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Niles Township High School East - Reflections Yearbook (Skokie, IL) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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REFLECTIONS iiiiiiili!it!i!iiiii!iiii ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBR 3 1833 01845 4964 GC 977.302 SK52NI, 1975 ■ HClif Jltlil l»J • ' ' im xim BSikmi i mtmm mM! KsMSmSrSSS7Sv. mHlms mitin s HViiM K- i:::=:;;: |»iini «-?r; " iac» ' - 1 REFLECTIONS 1975 NILES EAST HIGH SCHOOL SKOKIE, ILLINOIS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MARSIE HASS ASSISTANT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF TAMMY LOTHAN ' ORGANIZAIIONS ... 5a STHLETIGS . . 7 UNDERCLASSMEN ... 186 SENIORS ... 216 IkYi V ■ » p • • IP M ' 4 " IQlffy M. Horiieroom at the beginnii{g of ine year, consisted of a weekly meeting for each class " level. The purpose of this meeting was to irnable counselors to get i touch with students - and to alloW foi the dist ribution of p ecial in- formation. nJDecember our newly a:Jip ' binted- principal, Mr. Hosier rannou need tnat the in- stitution of a daily homeroom was a- ieeessary itep toward the, betternicnt of our schoolr This ' controversiill issUe wa itjet with conftision nd disdain by in any faculty inemher and students. Some found it difficult to understand why a daily homeroom yas now necessary, as there had been np suclv ' p ogram for the Wst 2Vi years. In c der to exhibit their ehe ent disapproval 34r students refused t yttend homeroom ' and instead gathered in the cour tyard for a rally. 16 people were ultimately suspended. The ptirpos of homeroom, all were told, wa to incridaSe ' communication ketW n student andhomei dtn te ' achers and Acki to iWure |lial: each student |ifeard the daily bulletin. . . , l i ■ - 9 K.l ' ' 4}a; h fc: i ? " U ' r Hy -i , i If o ne were to walk through the halls o NHes East a er the 3:00- rush or the 1 s the schopl I seem as though-the fi and st uden t body alike had pa ck- ed up and goffe home. For some- this would be truje but for many, ihe da)r s activlties would be jpeginping. In reality, behiiva " many of the closed doors , meetings, rehearsals and various, _.i.__ »:v,:.s „ L jL r. 1 A Nile E st Offers manV possibilities to students who wi - to become involved in extra- , curricular activities! These ac- tivities coyer a variety of interests and at ratct many participants. . r ' ' f L v ' s U I Then said a teacher, Speak to us of Teaching. And he said: No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your Knowledge. The teacher gives not of his wisdom. If he is in- deed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. The astronomer may speak to you of his un- derstanding of space, but he cannot give you his un- derstanding. The musician may sing to you of the rhythm which is in all space, but he cannot give you the ear which arrests the rhythm nor the voice that echoes it. For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another man. m ' Kahlil Gibran OCCASIONS jf€l ' .y- m ' ' -: k THE KING AND I Spring Musical Niles East Auditorium March 29-30 Last year ' s musical, " The King and I. " ' was yet another outstanding triumph for the Niles East Theatrical Department. Led by the performances of Stu Figa as the King and Judy Hoffman as Anna, " The King and I " received overwhelming acclaim from the en- tire student body. CLOCKWISE: The King of Siam, Stu Figa, praying to Buddha; Simon Lagrie, Bonnie Saltzman, being carried in by her slaves; Tuptim; Ellen Pollack, sings of her love to Lun Tha, Howard Pfeifer; Anna enter- tains her students; the King is per- suaded by Anna ' s charm; Little Eva, Carol Feldman, being sacrificed to Buddha, Len Upin. ART SHOW I r I PROM " Saturday Night 7:30 p.m. The North Shore Hotel May 31, 1974 Though rumor had it that proms were outdated, a record two hundred forty people attended last year ' s celebra- tion. " The Trip. " The couples filled the room at the North Shore Hotel where they were served an elaborate seven-course meal and entertained by the music of ' " Chapter IV. " It was a tight squeeze when all the students tried to dance at once, but nobody seemed to mind. The eventful evening was highlighted when a drum roll signaled the an- nouncement of the court, including Prom King and Queen: Len Upin and Laura Page. Whether the dance was a " trip " into fantasyland or tradition, it was a definite success which convinced East students that proms are here to stay. V ' 9 ■ I r M M i « I K A. ' " |H r ' J 1 PM H K r7 jr J ' 1 j w I 1 ' H U K „ ' l Sk 1 " ' 1 b FRESHMAN MIXER Saturday Night 8 p.m. Girl ' s Gym September 14, 1974 As we all know, the first few days at Niles East are usually filled with much confusion and exasperation. This held especially true for the in- coming freshmen, who were unusual- ly apprehensive. After the first week, however, much tension was relieved and by Saturday night, the Class of ' 78 was ready for its first social event of the year; the Freshman Mixer. Many students participated, though more were to be seen talking in Tro- jan Hall than dancing in the gym. Wherever the students might have been, the evening was successful, and for most this was a fine beginning for their first year at Niles East. HOMECOMING Friday-All Night Pre-Homecoming Activities October 18 Was it raining or were the breezes blowing? No one even noticed — they were too busy preparing for the Trojan Homecoming on the following day. Crowds gathered in the stands of Isaacson Field for the evening ' s boisterous pep assembly at precisely 7:30. With cheering from all par- ticipating, the evening proved to be very exciting, except for the disappointing guest appearance of Wally Chambers. The liveliness was back, however, by the time Dr. Colver introduced the 1974 Homecoming Queen and Her Court. Then, back to the houses, as all of the students worked diligently to complete their floats which, by the end of the weekend, pointed out that life does differ from the movies — it ' s real. HOMECOMING Homecoming Parade Saturday Morning, 9:00 A.M. October 19 Based on the theme of " Movies " , this year ' s Homecoming Parade was more successful than in previous years, with much credit going to float chairmen Suzie Soltan and Holly Wagner, and homecoming chairman Mary Unruh. After working hard all night, the participating students gathered across the street from Niles East on Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M. for the judging of the best float. There were over fifteen colorful creations, each representing a different school organization. By the time the big day arrived, the weather was rather dismal, with temperatures in the forties and oc- casional drizzling. Despite the unfavorable conditions, the turnout was sizable. The parade ended about 10:30 A.M., with the announcement that the music float had deservingly won first place. -n " " ■ iv Q K ♦ Ih x| b j B- •t " m M IIISl ' te ' i w TWf ■ HOMECOMING Saturday Night 8:30 p.m. Homecoming Dance Girls ' Gym October 19, 1974 Homecoming, in all its tradition, was celebrated Saturday night, Oc- tober 19, with a semi-formal dance. Adhering to the theme of movies, the gym was cleverly decorated with foil and old movie posters which gave the gym a festive atmosphere. A large number of East students attended the dance, where they were entertained by the music of Buster, and all anticipated the 10:00 introduction of the Queen Pat Viteri (Far Right) and her court. Despite the day ' s defeat, the students rejoiced and had a lively, enjoyable evening, making the dance a veritable success. REFLECTIONS REFLECTIONS Backstage Niles East High School September — November The show must go on! That was the attitude of 113 cast members and over 100 other hard workers constituting band, crews and directors of Reflec- tions. As thev slaved for 8 months to write the show, and 2 months to finally put it together, it was that idea that rang through each of their heads. Under the excellent stage direction of Marc Rush. Susan Shelley and Michele Soltan, music direction of Naomi Ruben, Bob Hotton and Linda VanRoven, choreography of Sandy Klein and Ilene Korey, technical direction of Jim VanderKloot and set designing of Cindy Trawinski and Stan Pressner, thoughts of a true look at the American wav of life were shown. Everyone worked, fought and laughed themselves into an experience that can never be duplicated. REFLECTIONS MYSTERY THEATRE One-Act Plays January 16-18 Niles East Auditorium The drama department in- troduced a new form of entertain- ment to Niles East this year. Mystery Theatre, a collection of one act plays, was student directed with the aid of producer Mr. Jerry Prof- fit. " Two Bottles of Relish, " " Two Crooks and a Lady, " " Curse You, Jack Dalton, " and " Nobody Sleeps " were directed by David Barack, ' 75, Steve Schwartz, ' 76, Susan Shelley, ' 76, and Mark Flitman, ' 75. The Mysteries were performed with the audience seated on a portion of the stage providing a new twist for Niles East theatre with closer prox- imity to the action and suspense. MYSTERY THEATRE ILLUSIONS Dance Company Show Jan. 31-Feb. 1 Niles East Auditorium The newly formed Niles East Dance Company presented its first annual show. Illusions, proving to the public that it is going to be a real success. With the direction of their sponsor, Ms. Shari Kouba. the dancers spent many hours creating and rehearsing the various numbers which eventually added up to a polished show. A variety of moods and styles, express- ing the individuality of the choreographers, were portrayed in the show, highlighted by a fairy tale ballet, a tap number, and a ballet quartet per- formed with the assistance of male dancers. Priority to choreograph went to seniors and girls with ideas for novel- tv