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;■ ; tk r ' nm The Senior Class of Niles West Presents Spectrum ' 63 Niles Township High School-West Division Skokie, Illinois Volume II TABLE OF CONTENTS ACADEMIC 15 FACULTY 49 ACTIVITIES 68 SPECIAL EVENTS 100 SENIORS 116 UNDERCLASS 143 ATHLETICS 174 INDEX 194 If you look closely, you will see its trace: a little additional tradition, the trees are higher, a class of graduates, nicks, scratches, wear and tear; that which was new is changed now; and we wish to call this change growth Opectrum 1963 — in iiiMii ■ m Iji ISSiiiHfliiiiii 4 III !lBl!lBi! liisi::: uiisiiiii ii! M ' ■■ i ■y rii Young, new, , n MIH ' one brick, one flesh and hope. ij If flH As they oge, they take on different hues: ;» J ps. V H one, the new, acquires Btkr 9K?fl dust, ivy, familiarity, scars, grass, comfortability- i p . Jl more quantities than qualities; Mm V ' ifgJ0fii one, the young, acquires • ' •lhrt(vr». , ' duty, sense, solidity, vision, girth, stability- more qualities than.quantities; and this is as it should be. One is contained in the other. yet breaks free. More come, yet come again; others come around, aground. Obscure? 1 don ' t think so, no worse than the trite tree which isn ' t even true, since a student, unlike a tree, is free to us. IT ACADEMIC There are a lot of things we would hove learning be that it isn ' t. Learning is a means, yet end it is; learning should build, but iconoclasts remind us; learning should be freedom, but textbooks bind us. Is this a complaint? no, it is not. These paradoxes vanish in the heat of accomplishment. We see the eager mind, rewarded and rewarding, casting light for all to follow. Teacher and student locked in combat where only both can gain the fruits. But, sadly, we see the unsearching mind banished to pale lands, and we are unhappy, in this ultimate paradox, that the underdeveloped do not know, happily, that they are unhappy. ADMINISTRATION Mentors come in two types, a and b, active and passive, neither more important than the other. The active teach; their charges, in endless cycles, must grow apace; the fruit, if it may be said, is often bitter: for gone at once are the good and bad, with the chance for one more try and the satisfaction of success; both losses. Of more constancy, the passive administer; their view is long, not cyclic. Individuals matter, to be sure, but the end differs. For they must soothe and guide, must suffer each student, each teacher to find his way, and pay. Too much need not be made of these differences, for they go there with each other. ACTIVITIES Let ' s play, too! Let ' s sing, lead, write, teach, think, and speak! Let ' s act, dance, type, swim, paint! but let ' s do it together, please! Oh yes, we know we ' ll gain this way, and we care. We know others will like what we do, and we care But for ourselves, no apologies, if all we do is enjoy. to JPS fi •• i(y SPORTS All year around the white-hot spirit of contes t takes hold of us, and the palm-sweat of last minute free-throws renews victorious hopes. And victories are felt again, while we, conquering opponents and building bodies, are spirit-confident, front-ward, willing-, When needed victories are missed and dejection takes hold, look to the virtues: mind clean, body renewed, more sad than glad and more glad than sad. ACADEMIC Now the academic in its many forms— Once, academic meant McGuffey readers; to some it still does. But the concept is not static; here the academics of the moment are captured. 15 gu I SIGI AHI lis a race against the accelerators as Linda Roberts and Robert Anderson strive to increase their reading speed. ENGLISH Communications - both written and oral - are some of the most valuable skills of mankind. Ancient man is viewed through written records, and present day problems are discussed and solved through oral as well as written communications. To improve the students communication skills, grammar and other fundamentals are emphasized in the English classes. Literature, that " Investment of genius which pays dividends to all subsequent times, " is discussed in the required courses as well as the English Literature classes. In courses such as Creative Writing and Journalism, extra emphasis is placed upon the development of the students ' indivi- dual literary talents. Lay readers-are employed in these, as in all other, English courses, to help the teacher in correcting the papers. Speech and Dramatics are also offered at West. These courses enable the students to study the talents of others while developing their own proficiency. Thus, students at West become familiar with the techniques by which their communication skills can be more fully developed. " Every man has a right to utter what he thlnlcs trutli . . . . " - Samuel Johnson -wwi -TiiBsapscsgESS Tiafag J n Visions oi medicviil castles and aiiciuu splendor occupy Kenneth Krone as he reads the history of distant lands. SOCIAL STUDIES Ancient empires and modern societies are contrasted in various Social Studies classes at West. In preparation for the future, freshmen explore the non-western civilizations, while upperclassmen study United States History and Political Science. Students may select further studies in such courses as World History, Latin American History, Modern European History, Psychology, Sociology, and Family Living. Each course is designed to develop the student ' s insight into today ' s complex society and to prepare him for adult, civic responsibilities. ' How abnormal am I? " wojiders Carol Friedman as siie puzzles over her interpretation of the Rorschach ink blol test in Psychology. Irawati Batangtaris, foreign exchange student from Indonesia, effectively aids Non-Western Civilization students in their understanding of other cultures. Tlie hands dissecting the perch today may well be the hands operating on the patient tomorrow. In the chemistry lab, Ronald Hoffman, Earl Hoffen- berg, Sharon I arson, and Carol Kasper experiment intently with the composition of oxygen. SCIENCE A magical world is discovered through the micro- scope by Joan Clausen and Barry Gold as they pursue their study of bacteria. Test tubes, dissections, and chemical re- actions may well serve as reminders of physical and biological studies to many science students at Niles West. All of the courses offered are designed to make science an interesting subject for students. Opportunity for those students who strive to obtain knowledge of scientific facts is scarcely limited by a lack of equipped labora- tories and modern facilities. Courses vary from those designed to familiarize students with natural life functions to those which assist students seeking pro- fessions in science. ■af MATHEMATICS Mathematics, ever-increasing in importance, has been given extended emphasis at Nlles West. The mathematics program including instruction in both basic and advanced concepts, thus accommodates the needs of every student. The Mathematics Department prepares students to meet everday math successfully, while it offers advanced instruction to those wishing to excel in this field. Advanced courses in Math Analysis and Calculus, as well as basic instruction in General Math, Algebra, and Geometry,are offered. Students gain an opportunity to increase their reasoning power and to become pre- pared for future math needs through the study of mathematics. Abraham Lev and Mardell McMahon explain tiieir graphing of a functional hyperbola to Kathleen Moyes and the rest of their second-year Algebra class. By reading current German magazines, the study of languages is enlivened for Allan Silverstein, Henry Thiemann, and James Yardley. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Pax, Paix, Paz -- peace can be said in many ways. Students, through the study of foreign languages, have the opportunity to become the future leaders in our struggle towards peace. The foreign language program includes instruction In French, Spanish, Latin, Russian, and German. These classes, combining language comprehension with a study of the country ' s culture and customs, thus present the student with a realistic approach. To aid the foreign language student in verbal comprehension, there is a modern language laboratory, complete with individual tape recorders, soundproof booths, and earphones. This system, a revolution in the teaching of foreign languages, has proved more efficient than the traditional textbook method. Through these means the student learns and masters such important words as peace. " Egredere aUquando ex urba! " Ted Forsberg, as Cicero, demands of Marc Lane, the traitorous Cati- line, as Roman senators. Merrily Herman and Judy DeLove, watch. I Useful both in a future career and in future educa- tion, essential typing skilb are developed by Diane Wasserman. Secretarial, clerical, and commercial -- careers in these fields of business will be sought by many Niles West graduates. The Niles West Business Education Department offers- many courses designed to prepare students for this future. Exploration in both the basic and the more specialized aspects of business education is available. Students may select such fields of study as advertising, business mathema- tics, clerical practices, bookkeeping, and salesmanship. Instruction in typing and short- hand, so valuable to all students, is also offered. 26 m BUSINESS EDUCATION By working with various office machines, Karen Nord gains uisight and understanduig of the clerical skills necessary for today ' s business world. Working with a confident manner, Dennis Herkert seems sure that he can repair the trouble in his engine. As the motor purrs softly and the gears turn rapidly, Elliot Davidow know the motor tune-up is complete. HOME AND IP With patient effort and intense concentration, James Adams works on his project with the lathe for wood shop. DUSTRIAL ARTS For future Betty Crockers and Thomas Edisons, the Home and Industrial Arts De- partments offer a great deal of opportunity. Modern facilities and well-trained teachers assist the student who desires to learn home or industrial arts. Girls may explore the various phases of cooking, sewing, and household manage- ment, so valuable to them in the future. Industrialization, so important in our twentieth century society, is studied by boys in the industrial arts courses. They have the opportunity to investigate the general areas of industrial drawing, printing, auto mechanics, architectural drawing, woods, and electricity. Janis Smigiel, Juditii Erickson, and Joan Nakayama learn from Miss Alice line the beautiful and practical art of flouer-arrantjing to decorate their own tables. Because fashion determines hem length, Joy Kegin assures Joan Klaveter that her dress will be in style. r. , i ■ FINE ARTS Appreciation of the arts is necessary in every well-rounded individual. Niles West recognizes this and gears its program accordingly. Each student is offered courses in which he may learn appreciation while developing his skills. Self-expression and imagination are developed by the student taking the drama course. This course allows him to explore the history of the theater while mastering various acting techniques. Art students obtain a valuable background while mastering the basic skills of draw- ing and sculpturing. Well-equipped art laboratories enable the student to experiment in any media. Both vocal and instrumental instruction are offered to those interested in the field of music. A course in music theory was added to the curriculum this year. Instruction in the fields of drama, art, and music provides the student with valuable insight into the fine arts, which contributes to the culture of our nation. - The joy of music is realized by John Arpan and Patricia Bateiuan as they sing to the acconipani- mait of Unda Nelson. Round and round goes the pottery wheel as Mary Ann Minnerath sculptures her vase. In their portrayal of a menagerie, Drama students, Joan Nakayama, Rita Lisser, and Susan Dolnick, appear obviously surprised on the stage, whileMartin Lynch apparendy maintains his composure in the 31 BOYS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Good sportsmanship, physical fitness, and appreciation for athletic activity are encour- aged by the Boys ' Physical Education De- partment. Instruction in such sports as football, baseball, swimming, and wrestling is offered to the students. Through these and other activities. West boys become familiar with fundamental skills which can be applied to numerous sports. Classes requiring active physical participation are supplemented by such classroom courses as First Aid. The boys ' physical education program at West is on a high level, thus enabling students to benefit greatly from the many activities available. Jeffrey I ' olon, realizing [hat two of his classmates are " spotting " for protection, performs skillfully on the parallel bars. " Here it comes! " Bill Tinimer readies himself to return the ball smashed over the net by Gale Carl- son, as his teammate, Howard Bolnick, watches. " Only 200 more to go " seems to be the thought of these boys doing their endless calisthenics. Sl ' LASH! Precision + practice = perfection. GIRLS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Intelligent attitudes and genuine interests toward exercise and health and safety prac- tices are encouraged in the girls ' physical education program. Through both recrea- tional and classroom instruction, the girls are taught the importance of a properly functioning body. Classes in modern dance and fundamen- tals of movement help the individual to develop balance, grace, and poise. Sportsmanship and teamwork receive em- phasis in competitive sports offered to the girls. These activities include instruction in volleyball, field hockey, basketball, and soft- ball. Swimming courses enable the individuals to improve co-ordination while learning water skills. Classroom instruction in health and first- aid is also offered to the girls. Upperclassmen are allowed to participate in the newly formed leaders program, through which they learn instruction techniques as well as the basic skills. While watching for safety, Sue Vraney admires the poise and skill exhibited by Barbara Abbott on the balance bar. Sheer exhilaration is experienced by Sue Vreuiey as she vaults over the side-horse. Drivo-trainers, a simulated means of acquiring manual experience, prepare students for actual driving situations. DRIVER EDUCATION In an effort to instill the importance of safe driving habits in the minds of the students, NUes West offers a three phase course in Driver Education. Phases of this course include classroom study, drivo-training, and behind-the-wheel practice. The classroom study teaches driving rules and signs of the road; drivo- training gives experience in actual driving situations through movies; behind-the-wheel allows the student to drive in traffic. Through these divisions. West students become familiar with daily driving situations and are given the opportunity to learn skills which prepare them for licensed driving. Confidence that can be gained in the classroom will help to give Gary Franiz adeptness on the road. 1 . h f ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY We speak of mentors, A broad term somewhat narrowed; We hint at conflict, and favor resolution. They follow: The stately, wan, strong and hollow. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Administrative ability seems to be a significant characteristic of Dr. Clyde Parker, Niles Township High School Superintendent. Dr. Parker ' s impressive career began in -Duggan, Indiana, where he served as a high school history instructor. Since that time. Dr. Parker has assumed the position of High School Superintendent of various midwest high schools including school sys- tems in Washington, Indiana; Moline, Illinois; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He now serves as vice-presiden t of School Administrators. Having taught courses in school administration and philosophy of education at Indiana University and Augustana College, Dr. Parker is well suited for his position in Niles Township. His experience in high school administration is extremely evident in the fine records set by the Niles Township High Schools under his supervision. CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION Dr. Stuart A. Anderson, Assisteint Superintendent in Charge of Curriculum and Instruction, is responsible for the school ' s academic program. Establishing school curriculum is the major task of the Central Administration. This office is responsible for keeping courses at both Niles Township High Schools in keeping with a high standard. They also maintain the needed communication and consultation between East and West divisions. Students at both high schools are fortunate in having such competent and experienced men guiding their high school careers. Mr. Paul J. Houghton, Assistant Superintendent, plays a valuable role in maintaining administrative services. DR. NICHOLAS T. M Scanning the latest editions. Dr. Meinnos takes an active part in academic life at Niles West. WEST DIVISION PRINCIPAL A red vest and hearty words of school spirit characterize Dr. Nicholas T. Mannos, principal of Niles West. As principal, he has the over-all responsibility of promoting a good student- teacher relationship. Aided by a subordinate group of class level administrators, he upholds school policy. Dr. Mannos ' enthusiastic manner sets an example of leadership, friendship, understanding, and guidance for the students of West Division. ■,- " ' " !| At one of tlie frequent pep assemblies. Dr. Meinnos strolls to the microphone to address the students. Dr. Nicholas T. Mannos, Principal, capably handles the administrative duties 6f an ever-growing high school. Dr. Donald F. Strahan, Assistant Frincipal in Charge of Freshmen, guides as well as disciplines new stu- dents. Dr. George T.Gilluly, Assistant Principal in Charge of Sophomores, spends a great deal of his time in counseling Sophomore students. Students arriving late for school or classes flock to the Student Accounting Office for admits. Assistant Principal in Charge of Juniors as well as Director of Student Accounting arc the positions held by Mr. Anton T. Schubert. Director of Student .Activities and Assistant Principal in Charge of Seniors keeps Mr. Arthur C.Colver busy every moment. The West Division Administration has direct contact with the students and is essen- tial in promoting proper student-teacher relationships. The men of this office super- vise the activities of both the teachers and the students and are responsible for the ex- cellent cooperation that is present throughout the West building. Headed by a verywell-qualifiedandcapable Principal, the West Division Administration includes a separate head for each of the four grade levels. WEST DIVISION AMINISTRATION 43 A school, like any successful business, must keep orderly records, hire its employees, purchase necessary items, and publi- cize its achievements. The men of the Central Business Office organize all of West Division ' s business transactions. Because of their skill, West can feel continually secure in its efficiency. The problems of bookkeeping, finance, and com- munity relations are some of the duties of Staff Director of the Business Office, Mr. Charles Coker. CENTRAL BUSINESS OFFICE Mr. Coker ' s assistant, Mr. Clifford Herbst, performs Important duties in the Business Office. GUIDANCE AUDIO-VISUAL TESTING SERVICE Personal and qualified judgment is available to each student at West through the guidance department. Being specifically trained in the area of understanding teenagers, counselors are prepared to give individual guidance to students in order that they might receive maximum benefits from their education. Counselors are responsible for both aiding the student in for- mulating his school program and for suggesting extracurricular activities which will appeal to the individual student. Supplementing the regular teaching technniques and facilities at West are the Summer School, Audio-Visual, and Testing Services Departments. The latter two departments provide such technical aides to classroom study as films and testing pro- grams which insure a high level of study interest and accuracy. Summer school sessions make possible extra educational oppor- tunities for students. Dr. Arthur H. Ryden is the head of the Guidance and Testing Department. The films viewed at Niles are under the management of Mr. Ted C. Cobum, Director of Audio-Visual Education. Mr. Orland Ruyle, Staff Director of Summer and Evening School contributes to the further education of community members. » I RESEARCH AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Mr. John Anderson efficiently manages the office of Building and Ground Superintendent. To familiarize the community with the activities of Niles West is the job of Mr. Harold R. Ohlson, Staff Director of Research and Publications. By bringing the public an aware- ness of the various functions and activities at West, Mr. Ohlson creates enthusiasm and interest toward the school. Attractive grounds and a well-kept building provide the exterior environment necessary in every good school. Mr. John G. Anderson, Superintendent of Building and Grounds, handles J this area of scho ol appreannce and improvement, thus enabling students to benefit from healthy physical as well as mental environment. The publications concerning Niles are a duty of Mr. Harold R. Ohlson, Stsiff Director of Research emd Publications. 46 Acutely interested In the affairs and wel- fare of West Division, parents and other adults have established themselves into two dynamic organizations--the P.T.A. and Boosters Club. Through the services of these groups, Niles West has found endless adult cooperation and enthusiasm. Good parent-teacher relationships, a necessary situation for the success of any school, is achieved in part through the Niles West P.T.A. This organization strives to make every parent well-acquainted with his child ' s school and with his instructors by such activities as a monthly newsletter, an annual open house and informative meetings. The great athletic enthusiasm present at West is indebted to the school ' s Boosters Club. Composed of interested parents, this organization fosters athletic spirit by promo- ling attendance at all athletic contests and by sponsoring student transportation buses. PARENT TEACHER ASOCIATION FIRST ROW: I. Hoffenberg, F. Gilbert, G. Lindeman, J. Phipps, C. Hussak, W. Handzel, H. Barclay, R. Hopper. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Archer, J. Jobst, Mrs. Silvert, E. Brukscli, J. Yardley, Dr. Mannos. BOOSTERS CLUB 5 BOARD OF EDUCATION School Board members include: Back Row: Kenneth K. Littrell, Milton Kalkoff, Harold K. Atchinson; Row: Mrs. Herman Block, John II. Spear, John . Iau, Krancis Saunders. West ' s School Board, composed of seven of the communities most qualified leaders, oversees all activities of the school. Duties of the School Board include hiring the school personnel, formulating the budget, and ap- proving the proposed activities. The s chool looks to the qualified judgment of these people in all matters of importance. 4 ' V : kt Annually, the P.T.A. sponsors a dinner for the administra- tion, faculty, and school board. Dr. and Mrs. Mannos, Mr. and Mrs. Koerner, and Mr. Cech discuss the events of the evening over cofiee at this traditional affair. OUR FACULTY Leadershlp--thc ideal combination of skill and understanding-has become a quality of increasing impartance in the modern world. The effect that the good leadership of parents and government officials has upon a growing generation is evident. The effect, also, of well-trained, interested, and understanding teachers upon the growing and ex- panding minds of students is undeniable. The type of leadership which teachers possess is not the kind perceived in the parent or civic leader. It is an annual kind of leadership which fulfills a purpose with each graduating class and begins anew with each incoming student. Niles West ' s teachers are not the stereotypes of the past. Nor are they as statues- examples of the ideal, unreal or lifeless. West ' s teachers are people-people who have assumed the roles of leaders-people who wish to pass along their ideals to a new generation of thinkers, planners, and doers. Leadership is a cultivated quality; without It the minds of those who follow would never learn to lead. ART Thomas L. Blackburn Department Chairman B.K.A., MA. Bradle - University Art Council tum m ' fmmm Ronald D. Isom B.S. ofEd., MS. Illinois State Normal University Frank B. Fitzpatrick Department Chairman Miss Balzer explains the parts of a check to her G.B.R.K. class. BUSINESS EDUCATION B.S. Roosevelt University Bonnie L. Balzer B.A. Michigan State University Pep Club Ewald W. Grosshuesch B.A., MS. State College of Iowa Northern Illinois University G. Dale Meyer B.S., MS. Northwestern University Northern Illinois University Sharon E. Voss B.S. Northern Illinois University Mrytle H. Zelke B.A. Wisconsin State Teachers College ENGLISH Judith E. Morrison B.S. University of Illinois National Honor Society Katherine M Kennedy Department Chairman B.A., MS. Wisconsin State College University of Wisconsin Henry N. Abram B.A., MA. Roosevelt College University of Chicago Apotheosis, Associate Sponsor Richard R. Antes B.S.,MS. University of Wisconsin 50 lAicille N. Barnes A.B.,M.S. University of Illinois Mt. Holyoke College MarleneJ. Keichtner B.A. Lewis College Lois H. Fisher A.B., MA. University of Pittsburgh Sficclrum Leon P. Fox B.A. Northwestern University Sophomore Cabinet William F. Geismann B.A., MA. Loyola University Wesley an Sj ectruni Deborah P. Gould B.S. University of Illinois Sjicctrum Richard K. Gragg B.A., MA. University of Illinois Apotheosis, Arts Club Lorraine .M Matscher B. of Ed., MA. Illinois State Normal University Washington University Martha E.Johnson B.A. Northwestern University Shirley A. Johnson B.S. University of Wisconsin James M Knaak B.-S., MA. University of Illinois Thomas F. Koerner B.A., MA. lona College St. John ' s University West Word Thomas J. McMahon B.A., MA. St. John ' s University University of Chicago Thomas F. Meier B.A. DePaul University Frosh B Football Coach Assistant Track Coach 51 Angeline S. Panos B.S., MS. Northern Illinois University Junior Cabinet Sheila L. Priester B.A. Si. Mary ' s College Parepa I. Rice A.B., M.A. University of Michigan Uochelle G. Samuels B.S. .Northwestern University Ronald A. VanArsdale A.B., MA. Buder University University of Iowa " Redskins ' Review " American Legion Oratorical Con- test James C. VanDehnder B.A., MS. University of Illinois Eastern Illinois University Technical Director for School Productions David T. Vandenburg B.A., MA. University of Wyoming Assistant Track Coach English students listen attentively when Mr. McMahon speaks. Emily S. Wadsworth B.S., MA. Northwestern University DAate Team Robert M Wolf Ph. B. Northwestern University Eileen J. Zelznick B.S. Northwestern University Dramatic Productions National Thespians Marjory R. Schwab Deparmieiu Chairman A.B., MA. Vassar College Columbia University Richard W. Bean B.A., MA. Bates College University of Chicago Rosemary T. Beil B.A., MA. Mundelein College Northwestern University German Club Patricia Durkin B.S. Wisconsin Slate College Spanish Club Peggy Harbert B.A. Northern Illinois University Horst Huber B.A. Roosevelt University FOREIGN .Mary Ellen Kiddle B.S., MA. University of Wisconsin Middlebury College Terese E. Klinger A.M University of Chicago Nola G. Marquardt B.A. Northwestern University Latin Club John Moshak A.B. Indiana University MarceUneA. O ' Connor A.A., B.S. University of San Diego University of Minnesota French Club, Gertrude M. O ' RelUy B.A., MA. Rosary College Loyola University LANGUAGE Richard L Peterson B.S. Purdue University Cecil Sacher B.A. Western Reserve University S3 Alice M Line Department Chairman B.S., MA. Stephen College University of Nebraska I ' eggyJ- " onn li.S., MA. University of Illinois Ingenue HOME ARTS Industrial Art teacher, Mr. WiiUerhalter, uses the overhead projector in a demonstration to his class. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Jack K. l in Department Chairman B.A.. MA. Northern Illinois University Colorado State (College of Education Soph Football Coach Charles E. Bryan B.S., MS. Southern State Teacher ' s College Stout State College Raymond W. Carrell B.S. of Ed., MofEd. Eastern Illinois University University of Illinois Stout State College John J. Winterhalter B.S. Stout State College Radio Electronics Club MATHEMATICS James C. Martin Department Chairman B.S. of Ed., MS. of Ed., MS. Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Carol Bennett B.S. Indiana University Frosh-Soph Math Club Joseph P. Cech B.S., MS. Indiana University Frosh-Soph Math Club di ut Bewildered, Mr. Cech looks over test papers turned in by his math students. Ralph C. Wiedl B.A., MA. Loyola University Frances A. Williams B.S. ofEd., M.S. ofEd. University of Southern Illinois University of Illinois Barry Witzgall B.S. Millikin University Chess Club Gerald E. Darda B.S. hirdue University Assistant Varsity Swimming Coach I.eo F. Hoosllne B.S., M.A. Bemidji State College Northwestern University Gary D.Jackson B.S. ofEd. Illinois State Normal University Chess Club Diane M LaMar B.S. Alverno College Richard V. Marr B.S., MS. Ball State Teachers College Purdue University .Miriam K. .Metz B.A. University of Michigan Charles W. .Mitchell B.S., M.S. De Paul University Purdue University l,ee N. Pavlatos B.A. Lake Forest College Albert Rambis B.S.,M.S. Indiana State University Northern Illinois University 55 m. m ' ' ' y- mm m ' Hugh D. McGee Department Chairman B.iM.E., M.M.E. Murray State College University of Illinois Vivace Music Production James Douglass B ME., MF.A. University of Denver Ohio University Charles R. Groeling B.ME., MME. Drzike University Northwestern University Stage Band MUSIC Mr. McGee leads his class in one of their many vocal exercises. Florence B. Harrison Department Chairman B.S., M.Ph. South Dakota College University of Wisconsin Science Seminar Coordinator HansTO. Andersen B. ofEd., M.S. Wisconsin State College University of Michigan William Coyer B.S., M.A. Ohio State University Sophomore Football Coach Sophomore Basketball Coach Dennis D. Cunningham B.S. University of Iowa Biology Club Dennis L Hoeppner B.A. University of Iowa Frosh-Soph Tennis Coach Warren J. Holz A.B., M.A. University of Illinois New York University Niles West Astronomical and Aeronautics Club SCIENCE 56 Mary K. Tillquist B.A. Northwestern University Ushers ' Club James E. Winkleman B.S. of Ed., MS. of Ed. Southern Illinois University George W. Kielwasser B.S., M.A. Michigan State University Sophomore Basketball Coach Varsity Tennis Coach Richard Kissack B.A. State University of Iowa Ralph Lyeria B.S. Carthage College Frosh Football Coach Ernest 0. Salners B.S., MS. Harding College Kansas State Teachers College Bruce A. Snyder B.S. Wisconsin State College James E. Strnad B.S., MS. Illinois State Normal University Mr. Winkleman reviews lab exercises with his science class. SOCIAL SCIENCE Edward F. Brufke Department Chairman B.A., MA., M of Ed. Loyola University Charles P. Anderson B.S. University of Wisconsin Ticket Director Junior Varsity Baseball Coach Gerald W. Boevers B.A., MA. Northwestern University Nanc) ' C. Bult A.B., MA. University of Rochester Northwestern University Pep Club Assistant Keith v. Dickinson B.A. University of Iowa Jack B. Fabri B.S. of Ed., MS. North Carolina State College University of Illinois Junior Varsity Football, Assistant Coach Golf, Varsity Coach Rosemary L. Fuerst B.S., AM Loyola University John W. Gault B. Th., MA. Northern Baptist University Northwestern University Blaine B. Gemeny B.S., MS. Illinois State Normal University Northwestern University John W. Handzel A.B.,MS. De Paul University Indiana University NI-WE-HI Indians AthleticBoos ter Club Coordinator Daniel D. HUl A.B., MA. University of Michigan Walter H. John B.A., MA. University of Ilhnois University of Michigan Senior Cabinet Hl-Y Arthur H. Leipold B.A., MA. University of Wisconsin SB ir. Anderson contemplates one of the frequent ques- tions which arise in his history class. Carl L Midjaas B.A., MA., MofEd. Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Beth H. MUler B.S. Universitv of Wisconsin Fay J. Paras B.A., M.A. Northwestern University Student Council William R. Paulsen B.A., MA. Iowa State Teacher ' s College State College of Iowa " N " Club Junior Varsity Football Fresluiian Basketball William L. Robinson B.A. Evansville College Track Coach Pauline Ann Schmidt B.S. University of Illinois Bert M Sharp B.A., M.A. University of Southern Califo rnia Michigan State University William M Southard B.J., MS. University of Missouri S.S.O. BOY ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION James H. Phipps Department Chairman B. of Ed., MS. Eastern Illinois University Indiana University Varsity Baseball Coach George Bauer B.A. of Ed., M.A. Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Head Frosh, Football Coach Assistant Frosh, Baseball Coach Arnold N. Cajet B.S. University of Illinois Swimming Coach Fall Intramurals Michael J. Basrak B.A. of Ed., MA. Duquesne University Indiana University Head Football Coach Frosh-Soph, Golf Coach John M Cress B.S., MS., MA. University of Illinois University of Kansas Northwestern University [erry G. Engle B.S., MS. ofEd. Southern Illinois University Frosh, Football Coach Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Djirrell E. Conway B.A., MA. State College of Iowa State University of Iowa Varsity Football Coach Varsity Track Coach Michael Skuban B.S. Ed., MA. Wittenberg College Kent State University Frosh Wrestling, Intramural (Fall Spring) William D. Schnurr B.S., MS. University of Wisconsin Varsity Basketball Coach Assistant Varsity Footbcdl Coach Rex Whidatch B.S. University of Illinois Football Trainer Soph, Wrestling Coach Francis C. Willett B.S. of Ed. Northeast Missouri State Teach- ers College Varsity Line Coach Frosh. " B " Basketball Coach GIRL ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Helen M Heitmann Department Chairman B.A., MA. College of Wooster _ .... Northwestern University Rose Mane Armagan B.S. LaCrosse State University Patricia J. Clinton B.A. State College of Iowa G.A.A. Aquasprites National Honor Society Junior Physical Education Lead- ership Nancy Y. Dennis B.S. Northwestern University Varsity Cheerleaders Jan J. Cund Ph.D., MA., B.S. State University of Iowa Lindenwood College G.A.A. National Honor Society Katherine Hameder B.S. University of Illinois Fresh -Soph Cheerleaders Marjo S. Kraft B.A., MA. Jolietjr. College Cornell College of Iowa Northwestern University Orchesis Mary F. McQuiety B.S. Wisconsin State College 5iii Joan P. Peters B.A. State College of Iowa G.A.A. Advisor Marie 0. Wise B.S. University of Wisconsin James H. Kettleborgough Department Chairman B.S., MEd. Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Charles R. Anderson B.S. University of Michigan Wrestling Coach Hal J. Cress State College of Iowa Audio- Visual Co-ordinator John A. Harmon A.B., MS. McKendree College University of Illinois Varsity Cross Country Robert E. Porter B.S. University of Illinois J. V. Wrestling Coach DRIVER ' S EDUCATION i 61 SPECIAL SERVICE Robert L Bandelier B.S. University of Missouri Home Instruction, East West Eileen Nahm B.A. University of Illinois National College of Education GUIDANCE Yvonne Carlson A.B.,MEd. Wheaton University of Kansas Walter W. Cocking A.Bi MA. Wheaton College Northern Illinois University Lauretta M Haerr B.S., M. Ed. Christian College University of Missouri Willard Larson A.B., MA. Augustana College Washington University Robert A. Redig B.A., M.A., MA. St. Mary ' s College University of Minnesota Michigan State University Harry Sortal B.S., M.A. St. Louis University Northwestern University Tom J. Thomas B.A., MA. State University of Iowa Wayne W.Wigell B.S., MS., Ed. D. Eureka College Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois 62 HEALTH CENTER SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER LIBRARIANS Mary Rosenthal Ph.B., M.S.W. Loyola University Helen H. Porten B.A., A.M.LS. DePauI University University of Michigan Ann R. Christensen B.A. University of Utah Kent Followell M.S.L.S., B.S. University of Illinois Wheaton College Ellen Spalding B.A. Grlnnell College Cecelia McKimmon R.N., B.S.N., MEd. St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing Loyola University Loyola University Future Nurses Club Eileen Springer C.P.H. Loyola University Advisor to Future Nurses Club SPECIAL EDUCATION AND SPEECH Alan L. Baiter B.S. Psychology, MS. Special Ed. University of Illinois Diane R. Suckow B.A., M.A. Ripon College Northwestern University Mrs. Rosenthal, the school social worker, interviews a student. 63 Central Office secretaries are L. Lubin, H. Jennings, E. Ahlstead, M Marshall, J. Stollery, F. Stacey, G. Leapley, S. Pearl, and H. Johnson. Business Office secretaries are M Fabian, Pasken- ich, H. Snyder, J. Schaffer, B. Cicero, L. Norris. SECRETARIAL STAFFS Appointments with counselors, permission to be absent from school, and many more services -- all are accomplished through the efficient Niles West secretaries. Secretaries of the Attendance, Guidance, Business Administration, Main and Central Offices handle such activities as students ' records, testing scores, school supplies, regis- tration and the immediate needs of the administration. Without the assistance of these Niles West secretaries, the functions of the administration would be gready hindered. Main Office Secretaries are, Bottom Row: C. Mc- Cann, E. Zehnle, R. Miner, M Thomas, Top Row: R. Oswald, D. Scanlan, H. McGlnnls, B. Novotay, S. Froese. 64 The Attendance Office clerks are M Ritchie, M. Mag- " " " gio, and B. Cairo. The I.B.M. clerks are R. Ethelhuber, J. Polcyn, and E. Yeaton. OFFICE CLERKS The Guidance secretaries are B. Golden and E. Anderson. The Library Clerks are J. Kalman, B. Blum, and S. Szymanski. Back Row: J. Larson, V. Killey, C. Borchert, V. Novotny, R. Duren, J. Wejmer, E. Kerley, H. Binzer, R. Feldpausch, E. Anderstrom, A. Kluesong. Back Row: M. Nemanich, I. Bergstrom, M. Sinkule, S. Donnelly, J. Randall, E. Fountaine, A. Racana. Front Row: L. Schwegel, A. Mitz, M. VanGrlmbergen, L. Sheridan, L. Bowman, C. Helman, H. Meyers. Right end of table: E. McNeill. CAFETERIA STAFF An orderly building and well-balanced lunches are daily evidence of the careful work done by the maintenance and cafeteria staffs at West. Maintenance personnel are responsible for the continued cleanliness of the classrooms and gyms as well as the attractive appearance of the entire building. Students at West also owe the preparation of school facilities for games, plays and special events to this staff. Four consecutive lunch periods daily provide a full schedule for West ' s cafeteria staff, which servrs both hot and cold lunches planned by a professional dietition. 66 Fronl Row: A. Koss, H. Tetzke, Rdck Row: V. Mozek, K. Lewicki, D. Johnson, and A. Winklenian. MAINTENANCE STAFF Bottom Row: J. Vorel, S. Plencner, V. Erickson, Top Row: G. Haglund, W. Murphy, R. Blaes, J. McGovern. 67 - n 5. -rvV i w .. ' --- ' » " i« t ' ' fcfc;--si»-i«(»»l i ' ' -:.g«Mgt -i- ACTIVITIES We must apologize for their number, but we are large and our needs are numerous, and so are our pleasures; and who can say we are Irivolous? --1 69 K J A EDITORS BACK ROW: D. Bonifert ( Special Events Editor), M Westphal (Underclassmen Editor), E. Honnet (Literary Co- Editor), L Zaidler (Business Manager), E. Chaplik ( Senior SecUon Editor), M. Lopin (Academic Editor), J. Myles (Uterary Co-Editor), P. Rotheiser (Index Co-Editor). FRONT ROW: B. Belgrade ( EditorTin-Chief), L Graham (Index Editor), D. Greenberg(AcUvities Editor). SPECTRUM From the reams of paper, the disorganiz- ed piles of pictures, and the thousands of bent paperclips comes the 1963 Spectrum. Actually, the appearance of the yearbook is not such a miracle after all, when one considers that the yearbook staff works four nights a week from the opening of school until the summer supplement is in the mail to give to the student body the best possible book, in pictures, in copy, and in originality of thought and expression. " So wliose deadline is it, anyway? ' won- der D. Greenberg (Activities Editor) and D. Smith (Sports Editor) as the Sports section b ns to take shape. 70 The yesirbook assembly line recruits Terry Piell (Assistant Sports Editor), Kciren Skidmore (Assistant Activities Editor), and Diana Bonlfert (Special Events Editor). General Staff and Assistant Editors LAST ROW: T. Piell (Assistant Sports Editor), K. Skidmore( Assistant Activities Editor), J. Brodsky, J. Dorfman. SECOND ROW: S. Mann, S. Kaplan, H. Brown, R. Immergluck (Assistant Underclassman Editor). FIRSTROW:!). MaJesUc, R. Kallsh. Senior Staff LAST ROW: H. Brown, A. Chrlstensen, J. Shanin, M Cahan, R. Orloff, J. Brod- sky, D. Kaufman. SECOND ROW: J. Rosengard, M. Cohen, S. Cooper, C. Hunter, H. Gelman. FIRST ROW: D. Beil, J. Dllg, I. Frankenstein, C. Comess. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Ndson (Editor- in-Chief, Sports Editor), G. Schneider (Feature Editor), L Shepard(News Edi- tor). A school newspaper, just as any other publication, should be interesting and infor- mative. The West Word, which has achieved an honored position at West, fulfills Its duties to the student as well as faculty readers; It publishes a newspaper that presents all the news In an interesting manner and challenges the minds of the students by editorializing current problems and school problems and events in the editorials. Interviews with famous celebrities. Totem Pole surveys, club news, as well as accounts of athletic events, help make the West Word an important part of school life at West. WEST WORD Reviewing the latest issue d the West Word are G. Schneider (Feature Editor) and E. Honnet (Assistant News Editor). STANDING: G. Foster (Photographer), J. Myles (Associate Feature Editor), K. Lencho (Cartoonist). SITTING: B. Ker- man (Correspondence Editor), E. ' Honnet (Associate News Editor). LAST ROW: P. Varney, S. Kalunzna, A. Uookman, R. Kaye, C. Alport. THIRD ROW: N. Karch, B. Newman, M. Fried, J. Jacobson, T. Heim, M Wolf. SECOND ROW- S. Grigg, P. Clnman (Publicity Co- Chalrman), J. Underwood, J. Roman, D. Natkln (Publicity Co-Chalrman), S. Barnow. FIRST ROW C. Cockrell (Vice-President), S. Nixon (Treasurer), L Taylor (Secretary), S. Trowbridge (President). APOTHEOSIS AND ARTS CLUB Through the medium of creative writing, Apotheosis offers all students at Nlles West the opportunity for self-expression. After running a school-wide contest and evaluat- ing the numerous manuscripts submitted, the members of Apotheosis Literary Guild select the most outstanding work for publi- cation in the annual literary magazine, which is distributed at the close of the school year. Enriching the minds of all students by exploration of " The Seven Lively Arts " literature, sculpture, music, dramatics, dance, and architecture — is the goal of Arts Club. This goal is accomplished through field trips of cultural interest, as well as lively, weekly meetings, which offer a variety of entertainment. (Officers only) SITTING: J. Roman (Co-President), J. Franklin (Co- President). STANDING:]. Underwood (Historian), S. Trowbridge (Publicity Cbalrman), E. Neubauer (Treasurer), S. Andrews ( Secretary ). 73 BACK ROW: B KarioUs, K. Reinhard, S. Langer, C. Imhof, L Duda, R. Decker, D. Dell, L Trebels, S. Lewis, K. Dahl. FRONT ROW: J. Noto, D. Weinberg (Treasurer), R. Costantlno (President), P. Schulte (Secretary), S. Novidc. ART COUNCIL Promoting art appreciation In the school and in the community is Art Council ' s basic purpose achieved through projects. Club activities include the tedious preparation of arranging and matting pictures for art ex- hibits. The addition of the school emblem, a huge, sculptured Indian head placed in the contest gym, is the result of the concen- trated effort of Art Council. LAST ROW: H. Greenman, L Marlndlo, J. Armstrong, C. Shaughnessy, M. Chciliy, M. Silvert, K. Gratiam, B. Bamow, G. Winter, H. Rammei. SECOND ROW: S. Yanes, R. Horwltz, P. Cyrog, L Baron, G. Rebbe, M. Wortman, D. Andersen, R. WlUlams, S. Rothblatt. FIRST ROW: R. Couzln, J. Zimmerman, R. Kirschner, M Kurlan, N. Karch, M. Fried, S. Grlgg, R. Bernstein, R. Bloom, R. Zager. Voluntary research and advanced study in any facet of science are but a few of the opportunities offered to students taking part in the Science Seminar. During these evening seminars, lectures are given by scientists and specicdists in related fields. Students are also able to take part in demonstrations and experiments which would not be available in normal classroom study. The Science Seminar is an extracurricu- lar program open to qualifing students who have a special interest in science. SCIENCE SEMINAR As the little German band marches through the cafeteria to announce the Regioncd Basketball Tournament, the Choir rehearses for Brigadoon, this year ' s musical, and the moths setde to work on the Marching Band uniforms in storage until next football season. Throughout the year, the Music Department provides delightful, entertaining pro- grams for the benefit of the school and the community. The Christmas program, the May Festival, and the musical represent the combined choral-orchestral efforts of the entire Music Department, behind the scenes as well as on stage. Vivace, West ' s selective girls ' choir, is responsible for much of the prestige connected with the Music Department through their concerts at the meetings, conventions, and banquets of local organizations. Music students at Niles West are given every opportunity and encouragement, from their initiation in music education in Girls ' Glee, Mixed Chorus, and Intermediate Band to the culmination of their training in Choir, Vivace, Orchestra, Concert Band, and Stage Band. MUSIC LAST ROW: R. Medak, J. Goldfeder, R. Seldman, J. Wiieder, C. Hunter, M Nidas, A. Gabrid, L Johnson, K. Wallles, E. Stengl, J. Carlson. FIFTH ROW: N. Doyle, D. Taylor, Jt. Larson, L Hartman, P. Cinman, D. Dahl, J. Fine, E. Konopka. FOURTH ROW: J. Locher, D. Beil, B. Johnson, S. Trowbridge, J. Ryden, K. Peterson, L Barber, M. Molinaro. THIRD HOW: H. Thompson, J. Brooks, D. Matter, C. SchUd, L Sellgman, P. Walter, S. Nixon. SECOND ROW: L Taylor, A. Mau, N. Esterl, F. Udltsky, J. Landauer, M Cohen. FIRST ROW: S. Gallowich, D. Friedman. VIVACE x f fi A f n fi ftj • LAST ROW: L. Barber, N. Doyle, R. Bernstein, B. Evers, P. Wimmer, C. Senn, Mr. Mc Gee, R. Ruyle, S. Ellas, M. Nudelman, J. Splnnato, D. Leapley, M. Johnson. THIRD ROW: S. Spitz, R. Decker, C. Alport, J. Bonetti, G. Fisher, S. Beyda, L. Norling, A. May, L Erickson, P. Yamaguchi, L. Weinberg, B. Kariotis, D. Senn, S. Perr, W. Oliver, R. Nelson, M Hansen, J. Truesdale. SECOND ROW: I. Wickstrom, D. Taylor, K. Tritschler, K. Shellist, P. Eulberg, S. Cheetham, N. Novak, G. Gordon, H. Bolnick, J. DUg, L Keller, J. Kuffer, C. Woods, W. Taylor, J. Tritschler. FIRST ROW: J. Wheeler, G. Peterson, J. Mc Carty, M Mits, C. Werner, M Niclas, C. Hidaka, R. Silvertrust, R. Amado. ORCHESTRA 76 CONCERT BAND LAST ROW: Y. Szwajger, L Wojakowskl, T. Lewis, T. Epstein, K. Spikings, Mr. Groeling, R. Ruyle (Drum Major), J. Feldpausch, R. Herrmann, M Welnlein, R. Sack, J. Kennedy, D. Moore, M Spikings, P. Wall, M. Nudelman.R. Karpman,S. Ellas, MGarlich, K.Lencho, L Bassuk, T. Burkhardt, R. Turner, L Bruksch M Hansen (Treasurer). THIRD ROW: S. Albert, J. Clauson, K. Schlnzlng, E. DiModica, D. Tobias, A, Bers, J. Bell, C. Goldberg, G. Thoma, J. Wojakowskl, M Zar, R. Nelson, W. Oliver, R. Hoffman, L Burk hardt, J. Wehrmacher, G. Laroy, M Gordon, J. Bookwalter, K. Schroeder, H. Greenman, P. Hain, W. Tim- mer (President). SECOND ROW: D. Andersen, J. Thommes, L Waladis, C. Brodin, S. Mermel, C. Murlas J. Kuffer, A. Hinkle, C. Woods, R. Steinberg, D. Senn, S. Perr (Secretary), D. Kuehn, J. Klemmer, J. Conrad J. Archer, R. Zager. FIRST ROW: N. Novak, G. Gordon, S. Bernstein, F. Berger, H. Bolnlck, L Keller, G. Meszaros, J. DUg, L Brown, L Espey. 77 ?S . : ; , ?»• MIXED CHORUS LAST ROW: J. Rice, S. Cragg, L. Baumhardt, S. Peterson, C. French, S. Blumenthzil, VV. Wittek, J. Bryant, F. Lees, D. Berliner, B. Holland, L. Flam- mini, N. Olson, P. Nelson, M. Mulford, J. Pogue, G. Janse, C. Moore. THIRD ROW- L. Walkowiak, S. Davidson, P. Shainer, E. Goldberg, L Anderson, T. Wasmund, L. Killey, T. Spina, R. Flodin, F. Wolf, S. Davidson, B. Rabe, R. Evensen, P. Bate- man, S. Kostelny, K. Getchius, N. Aino i. SECOND ROW; L. Kudla, S. Tobiansky, L. Plice, L. Lawrence, N. Dietze, F. Rotramel, R. Dahl, R. Fields, E. Ser- villo, T. Katznelson, A. Barrash, B. Strimpel, M. Stremke, J. Brooks, L. Nelson, E. Lynch. FIRST ROW L. Nelson, D. Koehler, K. Dunster,J. Arpan, L Koenig, J. Brice, R. Rappaport, E- Supanc, B. Arpan, B. Goetz, N. Strauss, S. Mader. MUSIC I ' I. F f? a io I? - 1 i f f. r " . r. 11 ff f If , p. A f«» GIRLS ' GLEE LAST ROW- S. Lucas, S. Sweadner, M. Mead, J. Witt, S. Salotti, D. Friedman, N. Schaffner, D. Goldner, R. StuUand, C. Schild, E. Feinberg, M. Molinaro, M Mc Cracken, A. Peterson, L Lee, A. Tischler, P. Rotheiser, L. Seligman, L Beaubien, J. Cooper, L Prazinski. THIRD ROW: J. Untz, V. Davis, K. Mitz, K. Scott, M Sass, J. Koppman, B. Abbott, C. De Meduc, D. Adkins, C. Kemp, P. Powell, P. Prange, M Lee, L. Hartman, M Hite, L. Maltz, S. Stiska, J. Wermund. SECOND ROW S. Brockett, C. Erlander, N. Carlson, S. Williamson, W. Silver, S. Winslow, P. Walter, D. Ostermeir, S. Burke, S. Goldberg, N. Esterl, LGoldfarb,M. Cohen, A. Feigenbaum, J. Schuman, R. Berman, S. Jacobs, J. EUers, C. Johnson, V. Chamberlain. FIRST ROW: A. Keuper, D. Dettloff, B. Zeszutko, J. Kliphardt, R. Olson, R. Oslund, B. Ederer, L. Anderson, A. Wein- stein, J. Bradford, K. Novoselsky, C. Kretschmar, B. Newman. CHOIR LAST ROW: S. Childs, B. Ahrens, J. Duren, C. Dahl, A. Gabriel, A. Levine, R. Seidman, A. Kitchen, M Rudowicz, J. Fields, M Birger, P. Moss, A. Scheufer, E. Stengl, K. Wallies, L. Johnson, C. Tabel, M. Aggen, D. Kruse, C. Hunter, P. Cinman, R. Benson. THIRD ROW: L Peterson, L. Denley, B. Johnson, J. Fine, J. Goldfeder, A. Mayer, P. Zaphiro, J. Puccinelli, L. Bennet, R. Anderson, M Chechopoulos, J. Heinz, K. Gray, S. Larson, L Schmid, C. Mueller, J. Rust, E. Fagerstrom, J. Dahl- in, D. Corn. SECOND ROW: D. Beil, T. Karp, C. Work, J. Locher, S. Nbcon, S. Gallowich, L. Ross, S. Maselli, L. Davidson, T. Perri, M Harris, R. Dahl, L Laughlin, S. Trowbridge, C. Gutbrod, J. Landauer, D. Matter, B. Berlin, J. Taylor. FIRST ROW: Mr. McGee, M Hilfman, B. Cowan, A. Mau, E. Callen, E. Muth, J. Carlson, L Weiss, M Reitman, B. Gilbert, J. Lees, H. Perri, A. Griffin, S. Hoover, M. Lazar, J. Hoflberg, F. Uditsky, D. Dahl. AT PIANO: H. Thompson, N. Doyle. 7» BACK ROW: W. Brier, A. Bers, L. Burkhardt, W. Oliver, M Gordon, A. Hackln, R. Turner, M. Hansen, J. Kennedy. FRONT ROW: S. Ellas, H. Bolnlck, J. Klemraer, R. Zager, L Keller, ]. Conrad, J. Bookwalter, J. Feldpausch. STAGE BAND LAST ROW: M. Splklngs, L Bubley, D. Simmons, L Wilson, B. Lewto, J. Krlstof, S. Michael, R. Davis. FIFTH ROW: H. Prless, R. Mc Mullen, D. Rhoney, P. Scherer, N. Kraska, T. Burkhardt, D. Dreier, R. Turner, M. Rooney, A. Hackln, H. Greemnan, D. Pugllese. FOURTH ROW: E. Halverson, B. Bruckman, M Torek, M Shepard, G. Laroy, W. Von Gillern, A. Bers, P. Masaracchla, M Gordon, T. KatsouUs, S. John- son, S. Hexom. THIRD ROW A. Friedman, B. Thompson, R. Nebon, L Genl, D. White, P. Angellno, R. Gill, R. Harvey, M RockoS,G.Toppet. SECOND ROW L. Koran, K. Belokon, E. Skrzymowskl, A. Warady, S. Kempf, M. Place, J. Rltter, R. Falllco. FIRST ROW D. Alex, R. Berger, B. Dale, T. Asher, J. Lange, B. Gdfand, R. Uzzft. INTERMEDIATE BAND 80 LAST ROW: P. Varney, D. Raab, W. TUnmer, E. Braunstein, D. Gorensteln, M. Wolf, R. Stein. SECOND ROW: J. Wheeler, S. Trowbridge, S. Nixon, R. Amado, S. Vavrlnek. FIRST ROW- F. Udllsky, S. Gilluly, C. Clauson, J. Codell. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Based upon scholarship, character, ser- vice, and leadership, student membership in the National Honor Society is an achieve- ment not to be equaled in academic impor- tance. Of the Junior Class, only three percent are chosen to membership, and of the Senior class, only nine percent are selected. THESPIANS " Break a leg, kid, " a stage phrase which might seem heartless to one unfamiliar with theatrical jargon, is a welcome good luck wish to the many students who participate in the activities of the National Thespians. Members of Thespians are active in var- ious divisions of dramatics. Some students take part in stage crew work while the inter- est of others lies in actual performing. The organization encourages its members to attend all dramatic events presented at school in order to become familiar with the finished product of their own special interests in theatrical art. LAST ROW B. Derman, M. Fried, K. Dunster.J. Burr, S. Mermel, A. Witzell, M. Chechopoulos, S. Shiner, B. Freedman. FOURTH ROW G. Gordon, D. Bante, R. Sterner, D. Majestic, A. Levine, J. De Love, J. Moss, J. MUes, D. Goldstein, H.Semiloff. THIRD ROW:B. Berlin, L Sehgman, C. Bach, E. Honnet, I. Goldman, B. Smidi, P. Bolotin, E. Neubauer. SECOND ROW V. Fabbro, P. Slepyan, M Oehler, M Stone, S. Raslc, S. Rask, J. Rosengard, J. Frodin, S. Tobiansky, -D. Smith. FIRST ROW: J. Goldfeder (Vice-President), E. Hal- pern (Treasurer), G. Levin, D. Seligman (Secretary), F. Uditsky (President). 8t NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Excellency in verbal communication, ex- tremely valuable to students, is fostered through the various activities of National Forensic League. By participating in such fields as oratory, debate, monologue, and dramatic interpretation, students are encouraged to develop skill in the art of verbal expression. Membership in this nation-wide or- ganization is obtained by attending interscholastic tournaments, festivals, and assemblies. In this way, the prospective mem- ber is able to earn the necessary participation points required for membership. RACK ROW: R. Goodman, A. Warady, M. Gordon. mONTROW: S. Rothblatt, B. Kuhn, E. Hartstein, r. Roberts. LAST ROW: L. Brown, H. Sherman, S. Shiner, K Dunster, B. Silverman, C. Blaul, B. Rabe, N. Wein- berg. FOURTH ROW: C. Davis, S. Lerner, E. Ek stein, P. Bolotin, C. Imhof, B. Zelkowltz, I. Goldman P. Lambert, M. Shepard. THIRD ROW: J. Menkln, K. Natkin, B. Zimmerman, L Flammini, S. Stone, M. Stone, I. Sherman, C. Schild. SECOND ROW: J. Kurti (Treasurer), D. Levy (Co-President), A Kaplan (Co-President), S. Mussar (Secretary), FIRST ROW: J. Ostergaard, J. Shapiro, E. Freed C. Mussar. SPOTLIGHTERS Experience, so valuable in dramatics, can be acquired through the Spotlighters Club. This orgcinization, designed primarily for freshmen and sophomores, conducts informal workshops which ex- plore the many aspects of drama. Spodighters produce several of their own productions, including a fall play and a talent show. 82 DEBATE CLUB Niles West Debaters become experts, not only in thinking on their feet, but in the research and preparation of their debates which are presented in competitive conjunc- tion with other schools. The factor of limited time adds extra excitment to this fast-paced verbal sport. STANDING: R. Goodman, E. Hartsteln, T. Roberts, K. Lenclio, A. Warady. SEATED: B. Kuhn. ACADEMIC CLUBS STANDING: L Rudnldc, J. Goglanian, S. Doppelt, M Izbicky, F. Diamond, S. Gradman, A. Alop, M Krupnick, S. Liss. SEA TED: M. Bramson ( President), S. Levenfeld (Vice-President), R. Berman (Secretary- Treasurer). BIOLOGY CLUB Students excelling in biology are offered the opportunity to test their ability and extend their knowledge through Biology Club. Con- centrating on unusucd laboratory dissections, the club projects and Intensifies ordinary classroom work in a seminar-like fashion. The student is afforded the advantage of developing his personal scientific skill under capable guidance. ' " ■ " " - . -Tis w r ♦=»- « " T ' ; ' 1 [_ i K K 4 . r - ■fc- FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE MATH CLUB BACK ROW: N. Katz, A. Sterner. SECOND ROW: S. HorwiU, C. Hoffman, D. Spitz, M. Young. FIRST ROW: R. Turner (VicePresident), R. Goodman (President). JUNIOR-SENIOR MATH CLUB BACK ROW: R. Bulster, S. Spitz. FRONT ROW: R. Zager, R. Nelson, S. Mermd, S. Levin. RADIO-ELECTRONICS CLUB LAST ROW: R. Timmel, M. Rudowicz, G. Filko, S. Peters, G. Dingman. THIRD ROW: J. Davidow, N. Flasch, J. Ferris, A. Friedman, G. Stevens, R. Schwartz. SECOND ROW: L Earlix, R. WUliams. R. Lange, H. Clyman, A. Landerman. FIRST ROW: W. Brier (Vice-President), J. Minx (President), S. Rothblatt ( Secretary- Trecisurer). Both the Frosh-Soph and Junior-Senior Math Clubs provide their members with the ogportunlty to solve mathematical problems more advanced than ones that can be handled In the classroom. Building telescopes and launching mis- siles during spring vacation are only part of the activities of the Astronomy and Astro- nautics Club whose members observe the activities of the solar system. Although the members of the Radio- Electronics Club construct and work with many electrlccd devices other than radio sets, their goal for this year was to contact all the fifty states by short-wave radio. ASTRONOMY AND ASTRONAUTICS CLUB LAST ROW: F. Biga, R. Flodin, W. Carlson, P. Flrmiss, L Davidson. SECOND ROW: B. Hirsch, S. Trester (Secretary), R. Davis. FIRST ROW: D. Pearlman (President), W. Heine (Vice- President). VOCATIONAL CLUBS A setting in which girls interested In nurs- ing, teaching, and homeniciking can meet and explore various aspects of these fields is provided by the Future Nurses, Future Teachers, and Ingenue clubs. These organ- izations assist the student in preparing for her future Jind in making decisions of her life ' s work. FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (Officers only) STANDING: B. Biga (President), M. Goldenbogen (Treasurer). SITTING: V. Butzow (Secretary), S. Johnson (Vice-President). FUTURE NURSES ASSOCIATION LAST ROW: C. Kasper, M. Reading, M. Niclas, B. Binkoff, P. Bateman, D. Zeidin, S. De Rudder, B. Kramarczyk, R. Oslund, C. Chepulls. SECOND ROW: K. Petersen, S. Burke, L Landeriiolm, K. Kluegal, J. Ostergaard, L Plice, N. Kraska, D. Ostermeier, C. Stellar, J. Nemanich. y ST " OH - L Poranzinski, G. Benzel, K. Mitz ( Corresponding Secretary), J. Clauspn (Recording Secretary), R. Kohler (President), M. Anderson (Vice-President), N. Grauman, H. Thompson, D. Damkjer. - m i INGENUE BACK ROW: J. Baumhardt, N. Allen, D. Hunter, J. Clark, J. Anderson, D. Davidove, C. Anderson, P. Berndt, B. Yiaxiotis. FRONT ROW:i. Kramarczyk, P. Nelson, J. Tlmmings, B. Boyden, S. Chllds, L WoJEikowskl. 85 SPANISH CLUB Spanish Club provides curious students with an enjoyable way to broaden their language education. Club members are transported via guest speakers, films, and music to Spanish-speaking countries where they catch glimpses of the life and customs of the natives. A Christmas party at which the students put on skits and sing carols and a year-end banquet highlight the year ' s activities. (Officers only) LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Karlln (Secretary), K. Skid- more (Vice-President), L Neubartli (President), J. Brooks (Treasurer). LATIN CLUB Donning the attire of the ancient Romans, Latin Club members festively celebrate Roman holidays. Underclassmen are often " auc- tioned " in the upperclassman slave market. Even though these activities lend a gda tone to the function of the club, by no means are the academic considerations of minor importance. The club Increases the student ' s interest In the Latin language and helps to create a true appreciation of one of the oldest of cultures. LAST ROW: J. De Love, M. Sass, J. Spiezer, C. Murlas, D. Guess, C. Hidaka, S. Kaplan. SECOND ROW: M. Scliwartz, M Rosenberg, J. Myles, J. Foster, M. Owen, S. Hoheisel. FIRST ROW: M. Her- maiui, M Nlclass (Treasurer), P. Ysunaguclil (Sec- retary), M. Lane (President). FRENCH CLUB The importance of international under- standing is realized, and, therefore, language clubs are formed to make known the cultures of the people whose languages we study. The French Club allies itself to this program, and its membership learns of the French people, their past, their Ideals, and their ways of living. (Officers only) LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Lantz (Treasurer), J. Klip- hardt( Vice-President), J. Packer (President). LAST ROW: E. Halverson, M. Rudowicz, S. Mermel, J. Conrad, H. Simon, J. Perlstein, D. Stanbery. FOURTH ROW: R. Decker, L Klyman, J. Heinz, J. Kaplan, A. Sterner, M. Harris, N. Novak, L StaWberg. THIRD ROW: C. Hildebrand, R. Rosen- bloom, S. Michael, C. Henningsen, S. Horwitz, S. Sorinsky, R. Williams. SECOND ROW: A. Tischler, S. Albert, B. Katz, H. Lerman, L Neubarth. FIRST ROW: L Anderson, Y. Szwajger, E. Ettlnger, N. Burkhart (Treasurer), V. Otto (Secretary), I. Sher- man (Vice-President). NOT PICTURED: C. Chang (President). GERMAN CLUB In an effort to familiarize its members with the land, the customs, and the people of Germany, the German Club presented, In a year long program, films and speakers designed to interest all participat- ing students. The German Band, of Music Department fame, made Its debut at the annual Christmas party, and the club dinner gave members the opportunity to become acquainted with authentic Ger- man food. 87 CHESS CLUB You ask, " What does the Chess Club do? " They push pawns, but actually concentra- tion, competition, and advance planning are the keywords of the Chess CFub at West. By taking part in the weekly chess matches, members develop proficient thinking skills while enjoying the game, and these skills soon enable them to participate effectively in interscholastic competition. LAST ROW: B. Ashkinaz, T. Kirk, J. Spiezer, D. Kornblutli, J. Fagan, D. Altschaeffel, R. Brandt, L. Davidson. SECOND ROW: D. Apple, P. Kuhr, S. Novick, R. Uzzo, L. Bush, C. Lauerman. FIRST ROW: S. Kuhr (Vice-President), M Bramson, I. Leavitt (Treasurer), J. Weiss (Secretary), F. Rosen (President). USHERS ' CLUB Plays, games, reviews, and tournaments are just a few of the many events which require the aid of efficient ushers. It is the aim of the Niles West Ushers ' Club to be of service to the school in this way while allow- ing its members to enjoy the various activities. In addition to the events at school, the girls also usher at the Blackstone and Schu- bert Theaters in Chicago. In this way the club performs a vital service to the public and presents cultural opportunities to its members. (officers only) LEFT TO RIGHT: L Roberts (President), B. Paus (Vic Presldent), A. Penner (Secretary). 88 AUDIO- VISUAL AIDS The films and tape recordings used in classroom study are familiar to many stu- dents. These visual and audlal aids are made possible by the help of students who operate the technical equipment. These students, members of the Audio- Visual Aids Club, learn to operate radio sets, film projectors, and other such aideg while giving.invaluable service to the school. BACK ROW: S. liss, J. Harrison, R. Barksy, B. Hirsch, M Stone, A. Shafer, J. Johnson, G. Gold- berg. FRONT ROW: D. Pearson, R. Zev, T. Hain, J. Noto, B. Heller. SEA TED: E. Gold. PEP CLUB Color and interest are added to all athletic events at West by the enthusiasm and spirit of the Pep Club. The Pep Club, composed of members of the student body who are especially interested in the expansion of school spirit, represents West at all competitive games. The schedule of this group is a full time one since It is responsible for many of the assemblies held before important athletic contests and for much of the advance game publicity. The Pep Club plays an extremely impor- tant role in fostering school spirit and attendance at events at West. LAST ROW: E. Gold (Camera Chairman), L. Hoch. THIRD ROW: F. Tropstein ( Drill Leader), A. Rogin (Party Chairman), M Tuchow (Assistant Attendance Chairman), S. Melzer (Host Chairman), J. Ryden (Sales Chairman). SECOND ROW: P. Sosnowski (President), D. Dahl (Vice-President), K. Conley (Secretary), B. Smith (Treasurer). FIRST ROW: ti. Weinberg ( Attendance Chairman), P. Slepyan( Scrap- book). HI-Y CLUB The members of Hl-Y are always attempting to fulfill their pledge " to create, to maintain, and to extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. " In practicing their goal, they sponsor numerous charitable, spiritual, and educa- tional projects throughout the year. LAST ROW: R. Schmidt, A. Schwartz, W. Chrlsten- sen, R. Thomzis, R. Kaage, R. Bartholome w, J. Ferris, G. Rosenquist. SECOND ROW: J. Golden- berg, J. Look, K. Baumhardt, R. Klelnzweig, J. Harrman, A. Friedman, R. Lamberty. FIRST ROW: R. Harvey, R. Thomas, J. Fddpausch. I ' Vjg ' -•,-. n EXECUTIVE BOARD AND HEAD SECRETARIES BACK ROW: D. Raab (Chairman), D. Sideman (Head Supervisor of SSSH), J. Perlow (Head Super- visor of SSM). FkONTROW: K. EUis( Head Clerk), D. Anton (Head Secrttary of SSSH), N. Tucker (Head Secretary of SSM). SSM LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Perlow (Head Supervisor), L. MUler, H. Hochfelder, D. Yoshloka, R. Sllver- steln, J. Kahn, B. Feigenbaum, N. Tucker (Head Secretary). STUDENT SERVICE Faculty-operated study halls are sdmost a thing of the past at Niles West. Study halls, corridors, and the library are monitored by stu- dents who volunteer to give up their study halls in order to assume the position of monitors. Students who participate in this organization gain valuable ex- perience in accepting responsiblity and fulfilling assigned duties. 90 SSSH ORGANIZATION A Student Service Monitor Supervisor Is In charge of training all hall monitors just as the Student Service Study Hall Supervisor is responsible for dl study halls held that period. The administration and the Executive Board show their apprecia- tion to the members of this organization by holding an annual Christmas Dessert and Spring Luncheon; BACK ROW: D. Anton (Head Secretary), R. Tash, M Doniger, D. Sideman, S. Epstein. FRONT ROW: K. Altshuler, D. Rust, G. Levin, S. Colton. SSD BACK ROW: B. Davis, W. Hohs, J. Schnldt, D. Raab (Head Supervisor). FRONT ROW: S. Lee, R. Rivenburgh, T. Pfaff, S. Levenfeld, K. Ellis ( Head Secretary ). •I LAST ROW: D. Upman, K. Moyes, W. Rosenquist, L. Zaidler, S. Kaluzna, M Place, J. ErmUio, R Talent R. Bader, R. Stein. FOURTH ROW- S. Sager.J. Kliphardt, S. Greenman, W. Rohrer, C. Chang, L. Trebeis ' M. Kurlan, S. Seidman, D. Seligman. THIRD ROW: S. Cohen, J. Lodier, J. Ryden, E. Konopka, R SmUey R. Kohler, M. Epstein, M. Kipnis, S. Novak, L Cohen. SECOND ROW: T. DavU, G. Schonfeld, G. Benzd! J. Kerstetter, J. Netzky, R. Amado, J. Klaveter, F. Tucker, N. Evans. FIRST ROW: Irawati Batangtaris ' (foreign exchange student), G. Levin, M Yelen (Corresponding Secretary), D. Chikaraishi (Treasurer), S. Nixon ( Recording Secretary ), J . Tunkl ( Vice-President), M. Wolf ( President ). STUDENT COUNCIL Each student at West has the opportunity to participate in the student government. However, because of the great number of students, representative majority rule is both necessary and desirable. This year ' s Coun- cil has undertaken many admirable projects: the schoolwide Brotherhood Conference, a Salutation Program, an Interim League Of- ficers ' Conference, and the sponsorship of the Nlles West foreign exchange student, Irawati Batangtaris. This group has become a necessary part of the extracurricular pro- gram at Niles West. Irawati Batangtaris lends gracious charm to anything she does, including her Student Council office with the official tide " Foreign Exchange Student. ' 92 LAST ROW- P. Sosnowski, M Bramson, S. Horwltz, S. Mermel, D. Peeirlman, T. Forsberg, D. Nelson. FOURTH ROW: L. Roberts, M Lane, J. Minx, M. Doniger, R. Thomas, D. Raab, S. Trowbridge. THIRD ROW R. Kohler, A. Kaplan, R. Costantino, J. Roman, R. Amado, D. Hunter. SECOND ROW: J. Wheeler, M Kredson, J. Neubarth, I. Sherman, M. Molinaro, F. Uditsky, F. Rosen, J. Packer. FIRST ROW: M. Hansen, L. Kessel, D. Levy, K. Cashatt, S. Vraney, W. French. STUDENT UNION BOARD LAST ROW: D. Nelson, B. Belgrade, S. Epstein, K. Altshuler, A. Christensen. THIRD ROW D. Taylor, J. Davidow, M Aggen, W. F ' rench, S. Larson, S. Vraney. SECOND ROW: N. Tucker, D. Anton, C. Mueller, B. Chez, L. Taylor. FIRSTROWC. Clausen (Treasurer), A. Orlove (Vice-President), M. Doniger (President), J. Wheeler (Secretary). UNITY BOARD UNITY BOARD AND STUDENT UNION BOARD Important for the extra harmony of the school, the Unity Board, composed of the presidents of each activity, co-ordinates the dates, activities, and fund-raising projects of all dubs at West. While the Unity Board makes certain that the activities of West are running smoothly, the Student Union Board prepares the monthly dances enjoyed by so many students at West. At the Union mixers, music for dancing as well as full-length movies are provided. Both organizations provide necessary services for the clubs and students at West. CLOCKWISE: L. Swanson (Secretary), L. Kraemer (Vice-President), L. Landerholm (Treasurer), K. Cashatt (President). GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Extracurricular sports activities at West are not limited to the football field or the competitive basketball court usually reserved for boys. G.A.A. increases interest in such sports as swimming, tennis, basketball, and Softball, as well as interest in athletic activity. In addition to the numerous service pro- jects, the board, composed of active student members, plans playdays, an annual turn- about dance, and a float for Homecoming. G.A.A. BOARD BACK ROW: B. Slnkule, S. GUluly, J. Terp, D. Heine, C. Cliepulis, M. Johnson, L Espey, M Davidson, D. Hunter. FRONT ROW: J. Wells, J. Wells, L Roberts, L. Porazinskl. AQUA SPRITES A unique organization, the Aqua Sprites, combines fun and enjoyment with healthy- exercise. It teaches young girls coordina- tion and graceful movements in the water. These girls spend many hours mastering the techniques of water ballet, such as Dol- phins, Marlin Turns, and Submarines. Their accomplishments are presented to the public in the annual Spring Water Show. (officers only) HACK ROW]. Wells( G.A.A. Board Itepresentative), J. Wells (G.A.A. Board Representative), P. Bateman (Vice-President), U. Amado (President). FRONT ROW: S. Stiska (Secretary), H. Thompson (Treas- urer). ORCHESIS Poise and grace are attained by the modern dancers in Orchesis. Perfecting their rythmic and interpretative abilities, these girls undergo rigorous practice sessions in preparation for their spring performance and their roles as the dance chorus in the spring musicale. LAST ROW: A. Kuhn, K. Stengl, J. Epstein,]. Burr, C. Alport, A. Lev, B. Katz. THIRD ROW: C. Mo- tykle, J. Nakayania, E. Goldberg, C. Imhof, S. Kaplan, C. Christensen. SECOND ROW: .Yia.Tiotis, A. Tischler, S. Bernstein, J. Burr, J. Hoffberg, C. Faintuch, M HilfmSn. FIRST ROW: E. Zukerman, K. Dahl (Vice-President, L. Kessel (President), B. Bavetta ( Secretary- Treasurer). STAj ' J)lVa: S. Frisk, U. Friedner, J. Felber, M Hermann, J. Kegin, 1$. Smith, I,. Novak. AOVA ' A ' i— fA ' C: N. Knochelmann, A. Uusso. LAST ROM ' : II. Simon, W. Kummerow, W. Gutschiek, 1). Ilerkert, C. (Jiovanneili, E. Davidow, M. Calian, W. Ilohs, J. liaruck, K. KreHer. FOURTH ROW: V.. Zastrow, M. Fields, L. Archer, W. SenimerMng, S. Spilberg, 1). Senn, M Delott, (;. IJerman, J. Schnidt. THIRD ROW: K. Anderson, L. Miller, 1). Kossi, T. I ' erri, J. Minx, K. Barber, 1). Uust, V. Oliver. SECOND ROW: S. Brown, J. Birger, J. Sitman, J. Davidow, W. Zager, K. Iloffenberg, J. Pitzer, R. Schmidt, C. I wis. FIRST ROW: 1). Kaab, D. Deck (Vice-President), J. Kahn (Sargeant-at-Arms), S. Horwitz (President), K. Altschuler, II. Hoclifelder, B. Feigenbaum, I). Dilg. TWIRLERS Leading the band, twirling before audiences, or marching in par- ades, the Niles West majorettes bring grace, charm, and talent to any event or festivity. West ' s majorettes, who practice daily to give the best possible performances at games and various other school events, also perform at an annual twirling show. Baton, flag, and pom-pom techniques, exhibited by the twirlers, demand extensive practice if routines are to be done with precision. " N " CLUB " Lettermen " in various sports are united as a team through the " N " Club. Functions of this group include promoting school spirit and student attendance at athletic events and sponsoring an all-school dance. Membership in this select group is awarded only to qualifying major " N " winners. tS ._i f j . 