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The Senior Class of 1962 Presents the Niles West Spectrum Table of Contents Academic_ 14 Faculty _ _ - — 38 Activities _ 68 Special Events . —100 Seniors _ 110 Underclassmen _ 144 Athletics ___ 170 s Newness is a marvelous thing . . . Exciting, stimulating, challenging. Each ef¬ fort made at Niles West this year was something new, a first. And consequently it required that we meet the challenge of newness with skill and determination. We donned our Red and White for the first time last September to face East in our first athletic contest. From that day on Red and White Day became an honored tradition. We built a foundation for student government that now serves as a model of democratic student representation. We gave birth to publi¬ cations that will record our history for years to come. Our first homecoming Our first dramatic production Our first Redskins ' Revue Our first graduating class The list is endless. Despite the vast scope of our tasks, each is bound to the other by a common objective ... to establish in this, our first year of existence, proud and worthy traditions that will be perpetuated by Niles Students for years to come. We hope that we have served the future well. New Frontiers in education are pursued 6 While the entire nation is recognizing the need for an intense program of academic train¬ ing, we at Niles West are receiving, from the very onset, an education founded upon sound and progressive approaches to learning. If we are to meet the challenges set forth in the twen¬ tieth century, then as high school students, our chief objective must be the absorption and com¬ prehension of knowledge. From the test-tube jungles of the chemistry laboratories, to the finest recording equipment in the language laboratories, the most modern facilities have been utilized throughout the building. In the constantly changing field of educa¬ tional technique, Niles West has kept pace by formulating such programs as the Reading Im¬ provement Course, a complete tract of accelerated courses, and the Science Seminar Program. Opportunities for learning are vast and con¬ stantly growing. New frontiers are being re¬ vealed in every aspect of academic study. By using the tools of our learning, we are able to pioneer successfully these frontiers. 7 Administration and faculty provide the stimul for academic achievement A new school, aspiring to excellence, demands firm organization and con¬ stant guidance from its administration and faculty. At Niles West this demand is met by an experienced administrative nucleus combined with a young and energetic faculty, whose continual objective lies in providing each student with the best possible preparation for the future. We are indeed fortunate, then, that this task has fallen to men and women who are experts in their respective fields of education; together we are able to establish our position of scholastic excellence and to insure its permanence. Student Activities supplement the From the serious aspect of student government to the purely recreational purposes of the Student Union Board, Niles West has built a varied and stimu¬ lating program of student activities. The enthusiastic reception accorded each club a ad organization this year speaks well for the traditions each has begun, for these are the groups who must serve as the springboards of our homecoming celebrations, our charity fund drives, our literary contests. From them spring our all-school publications, our paths to cul¬ tural enterprise, the opportunity to carry our education beyond the classroom. These are the groups that organize and present the assembly programs held throughout the year. Coordinated by a Director of Student Activities, our extra¬ curricular programs serve to supplement the conventional role of high school edu¬ cation, while at the same time offering the student a constructive outlet for his skills and energies. School S] pirit soars as Niles West wins the School spirit is an intangible commodity, the origin of which cannot be traced. Yet no single event has been more responsible for establishing a tradition of loyalty and good sportsmanship than the Interim League football championship that came to us last fall. Our new stadium was trod with glory time and time again. Our stands held capacity crowds whose cries of “Indians- Great!” were endless. More than once a home team was forced to relinquish their home stands to the hundreds of enthusiastic “visitors” from Niles West, who followed their teams to the most distant corner of the Interim League. Not only did this championship effort set a precedent for all of the 1961-62 squads, but it provided future generations of Indians with a goal towards which they may strive. A school may set goals in all other areas, but in sports there is no substitute for a winner. And while most other schools spend years in building athletic standards of championship calibre, the Indians brought us the coveted league crown in their very first outing. Interim League Crown Academic Achievement 14 is our chief concern The diversity of English courses indicates the numerous ways of improving our skills in reading, speech, and writing. Owing to the various phases of English, including grammar, and literature, the student is able to facilitate his use of the English language; be more creative in his writings, and analyze and appreciate world literature. This knowledge is taught at several levels — according to the student’s abilities. This year, programs of Reading Improvement, lay reading, and group teaching have been added to the previous English curricula. Through these techniques, teachers are able to offer students their best subjects and students can better comprehend and learn these subjects. In addition to studying English as a fundamental course, Niles West students can elect courses for the future or for en¬ joyment. These elective courses include Journalism, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Dramatics, and English Literature. Half the bother in getting your speech across is holding the attention of your audi¬ ence; Kathy Ellis seems to have mastered this art in her public speaking class. A1 Karlin and Louise Birndorf contrast pictures of an Elizabethan theatre with the model pointed to by Harriet Goss and Lin¬ da Kessel. ■1 A widely held view is that Russia does not live up to the ideal of Communism; Stuart Shiman explains his position on this issue to his economics class. Social Studies courses develop capable and alert citizens. The Social Studies Department enables stu¬ dents, to explore the past, examine the present, and prepare for the future. This year the Social Studies Department offered courses in which the student could learn the historical, geographical, political, and economic aspects of our country and lands around the world. In addition to the required courses, Freshman Social Studies and Senior Social Studies, students interested in the humanities could take Family Living, Economics, Psychology, or Sociology. History majors had a choice of World History, Latin American His¬ tory, United States History, and Modern Euro¬ pean History. By learning the various beliefs and customs of different peoples and their historical back¬ grounds, students develop the ability to think critically and to act responsibly on the important issues in our complex society. When in doubt guess true — true, true, true, true, true. 19 If s- Reflecting apparatus provides Bill Oliver, Mark Epstein, Bob Epstein, and Diane Seligman with a suitable method for studying the behavior of light rays. students learn the importance of continous Many demands have been placed upon the United States edu¬ cational system for a “step-up” in the sciences. With these de¬ mands in mind, the Niles West Science Department has insti¬ tuted extra courses in the physical and biological sciences. Niles West has built new physics and chemistry laboratories and added advanced courses, such as CBA Chemistry and PSSC Physics. In the biological fields, students are offered physiology, zoology, and botary, as well as biology. Capturing, mounting, and classifying insects was the six weeks project of biology students Barbara Rek, John Heinze, and Linda Glantz. Effective reasoning and application are primary concepts in mathematics With courses ranging from General Math to Math Analysis, Niles West’s Mathematics Department offers students a selection in all degrees of mathematical interests. The department teaches students to reason effectively and to apply concepts practically. Its primary purpose is to develop quantitative reasoning powers through the use of numerical skills. The aim of the Math De¬ partment is an understanding of these skills so that the student may be able to apply his thinking in fields seemingly quite foreign to mathematics. For example, trigonometry, which in high school appears to be associated with triangles, can be ap¬ plied to an explanation of a chemical reaction. There is a great demand for people highly qualified in their fields of employment. According to Mr. Martin, Chairman of the Mathematics Department, training of the better student to the extent of his ability has become more of a necessity than a choice. For this reason the Mathematics Department has de¬ veloped an extensive accelerated program to challenge the rea¬ soning powers of the better students. Plane Geometry students, Dave Senn. Roberta Benson, and Virginia Hawkins, diagram the Pythagorean Theorem for practical application. Barry Fisher and Robert Cims explain the method of finding the area of a spherical triangle. Foreign Languages provide a means for understanding other nations. Language is the civilized method of communication. Modern world prob¬ lems compel Americans to develop an “intercultural intelligence.” Competent citizens realize that language is a primary road to this intelligence. In addition to the international aspect, the study of a foreign language produces a greater understanding of the complex English language. As the primary objective, the foreign language courses try to develop the language skill of comprehension through listening, speaking, reading, and writ¬ ing. Listening and speaking skills are aided considerably by work done in the language laboratory. Students are able to hear voices of native speakers, teachers, and other students as well as practice speaking individually. Bullfights and a jug of wine symbolize Spain to many Americans; however, the pitcher Richard Buelow is show¬ ing to Lynnette Hendricks is a model of the botigo, an ancient type of water jug. The language laboratory offers students an opportunity to gain proficiency in foreign languages. Advanced Russian students, Julie Gordon, Richard Mendes, Caro- lynn Merrill, and Vladimir Sokolov, wearing authentic costumes, demonstrate the Korbushka. a Russian folk dance. Business Education combines learning with practical experience. Efficient secretary, Pamela Porter, is learning to operate a cordless switchboard unit through practical experience. Tabulator bar . . . account . . . brief forms ... in¬ voice. These are terms associated with the Business Edu¬ cation Department. This department offers practical ex¬ perience to students who plan to enter the business world. For those who are interested in secretarial work, Niles West offers courses from beginning typing and short¬ hand to the advanced combination of both, in Secretarial Practice. Bookkeeping and Business Math provide a fine background for students with clerical futures. And for students interested in “Big Business,” Business Communi¬ cation and Advertising are suited to their needs. Simulated business conditions, with actual forms and papers, are set up to provide students with real-life ex¬ periences. The difficult task of bookkeeping is considerably lightened if the students are grouped as Berrily Ballou, Bruce Bendoff, Carol Recher, Paul Thielman, and Barbara Vincent are. 27 Home and Industrial Arts establish fundamental skills for further application. Since industrialization has held such an important position in the 20th Century way of life, Niles West has also placed great emphasis on this area. Offering such courses as Metal, Auto, Electrical, and Wood Shops, and Industrial and Architectural Drawing, the Industrial Arts Department teaches its students the ways of industry through tools, .processes, and materials. Today, it is considered essential that every girl ac¬ quires an easy familiarity with the skills of cooking, sewing, and managing a home. The Niles West Home Economics Department, in step with this, offers Foods, Clothing, and Home Management. Robert Thomas learns the techniques of In¬ dustrial Drawing by copying blueprints. Diagnosing car trouble is just routine for Dave Parry, Jim Ford, and Mr. Charles Brvan. In foods class, Doreen Stocker, Karen Bonesz, Pat Anderson, and Lynda Payne prepare for their important tasks as future homemakers. Fine art students, using different media, strive for self- “Don Kuehn on sax . . . . " “Take time for music — it is all of heaven we have below. Take time for art - it is the expres¬ sion of one soul talking to another. Take time for make-believe — it is the source of imaginative crea¬ tion.” Through music, art, and drama, we find a beauty that can be found in no other way. The Music and Art Departments strive to create in all students a keen enthusiasm for, and appreciation of, the fine arts. The courses in the Music Department are divided into two groups — vocal and instrumental. These groups perform for the school on special occasions. The Art Department stresses the fundamentals of drawing, sculpture, and design in first year courses. Advanced techniques, such as three dimension, are taught in Art III and IV. The various phases of wire sculpture are shown by art students Bob Goode, Arlene Rubenstein, Asa Oye, Tom Townsend, and Connie North. Niles West stresses physical fitness as well as mental achievement. A nation of strong bodies and sound minds is ob¬ tained only through physical and mental exercise. Realizing the importance of building young boys into men, the Boys Physical Education Department has designed a program which it hopes will create a healthy attitude in the minds of all boys. The boys are fortunate in having not only fine teachers, but Ron Thigpen drives for the pin over Ken Baumhardt. also one of the most well-equipped gymnasiums in the country. Using this fine apparatus, Freshmen and Sopho¬ mores have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills and rules of many sports. The physical educa¬ tion activities of Juniors and Seniors are devoted to competitive sports, in which they learn individual coordination and team sportsmanship. Fitness, agility, and safety are the three aims of gymnastics, as illustrated by the trio of Don Saltzman, Ricky Kreiter, and Colin Corcoran. One-hundred one, one hundred two Developing poise and co-ordination is acquired in Girl’s Physical Education. To establish habits ol good health, to provide students with recreational and rhythmical skills, and to improve techniques of co-ordination and posture — these are some of the objectives of the Niles West Girls’ Physical Education Department. In an ef¬ fort to fulfill these objectives, the Physical Education teachers select activities which they feel will interest girls in keeping physically lit even after their schooling has been completed. It is necessary to have a sound, healthy body so that the mind will function well. Physical education classes vary in subject matter but usually involve some kind of physical exertion. The entire course of study is designed to promote healthful living. Level and focus, techniques in modern dance, are demonstrated effectively by Kathy Faber, Trude Brci, Esther McLean, Connie Nichols, Sharon Crampc, Cheryl Wilson . and Penny Olympios. Dorolhv Matter protects her goal against the determined attacks of field hockey players Dianne Taylor, Evelyn Zuckerman, Julie Codell, Gail Bcn ci. and Elizabeth Fagerstrom. On the clay courts we get a racket eyes view of Robin Reid’s forehand. Good driving techniques encourage safety on the road. Chicagoans, it must he said, will know the need for Driver Edu¬ cation — our effort includes a timely warning to “scatter.” Through the driver training courses now of¬ fered at Niles West, the department aims to help lessen the nation’s alarming death toll on the streets and highways. The full course in Driver Education is divided into three sections — class¬ room, drivo-training, and behind-the-wheel in¬ struction. When the student has completed this program, he is ready to take the State driver’s examination. A new foreign car? No. Karen Andrews is at the wheel of a Drivo-Trainer. Faculty Members Set High Goals For Academic Achievements Dr. Clyde Parker, Superintendent, has devoted himself to promoting high educational standards at Niles West. To the Students of the West Division School Dear Friends: . I am pleased to greet you during your first year in a brand new high school. It is a thrilling experience to observe all of your activities and your citizenship as you help to create a completely new educational institution. Traditions and patterns of which you will be proud for many years to come are now being developed by you. Your new and first yearbook is symbolic of pride in your school, and I, with the faculty, have noted the carefulness by which you go about your tasks. I certainly wish for you, the students of the West Division School, the best that may come your way now and in the years to come. Sincerely yours, Clyde Parker Superintendent of Schools Central Administration The Central Administration, making certain that all ideas in tecli- nkjue and skill of learning are achieved, helps guide the students through the educational problems ol their “high school careers. Con¬ cerned with the understanding of knowledge, the administration tries to make Niles a school in which the student linds both educational oppor¬ tunity and an atmosphere congenial to all phases ol high sc hool lile. Mr. Stuart A. Anderson. Assistant Su- perintendent in Charge of Curriculum and Instruction, plans and arranges aca¬ demic structuring for the school year. 41 Dr. Donald Strahan, Assistant Principal in Charge of Sophomores, counsels as well as disciplines students. Dr. George Gilluly, Assistant Principal in Charge of Freshmen, feels that being new at Niles is not a hand¬ icap. WEST DIVISON ADMINISTRATION The duties of Niles West’s Administration are more closely associated to the promotion of good student- teacher relationships than any other administrative body at Niles. During the past year, these men have capably faced and solved many of the problems of an ever-grow¬ ing high school. Though Niles West may be a new four- year high school, these men have set its pace so that Niles is even now making its mark in the the Interim League. Mr. Arthur Colver, Assistant Principal in Charge of Seniors, directs all student activities according to school policy. Mr. Anton Schubert, Assistant Principal in Charge of Juniors, spends a great deal of his time directing Student Accounting. 43 Guidance Department Aids Necessary Services Rendered Mr. Onand Ruyle, Staff Di rector of the Summer and Adult Evening Schools, co¬ ordinates curriculum taken by adults as well as by stu¬ dents. Mr. Ted C. Coburn, Director of Audio-Visual Education, structures the quality and quantity of films that arc shown at Nines. Three of the least publicized departments at Niles West are the Adult Evening School, the Guidance, and the Audio-Visual Departments. These three divisions are necessary as the stu¬ dent cannot learn from his text books alone. Our school could not continue to function properly in the light of today ' s dynamic con¬ cept of progressive education. The student needs counseling to plan his courses and visual aids to interpret them. Evening School contributes to the further education of the citizens of Niles Township. l)r. Arthur H. Ryden, in charge of Guidance and Testing, heads one of the most important student ser¬ vices at Niles West Problems and Social Adjustments By Capable Directors Mrs. Mary Rosenthal, school social worker, helps students solve student parent and student-school problems. Directly across the hall from the West Division Main Office is a department whose purpose is to guide and assist the student with both school problems and social adjustments. The Guidance De¬ partment consists of nine counselors, one social worker, and two secretaries. Each advisor keeps his own student files and schedules, college materials, and scholar¬ ship information to which he can refer in advising students. Without the cap¬ able assistance of the guidance staff many students would have difficulty making the decisions so necessary in high school. Guidance Counselors are (r. to 1.) Mr. Donald Harper, Mr. Willard Lar¬ sen, Mrs. Arlene Lettas, Mr. Walter Cocking, Mr. Tom J. Thomas, Mrs. Susan Bernstein, Mr. Harold Sortal, and Dr. Wayne Wigell. 45 Mr. Charles Coker ably and efficiently performs the important duties of Staff Director of the Business Office. Each day the Central Business Office is engaged in the prob¬ lems of bookkeeping, finance, and community relations. Pur¬ chase orders must be processed; employees must be paid on time; the clerical and custodial staffs must operate efficiently; the school budget must be kept bal¬ anced. The work done by Mr. Coker, Mr. Oh Ison, and Mr. Herbst helps Niles West func¬ tion smoothly. Under their able and willing guidance, this school can look forward to many years of effective oper¬ ation. Mr. Clifford Herbst, assistant to Mr. Coker, makes certain that the Business Office functions properly. Mr. Harold R. Ohlson, Staff Director of Re¬ search and Publications, supervises publications concerning Niles. 46 Organizations Aimed at School Welfare Help Maintain Good School Community Relations Mr. Harold Isaacson, Director of Niles West’s Athletic Activities, cor¬ relates sports events in both East and West Division. The P.T.A., Boosters, and the School Board are three adult organizations which help promote school improvement and en¬ thusiasm. In our new four year school the P.T.A. is striving to introduce a working relationship between the faculty and the parents. The P.T.A. sponsors a monthly newsletter, Smoke Signals, and an annual open house to acquaint the parents with the operation of the school system. By imparting information concerning school athletic ac¬ tivities to the parents, the Booster Club encourages student- parent morale. The Boosters sponsor buses to and refreshments at athletic events. This year they donated the Homecoming Par¬ ade trophies and have sponsored a Regional Cage Tournament Hospitality Room. The monthly meetings of the club are in¬ formative, in that a different coach speaks at each meeting. Our dynamic School Board is confronted with the monu¬ mental task of overseeing all the activities of Niles West. Among their numerous duties arc the planning of the budget and the formulating of school policy, the hiring and firing of teachers, the approving of text books, and the planning of the North Site. The interest of all these men and women is directed toward a closer relationship with the student body. The above activi¬ ties and meetings promote fuller understanding between faculty, student body, and parents. Members of the Booster Club are: (Seated left to right) Mrs. Eugene Evans (Secretary), James A. Yardley (Vice-President), Mr. Fredrick Gilbert (President), Dr. T. Nicholas Mannos, Mr. Irvin Hoffenberg (Treasurer), and Mrs. Jean Hill (Recording Secretary). (Standing left to right) Mr. John Handzel, Mrs. Archer, Mr. E. Artwick Director of Seniors), Mr. H. Barclay (Director of Freshmen), Mr. E. Bruksch (Director of Sophomores), and Mr. J. Jobst (Director of Juniors). The School Board consists of Mrs. Herman S. Bloch, Milton Falk off, John H. Speer, Kenneth E. Littrell (President), Francis Saunkers (Secretary), John M. Man, and Jacob W. Shapiro. Members of the PTA are (left to right, sitting) Mrs. J. Ostermeier, Presi¬ dent, Mrs. Samuel Schlocker, Vice-President, (letft to right, standing), Mrs. Herbert Novitt, Treasurer, Dr. Mannos, Mrs. H. Douglas Steele, Recording Secretary, and Mrs. Raymond Benzel, Corresponding Secretary. 48 FACULTY Education has always played an important role in American democracy. From the days of the Declaration of Independence to present time, Americans have realized the necessity of public education for polit ical, social, and economic progress. Presi¬ dent Eisenhower is quoted in a pamphlet published by the Educational Policies Commission as saying: ‘‘Because our schools help shape the mind and character of our youth, the strength or weakness of our educational system will go far to determine the strength or weakness of our national wisdom and our national morality to¬ morrow. That is why it is essential to our nation that we have good schools. And their quality depends on all of us.” Unity is a factor necessary to schools if they are to fulfill their purpose as defined by President Eisenhower. Yet, unity in sports and school spirit is not the only type of combined effort needed to keep a school strong. If the educational program is lacking unity, then nothing will come of efforts of the school. With this thought in mind, the teachers of Niles West strive to present the best possible educational program to the students of all grade levels. Each subject department is a small unit of one force working continually to provide the best program possible for the student. The faculty of Niles is comprised of highly qualified men and women who are striving to help the students make Niles “the best in the Midwest.” Under the guidance of these men and women Niles West is making a name for itself as one of the educational centers of the Chicago Suburban Area. In family living, seniors Lori Immergluck, Sherry Otto, Carole Blumenthal, and Barr) Robins look on as Mr. John Handzel explains some principles for home management. ART Thomas Blackburn, Department Head B.F.A., M.A. Bradley University Art Council Ben Smolensky B.S., B.A. Roosevelt University BUSINESS EDUCATION Frank Fitzpatrick, Department Head B.S. University of Wisconsin Bonnie Balzer B.A. Michigan State University Pep Club Mardeth Dovre B.A. Concordia College Ewald Grossheusch B.A., M.S. Iowa State Tea chers’ Northern Illinois University Lauretta Haerr B.S., M.Ed. Christian College University of Missouri Dolores Lamb B.S. Southern Illinois University Secretarial Pool Dale Mever B.S., M.A. Northwestern University Judy Morrison B.S. University of Illinois National Honor Society Harold A. Ohline B.A., M.S. Augustana College Western Illinois University ENGLISH Katherine Kennedy, Department Head B.A., M.S. St. Louis University University of Chicago 50 Henry Abram B.A., M.A. Roosevelt College University of Chicago Lucille Barnes A.B., M.S. University of Illinois Mt. Holyoke College Carole Deterding A.B., Blackburn College June Finfer B.S. Northwestern University Spotlighters Lois Fisher A.B., M.A. University of Pittsburgh Spectrum Leon Fox A.B. Northwes tern University Rochelle Gerrittt B.S. Northwestern University Forensic League Deborah Gould B.S. University of Illinois Spectrum Richard Gragg B.A., M.A. University of Illinois Apotheosis Lorraine Hatscher M.A., B.S. Illinois State Normal University Washington University Elizabeth Hobbs B.A., M.A. University of Washington Northwestern University James Knaak B.S., M.A. University of Illinois 51 Thomas Koerner B.A., M.A. Iowa College St. John’s University West Word Barbara Levine B.S., M.A. University of Wisconsin Northwestern University P.T.A. Executive Board Thomas McMahon B.A., M.A. St. John’s University University of Chicago Priscilla Norling B.A. Northpark College Angie Panos B.S.M.Ed. Northern Illinois University Rachel Stempel B.S. Northwestern University Ronald Van Arsdale A. B., M.A. Butler University State University of Iowa Redskin Review James Van Delinder B. A., M-S. Eastern Illinois University Stage Crew Emilv Wadsworth B. Ed. Northwestern University Debate Coach Robert Wolf Ph.B. Northwestern University Assistant Debate Coach Camera Club Eileen Zelznick B.S. Northwestern University Thespians, School plays FOREIGN LANAGUAGE Marjory Schwab, Department Head A. B., M.A. Vassar University Columbia University Richard Bean BA. Bates College University of Chicago Rosemary Beil B. A., M.A. Mundelein College Northwestern University German Club Carol Duthie B.A. Lawrence College Spanish Club Peggy Harbert B.A. Northern Illinois University French Club Patricia Durkin B.S. Wisconsin State University Teresa Klinger A. M. University of Chicago Nola Marquardt B. A Northwestern University Latin Club John Moshak A.B. Indiana University Russian Club Marlene O’Connor A. B., B.S. University of San Diego University of Minnesota Cecil Sacher B. A. Western University Valentina Sekunow B.S. University of Illinois Tri-Hi-Y 53 Niles West and East were visited from January 2nd to February 8th by Dr. Dattaraya Gokhale, Principal of the New English School in Satara, India. He was sponsored by a program admin¬ istered by the United States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The intent of the program is to allow the exchange educator to share the ideas, customs, history, culture and education¬ al affairs of his country with those of another country. Married and the father of one child, Dr. Gokhale, an administrator in sec¬ ondary education, is interested in men¬ tal maturity and aptitude placement, and in special programs for limited and gifted students. Dr. Gokhale compared the position of teachers in America to the teachers in India. He said that while the teachers get more salary and live better in the United States, their status is not com¬ parable to that of a teacher in India. HOME ARTS Alice Line, Department Head bs . M.A. Stephens College University of Nebraska Pins and Pans Sue Evangelista B.S. Milikin University Peggy Honn B.S. University of Illinois Freshman Cabinet 54 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Jack Lain Department Head B.S., M.A. Northern Illinois University Colorado State University Football Coach Charles Brvan B.S., M.S. Southern State Teachers’ College Stout State College Rav Carrell B.S., M.A. Eastern Illinois University Bruce Sorensen BA Stout Institute John Winterhalter B.S. Stout State College MATHEMATICS James Martin Department Head B.S., M.S. Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Robert Bandelier B.S. University of Missouri University of Kansas Joseph Cech B.S.. M.S. Indiana University Northwestern University Georgia Elgar A.B., M.A. University of Virginia New York University Jerrv Engle B.S., M. Ed. Southern Illinois University Freshman Football Coach Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Leo Hoosline BA, M.A. University of Michigan Northwestern University Freshman Baseball Coach Cary Jackson B. Ed. Illinois State Normal Chess Club 55 Carol Kujala B.S. Sr. Olaf College Freshm an -Sophomore Math Club Diana LaMar B.A. Alverno College Elizabeth Lawson B.S. University of Denver Marilyn Leff B.S. University of Illinois Freshman-Sophomore Math Club Miriam Metz B.A. University of Michigan Albert Rambis B.S., M S. North Carolina State College Northern Illinois University R: lnh Wiedl B.S., M.A. Loyola University University of Wisconsin Frances Williams B.S., M S. Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Barry Witzgall B.S. Millikin University MUSIC Hugh McGee. Department Head B.A., M.A. University of Michigan University of Illinois Vivace, Music Production, Barbershoppers Charles Groeling B.S., M.S. Drake University Northwestern University SCIENCE Florence Harrison, Department Head B.S., M. Ph. South Dakota State University University of Wisconsin 56 Richard Kissack B.S., M.A. State University of Iowa Science Club Ralph Lverla B.S., M.A. Carthage College Coach of Football Coach of Track Ernest Salners B.S., M.S. Harding College Kansas State Teachers College Bruce Snyder B.S. Wisconsin State College Mary Tillquist B.A. Northwestern University Ushers Club Janies Winkleman B.S., M.S. Southern Illinois University University of Colorado Hans Andersen B.Ed., M.S. Wisconsin State University University of Michigan Biology Club William Cover B.S., M.A. Ohio State University Coach of Sophomore Football Coach of Sophomore Baseball Dennis Cummingham B.A. University of Towa Ralph Harve B.S. California Polytechnical Institute Dennis Hoeppner B.A. Iowa State University Coach of Freshman “B” Basketball Coach of Freshman- Sophomore Tennis George Kiehvasscr B.S.. M.A. Michigan State University University of Michigan Coach of Sophomore Basketball Coach of Varsity Tennis SOCIAL SCIENCE Charles Mattka, Department Head B.S., M.S. University of Wisconsin Charles P. Anderson B. Ed. University of Wisconsin Gerald Boevcrs B.A.. M.A. Northwestern University Edward Brufke B.A., M.A., M.Ed. Loyola University Nancy Bull B.A., M.A. University of Rochester Northwestern University Sophomore Cabinet Erwin Epstein B.A. University of Illinois Jack Fabn B.S., M.Ed. North Carolina State University University of Missouri Assistant Coach of Sophomore Football Coach of Varsity Golf Rosemary Fuerst B.S., M.A. Loyola University John W. Gault B.Th., M.A. Northern Baptist University 1 Northwestern University Blaine Gemeny B.S., M.S. Illinois State Normal University Northwestern University Student Union Assistant Ticket Manager John Handzel A.B., M S. DePaul University Indiana University Ni-We-Hi Beth Hoffman B.S. University of Wisconsin Future Teachers of America IPI 58 Seniors Sharon Cramp6 and Linda Cohen demonstrate sewing techniques to clothing teacher, Miss Honn. Mr. Coyer explains the dissection of a fish to students Joy Frodin and Rich¬ ard Hines. Walter John B.A. University of Illinois Senior Cabinet, Hi-Y Arthur Leipold B.A., M.A. University of Wisconsin William Paulsen B.A., M.A. Stale College of Iowa Coach of Fresman Football and Basketball Fay Paras BA. De Pauw University Student Council William Robinson B.A. Evansville College Junior Cabinet, Astro¬ nomy Club Carol Rylance A.B. Hope College Junior Cabinet 59 Pauline Schmidt B.S., M.S. University of Chicago Northwestern University Bert Sharp B.A., M.A. University of Southern California Michigan State University Lvnne Stanley BA. Denison University Carol Kreinick demonstrates a chemistry principle to Mr. Salners and Dave Hoglund. GIRLS’ PHYSICAL _ EDUCATION Helen Heitmann Department Head B.A., M.A. College of Wooster Northwestern University Vera Berger B.S. University of Missouri G.A.A. Patricia Clinton B.A. State College of Iowa G.A.A.. National Honor Society Nancy Dennis B.S. Northwestern University Varsity Cheerleaders Gloria Fisher B.S. University of California, Los Angeles G.A.A. Katherine Hameder B.S. University of Illinois Freshman and Sophomore Cheerleaders Rosemarie Jeknavorian B.S. LaCrosse State University Bowling Mar jo Seron B.A., M.A. Cornell College Northwestern University Sandra Wilson B.A. Monmouth College G.A.A. Marie Wise B.S. University of Wisconsin 61 DRIVER EDUCATION Hal Cress Department Head B.A. Iowa State Teachers’ College Charles Anderson B.S. University of Michigan Varsity Wrestling Club I.ettermen’s Club John Harmon A. B., M S. McKendree College University of Illinois Coach of Varsity Cross Country James Kettleborough B. S., M.Ed. University of Illinois Illinois State Normal Assistant Coach of Track Robert Porter B.S. University of Illinois Coach of Junior Varsity Wrestling Equipment Manager Rex Whitlatch B.S. University of Illinois Football Trainer Coach of Freshman- Sophomore Wrestling Mr. McGee leads the Girls ' Glee Club through one of its many vocal exercises. 