numbers. This combination of ex- perience and variety created the basis of an exciting and versatile show. ILLUSIONS H w V H 1 B HB 3 " ' ;i! H I m ORGANIZATIONS SCHOOL SPIRIT HOMECOMING COMMITTEE (Top Hitliircl The Srhool Spiril Committee in(lu(Je«: (Top Row, r.cfl lo Right) Mi.r- Ba.r. Mike folisky, AnHe Tohark, Dehby RuMol. (Vlid.Jle Row) Barr) GrceriwaM, Maria Levic, Davi flirHth, Barry Kiihin, Sheila (ioldzwciK- (Bottom Row) Felice Lewin, David Rywerk, Audrey Wii. t,e«lie Berkely, Mirhclle Block. (Bottom Pic- ture) Vlemliers of the HomecominK Ojmmittee are: (Back Row, Left to Right) Corey Fishman. Mary Morten, Shereen Cohen, Deh- hic Feldman. Donna Kulwin, Tcrri Levin, Dale Andrea, Maura Gawin, Vicki Wilkoff, Suzie Sollan, Nancy Angell, David Cole, (Middle Row) Audrey Wu, Gina Salerno, Sue Goldstein (TreuHurcr), Mar y IJnruh ((Chairman), Sally Goldstein (Assistant Chairman), Anita Mincer, Beth Ruhenslein, (Front) Steve Poz- nansky (Sponsor). Not pictured is FJaine Zannis. (Opposite Page, Bottom Left Picture) Audio Visual Aide is explained at School Spirit sponsored fair. Key Club members are: (Back Row, Left to Right) Alan Glass, Phil Gagerman, Matt Rosenberg, Mark Klaneic, Lenny Stein, Randy Crowe, Cheryl Bielinski, Bob Warsaski, Susan Kravitz, Suzie Soltan, Rhonda Cohen, Mark Flitman, (Third Row) Dennis Maiorana, Larry Fine, Jay Martini, Sally Saber, Terri Levin, Ira Fishman, Mike Burke, Mark Blackman, Lisa Saber, Stacy Kaplan, Michelle Berkowitz, Davi Hirsch, Michelle Soltan, (Second Row) Jeff Epstein, Penny Holland, Greg Dorman, Nancy Suslick, Sue Feldman, Steve Borkan, Sue Weiss, Donna Kulwin, Barry Grodsky (Sergeant at Arms), Ricky Yale, Carmen Lomboy, Howard Nussbaum, (Front Row) Mike Guerrero (Secretary), Jim Adelman, Eric Policy, Mark Michaels (Treasurer), Louie Blonde, Steve Leon, Rich Berkowitz, Ira Miller. Not pictured is President Phil Adelman. (Bottom Right) Alan Glass dresses as the Tin Man for his Kev Club initiation. ■ ' -y iisasfc.. . ' ' " y i -mf ' ' .- w - ' 0 M- m J . ' m m.. - m ' m ' Im i- wm If p. ' -j ■ - [__ ferf - H la ' " ' i i M 1 y: ' u wT-- JLhi HBI KEY CLUB SCHOOL SERVICE CLUBS (Top Pictur.-) PA Annoiinrers are: (l.cfl lo KiKhl) Howard Sleiiman. Jeff Chprni-r. Denine Levin, and f. ' ary (JroHBman (Seated). Matt Koscnlicr;. ' is not pictured. (Bottom Pictiiri-) Seeuritv Offi.e Aidx are: (Bottom Kow) Ri»a .Sie al, Ahliv Sicgal, Lynda Miehell, Cathy Bernnlein, Laura Howard. (Se- cond How) Dchhie Olircn, Linda Shane, Marlene Diihcrchin. Vlailonna CarUrin, Arlcne Kisher. (Third Row) Nancy (:am[d)cM, Tasha Lake, Kin) HollinfjHworlh, Shari (icrkowilz. Holly noni({er. (Fourth Row) Michcle Bcrkowitz, Janet Williams, Christy Lindhoy, an l Kli .aheth Jozsi. (Top Picture) Members of Future Teachers of America pictured are: (Left to Right) Cristina Lomboy, Sheila Rubin (Vice President), Elise Wishnie (President), Patricia Cook, and Lynne Friedman. (Bottom Picture) Members of the Special Education Club pictured are: (Left to Right) Cristina Lomboy (Vice President), Felice Lewin (President), Mark Blackman, and Cin- dy Trawinski. Other members not pictured are: Debbie Jaski (Treasurer Secretary), Michelle Stein (Treasurer Secretary), and Eugene Guerrero. EDUCATION CLUBS N CLUB AND G.A.A. BOARD N f;iiih (Topi mf-mbori are boys who are Krry ar iIm ' in onf or morr xportM. liic mrmhcr. inrl.iflp: (hark Row. I.efl to Hichll: I ' aul KoHtvniuk. Miki- Uiirkc. Brian Abram-. Marly Xv.-r ' . Jo - Jan-. (Thir.l How) Mike Val.nli. Hon WcIhs. Daw Mamot.KirhBorkowil :. I ' anI Mark htrnHUin, Barry llartman, .rr W iMiirwski. Slicrwin Korcy. Ncal Schcr. (Kncdinf!) Jim Osncss, Jim Alex- arulrr. Kon H .adki. S( oil Slnlsky. Mike Ilan»fn, Mick Tanslis, Mark Schcrfling, Sam Hcsl. (Sitlinp) lliino Donado, I ' hil Adclman, Sieve Irsay, Lane Schiillz, liarr (JrodHkv, Jon (Jenlile, (iene ( lerrero. Opposite page (Bottom Picture) The G.A.A. Board are the girls who plan the special sports for the Girls Athletic Association. (Back Row, L eft to Right): Stacey Fox, Toni HueptI, Suzanne Arnopolin (Vice- President), Michelle Chernick (Secretary), Martha Brzozowski (President), Linda Krysl (Treasurer). (Kneeling) Sally Krause, Pam Peterson, Lauren Johnson, Kathy Ewing. (Sitting) Ellen Schwartz, Ellen Brin. Memhers of the OJ ' fice Occupations Club go to school in the morning and work at specially selected jobs during the afternoon. Members (Pictured Below) include: (Left to Right) Barb Heche. Mr. Campbell. Mylinda Newberger (Vice-President), Patti Vossel, Marcia Bregman (President). (In the tree) Val Pasma (Treasurer). Not pic- tured is Cecille Heinz. OFFICE OCCUPATIONS fEARBOOK Th.- memlMTs of this year ' s Hi-fl.Tlio.rH staff art-: (Top, Left to Kieht) Mich.-ll.- Williams, l.aiira Dcfratus, Mary Kricr, Howard Chabner, Jay Martini Howard Nussbaum, Anette Wcinstcin, Kcna Zade Manfred BorKes, Kirk Martini, Ricky Silver, Boh Koe Mark Snydcrman, Pam Mohr, Mike Polisky, (Middle Row) Mark Klancie, Debbie Bernard, Judy Shapiro Debbi (Jiitman, Debbie Obren, Tammy l,olhan, Paula Lashinsky, Sbeila Jaeobson, Sandy Sopkin, Rocbelle Goode, Pam Adelman, Sandy Goldin, Barry Rnbin, Sbercen ( oben, (Front Row) Judy Greiman, Holly Wagner, Donna Kulwin, Marsic Ha»«, Nancy KIchr, Renee Render, Davi HirBeb,Caryn Vale, Sandy Morrison, Felicia Bclon. Pictured below: (Top Left picture) Underclass editors, Maria Levie and Shereen Cohen sort through candids. (Right) Marjorie Stevens explains layout techniques to Sandy Morrison and Rick Martini. (Bot- tom, Left to Right) Editors of Reflections this year in- clude: Felicia Belon (Seniors), Shereen Cohen (Underclass), Paula Lashinsky (Education), Nancy Klehr (Art), Marsie Hass (Editor-in-chief), Tammy Lothan (Occasions Asst. Editor-in-chief), Judy Greiman (Organizations), Maria Levie (Underclass), Mary Krier ((Girl ' s Sports), ancL Howard Chabner (Boy ' s Sports). (Opposite page) Paula Lashinsky in- structing her staff. YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY AND CHESS 1 1 1 ' V 1 WiC ' H 1 K H H w 9 jJK El ' . l - B| ' M iH M f i H 1 M ivI H H i i r flMS ' s I HH iijim m (Top Picture) The officers of Photography Club are: (Left to Hil ht) Andrea Ziirkcr (TreaHiircr), Mike Solan (President), StiM- Kcldman (Viee President), Jeff Cohen (Secretary), and David Miller (Vice President). (fJottom Left Picture) Steve Feldman prepares solution for photographic development. (Bottom Kight Picture) Chess Club officers Rick Edclson (President) and Steve l cvy (Vice President) concentrate on their game. (Top Picture) Bridge Club members pictured below are: (Left to Right) Mike Levin (Vice President) and Martin Tish (President). Alan Ellenby (President) is not pictured. (Bot- tom Picture) Members of Investment Club are: (Top Row) Howard Nussbaum (President), Norm Siegal (Treasurer), (Bottom Row) Alan Glass (Press Secretary), Howard Chabner (Vice President), and Len Stein (S ecretary). t ' y - • - •- INVESTMENT AND BRIDGE STUDENT SENATE Membem of ihi- Student Senate thiH year are: (First Row, Left lo Right) Howard Slcirman, David Ryweik, Dale An- drea, Spirox Maniate i, (Seeond Row) Howard ( habncr, Nancy Flir th. Rhonda Schwartz, Ira Fixhman, Paul Sallzman, Barry Greenwald, Steve Levy, Stan Pre»nner, Marty Glochow«ky, (Third Row) Bob Miller, Robin Klein, Toni TumoniK, Krcd Batko, Sieve Leon, Nancy Klehr, Bruce Kahn, Marnie Hbhh, Judy Greiman, Milch Newman, (Top Row) Ellen Schwartz, Judy Cooper, Sue Shrifter, Barry Kravilz, Leonard Stein, Mark Snyder- man. Tammy Lothan, Scott Hile, David Baraek, Sherwin Korey iH not pictured. I (Opposite Page, Right) Ira Fishman explains his com- mittee report while (Left) Fred Batko listens. (Top Pic- ture, Left) President Bob Miller and member Ira Fishman listen attentively to suggestions on a new proposal. (Top Right) Steve Leon wishes to express his point of view. (Bottom Picture, Right) The Student Appeals Board includes: (Top Row, Left to Right) Mark Snyderman. Scott Hite, Mitch Newman (Judge Ad- vocate), (Bottom Row) Nancy Hirsch, Steve Levy. (Bot- tom Left) Officers of Student Senate are: Steve Leon (Secretary), Bob Miller (President), and Stan Pressner (Vice President). STUDENT APPEALS BOARD DANCE COMPANY w c fJr Ml (Top Pirturr-) Mpmlirrs of Senior Dan c Company an-: (Top Row. I,.;ft lo Hit ' ht) Caryn Gol.l " li.k. Sh.rry ftrodarz, Sandy Klein, Mary I ' o-ul. Penny Holland, lleide Kogan, Donna Kulwin. Su .le Soltan, Sherry Klanzer, Sue (Jrtman, Sue Koranyi, Nancy KIchr, Bonnie Saltzman, Sheryl Miller, Jill Schocnbroad, (Front Row) Ilene Korey, Pam Goldherj?, Sally Saber, Joan fier ' Oon, (larol Keldman, (iina Salerno, Paula Sci(;arman, (barmen l.omlioy. INol pictured are Jodi Friedman and Paula JcremiaH. (Kif»ht) Members learn a new danee and then (Left) take a rcHt. (Top Picture) Junior Dance Company members are: (Top Row, Left to Right) Laura Howard, Fern Josephs, Paula Lashinsky, Susan Kravitz, Lori Lindberg, Sheila Hamer, Teresa Garcia, (Middle Row) Mira Achimovich, Gail Norris, (Front Row) Janice Schneiter, Rhonda Davidson, Andy Benjamin, Janice Rappaport. Not pictured are Allison Wohl and Janette Weinter. (Bottom Left) Officers of Dance Company are: Sally Saber (Secretary-Treasurer), Gina Salerno (Vice President), Suzie Soltan (Publicity Director), Bonnie Saltzman (President). (Right) Donna Kulwin and Janice Rappaport practice a new routine. DANCE COMPANY FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS 1 1 » ■ - n ' ' ' " " ' ' JS BI KjJHHPH I W ' IS ■ , ' -M .. v. % l!L - wn ' t • J, KH « The FrcHhm.n Ch.-erl.