57 " ROW: H. Kate, D. Darsh, M. Martorano, L Youngkrantz, F. Krelter. SECOND ROW- M. Tos- cana, R. Tash, L Peterson. FIRST ROW: N. Druck, M. Olenlck. SWIMMING WINNERS BACK ROW: W. Cornelius, T. Chlkaralshi, M. Cahn. SEATED IN FRONT: M. Yelen. TABLE TENNIS AND FREE THROW WINNERS 98 BASKETBALL WINNERS LAST ROW: R. Orloff, W. Timmer, J. Wojakowski, M Freehlll, R, Kaplan, C. Friedman. SECOND ROW: R. Hoffman, D. Nelson, J. Sideman, M. Sher- wood, J. Look. 7 fSr fOVK- M. Cosgrove, R. Tokeshl, M. Welnlein, A. Shaeffer, G. Davis, C. Hoffman. INTRAMURALS Ping-pong enthusiasts and once-a-week hoopballers, along with boys who cannot devote all their free timt to sports, find an ideal opportunity to enjoy their favorite sports in the Intramural Sports Program. During the year, swimming, basketball, and table tennis are offered to those boys who would not otherwise be able to parti- cipate in a competitive sports activity. CHEERLEADERS VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT S. Vraney( Co-Captain), D. Alder, 1). Anton, U. l e, Amy Lyerla (Mascot), (;. Kreed- maii, C. Kink, U. Heishman (Substitute), U. Taylor. Pep is a word almost immediately asso- ciated with cheerleaders. The girls of the Freshman, Sophomore, and Varsity squads at West seem not only to generate the pep associated with their activity but also to represent the vital spirit of all students at West. Beside cheering at football and basket- ball games, the cheerleaders participate in pep assemblies and conduct an annual school spirit survey in which they ask students to give suggestions for bettering school spirit. At this year ' s Regional Basketball Tour- nament held at West, the cheerleaders acted as judges in selecting the most outstanding squads in the area. SOPHOMORE LEFT TO RIGHT: . 1. Kredson, M. liass( Captain), li. Muth, J. Nelson, M. I-enell, L. Adelman, C. Johnson (Substitute). m V FRESHMEN BAGK ROW: IJ. Schieren, D. Kosga, K. Krone. FRONT ROW: S. Stroebel, B. Tash. y.i w rjM: m m; : jmm v.- 11 ►. SPECIAL EVENTS lot HOMECOMING DAMP WEATHER, HIGH SPIRITS Setting new precedents, " Victory Playback " continued the growth of tradition and the development of school spirit, as Niles West had alumni to come home at last. Throughout the entire week, pervading the community was the excited anticipation of the week-end festivities and the glorious tortures of wood, chickenwire, multi-colored petal paper, streamers, napkins, tired fingers, exhausted bodies, sleepless nights, hectic hours, hot chocolate, excitement, rush, and surprise. The traditional twilight pep rally, announcing and heralding the royal court, brought " Victory Playback " to a spirited beginning. After frantic efforts to complete floats, the parade was the next morning, Saturday, October 20; but, not even a bleak, rainy morning could dampen the festive zeal and excitement. Even with sheets of drenched plastic covering, G.A.A., with their big red locomotive, took first place honors for the second consecutive year. Spirit was generated by the pre-game ceremonies, with the pom- pom dance routine, and continued through the gridiron battle with Prospect, played in constant rain, despite the defeat of Big Red. " With a Star or Two, " the Homecoming dance sponsored by Senior Cabinet, brought the memorable week-end to a wonderful close. The decorations — a milky way of stars, pictures of past senior events and alumni, two wishing wells, a gushing fountain — and the delight- ful music contributed to the magic mood of the night. " Victory Playback " was truly a dream fulfilled by the strenuous efforts of the committee members and the co-directors. Started with summer plans five months before, Homecoming is now just a wonder- ful and cherished memory. drown, queen, and tlirone .... Diane Alder and Warren I ' rencli highlight the evening. (i.A.A. takes the prize with " On the Track to Victory I ' layback! " . . HOMECOMING " Victory, Kali! " shouts liarbara I. Diane Alder greets Irawati Hatangtaris in a gesture ol friendship. « FALL PLAY STRENUOUS PRACTICE, OPENING NIGHT SMASH Money and madness were the, themes around which students, por- traying mental inmates, comically developed the plot of this year ' s fall play, The Curious Savage. Setting for the play was supposedly the site of a mental institution, the Cloister. The comedy was the only non-musical play presented at West this year. Preparation for the play, the first of two annual all-school pre- sentations, included the skills of many crews-lighting, make-up, props, costume, publicity, and stage-as well as the time and talent of the performers. Resounding applause and enthusiastic laughter of the audience made the success of The Curious Savage extremely evident. " (Jolden fingertips, I simply surrender to it, I ' m a rag " declares Holly Semiloff to (]hris Marks, (Jarrv Spies, Diane Selignian, and Klayne Malpurn. " .Money in the porpoise: ' " Questions Sandra Shiner. " Kasy, " replies Klayne Ilalpern, " With a razor blade and scotch tape. " " rliere are a million things a man won ' t do for five dollars, but there aren ' t five things that he won ' t do for a million dollars, " confides Klayne llalpern to her teddy bear. " Well, madame, and what have you to say for your- self? " Qiiestion Steve Sher, Mike Chechopoulos, Jan- ice (loldfeder and Ixirry Ross of Jean Moss. " What have you done with. the money? " I A successful evening, the Christmas Dance sponsored by Student Union Hoard. CANDY CANES AND CHRISTMAS CAROLS, TOKENS OF HOLIDAY FESTIVITIES A gay, holiday mood and the traditional Christmas atmosphere prevailed for " A Moment of Christmas, " the annual Christmas dance sponsored by the Student Union on Saturday, December 22. Entering the dance through a huge wreath, bedecked with large mistletoe bows, pine cones, and berries, girls were presented beautiful snowball bids of gold and white; each couple walked into a Christmas toy- land of candy canes, elves, toys and the traditional Santa ' s Workshop. Costumed in a colorful red outfit, a jolly Santa Claus gave presents and wished holiday cheer. Adding to the old-fashioned holiday tra- ditions and spiri ' created by Christmas trees and tinsel was the warm friendly glow of a crackling fire illuminating the fes- tive gathering. . lr. Van Arsdale gives his traditional narration of Oliarles Dickens ' A Clirishiids Crinil. Barbara lielgrade and .Maureen l.arson touch up Christmas Dance preparations. Wit Louis Armstrong entertains Niles ' students. " The Roaring Twenties, " Indian Summer, and Valentine ' s Day-each of these themes was used by this year ' s Student Union Board. Held monthly, the union offered danc- ing to the music of student bands, ping pong, movies, and good old-fashioned, and almost out-dated talk. When Louis " Satchmo " Armstrong began to blow his first majestic notes on his trum- pet and to mop his brow with a fiery red handkerchief, the entire audience came alive, tapping to the steady rhythm. The renowned jazz trumpeter, alongwith his five-piececombo and vocalist, was brought to the stage of Niles West on February 21 through the combined efforts of Junior and Senior Cabinets. Performing such favorites as " Mack the Knife, " " When the Saints Go Marching In, " and his theme-song, " When It ' s Sleepy Time Down South, " Satchmo certainly delighted the entire audience. " Salclinio " introduces his theme. Student Union fun includes bouncing competition between Daniel Smith and David Senn. STUDENT SPONSORED ACTIVITIES SHOW INTEREST AND INITIATIVE ' lime out! A refreshing break at a Student Union. Ill OPERA HOUSE ANTICS, AN ENTERTAINING REVUE Meow Spangles Jind fur! In the style of the Gay 90 ' s, Judith Locher, Judith Fine, and Susan Trowbridge set the scene for the fourth barbershopper, Deborah Bail, who has news of " Hard-Hearted Hannah. " The aging opera house, reopened for a local talent show in Corning, Iowa, was the scene of Niles West ' s second annual Redskins ' Revue. Delighted audiences from both Friday and Saturday nights left the auditorium with a feeling of having been transported to a past age. The entertainers displayed their tcdents through a variety of solos, chorus lines, and speciality acts. The success of this production was due to the combined efforts of all of the par- ticipants and an appreciative audience. 112 " Just you wait, ' enry ' iggins, just you waitT sings Francine U ditslcy . Hilda and Abigail, as portrayed by Jsuiice Goldfeder and Judith DeLove, further their adventures by cieaning-up after Hollywood movie stars. Redskins ' chorusters tell, " How to get a date. " 113 SCIENCE FAIR Spectators crowd the science exhibit. 114 A = vu _m; Kobert I ' helan looks at his project on Determenation of Avogadro ' s Number. (Uay model heads show man ' s evolution. Quantttative and qualitative analysis play an im- portant part in Richard Heller ' s project on I ' olaro- graphy-Klectro-C hemical analysis. A vast number of onlookers drawn by numerous displays crowded the annual science exhibit. The spectators were amazed at the high degree of scientific knowledge shown by NUes West students. Each successful project, however, was not a mere display but rather a cumulative result of many weeks of tedious work. The eager, questioning minds, tempted by scientific riddles and guided by intellect, resolutely experimented, probed, and discovered. These experiments, though now in their infancy, may mature to push forward the sweeping giant steps of tech- nical advancement. lis SENIORS Finally, it seems, the purpose of oil this is to present the seniors: The end product-this stage- but only that, for the institutions they moved through persist, not unchanged by them 117 Finsr ROW: Dwiglu Voshioka, Wai Irencli, Charleiie Mueller. SECOND Rt I ' .lyniie Clinplik, I iuren I ' aylor, Arlene love, Charlotte Tinker, Janet Carlsc THIRD ROW: Susan Braney, Sharon Lars Janet Dahlin, David Gorenstein, Che Clausen. FOURTH ROW: Donald Raa Richard Orloff, Alan Scheufler, Joseph K iiedy, Kenneth Hopps, Dennis Dilg. SENIOR CABINET Senior year is the culmination of a phase in life. Respon- sibilities, the setting of examples, and graduation, all seem overwhelmingly distant to the naive. The transition from grammar school to high school brings about a series of new and different experiences to which the individual must adapt himself The preoccupation with this change accounts for the lacking realization in the nearness of the future. We accept education willingly withonly aslightunderstanding of it worth. If we have not reached that certain level of maturity where our goals are decided, we only accept education because it is there. Each year of high school passes more quickly than the. last until whatseemedthefutureisthepresent. Senior year is constant; it is something to look forward to and something t o look back on. SUSAN ADEUIAN Spotlighters 1; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. U. ANDREA AFFRUNTI Transferred from Providence H.S., Chicago 2; SSSH Secretary 4; Personal Service Monitor 3. Its MARYAGGEN , „ , , Cabinet 1,2,3; Homecoming Art Committee 4; Student Union Board 4; Redskins ' Review 3; Choir 3,4; Silver Music I ' in 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2, Music Award 2; Arts Club 1; Pep Club 3, Secretary 3. DIANE ALDER Student Council Alternate 1,2; Homecoming Committee 1,4; Homecoming Queen 4; SSM2, SSSH 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Union Board Moni- tor 4; Redskins ' Review 2; Pep Club 3; Cheerleaders 1,2,4; Swimmers ' Timers ' Club 3; Big Sister 2. JAMES ALLEN Transferred from Notre Dame H.S., Basketball 1. Nlles 1; Football 1,3, Major ' N ' 3; JANE ALLEN Student Coundl Alternate 1,2; SSM2,3; Pep Club 1,3; GAA 1,3,4. JOHN ALLES Transferred from Notre Dame H.S., Niles 4. KENNETH ALTSHULER Cabinet 1,3; Big Brother 2; SSM 2; SSSH Chairman 3, Supervisor 4; Student Union Board 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3,4; Track 3,4, Major " N " 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Minor " N " 2; Interim League Conference 2. RACHEL AMADO National Honor Society 3,4; Gold Honor Key 4; Silver Honor Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Honor Certificate 1,2; Student Council 4; Cabinet 1,2,3; Orches- tra 1,2 America Resident 4. r Pin 2; Honor (Jertiticate i,z; 3iuaenti.ouncut, .auuin i, ,j, 2 3 4- ftinciple 3,4; Science Fair 3; Arts Club 3; Future Teachers of ■ica V Philosophy Club 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 4; Aquasprites 3,4; ROBERT ANDERSON „, Choir 3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Silver Music Pin 4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Major " N- 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; xMajor " N " 4; " N " Club 3,4. KAREN ANDREWS Spotlighters 2; G.A.A. 2; French Club 2. KAREN ANGER DIANE ANTON Student Council 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Unity Board 3; SSO 3; Head Secretary SSSH 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Student Union Board 4; Redskins ' Review 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 2; Cheerleaders 2,3,4, Co-captain 3; Regional Tournament Planning Committee 3. LYLE ARCHER Sophomore Cabinet 2; SSM 4; Orchestra 2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 3; Brass Ensemble 1; Science Fair 1; Award 1; Gymnastics 2,3; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3; " N " Club 3,4; Big Brother 2. DENNIS ARGYRAKIS Transferred from United States Marine Corps. BARRY ASHKINAZ Blue Honor Certificate 2; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; SSO 4; Chess Club 4; Biology Club 3,4. IRAWATI BATANGTARIS Foreign Exchange Student 4; Student Council 4; Homecoming Committee 4; A.F.S. Committee 4; Adoption of Kenya Student Committee 4; Arts Club 4; G.A.A. 4. LEA BEAUBIEN Girls ' Glee 2,3,4; Arts Club 1; Future Nurses Assocation 3,4; Future Teachers of America 2,3; G.A.A. 1. CAROL BECKER G.A.A. 1,2. MARIE BETH BEDOE G.A.A. 3,4. DEBORAH BEIL Spodighters 2; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Vivace 4; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Student Conductor 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2; American Legion Oratorical Contest 3. LETITIA BEKIER Transferred from the Immaculata H.S., Chicago 1; Fall Play Crew 1; Spring Musical 1; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Arts Club 1; French Club 3; Latin Club 1; Pep Club 1,3; G.A.A. 1. BARBARA BELGRADE Unity Board 4; SSM 3; SSSH Secretary 3; Cafeteria Monitor 2; Student Union Board 4; Homeroom Secretary 1,2; Spring Musical Crew 1; Spot- lighters 1,2,3; Spectrum, Editor-in-Chief 4; Girls Glee 1,2; Minor Music Award 2; Scholastic Art Award, Gold Key 4; Future Teachers of America 1,2,3, President 2, Vic President 3; Teacher ' s Aid 3; Pep Club 1. MORTON BLATT S.S.O. 2,3; Homeroom Float Chairman 4; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Cadet Band 1; Social Studies Seminar 4; Science Fair 3; Gym Leader 2; Cross Country 1; Swimming 1; Track 1. JOEL BLITSTEIN Homecoming Committee 3,4; S.S.S.H. Assistant Chairman 3; Chairman 4; Personal Service Monitor 3, Student Union Monitor 4; Latin Club 1; WrestUng 1,2, Frosh. Shield 1, Minor " N " 2. JUDITH BLUMENTHAL Fall Play Crew 3; Arts Club 2; Future Nurses Association 1; Future Teach- ers of America 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1. HOWARD BOLNICK Silver Honor Key 4; Bronze Honor Key 3; Science Seminar 3; Orchestra 3,4; Concert Band 2,3; Dance Band 3,4; Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band I; Marching Band 2,3,4; Science Fair 2, District Science Fair 2; Foreign Language Club 2; Gymnastics 3,4, Minor " N " 3; Swimming 1. ROBERTA BOLON Bronze Honor Key 3; Honor Pin 2; Honor Certificate 1,2; Student Coun- cil 1,2; Homecoming Float Committee 4; S.S.O. 3,4; Arts Club 1; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. KAREN BONESZ Student Council Alternate 1,3; Homecoming Court 3; Personal Service Moni- tor 2; G.A.A. 1; Cooking Contest 2. DIANA BONIFERT S.S.M 2; Spodighters 1,2; Spectrum, Special Events Editor 4; District Science Fair, First Place 1,2; Arts Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1; Pep Club 2; Ushers ' Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. DANIEL BOSTROM JU ANITA BOYK Concert Band; Arts Club 1,2; Future Nurses Association 1; Pep Club 2. 120 BARBARA BOYSEN Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Future Nurses Association 1,2,3,4; Pins and Pans 1,2; Ushers ' Club 3,4. MARTIN BRAMSON ETHAN M BRAUNSTEIN National Honor Society 3,4; Harvard Book Award 3; National Merit Semi- Finalist 4; Academic Team 4; S.S.O. 1,2,3; Arts Club 1,2; Biology Club 3; Mathematics Club 3; Chess Club 3; Tennis 1,2,3,4, Captain 3, Minor " N " 1, Major " N " 3, Most Valuable Player 1. ROBERTA BENSON Cabinet 1,2; Student Union Monitor 4; Spring Musical 3; Vivace 3,4; Lorelei 1,2; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Silver Music Pin 2; Gold Music Pin 3; G.A.A. 1. GAILBENZEL Student Council 4; SSO 3; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; West Word 3; Apotheusis 2,3,4; Secretary 2; Arts Club 2; Future Nurses Association 1,2, 4; G.A.A. 1. JACK BERGER Student Council Representative 1; German Club 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Major " N " 2; " N " Club 3,4. JAY BERKE Transferred from Bowen H.S., Chicago 2; Silver Key 1; Cadet Band 2; Intermediate Band 3; Latin Club 2. EDYE BERKUN S.S.O. 2,4; Personal Service Monitor 1,4; Junior Choir 4; French Club; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2. GERALD BERMAN Bronze Key 3; Blue Honor Certilicate 1; Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Major " N " 3,4; " N " Club 3,4. MARSHA BERNSTEIN S.S.O. 2,3, SSSH 2. BARBARA ANN BIGA Future Teachers of America 1,2,3,4, President 4; F ' rench Club 1,2; Pep Club 3; Ushers ' Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2. MICHAEL BIRGER Spring Musical 1,2,3; Choir 3,4; Boys ' Glee 1,2; Interim League Music Festival 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4, Coach 4; Football 1 , Frosh Shield; Basketball 2,3, Soph. Shield 2, Major " N " 3; Baseball 3, Minor •N " 3; " N " Club 3,4. li ife JAC iUELINE BRODSKY Silver Key 4; Bronze Pin 3; Red Certificate 1; Student Council Alternate 2; Homecoming Committee 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Redskins ' Review 3; Spectrum, Typing Staff 4; French Seminar 4; French Club 2; Pep Club U;G.A.A. 1,3. HOLLY BROWN Silver Key 3; Bronze Key 2; Red Honor Certificate 3; Cabinet 1; Home- coming Committee 4; S.S.O. 3,5; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Redskins ' Review 3; Spectrum Typing and Senior Staffs 4; Science Fair 3; French Club 3; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A-. 1,2,3. STEVEN BROWN S.S.S.H. Chairman 3, S.S.M 4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. JOHN BRUNDERMAN Bronze Honor Key 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1; S.S.O. 1,2, Service Award 1; West Word , Sports Staff 3, Feature Writer 4; Science Fair 1,2, Second Place State Fair 2, Second Place District Fair 1. RENEE BRYER Cabinet 1,2,3, Big Sister 2,3; Homecoming Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; S.S.O. 2,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 3;G.A.A. 1. RANDALL BURNS S.S.O. 1,2,3; Football Champion 3. 1,2; Plymoutli Trouble Shooting Contest 3; State FRANKLIN J. BURK Bronze Honor Key 3; S.S.O. 1,2; Fall Play Crew 2,3; Spring Play Crew 2,3; Technical Aaivities Association 3,4; Redskins ' Review 2,3; Spotlighters 1,2; Language Laboratory Technician 3,4; Inventors Club 1; Orchesis 4. KATHLEEN BUSCH Future Teachers of America 1; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 3,4. VIRGINIA BUTZOW Silver Key 3; Silver Honor Pin 2; Red Honor Certificate 1; Arts Club 1,2,3; Future Teachers of America 3,4, Secretary 4; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 4; Teacher ' s Aid 4. MICHAEL CAHAN S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; S.S.M. 2,3; Student Union Monitor 4; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; West Word 4; Library Aid 2; Spanish Club 1; Chess Club 4; Intramural Swimming 4; Intramural Table Tennis Champ 4; Football 1,3, Minor " N " 3; Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Minor " n ' 1, Major " N " 3; Track 1; Weight Lifting Club 2,4. GALE CARLSON Student Council Representative 1; S.S.M 4; Student Union Monitor 4; Band 1,2; Wrestling 1; Indoor and Outdoor Track 1,3,4, Frosh " N " 1, Minor " N " 3. JANET CARLSON Red Honor Certificate 1; Cabinet 3,4, Secretary 3; Homecoming Court 4; S.S.O. 2; Redskins ' Review 2; Spring Musical 3; Vivace 3,4, Vice President 4; Lorelei 1,2; Librarian 2; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Silver Music Pin 2; Gold Music Pin 3; Arts Club 1; German Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3. ROY CARLSON TERYLE CARSKY Spotlighters 1; Foreign Language Club 1; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. KATHLEEN CASHATT Bronze Key 3; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Band 1; Foreign Language Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board 1,2,3,4, Minor Letter 1, Major Letter 2; First State Award 3, Leadership Camp Award 3; Secretary 3, President 4. LAURA CECH Future Teachers of America 2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1 . EDWIN CHAIT Transferred from Austin H.S., Chicago 2; Coin Club 1. ELYNNECHAPLIK Bronze Pin 3; Red Honor Certificate 1; Cabinet 1,2,3,4, President 3; Home- coming Crew 4, Assistant Director of Activities 4; Publicity Director of Dance 4; S.S.M 3, S.S.S.H. 3,4; Unity Board 3; Spectrum 4, Senior Section Editor; Redskins ' Review 3; West tt ' wrrf 1,2,3, Reporter; Arts Club 1; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2, Publicity Chairman; G.A.A. 1,2; Regional Basket- ball Tournament Committee 3; Science Fair Award 2. BARBARA CHEZ S.S.M 2,3, S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Student Union Board 4; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1. ALAN CHRISTENSEN Homecoming Committee 4, Float Chairman; S.S.M 3; Student Union Board 4; Redskins ' Review 3; Spring Musical 1,2; Sfiec ram 4, Senior Staff; Orches- tra 1,2,4; District Science Fair 2, First Place; State Science Fair, Second Place; Spanish Club 1,2; Cross Country 1,2; Wrestling 2,3; Track 1,2,4. CHERYL CLAUSEN National Honor Society 3,4; Silver Pin 3; Gold Pin 2; White Honor Certifi- cate 1; Cabinet 4; SSO 4; Student Union Board 4; Treasurer 4; Vivace 3; Lorelei 1,2; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Orchestra 3; GAA 1 ELLYN COWAN S.S.M. 4; Fall Play 2; Spotlighters 1; Dramatic Workshop 4; Arts Club 2; Pep Club 1. STUAUTCOWEN Ili-Y 1. BAKliAKA CYWINSKI S.S.M. 2. CHERYL DAHL Spring Musical Crew 2; Vivace 3,4; Lorelei 2; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Future Nurses Association 1; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 1,2. ROBIN DAHL Transferred from Lake View H.S., Chicago 2; Spring Musical 2,3; Interim League Music Festival 2; Choir 3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Pep Club 4, Drill Leader; Intramurals 3,4; Varsity Football 3, Minor " N " 3. JANET DAHLIN Cabinet 1,4; S.S.M 3; Redskins ' Review 2; Spring Musical 3; Choir 3,4; Silver Music Pin 2; Lorelei 2; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1. JOHN DAIBERL Student Council Representative 1; S.S.M 2,3, S.S.O. Supervisor 4; Redskins ' Review 3; District Science Fair 1, First Place; Hi-Y 3; A.V.A. 1,2. MICHELLE DANTUMA Transferred from Wheaton Academy, Wheaton 4; Spodighters 1; Pep Club 2,4; Gamma 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; G.A.A. 4. ELLIOT DAVIDOW Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago 2; S.S.O. Orchestra 2,3; Football 2,3,4; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3,4; Wrestling 4; Track 2,3,4. JAY DAVIDOW Transferred from Rooseveh H.S., Chicago 2; Silver Pin 3; National Merit Semi- Finalist 3; I.S.S.C. Semi-Finalist 3; Student Council 3; S.S.O. 3; Student Union Board 4; West Word 3,4; Band 1,2; Textbook Center Staff 1; Ger- man Club 1,2; Radio- Electronics Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 3; Wrestling 3; Track 3; " N " Club 3,4. LEWIS DAVIDSON Choir 3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 1,2; Minor Music Award 3; Chess Club 3,4; Gymnastics 3. RICHARD DEAN Transferred from Notre Dame H.S., Niles. SUSAN CLAYMAN Personal Service Monitor 1,3. JULIE CODELL National Honor Society 3,4; Gold Key 3; Silver Key 2; White Honor Certificate 1; Student Council Alternate 1; S.S.O. 3,4; Redskins ' Review 3; Spring Musical 2,3; West Word 2,3; Ajxilheosis 3; Cheerleader 2,3, Alter- nate 2; G.A.A. 1. KAREN COHEN Spothghters 1; Concert Band 3,4, First Year letter 3; Intermediate Band 2; Cadet Band 1; Future Teachers of America 4; Ushers ' Club 4. MERLE COHEN Redskins ' Crew 2; Spectrum 4, Senior Staff; West Word 3; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; French Club 4; Science Fair 2; G.A.A. 3,4. STEVEN COLTON Bronze Key 3; White Honor Certificate 1; Student Council Representative 3; Cabinet 2, Treasurer; Homecoming Crew 4, Chairman; S.S.M 2; S.S.S.H. Assistant Chairman, Supervisor 4; Student Union Monitor 4; Homeroom Chairman 1; Football 1. CIIERIECOMESS Transferred from Senn U.S., Club 4; G.A.A. 1. Chicago 3; Spectrum 4, Senior Staff; P ' rench SUSAN COOPER Student Council Alternate 2; S.S.M 1,2,3,4; Thespians 4; Spotlighters 1,2,3, Vice President 3; Spectrum 4, General and Senior Staffs; Apotheosis 2,3,4; Speech Meets 3; Third Place Monalogue 3; Arts (]lub 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. JAMES CORTY Science Fair 3, First Place; District Science Fair 3, Second I ' lace; Science Club 2,3. MICHAEL COSGROVE Hi-Y3; Wresdingl,3. 122 SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 DONALD DECK S.S.S.H. 3,4; Chairman 4; S.S.M 2; Football U,3,4; Major " N " 3,4; Gym- nastics 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 3,4; Most Valuable I ' layer Award 3; " N " Club 3,4, Resident 4. UOBEKT DEHNERT Transferred frojn Lane Tech H.S., Chicago; Audio Visual Aid 4. MICHAEL DELOTT Transferred from Von Steuben H.S., Chicago 2; S.S.O. 3; Spectrum 2,4; Cadet Band 2; French Club 4; Intramurals4; Basketball 1; Swimming 2,3, 4, Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3,4; Interim League Swim Championship 3,4; State District Swim Championship 4; Pool Guard 3,4; Tennis 3,4; Minor " N " 3; Major " N " 4; Golf 2; Weightlifting Club 3,4; " N " Club 3,4. RONALD DERBES Cabinet Alternate 1. DEANNA DERVISHIAN Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,3; G.A.A. 1. PAUL DEUTSCH Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago 3; Student Council 1; S.S.M 1,2, 4; S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; AVA 2; Football 1,3. ;lJf k RICHARD DIAMOND Transferred from Von Steuben U.S., Chicago 2. DENNIS DILG Cabinet 1,2,4; S.S.O. 2,3; Biology Club 2; Cross Country 1,2,3, Soph. Shield 1,2, Major " N " 3; Interim Basketball 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 1; Major " N " 2,3; Baseball 1,4; Frosh Shield 1; " N " Club 2,3,4. JAYNE DILG Student Union Monitor 4; Redskins ' Review 3; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Concert Band 2,3; Intermediate Band 1; Student Conductor 4; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Foreign Language Club ' 2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Tri- Hi-Y 1,2, Treasurer 2; District Science Fair 1,2, Stat " „ _ . . 1,2,3,4; Synchronized Swimming 4. .State Science Fair 2; G.A.A. MARY ANN DILG Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Minor Music Award 2; Twirlers 2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,4. f:theldimodica Spotlighters 1; Concert Band 1; Intermediate Band 1; Cadet Band 1; Future Teachers of America 1; Pep Club 1; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3. SUSANNE DOLNIGK DONNAS. D0MBF:K MICHAEL DONIGER Red Honor Certificate 1; Cabinet 1,3; Alternate 1, Representative 3; Big Brother 2,3; Unity Board 4; S.S.O. Supervisor 4; S.S.S.H. Chairman 3, Asst. Chairman 3; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Student Union Board 4, President 4; Homeroom Vice President 1,2; ArtCouncill; Foreign Language Club 3; Track 1,2. ANNEDORBAND Student Council 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 2,4; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Interschool Tennis Team 4. FLORENCE DOVER Red Honor Certificate 2; Redskins ' Revue Crew 3; Spring Play Crew 2; Girls ' Glee 1 , Minor Music Award 2; Future Teachers of America 3; Pins Pans 2; G.A.A. 2,3. NORMAN DRUCK Bronze Key 4; S.S.O. 3,4, S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; Science F ' air 1; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Audio Visual Aids 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 4; Swimming 1; Golf 1,3. FRANK DUDA Homeroom President 1. 123 STUART EPSTEIN Silver Key 3; Gold Pin 2; White Honor Certificate 1; Student Council 3; Homecoming Committee4; Co- Director; S.S.O. 1; S.S.S.H. 4;Student Union Board 4; Swimming 1,2,3; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. JUDITH ERICKSON S.S.O. 4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Library Monitor 1; Future Nurses Association 3; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. JOYCE ERNT WILLIAM FAEHSE ELIZABETH FAGERSTROM Fall Play Crew 1; Musical Crew 1; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 2; French Club 2; Pep Club 2. BARRY FEIGENBAUM Cabinet Alternate 1; Homecoming Crew 4; S.S.O. 1,2,3; Chairman 3; S.S.M. 4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Homeroom Vice President 1; Spotlighters 1; National Forensics; League Championship 1; Spanish Club 1; Hi-Y Resident 1,2; Football 3; Cross Country 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3,4; " N " Club 3,4. JANICE FELBER Transferred from Newton H.S., Connecticut 3; Red Honor Certificate; Spotlighters 1,2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Twirlers 2,3,4; G.A.A. 4. KAREN FELBER Transferred from Newton H.S., Connecticut 3; Pins and Pans 1; Ushers ' Club4;G.A.A. 4. RICHARD FELSENTHAL JOHN FERGUSON Apotheusis 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Audio- Visual Aids 1,2,3,4. SUSAN FESSELMEYER French Club 1,3; Ushers ' Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1; G.A.A. 1. DOROTHY FIELD Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago 2; Homecoming Crew 4; S.S.O. 4. PAMELA DUKE Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Fall Play Crew 1; Spodighters 1. BARBARA EDERER F ' uture Nurses Association 1,2,3, Treasurer 3, Pep Club 1,2,3, Ushers ' Club 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. ALLEN ELENEWSKI RAYMOND EUAS Football 1,2. KATHLEEN ELLIS Student Council 3, Senior Cabinet 4, Homecoming Committee 3,4, S.S.O. 3,4, Regional Tournament Committee 3, Union Board Monitor4, Redskins ' Review 3; Musical Crew 2; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3, President 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2; G.A.A. 1. MARK EPSTEIN Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Blue Honor Certificate 1; Student Council 4; S.S.S.H. 4; S.S.M. 1,2,3; Supervisor 2; Utin Club 1,2; Interscholastic Football 3; Minor " N " , Interscholastic Tennis 1,2,3; Major " N " 3. ROBERT EPSTEIN Blue Honor Certificate 2; Student Council 3; S.S.M 1,2; S.S.S.H. 4; Home- room President 2,3; Mathematics Club 2; Hi-Y 2; Treasurer; Basketball 1,2; Tennis 1,2. RONALD EPSTEIN S.S.O. 1; French Club 1; Audio-Visual Aids 4; Hi-Y 1; Intramurals 4. SHARRON EPSTEIN Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago 2; Bronze Key 3. t M% 124 JOHN FIELDS S.S.M 2,3; Choir 3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 1,2; Track 1. MARSHALL FIELDS Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 1,2,3; S.S.O. 3; Homeroom Chairman 1; Barber- shoppers 1,2; Intermediate Band 1,2; Marching Band 2; National Forensic League 1,2; Arts Club 1; Biology Club 1; Science Fair 1,2,3; Audio-Visual Aids 4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3. LEON FILAS JUDITH FINE Fall Play Crew 1,2; Spring Play Crew 1,2; Redskins ' Revue Crew 1,2; Thespians 3,4; Spodighters 1,2; Musical 3,4; Vivace 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1. CAROL FINK Cabinet 1; Social Chairman 2,3; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4; S.S.S.H. Secretary 3; S.S.M 4; Redskins ' Review 3; G.A.A. 