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 - Class of 1972

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Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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6 H 8d SlHOdS £11 Sd saniD f ncct ium ZSL riiUWeU ¥ kcki , yUineib -v LO §5 " ■r uj 5i £ HOW TO PLAY 219: A CHOOL ODYSSEY A Realistic Educational Social GAME for ages 14-18, any number of players OBJECT OF THE GAME: The object of the game is to be the first player to achieve his personal goal. By moving through the various areas of the board and accumulating the required points the players fulfill their individual goals. THE PLAYING BOARD: The board consists of 3 areas: (1) THE OUTER TRACK (BLUE colored squares) involves the area of ACADEMICS and related activities; (2) THE GRADE LEVEL PATHS (RED colored squares) consist of the FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR, and SENIOR YEAR tracks and deal with SOCIAL activities; and (3) THE EXTRACURRICULAR PATHS, (GREEN colored tracks) consist of the SPORTS, CLUBS, and SCHOOL EVENTS tracks which involve out of class activities and events. ALL players must enter the 4 Grade Level Paths (exceptions — see DROPOUT and JUNIOR GRAD rules) and the Outer Track; the 3 activitiy paths are OPTIONAL. SETTING THE GOAL: Before the game begins, each player sets his goal by writing it on his " PERMANENT RECORD " score sheet. Fill in the sheet as it applies to the goal, (see page 12 for illustration) Once chosen, THE GOAL CANNOT BE CHANGED, (exception — JUNIOR GRAD rule) ALL players must fulfill Graduation Requirement of 30 Grade Pts. in ENGLISH, SOC. STUDIES, SCIENCE, and MATHE¬ MATICS CURRICULUM, 10 Grade pts. in PHYSICAL ED., and 30 pts. in other areas, total 70 Grade pts. Beyond this, players may choose from the following (NOTE — all Grade pts. include Graduation Requirements, and points are listed Grade, Social, Activity where applicable) Ivy League School: 110, 12, 50, SAT-1300, CEEB- 1300. Private School: 100, 10, 40, SAT-1150, CEEB-1100. State University: 90, ACT- 26. Jr. College: 80, ACT 23 or SAT 1000. Vocational School: 70. Job: 70 plus 1 year of WORK STUDY. SCORING: There are 3 types of points in the game: Grade points. Social points and Activity points. Each point type has a corresponding color and is found only in the area of the board that has that color. Grade points are found only on the Outer Track (BLUE) and are recorded in the Grade Points column of the score sheet. Social points are found only in the Grade Level Paths (RED) and are tallied in the Social points score sheet column, in the same manner as Grade points. Ac¬ tivity points are found only in the Extracurricular Paths (GREEN). These points are treated differently; for each and every activity square a player lands in, he makes a tally mark in the Activity Record column of the score sheet, for the respective path he is in (SPORTS, CLUBS, SCHOOL EVENTS). Each square =1 tally. GRADE POINTS — SPECIAL: For the CURRICULUM, FINALS, and COLLEGE TESTS squares, the following rule exists: players NEED NOT LAND IN these squares to participate or score points; they may pass over them, and on completion of their move score points, roll die, etc. For the CURRICULUM squares, there are 2 additional rules: first, a player may remain in a square for 1 turn and SCORE AN ADDITIONAL 1 GRADE POINT BEYOND THE PRINTED VALUE. THE ONE TURN ADDITION IS MAXIMUM — ON THE FOLLOWING TURN, THE PLAYER RESUMES MOVEMENT. THIS BONUS IS OPTIONAL. Second, a player is limited to scoring Grade points from any CURRICULUM SQUARES MAXIMUM PER YEAR (YEAR — ONCE AROUND BOARD). This is a maximum only— there is no minimum. PLAYING THE GAME: The game consists of moving around the board 4 times (exception — JUNIOR GRAD or DROPOUT). Each Player MUST travel through all 4 Grade Levels Paths, subject to the following rule: BEFORE HE MAY ENTER THE NEXT GRADE LEVEL PATH, HE MUST CIRCLE THE REST OF THE BOARD. This applies to the Grade Level Paths ONLY. HOW TO MOVE: Movement on the game board is accomplished in 3 ways. First, the basic movement on the Outside Track and in the Extracurricular Paths: a player may move 1, 2, or 3 square per turn, and he MUST move AT LEAST ONE SQUARE PER TURN. To enter an inside path (Grade Level or Extracurricular) a player loads on the entrance square and ends his turn. ON HIS NEXT TURN, he enters the path. The second method of movement is by use of the special die (with 1, 2, and 3 spots). This movement by die roll takes place ONLY WITHIN THE GRADE LEVEL PATHS. Upon entering the path, the player rolls the die and moves the amount indicated. Once he returns to the Outside Track, he resumes REGU¬ LAR (selective) movement. The third type of movement is governed by the follow¬ ing rule: every FIFTH turn, EACH player rolls the die TWICE, adds the sum of the two rolls, and refers to the DETOUR TABLE for the result, (see illustration on page 12) The player moves to the designated space, follows the instructions and then RETURNS TO THE SQUARE JHE CAME FROM, (this rule also applies to deviation from the Grade Level Paths — the " Go to Counselor ' s Office, " etc. squares — the player RETURNS to the track). The TABLE affects ALL players in ALL tracks. GRADUATION: When a player finds that he has accumulated enough Grade points to meet Graduation Requirements (along with proper CURRICULUM) he may graduate. He does not have to if his goal is not yet achieved, as achieving the goal is the object of the game. To graduate, a player declares that he is graduating and moves to the center of the board. His score sheet is checked, and if correct, his marker is removed. JUNIOR GRADUATE: At the beginning of the game, a player may decide to make as part of his goal Graduation after Junior Year; if so, he notes this on his score sheet. He CANNOT WIN unless he graduates THAT YEAR. If a player find that, after completion of Junior Year he cannot fulfill this goal, he CAN change his goal with the penalty that he may not win UNTIL HE COMPLETES THE SENIOR YEAR. THIS IS THE ONLY INSTANCE WHERE A PLAYER CAN CHANGE HIS GOAL AFTER THE GAME BEGINS. DROPPING OUT : If a player feels that he cannot achieve his goal he may drop out anytime after completion of SOPHOMORE YEAR. The player declares that he is dropping out, and moves to the DROPOUT square and follows the instructions there. If he wishes to return to the game he may, by beginning again his last COMPLETED year. His goal, however, remains UNCHANGED. WINNING THE GAME: When a player achieves his goal, he may at anytime declare it. If no one else has met his goal at this time, he is the winner. If 2 or more players achieve their goal at the same time, they all win. SPECIAL RULES: When a player is leaving a Grade Level Path and wishes to stop at a CURRICULUM square but his die roll will take him BEYOND it, he may end his move on the CURRICULUM square. )|JOAA lSO| JOJ ‘id l aso-| (3DIAA1 3IO IIOJ) SJO jo ||Oj joiip dAed| Aev — ueap ssep aas o) au;| u; l ipm noA d|ii|M sujnj z aso-j 331330 S NV3Q Ul WKJ - 5 I o. 73 — z ft ' St o P° m » c 0 m c 2. § G c 2.3 U ft 2-o E n CL « n a 3 Sf o’O 70 O a 2 . 3 m 73 i i. 2 T aj 3 = = 5 - no n C £ Cm | 20 - - 2-2 O 3 2-3 2. O a 2. 5 o - 1 a “ K 2a c " S 2 m = 3 _ In 1 ! " n tr a O “ 3 n 3 ft) ft “00 all £ 00 xn m 5 (t O 0 m 2.oq -o p o §.| ois -• 3 ' 3 ft . = 0 3 m Ml oz si 50 O m A w r m («) ; 2J cQ 3 30 m ■ 70 Z f 2- 5 c 2. 2 ft) 3 3 £2 S 73 SZ n C H 20 NURSE ' S OFFICE Stay 2 turns to have your temperature taken Then lie down rest. Move on when you roll a 2 (jaaip i,uop noA p uaAa) id i iao aDUduadxa |ejni|nD $? suozuol) jnoA uapeojq noA a|iqAf A|uo ujni i Aeis (33dOOHM) S3I38W3SSV 100H3S J S 4 qdo$ qsojj ajaq sjipaj3 jnoA oieg wmn 3 iann 3 S3IW0N033 3WOH Z3 O 3- 2 --3 to ft) -n 3 ft — - OL 3 § " a • 2 tt + ! DC. re o 3 o O 3- ft O Si. Cl no n o 3 —• O ' ) Q. 0 J ■Ore -1 . SJ !?c o o on o o ft O £ O c z cc ■ — S , ft 5 tV ft 05 - $ -o _. ft : -T 3 - 20 =- o 3 . 3 ft 3 5 ' 00 Lose Clitt Notes to Julius Caesar -1 Get Bronze Key + 2 Flood engine in Behind the Wheel -1 Take 12 weeks of Health Lose 1 turn Get Doubh Pneumonia from swim n Go to Nurse ' s O ' fl SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM Earn your credits here Frosh Soph Jr Sr Roll Die Twice pray sweat SAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 700 850 1000 1150 1300 1600 ACT 18 21 24 28 31 33 CE 1 I! 1! If juaiudinba jadojd pue pajJ 03 - Ainiqe aijamje auios - Suipuejs uewqsajj - M31N3 Oia3a33N SIMOdS iqsuojdiueip aaudJd uoa lieqiooi u|M uieaj J3DDOS a ew taaui 8upuaj 8uunp papoj s8uu ||;)s uo ssoj UOJ| OQ JS J| qdos qsojj ajaq sppajD jnoA ujeg wmroiMMro simv lvmisnaNi UOjSIAip 81 Zll ui puz aae|d siJods loqasjaiu; ,s|jj8 ui atedpqjej unj auioq SuiUUlM -awe8 i|H lUdAd a|A)saajj jaiaiu 00S ui ajaduio 3 |33 Ui pej) 8uunp iuaiue8i| 11 nd — jjejs peg (aAoqe o»jp) uoqeajidde 3831103 - (uaqo) ajnp;d ooqjeaA joj ajisaQ - (Aneuojseaao) )saj 3 )u| aumuaf) - •M31N3 Ol Q3G33N S8mD JS3JUO ) Jajsod SNI ui Ajjua iiuiqn§ J3JU33 SujpAaaJ qsqqejsa azmeSjo sjqauaq uoqezjiBjidsoq 3AI333J — suoqeqiu; aniD-N aA|Ajns Uoqa qnp ino-||B u; sa|dde Aqej jo jaquinu pjoaaj ||as Noiivnavno n 219: Z 73 0 c H C A SCHOOL 0 H D Q cc z ODYSSEY U GRADUATION S JS (Apea ino ia8 pue) saxei Aed aDuaijadxa jnoA pue junoaae |ueq jnoA puedxg (A1NO SMS S SMf) AarUS MMOM ujnj L.joj ,,8u| jjed aajj,, isnf — ajaq sasnuoq jo ' saqieuad " sid on 3DNfl01 !N3aniS luaujeujno) ipaads ajeis ui isjq 33B|d iuse;snq)ua leaidA) saiejauaS qnp MdN adej paj Dqejaneajnq a|neq dpq pue jaoS luapnis uiof jajsaujas e joj luapnjs S3V ue asnopi sauqpeap pauj o) Ajj ? jajjodaj pjo v jsaM a luo Jag qeis jjooqjeaA snopuadnjs UjOf uoqedpqjed qSnojqi uo;ssdJdxd-j|as puq pue WO u|Of O — c 3 t 0125 U 3 E a; Q- (fl-DXu. i i U 3 £ X p i- O m O Ilia! E c OS ol or; l = a) o « £ 0 r a» 3 c 5 E o 00 I I S J Hr IZ lor c n D 0; 41 -Q 4) TJ 111,51 v straight ne in Geom. lass + 1 Score BIG on NEDT tests + 2 it jhomore ump " -2 SOPHOMORE YEAR NEEDED TO ENTER: - Completion of freshman year - Idealism some ignorance - Grim determination Receive White Certificate +2 Put into computer come out as serial number -1 Lose your innocence (congratu¬ lations!) + 1 Fall asleep in NWC Go to Dean ' s Office Go to Frosh Mixer— find dream date + 2 ENGLISH CURRICULUM tarn your credits here Frosh Soph Jr Sr CREDIT-AUDIT (all levels) Sign up for Cr Au to take course for enrichment Get 2 pts. Can ' t find room 142 -1 Join 7 clubs 1st day + 2 Buy elevator pass at discount -1 o .x «• _E i- rc 3 u3E.EE CL - .2 3 £ c 2 .c CL .E CL CL Jj- c - O- JC « c ,2P Q- ■£ o c FRESHMAN YEAR NEEDED TO ENTER: - No previous high school experience - Whimsical optimism - ?!? DRIVER ED Execute a perfect turnabout without denting car Get 1 pt. E 0-8 S 3 J jSalfcr11 - r- w C OQ- m Gu q 331330 S M013SNfl03 Q 6 Oi T3 y aj i- 4i _q 0 C -C — o m - -2 £ r-D : Z £ L o J5 xT JZ , | ± S4S§ lj g " E t X ■£■ 3(n ind J3 Ol oo - m “I UJ -J D V 5g 0= u: u iN n rrifl c Jo a; -c JZ pS- i ' .2 h 2 y 5 ui uj El x " 5. n.Er o- “ £215-: 0 S i S e £ ' £ i 2 S g c % gj o u lu o 3.-2 ui u in Z . . - E ! Q Z _ n O m ™ T3 _ _ 4) QJ !| Sli o-So2 3 S c aj m oi CM PO UJ E £ n o As an incoming freshman Must have: - grammar school diploma - innocence, ignorance, idealism utT, loo At that 010 TRiiHk TO StLL tltNATOR pasts ' Ht FfcO AfcLM VriOW l Situ A SmfaLt one... vnn Mot 7 fo o All Tttt tResoroen H St Uf ? AHX Ho tNitiMftcfol AuFtAO ' f DR. MAHNOS P t Iwt IM or 1 L 16M n __ ;| : .- DRIVER ED Execute a perfect turnabout without denting car Get 1 pt. )|JOM )SO| JOJ jd l asoi (33IM1 310 IIOJ) S JO z jo 11o j JcMje dAed| Aey — ueap ssep ddS O) dUI| ui jieM noA d|iq v sujni z aso-j 331330 S.NV3G a ui w ro -» FINAL EXAMS JAN. 25,26,27,28 PLAN AH EA 3 . The ten commandments of Mr. Hoeppner ' s course ,ou shalt not chewest shalt not be-est ■ halt not sleepest flicks ftall speakest k y of golf shall study Mcs with all thy t and with all ■.ights VI .00 Thou sha. putest on the ,mX VII.00 Thou s W fudge r 1 VIII.00 Thou always, thy hoi ’ IX. 00 Thou si. . never f " Star A X,0 Thou shalia l carryest precision to t’ significant suods •|oipsjaiu| .sjjjS u( ojedpjjjPd S JS fr 1 (A|jeo ino p8 pue) saxei Aed $ dDuouodxa jnoA pue junojje jueq jnoA puedxj (A1NO SMS ? SMO AOfllS MMOM spjouoq uoue ijejidsoq dAiaD«)J — suojiejijiui amD-N aAjAJns )3dUI Supuaj Huunp P a l!°J DETOUR TABLE DIE ROLL TOTAL RESULT 1 GO TO dean ' s OFFICE 1 GO TO NURSE ' S OFFICE 3 NO EFFECT H 60 TO COUNSELORS OFFICE 5 GO TO SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES ( GO TO STUDENT LOUNGE START As an incoming 1 freshman H- Must have: - grammar school j t— diploma j - innocence, ignorance, 1 idealism 12 fold flap over " PERMANENT RECORD SCORE SHEET GRADC PTS. SOCIAL m ACTIVITY PTS, SPECIFIC GCAL c,«l.fcn£ : college jr college VOC. SCHOOL JOB POINT RECORD ACTIVITY RECORD S s COLLEGE TESTS grade: pts. BLUE SQUARES SOCIAL PTS. RED SPORTS Fill IN SCORES if- taken ACT SAT CEE B- CLUBS WORK STUDY CHECK VcARS TAKEN JR_ EVENTS SR._ . JUNIOR GRAD YES_ CURRENT GRADE LEVEL CIRCLE NO freshman YEAR NEEDED TO ENTER: - No previous high school experience - Whimsical optimism - ?!? SOPHOMORE YEAR NEEDED TO ENTER: - Completion of freshman year - Idealism some ignorance - Grim determination JUNIOR YEAR NEEDED TO ENTER: - Completion of Sophomore year - Beginning of senioritis (if not already begun) - Some idealism unic ' ib Gary Simon explains to Randy Kaplan about his role in Pow-Wow 71 as the gregari¬ ous Goldbatt ' s salesman. Michelle Abrams Ed Ahrens Luann Albanese Alan Alfredson Patti Allen Ed Alswede Greg Amarantos Nick Anastas Ken Anderson Gary Anderson Joel Anderson Lori Anderson Mark Appel Mary Archibald Mary Armington Dick Arns David Ash Phil Smith adds the finishing touches to his abstract drawing. Ken Piontek practices his music before marching in the band during halftime at the 15 football game. Naomi Baer Bruce Bahcall Rich Baim Marc Bannister Lisa Baron Lynn Barr Leeann Barrett Luann Barrett Tom Barlett Joan Bauer Liz Becker Sheryl Begoun Shirlee Behr Susan Beider Barbara Bell Virginia Bennett Daniel Bensing Jane Beran Jill Berg Valerie Bergstorm Gary Bernstein Bernard Asher Jim Asher Marcia Ashlevitz Sia At saves Victoria Atsaves Joe Bacigalupo The day would be incomplete for Karen Kramer and Andrea Sumner if not for an interesting piece of news. Scott Bernstein Cary Berzock Betty Bieber Ralph Biller Denise Billitteri Andi Birren Leslie Bland Brian Blaszynski Bob Blatt Mike Blechman Burton Blinick Joan Block Phillip Block Sue Block Steven Blum Jeff Blumenfeld Barbara Blumenthal Ross Blumenthal Toni Bobel Debbie Booras Sam Borde 16 David Bordon Brian Boylan William Brandenburg Diane Brauer Karen Brenner Marty Brenner Reid Brody Bob Brown Mark Brown Cary Brownstein )on Bryndolfsson Carol Bugarin Michelle Buike Diane Burkhardt Ellen Burns llene Bursheen Lynn Bush Bonnie Butler Tom Callahan Andrea Callner Robert Camras Ron Capodagli Brad Cartwright Lynn Cherney Robert Chimberoff Joy Christensen Kathy Church Janice Citron Harry Clauson Denise Cohen Lynn Cohen Nan Cohen Steve Cohen Rick Conrad Dave Conti Diane Cooper Diane Cosgrove Nancy Cowin Pam Crawford Jennifer Cuff Rita Daniel Shelia David Mozelle Dayan Margaret Deasey Diane Dedo Mike Defrancesco Sue Depaepe David Dormer Russ Desalvo Brad Desent Barry Goldberg pauses to listen in on a class discussion. 17 Fran Ermilio Rhonda Evans Sheryl Evans Vicki Fabian Holly Farris Melvin Fein Cary Feldman Ellen Feldman Rick Fogel Margaret Foo loan Forman Susan Fox Tony Fragassi Alisa Frankel Marc Freedkin Pat Freeman Barb Friedman Ion Friedman Karen Elegreet Barbara Endre Ann Engelhardt Tom English Jim Epstein Gayle Erickson Mike Ericksen Donna Deters Marshall Dickholtz Ron Dickstein Ross Diederich Terry Dimond Chris Dolan Paulette Domoracki Jett Dordick David Dorfman Robert Dorfman Mark Doroff Chris Dubas Patricia Duncan Steve Edmonds Anna Egelston Bruce Elbin During a fire drill, students find an opportunity to socialize. 18 Hrysanthy Gagomiros Ron Ganellan Bryan Gannon Gary Gates Ginger Gatz Andy Gebel ifflic 73 )oe Click Frances Glowienke Chris Goebel Barry Goldberg Brian Goldberg Larry Goldberg Bruce Goldfarb Larry Goldman Robin Goldman Debbie Goldmeier Jeff Goldsher Candy Goldstein Barry Golin Jeff Golman Ken Goodcase Robert Goodman Marla Goone David Gordon Matt Gordon Lynn Gottlieb Gail Gough Linda Graham Dave Greenberg Neal Greenberg Sheldon Greenspon Barbara Greenstein 19 Mary Healy Mike Heeney Linda Heim lanise Heimann Bill Heinz Ion Heinz Adele Heller Mickey Herst Robert Herst Richard Herstein David Hintz Sharon Hinakawa Lori Hirsh Joyce Hoelbl Connie Hoffman Dick Hoffman Bob Hohs Darryl Hold Dave Hollinger Barb Holmblad Andrew Horn Lisa Hosfield Larry Howard Jeff Huber Lynn Hughes Pat Hyosake Robert Grover Sherry Gruby Holly Gump June Gunderson Marianna Cundolf Cindy Gussis Scott Guttman Carol Habighurst Jay Hackin Darlene Halfpap Ellen Hallberg Lynne Hanlon Kim Harris Mimi Harris Hope Hartnett Patti Hayes Bryant Hazard Bob Chimberoff expands his knowledge of the Spanish culture by perfecting the intricacies of its language. 20 A call to Neil Greenberg ' s girlfriend succeeds in placing a smile across his face. unit ' i ' j Paul Igasaki Karen Irpino Allyson Isaacson Andy Jackson Suzanne Jacobsen Andrew Jariabka Jeff Jensen Ronald Jess Bill Johnson Cullen Johnson Marc Johnson Nancy Johnson Steve Johnson Steve Kacel Marilyn Kalish Jim Kamps Dave Kanter Natalie Kanter Patti Kanter Susan Kaplan Wendy Kaplan John Kellman Robert Kelly Danny Keno Marc Kerman Sheila Kinney George Kirby Mark Kirste Kathy Klebbe Lori Klemptner Marilyn Mint Marcy Koda Greg Kohls Mike Kohrman Rick Kollath Bob Kopinski Marc Koplon Leslie Koral Dave Korb Rhonda Kosover Georgia Koutouzos Barb Kramer Karen Kramer Barb Kravitz Bruce Krawetz Jill Krolik Steve Kropp Phil Kuhn 21 The warm summer days provide Felice Lambert with an opportunity to improve upon her artistic abilities. Greg Kwiecinski Howard Labow Aida Laleian Andi Landsman Bonnie Lane Mike Lapczynski Scott Lapins Brenda Larson Gary Lazarz Anita Leavitt Robin Leavitt Ed Lefcovitz Sue Lesser Monica Levin Rachel Levin Sanford Levin Barb Levine Cynthia Lewison Gary Lewison Jeff Liametz Georgine Lianos Lori Lindheimer April Lipon Hal Lipshutz Nancy Liskar Roxanne Litman Gary Loitz Steve Lome Janice Lorek Blake Lorenz Walt Lovelady Kim Luecht Olga Luppo Michelle Lustig Colleen Lyman Richard Lytton Joan McDonald Denise McEnery Kent McGuire Gail MacDonald 22 f)u tic ' Guy MacEwan Richard Machalinski Jon Manski Janet Marmel Debbie Masaracchia Steve Masters John Matchen Nancy Mauer Martin May Susan Mayer Linda Mayerdet Pam Meadow Terry Meiser Paul Mensinger Sherri Messer Gary Messinger Mark Mildenberger Sandi Milin Bob Miller Mary Ann Miller Shirley Mion Diane Mitchell Mike Mitchell Margaret Franklin, David Blanc, Ardel Simon, and Francie Osherwitz watch Jeff Goldsher while he takes time out for some exercise. Sandy Mitsui Linda Moeller Roger Molina Robert Monitz Murrey Morris Bob Morrison Phyllis Moss Paul Moy Kathy Mrozek Vicki Nakanishi Carole Nakashima Laura Neiberg Bill Nelson Craig Nelson Gene Nessenson 23 Sheryl Nudel Ron Nutting Cathy Oberlander Mark Oberrotman John O ' Brien Steven Obrochta Mark O ' Callaghan Kathie Ohlson Karen Olson Carol Habighurst performs a difficult musical composition. John O ' Malley Mike Oroark Tom Oroni Kevin Ortery Nancy Oscarson Russ Ostergaard Lucy Pagni Steve Panchesin Paul Panik Janice Papciak Donna Partington Doug Passett Cary Pavlik Mark Pec ho Dodi Peterson Jerry Peven Pat Phillips Robert Pick Steve Pick Mary Pindras Debbie Pines Ken Piontek Tom Pisoros Dave Pokvitis Lori Polin Alan Pollack Sheree Pomper 24 Debbie Potash Ron Poticha Alene Potter Sue Preston Bobbi Prielozny Kim Priola Jim Privatsky John Puetz Al Putterman Peggy Qualiardi Mary Quist Jill Rabin Steve Rabin A. Dahl Rask Rosemary Razka ffufiic ' ' Janis Reifenberg Joanne Reinhard Peter Rekas Dale Repke Wayne Richards Jay Richman Tim Ridley Ricardo Riveron Buz Rofkind Lisa Rogow Jim Roland Susan Roos Debbie Rosen Ron Rosen Sherry Rosen Steve Rosenberg Jeff Rosengarden Denise Rossmann Gordon Rothman John Rozek Norman Rubenstein Alan Rubin Janice Rubin Carole Bugarin is not in the least perturbed by the presence of the art department s skeleton as she poses with Mr. Davis ' bicycle for the art 1-2 class. 25 Several students and advisor, Mr. Green, discuss plans for their future publication of Opus I. Robert Rubin Peter Ruskm Kathy Ryan Dave Sacks Lynn Sacks Fran Saidel Bill Sakas Mike Salinger Linda Saltsberg Laurie Saltz Fred Sanchez Suzi Schaffer Harvey Scheff Susan Sc her Joe Schillaci Teri Schlag Jill Schlan John Schlegel Lori Schlesinger Ivy Schmidt Ann Schneider Barb Schneider Carol Schneider Cay Schodin Eleanor Schrader Susanna Schulz Debbie Schur Debbie Schusteff Ellen Schwartz Robin Schwartz Steve Schwartz Susan Schwartz Anthony Scipione Gail Sebring Jill Sebring Wendy Segil Ron Seifert Chris Semar Dale Semensky Bob Servos Sue Shapiro Steven Shallow Nancy Shaw Tim Sheehan Kathy Shocket Susie Sholder 26 Debbie Shoub Gail Siegel glifiicih Heidi Siegel Carol Sievers Judy Silensky Betty Silver Linda Silverberg Dan Silverman Jackie Sloan Andrew Smith Bob Smith Phil Smith Wendy Smith Mary Smolensky Mary Sobol Greg Solecki Jackie Solomon Gene Sorensen Susan Sorensen Bob Spector Steve Spector Demie Speren Linda Spielman Jeff Spitz Bruce Sporleder Donna Springborn Lisa Stackler Nancy Stanko Nat Stein Sheryl Steinberg Joel Steiner Jane Stelzer Janet Stielow Rick Stohle Maureen Stolar Linda Stone Scott Strehlow Margaret Strub Danette Strzelecki Barbara Stucka Andrea Sumner Rick Szczepanski Cathy Szelag Evelyn Taradash Orhan Uner Virginia Vaughn Mark Wagner Sue Waldin Ellen Wales Robyn Wallach Tim Walsh Rocky Walthers Robert Wamsley Doreen Tarant Mark Tarczynski Perry Tarica Robert Tarrant Donna Tarrson Linda Tarshis Glen Taylor Bill Tegert Renee Terlap Linda Thoma Robert Thornton David Tiltz Howard Tolsky Bruce Topol Arlene Toth Kathy Tralmer Sharon Tranter Joanne Tripicchio Bob Warman Marcy Wax Jim Wegrzyn Dori Weiner Ed Weiss Brian Boylan finds new perspectives in examining a garbage can. 28 joel Wolin finds the seclusion of the gym staircase to be a unique study area. tfunic’tb Donna Worth Sandra Yablon Linda Yassinger Linda Yefsky Linda Yi Danny Yohanna Bill Young Richard Young Sharon Zachacki Chris Zahp Marty Zivin Laurene Zyburt Nancy Weiss Keith Weisz Dan Welter Hilde Wenz Steve Wernikoff Cary Wexler Marla White Rick Widen Carol Wilander Diane Wilson Marc Winkler Rachel Winpar Peggy Winslow Mike Wolin 29 % iflfihc mcrted Below: A sophomore finds a moment ' s peace from a hectic da y. Sue Accomando Nancy Adams Jodi Addis Lori Albanese Rich Albrecht Ed Allard Cathy Almblad Steve Anderson Toni Angelilli Debbie Arndt Joe Arvidson Cathy Ashner Claude Awisati Larry Badesch Dan Bailey Debbie Baker Pat Baker Above: Another method of escaping the everyday routine of school is going out for lunch. Left: The solitude of a conference room is always welcome when studying. Sue Baker john Baldridge Kim Balin Dave Barber Stephen Barron Jon Barth Paul Bartsch Susan Bau Guy Baumler Jim Beck Jane Beck Kris Beere Michael Begoun Paul Beisch Gregg Benario Ray Bender Robert Bereskin Elise Berggreen Andi Berkowitz Helene Berkowitz Glen Berman Bill Brennan Thomas Bridger Don Bronstein Lynne Brooks Kandi Brotman Cindy Bruner Laurie Brunger Jackie Burns Dennis Burke Barbara Butler Barbara Byk Steve Camis Rich Carl Jeff Carlson Gail Carter Gail Casagranda Tom Casey Eddie Cernuda Joel Chupack Karen Cocking Kent Cocking Pam Bernardini Kevin Bick Bob Bindus Jerry Birkenheier Diane Birkley Jeff Blackman Nancy Blameuser Laurie Blanc llene Bloom Jeff Bolker Scott Bond Frank Bonetti Elayne Bontze Karen Borde Renee Borgardt Wayne Bordes Bob Burkhardt Lynn Borre Jeff Bowman Randy Brandt 32 Craig Cohen David Cohen Shari Cohen ifljlllC metes Leon Cress Jerry Cutrone Bill Dassinger Kathy Davis Linda Davis Karen Dayno Regina Dedo Marc Degroot Jeff Demeduc Laura Derichs Lisa Desalvo Ellen Desnet George Despotides Denise Devoney Mike Dibasilio Pam Dicker Ed Dieschbourg William Dieschbourg John Dione John Dolan Debbie Dorfman Nancy Dorfman Jon Goldman and Reed Farrell do some last minute studying before a test. 33 John Dowd Joel Drazner Dave Duchaj Dale Duda Debbie Dunkelberger Dave Duris Mark Dyslin Diane Eaton Larry Eckerling Robert Edelman The answer to a test problem seems to elude Fred Mirsky. Debbie Enger Jeannie Erickson Joy Erickson Mary Erickson Debbie Erlebacher Steve Esterl Jeff Esterman Marly Ettling Gail Edington Sue Eisenberg Steve Ekenberg Gigi Elliott Laura Ellin Lisa Ellyne Mike Engelhardt Linda Fleck Greg Flasch Jodi Rack Greg Rood Tom Rood Sue Flores Gary Folken Tanya Forman Jim Fougerousse Jill Franklin Paul Frazee Beth Friedman Mark Friedman Renee Friedman Crystal Fukuya Bill Gabriel Edward Galster Michael Garcia 34 theme zej Jim Gatz Michelle Cettleman Bill Ceyer Ron Gillen Mike Gilman Brian Glassgen Bruce Glicksberg Sue Goebel Kurt Gokbudak Lois Gold Emmet Goldberg Erma Goldberg Debra Golden berg Jerry Goldfein David Goldman Jon Goldman Nancy Goldsher Joan Gollin Roberta Gollin Steve Gomez Mark Gonzalez Diane Goodman Lynne Goodman Marla Goodman Linda Gordon Mark Gorlewicz Jill Graham Phil Graubart Jessica Green Roni Greene John Grimm Larry Gross The Indian looks on approvingly as Alan Stone enjoys some leisurely reading. 35 John Hosanna Mark Hosfield Gary Hoshizaki Toni Housakos Don Hughes Steve Hughes Cathy Imhof Brenda Isenstein Richard Issen Pat Hagen Liz Halperin Jody Halperin Pete Hansen Sandi Harris Steve Harris Scott Haupers Vicki Hayman Mona Hecktman Sylvana Heidrich Laura Heiniger Steven Heinz Mark Helgeson Jay Heller Cynda Hempel Tim Hengels Terese Hentz David Herbstman Robyn Herold Bruce Hersh Marty Hildebrand Diane Hilkin Jim Hinz Judy Hirschman Kim Hobin Marcia Hoffman Steve Hojnacki Pam Holman Robert Honeman Jeff Hook Linda Horn Bonnie Jackson Don Jacobs Indian summer can make communing with nature a welcome habit. 36 finds a corner to himself where he can study. yin he me tei Lynne Kaminer Paul Kaminski Noel Kamm Joel Kaplan Randy Kaplan Larry Kwalwaser Alan Kurti Mary Kurr Susan Kudla Chris Krueger Roger Krusen Cary Kron Beth Krolik Pat Kriho Don Kretschmer Betsy Kotin Sue Kosakowski Jack Jacobson Jim Janesku Ralph Johnson Gail Johnson Steve Johansen George Jensen Steve Johnson Sue Johnson Steve Josenkoski Marc Joseph Wendy Kaden Shelly Kahalnik Sue Kaiser Seth KaHick Ami Kornel Diane Kopinski Jackie Koeune 37 Scott Porter scrutinizes the life of a paramecium. Dan Koehler Cheryl Knudsen |im Klvman Annette Klugman Robin Klemptner Marilyn Klein Chari Klein Gale Kirste Alan Kimura Paul Kesselman Sue Kelly John Keker Jill Keith Nancy Keene Ron Katz Stuart Karp Kris Karsten Mike Koskel Larry Katz Steve Ladewig Jett Lambert Craig Lamm Gary Lande Bonnie Landerman Linda Lange Sue Lapinski Doug Launhardt Pat Lauritzen Julie Leavitt Frank Leider Linda Leifer Jill Lein Ellen Lemsky Mike Lesser Kerry Levin Rama Levitan Debbie Lewis Steve Lewis John Liano Jeff Lichten I ' . 38 Laura Linke Cindy Liss Mark Liss Debbie Litke Ron Litke Brad Macewan Bill McNamara Tom McLean John McDonald Daryl McCants Bev McCabe Margaret Lynn John Lowen Scott Lowell Kim Lockwood Tom McLean Doreen Maciejewski Sue Madziarek Cynthia Magnus Kim Mahnke fi ihc mcte Diane Malinowski Charles Malocleb Lori Mangurten Mardy Markowitz Scott Marshall Richard Masters Bob Matlin Ellen Matysik Cathy May Dave May Martina Maurer John Mead Bonnie Merritt Vern Meyer Neil Mikula Bob Milanowski Ken Milin Nancy Miller Bonnie Miller 39 Bruce Slivnick hunts for the key geometry proof. Fred Mirsky Paul Mishkin )oni Misles Cindy Moore Debbie Morris Nancy Multan Tom Murray Paul Mylander Suzette Neveau Bruce Neumann Lisa Newman Beth Nicholson Glenn Nickow Mike Nieder Ray Niles Steve Perlow Thalia Photos Kathy Piontek Peter Platz Dave Podell Greg Polito Caryn Pollack Scott Porter Paul Puttrich Steve Pvshos 40 Jin runic te.i a M 9 M v M 1 Bruce Robin Merle Robinson Marcia Rolnick Maureen Romanofsky Judi Rose Steve Ruben Beth Rubin Andrea Rue Jane Ruskin Jackie Rosen Howard Rosenberg Steve Rosenberg Sharon Roos Randy Rosset Steve Okazaki Diana Olson John Olson Francie Oscherwitz Mike Osmolak Debbie Pabst Demetra Panagiotaros Mike Parker Paul Parker Janet Payne John Pearson Barry Pecho Bruce Pecho Larry Peckler Mike Perconti 41 Steve Seidman Donna Selzer Rick Shandiing Gail Shapiro Dave Shelton Alan Sherbin Herb Sherman Jim Shields Cathy Shurson Judy Saltsberg Chuck Sawall William Saska Mark Saperstein Mark Sanders Lynn Schaefer Jay Schafer Joe Schedl Bruce Schlesinger Rick Schneider Susan Schnieder Mike Schnurr Richard Schnurr Robin Schreffler Carol Schroeder Marge Schulz Dan Schwartz Debbie Schwartz Ellen Schwartz Ken Schwartz Mike Scipione Greg Siciak Andrea Siegel Sophomore Members of SFAA listen intently to the suggestions of Mr. Davis. 