-a.lcrx in. ludr; (liollom Kow, l, -fl to Uiuhl) Mania llartmcn, Lynda Vlichcll, Jorii Smool. HoHi Sihtr, .Sla y Thomas (Captain), Jeaninc BattiHta, (Standing) Sue Tripp. Jenny Difiore, Anita Irhorg, Linda Shane. (Bottom Left Picture) In the midnt ol a . heer are Jeanine IJalli»la and l mda Shane. The girls who cheer on the Sophomore Squad are: {From Left to Right) Shawn Moses (Captain), Andy Buxbaum, Jodi Friedman, Wendy Paulson, Elyce Brezka, Cookie Stone, Linda Weitzman. (Sitting in Front): Susan Greenberg. (Center Picture) Freshmen and Sophomore Cheerleaders getting ready to cheer. SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Varsity Cheerleaders are: (Top Row, Left to Right) Lori Friedman, Mary linruh, (Third Row) Kathy Mayer, Arlcnc Flkins, Nancy Ekstrom, (Second Row) Sally Goldstein, Sue Goldstein, Stacy Kaplan, Ellen Rue, Cindy Michell, (Front Row) Maura Gawin. (Opposite Page, Bottom Picture) Spirits run high as llomccomins excitement is dis- played by the Pom-I ' on (iirls during the half - lime show. Pom - Pon Girls are: (Top Row, Left lo Right) Brcnda Resnick, Laura Levin, Chris Trawinski, Jodi Lee, Robin Smoot, Leslie Braslawsky (Co- Captain), Pat Gats, Terri Levin, Penny Holland, Elaine Zannis, Kathi Zeigler, (Front Row) Kim Gross, Caryn Goldstick. Carol Feldman, Gina Salerno, Lisa Saber, Sherry Flanzer. Not pictured is Captain Pat Viteri, POM-PON A.V.E. CLUB )ffi cr, of A.V.K. f;lilb in.l,.,!,-: (Top I ' i.lur.-. l,.-fl lo Kichl) Stcwarl Dan .iKfr (f ' r. i, Kandy S(.r-. lor (Sf relar Tr ;a»iirer) and Mark Levy (Vict- Cri ' sidcril). (Boltom Picture) Randy Spector (Left) and Mark Levy demonHtrate the use of the Video Tape (Top Picture) Members of Folk Music Club are: (Standing, Left to Right) Mark Rostvold, Paul Silver, Marty Glochowsky, (Kneeling) Warren Silver, (Sitting) Burt Salenger, Suzanne Ar- nopolin, Kathy Stukas. Not pictured is Marsie Hass. (Bottom) Members of Ushers Club include: (Left to Right) Patricia Cook, Judy Malekow, Maura Butler. Vicki Wexler. Not Pictured are: Jocey Aronovitz, Sandy Charous, Wendy Gerber, Cheryl Kittay, Betty Ann Lichtenstein, Nancy Marks, and Sue Shrifter. FOLK MUSIC AND USHERS CLUBS NILEHILITE QUILL SCROLL Thr- Ml.-hilil - -laff imI.Kl.-; 11 o|, H.m. I..ft lo Hinhl) Sandy MorriM.n. Joann.- (:a().-zi„. Toli.-y Ho .cnr waJK, I ' aul Sallzman, fJarr l.uMii;. Kiiharil Vt iNon. Cinrly JacobHon, (Biillom Kow) Jeff einnltin (Sporls Kililor). Cindy I ' aynt- (K lil()r in chiif), l uric Ucr(!er(Keatiir ; Kdilor). lid Ja(ob» (NtwB Kdilor). (Hol- lom I ' icliire) Vlemlicm of (piiill and Scroll are: (Top Row, Left lo Hiuhl) Vlirlirllr Sollan, Jiidi Sharlol, Cindy I ' ayne, Mary Krier, Shcreen Cohen, (Hollom How) I ' aula Lashinsky, Judy Greimftn, Marsic llaBK, Maria l,evie, Howard (;hahner. Not pictured are: Kddie JacobH, Jeff Weinslcin, Laurie Bcrger, Tobey Rozencwa- ili, I ' am Mohr, I ' clicia Melon. The talented staff of this year ' s Golden Galleon includes; (Top Row, Left to Right) Robin Klein, Car) n Lason, Jocev Arono itz (Publicity), Sara Pearl (Art Editor), Lynne Jacobson, Dianne Larson (Literary Editor), (Middle Row) Judi Sharlot (Co- Editor), Pam Mohr (Co-Editor), Rhonda Schwartz, Rochelle Goode, Nancy Seiden, Karen Lee (Treasurer), (Bottom Row) Cheryl Lee, Sharon Lee, Susan Shelley. Maria Berman. Sandy Lopez, Rae Rich. (Bottom Picture, Right) Laurie Berger, Jeff Weinstein. and Tobey Rozencwajg assemble newspapers while Ed Jacobs takes a break. (Bottom Left) Editor Cindy Payne retypes copy. GOLDEN GALLEON HONOR SOCIETY VIemb.TM of thr Honor So.ii-ly pirtiirod art-: (Top Kow, l.ofl U Kishi) Michael Levin. Scolt Hill ' , Martin Tish, Scoll I ' cclor, Mark Snyderman, Kodrigo I-opez. (.Second Kow) I ' hilip Adclmann, Susan .Sohn, Toni TiimoniH, Warren Silver, Martin (;iochowHky. (Third Row) Holly Krichev»ky, jMincne Guerrero, Bonnie Sallzman, Ira Fishman. (Fourth Row) Mary IJnhruh, Julie Kaplan, Arlene Siavelis, Stacy Kaplan. (Bottom Row) SuHan ;oldKlein, Andrea Tohack, Dehra I ' lolkin. Sheila (;oldzwciK. and I ' amcla Favish. MemhcrH not pictured include Miriam Benjamin. Howard Chahncr, Allan Kllenhy. Cheryl Ksken, Martin Fisher. Marsic Mass. Nancy KIchr. Ni.holcltc Odiivak, and Fori Simon. Members of the Forensics Club pictured below are: (Top Row, Left to Right) Marlene Braslawsky, Missy Goss, Howard Steirman (Vice President), John Kadus (Secretary), Paul Silver, Mark Shackin, Steven Leon (President). (Second Row) Nick Psyhogious, David Ryweck, Denise Levin, Barry Hartman. (Bottom Row, Seated) Marci Salsburg. Karen Rinder, and Sue Meyer. Members not pic- tured include Mark Freedman, Rochelle Goode, Dana Osherman, and Cathy Stiikas. FORENSICS THESPIANS Vlcmbcrd of Thcupians include: L. Amenl, !N. Anf;ell, ,1. Aronovitz. C. Ashley. S. Bai .er, J. Baiter, M. Blackman. H. Blearlon. M. Block. K. Chamerlick, J. Cohn, D. Cole, L. Cole, T. DiamonfJ. ( ' .. Eskcn. D. Fclilman, D. Ferfjer, S. FIcmchman. M. Flitman. K. FrazcH. (.. GaincH, F. Gill. J. (.in-hiire. M. Glochowskv. K. GoMnlcin. R. ;oo(lc. k, (irccn. J. ( rciman. D. Hir«ch. R. Ilotton. N. Isaccs. F. Jacohx. G. JacobMon. I,. Jacob»on, S. Jacobnon, R. Kahan. S. Klein. B. Kramer. I). Kiilwin. K. J. MeHxer, R. VlichaeU, I,. Miller, G. Norris, S. Orlmann, J. I ' elrosk i, D. Pevsner, E. Pollack, S. Prcssner, R. Render, .S. Ridker, R. Root, D. Riisscol, S. Russcol, K. Saltzman, P. .Schcrflins, J. Schwartz, S. Schwartz, (i. Shapiro, S. Shelley, K. Shrifler, A. Siavelis, Vt . Silver, S. Sohn. M. Soltan, S. Soltan, H. Stcirman, P. SiK hcrman, N. Siisiick, T. TiimoniH, J. Van der Kloot, G. all ' . I.. Van Royen, J. Veis, S. Vein, B. Weiman, D. Zabin, I. cidman. Tecnis is an indispensable theater-oriented orfjanization. Its members control the technical crews such as lighting, sound and set construction for all school productions. Members of Tecnis include: (Top Left Picture, Top Row, Left to Right) Kelly Green, Mark Levy, Jim Van der Kloot (President), Warren Silver, Sue Sohn (Secretary), Dave Ferger, Don Robinson, Richard Kahan, Gary Gaines (Front Row) Howard Steirman, Judy Shapiro, Paul Scherfling, Stan Pressner (Vice-President), Bill Weinman. Not pictured are Ben Bleadon, Joel Koenig, Jay Petroski. (Top Picture, Right) Howard Steirman selects paint for a set. (Lower Left) Jim Van der Kloot, Stan Pressner and Sue Sohn construct a flat (Lower Right) Richard Kahan displays his skill using the electric saw. TECNIS CABINETS Senior r;abin -l imlu-l.-s: (Top How. I,.fl to Ki(;hl) K.lir.- I,cwin, Kalh) Maver, (hcryl Cohan, Vlurlr-ne UraHlawnky, Caryn OoUli-lick, Davi Mir h. Michelle Sollan, (Vli.hlic Row) Paul Milstein, Mark Flitman, I ' hil Spivak, Bill I ' all, Mike Shamh.rji. Mill Hall, (iiollom How) liril.e Kahn (I ' reaHurcr), Dehhic I ' lotkin (I ' reHidcnl), Marly Glothowsky (Vi.e I ' re«iflenl). Not pietiircd arc: Kred lialko (Scerelary), Sandy Hidker, Bonnie Salt .man, Scoll Hile, Marnic Flass, Cindy Trawinnki, Kd GoldHtcin. The Junior Cabinet members are: (Top Row, Left to Right) Donna Kiilwin, Terri Levin, Jane Lettick (Treasurer), Billy Daitchman (Viee President), David Cole, (Second Row) Sbereen Cohen, Debbie Feldman, Pam Mohr, Nancy Angell, Suzie Soltan, Sherry Flanzer, Sally Saber, Sara Pearl, Nancy Seiden, Judy Greiman (Senate Representative), (Bottom Row) Rae Rich, Fern Josephs, Robin Klein, Debbi Gutman (Secretary), Rhonda Schwartz, Paula Lashinsky (President). Officers of Sophomore Cabinet are: David Ryweck (President), Cindy Jacobson (Treasurer), Howard Steirman (Secretary), John Kadus (Vice President). CABINETS FRENCH AND SPANISH CLUBS French Club officem inclufie (Top Picture, Left to Ki ht ; Sue Shrifler (Senate Representative), Jurjy Cooper (Vice-President). Pam Mohr (Preni(Jenl), Andy Toback (Treasurer) and Dorinne Gomberg (Secretary). Spanish Club officers include (Bottom Picture, Left to Kinht): Alma Rious (Vice-President), Ricky Silver (President), Brian Harris (Treasurer) and Mary Shore (Secretary). German Club officers include (Top Picture, Left to Right): Paul Scherfling (Treasurer), Maureen May (Vice- President), Martha Stahike (Committee Chairman) and Greg Trauth (President). Russian Club officers include (Bottom Picture, Clockwise): Marsie Hass (President), Joseph Skevin (President), Fred Batko (Secretary), David Mamot (Treasurer) and David Barack (Vice-President). GERMAN AND RUSSIAN CLUBS DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION (Top Picliirr) Offiirrn of lh - Dislribiilive Kiluca- lion rliili arf Patty Maicrhofcr (Secretary). I ' atn I.a%in ( i .- I ' Dennis IVrr (I ' resid.-nl). Hoi. (,olfl (I ' arliam.-.ilarianl. anil Tom Seals (Sergeant at Arms), (l)oltom I ' irliire) Vlcmliers of D.K.CA. arc: (Top How. Left to Hi ht) Morrie Knsen. Maura (;awin. i ' atlv Moiisen. Shirley Hifkinrl. Staee Kov. karen Vl isse. (,eri K. kerlitiK. Jeff Kleifield. Mr. Coulson, (Third Row) Tom .Seals. Hal Sklar. Miehael Irving, IJol) (;olcl, Den- nis I ' erry. (Se.on.l Kow) riill Taki, Christie Chomsky. Cin ly (;a(l(l. Herns, Sandy llo.fler. Klaine annis, (hirst How) l.ori Harris, Cathy Minnherc, I ' atty Maicrhofer, Pam Lavin, I ' at Sehoenwolf, .)oy (Jerlier. Not pictured arc C cs Talalaj anil Hiilh (;renlz. (Top Picture) The A.F.S. club includes: (Top Row Left to Risht) Mike Polisky, Barry Rubin, Janis Cobn, Caryn Goldstick, Donna Kulwin, Billy Patt Maria Levie (President), Leslie Berkely. Cheryl Kit lav, Pam Mohr, Judy Greiman, Shereen Coh Michelle Stein (Vice President), Karen Lassen, (Se cond Row) Davi Hirsch, Alma Rios, Kathy Horwitz Rita (Joodman, Alice Baer, Susi Fleischman, Suzie Sollan, Maria Berman, Brooke Caplin (Treasurer), Vicki Kornick, (Front Row) Sheila Goldzweig (Secretary), Michele Soltan, Debbie Bernard. Not pic- tured arc Jim Bu gess, Sandy Lopez, and Marsha Dorfman. Pictured below is TerEsa Garcia, our foreign exchange student from Spain. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE BACKGAMMON CLUB STUDENTS FOR ISRAEL (Top Picture) Members of the Backgammon Club are; (Top Row, Left to Ri(;ht) Jim VanHerKlool, Bill Hall, David Barack (Sergeant at Arms), Irwin Katz, Bill Weinman, Warren Silver, (Front Row) Tammy I jthan (Vice President), Lenny Brenner (President), Mark Flitman, Paul Salt .man (Chairman of the Boards), Judy Greiman, Scott Winkler. (Bottom) Officers of Students for Israel are: Sheila Jacobson (Secretary), Lenny Brenner (Treasurer), Jon Eager (Vice President), Nava Isaacs (President). Members of Girl ' s Glee are: K. Ewing, J. Fried- man, M. Harwood, D, Johanson, D. Kaplan, J. Lehman, S. Margalit, Ci Marshall, J. Mayer, L. Mayrent, S. Wasatsky, E. Pearlman, E. Sohn, K. Stukas, C. Gassel, K. Berman, K. Brody, M. Butler, S. Chernick, J. Cohen, L. Cohn, P. Dorf- man, J. Feldman, L. Frankel, C. Friedman, D. Hart, K. HoUingsworth, L. Howard, M. Humuz, S. Kagan, D. Kaluzna, M. Karafotias, S. Kessler, C. Kot, J. Kozack, A. Lake, R. Levin, K. Levitz, R. Merel, L. Michell, S. Miller, S. Morrison, S. Olhausen, D. Peterson, L. Phillippe, D. Priske, C. Rose, L. Schwartz, L. Shane, S. Shrifter, F. Simon, J. Slavin, P. Soble, C. Sopkin, R. Sweet, P.Wagner. L. Weintraub, M. Williams, L. Zaban, P. Cook, F. Vishkin. GIRL ' S GLEE CLUB CHOIR aM ' ) BHRtr J . 1 - imm . " jf -J ' L ' W Jtiffi i , MemtuT of Choir in IikIc-: I,. Amrril. C. Anhlty, H. Baker, J. Flahcr. J. Herroon, K. B.r(!«r, C., K. Brinn.r. S. Brofla. ,. R. Cohen. N. Cohn. T. r)iamon l. K. Dr.flze, V.. K..ken. J. Krenher);. J. Krenberg. I). Kelilman, S. KiHihman, D. Klaknc. S. Fle ' iHehman. C. Kohn, B. Fra CH, S. Garber, J. Gelb, J. GlaHnner, S. Goldman, R. Goode, K. Green, C. Gu!)Uf»on. I ' . Hcflel, D. Hirneh, B. Hoffman, C. Horwilz,G. Jaeobson, R. Kahan, B. KaHpcr, S. Klein, G. Kopeld, B. Kramer, H. Krawelz, I). Kiilwin, I. Levin, K. MeMillen, S. Miller, (;. NorriB, S. Orlove, S. Orlmann, L. Pastron, P. Peterson, J. Plieh, K, Pollaek, S. Rade, J. Rappoporl, B. Ueich, 1. Rich, n. Rywcek, M. Salnburf!, E. Saruk, J. Schwartz, S. Shelley, I.. Shlaen, A. Shlc«man, K. Sehrifter, R. Silver, M. Skiair, M. Sollan, S. Soltan, P. Sueharman, P. Susarman, Y. Siihajda, M. Sullivan, N. Sunliek, D. Zaban. The Niles East Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Winkler and Mr. Berger performed in a number of concerts this year. Among these were the annual Winter and Spring Music Festivals. The Mid-Winter Orchestra Concert was a special event featuring a guest soloist, Mr. Henry Criz, Concert Master of the Lyric Opera Orchestra. The Orchestra also performed in the Spring Musical, " The King and I " . Members of the Orchestra include: Janis Cohn, Susan Fishman, Wendy Goldstein, Steven Kessler, Linda Krisher, Sheridan Lam, Donald Pollack, Janice Rzadzki, Cari Silver- man, Jean Wells and Vicki Wexler. Pictured Upper Left; Mr. Winkler assisting Steve Kessler during rehearsal. Upper Right: Cari Silverman rehearses for an upcoming concert. Bottom Picture: Donald Pollack, Sheridan Lam and Janis Cohn rehearse a piece on the violin. I ORCHESTRA CONCERT BAND In«trum.mlaliHt« in ihc Conc-rl Uaii.l Daviil All.n, Steve polio. Ira Arbii . Cclc-iti,- A»hl ,-y, Howard Halikov, Roper He -k. Gregory Beljaeff, Miriam Benjamin. Beriajmin Blearlon. Jamie Borkovit ,, I aiirenee Cohen, Jerome I)ia- monfl, Deborah Dinelli. I.auran Kaelor, David Flei»cher, John (rawin. Bradley OoldenherK, Melisna Gohh, Caren Granlz. KiiKcne Guerrero, Charle« GiinlafMon. Seott llelberK, Mark llir hman. Kobcrl tlollon. Kdward Ja.ol.H, (,ary Jaeobxon. Moniea Jaeobson. Konna Kalinh. David Kanhdan, Robin Klein. Pamela I andau, Marilyn l.apofnki, Kiehard I.evin, Konald I.ewen, Belh Malekow, Jeffrey MesHcr, David Miller, l.ori Miller, I ' am Mohr, Linda PaRtron, David Pevsner, Nadine Plii h, Philip Pliskin, Elise Riehtcr, Tcrri KiHkin, Alvaro Rosina, Kllen Rue, Mark Schcrfling, Steve Sehwartz, Howard Shapiro, Keith Hher, Yale Smith, Philip Spivaek, Steve Sproat, Seott Slahlbcru, Su«an Stahlberg, Jame« Sleinhoff, Robert Stevens, Elizabeth Surlin, Cheryl Underwood, JameH Vandcrklool, Norman Vopel, Jennifer Warda, Mitehell Willcn», Deborah Wi»KC, Joel Ziitz. Cadet Band members are working toward the goal of being in Concert Band next year. Members of this band include: Glenn Agrest, Steve Albert, Elaine Balikov, Andrea Ben- jamin, Elaine Bergman, Henry Bivins, Scott Brueckner, Barabara Chabner, Robyn Cohan, Judy Cooper, Laura Defratus, Norma Derderian, Miriam Ehrlich, Jeffrey Frankel, Lynne Friedman, Dennis Garlick, Diane Hart, Charles Heftman, Richard Hoffmann, Jordan Hupert, Roger Jaklin, Gary Kantz, Alan Katz, Steve Kessler, Gary Klawans, David Larson, Bertha Leib, Jim Marks, Sheri Marshak, Nancy Marx, Ellen Mayer, Steve Melnick, Scott Nalhanson, Sheryl Pearlman, Gayle Petroski, Beth Posman- tier, Edmond Purcell, Jay Rosenzweig, Michel Roth, Julie Rubenstein, Edwin Santacruz, Paul Silver, Robert Silver- man, Karyn Simmons, Kathryn Smart, James Sobel, Anita Stahlberg, Krikor Topouzian, Toni Verschoore, Marci Weber, Karen Weidenbach, Jeanette Weiner, Paul Weisman, Jennifer Willens, Alison Wohl, Joel Yablon, San- dra Zimansky. ma 1 i m- ' - S — m ft cm - • " -. { fW ' j • ! rM m t Mfk 1 l» , " .,, Ik J ' LSv ' I mA i 7 ' XJS f P • 4. «k € ■ii -r ■ W ' ' •■.- , r 1 Ml Jj ' ' J- A 4. W A U A f • n H f 1 1 . t: ■ CADET BAND ATHLETICS -S«- ' 5f - The lalcnled RippKui- Uam momliois arc: ,lod Connix. Diane KIroH. W eiu Epslciii. Dawn Klanke. Chris Kroli.h. lUnoo Havnes loanno Hohlnuin. Hmpl ' l. IVuuu John-.,m lurv Johnson. Kll-c Kaplan. Holin. M im Kopph-nicivr. UimlN Kraivct IniiialvTvsl 1 isa Leeker. D.-hLu- l.,Hsor. Boll, M.MIonii (m ) Carol Mi.lKi.U. Ton loios. Nan Odlnak Nikk. Olllixak. . " liiilo Ki--n,an. (pris ) ( h ris R...1k k. Julie Sel.mi.ll. Jan S.lnva.t Nano ddtn Cheryl I n lcr«on,l. Joan I n.U. »,),.,! (pi.s) Vinlrex X al.l. ! " 2 3 ' : .. W K ;i. ¥ in S ' Mj MBi 1 ■M — ' X, A HI 1 i " iii. M A il 1t ' 1 f i H 3b|BS SH9ft| JEr! " ' v Hi ysmi —___ - Hi — JL .j: g RIPPLETTES The 1974 Ripplettes Swim Club, sponsored by Ms. Berke, is one of the organizations of the Girls ' Athletic Association that produces a show each year. Last year on May 2, 3, and 4, the synchronized swim club presented " A Tribute to Walt Disney. " This imaginary production contained many familiar tunes and comical characters. The girls worked hard and had fun. And as always, the show was a success. This year ' s season ended with success for the Girls ' Track Team. The girls won four out of six meets and placed third in the Central Suburban League. Three members took first place — Sue Kozub in the long jump, Becky McCracken in the 80 yard hurdles, and Margaret May in the mile run. Under Miss Totemeir ' s coaching, this was one of the team ' s best seasons. The girli on the lra k team are: (Back Bow: Left to Right): Jamie Borkovitz, Mar) Binnall. Margaret May, Sue Stahlberp, Pam Srhncll, Donna Lloyd, Pal Maierhofer, Laura Gunderson, Berky Mr ra :ken, Coach Totemeier. (Middle Row): Wendy Paiiliton, Sue Koxub, Ellen Brin. Maria Minsky. Misoy Jo«eph». Sara Pearl, Wernin Stern, Sue KrauM. Jodi Soihacki. (Front Row): Jf nn Schnilzer, Beth Allison, Carol Crcrn. pan, Karen I «e, Elaine Zannie, Paula Mark . Marie May. Oawn Flakne, Kareti Behr. (Not Pictured): Cheryl Bielinkki, Cheryl Minikownki. TRACK A spirit of enthusiasm and sportsmanship was the feeling reflected by each girl on this year ' s Softball Team. The girls put in much hard work prac- ticing daily at Oakton Park. Under the direction of Coach Vanderwilt, the combined efforts proved to be a rewarding ex- perience for each participant. The girls on the Softball Team include: (Back Row, Left to Right): Coach Vanderwilt, Karen Fraizer, Jill Greenberg, Michelle Chernick, Donna Gerber. (Middle Row): Lynn Dorraan, Ellen Schwartz, Debbie Haustnan. Lauren Johnson, Beth Spitz, Lisa Frank. (First Row): Elaine Masover, Rosann Maggiore, Pat Sochacki. Melin- da Metzger, Beth Defranschi. (iNot Pictured): Sue Arnopolin, Cathy Ewing. SOFTBALL Though ihis season was not one of the best for this year ' s Archery team, the girls again showed great drive and spirit. The enthusiastic approach of Coach Winston led to the optimistic attitude of the team. ARCHERY IIk girls on llii« year ' s Archery team urn (limk Kow, I.elt to J iKlil) Vliehelle Williams, Mariha »rozozow»ki, Ellen Sehwart ., l Weintrauh. (Middle Row) Jeanne Haiisman. I ' am I ' .-lcrsori, Aiidr.a Slowik, Carolyn Ohiwein, Shcryl l ' .:Mrlnian, Ann I,ern.-r, (IronI How) Jo Sehnilzer, Naney :iriin, l.ora I le. Slacy fox ((Captain), Karyl Simmons and Diane Johnson. There was another large turnout for the 1974 Girls Swim Team this year, but the season was not very successful. However, the girls created a big splash, and had fun doing it. SWIMMING Team members are: (Back Row, Left to Bight) Coach Wojdiila, Nan Odiivak, Jamie Borkovitz. Nikki Odlivak, Carol Michals, Lori Wolin, Chris Frolich, Coach Woodard. (Middle Row) Ellen Brin, Cheryl Underwood. Maria Minsky, Wendy Epstein, Dawn Flakne, Jody Con- ninx, Lauren Johnson, Michele Kurlan, Mary Binnall, Mona Kalter. (Front Row) Betsy Ferguson, Madonna Carlson, Beth McCloud, Debbie Rubin, Marie Mav. TENNIS The girls on ihiB year ' s tennis team arc: Back Row (Left to Right): Fern Josephi, Rochelle Davia, Pat Sudendorf, Debhie Bernard, Ann Cohn, Joleen Fain, Andy Dubow, Alexin Stern, Linda Schwartz. Middle Row: Cheryl Esken and Nancy Hirsh (co-captain»), Davi Hirsh. Mindee Espstein, Jan Blitt, Janice Raz-adiBki, Elaine BeHr, INorah Laos, Ann Morton, Coach Mallak. Front Row: Ellen Mayer, Vicki Samelson, Kathy Bernstein, Lisa Cohn, Cheryl Kittay, Judy Lcc, Lisa Frank, Beth Spitz. S 9!9B9S5S ' 7 STSSTI This year ' s Niles East Tennis Team, under the skillful coaching of Ms. Matlak, again showed the potential, the hard working stamina, and the teamwork that is their trademark. The 1974 Girls Gymnastic Team competed in 10 meets with fine performances on all four events — horse, floor, beam, and uneven bars. Next year with the return of Greenspahn and Moses, East should have a strong experienced team. GYMNASTICS Junior Varnity Team: (Back Row, l ft lo F{i(»ht): Sue Tripp. Shf-ryl Violin. Carol I ' ortrr. Jenny DiFiore, CincJy Spivak, Faula Marks. Stary Thoman, Suzi Green bur);. Linda Kray, Clieri GaHnel. Allison Branlman, Lalitha Rao. (Third Row) Carin Schneider, Cindy Friedman, I ' at Rogover, Arlcne Leiin. Cori Smith, Dana Coliicti, Sandy Hornixh, Shcry D..