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Secretary 4. CAROL FIXEL THOMAS FOERSTER Concert Band 2,3; Marching Bzind 3. EDWARD FORKOS Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago 2; Dance Band 1,2; English Seminar 4; Gymnastics 3; Wresding 2; Track 2. JAY FORMAN S.S.M 2,3,4; French Club 2. RICHARD FORMEISTER S.S.O. 3,4; Audio- Visual Aids 1,2; Radio-Electronics 3. DENNIS FORNOFF IDALEE FRANKENSTEIN SSSH Secretary 4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Minor Music Award 2; Spectrum, Senior Staff4; French Club 4; Future Teachers of America 1,2,4; G.A.A. 2. BARRY FRAZIN Transferred from South Shore H.S. 1; Student Council Representative 1; S.S.M. 2; A.V.A. 3. SUSAN FREEMAN Bronze Key 3; Student Council Alternate 3; S.S.O. 4; S.S.M 4; Homeroom Secretary 1,2; Fall Play 2; National Thespians 2,3,4; Spodighters 1; West Word 3,4; Science Fair 1; Arts Club 1,2; Pep Club 1; American Legion Oratorical Contest 3. WARREN FRENCH Senior Cabinet 4; President 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Executive Board 4; S.S.S.H. Assistant Chairman 3; Chairman 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Student Union Board 4; Football 3; Major " N " 3; Wresding 1; Frosh Shidd 1; Track 1, Frosh Shield 1; " N " Club 3,4. MAUREEN FRERES S.S.M 4; Girls ' Glee 1,2,3. CAROL FRIEDMAN Bronze Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1; S.S.M 2,3,4; Arts Club IX French Club 1; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1. JOY FRODIN S.S.M 3,4; Fall Play Crew 2; Chairman; Spring Play Crew 1,2; Redskins ' Review 2; National Thespians 2,3,4; Spodighters M; Girls ' Glee 2; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. SUSAN GALLOWICH Silver Pin 2; S.S.M 2,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Redskins ' Review 3; Spring Musical 1,2,3; Vivace 3,4; Lorelei 2; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1 ; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1;2,3,4. STEPHEN GAWRYLEWSKl Transferred from Notre Dame High School 2; Rifle Club 2,3, Secretary 4; Football 1. HARRIET GELMAN S.S.M 3; Redskins ' Review Crew 3; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Arts Club 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1,3. fe 125 ROBERT GOODE Personal Service Monitor 3; Boys ' Glee 1 . DAVID GORENSTEIN National Honor Society 3,4; Silver Key 3; Gold Pin 2; Gold Certificate 1; National Merit Letter 4; Student Council Alternate 1; Cabinet 4; S.S.O. Chairman 4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Science Seminar 4; Science Fair 1,2; State Science Fair; First Place; Biology Club 2; Philosophy Club 2,3,4. BARBARA GRACZYK Transferred from Mallinkrodt H.S., Wilmette 2; S.S.O. 4; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 2,3.4 GARY GRAFF Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; )oMcojis2, 3,4; Debate 1,2,3; German Club 2,4; Philosophy Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice President 4. MARILYN GREEN Cabinet 2,3; S.S.NL 4; Utln Club 1; G.A.A. 1. ALICE GRIFFIN S.S.M 2,3,4; Spotlighters 1,2; Vivace 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 2; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1. ROBERT GROSSMAN S.S.M 2; Redskins ' Review Crew 2; Science Fair 1,2; District Science Fair 2; Baseball 1. ROBERTA GROSSMAN S.S.M 4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Pep Club 1. CAROL GUTB ROD Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Pep Club 2. WILLIAM GUTSCHICK Concert Band 2; Intermediate Band 1; Football 3,4, Major " N " 3, Swim- ming 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 3, Major " N " 4; " N " Club 3,4. DIANE ' GUTTLER S.S.M 2; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Art Council 2; Pep Club 2; Ushers ' Club 4. DONALD HAAS Silver Key 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; S.S.O. 4; Intra- Mural Football 3; Intra-Mural Basketball 4. JILI.CEKSHUN Transferred from Hamilton H.S., Los Angeles; 1; BronzeKey 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Homecoming Committ ee 3; G.A.A. 2,3. SANDRA GILLULY Transferred from .Morgan Park H.S., Chicago 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Student Council 1,2; Executive Board 1,2; German Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Chairman 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Board 4. CHARLES GIOVANIELLI S.S.O. 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Minor " N " 1,2, Major " N " 3,4; WrestUng 2; Track 3,4, Major " N " 3.4; " N " Club 3,4. UNDA GLANTZ Student Council Alternatel;S.S.0.3,4;FrenchClub2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. ARNOLD GLASSBERG Cabinet 1,2; S.S.O. 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2; Football 1,2,3,4, Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3,4; Track 3; " N " Club 3,4. EDWARD GOLD S.S.O. 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Audio- Visual Aids 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Swimming 1. SHEILA GOLD S.S.O. 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. CHARLES GOLDBERG Spring Musical 3; Concert Band 4; Marching Band 4; Intermediate Band 3; Cadet Band 1,2; Beginning Band 1; Chess Club 3. MARJORY GOLDENBOGEN Arts Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Future Teachers of America 3; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 4. 126 SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 CHRISTINE HAFFNER Bronze Key 3; S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Arts Club 1,2; German Clnb 3. KATHLEEN HALLER Transferred from Malliiickrodt H.S., Wilmette 1; Homeroom Chairman 1; Fall Play 1; Drama Club 1; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 2,4. ELAYNEHALPERN Transferred from Scnn H.S., Chicago 3; Bronze Key 3; Kail Play Crew 3,4; Spring Play 3; Thespians 4; Treasurer 4. MERYL HARRIS S.S.M. 1,3; Fall Play 2; Spotlighters 1,2; Arts Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1. DONNA HARRISON Homecoming Committee 3; S.S.O. 3,4; Fall Play 3; Spring Play 2,3; Red- skins ' Review 2,3; Thespians 2,3,4; Spotlighters 1,2; ArtCouncil 1,2, Treas- urer 2; Foreign Language Club 2; German Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Presi- dent 2,3; G.A.A. 1. JEFFREY HARTENFELD C f mMMM LILA HASSAN Personal Service Monitor 4; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 3,4. ROBERT HEFFRON S.S.O. 1,2,3; S eclnim, Senior Staff 4; West Word?, A; Baseball 3. RONALD HEFTMAN DORA HEINE Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Blue Honor Certificate 1; Personal Service Monitor 4; District Science Fair 2; Arts Club 2; Arts Club 2; Latin Club 2; Future Teachers of America 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Board 3,4; Major Award 3, First State Award 3. JOHN HEITMAN MARSHA HELLMAN Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; Cabinet Alternate 2; Homecoming Crew 4; S.S.M 3; Personal Service Monitor 1; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Science Fair 3; Arts Club 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. RICHARD HELLMAN Scholastic Art Award 1; German Club 3; Intramural Basketball 4; Swim- ming 3; Tennis 3; Weight lifting Club 3. RAYMOND HENRIKSEN S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; German Club 2; Wresding 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3,4; " N " Club 3,4. DENNIS HERKERT S.S.M 2; S.S.S.H. Chairman 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3,4; Wresding 1,2,3; Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3; Track 1; " N " Club 3,4. HEIDE HERR Transferred from Luther North H.S., 3; Library Monitor 4; Girls ' Glee 2. MERRILY HERRMANN Student Council Alternate 1; Redskins ' Review 3; Spring Musical 1; Girls ' Glee 1; Latin Club 4; Future Teachers of America 1; Pep Club 2; Ushers ' Club 4; Twirlers 2,3,4. KAREN HETTEMA Transferred from Wellesley Jr. H.S., Wellesley 2; Cabinet 3; S.S.O. 2; Pep Club 2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 2,3,4. 127 STEPHEN HORWITZ Cabinet 3; S.S.O. 1,2; S.S.M. Supervisor 4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Homeroom President 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3,4; Track 1,3; " N " Club 3,4, President 4. PATRICIA HUEMPFNER Transferred from John Marshall Harlan H.S., Chicago 3; Student Council 1; S.S.M. 1; Spanish Club 2; G.A.A. 2,3. CARLENE HUNTER Homecoming Committee 4; S.S.O. 2,3,4; Student Unloii Monitor 4; Musical Festivals 1,2,3,4, Steering Group 3; Spectrum Senior Staff 4; Vivace 3,4; Choir 3,4, Silver Prin 3; Gold Pin 4; Girls ' Glee 1,2, Certificate; Pep Club 2. LESLIE JAEGER S.S.M 2; Ushers ' Club 3; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. JOHN JOBST Hi-Y: Baseball 1,2,3,4; " N " Club. CANDACE JOHNSON Cabinet 1,2,3; S.S.O. 3; S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Science Fair, Honorable Mention 1; German Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Pep Club 1,2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. JUDY ANN JOHNSON Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago, 3; S.S.O. 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers of America 3; Ushers ' Club 4. LYNN JOHNSON Student Union Monitor 4; Spring Musical 2,3, Crew 2; Vivace 4; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 2, Gold Pin 4; Pep Club 1; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 3,4. MARILYN JOHNSON French Club; Ushers ' Club 3; G.A.A. 3. MARSHA JOHNSON Student Union Monitor 4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Minor Letter 2, Silver Pin 3, Secretary 3,4, Gold Pin 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 3; Ushers ' Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pin 1; Minor Letter 3; Major Letter 4; Board 4. PHYLLIS JOHNSON S.S.M 3,4; G.A.A. 3. WILUAMJOHNSON Personal Service Monitor 4; Football 1; Track 1,3. MIRALYN HEYMAN Transferred from Mather, Chicago 4; Advisor ' s Secretary 1; Teacher ' s Aid 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Creative Writing Club 1; Girls ' Chorus 2; Symphonic Choir 2. HARRY HOCHFELDER Blue Honor Certificate 1; Student Council Alternate 2; S.S.O. Supervisor 4; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Major " N " 2,3; " N " Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. ROCHELLE HIRSH Student Council Alternate 1; Art Council 1; Russian Club 1,2. EARL HOFFENBERG S.S.O. 1,2,3; S.S.S.H. Chairman 3,4; German Club 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 1,2, Major " N ' 2,3; " N " Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. ROBERT HOFFMAN Transferred from Notre Dame H.S., Niles 2; Track 1,2. RONALD HOFFMAN Bronze Key 3; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Debate 1,2,3; Intra-Murals 4. SALLY HOOVER Spring Musical 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2,3,4; Minor Music Award 4. KENNETH HOPPS Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 4; Latin Club 3; Track 1,3: WILLIAM HORK District Science Fair 2; Latin Club 1,2; Gymnastics 1; Swimming 2,3; Ten- nis 1. LEANNJORDANI Transferred from Austin H.S., Chicago, 4; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 4. BARBARA JVARSKY Ushers ' Chib 3. GERALD JVARSKY JEROLD KAHN S.S.O. Mo nitor 2, S.S.S.H. Chairman 3, Supervisor 4; Spanish Chib 3; " N " Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Major " N " 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Major " N " 3,4, Captain 4. JERROLD KAMENSKY IRA KANN Transferred from Roger Sullivan H.S., Chicago 4; S.S.M. 4. JOAN KARDOFF German Club, Secretary 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; G.A.A. 3. JEAN KARLESKY Girls ' Glee 1,2; G.A.A. 4. CHRISTOPHER KARLOS ' kMiM SUSAN KARSTEN Personal Service Monitor 4; French Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; G.A.A. 2,3. CAROLE KASPER S.S.M 4; Dlstria Science Fair 1; Arts Club 1,2,3; Future Nurses Club 4; G.A.A. 4. JOHN KATSOOLIAS LAWRENCE KATSOULIS Intermediate Band 2; Arts Club 4; French Club 4; Football 4, Frosh Shield 1; Gymnastics 1,2. DONNA KAUFMAN Homecoming Committee 4; S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Student Union Monitor 4; Spodighters 1; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; French Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1. ROBIN KAUFMAN Gold Key 4; Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; White Certificate 1; Red Certificate 2; Junior Cabinet 3; Sophomore Cabinet 2; Freshman Cabinet, Alternate 1; Homecoming Committee 4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Apotheosis 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 1; Arts Club 1,2; Publicity Chairman 2; West Word 2,3,4; Feature Editor 2; Spanish Club 1; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1. JEFFREY KAYWOOD RICHARD KAZELAK Radio- Electronics Club 3. SHEILA KAZMIERCZAK Future Nurses Club 3; Pins and Pans 2; Ushers ' Club 4. JOHN E. KEMNITZ JOSEPH KENNEDY Cabinet 3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Cadet Band 1; Marching Band 2,3,4; Con- cert Band 2,3,4, Band Letter 2,3,4; Arts Club 1; Biology 2; Football 1; Frosh Letter 1; Gymnastics 1; Manager 2,3; Minor " N 2; Major " N " 3; Intramural Basketoall 4, Football 3. BARRY KERMAN Silver Honor Key 3, Pin 2; Red Honor Certificate 1,2; Student Council Alternate 1; S.S.M 2,4; Student Union Monitor 4; S.S.S.H. Assistant Chair- man 3; West Word Correspondance Editor 4; Hl-Y 1; Swimming Team 1; Track Team 1; Frosh " N " 1. 129 NANCY KRISCHKE Pep Club 1,2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 3. KENNETH KRONE National Merit Letter ol Commendation 4; Silver Honor Key 3; Cabinet 1; S.S.M. 4; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 2,3; German Club 2,3;Arts Club 1,2; A.V.A: ' 1 ,2,3,4; Hi-Y 1; Manager Frosh Basketball 1; Manager Shield 1, DIANE KRUSE Transferred from Lake Worth H.S., Florida, 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Student Union Monitor 4; Redskins ' Revue 2; Choir 4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1, Pin 1. NINA KRYSKI Student Council 1; Cabinet 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 4; S.S.M 1,2,3,4; Student Union Monitor 4; Fall Play, Crew 1,2; Redskins ' Revue 3; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Arts Club 2; Foreign Language Club 1, 2; Pep Club 2,3. THOMAS KUMMER Arts Club 3,4; Electronics Club 3; Golf 4. GERALD KUTZA DANIEL LAMKA JUDITH LANDAUER Bronze Honor Key 3; Red Certificate 2; Vivace 4; Choir 4; Girls ' Glee 1,2,3; Silver Music Pin 3; Music Certificate 2; Future Nurses Association 3; Pins and Pans 3; Ushers ' Club 3. MARC LANE Unity Board 4; S.S.M 2,3; Spectrum, General Staff 3; Debate 1; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, President 4. CHERYL LANOFF Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; White Certificate 1 ; S.S.M 1,3,4; Personal Ser- vice Monitor 2; Arts Club 2; French Club 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1; Math Contest, Third Place 2. JACQUELINE LANTZ Student Council Alternate 2; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee 1,4; Pep Club 1; Usher ' s Club 4; G.A.A. 1,4. SUSAN LAPIN Transferred from South Shore High School, Chicago, 3; S. SO. 4; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4. ALLAN KITCHEN Spring Musical 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4, Silver Pin 3, Gold Pin 4; Boys ' Glee 1,2; Football 1; Track 1. GAIL KLAPMAN S.S.M 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Secretary 1; French Club 1; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 3. DIANE KLEIN Transferred from Mallmckrodt H.S., Wilmette, 2; S.S.M 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,4. GERALD KLEIN Silver Key 3; Gold Pin2;WhiteCertificatel; Cabinet 3; S.S.M 1,2; S.S.S.H. 3,4; Supervisor 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Science Club 1; Biology Club 2; Intramurals4. KAREN KLUEGEL Transferred from Kelvyn Park H.S., Chicago 3; Silver Key 3; Student Council Alternate 4; Future Nurses Club 4; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 3,4. KAREN KLUGE S.S.M 2,3. ROSEMARY KOHLER Student Council 4; District Science Fair 2; Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; G.A.A. 2. BARBARA KONTELAS Transferred from Luther North H.S., Chicago, 2; Girls ' Glee 2; Future Nurses Club 4; Ushers ' Club 4. LYNNKRAEMER Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Red Certificate 1; Personal Service Monitor 3; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Board 1,2,3, Vice President 4; Pin 1, Minor Letter 2; Major Letter 2; First State Award 3. " SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 GLENN LARSON Junior Varsity Baseball 3. LOUISE LARSON S.S.M. 2; S.S.S.H. Secretary 2; Girls ' Glee Club 1; Art Council 4; Ushers Club4;G.A.A. 1,4. MAUREEN LARSON Transferred from Regina Dominican H.S., Wilmette, III. 1; Fall Play 2,3,4; Spring Play 2,3,4; Thespians 4; Girls ' Glee 2; Art Council 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Scholastic Art Award 2. SHARON LARSON Bronze Key 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Cabinet 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3; Homecoming Crew 3; Student Union Board 4; Fall Play Crew 2; Redskins ' Revue 3; Loreleis 2; Vivace 3,4; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Choir Certificate 2; Choir Silver Pin 3; Arts Club 1; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 1. PHYLLIS LASKOV Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee 1; Spanish Club 1; Future Teachers of America 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. HOLLY LASSEN Personal Service Monitor 3,4. MONICA LAUER S.S.O. 2,3; French Club 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. MICHELE LAZAR Cabinet 1,2; S.S.M 2,3,4; Redskins ' Revue2,3; Loreleis 2; Vivace 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Cheerleaders 2,3. STEVEN LAZAR S.S.M 2,4. ANDREA LEV Fall Play Crew 1,2; Spring Musical 1,2; Spodighters 1,2; Arts Club 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Orchesis 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. JUDITH LEVATINO S.S.M 2,3. DAVID LEVEE Student Council 1; Swimming Team 1,4. AUDREY LEVIN Homecoming Crew 4; S.S.O. 4; Redskms ' Revue Crew 1; Spodighters 1; Spring Play Crew 1; Scholastic Art Award 3; Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 1. GAYLE LEVIN Student Council 1,2,4; Alternate 3; Cabinet 3; Homecoming Crew ' 4; S.S.O. 2,3; Plays 1,2,3,4; Thespians 3,4; Officer National Thespians4; Spotllghters 1; Band 1,2; Arts Club 1,2; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2. GERALD LEVIN Transferred from Austin H.S., Chicago 3; Sliver Pin 3; Honor Certificate 2; Student Government 1,2; Student Union Monitor 4; S.S.M 3; S.S.S.H. Supervisor 4; Library Assistant 1,2; German Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Swimming 1. NONA LEVIN Student Council 1,2,4; Alternate 4; Cabinet 3; Future Teachers of America 1; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; S.S.M 3; Spotllghters 1 ; Arts Club 1,2,3,4; Unguage Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3. BETTY LEVINE Homecoming Crew 3,4; Aqua Sprites 4; Leaders 4. MICHAEL LEVY Football, Minor " N " 3; Track 1. 131 GARY LEWIS lironze Honor Pin 2; Red Honor Certificate 1; Cabinet 1; S.S.O. 1,2,3,4; l tin Club 1,2; " N " Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2. DAVID LICHTENSTEIN Transferred from Mather H.S., Chicago, 3; Audio Visual Aids 1,2. JAMES LICHTENSTEIN I ' ransferred from .Mather U.S., Chicago, 3; NaUonal Merit Finalist; Audio isual .Aids 1,2; Concert Hand 2. DENNIS LIDBERG Al ()llic()su 1,2; Debate 1; Arts Club 1,2. JUDITH LOCHER Gold Pin 3; Silver Pin 2; Student Council 4; Spriiig Musical 3; Lorelei 1,2; Vivace 3,4; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Minor Choral Award 1; State Science Fair 2; Arts Club 4. RUTH LOEDING CAROLE LO GIURATO S.S.M 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2. MELYNDA LOPIN Silver Honor Key 3; White Honor Certificate 1,2; National Merit l ter of Commendation 4; Student Council Representative 2; Student Council Alternate 1,2; Unite Hoard 3; SS. I 3, S.S.S.H. Rater 3, S.S.S.H. Secre- tary 4; Guidance .Monitor 1,2; Fall Play Crew 2; Spring Play Crew 1; Redskins ' Revue Crew 2; Spotlighters 1,2; Spectrum, Academic Editor 4, General Staff 3; Wesl Word 1,2,3,4, Exchange Editor 3; Arts Club 1,2,4; Latin Club 2,3,4, President 3; Illinois State Latin Tournament 2,3, Winner 2; Latin Tutor 2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3. GARY LORENZ Student Council Alternate 2; S.S.O. 1; German Club 1; Science Club 1. JEFFERY LOWY S.S.O. 4; French Club 1; Baseball 2. DAVID McCARTY S.S.M. 1,2,3; S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; Student Union Monitor 4; German Club 2; Track 1. ARTHUR McLIN Student Council 1; S.S.M 2; S.S.O. 4; Wcsl Wiml 3,i; Spanish Club 2; Hi-Y 1,2; Swimming 1. MARDELL McMAHON Student Council Alternate 2; Spodighters 1; Drama Workshop 4; French Club 2; Future Nurses Association 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2,4. JANE McMURRAY Student Council 1,2, Alternate 3; Cabinet 3; Homec oming Committee 2,3,4; S.S.M 1,2,3,4; Student Union Monitor 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Crew 2; Spring Play Crew 2; Musical Crew 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3. ALEXIS MAGGED Cabinet Alternate 1; S.S.O. 1,2,4; French Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2. HARVEY MANDEL WresUing2. JOAN MANN G.A.A. 1. STELLA MANTALOS Cabinet 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4; S.S.O. 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Student Union Monitor 4; Homeroom President 2; Redskins ' Revue 2; Reflections Crew 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 1. JEFFERY MARKER S.S.M 1,2,3; Debate 1,2, Captain 1; Arts Club 1; Pep Club 4; Basketball 4; Wresding 2. JILLMARKIN S.S.M 1,2; Student Receptionist 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Student Union Monitor 4; Redskins ' RevueCrew3;SpringPlay Crew 2; Spodighters 1; Arts Club 2; French Club 1; Pep Club, Sargeant-at-Arms 3; G.A.A. 1,3. PATRICIA MARLING G.A.A. 1,2,3. iiJI4il4il JOSEPH MARO S.S.M. 2; French Club 4; Hi-Y 3,4. RICHARD MARTINEZ Gold Honor I ' in 3; Ked Honor Certificate 2; Chess Club 1,3. LINDA MASTERS Cabinet l,2;S.S.O. 3. JOYCE MASTON Cabinet 1; S.S.M. 2; German Club 1,2; Pep Club 2. RENEE MASTON Student Council Alternate 1; S.S.S.H. Secretary 3; Pep Club 2. DOROTHY MATTER Silver Pin 3; Honor Certificate 1,2; Cabinet 3; Musical 3; Lorelei 1,2; Vivace 3,4; Certificate in Music 1; Silver Pin 2; Gold Pin 3; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2, G.A.A. Board 2. ARLEEN MAYER Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; G.A.A. 4. MORLEY MENDELSON Transferred from University H.S., Los Angeles, Calif. 2. LAWRENCE MILLER Cabinet Alternate 1,2; S.S.O. 2,3,4; S.S.M 2,3,4; French Club 2,3; Intra- murals 3,4; " N " Club 3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4, Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3,4, Captain 4; Track 1,2,3,4, Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3,4. JOHN MINX Hi-Y 2; " N " Club 3,4; Football 3,4, Major " N " 3,4. SHERLE MORGAN JEAN MOSS Cabinet 3, Alternate 2; S.S.O. 2,4; Fall Play 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Thes- pians 4; Spotlighters 1,2; Girls ' Glee 1; Spanish Club 2. PHILIP MOSS Musical 2,3; Choir 3,4; Boys ' Glee 1,2; Silver Pin in Music 3. JACQUELINE MORAVCIK G.A.A. 3,4. CHARLENE MUELLER Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 2,3,4, Alternatel,Treasurer4; Student Union Board 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Spring Musical Crew 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Music Certiflcate2; Silver Pin in Music 3; Science Fair 2, Third Place 3, First Place; District Science Fair 3, Second Place; Arts Club 1; Future Nurses Association 1,2; Pep Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3. JAMES MURPHY Student Council 1; Homecoming Crew 3,4; Audio Visual Aids 4. DONNA MURRAY Transferred from Kelvyn Park H.S., Chicago, 4; Latin Club 4; G.A.A. 4. STUART MUSIK ANT French Club 4. HARVEY MUSLIN S.S.M 3; Football 1; Wrestling 3, Minor " N " 3. DAVID L. NELSON Silver Key; White Honor Certificate 1,2, Silver Pin 2; Homecoming Com- mittee 4; Parade Chairman 4; Unity hoard 4; Student Union Board 4; Publicity Chairman 4; West Word 2,3,4, Sports Editor 3,4, Editor-in-Chiel 4; State District Science Fair 1; 2nd Place Award 1; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural Football 2; Bowling Team 2; Captain 2; Intramural Basketball 4; Football 1; Frosh " N " ; Swimming 1; Frosh " N " ; Golf 1; Minor " N " l. NANCY NELSON S.S.M 2; Girls ' Glee 1; Pins and Pans 2; Ushers ' Club 4. 133 BONNIE OLSHER Bronze Pin 3; Silver Honor Pin 2; Red Certificate 1; White Certificate 2; Student Council 1; S.S.O. Receptionist 2; S.S.M. U; S.S.S.H. 3,4; Home- room Secretary 2; Vice President 1; Homecoming Publicity 4; Dislria Science Fair 2; First Place 2; State Science Fair 2; Outstanding Award 2; French Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2. LAWRENCE OLSON RICHARD ORLOFF Student Council Alternate 2,3; Cabinet 1,4; Alternate 1; Redskins ' Revue 3; Spectrum, Senior Stall 4; S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; Band 1,2,3; Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 3; Band Letter 3; Foreign Unguage Club 1,2; Hi-Y 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 3; " N " Club 4. ARLENE ORLOVE Student Council 3; Cabinet 1,2,4; Homecoming Court Attendant 3; Home- coming Director 2; Assistant Director of Homecoming 3; Chairman of Twilight Pep Rally 4; S.S.O. 1,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Student Union Board, Vice President 4; Redskins ' Review 3; Publicity Chairman 1; Spotlighters 1; West Word 2; Arts Club Board 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3. PAUL ORSER S.S.S.H. Asst. Chairman 4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3. RONALD ORJECHOWSKI Transferred from Notre Dame, 4. RUTH OSLUND Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 3,4; Minor Award 3. DIANNE PAHNKE Future Nurses Club 3; Trl-Jli-V 2; Secretary 2; Ushers ' Club 4. MELODYE PANCHESIN Cabinet 1; S.S.M. 4; Homeroom Officer 1,2; Secretary 1; Vice President 2; Soodighters 2; Art Council 2,3,4; Arts Club 1,2; French Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1. RALPH PAQ,UET S.S.M. 3. ROBERT PASTORELLI Spring Play Crew 2; A.V.A. 1,2,3,4. ROGER PATEK SUSAN NIXON National Honor Society 3,4; Red Honor Certificate 2; Student Council 2,3,4, Recording Secretary 4; Apotheosis 3,4, Treasurer 4; Girls ' Glee 1,2, Student Accompanist 1, Student Conductor 2; Choir 3,4; Musical 3; Vivace 2,3,4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; Spanish Club l,2;Spodightersl,2. KAREN LEE NORD S.S.M 2; Personal Service Monitor 3; Future Nurses ' Club 2,3; Pins and Pans 2; President 2; Ushers ' Club 4. RICHARD NOTT Band 1,2,3,4. EILEEN NOVITT S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Minor Music Award 2; Future Nurses ' Club 3; Pep Club 1; Spotlighters 2; G.A.A. 1,2. CLAUDIA NOVOTNY Future Nurses ' Club 3. MICHAEL NUDELM AN Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Orchestra 4. MICHAEL OLENICK Pep Club 3; Intramurals 4. NILI OLIVE Girls ' Glee 1,2; Spodlghters 1,2; French Club 4; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 3. WILLIAM OLIVER Cabiriet 1,2; Alt. 1,2; Big Brother 2; Student Union Monitor 4; Interim Music Festival 3,4; Orchestra 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Hi-Y 3; President 3; Major " N " 3,4; " N " Club 3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1. f e 4ife fe 134 SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 ROSEMARY PATEK KAY PATTERSON Cabinet 2,3; Big Sister 2; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Student Union Monitor 4; Prom Committee 3; Future Nurses Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Ushers ' Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3. GARY PAULSEN BARBARA PAUS Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Future Nurses Club 3; Ushers ' Club 3,4; Vice President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2. KENNETH PEARSON ALANA PENNER S.S.M. 3,4; Fall Play Crew 3; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Minor Choral Award 2; Distria Science Fair 3; Latin Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Ushers ' Club 3,4; Treasurer-Sgt. at Arms 4; G.A.A. 3. M irii MARILYN PERLOVE Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago 3. SHELDON JAMES PERLOW Student Council 1,2; ExecuUve Board 4; S.S.S.H. 3; S.S.M 1,4; Head Supervisor 4; Cafe Monitor 2,3; Football 1; Frosh Shield; Basketball 1; Frosh Shield; Wrestling 2; Track 1,2; Minor " N " 1. JOSEPH PERLSTEIN Transferred from Senn H.S. 3; First Aid Assistant 2; Arts Club 2; German Club 3,4. THOMAS PERRI S.S.O. 3; Spring Musical 1,2,3; Major Role 2,3; Boys ' Glee p,2; Minor Music Award 2; Choir 3; Silver Pin 3; Football 1,2,3; Minor " N " 2; Major " N ' ' 3; Baseball 1,2; Frosh Shield 1; " N " Club 3. BRUCE PERRIN MAUREEN PESKIND S.S.M 2; Personal Service Monitor 4; Girls ' Glee 1; Art Council 3; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1. CAROLYN PHELAN German Club 2; G.A.A. 1,4. NIEL PHILLIPS Student Council Representative 1,2,3; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,3; Science Fair 1; District Science Fair 1; State Science Fair 1; First Place; French Club 4; Latin Club 2,3; Swimming 3,4; Manager 3,4. JANICE PIETRZAK Personal Service Monitor 2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1. JOSEPH PITZER S.S.M 3; Cafe. Monitor 2,4; Latin Club 2,3; Football 2,4; Wrestling 3,4; Major " N " 3,4; " N " Club 3,4. RALPH PIWKO Student Council Representative 1,2; Hl-Y 2; Gymnastics 1; Track 1. PAMELA PLISKIN 135 ALYSE PLOTNICK S.S.O. 3,4; Homeroom Secretary 1; Language Club 1,2; Arts Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; G.A. A. 1. MERLE POLLACK S.S.M. 2; Homecoming Crew 3; Wesl Word 2; Art Council; Arts Club 3; Future Teachers of America 1; G.A. A. 1,4. BRUCE PORTER Bronze Key 3; Red Honor Certificate 1,2; Student Council 3; Treasurer 3; Cabinet 1,2; Alternate 1; Big Brother 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Treasurer 3; S.S.M. 1,2,3,4; Student Union Monitor 4; Indian Mascot 3; Interim League Conference 3. STEN ' EN POTKIN KENNETH POTRUE S.S. O. 4. DONALD RAAB National Honor Society 3,4; Honor Certificate 1; Silver Pin 3; Cabinet 4 Big Brother 2; Executive Board 4; Chairman 4; Unity Board 4; S.S.M 1 Personal Service Monitor 2; Student Union Monitor 4; Science Seminar 1,2 District Science Fair 1,2; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 2,3,4; Gym- nastics 1; Shield 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 2,3,4; Captain 4; " N " Club 2,3,4; Attorney General of Illinois Boy ' s State 2; National Merit Scholar- ship Letter 4. ALLEN RALSKY Hi-Yl. JOHN REESE S.S.O. 3,4; Football 1; Shield 1; Gymnastics 1; Track 1; Frosh Shield 1. KAREN REINHARD Spectrum Senior Staff 4; Science Fair 3; First Place Award 3; Girls ' Glee 1; Art Council 4; Future Nurses Club 1,2; President 2. 136 DENNIS REMKE Transferred from Notre Dame H.S.; S.S.M 4. ROBERTA RICHTER Cabinet Alternate 1,2; S.S.M 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 2,4; Home- coming Crew 2; Play Crew 2; Spotlighters 2; Science Fair 2; German Club 3; Spanish Club 4; Biology Club 2; Future Nurses Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Aqua-sprites 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " . ROBERT RIEHM Football 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 1; Basketball 2; Track 3. SUSAN RITCHEY Cabinet 1,2; Secretary 2; Spring Musical 3; Spring Musical Crew 2; Vivace 1,2; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Future Teachers of America 1,2; Pep Club 1,2. MARTIN ROACH Intramural Basketball 4; Weighdifting Club 3; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 1,2; Major " N " 3,4. LINDA ROBERTS Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; White Certificate 2; Red Certificate 1; Unity Board 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Spectrum Senior Stalf 4; Social Studies Seminar 4; Latin Club 1,2; Future Teachers of America 1; Ushers ' Club 3,4; President 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Board 4. GENE ROCCA Cabinet 1,2,3; Sargeant-at-Arms 2,3; S.S.M. 1; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; S.S.S.H. Chairman 4. JANICE ROMAN Bronze Key 3; Student Council Representative 1,2; S.S.M 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1; Wesl Word 4; Apotheosis 2,3,4; Secretary 3, President 2; Arts Club 1,2, 3,4; President 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Secretary 3. FRED ROSEN S.S.M 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Vice President 3; President 2; Chess Team 1,2,3,4. JUDITH ROSENGARD Cabinet Alternate 2; Homecoming Crew 3; Spectrum Senior Staff; Home- room President 1; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Fall Play Crew 1,2,3; Chairman 1,2; General Manager 4; Student Director 3; Spring Play Crew 1,2,3; Chairman 1,2; Student Director 3; Redskins ' Revue Crew 1,2,3; Chairman 2,3; Assistant Director 4; National Thespian Society 2,3,4; President 3; Future Nurses Club 1; Future Teachers of America 2,3; Unity Board 3,4; Pep Club 1. LAWRENCE ROSS S.S.M 2; Fall Play 4; Spring Musical 3; Choir 4; Boys ' Glee 3; Barber- shoppers 3. DENNIS ROSSI Football 1,2,3,4; Shield 1; Minor " N " 2; Major ' N " 3,4; Wrestling 4; Base- ball 1,2,3; Shield 1; Minor ' ' N " 2; Major " N " 3; " N " Club 3,4. WAYNE RUDERMAN S.S.O. 4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Track 1; " N " Club. DALE RUST S.S.O. Supervisor 4; Cadet ' Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Football U2,3,4; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3,4; Wrestling 1; Track 1; " N " Club 3,4. ROBERT DONALD RUYLE Orchestra 3,4; Intermediate Baud 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Dance Band 3; Drum Major 4; Spanish Club 1. SHARON SAGER Silver Key 3; Red Certificate 1; Silver Pin and Certificate 2; Student Council 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; West Word 2,3; News Editor 2; Girls ' Glee 1; Arts Club 2; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 3. GILBERT SAMSON Student Council Alternate 1; S.S.M. 3,4; Boys ' Glee 2; Latin Club 1,2. LAWRENCE SANDERS Transferred from Deerfield H.S., Deerfield 4. DAVID SANDSTEDT S.S.M. 3; A.V.A. 1,2,3,4. ALAN SCHEUFLER Gold Pin 4; Silver Pin 3; Senior Cabinet 4; Freshman Cabinet Alternate 1; Student Union Monitor 4; Spring Musicale 3; Choir 3,4; Boys Glee 1,2; Baseball 2,3,4, Minor " N " 3. UNDASCHMID Redskins ' Revue 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Gleel,2;Pep Club 3; Ushers ' Club 3,4. V fTa ROBERT SCHMIDT Student Union Monitor 4; S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; German club 1,2; Hi-Y 3, 4; A.V.A. 1,2,3,4, Football 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Major " N " 3,4; Baseball 2,3; Minor " N " 3; " N " Club 3,4. ROSEANN SCHMIDT S.S.S.H. Secretary 3,4; S.S.M. 4. THOMAS SCHMIDT Spring Play 2; A.V.A. 1,2,3,4; Football 1. GAIL SCHNEIDER Cabinet 3, Alternate 2, Big Sister 2; Homecoming Committee 3,4, Chairman 4; S.S.M. 2,4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Wesl Word 2,3,i, Feature Editor 4; Arts Club 1; G.A.A. 1. MARILYN SCHNEIDER Pins and Pans 2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,3,4. SHERISCHULMAN Art Council 2,3,4; Ushers ' Club 4; A.V.