62 BOYS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION Harold Isaacsen Department Head B.S. Western Michigan State University Director of Athletics (West and East) Michael Basrak B.S., M.A. Duquesne University Indiana University Head Coach of Football Coach of Freshman- Sophomore Golf George Bauer B.S., M.Ed. University of Illinois University of Missouri Coach of Freshman Football Coach of Baseball Arnold Cajet B.S. University of Illinois Coach of Swimming Weightlifting Club Lettermen’s Club John Cress B.S., M.S. University of Illinois University of Kansas Coach of Varsity Gymnastics Coach of Sophomore Cross Country Darrel Conway B.A., M.A. Iowa State Teachers’ College University of Iowa Coach of Varsity Track Coach of Varsity Football James Phipps B.F... M.S. Eastern Illinois University Indiana University William Schnurr B.S., M-S. University of Wisconsin Coach of Varsity Basketball Coach of Varsity Football Michael Skuban B.S.Ed.. M.A. Wittenberg College Kent State University Coach of Freshman- Sophomore Wrestling Coach of Varsity Baseball Francis Willett B.Ed. Northeast Missouri State Teachers’ College Coach of Varsitv Football Coach of Freshman- Sophomore Swimming 63 HEALTH CENTER Eileen Springer Department Head C.P.H. Nurse St. Francis School of Nursing Loyola University Future Nurses Club Cecelia McKinnon B.S.N. — Nursing Lovola University SPECIAL EDUCATION Mildred Rasmus B.S.. M.A. State University of Iowa University of Hawaii Diane R. Suckow B.A., M.A. Ripon College Northwestern University LIBRARIANS Ellen Spaulding BA. Grinnell College University of Chicago Kent Followed B.S. University of Illinois Mr. Smolensky of the Art Department helps students Frank Vazzano. Steve Poster, Aneeta Krugly, and Connie North soften clay for use at the potters’ wheel. Secretarial Operations Aid Administrators and Students Most of us have little contact with Niles’ secretarial staff, but our school could not continue without these women. Attendance Office sec¬ retaries maintain organized student records, check truancies,and issue de¬ tentions. Secretarial operations in the Guidance Office include the main¬ tenance of student testing records and aid to the guidance counselors. To file cards and to aid students are jobs of the library clerk-typists. The sec¬ retaries of the Business Administration Department capably handle budget and supply problems. Furnishing aid to the administrators and handling registration problems are a few of the jobs which the Main Office secretaries handle. Central Office secretaries facilitate direct as¬ sistance to the administrators by typing letters, arranging conferences, and making appointments. Many of us take for granted the duties of these secretarial staffs, but they are certainly not to be overlooked as essential parts of our school. Main Office Secretaries are F. Zehnle. M. Schulholz. H. McGinnis. D. Scan- lan. R. Oswald, M. Bellezzo. R. Ethel hubert, R. Miner. R. Novotny, and M. Thomas. Central Office Secretaries are T. Stal lerv, M. Marshall. E. Ahlstead, L. Lu- hin. G. Leapley, F. Stacy. H. Jennings, and H. Johnson. Attendance Office Secretaries are M. Ricahev. M. Mag- gio. B. Bridget. Guidance Office Secretaries are R. Bernstein, and E. Anderson. 1 ibrarv Clerks are K. Balko. B. Blum, and S. Szymanski. The School Is Safe And Sanitary Because of Conscientious Maintenance Nourishing meals, sparkling windows, and the attractive campus are only some of the resul ts of the efforts put forth by the cus¬ todian and cafeteria staff. Preparation of nutritious and pleasing meals is taken care of by the women who comprise the cafeteria staff. Technical facilities of the school are capably maintained by the custodial depart¬ ment. These people are important to us not only for the duties which they perform, but for their friendly and helpful attitudes. Though often behind the scenes, these peo¬ ple are appreciated by Nile-hi students and faculty alike for their all-important services. The Custodial Staff (not all pictured here) manages the entire maintenance of the building twenty-four hours a day. The ladies of our Cafeteria Staff prepare and serve well- balanced meals to students every day. 67 Clubs Afford An Opportunity For Social Development in Leadership SPECTRUM In September, students submitted applications for yearbook staff membership. These applications were considered by Dr. Nicholas Mannos and by yearbook sponsors Mrs. Lois Fisher and Mrs. Deborah Gould. The staff was finally chosen and the members began to compile Niles West’s first annual, which after much deliberation, was named Spectrum. Believing that the stu¬ dent at Niles is a composite of many things—laughs, frowns, sighs, smiles—and expresses himself in many ways—classwork, sports, drama, music—the Spectrum Staff endeavored to record these expressions and the school year of w r hich they are a part The colorful blending of all this forms the first ray or “spec¬ trum” indicative of the personality of Niles West’s first student- faculty-administrator body. YEARBOOK EDITORS Kneeling: Carolynn Merrill (Faculty), Susan Stauber (Index), Merle Dorf- man (Academic), Lynne Chamlin (Academic). Sitting: Julie Gordon (Edi- tor-in-Chief), Jane Levin (Senior), Lois Karch (Senior), Sharon Roberts (Literary), Andrea Hoffman (Literary). Standing: JoEllen Pfeiffer (Edi- tor-in-Chief), James Carder, Gretchen Anderson (Special Events), Michael Duhl (Sports), Denise Greenberg (Underclassmen), David Hoglund (Public Relations). Co-editors-in-chief, JoEllen Pfeiffer and Julie Gor¬ don, discuss the first proofs of the Academic section of the 1%2 Spectrum. YEARBOOK SENIOR STAFF First Row: Jane Levin, Lois Karch (Co-Editors) Second Row: Vir¬ ginia Burns, Geraldine Stocker, Patricia Fulkerson, Karen Osney, Alice Barnow. Third Row: Joyce Greenberg, Marlene Brooks, Su¬ san Stauber, Dolores Brusin, Ju¬ dith Rosenthal. SPECTRUM GENERAL STAFF Charlene Linick, Marianna West- phal, Janet Myles, Barbara Marks, Karen Osney, Marc Lane. “Dummy sheets, " " cut-lines, " " copy,” and “cropping” were familiar terms to the mem¬ bers of the Spectrum staff as they gathered in Room 325 to compile Niles West’s first annual. Every afternoon, since early last fall, they work¬ ed diligently with one idea in mind: MEET THAT DEADLINE! The smiles on the faces of Lynne Chamlin, JoEllen Pfeiffer, David Hog- lund, and Michael Duhl seem to indicate that the attainment of this goal is near. 71 — v-L nr WEST WORD EDITORS David Nelson (Sports), Alice Bamow (Feature), Karen Osney (Editor-in-chief), Helen Ann Dugan (News), Asa Oye (Picture). WEST WORD On September 29, 1961, Niles West students received the first issue of the West Word, bi-monthly stu¬ dent newspaper. Since that first is¬ sue, the West Word has become an integral part of school life, for no story is too big or too small foi) publication. Through comprehen¬ sive reporting and thought provok¬ ing editorials, the Word has estab¬ lished itself as the voice of the stu¬ dent body at Niles West. In an at¬ tempt to function as a “News” pa¬ per, rather than as a rehashing of the daily bulletin, the Word has success¬ fully scooped such news as the elec¬ tion of Homecoming Court, results of Student Council election, an on- the-scene account of the Big Red locker room moments after the Wheaton game, and, more recently, the staff has conducted the tradi¬ tional Senior Survey, the results of which appear in the final Senior Issue. WEST WORD STAFF Seated: Maureen Wolf, Susan Lewin, Alice Barnow, Karen Osney. Standing: Keith Lencho, Stuart Ep¬ stein, Jay Davidow, Helen Ann Dugan. 72 Apotheosis members achieve their standing by submitting manu¬ scripts worthy of publication in their literary magazine. First Row: Cynthia Cockrell, Penelope Varney, Paulette Cimmon. Second Row: J.anis Roman (Sec’y.), Susan Trowbridge (Pres.), Alice Bamow (Vice Pres.). Jeffrey Graff (Treas.). Third Row: Maureen Wolf, Lauren Taylor, Susan Cook, Susan Nixon. APOTHEOSIS ART COUNCIL Members of Art Council evaluate and select artistic w r orks for display and competition. (Clockwise):, Sheri Schulman. Margret Schulte (Vice Pres.), Janet Day (Treas.), Jo Ann Noto, JoFllen Pfeiffer (Pres.), Maureen Peskind, Martha Zari (Sec’y.). First Row: Judith DeLove, Jennifer Underwood, Susan Trowbridge, Janice Goldfeder. Second Row: James Swinger. Janis Roman, Evan Imber, Frances Tucker, Mr. Richard Gragg. Third Row: Susan Grigg, Rachel Amado, Joyce Greenberg, Kathyleen Glares. Fourth Row: Elaine Neubauer, Marlene Brooks, Virginia Butzow, Carol Work, Janis Franklin. Fifth Row: Susan Andrews, Daniel Harvey, Judith Dorfman, Rosalie Sterner. Sixth Row: Judith Tunkl, Penelope Varney, Donald Pcarlman, Janice Tritschler, Audrey Le¬ vin. ART CLUB ARTISTS CLUB Arts Club officers cutting cake are Evan Imber (Pres.), James Swinger (Treas.), Susan Trowbridge (Publicity Chairman), Jennifer Underwood (Membership Chairman). Arts Club and Artists ' Club are devoted to the development of cultural aspects at Niles West. The Arts Club pertains to the “Seven Lively Arts; " arch¬ itecture, dance, drama, literature, music, painting, and sculpture. Members of the Artists Club en¬ deavor to develop fine techniques in art and to ap¬ preciate the techniques and skills of others. Foreground, clockwise: Carol Zender, Joseph Amari, Jeffery Tanncnbaum, Dennis Klein, Patricia Eby, Janice Tritschler, Richard Eby. Background: Denise Greenberg, Toni Cottmeier, Sylvia Ruhr. ORCHESTRA Standing: FrankJin Linder, Lee Gordon, Robert Ruyle, Mr. Hugh McGee, Marsha Johnson. Fourth Row: Phyllis Wimmer, Barbara Ederer, Carolyn Alport, Patricia Eulberg, Shirley Cheetham. Third Row: Stephen Spitz, Renate Decker, John McCarty, Ronald Bernstein, Karen Shellist, Linda Barber, Cheryl Clauson, Craig Feldpausch, Barbara Apelian, James Swinger, Paul Brietzke, James Archer, Lyle Archer, Susan Parr, Marilyn Wykowski. Second Row: Iris Wickstrom, Dianne Tay¬ lor, Linda Norling, Marcia Niclas, Carol Werner, Carol Krein- ick, Howard Bolnick, Ingrid Landberg, Janice Tritchler. First Row: Joanne Wheeler, Gordon Peterson, Susan Cook, Nancy Novak, Meredith McCartan, Daniel Harvey, Ray Silvertrust, Rachel Amado. CONCERT BAND Concert Band Fourth Row: Mr. Charles Groeling, Donald Linder, Robert Ruyle, David Helmer, Michael Weinlein, Dennis Moore, Raymond Henriksen, Thomas Foerster, Michael Garlich, Michael Nudelman, Lee Gordon, Sheldon Elias. Third Row: Gale Gordon, Yolanda Szwajger, Howard Goldenstein, John Klem- mer, John Wojakowski, Ronald Hoffman, William Oliver, James Swinger (Drum Maj.), Barbara Apelian (Sec’y.) , Craig Feldpausch, Edward Bruksch, William Conrad, Russell Nelson, Larry Burkhardt, Richard Oaiberl, William Timmer, Michael Hansen, Lyle Archer. Second Row: Susan Bernstein, Marilyn Wykowski (President), Susan Parr, Howard Baitcher, Ronald Zager, James Archer, Paul Brietzke ' Jack Bookwalter, Richard Orloff, Janet Kuffer, Richard Littrell, Gary Meszaros, Betty Sielski, Scott Mermel. First Row: Susan Cook (Student Conductor), Nancy Novak, Daniel Harvey, Meredith McCartan, Jane Dilg, Carol Kreinick, Howard Bolnick, Lester Keller. Included in the extra-curricular music activities are Orchestra, Concert Band and Dance Band. Orchestra and Dance Band participate in all musical functions at Niles, from assemblies to the music festivals. With entertainment as their goal, the Dance Band plays at pep assemblies and other functions where students wish to hear pop music and a good beat. DANCE BAND Stage Band Trumpets: Larry Burkhardt, William Oliver, Barbara Apelian. Craig Feldpausch. French Horns: Susan Parr, Marilyn Wykow¬ ski. Trombones ' . Michael Hansen. Flute: Susan Cook. Saxes: Ronald Zager, James Archer, Paul Brietzre, John Klemmer, Howard Bolnick, Howard Goldstein, Jack Bookwalter. Bass: On Stairs: Cheryl Clauson, Roberta Benson, Judith Fine, Marcia Menkin, Lona Hart¬ man, Nancy Doyle, Joanne Rust, Sharon Larson, Janice Goldfeder, Dianne Taylor, Cheryl Dahl, Amelia Gabriel, Kathleen Wallies, Charlene Hunter, Joanne Wheeler, Jo¬ anne Worthington, Eliza¬ beth Stengl, Diana Austin, Barbara Young. First Row: Linda Barber, Marilyn Co¬ hen, Janice Dugan, Judy Locher, Dorothy Matter, Su san Nixon, Susanne Gallo- wich, Susan Trowbridge, Jo- Anne Ryden, Alice Griffin, Lauren Taylor, Janet Carl¬ son, Holly Thompson, Susan Faust, Nancy Nelson, Fran- cine Uditskv. VIVACE In the Music Department at Niles West, the advanced vocalists are placed in the choir The voices of the boys and girls in this group are blended in such a way as to produce an ef¬ fect different from that of the individual boy and girl glee clubs. Being a member of choir is an honor and privilege. Only one other group holds the same distinction—Vivace Choir. Vivace members are especially talented, for, in addit ion to being able to sing, they must be able to play a musical instrument, preferably the piano. Both Choir and Vivace delight audiences during their performances at Niles West’s musi¬ cal programs. CHOIR Top Row: Judith Fine, Arlcen Mayer, Roberta Benson, Paulette Cinman, Anita Doczekalski, Barbara Young, Nancy Steinseifer, Mary Aggen, Michael Berger, Alan Scheufler, Phillip Moss, John Fields, Elizabeth Stengl, Lynn Johnson, Susan Fox, Joanne Worthington, Diane Austin, Amelia Gabriel. Third Row: Elizabeth Fagerstrom, Donna Com, Nancy Eagan, Charlene Hunter, Janet Dahlin, Nancy Doyle, Robert Anderson, Harvey Margolis, Philip Kohl, Paul Thielman, James Ford, Sharon Larson, Linda Schmid, Janet Duren, Joanne Rust, Virginia Clas¬ sen, Cheryl Dahl. Second Row: Judith Locher, Kathleen Stockmar, Jeanette Bartsch, Carol Gutbrod, Charlene Mueller, John Heinz, Peter Zaphirio, Al¬ lan Kitchen, John Puccinelli, Marcia Menkin, Susan Trowbridge, Susan Nixon, Laurel Rectermann, Dorothy Matter, Susanne Gallo- wich, Janis Kliphardt First Row: Francine Uditsky, Michele Lazar, Alice Griffin, Janet Carlson, Lauren Taylor, Barry Fisher, Stephen Maselli, Barry Elden, Thomas Perri, Robert Kahl, Deborah Beil, Susan Faust, Sally Hoover, Merle Hilfman, Nancy Nelson, Mr. Hugh McGee. ei O ft CHORAL GROUPS Left to right: Mark Reitman, John Puccinelli, Michael Hansen, Harvey Margolis, Robert Anderson, Phillip Kohl, David Helmer. BARBERSHOPPERS Almost everyone enjoys singing because song can lift our spirits or cause us to reflect upon past moments. The members of the boys ' and girls’ glee clubs have an opportunity to sing everyday under the direction of Mr. Hugh McGee. Harmony, of course, very important in the work of the glee clubs, is a prime concern of the barber- shopper group. Although the complex vocalizing of the Barbershoppers is pleasant to hear, euphony is not a simple feat. The boys spend many pre¬ school hours perfecting their styles. The final result of this rehearsal time is then enjoyed by those who attend the excellent musical performances at Christmas and in the spring. GIRLS GLEE BOYS GLEE First Row Ira Weiss, James Lees, Yale Samole, Allan DiSalvo, Barry Gil¬ bert. Second Row: Mark Harris, Leonard Bennett. Michael Rudowicz. Leo¬ nard Koenig, Michael Checkopoulos, Lawrence Ross. First Row: Mildred Molinaro, April Mau, Adrienne Feigenbaum, Laura Seligman, Nancy Schaffner, Donna Dahl, Ellen Feinberg. Sandra Kay. Sec¬ ond Row: Rosalie Berman, Iris Goldfarb, Michele Kirshman, Susan Gold¬ berg, Trudy Karp, Audrey Tischler, Kathleen DeVogeler, Sharon Williamson, Diane Friedman, Beverly Cowan, Sylvia Kuhr. Third Row: Sandra Clyman, Louise Winograd, Dorothy Ostermeier, JoAnne Ryden, Diane Schulman, Lain a Maltz, Beth Konopka, Linda Laughlin, Toni Allison, Lana Iverson, Carol Work, Linda Porazinski. Fourth Row: Miriam Fried, Joyce Ellers, Barbara Baum, Kathy Sorensen, Linda Rolla, Danka Dragovich, Jan Gold- feder, Joy Ramsey, Lvnne Stahlberg, Betty Magnuson, Karen Scott. Fifth Row: Susan Stiska, June Dahlin, Carol Woltersdort, Diane Dettloff, Anita Weinstein, Patricia Corr, Flke Supanc, Barbara Kramarczyk, Sandra Shiner, Sandra Tolchin, Lona Hartman, Virginia Davis. First Row: Bonnie Zimmerman, Joyce Schuman, Penny Rotheiser, Helen Perri, Donna Goldner, Jo Ann Witt, Sandi Anderson. Second Row: tjoanell Wetmore, Laurefi Gold, Josephine Hoffberg, Sandra Sweadner, Barbara Berlin, Karen Petersen, Elizabeth Gallen, Lea Beaubien, Lynn Denley. Third Row: Susan Winslow, Andrea Kaufman, Pamela Prange, Betty Newman, Diana Leach, Judith Landauer, Lois Peterson, Patricia Walter, Carolyn Nel¬ son, Janice Dugan. Fourth Row: Amy Levine, Barbara Ahrens, Claire Tabel, Janis Kliphardt, Linda Anderson, Karen Komiss, Ruth Kane, Ruth Oslund, Barbara Zeszutko, Ruth Olson, Kathleen Gray. Fifth Row: Joy Regin, Catherine Darsch, Carla Erlander, Karen Novoselsky, Sharon Childs, Lucille Santowski, Corrine Vollmer, Joan Wells, Jane Wells, Naomi Dietze, Marilyn Cohen. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Patricia Fulkerson, Charlotte Rosenfeld, Susan Stauber, Charlene Chang, Ann Kazanow, Justine Varney, Sharon Roberts. Second Row: Barbara Lauerman, James Carder, Fred Artwick, Marvin Davis, James Swinger, Susan Cook. Election into National Honor Society and National Thespian Society is based on merits accumulated since the Freshman year. Scholarship, character, leadership, and ser¬ vice are the qualifications for National Honor Society. Na¬ tional Thespians requires 100 hours of work on dramatic productions for membership. NATIONAL THESPIANS Seated: Diane Seligman (Sec ' y.), Judith Roscngard (Pres.), Richard Lavin (Vice Pres.), Mrs. Eileen Zelznick (Sponsor). Standing: Donna Harrison, Janice Goldfeder, Peggy Singer, Allan Witzel, Francine Uditsky, Joseph Schmidt, Debra Rosenberg, Terrie Brusman, Susan Bern¬ stein, Holly Semiloff. First Row: Lisa In bin (Treas.), Susan Seidman (Rec. Sec’y.), Allan Witzel (Pres.), Susan Cooper (Vice Pres.), Joyce Koppman (Fi¬ nancial Sec’y). Second Row: Adele Olsberg, Martha Har- vis, Ellyn Fried, Elizabeth Honnet, Pamela Bolotin, Christine Mussar, Diane L£vy, Susan Grigg. Third Row: Mrs. June Finfer (Sponsor), Jill Kurd, Betty Newman, Miriam Fried, Jon Conrad, Leonard Bramson, Barbara Belgrade, Arlene Kaplan, Nancy Karch. SPOTLIGHTERS For the first time, Spotlighters, one of Niles West’s dramatic organizations, has limited its membership to Freshmen and Sophomores. The first two years the students work on Spotlighters’ two major productions, “An Evening in the Spotlight” and their Spring Play, in order to accumulate the ten required points for Thespian membership. National Forensic League entails everything from Debate and Oratory to Radio Broadcasting. By participating in tournaments with other schools, stu¬ dents can earn the necessary 25 points for membership in the National League. NATIONAL FORENIC LEAGUE Richard Littrel demonstrates techniques of good debate to fellow Forensic members. First Row: Joan Glassberg, Sherry Herman, Susan Coop¬ er. Second Row: Thomas Roberts, Susan Lewin. Cor- inne Grayson. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUBS Learning a language can be done in a classroom. But, for the student who seeks to enlarge his understanding of the peo¬ ples, customs, and ways of life in other countries, there are the foreign language clubs. The students of French, German, Span¬ ish, and Russian have formed clubs so that they can enhance their knowledge beyond the required work in class. Banquets and holidays are celebrated in traditional ways to add atmos¬ phere and culture to the language being studied. First Row: Marlene Brooks (Pres.), Loreli Neubarth. Second Row: Maureen Karlin, Barbara Fimoff, Jill Kurti, Joyce Greenberg. Third Row: Robert Levin. Susan Pifke (Treas.), Janis Roman (Sec ' y.), Lona Hartman. Fourth Row: Jeffrey Tieger, Amy Heppner, Margo Berndt, Darlene Dell. Fifth Row: Patricia Fulkerson. Karen Skidmore (Vice Pres.), Susan Stauber. First Row: Jeffrey Rochman, Beth Katz, Christell Lauerman, Esther Ettinger, Linda Laughlin, Pamela Prange. Second Row: Audrey Tischler, Joyce Eilers, Kathe Kuhr, Eileen Harms, Sandra Gill- uly. Third Row: Jeffrey Claus, Barbara Berger, Nancy Novak, Renate Decker, Linda Anderson. Fourth Row: Jon Con¬ rad, Donald Saltzman, Martin Bramson, Gary Plice. ;J ' K First Row: Janis Kliphardt (Pres.), Rosalyn Berkover, Diane Natkin, Lauren Taylor, Cynthia Croneigh. Second Row: Catherine Schlocker, Kathe Kuhr, Arlette Peterson, Penny Rotheiser. Third Row: Jean Steffens, Linda Gittner, Sandra Davidove, Georgine Torterella, Rosalie Sterner. Fourth Row: Rochelle Rishe, Lynn Kanter, Rosalie Berman Lynne Graham, Bunny Carlberg, Sally Rask, Linda Lichtenstein. Last Row: Susan Rask, Susan Tetaque, Rona Immer- gluck, Judith Anderson, Janice Ermilio, Neil Phillips, Martin Bramson, Lawrence Bassuck, Janice Goldfeddr. First Row: Leslie Fujiye (Vice Pres.), Stephen Turpack (Pres.), Barry Kreisler (Treas.). Judith Dorfman (Sec’y.). Second Row: Mildred Molinaro, David Merrill, Michael Lieber- man, Rochelle Hirsch. Third Row: Susan Cooper, Michelle Collons, Ellen Menakes, Lucille Santowski. Sherry Enenstein. JUNIOR-SENIOR MATH CLUB OFFICERS FROSH-SOPH MATH CLUB Clockwise: Thomas Ladd, Ann Kazanow, James Swinger, Terry ' Os- Mark Harris, Bruce Bolnick, Jon Conrad, Jeffrey Graff, Herbert Green- trowski, Patrick Kamm. man, Sherwin Levin, Aleander Panos. ACADEMIC CLUBS ASTRONOMY CLUB Seated: Richard Littrell (Pres.). Standing: Michael Decker (Vice Pres.), Ronald Ditthardt (Sec’y.), Ronald Horlick, George Goldberg, Wendell Carl¬ son (Treas.), Michael Lieberman, Don Pearlman (Publicity Director). Academic excellence is the major goal at Niles West. In order to give the in¬ terested students more insight in spe¬ cialized fields, four extra-curricular, aca¬ demic activities have been formed: two Math Clubs, Astronomy Club, and Bio¬ logy Club. Both the Junior-Senior and Frosh- Soph Math Clubs challenge intricate problems in order to advance math learning and methods. The newly form¬ ed Astronomy Club studies the positions and phenomena of the heavenly bodies. The Biology Club helps the student achieve a more thorough knowledge of this science than can be offered in the classroom. BIOLOGY CLUB First Row: Kenneth Flammang, Paul Davidson. Richard Heilman, Michael Krupnick. Second Row: Barry Ashkinaz, Paul Alonas, Ethan Braunstein, Ronald Horlick, Todd Gracen. FNA First Row: Lynn Johnson (Cor. Sec’y), Margaret Anderson (Sec’y.), Marianne Zalud (Pres.), Rosemary Kohler (Vice Pres.) . Barbara Ederer (Treas.). Second Row: Carolyn Nelson, Elizabeth Gallen, Lea Beaubien, Claudia Novotny, Brenda Silverman. Third Row: Cheryl Faintuck, Sheila Kazmierczak, Kay Patterson, Judith Erick¬ son. Fourth Row: Rosalie Berman, Karen Nord, Martha Sherman, |oan Clauson, Linda Landerholm. Fifth Row: Judith Landauer, Nancy Grauman, Joanne Rust, Barbara Sinkule. Sixth Row: Barbara Kramarczyk, Marcia Niclas, Gloria Talias, Kathleen Mitz. FTA First Row: Barbara Belgrade (Vice Pres.), Barbara Rek (Sec’y.), Diane Rutkowski (Pres.), Sonia Johnson (Treas.). Second Row: Judith Blu- menthal, Linda Pcarlman. Barbara Biga. Judith Gliem. Lynn Kanter. Third Row: Cheryl Davis, Virginia Butzow. Maureen Karlin. Idalee Frankenstein. Fourth Row: Arlene Feldman. Lee Adami. Sandra Hep¬ burn, Barbara Fimoff. VOCATIONAL CLUBS Future Nurses, Future Teachers, and Pins and Pans provide experience to pre¬ pare for the future. Field trips, guest speakers, and group activities give these girls an opportunity to develop good teaching methods, nursing techniques, and domestic skills. With “future” as the kev word, these eirls work steadilv and eaaerlv F irst Row: Diane Rutkowski. Dianne Hunter, Barbara Rek (Sec’y.-Treas.). Second Row: Phyl¬ lis Berndt, Linda Brehnal, Bar¬ bara Kramarczyk, Diane Selzer, Renea Behrens. Third Row: Christine Hajduk, Diane Thicde. PINS PANS CAMERA CLUB Members of Camera Club display and discuss pieces of photographic art. Paul Brietzke (Sec’y.), Patrick Kamm (Pres.). Robert Goldstein, Barry Kreisler (Treas.), Gre¬ gory Foster. Michael Hansen. CHESS CLUB All eyes are on the chessboard as members of the Chess Club await a decisive move. First Row: Mi¬ chael Lieberman, Sharon Swanson, Charles Gold¬ berg, Fred Diamond, Fred Rosen. Second Row: Rob¬ ert Arnston, David Alex, Dennis Klein, Richard Mar¬ tinez, Douglas Lipman, Marvin Adler, Miss Cary Jackson (Sponsor). ENJOYMENT Discovering the intricacies of various cameras, the boys in the Camera Club learn techniques for advanced photography. With film and flash bulbs these boys are well on their way to becoming experienced cameramen. Concentration is the basis of the intriguing game of chess. The members of the Chess Club try to out-maneu¬ ver the opponents in their own club and other schools in the battle of wit and skill for a checkmate. Ushers Club is another of the many service organiza¬ tions at Niles. The girls belonging to the club attend all the functions at Niles where they are needed to dis¬ tribute programs, check coats, and seat audiences. The experience gotten at school events allows them to usher at various down town shows, adding enjoyment to their job. First Row: Priscilla Meuer (Treas.), Virginia Burns (Pres.), Nancy Muth (Vice Pres.), Janet Day (Sec’y.). Second Row: Brenda Sil¬ verman, Kathleen Glaves, Carolyn Nelson, Paulette Gerard, Claire Palin. Third Row: Carol Ferraro, Barbara Marks, Phyllis Morriss, Antoinette Lyons, Linda Schmid. Fourth Row: Martha Herzon, Sharon Youngkrantz, Barbara Young, Barbara Rek. Fifth Row: Sharon Basara, Cheryl Wilson, Virginia Classen. Sixth Row: Betty Sielski, Nancy Steinseifer, Diana Rutkowski, Sally Strahan. Seventh Row: Susan Beutelspacher. JoEllen Pfeiffer, Janice Kreiner, Gar¬ net Carlson. AND SERVICE First Row: George Jackson, Ed¬ ward Gold. Catherine Ann Kuhn, Dilora Pearson. Second Row: Stuart Levin, Jo Ann Noto, James Allison, Wayne Semmerling, Wal¬ ter, Janus. Robert Connelly. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS The audio-visual aids operators and the Radio-Electronics Club members have an op¬ portunity to handle technical equipment, such as radio sets, movie projectors, and tape recorders. The AVA Club is especially helpful to the school, for its members operate the Audio-Visual Aids Department ' s equipment when it is being used in classrooms. RADIO ELECTRONICS CLUB First Row: James Mikolay, Wil¬ liam Brier. Michael Smith. Sec¬ ond Row: Steven Rothblatt. Richard Kazelak, Daniel Pinch, Wayne Semmerling. Third Row: Roger Williams, Robert Lange, Robert Bartholomew, Steven Pet¬ ers. Garv Fitko, Gary Stevens. Harold Clvman. Fourth Row: Ste¬ ven Redman, Roger Harvev, Bruce Dingman, David Merrill. Robey Swartz, Norman Glach, Douglas Christensen. sso EXECUTIVE BOARD Ruth Dorrian. Howard Cohen. Michael Duhl. Robert Lawler. Since the Spring of 1961, when they were chosen, the members of the Student Service Organization (SSO) Executive Board have worked with the Direc¬ tor of Student Activities to form one of the most ef¬ fective organizations at Niles West. The members of the Executive Board formulate policies, assign posi¬ tions, and check details of every facet of SSO: Student Supervised Monitors (SSM), Student Supervised Study Halls (SSSH), and Receptionists. With an or¬ ganization membership of 360 students, the job of in¬ stilling self-discipline and respect for school regula¬ tions is achieved. SSO depends largely on the maturity of the student body as leaders and followers. The SSSH supervisors are responsible for the smooth execution of rules in all study halls. Supervisors check the work of the chairmen and secretaries to insure efficiency. SSSH SUPERVISORS First Row: Robert Lawler, Eli¬ zabeth Burkhardt (Head Secre¬ tary) , Kenneth Smentek, James Eckmann. Second Row: Robert Lukes, Robert Herkert, Gerald Turry, James Hart. Howard Ber¬ ger. SSM SUPERVISORS First Row: Thomas Beddia, Michael Thiry, Paul Roberts, Esther McLean. Second Row: Howard Cohen, Kenneth Latimer, Stewart Leavitt, Steven Shipka, Craig Gomstein. Student Supervised Monitors (SSM) includes all hall and library monitors. The sup¬ ervisor of each period assigns monitors to posts and checks their attendance. Each period there are approximately 20 monitors stationed at various posts in the building to assure that each person in the halls has a right to be there. Included in the services of SSO are the receptionists. Each period of the day, these girls attend to the main secretarial duties in the SSO Office. SSO RECEPTIONISTS First Row: Ruth Dorrian, Virginia Burns, Lois Karch. Second Row: Merle Yablin, June Haerle, Jane Levin, Starr Braverman. STUDENT COUNCIL 4ST Student Council, Niles West’s governing body, be¬ gan the year as a new organization. The inauguration of the new representative system proved to be suc¬ cessful. As a new ' governing body the first matter at hand was a constitution. It was written, adapted and rati¬ fied to accomodate a growing student body. Council began in 1962, as a member of the Interim League Council Organization. It established itself as an active member by play ing host at a dinner for Interim Council members. After this Council con¬ tinued its many other activities, which included: The organization of a Safety Council, the founding of Big Chief Red, the establishment of Red and White Days, and the initiation of Student Government Dav. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS First Row: Constance Nichols (Recording Sec’y.), Charlene Chang (Pres.), Maureen Wolf (Vice Pres.). Second Row: Frances Tucker (Corresponding Sec’v.), Bruce Porter (Treas.). First Row: Helen Ann Dugan, Kathleen Ellis, Mitchell Yellen, Stuart Epstein, Barbara Skara, Barbara Abbott, Diane Anton. Second Row: Ronald Tash, Steven Spilberg, Arlene Orlove, Antoinette Lyons, Carol Long, Steven Colton, Barbara Fleishman, Janis Kliphardt. Third Row: Susan Seidman, Charles Chang, Risto Ahti, Judith Tunkl, Christine Mussar, Linda Adelman, Joan Klaveter, Alexander Panos, JoAnn Ryden. Robin Reid, Victoria Otto. Fourth Row: Julie Gordon, Laura Zaidler, Gary Mendel John, Holly Thompson, Marvin Davis, Tina Zenner, Dona Chikaraishi, Lauren Taylor, Susan Nixon, Dolores Brusin. Robert Epstein, Scott Kaluzna, Sallv Strahan, Sandra Novick, Bill Schwartz. STUDENT UNION BOARD First Row: Nancy Wendt Constance Nichols, June Haerle, James Carder, Howard Cohen, Robert Lukes. Second Row: Sharon Gagne, Tina Zenner, Starr Brayerman, Michael Duhl, Paulette Armstrong, Kathryn Luber, Susan Faust. Third Row: James Eckman, Thomas Bed- dia, Robert Lawler. Harvey Margolis. UNITY BOARD Relaxation and enjoyment is the purpose of all Student Unions. Each dance is unique; every¬ thing from the Christmas Dance, “Mistletoe Memories, " to the “Peppermint Lounge Twist Party " was presented this year. The Unions don’t concentrate on dancing alone. Featured at every dance is a full-length motion picture. Student Union Board participates as actively as any other organization to promote school spirit. Homecoming proved this when the mem¬ bers of the Board built their Class A float. The pep assembly given by the Student Union Board further illustrated the willingness of this group to partake in many events. Unity Board, a newly-formed organization at Niles, is composed of the Presidents of all other activities. This group will try to bring about greater cooperation among the extra¬ curricular activities at Niles West. UNITY BOARD First Row: Sue Trowbridge, Marlene Brooks, Karen Osney. Second Row: Alice Arnow, Ann Kazanaw, Diane Rutkawski, Mr. Cobier. Third Row: Judith Rosengard, Nancy Nelson, Donna Dahl, Elynne Chaplik, Mike Duhl. Fourth Row: Corinne Grayson, Linda Laughlin, Steven Lee, Janis Kliphardt. Fifth Row: Marilyn Wykawski, Virginia Burns, Marianne Zalud. Sherwin Levin, James Carder. Sixth Row: Maureen Wolf, Patrick Kamm, Douglas Christensen, Phillip Sosnowski. Seventh Row: Paul Davidson, Paul Thielman, Tom Beddia, Richard Littrell, James Hart. First Row: Paul Roberts, Daniel Harvey, Paul Thielman, Bud Burns, John Shabel. Second Row: Jack Feldpausch, Larry Youngkrantz, Arnold Feam, Joseph Goldenberg, Robert Schmidt, Robert Kleinzweig, Robert Thomas, Roger Harvey. Third Row: William Rosenquist, Roger Strimpel, Theodore Janek, David Hoglund, William Van Mersbergen, Joseph Locascio, Gary Mendel¬ sohn - T ■avin. HI-Y AND TRI-HI-Y “To promote, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character” is the motto of two Niles West service organizations—Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y. These two groups are affiliated with a suburban chapter of the Y.M.C.A. The activities of Hi-Y this year included select¬ ing the recipients of the Hi-Y Citizenship Awards, sending representatives to the University of Good Government, an activity of all Illinois Hi-Y Clubs, and planning a Father and Son Banquet as the high¬ light of the year. Tri-Hi-Y held its traditional in¬ duction ceremony, a club Christmas Dance, and an all-school Spring Dance. Together, these clubs built an excellent class “B” float for Homecoming. TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS 90 Donna Harrison (Pres.), Joanne Foster, Pamela Milichar. Backing all activities with enthusiasm and school spirit is Niles West’s Pep Club. Part of the credit for the many victories our teams have achieved can be attributed to Pep Club members. During the football, basketball and baseball seasons spirit was demonstrated with vigor. The Pep Club also lent its support at all the pep assemblies where, by themselves, they tried to cheer over the entire student body. First Row: Karen Conley, Sally Melzer, Patricia Eulberg, Barbara Mueller, Susan Andrews, Louise Waladis, Nancy Allen. Second Row: Barbara Ingram. Mary Aggen, Kathleen Ellis, Barbara Abbott, Eileen Chaplick. Third Row: Frances Tropstein, Susan Scully. Patricia Malone, Nancy Weinberg, Merle Tuchow, Bonnie Smith. Janet Burr, JoAnn Ryden, Barbara Lain, Elke Supanc. Fourth Row: John Schmidt, Walter Janus, Phillip Sosnowski, Edward Gold, Gerald Matayka, Garry Laff, Sheldon Goldner. PEP CLUB Demonstrating card displays at one of the football games is the Niles West Pep Club. GAA The Girls’ Athletic Association is one of the largest and most influential groups at Niles West. The girls compete in such extra-curricular activities as tennis, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, and horseback riding. With the opening of our new pool, in February, G.A.A. began to offer senior life-saving, synchronized swimming, and co-educational free swim. G.A.A., however, is not concerned only with sports. Their Turnabout Dance is eagerly awaited every spring by the Niles West population. This year, “Night of Knights” proved to be a huge success. This organization’s Homecoming float added another first to their collec¬ tion of awards, this year. The members of G.A.A. also have an opportunity to attend G.A.A. leadership camp, and to receive the Arlene M. Merz Memorial Scholar¬ ship for further schooling in a field related to physical education. Above all, however, is the great group cooperation found in G.A.A., making it one of the best organized groups at Niles. G.A.A. BOARD OFFICERS Patricia Fulkerson (Vice Pres.), Carol Kreinick (Pres.), Kath¬ leen Cashatt (Sec ' y.). G.A.A. BOARD First Row: Sharon Roberts, Nancy Eagan, Julie Archibald. Lvnn Kraemer, Second Row: Linda Swanson, Linda Laughlin, Donna Paul, Linda Guinand, Linda Lander- holm. :;; v " ■ - Balance and timing are displayed by Lorie De La Rosa; the perfect walk-over is spotted by Patricia Ballou and Carol Tinker. Lorie De La Rosa and Patricia Ballou spot for Carol Tinker who is vaulting the horse. Life saving techniques are displayed by Carol Johnson, Marianne Zalud, Georgianna. Tortorella, and Joanne Wheeler. Nancy Eagen is shown mounting a horse at a G.A.A. horseback riding session. I he excitement of a strike is enjoved bv Barbara Ederer as she participates in G.A.A. bowling. The sound of good music is enjoyed by couples dancing at the G.A.A. turnabout “Night of Knights.” , ' irst Row: Thomas Beddia, James Mikolay, Lawrence Hill, James Eckman (Sec’v.), Ronald Stryker (Vice Pres.), James Hart (Pres.), William Nimmo (Treas.), Robert Herkert, Dennis McIntosh, Rog¬ er Strimpel, Paul Thielman, Neill Brownstein. Second Row: Donald Raab, Robert Anderson, Jay Davidow, Fred Artwick, Dennis Dilg, Lyle Mink, Dennis Rossi, Elliot Davidow, Gary Tennison, Earl Hoffenberg, Jerold Zimberoff, Gary Lindeman. Third Row: Irving Starky, Donald Deck, Warren French, Gary Lewis, Dennis Herkert, Kenneth Altschuler, Steven Horwitz, Jerold Kahn, William Oliver, Steven Spilberg. Fourth Row: Harry Hochfelder, Wayne Semmerling, Arnold Glassberg, Dale Rust, William Gutschick, Steven Brown, William Hohs, Steven Shipka, Thomas Perri, John Minx. N-CLUB Each Friday, bright red sweaters with whit,e major “N’s” can be seen in the halls. These sweaters, worn by the varsity athletes, signify membership in Niles West’s N-Club. After a grueling initiation, the boys certainly deserve the privilege of wearing the sweaters that symbolize this serious, well-organized group. Orchesis, a Greek word meaning rhythm, is the name of the newly- organized modern dance club Precision is a basic quality which the girls must attain as they learn the fundamentals of interpretive movement. ORCHESIS INTRA-MURALS The Niles West intramural program, in its first year of competition among homerooms strove to create good sports¬ manship. The program offers such sports activities as tennis, football, bowl¬ ing, and basketball to the boys of Niles West. As incentives, trophies are awarded to the homeroom which excels in each sport. The boys who participate in .one of the most successful sports, bowling, meet at a local recreation center every week. Another activity, swimming, is limited to forty students during a free swim session, as a result of its popularity. These students obtain swimming passes from their physical education instruc¬ tors. There is a limit of four passes per class because of the overwhelming re¬ sponse to the activity. The great enthusiasm shown for the intra-mural program assures a definite future for this activity. Anthony Kottmeier, Gene Lubin, Richard Aviano, Robert Berman, Robert Arnston, Theodore Janek, Richard Eby. Keeping their eyes on the pins. Robert Berman and Gene Lubin throw their perfect “strike " balls. MAJORETTES Anna Marie Russo, Janet Myles, Mary Ann Dilg, Merrily Herrmann, Bonnie Friedner, Bonnie Smith. To Nilehi students, glistening batons and shining white boots are symbolic of the Majorettes, who add to the enjoyment of spectators at varied sports events and activities. The seven members work in cooperation with the Band, and practice fifth and sixth periods daily. The majority of their time is spent in preparation for annual parades and large shows. Besides backing the school with their talent, they contributed to the general spirit by building a float for the homecoming parade. The Majorettes also represented Niles West in an annual twirling exhibition held in March. First Row: Merrilly Herrmann, Bon¬ nie Friedner, Mary Ann Dilg. Second Row: Anna Marie Russo, Janet Myles, Bonnie Smith CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Dianne Taylor, Robin Wagner, Julie Codell, Barbara Starkman, Susan Stryker, Diane Anton, Carol Fink, Susan Vraney, Merrily Ballou. Cheerleading is the most stimulating of all activities. The girls of the squad must maintain a minimum “C” average, as well as being in excellent physical condition. Varsity cheerleaders initiate spirit at all sports events, plan many of the pep assemblies, and participate in many other projects, such as a Homecoming float. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Diane Taylor, Robin Wagner, Julie Codell, Barbara Starkman, Susan Stryker, Diane Anton, Carol Fink, Susan Vraney, Merrily Ballou. SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS First Row: Helen Perri, Landa Lichtenstein, Gail Freedman. Sec¬ ond Row: Judith Kerstetter, Barbara Fleishman, Barbara Skara. During the Freshman and Sophomore years, the girls prepare for cheerleading on the varsity level. By supporting their respective class teams, they contribute much to school spirit. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS First Row: Meredith Lcnell, Michelle Fredson. Second Row: JiH Nelson, Mira Bass. “Everyone up for the school song!” yell the Varsity Cheerleaders at all pep assemblies. 99 SPECIAL EVENTS A fabulous Homecoming weekend, an Interim League title, a gala Christmas festival, and the first pro¬ duction of Redskins’ Review are just a few of the many special events at Niles West which complement the scho¬ lastic program. Both students and faculty participate in the outstanding presentations at Niles such as the Interim League Hospitality Night to which the West Student Council served as host to eleven neighboring councils. The Senior Class was responsible for bringing a celebrity to Niles—Bob Gibson, talented singer of folk songs. Time Out For Ginger, the first all-school play at West, was equalled only in quality by Redskins ' Re¬ view, the variety show. It is this enthusiasm and interest in activities and school improvement so readily exhibited by students which will help Niles West to maintain its reputation of vitality and school spirit. RECAPTURE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR 101 Coach Michael Basrak congratulates June Haerle on her election as Home¬ coming Queen. A Twilight Pep Rally Officially Begins Cheerleader Helen Perri yells her entnusiasm for “Kick Off 61.” To the ever-growing number of Homecoming tradi¬ tions this year, Niles West added the novelty of a Twilight Pep Rally. Beginning at sundown on Friday of Home¬ coming weekend, the Rally was a foreshadowing of an exciting game and gala activities. During this Rally, held outside on the football field, the cheerleaders led the stu¬ dents in vigorous cheers and war chants. While the cheerleaders exhibited their talents through impersonations of the football players, the students show¬ ed the characteristic enthusiasm of Niles West’s first sports season. As a termination of a week of suspense for all, June Hearle was selected to reign over Homecoming festivities. The combination of spirited cheerleaders, play¬ ers, coaches, and students made the Twilight Pep Rally another “special” on the list of Niles West’s successes. Leading students in a victory yell are the varsity cheerleaders: Barbara Starkman, Michele Lazar, Carole Fink Diane Anton, Robin Wagner, Julie Codell and Susan Vranev. “Kick-Off ’61” June Haerle, Niles West’s first queen, reigns over the festivities of “Kick-Off ' 61. ' The first place winner in float competition is G.A.A.’s gigantic Indian. Putting the finishing touches on the Junior Class float are Charlene Mueller, Dorothy Matter, Claire Tabel, Elynne Chaplik, Janet Carlson, Kathleen Ellis, Mary Ag- gen, and Marshall Fields. The Homecoming Court. Karen Ronez, Arlene Orlove, Carole Blumenthal, and Nancy Nelson, and Homecoming Queen June Haerle watch the game from the sidelines. The Indians’ Homecoming Is a Success from Beginning to End Left to Right: Michael Duhl, Sharon Swanberg, Arlene Arlove, Harvey Margalis, Jim Carder, June Haerle, Nancy Nelson, Bruce Miller, Jane Levin, and Daniel Braver dance to the music of “Indian Summer.” Joyce Greenberg and Mavis Lee experience a tense moment early in the game. “Kick-Off ’61” was a fulfillment of tradi¬ tions and the precedent for many more. The stu¬ dents of Niles West have set the standards high for all future Homecomings by creating the en¬ thusiasm and spirit necessary for true unity. Novels ideas, including the Twilight Pep Rally, were introduced; and students worked continu¬ ously during Homecoming week to insure spec¬ tators of a high quality float parade and to di¬ play the vitality of Niles West. June Haerle, Homecoming Queen, was not to be disappointed in her royal welcome by students and members of the community alike. The game which follow¬ ed the gala parade was deserving of the festivi¬ ties which surrounded it. Niles was victorious over Willowbrook, 33-19, and the victory spirit was carried through to the first Niles Home¬ coming Dance. “Indian Summer” was truly a fitting climax for the first Niles West Home¬ coming Weekend—a weekend not soon to fade from the memories of Niles West students. Pompoms wave and students cheer as Niles scores another touchdown. 105 On November 16, 1961. the Niles West Stu¬ dent Council was host to eleven student councils from the Interim League schools for a Hospital¬ ity Night. The visiting Student Council mem¬ bers were entertained in the student lounge and auditorium of Niles West. A smorgasbord type dinner was served in the cafeteria with each of the hosting Council members supplying a por¬ tion of the meal. The social part of the evening followed, as each school provided entertainment. The evening came to a close with music and dancing, during which the two hundred fifty representatives had the opportunity to become better acquainted. Maine West students, Margaret Erickson and Robert Wolcott enjoy dancing in Niles West ' s student lounge. Jay Brooks and James Davis of Whea¬ ton and Mr. Michael Montgomery and Donald Murphy of Glenbrook are first to reach the buffet table where Doreen Zagen of Deerfield helps with the serving. 106 uncil Hosts erim League ity Night Julie Gordon, center, relates anecdotes concerning our immense contest gymnasium to a group of in¬ terested students. “Ooh, potato salad!” exclaim Maureen Wolf and Jane Barn¬ ett, as Mr. Anton Schubert dis¬ plays a masterpiece for the buffet table. 107 The cast and new engage in last minute preparations for opening night. TIME OUT FOR GINGER SCORES A HIT! 108 On December 1 and 2 the curtain rose on Niles West’s first all school produc¬ tion, Time Out for Ginger. Under the direction of Mrs. Eileen Zelnick with technical assistance from Mr. James Van Delinder, the fall play exhibited a high degree of dramatic skill of which Niles may be proud. Students learned and practiced the techniques of acting, the application of stage make-up, the hand¬ ling of props, and the direction of plays. They spent long hours pounding flats, painting scenery, making costumes, and rehearsing parts. But the production of the play was not all work—it was friend¬ ship and co-operation, the unequaled ex¬ citement of an opening night, and the satisfaction of a job well done. “There’s no business like show business’’ as far as Nilehi’s young “dramatists” are con¬ cerned. Richard Lavin, as Howard Carol, demonstrates the “old” high school spirit for his wife. Ag¬ nes. played by Terri Brusman. As Eddie Green, Tom Gardner, and Ginger, Debra Roseberg, ex¬ perience their first lovers ' quar¬ rel. Joseph Schmidt, Terri Brusman, Tom Gardner, Peggy Singer, Debra Rosenberg and Richard Lavin enact one of the hilarious scenes of Time Out for Ginger. The beauty and joy of the holiday session is presented through the music of the Niles West Music Department. Music Resounds Through Niles West SENIORS SET TRADITION Music, a form of culture and education, has been introduced to Niles West in various forms. The Music Department, under the leadership of Mr. Hugh McGee, brought the Christmas spirit to Niles in the form of the first Christmas Festival. Vivace, Choir, the orchestra, and the glee clubs combined to present a program of traditional and modern carols. However, an entirely different musical atmosphere was created when Senior Cabinet sponsored a Bob Gibson Concert. This fa¬ mous folk singer, while accompanying him¬ self on the banjo and eleven string guitar, sang songs from several countries. His com¬ ments between songs taught the audience much about folk music and the history of our country. Selections ranged from the ridiculous “Super-Skier” to the haunting English ballad, “Matty Groves.” The variety of music offered to students at Niles presented through these musical programs provides an excellent opportunity for them to broaden their musical knowl¬ edge. Entertaining a capacity crowd. Bob Gibson presents an original folk song. STUDENT UNION MIXERS PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL. First Row Robert Herbert. Warren French, Thomas Reddia. Second Rom : Jerold Kahn. Jerold Zimberoff, Larry Hill. Third Row: William Gutschick, Jay Davidow, Irving Starkey, Steven Horwitz, Dennis Herbert. Michael Stavy, Sharon Crampe, Michael Duhl, Harvey Margolis. Gretchen Anderson, Sharon Swanberg, June Haerle, and Howard Cohen (gorilla) listen to James Carder’s performance at a Student Union Mixer. The Student Union Mixers feature many attractions one night each month. Dancing, re¬ freshments, and top-rate entertainment appeal to the interests of all. Clown Night, the theme of the November Mixer, featured folk singer Jim Carder and the N-Club Initiation. The fine athletes being initiated into the club were at¬ tired in feminine clothing, rubber galoshes, and other miscellaneous items. They appeared with their most treasured possessions: a shoeshine kit, a doll, four books, and a balloon. They cheer¬ fully performed the tasks set out for them by politely addressing the N-Club members: “Good evening most honorable, respected, and mod¬ est N-Club member. It would please me greatly to shine your shoesl May I, Sir?” The antics of the boys made this Mixer, like all others, a most enjoyable evening. 112 Students Display Interest in Scienc at th Mark Silveit whose project concerning Hydrogen-Oxygen Fuel Cells won the grand championship, is congratulated bv Mr. Ernest Salners of Niles West’s Chemistry Department. 7 Niles West was the center of scientific interest on March 13, 1962, when the annual science exhibit drew a vast crowd of spectators. Over 200 displays captured the curiosity of onlookers who noted not only the in¬ genuity of the colorful exhibits but also the immense amount of knowledge and time which the exhibits rep¬ resented. According to the originality and completeness of their projects, the students participating in the fair were awarded for their efforts. Students receiving first division awards were allowed to participate in the Dis¬ trict Fair at Lake Forest College and later at the State Science Fair at Urbana, Illinois. Mark Silvert was the recipient of the Grand Cham¬ pionship, a newly created award obtained by receiving the highest number of points. Mark’s project on fuel cells excelled all other displays. The projects exhibited at Niles West represented a combination of concentrated effort by the students and long hours of evaluation on the part of the associated teachers. It is this zeal for knowledge displayed by the high quality of projects of Niles West students which en¬ ables the scientific discoveries, so helpful to man in the past, to continue their aid to humanity in new and more advanced ways. “The Clinical Effects of Hyper- Hypo Natremia” is explained by Allan Silverstein to three visitors at the Science Fair. Annual Science Fair Many hours of research and training were spent by Steven Maselli in order to answer the question posed by his project, “Can Pigeons Distinguish Color?” Steven Peters’ display concerning radio components and mass communications, was one of first division awards. To two of the many adults who visited the Science Fair, Stephen Rothblatt explains his pro¬ ject, “A Magneti¬ cally Controlled Cloud Chamber.” 113 Chorus line from “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” sings “Around her knee she wears a purple garter.” Barbara Starkman, Diane Anton, Julie Codell, Robin Wagner, Merrily Ballou, Janet Terp, Diane Taylor, Susan Vraney, Carol Fink, and Michele Lazar. Redskins’ Review Wins The Acclaim Of The Audience An ancient Scrabian castle, ornamented by an atmos¬ phere of the unknown, was the scene of the first Niles West variety production, Redskin’s Review. “Harem Scarem,’ the theme of the 1961 show, began with an ominous narration by Corinne Grayson. The plot of the production was the plight of U. S. entertainers who, forced to land in Scarabian territory, were ‘captured and made to perfrom for the fierce Sultan and his enchanting harem girls. The entertainers displayed their talents as though their lives truly depended upon the Sultan’s ap¬ proval. Monetary prizes were awarded each night to the acts selected by judges to be most original and syn- cronized. Chorus lines, solos, and specialities delighted the eager audience as the tempo changed from southern ease to the vivacity of Broadway. Producer, Mr. Ronald Van Arsdale was compliment¬ ed on the showmanship and creativity seen in the direc¬ tion of “Harem Scarem.” His efforts were well rewarded by the enthusiastic reception of the review. A number of students under the direction of Mr. James Van Delinder and Barry Derman, helped to create the Scrabian palace in whi h the entire production took place. The entire performance and setting were a combined exhibition of superb talents and the vital interest in school activities which all Niles West students display. “Don’t make us cross the burning sands,” crv Judy Kipperman and Tamara Arbetman. 114 “Who’s going steady?” and “What’s the latest gossip?” the girls in “Telephone Time” want to know. The Sultan’s pet ape. Mumbles, Lewis David¬ son, finds new excitement in a lady’s purse. Singing folk favorites, James Carder recaptures the spirit of the Civil War. The Sultan and two of his harem girls, Starr Bravermandl and Donna Zenner, are bored with life in Scarabia. 1962 Seniors Establish Traditions At Niles West v Senior Cabinet .Senior Year, 1962 — The year when leadership is no longer an ideal but an essential; when Varsity is not only a team, but a feeling. Senior Year, 1962 — When prom belongs to you and the future be¬ comes your own private project. Senior Year, 1962 — The year when the strains of “Pomp and Cir¬ cumstance” sound for the first time at Niles West; when graduates accept the first diplomas that bear the name of Niles Township High School West. Senior Year, 1962 — The year when the class gift was most valuable, for this class gave to Niles a gift that was a part of them, tradition . . . a gift of idea, a gift of accomplishment. Senior Year, 1962 — When a school and a class were one as they shared the uncertainties, the responsibilities, and the joys of com¬ mencement. 3rd Row: Richard Mendes, William Krupnick, Sue Stauber, Michael Wexler, Elizabeth Burkhardt, Richard Molderhauer. 2nd Row: Donald Zwigoff. Sharon Swanberg, Sherry Otto, Kathryn Luber, Sharon Gagne, Alice Barnow. Merrily Ballou (Sec’y). Seated: Nancy Wendt, Andrea Hoffman, June Haerle. Kathleen Gabel, James Garde (Pres.). Z t» ,u . V; TIE ,0-JR ECONOMIC 31 57(.M— hou ti meets its RISTO AHTI Transferred from Kannas H.S., Lihti. Finland. 4; Student Coun cil 4; Intermediate Band 4; Track 4. JAMES ALBERT Wrestling 1. STEVEN ALTER National Thespians 3,4; Spotlighters 3; Fall Play 3; Spring Plav 3; Arts Club 2; Redskins’ Revue 3. DONALD ALTSCIIAEFFEL Transferred from Lake View H.S., Chicago, 4. GRETCHEN ANDERSON Student Council Alt. 3; Cabinet Alt. 1,4; H.R. Vice Pres. 1; Spring Play Crew 2; Spectrum, Special Events Editor 4; G.A.A. 1; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; French Club 2,3; Student Union Monitor 4; Biology Club 3. PATRICIA L. ANDERSON Student Council 2; Cabinet 1,2, Vice Pres. 1, Alt. 2: Girls’ Glee 3,4; Spotlighters 1,2; Spring Musical 3; Art Council 1.2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Student Union Moni tor 4; Pins Pans 1. BARBARA APELIAN Cabinet Alt. 2: Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4, Letter 3, Sec’y-Treas. 4; Concert Orchestra 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Cadet Band 1; Brass Ensemble 1,2; Dance Band 4; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4, Minor Letter 3. TAMARA ARBF.TMAN Cabinet Alt. 3; National Forensic League 3,4; Girls’ Glee 1,2; National Thespians 3,4; Spotlighters 1,2,3,4; Redskins’ Revue 4; Spring Musical 1,2; Arts Club 1,2; Spectrum, Faculty Co- Editor 4; G.A.A. 1,2; SSO 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3. JULIE ARCHIBALD Spring Play Crew 1; Arts Club 2; G.A.A. 3,4, Minor Award 3, Board 4; Orchesis 4; SSO 2; Personal Service Monitor 4; French Club 1,2,3; State Science Fair 2. PAULETTE ARMSTRONG Redskins’ Revue 4; G.A.A. 1,4; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 1,3; Student Union Board 4; Future Nurses 4. ROBERT ARNSTON Cabinet 1; Bovs’ Glee 1; Intramurals 4; SSM 2.4; Chess Club 1.2.4. FREDERIC ARTW1CK National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Harv¬ ard Book Award 3; Hi-Y Citizenship Award 3; Illini Boys’ State 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 3,4; Basketball, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2,3, Major “N” 4; “N” Club 3,4, Sgt. at Arms 4; District Science Fair 2. DIANA MAE AUSTIN Concert Orchestra 1; Vivace 3,4; Girls’ Glee 2; Choir 3,4; Spring Musical 3; G.A.A. 1; Personal Service Monitor 4. BARBARA AXELROD Cabinet Alt. 3: G.A.A. 1,2; SSM 2,4; SSSH Ass’t. 3: State Science Fair 2. GENE BADER Beginner Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 2,4; Baseball 1.2; SSSH 4, Ass’t Chr. 4. Chr. 4; Industrial Arts Club 3,4. HOWARD BAITCFIER Beginner Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 4; Spring Musical 3; Arts Club 1: German Club 1. CHARLES BAKER Student Council 1,2; H.R. Pres. 1,2.3; Pep Club 3; SSSH Chr. 4; SSM 4. CLAIRE BALIN Transferred from Brooklyn Park H.S., Brooklyn, Md., 1; Arts Club 3; French Club 3; Ushers Club 4; Future Teachers 2. 119 GLORIA BALKONIS Transferred from Carl Schurz H.S., Chicago, 2; Spring Play 3; Pep Club 3; Ushers Club 4. MERRILY BALLOU Cabinet 3,4, Alt. 3, Sec’y. 4; H.R. Pres. 1,2; Redskins’ Revue 2.4, Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,4; Cheerleader 4; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Pres. 2; SSSH Sec’y. 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Ushers Club 3,4; Student Union Monitor 4. ALICE BARNOW Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Student Council 1,2,3, Alt. 1,3; Homecoming Ciew 2,4; Cabinet 4; H.R. Pres. 1,3; Spring Play Crew 1,2; Arts Club 1; Apotheosis 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; West Word, Feature Editor 4; Spectrum 4; Art Council 2; G.A.A. 3; Pep Club 2; French Club 1,4; District Science Fair 2; Unity Board 4. FRANCES BARRON Cabinet Alt. 1; National Thespians, Treas. 4; Fall Play 3,4; Spring Play 2,3; Redskins’ Revue 3; Arts Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Pep Club 1,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 2; Personal Service Monitor 4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers 3,4. JEANETTE BARTSCH Vivace 2; Girls Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Spring Musical Crew 1,2, 3,4; Gold Choral Pin 4; Silver Choral Pin 3. SHARON BASARA G.A.A. 1,2,3 r 4, Letter 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; SSSH Sec’y. 2; Ushers Club 4. THOMAS J. BEDDIA Student Council 2; Cabinet 1,3; Redskins’ Revue 4; Football, Minor “N” 2,3, Major “N” 4; Basketbball 1,2, Minor “N” 2; Track 1,2,3,4; Minor “N” 1,2,3, Major “N” 4; “N” Club 4; Pep Club 1,2; SSM 3,4, Sup. 4; Student Union Board, Pres. 4; Unity Board 4 DONNA BEHR G.A.A. 2; Spanish Club 3; Future Nurses 2,3. BRUCE BENDOFF Homecoming Crew 4; Cabinet 3; Redskins’ Revue 4; Fall Play Crew 1; Spring Play Crew 1; SSM 3; SSSH Chr. 4; Wrestling 1; Spanish Club 1,2 120 CAROLE BENSON Bronze Key 3; Twirlers 1.2; Spotlighters 1; G.A.A. 1,2; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Future Nurses 1. BARBARA BERG SSM 4. HOWARD GERALD BERGER Redskins’ Revue 4; SSSH Chr. 3; SSSH Sup. 4; Chess Club 4. WILLIAM R. BERNDT JEAN BERT Girls’ Glee 1; G.A.A. 4; Pins Pans 1. SUSAN BEUTELSPACHFR Transferred from Taft H.S., Chicago, 1; G.A.A. 2,3,4, Board 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,4; Ushers Club 4. DORIS BLAKE KATHRYN BLAUL Girls’ Glee 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Personal Service Monitor 4. CAROLE BLUM ENTHAL Cabinet Alt. 2; Homecoming Crew 4; Homecoming Court 4; Spotlighters 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2; SSO 3,4; French Club FRED BOLIN SSSH Chr. 4. KAREN BOND Girls’ Glee 2; Redskins’ Revue 4; Spring Musical 2; G.A.A. 1; SSSH Sec’y 3; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 1; French Club 2,3,4. JOANNE BORISOF SUZANNE BOURGERIE Student Council Alt. 1; Homecoming Committee 3,4; H.R. Pres. 1,2; Redskins’ Revue 2,3,4; Art Council 1; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Cheer¬ leader 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSO 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3. SHARON BOYKO Student Council Alt. 1; G.A.A. 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2. STARR BRAVERMAN Homecoming Committee 2,3,4, Ass’t. Director 3, Director 4; Cabinet 1,2,3,4, Sec’y. 2,3, Alt. 4; Spotlighters 1.2, Sgt. at Arms 1, Pres. 2; Redskins’ Revue 4; Arts Club 1; SSO Executive Board 2; SSSH Sec’y. 3; SSSH Personal Sec’y. 3; Recpt. 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,4, Service Award 2; Service Pin 2; French Club 1,2,4; Siudent Union Board, Sec ' y. 4. ARLIS BREEN Pep Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Spanish Club 2.3; District Science Fair 1; Future Teachers 1. TRUDE BREI Student Council Alt. 3; H.R. Sec’y. 2; Homecoming Crew 4; Girls’ Glee i,2.3; Spring Musical 2; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Treas, 2; SSM 4; Student Union Monitor 4. PAUL BIETZKE Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Concert Orchestra 4; Dance Band 4; Arts Club 2,4; Camera Club. 4. GAIL BROMBERG Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago, 2. MARLENE BROOKS Bronze Key 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1; Student Council Alt. 3; Homecoming Crew 4; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Arts Club l|2,4. Board 1, Historian 2; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1, Pin 1; SSSH Sec’y. 3; Personal Service Monitor 3.4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Unity Board 4. JAMES BROWN SSSH Ass’t Chr. 3; SSM 4. ROBERT BROWN H. R. Vice Pres. 1; Boys’ Glee 1; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 4, Major “N” 2,3,4; ”N” Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3. NEILL BROWNSTEIN National Honor Society 4; H.R. Vice Pres. 1,2,3,4; Football I, 2,3,4, Minor “N” 1,2, Major “N” 3,4; Wrestling 1,2, Minor “N” 1,2; Track 1,2, Minor “N” 1; “N” Club 3,4: Personal Service Monitor 1; District Science Fair 1. DOLORES BRUSIN Student Council 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Minor Music Award 2; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1,2, Pin 1; Pep Club 1,2; SSM 3; Spanish Club 2,3. TERRI BRUSMAN Homecoming Committee 4; National Thespians 4; Spotlighters 3; Fall Play 3 4; Redskins ' Revue 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Personal Serv¬ ice Monitor 2,4; French Club 2.3,4; Future Teachers 3. FRANK BUDZISZ Transferred from Gordon Technical H.S., Chicago, 3. ELIZABETH BURKHARDT National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Cabi¬ net 2,4, Alt. 2: Homecoming Committee 4; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Monitor Board 2; SSSH Ass’t. Head Sec’y. 3; SSSH Head Sec’y. 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. ROBERT CIMS Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago, 1. RICHARD CIRR1XCIONE Transferred from Schtirz H.S., Chicago, 2. VIRGINIA CL.WSSEX Cabinet Alt. 1.1: H R. Sec’y 3 : Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; Choir 4; Silver Pin 4; Spotlighters 1; Redskins’ Revue 3; Spring Musical 1,2, 3,4; G.A.A. 1.2 3. Pin 1, Minor Letter 3; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 1; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Ushers Club 4. BRIAN CLARK GAIL COHEN H. R. Treas. 4; Spring Plav Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Erench Club I. 2,3; SSM 4. HOWARD COHEN Blue Honor Certificate 1; Student Council 2,3; H.R. Pres. 1; Illini Boys’ State 3; Spring Play 2: Redskins’ Revue 4; Arts Club 2; SSM 3; SSO Executive Board 4; Personal Service Moni¬ tor 2.3; Spanish Club 1.2; Student Union Board 4; Honor Board 3; Unity Board 4. KENNETH COHEN H.R. Vice Pres. 1; Redskins’ Revue 4; SSM 2.3, Sup. 4; German Club 1; Intramurals 4. LINDA COHEN Student Council Alt. 1; Homecoming Crew 4; Spotlighters 1,2; Arts Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2; SSO 3. HARLEY COKLISS Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago, 1; Beginner Band 2; SSM 4; Spanish Club 3; Physics Club 3; Camera Club 4. VIRGINIA BURNS Blue Honor Certificate 2; Homecoming Committee 4; Spring Play Crew 2; Redskins’ Revue 2; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1.2,3; Pep Club 2.3; Tri-Hi Y 1; SSO 2.3,4, Rccpt. 4; French Club 2,3; Ushers Club 3,4, Pres. 4; Unity Board 4. DON BYERS Basketball 2; Track 2,4: Gymnastics 3,4. CAROL CAHAN Spotlighters 1; Spring Play Crew 2; Redskins’ Revue 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Personal Service Monitor 4; French Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers 2. JAMES CARDER National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Stu¬ dent Council 1,2, Alt. 2; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4, Execu¬ tive Board 3,4; Cabinet, Pres. 3,4; H.R. Pres. 2; Illini Boys’ State 3; Redskins’ Revue 2,3,4; Arts Club 1,2; Spectrum 2; Tennis 1,2; Major “N” 2; “N” Club 2,3,4; SSM 1,2; Student Union Board 4; Honor Board 3; Unity Board 4. GARNET CARLSEN Transferred from Mallinckrodt H.S., Wilmette, 2. LYNNE CHAMLIN National Honor Society 4; Transferred from Senn H-S., Chi¬ cago, 3; Bronze Key 3; Fall Play Crew 3; Spectrum, Academic Co-Editor 4; SSM 3,4. CHARLENE CHANG National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Student Council 3,4, Pres. 4; G.A.A. 3; Science Seminar 3; Math Club 4; Unity Board 4; International Relations Club 3. JEFFERY CHASE Transferred from South Dade H.S., Homestead, Fla., 2; Spot¬ lighters 2; Redskins’ Revue 4; Hi-Y Award 2; Arts Club 2,3; Biology Club 2. THERESA CIERNY Transferred from Cardinal Stritch H.S., Chicago, 2; Girls’ Glee 2. SANDRA COLECCHIA G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 1,2. WILLIAM CONRAD Intermediate Rand 1.2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Cadet Band 1; Brass Ensemble 2; West Word 4. SUSAN COOK National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 2; Cabinet 1; Homecoming Crew 4; American Ideas Seminar 3; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Woodwind En¬ semble 2; Arts Club 1,2,3,4; Apotheosis 3,4; G.A.A. 1,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Science Seminar 3; State Science Fair 2. WARREN COOPER Football 1,2, Minor “N” 2; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,4, Minor “N” 1,2; Wrestling 4; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 3; SSSH Chr. 3; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Student Union Monitor 4. PENNY CORN Student Council Alt. 1,2; Spotlighters 1; Redskins’ Revue 2,3; Pep Club 1,2; SSO Sec’y. 3,4; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers 2,3. SHARON CRAMPE Girls’ Glee 2,3; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Pep Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,3,4; Musical 3,4; Student Union Monitor 4. DAVID DALEY Swimming 4; SSSH Chr. 4; SSM Sup. 4. ELAINE DALSON Transferred from Schurz H.S., Chicago, 2. A. PAUL DAVIDSON Transferred from Bowen H.S., Chicago, 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Biology Club 4. KENNETH DAVIS Redskins’ Revue 4; Pep Club 3; SSM 1,2; SSSH Chr. 3.4; Latin Club 1,2; Russian Club 2; Ski Club 4. MARVIN DAVIS Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago, 4; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 4. JANET DAY Art Council 2,4, Treas. 4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Personal Service Monitor 2; Ushers Club, Sec’y. 4. ROBERT DE MAA Transferred from Argo Township H.S., Argo, Ill., 1. VICTOR DE MYRTINO H.R. Officer 1. FRANK K. DEMITH H.R. Vice Pres. 4; Wrestling 4. KATHLEEN DE VOGELEAR Girls’ Glee 1,2,3,4; Silver Pin 4; Spring Musical 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1 . JUDITH DIDIER G.A.A. 3; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; SSM 4. MICHAEL DINITZ Student Council Alt. 1,4; Cabinet Alt. 2; H.R. Pres. 2, Vice Pres. 3; SSSH Chr. 4; German Club 1,2; District Science Fair 2. 123 JAMES ECKMANN Student Council 1,3, Alt. 1, Sgt. at Arms 3; H.R. Pres. 1, Vice Pres. 2, Treas. 3; Football 1,2, Minor “N” 2; Swimming 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 3,4; Track 1; “N” Club 3,4, Sec’y. 4; SSM 1,2; SSSH Sup. 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Student Union Board, Vice Pres. 4; AVA 1,2,3. PATRICIA EINSWEILER ROBERT ELLENSOHN Golf 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 1,2, Major “N” 3; SSM 1; Personal Service Monitor 2; Student Union Monitor 4; AVA 3,4. RHODA EX Student Council 3; Cabinet 2; H.R. Pres. 1; Homecoming Crew 2,4; Fall Play Crew 2; Spring Play Crew 2; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1,2; SSM 4; French Club 1,2,4. GLENN EYLES SSM 4. DONALD FABBRO Student Council 2; Track 1,2; Hi-Y 4; Spanish Club 3; Intra¬ murals 4. KATHLEEN FABER SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 2. SUSAN FAUST Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3, Alt. 1; Home¬ coming Committee 2,3,4, Sec’y. 2; H.R. Vice Pres. 1,2; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Vivace 1,2,3,4, Sec’y. 4; Choir 3,4, Sec’y 4; Silver Choral Pin 3; Gold Choral Pin 3; Spotlighters 1; Redskins’ Revue 2; Spring Musical 4; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; French Club 1,2,3,4; Student Union Board 4; Honor Board 3. SANDRA FEIG Transferred from Austin H.S., Chicago, 3; SSSH Sec’y. 4- SSO 4; SSM 3,4. RONALD DITTHARDT National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; State Science Fair 1,2; Astronomy Club 3,4, Sec’y. 4. ANITA DOCZEKALSKI Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; Musical Honor Certificate 2; Choir 4; Choral Silver Award 4; Musical 4; G.A.A. 4; 100% Club 3; Orchesis 4. GERALD L. DORBAND Golf 2, Minor “N” 2; SSM 1,2,4, Sup. 4. MERLE DORFMAN National Honor Society 4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; H.R. Pres. 1; Girls’ Glee 1; Spotlighters 1,2; Arts Club 1,2, Treas. 