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Table of Contents Intro . Academic . 14 Seniors . 50 Underclassmen . 96 ...Friday, 11 p.m...dark, lonely, sallow alter- hours at niles west...a sole, laded moonbeam lazily glances through a window to the locker room, casting a shroud of shadow on a non¬ descript pair ot sneakers in the corner...sneakers ...nondescript sneakers in a deeply shadowed corner ol the niles west locker room...even dark¬ ness can ' t conceal them-like shakespeare ob¬ served, a sneaker bv any other name would still smell just as moldy and sweaty...sneakers ...line them up back to back, side to side, toe to toe, heel to heel—and all you ' ve got is a pair of sneakers merely existing in a dark, deserted corner of the niles west locker room...nighttime reigned as the sneakers feigned sleep...then some¬ one threw on the light... (hie broken foot plus three weeks out of school odds up to extra help m geometry during one of Mr. Tarpey ' s conference periods. ...students learn a haul a lot more than shakes tea re Irani a good english teacher...because the good teach¬ er is the one who guides students toward their crea¬ tive individuality. the one who savors the juicy de¬ liciousness of an occasional digression . the one who is mature enough to bite his tongue before bellowing " my views shall be thy views... " and both adminis¬ trators and instructors influence students-on academ¬ ic and authoritarian levels, of course, but also on an amicable , affectionate level...usually behind the text lies a world of individual experience, shared with the student simply for the asking... 4 Fiercely clutching to the security of a rumpled teddy bear, Mr. Robert Johnson reflects upon the progress of Pooh ' rehearsals. Mr. Richard Manger returns to West to momentarily recapture the academic life he abandoned. M r. Rob Fizzel contemplates the privacy of an empty class room, the solitude of a globe. As students question politics. Student Council ad¬ visor Mr. Rob Lawler sympathetically listnis. ...seniors, with their Miles west dreams re¬ alised. individually prepare (nr the future... four years of honey horseradish have elapsed...hut a senior has devoured the lar¬ gest portion of his rationality pie at niles west-he has gradually fared and befriended the three " I ' s life, learning and love-which have slit the silence of his existence...deep- mouthed echoes intensify a senior ' s mem¬ ories-his identifity illuminates his hip pocket if he has (simply) succeeded while doing his own thing-if this individual incarnation has made someone else happy, too...and some¬ how that feeling makes it alt seem good... As his last pre tam ion for train. Steer Pointer orders a si nun inn ore iid from Mrs. Pan elakis of Sheridan Florists. In their quest for self-identity. Human (ties students explore eon temporary enigmas from the ' teeny-bopper ' to the Negro. 7 ft Intently critical of llicir ten nun ales ' flays, the squad an the bench ah serves the Indians in act inn improving morale and offering constructive criticism. Surrounded by the last " lories of athletic achici ' ements. mascot Steve Cohen and Pom Pan girls assemble before jXi es Wests Wall of Fame. Enthusiasm fills the grand stands as autumn bm cs ini rod me tin n miiiig " ante of tin fan tha l season. (h vrtinn {fames ending in ultimate eitlories, a promising junior named Marl: Corheright and a de mt ot ' ( i Maim South, highlighted an outstanding ha she ha II season. ...when the hall is snapped, third dawn andgoal-to goal, 21-17, eight seconds to go, and suddenly the indian quarterback plunges over the goal line to score the winning touchdown, the invincible indi¬ vidual gleans his glittering glory...the sporting star sparkles, bolstered on the backs of the humbler heroes fondling the field...the individual reigns in any sport-be it football or fencing, jogging or gym¬ nastics, baseball or basketball..each man has his distinctive duty, each is an equal part of the persist¬ ently punching, united whole.. .for where would foot¬ ball be if no one poured the gatorade... El A special issue on drugs marks a firsl for the West Word staff as it experiments with theme issues. After weeks of ' catchy ' slogans and promotions, while defying the traditiomil student apathy. Jason Wolin and Karen Frankel nick carloads of ' Bundles Day " donations for the Indians in Minnesota. ...what makes an ordinary event special...what makes a group of lukewarm bodies assembled after-hours in a classroom an activity...only the time and efforts of dynamic individuals. ..personalities... char is malic characters who stretch out a magnet hand and dare anyone to defy it...and no one does...individuals lead, shape, mold massed minds to paste petal pa¬ per. caress committees, dispense doughnuts...all ac¬ tion rests in the palm of the powerhouse...whether his niche is writing or rehearsing, painting or J)om- ponning, each indian individual has amply nour¬ ished his needle to burst his bubble into being... The Niles West ' image, ' as representatives of the 1968 Homecoming Court, re¬ flects in Georgia Bell, Denise Schroeder, Diane Wtrkus, and Sharon Gray. A season long schedule of rehearsals builds in con¬ fidence as concert time approaches. Student s, usually preoccupied with bubble gum and the latest fan nui " s. attempt maturity by sponsoring a " mock political ' eam mign. ...individual helpless freshman struggling squirming to he something more than IBM number 62897... a bolster, a boost, a push and a prayer help him overcome matters of the moment, but self-assertion niles west style calls for a native vehicle more powerful than an earthquake -- a individual dream which distinguishes 62897 from 45019 from 24738...pursued through the years, a dream is the freshman ' s, sophomore ' s and junior ' s only defense when IBM screams that he is the helpless prisoner of his auditorium seating assignment card...and he glances at his ID in the light... I ' (national skills a fit nr slndtn s fo express ideas in arms of wood and metal. Fh nr in ' s mkts of India ink ran id mind expansions in htatks ant! whites X Against the romantic backdrop of the Niles West courtyard, underclassmen discuss plans for Saturday night. 13 ...ill riicir quest for knowledge, sneakers often need the guidance of experienced sneakers who have traced all the steps before...their cares and concerns make a seeking sneaker comfortable— he can hare his sole to someone who lets his wandering tongue flap freely...who can better respond to the rape of a sneaker s inner sole than the one who tenderly taught psneakcr psy¬ chology, and then smiled-i ' m not a monster, only a sneaker like the rest of you-just made of rub¬ ber and canvas and i ' m bound together with a reknotled shoelace- niv toes are grass stained, too. if vou ' d only come close enough to look...and even though a sneaker leaves a class about the same length as he entered, somehow he feels he ' s grown...funny- big sneakers can affect you that way... MRS. HERMAN MEDAK Secretary MR. MEYER KAMIN President MR. VERN LEOPPERT MR. RICHARD HOKE BOARD OF EDUCATION: BOARD DETERMINES SCHOOL POLICY 68-69 Seven board members, elected to serve the district for three year terms, meet once a week to discuss, evaluate and decide on crucial issues emerging dur¬ ing the school year. Planning the budget and hiring personnel are only two of the important tasks resting upon the judgment of the Board of Education for the Niles Schools. I)R. IRWIN GINSBURGH MR. ANGELOS POULAKIDAS MR. ERED LI ETON 16 MR. CHARLES SZUBF.RIA ADMINISTRATION: " BIG BROTHER ” - FRIEND OR FOE? Although the administration often is associated with the image of " Big Brother " —hovering over the inno¬ cent youth — one ought to examine the tremendous task they try to fulfill. In a society such as our own, opinions are extremely diverse and equally difficult to represent by a single reflection. The administration is not only concerned with the taxpayer ' s budget, but strives to maintain an open communication line w ith students. They do not w ish to inhibit a student ' s creativity, but they must keep a " watchful eye " so as to avoid conflict with parents or faculty. Annually the burdens become more strenous, due to increasing enrollment, shortage of building facilities and con¬ tinually changing social opinions. Thus, the board must consider each proposal with an objective view¬ point coinsiding with the philosophies of contempor¬ ary educators. I)R. MERTO N HAYNES MR. JOHN BRISTOL MR. RAY TYLER 17 DR. MANNOS PPORTS LIBERAL NOVATIONS The year 1968 has instituted several significant jgunges at West. Coke machines, beards, the Co- e CommiUHMd Free Press are all " signs nies. " Dr .is constantly striving to ise the role ol the administrator through sympath- mands. A new atmosphere of im is penetrating the faculty as well as the psed this attitude Jbf his insight into _ fktions. In addition Tevlsing traditional policies, I)r. Mannos enforces these rules, thus, making West an effective school government. INDEPENDENT STUDY MR. DALE M. FLICK Sophomore Principal Textbook Services In conjunction with Dr. Mannos, the lour class level administrators at West work to establish mean¬ ingful school policies and successful operating pro¬ cedures. Freshman Principal, Mr. Orland Huyle,also in charge of Student Accounting has attained a smooth-running, efficient means ofestablishing school attendance. Sophomore Principal responsible for text¬ book services, Mr. Dale Flick, initiated a new prog¬ ram of textbook distribution before the opening of school in the fall, while Mr. Peter Egan, Junior Principal and Director of Student Activities, conferred with Student Council on school problems. Mr. Thom¬ as Schnepper, associated with guidance, assisted the senior class in their last year at West. Together, they try to achieve an educated student body, with a talented staff and significant curriculum. MR. PETER W. EGAN Junior Principal Director of Student Activities ADOPTED ON JUNIOR AND SENIOR LEVELS MR. ORLAND O. RUYLE Freshman Principal Student Accounting MR. THOMAS SCHNEPPER Senior Principal Guidance Service ASS ISTANT PR INC I PA LS: ART: STUDENTS VISIT ART INSTITUTE AND VIEW DADA EXHIBIT Complementing the academic studies, art provides the creative student with instruction for his cutural endeavors. The Art Department comprises the areas of sculpturing, oil and water color painting, sketch¬ ing, and modeling with different materials. All are intended to improve the student ' s talents, and height¬ en his awareness to imagination, creativity, and sensitivity. To further develop the art student ' s abilities, field trips to the Art Institute, and to art exhibits are pro¬ vided. The students ' own compositions are displayed several times a year throughout the school, promot¬ ing excellent workmanship on the part of the origi¬ nators, and cultural enjoyment for students and faculty. MR. THOMAS L BIACKBURN Department Head 20 MR. DUANE McDOWELL Stage Band Stamp and Coin Club MR. HUGH I). McCEE Music Production Director Vivace Department Head MR. FRANK B. WINKLER Weston es MR. CHARLES R. GROELING Band Director Music Director of Musical MUSIC: INCREASED PARTICIPATION EXPANDS MUSIC PROGRAMS Intent on elevating the student ' s appreciation of music, the music department ofTers a wide variety of courses and extra-curricular activities, in both in¬ strumental and vocal areas. Students further explore duet and solo work in their particular field of in¬ terest. For the extremely motivated student, private lessons are also available. Music department members lend their talents to many musical-oriented productions offered at West. Tours are sponsored to the feeder junior high schools where performances are given in the choral and instrumental areas. 21 BUSINESS EDUCATION: STUDENTS LEARN TO TYPE OPPOSITE LUNCH PERIODS Preparing for the business world, supplementing a mathematics major, or merely learning to type an Eng- list theme, are all reasons why the Niles student elects a course in Business Education. Courses such as short¬ hand, tvping, bookkeeping or data processing are all designed specifically to meet the needs ol the high school student in his daily work and to provide him with the tools to reach future goals. New developments in business machines and techni¬ ques of study are adopted, informing the student of con¬ temporary business advancements. Typing and other courses are also available to the student during half-hour study halls. The department relates the student ' s busi¬ ness education to other aspects of his knowledge to develop an intelligent, well-rounded person. 1R. ROBERT E. FEICK Unity Board MR. FRANK FITZPATRICK Department Head MR. DARYLEJ. HARI MR. KENNETH J. DRUM Student Union MRS. DOROTHY H. WISE MR. DARREL R. SMITH MRS. JOANNE BROWNELL 23 ENGLISH: INDEPENDENT STUDY PROVIDES SPECIALIZATION The English Department, aware that communication through both the written word and speech is essential to the individual in all pursuits, has expanded its program and staff. Encompassing the areas of literature, composition, drama, speech and journalism, the department offers exploration in a variety ol directions. Greater involvement in courses is achieved by application of the student ' s knowledge. While studying Greek tragedy, English classes proceeded downtown to view a Greek play. Shakespeare enthusiasts visited the film " Romeo and Juliet. " For those devoted to literature and its interpretation, various lectures at the University of Chicago were presented. Intense concentration in a specific subject is also available in the English Department. Independent study may be elected by the student who desires to learn on a one-to-one basis with his in¬ structor, and workshops are offered for informal study in a chosen area. All aspects of the department help produce a student capable of self-expression. MR. RICHARD R. ANTES Department Head MISS ELLEN MAGEE Children ' s Theater Row-Wow Spring Play MR. RICHARD R. TAYLOR Debate MR. EDMUND C. BEREK MR. JOHN W. VAYO MISS LORRAINE M. HATSCHER 24 MR. JOHN DUBOIS MR. MORRIS PARKER MRS. JUDITH DEEMER 25 MR. JOHN E. PACE Erosh Track MISS GERALDINE NASH Ixitin (Hub MRS. GRACE NEWTON MRS. ROSEMARY BEIL MISS GERTRUDE M. O ' REILLY FOREIGN LANGUAGE: NEW EQUIPMENT MODERNIZES LANGUAGE LAB Mastery ot one ' s own language is basic to the educated student, but knowledge of other languages and cultures is useful in increasing subtlety of thought and analysis. Thus, the Niles Foreign Language Department offers a variety of courses in Spanish, French, Latin, German, and Russian, to increase the student ' s skills of reading, speaking, writing and listening comprehension. In the classroom, students are introduced to the grammatical structure ol their language, while in¬ specting the culture and customs ol the people from which it is derived. During extra-curricular activities, the student may hear a French singer, see a German film, or read modern Russian verse, all increasing proficiency in the language and in the knowledge of its people. MISS TERESE E. KLINGER Department Head MRS. DOMITILA F. GARCIA MR. GEORGE A. BRINK German Club MRS. MADELINE LOUGH RAN French Club MRS. CAROLYN JEFFREYS Spanish Club MISS IRMA M. STEFANINI MR. FERNANDO M. VELASCO Frosh Gymnastics Varsity Soccer MRS. JILL L MAIER Russian Club MR. DONALD B. MILLER INDUSTRIAL ARTS: TALENT DISPLAYED IN WOODS AND METALS Dexterity while working with woods and metals, and understanding ol the intricacies oi machines are vital to a boy ' s completion of an all-around edu¬ cation. The Industrial Arts program is designed to expand manual skills, while offering insight into the operation and use ol machines. Various displays of student experiments during class are exhibited near the Industrial Arts rooms, indicating the practicability of department courses, and the enjoyment derived trom them. MR. JACK E. LAIN Department Head Jr. Wrestling MR. ALBERT C. ZACHWIEJA MR. GLENN E. ANDERSON MR. GERALD G. BURKE MR. JOHN WINTERHALTER MR. MELVINE R. SCHMIDT Erosh Wrestling Erosh ’H ’ Football “ MISS WILDA DEFUR Department Head MISS ELIZABETH ANDEKIAN MRS. MIRIAM NEFF MISS JANEELLSON HOME ARTS: HOMEMAKING SKILLS EMPHASIZED MRS. BARBARA PETERSON Usherettes For the girl planning a future home or a career in home economics, a thorough background in the study of cook¬ ing, sewing, home management and child care is a valu¬ able asset. With the modern facilities of the Home Arts Department, proficient skills may be developed in all of these areas. Students in the department demonstrate their talents in various forms. Food classes baked plates of cookies for children at Cook County Hospital during the Christmas season. This and other activities confirm both the prac¬ tical and aesthetic value of knowledge received in the Home Arts Department. MATHEMATICS: NEW COMPUTER DETERMINES FISCAL FITNESS In the highly mechanized society of today, mathe¬ matical knowledge is becoming increasingly vital. Courses of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus designed at four different levels cater to the needs of each individual at Niles West. A recent addition to the Math Department is a computer, for which classes have been formed both before and during school. The new computer serves a dual purpose: not only is it utilized lor pure math¬ ematics, but it is also mobilized to solve the arith¬ metic problems of other departments in the school. Creative writing magazine Apotheosis averaged man¬ uscript scores with the help of the computer, and the physical education department ascertained physical fitness rates with its use. By expanding its stall, equipment and curriculum the Math Department continues to challenge students with the theories and riddles of the mathematical world. MISS BARBARA JENNINGS Sophomore Cabinet MISS MARJORIE CARLSON MR. JAMES MARTIN Department Head MR. MICHAEL TARPEY MR. DENNIS FILUMAN MR. ROBERT MURPHY J.V. Basketball MRS. DOREEN BENTSEN MR. STANTON JONES MR. DONALD FIELD Soph Cross Country Erosh ' .V Basketball MR. ALLAN PASCHKE " It ' s Academic " MR. RALPH WIEDL National Honor Society MISS NANCY BAIM Pep Club 33 Department Head MR. JOHN BEEFTINK MR. JACK DENNING MR. GLENN DESSING BioChemistry Club MR. LAWRENCE BROV SCIENCE: SCIENCE SEMINAR PROMOTES INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH MR. ROGER BLACKMORE Astronomy and Aeronautics Club Anti-Smog Club The constantly changing technological world of today demands of its participants the ability to grow and learn with its scientific advancements. By providing a sound background in biology, physics and chemistry, plus the opportunity for experimentation, the Science Department produces many students able to compete in the scientific world. Participation in science exhibits allows the individual to develop his own interests in a specific field of study, while supplementing his classroom education. 35 MR. ARTHUR BONARDI Atoms MR. WILLIAM COYER MR. JAMES SHUGRUE 37 MR. ROBKRT I.WVI.KR Student (iouncil MR. JAMES FRIEDMANN MR. ROBERT FIZZELL Camera Club Soph Track MR. OTTO KARBUSICKY N-CLl ' B lickets MR. EDWARD BRUFKE Department Head MR. GERALD BOEVERS Freshman Cabinet MR. CHARLES ANDERSON Tickets J.Y. Baseball MR. WILLIAM PAULSEN Varsity Football MR. BLAINE GEMENY MISS FAY PARAS MR. ARTHUR LEIPOLI) MRS. BETH MILLER MISS CELESTINE VAN DOR PE MISS ROBERTA KASS Varsity Fencing SOCIAL STUDIES: RUSSIAN STUDIES ARE ADDED TO CURRICULUM MR. JACK FABRI Varsity Coif MRS. GERALDINE CARLETON MR. HARRY STOKES MR. DANIEL HILL Frosh-Soph Tennis MR. JOHN GAULT If world harmony is to be achieved, knowledge of the past, of different cultures, and of man himself is essential to each student ' s education. By becoming familiar with the problems and conflicts of man in the past, and the analysis of the individual in social studies courses such as American, Non-Western and European History, psychology and sociology, the West student will be able to cope with friction be¬ tween men. MR. JOHN HANDZEL B.P.E. FACULTY EXPANDS TO HEIGHTEN INDIVIDUALISM Realizing the importance of physical Fitness, the Boy ' s Physi cal Education Department serves to emphasize its practice. A carefully selected program of exercise combined with athletic skills result in well-coordinated boys. Extra¬ curricular activities complement the daily schedule, and provoke enthusiasm for sports and health. The addition of more faculty members has facilitated a closer student- teacher relationship, allowing for accelerated fields of exploration. MR. ROBKRT PORTER Varsity Wrestling MR. JAMES PHIPPS Department Head Varsity Baseball MR. RON CAMPBELL Varsity 1 rack Varsity Cross Country Indoor Track MR. MICHAEL BASRAK Varsity Football MR. GREGORY YOUSTRA Guard Club Varsity Swimming 40 MR. MIKK SKI BAN Intermurals Frosli A’ Football 9 X -dlu b Soph Gymnastics Frosli B ' Football MR. BILLY SCHNURR Varsity Basketball Varsity Football MR. JOHN BURKKL Varsity Gymnastics Frosh-Soph Soccer 4 1 % GIRL ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION: ELECTIVE SPORTS MEET INDIVIDUAL NEEDS Realizing that excellent physical health is an important factor in the intellectual growth of students, the girl ' s physical education department offers a wide curriculum of sports, Group sports such as baseball, volleyball and basketball increase the girl ' s proficiency in teamwork, while individual activities including modern dance and swimming help improve personal skills. Initiated in the early spring was a program of elective gym, where the girls are able to select those activities which they would most prefer to work in during their gym period. For those students with a great interest in athletics, the Girl ' s Athletic Association offers after school intra and interscholastic sports activities. MISS BARBARA PARKHOUSE Aq unsprites MISS ROBKRTA JORGESF.N G.A.A. Department Head MISS CAROL STOCK MEYER Aquasprites Timer ' s Club MISS LUC ILE SWIFT 42 MISS LEANNE HEEREN (LA.A. (.irl ' s Badminton MRS. LORRAINE OWEN ()relies is 43 GUIDANCE: DIRECTIONS FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND THE FUTURE Ready to help with schedule conflicts, a poor course choice or a college decision, t he Guidance Department steers each student throughout the high school career. The coun¬ selor helps the student to realize his own capabilities, his personal goals, and how to best achieve his desires. Guidance for post-high school plans is integral to the counseling program. College representatives constantly visit West, informing the students of the vast selection oi schools throughout the country, while seminars are held which acquaint students with job opportunities. MR. THOMAS THOMAS MR. JAMES RICHTER 44 MR. ROBERT REDIG Department Head MISS JANET TOLSON MRS. PAULINE BAKER MR. LEO HOOSLINE MR. FRANK MUSTARI Assistant Technical Director MR. WALTER COCKING MR. KENNETH ANDERSON MISS FRANCES WILLIAMS Librarian MRS. LORETTA CULLERTON Librarian MRS. EILEEN SPRINGER Nurse Medical Careers CHub SPECIAL SERVICES ENRICH CURRICULUM MRS. ROCHELLE SPITZ Homebound Instruction 47 MRS. BEATRICE BECKER Special Education MISS RITA STEWART Special Education Spectrum MR. LOUIS GROSS Social W orker MRS. MARY ROSENTHAL Social Worker DR. ONAS SCANDRETTE Psychologist MISS IANA BRAD DOCK Speech Correction MR. DENNIS FICKES Soph Football Soph Wrestling MR. JAMES KETTLEBOROUGH Department Head DRIVER EDUCATION: DRIVERS ASSIST CLUBS DURING CLASSES MR. GEORGE EARL Soph Basketball Soph Football MR. DONALD HUFF J.Y. Football The state recently passed a law requiring driver education of all persons under eighteen when applying lor a driver ' s license. As a result, the role ol the Driver Education Department in training stu¬ dents to become responsible, safe drivers steadily increases in importance. To achieve the maximum skill in driving techniques in the mini¬ mum amount ol time, the department has developed a program comprised of three areas: classroom study, drivo-trainer, and behind-the-wheel. The student thus learns driving procedures first in theory, then is able to test his ability in the classroom while under simulated road conditions, and ultimately applies practical skills while driving with a Driver Education instructor. The motorcycle, which is seen more often on streets and highways today, is also present in the classroom at West. Study of its mechanical structure and operation is offered to all students. Know¬ ledge of several different motor vehicles increases the student ' s ability to become a successful driver. MR. JOHN HARMON MR. GEORGE GALLA Frosh B ' Baseball MISS KATHERINE KENNEDY Strange, is it not that of the myriads who Before us pass ' d the door of darkness through, Not one returns to tell us of the road, Which to discover we must travel too? Omar Khayyam, Rubaiyat. MR. JAMES MC DEV ITT older, perhaps wiser for experience, senior sneakers hold the future . . . their bounding leaps at niles west have assured them that should they ever have to clear five feet two again they won ' t have much trouble . . . ripeness swells their pride . . . their holes, ragged edges, hastily-executed embellishments are merely markers of time which complement the sneaker by confirming its indi¬ viduality ... it has been a longshort bittersweet life in the locker which will soon host a new naive white innocent . . . senior sneakers never fade . . . how could they when identity has newly emerged from the swellings in the toes ... an aurora of confidence fills a senior sneaker as the majesty of the locker room engulfs it . . . it takes one last fleeting glance and moves on . . . SENIORS President David Drew leads a discussion on everything from involement in the Home¬ coming Parade to projects concerning the community. Involvement: The Key to Class of ' 69 Success Reflecting on the last four years, ques¬ tioning and change have guided the cab¬ inets of the Class 69. Not soley con¬ cerned with themselves, they have contrib¬ uted to the school as well as to the sur¬ rounding communities. They have init- ated programs to prepare future grad¬ uates for what they may encounter in the upcoming years. Among others " Speak Out, " the Riagra Campaign, and College Night exemplified these attempts. The cabinets of the Class of ' 69 have set a precedent for the classes in the years to come. Following a controversial suggestion proposed hy a representative, mixed reac¬ tions and a heated discussion ensues as cabinet members debate the issues. 52 KATHY ACIERNO PAT ADAMS PETER ADRIANOPOLI MARY ANN ADRIANOPOLI DORIS ALEX TERRY ALLEN GENE ALLISON LINDA ALSWEDE BARRY ANDERSON ROBERT ANDERSON DENNIS ANDERSON HAROLD ANDERSON Humanities Student CheriNianick contemplates the world situation during a philosophical discussion led by Mr. Tom McMahon. 53 JOY ASHNER KEN AUBENS JOYCE BAGLEY HAVEN BAHL ROBERT BAIM NEAL BAITCHER LEN BALASA 54 ROMONA BECKER STEPHEN BECKMAN KATHY BEECH MARTA BEERLI GEORGIA BELL BRUCE BIANCHI SUE BIEBER ALAN BIRKLEY JANET BIZAR ELLEN BLACKMAN 55 BRUCE BLOCK STEVEN BLOCK DAVID BLOOM CINDY BODNARCHUK MARSHALL BOHLIN JUDY BORK CHAR LEM El N F. BOUCHER JAMES BRAUN SCOTT BRAVPTRkAN DAVID BROOKS SCOTT BROOKS JEFFREY BROWN 56 HARRY BROWN LINDA BROWN RICHARD BROWN DARILYN BRUNGER MARGO BUCHANAN LINDA BUNNELL David Ijiwe thoughtfully listens to Mr. Charles Croeling ' spresen¬ tation and discussion on contemporary music in Humanities class. SUE BURG BARBARA BURROWS LARRY BUTLER ANICE BYDALEK NEIL BYSTER RANDI CAHAN 57 WILLCAMRAS JANCAPINEGRO PAT CARACCIOLA ANN CARLSON DON CARLSON LINDA CARLSON MARKCARSKY SCOTT CARTER BOB CASHATT JESSIE CEDARBAUM ALAN CHAPMAN DON CASHMORE AL CLUN ALAN CHOW JOYCE CIESZYKOWSKI 5 BARB CLARK 58 MARGIE CLAUS STEVE COHEN PENNY COHN SANDI COHN CHARLES COLODNY JEFF CONRAD LUELLEN CONRAD WALTER CONRAD PATRICK CONTI JACK COOPER JULIE COOPER SARA COOPER DEBBIE CRANE JUDY CRANE 59 GRACIELA CURBELO ROCHELLE DAI NAS Foreign exchange sin deni from Uruguay , Grade la Curhelo, brought the exciting South American culture to West. PEGGY DALLAND CAROL DASSINGER ALLEN DAUGIRD DON DAVID WILLIAM DELANO ADRIENNE DELMAN GAIL DELOTT 60 DENISE DEMOSS JOY DERDIGF.R JUDY DETERS KANDY DIAKOUMIS LINDA DUBIN BOB DOWNING BONNIE DREEBIN DAVID DREW BRIAN DUNK DOUG DURSTON RANDI EAVES GLENN EIDEN 61 JEFFERY ELLISON STEVE ELLWING JERRY FELDMAN SCOTT ERICKSON SANDY ESTERMAN JANET FARBER JUDY FEINZIMER JERRY FELDBERG FRED EINBINDER GREGG EPSTEIN BILL ELESH BRUCE ERICKSEN SHERRY ELLIS Finding a secluded place to study, esse Cedarbnum researches the hfe of E. A. Robinson for a recent A.P.P. English poetry project. JEANETTEFOUGEROUSE CHERIE FRANCIS KAREN FRANKEL STEPHEN FIERMAN MICHELE FLACK NEIL FLINK WAYNE FOSTER RONNA FRIEDMAN HAROLD FRISH ALLEN FRITZ JOAN GABEL SHELDON GALSTER l LARRY FRIEDMAN RANDY FRIEDMAN RAY FRIEDMAN LINDA GAMS IRA GAROON PAT GARRETT SUZANNE GAVLIN DAVID GAYNON RICHARD GELLER LAUREL GEYF.R SANDY GIACONE STUART GILBERT GARY GILDIN MARGO GILLMAN JAMES GILSON RHONDA GINSBURG ROBERTA GINTF.R LAURA GLADSTEIN JANICE GLAUDF. ESTHER CLICK CAROL.GLICKMAN 64 MARTY GOCH ELIZA COGLANIAN PENNY GOLD ALAN GOLDBERG As feature editor of West Word, Lois Raffets journalistic endeavors require much planning, careful organization, patience, and long hours. BRENDA GOLDBERG LARRY GOLDBERG SANDI GOLDBERG ROY GOLDENBOGEN HARVEY GOLDMAN ALLEN GOODCASE DANIELGOLDFUS ART GOLDNER 65 IRENE GORGOSZ SAM GORDON MARGARET GORSKI MARK GORSKY DIANA GOTT NANCY GOTTLIEB STEVEN GREENE MARSHA GREENSTEIN CHRIS GREVEN BARB GRIMM LARRY GROVER NANCY GUNDERSON SANDY GREENSPAN SHARON GRAY WENDY GREENE BOB GREISMAN 66 67 CAROL HELANDER JOANNE HELLMAN DIANE HENDZEL DOLORES HENDZEL TOM HENRICKSON HERBERT HEPPNER BURT HERBSTMAN BRUCE HERDRICH GRETA HERMELE CAREY HIDAKA ROBERT HILBERT Br«iJ DONALD HILDEBRANDT VERNE HILL ARLENE HIRSCH JOEL HIRSH RALPH HOFF MICHELE HOFFMAN JUDY HOLTZMAN v STEVE HOMER SUE HORVITZ BOB HOSHIZAKI GARY HOWARD RICHARD HOWARD IRIS IGLARSH LYNETTE IVERSON JANENE JACOBSON STEVEN JAFFE DELIA JAKUBIK 69 KAREN JARIABKA MICHELE JESCHKE JUDY JANUS CHRIS JAREMUS RICHARD JESS DENISE JOBST GRETCHEN JOHNSON JOLYN JOHNSON Debator Steven Rosenstone has found current periodicals and news magazines helpful in preparing his arguments and rebuttal at a important tournament that was held December 14th. 70 KAREN JOHNSON KENNETH JOHNSON LOIS JOHNSON STEVE JOHNSON SUSAN JOLLY MARTIN JOSEPH PATRICIA JOSLYN SUE KACIN ANDREA KADEN ARNIF. KAHN SUE KAMINSKY DOROTHY KAMPS MARY-ELLEN KANAVOS JANNICE KANDELL DON KANE CHARLENE KANTER 71 FELICIA KAPLAN JENNIFER KAPLAN PEGGY KAPLAN MARK KARLIN ALAN KATZ JORDAN KATZ KATHLEEN KAUFFMAN SHEILA KAUFMAN viAUREEN KEENE LARRY KEITH CHERI KELLMAN JOY KELLMAN LAUREN KENIS MARTIN KITTAKA 72 STEVE KLIPOWICZ BARRY KNOBI.OCH A quick remark and clever phrase must always be ready for extemporaneous forensics speaker Gail Samos during speeches. DOREEN KOSTEL HELENE KOVNAT BOB KOPP GRACE KORZEC JEFF KRAMER KATHY KRAUSE BONNIE KRAVITZ BILL KRETSCHMER JANET KRIETE KEITH KROPP RICHARD KURZ MELANIE LACH PETER LALOGGIA 74 STEVE LANDMAN CRAIG LANDY CHUCK LANG JUDY LANG SUE LANNEFELD MARGARET LARSON DENNIS LASSER JEFF LAZAR SALLIE LAPCZYNSKI ROGER LARSON KEITH LAUSS BOB LEACH LAURIE LEADER LONI LEAVITT ROBERT LEBOVITZ KEITH LEFEVRE PAM LEICK DAVID LEVIN MARTIN LEVIN BARBARA LEVINE HOWARD LEVY BRAD LIPMAN ROSALIE LOEB JUDY LERNER ROSEMARY LERNER ESTHER LEV JOAN LEVEY DAVID LOEW SANDY LOME CYNTHIA LONG TERRY LORENZ ARTHUR LOVERING Football co-captains Paul Sortal and Chuck Lange raise spirit at the twilight pep rally before the 1968 Homecoming Came. GINGER MCGUIRE KAREN MCNINCH CATHY MACF.K MICHEALMANGURTEN TOM MANNING RON MARKOYA BARBARA MARMITT BARBARA MARTIN 77 NORMAN MATTHEW ALLEN MEILACH LINDA MEENAN MARYBETH MENAKER KEITH MEIKLE WENDY MESSER MARSHA MEYER HOWARD MEYERS MARVIN MICHNIK ANTHONY MILAZZO MICHAEL MILIN 78 DIANA MILLER MARLA MILLER MAUREEN MISSNER CONSTANCE MITCHELL MINDY MITS HOLLY MOSER ADRIENNE MOTYL CHRIS MUELLER JIM MUELLER 79 STEVE MUELLER ROBERT MULFORD SUE NAPOLITANO JEAN NEATH CINDY NESSELSON CHERI NIANICK JIM NIESMAN JACKIE NISHIMURA TERRI O BRIEN DEBBIE OLES Presented with a provacative question in Senior Cabinet, secretary Wendy Greene suggests a pratical solution with a little forethought. 80 DARRELL ORTMANN ' RICH OSTF.RGAARD KRISTINE O ' MALLEY JACK O ' MARTIN TERRY OPREA JUDYOVINGTON LINDA PACKER PENNY PAGE IDA PAKIER BARB PALUMBO STEVE PAPPAS TITANIA PASHKOV SALLY PATTERSON RICK PELLER ALEX PENYICH CHERYL PERLOVE GLENN PETERSON JAMES PETERSON LYNN PETERSON BARI PHILLIPS DENISE PIERINI BARB PINDRAS BONNIE PINKERT MERLE PINKWATER KEITH PIONTEK CHERYL PLACKO DONNA PLACKO 82 MARYBETH PLATT JUDY PODELL GLENN POLLACK WENDY POLLACK PEG PRIELOZNY RICH PRIESS HOWARD POTTER BOB RABE BOB RACANA Cabinet president David Drew confers with sponser Mrs. Joan Macala on the constant and demanding problems that arise from the imusal senior class. 83 PAT RADEMACHER ( LOIS RAFFEL MIKE RAITH ROBERT RANDALL REGINA REINAUER NANCY RENIERIS VICKIE RESNICK MICHEALRAY STEVE RICHTER JOYCE ROSEN BERT ROSENBERG MICHEAL ROSENBERG 84 BOB ROSENBERG STEVEN ROSENSTONE DEBBIE ROSMARIN Maureen Missner seems puzzled during a Humanities dis¬ cussion concerning the meaning of a contemporary art form. NEII. RUBENS JEAN RUST JOHN RYDEN DEBBIE ROTH ROBIN ROTHMAN JUDY ROTTER ANNETTE ROZMIN LINDA RUBERT DEBBIE RUBIN 85 RICK SCHOENFIELD ROBERT SCHRAMM GAIL SAMOS DOUG SCATURO STEVEN SC HR FIBER JUDY SCHUTT LAURIE SCHALLER In the heat of debate over Biafra, representative Barbara LeVine waits to present her views. Senior Cabinet raised funds in a successful attempt to aid the starving nation of Biafra. 86 DAVID SCHWARTZ ANDI SCHWARTZ LYNN SCHWARTZ ‘DONNA SCOTT ELAINE SEGAL LAURA SEGAL RICH SEIDMAN PHILLSHEFREN DAVID SHERMAN MACK SHUMATE FERN SIEGEL MYRON SIEGEL BONNIE SILVERMAN GARY SMILEY GLEN SIMONSEN JOANN SOBEL PAULSORTAL KAREN SLUPIK CAROL SKOTNICKI ALAN STRAUSS ANITA STROM CAROL SUMNER JANIS STONE MARILYN STORCK 89 r KRISTECERT ABBIE TERRY CHERLYN THERY CLAUDIA THOMAS DEBBIE THOMPSON PAT THOMPSON Big Red Mascot Steve Cohen dunces the Indians on to victory at the twilight pre-Homecoming Came pep rally. SHERI SWIBEL STEVE TAICH VALORIE THORN TERRY THOURSON BOB TOLCHIN CHARLES TOMMINS DENNIS TORTORELLA CAROL TAKEMOTO WILLIAM TARANT MARK TAYLOR DAVEEDA UDITSKY SHELDON TURF DON TRIPPICCHIO LAURA TSUNETA ALAN TURBIN MINDY UNICK CHRISTINE UHLE LAURA UNGERLEipER VALERIE UNRATH SUE VERUNAC BOB VILONA Susan Shires combines dexerity with imagination as she creates a painting that is personally satisfying. PETER VIRAG SUSAN VITALE LAUREL WAGNER RAE WALLACE JUDY WALOVICH JUDYWASMUND KENNETH WISNIEWSKI KATHY WEBER GARY WEI DEN BACK SUE WEIDNER CLAIRE WEINER Summering m India A IS representative Steve Weissman has many fan¬ tastic memories that he recounts to counselor Mr. James Richter. 92 I i m STEVE WEISSMAN RONALD WEISS JAMES WICZER SHARI WIDEN LESLIE WILLIAMS MARTIN WILLIAMS MARLA WINKLEMAN DIANE WIRKUS ALAN WEISZ SHELDON WERNIKOF DAVID WESER CRAIG WICKUM 4 A T he informal atmosphere of Humanities scans to have caught Peggy Kaplan as she candidly reads to a remark. 93 TOM WOODS CLAIRE WROBEL KASIA WOJNAR BARI VVOLSKY PAM WYZGALA SANDY YABLIN MARY YONAN JOHN WULF JOF.LLYN YOUNG LYLE ZABOLOCKY GEORGE ZACHARY PHILIP ZAZOVE SHARON ZELINKA GARY ZETTL LEONARD ZIOMEK MIKE ZIZZI 94 WEST WORD staff member Judy Rotter concentrates on release to meet deadline for a recent issue of the paper. Cabinet president David Drew remains impartial as he presides over it meeting that is filled with cross fire discussion. editing a press Titania Pashcov contemplates an Apotheosis entry which must be graded for originality and imagination. Biafra can in hand, fold raiser Phil Harris tries to get a contri¬ bution from Claire Wrobelas they discuss the merits of the drive. 