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. MARGARET SCHULTE Red Certificate 2; Cabinet 2; Homecoming Committee 4; S.S.M 2,4; Redskins ' Revue Crew 1; Spotlighters 1,2; Art Council 2,3,4; Secretary 4. JOHN SCHULZ S.S.M 2; S.S.O. 3; Football 1. STEVEN SCHWARTZ S.S.O. 1,2,3,4; Spectrum Senior Staff 4; French Club 1,2; Intramurals 4; Football 1; Baseball 1,3; Frosh Shield 1. GEORGE SCOTT STEVEN SEARS Cabinet I; Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3; German Club 2,3; SSM 4; Track Minor " N " 3. WILLIAM SEIB EL 137 STEPHEN SHER S.S.M 2,4; Fall Play; German Club 1; Biology Club 3; Philosophy Club 3; Intramurals 1; Baseball 2; Shield 2. BRUCE SHUSTER Cabinet Alternate 1, Big Brother 2; Choir 2; Wrestling 2. DANIEL SIDEMAN Bronze Key 3; S.S.O. Executive Board 4; Head Supervisor of S.S.S.H. 4; S.S.M. 2,3; S.S.S.H. Chairman 3; Student Union Board Monitor 4; Intra- murals 4. CHARLES SIEGEL Transferred from South Shore H.S., Chicago 4. BETTY SIELSKI Redskins ' Revue 3; Concert Band 3; Pep Club 3; Ushers ' Club 3; G.A.A. 1,2,4. ELLIOT SILBER Bronze Key 3; Red Certificate 2; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Baseball 3. ROBERT SILVERSTEIN Cabinet 1,2,3, Treasurer 1, Vice President 3, Big Brother 2,3; S.S.S.H. Assistant Chairman 3; S.S.M Supervisor 4; S.S.M 1,2; Personal Service Monitor i;2; Homeroom Vice President 1,2; Arts Club p,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Intramurals 3,4; Track 1,3, Shield 1. NANCY SILZER S.S.S.H. SecretEiry 4; Foreign Language Club 1; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Pep Club 3; Ushers ' Club 3; G.A.A. 4. JAMES SITMAN Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3; " N " Club 3,4. SANDRA SKRZYMOWSKI Latin Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2. RICHARD SMEVOLD Cabinet 1,2; S.S.M 2,4; Tennis 2,3, Minor " N " 3. DANIEL SMITH Cabinet 1, Big Brother 2; S.S.M 3,4; Fall Play, Student Director 4; Spring Play 3; National Thespian Society 3,4; Spectrum, Sports Editor 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Swimming 1,2. GARY SEIDEN ROBERTA SEIDMAN S.S.M 4; Spring Musical 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1; Vivace 4; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Music Certificate 2,3; Silver Music Pin4; French Club 1; Pep Club 1; Future Teachers of America 1; G.A.A. 1,3,4. DIANE SELIGMAN Student Council 4; Homecoming Committee 4; S.S.M 3; S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Fall Play 2,3,3, Crew 2,3, Chairman 3; Spring Play 1,2,3, Crew 1; Redskins ' Revue 1,2,3, Crew 1,2; National Thespian Society 2,3,4, Program Chairman 3, Secretary 4; Spotlighters 1,2; Girls ' Glee 2; Foreign Language Club 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. WAYNE SEMMERUNG Transferred from Notre Dame High School, Niles 1; Pep Club 3; A.V.A. 2,4; Radio-Electronics Club 3; Hi-Y 2; Cross-Country 3,4; Major " N " 3,4; Basketball 3, Minor " N " 3; " N " Club 3,4. DAVID SENN Cross-Country 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Frosh Shield 1, Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3; " N " Club 3,4. JEFFERY S HANIN Student Council Representative 2; S.S.O. 4; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Audio Visual Aids 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Baseoall 1, Frosh Shield. LAWRENCE SHAPIRO West Word A; Spanish Club 1; Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2,4. VICKI SHEDD Transferred from Hillcrest H.S., Dallas, Texas, 4. LAUREN SHEPARD Red Certificate 1; S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Spotlighters 1,2; West Word A News Editor 4; Apotheosis 1; Arts Club 1,2; Pep Club 1. t38 SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 DORENESOHR Bronze Key 3; White Certificate 1; S.S.M. 3; Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. SANDRA SONNE Personal Service Monitor 2; Redskins ' Revue 3; Ushers ' Club 4; Orchesis 1; Majorettes 2,3. OLIVIA SORINSKY Transferred from Von Steuben 4; S.S.M 4; Arts Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Future Teachers of America 4; Future Nurses Club 4; G.A.A. 4. ROBERT SOROKIN S.S.M 2,3,4. PHILIP SOSNOWSKI Unity Board 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; President 3,4; Track 1. EDWARD SOTELLO S.S.O. 4; Beginners ' Band Intermediate Band 2; District Science Fair 2; Latin Club 3; General Science Club 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Minor " N " 1,2, Major " N " 3,4. GARY SPIES S.S.M 2,3; Student Union Monitor 4; Fall Play 4; Beginning Band 1; Science Fair 2. STEVEN SPILBERG Student Council 3; Football 4; Cross Country 1,2,3, Major " N " 3; Basket- ball 1; " N " Club 3. GERALD STAERK JOYCE STARR Student Council Alternate 3; Cabinet 1,2; Homecoming Committee 4; Crew 2; S.S.M 3,4; Spollighters 1,2; Arts Club 1,2; French Club 1,2. MARLENE STEIN Cabinet 1, Big Sister 2; Homecoming Crew 2,4; S.S.M. 2,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Homeroom Secretary 2; Arts Club 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. RICHARD STEIN National Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Yale Book Award Silver Key 3; White Certificate 1,2; Gold Pin 2; S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; Spollighters 2; Academic Team, Captain 4; Science Seminar 2; Distrirt Science Fair, First Place 1,2; Math. Club 3,4; PhilosopFiy Club 2, Vice President 2. CARLYNN STELLAR S.S.M 3,4; Arts Club 2; Pep Club2; Future Nurses Club 4; Future Teachers of America 1;G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. JUDITH STEVENS S.S.M. 2; Spotlighters 1; Art Council 1,2, Secretary 1, President 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. DOREEN STOCKER MAURICE STROM CAROL SULLIVAN S.S.O. 3,4; Spectrum, Senior Stafr4; Beginning Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Pep Club 3; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Synchronized Swimming 4. GLENN SULSER S.S.M 1; Latin Club 1,2,3; Wrestling Manager 4; Major " N " 4. 139 140 CHARLOTTE TINKKR Student Council 1,2; Cabinet 3,4; S.S.M. 3,4; Latiii Club 1,2; G.A.A. 4. RICHARD TOKESHI Transferred from Lane Technical H.S., Chicago 2; Bronze Key 3; Inlra- murals 4; Baseball 3,4, Minor " N " 3. TERYLE TOROSIC S.S.M 3; .9 ;c : ™w, Senior Slaff4; Latin Club2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 1,4. JAMES TOVELL Hi-Y 1; Baseball 2, Shield 2. ROSANNE TRILLING Cabinet 1.2,3; Homecoming Committee 3; S.S.S.H. Secretary 3; Student Union Monitor 4; Fall Plav Crew 1; Redskins ' Revue 3, Crew 2; Arts Club 2; French Club 1; G.A.A. 2. ' SUSAN TROWBRIDGE National Honor Society 3,4; Silver Key 3; White Certificate 1,2; Gold Pin 2; Student Council 2; Homecoming Committee 3,4, Program Artist 3,4, Program Chairman 4; Unity Board 3,4, Secretary 4; S.S.M 1,2; Homeroom Secretary 1,2,3,4; Spectrum, Cover Artist3; l )oMeoiis2,3,4, Publicity Chair- man 2; Illustrator 2,4, President 3,4; Creative Writing Award 3; Vivace 2,3,4, Choral Certificate 2, Silver Choral Pin 3; Gold Choral Pin 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Arts Club 2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2, Board 2, l iblicity Chairman 2, Sports Manager 2, Minor Letter 1, Major Letter 2; Regional Tournament Committee 3. NANCY TUCKER S.S.S.H. Secretary 3; S.S.O. Executive Board 3; S.S.M 2; Student Union Board 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Spectrum, Senior Staff 4; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Arts Club 2; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 1. STEPHEN TURPAK Bronze Key 3; Red Certificate l;S.S.M2;Russian Club 2,3; A.V.A. 1 ,3,4- FRANCINEUDITSKY National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key; Red Certificate 2; S.S.M 2,3; Fall Play 3,4, Crew 2; Spring Play 2, Crew 1,3; Redskins ' Revue 2,3, Crew 1; National Thespian Society 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4; SpodighterS 1; Spring Musicale 3; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Silver Choral Pin 2; Gold Choral Pin 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1. GILBERT UNATIN Student Council Alternate 1; S.S.M 3, Service Award 3; S.S.S.H. Chairman 4; Spanish Club 2; Chess Club 4; Tennis 1, Shield 1; Wrestling 2. JENNIFER UNDERWOOD Silver Key 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Red Certificate 2; Apotheosis 1,2,3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Arts Club 1,2,3,4, President 2, Mem- bership Chairman 3, Historian 4; l tin Club 4. PENNY VARNEY Natioiial Honor Society 3,4; Silver Pin 3; Apotheosis 2,3,4; Arts Club 1,2,3,4. CllAIU.F.NESWIDEK Pep Club 2,3,4. YOLANDA SZWAJGER Spotlighters 2; Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 3,4; German Club 3,4; Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 4. CLAIRE TABEL Cabinet 3; S.S.M 2,3,4; Student Union Monitor 4; Homeroom Secretary 1; Redskins ' Revue 3, Crew 1,2; Spring Musicale Crew 1,2; Girls ' Glee 3; Choir 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. RONALD TASH Bronze Key 3; Student Council 1,2,3, Vice President 1, President 2; Parlia- mentarian 3, Interim League E.xecutive Board 1,2,3; Big Brother 2; Home- coming Crew 4; S.S.M 2; S.S.S.H. Supervisor 4; Personal Service Monitor 1, Captain 2,3,4; Hi-Y 1,2; Vice President 2; Imramurals 4; Gym Leaders 2; Swimming 1. DIANNE TAYLOR Cabinet 2, Alternate 1, Big Sister 2; Student Union Board 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Vivace 2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Silver Pin 2, Gold Pin 3, Student Conductor 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Board 2, Minor Award 2. LAUREN TAYLOR Bronze Key 3; Red Certificate 2; Student Council 3; Cabinet 4; Home- coming Committee, Chairman Pre-Game Ceremony 4; Crew 3, Court 4; S.S.S.H. Secretary 4; Vivace 2,3,4, Silver Choral Pin 2, Gold Pin 3; Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Student Conductor 2; French Club 3, Secretary 3; Pep Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1,3. JANET TERP Bronze Key 3; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Redskins ' Revue 3; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Pm 1, Minor Letter 2, Major Letter 2, First State 3. jf:ffrey tieger Bronze Key 3; White Certificate 2; Red Certificate 1; Silver Prin 2; Span- ish Club 2,3. WILLIAM TIMMER National Honor Society 4; Silver Key 3; Red Certificate 2; Cabinet 2; Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; .Marching Band 2,3,4, I ter 3; Con- cert Band 3,4, President 4. STARR VAVRINEK Transferred from Carl Schiirz H.S., Chicago 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; S.S.O. 4; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 4. BARBARA VINCENT Spring Musicale 2; Girls ' Glee 2; Future Nurses Club 1,2,3; French C:lub 2,3; Ushers ' Club 4; Pep Club 3: Music Certificate 2; G.A.A. 1. ROBERT VOLL.MER Band 1,2; Science Fair, Second Place 2; District Science Fair, Second Place 1; Arts Club 4; Gymnastics 1,2; Track 1. JOHN VOU ' S.S.O., chairman of Assistant Supervisors 4; Foreign Language Club 2; Swiinming Team 3,4. STEVEN VRABLIK SUSAN VRANEY National Honor Society 3,4; Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; White Certificate 1; Cabinet 1,2,3, 4, Alternate 1; Student Union Board 4; S.S.O. Receptionist 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Redskins ' Revue 3; Science Fair, Second Place 1; Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; Cheerleader 3,4, Co-Captain 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Minor Letter 2, Board 1,2. ROBIN WAGNER Student Council 1,2; Cabinet 3,4, Vice President 4, Big Sister 3; Unity Board 3,4; S.S.M 2,3, Receptionist 4; S.S.S.H. Secretary 3; Personal Ser- vice Monitor 2; Student Union Board 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Science Fair, First Place 2; District Science Fair, Third Place 2; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; G.A.A. 1,3; Cheerleaders 2,3,4. WILLL M WAGNER JUDITH WALLACE Transferred from Our Lady of Good Counsel H.S.; Spanish Club 3; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 4. PAMELA WALSH Transferred from Good Council H.S. 2; Library Monitor 4; Spotlighters 2; Spanish Club 3; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 5. JOHN WALTER DIANE WASSERMAN Student Council, Alternate 2; S.S.M 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Stu- dent Union Board 4; Girls ' Glee 1; Spanish Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. WILLIAM WEHRMACHER Spec rum, Senior Staff4;Band 1; Latm Club 1,2,3; Radio-Electronics Club 2. HAROLD WEIBEL Bronze Key 2; Red Certificate 2; Cade Band 1; Debate learn 2; Track 1,2,4, .Minor " N " 2. SHERMAN WEINBERG S.S.O. 3; Chess Club 4; Golf 3. MICHAEL WEINLEIN Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Manager Shield 1, Minor " N " 2, Major " N " 3. LEE WEINSTEIN Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago 2; S.S.M 2. [ANE WELLS Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2,3; G.A.A. 3,4, Minor I ter 3, Pin 3, Board 3,4; Aquasprites 4, Pep Club 1,2. JOAN WELLS Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Girls ' Glee 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Ushers ' Club 4; G.A.A. 3,4, Pill 3. JOYWERMUND Transferred from Central Y.ALC.A. H.S., 2; Homeroom Secretary 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Spring Play Grew 2; Fall Play 2; Redskins ' Revue Crew 3; Spring .Musiccil 1,2,3; .Music Certificate 3; Pep Club 3,4. JOANNE WHEELER National Honor Society 3,4; Silver Key 3, Silver Prin 2; White Certificate 1,2; Unity Board .4; Student Union Board. Secretary 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Redskins ' Revue 3; Vivace 3,4, President 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Letter 1, Silver Pin 2, Gold Pin 3, Concert Mistress 3,4; Science Fair 1; Spanish Club 3; Pep Club 3; Steering Goup 3; Synchronized Swim Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board 2, Pui 1, Minor Letter 2, Major Letter 3, First State Award 3. 141 ■«« f:m. U, i«. ' i MICHAEL WORTM AN Silver Pin 3; Science Seminar 2,3,4; Track, Minor " N " 3. THOMAS YACTOR Personal Service Monitor 3. LORRAINE YEEND Personal Service Monitor 1,2,4; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3. DWIGHT YOSHIOKA Student Council, Alternate 2; Cabinet Secretary 4; S.S.O. 2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3, President 2, Vice President 3. LINDA YOUNG S.S.O. 4; Personal Service Monitor 1, Arts Club 1,2; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2. WILLIAM ZAGER Silver Key 3; Litermediate Band 1; Concert Orchestra 3; Concert Band 2,3; Marching Band 2,3; Band Letter 2; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Minor " N " 2; Major " N " 3,4; " N " Club 3,4. CLARICE ZAPAS Transferred from Steiiinietz H.S., Chicago 3. EDWARD ZASTROW S.S.O. 4; Football 3,4; Cross Country 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Golf 2,3,4; " N " Club 3,4. WALTER ZAVILLA S.S.M 4; Band 3; French Club 1; Weight-Lifting Club 4; Football 2; Track 3,4. THERESA ZIMKA Red CerHficate 1; G.A.A. 1. BRUCE ZOLOTT S.S.M 2,3; Personal Service Monitor 2; French Club 1. EVELYN ZUKERM AN Cabinet 1,2, Big Sister 2; Homecoming Crew 4; S.S.S.H. Secretary 3,4; Science Fair, Second Place 2; Spollighters 1; Orchesis 4; Spanish Club 2,4; Ushers ' Club 4. PAMELA WHITE Spotlighters 1,2. JAMES WICKER ROBERT WIDERQ,UIST Swimming 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Tennis 1; Weight Lifting Club 2,3,4. THOMAS WILSON S.S.O. 4; A.V.A. 4; Intramurals 3. ROBIN WINE Student Council 2,3; SSSH Secretary 4; SS.M 4; Twilight Pep Rally Com- mittee 4; Future Nurses Association 1; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. ALLAN WITZEL Unity Board 3; Redskins ' Revue 2; Fall Play 2,3, Assistant Director 3; Spring Play 1,2,3; National Thespian Society 2,3,4; Spotlighters 1 ,3, President 3; Arts Club 1,2; Orchesis 4. JOHN WOJAKOWSKI Litermediate Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3, Minor " N " 3. RONALD WOJTAS S.S.M 2. MAUREEN WOLF National Honor Society 3,4; Silver Key 3; Silver Pin 2; White Honor Certificate 1, Red Honor Certificate 2; Student Council 1,2,3,4, Secretary Vice President 3, President 4, Service Pins 1,2,3; Interim League Secretary- Treasurer 4; Homecoming Crew 4; Co-Director; S.S. O. 3; Spotlighters 1; Spectrum 2; West H ' orrfChief of Staff 3,4; IpoMeoiis 3,4; Arts Club 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1; D.A.R. Citizenship Award 4. pps IHK SH % i ■ ■ ■ ' ' ■•i ' fl ■ i • ■ A 1 . ■A A ' ■ ra-Tfa m- UNDERCLASSMEN FIRST ROW: A. Freed, B. Abbot, A Mau (Treasurer), J. Peters (Vice-President), T. Forsberg (President), C. Long (Secretary), J. Pisano (Sargent-at-Arms), M Sass, L. Goebelt. SKCOND ROW: F. GarfiHd, P. Schulman, G. Freedman, S. Lee, D. Zenner, J. Brandt, U. Hill, J. llerbst, N. Tani, J. Prim, C. Werner, R. Zager, A. Karlin, J. New- mark, M Spiegel, Mrs. Panos (Sponsor). JUNIORS The Junior year is the transitional period when students prepare themselves for senior responsibilities. Positions on S.S.O. are now available. Organization of the Prom is undertaken by Junior Cabinet, and fund raising events are planned. In expectation of next year, the Junior begins to acquire leadership in school activities from the departing Seniors. MR. C. P. ANDERSON LAST ROW: G. Laff, W. Berg, S. McConaughy, V. Hohs, W. Wisniewski, S. Rubin, F. Hilde- brand. FOURTH ROW: D.Corn,M.VVestphal, J. Futransky, J. Struck, B. Worth, S. Thorn- ton. THIRD ROW: C. Daniels, M. Parker, L. Freedberg, S. Kuklin, J. Lerner. SECOND ROW: M. Karlin, J. Ford, L. Denley, D. Dell, R. Breekha, L Neubarth. FIRST ROW: N. Novak, V. Nelson, E. Supanc, B. Batschauer, F. Root, J. Brandt. MR. BOEVERS lAST ROW: G. Matayka, T. Hanlon, J. Haroldson, S. Levin, S. Mermel, G. Masten, J. Klemmer. FOURTH ROW: D. LeFevre, K. Wiig, J. Kmety, R. Henning, W. Johnson, NL Mazz. THIRD ROW: B. Jones, J. Kliphardt, K. Gray, G. Rebbe, M Sass, K. Hanson, P. Myers. SFXOND ROW: M. Deww, M Berndt, M Reading, D. Weil, L. Uanick. FIRST ROW: M Bramson, M Siegel, S. Krieter, A. Jones, J. Koznairski, R. Berkover. MISS BULT UST ROW: D. Alex, M Sims, S. HirschUck, R. Ledyard, E. Bruksch, G. Schweig. THIRD ROW: K, Quinn, G. Waddell, J. Cohen, J, Xutschnig, R. Steilz, J. Cierny5 ; ' Cft ' Z) ?0n:- L. Ricci, E. Sklar, X. Griffiths, D. Goldstein, S. Wright, R. Pepper, A. Silverstein. FIRST ROW: C. Chepulis, P. Cinman, A. Freed, J. Duren, B. Culberg, J. DeLove, L. . kerly. MR. CAJET FIRST ROW: G. Urelius, S. Saranecki, VV. Hunter, I. Kravitz, L. Bennett, M Blustein SECOjXD ROW: R. Kitsos, C. Kirk, M Keno M Davis, P. Forgan, P. Malone, S. Rugen dorf, B. Cowan. THIRD ROW:]. Goldenberg D. Greenberg, K. Mitz, T. Thimios,D.Gorski L. Sandler. LAST ROW: B. Binkoff, R. Tesch ky, H. Hawley, T. Hansen, B. Cohen, J Urbanus, J. Packer. MR. FABRI FIRST ROW: B. Kramarczyk, . L Kriete, A. Feldman, F. Beletz, D. Paul, S. DeCorrevont. SECOND ROW: L Layne, M. Berk, K. Shellist, j. Stojie, . l. Ztnitl, H. Slrickttt. C. U)we, K. Nelson. THIRD ROW: H. Shapiro, R. Swartz, R. Lain, J. Kwasniak, P. Esposito, C. Berko- witz, R. Fimoff. LAST ROW: S. Maselli, H. Beck, M Hansen, W. Wolnik, R. Heun, S. Elias, J. Miguel, A. Schwartz. MISS FEICHTNER LAST ROW:]. Rodman, R. Mueller, R. Zaitlen, J. W. Johnson, J. Ditkowsky, M. Kozloff, R. Olson. THIRD ROW: W. Wood, S. Goldner, J. Ritter, R. Overbeck, R. Weinberg, M Graf- man. SECOND ROW R. Usser, P. Marks, L. Duda, M Blank, B. Arpan, N. Betts,J. New- mark. FIRST ROW: L Singer, L. Landerholm, L. Lee, S. Hoheisel, E. Brocolino. MR. FOX lAST ROW: G. Carniol, D. Panchesin, K. Maul, C. Marks. J. Gorsky, K. Kenney, R. Connelly. FOURTH ROW: M Lynch, M Muskat, C. Brill, M Berger, R. Yamaguchi, A. Sulser. THIRD ROW: S. Myrent, C. Tin- cher, K. Moyes, J. Nolo, A. Heppner, V. Hawkins, D. Wagner. SKCOMD ROW: L. Henrichs. J. Liebling, C. De Meduc, T. Gracen, L. Keller. FHiST ROW: B. Kariotis, S. Melzer, J. Hokanson, S. Enenstein, S. Karoff, E. Sil- berman. MR. GEMENY LAST ROW: L. Lubln, R. Nadler, R.Schreiber, C. Woods, T. Piell, T. Adams, J. Timmings. FOURTH ROW: L Johnson, J. TunkI, B. Evers, J. Peters, M Wynn, R. DuChane. TH Rn ROW R. Host, M. FaBrie, J. Clark, B. Bannister, J. Ditkowsky, R. Fein, J. Stein. SECOND ROW: J. Kallison, P. Powell, D. Bantz, R. Williams. S. Palast, L. Masover. FIRST ROW: K. Wilke, D. Williams, D. Doniger, S. Jacobs, K. Larson, J. Barron. MISS HATSCHER LAST ROW: W. Peterson, R. Schafer, L. Bers, B. Burnstein, L. Freel, R. Kaplan, J. Schlitter FOURTH ROW: G. Walts, J. Bell, B. Rosen quist, D. Steinberg, W. Novotny, L Ndson. THIRD ROW: ]. Meyer, J. Myles, S. Bau- mann, D. Majestic, G. Ross, D. Waller, J Nathan. SECOND ROW: C. Henningsen, R Costantino, C. Linick, B. Feingold, E. Hoff- mann, J. Faerstein. FIRST ROW: E. Falkoff, K. Skidmore, M. Oehler, L Berger, S. Kuhr, L. Fujiye, NL Spiegal. MRS. JACKSON FIRST ROW: C. Werner, C. Flowers, M Kahn, R. Calucci, L. Laughlin, S. Williamson. .S ' A— CdXD ROW ' P. Carozza, M Mink, S. Levin F. Tucker, K. Waxburg. THIRD ROW: J Rust, S. Andrews,]. Diamond, E. Privratsky S. Cheetham, D. Zeitlin. FOURTH ROW: P, VanEikeren, R. Schwarz, S. Alper, W. Kum merow, M Salerno, S. Spitz, B. Hoag. LAST ROW: W. Janus, W. Cornelius, J. Arpan, W. Gilbert, D. Wimmer, W. Muurphy. MR. KIELWASSER LAST ROW: J. Schnidt, G. Jackson, K. Herbon, P. Tortorice, R. Sack, G. Caracciolo, J. Wu. THIRD ROW: L Moldofsky, L Hodges, D. Devogelear, D. Lipman, S. Leven- feld, R. Lotz, L. Burkhardt, T. Pfaff. SECOND HOW: K. Callen, It. .Slulland. li. iilooni, S. Franklin, D. Rugendorf, B. FimofT, C. Dreiser. FIRST ROW: M Moldenhauer, M Kinowski, B. Koch, B. Berger, J. Prim, B. Ingram. MR. KISSACK LAST ROW: R. Anderson, E. VoUmeyer, R. Sabec, B. Lefiingwell, R. Kaage, G. Parker. THIRD ROW: H. Semilofr,. LShare,J.Pisano, D. Moore, A. Lewis, R. Penelle, B. Martin. SECOND ROW: K. Rolak, S. Domoracki, W. Iverson, L Sherman, L. Melamed, M Levine. FIRST ROW: L. Schamber,C. Work, A. Levine, H. I ' etrokus, I. Landbcrg, I.. Birndorf. MISS KUJALA FIRST ROW: P. Prange, L. Berkson, P. Schul- man. A. Jones, D. Koppman, B. Berlin, L. Swanson. SECOND ROW: D. Dahl, M Glenn, T. Bramwell, T. Mattingly, C. Manna, R. Stupp. THIRD ROW: J. Schulman,J. KufTer, A. Gabriel, B. Boyden, C. Oscarson, P. Wimmer, B. Jones. FOURTH ROW: P. Hain, C. Gaan, B. Levin, T. Forsberg, B. Anderson, B. White. lASTROW: K. Johnson, V. Stroezel, M Head, B. Monroe, J. Bookwalter, G. Gold- man, T. McComb. MISS MORRISON LASTROW: L. Smock, E. Kallmann, D. Pearl- man, R. WooUey, F. Geist, F. Anapol, M Chiet. THIRD ROW: L. Peterson, R. Kalish, C. Cockrell, D. Baumhardt, R. Bader, R. LaRoussa, L. Pogofsky, L. Goebelt. SECOND ROW:L. Losher, G. Hagen, K. Fuka, T. Alli- son, K. Burnett, H. Simon. FIRST ROW: L Anderson, D. Mich, L. Ditkowsky, D. Chikaraishi, E. Guenther. MISS O ' CONNOR LAST ROW: W. Carlson, W. North, N. Schiff, F. Kuechenmeister, S. Hertzberg, R. Daiberl. FOURTH ROW: R. Zager, S. Herzog, G.Gold- berg, D. Katz, T. Soquet, J. Stresser, S. Burns. THIRD ROW: L. Radicek, J. Smith, S. Levy, R. Rivenburgh, S. Shapira, B. Smith. SECOND ROW: J. Yardley, R. Gould, J. Del- man, J. Kerstetter, R. Rand. FIRST ROW: K. Spikings, S. Reynolds, S. Childs, D. Drago- vich, B. Glass, B. Schulhoff. 149 MISS PETERS LAST row: R. Burke, J. Archer, C. Newman, R. Mirshak, S. Harris, R. Cline, W. Evensen. FOURTH ROW: A. Karlin, D. Merrill, J. Eichhorn, R. Thomas, D. Danzinger, S. Gode- mann. THIRD ROW: J. Rosecrans, N. Doyle, R. I ' ainter, D. Tobias, J. Janse. SECOM) ROW: R. Schiller, D. Goldberg, A. Borack, B. Johnson, S. Rothblatt, N. Eslerl. F RSTROW: M Meadows, E. Ettinger, L. Honnet, H. Thompson, S. Rubin, M Hilfman. MR. PETERSON F RST ROW M Glass, N. Burkhart, , L Pink- water, L. Eagan, L. Weilberg, D. Goch. SF— COM) ROW: S. Pifke, D. Brendel, C. De Rosaire, A. Novick, P. CoUins, H. Plenn. TIHRD ROW: K. Cieszykowski, L. Schmitz, B. Sostrin, J. Goodman, V. Shaf, S. Lee, A. Warrus. FOURTH ROW: C. Chang,]. Stock- er, M Owens, C. Klein, J. Goldfeder, L Zimmerman. LAST ROW: H. Clark, C. Red- inger, B. Davis, A. Cuba, K. Graham, C. Jones, B. Sostrin. MRS. SCHMIDT LAST ROW: S. Levin, L. Miller, M Rosen bloom, H. Thiemann, R. Ross, R. Darling, G. Stasch, J. Thompson. TIHRI) ROW: J Guenther, P. Ventrella, K. Moser, M Greene J. MacCorkle, G. Smith, M. Spellman, J Cragg. SECOND ROW: P. Ritter, L. Riehm C. Dziordzik, K. Anderson, M Adams, M Minnerath, S. Johnston. FIRST ROW: C. Van Deusen, N. Tani, H. Waldman, S. Greenwald, L. Polak, S. Langer, S. Dudley. MR, SNYDER LAST ROW: A. Alop, J. Kohl, V. Sokolov, R. Basrak, R. Florczak, G. Meszaros, VV. Chrislensen. TIIIIU) ROW: W. Henricks, S. Marino, A. Wulf, R. Herman, G. Thonia, K. Schroeder, R. Pines, D. Hill. SECOAD ROW: L. Shapiro, J. Gliem, B. Krooth, H. Goss, T. Davis, B. Lee, R. Velen. FIRST ROW: C. Alport, J. Dorfman, J. Saflarski, R. Heinz, L. Kessel, L. Hoeper. MR. VANDENBERG LAST ROW: D. Schwartz, R. Bulster, J. Parry, |. Chvalovsky. (;. Kriedinan, S. Colbert. FOURTH ROW: B. Mueller, R. Landes, J. Warren, S. Truax, P. Alonas, D. Weaver. THIRD ROW: L. Stengl, J. Stern, R. Kaplan, S. Halpert, T. Bryant, B. Ahrens. SECOAD ROW: R. Decker, G. Gordon, C. Kretschmar, B. Abbot, V. Weinberg. FIRST ROW: D. Davis, P. Eulberg, K. Conley, S. Davidove, K. Drew, A. Iverson. MR. WHITLATCH LAST ROW: R. Bolgioni, R. xNelson, R. Bar- rick, J. Janek, R. Spencer, P. Kirchens, W. Galowitch. FOURTH ROW: J. Jobst, D. Klipowicz, J. Heinz, M Garlich, A. Lovering, M Wikell. THIRD ROW: N. Carlson, C. Szabady, F. Milwer, C. Bass, G. Peterson, B. Heyer, M Maher. SECOjXD ROW: E. Neu- bauer, L. Klyman, S. Mann, J. Lear, R. Sterner, G. Tortorella, L. Gold. FIRST ROW: J. Lowry, L. Lichtensteln, B. Schiffman, S. Bernstein, R. Regan, A. Mau. 151 MR.WINTERHALTER LAST ROW:- h. Hastman, J. Cutrone, C. Hook, C. Jones, R. Grossman, M. Silvert, J. Torenko. THIRD. ROW: F. Garfield, S. Schweinsberg, S. Gradman, B. Dressel, D. Katz, B. Elden, R. Kleinzweig. SECONIX ROW: D. Rilkin, R. Applebaum, K. Hobbs, S. Kaplan, J. Brin, M. Anderson, J. Herbst. FIRST ROW: G. Shivley, L. Christ, J. Perri, J. Hlady, S. Rodnick. MRS. WISE FIRST ROW: L. Fredrickson, B. Sinkule, B. Freeman, D. Zenner, J. Anderson, T. Aiello, J. Nakayama. SECOND ROW: C. Aron, B. Abbott, M Anger, F. Heller, T. Karp, J. Mizock, S. Johnson. THIRD ROW: T. Haller, C. Aull, D. Kuehn, J. Anderson, A. Rosen, B. Derman, J. Friedman, R. Bongiovanni, J. Amari. LAST ROW: R. Lamberty, M. Conti, D. Walter, J. Kristof, J. Semple, R. Thigpen, D. Rose, G. Zimmerman. IS3 AST ROW: L. Anderson, J. I ' helan, 1). Strahan, A. Teichert, D. Saltzmann. FOi ' RTH ROW: J. Foster, A. Burrs, U. Newton, K. Magner. THIRD ROW: K. Sorensen, M Shinian, X. Karcli, N. Uietze, V. Kabro. SECOA ' D ROW: C. Mussar, S. Kask, C. Kubner, S. Gilbert, II. Weiner, A. Feigenbaum. FIRST ROW: A. Tischler (Secretary), M MacCorkle (Treasurer), J. Kliphardt ( ' ice-President), . L Molinaro (President). SOPHOMORES A beginning with less anticipation and with more concern is char- acteristic of the sophomore year in high school. This is the year the pupil becomes the student. He is in the middle of everything-better than a freshman, but not yet an upperclassman. However, extracurricular activities begin to gain in importance. Clubs are joined; play and spring musical parts are within reach. The student becomes a part of the school. 154 MR. ABRAM LAST ROW: V,. Dingman, T. Schmidt, lirodzik, S. I ' eters, 1). Sltznian, 1). Anderson, (;. Franks. nURD ROW: . L Tuchow, G. (iiitli, H. Merriman. J, IfDuc, II. Hartman, R. Keefer, M. Cohen, L.Wmograd. .SAY.YMVJ ROW: I). Stein, . 1. Cold, I., (iimer, I.. Alten- hern, |. I.indemann, . Russo, J. Glassberg. FIRST ROW: D. Royme, S.Sorensen,J.Hog- lund, C. liernstein, C. Krlander. MR. C. R. ANDERSON LAST ROW: B. Levin, D. Endre, L. Bassuk, L Koenig, R. Gertenrich, M Checkopoulos, L. Hoch. THIRD ROW: G. Puerkal, P. Walter, S. Hammerberg, E. Svejnoma, S. Wellner, T. Schmidt, I. Krause, A. Hinkle. SECOND ROW: R. Gillman, S. Burton, P. Bolotin, M. MacCorkle, A. Olsberg, E. Feinherg, G. Ens- slen. FIRST ROW: S. Radermacher, S. Stiska, B. Zeszutko, S. Gornstein, D. Adkins, M Schramm. MRS. ARMAGON LAST ROW: C. Robbins, R. McGuire, E, Jacobs, R. Kruschka, D. Zolezzi, ' . Ferina, D. Novoselskey. THIRD ROW: B. Bartlett, J. Thommes, D. Rhoney, J. Singer, R. Green field, J. Lantz. SECOXD ROW: C. Hehn, J Reynolds, M Adler, D. Selzer, B. Berkover M Bryant, J. Vlaming. FIRST ROW: P. Melichar, S. Deutch, R. Kane, B. Hallmann, A. Penner, B. Tenbusch, M Fredscn. 155 MR. BRYAN FIRST ROW: P. Sage, J. Tritscheer, K. Ko- miss, D. Newton, H. Plante. SECOA ' D ROW M. Lynch, K. Spies, D. Bjorkj L. Hrynko, C Goldblatt, L. Esposito. THIRD ROW: A, Blumenthal, C. Sargent, G. Stevens, D. Apel ian, L. Faraci. LAST ROW: K. Dobbs, K Lencho, G. Filko, R. Meyer, B. Zuffante, J Gagne. MR. CARRELL FIRST ROW: L. Anderson, L Espey, T. Horo- witz, B. Williams, M Wimmer, C. Sackrison. SFCO.Vn ROW J. Condon, A. Pintacura, J. Klaveter, K. Kuhr, F. Tropstein. THIRD ROW S. Goldberg, B. Newman, A. Stemer, G. Dobbin, M Beutler, B. Lundquist. LAST ROW E. KilcuUen, B. Meyer, R. Samuelson, B. Leichtenberg, M Brusman, G. Fritz, B. Peterson. MR. COYER LAST ROW G. Behrstock, M Lucas, D. Reicherts, J. Conrad, C. Kraemer, A. Kott- meier, R. Nelson. SECOND ROW: S. Swanson, J. Johnson, M. Maro, J. Regin, J. Goldstandt, S. Horwitz, D. Wickum, C. Fanaras. FIRST ROW: D. Braverman, J. Foster, K. Scott, V. Davis, A. Papa. MR. CUNNINGHAM LAST HOW: R. Roberts, J. Thompson, A. Wold, J. Novotny, J. Ferris, . L Suida. THlRn ROW: R. Malone, D. Jobst, H. Greenman, M Kushner, R. Berman. SKCOA ' D ROW- M Bass, E. Freed, L. Didlier, L Kanter. l-fRST row: M Shiman, L. Bubley, E. Menaker, S. Voung, L. Perlman. MR. ENGLE F RST ROW: K. Sorensen, E. Hoffing, B. Pedott, S. Killullen, S. Burke, M Lindberg,J. Nelson. SECOjM) ROW: J. Rush, T. Epstein, S. Clyman, S. Winslow, N. Allen,]. Berlowe, P. Bernot. THIRD ROW: L. Coursey, W. Von Gillern, D. Anderson, B. Russell, M Harris, C. Glade. I ST ROW: C. Katznelson, R. Perove, F. Diamond, R. Steele, J. Meinke, B. Frank, C. Brodin. MISS HARBERT LAST ROW: M Hobbs, R. English, D. Swan- son, B. Quinn, P. Chechopoulos, T. Surf, J. Wernikoff. THIRD ROW: K. Baumhardt, M Karnes, D. Goetzke, G. Posner, A. Ciano, R. Mueller. SECO.XD ROW: R. Olson, L. Iverson, K. Magner, P. Bedlou, N. Weinberg, G. Steuer, It. Zelkowitz. TIRST ROW: P. Koltcr. S. Wiegcl. N. liond. 1). Damkjer. . . Kossman. 1). Schriar. IS7 MR. HARMON LAST HOW: R. Berstein, R. OJess, B. Gross- man, J. Tinimer. W. Jung, W. Skutto. SECCIM) ROW: N. Sidell, D. Peterson, T. Margalskl, J. Lalanda, R. Wolf, J. Burr, R. Kisiie. FIRST ROW: M. Kried, S. Meyer, (1. rlioinsen, S. I ick, B. Haum, X. Kurch. MR. HILL LAST ROW: M Hilbert, J. Miller, A. Gerow, K. Schinzing, M Levine, H. Eiler. THIRD ROW: C. Schild, C. Stern, H. Backer, G. Strehl, R. Bansky, B. Blessing, D. Curran. SECOND ROW: W. Saxon, L. McNinch, E. Goldstein, P. Faust, Y. Stegeman, I. Weiss. FIRST ROW: B. Samuels, J. Kliphardt, M. CoUons, K. Novoselsky, B. Proesel. MR. HOLZ LAST ROW: M Rudowicz, E. Nuso, P. Fischer, R. Woldman, B. Sirkin. THIRD ROW: A. Kaplan, S. Greenman, S. Berman, R. Timmel, R. Johnson, L. Freeman. SFCOMD ROW: E. Skrzymowski, V. Rieser, S. Basting, E. Uck, S. Zaphiris. FIRST ROW: N. Dietze, S. Shiner, S. Perr, E. Harms, S. Metrick. 158 MISSM JOHNSON FIRST ROW: C. Woltersdoy, J. Smigiel, K. Peterson, L. Domenella, J. Levin, L. Andelman. SKCdVD ROW: K. Chrisos, L. Bennett, R. Sotello, N. Fortuna, C. Rubner, B. Rosenberg, J. Adams. THIRD ROW: R. Rosenfeld, C. Multan, S. Hepburn, R. Heller, P. Eby, J. Germain, M Unick, S. Novak. LAST ROW B. Bolnick, B. Demas, W. AUenbaugh,]. Van Grimbergen, XL Palmer, T Matzkin, T. Main. MRS. S JOHNSON FIRST ROW: Y. Morris, . L Harvis, A. Adams, L Cohen, K. Mester, J. Wetmore. SFCOXD ROW: S. Lerner, S. Hantmen, C. Davis, A. Peterson, M Tuscano. Tlimi) ROW: E. Konopka, E. Behr, J. Friedman, P. Duffey, L. RoUa, V. Otto, A. Kaufman. FOiRTII ROW: P. Snoply, J. Fleischman, W. Bethke, J. Rosen- bloom, D. Darsch, G. Wells. LAST ROW G. LaRoy, M Martorano, R. Karl, L. Gussis, D. Aberman, S. Redman, R. Goncales. MISS KIDDLE LAST ROW V. Rainero, D. Koprinik, W. Becker, V. Whaley, R. Hoheisel, R. Muise, D. Ernt. THIRD ROW B. Magnuson, G. Dankowski, D. Christensen, VV. Hodges, M O ' Neill, E. Masek. SFCOAD «r;U:MSenger, C. Under, J. Storck, D. Schulman, J. Rapport, C. Bank, B. Gold. FIRST ROW: S. Jacob, S. Booth, H. Weiner, R. Goundas, J. Fisher, B. Zimmerman. MISS UMAR L,[ST ROW: M Krupnick, R. Thomas, A. Zehner, M Paulsen, D. McConaughy, G. VVUkins, K. Conn. THIRD ROW: R. Greene, J. Feldpauch, G. Ringel, J. Barth, P. Lambert, T. Berke. SECOND ROW: K. Fray, L. Selig- man, R. Ziberoff, M. Izbicky, S. Renieris. FIRST ROW: G. Talias, S. DeMaa, C. Mon- clerc, C. Hajduk, S. Kamhi. MRS. MARCiURDT LAST ROW: J. Swanson, L. Stieber, D. Ester- man, B. Beckway, J. Kowitt, H. Rammel. THIRD ROW: D. White, L. Gold, J. Bradford, D. Murphy, A. Johanson, H. Clyman, M. Fleishman. SECOND ROW: S. Frisk, C. Darsch, A. Kuhn, B. Bavetta, D. Zitder, D. Ostermeier. FIRST ROW: H. Schultz, R. Strauss, S. Rask, L. Graham, M. Banks. MR. MARR LAST ROW: G. Grey, , A. Tropstein, D. Omachel, G. Elarde, S. Kaluzna, R. Lange, R. Bernstein. THIRD ROW: Terry Frieden, B. Katz, T. Miles, J. Harris, R. Wolter, T. Guenther. SECOND ROW: R. Slotky, A. Tischler, XL Lenell, C. Schlocker, J. Rochman. FIRST ROW: P. Ritter, XL Nadler, T. Kramer, E. Silverman, B. Bedoe, C. Peters. MR. MEIER F J{STRO]V B. Lesser, W. Yohanna.J. Peter- son, . L Molinaro, P. Slepyan, A. Villano. SECO.XD ROW: B. Heller, C. Chamerski, L Baron, B. Cutsmiedl, R. Behrens, M Rose, J. Do-Gan. THIRD ROW: R. Blumenthal, E. Flink, N. Knocklemann, L. Brody, XL Dwor- kin, B. Friedner, C. Keefer. LAST ROW: M Oskroba, L. Adami, R. Delott, D. Painter, K. Larson, G. Rosenquist, D. Alder, S. Solomon. MRS. MILLER LAST ROW: R. Swaru, C. Schurecht, R. Bake r, G. Carlson, P. Mikula, J.Wehrmacher. THIRD ROW: D. Hunter, I. Goldman, J. Leptich, R. Potkin, S. Doppelt, M Kirshman, P. Ubman. SECOND ROW: K. Garew, M McCracken, S. Pitzer, M Stone, B. Cowen, N. Norling. FIRST ROW: K. Young, G. Blanck, D. Armstrong, S. Wahle, V. Fabbro, D. Kovacic. MR. MITCHELL LAST ROW: L. Maltz, R. Fallico, S. Gold, R. Randazzo, B. Codell, E. Brandzel, J. Owen. THIRD ROW: L Applebaum, G. Lucary, C. Zlatos, C. Johnson, J. Tannenbaum, N. Grauman. SECOND RaW: S. Rask, J. Schu- man, I. D ' Ascanio, N. Fortunato, C. Weinstein, L. Robbin, D. Swanson. FIRST ROW: D. Whitmore, C. Koziol, B. Kettsch, J. Holtzman, D. Oles, L. Banbex. MRS. PAVLATOS LAST ROW- R. Isaacson, B. Terman, R. Kreiter.J. Wiese, J. Berger, G. Miller. THIRD ROW- B. Barth, L. Youngkrantz, M Cordell, M. Yelen, D. McCarty, B.Noddin.S.Seidman. SECOND ROW: U. Feldman, J. Graff, D. Pearson, R. Sneider, R. Medak, G. Kalmis. FIRST ROW: M Hagen, G. Dehmlow, N. Reid, C. Sweeney, J. Franklin. MRS. SAMUELS LAST ROW; A. Keuper, B. Rosenfeld, W. Nudspeath, L. Bramson, W. Hanlon, D. Foster, J. Eilers. THIRD ROW: M Adelson, J. Spinnato, R. Rudich, L. Getshun, R. Maul, C. Berg. SECOND ROW: S. Lasser, C. Potroske, R. Karpman, J. Verhunce, P. Snell- man, C. Mussar, P. Rotheiser. ROWONE:]. Clause, L. Wojakowski, M Christ, L. Novak, D. Levy, D. Heuberger. MR. SHARP LAST ROW: T. Yamaguchi, G. Moennig, T. Widerquist, F. Telchert, R. Javert, M Holley, R. Deravedisian, B. Wurmser. THIRD ROW: A. Howard, R. Krasner, H. Berger, R. Nie- drich, W. Altszyler, A. Fearn, M Reitman. SECOND ROW: S. Scully, J. Kurti, R. Gold- stein, L. Earlex, J. Finesilver, L. Fox, K. Dedekind, S. Sweadner. FIRST ROW: A. Maizell, A. Bartelson, P. Breinig, N. Reh- waldt, N. Paulson, N. Schillaci. 162 MRS. SOMMERFELD LAST ROW: R. Phelan, A. Schaefer, D. Cahan, G. Watkins, G. Lenzen, T. Argyrakis. THIRD ROW: S. Salotti, M. Kipnis, R. Aviano, S. Meyer, L Ewing, L. Spies. SECOND ROW S. Trester, S. Schwartz, R. Heller, L. Hulteen, J. Andrew, J. Porazinski. FIRST ROW: S. McCann, J. Koppman, M. Coulter, M. Blameuser, M. Niclas. MR. SORENSON FIRST ROW J. Gold, C. Hidaka.J. Ermilio, G. Ambros, C. Hook. SECOND ROW B. Keith, L. De LaRosa, S. Pierce, A. Wilner, D. Rest, R. Steinberg. THIRD ROW L. Coleman, K. Speichert, J. Lees, K. Neumann, L. Brown, LAST ROW D. Wagner, R. Anderson, R. Harvey, R. Schroder, G. Messerschmidt, A. DiSalvio. MRS. STEIN LAST ROW J. Mazzeffi, L. Rudnick, T. Han- strom, B. Bruckman, J. DeRudder, D. Stanberry. G. Foster. THIRD ROW M Petroski, D. Lauer, T. Katsaulis, L Pellaguno, T. Altschuler, J. Snyder. SECOND ROW F. Epstein, J. Witt, C. Lauerman, R. Berman, E. Muth, R. Ueberman, S. Gdbert,]. Hofiberg. FIRST ROW J. Ryden, J. Clauson, W. Rudd, S. Albert R. Kiersteln, T. Friedman. 163 MR. STRNAD LAST ROW: S. Tolchin, J. Kaplan, P. Decker, V. Martin, D. Smith, D. Rosen. THIRD ROW: R. Orlove, R. LaRoussa, A. Bers, D. Guess, N. Flasch, A. Truesdell, W. Womer. SECOND ROW: L. Silverman, J. Butler, J. Beaird, D. Friedman, . L Mits. FIRST ROW: L. Hartman, K. Petersen, S. Omachel, S. Katz, G. Pollice. MISS TILLftUIST LAST ROW: B. Garlin, I. Schechter, G. Dan- kowski, R. Herman, D. Strahan, R. Barclay, R. Levin. THIRD ROW: S. Nivick, R. Kletnick, B. Edwards, E. Weinstein, D. Miller, R. Carlson, L. Prehnal, D. Blank. SECOND ROW: J. McUn, C. Faintuch, P. Zalesny, D. Goldner, L. Klatch, L Plass. FIRST ROW: N. Asher, C. Vollmer, L Santowski, B. Illian, C. Kranz, P. LaVay. MR. WIUETT LAST ROW: E. Hildebrandt, L. Weisz, R Bartholomew, R. Koch, L Levinson, F, Schmid. THIRD ROW: B. Gilbert, L. Stahl berg, L. Balkonis, W. Mitchell, D. Ellis, J Dahlin, C. Blessing. SECOND ROW: N Schaffner, P. Snellman, C. Zender, L. Waladis L Nyland, R. Strom. FIRST ROW: R. Immer gluck, N. Raab, H. Kraus, A. Feigenbaum G. Goren. MR. WITZGALL LAST ROW: R. Sherwood, T. Hayes, J. Smith, H. Simon, M. Feipel, R. VanDeusen, M. Mirksy, D. Kintzel. THIRD ROW: S. Sorinsky, J. Binkley, R. Brandt, B. Wildon, M Braun, B. Moser, S. Levin. SECOND ROW: H. Goldberg, L. Shannon, G. Olsen, S. Giacinto, P. Kenny, M Mead, V. Chamber- lain, M Goldstein. FIRST ROW: K. Sharkey, C. Kemp, N. Samuelson, J. Eckmann, L. Rosen, L. Lood, H. Moenning. 