to work on some unlucky opponents. ABOVE: Once again Rob Casper shows his finesse as he breaks up a pass. 187 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SEEKS VICTORY TOP ROW (1 to r): Coach Heiss, Gregg Aronson, Ken Sail, Rick Binder, John Bailey, Steve Cote, Bob Cederholm, Coach Bauer. MIDDLE ROW (1 to r): Song Park, Dino Vanarvis, Tim Schleuter, Joe Spagnoli, Shawn Ridley, Curt Wheeler, Tom McDonough, Dave Albach. BOTTOM ROW: (1 to r): Ross Lirtzman, Ken Meyer, Mike Figurelli, Gregg Searle, Mitch Stern, Ayhan Kideys, John Perperas. Unfortunately, the Freshman A Football team did not have what one would call a winning season. Going winless throughout most of the year, the team couldn’t seem to get it right. However, Coach George Bauer did express that the boys have the ability to put together a winning team in the future years. LEFT: A sophomore gridder barges through the defense for the touchdown. BELOW: “Come on, how ’bout just one more dance?’’ 188 TOP ROW (1 to r): Charles Schwartz, Jeff Vick, Dean Geekas, Cameron Ramseyer, Bruce Sandlow, Alan Susman, Dean Thomason, Scott Malloy. ROW 2 ( to r): Coach Erbe, John Tomaras, Garry Benjoya, Kevin Benjamin, Joel Davis, Paul Katzowsky, Scott Lynn, Coach Armour. ROW 3 (1 to r): Stuart Cohen, Scott Imhoff, Jimmy Cortez, Ken Liano, Jody Libman, Craig Turton, Perry Anderson, Alan Levey. BOTTOM ROW( to r): Gregg Witten¬ berg, Pete Schapiro, Jeff Bergman, Bill Stolberg, Bob Bordenet, Aaron Izenstark, not pictured-Scott Rudin. ABOVE: Indians try to run down a Bulldog. RIGHT: “Whew, 1 didn’t know this game was so hard!” Like the Freshmen A team, the Freshmen B team also had a disappointing season this year. Similarily losing most of their games, the young gridders had somewhat of a tough time handling their opponents. Headed by Coach John Armour, the boys just couldn’t seem to put together the winning combina¬ tion. On the good side, there’s always next year. 189 INDIAN FOOTBALL VARSITY KICKERS HAVE GREAT DEPTH TOP ROW (1 to r): Coach Zorn, Sebastian Viliaveedu, Bill Majewski, Larry Siers, Tom Carlson, Eden Levey, Gary Kaplan, Rob Snow, Vito Nitti, Dennis Hildebrand, Bennett Byk, Coach Schnurr. MIDDLE ROW: Chris Kadota, Rick Lanners, Mike Ben Piro. Rubin, Pete Stamos, Dave Melnick, Mark Schwartz. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Conner, ABOVE: Gary Kaplan makes an unbelievable save. ABOVE: Rick Lanners really knows how to use his head. The 1978 Varsity Soccer team was pleased with the quality soccer it played. According to Coach Peter Zorn; the better the opponent, the better his team played. The squad was hurt by injuries to key players and to the loss of all-conference player John Kim. Their “never-say-die” attitude helped them play well against such rivals as Maine East and New Trier East. This was a building year and they concentrated on offense more than defense. Outstanding performances were given by Dennis Hildebrand, Mike Conner, Rick Lanners, and Larry Siers. ABOVE: Pete Stamos deceives his opponent with his lightning speed. ABOVE: Once again, Stamos flies downfield. RIGHT: JV: (I to r): Coach Schnurr, Gregg Scheider, John Revis, Dave Kauf¬ man, Ken Klenm, Adam Cooper, Eric Borin, Dave Melnick. MIDDLE ROW: Brian Abrahams, Mickey Hubay, Rich Ra¬ mirez, Howie Frazin, Rick Schmidt, Glenn Garfinkel. BOTTOM ROW: Rob Stein, Gary Rose, Gary Schnurr, Dan Namdick, Scott Weinstein. SOPHOMORES ENTHUSIASTIC! TOP ROW(r to I): Bruce Privatsky, Howard Snow, Kai Abelkis, Leo Moritz, Larry Grass, Will Clark, Steve Sanders, Dave Weindling, Mark Sternberg. BOTTOM Kolar, Roger Wendt. ROW 2: Mike Lippe, Ariel Eselevsky, Ed Weiss, Errol ROW: Coach Brennan, Dave Shimanovsky, Joe Smolenski, Tony Tatooles Dave Oztekin, Bernie Ebeling, Mike Schmidt. ROW 3: Jack Havdala, A1 Eriksson, Ken Adkisson, Mike Haupers, Coach Burkel k . AE ' ■Iiinjy. ' ■fv if . v jk t TOP: The team celebrates a big win. MIDDLE: Coach Schnurr strategies with the team. ABOVE: A wide angle view of the game. The Sophomore Soccer team turned in an excellent season this year. Coach John Bur- kel felt that his team knew the game. They were very aggressive and willing to learn. They “feared no opponent” and most of all, had fun. Outstanding players were Mark Sternberg, Bernie Ebeling, Errol Oztekin, Ken Grass, Co-Cap., Tony Tatooles and Ed Weiss. ABOVE: A coach goes over some drills with his team. FRESHMEN KICK WELL A Team TOP ROW (1 to r): Roman Konsewicz, Tom Kostoglanis, Mark Witt, Aaron Melnick, Rich Abelkis, Han Kim. MIDDLE ROW: Marco Calderon, Gus Kadota, Bob Strauss, Dean Horiike, Alan Weiss, Coach Porter. BOTTOM ROW: Brett Schulte, Scott Margolin, John Lochner, Jack Cohen, Tony Reinhardt, Larry Kong. CQ X CO o 0 c UL, Both, the Freshmen A and B teams did very well this year and enjoyed one of their best seasons. Coached by Bob Porter, the A team was lead by the fine playing of individ¬ uals such as Tony Rein¬ hardt, John Lochner, Gus Kadota, Scott Margolin, and Alan Weiss. B team outstanding players were Rob Rich, Tom Rivkin, Paul Shemroske, Bob Hal- perin, and Steve Serota. The B team was coached by Mr. Marv Klebba. B-Team TOP ROW (1 to r): Bill Daehler, Mark Jacobson, Steve Serota, Paul Shemroske, Bob Elliot Gary MIDDLE ROW: Tom Rivkin, Scott Garfinkel, Glenn Poticha, Mike Platt. Larry Nordin, Todd Kasik BOTTOM ROW: John Bradley, Chris Zammar, Rob Rich, Jordan Lamm, Bob Halperin, Earl Goldberg 1 % GOLFERS HAVE HITCH IN SWING w d r I Njft M r I M The Varsity Golf team was led by Coach Filliman. The team had its prob¬ lems this season. Their conference re¬ cord at the end was 0-6. Outstanding players this year were seniors Rob Krause, Eric Carlson, and Paul Filgut. two very promising sophomores are Rob Chapman and Erlindo Evaristo. The Frosh-Soph Golf team was headed by Coach Earl. The team played 12 matches and won 2. The team finished 0-6 in Conference. Lead¬ ing golfers were Jeff Bloom, and Mark Jacobs. TOP ROW: Coach Filliman, Don Dieder, Eric Carlson, Bob Krause, Paul Filgut, Erlindo Evaristo, BOTTOM ROW: Rob Chapman, Steve Tobin, Jordan Dolin, John Malkin TOP ROW: Coach Earl, Gordon Louri, Tom Weiss, Jeff Horwitz, Neil Waga BOTTOM ROW: Bob Morton, Bob Baily, Maril Esdisito, Mark Jacobs Bob Krause shows his swing to photographer. 197 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY CROSS FINISH LINE The Varsity Cross Country Team headed by Coach Pat Savage had a very impressive season. They finished the season with a fan¬ tastic record of 14-6. The team won the 12 Team Tiger Invitational and placed 3rd in the 19 Team Top 7 Invitational. Outstanding runners included seniors Rick Arendt, and Adam Keno, juniors Gregg Simon, John Quinn, and Ricky Bedony. L-R: John Quinn, Adam Keno, Steve Rosenblum, Coach Pat Savage, Rick Arendt, Guy Brilando, Ricky Bedony, Not Pictured: Gregg Simon. LACK OF TURNOUT HINDERS SOPHOMORES The Sophomore Cross Country Team was headed by Coach Ron Campbell. The team consisted of 4 members which is an incomplete team; so they had to forfeit most of their meets. The team managed to finish the season with a 5-10 record. The team consisted of Dan Zeller, Steve Muth, Mark McCormick, and Gary Kremen. L-R: Mark McCormick, Steve Rosenblum, Steve Muth, Coach Pat Savage, Dan Zeller, Guy Brilando, Gary Kremen. 198 FRESHMEN BREAK EVEN 1 LES WEST The Freshman Cross Country Team headed by Coach Campbell had a compromising season. Despite the lack of runners, the team managed to finish the season with a 10-10 record. The highlight of the season was winning the 2nd Place at the Elmwood Invitational. Outstanding runners on the team were Billy Zidel, Mike Lee, and Todd Anderson. KNEELING (1 to r): Kevin McAllister, Todd Anderson, Paul Wilm. STANDING (1 to r): Coach Campbell, Mike Lee, Vito Cozzo, Ron Steiner. MISSING: Billy Zidel. GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY DID WELL The Girls Cross Country was headed by Coach Ron Campbell. The team ended the season with a record of 7-4. The highlight of the year for the team was finishing 3rd at the Indian Invitational. Outstanding runners were Jane Quirk and Tawny Hammond. Senior Jane Quirk proudly made all conference. TOP ROW: Tawny Hammond and Coach Ron Campbell. MIDDLE ROW: Sue Klemm, Jenny Weiss, and Lisa Price. KNEELING: Karen Shea, Sandy Lipezker, and Chris Peterson. NOT PICTURED: Jane Quirk 199 VARSITY TENNIS SWINGS TO THE TOP The Girls’ Varsity Tennis team had an outstanding year winning the Central Suburban Conference and placing high in the state competition. The team was coached by Judy Sloan and led by senior Holly Bland. Other outstanding players were Margie Kong, Jill Mishkin, and Shar¬ on Cooper in singles, and Maria Tobin, Judy Banathy, Diane Goldstick, and Den¬ ise Green in doubles. TOP ROW: Tamm Pales, Holly Bland, Sharon Coo- BOTTOM ROW: Deena Schcncker, Diane Gold- per, Judy Banathy, Karen Sprogis, Betsy Kraft, stick, Denise Green, Jill Mishkin, and Marla Tobin. Margie Kong, and Coach Sloan. ABOVE: Holly Bland concen¬ trates intensely on the way to an¬ other win. LEFT: Karen Sprogis awaits a serve. RIGHT: Jill Mish¬ kin and Deena Schencker relax on court before a big match. 200 ABOVE: Margie Kong retrieves a backhand. ABOVE RIGHT: Marla Tobin concentrates on the approaching ball. BELOW RIGHT: Betsy Kraft demonstrates her powerful two-handed backhand. BELOW: Judy Banathy makes a point. ABOVE LEFT: Sharbn Cooper slams a forehand cross court enroute to another win. ABOVE RIGHT: Deena Schencker delicately places a forehand. 201 JV GIRLS HAVE “SMASHING” SEASON The Girls’ Junior Varsity Tennis team showed much promise this year as they ended their season with a 6-2 conference record. The team was led by sophomore Edie Goldstein, who was the first singles conference champ. Other team leaders were Bari Abrams, Karyn Kogen, and Lori Feldman. Chris Conton smashes a backhand as she displays her winning form. TOP ROW: Melinda Bailey, Jody Koehler, Kathy Joyce Zeinfeld BOTTOM ROW: Pam Chen, Lori Lisco, Coach Sloan, Debbie Rich, Mindy Nelson, Feldman, Bari Abrams, and Edie Goldstein. Barbara Parks. ROW TWO: Karen Kogan, Rhonda Stevens, Jill Weiss, Chris Conton, Anita Shapiro, 202 VARSITY “SPIKERS” ARE A SMASH! The Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Team had a tremendous season this year. Winning their first six meets in a row, the girls had everything needed to make a championship season. Head Coach John Beeftink described what he called a “strong year’’ and said that the girls were hard working and dili¬ gent. There were six returning seniors this year. They were Judy Becker, Joan Boro, Debbie Durso, C onnie Erickson, Patti Hilkin, and Karen Wik- strom. ABOVE (1 to r): Connie Erickson, Marsha Robin, Betty Stielow, Diana Ezerins, Coach Beeftink, Joan Boro, Judy Becker, Karen Wikstrom, Debbie Durso. JV SMASHES OPPONENTS TOP RIGHT: The perfect set-up. ABOVE: Two players try leaping over the net. Working on teamwork and on individ¬ ual skills were what this year’s Junior Varsity team was all about. They trained very hard this season and Coach Terry Kimura is looking forward to next year when the girls will be playing varsity vol¬ leyball. Some outstanding players were Robin Young, Heidi Jesswein, Karen Memmott, and Nancy Eck. TOP ROW (L TO R): Coach Kimura, Robin Young, Heidi Jesswein, Holly Anderson, Nancy Eck, Patti Bothfeld, Donna Tripicchio.Erin Gallagher BOTTOM ROW: Kate Jerney, Ka¬ ren LeHen, Caroline Reinhardt, Becky Schnell, Karen Mem¬ mott FROSH EXCEL This year’s Girls’ Freshmen Volleyball Team mastered the basic skills of the game very well. The Freshmen had an outstanding season, and ended with a winning record. TOP ROW (L TO R): Ms. Grossman, Ms. Stewart, Chris Herkert, Lorayne Roller, Margaret Luncsford, Lorraine Evaristo BOTTOM ROW: Kathy O’Neill, Mary Ann Kenmotsv, Ann Stuermer, Lori Smo- lenski, Jean Reljak MIDDLE ABOVE: Up it goes! When it comes down nobody knows. BOTTOM: Joan Boro bumps it way way up. TOP ABOVE: Holly Anderson fights the ball. ABOVE: 1 got it NO I GOT IT!!!!! 205 BOWLERS STRIKE OUT ABOVE: TOP ROW (1 to r): Patty Dong, Carol Hedberg, Karen Kerz, Robin Goldstein, Rosemarie Seiler, Coach Sue Hoffman. MIDDLE ROW. Mary Eriksson, Kathy Kasowsky, Sarah Riha, Patty Zeitler, Cathy Gidlund. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Kerz, Cathy Edman, Sue Yakoubek. The Girls Bowling Team didn’t spare any of their opponents this year when they began by winning two meets and one conference meet. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, they had to forfeit these victories, despite their tremendous talent. The girls were led by team captain Patty Dong, Carol Hedberg, and Karyn Kerz. Coach Sue Hoffman said that she has high hopes for next year when her top three bowlers will be returning as seniors. ABOVE: Carol Hedberg knocks down the pins with her deadly stare. LEFT: Niles West receives this beautiful statue, to be placed in the courtyard next year to commend their great atheletic ability for the last decade. 206 207 VARSITY GYMNASTS GET THE SWING OF IT TOP ROW: Scott Bjorkland, Ed Rice, Paul Prinze, Ron Taible, John Prochotsky, Mike Halap, and Coach John Armour. BOT TOM ROW: Ben Fox, Rod Goodman, Joe Krozel, Ken Klein, and Pete Masterton. ABOVE: Paul Prinze demonstrates a power down. RIGHT: Ed Rice captain of the team helped them have a successful year. Coach John Armour headed the Varsity Gymnastic Team. The team had a successful season. They won a Double Dual meet against Conant and Mundelein and a Dual meet against Niles North. Out¬ standing gymnasts included Seniors Ben Fox and Captain Ed Rice, Juniors Paul Prinze, Pete Masterton, and Ken Klein, and Sophomore Ben Braje. -JU pi u 208 SOPHOMORES MUSCLE UP “Excellent” could be the one word used to describe the Sophomore Gymnas¬ tic team in ’78-79. Led by great routines from Paul Fishbein, Scott Thomason, Bob Todd, and Bob Braje, the boys proved that Niles West’s athletics are improving each year. The team was coached this year by Mr. Mark Hosfield. ABOVE TOP ROW (1 to r): Dave Weindling, Dave Adkisson, Tim Reasner, Tom Reasner, Coach Mark Hosfield, Steve Colen, Rich Duese, Rick Murgas. BOTTOM ROW: Stephen Pang, Bob Braje, Bob Todd, Scott Thomason, Paul Fishbein. TOP RIGHT: Stephen Pang intensely concentrates on keeping his legs parallel with the bars. ABOVE: Gymnast just hanging around! 210 ABOVE: Steve Pang prepares to get on the parallel bars. RIGHT: Bob Todd looks at his toes as he does a front arm support. 211 FROSH DISPLAY INSPIRING TALENT This year’s Freshmen Boys’ Gymnastic team one that showed Niles West that in a iew years it will have one of the most versatile gymnastic teams in a long time. Coached by Mr. Fred Batista, the boys worked extremely dilligently at their sport. They were led by outstanding performances by Matt Samuelson, Scott Imhoff, Bob Elliott, and Rick Aronson. TOP LEFT: (I to r): Coach Fred Batista, Alan Levey, Gordon Lurie, Aaron Melnick, Pat Shay, Gus Kadota, Tom Weiss, Scott Imhoff, Garry Benjoya, Tim Palenske, Jeff Vick, Ayhan Kideys. BOTTOM ROW: Rick Aronson, Mike Brown, David Rosen, Andy Russell, Bob Elliott, John Lochner, Larry Silberman, Matt Samuelson, Bob Kilkenny. Aaron Izenstark UPPER RIGHT: The strain of an athlete. ABOVE LEFT: Rick Aronson hurls himself into a back uprise. ABOVE RIGHT: Matt Samuelson nonchalantly tries to hold in the pain while holding a perfect “L” on the rings. 212 ABOVE: Mr. Geissman announces while Mr. Berik keeps score at a meet. RIGHT: Gymnast forms a swan on the rings. LEFT.A gymnast does a flip in the Floor ex. ABOVE: Teammate on horizon¬ tal bars preparing for a meet. LEFT: Gymnast doing his thing on the horse. 213 VARSITY CAGERS LOST JUMP The Niles West Varsity Basketball Team was loaded with talent this year. However, the Cagers couldn’t mold this talent into a winning team, falling short of their tremendous poten¬ tial. The team was led by seniors Dave Hend- ley, Chuck Dubas, and Rick Reichert who all displayed outstanding play on offense and de¬ fense. Coach Bob Murphy looks optimistically to next year as seven of this year’s juniors suited for varsity games. One outstanding ju¬ nior was Morgan Cuff who started at the guard position for the squad. TOP: Don Pieper clearly beats an opponent to the hoop. ABOVE: TOP ROW (1 ROW: Coach Bob Murphy, John Weiss, Joe Morgan, Dave Martin, Dave Hendley, to r): Manager Bill Hienrich, Steve Rivkin, Rick Reichert, Chris Erickson, Morgan Chuck Dubas, Mark Handzel, John Mayer, Greg Stec, Coach Don Field Cuff, Paul Michaels, Scott Strongin, Phil Shemroske, Don Pieper. BOTTOM 216 ABOVE: Morgan Cuff streaks past an opponent for an easy basket. RIGHT: David Handzel shoots for two. LEFT: Coach Murphy shouts instructions from the sidelines. LOWER LEFT: John Weiss gets set for a jumper. BELOW: Players’ faces express the agony of defeat. 217 J-V CAGERS HIT THE “HOOP” i yr - J A h II r .Vi y ) I 1 f at • ■ . i[ m 1 n. J v 1 J i k 1 . I m Ar i 0 C9B3BST _ j y ' ■MF r 1 f v ’ mmm ryf ' The Junior Varsity Basketball team was filled with fine ball players this year and Coach Don Field was happy with their play. The J.V. team leaders were Scott Strongin and Don Pieper at the guard spots, Steve Rivkin and Joe Morgan at forward, and Dave Martin in the middle. All of these players saw action in varsity games this season. ABOVE: TOP ROW: (1 to r): Manager Bill Heinrich, Paul Michaels, Gary Plotnick, Marc Erlichman, Don Pieper, Rick Schmidt. BOTTOM ROW: Steve Rivkin, Joe Morgan, Dave Martin, John Mayer, Scott Strongin, Coach Don Field. BELOW LEFT: Dave Martin shoots for the Indians as Joe Morgan is there for the rebound just in case. BELOW: Scott Strongin tries to deny a Loyola offender of a shot. 218 SOPHOMORES “GET ON THE BALL” Coach Marv Klebba was extremely pleased with the play of this year’s boys’ sophomore basketball team. He felt that the boys had a “fine season’’ and that a lot was learned. Outstanding players were Don Ka- las and Bob Fouty. TOP ROW: M. Froeming S. Lipkin E. Oztekin, M. Gerald, D. Walters, B. Fouty, J. Doe, M. Vishney, Coach Klebba, ROW TWO: D. Kalas, J. Doe, L. Berk- son, J. Doe, D. Rabin, BOTTOM ROW: S. Krum, R. Chapman, A. Berkley, J. Costis, J. Doe. BELOW: Avi Berkley on a fastbreak. BELOW LEFT: R. Chapman massages his wrist. 219 FRESHMEN LEARN THE THRILL OF VICTORY The Boys Freshman Basketball Team had a very productive season. Coach Larry Mi¬ nor felt that many of the boys were molded into fine young ballplayers. Mr. Minor said that he felt the team accomplished a lot and is ready for basketball on the sophomore level. TOP ROW: C. Zammar, J. Doe, D. Sugar, M. Witt, M. Grunfield, M. Attia, J. Bailey, R. Binder, M. Stern, MIDDLE: G. Searl, D. Sekas, A. Weiss, T. Rivkin, Roman Kansewicz, M. Murry, T. Schultz, B. Strauss, D. Jaffee, BOTTOM ROW: D. Stien, K. Liano, J. Cohen, S. Ridley, S. Margolin, M. Fisher, N. Wada, J. Doe. BELOW: J. Cohen drives down- court. M. Grunfield shoots a freethrow. Above: Coach Minor huddles with the team. Above Right: An unidentified indian takes a jumper. Below Right: A half-court shot at the buzzer ties the score. Above: Coach Brennan lectures on strategy. Right: Jump Ball. 221 VARSITY GRAPPLERS HIT THE MAT INDIAN WRESTLING The Niles West wrestling team had a better than average season accord¬ ing to coach Bill Mitz. This success was due to a lot of hard work and a strong team including junior Gary Rose at 105 lbs., at 119 senior Steve Edwards, at 126 senior Mitch Abrams, at 126 also senior and co-captain Larry Stern, at 145 junior Chris Wheeler, and at 185 senior and co-captain Bruce Sien- kowski. The Niles West Varsity Wrestling Team; Row I: S. Edwards, P. Shemroske, C. Wheeler, M. Buchino, M. Dean, G. Rose, M. Zissman, C. Fidel, R. Weissman Row II: G. Speizman, D. Musick, S. Binder, G. Harmaras, E. Kiesel, M. Chao, M. Abrams, L. Stern, S. Bychowski Row III: Manager W. Nemanich, Coach Richardson, M. Schwartz, P. Mader, B. Sienkowski, R. Wendt, J. Coursey, D. Rubinstein, J. Travis, T. Sprague, P. Rooth, S. Milewski, Coach Mitz, Coach Krieger BELOW: D. Musick circles his opponent. Above Right: J. Travis stands triumphant. Right: Coach Krieger explains the rules to the referee. 224 UPPER LEFT: Here, two wrestlers take time out to dance. UPPER RIGHT: Jeff Travis was one of the Varsity team’s best wrestlers this year. He won most of his matches as he did this one. LEFT: “1 dare you to get up!’ ABOVE: A face only a mother could love. • • | • • 3 12 3 4 VISITORS IS •• •• • • • • • •• LEFT: The Grapplers line up for the pre-game introduc¬ tions. ABOVE: The scoreboard tells it all. 225 Led by Coach Bill Richarson, this year’s Sophomore Wrestling team was simply outstanding. There was more tal¬ ent on this particular team than almost any other sport. Jerry Coursey was one of the leading grapplers on the squad as he led the team to many victories. They hope to have a conference winning team within the next few years. TOP LEFT: We have to stop meeting like this. TOP RIGHT: At the blow of the whistle; A Grappler seems to be in some difficulty. MIDDLE LEFT: Jerry Coursey tries to deke out his opponent with a quick move to the left. MIDDLE RIGHT: An Indian hurls his attacker to the canvas. RIGHT: Readyyyyy Wrestle!! This year, Niles West had the esteemed honor of having a wrestler who went by the name of Dr. X. Here he practices the age-old ritual of talking to the mat. 226 FROSH MAT MEN BELOW: TOP RIGHT (1 to r): Coach John Porter, Pete Bourdeair, Walter Dones, Tim Schlueter, Dave Albach, Mike Figurelli, Mike McMillan. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Kron, Angelo Valenti, Mike Rosnick, Craig Turton, Mark Ehas, Stu Cohen, Johnny Perperas. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Shemroske, Rob Bailey, Kevin Kestler, Pete Perrota, Todd Kasik. ABOVE: Rob Bailey had the extra advan¬ tage of having an extra head growing out of his elbow. UPPER RIGHT: Mike Figurelli and Craig Turton square off in a practice match. LOWER RIGHT: Ugh!! The Freshman Wrestling Team end¬ ed their season with a .500 winning record. Outstanding individual perfor¬ mances were given by six members of the team who had double digit winning records. The team was coached this year by Coach Porter. Co-Captains were Tim Schlueter and Craig Turtin. 227 SWIMMERS MAKE A BIG SPLASH! ABOVE: (I to r): Robynn Lobert, Chris Runtz, Karen Gutenkauf, Nikki Kencos, Tina Furman, Erin Sweeney, Bryna Kane, Debbie Ottlinger, Diving Coach Gary Davis. SECOND ROW: Chris Darville, Maria Kocalanis, Dina Levin, Caryn Barrington, Mirtha Lipetzker, Sue Klemm, Chris Reichstetter, Renee Hogg, Cindy Puetz, Denise Mahan, Mrs. Gina Dryden. THIRD ROW: Terri Sonne, Caroline Reinhardt, Kim Jochem, Nilgun Kideys, Rhonda Jackson, Dorothy Saletnik, Randi War- shawsky, Anne Hellestrae, Sandy Lipetzker, Mrs. Phyllis Axon. BOTTOM ROW: Tami Ratner, Cassie Bychowski, Cyndy Jochem, Lea Marinakis, Karen Shea, Chris Koclanis, Maryann Kenmotsu, Michelle Jaskolka, Reta Krozel. Not Pictured: Kathy Lejune. A BO VE :Senior Karen Gutenkauf was one of the Diving team’s greatest assets this year. ABOVE: A diver warming up before an important meet. 230 The 1978 79 Girls Swimming and Diving teams improved immensely. The new coaches, Gina Dreyden and Phyllis Axom, and returning diving Coach Gary Davis encouraged their team to be the best in recent Niles West history. The enthusiasm and large turnout contribut¬ ed to the team’s success. They began the sea¬ son by breaking four Niles West records in their first meet. A record breaking performance was given by Freshman Sandy Lipezker for the 100 yd. But¬ terfly stroke. Senior Terri Sonne, the captain of the team, broke her own 100 yd. freestyle record. The 200 yd. medley team of Sandy Lipezker, Mirtha Lipezker, Terri Sonne, and Reta Kroezel and the 400 yd. medley team of Maria Koclanis, Reta Kroezel, Renee Hogg, and Cind Jochem also broke records. The diving team was led by Karen Gutenkauf, Chris Runtz, and Erin Sweeney. TOP: DIVING TEAM( 1 to r)- Karen Gutenkauf, Erin Sweeney. Coach Gary Davis. Chris Runtz. MIDDLE: A ABOVE: Freshman Bryna Kane is head over heels about member of the girls flying team. ABOVE: Aaaaaaaaand their off! Setting her picture in the yearbook. 