2; Spectrum, Academic Co-Editor 4; G.A.A. 1,2; P ersonal Ser¬ vice Monitor 2; SSM 4; French Club 1,2. RUTH DORRIAN Blue Honor Certificate 2; Student Council 3; Homecoming Crew 4; Redskins’ Revue 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Tri- Hi-Y 1; SSM 2; SSSH 3; Executive Board Clerk 3,4; French Club 1,2; Student Union Monitor 4. HELEN ANN DUGAN Student Council 2,3,4, Alt. 2; Spotlighters 1; Apotheosis 1,2,3,4; West Word 1,2,4, News Editor 4; Latin Club 2,3; International Relations Club 3. MICHAEL DUHL Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Student Council Alt. 3; Cabinet 1.4, Alt. 1, Vice Pres. 4; H.R. Pres. 2; Spectrum Sports Editor 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 3; SSO 3,4, Sup. 3; Executive Board Chr. 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Student Union Board 4; Unity Board 4. NANCY EGAN Student Council Alt. 2; Cabinet Alt. 3; H.R. Sec’y 1; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4, Choral Pin 3; Spotlighters 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board 2.3.4, Major Letter 2, State Award 3. RICHARD EBY Arts Club 4; SSM 4; Latin Club 2; Biology Club 2; District Science Fair. CRAIG FELDPAUSCH Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 4. CAROL SUE FERRARO Transferred from California H.S., Vhittier, Calif., 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; SSO 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Ushers Club 4. JAMES FEURER Transferred from Lane Tech H.S., Chicago 3. SHARON FIELD Cabinet 1; Redskins’ Revue 4; G.A.A. 1,2; SSSH Sec’v. 3; French Club 2,3,4. BARRY FISHER Boys’ Glee 1,2; Cabinet Alt. 3; Choir 3,4; Spring Play 1,2, Fall Play 1,2; Gymnastics 1; SSM 2,4; Spanish Club 2,3. KENNETH FLAMMANG SSO 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,4; Science Club 1; Biology Club 3,4. JAMES FORD Boys ' Glee 1,2, Choir 3,4; Spring Musical 3,4. MARGARET FORTNEY Girls’ Glee 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board 1,2, Mgr. 2,3, Pin 1. Minor Letter 2, Major Letter 2; Spanish Club 3: Ushers Club 4; Future Teachers 2,4; Pins Pans 4. REGINA FOSS Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Pin 1, Minor Letter 2, Major Letter 2 Board 2,3; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; German Club 2; Future Teachers 2. 125 SUSAN FOX Girls’ Glee 2,3, Choir 4, Award 2; Spring Musical 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Award 1,2; 100% Club 3. GARY FRANK Footbball 1,2; Basketball 1.2; SSM 4. PAUL FRANK LYNETTE FRAY G.A.A. 1; Tri-Mi-Y 2; Spanish 2. IRENE FRESKE Cabinet Alt. 2; Twirlers 1,2; Redskins’ Revue 3; Spanish Club 2. DARLENE FRIEDKIN Student Council Alt. 3; G.A.A. 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 2,4. PATRICIA FULKERSON National Honor Society 3,4; Blue Honor Certificate 1; Bronze Key 3; Student Council 1,2, Alt. 2; Spectrum 4; Art Council 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4, Minor Letter 2; Major Letter 2, First State Letter 3; Pep Club 2; SSM 2; SSO Recpt. 3; SSSH Sec’y 4; Latin Club 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4; District Science Fair 1; Math Club 4; Ski Club 1; Ripplettes 1. KATHLEEN GABEL Cabinet 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; SSSH Sec’y. 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 1, Pin 1; Pins 8c Pans 2. SHARON GAGNE Blue Honor Certificate 2; Student Council 1,3; Homecoming Committee 4; Cabinet 3,4; H.R. Pres. 1,2; Major Oratorical Contest 2,3,4; Redskins’ Revue 4; Spring Musical 4; SSSH Sec’ 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; French Club 1,2; Student Union Board 4; Ushers Club 4. CLAUDIA GALLAGHER PAULETTE GERARD Transferred from Foreman H.S., Chicago, 2; Girls’ Glee 2,3, Minor Music Award 3; Arts Club 3; French Club 3; Ushers Club 4; Future Nurses 2. CORAL GHION OH Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago, 2. THOMAS GLADE KATHLEEN GLAVES Blue Honor Certificate 1; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Arts Club 4; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Spanish Club 2; District Science Fair 2; Usher s Club 3,4. NENA GOLDBERG Spotlighters 1,2; Arts Club 1; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 2,3; Future Teachers 2. LYNN GHIONZOL1 Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago, 2; Girls’ Glee 2; G.A.A. 4; SSM 4. EDWARD GILLMAN National Honor Society 4; Transferred Hyde Park H.S., Chi¬ cago, 2; Masque and‘Gavel Speech Contest 2; French Club 3. ROBERT GITLJS HOWARD GOLDENSTEIN Transferred from Sullivan H.S., Chicago, 2; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Band Letter 3; Marching Band 3,4; D nce Band 4. JULIE GORDON Bronze Pin 3; Silver Pin 2; Student Council 3,4, Alt. 3; Home¬ coming Crew 4; Debate Team 2; American Ideas Seminar 3; Spotlighters 1,2; Spring Play 1; Fall Play 1,2; Arts Club 1,2,3; Apotheosis 2,3.4; Spectrum, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4; G.A.A. 1,2; SSO 3,4, Ass’t. Head Sec’y. 3; Personal Service Monitor 3; French Club 1,2,3,4; Russian Club 2,3,4; Unity Board 4. LEE K. GORDON Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Marching Band 3,4; All-State Music Activity 4; Redskins’ Revue 4; Spanish Club 3; AVA 1,2,3,4. JON C. GORENSTEIN Homecoming Crew 4; Cabinet 2,3; Swimming 1; Pep Club 3; SSM 1,2,3,4, Sup. 4; SSSH 4; French Club 2; District Science Fair 2. GAYLE GRAHAM Cabinet Alt. 1,2; Girls’ Glee 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 2; SSSH 4; SSM 4; Spanish Club 2; 100% Club 3. CORINNE GRAYSON Transferred from James Monroe H.S., Bronx, N.Y., 3; Student Council Alt, 4; Cabinet Alt. 4; American Legion Oratorical Contest 3; East-West Speech Tournament 3; National Forensic League 4; National Thespians 4; Spotlighters 3,4; Fall Play 4; Spring Play 3; Redskins’ Revue 4; Masque and Gavel, Vice Pres. 3; Spectrum 4; SSO 4. CAROL GREEN G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 2; Future Nurses 1; Ski Club 1. MICHAEL ALLEN GREEN Student Council Alt. 1; Football 1,2,4, Major " N” 4; Track 1,2; Wrestling 1; “N” Club 4; SSM 3. GLEN GREENBERG Transferred from Calumet H.S., Chicago, 1; Spanish Club 4. JOYCE GREENBERG National Honor Society 4; Student Council Alt. 1,2; Home¬ coming Crew 4; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Spring Play Crew 3; Arts Club 1,2,4; West Word 2; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1; SSSH Sec’y. 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1. SHARRON GRF.ENMAN Spring Play Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSSH Sec’y. 3; SSM 4; Spanish Club 1,2. DIANE E. GRIPPO Transferred from St. Scholastica H.S., Chicago, 2. VIVIAN HABLEP Girls’ Glee 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; SSSH Sec’y. 3; SSM 4. JUNE HAERLE Student Council Alt. 2; Homecoming Committee 2,4, Head Sec’y 4, Homecoming Queen 4; Cabinet 1,3,4, Alt. 1, Vice Pres. 3; H.R. Sec’y. 1; Redskins’ Revue 2,3,4; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 2; SSSH Sec’y. 3; SSO Recpt. 4; French Club 2,3; Student Union Board, Treas. 4; District Science Fair 2; D.A.R. Citizenship Award 4. DON HANSON Beginner Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Bovs’ Glee 1; Track 1; Cross Country 2,3; Pep Club 4; SSO 3,4. DONALD HAROLDSON LOUISE HANSON Transferred from Marian H.S., Omaha, Neb., 3. JAMES HART Student Council 1,2, Alt. 1; Football 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 2,3,4, Co Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Varsity Major “N” 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 3; “N” Club 2,3, Pres. 4; Hi-Y 3,4; SSO Supervisor 3,4; Ulini Boys’ State 3; Student Union Monitor 4. r , i 4g9t 7 :3m m . ml 9 s 4 4 0 Mi £ " .. ' jam DANIEL G. HARVEY, JR. Student Council 1,2, Alt. 2; Cabinet Alt. 4; Intermediate Band 1,2; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 3.4; Letter 3, Pin 4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Spring Musical 3,4; Arts Club 1,2; Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Chaplain 2,3, Vice Pres. 4; French Club 2,3; Student Union Morfitor 4; Camera Club, Vice Pres. 4; AVA 1,2,3. REYAUD HASSAN Redskins’ Revue 4; Swimming Team 1,2: SSM 3; SSSH Ass’t Chr. 4; French Club 3,4. SHARON HAWKINS G.A.A. 1,4; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Future Nurses 1,2,3.4. CHARLENE HEDBERG H. R. Sec’y 1,3; Beginner Band 1; Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 3; Band Letter 3; Girls’ Glee 1; Spring Musical 1; Arts Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Pin 1, Board Chi 2, Minor Letter 2, Major Letter 2, Board 3,4. 1st State Awaid 3, 2nd State Award 4; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y I, 2; Personal Service Monitor 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Teachers 1,2,4; District Science Fair 2; Pins Pans 1,2.4. DAVID HELMER Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 4; Dance Band 4; Barbershoppers 1,4; Choir 3: Baseball 2; District Science Fair 2. DONNA HENDRICKSON Gilrs’ Glee 1 2.3,4, Choral Silver Pin 4; Spring Musical 3,4. RICHARD HENRIKSEN Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 1.2: Concert Band 4; Gym¬ nastics 2. ROBERT HEPBURN Gymnastics 1,2; Cross Country 4; SSSH Chr. 3. ROBERT HERK1.RT Student Council Alt. 2; Football 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2,3, Major “N” 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2,3, Major “N” 4; Track 2; “N” Club 4; SSSH Chr. 3, SSSH Sup. 4: Student Union Board 4; AVA 1,2,3. RICHARD HOFFING Major Oratorical Contest 3; Intermediate Bandi 1,2,3; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 3; Spring Musical 1,2; Hi-Y 1; SSM 4; Spanish Club 2; Astronomy Club 3; Physics Club 3. ANDREA HOFFMAN National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Student Council Alt. 1.2; Cabinet 3,4; Spotlighters 1.2; Spring Play Crew 2; Red¬ skins’ Revue 3; Arts Club 1,2; Apotheosis 2,4; West Word 1; Spectrum, Literary Co-Editor 4; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 2; SSSH Sec’y 4; Personal Service Monitor 1; Spanish Club 2; District Science Fair 1. DAVID EDWIN HOGLUXD National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Blue Honor Certifi¬ cate 2; Cabinet 1; Spectrum 2,3,4, Publicity Editor 4; Hi-Y 3,4; SSSH Chr. 4; Student Union Monitor 4. PHILIP HOLDER JOHN HOOK BARBARA ANN HOPPS Bronze Pin 3; Pep Club 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Future Nurses 1. RONALD HORLICK Astronomy Club 4; Biology Club 4. MARY ANN HOUSTON EVAN IMBER National Honor Society 4; Student Council Alt. 1; Homecom¬ ing Committee 4; American Ideas Seminar 3; Apotheosis 1,2, 3,4; Spotlighters 1,2, Sec’y 2; Arts Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 2,3,4: G.A.A. 1; SSO 3; French Club 1,2,3,4. SHERRY LYNNE HERMAN National Forensic League 3,4, Sec’y.-Treas. 4; Debate Team 1,3, 4, Capt. 4; Beginner Band 1; Concert Band 3; Letter 3; Cadet Band 2; Spotlighters 1.2.3; Fall Play Crew 1; Spring Play Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2 3,4, Minor Letter 2, Major Letter 3; Personal Service Monitor 1; Latin Club 1; German Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 1. MARTHA M. HERZON Intermediate Band 1,2; Fall Play 1; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Pep Club 3; SSSH Sec’y 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Board 1; Ushers Club 4; Future Teachers 2. WILLIAM HESS Transferred from Wheat Ridge H.S., Denver, Colo., 1; Red¬ skins’ Revue 4; Intramurals 4. JOHN HILBERT Football 1,2; Basketball Mgr. 1,2; Track 2. LARRY HILL Student Council 1; Cabinet 1,2, Alt. 1; West Word 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2; “N” Club 4; Personal Serv¬ ice Monitor 4. GLORIA LYNNE HILLMAN Transferred from Austin H-S., Chicago, 2; Homecoming Crew 4; Major Oratorical Contest 3; Spotlighters 2,3; G.A.A. 2,3,4; SSM 2,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Biology Club 3. PATRICIA HIN’I ' Z G.A.A. 1,2,4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Service Award 1. DEAN HIRSHMAN Beginner Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3; March¬ ing Band 3; Hi-Y 2,4. Treas. 4; SSSH Chr. 4; Student Union Monitor 4; Biology Cluh 2. GERALD ERNEST HOFF 128 LORITA IMMERGLUCK Student Council 1,2; Cabinet, Treas. 4; H.R. Pres. 1; Girls’ Glee 1; Spotlighters 1,2,3; Spring Play Crew 3; Arts Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2, Service Award 2; French Club 1,3. JOYCE IRWIN Girls’ Glee 1; Spring Musical 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Pep Club 3; Span¬ ish Club 3; Ushers Club 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4. SANDRA JACH G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Pin 1, Minor Letter 2, Major Letter 3, State Letter 4; District Science Fair 2; SSSH 4. DONALD JACOBS Spanish Club 1; Camera Club 4. JAMES JAEGER German Club 4; Radio Club 1,3,4. JOHN JAEGER Football 1,2; Wrestling 1; SSM 2. LAWRENCE JAMROZF.K Industrial Arts Club 3. THEODORE JANEK Spanish Club 2; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 4. ROBERT JANET JOHN RAYMOND JANET Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago, 2. STEPHEN JENSIK National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Gold Pin 2; Boys’ Glee 1; Swimming 1; Personal Service Monitor 2; Latin Club 1,2,3; District Science Fair 2; Math Club 4. RONALD JESSE Transferred from Notre Dame H.S., Niles, 2. BRUCE JOHNSON Cross Country 1,2,3, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 3; SSM 1,2,3; SSSH Chr. 4; Science Club 1; Biology Club 2. NANCY JULIUS Student Council 1; Cabinet Alt. 3; Arts Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2,3; Personal Service Monitor 2.3; Ushers Club 4. STEVEN KAAGE Intramurals 4; Track 4; Hi-Y 4. BARBARA KALYER PATRICK KAMM Transferred from St. Patrick’s H.S., Chicago, 3; Bronze Key 3; Camera Club, Pres. 4; Math Club 4; Physics Club 3: Personal Service Monitor 4 LOIS KARCH National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Gold Pin 2; Home¬ coming Committee 2,3,4; Cabinet, Treas. 1; Spotlighters 1,2; Spring Play Crew 2; Redskins’ Revue 3; Arts Club 1,2; West Word 2; Spectrum, Co-Editor Senior Section 4; G.A.A. 1; SSSH Sec’y 3; SSO Recpt. 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; District Science Fair 2. 130 LAWRENCE KOHI.S Swimming 4; SSSH Chr. 4. MICHAEL KOWAL ARNOLD KOWITT Swimming Team 1; SSM 4; SSSH Chr. 4; JOAN KRAEMER Transferred from Mallinckrodt H.S., Wilmette, 1; Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; JANICE KREINER Transferred from Mallinckrodt H.S., Wilmette, 2; Debate Team 2; Spanish Club 2; Ushers Club 4. CAROL KREINICK National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Gold Pin 2; Be¬ ginner Band 1, Conceit Band 2,3,4. Marching Band 2,3,4, Con¬ cert Orchestra 3,4; Spring Musical 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Pin 1. Minor letter 2, Major Letter 3; Personal Service Monitor 1; Latin Clu b 1; Science Seminar 3; District Science Fair 3- Math Club 4. BARRY KREISLER Transferred from Austin H.S., Chicago, 2; Spectrum 2; Latin Club 2,3; Russian Club 2; Science Seminar 2,3; Astronomy Club 2; Camera Club. Treas. 4. ANEETA KRUGLY Transferred from Oskaloosa H.S., Oskaloosa, la., 3. WILLIAM KRUPNICK Student Council Alt. 3; Cabinet 4; Redskins’ Revue 4; Arts Club L2.4; West Word 2; SSO 4; Russian Club 2; Science Sem¬ inar 3; Biology Club, Pres. 4; State Science Fair 1,2; Camera Club 4; Chess Club, Pres. 4; Unity Board 4. GEORGIA KATSOOLIAS Transferred from Austin H.S., Chicago, 3. SANDRA KAY Girls’ Glee 2,3.4; Personal Service Monitor 2. NN KAZANOW National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; G.A.A. 1.2.3,4; Spanish Club 3; Science Club Seminar 2,3,4; District Science Fair 2; Math Club 4; Chess Club 1; Astronomy Club 2,3. JUDY KIPPER MAN Cabinet 3; Spring Play Crew 1; Redskins’ Revue 4; G.A.A. 1,4; Orchesis 4; French Club 1.2; 100% Club 3. PAMELA KIRK Cabinet Alt. 1: Apotheosis 2,4, Treas. 2; West Word 2; Spec¬ trum 2,3; G.A.A. 1; Latin Club 1. MARIBETH KISPERT Student Council Alt. 1.2; H.R. Sec’y 3; SSM 4. DAVID KLEBBE Student Council 3; Arts Club 1,2; SSO 4. TED KLETNICK Hi-Y 4. PHILIP KOHL Barbershoppcrs 4; Choir 3.4; Spring Musical 4; Biology 2. ROBERT LAWLER National Honor Society 4; Silver Pin 2; Homecoming Crew 4; Cabinet 2; National Thespians 3,4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Spot- lighters 2,3, Vice Pres. 3; Fall Play 2,3; Spring Play 1.2,3; Spring Musical 4; Swimming Team 1; SSO Executive Board (SSSH) 4; SSD Sup. 3; SSM 2; Personal Service Monitor 1; German Club 2,3; Student Union Board 4; Honor Board 3; Unity Board 4. STEWART LEAVITT Football 1,2; Track 1,2; SSM Sup. 4. JOSEPH LeDUC SSM 3,4. MAVIS LEE Student Council Alt. 1; Cabinet 2,3; Fall Play Crew 1; Redskins ' Revue 3,4; G.A.A. 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1: SSM 3.4; French Club 1.2. JANICE LEHMAN Girls’ Glee 1,2; Pins Sc Pans 2. B. PENNIE LEVEY Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; Spring Musical 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 4; State Science Fair 1,2; Spanish Club 2. JANE LEVIN National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Student Coun cil 1,2; Homecoming Committee 2,4; Redskins’ Revue 3; Spectrum 3,4, Co-Editor Senior Section 4; G.A.A. 1; SSO Executive Board 2; SSSH Sec’y. 3; SSO Recpt. 4; Personal Service Monitor 2, Service Award 2, Pin 2; Spanish Club 1.2,3; Biology Club 3. LINDA LEVINE Blue Honor Certificate 1; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 2; SSSH Sec’y. 4; Spanish Club 1.2. RICHARD LEVY H.R. Pres. 1,2; Beginners Band 1; Arts Club 1.2; West Word 2; Spanish Club 2; SSM 3; Biology Club 1. LESLIE KUMMEROW Student Council 1,2; H.R. Sec’y 1; Homecoming Crew ' 3,4; Cabinet 3; Redskins’ Revue 2,4; G.A.A. 1,2,4, Pin 1; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; SSM 1; Personal Service Monitor 2; Spanish Club 1; German Club 3; Pins Pans 1. SHELDON KUPERMAN Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago, 1; Cabinet 2; Personal Service Monitor 3; French Club 2,3. DAVID KURTI Science Seminar 2; District Science Fair 2; Chess Club 1. DIANE KWOLEK H. R. Sec’y. 2; Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1,2; Spring Musical I, 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; French Club 2; Science Fair 1. THOMAS LADD SSM 4; Intramurals 4; Math Club, Co-chairman, Treas. 4. PAMELA LASSEN SSM 1; Personal Service Monitor 4. KENNETH LATIMER Student Council 2; Redskins’ Review 4; Cross Country 1; Track 1,2; Football 2; Hi-Y 1,2, Pres. 2; SSM 13.3,4, Sup. 4; Service Award 2; Student Union Monitor 4. BARBARA LAUERMAN National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Amer¬ ican Ideas Seminar, Sec’y. 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Minor Letter 2; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,3,4; German Club 1,2; Science Seminar 1,2,3,4; District Science Fair 1,2; Math Club, Sec’y. 4. RICHARD LAVIN Debate Team 1,2; National Thespians, Vice Pres. 4; Fall Play 4; Arts Club 2,4; Masque and Gavel 3; Football 2; Hi-Y 3.4; Personal Service Monitor 1; Latin Club 2; AVA 1,2,3. GENE LUBIN Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Concert Orchestra 3; Marching Band 2,3,4; Arts Club 4; State Science Fair 1; Dis¬ trict Science Fai 2; Intramurals 4; Chess Club 4. ROBERT LUKES SSSH Ass’t, Chr. 3; SSSH Sup. 4; Student Union Board 4. BARRY LUTZ Student Council Alt. 1,2,3; Hi-Y 1. ANTOINETTE LYONS Transferred irom St. Stanislaus Kostha H-S., Chicago, 2; Stud¬ ent Council 4; H.R. Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 4; Girls’ Glee 2; Pep Club 2; SSSH Sec’y. 3; Latin Club 2; Student Union Monitor 4; Ushers Club 4. MEREDITH McCARTAN Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Cabinet Alt. 2; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Concert Orchestra 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Woodwind Ensemble 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Chaplin 2; Science Seminar 2,3; District Science Fair 1. State Science Fair 2; Ush¬ ers Club 4. KATHLEEN McENERNEY Student Council 2,3; Cabinet 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2; Per¬ sonal Service Monitor 1,2,3,4; Student Union Monitor 4. dennis McIntosh Transferred from Maine Twp. H.S. East, Park Ridge, 3; Traf¬ fic Monitor 4; Football 3,4; Minor “N” 3; Major “N” 4; “N” Club 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Radio Club 4. ESTHER McLEAN Cabinet 1,2, Alt. 1; SSO 3,4, Ass’t Head Sec’y 4, SSSH 3, Head Sec’v SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 1.2; G.A.A. 1; 100% Club 3,4 MARGARET A. McPHERSON Homecoming Crew 4; H.R. Sec’y. 2, Illini Conservation Camper Rep. 2; Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Award 1,2; Pep Club 3; Tri- Hi-Y 2; SSSH Sec’y. 2; SSM 2,3,4; French Club 2; Student Union 132 Monitor 4. CHERYL LEWIN Cabinet 1; Girls’ Glee 1,2; SSO 4; Spanish Club 2. SUSAN LEWIN Homecoming Crew 4; Cabinet 1,2, Alt. 1; H.R. Vice Pres, 2; Major Oratorical Contest 1,2,3,4; National Forensic League 4; Girls’ Glee 2; National Thespians 3.4; Spotlighters 2,3; Red¬ skins’ Revue 4; Spring Musical 2; Masque and Gavel 3; West Word 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1; Personal Service Monitor 1,3; Spanish Club 3; Ushers Club 3; Quill and Scroll 4. MICHAEL LIEBERMAN National Honor Society 4; Science Seminar 2,3; Biology Club 2; Astronomy Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2,4, Sec’y. 4; Intra¬ murals 4. DONALD F. LINDER Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3,4; Concert Orchestra 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Spring Musical 4; Intramurals 4 . GARY LINDERMAN Wrestling 1,2.3.4, Minor “N” 1.2, Major “N” 3; Golf 1,2,4, Minor “N” 2; SSM 2,3,4. GERI LITTLE Transferred from North Hills H.S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 3. RICHARD LITTRELL National Forensic League 4; Debate Team 4; Beginner Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3.4; Marching Band 3,4; Astronomy Club 3,4. JOSEPH LO CASCIO Transferred from Arlington Twp. H.S., Arlington Heights, Ill., 3; Hi-Y 4; SSSH Chr. 4. KATHRYN LUBF.R Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 1,2,3,4, Sec’y. I, Vice Pres. 2, Corr. Sec’y. 3; National Thespians 3,4; Spotlighters 1,2; Spring Play Crew 1; Fall Play Crew 2; Fall Play 3; Redskins’ Revue 3; Arts Club 1; G.A.A., Award 1; Pep Club 1,2; SSSH Sec’y 3,4; Span¬ ish Club 1,2,3; Student Union Board 4; Ushers Club 3. u ft Jfk iftlV JSI d tL v A n 4 . ■ Iff 1 V MARLENE MALONE Fall Play Crew 4; Redskins ' Revue Crew 4; G.A.A. 1,2,4, Pin 1; Pep Club 1,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Personal Service Monitor 2; Spanish Club 2; Student Union Monitor 4; Future Nurses 2. JOSEPH MARGALSKI HARVEY MARGOLIS Silver Pin 2; Student Council 2; Cabinet 3; Beginner Band 2; Boys’ Glee 1,2: Choir 3,4; Barbershoppers 1,2,4; Spring Musi¬ cal 3,4; Redskins’ Revue 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,4; Stud¬ ent Union Board 4. BARBARA MARKS Transferred from Mallinckrodt H.S., Wilmette, 2; Spectrum 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Spanish Club 3; Ushers Club 4, ARTHUR MASLOW SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 4. GARY MENDELSOHN Student Council, Sgt. at Arms 4; Cabinet Alt. 1,2,3; Spotlight- ers 2; Hi-Y 1,2,4, Vice Pres. 2; SSM 2. RICHARD MENDES Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Student Council 3; Cabinet 4; Apotheosis 2,3; SSO 3; Russian Club 2,3,4; Math Club 4. DARLENE MENDYK Transferred from Resurrection H.S., Chicago, 3. MARCIA MENKIN National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Student 1,2, Alt. 2; Cabinet 3,4; H.R. Chr. 1,2; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Vivace 3,4; Silver Choral Pin 3; Spring Musical 3,4; Spotlighters 1; Arts Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 3; Per¬ sonal Service Monitor 2; Spanish 1,2,3; Optimist Club Writ¬ ing Award 3. CAROLYNN MERRILL Homecoming Crew 2.4; Arts Club 4; Spectrum, Co-Editor Facul¬ ty Section 4; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 3,4; Personal Ser¬ vice Monitor 1,2; Russian Club 2. SUE CAROLE MERRIMAN Cabinet 1,2, Alt. 2; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Art Council 3; G.A.A. 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Personal Service Monitor 2,3.4: Pins Pans 2.3. Pres. 2. PRISCILLA MEUER JAMES MIKOLAY Cabinet 1; Intermediate Band 1,2; Cross Country 2,4; “N” Club 4; Pep Club 4; German Club 2. ROSS M. MILLER Student Council 1,2; Cabinet 3; National Thespians 2,3; Spot- lighters 1,2; Fall Play 1,3; Hi-Y 4; SSM 2,4; German Club 1. WILLIAM MILLER I.YLE MINK Football 1,2; Wrestling 1, Minor “N” 2,3, Major “N” 4; Golf 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 1, Major “N” 2,3,4; “N” Club 3,4; SSM 1; SSSH 3,4. GERALD MIRSHAK Transferred from Oak Park H.S., Oak Park, 2; Track 2,3,4, Minor “N” 2; Hi-Y 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. RICHARD MOLDENHAUER Student Council Alt. 2; Cabinet 4; Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 2,3; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2; “N ’ Club 4; SSM 3,4; German Club 1; Chess Club 1 . 133 LYNN MORGAN PHYLLIS MORRISS Transferred from San Pedro H.S., San Pedro, Calif., 3; Pep Club 3; SSO 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Student Union Monitor 4; Ushers Club 4; Ski Club 4. DARLENE MUELLER H.R. Sec’y. 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 2,4. NANCY MUTH SSM 4. BRUCE NANNEN Swimming 1,2,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; SSO 4; Personal Service Monitor 4; AVA 1,2,3,4. DONNA NECHISTAK Student Council 1; G.A.A. 1; SSM 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 1 . CAROLYN NELSON Cabinet Alt. 1; Girls’ Glee 1,2,3,4; Spring Musical 3; Spring Play Crew 3; Spectrum 2,3; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 4; German Club 3; Ushers Club 4; Future Nurses 1,2,3,4. NANCY NELSON Student Council 1,2; Homecoming Court 4; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Vivace 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Spring Musical 1,2,3,4; Arts Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 3; French Club 1 , 2 . CONSTANCE NICHOLS National Honor Society 4; Transferred from Hirsch H.S., Chicago, 2; Bronze Key 3; Student Council 2,4, Alt. 2, Sec’y. 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Cabinet 3; American Ideas Seminar 3; Arts Club 2; Pep Club 3; SSO Head Recpt. 3; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; French Club 2; Student Union Board Co-ordinator 4. TOM NILSON Redskins’ Revue 4; SSO 4; AVA 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM NIMMO Cross Countrv 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Track 2; “N” Club 3 4 Treas. 4; SSSH Chr. 4; AVA 1,2,3,4. HAROLD NORRIS Homecoming Committee 2; H.R, Vice Pres. 1; National Thes¬ pians 4; Fall Play 4; Arts Club 1.2; Basketball 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3 Treas. 2; SSO 2.3; SSM 4; SSSH Sup. 4; Ski Club. 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4. CONNIE NORTH G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Pin 1, Letter 2; SSSH Sec’y. 3; State Science Fair 2 . RUTH O BRIEN Girls’ Glee 2,4; Spring Musical Crew 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2- Ushers Club 4. GERALDINE OLIVA Girls’ Glee 1,2. PENELOPE OLYMPIOS Student Council Alt. 2; Homecoming Committee 2; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Spot lighters 1; Fall Play Crew 1; Redskins’ Revue 2; Art Council 3; G.A.A. 1,2; SSO Recpt. 4; Student Union Monitor 4. DANIEL ORCHOWSKI Intermediate Band 1; Concert Band 2.3,4 Football 1; Wrestling 1,2; Tennis 2. 8 KAREN OSNEY National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 4; Cabinet 1,2, Alt. 1; Spring Play Crew 3; Redskins’ Revue 3. Crew 4; Arts Club 1,2, Board 1; Apotheosis 1,2,3,4; West Word 2,3,4, Managing Editor 2, Editor-in-Chief 4; Spec¬ trum 4; Pep Club 2: Spanish Club 1.2; French Club 3; Unitv Board 4. 134 SHARON PETERSON JO ELLEN PFEIFFER Spectrum, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4; Art Council 1.2,3,4, Sec’y. 1. Pres. 2,4; Personal Service Monitor 1,4; State Science Fair 1. District Science Fair 2; Ushers Club 4; Future Nurses 15; Uni¬ ty Board 4. MARY BETH PINCH H. R. Sec’y. 1,3; Girls’ Glee 15, Glee Award 2; Spring Musical I, 2; G.A.A. 2,4: Tri-Hi-Y 1; Personal Service Monitor 4: Pins Pans 2. GARY PLICF. JOHN POCK SSM 4. GILBERT POPPENHAGEN Spring Play 1, Pep Club 4; SSM 4; District Science Fair 2. PAMELA PORTER Cabinet 2; Personal Service Monitor 3; 100% Club 3. VIRGINIA POSPHALA Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Award 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Personal Service Monitor 2,4: Science Fair 2; Ushers Club 4; Future Teachers 4; Pins Pans 2,4, Pres. 4. STEVEN B. POSTER Concert Band 2; Marching Band 1,2; Cadet Band 1; Major Ora¬ torical Contest 3,4; Arts Club 1,2; West Word 1.3; Swimming 1,2,3; Science Fair 1; AVA 1,2,3,4; Industrial Arts Club 1. TERRY L. OSTROWSKI National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Football 1; Math Club 4. SHERRY OTTO Student Council 1,2; Homecoming Crew 4; Cabinet 4; Twirlcrs 1,2; Redskins’ Revue 3; SSO 4: Latin Club 2.3; Ushers Club 3. MARY L. OWEN T. ASA OYE Transferred from St. Louis Park H.S., Minneapolis, Minn. 3; Redskins’ Revue 3; West Word, Picture Editor 4; Camera Club 4; Intramurals 3. JAMES PARCHUTA Transferred from Notre Dame H.S., Niles, 2. DAVID PARRY Gymnastics 1,3; Personal Service Monitor 4; AVA 2,3. MICHAEL PAYNE Cabinet 1; Gymnastics 2,3. PETER PENE LLE LINDA PETERSON Girls’ Glee 1,2: Spotlighters 1; Spring Play Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 4. ROBERT RF.PKE German Club 2. jmiTH RHODES Studnt Council Alt. 1; Homecoming Crew 4; Cabinet Alt. 2,3; H.R. Vice Pres. 3; Redskins’ Revue 2.4; Spring Musical 4; C.A.A. 1.4; Pep Club 1,2, Pres. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 1; Student Union Board 4; Orchesis 4. PAUL ROBERTS Cabinet 1,2. Alt. 1; H.R. Sec’v. 2; Arts Club 2; Hi-Y 3,4, Chap¬ lin 4; German Club 1,2; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 3. Sup. 4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Intramurals 4; Chess Club 1. RONALD ROBERTS Football 1. Minor ‘ N”, 2: SSSH Chr. 3,4; SSM 2. SHARON ROBERTS National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; West Word 4; Spectrum, Literary Co-Editor 4; G.A.A. 1,3,4; Perspnal Service Monitor 3; Latin Club 2,3; District Science Fair 1: Future Teachers 1,2. BARRY ROBINS Student Council I; H.R. Pres. 4; Redskin’s Revue 4; Basketball I; SSSH Chr. 4; Spanish Club 2.3; Intramurals 4. JOSEPH RODENSKY KAREN ROIXA Art’s Club 1; Apotheosis 2; G.A.A. 1,2.3; Personal Service Monitor 3; Future Nurses 1.2.3; Ski Club 1. PERRY ROSE SSM 2.4, Service Award 2. 136 CHARLES PREBIS11 Apotheosis 1.2.4, Basketball 1; Baseball 1.2. Minor “N” 2; SSM 3.4, Sup. 4; SSSH Chr. 4; German Club 1,2,3,4; District Science Fair 2. SAMUEL DAVID RAPPOPORT Transferred from Roosevelt H.S.. Chicago, 3. ROBERT RAT7.EL Golf 2. Minor “X” 2; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 3; Intramurals 4. CAROL RECHF.R Girls’ Glee 1; G.A.A. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; SSH 4; Personal Service Monitor 2. LAUREL RFCH IFRMANN Blue Honor Ccitificatc 2; Cabinet 1,3; Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; Choir 4; Silver Choral Pin 4; Spring Musical 4; Art Council 2; G.A.A. 1; Personal Service Monitor 4; Ushers Club 4. ROBIN REID National Honor Society 4: Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Stu¬ dent Council 4; Cabinet 1; Arts Club 1.2; Apotheosis 3; G.A.A. 2; Personal Service Monitor 2; Latin Club 2; French Club 2,3,4, Treas. 3 DONNA REITMAN Arts Club 3; Spanish Club 2. EUNICE REIZNER Student Council Alt. I; Homecoming Crew 3; Spotlighters 1; Fall Play 1; Redskins’ Revue Crew 4; G.A.A. 1; SSO; 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,4. BARBARA RF.K National Honor Society 4; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Ushers Club 4; Future Teachers Sec’y. 4; Pins Pans, Sec’y.-Treas. 4. CHARLOTTE HELYNE ROSENFELD Transferred from Austin H.S., Chicago, 4; National Honor Society 4; G.A V. 4; SSM 4. HELENE ROSENFELl) JUDITH ROSENTHAL Transferred fiom Sullivan H.S., Chicago, 2; Spectrum 4; SSM 3,4; SSSH Sec’y. 3. SUSAN ROSS ARLENE RUBENSlEIN Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago, 2; SSSH 4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Spanish Club 3; Pins Pans 3. STUART RUBNER SSM 3,4; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 4. SANDRA RUEHRDANZ Girls’ Glee 1,2, Minor Choral Award 2: G.A.A. 1; Personal Service Monitor 2. JOAN RUTHERFORD Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago. 4; Traffic Monitor 4; G.A .A. 4. DIANE RUTKOWSKI Girls’ Glee 2; Personal Service Monitor 4; Student Union Board 4; Ushers Club 4; Future Teachers 2,3.4, Pres. 4 MICHAEL SANTOWSKI SSSH 3,4; German Club 2. LYNETTE SAROW G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; SSM 4; Future Nurses 2. DORTHY SCANLON Silver Pin 1; Student Council 1.2,3; Cabinet 1,4; Arts Club 2, 3,4, Board 4; Apotheosis 2,4, Pres. 2; Art Council 1; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSO Executive Board 2; SSM 3; SSO Recpt. 4; Personal Service Monitor 2. Service Award 2, Pin 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. RONNA SCHAFFNER H.R. Sec’y. 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1.2; SSM 4; French Club 1.2,4. DAVID SCHEIBE SSM 3. JOHN SCHMIDT Spring Play Crew 1; Baseball Mgr. 2; Pep Club 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,4. JOSEPH SCHMID 1 Transferred from St. Mel H.S., Chicago. 2; National Thespians 4; Fall Play 4; Spring Play 3; Spring Musical 4. RONALD SCHROEDER BARBARA SCHURKE 137 STEVEN MICHAEL SHIPKA Bronze Key 3: Silver Pin 2; Tennis 1.2, Minor “X” 1.2; Wrest¬ ling Major “X” 2.3.4: Cross Country 1,2; " X " Club 2,3. 4; Hi-Y 1.2. Secy. 2; SSM 2.4. Sup. 4; Student Union Monitor 4: Spanish Club 3; Science Fair 1. BETTY A XX SHI I MAX Girls ' Glee 3: Arts Club 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2: Pep Club 1; SSSH Ass’t. Cln . 2: Spanish Club 1.2. KAREN SIGF.L G.A.A. 1; SSM 4. BRENDA SILVERMAN Girls’ Glee 1.2.3; Spring Musical 3: G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 4; Ushers Club 1: Future Nurses M RK SIMMONS Transferred from Oak Lawn H.S.. Oak Lawn. I: Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 3. BARBARA SINGER Student Council 3; H.R. Pres. 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2; Pep Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 2.4: SSM 3.4; French Club 1.2. DEBORAH SINGER Transferred from Scnn H.S.. Chicago, 2; Cabinet Alt. 3,4; Girls’ Glee 2; SSSH Sec’y. 4: SSM 3; Spanish Club 2; Student Union Monitor 4. GERALD SINGER Redskins’ R.?vue 4: SSSH Ass’t. ( hr. 3; Spanish Award 3; Traffic Monitor 4; Intramurals 4. JOAN SINGER Transferred from Sullivan H.S., Chicago. 