42 iff. nhuncies Ardel Simon and Paul Parker compare notes in the student lounge. Micheal Sinopoli Ron Sitrick Craig Slein Bruce Slivnick Jim Slome Kathy Slowiak Doug Smock Barb Smolenski Bruce Sokniewicz Bill Sorensen Peter Sortal Steve Soskin Elaine Spagoletti Steve Spak Scott Spector Steve Spielman Richard Spinks Sue Spreckman Julie Starkman Barb Stauber Joe Steiger Ellen Stein Mark Stein Mike Stancsits Lisa Siegel Dave Siers Howard Sikevitz Rachel Silverman Gina Simler Ardel Simon Lisa Simons Rhonda Simmons 43 Helen Stephenson Edmund Stern Wendy Stern Barbara Stewart Len Stoia Alan Stone Donna Stone Mary Stout Sue Strehlow Lauren Streicher Ray Bender discovers a new use for his locker. Howard Sturt Bill Sullivan Linda Sutherland Tim Sutter Louisa Swanke Tim Swenson Mark Swimmer Sue Swock Nancy Tabloff Cindy Takiguchi Laura Taldone Joel Tamraz Carl Tash Patricia Tell Tulla Terpinas Lisa Thompson Nancy Tipitino Jim Tiskevich Julie Topczewski Chris Torp Sue Treiber Janet Tripi Debbie Troyan Laurie Unger Karen Valenziano Sherry Vass Mary Ventrello Vickie Vicini Debbie Vonderlinden Jim Vorpagel Barb Wagman Fred Waldman Eddie Walovitch Ashur Warda Karen Warkenthien 44 tfcjihc metes A beautiful day can make 3:25 seem a long way off. David Zenn Frank Zeszutko Dave Zev Steve Zivilik Jim Zoros Mark Zolke Wendy Warsaw Anne Weigand Alona Weissberg Joan Weber Joel Weinfeld Richard Weinstein David Weiss David Weiss Sarinda Weitz Jay Welter Jerry Welter Linda Wiebort Mark Wilcox Karen Willerman Barbara Wilson Ron Wilson Cheryl Winkler Carol Wisniewski 45 f ie± imen Wayne Diamond and Ron Rubnich find the student lounge a good place in which to study. Left: Freshman jean Beiderer cheers the Indians. Bruce Abrams Kenneth Abrams Lorrie Abrams Gregory Abshire Brian Adilman Alan Alfasso Beth Allison Andrew Amarantos William Amarantos Chris Amarantos Jennifer Andersen Donna Anderson Larry Anpolitano Lynn Arnow Joe Arpino Alexandra Atsaves Steve Awisati 47 Julie Axelrod Donna Babicz Janice Bagley Sheri Bahcall Thomas Bahde Marilyn Tzakis is happy to find the book she needs. Kathleen Bailey Cynthia Baker Michael Balbirer Diane Balinger Judy Baren Therese Bartsch Dinah Becker Thomas Becker David Beider Jacqueline Beider Donna Bender Raymond Benzel Susan Berger llise Berkin Ellen Berzock Cynthia Bespalko Donna Birdwell Richard Blair Leonard Bland Alisa Bliwas Stephanie Bloom Deborah Blumenthal Karen Bochek Glenn Bodi Paul Boylan Kenneth Brainin Abby Brody Ivy Brody Abby Brown Richard Brunning Robert Buckley 48 Steve Byron Carl Cacioppo y i h tttien Mary Ann Cali Robert Caliva Susan Caplan Kenneth Capodagli Patrick Casey Susan Casper Roseann Cecola Michael Chapekis Alan Chase Frances Cheung lames Chiapetta Algebra is easier for Faye Neuhauser to understand when she receives help from her teacher. Karen Cooper Debra Corp Linda Cortez Kathleen Coursey Marcia Christiansen Sue Christiansen Marla Chupack Kevin Church Barbara Clesi Ross Cohan Debra Cohen Denise Cohen lanet Cohen 49 Dean Duda Julie Duda Mark Dudovitz Cynthia Dupont Joel Duvin Steven Eck Donna Edelstein John Edmonds Karlynn Edwardson David Egelston Cynthia Einbinder Sharon Eisenstein Nancy Epstein James Erickson Laurie Erickson Kenneth Erpelding Margaret Esterl Caren Ex Toby Fahsbender Daniel Fearn James Dafnis Barry David Lauren Davis Richard Davis Cathy Debas Richard Dedekind Janet Dedo Charmaine Defrancesco Kurt Deger Charles Deleonardis James Deluca Kenneth Dermer Kathy Salfatinos masters the use of the microscope. James Dillon Rita Dittric h Sharon Dolce Janice Doman Cheryl Dorazio Joni Doyle Catherine Dubas Dennis Desalvo Aris Diacoumakos Arthur Diamond Wayne Diamond Chris Diederich Michael Dieschbourg 50 Robin Fink finds that school has its happy moments, too. eh Amen Edward Feldman Michael Feldman Steven Feldman Brian Feilen Pamela Fenton Judith Ferrell Kurt Fetman Charles Field Robin Fink Jay Fishman Lynn Flannery Joseph Flasch Laurie Fleishman Susan Fleming Peter Flood Gina Focosi Richard Fogel Barbara Foo Debra Forman Maryann Fortman Michelle Fox Martin Frake Sherry Franek Beth Frank Cary Frank Margaret Franklin Robin Fredricks Terry Freedenberg Brian Friedler Marc Friedman Tammy Friedman Pamela Gale Steven Gan Carole Gannon Mark Carman Howard Garoon Peggy Gates Cynthia Gebel Donna Gerber Margo Gertz Diane Gilbert Robert Gillman Mark Glatt Neil Glicksberg Ron Glieberman Thomas Glines Vernon Godiksen Adrea Goland Richard Gold Sivia Goldberg Fred Goldenberg Thomas Goldenberg Karen Golin Sherri Goodman Michael Goone Mitchell Goone 51 George Gromke Dennis Gruenke Linda Gruzynski Judy Guggenheim Steve Gundlach Barbara Gump Alan Gussin Susan Guttman Sue Hagen Deborah Hamann Gail Harms Kathy Harper Sammy Hausman Donna Healy Bryan Hed Lee Heidrich Richard Heinz Ted Heinz Laura Hickey Frank Hilbert Mary Hildebrand Susan Hill Debra Hirakawa Bonnie Hirsh Patricia Hoban Barbara Hodgman Lynn Hoelbl Dorothy Hoelzer Deborah Hoffing Howard Hoffman Robert Hoffman Kim Holliday Ruth Hollinger Barry Holmblad Lynn Homboe Kenneth Homer Judith Hook Deborah Horberg Neil Horwitz Maria Housakos Stanley Howard Karen Hughes Karen Huntley Linda Hurwich Jon Hyosaka Joseph Irpino John Jacobs Enthusiastic fans encourage the Indi Kenneth Jacoby Denise Jaskolka Dennis Jahnke 1 1 l V Bridget Jennings Charles Jensen Douglas Jerney Jennifer Jiu Paul Johnopolos r ' le-Jimen David Johnson Jean Johnson Julie Johnson Paula Johnson Richard Johnson Ross Johnson Jeffrey Joseph Cynthia Kachan Sari Kahn Stephanie Kaiser Donald Kalfen Nicolas Kalodimos Michael Kalter Ken Kalthoff Jerry Kaminsky Julie Kamradt Larry Kanter Joseph Karas Mark Karol David Karp Nina Kasper Robert Kaufman Cary Kerbel Anita Kessler Carl Kestler Evan Kharasch Scott Kibort Suzanne Kibort Robert Kinzel Ruth Kirby Dale Kirstein Gregory Kitowski Tamara Kittaka Ivee Klein Leslie Klinsky Carl Klint Lauren Knipmeyer Lawrence Koehler Arthur Koenig Kent Koester James Koeune Michael Kogen Pamela Kolb 53 Martin Koplan Daniel Korb Marla Korman Rhonda Korn Nanci Korrub Karen Kosoglad Mary Kosper Patricia Kosover Kimberly Kouris Susan Kowalski Claudia Koza Craig Kozak Thomas Kramer Cynthia Krause Barry Kreiter Lawrence Kreiter Steven Krieger Joseph Krueger Robert Krueger Scott Kubes William Kuehn Michele Kurlan Wendy Kryer Randy Lambert James Landauer Myra Landersman Cindy Lapak Deborah Larosa Julie Larson John Lartz Richard Laske Karen Lauders Steven Lautenschlaeger Denise Leavitt Gail Leavitt Steven Leek Darlene Lefevre Beth Leib Jodie Leibson Larry Lemboke Anja Lembcke Anja Lenczuk Nancy Lepp Richard Lescher Mark Levin Shauna Levine Jodie Levitus Michael Levy Donna Loiacano ' r ' S ' % s - Bonita Lombardo Larry Long Marla Korman and Karen Cooper wonder what they can do to make Homecoming 71 the best one ever. Cordon Collons finds it hard to concentrate on his teacher ' s lecture. V iL imcn Erick Loos Daniel Louras Chris Lovelady Richard Lowe Brian Luecht Vanessa Lukowich fa O AJkM i Scott Lundin Paul Lyman John Lynn Terrence McCloskey Robert McCracken James McDonald Sheila McDonough Charles McClean Debra McMahon John McNamara Catherine Machalinski Kenneth Mader Maryann Magnuson Linda Malinowski Mary Malloy Fred Mandel Anne Mandell Victoria Mann Audrey Martin Frank Martorano Marty Max Kenneth Mayber Cordon Mead Alan Medak Phillip Medwed Janet Meier William Meissner Edward Mendelson Carol Mensinger Steven Michel Doreen Migon Braxton Miller Brian Miller Cynthia Miller James Miller Judith Miller Theresa Miller Jeffrey Milstein Lynne Mitchell Kenneth Mitsui Leslie Montenegro Dennis Morgan Diane Mossong Robin Mueller Kevin Mu Hally fa Joseph Multan Murat Murathan Daniel Murphy Charles Nelson Mark Nesselson Faye Neuhauser Scott Nieder Dennis Nolte 55 Cara Noren Marc ia Nudelman Bruce Nutting Lisa Oberlander Michael Ochonicki Thomas Oclon Diane Okazaki Leonard Olson Brenda Omartin Marla Oster Lance Ostrowski Jan Oswald Alexander Panagos Kurt Panouses Kenneth Papciak Carrie Paretzkin Steven Parks Rosemarie Partipilo Jeffrey Pearson Alan Zunamon gives serious thought to an SRA proposal. Randall Peck John Perconti Christopher Peters Cheryl Peterson Spencer Pettit Bill Pindras Randy Pinter Ricky Pinter David Pizzolato John Placko Robert Platz Nancy Pogofsky Deborah Pogue Sherry Pollack Julie Porter Arthur Potash Kathleen Puetz Alfred Qualiardi Kathleen Quirk Richard Raske Eric Redinger Beryl Reid Debra Reinhard Jennifer Reinhard Ron Reinhardt Stella Rekas Leo Reljac 56 Claire Richards Katherine Riemer Lorry Rifkin Ronda Rodheim Susan Rodriguez ffiz Jutw n Richard Rohde Jeffrey Roller Andrea Romanofsky Scott Roos Nina Root Mark Rosen Marla Rosen Helene Rosenbaum Kevin Rosienski Arthur Rosin Anthony Ross Jay Rossman Richard Rostron Jerry Rothfeld Larry Rowen Eric Rubenstein Henri Rubinstein Joyce Rubinstein Ronald Rubnich Theresa Ruesch Barbara Rukin Darrell Rulle Carol Ruppert Cathy Ruschli Mary Ryan Tod Sachs Noah Sackrison Mark Sadacca Kathryn Salafatinos Stephen Salinger Beth Salzman Jeff Sanders Terry Sanders Marc Sandroff Paula Schalk Edward Schalz Anna Schedl Michael Schiffman James Schimerlik Edward Schlag Meryl Schrantz Lisa Schreier Eric Schulte Sharon Eisenstein and Diane Gilbert catch up on the latest news. 57 Judith Schwartz Henry Schwebel lla Seidel David Selzer Robert Senoft David Settler Bruce Shapiro Neil Silverman Sheri Silverman Rachel Silverstein Beth Simon Sharon Simon Jacqueline Simone Larry Simonetti David Slivnick Judith Sloan Sheldon Sloan Gary Slone Stewart Solomon Cynthia Sorenson Lynne Sorkin Mary Spagoletti James Springer Sheri Silverman wonders why the most needed books are always on the top shelf. 58 Barbara Foo practices for the Holiday Festival. Terri Spreckman Cindy Stackler Charles Staikof Frank Stankowicz Sandra Slarkman Amy Starr Sharon Starkston Joann Stearns Kenneth Steffen Jay Stein Dawn Steinberg Fred Steinberg Jane Stephenson Jeffrey Stielow Karen Stotz Donna Strzelecki Joann Svejcar Anne Swanson Carol Szymanski Kent Takemoto Andy Talman The Freshman Mixer proves to be a good place to get acquainted. Cynthia Tepp Francine Terry Karen Thomas Joanne Thuna Gail Tilkin Antoinette Trela Mary Tripicchio William Tripp Frank Tritschler Lauren Trozzo Mark Turf Marilyn Tzakis Miranda Ulankiewicz Heidi Unverricht Josette Vaccaro Donna Vavrosky Florent Verstraete Michael Vigiletti Roberta Vinci Renee Vizansky Ellyn Vodvarka Lisa Vogel Nancy Wahlburg Susan Wahle Elyse Wasserman Charlene Watts Karen Wegener Terry Weinberg Lois Weisman 60 rneh utieti Bruce Weiss lane Weiss Lori Weiss Janice Weisz Robert Whitman Alice Winpar Barbara Winston Judy Winter Scott Witt Dani Wolf Jamie Wolf Larry Wolfe Ronald Wolflick Patricia Wolin George Wolter Peter Wo we I Catherine Wozniak Peter Wydra Kathy Yablon Janet Yates Theodore Yi Laura Young Patricia Young Marc Zaban Lori Zazove Larry Zera Patricia Zidel Lawrence Zimmer Vicki Zolke Susan Zucker Alan Zunamon Bill Mabbatt takes time out. 61 FRESHMAN YEAR EXIT SOPHOMORE YEAR EXIT JUNIOR YEAR EXIT academic CURRICULUM Earn your credits here Frosh 3 Soph 4 Jr 5 Sr 6 mb Following adjournment, Dr. Wesley Gibbs gives much thought to some pressing problems brought up at the school board meeting. Dr. Wesley Gibbs prepares a report to board members concerning necessary cutbacks in various academic departments. Dr. Nicholas Mannos leaves his administrative responsibilities behind and helps cheer for Niles West at one of it ' s home football games. bnritnstraftojt Left: Mr. Dale Flick, director of Administrative Services, proofreads a bulletin concerning late and early busses for Niles West students. Above: Checking a report on the need for new data processing books, Mr. James Olsen confers with a Math teacher about the problem. Right: Mr. Griff Powell refers to the Niles West teacher ' s guide concerning proper attendance regulations. 65 Right: Mr. James Boeson talks to a concerned parent regarding the Social Studies graduation requirements. Below: Mr. L. Gilbert, Mr. J. Moore and Mr. J. Gottreich contemplate a motion brought up during a meeting at the Niles North library. Mr. Edward Brufke checks the daily bulletin for any scheduling errors. 66 Left: Board Members Mr. J. Carlson, Mr. A. Poulakidas, Mrs. V. Medak, Mr. J. Moore, and Mr. J. Cottreich listen as Dr. I. Ginsburgh reads a report. Above left: Checking his calender, Mr. Harold Trapp attempts to schedule more open gyms for the Niles West student body. Above: Mr. John Winterhalter ponders the teacher-student loads in various Industrial Arts and Home Economic classes. Left: Mr. Richard Antes examines a teacher ' s study on the merits of adding a new English course to the senior curricu¬ lum. 67 ANCE 3 . C3 Taking time out from her work, Miss Mary Car r greets one of her students. Mr. Robert Redig points out two options open to a student. Above: Mr. John Chambers steels himself for another complaint. Above right: Dr. Arthur Ryden listens attentively to a student ' s college plans. Mr. Tom Thomas helps a student prepare her application for Washington University. 68 Left: Deep in thought, Mr. Frank Mustari decides what color to paint his office. Below left: Mr. Leo Hoosline explains that the computer spindled the student ' s schedule. Below: Miss Roberta Jorgeson listens patiently to a student ' s complaint. Dr. Walter Cocking plans his prospective program as the new assistant principal of Niles West. install Mrs. Angela Graham points out the absurdity of Ionesco ' s Rhinocerous to her APP English students. As Miss Lorraine Hatscher distributes her students ' essay exams, she points out their flaws and strengths. Above: Relaxing in the English office, Mr. Bill Geismann discusses the merits of his new course: Contemporary Non¬ fiction. Above right: Mr. Edmund Berek admires the composure of a student speaking before the class. Right: Technical direction demands a lot of time from En¬ glish teacher Mr. Tom Engle. Intent upon gaining the interest of his students, Mr Richard Gragg discusses the merits of the Greek classical writings. Mr. Mike Green finds a student ' s contribution worthy of a little thought. Even after a long day, Mrs. Elizabeth Cox can still manage a smile for her students. Mr. Pat Flynn provides expert advice to some amateur photographers in his film study class. 71 Miss Molly Magee offers a contrasting opinion for her class to consider. Above: An illogical remark tem¬ porarily interrupts the flow of logic in Mrs. Faith Shapiro ' s communications discussion. Above right: Taking time out for a student ' s comment, Mr. Morris Parker considers the validity of a differing opinion on " The Whiteness of the Whale. " Right: Mingling with his students helps Mr. Jerry Orr see things from their point of view. Mr. Ron Lamb points out the fallacies in a student ' s reasoning during a discussion on Lord of the Flies. Above left: Utilization of audio-visual aids provides va¬ riety for Mr. Jim Knaak ' s classes. Above: Mr. Marv Klebba attempts to bring the focus of the class discussion back into perspective. Left: Faced with two conflicting viewpoints, Mr. Tom McMahon tries to make ends meet. 73 Mr. Ken Reiter attempts to decipher a student ' s handwriting. During one of his free periods Mr. jim Batts has an important consultation with his stockbroker. Mr. Dick Turner reviews articles submitted for the next issue of WEST WORD. 74 Mr. jim Johnson lectures the Yearbook staff on the importance of meeting deadlines. In anticipation of a hard day at work, Mr. john Dubois finds himself lost in thought. In the English office, Mr. Jim Sweeney has an informal conversation with his colleagues. Mrs. Barbara Gordon suggests some helpful hints to one of her students on the tricks involved in organizing an effective essay. Mr. F.J. Fett relaxes while one of his students present an oral report. Top: Biology teacher Mr. Gary Wanke helps two of his students with a lab dealing with catalysts. Top: Chemistry teacher Mr. William Schafer explains how to make accurate measurements of cylindrical objects. 76 Bottom: Mr. Warren Holz demonstrates the usefulness of unit analysis in solving chemical equations. Bottom: Mr. Gerald Turry looks for a copper ion in a sample solution found in the laboratory. I Mr. Thomas Mitchell listens intently to a question asked about the function of the duodenum in the process of digestion. Top: Mr. Roger Blackmore watches some of his biology students to see if they use the proper technique in weighing chemicals. Center: Mr. Ernest Salners demonstrates to one of his chemistry students how to shape glass tubes into eye droppers. Bottom: As a biology student finishes up a lab, Mr. William Coyer checks to see if his results concur with previous data. 77 Etzbach explains how to calculate the initial and final momentum. Mr. Jerry Jackson explains the function of the pharynx in the planaria. Biology teacher as well as plant-keeper, Mr. Wayne Rogoski spends his spare time caring for his plants. Mr. Glenn Dessing shows how to derive the percent dev iation of chemical data. Mr. Dennis Hoeppner keeps watch over his class during Mr. John Beeftink ponders over a question asked by one of his a chapter test. avid biology students. Mr. David Schusteff stresses the fact that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. After an exasperating debate with one of his students, Mr. Gerald Firak finally convinces the student of the va¬ lidity of his argument. Right: Mrs. Jane Thorne goes over a new chapter dealing with functions. Above center: Explaining the process of vernalization, Mr. James Strnad tells what effect temperature has on the seed embryo. Above: Spending a free period grading quiz papers, Mr. Robert Murphy checks an alternative answer to a problem. 80 Left: Mr. Robert Hanrahan uses the overhead projector to explain a diagram of the circulatory system in more detail. Below: After having researched a difficult algebra equation, Mr. Stan Jones sits at his desk in complete concentration. Above: Miss Kathleen Kelly pauses to listen to a question concerning conic sections posed by one of her students. Left: Mr. Lawrence Broy closely watches his physic students work with electrical current. 81 Below: Mr. Dennis Filliman watches two of his algebra students demonstrate a story problem on the velocity of a ball dropped to the ground. Above: Miss Majorie Carlson passes back a math test to her students so that they can correct their careless mistakes. 82 Below: Mr. Don Field smiles as one of his computer whiz students unfurls a ten foot computer program. Below center: While explaining how to print data cards on the keypunch, Mr. Alan Paschke reacts to a comment on computer mix-ups. Right: Mr. Ralph Wiedl checks the answers put on the board bv his AG 1C class. 4 Left: During an exam, Mr. John Radimer checks the progress of his Algebra-Trig students. Below: Mr. Lewis Petit reads off the answers to the homework assignment, while his algebra students grade their papers. Far left: Mr. Raymond Bentsen explains the usage of De Moivre ' s theorm in solving the squares of complex numbers. Left: Miss Alice Foote stays after class to help one of her algebra students learn how to factor polynomials. socjax Mr. Irwin Drobny discusses the aspects of religious freedoms in early American his¬ tory. A lively discussion on the human side of U.S. history is led by Mr. Chuck Anderson. Mrs. Jane Burton appreciates a quick response from one of her students. Checking his junior American history students in their progress, Mr. Gerald Boevers collects their notebooks for review. Above: Stifling a smile, Mr. Ed Brufke listens to a student ' s comment in his A.P. American history class. Left: Taking issue on a student ' s thought, Mr. Jack Fabri presents an opposing viewpoint. Discussing the complicated issues in History Since 1945 are Mrs. Elizabeth Belkin and her class. eicccDieis 85 Mr. Dan Hill emphasizes the importance of Columbus ' voyage during a U.S. history lecture. A free period finds Mr. Raymond O ' Keefe catching up on his homework: marking exams. Above: Mr. John Gault enumerates on one of the many aspects of Non-Western Civilization. 86 Right: Miss Celestine VanDorpe finds students are not the only ones vulnerable to daydreaming in class. Mr. Blaine Gemeny prepares to lecture his Non-Western Civilization class. Above: Mr. Robert Fizzel watches his history class take a quiz. Above left: The intracacies of human bone structure are explained by Mr. John Handzel. Left: Mr. Art Leipold questions a student ' s opinion on the youth contra-culture. 87 Enjoying a class discussion, Mrs. Carol Simone looks on with interest. Mr. Bill Paulsen carefully formulates a response to a complicated question. Presenting a lecture on the background to the Russian Revolution is Mr. Otto Karbusicky. Mr. Harry Stokes emphasizes a point during a Psychology lecture. BUSINESS ED Mr. Pat Savage helps a maiden in distress at her typewriter. 0 Preparing an assignment for her bookkeeping class, Mrs. Josephine Hentz consults the text. Miss Annabel Begley dictates a business letter to her shorthand students. Mr. Richard Yanz reflects on the possibilities of a student ' s question. Right center: Miss Karen Wagner drills her first year Hebrew class on the different letter and vowel sounds of the alphabet. Below: Mr. Frank Fitzpatrick begins a lecture on proper bookkeeping skills to one of his Business Ed. classes. Stressing a new technique used in key punching, Mr. Charles Burdeen lectures to his data processing class. Miss Gertrude O ' Reilly quizzes her second year students on the fundamentals of Spanish grammar. Listing the requirements of the course, Mr. Fernando Velasco listens to a student ' s question regarding the grading scale. Left: After an oral quiz, Miss Kay Tourcotte pauses to correct the class ' s pronunciation of the French verb souffrir. Below: Miss Augusta Burwell explains the different formations of the subjuctive tense to her fourth year German class. Above left: Mrs. Dorothy Wise pauses while her shorthand class catches up with her lecture on proper punctuation. Left: Mrs. Olga Georgiev passes back semester finals to her sopho¬ more Russian class. Right: Mrs. Joanne Brownell casually listens to her students relate their ideas concerning proper ways to write a formal letter. Below right: Mrs. Domitila Garcia motions to her Con¬ versational Spanish class to repeat an idiomatic phrase. Below: Attempting to clarify the conjugation of the verb hablar, Miss Terese Klinger expresses herself distinctly. Right: Mr. Darrell Smith pauses momentarily from his dictation in order to let his beginning typists catch up. I « i 92 Left: Concentrating on his students ' actions during an exam, Mr. Ken Drum ponders the test results. Left center: Mr. Ewald Grosshuesch skeptically responds to a student ' s questionable bookkeeping technique. Below: Miss Irma Stefanini strains to hear a student ' s timid response. Above: Mr. Robert Feick checks on one of his senior student ' s typing progress during a preliminary test. Left: With an authentic German accent, Mr. George Brink strengthens his students ' pronunciation ability. 93 ijBueic, Iflrt and Mr. Hugh McGee sings along with the Mixed Chorus in their modern arrangement of " jesus Christ Superstar. ' ' Right: Mr. Dennis Sullivan attempts to slow the tempo in the brass section of the Niles West Concert Band. 94 Driver ' s £d. Left: Mr. Ted Kaitchuck quizzes his class on the different aspects of music theory. Below: Mr. John Harmon prepares for another group of beginning students to take over the drivers seat. Left: Mr. Gary Davis strives to understand the hidden meaning in one of his students abstract drawings. Amid various forms of art, Mr. Richard Requarth ' s art class learns to draw different objects in the same prospective. 95 Looking ahead towards another scenic tour of the surrounding area, Mr. Don Huff greets a student driver. Keeping time with one hand, Mr. Frank Winkler accompanies the choir with a modern musical arrangement. Right: Mr. David Ewing takes drastic measures to capture the attention of his class. 1 1 Mr. Thomas Blackburn points out the difficulties involved in drawing three dimensional objects. Left: A few tips from Instructor Jim Kettleborough aid a new driver in mastering the correct techniques of the driver-trainer. Above: Mr. George Earl contemplates a student ' s final grade in classroom education. 97 HOME EC Top: During her free period Miss Ellen Olson is interrupted by a student wishing to inquire about a particular recipe. Bottom: During a lesson in cooking cheese omlets, Miss Nancy Phillips looks to see how her students are doing. Top: Mrs. Jane Pickle is careful not to get splattered by hot oil as she takes today ' s lesson out of a pot. Bottom: Before the bell rings. Miss Wilda Defur gives her class a last minute assignment. After a busy week in the home ec. kitchen, Miss Elizabeth Andekian takes a load of towels out of the dryer. Mrs. Marian Jaeschke gives a detailed lecture on the uses of symetrical and asymetrical designs in decorating. Miss Sue Carroll patiently waits for her home ec. class to quiet down before beginning a lecture. 99 Mr. Mark Anderson and one of his students display a look of sat¬ isfaction as they fix a gas engine. Illustrating various types of cylinders, Mr. Melvin Schmidt lectures his woodcrafts class on proper carving techniques. Above: Mr. Glenn Anderson appreciates a student ' s favorable comment on his method of teaching. Right: Pointing to various areas of a disassembled crankcase, Mr. Gerald Burke tests his auto class ' s knowl edge. 100 Mr. Jack Lain demonstrates a new mechanical drawing device to his advanced class. Mr. Erwin Froehlich exhibits a small shelf made by one of his metal crafts students. Above: Mr. Gene Volkman attempts to grade an electrical appli¬ ance demon¬ strated by one of his students. Left: Mr. George Erickson briefly reviews the many parts of a car ' s engine with his auto class. I 101 Miss Judy Kay helps a student find the proper tennis grip. Mr. Ronald Campbell tries to time his class as accurately as possible. 102 Center: Mr. Billy Schnurr checks his attendance cards to see if any of his students are cutting. Bottom: Mrs. Letitia Myers shows a student the correct form in throwning a softball. ft Left: Mr. Elmer Lucas gives the cue and his boys are off and running the hundred yard dash. Below: Looking for a new material for her health class, Mrs. Marie Wise spends her time checking through books as well as magazines. Mr. John Armour aids a student in signing up for a newly offered elective of Archery. 103 Below: Mr. William Richardson watches as his students warm up for a game of baseball. Right: Mr. Michael Skuban records the results from the semi-final volleyball tournament in his class. Right center: The duties of a teacher are many as Miss Penny LeVitus referees a volley-ball game. Observing her class. Miss Lucile records their progress on the court. Swift 104 Left: Miss Lee Heeren elaborates on the scoring procedures in soccer to her class. Left Center: Eyeing the team ' s progress, Mr. Mike Basrak observes a practice draw play during football practice. Above: Mr. John Burkel appears startled as a freshman track star interupts his lecture on proper sportsmanship among athletes. Explaining the need for a correct grip, Mrs. Judi Sloan emphasizes the techniques of a strong overhead serve. 105 Hitting a birdie takes a special skill, and Mr. jim Phipps demon¬ strates the proper technique to his sophomore gym class. Mrs. Josie Berns patiently waits for her advanced dance class to practice a new step they have just learned in modern jazz. Miss Sharon Kouba gives particular attention to her individual students so that they can learn the correct stance in fencing. 106 Special Services Above: Miss Frances Williams helps a student find a specific magazine article dealing with new medical studies researching the side effects of the pill. Right: Stapling pamphlets for Freshman students on proper library procedures, Miss Eleanor Shaevsky ponders the chaos of the upcoming school year. Left: Mrs. Loretta Cullerton busily sorts and files various new maga¬ zines which have just been added to the Niles West library. Below: Setting aside some new reference material guide sheets, Mrs. Phyllis Epstein graciously helps a student locate a book. Above: Mr. Albert Rambis demonstrates the proper way of threading a movie projector to some of his assistants. Above right: Helping to alleviate a student ' s misery, Mrs. Eileen Springer bandages a burnt hand. Right: Mrs. Martha Schnell explains her duties as a psychological intern. 108 Above: Mrs. Pat Mikos helps a student overcome a reading problem due to poor memory retention. Right: Mrs. janis Fineberg watches a student s accomplishment with the innovation of Title I. 109 Trying to explain the importance of a school education, Mr. Charles Kemmler talks with a potential drop-out. remarks covering Mrs. Barbara Willerman listens carefully to her students ' specific reading material which they have read. Right: Discussing a pupil ' s background, Mr. Louis Gross attempts to discover the basis of a student ' s problem. Above: A member of Title I, Mrs. Vicki Blanch searches for a per¬ tinent magazine article involving day-care centers. Above right: Aiding an underachiever, Mr. Richard Pfeiffer stresses the major points that should be remembered for future work. Right: As a student describes her agonizing symptoms, Mrs. Abigail Lawrence attempts to diagnose the disease. 110 Mrs. Beatrice Becker reflects on the accomplishments shown by one of her students in reading. Enjoying a witty comment by one of her pupils. Miss Lana Braddock helps correct various speech problems found in their conversatons. Mrs. Mary Rosenthal listens to a student ' s problem concerning a totally apathetic view on school activities. Due to a missing schedule, Miss Marie Flynn looks up the right books needed for an English class. ACADEMIC CIRRICULUM Right: The congeniality of the Spectrum Staff is exemplified upon the faces of co-editors Renee Schneider and Gregg Weinstein, and editor Carol Handelsman. Below: Faculty advisors Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Gordon discuss Spectrum costs. Above: The arrival of the " Hello Dolly " pictures finds special events section workers Renie Einbinder and Barb Schneider making their selections. 