231 TANKERS SEASON SUPER The 1979 Boys Varsity Swim Team com¬ bined new coaches, hard work and team leadership to make this year a successful one. The new coaches, Mark Recker and Ray Carr put together a formula of hard work and fun to make the season enjoyable for all. The team leadership came in the form of two junior co-captains Mike Sacks and Len Travis who acted as spiritual as well as physical leaders for the team. TEAM PHOTO: ROW ONE: Coach Recker, Jack Andrew McNichols, Chris Duda, Barry Malkin, Jeff Beopple, Leif Berg, John Kopinski, Leonard Travis, Palenske. Mike Sacks, Coach Davis. ROW TWO; Brian Horan, ABOVE: Mike Sacks swims freestyle during one of the teams grueling wor¬ kouts. Left: Up in the sky its a bird a plane no it’s Barry Malkin in the 50 free. ABOVE LEFT: Jeff Palenske takes time out from his race to smile for a Spectrum photographer. ABOVE: STREEETCH! LEFT: “Swimmers take your mark.” BE LOW: Kris McNichols executes a daring back flip. BELOW LEFT: Working hard in practice. 235 FROSH FINE THE Boys Freshman Swim Team had an outstanding season this ABOVE: Coach Recker, Mickey Hanson, Martin Knoe, Jodi Libman, Matt year With swimmers accomplishing personal goals every meet. The Jahoski, Harold Berg, Pat Duda, Coach Davis ROW TWO: Dennis Yaro, Frosh team was coached by Ray Carr who returned to the Niles Manny Schultz, Glen Poticha, Mike Rissman, Tim Palenske, Glenn Udell Swim scene after three years of exile. Outstanding freshmen were, Joe Spagnoli, Jodi Libman, Dennis Zaslavski, and Glen Poticha. 236 ABOVE: Water, water everywhere. ABOVE RIGHT: One at a time boys! RIGHT: Swimmers race for the finish line. BELOW RIGHT: Swimmers listen intently to Coach Carr’s advice. BELOW: Backstroke to victory. CC J c ) 0 2Z «I-U CO G I LEFT: L. Friedlander prepares to demonstrate a new routine on the uneven parallel bars. ABOVE: K. Sloma shows grace and style on the balance beam. The 1979 Girls’ Gymnastics team got off to a good start this season by defeat¬ ing Highland Park and Maine West. Ac¬ cording to Coach John Burkel, the team had great depth and was a definite con¬ tender for state. One of the most out¬ standing qualities of this team was that the girls scores in each event were only within .2 of each other. This made for a stronger average. Outstanding senior gymnasts include co-captains Judy Buffo and Wendy Wal- lach. Other outstanding gymnasts include seniors Kitty Sloma, Karen Loiacano, Wendy Vinci, juniors Jodi Treitler, Ally- son Pollack, and sophomore Janice Grear. Assistant coaches Judi Sloan and Gina Dryden helped encourage their team to achieve an excellent season. LEFT: TOP ROW: (It): Kitty Sloma. ROW 2: Wen- dy Vinci, Co-captains Judy Buffo, Wendy Wallach, Karen Loiacano. ROW 3: Assistant Coach Dryden, Allyson Pollack, Janice Ross, Jodi Treitler, Donna Zoros, Sue Friedlander, Assistant Coach Sloan. ROW 4: Joanne Oppenheim, Nancy Buffo, Judy Koehler, Mary Flood, Gail Piper, Janice Grear. ROW 5: Deirde Faloona, Margaret Luncsford, Head Coach Burkel, Laura Friedlander, Lee Pa- panek. 239 ABOVE: J. Ross practices form and style on the beam. LEFT: W. Vinci demonstrates her floor exercise routine. ABOVE: “Gee, how does she do that!” BELOW: G. Piper shows her balance beam routine. ABOVE: K. Sloma concentrates on her new routine. 240 VARSITY TRACK SWEAT IT OUT! TOP ROW: (1 to r): Coach Ron Cambell, Neil Jaffee, Steve Adkisson, Adam Keno Vito Parrilli, and Tom Pang. SECOND ROW: Eric Borin, Nestor Evaristo, Scott Evans, Sam Ro, and Gordon Kummel. MIDDLE ROW: Howard Frazin, Rick Arendt, Ken Klemm, Steve Mersch, Hasan Khan, John Qinn, and Owen Firfer. BOTTOM ROW: Rick Bedony, Glenn Garfinkel, Gregg Simon, Bruce Weil, Pete Masterton, and Coach Pat Savage. 242 The Niles West Varsity Indoor Track Team headed by Coach Pat Savage experienced a very challenging season. Despite the Snowstorm of ’79, the team posted an excellent record. Led by co-captains Rick Arendt, Nestor Evaristo, Ken Klemm, and Tom Pang along with outstanding atheletes Ricky Bedony and Bruce Weil. Niles West proved what Track was all about. UPPER LEFT: Onlookers cheer Rick Bedony as he turns around the corner. LEFT: Greg Schneider performs a Fos Berry flop. ABOVE: Gregg Simon presses onward to win the meet. BELOW LEFT: A bird’s eye view of Varsity trackman. BELOW: Pete Masterton leads off in Pole Vaulting. 243 SOPHOMORE TRACK GO LONG DISTANCE! ABOVE: Guy Brilando strides around the bend towards victory. TOP ROW: (1 to r): Coach Ron Campbell, Nor- bert Rock, Howard Cohan, and Mike Vaughan. SECOND ROW: Erlindo Evaristo, Dan Zeller, Steve Thill, and Victor Wu. THIRD ROW: Steve Rosenblum, Kai Abelkis, Mark McCormick, Art Gunther, and Mike Lippe. BOTTOM ROW: Steve Muth, Shant Hagopian, Steve Bychowski, Leo Moritz, and Coach Pat Savage. Winners of the Niles West Indoor Track Invitational, the Sophomore Track Team represented their running ability. Under the coaching of Pat Sav¬ age, the team showed great enthusi¬ asm and had a great season. Key run¬ ners included co-captains Art Gunther, Shant Hagopian, and Victor Wu along with Steve Muth, Mike Lee, and Steve Thill. 244 OFF TO THE RACES! EARL’S GIRLS MASSACRE OPPOSITION TOP(i tor.) J. Becker, P. Hintz, N. Eck, P. Japely, H. Andersen, L. Carlsen, K. Wikstrom, Coach G. Earl Bottom: M. Isaacson, B. Schnell, C. Erickson, T. Conti, B. Atsaves, D. D rso LEFT: T. Conti tries to defend against charging opposition. ABOVE: P. Hintz at the height of her jump shot. The Girls .irsity Basketball Team had a season in which the word “loss” was unknown. They rolled past teams with scores that seemed uncompetitive. Niles West was the team to beat without a doubt. There could have been many reasons for such a successful season. One might have been that the team was under a new coach, Mr. Earl. As the team won more and more games, they picked up the name “Earl’s Girls”. He had a lot of talent to work with however. Connie Erickson showed exceptional tal¬ ent last year as a junior and picked up right where she left off as a senior, being made captain of the team. Other superior players were Judy Becker, Barb Atsaves, Holly Anderson, Peggy Japely, and Tina Conti. 246 J.V. NETTERS HAVE A BALL TOP (I. to r.) Coach K. Zurkowski, M. Berglund, R. Goppert, N. Martorano, M. Klancnik, M. Benjamin, D. Tripicchio, J. Beopple. BOTTOM (I. tor.) E. Vass, J. Grimm, J. Shurson, P. Reljac, D. Anderson, D. Gabel The Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team followed the example set for them by the Varsity girls. Led by Coach Zurkowski, the Junior Varsity Team showed that they had the talent and finesse to be recognized along with the Varsity. The starting line-up consisted of Marilou Benjamin, Peggy Reljac, Michelle Berglund, Mary Klancnik, and Donna Tripicchio. They had a strong season, winning a large majority of their games. LEFT: D. Tripicchio tries for the steal. BOTTOM: E. Vass goes up for the jump shot. 248 UP, IN, AND A WIN! The Freshman Girls’ Basketball Team had a very satisfactory and promising year. Their 11-5 record, while indicating the team’s talent, does not reveal the fact that many of their losses were by close scores or in overtime. The team has the potential for producing many varsi¬ ty players, Judy Banathy being one of the most outstanding. BOTTOM ROW (1 to r): Jenny Weiss, Lisa Sidler, Lisa Tomoleon, Lynette Fair, and Debbie Horvitz (Manager). MIDDLE ROW (I to r): Ann Murrey, Jean Reljac, Anne Stuermer, Jane Vodvarka, and Mary Gates. TOP ROW (I to r): Coach Barbara Leahy, Karen Hendley, Patty Wei, Lory Roller, Ka¬ ren Kaufman, Patti Quist, and Judy Ban¬ athy. ABOVE: Patti Quist takes a shot. TOP ABOVE: Freshman Judy Banathy scores again ABOVE: Jane Voduarka does a jump shot. 250 VARSITY FOOTBALL Niles West 14 Niles East 6 Niles West 13 Evanston 12 Niles West 10 Main South 24 Niles West 0 Maine East 37 Niles West 21 Waukegan East 6 Niles West 6 Glenbrook North 19 Niles West 0 Main West 28 Niles West 0 Saint Viator 28 Niles West 14 Glenbrook South 54 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Niles West 22 Niles East Niles West 14 Evanston Niles West 6 Main South Niles West 12 Maine East Niles West 12 Waukagan East Niles West 14 Maine West Niles West 0 Saint Viator Niles West 6 Glenbrook South FROSH “A” FOOTBALL 8 Niles West 0 Evanston 38 30 Niles West 0 Maine South 10 8 Niles West 6 Maine East 30 6 Niles West 0 Glenbrook South 14 26 Niles West 0 Saint Viator 18 22 Niles West 12 Waukegan East 36 12 Niles West 0 Maine West 20 12 Niles West 14 Glenbrook North 28 FROSH “B” FOOTBALL Evanston Maine South Maine East Waukegan East Maine West Glenbrook North Deerfield Glenbrook South 252 VARSITY SOCCER West West West West West West West West West West West West W ' est West West West West Loyola Saint Viator Evanston Schurz Niles East Niles North New Trier East Maine East Buffalo Grove Maine South Waukegan East Lake Forest Maine West Glenbrook South Glenbrook North Holy Trinity New Trier West SOPHOMORE SOCCER Niles West 6 Loyola 1 Niles West 1 New Trier East 0 Niles West 10 Saint Viator 1 Niles West 4 Evanston 2 Niles West 2 Schurz 0 Niles West 3 Niles East 0 Niles West 2 Niles North 1 Niles West 1 New Trier East 0 Niles West 2 Maine East 1 Niles West 4 Buffalo Grove 2 Niles West 4 Maine South 0 Niles West 4 Waukegan East 1 Niles West 2 Lake Forest 2 Niles West 4 Maine West 0 Niles West 5 Glenbrook South 0 Niles West 1 Glenbrook North 1 Niles West 1 Maine South 1 Niles West 3 Glenbrook South 0 Niles West 4 Notre Dame 0 Niles West 0 Evanston 1 FROSH “A” SOCCER Niles West 4 Evanston 2 Niles West 2 New Trier West 1 Niles West 7 Hersey 0 Niles West 3 Niles East 0 Niles West 5 Niles North 0 Niles West 2 New Trier East 1 Niles West 4 Maine East 0 Niles West 8 Buffalo Grove 0 Niles West 5 Maine South 1 Niles West 3 Maine West 0 Niles West 3 Glenbrook North 2 Niles West 7 Loyola 0 Niles West 6 Glenbrook South 0 Niles West 2 Evanston 1 Niles West 4 Highland Park 2 Niles West 2 Glenbrook North 1 253 VARSITY GYMNASTICS Niles West 105.46 Conant-Mundelein Niles West 81.9 Niles North Niles East 111.2 New Trier West Niles West 120.6 Niles North Niles West 118.4 Maine South Niles West 117.2 Glenbrook South Niles West 115.7 Maine East Niles West 65.7 Waukegan East Niles West 115.7 Maine West Niles West 109.3 Glenbrook North Niles West STATE DISTRICT Niles West SECTIONALS Niles West STATE FINALS C.S.L. (south) 2nd place LEAGUE Ben Fox 1st Floor Exer¬ cise 1st Still Rings, 2nd High Bar 3rd All Around Gymnast, 2nd Floor Exercise, High Bar and Still Rings. Outstanding Senior Uli nois Gymnast ’79 - Ben Fox 87.01 92.5 94.4 77.7 99.4 83.4 80.8 150.8 52.1 97.4 109.28 GOLF Niles West 162 Palatine 188 Niles West 160 Notre Dame 164 Niles West 180 Niles East 172 Niles West 165 Rolling Meadows 164 Niles West 139 Evanston 145 Niles West 162 Maine South 175 Niles West 340 (22 of 25) Fenton Invit. Niles West 149 Maine East 163 Niles West 167 Niles North 173 Niles West 171 Waukegan East 178 Niles West 169 Maine West 176 Niles West 166 Glenbrook North 176 Niles West 358 (19 of 30) Conant Invit. Niles West 152 Glenbrook South 167 Niles West 362 Lake Bluff Invitational Niles West 355 (7 of 7) CONFERENCE Niles West 342 (12 of 13) DISTRICT 254 FRESHMEN GYMNASTICS Niles West 45. 3 New Trier East 43. 0 Niles West 47. 0 Niles North 54. 2 Niles West 45. 6 Maine South 54.35 Niles West 48 05 Glenbrook South 50.12 Niles West 43.82 Maine East 44.42 Niles West 53. 2 Maine West 36.75 Niles West 59.98 Glenbrook North 50.25 v d JV WRESTLING Niles West 27 Notre Dame Niles West 30 Niles North Niles West 48 Saint Benedict Niles West 2 Palatine Niles West 36 Belvidere Niles West 37 Maine South Niles West 38 Luther North Niles West 71 Uliana Niles West 6 Maine East Nile? West 14 Waukegan East Niles West 35 New Trier West Niles West 10 Maine West Niles West 5 Glenbrook North Niles West 8 Ridgewood Niles West 11 New Trier East Niles West 32 Deerfield Niles West 24 Glenbrook South FROSH WRESTLING Niles West 36 Niles East 31 Niles West 30 Niles North 37 Niles West 28 Palatine 39 Niles West 45 Belvidere 28 Niles West 27 Maine South 36 Niles West 21 Maine East 43 Niles West 29 Waukegan East 34 Niles West 47 New Trier West 20 Niles West 19 Maine West 46 Niles West 55 Glenbrook North 12 Niles West 45 Ridgewood 20 Niles West 24 New Trier East 51 Niles West 25 Deerfield 44 Niles West 39 Glenbrook South 36 VARSITY WRESTLING Niles West 11 Niles East 38 Niles West 14 Niles North 32 Niles West 43 Saint Benedict 8 Niles West 3 Palatine 57 Niles West 32 Belvidere 25 Niles West 22 Maine South 30 Niles West 9 Gordon Tech 43 Niles West 18 Notre Dame 36 Niles West 54 Forest View 15 Niles West 32 Luther North 22 Niles West 42 Uliana 21 Niles West 2 Maine East 57 Niles West 15 Waukegan East 40 Niles West 33 New Trier West 16 Niles West 8 Maine West 45 Niles West 15 Glenbrook North 40 Niles West 12 New Trier East 30 Niles West 36 Deerfield 20 Niles West 17 Glenbrook South 30 Niles West 12 Ridgewood 48 1st Place in Niles West Tournament 255 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL f NW 2 Wheeling 1 NW 2 West Leyden 0 NW 2 Stevenson NW 2 Niles North NW 2 Deerfield NW 2 Waukegan East NW 1 Highland Park NW 1 Maine South NW 2 Waukegan West NW 1 Glenbrook North NW 2 Evansto n NW 2 Niles East NW 0 Maine East NW 1 New Trier West NW 0 Maine West NW 0 Glenbrook South 6th in Conference • i V FROSH VOLLEYBALL NW 0 Wheeling NW 2 Niles North NW 1 Waukegan East NW 1 Highland Park NW 2 Maine South NW 2 Waukegan West NW 2 Glenbrook North NW 2 Evanston NW 2 Niles East NW 0 New Trier West NW 2 Maine West NW 2 Glenbrook South 1st IN CONFERENCE JV VOLLEYBALL NW 2 Wheeling 0 NW 0 West Leyden 2 NW 2 Stevenson 1 NW 2 Niles North 0 NW 2 Deerfield 1 NW 2 Waukegan East 0 NW 0 Highland Park 2 NW 0 Maine South 2 NW 2 Waukegan West 0 NW 1 Glenbrook North 2 NW 2 Evanston 0 NW 2 Niles East 1 NW 2 Maine East 1 NW 0 New Trier West 2 NW 0 Maine West 2 NW 2 Glenbrook South 0 4th in Conference 0 0 2 0 1 256 JV GIRLS TENNIS GIRLS VARSITY NW NW 1 4 Deerfield Maine East 6 3 SWIMMING GIRLS JV SWIMMING NW 0 Maine South 7 NW 99 Maine North 71 NW 51 Niles East 22 NW 1 Evanston 6 NW 65 Niles East 16 NW 57 Waukegan East 114 NW 3 Glenbrook North 4 NW 76 Waukegan East 95 NW 57 Glenbrook North 121 NW 5 Maine West 2 NW 98 Maine East 74 NW 98 West Leyden 54 NW 7 Waukegan East 0 NW 92 Waukegan West 76 NW 51 Maine West 114 NW 3 Hersey 4 NW 84 Highland Park 88 NW 57 Glenbrook South 115 NW 4 Glenbrook South 3 NW 50 Glenbrook North 122 NW 75 New Trier West 91 NW 0 Highland Park 7 NW 106 Niles North 64 NW 98 Maine East 69 NW 7 Evanston 0 NW 93 New Trier West 79 NW 74 Waukegan West 95 NW 2nd TENNIS DISTRICTS NW 99 West Leyden 73 NW 57 Maine West 114 NW 61 Glenbrook South 111 257 GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS FROSH “A” BASKETBALL NW 32 Glenbrook North 48 NW fft. Waukegan East 48 NW 42 Maine East 50 NW 44 Maine West 33 NW 44 Niles East 41 NW 42 Maine South 57 NW 26 Glenbrook South 38 NW 45 New Trier East 43 NW 35 Maine South 55 NW 42 Niles North 38 NW 35 Maine East 47 NW 39 Waukegan East 45 FROSH “B” BASKETBALL NW 36 Glenbrook North 46 NW fft. Waukegan East fft. NW 50 Maine East 54 NW 38 Maine West 41 NW 45 Niles East 31 NW 40 Maine South 50 NW 49 Glenbrook South 44 NW 48 New Trier 65 NW 46 Maine South 59 NW 55 Niles North 63 NW 46 Maine East 63 NW 65 Waukegan East 75 NW 4 Deerfield 3 NW 5 Maine East 2 NW 6 Maine South 1 NW Stevenson Invitational 1st NW 4 Glenbrook North 3 NW 7 Maine West 0 NW 7 Waukegan East 0 NW 5 Hersey 2 NW 5 Glenbrook South 2 NW Tennis League Meet 1st NW 1 Highland Park 6 NW 2 Evanston 5 NW TENNIS DISTRICTS 2nd TENNIS STATE MEET 2nd Place Holly Bland and Margie Kong JV BASKETBALL NW XX Maine South YY NW XX Glenbrook North YY NW XX Maine East YY NW XX Maine West YY NW XX Niles East YY NW XX New Trier East YY NW XX Maine South YY NW XX Niles North YY NW XX Maine East YY NW XX Waukegan East YY NW XX Glenbrook South YY NW XX Maine West YY VARSITY BASKETBALL NW 45 Evanston 73 NW 46 Loyola 63 NW 44 Buffalo Grove 71 NW 49 Arlington 59 NW 6o Maine South 83 NW 58 Glenbrook North 72 NW 46 Maine East 57 NW 50 Waukegan East 47 NW 45 Maine West 46 NW 50 Niles East 56 NW 64 Aurora CC 57 NW 33 Taft 34 NW 62 Palatine 67 NW 78 Saint Viator 58 NW 50 Glenbrook South 71 NW 51 Maine South 67 NW 45 New Trier East 85 NW 49 Niles North 47 NW 54 Maine East 61 NW 58 Waukegan East 57 NW 35 Glenbrook North 66 NW 56 Deerfield 61 NW 57 Rolling Meadows 83 NW 51 Glenbrook South 62 NW 59 Maine West 86 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL NW 47 Arlington 58 NW 35 Maine South 33 NW 59 Glenbrook North 58 NW 38 Maine East 59 NW 41 Waukegan East 58 NW 48 Maine West 44 NW 54 Niles East 51 NW 67 Glenbrook South 56 NW 40 Maine South 37 NW 58 New Trier East 65 NW 36 Niles North 19 NW 58 Maine East 55 NW 38 Waukegan East 56 NW 35 Glenbrook North 55 NW 35 Deerfield 44 NW 53 Rolling Meadows 46 NW 49 Glenbrook South 48 NW 43 Maine West 55 NW 45 Taft 44 NW 68 Mather 61 259 EARL’S GIRLS 1978-1979 ABOVE: Connie Erickson scores another for West. ABOVE RIGHT: Victorious Indians. RIGHT: Two points for the Rookie. Tina Conti and Holly Andersen and reserves Judy Becker, Becky Schnell, Lynn Carlsen, Missy Isaacson, Karen Wickstrom, Nancy Eck. Pam Hintz, and Debbie Durso. By far, the team’s biggest attribute was its exceptional quickness, which allowed the Indians to use a full court press when necessary to turn a close game into another blowout. “I knew even before the season started that we’d have a good ball club,” said Coach Earl after the championship game, “but it wasn’t until we came from behind to beat Hersey that I realized we had a good chance of making it to Champaign. I was afraid we’d face a team that was bigger and quicker, but we didn’t.” Indeed, the Niles West Indians proved to be superior in every way to the rest of the state in girls basketball this year. Under new ' coach Gene Earl, the Niles West girls basketball team breezed past all opposition in 1978-1979 to capture the state championship March 30-31. Capping the team s 28-1 season was an impressive 63-47 victory over East St. Louis Lincoln in the championship game. “Earl’s Girls ’ set many records during the state tournament, including the mark for the highest scoring team with 217 points in three games. West’s lone setback came in the semifinal of the Libertyville Tournament, when the Indians fell to Maine South 59-54 in overtime, but Coach Earl later said. We defeated Maine South three times (including a 69 55 victory in the sectionals) so I guess we made up for that one.” Another highlight of the season was the exciting 71-64 victory over Glenbard West in the supersectional, in which the three year “supersectional curse” was finally overcome by the surg ing Indians. Individual stars included Connie Erickson, whose backcourt wiz ardry won her All-State and All-Tourna ment honors, Peggy Japely. who also made the All-Tournament team while leading the team in scoring, and Barb Atsaves. second highest scorer on the team. Other standouts were starters ILLINOIS STATE CHAMPIONS. A.t;i LEFT: C. Erick son at the top of the key. BELOW LEFT: Earl’s Girls. BELOW RIGHT 5 4 3 2 1 ABOVE: Graceful win¬ ners. LEFT: Holly Andersen reflects on the season. RIGHT: Bud Trapp! BELOW: Earl’s Girls phyche out opponents. 6 ' X s The end of a dream has come. Reality is here along with the 1st place trophy. The entire com¬ munity would like to thank Earl’s Girls for all of their hard work and effort in winning the State Championship. Under the leadership of Coach Earl, Niles West will be downstate for the Championship game next year, and in those that follow. nno-u-.u OUR PRINCIPAL Dr. Mannos, this year as always, has been working on a number of committees both inside and outside the district. Some of the committees were Curriculum Council, Education Policy Advisory, Lia- son, SFAA, IHSA, Illinois Principal Asso¬ ciation, National Association of Secon¬ dary School Principals, Niles Township Principals’ Club, and Phi Delta Kappa. He has served as a chairperson on a num¬ ber of these committees, and even repre¬ sented the Niles Township Principals Club to the Illinois Principals’ Associ¬ ation. Some of the more important ad¬ ministrative goals this year included: con¬ tinuation of the curriculum model pro¬ gram, standardization of finals policies, reduction in force, perfection of the new attendence policy, and and unification of a guide and curriculum book for all three schools. Dr. Mannos is still in favor of the open-hall, open campus system at Niles West. In retrospect, he has had a very busy year. Dr. Nicholas Mannos Mrs. Marion Thomas 266 ARDENT ADMINISTRATORS Governing Niles West, the administration has made a number of departmental and school¬ wide policy changes. Some of the changes in¬ cluded: a reduction in the issuance of student parking permits, a requirement of one semester of Western Civilization for all sophomore stu¬ dents, and a new finals policy for next year, which consists of finals for all students (includ¬ ing seniors as well as those students with three consecutive A’s for the semester). These changes were beneficial, and the administration is very pleased. Another important change is the transformation of the Oakton Street Lobby into a supervised quiet study area. Two changes being contemplated for the near future are closed hallways and permanent sponsors for Class Cabinets. The administrators have had a very busy year, working to put through all of these changes. We appreciate all the ex¬ tra time and effort they put in to make these changes possible. We also commend them for the excellent job they have done. Mr. Jerry Kupferberg INSET: Mrs. Penny Pollack DEANS Mr. Carl Geis INSET: Mrs. Marge LeHew Miss Geri Nash INSET: Mrs. Bea Mroz 267 ENGLISH Mr. Richard Antes INSET: Mrs. Marge Phil- lippe Mr. Dennis Fickes INSET: Mrs. Marlene Kar- pinski SOCIAL STUDIES AND FINE ARTS Mr. John Lorenz INSET: Mrs. Dorothy Beringer 268 Mr. Harold Trapp Mr. John Winterhalter INSET: Mrs. Phyllis Mooradian s c I AND E N C E Mr. Gerald Turry INSET: Mrs. Dorothy Mitnick 269 PHYSICAL EDUCATION VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PRODUCTIVE YEAR FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mr. George Brink Foreign Language flourished in enrollment this year. Student participation in fourth year German and Spanish increased. Freshmen honors language courses were introduced this year. English as a Second Language was offered for academic credit for the foreign born. The year proved to be quite a challenging one for all concerned. Miss Gertrude O’Reilly Mr. Peter Zorn Mrs. Madeleine Loughran Miss Claudia Franz 270 Mr. Roger Stein Miss Kay Beck Mr. Alex Miron Mrs. Olga Georgiev FOREIGN LANGUAGE Miss Terese Klinger Miss Dorann Klein Mr. Isaac Hoffman ART DEPARTMENT SHOWS ITS COLORS Emphasizing achievement, the Art De¬ partment has succeeded in maintaining student enthusiasm. The department, consisting of two gifted teachers, has elic¬ ited superior work in many art forms. Weavings, line drawings, wire sculptures, and pottery are just some of the results seen throughout the school in art dis¬ plays. Mr. Thomas Blackburn Mr. Gary Davis 272 CONTINUED SUCCESS IN MUSIC Mr. Hugh McGee Dr. Charles Groeling Mr. Ted Kaitchuck Mr. Keith Ramsden Music, a very important field of study, helps to round out a student’s education. At Niles West we have an excellent staff. The staff consists of four hard-working teachers who share a common goal of helping their students improve. Their success is the talented students they produced this year. With the growing interest in music, Niles West can be assured of continued success by the department. 