2; SSM 4; French Club 3. 138 BILL SCHWARTZ Bronze Kev 3: Silver Pin 2: Student Council 4; H.R. Pres. 1; Redskins’ Revue 4; Baseball 1,2: SSM 2; SSSH 4; Personal Service Monitor 4: Spanish Club 1.2.3; Student Union Board 4; District Science Fair 2. ELAINE SCHWARTZ Silver Pin 2; Homecoming Committee 2.4; Cabinet 1,2. Alt. 2; Girls’ Glee 1,2; National Thespians 3.4; Spotlighters 1,2; Fall Play 2; Spring Play 1.2; Redskins’ Review 3; Spring Musical 1; Arts Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1.2; Pep Club 2; SSM 3; Personal Ser¬ vice Monitor 3; French Club 2,3; Ski Club 1. ALAN SEGAL Transferred from Mather H.S.. Chicago, 2: Redskins’ Revue 4. X. DEBORAH SELIN Student Council 3: Spring Play 3: G.A.A. 1.2; SSD Ass’t. Head Sec’y. 3; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Spanish Club 1,2. CHARLENE SELK G.A.A. 4; H.R. Official 4. JOHNSHABEL Transferred from Notre Dame H.S., Niles, 2; Basketball 3; Cross Country 4; Track 4; Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms 4; SSM 4; Per¬ sonal Service Monitor 4; Student Union Monitor 4. NANCY LEE SHAPIRO Transferred from Hyde Park H.S.. Chicago, 2; SSM 4. MARTIN SHEEHAN Boys’ Glee 4; Choir 4: Spring Musical 4; Football 1; Personal Service Monitor 4 STEWART SHIMAX Bronze Key; Arts Club 1.2; Apotheosis 2,3,4; SSM 4; SSSH 4; Spanish Club 2; Intramurals 4. PEGGY SINGER National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1; H.R. Sec’y. 2; National Thespians 3.4; Spotlighters 1.2.3,4, Secy. 3; Fall Play 3.4. Crew 3; Spring Play 3; Redskins Revue 3.4, Crew 3; Arts Club 2; G.A.A. 1; Personal Service Monitor 4; French Club 1,2,3; Science Fair 2. ALAN SKEPNER Beginner Band 1; Intermediate Band 1,2; Concert Band 3; Marching Band 3; AVA 1,2,3; Radio Club 1,2; Industrial Arts Club 2,3,4. FRANK R. SKUTTA Industrial Arts Club 1; Radio Club 4. CAROL SUSAN SLOTNICK Transferred from Mather H.S., Chicago. 4. RONALD SLUTSKY H.R. Treas. 2; Bovs’ Glee 1.2; Choir 3; Spring Musical 1.2.3; Spotlighters 2: Track 2; Tennis 1; French Club 3: SSM 4. KENNETH SMENTEK Football 2; SSM 3; SSSH Sup. 4. BARBARA SMITH Transferred from Mallinckrodt H.S.. Wilmette. 3. MICHAEL SMITH Oratorical Contest 3; National Thespians 3.4; Fall Plav Crew 2,3,4; Spring Play Crew 2.3,4; SSM 4; Radio Club 3. JAMES SNOWER Hi-Y 1; Spanish Club 2,3; Biology Club 3; Camera Club 4; Chess Club 2; Intramurals 4. SHERRY LYNN SOSTRIN Spotlighters 2; Spring Play Crew 2; G.A.A. 1.2.4; Personal Ser¬ vice Monitor 1.2.3; Spanish Club 1,2,3. MARY ANN SPRYZAK Arts Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2, Pin 1, Minor Letter 2; Pep Club I: lYi-Hi-Y 2; Personal Service Monitor 2; Pins Pans 2. IRVING MICHAEL STARKEY Football 1,2,4, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 4 Track 1.2.4. Minor “N” 2; “N” Club 4; SSSH Chr. 4. JOSEPH STARKEY Cabinet Alt. 2; Football 1.2; Baseball 1.2: Hi-Y 2; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 3, Chr. 4. BARBARA STARKMAN National Honor Society 4; Student Council 2; Cabinet I; Spot¬ lighters 1,2: Redskins’ Revue 4; Arts Club 1.2: G.A.A. Cheerleader 4: SSM 3.4; French Club 1.2 Ushers Club 3: Ski Club 1,2. SUE STAUBER National Honoi Society 3,4: Bronze Key 3; Cabinet 4; Arts Club 4; Spectrum, Index Co-Editor 4: G.A.A.; Spanish Club 1,2,3.4; SSM 2: Science Fair 1. MICHAEL STAVY Cabinet 1,2, Parliamentarian 2; Basketball 1.2.3, Minor “N " 2; Cross Country 1; Russian Club 2.3: Student Union Board 4. NANCY STEINSEIFER Girls’ Glee 1,2,3; Choir 4; G.A.A. 1,2, Pin I: Ushers Club 4. GERALDINE STOCKER Transferred from Scnn H.S., Chicago, 2; Student Council Alt. 3; Homecoming Crew 4; Spring Play Crew 2; HVsJ Word 4: Spectrum 4; SSSH Sec’y. 3,4; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Spanish Club 2; District Science Fair 2. 139 f, y. £ fa f f 1 I A 1 KATHLEENSTOCKMAR Silver Pin 2: Student Council 1.2, Alt. 1; Vivace 3; Girls’ Glee 2: Choir 3.1: l.orelcis 2: Redskins’ Revue 2,3,4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader I 2.3: Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 2: French Club !.3: Student Cnion Board 4. STEPHENSTONE SSM 3.4: Science Fair 2. SALI.Y ELIZABETH S I R H VN Transferred from Saint Bernard’s H.S., Calif. 3: Student Coun¬ cil 4; H R. Secy. 4: G.A.A. 3.4; Personal Service Monitor 3; SSH 4: SSM 3.4: Student Cnion Board Monitor 4; Ushers Club 4. JANICE STRF.l G.A.A. 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2: SSO 4: Personal Service Monitor 3; Pins and Pans 3. ROGER STRIMPFL H R. Vice Pres. 1; Football 1.2.4, Major “N” Club 4; Hi-Y 4: SSSH Ass’t. 1: Personal Service Monitor 2. SH ARON SW AN BERG Student Council 1: Homecoming Crew 4: Court 3; Cabinet 3.4: Spectrum 4; G.A.A. 2: Pep Club 2,3: Tri-Hi-Y 2: SSSH Sec’v. 3.4: Personal Service Monitor 2: Student Union Monitor 4. JAMES SWINGER National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Key 3; Silver Pin 2; Stud¬ ent Council 2; American Ideas Seminar 3; Intermediate Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 4; Marching Band 2.3.4; Drum Major 4; Redskins’ Revue 3; Spring Musical 4; Arts Club 12 34, Board 1,2. Trcas. 3,4; Russian Club 2; Student Union Monitor 4; Science Seminar 2,3,4; Math Club 4; Honor Board 3. GARY TEN NISON Student Council Alt. 3; H.R. Sec’y.-Trcas. 1,2; Gymnastics 1,2, 3.4. Minor N” 1. Major “N” 3; Cross Country 1.2; Track 1,2; •N” Club 1,2; SSSH Ass’t. Sup. 3. Chr. 4; Latin Club 2,3; Science Fair 1.2; Biology Club 2. ERNEST THERY PAUL THIELMAN Boys’ Glee 1.2: Choir 3.4; Silver Choral Pin 3; Spring Musical 1; Basketball 4; Cross Country 2.3.4, Minor “N” 3, Major “N” 4; “N” Club 4; Hi-Y 2.3,4. Pres. 4: SSM 4: German Club 2; Student Union Monitor 4. MICHAEL THIRY Football 1.4, Major “N " 4; Baseball 1.2.4: Hi-Y 4; SSM Sup. 4; Student Union Monitor 4. CHERYL THOMAS G.A.A. 1.2; Personal Service Monitor 1,2.4; Latin Club 2; Future Nurses 1.2,3.4. Scc’v. 2, Vice Pres. 3. SHARON TOBF.Y Transferred from Cardinal Snitch H.S., Chicago, 2; Girls’ Glee 2: Personal Service Monitor 2.4: German Club 4; Ushers Club 4. TOM TOWNSEND Transferred from Munich American H.S., Munich, West Gei- manv 3; National Thespians 3; Spotlighters 3; Fall Play 3,4; Spring Play 3.1; Redskins’ Revue 3.4. JUDY TRANTER Personal Sen ice Monitor 1. ROBERT TUCHOW GERALD TERRY Transferred from Roosevelt H.S., Chicago. 1; Redskins’ Revue 4; Football 2; Basketball 1; Baseball 1. Minor “N” 2; Hi-Y 1,2, Chr. 2: SSO 3.4; Personal Service Monitor 4; German Club 1,2; Student Union Monitor 4. JUSTINE VARNEY National Honor Society 3.4; Bronze Kcv 3; Spotlighters 3; Arts Club 1.4: Art Council 2: G.A.A. 1.3,4; Spanish Club 4; Biology Club 3. ERWIN VIECK National Thespians 3,4; Fall Play Crew 2,3,4 ; Spring Play Crew 2,3,4; Redskins’ Revue Crew 2,3,4; Student Union Moni¬ tor 4; Radio Club 4; Industrial Arts Club, Vice Pres. 3. KAREN WAHLSTROM G.A.A. 1; Personal Service Monitor 4; Future Nurses 1,2. ROBERT WALLACE EDWARD WALSKI HOWARD WANDELL Redskins’ Revue 4; SSM 2, SSSH Chr. 3; SSSH Sup. 4; Spanish Club 1; Biology Club 3; AVA 1,2,3,4. FRED WEIHS Illini Boys’ State 3; Football 1,2; Baseball Mgr. 1. CAROL WEKONV Intermediate Band 1,2; G.A.A. 4. NANCY WENDT Student Council 1,2,3; Cabinet 4; Twirlcrs 2; Spotlighters 1; Redskins’ Revue 2; Arts Club 1; Art Council 3; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 2; Latin Club 2,3; Student Union Board 4; District Science Fair 1; Ushers Club 3. RICHARD WAYNE WESTLAND H.R. Pres. 1; H.R. Vice Pres. 2; Football 1,2; Track 1; SSM 3. MICHAEL WEXLER Cabinet 4; Arts Club 1,2; West Word 2; Swimming 1; German Club 1,2,3; Biology Club 2. GAYLE WIEGMAN Blue Honor Certificate 2; Illini Girls ' State 3; Spotlighters 1; Redskins’ Revue 3; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4. KAREN WILLIAMS Twirlers 1; G.A.A. 1; Future Nurses 1. CHERYL WILSON Transferred from Amundsen H.S., Chicago. 1; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 4; Spanish Club 3; Ushers Club 4. ROBIN WISE Fall Play Crew 3; Gymnastics 1. RONALD WOODS Boys’ Glee 1; Football 1,2; Track 1; Gymnastics 2; SSM 4; SSSH 4. JOANNE WORTHINGTON Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Spring Musical 4; Redskins’ Revue 2,3,4; Art Council 2. MARILYN WYKOWSKI National Honor Society 4; Bronze Key 3; Cabinet Alt. 2; Cadet Band 1; Marching Band 2,3; Brass Ensemble 2; Concert Band 2,3,4, Letter 2, Silver Pin 3, Pres. 4; Dance Band 4, Pres. Orchestra 3,4; G.A.A. 1,3; Pep Club 1,2; French Club 1,2; Red¬ skins’ Revue 4. PATRICIA WYZGALA American Ideas Seminar 3; Spotlighters 1; Arts Club 1,2.3,4, Treas. 3; G.A.A. 4; Latin Club 2; Pins Pans 1. 141 MERLE YABLIN Student Council 1,2, Alt. 2; Homecoming Committee 4; H.R. Sec’y. 1; Arts Club 2; West Word 2; G.A.A. 1; SSO Recpt. 4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers 2. SUSAN YARDLEY Redskins’ Revue 4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; SSM 4; Personal Service Moni tor 1; Latin Club 2. BARRY YAVITZ Swimming 1; SSSH 2,4; State Science Fair 1,2. GARY YELLEN SSM 4; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 4. BARBARA YOUNG Homecoming Committee 4; H.R. Pres. 1,2; Vivace 1,2,3,4; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Silver Choral Pin 3; Gold Choral Pin 4; Redskins’ Revue 2; Spring Musical 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; SSM 3; Personal Service Monitor 2; French Club 3; District Science Fair 2; Ushers Club 3,4; Pins 8c Pans 1. WILLIAM YOUNG Biology Club 2; Chess Club 1,2; Ski Club 1. SHARON YOUNGRRANTZ Transferred from La Mirada H.S., La Mirada, Calif., 3; Girls’ Glee 3; Spring Musical 3; G.A.A. 4; Ushers Club 4. JUDI ZAIDLER Student Council Alt. 3; Homecoming Crew 4; Spotlighters 1,2; Fall Play Crew 2; Arts Club 1,2,3; West Word 1,2; Spectrum 4; Pep Club SSM 3; SSSH Sec’y 4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2, Service Award 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. MARIANNE ZALUD Transferred from Regina Dominican H.S., Wilmette, 2; Cabinet Alt. 2; G.A.A. 4; SSM 2; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; French Club 2; Future Nurses 3,4, Pres. 4. MARTHA ZARI Homecoming Crew 4; Arts Club 1.2,4; West Word 4; Art Council 2,3,4, Sec’y. 4; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4. RANDY ZEMEL SSO 4; Science Club 3; Math Club 1. TINA ZENNER National Honor Society 4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Student Council 4, Alt. 1; Homecoming Crew 3,4; Spring Play Crew 2; Fall Play Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; SSM 2; SSSH Sec’y 3; French Club 1,2,3,4; Student Union Board 4. JEROLD ZIMBEROFF Student Council 1,2, Pres. 2; Football 1,2,3,4, Minor “N” 2, Major “N” 3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3, Minor “N” 1, Major " N” 2,3; “N” Club 4; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 4. CARL ZOLOKOWSKI SSO 2,4. CHARLES ZUCKER Transferred from Hirsch H.S., Chicago, 1; Art Council 3, Scholastic Art Award 2; SSSH 2,4. DONALD 7AVIGOFF Transferred from Mather H-S., Chicago, 3; Cabinet 4; H.R. Treas. 3; SSSH Ass’t. Chr. 4. 142 First Row: Dorothy Matter, Ronald Stryker (Treas.) , Sharon Larson (Vice Pres.) . Elynne Chaplik (Pres.), Janet Carlson (Sec’y.), Carol Fink. Second Row: Stella Mantelos, Gail Schneider, Rachael Amado, Charlotte Tinker, Bonnie Cooper, Jane McMurray, Charlene Mueller, Jean Moss. Third Row: Nina Kryski, Kay Patterson, Robin Wagner, Sue Vraney, Claire Tabel, Marx Aggen, Roberta Benson. Fourth Row: Mr. William Robinson (Sponsor), Rosanne Trilling, Michael Doniger, Robert Silverstein, Jerold Klein, Joseph Kennedy. Juniors This year’s Junior Class at Niles West no longer holds the subordinate position to the Senior Class, as was experienced during the two-year split-school system. At last the Junior and Senior Classes are working together as leaders of the student body.. Proof of their fine co-operation can be seen in the effi¬ cient establishment and operation of the Student Supervised Study Hall System. In appreciation of the co-operation and di¬ rection given them by the Seniors, the Juniors present the Jun¬ ior Prom as the climax to a fine school year. Juniors MR. ANDERSON Fourth Row: Wayne Ruderman, Allan Kitchen, Terry Schultz. Ken Potrue, Michael Delott, Kenny Hopps, Gerry Levin. Third Row: Stuart Cowin. Janice Pietrazak, Gayle Levin, Bruce Per¬ rin, Niel Phillips, Gary Lewis, Judy Stevens, Warren French. Second Row: Karen Cohen, Gail Klapman, Bob Grossman. Ron Hoffman, Phyllis Johnson, David Gorenstein, Susie Freeman. First Row: Karen Hettema, Barbara Kontelas, Sandy Sonne, Linda Masters, Barbara Cywinski. MISS BALZER Fourth Row: Lynne Johnson, Ethan Braunstein, Arnold Glassberg, Jay Forman, Bob Anderson, Bill Zager, Merrily Hermann. Third Row: Sue Bcrgsman, Jack Puccinelli, Gary Seiden, Jim Perlow, John Meyer. Second Row: Donna Dom- bek, Maureen Pozncr, Diane Anton, Janet Carl¬ son, Lee Weinstein, Joyce Afaston. First Row: Pam Pliskin, Lynne Leopold, Doreen Stocker. Betty Sielski. Lynn Multan. MRS. BARNES Fourth Row: Ron Derbes, Les Rimmler, Ed Gold, Dave Sandstedt, Mickey Berger, Ed Zast- row, Jim Allen. Third Row: Ron Tash, Larry Miller, A1 Krause, Jeff Hartenfeld. Ken Peter¬ son, Earl Hoffenberg. Second Row: Flo Dover, Joy Frodin, Susan Cooper, Dorothy Matter, Lynn Stellar. Judi Rosengard, Susan Karsten. First Row: Arleen Mayer. Judy Erickson, Robin Wine, Marty Sherman, Carol Fink. 145 Juniors MRS. BEIL Fourth Row: Gale Carlson, Dennis Johnson, Harvey Muslin, Charles Goldberg, Walt Zavilla, Martin Roach, Bill Oliver. Third Row: Edwin Hagen, Jim Tovell, Bruce Humphrey, Ken Alt¬ shuler, Bruce Porter, Terry Ann Torosic. Sec¬ ond Row: Joan Mann, Lea Beaubien, David Lichtenstein, James Lichtenstein, Yolanda Szwaj- ger, Carol Becker, Pam Duke. First Row: Nili Olive, Grace Kramer, Barbara Ederer, Judee Fine, Holly Lassen, Sheri Schulman. f 1 K j 1 MR. CECH Fourth Row: Dan Smith, Dave Nelson, Dave Mc¬ Carty, Joe Perlstein, Mike Olenick, Bob Dehnert, Steve Lazar. Third Row: Charlene Mueller, Di¬ anne Taylor, Jim Sitman, Bob Schmidt, Linda Young, Elizabeth Fagerstrom. Second Row: Ei¬ leen Novitt, Gail Schneider, Dianne Pahnke, Mardell McMahon, Fred Rosen. First Row: Mary Aggen, Cheryl Lanoff, Leslie Jaeger, Joan Wells, Cheryl Dahl. MISS DURKIN Fourth Row: Jeffrey Tieger, Robert Ruyle, Jerry Kutza, Bill Gutschick, Charles Giovanelli, Stephen Horwitz, Phil DeGrazia. Third Row: Meryl Harris, Kathy Busch, Mark Epstein, Charles Young, Richard Stein, Jerry Kamensky, Janet Dahlin, Sue Adelman. Second Row: ReneeMaston, Ed Sotello, Debbie Beil, Donna Kaufman, Leann Jordani, Karen Kluegel, Char¬ lotte Tinker. Second Row: Roseann Schmidt, Donna Turner, Kathy Cashatt, Dora Heine, Sue Fesselmeyer. Pat Marling. MRS. HOBBS Fourth Row: Louise Larson, Rosemary Patek, Harold Weibel, Allen Elenewski, William Tim- mer, Jeff Shanin, Robert Widerquist. Third Row: Jean Karlesky, Jean Moss, Elliot Silber, Roberta Bensen, Sandra Gillily, Jay Berke. Sec¬ ond Row: Francine Uditsky, Judy Blumenthal, Karen Nord, Sheila Kazmierczak, Diane Klein. First Row: Donna Harrison, Jackie Moravcik, Starr Vavrinek, Linda Schmid, Alexis Magged. Juniors MISS HAERR Fourth Row: John Schulz, Bob Vollerman, Bob Fields, Gerry Berman, Barry Kerman, Bob Pas- torelli. Third Row: Gary Graff, Marshall Fields, Martin Bramson, Tom Adams, Dick Roth. Sec¬ ond Row: Joyce Starr. Alice Griffin, Paul Deutsch, Sherman Weinberg, Laura Sheppard, Marsha Heilman. First Row: Phvllis Laskov, Judy Johnson, Linda Glantz, Hollv Brown, Heidi Herr. MISS KLINGER Third Row: Barry Ashkinaz, Richard Buelow, Margaret Schulte, Steve Brown, Roser Patek, John Ferguson, John Brunderman. Second Row: Carol Sullivan, Sue Ritchey, Susan Furster, Jane Allen, Laura Cech, Nina Kryski, Claudia No¬ votny. Juniors MR. KNAAK Fourth Row: Barbara Belgrade, Ruth Oslund, Gerald Juarsky, Dennis Herkert, John Reese, Steve Sears. Third Row: Ken Krone. Rick Martinez, Steve Potkin, Ed Forkos, Howard Bolnick. Second Row: Alyse Plotnick, Dorene Sohr. Ken Klein, Mike Cosgrove, Ray Host, Con¬ nie Phelan. First Row: Juanita Boyk, Marilyn Green, Elynne Chaplik, Susan Lapin, Idalee Frankenstein. MRS. LAMB Fourth Row: Gary Swanciger, Ron Stryker, Philip Pflieger, Leon Filas, Bob Epstein, John Wosakowski, Bruce Zocott. Third Row: Ruth Loeding, Toni Anderson, Pete Zaphirio, Glenn Larson, Tony Muskat, Howie Clyman. Second Row: Pamela Walsh, Gail Benzel, Diana Boni- fert, Jeff Lowy, Joel Blitstein, Barbara Biga. First Row: Mary Ann Dilg, Barbara Boysen, Cheryl Clauson, Maureen Peskid, Monica Lauer. MRS. LEVINE Fourth Row: Jerry Kahn, Jack Burr. Don Haas. Rich Felsenthal, Joanne Wheeler, Eliot Davidow. Third Row: Diane Alder, Karen Reinhard, Lewis Davidson, Evelyn Zukerman, Sheila Gold. Second Row: Kathie Ellis, Nancy Tucker, Larry Katsoulis, Jane McMurray. First Row: Jennifer Underwood, Sue Gallowich, Robin Wagner, Laurie Taylor, Jill Markin. 148 Juniors MR. LYERLA Third Row: Joe Maro, Gil Samson, Bob Silver- stein, Joe Kennedy, George Scott, Larry Olson, Stephen Lee Turnpack. Second Row: Susie Dol- nick. Jay Davidow, Michael Wortman, Phil Sosnowski, Marc Lane, Diane Seligman. First Row: Marlene Stein, Susan Trowbridge, Joyce Ernt, Jackie Lantz, Diane Guttler. MR. McMAHON Fourth Row: Craig Wagner, Richard Smevold, Tom Wilson, Robert Sorokin, Eddie Chait, Tom Yactor. Third Row: Claire Tabel, Penelope Varney, Gil Unatia, Walter Kay, Mike Mac- Callum, Barbara Graczyk, Kathleen Haller. Sec¬ ond Row: Diane Wasserman, Roy Carlson, Don Raab, Bill Faehse, Helen Payne, Lorraine Yeend. First Row: Kay Patterson, Terry Zimka, Chris¬ tine Haffner, Jane Wells. Bobbie Grossman. MRS. PANOS Fourth Row: Harold Schlichting, Dwight Yo- shioka, Jim Allison, Jerry Weihs, Alan Scheufler, Steve Vrablik. Third Row: Bill Wagner, Jim Wicker, Don Deck, Rich Orloff, Jerry Klein, Richard Tokeshi, Iris Wickstrom. Second Row: Barbara Vincent, Pamela White, Betty Levine, Sharron Epstein, Alana Penner, Susan Nixon. First Row: Sharon Larson, Roberta Seidman, Jill Gershun, Judy Landaiier, Marilvn Schneider. 149 Juniors MR. PAULSEN Fourth Row: James Murphy, Ralph Piwko, Dale Rust, Glenn Sulser, Stuart Epstein, Steve Colton. Third Row: Richard Heilman, Lynda Payne, Bill Hork, Jerry Cohen, Joe Weisbroot, Marie Beth Bedoe, Ray Henriksen. Second Row: Doro¬ thy Field, Arlene Orlove, Rachel Amado, Aud¬ rey Levin, Marilyn Perlove, Margaret Goldem bogen. First Row: Jane Dilg, Ginny Butzow, Nancy Silzer, Elayne Halpern, Karen Christen¬ sen, Jan Roman. MR. ROBINSON Fourth Row: Greg Zeimianin. Jack Jobst, David Senn, Phil Moss, Rob Heffron, Mort Blatt. Third Row: Larry Ross, Bill Seibel, Gary Lor¬ enz, Janet Terp, Rosanne Trilling. Second Row: Sally Hoover, Dee Dervishian. Ron Epstein, Roberta Bolon, Karen Bonesz. First Row: Clar¬ ice Zapas, Sue Vranev, Barbara Chez. Sue Clay- man, Carol Fixil. MRS. SACHER Fourth Row: Lyle Archer, Dennis Fornoff, Dick Formeister, Steven Spilberg, Frank Duda, Bob Hoffman. Third Row: Sherle Morgan, Michael Nudelman, Paul Orser, John Walter, Harry Hochfelder, Steve Friedman, Judy Levatino. Sec¬ ond Row: Bob Anderson, Bonnie Cooper, CaroJ Friedman, Stella Mantalos, Carol Gutbrod, Jack Berger. First Row: Maureen Wolf, Rosemary Kohler, Marsha Johnson, Karen Andrews, Mar¬ ilyn Johnson. 150 First Row: Sidney Grandman, Andrea Freed (Treas.), Jacqueline Brandt (Vice Pres.), Steven Lee (Pres.), Constance Lowe (Sec’y.). Second Row: Jeffrey, Neumarke, April Mau, Carol Kretschmar, Jerold Pisano, Lois Ditkowsky, Leslie Fujiyu, Sherrie Enenstein. Third Row: John Peters, Richard Daiberl, Marsha Sass, David Hill, Donna Zenner, Alan Karlin. Sophomores Dissection in biology, bisection in geometry, and literary interpretation in English are all part of learning for the aver¬ age Sophomore at Niles West. Though he is no longer referred to as the “Senior at West,” he still plays an important part in school life. Engaging in such activities as the selling of school book-covers and folders, being monitors and study hall chair¬ men, the Sophomore Class has clearly demonstrated their ac¬ ceptance of responsibility. Sophomores MR. ANDERSON Fifth Row: Gary Laff, Steve McConaughy, Bon¬ nie Batschauer, Bill Hohs, Fran Root, Wayne Wisniewski, Glenn Parker. Fourth Row: Nancy Novak, James Futransky, Bill Berg, Fred Hilde¬ brand, Steve Rubin, Abraham Lev. Third Row: Marlene Parker, Lynne Freed berg, Bruce Worth, Steve Kuklin, Patrick Chrisos, Joe Struck, Scott Thornton. Second Row: Rose Breekha, Maureen Karlin, Jeff Lerner, Lynn Denlcy, Judy Ford, Lorelei Neubarth. First Row: Rochelle Hirsh, Marianna Westphal, Jackie Brandt. Virginia Nel¬ son, Donna Corn, Darlene Dell. MR. BOFVFRS Fourth Row: John Klemmer, Jim Haroldson, Glenn Masten, Stan Levin, Scott Mermel, l oin Hanlon, Jerry Matayka, John Kmety. Third Row: Matthew Dewar, Gary Rebbe, Bill John¬ son, Randy Henning, Keith Wiig, Maurice Mazz, Dennis LeFeune. Second Row: Sheryl Kreiter, JoAnn Koznarski, Marcey Siegel, Don Weil, Cathy Hagele, Judi LeLaurneau, Larry Metnick, Rosalyn Berkover. First Row: Kathy Grey, Mar¬ cia Sass, Margo Berndt, Mary Reading. Carol Norman, Kathy Hanson. MISS Bl L I Fourth Row: Karen Quinn, Kathv Wallies. Chcrri Chcpulis, Steve Hirschtick. Jim Lappa, Fd B ruksch, Ray Steitz. Third Row: Jim Cierny. Linda Guinand, Andrea Freed, Janet Duren, Paulette Cinman, Garv Krispin, David Alex. Steve Allaun. Second Row: Susan Grigg, Lor¬ raine Ricci, Elaine Sklar. George Waddell. Nancy Griffiths, Linda Akerlv, Allan Silverstein. First Row: Roz Pepper, Bunny, Gulberg. Judy Delove. Donna Goldstein. Sheirvlee Wright. 1W Sophomores MRS. DOVRE Fourth Row: Tom Soquet, Warren North, Del Carlson, Noel Schiff, Fred Kuechenmeister, Stu Hertzberg, Dick Deaiberl, Dean Katz. 1 hird Row: Ron Zager, Bob Rivenburgh. George Gold- berg, John Stresser. Sam Burns. Steve Herzog. Steward Levy, Judy Smith. Second Row: Bob Gould, Robin Rand. Judi Kerstetter. Sarita Shapira, Bonnie Smith, Linda Radicek. Joel Del- man. Jim Yardly. First Row: Kit Spikings, Sandy Reynolds. Sharon Childs. Bonnie Schulhoff, Bonnie Glass Danka Dragovich. MR. FABR1 Fourth Row: Howard Shapiro, Harvey Beck, Sheldon Elias, Roger Heun, Michael Hanson, Wayne Wolnik, Barb Kramarczyk, Bob Vollmer. Third Row: Robey Swartz, Mary Jane Kriete, Steve Masell, John Miguel, Arlene Feldman, Rus¬ sell Lain, Jim Weinhart. Second Row: Carol Long, Nancy Levitt, Russell Nelson, Flo Beletz, Allan Schwartz. Joseph Kwasniak, Cary Berko- witz, Linda Layne. First Row: Maureen Zemel, Marcia Berk, Janet Stone, Barbara Strickett, Karen Shellist, Donna Paul. MRS. FINTER Fifth Row: Ron Landes, Don Schwartz, Steven Colbert, Jon Chvalousky, Jim Parry, Gary Fried¬ man, Robert BulsXer. Fourth Row: Jeff War¬ ren, Ray Silvertrust, Jerry Jaeger, Paul Alonas, Dan Weaver, Robert Kaplan. Third Row: Pat Eulberg, Diane Davis. Barbara Mueller. Scott Halpert, Renate Decker, Judy Kriz, Davida Weinberg. Second Row: Kathleen Drew, Sandi Davidove, Terry Bryant, Jerry Stern. Bill Kane, Annette Iverson. First Row: Elizabeth Stengl, Barbara Ahrens, Gail Gordon, Barbara A. Ab¬ bott, Carol Kretschmar, Donna llleck. 154 Sophomores MR. FOX Fourth Row: Michael Panchesin, Glenn C.arniol, Jerry Gorsky, Chris Marks, Ken Maul, Kerry Kenney, Bob Yamaguchi. Second Row: Candy Demeduc, Amy Heppner, Art Sulser, Jo Ann Noto, Marc Muscat. Kathv Moves. Jean Marie Kierstein Stewart Mvrent. Second Row: Todd Gracen, Janice Liebling. Don Wagner. Chuck Brill, Lester Keller. Sherry F.nenstein, Ellen Silberman. First Row: Suzan Karoff. Carol Tincher, Virginia Hawkins. Lvnn Henricks. Gail Freedman. MR. GEMENY Fifth Row: John Peters, Bob Nadlcr. Terry Piell, Craig Woods, Bob Schreiber, jack Bates. Mike Wynn. Fourth Row: Dave Bantz. Judy Tunkl, Jim Johnson, June Clark, Roger Wil¬ liams, Bob Duckane. Third Row: Scott Palast. Kathy Wilke, Terry Stein, Pamela Powell. Mike Fabrie, John Baruck, Diane Williams. Second Row: Joyce Barron Sharon Jacobs, Lynne Mas- over, Dale Doniger, Karen Larson. Jerrv Kalli- son. First Row: Lynn Johnson, Renee Fein, Bonnie Bannister, Jeanne Timmigs. Lisa Lubin. Judy Ditkowsky. MISS HATSCHER Fourth Row: William Peterson. Mitch Bers, Robert Kaplin, Bill Burnstein, Rick Schafer, Larry Nelson, Jim Schlitter. Third Row: Sandra Baumann, Rosann Costantino, Gil Ross, Dave Steinberg, Bill Novotny, John Bell, Ellen Hoff¬ man, Charlene Linick. Second Row: Leslie Fujiye, Joel Faerstein. Carole " Webster. Bonnie Feingold, Marilyn Spiegel, Jon Nathan, Mary- Ellen Oehler. First Row: Cheryl Henningsen, Diane Majestic, Karen Skidmore. Ellen Falkoff. Janet Myles. 155 Sophomores MRS. JACKSON Fifth Row: Mike Salerno, Bill Cornelius, John Arpan, Don Johnson, Bill Gilbert, Wally Janus, Dan Wimmer. Fourth Row: Bill Murphy, Steve Spitz, Sandy Alper. Paul VanEikercn, Walter Kummerow, A1 Tubekis. Third Row: Carol Werner, Bruce Hoag, Madelon Kahn, Boh Sch¬ warz, Donna Zeitlin, Linda Laughlin, Rosemary Calucci. Second Row: Phyllis Carozza, Karen Wazberg, Sharon Williamson, Stuart Levin, Nor¬ ma Gottschalk, Marcia Mink. First Row: Shirley Cheetham. Susan Andrews, Joanne Rust, Eileen Priuratsky, Chris Flowers. MR. KIELWASSER Fourth Row: Jack Wu, George Caracciolo, Jim Schnidt, Kim Herbon, George Jackson. Third Row: Betty Ann Koch, Tom Pfaff. Bob Lotz, Scott Levenfeld, Larry Burkhardt, Douglas Lip- man, Barb Berger. Second Row: Dave DeVoge- lear, Dottie Gallen, Lanny Moldofski, Larry Goldenberg, Barbara Fimoff, Rita Stutland. First Row: Donna Rugendorf Barb Bloom. Margaret Kinowski. Barb Ingram. Janis Prim. Sue Frank¬ lin. MR. KISSACK Fourth Row: Amy Levine, Barb Petrokus, Fred Votzmeyer, Russ Sabac, Tony Doherty, Alan Cuba, Bud Burns. Third Row: Mike Share. Barb Fleishman, Dennis Moore, Roger Ander¬ son, Tony Lewis, Bonna Martin, Jerry Pisan. Pat Bateman. Second Row: Karen Rolak. Louise Birndorf, Iri Sherman, Walter Iverson, Bob Penelle, Linda Melamed. Marla Levine. First Row: Carol Work. Sue Pohorack, Holly Scmi- loff. Laura Schamber, Ingrid Landbcrg. 156 Sophomores MISS KU JALA Fourth Row: Bryan Anderson, Vic Stroet zel, Bill Meisner, Mike Head, Jack Bookwalter, Gary Goldman, Terry McComb, Ted Forsberg. Third Row: Pamela Prange, Paul Hain, Julie Schul- man, Sherwin Levin, Janet Kuffer, Cary Gaan, I erry Bramwell. Linda Swanson. Second Row: Marilyn Glenn. Carole Manna. Toni Mattingly, Leslee Berkson, Barbara Berlin, Diane Kopp man, Rita Stupp. First Row: Amy Gabriel. Christine Oscarson, Linda Norling, Bonnie Greg- cnson, Phyllis Wimmer. MRS. METZ Fourth Row: John Ritter, Bob Olson, Dick Zaitlen, Jim Ditkowski, Jim Johnson. Bob Muel¬ ler, Mike Sidel. Third Row: Margaret Betts. Bill Wood, Mark Gragman, Ralph Overbeck, Bob Weinberg. Sheldon Goldner. Second Row: Rita Lisser, Karen Engdahl. Jeff Newmark, Phyllis Miller. Linda Landerholm. Evelyn Broc- colinno. First Row: Penny Marks, Bev Arpan. Marilyn Blank, Laura Zaidlcr. Lvnn Duda. MRS. MORRISON Fourth Row: Dennis Baumhardt. Donn-Allan Pearlman, Elmer Halmann, Bob Wooly, Fred Geist, Fred Anapol, Bob Bader. Third Row: Toni Allison, Cynthia Cockrell. Roy LaRoussa, Marlene Kaluzna, Janis Kliphardt, Barb Skara, Peter Yorsatz. Second Row: Ellen Guenther, Lois Ditkowskv, Caren Mich, Lee Weiss. Larry Pogofsky. Loren Losher, Linda Anderson. Ruth- ann Kalish. First Row: Linda Goebelt. Karen Fuka. Lois Peterson. Gail Hagen. Dona Chi- karaishi. 157 Sophomores MISS RYLANCE Fourth Row: Jim Eichhorn, Raymond Burke, Edwin Cline, Ron Mirshak, Jim Archer, War¬ ren Evensen, Boh Thomas. Third Row: Julie Janse, Nancy Doyle, David Merrill, Allan Kar¬ lin, Laura Eagan, Judi Rosecrans. Second Row: Ron Schiller. Holly Thompson, Alvin Borack, Dave Danzinger. Paschal Esposito, S tephen Roth- blatt. David Goldberg. First Row: Diane Nat- kin. Etta Schreiber, Barb Tohnson. Marv Mea¬ dows. Liz Honnet. Merle Hilftnan. MR. SALNERS Fourth Row: Marv Blustein, Irv Kravitz, Tom Hansen, Bill Hunter, Len Bennett. Jack Daw¬ son, Joe Urbanus. Third Row: Tula Thimios, Denise Greenberg, Kathy Mitz. Brian Cohen, Jeri Packer, Bonnie Binkoff. Jim Noreen, Leslie Sandler. Second Row: Bob Kitsos, Kathy Lach. Merilyn Cole, Marcia Keno, Carole Kirk, Joe Goldenberg, Beverly Cowan. First Row: Dianne Gorski. Patt Malone. Gordon Urelius. Scott Saranccki. Marilvn Davidson, Pan Forgcn. Fifth Row: Grag StrobL Barry Davis, Mark Sorokin, A1 Guba, Howie Clark, Mike Owens, Chris Redinger. Fourth Row: Jerry Goodman, Dennis Risman, Percy Goldberg, Bill Rosen- quist, Ken Cieszykowski. Scott Evans. Third Row: Diane Goch. Vance Shaf. Susan Pifke, Doris Lange, Sue Sommers, Steve Lee, Marcia Pinkwater. Second Row: Arlene Novick, Dcbrft Rosenberg, Nancy Burkhardt, Diane Brendel, Howard Plenn, Pat Collins. First Row: Char- maine Klein, Lynne Schmitz, Judith Stocker. Linda Zimmerman, Jane Goldfeder. MISS SEKUNOW Sophomores MR. SNYDER Fourth Row: Keith Schrocder, Bill Christinsen, Gary Meszaros, Roger Basrak, Bob Florczak, Vladimir Sokolov, Alan Alop, Bob Pines. Third Row: Greg Thoma, Judy Dorfman, Roseanne Heinz, Richard Herman, Arthur Wulf, Jim Kohl, Steve Marino. Second Row: Linda Shapiro, Fran Tucker, Judy Glicm. David Hill. Bob Ve- len, Bill Henricks, Trudi Davis, Barbara Lee. First Row: Carolyn Alport. Linda Kesscl, Jeanne Saflarski. Lore Hoepcr. Bonnie Ann Krooth. Harriet Goss. MR. WHITLATCH Fifth Row: Milt Wikell, Dick Bolgioni, Pete Kirchens, Jim Janek, Rick Spencer, Jim Voigt, Roger Barrick. Fourth Row: Judy Lear, Jim Jobst, Barbara Heyer, Clara Szabady, Mike Gar- lich, Alan Lovering. Third Row: Bonnie Schiff- man, Linda Klyman, Charles Bass, Don Klipo- wicz, Fred Milwer, Nancy Carlson. Second Row: Gordon Peterson, Linda Lichtenstein,, Rosemary Rogan, April Mau, Sue Bernstein, Elaine Neu- bauer. First Row: Sue Mann, Rosalie Sterner, Georgine Torerella, Maureen Maher. Janis Lowy. MR. WINKLEMAN Fifth Row: Michael Conti. Dave Rose, Jack Kristof, Ron Thigpen, Dennis Walter, Jim Sem¬ ple. Fourth Row: Glen Zimmerman. Barry Der- man, Barbara Sinkule, Lin Fredrickson. Alan Rosen, James Anderson, Barbara Freeman. Third Row-: Bob Lamberty, Don Keumn, Chuck Aull, Joel. Friedman, Ron Bongiaan. Maureen Anger. Second Row: Tom Haller. Joe Amari. Fran Heller, Judy Mizock, Barbara Abbott. First Row: Judith Anderson, Tomilyn Aiello. Joan Nakayama. Donna Zenner. Trudv Karp. Cara Aron. 159 Sophomores MR. WINTERHALTER Fourth Row: Dave Katz. Jim Cutrone, George Azelickis, Gary Kiszely, Jim Torenko, Charles Hook, Bruce Grossman. Third Row: Stanton Schweinsberg, Fran Garfield. Chris Murlas. Bill Dressel, Linda Christ. Sid Gradman. Robert Kleinzweig. Barry Eldcn. Second Row: Joyce Hlady, Sandra I c Wiese. Roselv Applebaum. Linda Endicott. Margaret Anderson. Snookie Perri, Sharon Rodnick. First Row: Kim Hobbs. Grctchen Shivley, Sue Kaplan. Jan Brin. Joan Hcrbst. Marilyn Hammond. 160 161 Fourth Row: Corinne Sweeny, Jo Ann Foster, Linda Anderson, Pat Con . Judy Kliphardt, June Lantz, Joyce Eilers. Third Row: Sally Rask. Penny Lambert, Eileen Goldman, Arlene Kaplan. Jill Kurti. Midge Molincro. Sec¬ ond Row: Chuck Rubner, Audrey Tischler, Cheryl Faintuch, Adrian Feigen- baum, Linda Perlman, Linda Hulteen, Marilynn MacCorkle. First Row: Bonnie Zimmerman, Martha Harvis (Secretary) , Jav Wernicoff (Treasurer). Sue Gilbert (President), Miss Honn (Sponsor). Freshmen All the students at Niles West sense the importance of new¬ ness in their school, but none so greatly as the Freshman Class. For them, Niles is not only a new school, but a completely dif¬ ferent way of life — a life of fifty-five minute periods, final exams, student unions, and foot ball games. The Freshmen find that they have more responsibilities to meet, and they work hard to plan their activities. The school takes pride in the Freshman Class, because in June, 1965, they will have thef dis¬ tinction of being the first class to complete a four year program at Niles West. Freshmen MR. ABRAM Fourth Row: George Franks, Douglas Andersen Donn Saltzman, Walter Brodzik, Jim LeDuc Bruce Dingman. Third Row: Carol Bernstein Robert Keefer, Howard Hartman, Bill Merri man, Carla Erlander. Second Row: Joan Glass berg, Anna Marie Russo, Judy Lindemann Louise Winograd, Linda Altenbern, Linda Git ner. First Row: Marilyn Cohen, Penny Nelson Janet Hoglund, Sherry Sorensen, Bernadette Kiz ouk. Merle Tuchow. MR. BANDELIER Fourth Row: Jeff Holtzman, Steve Gold, Daniel Whitmore, Bob Randazzo, Charles Koziol, Rich¬ ard Fallico. Third Row: Cindy Zlatos, Jeff Tan- nenbaum, Carolyn Johnson, Tom Beezy, Lexi Panos, Gary Lucary, Laura Maltz. Second Row: Lesley Applebaum, Cecile Weinstein, JoAnn Owen, Nikki Fortunato, Joyce Schuman, Ida Jean Dascanio. First Row: Marcia Kurlan, Nancy Grauman, Ellen Brandzel, Sue Rask, Donna Swanson. MISS BAR ANYA I Fourth Row: Bob Gutsmiedl, Gregg Rosenquist, Ken Larson, Darrell Painter, Ronald Delott, Steve Solomon, Duane Alder. Third Row: Dollie Villano, Nancy Knochelmann, Martina Oskroba, Lee Ann Adami, Ron Mason, Linda Brody, Janice Dugan, Wilene Yohanna. Second Row: Pearle Slepyan, Marianne Rose. Roy Blumen- thal, Ed Flink, Arthur Karol, Rcnea Behrens. Mildred Molinaro. First Row: Carol Chamerski, Barbara Lesser, Bonnie Friedner. Joanne Brown. Barbara Heller. 163 Freshmen MR. BRYAN Fourth Row: Robert Mever. Keith Lencho, Karen Komiss, Garv Filko, Janice Tritschler. Paul Helford, Bill Warner. Third Row: Garv Stevens, Boh Zuffante, Chester Sargeant, A1 Blumenthal, Ken Dobbs, Jim Gagne. Second Row: Karen Spies. Myrna Lvnch. Cheryl Gold- blatt, Donald Apelian, Heidi Plante, Linda Esposito. Sandi Anderson. First Row: Donna Bjork, Diane Newton, Patti Corr. Linda Faraci, Pam Sage, Linda Hrvnko. MR. CARRELL Fourth Row: Edward Kilcullen, Perry Wall, George Fritz, Rick Samuelson, Bob Leichtenberg, Bruce Meyer, Bob Peterson. Third Row: Candy Sackrison, Barb Williams. Alex Sterner, Trudi Horowitz, Linda Espev, Gregg Dobbin. Second Row: Jeanne Condon, Fran Tropstein, Sue Gold¬ berg, Joan Klaveter, Adv Pintacura, Kathe Kuhr, Janice Spiegel. First Row: Barbard Lundquist, Betty Newman, Linda Anderson. Peggv Wim- mer. Mary Ann Beutler. MR. COYER Fourth Row: Dennis McGuire, Bob Nelson, Tony Kottmeier, Charles Kraemer. Mike Lucas, Gary Behrstock. Third Row: Jim Goldstandt, Joy Regin, Virginia Davis, Lynne Barnett, Steve Horwitz. Second Row: Judy Johnson, Dale Wickum, Jerry Simmons, Chris Fanaras. First Row: Donna Braverman, Ann Papa. Jon Con¬ rad, Dave Reicherts, Joanne Foster. i - a bJB f Si . t ■■ig I 1 rm i Tv 7 m ' j | [ ■ £ ft 164 Freshmen MR. CUNNINGHAM Fourth Row: Herb Greenman, Mike Suida, Jim Novotny, Richard Roberts, Jim Thompson, Jim Ferris. Third Row: Mark Kushner, Ron Malone, Robert Berman, Diana Leach, Ronna Rice. Sec¬ ond Row: Lynn Kanter, Ellyn Freed, Don Jobst, Rita Halpern, Suzanne Young. Linda Didier. First Row: Carol Zolkowski, Tcan Staf- fens, Ellen Menakee, Linda Bubley, Marla Shu¬ man. MISS DUTHIE Fourth Row: Bob Muise, Dale Koprinik, Bill Becker, Bill Whaley, Bill Rainero, Mike Senger. Third Row: Jan Rapport, Barry Gold. Dan Ernt, Bill Hodges, Diane Schulman. Second Row: Chuck Linder, Rita Goundas, Holly Weiner, Susan Booth, Jo Fisher, Bonnie Zimmerman. First Row: Claire Bank. Marguerite O’Neill, Gail Dankowski, June Storck, Betty Magnuson. MISS ELGAR Fourth Row: Scott Raluzna, Dennis Omachel, Gerry Elarde, Allen Tropstein. Robert Lange, Greg Sheridan. Third Row: Beverly Bedoe, Caroline Peters, Molly Nadler, Peggy Ritter, Terry Kramer, Elaine Silverman, Tammv Miles. Second Row: Robert Slotky, Jim Guenther, Au¬ drey Tischler, Meredith Lenell, Richard Wol- ter, Jeffery Rochman. First Row: Janis Harris, Carol Tinker. Beth Katz. Terry Frieden. Cathy Sell locker. 