114 Left: Jeff Golman and Richard Isaacson diligently proportion a picture for the sports section. Below: Spectrum Staff attempts to hold a meeting while many minds wander. Above: Carol Handelsman, yearbook editor, discusses a change in the pho¬ tography schedule with Root Studios. Left: The arrival of the yearbook proofs finds Lori Mangurten and Julie Leavitt busy at work. Right: A joint effort by Robin Schwartz, Linda Yefsky, Linda Cooperman and Marla White is needed in the cre¬ ation of a layout. Below: jeff Epstein talks with Lynn Voedish and Gail Segal. 116 Above: Renie Einbinder interviews Mr. O ' Keefe for an advance story. Left: Mr. Turner and Elaine Raffel discuss a news article. 117 Below: Westword members gather for a staff meeting to make plans for a new issue. IET !7 ir vl Last Row: Leslie Wurman, Suzie Schaffer, Lori Mangurten, Harvey Scheff, Peggy Winslow. Front Row: Vicki Weil, Joan Forman, Stuart Carp, Sandy Milan, Margaret Strub, Susan Schneider, Jessica Green. Above: The pressure of the upcoming deadline is evident, as Jill Krolik and sponsor Mr. Green disagree over the publication of a poem. 118 JJU l Right: Ellice Heyman, Renee Friedman, Leslie Wurman, Lori Mangurten, Stuart Carp, Fran Saidel, Jessica Green, and Susan Schneider select poems for this year ' s Opus One. Debate Club members listen carefully to their sponsor, Mr. Reiter, as he points out the basic points in the year s debate resolution. The solemn atmosphere of a debate tournament is broken as Cary Simon and Randy Kaplan interject a humorous point. Second affirmative David Aizuss concludes the debate, pointing out the flaws in the negative side ' s position. 119 FORE S MI Right: Audrey Holzer, Patty Phillips, Emily Hill, and Mark Nesselson clown around in Forensics. Above: Forensics: Patty Phillips, Audrey Holzer, Emily Hill, Audrey Hirsch, Andy Landsman, Mark Nesselson, Susan Kaplan, Margaret Strub, Judy Saltzburg. Above: Row 1: Jon Friedman, Jay Hackin, Emily Hill, Audrey Hirsch, Linda Stone, Annette Klugman. Row 2: Cary Loitz, Audrey Holzer, Cindy Landerman, Terry Hoffman, Jim Sherman, Barb Futransky, Anita Salzman, Ron Ganellan, Marcy Brotman. Row 3: Lana Herold, Nancy Davis, Patti Kanter, Sue Kaplan, Sheila Kinney. Row 4: Ken Piontek, Carol Berman, Brian Hazard, Linda Schlessinger, Ken Rubenstein, Paul Smedberg, Gene Nessenson, David Goldman, Joel Drazner. 121 ESIONES 1-Mr. Winkler, 2-Cindy Landerman, 3-Terry Hoffman, 4-Nancy Davis, 5-Gene Nessenson, 6-Bill Heintz, 7-Jim Sherman, 8- Mitch Bock, 9-Jeff Blumenfeld, 10-Phil Block, 11-Ted Parge, 12- Carol Berman, 13-Cathy Groeling, 14-Ron Ganellan, 15-Renee Gott, 16-]ene Hardel, 17-Mike Wilcox, 18-Ken Piontek, 19-Ken Rubenstein, 20-Jonathon Friedman, 21-Leslie Bland, 22-Sue Fleming, 23-Larry Eckerling, 24-Gina Shelton, 25-Michelle Abrams, 26-Jane Stelzer, 27-Cheryl Goldberg, 28-Sue Jacobs, 29-Georgia Kourozous, 30-Barbara Futransky, 31-Max Tash, 32- Mark Freedkin, 33-Marion Hoelzer, 34-Anita Salzman. 122 Terry Diamond, Renee Gott, and Nancy Mauer placidly listen to a critique on a vivace number. Vivace members anticipate their starting cue from Mr. McGee during a practice session. Lynne Kaminer, Candy Simmons, and Leslie Bland watch Mr. McGee as he conducts. 123 JAPANESE CUCTORE ccua Right: Last Row: Gary Chelcun, Alan Elste, Peggy Windslow, Margaret Strub, Peggy Qualiardi. Second Row: Cindy Lewison, Cindy Holliday, Eleanor Schrader, Lori Klemptner, Carole Nakshima, Dennis Foo, Pat Hyoska. Front Row: Steven Heinz, Jonathan Manski, Howard Sikevitz, Bryan Funai. p til Hf aHA m mm One of the foreign exchange programs this year was the meeting between Niles West students and AFS students from other schools. ■Mma ' 1 " 1 Hi l •t r r 1 T3 124 6Cfwmi) cpcm Sitting: Bob Rubenstein, William Heinz, Jackie Solomon. First Row: Miss Burwell, Douglas Smock, Donna Deters, Mr. Brink, Kim Luecht, Jeff Bolker. Second Row: Bruce Slivnick, Bob Matlin, David Aizuss, Joel Chupack, Steve Lewis. First Row Miss Burwell, Rosemary Razka, Monica Fisher, Bruce Slivnick, Dale Feldman, Steve Lewis, David Herbstman, Joel Chupack, Miss Klinger, Mr. Brink. Second Row: Scott Green, Anja Lenczuk, Bob Rubenstein, William Heinz, Henri Rubenstein, Donna Deters, Gary Lande, David Aizuss, Diane Birkley. Last Row: Linda Moeller, Gregg Razka, Barry Nowak. 125 The Student Representative Assembly considers passing a resolution brought up by a member. SRA president Larry Goldstein outlines the proposed objectives of student gov¬ ernment during a fourth period meeting. Norman Rubenstein prepares to present the Optional Assemblies proposal to members of the SRA. Usherettes Jay Weiss and Jackie Solomon take time out before returning to the crowds at a recent chorus concert. Janet Stielow and Darlene Halfpap celebrate by sampling donuts after a successful venture with Niles West visitors. 127 Below: Varsity: Top Row (l-r): Diane Dedo. Second Row (l-r): Sue Polone, Julie Kramer. Third Row (l-r): Lori Hirsch, Chris Semar. Fro nt Row (l-r): Renee Weiss, Mindy Trossman. Above: Varsity cheerleaders take a break during a game to talk with the team ' s trainer Mr. Turry. Right: Julie Kramer stops cheering so she can concentrate on the game. Freshman: Below: Last Row (l-r): Janet Dedo, Laurie Erickson, Sandy Atsaves, Barbara Foo, Roseann Cerda, Sue Zucker. Front Row (l-r): Jean Johnson, Donna Anderson, Tami Kittaka, Sue Cuttman. Sophomore: Above: Last Row (l-r): Jeanne Erickson, Lisa Thompson, Marla Goodman, Regina Dedo. Front Row (l-r): Debbie Womer, Nancy Miller. 129 Front Row (l-r): Debbie Erlebacher, Bonnie Saeks, Ann Weigard. Second Row (l-r): Elaine Raffel, judy Levine, Loree Polin, Janice Mossong. Third Row (l-r): Sheryl Resnick, Laura Neiberg, Cindy Gussis, Leslie Korrub Fourth Row (l-r): Diane Eaton, Darcy Riback, Hilde Weng, Nurit Midler. 130 Above (|-r): Top Row: Cindy Gusis, Nurit Midler, Lorayne Anderson, Diane Eaton, Mary Sobol, Darcy Riback. Third Row: Judy Leader, Sheryl Resnick, Leslie Korrub, Janice Mossong, Paula Housakos. Second Row: Laura Nieberg, Lori Polon, Judy Levine, Ann Weigard. First Row: Debbie Erlebacher, Bonnie Saeks. 131 P ° " u : ?w7 Yoh nna : R ' ' k . Schn u eid D er ’ Mike Schreiber, Jim Hornthal, Max Tash, Randy Ochonicki. Second Row (l-r): n r Ck ' N i° e Milner Denms Nakamshi, Ross Diederich, Mark Oberotman, Howard Zyburt, jim Welsh. Third Row (l-r)- ,’ de o ' C y 1 OZa MikC OCalla g han - Mitch Shore, Mike Holberg, Bernie Ash. Fourth Row (l-r): Marty Teac Rich C uIie ' b VZ8a 3 ' R ° " Hatker ' Cra,g Brooks ' Phil Egebrecht, Cary Chelcun, Mark O ' Callaghan. Last Row (l-r): Richard Above: While N-Club members are paying close attention, President Mike Schreiber leads the meeting. Right: A peace symbol is ironically raised as Niles East Football player is de¬ stroyed. 132 Top Row (l-r): L. Hosfield, K. Klint, M. Quist, K. Klint, J. Steilow, K. Harris, L. Wiebart, J. Larson, D. Halfpap, D. Peterson. Second Row (l-r): L. Cain, M. Frake, G. Soreson, G. Harms, C. Amaranter, E. Vodriarka, R. Feder, C. Defrancesco, C. Hoffman, L. Hanlon. Third Row (l-r): B. Stauber, L. Hughes, S. Kelly, D. Springborn, K. Elegreet, N. Blameuser, E. Matysik, B. Larson. Front Row (l-r): M. Stout, D. Duda, B. Byk, K. Balin, R. Borgardt, L. Albanese, K. Reimer, S. Schwartz, B. Vinci. Above: Practicing for speed and form, aquasprites plunge in the water. 133 cto Above: Timers Club: 1. Mrs. Meyers 2. Mary Malloy 3. Robin Mueller 4. Liz Steiger 5. LuAnn Albanese 6. Holly Farris 7. Lynn Hughs 8. Diane Brauer 9. Heidi Unverricht 10. Lynn Schafer 11. Ruth Hollinger 12. Maureen Coursey 13. Helene O ' Hara 14. Mary Sobel 15. Ellen Burns 16. Donna Detters17. Debbie Edington 18. Monica Fischer 19. Kathleen Coursey 20. Ellen Hallberg 21. Lynn Cain 22. Lori Albanese 23. Donna Springborn 24. Karen Cocking 25. Cheryl Knudsen 26. Sue Jacobs. 134 Above: With coordination, Joan Bauer exhibits geometric body form. Left: Varying her technique, Jodi Tripicchio dismounts off the Balance Beam. Below: Front Row (l-r): Cheryl Peterson, Carol Mensinger, GALIBO, Mrs. Sloan (Coa ch), Lori Klemptner, Colleen Lyman, Liz Becker, Donna Cruenke. Second Row (l-r): Karen Valenziano, Karen Willerman, Jodi Tripicchio, Nancy Tabloff, Judy Miller, Mary Fortman, Linda Mueller. Third Row (l-r): Tony Housakos, Joan Bauer, Carol Schneider, Gail Erickson, Barb Blumenthal, Linda Vi, Carol Nakishima. Last Row (l-r): Regina Dedo, Dawn Kluge, Carol Anderson, Kathy Caliva, Nancy Miller. C Q cn: Right: Alternates (l-r) First Row: Jackie Burns, Chris Torp, Michele Cettleman. Second Row (l-r): Julie Duda, Jenney Jiv, Robin Klemptner. Third Row (l-r): Julie Starkman, Ellen Burns, Cindy Bruner. Top Row (l-r): Marcia Christiansen, Julie Porter, Mrs. Sloan, Linda Gruzynski. 136 Right: GAA Board members Robyn Wallach, Janet Steilow, and Carrie Elegrett enjoy Christmas activities. Above: Cathy Shurson begins her routine for Intramural Gymnastics. Left: Reaching for the sky, Judy Miller applies concentration. 137 GAA Board Front Row (l-r): J. Tripicchio, J. Bauer, M. Gilluly, D. Halfpap, N. Halfpap, J. Estes. Second Row (l-r): D. Springborn, M. Koursey, K. Koursey, S. Harris, N. Dorfman, L. Zazove, D. Duda. Third Row (l-r): S. Kinney, D. Goldmeir, G. Harms, K. Cocking, C. Knudsen, D. Burkhardt, C. Elegreet, C. Lyman. Last Row (l-r): J. Wolf, M. Gettleman, C. Kachan, D. Shuesteff, L. Heim, J. Stielow, R. Wallach, Miss Heeren. Volleyball team Front Row (l-r): Miss Heeren. Second Row (l-r): D. Burkhardt, L. Zazove, J. Stukman, C. Elegreet, N. Dorfman, D. Goldmeir. Third Row (l-r): C. DeFransisco, S. Simon, S. Kinney, j. Estes, L. Brooks, K. Koursey, M. Koursey, S. Harris. Last Row (l-r): J. Farrell, J. Wolf, C. Kachan, L. Steiger, D. Shusteff, N. Halfpap, M. Gilluly, D. Halfpap. Softball Team. Front Row (l-r): C. Hoffman, C. Knudsen, D. Burkhardt, D. Goldmeir, L. Zazove, J. Lupicchio. Second Row (l-r): A. Brody, K. Cocking, L. Mitchell, S. Kinney, J. Estes, J. Bauer, S. Harris. Last Row (l-r): P. Fenton, j. Wolf, C. DeFrnasico, J. Farrell, D. Shusteff, M. Gilluly, Miss Heeren. The swing is followed through by Crystal Fukuya as she practices badminton. 139 Top: An extensive display is INS Club ' s way of saying " break the habit. " Bottom: Last Row (l-r): Karen Wegener, Sheryl Steinberg, Mary Ann Fortman, Mr. Blackmore, Jody Sloan. Front Row (l-r): Lisa Schreier, Lorri Abrams. 140 Chess Club (l-r): Standing: Mr. Hart, Steven Brasch, Richard Blumenthal, Larry Moeller, Mr. Holz. Seated: Harvey Scheff, Allan Sherbin. Cftcv Ciub ECOLOGY Ecology Club (l-r): Standing: Mr. Firat, Greg Razka, Harvey Scheff, David Greenberg. Seated: Rosemary Razka, Phil Block, Neil Horwitz, Mr. Wanke. 141 Biochemistry: Mr. Dessing helps Greg Razka, Eric Rubenstein, Joel Dubin, Steve Brasch and David Aizus research a problem in Biochemistry. Bridge Club: (l-r): Seated: Alan Sherbin, Dale Feldman, Eric Rubenstein, Jeff Rabin, David Herbstman. Standing: Scott Green, Paul Johnson. 143 Top: (l-r): Joan Claus, Ron Shroyer, Ken Goodcase, and Barb O ' Brien wait patiently for a guest speaker. Bottom: Publicizing the Recycling Center is the topic for discussion among George Brabec, Annie Englehardt, and Jane Gunderson. 144 Top: (l-r): Howard Sturt, Edward Calster, Richard Masters, and Gary Krom take on the responsibility of caring for Niles West ' s aquarium. Bottom: The West Aquarist ' s fish add living beauty to the hallway on the third floor. 145 He dical (mens Top: Physics Club: (l-r): Last Row: Debra Lipschultz, Greg Razka, Paul Lindeman, Rosemarie Razka. Front Row: Scott Green, Steve Kramer, Mark Rubin. Bottom: Medical Careers Club: (l-r): Last Row: Mrs. Lawrence, Francine Ermilio, Monica Fisher, Denise Jaskolka, Karen Stoltz, Donna Gerber, Susan Kudla. Front Row: Luann Hickey, Beth Friedman. 146 1. Dave Shapiro, 2. Mark Johnson, 3. Evan Kharasen, 4. Joel Weinfeld, 5. Scott Marshall, 6. Braxton Mill¬ er, 7. Martin Lasser, 8. Tim Hengels, 9. John Lynn, 10. Bob Goddard, 11. Greg Flood, 12. Mr. Rogoski. 147 CLUBS SPORTS NEEDED TO ENTER - Freshman standing - Some athletic ability - Correct and proper equipment 149 Play typical of the Conference Champion Indians: Ray Lain (Above Right) gathers in one of his six TD receptions. Behind blocking by Larry Snyder (66) and John Nabolotny (88) All Conference Halfback Warren Nemanich (Right) springs loose for six points. Nemanich totaled 652 yards on the season for 11 touchdowns. 150 End jim Thornton (Left) runs for daylight after receiving a Scott Zolke pass. Thornton caught 11 passes during the year, for 204 yards and two touchdowns. Everytime Halfback Mike Schreiber (Below Left) handles the football, the play runs for a positive 6.7 yards. NW VARSITY OPP. 30 Niles East 24 36 Deerfield 3 14 Glenbrook South 14 30 Thornwood 6 40 Maine North 20 28 Niles North 0 28 New Trier West 14 37 Maine West 22 21 Maine South 6 151 Quarterback Scott Zolke (Above), here handing off to Fullback Ray Lain, is valued by all coaches as " West ' s best quarterback ever. " Zolke ' s predecessors include such greats as professional Jim Hart, the current quarterback for the St. Louis Cardinals. All Conference Mike Schreiber (Right) eludes tacklers at Niles East. Schreiber rushed for 862 yards, 10 TD ' s, and his offensive play was instrumental in the Tribe ' s undefeated season. 152 Behind the brainwork of West ' s head coaches Bill Schnurr and Mike Basrak (Left) the Indians amassed a total offense of 29.2 points per game — highest in the Central Suburban League. (Below right) in an attempt to gain yardage, Rich Lain reaches for the ball. VARSITY FOOTBALL 1st ROW L to R: M. Perlow, P. Klipowicz, F. Swanke, G. Bernstein, B. DeSent, S. Lapins, M. Shore, L. Snyder. 2nd ROW: R. Capodagli, B. Sakas, A. Jackson, M. Mitchell, B. Thornton, G. Sisto, B. Lorenz, M. Kirste, J. Flannery, M. Niesman. 3RD ROW: Coach M. Basrak, Coach D. Huff, Coach B. Richardson, M. Tash, D. Conti, W. Nemanich, B. Oshizaki, B. Asher, M. Schreiber, K. Gaiter, D. Dorfman, S. Kropp, Coach B. Coyer. 4TH ROW: R. Dassinger, D. Shein, H. Zybert, T. Walsh, R. Lain, B. Mitz, Coach W. Paulsen, Coach B. Schnurr. LAST ROW: J. Anderson, R. Diederich, R. Oshiniki, D. Flood, R. Arns, R. Machalinsky, J. Trivisanno, J. Nabolotny, J. Welch, D. Senesky, J. Thornton, F. Colletto, S. Zolke, E. Tripp. 153 In the rain against Niles North, Sophomore Steve Anderson (BELOW) attempts a fifteen yard field goal, Doug Launhardt holding. NW SOPHOMORES OPP. 6 Niles East 20 8 Deerfield 20 0 Glenbrook South 46 20 Thornwood 6 20 Maine North 6 20 Niles North 6 6 New Trier West 54 18 Maine West 15 6 Maine South 21 154 SOPHOMORES: L to R: FIRST ROW: J. Binkenheier, P. Schey, S. Harris, M. Hildebrand, J. Steiger, S. Lowell, D. Bailey, P. Yamauchi, B. Bereskin. SECOND ROW: B. Deischbourg, E. Cernuda, S. Spencer, P. Evans, K. Cocking, M. Liano, J. McDonald, M. DiBasilio, T. Flood. THIRD ROW: D. Dunis, D. Duchaj, S. Kallick, T. McClean, B. Nutting, J. Bowman, M. Dyslin, S. Josenkoski, T. Norman. FOURTH ROW: J. Schafer, R. Wilson, B. Burkhardt, P. Kaminski, j. Dolan, P. Puttrich, S. Hojnacki, D. Sortal, B. Sorensen, B. Bindus. FIFTH ROW: D. Launhardt, J. Grimm, R. Bender, B. McNamara, F. Swenson, B. Bindus, S. Anderson, J. Welter, A. Swanke, S. Spielman. SIXTH ROW: Coach G. Earl, Coach B. Yanz, R. Rosset, C. Tash. FRESHMAN B: L to R: FIRST ROW: C. Reljac, M. Frake, F. Verstraite, A. Gussin C. Frank, L. Matchen, R. Rostron, J. Irpino, R. Caliva. SEC¬ OND ROW: F. Hilbert, D. Egelston, J. Pea rson, D. Nolte, B. Adelman, S. DeBasilio, J. Alleguez, B. Nutting, T. Oclon. THIRD ROW: R. Keuhn, A. Diamond, J. Lartz, M. Dieschbourg, G. Abshire, J. Hyosaka, T. McClosky, E. Anderson, A. Amarantos, FOURTH ROW: D. Wendt, F. Tritschler, G. Mead, K. Capodagli, R. Nord, S. Parks, R. Blair, R. Nordin, B. Hoffman. FIFTH ROW: Coach P. Burke, M. Goone, R. Gold, P. Mickels, A. Rosen, M. Rueb, D. Weiner, F. Hildebrand, K. Panouses, D. Settler, Coach J. Armour. FRESHMAN A NW OPP. 8 Deerfield 0 21 Glenbrook South 0 34 Senn 14 34 Maine North 14 28 Maine West 6 22 Niles North 0 8 Maine South 6 46 New Trier West 18 NW FRESHMAN B OPP. 3 De erfield 20 6 Glenbrook 6 12 Senn 31 12 Maine North 0 6 Maine West 18 7 Niles North 10 14 Maine South 34 3 New Trier West 24 FRESHMAN A: L to R: FIRST ROW: B. Nurskog, B. Hed, L. Olson, L. Zera, A. Qualiardi, M. Hanrahan, D. Gruenke. SECOND ROW: N. Glicksberg, J. jacobs, L. Kreiter, T. Mataya, T. Becker, D. Karp, C. DeLeonardis, THIRD ROW: D. Gunther, B. Tripp, B. Amarantos, J. Dafnis, S. Witt, C. Peters, C. McClean. FOURTH ROW: S. Klint, B. Coltharp, T. Welter, R. Johnson, D. Launick, J. McNamara, B. Kreiter, P. johnopolos, J. Perconti. FIFTH ROW: Coach R. O ' Keefe, M. McDonald, E. Schlag, B. Pindras, P. Flood, L. Koehler, B. Buckley, M. Chapekis, Coach R. Lamb. 155 (Below): With two defenders in pursuit, fullback Mark Oberottman ma¬ neuvers the ball into a position for a shot as fullback Bob Casey and halfback Pete Korn move in on the action. (Right) Halfback Pete Korn successfully blocks an opponent ' s attempted shot with forwards Stig Edwardson and Bill Peterson looking on. (Above) Displaying excellent ball control, forward Richard Ovington fakes his defender out of position. (ABOVE) Showing great hustle, forward Mickey Meiselman sprints for a loose ball. 156 Soccer (Below) Halfback Bill Macallister neatly passes the ball behind him to awaiting teammate, fullback Floyd Shechter. VARSITY NW OPP. 1 Oak Park 1 3 Highland Park 1 2 Waukegan 1 0 New Trier East 1 0 Evanston 3 2 Maine East 1 2 Maine North 0 1 St. Joseph 0 3 Maine South 0 2 New Trier West 1 1 Quigley South 1 1 Maine West 0 1 Lake Forest 2 6 Lyons 3 2 Maine West 0 2 Maine South 0 1 New Trier West 1 2 Evanston 1 VARSITY: (l-r): First Row: D. Korb, C. Culloton, T. Friedman. Second Row: P. Elman, B. Pick, P. Korn, K. Edwardson, A. Horn, G. Messinger, S. Heller, J. Spitz, M. Beckman (Manager). Third Row: J. Roland, M. Glassberg, C. Berzoc, D. Goodcase, S. Bernstein, R. Ovington, S. Fenchel, S. Weiser. Fourth Row: S. Kacel, D. Dermer, B. Macallister, M. O ' Callaghan, F. Weiss, K. Schatzman, N. Wilner, B. Camras. Fifth Row: D. Ashe, M. O ' Callaghan, S. Edwardson, S. Niles, J. Hornthal, F. Shechter, M. Oberrotman, M. Meiselman. Last Row: Coach F. Velasco, B. Peterson, B. Casey, ). Gaki, R. Gottleib, S. Specter, Coach M. Klebba. (ABOVE) Forwards David Shelton and Craig Cohen maneuver the ball up the field eluding a defensive opponent. (RIGHT) Steve Soskin dribbles around a defender as another one is in pursuit. Emmet Goldberg looks on. SOPH. LAST ROW. L to R: J. Lowen, J. Carlson, D. Zazove, S. Heinz, E. Baron, S. Pearlman, ). Lichten, A. Kamura. FIRST ROW: R. Schnurr, K. Goldberg, B. McAllister, B. Schlesinger, J. Hosanna, Coach Sanstead. Levin, M. Schnurr, D. Podell, R. Niles, A. Stone. SECOND ROW: J. Guirsch, M. Saperstein, P. Mylander, D. Shelton, S. FROSH: L to R. LAST ROW: R. Krueger, R. Frey, R. Reinhardt, J. Erickson, S. Kubes, D. Bursteen. FOURTH ROW: Coach R. Porter, S. Feldman, R. Cohan, K. Takemoto, R. Leek, B. Miller, J. Wendt, R. Shroyer, M. Dudavitz, K. Abrams, M. Max, K. Brainin, B. Friedler, E. Shulte. THIRD ROW: T. Sacks, S. Hausman, C. Schuman, G. Crane, L. Rifkin, M. Sandroff, E. Feldman, R. Johnson, C. Diederich, S. Turton, H. Rubinstein, B. Senoff (Manager), Coach J. Burkel. SECOND ROW: B. David, A. Zunamon, M. Tarczynski, P. Casey, E. Kharasch, D. Johnson, B. Crown, J. Kramer, T. Schey, A. Panagos, A. Potash. FIRST ROW: D. Korb, C. Field, J. Stielow, H. Hoffman, N. Horwitz, R. Burns, H. Barnett, T. Sanders D. Pizzolato, R. Cohen, K. Dermer, R. Brunning, R. Kinzel. NW SOPHOMORE OPPONENTS 4 Oak Park 1 3 Highland Park 1 1 Waukegan 2 1 New Trier East 1 1 Maine East 0 3 Maine North 0 3 St. Joseph 1 1 Maine South 1 4 New Trier West 1 2 Quigley South 2 2 Maine West 0 2 Lake Forest 2 0 Lyons 1 2 Evanston 1 0 Evanston 1 7 Maine West 0 1 Lyons 2 3 Lake Forest 1 FROSH " A " NW OPP. FROSH " B " NW OPP. 1 Maine East 0 3 Maine East 0 0 Highland Pk. 0 2 Waukegan 0 2 Waukegan 2 5 New Trier E. 0 2 New Trier East 1 2 Maine North 0 1 Maine South 0 3 Maine South 0 2 New Trier West 1 0 New Trier W. 0 3 Maine West 0 4 Maine East 0 4 Maine East 1 0 Lake Forest 0 1 Lyons 0 0 Lyons 1 6 Evanston 1 2 Highland Pk. 0 Forward Russell Frey neatly handles the ball past a defensive opponent and dribbles the ball downfield. 159 Niles West began the 1971-1972 season as conference contenders, winning their first eight contests. Especially noted was the early victory over an an¬ nual nemesis Evanston. Blake Lorenz (Above) was known for his backcourt talent while Dan Welter (Above Right) controlled the boards. Senior sixth man, Tom Amarantos (Right) was formidable at either guard or forward. BASKETBALL Depth was decisive in Indian Victories. Coming off the bench with a leg injury sustained in football, Senior Scott Zolke (Left) provided needed rebounding strength. Foul shooting proved a strong point on the squad as Brad Cartwright (Below) made over sixty percent of his free throws. As juniors prevailed, Captain Don Burrows (Left) was the only starting Senior. His play sparked the team with his combined offensive and defensive ability. 161 The prowess of West ' s outside shooters was an important factor in the tribe ' s early eight game winning streak. Six-foot four inch center. Brad Cartwright (Right) was consistent on his jump shot from the baseline. Se¬ nior guard Don Burrows (Below) boasted a sixteen point per game average, including a thirty point night in the victory against New Trier West. A m : i :f t ' c esta i ' ■ j Vj IP) 1 y ' Sol 33 J d M ri h B » : VARSITY: (l-r): Front Row: D. Conti, B. Brown, D. Kerman, D. Burrows, Schnurr, J. Steiner, j. Coldsher, J. Richmond, B. Cartwright, D. Welter, R. Deiderich, B. Lorenz, T. Bartlett, R. Katz. Back Row: Coach B. T. Thorne, M. Staackman, B. Shiner, S. Zolke, Mgr. S. Kramer. 162 J.V. playmaker Bob Brown (Left) saw key action in the battle with Maine North, However, Brad Cartwright (Below Left) led all scorers in this win over the newly formed Maine North team. VARSITY NW OPP. 68 Niles East 44 61 Evanston 54 55 Glenbrook South 47 62 Highland Park 61 73 Maine North 43 61 Deerfield 55 71 Glenbrook North 64 69 Sullivan 66 62 St. Viator 75 54 Niles North 52 65 Maine West 51 66 New Trier West 63 42 Maine South 89 58 Niles North 51 56 Glenbrook South 61 53 Glenbrook North 54 70 Maine North 58 58 New Trier West 55 61 Deerfield 54 41 Maine West 51 163 For the first time in twelve years the Niles West Basketball team advanced beyond the Regional Tourney. Defense sparked the Indians to victory, as illustrated by Dan Welter and Joel Steiner (Below). All Conference at either center or forward. Brad Cartwright (Right) led the Tribe with his flawless outside shooting. 164 FRESHMAN A: Top Row: (l-r): D. Guenther, B. Buckley, F. Schlag, R. Fogel, B. Kruger, B. Pindras, A. Young, Coach Field. Second Row: A. Amarantos, J. Chiapetta, F. Steinberg, S. Kibort, T. Welter, K. Panouses. Front Row: M. Hanrahan, F. Martaranno, S. Lautenschleiger, M. Block, R. Brunning. All Conference guard, Don Burrows (Left) set an all time Niles West free throw record, sinking over eighty percent. SOPHOMORES: (l-r): Front Row: B. Sorensen, J. Blackman, G. Sortal. Top Row: J. Welter, D. Kibort, R. Rosset, j. Schafer, B. Baumler, S. Barron, J. Zoros, B. Hanrahan. Second Row: D. McNamara, S. Spielman. Launhardt, M. Yersky, J. Welter, S. Anderson, B. Burkhardt, D. 165 Despite tight defense all year, as illustrated by joel Steiner (Above) the Indians couldn ' t contain the overpowering Maine South Hawks, in the tribe ' s biggest loss. Among the few highlights of that game was this easy lay-up by Junior Dave Conti (Left). 166 Fencing requires technique, natural ability, and finesse. Captain Gary Kozack (Left) displays excellent form as he manuevers out of the reach of Lou Atsaves. Ron Hacker and Guenther Hartfeil (Below) demonstrate the basic style for blocking the foil. VARSITY: Kneeling: S. Blum, B. Pick, G. Kozack, L. Atsaves, R. Herstein. Back row: J. Kassel, J. Anderson, R. Hacker, G. Hartfeil, R. Leach, M. Oberrotman, H. Labow. n 167 (hf tuna dies VARSITY NW OPP. 81,42 Niles North 110.64 81.42 Niles East 113.02 85.12 Maine East 67.44 85.12 New Trier East 97.44 103.24 Deerfield 64.18 89.15 New Trier West 96.15 88.66 Barrington 101.02 105.46 Maine North 65.15 112.14 Thornridge 119.62 94.27 Glenbrook South 124.33 97.22 Maine South 100.45 101.57 Lake Forest 93.49 84.76 Niles North 127.01 105.57 Glenbrook North 103.19 110.37 Evanston 124.04 103.12 Maine West 105.76 (Top): VARSITY: Standing: (l-r): B. Topol, S. Gutman, J. Roland, D. Korb, C. Nelson, M. Gordon, B. Bindus, R. Rodriguez, D. Hollinger, K. Schatzman, P. Panik. Kneeling: F. Trester, Coach Armour, D. Raymond. (Above): Number one man on tumbling Senior Fred Trester performs a Japanese balance trick. A handstand is part of Junior Paul Panik ' s routine. 168 SOPHOMORE: Standing: Coach Petit, M. Sanders, T. Cozzola, T. McLean, B. Bindus, M. Hosfield, S. Perlman, D. Duchaj, M. Osmolak. Kneeling: ). Pearson, W. Bordes, D. Burke,). Craig, F. Bonnetti. Sitting: T. Kropp. Sophomore Mark Zolke performs an L support on the rings. NW FROSH OPP. 35.74 Deerfield 22.66 33.28 New Trier West 24.66 37.68 Barrington 27.40 37.30 Glenbrook South 43.00 39,84 Maine South 39.84 NW SOPH OPP. 50.50 Niles East 64.50 50.50 Niles North 67.00 48.50 Maine East 35.18 48.50 New Trier East 38.80 55.82 Deerfield 27.95 44.68 New Trier West 14.28 61.16 Barrington 54.92 70.52 Maine North 41.52 63.76 Thorn ridge 53.74 59.82 Glenbrook South 48.10 58.12 Maine South 47.20 68.56 Lake Forest 37.90 61.58 Glenbrook North 52.78 51.62 Niles North 49.87 56.80 Evanston 51.49 64.10 Maine West 60.01 Captain of the Sophomore team Tom Kropp gets ready to perform a giant. 169 (Right): Using his chin to pin his oppo¬ nent, Junior, Dan Yohanna, successfully gains the advantage. (Below): Subsequent to tie-up position, Senior, Phil Clesi, drops to his knees and gracefully brings his opponent to the mat. NW VARSITY OPP. 3rd Niles Quad — 33 Highland Park 10 25 New Trier East 21 17 Maine North 29 2nd West Leyden Quad — 27 Deerfield 18 16-22 Evanston, Wheeling, 40-34 31 Libert yville 21 21 Maine West 27 18 Glenbrook South 36 21 New Trier West 25 24 Maine South 30 14 Niles North 29 18 Glenbrook North 32 170 VARSITY: (l-r): Top Row: J. Wehrmacher, D. Yohanna, B. Kopinski, R. Lain, R. Lain, B. Mitz, F. Sanchez, W. Nemanich, Coach Porter. First Row: P. Mensinger, E. Turton, B. Blinick, R. Schneider, P. Clesi, J. Nowicki, P. Smith. SOPHOMORES: (l-r): Top Row: Coach Richardson, E. Allard, K. Kobudak, T. Flood, J. Bowman, R. Wilson, M. Dibasilio, J. McDonald, J. Rostron, Coach Sesso. First Row: M. Begoun, M. Schnurr, M. Garcia, P. Frazee, R. Schnurr, D. Bailey, G. Hoshizaki, B. Bereskin. SOPHOMORE NW OPP. 3rd Niles Quad — 39 Highland Park 18 36 New Trier East 17 42 Maine North 15 33 Deerfield 25 27 Thorn wood 33 2nd Evanston Quad — 26 Maine West 32 18 Glenbrook South 26 30 New Trier West 27 14 Maine South 42 42 Niles North 9 38 Glenbrook North 18 FRESHMEN NW OPP. 27 Highland Park 30 46 New Trier East 24 45 Maine North 21 42 Deerfield 21 30 Thorn wood 27 23 Maine West 36 33 Glenbrook South 24 30 New Trier West 15 23 Maine South 35 21 Niles North 39 21 Glenbrook North 33 Sophomore, Mike Schnurr, shows deter¬ mination as he finally breaks down an angiushed contender. FRESHMAN: (l-r): Top Row: Coach Huff, M. Rosen, C. McLeon, M. Chapekis, R. Gold, J. Springer, S. Witt, K. Steffin, Coach Lain. First Row: P. Johnopolos, T. Kramer, D. Korb, B. Hoffman, S. Turton, S. DeBasilio, C. DeLeonardis. 171 VARSITY NW OPP. 18 Forest View 77 60 Maine North 35 42 East Leyden 53 19 Deerfield 76 79 Niles East 16 33 Morton West 62 20 Proviso West 75 35 West Leyden 60 22 New Trier West 73 31 Glenbrook North 64 25 Glenbrook South 70 32 Maine West 63 24 Maine South 71 43 Niles North 52 GO VARSITY: (l-r): Kneeling: M. Odum, R. Nutting, R. Carl, D. Hallberg. Second Row: Coach Radimer, S. Ekenberg C MacEwan, D. Ekenberg, J. Harms, R. Conrad, T. Heinz, B. Nutting, Coach Davis. Third Row: W. Homer I Vorpagel S Rosenberg, M. Levy, R. Bonetti, C. Chow, S. Camus, S. Okasak, S. Spak. Freshman Steve Michaels awaits the judges ' scores. • . . , • . SOPH NW OPP. 48 Forest View 65 55 Maine North 38 18 Proviso West 54 28 West Leyden 49 45 Deerfield 72 35 Niles East 15 48 Maine West 55 40 New Trier West 58 28 Glenbrook South 54 NW FROSH OPP. 36 Forest View 58 42 Maine North 52 41 Proviso West 52 52 West Leyden 43 12 Deerfield 82 50 Niles East 40 51 Maine West 44 28 New Trier West 66 20 Glenbrook South 75 t! m§ i ayt I A swimmer finishes the breast stoke portion during a relay event. FRESHMEN: (l-r): Kneeling: C. Kitowski, B. Weiss, R. Nord, P. Casey, E. Loos, H. Mayber, J. Allequez, j. Irpino. Second Row: D. Lavnick, D. Wendt, S. Michael, L. Jensen, B. Amarantos, C. Klint, H. Caroon, R. Johnson. 173 All-Conference long-jumper and co-captain, jim Hornthal (Below) displays his flawless technique in the 180-yard low hurdles. Craig Brooks, (Right) long-distance specialist, tenaciously holds his lead as he nears the finish. VARSITY: (l-r): Top Row: S. Spector, R. Katz, T. Brown, D. Nakanishi, P. Egebrecht, D. Flood, B. Casey, C. Brooks, D. Eischen, B. Macewan, Coach Ron Campbell. Second Row: J. Macnider, j. Stolberg, L. Snyder C Chow. Front Row: A. Elste, M. Schreiber, G. Chelcun, j. Hornthal, R. Lain. 174 Tom Flood leads the field with Steve Heinz gaining ground on his nearest competitor. Apparently destined to win the race, Mike Schreiber battles a contending Maine sprinter. 175 (Below): Steve Fenchel provided the finesse and consistency that led Niles to a winning season, (Right) Long ball hitter Rob Englhard boasted a sub-par round against Clenbrook. (Right): Captain Steve Fenchel provided valuable assistance for Bill Zimmer ' s slice. 176 •V wmwm (Left): Harry Silverman attempts to handle a deep serve in a meet against New Trier. 