273 SUPER YEAR FOR SCIENCE DEPARTMENT This year, Science Seminar has brought significant attention to the Science Department. The staff is working hard to help the students of Niles West in their individualized fields of interest. They offer a great number of opportunities for student research. Niles West has a large number of students who are competing at all levels in the Science Seminar program. Mr. William Bloom Mr. Wayne Rogoski Mr. Lawrence Broy Mr. Jerry Jackson 274 Mr. Dennis Hoeppner Mr. Ernest Salners Mr. James Strnad Mr. William Apostal Ms. Dottie Fugiel 276 INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION CENTER IS UNIQUE ABOVE: Mr. David Solovy LEFT: Mr. William Kelly The Indivdualized Instruction Center is an essential part of Niles West’s ever growing educational facilities to help cope with the needs of the students. Students, at their own will or on the advice of a teacher, can take advantage of this unique type of learning in a non pressured, friendly atmosphere. The staff is very enthusiastic in teaching good study habits and helping a student with any prob¬ lems on any subject. BOTTOM: Ms. Sarane Schulz RIGHT: Mrs. Phyllis Axon HOME-EC CONTINUES TO BE POPULAR This year’s Home Economics Depart¬ ment welcomed Mrs. Linda Simard to their staff. This department is one that includes a variety of courses such as: Child Care, Foods, Clothing, Consumer Education and Interior Decorating. Miss Wilda DeFur Mrs. Marion Jaeschke Mrs. Barbara Chausow Mrs. Linda Simard 278 BIG CHANGES IN MATH DEPARTMENT The Math Department had many changes this year including its director, Gerald Turry. The new staff members were Mr. Todd Dvorak, Mrs. Marilyn Sommerfeld and Mr. Peter Kamberis. There was great enthusiasm for the math intramural competition. The competitions were held every other Monday and the winners were honored at the awards as¬ sembly. There was a significant improve¬ ment in the intramural scores by the end of the year. Mr. Todd Dvorak Mr. Don Field Mr. Dennis Filliman Mrs. Marjorie Gerhardt Mr. Stan Jones 279 Mr. Peter Kamberis NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Mrs. Sarah Hallberg Mrs. Miriam Metz Mr. James Martin Mr. Ralph Wiedl Mr. Robert Murphy ■HrilK r kf Mr. Stanley Weitzenfeld Mr. Leonard Sachs SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT HAS FINE YEAR Mr. Charles Anderson Mr. Gerald Boevers Mr. Blaine Gemeny Mr. John Gault Through the work of its excellent staff the social studies depart¬ ment has had an admirable year. By offering popular courses such as Western Civilization, U.S. History, and Family Living, the depart¬ ment has once again succeeded in providing its students with courses of redeeming educational value. With a wide assortment of courses, the department sustains its popularity among students. In the future the social studies department will maintain its place among the other fine departments at Niles West. Mr. John Handzel Mr. Daniel Hill Mr. Otto Karbusicky Mr. Arthur Leipold Mr. William Paulsen Mrs. Michaela Rowland Mrs. Carol Simone 283 SOCIAL STUDIES Miss Marjorie Stevens Mr. Harry Stokes Miss Celestine VanDorpe BUSINESS EDUCATION 284 Mr. Frank Fitzpatrick Mr. Ewald Grosshuesch Mr. Darrel Smith Mr. Pat Savage Consistent with past performance, the Business Education De¬ partment has once again completed a successful year. By offering classes specifically designed to enhance opportunities after high school, enrollment increased in the department once again. Mrs. Dorothy Wise 285 FOR THE HEALTH OF IT! The staff of this year’s Health Depart¬ ment consisted of Mr. Ronald Campbell and Ms. Cindy Smith. Although there were only two teachers, they kept the department active. Changes that are to be made include a switch to a full semes¬ ter course instead of two nine-week courses. Also, it will be up to the stu¬ dent’s parents and or counselor to de¬ cide whether the student should take health freshman or sophomore year. Mr. Ronald Campbell Ms. Cindy Smith ALC MEANS ACTION LEARNING CENTER Mr. William Robinson ALC means Action Learn¬ ing Center, and that’s exactly what it is. This program was developed for students who learn best by doing. Mr. Michael Deutsch Mrs. Jean Barstow STUDENTS GAIN VALUABLE SKILLS IN INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Glenn Anderson Mr. Marcus Anderson Throughout the year, the Industrial Arts Department has worked towards improving teaching methods. The results have appeared in higher student achievement. The department takes pride in provid¬ ing its students with an opportunity to work with their hands, such as building special projects. This allows the student to actually exper¬ ience the skills which they aquired in class. Different courses with varying levels of skill requirements were offered, so that the stu¬ dents could choose a vocational education according to their abili¬ ties. Independent study was also offered for students who wanted to go beyond regular course curriculum. Mr. Jack Lain 287 INDUSTRIAL ARTS t Mr. Gene Volkman Mr. Melvin Schmidt DRIVER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ON SMOOTH ROAD j MHesHmnshi H,ghSchooh student driver Mr. James Kettleborough Providing its students with the necessary knowledge needed to drive an automobile is the responsibility of the Driver Education Department. The staff worked this past year to maintain its superior teaching methods, by better preparing its students for the actual responsibility. In depth classroom sessions, aided by valuable range and behind the wheel experience have been a great asset to the students. Mr. Carl Van Cleave 288 COUNSELORS WORKING HARD AT THEIR DESKS This past year, the Guidance Department worked diligently to meet the needs of its students. When courses were chosen, the counselors came to the students’ aid. If students were faced with academic problems, their counsel¬ ors were always available for help. Students wishing to further their education after high school, were assisted by their counselors in selecting the right college. For students who needed help in finalizing their career choices, the Guidance Information System was used to list all colleges offering the desired subject matter. Miss Roberta Jorgensen Mr. Leo Hoosline Dr. Walter Cocking Miss Mary Carr 289 Mr. Harry Sortal 290 Dr. Arthur Ryden Mr. Frank Mustari Mr. Robert Redig This year’s English Department experienced some new and long-awaited changes. Two new teachers were added to the staff, Mr. James Littwin and Ms. Susan Stone. A new freshman English program was instituted this year. It consists of a single full-year course rather than two semester courses, and has been imple¬ mented in order to unify the district’s curriculum. Mr. James Sweeney CURRICULUM CHANGE IN ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Barbara Gordon Mrs. Faith Shapiro Mrs. Angela Graham 291 Mr. Thomas McMahon Mr. Morris Parker Mr. Jerrome Orr Mrs. Linda Horwitz Mr. Patrick Flynn Mr. Robert Johnson Mr. Marvin Klebba y v Mr. James Littwin Mr. Richard Gragg PHYSICAL EDUCATION GOES THROUGH CHANGES Highlighting the gym program this year was an array of curriculum and interior changes. Earlier this year the gym was decorated with local high school pennants. Additions are expect¬ ed in the near future to maintain the appearance of the gym. Ms. R. Dryden, a new addition to the staff, is this year’s girls swim and assistant gymnastic coach. Added to the gym program this year were: cross country skiing co-ed life saving, and racquetball intramurals. All changes were a success. i Mr. John Armour Ms. Regina Dryden Mrs. Judi Sloan Mr. John Burkel Mrs. Jean Armour 2% Mr. Robert Porter Miss Lee Heeren Mr. Elmer Lucas Miss Shari Kouba Mr. George Earl Mr. Donald Huff Mr. Billy Schnurr Mr. William Richardson Mr. Michael Skuban Dr. George Bauer Mrs. Mary Jaros Mrs. Abiqail Lawrence SOCIAL WORKERS STUDENT SERVICES SERVE US WELL Ms. Marlene Peterson Mr. David Lee REGISTRAR Student Services, this year as always, helped the student body in all areas. For example, the speech and reading specialists sharpened stu¬ dents’ skills, while the nurses preserved the students’ physical health throughout the year. We commend Student Services for all the help they have given us. Ms. Rita Schalk 298 COMPUTER Mr. Raymond Bentsen READING SPEECH CORRECTIONIST PSYCHOLOGIST Mrs. Patricia Stewart Mr. Harold Arky Mr. Charles Kemmler Mr. Robert Krieger 299 MEDIA CENTER STAFF Mrs. Stephanie Szymanski Mrs. Eleanor Parker Mrs. Nena Larrocco Mrs. Phyllis Epstein 300 Mr. Albert Rambis Mrs. Diane Hosfield 301 DEPARTMENT SECRETARIES Ms. Lydia Hinz Ms. Gladys Bonetti Ms. Jeanne Nicholas Ms. Evelyn Krueger SECRETARIES KEEPING THE SCHOOL TOGETHER Mrs. Dorothy Groth Mrs. Millie Warkenthein MILS WEST The clerical and secretarial staff of Niles West is often unseen by students, but they work behind the scenes to keep our school running smoothly. The staff includes secre¬ taries, a bookkeeper, and many other personnel working in various parts of the school. Mrs. Marian Nudelman Mrs. Maryanne Kewith 302 THE LADIES BEHIND YOUR LUNCH Serving your favorite gourmet entrees of hamburger, fries, grilled cheese, fried liver, pizza, fishburger, and peanut butter and jelly was the job of the Niles West Cafeteria staff. Highlighting this year’s operation was the shift from two type “A” lines and one Boat line, to the now famous “A” left line, the fast service center line, and the Boat line on the right. Student optimism towards the fine di¬ etary menues of Niles West reaching a mini¬ mum level of edibility and taste was demon¬ strated by the dramatic reduction in food fights occuring in the cafeteria. IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER: Ruth Archangeletti, Liba Besterman, Ruth Feldpausch, Gertrude Fishman, Rosemary Grenda, Maria Kalis, Josephine Koza, Edna Kyncy, Mary Lood, Lorayne McClosky, Martha Nemanich, Agnes Nothof, Augusta Racana, Ann Roberto, Lorraine Sheridan, Nancy Staackman, Marilyn Van Cleave, Jean Weimer, Ann Ziomek. CUSTODIAL STAFF LENDS A HAND LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Nemanich, Gary Jerger, Mark Irwin. NOT PICTURED: J. Dregely, E. Healy, H. Aviano, C. Ferrante, J. Carrera, J. Kolynt, R. Wohlbrandt, C. Reyes, N. Tselikis, J. Dillard, M. Osmalak, F.M. Jones, A. Compoli B. Hugel, A. Dilaura, H. Tetzke, E. Portalski. MAINTAINANCESTAFF: L. Schuemacker, B. Infanti, C. Baltolone, G. Borucki, G. Krasucki, J. Destafano. The custodial staff of Niles West this past year adopted a 40 hours workday. The in¬ creased length of the day allowed broken windows, doors, and dripping ceilings to be fixed in less work days than ever before. In their spare time the staff repaired all dam¬ age caused by the rash of smokebombs at Niles West. Highlighting the year were the numerous floods of Mr. Ante’s office, earn¬ ing it the nickname of the “Fishbowl”. BOARD HAS ACTIVE YEAR The Niles Township Board of Education has been working on a number of projects and policies for the township. The most obvious is the decision they made to close Niles East in 1980. It took a great deal of hard work and debate to come to this decision, but the board felt that it was the best thing to do, because of the district’s decreasing enrollment. In addition to this major decision, the board has been active in revising the district’s curriculum. It is presently working on a new program to unify the areas of study in all three schools. This change will make it easier to adjust when Niles East does close. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Fred Minkus, Mr. George Contarsy, Mr. Bertram D. Meyers, Mrs. Evelyn Rosenzweig, Dr. Wesley F. Gibbs, Mr. George Hanus, Mr. Raymond Fleischer, Mr. Gordon Hirsch. 305 A CANDID LOOK AT NILES WEST YEARBOOK STAFF MEMBERS RELAX! 1979 SPECTRUM STAFF Editorin-Chief Michael Shartiag Assistant Editor Debbie Izenstark Advisors Jerrome Orr Susan Stone Cover Art Mike Neumann Randy Richardson Introduction Michael Shartiag Special Events Cynthia Tao, Editor Laura King Janine Solal Grace Santiler Heide Karp Julie Cohen Reflections Michael Shartiag Richard Robbins Robin Bachman Robert Robbins Debbie Izenstark Susan Kirshner Seniors Susan Kirshner, Editor Karen Sprogis Suzy Martin Bonnie Rubin Linda Olson Underclass Elaine Chen, Editor Beth Fink Jill Mishkin Pam Friedman Rachel Heyman Laura Meshulam Clubs Sheryl Robinson, Editor Penny Graham Diane Goldstick Wendy Fox Scott Weinstein Bruce H offen Sports Jim Barron Mike Sacks Mark Friedman Shoba Ranganath Deena Schencker Debbie Mathis Faculty Phyllis Ellin, Editor Gayle Sidler Sebastian Valiaveedu Nina Dorfman Gary Aufmann Photography Richard Robbins, Editor Monte McGuire Michael Shartiag Mike Neumann Sheldon Gilbert Howard Frazin Tony Tatooles Brian Abrahams Larry Kimmel Todd Kasik Leonard Go Mike Attia Ken Meyer Dave Alpern Dan Bernstein 311 SENIOR SURVEY ABRAMS, KEITH: American Field Ser¬ vices 1,2,3,4; American Field Services Board 4; American Abroad to Japan 4; American Field Services Le Center Ex¬ change 3; Westones 2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Music Tours 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Winter Concert 2,3,4; Thespian 3,4; Un- sinkable Molly Brown Cast 2; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Oliver Cast 3; Children’ Theater Crew 3; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going with a psychology class on a field trip to the Chicago Insane Asylum and being purposely left there. ABRAMS, MITCHELL: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1. I would most like to be remembered for being shot brothers with “V” and for owning fields in Jamaica and Columbia. ALPERN, DAVID: Photo Club Vice- President 2; President 3; Aeronautics Club Vice-President 3; Range Officer 4; Math-Science Advisory Committee 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Rens¬ selaer Medal 3; Third Place in ACS Con¬ test 2; National Merit Semifinalist 4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for wishing all of you the best of luck in whatever you attempt. AMI, STUART: Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Freshman Band 1; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Mid-East Music Con¬ ference Participant 2; May Band Festival 1,2,3,4; Holiday Festival 3; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Tour Band 2,3,4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble First Place 3; Electronics Club 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was leaving! ANDERSON, WALLACE: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Band for Orchesis Show 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 2,3,4; Gong Show Band 3,4; Mid-East Invita¬ tional Conference of Bands 2; Orchestra of Marne 3; Band for Pippin 4; Intramural Softball Team Champs 3; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was the 1978 band tour to New Orleans. ARENDT, RICHARD: Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Most Valuable Player 3,4; All- Conference 4; Captain 4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4. ASH, BARRY: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Bronze Key. BALMES, NANCY: Scarlet Certificate 1; Volleyball 1,2; badminton 1; Track 2,3,4; Pom-Pon 2,3,4; Captain 4; Leaders 2,3,4; Midnite Riders 2,4. I would most like to be remembered for my extraordi¬ narily keen sense of time. BANATHY, ANDREW: Cross Country 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band; Concert Band; Pow Wow Band; Orchesis Band. My most memorable experience at Niles West was finding a cure for insomnia in chemistry class. BARON, JAMES: Pow Wow Cast 1,2,4; Pow Wow Crew 3; Oklahoma 1; Pippin 4; Marne 3; Tennis Team 2; Gymnastics Team 2; West Word 4; Yearbook 3,4; Yearbook Sports Editor 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was doubling for John Travolta in the dance sequences of Saturday Night Fever. BATCHEN, JOAN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Student Activities Board 3,4; Opus 1 Staff 4; Pow Wow Publicity 3; National Spanish Contest 3,4; Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4. BECKERMAN, TERRI: Forensics 1. I would most like to be remembered for always being first on the Dean’s List - I think I should get an award! BERGSTROM, NORMA: Orchesis 2,3,4; Pom-Pon 4; Dance and Music Tours 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles Was something unmentionable. BERNSTEIN, LEE M.: Oklahoma Crew 1; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Applause Crew 1; Dames at Sea Crew 1; Pow Wow Chairman 2; The Unsinkable Molly Brown Chairman 2; Barefoot in the Park Chairman 2; Alice in Wonderland Advi¬ sor 2; Thespian 2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; February Concert 3,4; Hello Dolly Crew 3; Pow Wow Crew 4; Pippin Assistant Director 4. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was being the assis¬ tant director for “Pippin”. BINDER, STEPHEN R.: Soccer 1; Wres¬ tling 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 3. BJORKLUND, SCOTT: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Intramurals. My goals in life are to be successful in business, make money, and get out of Morton Grove. BLAISDELL, THEODORE: Football 1; White Certificate 2. I would most like to be remembered for my donut in the southwest parking lot that showered the sophomore football team with 200 pounds of gravel. BLAND, HOLLY: Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Most Valuable Player 2,3,4; Captain 4; District Champ 3,4; Conference Runner- Up 1,2,3,4; State Semifinalist 4; All-Con¬ ference 3,4; West Word 2,3,4; Features Editor 4; GAA 1; National Honor Society 3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Leaders 2,3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was playing on the most rowdy tennis team in the history of Niles West, and winning Dis- 312 tricts in my junior year. BLUMENTHAL, MICHAEL: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Medical Careers Club 1,2. My goals in life are to go to law or medical school and become successful in my field. BOEPPLE, JACK: Football 2,3,4; Varsi¬ ty Letter 3,4; All-Conference Left Offen¬ sive Tackle; Swimming 2,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Niles West Auto Show 3. I would most like to be remembered for my sick voice and for all my contributions to the drama department. BOYKO, KATHERINE: German Club 2; GAA 1; Intermural Sports 1; Varsity Track Team 2,3. My most memorable experience at Nilew West was participat¬ ing in girls’ sports. BRAVO, ANTONIO: Bronze Key 2; Sil¬ ver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Gymnastics 2; Pow Wow Steering Committee 3; Ap¬ prentice Issue Editor of West Word 3; West Word Staff Reporter 4; Escort at Homecoming Football Game 3; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for my slam dunk! BRODY, HAIM: Oklahoma 1; Unsinkable Molly Brown 2; Football 2; Thespians 3,4; Pow Wow Cast 3,4; Steering Com¬ mittee 4; Marne 3; Oliver Crew 3; Pippin 4; First Annual Gong Show 3. I would most like to be remembered for being the creator of the “Brody 54 Defense’’ and for being head scout of the Snatch Patrol. BROWN, STEVE: Tennis 1; Varsity Ten¬ nis 2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2; Golf 1,2; Con¬ cert Band 2,3,4; Vice-President Concert Band 4; West Word 4; Molly Brown Band 2; Pow Wow Band 3; Marne Band 3; Pow Wow 4; Pippin 4; Concert Band Tour 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; National Honor Society; Gong Show Band 3; First Place IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 3. My goal in life is to never see another senior survey again. BUFFO, JUDITH: Freshman Picture Tak¬ ing Club 1,4; Gymnastics Demonstration Team 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics Competitive Team 1,2,3,4; Midnite Riders 1,2,3,4; GAA 1; Track 1,2. I would most like to be remembered for screaming out in the middle of math class, “Come on, I’m freezing.” BYCHOWSKI, CASSIE: Ecology Club 3,4; German Club 3,4; President 4; Swim Team 4; Track Team 4; National Merit Scholar Semifinalist 4; Freshman Band, Wind Ensemble 2,3; Concert Band 4; Flag Corps 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being the only crazy, el¬ vish-speaking fly-by-night phantom at Niles West. CAPLAN, JUDITH: American Field Ser¬ vices 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 1,2; Student Ac¬ tivities Board 3; Pacesetters 1; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 4; Freshman Homecoming Float 1; Ski Club 3; Foreign Language Club 2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends during my gym classes. CARLSON, THOMAS: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2; Outdoor Track 1,2. I would most like to be remembered for going through four years without spend¬ ing one period with lovely Miss Eskow - yet. CASPER, ROBERT: Football 1,2,3,4; Football Honorable Mention 4; N-Club 3,4. My most memorable experiences at Niles West were when Bruce Sienkowski bought a pick up truck, and when we beat Evanston and Niles East in football. CHEN, ELAINE: Yearbook 1,2,3,4; Un¬ derclassmen Section Editor 4; Student Activities Board 4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. CHEN, PAMELA: Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 3,4; Orchestras for: Okla¬ homa 1, the Unsinkable Molly Brown 2, Marne 3, Coppelia, Orchesis, Steppin’ Out 1,2,3,4, May and Winter Festivals 1,2,3,4; IMEA District Orchestra 2,3,4; All-State Orchestra and Music Educators’ National Convention, MENC 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4; Or¬ chestra Tour 1,2,3,4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Presi¬ dent 4; West Word 3,4; Fine Arts Editor 4; Softball Team 1; Volleyball Team 2; Tennis Team 3,4; National Merit Semifin¬ alist 4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; America’s Names and Faces 4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Rotary Club Service Above Self Award Candidate. No single exper¬ ience stands out in my mind as more memorable than another, however, my four years at Niles West have definitely been an experience CIN, BENNETT: Baseball 1, Swimming 1,2,4; Intramural Bowling 4; Intramural Racketball 4; Backgammon Club 3; Bronze Key 1, Pippin Crew 4. I would most like to be remembered for trying to be everybody’s friend but they “T’d” me like “S”. COHAN, GREGG: Band 1,2,3,4; Com¬ puter Club 1; Science Seminar 3; Photog¬ raphy Club 3; Tennis 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; ACS Chemis¬ try Exam 2; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was turning off the power on the scoreboard at football games. COHEN, DAVID J.: White Certificate 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was crashing into a backstop with the football team’s pick up truck with Tom Ahrendt. COHEN, DENNIS (formerly COHEN, DAVID LEE): White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Indoor Track 2; Out¬ door Track 2; Junior Class Cabinet 3; Niles West Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 3; Tour Band 2,3; Marching Band 2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My goal in life is to seek and to find. CROSS, STEVEN B.: Wind Ensemble 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Marne Pit Orches¬ tra 3; Pow Wow Orchestra 3; Pow Wow Orchestra Conductor 4; Pippin Orchestra 4; Band Tours to