165 Freshmen MR. EPSTEIN Fourth Row: Frank Vazzano, Kenneth Schinzing, Alan Cassidy. Alan Gerow, Michael Levine, John Miller. Third Row: Barbara Proesel, Michelle Collons, Judy Kliphardt, Harold Filer. Barbara Samuels. Karen Novoselsky, Helen Bacher. Sec¬ ond Row: Yvonne Stegeman. Ira Weiss. Mike Hilbert. Gerhard Strehl. Robert Barskv. Linda McNinch. First Row: Pennv Faust. Charlene Stern. Anita Krause. Barbara Blessing. F.lvse C.oldstcin. Donna Curran. MISS FUERST Fourth Row: David Endre, Larry Bassuk, Leon¬ ard Koenig, Bob Gertenrich, Mike Checkopoulos, Emo. Suejnoma. Third Row: Ted Schmidt, Steve Wellner, Sue Stiska, Susan Radermacher, Burt Lewin. Second Row: Bob Gillman, Adele Ols- berg, Alan Hinkle. Grcig Puerkal, Marilynn MacCorkle, Ellen Feinberg. First Row: Shoya Gornstein, Gisela Enselen, Patricia Walter, Ila Krause. Belinda Ballew, Marilvn Schramm. MISS GERRITT Fourth Row: Darlene Unbehaun. Maria Christ, William Hudspeath, Lois Wojakowski, Bill Han¬ lon, Beverly Rosenfeld. Third Row: Diane Levy, David Turner, Jim Spinnato, Connie Berg, Chris¬ tine Mussar. Second Row: Richard Engel, Ron¬ ald Karpmen, Roger Rudich, John Verhunce, Penny Rotheiser, Charlotte Petroske. First Row: Lana Novak, Marla Adelson, Joyce Eilers, Di¬ ane Heuberger, Pat Snellman, Arlene Keuper. 7 Freshmen MISS HARBART Fourth Row: Mike Hobbs, Bob English, Burke Quinn, Dan Swanson, Pete Chechopoulos, Tony Liano. Third Row: Nancy Weinberg, Jay Wer- nikoff, I erry Senf, I ony Konopka, Lana Iverson. Second Row: Diane Schriar, Pamela Rotter, Keith Baumhardt, Bob Mueller, Donna Damk- jer, Nancy Bond. First Row: Pat Ballou, Kathy Magner, Ruth Olson, Joy Ramsev. Barb Zel- kowitz, Gloria Steuer. MR. HARMON Fourth Row: Sue Leick, Rick Odess, Berry Grossman, John Timmer, Wayne Jung, Hilary Kahn. Third Row: Tom Schaever, Ronald Bernstein, William Skutta, Bob Wolf, Barb Baum. Second Row: Rochelle Rishe Susan Petacque, Dana Peterson, Tom Margalski, Nan¬ cy Sidell. First Row: Sharon Meyer, Gayle Thom¬ sen, Miriam Fried, Nancy Karch, Gayle Harris. MR. HARVEY Fourth Row: Norman Flasch, Jay Shirman, Gary Dankowski, Dennis Smith, Pat Decker, Wayne Martin, Dennis Guess. Third Row: Robert LaRoussa, Lona Hartman, Alan Truesdell, Jay Kaplan, Dennis Rosen, Alan Bers, Gina Pollice. Dana Rogin. Second Row: Lynn Silverman, Judy Butler, Bill Womer, Bob Orlove, Judy Beaird. Diane Friedman, Melody Mits. First Row: Sha¬ ron Omachel, Sherrie Katz, Vivian Rosenfeld, Sandra Tolchin, Karen Petersen, Donna Drews. Freshmen MISS HOFFMAN Fourth Row: Shirley Wahle, Nancy Samuelson, Ronald Baker, Charles Henrickson, Gary Carl¬ son, Karen Young. Third Row: Diane Kovacic, Jim Wehrmacher, Vivian Fabro, Darlene Arm¬ strong, Pat Jones, Charles Sehurecht, Joanne Potenza. Second Row: Ken Garen, Scott Pitzer, Jeffery Leptich, Philip Mikula, Sam Doppelt, Mike Stone. First Row: Nancy Norling. Mary Ann McCracken, Diane Hunter. Bonnie Cowen, Ilene Goldman. MR. KETTLEBOROUGH Fourth Row: Richard Timmel, Elmer Nuss, Mike Rudowicz, Paul Fischer, Rich Woldman, Bruce Sirkiw. Third Row: George Manolas. Bob Criz, Susan Parr, Eileen Harms, Arlene Freeman. Second Row: Edwin Skrzymowski, Rick Johnson, Steve Berman, Diana Thiede, Naomi Dietze, Steve Greenman. First Row: Sharon Basting, Ar¬ lene Kaplan. Sandra Shiner, Svdni Metrick, Elaine Leek. MISS LAMAR Fourth Row: Ken Simpson, Martin Paulsen. Roger Thomas, Gary Wilkans, Dave McCon- aughy, Arnold Zehner. Third Row: Jack Feld- pausch, Gloria ' 1 alias, Sandy DeMaa. Claudette Monclerc, Mike Krupnick. Second Row: Karin Fray, Mike Izbicky, Bob Greene. Gary Ringed. Terry Berke. Susan Renieris. First Row: Sherry Kammi, Julie Barth, Susan Brownstein, Pennv Lambert. Laura Seligman, Christine Hajduk. 168 Freshmen MISS LAWSON Fourth Row: Genie Dehmlow, Ren Terman, ferry Miller. Rick Kreiter, Joel Rcrger, Jeff Wiese, Pat Bridges. Third Row: Bill Noddin, Jay McCarty, Mitchell Yelen, Marshall Cordell, Bob Issacson. Janis Franklin. Second Row: Bar¬ bara Lain, Mark Feldman, Jeff Graff. Mary Hagen, Gail Kalmis. First Row: Ruth Medak, Natalie Reid, Barbara Barth. Susan Seidman, !’.orinnc Swcenv. Dilora Pearson. MISS LEFF Fourth Row: Allan Schaefer, Sherry McCann, David Cahan, Glenn Lenzen. Gary Watkins, Joyce Koppman. Third Row: Mark Kipnis. Dan Garcia, Iris Goldfarb, Richard Grant, Steve Meyer, Robert Phelan, Susan Trcster. Second Row: Richard Heller, Linda Hulteen, Linda Spies, Susan Schwartz, Linda Porazinski, Judy Androw. First Row: Marcia Niclas, Mary Anne Blameuscr, Marilyn Coulter. Linda Ewing. Sandy Salotti. MRS. MARGUARDT Fourth Row: Justin Kowitt, Anita Weinstein, Frank Lippens, Brent Becway, David Esterman, Alice Johanson. Third Row: Catherine Darsch, Cathy Kuhn, Marcie Fleishman, Lauren Gold, Hal Rammel. Second Row: Lynne Graham, Daniel White, Rhea Strauss, Harold Clyman, Debbie Zittler, Marla Banks. First Row: Helen Schultz, Jeffery Swanson, David Murphy, Sally Rask, Jane Bradford, Dorothy Ostermeir. 169 Freshmen MRS. NORLING Fourth Row: David Murray, Tom Hain, Bill Allenbaugh, Gary Katler, Jim Van Grimbergen, Mark Palmer, Bruce Bolnick. Third Row: Terry Matzkin, Sandra Hepburn. Carol Woltersdorf, Janis Smigiel, Roberta Kelter, Bill Demas. Sec¬ ond Row: Lynn Bennett, Nick Fortuna, Lin Domcnella, Carol Multon, Sandra Novak, Robert Sotello, Kathleen Chrisos. First Row: Rosalie Rosenfeld, Maureen IJnick, Judv Levin, Judy Germain, Linda Odelman, Kav Peterson. MISS O’CONNOR Fourth Row: Ed Hildebrandt. Lee Weisz. Dick Koch, Bob Bartholomew. Larrv Levinson, Ftfank Schmid. Third Row: Carol Zender, Paul Chait- kin, June Dahlin. Bill Mitchell. Scott Prouty, Darryl Ellis, Linda Balkonis. Second Row: Bob¬ by Strom, Gail Goren, Barrv Gilbert, Linda Nyland, Adrienne Feigenbaum, Nancy Schaffner. First Row: Louise Walndis, Carol Blessing. Katin MacCallum. Harlene Kraus. Rona Immergluck. Alison Eaves. MR. RAM BIS Charles Robbins, Gene Jacobs, Vincent Ferina. Fourth Row: Jim Singer, Richard McGuire, Don Rho ' ney, Darrell Zolezzi. Third Row: Pam Melichar, Jim Thommcs, Bonnie Bartlett, Ruth Kane, June Lantz, Diane Selzer. Second Row: Michelle Fredson, Cheryl Hchn, Marve Adler, Richard Greenfield, Bob Berkover, Jessica Ulam- ing, Myra Bryant. First Row: Ardith Penner, Barb Halvman, Sharon Dcutch, Barb Tcnbusch, Joy Reynolds. Freshmen MR. SHARP Fourth Row: Bruce Wurmser, Tom Wilderquist. Fred Teichert, Tom Yamaguchi, Peggy Beinig. Third Row: Robert Krasner, Jill Kurti, Bob Niedrich, Nancy Rehwaldt, Nancv Paulson, Noreen Marshall, Lynne Fox, Sharon Gunther. Second Row: Larrv F.arlix, Harold Berger, Arn¬ old Fearn, Mark Reitman. Allan Howard. San¬ dra Sweadner. First Row: Karen Johnson. Ann Battelson. Susan Scullv, Karen Dedekind. Jeff Claus. MR. SORENSEN Fourth Row: Candy Hidaka, Roger Harvey, Glenn Messerschmitt, Ray Anderson, Bob Wag¬ ner, Janice Ermilio. Third Row: Judy Trufant, James Lees, Allan DiSalvo, Gayle Ambrus, Carol Hook, Curtis Peterson, Donna Loynd. Second Row: Bruce Keith, Lorie Lee DeLeRosa, Larry Brown, Sandra Pierce, Deby Rest, Robert Stein¬ berg. First Row: Lynn Coleman, Karen Neu mann, Kathy Speichert, JoAnne Ryden, Judie Gold, Andrea W ilner. MRS. STANLEY Fourth Row: Paul Snoply, Bill Bethke, Mike Martorano, Jerry LaRoy, Ricky Karl, David Aberman, Jim Rosenbloom. Third Row: Beth Konopka, Judy Friedman, Andrea Kaufman. Patt Duffey, Linda Rolla, Vicki Otto, Elvse Behr. Gary Wells. Second Row: Susan Lerner, Joanell W’etmore, Yvette Morris, Jerry Fleischman, Dale Darsch, Martha Harvis, Arlette Peterson. First Row: Shirley Carlisle, Chervle Davis, Sandi Hantinan. Audrey Adams, Linda Cohen. 171 Freshmen MRS. STEIN Third Row: Tom Katsoulis, Dave Stanbery, Les Rudnick, Jerry DeRudder, Greg Foster, Tom Hanstrom, John Mazzeffi, Terry Altshuler. Sec¬ ond Row: Fran Epstein, Jo Ann Witt, Joan Clauson, Terri Freidman, Susan Gilbert, Rita Lieberman, Dennis Lauer. First Row: Billie Rudd, Sharon Albert, Marsha Petrosesi, Jan Snyder. Rosemary Kierstein. 1- ML., m V f m Br i MISS TILLQUIST Fourth Row: Barry Garlin, Phil Schechter, Don Strahan, Ron Herrmann, Richard Barclay, Bob Levin. Third Row: Barbara Illian, Elliot Wein¬ stein, Nadine Asher, Carol Kranz, Lucy San- towski. Second Row: Janice McLin, Donna Blank, Bob Carlson, Bruce Edwards, Robert Kletnick, Cheryl Faintuch. First Row: Corinne Vollmer, Cynthia Croneigh, Pat La Vay, Linda Prehnal, Pat Zalesny, Donna Goldner. MR. WOLF Fourth Row: Danny Russell, Fred Diamond, Rick Steele, Jim Meinke, Ray Perdue, Barry Frank. Third Row: Mark Harris, Craig Katznel- son, Kathy Sorensen, Cathy Glade, Bill Von Gillern, Don Anderson, Herby Lawrence. Second Row: Sandra Clyman, Phyllis Berndt, Judi Ber- lowe, Jill Nelson, Nancy Allen, Tobi Epstein. First Row: Ellen Hoffing, Betty Pedott, Martha I.indberg, Shirley Kilcullen, Susan Winslow. 172 Niles West Boys Find a Challenge in Sports. One thing they can never take away from you. Big Red, you brought Niles West its first championship! With 27 seconds remaining in the season’s final contest, the mighty Indians came up from a 6-0 vice to score the seven points that brought them the 1961 Interim League title — the first grid crown in Niles West’s first year of football. Leading a field of twelve teams, the Indians established their power as early as the non¬ conference opener, when they routed their cross¬ town rivals, Niles East 34-6. In driving rain the Indians scored 20-6 against Glenbard East, to triumph in their league debut. Still damp from the Glenbard trek, a loyal home crowd sat through a cold and rainy Saturday to watch the Varsity trounce East Ley¬ den 27-7. In their first night bout the Indians met an inspired Maine West eleven, suffering the sea¬ son ' s lone defeat, 13-6. But victory soon reigned as the Indians scalped West Leyden 45-0. A 33-19 win over the Warriors of Willow- brook put the finishing touches on “Kick-Off ’61,” the memorable week-end of West’s first homecoming. The Indians did their dads proud the fol¬ lowing week, as they stormed over Deerfield 60-12. It was not until the closing seconds of a touch and go contest with the Wheaton Tigers, however, that the Indians were assured of an undisputed title. A capacity home crowd watch¬ ed breathlessly as Suburban Area All Star Quar¬ terback, Jim Hart, spied Bobby Brown, senior end, in the end zone, and let go with the most im¬ portant pass of the season. Seconds later Hart carried the ball and the Indian’s victory hopes over the goal line, bringing the final score to 7-6. As the stands went wild and the trumpets blared “Go you Indians . . . ,” Head Coach Mike Basrak and Assistants William Schnurr, Francis Willet, and Darrell Conway left the field in first class style — high on the shoulders of the new league champs, the mightv Indians. 176 Determination proves to be the key in this play as an Indian defenseman breaks up a pass. Indians Win Interim League Championship VARSITY Niles 34 Niles East Niles 20 Glenbard East Niles 27 East Leyden Niles 6 Maine West Niles 45 West Leyden Niles 33 Willowbrook Niles 60 Deerfield Niles 7 Wheaton Interim League scoring leader, Tom Perri, is in the clear for another touchdown. First Row: J. Lindemann (Manager), D. Herkert, B. Hohs, R. Strimple, E. Da- vidow, T. Perri, J. Allen, M. Levy, M. Epstein, G. Lewis (Manager); Second Row: W. French, B. Brown, I. Starkey, T. Beddia, L. Hill, J. Zimberoff, J. Hart, N. Brownstein, B. Herkert, R. Artwick, M. Green, M. Thiry; Third Row: Mr. Darrell Conway, Mr. William Schnurr, S. Brown, C. Giovannelli, S. Horwitz, D. Rust, B. Gutschick, A. Glassberg, J. Kahn, D. Bostrum, M. Cahan, E. Hoffenberg; Fourth Row: J. Davidow, E. Zastrow, D Deck, D. Rossi, B. Oliver. K. Altschuler, M. MacCallum, J. Minx, D. McIntosh, B. Dahl. Mr. Michael Basrak. Teamwork proves too much for Niles East Trojan, Bob Lis. Varsity in Action Leading the victorious Indians onto the field are the var¬ sity cheerleaders. 178 “Thou shalt not pass” is Rick Artwick ' s thought as he prepares for the tackle. Jerry Zimberoff deftly maneuvers through a tight spot. Scores Sophomores Develop Skills, Gain Experience Three extra points and the Sophomore football squad, coached by Mr. William Coyer, could have had an undefeated season. Four wins against one loss and two ties was the final record. The only loss was by one point, 14-13, against West Leyden. Two 6-6 ties were played against Glenbard East and Deerfield. Included in the four victories were shut¬ outs over Niles East, East Leyden, and Wheaton. In the seven games played, the Indians scored six points in three games and thirteen in the remaining four. The Sophomores will be a welcome addition to the varsity next year on the basis of their fine season of 1961. SOPH Niles 6 Niles East 0 Niles 6 Glenbard East 6 Niles 13 East Leyden 0 Niles 13 Maine West 6 Niles 13 West Leyden 14 Niles 6 Deerfield 6 Niles 13 Wheaton 0 First Row: Mr. John Lain, B. Elden, R. Rivenburgh, E. Bruksch, L. Moldof- sky, B. Rosenquist, J. Jobst, Mr. William Coyer. Second Row: M. Conti, C. Hook, T. Pfaff, W. Kummeruw, S. Burns, B. Yamaguchi, P. Faraci, B. Thomas. Third Row: D. DeVogelear, L. Freel, W. Novotny, D. Wimmer, G. Maston, D. Katz, R. Anderson, G. Zimmerman, M. Owens. Fourth Row: S. Allaun, E. Cline, L. Nelson, J. Parry, H. Clark, G. Goldman, A. Alop, J. Cutrone. Fifth Row: A. Lev, S. Sarenecki, R. Basrak. J. Kristof. G. Kiszely, J. Janek. J. Archer, R. Thigpen, G. Strobl. Freshman football players strive to make Willowbrook another victim of their four shutouts. FROSH ’ A” A victorious freshman football team seems to Indians will retain their championship of 1961. The calibre of our first-year men has given coaches George Bauer, Ralph Lylera, William Paulsen, and Jerry Engle the much needed ma¬ terial necessary to prepare winning teams. With ample school spirit and support from the stu¬ dent body, the 7-1 record of the Freshman A team speaks for itself. The B team posted a 5 and 2 campaign. Without even looking into a crystal ball, the class of 65 should make history for Niles. Niles 16 Niles East 6 Niles 25 Glenbard East 0 Niles 45 East Leyden 6 Niles 0 Maine West 18 Niles 24 West Leyden 0 Niles 14 Willowbrook 0 Niles 12 Deerfield 0 Niles 13 Wheaton 7 FROSH IV Niles 0 Proviso West 13 Niles 6 Glenbard East 0 Nile ' s 30 East Leyden 0 Niles 19 Maine West 6 Niles 0 West Leyden 6 Niles 9 Glen brook 0 Niles 6 Wheaton 0 Freshmen Trounce Competition First Row: Mr. George Bauer, M. Hilbert, W. Demas, R. Greenfield, M. MacCallum, R. Malone, B. Mueller, S. Pitzer, J. Goldstein. Second Row: Mr. Ralph Lyerla, W. Rainero, T. Yamaguchi, B. Wurmser, C. Brodin, R. Aviano, K. Simpson, A. Zenner, A. Tropstrin, Y. Samole, D. Emt, Mr. William Paulsen. Third Row: B. Mitchell. B. Garlin, J. Basak, A. Liano, M. Paulsen, A. Schaeffer, P. Snoply, G. Wells. R. Larson, Mr. Jerry Engle. Fourth Row: T. Matzkin, B. Whaley, F. Lippons, B. Allenbaugh, M. Levine, D. Aherman, D. Smith, B. Levin, R. Thomas, B. Wagner, B. Harvey. Fifth Row: D. Adler, R. Steele. C. Hendrickson, E. Jacobs. D. Strahan. T. Widerquist, B. English, R. Barclay, D. Reicherts, D. Whitmore. B. Meyer, B. Quinn. First Row: W. Semmerling, R. Anderson, D. Raab, R. Barber. Second Row: Mr. John Harmon. J. Mikolay, S. Spilberg, J. Snabel, P. Harvey. The Niles West cross country team ended the season with a record of 4 and 5. This could have been different, but early in the season two meets were lost by less than four points to Proviso West and Glen- brook East, two strong Interim League teams. Mr. John Harmon ' s runners took a 7th place in the In¬ terim League meet and 14th place in the State Dis¬ tricts. Juniors Robert Barber and Donald Raab con¬ sistently finished one-two in the dual meets. These two will provide an excellent nucleus for next year’s team. Coached by Mr. John Cress, the Frosh-Soph run¬ ners posted a 2 and 7 record with victories in the first and last meets against Niles East and Maine West. Barber, Raab Lead Harriers VARSITY SOPH Niles 27 Niles East 29 Niles 18 Niles East 39 Niles 30 Proviso West 27 Niles 49 Proviso West 15 Niles 30 Glenbard East 26 Niles 38 Glenbard East 19 Niles 28 Willowbrook 29 Niles 49 Willowbrook 15 Niles 38 Prospect 23 Niles 40 Prospect 21 Niles 33 Glenbrook 24 Niles 28 Glenbrook 27 Niles 23 Deerfield 34 Niles 36 Deerfield 23 Niles 25 East Leyden 30 Niles 39 East Levden 16 Niles 41 Maine West 30 Niles 16 Maine West 40 FROSH-SOPH First Row: G. Ringle, B. Orlove, G. Caracciolo, S. Lee, H. Simon, R. Mirshak, M. Wynn. S. Schweinsberg, G. Dobbin, A. Hinkle, R. Schaft. Second Row: Mr. John Cress, J. Rodman. H. Greenman, L. Bers, A. Gerow, B. Wooley, R. Schafer, E. Nuss, C. Koziol, S. Levy, C. Brill. 181 tl£S: All eyes are on Jim Hart as he vies with a foe for the re¬ bound. First Row: A. Artwick, E. Bruksch, R. Landes, B. Martinez, K. Altshuler, R. Kreiter, E. Zastrow, M. Wynn, M. Muscat. Second Row: Mr. William Schnurr, B. Brown, B. Davis, G. Berman. J. Hart, W. Semmerling, L. Gussis, P. Thiel- man, J. Schnidt, Mr. Jerry Engle. Senior Triumvirate Leads Hoopmen Pandemonium reigns; just one more basket and West will win. Unfortunately though, and much too often, the final buzzer sounded before an Indian was able to make those very necessary points. Many times this season, the West team lost because they simply were unlucky. The handicap of our being a new school also was evident to Coaches Jerry Engel and William Schnurr from the beginning. Nevertheless, the varsity players practiced diligently, improved their style, and man¬ aged to finish sixth in their first season of Interim League competition. With the experience of many boys who will be returning next year and an in¬ creased spirit backing them, the Indians will better be able to meet their opponents! What appears to be Bob Brown’s attempting a lay-up is actually his spearing of a rebound. VARSITY Niles 38 Palatine Niles 44 Niles East Niles 59 Wheaton Niles 51 Glenbard East Niles 58 Willowbrook Niles 51 Morton West Niles 44 Proviso West Niles Niles ,69 57 West Leyden Prospect Niles 47 ♦ Morton West Niles 47 ♦Proviso West Niles 47 ♦♦Niles East Niles Niles 58 52 East Leyden Deerfield Niles 49 Maine West Niles 42 Glenbrook Niles 45 East Leyden Niles 73 Deerfield Niles 38 Maine West Niles 46 Glenbrook Niles 46 Prospect Niles 56 ♦♦♦St. Mel Proviso West Invitational Tournament 1st place consolation round State Regional 53 55 80 40 62 60 51 35 60 63 36 33 55 31 58 49 59 41 69 50 47 57 Jim Hart adds two more points against St. Mel. Jerry Berman goes up among four Prospect players to score two points for the Indians. Rick Artwick drives around two op¬ ponents in quest of a basket. Bob Brown goes high in the air for a tip-off. Soph First Row: C. Murlas, M. Muskat, G. Porter, A. Lev, R. Rosen. Second Row: G. Friedman, L. Bers, I. Krauitz, S. Hertz- berg, D. Rose, R. Olson. Third Row: W. Hohs, R. Basrak, S. Hirschstick, G. Urelias, R. Sabac, J. Johnson, Coach George Kielwasser. Frosh-Sophs Show Promise for Future With records of 14-4 and 13-5, the Freshmen and Sophomore basketball teams show great promise for successful future sea¬ sons. Coach William Paulsen noted that the freshmen have especially good rebounding and shooting abilities. Because of their excellent playing qualities, several boys were placed on the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. The experience those freshmen and sophomores gained by playing on these higher levels will be a decisive factor in attaining a basketball cham¬ pionship during the next few years. SOPHS FROSH “B” Niles 26 Palatine 27 Niles 40 Niles East 41 Niles 37 Niles East 46 Niles 49 Wheaton 35 Niles 46 Wheaton 41 Niles 30 Glenbard East 42 Niles 26 Glenbard East 38 Niles 35 Morton West 45 Niles 26 Morton West 43 Niles 39 Proviso West 38 Niles 30 Proviso West 36 Niles 18 Prospect 56 Niles 37 Prospect 68 Niles 37 East Leyden 26 Niles 32 East Leyden 25 Niles 18 Maine West 28 Niles 38 Deerfield 25 Niles 25 Glenbrook 31 Niles 39 Maine West 33 Niles 31 East Leyden 33 Niles 34 Glenbrook 32 Niles 24 Maine West 41 Niles 49 East Leyden 38 Niles 35 Glenbrook 37 Niles 51 Deerfield 37 Niles 48 Prospect 61 Niles 56 Maine West 53 Niles 69 Glenbrook 58 Niles 49 Prospect 50 First Row: S. Horwitz, T. Altshuler, R. McGuire, G. Dobbin, R. Orlove. Second Row: S. Wellner, A. Schaefer, K. Simp¬ son, R. Thomas, D. Ellis, S. Solomon, W. Von Gillem. Third Row: Mr. William Paulsen, R. Odess, D. Murphy, R. Levin, M. Martorano, Mr. Dennis Hoeppner. Fourth Row: J. Timmer, J. Berger, C. Kraemer, M. Brusman, P. Fisher, D. Strahan, D. Salzman, E. Kilcullen. Frosh First Row: L. Miller, R. Schmidt, J. Eckman. Second Row: J. Volp, W. Ruderman, R. Stryker, L. Kohls, M. Fields (Manager). Third Row: S. Epstein, D. D aley, W. Gutschick, M. Delott, R. Weilderquist, Mr. Arnold Cajet. i Eckman Takes Fifth Place In State Meet Highlighting the 1961-62 swimming season was the opening of Niles West’s first swimming pool. Fully equipped with underwater lighting and under¬ water windows for viewing, the pool afforded an unequalled opportunity to the Varsity swimmers. FROSH-SOPH The Mermen, in their first year of league competition, coached by Arnold Cajet and Francis Willett, finished in the first division of the Interim League with a fifth place position. By posting a record of 5 and 15 and with most of the swimmers returning for the 1962-63 sea¬ son, Niles West will prove a formidable opponent to all competition. Lett to right, First Row: J. Verhunce, L. Goldenberg, V. Shaf, G. Stern, A. Borack, A. Hinkle, R. Steinberg. Second Row: R. Lotz, G. Carlson, L. Bassac, Zostrin, J. Bell, J. Ferris, B. Anderson, N. Phillips (Manager). Third Row: Mr. Francis Willett, D. Aberman, K. Jan- son, T. Widerquist, R. Zaitlen, D. Schwartz, R. Meyer, R. De Lott, G. Messerschmitt, Mr. Arnold Caiet Against Xiles East Robert Lotz is in a class by himself as he finishes yards ahead of his nearest opponent. VARSITY Niles ,40 Niles East 55 Niles 34 Waukegan 61 Niles 20 Maine East 75 Niles 61 Morton West 34 Niles 50 Lyons Twp. 45 Nilei 30 Deerfield 56 Nilei 71 West Leyden 24 Niles 28 Glenbrook 07 Niles 40 East Leyden 55 Niles 32 Riverside 63 Niles 60 Prospect 29 Niles 25 Proviso West 70 Niles 30 Arlington 56 Niles 20 Maine West .07 Niles 50 Elmwood Park 45 FROSH-SOPH Niles 58 Niles East 28 Niles 17 Waukegan 70 Niles 19 Maine East 67 Niles 39 Morton W r est 47 Niles 15 Lyons Twp. 71 Niles 31 Deerfield 55 Niles 58 West Leyden 28 Niles 21 Glenbrook 65 Niles 24 East Leyden 62 Niles 13 Riverside 73 Niles 39 Prospect 47 Niles 19 Proviso West 67 Niles 74 Arlington 11 Niles 35 Maine West 41 Niles 63 Elmwood Park 23 Jim Eckman displays his diving form which won fifth place in the state meet. The underwater window at the schools new pool promises interesting viewing for swimming fans; Michael De Lott demonstrates this effect. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM First Row: J. Kahn, W. Kummerow, M. Cahan, G. Lindeman, S. Sweinsberg, R. Lain, J. Blitztein, H. Simon. Second Row: Mr. Charles Anderson, C. Chang, D. Baumhart, J. Davidow, D. Lipman, S. Shipka, R. Henrikson, B. Feigenbaum, J. Yardly, Mr. Robert Porter. Third Row: R. Thigpen, B. Grossman, R. Herkert, J. Cutrone, G. Maston, D. Herkert, T. Forsberg, L. Mink, J. Pitzer. Herkert Wins State Championship Wrestling has become increasingly popular in the last few years. This year, especially, the en¬ thusiasm was at its highest. At Arlington High School a crowd of over five thousand, by far the largest in the state’s history, viewed the state wrestling finals. Many rooters from Niles West were present to bring back to Niles a 165 lb. state champion in the person of Bob Herkert. Bob was able to defeat D. Ernest of Savanna in the finals by the score of 7-2. During the semi- tinals earlier in the afternoon, Bob had his closest match defeating R. Hanau of Lyons Twp. by the score of 5 to 4. These two trimphs con¬ cluded his perfect season of 2Q victories. Juniors Jerry Kahn and Steve Brown should be given special credit for their strong showings. Coach Charles Anderson’s wrestlers, dominated by sophomores and juniors, performed quite well on the mats this year with a record of 8 and 9. Victories over Prospect, Maine West, Wheaton, and Willowbrook, as well as a second place in the Prospect Invitational Tournament were sig¬ nificant events in the Indian’s season. With a solid nucleus of many returning wres¬ tling lettermen, the wrestlers should enjoy a very successful season, possibly climbing to top place. VARSITY Niles 17 Niles East 24 Niles 20 Wheaton 18 Niles 31 Glenbard East 9 Niles 29 Willowbrook 17 Niles 18 Morton West 23 Niles 29 Proviso West 13 Niles 18 West Leyden 23 Niles 32 Prospect 14 Niles 14 East Leyden 28 Niles 27 Deerfield 14 Niles 12 Palatine 18 Niles 24 Maine West 21 Niles 12 Glenbrook 30 Niles 20 North Chicago 22 Niles 14 East Leyden 26 Niles 36 Deerfield 11 Niles 17 Evergreen Park 23 Heavyweight Steve Brown closes in on his Maine West opponent. 190 Frosh-Sophs Perform Impressively First Row: J. Lerner, D. Adlee, T. Matzkin, D. Kuehn, J. Lees, J. Simmons. Second Row: B. Sotello, Y. Simole, R. Thomas, R. Bader, T. Lewis, B. Elden, P. Russell, Mr. Rex Whitlatch. Third Row: G. Zimmerman, J. Wm. R. Karl, L. Weiss, M. Owens, W. Novotny. B. Rosenquist. Preparing for the varsity was the chief goal of the frosh-soph wrestler. For their first year xiles in the Interim League, the wrestlers did excep- Niles tionally well. Coached by Mr. Rex Whitlatch, Niles the freshman had a successful season of ten wins Niles and three losses, while the sophomore squad had xiies a record of two wins and eleven losses. The Niles Sophomore squad’s record, however, is not a true iles indication of their ability because many of the Niles boys were promoted to the varsity and junior iies varsity, thus weakening Coach Whitlatch’s group. SOPH FROSH 36 Niles East 18 Niles 46 Niles East 6 13 Wheaton 43 Niles 30 Wheaton 25 9 Glenbard East 49 Niles 48 Glenbard East 8 10 Morton West 43 Niles 43 Evanston 11 26 Proviso West 34 Niles 35 Morton West 18 0 Prospect 46 Niles 33 Proviso West 23 3 East Leyden 45 Niles 20 Prospect 35 8 Deerfield 33 Niles 20 East Leyden 38 10 Maine West 39 Niles 30 Deerfield 25 3 Glenbrook 45 Niles 22 Maine West 20 26 North Chicago 21 Niles 18 Glenbrook 30 16 East Leyden 30 Niles 31 East Leyden 19 18 Deerfield 26 Niles 35 Deerfield 10 The advantage is clearly Ronald Thigpen’s of Niles West in a close fought match with Gene Klausen of West Maine. First Row: G. Tennyson, E. Forkos, J. Sitman, E. Sotello, J. Berger. Second Row: M. Weinlein, B. Xager, D. Deck, P. Orser, H. Bolnick. D. Gurenstein. Third Row: Mr. John Cress, M. Roach. B. Nimmo. Apparatus Men Display Fine Form The gymnastics program inauguated at Niles by Coaches John Cress and James Phipps has grown rapidly. Before the need for physical fitness was stressed na¬ tionally, the Physical Education Department emphasized gymnastics as a means of promoting healthier and better coordinated athletes. We can be proud of the gym¬ nasts our program has produced. Competing in the In¬ terim League, the varsity gymnasts concluded the sea¬ son with a record of 7 and 11. A great deal of credit for this season ' s record should go to varsity trampolinist, John Roach, who qualified for the state finals at Wil- lowbrook. The frosh-soph gymnasts, the material for next year ' s squad, finished the season with a record of 10 and 8. VARSITY Niles 59 Glenbard West 73 Niles 56 Niles East 77 Niles 511 2 Niles 94 Evanston East Leyden 80% 11 Niles 75% Morton East 57 % Niles 62 Rich 70 Niles 41 Arlington 91 Niles 47 Prospect 85 Niles 46 Proviso West 86 Niles 55 Maine West 77 Niles 92 East Leyden 22 Niles 74% Glenbard 57% Niles 58 V 2 Waukegan 721 a Niles 74% Glenbrook 57% Niles 621 2 Maine East 69% Niles 59 Lane Tech 83 59 Niles 81 Barrington 53 Niles 72 Wheaton Gary Tennyson performs a difficult maneuver on the trampoline. FROSH SOPH First Row: A. Fearn, S. Levin, T. Pfaff, J. Leduce, S. Lazar, R. Wagner, W. Mitchell, L. Metnick, R. Gillman. Sec¬ ond Row: M. Weinlein, W. Hodges, S. Thornton, S. Sulser, W. Janus, R. Mason. R. Carlson, C. Hendrickson. B. Gold, H. Berger. Third Row: Mr. John Cress. G. Wilkans, Keith Schroeder, D. Smith, A. Gerow, B. Leffingwell B. Barkley, G. Richaeds. R. English. FROSH-SOPH Niles 54i 2 Niles East 71% Niles 96 (forfeit) Morton East 36 Niles 44 Arlington 82 Niles 69 Proviso West 63 Niles 75% East Leyden 56% Niles 62 Waukegan 70 Niles 72 Maine East 60 Niles 80 Barrington 52 Niles 61 Glenbard West 71 Niles 54 Evanston 78 Niles 82 East Leyden 45 Niles 75 Rich 61 Niles 50% Prospect 80% Niles 77 Maine West 55 Niles 60 Glenbard East 72 Niles 78 Glenbrook 50 Niles 661,4, Lane Tech 65% Niles 57 Wheaton 75 More than any other sport, gym develops muscular skills and co-ordination as James Sitman on the rings clearly demonstrates. Index Seniors Athi, Risto 88,119 Albert, James _ 119 Alter, Steven _ 119 Altschaeffel. Donald _ 113 Anderson, Gretchen ___ 70,111,119 Anderson, Patricia _ 28,119 Apellan, Barbara _ 75,119 Arbetman, Tamara _ 119 Archibald, Julie_ 92,95,119 Armstrong, Paulette_ 89,119 Amston, Robert_ 84,96,119 Artwick, Fred 78,95,119,177,178, 181,184 Austin, Diane _ 76,119 Axelrod. Barbara _. _ 119 Bader, Eugene _ 119 Baitcher, Howard __ 75,119 Baker, Charles __ 84,119 Balin, Claire _ 84,119 Balkonis, Gloria _ 120 Ballou, Merrily __ 27,93,98,114,118, 120 Barron, Frances _ 120 Barnow, Alice 17,71,72,73,89,118, 120 Bartsch, Jeanette 76,120 Bassara, Sharon 84,120 Beddia, Thomas 87.89,95,111,120, 177 Behr, Donna _ 120 Bendoff, Bruce 27,120 Benson, Carole _ 120 Berg, Barbara _ 120 Berger, Howard 86,120 Berndt, William ...... _ 120 Bert, Jean _ _ 120 Beutclspacher, Susan _ 84,120 Blake, Doris _ 120 Blaul, Kathy _ 120 Blumenthal, Carole _ 49,104,120 Bolin, Fredric ... _ 121 Bond, Karen __ 121 Borisoff, Joanne _ ..._ _ 121 Boyko, Sharon_ 121 Bougerie, Suzanne 121 Baverman, Starr _ 87,89,115 Breen, Arlis_ 121 Brei. Trade _ 34,121 Brietzke, Paul __ 75,84.121 Bromberg, Gail _ 121 Brooks, Marlene 71,74,80,89,121 Brown, James _ _ __. 121 Brown, Robert 121.177,181.181 Brownstein, Neill 95,121.177 Brusin, Dolores _ 71,88,121 Brusman, Terrie 78,108,109.121 Budzisz, Frank _ 121 Burkhardt, Elizabeth 86,118,121 Burns, Virginia _ 71.84,87,89,122 Byers, Donald 122 Cahan, Carlo_ _ 122 Carder, James_ 70,78,89.101.111, 115,118,122 Carlson, Garnet _____ 84,122 Chamlin, Lynne __ __ 70,71,122 Chang, Charlene __ 78.88.122 Chase, Jeffrey _ 122 Cierny, Theresa_ 122 Cims, Robert 23,122 Cirrincione, Richard 122 Classen, Virginia_ 76,84,122 Clark, Brian _ 122 Cohen. Gail _ 122 Cohen. Howard 86,87,89,111.122 Cohen, Kenneth _ _ 122 Cohen, Linda 59,122 Cokliss, Harley 122 Colecchia, Sandra .123 Conrad. William _ 75.12. Cook, Susan ___ __ 73,75,78,123 Cooper, Warren 123 Corn, Penny __ ___ 123 Crampe, Sharon ._ 34,59,111 Daley, David 123,186 Da Ison, Elaine 123 Davidson, Paul 82,89,123 Davis, Kenneth _ 123 Davis, Marvin 78,88,123 Day, Janet ___ 73,84,123 Decker, Michael _____ 82 De Mas. Robert 123.180 De Martino, Victor 123 De Vogeler, Kathleen 77,123 Didier, Judy_ 123 Dinifz, Michael _ 123 Ditthardt, Ronald 82,124 Doczekalski, Anita _ 76,124 Dorband, Jerry 124 Dorfman, Merle 70.124 Dorrian, Ruth 86,87,124 Dugan. Helen 72,88,124 Duhl, Michael 70.71,86.89,104. 111,124 F.agen, Nancy _ 76,92.94,124 Eby, Charles _ __. _ 74,124 Eby, Richard _ _ 96 Eckmann, James 86.89,05,124,186J87 Einsweiler, Pat _ 124 Ellensohn. Robert _ 124 Ex. Rohda 124 Evles, Glenn _ 124 Farbro. Donald 124 Faber, Kathleen __ _______ 34,124 Faust, Susan _ 76,89,124 Keig, Sandra __ _ 124 Feldpausch, Craig_75,125 Ferraro, Carol ___ 84,125 Feurer, James_ 125 Field, Sharon _ ___ 125 Fisher, Barry _. 23,76,125 Flammang, Kenneth _ 82,125 Ford. James- __ 28,76.125 Fortney, Margaret _ 125 Fox, Susan __ 76,125 Frank, Gary_ _125 Frank. Paul _ 125 Fray, Lynette_ 125 Freske, Leslie _ 125 Friedkin, Darlene_ 125 Fulkerson, Patricia _ 71,78,80,92,125 Gable, Kathleen _ __ 118,125 Gagne, Sharon _ 89,118,125 Gallagher, Claudia _ 126 Gerard, Paulette_ __ 84,126 Ghionzoli, Coral _ 126 Ghionzoli, Lynn 126 Gillman, Edward 126 Gitlis, Robert _ 126 Glade, Thomas _ 126 Glaves, Kathleen 74,84,126 Goldberg, Ncna 126 Goldenstein, Howard _ 75,126 Gordon, Julie 25.70,88,107,126 Gordon, Lee 75,126 Gornstein, John __ 87,126,180 Graham, Gayle_ 126 Grayson, Corrine __ _ 79,89,120 Green, Michael __ 126,177 Greenberg. Glenn 126 Greenberg, Joyce __ 71,74,80,105 Grcenman, Sharon _ 127 (hippo, Diane ___ __ 127 Habler, Vivian _ 127 Haerie, June 82,89.102, 103,104, 111,118,127 Hanson, Donald 127 Hanson, Louise _ 127 Harold son, Donald _ 127 Hart, James 86,89,95,127,177,182, 184 Harvey, Daniel 74,75,90.127,181 Hasscn, Reyaud _ 127 Hawkins, Sharon 127 Hedberg, Charlene _127 Helmet, David _ 77,127 Hendrickson, Donna __ _ 127 Hepburn, Robert .__ 127 Herkert. Robert . 86,95,11,127,177, 188 189 Herman, Sherry 79,128 Hess, William _ 128 Hilbert, John _ 128 Hill. Larry_ 95,111,128.177 Hillman, Gloria 128 Hintz, Patricia _ 128 Hirshman, Dean _ 128 Hoff, Gerald _ 128 Hoffing, Richard _ 128 Hoffman, Andrea _ 70,118,128 Hoglund, David 60,70,71,90,128 Holder. Philip_ 128 Hook. John_ _,_128 Hopps. Barbara _ 128 Horlick, Ronald _ 82,128 Houston, Maryanne . 128 Imber, Evan _ 74,128 Immergluck. Lori 49,129 Irwin, Joyce _ 129 Jach, Sandra _ 129 Jacobs, Donald _ 129 Jeager, James _ 129 Jeager, John _129 Jamrozek, Lawrence _ 129 Janek, Theodore _ 90,96.129 Janet, John _ 129 Janet, Robert 129 Jensik, Stephen __ 129 Jesse, Ron _ 129 Johnson, Bruce 129 Julius, Nancy 129 Kaage. Slew 129 Kamni, Patrick __. 82,84,89,129 Karch. Lois_ 70,71.87,129 Katsoolias. Georgia _130 Ka . Sandra_ 130 Kazanow, Ann 78.82,89,130 kipperman, Judy _ 114,130 Kirk, Pamela _____ _ 130 Kispcrt. Maribeth 130 Klebbe, David __ 130 Klein, Dennis _ 74,84 Kletnick, Theodore 130 Kohl, Philip _ 76,77,130 Kohls. Larry_ 130,186 Kowal, Michael 130 Kowitt, Arnold _ 130 Kraemer, Joan __. _ 130 Kreiner, Janice _84,130 Kreinick, Carol _ 60,75,92,130 Kreisler, Barry _____ 81,84,130 Krugly, Anita _ 64,130 Krupnick, William 118,130 Kummerow, Leslie _ 131 Kuperman, Sheldon _ 131 Kurd, David _ 131 Kwolek, Diane 131 Ladd, Thomas _ _ 82,131 Lassen, Pamela _ 131 Latimer, Kenneth_87,131 Lauerman, Barbara_78,131 Lavin, Richard 78,90,108,109,131 Lawler, Robert ___ 86,89,131 Leavitt, Stewart __ _ 87,131 lx Due, Joseph _ 131 Lee, Mavis - 105,131 Lehman, Janice _ 131 Levy, Pennie_ 131 Levin, Jane ___ _ 70,71,87,104,131 Levine. Linda _ 131 Levy, Richard_ 131 Lewin, Cheryl _ 13$ Lew in, Susan _ 72,79,13$ Lieberman, Michael 81,82,84,13$ Lindemann, Gary 95,132,177,188 Linder, Donald _ 75 Linder, Franklin 75,132 Little. Geraldine _ 132 Littrell. Richard 75,79,82,89,132 lx Cascio, Joseph 90,132 Lubcr, Kathryn _ 89,118,132 Lubin, Gene _ 96,132 Lukes, Robert 86,89,132 Lutz, Barry _ 132 Lyons, Antionette . 84,88 McCartan, Meredith __ 75,132 McEnerney, Kathleen _ 132 McIntosh, Dennis __ 95.132,177 McLean, Esther _ 34,87,132 McPherson, Margaret _ _ 132 Malone. Marlene _ 133 Margalski, Joseph __ _ 133 Margolis, Harvev _ 76,77,89,104, 111,133 Marks. Barbara _ 71,84,133 Maslow, Arthur_ 133 Mendelsohn, Gary _ 88,90,133 Mendes, Richard _ 25,118,133 Mendyk, Darlene_ 133 Menkin, Marcia_.