7 h 4| «« 3w+aw " -• •, " %ri -r " r W ' FRESHMEN LAST ROW- S. O ' Brien, B. Saber, E. Hartsteiii, R. Katz, A. Cohan, C. Zabolocky, D. Wolcott, L Spielman, L Stevens, MLee. FOURTH ROW: B. Gerber, D. Spitz, J. Gilluly, L Garbo, M. Porzycki, LAnderson, R. Peterson, M Klein, J. Cowan. THIRD ROW: J. Menkin, B. Smith, S. Ralsky, P. Smetana, P. Angelino, J. Cutrone, R. VVahers, P. Kuhr, P. Yamaguchi, D. Leusch. SECOND ROW: L. Anderson, J. Ellis, M. Isaacs, M Stremke, N. Olson, B. Swento, S. Kromelow, L Friedman, S. Stone. FIRST ROW: G. Shenk, W. Leavitt, B. Grain (Treasurer), S. Click (Secretary), S. Cohen (Vice-President), °. Giuntoli( President). The first day in high school brings much to anticipate. Everything is new and different. Part will be enjoyment, part will be work. The coming days are looked forward to with excitement. Soon the realities of high school life become evident. Lunch lines and passing periods, term papers and final exams. Student Unions and Redskins rehersals, gym suits and basketball games ... all become a routine part of school life. At first the student is afraid . . . but his fear turns to acceptance. This new adventure is not as insurmountable as he had expected. He likes it. 169 MR. H.O. ANDERSON LAST ROW:]. Sideman, J. Perlman, W. Heine, T. Bydalek, E. Kaplan, B. Freedman, C. Liesse, D. Milanowski. THIRD ROW- M. Kallhauge, R. Evensen, M. Rockoff, J. Gilluly, W. Greenenwald, J. Hopper, I. Leavitt. SE— COND ROW: D. Appel, D. Thompson, J. Nemanich, C. Cenci, M. Spikings, K. Kree- gier, K. DeSantis, W. Atzel. FIRST ROW: G. Kipp, M. Stremke, C. Maclnnes, J. Schmidt, K. Quist, M Cooper, J. Brooks. MR. BEAN LAST ROW: A. Cohan, L. Bowman, D. Wol- catt, A. Bookman, R. Richey, R. Owen, D. Andrzejewski. THIRD ROW: V. Stocker, J. Epstein, M Salon, G. Lyon, W. Koznarski, P. DeDauw, L. Nelson, H. Priess. SECOND ROW: C. Menna, L. Graeff, C. Virag, F. Terry, M Lewin, B. Gerber, A. Landerman,?. Berger. FIRST ROW: J. Johnson, S. llaugsness, T. Solomon, W. Hoffberg, I. Keene, T. Shaw. MISS CUNTON LAST ROW: J. Brunger, C. Friedman, S. Uss, A. Marr, B. Nielsen, T. Hack, S. Yellen. FOURTH ROW: E. Fink, L Weil, J. Herbon, C. Anderson, K. Glading, M Klein. THIRD ROW: C. Christiansen, J. Ramis, A. Lultano, T. Friedewald, F. Huscher, C.Moore, W.Mills. SECOND ROW: M Starkman, L. SulUvan, M Peterson, D. Simmons, S. Kromelow, G. Topper, S. Karaks. FIRST ROW: E. Craig, C. Zueschmer, M Rissman, H. Rommelmann, R. Schreiber. t66 MR. CONWAY LAST ROW: R. Rovetto, D. O ' Brien, S. Dan- zinger, N. Anderson, R. Clemen, T. Burkhardt, S. Meikle. FOURTH ROW: D. Bollinger, E. Goldberg, B. Macek, P. Hintz, J. Pogue, E. Ekstein. TH RD ROW: P. Smetana, V. Kihl- berg, D. Leusch, S. Myers, B. La Fontaine, K. Reinke, D. Luber. SECOND ROW: M Stellar, S. Hara, R. Gassman, V. Fisher, B. Gelfand, T. Zwigoff, T. Katznelson. FIRST ROW: L. Messer, D. Koniecki, A. Semiloff, J. Shlozaki, H. Jaffe, J. Truesdede. MR. DARDA LAST ROW: S. Pawlan, M. Torok, R, Thomas J. Lavin, B. Wooley, J. McKay, H. Sherman. D. Pritikin. FOURTH ROW: L. Rill, S. Erick- sen, C. Meyer, G. Wernikoff, P. Franks, S. Stonemark, K. Tritschler. THIRD ROW: K. Scaturo, M Shepard, S. Liberti, A. Brocco- lino, C. Wallis, S. Drees. SECOKD ROW: J. Greenberg, R. Johnson, C. Gibson, N.Kraska, D. Przybylski, J. Kerman, K. DeMeo. FIRST ROW: R. Nelson, B. Swento, M Lee, B. Holland, S. Hehn, M Spiegel. MR. DICKINSON LAST ROW: W. Kaywood, T. Powal, C. Kovin, R. Wilson, K. Overbeck, E. Hartsteln, R. Lynch. FOURTH ROW: M. Vastine, J. Austin, S. Floyd, S. Smitham, B. Shalin, J. Jobst. THIRD ROW: S. Cohen, J. Levine, B. Gorman, R. Langner, R. Davis, S. Stille, J. Rice. SFXOJVD ROW L. Hoff, C. Motykie, F. Berger, M. Endre, D. Nelson. FIRST ROW: M Borowski, L. Forman, B. Saber, C. Men- dyk, S. Teichner. 167 MR. GAULT LASTROV:]. Heinz, J. Luscombe, D. Hirsch- tick, J. Butor, J. Boor, N. Levin, G. Portugal. FOURTH ROW: P. Pacente, A. Usdrowski, L. Stevens, L. Repke, S. Davidson, M Bennett. TH RI) ROW- R. Menconi, M. Young, A. Shafer, L. Brown, E. Bantz, D. Landl, F. Braude. SECOND ROW K. Natkin, L Willert, J. Gehrke, R. Kaufman, S. Chamlin, B. Tash. f RST ROW C. Smith, N. Olson, M. Hagimihalis, B. EUew, S. Brockett, A. Jersky. DR. GUND LAST ROW N. Frantell, S. DeRudder, L Spielman, D. Heilbron, T. Thomas, S. Michael, M Sherwook, R. Peabody. THIRD ROW: D. Connett, R. Lange, R. Nelson, A. Worth, C. Brockbank, N. Strauss, D. Pugliese. SECOND ROW: L. Berman, B. Babb, S. Lichtenstein, R. Gill, R. McMullen, S. Krasny, M Bass, R. Walters. FIRST ROW: O.Cassata, L Lawrence, T. Ettinger, S. Johnson, P. Scherer, C. Greene. MISS HONN LAST ROW S. O ' Brien, K. Koral, C. Talan, J. Polon, R. Wiegman, C. Senn, J. Andrews. THIRD ROW: G. Elias, R. Smiley, S. Klamm, D. Davidove, N. Kauffman, J. Jagger, P. Reitman. SECOND ROW: N. Goldberg, J. Bonetti, J. Stengel, D. LaLoggia, L. Bush, B. Hirsch, L. Bell. FIRST ROW: ]. Mackbauer, L Koran, L. Flammini, K. Tsuneta, L Lukowich. 168 MR. HOOSLINE LAST ROW: G. Demeduc, J. Hoffman, R. Spencer, J. Brice, S. Sorensen, L. Bendersky, F. Wolff, R. Rosenbloom. FOURTH ROW: G. Shenk, J. Laughlln, R. Prindle, R. Hohnson, D. Thomas, J. Wood, S. Kramer. THIRD ROW: S. Schapiro, C. Green, J. Waddell, R. Carlson, K. Cetchius, M. Metier. SECOND ROW: S. Kempf, J. Zeuschner, S. Stone, S. Panzella, T. Asher, L. Heftman, R. Comyn. FIRST ROW: T. Lewis, P. Nelson, LErickson, C. Warms, W. Silver, L. Walkowiak. MR. ISOM LAST ROW: S. Sargis, G. Tetzlaff, S. Sorkin J. Ricordati, S. Wolcott, R. Menze, R. Collins THIRD ROW: M Palmer, C. Graessle, J Gersten, S. Wolf, F. Demas, M. Laskov, J Blum, C. McHugh. SECOND ROW: L. Keker, S. Fortunato, C. Aronow, S. Stone, C. Hoff- man, G. Prim. FIRST ROW: ]. Kraemer, L Nelson, S. Lewis, K. Johnson, R. Berger. MR. LEIPOLD LAST ROW: D. TeUefsen, L. Soldinger, T. Stockbrldge, J. Johnson, R. Haskin, K. Kozdron, D. Lyon, L. ' in)daa n. FOURTH ROW: H. Sadkin, W. Wittek, K. Lantz, S. Cohen, R. Kazelak, J. Berger, W. Hofiberg. THIRD ROW: J. Shapiro, Y. Armitage, M Owen, S. Davis, S. Bostrom, G. Nelson, L. Levy, J. Engel. SECOND ROW: V. Schuster, N. Powroznik, S. Vicent, L. Geni, D. Caldwell. FIRST ROW: J. Mankin, K. Perleene.J. Rice, P. Gorski, B. Entman, L. Forst. MISS McQUIETY LAST ROW- E. Reichert, L. Steinohrt, R. Katz, D. Koehler, R. Hanlon, W. Bergles, V. Struck, B. Levitt. FOURTH ROW- S, Mussar, L Garbo, M. Rotunno, M Zar, P. Wible, B. Tilkin, S. Hillberg. TJ IRD ROW S. Lerner, L. Plice, A. Kunach, J. NowoJ, M Kunach, S. LaBay, J. Shlozaki, C. Flammini. SECOND ROW: M. Silvert, D. Weibel, P. Zlotnik, D. Tokesl, H. Burkhardt, P. Truax, A. May. FIRST ROW: P. Jacobs, G. Segal, V. Swets, K. Gold, J. Loundy, K. Schroeder. MR. MEYER LAST ROW: R. Burg, H. Katz, J. Skelnik, A. Norum, E. Halverson, P. Firmirs, R. Seeby. FOURTH ROW]. Look, L. Trebels, M Gabel, K. Anderson, D. Dreier, J. Weissenstein. THIRD ROW: I. Mueller,]. Dall,L.Clapperty, S. Ross, J. Goglanian, J. Parker, D. Kugler. SECOND ROW: R. Klyman, E. Raymond, G. Peyrot, M Isaacs, J. Baumhardt. FIRST ROW: H. Lerman, G. Sweet, C. Steiner, P. Masairacchia, S. Herfam. MR. MIDJAAS LAST ROW: L Wilson, K. Berg, J. Pagan, R. Levin, R. Kaye, D. Neimer, J. Foreman. FOURTH ROW: D. Geist, G. Gorgosz, B. Hlady, S. Mendoza, W. Taylor, J. Lange. THIRD ROW: F. Blga, E. Lynch, C. Bert, E. Smith, D. Cohen, P. Shainer, R. Uzzo. SE- COND ROW: D. Stieber, G. Davis, C. Baim, J. Ellis, P. Jetter. FIRST ROW: A. Kovalsky, P. Rzasa, P. Marz, L. Abrams, P. Borisof,J. Ostergaard. 170 MISS NISSEN LAST ROW- M. Hite, B. Rabe,J. Spillberg.J. Harrman, M. Abrahamson, T. Reisner, M Freehill, M Gordon, D. Lindahl, S. Mader. T f RD ROW: C. Dick, E. Massarslcy, M Nemercek, R. Helmers, S. Kirk, B. Thomson, B. Leavitt, K. Belhke, i L Kreiter. SECOMD ROW S. Lucas, P. Angelino, R. Kalman, S. Rockoff, J. Varner, J. Gilman, J. Sideman, L. Greenwald. FIRST ROW: N. Constantino, B. Strimpel, M. Miller, B. Peterson, B. Hopps, J. Fay, N. Schmidt, B. Romen. MISS PRIESTER LAST ROW: D. Henrichs, L Birkley, T. Chi- karaishi, J. Huels, R. Footett, D. Filler, D. Altschaeffel, R. Manna, J. Theisen, S. Link. THIRD ROW: S. Cragg, V. Rihlberg, L Bruksch, F. Rolak, K. Lein, P. Huintoli, M. Kaplan, R. Nied, G. Groh. SECOND ROW: P. Ward, G. Schonfeld, H, Becker, S. Ralsky, M. Molinaro, L. Peterson, D. Kroll. FIRST ROW: S. Blumenthal, M Cleburne, G. Fisher, S. Donipier, M Friedewald, A. Barrash, K. Klaveter. MR. SMITH LAST ROW: D. Spitz, J. Kristof, M Linick, E. Peterson, D. Hoels, B. Rohrer, R. Fields. THIRD ROW M Kiu, K. Bick, G. Newton, A. Silverman, J. Cowan, D. Henrichs, F. Rajski, A. Weinberg. SECOND ROW: M Mils, S. Tobiansky, J. Rehr, S. Bairnow, L. Fresko. FIRST ROW: C. Brown, S. Dimschultz, C. Grobman, C. Strom, S. Schneider, A. Chun, S. Ginsburg. 171 MR. SOUTHARD LAST ROW: R. Turner, R. Flodin, D. Marien- thal, D. Kornbluth, P. Gaynon, R. Goodman, R. Ta tM. FOURTH ROW: N. Arnold, E. Beelen, E. ServiUo, B. Kaufman, M Elias, A. Lambros, R. Lundgren. THIRD ROW: F. Stepen, B. Melman, G. Janse, D. Hirsch, S. Rek, H. Levin, G. Sims. SECOND ROW: D. Nadel, D. Enberg, D. Rubenstein, K. Wiig, J. Harrison, L. Forges. FIRST ROW: B. Smith, B. Cfirlson, M. Buder, L Cohn, S. Davidson, K. Belokon. MISS SUCKOW LAST ROW: S. Grim, R. Miller, T. Wasmirnd, C. Zabolocky, T. Kirke, R. Siegal, R. Kricke, P. Spina. THIRD ROW: M. Chapman, S. Beyda, J. Adams, R. Friedewald, K. Radisch, C. Rose,]. Hennlng, H. Mangurten, K. Qulst. SECOND ROW: P. Undermann, R. Lees, A. Kandell, J. Netzky, T. Phillips, R. Tobey, B. Brown, A. Weinberg. FIRST ROW: G. Schneider, A. Rogin, S. Shapiro, R. Horban, C. French, S. Strobel, C. Peterson. MR. VanDELINDER LAST ROW: P. Rnutro, M Place, T. Gano, R Bliiiiienfeld, K. Dunster, C. Wienstroer, A Fischer. FOURTH ROW: N. Katz, H. Lemer, G. Dahlin, C. Cox, L. Anderson, S. Condlt. THIRD ROW: R. Hammond, P. Nott, M Mulford, K. Matthew, T. Reading, W. Car- rane. SECOND ROW: C. Bhurs, J. Inbicky, F. Roteaml, D. Berliner, L. Baumhardt, J Splar. FIRST ROW: J. Clark, B. Stelnhatz, M. Young, C. Gold, D. Segal. 172 MISS VOSS LASTROW A. CuUer, C. Haigh, D. Daruff, F. Lenhar, L. Bubley, K. Fryksdale, M Morgan. FOURTH ROW: R. Nathan, J. Chvalovsky, K. Weinlein, M Stein, M Weaver, C. Pracy. THIRD ROW: D. Firrkel, L. Non- clerc, J. Kasallis, R. Peterson, R. Marko, M Klouthis, J. Herrmann. SECOjXD ROW: D. Anderson, M Rosenberg, D. Blevit, G. Lock- wood, L. Bass, B. Berkson. FIRST ROW: Yi. Raven, S. Click, N. Hatchings, S. Krone, M Schwarz, J. Simon. MISS WILLIAMS LAST ROW: L. Killey.J. Spiezer, E. Honeman P. Gillespie, G. Shilts, J. McMurray, R. Green span, A. Warady. FOURTH ROW S. Udberg, P. Putterman, D. Leapley, J. Ritter,J. Kraus D. Jesse, R. Cassidy. THIRD ROW T. Heim S. Nelson, B. Frazin, W. Pearson, R.Mignano R. Brody. SECOjXD ROW: J. Lundgren, J Deruishian, N. Evans, B. Thompson, M Kalinsky, B. Strege, S. Minnerath. FIRST ROW: C. Bach, S. Procop, D. Bernstein, P. Yamaguchi, B. Cooper, B. Schieren. MR. WOLF LAST ROW: J. Glantz, G. Bobek, R. Peterson, R. Rappaport, F. Johnson, R. Torenko, P. Swanke, S. Christensen, A. Hackin. FOURTH ROW: B. Grain, W. Zemansky, C. Blaul, J. Huster, C. Dorband, G. Lemke, A. Schroeder, R. Fink. THIRD ROW: S. Starr, B. Simon, P. Cray, F. Marko, L. Morale, K. Kione, D. Alex. SECOAD ROW C. Anderson, J. Bryant, D. Bartlett, A. HerbsUman, M Rooney. FIRST ROW V. Karlesky, N. CrizzeU, L. Weinberg, L Nodclin, L. Lloyd, L Friedman. MRS. ZELKE LAST ROW: E. Ravine, C. Gabel.J. Trasatti, I. Fydrych, B. Caetz, P. Bucaro, J. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: J, Weiss, M Heuberger, R. Halpern, J. Cierny, R. Zev, E. Katsoolia. THIRD ROW W. Norden, J. Cutrone, D. Loew, S. Douglas, P. Finnerman, L. Kudla. SECOAD ROW: G. Steinberg, P. Moros, J. Bloom, R. Scornavacco, S. Peterson, N. Bast- ing. FIRST ROW E. Singer, D. Rosga, C. Imhof, L. Marquarat, P. Swanson.C.Zachary. 173 , ' 5« - ■■■ ■ ! : ' . ■ i v ■■ : wjp ' ATHLETICS It is usual to emphasize the signs of deftness, sportsmanship and courage; we will. It is usual to despise the opposite, but in our new framework, we won ' t. 175 FOOTBALL » w t In ihe Glenbrook game, llallback Donald Deck follows a gaping hole to artother touchdown which led him to the Interim League scoring crown. VARSITY On this year ' s 14th annual Sun Times Chicago Area Prep Football Team were three boys from the Interim League. Included was Ken Altschuler, in the quarterback slot; Don Deck brought West its sec- ond annual Interim League scoring championship, with a high point total of 54. Combining the backing of the junior players, the experience of the seniors, and the all-around championship coaching of Mr. Basrak, Big Red turned in a 5 and 3 season record for Interim League 6th place, leaving next year open for a recapture of the Interim League crown. LAST ROW: D. Ilerkert, R. Riehm, R. Thigpen, D. Kust, R. Steel, A. Glassberg, V. Hobs, R. Spencer, E. Zaslrow, D. Rossi. THIRD ROW: Coach Schnurr, Coach Conway, S. Hirschstick, R. Bastak, C. GiovaneUi, S. Brown, S. Horowitz, Coach Willett, Coach Basrak. SECOND ROW: Dr. Brown, K. Garen, R. Levin, D. Smith, J. Cutrone, K. AltschuUer, E. Bruksch, W. Oliver, D. Deck. FIRST ROW: W. Rosenquist, B. Elden, E. Davidow, E. Hoffenberg, W. Kummerow, S. Marino, B. Rivenberg. Varsity Footbdl Scores NilesWest 7 Niles East NilesWest 7 Glenbrook 12 Niles West 26 West Ley den 6 Niles West 46 Deerfield 7 NUesWest21 East Ley den NilesWest Prospect 20 Niles West 27 Proviso Niles West 19 Maine West 20 y Tj Guard Steve Horowitz, assisted by Coach Rex W ' hit- i Ji latch and Doctor Joseph Brown, realizes that football ■ has its hard knocks as well as its glory. Alter another sizeable gain, Elliot Davidow is brought down by Larry Barnett of Glenbard East as Allen Peterson moves in to assist. Kenneth Altschuler turns the corner of a tough Prospect flank. 178 JUNIOR VARSITY Coached by Mr. Jack Fabrl and Mr. William Paulsen, the Junior Varsjty gained valuable experience this year, so that they can replace the graduating seniors on next year ' s Varsity. Losing many of its members to the Varsity may have weakened the Junior Varsity, although they turned in a season record which included a 13 to 13 tie with Niles East and a 12 to 6 victory over East Ley den. Junior Varsity Football Scores Niles West 13 Niles East 13 NUesWest Glenbrook North 13 Niles West 12 West Leyden 6 NUesWest Deerfield 7 Niles West 13 East Leyden 21 Niles West Prospect 30 Niles West 6 Proviso West 12 Niles West 7 Maine West 18 , 157 ' ;?r;ir.J.MacCorkle, R.Wagner, D.KatzJ. Jaeger, T. Wiederquist, D. Whitmore, J. Archer, S. Burns, R. Thomas. THIRD ROW. Coa.da Fabri, L. Nelson, Hendrickson, B. Gottshalk, S. Saranecki, J. Kristolf, E. Reine, Coach Paulsen. SECOND ROW: S. Lewin, R. Thomas, T. Pfaff, J. Struck, J. Jobst, M. Owens. FIRST ROW: G. .Madalsky, G. Wells, H. Alder, P. Ferracci, D. DeVogalear. The pensive poses of Coaches Billy Schnurr and Michael Basrak and defenseman Robert Riehm remind one that football is a game of brains as well as brawn. ■% LAST ROW: M Paulson, N. Anderson, K. Larson, W. Alanbough, B. Meyer, J. Miller, B. English, T. Kodemeier, D. Zolezzi, A. Tropstein. FOURTH ROW: Coach Uin, L. Bassuch, R. Barcaly, J. Lavin, J . l olen, R. Hoheisel, R. Normen, D. Reicherts. THIRD ROW: S. Pitzer, R. Aviano, P. Mikula, T. Agarankes, M. Hilbert, L. Corsey, J. Glantz, B. Goldstien, Coach Coyer. SECOND ROW: H. Gagne (Manager), B. Wurmser, P. Snoply, A. Liano, A. Schaefer, D. Russel, E.Weinstein, W. Jung. FIRST ROW: D. Aernt, B. Demas, S. Solomon, C. Broden, T. Altschuler, T. Matzkin. SOPHOMORE Sophomore Football Scores NilesWest Niles East 6 NilesWest 7 Glenbrook North 25 Niles West 20 Leyden West 13 NilesWest Wheaton 26 Niles West 25 Leyden East 7 NilesWest Deefield 12 NilesWest Maine West 27 NilesWest Glenbrook South 25 The sophomore football squad, coached by Mr. Jack Lain and Mr. William Coyer, produced a rugged group of combatants this year who posted a record of two wins and six losses. Among sophomores elevated to the Varsity squads were J. V. quarterback Roger Thomas and Varsity end Richard Steele. With these and the other sophomore additions, Coaches Lain and Coyer believe that next year ' s Varsity and Junior Varsity squads will develop into the teams that will bring the Interim League championship back to Niles West. Coaches Jack Lain and Bill Coyer reorganize dieir sophomore forces for a second-half surge. P ' -m ' m Ls; LP ••a ' a4 . I.Vr fr;ilf- S. Smltham, 1 ' . Swanke, J. Austin, I,. KiUey, T. Thomas, R. Weigman, D. Doruff, 1). W ' olcott, 1). Ilirschtlck, U. Spencer, K. Thomas, L. Anderson, F. I nhardt, J. McKay, M. Vastine. ' Wr«77 fOU ' Coach Meier, Coach Kngle, K. Menze, S. Soren- son, J. Johnson, R. Wilson, J. Brice, J. Mc Murray, T. Gano, E. Ilonnemen, R. Prindle, Coach I.yeria, Coach Bauer. THIRD ROW:]. Cutrone, L. Miller, C. Newton, I,. Bell, 1,. liurkhardt, S. Merkle, J. Dahl, 1 ' . Smetana, M. Stellar, M. Kooney, G. Prim, E. Ray- mond. SECOyi) ROW: R. I ' eabody, W. Uavitt, B. Grain, R. Smiley, S. Cohen, D. Geist, J. Szura, D. Dreier, J. Jobst, J. Kristoff, K. Wemlein, D. Andrejewski, R. Seeley, V. Struck, (;. Servilla. FIRST ROW: T. Kreidewald, L.Winkleman, B. Kreidewald, S. Liberti, J. (iilluly, B. Thompson, R. Halpern,J.Gersten,P. Giumoli, L. Bruksch, P. Masaracchia, 1). Ilildebrand, M Nemecek, D. Huels. FRESHMEN Frosh " A ' Football Scores Niles West 19 Proviso West 13 Niles West 53 West Leyden 6 Niles West 7 Glenbrook North Niles West 27 East Leyden 13 Niles West Wheaton 21 Niles West 13 Glenbrook South Niles West 20 Maine West 7 Niles West 34 Deerfield 6 Bringing an Interim League championship home to the reservation, the victori ous freshman football team displayed -their fresh sense of competition and fundamentals. Under the expert coaching of Mr. R. Lyerla, Mr. G. Bauer, Mr. G. Engle, and Mr. T. Meier, the Fresh- man " B " team had an undefeated season of eleven triumphs, and the Freshman " A " team, bowing only to Wheaton, won seven games. Attaining such an outstanding record and acquiring such valuable experience on the gridiron, these boys will certainly provide a strong nucleus for Big Red in future seasons. Frosh " B " Football Scores Niles West 41 Ndes East 33 Niles West 32 Prospect 27 Niles West 37 Proviso West 22 Niles West 57 East Leyden 33 Niles West 62 Glenbrook South 33 Niles West 56 Maine West 30 Niles West 42 Morton West 35 Niles West 44 West Leyden 17 Niles West 38 Glenbrook 34 Niles West 48 Glenbrook North 27 NUes West 48 Wheaton 27 As they await the start of their game, the freshman squad receives final instructions from Coach George Bauer. ISO IIACK HO llani, K. iiarljiT, (,. Caracciolo, Coach Ha FRONT ROW: S. Lee, J. Futransky, S. Kuklin, D. Raab, K. Anderson. Robert Barber displays the finishing kick that made him the Interim I eague champion. Behind the coaching of Mr. John Harmon, theVarsity Cross Coun- try squad concluded the season with a record of 8 and 3, which placed them 2nd in the Interim League. Consistently capturing first place honors in the league and an exceptional 2nd. place in the State Finals, Bob Barber may confidently be called the finest harrier yet produced by Niles West. All training to take Barber ' s place, the Frosh-Soph team established themselves potentially as the kind of first class runners Niles West has been accustomed to with a 12, 9, and 1 season record. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY FROSH-SOPH Varsity Cross Country Scores Niles West 31 Palatine 26 Niles West 23 Wheaton 32 Niles West 17 Deerfield 38 Niles West 28 Proviso West 29 Niles West 20 East Leyden 35 Niles West 25 Niles East 30 Niles West 31 Prospect 26 Niles West 20 Glenbrook 35 Niles West 16 Forest View 41 Niles West 31 Maine West 26 Niles West 19 West Leyden 36 Frosh-Soph Cross Country Scores Niles West 20 Niles East 36 Niles West 38 East Leyden 22 Niles West 37 Wheaton 22 Niles West 37 Deerfield 21 Ndes West 38 Forest View 21 NUes West 48 Palatine 15 Niles West 24 Prospect 31 NUes West 20 West Leyden 38 Niles West 38 Proviso West 21 Niles West 48 Maine West 15 HACK ROW: Coach Cress, A. Hinkle, F. Rolak, M Stein, M Cordell, G. Ringen, P. Kuhr, D. Thompson. FRONT ROW: E. Nuss, R. Phelah, G. Dobbin, R. Clemen, J. lUcordati. 181 The Indians, developing as expected in the second year of competition, finished the season with an eleven and seven record in conference games. In contention with thir- teen other teams of the Interim League, the hoopsters took fourth place at the end of the season. Ably coached by Mr. Billy Schnurr and Mr. Jerry Engle, the team showed excep- tional hustle and heart and usually carried the contest in spite of their powerful oppo- nents. From a long twenty-two game schedule, both in league and regional competition, the team gained invaluable skill and experi- HACK ROW: K. Zastrow, J. Schnidl, H. Davis, W. Hohs, L liirgir, I,. Cussis, Cloach .Sdiiiiirr. FRO.XT {OW.- M Wynn, K. Laiidis, K. Kreiter, E. Bruksch, Coacli Eiigle. VARSITY BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball Scores 182 Niles West 54 Palatine 53 Niles West 67 NUes East 49 Niles West 61 Wheatoii 52 Niles West 41 Glenbard East 39 NUes West 50 Forest View 38 Niles West 49 Prospect 71 Niles West 47« Proviso West 52» Niles West 61 East Leyden 65 NUes West 62 West Leyden 65 Ndes West 49 Morton West 51 Niles West 60 Deerfield 43 Niles West 56 Maine West 63 NUes West 51 Morton West 66 NUes West 75 West Leyden 50 NUes West 51 Elgin East 81 NUes West 70 Glenbrook North 63 Niles West 87 Wheaton 66 NUes West 68 Glenbard East 67 NUes West 72 Forest View 42 NUes West 46»« St. Mel 44W» NUes West 47»» St. Patrick 52«« Proviso West Holiday Tournament State Regional Basketball Tournament Richard Kreiter suspends in a pirturesque jump- shot against .Maine West. Sure hands, stretch, and timing, the essence of r bounding, are displayed by David .Murphy in rebounding Junior ' arsity victory over .Niles Eas ,55-41. ' w - l JUNIOR VARSITY Swiftness afoot and deftness in ball handling mark the effective hoopman. The ball falls through the basket; two points are scored; the crowd cheers. The Junior Varsity player practices and gains ex- perience by playing before a crowd. Good sportsmanship is evident ilithere is luck in victory or fair play in defeat. Coach Jerry Engle ' s team worked hard for a season of exciting ball games ending with a 7 and 1 1 record and placing 6th in the Interim League while preparing the squad ' s underclassmen for next year. A momentary analysis of game tactics displays the keen leadership of Coach Jerry Engle. BACK ROW: R. Zager (Manger), M Brusman, D. Murphy, G. Urelius, S. Hirschtick, S. Hertzberg, L. Bers, Coach Engle. FRONT ROW: A. I ev, M. Muskat, R. Olson, R. Levin, C. Murlas. Junior Varsity Basketball Scores NUes West 35 Niles West 55 Niles West 36 Niles West 41 Niles West 49 Niles West 27 Niles West 36 Niles West 40 Niles West 54 Niles West 51 Niles West 33 Niles West 37 Niles West 51 Niles West 42 NUes West 38 Niles West 50 Niles West 43 Niles West 42 In a victory over Niles East, Donald Strahan and .Michael Martorano of the sophomore squad react with the sound defensive skills of position and anti- cipation. Palatine 33 Niles East 41 Wheaton 52 Glenbard East 28 Forest View 42 Prospect 40 Proviso West 37 East Ley den 45 WUlowbrook 55 Deerfield 21 Maine West 39 Morton West 58 West Leyden 39 Elgin East 66 Glenbrook North 49 Wheaton 52 Glenbard East 48 Forest View 34 Sophomore Basketball Scores Niles West 39 Palatine 42 Niles West 48 Niles East 41 Niles West 37 Prospect 56 Niles West 23 Proviso West 26 Niles West 30 East Ley den 35 Niles West 26 Glenbrook South 31 Niles West 40 Deerfield 35 Ndes West 28 Maine West 43 Niles West 58 Morton West 48 Niles West 49 West Leyden 50 Niles West 51 Glenbrook South 54 Niles West 42 Glenbrook North 65 Niles West 64 Wheaton 63 Fresh " A " Basketball Scores Niles West 26 Niles West 34 Niles West 40 Niles West 42 Niles West 30 Niles West 36 Niles West 75 Niles West 46 Niles West 33 Niles West 53 Niles West 49 Niles West 36 Niles West 46 Niles West 47 Palatine Niles East Prospect Proviso West East Leyden Willow brook Deerfield Maine West Morton West West Leyden Glenbrook South Glenbrook North Wheaton Glenbard East Frosh " B " Basketball Scores 39 27 44 31 33 39 38 42 56 27 24 34 56 52 NaesWest41 Niles East 33 Niles West 32 Prospect 27 Niles West 37 Proviso West 22 Niles West 57 East Leyden 33 Niles West 62 Glenbrook South 33 Niles West 56 Maine West 30 Niles West 42 Morton West 35 Niles West 44 West Leyden 17 Niles West 38 Glenbrook South 34 Niles West 48 Glenbrook North 27 Niles West 48 Wheaton 27 HACK ROW: 1). Saltzman, D. Strahan, R. Steele, 1 ' . Fisher, R. Hoheisol, Coach Kielwasser. FliOJVT ROW: T. Altschuler, B. Codell, . L Martorano, G. Dobbin, S. Wellner. SOPHOMORE In their final game, the sophomore basketball squad edged Wheaton 64 to 63 to end season-play on a triumphant note. Hope runs high for next year when the soph cagers will advance on the courts with another year of experience to their credit. Mr. William Paulsen ' s Freshman " A " squad finished the season with a 7 and 7 listing to rank Interim League 8th. Although this team made only an average showing, they played good ball and promise fine reinforcement for the up-coming sophomore squad. As the only hoopsters to hold a perfect season record, the Frosh " B " squad stepped into the limelight with an 11 and tally. Both Coach Willett and his Freshman team deserve commendation for such a highly successful season. Next year ' s teams will certainly profit from a squad with such an outstanding past. FRESHMEN BACK ROW: D. HeUbron, J. RicordaU, J. Butor, S. Danzinger, D. Hirschtick, Coach Paulsen. FRONT ROW: S. Sorkin (Manager), J. McKay, H. I erner, J. Sideman, T. Chikaraishi. THIRD ROW: S. Smitham, L. Killey, R. Talent, D. Doruff, E. Reine, T. Bydalek. SECOND ROW: R. Wilson, J. Polan, R. Torenko, D. Filler, M. Unick, Coach Waiett. FIRST ROW: B. Bronsun,J. Sideman, M Kreiter, R. Halpern, R. Nied. ri it 11 I % m VARSITY LAST ROW: R. Delott, G. Dankowski, J. Volp, T. Weiderquist, G. Carlson, Mr. D. Smith. SECOND ROW: M Delott, G. Messerschmidt, P. Van Eikcren, L. Miller, R. Schwaru, R. Schmidt, C. Siegel, Mr. A. Cajet. FIRST ROW: M Fields (Manager), D. Johnson, R. Lotz, D. Aberman, J. Bell, R. Meyer, Mr. G. Darda. LAST ROW: Mr. G. Darda, R. Moser, H. Katz, J. Mazzeffi, R. Katz, B. Thomas, J. Wasmund, G. Messerschmidt, R. Wagner, T. Weiderquist, R. I evin, J. Ferris, R. Delott, G. Carlson, R. Meyer, R. Koch, G. Dankowski, D. Aberman, L. Bramson, Mr. D. Smith, Mr. A. Cajet. SECOND ROW: 0. Casata (Manager), J. Glantz, B. Burg, J. Gilluly, J. Wood, L. Wilson, J. Dahl, J. Look, D. White, J. Krasny, R. Kauffman, J. Rockoff. FfRST ROW: B. Burg (Manager), T. Gerhke, R. Carrane, D. Lauer, M. Tuscano, A, Schaffer, J. Dervision, i L Rooney, L. Peterson, M. Bloom (Manager), X. Landerman (Manager). FROSH-SOPH AND FROSH STW FfflER lAlE STM •OO FREE " O BACH ' , O FREE : :; BRE«ST .:; ' 0 ' REf SEL 579 PFtFFEfl 513 HJROr HUE REIGE 4199 RCE 107 7 JJCIMSEII 1351 OEERfetO aENSfllXlK NO PHOVBO lEST ARLMGION DEEWIEID proviso lEST lOO eUTTEl! ' ' too FREE ■ S3S lOO BACK lino «OOFREE 4483 lOO BREAST 119 200fREEREL»r 1432 mH:R«(sN t KIOIT II miERL DlMUMSXt B KYER B B3 Varsity Swimming Scores Niles West 56 Niles East 39 Niles West 59 Waukegan 36 Niles West 59 Prospect 36 Niles West 55 La Grange 40 Niles West 22 Proviso West 73 Niles West 47 East Ley den 48 Niles West 38 Maine West 57 Niles West 76 Forest View 19 Niles West 76 West Leyden 19 Niles West 28 Riverside 67 Niles West 27 Maine East 68 Niles West 35 Deerfield 30 Niles West 59 Arlington 36 Niles West 20 Glenbrook North 75 Niles West 66 Elmwood Park 29 Frosh-Soph Swimming Scores Niles West 53 Niles East 42 Niles West 66 Waukegan 29 Niles West 45 Prospect 50 Niles West 44 La Grange 42 Niles West 29 Proviso West 66 Niles West 63 East Leyden 32 NUes West 50 Maine West 45 Niles West 14 Forest View 11 Niles West 69 West Leyden 26 Niles West 82 Morton West 13 Niles West 79 Riverside 16 Niles West 46 Maine East 49 Niles West 79 Deerfield 16 Niles West 84 Arlington 11 Niles West 72 Glenbrook North 23 Niles West 75 Glenbrook South 20 Niles West 63 Glenbrook South 32 Niles West 77 Elmwood Park 17 SWIMMING Although he looks as if he is diving from the high board, (Charles Siegal has just launched himself from the regulation 1 meter board to display the prowess that placed him 3rd among divers in Illinois. Lift from the springboard puts power behind the precision necessary for competitive diving. This year, employing these techniques to the best advantage was Charles Siegal, who ended his spectacular diving season with third place in the State Championships. Backing up Siegal, the Varsity swimmers placed 5th in the Interim League Champ- ionships which were held at West. Incorporated into next year ' s varsity will be the Frosh-Soph swim- mers who took first place in Interim League competition with a 79 point team total at the Championships. Through the consistently fine coaching of Mr. Arnold Cajet, Mr. Darrell Smith, and Mr. Gerald Darda, Niles West has enjoyed an excellent and exciting swimming season with great promise shown for next year. Frosh Swimming Scores Niles West 57 Niles East 38 NUes West 57 Waukegan 38 NUes West 52 Proviso West 43 Niles West 80 Morton West 14 Niles West 43 Maine East 52 Niles West 59 Glenbrook North 36 Niles West 62 Glenbrook South 33 Niles West 45 Glenbrook South 50 Niles West 52 Proviso East 43 Niles West 32 Hinsdale 63 187 VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY Turning in a record of 4 wins, 4 losses, and 2 ties, this year ' s Junior Varsity squad, ably coached by Mr. Robert Porter, placed 7th in the Interim League. Coach Porter developed a fine squad of boys in preparation for next year ' s Varsity. In Varsity competition, the Niles West squad sent Russell Lain, Steven Brown, Raymond Hendrickson, and Walter Kummerow to the district finals. With their Interim League record of 9, 8, and 1, Coach Charles Anderson ' s matnaen ranked 8th in the League. LAST ROW: G. Sulser, J. Novotny, S. Brown, G. Maston, T. Forsberg, J. Wu. THIRD «r;iK- Coach I ' orter, S. Pitzer, R. Mueller, K. Baumhart, J. I erner, K. Uolak, R. Hendrickson, R. y ie. SECOND ROW: J. Stein, V. Kummerow, J. Pitzer, J. Kahn, G. Zimmerman, D. Hill, R. Lain. FIRST ROW: R.Burk, R. Thomas, C. Brill, W. Rosenquist, D. Kuehn. D Alder. A pause in this match against Alan Stern of Niles East demands all of Walter Kummerow ' s control and strength to prepare for escape or command of position. Showing the aggressiveness and combative spirit of the wresder is Ray Henrickson in a major bout with Jon Peterson of Niles East. WRESTLING Interim league champ Steven Brown deftly escapes from Wayne Sherman in a heavyweight match against Glenbard East. Barry Fiegenbaum sizes up his opposition before moving in on I ' eier Dilz ol New Trier. 