Detroit, Pittsburgh, To¬ ronto, New Orleans, Muncie, Philadel¬ phia, and Ann Arbor; Band President 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3; Jazz Band 2,3; IHSP Solo and Ensem¬ ble Contest 4; Mid-East Band Conference 2; Orchesis Dance Show Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for anything that can’t be held against me in a court of law. DAEHLER, ROBERT: White Certifi- catel; Swimming 1,2,3; N-Club 2,3; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Student Re¬ presentative Assembly 2; Student Facul¬ ty Administration Assembly 2; Student Appeals Board 2; Student Services Advi¬ sory Committee 2; Illinois State Scholar 4; Student Tutoring Committee 2; Guard Club 2,3; Forums 3; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4. My goals in life are to strive for academic excellence at the University of Illinois, Champaign, to be accepted into medical school, and then to marry Jane Jung. DARGAS, CATHERINE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Show Pit Band 1,2,3; Basketball Band 1,2,3,4; May Fes¬ tival 1,2,3,4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3; Pow Wow Band 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,3,4; Opus I 2. DAUS, STEPHEN: Football 1,3. I would like to be remembered as just one of the students at Niles West. DAVIS, DEBRA: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Solver Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Sec¬ retary 3; Westones Vice-President 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; February Concert 2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Music Tour 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Cast of Pow Wow 2,3; Cast of The Unsinkable Molly Brown 2; Cast of Marne 3; Crew of Alice in Wonderland 2; Co-Props Chair¬ man of Man in the Moon Marigolds 3; Junior Class Cabinet 3. My most memo¬ rable experience at Niles West was meet¬ ing a lot of beautiful people - my friends. DINA, LISA RENEE: Intramural Bowling, Second Place Team 1; Scarlet Certificate 1; Aquasprites 2,4. I would most like to be remembered for being the girl most often confused with Farrah. DOLINKO, ALAN: Swimming 1,2,3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar. I would most like to be remembered for never practicing or working out for swim¬ ming while constantly getting better, and better, and better DONENBERG, FRAN: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Captain 2,4; Midnite Riders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being the nicest Varsity Cheer¬ leading Captain ever (no offense), and for treasuring my friendships with my close friends who are the greatest to me. DOPPELT, PAMELA: My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was meeting an old friend from grammar school whom I had not seen in seven years. DREXLER, GERI LYNN: I would most like to be remembered for being the only person who ever succeeded in blowing off a final and still passing! DUBAS, CHARLES: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Scarlet Honors List 1. My most memora¬ ble experience was when Debbie Perlman dropped a bottle of iodine in Mr. Coyer’s sophomore biology class and Mr. Coyer called her a “thspastic.” DURSO, DEBRA: National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; White Certificate 1, Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Leaders 2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; District Cham¬ pions 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Regional Champions 2,3. I would most like to be remembered for my participation in such great girls’ high school athletic teams which always had a winning record and most always came out ahead. ECK, NANCY: Volleyball 1,3,4; Basket¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was during the 1978 track season: I took All- Conference in shot put and discus and made the Wall of Fame. EDELSTEIN, MARK: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My goals in life are to complete college and to become a “suc¬ cessful” individual. EISENBERG, ELLEN: Scarlet Certificate 1; Students for Israel 1,2; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 1,2; Girls’ Glee 2; Mixed Choir 1. My goal in life is to be a business tycoon. ELLIN, PHYLLIS: White Certificate 1; 314 Bronze Key 1; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Opus One 1,2,3,4; Assistant Editor 3; Editor 4; Yearbook 2,3,4; Faculty Sec¬ tion Editor 4; Senior Class Cabinet 4; National Honor Society 3,4; West Word 4; National Merit Semifinalist 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. ELLYNE, DARCIE: Orchesis 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; President 4; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Mame 3; The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Costumes for Crew 2; National Honor Society 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was performing “Marne ’ in Muncie, Indiana. ERICKSON, CONNIE: Volleyball, Captain; Softball 1; Track 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain; Midnite Rid¬ er 3,4; Basketball All-Conference 3,4; All Area 3,4; All State 3; Volleyball All-Con¬ ference 4. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was playing in the Supersectionals both my sophomore and junior years in basketball, and finally making it downstate my senior year. ERLICHMAN, MARC: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Band 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was using the power of number 75 to dive on every quarterback alive in the Central Suburban League. ESTES, ERIC: Football 1; Swimming I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being in Mr. Kelly’s homeroom - we went wild. EVANS, AUDRI: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Cheerlead¬ ing 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Graphic Design Award 2; Leaders Program 2,3; Gymnas¬ tics 2. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for finally reaching 5 feet tall at Niles West High School. FERDMAN, GLENN: Soccer 1; Scarlet Honor Roll. F1LGUT, PAUL: Varsity Golf 3,4; Bronze Key 4; Forums 2; Varsity Letter 3,4. FINE, ROBIN: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; SilverKey 4; Vivace 3; Choir 3,4; GAA 1; Jogging Club 4; Ski Club 4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Choir Concert 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was turning down three dates with Robert Redford. FLECK, DANITA: SR A 1; Guard Club 1,2; Aquasprites 2,4; Secretary and Treasurer 4; Advanced Lifesaving 3; GAA 1; Leaders 2,3; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key; National Merit Semifina¬ list 4; Harper Community College Stu¬ dent 4; Bookstore Employee 4; Skokie Art Certificate 1,3; Youth Art I Awards and Scholarship 3. I would most like to be remembered for doing what I wanted to do, only when I wanted to do it, and enjoying every minute. FOUTY, JUDITH: Pacesetters 1,2; Con¬ cert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Band Board 4; Pow Wow 3,4; Oklahoma 1; Pippin 4; IMEA District Orchestra 4; Township Honor Band 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Competition 1,3,4; IHSA Or¬ ganizational Contest 1,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. I would most like to be remembered for always trying to “out- joke” Mr. Batts but never quite succeed¬ ing. FOX, BENJAMIN: Soccer 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Photo Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Gymnastics Eighth State All- Around 3; Eleventh Still Rings; Most Valuable Player at Niles West; District, Conference All-Around First 4; Bronze Key; Silver Key. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was being able to work out with Olympic gymnast Bart Conner. FREY, DANIEL L. My most memo rable experience at Niles West was surviving in this school until my senior year. FRIEDMAN, JAY ROBERT: Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Club President 4; Chess Team 2,3,4; Represented Niles West in IHSA District Chess Tournament 2,3,4; Unde¬ feated in Tournament 2,4; Concert Choir 4; Holiday Music Festival 4; February Concert 4; May Festival 4; NCSY 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for making the atmosphere of the Niles West Chess Club different than it was four years ago. FUENTES, SYLVIA: I would most like to be remembered for escaping to Alaska, the farthest place I know of to free myself from Niles West. GABRIEL, LAURA: Swim Team 1; Track 2; Student Representative Assem¬ bly 3,4; Leaders 2,3,4; GAA 1,2; The Fan Squad 3,4; Midnite Riders 1,2,3,4. I would like to be remembered for Vinci’s and my secret handshake and for being busted in a hotel room with ten guys and an empty keg of beer. GACKI, JOHN: Soccer 1,2,3. I would most like to be remembered for being where the action was with my shot broth¬ er Abe, and all the other boys who knew how to party. GAGESCH, GEORGE R.: Niles West Hockey Team 1,2,3. GEKAS, CONNIE: Cheerleader 3,4; First Runner Up in USCA Cheerleading Camp Talent Competition; Gym Leader 2,3. My 315 most memorable experience at Niles West was passing physics. GIELOW, SCOTT: Band 1,2,3,4; Foot¬ ball 1; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was eating a Niles West lunch three days in a row during freshman year. GILBERT, NATALIE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honors Society 3,4; Students for Israel 1,2; Yearbook 2,3; National Merit Semifinalist 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My goal in life is to be involved in the discovery of something useful to man¬ kind, in the field of drug research. GLABERSON, SUSAN: Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 1,2; Oklahoma 1; Molly Brown 2; Pippin 4; Orchesis Show 1; Steppin’ Out 2,3,4; Holiday Festival 1,2; May Festival 1,2; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 1; Silver Dey 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when the strap of by dress broke on stage in “ Wow ’77”; trying to dance, smile, and keep my costume from falling off was quite an experience. GLADAN, EROL: Golf 1; Wrestling 1; Track 1; Football 2; Track 2; Tennis 3. GLASER, MICHELE: Opus One 1,2,4; German Club 3 My goals in life are to be a professional writer, film maker and world traveler. GLASNECK, RAMONA German Club 3,4; Participant in the AATG National Testing Program for the German Lan¬ guage; 99th Percentile 2; 98th Percentile 3; Steuben Award Winner. I would most like to be remembered for being ‘‘the girl with the hair” and enjoying my high school years. GLAUNER, LOUIS: Football 3,4; Base¬ ball 1. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for the many wild parties that were held at my house. GOKBUDAK, ERROLL: Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1; Baseball 1; Frisbee Club 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for having a last name nobody could pronounce right. GOLDBERG, DIANE: Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; Swim Team Cheerleader 1; Badminton Team 2; Medical Careers Club 1,2; Vice- President 2; Track 1; GAA 1,2; Student Activities Board 1,2; Secretary 2; Holi¬ day Festival 1,2,3; May Festival 1,2,3. I would most like to be remembered for never getting restricted study when I real¬ ly deserved it. GOLDEN, SHELLEY: Pow Wow 1,2; Oklahoma 1; Orchesis Dance Show 1; Children’s Theater 1; Swim Team 1; Pro¬ ject SAGE Leader 1; Student Represen¬ tative Assembly 3,4; Foreign Language Club 3; Orchestra 1,2. GOLDSTEIN, NORMAJEAN: GAA 1, Girls’ Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Letter 3,4; Midnite Riders 3,4; Gym Leader 2,3,4; White Certificate, Bronze Key. I would most like to be remembered for well, anyone who knew me knows what I’ll be most remembered for - of course, my great personality, right! GOODMAN, KAREN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; Ameri¬ can Field Services 1,2,3; Pow Wow Stage Crew 1,2; Yearbook 1,2,3; Ski Club 2,3; Illinois State Scholar 4 My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was getting sick while disecting live earth worms in biology. GOODMAN, STEVEN R : Scarlet Honor Roll 2,3,4; Aeronautics Club 2. My goals in life are to continue by life through college and be a leader in the business world. GRAHAM, PENNY: Holiday Festival 1; May Festival 1; GAA 1; Oklahoma Stage Crew 1; Scarlet Certificate 1; In One Bas ket 1; Yearbook Staff 4. I would most like to be remembered for being the biggest Beatle freak at Niles West. GRASS, TINA: Volleyball 1; Basketball 1,2; Pom-Pon 4; Midnite Riders 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for my promptness - especially to classes. GREEN, KEVIN: My goal in life is to marry Janet Weiss. GREENBERG, DANIEL: Soccer 1,2,3; Science Seminar 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My goal in life is to go into the develop¬ ment of alternate energy sources such as solar energy and nuclear fusion. GREENSPON, BARBARA: Pow Wow Cast 1,2,3,4; The Unsinkable Molly Brown Crew ; Marne Crew 3; Barefoot in the Park Crew 2; GAA 1; Concert Choir 3,4; Vivace 2,3,4; Westones 4; A Cap- pella Choir 4; Junior Cabinet 3; Senior Cabinet 4; Alice in Wonderland Cast 2; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; February Choir Concert 3,4; Thespians 3,4; Feiffer’s People Lighting Chairman 3; Orchesis Show 4; Philadel¬ phia Tour 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Sophmore Girls’ Glee 2; Homecoming Committee 1,2; Man in the Moon Marigolds Crew 3; Solo and Ensemble 4. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was having cookies in homeroom for all of the holi¬ days. GRENDA, CHRISTOPHER A : Football 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Basketball 1,2; Base ball 1,2,3,4; All-Conference Honorable Mention 4; Concert Band 1,2; Band Tours 2; N-Club 3,4; Vice-President 4 My goals in life are to lead a prosperous and fulfilling career and live life t o all faces and ends of the earth. GUBIN, MINDI: Orchesis 1,2; Pow Wow 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Student Activities Board 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being sus¬ pended GUMP, MARGARET: Vivace 1; Girls’ Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; May Festi¬ val 2,4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; Febru¬ ary Concert 2,3; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 3; Pow Wow Cast 1; Okla homa Cast 1; Dames at Sea Crew 1; The ater 210; Applause Crew 1; Oliver Light ing Crew 2; Cast Hello Dolly 3; Cast Pow Wow 2; Properties Chairman Alice in Wonderland 3; Cast The Unsinkable Mol¬ ly Brown 2; Co-Technical Director Pow Wow 3; Stage Manager The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Mari¬ golds 3; Cast Marne 3; Best Femal Cho¬ rus Member in Marne 3; Cast Pow Wow 4; Lighting Designer Pippin 4; Thespian 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 2; President 3,4; State Thespian Vice-President 3; President 4; International Thespian Conference 1,3; Theatre Arts Festival 2,3,4; Solo and En¬ semble 3. 1 would most like to be remem¬ bered for my infamous love for Niles West. GUTENKAUT, KAREN: Niles West Girls’ Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Girls Diving Team 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Aquasprites Water Ballet Club 1,2,4; Secretary-Trea¬ surer 2; President 4; Niles West Timers Club 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Guard Club 1,2,3,4; Captain 3,4; Leaders’ Gym 3; Aquasprites Show 1,2,4; Track 1; Varsity Swim Letter 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for hitting the diving board more times than I can remember and meeting the cutest guys because of it. HAGOPIAN, SONIA: Pippin Lead 4; Solo and Ensemble First Place 3,4; Music Tours 3,4; Westones Board 4; Westones 3,4; Chair 3,4; A Cappella Choir 4; Holi¬ day Festival 1,2,3,4; February Concert 3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 2; GAA 1; Orchesis Show 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for beating the system. HALAP, MICHAEL: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for lying on this survey. HAMMERBERG, BRUCE: Soccer 1; Wind Ensemble 1,2; Concert Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Drum Major 4; Or¬ chestra 3,4; Tour Band 2,3,4; Orchesis Band 3,4; Holiday Festival 2,3,4; Marne Orchestra 3;Pippin Orchestra 4; Basket¬ ball Band 2,3,4; District Honor Band 4; May Festival Bands 1,2,3,4; May Festival Orchestra 3,4; Orchestra District Con¬ tests First Place 3; Orchestra Concerts 3,4; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Marching Band Uniform Crew 2,3,4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Solo and Ensemble Contests 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for always being satisfied HANDZEL, MARK: Football 1; Basket¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; N-Club; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. HARRIS, ARYN: Aquasprites 1; GAA 1; Wite and Scarlet Honor Roll 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being from Chicago and not living by the Han¬ cock Center. HEINZ, JOAN MARIE: Leaders 2,3,4; Pom-Pon Squad 3; Aquasprites 1; Scarlet Certificate 1. HENDLEY, DAVID: Basketball 1,2,3,4. HENNING, PAMELA: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Basketball Band 2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Orches¬ tra 2,3,4; Orchesis Band 2,3; Molly Brown Orchestra 2; Marne Orchestra 3; Pippin Orchestra 4; Pow Wow Band 2,3,4; Band Board 4; District and State Bands 3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4; Honor Band 4; Holiday Festival 2,3,4; May festival 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for my contribut¬ ing work to the Niles West Music Depart¬ ment . HILDEBRAND, DENNIS: Soccer 1,2,3,4; All-Conference 4; AllSectional 4; Baseball 1,2; Hockey 1,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was getting out. HILKIN, PATRICIA: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Student Representative Assembly; Scarlet Honor Roll 4. I would most like to be remembered for being one of the smallest people in my graduating class, and walking safely out of the 109 bathroom wearing the jacket that repre¬ sents the sports at Niles West. HINTZ, CORINNE: Bronze Key 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Cheerleading 2; Track 2,3; Demonstration Gymnastics 4; Midnite Riders 1,2,3,4; Junior Court 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Class of 1979 float 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was just sitting aroung with some friends and being bored together. HOELBL, KIM: Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. I would most like to be remembered for beating Coach Huff in an obstacle course race in gym class. , HOFFEN, BRUCE: Pippin 4; Internation¬ al Thespian Arts Conference 1978 3; Stage Crew Marne 3; Stage Crew Pow Wow 3; National Thespian Society; Varsi¬ ty Golf Team 3; Tennis Team 2; Frosh- Soph Indoor Track Team 1; Yearbook 4; Concert Choir 3; A Cappella Choir 3; 317 Students for Israel 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; White Certificate; Illinois State Scholar 4. HOFFMAN, VICKIE: Bronze Key 3; Homecoming Committee 1,2; Homecom¬ ing Float 1,2; Holiday Festival 2; May Festival 2; GAA 1; Leaders 2,3,4. HOHS, KAREN: Freshman and Junior Cabinet; Pow Wow 3,4; Orchesis 3,4; Choir 3,4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; February Choir Concert 3,4; Music Tour 3,4; Bronze Key. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the Dots at lunch. HORBERG, MICHAEL ALAN: National Merit Scholar 4; Westinghouse Science Talent Search Winner 4; Illinois State Sci¬ ence Fair Winner 2,3,4; American Chemi¬ cal Society Chemistry Contest, Honor¬ able Mention 2; AATSP Spanish Contest 1,2,3; Winner 1; Science Seminar 2,3,4; Chairman 3,4; Science Fair Director 3,4; Student Representative Assembly Repre¬ sentative 3,4; SFAA 3,4; Administration Advisory committee 2; District 219 Cau¬ cus Executive Committee 4; PTSA Ex¬ ecutive Board 4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Stu¬ dent Tutor 3; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My goals in life are to live, to love, to laugh, and to taste every ice cream at 31 Flavors. HOSFIELD, JAMES: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,4; Wrestling 1; Football Ath¬ lete of the Week; All-Conference; The Most Valuable Player. I would most like to be remembered for being one of the stooges and tying the doors together in the hallway. HUBER, JULIE: Medical Careers Club 1; Lab Assistant 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for spending my first three years awaiting my last and spending my last trying to relive my first. HURWICH, DANIEL: West Word 2,3,4; West Word Editor-in-Chief 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Vice-President 4; Stu¬ dent Representative Assembly 3,4; SFAA 4; Student Appeals Board 3; Thes¬ pians 3,4; Pow Wow Crew 1,2,3; Oklaho¬ ma Construction Chairman 1; Barefoot in the Park Pinrail 2; Marne Assistant Stage Manager 3; Orchesis Dance Show Sound Chairman 3; National Merit Semifinalist 4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; White Certificate 1; Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4. IMHOF, MARK: Football 1. I would most like to be remembered for blowing off every period of Restricted Study. IRPINO, CHRISTOPHER: Football 1; In¬ door and Outdoor Track and Field 1,2; Co-Captain 2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Per¬ cussion Section Leader; Concert Orches¬ tra 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Pit Orches¬ tra for Dames at Sea 2; Marne 3; Pippin 4; Pow Wow 1.2.4; Orchesis Dance Show 1,2,3,4; IMEA District Band 4; National Honor Society 4; Bronze, Silver and Gold Keys, National Merit Scholar Commenda¬ tion 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my activities in music. ISAACSON, MELISSA: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Conference, Regional, Sectional (Sweet Sixteen) Champs 2,3,4; State 4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Conference and Region¬ al Champs 2,3,4; All-Conference Softball 3,4; Scarlet Certificate; Midnite Riders; Leaders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for being a part of such a winning tradition of girls’ team sports at Niles West: eight Conference Champion¬ ships, seven Regional Crowns, four Sec¬ tional Titles, and the ultimate one State Triumph ?! IVERSON, GABRIELLE: GAA 1; Ger¬ man Club 1; Bowling 1,2; Softball Team 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Scarlet Honor Roll 1; White Hon¬ or Roll 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for having a first name of Gabrielle, note the extra L and E, and a nickname of Gaby, with one B, a name misspelled and mispronounced for all four years. IZENSTARK, DEBRA: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Freshman Homecoming Float 1; GAA 1; Girls Varsity Track 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 2; Ski Club 2,3; Yearbook 4; Student Activities Board 3,4; National Society Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for being able to fit my whole fist into my mouth - when I’m not always smiling. JACOBS, KEITH: Swimming 2; Football 1; Soccer 3. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being exempt from gym for the first three years of high school. JOHNSON, SUSAN: Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Niles West Indian Mascot 4; Evening of Dance 1; Steppin’ Out! 2,3,4; Pow Wow 1,2; Marne 3; Wind Ensemble 1; Concert Band 2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Tour Band 2,3; May Music Festival 1,2,3; Dance Tour Group 3,4; I would most like to be remembered for dancing in Orche¬ sis and being the Niles West Indian for 1978-1979. JORGENSEN, MICHELLE: Scarlet Certi¬ ficate 1; GAA 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Runners’ Club 4; Ski Club 4. I would most like to be remembered for being Publicity Chairman for the Timers’ Club, right, Jimmy? JUNG, JANE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Vivace 1,2,3,; Timers 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar. My goals in life are to strive for academic excellence at the University of Illinois, Champaign, to obtain an interesting and rewarding ca¬ reer, and then to marry Bob Daehler. JUNG, KATHLEEN: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; German Club 2; Concert Orches¬ tra 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Con¬ test 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Band 2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Mid-East Music Confer¬ ence 2. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for surviving three gym classes in one semester, and I’m not even a jock! KADOTA, CHRISTOPHER: Soccer 1,2,3,4; American Field Services 1,2,3,4; Foreign Exchange Student to Argentina; Gynmastics 2; Bronze Key; Track 1,2; N- Club 3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for the amount of reading I accom¬ plished in the English Resource Center. KAHN, MERLE: Medical Careers Club 1; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Tour Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Basketball Band 2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Holiday Fes¬ tival 2,3; Orchesis Dance Show Band 2,3; Vivace 3; Pow Wow 3,4; Children’s The¬ atre 4; Pippin 4; Solo and Ensemble Con¬ test 3,4; American Field Services Finalist 3; American Field Services Executive Board4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students. I would most like to be remembered for making everyone around me feel tall. KAUFMAN, ELLEN: Pow Wow 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Holiday Festival 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Scar¬ let Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Steppin Out 1,2,3,4; Molly Brown Cast 2; Oklahoma Crew 1; Cruci¬ ble Crew 1; Barefoot in the Park Crew 2; Choreographer Pow Wow 3; Mame Cast 3; German Exchange Student 3; Ameri¬ can Field Services 3,4; Pow Wow Accom¬ panist 4; Vivace 2,3,4; Westones Choreo¬ grapher and Accompanist 4; Choir Ac¬ companist 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Orchesis Secretary 4; Choral Board 2,3,4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Pippin Cast 4; Accompanist 4; Winter Choir Concert 2,3,4; Music Tours 3,4. KAUFMAN, NORI: Art Council 1,2; Ger¬ man Club 1,4: American Field Services 1,2; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; May Fes¬ tival 1,2,3,4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Dance Show 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3; Toronto Tour 2; New Orleans Tour 3; Philadelphia Tour 4; Junior Class Float 3; Orchestra Choir Float 3,4; Homecoming Float 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was studying for Mrs. Graham’s mid-year APP English exam. KENN, SUSAN: Student Activities Board 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Publicity 4; Home¬ coming 3,4; Chairperson for Homecom¬ ing Week and Pep Assembly 3,4; Cover Design for Awards Convocation 3. I would most like to be remembered for being short and fat - HA, HA!! KENO, ADAM: Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,4; Baseball 3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my uncanny sense of humor. KERZ, MICHAEL: Orchestra 1. My most memorable experience at Niles West was getting off five days in a row because of snow this year. KHARASCH, LISA: Pow Wow 1,2,3,4; Co-Choreographer 3,4; Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 4; White certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Oklahoma 1; Molly Brown 3; Mame 3; Pippen 4. I would most like to be remembered for my con¬ tributions to Orchesis and the stage, both as a dancer and as a choreographer. KING, LAURA: Aquasprites 1,4; Medical Careers Club 2,3; Vice-President 3. My goals in life are to be a dancer and to help people young and old. KIRSHNER, SUSAN: Junior Class Cabi¬ net 3; Student Activities Board 4; Year¬ book 3,4; Senior Section Editor 4; For¬ eign Language Club 2; Opus One 3; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. KLEIN, MICHEAL: Soccer 1,2; Varsity Tennis 3,4. My goal in life is to be suc¬ cessful. KLINENBERG, EDWARD: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Con¬ cert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Orchestra Pit for Orchesis Dance Show 1,2,3,4; Holiday Music Fedsival 1,2,3,4; May Music Festi¬ val 1,2,3,4; Oklahoma Crew and Orches¬ tra 1; Pow Wow Crew 2; Children’s The¬ atre Crew Hansel and Gretel 3; Music Tours, Toronto 2, New Orleans 3; Aero¬ nautics Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 3; Math Contest 1,2,3,4; IMEA Orchestra Contest 1,3; Illinois State Scholar 4. KOCHMAN, MICHAEL: National Honor Society 3,4; SFAA 3,4; Secretary 3; Stu¬ dent Representative Assembly 3,4; Presi¬ dent 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Who’s Who in American High School Stu¬ dents 4; National Merit Scholar 4; Alice in Wonderland Cast 2; Unsinkable Molly Brown Cast 2; Barefoot in the Park Cast 2; Pow Wow Crew 3; The Effect of Gam¬ ma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds Crew 3; Feiffer’s People Stage Manager 3; Hansel and Gretel Stage Manager 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Mame Cast 3; Pow Wow Technical Director 4; Lab As¬ sistant 2; Pay-Show Crew 3,4; Freshman Class Cabinet 1; Junior Class Cabinet 3; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; District Wide Advisary Committee on Student Services 4; Prom Emcee 3; American Chemical Society Scholarship Honorable Mention 2; Illinois Association of Student Councils Convention Repre¬ sentative 3,4; Rotary Club Honoree 4; NTCS Representative 3,4. I would most like to be remembered for not finding anything that had any blatant ramifica¬ tions or something that was deeply pro¬ found to put in this sentence. KONSEWICZ, PETER: Basketball 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for my victory dance junior year, after we Indians defeated Niles North, at Niles North. KORER, JACALYN: Bowling Team 1. I would most like to be remembered for being the slowest eater. KORNIT, LAWRENCE: Concert Choir 2,3,4; Holiday Festival Solo 4; Illinois High School Association First Division 3; Debate Club 1,2. I would most like to be remembered for standing up at a manda¬ tory assembly, almost! KRAFT, KAREN: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3; Homecoming Court 3,4; Prom Committee 3. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was destroying and flooding the Chem lab with Steve Malkin, and being loved by the Chemistry teacher. KRAUSE, ROBERT: Cross Country 1; Golf 2,3,4; Varsity Golf Team Co-Cap- tain 4; Varsity Golf Team MVP 4; Nation¬ al Honor Society; German Club 3; Stu¬ dent Exchange Service Host 3; Bronze Key; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was participating and being Captain of the golf team. KRON, PETER: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Member U.S. Junior National Cycling Team. I would most like to be remembered for having a great four years at Niles West. KROZEL, RETA: Varsity Swimming and Diving Team 1,2,3,4; Guard Club 1,2,3; American Field Services 3; German Ex¬ change Program 3,4; Timers Club 1,2,3; President 3; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Soci¬ ety 4; Track Team 1,2; Illinois State Scholar 4; Leaders 2,3. 319 KRUEGER, KATHLEEN: Basketball 1; Track 1,2. I would most like to be re¬ membered for going to homeroom every day., KUMMEL, GORDON: Student Represen¬ tative Assembly 1,2,3; Committee Chair¬ man 1; Student Faculity Administration Assembly 1,2; National Association of Student Council Convention in Oregon 1; Radio Club 1; Pow Wow Writing Commit¬ tee 4; Pole Vaulting 2,3,4, Indoor, Out¬ door Seasons; Varsity Letter 3,4; Nation¬ al Honor Society 3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 3; Intra¬ mural Bowling 2,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being allowed to travel cross country by bus to attend the Nation¬ al Association of Student Councils Con¬ vention in Portland, Oregon. LAMM, CHERYL: GAA 1; Freshman Ac¬ tivities Board 1; Class Cabinet 3,4; Bowl¬ ing 1,2,3; Student Activities Board 4; Homecoming Committee 1,3,4; Gym Leaders 2,3,4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Mid- nite Riders 2,3,4. My goal in life is to be five feet tall without high-heeled shoes. LAUTER, JANET: Volleyball Manager 1, 2; Softball Manager 2; Holiday Music Festival 2; May Music Festival 1; Girls’ Chorus 1,2. My most memorable exper ience at Niles West was during my sopho¬ more year; we got a goldfish drunk in Mr. Schusteff’s biology class. LE COMTE, JEFF: Football 1,2,3,4; Mike Bazarak Award Winner 4; N-Club, President 4. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was having Mr. Kelly as homeroom teacher (we got away with murder). LEIDER, MARY ANNE: I would most like to be remembered for never getting caught with my stash. LE JEUNE, KATHY: Swimming 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2; Bronze Key. My most memorable experience at Niles West was watching Coach Earl walk around holding his heart after I landed on my head when I was trying to do a flip. LEVEY, EDAN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; German Club 1; Bas¬ ketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was being elected captain of the Varsity Soccer team. LEVIN, RON: Student Representative Assembly 2,3; IASC Leadership Work¬ shop 3; Aquarist Club 1,2,3,4; German Club 2,3; Feiffer’s People 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was graduation. LEVINTHAL, STEVEN JAY: Aeronau¬ tics Club 1,2,3; Medical Careers Club 1; Foreign Language Club 1; Oklahoma! 1; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Fes¬ tival 1,3,4; February Choir Concert 2,3,4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4; Westones 4; Thespians 3,4; Interna¬ tional Thespians Conference 3; Marne 3; Pow Wow 4; Band Tour 4; Chess Club 1; NCSY 1,2,3,4; Chapter President NCSY 3; Computer Center Operator 1,2,3; Computer Center Assistant Programmer 4. I would most like to be remembered for my ability (or numerous attempts) to cut through red tape. LEVITT, RENEE: GAA 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Student Activity Board 4; Midnite Riders 4; Homecoming Committee 1,4; Fresh¬ man Class Float 1; National Spanish Con¬ test Participant 2; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. I would most like to be remembered. LEVY, ROBERT: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Century III Leaders Award School Winner 4; NCTE Essay Contest Nominee 3; Presidential Class¬ room For Young Americans Participant 4; Social Studies Advisory Board Com¬ mittee 3,4; Forensics Team 1; Forums Committee 1,2; Opus I 3,4; Best Creative Writing Award 3; Gymnastics Team 1,2; International Thespian Society 3,4;ITS Conference Delegate 3, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; PA Committee 2,3,4; West Wo rd 2,3,4; Columnist 4; Academic Awards Night Usher 1; The Crucible Cast 1; Pow Wow Cast 2; Barefoot in the Park Cast 2; Marne Cast 3; Feiffer’s People Cast 3; Pippin Cast 4; Pow Wow ’78 Steering Committee Writer 4; Pow Wow Crew 3; Orchesis Show Crew 3,4; .Rental Show Stage Crew 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being cheered at, jeered at, laughed at, laughed about, loved, hated, adored, despised, congratulated, de¬ nounced, yelled at, yelled about, whis¬ pered about, complemented, insulted, criticized, lionized but above all, known. LEWIS, PATRICIA: German Club 1,2; Guard Club 1,2,3; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Bowling Team 1,2,4; GAA 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. I would most like to be remembered for keeping my temper when I was most angry at Mr. Handzel. LISCO, KATHY: Wind Ensemble 1; Yearbook Staff 1,2,3; Foreign Language Club President 2; Marching Band 3,4; Concert Band 3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Pow Wow Band 3,4; IMEA District Board 3; IMEA District Orchestra 4; All¬ state Orchestra 4; IHSA Solo and Ensem¬ ble Contest 3,4; Orchesis Show Band 3; District Honor Band 4; May Festival 1,2,4; Holiday Festival 3,4; Band Tour 4; Pippin Band 4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students National Honor Society 3,4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NCTE Essay Contest Candidate 3; Tennis Team 4. LOIACANO, KAREN: Track 1; Gymnas¬ tic Demonstration Team 1,2,3,4; Com¬ petitive Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; State Pre¬ liminaries 2. Anyone who knew me at Niles West knows what I’m remembered for. 320 LOIBEN, ROBERT: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Scar¬ let Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for being the most easy-going person in the class of 79. LUPPO, MARIA: Scarlet Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Pom-Pon 4. I would most like to be remembered for coming out of hibernation senior year after completing ten years of Ukie school. LUTZ, JOHN: Track 1,2; Wrestling 2,3; DECA 3,4; Vice-President 3; President 4. I would most like to be remembered for becoming the first DECA state ambassa¬ dor for Niles West. LYMAN, MARY: I would most like to be remembered for still being alive after walking into the 109 bathroom with my Pom-Pon uniform on LYTTON, AMY: American Field Ser¬ vices 1,2; Oklahoma Crew 1; Children’s Theatre 1,2; Crucible 1; Pow Wow 2; Thespians 2; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Concert Choir 3; A Cappella Choir 3; Concert Band 4; Marching Band 4; Tour Band 4; Concert Orchestra 4; Dance Show Orchestra 4; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble 4. MAHAN, NICHOLAS: Football 1; Wres¬ tling 2. My most memorable experience was walking into homeroom freshman year and freaking out when I saw Mr. Gragg. MALKIN, STEPHEN: Golf 1; Soccer 2; Tennis 2,3,4; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. My most memorable exper¬ ience at Niles West was destroying and floodin the Chem Lab with Karen. MALLOY, JOHN: Gymnastics 1,2. My most memorable experience at Niles West was graduating. MARGETIS, RENEE: Freshman Float 1. My goal in life is to become an accoun¬ tant. MARKS, STEVEN: Track 1; Cross Coun¬ try 1. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for making the Dean’s list for four consecutive years. MARTIN, DAVID C.: Since I work every¬ day, I don’t have time for extra curricular activities, although I wish I did. I’ve made the Red Honor Roll a few times. My goal in life is to get at least a Bachelor’s De¬ gree at De Paul and to be a success in whatever profession I choose. MARX, JULIE: Swim Team 1, Tennis 2. I would most like to be remembered for surviving physics. MATHIS, DEBORAH: GAA 1. I would most like to be remembered for my un¬ mentionable activities in the parking lot, in the bathroom, and in homeroom. MAY, DIANNE: Swim Team 1,2; Track 1; Badminton 2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Band Board 3,4; Gym Leader 2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Bands 1,2,3,4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,3,4; District Band Contest 1; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,4; Dance Show Orches¬ tra 2,3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being part of the band, and working hard with others. MAYER, CHRISTINE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Merit Scholar Commendation 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was playing basketball in cross country skiing class. MC LEAN, DANIEL: Gymnastics 1,2; Diving 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being insubordinate to Mr. Kelly for four years in homeroom. MC NICHOLS, ANDERW S.: Scarlet Certificate 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Guard Club 3,4; Swimathon 2,4. My goals in life are to become a forester, photograph and edit nature films, and coach a swim¬ ming team. MELNICK, DAVID: Swimming Team 1,2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Bronze Key 4; 1978 Scholarship for case Western Re¬ serve University’s Summer Symposium in Science and Engineering, White Honor Roll 2; Illinois State Scholar 4. My goal in life is to become an engineer and to get rich (not necessarily in that order). MIDLER, ELLEN: Scarlet Certificate 1; Backgammon Club 2; Opus One 3,4; Ju¬ nior Cabinet 3; Bronze Key 3, Silver Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4. My goal in life is to reach the height of obesity at the weight of 100 pounds. MIGON, FRANCINE: I would most like to be remembered for being a faithful fan to our exceptionally good Niles West Hockey Club. NELSON, MINDY: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 2; West Word 4; Track 1; Tennis 4; Art Council 2,3,4; Youth Art I 3; Illinois State Scholar 4. NEWMAN, JONATHAN: Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being a legend in my own mind. NITSCHE, SCOTT: Football 1,2,3,4; i Wrestling 2,3. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was the last game of the rivalry between East and West which West won. NIVEN, JULIE: I would most like to be remembered for having a wild time third period on Fridays with all my crazy friends. OBERROTMAN, DAN: Soccer 1,2,3,4; 321 White Certificate 1; Forums 2; Debate 1,2,3,4; West Word 2,3,4; Assistant Edi¬ tor 4; Tennis 3; Fencing 1; Century III Runner-up 3; Presidential Classroom Par¬ ticipant in Washington, D.C. 3; Bronze Key, Silver Key; Yearbook Photographer 2,3,4; Social Studies Advisory Commit¬ tee 4; Illinois State Scholar. My goal in life is, in a word, money. ODYNIEC, EMILY: Aquasprites 1; Tim¬ ers 1. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for not having a last name for four years of high school. O’HEATH, KATHERINE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 2,3,4; March¬ ing Band 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 3,4; Orchestra for Molly Brown 2; Marne 3; Band Board 3; President 4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Bands 1,2,3,4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,3,4; District Band Contest 1; Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Dance Show Or¬ chestra 1,2,3,4; District Honor Band 4; Girls’ Badminton 2,3; Leaders’ Gym 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being a part of the Music Department and getting as much out of the experience as I put into it. OLSON, ELLEN K.: Bronze Key 3; Sil¬ ver Key 4; Girls’ Basketball Artist 2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was when I made run-throughs for the girls basketball team and they would come crashing through them, demolishing in two seconds what took me two hours to make. OLSON, LINDA: GAA 1, Scarlet Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; White Certificate 2; Swim Team 2; Yearbook 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for not having any¬ thing interesting, intelligent, or funny to write in my Senior Survey. OSCHERWITZ, JULIE: Pow Wow Cast 1; Pow Wow Crew 2; GAA 1; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Pacesetters 2; American Field Services 1,2; Student Activities Board 3; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered as Osh, the one who lived for her hot pretzel every morning. O’SHANNA, DONNA: Freshman Float 1; Honor Roll 1,2.1 would most like to be remembered for being an ice skater. PANG, THOMAS: Scarlet Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Indoor Track 3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2; Photo Club 3; ACS Chemistry Exam 2; Science Seminar 3; Math Club 3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Music Festi¬ vals 1,2,3,4; Orchesis Orchestra 2,3,4; Treasurer of Orchestra 1; ISHA Solo and Ensemble Contests 2,3,4; Best Built Elec¬ tric Motor in Physics 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Orchestra Music Tours 2,3; Illinois State Scholar. I would most like to be remembered for my unremitting ef¬ forts to attain and sustain academic lead¬ ership and of having a very clean and conscientious shcool record - but again, I was not unique ! PAPADAKIS, PAM: I would most like to be remembered for being the most picked on and teased by my wild and crazy friends (especially by A.G.) and for all the great times I have contributed to West. PARTINGTON, JANET: I would most like to be remembered for being one of the very, very few loyal Hockey Club fans. PERLMAN, DEBRA: Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Gym Leader 2,3; Girls’ Track 3. I would most like to be remembered for my purple legs on cold Fridays. PESCATORE, PEGGY: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Choral Board 3,4; Vice-President 4; Librarian 3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,4; Homecoming Float 2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; President 3,4; Debate Society 1,2,3,4; State Quali¬ fier in Varsity Debate 3; Northwestern School of Speech General Excellence Award 4; National Forensics League De¬ gree of Merit 2, Degree of Honor 2, De¬ gree of Excellence 2, and Degree of Dis¬ tinction 3; Wake Forest High School De¬ bate Institute 3; Northwestern University High School Institute in Debate. I would most like to be remembered for spending four years at Niles West and never eating the cafeteria food. PLATT, ANDREW: Soccer 1,2; Band 1; Art Council 4. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was graduating from Niles West. PONITCH, JULIE L.: Swim Team 1; For¬ eign Language Club Vice-President; Ski Club 2,3; Scarlet Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; American Field Services 1,2,3,4; Student Activities Board 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was beating the system for missing first and second period classes. PORCARO, ROBERT: Baseball 1; Bas¬ ketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Best Legs Award ’78-’79; Illinois State Scholar. My most memorable experience at Niles West was going into the locker room mo¬ ments before the traditional West vs. East football game ’78 and changing into spe¬ cially made “Beat East’’ jerseys. POTASH, EDWARD: Thespian 1; Band 1; Concert Choir 3; Forums 4; Pow Wow 1; Oklahoma 1; The Crucible 1; Pow Wow Cast 2; Unsinkable Molly Brown Cast 2; Barefoot in the Park Cast 2; Pow Wow Ensemble 3,4; Marne Chorus 3; Feiffer’s People Cast 3; Pippin Cast 4; Academic Award Achievement 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Best performance Molly Brown 2; Best performance Feiffer’s People 3; Chorus Pin Award 3. My goal in life is to attain a high presit- 322 gious position in politics or international relations. POTICHA, MERYL: Pacesetter 1; For¬ eign Language Club 1; Homecoming Float 1; Oklahoma Crew 1; In One Bas¬ ket Cast 1; Usher 1; Crucible Cast 1; Thespian 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 2; Girls’ Glee 2; Holiday Music Festival 2,3,4; May Festival 2; Alice in Wonderland As¬ sistant Director and Cast 2; Aquasprite Show Dancer 2; The Unsinkable Molly Brown Assistant Choreographer 2; Or- chesis 2,3,4; Children’s Theater at the National Educational College Cast 2; Hansel and Gretel ast 3; Concert Choir 3,4; Marne Cast 3; Feiffer’s People Cast 3; Art Council 3; American Field Services 3,4, Member of Executive Board 4; American Abroad Summer Program to Switzerland 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Westones Choreographer 4; Pow Wow ’78 Cast 4; Space Wars 2000 Stu¬ dent Director 4; Steppin’ Out 2,3,4; Choreographer 3,4; Pippin Cast 4; Scar¬ let Certificate; Bronze Key; Who’s Who in American High Schools; ILS Club 4; President 4; Skokie Rotary Coub Out¬ standing Achievement Award. I would most like to be remembered for my ap¬ preciation of the Arts - Art Garfunkel, Art Linkletter, Art Buchwald, Art Eareeal, Art Fall, Art Herightis, Art Hechoke, Art Ifishall, Art Hillerie, Art Heeee, Art Hissed. POTYSMAN, TROY: Oklahoma, In One Basket-Best Performance; Molly Brown 2; Pow Wow-Best Performance of a Cen¬ tral Character; Co-Director of Pow Wow ’77; Hello Dolly Choir; Crucible Choir; May Festival; December Festival. My most memorable experience at Niles West was the Time Warp. PRINZ, STEVEN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Indoor Track 3; Aquarist Club 2,3,4; Intramural Raquetball Club 4; Secretary; Intermural Bowling 4; NCSY-TSY 4; Students’ Re¬ presentative Assembly 3; Illinois State Scholar 4.1 would most like to be remem¬ bered for the student who helped his sen¬ ior math class pass. QUIRK, JANE: Track 1,2,3,4; Captain 3,4; Cross Country 4; All-Conference and Most Valuable Player 4; Gymnastic Man¬ ager 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key. RAMSEYER, STEPHEN: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; N-Club 4; Track 2; Concert Band 3; Intramural Softball 2,3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was Mr. Gragg’s homeroom 106 and Homecoming. REICHERT, RICHARD: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; First Place in Conference ’77-’78 Baseball Sea¬ son; N-Club 4. My most me morable ex¬ perience at Niles West was being on a first place team Baseball ’77-’78. RICE, EDWARD: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Varsity Team Captain 4; White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Stu¬ dent Representative Assembly 2,3; Fo¬ rums 2; Aquarist Club 2,3; Students for Israel 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Na¬ tional Merit Letter of Commendation 3; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for my favorite pas¬ times: gymnastics; biology; sex; murder; and pillaging small defenseless countries. RIDENHOWER, RAMONA: Gymnastics Demonstration Team 1,2; Gymnastics Competitive Team 1,2; GAA 1; Leaders 2; Pom-Pon 3; Midnite Riders 3,4. RIDLEY, KEVIN: Wrestling 1; Football 2,3,4; White Honors Certificate 1; Varsi¬ ty N-Club 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for being Haim’s assistant on the patrol and having “Chicken Kiev” tendencies. ROBINSON, SHERYL: Yearbook 2,3,4; Section Editor of Clubs 4; West Word 4; Bronze Key 3. My goals in life are to be happy and to try to help other people as much as possible. ROSS, TAMMY: GAA 1; Scarlte Certifi¬ cate 1; Aquasprites 2,4; Timers’ Club 3. I would most like to be remembered for scaring 3 freshmen to death for ripping off my ski jacket. RUBIN, BONNIE: Art Council 1,2; Pro¬ ject SAGE, Student Leader 2; Opus 1; Assistant Editor 4; Yearbook 4; Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. RUBIN, MICHAEL J.: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4. My goals in life are the usual. SAKAS, JAMES: Football 1,2,3,4; Base¬ ball 1,2,3,4; N-Club. My most memorable experience at Niles West was beating Niles East in the ’78 football game. SAMUELSON, LAURENCE: White Cer-‘ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Student Representa¬ tive Assembly 2,3,-Vice-President 4; Stu¬ dent Faculty Administration Assembly 3,4; Student Appeals Board 3,4; Student Services Advisory Committee 2; Alter¬ nate Delegate to District 219 Caucus 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. Delegate to Na¬ tional Association of Student Councils Convention Hurst, Texas 3; Delegate to Illinois Association of Student Councils Convention 4; Delegate to Northeast Illi¬ nois District of Student Councils Conven¬ tion 4; National Honor Society 4; Aero¬ nautics Club President 2,3; Forums 2,3; Debate Team 2,3.1 would most like to be remembered as someone who cared. SANDLOW, JAY: Indoor Track 1; Base¬ ball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Gold Key; National Honor Society; Illinois State Scholar. I would most like to be remembered for being a preferred customer in the Dean’s office. SAVITT, MICHAEL: Medical Careers Club 2; Bronze Key 2; Oliver Cast 2; Pow Wow Cast 3; Feiffer’s People Crew 3; Hansel and Gretel Crew 3; Marne Cast 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Pow Wow Director 4; Student Services Advisory Committee 4; Pippin Cast 4. I would most like to be remembered for my calm, cool, and collected style of directing Pow Wow ’78. SCHAUL, LINDA: I would most like to be remembered for my graceful way of climbing over fences in the rain. SCHENCKER, DEENA: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Swim Team 1,2; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Swim Team Cheerleader 1; American Field Services 2,3; Student Activities Board 1,2,3,4; Student Representative Assem¬ bly 1,2; Junior Class Cabinet 3; Senior Class Cabinet President 4; Foreign Lan¬ guage Club 2,3; Yearbook 4; Students for Israel 1,2,3; Holiday Festival 1; May Festival 1; Student Faculty Administra¬ tive Assembly. I would most like to be remembered for always smiling and mak¬ ing others smile. SCHONBERG, JENNIFER: Mixed Cho¬ rus 1; Girls’ Glee 2; Concert Choir 3; Vivace 2,3; Holiday Festival 1,2,3; May Festival 1,2,3; Timers’ Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Winter Choir Concert 3; Letter “N” Choral 2; Silver Choral Pin 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being exempt from 2 finals out of 38. SCHREITER, KEITH: Wind Ensemble 1; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 2,3,4; Orchesis Dance Show 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Winter Concert 1,2,3,4; Mitch Miller Concert 1; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; State Band Contest 2; Music Silver Medal Award 3; Electron¬ ics Club 1,2,4. My most memorable ex¬ perience at Niles West was Band Tour. SCHWARTZ, MURRAY: Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 4; Pow Wow Band 2,3; Marne Orchestra 3; Hello Dolly Band 3; Marching Band 2,3; Mid-Eastern Con¬ vention of Music; Pittsburg Tour 2; Can¬ ada Tour 2; New Orleans Tour 3; Phila¬ delphia Tour 4; N-Club 4; District Honor Band 4; IHSA Solo and Ensemble Con¬ test 3,4; Golf 2; Intramural Softball 3; Orchesis Show Band 2,3,4; Intramural Tennis 1; First Place Niles West Mixed Doubles Tournament Division 2,3; Stu¬ dent Representative Assembly 1. I would most like to be remembered as Murray the Cop. SCOTT, ANTHONY: West Word 3,4; Sports Editor 4; Baseball Manager 2,3,4; Opus One 4; Forums 3; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for being the sports editor with the big green cowboy hat. SEBASTIANO, MICHELE: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3. My most memorable experience at Niles West was being a member of the “sewing circle” in Mr. Apostal’s Biology class. SHARTIAG, MICHAEL: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Toronto Tour 2; New Orleans Tour 3; Philadel¬ phia Tour 4; Orchesis Dance Show Band 2,3; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Aeronautics Club 1,2,3,4; Safety Officer 2; Design Engineer 3; Photo Club 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Varsity Chess Team (Board No. 3) 4; Computer Club 1,2,3,4; Presi¬ dent 2,3; Secretary-Treasurer 4; West Word 3,4; Photographer 3,4; Student Representative Assembly 1; Class Cabi¬ net 1; Students for Israel 1; Publicity Pho¬ tographer for Man in the Moon Marigolds 3; Pow Wow 3; Children’s Theater 4; Open House Cover 3; Computer Opera¬ tor 1,2; Open House Computer Demon¬ stration 2,3,4; Computer Science Fair Demonstration 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; Math Club 3; Aurora Competition 3,4; Finalist 4; Yearbook Staff 1,2,3,4; Pho¬ tographer 1,2,3,4; Business Staff 4; Sec¬ tion Editor Photography 3; Editor-in- Chief 4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for all of my unique attributes: say¬ ing, “Hoo-Hoo-Hoo,” disliking the initials V.M. and M.P.G., having 30 keys that open nothing, disliking all species of apes and donkeys, being famous for “Sharta- graphy,” but most of all for being unopin- lonated and unbiased. SIENKOWSKI, BRUCE: Football 1,2,3,4; All-Conference 4; Athlete of the Week 4; Savage of the Week 4; Toma¬ hawk of the Week 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Honorable Mention All-Conference 3, Captain 4; Athlete of the Week 3,4; N- Club 3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for playing linebacker for the Evan¬ ston football game and for being a mem¬ ber of the rowdiest class to come from this school ’79. SINGER, LINDA: White Honor Roll 1; Mixed Chorus 1; GAA 1; West Word 2,3,4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for being a reporter on the school newspaper, the West Word. SINKER, RUTH: Diving Team 1; Leaders 2,3,4; Pom-Pon 3,4; Co-Captain 4; Stu- 324 dent Activities Board 2; Midnite Riders 3.4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was “but what hap¬ pened’’ at Bonnie’s house on November 4. SLOMA, KITTY: Competitive Gymnas¬ tics 1,2,3,4; Demonstration Gymnastics 1.2.4. Co-Captain; Track 1,2; Pom-Pon 3; Orchesis 4; GAA 1; Midnite Riders 2.3.4. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for sleeping through the Niles East egging, my Disco Beam, and for still hav¬ ing my sanity after a year of Howard Tutt. SMITH, TRACY: Bronze Key; Letter, Sil¬ ver Pin, and Gold Pin for Choir; Badmin¬ ton Team 3; Ensemble for Solo and En¬ semble Contest 4; Assistant to the Assis¬ tant Director for Pippin 4; Concert Choir 1,2,3; A Cappella Choir 4. I would most like to be remembered for my participa¬ tion in three years of the fun work of concert choir. SNOW, ROBERT: Soccer 1,2,3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4. I would most like to be re¬ membered for maintaining my sanity throughout the whole four years. SOCASH, BONNIE: Cheerleading 1,3,4; Gymnastics 2; Track 2; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Midnite Riders 2,3,4; Freshman Picture Taking 1,4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for “ November 4th.’’ SOLAL, JANINE: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 1; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4 National Honor Society 3,4; Student Re¬ presentative Assembly 1; Student Activi¬ ties Board 3,4; Junior Class Cabinet 3; Senior Class Cabinet 4; Yearbook 4; OPUS I Literary Magazine 3,4; Foreign Language Club 2; Girls’ Glee 2; Holiday Festival 2; Children’s Theater, Alice in Wonderland Makeup 2; GAA 1; Home¬ coming Committee 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Chairman Half Time Activities 4; Chairman Twilite Pep Rally 4; Homecom¬ ing Theme 4; Lab Assistant 2; Green¬ house Attendant 2; Junior Engineering Technical Society Team 4; Illinois State Scholar 4.1 would most like to be remem¬ bered for my all around cheery and opti¬ mistic attitude toward school and life. SONKIN, MILES: Pow Wow Cast 1,2,4; Oklahoma Cast 1; Crucible Cast 1; Chil¬ dren’s Theater, Alice in Wonderland Stage Manager 2; Space War 2000 State Manager 4; The Unsinkable Molly Brown Crew 2; Barefoot in the Park Crew 2; Marne Cast 3; Gong Show Crew 3; Pippin Cast 4; Westones 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2; Backgammon Club 2,3 Holiday Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; February Choir Concert 2; Orchesis Dance Show 2,3,4; Thespians 1,2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for my nonviolent attitude toward fellow students whom I felt were lower than my humble self. SPAGNOLI, CHARLES: Football 2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; All-Conference 4; Varsity Letter 3,4; N-Club 3,4. My most memora¬ ble experience at Niles West was beating Niles East in our first game of the season and the night of the Glenbrook South game. SPYRATOS, JERRY: Honor Roll. My goals in life are to finish college success¬ fully and to go into a career concerned with biology or chemistry. STEPKE, SUZANNE: Swim Team 1; Cheerleading 2; Pom-Pon 4; GAA 1,2; Leaders 2,3,4; Midnite Riders 1,2,3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was sophmore, junior, and especial¬ ly senior year. STERN, LAURENCE: Soccer 1; Wres¬ tling 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key. STOLLER, SHARON. Concert Band 2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 1,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Concert Band Librarian 3,4; Mid-East Music Convention Pittsburg 2; Toronto Music Tour 2; New Orleans Mu¬ sic Tour 3; Philadelphia Music Tour 4; Orchesis Dance Show 2,3; Holiday Festi¬ val 2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow Band 2,3; Basketball Pep Band 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Competition 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2 Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Junior Class Cabinet 3: Pet and Wildlife Club 1; Medical Careers Club 2,3; German Club 1,2,3,4; Memori¬ al Day Parade 2,3; LaGrange Pet Parade 3; Guidance Center Assistant 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for my ability to tolerate the untolerable. STOLLER, STEWART: German Club 1,2,3,4; Pets and Wildlife Club 1; Nation¬ al Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Orches¬ tra Librarian 3; Secretary 4; Toronto Mu¬ sic Tour 2; New Orleans Music Tour 3; Illinois State Solo and Ensemble Competi¬ tion 1,2,3,4; Student Faculty Administra¬ tive Advisory Committee 2; Oklahoma Musical Orchestra 1; Dance Show Or¬ chestra 2,3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was scoring the winning touchdown at the 1978 homecoming and saving our team from disgrace. STRAUB, ANTJE: Cheerleading 1,2. I would most like to be remembered for graduating high school on time. TANAKA, MIHO: Concert Choir 2,4; Accompanist 4; Holiday Festival 1,2,4; May Festival 1,2,4; February Concert 2,4; Sunday Showcase 1,4; Solo and En¬ semble Piano Accompanist 4; Choral Let¬ ter 2; Choral Certificate 1; Scarlet Certifi¬ cate 1. I would most like to be remem¬ bered for trying to find enough things to fill up this survey. TARRSON, BARBARA: American Field Service 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 1,2; Student Activities Board 3; Pacesetters 1; GAA 1; Homecoming Float 1,2; Ski Club 2,3; Foreign Language Club 2. I would most like to be remembered for always being “SO CONFUSED!’’ 325 TERZAKIS, LAURA: Pow Wow Crew 2; Holiday Festival 3,4; May Festival 1,3,4; Concert Choir 4; February Concert 4; American Field Service 3,4; Minnesota Exchange Program 4. 1 would most like to he remembered for my love of Niles West, where I feel that I have learned much over the years and have shared many great experiences. TOBIN, MARLA: Pow Wow 1; Oklaho¬ ma Crew 1; Tennis 2,3,4; Conference Champ 3; Winner Division B in Turry’s Tennis Tournament 2; Honor Roll; Sen¬ ior Cabinet 4; Who’s Who in American High School Students 4. TOLSKY, AMY: Aquasprites 1; GAA 1; Girls’ Glee 2; Pow Wow Cast 1,2,3; Alice in Wonderland Crew Publicity Chairper¬ son 2; Unsinkable Molly Brown Cast 2; Barefoot in the Park Crew 2; Theater 219’s Olliver! Crew 2; Thespians 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Vice-President 4; Orchesis Dance Company 2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; A Cappella Choir 3,4; May Music Festival 2,3,4; Holiday Music Festival 3,4; February Concert 3,4; Solo and En¬ semble Concert 3,4; The Effect of Gam¬ ma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds Cast 3; Marne Cast 3; Regional Theater Arts Festival 2,3,4; International Theater Arts Conference 3; Theater 219’s Hello Dolly Cast 3; State Thespian Secretary 4; Director of Pow Wow 4; Pippin Cast 4; Scarlet Certificate; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4. My most memorable experience at Niles West was was ... was oh, what was it? TOMARAS, STEVE: My goal in life is to own my own business. TORRES, MICHAEL: Indoor and Out¬ door Track 1,2,4; Football 1,2; Pole Vaulting, New Record 1, Tied Record 2.1 would most like to be remembered for being a stud (HA, HA). TRAPANESE, CYNTHIA: Student Re¬ presentative Assembly 1,2,3,4; Student Activities Board 2,3,4; President 4; Stu¬ dent Faculty Administration Assembly 1,2,3; Educational Policy Advisory Com¬ mittee to District 219 School Board 3,4; District 219 Caucus 2; PTSA 3; Student Appeals Board 1,2; Candidate for 1st UP of the Illinois Association of Student Councils 3; IASC Leadership Workshops 2,3,4; IASC Discussion Groups; Clown Usher for Children’s Theater 4; Project SAGE Leader 2; National Association of Student Councils Conference 3,4; Class Cabinets 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Chairman 4; Nominated for Skokie Rotary Club’s Service Above Self Award 4. I would most like to be remembered for starting the tradition of having a Winter Sports Assembly annually. TRAVIS, JEFFREY: Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Scarlet Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Bronze Key 3; Varsity Letter 3,4. I would most like to be remembered as alias Eggy-Cheese. TROZZO, JANET: I would most like to be remembered for my spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment wit and jokes and for surviving through 4 years of hallway traf¬ fic. TUITE, KATHY: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key; Thespians 3; Marne Cast 3; GAA 1. I would most like to be remembered for being the “Kid from Chicago.’’ TUTT, HOWARD: Football 1,2,3,4; Var¬ sity Letter; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1; N- Club. Anyone who knew me knows what I’ll be remembered for-corrupting the Class of ’79. VASQUEZ, TONY: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; N-Club; Varsity Letter. VINCI, WENDY: Demonstration Team; Gymnastics Team 1,2,3,4; Competitive Gymnastics 1,2,3; District Champs 3; Track Team 1,2; Midnite Riders 3,4; Leaders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for Gabe’s and my hand¬ shake. VIRAG, THERESA: Swimming 1; GAA 1; Track 1,2,3; Bronze Key; Silver Key; TFS 3,4; Pom-Pon 4; Midnite Riders 1,2,3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4. I would most like to be remembered for being a part of the rowdy Class of ’79, which includes egging Niles East (DUCK!) and my active involvement in ARP. WALLACH, WENDY: Track 1,2; Gym¬ nastics Demonstration Team 1,2,3,4; Co- Captain 2,4; Competitive Gymnastics Team 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 3; District Champs 3; State Preliminaries 3; Midnite Riders 3,4; Leaders 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for the unex¬ pected! WEINMAN, THOMAS: Soccer 1,2. My goals in life are to be successful in college and from there, go on to be a success in business. WEISS, JOHN: Honor Roll 1,2,3; Bas¬ ketball 2,3,4. I would most like to be remembered for excelling more physical¬ ly, more emotionally, and more mentally than I ever expected, and also for break¬ ing the backboard junior year. WENDT, LINDA: Ecology Club 1; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 2; White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; Track Team 1,2,3,4. WIKSTROM, KAREN: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3; Leaders 2,3,4; National Honor Society; White Honor Roll; Bronze Key; Silver Key. I would most like to be remembered for my participation in girls’ athletics. 326 WOLF, GEORGIA: Track 1,3; Gymnas¬ tics 2; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Homecom¬ ing Committee 2,3,4; Student Activities Board 3,4; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Mid- nite Riders 1,2,3,4. 1 would most like to be remembered for teepeeing in my un¬ derwear in the process of attacking Niles East and for being one of the rowdy sen¬ ior Midnite Riders. WOLFF, AUDREY LYNN: .Student Re¬ presentative Assembly 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2,3,4; Treasurer 3,4; Student Faculty Administration Assembly; EPAC Alterna¬ tive School Board Represtative; PTSA Representative; Medical Careers Club 1. WURL, DENISE: GAA 1; Bronze Key; Silver Key; Track 2; Midnite Riders 3,4; Freshman Picture Taking 1,4. I would most like to be remembered for my love of Mickey Mouse and Fran Tarkenton and veal. ZEID, PAMELA: Art Council 1,2,3; For¬ eign Language Club 1,2; Freshman Class Cabinet; Sophmore Class Cabinet; Junior Class Cabinet; Senior Class Cabinet; Stu¬ dent Activities Board 4; Homecoming Dance and Parade 4; GAA 1; Children’s Theater Crew 1,2. I would mot like to be remembered for beating the system and surviving. Z1VILIK, MARK J.: Freshman Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; First Chair Jazz Band 3,4; Second Place 1HSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 1; Two First Place IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest 3; Niles Township High School Honor Band 4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Band Uniform Crew 1,2,3,4; Uniform Crew Manager 3,4; Orchesis Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Holiday Music Festival 1,2,3,4; May Music Festi¬ val 1,2,3,4; Molly Brown Orchestra 2; Marne Orchestra 3; Pippin Orchestra 4; Aquasprites Show Band 2; Pow Wow Band 2,3; Music Director, Pow Wow Band 4; Synthesized Sound, Children’s Theater 4; Mid-East Music Conference 2; Feiffer’s People Band 3; Theater 219 Hello Dolly Orhcestra 3; Band Officer 3,4; Tour Band 1,2,3,4; Thespian 4. I would most like to be remembered for only leaving my mouthpiece at home, when the band went on tour, once. 327 INDEX Antkowiak, Gregory Anton, Angie 58 Anton, Helen 125 Arcangeletti, Michael Archibald, Nancy 106 Arendt, Richard G. 59 Arenson, Gregg Stuart 125 Arkin, Melissa Joy Arkules, Stacie Jo 115 Armonis, Anastasia 59 Aronson, Lawrence E. 106 Aronson, Richard M. 125 Ash, Barry Alan 59 Ash, Gregory Mark 125 Asher, Ron Dennis 106 Athans, Tony S. 115 Atsaves, Barbara 106 Atsayes, Maria 106 Attia, Michael 125 Aufmann, Beth Ann 115 Aufmann, Gary William 59 Austin, Kimberly Sue Austin, Natalie Mary 59 Axley, Joanne Marie 115 Bachman, Robin Danielle 106 Bachrach, Lisa Florine 59 Baffa, Cynthia Ann Qlke. FI1301 uuik tJiz fietixmai to-nek First National Bank of Skokie 8001 Lincoln Avenue Skokie, Illinois 60077 312 673-2500 Dempster Si reel Office - 4200 Denpster Street Skokie I « ' ! ' l 1 I ) I ' M) Ml MHF H I .U.I.C MI.MHHi II UHHAI Hf SI HVL SYSTI.M Bailey, John Mack 125 Bailey, Kelly Ann 59 Bailey, Lisa Deloris 125 Bailey, Melinda Lynn 106 Bailey, Richard R. Bailey, Robert Daniel 125 Bailey, Terry Jo 125 Baity, Julie Lynn Balmes, Nancy Ann 59 Balter, Alan Jeffrey 115 Banathy Andrew C. 59 Banathy, Judy Kay 125 Baransky, Katherine Barasch, Jay Eliot 60 Bargamian, Brett E. 60 Barkoczy, Zoltan Paul 60 Baron, James David 60 Baron, Patricia 125 Barov, Laura Susan Barrington,Caryn Beth 125 Barrington, Joanne Lynn 106 Barron, Lori 115 Bartholomew, Amelia 115 Batchen, Joan Therese 60 Batchen, Paul Richard 125 Bauer, Charles Lorenz 60 Bauer,Kathleen Mary 106 Baumann, Susan Annette 125 Baxter, Mary Becker, David Samuel 125 Becker, Deborah Jo Becker, Judith Louise 60 Becker, Miriam Ann 115 Beckerman, Terri Lynne 60 Bedony, Gary Michael Bedony, Richard James 106 Beller, Ina Francine 125 Beltran, Claridad 125 Beltran, Epifania M. 60 Beltran, Jerrylene M 115 Ben Zeev, Matthew 125 Bender, Eyvonne 106 Benjamin, Joseph Kevin 125 Benjamin, Marilou Faith 106 Benjoya, Garry Scott 125 Bensen, Christine Joy 125 Berg, Jamie Carol 115 Berge, Harald 126 Berge, Leif 106 Berger, Sindee Rae Berglund, Michelle 115 Bergman, Jeff Loron 126 Bergstrom, Joan Cynthia 115 Bergstrom, Norma, Kay Berkley, Avi 115 Berkson, Lyle Tod 115 Berman, Jodi Dee 115 Bernardi, John Joseph Bernheim, Deobrah Ann 106 Berns, Michael H Bernstein, Amy Jo 