-I. T: ■- « --._■ I. If.iU.. P,.ll,..., ;r.tinil »r Diane Jriliiisoii. (Serond Row) Laura Wu, Holli Schcr, Betsy l rKii» " ' i, Madonna Carlson, Nancy Nagel, Andi Cohn, Sue alasky, Sarai Diamond, Sandy Zimansky, Martha Viteri, l.inria Zulian, Sue Fishman. (Bottom Row) Karyn Simmons, Jcilif ItnheiiBlcin, Janice Schneider, Vicky Samuclflon, Ellen (;oodmaii, Joy Wagner, Joni Lcrner, Anita IJrborg, Linda The girls on ihe Varsity Team are: (Back Row. Left to Right) Shirley Rifkitit), Jodi Smoot, Carol Landy, Jodi Engelberg, Carol Greenspahn, Lisa Cohn, Lynn Ciskoski. (Middle Row) Renee Bielinski, Elise Kaplan. Mary McCracken, Robin Shore, Peggy Krause (Captain), EUen Brin, Candy Kane, Sharon Lee. (Front Row) Shawn Moses (Co- Captain), Cheryl Lee, Marcia Hartman, Lori Irsay, Barb Mueller, Jeanine Battista, Judy Engel. BADMINTON Girls on ihe Badminton Team are (Bark Row: Left to Ri hl): Sally Krause. Nancy McAlee, Belh Smart, ndrea Dubow, Mary B i n n a 1 1 . Nan Odiitak, Diane Wurl, Sue Radowsky. Karen Brown. (Middle Row): Cheryl I iidcrwood, Beth Spitz, Judy Connix, Debbie Dinelli. AnncMarie I,evan, Gayle Petro ki. Linda KrvKl, Pam Mohr, Anita imkovich. (Front Row): Kathi iRnerman, Lisa Frank. Julie Gold, Jean Runfiell, Holli Ooniger, r»ach Matlak, Carol ' ri:cnspahn, Bonnie Lev- CO, Ann Matnumoto. Nora Laon, Bonnie Tunick. KX. fe im lJ Badminton is a game that requires quick reflexes, skill, and endurance. This year ' s (iirls ' Intcrscholastic Team, coached by Miss Matlak, utilized their talents to achieve a successful season. VOLLEYBALL The victory over Maine South opened this year ' s Volleyball season. Teamwork and enthusiasm kept the team practicing and participating in their 7 meets. But it wasn ' t quite enough and hopefully next year will be more successful for the girls. This year ' sVolleyball team consists of: (Back Row: Left to Right): Cindy Marshall, Martha Brozozowski, Lauren Johnson, Nancy Seiden, Suzanne Arnopolin, Karen Behr, Ellen Schwartz, Jody Coninx, Coach Woodard. (Middle Row): Lisa Donna, Donna John- son, Pam Schnell, Jamie Borkovitz, Debbie Jaski, Nan Odiivak, Andrea Slowik, Kathi Isserman. (Front Row): Jenise Vassilatos, Elaine Masover, Ann Maisu- m o I o , Audrey W u , Rose Maggiore, Beth DeFranceschi, Laura Marsh. BOWLING The 1974-75 howl- ing team consisted of sixteen girls, practicing an average of 3 times a week. The team had a total of six meets, in which they met girls from other schools. All home meets and practices took. place at Oakton Bowl. Team effort and a lot of hard work made this year ' s team out- standing. The girls on this year ' s Bowl- ing Team are: (Back Row, Left to Right): Coach Whyman, Linda Krysl, Snsan Meyer, Rochelle Root, Debbie Schack, Lisa Frank, Pat Sochafhi, Beth Spitz. Dawn Jnhanson, Carolyn Ohiwein. (Front Row): Sharon Roth, Jean L c li in a n . K a I h y ( " oflanis. Vivian Maniates, Nancy McAtee, and (not pic- tured) Patricia Schoenwoif (Co-Captain). BASKETBALL The ha- jketball Icani ooii- .«isw of (Back Row; l..-fl to Rieht): Diane Amenl. Jud) Lee, Jamie Borkovilz. Karen Frazier. kathy Torres. Andrea Slowik, Debbie Ja ki. Michelle Chernick. Pam Schnell. Jan Blitt. (Middle Ron): Coach Wojdula, Beryl Schwartz (Manager), Jill Cha%in, Angie Traulh, JoAnn Schnitzer, Nancy ■Seid en. Cathy Coclanis, Donna Johnson. Martha Brz ozow»ki, Ellen Schwartz. (Front Row): Jeni»e Vas iiilato!t, Elaine Masoier. Dawn Flakne, Nancy Marx, .S a n l y Zimansky. Karen Behr, Suzanne Arnopolin, Lauren John»«on. This is the third year for the Girls Basketball Team and the {Trowing participation shows that it is fast becoming a popular girls sport. The team ' s hard work and determination proved thai girls can successfully play this difficult sport with skill and stamina. LEADERS The Junior and Sophomore Leaders are girls who like alhletics and are now being prepared for leading a gym class in their Senior ear. They arc receiving instruction in a variety of courses and later will help students with difficulty in skills, referee, arul assist the teacher in any way they can. Junior Leaders this year are (Top Row: Left to Right): Carol Oreenspan, Toni HuepfL Beth McCloud, Margaret May. (Bottom Row): Martha Brzozowski, Jill SchoiMihroH, Virfrinia Kiissel, Sue Arnopolin. VA .i: I ' earlinaii. Not pictured is ane Seideti. rhi ear ' s Sophomore Leaders inelude(T,ip Kow: Left to Ri«ht): Sand) Horiiish. Jamie lioikovil , Nan Odiixak. Carol Mirhaels. Dawn Llakne, I ' aula Marks. Klaine )aso er. Karen Behr. (Third Ho«): r.lise Kaplan. Pam .■sehnell. i ian Maniates. (;ahrieila S .! m o 1 1 a . Mira ehi rn{i ich. Lisa Schwartz, Cookie Stone. W etui) Heller. (Se- comH Row): Jod Connif. Mar) MeCraeken. Anaie I ' oulos, Kllen Brin. Debhie Dinelli. Karen Brodv, Allison Braiitman, Audi Bu haum, Jo nn 81 hnit cr. (Bottom Row): Michelle Arkush. Cindy Spivak. Arlene Fisher. Call Norris. Kl se Brc ka. f;arol I ' eldman. ( imly Teer, Diane John.son. ATHLETICS ' v " - " Wait until next year. " Has this become the chant of the Trojan football fan? Maybe so, but the record does not tell the whole story. No win- loss record can record the hard work, fighting spirit, determination and team work of this year ' s players. This is especially true of linebacker Greg Salterelli and offensive tackle Bill Urbanus, who were named to the All- Conference team. Awarded honorable mention were Pete Christopolous and Dean Pueschel. In addition, captain Henry Rollick, whose spark and spirit united the team, quarterbacks Adam Retzler and Ralph DeBendetto and cornerback Harold Gordon distinguished themselves throughout the season. MwCn FOOTBALL FOOTBALL The Varsity Football Team includes: (Back Row, Left to Right): Sam Rest, Mark Klanoio, Don namman. Corey Fishnian. Dean Puesehel, Bill I rhatuis. Boh Malohcr, Kick Carlson, Gary Somenek, Tony Tiaponce, Sal Par.nli. Ralph DiBendcllo, Tim Hanley. (Third Row): Coach Osness, Coai li Ileiirici. Larry Gatt, Tom Rissman, Frank Pueher. Mike Borkovitz, Lee Wisniewski, Pete Christopoloiis, Larry Swider. Boh Schull ., Coach Poznansk , Coach Ewing. (Second Row): Statistician Cathy Minberg, Mike Lis, t;hnck Nagel, Jim Carlson. Wally Griienes. Adam Ret ler, Jim Osness, Gary W olf, Greg Sallerotli. Harold Gordon, Marly Fisher, Yale Smith, Manager Phil Skalctsky, Statistician Janet Williams. (Front Row): Statisticians Laura Howard, rlenc Fisher, Mike Donlon. Manny Borges, Nick Lake, Captain Henry Rollick. Charlie Christiansen, Pat Kane, Marty Festcnstein. Lavendar Lealailafea, Manager Rich Berkowitz, Statistician Sherry Berkowitz. ill Jil III % ' II « J % V. III i ' - t. 1 " M n ' ' inn FOOTBALL The Sophomore Football Team is pictured at the top of the page. Team members include: (Back Row, Left to Right): G. Crane, D. Uhle, S. Apollo, M. Delmonico, M. Levin, C. Klan- cic, R. Alexander, H. Pos, B. Kobylski, M. Hanlcy. M. Alomia, J. Kelly, (Middle Row): Coach Sartini, B. Moy, J. Daily, A. Herbach, B. Kafkis, M. Kolpas, D. Ulberg, J. Kasper, J. Carlson, Coach Beechy. (Front Row): Coach Baker, G. Tonsul, D. Projansky, M. Gotthelf, A. Shore, M. Barenbaum. J. Schuman, D. Fogel, S. Friedman, K. Berns- tein. The Freshman Football Team is pictured at the bottom of the page. Team members include: (Back Row, Left to Right): C. Purcell, W. Prechl, G. Olshock, P. Whitmore, J. Kipnis, C. Wisniewski, B. Earl, J. Heinrick, W. Brock, J. Heinz, T. Hughes, A. Portnoy, B. Udell. (Third Row): Coach Schindler, Coach Gralewski, Y. Adaky, J. Orloff, R. Mendelson, C. Thiry, A. Gothelf, N. Dellheim, T. O ' Ka ' ne, T. Siemsen, S. Frazier, Coach McKiel, Coach Odlivak. (Second Row); Mgr. A. Davis, R. Hertel, S. Nathanson, K. Weitzman, R. Yale, M. Rosenbaum, J. Naumes, M. Brutzkus, S. Bloomgren. H. Krause, Mgr. R. Lasky. (Front Row): C. Dushman, D. Carnow, L. Leff, B. Tscheyka, S. Gothelf, A. Mandell, H. Reich, M. Newberger. D. Brown. J% P ? f i " NIIESEA5J JO LE5 EASr , HUES t r NIIF ' JFJir r.r Silts f»57 . te _ - ' iHhtcti T . ' :t . 