95 the shinywhiteness of freshman sneakers cap- turers a stream of sunlight falling into an other¬ wise sulky locker room . . . freshman sneakers mass jump in puddles, romp in snowmountains, see life in native white harmony, touch tongues eagerly, tangle laces together . . . sophomore sneakers still jump but have forgotten how to find the puddles . . . they splash anyone and everyone and even each other eaching for the mud and holes and telltale grass stains that only come with age . . . junior sneakers are almost ripe, the greenness only to mellow and sweeten . . . laces are tied, but will be retied again and again as time sweeps them toward semi-hidden puddles and mountains which never seeped through the embryonic holes before . . . sneakers may hesitate but ultimately plunge in. THE FROSH CONFORM! After graduating from the confines of grammar school, the freshman class of 72 spent a successful year at est. W hile adapting to the new high school environment, freshmen selected their cabinet and of¬ ficers. Soon after the first day of school, however, the freshmen frantically joined in the activities of school dances, after games, doughnut sales and charity drives. Amidst an atmosphere of turbulence, frosh have slightly matured to accept their forth¬ coming roles as sophomores. ) President Jim Hornthal intently concentrates on the reactions of his peers when confronted with the horrifying suggestion of aihinet elimination. Making her contribution to Homecoming. Inez gjibin offers her home to the float committee. Apprenhensil e ). cabinet members await voting results of officers. 1 m il f i f J t A Janies Abrahamson Michael Accomando Adrienne Adelman Avis Aifasso Steve Allen Linda Almblad Glen Almcrantz Barbara Alt Tom Amarantos Mary Amstrup Carolyn Anderson Kyle Anderson Sue Anderson Mark Androw James Arnold Rand Arons Pat Arwine Jim Astrene Louis Atsaves Laurie Aubens Jack Austin Arlene Baake Jorge Balandrin Andy Balbirer Jill Barr Linda Barretto Billie Barron Sheryl Bass Guy Battaglia Rosemary Battista Karen BoneUi relfecls the trials and tribulations of a da y at jXihs West. Denise Baum Richard Beckman John Beere Michael Bellos Brian Bennett Barry Berger David Berger Marcy Berger Scott Bergstrom Carol Berman Robert Beswick Beth Bianchi Gloria Bieber Joann Bielski Thomas Bindus Andi Birren Gail Bizar Jeff Bloom Beth Blumenthal Susan Blumenthal Robert Boden Edward Bohrer Karen Bonelli Bob Bonetti 99 Richard Borre Mike Boucher David Boylan George Brabec Steven Brasch Madonna Brennan Steve Bresette Andrea Brody Craig Brooks Marcy Brotman Cindy Brown Debbie Brown Nancy Brown Sam Brown Tom Brown Roger Bruzvnski Greg Buchel James Buns Mitch Burack Karen Burgeman Don Burrows Vivian Bvk Jeffrey Byron James Cagen Lynn Cain Kathv Caliva Philip Capian Nancy Cardis Bob Casey Linda Castle Denise Chase Beverly Chavin Gary Chelcun Calvin Chow George Chrisos Dale Christiansen Eddie Chupack Kirbv Church Joan Claus Janet dayman Phillip Clesi Marilyn Clyman Mike Coakley Michael Cohen Roxane Cohen Ted Cohen Mark Cohn Rebecca Cohn Frank Coletto Stuart Cook Iinda Cooperman Frank Cordes Joe Cortina Linda Corty Mindv Cristol Craig Culloton Lesley Cuttler Rosemary Dahm Lori Dainas Mark Daskovsky Ron Dassinger Bonnie Davis Michael Davis Nancy Davis Mitchell Dayan Donna Deferville Michael Deger Janet Deleonardis JoAnn DeLuca Barbara DeLugach Paul Derdiger Howard Diamond Ruth Diamond Jav Dicker Sherry Dickholtz Deborah Dolce Mark Domenella Sue Donenberg Syrell Drew Laura Duchaj 100 David Duebner Mark Dunk Dorothy Dunkleberger LuAnn Durso Richard Edelman Leon Edelson Debra Edington Stig Edwardson Phillip Egebrecht Renie Einbinder David Eischen Lee Eisenberg Dave Ekenberg Mike Elman Philip Elman Bob Englhard Gail Epstein Jeff Epstein Phil Erdman Marilee Erickson Lucille Ermilio Mike Ernt Jane Estes Janet Evensen Tom Fahsbender Ande Farrell Richard Feiss Denise Feldman Laurie Feldman Rav Feldman Steve Fenchel Rich Ferrard Jean Flood Jim Foley Tony Fortuna Vivian Fortuna John Fougerousse Janet Fragassi Mary Frake Jody Frank Bruce Frankel Karen Frankel Louis Freedman Greg Freres Steve Frey Larry Friedman Lynn Friedman Mark Friedman Tom Friedman Colien Furman Barb Futransky Jim Gacki Bob Gajewski Kurt Ganellen Jeff Ganellen Louis Gantz Robert Ganz Cindy Garland Jill Garland Gail Garnhart Lisa Garoon Robin Gartner Jeff Gaule Bruce Gaynes Bob Geimer Rhonda Gerber Lynda Gertz Domini Giallombardo Missi Gilbert Mike Gillman Marene Gilluly Kevin Gilmore Tim Graham Mark Graubart Nancy Green Scott Green Sue Green Steven Greenenwald Gary Greisman Jackie Grimm Ryan Grimm Philip Grossman Brian Gruber Donna Gruenke Randall Grybowski Jim Gutschick Ronald Hacker Albert Hagi Patty Hall John Hallberg Deborah Hamilton Carol Handelsman Jene Hardel John Harms Barbara Hattendorf Jim Hausaman Richard Hausman Lauren Hazelwood Joann Heeres Nancy Heidrich Tom Heinz Karen Helford Scott Heller Holly Henry Harlan Gladstein Chris Glass Ellen Glickman Cathv Godiksen Sherry Goland Cheryl Goldberg Dale Golden berg Larry Goldsmith Audrey Goldstein Larry Goldstein Melanie Goldstein David Good Larry Goodman Robin Goodman Ruth Goran Karen Gordon Mike Gore Susan Gore Michael Gorlewicz Gina Gorski Pam Goslin Cheryl Goss Renee Gott Rich Gottlieb Lana Herold Ellice Hey man Emily Hill Steve Hintz John Hiratsuka Wendy Hirsch Marion Hoelzer Susan Hoffman Teresa Hoffman Tom Hoffman Fred Holdmann Cynthia Holliday Bob Holmblad Ann Holmboe Mark Hols Alan Holstein Bill Homer Jodv Homer Peggy Hook Jim Hornthal Jeff Horvitz Andi Horwich Diane Horwitz Paula Housakos 102 Laurel Howard Vicky Howard Frances Hu lock George Idelman Rich Isaacson Greg Iverson Nancy Iwai Caryn J acobs Susan Jacobs Terri Jansson Jan Jasin Linda Jenkins David Jennetten Pam Jeschke Jackie Johnson Karen Johnson Larry Johnson Pam Johnson Paul Johnson Paul Johnson Michael Johnston Joan Jorgenson Rose Joseph Mary Kachan Roche! Kaplan James Kapuscinski Len K arson Ken Kasper Karen Kasten Alex Katsoolias Debora Katz Russell Katz Sheryl Kaufman Debbie Keker Cindy Kenis Barry Kenner Barbara Kerman Mike Kern Herb Kiefel Cheryl Kielbom Laurel Killian Ellen Kirsch Cindy Kirshman Russell Klauss Steve Klein Tom Klemens Scott Klemptner Scott Klinkman John Kolb George Kalodimos Ste ve Kondratowicz Cathy Kopinski Bob Korajczyk Kevin Koral Peter Korn Lisa Kornbluth Larry Korrub Leslie Korrub Helen Kostel Bill Kouba Gar}’ Kozak Mike Krainski Julie Kramer Steven Kramer 103 Bari Kreiter Marta Kreiter Gan 1 Kromelow Bob Krusen Steve Kuda Don Lach Raymond Lain Richard Lain James Lambert Sue Land Susan Landerholm Cindy Landerman Carl Lang Bob La Rosa Jenny Larson Nancy Larson Janis Lauders Barry Layfer Ricky Leach Judy Leader Jody Leavitt Leslie Lennell Nancy Loenchik Jeff Lemer David Levernier Joshua Levine Judy Levine Linda LeVine Nancy LeVine Rick Levinson Andrea Levinthal Mike Levy Debra Lewis Kathy Lewis Marlene Lewis Marla Liberman Sheri Lieberman Rick Lindahl Paul Lindeman Sherie Linn Randv Lipschultz Sharon Lisman Sharon Liss Rich IJttle Jim Littwin Linda Lloyd Sandy Lome Peter Lucas Dan Lundie Roberta Luskin Bruce Lynn Donald McAllister Karen MacDonald Maureen McDonough Jon Macnider Lloyd Me Elfresh Wisely utilizing precious doss time. Sue Core conscien¬ tiously raids the following day ' s JVon-Western assign¬ ment. 104 Deeply engrossed in a biology lecture . Mike Streicher ponders the life cycle of the Chinese liver fluke. Mariann Madziarek Kurt Mahler Marjorie Majewski Linda Malz Lois M and el Jay Mandell Tracv Manning Donna Markowski Pat Marmitt Richard Mathis Michael May Sue Mayber Kathy Meciejewski Susan Medak Mickey Meiselman Marla Mendelson Marv Menke Susan Messink Bonnie Metrick Dick Meves Robert Meyer Nurit Midler Cindv Miller Peter Minx Susan Missner August Mitchell Bob Mitchell Kathleen Mitchell Bill Mitz Larry Moeller Larry Monnot David Moore Lori Moshinsky Larry Moskowitz Janice Mossong Paul Motenko Barry Mueller Cindy Mueller Dorothea Mueller Doug Mueller Gail Mueller Richard Multan Susan Mura Mike Nabolotny Alan Nagelberg Joseph Nagy Janine Nariss Beverly Nassey William Nehart John Nelson Warren Nemanich Debbie Nesselson 105 Ted Parge Dan Parker Laura Parks Lvnette Pasek Rich Peck Daryl Penn Marita Perlman Susan Perlman Leslie Newman Lynn Newman Stan Nicholson Mike Niesman Diane Nordin Ira Novoselsky John Nowicki Marcy Nudelman Mark Perlow Marie Persino Lynne Pertt John Petella Karen Peterson Lydia Peterson Roger Peterson Bill Peterson Janice Petroske Wayne Petroske Roberta Pfeil Greg Photos Gary Pi ko Ben Ploinick Ron Policht Jeri Pollack Lynne Pollack Sue Polone Pam Porcaro Nancy Portugal Debi Porzel Mike Potempa Mike Potoker Peggy Powers Janet Priess Arthur Pullano Pat Quirk Joe Radermacher Dean Radum Elaine RafTel Steve Rainero Valerie Randall Barry Rapaport Barb Raymond Don Raymond Gregory Razka Renee Reade Cynthia Regner Wendv Reicherts Sheryl Resnick Darcy Riback Tom Rilev Larry Robbins Mike Roberto Scott Rode Rick Rodriguez Lee Rofkind Jo Rohrbacher 106 Chris Roscop Richard Rosenberg Pam Rosengarden Tom Rosenkranz Nancy Rosentone Terrence Rosienski Kathy Rossmann Ijnda Rothfeld Mark Saltzman Anita Salzman Marjorie Sandlow Madeline Schalz Jeanne Schiller Laura Schiller John Schimel Linda Schimel Donna Schlag Jo Schlesinger Andrea Schneider Renee Schneider Rose Schrader Frank Schreiber Mike Schreiber Howard Schwartz Lauren Schwartz Robert Schwartz Gary Scipione Maribess Scott Susan SenofT Amy Serpe Arlene Shall Floyd Shechter Gina Shelton Arnold Sherey Hollis Sherman Jim Sherman Mike Shimp David Shires Mitch Shore Gale Sichau Susan Sierzega Steven Siet Sharon Sikevitz Betty Silver Paula Silver Harry Silverman Stuart Silverstein Candy Simmons Polly Simms Randv Simon Karen Simonetti Gus Sisto Mark Skalski Debra Skelnik Paul Smedberg Frank Smith Stuart Smoller Larry Snyder Roselyn Solano Bruce Solomon Howard Solomon Rita Sorrels Steven Spear Susie Spears 107 Rich Spellman Janis Spencer Noreen Spencer Jan Spielnian John Spina Sam Spina Sandra Spitzer Annette Springer Sharon Stankowicz Letta Starr Marry I Statland Mark Stearns JoAnn Steffen Lynne Steffen Elizabeth Steiger Debra Stein Arlene Stern |uist Paulette Stocker Jeff Stolberg Larry Stone Marilyn Stone Nancy Stone Vicki Stone Beth Strauss Susan Strauss Michael Streicher Stephanie Suane Mary Sutpin Sharon Sutherland Fred Swanke Jack Swento Pat Szymanski Mauree Talman Tom Tanaka Max Tash Marcee Taxman Marlene Teichner Jim Tell Joseph Terdich Tom Thorne Bruce Tobianskv Wendy Tobias Candi Tommins Stephan Topczeuski Joe Trainier Fred Trester Kd Tripp Jim Trivisonno Mindy Trossman Roberta Rosen Mark Rosenberg Marsha Turbin Working independently, Janet dayman and Gloria Bieftci attempt to accomplish the day ' s homework. Kric Turton Jeff U ngcr Barbara Ungcrleider Kurt Unvcrricht Keith Valenziano Dennis Veranv Rosemarie Vilona Debbie Vinci Lynn Voedisch Sandra Wagman Doreen Wagner Scott Wald Ric Walovitch Maureen Walsh Vicki Walters Terri Walton lisa Warady Richard Watts Carol Weber John Wehrmacher Beverly Weidinger David Weiss Debbie Weiss Ellen Weiss Fred Weiss Gayle Weiss Michelle Weiss Phil Weiss Renee Weiss Ariel Weissberg Jim Welch Jim Wesser Debbie Wexler Marilyn Wiggins John Wilader Michael Wilcox Benita Williams Noel Wilner Trudy Wolf Diane Wolnik David Wolsky James Woods Mark Wvzgala Bonnie Y ' ablon Charles Young Debbie Young Tom Young Bernard Youngman Jeff Youngman Ines Zaban Carla Zamudio Keith Zar Mark Zawiski Karen Zazove Linda Zeman Chuck Zenn Cathy Zera William Zimmer Scott Zolke Howard Zyburt 109 WEST GOBBLES SOPHOMORE SPONSORED BREAKFASTS Wielding his authority. President Jimmy Cosset approves the lo and hands sale far the " Eat Yarn Heart Out breakfast. Charged with super school spirit. Sophomore Cab¬ inet proceeded to hold countless candy sales, create buttons bolstering the West teams, and collect needed hinds for both Biafra and the Crusade of Mercy. To further the cause of the sophomore treasury, the cabinet celebrated St. Valentine ' s day with an Cat Your Heart Out breakfast. Participation in the ac¬ tivities of Sophomore Cabinet was always welcomed, and the sophomores concluded their year with a well-stuffed student body and treasury. Frustrated Cabinet members give up in despair as they project another proposal for a design of class buttons. A typical example of enthusiasm is displayed by members as a neie motion is being discussed. Tom Al)shirc David Adler Terry A hr Kim Albach katliUrn Alfredson Pam Allweiss Faith Ami Karen Anderschat Greg Anderson Karen Anderson Ken Anderson Mark Anderson Robert Anderson Richard Angell Steve Appel Anita Applchaum Daniel Arcangeletti Fran Aren Ileen Art stein Annette Ash Antonia Atsaves Amv Auerbach Scott Badesch Eileen Bahde Lauren Balin Vicky B a lines Alanna Barr Sue Barrett Greg Barsamian Toni Barskv Herb Bartlett Rick Bartuska Sharon Baum Diane Baumhardt Howard Beck Dan Beederman Paula Bcgoun Janet Belcove Larry Beller Brooke Belson Sue Bender Tim Bennett Richard Benson Judy Bereskin Roger Berger Herb Bergstrom Barbara Bernstein Jill Bernstein Joann Niles and Cindy I sac converse in front of the Student Union mile fin hoard. Phil Bethkc Bernard Beverley Judy Beyer Marci Bibergal Roger Bierhanzel Henry Birger Arthur Blinick Alan Blitz Kay Bridger Kevin Broden Susan Brody Janis Bronstein Robert Bronstein Linda Brosh Carol Brown Marla Brown Inez Brown stein Al Brunger Tom Brunning Mike Brunson Nancy Bryant Susan Bryant Cynthia Bubley Denis Budz Bill Burkhardt Sue Burton Richard Cah an Pat Campion U slie Caplan Linda Carlson Marv Casev Jeff Chamberlain Garry Chankin Ricky Chapman George Cherepaha Keith Cherniet Lvnne Chikaraishi Mitch Citron Jennifer Clark Garry’ Cohen Gayle Cohen Sherry Condon Dale Conrad Pat Conrad Janet Cooper Mike Cooper Jeanne Coorlas Jo Anne Copeland Terry Cosgrove Debbie Costa Dave Cross Fran Cutler Mary’ Cutrera Pat Cywinski Susan Dean Steve Dedo Bill Dehmlow Carol Deleonardis Denise Dclfs Linda Delano John Deluca Carol Deppong Robert DePaepe Perry Detolve 112 Kathy Daugird Denise Davis Tom Davis Cathy Dahlstrom Mary Deasey Chuek Diamond Ron Dimas Kevin Dohm Cindy Dobbs Vicki Drews Debbie Dubow Anita Duhl Tom Durso David Eaton Marilyn Egel Nora Elegreet Joanne Erlebacher Linda Krton Jan Erwin Brian Esterman Ijnda Esterl Cheryl Fabian David Earber Phil Earber Diane Eeilen Ered Feldman Ray Feldman Ijnda Eerrard Sue Eicho Keith Eilipowski Donna Eebrow Gail Eeingold Jim Eilgut Susan Fischer Joel Fish Elvse Fisher William Usher Holly Eishkin Carla Flannery Mark Fleishman John Flood Joan Flowers Ijnda Eortman Frank Fortuna Merry-Lynn Foss Nina Foster Steve Frank el Cory Franklin Shelley Franks Linda Freedenberg Gary French Robert Freud Dennis Friedler Estelle Friedman Barb Friedkin Cathy Futrell Cindy Gale Meryl Gale Les Gan David Ganellen Leslie Ganz Jim Gassel Carol Gates Patti Gavlin Alan Gelfand Robin George Jeff Gettlemen Joseph Giallombardo Nancy Gibson Glen Gieras Bonnv Gildin Clay Gillaspy Tim Hoban Peggy Hoelbl Terry Hoffberg Ijee Hoffman Tom Hohs Bob Hollinger Bill Holmblad Marcia Horan Don Horwitz Rickey Horwitz John Horvat Marilyn Horvat Kenneth Hsu Debby Huber Thomas Huber Lillian Hulock Dan Hukgren Cindy Isoe Larry Israel Cliff Iverson Jean Iverson Shelly Gilman Greg Glassgen Richard Glick Tom Goetz David Goglanian Phil Goldbcrger Sara Goldenberg ' Dan Goldman Nancy Goldman Joe Goldner Meryl Goldner Daryl Goldstein Susanne Gollin Susan Gomberg Bob Gomez Linda Goodcase Bebe Gordon Unda Gordon Susan Gordon Debbie Gorenstein David Goss Foster Grady Nancy Graham Lynn Grandt Dawn Green Ijnda Greenberg Terri Greenberg Tom Grember Cindv Grover Lary Grossman Ken Current . Chris Guzaldo Don Hack Craig Hajduk Linda Hall Jane Hamilton Gloria Hansen Craig Hardie Sharon Hardyman Dale Haring Todd Heller Robert Henning Ken Hertler Sharon Higus Yvonne Hill Mariann Hirakawa Bob Hirschauer Nancv Hirschman Dennis Harms Nancy Haug Pat Hausaman Carol Haynes Gan Hazard Donald Healy Tom Heidtke Eric Helgeson 114 Ellen Jacobs Terry Jacobs David Jaffe Ben Jaremus Susan Jensen Eric Johnson Linda Johnson Robert Johnson Mike Jolly Natalie Joseph Sandra Joseph Babette Kamm Michael Ranter Leslie Kaplan Stephanie Karlos Linda Karkow Chris Kasper Greg Kas niak Carol Katznelson Brenda Kauffman Karen Kaufman Wayne Keith Jay Kenis Robert Kenney Janet Keppen Patricia Keppen Tom Kessel Sheri Kessler Steve Kilian Eugenie Kimura Lori Kite Craig Kittaka Richard Klein Fred Kleinzweig Larry Klemm Timothy Klos Kathy Knochelmann Bob Knudsen Douglas Koda Irene Kohnen Linda Kolacki Janis Kolodnv Richard Konecki Gordon Kopp David Korkes Arlene Korman Sarita Kornhauser Sue Kosoglad Debbie Kouzes Ed Kramer Jeff K ranter Toby Kramer Jim Krause Keith Kreiner Randolph Kricke Sandy Kricke Fred Krok Rich Kruschka Diane Kudla Barb Kurlan Bob Kushner Janet Kutza Nicki Lacroix Janellc Lafond Gail Lahikainen Susan Larson Ellvne Laskv Pamela Lauer Greg Launhardt Adriann Lavery Anton Lazaro Joel Lee Harold Lefkovitz Joan Leimontas Jeff Lenzen Kerry Leonard Steve Leonard Alan Lerner Bruce Levey Isa Levin Lee Levin Mark Levin Rhonda Levin Uene Levine Lewis Field Judi Lichtenstein Ellen Lieberman Larry Linn Laurie Loew Robert Loitz Glen Long Sherry 1 Lood Kathv Louras Tim Lueber Diane Lippo Tom Lyman Tim McCloskey Debbie McCracken Pat McCracken Alice McElfresh Bill McEnerney Bob McIntyre Michael McNuhy Michael Machalinski The apprehension of impending discipline turns to boredom. Jim Madziarek Darlene Maede Mark Magnuson Margaret Malochleb Rick Mandell Ronald Mann David Manski Bruce Marshak Terry Marker Eugene Marks Nick Martino Roberta Marz John Mau Marla Max Robert Mead Amy Mechla Rav M eh ring Debbie Meier Dale Mel in David Menachof Constance Mensinger Jeanette Mertens Laura Miles Randv Miles Debbie Millar Brad Miller Chris Miller Charlene Miller John Miller Renee Miller Gail Miller Roxanne Mills 116 Susan Milner Ramli Mirsky Wendi Mitchell Sue Mitsui Ray Mohn Phillip Moros Laurie Moser Michael Moshinsky Kathy Mosacci Michael Mroz Cindy Mrozek Karen Mueller Randy Mueller Joanne Murphy Fred Nachbauer Kathy Nachbauer Sandor Nagy Mike Nahrstedt Frank Napolitano Wally Nariss Lisa Nathan Don Nelson Kern’ Nelson Mark Newman Joanne Nickols Ross Nickow Tom Nied Tom Nielsen Nancy Nietschmann Joann Niles Janice Nishimura Howard Novoselsky Shelley Franks is obviously mixed up. Robert Numrich Steve Nusinow Mike Obrien Regina Officer Nadine Oleksy Mark Olson Karen Oshona Carleen Otto Ann Pasches Richard Paddor Robert Paddor Mike Pahnke Barb Palmer Tom Panchesin Stephan Panchesin Nanc ' Papciak David Pauke Bill Payne Pat Peat Robin Peller Carol Pepper Joellyn Perlman Douglas Perz Scott Perz 117 Sharon Reynen Marsha Richman Jay Ricketts Adrienne Ridenhowcr Kathy Riley Kevin Roach Linda Roberto John Roberts Norene Robinson Kim Rofkind Cindy Roland Nettie Rolnick Sharon Roos Lynn Rosen Sue Rosen Perry Rosenberg Barry Rosen bloom John Rosenkranz Gary Rosenmutter Locnard Ross Mike Ross Dave Roth Iris Rothfeld Marsha Rubenstein Joanne Peters Michael Peters Susan Peters Dave Petersen Vera Pforr Mike Phillippe Gary Phillips James Phillips Dave Pinter Karen Piontek Steve Platt Nancv Plice Robin Podell Gloria Pockrandt Mike Polanzi Dave Polstcr Robert Post Pat Powers Larry Press Beth Prielozny John Prim Pamela Priola Josephine Quatrochi Bill Quinn Bonnie Rubert Jeff Rubin Pam Rubnich Maureen Rush Wallv Ryan Ken Saber Teri Sadacca Lee Saeger Judd Sager Connie Sakas Jane Salzman Jim Samatas Marcia Sap stein Bernard Scahill Andrea Schecter Paul Schecter Mark Scherer David Schiffman F.rika Schlegel Leo Schlivka Bonnie Schmidt Joanne Schneider Phil Schodin Jeff Schramek Alan Schrantz Marilyn Schulz Hon Schur John Schuster Marilyn Schwartz Steve Schwarz John Scott Roscann Searle Susan Sedloff Gayle Segal Sherry Segal Scott Seniar Jay Senensky Samuel Senjanovich Missy Serv ' os Charlene Settler Joel Shalowitz Fred Shapiro I lent Shapiro Jim Shapiro Rickv Shapiro Rich Shechter Herb Shepard Wayne Sheridan Sue Sherman Ditte Sherwood Gail Sherwood Karen Shoemaker Marcv Sholder Audrey Shoub Pam Shrover Lori Shulman Mack Shumate Gary Siedband Lorri Siegelman Ed Sierzega Jennifer Silensky Jav Silver Barn - Silverberg Don Si 1 vert Alison Sherman Lynne Sim on sen Ruth Skogsbakken Sue Smoller Liz Sobel Mary Sortal Gail Sperry Mike Spiers Howard Simons Abby Sloan Teri Spies Sue Spitzer Sue Stark Jas Steffen Beth Stein Chervl Stein Larry Steinlauf Nathan Stelzer Nanette Stoklosa Donna Stolar Gunther Strehl Gary Stucka Curt Sullivan Chuck Szuberla Larry Spiwak Bill Spagnoli Jeff Sroka Debbie Staar Michael Starkman Mike Strub Rhonda Stein Thomas Sudow Mike Sussman Judy Szczepanski Susan Taich Rhonda Talent Jean Tamraz Sheila Tapper Ron Tesluk Carol Tesnow 1 19 Susan Weser Phil Wexler Carol Whelaij Barney Whitesman Beth Wiczer Steve Williams Nancy Thiedc Scott Thoma Bruce Thompson Roy Thompson Tom Tietz Steve Tilkin Susan Timmer Barb Topel Esther Toporek Pat Tovell Frank Tripicchio John Tritschler Karen Unrath Gary VanCleave Paul VanOverloop Jackie Vorpagel Branka Vuksan Burt Wahlburg Susan Wallace Jim Walter Nadia Walthers Judy Wamsley Cathy Wand Mary Wargo John Warner Sue Warner Ron Warren Lori Wasserman Pat Weber Mark Weidling Bev Weinstein Pat Weiss Amyra Weiss berg Mark Weksler Michelle Wertheimer Paula Willner James Wilson Sandy Wilson Allan Winkler Don Winkler Mack Winn Mike Witkowski Peter Witt Allen Wittek Marlee Wolff Bob Wolin Larry Wolin John Wolter Elaine Woods Kathv Woods John Wright Al Wu Vicki Wurman Emi Yamauchi Steve Yates Barb Yelen John Young Jill Zalsman Jim Zamudio 120 Wiles West students caught in the act of being themselves wave at the photographer. Barney Weitzman is lost in his own world of music. am Steve Zazove Janice Zeedyk Ann Zeljieznjak Brian Zenner Mary Zettl John Zeman George Zicman Claudia ZIfT Joe Zimmerman Monica Zizzi Marlene Zukerman Gan r Zupko Joan Zoros Overlooking weekly minutes, Barbara Pinker and Sue Chaplik are amazed at the shallow trivia, which consumes so many half- hours. ZZ JUNIORS PREPARE FOR PROM ’69 President Mike Wiser considers one of the numerous, often corny and highly amusing suggestions to title Prom ' 6.9. The Junior Cabinet, class of 1970, spent a hectic, but rewarding year. Daily meeting sessions held discussions on what size pennants to sell at basket¬ ball games, how much candy to buy for after school sales, and where prom should be held. Although the juniors were concerned with acquiring as much money as possible for an elegant prom, they still participated in the Crusade of Mercy drives, the Hiafra auction, and helped collect for the Mark Topol Fund. Laura Aberman Jeff Abrams Carol Alberti Paula Alder lane Allenbaugh Jeff Alper Paula Alper Ellen Aizuss Peter Amarantos Daintily plucking away on the last remnants of a West Word typewriter, Wayne Chuhin finishes his editorial. Carol Ambrus Norman Amstrup Sue Anapol Sally Anderson Sharon Anderson Tom Anderson Alan Appel Ed Applebaum John Arvidson Steve Ashlevitz Bob Ashner Regina Baack Linda Bahl Al Baker Mike Baker Manuel Balandrin John Banas Anita Banash Sue Barnes Donna Barnow Candy Bator Bob Beaudette Steve Beaudette Carol Beck Ken Beckman Mike Becker Sheryl Begun Jane Bell Steve Bell David Bellos David Belson Janet Berens Jan Berezin Joyce Berger Dave Berkowitz Sue Berkowitz Tom Berlinger Cheryl Berman Ron Berman Helane Bernstein Audrey Berzock Lois Bierman Phil Bilitteri Jim Binkley Julie Birren Linda Blaekman Andrea Blanc Howard Blatt Sandra Blechman Sharman Blumenthal Marilyn Bode Bruce Boehm Ellen Boinie Rick Bold Bill Bnnctti Fred Booras Glen Borys Charles Bracandt Joe Brabec Pat Branson Mary Ann Brendel Leon Bresette Brian Brody Phil Bronstein Chuck Brusman Joy Busscrt Gary Bumbiner Bob Buns Carol Burton Richard Bush Charles Butzbach Carol Buxbaum Anthony Chapekis Richard! Cooper Susan Crane Lee Cohen Pat Cacioppo Candi Cain Joe Caliva Dan Callahan Lisa Callner Fran Carozza Mark Cartwright Joanne Casey Angelo Cassata Sue Costopoulos Linda Chapin Susan Chaplik Steven Cheng Marcia Chimberoff Debra Chirchirillo Wayne Chubin Nadine Chupack Ken Church Leon Clappertv Gayle Claver Barbara Clemen Kathy Clesen Stewart Colton Jackie Copp Steve Cooper Rich Conti Steve Davidson William Davis Linda Dassingcr James Deferville Sue Demartino Andy Demonte Janet Deppong Diane Depaepe Dennis Dermer Tony Desalvo Marty Desent Y ' icki Devine 124 Tom Dickert Karen Diakoumis Sue Diamond Laura Dicker Tom Dieschbourg Robin Dobrow Greg Dobbs Kenneth Dohm Mark Dolnick Jim Donenberg John Donlin Bonnie Doroff Shellev Drew Chris Duchaj Beth Duda Susan Dunn Shelbv Dunster Dianna Durston Craig Eadon Marilin Edwards Marty Edwards Dan Egebrecht Arthur Egel Cherie Eisenberg Jill Eisenberg Fred Eisenhammer Tom Kick Linda EickhofT Lee Eiden Janice Elarde Judy Enenstein Don Enger Ralph Epsteen Tim Erickson Rich Erpelding Cindy Eshbach Ernie Esterl Tom Eulberg Leslie Evans Sydney Faye Joyce Feinberg Randy Felsenthal Paul Fivelson Shelley Flannery Mike Floros Kent Floyd Susan Fogel George Fomaras Shari Forman Abbe Frank Tern’ Frazee Frank Freda Sheila Freedkin Leslie Freedman Deborah Freet Maryann Fritz Wendy Garen Kathie Garland Merrick Garland Gayle Garrett Marsha Gassman George Gates Gary Gaule Robert Gauthier Nancy Gavlin Gan Geni Marc Gilbert Linda Gill Cliff Gillen Steve Gillespie Kathy Ginesi Carole Glass 125 Bob Glassberg Paul Glatt Daryl Click Larry G lines Kim Goebelt Marla Goland Joanne Gold Mike Gold Howard Goldberg Pam Goldberg Mark Goldenberg Larry Goldfarb Linda Goldman Lucy Goldman Gail Golman Sharon Goldmeier Alan Goldstein Bob Goodman Jeff Goodman Leslie Goodman M ichele Goodman Ron Goodman Margie Goran Laurie Gordon Lurry GoUtfarh and Leslie Goodman pause during a classroom conversation to discuss the [bier points of Shake- s ea rea n dra ma. Robert Gordon Steve Gore Randall Goslin Cynthia Gottlieb Greg Grandt Ellen Greenman Mark Greenberg Ricky Greenberg Toni Grimm Carla Grossman Mike Grouzard Bill Gruber Gerald Grzybowski Chris Gump Allvson Gundlach Bill Guenther Bob Guenther Gene Gussis Charles Halfpap Marc Halperin Eddie Halpern Gail Hammcrberg Wenche Hanssen Chris Harris 126 Intent n )on concluding the final steps in a biological lab experiment. Stuart Rosenberg is assisted by two fellow classmates. Harriet Harris Jane Harris Guenther Hartfeil Karl Hartfeil Steve Hartnett Marv Hattendorf Bonnie Hausman George Heeres John Hoffman Ken Hoffman Bill Hoglund Cindy Hoppe Nancy Hoppe Gerry Horn Jeanne Horvat Alan Horwitz Herb Houndt Andrew Hsu Mary Hulock Debra Husman Helaine Hymes David Igasaki Barry Isaacson Chuck Jackson Bryan Jacobs Marcee Jacobs Val Jacobs Bill Jacobsen Greg Jakubik John Janesku Lillian Jankowski Rolfe Jaremus Earl Hegg Steve Heim Pat Heinrich Nancy Hentz Kathv Heinz Larry Heinz Barn ' Herst Steve Hilkin Randy Hillstrand Garrv Hinz Lynn Hirschauer Bob Hirschtick Barb Hoffman Bruce Hoffenberg Dave Hoffman Diane Hoffman 127 Cathy Jeschke Man’ John sen Adonna Johnson Don Johnson Greg Johnson Harold Johnson Joan Johnson Nancv Johnson Peggy Johnson Debbie Joseph Doug Jung Jimi Kahan Gary Kahn Phyilis Kalish Ranae Kallman Dyane Kamenear Drew Klein Kathy Klein Leslie Klein Rosemarie Klemens Donna Kluegel Mark Klugman Nick Koeune Sandy Kolodzik Mike Kontek Jerry Koplan Ed Kornel Eileen Kouba Carl Kovnat Denise KozlofT Kathy Krainski Bob Kramer Leon Kamhi John Kamradt David Kaplan Rick Karachun Richard Karlin Nathan Kaspi Wendy Kasten Alvin Katz Barn’ Katznelson Dean Kaufer Merle Kaufman Ron Kauflman Scott Kaufman Paul Keefe Scott Keeshin Pam Kellman Pat Kendrick Ed Keno Robert Kerman Michael Kesselman Kathy Kimura Teresa Kimura Andy Kitchen Elaine Klatch Don Krasner Carol Kravitz Julie Krieter Nathan Kriska Tom Kristof Marilyn Krueger Valerie Kuehn Marilan Kuhn Mary La fond Sandra Lahikainen Randy Lain Bob I ande Alan Lange Dale Lange James Lapaglia Larry Lapaglia Jeff Lapins Carol Larson Hal Lash Sherry Laskin Helen Lauer Michael Lauritzen Robert Lawrence Scott Leal 128 Bonnie Leavitt Brandon Leavitt Leigh Ixavitt Hedy Lebov Ilene Lebov itz Ellen Lees Barbara Lein Mark Leonard Ellen I epp Suzie Lerner Carol Levey Mel Levin Shelley I;evin Susan Levine Beth Levitan Linda Lewis Murray Lewison Lynne Ijberatori Terry Lindheimer Scott linn Bruce Lippo Jim Utke Ken Lloyd Carole Loos Larry iAicas Linda Lucas Cole Lundquist Dale Lustig Don McIntyre Dennis McLeod Jim Madden Richard Mader Barb Magnus Marcia Magnuson Nancy Majewski Harry Maltz Phyllis Mandell Ester Mandel .is David Mann Douglas Mann , • -V 4 Sheri Marcus Laurie Marmel Steven Marsh Kathy Marta Susan Martin Linda Martorano Roselyn Marorano Bernard Maslovitz Henry Mau Pat Mauer Bill Maver Janis Meyer Marlene Meyer Kurt Meyers Linda Mcsirow Tova Midler Greg Milioto Marc Mirskv Louis Mitchell Missy Mits Tom Mitt Mark Meonnig Kirk Moser Gail Motenko Mike Mrozek Gayle M ueller Dave Mura Diane Murphy Bob Musikantow Mary Myles Mark Myrent Alan Nagel Linda Nagelberg Cathy NaJcashima Mary Nassey Judee Nast Sharon Nehart Susan Neiberg Kris Nelson Roberta Nelson 129 Howard Neubauer Bette Neuman Richard Newton Cheryl Nichols Patty Nickols Dan Nietschmann Lauretta Niles Robert Nordin William Norman Nancy Nortel I Gloria Norum Joseph Noto Robert Novoselsky Judy Novotny Barry Nudel Andy Nudelman Mike Nyberg Joab Oberlander Phil Olsberg Lynnet Olson Laurie Orlove Gale Osmolak Pegie Pabst Carol Paciorek Gilbert Palm Bill Palmer Fred Palmer Marie Panico Penny Pantalakis Ernie Pappas Barbara Parker Dave Pash Cindy Pasma Michele Patino Bill Patterson Peggy Pearson Gary Pelzer Ken Pearlman Robert Perelman Dana Pertt Louise Peterson Bonnie Pines Marv Pinkert Rich Plotnick Scott Pogofsky Lynda Pokvitis Jim Polon Lori Polon Terrie Polone Louise Porazinski Mitchell Portugal Mike Prange Jill Press Dore Pritikin Mary Privatsky Larry Putterman Diane Pyshos John Quist Diane Rapaport Joel Raynes Kathy Reading Steve Redinger Mary Rogina Dennis Regner Gayle Regula Nancy Reicherts John Reifenberg Scott Rifkin Kathy Roark Marc Robbins Jeff Roberts Nancy Rochell Bill Rohde Marilyn Romen Andrea Rosen Audrey Rosen Barry Rosen Barry Rosen Gary Rosenberg Stuart Rosenberg 130 Steve Schwartz Tony Schwartz Linda Schwebel Ricky Scobee Marty Segal Sue Segal Ava Seidel Terri Seidman Sue Rosen bloom Bob Rosengren Arnold Rosenthal Jill Rosenthal Linda Rosenthal Gene Ross Jack Rossi Jean Rossi Rich Rowell Beth Rubin Rhonda Rubin Charlotte Rubinstein Stepli Rudisill JefT Rutgard Debra Sacks Rochelle Sadur Peter Sakas Steve Saltz Ann Sandroff Barb Sapstein Bob Schaller Lynn Schatzman Chris Schlag John Schlesinger Tom Schlitter Gregg Schneider John Schodin Denise Schroeder Gary Schroeder Tim Schroeder Mike Schwartz Rich Schwartz Audrey Selin Andy Servos Steve Settler Roberta Shall Marla Shandelson Debbie Shapiro Rick Shapiro Steve Share Mickey Shattow JefT Shaw Cindy Sher Marcie Shefren Doug Shenk David Shepard Marcy Shiner Scott Shore Sue Sichau Allan Siegal Ron Sierzcba Craig Sigel Marcy Silver Sherri Silverman Wayne Silverman Scott Silvers Linda Simons Phillip Singer Chris Skalski David Skipton Dave Sklansky Judy Slater Mike Slossy Mark Slussar Alan Smith Tom Smith Valerie Smith Jean Sobol Joan Sobol Mary Solecki Marshall Solomon Gerry Sorenson Walter Sorenson Pat Sortal Linda Spear Mary Spedale David Spiezer Debbie Spitz Paul Springbom David Springer John Sroka Kathy Staackmann Steve Stauber Robert Steffen Stephen Stein Earl Steinberg Jan Steinert Ann Steklof Lee Stral attempts to clarify a point as Earl Steinberg prepares notes. Carol Tabloff Jerry Tanaka Randy Tapper Joyce Taradash Mark Tark Don Tash Sharon Tash Chris Teacherson Kathy Tell Marty Thom a Vicki Thorn Steve Tiltz John Tinetti Bob Tobiansky Tim Tobias Susan Tommins Paul Topczewski Tim Torp Steve T ranter Ron Treibcr Alan Tripi Thomas Tripicchio Mike Trojan Nancy Truesdale Rhonda Varon Pat Vaughn Marie Ventrella Pat Ventrello Denise Verany Linda Virag Boh Stevens Sandy Stevens Kurt Stille Suzette Stoklosa Carol Stone Val Stopka Lynne Storm Lee Stral Lynnette Streich Terri Stremke Brad Strobel Mike Swets David Swock James Szpajcher Cathv Szuherla 132 Diane Zagoren Jim Zamp Mike Zaslavsky Judi Zastrow Michael Zajac Robert Zeman Kathy Zenner Bert Zev Tom Zimka Len Ziomek Frank Zweig While contemplating the mysteries of existentialism, Lucy Fritzs hall slowly removes herself from reality. 133 John Von Holdt Donna Vonderlinden Vemette Wallace Mike Wallach Sue Ward Kathy Wargo Robin Warman Sharon Warshawsky Mark Wax Sandy Weibel John Welch Terr} ' Weidberg Candy Weil Marilyn Weil Raymond Weiner Lisa Weiner Mitch Weinger Carol Weir Mike Weiser Gary Weisman Helen Weiss Hillary Weiss Ralene Weiss Richard Wcitz Bruce Weitzmon Randy Wertheimer Cindy Wien Pete Williams Cliff Wilson Bonnie Wise Sue Witt Steve Wolff Rick Wolflick Pam Wolin Alan Wolters John Woods Jim Wvkoiako Karen Yellen Michelle Yelen Jody Zacher 134 special events find a motley collection of sneak¬ ers poking their toes through the doors . . . everyone wants a job, a unique way to get lost in the uproar surrounding a Happening . . . so many sneakers fill so many holes, a million corners in a million places please a million sneakers . . . pow wow coaxed even the most reluctant sneakers from their locker room cubicles and no one knows for sure just how many sneakers sneaked into a niche under a certain mattress ... six sneakers learned the basics of being tonguetied from a television camera and prom found dingy sneakers inconspicuously crammed beneath cascading formats . . . so many corners to find, so many sneakers to be . . . each is himself participating not as a massive canvas but as a distinctive sneaker . . . The smiling queen of Homecoming ' 68, Diane Wirkus, chats with Homecoming participants while waiting for the parade to commence. NATASHA AND BORIS HOMECOMING r 68 Student Council wildly crosses the gym during the Homecoming assembly as the students and faculty giggle at their ridiculous Laugh-In skits. Spectators watching the parade laugh at the grinning Italian atop the Student Council float which was followed by a carful of Pou - Wow clowns. 136 PLOT AGAINST Will Natasha and Boris steal Niles West school spirit? Will Rocky and Bullwinkle be able to protect their team and lead them to a Homecoming victory? Fearful thoughts plagued the hearts of all students as Homecoming ' 68 began. Throughout the entire Homecoming week, various clubs slaved on their floats. The Homecoming Committee frantically checked last minute details. The Indian team per¬ fected its playing techniques, so that " This Time for Sure " Niles West would be victorious. The school se¬ lected its Homecoming queen and court at the Friday night Pep Rally, while instilling the ' will to kill ' into each Indian team member. Satu rday morning, everyone awakened early to view the Home¬ coming parade, equipped with Pom-Pon girls, gorgeous floats, marching band, and Pow-Wow clowns. Slowly winding through the streets of neigh¬ boring suburbs, the parade finally returned to home territory, where the big event of the day awaited: the football game. Steve Cohen, mascot of the powerful Indian team, leads the parade for Homecoming ' 68 through the crowded streets of downtown Skokie. Anticipating Dr. Mannos ' s announcement of the Homecoming Queen, Steven Cohen grasps the torch to ignite the bonfire. At the Twilight Pep Rally, Rocky and Bullwinkle, alias Wayne Chubin and Bob Cashatt, perform the last act of the Homecoming skit. Turning down Oakton, marching Pom-Pon girls present an exciting routine to encourage school spirit. An exuberant gathering of Niles West spectators applaud as the Indians sweep a 36 to 0 victory. Indian mascot, Steve Cohen, leads the players through the teepee to an exciting victory. " THIS TIME FOR SURE” — AN INDIAN VICTORY! The efforts of everyone were rewarded when Niles West won the football game. Defying history, the Indians massacred the Cowboys, achieving a score of 36 to 0. Delighted spectators cheered Rocky and Bullwinkle as they dispelled the evil Natasha and Boris, and left the carcasses of Cowboys to rot in the football field. The remainder of the afternoon, the Indians pre¬ pared for their victory Homecoming dance. Still elated over their achievements of the afternoon, couples happily appluaded the presentation of the Homecoming Court, followed by the coronation of the Queen. " Autumn Leaves " serenely ended the wonder¬ ful week of Homecoming ' 68. Maneuvering through their intricate plays, the Indians fiercely massacre the New Trier Cowboys. At the Homecoming Pep Rally, Coach Basrak encourages the student body to increase school spirit, and that ’This Time for Sure’ the team will triumph at Homecoming. mti At the Homecoming dame, " Autumn Leaves, " Roberta Shall dreamily waltzes to the wistful music of the Rat Pack. Cubminating an eventful weekend, " Autumn Leaves " permits couples to reminisce as they whisper ' sweet nothings ' . Lively Homecoming Court members Karen Diakoumis, Sharon Gray, Queen Diane Wirkus, Georgia Bell and Denise Schroeder beam radiantly for their admirers. Highlighting Homecoming ' 68, Senior Class Pres¬ ident, David Drew, places the crown upon the vivacious queen, Diane Wirkus. 