177 (Left): Making a shoetop save at the baseline, Rob Beswick makes it 15- 15. (Below) Paul Mishkim scores on a forehand slam. fiASE UL (Right): Southpaw Barry Mueller hurls his first delivery in his no-hitter against Deerfield. (Below Right): Bob Brown and Bob Cameras team up to catch a fly ball. VARSITY: (l-r): Top Row: S. Kramer, Mgr., B. Thornton, B. Camras, B. Blasynski, B. Brown, D. Dorfman, K. McGuire, B. Lorenz, B. Weiss. Second Row: Coach Phipps, G. Kirby (Mgr), J. Mandell, G. Brugliera, P. Young, D. Senenski, J. Abrahamson, S. Zolke, T. Amarantos, G. Amarantos, Coach Galla. Front Row: P. Elman, ). Schillaci, P. Klipowicz, B. Muelier, A. Balbirer, C. Ginsburg, J. Anderson, M. Erickson. 178 SOPH: (l-r): Top Row: Coach Coyer, S. Anderson, B. Burkhardt, S. Spielman, B. Sorenson, B. McDonald, J. Blackman. Second Row: G. Hoshizaki, B. Geyer, j. Heller, J. Zoros, B. Sears, J. Liano. Front Row: j. Lichten, B. Litwin, C. Levin, M. DiBasilo, S. Harris, R. Schnurr. (Left): junior Blake Lorenz starts a double-play combination that helped lead to one of the squad ' s many wins. (Below Left): Senior Paul Klipomcz gets ready to handle a ground ball during one of the season ' s early victories. 179 FROSH A: (l-r) Top Row: Coach Sandstead, D. Guenther, B. Coltharpe, B. Pindras, R. Frey, B. Krueger. Second Row: C. Peters, K. Brainin, M. Zaban, L. Krieter, B. Kuehn. Front Row: R. Borucki, C. DeLeonardis, A. Gussin, H. Rubinstein, M. Kogen. 180 Sophomores Kerry Levin and Steve Harris converge on a shallow fly ball. Sophomore Rick Schnurr robs the opposition of a sure hit. FROSH B: (l-r): Top Row: Coach Lamb, A. Amarantos, S. Nieder, M. Chapekis, J. Chiappctta, R. Reinhardt, R. Pinter, B. Miller. Second Row: J. Allequez, G. Collons, L. Wolfe, E. Silver, J. Fishman, L. Reljac, S. DiBasilio, S. Parks. Front Row: M. Oieschbourg, F. Stankowicz, A. Qualiardi, M. Potina, L. Zera, j. Jacobs. 181 (Right): TENNIS: (l-r): Top Row: N. Dorfman, J. Tripicchio, Miss Kouba, N. Tabloff, j. Estes. Front Row: S. Kahalnik, D. Cohen, C. Lewison, J. Bauer. (Below): Nancy Dorfman serves while Denise Cohen readies for a return during a wet meet. earns Four tennis team members work on good form during a practice session. 182 Shelia Kinney watches joan Bauer as she serves to Marene Gilluly during a practice session. BADMINTON: (Above): l-r): Top Row: J. Ferrell, C. Kachan, J. Bauer, D. Schusteff, Miss Heeren. Third Row: D. Hoffman, C. DeFrancisco, M. Gilluly, S. Kinney, J. Clause. Second Row: M. Coursey, K. Coursey, S. Harris, L. Brooks, C. Panagiotaros, C. Dubas, C. Gannon. Front Row: L. Zazove, N. Dorfman, D. Burkhardt, D. Goldmeier, C. Elegreet. (Left): Lynne Brooks slams a return while Debbie Goldmeier awaits the next volley. 183 SPORTS EXIT Opening Homecoming Day with a bang, the marching band leads the parade down Oakton Street. The winning float declares doom for the Thornwood Thunderbirds in the upcoming game. 187 Above: Exhausted by the rigorous Ice-Cream social, Rocky Road and English Toffee find a lonely staircase on which to melt. Right: Couples dance to the music of the swinging jazz band at the annual Homecoming dance, " Those Were The Days. " 188 Elated, Homecoming Queen Paul a Housakos is congratulated by football co-captain Jim Thornton. Max Tash and Debbie Erlebacher take a moment to rest before they return to the swinging ' 60 ' s dance floor. Court members: Sia Atsaves Marilee Erickson Bonnie Butler Sue Polone Diane Dedo Renee Weiss The Army nurse (Ellice Heyman) acts oblivious toward Marion Cheefer ' s (Gordon Rothman) complaints that he is too unhealthy and should not be inducted in " Next. " After succumbing to Gloria ' s (Renee Gott) gentle ways, Ben (Jim Sherman) lets her teach him French in the " Tiger. " Confronted with emotional problems stemming from his new marriage, Phil Benson (Ken Piontek) looks perplexed after his wife Doris (Nancy Leonchik) names his son Doree (Dave Boylan). 190 Embarrassed, forty year old Cheefer refuses to submit to the Army physical. Ben violently attacks Gloria ' s middle-class-suburban-housewife val¬ ues. Dave Boylan, portraying the psychiatrist, attempts to help Phil understand his high school problems in " Adaptation. " Crew member Bruce Miller listens for his cue before adjusting the music for the three fall plays. Right: Opening Pow Wow ' 71 — " Vast Wastelands for Fun and Profit " — is Lance Rightguard (Ken Rubenstein) and the entire standing company with the " Greatness of Me. " Left: The game show " You Bet Your Life Savings ' ' is momentarily inter¬ rupted by a newsbreak during which Raquel Welch does a strip¬ tease act for contestants Debbie Nudelman and Michelle Abrams and host David Boylan. Above: Clarifying and distinguishing the true irrelevance of television was this year ' s theme for " Pow Wow ' 71 " and was exemplified in a satire on " Marcus Welby, M.D., " with Ami Kornel as Carcuss Smelby and Debbie Potash is his assistant. Left: The highlight of the show, Gary Simon, utilizes the effectiveness of an original script in several humurous " Goldbatt ' s " commercials. 193 194 Right: Pow Wow crew members paint the sets for the show on Saturday afternoons and after school. Below: Melissa Mills (Nancy Stone) interrupts the Professor (Steve Lewis) to allow for “station identification. " Host Bill Homer provides questions to team members Terry Hoffman, Steve Lewis, Donna Stone, Glenn Berman, Debbie Pines and Bruce Neuman on " It ' s Egocentric. " 195 Above: Bonnie Lane and Karen Brenner provide a sobering note to the show with their version of " Come Away Melinda, " a ballad about war. Left: The entire cast gathers together at the end of " Vast Wastelands for Fun and Profit " for the finale. Right: Toad (Audrey Hirsch) attempts to explain to an uninterested Rat (Jill Franklin) his reasons for being so conceited. Below: Lucy Rabbit (Monica Levin), Mama Rabbit (Lori Mangurten) and Harold Rabbit (Robyn Harold) hop merrily onto the stage despite Mama Rabbit ' s insistence that Lucy and Harold must go to school. 196 This year ' s Children ' s Theater production of " Toad of Toad Hall " delighted and interested the many children that came to watch the play. Theater Left: Toad struts about proudly, trying to prove that he is indeed the greatest. Below: Toad gloomily awaits his trial for speeding and calling the Policeman (Sarinda Weitz) a " Fat Face. " 197 (Upper Left): Male Chorus members practice in the music room during their free time. (Upper Right): Leslie Bland, Sue Mayber and Cindy Landerman harmonize during a Westones rehearsal. (Left): Freshman Girls Glee practices under the guidance of Mr. Winkler. 199 (Above): During a rehears¬ al, concert band practices one of their selections for the upcoming May Festival. (Right): Bob Blatt, Greg Freres, Ted Parge, Marc Wagner and Bill Provost practice the different instruments of the percussion section. 200 xoruius Right: Encourag¬ ing student in¬ volvement is the musical group " Up With Peo¬ ple " , who sing about people " because they ' re the best kinda ' folks we know. " Right: Playing the role of the underdog, Daniel Walker, Democratic candidate for governor, speaks on legalizing abortion, more money for better education, improving state mental hospitals, and the Democratic slatemakers ' new proposal for the most expensive expressway in the country. Above: Dr. Preston Bradley, Senior Pastor of the People ' s Church of Chicago, states his views on the state of American society, during an assembly in the auditorium. 202 Left above: Congressman Abner Mikva is disappointed over the small turnout of student voters registering and comes to Niles West seeking help. Above: Senator Muskie shakes the hands of well-wishers after his speaking engagement at Niles West. Left: Senators Adlai Stevenson and Edmund Muskie listen to a speaker discussing Muskie ' s platform should he receive the Democratic presidential nomination. 203 STUD6T1T EechAnge (Above): Foreign Exchange Student, David Shein, finds a quiet spot in the Oakton Street Lobby to read a book about Viet Nam. (Above Right): Niles West students chosen to participate in " Project Phoenix " are Wendy Tobias, Linda Yefsky, Jessica Green, Nancy Shaw, Bruce Schlesinger, and Nat Stein. (Right): The students from Phoenix Indian High School participating in the six week exchange program include Bill Miller, John Davis, Ronald Mote, Melvina Harris, Amelia John, and Marieta Siowman. 204 (Above): Troubled by a late start, Jeff Epstein, Jay Mandell, and Sanford Levin lacked the nec¬ essary time for a successful victory in the primary elimination. (Left): English teacher Mrs. Faith Shapiro keeps accurate account of the score for the It ' s Aca¬ demic team. 205 (Above): Project ' 70 members Carol Bugiran, Sue Trieber, Merle Robinson, Steve Rabin and Steve Lome plan speaking engagements for the hike ' s directors. (Right): Tired and sore marchers gather on the front lawn of Niles North to rest before going home. 206 • (Right): Dolly Levi (Audrey Holzer) receives a joyous reunion with the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant in this year ' s spring musical, " Hello Dolly! " (Below): Minnie Fay (Andi Landsman) and Barnaby Tucker (Ken Piontek) join Irene Malloy (Carol Berman) and Cornelius Hackle (Jay Hackin) in the finale of " Hello Dolly! " 208 iMU$V STCRt i W11TMAN MUSIC STORE A ' " ' ■ — ! 11 —| m —i (Above): Yonkers, New York townsmen gather to welcome Dolly in the opening son, ' ' Call On Dolly ' (Left): Cornelius and Barnaby dream of women in the song " It Takes A Woman " . (Right): The patrons of the Harmonia Gardens gather together in the courtroom to hear the verdict on Vandergelder ' s charge of disturbing the peace. (Above): Dolly procedes to cut Horace Vandegelder ' s meat (Paul Smedberg) with the assistance of the headwaiter Rudy (Bruce Newman). (Right): Rudy and the Harmonia Gardens cooks (Bruce Kravitz, Mark Stein, Ami Kornell, and Ken Rubenstein) join in to welcome back Dolly with the song " Hello Dolly. " 210 Dolly listens patiently to Ambrose Kemper ' s (Dahl Rask) explanation of why he and Ermengarde (Jill Schlan) must be married immediately. 211 07 ) dTrcrm (Right): Renie Einbinder feeds her date, Tennessee Tuxedo, fish hors d ' oeuvres. (Above): During an interval in the dancing at the Conti¬ nental Plaza, Melanie Goldstein and Fred Weiss manage to fit into the same chair. (Right): Within a crowd of friends, Jim Gacki and Carol Schneider, Terry Hoffman and Dan Flood IMAGINE (this year ' s theme) themselves in a world of their own. 212 (Above): After graduation seniors get together to share their philosophical and analytical views toward their future coll ege endeavors. (Left): Richard Peck and jon Macnider dress for the occasion as they don caps and gowns for the upcoming ceremony, their final day at Niles West. 213 SENIOR YEAR NEEDED TO ENTER: - Completion of Junior year - Acute (terminal) senioritis - a shot of stamina 4- a dose of cynicism Glen Almcrantz Barbara Alt Tom Amarantos Carolyn Anderson Jim Abrahamson Adrienne Adelman Linda Almblad Renee Cott expresses herself through creative writing. 216 Gail Arnow Rand Arons Jim Astene Lou Atsaves Laurie Aubens Arlene Baake Andrew Balbirer Debbie Ballinger An unexpected visit from the Spectrum photographer catches the eyes of Cathy Caliva and Judy Leader. 217 Mike Bellos Barry Berger David Berger Marcy Berger Andi Schneider takes full advantage of her five minute break between classes. 218 Sheryl Bass Denise Baum Rich Beckman John Beere Jill Barr Billie Barron Scott Bergstrom Carol Berman Bob Beswick Beth Bianchi Gloria Bieber Joann Bielski Tom Bindus Gail Bizar Jeff Bloom Beth Blumenthal Susan Blumenthal Mitchell Bock Ed Bohrer Karen Bonelli Bob Bonetti Mark Borin Mike Boucher David Boylan George Bra bee Steve Brasch 219 Steve Bresette Andi Brody Craig Brooks Marcy Brotman Cindy Brown Nancy Brown Sam Brown Tom Brown Gary Brugliera Jim Buns Mitch Burack Karen Burgeman 220 Lynn Cain Kathy Caliva Nancy Cardis Bob Casey Linda Castle Denise Chase Bev Chavin Cary Chelcun Calvin Chow Ed Chupack Al Cirrincione George Chrisos 221 Phil Clesi Chris Clint Marilyn Clyman Larry Cohen Roxanne Cohen Ted Cohen Mark Cohn Frank Coletto 222 A call to Root Photographers by Spectrum staff member Carl Lang helps to solve a conflict in his photography schedule. Figen Danirel Ron Dassinger Bonnie Davis Nancy Davis Mike Davis Sandra Davis Mitch Dayan Donna Deferville 223 Even when things are down the spirit of Niles West se¬ nior fans is high enough to cheer the Indians on to vic¬ tory. Senior Pom-Pon girls Nurit Midler, Paula Housakas, and Darcy Riback relax in the student lounge before beginning their next practice session. 224 Jeff Epstein Phil Erdman Marilee Erickson Lucille Ermilio David Eischen David Ekenberg Sue Ellwing Mike Elman Phil Elman Lee Eisenberg Alan Elste Bob Englhard Gail Epstein Mike Ernt Jane Estes Laurie Feldman Ray Feldman Steve Fenchel Sue Fields 227 For the first few weeks of school the Guidance Center becomes the place to be ' as senior pro¬ gram changes are desperately needed. Janice Fiset Monica Fisher Dan Flood Jean Flood Jody Frank Bruce Frankel 228 Elise Friedman Lynn Friedman Mark Friedman Tom Friedman Cathy Zera proudly displays her finished product in Clothing class. Collien Furman Lou Cantz 229 Domini Giallombardo Mike Gillman Marene Gilluly Kevin Gilmore 230 Larry Goldstein Melanie Goldstein Larry Goodman Robin Goodman 231 Mike Gorlewicz Gene Gorski Gina Gorski Pam Goslin Cheryl Goss Renee Gott Rich Gottlieb Tim Graham 232 A confident word from co-captain Gus Sisto is always a boost at student pep assemblies. Ryan Grimm Donna Gruenke Linda Guinand Jim Gutschick Ron Hacker Albert Hagi Pat Hall John Hallberg Debbie Hamilton Carol Handelsman 233 Jene Hardel John Harms Guenther Hartteil Barbara Hattendort Madeleine Heidrich Nancy Heidrich Tom Heinz Scott Heller Holly Henry Lana Herold Ellice Heyman Emily Hill Steve Hintz Jeff Unger reflects student ' s true feelings of security at Niles West. John Hiratsuka Wendy Hirsch Marion Hoelzer Mike Hoffman Terry Hoffman Sue Hoffman Tom Hoffman Mark Hohs Fred Holdmann Bob Holmblad Ann Holmboe Cindy Holliday 235 Paula Housakos Laurie Howard Francis Hulock jack Hustin George Idelman Rich Isaacson Nancy Iwai Caryn Jacobs Barb Futransky and Audrey Holzer rehearse a rendition of the rock opera ' Jesus Christ Superstar " for the January Westones concert. 236 Sue Jacobs Linda Jacobson Judy Jacoby Leslie Jaffe Terri Jansson Jan Jasin Linda Jenkins Making use of their free time are seniors Mickey Miselman, Bill Mitz, Scott Zolke, Ted Cohen, and Ricky Rosenberg. 237 Pam Jeschke J.R. Johnson Karen Johnson Paul Johnson Mike Johnston Joan Jorgenson Rosemarie Joseph Mary Kachan Pam Kaden Garry Kahalnik Barry Kalish George Kalodimos Stephanie Jerger Barry Mueller removes himself from the pattern of Niles West. 238 David Jennetten Clif Kaminsky Pete Kanavos Rochel Kaplan Jim Kapuscinski Leonard Karson Ken Kasper Allan Katz Debbie Katz Rich Katz Russel Katz Debbie Katz Barbara Kerman Herb Kiefel Steven Kier Cindy Kirshman Russel Klaus 239 Keri Klinsky Kristine Klint Paul Klipowicz Dawn Kluge Brent Knoblock Bruce Knoblock Sue Koepke Lynne Koester Mike Koeune John Kolb Steve Kondratowicz Cathy Kopinski 240 Lisa Kornbluth Larry Korrub Leslie Korrub Helen Kostel Ann Kotlarczyk Gary Kozak Craig Kozokar Mike Krainski Julie Kramer Steve Kramer Pam Krause Bari Kreiter 241 Rich Lain Jim Lambert Sue Land Carl Lang Sue Landerholm Cindy Landerman Jenny Larson Nancy Larson Joyce Lasowski Martin Lassers Janis Lauders Barry Layfer Richard Leach Judy Leader 242 Nancy Leonchik Jeff Lerner David Levernier Judy Levine Linda Levine Nancy Levine Rick Levinson Andrea Levinthal 243 Seniors Tom Amarantos, Bob Holmblad, and Al Katsoolas find ' Bachelor ' s Survival ' ' both an experience and a challenge. Mike Levy Sheri Lieberman Marla Lieberman Debbie Lewis Marlene Lewis Richard Lindahl David Lindberg Paul Lindeman Sheri Linn Debbie Lipschultz Randi Lipschultz Sharon Lisman Debbie Leavitt finds that patience and imagination are the two most important qualities needed in making a Westword deadline. 244 Linda Lloyd Jim Littwin Sharon Liss Bruce Lynn Rich Lyon Michelle Lombard Roberta Luskin Jon Macnider Karen MacDonald Mariann Madziarek Marj Majewski Linda Malz 245 Seniors show great enthusiasm for the valuable 10 minutes spent in homeroom. Jay Mandell Lois Mandel Mary Marciniak Steve Marcus Pat Marmitt Annetta Martin Sue Massink Mike May 246 With the addition of vending machines, Helayne Rovell fi nds increased variety among the lunchroom ' s cuisine. Maureen McDonough Sue Medak Mickey Meiselman Marla Mendelson Dick Meves Michelle Michels 247 David Moore Lori Moshinsky Janice Mossong Paul Motenko 248 Dorothy Mueller Gail Mueller Nancy Mueller Dick Multan Sue Mura John Nabolotny Alan Nagelberg Dennis Nakanishi Tina Neglia Bev Nassey Don Nathan Janine Nariss No matter how hectic his life, Barry Weiss always finds a few minutes to read the latest " Westword " . 249 Bill Nehart John Nelson Warren Nemanich Debbie Nesselson Leslie Newman Lynn Newman Stan Nicholson Mike Niesman Reed Nitsche 250 Janice Oberland Brian Obrien Mike Ocallaghan Randy Ochonicki Barb Ohara Bob Okazaki Ron Olson Nancy Opalka Reid Ostrowski Gail Otto Dick Ovington Jim Gacki For the first few weeks of school the Guidance Center was " the place to be " as senior program changes were desperately needed. Lori Dainas Lois Pakier 251 Laura Parks Lynette Pasek Rich Peck Daryl Penn Marita Perlman Mark Perlow Marie Persino Karen Peterson Senior year finds Mary Frake looking into her future as she glances through the college cata¬ logues. 252 William Peterson Lydia Peterson Roger Peterson Janice Petroske Roberta Pfeil Gary Piwko Bennett Plotnick Jerilynn Pollack Lynne Pollack Sue Polone Pam Porcaro Nancy Portugal Debbie Porzel Mike Potempa Mike Potoker Janet Priess Bill Provost 253 Mark Rabinowitz )oe Radermacher Dean Radum Elaine Raffel As the yearbook deadline for the senior section arrives, Senior Eileen Thuna gives a veteran ' s approval to a layout designed by Leslie Wurman and Vicki Fabian. 254 Steve Rainero Barry Rapoport Barb Raymond Donald Raymond Greg Razka Renee Reade Wendy Reicherts Jim Reifenberg Sheryl Resnick Darcy Riback Bob Riha Larry Robbins To relieve the congestion in Niles West halls, seniors Dave Boylan and Cindy Landerman have developed a new transportation system. 255 Scott Rode Marla Rodnick Rick Rodriguez Chris Roscop Roberta Rosen Mark Rosenberg Ricky Rosenberg Pam Rosengarden Tom Rosenkranz Nancy Rosenstone Kathy Rossmann Helayne Rovell Larry Snyder finds he is still able to study despite his hectic surroundings in the student lounge. 256 Arnold Rowen Ken Rubel Ken Rubenstein Mark Rubin Bob Rubin stein Diane Rugen Gary Rukin Tom Ruppert Bob Ryan Glenn Saber Pam Sachnoff Bonnie Saeks Harriet Saletko Frank Saltzberg Anita Salzman Mark Saltzman 257 Donna Schlag Andrea Schneider Renee Schneider Rose Schrader Frank Schreiber Mike Schreiber Howard Schwartz Bob Schwartz Maribess Scott John Searle Susan Senoff Arlene Shall 258 Polly Simms Jim Sherman Mike Shimp Mitchell Shore Rhonda Shore Gale Sichau Susan Sierzega Steve Siet Marla Sigman Sharon Sikevitz Betty Silver Paula Silver Harry Silverman 259 Randy Simon Mark Skalski Debbie Skelnik Mike Sloan Paul Smedberg Betsy Smith Frank Smith Stuart Smoller 260 The perplexing biological relationship between oligochaeta, xiphosurida and the ectosystem is shown on Don Burrows ' face. Noreen Spencer Rich Spielman Sam Spina Sandy Spitzer Annette Springer Sharon Stankowicz Letta Starr Mark Stearns 261 Working in the nursery provides Pam Goslin with a unique experience. Joanne Steffen Lyanne Steffen Elizabeth Steiger Debbie Stein Arlene Sternquist Mark Stielow Paulette Stocker Jeff Stolberg Larry Stone Nancy Stone Beth Strauss Sue Strauss 262 Mike Streicher Stephanie Suane Mary Sutfin Sharon Sutherland Fred Swanke Mauree Talman Thomas Tanaka )udy Tanner Max Tash Marcee Taxman Marlene Teichner James Tell 263 Senior N-Club members find varied interests during a pep assembly. Joseph Terdich Thomas Thorne Jim Thornton Eileen Thuna Wendy Tobias Steve Topczewski Joseph Tralmer 264 Marsha Turbin Eric Turton jeff Unger Barb Ungerleider Kurt Unverricht Keith Valenziano Individuality is expressed in art class by patti Hall. 265 Dennis Verany Debbie Vinci Lynn Voedisch Sandy Wagman Rich Walovitch Maureen Walsh Lisa Warady Richard Watts Carol Weber 266 Bev Weidinger Sandy Weil Vicki Weil Fred Trester leaves the staff lounge after a consultation with one of his teachers. Gregg Weinstein Alex Weiss Barry Weiss David Weiss Debbie Weiss Ellen Weiss Fred Weiss Gayle Weiss Jaye Weiss Phil Weiss Renee Weiss Ariel Weissberg Almost totally unaware of what is going on around her, Darcy Riback works diligently on her chemistry lab report. Jim Welch Jim Weser 267 John Wilander Mike Wilcox Benita Williams Ed Williams Noel Wilner Trudy Wolf Diane Wolnik David Wolsky Rosemary Dahm shows her individualistic talents through art. 268 Keith Zar Mark Zawiski Chuck Zenn Cathy Zera Scott Zolke Howard Zyburt 269 Editor-in-Chief Carol Handelsman Co-Editors Renee Schneider Gregg Weinstein Faculty Advisors Barbara Gordon Jim Johnson Introduction Carol Handelsman Renee Schneider Gregg Weinstein Underclass Julie Leavitt Lori Mangurten Debbie Morris Academic Carl Lang Clubs Shari Cohen Vicki Weil Ines Zaban Sports Steve Fenchel Jeff Golman Richard Isaacson School Events Renie Einbinder Barbara Schneider Seniors Vicki Fabian Eileen Thuna Leslie Wurman Art Staff Nancy Iwai Roberta Luskin Martin May Staff Photographers Bruce Frankel Alan Frohlichstein Arnold Rowen Special thanks to: Randall ' s Formal Wear, Hyatt House Hotel and Lincoln Park Zoo, Harry Arky, and Mark Rosenberg. ABRAHAMSON, JAMES: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 4; Con¬ cert Band; Concert Orchestra; Stage Band; Pow Wow 3,4; West Side Story 3; Hello Dolly 4; N- Club; Track 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4. ALMBLAD, LINDA: C.A.A. 1. ALMCRANTZ, GLEN: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4. ALT, BARBARA: Pacesetters 1; G.A.A. 1,2. AMARANTOS, TOM: Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 4; Football 1,2,3. ANDERSON, CAROLYN: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Gymnastic Team 1,2,3,4. ASTRENE, JIM: Latin Club 1; Baseball 2; Wrestling 2. AUBENS, LAURIE: Freshman and Sophomore Cabinet 1,2,3; Russian Club 2,3; Aeronautic Club 3; Usherette Club 4; Girl ' s Glee 1; G.A.A. 1. BAAKE, ARLENE: G.A.A. 1. BALBIRER, ANDREW: Sopho¬ more Cabinet 2; Russian Club 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1 , 2 . BALLINGER, DEBORAH : Transferred from Good Council High School 2; Usherettes 4. BELLOS, MICHAEL: N-Club 3; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. BERGER, BARRY: Cabinet 1; Soccer 2,3; Cross Country 1; Basketball 1; Wrestling 2,3. BERMAN, CAROL: Pep Club 1,2; Snow White 1; Many Moons 1; Cinderella 2; Pow Wow Prop Chairman 4; Hello Dolly 4; Stage Manager Adaptation 4; Girl ' s Glee 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Band 1,2. BESWICK, ROBERT: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit letter of Commendation; Bridge Club 2,3,4; Soccer 1; Tennis 3,4. BIANCHI, BETH: Band 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2. BIEBER, GLORIA: Cabinet 2. BINDUS, THOMAS: N-Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2. BIZAR, GAIL: Girl ' s Glee 1; Spanish Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Proj¬ ect ' 70 2,3,4. BLOOM, JEFF: Bronze Key 4; West Word 3; German Club 4, Soccer 2; Swimming 1,2; Intra¬ murals 4. BLUMENTHAL, BETH: Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 1; Cabinet Alternate 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Spotlighters 1; G.A.A. 1; Ski Club 3. BLUMENTHAL, RICHARD: Chess Club, Vice-President Bio-Chem Club; Basketball 2; Baseball 2; Cross Country 1; Football. BOCK, MITCHELL: Latin Club 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Concert Band 4; Westones 4; Stage Man¬ ager Fall Festival 4; Hello Dolly 4; Gymnastics 1,2; Track 2. BOHRER, EDWARD: SRA 2,3; Pow Wow 4; Football 1,2; Wres¬ tling 1; Track 1,2; Westword Photographer 4. BONELLI, KAREN: Monitor 1,2; G.A.A. 3,4; Galibo 3,4; Gymnastics 3,4. BONETTI, BOB: Swimming 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . BRODY, ANDIE: Foreign Exchange Club 3,4; Hospital Vis¬ itor ' s Troupe 4; Girl ' s Glee 1; Pow Wow 1; G.A.A. 1; Student Advisory Committee 4. BROTMAN, MARCY: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; G.A.A. 1,2; G.A.A. Board 1; Thespians 2,3,4; Funny Girl z; Children ' s Theatre 2,3; Thurber Carnival 2; Pow Wow 3; West Side Story 3; Glass Menag¬ erie 3; Fall Festival 4; Pow Wow 4; Hello Dolly 4. BRUGLIERA, GARY: Baseball 2. BROWN, NANCY: Usherettes 3; G.A.A. 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Girl ' s Glee 2; Stage Crew Pow Wow 1; Monitor 2. CHASE, DENISE: INS Club 1,2,3; Children ' s Theatre props 2; Pow Wow 2,3; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; Monitor 2,3; Glee Club 1,2. CHUPACK, EDWARD: P.A. Committee 2; Physics Club 3; Baseball Manager 2. Cl ESI, PHILLIP: Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2,3. CLYMAN, MARILYN: White cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Shakespeare Workshop 3; S.S.O. 2,3,4; Opus One 3; Children ' s Theatre 1; Student Advisory Committee 4. COHEN, TED: N-Club 4; Base¬ ball 1,2,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4. COLETTO, FRANK: Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; N-Club 2.3.4. COOPERMAN, LINDA: Homecoming Committee 4; West Word 4; Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4. CULLOTON, CRAIG: N-Club 2; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Baseball 2; Swimming 1; Soccer 4. DASSINGER, RON: N-Club 3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4. DAVIS BONNIE: Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Thespians 1,2,3; Pow Wow 1,2; Once Upon A Mattress 1; Fire Bugs 2; Thurber Carnival 3; West Side Story 3. DAVIS, MICHAEL: Scarlet Certif¬ icate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Bio-Chem Club. DAVIS, SANDRA: Transferred from Bowen High School 2; Illi¬ nois State Scholar Semi-Finalist. DAYAN, MITCHELL: Latin Club 3,4; Monitor 2; Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3,4; Indian Mascot 4. DELEONARDIS, JANET: Student Council 1,2; Girls Glee 1,2; A ' Capella Choir 3,4. DEMIREL, FIGEN: Transferred from Sullivan High School 2. DEFERVILLE, DONNA: G.A.A. 1,2; Funny Girl 2; Usherettes 3.4. DIAMOND, HOWARD: Bronze Key 4; Physics Club 1; Audio Vi¬ sual Aid 2. DIAMOND, RUTH: Art Council 3; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 1,2,3,4; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Fire Bugs 1; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; West Side Story 3; Winnie the Pooh 1; Cin¬ derella 1; Snow White 2; Wizard of Oz 3. DICKER, JAY: Intermediate Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Marching Band 2,3; Pow Wow Band 3,4. DICKHOLTZ, SHERRY: Pacesetters 1,2; Pow Wow 2; Usherettes 1; G.A.A. 3; Aquasprites 1. DOLCE, DEBBIE: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, G.A.A. Board 2,3; Funny Girl 3; Volleyball team 3,4; Badminton Team 3. DONENBERG, SUSAN: Cabinet 1,2; Spanish Club 1; Spot lighters 1: G.A.A. 1. DOMENELLA, MARK: Fencing 1 , 2 . DREW, SYRELL: Medical Careers Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4. DUCHAJ, LAURA: G.A.A. 1,2; Vivace 1,2; Medical Careers Club 1,2; Pacesetters 2,3,4; Girls Glee 1,2. DUEBNER, DAVID: Wrestling 1,2,4; Football 1. DUGAN, MARGARET: Life Saving 3. DUNKLEBERGER, DOROTHY: G.A.A. 1,2,3; Girls Glee 1,2. DURSO, LuANN: Bronze Key 4; S.S.O. 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 2,3,4; Usherettes 3,4; Usherette President 4; Badminton Team 3; Volleyball Team 3,4; Hello Dolly 4. EDELSON, LEON: Baseball Team 2 . EDINGTON, DEBBIE: Guard Club 2,3; Pacesetters 1,2,4; Timers Club 2,3,4, President 4; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3; West Side Story Orchestra 3; Aquasprites 2,3; Band 1,2,3,4 Secretary 4; Orchestra 3,4; Music Letter 2; Silver Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; MENC Concert 2; IMEA Band 4; Solo and c Ensemble Contest 3,4. EDWARDSON, STIG: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Schol¬ arship 4; Soccer Team 4. EGEBRECHT, PHILLIP: Music Certificate 2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; A.V.E. 1; N- Club 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Choir 2,3,4; Westones 2,3,4; IMEA Band 3,4; Ensemble Contest 2,3; A ' Capella Choir 2,3,4. EINDBINDER, RENIE: Pacesetters 1,2,3,4; Hospital Vis¬ itors Troupe 4; West Word 3,4; Spectrum 4; Timers Club 2. EISCHEN, DAVID: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Schol¬ arship Semi-Finalist 4; N-Club 2; Band 1; Track 1,2,3,4. EISENBERG, LEE: N-Club 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3. EKENBERG, DAVID: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 4; Chess Club 1; Swimming 1,2,3; Cross Country 1. ELMAN, PHILLIP: Gymnastics 1; Baseball 2; Soccer 4. ELSTE, ALAN: N-Club 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4. 