4 , Hard work paid off this year for the Varsity Cross Country team with their best record in many years. In addition to this record there were other bright spots. Most valuable runner, Jr. Mark Lichlenstein, by running ninth in the CSL Conference Meet, broke Steve Sussman ' s school record by thirty seconds, being named an All Conference Runner in the process. In addition to Mark, outstanding juniors Larry Bower, Mike Kite and Hal Sloan will be retur- ning to next year ' s squad. The frosh-soph team had an impressive and encouraging season, winning four team trophies, including two for first place. Outstanding freshmen Ed Santucruz, Bruce Bower and David Larson formed the core of this team. Under the guidance of Coaches Ristow and Madsen this year ' s freshmen will help make Niles East become a power in cross country. CROSS COUNTRY Frosh-soph team members are pictured on the op- posite page. They are; (Top Row, Left to Right) Bruce Bower, Barry Finn, David Larson, Steve TaibI, Ron Stein, Scott Brueckner. (Bottom Row): Ed Santucruz, Steve Rubin. Varsity team member, ' ! are pictured below. They are: (Standing, Left to Right): Larry Bower, Mike Kite, Coach Ristow, Hal Sloan, Mark Lichlenslein. (Sitting): Mark Scherfling, Barry Har ' tman. The Frosh-soph golfers are pictured at the top of this page. They are: (Standing. Left to Right): ( )ach Lucrk. Boh Peterson. Mike Froros, Steve Brodsk). Allen Tish. Steve Nelson. (Kneeling): Norman Rifkind, Mare Brown. Eric Ramhis. Den- nis Lutz. The Varsity golfers are pictured at the bottom of this page. They are: (Standing, Left to Right): Coach Oswald, David Oif, Scott Winkler. Mike Ohlwein, Ron Rzadzki, John Hanson, Ira Fishman, Coach Lueck. (Kneeling): Flip Gager- man, Jordan Lohn, David Cohan, Rick Martini, Fred Katani. GOLF A good golfer retains his self-control and pride, two attributes so elusive to most other athletes. Coach Oswald ' s players maintained these qualities this year as they compiled a nearly even won-loss record, led by a marvelous 38 stroke dual meet average by team cap- tain Ron Rzadzki. He was backed up with fine campaigns by Flip Gagerman, Mike Ohlwein and Ken Kramer. Retur- ning with Gagerman next spring will be juniors David Cohan, Scott Winkler, and David Oif, aided by sophomore phenoms Jordan Lohn and Rick Mar- tini. The Freshman soccer learn is pictured at the top of the page. Members include: (Top Row, Left lo Right): Coach Coulson, K. Klein, M. OMallex, L. Feldslein, J. Boigk. B. ndrea. A. Lande, j. Sobel, J. Adelman. (Middle Row): . Samuels, D. Festensteiii, A. Lev. M. Bercoon. J. Le iiie, M. Serota, H. Herman, J. Frankel. (Bottom Row): L. Deutch. B. Saputo, L. U ' alanka, M. Markich, C. Tonsul, M. Kiisatzkv. The Sophomore soccer team is pictured at the bottom of the page. Members include: (Top Row, Left lo Right); J. Laca, S. Gottlieb, J. Soehn. H. Katz, J. Ahonen, J. O ' Malley, J. Mulz, Coach Larson. (Middle Row): J. Decker , Y. Yonaii, N. Siegal M. Stiefel, D. Stone, F. Lara, D. Liu, B. Prim. (Bottom Row): B. Moss, D. Marchifava, E. Wegner, D. Garlick, C. Claver, F. Block, P. Cherniavskv. The varsity soccer team is pictured on the op- posite page. Members include: (Top Row, Left to Right): J. .Alexander, D. Ahonen, E. Jacobs, M. Brines, R. Weiss, D. BehreI,T. Hawkins, M. Valenli, M. Borofsky. (Middle Row): M. Stone, M. Uhle, H. Donado, B. Matz, G. Vlhandreas, M. Irving, G. Freid, P. Fosses, G. Trilling. (Bot- tom Row): J. Brown, G. Guerrero, W. Lealaitafea, L. Brown, D. Cole, N. Tanglis, S. Leon, P. Adelman, M. Guerrero. SOCCER Three years ago, a soccer program was in- itiated at Niles East. In its first two seasons the soccer team proved highly successful and ex- citing, thus earning a reputation as a powerful and talented team. This year ' s team was no excep- tion. While achieving a successful 11-6-1 season, they gained more respect and strengthened their reputation. Receiving all-conference honors this year were captains Phil Adelman and Hugo Donado and leading goal scorer Pete Fosses. Other out- standing performances were given by seniors Mike Stone, Gene Guerrero, all-divison selection Boh Matz and goalie Mark Borofsky with a record eight shutouts. More success lies ahead in the future with the return of juniors Mark Brines and Nick Tanglis and the addition of sophomores Danny Stone, Bill Prim and John O ' Malley. The foundation has been laid for a future Niles East powerhouse. GYMNASTICS Gymnastics combines a splendid pot- pourri of man ' s skills and talents into a single wavelength. Patience, endurance, pride and strength are all produced in a gymnast as the winter months progress. By season ' s end, an outstanding ring man or trampolinist has raised his self- esteem as well as his scores. A brilliant horse man or high-bar artist has dedicated himself so that hard work and perseverance come naturally to him, making each one fully aware that he cannot rely on his teammates to boost his ego or bolster his confidence. Success demands split-second timing and nerves of steel. The performance is exclusivelv his own. GYMNASTICS Tom Sokalski ' s gymnasts, hurt by lack of depth and by numerous injuries, managed to overcome these problems and showed Niles East fans a brand of gymnastics reminiscent of the marvelous squads of years past. One of the top horsemen in the state, Mike Burke, consistently displayed bis astounding skills by taking firsts throughout the year, often reaching the high eights and low nines. Steve Poll ice. East ' s top trampolinist, hit his letter perfect routine repeatedly and with con- fidence, while floorman Brian Abrams, helped the team in the same manner with his grueling but breathtaking performances. Carrying much of the load this season was captain and all-around man Neal Sher. Taking first in the Niles North and Rich Central in- vitationals, he established himself as one of the foremost all-arounders in Illinois. Next year ' s Trojans will be hurt by the departure of these seniors and also, Phil Adelman, Barry Grodsky, Steve Irsay, Gary Cohen, Brian Borkan, Paul Milstein and Mike Stein. Yet this should be compensated by will- ing juniors Chip Auerbach, Matt Rosenberg, Dave Abrahamson and Carl Taibl among others. The Varsil liMniitisIs are pic-liire l on this page. They inelurlr: (Left to Right): D. hrahamson. B. Grodsk). C Cohen, P. lclnian. B. hrams. S. Polliie. C. Taibl. C. CorHnn. V. Milsloin. C. Auerharh. S. Ir- d , B. Borkan. M. Burke. M. Rosenberg. M. Stein. I). Kcssem. (Front): Coaches Sokalski .in l Kifkinrl. ot pictured: . Sher. The Sophomore (F iniia l are pictured on the top of the opposite page. They include: (Standing. Left to Right): Coach Sokalski, C. Bli . .S. Smith. B. Austin. J. Carlson. R. W einert, L. (;rodsky. S. Kckerling. G. Gold. Coach Rifkind. (Kneeling): S. Shapiro. G. Spillar. D. Kesseni. J. Brooks. T. Baque. J. Moll. M. Resjidor. S. Seplowin. L. Xhrarn- The Freshman Gymnasts are pictured on the liollom of the opposite page. They in- clude: (Standing, Left to Right): R. Hertel. S. London. S. Orloff. J. Lopez, Y. Adaky, J. Harris. (!oach Rifkind. (Kneeling): B. Saputo, C. Tonsul. J. Burke. A. Mandell. D. Carno«. C. Bc -er. I. Masrne . GYMNASTICS |pipj|i||Ri|a|p :::: Ui .r- Ji Hilt; I liiLES . UniLfiAlin, Thi was a building year for the Niles East fencing team, one in which the athletes, as well as the coach, gained valuable experience. The team, with only two seniors, was young and has a great amount of talent. First year coach Gralewski saw some of this young talent develop this past season. Juniors Jim Osness, Scott Wexler, and Larry Labow and senior Joe Jans, by performing well, were fine examples of what Niles East Fencing can produce. Most team members will be returning next vear, and if they are as enthusiastic and dedicated as they were this year, Niles East fen- cing can look forward to a bright future. This year ' s fencers are piclured below. They are: (Standing, Left to Riehl) Coach Gralewski. S. Kessler. S. Rest, S. Wexler. J. Osness, B. Hartman. L. Labow. L. Schultz, J. Jans, B. Levy. (Kneeling) A. Tish, B. Samuels, K. Topouzian. C. Heftman. FENCING WRESTLING Coach Fred Richardi has helped make wrestling one of the most exciting and competitive sports at Niles East. At the outset of this season, it was not expected that the Varsity grapplers would be contenders. Lacking veteran seniors, the gap had to be filled with less experienced underclassmen. There are, however, other elements necessary in the composition of a winning team. This year ' s team possessed such qualities as desire, aggressiveness, dedication, power and quickness. The result was the most successful wrestling team Niles East has seen in recent years. The cunning of Jeff Rock, the streng th of George Christopoulos and the skill of Paul Kostyniuk were major factors contributing to the team ' s outstanding record. Exceptional perfor- mances were displayed by juniors Pete Christopoulos, Joe Colucci and Mike Hinske. Freshman Rick Yale proved that experience isn ' t the most importai.v asset by compiling an excellent Varsity record. The future of Niles East wrestling appears promising. With the return of Christopoulos, Hinske, Colucci and Yale, along with sophomores Mark Sunshine, Bruce Hoffman, Daryl UUberg and David Hinske, next year ' s team should be triumphant. Tl e arsil) wrestlers are pictured lielow. Tliev are: (Standing. Left to Ri hl) B. Bliinienlhal. P. Christopoulos. !». Edidin. G. Christopoulos, C. Fishman. C. Nagle. M. Michaels, D. Uinske. D. Mamol. (KncelinglM. Hinske. S. Miester. F. Kalani. B. Allan. D. Lutz. R. Yale, M. Sunsliine, K. Hohs, P. Skalet-sky (Mgr.). (Front) Co-captains J. Rock and P. Kostyniuk. Not pic- tured: I. Fishman. The Sophomore wrestlers are pictured at the lop of the opposite page. They include: (Stan- ding, Left to Right) M. Michaels. M. Kalz, M. Doman, S. Rosen. S. Edidin. D. I llberg. Coach Poznansky. (Kneeling) B. Blunienthal. M. Golhelf. (i. Tonsiil. R. Yale, J. Stoneberg, D. Lutz. (Front) M. Sunshine, D. Hinske. The Freshman wrestlers are pictured at the bottom of the opposite page. They are: (Stan- ding. Left to Right) J. Ritter, A. Portnoy, C. Purcell, B. Brock. S. Freed. B. Earl, H. Krause, Coach Poznansky. (Kneeling) R. Jaklin, G. Pondell, L. FelUtein, K. Miller, D. Festenslein, M. Brutkiis. S. Gothelf. (Front) M. Newberger, R. Cole. WRESTLING TRACK The Varnity Irark learn in piclurcd aliov.:. Mcmhcru are: (Stundirig, Left to Kighl): I,. IJowtr, 8. Apollo. VI. Mannilte, M. Solirrfling, .S. Parcnli. R. Zdvin, R. Marline . (Kneeling): H. Sloan. K. Golub, K. Slein, H. Marlman, I). Grcenherg. J. Sh.r. M. I.i.hlen ' .t.