139 MOCK POLITICAL ELECTION: i 1 hi preparation for the Mock Political Election as semb y. Mr. Lawler labors on his candidate ' s poster. HUMPHREY OVERWHELMS NIXON AT WEST hilt Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, and George Wallace campaigned throughout the country in the 1968 presidential election, the West student body, in an attempt to simulate the American demo¬ cratic process, participated in a Mock Political Elec¬ tion. Activities in the week long campaign included forums offered during study hall periods and daily newspapers explicating the views of the candidates on national and international affairs. Highlighting the campaign events was an assembly where each of the student representatives of the candidates issued his platform while demonstrations were held on the convention floor. Humphrey emerged the victor, along with a list of liberal Democratic senators and representatives. Although the election results did not coincide with the national outcome, the simulation proved an excellent experience in political participation. Students campaigning on the floor grin at a sign stating " Is ra el s up ports Wa llace. " As Bert Herbstman, representing Humphrey, rises to speak, the Humphrey Muskie delegation applauds. Him CSS3 □ZZD M TAK lZlZjj The Nixon-Ague w delegation cheers David Springer as the student representative for Nixon returns to his followers after a dynamic presentation. Although no speaker represented their candidate, faithful Gene McCar¬ thy followers still wave their posters in perdurable support. After days of preparation, rehearsal, and speech-giving, the last re¬ mains of the Mock Political Election Assembly lie in heaps upon emptied chairs and gymnasium floors. 14 1 Ably representing presidential candidate George Wallace, Steve Ellwing vehemently expounds the views of the conservative right. 142 WHAT IF " WHAT ' What if We Could Talk to the Animals ' sing dectet members, dressed in their animal finery. V Taught Him Everything He Knows ' lead fill Eisenberg tells the audience, as she gleefully pinches chubby Jason Wo Ini s cheeks. IF” COULD BE! Pow-Wow ' 68 Steering Committee, intent on ex¬ panding the imaginations of its audience, developed the title and theme song, " What If? " Blanche and Ralph, a suburban couple, come to view their son Ralphie in this year ' s Pow-Wow. Blanche drags Ralph unwillingly through the audience to their seats on stage. Henpecked Ralph slips into his seat, falls asleep, and dreams an intricate tale of drama, comedy, and slap-stick. Finally telling off loud¬ mouthed Blanche near the end of the show, Ralph awakens, only to realize his wife is still sitting be¬ side him. Ralph is thus destined to remain with the obnoxious Blanche, but the audience empathizes with underdog Ralph, allowing him to make the final comment, " Actually, I enjoyed the show. " Leslie Kaplan, Laurie Brandt, and Randi Mirsky interpret " If I Had A Hammer and " Rock My Soul. " " What If We Were First Graders " muse these industrious students, as they prepare their most recent assignment, a book report on Peter Rabbit. Chris Mueller expresses her im¬ pression of western breezes in " What if the Wind Came Alive? " Tim Tobias conducts the Pow-Wow ' 68 band, providing the musical score for the show. Debbie Muth and big blue frog, Pam Goldberg , question the possibilities of mixed marriage m ' What If I Married A Big Blue FrogF Bouncing animals and dectet members sing the last notes to the finale number " What If. " " SHORT BUT SWEET Bonnie Hausman and Jennie Schiller sing of the joys and woes of their lines as maids in ' What If Old Friends Could See Us Now? " 144 Disturbed at the loss oftheir homeroom at a e i assembly . eight freshmen girls dwell oil the grail possibilities of " What If WV Were Seniors? " POW-WOW r 68 To develop its imaginative theme, Pow-Wow Steer¬ ing Committee created countless innovations in the student directed, written, produced, and performed Pow-Wow. A double dectet, comprised of singers, dancers, and black-out actors was selected, along with ten " What If " acts, to produce the shortest Pow- Wow in Niles West history. Other " firsts " included the elimination of competition between acts, removal of the traditional overture, and the addition of audi¬ ence-participation acts and production numbers. What if " What If? " succeeded? Smiles on cast, crews, and audience conclude that Pow-Wow ' 68 " What If? " was definitely victorious. Pondering the perlexing question of " What If Bananas Really Pelled? " four bananas ' bump ' and ' grind ' across the Pow-Wow ramp to the sexy music of " The Stripper. " As they dance and hop across the stage, 14 little girls dream of " What If There Were A Magic Day? " After having eaten a tremendous meal of honey, Ellen Lieberman, as Mother Rabbit, pulls with all her strength to dislodge poor Pooh (alias David Kaplan) from her doorway. Although firmly held by the bath-giving hands of Kanga, played by Helaine Bernstein, Andi Kitchen, as Piglet still tries to escape the dreaded soap and water. 146 WINNIE-THE-POOH PROVIDES Winnie-the-Pooh excitedly listens to a story about Himself to d to him by his friend Jim Hornthal as Christopher Robin. Quite happy that their Pooh bear is once again safe and sound, the cast of Winnie-th e-Poo h gaily warbles the finale. PROFOUND PLEASURE By bringing storybook friends and dreams to life on the stage, Children ' s Theatre provides afternoons of delight for children of all ages. Sponsored by Directors Robert Johnson and Molly Magee, the acting troupe produces two shows on Saturday afternoon, with cookies and punch afterwards. " Winnie-the-Pooh " started Children ' s Theatre this year with a delightful success. Expanded creativity with costuming, make-up and scenery allowed Pooh bear and a multitude of his friends to entertain in the bag lunchroom. The vast imaginations of children plus the talents of all involved provided a memor¬ able experience for both audience and cast. .Snarling with all the might ofa mother . Kongo forces Dole Rosen, her son Roo, to toke his medicine extract, as the other animals of the forest look on in com de e horror. While hiding by on old tree, little rabbits Terry Spies and Undo Levine watch Pooh stealing honey from bumble bees. Displaying the power of super-animals, Pooh ' s friends finally manage to yank the fat bear out of Rabbit ' s house. With a wide grin on her face, Ida Pokier proudly raises the hampster she has bought, complete with cage and wood shavings, for a mere fifteen dollars. Auction participants wildly sacrifice their life savings for stuffed animals. Students at West ask " What ' s a Biafran? " and upon learning from Elaine Segals posters, they plan their Biafran Audi m. Hopeful that the student body will respond generously, Peggy Kaplan holds up The Thing, the next object to be sold. 48 WEST LEARNS TO " GIVE A DAMN” DURING BIAFRAN CRISIS Pursuing the objective of an auction, Arts Club, as a non-profit organization, debated the goal of its drive. The crisis in Biafra was mentioned, and im¬ mediately Arts (dub announced the arrival of a Biafran Auction. Students were urged to donate sell¬ able merchandise, and plans began to mushroom. Senior Cabinet did extensive research concerning the political and economical situation in Biafra, and members served as " runners " during the aution. Teachers became involved by offering lunches at Booby ' s, carrying students ' books, or providing chauffering services to and from school. The efforts of all involved were well rewarded. The main floor of the auditorium w as almost completely filled, and items were sold for three or four times their normal cost; one dinner tor four cost $46! A total amount of $1,500 was procured and sent to Biafra, making the auction both an enjoyable and worthwhile activity for the entire school. Yo-Yos that light up in the (lark went for a dollar a piece, atul Mar¬ ilyn Roman begins to enjoy hers in the auditorium aisle. Mr. Shore. Biafran Auctioneer, models the next item to he sold. A team of four senior girls plus cabinet sponsor Mrs. Macala was needed to collect the sum of $1,500 spent at the auction, and write receipts. 149 FRESHMAN ENTHUSIAM BRINGS VICTORY The traditional Xiles West " Ugly Man Contest " appears to be on the way out. Profits from canning were consistent w ith those of previous years. Enthusi¬ asm for the dance, however, revealed the mounting student disinterest. The novelty of " Ugly Man " has faded, illustrative of the need for a new approach to fund-raising. Junior candidate, Rob Hirschtick, calmy dismisses the defeat and vows that hit class " shall overcome. ' The defeated Senior Ugly Man candidate, John Wulf, expresses his astonishment over the generosity (?) of the senior class. Freshman ftiul Klipowicz proudly boasts that he is the ' Ugliest " at West. Catulidate Dan Goldman sincerely expresses his gratitude to the Sophomore class for their support. BROTHERHOOD WEEK HUMANIZES WEST Mr. Robert Mason tells it like it is. Mr. James Turner takes an active interest in the opin¬ ions of Niles West students. Brotherhood Week brought a rise of inquisitiveness among the students. Mr. Robert Mason, speaker at the frosh-soph assembly, gave his interpretation of racial problems. Mr. James Turner and Pro¬ fessor Wiebe of Northwestern University, also pre¬ sented their views on man ' s humanity to man. For¬ ums following the assemblies brought out many controversial comments among the students. Mr. Mason listens to the questions of West ' s freshmen and sophomores. Professor Wiehe discusses today ' s racial problems. 131 David Springer debates the validity ' of a question as prospective teammates sympathize with his dissension. SCHOLARS SWEEP PREP BOWL Starting in the spring of the 68-69 school year, the West " It ' s Academic " team attained a new high in total points, with a score of 410 in elimination rounds. Not only did team members Jesse Cedar- baum, Merrick Garland, David Springer and David Beswick display excellent factual knowledge on the " It s Academic " program, but they also performed intelligently on the Prep Bowl Quiz. Helping the team to achieve their four winning games were sponsors Faith Shapiro and Allan Paschke. Working towards final selections, Mrs. Shapiro tallies individual responses. Mr. Paschke serves as moderator in a practice session. 152 WEST STUDENTS PROVIDE VALUABLE SOCIAL SERVICE This year Niles West students gave time and effort to a number of service projects. The two out¬ standing were the Hospital Visiting Troupe and a canning project of Medical Careers Club. The Hospital Visiting Troupe, sponsored by Mr. Richard Turner, visited Cook County and Great Hikes Naval Hospitals on a bi-weekly basis. These trips provided not only an opportunity for the stu¬ dents to brighten the dull routine of a hospital patient, but to relate to people whose environment in no way resembles their own. Medical Careers Club also participated in a social service project. Under the Niles Township Welfare service, the club collected canned goods to be dis¬ tributed to needy families in the area. Joan Levey gams human experience while reading to two enraptured patients. Patricia Weiss cheers a bedridden Cook County Hospital patient. Mem hers oj the Medical Careers Club display the canned foods collected for welfare cases in the Chicago area. IS3 Suspended by chorus members, Bamy Whitesman and Fred Kleinweig, the vivacious prime ss emits the final notes of the show. Shocked by the unprecedented arrival of the thirteenth princess, court members anxiously anticipate the Queen ' s reaction. " MO USE DEVOURS HAWK” " One Upon A Mattress " frosts the familiar tale " The Princess and the Pea " with satire and a musi¬ cal score. The domineering Queen proclaims " no one shall wed before Dauntless shares the marriage bed, " and succeeds in procrastinating the wedding through various subtle tactics. Climaxed with the arrival of Winnifred the Wobegone, Dauntless falls hopefully in love with " Fred. " By means of the sen¬ sitivity test, the Queen plans in vain to expel the Princess from the kingdom, hut she is outwitted by her conniving subjects. Complimenting the main theme are further sub¬ plots of the muted king and his female pursuits, the lifting of the evil curse, and the romantic trau¬ mas of the ' star-crossed ' lovers: Lady barken and Sir Harry. Although unable to vocalize. King Sextimus communicates in his own imique manner. i 134 Captivating the audience with her dramatic gestures, Queen Rne Wallace devises a scheme to test the sensitivity of Princess Winnifred. Love unites Lady Larkin and Sir Harry. Linda Rubert pleads for some ' Happily Ever After. ' The Nightengale of Samarguandfails to hill the princess to sleep. 159 Employing the images of ' hoy flower " and " girl flower, " King Sextimus pantomimes the facts of life to the naive Dauntless. 157 The domineering Queen Aggravanm demam an explanation of the King ' s peculiar behavio Disdainful of her chore, Lady-in-Waiting, Ellen Lees, prepares Linda Rubert for bed. Court members nervously contemplate the test resuus. " O nce Upon A Mattress, " the first Johnson -Winkler collaboration, intoduced numerous finishing touches to the standard West productions. The comedy stress¬ ed group involvement, rather than emphasizing individual roles. The extraneous effects -- costumes, make-up, scenery and tableaus -- sufficiently im¬ pressed audiences that " mattress " was West ' s most professional theatrical offering. Three east members form a dramatic triangle of an i ta hy. In the opening scene of the play. Tom Mitt, portraying liiederman . hypnotically stares at a flame. " Don ' t pat the blame on Cod. " 158 " FIREBUGS” REHEARSE Cast members tnimick the student director at one of the first rehearsals. This year ' s spring play, " Biederman and die Firebugs " by Max Frisch, was a pro¬ duction in the Niles West tradition. The plot essentially centers around Frisch ' s belief that one man ' s abstention from involvement makes him as guilty of a crime as the criminal himself. Biederman, which loosely translated means " every-man, " allows ar¬ sonists to move into his home and eventually burn it down simply because he was afraid to force their expulsion. Director Mr. James Batts, using the Greek- type chorus provided lor within the script, experimented liberally with audience in¬ volvement techniques. Also, unusual stage and lighting effects were put to use, cul¬ minating in the burning of Biederman s house. The dedication oi the entire cast and crew provided for a meaningful and significant presentation. Sidney Fay arul Bob Greisnuin begin to assume the roles of the characters which they are to portray. Chorus members look up to their leader, Steve Platt, with a few words of advice. 159 SPRING PROVIDES A PANACEA FOR FATIGUED STUDENTS As rays oi spring sunshine pierce through the veil of melancholy and apathy, remnants of a winter disposition, hearts and souls are revitalized, while spirits are reborn. Spring activities bring with them greater searching, seeking clearer meanings to life, and a reawakening to the outside world. Spring attitudes are positive and despair has melted with the snow. Senses are refreshed with the change of season and minds are stimulated toward new dis¬ coveries. At the end of the year, Senioritas and spring fever may run rampant through Niles West, but the prospect of summer seems to soothe an¬ xieties and bring brightness to the soul. Steve Rosen shun- am Jason Wo in lake advantage of a sunny day to pose jar llieir long-awaited Spectrum picture which was purchased at the Riafra auction. Spring weather allows " rc easeef seniors to invade the courtyard for a change oj scenery. 160 Mar a Miller and fjirry Schneider grimace at the prospect of return in a, to their classes after a restful interlude outdoors. An " ambitions ' senior finds time to eateh up on much needed sleep after a rugged morning. Amidst spring fever and senior it is. a courageous senior tackles her assignment with an air of assurance. 16 1 . . . even the most straight-laced sneakers need an outlet for repressed energy . . . zapping from the locker room, individual sneakers may shine on tennis courts, but they sure aren ' t limited there . . . " sneakers sell socks after school " (at all exits) whips a west words headline ... or " ten tennies baffle bircher " . . . no boundaries, no strings attached . . . onceuponatime a matching pair of white sneakers was a matching pair of white sneakers was a . . . now, laces untied (umbilical cord severed), one squeaks solos as its twin supervises the sneakers- for-a-democratic-society ... or serves as sneaker council representative ... in so many diverse di¬ rections speed separate sneakers, switched onto past, present and even future--who knows how many will sell their soles to science . . . INDIVIDUALITY PROMOTES CHANGE The mood of 1969 was change; the theme catered to the individual. Ihe ' West Way ' was discarded for an unde¬ fined policy of " doing one ' s own thing. " Mutually, the yearbook underwent a similiar process of eliminating traditional gestures and adopting new precedents. Sup¬ porting the premise that a yearbook should interpret as well as factually relate the events of the year, the editors strove to obtain objectivity concerning West. They pur¬ sued the ideal that students could achieve personal satis¬ faction without recognition in black and white. Thus, the senior activity listings were shuffled to a separate index, removed from their " impressive " position accompanying senior pictures. Underclassmen were no longer considered " sheep, " so they too were granted individual poses. Rows of plastic smiles were replaced with action shots of clubs and athletic teams. In the unique introductory section, photography focused on individuals who had excelled in various achievements. Hopefully, Spectrum ' 69 will pre¬ serve the memories in their proper perspectives. Consoled by advisors Mr. Turner and Miss Stewart, editors Joan Levey and Laurie Leader review in dismay the shortage of appropriated funds. Gail Golman, Nancy Rochell, Diane fjngoren, and Ah’in Katz dispute various dimensiomil possibilities for candid photographs. As they skeptically preview activity candids, Maureen Missuer. Marsha Greenstem, Shelly Gibnan, Barb LcVine, Jay Kenis, and Ellen Jacobs prophesize student re¬ actions to informal photographs. 164 Leafing through old volumes, Sharman Blumenthal, Margie Goran, Judy Klein, Sara, Cooper, and Lois Raffelconclude that interpretative copy is a vital addition. Larry Butler, Shelby Du ns ter, Karen Frank el, Jason Wo l in and Ellen Boime deliberate over proper page distribution. Bob Lande, Barry » Isaacson, Linda Greenberg. Marlene £ukerman and David Beswick discuss the merits of including a senior index. Exciting highlights of the year ' s special events are organized by Carol Sumner, Grace Korzec and Peggy Kaplan. 65 WEST WORD STRIVES For the first time in a long time, Niles West has experienced a year of progress and unrest among the students. The editorial page has strived to be a leader of student opinion as well as a guide of social change. The first issue of the 1968-69 school year included a challenge proposed by Dr. Mannos as well as the West Word ' s hope for progress through¬ out the year. Several issues most dominant in the controversy concern the West Free Press and the Political Forum Club, the institution of a Smoking Area, Project Wingspread, in addition to entire issues on student activism, politics 68, and drugs. Audi Servos, Jim Lithe. Jim Braun. Boh Goodman , ami Marcia Sapstem review a hard week ' s work. 166 Ellen Lees. Donna Stolen, and Peggy Kaplan discuss an editorial concerning the question of student power. FOR SOCIAL CHANGE Helane Bernstein types an ar¬ ticle while Dim Kelhnan. Garyr H ’e ism an, and Lynn Schaty- tnan argue over its worthi¬ ness with sponsor Mr. Turner. 167 STUDENT COUNCIL INITIATES NEW DRESS CODE Student Council revised the Dress Code, supported recognition of the Political Forum Club, and spon¬ sored a Mock Political Election this year. Separ¬ ating the ideal from the real, speakers at the Brotherhood Assembly criticized the hypocrisy of W.A.S.P. America, while seeking to reevalutate the term " brotherhood. " Service projects included Bundles Days, AFS W eek, and the Ugly Man Dance. W’est Student body, however, demanded materialistic re¬ sults for fund-raising efforts. Thus, council purchased a juke-box with the diminutive Ugly Man profits. A school with so much remained unwilling to give to others, but preferred to directly benefit from their wealth. President Paul Sortalpresides over a meeting. Officers Merrick Garland, Jay Kents, Piul Sortal, Laurie Leader, and Barry Rosen reread a proposed amendment. Although they may look it. the people of Student Council are far from boring. APOTHEOSIS CHALLENGES CREATIVITY Printed every year, Apotheosis serves as a deposi¬ tory for all creative expressions in poetry, prose, and art. Annual contests, open to the entire student body, are held to select the highest quality compo¬ sitions. The materials are then edited and assembled by the student membersof Apotheosis, and distributed throughout the school. Creativity if favorably heightened in both writers and critics as a result of the magazine ' s publication. Paula Begeotu Mary Rogina , Linda Simons, Mr. Gragg, and Jesse Cederbaum pore over articles submitted to the literary » magazine. PRESS BUREAU BRIEFS PUBLIC Emphasizing the interdependency of the school and the community, Press Bureau meets daily to discuss methods to further communication. They distribute press releases to local new spapers to inform the community of the wide scope of events West has to offer including Unions, productions, and achievements. Once an article has been printed, it is posted on the bulletin board in the corridor near the main office. Judy Bork, Mr. Geismann, David Bloom, Paula Cass, and Sherri Silverman as mem¬ bers of the Niles West Bureau select articles pertaining to events occurmg at the school. 170 S.S.O. AIDS RELEASED SENIORS In their 16 headquarters, smiling S.S.O. monitors plan their activities. Besides helping lost students to their destinations through the cavernous halls of West, and guiding released seniors to the library, cafeteria, or coke machine, the monitors also serve as loyal clerks throughout the various offices in the school. S.S.O. Executive Board: Doris Ales, Mike Mangurten, Saudi Goldberg, and Dennis Tortorella select monitors for the year. UNITY BOARD PERPETUATES STUDENT GOALS The basic function of a club is to offer its members some challenge-either in the field of discovery or entertainment. Unity Board, composed of repre¬ sentatives from each chartered organization, em¬ phasized the necessity of communication between various groups. The monthly forums provoked commentary concerning Biafra, the PA committee, and the controversial West Free Press. Attempting to alter restrictions that dampened student freedoms, members discovered that every club strove to im¬ prove West, not for individual recognition but for universal contentment. Sandy Yablin, Paul Sortal, and Jim Gassel revieic agenda for the next Unity Board meeting. N-Club officers Jeff Kramer. Bob Downing, Sieve Richter, and Bob Perz preside over a meeting held in the gymnasium. N-CLUB INSTRUMENTAL AT SPORTS EVENTS Although school spirit at West this year took an apethic tune, N-Club continually strove to renew its popularity through positive endeavors. They also were instrumental in athletic events, guarding the gates of the football field and holding the basket¬ ball ropes. During Homecoming, N-Club craftsmen constructed the cowboy annihilated at the Pep Rally in addition to the third-place float which " illuminated " the parade. 172 The Niles West Lettermen build strength while exhibiting school spirit. POM-PON SQUAD HEIGHTEN SPIRIT As an established organization at West, the Pom-Pon Squad gained the respect and recognition of the student body as a permanent spirit- promoting factor. Costumed in authentic Indian outfits complete with fringe, their creative routines to such tunes as " Alley Cat, " " Up, Up, and Away, " and " Sunny " attests to the admiration they received. Debbie Warsaski, Marla Shandelson, and Joanie %oros practice briefly before their performance at a football game. Jcxin Zoros, Diana Durston, Randi Mir sky, Debbie Warsaski, and Nancy Rochellhighlight the half-time entertainment. Debbie Warsaski and Diana Durston perform to Up, Up, And Away . ' Cindy Roland and Shelley Levin boost spirit while performing the school sor CHEERLEADERS: EVIDENT OF CHANGE With highly successful performances displayed by West teams in all the major sports, the Niles cheer¬ leaders had a pleasant job rousing the sports crowds to lead the school on to victory. Throughout the year freshman, sophomore and varsity squads per¬ fected new routines to instill the greatest amount of spirit possible. Lynda Gill ardently cheers the Indians on to victory. Julie Krieter ' s emotions escape her during a game. Andi Servos, Denise Schroeder. and Jill Press (Captain) reflect the crowd ' s enthusiasm during a cheer. Jan Bydalek and Nancy Nortell led the jubilant crowds. 174 Sophomore cheerleaders Judy Bereskin and Susan Timmer practice for an onco ming game. Marla Rodnick and Sue Pol one excitingly watch the game. Kathy Cativa is hopeful that the Indians will win. Spirited Shelley Franks leads a chant. Bari Kreiter shows her support for the Indians 175 PEP CLUB AROUSES SPIRIT Mary Myles, Jackie Alishnnura, Barbara Clark, and Dehby Huber contemplate new cheers. In their admirable efforts to instill school spirit, Pep Club members faithfully attended each game. Un¬ fortunately they often comprise the majority of the spectators. Niles West students consider sports events last minute resorts to end ennui. Pep Club ' s support nurtured, however, with each win, highlighted by a successful basketball season. " Yeah, boys, just give us those results and we ' ll cheer you on! " 77 MER’S CLUB AIDS OFFICIALS AT SWIMMING MEETS Armed with stop-watch in hand, the Niles West Timer ' s Club officiated the swimming events. They timed the home meets and assisted the referees in the announcement of each event. The club was highly selective since only those girls that passed a difficult preliminary test were admitted. In addition to their function as officials, the Timers encouraged school spirit and good sportsmanship. Patti Joslyn, Jean Sob el to victory. and Debbie Vitici ardently tone the swimmers on Saudi Goldberg, Mr. Requarts, Diane Wurkus, Carol Weir, Mr. Drum, and Sandy Yabldi prepare for the Union. STUDENT UNION EXPANDS PROGRAM Good griefs? Jesse James meets Frankenstein? Free Beatle albums? These extraordinary events occurred at the " 5 instead of 4 " Student Unions. West students brought dates from other schools, who grooved to Phil Upchurch and the Sowful Strings, learned " How to Steal a Million " and blew a few minds at a funky Light Show. The organization ' s responsibilities were distributed among committees and weekly discussion periods. Their final committment was to interview and select a new board for the oncoming year. Student Union Board President Sandy Yablin check identification cards atul tickets at the door. Carol Wen, Debbie Kouzes, Sandi Goldberg, and Joyce Fein berg sample the refreshments to be served at the Student Union. 177 GERMAN CLUB EPITOMIZES HOLIDAY FESTIVITIES German Club does not limit their study of the language to a 40 minute class period. Members augmented their information of the culture through guest lecturers and audio supplements. A conventional Christmas party was hosted by a German Santa Claus and a May banquet terminated the year ' s activities. Alan Strauss, Marty Levin, Dave Berko wit:, Donna Sherbin, Jamie Wicker, Joni Gold, and Carol Deppong discuss coming German Club activities with their sponsor, Mr. Brink. FRENCH CLUB SEES r, JACQUE BREL n Susan Brody and Audrey Rosen decorate the French Club bulletin board, while Sust LeVine and Suzie Lerncr are read a French Magazine. Annually French Club follows a standard procedure of informative discussions accompanied by guest lecturers to bolster the knowledge of Parisian culture. " The Two Of Us " enchanted members with the sim¬ plicity of love, and the viewing of " Jacque Brel Is Alive and Well and Living In Paris " acquainted the students with the language in the play medium. " WHO SAID LATIN IS DEAD?” Latin Club officers Phillip fazove, Cary Hidaka, Debbie Deal, Ann Sekloff, and Rosemary Lemer plans for the next club meeting. Latin Club students anticipated the annual Sa¬ turnalia Christmas party, a simulation of a tradition¬ al Roman banquet. Limited by a small treasury and membership, their income relied heavily on the ever- popular cliche ' --the Niles West Bake Sale. RUSSIAN CLUB WINS FLOAT AWARD Aided by a tape recorder , Nancy Rochell, Marla Shandelson, and David Beswick repeat Russian dialogue. Although indoctrined that the only fascinating aspect of Russia is the practice of communism, some students at West sought to explore the lighter half of Russian culture. However they still participated in the " All American tradition of building a class " B " Homecoming float which took first place in the competition. A gala Christmas party highlighted the bleak winter days and the annual spring picnic culminated the year ' s achievements. 17 ® With the assistance of language lah facilities, Mrs. Jeffrey informs Spanish Club students Audi Block, Charlene Miller, Robyn Po dell Holly Fish kin, Gary Chan kin, and Anita Salzman on correct Spanish accent. SPANISH CLUB DINES AT CAFE ' LA MARGUIRITA Meeting twice a month to explore the Spanish people and their culture, Spanish club had the " usual " series of projects. They built a Homecoming float as well as sponsoring a banquet dinner at Cafe’ la Marguirita. ARTS CLUB LAUNCHES BIAFRA AUCTION Art is not a label restricted to a painting by Da- Vinci, it encompasses anything that gives plea sure. Arts club explored the established fields of art music and literature and progressed into the hu manities by initiating the Biafra auction. Student orators expounded on numerous subjects, from at¬ tacking outmoded school policies to offering pro¬ posals for global peace. Mr. Gragg was available for consultation. INVOLVEMENT-AIM OF ART COUNCIL Participation in the experimental art phases was promoted by Art Council, as they delved into the world of contemporary medias. A combined light show and art exhibit was presented in the Oakton Lobby for the P.T.A. Open House. Projects con¬ cerning surrealism and the phychedelic occupied the majority of time furing the bi-monthly meetings. Under the supervision of their club sponsor, Bob Weitzman, An ita Applebaum, Orlove, Neil Bucher, and Kandy Diakoumis work on their current art projects. G.A.A. MEMBERSHIP SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASES The Girl ' s Athletic Association is densely popu¬ lated with gym leaders and those interested in pur¬ suing diversified athletic activities. Participation in basketball, slimnastics, volleyball, tennis and gym¬ nastics illustrates how the " superactive " girls utilize their time. Others join the fun by purchasing bake good at after school sales, or bringing dates to the co-ed sport nights. This year, the Valentine Dance featured the " Wee Hours " in cominbation with a Sportsnight. The Spring Awards Night honored the past year ' s participants and announced the election of new officers. 181 Linda Delano, Nancy Majewski Terri Kimura, and ValKuehn preside over a G.AA. meeting. THESPIANS UNITE ENERGETIC DRAMA STUDENTS Thespian members contribute extensively in theatri¬ cal areas. Membership is achieved with the accumu¬ lation of ten points by participation. An annual spring banquet serves the dual purpose to present awards to individuals who have excelled and to recognize new members. Marty Levin, Jordon Katz, Mark Dolnick, Roberta Ginter, Debbie Roth, and Peggy Kaplan gather to discuss the script for the musical. SPOTLIGHTERS CO-ORDINATE DRAMATIC ACTIVITIES Spot lighter officers Marlene Meyers, Cindy Wien, Sue Sedloff Jordon Katz, and Lonnie Leavitt compare notes in the auditorium after a meeting. Spotlighters encompasses a variety of dramatic activities. Members range from the " Sammy Star " of major productions to the " little people behind the scenes responsible for make-up, costumes, lighting, and props. Devoted to the encouragement of theater arts, Spotlighters emphasizes the importance of dedi¬ cation and hard work for enjoyment and satisfaction rather than personal gain. FORENSIC TEAM ATTENDS STATE MEET Fran Cutler, Bonnie Rupert, Linda Rupert, and Pam Kellman discuss new ideas for the next Forensics meet. Whether an expert on current events, an effective dramatic speaker, or an interpreter of verse, foren¬ sics offers opportunities for all to express them¬ selves in speech. Contests are held throughout the year at surrounding high schools where students present programs in speech which they have or¬ ganized or written. Although not all speech club members attended the final district, sectional and state meets, the speaking ability of all members in both delivery and interpretation is enthusiastically improved. DEBATE TEAM IMPROVES Learning to speak effectively and at a moments notice is thought by many to be the " key to success. " The debate team practices these concepts each day as they prepare for various meets. The impressive record the team attained proves that the long diligent hours of practice payed off. Debate team members Michael Shallow and Rick Schoonfieldpresent a debate while the remainder of the class listen attentively. 163 Dkinna Durston, Karen Mueller, Gayle Mueller, Allison Gunlnch, and Undo Erton perfect a dance. COMBINED GYMNASTIC AND THEATRE OF DANCE Dianna Durston, Linda E j ton, and Karen Mueller prai tice diligently for the Aqua sprite show. 184 Marilyn Kruger rests before resuming practice. CarolHellander, Ralene Weiss, Judy Wasmund, Jody Ellyne, artd Diane Dilg perform a free exercise routine. SHOW A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS Jody Ellyne and LuEllyn Conrad exhibit grace and skill on the bal¬ ance beam. Girls display grace juxaposed with skill in per¬ formances of gymnastics and Theatre dance. Routines on the uneven parallelbars, the balance beam, and the horse are demonstrated at various junior high and elementary schools of the district. Half time exhibitions at games and tri-school meets warranty tumbling, rhythmical gymnastics, and floor exer¬ cise. Both clubs appeared in the annual Aquasprite show contrasting the activity in the water with ter- ranian representations. They united a January pro¬ gram of unique manuevers which drew applause as well as amazement from the satisfied audience. Lsherettes Gatl Hammerberg, Jean Horvat, Kris Tegert, Val Unrath, LuEllen Conrad, Laurel Lowery, and Patti Jo sly n distribute programs at the beginning of Pow Wow. USHRETTES SOLVE SEATING PROBLEMS An integral service organization at Niles, the usher¬ ettes aid the smooth operation of school productions, seating the audience and distributing programs. They promote the West image offering " service with a smile " in their self-made red uniforms. In addition to their functionary role, the girls planned a mother- daughter banquet in the spring. MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB ACT AS VOLUNTEERS Outside opportunities to learn about medical fields are offered to the members of Medical Careers Club. Certain students are involved in the health center at school, becoming fam iliar with medical problems within a high school. Other club participants visit nearby hospitals, where they perform advantageous service projects. Medical Careers Club enables all students to further their knowledge to prepare for many medical professions. Members of Medical Careers Club Mary Wargo, Jean RUST= Patty Bromson, Jackie Nishimura, and Wendy Maclnnes look through nursing school brochures. 