273 ENGLHARD, ROB: Bronze Key 3; Golf Team 1,2,3,4. EPSTEIN, GAIL: G.A.A. 1. EPSTEIN, JEFF: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; West Word 2,3,4; Editor 4; Hospital Visitors Troupe 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Arts Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Illinois State Scholar¬ ship 4; Homecoming Committee 3; It ' s Academic 4; Soccer 1; Tennis 1,2. ERDMAN, PHILIP: Tennis 2; Fencing 1,2. ERICKSON, MARILEE: Hospital Visitors Troupe 3; Pacesetters 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Girl ' s Glee 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Homecoming Court 4. ERMILIO, LUCILLE: Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Student Council 1,2; Pacesetters 1,2,4; French Club 1; Guard Club 2; Homecoming Crew 2; Monitor 1 . ERNT, MICHAEL: Aeronautics 2,3; Basketball 1; Band 1. ESTES, ]ANE: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 2,3,4; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Volleyball Team 3,4; Softball Team 3,4; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Silver Music Pin 3. EVENSON, JANET: S.S.O. 1,2,3,4. FAHSBENDER, TOM: Cabinet 1,2,3; West-Word 1; Russian Club 1,2; Basketball 1; Wres¬ tling 2; Pow Wow 1. FELDMAN, KARRI: Transferred from Amundsen High School 3; G.A.A. 3. FELDMAN, LAURIE: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; NEDT Certificate 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Letter 4; National Honors Society 3,4; Cabinet 1,2; Spanish Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Orchesis 1,2,3; Art Club 1; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Pow Wow Choreographer 3; Funny Girl 2; West Side Story 3; Summer Theatre 2. FELDMANN, RAYMOND: Bronze Key 2; Stamp Club 2; Band 1. FENCHEL, STEVE: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Student Council 1; Homecoming Committee 4; N- Club 3,4; West Word 3; Latin Club 2; Spectrum 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. FILBIN, JANET: Transferred from Central Catholic High School Fort Wayne, Ind. FINNERMAN, SCOTT: N-Club 2; Gymnastics 4. FISET, JANET: G.A.A. 1,2; G.A.A. Board 1; Orchesis 1,2; Girls Glee 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Westones 4. FISHER, MONICA: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Semi-finalist 4; Medical Careers Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice-President 4; Timers Club 3,4; German Club 4; Childrens Theatre 1; Sleeping Beauty 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Gym Leader 2,3; S.S.O. 1,2,3,4. FLOOD, DAN: N-Club 2; Football 1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4. FLOOD, JEAN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; National Honor Society 4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4; Aquasprites 1,2,3,4; Timers Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 3. FRAKE, MARY: Aquasprites 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 1; Pacesetter 2; Girls Glee 1,2,3,4; P.E. Committee 1. FRANKEL, BRUCE: Spectrum Photographer 4; Baseball Mgr. 1. FRANKEL, KAREN: Orchesis 3; Thespian 3,4; Pow Wow 3; West Side Story 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Girls Glee 1. FREEDMAN, LOUIS: Bronze Key 2; Illinois State Scholar 4; Swimming 1,2,3; Football 1. FRERES, GREG: Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4. FRIEDMAN, ELIS E: Choir 3,4; Girls Glee 1,2; West Side Story Costume Chairman 3; Summer Theatre 2; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; Glass Menagerie 3. FRIEDMAN, MARK: Bronze Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Spotlighters 1; French Club 1; Thespians 2,3,4; Drama Public Relations Board 2; Pow Wow 1,2; Steering Committee 3; Firebugs 1; Many Moons 2; Funny Girl 2; Snow White 2; Thurber Carnival 2; Wizard of Oz 3; West Side Story Ass. Director 3. FRIEDMAN, TOM: Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; N-Club 3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4. FUTRANSKY, BARBARA: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Music Certificate 1; Bronze Music Pin 2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; NEDT Certificate 4; NMSQT Letter 4; Cabinet 2,3; Vivace 2,3; Westones 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Thespians 1,2,3,4; AFS Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Girls Glee 1,2; Pow Wow 1,2,3 Vocal Director 4; Sleeping Beauty Cast 1; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Firebugs 1; Funny Girl 2; America Hurrah 4; IMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,3; Proj¬ ect 70 2; AFS Selection Committee 4. GACKI, JIM: Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4; Soccer 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3. GALTER, KURT: Football 2. GANELLEN, JEFF: Bronze Key 2; SRA 1; SFAA 4; Pow Wow 3; West Side Story 3; Hello Dolly 4; New Players 3. GANTZ, LOUIS: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Guards Club 2,3,4 Co- Capt. 4; Aquasprites 3; Swimming 1,2. GANZ, ROBERT: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; German Club 3,4; West Word 4; Soccer 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Swimming 1; Intramu¬ rals 3,4. GARLAND, JILL: Cabinet 3,4; Co-op Committee 1; AFS Club 3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; Spotlighters 1,2; Firebugs 1; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; West Side Story Make-up Chairman 3; Childrens Theatre 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2. GARTNER, ROBIN: Red Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2. GAULE, JEFFREY: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Physics Club 3; West Word 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2; In¬ tramurals 3,4. GILLMAN, MICHAEL: Physics Club 1,2; German Club 1,2; West Side Story Orchestra 3; Wrestling 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Intermediate Band 1. GILMORE, KEVIN: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Chess Club 1,2; Science Seminar 2,4. GLASS, CHRISTINE: German Club 1. GOLDBERG, CHERYL: Bronze Key 3; Silver Music Pin 3; Forensics 2,3; G.A.A. 1; Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Westones 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4. GOLDBERG, LENNY: Football 1 , 2 . GOLDSMITH, LARRY: Students For Israel 3; Wrestling Team 1. GOLDSTEIN, LARRY: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholarship 3; National Merit Letter 4; Student Council Dele¬ gate 1; Cabinet 1; Student Council Board 2; Student Appeals Board 4; P.T.A. Alt. Del¬ egate 4; SRA President 4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Political Forum Club 2; Debate 2,3,4; National Forensics League 2,3,4; Voice of 71 3; Thespian 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Thurber Carnival 2; Pow Wow 3; Spoon River 3; Football 1; Guidance Dept. Advisory Committee 4. GORAN, RUTH: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; Cabinet 1,2; Pom Pon 2,3; Spectrum 3; Orchesis 1,2; Spanish Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Spotlighters 1; S.S.O. 2; Quill and Scroll 3; Once Upon A Mattress 1. GORE, SUSAN: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Orchesis 2; G.A.A. 2; Spanish Club 2. GOTTLIEB, RICHARD: N-Club 4; Track 1,2; Football 1,2,3; Soccer 4; Tennis 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. GREENFIELD, WENDY: Transferred from Mather High School 2. GUINAND, LINDA: Medical Ca¬ reers Club 2,3; Art Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. HALL, PATTY: Pacesetters 2; Usherettes 1; Pow Wow 2; G.A.A. 2; Baton Twirler for Marching Band 2. HALLBERG, JOHN: N-Club 3,4; Guard Club 1,2; Swimming 1,2,3,4 Captain 4. HANDELSMAN, CAROL: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Schol¬ arship 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; National Honors Society 3,4; Students for Israel 3; Debate 1; Spectrum 2,3,4 Editor 4. HARMS, JOHN: Guard Club 1,2; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. HARTFEIL, GUENTHER: Illinois State Scholar 4; Pep Club 2; Russian Club 2,3; Aeronautic Club 3; Radio Tech Club 4; Fencing 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2. HAUSMAN, RICHARD: Soccer 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Tennis 1. HEINZ, TOM: Track 1; 274 Swimming 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. HELLER, SCOTT: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; N-Club 3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 Capt. 4; Gymnastics 1,2; Golf 2,3,4; In¬ tramurals 1,2. HEROLD, LANA: Art Club 2; Orchesis 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Sleeping Beauty 1; Pow Wow 3,4; Hello Dolly 4; Cinderella 3; Thespian 3,4. HEVMAN, ELLICE: SRA 4; Opus 3,4; Arts Club 1; Fall Festival 4, G.A.A. 1; School Board Repre¬ sentative 4. HILL, EMILY: National Merit Honorable Mention 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 2; SRA 2; Forensics 4; Shakespeare Workshop 1,2; Thespians 2; Drama Public Relations Board 2; Spotlighters 1,2; Pep Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Radio Steering Committee 2,3; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Sleeping Beauty 1; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; Snow White 2; Many Moons 2; Wizard Of Oz 3; West Side Story 3; Cinderella Ass. Director 3; Fall Festival 4; Hello Dolly Ass. Director 4. HINTZ, STEVE: Autos Club 3,4; German Club 2; Swimming 1. HIRATSUKA, JOHN: German Club 2,3,4. HIRSCH, WENDY: Bronze Key 4, Illinois State Scholar 4; Girls Glee 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Thespians 3,4; French Club 1, AFS Club 4; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; Pow Wow 3,4; West Side Story 3; Cinderel¬ la 3; Wizard of Oz 3; Hello Dolly 4; Fall Festival 4; Music Certificate 2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4. HOELZER, MARION: Certificate 1, Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Student Council 2; Westones 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Girls Glee 2; Funny Girl 2; Childrens Theatre 3; West Side Story 3; Pow Wow 4; Summer Theatre 2; G.A.A. 1; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4, Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4. HOFFMAN, SUSAN: Bronze Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; G.A.A. 1,2; G.A.A. Board 1,2. HOFFMAN, TERESA: Solo and Ensemble Contest 3; Music Cer¬ tificate 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; Cabinet 2; SRA 3; Thespians 4; Pacesetters 1,2,3 President 3; G.A.A. 1,2 Boar d 2; Girls Glee 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Westones 3,4; Funny Girl 3; Pow Wow 3,4; West Side Story 3; Homecoming Committee 4. HOFFMAN, TOM: Autos Club 3,4; Football 3,4; Wrestling 2,3. HOLDMAN, FRED: Autos Club 3,4; Swimming 1. HOLLIDAY, CYNTHIA: Future Teachers 1,2; INS 1; japenese Culture Club 4; SSO 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3. HOLMBLAD, ROBERT: Football 1 , 2 . HOLMBOE, ANNE: German Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Timers Club 3,4; Girls Glee 1,2,3,4; Medical Careers 1. HOLZER, AUDREY: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Music Certificate 1; Silver Music Pin 2; Gold Pin 3; National Merit Letter 3; Illinois State Scholarship 3; Hospital Visitors Troupe 2,3; Forensics 1,2,3; Thespians 1,2,3; Vivace 1,2,3; Westones 2,3; Funny Girl 1; Thurber Carnival 1; Hello Dolly 3; Summer Theatre 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; Junior Ac¬ tivities Board 3. HOMER, JODY: Illinois State Scholar 4; Cabinet 1. HOMER, WILLIAM: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Merit Letter 4; National Honor Society 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Guard Club 1; Photography Club 2; Pow Wow 4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; AAU Swimming 1,2,3; Tae Kwon Do 3. HORWICH, ANDREA: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Opus 3,4. HORNTHAL, JIM: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Merit Letter 3; National Honor Society 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Cabi¬ net 1,2; N-Club 3,4; S.S.O. 1; Pow Wow 1; Childrens Theatre 1; Thespian 1; Unity Board 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4 Capt. 4; Soccer 3,4; Intramurals 1,2. HORVITZ, JEFF: Concert Band 3. HORWITZ, DIANE: Girls Glee 1; G.A.A. 1; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4. HOUSAKOS, PAULA: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Cabinet 1; SRA 3; Girls Glee 1,2; Pacesetters 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pom Pon Squad 3,4; Homecoming Queen 4. HOWARD, LAUREL: G.A.A. 1; Mixed Chorus 1. IDELMAN, GEORGE: Baseball 1,2; Soccer 2; Basketball 1. ISAACSON, RICHARD: Bronze Key 2; Spectrum 4; Basketball 1,2,3. IWAI, NANCY: Bronze Key 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Spectrum 3,4; German Club 3; Debate 1; S.S.O. Monitor 1,2,3,4. JACOBS, CARYN: Hospital Visi¬ tors Troupe 1. JACOBS, SUSAN: Pacesetters 2; Timers Club 2,3,4; Guards Club 4; Pep Club 1; Girls Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Westones 4; Tennis Team 4. JACOBSON, LINDA: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3. JANSSON, TERRI: Girls Glee 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2. JASIN, JAN: Girls Glee 2. JENKINS, LINDA: INS Club 1. JERGER, STEPHANIE: Transferred from Regina High School 3; Project ' 70 3,4. JOHNSON, JACQUELYN: Medi¬ cal Careers Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. JOHNSON, PAUL: Scarlet Certif¬ icate 1, Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Bridge Club 3,4; Debate 2,3,4. JOHNSON, PAUL: Scarlet Certif¬ icate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Bridge Club 3,4; Debate 2,3,4. KASS ALLAN: Transferred from Mather High School 2. KORAJCZYK, ROBERT: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold KEY y 2 : Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; Russian Club 1,2,3,4; S.S.O. 2; Intramu¬ rals 4; Foreign Language Adviso¬ ry Committee 4. KRAMER, STEVEN: Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Letter 3; SRA 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Bio- Chem Club 1,2,3,4; Earth Science 2,3; Physics Club 3,4; Shakespeare Workshop 1,2; Students for Israel 3; Basketball Manager 4. KADEN, PAM: FTA 1; Chorus 1; Glee 2; Choir 3,4. KAHALNIK, GARRY: Transferred from Evanston High School 2; Bronze Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Student Activities Board 3; Forum Committee 3; Spanish Club 2; Students For Israel 3; Drama Public Relations Board 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; Snow White 2; Pow Wow 2; West Side Story 3; Fencing 2; Debate 2,4. KALISH, BARRY: Pow Wow 1; Once Upon a Mattress 2; Fall Festival 4. KAMINSKY, CLIFF: Guard Club 2,3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Pow Wow 2,4; Hello Dolly 4; Swimming 1,2,3. KAPLAN, ROCHEL: Latin Club 1,2; FTA 1,2. KASPER, KEN: Karate Club 3,4; Swim Manager 2,3. KASS, ALLAN: Transferred from Mather High School 2. KATZ, RICHARD: Transferred .from Bowen High School 2; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; SRA 3; N-Club 3,4; Baseball 2; Track 3,4. KATZ, RUSSELL: German Club 1; Basketball 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. KIEFEL, HERB: Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2. KIER, STEVE: Transferred from Bowen High School 2; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Basketball 2. KLEMPTNER, SCOTT: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; N-Club 3; AFS Club 3,4; Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 1,2,3; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; National Merit Semifinalist 4. KLINT, KRIS: Aquasprites 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 2; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; Girls Swim Team 2,3; Badminton Team 1. KNOBLOCK, BRENT: Pow Wow 1; Childrens Theatre 1; Hello Dolly 4. KNOBLOCK, BRUCE: Interme¬ diate Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Hello Dolly 4; Football 1; Wrestling 1. KOEPKE, SUSAN: Pow Wow 1; G.A.A. 1. KOESTER, LYNNE: Transferred from North Park Academy 2; AFS Exchange Student in Uraguay 4. KOEUNE, MICHAEL: Transferred from Notre Dame 2. KOLB, JOHN: Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4, Basketball 1 . KONDRATOWICZ, STEVE: 275 Orchestra 3,4; Band 3,4 Stage Band 1,2,3,4, Earth Science 1,2; Medical Careers Club 1,2. KOZAK, CARY: N-Club 2,3,4; Fencing 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,3. KOZAKAR, CRAIG: Transferred from Taft High School 2. KORAJCZYK, ROBERT: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Russian Club 1,2,3,4; S.S.O. 2; Intramurals 4; Foreign Language Advisory Committee 4. KRAMER, JULIE: Hospital Visi¬ tors Troupe 3; West Word 3; Dance Club 1; G.A.A. 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4. KRAMER, STEVE: Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; National Merit Letter 3; Illinois State Scholar 3; SRA 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Bio-Chem Club 1,2,3,4; Earth Science 2,3; Physics Club 3,4; Shakespeare Workshop 1,2; Students for Israel 3; Basketball Manager 4. KREITER, MARTA: Student Council 1,2; Pep Club 1; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Prom Committee 4. KROMELOW, GARY: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Soccer 1,2; Tennis 1,2. KUDA, STEVE: Football 1,2. LAIN, RICH: N-Club Vice- President 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 3. LAMBERT, JAMES: Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. LANDERHOLM, SUSAN : Cheerleader 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee 2; G.A.A. 1. LANDERMAN, CINDY: Cabinet 2; Westones 3,4; Pom Pon Squad 3; Choir 3,4; Girls Glee 1,2; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Hello Dolly 4; Funny Girl 2; Childrens Theatre 2,3; G.A.A. 1. LANG, CARL: White Certificate 1, Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Cabinet 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Spotlighters 1; Spectrum 3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3; Quill and Scroll 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Pow Wow 1,2,3 Steering Committee 2,3; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Firebugs 1; Winnie The Pooh 1; Many Moons 2; Funny Girl 2; West Side Story 3; Music Certificate 1. LaROSA, ROBERT: Bowling Team 3,4. LARSON, NANCY: G.A.A. 2; Pacesetters 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3. LASOWSKI, JOYCE: Bronze Key 3. LAUDERS, JANIS: G.A.A. 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Orchesis 1,2,3; Usherettes 4; LAYFER, BARRY: National Honor Society 3,4; Illi¬ nois State Scholarship 4; Spotlighters 1; Forensics 1,2,3; National Forensics League 3; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Winnie The Pooh 1; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Firebugs 1; Pow Wow 2; Many Moons Asst. Director 2; Funny Girl 2; Snow White 2; Thurber Carnival Asst. Director LAYFER, BARRY: National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Schol¬ arship 4; Spotlighters 1; Forensics 1,2,3; National Forensics League 3; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Winnie The Pooh 1; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Firebugs 1; Pow Wow 2; Many Moons Asst. Director 2; Funny Girl 2; Snow White 2; Thurber Carnival Asst. Director 2; Glass Menagerie 3; Wizard of Oz Director 3; Cinderealla 3; Drama Public Relations Board 2,3; Summer Theatre 2; Track 1. LEACH, RICHARD: Band 1,2,3,4; Baseball Manager 1; Basketball Manager 1,2,3; Football Trainer 3,4; Fencing 4. LEADER, JUDY: Student Council 1,2; Pom Pon Squad 2,3; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1; Homecoming Court 3. LEAVITT, DEBBIE: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Letter 4; Project ' 70 2,3; Biology Club 2; West Word 3,4; Prom Committee 3; French Club 1,2; West Side Story 3; Art Club 1, G.A.A. 2,3; Homecoming Committee 4; New Press Press 2,3,4; S.S.O. Monitor 2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Opus One 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Transferred from Niles North 2. LEONCHIK, NANCY: Forensics 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1; Thespians 2,3,4; Firebugs 1; Pow Wow 2; Many Moons 2; Funny Girl 2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 3,4; West Side Story 3; Spoon River 3; Pow Wow 4; Hello Dolly 4. LERNER, JEFFREY: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Merit Semifinalist 3; Track 1. LEVERNIER, DAVID: Bronze Key 4; Illinois State Scholarship 3; Band 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Track 1; Cross Country 1. LEVINE, JUDY: SRA 1; Pom Pon Girl 2,3,4; Westword 2; Prom Committee 3. LeVINE, LINDA: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3; Student Council 1; Cabinet 2; SRA 3; Spanish Club 1; AFS Club 3; Childrens Theatre 1. LeVINE NANCY: Scarlet Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Cabinet 1,2; SRA 3; Spanish Club 1. LEVINSON, RICK: Cabinet 1,2; French Club 1,2; Baseball 1; In¬ tramurals 1,2,3,4. LEVY, MIKE: Bronze Key 2; N- Club 3,4; Cross Country 2; Swimming 1,2,3,4. LEWIS, KATHY: Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2. LEWIS, MARLENE: Illinois State Scholar 4; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Students for Israel 3; Pow Wow 1,2; Childrens Theatre 1; West Side Story 3; Firebugs 2; Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4; Band Letter 3; Silver Music Pin 4. LIBERMAN, MARLA: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; Student Council 1,2; Prom Committee 3; Student Activities Board 3; Pow Wow 2; Firebugs 1; Hospital Visitor Troupe 4; Project Phoenix 3,4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4. LINDEMAN, PAUL: Bronze Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 3; Bio- Chem Club 2; Physics Club 3,4. LIPSCHULTZ, DEBRA: Transferred from Highland Park High School St. Paul Minnesota 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Ecology Club 3,4; Bio-Chem Club 4; Physics Club 4. LIPSCHULTZ, RANDI: S.SO 1,2 G.A.A. 1. LISMAN, SHARON: Spanish Club 1,2; Childrens Theatre 3. LISS, SHARON: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Merit Semi-Finalist 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Usherettes 4; Thespians 2; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Firebugs 1; Funny Girl 2; Sleeping Beauty 2; Thurber Carnival 2; West Side Story 3; G.A.A. 2. LLOYD, LINDA: Bronze Key 3; Thespians 4; FTA 4; Music Cer¬ tificate 3; Silver Music Key 4; Many Moons 1; Pow Wow 2; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; Girls Glee 2,3,4; Vivace 4; Mixed Chorus 1. LUNDBERG, DAVE: Football 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . LUNDIE, DANIEL: Art Club 1. LUSKIN, ROBERTA: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Letter 4; Sp ectrum 3,4; Pow Wow 1. LYON, RICH: Transferred from Bowen High School 3. LYNN, BRUCE: Soccer 3; Base¬ ball 2. McALLISTER, DON: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1. McCULLOUGH, STEVE: Football 2; Tae Kwon Do Karate 3,4. MacDONALD, KAREN: G.A.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. Board 3; Usherettes 3. MACNEIDER, JON: N-Club 3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4 Co-Capt. 4; Track 1,2,3,4. MADZIAREK, MARIANN: G.A.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. Board 3; Vollyball Team 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee 2,3,4. MAJEWSKI, MARJORIE: Pacesetters 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Aquasprites 2; Glee 1. MALZ, LINDA: Bronze Key 3; G.A.A. 1; German Club 1,2,3; Funny Girl 2; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Intermediate Orchestra 1; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; IMEA 2. MANDEL, LOIS: Cabinet 1, Pacesetters 2; Spanish Club 1; Spotlighters 1; G.A.A. 1. MANDELL, JAY: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Football 1; Base¬ ball 1; Track 3; NNTSP Spanish Contest 1st place 1,2,3; It ' s Aca¬ demic Team Captain 4; Renssalaer Award 3. MARCINIAK, MARY ELLEN: Pacesetters 1; Transferred from Resurrection High School 2. MARCUS, STEPHEN: Transferred from Von Steuben 2; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Medical Careers Club 2; Chess Club 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4. MEDAK, SUSIE: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 4; Cabinet 2; SRA 3; German Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Forensics 3; Shakespeare Work¬ shop 2; Firebugs 2; Pow Wow 3,4; Hello Dolly 4. MEISELMAN, MICKEY: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; 276 National Honor Society 3,4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; N-Club 4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 Captain 2; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4. MENDELSON, MARLA: Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Thespian 3,4; Orchesis 3; G.A.A. 3; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4; Spanish Club 2; Pow Wow 2,3,4 Choreographer 4; Funny Girl 2; Firebugs 2; West Side Story 3; S.S.O. 2. MIDLER, NURIT: Pow Wow 1; Pom Pon 4. MILLER, CINDY: Pacesetters 2; Medical Careers Club 2; Girls Glee 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 3; Funny Girl 3; G.A.A. 1. MILLER, MELANIE: Red Certifi¬ cate 1; Spanish Club 1; Thespians 1,2,3; Homecoming Committee 3; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 1. MITCHELL, KATHY: Girls Glee 1. MITZ, BILL: Cabinet 2; N-Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2. MOELLER, LARRY: Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; German Club 2; Physics Club 1; Track 1; Fencing 2 . MOORE, DAVID: Baseball 1; Swimming 1,2. MOSSONG, JANICE: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Pom Pon 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Usherettes 3; Band 1,2,3; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4. MOTENKO, PAUL: White Certif¬ icate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Basketball 1. MUELLER, BARRY; Bronze Key 3; SRA 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; N-Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; All Conference Baseball 3. MUELLER, CINDY: Girls Glee 1,2; Chorus 1,2. MUELLER, DOROTHEA: Music 3. MUELLER, GAIL: Gumnastics 2. MULTAN, DICK: Fish Club 2. NABOLOTNY, JOHN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Cabinet 2; SRA 4; N-Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; All Conference 4; Ugly Man 2. NAKANISHI, DENNIS: Japanese Culture Club 4; N-Club 3; Cross Country 2; Track 2,3,4; Transferred from Lane Technical High School 2. NARISS, JANINE: G.A.A. 1,2,3. NASSEY, BEV: Usherettes 4. NEHART, WILLIAM: Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Firebugs 2; Sleeping Beauty 2; Cross Country 1; Project Phoenix 3. NELSON, JOHN: Intramurals 1. NESSELSON, DEBBIE: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; Bronze Key 2; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; Cabinet 1; Student Council 2; SRA 3,4; Students For Israel 3. NIESMAN, MICHAEL: Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4. NITSCHE, REED: Baseball 1; Swimming 3; Football 3. NORDIN, DIANE: Music 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers 2; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2. OBRAND, JANICE: Spanish Club 1,2; Students for Israel 3; Monitor 1,2; G.A.A. Board 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee 2; Choir 3,4; A ' Capella Choir 3; Silver Music Pin 3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3. O ' BRIEN, BRIAN: Aero Club 1; Intramurals 1. O ' CALLAGHAN, MICHAEL: Student Council 1; Soccer 2,3,4; Track 1; Transferred from Notre Dame High School 1. OCHONICKI, RANDY: N-Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4. OLSON, LEONARD: Band 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . OLSON, RON: Pow Wow 4; Fall Festival 4; Band 1,2. OPALKA, NANCY: Cabinet 1,2; Pacesetters 1,2,3; Timers 2; Band 1,2. OSTROWSKI, REID: Baseball 2,3,4; Intramurals 4. OUAZAUI, ROBERT: Transfer from Walnut Ridge High School Columbus, Ohio 3; Football 3. OVINGTON, RICHARD: N-Club 4; Soccer 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3. PAKIER, LOIS: Cabinet 2; Spanish 1,2; Monitor 1,2; Art Club 1; Pep Club 1; Pow Wow 1; G.A.A. 1; Tennis Team 1. PALM, DONNA: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Cabinet 1,2. PAN AGIO TAROS, CINDY: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Badminton Team 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . PARGE, THEODORE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Westones 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Band Officer 4; IMEA Band 4; Pow Wow 2,4; Funny Girl 2; Thurber Carnival 2; West Side Story 3; Hello Dolly 4; Intramu¬ rals 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4; Band Letter 1,2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4. PARKS, LAURA: Monitor 1,2. PASEK, LYNETTE: Bronze Key 3. PECK, RICH: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Aquasprites 3; Football 1,2. PENN, DARYL: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Intermediate Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 3,4; Stage Band 3; Hello Dolly 4; West Side Story 3; Wrestling 2; Pow Wow 3 Steering Committee; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3. PERLOW, MARK: N-Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4. PETERSON, KAREN: G.A.A. 1,2. PETROWSKI, JANICE: Usherettes 1 . PFEIL, ROBERTA: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3. PLOTNICK, BENNETT: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Golf 3. POLLACK, JERILYNN: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4; Spanish Club 1,2, Aquasprites 2; G.A.A. 2. POLLACK, LYNN: Medical Ca¬ reers Club 1. POTEMPA, MIKE: Pep Club 2,3; Thespians 4; Pow Wow 4; Aquasprites 2. POTOKER, MICHAEL: Student Council 1,2; Russian Club 1; Football 1,2; Baseball 1; Track 2. PREISS, JANET: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2;Badminton Team 3. PROVOST, WILLIAM: Transferred from Notre Dame High School 2; Band 3. QUALIARDI, JEANINE: Transferred from Resurrection High School 3; Bronze Key 3; Homecoming Committee 4; G.A.A. 3; West Word 4. QUIRK, PATTY: Pacesetters 1,2,3,4; GA.A. 1,2. RABINOWITZ, MARK. Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Merit Semi-finalist 4, Il¬ linois State Scholar 4. RAYMOND, DONALD: N-Club 2; Gymnastics 4. RAZKA, GREGORY: National Honor Society 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Ecology Club 1, German Club 2; Bio-Chem Club 1, Physics Club 2; Pow Wow 3,4; West Side Story 3; Concert Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 3; Orchestra 1; Stage Band 1; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; In¬ tramurals 1. RAZKA, ROSEMARY: Illinois State Scholar 4; Bio-Chem Club 3; Ecology Club 3; German Club 2,3; Physics Club 3; West Side Story 3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 2,3; Stage Band 3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3. READE, RENEE: Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee 2,3,4; Orchestra 4, Thurber Carnival 2; Hello Dolly 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. REICHERTS, WENDY: S.S.O. 1,2,3,4. REIFENBERG, JIM: Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 2,3; Track 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. RESNICK, SHERYL: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholarship 4; Prom Committee 3; AFS Club 3,4; Funny Girl 2; Hello Dolly 4; Pom Pon 4; Inter¬ mediate Band 1,2; Marching Band 2,3; Concert Band 3,4, Concert Orchestra 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Silver Music Pin 4. RIBACK, DARCY: Student Activi¬ ties Board 3; Cabinet 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Orchesis 1, Spanish Club 1; Pom Pon Squad 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1. RODE, SCOTT: West Word 4. RODNICK, MARLA: Gymnastics 3; Cheerleading 1. ROBBINS, LAWRENCE: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Letter 4; SRA 3; Chess Club 2; Bridge Club 2,3,4; Stamp and Coin Club 1,2; N-Club 4; Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Soccer 2,3; Football 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Cap¬ tain 2. RODRIQUEZ, RICK: Gymnastics 1 . ROSCOP, CHRIS: Future Teach¬ ers 1. ROSEN, ROBERTA: Future Teachers 1,2,3; Girls Glee 1,2,3; Choir 4. 277 ROSEN GARDEN, PAMELA: Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee 2,3,4; Vivace 3,4; Hospital Visi¬ tors Troupe 3,4; F.T.A. 1,2,3,4; Monitor 1. ROSIENSKI, TERRENCE: Cross Country 1. ROSSMANN, KATHY: G.A.A. 1,2. ROVELL, HELAYNE: Cabinet 2; SRA 3; Pacesetters 2; Pow Wow 2,3. RUBEL, KEN: Spotlighters 1; Thespian 1,2,3,4; P.A. Committee 1,2,3; Radio Steering Committee 2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Drama Work¬ shop 1; Band 1,2; Marching Band 1; Pow Wow 1; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Hello Dolly 4. RUBENSTEIN, KEN: Westones 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Sleeping Beauty 1, Wizard of Oz 3; Pow Wow 3,4; Peter Pan 3; West Side Story 3; Hello Dolly 4; Concert Choir 3,4; A ' Capella 4; Music Certifi¬ cate 2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Pin 4. RUBIN, MARK: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; SRA 3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Chess Team 1,2,3,4; Students for Israel 3; Spanish Club 2; Physics Club 4; Track 2,3,4. RUBINSTEIN, ROBERT: Homecoming Committee 4; Foreign Language Advisory Committee 3; German Club 1,2,3,4; S.S.O. 1,2,3,4. RUGEN, DIANE: G.A.A. 1, Guard Club 1,2,3; Timers Club 2,3; Usherettes 3,4. RUKIN, GARY: Illinois State Scholar 4; Earth Science Club 1 , 2 . RUPPERT, THOMAS: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 4; National Merit Letter 4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Debate Team 3,4; Bridge Club 4; Swimming 2. SABER, GLENN: Bronze Key 3; Pow Wow 4; Soccer 1; Stage Band 3. SACHNOFF, PAMELA: G.A.A. 3; West Side Story 3; Cinderella 2. SALANO, ROSE LYN: G.A.A. 1,2. SALETKO, HARRIETT: Pep Club 1; S.S.O. 1. SALTZBERG, FRANK: Transferred from Mather High School 2. SALZMAN, ANITA: Bronze Key 3; Student Council 1,2; Students for Israel 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Westones 2,3,4; Vivace 1,2; Choir 2,4; West Side Story 3; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Funny Girl 2;. Pow Wow 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4. SANDLOW, MARJORIE: Bronze Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Cabinet 1,2; Student Activities Board 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3; AFS Club 3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Cadet Band 1; Thespians 3,4; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Firebugs 1; Thurber Carnival 2; Snow White 2; Many Moons 2; Once Upon a Mattress 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Pacesetters 2; Band Letter 2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3. SCHMIT, JEANNE: Transferred from Regina High School 4. SCHNEIDER, ANDREA: Cabinet 1; Gymnastic Team 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Tennis Team 4. SCHNEIDER, RENEE: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; SRA 4; Guidance Ad¬ visory Committee 3; Foreign Language Advisory Committee 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee 2; Concert Choir 2; Forensics 3; West Word 3; Spectrum 3,4 Lay¬ out Editor 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Quill and Scroll 2,3,4; Pacesetters 1; Student Union Board 2. SCHREIBER, MIKE: White Certif¬ icate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Cabinet 2,3; N-Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1. SCHWARTZ, HOWARD: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4. SCOTT, MARIBESS: Project ' 70 2 . SENOFF, SUSAN: Bronze Key 4; Student Council 2; Spanish Club 2,4; G.A.A. 1. SCHECHTER, FLOYD: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Soccer 2. SHERMAN, HOLLIS: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Girls Glee 3,4 Concert Cho ir 4; Mixed Chorus 1,2; German Club 1; Pow Wow 1,2; Funny Girl 2. SHORE, MITCH: N-Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Wrestling 1. SIERZEGA, SUE: G.A.A. 1; Pacesetters 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Prom Committee 3. SIET, STEVE: Mixed Chorus 1; Tennis 1; Intramurals 2. SIGMAN, MARLA: Transferred from Bowen High School 1; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4; West Side Story 3. SIKEVITZ, SHARON: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3,4; AFS Club 3,4; Aquasprites 1,2,3,4; Pacesetters 1,2,3,4. SILVERMAN, HARRY: Ski Club 2,3; Tennis Team 1,3,4. SILVERSTEIN, STUART: Illinois State Scholar 4; INS Club 1,2; Students for Israel 3; Homecoming Committee 4. SIMMS, POLLY: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 2; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Chorus 1; Glee 2; Westones 3; Funny Girl 2. SISTO, GUS: N-Club 3,4; football 1,2,3,4. SKALSKI, MARK: Tae Kwon Do Karate 2,3,4. SLOAN, MIKE: Tae Kwon Do Karate 3; Fencing 1. SMITH, FRANK: Tae Kwon Do Karate 1. SMOLLER, STUART: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Opus One 3,4; Debate 1. SNYDER, LARRY: Bronze Key 4; Cabinet 1,2; N-Club 3,4; Wres¬ tling 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Football 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . SPEARS, SUSAN: White Certifi¬ cate 1, Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Spanish Club 1; Art Council 1; S.S.O. 1,2,3; Hospital Visitors Troupe 3; AFS Club 2,3; Student Union Board 2; Thespians 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Winnie the Pooh 1; Firebugs 1; Funny Girl 2; Snow White 2; West Side Story 3; Pow Wow 3; Project Phoenix 3. SPENCER, NOREEN: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 4; SRA 1,2,3; Student Union Board 2; Pow Wow 2. SPIELMAN, RICH: Aeronautics Club 2,3; Chess Club 2,3; Art Club 1. SPINA, SAM: Tae Kwon Do Karate 2,3,4. SPITZER, SANDY: SRA 4; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Funny Girl 2; Wizard of Oz 3; West Side Story Make- Up Chairman 3; G.A.A. 1. SPRINGER, ANNETTE: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Orchesis 1; Tennis Team 2,3. STANKOWICZ, SHARON: G.A.A. 1. STARR, LETTA: Cabinet 2; Pacesetters 1; Homecoming Committee 2. STEARNS, MARK: Wrestling 1;ln- tramurals 1,2,3,4. STEIN, DEBRA: Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; S.S.O. 2; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 3,4; Physics Club 3,4; Arts Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Pow Wow 1,2; Firebugs 1; Funny Girl 2. STIELOW, MARK: Bronze Key 4; Aeronautics Club 4; Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Transferred from Niles East 1. STOLBERG, JEFFERY: Track 4; Football 1,2. STONE, LARRY: Scarlet Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Cabinet 2; N-Club 3,4; Bridge Club 1,2,3,4; Stamp and Coin Club 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 4. STONE, MARILYN: White Certif¬ icate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Cabinet 1,2; SRA 3, AFS Club 2,3,4; Orchesis 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 1; Gymnastics Team 2,3,4; Tennis Team 3. STONE, NANCY: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Thespian 3,4; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Pow Wow 2,3,4, West Side Story 3; Funny Girl 2; Ski Club 2; G.A.A. 1; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4. STRAUSS, BETH: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; S.S.O. 2; Pacesetters 1,2; P.A. Committee 2; Usherettes 3; West Side Story 3; G.A.A. 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee 2. STRAUSS, SUSAN: G.A.A. 1. STREICHER, MICHAEL: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Letter 4; It ' s Academic Team 4; S.S.O. 1,2; Baseball 1. SWANKE, FRED: Football 1,2,3,4. 278 TALMAN, MAUREE: Bronze Key 3; Art Council 2; Pow Wow 1. TANNER, JUDY: Transferred from Niles North High School 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Forensics Team 3; Debate Team 3; It ' s Ac¬ ademic Team 4; Senior Class Committee 4; National Forensics League 3,4. TASH, MAX: N-Club 4; Westones 3,4; P.A. Committee 3; Choir 2,3,4; President 4; A ' Capella Choir 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball Manager 1; Hospital Visitors Troupe 3,4; AFS Club 3,4. TAXMAN, MARCEE: G.A.A. 1, Hospital Visitors Troupe 3,4; S.S.O. 2,3. TEICHNER, MARLENE: G.A.A. 1; S.S.O. 1,2,3; Pow Wow 1,2,3; Thurber Carnival 2; West Side Story 3; Funny Girl 2. TELL, JIM: Football 2,3. TERDICH, JOSEPH: Band 3. THORNE, TOM: Baseball 3; In¬ tramurals 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . THORNTON, JIM: Student Advi¬ sory Committee 4; N-Club 3,4; Baseball 1; Football 3,4. THUNA, EILEEN: Transferred from Bowen High School 2; Forensics Team 3; Spectrum Staff 3,4; Hospital Visitors Troupe 4; West Side Story 3; Wizard Of Oz Costume Chairman 3; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Senior Class Committee 4. TOBIAS, WENDY: Bronze Key 2; National Honor Society 2; Gymnastic Team 1,2,3,4; Hospi¬ tal Visitors Troupe 3,4; Pow Wow 2; Funny Girl 2; West Side Story 3; Thurber Carnival 2. TOURVILLO, DON: Transferred from Gordon Tech High School TRESTER, FRED: Fall Festival 4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. TRIVISONNO, JAMES: Cabinet 2; N-Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2. TROSSMAN, MINDY: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 1; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Cabinet 1; Quill and Scroll 3,4; West Word 3,4 Editor 4; Spanish Club 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4. TURBIN, MARSHA: Cabinet 1; G A.A. 1; Gymnastics 1. UNGER, JEFF: Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Illinois State Schol¬ ar 4; SRA 4; Arts Club 1; Shakespeare Workshop 1; Thespians 3,4; Pow Wow 1,2,4; Swimming 1; Cadet Band 1 • Westones 1,3; Stage Band 1,3; Concert Orchestra 1,3; Problem Sensing Committee; America Hurrah Director 4. UNGERLEIDER, BARBARA: G.A.A. 1; Orchestra 1. UNVERRICHT, KURT: Bronze Key 2; SILVER Key 3; N-Club 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Football 4. VERANY, DENNIS: Band 2. VINCI, DEBBIE: G.A.A. T: AFS Club 1,2; Aquasprites 2; Guard Club 1,2,3; Timers Club 1,2; Usherettes 3,4; Pep Club 1. VOEDISCH, LYNN: White Certif¬ icate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; National Merit Letter 4; SRA 3; SFAA 3; Opus 1,2,3,4; West Word 2,3,4; Forum Club 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Pow Wow 3,4; G.A.A. 1; Ski Club 2; Project Phoenix 3. WAGMAN, SANDRA: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Cabinet 1; Quill and Scroll 3; Spanish Club 1,2; West Word 2,3. WALOVITCH, RICHARD: Wres¬ tling 1,2; Swimming 1; Band 1,2,3. WARADY, LISA: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Honor Society 3; SRA 3; Orchesis 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; German Club 1; Timers Club 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1. WEBER, CAROL: S.S.O. 2; Mixed Chorus 1. WEHRMACHER, JOHN: Wres¬ tling 2,3,4. WEIL, SANDRA: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; National Honor Society 3; Illi¬ nois State Scholar 4; Student Council 1,2; Student Activities Board 3; Spectrum 3; AFS 3; Ski Club 2,3; Tennis Team 1,2,3. WEIL, VICKI: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; SFAA 2; Delegate to School Board 3; German Club 1,2,3; Spectrum 3; Opus 1,2,3; Project 70 2; Thespians 1,2,3; Forensics 1,2; Pow Wow 1,2; Thurber Carnival 1; Funny Girl 1; Childrens Theatre 2. WEISS, BARRY: Transferrred from Niles North 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; Illi¬ nois State Scholarship 4; National Merit Finalist 4; Base¬ ball 3,4; Intramurals 4; West Word 4; SRA 4. WEISS, DEBBIE: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Gold Key 4; SRA 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Orchesis 1,2,3; Pom Pon 1,2,3; Pacesetters 2,3; Pow Wow 3; West Side Story 3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Semi-finalist 3; Il¬ linois State Scholar 4. WEISS, ELLEN: Scarlet Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 2; SRA 3; West Word 3,4; Spanish Club 1 . WEISS, FREDRICK: N-Club 4; Soccer 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Base¬ ball 1,2,3,4. WEISS, GAYLE: Thespians 3,4; Pow Wow 2,3; Childrens Theatre 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Arts Club 2; Forensics 2; Drama Workshop 1,2,3; Girls Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1. WEISS, JAYE: Transferred from Von Steuben 1; S.S.O. 2; Usherettes 4. WEISS, PHILIP: Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3. WEISS, RENEE: Pep Club 1; Orchesis 1; G.A.A. 1, Cheerleading 2,3,4. WEISSBERG, ARIEL: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; SRA 3,4;SFAA 3,4; Se¬ nior Class Committee 4; Homecoming Committee 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Project Pheonix 3. WELCH, JIM: N-Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3; Baseball 1,2. WESER, JIM: Golf 4. WEXLER, DEBBIE: Cabinet 2. WICZER, ERWIN: Bio-Chem 1; German Club 1; Intramurals 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1. WILLIAMS, BENITA: Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Letter 4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Medical Careers Club 1; Thurber Carnival 2; Once Upon a Mattress 1; Funny Girl 2; West Side Story 3; Hello Dolly 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4. WILNER, NOEL: Bronze Key 3; N-Club 4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2. WOLNIK, DIANE: G.A.A. 1,2,3; Gymnastic Team 1,2. WOLSKY, DAVID: Arts Club 1; Westones 3,4; West Word 4; Stage Band 1; Pow Wow 3,4. WYZGALA, MARK: N-Club 3,4; Gymnastics Mgr. 1,2,3,4; Football Mgr. 1,2,3.4. WYDRA, PAUL: Transferred from Notre Dame High School 2. YABLON, BONNIE: Pacesetters 2; Forum Club 2; Arts Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Medical Careers Club 2,3,4; Funny Girl 2; Pow Wow 3; Glass Menagerie 3; West Side Story 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Girls Glee 1,2,3. YOUNG, CHARLES: Band 1. YOUNG, DEBRA: G.A.A. 1,2,3. YOUNGMAN, JEFFREY: Baseball 1 , 2 . ZABAN, INES: Cabinet 1,2; SRA 3; Spectrum 3,4; Thespians 3,4; Forensics 2,3; AFS 3,4; Radio Steering Committee 2,3; Homecoming Committee 3; Pow Wow 3; Cinderella 3; Wizard of Oz 3; G.A.A. 1; AFS Student 3. ZAR, KEITH: Bronze Key 3; National Merit Scholar; Illinois State Scholar 4; Band Certificate 2; Orchestra Certificate 3; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; Inter¬ mediate Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; AFS Club 4; Pow Wow 1,3,4 Musical Director 4; Once Upon a Mattress 1; West Side Story 3; America Hurrah 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3. ZAWISKI, MARK: Bronze Key 2; National Merit Scholar 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Debate 1; Inter¬ mediate Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3; Con¬ cert Orchestra 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Funny Girl 2; West Side Story 3; Hello Dolly 4. ZEMAN, LINDA: Pep Club 1; German Club 2,3. ZENN, CHUCK: Debate 1; Forum Club 1; West Side Story 3; Pow Wow 2,3; Funny Girl 2; Thespians 2,3. ZERA, CATHY: G.A.A. 1. ZIMMER, WILLIAM: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; German Club 2,3,4; Football 1; Golf 2,4. ZOLKE, SCOTT: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; N-Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4. ZYBURT, HOWARD: Scarlet Cer¬ tificate 1; N-Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4. 279 ABRAHAMSON. |AMES W. 216, 178 ABRAMS. BRUCE J. ' 2 Y ABRAMS. KENNEIH 47 ABRAMS. LORRI 45 ABRAMS, MICHELLE C. IS, 122. 193, 199 ABSHIRE, GREGORY R 47, 155 ACCOMANDO, MICHAEL A ACCOMANDO, SUE M. 11 ADAMS, NANCY L. 31 ADILMAN, BRIAN M. 47 ADDIS. JODI BETH 31 ADELMAN, ADRIENNE E. 216 AHRENS. EDDY WILLIAM IS AIZUSS. DAVID HARLAN 147, 125 ALBANESE, LORI BETH 11 ALBANESE LUANN SYD IS, 1 11 Al BRECHT, RICHARD G. 11 ALDEN, DAVE JON ALFASSO, ALAN SCOTT 47 ALFREDSON, ALAN R. IS AIFREDSON, DIANE L. Al LARD, EDWARD M. 171, 11 AILEGUEZ, JOSE 155, 181 ALLEN. PATRICIA ANN IS ALLEN. STEVEN A. ALLES. JILL ANN ALLISON. ELIZABETH A. 47 ALMBLAD. CATHY DIANE 31 ALMBLAD. 1INDA JEAN 216 ALMCRANTZ, GLEN R. 216 ALSWEDE, EDWARD G. IS ALT, BARBARA JEAN 216 ALT. RICHARD KENNETH ALTMAN. JACKIE SUE AMARANTOS, ANDREW T. 47, 1S5, 164, 181 AMARANTOS, CHRISTE A. 47. 1 33 AMARANTOS, GREGORY T. 15, 178 AMARANTOS. THOMAS A. 216. 162, 178 AMARANTOS, WILLIAM J. 47, 155 AMI. DONALD WAYNE ANASTOS, NICHOLAS T. IS ANDALMAN, LYNN ANDERSEN, JENNIFER E. 47 ANDERSEN. KENTON E. IS ANDERSON, CAROLYN A. 216 ANDERSON, CHUCK 84 ANDERSON, DONNA LEE 47, 129 ANDERSON. EDWARD R 155 ANDERSON, GARY V. IS ANDERSON, GLEN 98 ANDERSON, JOEL C. IS, 153, 178 ANDERSON. KYLE H. 217 ANDERSON, LORAYNE M. IS, 131 ANDERSON, MARK 98 ANDERSON, STEVEN RON 1S4, 31, 165, 179 ANDERSON, SUSAN GAIL 21fc ANDROW, MARK ROBERT ANDEKIAN, ELIZABETH 100 ANGELILLI, ANTOINETT 31 ANTES, RICHARD 67 APPEL. MARK AARON 15 AQUARISTS 145 AQUASPRITES 1 33 ARCHIBALD. MARY JANE IS ARMINGTON, MARY E. 15 ARMOUR, JEAN 104 ARMOUR, IOHN 155, 104 ARNS. RICHARD GERALD IS, 1 S3 ARNDT, DEBORAH ANNE II ARNOLD, JAMES B. 217 ARONS, RAND EDWARD 217 ARNOW, GAIL ELLEN 217 ARNOW, LYNN CAROL 47 ARVIDSON, JOSEPH R 31 ARWINE, DAVID KENT ARWINE, PATRICIA I. ASH. DAVID STEVEN 15 ASHER. BERNARD D. 16, 153, 132 ASHER, JAMES MADSEN 1b ASHLEVITZ, MARCIA J. 16 ASHNER, CATHY SUE 11 ASTRENE, JAMES S. 217 ASTRO-AERONAUTICS CLUB 147 ATSAVES, ANASTASIA C. 16. 189 ATSAVES, LOUIS G. 217 ATSAVES, VICTORIA A, 16 ATSAVES, ALEXANDRA 47, 129 AUBENS, LAUREN SUSAN 217 AUSTIN, JACK ALBERT AWISATI, CLAUDE G. 31 AVVISATI, STEVE 47 AXELROD, JULIE S. 48 BAAKE. ARLENE JENNIE 217 BABICZ, DONNA LEE 48 BACIGALUPO, JOSEPH 16 BADESCH, LAURENCE M. 11 BAER, NAOMI ESTHER 16 BAGLEY, JANICE A. 48 BAHCALL, SHERI LYNN 48 BAHCALL, BRUCE 16 BAHDE, THOMAS R 48 BAILEY, DANIEL F 154, 173, 11 BAILEY. KATHLEEN ANN 48 BAIM, RICHARD N. 16 BAKER, CYNTHIA MARIE 48 BAKER, DEBBIE ELLEN 31 BAKER, PATRICK HOYER 11, 12 BAKER, SUSAN ANN BALBIRER, ANDREW G. 217, 178 BAIBIRER. MICHAEL I. 48 BALDRIDGE, JOHN W. 32 BALIN, MARIE KIM 1 33, 32 BA1 LINGER, DEBORAH M. 217 BALLINGER, DIANE 48 BANNISTER, MARC LEE 16 BARBER, DAVID FRANK 12 BAREN, JUDY 48 BARNES, KENNETH LEE BARNETT, HAL MARTIN BARON, LISA BETH 16 BARON, PHILLIP A. BARR. JILL JUNE 218 BARR, LYNN SHERRY 16 BARRETT, LEEANN MARY BARRE1T, LUANN MARIE 16 BARRON. BILLIE ANN 218 BARRON. STEPHEN E. 32, 165 BARTH, JONATHAN D. 32 BARTLETT, THOMAS A. 16, 164 BARTSCH, PAUL ALAN 32 BARTSCH. THERESE ANN 48 BASEBALL 179. 180. 181 BASKETBALL 160. 161. 162. 161, 164, 165, 166 BASRAK, MIKE 151. 103 BASS, SHERYL EILEEN 218 BATTISTA, ROSEMARY T. BATTS, |IM 4 BAU. SUSAN ANITA 12 BAUER, JOAN HELEN 16, 182, 183 BAUM. DENISE RITA 218 BAUMHARDT, DAVID J BAUMLER, GUY ROBERT 12, 165 BAXTER. ARTHUR KEN BAXTER. MICHAEL ). BECK, JAMES A. 12 BECK, JANE ANTONETTE 12 BECKER, BEATRICE ill BECKER, DINAH ANN 48 BE( K( R, ELIZABETH M. 16 BECKER, THOMAS MARK 48, 155 BECKMAN, MICHAEL E. BECKMAN, RICHARD J. 218 BEEFTINK, JOHN BEERE, JOHN RODGER 218 BEERE, KRISTIN MARGA 12 BEGLEY, ANNABEL 89 BEGOUN, MICHAEL JAY 173, 32 BEGOUN, SHERYL ELYSE 16 BEHR, SHIRLEE GAYLE F16 BEIDER, DAVID 48 BEIDER, JACQUELINE 48 BEIDER. SUSAN T. 16 BEISCH, PAUL ELLIOT 32 BELKIN, ELIZABETH 85 BELL, BARBARA ANN 16 BELL, PHILLIP BELLOS, MICHAEL B. 218 BELSON, SAMUEL BENARIO, GREGG JAY 32 BENDER. DONNA LYNN 48 BENDER. RAYMOND J. 154. 12 BENDER, SUSAN LYNN BENNETT, BRIAN W. BENNETT, VIRGINIA ). 16 BENSINC, DANIEL E. 16 BENTSON, RAYMOND 80 BENZEl. RAYMOND ALAN 48 BERAN, JANE ELLEN 16 BERESKIN, ROBERT C. 154, 173, 12 BERG, JILL SUSAN 16 BERGER. BARRY RONALD 218 BERGER. DAVID R. 218 BERGER, MARCY PAULA 218 BERGER, SUSAN GAYLE 48 BERGGREEN, ELISE B. 32 BERGSTROM, SCOTT H. 218 BERGSTROM, VALERIE L. 16 BERINGER, WILLIAM BERK, RITA MARCI BERKIN, I LISE SHARON 48 BERKOWITZ, ANDREA E. 32 BERKOWITZ, HELENE A. 32 BERKOWITZ. ROBERT W. BERMAN, CAROL JEANNE 121, 122, 218 BERMAN, GLEN E. 195, 32 BERNARDINI, PAMELA J. 32 BERNS, JOSIE 106 BERNSTEIN, BARRY S. BERNSTEIN, GARY W. 16, 153 BERNSTEIN, SCOTT ). 16 BERZOCK, ELLEN SARA 48 BERZOCK, CARY A. 16 BESPALKO, CYNTHIA J. 48 BESWICK, ROBERT PAUL 218, 177 BIANCHI, BETH ANN 218 BICK, KEVIN LOREN 12 BIBERGAL, ALAN J BIEBER. BETTY 16 BIEBER, GLORIA 219 BIEDERER, DENNIS E BIEDERER, JEAN MARIE BIELSKI. JOANN E. 219 BILLER. RALPH M. 16 BILLITTERI, DENISE C. 16 BINDUS, ROBERT G. 154, 12 BINDUS. THOMAS J. 218 BINKENHEIER, J. 154. 32 BINSTEIN, MICHAEL BIOCHEMISTRY CLUB 142,141 BIRDWEI L, DONNA C. 48 BIRKENHEIER, JERRY BIRKLEY. DIANE MARIE 125, 32 BIRREN, ANDREA C. 16 BIRREN, MARY SUSAN BIZAR, GAIL LYNN 219 BLACKBURN, THOMAS 97 BLACKMAN, JEFFERY H. 32, 165, 179 BLACKMORE, ROBERT 76 BLAIR, RICHARD R. 48. 155 BLAMEUSER, NANCY ANN 111, 12 BLANC, DAVID 23 BLANC, LAUREN GAIL 12 BLAND, LEONARD MARK 48 BLAND, LESLIE 16, 122, 121 BLASZYNSKI, BRIAN M. 16, 178 BLANCH, VICKI 1 10 BLATT, ROBERT IRWIN 16 BLECKMAN, JOSEPH IRA BLECKMAN, MICHAEL S. 16 BLINICK. BURTON H. 16 BLOCK, MARTY KENNETH BLIWAS, ALISTA 48 BLOCK, JOAN REBECCA 16 BLOCK, PHILLIP M. 16, 122, 141 BLOCK, SUE JOY 16 BLOOM, JEFF DONALD 219 BLOOM, ILENE LINDA 12 BLOOM, STEPHANIE JOY 48 BLUM, STEVEN JEFFREY 16 BLUMENFELD, JEFFREY 16, 122 BLUMENTHAL, BARBARA 16 BLUMENTHAL, BETH M. 219 BLUMENTHAL, DEBORAH 48 BLUMENTHAL, RICHARD 141 BLUMENTHAL, ROSS G. 16 BLUMENTHAL, SUSAN D. 219 BOBEL, ANTOINETTE M. 16 BOCHEK, KAREN I. 48 BOCK, MITCHELL MYRON 122, 219 BODEN, ROBERT DAVID BODI, GLENN PETER 48 BOEHLKE, SUE MARIE BOESON, JAMES 66 BOEVERS, GERALD 85 BOHRER, EDWARD 219 BOIME, STEVEN JAY BOLKER, JEFFREYS. 32 BOND, SCOTT T. 32 BONDY, BRUCE WM, BONELLI, KAREN 219 BONETTI, FRANK R, 32 BONETTI, ROBERT A. 219 BONTZE, ELAYNE MARIE 32 BOORAS, DEBORAH JO 16 BORDE, KAREN SUE 32 BORDE, SAM MATTHEW 16 BORDES, WAYNE MARVIN 32 BORIN, MARK LEON 219 BORDON, DAVID V. 17 BORGARDT, RENEE ANNE 133, 132 BOROVIK, GEORGE S. BORRE, LYNN MARIE 32 BORUCKI, KENNETH R. BORRE, RICHARD L. BORUCKI, RAYMOND J. 180 BORYS, KAREN ANNE BOUCHER, JACQUELYNN BOUCHER, MIKE WAYNE 219 BOUCHER, STEVE F. BOWMAN, JEFFREY MARK 173, 154, 32 BOYLAN, BRIAN M. 17, 28 BOYLAN, DAVID T. 121, 219, 190, 191, 193 BOYLAN, PAUL NICK 48 BRABEC, GEORGE W. 219 BRABEC, JUNE AMELIA BRADDOCK, LANA 111 BRAININ, KENNETH M. 48, 180 BRANDENBURG, WILLIAM 17 BRANDT, RANDALL JACK BRASCH, STEVEN P. 219, 147, 141 BRAUER, DIANE LOUISE 17 BREIT, KATHY RENEE 219 BRENDEL, JOHN V. BRENNAN, MADONNA L. 219 BRENNAN, WILLIAM V. 32 BRENNER. KAREN RAE 17, 195 BRENNER, MARCIA H. 17 BRESETTE, STEPHEN A. 220 BRIDGE CLUB 143 BRIDGER, THOMAS LEE 32 BRIER. DAVID N. BRINK, GEORGE 91 BRODY, ABBY FAITH 48 BRODY, ANDREA JOY 220 BRODY, IVY 48 BRODY, REID ALLAN 17 BRONSTEIN, DONALD S. 32 BROOKS. CRAIG L. 220, 132, 174 BROOKS, l YNNE A. 32, 181 BROTMAN, MARCY LYNN 121, 220 BROTMAN, RANDI ELLEN 32 BROWN. ABBY ELISE 48 BROWN, CINDY L. 220 BROWN. DEBBIE A. BROWN, MARK 17 BROWN. NANCY ELLEN 220 BROWN, ROBERT W. 17, 165, 164, 178 BROWN, SAMUEL ALEN 220 BROWN, THOMAS WILLIA 220, 174 BROWN, WILLIAM JAY BROWNSTEIN, GARY 17 BROWNELL, JOANNE 92 BROY LAWRENCE 76 BRUFKE, EDWARD 85 BRUGLIERA, GARY 220, 178 BRUNER. CYNTHIA M. 12 BRUNGER, LAURELYN L. 32 BRUNI, CHRISTINE BRUNNING, RICHARD ). 48, 164 BRYNJOLFSSON, JON 17 BUCHEL, GREG BUCHHOLT, BRUCE 99 BUCKLEY, ROBERT S. 48, 155, 164 BUDZ, JOSEPH JOHN BUGARIN, CAROL EVE 17, 25, 206 BUGARIN, RICHARD W. 48 BUNS, JAMES EDGAR 220 BURACK, MITCHELL E. 220 BURDEEN, CHARLES 90 BURGEMAN, KAREN ANN 220 BURKE, DENNIS PAT 32 BURKE, GERALD 98 BURKE, PATRICIA MARY 48 BURKE. MICHELLE JOY 17 BURKEL, JOHN 103 BURKHARDT, DIANE M. 17, 183 BURKHARDT, ROBERT ). 154, 32, 165, 179 BURNS. ELLEN LEE 17 BURNS, JACQUELINE A. 32 BURNS, ROBERT W. 48 BURROWS, DONALD LEE 220, 163 164,165 BURSTEEN, ALAN BARRY 48 BURSTEEN. DAVID B. 48 BURTON, |ANE 84 BUSCEMI, CAROL BUSCEMI, PHILLIP BURSTEEN, ILENE SARI BURWELL, AUGUSTA 91 BUSH, LYNN ROBERTA 17 BUTLER, BARBARA LYNN 32 BUTLER, BONNIE LEE 17, 189 BYK, BARBARA NANCY 133, 32 BYK, VIVIAN SUSAN 220 BYRON, JEFFREY ALLEN 220 BYRON, STEVE MICHAEL 49 CACIOPPO, CARL TONY 49 CAGEN, JAMES LEE 220 CAIN, LYNN ANN 221, 133 CALI, MARY ANN 49 CALIVA, KATHRYN V. 221 CALIVA, ROBERT M. 49, 155 CALLAHAN, THOMAS T. 17 CALLNER, ANDREA GAIL 17 CAMIS, STEVEN CHARLE 32 CAMPBELL, RONALD 104, 174 CAMRAS, ROBERT DAVID 17, 178 CAPLAN, SUSAN LYNN 49 CAPODAGLI, KENNETH D. 49, 155 CAPODAGLI, RONALD W. 17, 153 CARDIS, NANCY H. 221 CARL, RICHARD C. 32 CARLSON, MAJORIE 80 CARLSON, JEFFREY D. 32 CARR, MARY 68 CARROLL, SUE 100 CARTER, GAIL 32 CARTWRIGHT, BRAD ). 17, 163, 165, 164 CASAGRANDA, GAIL SUE 32 CASEY, ROBERT JAMES 221, 174 CASEY, PATRICK G. 49 CASEY, THOMAS JOHN 32 CASPER, MARY JANE CASS, DAVE MARTIN CASPER, SUSAN ANN 49 CASSIDY, MICHAEL B. CASTLE, DONALD BRUCE CASTLE, LINDA BETH 221 CECOLA, ROSEANN 49. 129 CERNUDA, EDUARDO 154, 32 CHAMBERS, JOHN 68 CHAPEKIS, MICHAEL F. 49, 155, 173, 181 CHASE, ALAN LEWIS 49 CHASE. DENISE MERLE 221 CHASTAIN, SCOTT CHAVIN, BEVERLY SUE 221 CHEERLEADERS 128. 129 CHELCUN, GARY FRED 221, 132, 124, 174 CHELCUN. KAREN CHERNEY, LYNN KAREN 17 280 CHESS CLUB 141 CHEUNG FRANCES SUI 49 CHIAPETTA, JAMES L. 49, 164, 181 CHILDRENS THEATRE 196, 197 CHIMBEROFF, ROBERT A. 17, 20 CHOW, CALVIN Y H 221 CHRISOS, GEORGE J. 221, 174 CHRISTENSEN, JOYS. 17 CHRISTIANSEN, DALE A. 221 CHRISTIANSEN, MARCIA 49 CHIRSTENSEN, SUE LOU 49 CHUPACK, EDWARD ALAN 221 CHUPACK, JOEL LOUIS 125, 32 CHUPACK, MARLA 49 CHURCH, KATHY LYNN 17 CHURCH, KEVIN MARCUS 49 CHURCH, KIRBY DEAN ClRRINCIONE, ALFRED 221 CITRON, JANICE RAE 17 CLAUS, JOAN MAXINE 221, 181 CLAUSON, HARRY CARL 17 CLAYMAN, JANET CLESI, BARBARA ANN 49 CLESI, PHILLIP P. 222, 172 CLYMAN, MARILYN E. 222 COCKING, KAREN DAWN 32 COCKING, KENT DAVID 154, 32 COCKING, WALTER 69 COHAN, ROSS ALAN 49 COHEN, CRAIG ALLAN 33 COHEN, DAVID ALAN 33 COHEN, DEBRA ROBIN 49 COHEN, DENISE GAIL 17 COHEN, DENISE JOY 49 COHEN, JANET 49 COHEN, JILL DIANNE 49 COHEN, JODI LYNN COHEN, LARRY D. 222 COHEN, LAWRENCE M. COHEN, LYNN JOY 17 COHEN, MICHAEL JAMES COHEN, NAN BETH 17 COHEN, RALPH 49 COHEN, ROXANE LEE 222 COHEN, SHARI JOY 33 COHEN, SUZANNE T. 33 COHEN, STEVEN MARK 17 COHEN, TED DANIAL 222 COHEN, WAYNE TERRY COHN, BONNIE ILEENE 49 COHN, MARK IRA 222 COHN, RACHEL ELLEN 33 COHN, REBECCA ANN COLETTO, FRANK RALPH 222, 153 COLFER, EDWARD T. 49 COLKY, MICHAEL T. 33 COLLINS, JOHN 33 COLLONS, GORDON M. 55, 181 COLTHARP, KAREN LYNN 11 COLTHARP, WILLIAM R. 49, 155, 180 CONNER, BRUCE WAYNE 33 COOPER, KAREN 49 CONRAD, MICHAEL JOHN 33 CONRAD, PETER M. 49 CONRAD, RICHARD C. 17 CONRAD, WAYNE ARTHUR 33 CONTI, DAVID JAMES 17, 166, 164, 153 COOPER, DIANE C. 17 COOPER, JOEL TODD COOPER, KAREN 49, 54 COOPERMAN, LINDA SUE 222 CORP, DEBRA LYNN 49 CORTEZ, GAYLE 33 CORTEZ, LINDA 49 CORTINA, JOE 222 CORTY, LINDA CAROL COSGROVE, DIANE M. 17 COSTOPOULOS, CARRIE COURSEY, KATHLEEN 49, 183 COURSEY, MAUREEN 50, 183 COWAN, SUSAN R. 17, 33 COWIN, NANCY HELENE COMER, BILL 153, 76 COX, ELIZABETH 71 COZZA, GARY 132 COZZOLA, THOMAS CARL 33 CRAIG, JAMES A. 33 CRANE, GEORGE SAMUEL 50 CRAWFORD, PAMELA C. 17 CRESS, HERBERT LEON 33 CRIDER, JOHN 222 CRISTOL, MINDY LYNN 222 CRODGEN, PAMELA DAWN CROWN, BENNETT T. 50 CUFF, JENNIFER LEE 17, 50 CULLERTON, LORETTA 107 CULLOTON, CRAIG LEE 222 CUTRONE, JERRY BEN 33 DAFNIS, JAMES DANIEL 50, 155 DAHM, ROSEMARY 222 DAINAS, LORI ANN 222, 251 DAMOS, ARDE GEORGE DANIEL RITA 17 DANIREL, FIGER 223 DASSINGER, RONALD J. 223, 153 DASSINGER. WILLIAM C. 33 DAVID, BARRY M. 50 DAVID, SHEILA GAYE 17 DAVIS, BONNIE JOAN 223 DAVIS, DYANN AVA DAVIS, GARY 95 DAVIS, JOHN C. DAVIS, KATHERINE ANN 33 DAVIS, LAUREN MARLA 50 DAVIS, LINDA ANN 33 DAVIS, MICHAEL D. 223 DAVIS, NANCY TINA 121, 122, 123 DAVIS, RICHARD C. 50 DAVIS, SANDRA ANN 223 DAYAN, MITCHELL M. 223 DAYAN, MOZELLE 17 DAYNO, KAREN SUE 33 DEAL, KEVIN PAUL DEAL, RICHARD PAUL DEASEY, MARGARET ANN 17 DEBATE 119 DEDEKIND, RICHARD L. 50 DEDO, DIANE MARIE 17, 189, 128 DEDO, JANET MARIE 50, 129 DEDD, REGINA SUE 129, 33 DEFERVILLE, DONNA L. 223 DEFRANCESCO, CHARMAI 50, 133, 183 DEFRANCESCO, MIKE 17 DEFUR, WILDA 100 DEGER, KURT WILLIAM 50 DEGER, MICHAEL JOHN 224 DEGROOT, MARC HENRI 33 DEISCHBOURG, B. 154 DELEONARDIS, CHARLES 50, 155,173, 180 DELEONARDIS, JANET M. 224 DELEONARDIS, MARIANN DELFS, CARL HAMILTON DELUCA, JAMES M. 50 DELUCA, JO ANN 224 DELUGACH, BARBARA M. 224 DELULIO, JOSEPH M. 224 DEMEDUC, JEFFERY C. 33 DEMIREL, FIGEN DEPAEPE, SUSAN LEE 17 DERICHS, LAURA JEAN 33 DERMER, DAVID IRA 17 DERMER, KENNETH M. 50, 47 DESALVO, DENNIS PAUL 50 DESALVO, LISA PAULA 33 DESALVO, RUSSELL F. 17 DESENT, BRAD LEE 17, 153 DESNET, ELLEN F. 33 DESPOTIDES, GEORGE N. 33 DESSING, GLEN 76 DETERS, DONNA LOIS 18, 125 DEVONEY, DENISE LYNN 33 DIACOUMAKOS, ARIS 50 DIAMOND, ARTHUR 50, 155 DIAMOND, HAROLD M. 224 DIAMOND, RUTH MAE 224 DIAMOND, WAYNE MARK 50, 47 DIAMOND, TERRY LEE 18, 123 DIBASILIO, STEVEN J. ' 173, 181 DIBASILIO, MICHAEL 154, 173, 33, 179 DICKERT, PAMELA SUE 33 DICKER, JAY CHARLES 224 DICKHOLTZ, SHERRY P. 224 DICKHOLTZ, MARSHALL 18 DICKSTEIN, RONALD C. 18 DIEDERICH, ROSS M. 18, 164, 132 DIEDERICH, CHRIS F. 50, 153 DIESCHBOURG, EDWARD 33 DIESCHBOURG, WILLIAM 33 DIESCHBOURG, MICHAEL 50, 155 DILLON, JAMES EDWARD 50 DIONE, JOHN CHARLES 33 DITTRICH, RITA A. 50 DIVARCO, MARGARET L. 224 DOLAN, CHRISTINE 18 DOLAN, JOHN THOMAS 154 DOLCE, DEBORAH LYNN 224 DOLCE, SHARON KAY 50 DOMAN, JANICE ANN 50 DOMENELLA, MARK CARL 224 DOMORACKI, PAULETTE 18 DONENBERG, SUSAN B. 225 DONNELLY, DONALD DORAZIO, CHERYL ANN 50 DORDICK, JEFFREY A. 18 DORFMAN, DAVID C. 18, 153, 178 DORFMAN, DEBORAH S. 33 DORFMAN, NANCY LYNN 33,182, 183 DORFMAN, ROBERT B. 18 DORNE, HOWARD LESLIE DOROFF, MARK STUART 18 DOWD, JOHN KENNETH 34 DOYLE. JONI MARTIN 50 DRAYER, WENDY 54 DRAZNER, JOEL W. 121. 