-in. The Frosh-Soph track team is pictured above. Members are: (Standing, Left to Right): B. Barry, K. Golub, R. Stein, D. Sacks, G. Beljaeffe, M. Delmonico. S. Taibl. M. Stieffel, (Kneeling): J. Douinouras, E. Santacruz. B. Bower. M. Schwartz, P. Motin, D. Kaplan, S. Lacasna. IVI. Stone, J. Levine. BASKETBALL .AP im , I ■ ■ ■1 EAST J rV P ii y 1 m m n ' " -. ' ' ' ' jf B 7 rjS I H h HH Things did not look bright for the Trojan cagers as they embarked on the 1974-75 cam- paign. Long standing Varsity coach Gary Cook did not return to guide this year ' s team and was superseded by the controversial Jack McKeil, a stern disciplinarian. Because of his inability to get along with his players, it was soon apparent that McKeil was a poor choice for the job. He left early in the season and was replaced by the popular sophomore coach Emil Capitani. When the Trojans took the floor, the fans knew they were in for a style of basketball un- seen at East for quite a while. School spirit seemed to magically return to Niles East whenever the cagers entered the gym. The aggressive, enthvisiastic way they performed gave opponents a taste of what desire can do to a team. BASKETBALL NILEs One could not have asked for a more exciting season. The cagers were in every game, playing much better than their record indicates. They upset powerhouse New Trier West and almost stunned top- ranked Maine South. They overcame a twelve point deficit in the final quarter to defeat Glenbrook North. Perhaps the most exciting contest was a heart- breaking loss to arch rival Niles West, in which the Trojans tied the game at the final buzzer to send it into overtime. Leading the Trojan offense was 6 ' 7 " senior John Harles, fourth highest scorer in the Central Suburban League. Juniors Neil Schreiber and Terry Greenberg also scored high. These three, along with sparkplug tandem guards Bob Warsaski and Mark Brines, form- ed the backbone of this year ' s squad. Next year ' s team will be without Harles, War- saski, and sixth man Gary Buxbaum, but Schreiber, Brines and Greenberg will be returning. Juniors Larry Fine, Bill Urbanus, Art Issacs, Bob Malcher, Jordy Melamed and Gary Wolf will also be back, with an additional year of experience under their belts. These players and the resurgence of school spirit give real cause for optimism about next year ' s team. BASKETBALL Varsity leaiti mcmbcrH arc pictured at the top of the pane. Sophomore learn mcmlierH arc picturi ' d at the bottom of the They are; (Stanilinx. I-cft to Rifiht): A. Davis (Mgr.). B. pu)!f. Thcv arc: (Slaiuling) Com h Sarlini, K. Solhcru, II. l ' o8, Karol(Vf( r.), J. BurnenH, A. I 8ar«, .N. Sehrciher, B. Maleber, J. OMallry, C, Mauri.-, I ' . Clii-rniavsky, (Kiieeliiifi;) W. J, llarh:«, B. lirhaniiH. Coach Capitani. (KneeliriK); B. War- liravcrman, K. Kol)in, I). Sklcria, S. Sacknoff, J. Kelly. Not sa-ki, M. Brine , C. Biixhaiim, T. (;reenher(j, G. Wolf, J. pirl.ircl: |{. I ' rim, I), MciHlcr. MeiameiJ, L. Fine. I ' rftihman team members are pieliired abo o. The) arc: (Top picture; Slaiirfing. Loft to Highl) (Joach Lanpstoii. J. Ileinz. S. Bnieckner, C. Wisniewski, B. Rubenstein, B. Andrea. (Kneeling) B. Finn, N. Dellheim, M, Bercoon, R. VanRoycn, J. Frankel. (Bottom piotuie: Standing): Coach Wood, J. Kipnis, D. Lar- -on, F,. Peters. S. Ciran, P. Whitmore, Coach Sarlini. (Kneeling): T. Sicmsen, A. Gothelf, J. Naumes, J. Adelman, M. Ellenby. WEIGHT LIFTING Since its inception at Niles East three years ago, the weight lifting team has consistently achieved success, and this year was no excep- tion. Though their achievements often go un- heralded, the weight lifters persist. They lift for personal satisfaction, to attain individual goals, for power, strength, health and fitness. This year ' s power men performed well, both as a team and individually. Niles East defeated much larger schools, including some colleges. Steve Meister, the Illinois state power lifting champ in the 123 pound class, set the U.S. record for the dead lift in his class. He did this by lifting 375 pounds this summer at Erie, Pennsylvania. Steve Pollice, in the 165 pound class, bench pressed 275 pounds. Weighing 148 pounds, Howard Mathews dead lifted 425 pounds. All told, it was quite a rewarding season for the weight lifters. SWIMMING Despite a losing record, this year ' s swim- ming team was vastly improved over last year ' s, and provides much hope for the future. An administrative decision hanned the Niles East pool from heing used in meets and ordered the removal of the diving hoards. This forced the Trojan swimmers to hold their home meets at North and West, Coach Larsei feels that this has hurt the team tremendously,! and may have cost them a winning record. Butj despite this sethack to the team ' s morale, th Niles East swimmers remained some of the most spirited in the league. ? i The improvement in this year ' s team can be attributed to a highly regimented practice schedule, as well as excellent performances turned in by most of the swimmers. Starring were seniors Ed Naumes, Rich Berkowitz, Dan Baigelman and Rod Lopez, as well as juniors Bob Torstensson and Ed Purcell. Strong hopes for the future lie in sophomores Danny Pro- jansky and Steve Packer and freshmen stan- douts Mike Borovik and Scott Kleiman. If the swimmers can maintain their spirit and con- tinue to improve, next year ' s team should be a strong contender. SWIMMING The VaniU xwimmiTx ar - picliircd uhovc. T u:y arc: (Sliiiidiii j, l.fll lo Hi(?lil) I). Allen. M. Chavin, K. I ' urfcll, R. ' ron l(;n«m ii, K. I.opi-z. (Sitlirin) H. Hcrkowitz, I). KaiKi ' lman, K. Naiimeti, P. Plinkin. The Frosh-Soph swimmers are pictured above. Tliev are: (Top row. Left to Right) T . Shtiman. B inkier. S. Wengerski, J. Boipk, S. Packer. E, Levine, D. Pro- jdnskv. (Middle row) J. dler, R. Fujiwara. J. Brown. P. Leon. S. Storv, J. Marks. (Bottom row) A. Goldenberg. D. ' gard, S. Kleiman, M. Borovik. BASEBALL The Varsity Baseball Seniors include: (Standing, Left to Right): Coach Galla, Cheryl Kittay (manager), Hugo Donado, Lee Wisniewski, Dean Pueschel, Mike Hansen, Coach Coulson. (Kneeling); Greg Salterelli, Adam Relzler, Scolt Slutsky, John Simms, George Vlahandreas. (Sitting): Rich Berkowitz, Phil Spivak, Steve Frankel, John Gentile. TENNIS Above: Marty Avers is ready and waiting at the net. Top Right: Strategy is an important part of the game, as Gene Guerrero thinks about his next match. Bottom Right: Speedily wielding his backhand, Jeff Epstein returns a hard shot. Above: Sherwin Korey concentrates on getting power and accuracy into his serve. Top Left: Shown in the middle of his back awing, Steve Pales prepares to return the ball. Bottom Left: Mike Guerrero warms up before his match. EDUCATION FAREWELL COLVER mong the many changes that occurred at Niles East this year, was the resignation of principal Dr. Arthur Colver. Dr. Colver first became involved in District 219 in 19.56 as a social studies teacher at West. Before coming to East as Vice-Principal in 1966 he had been Director of Student Activities and assistant prin- cipal at West and Hall Director at North. With eighteen years of service behind him. Dr. Colver has left District 219 for F ' lainview, New York where he has become prin- cipal of John F. Kennedy High School. WELCOME HOSLER Once again in our Reflections Yearbook we focus on another group of promising young people from Niles East High School. Our country has never had greater need for enthusiastic, capable citizens, ready to give rather than accept, open minded to be just and fair rather than intolerant, determined to earn their own security, happiness, and peace of mind. If ever a class possessed the qualities to succeed in these endeavors, the Class of 1975 has them. My hope is that they will be used constructively and faithfully. Galen Hosier BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education members include, (Back Row, Left to Hifihl) — Fred Minkus, Evelyn Rosenzweig, James Gottreich, Ben Ijpin. Georfie fianus, Eric Moch (Front Row) — Shirley Garland, Weslev (iil)bs I BUILDING DIRECTORS Lee Hawkins — Language Arts Joanne Morris — Building Management James Swanson — Physical Welfare Charles Van Cleave— Theoretical Science Barbara Rav— Practical Science James Richter— Student Services BOOSTER CLUB AND P.T.A. k Booster Club (StanfJing, Left to Right) James Swan- son, Glen Hosier, (Seated) Rorhina DiBenedrtto, Bud Blumenthal, Joyce Christopoulus. FTA Executive Board Members (Left to Right) Sal- ly Koenig, Sondra Bfhr, Betty Johnson, Lee Hawkins, (Seated) Paulette ndrea, Muriel Sucherman, Ruth Liametz. Clerical Staff (Left to Right) A. Deena Douvikas, B. Gertrude Nalker, Annette Harris, Ann Lakemacher, C. Doris Gollay, D. Ann Fischer, E. Barbara Heller, Edna Gustafson, F. Lisa Sandroff, Pearl Zaid, Elenore Mueller, G. Bess Sandroff, Sadell Tobin, Esther Berzon, H. Rea Robin, Helen Brommelkamp, L Elsie Levin, Delores Wyko, Harriet Kneip, Sue Froese, Jane Wright, Jo Jawarski, J. Rochelle Korn. CLERICAL STAFF COUNSELORS James Dorsey, Counselor Thomas Grossman, Counselor Aune Toivola, Counselor Barbara Handler, Counselor Ronald Cralewski, Counselor Holly Krichevsky — Student DEANS Marilyn Danegger, Dean Leonard Winans, Counselor Ronald Hunt, Counselor Ken Anderson, Counselor Kenneth Reiter, Dean SPECIAL SERVICES F enorc Marti. Librarian Joan Strom, CVP Class Barbara ScarbrouRh, Nurse William Weiss, CVP Class Dorothy Taylor, Nurse Paula Griswold, CVP Class James Puff, Security James Schindler, CVP Class " Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre but they are more deadly in the long run. " — Mark Twain Kathleen Palansky, Librarian Dan Henrick IIC Shirley Lundberg IIC Kristine Salgado IIC Andy Maggio AVE SPECIAL SERVICES Rita Stewart. C P Class Paul Bvrne, IIC Marjorie Stevens, Impaired Hearing Fred Kral, Social Worker Phillip Mankolf, Psyehologisl " Just outside my wisdom are words that can answer everything. " ti Anslund Judy Gilmore, Guidance Resource Room Ellen Peirce, CVP Class Gregory Bannon, Social Worker I ntern Gary Vann, Social Worker Intern RoIIie Korol, Speech Correction PHYSICAL EDUCATION Howard B ram Jean Wojdula Elizabeth Winslon Shari Kouba Marcia Berke Seymour Rifkind Gerald Ferguson Christine Woodward " If I should lose, let me stand by the road