186 INEXPERIENCE HINDERS GIRLS’ TENNIS TEAM Tennis Club members Judy Wasmund, Sherry Segal Ricky Hor- witz, and Nancy Majewski prepare for daily practice. Hurdling the obstacles of inexperience and lack of moral support the Girls ' tennis team ended the sea¬ son with a remarkable 2-2 record. The team was composed of primarily sophomores, constandy striving for improvement and perfection under the coaching of Miss Judy Wilde. GIRLS’ BADMINTON TEAM SHOWS POTENTIAL The Girls ' badminton team is yet another sport affiliated with the Girls ' Athletic Association. This year the team was highly selective-- only those girls that showed extraordinary skill were chosen. Practice was held daily. Experience was earned through interscholastic games and meets with surrounding schools. Roberta Nelson and Lynn Hirschauer wait the return of the birdie. 187 Kathy Heinz, Jerry ' Sorenson, Alison Gunlach, Bill Patterson, ami Mike Shapiro rehearse their act to be used in the Aquasprite show. AQUASPRITE SHOW IS A HUGE SUCCESS Aquasprites was the only girls ' swimming club affiliated with G.A.A. Combining aqua-skills with gracefully moving compositions, the Aquasprite water show, " Crazy Concoctions of Clever Cliches " proved to be one of the most unusual programs at West. The show included an underwater act which was rightfully named " Silence is Golden " and new light¬ ing effects. The experience of Miss Carol Strock- meyer and Miss Judi Wilde was evident in the professional direction of the show. Pete Amarratos and Roxanne Stoklosa perfect their number. 188 Gretchen Johnson arul Carol Loose add an enjoyable addition to the show. Gary %upko instructs a youngster on the basics of swimming. GUARDS CLUB INSTRUCTS YOUNGSTERS Patience, aqua-skills, and desire to instruct are all prerequisites for guard club members. Although the club encourages its members to enjoy themselves while in action, its primary purpose is to teach children how to swim on Saturday mornings and promote safety while functioning as life guards. Guard club members gain satisfaction through watching their pupils excel. Gary %upko instructs proper diving techniques. Bill Peterson urges his young charges not to fear water. Bob Downing illustrates correct diving form. 189 A Cb css dub member ponders bis next move. CHESS CLUB IS GREATLY IMPROVED Indoctrined to " think first, " Chess Club members improved their game while simultaneously learning to accept both victory and defeat gracefully. Weekly meetings challenged the resourcefulness of its mem¬ bers through interscholastic round robin tourna¬ ments and occasional meets against neighboring schools. ANTI-SMOG CLUB VISITS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS Anti-Smog Club members are devoted to the pre¬ vention of smoking-in particular teenage smoking. In attempting to obtain this goal, members sought to educate the public on the hazards of smoking. Demonstrations in surrounding junior high schools were held and related movies were shown at Niles West. The club proved highly successful, to date 1200 students have signed a pledge declaring that they will not smoke. 190 Cole Si chav, a member of the Anti-Smog Club demonstrates the bad effects of smoking to Don Kane, Mark Dunk and Dennis Regner. ASTRONOMICAL AND AERONAUTICS CLUB EXPERIMENT WITH TELESCOPES Alan Chow explains the concepts of the telescope to Nancy Goldman, Wendy Mitchell, Terry Ah r, Mr. Rogoski, and Marshall Solomon. Combining students interested in furthering their knowledge of astronomy was the aim of Astronomical and Aeronautics (Hub. Members worked with telescopes, some of which they de¬ veloped themselves. They also built model air¬ planes which they entered in several local contests. BIOCHEMISTRY CLUB PRESENTS HARRISON AWARD The main purpose of Biochemistry Club is to further interest in the fields of biology and chemistry. The weekly meetings included lectures by members of the faculty, speakers from local plants, and ex¬ perimentation by the students. The club also pre¬ sented the annual Harrison Award. Using the chemistry lab, Sam Gordon, Marla Miller and Jamie Wicker perform an ex¬ periment. Science Seminar members use various lab equipment in pursuit of higher scientific knowledge. SCIENCE SEMINAR The fundamental purpose of the Science Seminar program is the enhancement of the student ' s scientific abilities. Hopefully, this interest acquired from sem¬ inar work will lead him to a satisfying and pros¬ perous career in a particular scientific field. The activities conducted during the course of the year intense and diversify, but the focal point of each student ' s seminar participation is his work on a scientific project. STUDIES SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES ECOLOGY CLUB VISITS INDIANA DUNES AREA Seeking to better understand plants and animals in their relationship to their environment, Ecology club observed nature through field work. Their agenda included by-monthly meetings featuring guest lecturers and films, as well as support of the Lake Mannos project, and trips to Goose Lake Prairie, the Indiana Dunes, and Wisconsin ' s Kettle-Mor- raine region. Under the guidance of Mr. Mitchell Ecology Club members Judy Enenstein, Tim Torp, and Gary Kriss view a film. 192 Robed Choir members wait off stage. MUSICIANS PRESENT . CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL Mr. Batts acts as narrator for the show. The choruses unite to provide enjoyment for all. 193 CONCERT BAND TRAVELS EAST Under the direction of Mr. G roe ling, concert hand members rehearse. Many individuals together produce the golden melodies of con¬ cert band. French Horn players prepare for the annual Christmas festival by practicmg diligently. MARCHING BAND ENTERTAINS AT GAMES .1 symbol of tin • spirit of I jo Red is proudly an rial arms, s tin fun (half field durino Homeeomina fcslicilics. 1 I Performing ha f-tinu een monies ai llu lout- hall •fames is only or those who eaa toe tin line. The numbing hand contributes intangibly to a successful grid-season. 195 Violinist Duma Duston concentrates intently upon her musical selection. CONCERT ORCHESTRA DEVELOPS SKILLS The contempo rary look of the students melds with the traditional sounds of orchestral co mposers. 196 CHOIR SINGS The girls of choir morosely accept criticism oj their choral talents from their director. Hugh McGee. Musical mrtici iants trove their talents during daily choral classes -man ) ' with hopes of becoming involved within the dramatics n ogram. Choir offers a sweet rendition of " Beggar ' s Canon " with their masterfully turned four-part harmony. 197 F h lists foliate director Charles Croc ling as he instructs them during re- he a rsal sessions. Underclass musicians practice the skills ha will enable them to fill he shoes of grad¬ uating hand members. INTERMEDIATE BAND STUDIES MUSIC GIRLS GLEE ASSISTS AT CONCERTS WESTONES PROVIDE r HEP ' SOUND 199 I I ii % ) j [ T ii competition is the pulsating point of the sneaker whose soul food is sports . . . only the sneaker, guardian of the diamond foot, has responsibility to bring laurel-laces to the sneakers who observe passively from secure cubicles in the locker room . . . watching the sporting sneaker fly over track, field, court, squishing the submissive earth under¬ foot, is a memory ofgreekgods . . . when sneak¬ ers emerge victorious, they have won the battle of the womb . . . plunging into the deepest puddle, vaulting to the most dwarfing heights, panting parching tongue gulping gatorade . . . the sport¬ ing sneaker’s greatest honor is transfiguring his human from a numbered jersey into an identity, sweeping the athlete ' s two imprisoned feet from the earth which has suppressed . . . Pitt l.uloggia Ar mining 202 CAPTAINS SPARK TEAM PLAY Team sports and individual sports both ask lor par¬ ticipants to contribute to the Fullest measure. In the Fierce¬ ly competitive world oi inter-scholastic sports certain individuals seem to Find that measure ol strength that goes one step beyond the expectations. These individuals are elected or named captains oi their teams. However it is not merely to recognize individual accomplishment that they are chosen. It is more oi a challenge to com¬ petitors and to the spirit oi competition that briefly singles out one ol two boys before they return to the collective¬ ness ol the team effort. St ott Rraid nmn I)amis Turinrclla Roh Don ning Rob Pa . Jeff Kramer Al C m ntan huil So) tn! Boh (,’ooi hnin Si o!i Brooks Ed Ho perin Jim Macnida 203 Highlighting the 1968 football for Niles West was th e Indian ' s decisive 35-0 Homecoming victory against the New Trier Cowboys. The spirit regenerated by the first Homecoming victory since 1965, set for the squad a pace of eagerness, augmented by what one could say to be a new experience . . . the experience of winning! But Homecoming was only one game. Before West had faced the Cow¬ boys on October 12, they had racked up two shut-out victories; one, a non-conference match with Maine East and the other conference, against Maine West. Entering the next game against Niles North with an un¬ scored upon 2-0 record, and instilled with hope of getting through the fall with an undefeated record. West crossed town to edge the Vikings 7-0. Defeated by Glenbrook North, the Indians delighted in, Glenbrook ' s later foreit of the victory because of a discrepancy in one of their player ' s ages. After Homecoming, the Indians faced Deerfield and Maine and the West magi c was stopped, with the losses of 20-7, and 20-14 respectively. The season ' s last game proved to be another defeat for West, this time dealt by Glenbrook South. In spite of the last three games, West still had managed to come through with a spectacular and eventful season . . . that brought greater amounts of fans to West ' s stands . . . that captured a Homecoming victory for the first time in four years . . . that with the help of out¬ standing Senior members Quarterback Paul Sortal, all-conference tackle Chuck Lange and end Bob Perz, managed to excite an other wise apathetic sports scene. Richard Mader Robert Hirsctick Steve Klipowicz Tim Erickson HOMECOMING HIGHLIGHTS SEASON After receiving pass from Quarterback Paul Sortal Bob. Guenther continues up field. John Reifenberg Harvey Goldman Robert Perz Randy Friedman Mitch Nelson 204 G re gg Jakubik Michael Stohle Michael Becker Randy Hillstrand Willia m Guenth er Allen Fritz Stewart Colton Chuck Jackson William No rman IF Tom Kristoff 205 Mike Becker sweeps around left end as he picks up valuable yardage on a sustained Indian drive against Glenbrook North during an exciting afternoon game. Discuss mg defensive strategy. Head coach 1. Basrah advises coca t abt Chuck Dinge on weaknesses spotted from sideline. Scott Keeshin Jeff Dip it is Steve Potaker Robert Kramer Quarterback PaulSortal checks the Indian offensive line-up as ' he awaits the hike from Center Vem Hill. WEST WINS FIVE STRAIGHT! 1968 Football Record Niles East Opponent 21 Maine East 0 3 Maine West 0 10 Niles North 0 Glenbrook North Forfeit 35 Neiv Trier West 0 7 Deerfield 20 14 Maine South 20 7 Glenbrook South 13 Darrell Ortnian Vent Hill Scott Shore Fred Chapekis Robert Guenther Jack Rossi 207 Niles West ' s, Nick Scipione, steals the ball from Evanston opponent, and prepares to pass to teammate Jeff Goodman. Jeff Goodman Bruce Lippo Rollin Soskin and Mark Barnett, deep in their own territory after good defensive play, prepare to score goal. SOCCER , HERE For the first time in the history of the school, Niles West can boast a varsity soccer team. Their rather poor one win and nine loss record does not accurately reflect its true ability and determination. Regardless of its showing, the soccer team fared as well as could have been expected. Coached by Fernando Valesco, the team showed signs of skill and dexterity. The players often put together coordinated and successful attacks, similar to the workings of a well-oiled and efficient machine. Unfortunately, however, those signs of quality and perfection were too scarce to be of much value. Individual standouts in¬ cluded Senior Mark Barnett and Juniors Mark Halperin, Ed Halpern, Rollin Soskin, Bruce Lippo, and Rick Bold, who was voted the teams most valuable player. The outlook for next year is one of considerable optimism. Most of the personnel from this year ' s team will return intact. The added experience gained should be of tremendous value. The next few years of trial and experimentation shall decide the future of Niles West soccer. Its success or failure depends entirely upon the experience and confidence gained. Rollin Soskin Robert Goodman Mark Bemett Ed Halpern Mark Hal per in TO STAY!. A host of Niles West players move hi for a score. Center forward Jim Lithe, behind several teammates, begins a scoring drive. Ed Halpem, able to pass to Mark Barnett, attempts to score West goal. Mark Burnell Missing to Howard Potter, begins a scoring drive. SOCCER ENDS ON HIGH NOTE! Niles West 0 ) )onent 1 New Trier Wes 3 0 Lyons Tw . 1 3 Maine East 5 1 Waukegan 4 0 Evanston 4 1 Oak Pink 3 1 Morton East 3 0 Lake Forest 2 0 New Trier East ' 4 4 Proviso East 1 Jim Litke heads the hallos his teammates move in to give him needed assistance. Jim Litke takes a shot in the closing minutes of an exciting contest. HEIDKE VOTED MOST VALUABLE In the course of a year, several teams exhibit a strong tendency to be swallowed up and forgotten amid the pomp and celebration of more dramatic sports events. The Cross-Country team, overshad¬ owed by football, remains as one of the most under¬ rated and ignored teams in red and white. The lack of interest is reflected by the meager size of the team and a grevious lack of spectators. The personnel, while lacking in quantity, portrays the true spirit of Niles West. The athletes work hard, not for the pur¬ pose of drowning Niles West in glory, but only to strain every muscle to bring home a victory. The Cross Country team, this year, coached by Ronald Campbell, experienced a rather disappointing sea¬ son. Their record was a respectable 4 wins in con¬ ference play, and 6 wins and 5 losses against the entire field of competitors, but they expected a year of much greater success. Hampered by injuries and illness, they lost meets they could have easily won. Standouts on the team included Seniors Scott Brooks, Jim Macnider, Mark Gorsky, and Dave Heidke, who though injured much of the season, was the teams most valuable runner. Niles West Opponent Township A. N.N.-20, NAV. 30, N.K.-80 R.B. Invitational 9th of 15 36 St. Ceorge 23 23 Kim wood Park 33 36 Maine South 25 15 Niles North 20 26 (Menbrook North 31 25 New Trier West 30 35 Deerfield 25 44 Maine West 19 26 Clenbrook South 31 Central South 31 Clenbrook Invitation - 2nd of 5 District - 11th of 21 Scott Brooks finishes a race well ahead of the nick. Juniors Robert Bmudettc, Robert Glass berg, and David Gaynon. !mfitful of victory, find themselves running neck and neck after a good roc,. FENCERS TAKE SIXTH IN STATE Coach Arthur Leipold of the Niles West fencing team expressed disappointment with the record com¬ piled by the varsity fencers. The fencers certainly were not expected to win the conference champion¬ ship, but their 6 and 9 record left much to be de¬ sired. The team ' s most imposing weakness was the lack of depth. The only excuse for this shortcoming could only be attributed to the poor turnout. Only fifteen souls showed up for practice and such a meager figure was certainly not enough in which to build a winning team. The fencers, however, finished sixth of thirteen teams in the state meet and boasted three talented athletes in Scott Braver- man, Shelly Bernstein, and Steve Bell. Senior A on Choir worms n i before iin ior ani nor as nominate Steve Bel! MT.v his style. In a elose routes!. West fearer tallies n i vita! fioin s. Shunt Rosenheni lunges Inward o i ionenifor score. Niles West Opponent 5 Notre Dame 13 13 Foreman 5 16 New Trier East 2 8 Niles East 10 9 Maine South 9 16 New Trier East 2 7 Niles East 11 15 Dixon 3 1 Marshall 17 5 Mine South 13 12 Foreman 6 9 Notre Dame 9 15 Dixon 3 7 Pleasant Plains 11 5 Marshall 13 Al Chapman Exhibiting good defensive playing, Mark Cartwright jumps to prevent an opponent from scoring. Randy Friedman ROUNDBALLERS TAKE FIRST Guard Rick Ostergaard dribbles down court, preparing to set up scoring play. 214 Basketball fans of Niles West were provided with their share of excitement this year. Like the first game when the Indians defeated the defending state champions-the Evanston Wildkats; or when Paul Sortal connected with a 20- foot jump shot with 22 seconds left to beat the powerful team from Maine South. The 1969 varsity Indians basketball team brought fame to Niles West. They were continually recog¬ nized by Chicago newspapers as one of the finest teams in the area; also bringing home the tile of the Central Suburban League and also a trophy for winning the Niles North holiday Tournament. West had the honor of having three players se¬ lected to the all-conference team: Al Chapman, Paul Sortal and Mark (Cartwright; Rick Ostergaard was awarded honorable mention. Sparkling the team was the play of 5 ' 10 " Captain Alan (Chapman, who in his fourth year as a varsity eager, lead the team in scoring. 6 ' 8 " Mark Cartw right added all important height, and led the team in rebounding. He also did an excellent job of holding down many big men in the league, and was according to Coach Bill Schnurr " the surprise of the year. " Attempting an interception , Juniors Mark Cartwright and Mark Mirsky swarm over Niles North Viking. f 215 INDIANS WIN WIN 15 STRAIGHT Niles W est Opponent 58 Evanston 49 52 Highland Park 54 48 Niles East 49 70 Deerfield 57 74 Glenbrook North 28 62 Glenbrook South 40 83 W est Leyden 42 68 Niles East 55 73 Glenbrook South 40 65 Highland Park 62 58 New Trier W r est 55 57 Maine South 54 52 Niles North 46 80 Maine East 61 49 Deefrield 40 74 Glenbrook North 40 83 Glenbrook South 48 54 New Trier W T est 51 58 Maine South 61 63 Niles North 49 71 Maine W’est 33 Slender Center Mark Cartwright shoots over head of Maine Souths strong man , Dave Rut?. Al Chapman scores another two points. Forward Randy Friedman leaps high in an at¬ tempt to block an opponents jump shot. Despite tight defense. Captain Al Chapman is able to make a quick lay-up. Indian guard Mark Mirsky spots an open man underneath. L With typical aggressiveness, Paul Sorfatpulls down another rebound. THREE MATMEN VOTED ALL CONFERENCE For the first time in four years, Niles W est matmen lacked a winning season, finishing 3 and 4 in league competition. The team, coached under the direction of Robert Porter, lacked depth and was handicapped by a rugged schedule. One of the high¬ lights of the season was the Prospect tournament, where out of eight teams competing, West received a second place trophy. Voted all-conference were matmen Gregg Schneider at 103 pounds, Mark Gilbert at the 127 pound division, and for the sec¬ ond consecutive year, captain Bob Perz at 154. Competing for the first time on the varsity level, Pat Caracciola proudly stole the district championship. B ru ce S a uffen b u rg Bit Caracciola Steve Richter Kevin Dohm Paul Sprmgborn Junior Barry Rosen prepares to pin an opponent during a hard-fought match. Boh Perz Tom Woods Niles West wrestler applies a successful half-nelson on his opponent. Maneuvering skillfully . Paul Sprmghorn applies an effective hold. Niles West Opponent 18 Highland Park 28 19 Maine East 24 28 Glenbrook North 22 Prospect Tournament 2nd place 40 New Trier West 5 20 Maine South 18 24 Niles North 17 28 Arlington 12 24 Deerfield 18 30 Lake Forest 14 32 Maine West 10 Pat Garrett Jim Gilson Niles West grappler scores two points on a well-executed takedown. 2 19 CASHMORE TAKES SECOND IN STATE Mike Shapiro Craig Kit taka The Varsity swimming team this year posted a modest but well-earned record in what has to be a very creditable performance against tough com¬ petition. The season ' s highlight was the state meet where senior Don Cashmore took a second in diving competition. Cashmore will undoubtedly be missed, but true to the Niles West tradition other highly skilled athletes will rise to take his place. Due to a fine freshman turnout, Niles West has bright hopes for the future. The starting gun signals the beginning of a race. Boh Downing John Quist Pete Virag 220 Senior Don Cos In no re effortlessly performs a flawless swan dive. Niles West Opponent 52 Niles East 43 84 Forest View 9 52 Maine South 43 29 Proviso West 66 18 Niles North 77 37 Glenbrook North 58 63 East Leyden 32 44 Lake Forest 51 40 New l ' rier West 55 26 Deerfield 69 62 Maine West 33 65 Arlington 30 68 Elk Grove 27 37 Glenbrook South 58 Gerry Sorensen Jerry Tanaka Junior John Qiiist on the first lap of backstroke competition. Junior Rolfthe Jar emus perfects his technk ue on the side horse. Alfred Chin GYMNASTS FINISH EIGHTH IN STATE Robert Garden Jeff Fereniz Rolfe Jar emus The varsity gymnasts concluded what can be termed a rather dismal year. They finished fourth of six schools in the Central Suburban League meet. The gymnasts obviously lacked the needed depth and versatility characteristic of past teams. If the team possessed sufficient depth to back up the in¬ dividual standouts, the gymnasts would most cer¬ tainly had had a more successful year. Outstanding performers who took part in this year ' s state meet included seniors Pete La loggia, Jim Porges, and jun¬ ior Kirk Moser. 1 hese three members of the team caused the students to gain a deeper appreciation of performances by the athletes and their coaches John Hurkel, John Armour, and Fernando Valesco. 222 Jim Forges Ku rt Moser Art Lovering Jeff Rntgard iles West )| |)oneni 79.10 Niles Kast 98.35 89.15 New Trier Kast 89.35 81.70 Like Forest 52.95 89.25 New Trier W est 01.45 83.00 Barrington 74.35 83.00 Wheeling 00.70 98.50 Maine F.ast 80.15 98.70 Maine South 100.25 104.70 Niles North 100.95 97.05 Maine Fast 80.20 97.05 Klk drove 97.20 100.35 Kvanston 105.80 102.05 Maine West 99.75 84.40 (lien brook South 05.05 105.20 dlenbrook North 108.80 Robbie Lawrence demonstrates a supported " L Alfred Chin diligently practices his routhie. Ed Halpern Scott Shore Stei ' e Fiennan Robbie Lawrence TORTORELLA SHATTERS RECORDS Coach Kon Campbell ' s trackmen, boasting a sub¬ stantial winning streak, finished what can be termed a very successful season. Paced by several remark¬ able athletes, the trackmen exhibited strength, bal¬ ance, versatility, and poise finishing with a 13 and 5 won and loss record. The track team possessed depth as every athlete deserved individual recognition. Paced bv individual standouts such as Dennis 1 ortorella, who shattered many hurtling records, the dual meet results were excellent but the trackmen failed to place high in larger meets. Other outstand¬ ing performers included Bob Guenther in the hurdles, Fred Kisenhammer in the fifty yard dash, Bill Kret- schner in the middle distances, Scott Brooks in the miles, Jim Macnider in the two mile, and Rolfe Jare- mus in the high-jump. Murray Cussis strains for more distance in the long jump. Junior Sieve Beaudette utilizes executing the long jump. every muscle for added distance, whit Demonstrating his own style, Dennis Tortorclla dears the last hurdle. Lee Cohen finds first place a lonesome spot. 224 CONTINUED TRACK SUCCESS EXPECTED Jim Macnider moves out to on curly had. Coach Campbell, impressed by the outcome of the indoor track season, is expecting a fine year from the outdoor trackmen. Paced by the same individuals who sparked the indoor track team to a fine won and loss record, the outdoor trackmen can look forward to the same sort of success. Dave Heidke, Rolfe Jaremus, Dennis Tortorella, and Jim Macnider, to name just a few, could help Niles West bring home a league championship. The trackmen hope to continue the fine record in dual meets and improve their status in the larger meets. Two Niles West runners successfully exchange the ha on during the 400 yard relay. Couch Cumhell shouts encouragement to one of his runners. Fred Eisenhummer decisively wins the Jit) yard dash. D AMOND MEN START STRONG The Niles West varsity baseball squad, coached by Jim Phipps, strongly resembles the team sent down state to represent Niles West several years ago. The squad, overflowing with talent, possesses a unique optimism and a yearning to win. The exuberance of the personnel is symbolic of all winning teams. The pitching is strong as Paul Sortal, Stew Colton, and Brian Jacobs have turned in sparkling performances in early season play. The offense, sparked by the potent bats of Al Chapman, Steve Dimas, and Terry Lorenz to name j ust a few have demonstrated the ability to score runs. Unfortunately, the team has lapsed occasionally into ruts of carelessness and poor play. The usually sharp pitching, hitting, and defense has, at times, failed. The Indians, if they can play a more consistent brand of baseball, have an excellent chance of defeating the toughest of competitors. Randy Freedman swings at a fastball served up by Paul Sortal. Terry Lorenz hurls one of his better pitches. A good double play combination is a necessity in insuring a solid defense. 226 Steve Demis and Cary Smiley should add offensive punch to the Indian lineup. The ability to catch a pop fly is a necessary skill for all catchers. Steve Demis attempts to break-up a double play. Gary Smiley demonstrates the proper batting stance. 227 The smooth, effortless de¬ livery of this young south¬ paw is a trait possessed by all good pitchers. 229 Al Chapman is easily one of the most valuable players on the team. LINKSTERS HOPEFUL The Niles West Varsity Golf Team got oil to a good start, defeating Evanston 174-187 in the first match of the season. Outstanding performances thus far have come from Seniors Steve Elwing, Alan Fritz, and Tom Dahlstrom, all of whom are pres¬ ently shooting in the low 40 ' s. Also a great contri¬ bution to the team is coming from Captain Rick Ostergaard. Coach Jack Fabri looks hopeful about this years team, and predicts a much better season than last year. To j Dahsfrom Ji jj Kramer Scott Rijkin , L Rick Oslo Kan rd ( ' nock Foh SUCCESSFUL TENNIS 232 TEAM PREDICTED Tennis is a sport which demands excellence from each individual. The Niles West tennis team, coached by Michael Broggi is a team of inspired individuals. Marty David, Scott Silvers, Gary Shaw, and Karl Steinberg to name just a lew are all capable ol achieving true excellence. It still takes a strong team ellort, however, to bring home a generous share oi victories. A lack of depth can be fatal. Senior Cory Shaw intently eyes his o i u nent who i.s ftn Hi ini ' to serve . Junior Karl Steinhen( and Senior Marty David constitute an e.xee lent doubles team. Qtui rterhack Paul Klipowicz runs for sizeable gam behind good blocking. FRESHMEN TAKE SECOND IN CSL Niles We Frosh " A " Football St Opponent Niles We Sophomore Ft ofball ‘St Opponent 25 Maine West 14 27 Maine Hast 0 6 Niles North 13 7 Maine West 13 6 (ilenbrook North 0 6 Niles North 41 48 New Trier West 0 6 (ilenbrook North 27 13 Deerfield 14 12 New Trier West 6 27 Maine South 7 31 Deerfield 18 26 (ilenbrook South 7 26 Maine South 18 7 (ilenbrook South 13 Tailback Mike Shriber attempts to break tackle at the receiving handoff. Freshman Warren Nnnanich sweeps around left end and heads up field. Junior Varsity Football Niles West Opponent 14 Hast U vden 0 14 Maine West 13 2 Niles North (forfeit) 0 2 New Trier West (forfeit) 0 (ilenbrook North 6 21 Deerfield 20 7 Maine South 21 0 (ilenbrook South (forfeit) Niles West player in the midst of a tense game, is caught committing an infraction. Niles West player battles opponent for possession of the ball. SOPHOMORES EXHIBIT DETERMINATION This being only the second year of soccer, the sophomores concluded what can be termed a very successful year. Probably, the most prominent feature of underclass soccer was the large turnout of both freshmen and sophomores. While the sophomores won only three of eleven contests, they exhibited a great amount of desire. Standouts on the sophomore team included Rollin Soskin and Jay Kenis, both of which played on the varsity level. Frosh Soccer Sophomore Soccer X iles West Opponent X iles West Opponent 1 Xew Trier West 4 1 Oak Park 3 0 X e v 1’rier W ' esi t 0 1 Maine Hast 0 1 Maine Hast 0 1 Lyons Tup. 5 0 Lyons Twp. 2 2 Waukegan 3 1 Waukegan 0 0 Kvanston 5 2 Kvanston 0 0 Morton Hast 2 1 Xew Trier West 3 4 Ixike Forest 1 2 Maine Hast 2 3 Xew Trier Fast 2 1 Maine Hast 2 Outstanding Sophomore Player. Rollin Soskin, practices kicking skills prior to an afternoon game. West Players move in as opponent boots ball down field. 233 SOPHOMORES GAIN EXPERIENCE Niles West 40 16 50 33 41 27 50 50 48 Two sophomores cross finishing line after an exciting race. Opponent St. George 18 Elmwood Park 47 Maine South 15 Niles North 22 Glenbrook North 16 New Trier W est 32 Deerfield 15 Maine W ' est 15 Glenbrook South 15 FENCERS STEADILY IMPROVE The Frosh-Soph Fencing team, or " Appren¬ tices, " had a relatively unsuccessful season. Since West though, lacked a Junior squad, in many matches the Apprentices were forced to challenge Junior level teams. Coach Leipold remarked though, that the squad was enthusi¬ astic and added that many Apprentices will join the Varsity Squad next year. 236 Freshman " A UNDERCLASS CAGERS EVERT EFFORT Paul Klipowicz attempts to prevent pass by North opponent . as Tom Nielson moves in to assist. West opponent fails to elude tight defeme by Mark Anderson. Niles West Opponent 69 Evanston 47 56 Highland Park 59 41 Deerfield 42 45 Glenbrook North 42 80 Glenbrook South 36 38 New Trier West 47 38 Maine South 57 52 Niles North 56 60 Maine West 38 48 Deerfield 44 43 Glenbrook North 38 73 Glenbrook South 56 43 New Trier West 39 42 Maine South 44 46 Niles North 34 48 Maine West 46 Freshman " B " es West Opponent 34 Evanston 42 19 Highland Park 51 29 Deerfield 57 42 Glenbrook North 37 27 Glenbrook South 34 32 Arlington 43 36 New Trier West 47 18 Maine South 43 53 Niles North 41 42 Maine West 52 61 Glenbrook North 56 45 Glenbrook South 51 41 Maine South 57 54 Niles North 28 37 Maine West 62 Sophomore Mark Anderson drives down field court . after intercepting pass. Niles West Matman attempts to gam control of opponent. Niles West ( )ppoi 39 Deerfield 11 46 Lake Forest 8 21 Maine West 24 29 Highland Park 25 42 Maine East 6 36 Glenbrook North 18 20 Glenbrook South W est Leyden Quad. — 2nd GSL — 1st place 34 38 New Trier W’est 12 29 Maine South 15 33 Niles North 20 44 Arlington 5 Opening a match. Frosh mat man works for take-down. Freshman Sophomore Niles West Opponent 44 Evanston 52 42 Highland Park 40 27 Niles East 45 42 Deerfield 50 33 Glenbrook North 43 50 Glenbrook South 56 60 W’est Leyden 36 51 Riverside-Brookfield 34 53 Deerfield 48 50 New Trier W ' est 55 44 New Trier W est 41 52 Maine South 47 54 Niles North 44 43 Maine W ' est 54 50 Deerfield 43 38 Glenbrook North 33 36 Glenbrook South 40 50 New Trier W’est 51 29 Maine South 51 36 Niles North 33 44 Maine W ' est 59 rrestler applies effective hold on opponents head. Junior Varsity Niles W ' est Opponent 58 Evanston 54 61 Highland Park 50 63 Deerfield 65 82 Glenbrook North 52 63 Glenbrook South 49 77 New Trier West 83 48 Maine South 57 59 Niles North 51 45 Maine W est 59 73 Deerfield 62 55 Glenbrook North 40 73 Glenbrook South 41 74 New Trier W’est 46 77 Maine South 71 64 Maine W’est 76 76 Niles North 47 West matman, takes down an opponent, scoring 2points. TANKMEN LOOK TOWARD FUTURE Two West tankmen get off to a flying start. A front dii ' e pike, performed by this freshman diver, is a very difficult maneuver. Niles West 26 Niles East Oppo 69 19 Proviso East 76 38 Maine South 54 20 Glenbrook North 74 12 New Trier W est 83 15 Deerfield 79 16 Maine W’est 72 18 Glenbrook South 77 Underclass diver performs a flawless back dive. A proper starting dive is necessary in winning a race. Niles West Oppoi 35.4 New Trier West 32.6 39.0 Glenbrook South 36.3 34.0 Niles East 26.1 32.8 Maine South 24.2 38.1 New Trier West 42.2 34.2 Glenbrook South 33.9 32.4 Maine West 19.6 39.3 Glenbrook North 43.4 35.2 Niles North 40.8 40.4 Glenbrook North 35.1 42.10 Niles East 30.6 26.4 Niles Nortli 36.1 35.1 Maine South 36.8 SOPHOMORES SHOW GREAT POTENTIAL Sophomore John Prim exhibits skill that led him to the CSL Conference Tumbling Championship. Demonstrating the m L m on the parallel bars is sophomore Doug Ptrz. (.(inference All Around Champ, Bob Kusliner, performs dis¬ mount on horizontal bar. Z40 SOPHS SHOW PROMISE The sophomore baseball squad opened the season effectively with two conference wins un¬ der their belts. Besides being undefeated in con¬ ference the diamond men as of May 1st carried an excellent five to one overall record, losing only to the Evanston Wildcats. Coach William Colyer feels " the team is strong up the middle and has a good defensive nucleus. " Outstanding individuals cited by Coach Coyer are Jim McEnerny, Mark Anderson, Jim Sa- matas, Doug Hoshizaki and Bob Johnson. UNDERCLASS NETMEN SHOW TALENT Coath Daniel Hill carefully scrutinizes three talented ne men, Steve Nusinow, David Weiss, and Richard Houseman. Sophomore Jeff Hecktman anxiously eyes the hall hepre xires to return. Sophomores burry Wolin and Jeff Hecktman participate in doubles competition. Don Silver grins after winning a practice match. • f ♦ UNDERCLASS TRACKMEN BACK UP VARSITY (hie of the sophomore hurdlers strains every muscle in hopes of clearing the bar. FROSH-SOPH GOLFERS SHOW IMPROVEMENT Captain Tom Goetz grooves his swing for another successful season. Sophomore Scott Semarsharpens his swing at an early season practice. 243 . . . how quietly barren the locker room is at eleven o ' clock . . . the day has been long, the work has been hard, there have been moments of sorrow and moments of exultation . . . each will contribute to the whole of the growing sneaker, who continues his odyssey even as he sleeps ... for the sneaker ' s journey does not end here, in the locker room of niles west high school, skokie, illinois . . . a sneaker ' s soul compels him to keep searching for himself--the one among the many, the one with the tell-tale daisy toe mark, the one with the orange laces--simply the One ... the locker room is silent, but the silence is not awkward . . . rather it is a pregnant silence, one waiting to be broken by tommorow ' s shouts and jumps and thuds . . . and the sleeping sneakers nod their approval . . . 