189 Varsity matman Raymond Burke is momentarily trapped by Ken Smolski of East Leyden. Varsity Wrestling Scores Niles West 17 Niles East 21 Niles West 29 Wheaton 15 Niles West 33 Evanston 9 Ndes West 20 Glenbard East 20 NUes West 37 Forest View 11 Niles West 21 New Trier 19 Niles West 26 Prospect 12 NUes West 28 Proviso West 19 NUes West 13 East Leyden 28 Niles West 18 Willowbrook 20 Niles West 14 Palatine 28 Niles West 16 Deerfield 27 Niles West 17 Maine West 22 Niles West 22 Morton West 17 Niles West 24 Riverside 17 Niles West 14 West Leyden 25 Niles West 26 North Chicago 20 In a match witli East Leyden, Clen Masten wrestles for position with Phillip Cinman. Two points for Nilej West as freshmem Fred Rolak escapes from George Murray of New Trier in a varsity match. LAST ROW: D. Smith, J. Perlman, C. Kozial, R. Swanson, J. Trasatti, R. Karl, B. Greenspan, R. Thomas, Coach Skuban. THIRD ROW: G. Schneider, D. Rubinstien, B. Gelfand, S. Michael, F. Hussar, D. Luber, B. Sotello, Coach VVhitlatch. SECOND ROW: D. Lucary, T. Matzkin, G. Drier, L Goldinger, G. Portugal, J. Rosenbloom, J. Stengel. FIRST ROW:]. McMurry, J. Wernikoff, M Friedman,]. Cutrone, R. Taylor, G. Stein- berg. Junior Varsity Wrestling Scores FROSH-SOPH Although the sophomore squad st rted slowly, by the end of the season it showed great promise in winning four of the last five matches. Under Coach Rex Whidatch ' s tutelage the grapplers gained momentum and foretold additional strength for the Indians ' prospects in next year ' s campaign. Two exceptional freshman wrestlers, Fred Rolak and Barry Gelfand, were elevated to positions on the junior varsity and varsity squads. Consequently, the frosh squad was deprived of two formidable young compe- titors. Niles West 33 NUes West 27 NUes West 24 Niles West 24 Niles West 31 Niles West 16 Niles West 8 Niles West 17 Niles West 31 Niles West 12 Niles West 20 Niles West 24 Niles West 5 Niles West 44 Niles West 21 Niles West 19 Niles West 28 Niles West 16 Niles West 28 Niles West 29 Niles West 19 Niles West 28 Niles West 41 Niles West 17 Niles West 21 Niles West 6 Wheaton 16 Glenbard East 19 New Trier 24 Prospect 24 Proviso West 11 East Ley den 28 Deerfield 32 Mame West 31 Morton West 17 West Leyden 24 resiling Scores Niles East 31 Prospect 28 Evanston 43 Proviso 5 East Leyden 23 Willowbrook 28 Deerfield 23 Palatine 29 Morton West 18 Riverside 15 West Leyden 21 North Chicago 13 Glenbrook North 9 Glenbrook South 25 Evergreen Park 24 Wheaton 42 GYMNASTICS LAST ROW: Coach Phipps, S. Levin, W. Zager, E. Forkos, T. PfalT, M. Weinlein (Mana- ger), Coach Cress. SECOND ROW: M. Blustein, M. Koach, B. Leffingwell, 1). Senn, J. Baruck, P. Orser. FIRST ROW: J. Sitman.J. Berger, L. Metnick, E. Sotello, T. Bryant. VARSITY Mr. John Cress coached the varsity Gymnastics team to an overall dual meet record of ten wins, ten losses, and one tie. In Interim League competition, the Indians won six and lost four. Placing seventh in the state district meet, Niles West qualified Martin Roach and Ed- ward Sotello for the semi-finals. Assistant Coach Jim Phipps ' sophomores will have a big job in replacing the graduating seniors, who were regulars in twelve of the possible eighteen starting positions on the team. Edward Sotello was chosen " most valuable, " and James Sitman was voted honorary team captain. Varsity Gymnastic Scores Niles West 53 1 2 Niles East 78 1 2 Niles West 62 1 2 Glenbard West 69 1 2 Niles West 61 1 2 Lane Tech 71 1 2 Niles West 60 Arlington 72 Niles West 80 Morton West 52 Niles West 85 1 2 Glenbrook North 46 1 2 Niles West 70 Maine West 61 Niles West 66 Waukegan 66 Niles West 66 1 2 Wheaton 65 1 2 Niles West 46 Prospect 85 Niles West 57 Palatine 75 Niles West 58 Forest View 74 Niles West 59 Maine East 73 Niles West 61 Glenbard East 71 Niles West 44 Evanston 78 Niles West 71 1 2 West Leyden 61 1 2 Niles West 80 1 2 East Leyden 51 1 2 Niles West 69 1 2 Rich 62 1 2 Niles West 55 Willowbrook 77 192 Gymnast Martin Roach completes a hand stand as part of his routine on the parallel bars in the double- dual varsity meet with Barrington and Proviso West. LAST ROW: Coach Phipps, M. Weinlein (Manager), R. Clemen, L. Bubley, G. Wilkins, R. Nedsen, P. Mikula, S. Levin, Coach Cress. THIRD ROW- R. Nelson, J. Lundgren, S. Douglas, F. Stepen, P. Kuhr, E. Raymond, P. Finnerman, N. Evans. SECOND ROW R. Meyer, A. TruesdoU,]. McCarty, G.Rosenquist,VV. Hodges, R. Manna. FIRST ROW R. Gillman, B. Gerber, F. Gersten, P. Smetana, G. Lenzen, B. Bolnick, B. Gold. Frosh-Soph Gymnastic Scores FROSH-SOPH Swinging high, Edward Raymond prepares to dismount after his display on the parcdlel bars. NUes West 56 1 2 Niles East 83 1 2 Niles West 68 Glenbard West 64 Niles West 46 Lane Tech 64 Niles West 63 1 2 Arlington 68 1 2 Niles West 92 Morton West 44 Niles West 87 1 2 Glenbrook North 44 1 2 NUes West 77 Maine West 55 Niles West 70 1 2 Waukegan 61 1 2 Niles West 67 1 2 Wheaton 64 1 2 Niles West 55 1 2 Prospect 76 1 2 Niles West 72 Palatine 59 Niles West 87 Forest View 42 Niles West 57 Maine East 75 NUes West 76 Glenbard East 56 Niles West 66 Evanston 66 Niles West 65 West Ley den 67 Niles West 70 East Ley den 62 Niles West 71 Rich 61 Niles West 50 Willowbrook 82 Competing on tlie rings Is Barry ' Gold, future varsity gymnast INDEX Abbott, Barbara Ann, 144, 79, 34 Abbott, Barbara Lynn, 151 Aberman, David K, 159 Abrahamson, Murray ni, 171 Abrams, Linda l,ee, 170 Adami, l e Ann, 161 Adams, Audrey, 159 Adams, James Henry, 172 Adams, Jean, 159 Adams, Maryann, 150 Adams, Tom K, 147 Adelman, Linda (;, 159,99 Adelman, Sue L, 118 Adelson, Maria K, 162 Adkins, Dorothy M, 155, 79 VfFrunti, Andrea Lee, 119, 118 Aggen, Marv Barbara, 119, 79, 93 Anrens, Barbara Ann, 151, 79 Aiello, Tomilyn ' , 152 Akerly, Lind Sue, 145 Albert, Sharon, 163,77,87 Alder, A. Diane, 1 19, 90, 104 Alder, Duane Bruce 161, 178, 188 Alex, David Irwin, 145 Alex, Diane Joy, 173,80 Allaun, Stephen O Allen, James Richard, 119 Allen, Mary Jane, 119 Allen, Nancy J, 157,85 Allenbaugh, Wm II, 159, 179 Alles, John F, 119 Allison, Toni Jean, 149 Alonas, Paul G, 151 Alop, Alan A, 151,83 Alper, Sanford B, 148 Alport Carolyn Kuth, 151, 73, 76, 96 Altenbern, Linda, 155 Altschaeffel, Dennis, 171,88 Altshuler, Kenneth L, 178, 119, 91, 93, 97 Altshuler, Terry, 163, 184 Altszyler, William K, 162, 179 Amado, Rachel J, 119, 79, 76, 81, 96, 92,93 Amari, Joseph John, 152 Ambrus, Gayle L, 163 Anapol, Fred C, 149 Anderson, Bryan M, 149 Anderson, Cathy, 167, 85 Anderson, Charles 1,, 173 Anderson, Donald J, 157 Anderson, Donald], 174 Andersen, Douglas S, 155, 77, 74 Anderson, J ames . , 152 Anderson, Judith F, 85 Anderson, Judith Joy, 173 Anderson. Karen K, 150 Anderson, Urry D. 180, 172, 165 Anderson, Ijnda li, 154, 79,87 Anderson, Linda lx u, 149 Anderson, Margaret, 152, 85 Anderson, Norman R, 167, 179 Anderson, Robert C, 17, 81, 119, 79, 97, 181 Anderson, Roger C, 148 Anderson, Ray A, 163 Andrews, Judith Lynn, 168 Andrews, Kciren L, 1 19 Andrews, Susan M 148, 73 Andrzejewski, David, 166, 180 Androw, Judy, 163 Angelino, Paul J, 171, 80, 165 Anger, Karen 1), 119 Anger, Maureen A, 152 Anton, Diane .L, 119, 91, 90, 93, 99 Apelian, Donald J, 156 Aj)pel, David Neil, 166, 88 Applebaum, Leslie R, 161 Applebaum, Rosely, 152 Archer, James R, 150, 77, 178 Archer, Lyle, 119,97 Argyrakis, Dennis L, 1 19 Argyrakis, Thomas L, 163, 179 Armitage, Yvonne M, 160 Armstrong, Darlene G, 161, 74 Arnold, Nancy I ee, 172, 79 Aron, Cara Ijee, 152 Aronow, Cydney Beryl, 169 Arpan, Beverlee A, 146, 19 Arpan, John Kent, 31, 148, 79 Asher, Nadinejane, 164 Asher, Iheda Carol, 170, 80 Ashkinaz, Barry C, 119, 88 Atzel, Walter J, 166 Aull, Charles Philip, 152 Austin, James C, 180, 167, 180 Aviano, Richard A, 163, 179 Babl), Bryan Lee, 168 Bach, Catherine, 173,81 Bacher, Helen F, 158 Bader, Robert Jack, 149, 92 Baim, Candi Barbara, 170 Baker, Donald B, 161 Balkonis, linda 1), 164 Ballou, Patricia C, 157 Bank, Claire Ruth, 159 Banks, Maria B, 160 Banner, Mike William Bannister, Bonnie C, 147 Bantz, David A, 147,81 Bantz, Flizabeth F, 168 ' Barber, iJnda M, 75, 76 Barber, Robert Lynn, 181, 97, 181 Barclay, Richard, 164, 179 Barnow, Susan Mary, 171, 73 . Baron, Lawrence, 161, 74 - s Barrash, Andrea Gail, 171, 79 , Barrick, Roger P, 151 Barron, Joyce Arleen, 147 Barsky, Robert R, 158, 88 Bartelson, Anna M, 162 Barth, Barbara J, 162 Barth, Julianne, 160 Bartholomew, Robert, 164, 89 Bartlett, Bonnie Dee, 155 Bartlett, David Mark, 173 Baruck, John F, 97, 192 Basrak, Roger M, 177, 151 Bass, (Charles M, 151 Bass, l wrence A, 173 Bass, MiraJ, 157,99 Bass, Murry Alan, 168 Bassuk, LawrenceJ, 155, 77, 179 Basting, Nancy S, 172 Basting, Sharen„M, 158 Batangtaris, Irawati, 5,19,1 19, 92, 104 Bateman, Patricia D, 31, 79, 96, 8? Batschauer, Bonnie L, 145 Baum, Barbara J, 158 Baumann, SanclraJ, 147 Baumhardt, Dennis L, 149 Baumhardt, Joyce L, 170, 85 Baumhardt, Keith J, 137,89, 188 Baumhardt, Unda Ann, 172, 79 Bavetta, Betty J, 160,96 Beaird, Judith A, 164 Beaubien,l a(:, 119,79 Beck, Harvey C, 146 Becker, BUI John, 159 Becker, Carol Sue, 119 Becker, Hetty M 171 Beckway, BrentJ, 160 Bedoe, Beverly, 160 Bedoe, Marie Beth 119 Beelen, Fdward 172 Behr,F:lyse Judith, 159 Behrens, Cheryl L Behrens, Renea Diane, 161 Uehrstock, Gary M 162 BeU Deborah Sue, 119, 71, 75, 79, 112 Bekler, Letitia K, 119 Beletz, Florence, 146 Belgrade, Barbara Re, 119, 70, 93 BelHjohnW, 147,77 Bell, Uwrence G, 180, 168 Belokon, Katherine A, 172, 80 Bendersky, Larry, 169 Bennett, Leonard G, 146, 79 Bennett, Lynn P, 159 Bennett, XIary C, 168 Benson, Roberta J, 120, 79 Benzel, GaU Ann, 120, 92, 85 Berg, Connie Lee, 161 Berg, Kevin William 170 Berg, William A, 145 Berger, Barbara Lee, 148 Berger, Francine Ina, 167, 77 Berger, Harold E, 162 Berger, Jack Lynn, 120,97 Berger, J ames K, 169 Berger, Joel R, 162 Berger, Marsha Sue, 157 Berger, Michael A, 147, 192 Berger, Paul Krnest, 166 Berger, Roberta I), 169,80 Bergles, William J, 170 Berk, Marcia S, 146 Berke, Terry G, 160 Berke, Jay Paul, 120 Berkover, Rosalynne 145 Berkowitz, Cary F, 146 Berkson, Ifslie M, 149 Berkson, Robert Farl, 173 Berkun, Fdye Sandra, 120 Berlin, Barbaras, 149,75,81 Berliner, Donald D, 172, 79 Berlowe, Judi, 157 Berman, (ierald Neil, 120, 97 Herman, Ifslie Dale, 168 Berman, Robert M, 157, 83 Berman, Rosalie, 163, 79 Berman, Steven M, 158 Berndt, Margo C, 145 Berndt, Phyllis B, 157,85 Bernstein, Carol J, 155 Bernstein, Darlene R, 173 Bernstein, Marsha 11, 120 Bernstein, Ronald A, 158, 76 Bernstein, Ronald M, 160, 74 Bernstein, Susan 1, 151, 72, 96 Bers, Alan B, 164,77,80 Bers, lx)uis M, 147, 184 Bert, Carol Flaine, 170 Bethke, Kathy Fllen, 171 Bethke, William J, 159 Betts, Margciret R. 146 Beyda, Sherry Lynn, 172, 76 Bick, Kathryn Louise, 171 Biga, IVarbara Ann, 120 Biga, Frank Joseph, 170, 84 Binkley, John C, 165 Binko_pr, Bonnie B, 146, 85 Birger, Michkey, 120, 79, 95, 182 Birkley, Linda Alice, 171 Birndorf, lx)uise L, 148 Bjork, Donna Lynn, 156 Blameuser, Mary A, 163 Blanck, Geraldine H 161 Blank, Donna Lee, 164 Blank, Marilyn J, 146 Blatt, Morton V, 120 Blaul, Cynthia L, 173, 80, 82 Blessing, Barbara k, 158 Blessing, Carol Ann, 164 Blevit, Nadine, 173 Blitstein,Joel H, 120 Bloom, Barbara F, 148 Bloom, Joel Alan, 173 Blum, Jeanette M, 169 Blumenthal, Alan D, 156 Blumenthal,Judy F, 120 Blumenthal, Roy M, 161 Blumenthal, Susan A, 172, 79 Blustein, Marvin I, 146, 192 Bobek, Gregory, 173 Bolgioni, Richard L, 151 Bolfinger, Donna J, 167 Bolnick, Bruce R, 159, 193 Bobiick, Howard J, 120, 76, 80, 33, 77 Bolon, Roberta Sue, 120 Bolotin, Pamela G, 155, 82, 81 Bond, Nancy Jo, 157 Bonesz, Karen L, 120 Bonetti, John Frank, 76, 168 Bongiovanni, Ronald, 152 Bonifert, Diana S, 120, 70, 71 Bookman, Alan S, 73, 166 Bookwalter, Jack E, 149, 77, 80 Boor, John, 168 Booth, Susan D, 159 Borack, Alvln, 150 Borisof, Pamela J, 170 Borowski, Mary Susan, 167 Bostrom, Daniel B, 120 Bostrom, Susan, 169 Bowman, Lee Allan, 166 Hoyden, Bonnie M, 199, 85 Boyk, Juanita T, 120 Boysen, Barbara H, 120 Bradford, Jane A, 160,79 Bramson, I eonard A, 162 Bramson, Marcia D, 143 Bramson, Martin A, 120, 83, 88, 9 Bramwell, Terry J, 149 Brandt, Jacqueline, 145, 144 Brandt, Ralph (;, 88, 164 Brandzel, Ellen Beth, 161 Braude, Frances Ann, 168 Braun, Manfred W, 164 Braunstein, Ethan M, 120, 81 Braverman, Donna C 162 Breekha, Rose Marie 145 Breinig, Peggy Ann, 162 Brendel, Diane Marie, 150 Brice, Jerry Edwin, 79, 169. 180 Brier, William J, 80, 84 Brill, Charles M, 147188 Brin,Jary V, 152 Broccolino, Andrew C, 167 Broccolino, Evelyn A, 146 Brockbank, Carolyn, 168 Brocket!, Susan . nn, 79, 148 Brodin, Chris S, 157,77, 179 Brodsky, Jackie, 121,71 Brody, Linda, 161 Brody, Richard H, 173 Brodzik, Walter T, 155 Bronsun, B 185 Brooks, Janice, 75, 79, 86, 166 Brown, Bruce Allen, 172 Brown, Holly Beth, 121,71 Brown, Larry E, 80, 77, 82, 162 Brown, Steven I, 177, 121, 97, 189. 181 Bruckman; Barry A, 80, 162 Bruksch, FMward G, 177, 45, 182 Bruksch. Lawrence M, 77, 17). 180 Brunderman, John M, 121 Brunger, Jacqueline, 166 Brusman, Mickey M, 156 Bryant, Jack Lee, 79, 173 Bryant, Terry E, I5l, 192 Bryer, Renee S, 121 Bubley, Uwrence D, 173, 193 Bubley, Unda Lee, 157,80 Bucaro, Patricia Ann, 173 Bulster, Robert O, 151,84 Burg, Robert Bruce, 170 Burke, Raymond H, 150, 188, 190 Burke, Sharon M, 157, 79, 85 Burkhardt, Henry E, 170 -Burkhardt, Larry R, 148, 77, 80, 1 Burkhardt, Nancy Joan 150, 87 Burkhardt, Terry J, 77, 80, 167 Burnett, Kenneth D, 149 Bums, Randy B, 121 Bums, Samuel W, 149, 178 Bumstein, Bill Joel, 147 Burr, Franklin J, 121,81 Burr, Janet Lucile, 6, 158, 96, 154 Burton, Sandra Lee, 155 Busch, Kathleen J, 121 Bush, Larry Yale, 88, 168 BuUer, Judith T, 164 Buder, Mary Helene, 171 Butor, John Anthony, 168, 184 Butzow, Virginia I, 121, 85 Bydalek, Theodore, 166, 185 Cahan, David E, 162 Cahan, Michael A, 121, 71, 98, 97 Caldwell, David E, 169 Calucci, Rosemary J, 148 Caracciolo, GeorgeJ, 148, 181 Carlson, Barbara Ann, 1 2 Carlson, Gale M, 121, 33 Carlson, Gary E, 161 Carlson, Janet M. 121, 75, 79, 118 Carlson,NancyG, 151,79 Carlson, Robert A, 164 Carlson, Roland W, 169 Carlson, Roy Allen, 121 Carlson, Wendell O, 149, 84 Carniol, Glenn M, 147 Carozza, Phyllis M, 148 Carrane, William B, 172 Carsky, TeryleJ, 121 Cashatt, Kathleen A, 121, 94, 93 Cassata, Orrln, 168 Cassldy, Randall, 173 194 INDEX Cech, Uura K, 121 Chail, Kdwiii, 121 (Ihamberlain, ' icki, 79, 164 (-hanierski, (!arol Ann, 161 Chamlin, Sherry K, 168 Chang, Charles S, 150, 92, 87 Chapfik, Klynne S 70, 121, 118 Chapman, Marcia Kulh, 172 Chechopoulos, M, 155, 75, 79, 81, 107 Chechopoulos, Peter, 157 Cheetham, Shirley A, 148, 76 Chepulis, Cheryle S, 145, 94, 82 Chez, Barbara Ann, 121,93 (;hien Agnes, 171 Chlet, Michael 1 ' , 149 Chikaraishi, Dona M, 149, 92 Chikaraishi, Todd, 98, 171, 185 Childs, Sharon L, 149, 79, 85 Chrises, Kathleen . l, 159 Christ, Linda, 152 Christ, Maria, 162 Christensen, Alan I., 121, 71, 93 Christiansen, Cathy, 96, 166 Christensen, Douglas, 159 (Christensen, Steven, 173 Christensen, Wm K, 151,89 Chvalovsky, Jay T, 173 Chvalovsky, Jon, 151 Cierny, James J, 145 Cierny, Joseph John, 173 Cieszykowski, Ken, 150 Cinman, I ' aulette C, 145, 73, 75, 79 Clapperty, Linda I e 170 Clark, Howard W, 150 Clark, Jane, 172 Clark, June M, 147,85 Claus,Jeffrey K, 162 Clausen, Cheryl Y, 20, 121, 79, 118, 81,93 Clausen, Joan E, 77, 20, 85, 162 dayman, Susan C, 122 Cleburne, Mary Jane, 171 Clemen, Robert lilair, 167, 181, 193 Clifford, Douglas D Cline, Edwin L, 150 Clyman, Harold I., 160,84 Clyman, Sandra K, 157 Cockrell, Cynthia C, 149, 73 Cedell, Barrv E, 161, 185 Codell, Julie Eran, 122,81 (Cohan, Alan Robert, 166, 165 Cohen, lirian R, 146 Cohen, Debrajoy, 170 Cohen, Jerry, 145 Cohen, Karen A, 122 Cehen, Linda Ruth, 159, 72 Cohen, Marilyn, 155,75,79 Cehen, Merle Lynn, 122,71 Cohen, Stephen Alan 92, 167, 180 Cohen, Stuart Shelly 169 Cohn, Linda Sue 172 Colbert, Steven J, 151 (Coleman, Lynn, 163 Collins, Patricia J, 150 Collins, Randall II, 169 Collons, Michelle Av, 158 Celten, Steven K, 122, 91 Comess, Cherie, 122, 71 C myn, Robert Craig, 169 Condit, Steven C, 172 Condon, Jeanne S 156 Conley, Karen Lee, 151, 89 Connelly, Robert P, 147 Connett, Daryl A, 168 Conrad, Jon 162, 17,80,87 Centi , Michael A, 152 Cooper, Barbara Sue, 71, 173 Cooper, Karen B, 79 Cooper, Mildred C, 166 Cooper, Susan Betty, 122, 71 Cordell, Marshall S, 162, 181 Corin, Kenny B, 160 Corn, Donna, 145, 79 Cornelius, WUIiam E, 148, 98 Cersey, L, 179 Certy.jamesR, 122 Cesgrove, Michael (;, 98 Costantino, Micholas, 93, 171 Costantino, Roseann, 147, 74 Coulter, Marilyn 1, 163 Coursey, Larry . t 157 Cowan, Beverly M, 146, 79 Cowan, Ellyn, 122 Cowan, Jerry S, 171, 165 Cowen, Bonnie L, 161 Cowin, Stuart M 122 (Cox, Cynthia (Carol 172 (Cragg, Janet A, 150 (Cragg, Susan E, 79, 171 Craig, Evelyn Rita 166 Crain, Bruce I, 173, 165, 180 Culberg, Beverly N, 145 (Curran, Donna Dale, 158 Cutler, Arthur E, 173 Cutrone,Jack J, 180, 173, 165, 180, 191 (Cutrone, James J, 152, 177 (Cywinski, Barbara (i, 122 Dahl, Cheryl Ruth, 79, 122 Dahl, Donna R, 149, 79, 89 Dahl, James Marvin 180 Dahl, Robin Bob 75, 122,79 Dahlin, Cail Marie, 172 Dahlin, Janet B, 75, 122, 79, 118 Dahlin, June E, 164 Daiberl, John L, 122 Daiberl, Richard J, 149 Dale, Barbara, 80 Dall, Karen C, 74, 94, 170 Damkjer, Donna Lee, 157, 85 Daniels, Caroline R, 145 Dankowski, Cail J, 159 Dankowski, Gary J, 163 Dantuma, Michele, 122 Danzinger, David L, 150 Danzinger, Stuart L, 167, 184 Darling, Richard, 150 Darsch, Catherine M, 160 Darsch, Dale A, 159, 98 Dascanio, Ida Jean, 161 Davidove, Donna (Jail, 85, 168 Davidove, Sandra E, 151 Davidow, Elliott H, 178, 122,97 Davidow,Jav 122,84,93,97 Davidson, liwis R 122, 79, 88, 84 Davidson, Marilynn, 94 Davidson, Sheila Jo 173, 79 Davidson, Stewart I., 168 Davis, Barrv 150,91, 181, 182 Davis, (Cheryle, 159, 82 Davis, Diane U 151,98 Davis, Gary Alan, 170, 98 Davis, Robert Joseph, 80, 84, 167 Davis, Susan Kay, 160 Davis, Trudi Anne, 151 92 Davis, Virginia . L 162,79 Dean, Richard Henry, 122 Deck, Donald A, 177, 178, 123, 97, 176 Decker, Patrick H, 164 Decker, Renate S, 151, 74, 76, 87 De Correvont, Susan, 146 Dedauw, Patricia L, 166 Dedekind, Karen J, 162 Dehmlow, Genie, 162 Dehnert, Robert A, 123 De La Rosa, Lorie L, 163 Dell, Darlene S, 145, 74 Ddman, Joel R, 149 Delott, Michael R, 123, 97 Delott, Ronald, 161 DeLove, Judith L,24, 145,81,86, 113 DeMaa, Sandra |, 160 Demas, William L, 159, 169, 179 DeMeduc, (Candy M, 147, 79 Demeduc, Gregory, 169 Demeo, KanelTa, 167 Denley, Lynn S, 145,79 Der Avedisian, Robert, 162 Derbes, Ron E, 123 Derman, Barry Dale, 152, 81 Derosaire, Charlotte, 150 DeRudder, Jerome P, 163 DeRudder, Sheri May, 85, 168 Dervishian, Deanna NL 123 Dervishian, James E, 173 DeSamis, Kathy Ann, 166 Dettloff, Diane C, 79 Deutch, Sharon D, 155 Deutsch, Paul E, 123 DeVogelear, David R, 148, 178 Dewar, Matthew B, 145 Diamond , Ered M, 157, 87 Diamond, Joanne, 148 Diamond, Richard, 123 Dick, Carol Lynne, 171 Didier, Linda L, 157 Dieterle, Dale Alan Dietze, Naomi J, 154, 79 Dilg, Dennis C, 123,118,97 Dilg, Jayne Y, 123, 71, 76, 77 DUg, Mary Ann, 123 DiModica, Ethel M, 123, 77 Dimschultz, Sally J, 171 Dingman, (Ceorge B, 155, 84 DiSalvo, Allan John, 163 Dilkowsky, James E, 146 Ditkowsky, udith A, 147 Ditkowsky, Lois [o, 149 Dobbin, (;regg A " lan,156, 181, 185 Dobbs, Kenneth P, 156 Dolnick, Susanne L, 30, 123 Dombek, Donna S, 123 Domenella, Lina . l, 159 Domorackij Susan P, 148 Dompier, Sneryl Lynn, 171 Doniger, Dale L, 147 Doniger, Michael Les, 123, 91, 93 Doppelt, Samuel H, 161,83 Dorband, Anne Marie, 123 Dorband, Carol J, 173 Dorfman, Judith S, 151 Doruff, Donald E, 180, 173, 180, 185 Douglas, Spencer R, 173, 193 Dover, Elorence Rae, 123 Doyle, Nancy Jean, 150, 75, 76, 79 Dragovich, Danlca, 149 Drees, Susan R, 165 Dreier, Donald G, 179, 80, 180 Dreiser, Carole Sue, 148 Dressel, William G, 152 Drew, Kathleen M, 151 Druck, Norman Steven 123, 98 Du Chane, Robert J, 147 Duda, Erank G, 123 Duda, Lynn C, 146, 74 Dudley, Sharon Ann, 150 Duffey, Patricia M, 159 Dugan, J anice S, 161 Duke, Pamela Susan, 124 Duren, Janet, 145,79 Dunster, Kimberly A, 80, 76, 79, 82, 81 172 Dworkin, Marsha, 161 Dziordzik, (Carole, 150 Eagan, Laura Marie, 150 I ' .arlix, l wrence L, 162, 84 Kby, Patricia (C, 159 Ecfcmann, Jeanne, 164 Ederer, Barbara M, 124, 79 Edwards, Bruce E, 164 Eichhorn, James E, 150 Eiler, Harold Otto, 158 Eilers, Joyce Ann, 162,79 Ekstein, Esther, 82, 165 Elarde, Gerald ' , 160 Elden, Barry Hand, 177, 152 Elenewski, AUen 11, 124 Elias, (Cilbert (C, 168 Elias, Mark, 172 Elias, Raymond J, 124 Elias, Sheldon 1), 146, 76, 77, 80 Ellew, Barbara l.vnn, 168 Ellis, DarrylJ, l64 Ellis, Janice (Caryn, 170, 165 Ellis, Kathleen J, 124, 118,90,91 Enberg, Denis Alan, 172 Endre David Brian, 155 Endre, Margie May, 167 Enenstein, Sherry L, 147 Engel, Judith Anne, 169 English, Robert E, 157, 179 Ensslen, (Cisela 11, 155 Entman, Itari, 169 Epstein, Erancine U 162 Epstein, Jill Linda, 9(i, 166 Epstein, Alark B, 124,92 Epstein, Robert S, 124 Epstein, Ronald J ay, 124 Epstein. Sharron, 124 Epstein, Stuart A, 124, 91, 93 Epstein, Tobi E, 157, 77 Ericksen, Stephen J, 167 Erickson, Judith H 29, 124 Erickson, Louise Nl, 76, 169 Eriander, (Caria D, 155, 79 Ermilio, anice M, 92, 162 Ernt, Dan, 159 Ernt, Joyce A, 124 Espey, Linda Lee 156, 77, 94 Esposito, Linda L, 156 Esposito Paschal K, 146 Esterl, Nancy L, 150m 75, 79 Esterman, David J, 160 Ettinger, Esther R, 150, 87 Ettinger, Terry Sue 168 Eulberg, Patricia J, 151, 76 Evans, Neil Richard, 92, 173, 193 Evers, Barbara, 147, 76 Evensen, Robin Ann 79, 166 Evensen, Warren J, 150 Ewing, Linda Marie, 162 Eabrie, Michael W, 147 Eabbro, X ' ivian Rose, 161, 81, 154 I ' aehse, William (C, 124 Eaerstein, Joel U 147 Eagan, Joseph L, 171,88 Eagerstrom, Eliz E, 124, 79 Eaintuch, (Cheryl D, 164,96 Ealkoff, Ellen H, 147 Kallico, Richard J, 161,80 Eanaras, (Christopher 162 Earaci, Linda Jean, 156 Karaci, Peter ' , 178 EausI, Penelope A, 158 Eay,JonilleD, 171 Eearn, Arnold E, 162 Eeigenbaum, Barry J, 124, 90, 97, 189 Eeigenbaum, Adrienne, 164, 79, 154 Eeinberg, Ellen B, 155, 79 Eeingold, Bonita (C, 147 Eeipel, Martin W, 164 Eelber, Janice Kay, 124, 97 Eelber, Karen Jean, 124 Eeldman, ArleneJ, 146 Eeldman, Mark Lewis 162 Eeldpausch, Jack, 160, 77, 80, 89 Eelsenthal, Richard, 124 Eerguson, John (C, 124 Eerina, ' incent II, 155 Eerris,JamesH, 157,84,89 Eesselmeyer, Susan (;, 124 Eield, Dorothy 124 Eields,John D, 125, 79 Eields, larshall, 125,97 Eields, Richard 79, 171 Eilas, Leon G, 125 Kilko, (Cary Scott, 156, 84 Eiller, David Edward 171, 185 Kimoff, Barbara A, 148 Eimoff, Robert L, 146 Fine,JudithL, 125,75,79, 112 Einesllver, Jetirey, 162 Eink, (Carol Louise, 125, 99 Eink, Ellen Marie, 166 Eink, Robert William, 173 Einkel, Diane M, 173 Einnerman, Philip B, 173, 193 Eirmiss, Philip Eric, 170, 84 Fischer, Adrienne, 172 Fischer, Paul S, 158, 185 Fisher, Gail Mae, 76, 171 Fisher, Jo Anne, 159 Fisher, Vicki A, 167 Fixel, Carol Ann, 125 Elammini, Garolee, 170 Elammini, Lynn Ellen, 79, 82, 168 Elasch, Norman R, 164, 84 Eleischman, Jerry E, 159 Fleishman, Barbara F, 99 Fleishman, MarcieJ, 1 )0 Fhnk, Edward A, 161 Flodin, Ralph Carl, 172, 79, 84 Elorczak, Robert M, 151 Flowers, Christine L, 148 Floyd, Steven, 167 Eoerster, Thomas E, 125 Footitt, Richard A, 171 Ford, Judith A, 145 Foreman, Jack Andrew, 170 Forgan, Pamela N, 146 ForRos, Edward H, 125, 192 Forman, lay Douglas, 125 Forman, Leigh L, 167 Eormeister, Richard, 125 Fornoff, Dennis J, 125 Forsberg, Theodore J, 24, 144, 149,93, 188 Eorst, Laura, 169 Eortuna, Nicholus, 159 Fortunate, Nikki D, 161 Fortunate, Susan C, 169 Foster, David T, 162 Foster, Gregory H, 163, 72 Fester, Joanne E, 162, 86, 154 Fox, Lynn Rae, 162 Frank, Barry M, 157 Frankenstein, Idalee, 125, 71 Franklin, JanisK, 162,73 Franklin, Susan L, 148 Franks, George J, 155 Franks, Pamela Lynn, 165 Erantell, Noelle T, 168 F ' rantz, Gary, 35 Fray, Karin L, 160 195 INDEX Krazin, Barry Steven, 125 Frazin, Betty S, 173 Fredrickson, M, 152 Fredson, Michelle 1, 155, 93, 99 Freed, Andrea M, 145, 144 Friedman, Charles E, 98, 166 Friedman, Diane, 164, 75, 79 Friedman, (lary B, 151 Friedman, loel 152 Friedman, ludith H, 159 Friedman, Linda B, 173, 165 Friedman, Terri N, 163 Friedner, Bonnie I., 161, 97 Frisk, Susan Nina, 160, 97 Fritz, (leorge II, 156 Frodin, Joy Sharon, 125, 81 Fryksdale, Karen N, 173 Fydrych, Ida M, 173 Fujiye, Leslie, 147 Fuka, Karen C, 149 Futransky, James A, 145, 181 (;aan, Cary A, 149 Gabel, Charles, 173 Gabel, Marv B, 171 Freed, Ellyn ' lu, 157, 82 Freedberg, Lynne S, 145 Freedman, Brenna S, 79, 168 FreehiU, Michael 98, 171 Freedman, (lail M, 144, 99 Free!, Uoyd David, 147 Freeman, Arlene U 158 Freeman, Barbara E, 152 Freeman, Susan J, 125 French, Carol Ann, 79, 172 French, Warren I is, 125, 1 18, 93 F ' reres, Maureen A, 125 Freske, Lana Rae, 171 Fried, Miriam G, 158, 73, 74, 81 F ' rieden, Terry E, 160 Friedewald, Mary I., 171 Friedewald, Robert, 172, 180 Friedewald, Thomas, 166, 180 Friedman, Arthur H, 80, 84, 89 Friedman, Carol Joy, 19, 125 Friedman, Charles E, 98, 166 Friedman, Diane, 164, 75, 79 Friedman, Gary B, 151 Friedman, Joel, 152 Friedman, Judith H, 159 F ' riedman, Linda B, 173, 165 Friedman, Steven C Friedman, Terri N, 163 F ' riedner, Bonnie L, 161, 97 Frisk, Susan Nina, 160, 97 F ' ritz, George H, 156 Frcxlin, Joy Sharon 125, 81 Fryksdale, Karen N. 173 Fydrych, Ida M, 173 Gabriel, Amelia A, 149, 75, 79 Gaene, Henry Jim, 156, 179 Gafien, Elisabeth D, 148, 79 Gallowich, Susanne J, 151, 125, 75, 79 Galowitch, Werner J Gano, Terry L, 180, 172 Garbo, Linda Ann, 165, 170 Garen, Kenneth Bruce 13, 161, 177 Garfield, Frances J, 152,144 Garlich, Michael], 151,77 Garlin, Barry R, 164 Gassman, Rita Jay 167 Gawrylewski, Stephen, 125 Gaynon, Paul Samuel, 172 Gehrke, Jerry Allen, 168 Geist, David Michael, 170, 180 Geist, Fred F, 149 Gelfand, Barry Scott, 168, 80, 191 Gelman, Harriet F, 125,71 Geni, Lawrence Ryan, 80, 169 Gerber, Bruce Steven, 166, 165, 193 Germain, Judith A, 159 Gerow, Alan Gilbert, 158 Gershun,Jill Anne, 125 Gershun, Linda E, 162 Gersten, Jeffrey L, 169, 180, 193 Gertenrich, Robert, 158 Getchius, Kathleen M, 79 Giacinto, Sharon Lou, 164 Gibson, Colleen T, 168 Gilbert, Barry , 164, 79 Gilbert, Susan, 154, 162 Gilbert, William A, 148 Gill, Raymond Joseph, 80, 168 Gillespie, PhUlip A, 173 Gillman, Robert A, 155, 193 Gilluly,John Ke in, 166, 165, 180 Gdluly, Sandra, 16, 125, 81, 94 Gilman, Janis Allyn, 171 Ginsburgh, Steven, 171 Giovannelli, Chas N, 177, 126, 97 Gitner, iJnda Vvette, 155 (iiuntoli, Philip A, 165, 180 Glade, Cathy L, 157 (blading, Karen Ann, 166 (;lantz, loel Howard, 173, 179 Glantz, Linda S, 126 Glass, Bonnie Ellen, 149 Glass, Myrnajoy, 150 (ilassberg, Arnold R, 177, 126 (ilassberg, Joan B, 155 Glenn, Marilyn M, 149 (;lick, Sheri Anne, 173, 165 Ghem, Judith Ellen, 151 Goch, Diane R, 150 Godemann, Steve NL 150 Goebelt, lindal, 144, 149 Goetz, F lizabeth, 79 Goetzke, David A, 157 Goglanian, John, 171, 83 Gold, Barry, 20, 159, 193 Gold, Claire Ellen, 173 Gold, Edward S, 126, 88, 89 Gold, Judith Maxine, 24, 163 Gold, Karen Sue, 171 Gold, Uuren D, 160 Gold, Lvdia, 151 (;old, .Vlichele R, 155 Gold, Sheila Rae, 126 (;old, Steven Louis, 161 (;oldberg, Chas D, 126, 77, 86 Goldberg, David, 150 Goldberg, Edrea S, 168, 77, 96 Goldberg, George M, 149, 88 Goldberg, Harlan F, 164 (;oldberg, Neal, 168 (Joldberg, Susan L, 156, 79 Goldblatt, Cheryl J, 156 Goldenberg, Joseph A, 146, 89 Goldenbogen, Marjorie, 126, 85 (;oldla rb, Iris D, 79 Goldleder, Ianicel50, 75, 79, 81, 107, 113 (Joldinger, L, 191 Goldman, (Jarv R, 149 Goldman, IleneJ, 161,82,81 Goldner, Donna, 164, 79 Goldner, Sheldon B, 146 Goldstandl, James E 162 (Goldstein, Donna I e, 145, 81 Goldstein, Elyse, 158 Goldstein, Mark L, 164 Goldstein, Robert H, 162, 179 Goncales, Richard 159 Goode, Robert Alan, 126 (Joodman, Gerald M, 150 Goodman, Robert, 172, 82, 83, 84 (;ordon, (Jail F, 151,76,77,81 (Jordon Murray Lee, 77, 82, 80, 171 (Joren, (Jail S, 164 (Jorenstein, David G, 23, 126, 118, 81 Gorgosz, Gregory K, 170 Gorman, Brent Ellis, 167 (Jornstein, Shaya, 155 (Jorski, Dianne L, 146 (Jorski, Peggy Joan, 169 (Jorsky, Jerrold . L 147 (Joss, Harriet Beth, 6, 151 (Jottshalk, B, 178 Gould, Robert J, 149 (Joundas, Rita, 159 Gracen, Todd l e, 147 Graczyk, Barbara A , 126 (Jradman, Sidney B, 151, 83 Graeff, Linda K, 166 (Jraessle, Charles A, 169 (Jraff, Gary Bennett, 126 Graif, Jeffrey D, 162 (Jrafman, . Iark Stewar, 146 Graham, Kenneth C, 150, 74 Graham, Lynne Ruth, 160, 70 (Jrauman, Nancy Ellen, 161,85 (Jray, Kathleen Susan, 145, 79 Gray, Patricia, 173 (Jreen, Carol Susan, 169 (Jreen, Marilyn H, 126 (Jreenberg, Denise M, 196, 70 (Jreenberg, Jeffrey S, 167 (Jreene, (Jarin Sue, 168 (Jreene, Myles Rodney, 150 (Jreene, Robert S, 160 (Jreenspan, Robert, 173, 191 (Jreenfield, Richard, 155 Greenman, Herbert A, 157, 74, 77, 80 Greenman, Steven B, 158, 92 Greenenwald, William 166 Greenwald, Linda . L 171 (Jreenwald, Susan R, 150 Griffin, Alice Kay, 126, 79 Griffiths, Nancy S, 145 Grigg, Susan f, 73, 74 Grim, Stana Ann, 172 Grizzell, Nancy Anne, 173 Grobman, (Jarol Lynn, 171 Groh, (Jary L, 171 Grossman, Barry (Jene, 158 Grossman, Bruce T, 152 Grossman, Roberta N, 126 Grossman, Robert D, 126 Cuba, Alex, 150 Guenther, Ellen L, 149 Guenther, James E, 150 (Juetlther, Timothy R, 160 CJuess, Dennis (J, 164, 86 Guinand, Linda S, 27 (Jussis, Uoyd E, 159, 182 Gutbrod, Carol Ann, 126, 79 Guth, (Jreggrv James, 155 Gutschick, win Chas, 126, 97 Gutsmiedl, Bob, 161 Gutder, Diane NL 126 Haas, Donald Frank, 125 Hack, Thomas Gerald, 166 Hackin, Arthur, 80, 173 Haffner, Christine E, 127 Hagen, Gail, 149 Hagen, Mary Carol, 162 Hagimihalis, Maria 168 Haigh, Charles T, 173 Hain, Paul Richard, 149, 77 Hain, Thomas John, 159,88, 181 Hajduk, Christine, 1()0 Haller, Kathleen T, 127 Haller, Thomas A, 152 Hallnian, Barbara A, 155 Hallmann, Elmer 1, 149 Halpern, FMayneJ, 127,81,106,107 Halpern, Ronald J, 174, 180, 185 Halpert, Scott D, 151 Halverson, Earl F, 170, 80, 87 Hammerberg, Sally 155 Hammond, Rosemarie, 173 Hanlon, Ronald Dwyer, 170 Hanlon, Thomas E, 145 Hanlon, William J, 162 Hansen, Michael (J, 146, 77, 82, 93 Hansen, Thomas (J, 146 Hanson, Katherine L, 145 Hanstrom, Thomas D, 163 Hantman, Sandi, 159 Hara, Steven S, 167 Harms, Eileen I, 158 Haroldson, James A, 145 Harris, Janis I., 160 Harris, Mark R, 157, 87, 79 Harris, Meryl Sue, 127 Harris, Sherwin, 150 Harrison, Donna Lynn, 127 Harrison, Jack A, 88, 172 Harrman, John Walter, 89, 171 I lartenfeld, Jeffrey, 127 Ilarmian, Howard K, 155 Ilartman, Lona A, 164, 75, -79 Hartstein, Elliott D, 80, 82, 83, 167, 165 Harvey, Roger W, 80, 89, 163 Harvis, Martha S, 159 Haskin, Robert Lee, 169 Hassan, lila, 127 Ilastman, I e Allen, 152 Haugsness, Sally A, 166 HawKins, ' irginia R, 147 Hawle ' , Howard R, 146 Hayes, Thomas L, 164 Head, Michael J, 149 Heffron, Robert Frank, 127 Heftman, Lila Sue, 169 Ilefunan, Ronald N, 127 llehn, Cheryl Lynn Ilehn, Ste ' en Ronald, 167 lleilbron, David S, 168, 185 Heim, Terry I-eigh, 73, 173 Heine, William, 84, 166 Heinz, James, 168 Heinz,1ohnM, 151,87,79 Heinz, Roseann M, 151 Heitman.John B, 127 Heller, Barbara ' Ruth, 161,88 Heller, Frailces, 152 Heller, Richard H, 163, 115 Hellman, Marsha Faye, 127 llellman, Richard , 127 lielmers, Ray August, 171 llenning, James M, 172 llenning. Randy Xeal, 145 llenningsen, Cheryl, 147,87 llenrichs, Donald J, 171 llairich, Donnajean, 171 llenrichs, I.ynnette M, 147 llenrickson, Charles, 178 Henricks, William II, 151 llenriksen, Raymond (J, 127, 188 Hepburn, Sandra Sue, 159 Ilcppner, Amy Ixju, 147 Hcrbon,jill K, 166 llerbon, Kim Howard, 148 IIerbst,JoanM, 152,144 Ilerbstman, Arnold 173 Ilerkert, Dennis C, 177, 127, 97 Herman, Richard II, 151 Herrmann, Merrilv S, 24, 127, 86, 97 Herr, Ileide Marie, ' 127 Herrmaim, Jerilyn (J, 173 Herrmann, Ronald I., 164, 77 llertzberg, Stuart J, 149, 184 Herzog, Ste ' en K, 149 Heltema, Karen (), 127 Heuberger, Diane I., 162 Ileuberger, Michael A, 174 Heun, Rogerjon, 146 Hexom, Stanley l)avid, 80 lleyer, Barbara M, 151 Ilevman, Miralvnn M, 129 Hidaka, Candvce E, 163, 76, 86 Ililbert, Micha ' elJ,158, 179 Ilildebrand. (:raigA,87 Ilildebrand D, 180 Ilildebrand, Fred W, 145 Ilildebrandt, Ed, 164 llilfman, Merle,6, 150,79,96 II m, David, 151, 144,188 II illberg, Susan [, 170 Ilinkle, Alan R, 155,77, 181 Hintz, Pauleite, 167 Ilirsch, Bernard, 88, 84, 169 Ilirsch, Donna |oy, 172 Ilirschtick, Daniel B, 180, 168, 180, 185 llirschtick, Ste ' en R, 145, 177, 184 llirsh, Rochellel!, 129 Ilitc, Maria Ue, 79, 171 Illady, ISrianWavne, 170 Illady,JoyceI),172 Hbag, Bruce C, 148 llobbs, Kim Susan, 152 llobbs, MichaelC, 157 lIoch,UoN, 155,89 Iloclifelder, Harry, 129, 90, 97 Hodges, l e Stuart, 148 Hodges, William F, 159, 193 Iloeper, Lore M, 151 Ilofl, Linda Marie, 167 Hoffberg, Josephine, 96, 163 Iloffberg, ayneRoy 169 IIo«berg, Wendy M 166 Iloffenberg, Earl B, 21, 177, 129, 97 Iloffing, I-nienL, 157 Hoffman, Charles |ay,98,84, 169 Hoffmann, Ellen L, 147 Hoffman, judd David, 169 Hoffman Robert (J, 129 Hoffman, Ronald l£e,20, 129, 77 lloglund, Janet A, 155 Iloheisel, Randv L, 159, 179, 185 I loheisel, Sharon S, 146,86 Hohs, William P Jr. 177, 145, 91 182 Hokanson, Janice R, 147 Holland, Bonnie E, 79, 167 llolley, Michael F, 162 lloltzman, Jeff, 161 Iloneman, Edward J, 180, 173, llonnet, Elizabeth A, 150, 70, 72, Hook, Carol Lynn, 163 Hook, Charles B, 152 I loover, Sally Joan,- 129, 79 Hopper, Jeffrey A, 166 llopps, Beverfy . L 171 IIopps, Kenneth C, 129, 118 Ilorban, Rojenne Dee, 172 Hork, William Victor, 129 Horowitz, Trudye R, 156 97, 181 81 INDEX Ilorwitz, Stephen V, 129, 93, 97, 177 Horwitz, Steven D, 162, 84, 87 Host, Raymond, 147 Howard, Allan I, 162 Hrynkow, Linda L, 156 lludspeath, William, 162 lluels, Dennis H, 180 lluels,John Brian, 171 Huempfner, I ' atricia, 129 Hulteen, Linda Kay, 163 Hunter, Carlene II, 129, 71, 75, 79 Hunter, Dianne E, 161,94,85,93 Hunter, William (J, 146 Husclier, Frederick T, 166 Huster, Juliann M, 173 Hutchings, Nancy Sue, 173 lllian, Barbara Jean, 164 Imhoi, Carol Ann, 82, 74, 96, 174 Inimergluck, Kona, 164 Ingram, Barbara S, 148 Isaacs, Melinda Sue, 170, 165 Isaacson, Kobert 1 ' , 162 Iverson, Annette L, 151 Iverson, I na, 157 Iverson, Walter (;, 148 Izbicky, Judith Kae, 172 kbicky, Michael J, 160,83 " ackson, (George W, 148 acob, Susan B, 159 acobs, Kugene, 155 ' acobs, I ' atti Kllen, 170 acobs, Sharon, 147, 79 acobson, Janis Kae, 73 aeger, Leslie Marie, 129 afft, IlallieS, 167 agger, Judith (lail, 168 anek, James . L 151 anse, C;loriaJo, 79, 172 anse, Julie Ann, 150 anus, Walter John, 148 avers, Raymond S, 162 ersky, Andrea B, 24, 168 esse, Dennis John, 173 ■ etter, Paul Kdward 170 obst, Don (George, 157 ;obst,Jack, 130 obst, James I ' , 151 obst, Jeff William, 167, 180 chanson, Alice Sue, 160 ohnson, Barbara L, 150, 75, 79 ohnson, Candace L, 130, 79 ohnson, Carolyn S, 161, 99 ohnson, Forrest, 173 ohnson, John R, 88, 169, 180 ohnson, ames Wm, 146 ohnson, udy Ann, 130 ohnson, udy Anne, 162 ohnson, udy Marie, 166 ohnson, Karen L, 149 ohnson, Kenneth G, 169 ohnson, Lynn 147 ohnson, Lynn 130, 79 ohnson, . Iarilyn l£e, 130, 94 olinson, Marsha Ann, 130,76 ohnson, Phyllis D, 130 ohnson, Ralph Parke 169 ohson, Richard, 158 ohnson, Robert A, 167 ohnson, Stephen (;, 80, 168 ohnson, Sonia M, 152, 85 ohnson, William 145 ohnson, William 130 Johnston, Sharon Ann, 150 ordani, I ann, 129 ; ung, Wayne D, 158, 179 varsky, Barbara J, 129 varsky, Gerald, 129 iaage, Roger C, 148, 89 Kahn, Jerry Ronald, 129, 88, 97, 188 Kahn, Madelon, 148 Kalinsky, Marilyn, 173 Kalish, Ruthann, 149 Kallhauge, ilary ¥., 166 Kallison, Jerry, 147 Kalman, Ronna, 171 Kalmis, Gail M, 162 Kaluzna, Scott Alan, 160, 73, 92 Kamensky, Jerrold, 129 Kamlu, Sherry R, 160 Kandell, Annette, 172 Kane, Ruth Lynn, 155 Kann, Ira Marshall, 129 Ranter, Lynn R, 157 Kaplan, Arlene T, 158, 82, 93 Kaplan, F arl L, 166 Kaplan, Jay . L 164, 87 Kaplan, AI ark I, 171 Kaplan, Robert L, 151 Kaplan, Robert Paul, 147 Kaplan, Susan B, 152, 96, 86 Karakis, Steve Allan, 166 Karch, Nancy ),73, 74, 154 Kardofr,Joan Alice, 129 Kariotis, Barbara 147, 74, 76, 96, 85 Karl, Richard J, 159, 191 Karlesky, Jean . L 129 Karlesky, ' irginia 173 Karlin, Allan Norman, 150, 144 Karlin, Maureen M, 145, 86 Karlos, Chris A, 129 Karnes, Malvin, 157 Karoff, Susan D, 147 Karp, Trudy Hope, 152, 79 Karpman, Ronald S, 162, 77 Keirsten, Susan M, 129 Kasallis, James A, 173 Kasper, Carole Nancv, 20, 129, 85 Katsoolias, John T, 129 Katsoulis, Larry N, 129 Katsoulis, Thomas J, 163, 80 Katz, Beth M, 160, 96, 87 Katz, David, 152, 178 Katz, Dean ' ., 149 Katz, Howard Michael 170, 98 Katz, Norman William, 84, 172 Katz, Robert Sanford, 170, 165 Katz,Sherrie P, 164 Katznelson, Craig S, 157 Katznelson, Terri G, 79, 167 Kaufman, Andrea S, 159 Kauffman, Nancy L, 168 Kaufman, Donna Lynn, 129, 71 Kaufman, Bruce II, 172 Kaufman, Robin Donna, 129 Kaufman, Robert H, 168 Kave, Robert Michael, 170, 73 Kaywood, Jeffrey J, 129 Kaywood, Wiley K, 167 Kazelak, Richard J ay 129 Kazelak, Robert E, 131, 169 Kazmierczak, Shelia, 129 Keefer, Carol Lynn, 161 Keefer, Robert A, 155 Keene, Ivy Sheryle, 166 Keith, Bruce K, 163 Keker, Linda Irene, 169 Keller, Lester Allan, 147, 76, 74, 80 Kelter, Roberta J, 159 Kemnitz,JohnE, 129 Kemp, Carol N, 79, 164 Kempf, Stephen W, 80, 169 Kennedy, Joseph Guy, 129, 77, 78, 118 Kenney, Kerry B, 147 Kenny, Patricia M, 164 Keno, Marcia C, 146 Kerman, Barry Martin, 129, 72 Kerman, Janice 167 Kerstetter,Judy A, 149,92 Kessel, Linda FUlen, 151, 96, 93 Keuper, Arlene Ann, 162, 76 Kierslein, Rosemary, 163 Kihlberg, Valerie B, 167 Kihlberg, Vicki B, 171 Kilcullen, EdwcirdJ, 156 Kdcullen, Shirley A, 157 Killey, Lyle Sanford, 180, 79, 173, 185 Kinowski, Margaret V, 148 Klntzel, Dennis W, 164 Kipnis, Marks, 163,92 Kipp, Gail Ann, 166 Kirchens, Peter J, 151 Kirk, Carol Sue, 146 Kirk, Sherree Lee, 171 Kirke, Thomas, 88, 172 Kirshman, Michele D, 161 Kiszely, Gary A, 177 Kitchen, Allen Wm, 130, 79 Kitsos, Robert H, 146 Kitz, Marjorie Ann, 171 Klann, Sharon Rose, 168 Klapman, Gail Lynn, 130 Klatch, Linda Beth, 164 Klaveter, Joan Lee, 156, 29, 92 Klaveter, Kenneth, 171 Klein, Charmaine A, 150 Klein, Diane M, 130 Klein, Gerald, 130 Klein, Kenneth S, 23 Klein, Mike Scott, 24, 166, 165 Kleinzweig, Robert M, 152, 89 Klemmmer, John T, 145, 77, 80 Klemick, Robert A, 164 Kliphardt, Janis R, 145, 92, 87, 154 Kliphardt, Judith, 158,79 Klipowicz, Donald J, 151 Klouthis, Mary Jean, 173 Kluegel, Karen D, 130, 85 Kluge, Karin I e, 130 Klyman, Linda G, 151,87 Klyman, Richard A, 170 Kmety, John Carl, 145 Knochelman, Nancy, 161,97 Koch, Betty Ann, 148 Koch, Richard H, 164 Koehler, Deborah Ann, 171, 79 Koenig, I eonard S, 155, 79 Kohl, James Donald, 151 Kohler, Rosemary E, 130, 92, 85, 93 Komiss, Karon Lee, 156 Koniecki, Deborah R, 167 Konopka, FUizabeth J, 159, 75, 92 Kontelas, Barbara I eju Koppman, Joyce L, 7! Koppman, Diane Judy, 149 Koppman, Joyce L, 79, 163 Koprinik, Dale L, 159 Koral, Kimberly K, 168 Koran, Louisette A, 80, 168 Kornbluth, DavldA, 172, 88 Kostelny, Susan Jean, 79 Kottmeier, Anthony M, 162, 179 Kovacic, Dieme M, 161 Kovalsky, Adrian, 170 Kovin, Gary, 167 KowitI, Justin S, 160 Kozdron, Kenneth E, 169 Koziol, Charles J, 161, 191 Koznarski, Joann D, 145 Kozloff, Mark F, 146 Koznarski, William C, 166 Kraemer, Chcirles C 162 Kraemer, Jean Ann, 169 Kraemer, Lynn E, 130,94 Kramarczyk, Barbara, 146, 85 Kramer, Stephen Saul, 169 Kramer, Terry Ann, 160 Kranz, Carol A, 164 Kraska, Nancy Ann, 78, 85, 167 Krasner, Robert, 162 Krasny, Steven Lee, 168 Kraus, HareneZay, 164 Krause, IlaJ, 155 Kravitz, Irving 15, 146 Kraus, James Robert, 173 Kreegier, Kathleen li, 166 Kreiter, Fredric, 162, 98, 97, 182 Kreiter, Mitchell D, 171, 185 Kreiter, Sheryl R, 145 Kretschmar, Carol II, 151, 79 Kriete, Mary Jane, 146 Kricke, Roger Daniel, 172 Krischlce, Nancy J, 130 Kristof, Jack A, 152, 178 Kristof, James Grant, 80, 171 Kroll TJanielTrank, 171 Kromelow, Susan Dale, 166, 165 Krone, Karyn Sue, 99 Krone, Kenneth, 19, 130 Krone, Susan Rae, 173 Krooth, Bonnie A, 151 Krupnick, Michael 1, 160, 83 Kruschka, Robert K, 155 Kruse, Diane F ileen, 130, 79 Kryski, Nina L, 130 Kudia, Linda Mary, 175, 79 Kuechennieister, Fred, 149 Kuehn, Donald H, 152, 77, 188 Kufifer, Janet Ruth, 149, 76, 77 Kugler, Denise. L 170 Kuhn, AnnC, 160,96 Kuhn, Barbara Louise, 80, 82, 83 Kuhr, Kathe, 156 Kuhr, Sylvia Maria, 147, 88 Kuhr. Peter 0, 88, 165, 181, 193 Kuklin, Stephen N, 145,181 Kummer, Thomas P, 130 Kummerow, Walter, 148, 97, 177, 188 Kunach, Anna, 170 Kunach, Maria, 170 Kurlan, Marcia L, 74, 92 Kurti, Jill Sue, 162,82 Kushner, Mark R, 157 Kutza, Gerald H, 130 Kwasniak, Joseph T, 146 Katr, Gary Asher, 195 Labay, Sherry Marie, 170 LaFontaine, Bonnie, 169 Lain, Russell Allen, 146, 188 I landa, James M, 158 Laloggia, Diane C, 168 LambCTt, Penny M, 160, 82 Lamberty, Robert A, 152, 89 Lambros, Alexandra A, 172 Lamka, Daniel T, 130 Landauer, Judith Ann, 130, 75, 79 Landberg, IngridJ, 148 Landerholm, Linda L, 146, 94, 85 Landerman, Allen, 84, 166 Landes, Ronald G, 151,182 Landl, Donna L, 168 Lane, Marc Jay, 24, 130, 86, 93 Lange, John Harvey, 80, 170 Lange, Reinhardt J, 168 Unge, Robert F, 160 Langer, Sally Jean, 74 Langner, Reinhard H, 167 Lanoff, Cheryl Jean, 130 Lantz, Jacqueline A, 130 Lantz, Kenneth G, 169 Lantz, June Susan, 155, 79, 87 Lapin, Susan, 130 l Roussa, Robert l, 164 LaRoussa, Roy G, 149 Laroy, Gerald A, 159, 77, 80 Larson, Glenn Allen, 131 Larson, Karen C, 147 Urson, Kenneth M, 161, 179 Larson, Louise Helen, 131 Larson, Sharon L, 20, 131, 75, 79, 118, 93 Laskov, Michael S, 169 Laskov, Phyllis May, 131 Lassen, Holly Jayne, 131 Lasser, Shelley, 162 Lauer, Dennis U 163 Lauer, Monica Rae, 131 Lauerman, Christell, 163, 88 I ughlin, James T, 169 Lau3hlin,lJndaL, 148, 79 La ay, Patricia Ann, 164 Lavin, Jonathan F, 167, 179 I wrence, Linda Fern, 79, 168 Layne, Linda Jo, 146 Lazar, Michele C, 131,70 I,azar, Steven Alan, 150, 131 Leapley, Diana Carol 75, 173 Lear, Judith Kay, 151 Leavitt, Ira David, 88, 166 Leavitt, William F, 171, 165, 180 Leek, FJaine Louise, 158 Le Due, Jim Louis, 155 I yard, Richard F, 145 Lee, Barbara Ellen, 151,99 Lee, Linda R, 146, 79 I , Melissa M 79, 167, 165 Lee, Steven Jack, 150, 144, 91, 181 l,ee, Timothv Lyle Lees, J ames ' J, 163,79 Lees, Richard L, 172 Le Fevre, Dennis J, 145 liffingwell, Bruce, 148, 192 Lehr, Jackie Maureen Leichtenberg, Robert 156 Leick, Sue F, 158 Lein, Karen Judy, 171 Lemke, Gayle Lynn, 173 Lencho, Keith Ion, 156, 72, 77, 83 Leneir, Meredith, 160,99 Lenhardt, Franz I, 180, 173 Lenzen, Glenn H Jr, 163, 193 Leptich, Jeffery R, 161 Lerman, Helen Susan, 170,87 Lerner, Henry 172, 184 Lerner, Jeffrey M, 145, 45, 188 Lerner, Sue Ellen, 170 Lerner, Susan J, 159,82 l.esser, Barbara Jean, 161 Leusch, Donna Rae, 167, 165 Lev, Abraham Y, 22, 181, 184 Lev, Andrea Susan, 131, 96 Leventhal, Judith A I evatino, Judy Ann, 131 Levee, David E, 131 Levenfeld, Scott, 148, 83, 91 Levin, Audrey S, 131 Levin, Gayle, Barbara 131, 81, 92 Levin, Gerald Jay, 131,91 Levin, Helen T, 172 Levin, Judy S, 159 Levin, Ned Allan, 168 Levin, Nona, 131 197 INDEX I vin, Richard, 170 I-CTin, Robert E. 164. 