115 Bernstein, Charles 106 Bernstein, Daniel Ben 106 Bernstein, Lee Miriam 60 Berzock, Joanne 60 Best, Michael John 106 Besterman, Mitch Jay Bezanis, Marcia A 126 Bian, Cnin Yann 126 Biasco, John Biberian, Annie Biederer, Linda 106 Bielski, Daniel John 115 Bier, Matt Alan 126 Binder, Richard David 126 Binder,Stephen Robert 60 Birren, Donald 115 Bjorklund, Cheryl 106 Bjorklund, Scott Leroy 61 Blackman, Daniel Aaron 115 Blackman, Tammie L. 61 Blaisdell, Theodore W Bland, Holly Beth 61 Blankenship, Sandra Blcha, Kenneth Richard 106 Block Jeannie Michele 106 Block, Marcia Lynn 115 Block, Maureen Jill 126 Block, Norbert Alan Blum, Barry K. Blum, Merle Susan 61 Blumenfeld, Andrea Dee 126 Blumenthal, Mark 106 Blumenthal, Michael 61 Boberg, Janet61 Bocek, Paula Colette 126 Bochek, Kathleen 106 Boden, Scott H., Bodil, Hoyer Boepple, Jack Eugene 61 Boepple, Jill L. 115 Bonkoske, John Charles 115 Bordenet, Robert Paul 126 Bordenet, William J. 123 Borin, Eric B. 106 Boro, Joan Marie 61 Borst, Nancy Ann 115 Boshes, lan David 115 Bothfeld, Margaret E. 115 Bothfeld, Patricia Anne 106 Boucher, Michele Kristen 126 Bourdeau, Peter 126 Bouroudjian. ripsema 115 Bowen, Christine E. 115 Boyko, Katherine 61 Boyko, Max Valentine Boyko, Michael T. Bradley, John Allen 126 Congratulations . . . EBNER, HORWITZ AND POLLOCK Certified Public Accountants 674-9670 Brainin, Alissa 126 Braje, Barbara Alice 106 Braje, Robert Edward 115 Brandt, Valerie Jean 126 Brandwein, Ronald Allen 61 Brasch, Judith Gail 115 Braver, Allyne Joy 62 Braver, Ronald Harvey 106 Bravo, Antonio Bregenzer, Ray Brennan, Jean Marie 62 Brennan, Kathleen M. 106 Brenner, Lynne Anne 106 Brenner, Rachel Ann 106 Brilando, Guy Joseph 115 Brisco, Michael Alan Brode, Scott 115 Brodersen, Daniel 126 Brody, Haim Michael 62 Brooks, Lori 116 Brown, James Brown, Jeffrey W. 116 Brown, Mike David 126 Brown, Patricia Ann 116 Brown, Steve Joseph 62 Bruchert, Gwen Buchino, Michael Steven 106 Buckley, Barbara Ann 126 Buczak, Kimberly Marie 126 Budzynski, John Andrew 62 Buffo, Judith Ann 62 Buffo, Nancy Diane 116 Burger, Angela Claire 116 Burger, Donald M. Burger, Randi Michelle 126 Burns, Ellen Loraine 62 Burns, Norman D. 63 Burns, Patty Lynn 126 Bychowski, Kathleen Ann 63 Bychowski, Steven John Byk, Bennett Marc 63 Cagen, Marc Alan 126 Calderon, Alba Calderon, Marco R. Cammarata, John Motta 106 Campbell, Margaret 126 Caplan, Judith Faith 63 Caplan, Pamela Faye 106 Caravello, Sandra Lee 63 Cardona, Edwin 126 Carlsen, Lynn Marie 106 Carlson, Christian G. 116 Carlson, Eric William 63 Carlson, Sandra Louise 116 Carlson, Thomas Arnold 63 Carozza, Angela Cahsman, Neil P. 106 Casper, Robert Alan 63 Castaneda, Sandra 106 Cederholm, Dawn Desiree 106 Cederholm, Robert Leif Chahal, Sharon Kaur Chams, Joyce Gail 116 Chao, Mark 106 Chapman, Robert Cory 116 Chasin, Fern 116 Chastain, Eric Lee 126 Chelberg, Michael Wayne Chen, Elaine Hwa-ming 63 Chen Pamela Ki-mai 63 Chester, Kelly Ann 116 Chiappetti, Susan E. Chimberoff, Michael 63 Chin, Phillip Paul 106 Chiu Francis Sung-chew 63 Cho, Hae Chung Choi, Inhe Choi, Inui 126 Cholewa, Edward Stanley 116 Chorpash, Michael Alan 106 Choyinski, Andrew Daniel 126 Choyinski, Annie Maria 126 Choyinski, Katheryn M. Christensen, David Christensen, Mark Alan 106 Ciezki, Maria 126 Cin, Bennett David 64 Citron, Daniel Edward 126 Citterman, David M. Clark, William Clarke, Carol Anne 126 Clarke, Hugh David Clarke, Mary Ellen 126 Clarke, Peter Martin 64 darkens, William W. Clesi, Samuel Joseph Cocking Tammera Kay Cocozza Christine Cocozza, Paulette Marie 126 Cohan, Gina Lynn 64 Cohan, Gregg Rome 64 Cohan, Howard G. 116 Cohen, David Jay 64 Cohen, David Lee Cohen, Jack A. 126 Cohen, Julie Heather 106 Cohen, Michael Jay Cohen, Monica Lynn 116 Cohen, Stuart Adam 126 Colander, David Raymond 125 Colen, Steven Dennis 116 Colletta, Salvatore, Jr. 64 Coloian, Lisa Armena 106 Condon, Kevin Robert 64 Conner, Michael J. 64 Conrad, Bonnie L. 64 Conrad, Elizabeth Ann Conrad, Marilyn 126 Conti, Christina Marie 107 Conton, Christina Elisa 126 Cooper, Adam Charles 107 Cooper, Sharon Rose 107 Cooper, Sheri Arlene 126 Coplan, Carol Jill 116 Cortez, James 126 Costis, Jim A. 116 Cote, Steven James 126 Coursey, Jerry Patrick 116 Cousar, Donna Marie 127 Cousar, Jeffry Coward, Stephen Marlowe 116 Cox, Deborah Jo Cozzo, Vito Joseph 127 Cralli, Joseph Lee SKOKIE CAMERA SHOP INC The Full Service Camera Store 793 1 Lincoln Ave. Skokie, Ill. 60076 Phone 673-2530 Established 1950 30 % Discount on most Finishing Complete Stock of Photographic Items Rental or Repair Service Bank Cards Welcome 330 Crecelius, Antonio, Jr. Dorfman, Nina Lynn Evaristo, Lorraine Cress, Angela Gail 116 Drayer, Robin 107 Evaristo,Nestor A 68 Cross, Angela Gail 116 Drazner, Cindy Susan 116 Ezerins, Diana 107 Cross, Steven Bruce 64 Drexler, Caryn 127 Fadhel, Carlos Alberto 117 Crown, Debbie Rachael 127 Drexler, Catherine Fagocki, Cynthia Mary Cruz, Jennifer Drexler, Christopher J. 116 Fahey, Kelly Maureen 127 Csukor, Rita Ann 65 Drexler, Geri Lynn 66 Fahey, Timothy Joseph 107 Cuff, Morgan N. 107 Drexler, Matthew Paul 127 Faingold, Alyce Sue 69 Cuff, Rachel Colley 116 Drexler, Ronald Gerard 107 Fair, Lynette Ann 127 Culp, Jill Marie Dubas, Charles Gerard 6 6 Falk, Phillip Cvijanovic, David 107 Duda Christopher John 116 Fallon, Edward 117 Cygan, James 116 D‘Amore, Karen Lee Ann 107 Duda, Denise Faloona, Deirdre Lynne 127 Duda, Patrick Raymond 127 Fasules, Louis Robert 117 Daehler, Robert William 65 Duebner, Danielle L. Fefles, Andrew 69 Daehler, William Robert 127 Duese,Richard A 116 Fefles, Denise Dahm, Kathleen M. 116 Dulleck, Pat Bryan Feiler, Brett Alan 107 Daniel, Shirley, Leah 127 Durso, Debra A 66 Feiler, David Dean 69 Dargas, Catherine L. 65 Dworak, Barbara 107, 66 Feingold, Nancy Beth 127 Darville, Christine M. 116 Ebeling, Bernard Werner 116 Feldman, Lauri B 127 Dassow, Betty Jean 127 Eberhart, Joann 127 Feldman, Mark James Daus, Stephen Paul 65 Eck, Nancy Ellen 66 Feltman Lisa Davis, Debra Joy 65 Eck, Thomas Jeff Feltman, Sharon 117 Davis, Joel Ira 127 Eckardt, Christy Ann 67 Ferdman, Glenn Elliot 69 Davis, Julie R. 65 Echardt, Thomas Fetman, Corri Diane Davis, Michele Elizabeth Edelstein, Arthur 116 Fickert, Dianne Lynn 117 DeFilippis, Rachele 116 Edelstein, Jeffrey Fidlow, Barry DeGroot, Marianne M. 65 Edelstein, Mark Stephen 67 Fidlow, Scott 107 DeSent, Wendee Mae 116 Edman, Catherine Marie 127 Field, Paula Lynn 127 Dean, Deanna Fay 127 Edminds, Linda J Figurelli, Michael J. 127 Dean, Martin 116 Edwards, Steven Michael 67 Filgut, Paul Ross 69 Dean, Michael K. Edwardson, Gretchen Ann 127 Filipic, Rosemary 69 Dedo, Therese Marie 116 Ehas, Mark Wiliam 107 Filler, Daniel 107 Deer, Steven Aaron 116 Ehlers, Wiliam 107 Fillmore, Robert Scott Defrancesco, Diane Eichner, Carolyn Jeanne 67 Fine, Brian Stephen Deger, Laura Jean Eichner, Susan 116 Fine, Robin Sue 69 Delano, Steven Joseph 117 Eischen, Richard Donald 116 Fine, Scott Michael Deleo, Michael Joseph Eisenberg, Ellen Esther 67 Fink, Beth Rachael 107 Dempsey, Carolann L. Eisenstein, Daniel Mark 127 Finkel, Lorie Ellen 107 DerMatoian, Vincent 116 Eisenstein, Margaret 107 Finkel, Shari Ann 127 Derichs, Julienne B. Eissman, Linda Phyliss 67 Firfer, Owen Michael 69 Desmond, Jewel Ann 127 Ellin, Phyllis Minerva 67 Fischer, Kimberly Johan 127 Desnet, Nancy Ann 65 Elliott, James Anthony Fishbein, Mark Edward Dethloff, Lori Ellen 127 Elliott, Robert 127 Fishbein, Paul 117 Dethloff, Raymond Paul 107 Ellis, Hope Stacy 67 Fishbein, Steve Z Diamond, Mindy Joy 127 Ellyne,Darcie May 67 Fisher, Jeff Alan 107 Dickholz, Christina Emalfarb, Janelle 127 Fisher, Michael Allen 127 Diesing, Debbie Ann 127 Erdman, Phyllis Carol 127 Fisher,Robert Bennett 117 Diesing, Karen MarDie 116 Erickson, Chris James 67 Fisher, Scott 127 Dina, Christine Noel 127 Erickson, Connie L 68 Fishman, Howard Paul 69 Dina, Lisa Renee 65 Erickson, David John 107 Flannery, Erin 107 Ditardi, Gina 107 Erickson, David K JR 117 Flannery, John F Dittrich, John Peter Erickson, John W 117 Fleck, Danita Lee Doderer, Heidi Marcella 127 Erickson, Karen Ann 68 Flood, Mary Kathryn 117 Doderer, Walter Dean 65 Erickson, Merilee Ann 68 Flood, William Joseph 70 Dolce, Robert Edward 107 Ericsson, Brenda Floom, Jeffrey Phillip 117 Dolin, Jordan 107 Ericsson, Robert Daniel 127 Flowers, Cathy Gene 107 Dolinko, Alan R. 65 Eriksson, Alan Eric 117 Fogelson, Lisa Ilene 107 Dominic, Susan Maria 116 Ericksson, Mark L Fore, Susa n 107 Don, Robert Eriksson, Mary Lynn 117 Fornaris, Frank J Donnenbert, Fran 66 Erlebacher, Annette 127 Forrester, Colleen Dori 127 Dones, Walter 127 Erlichman, Marc Ethan 68 Forrester, Wayne Dong, David Anthony 127 Erpelding, MaryKay 68 Fouty, Judith Ann 70 Dong, Gary 66 Ersoy, Erol John 127 Fouty, Robert A Dong, Kenneth Samuel 116 Eselevsky, Ariel 117 Fox, Benjamin Howard 70 Dong, Patricia 107 Esposito, Mark Anthony Fox, Bryna Carol 107 Doppelt, Cynthia Phyllis 116 Esterl, Lisa Renee 68 Fox, Melinda Phyllis 127 Doppelt, Diann Leslie 127 Estes, Eric G 68 Fox, Michael Alan 70 Doppelt, Pamela Ann 66 Evans, Audri Janet 68 Fox, Wendy Devorah 107 Doppelt, Paul Sanford Evans, Scott Barry 107 Fratini, Diane Elizabeth Dorfman, Laura 107 Evaristo, Erlindo A Frazin, Howard 107 331 Freeman, Joel D Freeman, Marjorie Lynn 117 Frentzas, Frank Frey, Daniel Leslie Friedewald, Ann E Friedwald, John Friedlander, Laura S. 128 Friedlander, Mitchell J Friedlander, Susan Gail 107 Friedman, Dawn Helen Friendman, Jay Robert 70 Fried man, Marcy Lynn 117 Friedman, Mark Steven 107 Friedman, Norman J Friedman, Pam 117 Friend, Marla Rose 128 Fritz, Deborah Ann Fritz, Timothy Michel 70 Froemming, Benjamin R 107 Foremming, Michael R 117 Froutzis, John 128 Froutzis, Peter Fry, Beth Margarite 128 Fuderer, Ann Liz Fuentes, John Glen Fuentes, Sylvia R. 70 Furman, Tina Marie 117 Gabel, David Alan Gabel, Donna Lynn Gabriel, Laura G 70 Gacki, John Edward 70 Gaertner, Cindy Joanne 128 Gaertner, Kathy Lynne 107 Gaertner, Lawrence T. 71 Gagesch, George Richard 71 Gaines, Karen H 128 Galanis, Stacy 128 Galindo, Connie 71 Gallagher, Candace Joy 128 Gallagher, Erin Marie 107 Gallagher, Kathleen Rae 71 Gallagher, Margaret E 117 Gallagher, Sheila Ann Garcia, Gemma T Garfinkel, Glenn Todd 107 Garfinkel, Scott Victor 128 Gargano, Carl Victor 117 Gaughrin, Laura Ann 128 Gates, Mary Gaughrin, Tim James Geimer, Carol Ann 107 Gekas, Connie Maria 71 Gekas, Dean John 128 Gelfman, Linda Robin 107 George, George 71 Georgouses, Nancy Ann 117 Geralde, Cecilia Bacerd 117 Gerold, Martin George 117 Gershkowitz, Elyce Gerson, Francine Marie 128 Gerstein, Lee David 117 Gharavi, Alireza Gidlund, Catherine 1 07 Gidlund, John Gielow, Maureen Adair 117 Gielow, Scott C 71 Gilbert, Delinda Gilbert, Natalie Ann 71 Gilbert, Sheldon 117 Gilbert, Stacey 71 Gilbert, William Troy 128 Ginsberg, Lori Sue 71 Ginsberg, Michael David Gindberg, Abby Lynn 117 Glaberson, Susan Devara 71 Gladan, Erol M 71 Gladan, Tamer C 72 Glaser, Daniel Scott 107 Glaser, Michelle Sue 72 Glasneck, Ramona Lynn 72 Glasneck, Richard Karl 128 Glassner, Robin Hope 128 Glauner, Louis Martin 72 Glenner, Alison 107 Glick, Alan Steven 117 Glick, Jeff Allyn 107 Glick, Barry Howard 132 Glieberman, Joel D Glisson, Darrel Wayne Glowienke, Michael Adam Gluchowski, Matthew 128 Go, Leonard, L 128 Goebel, Alfred Max 108 Goeppinger, Teri Lee Goetz, Thomas 72 Gokbudak, Erroll Bland 72 Gold, Amy Laura 128 Gold, Mindie R 117 Gold, Randee L 117 Goldberg, Candace 108 Goldberg, Diane Lois 72 Goldberg, Earl Mikle 128 Goldberg, Paul Kerry 72 Goldblatt, Jill Beth 128 Golden, Shelley Eve 72 Goldman, Scott Alan 128 Goldsher, James Bruce 108 Goldstein, Cheryl Ann Goldstein, Eddie Lynn 117 Goldstein, Karin 128 Goldstein, Normajean 72 Goldstein, Robin Cheryl 117 Goldstein, Scott 128 Goldstick, Diane Marcie 108 Golenzer, Elsa Helen 128 Goles, Steven Alan 117 Gonzalez, Jose Goodman, Karen Beth 73 Goodman, Leslie Lynn 117 Goodman, Rod Charles 108 Goodman, Steven Robert 73 Goone, Robert Neil 108 Goppert, Rose Marie 117 Gordon, Sandra Lee 108 Goren, Matthew Brent 128 Goss, Susan 128 Gostomelsky, Sherri D. 128 Graham, Penny Lynn 73 Grais, Robin Sue 128 Grais, Sheri Lynn 117 Granatelli, Dean Grant, Jeffery Scott 73 Grass, Christina Maria 73 Grass, Kenneth Phillip 117 Grear, Janice Ann 117 Green, Anne Thomas 128 Green, Denise Joy 73 Green, Kevin Charles 73 Greenberg, Daniel Lee 73 Greene, Cheryl Beth 128 Greenfield, Edward J. Greenspon, Barbars Sue 74 Gregory, Christine A. 117 Grenda, Christopher 74 Grimm, Janice 117 Grobman, Robyn Jennifer 117 Groner, Dayid M 108 Gross, Larry Robin Gross, Louis F 128 Gross, Mary Madeline 108 Gross, Michele Helene 128 Gross, Virginia Mary 74 Grossbert, Terry Craig 118 Grosse, James Gilbert 74 Grossinger, Suzanne 118 Grosskopf, Glenn Alan 118 Grunfeld, Michael J 128 Grunfeld, Ziva Ester 74 Gualano, Albert Gubin, Mindi Dee 74 Guenther, Cathy Louise 108 Guenther, Cindy Louise 128 Guenther, Julie Ann Gump, Elizabeth Mary 118 Gump, Margaret Mary 74 Gump, Nancy Mary 128 Gunchick, Julie Ann 108 Gunther, Arthur David 118 Gunther, Susan Lois 74 Gurrentz, Andrew Martin 108 Gurvey, Stevel Alan Gussin, Nancy Debra 118 Gussin, Robert E. 108 Gussis, Neal L. 118 Gustin, Betty Anne 128 Gustin, Donna Jane 108 Gustin, Nancy Marie 74 Gutenkauf, Karen Lee 74 Guttman, Stacy Ann 128 Hacker, Amy Louise 108 Hacker, Jane Ann 118 Hagen, Judy Dorothy 128 Hagopian, Adrineh 128 Hagopian, Shant 118 Hagopian, Sonia Elyse 74 Halap, Faith Debra Halep, Marni Beth 118 Halap, Michael 74 Halfpap, Regina E Hailing, Cheryl Marie 108 Hailing, Kridtin Louise 128 Halperin, Robert Paul 128 Hamann, Kirk Franklin 75 Hammerberg, Bruce Norma 75 Hammond, Tawny Lynn 108 Handzel, Elizabeth 128 Handzel, Mark William 75 Hanover, Lori 118 Hanrahan, Patricia Ann Hansen, Dawn Christy 118 Hanson, Robert Peter 128 Hanssen, Linda Lou 118 Haramaras, Constantine Harczos, Lisa G 128 Harper, Audrey Harris, Allyson B. 118 Harris, Aryn Marcia Harris, Ellyn S Harris, Lyle Scot Harris, Randi Sue 118 Hartogh, Daniel G. Hartwig, Karen Barbara 129 Hartzen, Steven Michael 108 Haskell, Ian David 118 Hathy, Karen F Hathy, Marianne Elizabeth Hattendorf, Patricia M 108 Haupers, Michael Smith Havdala, Jack Solomon 118 Hayes, Michael Scott Hayum, Wendy Eileen Hecktman, Bruce Daniel 118 Hedberg, Carol Lynn 108 Hedquist, Barbara Jean 118 Hedrich, Martin Joseph 129 Heelan, Robert Anthony 118 Heidinger, Perry Ewalt Heidrich, Donald Mark Hein, Jean Irene 129 Heinrich, William Frnak 108 Heinz, Jane Ann 118 Heinz, Joan Marie 75 Heinz, Marnie Jean Heinz, Patricia 75 Helander, Tim Arthur 108 Helgeson, Marie Ann 118 Heller, Medody Beth 118 Hellestrae, Anne Marie 129 Heman, Helene Heman, Randall 108 Hendley, David George 75 Hendley, Karen Elaine 129 Henning, Pamela Jean 75 Henriksen, Tor David 129 Herkert, Christine Barb 129 Hershenson, Steven 129 Hertler, Kathy Anne 108 Heyman, Rachel C. 118 Heyman, Scott J 108 Heldebrand, Dennis Keith 75 Hildner, Eric Byron Hildner, Wayne F 118 Hilger, Joyce Katherine 121 Hilkin, Patricia A 74 Hill, Cheryl Lynn 118 Hill, John David Himmler, Debra Lynn 108 Hintz, Corrine Marie 75 Hintz, Pamela Sue 108 Hintz, Philip Joseph 129 Hirsch, Karen Cee 118 Hirsch, Linda Lee 76 Hirsch, Richard Brian 118 Hirschauer, Cynthia Sue 76 Hirschauer, Kathleen 129 Hirsh Mitchell Hlepas, GeorJean 108 Hobin, Bryan Hoeft, Laurie Anne 118 Hoelbl, Kim Marie 76 Hoffen, Bruce Roland 76 Hoffman, Arthur Irwin Hoffman, David Andrew 129 Hoffuan, Eric John 108 Hoffman, Rhonda Renee 108 Hoffman, Vickie Lynn 76 Hogg, Renee R 108 Hoglan, Trisha Leah 118 Hohs, Karen Jo 76 Hold, Jennifer e 118 Holler, Monika Ann 129 Holleran, Joseph Jobn Holleran, Philip Steven 118 Holmblad, Eric C 118 Holzmann, Iris Christine Hones, Daniel Joseph 129 Horan, Brian 108 Horan, Theresa 118 Horberg, Michael Alan 76 Horiike, Dean Takeshi 129 Horiuchi, Linda Kyomi 129 Horsnberger, David Hornsberger, Sharon Hornstein, Rachel Ann76 Horyath, Sheila Ann 118 Horvitz, Debra Helene 129 Horwitz, Jeffrey Scott 118 Hosfield, James Andrew 76 Housakos, Julie Ann 108 Hoyer, Bodil 76 Hsu, Chien Hsu, Rosa Rose 118 Hubay, Iklos Huber, Julie Ann 77 Hugel, Kenneth James Hughes, Charlene Lydia Hughes, Lisa Mary 129 Hupperich, Mark Hurvitz, Andrew Benjamin 108 Hurwich, Daniel Ben 77 Iglarsh, Hugh Isaac 108 Imhof, Mark Robert 77 Imhoff, Scott Michael 129 Ingles, Bert Elias 108 Irpino, Chris Alan 77 isaac, Lisa Susan 129 Isaacson, Melissa Kay 77 Ivener, Joe 129 Iverson, Gabrielle lone 77 Izenstark, Aaron Bruce 129 Izenstark, Debra Michel 77 Jackson, Rhonda 118 Jacobs, Keith Brian 77 Jacobs, Mark Kenneth 129 Jacobs, Michelle 77 Jacobson, Lisa Michele 118 Jacobson Loreen Gayle 77 Jacobson, Mark Cary 129 Jaffe, Carol Naomi 118 Jaffe, Nancy Anne 77 Jaffee, Neal Alan Jaffee, Nolan 108 Jaffee, Daniel Steven 129 Jaffee, Nancy E 108 Jakiel, John A 108 Jakiel, Katherine 77 Jakubowski, Jane Anna 108 Janesku, Joseph Japely, Peggy Mary 78 Jarosz, Michaelyn Jasenof, Ian G. 109 Jaskolka, Michelle 129 Jaster, Rich John Jaster, Susan Marie 109 Javid, Tony 118 J emc, Deeann Ranae 118 Jensen, Gregory John 78 Jensen, Marianne 78 Jerney, Kathryn Patricia 109 Jesswein, Heidi Marlene 109 Jiu, Cynthia Gail 118 Jochem, Cynthia, Jean 109 Jochem, Kimberley 129 Johanson, Ellen M 119 Johanson, John Paul 78 Johanson Yvonne Marie 119 Johnson, Deana Michelle 78 Johnson, Donna Lynn 129 Johnson Glen August 129 Johnson Grant 109 Johnson, Laurie Carole 129 Johnson, Richard James Johnson,, Robert Joseph 129 Johnson, Russel K Johnson, Steven Arthur Johnson, Susan Andrea, 78 Johnson, Susan Margaret Jordan, Lance 129 Jorgensen, Michelle E 78 Joseph, Heather Shawn 129 Jozsi, Thomas Albert Jung, Jane Lori 78 Jung, Kathleen Mary 78 Jutovsky, Michael 109 Kadota, Christopher S 78 Kadota, Gregory August 129 Kaefer, Kimberly Lynn Kaefer, Kirk Kagehiro, Lynn Keiko 119 Kahn, Lauren M 119 Kahn, Merle Deborah 78 Kaiser, Laurence Jason 109 Kalas, Carolynn Marie 78 Kalas, Donald Charles 119 Kalter, Richard Barry 109 Kalthoff, Karen Lynn 119 Kaluzna, Susan Beth 129 Kamm, Vicki Margaret Kamm, William Kamradt, Renee Patricia 119 Kane, Bryna 129 Kang, Wan Kanter, Bonnie 129 Kapelanski, Sally Ann Kaplan, Barry 119 Kaplan, Gary Curtis 79 Kaplan Houard Neal 119 Kaplan, Julie Denise 129 Kaplan; Lori J. 129 Kaplan, Martin Douglas Kaplan, Roberta Lynn 109 Kaplan, Shira Pamela 109 Kapsis Mary 109 Karachun, Debra Ann 79 Karahalios, Steven G 119 Karalekas, Georgina 79, 109 Karavattuveetil, Anu 129 Karavattuveetil, George Karger, Don 109 Karlove, Gregory Allan Karol, John Robert 119 Karp, Heide E 119 Karpinski, Cameron Jean 79 Karra, Chris Karras, Stella Karsten, Grant William Karsten, Kathryn Ruth Kasch, Mark 109 Kasik, Cynthia Kay 109 Kasik, Todd Joseph 129 333 Kaskel, Larry Samuel 109 Kaszniak, Kenneth Brian Kaszniak, Ron Scot Katona, Diane Katsoulis, Nick James 79 Katzowsky, Paul Allan 129 Kaufman, Caryn Ann 129 Kaufman, David Alan 109 Kaufman, Deborah D Kaufman Ellen Cheryl 79 Kaufman, Gary Alan 109 Kaufman, Jodi Lynn 129 Kaufman, Linda Sue 109 Kaufman, Lisa Lynn 120 Kaufman, Nori Ann 79 Keating, Reesa Elizabeth 120 Keenan, Matthew David Keene, Samuel Kreiter Keinrad, ERika Susan 119 Kelly, Julianne Therese 79 Kencos, Anne Lillian 79 Kencos, Nicolette Lety 130 Kenmotsu, Mary Ann 130 Kenn, Susan 80 Kennedy, Linda Sue 119 Keno, Adam Gould 80 Keppen, Joann Louise 130 Kerasoglou, Helen 80 Kerns, Kent Michael Kerz, Karen Sue 109 Kerz, Linda Marie 130 Kerz, Michael Anthony 80 Kestler, Kevin Joseph 130 Kestler, Sieve James Kewith, Terri Mary 109 Khan, Hasan 109 Khan, Humera Sultana 119 Kharash, Lisa Lynn 80 Kideys, Ayhan Erik 130 Kideys Nilgun 109 Keisel, Eric Eugene 109 Kilkenny, Bob Joseph 130 Kim, Han Joon Kim, Hohn Hywjoon 80 Kime, Marie Young 130 Kimmel, Lawrence 109 Kimmel, Lisa Diane 130 King, Kathleen Ann King, Laura Ann 80 King, Roberta D King, Steven M 119 Kipp, Kristene Jeanie 119 Kirkos, Eveanthia Chris 119 Kirshner, Susan Ellen 80 Kite, Mitchell Kevin 119 Klancnik, Andrew Joe 80 Klacnik, Mary Therese 119 Klauss, Martin Paul 80 Kleifield, Gordon M Klein, Burton W 130 Klein, Kenneth Lawrence 109 Klein, Kurt Conrad Klein, Marsha Susan 81 Klein, Michael Bennett 81 Klein, Mitchell Howard Klemens, Karen Ann 119 Klemm, Kenneth Joseph 109 Klinenberg, Betsy Rae 109 Klinenberg, Edward J. 81 Klinsky, Steven A. 119 Kling, Kenneth Eric 81 Kloiber, Sharon Marie 130 Klyman, Nancy Jean 81 Knobloch, Lori Marie 130 Knudsen, David 119 Kobeski, Stephen Ronald Kobyleski, Ronald Edward Koch, David Theodore 119 Kochman, Michael Lee 81 Kochlanis, Christine Ann 130 Koclanis, Maria 109 Koda, Renee Ellen 130 Koehler, Judith Ann 119 Koek, Steve Jay 119 Kogen, Elizabeth Ruth Kogen, Karyn Lisa 81 Kolar, Jacqueline 109 Kolar, Lawrence Ross 119 Kolas, Robert Mark 109 Kolko, John Steven Rolling, Ricky Konecki, Michael Steven Kong, Lawrence Brian 130 Kong, Margaret Mary 119 Konsewicz, Peter Paul 81 Konsewicz Roman John 130 Kopinski, John Vincent Koral, Rona 119 Korer, Jacalyn 81 Korman, Hennie Lynne 81 Kornit, Carla Michelle 130 Kornit, Lawrence David 81 Kostoglanis, Jim 124 Kostoglanis, Tom A 130 Koudounis, Stella 119 Kowalski, Mark Kozak, Todd N 109 Kozer, Karen Joy Kozil, Matt Alan Kozil, Michael Hugh Koziol, John 81 Kozokar, Brian Edward 109 Kraft, Betsy Pauli 119 Kraft, Karen Debra 82 Kramer, Jefferey Alan Krasowsky, Kathryn L 119 Krause, Robert Charles 82 Krause, William John 119 Krawetz, Shari Dee 109 Kremen, Gary Alan 119 Krieger, Scott Kenneth 119 Krier, Patricia Ellen 109 Kron, Peter Willi 82 Kron, Robert Bert 130 Krozel, James A. 130 Krozel, Joseph Walter 109 Krozel, Reta Ann 82 Krueger, Carol 119 Krueger, Kathleen Marie 82 Krum, Heidi Benita 82 Krum, Sandor A. 130 Kuan, Ami T. 109 Kubnick, Cheryl Lynn Kucinic, Maryann Marie 119 Kueller, Patricia E. 82 Kueller, Stefan 119 Kuhn August B. 130 Kuhn, Steven 130 Kuhr, Patty Ann Kukulski, Christine 119 Kulbersh, Andrea Beth 110 Kulbersh, Laura Susan 130 Kumkoski, Don David Kumkiski, Kathy Lynn 119 Kummel, Gordon 82 Kundit, Michael D Kung, Sein Kurz, Esther Sonia LaGioia, Carolyn Alice 110 LaRosa, Thomas James Laborde, Giselle I 119 Lam, Byron L. 110 Lambert, Debbie B Lamm Andrea Lamm, Cheryl Dana 83 Lamm, Jordon Gregory Lampert, Linda 119 Lanners, Rick 83 LaPak, Christopher 110 Laroussa, Kenneth Larsson, Mark W. Laser, Ross Steven Lasky, Jodi Inez 130 Lasky, Robyn T 130 Lauders, Mary Jean 110 Lauter, Janet Ann 83 Le Hew Karen Marie 119 Leader, Norman Mark Leander, Keith A. Leavitt, Jori Jennifer 130 Lecomte, Jeff Louis 83 Lee, Ann H. 83 Lee, Joann Honey 110 Lee, Karen Ko-Chia 130 Lee, Kyung Lee Michael S. 130 Lee, Sugwon 119 Lee, Sung Mun 119 Lefever, Kassanora Leib, Alan 110 Leib, Joel Brian 110 Leider, Mary Anne Lejeune, Karen E. 110 Lejeune, Kathy Ann 83 Lemke, Kurt Thomas 119 Lerner, Caryn Paula 110 Lerner, Debra 110 Lesiowski, Kathleen 110 Lesser, Gail Nan 83 Levenson, Kenneth Allen Leventis, Constance P. 130 Leventis, Cynthia Elaine 130 Levey, Alan 130 Levey, Edan Scott 83 Levin, Caryn Dawn 119 Levin, Dina Jane 119 Levin, Ron A. 83 Levine, Paul Steven 130 Levine, Ricky Seth Levinson, Lisa Arlyne 130 Levinson, Tami Lynn 120 Levinthal, Steven Jay 84 Levitt, Renee Susan 84 Levy, Michael S. 120 Levy, Robert Jay 84 Lewis, Patricia Margaret 84 Liametz, Tammy Lynne 120 Liano, Kenneth 130 Libman, Jody Allen 130 Libman, Scott Russell Lichter, Cheryl Beth 84 Lichter, Marci Lynn 130 Lieb, Fredrick Steven 110 Lieberman, Terri 120 Liou, Susan 130 Limpin, Marvie 130 Lipezker, Mirtha C. 110 Lipezker, Sandra Vivian 130 Lipkin, Howard Brian 120 Lippe, Michael Stuart 120 Lipshutz, Pamela Robin 110 Lipsky, Diana Rachel 130 Lirtzman, Ross Alan 131 Lirtzman, Steven Marc 110 Lisakis, James Lisco, Kathy Celeste 84 Litt, Lee Jody 120 Lloyd, Janet Renee 110 Lloyd, Keli Erin Lobert, Robynn Beth 131 Lochner, John Michael 131 Loebbaka, Michael