244 245 SENIOR ACTIVITIES ADAMS. PATRICIA I..: Safety Council 3; G.A.A. 1; S.S.M. 4. ADRIANOPOLI. PETER: Transferredfrom Notre Dame 3. ALEX. DORIS GAIL: S.S.D. 2,3.4: S.S.O. Executive Hoard 4; Homecoming Commit¬ tee 3.4: Marching Hand 2.3: Pow Wow ' 65 Crew: Pow Wow ' 66 Crew: Inherit the Wind Crew; Spotlighted 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2: Guards Club 2,3.4. ALLEN, J. TERRENCE: Translcrred from Notre Dame 3. ALSWEDE. LINDA JEAN: French Club 1,3; G.A.A. 1,2. ANDERSON, ROBERT C.: Unity Hoard4; Arts Club 4: Hio-Chemistrv Club 3.4: Chess Club 4: German Club 4. ANGELINO. LAURA S.: S.S.M. 2.3.4: G.A.A. 1,2; Orchesis 1; Twirlers 2,3,4. APELIAN, BETTY ANN: Apotheosis 3: Medical Careers Club 1,2,4; Girls (dee 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1. ARBETMAN, SUSAN GAIL: S.S.M. 1.2: Spanish Club 1.2. ASH. MADELYN LOUISE: Iransferred from Marywood High School 3; Arts Club Vice President 4: Arts Council 4: Ski Club 4. ASHNER. JOY STACY: Spanish Club 1,2; Concert Orchestra 1: (.iris ' Clee2: Pow Wow ' 67 Crew : Guys and Dolls Crew: Spotlight- ers 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Timers Club 3. AUBENS. KENNETH: Cadet Hand 1. BACH. CHERI: National Honorary Thes¬ pians Society 4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3.4; Gi rls ' (dee 4; Pow Wow 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Crew; Damn Yankees Cast; Pygmalion Crew; Ol¬ iver Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Once Upon A Mattress Crew; Thespians 4. BAGLEY. JOYCE MARIE: Latin Club 2, Secretary 3,4; Medical Careers Club 122; G.A.A. 2. BAHL, HAVEN: S.S.M. 2,3,4 BAITCHER. NEAL: S.S.D. 4; Arts Coun¬ cil, Treasurer 4; Scholastic Art Photographv Gold Keys 4; Camera Club 1,2,3,4; Radio Electronics Club 1; Science Seminar 3,4: Once Upon A Mattress Crew. BAIM. ROBERT A: Cabinet Alternate 4; Chess Club 1; German Club 1,2; Intra¬ murals 142,3,4; Wrestling 1. BARNETT. MARK D.: Cabinet 4; Safety Council 2,3,4; Major letter 4; Cross Coun¬ try 1; Gymnastics 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; N-Club 4; Track 2; Soccer 4. BARRASH. LINDA M.: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; Cabinet Alternate 1,2,3; Damn Yankees Crew. BAUMHARDT, KATHLEEN: S.S.M. 4: Spotlighters 1. BECKER, ROMONA D.: 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2. BECKMAN. STEPHEN A.: White Certifi¬ cate; Silver Key; German Club 2,3; Radio Electronics Club 1,2. BEECH, KATHLEEN M.: Transferred from Our Didv of Angels Academy, Iowa 2; S.S.M. 3; Usherettes Club 3; Choir 4; v.iris ' Glee3; G.A.A. 2,4. BEERLI, MARTA D.: S.S.O. 3. BELL. GEORGIA K.: Homecoming Court 3,4; Pep Club 2; Cheerleaders 2,3, Captain 1,4; Guards Club 1,2; Ski Club 3; Timers Club 1,2,3. BENNET, JOHN K.: Gymnastics 2,4; In¬ tramurals 1,2. BERGER. SHELDON: Cabinet 1; Senior Board 4; German Club 2,3; Gymnastics 246 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3. BERMAN. LAWRENCE: White Certificate; Silver Key; Bio-Chemistry Club l,2,3;Chess Club 1,2, Secretary 3, President 4; Fencing Team 3. BERNSTEIN. SHELLY C.: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Science Fair Award 3; Cabinet 4; Student Council 1. Alternate 2; Bio-Chemistry Club 142,3. Vice-President 4; German C.lub 2,3,4; Sci¬ ence Newspaper 3,4; Science Seminar 2,3,4; Ford-Fsa Award 3; Nasa-NSTA Youth Sci¬ ence Congress 3; American legion Premier Boys State 3; Major letter 3,4; Minor let¬ ter 2; Fencing Team 2,3,4; Intramurals 3; N-Club 3,4. BESWICK. DAVID R.: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Cabinet Alternate 1,2; S.S.M. 4; Arts Club 4; Hio-Chemistrv Club 1,2; Bridge Club 4; Math Club 1: Russian Club 2.3, President 4; Physics Club 4; Spectrum 3, Business Manager 4; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew. BIANCHI, BRUCER.: Band Utter;Concert Band; Silver Music Pin. BIEBER. SUSAN: Bronze Key; Cabinet 1.3, Treasurer 4; Student Council 2. BIEDERER. RICHARD A.: Transferred from North Chicago High School 4. BIRKLEY. ALAN H.:A.Y.E. 1,2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Minor letter 2, Major letter 3,4. BIZAR, JANET SUSAN: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 4; S.S.M. 3,4; Russian Club 2,3,4; West Word 1; Mixed Chorus 1; In¬ herit the Wind Crew; J.B. Crew; Spotlight¬ ers 1,2,3; Girls ' Gymnastics 2,3. BLACKMAN, ELLEN: Arts Club 1; Medi¬ cal Careers Club 1. BLOCK. STEVEN LEE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 3; Science Fair Award 3; Bio-(chemistry 1; Latin Club 142,3,4; Math Club 1; Physics Club 4; Major I etter 3,4; Minor letter 3,4; Gym¬ nastics 1,2; N-Club 4; Tennis Club 1; Ten¬ nis 1,2,3,4. BLOOM. DAVID LESLIE: National For¬ ensic League 4; National Honorary Thes¬ pians Society 2,3,4; Unity Board 1,2,3,4; Coin and Stamp Club 1,2; Debate 4; Radio Electronics Club 1,2, President 1; Press Bureau 4; Forensics 2, Executive Board 3; Pow Wow 66 Crew; Pow Wow Steering Committee 67; Pygmalion Crew Chairman; Oliver (last. Crew; J.B. Crew; Spotlighters 2,3,4; Thespians 2,3,4. BLUM. STEVEN E.: Baseball 1; Swim¬ ming 1. BODNARCHUK, CYNTHIA: S.S.M. 4; Safety Council 3. BOH LIN, MARSHALL: Band Utter 142; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 2. BOOTH. WALTER S.: Major Utter 4; Mi¬ nor Utter 3; Football 1,2,3,4; N-Club 4; Ski Club 4. BRAUN, JAMES F.: Astronomical and Aeronautics Club 2; West Word 3, Sports Editor 4; Major Utter 3; N-Club 4; Track 2,3; Soccer 4. BRAVERMAN, CHERYL S.: Cabinet 2; S.S.M. 3.4; Spanish Club 1. BRAVERMAN, SCOTT H.: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; National Honor Society 4; Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Illinois State Utter of Commendation; Cab¬ inet 1, Alternate 2,3; S.S.M. 4; Homecom¬ ing 3, Co-Director 4; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Major Utter 3; Minor Utter 2; Fencing Team 2,3, Captain 4; N-Club 3,4. BROOKS, R. SCOTT: Red Certificate 1; A Y E. 1: Major Letter 3,4; Minor Letter2,3: Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1.2,3; Cross Country 2.3, Captain 4; Intramurals 1,2; N-Club 3.4; Track 4. BROWN, JEFFREYC.: S.S.M. 4 ; Astronom¬ ical and Aeronautics Club 2; Band Utter 2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Marching Band 1,2; Once Upon A Mat¬ tress Musical Orchestra 4; Silver Music Pin 3; Baseball 1; Intramurals 1,2; Wres¬ tling 1. BROWN, LINDA L: Bronze Kev 2; G.A.A. 1 . BROWN. RICHARD: A.Y.E. 2; Coin and Stamp Club 1; Minor Utter 3; Football 1, 2,3. BURG, SUSAN ELLYN: S.S.M. 2,3,4; Apotheosis 2,3,4; Girls ' (Bee 2. BURROWS. BARBARA SUE: Cabinet 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Spot¬ lighters 142. BUTLER, LARRY BRUCE: White Certifi¬ cate; Bronze Key; S.S.M. 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. BYDALEK. JANICE M.: S.S.D. 4; S.S.M. 2; Aquasprites 2; Cheerleaders 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. Board 2; Guards Club 1,2; Ski Club 3; Tennis 1.2. CAHAN, RANDI JOY: Bronze Key;Cabine- et 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; Spotlighters 1,2; Guards Club 2,3; Ski Club 3, President 4; Timers Club 2,3. CAMRAS, WILLIAM MARK: Transferred From Niles North 2. CAPINEGRO, JANICE " Aquasprites 1,2: G.A.A. 1.2.3; (LA A. Board 2: Guards Club 2,3,4. CARACCIOLO. PATRICK: Bronze Key 3; Silver Key 4; Major Utter 4; Minor letter 3; Baseball 1,2,3; Football 1,2; Intramurals 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. CARLSON. ANN MARIE: W hite Certifi¬ cate 1 ' Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Na¬ tional Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Band Utter 3; Cadet Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Or¬ chesis 1,3,4. CARTER. SCOTT ARTHUR:CameraClub 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; West Word 2; Gym¬ nastics 1,2; Intramurals 1,2; Ski Club 4. CASH ATT, ROBERT A.: Student Council 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; Hos¬ pital Visiting Troupe 3; West Word 3; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Once Upon A M attress Cast. CASH MORE, DON D.: Transferred from Wheeling High School 2; Major Utter 1,2, 3,4; Guards Club2,3; N-Club 1,2,3,4; Swim¬ ming 1,2,3,4; Track 2. CEDARBAUM, JESSE M.: White Certifi- Silver Key; National Honor Society 3,4; Na¬ tional Forensic Uague2,3,4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Apotheosis 3,4; It ' s Aca¬ demic, 3,4; French Club 3; Pep Club 3; Science Seminar 3; West Word 4; Cadet Band 1; Forensics 2,3; Marching Band 1; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Spotlighters 1,2; Stage Band 1; Track 1. CHAPMAN, ALAN: Cabinet 1,2; Major Utter 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4, All Confer¬ ence 2,3, Most Valuable Player 3; Basket¬ ball 1,2,3,4, All Conference 2,3, Captain 4; Football 2,4; N-Club 1,2,3, Vice-Presi¬ dent 4. CHIN, ALFRED: Major Utter 3,4; Minor Utter 2; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3; N-Club 3. CHOW, Y.K. ALAN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Fair Award 3; Arts Club 4; Astronomy Club 2,3, Presi¬ dent 4; Bio-Chemistry Club 3, Treasurer 4; German Club 3; Science Newspaper 3; Minor letter 3; Fencing 2,3,4. CLARK. BARBARA ANN: S.S.M. 3,4; Med ical Careers Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 3, Treas¬ urer 4; Orchestra letter 1; Concert Orchestra 1.2.3, Vice-President 4; Gold Music Pin 3; Damn Yankees Musical Orchestra 1; Oliver Musical Orchestra 2; Silver Music Pin 2. CLAUS, MARC IK RUTH: Art Council 2. 3,4; Pep Club 2; Children ' s Theater 1,2,3,4; Spotlighters 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2. COHEN, STEVE: Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 1; Student Council 2,3,4; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 3; Pow Wow ' 65 Cast; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Guys and Dolls Cast; Major Ltter3,4; Mascot3,4; Football 1; Gymnastics 1,2; Tennis 1,2. COHN. BARBARA PENNY: Student Union Board 2; G.A.A. 2; Pom Pon Squad 3; S.S.M. 1,2,3,4. COHN, HELANE: Cabinet2,3,4, Treasurer 3; S.S.M. 3,4; Apotheosis 3; Arts Club 4; French Club 1,2; Forensics 2,3; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast. COLODNY, CHARLES S.: Red Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Science Fair Award First 1,2,Outstanding 3; I.N.S.A. Music Contest 2; NASA-NSTA Youth Science Congress 3; Ford-NSTA 3; Cabinet 1: Bio-Chemistrv Club 2; Coin and Stamp Club President 1,2,3,4; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 2,3,4; Marching Band 2; Pow Wow ' 67 Band; Guys and Dolls Musi¬ cal Orchestra 3; Once Upon A Mattress Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Pin 3. CONRAD, LUELLEN A: S.S.M. 3; Usher¬ ettes Club 3, President 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4, Secretary 3,4. COOPER, JULIE: Cabinet 4; Student Coun¬ cil 1; Hospital Visiting Troupe 4; Spectrum 3; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Cheerleaders 1,2; Guards Club 2; Ski Club 3; Timers Club 1.2.3. COOPER. SARA: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 4; Honorary Illinois State Scholar¬ ship 4; National Honorary Thespian So¬ ciety 1,2,3,4; S.S.M. 2,3,4; Apotheosis 1,2, 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; National Honor Society 4; Spectrum 2,3,4, Section Co-Editor 3,4; West Word 3,4, News Editor 4; For¬ ensics 1,2; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew Chairman; Pow’ Wow ' 67 Crew Chairman; Pow Wow ' 67 Steering Committee; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; lVgmalion Crew; Oliver Crew Chairman; J.B. Crew Chairman; Spotlighters 1,2,3, Secretary 2; Thespians 1,2,3,4. CORIN, TERRI LYNN: Cabinet 2,3,4; Girls ' (dee 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Spotlighters 1. CORTINA, CAROL ANN: Latin Club 1,2. CRANE. DEBBIE M.: French Club 1,2. CRANE, JUDITH ARLENE: Cabinet 1,4; S.S.M. 2.3.4; Spanish Club 1; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 68 (last; G.A.A. l;()rchesis 1,2. CURBELO, CRACIELA: A.F.S. Student Irom Uruguay 4; Student Council 4; Span¬ ish Club 4; Once Upon A Mattress Cast. DAHLSTROM. THOMAS E.: Major letter 3; N-Club 4; Golf 2,3. DALLAND, PEGGY: Latin Club 1,2. DAUGIRD, ALLEN JOE: White Certificate; Silver Key; National Honor Society; Con¬ cert Orchestra 1,2,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Minor letter 3; Swimming 1,2,3. DAVID, DONALD: Bronze Key 3; Major letter 3,4; Gymnastics 1; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4; N-Club 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4. DAVID, MARTIN E.: Bronze Key 3;Silver Key 4; Cabinet 1,2; AA’.E. 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Major Letter 3,4; Minor letter 2; Gym¬ nastics 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3; N-Club 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4. DAVIDSON, ROBERT: Minor letter 3; Gymnastics 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Swim¬ ming 1. DAVIS. RHEA ELLEN: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; National Honor Society 4; French (Hub 1,2,3; Concert Orchestra 1,2. 3, President 4; Gold Music Pin 3; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Steering Committee; Oliver Musical Orchestra; Guys and Dolls Musical Orchestra; Once Upon A Mattress Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Pin; Spotlighters 4; Illinois State Music Contest 1,2,3,4. DEAL DEBRA: White Certificate; Bronze Key; Silver Key; S.S.M. 3,4; Unity Board 2; Debate 1,2; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 1.2,3.4. Safety Council 3; G.A.A.; Cvmna.sties 3; National Merit Letter ol Com¬ mendation; Illinois State Scholarship. DELANO, WILLIAM R :Choir2,3,4; Music Certificate 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin 3. DELMAN, ADRIENNE C.: Choir 3,4; Girls ' (ilee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1; Vivace 2. DEMOSS, DENISE: Gymnastics 1,2,3. DERDIGER. JOY ILENE: S.S.M. 2,3,4; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2; Pow Wow ' 65 Cast; Pow Wow ' 66 (last. DETERS, JUDY ANN: S.S.M. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2.3; G.A.A. 1,2,3. DIAKOUMIS. KANELLA: Arts Council 2,3, President 4; Aqua sprites 2,3, Treasur¬ er 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Minor letter 3; (LA.A. Board 2,3,4. DICK, ROBERT: Cabinet 4; S.S.O. Super¬ visor; Major I.etter 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Countrv 1.2. DILG, DIANE CHARLENE: Cabinet 2,3; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Guards Club 3; Girls’ Gymnastics Demonstration Team 1,3, Secretarv 2, Captain 4. DOMAN, JEFFREY IRA: Intramurals 3. DORFMAN, ALLAN M.: Bronze Key;Con- cert Orchestra 3,4; Minor letter 3; Football 1,2,3; Intramurals 3; Political Forum Club 4. DOWNING, ROBERT: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; S.S.M. 1,2,3; Unity Board 3,4; AA’.E. 1,2,3,4; German Club2,3;Math (dub 1,2; Major Letter 2,3,4; Minor letter 3; Aqua sprites 1,2,3,4; Crosscountry 1,2, 3; Guards Club 1,2,3,4,Captain 3,4; N-Club 2,3, Secretary 4; Swimming 1,2,3, Captain 4. DREW, DAVID MARC: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Cabinet Vice-President 1,2. 3, President 4; S.S.M. 2,3; Unity Board 3, 4; Senior Board Advisor4;Debate 1;Home¬ coming Committee 3,4; Anti-Smogs 1,2; Spectrum 2; Student Union Board 2,3; West Word 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Oliver Cast; Spotlighters 2,3; Thespians 3; Cross Coun¬ try 1; Intramurals 1,2,3; Ski Club 3,4; Swimming 1,2; Track 1. DURSTON, DOUG: Baseball 1; Football 1,2; Intramurals 3; Track 1,2. DUBIN, LINDA DIANE: Arts Club 3,4; French Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,3. EAVES. RANDI LYNN: Spanish Club 1; Marching Band 3. EINBINDER, FRED: Track 4 ELFISH, WILLIAM K.: Coin and Stamp Club 2; German (dub 2,3; Minor Letter3. ELLISON, JEFFREY ALAN: Silver Key 3; S.S.M. 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Wres¬ tling 1; Tennis 3,4. ELLWING, STEVEN A.: Red Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Mock Election ' 68 Candidate; Political For¬ um Club; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3; Marching Band 2; Silver Music Pin; Major I etter 3,4; Minor Liter 2; Basketball 1; Cross Country 2; Intra¬ murals 2,3; N-Club 4; Golf2,3,4.Captain3. ERICKSEN, BRUCE II.: S.S.M. 4; Major Letter 4; Minor Letter 3; Baseball 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 2,3,4; Intramur- als 1,2.3.4 ERICKSON, DENISE LILLIAN: S.S.M. 3; Hospital Visiting Troupe 4; Pacesetters 4; Ski Club 4; Timers (dub 2.4. ERICKSON, SCOTT: Band Letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Marching Band 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Major Ltter 4; Minor Liter 3; Cross Country 4; N-Club 4; Track 1,2,3,4. ESTERMAN, SANDRA II.: S.S.M. 2,3,4; Safety Council 3; Spanish (dub 2. FARBER. JANET LYNN: Iatin Club 4; Spanish Club 1; Pow Wow ' 67Crew;(LA.A. 1; Orchesis 1. FEINCOLD. DAVID ALAN: Astronomical and Aeronautics (dub 1; AA’.E. 1. FEINZIMF:R, JUDITH EILEEN:S.S.M.2, 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; West Word 2,3,4; Girls ' (dee 2; Mixed Chorus 1: Music Cer¬ tificate 2; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Crew; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; Oliver Crew; J.B. Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Once Upon A Mattress Crew; Spotlighters 1 , 2 . FELDMAN, JEROME IRA: Red Certificate; Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 3; Bio-Chemistry Club 2; Intramurals 1,3; Wrestling 1; Illi¬ nois State Scholarship. FLOYD. MICHAEL DF1AN: Minor Ltter; Football 1,2,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Swim¬ ming 3. FRANKEL KAREN: Transferred from University of Chicago High School 3; Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 4; Art Council 3; French Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Spectrum 4. FRIEDMAN, LARRY A.: Cabinet 2, Al- ternate 1; Bio-Chemistry Club 2,3,4; Safety Council 3,4. FRIEDMAN, RAYMOND: Chess (dub 4; Band Ltter 3; Marching Band 3,4. FRIEDMAN, RONNA I.: S.S.M. 4; Span¬ ish Club 1; Choir 3,4; Girls ' (dee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Damn Yankees Crew; Oliver Crew; Guys and Dolls Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1; Westones 4; Music Certificate 2. FHISH, HAROLD F.: Science Fair Award 2; S.S.M. 4; Band Ltter 2; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 4; Marching Band 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Football 1. F ' RITZ, ALLEN WILLIAM: German (dub 1; Major Ltter 3,4; Minor Ltter 3; Basket¬ ball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; N-Club 3.4; Wrestling 3; Golf 1,2,3,4. GABEL JOANRITA ANN: S.S.M. 3; Usher cites Club 3; G.A.A. 2; Ski Club 3. CALSTER, SHELDON: Intramurals 1,2, 3,4. GAMS, LINDA: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Cabinet 3,4; S.S.M. 2,3; S.S.O. Executive Board 4; French (dub 1,2,3, Pres¬ ident 4; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Oliver Crew; J.B. Cast; Guys and Dolls Cast. GAROON. IRA: S.S.D. Supervisor 4; Ger¬ man Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4. GAVLIN, SUZANNE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Illinois State Scholarship 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; James Scholar 4; Spanish Club 1; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3, Secretary 247 4: Marching Band 2,3.4; Bow Wow ' 66 drew; Bow W ow ' 67 drew. Band; Row Wow 68 Band; Inherit the W ind drew; Damn Yankees drew; Oliver drew; Cuysand Dolls Musical Orchestra; Once Upon A Mattress Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Bin; Mid¬ west Band dlinic 3; State Solo Ensemble dontest 2.3.4; Spotlighters 1,3; Stage Band 3,4. GAYNON, DAVID BRUCE: Major letter 4; Minor letter 3; dross dountrv 1.2,3,4; N-dlub 4; Brack 1,2,3. G ELLER. RICHARD: Red Certificate 1; Illinois State Scholarship; National Hon¬ orary Thespians Society 2.3,4; Band Utter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Con¬ cert Orchestra 4; Cold Music Bin 4; March¬ ing Band 1,2,3; Midwest Band dlinic 3; State Solo 8: Knsemble dontest; State Band dontest 4; Bow W ow ' 65 drew; Bow W ow ' 66 drew; Bow W ow ' 67 drew; Bow Wow ' 68 Band; Bow Wow ' 68 Steering Commit¬ tee; Children ' s ' Theater drew 1,2,3; Inherit the Wind drew; Damn Yankees drew; Bvg- malion drew; Oliver drew; Guys and Dolls Orchestra; Once I’pon A Mattress Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Bin; Spotlighters 1, 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Thespians 2,3,4. GEYKR. LAUREL ELIZABETH: Transfer¬ red from Resurrection High School 3; Art Council 3; G.A.A. 3. GILBERT STUART JAY: Transferred from Maine East 2; French Club 2.3; Intramur¬ als 2.3. GILDIN. GARY S.: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; S.S.M. Supervisor 4;Student Union Board 3.4; Intramurals 1.2,3; Track 4; Wrestling 1.2; Illinois State Scholarship 4. GILLMAN. MARGO ELLEN: Transferred from Hamilton High School 3; National Forensic Uague 4; National Honorary Thespians Society 4; Concert Orchestra 3; Forensics 3,4; Bow Wow ’67 Cast; J.B. Crew; Guys and Dolls (last; Spotlighters 3,4; Thespians 3,4. GILSON, JAMES JAY: Transferred from Notre Dame 1; Major Utter 4; Minor Ut¬ ter 2,3; Football 3; N-dlub 4; Wrestling 2,3.4; Soccer 4; Operation Wing-spread 4. CINSBURG. RHONDA B.: Spotlighters 3; G.A.A. 2. GINTER. ROBERTA LYNN: National Honorary Thespian Society 2,3,4, Bresident 4; Concert Orchestra 1; Bow Wow ’66drew; Bow Wow ‘67 drew; Bow Wow ' 68 drew; Bow Wow Steering Committee ' 67, ' 68; Inherit the Wind drew; Bvgmalion drew; Oliver drew; J.B. drew; Guys and Dolls drew; Once Upon A Mattress drew; Spot- lighters Treasurer 3; G.A.A. 1.2. GLADSTEIN. LAURA: Bow Wow 67 drew; Bvgmalion drew; Oliver drew. GL UDE, JANICE ANNE: Usherettes Club 3.4; G.A.A. 1,2. GOGH, MARTIN GENE:S.S..M.3,4;S.S.O. Supervisor 4; Wrestling 1. GOLD, PENNY SUE: Cabinet 3; S.S.M. 3; Safety Council 3; Spanish Club 1. GOLDBERG, ALAN SETH: Minor Utter3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Crosscoun¬ try 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. GOLDBERG. BRENDA: S.S.M. 2,3; Choir 3,4; Girls’ Glee 2; Gold Music Bin 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Bin 3. GOLDBERG, LARRY: Bronze Key 3; Na¬ tional Honor Society 4; Band Utter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Con¬ cert Orchestra 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3; Midwest Band Clinic 3; State Solo En¬ semble dontest 2,3; District Orchestra Fes¬ tival 4; State Festival 4; Oliver Musical Orchestra; Guys and Dolls Musical Or¬ chestra; Once Upon A Mattress Musical 248 Orchestra; Silver Music Bin 3. GOLDBERG. SANDRA LEE: Cabinet Al¬ ternate 1; S.S.l). 3,4; S.S.O. Executive Board 4; Student Union Board Treasurer 4; Guards Club 2,3. GOLDENBOGEN. ROY: German Club 2,3; Basketball 1; Football 2; Intramurals 3. GOLDFUS, DANIEL A: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Cabinet 2; Wrestling 1. GOLDNER, ARTHUR A.: S.S.M. 2,3,4; Major Utter 4; Minor Utter 3; Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3.4. G(X)I)CASE. ALLEN J.: Auto Workshop; Radio Electronics Club 2,3. GORGOSZ, IRENE VICTORIA: Red Cer tificate 1; Student Council 4; S.S.M. 3; Arts Club 3,4; Future Homemakers 1,2, Yice- Bresident 3; Spanish Club 1.2; Bolitical Forum Club Treasurer 4; Inherit the Wind drew; Damn Yankees drew; Children ' s Theater 1; G.A.A. 1.2. GORSKI. MARGARET: Russian Club. GORSKY, MARK: Major Utter 3,4; Minor Utter 2; Gross Country 1,2,3,4. Captain 2; N-dlub 3,4; Track 1; Wrestling 1. GOTT, DIANE LORRAINE: National For ensic Uague 2,3,4; FutureTeachersofAmer¬ ica 1.2; Spanish (Hub 1,3; Choir 3; Foren¬ sics 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Bin 3; Spotlighters 1; Vivace4. GOTTLIEB, NANCY: S.S.l). 2,3; S.S.M. I, 2,3,4; Safetv Council 3; Spanish Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1. GRAY. SHARON BARBARA: S.S.M. 4; Homecoming dour 4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3; Girls ' Glee 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Bow Wow ' 67 Cast; Silver Music Bin 4; G.A.A. 1.2.3,4; (LA.A. Board 3; Guards Club 3; Ski Club 3,4; Timers Club 3.4. GREENE, WENDY LYNN: Red Certificate; Silver Key; Cabinet 1,2,3,4. Secretary 4; S.S.M. 3,4; Unity Board 2. GREENSPAN, SANDY: S.S.M. 3,4; Bow Wow ' 66 drew r ; Bow Wow ' 67 drew; Oli¬ ver drew; Guys and Dolls drew; Spot¬ lighters 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1. GREENSTEIN, MARSHA: National Hon¬ orary Thespians Society 4; S.S.M. Book- Store 3; Spanish Club 1; Spectrum Section Editor 3,4; Row’ Wow ' 66 Grew; Bow- Wow ' 67 Cast; Bvgmalion drew; Oliver drew; J. B. drew; Once Upon A Mattress drew; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Thespians 4; Ski Club 3.4. GREIS, GKRILEE MARIE: Transferred from Duncan U. Fletcher High School 3. GREISMAN. ROBERT S.: Cabinet 4; Sen ior Board Bresident 4; Bio-Chemistry Club 3,4; Debate 3.4. GRIMM. BARBARA MARIE:GermanClub 2; Band Utter 3; Cadet Band 1,2; Marching Band 3.4; G.A.A. 3,4; Orchesis4. GROVER, LAWRENCE V.: S.S.M. 4; Ger¬ man Club 2; Fencing Team 2; Swimming 1; Wrestling 1. GUNDERSON, NANCY: Bronze Key 3; Arts Club 3,4; French Club 1,2; Future ' Teachers ol America 1. Bolitical Forum Club 4; G.A.A. 2. CUSSIS, MURRAY SCOTT: Cabinet 1; Baseball 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2; Intramurals 3; Track 4; Illinois State Scholarship 4; NED I Certificate 2. GUTHMAN, KENNETH ALAN: Trans¬ ferred from J.11. Bowen High School 4;Bio- Chemistry Club 4. GUTSCHICH, MICHAEL: Major Utter 4; Minor Utter 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football HACKIN, MYRA SUE: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; S.S.O. Board 4; Girls ' Glee 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; Bow Wow ' 67 Cast; Spotlighters 1. HAULER, HOWARD JAY: Hospital Visit¬ ing Troupe 4. HARDYMAN. GERALDINE: (LA.A. 1.2. HARMS, DAVID LEE: S.S.M. 4; Astron¬ omical and AeronauticsClub2; Intramurals 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . HARMS, JEAN: Medical Careers Club 2, 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2. HARRIS. JOAN: W hite Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4;Cabinet 1,3,4; S.S.M. 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2. HARRIS. PHIL M.: Cabinet 1,4; S.S.M. 2, 3.4; A.V.E. 2,3; French Club3;SafetyCoun¬ cil 2,3; Student Union Board 4; Forensics 1; Row Wow ' 66 drew; Spotlighters 1; Major Utter 4; Gymnastics 1; N-dlub 4; Wrestling 2; Soccer 4. HEBEKER, LINDA G.: S.S.M. 1,2,3. HEI). JEFFREY STEVEN: Intramurals 2. HEIDKTKE. DAVID PAUL: Bronze Key 3; Major Utter 2,3,4; Minor Utter 3; dross Country 1,2,3,4, Most Valuable Player 4; N-Clul) 3.4; Track 1,2,3,4. HEILBRON, MARK: German Club 1,2,4; Swimming 1; Tennis 1. HELANDER. CAROLE: Aquasprites 1,2; G.A.A. 142,3,4; Girls ' Gymnastics Demon¬ stration Team 1,2,3,4. HELLMAN, JOANNE: S.S.M. 4; Spanish Club 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Aquasprites 1; (LA.A. 1; Guards Club 3. HENDRICKSON, W. THOMAS: Major Utter 3,4; N-dlub 4; Track 2,3,4. HEPPNER. HERBERT L: German Club2; Radio Electronics Club 2; Bow Wow ' 65 drew; Row’ Wow ' 66 drew; Bow Wow ' 67 drew; Inherit the Wind Grew; Damn Yan¬ kees drew; lVgmalion drew; Oliver drew; Guvs and Dolls drew; Once Upon A Mat¬ tress Grew; Spotlighters 1,2,3,4; Thespians 3.4. HERBSTMAN. BURTON L: Red Certifi¬ cate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 4; Cabinet 4; Student Council 1,2,3; S.S.l). Supervisor 4; Debate 2; German Club 1,3,4; Intramurals 1.2,3; Mock Elec¬ tion ' 68 Candidate. HERDRICH, BRUCE WILLIAM: Mixed Chorus 1; Major letter 4; Minor Utter 3; Baseball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; N-dlub 4; Wrestling 2,3. HERMELE, GRETA L: National Honor Society 4; Transferred from Von Steuben High School 3; Bronze Key 3; S.S.M. 4. HIDAKA, CAREY ELLIOT: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Na¬ tional Honor Society 4; Illinois State Latin dontest 1,2; Cabinet 2; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Band Utter 2; Concert Band 2,3,4; March¬ ing Band 1,2; Illinois State Solo and En¬ semble dontest 2,3; Midwest Band Clinic; Bow Wow ' 66 Band; Bow Wow ' 67 Band; Bow Wow ' 68 Band; Damn Yankees Musi¬ cal Orchestra; Guys and Dolls Musical Or¬ chestra; Silver Music Bin 3; Stage Band 2, 3,4; Minor Utter 2; Football 2. HILDEBRANDT, DONALD: Choir 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Silver Music Bin 3. HILL, VERNE S.: Red Certificate 1; Major Utter 4; Minor Utter 3; Football 1,2,3,4; N-dlub 4; Wrestling 1,3; Golf 2; National Merit Utter of Commendation. HIRSH. JOEL HOWARD: Unity Board 1. 4; Camera Club 1,2,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3; Major Utter 4; Intramurals 3; Track 1.4. HOFF. RALPH JOHN: S.S.M. 3;Football 1, 2; Intramurals 1. HOFFMAN, MICHELLE ILENE: Trans¬ ferred from Bremen High School 1; Arts Club 2,3,4; Art Council 3,4; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 1,3,4; Pep Club 1.3.4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4. HOMER, STEVE E.: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Cabinet Alternate 3; Student Council Al- tern ale 3; Bio-Chemistry Club 2; Math Club 1. HORVITZ, SUSAN ANN: S.S.M. 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Pow Wow 68 Cast; Cheer¬ leaders 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Guards Club 1; Timers Club 1. HOSKIZAKI. ROBERT J.: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Silvery Key 3; National Honor Society 4; National Merit letter of Com¬ mendation 4; Wrestling 1,2. HOWARD, GARY SCOTT: Red Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Cabinet 4; S.S.M. 4; Major letter 4; Basketball 1; Football 2; N-Club 4; Golf 2,3; Soccer 4. HOWARD, RICHARD P.: Honorary Ill¬ inois State Scholarship 4; National Hon¬ orary Thespians Society 1,2,3,4; Choir 2, 3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Children s Theater 1,3; Political Forum Club 4: Inherit the Wind Cast; Damn Yankees Cast; Oliver Cast; Guys and Dolls Cast; Once Upon a Mattress Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1,2.3.4; Thespians 1.2. 3.4; Thespians 1,2,3.4: Track 2. IGLARSH, IRIS L: S.S.l). 3,4; French Club 1,2,3; Usherettes Club 3; Girls ' Glee 3; Mixed Chorus 2; (i. . 1.2. IVERSON, JEFFREY J.: Red Certificate; Bronze Kev; Band letter 1; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Pow Wow Band ' 66; Pow Wow Band ' 67; Pow Wow Band ' 68; Guys and Dolls Orchestra; Once Upon A Mattress Orches¬ tra; Silver Music Pin; Stage Band 1,2,3,4. JACOBSON, JANENE: Cabinet 4; S.S.M. 3; Spanish Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3. JAFFE, STEVEN H.: Transferred from Evanston Township High School 2; Bio- Chemistry Club 4; Chess Club 4; Track 2; Political Forum Club 4; Mock Election ' 68 . JAKUBIK. DELIA M.: National Honor Society 4; Usherettes Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1, 2.3.4. JAMES, RICHARD: Bronze Key 3; First Place Science Award 2; Band letter 2; Con¬ cert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Marching Band 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Football 1,2. JAMES, SUSAN B.: S.S.M. 2,4;Apotheosis 4; Girls ' Glee; Certificate 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Oliver (last 2; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Orchesis 1. JAREMUS, CHRISTINE: S.S.M. 4; Art Council 3; F.T.A. 2; Usherettes Club 4; Aquasprites 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Guards Club 2 . JARIABKA, KAREN S.: Monitor 3; Ush¬ erettes (3ub 4; Aquasprites 2,3; G.A.A. 1, 2,3. JESCHKE, MICHELE M.: Spotlighters 1. JESS, RICHARD J.: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; S.S.M. 2,3,4; German Club 1 ,2; Ski Club 3,4. JOBST, DENISE G.: Cabinet Alternate 1, 2; Aquasprites 1,2; GuardsClub2,3; Timers Club 1,2,3; Tennis 2. JOHNSEN, STEVEN P.: Choir 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin 3. JOHNSON, GRETCHEN A.: Unity Board 4; German (dub 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' (dee 2; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Minor Utter;Aquasprites 1,2, Vice-President 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 1. JOHNSON, KAREN A.: German (dub 3,4; l r sherettes Club 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Girls ' Glee 2,3; Damn Yankees Crew; Music Certificate; G.A.A. JOLLY, SUSAN: S.S.M. 1,2,3; Aquasprites 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Guards (dub 1,2; Swim¬ ming 2. JOSEPH, MARTIN W.: Cabinet 1.2; Unity Board 1; Latin Club 1; Swimming 1. JOSLYN, PATRICIA A.: Cabinet Alternate 3; S.S.M. 3,4; Medical Careers Club 1,2,3; Usherettes Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Timers Club 4. KAHN, ARNOLD E.: Two Major Utters 4; Three Minor Utters 2; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; N-Club 4. KALUZNA, GAIL S.S.l). 2,3; S.S.M. 1; Spanish Club 1; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Spot¬ lighters 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Guards Club 1; Orchesis 2; Tennis 1; Uaders 2. KAMENEAR, LINDA: Transferred from Von Steuben High School 3; S.S.l). 3; Student Involvement Committee 3. SUSAN K. KAMINSKY: French (dub 2,3; Pep Club 3; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Spotlighters 2; Shorthand Award 3. KANAVOS, MARYELLEN: Arts (dub 3. KANTER, CHARLENE R.: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Bridge Club 4; Choir 3, 4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; Girls ' (dee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1 , 2 . KAPLAN, JENNIFER: Science Newspaper 1; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast. KAPLAN. PEGGY: National Honor Society 4; National Forensic League2,3,4; National Honorary Thespians Society 3,4; S.S.M. 2,3,4; Apotheosis 3,4; Arts Club 3,4; French Club 1, Secretary 2,3; Homecoming Com¬ mittee Secretary 4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3,4; Spectrum 4; West Word 4; Cadet Band 1; Forensics 2, Secretary 3,4; Pow Wow Steering Committee 3,4; Pygmalion Crew; Oliver Crew; J.B. Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Once L pon A Mattress Cast; Spot- lighters 2,3,4; Thespiays 3,4; Children ' s Theatre 4. KAPLAN, SUE: S.S.M. 2,3,4; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 2; Usherettes (dub 3,4; Girls ' (dee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; (LA.A. 1. KARLIN, MARK D. KATZ, JORDON R.: National Honorary Thespians Society 3,4; Choir 2,3, Treasur¬ er 4; Gold Music Pin 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Pow Wow Steering Committee, Technical Director; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; Pygma¬ lion Cast; Oliver Cast; J.B. Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew, Stage Manager; Once Upon A Mattress, Technical Director; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1,2,3, President 4; Thes¬ pians 3,4; Westones 3,4; District Music Festival 3; State Choral Contest 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3,4. KATZ, LAWRENCE A.: S.S.M. 4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Music Certificate 2. KAUFFMAN, KATHLEEN J.: German Club 1,2; Band Letter, 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 2; Marching Band 2,3; Silver Music Pin 3; Aquasprites 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. KAUFMAN, LINDA: S.S.M. 2,3; Spanish (dub 1; Guards Club 2. KAUFMAN, SHEILA L: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Cabinet Treasurer 1,2; Alternate 3; S.S.l).3. KAWABATA, LINDA R.: Transferred from Uke View High School; New Student Com¬ mittee; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society 4; S.S.M. 4; Senior Board, Secretary 4; F.T.A. 3; Latin Club 2, 3,4; Ski (dub 4; Timer Club 3,4. KEENE, MAUREEN J.: S.S.l).2,3;S.S..M. 1; Spanish Club 1. KEITH, LAWRENCE D.: Cabinet 3,4; S.S.M. 2,3,4; Senior Board 3; A.V.E. 1; Latin (dub 1,2; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Minor letter 2; Track 1,2. KELLMAN, JOY D.: Bronze Key 3; Hos¬ pital Visiting Troupe 3,4; Spanish Club 1; Choir 3,4; Girls ' (dee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow W ow 67 Cast; Oliver Crew 2; Silver Music Pin; Spotlight¬ ers 2,3; Aquasprites 1,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 3,4; Orchesis 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; leaders 2,3,4. KEMPE, MARILYN L:Girls ' Glee3;.Mixed Chorus 2; G.A.A. 2. KENIS, LAUREN S.: S.S.M. 3.4: Salt tv Council 3; Spanish (dub 1,2; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 68Cast;G.A.A. 1,2; Orchesis 1,2. KITTAKA, MARTIN: Translcrred from Bowen High School 3; Bron .e Kev 3: Band Letter 3; Concert Band 3.4: Midwest Band Clinic: Illinois State Ensemble Contest. KLEIN, GERALYN T.: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; S.S.M. 3: Russian Club 2. 3,4; Choir 3,4; Girls’ (dee 2; Gold Music Pin 4; Guys and Dolls Cast 3; Spotlighters 3. KLEIN, JUDITH F.: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 1,2,3,4; S.S.l). 1. 2,3; Spanish Club 1, Treasurer 2; Spectrum 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Pygmalion Crew 2; Spotlighters 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1. KLIPOWICZ STEVEN W.: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Student Council 4; Minor letter; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1; Football 1.2,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. KNOBLOCH. BARRY: German (dub 1,2,3. KOEHLER. PAMELA L: Cabinet Secretary 1; Choir 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow 65 Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1. KOLLER, THOMAS C.: German Club 4; In¬ tramurals 1,2,3,4. KOLODZIEJ, WAYNE T: S.S.M.3.4: Min¬ or letter 2; Football 1,2; Gymnastics 1; Minor letter 2; Track. KOPP, ROBERT E.:S.S.M. 2,3; Auto Work¬ shop 3,4; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2; Minor Utter 2; Football 2.3: Intramurals2. 3: Ski Club 3: Wrestling 2. KORZEC, GRACE F.: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Alternate to Cabinet 2,3; Arts Club 2,3; Bridge Club 4; Science Newspaper 3, Man¬ aging Editor 4; Spanish Club 1,2;Spectrum 3, Special Events Editor 4; Choir 3; Girls ' (dee 2; Music Certificate 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin 3. KOSOCLAD, JEROME A.: Cabinet 1; Maj¬ or letter 4; Minor letter 3; Guards Club 2,3; Swimming 1,2,3,4. KOVNAT. HELENE: Monitor 4. KRAMER. JEFFREY: S.S.M. 3; Major Ut¬ ter 2,3,4; Football 1,2; Guards Club 2,3; N-Club 2,3, President 4; Wrestling 1.2,3, Co-Captain 4; Golf 3,4. KRAUSE. KATHLEEN: Spanish (dub 1; Choir 3; Concert Orchestra 1; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Spotlighters 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3. KRAVITZ, BONNIE I).: S.S.l). 