34 DREW, JOHN LAWRENCE DREW, SYRELL ANN 225 DROBNY, IRWIN 84 DRUM, KEN 93 DUBAS, CATHERINE ANN 50, 183 DUBAS, CHRISTINE EVE 18 DUBIN, JOEL IRA DUBOIS, IOHN 75 DUCHAJ, DAVID WM. 154, 34 DUCHA), LAURA JEAN 225 DUDA, DALE A. 133, 34 DUDA, DEAN MELVIN 50 DUDA, JULIE JO 50 DUDOVITZ, MARK S. 50 DUEBNER, DAVID L. 225 DUGAN, MARGARET C. 225 DUNCAN, PATRICIA M. 18 DUNIS, D. 154 DUNKELBERGER, DEBBIE 34 DUNKLEBERGER, DOROTHY 225 DUPONT, CYNTHIA ). 50 DURSO, IUANN 225 DURIS, DAVID JOHN 34 DYSLIN, MARK ROBERT 154 EARL, GEORGE 97 EARL, JOHN 154 EARTH SCIENCE CLUB 144, 180 EATON, DIANE ROSE 130, 131, 34 ECK, STEVEN RAYMOND 50 ECOLOGY CLUB 141 EDELMAN, ROBERT W. 34 ECKERLING, LAWRENCE 122, 34 EDELSTEIN, DONNA R. 50 EDINGTON, GAIL M. 200, 34 EDELSON, LEON IRWIN 225 EDINGTON, DEBRA ANNE 225 EDMONDS, JOHN ROBERT 50 EDMONDS, STEVE D. 18 EDWARDSON, KARLYNN Y. 50 EDWARDSON, KURT W. EDWARDSON, STIG KARL 225 EGEBRECHT, PHILLIP M. 225, 132, 174 EGELSTON, DAVID S.-50, 155 EGGELSTON, ANNIE MARIE 18 EHAS, STEVE JAMES EIDEN, DALE EDWARD EINBINDER, CYNTHIA 50 EINBINDER, RENIE ANN 225, 212 EISCHEN, DAVID V. 226, 174 EISENBERG, LEE ALLAN 226 EISENBERG, MARC T. EISENSTEIN, SHARON R. 50, 57 EISENBERG, SUSAN G. 34 EISSMAN, DAVID ALAN EKENBERG, DAVID G. 226 EKENBERG, STEVEN J. 34 ELBIN, BRUCE NEIL 18 ELEGREET, KAREN J. 18, 183 ELECREET, STEVEN J. 133 ELLIN, LAURA SARA 34 ELLIOTT, GIG I L. 34 ELLWING, SUSAN 226 ELLYNE, LISA GAY 34 ELSTE, ALAN JAY 226, 124, 174 ELMAN, MICHAEL B. 226 ELMAN, PHILIP DAVID 178 ENDRE, BARBARA ANNE 18 ENGELHARDT, ANNIE L. 18 ENGELHARDT, MICHAEL 34 ENGER, DEBRA ANN 34 ENGLE, TOM 70 ENGLHARD, ROBERT J. 226, 176 ENGLISH, THOMAS P. 18 EPSTEIN, JAMES V. 18 EPSTEIN, GAIL S. 226 EPSTEIN, JEFFREY R 226. 205 EPSTEIN, NANCY JEAN 50 ERDMAN, PHILIP CARL 226 EPSTEIN, PHYLLIS 107 ERICKSEN, MICHAEL A. 18 ERICKSON, ERWIN 99 I RIC ks( ) GAYLE M. 18 ERICKSON, JAMES ERIC 50 ERICKSON, JEANNE M. 129, 34 ERICKSON, JOY CYNTHI 34 ERICKSON, LAURIE J. 50, 129 ERICKSON, MARILEE T. 226. 189 ERICKSON, MARY ANN 34 ERLEBACHER, DEBRA 189, 130, 131, 34 ERMILIO, FRANCINE M. 18 ERMILIO, LUCILLE M. 226 ERNT, MICHAEL JOSEPH 226 ERPELDING, KENNETH W. 50 ESTERL, MARGARET M. 50 ESTERL. STEVEN W. 34 ESTERMAN, JEFFREY S. 34 ESTES, JANE ANN 226, 182 ETTLING, MARLY ANNE 34 ETZBACH, ALLAN 77 EURICH, ROBERT M. 34 EVANS, PETER SCOTT 154, 34 EVANS RHONDA JOY 18 EVANS. SHARYL LYNN 18 EVENSEN, JANET MARIE 227 EVERS, KAREN 34 EWING, DAVID 96 EX, CAREN 50 FABIAN, VICKI LYNN 18, 232 FABRI, JACK 85 FAHSBENDER, THOMAS B. 227 FAHSBENDER, TOBY LEE 50 FALL PLAY 190, I ' M FARRELL, REED J. 33 FARRELL, ANDE LOUISE 227 FARRIS, HOLLY KAYE 18 FAUGHT, JEFFREY W. FEARN, DANIEL JOSEPH 50 FEBROW, RONALD L. 34 FEDER, ROBIN ELLYN 51, 133 FEILEN, BRIAN KEITH 51 FEICK, ROBERT 93 FEIN, MELVIN J. 18 FEISS, RICHARD C. 227 FELDMAN, CARY JAY 18 FELDMAN, DALE SCOTT 143, 125 FELDMAN, DENISE H. FELDMAN, EDWARD TOM 51 FELDMAN, ELLEN RDEAN 18 FELDMAN, KARRI I LA 227 FELDMAN, LAURIE SUE 227 FELDMAN, MICHAEL L. 51 FELDMAN, RAYMOND J. 227 FELDMAN, STEVEN GREG 51 FENCHEL, STEPHEN L. 227, 176 FENCING 167 FENTON, PAMELA SUE 51 FENTON, ROBERT DEAN FERGUS, CYNTHIA FERRARD, RICHARD P. FERRELL, DEBRA L FERRELL, JUDITH LYNN 51, 183 FETMAN, KURT D. 51 FETT, FRED 75 FICHO, LORI JEAN 34 FICKES, DENNIS 65 FIELD, CHARLES L. 51 FIELD, DON 80 FIELDS, SUSAN ELLEN 227 FIERLA, CATHY LYNNE 34 HERMAN, SHARON ). 227 FILGUT, LINDA SHERRY 227 FILLIMAN, DENNIS 81 FIMOFI, ROSS M. 34 FINEBERG, JANIS 109 FINK, ROBIN TERRY 51 FINNERMAN, SCOTT A. 227 FIRAK, GERALD 77 FISET, JANICE ANN 228 FISHER, MONICA MARY 228, 125 FISHMAN, JAY DAVID 51, 181 FITZPATRICK, FRANK 90 FIZZEL, ROBERT 87 FLACK. JODI LYNN 34 FLANNERY, JAMES BRAD 153 FLANNERY, LYNN 51 FLASCH, GREGORY W. 34 FLASCH, JOSEPH W. 51 FLECK. LINDA LEE 34 FLEISHMAN, LAURIE A. 51 FLEMING, SUSAN LEE 51, 122 FLICK, DALE 65 FLOOD, DANIEL P. 228, 153, 212, 174 FLOOD, GREGORY G. 147, 34 FLOOD, JEAN MARIE 228 FLOOD. PETER JOSEPH 51, 155 FLOOD, THOMAS JOS. 173, 154, 34, 175 FLOROS, SUE LEE 34 FLYNN, MARIE ill FLYNN, PAT 71 FOCOSI, GINA DELLA 51 FOGEL, RICHARD L 51 FOGEL, RICHARD M. 18, 164 FOLKFN, GARY JOHN 34 FOD. BARBARA CAROL 51, 59. 129 FOD, DENNIS 124 FOD. MARGARET ANNE 18 FOOG, ESTREI LITA FOOTBALL 150,151, 152, 153. 154, 155 FOOTE, ALICE 81 FOREIGN EXCHANGE CLUB 124 FORENSICS 120 FORMAN, DEBRA HELENE 51 FORMAN, JOAN DIANE 18 FORMAN, TANYA SUE 34 FORTMAN, MARYANN 51 FORUMS 202, 203 FORTUNA, ANTHONY J. FORTUNA, VIVIAN MARY 228 FOUGEROUSSE, JAMES R. 228, 34 FOX, MICHELLE DEBRA 51 FOX, SUSAN ELLEN 18 FOUGEROUSSE, JOHN R FRAGASSI, ANTHONY P. 18 FRAKE. MARY HELEN 228, 133 FRAKE, MARTIN KEITH 51. 155 281 FRANEK, SHERRY ANNE 51 FRANK, BETH ANN 51 FRANK, CARY E. 51 155 FRANK, JODY 228 FRANKEL, ALISA RENEE 18 FRANKEL, BRUCE H. 228 FRANKEL, KAREN MYNN 229 FRANKLIN, MARGARET 23 51 FRANKLIN, JILL S. 196. 34 FRAZEE, PAUL JAY 173, 34 FREDRICKS, ROBIN B. 51 FREEDENBERG, TERRY C. 51 FREEDKIN, MARK STEVE 18 122 FREEDMAN, LOUIS S 229 FREEMAN, PATRICIA S. 18 FRERES, GREGORY G 229 FREY, RUSSELL 180 FREY, STEVEN WARREN FRIEDLER, BRIAN C. 51 FRIEDMAN, BARBARA L. 18 FRIEDMAN, BETH JANET 34 FRIEDMAN, ELISE G. 229 FRIEDMAN, JONATHAN H. 18, 121 122 FRIEDMAN, LYNN G. 229 FRIEDMAN, MARC DAVID 51 FRIEDMAN, MARK ). 229 FRIEDMAN. MARK 34 FRIEDMAN, RENEE M. 34 FRIEDMAN, TAMMY SUE 51 FRIEDMAN, THOMAS JAY 229 FRITZSHALL, CAROL A. 19 FROEHLICH, ERWIN 99 FRYKSDALE, JOHN ERIC FUCHS, RONALD JAY 19 FURMAN, COLLIEN M. 229 FUTRANSKY, BARBARA S 121 122 29 FUNAI, BRYAN 19, 124 FUKUYA, CRYSTAL K. 34 GAA 137, 138, 139 GABRIEL, WILLIAM 34 GACKI, JAMES R. 251, 212 GAGLIANO, ANTHONY D 19 GAGLIANO, ROBERT CAGOMIROS, HRYSANTHY 19 GAJEWSKI, ROBERT W GALE, PAMELA JOAN 51 GALINDO, LOUISE JOY GALA, GEORGE 97 GALSTER, EDWARD LEE 34 GALTER, KURT M. 153 GAN STEVEN PAUL 51 GANELLEN, RONALD JAY 19, 121 122 GANELLEN, JEFF MARK GANNON, BRYAN LOUIS 19 GANNON, CAROLE E 51,183 CANTZ, LOUIS ESTES 229 GANZ, ROBERT ALAN 230 GARCIA, DOMITILA ‘ 2 GARCIA, MICHEL JAN 34 GARCON, LISA 173, 230 GARFINKEL, DEBRA LEE GARLAND, CINDY MARLA 230 GARLAND, JILL F. GARMAN, MARK ALLEN 51 GARNHART, GAIL ANNE 230 GAROON, HOWARD DAVID 51 GARTNER. ROBIN GAIL 230 CATES, GARY WAYNE 19 GATES, PEGGY LUCILLE 51 GATZ, JAMES ANDREW 35 GATZ, VIRGINIA LEE 19 GAULE, JEFFREY IRA 230 GAULT, |OHN 86 GAYNES, BRUCE IRA GEBEL, ANDREW STEVEN 19 CEBEL, CYNTHIA HOPE 51 GEIMER, CHARLES S GEISMANN, BILL 70 GEMENY, BLAINE 87 GEORGIEVA, OLGA 91 GERBER, DONNA RENEE 51 GERBER, GAIL SUSAN 19 GERBER, RHONDA BETH 230 GERCHIKOV, JONATHAN 230 GERMAN CLUB 125 GERTZ, LYNDA J. 230, 51 GERTZ, MARGO PATTY GETTLEMAN, MICHELLE 35 GEYER, WILLIAM M. 35, 179 GIALLOMBARDO, DOMINI 230 GIBBONS, ROBERT D. 16, 19, 27 41 65 90, 213, 220 GIBBS, WESLEY 66 GIELOW, TRACY BRENT 19 GILBERT, DIANE A. 51 57 GILLASPY, CLAYTON GILLEN, RONALD P. 35 GILLMAN, ROBERT E. 51 GILLMAN, MICHAEL D. 230 GILMAN. MICHAEL ALAN 35 GILMORE. KEVIN JEFF GINESI, MICHAEL A. 19 GILLULY, MARENE 230, 183 GILMORE, KEVIN 230 GINSBURC, CRAIG S. 19, 178 GIRLS BADMINTON 182 GIRLS ' GYMNASTICS 135, 136 GIRLS ' TENNIS 183 GLADSTEIN, HARLAN M. 230 GLASS, CHRISTINE M. 230 GLASSBERC, WILLIAM J. 19 GLASSGEN, BRIAN A. 35 GLATT, MARK E. 51 CLICK, JOE 19 GLICKMAN, ELLEN R. GLICKSBERG. BRUCE 35 GLICKSBERG, NEIL 51, 155 GLIEBERMAN, RON 51 CLINES, THOMAS JACK 51 GLOWIENKE. FRANCES A. 19 GODDARD, BOB 147 GODIKSEN, VERNON M. 51 GOEBEL, SUE GOEBEL, CHRISTINE 19 GOKBUDAK, KURT T. 35 GOLAND, ADREA GAIL 51 GOLAND, SHERRY LYNN 231 GOLD, LOIS ILENE 35 GOLD, RICHARD GORDON 51, 155 173 GOLDBERG, BARRY DALE 19, 17 GOLDBERG, BRIAN JAY 19 GOLDBERG, CHERYL MAE 122, 231 GOLDBERG, EMMET M. 35 GOLDBERG, ERMA L. 35, 900 GOLDBERG, LARRY J. 19 GOLDBERG, LENNY MARK 231 GOLDBERG, ROBERTA N. GOLDBERG, SIVIA 51 GOLDENBERG, DALE 231 GOLDENBERC, DEBBIE E. 35 GOLDENBERG, FRED 51 GOLDENBERC, THOMAS 51 GOLDFARB, BRUCE S. 19 GOLDFEIN, JEROME R. 25 GOLDMAN, DAVID E. 121, 35 GOLDMAN, LAWRENCE M. 19 GOLDMAN, ROBIN DORIE 19 GOLDMEIER, DEBORAH L. 19, 183 GOLDSHER, JEFFREY M. 19, 23, 164 GOLDSHER, NANCY LEE 35 GOLDSMITH, LARRY G GOLDSTEIN, AUDREY L. 231 GOLDSTEIN, CANDICE 19 GOLDSTEIN, LARRY M. 231, 126 GOLDSTEIN, MELANIE C. 231 212 GOLF 178 GOLIN, BARRY 19 GOLIN, KAREN 51 COLLIN, JOAN BETH 35 COLLIN, ROBERTA LYNN 35 GOLDMAN, JONATHON D. 33 34 GOLMAN, JEFFREY A. 19 GOMEZ, STEVEN MARK 38 GONZALEZ, MARK HENRY GOODCASE, KENNETH R. 19 GOODE, ELLEN BETH GOODMAN, DIANE M. 35 GOODMAN, ROBERT PAUL 19 GOODMAN, LAWRENCE J. 231 GOODMAN, LON LOUIS GOODMAN, LYNNE SUSAN 35 GOODMAN, MARLA E. 129, 35 GOODMAN, ROBIN KARYL 231 GOODMAN, SHERRI E. 51 GOONE, MARLA J. 19 GOONE, MITCHELL CARY 51 GORAN, RUTH ELLEN 231 GOONE, MICHAEL ALLAN 51 155 GORDON, BARBARA 5 GORDON, DAVID JOEL 19 GORDON, ESTHER ROSE GORDON, KAREN LOIS 231 GORDON, LINDA ADRIAN 15 GORDON, LYNNE SHERYL 52 GORDON, MATT 19 GORDON, MICHAEL P 52 GORGOSZ, JOHN J. GOR, MICHAEL PAUL 231 GORE. SUSAN ELLEN 232 GORLEWICZ, MARK 35 GORLEWICZ, MICHAEL D 232 GORSKI, GINA 232 GORSKI, EUGENE J. 232 GOSLIN, JULIE HELEN GOSLIN, KATHERINE J. 52 GOSLIN, PAMELA JEAN 232 GOSS, CHERYL A. 232 GOTT, RENEE LYNN 122, 123, 232, 190 191, 216 GOTTLIEB, LYNN 19 GOTTLIEB, RICHARD K. 232 132 GOUGH, GAIL ELLEN 19 GRADUATION 213 GRAGG, RICHARD 71 GRAHAM, ANGELA 70 GRAHAM, JAMES ANDREW 52 GRAHAM, JILL CARRIE 35 GRAHAM. LINDA M. 19 GRAHMA, TIMOTHY JOHN 232 GRASSO. DAVID REA GRAUBART, MARK J. GRAUBART, PHILIP 35 GREEN, JESSICA CANDY 204 35 GREEN, JOYCE LYNN 35 GREEN, MARK HOWARD GREEN, MICHAEL G. 52 GREEN, MIKE 71 GREEN, NANCY ELLEN 232 GREEN, NANCY I. GREEN, ROBIN KELLY 35 GREEN, SCOTT M. 232, 147, 125 GREEN, SUSAN JO 232 GREENBERG, BRUCE A. 15 GREENBERG, DAVID A. 19 141 200 GREENBERG, NEAL R. 19, 21 GREENE. RONI J. 35 GREENFIELD, WENDY 233 GREENENWALD, STEVEN GREENSPON, SHELDON J. 19 GREENSTEIN, BARBARA 19 GREGORY, THOMAS G. GREISMAN, GARY MARK 233 GRIMM, JACQUELYN 233 GRIMM, JOHN M. 154, 35 GRIMM, RYAN SCOTT 233 CROELING, KATHERINE 122 GROMKE, GEORGE DIETE 52 GROSS, LARRY MARK 35 GROSS, LOUIS 110 GROSSHESCH, EWALD 91 GROSSINGER, STEVEN J. 35 GROSSMAN, DAVID R GROUZARD, GERARD T GROVER, ROBERT E. 20 GRUBER, BRIAN LEE GRUENKE, DENNIS M. 52, 155 GRUBY, SHERRY 20 GRUENKE, DONNA MARY 233 GRYBOWSKI, RANDALL F GRUZYNSKI, LINDA ANN 52 GUALANO, LARRY LEE 35 GUENTHER, DONALD W. 155, 164, 180 GUGGENHEIM, JUDY C. 52 GUINAND, LINDA FAYE 233 GUIRSCH, JAMES F. 35 GUMP, ANDREW LEONARD 35 GUMP, BARBARA MARY 52 GUMP, HELEN MARY 20 GUNDERSON, JUNE E. 20 GUNDLACH, STEVE G. 52 GUNDOLF, MARIANNA 20 GUSSIN, ALAN 52, 155, 180 CUSSIS, CINDY 20, 131, 110 GUTSCHICK, JAMES A. 233 GUTTMAN, SCOTT GARY 20 GUTTMAN, SUSAN LYNN 52, 129 GUZALDO, JOHN JOE GYMNASTICS 168 HABIGHURST, CAROL R 20 24 HACKER, NANCY ANN HACKER, RONALD GARY 233, 132 HACKIN, JAY BRIAN 20, 121 HAGEN, PATRICIA JOAN 36 HAGEN, SUE 52 HAGI, ALBERT 233 HALFPAP, DARLENE L. 20, 133 127 HALFPAP, NADENE ELNA 20 HALL, PATRICIA ANN 233 HALLBERG, ELLEN L. 20 HALLBERG, JOHN W. 233 HALPERIN, BARI SUE HALPERIN, ELIZABETH 16, 916 HALPERIN, JODY L. 36 HAMILTON, DEBORAH J. 233 HAMANN, DEBORAH 52 HANDELSMAN, CAROl A 233 HANDZEL, JOHN 87 HANLON, LYNNE IRENE 20, 133 HANRAHAN, MICHAEL A. 155, 164 HANRAHAN, ROBERT P. 77, 165 HANRAHAN, ROBERT V HANSEN, PETER 16 HARDEL, JENE MARIE 122, 234 HARDIN, DEREK ROBERT HARMON, JOHN 95 HARMS, GAIL MARIE 52, 133 HARMS, JOHN ARTHUR 234 HARRER, KATHY MARIE 52 HARRIS, KIMBERLY D. 20, 133 HARRIS, MIRIAM C. 20 HARRIS, SANDRA JAYE 36, 183 HARRIS, STEVEN M. 154, 36, 179 180 181 HART, HUGH 81 HARTFEIL, GUENTHER K. 234 HARTNETT, HOPE ANN 20 HATSCHER, LORRAING 70 HATTENDORF, BARBARA 234 HAUPERS, WILLIAM S 36 HAUSMAN, RICHARD LEE HAUSMAN, SAMMY A 52 HAYES, PATTI ROBIN 20 HAYMAN, VICKI LYNN 36 HAZARD, BRYANT STEVE 20 121 HAZELWOOD, LAUREN F HEALY, DONNA M. 52 HEALY, MARY LYNN 20 HECKTMAN, MONA GAY 36 HED, BRYAN ERIC 52, 155 HEENEY, MICHAEL J 20 HEEREN, LEE 103 HEERES, JOANN LYNN HEIDRICH, LEE ANN 52 HEIDRICH, MADELEINE 234 HEIDRICH, NANCY D 234 HEIDRICH, SYLVANA E 36 HEIDTKE, ANDREW K. HEIM. LINDA LUCILLE 20 HEIMANN, JANIS EMILY 20 HEINIGER, LAURA E. 36 HEINTZ, BILL 122, 125 HEINZ, J, RICHARD 52 HEINZ, JON HENRY 20 HEINZ, STEVEN JAMES 124, 36, 175 HEINZ. TED JOSEPH 52 HEINZ, THOMAS M. 234 HEINZ, WILLIAM H. 20 HELFORD, KAREN SUE HELGESON, MARK RAY 36 HELLER, ADELE SYLVIA 20 HELLER. JAY ANDREW 36, 179 HELLER, SCOTT LEWIS 234 HELLO DOLLY! 208, 209, 210, 211 HEMPEL, CYNDA 36 HEMPEL, KENNETH A HENRY, HOLLY ANNE 234 HENTZ, TERESE KAREN 16 HERBSTMAN, DAVID H. 143 125 36 HENGELS, TIMOTHY J. 147, 36 HENTZ, JOSEPHINE 89 HEROLD, LANA BEA 121, 234 HEROLD, ROBYN E. 196, 36 HERSH, BRUCE A. 36 HERST, MICHAEL ALAN 20 HERST, ROBERT 20, 188 HERSTEIN, RICHARD E 20 HEYMAN, ELLICE L. 234, 190 HICKEY, LAURA ANN 52 HILBERT, FRANK PAUL 52, 155 HILDEBRAND, FRANK W. ' 155 HILDEBRAND, MARY G. 52 HILDEBRAND, MARTY R. 154, 132 36 HILKIN, DIANE RUTH 36 HILL, DAN 86 HILL, EMILY EILEEN 120, 121, 234 HILL, RICHARD C. HILL, SUSAN LEA 52 HINTZ, DAVID LEE 20 HINTZ, STEPHEN MARK 234 HINZ, JAMES DONALD 16 HIRAKAWA, SHARON L 20 HIRATSUKA, JOHN D 235 HIRAKAWA, DEBRA L 52 HIRSCH, AUDREY LYNN 120 , 121 196 197 HIRSH, BONNIE LYNN 52 HIRSH, LORI ANN 20, 128 HIRSCH, WENDY I. 235 HIRSCHAUER, HENRY A HIRSCHMAN, JUDY LYNN 36 HOBAN, PATRICIA MARY 52 HOBIN, KIMBERLY ANN 36 HODGMAN, BARBARA LEE 52 HOELBL, JOYCE D. 20 HOELBL, LYNN MARY 52 HOELZER, DOROTHY ANN 52 HOELZER, MARION F. 122, 235 HOEPPNER, DENNIS L 77 HOFFINC, DEBORAH L 52 HOFFMAN, CONNIE MARI 20, 133 HOGGMAN, HOWARD T. 52 HOFFMAN, KAREN ANN HOFFMAN, MARCIA M 36 HOFFMAN, MICHAEL A. 235 HOFFMAN, RICHARD D. 20 HOFFMAN, ROBERT E. 52, 155 HOFFMAN, SUSAN LYNN 235 HOFFMAN, TERESA E. 121, 122, 195 235, 212 HOFFMAN, THOMAS JAY HOHS, MARK JEROME 235 HOHS, ROBERT ALLEN 20 HOJNACKI, STEVEN P. 154 36 HOLBERC, MIKE 132 HOLD, DARRYL GUY 20 HOLDENER, RICHARD E HOLDMANN, FREDRICK C 235 HOLLIDAY, CYNTHIA M. 235, 124 HOLLIDAY, KIM MARY 52 HOLLINGER, DAVID E 20 HOLLINGER, RUTH E. 52 HOLMAN, PAMELA N. 16 HOLMBLAD, BARBARA J 20 HOLMBLAD, BARRY K 52 282 HOLMBLAD, ROBERT j. 235 HOLMBOE, ANN STUART 235 HOLMBOE. LYNN S. 52 HOLZ, WARREN J. 78 HOLZER, AUDREY GAY 120. 121, 235 HOLZMANN, MICHAEL HOMECOMING 18b, 187, 188, 189 HOMER, JODY BETH 235 HOMER, KENNETH 52 HOMER, THOMAS IAN HOMER, WILLIAM H. 235, 195 HONEMAN, ROBERT H. 36 HOOK, JEFFREY 36 HOOK, JUDITH MARY 52 HOOSLINE, LEO 69 HORBERC, DEBORAH K. 52 HORN, ANDREW D. 20 HORN, LINDA SUE 3b HORNTHAL, JAMES J. 235, 132, 174 HORVITZ, JEFFREY G. 236 HORWICH, ANDREA 236 HORWITZ, DIANE BETH 236 HORWITZ, NEIL MARK 52, 141 HOSANNA, JOHN 36 HOSFIELD, LISA DIANE 20. 133 HOSFIELD, MARK JAMES 36 HOSHIZAKI, GARY W. 173, 36, 179 HOUSAKOS, ANTONIA 3b HOUSAKOS, MARIA 52 HOUSAKOS, PAULA 236, 188, 131 HOWARD, LARRY S. 20 HOWARD, LAUREL JEAN 236 HOWARD, STANLEY NEIL 52 HUBER, JAMES JEFFREY 20 HUBER, LAWRENCE DAVE HUFF, DON 153, 173, 96 HUGHES, DONALD D. 36 HUGHES, KAREN E. 52 HUGHES, LYNN MARIE 20, 133 HUGHES, STEPHEN C. 36 HULOCK, FRANCIS 2 lb HUNTLEY, KAREN R. 52 HURWICH, LINDA R. 52 HUSTIN, JACK 236 HUTCHINSON, DAVID S. HUTCHINSON, DREW K. HYOSAKA, JON STEVEN 52, 155 HYOSAKA, PATRICIA L. 20. 124 IDELMAN, GEORGE E. 23b IGASAKI, PAUL M. 21 IGLARSH, JUDY NAOMI IMHOF, CATHY ALIENE 36 INS 140 IRPINO, JOSEPH KEITH 52, 155 IRPINO, KAREN E. 21 ISAACSON, ALLYSON F. 21 ISAACSON, RICHARD D. 236 ISENSTEIN, BRENDA C it, ISSEN, RICHARD 36 IT ' S ACADEMIC 205 IVERSON, GREG M. IVERSON, ROBERT S IWAI, NANCY K. 236 JACKSON, ANDREW E. 21. 153 JACKSON, BONNIE 36 JACKSON, IERRY L. 78 JACOBS, CARYN G. 23b JACOBS, DON 36 JACOBS, JOEL KIETH JACOBS, JOHN C. 52, 155 JACOBS, WAYNE IRA JACOBS, SUSAN LESLEE 122, 237 JACOBSEN, SUZANNE M. 21 JACOBSON, JACK 37, 181 JACOBSON, LINDA 237 JACOBY, JUDITH E. 237 JACOBY, KENNETH E. 53 JAESCHKE, MARIAN 100 JAFFE, LESLIE CAROL 237 JAHNKE, DENNIS LEE 53 JANESKU, JAMES 37 JANSSON, TERRI LEE 237 JAPANESE CULTURE CLUB 124 JARIABKA, ANDRE W J. 21 JASIN, JAN D. JASKOLKA, DENISE 53 JASTER, SCOTT TOM JENKINS, LINDA LEE 237 JENNETTEN, DAVID K. 238 JENNINGS, BRIDGET A. 53 JENSEN, GEORGE M. 37 JENSEN, CHARLES W. S3 JENSEN, JEFFREY P. 21 JENSEN, LARRY R. IERGER, STEPHANIE 238 JERNEY, DOUGLAS W. 53 JESCHKE, PAMELA JEAN 238 JESS. RONALD MARVIN 21 JIU, JENNIFER 53 JOHANSEN, STEVEN P. 37 JOHNOPOLOS, PAUL G. 53, 155 JOHNSON, BILL A. 21 JOHNSON. BLAIR C. JOHNSON, CULLEN B. 21 JOHNSON, DAVID ERIC 53 JOHNSON, ERIC CRAIG JOHNSON, GAIL E. 37 JOHNSON, JACQUELYN R. 238 JOHNSON, JEAN ANN 53, 129 JOHNSON, JIM 74 JOHNSON, JULIE A. 53 JOHNSON, KAREN ANN 238 JOHNSON, LARRY WAYNE JOHNSON, MARK A. 21, 147 JOHNSON, NANCY JEAN 21 JOHNSON, PAUL E. 238, 147 JOHNSON, PAULA M. 53 JOHNSON, RALPH WM. 37 JOHNSON, RICHARD K. 53 JOHNSON, ROBERT 74 JOHNSON, ROSS ALAN 53, 155 JOHNSON, STEPHEN M. JOHNSON, STEVEN W. 21, 37 JOHNSON, SUSAN MARIE 37 JOHNSTON, MICHAEL J. 238 JONES, RHONDA L. JONES, STANTON M. 81 JONES, THOMAS A. JORGENSON, JOAN M. 238 JORGESON, ROBERTA 69 JOSENKOSKI, STEVEN P. 154, 37 JOSEPH, JEFFREY 53 JOSEPH, MARC STEVEN 37 JOSEPH, ROSEMARIE 238 KACEL, STEVEN NEAL 21 KACHAN, CYNTHIA JEAN 53, 183 KACHAN, MARY ANN 238 KADEN, PAMELA 238 KADEN, WENDY 37 KAFERLY, GEORGE B. KAHALNIK, GARRY K. 238 KAHALNIK. SHELLEY S. 37, 182 KAHN, SARI 53 KAISER, STEPHANIE A. 53 KAISER, SUSAN JOLIE 37 KAITCHUCK, TED 95 KALFEN, DONALD G. 53 KALISH, BARRY LEE 238 KALISH, MARILYN 21 KALLICK, SETH R. 154, 37 KALLMAN, SHARON KAY KALODIMOS, GEORGE M. 238 KALODIMOS, NICOLAS M. 53 KALTER, MICHAEL Z. 53 KALTHOFF, KEN ROBERT 53 KAMAVOS, PETE 239 KAMINER, LYNNE SUSAN 123, 37 KAMINSKY, JERRY W. 53 KAMINSKI, PAUL G. 154, 37 KAMINSKY, CLIFFORD L. 239 KAMM, NOEL 37 KAMPS, JAMES H. 21 KAMRADT, JOHN A. KAMRADT, JULIE ANN 53 KANAVOS, PETER G. KANTER, GERY SCOTT 21 KANTER, LARRN B. 53 KANTER, NATALIE S. 21 KANTER, PATTI 21, 121 KAPLAN, JOEL KENNETH 37 KAPLAN, JON RANDALL 15, 37 KAPLAN, LORI BETH KAPLAN, MARLA KAPLAN, ROBERT DAVID 38 KAPLAN, ROCHEL 239 KAPLAN, SUSAN M. 21, 120, 121 KAPLAN, WENDY ANN 21 KAPUSCINSKI. JAMES P. 239 KARABINAS, EVA 38 KARACHUN, GREG JACK KARAS, JOSEPH JOHN 53 KARBUSCKY, OTTO 88 KAROL, MARK EDWARD 53 KARP, STUART ALAN 38 KARP, DAVID CHARLES 53, 155 KARSON, LEONARD D. 239 KARSTEN, KRISTINE M. KASKEL, MICHAEL ALAN 38 KASPER, KENNETH J. 239 KASPER, NINA MARIE 53 KASS, ALLAN STEVEN KASTEN, KAREN SUE KATSOOLIAS, ALEX P. KATSOULIS, PETER C. KATZ, ALAN SEYMOUR 239 KATZ, DEBORA ELLEN 239 KATZ, LARRY MICHAEL 38 KATZ, RICHARD STEVEN 174 KATZ, RONALD M. 38 KATZ, RUSSELL S. 164 KATZ, STEVEN JAY KAUFMAN, SHERYL JANE 53 KAY, JUDY 104 KAZMER, CHERYL 94 KEENE, NANCY R 38 KEITH, JILL S. KEITH, JILL S. KEKER, DEBORAH LYNN KELLMAN, JOHN STEVEN 21 KELLY, KATHLEEN 82 KELLY, MARY KELLY, ROBERT A. 21 KELLY, SUSAN JOAN 133, 38 KEMMLER, CHARLES 109 KEMPF, JUDITH ANN KENO, DAN GUY 21 KERBEL, CARY 53 KERMAN. BARBARA E. 239 KERMAN, MARC STEVEN 21, 164 KERN, MICHAEL ROBERT KESSELMAN, PAUL R. 38 KESSLER, ANITA 53 KESTLER, CARL B. 53 KETTLEBOROUGH, JIM 97 KHARASCH, EVAN DAVID 53, 147 KIBORT, DAVID JOHN 165 KBORT, SCOTT ROBERT 53, 164 KIBORT, SUZANNE F. 53 KIEFEL, HERBERT W. 239 KIER, STEVEN LESLIE 239 KIMURA, ALAN EUGENE 38 KINNEY, SHEILA RUTH 21, 121, 183 KINZEL, ROBERT FRANK 53 KIRBY, GEORGE W. 21, 178 KIRBY. RUTH ANN 53 KIRSHMAN, CINDY JO 239 KIRSTE, GALE ANN 38 KIRSTE, MARK ARTHUR 21, 153 KIRSTEIN, DALE ALAN 53 KITOWSKI, GREGORY R. 53 KITTAKA, TAMARA ANNE 53, 129 KLAUSS, RUSSELL P. 239 KLEBBA, MARV 73 KLEBBE, KATHRYN C. 21 KLEIN, CHARI LYNN 38 KLEIN, GUY KLEIN, IVEE FAITH 53 KLEIN, MARILYN RENEE 38 KLEIN, MICHAEL ABBOT KLEIN, STEVE RICHARD KLEMENS, THOMAS J. 239 KLEMM, RANDY MICHAEL KLEMPTNER, LORI JO 21, 124 KLEMPTNER, ROBIN J. 38 KLEMPTNER, SCOTT A. 239 KLINGER, TERESE 92 KLINT, KARILYN JEAN 21 KLINSKY, LESLEE JO 53 KLINSKY, KERI JOY 240 KINT, CHRIS 222 KLINT, KRISTINE M. 240. 133 KLINT, CARL A. 53, 155 KLIPOWICZ, PAUL V. 240, 153, 178, 179 KLOPFER, STEVE FRANK KLUGE, DAWN SUE 240 KLUCMAN. ANNETTE B. 121. 38 KLYMAN, JAMES BARRY 38 KNAAK, JIM 73 KNIPMEYER, LAUREN G. 53 KNOBLOCH, BRUCE A. 240 KNOBLOCK, BRENT C. 240 KNUDSEN, CHERYL ANN 38 KOBUDAK, K. 173 KODA, MARCIA JEAN 21 KOEHLER, DANNY A. 38 KOEHLER, LAWRENCE E. 53, 155 KOENIG, ARTHUR D. 53 KOEPKE, SUSAN M. 240 KOESTER, KENT ALAN 53 KOESTER, LYNNE MARIE 240 KOEUNE, JACQUELYN T. 37 KOEUNE, JAMES M. 53 KOEUNE, MICHAEL A. 240 KOGEN, MICAEL ALAN 53, 180 KOHRMAN. MICHAEL H. 21 KOHLS. GREGORY ALLEN 21 KOLB, JOHN WILLIAM 240 KOLB, PAMELA J. 53 KOLLATH, RICHARD E. 21 KOLLINS, SCOTT R. KONDRATOWICZ, STEVE 240 KOPINSKI, DIANE P. 37 KOPINSKI, ROBERT F. 21, 172 KOPINSKI, CATHERINE 240 KOPLAN, MARTIN B. 54 KOPLON, MARC ALAN 21 KORAJCZYK, ROBERT A. 240 KORAL, KEVIN PAUL 240 KORAL, LESLIE ANN 21 KORB, DANIEL CRAIG 54 KORB, DAVID LYLE 21 KOREY, FAITH 240 KORMAN, MARLA RENEE 54 KORN, PETER LAWRENCE 240. 132 KORN. RHONDA IRIS 54 KORNBLUTH, LISA COW 241 KORNEL, AMI EL MARK 193, 37 KORRUB, LAW ' RENCE W. 241 KORRUB, LESLIE JOY 130, 131, 241 KORRUB, NANCI A. 54 KOSAKOWSKI, SUSAN M. 37 KOSOGLAD, KAREN ANN 54 KOSOVER, PATRICIA I. 54 KOSOVER, RHONDA A. 21 KOSTEL, HELEN LINDA 241 KOTIN, BETSY 37 KOTLARCZYK, ANN C. 241 KOURIS, KIMBERLY 54 KOUTOUZOS, GEORGIA D. 21, 122 KOWALSKI, SUSAN L. 54 KOZA, CLAUDIA J. 54 KOZAK, CRAIG EDWARD KOZAK, GARY JAMES 241 KOZOKAR, CRAIG E. 241 KRAINSKI, MICHAEL E. 241 KRAMER, BARBARA G. 21 KRAMER, JULIE ELLEN 241, 128 KRAMER, KAREN 21, 16 KRAMER, STEVEN W. 241. 164, 178 KRAMER, THOMAS SCOTT 54 KRAUSE, CYNTHIA A. 54 KRAUSE, PAMELA K. 241 KRAVITZ, BARBARA B. 21 KRAWETZ, BRUCE S. 21 KREEGIER, RICHARD E. KREITER, BARB 241 KREITER, BARI FERN KREITER, BARRY MARK 54. 155 KREITER, LAWRENCE J. 54, 155, 180 KREITER, MARTA SUE KRETSCHMER, DON G. 37 KRIEGER, STEVEN MARK 54 KRIER, JAMES L. KRIHO, PATRICIA ANN 37 KRMICEK, STEVEN KROLIK, BETH SUE 37 KROLIK, JILL AMY 21 KROMELOW, GARY BRIAN KRON, GARY STEVEN 37 KROPP, STEPHEN ALLEN 21-153 KROPP, THOMAS JOHN KRUEGER, CHRISTINE L. 37 KRUEGER, JOSEPH W. 54 KRUEGER, ROBERT E. 54, 164, 180 KRUSEN, ROBERT M. KRUSEN, ROGER GLEN 37 KUBES, SCOTT KENNETH 54 KUDA, STEVE GEORGE 241 KUDLA, SUSAN GAIL 37 KUEHN, WILLIAM R. 54, 155, 180 KUHL, PAMELA SUE KUHN, PHILLIP F. 21 KURLAN, MICHELE ANN 54 KURR, MARY ELIZABETH 37 KURTI, ALAN PAUL 37 KWALWASER, LARRY S. 37 KWIECINSKI, GREG M. 22 LABAY, DENISE MARY LABARBARA. HANK LABOW, HOWARD B. 22 LACH, DONALD ROMAN 241 LADEWIC. STEVEN A. 38 LAGIOIA, GEOFFREY M. LAIN, JACK 99 LAIN, RAYMOND SCOTT 241. 172, 150. 152 LAIN. RICHARD ALLEN 242. 172, 153, 174, 175 LALEIAN. AIDA 22 LAMB, RON 73, 155 LAMBERT, FELICE ION 22 LAMBERT, JAMES M. 242 LAMBERT, JEFFREY M. 38 LAMBERT, RANDY 54 LAMM, CRAIG BENNETT 38 LAND, JOEL STEVEN LAND, SUSAN 242 LANDAUER, JAMES PAUL 54 283 LANDBLRG, KARL HENRY LANDE, CARY ALAN 125, 38 LANDERHOLM, SUSAN J. 242 LANDERMAN, BONNIE JO 38 LANDERMAN, CYNTHIA A. 121,242, 122 LANDERSMAN, MYRA SUE 54 LANDSMAN, ANDREA L. 22, 120 LANE, BONNIE FAY 22, 195 LANG, CARL ROBERT 242. 223 LANGE. LINDA LOUISE 38 LAPAK, CINDY LEANNE 54 LAPCZYNSKI, MICHAEL 22 LAPINS, SCOTT M. 22, 15 3 LAPINSKI, RICHARD S. LAPINSKI, SUSAN ANN 38 LAROSA, DEBORAH ANN 54 LAROSA, ROBERT J. LARSON, BRENDA JEAN 22, 133 LARSON, JENNY LYNN 242 LARSON, JULIE F. 54, 133 LARSON, NANCY ANNE 242 LARTZ, JOHN A. 54, 155 LASOWSKI, JOYCE LYNN 242 LASOWSKI, ALAN JOS. LASSERS. MARTIN PAUL 242, 147 LAUDERS, JANIS LYNN 242 LAUDERS. KAREN P. 54 LAUNHARDT, DOUG JOHN 154, 18, 165 LAURITZEN, PATTY ANN 18 LAUTENSCHLAEGER, STE. 54, 164 LAVNICK. DANIEL J. 155 LAVNICK, TIMOTHY A. LAYFER. BARRY HOWARD 242 LAZARZ, GARY 22 LEACH, RICHARD ALLEN 242, 132 LEADER, JUDITH ANN 131. 242, 217 LEASE, WILLIAM H. LEAVITT, ANITA 22 LEAVITT, DEBRA R. 242 LEAVITT. DENISE E. 54 LEAVITT, GAIL JEANNE 54 LEAVITT, JULIE RUTH 38 LEAVITT, ROBIN LYNN 22 LECK, STEVEN ROBERT 54 LEFEVRE, DARLENE ANN 54 LEFKOVITZ, EDDIE 22 LEIB, BETH ELLEN 54 LEIB, GARY DAVID LEIBSON, BARRY ALAN LEIBSON, JODIE LYNN 54 LEIDER, FRANK JOHN 38 LEIFER, LINDA BETH 38 LEIN. JILL 38 LEIPOLD, ART 87 LEITZA, ROBERT C. LEMBCKE, LARRY E. 54 LEMSKY, ELLEN JO 38 LENCZUK, ANJA 54. 125 LENELL, LESLIE LEONCHIK, NANCY ANN 243, 190 LEPP, NANCY SUE 54 LERNER, JEFFREY D. 243 LESCHER, RICHARD P. 54 LESSER. MICHAEL S. 38 LESSER, SUE ANN 22 LEVATINO, JOSEPH LEVERNIER, DAVID A. 241 LEVEY, BRUCE LEVIN, MARK L. 54 LEVIN, MONICA GAIL 22. 196 LEVIN, RACHEL H. 22 LEVIN, RANDI ANN LEVIN, KERRY ROBERT 38, 181 LEVIN, SANFORD R. 22, 205 LEVINE, BARBARA LYNN 22 LEVINE, JUDY LYNN 243, 1 11, 130 LEVINE, LINDA 243 LEVINE, NANCY SUE 243 LEVINE, SHAUNA BETH 54 LEVINSON, RICK JAY 241 LEVINTHAL, ANDREA H. 243 LEVITAN. RAMA 18 LEVITUS, JODIE ELLEN 54 LEVITUS, PENNY 102 LEVY, MICHAEL 244, 54 LEVY, MICHAEL EDWARD LEWIS, DEBRA LYNN LEVY, RHONDA BETH LEWIS, DEBRA LYNN 244, 18 LEWIS, KATHY ELLEN LEWIS, MARLENE AVA 244 LEWIS, STEVEN LESTER 195, 125, 38 LEWISON, CYNTHIA ANN 22, 124, 182 LEWISON, GARY R. 22 LIAMETZ, JEFFREY B 22 LIANO, JOHN PAUL 154, 38. 179 LIANOS, GEORGINE H 22 LICHTEN, JEFF 38, 179 LIEBERMAN, SHERI 244 LIBERMAN, MARLA BETH 244 LINDAHL, RICHARD S. 244 LINDBERG, DAVID CARL 244 LINDEMAN, PAUL T 244 LINDHEIMER, LORI J. 22 LINKE, LAURA ANNE 19 LINN, SHERIE ANN 244 LIPON, APRIL FELICE 22 LIPSCHULTZ, DEBRA E. 244 LIPSHUTZ, HAL ALBERT 22 LIPSCHULTZ, RANDI M. 244 LISKAR, NANCY SUE 22 LISMAN, SHARON SUE 244 LISS, CINDY RAE 19 LISS-, MARK JAY 39 LISS, SHARON NORENE 245 LITKE, DEBRA FRAN 39 LITKE, KIM ELLEN LITKE. RONALD LEE 39 LITMAN, ROXANNE 22 LITTLE, RICHARD D. LITTWIN, WILLIAM L. 245 LLOYD, LINDA MARIE 245 LOCKWOOD, KIM KAYNE 39 LOIACANO, DONNA M. 54 LOITZ, GARY STEVEN 22, 121 LOMBARD, MICHELLE 245 LOMBARDO. BONITA L. 54 LOFLAND, DELLA L. LOME, SANDRA ANN LOME, STEVEN W. 22, 206 LONG. LARRY E. 54 LOOS, ERIC JOSEPH 55 LOREK, JANICE LEE 22 LORENZ. BLAKE W. 22, 162, 164, 153, 178, 179 LOURAS, DANIEL 55 LOVELADY, CHRIS J. 55 LOWE, RICHARD H 55 LOVELADY, WALTER D. 22 LOWELL, SCOTT PERRY 154, 19 LOWEN, JOHN GERARD 19 LUCAS, ELMER 105 LUECHT, BRIAN HENRY 55 LUECHT, KIM LOUISE 22, 125 LUKOWICH, VANESSA M. 55 LUNDIE, DANIEL JOHN LUNDIN, SCOTT ALAN 55 LUPPO, OLGA 22 LUSKIN, ROBERTA LYNN 245 LUSTIG, MICHELE RUTH 22 LYMAN, JOAN COLLEEN 2 LYMAN. PAUL JAMES 55 LYNN, BRUCE ALAN 245 LYNN, JOHN ROBERT 55, 147 LYNN, MARGARET E. 39 LYON. RICHARD GARY 245 LYTTON, RICHARD N. 22 MCALLISTER, DONALD W 247 MCALLISTER. ROBERT T. MCCABE, BEVERLY ANN 39 MCCANTS, DARYL LYNN 39 MCCLOSKEY, TERRENCE 55, 155 MCDONALD J. MATTHEW 22 155 MCCULLOUGH, STEVEN 247 MCDONALD, JOAN MARIE MCENERNEY, DENIS J. 22 MCDONALD, JAMES 55 MCDONALD, JOHN L. 154. 