__ 76,133 Merrill, Carolynn _ 25,70,133 Merriman, Susan_ 133 Meuer, Priscilla _ 84,133 Mikolay, James _ 85,95,133,181 Miller, Ross_ 133 Miller, William _133 Mink, Lyle_ 95,133,188 Mirshak, Gerald _ 133 Molderhauer, Richard _ 118,133 Morgan, Lynn _134 Morriss, Phyllis _ 84,134 Meuller, Darlene_ 134 Muth, Nancy _ 84,95,134 Nannen, Bruce_ 134 Nechistak, Donna _134 Nelson, Carolyn_ 77,83,84,134 Nelson, Carolyn _ 77,83,84,134 Nelson, Nancy_ 76,89,104,134 Nichols, Constance_ 17,34,88,89, 134 Nilson, Thomas _134 Nimmo, William _ 95,134,192 Norris, Harold _134 North, Connie_64,31,134 O’Brien, Ruth _134 Oliva, Geraldine _134 Olympios, Penelope_34,134 Orchowski, Daniel _134 Osney, Karen_ 71,72,89,134 Ostrowski, Terry _ 82,135 Otto, Sherry _ 49,118,135 Owen, Mary Lou_135 Oye, Asa _ 31,72,135 Parchuta, James _135 Perry, David_28,135 Payne, Michael _ 135 Penelle, Peter_135 Peterson, Linda _•_135 Peterson, Sharon _135 Pfeiffer, Jo Ellen __ 70,71,73,84,135 Pinch, Mary Beth _ 135 Plice, Gary _ 80,135 Pock, John _135 Poppenhagen, Gilbert_135 Porter, Pamela_27,135 Posphala, Virginia _ 135 Poster, Stever _ 64,135 Prcbish, Charles _ 136 Rappaport, Samuel - 136 Ratzel, Robert - 136 Recher, Carol - 27,136 Rechtermann, Laurel- 76,136 Reid, Robin _ 34,88,136 Reitman, Donna -136 Reizner, Eunice -136 Rek, Barbara _ 20,83,84,136 Repke, Robert _136 Rhodes, Judith - 136 Roberts, Paul- 17,87,90,136 Roberts, Ronald -136 Roberts, Sharon- 70,78,92,136 Robins, Barry -49,136 Rodensky, Karen _136 Roina, Karen - 136 Rose, Perry _136 Rosenfeld, Charlotte-78,137 Rosen f eld, Helene-137 Rosenthal, Judith - 71,137 Ross, Susan - 137 Rubenstein, Arlene_31,137 Rubner, Stuart-137 Ruehdanz, Sandra-137 Rutkowski, Diane — 83,84,89,137 Rutherford, Joan _137 Santowski, Michael - 137 Sarow, Lynette _137 Scanlan, Dorothy -137 Schaffner, Ronna _137 Scheibe, David -137 Schmidt, John -137 Schmidt, Joseph- 78,109,137 Schroder, Ronald-137 Schuhrke, Barbara-137 Schwartz, Bill _ 88,138 Schwartz, Elaine _138 Segal, Alan _138 Selin, Deborah _138 Selk, Charlene _138 Shabel, John_ 90,138,181 Shapiro, Nancy-138 Sheehan, Martin _138 Shiman, Stewart _ 19,138 Shipka, Steven 87,95,138,188,190 Shulman, Betty Ann-138 Sigel, Karen _138 Silverman, Brenda_ 83,84,138 Simmons, Mark_138 Singer, Barbara_ 138 Singer, Deborah _ 138 Singer, Gerald _138 Singer, Joan _138 Singer, Peggy_ 78,109,139 Skepner, Alan _139 Skutta, Frank _ 139 Slotwick, Carole _139 Slutsky, Ronald _139 Index Smentek, Kenneth _ 86,139 Smith, Barbara _139 Smith, Michael _85,139 Snowcr, James _139 Sostrin, Sherry _139 Spryszak, Mary Ann _139 Starky, Irving _ 95,111,139,177 Starky, Joseph _ 139 Starkman, Barbara __ 98,102,114, 139 Stauber, Sue __ 70,71,78,80,118,139 Stavy, Michael _ 111,139 Steinseifer, Nancy _ 76,84,139 Stocker, Geraldine _71,139 Stockmar, Kathleen _76,140 Stone, Stephen _ 140 Strahan, Sally _ 84,88,140 Streu, Janice _ 140 S trim pel, Roger_ 90,95,140,177 Swanberg, Shartm __ 104,111,118, 140 Swinger, James_ 74,75,78,82,140 Tennison, Gary __ ___ 95,140,192 Thery, Ernest _ 140 Theilman, Paul __ 27,76,89,90,95, 140,181 Thiry, Michael _ 87,140,177 Thomas, Cheryl ___ 140 Tobey, Sharon _ 140 Townsend, Thomas _ 31,140 Tranter, Judy _ 140 Tuchow, Robert _ 140 Turry, Gerald _ 86,140 Van Mersbergen, William _90 Varney, Justine _ 78,140 Vieck, Erwin _ 141 Wahlstrom, Karen _ 141 Wallace, Robert _ 141 Walski, Edward _ 141 Wandell, Howard _ 141 Weihs, Frederick _ 141 Wekony, Carol _ 141 Wendt, Nancy ._ 89,118,141 Westland, Richard _ 141 Wexler, Michael _ 118,141 Wiegman, Gayle _ 141 Williams, Karen _ 141 Wilson, Cheryl _ 34,84,141 Wise, Robert _ 141 Woods, Robert _ 141 Worthington, Joanne_76,141 Wykowski, Marilyn _ 75,89,141 Wyzgala, Patricia _ 141 Yablin, Merle _ 87.142 Yardley, Susan _ _ _ 142 Yavitz, Barry_ 142 Yellen, Gary _142 Young, Barbara _ 76,84,142 Youngkrantz, Sharon_84,142 Zaidler, Judi _ 142 Zalud, Marianne _ 83,89,94,142 Zari, Martha _ 73,142 Zemel, Randy _ 142 Zenner, Tina _ 88,89,115,142 Zimberoff, Jerold 95,111,142,177.478 Zolkowski, Carl _ 142 Zucker, Charles_142 Zwigoff, Donald _ 118,142 Juniors Adams, Thomas _ 147 Adelman, Sue _ 146 Aggen, Mary _ 76,91,103,146 Alder, Diane_ 148 Allen, James _ 145,177 Allen, Jane _ 147 Allison, James _ 85,131,149 Altshuler, Kenneth 95.146,177,181 Amado, Rachel_ _ 74,75,150 Anderson, Robert C. __ 76,77,95, 150,181 Anderson, Robert D._ 145 Anderson, Toni - 148 Andrews, Karen _ 37.150 Anton. Diane __ 88,98,102,114,145 Archer, Lyle _ 75,150 Ashkinaz, Barry _ 82.147 Barber, Robert_ 181 Beauhien, Lea- 77,83,146 Becker, Carole- 146 Bedoe, Marie _ 150 Beil, Deborah __ 76,146 Belgrade, Barbara _ 79,83,148 Benson, Roberta _ 23,76,147 Benzel, Gail Ann _ 34,148 Berger, Jack _ 150,192 Berger, Michael _ 76,145 Bergsman, Susan - 145 Berke, Jay _ 147 Berman, Gerald_ 147,181,184 Biga, Barbara _ 83,148 Blatt, Morton _ 32,150 Blitstein, Joel - 148,188 Blumcnthal, Judy - 83,147 Bolnick, Howard- 75,148,192 Bolon, Roberta_ 150 Bonez, Karen _ 28,104,150 Bonifert, Diane _ 148 Bostrum, Daniel _ 177 Boyk, Juanita _ 148 Boy sen, Barbara _ 148 Bramson, Martin - 80,81,147 Braunstein, Ethan - 82,145 Brier, William _ 85 Brown, Holly - 147 Brown, Steven __ - 95,147,177 Bruderman, John - 147 Buelow, Richard _ 25,147 Burr, Jack _ 32,148 Busch, Kathy - 146 Butzow, Virginia - 150 Cahan, Michael- 177,188 Carlson. Gale - 146 Carlson, Janet - 76,103,145 Carlson, Roy - 149 Cashatt. Kathy - 92,146 Cecil, Laura _ 147 Chait, Edwin _ 149 Chaplik, Elynne_ 89,91,103,148 Chez, Barbara _ 150 Christensen, Karen - 150 Clauson, Cheryl- 75,76,148 dayman, Susan - 150 Civilian, Howard - 148 Codell. Julie _ _ 34,98,102,114 Cohen, Jerry _ 150 Cohen, Karen - 145 Colton, Steven - 88,150 Connelly, Robert - 85 Cooper, Karen - 150 Cooper, Susan _ 79,81,145 Cosgrove, Michael - 148 Cowin, Stuart - 145 Cywinski. Barbara - 145 Dahl. Cheryl _ 76,146 Dahl, Robin _ - - 76,146,177 Dublin, Janet - 76,146 Davidow, Elliott _- 95,148,177 Davidow, Jay - 72.95,111,149, 177,188 Davidson, Lewis - 115,148 Deck, Donald_ 95,149,177,192 Dchnert, Robert - 146 Delott, Michael- 145,186,187 Debres, Ron _ 145 Dervishian, Deanna- 150 Deutsch, Paul - 147 DiGrazia, Philip - 146 Dilg, Dennis - 95 Dilg, Jayne - 75,150 Dilg, Mary Ann-97,148 Dolnick, Susan - 149 Dombek, Donna - 145 Doniger, Michael- 147 Dover, Florence- 145 Du da, Frank- 150 Duke, Pamela - 146 Ederer, Barbara - 75,83,146 Elenewski, Allen - 147 Ellis, Kathleen_ 16,88,91,103,148 Epstein, Mark _ 20,146,173,177 Epstein, Robert- 72,88,148.186 Epstein, Ronald - 150 Epstein, Sharon - 149 Epstein, Stuart - 72,88,150,186 Erickson, Judith - 83,145 Ernt, Joyce-149 Faehse. William _ 149 Fagerstrom, Elizabeth __ 34,76,146 Feigenbaum, Barry - 188,190 Felsenthal, Richard - 148 Ferguson, John- 147 Fesselmeyer, Susan - 146 Field, Dorothy - 150 Fields, Ambrose _ 147 Fields, John --- 76 Fields, Marshall _ 103,147,186 Filas, Leon - 148 Fine, Judith - 146 Fink, Carol _ 98,102,114,145 Fixel, Carol- 150 Foerster, Thomas - 75 Forkos, Edward - 148,192 Forman, Jay _ 145 Formcister, Richard- 150 Fornoff, Dennis _ 150 Frankenstein, Idalee - 148 Freeman, Susan - 145 French, Warren_ 95,111,145,177 Friedman, Carol - 150 Friedman, Steven- 150 Frodin, Joy - 59,145 Furs ter, Susan - 147 Gallowich, Susanne_76,148 Gardner, Thomas-30,109 Gershun, Jill - 149 Gillnly, Sandra - 147 Giovannelli, Charles __ 20,146,177 Glantz, Linda _ 20,147 Glassberg, Arnold _ 95,145,177 Gold, Edward _ 85,91,145 Gold, Shelia - 148 Goldberg, Charles _ 84,146 Goldenbogen, Margaret-150 Goode, Robert - 31 Gorenstein, David - 145,192 Graczk, Barbara- 149 Graff, Jeffrey - 73,147 Green, Marilyn_ 148 Griffin, Alice - 76,147 Grossman, Roberta - 149 Grossman, Robert - 145,188 Gutbrod, Carol - 76,150 Gutschick, William __ 95,111,146, 177,186 Guttler, Diane - 149 Hass, Donald - 148 Hagen, Edwin_ 146 Haffner, Christine - 149 Haller, Kathleen _ 149 Halpern, Elayne - 150 Harris, Meryl - 146 Harrison, Donna - 78,90,147 Hartenfeld, Jeffrey - 145 Heffron, Robert - 150 Heine, Dora - 146 Heilman, Marsha-147 Heilman, Richard _ 82,150 Henriksen, Raymond 75,150,188 Herkert, Dennis __ 95,148,177,188 Herrmann, Merrily-97,145 Herr, Heide _ 147 Hettema, Karen- 145 Hochfelder, Harry-95,150 Hoffenberg, Earl_ 95,145,177,189 Hoffman, Robert- 150 Hoffman, Ronald _ 75,145 Hoover, Sally _ 76,150 Hopps, Kenneth _ 145 Hoik, William _ 150 Horwitz, Steven_ 95,111,146,177 Host, Ravmond .. 148 Humphrey, Bruce _ 146 Hunter, Charlene _ _ 76 Jaeger, Leslie _ 146 Jobst, Jack _ 150 Johnson, Dennis _ 146 Johnson, Judy _ 147 Johnson, Lynn _ 76,83,145 Index Johnson, Marilyn_150 Johnson, Marsha_ 150 Johnson, Phyllis _ 145 Jordani, Leann _ 146 Jvarsky, Gerald_148 Kahn, Jerold __ 95,111,148,177,188 Kamensky, Jerold _ 146 Karlesky, Jean _ 147 Karsten, Susan _ 145 Katsoulis, Larry_ 148 Kaufman, Donna_146 Kay, Sandra_77 Kay, Walter _ 149 Kazelak, Richard _ 85 Kazmierczak, Sheila _ 83,147 Kennedy, Joseph_ 149 Kerman, Barry _ 76,145 Kitchen, Allen _ 145 Klapman, Gail_ 147 Klein, Diane _ 147 Klein, Gerald _ 149 Klein, Kenneth_148 Kluegel, Karen_ 146 Kohler, Rosemary _ 83,150 Kontelas, Barbara _ 145 Kraemer, Lynn _ 92 Kramer, Grace- 146 Krause, A1_ 145 Krone, Kenneth _ 148 Kryski, Nina _ 147 Kutza, Gerald - 146 Landauer, Judith_ 77,83,149 Lane, Marc - 71,149 Lanoff, Cheryl - 146 Lantz, Jaczueline_ 149 Lapin, Susan - 148 Larson, Glenn - 148 Larson, Louise_ 147 Larson, Sharon - 76,149 Laskov, Phyllis- 147 Lassen, Holly - 146 Lauer, Monica- 148 Lazer, Michele - 76,102,114 Lazar, Steve - 146,193 Leopold, Lynne - 145 Levatino, Judy- 150 Levin, Audrey _ 74,150 Levin, Gayle_ 145 Levin, Gerald - 145 Levine, Betty-149 Levy, Michael - 177 Lewis, Gary - 95,145,177 Lichtenstein, David - 146 Lichtenstein, James - 146 Locker, Judy - 76 Loeding, Ruth- 148 Lorenz, Gary - 150 Lowy, Jeffrey_148 McCarthy, David - 146 McMahon, Mardell-146 McMurray, Dorothy - 146 MacCallum, Michael — 149,177,180 Magged, Alexis- 147 Mann, Joan - 146 Mantalos, Stella - 150 Markin, Jill - 148 Marling, Helen-146 Maro, Joseph_149 Martinez, Richard-84,148 Masters, Linda- 145 Maston, Joyce - 145 Maston, Renee- 146 Matter, Dorothy_ 34,76,103,145 Mayer, Arleen-76,145 Meyer, John_ 145 Miller, Lawrence - 145,186 Minx, John _ 95,177 Moravick, Jacqueline- 147 Morgan, Sherle-150 Moss, Jean_147 Moss, Phillip _ 76,150 Mueller, Charlene_ 76,103,146 Multan, Lynn_145 Murphy, James_150 Muskat, Anthony_148 Muslin, Harvey _ 146 Nelson, David _72,146 Nixon, Susan_ 73,76,88,149 Nord, Karen _ 83,147 Novitt, Eileen - 146 Novotny, Claudia - 83,147 Nudelman, Michael - 75,150 Olenick, Michael_ 146 Olive, Nili_146 Oliver, William __ 20,75,95,146.177 3Ison, Larry_ 149 Orloff, Richard _ 75,149 Orlove, Arlene_ 88,104,150 Orser, Paul_ 150,192 Oslund, Ruth _ 77,148 Pahnke, Dianne _ 146 Pastorelli, Robert_147 Patek, Roger _ 147 Patek, Rosemary _ 147 Patterson, Kay_83,149 Payne, Helen _ 149 Payne, Lynda _ 28,150 Penner, Alana _ 149 Perlove, Marilyn _ 150 Perlow, Sheldon _ 145 Perlstein, Joe_146 Perri, Thomas_ 76,95,145,177 Perrin, Bruce _ 145 Peskind, Maureen _ 73,148 Peterson, Kenneth _ 145 Pflieger, Phillip _ 148 Phelan, Carolyn _ 148 Phillips, Neil _81,145,186 Pietrazak, Janice_ 145 Pinch, Daniel _ 85 Pitzer, Joseph _ 188 Piwko, Ralph _ 150 Pliskin, Pamela_145 Plotnick, Alyse_ 148 Plotkin, Steve_ 148 Porter, Bruce _ 146 Potrue, Kenneth _ 145 Pozner, Maureen _ 145 Puccinelli, John _ 76,77,145 Raab, Donald _ 95,149,181 Reese, John _ 148 Reinhard, Karen _ 148 Rimmler, Leslie _ 145 Ritchey, Suzanne_ 147 Roach, Martin _ 146,192 Roman, Janis_ 73,74,80,150 Rosen, Fred _ 84,146 Rosengard, Judith_ 78,89,145 Ross, Lawrence _ 77,150 Rossi, Dennis _ 95,177 Roth, Richard _ 147 Ruderman, Wayne _ 145,186 Rust, Dale _ 95,150,177 Ruyle, Robert_75,146 Sager, Sharon _ 147 Samson, Gilbert_ 149 Sandstedt, David_ 145 Scheufler, Alan _ 76,149 Schlichting, Harold_149 Schmidt, Linda _ 76,84,147 Schmidt, John_91 Schmidt, Robert _ 90,146,186 Schmidt, Roseann_146 Schneider, Gail __146 Schneider, Marilyn_ 149 Schulman, Sheri _ 73,146 Schulte, Margaret _ 73,147 Schultz, Terrance_ 145,147 Schulz, John_ 147 Scott, George_149 Sears, Steven _ 148 Seibel, William_150 Seiden, Gary_ 145 Seidman, Roberta _ 149 Seligman, Diane _ 20,78,149 Semmerling, Wayne _ 85,181 Senn, David _ 23,150 . Shanin, Jeffery_ 147 Shepard, Lauren_83,145 Sherman, Martha _ Sideman, Daniel _ 147 Sielski, Betty Jane_ 75,84,145 Silber, Elliot _ 147 Silverstein, Robert _ 149 Silzer, Nancy _ 150 Sitman, James _ 146,192,193 Smevold, Richard_149 Smith, Dan _ 146 Sohr, Borene _ 148 Sonne, Dondrae _ 145 Sorokin, Robert __ 149 Sosnowski, Phillip_89,91,149 Sotello, Edward_146,192 Spilberg, Stephen_ 88,95,150,181 Starr, Joyce _ 147 Stein, Marlene_ 149 Stein, Richard _ 146 Stellar, Carolynn _ 145 Stevens, Judith _ 145 Sopho Stocker, Doreen _ 28.145 Stryker, Ronald 95,148 1 Sullivan, Carol - 147 Abbott, Barbara Sulser, Glenn _ 150 Abbott, Barbara Swanciger, Gary __ 148 Ahrens, Barbara Szwajger, Yolanda - - 75,146 Aiello, Tomilyn Tabel, Claire 77,103,149 Akerly, Linda Tash, Ronald 88,145 Alex, David Taylor, Dianne_ 34,75,76,98,114, Allaun, Stephen 146 Allison, Toni Taylor, Lauren_ 73,76,81,88,148 Alonas, Paul Terp, Janet _ 114,146,150 Alop, Alan Tieger, Jeffery_ Alper, Sanford Timmer, William . -75,147 Alport, Carolyn . linker, Charlotte _ 146 Amari, Joseph Tokeshi, Richard _ 149 Anapole, Fred Torosic, Terry 146 Anderson, Bryan Tovell, James _ __ 146 Anderson, James Trilling, Rosanne _ 150 Anderson, Judith Trowbridge, Susan — 73,74,76,89, Anderson, Linda Tucker, Nancy_ Turner, Donna _ Turnpack, Stephen __ Uditsky, Francine_ Unatin, Gilbert_ Underwood, Jennifer Varney, Penelope_ Vavrinek, Starr _ Vincent, Barbara_ Volliner, Robert_ Volp, John _ Vrablick, Steven 149 _ 148 _ 146 _81,149 _ 76,78,147 _ 149 _74,148 _ 73,74,149 _ 147 _27,149 _ 147 _147,186 _ 149 Vraney, Susan _ 98,102,114,150 Wagner, Craig_ 149 Wagner, Robin_ 98,102,114,148 Wagner, William Walsh, Pamela _ Walter, John _ Wasserman, Diane _ Weibel, Harold_ Weihs, Gerald _ Weinberg, Sherman Weinlein, Michael Weinstein, Lee _ Weisbrodt, Joseph . Wells, Jane_ Wells, Joan _ Wheeler, Joanne __ White, Pamela_ Wicker, James _ Wickstrom, Iris _ Widerquist, Robert _ 147,186 Wilson, Thomas ___ 149 Wine, Robin_ 145 Wit el, Allan _ 78,79 Wojakowski, John ,_ 32,75,148 Wolf, Maureen 72,73,88,89,107,150 Wortman, Michael _ 149 Yactor, Tom _ 149 Yeend, Lorriane _ 149 Yoshioka, Dwight _ 149 Young, Charles _ 146 Young, Linda Zapas, Olarice _ 150 Zahpirio, Peter_ 76,148 Zager, William _ 30,145,192 Zastrow, Edward _ 145,177 Zavilla, Walter _ 146 Ziemianin, Gregory_ 150 Zimka, Theresa _ 149 Zolott, Bruce_148 Zuckerman, Evelyn _ 148 Anderson, Margaret _ 83,160 Anderson, Roger _ 156,179 Andrews, Susan_74,91,1 56 Anger, Maureen _ 159 Applebaum, Rosely_160 Archer, James _ 75,158,179 Aron, Cara _ 159 Arpan, Beverlee_157 Arpan, John _ 156 Aull, Charles _ 159 Azelickis, George_ 160 Bader, Robert _ 157,191 Bannister, Bonnie _ 155 Bantz, David _ 155 Barrick, Roger_ 159 Barron, Joyce _ 155 Baruck, John _ 155 Basrak, Roger_ 159,179 Bass, Charles _ 159 Bateman, Patricia _ 156 Bates, William_ 155 Batschauer, Bonnie_153 Baumann, Sandra _ 155 Baumhardt, Dennis_157,188 Beck, Harvey _ 154 Beletz, Florence_ 154 Bell, John _ 155,186 Bennett, Leonard _ 77,158 Berg, William_153 Berger, Barbara_80,156 Berk, Marcia _ 154 Berkover, Rosalynn _ 81,153 Berkowitz, Cary_ 154 Berkson, Leslie_ 157 Berlin, Barbara _ 77,157 Berndt, Margo_80,153 Bernstein, Susan_ 75,78,155,159 Bers, Louis _ 155,181,185 Betts, Margaret _ 157 Binkoff, Bonnie _ 158 Berndorf, Louise_16,156 Blank, Marilyn_157 Bloom, Barbara _ 156 Blustein, Marvin _ 158 Bolgioni, Richard_ 159 Bongiaami, Ronald_ 159 Bookwalter, Jack_75,157 Borack, Alvin _ 158,186 Bramwell, Terry___ 157 Brandt, Jacqueline_ 153 Breekha, Rose _ 153 Brendel, Diane_158 Brill, Charles_ 155,181 Brin, Jary _ 160 Broccolino, Evelyn _ 157 Bruksch, Edward __ 75,153,177,181 Bryant, Terry_154 Bulster, Robert _ 154 Burke, Raymond_ 158 Burkhardt, Larry_!_75,156 Burkhardt, Nancy_ 158 Burns, Bud _ 90,156 Burns, Samuel _ 154,179 Burnstein, Bill _ 155 Calucci, Rosemary _ 156 Caracciolo, George _ 156,181 Carlson, Nancy_ 159 Carlson, Wendell _ 82,154 Carniol, Glenn_ t _155 Carozza, Phyllis _ 156 Chang, Charles _ 88,188 Cheetham, Shirley_75,156 Chepulis, Cheryle _ 153 Index Chikaraishi, Dona _88,157 Childs, Sharon _ 77,154 Chrisos, Patrick _ 153 Christenson, William _ 159 Chvalousky, Jon _ 154 Cierny, James_ 153 Cieszykowski, Ken _ 158 Cinman, Paulette_ 73,76,153 Clark, Howard_ 158,179 Clark, June _ 155 Cline, Edwin _ 158,179 Cockrell, Cynthia _ 73,157 Cohen, Brian _ 158 Colbert, Stever_ 154 Cole, Marilyn_ 158 Collins, Patricia _ 158 Conley, Karen _ 91 Conti, Michael _ 159,179 Corn, Donna _76,153 Cornelius, William _ 156 Costantino, Roseann_155 Cowan, Beverly _ 77,158 Culberg, Beverly _ 81,153 Cutrone, James_ 160,179,188 Dahl, Donna_77 Daiberl, Richard _ 75,154 Dali, Karen__ 89,95 Danzinger, David _ 158 Davidove, Sandra_81,154 Davidson, Marilynn _ 158 Davis, Barry _ 158,181 Davis, Diane_ 154 Davis, Trudi_ 159 Dawson, Jack_158 Decker, Renate _ 75,80,154 Dell, Darlene _ 80,153 Delman, Joel_ 154 De Love, Judith _ 74,153 De Meduc, Candy _ 155 Denley, Lynn _ 77,153 Derman, Barry _ 159 Dettloff, Diane _ 77 De Vogelear, David_156,179 De War, Matthew _ 153 Ditkowsky, James _ 157 Ditkowsky, Judith _ 155 Doherty, Anthony _ 156 Dohoracki, Susan_ 156 Doniger, Dale _ 155 Dorfman, Judith _ 74,81,159 Doyle, Nancy _ 76,158 Dragovitch, Danka_77,154 Dressel, William _ 160 Drew, Kathleen _ 154 Du Chane, Robert_ 155 Dtida, Lynn _ 157 Duren, Janet_ 76,153 Eagan, Laura _ 158 Eichhorn, James _ 158 Elden, Barry _ 76,160,179,191 Elias, Sheldon - 75,154 Endicott, Linda - 160 Enenstein, Sherry - 81,155 Engdahl, Karen - 157 Esposito, Paschal- 158 Ettinger, Esther __ 80 Eulberg, Patricia_75,91,154 Evans, Scott _ 158 Evensen, Warren _ 158 Fabrie, Mike_ 155 Faerstein, Joel _ 155 Falkoff, Ellen_ 155,179 Farad, Peter_ 179 Fein, Renee _ 155 Feingold, Bonita _ 155 Feldman, Arlene _ 154 Fimoff, Barbara _ 156 Fleishman, Barbara _ 99,156 Florczak, Robert _ 159 Flowers, Christine _ 156 Ford, Judith_ 153 Forgan, Pamela _ 158 Forsberg, Theodore_157,188 Franklin, Susan _ 156 Fredrickson, Lin _ 159 Freed, Andrea _ 153 Freedberg, Lynn _ 153 Freedman, Gail _ 99,155 Freel, Lloyd _ 179 Freeman, Barbara _ 159 Friedman, Gary-154,185 Friedman, Joel_ 159 Fujiye, Leslie _ 155 Fuka, Karen _ 157 Futransky, James_ 153 Gaan, Cary _ 157 Gabriel, Amelia _ 76,157 Gallen, Elizabeth _ 77,83,156 Garfield, Frances_ 160 Garlich, Michael _ 75,159 Gaule, Alan _ 156 Geist, Fred _ 157 Gilbert, William _ 156 Glass, Bonnie _ 154 Glenn, Marilyn _ 157 Gliem, Judith _ 83,159 Goch, Diane_ 158 Goebelt, Linda_ 157 Goldberg, David-158 Goldberg. George _ 82,158 Goldenberg, Joseph -90,158 Goldenberg, Lawrence_156,186 Goldfeder, Janice — 74,76,77,78,81, 158 Goldman, Gary_ 157,179 Goldner, Sheldon - 157 Goldstein, Donna_153 Goodman, Gerald - 158 Gordon, Gail - 154 Gorski, Dianne - 158 Gorsky, Jerrold- 155 Goss, Harriet _ 16,95,159 Gottschalk, Norma - 156 Gould, Robert _ 154 Gracen, Todd _ 82,155 Gradman, Sidney- 160 Gragman, Mark - 157 Graham, Kenneth - 77 Gray, Kathleen - 77,153 Greenberg, Denise- 70,74,158 Gregerson, Bonnie _ _ 157 Grigg, Susan _ 74,79,153 Griffiths, Nancy _ 153 Grossman, Bruce_ 160 Guba, Alex _ 156 Guenther, Ellen _ 157 Guinand, Linda_92,153 Hagele, Catherine_ 153 Hagen, Gail _ 157 Hain, Paul _ 157 Haller, Thomas_ 159 Hallmann, Elmer _ 157 Halpert, Scott - 154 Hammond, Marilyn - 160 Hanlon, Thomas_ 153 Hansen, Michael- 75,77,84,154 Hansen, Thomas_ 158 Hanson, Katherine_ 153 Haroldson, James _ 153 Hawkins, Virginia _ 155 Head, Michael _ 157 Heinz, John _ 20,59,76,159 Heina, Roseann _ 159 Heller, Frances_159 Henning, Randy _ 153 Henningsen, Cheryl - 155 Henricks, Lynnette __25,155 Henricks, William _ 159 Heppner, Amy _ 80,155,157 Herbon, Amy _ 80,156 Herbst, Joan _ 160 Herman, Richard - 159 Hertzberg, Stuart_ 154,185 Herzog, Steven _ 154 Heun, Roger _ 154 Hcyer, Barbara_ 159 Hildebrand, Fred_153 Hilfman, Merle _ 76,158 Hill, David _ 159 Hirschtick, Steven-153,185 Hirsch, Rochelle_ 18,81,153 Hlady, Joyce _ 160 Hoag, Bruce _ 156 Hobbs. Kim _ 160 Hoeper, Lore _ 159 Hoffman, Ellen - 155 Hobs, Williams_ 95,153,177,185 Honne, Elizabeth__79,158 Hook, Charles _ 160 Hunter, William _ 158 Ingram, Barbara_91,156 Iverson, Annette - 156 Iverson, Walter - 156 Jackson, George _ 85,156 Jacobs, Sharon _ 155 Jaeger, Jerry _ 154 Janek. James _ 159,179 Janse, Julie - 158 Janus, Walter _ 85,91,156,193 Jobst, James _ 159,179 Johnson, Barbara _ 158 Johnson, Donald- 156 Johnson, James_ 155,185 Johnson, James_ 157 Johnson, Lynn - 155 Johnson, Sonja _ 83 Johnson, William_153 Kahn, Madelon _ 156 Kalish, Ruthann - 157 Kallison, Jerry - 155 Kaluzna, Marlene-157 Kane, William _ 154 Kaplan, Robert _ 154 Kaplan, Robert P. - 155 Kaplan, Susan - 160 Karlin, Allan _ 16,18,158 Karlin, Maureen _ 80,83,153 Karoff, Susan_155 Karp, Trudy _ 77,159 Katz, David _ 160,179 Katz, Dean _ 154,179 Keller, Lester _ 75,155 Kenney, Kerry _ 155 Keno, Marcia-158 Kerstetter, Judith - 99,154 Kessel, Linda _ 16,95,159 Keirstein, Jeanmarie _ 155 Kinowski, Margaret_ 138,156 Kirchens, Peter - 159 Kirk, Carol _ 158 Kiszely, Gary_ 160,179 Kitsos, Robert _ 158 Kein, Charma ine_ 158 Kleinzweig, Robert _ __ 90,160 Klemmer, John - 75,153 Kliphardt, Janis __ 76,77,81,88,89, 157 Klipowicz, Donald - 159 Klyman, Linda_ 159 Kmety, John - 153 Koch, Betty _ 156 Kohl, James _ 159 Koppman, Diane- 157 Koznarski, Joanne - 153 Kramarczyk, Barbara — 77,83,154 Kravitz, Irving _ 158 Kreitcr, Sheryl _ 153 Kretschmar, Carol _ 154 Kriete, Mary- 154 Krispin, Gary - 153 Kristof, Jack _ 159,179 Kriz, Judith - 154 Krooth, Bonnie - 159 Kuechemeister, Fred - 154 Kuehn, Donald - 31,159,191 Kuffer, Janet_75,157 Kuhr, Sylvia - 74,77 Kuklin, Stephen _ 153 Kummerow, Walter — 156,179,188. 189 Kwasniak, Joe - 154 Lach, Kathleen__- 153 Laff, Gary _ 91,153 Lain, Russell - 154,188 Lamberty, Robert _ 159 Landberg, Ingrid-75,156 Landerholm, Linda_ 83,92,157 Landes, Ronald _ 154,181 La nge, Doris_ 158 Lappa, James_ 153 La Roussa, Roy_ 157 Larson, Karen - 155 Laughlin, Linda_ 77,80,89,92,156 Layne, Linda _ 154 Lear, Judith - 159 Lee, Barbara _ 89,159 Lee, Steven _ 158,181 I.e Fevne, Dennis_ 153 Leffingwell, Bruce _ 198 Lerner, Jeffery - 153,191 Le Tourneau, Judith- 153 Lev, Abraham _ 153,179,185 Levenfeld, Scott _ 156 Levin, Sherwin _ 82,89,157 Levin, Stanton - 153,193 Levin, Stuart _ 85,156 Levine, Marla - 156 Levitt, Nancy _ 154 Levy, Stewart- 154,181 Lewis, Anthony_156,191 Lichtenstein, Linda -81,99,159 Liebling, Janice - 155 Linick, Charlene _ 71,155 Lipman, Douglas_ 84,156,188 Lisser, Rita - 157 Long, Carol _88,154 Losher, Lorene- 157 Lotz, Robert - 156,186,187 Lovering, Frank - 159 Lowy, Janis_ 159 Lubin, Lisa - 79,155 Me Comb, Terrence - 157 Me Conaughy, Steven-153 Maher, Maureen _ 159 Majestic, Diane - 155 Malone, Patricia _. 91,158 Mann, Susan- 159 Manna, Carole- 157 Marino, Stephen - 159 Marks, Christopher-155 Marks, Penny - 157 Martin, Bonna_ 156 MasellL Steven-76,111,154 Masover, Lynne _ 155 Maston, Glenn - 153,179,188 Matayka, Gerald-91,153 Mattingly, Thomas-157 Mau, April - 77,159 Maul, Kenneth - 155 Mazz, Maurice _ 153 Meadows, Mary _ 158 Meisner, William-157 Melamed, Linda - 156 Melzer, Sally - 91 Mermel, Scott- 75,153 Merrill, David - 81,85,158 Meszaros, Gary _ 75,159 Metnick, Larry _ 153,193 Mich, Caren _ 157 Miguel, John _ 154 Miller, Phyllis _ 157 MUwer, Fred _ 159 Mink, Marcia _ 156 Mirshak, Ronald _ 158,181 Mitz, Kathleen _ 83,158 Mizock, Judith_ 159 Moldofsky, Lanny_156,179 Moore, Dennis_75,156 Moyes, Kathleen _ 155 Mueller, Barbara_91,154 Mueller, Robert _ 157 Murlas, Christopher_160,185 Murphy, William _ 156 Muskat, Marc_155,181,185 Myles, Janet _ 71,97,155 Myrent, Stewart _ 155 Nadler, Robert _ 155 Nakayama, Joan _ 159 Nathan, Jon_ 155 Natkin, Diane _ 81,158 Nelson, Lawrence _ 179 Nelson, Russell _ 75,154 Nelson, Virginia _ 153 Neubarth, Loreli_ 80,153 Neubauer, Elaine _ 74,159 Newmark, Jeffrey _ 157 Noreen, James_ 158 Norling, Linda _75,157 Norman, Carol _ 153 North, Warren_ 154 Noto, Jo Ann _ 73,85,155 Novak, Nancy_ 75,153 Novik, Arlene _ 153 Novotny, William_ 155,179,191 Oeller, Mary Ellen_ 155 Olson, Robert_ 157,185 Oscarson, Christine _ 157 Overbeck, Ralph _ 157 Owens, Michael_ 58,158,179,191 Packer, Jerilyn_ 158 Palast, Scott _ 155 Panchesin, Michael_ 155 Parker, Glenn _ 155 Parker, Marlene _ 153 Parry, James_ 154,179 Paul, Donna _ 92,154 Pearlman, Donald __ 74,82,157,179 Penelle, Robert _ 156 Pepper, Roslyn_153 Perri, Helen _ 77,99,102,160 Peters, John _ 155 Peterson, Gordon_75,159 Peterson, Lois _ 77,157 Peterson, William _ 155 Petrokus, Barbara _ 156 Pfaff, Thomas_ 156,179,193 Pifke, Susan _ 80,158 Piell, Terry _ 155 Pines, Robert _ 159 Pinkwater, Marcia _ 143,150 Pisano, Jerome_ 156 Plenn, Howard _ 158 Pogofsky, Larry _ 157 Pohorak, Susan_156 Powell, Pamela _ 155 Prange, Pamela _ 77,80,157 Prim, Janis _ 156 Privratsky, Eileen _ 156 Quinn, Karen _ 153 Radicek, Linda _ 154 Rand, Robin _ 154 Reading, Mary _ 153 Rebbe, Gary _ 153 Redinger, Christian_158 Reynolds, Sandra_154 Ricci, Lorraine _ 153 Rissman, Dennis_ 158 Ritter, John _ 157 Riverburgh, Robert_154,179 Rodman, Jerry _ 181 Rodnick, Sharon _ 160 Rogan, Rosemary _ 159 Rolak, Karen_156 Root, Frances - 153 Rose, Daive _ 159,185 Rosecrans, Judith _ 158 Rosen, Alan _ 185,159 Rosenberg, Debra _ 78,109,158 Rosenquist, William — 90,158,179, 191 Ross, Gilbert _ 155 Rothblatt, Stephen _ 18,85,111, 158 Rubin, Steven _ 153 Rugendorf, Donna_ 156 Rust, Joanne _ 76,83,156 Sabec, Russell _ 156,185 Saflarski, Jeanne_ 159 Salerno, Michael_ 156 Sandler, Leslie - 158 Saranecki, Scott _ 158,179 Sass, Marcia _ 153 Schafer, Richard _ 155,181 Schamber, Laura_ 156 Schiff, Noel _ 154 Schiffman, Bonnie _ 159 Schiller, Ronald _ 158 Schlitter, James _ 155 Schmitz, Lynn _ 158 Schnidt, James _ 156,181 Schreiber, Etta_ 158 Schreiber, Robbert _ 155,157 Schroeder, Keith _ 159,193 Schulhoff, Bonnie _ 154 Schulman, Julie _ 157 Schwartz, Alan _ 154 Schwartz, Donald_ 154,186 Schwartz, Robert _ 154 Schweinsberg, Stanton_160,181 Semiloff, Holly _ 78,156 Semple, James _ 159 Shaf, Vance _ 158,186 Shapira, Sarita _ 154 Shapiro, Howard_ 154 Shapiro, Linda_ 159 Share, Michael _ 156 Shellist, Karen _ 75,154 Sherman, Ira _ 156 Shivley, Gretchen _ 161 Sidel, Michel_ 157 Siegel, Marcey _ 153 Silberman, Ellen _ 155 Silverstein, Allan _ 112,153 Silvert, Mark _ 112 Silvertrust, Raymond_75,159 Simon, Howard _ 181,188 Sinkule, Barbara _ 83,159 Skara, Barbara _ 88,99,157 Skidmore, Karen _ 80,155 Sklar, Elaine _ 153 Smith, Bonnie _ 91,97,154 Smith, Judith _ 154 Sokolov. Vladimir _ 25,159 Sommers, Sue _ 158 Soquet, Thomas _ 154 Sorokin, Mark _ 158 Spencer, Richard _ 159 Speigel, Marilyn _ 155 Spikings, Katherine_154 Spitz, Stephen _ 156 Stein, Jerry _ 154,155 Steinberg, David _ 155 Steitz, Raymond _ 153 Sterner, Rosalie_ 74,81,159 Stengl, Elizabeth _ 76,95,154 Stern, Gerald _ 186,154 Stocker, Judith _ 158 Stone, Janet _ 158 Stresser, John _ 154 Strickett, Barbara_154 Strobl, Gregory _ 158,179 Stroetzel, Victor _ 157 Struck, Joseph _ 153 Stupp, Rita_ 157 Stutland, Rka _ 156 Sulser, Arthur _ 155,193 Supanc, Elke _ 77,91 Swanson, Linda _ 92,157 Swartz, Robey _ 85,154,156 Szabady, Clara _ 159 Thimios, Tula_ 158 Thigpen, Ronald __ 33,159,179,188, 191 Thoma, Gregory _ 159 Thomas, Robert __ 28,90,158,179, 191 Thompson, Holly_ 18,76,88,158 Thornton, Scott_153,193 Thimmings, Jeanne _ 155 Tincher, Carol_ 155 Torenko, James _ 160 Tortorella, Georgine_81,94,159 Tortorice, Peter _ 156 Tubekis, Alex _ 156 Tucker, Frances _ 74,88,159 Tunkl, Judith_ 74,88,155 deck, Donna_ 154 Urbanus, Joseph _ 158 Urelius, Gordon_ 158,185 Van Eikeren, Paul_ 156 Velen, Robert _ 159 Voigt, James _ 159 Vollmer, Robert _ 154 Vorsatz, Peter _ 157 Votzmeyer, Ed _ 156 Waddell, George_ 153 Wagner, Donald _ 155 Wallies, Kathleen _ 76,153 Walter, Dennis _ 159 Warren, Jeffrey _ 154 Wazburg, Karen _ 156 Weaver, Daniel _ 154 Webster, Carole_ 155 Weil, Donald _ 153 Weinberg, David A._154 Weinberg, Robert _ 157 Weinhart, James _ 154 Weiss, Lee _ 157,160,191 Werner, Carol_ 156,75 Westphal, Marianna _ 71,153 Wiese, Sandra _ 160 Wiig, Keith_ 153 Wikell, Milton_ 159 Wilke, Kathy _ 155 Williams, Diane _ 155 Williams, Roger _85,155 Williamson, Sharon _ 77,156 Wimmer, Daniel _ 156,179 Wimmer, Phyllis _ 75,157 Wisniewski, Wayne _ 153 Wolnik, Wayne_ 154 Wood, William _ 157 Woods, Craig _ 155 Wooley, Robert _ 57,157,181 Work, Carol _ 74,77,156 Worth, Bruce _ 153 Wright, Sherry _ 153 Wu, Jack - 56,156,191 Wulf, Arthur_ 159 Wynn, Michael_ 155,181 Yamaguchi, Robert_ 155,179 Yardley, James _ 154,188 Zager, Ronald_75,154 Zaidler, Laura_88,157 Zaitlen, Richard_ 157,186 Zeitlin, Donna_ 156 Zemel, Maureen_154 Zenner, Donna_ 159 Zimmerman, Glen_ 159,179,191 Zimmermen, Linda_158 Zostrin, Robert _ 186 Freshmen Aberman, David R._171,180,186 Adami, Lee Ann _83,163 Adams, Audrey _ 171 Adelman, Linda G. __ 88,170 Adelson, Marla K. _ 166 Adler, Marvin Alan _84,170 Albert, Sharon _ 172 Adler, Duane Bruce __ 163,180,191 Allen, Nancy J. _ 172 Allenbaugh, Wm. H. _ 170,180 Altenbem, Linda_163 Altshuler, Terry_ 163,185,171 Ambrus, Gayle L._171 Anderson, Donald J._ 172 Anderson, Douglas S._ 163 Anderson, Linda H._ 80,162,164 Anderson, Raymond A._ ' 171 Anderson, Sandi _ 164 Androw, Judy _ 169 Apelian, Donald _ 164 Applebaum, Leslie R._ 163 Armstrong, Darlene G._168 Asher, Nadine Jane_ 172 Aviano, Richard A. _ 96,180 Bacher, Helen E._166 Baker, Ronald _ 168 Balkonis, Linda _ 170 Ballew, Balinda _ 166 Ballon, Patricia _ 167 Bank, Claire Ruth_165 Banks, Marla_169 Barber, Linda _ 75,76 Barclay, Richard_ 172,180,193 Barnett, Lynne_ 164 Barsky, Robert_ 166 Bartelson, Anna _ 171 Barth, Barbara_169 Barth, Julianne_168 Bartholomew, Robert_85,170 Bartlett, Bonnie Dee_ 170 Bass, Mira _ 99 Bassuk, Lawrence _ 81,166 Basting, Sharen _ 168 Baum, Barbara _ 77,167 Baumhardt, Keith_33,167 Beaird, Judith _ 167 Becker, Bill John_ 165 Beckway, Brent _ 169 Bedoe, Beverly_ 165 Beezy, Thomas_ 163 Behr, Elyce Judith_ 171 Behrens, Renea Diane_83,163 Behrstock, Gary_ 164 Beinig, Peggy _ 171 Bennett, Lynn _ 170 Berg, Connie Lee_ 166 Berger, Harold _ 193,171 Berger, Joel _ 169,185 Berk, Terry _ 168 Berkover, Robert_ 170 Berlowe, Judy _ 172 Berman, Robert _ 96,165 Berman, Rosalie _77,81,83 Berman, Steven_168 Berndt, Phyllis _ 83,172 Bernstein, Carol _ 163 Bernstein, Ronald _ 167 Bernstein, Ronald_ 75 Bers, Alan _ 167 Bethke, William _ 171 Beutler, Mary Ann_164 Bjork, Donna _ 164 Blamenser, Mary_ 169 Blank, Donna _ 172 Blessing, Barbara_166 Blessing, Carol_ 170 Blumenthal, Alan_ 164 Blumenthal, Roy_163 Bolnick, Bruce_84,170 Bolotin, Pamela 79 Bond, Nancy_ 167 Booth, Susan_165 Bradford, Jane_ 169 Bradford, Leonard_ 79 Brandzel, Ellen _ 163 Braverman, Donna- 164 Breinig, Peggy_171 Bridges, Patricia_169 Brodin, Chris _180 Brody, Linda-163 Bodzik, Walter-163 Brown, Joanne-163 Brown, Larry_171 Brownstein, Susan_168 Brusman, Maynard _185 Bryant, Myra _170 Bubley, Linda_165 Burr, Janet -91 Butler, Judith_167 Cahan, David Carlisle, Shirley_ 168,186,171 Carlson, Gary _ 168,193 Carlson, Robert -166 Cassidy, Alan _ 166 Chaitkin, Paul _170 Chamerski, Carol -163 Checkopoulos, Michael-177,166 Checkopoulps, Peter-167 Chrisos, Kathleen _170 Christ, Maria_166 Christensen, Douglas - 85 Claus, Jeffrey - 80,171 Clauson, Joan - 83,172 Clyman, Harold- 85,169 Clyman, Sandra-77,172 Cohen, Linda _171 Cohen, Marilyn- 76,77,163 Coleman, Lynn _ 171 Collons, Michelle-81,166 Conrad, Jon- 79,80,82,164 Corcoran, Colin - 33 Cordell, Marshall _169 Corr, Patricia_ 77,162,164 Coulter, Marilyn -169 Cowen, Bonnie _168 Criz, Robert _168 Croneigh, Cynthia -172 Curran, Donna-166 Dahlin, June_ 77,170 Damker, Donna- 167 Dankowski, Gail-165 Dankowski, Gary-167 Darsch, Catherine_77,169 Darsch, Dale _177 Dascanio, Ida _ 163 Davis, Cheryl-83,171 Davis, Virginia- 77,154,164 Decker, Patrick -167 Dedekind, Karen - 171 Dehmalow, Genie-169 DeLaRosa, Lorie-93,179 De Lott, Ronald_163,186 De Maa, Sandra- 168 Demas, William_170,180 De Rudder, Jerome -171 Deutch, Sharon_170 Diamond, Fred_84,172 Didier, Linda_ 165 Dietze, Naomi - 77,168 Dingman, Bruce - 85,163 Di Salvo, Allan-77,171 Dobbin, Gregg-164,181,158 Dobbs, Kenneth _164 Domenella, Lina-170 Doppelt, Samuel -168 Drews, Donna -167 Duffey, Patricia _171 Dugan, Janice- 76,77,163 Earlix, Lawrence _171 Eaves, Alison _ 170 Eby, Patricia _ 74 Edwards, Bruce _172 Eiler, Harold _ 166 Eilers, Joyce _ 77,80,162,166 Elarde, Gerry -165 Ellis, Darryl _ 170,185 Endre, David -166 Engle, Richard-166 English, Robert_ 167,180,193 Ensslen, Gisela _166 Epstein, Francine_172 Epstein, Tobi _ 172 Index Erlander, Carla 7,163 Ermilio, Janice - 81,171 Ernt, William_ 165,180 Esposito, Linda - 164 Esposito, Linda -167 Esterman, David -169 Ewing, Linda _ 169 Fabro, Vivian _ 93,168 Faintuch, Cheryl- 83,95,162,172 Fallico, Richard -163 Fanaras, Christopher - 164 Faraci, Linda -164 Faust, Penelope _166 Fearn, Arnold_90,171,193 Feigenbaum, Adrienne __ 77,162,170 Feinberg, Ellen - 77,166 Feldman, Mark - 169 Feldpausch, Jack - 90,168 Ferina, Vincent-170 Ferris, James _ 165,186 Filko, Gary - 85,164 Fischer, Paul - 168,185 Fisher, Jo Anne - 165 Flasch, Norman - 85,167 Fleischman, Jerry-171 Fleischman, Marcie -169 Flink, Edward -163 Fortuna, Nicholus - 170 Fortunato, Nikki - 163,170 Foster, Gregory - 84,172 Foster, Joanne - 90,162,164 Fox, Lynn - 171 Frank, Barry -172 Franklin, Janis-74,169 Franks, George -163 Fray, Karin -168 Fredson, Michelle-99,170 Freed, Ellyn_79,165 Freeman, Arlene- 168 Fried, Miriam_ 77,79,167 Friedmen, Terry-165 Friedmen, Terry- 165 Friedman, Diane - 77,167 Friedman, Terri-172 Friedner, Bonnie-97,163 Fritz, George - 164 Cagne, Henry - 163 Garcia, Daniel - 169 Garen, Kenneth -168 Garlin, Barry- 172,180 Germain, Judith- 170 Gerow, Alan- 166,181,193 Gertenrich, Robert- 166 Gilbert, Barry - 77,170 Gilbert, Susan - 162,172 Gillman, Robert-166,195 Gitner, Linda-81,163 Glade, Cathy_ 172 Glassberg, Joan -79,163 Gold, Barry _ 93,165 Gold, Judith - 171 Gold, Lauren - 77,169 Gold, Steven _ 163 Goldblatt, Cheryl- 164 Goldfarb, Iris - 77,169 Goldman, Ilene-162,168 Goldner, Donna- 172 Goldstankt, James _ . -164 Goldstein, Elyse - 166 Goldstein, Robert - 84 Goren, Gail - 170 Gernstein, Shoya-166 Goundas, Rita -165 Graff, Jeffrey-82,169 Graham, Lynne-81,169 Grant, Richard - 69 Grauman, Nancy-85,163 Greene, Robert_168 Greenfield, Richard-170,180 Greenman, Herbert_ 82,165,181 Greenman, Steven -168 Grossman, Barry-167 Guenther, Timothy-165 Guess, Dennis _ 167 Gunther, Sharon-165,171 Gutsmiedl, Robert-163 Hagen, Mary_169 Hain, Thomas_ 170 Hajduk, Christine-83,168 Hallman, Barbara -170 Halpern, Rita-165 Hanlon, William -166 Hanstrom, Thomas -171 Hantman, Susan-171 Harms, Eileen - 80,168 Harris, Janis -165 Harris, Mark_ 77,84,172 Hartman, Howard- 163 Hartman, Lona- 76,77,80,167 Harvey, Roger _ 85,90,171,180 Harris, Martha_ 79,90,162,171 Hehn, Cheryl -170 Helford, Paul _164 Heller, Barbara -163 Heller, Richard - 169 Henrickson, Charles __ 168,193,180 Hepburn, Sandra -85,170 Herrman, Ron -172 Heuberger, Diane -166 Hidaka, Candyce i-171 Hilbert, Michael-166,180 Hildebrandt Ed -170 Hinkle, Alan-166,181,186 Hobbs, Michael -167 Hodges, William_165,193 Hoffberg, Josephine- 77 Hoffing, Ellen -172 Hoglund, Janet-163 Holtzman, Jeff-163 Hook, Carol-171 Horowitz, Trudye-164 Horwitz, Steven - 164,185 Howard, Allan-171 Hrynko, Linda -164 Hulteen, Linda-162,169 Hudspeath, William- 166 Hunter, Dianne - 83,168 Illiam, Barbara- 172 Immergluck, Rona-81,170 Isaacson, Robert-169 Iverson, Lana - 77,167 Izbicky, Michael- 168 Jacobs, Eugene - 170,180 Jobst, Don -165 Johanson, Alice- 169 Johnson, Carolyn -94,163 Johnson, Judy-164 Johnson, Karen-171 Johnson. Richard- 168 Jones, Patricia -168 Jung, Wayne - 167 Kahn, Hilary - 167 Kalmis, Gail_ 169 Kalzuna, Scott - 88,165 Kaniml. Sherry - 168 Kane. Ruth_77.170 Kanter, Lynn _81,83,165 Kapaln, Arlene_ 79,162,168 Kaplan. Jay - - 167 Karch, Nancy-79,167 Karl, Richard __ — — 171,191 Karol, Arthur _ 163 Karpman, Ronald 166 Katler, Gary- 170 Katsoulis, Thomas- 172 Katz, Beth_80,165 Katz, Sherrie - 167 Katznelson, Craig-172 Kaufman, Andrea-77,171 Keefer, Robert - 163 Keith, Bruce.. 