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1. KRETSCHMER. WILLIAM L: A.V.E. 1; German (dub 3,4; Major Utter 3,4; Base¬ ball 1; Intramurals 2; N-Club 4: Track 3,4. KROPP, KEITH R.: Bronze Key 2; Silver Kev 3; National Honorary Thespians So¬ ciety; Mixed Chorus 3; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Pygmalion Crew 2; Oliver Crew; Children ' s Theatre 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1,2,3,4; Thes¬ pians 2,3,4. KUDLA, KATHRYN A.: Girls ' Glee 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; Once Upon A Mattress Crew; G.A.A. 1,2,3. KRUITA. RICHARD A.: Latin (dub 1,2; Major Utter 3,4; Minor Letter 2; Aqua- 249 sprites 2,4: Guards Club 2,3,4: N-Club 3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4. KURZ. RICHARD W.: Transferred from Klgin Academy 2; l.atin Club 3,4; Intra¬ murals 2; Coll 3; Tennis 2. LABODA, JAMES R.: Transferred from Tech nv 3. LALOGGIA, PETER P.: Senior Board 4; Major letter 3; Minor letter 2: Football 1.2; Gymnastics 1,2.3, Co-Captain 4: N- Club 3,4; Track 1. LANDY, CRAIG A.: Cabinet 4; S.S.M. 3; Minor letter 3; Football 1,3,4; GuardsClub 1,2; Intramurals 2; Swimming 1,2. LANG, JUDITH L: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silvery Key 3; National Honor Society 3.4: Cabinet 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2. LANGE, CHARLES H.: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Major letter 3.4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Foot¬ ball; N-Club 3.4. LAPCZYNSKI. SALLIE M.: Transferred from St. Scholastica 2; Cabinet 3,4; G.A.A. 2 . LARSON. MARGARET: White Certificate; (LA.A. 4 LARSON. ROGER A.: Silver Key 3; March¬ ing Band 2. LAZAR. JEFFREY D.: Intramurals 1,2,3; Ski Club 3,4. LEACH. ROBERT N.: S.S.M. 4; Major letter. Soccer 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; N- Club 4. LEADER. LAURIE E.: White Certificate 1; Silvery Key 3; National Hono r Society 3; Student Council 2,3, Recording Secre¬ tary 4; S.S.M. 4; Unity Board 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Spectrum 2,3, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4; Pow Wow 65 Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Once Upon A Mattress Crew; Spot- lighters 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1. LEBOVITZ, ROBERT D.: Transferred from Bowen High School 3; S.S.M. 3,4; Astron¬ omical and Aeronautics Club 3; French Club 2,3; Ski Club 3,4. LEFEVRE, KEITH E.: Bronze Key 3; Na¬ tional Honor Society 4; National Honorary Thespians Society 3; S.S.I). 3; Science News¬ paper 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow 66 Crew; Spotlighters 2,3; Children ' s Theatre 2.3; Spotlighter Newsletter Stall 2. Staff 2. LEICK, PAM: S.S.M. 4; French Club 1. LERNER. JUDITH W.: Red Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; Medical Careers Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Pow Wod ' 67 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Spotlighters 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Timers Club 3,4; leader 4. LERNER, ROSEMARY H.: Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; National Hon¬ orary Thespians Society 3,4;S.S. 1). 1,2,3,4; S.S.M. 1,2; Unity Board 4; Latin Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Pow Wow Crew ' 65; Pow Wow Crew ' 66; Damn Yankees Crew: J.B. Crew; Spotlighters 1.2,3.4; Spe¬ cial Education Assistant 4: Illinois State Latin Contest 1. LEV, ESTHER R.: F.T.A. 1; Mixed Chorus 1; G.A.A. 4. LEVEY, JOAN K.: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Societv 4; National Honorary Thespians Society 3,4; S.S.M. 2,3,4; Unity Board 4; Senior Board 4; Art Council 3; Hospital Visiting Troupe 4 Span¬ ish Club 1,2; Spectrum Index Co-Editor 2; Activities Editor 3, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4; Pow Wow ' 65, ' 66, ' 67, ' 68 Makeup Crew- Chairman; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew-; Oliver Crew- Chairman; Once Upon A Mattress Crew Chairman; Guys and Dolls Crew Chairman; Spot- 250 lighters 1,2;. LEVIN, DAVID: Basketball 1; Intramur¬ als 1,2,3; Swimming 1. LEVIN. MARTIN K.: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; National Honorary Thespians Society 2,3, 4; Astronomical and Aeronautics Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; A.V.E. 1; German Club 2,3,4. Treasurer 3, President 4; West Word 4; Choir 2,3, Vice-President 4: Forensics 1; Gold Music Pin 4; Pow Wow ' 67 (last; Inherit the Wind Cast; Pygmalion Cast; Oliver Cast; Guys and Dolls (last; Once Upon A Mattress Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 2,3;. LEVINE, BARBARA A.: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Cabinet 1, Secretary 2,4; S.S.M. 3; Co- Operative Committee 4; Spanish Club 1; Spectrum 3, Underclassman Co-Editor 4; Student Union Board 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Timers Club 3. IJPMA.N. BRADLEY R.: A.V.E. 2;German Club 1,2,3,4; Band Letter 2,3; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 4; Concert Orchestra 4; Marching Band 3,4; Once l T pon A Mat¬ tress Musical Orchestra; Stage Band 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2,3. LOME, SANDOR: A.V.E. 1,2,3;Gymnastics 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. LONG, CYNTHIA J.: Silver Key 3;German Club 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin 3; Vivace 3,4; G.A.A. 1. LORENZ, TERRY: Major Utter 3; Minor Utter 2; Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1. LOVERING, ARTHUR L: Cabinet 1; Ma¬ jor Utter 3,4; Minor Utter 2; Gymnastics 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; N-Club 3,4. LOWERY, LAUREL- S.S.M. 4; Usherettes Club 4; Girls ' (dee 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1. LYNCH, MARIA: Foreign Exchange Stu¬ dent from Cuayaguil, Ecuador. LYON, DAWN H.: Cabinet 2,3,4; Arts Club 3,4; French Club 1,2,4; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Prom Chairman 3. McGUIRE, VIRGINIA: Cabinet Alternate 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Student Union Board 2,3; Spotlighters 1. MacINNES, WENDY: S.S.l). 2,3,4; Med¬ ical Careers (Hub 2, Recording Secretary 3, President 4: Girls ' (dee 3; Mixed Chorus 2; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pygmalion Crew;Spot¬ lighters 1. MACEK. CATHERINE M.: Cabinet 4; S.S.M. 4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Pow- Wow ' 65 Crew. MacNIDER. JAMES: Major Utter 3,4; Baseball 1; Cross Country 2,3,4; Football 1; N-Club 3,4; Track 2,3, Co-Captain 4. MAHLER, KARL German Club 2. MALZ, KATHLEEN M.rCabinet,Alternate 2 ' German Club 2,3,4; Girls ' (dee 2. MANEY, GEORGIA A.: Student Council 4; Senior Board 4; Radio Electronics Club 1, 2,3,4; Russian Club 2,3; President of Politi¬ cal Forum Club 4. MANGURTEN, MICHAEL L: White Cer¬ tificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Stu¬ dent Council Alternate 1,2; S.S.M. 3; S.S.O. Executive Board 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1. MANNINIG, THOMAS II.: Transferred from Concord High School, New Hamp¬ shire. MARMITT, BARBARA J.: Latin (dub 1,2; Medical Careers (dub 3,4; Band Utter 3; Cadet Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 4; March¬ ing Band 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4. MARTIN, BARBARA J.: German Club 4; Russian (dub 2; Major Utter 3; Minor Utter 3; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Ski (dub 4; Bad¬ minton Team 4. MARTIN, PATRICIA L: Girls ' Glee 4 MASLOVITZ, ROCHELLE: White Certifi¬ cate 1; Bronze Key 2; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Silver Music Pin 3; Aquasprites 2; G.A.A. 2. MASTERS, SHERYL D.: Spansih (dub 1. 2; Forensics 1; Pow- Wow ' 67 Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Timers Club 3. MATCHEN, CHARLES: Major Utter; Football Student Trainer 3,4; Minor Letter, Football Student Trainer 1,2; Basketball 1; Football 1; Intramurals 2,3. MATTHF:W, NORMAN L: Red Certificate 1; S.S.M. 3; Senior Board 4; A.V.E. 1; (loin and Stamp (dub 1; German Club 1; Swimming 1,2; Track 1,2. MEILACH, ALLEN: Transferred from Mor¬ gan Park High School 2. MENAKER. MARYBETH: Cabinet 4; Al¬ ternate 1; Arts Club 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Pow- Wow ' 67 Crew; Pygmalion Crew; Oli¬ ver Crew; J.B. Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Spotlighters 1; Ski Club 4; Timers Club 2,3. MENSINGER, STUART L: Bronze Key 3; German Club 2. Vice-President 3,4; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4: Concert Orchestra 3,4; Marching Band 2; Once l’pon A Mattress Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Pin 3; Soccer, Minor Utter 4; Tennis 1,3,4; State Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,4. MEYER, MARSHA A.: Cabinet 1; Spot lighters 2; Aquasprites 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Guards Club 2,3; Timers Club 2,3, Secretary 4; Pom-Pon Squad Sec¬ retary 3. MICHNIK, MARVIN H.: S.S.M. 4 MILIN, MICHAEL J.: Arts (dub 3,4; Coin and Stamp Club 1; Debate 1; Football 1; Political Forum Club 4;. MILLER, DIANA L: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Arts Club 3,4; F.T.A. 1; Medical Careers Club 3,4; Spanish (dub 1; Spotlighters 1. MILLER, MARLA J.: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Science Fair Award 3; Bio-Chemistry Club 3, Secretary 4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Science Newspaper 2,3; Girls ' (dee 2; Mixed Chorus 1. MISSNER. MAUREEN JO: Bronze Key 2; Cabinet 2,3.4; S.S.l). 3,4; Senior Board 3; Arts Club 1,4; Spanish Club 1; Spectrum Index Co-Editor 2; Underclassman Editor 3, Senior Editor 4; Pow- Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Pygmalion Crew; Oli¬ ver Crew; Guards (dub 2.3; Ski (dub 3; timers Club 1.2,3: Bialra Campaign. MITCHELL CONSTANCE: Transferred from North Park Academy 4. MITS, MF LINDA: Student Council 1, Cor¬ responding Secretary 2, Vice-President 3,4; S.S.M. 4; Unity Board Alternate 3; Home¬ coming Committee 2, Publicity Chairman4; Latin (dub 1,2; Forensics 1; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Spotlighters 1, 2; National Student Council Leadership Workshop 4. MOLINA, ROBERT F.: Minor Letters for Football, Baseball. 3; Baseball 1,2,3; Bas¬ ketball 1; Football 1,3. MORICE, DIANE A.: Safety Council 1; Mixed Chorus 1; G.A.A. 2. MORRIS, LINDA M.: Red Certificate 1, 2; Cabinet 2; S.S.M. 4; Unity Board 3; Spanish Club 1; Timers Club 2. MORRIS, MICHAEL L: Cross Country 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2. MOTYL ADRIENNE C.: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Cho¬ rus 1; Guys and Dolls Cast 3; Silver Music Pin 3; Aquasprites 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4. MUELLER, CHRISTINE: Pow Wow ' 65 Cast; Pow Wow 68 Clast; Damn Yankees Cast; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Guards Club 1,2; Orchesis 1,2,3,4; Swimming 2. MUKLLER, JAMES I.: Apotheosis 3; Bio¬ chemistry 4; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2.3, Treasurer 4; Concert Band 4; Guys and Dolls Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Pin 3. MUELLER, STEVEN: Minor letters in Baseball and Gymnastics 1. MUSTARD, MAISIE R.: Foreign Exchange Student from Austrailia. NAPOLITANO, SUSAN: G.A.A. 4. NEATH, JEANNE: Bronze Key 2; Silver Kev 3. NESSELSON, CYNTHIA M.: Cabinet 1, 3,4; S.S.M. 3; Spanish Club 1; Timers Club 2. NIANICK, CHERI L: Transferred from Amundsen High School 2; Bronze Key. NIESMAN, JAMES A.: Unity Board 4; Band letter 2; Concert Band 2,3, President 4; Concert Orchestra 2,3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Marching Band 2,3; Pow Wow ' 66 Band; Pow Wow ' 67 Band; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Oliver Musical Orchestra; Guys and Dolls Musical Orchestra; Once Upon A Mattress Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Pin 3; Stage Band 2,3,4; State Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,4; Westones 3,4. NISHIMURA, JACQUELINE: Cabinet 2; Medical Careers Club 1,2,3, Corresponding Secretary 4; Pep Club Treasurer2, President 3, Vice-President 4. Pygmalion Crew; Oliver Crew; Pace Setters 4. NOVOSELSKY, NANCY: Alternate to Cab¬ inet 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Choir 3,4; Girls ' (dee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Damn Yankees Crew; Oliver Crew-; Guys and Dolls Crew; Once Upon A Mattress Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1; Music Certificate 2. OLES, DEBORAH C.: S.S.M. 1,2,3; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; G.A.A. 1,2; Orchesis 1,2. OPREA, TERRENCE H.: A.Y.E. 2; Coin and Stamp Club 1,2; German Club 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; IMEA District Music Festival 3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Mixed Chorus l; Pygmalion Cast; Oliver Cast; J.B. Crew Chairman; Guys and Dolls Cast; Once Upon A Mattress (last; Silver Music Pin 3; Spot- lighters 2,3,4; Thespians 3,4. ORTMANN, DARRELL J.:S.S.M.4;Major letter 3,4; Minor letter 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1;N-Club3,4; Wrestling 2,3. OSTERGAARD, RICHARD J.: Major I t ters in Basketball and Golf 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1; N-Club 3,4; Golf 1.2.3, Most Valuable Player 3, Captain 4. OVINGTON, JUDY: F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 1,2; G.A.A. Board 1; Ski Club 4. PAKER, LINDA B.: S.S.M. 3,4; Spanish Club 3. PAGE, PRUDENCE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; S.S.M. 4; Unity Board 3; Apoth¬ eosis 3; Art Council 2; F.T.A. 2. President 3; J.B. Cast; Spotlighters 3; G.A.A. 1; Or¬ chesis 1. PAKIER, IDA: S.S.M. 1,2,3; French Club 1.2.3, PALUMBO, BARBARA J.: G.A.A. 4. PAPPAS, STEVE: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Band Letter 2; Concert Band 1, 2,4, President 3; Pow Wow ' 66 Band; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Stage Band 2,3; IMEA Dist. and Stage Orchestra 4. PASHKOV, TITANIA A.: Unity Board 3,4; Apotheosis 1,2, President 3,4; ArtsClub3,4; Debate 1,2,3; Latin Club 2; Science News¬ paper 1,2,3; Usherettes 3,4; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; G.A.A. 2; Or¬ chesis 2. PATTERSON, SALLY A.: S.S.M. 2,3,4; Medical Careers Club 1,3,4, Secretary 2; Pep Club 2,4, Secretary 3; Mixed Chorus 1.3, Certificate 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Pace Setters 4. PECK, RAYMOND: White Certificate 1: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3; Arts Club 4; Bridge Club 4; Band letter 1; Concert Band 2,4; March¬ ing Band 1,3; Silver Music Pin 3; Political Forum Club 4. PELLER, RICHARD S.: PowWow ' 67Cast; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Gymnastics 1,2. PERLOVE, CHERYL: Cabinet 1,2,4;S.S.M. 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Spanish Club 1; Student Union Board 2,3. PERLSTEIN, LOREN S.: Bronze Key 3; German Club 1,4. PERZ, ROBERT: Cabinet 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Major letters 2,3,4; Minor letter 3; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3, All-Conference 4; N-Club 2,3,4; Track 3; Wrestling 1,2,3,4, All-Conference 3.4, Co-Captain 4. PETERSON, LYNN A.: Red Certificate; Bronze Key; Concert Orchestra 1; Science Newspaper 2; Pow Wow Cast ' 67; G.A.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. Board 3; Guards Club 3; Timers Club 2,3. PIERINI, DENISE: S.S.M. 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Guards Club 2,3; Timers Club 2,3, President 4; Leaders 2,3,4. PINDRAS, BARBARA: Transferred from Resurrection High School 2; Medical Ca¬ reers Club 3,4; G.A.A. 3,4; Ski Club 3,4. PINKWATER, MERLE N.: Cabinet 1; 5.5, M. 2,3; Spanish Club 1; Student Union Board 3. PIONTEK, KEITH R.: Silver Key 3; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Band letter 2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,4; Pow Wow ' 66 Band; Pow Wow 67 Band; Pow Wow ' 68 Band; Guys and Dolls Musical Or¬ chestra; Once Upon A Mattress Musical Orchestra; Silver Music Pin 3; Stage Band 2,3,4; Midwest National Band Clinic 3; State Solo and F.nsemble Contest Awards; IMEA Music Tour of France, Summer 1968. PLACKO, CHERYL: Transferred from Luth¬ er North 1; Girls’ Glee 3; Mixed Chorus 2. PLATT, MARYBETH: West Word 3;Choir 3,4; Forensics 3,4; Girls ' Glee 2; Gold Music Pin 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Oliver Cast; J.B. Crew; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 1,2; Vivace 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1; Orchesis 1. POD ELL, JUDITH: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 1, Alternate 2; S.S.M. 3,4; Spanish Club 1.2,3; Spotlighters 1. POLLACK, GLENN R.: Co-Operative Com¬ mittee 3,4. POLLACK, WENDY J.: Bronze Key 3; S.S.M. 4; French Club 2; Spotlighters 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 3. POLSTER, NEIL: Bronze Key; S.S.M. 4; I tin Club 2,3; Gymnastics 1; Intramurals 1 . POLSTER, NEIL: Bronze Key; S.S.M. 4; Latin Club2,3;Gymnastics 1; Intramurals 1. PORGES, JAMES R.: Major Letter 3,4; Minor Letter 2; Gymnastics 142,3,4; Intra¬ murals 142,3,4; N-Club 3,4. POTOKER, STEVEN R.: Bronze Key 2; Cabinet 3; Student Council 2; S.S.M. 2; Russian Club 2,3,4; West Word 3,4; Major Letter 3,4; Football 142,3,4; Ski Club 3; Swimming 1. POTTER, HOWARD S.: Bronze Key 4; Student Council 1,2; Homecoming Commit¬ tee 3; Major Letter 4; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 142; N-Club 4; Golf 2,3; Soc¬ cer 4. PRIELOZNY, MARGARET V.: National Forensic League 4; National Honorary Thespians Society 1.2,3.4; Arts Club 4: Litin Club 2.3,4; Pep Club 2; Choir 2.3.4: Foren¬ sics 3,4; Giris ' Glee 2; Gold Music Pin 4; Pow Wow ' 66 (last; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Inherit the Wind Crew; Pygmalion Crew; Oliver Crew; J.B. Cast; Guys and Dolls Cast; Once Upon A Mat¬ tress Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 142,3,4; Vivace 3,4; G.A.A. 1.4. PRIESS, RICHARD: Unity Board 2,4; Bio- Chemistry Club 1,2; Chess Club 1,2,3, Presi¬ dent 4; Russian Club 2,3,4; Political Forum Club 4. RABF1, ROBFLRT: Intramurals 2; Baseball 3; Minor " N " 3. RANDALL. ROBF1RT: Cross Country 2; Wrestling 1. RAPPORT, RHONDA: Cabinet Alternate 1; S.S.M. 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Cast; Ski Club 3. RAUCCI, GLORIA: Girls ' Glee 2,3.4; Music Certificate 3; Silver Music Pin 4. RAY, MICHAEL: S.S.M. 4; Cross Country 1,2; Intramurals 142,3,4. RFHNAUER, REGINA: Muxic Certificate 2; Red Certificate 1; Usherettes Club 3,4; Girls ' Glee 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; Spot¬ light rs 1,2. RESNICK, VICKIE: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; French Club 1; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Crew; Oliver Crew; J.B. Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Once Upon A Mattress Crew. RICHTER, STEPHEN: Red Certificate 1; Bj-onze Key 3; Cabinet 1,4; Camera Club 3; Latin Club 1,2; Cross Country 1; N- Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 3,4. RINCON, MARIA: Foreign Exchange Stu¬ dent 4; Student Council 4. ROSEN, JOYCE: Spanish Club 1. ROSENBERG. BERT: Cabinet 3; Student Council Alternate 1: S.S.M. 1,4; N-Club 3, 4; Cross Country Minor " N " 2. Major " N " 3,4; Swimming 2,3,4, Minor M N " 2, Major " N " 3,4. ROSENBERG, MICHAEL: Auto Work¬ shop 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4. ROSENBERG. ROBERT: Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Cabinet 1,2,3; Student Coun¬ cil 4; Co-Operative Committee 3,4, Chair¬ man 4; Senior Board 4; Apotheosis 3; Coin and Stamp Club 2; Science Newspaper 3; Political Forum Club 4; Illinois State Honorary Scholarship. ROSENSTONE, STEVEN: Bronze Key 4; National Forensic League 2,3,4, Degree of Honor 3; Student Council 4; S.S.D. 3,4; Co-Operative Committee 4; Senior Board 4; A.V.F . 1,2,3; l)ebate2,3,4, Vice-President 3; Mock Election ' 68; Track 1. Manager, Minor " N " 1. ROSMARIN, DEBBIE: S.S.M. 1,2,3,4; Unity Board 1,2; Spanish Club 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Guards Club 2,3; Ski Club 4; Timers Club 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2. ROTH, DEBORAH: National Honorary Thespian Society 3,4, Senior Representa¬ tive 4; French Club 1; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 3; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Steering Committee; Inherit the Wind Crew; Pygmalion Crew; Oliver Crew; J.B. Crew; Technical Director; Guys and Dolls Crew; Once Upon A Mattress Crew, Set Designer; Silver Music Pin 2; Spotlighters 1,2,3,4; Vivace 2,3; Westones 4. ROTHMAN, ROBIN: Transferred from Mather High School 3; Bronze Key 3; Na¬ tional Honor Society 4; G.A.A. 3,4; Politi- 25 l cal Forum (Hub 4. ROTTER, JUDITH: Cabinet 2; S.S.M. 1. 2,3; Art Council 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; West Word, Circulation Manager 4; G.A.A. I, 2,3; Timers Club 2,3. ROZMIN. ANNETTE: Transferred from Morgan Park High School 3; Art Council 4; Political Forum Club 4;. RUBENS. NEIL: Wrestling 2. RUBKRT. LINDA: National Forensic league 2,3,4; National Thespian Society 2, 3.4; S.S.M. 3.4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3.4; Spanish Club 1,2; Forensics 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Pygmalion Cast; Oliver Cast; J. B. Crew; Once Upon A Mattress Cast; Spotlighters; Children ' s Theatre 2,3,4; Pom- Pon Girls 3. RUBIN. DEBORAH: Transferred from South Shore High School 3; Silver Key 3; S.S.M. 3.4; Future Teachers of America 3; Pow W ow 67 Crew. RYDEN. JOHN: Baseball 1, Manager. SALTZ. JEFFREY: Bio-Chemistry Club 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Wrestling 2,3, Minor N 3. SAMOS. GAIL Red Certificate 1; National Forensic league 2,3,4; National Thespian Society 2,3.4; Debate 4; Future Teachers of America 1,2; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Forensics 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Pow Wow Steering Committee; Pygmalion Cast; Once Upon A Mattress (last; Spot- lighters 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Guards Club 2.3; A I S Finalist 3; Children ' s Theatre 1.2.3. SCATURO, DOUGLASS: Bronze Key 3; Future Teachers of America 1; German Club 3. SC HALLER, LAURA: Latin Club 1,2,3,4. SCHIEREN, LAURENCE: West Word 1; Choir 1.2.3; Gbld Music Pin 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Oliver Cast; Silver Music Pin; Gymnastics 1. SCHNEIDER. LAWRENCE: Cabinet Al¬ ternate 1; Bio-Chemistry Club 3; Coin and Stamp Club 1; Cadet Band 2;Fencing Team 2.3.4, Minor " N 3; Intramurals 1. SC HORN FI ELD. RICK: Transferred from Niles North 3; Bronze Key 2; Debate2,3,4; Mock Presidential Election ' 68. SCHRAMM, ROBERT: Cross Country 2; Track, Indoor and Outdoor 1,2; Wrestling 1 . SCHREIRER. STEVEN: S.S.M. 4; Unity Board 3; Camera (Hub 2,3,4 President 3; Coin and Stamp Club 1; German Club 2,3; Spectrum Photographer 4; West Word Pho¬ tographer 2,3,4; Cadet Band 1. SCHUTT, JUDITH: S.S.D. 4; RussianClub 1,2.3; Science Newspaper 2; Girls ' Glee 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 4. SCHWARTZ, ANDRF1A: Transferred from South Shore High School 4. SCHWARTZ, DAVID: Transferred from Von Steuben High School 2; Bio-Chemistry Club 3. SCHWARTZ. LYNN: Red Certificate; Bronze Key; Cabinet 2,4; S.S.l). 3,4; Apoth¬ eosis 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Cast; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Pow Wow Steering Committee, Choreographer; Damn Yankees Cast; Girls ' Gymnastics 2;()rchesis IX SCOTT, DONNA: Cabinet 3,4; S.S.M. 3; Spanish Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 2,3,4; Guards Club 2,3,4; Girls ' Gymnastic Demonstration Team; Girls ' P.E. leader 2.3.4. SEGAL ELAINE: Bronze Key 4; Cabinet 1,3,4; S.S.M. 4; Apotheosis 1,2,3,4; Home- 232 coming Committee 3,4, Chairman 4; West Word 4; Pow Wow Steering Committee 2. SEGAL LAURA: National Honorary Thes¬ pian Society 4; Spanish Club 1; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; Spotlighters 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Girls ' P.E. leader 3,4. SHAPIRO. MICHAEL White Certificate; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society; Math Club 1; Cadet Band 1,2; Aquasprites 4; Cross Country 1.2,3,4, Min¬ or " N " 3, Major " N " 4; Guards Club 2,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4, Minor " N " 3. Major V ' 4; N-Club 4; Math Contest, Second Place 3; Illinois State Scholarship Winner4. SHAW. GARY: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Astron¬ omical and Aeronautics Club 2; Bio-Chem¬ istry Club 1,2,3,4; Coin and Stamp Club 1; Math Club 1 ' Fencing Team 2,3,4, Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3; N-C.lub 3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4, Major " N " 3. SHEFREN, PHILLIP: Baseball 1, Foot¬ ball 1. SHERMAN. DAVID: Cabinet Alternate 1; (loin and Stamp Club 1; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Gold Music Pin 4; Marching Band 1,2; Silver Music Pin 3; Stage Band 2,3; Intramurals 1 , 2 . SHIBE, ALAN: Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Cabinet 1,2; S.S.M. 4; Bio-Chemistry Club 4; Chess Club 4. SHIH. WILLY: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Science Fair Award 3; Cabinet Alternate 1; Bio-Chemistry 1,2,3,4; Math Club 1; Science Newspaper 1,2,3,4, Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Concert Orchestra 1, 2; Westinghouse Science Talent Search 4; American Chemical Society Scholarship 2; JETS Essay Contest First Place 3; Illinois Junior Academy of Science, District Chair¬ man 3, State President 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist; Illinois State Science Fair, Outstanding Award ' 68; IJAS State Paper Sessions, Best in State ' 68; Certificate of Recognition, Academy Conference; Resse- laer Math and Science Award; Science Sem¬ inar 1,2,3,4, Student Director 4. SHIRES, SUSAN: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; Pow Wow ' 65 Cast; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Damn Yankees Cast; Orchesis 1,2,3. SHUMATE. MACK: Transferred from Niles North 2; Student Council 1,4; Bio- Chemistry Club 2,3,4; Chess (Hub 4; German Club 3,4; Choir 1; Concert Band 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Once Upon A Mattress Cast; Football 1; Minor " N " 1; Intramurals 3; Golf 1,2. SIEGEL FERN: Transferred from Mather High School 2; S.S.D. 4; S.S.M. 3; Future Teachers of America 3; Medical Careers Club 4; L-sherettes Club 3,4; Forensics 4; Spotlighters 3,4; Special Education Assist¬ ant 4; Children ' s Theater Crew 4. SIFXEL MYRON: Wrestling 1,2. SILVERMAN, BONNIE: Cabinet 2,3,4; S.S.M. 2,3; G.A.A. 1; Guards Club 2,3; Ski Club 3; Timers Club 2,3; Interscholas¬ tic Thesis 1,2; Pom Pon Squad 3. SILVERMAN, RONALD: Gymnastics 1. SIMONSEN, GLENN: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Tennis 2,3. SINARD, CRAIG: West Aquatics 1,2, Pres¬ ident 2; Band letter 3; Concert Band 4; Marching Band 2,3. SKELNICK, BETH JO: Cadet Band 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. SKOTNICKI, CAROL Pep Club 3; Timers Club 2. SLUPIK, KAREN: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Arts Club 1; Aquasprites 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 2,3,4; Minor " N " 3. SMILF;Y, GARY: Baseball 1,2,3,4, Major " N " 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2. SMITH, LAURIE: Transferred from Bowen High School 4. SORTAL PAUL: White Certificate 1, Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4;Cabinet 1.2.3. President 2,3; Student Council 4. President 4; Unity Board 2,3,4; Homecom¬ ing Committee 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4, Major Letter 3.4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Minor Li¬ ter 2, Major Liter 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4. Major Liter 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Honor¬ able Mention All-Conference 4; N-Club 4; Ugly Man 1; Harvard Book Award 4; National Merit letter of Commendation 4; Illinois State Scholarship Finalist 4. SPIKINGS, KIMBERLEY: S.S.M. 4; West Word 3; Cadet Band 1; Marching Band 2.3. SPITZ, STEVEN: Transferred from Bowen High School 4. SPITZER. AMY: White Certificate; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Stu¬ dent Council 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; S.S.M. 2,3; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4, Treas¬ urer 3; Spanish Club 1; Student Union Board 3. SPITZER. MARCIA: Transferred from South Shore High School 2; Cabinet 4; French Club 3; Guys and DollsCrew; G.A.A. 3.4. SPRINGF:R. RICHARD: S.S.M. 3,4; West Aquasprites 2,3; Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3. STADLER. PHYLLIS: Bronze Key 3; Med¬ ical Careers Club 4. STANKO, GLENN: Concert Band 1; West Aquasprites 3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4. STF ITZ, PAULA: Medical Careers Club 4; Spanish Club 1; Band Ltter 3; Cadet Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 4; Concert Orchestra 4; Marching Band 3. STOHLE. MICHAEL Cabinet 2, Alternate 3; S.S.M. 1,2; Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; N-Club 4; Major " N " 4; Minor " N " 3; Political Forum Club 4. STOIA, JOHN: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; Cabinet 2, Alternate 1, 4; Apotheosis 4; Science Seminar 2; Bas¬ ketball 1; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . STONF;, JANIS: S.S.M. 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Ski Club 4; Timers Club 2. STORCK, MARILYN: Spanish Club 1,2; Pom Pon Squad 3. STRAUSS. ALAN: Red Certificate 1; B nze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 4; Bio-Chemistry Club 4; German Club 2.3.4. Vice-President 4. SUMNER. CAROL: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; National Honor Society 4; S.S.M. 2,3; Arts Club 3; Russian Club2,3,4; Spectrum, 3,4; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Pygmalion Crew; Oliver Crew; J.B. Crew; Guys and Dolls Crew; Spotlighters 1,2. TAICH, STEPHEN: Transferred from Niles East 2; A.V.E. 2; Baseball 2; Football 2; Intramurals 3. TAKEMOTO, CAROLE: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Cabinet 1; Student Council 2,3,4; S.S.M. 4; Spanish Club 1; Girls ' Glee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; Oliver Crew; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Timers Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 3;Pom Pon Squad 3,4; Senior leadership Program 2,3,4. TAYLOR, MARK: Cabinet 4;StudentCoun- cil Alternate 3; French Club 1; Choir 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Pyg¬ malion Crew; Oliver Crew; Cuys and Dolls Cast; Silver Music Pin 3; Spotlighters 2,3; Westones 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Basketball 1; Cross Countrv 2; Intramurals 13.3.4, TEGERT, KRISTINE: Cabinet Alternate 3; Future Homemakers 1,2,3; German Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Usherettes Club 3,4, Co-President 4; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 4. THERY, CHERLYN: Usherettes Club 1,2. THOMAS, CLAUDIA: S.S.M. 3; Art Coun¬ cil 2,3; Home Economics Club 3; Spot- lighters 1,2. THOMPSON, DEBBIE: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; National Honorary Thes¬ pian Society 2,3,4, Recording Secretary 4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3; Science News¬ paper 2; Choir 3,4, President 4; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 3; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; Oliver Crew; Silver Music Pin 2; Spotlighters 1,2,3,4; Vivace, Treasurer 3, President 4; Aqua- sprites 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Girls ' Gym leaders 2,3; Westones 3,4, Vice-President 4. THOMPSON, PATRICIA: Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 1; Student Council 2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer of the Central Suburban league 4; S.S.M. 3,4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3; G.A.A. 1,2; Orchesis 1; Ski Club 3; Timers Club 2,3,4. THORN, VALERIE: Spotlighters 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Twirlers 3,4; Timers Club 2. THOURSON, TERRY: Transferred from Forest View High School 3. TORTORELLA, DENNIS: S.S.O. Executive Board 4, President; Unity Board 4;German Club 2; Cadet Band 1,2; Marching Band 1,2; Cross Country 1,2,3, Minor " N " 3; Track 13.3.4, Minor " N " 1, Major " N " 2,3,4, Captain 4; N-Club 2,3,4. TURBIN, ALAN: Cabinet 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Guards Club 1,2,3; Swimming 1,23, Major " N " 3. UDITSKY, DAVEEDA: S.S.M. 4; Choir 2,3; Pow Wow ' 65 Cast; Mixed Chorus 1; Silver Music Pin. UHLE, CRISTINE: G.A.A. 1,2,3. UNICK, MINDY: Red Certificate 1;Cabinet 3, Secretary; Student Council 1,2; S.S.M. 1,2; Apotheosis 2; Spanish Club 1; G.A.A. 3. UNRATH, VALERIE: S.S.M. 2; Usherettes Club 4; Aquasprites 2,4; G.A.A. 1,2,4. VIRAG, PETER: A.V.E. 3,4; Swimming3,4, Minor " N " 3, Major " N " 4. VITALE, SUSAN: Spectrum 2,3; G.A.A. 3. WAGNER, LAUREL: Cabinet 3; Usherettes Club 3. WALLACE, RAE: Cabinet 1, Alternate 2; Pow Wow ' 68 Cast; Inherit the Wind Crew; Pygmalion Cast; Once Upon A Mattress Cast; Spotlighters 1,2,3,4; National Hon¬ orary Thespian Society 1,2,3,4; Children ' s Theater 1,2,3,4, Executive Board 4. WARSASKI, DEBBIE: S.S.M. 3,4; French Club 1J2; Pow Wow ' 66 Cast; Spotlighters 1,2; Pom Pon Girls 3,4. WARSHAUSKY, MERLE: Arts Club 4; Art Council 4; Spanish Club 3. WASMUND, JUDITH: German Club 2, 3, Secretary 3; Band letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2,3; Marching Band 4; Silver Music Pin 3; G.A.A. 13,3,4; G.A.A. Board 3,4; Girls ' Gymnastic Team 2,3,4, Co-Captain 2,4, Captain 3; Girls ' Tennis Team 3,4, Captain 4; Major Letter 3; Mi¬ nor letter 2. WEINER, CLAIRE: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 4; Student Council Alternate 3; S.S.M. 3,4; Spanish Club 1; Spectrum 3; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Cheer leaders 13; Guards Club 2,3; Illinois State Scholarship. WEISS, JAMES: Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2. WEISS, JILL: Choir 2,3; Girls ' Glee 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Cast. WEISS, RONALD: Cabinet 4; A.V.E. 3; German Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 1. WEISSMAN, STEVEN: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Co-Operative Committee 4, Secretary 4; Band Letter 2; Cadet Band; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 3; Marching Band 2,3; Guys and Dolls Musi¬ cal Orchestra; Silver Music Pin 3. WEISZ, ALAN: Cabinet 13, President 1; Student Council 3,4; Spanish Club 1; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3; Cross Country 1; Football 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,4; Track 13; N- Club 4; Minor " N " 3; Major " N " 4. WERNIKOFF, SHELDON: A.V.E. 1; Bio- Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4; Radio Electronics Club 1,2. WESER, DAVID: Transferred from Loyola Academy 2; Intramurals 2. WICZER, JAMES: White Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Fair Awards, Local-First, District-First, State-Outstanding 3; Unity Board 4; Bio- Chemistry Club 13,3,4, Vice-President 4; Camera Club 1,2,3,4, President 4; Chess Club 2; German Club 4; Physics Club 4; Science Newspaper 3, Production Manager, Writer; West Word 2,3, Photographer; Ski Club 3,4. WIDEN, SHARI BETH: National Hon¬ orary Thespian Society 2,3; S.S.l). 1,2,3; S.S.M. 2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Forensics 13; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 66 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Crew; Inherit the Wind Crew; Damn Yankees Crew; Pygmalion Crew; Oliver Crew, Make-up Chairman; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Children ' s Theatre 13- WILLIAMS, LESLIE: S.S.D. 3. WILLIAMS, MARTIN: German Club 2,3. WINKLEMAN, MARLA: Medical Careers Club 3,4, Recording Secretary 4; G.A.A. 13,3,4; Aquasprites 2,3,4; Minor letter 3. WIRKUS, DIANE: National Honorary Thespian Society 1,2,3; Student Council 3; S.S.M. 