173, 39 MACDONALD GAIL ANN 22 MACDONALD, KAREN M. MCDONOUGH, MAUREEN A. 247 MCDONOUGH, SHEILA A 55 MCELFRESH, HOWARD MCGEE, HUGH 94 MCGUIRE, KENT B. 22, 178 MCLEAN, CHARLES F. 55, 155, 173 MCLEAN, THOMAS R. 154, 39 MCMAHON, DEBRA M. 55 MCMAHON, TOM i MCNAMARA. |OHN DAVID 55, 155 MCNAMARA, WILLIAM J. 154, 39, 165 MCCRACKEN, ROBERT 55 MCWHERTER, DENNIS R. MABBATT, WILLIAM 61 MACDONALD, KAREN 245 MACEWAN, BRAD JAMES 39, 174 MACEWAN, GUY THOMAS 23 MACNIDER, JON L. 245, 213, 174 MACHALINSKI, CATHERI 55 MACHALINSKI, RICHARD 21, 153 MACIEJEWSKI, DOREEN 39 MADZIAREK, MARIANN J. 245 MADZIAREK, SUE MARIE 19 MAGEE, MOLLY 72 MAGNUS, CYNTHIA M. 39 MAGNUSON, MARYANN 55 MAHLER, KURT 248 MAHNKE, KIM MARIE 39 MAJEWSKI, MARJORIE A. 245 MALINOWSKI, DIANE E. 19 MALINOWSKI, LINDA 55 MALLOY, MARY S. 55 MALOCHLEB, CHARLES E. 39 MALZ, LINDA S. 245 MANDEL, FRED PAUL 55 MANDELL, JAY ALAN 246, 205, 178 MANDEL, LOIS META 246 MANDELL, ANNE LOUISE 55 MANGURTEN. LORI E. 196, 19 MANN, VICTORIA R. 55 MANOR, DAWN LINDA MANNOS, NICHOLAS 64 MANSKI, JONATHAN M. 21, 124 MARCINIAK, MARY E. 246 MARCUS, DEBRA SUE MARCUS, STEPHEN E. 246 MARKOWITZ, MARDYSUE 19 MARKUS, JAMES K. MARMEL, JANET LYNN 23 MARMITT, PATRICIA E. 246 MARSH, MINDY B. 39 MARSHALL, SCOTT W. 147, 39 MARTIN, ANNETTA M. 246 MARTIN, AUDREY BETH 55 MARTIN, LEO EDWARD MARTORANO, FRANK J. 55, 164 MASARACCHIA, DEBORAH 21 MASSINK, SUE 246 MASTERS, RICHARD A. 19 MASTERS, STEVEN SCOT 23 MATAYKA, THOMAS JOHN 155 MATCHEN, JOHN R. 23 MATCHEN, LAWRENCE G 155 MATLIN, ROBERT 125, 39 MATYSIK, ELLEN 133, 39 MAUER, NANCY ANN 23, 123 MAURER, MARTINA MARI 19 MAX, MARTY TERRY 55 MAY, CATHERINE H. 19 MAY, DAVID JOHN 37 MAY, MARTIN ROBERT 23 MAY, MICHAEL EDWARD 246 MAYBER, KENNETH PAUL 55 MAYER, SUSAN JEAN 23 MAYBER, SUSAN LYNN 247 MAYEROFF, LINDA S. 23 MEAD, GORDON JAMES 55 155 MEAD, JOHN CURTIS 39 MEADOW, PAM 23 MEDAK, SUSAN LEE 247 MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB 146 MEDWED, PHILLIP E. 55 MEDAK, ALAN WALTER 55 MEIER, JANET LENOR 55 MEISELMAN, MICKEY S 297 MEISNER, TERRY Al AN 21 MEISSNER, WILLIAM G. 55 MEISTER, MICHAEL D. MEISTER, ROBIN RAE MENDELSON, EDWARD M. 55 MENDELSON, MARLA ANN 247 MENSINGER, CAROL J. 23, 55 MENSINGER, PAUL B. 172 MERRITT, BONNIE LYNN 39 MESSER, SHERRI L. 23 MESSINGER, CARY E. 23 MESSINK, SUSAN C. METRICK, BONNIE R. MEVES, DICK JAY 247 MEYER, ROBERT LEE MEYER, VERN ALLEN 39 MICHEL, STEVEN S. 55 MICHELS, MICHELLE M. 247 MICHELS, PETER 155 MIDLER, NURIT 131, 298, 130 MIGON, DOREEN GAIL 55 MIKOS, PAT 109 MIKULA, NEIL JOS. 39 MILANOWSKI, ROBERT 39 MILDENBERGER, MARK J 23 MILIN, KENNETH N. 39 MILLIN, SANDRA GAIL 23 MILLER, ANDREW R. MILLER, BONNIE L. 19 MILLER, BRAXTON J. 55, 147 MILLER, BRIAN LEE 55 MILLER, BRUCE ANDREW 191 MILLER, CORINNE SUE MILLER, CYNTHIA I. 55 MILLER, CYNTHIA LYNN 241 MILLER G. SUSAN MILLER, JAMES KEVIN 55 MILLER. JUDITH NAN 55 MILLER, MARK ARTHUR MILLER, MARY ANN 23 MILLER, MELANIE J. MILLER, NANCY ANN 129, 39 MILLER, ROBERT C. 23, 181 MILLER, SANDRA MAE 40 MILLER, SUSAN 40 MILLER, THERESA M. 55 MILLER, WAYNE JOHN MILLS, RICK JAMES 40 MILSTEIN, JEFFREY D. 55 MILOS, TERRENCE M. MINX, BARBARA MARIE 40 MINX, PETER E. 248 MION, SHIRLEY NANCY 23 MIROWSKI, RAYMOND E. MIRSKY, FREDERICK 40 MISHKIN, PAUL A. 40, 177 MISLES, JONI LYNN 40 MISSNER, SUSAN LEE MITCHELL. AUGUST G. 240 MITCHELL, DIANE L. 21 MITCHELL, LYNNE E. 55 MITCHELL, MIKE TERRY 23, 153 MITCHELL, KATHLEEN B 248 MITCHELL, PRINCESS A. MITSUI, KENNETH A. 55 MITSUI, SANDRA T. 23 MITCHELL, THOMAS F. 78 MITZ, WILLIAM M. 248 MOELLER, DOUG 248 MOELLER, LARRY E. 148, 141 MOELLER, LINDA 23, 125 MOENNIG, DOUGLAS R MUENNIG, APRIL DAWN MOENNIG, JESSE MAX MONGAN, DAWN MOIR, ROBERT FRED MOLINA, ROGER PAUL 2 1 MONITZ, ROBERT S. 23 MONTENEGRO, LESLIE A. 55 MOORE, CINDY LOUISE 39 MOORE, DAVID KLINGE 248 MOORE, DONNA MARIE MORGAN. BONNIE JEAN MORGAN, DENNIS JAMES 55 MORRIS, DEBBIE MERLE 19 MORRIS, MURRAY E. 23 MORRISON, GARY E. MORRISON, ROBERT M. 23 MOSHINSKY, LORI E. 248 MOSKOWITZ, LARRY JAY MOSS, PHYLLIS DIANE 23 MOSSONG, DIANE IRENE 55 MOSSONG, JANICE ANNE 131 1 10 48 MOTENKO, PAUL ALAN 248 MOY, GREGORY T. MOY, PAUL HONG 23 MROZEK, CATHERINE M. 23 MUELLER, BARRY LEE 148, 178 MUELLER, DEBBIE JEAN MUELLER, DOROTHEA E 249 MUELLER, CYNTHIA LEE 248 MUELLER, DOUGLAS DON MUELLER, GAIL ANN 249 MUELLER, NANCY LYNN 249 MUELLER, ROBIN LEE 55 MULLALLY, KEVIN 55 MULTAN, JOSEPH JAMES 55 MULTAN, NANCY JOAN 10 MULTAN, RICHARD H. 249 MURA, SUSAN LYNN 249 MURATHAN, MURAT M. 55 MURPHY, DANIEL N. 55 MURPHY, GLENN J. MURPHY, ROBERT E. 82 MURRAY, THOMAS P.39 MUSIC ACTIVITIES 198, 199, 200, 201 MUSTARI, FRANK 69 MYLANDER, PAUL H. 39 NABOLOTNY, MICHAEL J. 249, 150, 153 NAGELBERG, ALAN K. 249 NAKASHIMA, CAROLE T. 23. 124 NARISS, JANINE N N-CLUB 132 NAKANISHI, DENNIS A. 249, 132, 174 NAKANISHI, VICKI J. 23 NASH, GERI 72 NASSEY, BEVERLY LYNN 249 NEGLIA, TINA RAE 249 NEHART, WILLIAM J. 250 NEIBERG, HOWARD MARK NEIBERG, LAURA 2 1 NELSON, BILL NELSON, CRAIG LANCE 21 NELSON, JOHN JEFF 250 NEMANICH, WARREN J. 172, 250, 150, 153 NESSELSON, DEBRA H. 250 NESSELSON, MARK ALAN 55, 120 NESSENSON, GENE J. 23, 121, 122 NETZ, ROBERT CHARLES NETZKY, WENDY H 24 NEUHAUSER, FAYE E. 55, 49 NEUMAN, MARK HAROLD NEUMANN, BRUCE ALAN 195, 39 NEVEAU, SUZETTE A. 40 NEWMAN, LESLIE HOPE 250 NEWMAN, LISA JOY 40 NEWMAN, LYNN PAULA 250 NEWMARK, EDWARD P. 24 NEWSOM, MARK FRANCIS NIANICK, LON 24 NICKOLS. DEAN NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH 40 NICHOLSON, STANLEY S. 250 284 NICKOW, GLENN STEVE 40 NIEDER, MICHAEL L. 40 NIEDER, SCOTT EVAN 55, 181 NIESMAN, MICHAEL ART 250. 153 NIETSCHMANN, DONNA D. 24 NILES, RAYMOND STEVE 40 NILES, STEVEN EDWARD NIMAN, HOLLIS SUE 24 NIMAN, NEIL BRUCE 1b, 40, 80, 60, 200, 180 NISHIMURA, GARY T. 24 NITSCHE, REED ALAN 250 NOGA, KATHY EILEEN NOGAR, KENNETH J. NOLTE, DENNIS ROGER 55, 155 NORD. ROBERT ARNOLD 5b. 155 NORDAN, KENNETH FRED 5b NORDEEN, CATHERINE C. 40 NORDEEN, ERNEST J. NORDIN, DIANE LYNNE 250 NORDIN, RICHARD S. 5b, 155 NORDIN, RONALD A. 24 NORDSKOG, ROBERT B. 155 NOREN, CARA BETH 5b NORMAN, THOMAS HENRY 154, 40 NORTH, DEBBIE KIM NORUM, TIMOTHY W. 24 NOVOSELSKY, IRAC. 250 NOWAK, OWEN BARRY 125, 40 NOWICKI, JOHN HENRY 172 NUDEL, JANET SUE 40 NUDEL, SHERYL 24 NUDELMAN, DEBORAH E. 193, 40 NUDELMAN, MARCIA RAE 250, 5b NUDELMAN, MARCIA SUE NUMRICH, NANCY ANN NUTTING, BRYAN RAY 154, 40 NUTTING, BRUCE LYLE 5b, 155 NUTTING, RON DELL 24 NYKOLAYKO, THOMAS C. 40 OBERLANDER, CATHERIN 2 4 OBERLANDER, LISA ANN 5b OBERROTMAN, MARK L. 24, 132 OBRAND, ANITA RAE 40 OBRAND, JANICE LYNN 251 OBRIEN, ANDREW 40 OBRIEN, BARBARA JEAN 41 OBRIEN, BRIAN F. 251 OBRIEN, JOHN FRANCIS 24 OBROCHTA, CARY J. OBROCHTA, STEPHEN P. 24 OCALLAGHAN, MARK J. 24, 132 OCALLAGAHAN, MICHAEL 132, 251 OCHONICKI, MICHAEL T. 5b OCHONICKI, RANDALL T. 251, 153, 132 OCLON, MICHAEL JAMES 41 OCLON, THOMAS P. 5b, 155 OCONNOR, PATRICIA M. OHARA , BARBARA ANN 251 OHLSON, KATHIE ANN 24 OHARA, HELENE MARIE 41 OKAZAKI, ROBERT 251 OKAZAKI, STEVEN M. 41 OKAZAKI, DIANE HEROK 5b O ' KEEFE, RAYMOND 8b, 155 OLSON, DIANA CAROL 41 OLSON, ELLEN W. 101 OLSON, JOHN RICHARD 41 OLSON, KAREN LEE 24 OLSON, LEONARD C. OLSON, LEONARD ROY 155, 5b OLSON, RONALD PAUL 251 OMALLEY, JOHN KURT 24 OMARTIN, BRENDA LEE 5b OPALKA, NANCY LEE 251 OPOS I 118 OROARK, MICHAEL C. 24 ORONI, ALBERT THOMAS 24 ORR, JERRY 72 ORTERY, KEVIN JOSEPH 24 OSCHERWITZ, FRANCIE 23, 37 OSCARSON, NANCY L. 24 OSHONA, JEFFREY JOHN OSMOLAK, MICHAEL EDW. 41 OSTER, MARLA 5b OSTERGAARD, RUSSEL T. 24 OSTROWSKI, LANCE K. 5b OSTROWSKI, REID K. 251 OSWALD, JAN KIMBERLY 5b OTTO, GAIL LOU 251 OVINGTON, RICHARD E. 251 PABST, DEBORAH ANN 41 PACENTE, RICHARD R. PAGNI, LUCY FRANCES 24 PAKIER, LOIS 251 PALM, DONNA REGINA 252 PAN AGIO TAROS, CYNTHI 252, 183 PAN AGIO TAROS, DEMETR 41 PANAGOS, ALEXANDER G. 5b PANCHESIN, STEVEN S. 24 PANIK, PAUL 24 PANOUSES, KURT DEAN 5b, 155, 1b4 PAPCIAK, JANICE K. 24 PAPCIAK, KENNETH E. 5b PARETZKIN, CARRIE L. 5b PARGE, THEODORE C. 122, 252 PARKER, MICHAEL W. 41 PARKER, MORRIS, 72 PARKER, PAUL T 41 PARKS, LAURA JOAN 252 PARKS, STEVEN CARL 5b, 155, 181 PARRISH, KENNETH W. PATRIPILO, ROSEMARIE 5b PARTINGTON, DONNA L. 24 PASCHKE, ALLAN H. 82 PASEK, LORENE RENE PASEK, LYNETTE MARIE 252 PASSETT, DOUGLAS S. 24 PATINO, MARC WILLIAM PAULSEN, WILLIAM 88, 153 PAVIA, PATRICK M. PAVES, BONNIE PAVLIK, GARY EDWARD 24 PAVLIK, GUY WM. PAYNE, DIANE MARY 40 PAYNE, JANET ALMA 41 PEARSON, JEFFREY L. 5b, 155 PEARSON, JOHN ALLEN 41 PEARSON, RICHARD C. PECHO, BARRY JOS. 41 PECHO, BRUCE WM. 41 PECHO, MARK ANTHONY 24 PECK, RANDALL EINAR 5b PECK, RICHARD A. 252, 213 PECKLER, LARRY S. 41 PENN, DARYL 252 PERCONTI, JOHN J. 56, 155 PERCONTI, MICHAEL J. 41 PERLMAN, MARITA LYNN 252 PERLMAN, SANFORD J. 41 PERLMAN, SUSAN R. PERLOW, MARK ALAN 153, 252 PERLOW, STEVEN LEWIS 40 PERRI, JOHN LOUIS PERSINO, MARIE ELISE 252 PETELLA, FRANK PETELLA, JOHN C. PETERS, CHRISTOPHER A. 5b, 155, 180 PETERS, KENNETH E. 341 PETERSON, CHERYL L. 5b PETERSON, DOROTHY L. 24, 133 PETERSON, KAREN C. 252 PETERSON, LYDIA ANN 253 PETERSON, ROGER C. 253 PETERSON, WILLIAM M. 252 PETIT, LEWIS 82 PETROSKIE, JANICE L. 253 PETROSKE, WAYNE W. PETTINATO, ROBERT PETTIT, SPENCER E. 5b PEVEN, JERRY M. 24 PFEIFFER, RICHARD 110 PFEIL, CARL WILLIAM 41 PFEIL, ROBERTA ANN 253 PHILLIPS, NANCY 101 PHILLIPS, PATRICIA L. 24, 120 PHIPPS, |IM 10b PHOTOS, THALIA 40 PHYSICS CLUB 14b PICARSKY, JERRI BEE PICK, ROBERT MICHAEL 24 PICK, STEVEN 24 PICKLE, |ANE 101 PINDRAS, MARY BETH 24 PINDRAS, WILLIAM M. 5b, 155, 1b4, 180 PINES, DEBBIE SUE 24, 195 PINTER, RANDY M. 5b, 181 PINTER, RICKY M. 56 PIONTEK, KATHY 40 PIONTEK, KENNETH E. 14, 24, 121, 190, 191, 122 PISORS, THOMAS CRAIG 24 PIWKO, GARY STEPHEN 253 PIZZOLATO, DAVID ). 56 PIZZOLATO, ROBERT J. PLACKO, JOHN M. 56 PLATZ, PETER FRANK 40 PLATZ, ROBERT JAMES 5b PLOTNICK, BENNETT H. 253 POCKRANDT, LARRY PODELL, DAVID ALAN 40 POGOFSKY, NANCY GALE 5b POGUE, DEBORAH ANN 5b POKVITIS, DAVID ZENO 24 POLICHT, RONALD J. POLIN, LORI S. 24, 130, 131 POLITO, GREG SCOTT 40 POLLACK, ALAN 24 POLLACK, CARYN RUTH 40 POLLACK, IERILYNN 253 POLLACK, LYNNE SUSAN 253 POLLACK, SHERRY 5b POLONE, SUSAN R. 128, 253, 189 POMPER, SHEREE 24 POMPON 130, 131 PONSKI, ZOZISLAW PORCARO, PAMELA ANN 253 PORTEN, HELEN 108 PORTER, JULIE ANN 5b PORTER, LAUREL CLAIR PORTER, ROBERT 172, 10b PORTER, SCOTT 40 PORTUGAL, NANCY JEAN 253 PORZEL, THERESA MARI POTASH, DEBRA LYNN 25, 193 POTASH, ARTHUR GARY 5b POTEMPA, MICHAEL F. 253 POTICHA, RONALD W. 25 POTKIN, BENJI N. POTOKER, MICHAEL IRA 253 PUTTER, ALENE ROSE 25 POWELL, GRIFF 65 POW WOW 192, 195 PRESTON, SUSAN ELLEN 25 PRIELOZNY, ROBERTA A. 25 PRIESS, JANET LYNN 253 PRIOLA, KIM MARI 25 PRIVATSKY, JAMES E. 25 PROIECT 170 PROM 212 PROVOST, WILLIAM J. 253 PUETZ, KATHLEEN S. 56 PUETZ, JOHN CHARLES 25 PUTTERMAN, ALAN S. 25 PUTTRICH, PAUL M. 154, 40 PYSHOS, STEVE WALTER 40 QUALIARDI, ALFRED J. 56,155,181 QUALIARDI, JEANINE M. 254 QUALIARDI, PEGGY L. 25, 124 QUATROCHI, SALVATORE 40 QUIRK. PATRICIA ANN 254 QUIRK, KATHLEEN M. 5b QUIST, MARY RUTH 83, 133 RABIN, BOB 254 RABIN, JEFFREY ALAN 143 RABIN, JILL 25 RABIN, STEVEN ARTHUR 25, 206 RABINOWITZ, MARK A. 254 RADERMACHER, JOSEPH 254 RADINER, JOHN 83 RADUM, DEAN ALLAN 254 RAFFEL, ELAINE A. 130, 254 RAINERD, STEVE D. 255 RAMBIS, ALBERT 108 RAPAPORT, BARRY ALAN 255 RASK, A. DAH. 25 RASKE, RICHARD E. 5b RAYMOND, BARBARA J. 255 RAYMOND, DONALD CARL 255 RAZKA, GREGORY A. 141, 147, 255, 125 RAZKA, ROSEMARY S. 25, 141, 125 READE, RENEE 255 READE, JAMES D. 41 REDIG, ROBERT b8 REDINCER. ERIC DOYLE 5b REGULA, SCOTT STEVEN 41 REICHERTS, WENDY J. 255 REID, BERYL GAY 5b REIFENBERG, JAMES M. 255 REIFENBERG, JANIS M. 25 REINHARD, DEBRA I 56 REINHARD, JENNIFER C. 56 REINHARD, JOANNE L. 25 REINHARDT, RON JOHN 56, 181 REITER, DONNA REITER, KEN 74 REKAS, PETER C. 25 REKAS, STELLA CHRIS 56 RELJAC, LEO JOHN 56, 155, 181 REPKE, DALE MICHAEL 25 REQUARTH. RICHARD 95 RESNICK, SHERYl RAE 131, 255 RHODES, ANTOINETTE 41 RIBACK, DARCY LAUREN 130, 131, 255 RICCIO, THOMAS F. RICHARDS, CLAIRE E. 57 RICHARDS. WAYNE 25 RICHARDSON, BILL |73, 153, 102 RICHMAN, JAY ALAN 25, 164 RIDLEY, TIMOTHY M. 25 RIDLEY, KERRY ANNE RIEMER, KATHERINE L. 57, 133 RIFKIN. LORRY K. 57 RIHA, ROBERT DAVID 255 RIVERON, FERNANDO 41 RIVERON, RICARDO 25 ROBERT, JACOB S. ROBERTO, MICHAEL 25b ROBBINS, LAWRENCE D. 255 ROBIN, BRUCE M. 41 ROBINSON, MERLE L. 206, 41 RODHEIM, RONDA 57 RODRIGUEZ, SUSAN E. 57 ROCK, LARRY J. 256 ROHDE, RICHARD A. 57 RODE, SCOTT ALLEN 256 RODNICK, MARLA GAIL 256 RODRIGUEZ, RICARDO A. 256 ROFKIND, HARRY H. 25 ROGOSKI, WAYNE E. 78 ROGOW, LISA 25 ROITER, LEON STEVE ROLAND, JIM 25 ROLLER, JEFFREYS. 57 ROLLER, KAREN LEE ROLNICK, MARCIA BETH 41 ROMANOFSKY, ANDREA 57 ROMANOFSKY, MAUREEN 41 ROOS, SCOTT LEON 57 ROOS, SUSAN GAIL 25 ROOT, NINA S.57 ROSCOP, CHRIS ANNA 28b ROSE, JUDITH ANNE 41 ROSEN, DEBRA SUE 25 ROSEN, JACQUELINE G. 41 ROSEN, MARK STEVEN 57, 155, 173 ROSEN, MARLA JOI 57 ROSEN, ROBERTA JERYL 256 ROSEN, RONNIE GLENN 25 ROSEN, RUSSELL ELIOT ROSEN, SHERRY LYNN 25 ROSENBAUM, HELENE A. 57 ROSENBERG, HOWARD P. 41 ROSENBERG, JAMES R. ROSENBERG, MARK S. 256 ROSENBERG, SUSAN R. ROSENBERG, RICHARD N. 256 ROSENBERG, STEVE JAY 41 ROSENBERG, STEVEN E ROSENBERG, STEVEN G. 25 ROSENGARDEN, JEFF D. 25 ROSENGARDEN, PAMELA 256 ROSENKRANZ, THOMAS G. 256 ROSENSTONE, NANCY B. 256 ROSENTHAL, MARY 1 11 ROSIENSKI, KEVIN F. 57 ROSIENSKI, TERRENCE ROSIN, ARTHUR W. 57 ROSS, ANTHONY D. 57 ROSS, LEONARD ROSS, SHARON IRIS 41 ROSSET, RANDALL SCOT 154, 41, 165 ROSSMAN, JAY ). 57 ROSSMANN, DENISE L. 25 ROSTRON, RICHARD A. 57, 155 ROSSMANN, KATHY L. 25b ROSTRON, JIM CHARLES 173 ROTHACKER, ALEX M. ROTHEISER, ARLENE D ROTHFELD, JERRY P. 57 ROTHFELD, LINDA GAIL ROTHMAN, GORDON LEE 25, 190, 191, 199 ROTHMAN, MARK ALAN ROVELL, HELAYNE R. 256 ROWEN, LARRY 57 ROWEN, ARNOLD JAY 257 ROZEK, JOHN 25 RUBEL, KENNETH LEWIS 257 RUBEN, STEVEN GERALD RUBENSTEIN, NORMAN L. 25 RUBIN, ALAN DAVID 25 RUBIN. BETH STARR 41 RUBIN, JANICE ROSE 25 RUBIN, MARK RICHARD 257 RUBIN. ROBERT 2b RUBIN, STEVEN LEE 41 RUBENSTEIN, ERIC D. 57, 143 RUBENSTEIN, KENNETH 121, 122, 267 RUBINSTEIN, ROBERT J. 257, 125 RUBINSTEIN, HENRI H. 57, 125, 180 RUBINSTEIN, JOYCE L. 57 RUBNICH, RONALD ). 57, 47 RUE. ANDREA DALE 41 RUEB, MONTE DEAN 155 RUESCH, THERESA 57 RUGEN, DIANE RITA 257 RUKIN, BARBARA JILL 57 RUKIN, GARY STEVEN 257 RULLE, DARRELL BRUCE 57 RUPPERT, THOMAS J. 257 RUPPERT, CAROL ANN 57 RUSCHLI, CATHY 111 7 RUSKIN. JANE LOUISA 41 285 KUSKIN, PETER S. 26 RYAN, KATHY MARIE 26 RYAN, MARY RENEE 57 RYAN, ROBERT FRANCIS 257 RYAN, WALTER E. RYDEN, ARTHUR b8 SABER, GLENN A. 257 SACHNOFF, PAMELA G 257 SACHS, TOD MICHEL 57 SACKS, DAVID 26 SACKS, LYNN NATALIE 26 SACKRISON, NOAH M. 57 SADACCA, MARK ALAN 57 SAEKS, BONNIE L. 257, 1 TO, 131 SAIDEL, FRAN WENDY 26 SAKAS, WILLIAM STEVE 26 153 SALAFATINOS, KATHRYN 57 50 SALETKO, HARRIETT M. 257 SALINGER, MICHAEL H. 26 SALINGER, STEPHEN F. 57 SALNERS, ERNEST O. 78 SALTAN, GABRIEL D. SALTSBERG, JUDY BETH 120, 142 SALTZ, LAURIE JOY 26 SALTZBERG, FRANK P. 257 SALZMAN, ANITA H. 121, 122 257 SALZMAN, BETH ANN 57 SALTZMAN, MARK ALAN 257 SANCHEZ, FRED R. 26, 172 SANDERS. JEFFERY A. 57 SANDERS, MARK JOHN 57 42 SANDERS, TERRY LEE SANDLOW, MARJORIE E. 257 SANDROFF, MARC S. 57 SANFILIPPO, DAVID SANTI, LEONARD D. SAPERSTEIN, MARK S. 42 SASKA, WILLIAM EDW 42 SAVAGE, PAT 89 SAWALL, CHARLES C. 42 SCHAEFER, LYNNE C. 42 SCHAFER, JAY KEVAN 154, 42, 165 SCHALK, PAULA MARIE 57 SCHALZ, EDWARD J. 57 SCHALZ, MADELINE J 257 SCHAFFER, SUZANNE 26 SCHALLER, JAMES T SCHATZMAN, KEN M. SCHEDL, ANNA M. 57 SCHEDL, JOSEF 42 SCHEFF, HARVEY M. 26, 141 SCHER, SUSAN ROBIN 26 SCHEY, PATRICK LOREN 154 SCHEY, TIMOTHY SCOTT SCHIFFMAN, MICHAEL S 57 SCHILLACI. JOSEPH A. 26, 178 SCHILLER, JEANNE JOY SCHILLER, LAURA RUTH SCHIMEL, JOHN SCOTT SCHIMEL, LINDA E. SCHIMERLIK, JAMES M. 57 SCHLAG, DONNA LYNN 258 SCHLAC, EDWARD CARL 57, 155, 164 SCHLAG, TERI ANN 26 SCHLAN, JILL ANDREA 26 SCHLEGEL, JOHN 26 SCHLEICHER, SHARYN SCHLESINGER, BRUCE R 204 42 SCHLESINGER, LORI 26 SCHLESINGER, LYNDA 121 SCHLIVKA, LEO SCHMIDT, DONALD PAUL SCHMIDT, IVY ROBIN 26 SCHMIT, JEANNE MARIE SCHMIDT, MELVIN 98 SCHNEIDER, ANDREA L. 258 218 SCHNEIDER, ANN MARIE 26 ' SCHNEIDER. BARBARA F 26 188 SCHNEIDER, CAROL B 26 212 SCHNEIDER. RENEE H. 258 172 SCHNEIDER, RICHARD H 1 32 42 SCHNEIDER, SUSAN 42 SCHNELL, MARTHA 108 SCHNURR, BILL 153, 164 SCHNURR, MICHAEL D. 173, 42 SCHNURR, RICHARD A. 173, 42, 179 181 SCHODIN, GURI GAY 26 SCHRADER, ELEANOR L. 26. 124 SCHRADER, ROSE E 258 SCHRANTZ, MERYL LYNN 57 SCHREFFLER, ROBIN 42 SCHREIBER, FRANK 258 SCHREIBER, MICHAEL D. 258, 151 152 153, 132, 174, 175 SCHREIER, LISA ANN 57 SCHROEDER, CAROL M. 42 SCHULTE, ERIC F. 57 SCHULZ, MARJORIE L 42 SCHULZ, SUSANNE 26 SCHUR, DEBBIE 26 SCHUMAN, GLENN 58 SCHUSTEFF, DAVID 79 SCHUSTEFF, DEBBIE A. 26, 183 SCHUSTEFF, JOSEPH B. 58 SCHWARTZ. DANIEL S 42 SCHWARTZ, DEBORAH D 42 SCHWARTZ. ELLEN HOPE 26 42 SCHWARTZ, HOWARD N 258 SCHWARZ, ELLEN RENEE SCHWARTZ, JUDITH R 58 SCHWARTZ, KENNETH L 42 SCHWARTZ, ROBIN SUE 26 SCHWARTZ, SHARON P 133 SCHWARTZ. STEVEN JAY 26 SCHWARTZ, SUSAN KAY 26 SCHWARTZ, ROBERT G 258 SCHWARZ. PHILLIP SCHWEBEL, HENRY JOHN 58 SCIPIONE, ANTHONY 26 SCIPIONE, GARY LEE SCIPIONE, MICHAEL C. 42 SCOTT, JAMES M. SCOTT, MARIBESS ANN 258 SCOTT, ROBERT WAYNE SEARLE, JOHN JOSEPH 258 SEARS, JOSEPH W. SEBRING, GAIL LYNN 26 SEBRINC, JILL ANN 26 SEGAL, ALAN SCOTT SEGAL, WENDY JOAN 26 SEIDEL, I LA S. 58 SEIDMAN, JAY STEVE 42 SEIFERT, RONALD C. 26 SELZER, DAVID F. 58 SELZER, DONNA MARY 42 SEMAR, CHRISTINE J. 26, 128 SENENSKY, DALE 26, 153, 178 SENOFF, ROBERT K. 58 SENOFF, SUSAN JOY 258 SERVOS, ROBERT A. 26 SETTLER, DAVID 58, 155 SHAEVSKY, ELEANOR 107 SHAFER, WILLIAM M. 80 SHALL, ARLENE D. 258 SHANDLING, RICHARD H. 42 SHAPIRO, BRUCE K. 58 SHAPIRO, DAVID ELIOT 147 SHAPIRO, FAITH 72 SHAPIRO, GAIL JUDITH 42 SHAPIRO, SUSAN WENDY 26 SHATTOW, STEVEN M 6 SHAW, GREG IAN 58 SHAW, NANCY PAM 26 204 SHECHTER, FLOYD 258 SHEEHAN, TIMOTHY P. 26 SHEIN, DAVID MARK 258 153 132 SHELTON, DAVID S. 42 SHELTON, GINA JO 122 SHEPARD, ROBERT DALE SHERBIN, ALAN JAY 143 141 45 SHEREY, ARNOLD IRWIN 258 SHERMAN, HERBERT R 42 SHERMAN, HOLLIS L. 258 SHERMAN, JAMES A. 121, 122, 259 190 191 SHIELDS, JAMES T. 42 SHIMP, MICHAEL T. SHINER, WILLIAM A 164 SHIPP, STEVEN GALEN 58 SHIRES, DAVID SCOTT SHRIMP, MIKE 259 SHOCKET, KATHY 26 SHOCKET, ROBERTA 58 SHOLDER, SUSIE 26 SHORE, MITCHELL H. 259, 153 SHORE, RHONDA SUE 259 SHURE, SCOTT 132 SHOUB, DEBBIE S. 27 SHROYER, RONALD LEE 58 SHULTZ, DALE LEONARD SHURSON, CATHY ANN 42 SHURSON, OWEN RAY 58 SICHAU, GALE J. 259 SICIAK, GREGORY E. 42 SICIAK, MYRON JOHN 58 SIEGEL, ANDREA LOIS 42 SIEGEL, GAIL LOUISE 27 SIEGEL, HEIDI ROBIN 27 SIEGEL, LISA MONIQUE SIERS, DAVE JOS SIERZEGA, SUSAN E. 259 SIET, STEVEN A. 259 SIEVERS, CAROLYN M. 27 SIGMAN, MARLA 259 SIKEVITZ, HOWARD EVE 124 SIKEVITZ, SHARON L 259 SILBERT, SARI FRAN SILENSKY, JUDITH 27 SILVER, BETTY 259, 27 SILVER, ERWIN RONALD 58, 181 SILVER, PAULA SUSAN 59 SILVERBERG, LINDA S 27 SILVERMAN, DAN E. 27 SILVERMAN, NEIL 58 SILVERMAN, SHERI B. 58 SILVERMAN, RONDA 43 SILVERMAN, HARRY M. 259, 177 SILVERSTEIN, RACHEL 58 SILVERSTEIN, STUART 259 SIMLER, REGINA CARYN 43 SIMONE, CAROLE 88 SIMMS. POLLY 259 SIMMONS, CANDICE M. 123 259 SIMON, ARDEL B. 23, 43 SIMON, BETH 58 SIMON, SHARON DENISE 58 SIMONS, LISA BETH 43 SIMMONS, RHONDA BETH 43 SIMMS, POLLY C. SIMON, CARY SCOTT 27, 15, 193 SIMON, JOANNE GAIL SIMON, MARIAN 27 SIMON, RANDY LEE 260 SIMONE, JACQUELINE A. 58 SIMONETTI, KAREN L. SIMONETTI, LARRY 58 SINOPOLI, MICHAEL J 43 SISTO, GUS 153 SITRICK, RONALD MARK 43 SKALSKI, MARK JAN 260 SKELNIK, DEBRA LYNN 260 SKIPTON, RICHARD P 27 SKUBAN, MICHAEL 102 SLEIN, CRAIG ANDREW 43 SLIVNICK, DAVID JOEL 58 SLIVNICK, BRUCE A. 125, 40, 43 SLOAN, JACQUELINE 27, 199 SLOAN, MICHAEL 260 SLOAN, JUDITH M. 58 SLOAN, JUDY 103 SLOAN, SHELDON 58 SLOME, JAMES A. 43 SLONE, GARY LEE 58 SLOWIAK, KATHLEEN A 43 SLOWIAK, KARL JOHN SMEDBERG, PAUL JAY 121, 260 SMITH, ANDREW NOAH 27 SMITH, BETSY A. 260 SMITH, CAROLYN MERLE SMITH, DARRELL 92 SMITH, EILEEN CHERYL SMITH, FRANK JAMES 260 SMITH, PHILIP M. 172, 27, 15 SMITH, ROBERT 27 SMITH, WENDY SUE 27 SMOCK, DOUGLAS BRIAN 125, 43 SMOLENSKI, BARBARA J. 43 SMOLENSKI, MARY K. 27 SMOLLER, STUART L. 260 SNYDER, LARRY STEVEN 260, 150 153 133, 174 SOBOL, MARY C. 27, 131 SOCCER 156, 157, 158, 159 SOKNIEWICZ, BRUCE S 43 SOLANO, ROSELYN 260 SOLECKI, GREG J. 27 SOLOMON, HOWARD LEE 260 SOLOMON, JACQUELINE 27, 127 125 SOLOMON, STEWART 58 SORENSEN, GENE JOANN 27 133 SORENSEN, SUSAN LYNN 27 SORENSEN, WILLIAM M. 154, 43, 165 179 SORENSON, CYNTHIA L 58 SORKIN, LYNNE S. 58 SORRELS, RITA DIANE 260 SORTAL, P. DAVID 154, 43 165 SORTAL, HARRY 69 SOSKIN, STEPHEN P. 43 SPANOLA, THOMAS JOHN SPAGNOLI, WILLIAM R SPAGNOLI, BRENDA SPAGOLETTI, ELAINE M 43 SPAGOLETTI, MARY ANN 58 SPAK, STEVEN ALAN 43 SPEAR, STEVEN 260 SPEARS, SUSAN BONNIE 260 SPECTOR, ROBERT B. 27 SPECTOR, SCOTT DAVID 174 SPECTOR, STEVE LEE 27, 43 SPECTRUM 114, 115 SPEIDEL, CYNTHIA G SPENCER, JANIS 260 SPENCER, NOREEN K. SPENCER, S. 154 SPEREN, DEMIE 27 SPERRY, FRANK SPIELMAN, JANET LEE SPIELMAN, LINDA S. 27 SPIELMAN, RICH BRUCE 261 SPIELMAN, STEVEN B. 154, 37, 165 179 SPINA, JIM CARL SPINA, JOHN J. SPINA, LYNN MARIE SPINA, MICHAEL G. SPINA, SAM JR. 261 SPINKS, RICHARD B 43 SPITZ, JEFFREY DAVID 27 SPITZER, SANDRA LYNN 261 SPRINGER, ANNETTE L. SPRINGER, EILEEN 108 SPRECKMAN, SUSAN R. 43 SPORLEDER, BRUCE 27 SPRAY. JOHN FRANK SPRINGBORN, DONNA M 27 133 SPRAY, SANDRA MARY SPRECKMAN, TERRI L. SPRINGER. ANNETTE 261 SPRINGER. JAMES M. 58 SRA 126 STAACKMAN, DANIEL J. STAACKMANN, PETER H 164 STACKLER, CINDY L. 59 STACKLER. LISA FAYE 27 STACY, MARK THOMAS STAIKOF, CHARLES P. 59 STANCSITS. MICHAEL F. 43 STANKO, NANCY MAE 27 STANKOWICZ, FRANK J.59. 181 STANKOWICZ, SHARON M 261 STANNARD, CAROLE C STARR, ALAN LEE STARR. LETTA HOPE 261 STARR. AMY LERNER 59 STARKMAN, JULIE ANN 43 STARKMAN. SANDRA R. 59 STARKSTON, SHARON A. 59 STATLAND, MARRYL M. STAUBER, BARBARA SUE. 133 STAVA, DONNA LEE STEARNS, JOANN MARCI 59 STEARNS, MARK F. 261 STEFFEN, JOANNE 262 STEFFEN, LYANNE L. 262 STEFFEN, KENNETH 59 STEIGER, ELIZABETH A 262 STEIGER, JOSEPH R. 154, 43 STEIN, DEBRA SUSAN 26 STEIN, ELLEN MARCIA 43 STEIN, JAY DAVID 59 STEIN, MARK FREDRICK 43 STEIN, NATM. 27, 204 STEINBERG, DAWN S 59 STEINBERG, FRED LYLE 59 164 STEINBERG, SHERYL R. 27 ' STEINER, JOEL D. 27, 166. 164 STELZER, JANE B. 27, 122 STEPHENSON, HELEN 44 STEPHENSON, JANE 59 STERN, EDMUND H 44 STERN, WENDY CAIl 44 STERNQUIST, ARLENE R. 262 STEWART, BARBARA 44 STIELOW, JANET 27, 133, 127 STIELOW, JEFFREY W. 59 STIELOW, MARK WM. 262 STOCKER, PAULETTE J. 262 STOHLE, RICHARD H. 27 STOIA, LEN DANIEL 44 STOKES, HARRY 88 STOKLOSA, MATT JOE STOLAR, MAUREEN W 27 STOLBERG, JEFFERY B. 262, 174 STONE, ALAN KENNETH 44 STONE, DONNA CHERYL 195 44 STONE, LARRY STUART 262 STONE, LINDA JO 27, 121 STONE, MARILYN JEAN STONE, NANCY R. 262, 194 STORM, ALLAN DALE STOTZ, KAREN LYNN 59 STOUT, MARY E. 133, 44 STRAUSS, BETH TERRY 262 STRAUSS, SUSAN JANIS 262 STREHLOW, SCOTT ALAN 27 SFREHLOW, SUSAN J 44 STREICHER, LAUREN 44 STREICHER, MICHAEL 263 STREMKE, RICHARD l STRNAD, JAMES E. 79 STRUB, MARGARET BETH 27, 120, 124 STRZELECKI, DANETTE 27 STRZELECKI, DONNA 59 STUCKA, BARBARA D 27 STUDENT EXCHANGE 204 STURT, HOWARD MARK 44 SUANE, STEPHANIE L. 263 SULLIVAN, DENNIS 94 SULLIVAN, LINDA MARI SULLIVAN, WILLIAM 44 SUMNER, ANDREA SUE 27, 16 SUSSMAN, DEBORAH S. SUSSMAN, ROBERT A SUTFIN, EUGENE E. SUTFIN, MARY ANNE 263 SUTHERLAND, LINDA A 44 SUTHERLAND, SHARON J 263 SUTTER, TIM HAROLD 44 SVEJCAR, JOANN 59 SWANKE, ALAN M 154 SWANKE, FRED JAMES 263 153 SWANKE, LOUISA L. 44 SWANSON, ANNELIESE 59 SWEENEY, JIM 75 SWENSON, TIM CONRAD 154, 44 286 SWIFT, LUCILE 102 SWIMMER, MARK L. 44 SWIMMING 172, 173 SWOCK, PATRICE M. SWOCK, SUE MARY 44 SZCZEPANSKI, RICHARD 27 SZELAC, CATHY ANN 27 SZMANSKI, CAROL ANN 59 SZYMANSKI, LEONARD E. SZYMANSKI, PATRICIA TABLOFF, NANCY JILL 44, 182 TAKEMOTO, KENT ALAN 59 TAKIGUCHI, CINDY A. 44 TALDONE, LAURA ANN TALMAN, ANDY 59 TALMAN, MAUREE JAN 263 TAMRAZ, JOEL F. 44 TANAKA, THOMAS JAMES 263 TANNER. JUDITH LYNN 261 TAO, AMY ROSE 59 TAPPER, JOEL A. 59 TARADASH, EVELYN G. 27 TARANT, DOREEN KAY 28 TARARO, MARIANNE V. TARCZYNSKI, MATTHEW 59 TARCZYNSKI, MARK C. 28 TARICA, PERRY JOSEPH 28 TARICA, LINDA MARIE 59 TARPEY, MICHAEL P. 83 TARRANT, ROBERT F. 28 TARRSON, DONNA LYNN 28 TARSHIS, LINDA A. 28 TASH, CARL BARRY 154, 44 TASH, MAX DAVID 122, 263, 153, 189, 132 TAYLOR, GLEN ROBERT 28 TAYLOR, STEVEN LEE 59 TAXMAN, MARCEE ANN 263 TEGERT, WILLIAM JOHN 28 TEICHNER, MARLENE H. 263 TELL, JAMES THOMAS 263 TELL, PATRICIA M. 44 TEMPLIN, STEPHANIE 59 TENNIS 177 TEPP, CYNTHIA K. 60 TERDICH, JOSEPH G. 264 TERLAP, RENEE E. 28 TERPINAS, TULLA 64 TERRY, FRANCINE B. 60 THESPIANS 121 THOMA, LINDA ANN 28 THOMAS, KAREN ANN 60 THOMAS, TOM 68 THOMMES, GARY PETER THOMPSON, CINDY THOMPSON, LISA MARIE 129, 44 THORNE, JANE 83 THORNE, THOMAS 264, 164 THORNTON, JAMES A. 264, 151, 153, 188 THORNTON, ROBERT G. 28, 153, 178 THUNA, EILEEN 264, 232 THUNA, JOANNE 60 TIETZ, THOMAS F. TILKIN, GAIL SUSAN 60 TILTZ, DAVID RICHARD 28 TIMERS 134 TIPITINO, NANCY E. 45 TISKEVICH, JAMES R. 44 TOBIANSKY, BRUCE D. TOBIAS, WENDY ARDEN 264, 204 TOLSKY, HOWARD CRAIG 28 TOPCZE WSKI, JULIE M. 44 TOPCZEWSKI, STEPHEN 264 TOPOL, BRUCE MICHAEL 28 TORP, CHRISTINE E. 44 TOTH, ARLENE ESTHER 28 TOURCOTTE, KAY 91 TOURVILLE, DONALD G. TRACK 174, 175, 176 TRALMER, JOSEPH MARK 264 TRALMER, KATHLEEN S. 28 TRANTER, SHARON ANN 28 TRANTER, SHARON ANN 28 T RE I BE R, SUSAN BETH 206, 44 TRELA, ANTOINETTE L. 60 TRESTER, FREDRIC, W. 264 TREVOR, FELICIA G. TRIPI, JANET AGNES 44 TRIPI, KENNETH JAMES TRIPICCHIO, JOANNE C. 28, 182 TRIPICCHIO, MARY KAY 60 TRIPP, EDWARD C. 265, 153 TRIPP, HAROLD 67 TRIPP, WILLIAM STEVE 60, 155 TRITSCHLER, FRANK L. 60, 155 TRIVISONNO, JAMES G. 265, 153 TROSSMAN, MINDY SUE 128. 265 TROYAN, DEBBIE FERN 44 TROZZO. IIM ANTHONY IRO ZO, LAUREN MARIE 60 TURBIN, MARSHA ELLEN 265 TURF, MARK ALAN 60 TURNER, RICHARD 74 TURRY, GERALD 79 TURTON, ERIC ROLFE 265, 172, 173 TURTON, SCOTT DAVID TZAKIS, MARILYN G. 60. 48 UNER, ORHAN ALLI 28 ULANKIEWICZ, MIRANDA 60 UNGER, JEFFREY SCOTT 265 UNGER, LOREE 44 UNGERLEIDER, BARBARA 265 UNVERRICHT, HEIDI B. 60 UNVERRICHT, KURT W. 265 USHERETTES 127 VACCARO, JOSETTE A. 60 VALENZIANO, KAREN L. 44 VALENZIANO, KEITH P. 265 VANDORPE, CELESTINE 86 VASS, SHARON ELAINE 44 VAUGHN, VIRGINIA M. 28 VAVROSKY, DONNA 60 VELASCO, FERDANANDO 90 VENTRELLO, MARY K. 44 VERANY, DENNIS SCOTT 266 VERGIS, HARRY E. VERSTRAETE, FLORENT 60, 155 VIC INI, VICKIE ANNE 44 VIGILETTI MICHAEL E. 60 VINCI, DEBRA ANN 266 VINCI, ROBERTA LYNN 60, 133 VIVACE 123 VIZANSKY, RENEE S. 60 VONDERLINDEN, DEBRA 44 VODVARKA, ELLYN MARI 60, 133 VOEDISCH, LYNN A. 266 VOGEL, LISA ANN 60 VORPAGEL, JAMES EDW. 44 WADSWORTH, ROBERT WAGMAN, SANDRA DEE 266 WAGMAN, BARBARA LYNN 44 WAGNER, ANTHONY M. 28 WAGNER, KAREN 90 WAHLBURG, NANCY JANE 60 WAHLE, SUSAN MARIE 60 WALD, STEVEN SCOTT WALDIN, SUSAN MARIE 28 WALDMAN, FRED S. 44 WALES, ELLEN RUTH 28 WALLACH, ROBYN ANNE 28 WALOVITCH, EDWARD D. WALOVITCH, RICHARD C. 266 WALSH, MAUREEN ELLEN 266 WALSH, TIMOTHY V. 28, 153 WALTHERS, ROXANNE M. 28 WAMSLEY, ROBERT B. 28 WANKE, GARY R. 79 WARADY. LISA MARLENE 266 WARDA, ASHUR 44 WARKENTHIEN, KAREN M. 44 WARGO, MICHAEL R WARMAN, ROBERT EVAN 28 WARSAW, WENDY LYNN 45 WASSERMAN, ELYSE S. 60 WATTERLOHN. VINCENT WATTS, CHARLENE 60 WATTS, RICHARD M. 266 WAX, MARCY LYNN 28 WEBB, MAUREEN JO WEBER, CAROL LYNN 266 WEBER, JOAN MARY 45 WEBER, SCOTT WEGENER, KAREN LYNN 60 WEGRZYN, JAMES E. 28 WEGRZYN, WILLIAM A. WEHRMACHER, CHARLES WEHRMACHER, JOHN R. 172 WEIDINGER, BEVERLY E. 266 WEIGLAND, ANNE 130, 131, 45 WEIL, PETER NATHAN WEIL, SANDRA M. 266 WEINBERG. TERRY 60 WEINER, DAVID SCOTT 155 WEINER. DORI ANN 28 WEIL, VICKI RENEE 266 WEINFELD, JOEL MARC 147, 45 WEINSTEIN, GREGG S. 267 WEINSTEIN, RICHARD C. 45 WEISER, scon E. WEISMAN, LOIS JANE 60 WEISS, ALEXANDER 267 WEISS, BRUCE ALAN hi WEISS, BARRY DAVID 267, 45, 178 WEISS, DAVID IAN 45 WEISS, DAVID SCOn 267 WEISS, DEBRA NANCY 267 WEISS, EDWARD CHAS. 28 WEISS, DAVID WILLIAM WEISS, ELLEN SUE 267 WEISS, JAYE ELYSE 127 WEISS, FREDERICK M. 267, 212 WEISS, GAYLE MELANIE 267 WEISS, JANE C. 61 WEISS, LORI SUE 61 WEISS, NANCY EILEEN 29 WEISS, JAYE 267 WEISS, PHILIP HAROLD 267 WEISS, RENEE CARYN 128, 267, 189 WEISSBERG, ALONA 45 WEISSBERG, ARIEL 267 WEISZ, JANICE LEAH 61 WEISZ, KEITH IVAN 29 WEITZ, SARINDA, MARA 197, 45 WELCH, JAMES ROBERT 267, 153, 132 WELTER, DAN MARTIN 29, 162, 164 WELTER, JAY MIKE 154, 45, 165 WELTER, JERROLD 45, 165 WELTER, THOMAS M. 61, 155, 164 WENZ, HILDEGARD C. 29, 130 WENDT, DAVID ALLEN 61, 155 WENDT, JAMES PAUL 61 WENZ, DORIS S. 61 WERNER, JUDY LYNN WERNER, LINDA JO WERNIKOFF, STEPHEN M. 29 WESTONES 122 WESER, JAMES RICHARD 267 WEST WORD 116, 117 WEXLER, DEBBIE LYNN 268 WEXLER, LARRY A. 61 WEXLER, GARY MICHAEL 29 WHELAN, RON JAMES WHITE, MARLA 29 WHITMAN, ROBERT A. 61 WICZER, CORINNE SUE 61 WICZER, ERWIN LEE 268 WIDEN, RICHARD A. 29 WIDERA, BARBARA MARY WIEBORT, LINDA JEAN 133, 45 WIEDL, RALPH C. 83 WILANDER, CAROL E. 29 WILANDER, JOHN 268 WILCOX, MARK ALLEN 45 WILCOX, MICHAEL A. 122, 268 WILLERMAN, BARBARA 109 WILLERMAN, KAREN 45 WILLIAMS, BENITA L. 268 WILLIAMS, EDWARD A. 268 WILLIAMS, FRANCIS 107 WILNER, NOEL, S. 268, 132 WILSON, BARBARA ANN 45 WILSON DIANE M. 29 WILSON, JAMES A. WILSON, RON LEE 173, 154, 145 WINKLER. CHERYL ANN 45 WINKLER, FRANK 96 WINKLER. MARCI SUE 29 WINPAR, ALICE 61 WINPAR, RACHEL 29 WINSLOW, PEGGY ANN 29, 124 WINSTON, BARBARA SUE 61 WINTERHALTER, JOHN 67 WISE, DOROTHY 91 WISHNOFF. BRUCE D. WISNIEWSKI, CAROL 45 Win, SCOTT 61. 155, 173 WinE, PATRICIA E. WODERA. BARBARA 45 WOJICKI, ALAN MARK WOLF, DANI LYNN 61 WOLF, JAMIE A. 61 WOLF, TRUDY LYNN 268 WOLFE, LARRY 61, 181 WOLFLICK, RONALD B. 61 WOUN, JOEL J. 29 WOLIN, PATRICIA LYNN 61 WOLLIN, ANDREW A. 45 WOLIN, MICHAEL ALAN 29 WOLMS, KATHY JOY WOLNIK, DIANE MARIE 268 WOLIN. DONNA SUE 45 WOLIN, WILLIAM DOUG 45 WOLNIK, NANCY ANN 45 WOLSKY, DAVID IRWIN 268 WOLTER. GEORGE C. 61 WOLTERS, ALAN W. WOMER, DEBBIE MAE 129. 45 WONTOWICZ , STEVE 45 WOODS, JAMES WORTH, DONNA DAWN 29 WOYTOWICZ, STAN W. WOZNIAK, CATHERINE 61 WRESTLING 170, 171 WRIGHT, JOHN WALTER WRIGHT, WILLIAM JOS WURMAN, LESLIE KAY 232, 45 WYDRA, PAUL JOSEPH 268 WYDRA, PETER A. 61 WYZGALA, MARK HENRY 269, 132 YABLON, BONNIE RAE 269 YABLON, KATHY B. 61 YABLON, SANDRA EVE 29 YAMAUCHI, PAUL E. 154, 45 YANES, MARLA B. YANES, SCOTT ALAN 154 YANZ, BOB 69 YANZ, RICHARD 89 YASSINGER, LINDA SUE 29 YATES, JANET ANN 61 YEE, PAUL YEFSKY, LINDA I. 29, 204 YEFSKY, MICHAEL GARY 45, 165 YELEN, CHARLES STEVE 45 Yl, LINDA ZIWHA 29 Yl, THEODORE INWHAN 61 YOHANNA, DANIEL 172, 132, 29 YOSHINO, ERNEST F. 4 ' , YOUNG, ALAN L. 61, 164 YOUNG, BILL ARTHUR 29 YOUNG, CHARLES S. 269 YOUNG, DEBBIE LYNN 269 YOUNG. LAURA H. YOUNG, PATRICIA ANN 61 YOUNG, ROBERT M. YOUNG, RICHARD W. 29 YOUNG, THOMAS WALTER YOUNGMAN, BERNARD A. YOUNGMAN, JEFFREY F. YOUNGMAN, MARK STEVE ZABAN, INES SUE 269 ZABAN, MARC STEVEN 61. 180 ZACHACKI, SHARON KAY 29 ZAITLEN, ROGER D. ZAJAC, GREGORY MARK ZAJAC, THOMAS L. ZAJAL, GREG 45 ZALLIK, NED IRWIN 45 ZAMP, CHRISTINE ANN 29 R KI IIM l 269 . ' (HI ZAWISKI, CURT ROBERT ZAWISKI. MARK ALAN 269 ZAZOVE, DAVID ALAN 45 ZAZOVE, LORI JO 61, 183 ZEMAN, CHARLES I. ZEMAN, LINDA MERLE 269 ZENN, CHARLES A. 269 ZENN, DAVID JEFFERY ZERA, CATHERINE M. 269, 229 ZERA, LARRY A. 61, 155, 181 ZESZUTKO, FRANK J. 45 ZEV, DAVID PHILLIP 45 ZIDEL, PATRICIA L. 61 ZIEGELSKI, STEVEN R. ZIMMER, l AWRENCE A. 61 ZIMMER, WILLIAM E. 269 ZIVILIK, STEVEN M. 45 ZIVIN, MARTIN M. 29 ZOLKE, MARK SHANE 45 ZOLKE, SCOTT BRIAN 153. 269, 163, 151, 152, 164, 178 ZOLKE. VICKI LYNN 61 ZOROS, JAMES S. 45. 165, 179 ZUCKER, SUSAN MARIE 61. 129 ZUNAMON, ALAN M. 61, 56 ZYBURT, LAURENE M. 29 ZYBURI, HOWARD G. 269, 15 1, I 12 287 In Memoriam Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a hori¬ zon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight — — Rossiter Worthington Raymond CAROLYN MERLE SMITH Class of 73 JAMES B. ARNOLD Class of 72

Suggestions in the Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) collection:

Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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