171 Kelter, Roberta- 170 Keuper, Arlene-166 Kierstein, Rosemary -172 Kilcullen, Edward- 164,172,186 Kilcullen, Shirley-172 Kipmis, Mark - 169 Kirshman, Michele- 77 Kizorek, Bernadette-163 Klaveter, Joan-88,164 Kletnick, Robert-172 Kliphardt, Judy-162,166 Knochclmann, Nancy-163 Koch, Richard-170 Koenig, Leonard-77,166 Komiss, Karen-77,164 Knopka, Anthony -167 Konopka, Elizabeth-77,171 Koppman, Joyce-79,169 Koprinik, Dale -165 Kottemeir, Anthony-96,164 Kovacic, Diane -168 Kowitt, Justine-169 Koziol, Charles- 163,181 Kraemer, Charles- 164,185 Kramer, Terry -165 Krantz, Carol-172 Krasner, Robert-171 Krause, Anita -166 Krause, I la -166 Krause, Marlene-170 Kreiter, Fredric - 33,169,181; Krupnick, Michael-82,168 Kuhr, Kathe-80,81,164 Kuhn, Catherine-85,169 Kurlan, Marcia-163 Kurti, Jill _ 79,80,162, 171 Kushner, Mark-165 Lain, Barbara_169 Lambert, Penny - 162,168 Lange, Robert-85,165 Lantz, June - 162,170 La Roussa, Robert- 161 Laroy, Gerald-171 Larson, Kenneth-163,180 Lauer, Dennis-172 Lauerman, Christell- 80 La Vay, Patricia-172 Lawrence, Herby-172 Leach, Diana_77,165 Leek, Elaine -168 Leduc, Joe-163,191 Lees, James_77,171,191 Leichtenberg, Robert-164 Leick, Sue -159 Lencho, Keith-72,164 Pencil, Meredith_99,165 Lenzen, Glenn -169 Leptich, Jeffery -168 Lerner, Susan -171 Lesser, Barbara-163 Levin, Judy-170 Levin, Robert- 80,172,180,185 Levine, Michael-166,180 Levinson, Larry-170 Levy, Diane-79,166 Lewin, Burton - 166 Liano, Anthony-167,180 Lieberman, Rita-172 Lindberg, Martha -172 Lindemann, Judy-163 Linder, Charles-165 Lippens, Frank- 169,180 Lound, Donna -171 Lucary, Gary-163 Lucas, Michael -164 Lundquist, Barbara-164 Lynch, Myrna_164 McCann, Sharon-169 McCarthy, John-75,169 McConaughy, David-168 McCracken. Mary-168 McGuire, Dennis -164 McGuire, Richard-170,185 McLin, Janice-172 McNich, Linda-166 MacCallum, Kathleen -170 MacCorkle, Marilynn- 162,166 Magner, Kathleen-167 Magnuson, Betty - 77,165 Malone. Ronald - 165,179 Maltz, Laura - 77,163 Margalski, Thomas-167 Marshall, Norine-171 Index Martin, Wayne _167 Martorano, Michael_171,185 Mason, Ronald _ 163,193 Matzkin, Terry_ 170,180,191 Mazzeffi, John _172 Medak, Ruth _169 Meinke, James _172 Melichar, Pamela_90,170 Menakes, Ellen_81,165 Merdt, Phyllis_172 Merriman, William_163 Messershmitt, Glenn_171,186 Metrich, Sydni _168 Meyer, Bruce_164 Meyer, Robert_ 164,180,186 Meyer, Steven _169 Mikula, Phillip_168 Miles, Tamata _165 Miller, Gerald_169 Miller, John_166 Mitchell, William_ 170,180,193 Mits, Melody_167 Molinaro, Mildred_77,81,162 Morris, Yvette_171,162,163 Mueller, Robert_167,180 Muise, Bob _165 Multon, Carol _ 170 Murphy, David_ 169,185 Murray, David_ 170 Mussar, Christine_ 79,88,166 Nadler, Molly _ 165 Nelson, Jill _ 99,172 Nelson, Penny _ 163 Nelson, Robert _ 164 Neuman, Karyn _ 171 Newman, Betty_ 77,79,164 Newton, Diane_ 164 Niclas, Marcia _ 75,83,169 Niedrich, Robert_ 171 Noddin, Bill _ 169 Nonclerc, Claudette_168 Norling, Nancy_168 Novak, Lana_ 166 Novak, Nancy _ 75,80,170 Novick, Sandra_ 166 Novoselsky, Karen_77,166 Novotny, James_165,191 Nuss, Elmer_168,181 Nyland, Linda _ 170 Odelman, Linda_170 Odess, Richard_ 167,185 Olsberg, Adele_79,166 Olson, Ruth _ 77,167 Omachel, Dennis_165 Omachel, Sharon _167 O’Neill, Marguerite_165 Orlove, Robert _ 167,181,185 Oskroba, Martina _163 Ostermeier, Dorothy_77,169 Otto, Victoria _ 88,171 Owen, Joanne_163 Painter, Darrell _163 Palmer, Mark _170 Panos, Alexander _ 82,88,163 Papa, Annegret_164 Paulsen, Martin_168,180 Paulson, Nancy _171 Pearson, Dilora_85,169 Pedott, Betty _172 Penner, Ardith _170 Perdue, Raborn_172 Petacque, Susan_81,167 Peters, Carolyn --165 Peters, Stephen _ _ 85,113 Petersen, Karen_77,169 Peterson, Arlette_81,171 Peterson, Curtis_171 Peterson, Dana _167 Peterson, Kay _170 Peterson, Robert_164 Petroske, Charlotte __ _ 166 Petroski, Marsha_ 172 Phelan, Robert_169 Pierce, Sandra _171 Pintacura, Adrienne_164 Pitzer, Scott _ 168,180 Plante, Heidi _ 164 Pollice, Gina _ 14,167 Porazinski, Linda_77,169 Potenza, Joanne_168 Prehnal, Linda Mae_83,172 Proesel, Barbara A. _166 Prouty, Scott Ives _170 Puerkal, Gregory F._166 Raab, Nancy _ 167,180 Radermacher, Susan_ 166 Rainero, William _165,180 Rammel, Hal _ 169 Ramsey, Joy _ 77,167 Randazzo, Robert _163 Rapport Jan _ 165 Rask, Sally_81,162,169 Rask, Susan _ 81,163 Redman, Steve _ 85 Regin, Joy - 77,164 Rehwaldt, Nancy_ 171 Samuelson, Richard _ 164 Santowski, Lucille _ 77,81,172 Sargeant, Chester_ 164 Schaefer, Allan _ 169,180,185 Schaffner, Nancy _ 77,170 Schurecht, Charles _ 168 Schechter, Ian _ 172 Schinzing, Kenneth_ 166 Schlocker, Catherine_81,165 Schmid, Frank _ 170 Schmidt, Ted _ 166 Schramm, Marilyn _ 166 Schriar, Diane _ 167 Schulman, Diane_ 165 Schultz, Helen _ 169 Schuman, Joyce _ 77,163 Schwartz, Susan _ 169 Scott, Karen _ 77 Scully, Susan _ 91,171 Seidman, Susan _ 79,88,169 Seligman, Laura _ 77,168 Selzer, Diana _ 83,170 Senf, Terry _ 167 Senger, Michael _ 165 Sheridan, Gregory._ 165 Shiman, Marla _ 165 Shiner, Sandra _ 77,168 Shirman, Jay _ 167 Sidell, Nancy _ 167 Silverman, Elaine_165 Silverman, Lynn _ 167 Simmons, Jerry_ 164,191 Simpson, Kenneth_ 168,180,185 Reicherts, David_ 164,180 Reid, Natalie_ 169 Reitman, Mark__77,171 Renieris, Susan_ 168 Rest, Debra_171 Reynolds, Joy_ 170 Rhoney, Donald _ 170 Rice, Ronna _ 165 Richards, George_ 193 Ringel, Gary_168,181 Rishe, Rochelle_81,167 Ritter, Peggy_165 Robbins, Charles_170 Roberts, Richard_165 Roberts, Thomas _ 79 Rochman, Jeffrey _80,165 Rogin, Dana _167 Rolla, Linda_77,171 Rose, Marianne _163 Rosen, Dennis_167 Rosenbloom, James_171 Rosenfeld, Beverly _166 Rosenfeld, Rosalie_170 Rosenfeld, Vivian_167 Rosenquist, Gregory _163 Rotheiser, Penny_77,81,166 Rotter, Pamela_167 Rubner, Charles _162 Rudd, Billie_172 Rudich, Roger _166 Rudnick, Leslie _ 172 Rudowicz Mike_77,168 Russel, Daniel _ 192,191 Russo, Anna Marie _ 97,163 Ryden, Jo Anne __ 76,77,88,91,171 Sackrison, Candace _ 164 Sage, Pamela _ 164 Salotti, Sandra _ 169 Saltzman, Donald __ 33,80,163,185 Samole. Yale _ 77,180,191 Samuelson, Nancy _ 168 Singer, James _ 170 Singer, Michael _ 165 Sirkin, Bruce_ 168 Simla, Michael _ 165 Skrzymowski, Edwin_ 168 Skutta, William _ 167 Slepyan, Pearle_ 163 Slotky, Robert_165 Smigiel, Janis _ 170 Smith, Dennis _ 167,180,193 Snellman, Pat _ 166 Snoply, Paul _ 180 Snyder, Janice _ 171,172 Solomon, Steven _ 163,185 Sorenson, Kathy _ 77,163,172 Sorenson, Sherry _ 163 Sotello, Robert _ 170,191 Speichert, Kathleen _171 Spiegel, Janice _ 164 Spies, Karen _ 164 Spies, Linda _ 169 Spinnato, James_ 166 Stahlberg, Lynne _ 77 Stanbery, Dale _ 177 Steele, Richard _ 172,180 Steffens, Jean _ 81,165 Stegeman, Yvonne _ 166 Steinberg, Robert_ 171,186 Sterner, Alexander _ 164 Stern, Charlene _ 166 Steuer, Gloria _ 167 Stevens, Gary _ 85,164 Stiska, Susan _ 77,166 Stone, Michael _ 168 Storck, June _ 165 Strahan, Donald_ 172,180,185 Strauss, Rhea _ 169 Strehl, Gerhard _ 166 Strom, Robert _ 170 Svejnoma, Emil _ 166 Swanson, Daniel ___167 Swanson, Donna _ 163 Swanson, Jeffrey _ 169 Swanson, Sharon _ 84 Sweadner, Sandra _ 77,171 Sweeney, Corinne_ 162 Talias, Gloria _ 85,168 Tannenbaum, Jeffrey _ 74,163 Teichert, Alfred _ 171 Tenbusch, Barbara_170 Perm an, Benjamin_ 169 Thiede, Diana _ 83,168 Thomas, Roger _ 168,180,185 Thommes, James_ 170 Thompson, James _ 165 T homsen, Gayle_ 167 Timmel, Richard_168 Timmer, John _ 167,185 Tinker, Carol _ 165,193 Tischler, Audrey_ 77,80,162,165 Tolchin, Sandra_ 77,167 Trester, Susan _ 169 Tritschler, Janice_ 74,75,164 Tropstein, Allen _ 165,180 Tropstein, Fran _ 91,164 Truesdell, Alan _ 167 Trufant, Judith _ 171 Tuchow, Merle _ 91,163 Turner, David _ 166 Unbehaun, Darlene_166 Unick, Maureen _ 170 Van Grimbergen, Jim_170 Vazzano, Frank _ 64,166 Verbunee, John _ 166,186 Villano, Angela _ 163 Vlaming, Jessica _ 170 Vollmer, Corrine _ 77,172 Von Gillern, William_163,185 Wagner, Robert __171,180,193 Wahle, Shirley _ 168 Waladis, Louise _ 91,170 Wall, Perry_ 164 Walter, Patricia _ 77,166 Warner, William_ 164 Watkins, Gary_22,169 Wehrmacher, James_168 Weinberg, Nancy_91,167 Weiner, Holly _ 165 Weise, Jeff _ 169 Weistein, Anita _ 77,169 Weinstein, Cecile _ 163 Weinstein, Elliot _ 172 Weiss , Ira _ 77,166 Weisz, Lee _ 170 Wellner, Stephen_ 166,185 Wells, Gary - 171,180 Wernikoff, Jay _ 162,167 Wetmore, Joanell_77,171 Whaley, William _ 165,180 White, Daniel _ 169 Whitmore, Daniel __ 163,180 Wickum, Dale _ 164 Widerquist, Thomas __ 171,180,186 Wiese, Jeffrey _ 169 Wilkins, Gary _ 168,193 Williams, Barbara _ 164 Wilver, Andrea_171 Wimmer, Margaret _ 164 Winograd, Louise _ 77,163 Winslow, Susan _ 77,163,172 Witt, Jo Ann _ 77,171 Wojakowski, Lois__ 166 Woldman, Richard_168 Wolf, Robert _ 167 Wolter, Richard _ 165 Woltersdorf, Carol_77,170 Womer, Richard _ 167 Wurmser, Bruce _ 171,180 Yamaguchi, Tom _ 171,180 Yelen, Mitchell _88,169 Yohanna, Wilene_ 163 Young, Karen_ 168 Young, Suzann_ _ _165 Youngkrantz, Larry _90 Zalesny, Patricia _ 172 Zehner, Arnold _ 168,180 Zelkowitz, Barbara_79,167 Zender, Carolyn_ 74,170 Zimmerman, Bonnie __ 77,162,165 Zittler, Deborah _ 169 Zlatos, Cynthia _ 163 Zolezzi, Darrell _ 170 Zolkowski, Carol _ 165 Zuffante, Robert_ 164 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Compiling a yearbook is not an easy job, but is a fulfilling and rewarding task which takes many hours, days, and months of hard work. The goal of all the members of the Spectrum was to strive to give Niles West the best possible yearbook that a high school, whether new or old, could produce. Our hope is that the student body feels we have accomplished this objective. Our deepest thanks go to Mrs. Lois Fisher and Mrs. Deborah Gould, who as sponsors of the Spectrum have guided the staff and by unselfishly contributing of themselves to the book, have unmistakcably established a future tradition of Niles for yearbook staffs to come. Our personal thanks, also, to Root Studios of Chicago who did the photography, to Mr. Norman Koenig of the Norman King Publishing Company who did the publishing, and to the faculty and admini- sration for their patience and cooperation. The Spectrum would never have been possible without these people and their aid. Respectfully 1962 Spectrum Staff NILES TOWNSHIP COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL WEST DIVISION OAKTON AT EDENS EXPRESSWAY Varsity Tennis First Row: Asa Oye, Joseph Weisbrodt, Mark Epstein. Second Row: Ethan Brownstein, Barry Davis, Richard Smevoold, Keith Schroeder, Mr. George Kielwasser. The varsity tennis team, coached by Mr. George Kielwasser, encountered more than its share of difficulties this year. Lacking sufficient depth and incurring occasional injuries, the team finished with a 3 and 9 record. The season ended with a 5-0 shutout against East Leyden, who had previously beaten the Indians. Ethan Brownstein played number one varsity singles, and Jim Weisbrodt filled in as number two man while regular Jim Carder was on the sidlines. Mike Delott and Asa Oye played number one doubles, while the number two team consisted of Mark Epstein and Keith Schroeder. With all tennis men returning, excepting Carder and Oye, the ' 63 season should be a profitable one. Frosh-Soph Tennis First Row: Leonard Smock, Michael Garlich, James Yardley, Christopher Murlas. Second Row: Mr. Dennis Hoeppner, Scott Kaluzna, Stuart Hertzberg, Roger Kaage, Robert Bulster. VARSITY SCORES Niles West 0 - Niles East 5 Niles West 1 - Glenbrook 4 Niles West 0 - Prospect 5 Niles West 3 - East Leyden 2 Niles West 1 - Maine West 4 Niles West 0 - Glenbrook 5 Niles West 2 - Prospect 3 Niles West 0 - Maine East 5 Niles West 8 points - 4th place in State Dist. Niles West 4 - Maine West 1 Niles West 1 - Deerfield 4 Niles West 1 - Deerfield 4 Niles West 5 - East Leyden 0 Niles West 9th place - Interim League FROSH-SOPH SCORES Niles West 1 - Niles East 4 Niles West 5 - Glenbrook 0 Niles West 3 - Prospect 2 Niles West 4 - East Leyden 1 Niles West 4 - Maine West 1 Niles West 4 - Glenbrook 1 Niles West 3 - Prospect 2 Niles West 0 - Maine East 5 Niles West 3 - Maine West 2 Niles West 3 - Deerfield 2 Niles West 3 - Deerfield 2 Niles West 3 - East Leyden 2 Niles West Tie for 3rd - Interim League Sportsmanship is displayed by Leonard Smock as he cheerfully concedes the point. Track VARSITY TRACK First Row: Kenneth Garen (manager), Donald Raab, Elliot Davidow, Allen Segale (co- capt). Second Row: Richard Orloff, Gayle Carlson, Jack Shobel, Steven Horwitz, Michael Wortman. Third Row: Lawrence Miller, Jerold Kahn, Joseph LaCascio, Steven Kaage, Charles Giovanelli, Kenneth Altschuler. Mr. Darrell Conway ' s track team ended their season with a 3-3 record in League duel meets. With only a few seniors, the team was comprised of juniors and sophomores. Returning next year will be Elliot Davidow for the dashes, Don Deck for the pole vault, and Don Raab and Bob Barber for the runs. These four should provide a strong nucleus for the 1962-63 team. FROSH-SOPH TRACK First Row: Thomas Hain, George Goldberg, Thomas Hanson, James Eichhorn, James Rosenbloom, Alan Hinkle. Second Row : David Reicherts, Elmer Nuss, George Azelickis, Lawrence Nelson, Robert Yamaguchi, Bruce Meyer, James Futronsky, Steven Kuklin. Third Row : Dennis Smith, Donald Strahan, Maynard Brusman, James Janek, James Johnson, Roger Basrak, Richard Shafer, Howard Clark, Randolph Holheisel. Fourth Row : Lawrence Pellegrino, Edward Hildebrandt, George Caracciolo, Eugene Jacobs, David Murphy, James Parry, Robert Rivenburgh, Marshall Cor¬ dell Yale Samale. Scores 62 TRACK RECORD INDOOR SEASON- VARSITY OUTDOOR SEASON VARSITY NILES WEST 65 NILES WEST 15 2 3 NILES WEST 17 NILES WEST NILES WEST 30 1 2 NILES WEST NILES WEST 56 1 2 NILES WEST NILES WEST 12 NILES WEST 20 NILES WEST 36 Niles Easst 26 Glenbrook70 1 3 Hinsdale 45 Morton West 58 Glenbard East 74 1 2 Niles East 10 Niles East 51 Crystal Lake 6 1 2 Prospect 79 Waukegan 71 Proviso West 56 NILES WEST 35 NILES WEST NILES WEST 69 NILES WEST 79 NILES WEST 59 NILES WEST 30 1 2 NILES WEST NILES WEST 92 NILES WEST 20 NILES WEST 27 1 2 Deerfield 16 Waukegan 94 W. Leyden 49 Deerfield 46 Niles East 64 Arlington 32 Glenbrook 74 1 2 East Leyden 26 Prospect 98 Main West 89 2 3 NILES WEST - 10th PLACE INTERIM LEAGUE INDOOR MEET NILES WEST - 10th PLACE INTERIM LEAGUE OUTDOOR MEET FROSH-SOPH FROSH - SOPH NILES WEST 41 1 2 NILES WEST 33 NILES WEST 19 1 2 NILES WEST NILES WEST 35 NILES WEST NILES WEST 38 5 6 NILES WEST NILES WEST 28 NILES WEST 30 NILES WEST 30 1 2 Niles East 49 2 3 Glenbrook 58 Hinsdale 20 1 2 Morton West 86 Glenbard East 43 1 2 Niles East 43 1 2 Crystal Lake 9 2 3 Niles East 65 1 2 Prospect 64 Waukegan 60 Provison West 60 1 2 NILES WEST 34 Deerfield 41 NILES WEST Waukegan 83 NILES WEST 78 West Leyden 40 NILES WEST 42 1 2 Deerfield 74 1 2 NILES WEST 18 Niles East 96 NILES WEST 38 (Frosh)Maine West 78 NILES WEST 24 1 2 Glenbrook 27 1 2 NILES WEST Arlington 90 1 2 NILES WEST 58 East Leyden 60 NILES WEST 32 1 2 Prospect 83 1 2 NILES WEST 34 Maine West 84 NILES WEST - 12 PLACE INTERIM LEAGUE OUTDOOR MEET With determination Elliot Davidow tries to break his previous time. In field competition Steven Horwitz preparares to put the shot for Niles West points. NILES WEST - 8th PLACE IN TERIM LEAGUE INDOOR MEET VARSITY GOLF Lyle Mink, Michael Wynn, Richard Daiberl, Edward Zastrow, John Bell. The varsity golf team, under head coach Mr. John Fabri, finished a successful season in the Interim League with a record of 6 wins and 4 losses. In the State District Meet at Mount Prospect Country Club, Niles West placed seventh in a VARSITY SCORES Niles West 179 - Deerfield 184 Niles West 177 - Glenbrook 163 Niles West 321 - East Leyden 347 Niles West 363 - Maine West 330 Niles West 322 - Prospect 347 Niles West 172 - Deerfield 177 Niles West 154 - East Leyden 163 Niles West 154 - East Leyden 173 Niles West 325 - Glenbrook 314 Niles West 331 - 7th place - State District Niles West 324 - Prospect 334 Niles West 323 - Maine West 312 Niles West 344 - 5th place - Interim League Niles West 325 - Niles East 349 6 FROSH-SOPH GOLF Charles Brill, James Jobst, David Hill, Robert Carlson, Anthony Cottmeir, Howard Hartman. John Bell checks for a clear fairway before teeing off. field of thirteen teams. With the loss of only two seniors, Lyle Mink, who received the " most valuable player " award, and Gary Lindemann, the golfers should enjoy considerable success in the future. FROSH-SOPH SCORES Niles West 193 - Deerfield 203 Niles West 186 - Glenbrook 183 Niles West 362 - East Leyden 373 Niles West 356 - Maine West 394 Niles West 360 - Prospect 357 Niles West 189 - Deerfield 182 Niles West 174 - East Leyden 185 Niles West 233 - Glenbrook 21 3 Niles West 361 - Prospect 348 Niles West 347 - Maine West 347 Niles West 362 - 3rd place - Interim League Niles West 357 - Niles East 397 Charles Brill looks on as Edward Zastrow de¬ monstrates correct form. 7 Baseball An impressive 17 and 5 record was captured by the varsity Dia- mondmen. Included in this record was a second place finish in the Interim League and District and Regional titles. A double-header split with Maine West prevented the Indians from reaching another title in the Regional playoffs. Going into the first game, the Indians were still in the State Tournament while Maine West had been elim¬ inated. An e leventh inning loss resulted. But the Indians ' typical spirit was still shown as the team came back to win the second game, 9-3. Defeating Notre Dame of Niles and Niles East, the Indians took their own district title. The Indians emerged as champions of the Elmwood Park Regionals by defeating Suburban League powers, Proviso East and New Trier. With only two victories needed to send them downstate, the Indians lost to Thornton, 7-4, in the Morton Sectionals. Jim Hart, Kim Harfst, Mike Thiry, and Earl Hoffenberg made the Interim League All-Star team. Kim Harfst was named the Indians ' most valuable player. The sophomore squad coached by Mr. William Coyer, followed the Varsity in a like manner. In a playoff for the championship, losing 1-0, they finished second to Maine West. Shortstop Don Klip- powitz was selected the team ' s most valuable player. With a record of 8 and 7, the freshman squad, co ached by Mr. Bauer and Mr. Hoosline, showed improvement in every game and will prove to be a real asset to the varsity in the future. Coach Phipps gives a signal to one of the players on the varsity team. VARSITY BASEBALL First Row: Robert Martin, Kim Harfst, Michael Duhl, Earl Hoffenberg, Elliot Silber, Richard Tokeshi. Second Row : Michael Thiry, Dennis Rossi, Glenn Larson, Edward Bruksch, Fred Artwick, Robert Schmidt, Robert Anderson. Third Row: Coach Michael Skuban, Jack Jobst, Robert Neffron, Alan Scheufler, James Hart, Mickey Berger, John Wossa- kowski, James Schmidt. VARSITY SCORES " Most Valuable Player, " Kim Harfst, sizes the batter up be¬ fore he goes into the pitching motions. The Indians win again on their home diamond. Niles West 2-Niles East 2 Niles West 8 - Morton West 7 Niles West 3 - Maine East 1 Niles West 12 - Prospect 5 Niles West 8 - Prospect 15 Niles West 4-Glenbrook3 Niles West 7-Glenbrook8 Niles West 4 - West Leyden Niles West 5 - Glenbard East 0 Niles West 14 - Deerfield 8 Niles West 6 - East Leyden 1 Niles West 11 - East Leyden 6 Niles West 5 - Willowbrook 0 Niles West 8 - Deerfield 0 Niles West 1 2 - Notre Dame 11 Niles West 4 - Niles East 2 State District Niles West 14 - Proviso West 4 Niles West 5 - Proviso East 4 State Regional Niles West 8-New Trier 5 Niles West 3-Maine West 5 Niles West 9-Maine West 3 Niles West 11 - Wheaton 4 Niles West 4 - Thornton 7 - State Sectional .Vv?wyj ' . - r. .• ' .v -: Speed and perfect form are displayed by Rick Artwick after hitting a hard one. JR. VARSITY SCORES Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West Niles West 10 Niles West 3 Niles East 3 Waukegan 8 Maine East 2 Waukegan 3 Glenbrook 11 - St. Mel 7 SOPHOMORE BASEBALL First Row: Jeon Rodman, Alan Rosen, Art Wulf, Steven Morino, Donald Klipowiez, Robert Penelle. Second Row. Anthony Lewis, Charles Hook, Michael Owens, David Katz, John Kmety, Werner Galowich, Alan Gaule, William Rosenquist. Third Row : Coach Coyer, Michael Conti (Manager), Gilbert Rose, William Hohs, Steven Hirschtick, James Torenko, Dennis Walters, Gary Freedman, Terrence McComb (Manager). FRESHMAN BASEBALL First Row; Gregg Dobbin, Robert Niedrick, Bruce Edwards, William Demos, Donald Appelian, Gary Lucary. Second ,Row: Roger Shamus, William Mitchell, Steven Solomon, Craig Katznelson, Gary Senf, Steven Willner. Third Row : Coach Leo Hoosline, Doug Conderson (Manager), James Novotny, Daniel Whitmore, Lloyd Gussis, Richard Barkly, John Timmer, Michael Levine. Coach George Bauer. Fourth Row : Richard Kreiter, Walter Brodzick, Brent Beckway, Robert Levin, Charles Koziol, Robert English, Jerome DePudder, Alan Shaeffer. SOPH SCORES Niles West 6- Niles West 1 - Niles West 0- Niles West 1 1 - Niles West 2 - Niles West 5- Niles West 16 - Niles West 2- Niles West 10 - Niles West 15 - Niles West 2- Niles West 7 - Niles West 13 - Niles West 0- Niles West 2- Waukegan 0 Waukegan 1 Prospect 14 Morton West 7 Glenbrook 0 West Leyden 3 Deerfield 1 1 Glenbard East 5 East Leyden 9 Proviso West 3 New Trier 9 Niles East 9 Wheaton 2 Maine West 1 Willowbrook 3 FROSH " A " SCORES Niles West 6 - Niles West 4- Niles West 9- Niles West 8- NilesWest 6- Niles West 16 - Niles West 5- Niles West 5 - Niles West 4 - Niles West 1 - Niles West 1 - Niles West 12 - Niles West 20 - Niles West 5- Niles West 3- Waukegan 3 Waukegan 3 Prospect 8 Morton West 9 Glenbrook 3 West Leyden 1 1 Deerfield 10 Glenbard East 7 East Leyden 5 Maine East 7 Proviso West 7 New Trier 4 Palatine 13 Wheaton 0 Maine West 6 FROSH M B " SCORES Niles West 4 - Waukegan 6 Niles West 0-Waukegan 13 Niles West 2 - Prospect 14 Niles West 8 - Glenbrook 4 Niles West 6 - Evanston 1 Niles West 4-New Trier 6 Niles West 2 - Evanston 7 Niles West 8-New Trier 9 Niles West 1 2 - Palatine 17 Niles West 7-Maine West 8 Faculty team member Jerry Engle battles Lawrence Hill for possesion of the ball. Faculty-N-Club Game On March 30, 1962, the " N " -Club tried to defeat members of the West faculty in the first annual " NT— Club-Faculty basket¬ ball game. Defeat, however, was waiting for the West athletes as they fell to the faculty members by a score of 61 to 45. To the astonishment of most students, the faculty members dis¬ played a great deal of skill and team cooperation which brought them the victory. In addition to the antics of the players, female faculty mem¬ bers and " N " —Club members in feminine attire provided ex¬ cellent cheering sections for the faculty and NT—Club teams. Certainly, an enjoyable evening was shared by all, including the junior " N " —Club members who vowed, " We ' ll get them next year! " Faculty cheerleaders Nancy Bult and Bonnie Balzer observe the game. A father trying to break up his daughter ' s romance, a thirteen-year-old child prodigy, a trip to Europeon an elegant ocean liner, and a hoax on Father comprised the intricate plot of this year ' s Spring Musicale, Keep It Gay. Colorful sets, skillful choreography, and attractive costumes, in addi¬ tion to the fine score, kept the audiencesgay and entertained. Under the direction of Mr. Hugh McGee and three student assistants, the production involved over 200 members of the Niles West Music Department. A separate cast for each night. Senior cast on Friday and Junior cast on Saturday, enabled more students to participate in the presentation. Members of glee and choir sang from their seats in the audience to produce an especially harmonic effect. Joanne Worthington (far left) explains to Laurel Rechtermann, Nancy Nelson, Martin Sheehan, and Sharon Gagne about the Masquerade Ball to be held on the ship that evening. Donna Harrison, Ronald Thigpen, Peggy Singer, Janice Goldfeder, Richard Lavin, Rosalie Sterner, Elayne Halpern, and Dan Smith enjoy an evening at 16 Washington Sq., the home of Dr. Austin Sloper. The Heiress Elayne Halpern watches Richard Lavin question Ronald Thigpen about his future plans. - k M 1 ■ 1 K |V VJL 1 Static was the air in the Niles West Auditorium on May 11 and 12, 1962, as the Dramatics Department presented The Heiress by Ruth and Augustus Goetz. The controversial question of whether to marry a fortune-hunter or to remain with an unloving father pro¬ vided a great challenge for the cast, production staff, and crews. Under the supervision of Mrs. Eileen Zelznick, the cast members successfully delivered the audience into the Victorian world of the Slopers and the Townsends. The 19th century livingroom set, constructed by the stage crew under Mr. James Van Delinder ' s direction, and the costumes from New York completed the au¬ thenticity of the play. 14 Ronald Thigpen and Elayne Halpern discuss their marital plans with Donna Harrison. Elayne Halpern, as a jilted heiress, waits vainly for Morris Townsend on the night of their planned elopement. Candles of inductees are lighted by old members before oath is taken. National Honor Society Roses and candles were the key symbols as forty students were inducted into the Niles West chapter of the National Honor Society, on May 8, 1962. The for¬ mal ceremony began with speeches by the members about the standards for election into National Honor Society. Then, with candles raised, the inductees took the oath and received their gold pins. The formal ceremony was followed by an informal reception for the new members and their parents. The recognition of membership in National Honor Society is not restricted to this day, however. Junior members receive the privilege of ushering at Com¬ mencement exercises, and Senior members are singled out by gold tassels on their caps. First Row; Susan Cook, Sharon Roberts, ' Patricia Fulkerson, Barbara Lauerman, Susan Stauber, Justine Varney. Second Row: Julie Codell, Betty Burkhardt, Marvin Davis, Fred Artwick, James Swinger, James Carder, Charlotte Rosen- feld, Charlene Chang, David Gorenstein. Third Row : Ronald Ditthardt, Don¬ ald Raab, Tina Zenner, Susan Trowbridge, Susan Nixon, Carol Kreinick, Susan Vraney, Marcia Menkin, Alice Barnow. Fourth Row : Lynne Chamlin, Richard Stein, Robin Reid, Sandra Gilluly, Barbara Rek, Marilyn Wykowski, Starr Vavrinek, Cheryl Clauson, Penny Varney, Ruth Dorrian. Fifth Row : Joanne Wheeler, Andrea Hoffman, Constance Nichols, Neil Brownstein, Robert Law¬ ler, Paul Roberts, Stephen Jensik, Terry Ostrowski, David Hoglund, William Timmer, Ethan Braunstein, Edward Gillman, Michael Lieberman. Sixth Row; Karen Osney, Jane Levin, Marlene Brooks, Lois Karch, Joyce Greenberg, Rachel Amado, Francine Uditsky, Peggy Singer, Barbara Starkman, Merle Dorfman, Maureen Wolf. Three-hundred and sixty students are seated on the main floor of the gymnasium to receive awards. Dr. Mannos presents Jo Ellen Pfeiffer with the Art Department Award. Scholastic Awards Assembly Academic excellence is the achievement for which Niles West students strive. At the end of each school year, students receive pins and certificates as recognition of scholastic achievement. On June 1, 1962, Niles West proudly presented 360 stu¬ dents with awards at its first Scholastic Awards Assembly. Gold, silver, and bronze pins, and Freshman certificateswere awarded on the basis of honor roll points accumlated throughout high school. In addition, each department pre¬ sented an award to the outstanding student in that department. The entire student body and welcomed parents listened to class meditations by Seniors Corinne Grayson and Robert Lawler. 17 Stewardesses Nancy Raab and Patricia Ballou hand out bids as they welcome couples for a happy flight to " Gay Paree. " " Last call for the passengers on the Niles West char¬ tered plane to Paris, France! " And on May 25, 1962, over 300 couples embarked on a realistic journey to scenic France at " C ' est Magnifique " - the 1962 Prom. Apple blossom trees surrounded the sidewalk cafe, where couples talked gaily at checkered cloth covered tables. Along fhe streets were colorful shops, restaur¬ ants, and gardens. And in the background were the familiar sights of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triumph, and majestic cathedrales. The climax of the evening came when the royal pro¬ cession began. Junior Class officers and members of the court formed an arch through which Prom King and Queen, Gerald Singer and Joanne Worthington, walked. The coronation, followed by a Royal dance, ended the evening of enchantment and fantasy. Dr. Parker and Dr. and Mrs. Mannos head the reception committee. The climax of the campaign was the parade, where Joanne and Jerry displayed their French theme. Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson talk with Maureen Wolf, Gayle Levine and their escorts on the patio. On behalf of the senior class Donald Swigoff presents foreign exchange Mr. Ronald Van Arsdale congratulates Corinne Grayson on winning student Risto Ahti, with a class ring. the American Legion Oratorical Scholarship. Seniors were busy signing yearbooks, reading the last issue of the West Word and the class will at the breakfast. Leslie Kummerow adjusts the caps of someofher classmates prior to commencement exercises. The class that heard " first " since the beginning of September presented Niles West with its last " first " on June 13, 1962— the first annual commencement exercises. On this date, the class of ' 62 gathered for the last time as a whole and for the first time as individuals pursuing different paths. Following the Processional was an invocation by Rev. Paul Roberts. Speeches by James Swinger, Charlene Chang, and Robert Lawler recalled moments in the past and pro¬ voked thoughts for the future. Diplomas were presented to the 432 graduates, and the class sang the Alma Mater. The Benediction was delivered, and the class marched out during the recessional. The Senior Class Breakfast and Commencement Exercises were a perfect end to the four years of high school. The fun and spirit of the breakfast, combined with the solemnity of the Graduation exercises, formed a finale the class of ' 62 will long remember. Seniors walk to the gymnasium area to prepare for the processional. Seniors line-up for the processional at graduation practice. Mr. Ronald Van Arsdale directs the spacing for the processional at commence¬ ment rehearsal. INDEX A PAGES Ahti, Risto 20 Altshuler, Kenneth 4,5 Amado, Rachel 16 Anderson, Robert 8 Appelian, Donald !) Artwick, Fred 8,9,16 Aselickis, George 4 B Ballou, Patricia 18 Bar now, Alice 16 Barkly, Richard 10 Basrak, Roger 4 Beckway, Brent 10 Bell, John 6,7 Berger, Mickey 8 Brill, Charles 7 Brodzick, Walter 10 Brooks, Marlene 16 Brownstein, Ethan 2,16 Brownstein, Neil 16 Bruksch, Edward 8 Brussman, Maynard 4 Bulster, Robert 2 Burkhardt, Betty 16,22 C Caracciolo, George 4 Carder, James 16 Carlson, Gayle 4 Carlson, Robert 7 Chamlin, Lynne 16 Chang, Charlene 16 Clark, Howard 4 Clauson, Cheryl 16 Codell, Julie 16 Conderson, Doug 10 Conti, Michael 10 Cook, Susan 16 Cordell, Marshall 4 Cottmeir, Antony 7 D Dahl, Robert 12 Daiberl, Richard 6 Davidow, Elliot 4,5 Davis, Barry 2 Davis, Marvin 16 Demos, William 10 De Pudder, Jerome 10 Ditthardt, Ronald 16 Dobbin, Gregg 10 Dorfman, Merle 16 Dorrian, Ruth 16 Duhl, Michael 8 E Edwards, Bruce 10 Eichhorn, James 4 English, Robert 10 Epstein, Mark 2 F Freedman, Gary 10 Fulkerson, Patricia 16 Futransky, James 4 G Gagne.Sharon 12,22 Gallowich, Susanne 12 Gallowich, Werner Pages 10 Garen, Kenneth 4 Garlick, Michel 2 Gaule, Alan 10 Gillman, Edward 16 Gilluly, Sandra 16 Giovanelli, Charles 4 Goldfeder, Janice 14 Goldberg, George 4 Gornstein, David 16 Greenberg, Joyce 16 Gussis, Lloyd 10 H Hain, Thomas 4 Halpern, Elayne 14,15 Hanson, Thomas 4 Harfst, Kim 8,9 Harrison, Donna 14,15 Hart, James 8 Hartman, Howard 7 Hertzberg, Stuart 2 Hill, David 7 Hill, Lawrence 11 Hinkle, Alan 4 Hirschtick, Steven 10 Hoffenberg, Earl 8 Hoffman, Andrea 16,22 Hoglund, David 16 Hohs, William 10 Holheisel, Randolph 4 Hook, Cha4les 10 Horwitz, Steven 4.5 J Janek, James 4 Jensik, Steven 16 Jobst, Jack 8 Jobst, James 7 Johnson, James 4 K Kaage, Roger 2 Kaage, Steven 4 Kahn, Jerald 4 Kaluzna, Scott 2 Karch, Lois 16 Katz, David 10 Katznelson, Craig 10 Klipowiez, Donald 10 Kmety, John 10 Koziol, Charles 10 Kreinick, Carol 16 Kreiter, Richard 10 Kuklin, Steven 4 Kummerow, Leslie 21 L La Cascio, Joseph 4 Larson, Glenn 8 Lauerman, Barbara 16 Lavin, Richard 14,15 Lawler, Robert 16,22 Levin, Jane 16 Levin, Robert 10 Levine, Gayle 19 Levine, Michael 10 Lewis, Anthony 10 Lieberman, Michael 16 Lucary, Gary 10 M Pages Margolis, Harvey 13 Martin, Robert 8 McComb, Terrence 10 Mendes, Richard 22 Menkin, Marcia 16 Meyer, Bruce 4 Miller, Lawrence 4 Mink, Lyle 6 Mitchell, William 10 Morino, Steven 10 Murlos, Christopher 2 Murphy, David 4 N Neffron, Robert 10 Nelson, Lawrence 4 Nelson, Nancy 12 Nichols, Constance 16 Niedrick, Robert 10 Nixon, Susan 16 Novotny, James 10 Nuss, Elmer 4 O Osloff, Richard 4 Osney, Karen 16 Ostrowski, Terry 16 Owens, Michael 10 Oye, Asa 2 P Parry, James 4 Penelle, Robert 10 Pellegrino, Lawrence 4 Pfeiffer, JoEllen 17 R Raab, Donald 4,5,16 Raab, Nancy 18 Rodman, Jean 10 Rechtermann, Laurel 12 Reicherts, David 4 Reid, Robin 16 Rek, Barbara 16 Rivenburgh, Robert 9 Roberts, Paul 16 Roberts, Sharon 16 Rose, Gilbert 10 Rosen, Alan 10 Rosenbloom, James 4 Rosenfeld, Charlotte 16 Rosenquist, William 10 Rossi, Dennis 8 S Samale, Yale 4 Scheufler, Alan 8 Schnidt, James 8 Schmidt, Robert 8 Schraeber, Keith 2,5 Segale, Allen 4 Senf, Gary 10 Shabel, Jack 4 Shaeffer, Alan 10 Shafer, Richard 4 Sheehan, Martin 12 Shamas, Roger 10 Silbas, Elliot 8 Singer, Gerald 19 Smith, Dan 14 23 INDEX Smith, Dennis Smevold, Richard 2 Smock, Leonard 2.3 Solomon, Steven 10 Starkman, Barbara 16 Stauber, Susan 16 Sterner, Rosalie Strahan, Donald 14 Swigoff, Donald 20 Swinger, James 16,22 T Thigpen, Ronald 14,15 Thiry, Michael 8 Timmer, John 10 Timmer, Will 16 Tokeshi, Richard 8 Torenko, James 10 Trowbridge, Susan 16 U Uditsky, Francine 16 V Varicinek, Sam Varney, Penelope 10 Varney, Justine 16 Vraney, Susan 16 W Walters, Dennis 10 Wassokowski, John 8 Weisbrodt, Joseph 2 Wellner, Steven 10 Wheeler, Joanne 13,19,16 Whitmore, Daniel 8 Wolf, Maureen 16,19 Worthington, Joanne 12 Wortman, Michael 4 Wulf, Arthur 10 Wykowski, Marilyn 16 Y Yamaguchi, Robert 4 Yardley, James 2 Z Zastrow, Edward 6 Zenner, Tina 16

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