D. Lofland, Michael Robert Lofland, Thomas Robert 120 Loggarakis, Sandy 84 Lohre, Frank Hubert 84 Loicano, Jackqueline M. 120 Loiacano, Karen Ann 85 Loiacono, Anita C. 131 Loiacono, Robert Allen Loiben, Michael Frederick 120 Loiben, Robert Louis 85 Long, Carolyn Ann 120 Loos, Mary Ellen Lores, Lisa Marie Loukis, Mike Pete Lovette, Timothy Edward Lowe, Ronda Jane 131 Lucas, Deena A. 120 Luncsford, Elizabeth M. Luncsford, Margaret M. 131 Luncsford, Michal Ann 120 Luppo, Maria 85 Lurie, Gordon Robert 131 Lutz, John Charles 85 Lyman, Margaret Mary 110 Lyman, Mary Catherine Lyman, Michael William Lynn, Scott Alan 131 Lynn, Tom F. 120 Lytton, Amy Bert 85 MacDonald, Kathleen A. 120 Mader, Philip John 85 Mahan, Denise Ann 120 Mahan, Michael Anthony Mahan, Nicholas Joseph 85 Majewski, William Brian 110 Mak, Julius S. 110 Mak, William W. 120 Makdah, Elias 110 Makowka, Mariola 120 Maliekal, James Maliekal, Josiph Xavier 131 Malina, Steven Marc 110 Malkin, Barry Alan 110 Malkin, John Kenneth 110 Malkin, Stephen Jay 85 Malloy, John Steven 85 Malloy, Scott Thomas Malone, Kevin John 85 Maltz, Lillian 131 Manes, Susan 85 Mann, Sandi Jean Manner, Rick Fred 110 Manner, Sue Marie 110 Mansfield, Lisa Ann 131 Marchiafava, Josephine 86 Marcus, Neal David 120 Margetis, Renee 86 Margetis, Zachary Margolin, Scott Howard 131 Margolis, Jody Lynn 120 Margolis, Tracy 110 Marinakis, Lea 131 Markham, Viodelda 131 Markham, Xiomara Damari 110 Marks, Jody Ilene 131 Marks, Steven Michael 86 Marmel, Steven L. 131 Marmer, Andrea 110 Martin, Adam Martin, David B. 110 Martin, David C. 86 Martin, Deborah J. Martin, Randall Marvin Martin, Scott Lee Martin, Suzanne Michelle Martinez, Jessielyn 120 Martinez, Judith 131 Martinez, Percival Martinez, Sandra 131 Martorano, Nancy Lynn Marx, Julie Alison 86 Maslov, Stacy Lee 120 Mason, Janette Lynne 120 Masters, Douglas N. 120 Masters, Laura Ellen 110 Masterton, Peter John 110 Matchen, Carol Lynn 120 Mathis, Deborah Ann Mauriello, Angela 120 Max, Terry Alan 110 May, Dianne Marie 86 May, Robert Joseph 110 Maybrun, Kenneth J. 120 Mayer, Christine Ann 86 Mayer, Janice Lynn 131 Mayer, John Edward 110 Mayer, Karen Alison 110 Maynard, Christopher W. 110 Maynard, James Edward McCarty, Andrew Lee 86 McClain, Anthony J. 110 McClain, Douglas P. 120 McCormick, Mark Stuart McElligott, Daniel McGrann, Patricia A. McKeon, Laura Loretta 120 McLean, Daniel Joseph McLean, Erin McMillan, Michael McNichols, Andrew 86 McAllister, Kevin Sean 131 McCown, Connie Patricia 110 McCoy, Michael Joseph McDonough, Thomas Chris McGuire, Montgomery P. 110 McLean, Shannon Patricia 131 McNichols, Kris Patrick 110 Medwed, Ross Joseph Mehring, Danny Jay Meier, Joan Ellen 86 Meier, Marlene Ann 131 Meissner, Brenda Lee Meissner, Keith A. Meister, Paul Allan 110 Mellon, James Mellon, Kathleen Ann Melnick, Aaron Winslow 131 Melnick, David 86 Memhardt, Maureen Kay 120 Memmott, Karen Ann 120 Mendez-Soto, Lilliana C. 131 Mendheim, Michael John 110 Mendoza, Elizabeth Mersch, Steven Richard 110 Meshulam, Laura Rebecca 110 Meshulam, Louis Robert 120 Messink, Kathleen N. 87 Meyer, Kenneth Neal 131 Meyer, Nancy Lynne 131 Mayer, Paul Steven Michaels, Paul 87 Michaels, Larry Alan 131 Michaels, Rana Vivian Michalsen, Susan Joy 120 Midler, Ellen Tsipi 87 Mielke, Susan Mary 87 Miesing, Cornelia 131 Migon, Francine Lea 87 Miklaj, Marica 121 Milanich, Amy Kathleen 87 Milanich, Mark Louis Milbrandt, Arthur W. 120 Milewski, Stephen 120 Milewski, Virginia Edith 120 Milewski Vivian Stephanie 87 Milios, George James Miliotis, Emanuel 110 Miller, Andrea Susan 111 Miller, Brenda 121 Miller, Debbie Miller, Elizabeth Jane Miller, Frank Howard 131 Miller, Janet Michelle 131 Miller, Jodi 111 Miller, Joseph Miller, Karen Ann 87 Miller, Marylou 87 Miller, Paula Jean 131 Miller, Sandra Lynn 111 Miller, Tracey B. 131 Milstein, Bayla Sue 87 Miner, Arden Krista 131 Minkoff, Eileen Joyce Minzer, George 121 Michma, Susie 121 Mishkin, Jill Leslie Mitchell, Ellyn Fae 121 Mitchell, Gary Marshall 131 Mitsui, Melissa Misao 121 Mittermeier, Heidi P. 121 Mittermeier, Ruth 131 Moch, Laura Sue 111 Moch, Robin Lee 131 Moline, Janet Beth 131 Moll, Gary James 121 Moll, Stephen J. Ill Moltz, Alan Jeffery 111 Moltz, Marilyn Faith 131 3i5 Monnier, Denise 131 Monreal, Annette Mooradian, Mitchell W. Moravcik, Lisa Ann Moreton, Robert Wesley 131 Morgan, Joey D. Ill Morgan, Steven Ralph 111 oritz, Leo J. 121 Mortellaro, Jamie Drew 131 Morton, David Leon 88 Morton, Paul Kenneth 111 Moy, Donald 88 Moy, Michael C. Ill Mozner, Lilli-Ann 111 Mroz, Alison Maureen 111 Mueller, Charles William 88 Mueller, Gary Allen 88 Mueller, Mary Ann 111 Mueller, Robert Albert 131 Murgas, Carl Peter Murgas, Richard Ivan Mruphy, Allen Joseph Murphy, Ellen Joan 110 Murphy, Joseph Earl Murphy, Sharon Ann 121 Murray, Anne M. 131 Murray, James John 121 Murray, John F. Murray,Martin Casey Murray, Mary Catherine 121 Musick, Daryl J. Ill Musick, Laura Sue 131 Muth, Stephen Jay 121 Muth, Therese Ann 131 Myers, Solomon Mark 121 Nadder, Allison Donna 88 Nadolna, Toni Beth 131 Magrodess, Rosalyn 131 Najarian, Nancy Louise 131 Nakashima, Susan Emi 131 Namnick, Daniel 111 Nanavati, Hemal Nanavati, Vimal Indra 88 Nariss, Christine 111 Naum, Ann 88 Naum, James 121 Nawiesniak, Cynthia M. 88 Nelluvelil, Joseph J. 132 Nelson, Caron Ruth 132 Nelson,David Waren 88 Nelson, Ellen Denise 121 Nelson, Mindy 88 Neumann, Michael J. Ill Neumann, Robert Raphiel 131 Newman, Jonathan Le e 89 Nickow, Todd Adrian 121 Nimz. Lisa Beth 111 Nitsche, Eric Richard Nitsche, Scott Robert 89 Nitti, Luigi Nitti, Vito 89 Niven, Christine Lee 132 Niven, Juliette Ann 89 Niziolek, Marsha Lynn No, Hyo Noe, Kimberly Kathryn 111 Noe, Martin A. Nolan, Kathleen 121 Nordeen, Lori Ann 111 Nordin, Lawrence Nordin, Linnette Ann 111 Nordskig, Richard Alan 89 Noren, Glen Thomas 124 Noren, Lee James 111 Nuqui, Charles F. 132 Nuqui, Rochelle E. 121 O’Callaghan, Patrick J. 89 O’Shanna, Donna Lynn 90 O’Boyle,Anne Marie 121 O’Donnell, Lauren O’Donnell, Thomas O’Neill Kathleen G. 132 Obermann, Mark George 132 Oberrotman, Dan Michael 89 Obradovic, Christine A. 132 Obrochta, Jill Catherine 121 Odyniec, Anna Alicja 132 Odyniec, Edward 121 Odyniec, Emily D. 89 Odyniec, Thaddeus 121 Oheath, Katherine Mary 90 Ohlson, Susan Marie 121 Okamura, Kerry Michiko 90 Okamura, Scott Vincent 121 Olander, John Raymond 90 Oleck, Stacey Pam 111 Oliff, Basia Rose 132 Olkiewicz, Daniela T. 121 Olliges, Kimberly Ann 111 Olsen, Linda M. 121 Olson, Ellen Kathleen 90 Olson, Jeanann Marie 132 Olson, Linda Jean 90 Oppenheim, Joanne Robin 121 Orfanos, Angela Orlando, Tony Joseph 121 Orlean, Fern Cindy 132 Orlean, Randee Beth 111 Oscherwitz, Julie 90 Osijchuk, Natalie Jane Ostensen, Karen Ann Otten, Mark Nicholas Ottlinger, Debbie Ann 132 Ovington, Susan Theresa 111 Oztekin, Erril Scott 121 Oztekin, Susan L. Ill Page, Gary Alan 90 Palenske, Janice Mary Palenske, Jeffrey Roger Palenske, Timothy Jon Pales, Tammi 111 Palin, Diane Panchisin, Mathew Eric Panchisin, Paula 90 Pandazi, Diane 90 Panek, Elaine Marie Panek, Eugene Gerold Pang, Stephen Ying-Fang 121 Pang, Thomas Ying-Chung 90 Panos, Joann Kathaleen Panousieres, John James Papadakis, Pelageia 90 Papanek, Lee Ingrid 132 Papanek, Ronald Bergh 121 Papas, Vicki Perette 132 Parcelli, Michael Paul 121 Paretzkin, Lisa Ann 91 Park, Hyo Sim 132 Park, Peter 132 Park, Sang 91 Park, Song Joon 132 Parker, Kimberly Ann 132 Parks, Barbara Beth 121 Parrilli, Vito Sam 91 Partington, Janet Lynn 91 Partipilo, Thomas 132 Pass, Janet Ellen Pattison, Diane E. Ill Pattison, Mary Ann 132 Paulis, Debbie Jan 111 Paustian, Lynn Marie 132 Pearlman, Vicki Jo Pearson, Jeff David Pearson, Mary Carol 111 Pieschl, Ernest Steven 91 Pieschal, Hans 121 Penn, Marcy Ann 132 Penn, Michelle B. 91 Pereira, Ana Pereira, Andres Perez, Irene 132 Perl, Sheldon Gerard 121 Perlin, Mike Alan 121 Perlman, Barbara Alice 111 Perlman, Debra Beth 91 Perlman, Scott Michael Perlmutter, Gary Alan 121 Perperas, Johnny 132 Perrotta, Peter Michael Pescatore, Peggy Ann 91 Peters, Scott Petersen, Christine Ann 121 Peterson, Kenneth Walter 111 Peterson, Martin Edward 111 Peterson, Robert K. Petr akis, Peter Thomas 111 Petrie, Debra Jeanne 121 Pettinato, David Fred 91 Phillips, Pamela Pieper, Donald William 111 Pietroske, Suzanne Mari Pindras, Robert R. 91 Pintz, Barbara Anna 121 Piper, Gail Amelia 122 Pipia, Suzanne 111 Piro, Ben 122 Pirpiris, Stacey 92 Pissios, Maria 111 Pitts Scott Allen 122 Platt, Andrew Lloyd 92 Platt, Michael Jay 132 Plotnick, Daniel Mark 132 Plotnick, Gary Lee 111 Pockrandt, Gary Podell, Marla Lee 111 Pollack, Allyson Rae 111 Pollack, Jeffrey 111 Ponitch, Julie Lynn 92 Popovich, George 132 Porcaro, Kelli Mary 132 Porcaro, Robert Keith 92 Potash, Edward Murray 92 Poticha, Meryl Stacy 92 Potysman, Troy Powell, Jay H. 122 Powell, Stacy Marlene Powers, Tammy Marie 132 Price, Judith Ellen 132 Price, Lisa Cheryl 111 Prinz, Lisa Deborah 112 Prinz, Paul Terry Prinz, Steven Mark 92 Privatsky, Bruce N. Prochotsky, John Frank Prochotsky, Mary Beth 92 Provost, Peter D. Puetz, Cindy L. 122 Puetz, Daniel Edward Qualiardi, William John 92 Quilici, Victor Del 122 Quinn,John Walter 112 Quirk, Jane Mary92 Quist, Patti Dee 132 Rabey, Douglas Michael Rabin, David Martin 122 Rabin, Laoren Beth 112 Rabin, Steven A. 122 Radermacher, James Paul Refferty, Margaret Ann 112 Rafferty Maureen T. 93 Rafilson, Bruce J. Ragano, Melina A. Ragano, Venitia Santa Rainero, Kenneth Oscar Ramirez, Richard David 112 Ramseyet, Cameron Dave 132 Ramseyer, Stephen Earl 93 Ranganath, Shoba 112 Rapoport, Gail Delores 122 Ratner, Neal Ross Ratner, Tami Nadine 93 Reasner, Timothy J. Rector, Karen Sue 122 Reeves, Dora 132 Reichert, Richard R. 93 Riechle, Willaim Keith Reichstetter, Christine 122 Reichstetter, Paul Alfred 93 Red, Neil E. Reifenberg, Mary P. 122 Reinhard, David Allen 122 Reinhardt, Anthony Pete 132 Reinhardt, Caroline 112 Reinmueller, Curtis George Reinmueller, Mark Richard Reisman, Howard Keith 132 Reisman, Michael Scott 32 Reiter, David S. Reljac, Jean Elizabeth 132 Reljac, Pegie Anne 112 Remus, Carolyn Joan 112 Renick, Michael Louis 133 Revis, John Mark 112 Rice, Edward Hayim 93 Rich, Debra Lynn 133 Rich,Laurie Ann 112 Rich, Robert Scott 133 Richards, Charles Edward 122 Richardson, Randall 133 Richman, Gail Lynn 133 Rickert, Karen A. 112 Ridenhower, Ramona V. 93 Ridley,Kevin John 93 Ridley, Shawn Joseph 133 Riemer, Robert Allan 122 Riha, Sarah Jane 122 Ring, Jeffrey Vincent 133 Ringer, John W. Risoff, Steve Edward 112 Rivkin, Steve Gary 112 Rivkin, Thomas Stanton 133 Ro, Sam Sung 112 Robbins, Richard Barry Robbins, Richard Elliot 112 Robbins, Robert Jay 133 Roberts, Tracy Dee Robin, Marsha Lynn Robins, Jodi Melinda 133 Robinson, Michael Eric 133 Robinson, Sheryl Laura 93 Rock, Irene Dorothy 133 Rock, Norbert Adolf Rockel, Jeffrey Alan 122 Rodgers, Laura Lee 112 Rodgers Susan Christine 133 Rolf, William Ernest Roller, Lorayne Anne 133 Rook, Peter Raymond Root, Judith Lynne 112 Rooth, Paul David 122 Rosas, Dina Louise 122 Rose, Gary Howard 112 Rosebrok, Kenny G. 93 Rosen, David A. 133 Rosenbaum, Judith Nancy 122 Rosenberg, Anita Rosema 133 Rosenblum, Steven Ely 122 Rosienski, Celeste Ann 93 Rosienski Philip J. Rosin, James Richard 112 Rosow, Laura Ann 133 Ross, Amy Frances 133 Ross, Deanne Carrie Ross, Dominick S. 122 Ross, Edward Leo 133 Ross, H. Stuart Ross, Janice Rae 112 Ross, Jeannine Ann 133 Ross,Tammy Sue 93 Rossmann, Linda Joy 122 Rotheiser, Shari Faith Rothstein, Harold Allen Rubel, Tamara Rubenstein, David Richard 122 Rubenstein, Steven H. 112 Rubiano, Gustavo 112 Rubin, Andrew Scott 112 Rubin, Bonnie Rae 93 Rubin, Carol Ann 112 Rubin, Michael Craig 93 Rubin, Michael Joseph 93 Rubin, Yvette Susan 112 Rudin, Scott Howard 133 Rueb, Joanne 93 Ruehrdanz, Michael Patrick 133 Ruesch, Susan M. 133 Runtz, Christine Ann 122 Russell, Andrew 133 Russell, Lisa Renee 122 Ryan, Frances Rebecca 94 Sable, Cari Lynn Sacks, Barry Alan 112 Sacks, Michael Jay 112 Sakas, James Steven 94 Saklak, Diane Jean 122 Saletnik, Dorothy 133 Sail, Kenneth Roger 133 Salomon, James Fred94 Salomon, Scott Daniel Samet, Aviva Esther 133 Samet, Tova Shoshana 94 Samuelson, Laurence 94 Samuelson, Matthew Ira 133 Sandberg, Lori Ann 94 Sander, Christopher 133 Sanders, wteven Michael Sandlow, Bruce Robert 133 Sandlow, Jay Ira 94 Santi, Valerie Ann Santiler Graciela 112 Santiler, Margarita 133 Sarasin, Robert SCott 94 Sathy, Michael R. 133 Saville, Shira 133 Savitt, Carol Beth 122 Savitt, Michael L-e 94 Sax, Karen Denise 133 Scalin, Cari Ann 94 Scapardine, Gail 133 Scarpelli, Paul M. 95 Schaffner, Lisa Ann Schalz, Timothy Schanz, Gerald Allan 112 Schaul, Linda Marie 95 Schauwecker, Chris James 95 Schell, Scott Schencker, Deena 95 Schlesinger, Eugene Schlueter, Claire 95 Schlueter, Matthew Schlueter, Timothy Schmidt, Michael L. 122 Schmidt, Richard Alan 112 Schmiegelt, David John Schmiegelt, Susan Marie 133 Schneider, Gregg Walter Schnell, Rebecca Dawn 133 Schnurr, Gary Phillip Schonberg, Jennifer 95 Schonberg, Kristen Ann 112 Schreier, David Ty Schreiter, Keith Lawrence 95 Schroeder, Arthur F. 122 Schroeder, Michelle T. Schulte, Brett Charles 133 Schulte, Karen Alice 112 Schulter, Cynthia 133 Schulz, Manfred Schuman, Michael Aaron 112 Schwartz, Charles Eric 133 Schwartz, James C. 112 Schwartz, Mark 112 Schwartz, Murray David 95 Schwartz, Paul Scott, Anthony 95 Searle, Gregory Hugh 133 Sebastiano, Michelle 95 Sedelsky, Heidi Dawn 133 Seiler, Rosemarie K. 123 Selz, Caryn Selz, Peter Alan Serlin, Andrew Bruce 112 Serota, Steven Norman 133 Seymour, Michelle Lynn 112 Seyter, George Albert Shandling, Vicki Lynn 122 Shapiro, Anita Karen 122 Shapiro, John Todd 122 Shapiro, Keith Shapiro Lori Hope 133 Shartiag, Michael Joseph 95 Shavel, Ross Alan Shavel, Steven Craig Shaw, Bruce Alan 112 Shay, Pat Dean 133 Shayne, Ellice Debbie 337 Shea, Karen 134 Shedroff, Karin Gail 113 Sheehan, Dan Ray Shemroske, Patrick 113 Shemroske, Paul 134 Shemroske, Philip G. 95 Sherman, Yvonne I. 122 Shelter, Nadine Shim, David Hosuk Shimanovsky, Dave L. 122 Shonfeld, Hugh David 96 Shultz, Tom JOhn 134 Shuman,Lisa Suzanne 96 Shurson, Julie Ann 122 Shurson, Mark O. Sidler, Gayle Dina 113 Sidler, Lisa Beth 134 Siegel, Garry Jay Siegel, Ken Todd 122 Siegel, Steven Brian Siegel, Steven Ross Siemsen, Amy M. 122 Sienkowski, Bruce Alan 96 Sienkowski, Sherry Lynn 133 Siers, Larry M. 96 Sierzega, Richard Allan 122 Sierzege, Thomas Michael Sikaras, Christine 123 Silberman, Lawrence 134 Sillitti, Patricia Ann 123 Silver, Gary Silverman,Beth Michele 134 Silverman Michael J. 123 Silverman, Penny 96 Silverman, Todd Stan Silverstein, Jodie H. 123 Simmons, Philip Lambert 96 Simon, Daniel 96 Simon, Donn Alan 113 Simon, Florence Adele 123 Simon, Gregg Marlow 113 Simon, Lynn Janis 96 Simon, Maybelle Kay 113 Simon, Steven 134 Simons, Aric Lee Simonson, Paul Stewart Singer, Linda Ann 97 Singer, Mario 123 Sinker, Ruth Alison 97 Skoglund, Scott Robert 134 Skupiewski, Douglas M. 123 Slisz, Elizabeth Ann 134 Slivnick, Sari Lynn 113 Slivagos, Nicholas Sliwa, James Joseph 113 Sliwa, Susan J. 134 Sloma, Kitty A. 97 Sloma, Pam L. 134 Smith, Charles Albert 134 Smith, Kelley May 134 Smith, Patricia 113 Smith, Ronald Glenn 123 Smith, Ted Smith, Tracy 97 Smolenski, Joseph Stephen 123 Smolenski, Lori Ann 134 Smolenski, Paula Rose 113 Smolin, Terri Kathleen 123 Smoller, Scott Allen Snow, Howard Keith 123 Snow, Robert David 97 Snyder, Elizabeth Ann 113 Sobczak, Jeffrey George 123 Sobczak, Steven Michael Socash, Bonnie Lynn 97 Sokniewicz, Brian James 113 Solal, Janine Meryl 97 Sommerfield, Craig Louis 123 Sonkin, Helene Lisa 134 Sonkin, Miles Gary Sonne, Sherry Lynn 113 Sonne, Teresa Ann 97 Sorenson, Jim Louis 97 Sorenson, Kim Ann 134 Sorkin, Stuart Ira 97 Spagnoli, Charles Mario 97 Spagnoli, Joseph Edward 134 Speis, Nicky Speizman, Gary Michael Sperling, Stacy Ann 123 Spourgitis, Pamela 123 Sprague, Thomas Neil 113 Spreckman, Laura Beth 97 Springer, Michael R. 113 Springer, Steve Jay 134 Sprogis, Karen 98 Sprogis, Renee 113 Spyratos, Emily 123 Spyratos, Jerry 98 Staiger, William Carl 98 Stamos, Peter Paul 98 Stankowicz, James M. 123 Stankowicz,Sally A. 98 Stark, Gloria Starkston, David Mark 98 Stathopoulos, Angie Stavropoulos, Christine Stec, Greg John 98 Steele, Kimberly Lynn 113 Steffen, Carl William 98 Stein, David O. 134 Stein, Elizabeth F. 123 Stein, Jay MichaelStein, Robert N. 113 Steinberg, Stacey Lynn 113 Steindler, Nora Ellen 113 Steiner, Ron Emery 134 Stepke, Julie Marie 134 Stepke, Suzanne 98 Stern, Laurence Alan 98 Stern, Mitch Alan 134 Stern, Todd Merrill 123 Sternbert, Mark Alan 123 Stevens, Rhonda Lee 113 Stielow, Elizabeth K. 113 Stielow, Gary Arthur Stoker, Richard G. Stolberg Howard Steven 113 Sto;berg, William David 134 Stoller, Sharon Dee 99 Stoller, Stewart David 99 Stone, Elisa 123 Stone, Gary Paul 99 Stone, Jodi Eve 134 Stone, Kim Stone, Stacey Marcia 113 Stotz, Donald Andrew Stotz Nancy Anne 113 Strassman, Joel Lee 113 Straton, George L. 134 Straub, Andy Fred Straub, Antje 99 Strauss, Nancy Lynn 123 Strauss, Robert Samuel 134 Strehl, Ronald Kurt 134 Streicher, Ian Henry 123 Streiff, Constance Joan 123 Strissel, Dawn Marie 123 Stongin, Scott Dennis 113 Stuermer, Anne Elizabeth 134 Stuermer, Mike Alvin 99 Sucherman, Joel A. 134 Sucherman, Paul J. 113 Suess, Loring Michael Sugar, Daniel Lawrence 134 Sugar, David Sullivan, Jeffrey T. 99 Sullivan, Jolene Marie 113 Sultz, Jill Rebecca 123 Sussman, Alan Craig 134 Sussman, Jay Michael Svrcek, Linda 134 Sqanke, Anthony Paul Swanke, Serena Ann Swanson, Jeffrey Lee Swanson, Renee Eleanor 134 Sweeny, Erin M. 123 Swift, Kevin Allen 99 Szymanski, John Edward Taibl, Ronald Jeffery Tamraz, Jeffery Raymond Tamraz, Tammy Christine 123 Tanaka, Miho 99 Tao, Cynthia Mary 99 Tarrson, Barbara Gayle 99 Tatooles, Antone John 123 Tatooles, Julie Denise 113 Tenzillo, Elizabeth Ann 113 Terpinas, Tina 123 Terrazas, Debra Denise 134 Terzakis, John Andrew 100 Terzakis, Laura Marie 100 Terzakis, Linda Ann 134 Terzis Caryn Marie 134 Terzis, John Nicholas 113 Thall, Janice 113 Therios, Athanasios D. 123 Thill, Steve Edward 123 Thoma, Donna Lynn Thomason, Dean Craig 134 Thomason, Scott Gary 123 Thommes, Kevin John 134 Thompson, Diana Thompson, Tony Franz Till, Susan Bridget Tiltz, Lynne Tracey 113 Tobin, Cheryl Renee 123 Tobin, Lisa Meredith 134 Tobin, Marla Gayle 100 Tobin, Steven Harley 113 Todd, Robert James 123 Tolentino, Liza Tolsky, Amy Bess 100 Tom, Anna 1 13 Tomacic, Boris 100 Tomacic, Christina Ann 134 Tomaras, John Scott 134 Tomaras, Steve Charles Tomasic, Mirjana 113 Tomoleoni, Lisa Rose 134 Tonsul, Gloria Torres, Michael Thomas 100 Toth, Annie Margaret Toth, Jeanne Marie Toth, Joseph Peter 114 Toth, Margaret Jean 134 Trachtenberg, Barry D. 134 Tralmer, Kim Ann 123 Tralmer, Robert Kelly 100 Trapanese, Cynthia 100 Travis, Elizabeth Sue 135 Travis, Jeffrey Bernard 100 Travis, Leonard Edwin 114 Travlos, George 135 Trefren, Peter James 135 Teietler, Jodi 114 Trelford, Karrie 100 Trelford, Keith Treshansky, Lisa Joy 100 Trester, Richard Lance 100 Treutelaar, Deborah Sue Tripi, Nancy Lynn 123 Tripicchio, Donna 123 Tripicchio, Michael A. Tripp, Steve M. 114 Tritschler, John Tony 101 Trozzo, Janet 101 Trykowski, Mark William 123 Tuite, Kathy Lynne 101 Turchen, Jamie Ilene 134 Turek, Jerry Turek, John Turner, Darlene 135 Turton, Craig 135 Turton, Melody Claire 114 Tut, Howard 101 Tutt, Marcey 134 Tuzzolino, Nancy N. 123 Udell, Glenn Laurence 135 Udell, Jacky 114 Uglinica, Tarina Ann 123 Urban, Ralph B. Urow, Dennis Richard Vaccaro, Leo Valenti, Angelo 135 Valenziano, Kent W. 114 Valerio, Deneon Gina Valiaveedu, Sebastian A. 114 Vargas, Angelita E. Vargas, Leticia 135 Vargas, Sally L. Vargas Sylvia 123 Varnavas, Dino James 135 Vass, Edie Michele 123 Vaughan, Michael J. 123 Vaughn, Gregory Robert Vazquez, Luis Vazquez, Rebecca 123 Vazquez, Tony John 101 Verdin, Dwight John 101 Verdin, Ross Hohn Vick, Jeff R. 135 Vick, Laurie Anne 114 Vinci, Wendy Susan 101 Viner, Michael Bennett 123 Vinson, Denise 101 Virag, Theresa Kathryn 101 Vishny, Michael Howard 124 Vodvarka, Jane Marie 135 Vogel, Peter Sam Wada, Neil 135 Wadhwa, Anjali 135 Wadhwa, Era Rani 124 Wadler, Mary Katherine 114 Wagner, John Charles Wainer, Jamie Lynn 135 Wainer, Stacie Lee 114 Wall, Brendan Wall, Jill Beth 135 Wallace, Melinda 135 Wallach, Wendy J. 101 Wainer, David L. J. 124 Walsh, Martin Peter Wang, Yi-Chang Wang, Yi-Hon Warady, Stephanie Dara 101 Warchol, Curtis Hohn 114 Warda, Edward Sargon Warda, Suzette Marie 114 Warkenthien, Lynn M. 114 Warner, Laura Dawn 124 Warner, Richard Barry Warshawsky, Arthur D. 135 Warshawsky Randi I. 114 Warso, David Martin 135 Warso, Susan 101 Wasserberg, Andrew S. Watson, John Scott Watts, David Scott 114 Wax, Paul Ross 124 Wax, Philip Lee 114 Wedel, Jill Marie Wegener, Nancy June 135 Wei, Patricia Marie 135 Weil, Bruce Martin 114 Weil, Nancy H. 124 Weiler, Thomsa Weinberg, Leslie Hope 135 Weindling, David Samuel 124 Weindling Sandra Weinman, Thomas John 102 Weinstein, Scott Alan 114 Weiser, Carolyn Joy 135 Weiser, David Steven 124 Weisman, Ross Harold 124 Weiss, Alan B. 135 Weiss Christopher J. 124 Weiss Darlene J. 114 Weiss,Debbie Beth 124 Weiss Eddie M. 124 Weiss, Janet Ellen 124 Weiss, Jennifer Marie 135 Weiss, Jill Ann Weiss, John Francis 102 Weiss, Linda Renee 135 Weiss, Mary Adele 114 Weiss, Mithcell Jay 102 Weiss, Steven M. 114 Weiss,Thomsa William 135 Weisz, Jacqueline 102 Welter, David Eric Welter, Jacqueline Anne Wendt, Linda Marie 102 Wendt, Roger Ernest 124 Werdinger, Fran A. 102 Weser, John Thomas Wexler, Pamela Andrea 124 Wheeler, Christopher L. 114 Wheeler, Curtis Wayne 135 Wheeler, Kevin Michael 124 Whelan, John Albert 135 Widin, Theodore Arthur 102 Wiechec, Mark Wierzchon, Elizabeth 114 Wiesser, Daniel 102 Wikstrom, Karen Joy 103 Wilczewski, Alan Robert 114 Wilczewski, Cynthia Ann 135 Wilfong, David Wayne 103 Willerman, Keith Glenn 114 Williams, Catherine M. 124 Williams, Christopher L. 124 Williams, Nancy Marian 114 Williams, Stephen Mark 114 Wilm, Paul Eric Wilson, Brett Joseph 114 Wilson, Patrick F. Winkler, Glenn Oscar Wise, Deborah Rae 124 Wise, Rochelle Mae 135 Wishner, Kenneth Darrow Wishner, Russell Blair 103 Witkowski, Karen Marie 124 Witt, Mark Tyler 135 Wittenberg, Greg James 135 Witz, Gar y Ira 135 Wnuk, Barbara E. 124 Wolf, Georgia Kay 103 Wolfe, Andrea Merle 114 Wolff, Audrey Lynn 103 Wolter, Jamie Ann 114 Wolters, Ann M. 103 Woodier, Linda Anne 124 Wotman, Larry Nathan Wozniak, Carolyn Wrzala, James E. Wu, Victor H. W. 124 Wurl, Denise Ann 103 Wydra, Michael John Yakoubek, Susanne M. 135 Yang, Heeyong Yannakis, Helen 124 Yannakis, Katherine Yaybulak, Kubra Saadet 103 Yellen, Michael Craig 124 Young, Janet 124 Young, Karen Amy 124 Young, Lauren Denise 135 Young, Robin Gaile 114 Youstra, Kristin Joanne 135 Zahnen,Michael Zammar, Chris A. 135 Zaslavsky, Dennis Mark 114 Zawiski, Lauren Threse 124 Zbilski, Jim C. Zeff, Jay Lawrence 135 Zeid, Pamela 103 Zeid, Richard Michael 135 Zeinfeld, lleen Gail 114 Zeinfeld, Joyce Gwen 135 Zeitler, Parricia Ann 124 Zelickman, Lori Renee 124 Zeller, Daniel John 124 Zellers, Brenda Lee 124 Zeman, James Andrew 135 Zemsky, Alan Jay 135 Zercher, Ingrid Carolyn Zerone, Sandra 135 Zicarelli, Carmela A. 124 Zidel, William Ziegelski, Debra Ann 114 Zissman, Marc Alan 124 Zivilik, Mark Joel 103 Zoros, Donna Lee 114 Zucker, Jamie Daen 124 Zucker, Mark Steven 114 Zucker, Michael 339 In Memoriam Jay Miles ’79 Susan Bryant ’71 Debra Marcus ’75 The liberator of him whom freedom can not release, the physician of him whom medicine can not cure, and the comforter of him whom time can not console. - Charles Calib Colton - — — ...... w. 1 I.. . 1 ym JTSJ '

Suggestions in the Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) collection:

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