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 3,4, Chieen 4; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Student Union Board 3,4, Secre¬ tary 4; Forensics 1; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Inherit the Wind Cast; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Aquasprites 1,2; G.A.A. 13,3,4; G.A.A. Board 3,4; Guards Club 2, 3; Ski Club 3; Timers Club 2,3,4; Pom Pon Girls Squad 3; Girls ' P.E. Leader 2,3,4; Children’s Theatre 1,2. WISNIEWSKI, KEN: Football 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2; Track 3,4; Minor " N " 3,4. WULF,JOHN: Red Certificate 1; Silver Key 3; Cabinet 1,4, Alternate 1, Vice-President 4; Student Council 13,3; Unity Board 1, 2; Arts Club 4; Coin and Stamp Club 13, Secretary 1, Treasurer 2; Hospital Visiting Troupe 3; Guards Club 2,3; Illinois State Scholarship-Honorary 4; Political Forum Club 4; It ' s Academic Team 4; Ugly Man 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4 WOLSKY, BARI: Cabinet Alternate 1; S.S.M. 13,3,4; Senior Board 4; Spanish Club 1; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Guards Club 2,3; Ski Club 4. WOJNAR, KASIA: G.A.A. 1. WOODS, THOMAS: Wrestling 13,3,4, Minor " N " 3,4. WROBEL, CLAIRE: Sepctrum 3; Choir 3; Girls ' (ilee 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Oliver Crew; J.B. Cast Guys and Dolls Cast; Silver Music Pin; Vivace. WYZGALA, PAMELA: Red Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; National Honor Society 4; Band Letter 2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 13,3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Marching Band 4; Pow Wow ' 66 Band; Once Upon A Mattress, Musical Orchestra; Aquasprites 13,3,4; G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4; Illinois State Scholarship; Garden Club of Skokie Scholarship; Junior Women ' s Club of Skokie Scholarship; IMEA District Band 4; IMEA State Band 4; IMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest 13,3,4, 3 Gold Med¬ als and 1 Silver Medal. YABLIN, SANDRA: Unity Board 4; Future Teachers of America 1,2; Spanish Club 1, 2; Student Union Board 3,4, President 4; Pow Wow ' 65 Crew; Pow Wow ' 67 Cast; Pow Wow ' 68 Crew, Publicity Chairman; Guys and Dolls Crew; Spotlighters 13,3,4. YONAN, MARY: Transferred from Bag¬ dad, Iraq 2; N.E.D.T. Certificate; S.S.D. ' S.S.M.; Medical Careers Club 2; Swimming 1 , 2 . YOUNG, JOELLYN: Usherettes Club 4; Aquasprites 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Girls ' Gym¬ nastics 2. ZABOLOCKY, LYLE: Cabinet 4; Intramur als 3,4. ZAZOVE, PH I UP: Red Certificate 1; Silver Key; S.S.D. 4; S.S.M. 3,4; Unity Board 4; Bio-Chemistry Club 4; I atin Club 2,3,4, President 4; Science Newspaper 1,2,3; Bas¬ ketball 1,3; Fencing Team 2; Football 4; Premier BoysState 1968, Illinois State Schol¬ arship Finalist; Campaign Manager in Mock Election ' 68. ZEUENKA SHARON: White Certificate 1; Bronze Key 2, Silver Key 4; National Honor Sgciety 4; Unity Board Alternate 4; (LA.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 3,4, President 4; DAR Award for Good Citizens. ZETTL, GARY: Transferred from Notre Dame High School 2. 253 STUDENT INDEX Abrahamson. James V. 99 Battista, Rosemary T. 99 Borkan, David Scott 112 Casey, Mary Frances 112 Abshire. Thomas C. 111 Baum. Denise Rita 99 Borre. Richard L. 100 Cashatt, Robert A. 58,137.156 Ackrruo. Kathy Ann 53 Baum, Sharon Judith 111 Boucher. Charlemeine 56 Cashmore, Don 1). 58.221 Accomando. Michael A 99 Baunihardt. Diane M. Ill Boucher. Mike Wayne 100 Cass. Paula Debra 170 Adams. Patricia 1.. 53 Baumhardt. Kathleen 54 Bowman |. Mark 112 Castle, Linda Beth 1(H) Addman, Adrienne K. 99 Baumler. Kurt Thomas 54 Boylan. David T. 100 Cedarbaum. Jesse M. 58,62,63,152.170 Adler. David A. Ill Beaudette. Robert . 212 Brabec, Ceorge W. 100 Chamberlain, Jeffrey 112 Adrianopoli. Peter M. 53 Beck. Howard |ohn 111 Braden. Kevin Scott 112 Chankin, Carry Steve 112,180 Alu. Terry Call 111.191 Becker, Romona 1). 55 Bradford, Carole J. 112.155 Chapekis, Anthony F. 207 Albaclt. Kimala |. Ill Becker. Michael Alan 205 Branson. Patricia 186 Chapman, Alan S. 58,214,217 Albrecht. Mary a line Vi Beckman. Richard |. 99 Bramson. Ronald S. 112 Chapman. Ricky 112 Alex. Doris Call 53.171 Beckman. Stephen A 55 Brandt. Jerry Clenn 112 Chase. Denise Merle 100 A1 lasso. Avis Sue 99 Beech. Kathleen M. 55 Brandt. Lirry Allen 112 Chavin. Beverly Sue 1(M) Aliredson, Kathleen 111 Beederman. Daniel K. 111 Brandt, Lturen 112.143 Chelcun, Gary Fred 100 Allen, Steven A 99 Beere, John Rodger 99 Brascli. Steven P. 100 Cherepaha, Ceorge 112 Allen. Terrence J. Vi Beerli. Marta I). 55 Blatter. Liura June 112 Cherniet, Keith Ian 112 Allison, Gene Alva 53 Begoun. Paula Beth 111.170 Braun, James Fabian 56.166 Chikaraishi, Lynne F. 112 Almblad. Linda Jean 99 Belcove, Janet Sera 111 Braun. |uclitli Anne 112 Chin, Allred N. 58,222,223 Almcrant . (ilen R. 99 Bell. Ceorgia K. 55.139 Braverman. Scott II. 56 Chow, Alan 58,213 Allweiss. Pamela II. Ill Beller, Lirry Steven 111 Brennan, Madonna L. 100 Chow. Calvin Y.H. 100 Alswede, Linda Jean 53 Bellos. Michael B. 99 Bresette, Stephen A. 100 Chrisos, Ceorge J. 100 Alt, Barbara Jean 99 Belson. Brooke Klysc 111 Bridger. Kay Ann 112 Christiansen, Dale A. 1(H) Amarantos. Peter Tom 220 Bender. Susan Lynn 111 Brody. Andrea Joy 100 Chu bin, Wayne W. Amarantos. Thomas A. 99 Bennett. Brian V. 99 Brody, Susan Lynn 112.178 Chupack. Kdward Alan 100 Ami. Faith Marlene 111 Bennett. |ohn K. 55 Bronstein, |anis S. 112 Church. Kirby Dean KM) Amstrup, Mary P. 99 Bennett. Timothy C. Ill Bronstein. Robert L. 112 Cieszvkowski, Joyce 58 Anderschat. Karen L. Ill Benson. Richard R. Ill Brooks, Curig L. 100 Citron, Mitchell R. 112 Anderson. Barry K. 53 Berens, Patricia Kay 55 Brooks. David 56 . Clark, Barbara Ann 58,176 Anderson, Carolyn A. 99 Bereskin. Juditv Rae 111.175 Brooks. R. Scott 56.212 Clark, Jennifer Jane 112 Anderson, Dennis 53 Berger, Barry Ronald 99 Broslt, Linda Mary 112 Claus, Joan Maxine 100 Anderson. Greg M. Ill Berger. David R. 99 Brotman, Marcy Lynn 100 Claus, Marcie Ruth 59 Anderson, Harold K. 53 Berger. Many Paula 99 Brown. Carol Liuise 112 ( ' .layman, Janet 1(M) Anderson. Karen Lynn 111 Berger. Roger Alan 111 Brown, ( ' indy L. 100 Clesi, Phillip P. KM) Anderson. Kenneth S ill Berger. Sheldon B. 55 Brown. Debbie A. 1(K) Clyman, Marilyn F ' . KM) Anderson. Kyle II. 99 Bergstrom. Herbert K. 111 Brown. Harry Albin 57 Coakley, Michael J. 100 Anderson. Mark Sill Bergstrom Scott II. 99 Brown. Jeffrey C. 56 Cohen, Carry Wayne 112 Anderson, Robert C. 53 Berkowitz, David A. 178 Brown, Linda Lr 57 Cohen, Gayle I. 112 Anderson. Robert C. Ill Berman. Carol |canne99 Brown. Marla 112 Cohen, Michael James 100 Anderson. Susan Cail 99 Berman. Lawrence K. 55 Brown. Nancy F.llen 100 Cohen, Roxane I ax 100 And row. Mark Robert 99 Bernstein, Barbara A. Ill Brown, Richard Alan 57 Cohen. Stephen Sian 59.137,138 Angelino, Liura S. 54 Bernstein. Ilelane I. 146.147,167 Brown. Samuel Alcn 100 Cohen, Ted Danial 100 Angell. Richard S. Ill Bernstein. Jill S. 111 Brown. Thomas Willia 100 Cohn, Helane Sandra 59 Apelian, Betty Ann 54 Bernstein. Shelly C. 55 Brownxlein, Inez M. 112 Cohn, Murk Ira 100 App el, Steve Allen 111 Beswick. David Reid 55.165,152,179 Brownstein, Steven 112 Cohn, Penny Barbara 59 Applebaum, Anita |. 111.181 Beswick. Robert Paul 99 Bruuger, Albert F. 112 Cohn, Rebecca Ann KM) Arbetman, Susan Cail 54 Bethke. Philip 1. 112 Brunger. Darilyn I). 57 Coletto, Frank Ralph 100 Arcangdetti, Daniel 111 Beverlev, Bernard P. 112 Bruuniug, Thomas V. 112 Colodny, Charles S. 59 Aren. Francine Jane 111 Beyer. Judith Temnii 112 Brunson, Michael |. 112 Colton, Stewart Alan 205 Art stein, ileen 111 Biunchi, Beth Ann 99 Bruzynski, Roger 112 Condon, Sherry L. 112 Arnold, James 11. 99 Biunchi. Bruce 55 Bryant, Susan Addie 112 Conrad Dale Wesley 112 Arons. Rand Kdward 99 Bieber. Cloria 99 Bublev, Cynthia Ann 112 Conrad, Jeffrey Rush 59 Arwine, Patricia I. 99 Bibergal. Marti S. 112 Buchanan. Margo Anne 57 Conrad, Luellen Ann 59,185,186 Ash. Annette Marie 111 Bieber. Susan 55 Bucliel. Creg 100 Conrad, Patricia D. 112 Ash, Madelyn Louise 54 Bielski. Joann. K. 99 Budz. Denis Paul 112 Conrad, Walter Lee 59 Ashner, Joy Suicy 54 Bierhanzel. Roger F. 1 12 Bunnell. Linda Kay 57 Conti, Patrick Will 59 Astrene. James S. 99 Hindus. Thomas J. 99 Buns, James Kdgar 100 Cook, Stuart L. 100 Atsaves, Antonia C. Ill Birger. Henry 112 Burack, Mitchell K. 100 Cooper, Jack 59 Atsaves, Louis C. 99 Birkley, Alan Henry 55 Burg. Susan F.llvn 57 Cooper, Janet Lee 112 An bens. Kenneth K. 54 Birren. Andrea C . 99 Burgeman. Karen Ann 100 Cooper, Julie A. 59 Aubens, Liuren Susan 99 Bizar, Cail Lynn 99 Burkhardt. William C. 112 Cooper, Michael II. 112 Auerbach. Amy lax 111.175 Bizar. Janet Susan 55 Burrows, Barbara Sue 57 Cooper, Sara Lee 59,165,166 Austin. Jack Albert 99 Blackman, F.llen 55 Burrows, Donald Lr 100 Coo perm an, Linda Sue KM) Baake. Arlene Jennie 99 Blinick. Arthur Ira 112 Burton. Sue F.llen 112 Coorlas. Jeanne M. 112 Bach. Cheri Marie 54 Blitz. Alan 112 Butler, Larry Bruce 57.165 Copeland. Jo Anne 112 Badesch. Scott Bill Blitz. Michael 112 Bvdalek. Janice Mary 57.174 Cordes, Frank Henry 100 Bagiev. Joyce Marie 54 Bliwas. F.rrol J. 112 Byk. Vivian Susan 100 Corin, Terri Lynn 59 Bahde. F.ileen Susan 111 Block. Andrea K. 112.180 Byron. Jeffrey Allen 100 Cortina, Joseph P. 100 Balil. Haven Mary 54 Block. Bruce Robert 56 Byster. Neil j. 57 Cortina, Carol Ann 59 Bairn. Robert Allan 54 Block. Steven Ixe 56 Cagen, James Lr 100 Cosgrove, Terry P. 112 Baitcher. Neal L. 54.181 Block, Sheree Ann 112 Cahan. Richard Brent 112 Corty, Linda Carol 100 Balandrin, |orge 99 Bloom. David Leslie 56.170 Caban, Kandi Joy 57 Costa, Debra Ann 112 Balasa, Leonard J. 54 Bloom. Jell Donald 99 Cain, Lynn Ann 100 Crane, Debbie May 59 Balbirer. Andrew C. 99 Blum, Steven K. 56 Caliva. Kathryn V. 100.175 Crane, Judith Arlene 59 Balin, Liuren Sue 111 Blumenleld. Clifford 56 Campion, Patti Ann 112 Cristol, Mindy Lynn 100 Balmes, Victoria L. Ill Blumenthal, Beth M 99 Caniras, William Mark 58 Cross, David Alan 112 Banas. John A. 208.209 Blumenthal. Sharman 165 Capinegro. Janice M. 58 Culloton, Craig Lee l()0 Barnett, Mark 1). 54.208.210 Blumenthal. Susan 1). 99 ( ' apian, Lslie Ann 112 Curbelo, Craciola FL 60 Barr. Alanna |oy 111 Boden. Robert David 99 Caplan, Phillip 1). KM) Cutler, Frances L. 112,183 Barr. Jill June 99 Bodnarchuk. Cynthia 56 Caracciolo, Patrick 58 Cutrera, Mary T. 112 Barrash. Linda M. 54 Bohrer, F.dward 99 Cardis, Nancy H. 100 Cuttler. Lesley M. 100 Barretto. Linda M. 99 Boime, F.llen Bull 165 Carlson, Ann Marie 58 Cywinski, Patricia A. 112 Barron. Billie Ann 99 Bold. Ricky David 210.211 Carlson, David Roy 58 Dahlstrom, Thomas E. 60 Barsamian, Creg T. 111 Bolin. Marshall 56.112 Carlson, Linda Carol 112 Dahm, Rosemary 100 Barsky, Antoinette C. 111 Bonelli. Deborah M. 56 Carlson. Linda Jean 58 Dainas, Lori Ann 100 Barrett, Susan Kay 111 Bonelli. Karen 99 Carsky, Mark Myles 58 Dainas, Rochelle S. 60 Bartlett, Herbert J. Ill Bonetti, Robert A. 99 Carter, Scott Arthur 58 Dalland, Peggy A. 60 Bartuska, Richard R. Ill Bongiovanni, DianeC. 112 Cartwright, Mark A. 214,215,126 Daskovsky, Mark Alan 100 Bass, Sheryl Kileen 99 Booth. Walter S. 56,206 Casey. Robert Janies 100 Dassinger, Ronald J. 100 Battaglia. Cuy J. 99 Bork, Judith L. 56,170 Casey, Joanne C. 147 Dassinger, Carol J. 60 294 Daugird. Katherine A. 113 Daugird. Allen, Joe 60.161 David, Donald C. 60 David. Martin Ernest 60 Davidson, Robert M. 60 Davis, Bonnie Joan 1(K) Davis, Denise Jean 113 Davis, Michael D. 100 Davis, Nancy Tina 100 Davis, Rhea Ellen 60 Davis, Thomas Ronald 113 Dayan. Mitchell M. 100 Deal. Debra Lynn 60,179 Dean, Susan Gail 112 Deasey, Mary C. 113 Dedo, Steven Paul 112 Deferville, Donna L. 100 Deger, Michael John 100 Dehmlow. William A. 112 Delano, Linda C. 112,181 Delano. William R. 60 Deleonardis, Carol A. 112 Deleonardis, Janet M. 100 Delfs, Denise Ann 112 Delman, Adrienne C. 60 Delott, Gail Gay 60 Deluca. Jo Ann 100 Deluca, John Joseph 112 Delugach, Barbara M. 100 Demoss, Denise N. 61 Deppong, Carol Ann 112,178 Depaepe, Robert J. 112 Derdiger, Joy Ilene 61 Derdiger, Paul S. 100 Deters, Judy Ann 61 Detolve, Perry R. 112 Diakoumis, Kaneila L. 61,181 Diakoumis, Karen Lea 125,139 Diamond, Charles A. 113 Diamond, Howard M. 100 Diamond, Ruth Mac 100 Diamond, Susan Joyce 125 Dick, Robert 61,215 Dicker, Jay Charles 100 Dickert, Thomas A. 125 Dickholtz, Sherry P. 100 Dieschbourg, Thomas 125 Dilg, Diane Charlene 61,185 Dimas, Ronald 113 Dobbs, Cynthia Jean 113 Dobbs, Greg Paul 125 Dobrow, Robin Carol 125 Dohm, Kenneth 125,206 Dolce, Deborah Lynn 100 Dolnick, Mark Guyer 125,156,182 Dohm, Kevin John 133 Doman, Jeffrey Ira 61 Domenella, Mark Carl 100 Donenberg, James 125 Donenberg, Susan B. 100 Donlin, John Gill 125 Dorfman, Allan M. 61 Doroff, Bonnie Sue 125 Downing, Robert S. 61,172,189,220 Dreebin, Bonnie L. 61 Drew, Syrell Ann 100 Drew, David Marc 52,61,95,139 Drew, Shelley V. 125 Drews, Vicki Kay 113 Dubin, Linda Diane 61 Dubow, Debra Wilma 113 Ducliaj, Christine A. 125 Duchaj, Laura Jean 100 Duebner, David E. 101 Duda, Beth Mary 125 Duhl, Anita 113 Dunk, Brian Paul 61 Dunk, Mark Thomas 101,190 Dunkleberger, Dorothy 101 Dunn, Susan Joy 125 Durso, Luann 101 Durso, Thomas 113 Durston, Doug E. 61 Dunster, Shelby Lee 125,165 Durston, Dianna 125,173,184 Eadon, Craig Philip 125 Eaton, David L. 113 Eaves, Randi Lynn 61 Edelman. Richard M. 101 STUDENT INDEX Edelson, Leon Irwin 101 Edington. Debra Anne 101 Edwards, Martin S. 125 Edwards. MarilinJ. 125 Edwardson. Stig Karl 101 Egebrecht, Dan Lewis 125 Egebrecht. Phillip M. 101 Egel, Arthur Lewis 125 Egel, Marilyn I). 113 Egelston. Jennifer L. 113 Eick, Thomas Robert 125 Eiden. Glenn Paul 61 Eickhoff. Linda Jean 125 Eiden, Lee Elmer 125 Einbinder, Renie Ann 101 Einbinder, Fred E. 62 Eisenberg, Cherie F. 125 Hlischen. David V ' . 101 Fasenberg, Jill L. 142 Heisenberg, Lee Allan 101 Ekenberg, David G. 101 Elarde, Janice Joseph 125 Fllegreet, Nora Jean 113 Elesh. William Karl 62 Kills. Sherry I. 62 Ellison. Jeffrey A. 62 Ellwing, Steven A. 62 Ellyne, Jody Kllice 113,185 Elman, Michael B. 101 Elman, Philip David 101 Enenstein, Judy Anne 125,192 Engel, Debra Lynne 113 Enger, Donald, Leroy 125 Fmglehard, Robert J. 101 English, Susan C. 113 Ennes, Joseph 113 Epstein, Gregg M. 62 hpsteen, Ralph H. 125 Epstein, Gayle S. 101 Esptein, Jeffrey R. 101 Erdman, Philip Carl 101 Erfer, Ellen Joan 113 Ericksen, Bruce H. 62 Ericksen, Karen Lee 113 Erickson, Denise L. 62 Erickson, Marilee T. 101 Erickson, Scott R. 62 F ickson, Timothy R. 1252204 Erlebacher, Joanne 113 Ermilio, Lucille M. 101 Ernt, Michael Joseph 101 Erpelding, Richard A. 125 Erpelding, Thomas S. 113 Erton, Linda Helena 113,184 Erwin, Janice Marie 113 Eshbach, Cynthia Ann 125 Esterl, FLrnest A. 125 Esterl, Linda Joan 113 Esterman, Brian R. 113 Esterman, Sandra H. 62 Estes, Jane Ann 101 Eulberg, Thomas L. 125 Evans, Leslie Carol 125 Evensen, Janet Marie 101 Fabian, Cheryl Jean 113 Fahsbender, Thomas B. 101 Farber, David Stuart 113 Farber, Phillip Alan 113 Farber, Janet Lynn 62 Farrell, Ande Louise 101 Faye, Sydney Fran 125,158 Febrow, Donna Lynn 113 Feilen, Diane L. 113 Fein berg, Joyce M. 125,177 Fein berg, Steven B. 62 Feingold, David Alan 62 Feingold, Gail 113 Feinzimer, Judith E. 62 Feiss, Richard C. 101 Feldman, Denise H. 101 Feldman, Fred 113 Feldman, Jerome Ira 62 Feldman, Laurie Sue 101 Feldman, Raymond J. 101,113 Feldberg, Jerrold 62 Fenchel, Stephen L. 101 Felsenthal, Rawiy 1. 125 Ferentz, Jeffrey W. 222 Ferrard, Linda Diane 113 Ferrard, Richard P. 101 Ferrell, Debra L. 101 Ficho. Sue Ann 113 Field. Lewis R 116 Fields. Susan Ellen 101 Fierman, Stephen L. 632223 Filgut, James B. 113 Filgnt, Linda Sherry 101 Filipowski, Keith S. 113 Fink, Bonnie Lee 101 Finnerman, Scott A. 101 F ' ischer, Susan K. 113 Fiset, Janice Ann 101 Fish, Joel W. 113 Fisher, Elyse 113 Fisher, Monica Mary 101 Fisher, William C. 113 Fishkin, Hollece S. 113,180 Fivelson. Paul Jeff 125 Flack, Michele 63 Flannery, Carla Rae 113 Flannery, Shelley Jo 125 Fleishman, Mark B. 113 Flink, Neil Thomas 63 Flood, Daniel P. 101 Flood. Jean Marie 101 Flood. John Joseph 113 Floros, Michael A. 125 Flowers, Joan Caryn 113 Floyd, Kent David 125 Floyd, Michael Dean 63 Fogel, Susan Jean 125 Foley, James Peter 101 Fomaras. George 125 Forman, Shari Jan 125 F ' ortman, Linda Diane 113 Fortuna, Frank Peter 113 F ' ortuna, Anthony J. 101 Fortuna, Vivian Mary 101 Foss, Merry-Lynn 113 Foster, Grady Bruce 114 Foster, Nina Rae 113 Foster, Wayne, Dennis 63 Fougerouse, Jeanette 63 Fougerousse, John R. 101 Frake, Mary Helen 101 Fragassi, Janet Lynn 101 Francis, Cherie D. 63 Frank, Abbe 125 Frank, Jody 101 Frankel, Bruce H. 101 Frankel, Karen L. 63 Frankel, Karen Mynn 101,165 Frankel, Steven H. 113 Franklin, Cory M. 113 Franks. Shelley E. 113,175 Frazee, Terry Lee 125 Freedenberg, Linda E. 113 Freedkin, Sheila M. 125 Freedman, Leslie G. 125 Freedman, Louis S. 101 Freet, Deborah Lee 125 French, Gary Edward 113 Freres, Gregory G. 101 Freud, Robert Sol 113 Frey, Steven Warren 101 Friedkin, Barbara N. 113 Friedler, Dennis I. 113 Friedman, Estelle E. 113 Friedman, Larry A. 63 Friedman, Larry 101 Friedman, Lynn G. 101 Friedman, MarkJ. 101 Friedman, Randall L. 63.20422142216 Friedman, Ronna I 63 Friedman, Raymond 63 Friedman, Thomas Jay 101 Frish, Harold F. 63 Fritz, Allen William 63, 205 Fritz, Maryann 125 Fritzshall, Lucille 125 Fryksdale, Ralph N. 125 Fuka, Pamela Jean 125 Furman. Collien M. 101 Futransky, Barbara S. 101 Futrell, Cynthia Lou 125 F ' utrell, Cathv Lee 113 Fukuya, Sylvia M. 125 Gabel, Joanrita Ann 63 Gabrielson, Natalie 125 Gacki, James R. 101 Gajewski, Robert W. 101 Gale. Cynthia Joyce 113 Gale, Meryl Lynn 113 Galster, Sheldon R. 63 Gaiter. Kurt M. 101 Gams, Linda 64 Gan. Leslie Dennis 113 Ganellen, David B. 113 (landin, Jefl Mark 101 Gannon, Ronn ' Frank 125 Gantz, Louis Flstes 101 Ganz, Leslie Fallen 113 Ganz, Robert Alan 101 Garcia. Joseph 125 Garen, Wendy Sue 125 Garland, Cindy Marla 101 Garland, Jill F. 101 Garland, Kathie Ur 125 Garland, Merrick B. 125,168 Garnhart, Gail Anne 101 Garoon, Ira 64 Garoon, Lisa Ann 101 Garrett, Gayle Gay 125 Garrett, Pat Fldmund 64 Gartner, Robin Gail 101 Gassel, James Scott 113,171 Gassman, Marsha Ann 125 Gates, Carol Ann 113 Gates, George Victor 125 Gaule, Gary M. 125 Gallic, Jeffrey Ira 101 Gauthier, Robert W. 125 Gavlin, Suzanne 64 Gavlin, Patricia Kay 113 Gavlin, Nancy Lynn 125 Gaynes, Bruce Ira 101 Gaynon, David Bruce 64,212 Geimer, Bob James 101 Gelfand, Alan Howard 113 Geller, Richard M. 64 Geni, Gary John 125 George, Robin E. 113 Gerber, Rhonda Beth 101 Gertz, Linda J. 101 Gettleman, Jeffrey A. 113 Geyer, Laurel E. 64 Giacone, Sandra Jean 64 Giallombardo, Domini 101 Giallombardo, Joseph 113 Gibson, Nancy E- 113 Gieras, Glen Richard 113 Gilbert, Marc Alan 125 Gilbert, Melissa L. 101 Gilbert, Stuart Jay 64 Gildin, Bonny Lou 113 Gildin, Gary Scott 64 Gill, Linda Sue 125,175 Gillaspy, Clayton 113 Gillen, Clifford J. 125 Gillespie, Steven C. 125 Gillman, Margo E. 64 Gillman, Michael D. 101 Gilman, Shelley I. 114,164 Gilmore, Kev in Jeff 101 Gilson, James Jay 64 Gilluly, Marene 101 Ginesi, Kathy Lynn 125 Ginsburg, Rhonda B. 64 Ginter, Roberta Lynn 64,182 Gladstein, Harlan M. 102 Gladstein, Laura 64 Glass, Carole Ann 125 Glass, Christine M. 102 Glass berg, Robert A. 126,212 Glassgen, Gregory L. 114 Glatt. Paul Louis 126 Glaude, Janice Anne 64 Glick, Daryl Bonnie 126 Glick, Ester 64 Click, Richard M. 114 Glickman, Carol Beth 64 Glickman, Ellen R. 102 Glickstein, Eric A. 102 Gllnes, Lawrence F. 126 Goch, Martin Gene 65 Goebelt, Kim Dawn 126 Goeta, Thomas Edward 114,243 Goglanina, David 114 STUDENT INDEX Goglanian, Elizabeth 65 . Greenberg, Terri S. 114 Hebeker, Linda G. 67 Hornthal, James J. 102.146 Goland. Marla C. 126 Greene, Steven R. 66 Hecklman, Jeffrey B. 242 Horvat, John Raymond 114 Coland, Sherry Lynn 102 Greene, Wendy Lynn 66 Hed, Jeffrey Steven 68 Horvat, Jeanne Carol 127,186 Gold, Joanne S. 126,178 Greenenwald, Steven 102 Heercs. George A. 127 Horvat, Marilyn Anne 114 Gold. Michael Nathan 126 Greenman, Ellen I. 126 Heeres, Joann Lynn 102 Horvitz, Jeffrey G. 102 Gold, Penny Sue 65 Greenspan. Sandy L. 66 Hegg, Earl Charles 127 Horvitz, Susan Ann 69 Goldberg, Alan Seth 65 Greenstein, Marsha R. 66,164 Heidrich, Nancy D. 102 Horwitz, Alan M. 127 Goldberg, Brenda 65 Greisman, Gary Mark 102 Heidtke, Thomas John 114 Horwitz, Andrea 102 Goldberg. Cheryl Mae 102 Greisman, Robert S. 66,159 Heilbron, Mark S. 68 Horwitz, Diane. Beth 102 Goldberg. Howard Lee 126 Grentber, Thomas C. 114 Heim, Stephen John 127 Horwitz, Donald P. 114 Goldberg, Larry Joel 65 Greven, Chris Mary 66 Heinrich, Patricia A. 127 Horwitz, Rickey Lynn 114,187 Goldberg. Pamela J. 126,144 Grimm, Barbara Marie 66 Heinz. Kathleen M. 127,188 Hoshizaki, Robert J. 69 Goldberg, Sandra Lee 65,171,177 Grimm, Jacquelyn 102 Heinz, Larry E. 127 Houndt, Herbert F. 127 Coldberger, Phil Erl 114 Grimm, Rvan Scott 102 Heinz, Thomas M. 102 Housakos, Paula 102 Goldenberg, Dale 102 Grimm, Toni Lynn 126 Helander, Carol M. 68.185 Howard, Gary Scott 69 Goldenberg, Mark 126 Grossman, Carla I. 126 Helford, Karen Sue 102 Howard, Laurel Jean 103 Goldenberg, Sara B. 114 Grossman, Lary 114 Helgeson, Eric A. 114 Howard, Richard P. 69 Goldenbogen. Hoy M. 65 Grossman, Philip A. 102 Heller, Scott Lewis 102 jHoward, Victoria Lee 103 Goldfarb, Larry Alan 126 Grouzard, Michael P. 126 Heller, Todd Allison 114 Hsu, Andrew A. 127 Goldfus, Daniel A. 65 Grover, Cynthia Jean 114 Heilman, Joanne 68 Hsu, Kenneth K. 114 Goldman, Daniel Jay 114 Grover, Lawrence V. 66 Hendzel, Diane Jean 68 Huber, Deborah Sue 114,176 Goldman, Harvey 65, 204 Gruber, Brian Lee 102 Hendzel, Dolores Ann 68 Huber, Thomas Paul 114 Goldman. Linda M. 126 Gruber, William John 126 Henning, Robert Paul 114,241 Hulock, Frances J. 103 Goldman, Lucy 126 Gruenke, Donna Mary 102 Henrickson, Thomas W. 68 Hulock, Lillian C. 114 Goldman, Nancy Marie 114,191 Grvbowski, Randall F. 102 Henry, Holly Anne 102 Hulock, Mary Ann 127 Goldmeier. Sharon E. 126 Grzybowski, Gerald W. 126,215 Hentz, Nancy Jo 127 Hultgren, Dan Carl 114 Goldner. Arthur A. 65.206 Guenther, Robert 126,204,207 Heppner, Herbert Lee 68 Husman, Debra Ann 127 Goldner, Joseph 114 Guenther, William 126,205 Herbstman, Burton L. 68 Hymes, Helaine Penny 127 Goldner, Meryl Joy 114 Gump, Christine Mary 126 Herdrich, Bruce W. 68 Idelman. George E. 103 Goldsmith, Larry G. 102 Gunderson, Nancy I. 66 Hermelc, Greta L. 68 Igasaki, David Keith 127,146,147 Goldstein, Alan J. 126 Cundlach. Allyson J. 126,184,188 Herold, Lana Bea 102 Iglarsh, Iris Louise 69 Goldstein, Audrey L. 102 Gurrentz, Kenneth G. 114 Herst, Barry Siglin Isaacson, Barry W. 127,165 Goldstein, Daryl Lee 114 Gussis, Gene Lenny 126,169 Herder, Kenneth W. 114 Isoe, Cynthia Ann 114 Goldstein, Larry M. 102 Gussis, Murry Scott 67 Heyman, Ellice L. 102 Israel, Lawrence A. 114 Goldstein, Melanie C. 102 Guthman, Kenneth A. 67 Hidaka. Carey Elliot 68,179 Iverson, Clifford 114 Golman, Gail Susan 126,164 Gutschick, Michael F. 67,215 Higus. Sharon 4x uise 114 Iverson, Greg M. 103 Gollin, Susanne M. 114 Gutschick, James A. 102 Hilbert, Robert M. 68 Iverson. Jean Marie 114 Gomberg, Susan Dale 114 Guzaldo, Chris C. 114 Hildebrandt, Donald 68 Iverson, Jeffrey J. 69 Gomez, Robert Blair 114 Hack, Don James 114 Hilkin, Stephen John 127 Iverson, Lynctte V. 69 Good, David Alan 102 Hacker, Ronald Gary 102 Hill, Richard C. 102 Iwai, Nancy K. 103 Goodcase. Allen J. 65 Hackin, Myra Sue 67 Hill, Verne S. 68,207 Jackson, Charles C. 127,205 Goodcase, Linda D. 114 Hagi, Albert Burton 102 Hill, Yvonne Merie 114 Jacobs, Bryan, N. 127 Goodman, Jeffrey D. 126.208 Hagler, Howard Jay 67 Hillstrand, Randy C. 127,205 Jacobs, Caryn G. 103 Goodman, Lawrence J. 102 Hahn, Carl Adolpy 67 Hintz, Stephen Mark 102 Jacobs, Fallen Rae 115,164 Goodman, Leslie Ann 126 Hajduk, Craig Allan 114 Hinz, Garry Allen 127 Jacobs, Marcee Lynn 127 Goodman, Michele Ann 126 Halfpap, Charles A. 126 Hirakawa, Mariann R. 114 Jacobs, Susan Ixrslee 103 Goodman. Robin Karyl 102 Hall, Linda Gail 114 Hiratsuka, John I). 102 Jacobs, Terry Lynn 115 Goodman, Robert E. 126.166,208 Hall, Patricia Ann 102 Hirsch, Arlene S. 69 Jacobs, Valerie Lynn 127 Goodman ’ ' ' maid 126 Hallberg, John W. 102 Hirsch, Wendy I. 102 Jacobsen, William R. 127 Goran, N e 126,165 Halperin, MarcS. 126,209,222,223 Hirschauer. Lynn S. 127,187 Jacobson, Janene 69 Goran. Ruth Ellen 102 Halpern, Edward S. 126,208 Hirschauer, Robert J. 114 Jaffe, David Mark 115 Gordon, Beatrice D. 114 Hamilton, Betty Jane 114 Hirschman, Nancy Ann 114 Jaffe, Steven Harvey 69 Gordon, Karen Lois 102 Hamilton, Deborah J. 102 Hirschtick, Robert E. 127,204 Jakubik, Delia Marie 69 Gordon, Laurie Sue 126 Hammerberg, Gail M. 126,186 Hirsh, Joel Howard 69 Jakubik, Gregory S. 127.205 Gordon. Linda Beth 114 Handelsman, Carol A. 102 Hoban, Timothy W.P. 114 James, Richard D. 70 Gordon, Robert 126,222 Hanna, John C. 67 Hoelbl, Peggy Ann 114 James, Susen B. 70 Gordon, Samuel 66,191,222 Hanssen, Wenche 126 Hoelzer, Marion F. 102 Janesku, John 127 Gordon, Susan Ethel 114 Hansen, Gloria June 114 Hoff, Ralph John 69 Jankowski, Lillian L. 127 Gore, Michael Pall 102 Hardel, Jene Marie 102 Hoffberg, Terry Lee 114 Janus, Judith 70 Gore, Steven B. 126 Hardie, Craig T. 114 Hoffenberg, Bruce J. 127 Jansson, Terri Lee 103 Gore, Susan Ellen 102 Hardy man, Geraldine 67 Hoffman, Barbara Ann 127 Jaremus, Ben Theodor 115 Gorenstein, Debra L. 114,169 Hardvman, Sharon M. 114 Hoffman, David J. 127,206 Jaremus, Christine 70 Gorgosz, Irene V. 66 Haring, Dale Richard 114 Hoffman, Diane Alana 127 Jaremus, Rolfe 127,222 Gorlewicz, Michael 102 Harms, David Lee 67 Hoffman, Michele I. 69 Jariabka, Karen Sue 70 Gorski, Gina Jo 102 Harms, Dennis Roy 114 Hoffman, Lee Gregory 114 Jenkins, Linda Lee 103 Gorski, Margaret 66 Harms, Jean Patrice 67 Hoffman, Kenneth Joe 127,206 Jennettcn, David K. 103 Gorsky,Mark S. 66.212 Harms, John Arthur 102 Hoffman, John H. 127 Jennetten, Linda Sue 115 Goslin, Pamela Jean 102 Harrer, Patricia Ann 67 Hoffman, Susan Lynn 102 Jensen, Susan Ann 115 Goslin, Randall V. 126 Harris, Ha rriet 127 Hoffman, Teresa E. 102 Jeschke, Cathy Ann 128 Goss, Cheryl Ann 102 Harris, Jane Kathryn 127 Hoffman, Thomas Jay 102 Jeschke, Michele M. 70 Goss, David A. 114 Harris, Joan L. 67,149 Hoglund, William C. 127 Jeschke, Pamela Jean 103 Gott, Diane Lorraine 66 Harris, Phil Marc 67,95 Hohs, Mark Jerome 102 Jess, Richard Joel 70 Gott, Renee Lynne 102 Harris, Tom Chris 126 Hohs, Thomas Raymond 114 Jobst, Denise Gail 70 Gottlieb, Cynthia S. 126 Hartfeil, Guenther K. 127 Holdmann, Fredrick C. 102 Johnsen, Mary Beth 128 Gottlieb, Nancy L. 66 Hartfeil, Karl Heinz 126 Holliday, Cynthia M. 102 Johnson, Adonna 128 Gotdieb, Richard K. 102 Hartnett, Stephen L. 127 Hollinger, Robert W. 114 Johnson, Donald D. 128 G raham, Nancy Beth 114 Hattendorf, Barbara 102 Holmblad, William E. 114 Johnson, Gregory L. 128 Graham, Timothy John 102 Hattendorf, Mary 127 Holmblad, Robert J. 102 Johnson, Eric Craig 115 Grandt, Gregory P. 126 Haug, Nancy Lynn K. 114 Holmboe, Ann Stuart 102 Johnson, Gretchen A. 70 Grandt, Lynn Ellen 114 Hausaman, James B. 102 Holstein, Alan L 102 Johnson, Harold Clay 128 Graubart, Mark J. 102 Hausaman, Patricia A. 114 Holtzman, Judy Lynn 69 Johnson, Jacquelyn R. 103 Gray, Sharon Barbara 66,139 Hausman, Bonnie Sue 127,144 Homer, Jody Beth 102 Johnson, Joan Robyn 128 Green, Dawn E. 114 Hausman, Richard Lee 102,242 Homer, Steven E. 69 Johnson, Jolyn 70 Green, Nancy Ellen 102 Hawabata, Linda 67 Homer, William H. 102 Johnson, Karen Ann 71 Green, Scott, M. 102 Haynes, Carol S. 67,114 Hook, Peggy 102 Johnson, Karen Ann 103 Green, Susan Jo 102 Hazard, Gary M. 114 Hoppe, Cindy Sue 127 Johnson, Kenneth R. 71 Greenberg, Linda Ann 114,165 Hazelwood, Frank P. 67 Hoppe, Nancy 127 Johnson, Larry Wayne 103 Greenberg, Mark D. 126 Hazelwood, Lauren F. 102 Horan, Marcia D. 114 Johnson, Linda Ann 115 Greenberg, Ricky S. 126 Healy, Donald E. 114 Horn, Gerald David 127 Johnson, Lois Jean 71 STUDENT INDEX Johnson, Nancy E. 128 Johnson, Pamela S. 103 Johnson, Paul Brian 103 Johnson, Paul E. 103 Johnson, Peggy Ann 128 Johnson, Richard Roy 115 Johnson, Robert S. 115,221 Johnson, Steve K. 71 Johnston, Michael J. 103 Jolly, Michael S. 115 Jolly, Susan Marie 71 Jorgenson, Joan M. 103 Joseph, Debra Diane 128 Joseph, Martin W. 71 Joseph. Natalie Rose 115 Joseph, Rosemarie 103 Joseph, Sandra Ann 115 Joslyn, Patricia Ann 71,176,186 Jung, Douglas R. 128 Kachan, Mary Ann 103 Kacin, Donna Jo 103 Kacin, Sue Lynn 71 Kaden. Andrea Lynn 71 Kaden, Pamela 103 Kahan, James L. 128 Kahn, Arnold Elliott 71 Kahn, Cary Allan 128 Kalinsky, Jacqueline 103 Kalish, Barry Lee 103 Kalish, Phyllis 128 Kallman, Ranae Grace 128 Kalodimos, George M. 103 Kaluzna, Gail S. 71 Kamenear, DyaneG. 128 Kamenear, Linda R. 71 Kamhi, Leon Charles 128 Kaminsky, Clifford L. 103 Kaminsky, Susan Kay 71 Kamm, Babette D. 115 Kamps, Dorothy Ann 71 Kamradt, John A. 128 Kanavos, Mary Ellen 71 Kanavos, Peter G. 103 Kandell, Jannice K . 71 Kane, Donald Lenard 71,190 Kanter, Charlene R. 71 Kanter, Nancy F. 103 Kanter, Michael S. 115 Kaplan, David Allan 103,146 Kaplan, David Lee 128 Kaplan, Felicia Sue 72 Kaplan, Jennifer L. 72 Kaplan, Leslie Susan 115,143 Kaplan, Margaret, G. 72,148,165,167,182 Kaplan, Rochel 103 Kapuscinski, James P. 103 Karachun, Rick M. 128 Karkow, Linda D. 115 Karlin, Mark David 72,166 Karlin, Richard D. 128 Karlos, Stephanie 115 Karson, Leonard D. 103 Kasper, Christine E. 115 Kasper, Kenneth J. 103 Kaspi, Nathan J. 128 Kasten, Karen Sue 103 Kasten, Wendy L. 128 Kaszniak, Gregory A. 115 Katsoolias, Alex P. 103 Katz, Alan Lawrence 72 Katz, Alvin Charles 128,164 Katz, Jordon Rich 72,182 Katz, Russell S. 103 Katznelson, Barry J. 128 Katznelson, Carol L. 115 Kaufer, Dean Charles 128 Kaufman, Sheila Lynn 72 Kaufman, Leslie J. 72 Kaufman, Linda Helen 72 Kaufman, Karen S. 115 Kauffman, Kathleen J. 72 Kauffman, Ronald M. 128 Kauffman, Brenda 115 Kaufman, Merle Lee 128 Kaufman, Scott Jay 128 Kaufman, Sheryl Jane 103 Keefe, Paul George 128 Keene, Maureen Joy 72 Keeshin, Scott Avery 128,206 Keith, Lawrence D. 72 Keith, Wayne Scott 115 Keker, Deborah Lynn 103 Kellman, Cheri Lynn 72 Kellman, Joy Denise 72 Kellman, Pamela Beth 128,167,183 Kendrick, Patricia A. 128 Kenis, Cynthia Lee 103 Kenis, Lauren Sue 72 Kenis, Jay Scott 115,164,168 Kenner, Barry Avrum 103 Kenney, Robert Jan 115 Keno, Edward Arthur 128 Keppen, Janet Elaine 115 Keppen. Patricia Ann 115 Kerman, Barbara E. 103 Kerman, Robert 128 Kern, Michael Robert 103 Kessel, Thomas J. 115 Kesselman, Michael D. 128 Kessler, Sheri Carol 115 Kiefel, Herbert W. 103 Kielborn, Cheryl D. 103 Kilian, Steve T. 115 Killian, Laurel Ann 103 Kimura, Eugenie 115 Kimura, Kathryn 128 Kimura, Teresa S. 128,181 Kirsch, Ellen Lee 103 Kirshman, Cindy Jo 103 Kitchen, Andrea 128J46 Kite, Lori Jill 115 Kittaka, Craig S. 115,220 Kittaka, Martin K. 72 Klatch, Elaine Phyll 128 Klauss, Russell. P. 103 Klein, Drew F. 128,206 Klein, Geralyn T. 73 Klein, Judith Freda 73,165 Klein, Katherine Mae 73,128 Klein, Leslie Joy 128 Klein, Richard S. 115 Klein, Steve Richard 103 Kleinzweig, Fred C. 115,154 Klemens, Rosemarie 128 Klcmens, Thomas J. 103 Klemm, Larry Richard 115 Klemptner, Scott A. 103 Klinkman, Scott W. 103 Klinsky. Keri Joy 103 Klint, Kristine M. 103 Klipowicz, Steven W. 73,204 Klipowicz, Paul V. 103,234,241 Klos, Timothy John 115 Kluegel, Donna Jean 128 Kluge, Dawn Sue 103 Klugman, Mark L. 128 Knobloch, Barry D. 73 Knobloch, Bruce A. 103 Knoblock, Brent C. 103 Knochelmann, Kathy A. 115 Knudsen, Robert W. 115 Koda, Douglas A. 115 Koehler, Pamela Lynn 73 Koenig, Perri Lee 103 Koepke, Susan M. 103 Koeune, Nicholas J. 128 Kohnen, Irene M. 115 Kolacki, Linda J. 115 Kolb, John William 103 Koller, Thomas C. 73 Kolodny, Janis Lee 115 Kolodziej, Wayne T. 73 Kolodzik, Sandra D. 128 Kondratowicz, Steve 103 Konecki, Richard M. 115 Kontek, Michael P. 128 Kopinski, Catherine 103 Koplan, Jerry Steven 128 Koplon, Marcia Lynn 73 Kopp, Gordon William 115 Kopp, Robert E. 74 Korajczyk, Robert A. 103 Koral, Kevin Paul 103 Korkes, David Robert 115 Korman, Arlene Carol 115 Korn, Peter Lawrence 103 Kornbluth, Lisa Gow 103 Kornel, Edward E. 128 Kornhauser, Sarita 115 Korrub, Lawrence W. 103 Korrub, Leslie Joy 103 Korzec, Grace F. 74,161,165 Kosoglad, Jerome A. 74,221 Kosoglad, Susan Lynn 115 Kostel, Helen Linda 74,103 Kouba, Eileen Marie 128 Kouba, William G. 103 Kouzes, Deborah C. 115,177 Kovnat, Helene A. 74 Kovnat, Carl Stephen 128 Kozak, Gary James 103 Kozloff, Denise C. 128 Krainski, Michael E. 103 Krainski, Kathy L. 128 Kramer, Edward M. 115 Kramer, Jeffrey H. 115,172 Kramer, Jeffrey W. 74 Kramer, Julie Ellen 103 Kramer, Robert C. 128,206 Kramer, Steven W. 103 Kramer, Toby S. 115 Krasner, Donny 128 Krause, James M. 115 Krause, Kathleen E. 74 Kravitz, Bonnie Dee 74 Kravitz, Carol L. 128 Kreiner, Keith A. 115 Kreiter, Bari Fern 75,104 Kreiter, Julie 128,F74 Kreiter, Marta Sue 104 Kretschmer, William 74 Kricke, Randolph 115 Kriete, Janet Agnes 74 Kriska, Nathan 128 Kriss, Gary 192 Kristof, Thomas W. 128,205 Krmicek, Sandra Lee 115 Krok, Fred John 115 Kromelow, Gary Brian 104 Kropp, Keith Richard 74 Krueger, Marilyn J. 128, 185 Kruschka, Richard B. 115 Krusen, Robert 1. 104 Kuda, Steve George 104 Kudla, Diane Therese 115 Kudla, Kathryn Ann 74 Kuehn, Valerie Ann 128.181 Kuhn, Marilyn Joan 128 Kurita, Richard Alan 74 Kurlan, Barbara E. 115,148 Kurz, Richard Wayne 74 Kushner, Robert F. 240 Kutza, Janet Olga 115 Lach, Donald Roman 104 Lach, Melanie Martha 74 Lacroix, Nicolet Kay 115 Lafond, JaneJle Anne 115 Lafond, Mary Julie 128 Lahikainen, Gail A. 115 Lahikainen, Sandra L. 128 Lain, Randall Jack 128 Lain, Raymond Scott 104 Lain, Richard Allen 104 Laloggia, Peter Paul 74,222 Lambert, James M. 104 Land, Susan 104 Landman, Steven 75 Lande, Robert Jay 128,165 Landerholm, Susan J. 104 Landerman, Cynthia A. 104 Landy, Craig Alan 75 Lang, Carl Robert 104 Lang, Judith Lynn 75 Lange, Alan Carl 128 Lange, Charles Henry 75.77.206,215 Lange, Dale Leroy 128 Lannefeld, Susan Ann 75 Lapaglia, James M. 128 Lapaglia, Lawrence A. 128 Lapczynski, Sallie M. 75 Lapins, Jeffrey Gary 128,206 Larosa, Robert J. 104 Larson, Carol Lee 128 Larson, Jenny Lynn 104 Larson, Margaret J. 75 Larson, Nancy Anne 104 Larson, Roger, Andrew 75 Larson, Susan Claire 115 Lash. Hal 128 Laskin, Sherry Kay 128 Lasky, Ellyne Ann 115 Lasser, Dennis Jay 75 Lauders, Janis Lynn 104 Lauer, Helen Sue 128 Lauer, Pamela Ann 115 Launhardt, Greg A. 115 Lauritzen, Michael 128 Lauss, Keith 75 Lavery, Adriann 115 Lawrence, Robert G. 128,223 Layfer, Barry Howard 104 Lazar, Jeffrey David 75 Lazaro, Anton E. 115 Leach, Richard Allen 104 Leach, Robert Norman 75 Leader, Judith Ann 104 Leader, Laurie Ellen 75,164,168 Leal, Scott D. 128 Leavitt, Bonnie Rae 129 Leavitt, Brandon H. 129 Leavitt, Ilona Sue 75,182 Leavitt, Jody Kim 104 Leavitt, Leigh D. 129 Lebov, Hedy 129 Lebovitz, Ilene N. 129 Lebovitz, Robert D. 75 Lee, Joel Arthur 115 Lees, Ellen Susan 129,157,167 Lefevre, Keith E. 75 Lefkovitz, Herold J. 115 Leick. Pam Kathleen 76 Leimontas, Joan 115 Lein, Barbara 129 Lembcke, Dorothy P. 7 Lenell, Leslie 1(M Lenzen, Jeffrey K. 115 Leonard, Mark Joseph 129 Leonard, Steven Stan 115 Leonard, Kerry M. 115 Leonchik, Nancy Ann 104 Lepp, Ellen Libeth 129 Lerner, Alan William 115 Lerner, Jeffrey D. 104 Lerner, Judith Wendy 76 Lerner, Rosemary H. 76,179 Lerner, Suzanne Linn 129,178 Lev, Esther R. 76 Levernier, David A. 104 Levey, Carol Lynne 129 Levey, Joan Karen 75,153,164 Levin, David Arthur 76 Levin, Isa Toby 115 Levin, Lee Lawrence 116 Levin, Mark Ira 116 Levin, Martin Kent 76,178,182 Levin, Melvin Edw. 129 Levin, Rhonda M. 116 Levin, Shelley 129,173 Levine, Barbara Anne 76,164 Levine, Ilene Helen 116 Levine, Joshua, B. 104 Levine, Judy Lynn 104 Levine, Linda 104,146,147 Levine, Nancy Sue 104 Levine, Susan D. 129,178 Levinson, Rick Jay 104 Levinthal, Andrea H. 104 Levitan, Beth 129 Levy, Howard Craig 76 Levy, Michael Edward 104 Lewis, Debra Lynn 104 Lewis, Kathy Ellen 104 Lewis, Linda Susan 129 Lewis, Marlene Ava 104 Lewison, Murray Jay 129 Liberatori, Lynne I. 129 Lichtenstein, Judi A. 116 Lieberman, Ellen M. 116,146 Lieberman, Sheri 104 Liberman, Marla Beth 104 Lindahl. Richard S. 104 Lindeman, Paul T. 104 Lindheimer, Terry Jo 129 Linn, Larry M. 116 Linn, Scott Jay 129 Linn, Sherie Ann 104 Lipman, Bradley R. 76 Lippo, Bruce Leonard 129,208 257 Lippo. Diane M. 116 Ijpschultz, Randi M 104 Lisinan, Sharon Sue 104 Liss, Sharon Norene 104 Litke. James Allan 129,166,209,210,211 Utile. Richard 1) 104 Uttwin, James A. 104 IJoyd. Kenneth Ray 129 Lloyd, Linda Marie 104 lx»eb. Rosalie 76 Loew, David Paul 57.76 Loew. Laural Jean 116 Loitz. Robert Daivd 116 lome. Sandor 76 Lome, Sandra Ann 104 long. Cynthia Jean 76 long. Glenn Warren 116 Loos, Carole Jeanne 129 Lood. Sherryl Ruth 116 Lorenz, Terance B. 76 Iouras. Kathy Ann 116 Lovering. Arthur L. 76.223 Lowen. Robert W. 77 Lowery, Laurel 77,186 Lucas, Larry Armen 129 Lucas. Linda Diane 129 Lucas, Peter 104 Ioeder. Timothy Paul 116 Lundie. Daniel John 104 Lundquist. Cole 1). 