177, 184 Levin, Stanton M, 145 I,evin, Steven David, 150 I vin, Stuart, 148 I vin, Stuart, .Man, 150 Levine, Amy I., 148, 75, 79, 81 Levine, Hetty Carol, 131 I.evine, Jane Barbara, 165 Levine, . larla, 148 Levine, Michael J, 158 Levinson, Larry L, 164 iCTitl, Barry R, 170 Le ' y, Diane, 162, 82, 93 Levy, Ijnda Ruth, 169 I-evy, .Michael A, 131 Levy, Stewart I, 149 Lewin, Burton L, 80, 179 Lewin, .Maria Dale, 166 I.ewis, .Vnthony 11, 148 Lewis, (Jary Spencer, 132, 97 I.ewis, Susan E, 74, 169 Lewis, Terry Jean, 77, 169 Liano, Anthony D, 157, 179 Liberti, Samuel J, 167. 180 IJbman, Raul S, 161 Lichtenstein, David, 132 Lichtenstein, Linda, 151 Lichtenstein, James, 132 Lichtenstein, Susan, 168 Lidberg, Dennis L, 132 I.idberg, Susan .Marie, 173 Lieberman, Rita D, 163 Liebling, Janice K, 147 Liesse, C ' herie Julia, 167 Lindahl, David James, 171 Lindberg, .Martha N, 157 Lindemann, Judy C, 155 Lindemann, I ' eggy Ann, 172 Liiider, Charles E, 159 Linick, Charlene H, 147 Linick, .Michael Dale, 171, 185 Link, Sandy, 171 Unman, Douglas B, 148, 92 Liss, Steven .Mark, 166, 83, 88 l.isser, Rita, 146 IJoyd, l.mda Carol, 173 Locher, Judy L, 132, 75, 79, 92, 112 Lockman, Kenneth II Lockwood, (iail Lynne, 173 Locding, Ruth Ann, 132 Loew, Douglas .Mark, 174 Ix) Giurato, Carole J, 132 Long, Carol Jean, 144 Look, John .Martin, 170, 98, 89 Lood, unda, 164 Lopin, .Melynda Karen, 132,70 lx)renz, (.;ary W ' m, 132 Ixjsher, Ix rene F, 149 Lotz, Robert J, 148 Loundy,JillKaren, 170 Levering, Alan K, 151 Lowe, Constance E, 146 Lowy, Janis Beth, 151 Lowy, Jeffrey Edward, 132 Luber, Daniel . Jathan, 167, 191 Lubin, Lisa Joyce 147 Lucary, Gary F, 161, 191 Lucas, .Michael L, 162 Lucas, Sandra Carol, 79, 171 Luciano, Allan Wayne, 166 Lukowich, Lynn Ann, 168 Lundgren, John S, 173, 193 Lundgren, Robert R, 172 Lundquist, Barbara 156 Luscombe, Jack DJr, 168 Lynch, FUizabeth A, 170,79 Lynch, .Martin b, 30, 147 Lynch, .Myrna, 156 Lynch, Robert Howard, 167 Lyon, Daniel Roger, 169 Lyon, Gregory Deem, 166 McCann, Sharon-K, 163 McCarty, David M 132 McCarty, John J, 162, 76, 193 McComb, Terrence L, 149 McConaughy, David, 160 McConaughy, Steven, 145 McCracken, Mary Ann, 161, 79 McGuire, Richard G, 155 Mchugh, Candace Lee, 169, McKay, James Craig, 180, 167, 185 McLin, Arthur N, 132 McLin, Janice Helen, 164 McMahon, Mardell, 22, 132 McMullen, RaeJean, 80, 168 McMurray, Dorothy J, 132 McMurray, John D, 180, 173, 191 McNinch, Linda K, 158 MacCorkle, Marilynn, 155, 154 MacCorkleJohn W, 150, 179 Maclnnes, Cristy, 166 Macek, Barbara Ann, 167 Malalski, G. 178 Mader, Sandra Kay, 79, 171 Magged, Alexis Joy, 132 Magner, Kathleen A, 157, 154 Alagnuson, Betty L, 159 . laher, .Maureen F, 151 Maizell, " Adrienne G, 162 Majestic, Diane E, 147, 81 Alalone, Patricia M, 146 Malone, Ronald |ames, 157 Maltz, Laura, 161,79 .Mandel, Harvey, 132 .Mangurten, Howard S, 172 .Mann, Joan Carol, 132 .Mann, Susan E, 151 . Ianna, CaroleJ, 149 .Manna, Robert Frank, 171, 193 Mantalos, Stella, 132, 118 .Mariemhal, Dennis M, 172 .Margalski, Thomas, 158 .Marino, Stephen F, 177, 151 .Marker, Jeff Howard 14, 132 .Markin, Jill Robin 14,132 .Marko, Frederic Earl, 173 .Marko, Ronald Louis, 173 Marks, Christopher, 147, 106 .Marks, Penny Beth, 146 .Marling, Helen Patricia, 132 .Maro, Joseph John, 133 .Maro, .Marsha K, 162 .Marquardt, LorelJ, 173 .Marr, Allison L, 167 .Martin, Bonna .M, 148 .Mattin, Wayne D, 164 .Martinez, 1) Richard, 133 .Martorano, .Michael 11,159,98,184,185 Marz, Paula A, 170 Masaracchia, Philip, 170, 80, 180 . la.sek, F va l.iya, 159 Maselli, Stephen A, 146, 79 . lasover, LynneJ, 147 .Masarsky, Esther S, 171 .Masteit, Cienn E, 145, 188, 190 . lasters, Linda .M, 133 . laston, loyce Eileen, 133 Maston, ReneeBeth, 133 .Matayka, Gerald, 145 .Matter, Dorothy L, 75, 133 .Matthew, Kenneth S, 172 .Mattingly, Thomas E, 149 .Matzkin, Terry, 159, 179, 191 Man April Lynn, 151, 144, 75, 79 .Maul, Roger Allan, 147, 162 .May, . ndiew Geoffrev, 170, 76 .Mayer, . rleen W, 133,79 .Mazz, .Maurice W, 145 .Mazzeffi, John . , 163 .Mead, . largaret . nn, 79, 164 Meadows, Mary nn, 150 Medak, Ruth E, 162, 75 .Meikle, Stewart Robt, 167 Meinke, James ¥., 157 .Melamed, Linda B, 148 .Melichar, Pamela J, 155 .Melman, Bruce Paul, 172 .Melzer, Sally .Ann, 147,89 .Menaker, FTlen Sue, 157 Menconi, Robert P, 168 .Mendelson, .Morley, 133 .Mendoza, Steven H, 170 .Mendyk, Carolyn .M, 167 .Menge, Robert, 180 .Menkin, Judith . nn, 82, 169, 165 .Menna, Carole . nn, 166 Menze, Richard John, 169, 180 Merkle S, 188 Mermd, Scott J, 145, 84, 77, 81, 87, 93 .Merrill, David A, 150 Merriman, William G, 155 Messer, Lynne Carole, 167 .MesserscKmitt, Glenn, 163 Mester, Kathy 159 .Meszaros, Gary A, 151, 177 Metier, Mary Frances, 169 Metnick, Larry H, 145, 192, 21 Metiick, Sydni, 158 Mever, Bruce Erwin, 179 Meyer; Carol Lynn, 167 Meyer, John Thomas, 147 Meyer, Robert Alan, 136, 193 Meyer, Sharon L, 158 Meyer, Steven A, 163 Mich Caren A, 149 Michael, Stephen C, 80, 89, 168, 191 Mignano, Richard A, 173 Miguel, John A, 146 Mikula, Philip J, 161, 179, 193 Milanowski, Darlene, 166 .Miles, TamaraW, 160 Miller, Douglas D, 164 Miller, Gerald H, 162 Miller, John C, 158, 179 Miller, Lawrence W 133, 90, 97 Miller, Lee Robert, 150 Miller, .Marriann, 171 Miller, Robert F:mery, 172 Mills, Wanda, Carol, 166 .Milwer, Fred Paul, 151 .Minnerath, Mary Ann, 31, 150 .Minnerath, Susan .M, 173 .Mink, Marcia L, 148 .Minx, John Paul 133, 84, 93, 97 .Mirshak, Ronald W, 150 .Mirsky, Michael Alan, 164 .Mitchell, William A, 164 .Mils, Melody C, 164,76 .Mits, .Meloni, 171 .Mitz, Kathleen G, 146,79,85 Mizock, Judith B, 152 .Moennig, (Gregory, 162 .Moennig, Herald R, 165 .Moldenhauer, .Mary L, 148 .Moldofsky, I.anny R, 148 .Molinaro, .Michael J, 75, 171 .Molinaro, .Mildred L, 161,75,79,93, 154 .Monroe, Bruce . , 149 .Moore, Carole, 79, 166 .Moore, Dennis R, 148, 77 .Morales, Luisa . L 173 .Moravcik, Jacqueline, 133 .Morgan, .Mary E, 173 .Morgan, Sherle I, 133 .Moros, Peter Henry, 174 .Morris, Yvette, 159 .Moser, Brucejohn 164 .Moser, Keith John, 150 .Moss, [ean Louise 133, 81, 107 Moss, Phil Jo.seph, 133,79 .Motykie, Camifle . nn, 96, 167 .Moyes, Kathleen j, 25, 147, 92 .Mueller, B;irbaraU 151 .Mueller, Charlene A, 133, 79, 93, Ui .Mueller, Irene C, 170 .Mueller, Robert J, 157 .Mueller, Robert Paul, 146, 188 .Muise, Robert E, 159 .Mulford, . IelindaJ,79, 172 .Multan, Carol, 159 .Murlas, Christopher, 77, 86, 184 .Murphy, David A, 160, 182, 184 .Murphy, James R, 133 .Murphy, William R 148 .Murphy, Donna (iaye, 133 .Musikant, Stuart B, 133 .Muskat.MarcL, ' 147, 184 .Muslin, Harvey Paul 133 .Mussar, Christine A, 162, 82, 154 Mussar, Suzanne .M, 175, 82 .Muth, Elaine A, 163, 79, 99 .Myers, Phyllis .Vnne, 145 .Myers, Sandra, 167 .Myles, Janet K, 147, 70, 72, 81, 86 .Myrent, Stewart V,, 147 . adel, Donald l.apen, li2 . adler, .Molly Sue, 160 .Nadler, Robert B, 162, 147 Nakayama, Joan C, 29, 30, 152, 96 .Nathan, |on P, 147 .Nathan, Rober, 173 Xatkin, Diane (], 73 Natkin, Karen Joy, 82, 168 Neimer, David F, 170 Nelson, David Lee, 133, 72, 93, 98 Nelson, David Llloyd, 167 .Nelson, Gail . nn, 169 Nelson, Jill, 157,99 .Nelson, Lawrence 1, 147, 178 .Nelson, l slie A, 79, 166 Nelson, linnea Ann 31, 79, 169 Nelson, .Nancy Ann, 133 Nelson, Patricia I e, 79, 169 Nelson, Penny A, 85 Nelson, Richard A, 167 Nelson, Robert Paul,80 Nelson, Ronald li, 151 Nelson, Russell F, 146, 77, 84 Nelson, Shirley J, 173 .Nelson, Virginia K, 145 Nemanich, Janis .Mary, 85, 166 Nemecek, .Martm A, 171, 180 Netzky, loanne,92, 172 Neubarth, Lorelei, 145, 86, 87, 93 Neubauer, Elaine A, 151, 73, 81 Neumann, Kariii Sue, 163 Newman, Betta A, 156, 73, 79 Newman, Craig, 150 Newmark, Jeffrey , 146, 144 Newton, Diane F, 156, 154 Newton, Greg Robert, 180, 172 Niclas, .Marcia June, 163, 85, 86, 75 Nied, Ronald A, 171,185 Niedrich, Robert C, 162 Nielsen. Robert S, 166, 193 .Nixon, Susan (iay, 134, 79, 73, 75, 92, 81 Noddin, Lynne L, 173 Nonclerc, Claudette, 160 Nonclerc, Linda Lou, 173 .Nord, Karen l e, 134, 27 Nordeen, William H, 174 Norling, Linda E, 161,76 Normcn, R, 179 North, Warrai Wm, 149 Norum, .Arnold Steven, 170 Noto, |o, nn, 147,74,88 .Nott, Patricia I e, 172 Nott, Richard C 134 Novak, Lana, 162,95 Novak, Nancy E, 145, 76, 87, 77 Novak, Sondra, 159, 92 .Novick, Sandra Lee, 164, 74, 88 Novick, Arlene Rac, 150 Novitt, Eileen Sue 134 Novoselsky, Karen, 155, 158, 79 Novotny, Claudia L, 134 Novotny, James R, 157, 188 .Novotny, William F, 147 Nowoj, Joann .Mary, 170 Xudelman, .Michael A, 134, 76, 77 Nuss, Elm er . , 158, 181 .Nutschnig, |ames |, 145 Nyland, Linda C, 164 O P.rien, Daniel S, 167 ( iSrien, Susan Diane, 168, 165 O ' dess, Richard I ' , 158 Gchler, . larv E, 147,81 Olenick, Michael L, 136,98 Olive;, Nili, 134 Oliver, William 1, 177, 139, 77,80,97, 76 Olsberg, Adele F, 155 Olsen, (Garnet Jean, 164 Olsher, Bonnie Lee, 134 Olson, Larry Wavne 134 Olson, Nancy Jein, 79, 168, 165 Olson, Robert E, 146, 179, 184 Olson, Ruth Ann, 157, 76 Omachel, Dennis .M, 160 Omachel, Sharon J, 164 II .Neill, .Marguerite, 159 (Jrloff, Richard B, 134, 71, 98, 118 Orlove, Arlene . L 134, 93, 118 Orlove, Robert A, 164 Orser, Paul E, 134, 192 Orzechowski, Ronald Oscarson, Christine, 149 Oskroba, .Martina ' , 161 Oslund, Ruth Ingrid, 134, 79,85 Ostergaard, Joanne C, 170, 82, 85 Oslermeier, Dorothy, 160, 79,85 Otto, icki Earle, 159, 87 (A ' erbeck, Kaineth C, 167 Overbeck, Ralph E, 146 Owen, Joanne .Marie, 161 Owen, Richard P, 166 Owen, .Martha E, 160,86 Owens, .Michael R, 150, 178 Pacente, Paul James; 168 Packer, J erUynS, 146,87,93 Pahnke, Dianne .M, 134 Painter, Darrell R, 161 Painter, Rayanne, 150 Palast, Scott K, 147 INDEX Palmer, Mark H, 109 Palmer, Mark I slie, 169 I ' anchesiii, Melodye U 134 I ' anchesiii, Michael D, 147 I ' anzella, Stacy M, 169 I ' apa, Annegret M, 162 I ' aquet, Ralph Otio, 134 Parker, (;lenn K, 148 Parker, ludith, 170 Parker, Alarlene L, 145 Parry, James K, 151 Pastorelli, Robert B, 134 Paiek, Roger W ' m, 134 Patek, Rosemary 135 Patterson, Kay K, 135 Paul, Donna Si 146 Paulsen, (iarv A, 135 Paulsen, Martin L, 160, 179 Paulson, Nancy L, 162 Pans, Barbara Joan, 135, 88 Pawlan, Steven David, 167 Peabody, Richard S, 168, 180 Pc arlman, Donna, 149, 84, 93 Pearson, DUora, 162, 137, 88 Pearson, Kenneth L, 135 Pearson, William A, 173 Pedott, Petty Rose, 167 Pellegrino, Larrv 163 Penelle, Robert J, 148 Peilner,Alana li, 135,88 Penner, Ardith H, 155 Pepper, Roslvn, 145 I ' erdue, Kaborn T, 157 Ptrlnian, Jay Stuart, 166, 191 f ' erlman, Linda S, 157 Perlove, Marilvn, 135 Perlow, Sheldon J, 135,90 Perlstein, loseph 11, 135,87 Perr, Susan Ann, 158, 76, 77 Perri, Helen M, 152,79 Perri, Thomas F, 135,79,97 I ' errin, Bruce V., 135 Peskind, Maureen 135 Peters, (larolvn V, 160 Peters, John R, 147, 144 Peters, Stephen W, 155, 84 Petersen, Karen R, 164, 85 Peterson, Allen, 177 Peterson, Arlette K, 159, 79 Peterson, Bonnie (Uiy, 171 Peterson, Clifford 1, 172 Peterson, Dana 1) 158 Peterson, Kdvvard M, 171 Peterson, (Gordon A, 151, 76 Peterson, Jane 1., 161 Peterson, Kav I., 161 Peterson, Larry W, 98, 171 I ' eterson, Ix)is K, 149, 79 Peterson, Martin, 166 Peterson, Robert D 156 Peterson, Sandra 1), 79, 174 Peterson, William K, 147 Petrokus, Barbara J, 148 Petroske, Charlotte, 162 Pctroski, Marsha Ann, 163 Pevrot, (Gregory John, 170 PiViff, •lhonias.IV..148. 91. 192 Phelan, Robert A, 163, 154, 181. 115 Phillips, Niel 1- ' , 135 Phillips, lephi T, 172 Piell, Terry L, 147,71 Pierce, Sandra I., 163 Pietrzak, Janice J, 135 Pilke, Susan Kllen 150 Pines, Robert . L 151 Pinkwater, Marcia C, 150 Pintacura, .Adrienne, 156 I ' isano, Jerome ' , 148, 144 Pitzer, Joseph Craig. n35, 97, 188 Pitzer, Scott John, 161, 179, 188 Piwko. Ralph Joseph 135 Place, Michaeljohn, 80, 92, 172 Plante, Heidi .Marie, 156 Plass, Linda . nn, 164 Plenn, Howard L, 150 Plice, Linda . oel, 85, 170 Pliskin, Pamela Beth, 35 Plomick, Alyse R, 136 Pogofsky, Urry A, 149 Pogue, fanet I-ee, 167 Polak, Letitia Ann, 150 Polon, lelTrey M, 33, 168, 179, 185 Pollice, Gina, 164 Pollack, .Merle Lee, 136 Porazinski, Unda, 163, 76, 85, 94 Porges, Lauren, 172 Porter, Bruce Robert, 136 Portugal, (;lenn Alan, 168, 191 Porzycki, .Monica .Ann, 165 Posner, Clenn, 157 Potkin, Steve (iarth, 136 Potkin, Ralph Terry, 161 Potrue, Kenneth W, 136 Powal, Thomas Edwin, 167 Powell, Pamela K, 147, 79 Powroznik, .N ' ancy Lee, 169 Prange, Pamela .M, 149, 79 Prehnal, Unda Mae .M, 164 Priess, Hiu-riet I., 80, 166 Prim, (;ary Robert, 169, 180 Prim, Janis Lee, 148, 144 Prindle, Richard T, 180, 169 Pritikin, Debby S, 167 Privratsky, Kileen A, 148 Procop, .Snaron Ann, 173 Proesel, Barbara . , 158 Przybylski, Dorothy, 167 PuccinelUi, John J, 79 Puerkel, |ames A, 155 Pugliese, David ' Carl, 80, 168 Putterman, Paula K, 173 Oninn, Burke, 157 Ouinn, Karen Sue, 145 Quist, Kafen, 172 Quist, Kristine .Ann, 166 Raab, Donald .Andrew 136, 81, 90,91, 93,97, 118, 181 Raab, Nancy J, 164 Rabe, Barbara Lynn, 82, 79, 171 Raderniacher, Susan .M, 155 Riidicek, Kathrvn Ue, 172 Radicek, Unda A, 149 Rainero, William L, 159 Rajski, FrancineJ, 171 Ralsky, Alan .M, 136 Ralsky, Stuart Ue, 171, 165 Ramis, Joanne R, 166 Rammel, Hal G, 160, 74 Rand, Robin, 149 Randazzo, Robert P, 161 Rappaport, Ronnie, 79, 173 Rapport, Jan S, 159 Rask; Sally Kr , Frances, 160, 81 Rask, Susan R, 161,81 Rauen, Karen Lillian, 173 Ravine, F.dward Ste e, 173 Raymond, F.dward . , 170, 180, 193 Reading, .Mary F, 145,85 Reading, Tim John, 172 Rebbe, Gary Lee, 145, 74 Redinger, Christian, 150 Redman, Ste e, 159 Reese, John S, 36 Regin,Jov, 162,97,29 Rehwaldt; Nancy Ruth, 162 Reichert, Kdwar ' d, 170 ■ Reicherls, David W 162, 179 Reid, Natalie Alice, 162 Reine, F, 179, 185 Reinhard, Karen Lee, 36, 74 Reinke, Kristine S, 167 Reitman, .Mark .A, 162,79 Reitman, Paul .Martin, 168 Rek, Sharon Lynn, 172 Remke, Dennis (George, 36 Renieris, Susan C, 160 Repke, Lynda Darlene, 168 Rest, Defcra M 163 Reynolds, Sandra L, 149 Rhoney, Donald .M, 155, 80 Ricci, IxjrraineJ, 145 Rice, Janet Unda, 169,79 Rice, Jennifer Lynn, 167,79 Richey, Ronald Neil, 166 Richter , Roberta, 136 Ricordati, Jerry .M, 169, 181, 185 Riehm, Linda Sue, 150 Kiehm, Robert Bruce, 177, 178, 136 Rieser, Vicki R, 158 Uilkin, Diane L, 152 Rill, Urry Charles, 167 Ringel, (;ary, 160, 181 Rishe, Rochelle, 158 Rissman, Dennis M Rissman, .Marc, 166 Ritchey, Suzanne G, 136 Ritter, lames Allen, 80, 173 Ritter, John A, 146 Ritter, Paul James, 150 Ritter, Peggy F, 160 Rivenburgh, Robert T, 177, 149, 91 Roach, .Martin Earl, 136, 192 Robbin, Linda .Meryl, 161, 139 Robbins, Charles .A, 155 Roberts, Linda .Marie, 17, 88,93,94, 13e Roberts, Richard All, 157 Roberts, Thomas . , 80. 83, 82 Rocca, Ralph Gene, 136 Rochman, Jeffrey F, 160 Rockoff, . fichaell,80, 166 Rockoff, Susan J, 171 Rodman, Jerry ' , 146 Rodnick, Sharon .A, 152 Rogan, Rosemary, 151 Rogin, Anne Gerri, 89, 172 Kohrer, Walter Bruce, 92, 171 Rolak, Fredrick D, 171, 181, 188, 190 Rolak, Karen Sue, 148 RoUa, Lmda, 159 Roman, Janis Jane, 136, 73, 93 Romai, Barbara .Ann, 171 Rommelmann, Heiko, 166 Rooney, Michael J, 80, 173, 180 Root, Frances R, 145 Rose, Cynthia L, 172 Rose David Jordan, 152 Rose, .Marianne R, 161 Rosecrans, Judith B, 150, 95 Rosen, Alan, 152 Rosen, Dennis .A, 164 Rosen, Fred K, 136,88,93 Rosen, Unda, 164 Rosenberg, Barbara, 159 Rosenberg, .Mark, 86, 173 Rosenblooni, James B, 159, 191 Rosenbloom, Mark L, 150 Rosenbloom, Robert, 87, 169 Rosenfeld, Beverly, 162 Rosengard, Judith S, 136,71,81 Rosenquist, (iregorv, 161, 89, 193 Rosenquist, Wm . , 177, 147, 92, 188 Rosga, Diane Lynne, 99, 173 Ross, (;ilbert |, 147 Ross, Urry Paul, 136, 79, 107 Ross, Stephanie, 170 Ross, Robert .Mark, 150 Rossi, Dennis .Man, 177, 136,95 Rossman, . dar, 137 Rothblatt, Stephen 11, 150, 74, 80, 82,84 Rolheiser, Penny 1, 162, 70, 79 Rotrarnel, Foster Dee, 79, 172 Rotunno, Marianne, 170 Rovetio, Richard P, 167 Rotter, Pamela Jo, 157 Royne, Deborah Ann, 155 Rubenstein, David B, 172, 191 Rubin, Sandra Jo, 150 Rubin, Steven, 145 Rubner, Charles L, 159, 154 Rudd, Billie I., 163 Ruderman, Wayne 1 1, 136 Rudich. Roger 1). 162 Rudnick, U-slie R. 163,83 Rudowicz. Mike W. 158, 79. 84, 87 Rugendorf, Donna., 148 Rugendorl, Sliarr ' , 14b Rusli, Janice P, 157 Russell, Daniel J, 157, 179 Russo, . nna .Marie, 155,97 Rust, Dale I., 177, 89, 97, 137, 91 Kust, loanneC, 148,75,79 Kuyle, Robert Donald 77, 137 Ryaen, Jo . nne, 163, 75, 89, 92 Rzasa, Pamela Louise, 170 Sabac, Kussell, 148 Saber, Barbara . nn. 167, 165 Sack, Richard II. 148,77 Sackrison, Candacc S, 156 Sadkm, Howard, 169 Sallarski, )eanne U 151 Sage, Pam Lynne, 156 Sager, Sharon Uae, 92. 137 Salerno, MichaelG, 148 Salon, .Michael David, 166 Salotti, Sandra . , 163, 79 Saltzman, B Donald, 155, 154. 185 Samson, Gilbert, 137 Samuels, liarbara F, 158 Sainuelson, Nancy . , 164 Samuelson, Richard (;, 156 Sanders, Lawrence 137 Sandler, Leslie . , 146 Sandstedl, David F, 17, 137 Santowski, Lucille, 164 Saranecki, Scott P, 146, 179 Sargeam, Chester . , 156 Sargis, Scott Oliver, 169 Sass, .Marcia . 1, 145, 144, 79, 86 Saxon, Wendv C, 158 .Schaeler, .Mian F, 163, 179 Scluiler, Richard F, 147 Schaihicr, N;mcy C, 164,79 .Schambcr, Laura F, 148 Schapiro, Susan K, 169 Scaturo, Karen . , 167 SchiM ' echt. (Charles W Schechter, Ian P, 164 .Scherer, Patricia . , 80, 168 Scheufler, .Man .M, 79, 137, 118 Schieren, Barbara |,99, 173 Schiir, Noel Dean, 149 Schiffman, l onnie T., 151 .Schdd, Carolyn . lae, 158, 82. 75,76 Schillaci, Nancy ' . 162 Schiller, Ronald .M. 1.50 .Schinzing, Kenneth. 158. 77 Sdililter, fames R, 147 Schlocker, Cathy L. 160 .Schniid, Frank I., 164 Schmid, Linda Mae, 79. 137 .Schmidt.JoanF, 91. 166 Sdimidt, Nancy . nn, 171 Schmidt. Robt F, 87, 97. 137 Schmidt, Roseann F. 137. 89 Schmidt, led |. 155 Schmidt. Thomas |. 155. 137 Sciimitz, lA ' unc M. 150 .Schneider.!. a ' il 1 ' . 72, 137 Schneider, (.arv. 172. 191 Schneider. MariKu L. 137 .Schneider. Susan 1.171 Schnidt, [anies . . 148. 89, 97, 182 Schonfcld, Gita. 92. 171 Schraunn. .Marilyn. 155 Schreiber, Robert, 147 Schreiber, Russie, 166 Schriar, Diane. 157- Schroeder, . dele M 173 Schroeder, Kenneth R, 170 Schroeder, Keith !■ " .. 151, Z7 Schroeder. Richard, 163 .Schulhoff, P.onnic R, 149 Schuhnan, Diane I, 159 Schulnian. jidie . , 149 Schuhnan. I ' aulette F. 159, 144 Sdnilnian, Sheri . mi, 137 Schulte. .Margaret . . 74. 137 Sclmltz, Helen M 160 .Schultz, John P, 137 Schumiui, Joyce, 161, 79 Schuster, ' ivan 1„ 169 Schwarz, .Marilvn, 86, 173 Schwartz, . lanl), 146,89 Schwartz, Donald N, 151 Schwartz. Steven [. 137 Schwartz, Susan, 163 .Schwarz, Robert F. 148.84 Schweig. (iary. 145 Schweijisberg, Stanton, 152 Scorn an acco. Rose, 174 .Scott, George . , 137 ScoH, Karen . nn 162, 79 Scully, Susan, 162 Sears, Steven L, 137 Seely, Roger Keith, 170, 180 Segal, Deborah U-e, 172 Segar, (iail Susan, 170 Seibel,AVmJ, 135 Seiden, (;arvj, 138 Seidman, Roberta L, 75, 138, 79 : Seidman, Susan I ' ,, 162.92 Seligman. Diane M 81, 92, 138 .Sdigma[i, Laura J, 160, 75, 81, 79 SemilolT, .Vrlyne, 167 SemOoff, Holly, 148,81, 106 Semmerling, avne F, 97, 138 Scmplc, lames .N, 152 Senl, Terry R, 157 Senger, .Michael D, 159 Senn, Carol June, 76, 168 Senn, David Hubert, 77, 97, 138, 192. Servillo, Fugene F,, 172, 79, 180 Shaf, ' ance? 150 Shaier. . rnold 1,88,98, 168 199 INDEX Shainer, Pamela Sue, 170, 79 Shalin, Barry Allen, 167 Slianin,JefIrey M, 71, 138 Shannon, Linda K, 165 Shapira, Sarita K, 149 Shapiro, Howard I., 146 Shapiro, Jill M, 160,82 Shapiro, Larry M, 138 Shapiro, Unda H, 151 Shapiro, Sheila D, 172 Share, Michael], 148 Shaw, Terri Alynne, 166 Sharkey, Kathleen D, 164 Shedd, ' icki Ann. 138 Shellist, Karen S, 146, 76 Shenk, Gregory, 169, 165 Shepard, Lauren J, 72, 138 Shepard, Martin H, 82, 80, 167 Sher, Stephen Gary, 138 Sherman, Harriet 15, 82, 167 Sherman, Ira S, 148, 82, 87, 93 Sherwood, Robert W, 164 Sherwood, Marc K, 98, 168 Shilts, (iuy William, 173 Shiman, Maria S, 157, 154 Shiner, Sandra . L 158, 81, 82 Shiozaki, June 1 ' , 167 Shiozaki, JoyceJ, 170 Shivley, Gretchen S, 152 Shuster, Bruce 1), 138 Sideli, Nancy Jean, 158 Sideman, Daniel, 90, 89, 138, 91 Sideman, Jerry, 166, 185 Sideman, Joel, 102,98 Siegel, Gharles, 138, 187 Siegel, Marcey, 145 Siegel, Raymond, 172 Sielski, Betty Jane, 130, 82 SUver, Elliot S, 138 Silberman, Ellen A, 147 Silver, Wendi Susan, 79, 169 Silverman, Alvin L, 171 Silverman, lilaine V, 160 Silverman, Lynn S, 164 Silverstein, Allan L, 145, 24 Silverstein, Robert, 80, 90, 138 SUvert, Mark A, 152, 74 Silvert, Michael E, 170 Silvertrust, Raymond, 76 Silzer, Nancy S, 138 Simmons, Donald A, 80, 166 Simon, Barbara A, 173 Simon, Howard Marvin, 97, 164 Simon, Jeri, 173 Simon, Howard A, 146, 87, 97 Sims, Gregory C, 172 Sims, Mel Leonard, 145 Singer, Esther Faye, 174 Singer, James V, 155 Singer, Lesley, 146 Sinkule, Barbara A, 152, 99 Sirkin, Bruce Alan, 158 Sitman, James A, 97, 138, 192 Siuda, Michael L, 157 Skelnik, James V, 170 Skidmore, Karen R, 147, 71, 86 Sklar, Elaine B, 145 Skrzymowski, Edwin, 80 Skrzymowski, Sandra, 138 Skutta, William R, 158 Slepyan, Pearle H, 161, 81, 89 Slodiy, Robert, 160 Smetana, Paul Carl, 167, 165, 180, 193 Smevold, Richard C, 138 SmigieUanisL, 29, 159 Smiley, Robert Eliot, 92, 168, 180 Smith, Barbara Mary, 172, 165 SmitTi, Celeste Alene, 168 Smith, Bonniejean, 149, 81, 89 Smith, Dan M, 138, 70, 81 Smith, Dennis G, 177, 178, 164, 91 Smith, Evie Helaine, 170 Smith, Gaten Joseph, 150 Smith, JerroldU, 164 Smith, Judith Ann, 149 Smitham, Stephan W, 180, 167, 185 Smock, Leonard A, 149 Sneider, Ronna Lynn, 162 Snellman, Pam, 164 Snellman , Pat L, 162 Snoply, Paul, 159, 179 " Snyder, Janice M, 163 Sonr, Dorene Lynn, 139 Sokolov, Vladimir, 151 Soldinger, Larry J, 169 Solomon, Steven], 161, 179 Solomon, I ' erry Lou, 166 Sonne, Spndrae S, 139 Soquet, Thomas G, 149 Sorensen, Kathy R, 157, 154 Sorensen, Sherry Ann, 155 Sorensen, Steven 1), 180, 169 Sorinsky, Olivia Sue, 139 Sorinsky, Stuart O, 87, 164 Sorkin. Steve Krwin, 169, 185 Sorokin, Robert P, 139 Sosnowski, Phillip ), 139, 89, 93 Sostrin, Robert 1), 150 Sotello, Edward B, 139, 192 Sotello, Robert R, 159, 191 Speichert, Kathleen, 163 Spellman, Michael j, 150 Spencer, Richard B, 177, 151 Spencer, Ronald j. 180, 169 Spiegel, Marilyn B, 147, 144 Spiege, Michael G, 167 Spiehnan, I e R, 168, 165 Spies, Gary Alec, 139 Spies, Karen (iail, 156 Spies, Linda M, 163 Spiezer, Joe Perry, 88, 86, 173 Spikings, Katherine, 149, 77 Spikings, Marshall L, 77, 80, 166 Spilberg.Judith Ann, 171 Spilberg, Steven P, 139,97 Spinnato, James], 162, 76 Spina, Terry C, 79, 172 Spitz, David . Uchael, 84, 171, 165 Spitz, Stephen L, 148, 76, 84 Staerk, (;erald Karl, 139 Stahlberg, Lynne . L 164, 87 Stanbery, David, 87, 163 Starkman, Marilyn, 166 Starr, Joyce Rita, 139 Starr, Sandra Esta, 173 Stasch, Gregorv Paul, 150 Steele, Kichard ' l), 177, 157, 185 Stegeman, Yvonne M, 158 Stein, Dennis, 155 Stein, Jerry W, 147, 188 Stein Marc Douglas, 173, 181 Stein, Marlene 11, 139 Stein Richard S, 139, 81, 92 Steinberg, David N 147 Steinberg, Gary Joel, 174, 191 Steinberg, Robert S, 163, 77 Steiner, Cyndy M, 170 Steinholtz, Barbara, 172 Steinohrt, Lenore T, 170 Steitz, Raymond E, 145 Stellar, B Michael, 168, 180 Stellar, Carlynn M, 139, 85 Sterner, Alexander, 156, 85, 84 Stemer, Rosalie, 151,81,87 Stengel, James Allen, 168, 191 Stengl, Elizabeth A, 151, 75, 96, 79 Stephen, Fred Bruce, 172, 193 Stern, Charlene Y, 158 Stern, Gerald VV, 151 Steuer, Gloria Lee, 157 Stevens, Gary W, 156, 84 Stevens, Judith E, 139 Stevens, Linda C, 168, 165 Stieber, Douglas], 170 Stieber, Lawrence, 160 Stille, Susan Lynne, 169 Stiska, Susan Jo, 155, 79, 96 Stockbridge, Tom C, 169 Stocker, Doreen L, 139 Stocker, Judith A, 150 Stocker, ' alerie M, 166 Stone, Janet Lee, 146 Stone, Xlichael D, 161, 81, 82, 88 Stone, Sandra Dee, 169 Stone, Susan Lynn, 82, 169 Stonemark, Sandra L, 167 Storck, June Ann, 159 Strahan, Donald F, 164, 154, 184, 185 Strauss, Nancy A, 79, 168 Strauss, Rhea Aileen, 160 Strege, Bonnie Lou, 173 Strefil, Gerhard W, 158 Stremke, Michele Ann, 79, 166, 165 Stresser, John T, 149 Strickett, Barbara, 146 Strimpel, Barbara L, 79, 171 Strobel, Susan Rose, 99, 172 Stroetzel, Victor, 149 Strom, Cheryl B, 171 Strom, Maurice S, 139 Strom, Robert M, 164 Struck, Joseph A, 145, 178 Struck, Vincent Carl, 170, 180 Stupp, Rita C, 149 Stutland Rita, 148, 76 Sullivan, Carol F, 139 Sullivan, Lois Jane, 166 Sulser, Arthur F, 147 Sulser, Glenn, 139, 188 Supanc, EIke M, 145,79 Svqnoha, F mll, 155 Swanke, Peter C, 180, 173 Swanson, Daniel K, 157 Swanson, Donna J, 161 Swanson, Jeffrey L, 160 Swanson, Linda M, 149, 94 Swanson, Pamela B, 174 Swanson, Sharon . I, 162 Swartz, Robey B, 146 Swartz, Ronald], 161 Sweadner, Sandra, 162, 79 Sweeny, Corinne F, 162 Sweet, Gail Susan, 170 Swento, Barbara i nn, 165, 167 Swets, Virginia I,ee, 170 Swider, C harlene A, 140 Szabady, Clara, 151 Szura, Joseph T, 180 Szwajger, Volanda 140, 77, 87 label, Claire Louise, 140, 79 lalan, Claude R, 168 Talent, Robert, 172,92, 185 Talias, Gloria, 160 Tani, Nancy Louise, 150, 144 Tannenbaum, Jeffrey, 161 Tash, Bonnie Lee, 99, 168 Tash, Ronald A, 140,98,91 Taylor, Dianne L, 140, 75, 76, 93, 99 Taylor, Lauren Jean, 140, 73, 75, 118, 93 Taylor, Wayne Harvey, 170, 76, 191 Teichert, Alfred 0, 162, 154 Teichner, Sheri B, 167 Tenbausch, Barbara V, 155 Terp, Janet Marie, 140, 94 Terry, F ' rances Lee, 166 Tetzlaff, Glenn Ray, 169 Thelsen, Jeff Alan, 171 Thiemann, Henry R, 24, 150 Thimios, Tula N, 146 Thigpen, Ronald H, 177, 152 Thoma, Gregory W, 151, 77 Thomas, Daniel N, 169 Thomas, Daniel N, 169 Thomas, Richard H, 180, 89 Thomas, Robert John, 89, 93, 167, 191 Thomas, Roger J, 150, 160, 178, 188 Thomas, Terry H 180, 168 Thommes, James W, 155, 77 Thompson, Barbara A, 80, 173 Thompson, David A, 166, 181 Thompson, Holly Sue, 150,75,96,79,85 Thompson, James W, 157 ' Thompson, John, 150 Thomsen, Gayle Ruth, 158 Thomson, Bruce Evans, 171, 180 Thornton, Scott A, 145 Tieger, Jeffrey E, 140 Tilkin, Bonnie Sue, 170 Timmel, Richard 0, 158, 84 Timmer, John F, 158 Timmer, Vm M, 140, 81, 77, 98, 33 Timmings, Jeanne M, 147, 85 Tincher, Carol S, 147 Tinker, Charlotte A, 140, 118 Tischler, Audrey H, 160, 79, 96, 87, 154 Tobey, Robert Stuart, 172 Tobiansky, Susan L, 81, 79, 171 Tobias, Donna Louise, 150, 77 Tokeshi, David P, 170 Tokeshi, RichardJ, 140, 96 Tolchin, Sandra E, 164 Topper, Gene Edward, 80, 166 Torenko,]ames J, 152 Torenko, Ronald W, 173, 185 Torok, Michael Louis, 80, 167 Torosic, Terry A, 140 Tortorella, Georeine, 151 Tortorice, Peter A, 148 Toscana, 98 Tovell, James L, 140 Trasatt ' i, Joseph A. 174, 191 Trebels, Linda Lee, 170, 74, 92 Trester, Susan Gale, 163, 84 Trilling, Rosanne 140 Tritscnler, Janice M, 156, 76 Tritschler, Kathleen, 76, 167 Tropstein, Allen, 160, 179 Tropstein, Frances R, 156, 89 Trowbridge, Susan B, 140, 79, 73, 75, 81,93 Truax, Phillip E, 170 Truax, Stephen D, 151 Truesdale, Janice, 76, 167 Truesdell, Alan B, 164, 193 Tsuneta, Kathryn Ann, 168 Tuchow, Merle L, 155, 89 Tucker, Frances B, 148, 92 Tucker, Nancy 140, 90, 93 Tunkl, Judith E, 147,92 Turner, Robert T, 172, 77, 80, 84 Turpack, Stephen Lee, 140 Tuscano, Michael A, 159 Uditsky, Francine M, 140, 79, 75, 81, 93 Unatin, Gilbert S, 140 Underwood, Jennifer, 140, 73 Unick, Maureen N, 159 Urbanus, Joseph V, 146 Urelius, Gordon E, 146, 184 Usdrowski, Alan John, 168 Uzzo, Ronald James, 170, 80, 88 Van Deusen, Cynthia, 150 Van Deusen, Robert M, 164 Van Eikeren, Paul, 148 Van Grimbergen, Jim, 159 Varney, Penelope, 140, 81, 73 Vastine, Michael P, 180, 167 Vavrinek, Starr D, 141, 81,27 Velen, Robert B, 151 Ventrella, Paul D, 150 Verhunce, John A, 162 Villano, Angela, J, 161 Vincent, Barbara A, 141 Vincent, Sharon Lynn, 169 Virag, Carol Helen, 166 VolFmer, Corinne, 164 Vollmer, Robert G, 141 Volp,John H, 141 Von Gillern, Wm D, 157, 80 Votzmeyer, Ed, 148 Vrablik, Steven M, 141 Vraney, Susan Joan, 36, 141, 79, 118, 93,99 Waddell,JamesD, 169 Waddell, George R, 145 Wagner, Donald ], 147 Wagner, Robert G, 163, 179 Wagner, Robin Sue, 141 Wagner, Wm Thomas, 141 Wahle, Shirley Jean, 161 Waladis, Louise Ann, 164, 77 Waldman, Hannah, 150 Walkowiak, Linda M, 79, 169 Wall, Perry, 77 Wallace, Judy Anne 141 Waller, Dennis A, 147 Wallies, Kathleen!, 75, 79 Wallis, Christine E, 167 Walsh, Pamela F, 141 Walter, Patricia, 75, 79 Warady, A, 80, 83, 82 Warrus, Audrey, 150 Warrus, Claudia, 169 Wasmund, T, 79 Wehrmacher, J, 77 Weigman, R, 180 Weil, Donald Neal, 145 Weil, Linda Madehne, 166 Weilberg, Louise M, 150 Weinberg, Audrey, 172 Weinberg, Davida R, 74 Weinberg, Leeann H, 76, 173 Weinberg, Nancy H, 157, 82, 89 Weinberg, Robert E, 146 Weinberg, Sherman I, 141 Weinberg, V, 151 Weiner, Holly, 159, 154 Weinlein, Kuri, 173, 180 Weinlein, Michael, 141, 77, 98, 192, 193 Weinstein, Anita I, 79 Weinstein, Cecile B, 161 Weinstein, Elliot, 164, 179 Weinstein, Lee Ivan, 141 Weiss, Ira S, 158, 79 Weiss, Jordan Paul, 88, 174 200 INDEX Weissenstein, John W, 170 Weisz, I,ee David, 164 Wellner, Stephen, 155, 185 Wells, Gary M, 159 Wells, lane Ann, 141,94,96 Wells, Joan Helen 141,99,96 Wermund, Joy Ann, 141, 79 Werner, Carol Jean, 148, 76, 144 Wernikoff, Gail Sue, 167 Wernikoff, Jay T, 157, 191 Westphal, . Iarianna, 145, 70 Wetmore, Joanell J, 159 Whaley, William T, 159 Wheeler, Joanne 1, 141, 81, 75, 76, 93 While, Daniel I., 160, 80 White, I ' amela K, 142 White, Robert J, 149, 188 Whitmore, Daniel C, 161, 178 Wible, I ' eter W, 170 Wicker, James A, 142 Wickstrom, Ins C, 76 Wickum, Dale K, 162 Widerquist, Robert 1 ' , 142 Widerquist, Thomas C, 162 Wiegel, Sue A, 157 Wiegman, Robert John, 180, 169 Wiese, Jeffrey W, 162 Wienstroer, Cathy A, 172 Wiig, Keith Owen, 145 Wiig, Kenneth Morris, 172 Wikell, Milton L, 151 Wildon, B, 164 Wilke, Kathy L, 147 Wilkins, Gary H, 160, 193 Willert, Lee Charles, 168 Williams, Barbara D, 156 Williams, Diane A, 147 Williams, lioeer B, 147, 74, 84, 87 Williamson, Sharon M, 148, 79 Wilner, .- ndrea S, 163 Wilson, Larry K, 170, 80 Wilson, Roger Reid, 180, 167, 185 Wilson, Thomas G, 142 Wimmer, Daniel J, 148 Winimer, Margaret Ann, 156 Wimmer, Phyllis, Jane, 149, 76 Wine, Robin Sherry, 145 W ' inkleman, Larry J, 169, 180 Winograd, Louise C, 155 W ' inslow, Susan C, 157, 79 Wisniewski, Wayne T, 145 Witt, Jo Ann, 163,79 Wittek, Warren led, 79, 169 Witzel, Allan Jay, 142,81 Wojakowski, John B, 142, 77, 83, 98 Wojakowski, Lois A, 162, 77, 85 Wojlas, Ronald J. 142 Wolcott, Douglas C, 180, 166, 165 Wolcott, Stephen A, 169 Wold, And rew Thomas, 157 Woldman, Richard A, 158 Wolf, Maureen J, 142, 81, 73, 92 Wolf, Robert H, 158 Wolf, Stuart Howard, 169 Wolff, Fred Martin, 79, 169 Wolnik, Wayne Walter, 146 W ' olter, Richard M, 160 Woltersdorf, Carol A, 159 Womer, Bill Richard, 164 Wood, John Charles, 169 Wood, ' illiaml , 146 Woods, Craig M, 147, 76, 77 Wooley, Bruce C, 167 Woolley, Robert F, 149 Work, Carol J, 148, 79 Worth, April Joy, 168 Worth, Bruce C; 145 Wortman Michael L, 142, 74 Wright, Snerrv Lee, 145 WuTack, 148; 188 Wu If, Arthur S, 151 W ' urmser, Bruce M, 162, 179 Wynn, Michael J, 147, 182 ' actor, Tom Alan, 142 Vamaguchi, I ' eggy, 76, 86, 173, 165 Vamaguchi, Robert II, 147 Vamaguchi. Tom j, 162 Yardley,Janies A, 149,24 Veend,T.orraine R, 142 Velen, Mitchell A, 162,98,92 Vellen, Ste ' en K, 166 ' ohanna. W ' ilene, 161 Voshioka, Dwight K, 142, 88, 118, 98 Voung, Karen Jane, 161 Young, Linda . 1, 142 Voung, Mia Klyce, 173 Voung, Michael A, 84, 168 Voung, Suzann B, 157 Voungkranlz. Larrv, 162, 98 Zabolocky, Carnelf, 172, 165 Zachary, ConnieJ, 174 Zager, Ronald I, 149, 184, 74, 77, 80, 144, 84 Zager, William F, 142, 97, 192 Zaidler, Laura F, 70, 92 Zaitlen, Richard H, 146 Zaiesny, Patricia M, 164 Zapas, Clarice C, 142 Zaphirio, Peter J, 79 Zaphiris, Sandra J, 158 Zar Mark, Steven, 170,77 Zastrow, Edward W, 177, 142, 97, 182 Zavilla, Walter E, 142 Zehner, Arnold F, 160 Zeidin, Donna G, 148, 85 Zelkowitz, Barbara, 157, 82 Zemansky, Wynne, 173 Zender, Carolyn S, 164 Zenner, Donna Lee, 152, 144 Zeszutko, Barbara A, 155, 79 Zeuschner, Carol Ann, 166 Zeuschner, Judith L, 167 Zev, Ronald Alan, 88, 174 Ziemianin, Gregory J Zimberoff, Robert, 160 Zimka, Theresa M, 142 Zimmerman, Bonnie S, 159, 82 Zimmerman, Glen M, 152, 188 Zimmerman, Linda J, 150, 74 Zittler, Deborah S, 160 Zlatos, CA-nthia S, 161 Zlomik, Paul Jay, 170 Zolezzi, Darlene R, 155, 179 Zolott, Bruce Dean, 142 Zukerman, Evelyn, 142, 96 Zuffante, Robert, 156 Zwigoff, Terry E, 167 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 203 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Preservation of the memories of those in a school, as complete as is found in this volume; requires the factors of time and work. Innumeralbe hours spent in frantic preparation by yearbook staff members makes possible the presentation of the Spectrum to the students, faculty, and administration of Niles West. This rewarding experience would not have been possible without the guidance and advice of the Spectrum sponsors, Mrs. Lois Fisher, Mrs. Deborah Gould, and Mr. William Geismann. The donation of their time throughout the year made the processing of the yearbook run smoothly. The staff thanks them for this and for having alleviated as much chaos as possible from our cause. Thanks to Root Studios of Chicago for the photography, to Mr. Norman Koenig of the Norman King Publishing Company for the publishing and for tolerating the cryptic messages he found in most of the margins after we had proof-read the book. Also, our thanks goes to the faculty and administration for their patience and cooperation. Without these peoples ' aid, the Spectrum would never have been possible. Respectfully, 1963 Spectrum Staff PRINTING NORMAN KING COMPANY. INC 810 WETST HIGGINS ROAD PARK RIDGE. ILLINOIS

Suggestions in the Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) collection:

Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Niles Township High School West - Spectrum Yearbook (Skokie, IL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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