129.214 Luskin. Roberta Lynn 104 Lustig. Dale 129 Lyman. Thomas R. 116 Lynn, Bruce Alan 104 Lyon. Dawn Harriet 77 McAllister. Donald W. KM McCloskey, Tim James 116 McCracken. Debra Ann 116 McCracken. Patrick R. 116 MacDonald. Karen M. KM McDonough. Maureen A. 104 McKIfresh, Alice M. 116 McKlfresh, Lloyd A. 104 McEnerney. William P. 116 McCuire Virginia G. 77 McIntyre, Don Reid 129 McIntyre. Robert B. 116 McLeod, Dennis James 129 McXinch. Karen Jean 77 McNulty. Michael J. 116 Macek, Catherine M. 77 Machines. Wendy Sue 77.186 Macnider. James S. 77.212 Macnider. Jon I.. 1(M Machalinski. Michael 116 Macicjewski, Kathy 105 Madden, James David 129 Mailer. Richard Frank 129.204 Mad iarek, James R. 116 Madziarek, MariannJ. 105 Maede. Darlene Ann 116 Magnus. Barbara L. 129 Magnuson. Marcia | 129 Magnuson. Mark Dale 116 Mahler. Karl 77 Mahler. Kurt 105 Majewski. Marjorie A. 105 Majewski. Nancy Lynn 129,181,187 Malochleb, Margaret 116 Malt . Harry Aaron 129 Mai . Kathleen Marie 77 Mai . Linda S. 105 M anev. George A. 77 Mantled. Jay Alan 105 Mandel, Lois Mila 105 Mandell. Phyllis Ann 129 Mandell. Richard S. 116 Mandel is, Ester 129 Maugiirten, Michael L. 77,171 Mann. David Wes 129 Mann, Douglas J. 129 Mann. Ronald Bruce 116 Manning, Thomas II. 77 Manning. Tracy Jean 105 Manski. David Allen 116 Marashak. Robert 116 Marcus. Karl 116 Marcus. Sheri Lynn 129 Marker. Terry David 116 STUDENT INDEX Markowski. Donna J. 105 Markova. Ronald 77 Marks. Eugene 116 Manuel, laurel Beth 129 Marmitt, Barbara J. 77 Marinin. Patricia K. 105 Marsh. Steven 129 Marta. Kathleen M. 129 Martin. Barbara J. 77 Martin. Patricia Ixr 78 Martin. Susan K. 129 Martino. Nicholas W. 11 6 Martorano, Linda Ann 129 Martorano, Roselyn G. 129 Man. Roberta Ionise 116 Maslovitz. Bernard 129 Maslovil . Rochelle 78 Masters. Sliervl I). 78 Matched, Charles K. 78 Matthew, Norman L. 78 Mathis. Richard J 105 Mau. Henry William 129 Mau. John Frank 116 Mauer, Patricia Ann 129 Max, Marla Melody 116 May. Michael Edward 105 Mayer, William Cl id 129 May her. Susan Lynn 105 Mead. Robert Titus 116 Mechla. Amelia Ann 116 Medak. Susan Ice 105 Meenan. Linda Joan 78 Mehring. Raymond 116 Meier. Deborah Susan 116 Meikle, Keith Jay 78 Meilach. Allen Edwin 78 Meiselman. Mickey S. 105 Melin. Dale l.vnn 116 Mcnnchof, David Mark 116 Menaker. Mary belli 78 Mendelson. Marla Ann 105 Menke, Mary Alice 105 Mensinger, Stuart L. 78 Mertens, Jeanette M. 116 Mesirow, Linda Jo 129 Messer, Wendy Ann 78 Messink, Susan C. 105 Metrick. Bonnie R. 105 Mix es. Dick Jay 105 Meyer, Janis Ann Meyer, Marlene FX’a 129,182 Meyer. Marsha Ann 78 Mever. Robert Ice 105 Meyers, Howard C. 78 Meyers, Robert Kurt 129 Michnik. Marvin II 78 Midler. Nuril 105 M idler. Tova 129 Milazzo. Anthony 1). 78 Miles. Liura Lynne 116 Mil in. Michael J. 78 Milioto. Gregory S. 129 Miller Charlene 180 Miller.Cynthia Lynn 105 Miller. Diana Lynn 79 Miller, Marla Jo 79,161,191 Milner. Susan Nancy 117 Minx. Peter E 105 Mirsky. Marc Stewart 129.215,217 Mirsky. Randi Sue 117.143,173 Missner, Maureen Jo 79,164 Missner, Susan Ice 105 Mitchell. August G. 105 M itchell. Constance 79 M itchell. Wendi Jo 117.191 Mitchell, Kathleen B. 105 Mitchell. J. louis 129 Mitchell. Robert 105 Mils, Melinda Aki 79 Mitsui, Suzanne A. 117 Mils. Millicenl 129 Mitt, Tootnas Paul 129.158 Mil . William M 105 Moeller. Larry E. 105 Moeunig. Mark Thomas 129 Mohn Raymond Keith 117 Molina. Robert F. 79 Nlonnot. Larry 105 Moore. David Kliuge 105 Moore, James K. 79 Morel. James Eric 79 Morice, Diane A. 79 Moros. Beverly 79 Moros, Mike Ray 79 Moros. Phillip W. 117 Morris. Linda Mae 79 Morris. Michael L. 79 Moser. Holly Ray 79 Moser. Kirk |ohn 129 223 Moser. Laurie Ann 117 Moshinsky. Lori E. 105 Moshinskv. Michael A. 117 Moskowitz. Lirrv |av 105 Mossong. Janice Anne 105 Mostacci. Kathleen M. 117 Motenko. Gail Lynn 129 Motenko. Paul Alan 105 Motvl. Adrienne C. 79 Mroz. Michael F 117 Mrozek. Cynthia M. 117 Mrozek, Michael S. 117.129 Mueller. Barry Ice 105 Mueller, Christine M. 79,143 Mueller. Dorothea E. 105 Mueller, Cynthia Ice 105 Mueller, Douglas Don 105 Mueller, Gayle Diane 129.184 Mueller, Gail Ann 105 Mueller, James Irwin 79 Mueller. Karen Lynn 117.184 Mueller. Randall J. 117 Mueller. Steven S. 80 Mullortl. Robert A. 80 Multan. Richard H. 105 Mura. David Alan 129.206 Mura. Susan Lynn 105 Murphy. Diane P. 129 Murphy. Joanne E. 117 Musikanlow. Robert A. 129 Mulh. Debra Maria 144 Myles, Mary Kay 129.176 Myrent. Mark 129 Nachbatter, Fred L. 117 Naboloth. John 105 Nachbauer, Kathleen 117 Nagel berg, Alan K. 105 Nagelberg. Linda Joy 129 Nagy, Joseph S. 105 Nagy. Sandor Joseph 117 Nahrstedt. Michael P. 117 Nagel, Alan Steven 129 Nakashima, Cathy Y. 129 Napolitano, Frank G. 117 Napolitano, Susan M. 80 Nariss, Janine N. 105 Nariss. Walter Steve 117 Nassey. Beverly Lynn 105 Nasscv. MarcyC. 129 Nast, Judith Ann 129 Nathan. Lisa Erica 117 Neath. F. Jeanne 80 Nehart. Sharon E. 129 Neiberg. Susan Ruth 129 Nelson. Donald Gary 117 Nelson. John Jeff 105 Nelson. Kerry Eldon 117 Nelson. Kristine G. 129 Nelson. Mitchell S. 204 Nelson. Rob erta M. 129.187 Nemanich, Warren J. 105,212 Nesselson, Cynthia M. 80 Nesselson. Debra II. 105 Neubauer. Howard A. 130 Neuman. Bette Anne 130 Newman, Leslie Hope 106 Newman. Lynn Paula 106 Newman. Mark Alan 117 Newton. Richard F. 130 Niank ' k. Cheri Lee 53,80 Nichols, ( ' beryl E. 130 Nickols, Cleopatra P. 130 Nickols, Joanne 117 Nicholson, Stanley S. 106 Nickow. Ross Alan 117 Nied, Torn Pat 117 Nielsen. Thomas E. 117 Niesman, James A. 80 Nicsman. Michael Art 106 Nictschmann, Dan A. 130 Nietschmann. Nancy A. 117 Niles. Joann Rae 117 Niles. Linrctta A. 130 Nishimuru, Jacquelin 80,176 Nishimnra. Janice F. 117.186 Nordin. Diane Lynne 106 Nordin. Robert E. 130 Norman. William M 130.205 Nortell, Nancy Ann 130.174 Norum. Gloria T. 130 Nolo. Joseph James 130 Novoselsky. Howard S. 117 Novoselsky. IraC. 106 Novoselsky. Naucv B. 80 Novoselsky. Roberta 130 Novotny. Judith Patricia 130 Nowicki, Linnea 80 Nowicki. |ohn llenrv KMt Nudel, Barry 130 Nudelman. Andrea B. 130 Nudelman. Marcia Sue 106 Nusinow. Steve R. 242 Nyberg. Michael Alan 130 Oberlander. Joab 130 Ohrand. Janice Lynn 106 Obrien, Brian F 106 Obrien. ' Teresa Ann 80 Obrochta. C ' arv J. 106 Ochonicki. Randall T 1(H) Ohara. Barbara Ann 106 Oleksy. Nadine Sue 117 Oles, Deborah C. 80 Olsberg. Phillip Falward 130 Olsen, Lyiiuct Mae 130 Olson. Iconard. G. 1(H) Olson. Icslie Pat 106 Olson. Mark Win. 117 Omallev. Kristine M. 81 Omartin. Jackie W. 81 Opalka. Nancy Ice 106 Oprea. ' Terrence 11.81 Orlove. Laurie Sue 130.181 Ortmann. Darrell Jay 81.207 Oshona. Karen Ice 117 Osmolak. Gale Rose 130 Ostergaard. Richard 81.214 Ostrowski. Reid K. 106 Otto. Carleen Mary 117 Otto, Gail Lni KM) Ovington. Judy Ann 81 Ovington. Richard E. KM Pabst. Pegie Ice 130 Paciorek. Carol Ann 130 Packer. Linda Beth 81 Paddor. Richard S. 117 Paddor. Robert Eliot 117 Page. Prudence. Ann 81 Pith tike. Michael A. 117 Pakier. Ida 81.148 Pakier. Lois KH) Palm. Donna Regina KH Palm. Roy Gilbert. 130 Palmer. Barbara Joy 117 Palmer. Fred Jay 130 Palmer. William |. 130 Palumbo. Barbara J. 81 Panagiotaros. Gvnthi 106 Panchesin. Stephen S. 117 Panchesin. ' Thomas T. 117 Panico, Marie A. 130 Pantelakis, Penny F. 130 Papciak. Nancy Ann 117 Pappas. Ernest Sam 130 Pappas. Kathleen 106 Pappas, Steve Walden 81 Parge. Theodore. C. 1(H) Parker. Barbara 130 Parker. Dan Robert 1(H) Parks. Liura Joan 106 Pasches, Anastasia 117 Pastek. Lynette Marie 1(H) Pash, David Craig 130 Pashkov, Tilania A. 81.95 Pasma, Cynthia let- 130 Pattino. Michele Joan 130 Patterson. Sally Ann 81 Patterson. William K. 130.188 Pauke. David Alan 117 Payne, William R. 117 Pearl man, Kenneth J. 130 Pearson. Peggy J. 130 Peat, Patricia Ixju 117 Peck, Raymond Keith 81 Peck, Richard A. 106 Peller, Richard S. 81 Peller, Robin Janet 117 Pelzer, Gary Kugene 130 Penn. Daryl 106 Penyich. Alex 81 Pepper, Carolyn 117 Perelman, Robert 1). 120 Perlman, Joellyn B. 11 " Perlman. Marita Lynn 106 Perlman, Susan R. 106 Perlove. Cheryl Joy 82 Perlow, Mark Alan 106 Perlstein, Loren S. 82 Persino, Marie Klsle 106 Peru, Lynne R. 106 Peru. Dana C. 130 Per .. Denene Gayle 82 Perz, Douglas Gary 117,240 Perz, Robert Nelson 82,172,204 Per ., Scott Nelson 117 Petrella, John C. 106 Peters, Joanne Ruth 118 Peters. Michael Scot 118 Peters. Susan Ixiis 118 Petersen. David C. 118 Peterson, (Menu A. 82 Peterson. James A. 82 Peterson, Karen C. 106 Peterson. lx uiseG. 130 Peterson. Lydia Ann 106 Peterson, Lynn Anne 82 Peterson, Roger C. 106 Peterson, William M. 106,189 Petroske, Janice L. 106 Petroske, Wayne W. 106 Petty, Donna 82 Pieii, Roberta Ann 106 Pforr, Vera Helga 118 Phillippe, Michael J. 118 Phillips. Bari B. 82 Phillips. Gary Allan 118 Phillips. James R. 118 Photos, Gregory B. 106 Pierini, Denise Jean 82 Pindras, Barbara Rae 82 Pines, Bonnie Joy 130 Pinkert, Bonnie 82 Pinkert. Marvin D. 130 Pinkwater, Merle Nan 82 Pinter. David W. 118 Piontek, Karen 118 Piontek. Keith R. 82161 Piwko, Gary Stephen 106 Placko. Cheryl S. 82 Placko. Donna Mae 82 Platt, Mary Beth 83 Platt. Lewis Steven 118,158 Plice, Nancy Marie 118 Plotnick, Bennett II. 106 Plotnick, Richard J. 130 Pockrandt, Gloria L. 118 Podell, Judith Sue 83 Podell. Robin Amy 118.180 Pogofsky, Scott H. 130,222 Podgorniak, Raymond 106 Pkovitis, Lynda 130 Polanzi. Michael W. 118 Policht, Ronald J. 106 Polon, James M. 130 Polon, Lori Jill 130 Polone, Terrie L 130 Pollack, Glenn R. 83 Pollack, Jerilynn 106 Pollack, Lynne Susan 106 Pollack, Wendy 83 Polone, Susan R. 106,175 Polster, David S. 118 Polster, Neil Edward 83 Porazinski, Louise L. 130 Porcaro, Pamela Ann 106 Porges, Jim Robert 83,223 Portugal, Mitchell T. 130 Portugal, Nancy Jean 106 Porzel, Debra Ann 106 Post. Robert Mark 118 STUDENT INDEX Potempa, Michael F. 106 Potoker. Michael Ira 106 Potoker. Steven R. 83.167,206 Potter. Howard S. 83 Powers, Peggy Jean 1(H) Prange, Michael F. 130 Powers, Patricia I ee 118 Press, Jill Debra 130,174 Press, Lawrence H. 118 Prielozny, Elizabeth 118 Prielozny, Margaret 83,155 Priess, Janet Lynn 106 Priola, Pamela Jo 118 Prim, John Richard 118,240 Privatsky, Mary Lynn 130 Priess, Richard A. 83 Pritikin. Dore Ellen 130 Pullano, Arthur S. 106 Putterman, Lawrence 130 Pyshos, Diane N. 130 Quatrochi, Josephine 118 Quinn, Ellen 118 Quinn, William James 118 Quirk, Patricia Ann 1(H) Quist, John M. 130,220,221 Rabe, Robert Earl 83 Racana, Robert W. 83 Radcliffe, James W. 118 Radermacher, Patricia 84 Radin, Cynthia Gale 118 Radum, Dean Allan 1(H) Raffel, Elaine A. 106 Raffel, Lois Arlene 65.84,149,165 Rahnert, Susan Jean 118 Rainero, Steve D. 1(H) Raith. Michael Jacob 84 Randall. Bonnie Jean 118 Randall, Valerie Gay 1(H) Randall. Robert C. 84 Rapaport. DianeS. 130 Rapport, Rhonda G. 84 Raucci, Gloria B. 84 Raymond, Barbara J. 1(H) Raymond, Donald Carl 106 Raymond, Eileen M. 84 Ray. Michael James 84 Raynes, Joel Howard 130 Razka. Gregory A. 106 Reade, Renee 106 Reading, Katherine A. 130 Redinger, Steven A. 130 Regan. Maureen V. 118 Regner. Cynthia Fran 106 Regner, Dennis R. 130,190 Regula, Gayle Ann 130 Reicherts, Nancy L. 130 Reicherts, Wendy J. 1(H) Reichle, Debra Kay 118 Reilenberg. James M. 130 Reifenberg, John Rob 204 Reinauer, Eve B. 84 Reinauer, Regina Ann 84 Reitman, Barry Neil 118 Renieris, Nancy J. 84 Resnick, Sheryl Rae 106 Resnick. Vickie Mae 84 Reynen, Sharon L. 118 Riback, Darcy Lauren 1(H) Richman, Marsha Ann 118 Richter, Stephen N. 84,172 Ricketts, Jay Scott 188 Ridenhower, Adrienne 188 Rilkin, Scott Harlan 130 Riley. Kathleen Nl. 118 Riley, Thomas Joseph 106 Roach, Kevin P. 118 Roark, Katherine L. 130 Roberto, Linda Ann 118 Roberto, Michael 106 Roberts, John Calvin 118 Robbins, Lawrence D. 1(H) Robbins, Marc 130 Roberts, Jeffrey A. 130 Robinson, Norene el 118 Rochell, Nancy C. 130,164,173,179 Rode, Scott Allen 106 Rodriguez, Ricardo A. 106 Rofkind, J. Lee 106 Rofkin, Kim Lee 118 Rogina. Mary 130.170 Rohde. William N. 130 Rohrbacher, Joanne 1(H) Roland, Cynthia L. 118.173 Roluick, Nettie E. 118 Romeo G. Marilyn 130,149 Roos, Sharon Lee 118 Roscop. Chris Anna 107 Rosen, Andrea Sue 130 Rosen. Audrey. Anne 130,178 Rosen, Barry Stuart 130,168 Rosen, Joyce Beth 84 Rosen, Lynn Michelle 118 Rosen, Roberta Jeryl 108 Rosen. Susan Rachel 118 Rosenberg. Annlee 130 Rosenberg, Bert 84 Rosenberg. Gary E. 130 Rosenberg, James R. 107 Rosenberg. Mark S. 108 Rosenberg. Michael 84 Rosenberg. Perry F. 118 Rosenberg, Robert A. 85 Rosenberg, Stuart J. 130,213 Rosenbloom, Barry M. 118 Rosenbloom, Sue Beth 131 Rosengarden, Pamela 107 Rosengren, Robert A. 131 Rosenkranz, Thomas G. 107 Rosenkranz. John H. 118 Rosenmutter, Gary M. 118 Rosenthal, Arnold N. 131 Rosenstone. Nancy B. 107 Rosenthal. Diane L. 131 Rosenstone, Steven J. 70,85.160 Rosenthal. JillS. 131 Rosienski, Terrence 107 Rosin. Dale Gilbert 147 Rosmarin, Debbie 85 Ross, Eugene 131 Ross, Michael L. 118 Rossi, Jack Danial 131,207 Rossi, Jean Marie 131 Rossmann, Kathy L. 107 Roth. Deborah 85,182 Rothleld. Iris E. 118 Rwthleld. Linda Gail 107 Rothman. Mark Alan 107 Rothman. Robin Eve 85 Rotter. Judith Ellen 85,95,167 Rovell. Helavne R 107 Rowell. Richard R 131 Rowen. Arnold Jay 107 Rozmin. Stanley Roy 107 Rozmin. Annette R. 85 Rubel. Kenneth Lewis 107 Rubens, Neil 85 Rubert, Bonnie Lou 118,183 Rubert. Linda Patti,183 Rubin, Beth Jessica 131 Rubin, Deborah R. 85 Rubin, Jeffrey I-ee 118 Rubin, Mark Richard 107 Rubin, Rhonda Fern 131 Rubin, Steven Lee 107 Rubenstein, Kenneth 107 Rubinstein. Charlott 131 Rubenstein, Marsha 118 Rubinstein, Robert J. 107 Rubnich. Pamela S. 118 Rudisill. Steph L 131 Rugen, Diane Rita 107 Rukin. Gary Steven 107 Ruppert, Thomas J. 107 Rush, Maureen K. 118 Rust, Jean Carol 186 Rutgard, Jeffrey Jay 131.223 Ryan, Walter Edward 118 Ryden,John A. 85 Saber, Glenn A. 107 Sachnoff, Pamela G. 107 Sacks, Debra Jody 131 Sadacca, Teri R 118 Sadur, Rochelle 131 Saeger, Edgar Leland 118 Saeger. Karen Ann 86 Saeks, Bonnie L. 107 Sager, Judd B. 118 Sakas, Constance M. 131 Saletko. Harriett M. 107 Saltz, Jeffrey T. 86 Salt , Steven Allen 131 Saltzman, Mark Alan 107 Salzman, Anita H. 107,180 Salzman, Janet Lynne 118 Samatas, James 118 Samos, Gail Lynn 73,86 Sandlow. Marjorie E. 107 Sandroff, Ann Merle 131 Sapstein, Barbara J. 118 Sapstein. Marcia C. 131,166 Scahill. Bernard J. 118 Scaturo, Douglas J. 86 Schaller. Robert E. 131.155 Schalz, Madeline J. 107 Schaizman, Lynn Ivy 131.167 Schechter, Andrea 118 Schechter, Paul H. 118 Scherer, Mark E. 118 Schieren, Diw rente I). 86 Schiffman, David M. 118 Schiller, Jeanne Joy 107.144 Schiller, Laura Ruth 107 Schimel, John Scott 107 Schimel, Linda E. 107 Schimel, Thomas Alan 87 Schlag, Christine T. 131 Schlag, Donna Lynn 107 Schlegel. Ericka 118 Schlesinger, Joanne 107 Schlesinger, John R. 131 Schlitter. Tom M. 131 Schlivka, Leo 118 Schmidt, Bonnie Elvn 118 Schneider, Andrea L. 107 Schneider. Gregg I). 131 Schneider. Joanne N. 118 Schneider. Lawrence 86.161 Schneider. Renee H. 107 Schodin, John A. 131 Schodin, Philip I ee 118 Schoenfield, Rick M. 86,183 Schrader, Rose E. 107 Schramek, Jeffrey A. 118 Schramm, Robert C. 86 Schrantz, Alan M. 119 Schreiber, Frank 107 Schreiber, Michael I). 107,234 Schreiber, Steven H. 86 Schroeder, Denise R. 131.139.174 Schroeder, Timothy R. 131 Schulz, Marilyn P. 119 Schur, Ronald 119 Schuster, John Stein 119 Schutt. Judith Ann 86 Schwartz, Andrea J. 87 Schwartz, Howard N. 107 Schwartz, Lauren S. 107 Schwartz. I.vnn Dee 87 Schwartz, Marilyn E. 119 Schwartz. Michael L. 131 Schwartz, Richard P. 131 Schwartz. Robert G. 107 Schwartz, Steven A. 119 Schwebcl. Linda Ann 131 Scipione, Gary Ix. e 107 Scipione. Nicholas I). 209 Scobee. Ricky Hall 131 Scott. Donna Carol 87 Scott. John Thomas 119 Scott, Maribess Ann 107 Searle. Roseann M. 119 Sedloff. Susan 119,182 Segal, Elaine Leah 87 Segal, Gayle Lynn 119 Segal, I iura Jan 87 Segal, Martin 131 Sega. Susan Real) 131 Segal, Sherry Beth 118.187 Seidel. Ava Faith 131 Seidman, Richard I. 87 Seidtnan, Terri Ann 131 Sikloff. Ann 179 Selin, Audrey E. 131 Semar, Scott William 119.243 Senensky, Jay 119 Senjanovich. Samuel 119 Senoff, Susan Joy 107 239 Serpe, Amy 1«7 STUDEr . Singer. Phillip A. 131 ilT INDEX Stein. Rhonda Flaine 119 Thoma, Martin Fred 132 Servos, Andria Beth 131.16b.174 Sisto, Cus 107 Steinberg. Farl P 132 Thoma, Scott C. 120 Servos, Marissa A. 119 Skalski. Christine A. 131 Steinert, Jan 132 Thomas, Claudia Ann 90 Settler. Charlene 119 Skalski. Mark Jan 107 Steinlauf, Larry B. 119 Thompson, Bruce R. 120 Settler. Steven 131 Skelnik. Beth Jo 88 Steitz. Paula June 89 Thompson, Deborah L. 90 Shall, Arlene D. 107 Skelnik. Debra Lvnn 107 Stelzer, Nathan Leo 119 Thompson, Patricia I.. 90 Shall. Roberta Lynn 131.139 Sklanskv. David 131 Steklol. Ann Beth 132 Thompson, Roy W. 120 Shalotvit . |oel Ira 119 Skipton. David B. 131 Stern, Neil S 89 Thorn. Valorie G. 90 Shandelson. Marla B. 131,173.179 Skogsbakken, Ruth F 119 Sternquisl, Allan 11.11 Thron, Victoria Lynn 132 Shapiro. Deborahs 131 Skotnicki, Carol M 88 Steruquist, Arlene R 108 Thoren, Thomas 108 Shapiro. Fred B 119 Slater. Judith Ilene 131 Stevens. Robert D. 132 Thourson, Terry R. 90 Shapiro. Ilene F. 119 Sloan, Abigail B 119 Stevens. Sandra L. 132 I ietz, Thomas J. 120 Shapiro. |aines 119 Slossv. Michael 131 Stllle. Kurt Jeffrey 132 Til kin, Steven Lee 120 Shapiro. Michael 87.188.220 Slupik, Karen P 88 Stocker, Paulette J. 108 Tiltz Steven C. 132 Shapiro. Rick Scott 131 Slussar, Mark R 131 Stuble. Michael R 89,205 Timmer, Susan Lynn 120,175 Shapiro. Richard 1.. 119 Smedberg, Jav Paul 107 Stoia. Raymond John 89 Tinetti, John Mark 132 Share. Steven Ralph 131 Smilev, Garv Arthur 88 Stoklosa, Roxana Nan 89 Tobiansky, Bruce D. 108 Shallow. Michael 131.183 Smith. Alan M. 131 Stoklosa. Nanette L. 119 Tobias, Timothy J. 132 Shaw. Jeffrey Allen 131 Smith. Stephen M 107 Stolar, Donna Faye 119.167 Tobias, Wendy Arden 108 Shear, Jerine 1). 87 Smith. Thomas P. 131 Stoklosa, Suzette M. 132 Tolchin, Robert B. 90 Shechter. Floyd 107 Smith, Valerie 1). 131 Stolberg, I.eslie F. 89 Tommins, Candice R. 108 Shechter. Richard I.. 119 Smoller. Susan Diane 119 Stolberg, Jeffery B 108 Tommins. Charles W 90 Shelren. Marcie Lynn 131 Smoller. Stuart L. 107 Stone, Carol Ann 132 Tommins, Susan L. 132 Shetren. Phillip S 87 Snyder, latrry Steven 107 Stone, Janis F. 89 Topczewski, Stephen 108 Shelton. Gina |o 107 Sobel. F.lizabeth J. 119 Stone. Larry Stuart 108 Topczcwski. Paul M. 132 Shenk. Dong Alan 131 Sobel. |oann 88 Stone, Marilyn Jean 108 Topel. Barbara Sue 120 Shepard. David 11. 131 Sobol. |ean Karen 131.176 Stone, Nancy R. 108 Toporek. F.sther Anne 120 Shepard. Herbert R. 119 Sobol. |oau Carol 131 Stone, Vicki Debra 108 Torp. Timothy Craig 132,192 Slier. Cindy Lynn 131 Solano. Rosclvn 107 Stopka, Valerie J. 132 Tortorella, Dennis J. 90.171 Sherbin, Donna Susan 178 Soletki. Mary L. 131 Storm. Lynne F. 132 To veil, Patricia F. 120 Sherey, Arnold Irwin 107 Solomon, Bruce 107 Storck, Marilyn G. 89 Tralmer, Joseph Mark 108 Sheridan. W’avne Mike 119 Solomon, Howard Lee 107 Stral, Lee Philip 132 Tranter, Steven A. 132 Sherman. Alison 119 Solomon. Marshall I). 131.191 Strauss. Alan R. 89.178 Treiber, Ron Lee 132 Sherman. David Krrol 87 Sorensen, Gerrv Jon 131.188.221 Strauss. Beth Terry 108 Trester, Fredric W. 108 Sherman. Hollis L. 107 Sorensen. Walter R. 132 Strauss, Susan Janis 108 Tripi. Alan John 132 Sherman. James A. Sorrels, Rita Diane 107 Strehl. Gunther 119 Tripicchio, Donald F. 91 Sherman. Susan Lvnn 119 Sortal. Marv Anne 119 Stretch, Lynnette M. 132 Tripicchio, Frank C. 120 Sherwood, Ditte 119 Sortal, Patricia Sue 132 Streicher, Michael 108 Tripicchio, Thomas A. 132 Sherwood, Cail Kllen 119 Sortal. Paul F.dward 77, Streicher, Paul I). 132 Tripp, F.dward C. 108 Shilie, Alan Wayne 87 Soskin. Roll in | 208.235 Stremke, Terrilynn 132 Tritschler, John C. 120 Shih. Willy Chao 87 Spagnoli. William R. 119 Strobel, Bradley A. 132 Trivisonno, James G. 108 Slump, Michael T. 107 Spear, Linda Sue 132 Strom, Anita Barbara 89 Trojan, Michael 132 Shiner, Marcy Lynn 131 Spear, Stephen Lee 107 Strub, Michael David 119 Trossman, Mindy Sue 108 Shires, David Scott 107 Spears, Susan Bonnie 107 Stucka, Gary Martin 119 Truesdale. Nancy |. 132 Shires, Susan I.aura 87 Spedale, Mary Iahi 132 Suane, Stephanie L. 108 Tsuneta, laiura G. 91 Shoemaker. Karen M. 87 Spencer, Janis Lynne 108 Sudow. Thomas N. 119 Turbin, Alan Wayne 91 Sholder, Karen J. 87 Spencer, Noreen K. 108 Sullivan, Curtis M. 119 Turbin, Marsha Fllen 108 Sholder. Marcy K. 119 Sperry, Gail Ann H. 119 Sumner, Carol Sue 89,165 Turf, Sheldon Flliot 91 Shore, Mitchell H. 107 Spielman, Janet Lee 108 Sussman, Michael 1). 119 Turton, Fric Rolfe 109 Shore. Scott Harold 131,207,223 Spielman, Rich Bruce 108 Sutfin, Mary Anne 108 Uditsky, Daveeda Rae 91 Shroyer, Pamela Joy 119 Spiers, Michael Alan 119 Sutherland, Sharon J. 108 Uhle, Christine M. 91 Shoub. Audrey Lynn 119 Spies, TeriJ. 119,146,147 Swanke, Fred James 108 Linger. Jeffrey Scott 109 Shulman, Lori Ann 119 Spiezer, David Ira 132 Swento, Jack D. 108 Itngerleider. Barbara 109 Shumate, H. Mack 88 Spikings, Kimberley 88 Swets, Michael Allan 132 Ungerleider, Laura 91 Shumate, Monroe W. 119 Spina, John J. 108 Swibel, Sheri Kay 90 Unick, Mindy S. 91 Sichau, Gale J. 107,190 Spina, Sam Jr. 108 Swock, David F. 132 I’nrath, Valerie Lynn 91.186 Sichau, Susan J. 131 Spitz, Deborah Susan 132 Szczepanski, Judith 119 Unrath, Karen Sue 120 Siedband, Cary Ira 119 Spitz, Steven Jay 88 Szpajcher, James A. 132 L’nverricht, Kurt W. 109 Siegal. Allan Jay 131 Spitzer, Amy Jill 88 Szuberla, Cathy Ann 132 Valenziano, Keith P. 109 Siegel, Fern F.llyn 88 Spitzer, Sandra Lynn 108 Szuberla, Charles A. 119 Vancleavc, Gary F . 120 Siegel, Myron Kliot 88 Spitzer, Marcia J. 88 Szymanski, Patricia 108 Vanderloop, Paul J. 120 Siegelman, Lorri J. 119 Spitzer, Susan Rae 119,175 Tablofl, Carol Lynn 132 Varon, Rhonda Lee 132 Sier ega, F.dward S. 119 Spiwak. Larry 119 Taich, Stephen Alan 90 Vaughn, Patricia M. 132 Sierzega. Ronald J. 131 Springbom, Paul W. 132 Takemoto, Carole S. 90 Velen, Barbara Dee 120 Sierzega, Susan K. 107 Springer, Annette L. 108 Taich, Susan Cail 119 Ventrella, Marie G. 132 Siet, Steven A. 107 Springer. Richard S. 89 Talent. Rhonda Sue 119 Verany, Dennis Scott 109 Sigcl, Craig S. 131 Springer. David F. 132,152 Talman, Maureejan 108 Ventrello, Patricia 132 Sikevitz. Sharon L. 107 Sroka, Jeff Martin 119 Tamraz, Jeanne C. 119 Verany, Denise 1). 132 Silensky, Jennifer C. 119 Sroka, John William 132 Tanaka, Jerry Akira 132,221 Verunac, Susan Carol 91 Silver. Betty Ita 107 Stadler, Phyllis J 89 Tanka, Thomas James 108 Vilona, Robert J. 91 Silver, Jay Howard 119 Stanko, Glenn W. 89 Tapper. Sheila Sue 119 Vilona, Rosemarie L. 109 Silver, Paula Susan 107 Stankowicz, Sharon M. 108 Taradash, Joyce M. 132 Vinci, Debra Ann 109,176 Silverberg. Barry P. 119 Stark, Susan 119 Tarant, William C. 90 Virag, Linda Marlene 132 Silverman, Wayne 1). 131 Staackmann, Kathleen 132 Turk. Mark Steven 132 Virag, Peter A. 91,220 Silvers, Scott Alan 131 Staar. Debbie Denise 119 Tash, Donal Neal 132 Vitale, Susan 91 Silverman. Bonnie S. 88.149 Starr, I.etta Hope 108 Tash, Max David 108 Vonderlinden, Donna 133 Silverman. Harry M. 107 Starkman, Michael 119 Tash, Sharan Ilene 132 Voedisch, Lynn A. 109 Silverman. Sherri 131,170 Statland, Marryl M 108 Taylor, Mark Chris 90 Von Holdt, John W. 133 Silverstein, Stuart 107 Stauber, Steven H. 132,221 Taxman, MarceeAnn 108 Vorpagel, Jaclvn Jo 120 Silvert, Donald Jay 119 Stauffenberg, Bruce 89 Teacherson, Chris M. 132 Vuksan, Branka 120 Simmons, Candice M. 107 Stearns, Mark F. 108 Tegert, Kristine M. 90,186 Wagman, Sandra Dee 109 Simms, Polly C. 107 Steffen, Jas 119 Teichner, Marlene H. 108 Wagner, Doreen Ann 109 Simon, Randy 107 Steffen, Joanne 108 Tell, James Thomas 108 Wagner. Laurel C. 91 Simonctti, Karen L. 107 Steffen, Robert Farl 132 Tell, Kathleen Marie 132 Wahlburg, Burton 120 Simons, How ard L. 119 Steffen, Lyanne L. 108 Terdkh, Joseph G. 108 Wald, Steven Scott 109 Simons, Linda H. 131,170 Stein, Beth Janet 119 Terry, Abbie Roberta 90 Wallach, Michael G. 133 Simonsen, Glenn H. 88 Stein, Cheryl B. 119 Tesnow, Carol Jean 119 Wallace, Rae Louise 91,155,156,157 Simonsen, Lynne Ann 119 Stein, Debra Susan 108 Thery, Cherlyn Sarah 90 Wallace, Susan F. 120 Sinard, Craig Paul 88 Stein, Nancy Fern 89 Thiede, Nancy Lou 120 Wallace, Vernettc M. 133 260 Wallies. Scott M 133 Walovitclt. Richard C. 109 Walsh. Maureen Kllen 109 Wallers. |im 120 Wallers. Vicki l.vnnc 109 Walthers. Nadia Joan 120 Walton. Teresa Jane 109 Wainsley. Judith A. 120 Waradv. I.isa Marlene 109 Ward. Susan Kay 120.133 Wargo. Kathleen M. 133.186 Wartnan. Robin Sheryl l!l!l Wargo. Mary Louise 120 Warner. |ohn Kenard 120 Warner. Susan Marie 120 Warren. Ronald Alan 120 Warsaski. Debra Ann 92.17:1 Warshauskv. Merle 1). 92 Wasmund. Judith L. 92,185,187 Warshawsky, Sharon E. 133 Wassermann. I-ori Ice 120 Watts, Richard M. 109 Wax, Mark Alan 133 Weber. Carol Lynn 109 Weber. Kathleen II. 92 Weber. Patricia Ann 120 Wcrmacber. John R. 109 Weibel. Sandra Marie 133 Weidenbach. Cary |. 92 Weidinger. Ileverly K. 109 Well, Sandra M. 109 Weidberg. Terry Alan 133 Weidllng, Mark C. 120 Weidner. Susan C. 92 Weil. Candice Diana 133 Weil, Marilyn Nora 133 Weil, Scott David 133 Weiiner, Raymond P. 133 Weiner. Claire 92 Weiner, Lisa C. 133 Weinger. Mitchell J. 133 Weinstein, Beverly II. 120 Weinstein, Cregg S. 109 Weinstein, Robert A. 92 Weir, Carol Sue 133,177 Weiser, Michael Ix e 133 Weistnan, Gary M. 133,167 Weiss, David Scott 109.242 Weiss, Debra Nancy 109 STUDENT INDEX Weiss, Kllen Sue 109 Weiss. Frederick M. 109 Weiss, Cayle Melanie 109 Weiss, Helen Rita 133 Weiss. Hillary Lynn 133 Weiss. James Dennis 92 Weiss. Jill Stacey 92 Weiss. Michelle S. 109 Weiss. Patricia K. 120.153 Weiss, Philip 11 arold 109 Weiss. Ralene Carol 133.185 Weiss. Robert B. 92 Weiss. Renee Carvn 109 Weiss. Ronald Joel 93 Weissberg, Amyra 120 Weissberg, Ariel 109 Weissman, Steven A. 93 Weisz, Alan Samuel 93 Weil ., Richard S. 133 Wekxman, Robert 181 Weitznion, Bruce M. 133 Weksler, Mark R 120 Welch. Janies Robert 109 Wernikoll, Sheldon L. 93 Wertheimer. Michelle 120 Wcser. David Warren 93 Weser, Janies Richard 109 Weser, Susan Marie 120 Wexler, Debbie Lynn 109 Wexler, Philip Randy 120 Whelan, Carol Ann 120 Wicker, Barry 93 Wickum, Craig Neil 93 Whitesnian, Barney R. 120,154 Wlczer, Beth 120 Wlczer, James Joseph 93,178,191 Widen, Shari Beth 93 Wien, Cynthis Mary 133,182 Wiggins, Marilyn Sue 109 Wilader, John Edward 109 Wilcox, Michael A. 109 Williams, Benita L 109 Williams, Francis P.133 Williams, Leslie J. 93 Williams, Martin K. 93 Williams, Stephens M. 120 Willner, Paula 120 Wliner. Noel S. 109 Wilson, Clifton J. 133 Wilson. James A. 120 Wilson. Sandra I e 120 Winkleman. Marla Jo 93 Winkler. Allan Jay 120 Winkler. Don Alan 120 W ' inn, Mack Edward 120 Wirkus, Diane Ellen 93,136,139 Wise. Bonnie Rae 133 Wisniewski, Kenneth 92 Witkowski, Michael L. 120 Witt. Peter Clayton 120 Witt, Susan 133 Wittek, Allen Frank 120 Wojnar, Kasia 94 Wolf, Marlee Ann 120 Wolf, Trudy Lynn 109 Wolff, Steven Ray 133,169 Wolflick, Richard C. 133 Wolin, Jason Hal 142.165,154.156,157,160 Wolin, I-twrence 1) 120,242 Wolin, Pamela Ruth 133 Wolin. Robert M 120 Wolnik, Diane Marie 109 Wolsky, Bart L. 94 Wolsky. David Irwin 109 Wolter, Joint Edward 120 Wolters, Alan W. 133 Woods, Elaine Marie 120 Woods, Kathleen ( . 120 Woods, James J. 109 Woods, John James 133 Woods, Thomas Cary 94 Wright, Jane 120 Wright, John Walter 120 Wrobel, Claire 94,95 Wu, Alan Hsueh Bing 120 Wulf, John Peter 94,152 Wurman, Vicki Diane 120 Wykolato, J im 133 Wyzgala, Mark Henry 109 Wyzgala, Pamela Jean 94 Yablon, Bonnie Rae 109 Yablin, Sandra Ann 94,171,177 Yamauchi, Eml Lynn 120 Yates, Steven Lee 120 Yelen, Michelle P 133 Yellen, Karen Paula 133 Yonan, Mary 94 Young, Charles S. 109 Young. Debbie Lvnn 109 Young, Joellyn F. 94 Young. John David 120 Young, Thomas Walter 109 Youngman, Bernard A. 109 Youngman, Jeffrey F. 109 abitn. lues Sue 109 Zabolocky, LyleW. 94 Zacher, Joellen 133 Zachary, Ceorge John 94 Zagoren. Diane 133,164 Zajac, Thomas L. 133 Zalsman, Jill Ann 120 Zamp, James R. 133 Zamudio, Carla 109 Zamudio, Janies J. 120 Zar, Keith Alan 109 Zaslavsky, Michael A. 133 Zawiski. Mark Alan 109 Zazove, Philip B 94,179 Zazove, Karen Tricia 109 Zazove, Steve Dale 121 Zeedyk. Janice 121 Zelienka. Sharon Sue 94 Zdjeznjak, Ann M 121 Zeman, John Joseph 121 Zemaii, Unda Merle 109 Zeman, Robert K. 133 Zenit, Charles A. 109 Zenner, Brian Stuart 121 Zenner, Kathleen M. 130 Zera, Catherine , 1. 109 Zetll, Gary Thomas 94 Zettl, Mary Linda 121 Zev. Bert Joel 133 Zicntan, George FI. 121 Ziff, Claudia Jo 121 Zimka, Thomas James 133 Zimmer. William E. 109 Zimmerman, Joe F.van 121 Ziontek, D onard J. 94,133 Zizzi, Michael J 94 Zizzi, Monica 121 Zolke, Scott Brian 109 Zoros, Joan Susan 121,173 Zukerman, Marlene 121,165 Zupko, Gary J 121,189,221 Zyburt, Howard G. 109 Zweig, Frank Thomas 133 26 1 Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the pad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dylan Thomas MARK TOPOL CHARLES TOM MINS FRED KROK SHARON MULFORD 26 3 SPONSORS. EDITORS-IN-CHIEF " INTRO " . FACULTY. SENIORS. UNDERCLASSMEN.. SPECIAL EVENTS. ACTIVITIES SPORTS INDEX COPY EDITOR. BUSINESS MANAGER TYPIST. " GOPHER " . ASSISTANT " GOPHER " ..Mr. Richard Turner Miss Rita Stewart ..Joan Levey Laurie Leader ..Lois Raffel Marlene Zuckerman Karen Frankel Linda Greenburg ..Alvin Katz Shelby Dunster Michelle Yelen ..Maureen Missner Sara Cooper Marsha Greenstein .Barbara LeVine Diane Zagoren Ellen Boime .Carol Sumner Grace Korzec Carol Levey Sue Segal Sharman Blumenthal .Nancy Rochell Judy Klein Margie Goran .Gail Golman Barry Isaacson Jason Wolin .Shelly Gilman Frank Cutler Jay Kenis .Peggy Kaplan .David Beswick .Ellen Jacobs .Sherri Silverman .Little Tyke 264 Joy Lieberman Mickey Shattow The talent and maturity of both cast and crews were recognized when the Pulitzer-prize winning play " J.B. " was presented on May 3rd and 4th. The play in verse questions man ' s faith in God by " testing " J.B., portrayed by Merrick Garland. Debating the strength of his belief were Spencer Dean and Danny Markoya, as Zuss and Nickles. Outstanding technical innovations were created by con¬ struction, lighting, make-up, costume, prop, and stage crews, resulting in greater audience involvement. Students, faculty directors, and audiences were forced to confront contemporary problems through the entertainment medium. Dan Markoya s NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY National Honor Society is an honorary association with a chapter in each high school and is composed of the na¬ tion ' s top students. These students are selected for induction on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and charac¬ ter. The thirty-nine new senior and nineteen junior members brought the Niles West division to a total membership of eighty-one. The present members are: SENIORS: Steven Amstrup, Charlene Becker, Kristine Bick, Barbara Block , Mark Bloom, Barbara Braudt Vaughn Clauson, Judith Cutler, David Daskovsky , Maureen Fogel, David Fried , Judith Fried , Marta Fukuya, Joyce Glick, Frances Golman, Nancy Gomberg , Luke Gordon, Christine Goundas, Robert Grauman , War¬ ren Grayson, Charles Honnet William Iverson , Barbara Jacobson, Evelyn Karson, Deborah Katz, Rhonda Katz, Karen Kawabata, Maurice Killey, Roberta Kirstein, Steven Klatch , Robert Kohl, Joanne Kozloff, Ann Lea! , Joan Luber Cheryl Mader, Alan MandeP, Joan Medak , Craig Melin Loral NeharP, Leila Novak, Alan Oberrotman, David Oprea, Carl Peterson, Chris Peterson , Michael PysncP, Lynne Ross , Marla Rut- gartP, Joanne Schlppman, Caryn SedlofP, May Shih, Bette Sostrin, Elaine Tarant, Joseph Tash, Cynthia Walter, Monica Warady, Elizabeth Wargo, Andrea Weinstein, James Work, David Wortman, Barbara Wur- maiP, Susan Zagoren, Lorel Zai . JUNIORS: Jesse Cedarbaum, Alan Chow, Allen Daugird, Linda Gams, Joan Harris, Steven Homer, Sheila Kaufman, Steven Klipowicz, Grace Korzec, Judith Lang, Laurie Leader, Raymond Peck, Keith Piontek, Lois Raffel, Michael Shapiro, Willy Shih, Paul Sortal, Amy Spitzer, James Wiczer. •denotes two year membership. Balloons, tricycle races, belly dancers, Russian roulette . . . LAVINRAC ’86 This year ' s Lavinrac 86, alias Carnival 1968, was a huge success. Introduced to the student body in an invasion of helium balloons, it brought a variety of fun to all rang¬ ing from the Caliverus County of Niles West ' s frog races and Mr. Gragg ' s flower power, to John Wilkes ' Booth and Russian Roulette. Whether looked at frontwards or back¬ wards, Lavinrac provided an exciting day of entertainment. Love, beauty and Steve Belgrade? The spirit of the times is reflected in German Glub s booth. 5 DANDELION WINE The elegant Grand Ballroom of the Sherman House was the setting for Dandelion Wine, the prom honoring the class of 1968. On the evening of May 29th, couples danced to the music of both the Hudson Bay Company, and for the more conservative, Ralph Berger and His Orchestra. The culmination of the evening was attained at the crown¬ ing of King Jim Guenther and Queen Lonnie Taylor, reign¬ ing over their court of Barb Womer and Jim Leonard and Debbie Demeduc and John Ambrus. The dance was indeed as sweet and golden as its name—Dandelion Wine. G. Smiley and M. Wolf THIS IS EXCEDRIN HEADACHE ’68 ?! Extra! Extra! Read all about WHAT! Auld Lang Syne Victory! % Fare Thee Well Dr. Mannos: Soul and Inspiration GRADUATION % MAN ' S INHUMANITY TO MAN " Many and sharp the numerous ills Inwoven in our frame; More pointed still, we make ourselves Regret, remorse, and shame; And man, whose heaven-erected face The smiles of love adorn, Man ' s inhumanity to man, Makes countless thousands mourn. " Robert Burns THE END VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES NW Maine East 8 Evanston 7 Maine South 2 Niles North 10 Glenbrook North 7 New Trier West 8 Deerfield 3 Maine West 3 Glenbrook South 5 New Trier West 17 Deerfield 5 Maine South 6 Niles North 10 Glenbrook North 7 Maine West 9 Glenbrook South 6 1st in League JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Highland Park Maine East Evanston Highland Park Niles North Glenbrook North New Trier West Niles North Deerfield New Trier West New Trier East NW 5 7 6 2 6 10 12 21 10 1 4 SOPHOMORE BASEBALL SCORES NW Maine East Evanston Maine South Glenbrook North New Trier West Niles North Deerfield Maine West Glenbrook South Maine South Niles North Glenbrook North New Trier West Deerfield Maine West 1st in League 7 14 8 10 13 3 4 1 7 3 6 5 11 5 3 OPP 4 0 4 8 0 2 6 1 4 8 1 3 6 1 1 1 OPP 4 12 4 3 4 3 5 5 1 2 1 OPP 2 3 3 1 0 4 2 4 2 2 4 0 0 0 2 VARSITY GOLF GOLF SCORES VARSITY FROSH-SOP OPPONENT NW OPP NW OPP Evanston 171 169 197 17T Maine South 185 162 221 194 Maine East 182 169 219 174 Glenbrook North 178 198 210 173 New Trier West 164 181 195 173 Deerfield 184 159 194 192 Niles East 187 178 201 227 Niles North 187 166 201 198 Maine West 192 171 196 188 Wheeling 203 175 220 190 Glenbrook South 171 144 211 180 Conant 176 162 194 193 VARSITY TRACK C. Regen COLUMN I ASCENDING: Coach Lucas, J. Schaefer, T. Henrickson, K. Wisniewski, R. Sullivan, H. Sosin, C. Peterson, J. Carlisle. COLUMN II DESCENDING: Coach McMahon, A. Fredickson, G. Johnson, P. Gans, D. Tortorella, B. Kretchmer, S. Claver, J. Braun, D. Ganon. COLUMN III ASCENDING: Coach Fizzell, J. Macnider, D. Heidke, S. Erickson, B. Perz, C. Regen, P. Zazove, J. Rosenthal, Coach Campbell. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Carlisle, R. Sullivan. S. Claver P. Gilford LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Brodsky, N. Stern, D. David, D. Fried, S. Block, J. Feldberg. VARSITY TENNIS M. Brodsky LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Birkley, M. David, D. Wortman, J. Ellison, G. Shaw. SOPHOMORE BASEBALL FROSH-SOPH TENNIS SOPHOMORE TRACK FRESHMAN TRACK FROSH-SOPH GOLF r 19 mm Editors-in-Chief: Joan Levey Laurie Leader Staff Members: Maury Killey Alvin Katz Diane Zagoren Shelby Dunster Nancy Rochell Carol Sumner Grace Korzec Dave Drew Wayne Chubin Carol Levey Sponsors: Mr. Richard Manger Miss Rita Stewart 16 An yvv

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