and cheer as the winners go by. " . Nicholas Odlivak Patricia Matlak Fred Richardi Donald Larson Thomas Sokalski Edward Pugliese Nona Piorkowski Deanna Whvman Judith Kay Hollister Sandstead DRIVER ' S EDUCATION ftiiV TSZ 1 X illiam Earner. Driver ' s Ed. Georf e Galla, Driver ' s Ed. (Gordon Malone, Gerald Richarclson. Driver ' s Ed. firian Kalzman, Driver ' s Ed Business Ed. | illiam Coulson. CV ' E. Ronald Henrici, CVE. 166 Joan Coon, Business Ed. BUSINESS EDUCATION Charles Plock, Business Ed. Josephine Hentz, Business Ed. Donald Test, CVE. Wilbur Campbell, CVE. Romayne Baker, Business Ed. MUSIC Frank X inkier Ra monfl Pettit Gerald Berber Choir Members ART Dennis Grabowski Hazel Loew Judith Miller Richard Wetzel HOME ECONOMICS Ellen Olson " Nurservsfhooiers Charlotte VanderWill Kathleen Trauh I ' aiila Chamherlain INDUSTRIAL ARTS Joanne Rijmes Glenn Jurek Charles Madison Lee Sellers Thomas Ristow ENGLISH Mary Scherb Jerry Proffit John Golata Arnold Agnos David Wood Joan Field " Language is the dress of thought. " — Samuel Johnson Verniel Lundquist Jimmy Alexander — Student Imogene Schneiter Dennis Duffy Ruth Belser ENGLISH Angelina J ' anos Richard Livingston Virginie Slemp Ucllie Ladtl Cookie Stone — Student Lois Moss " Perhaps of all the creations of man, language is the most astonishing. " — Giles Strachey I Richard Tendick Kay Powell Joann Eisenberg Vella Bass Jeanne Derichs FOREIGN LANGUAGE Jane Burnham Merminia Lopez Judith Korhotte Sfoti Hitc— Student John Mowhak Donald Blair Carolyn Amelunj " Life is a foreign language: all men mispronounce it. " — Christopher Morley Alexander Miron Dorann Klein Madeline Loughran Leslie Cole — Student Kay Beck Gentil daRosa Diane Browning MATHEMATICS Joan Davidson Stanley Weitzenfeld Emil Capitani George Yursky William Madsen William Henry Anthone Kort " For he by geometric scale could take the size of pots of ale " —Butler Jeror e Slattery Mildred Hall Kathy Ewing, Jody Coninx, Renee Haynes Steven Poznansky Todd Dvorak SOCIAL STUDIES George Mayfield Harry Ewing Richard Miya Hayward Wood Karl De Jonge William Osness Mardonna Isenberg Sylvia Mazouch " History is past politics and politics present history. " — Sir John Seeley Marilyn Schiffman David Solovy Mel Pirok Betty Quinn Everett Colton SCIENCE Vif illiam Bloom Louis Everman Debbie P eld man Nanry Anf!;eil Wayne Lueek Jame.s Shugrue EfJvvin Krnsl ( eorf e Koth John Cooper " Science, when well digested is no- thing but good sense and reason. " Stanislaus David Beechy Bernard Welch Toni Huepel Amy Schwartz Jerome Oswald John Herbst James Dougherty Mark Rostvold Edward Degenhardt UNDERCLASSMEN FRESHMEN anai ilakx. Tiim.lh X.lams. Janu-s V.UIman. Jefrorv ller. (iliiiii Viiresl. SloMii Mhcrl. Diane mcnl. karcii Viiilre. Kill mlrea. SicNoii pril. Dax id rripo. Sroll icrs. Man Bain. JiMli Baizcr. Klainc Balikox. Michael Ba |ne. Briiee Barlon. Jcanine Ballisla. Stephen Baiimann. Riehard Knpene Beljaeff. n- .Irea Benjamin. Mar.- Bereoon. r.laine Berjiman. Man Berkelhamcr. (;rep Berkouil .. a Herman. Karia Berman. Maria Berman. Christopher Be ser. Brigilte Bielin ' ki. Ilenr» Bit ins. Marian Blai . Jan Blitl. Seolt Blrimsren. John Boi ik. Kalhy Bollo«. Jame Bololin. Brnee Bo»er. « illiam Broek. Sle»en Bro.l-kj. Mike Bro« I)a»iil Brown. Doreen Brour Jo-eph Brown. Kohcrl Browr ieloria Brown.. Seolt Briieeknei Mark Briil kiiK, Jarne; Burke Siirian Burke. Maura Butler Siizann Caeeamo. Brooke ( aplin Madonna (Carlson. Mart Carncv RuIhtU l.oiii. James Itrure l.evx. Kolterl l.exx I.euin. Uell l.iehlensle l.iiiilrolh. Slexeii l.oeasli John I.iipe . Maureen Lolsoff. Rol.erl l.nke. Terrx MaedonalH. Se..ll Masn.-s. Ju.iilli Maleko«. Man Mallun. Vrlliiir Maniiall. (;ra.e Marahella. Miel.ael Laura Iarseli. Slieri Mursliak. Cinch Marshall. Ralph Marliiuv. Ra» Marliniz. Miehael Marv. Nan.x l. nne Marx. Sieve Malawfc hi. Trae Malzkin. Ellen Maxer. Kanrie Ma rcnt. Mark M.Cnai;.. Da»e MeCJowan. Ellen MeiMer. Sle%e Melni.k. Mike Mcnclclso Merel. Miehael Me% Rnnal.l Me er. Miehe Carol Miller. Kenn» Miller. Miehael Mint r. Jim Mooriilian. rJi Jeff Moskixie 1. I ' aiil Molin. Bar- " " " w hara Mneller . Karen Muleahx. tL ,x James Miirph . anii Nagcl. w M Na«alsk . Seoll alhansoi II Naiihcrl. Nanei aiihcrt. Koherl No. nila Niisshi Seoll (j .Jav Nusshi SOPHOMORES I.CO l.ramM ii.Mira .hiiuiN i.-l I ' ani Vilclmaii. Janu-s Mionoi iollo. Ridiard Me aniU-r. iiiioltc mcruiis. Do Pani ii.lcrson. Sicken Apollo. Mi.lulo Vrkiisl,. Man Ariioff. liriaii Viislin. nn Ballas. Toin liai|ii -. Mar ' Baraiuhik. Mark Bariiiliaiim. SttM liaroni. Siisannc Baroni. Ba Koli.rl. Mirliai-I Bass. Mil Bass. Kim Bauer. Miles Bane Hosier Beck. Karen Behr. Jaek Beniler. (Jar) Benjamin. Ann Berlierian. Krie Berg. Jerol.l Beru. Kallir n Berper. Kan l Berk. Shari Berko I ' alrieia Berlow. I mell Ben Dennis Bernhar l . Calh) Berns lein. Kenn) Bernstein. Mieheli BerrioBlon. ' «;reB Beljacff. Kohin Berman. Bene Bielinski. I ' ania Bixhar. lar Bitlner. Joel Blalt. Rolicrt Bliniek. ;re(!or Blix. Kre.l Bloek. Caryn Bolon. John Bonuiorno. Neil Borg. .Steven lie Borkotitz, Mary BoroHiiv. Tami Brailforil. Mil.- Kaliiil . l.iMiis Kanic Kli-r Kaplan. irk KaraTotia: J.rr kasp.r lliirol.l Kal Mil.lirll Kal . %.ii l Kaiifmai Sliii-n ka»r. Nona kaxaii. Mm tII K alinf!. I)ani l Kcll , .la kill . Haiiirl Ki-s-tim. Scolt klfiman. Kolurl Kohtl ' .ki. Jo l kiK-nij;, l.oraiiif kii|!an. Kolpa-. Isaa. ki riiliaii. ' « r. Itarr} kramer. i in- lia kra . IJclxi kricr. Jt-ff Kriivtc, l i- a kiiiil . Koliila l.a(lii! . . J.rx I Mal.isik. Jai...-s Uil . Brian lav. Marx M.■(:r .. Win. Kirn »._! .. t .„y Moi- nor. Pax ill ura IJnnni.- M.M-r. Oax ill Moir. IKI.I.v M. .r .. Mi.liaol Mo ers. Susan M.-MT. Marx Mi.liaeU. Carnl Mi.liaU. S.i:.aii Mikol. Paxi.l Mill.r. llo»ar.l Millor. I.ael Milkr. I.ori MilUr. Sluri Miller. Maria Minsk . Gorar.l M.M-ll.r. San.Ira Molir. J.IT Moll. S,i an Moros. Sande. Miirrisi.n. nn Morion. Slia»i Mosi-. Bra.l Moss. illiam Mox Janu-s Mrolun. Jan.l Mnrrax. Jani.o asalskx Mi. ha.l Nalhan. ils Sl.x.n N.UoM. IJ.lli N.ssr lioh Sf-arliroii l . Cin •Iv S. haff ai ,i S.hl •sma n . Bar nellcr. JiiM • SrlimiHl. Man S hnci.l Dan Si-liiui lir Tim Sihiicici IT S.hi.ill. da S.hnt I.arr i.lcr S hne . J» A S.I.. litZIT. (frriin Shapin Sh. llj Sbapi, Sirvi- Slicrms llfiwarrl Shapiro I. Ncal Sherman I. lirc Shimo ' la liiia Sicpat, ;r.«le(n. Aria Silvcr- rnan.. I ' l-Kr Sil (!r-.lcin. Mark SklAir. IJaw- Skhna. Jill Slavin. i P WiiB i H im i I iiii i iiiid Immm- Sm ■ iio Wii 1.-. , oil..- Was;!! ...1 i W il.-h. Vnwar War. J.-. nilVr.Wa 1 aiitoii W ask I..I »....( w.-. ■1... i • W.lnlu Kn 1 rilUT . nii on.- W, l » o W einsl .-ii. 1 an.l W oism si.v.- Sl.xr W. ,a l.- ilk.,IT. Jai.n i Kr.lMrl W iMT. likr W i l.n.-. l.i.- i ..-. I ' liil il ,.l. S.otl Kan.h Wolll. Laura ii. Dial).- % iirl. S..,|| r,,. V.Mian K. anil. ' ...lim. K.lia ai.l. Iru Z.i.lman. Mar. .k.lma... Kal Zi.ul.r. I,»l.- .iml.l.r. Silvan Zimni.-r Z... k.r. J.,.l Z.K H S . •R.; - JUNIORS jfe ' a wrw. I.Min Colcmun. I alriria Coiinel- l . Kii ' liunl ( ' .i )i: Kunil) Oowc. luii Daar. William DaiK hman. I i iialil Daniann. liriaii i)a iil- V.lrian Daxis. Man Dati K.mIkII.- }a U. Moni.a Delic I ' am OeUoiiar.lis. Jirr Di moiiil. Kalpli l)i( cii -ilc-ll(i. Nan Diriorr. )a»i.l r)..iiiia. Vera Dri alan A ctiilt flitrin. Saiiil) l)ii i n-iki Sii-a,, KlH-rlr. Ki.har.l K.lel«.n Naiiij Kk lrnm. rl -nf Klkin i. r,arr Kill-. Ju.l) Knpil. Jiffr K| l iii. iifl Kp! Uin. Hen KAoff. K ko ,. Dc. Kr.-iili.Ti!. .Iiilir Krcnf iT(!. Maraarrl Mav. Naiux M. too. IJcll. M.CIou.l. Wall) M.Coi- mi.U. M.Millcii. Oaniol la iir. KoliMi Moilo«. StoMii .I..1.I..H K-lamo.l. Ooiial.l MoImii. Monsiarolli. Siomi. l.rkiii. IJasil Mi.haol. Ililaix Mi. hail. I.Miii Miiliaols. CiiiH) Mi.lull. Cliarl.s Miller. Mike Milli- Shaol Mill.r. Jorr Minolo I ' am Mi.liacl Mooia.liai Donna Morrison. Sliorx I Molin (Ilirisline Mncllor. (iar Musirk. K.I Na.Uau. Chark- Nagcl. Min- i Nallian on. Clicrx I Ni-wman. Maria Nilli. Marlha Noll. (ii-ri Nolarius. Debbie Ohren Oa i.l Oif. Di.k Olson. Siisai Orlmann. Bill Opalka. Jamc Osness. Massimo Palanli. Imisano. Joanne Papa, asma. Paslron. aincr. Sara Pearl. Bert Pamela Peterson. p ' : fk P ' ' m H — , © fi Jt m k: ' hkWi} SENIORS .- | y y Y ' ' ' ' ' .• • SENIORS Brian Abrams N Club 3,4; Gymnastics 1-4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4 Captain 2,4; Frosh Num. Football, Gym- nastics; All Sub League 4; Russian Club 2-4. Cyndee Adams G.A.A. 1. Phil Adelman Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; N Club 3,4; Soccer 2-4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Capt. 3,4; All Sub. League 4; Gymnastics 1-4; Frosh Num. 1; Soph N 2; Major N 3,4; Key Club 2- 4; Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Squeenies 2-4; Pres. 4. Elyse Agran Homecoming Comm. 2; Music Fest. 1; Mixed Chorus 1; G.A.A. 1,2; A.F.S. 2. David Ahonen James Alexander Jeanette Alexander Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Reflections 1-3; Thespians 3; 10 Pt. Award 3; Choir 2,3; Girls Glee 1; Fall Play Crew 1. Virginia Alexander Elizabeth Allison Louis Anderson Michelle Andre Homecoming Committee 4; Reflections Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2; The Open Door 4. Dale Andrea Stu. Leg. 4; Homecoming Comm. 4; Homecoming Court 3; Musical 1,2; Music Fest. 1,2; Concert Orch. 1,2; G.A.A. 1-3 24 Pt. Award 1; Gymnastics 1,2. Valerie Argus Girl ' s Swim Team 2,3; G.A.A. 1-3; 24 Pt. Award 2,3; Ripplettes 2. John Alsaves Martin Avers N Club 4; Tennis 1-4; Gymnastics 1. Sherri Avers Alice Elizabeth Baer Reflections 1; Musical Crew 1; Thespians 1; 10 Pt. Award 1; Glee Club 1; G.A.A. 1; Orchesis 1; Special Ed. Club 2. David Baer Sue Baizer Fall Play Crew 3,4; Reflections Crew 2-4; Musical Crew 2-4; Thespians 3,4; 10 Pt. Award 3; 25 Pt. Award 4; G.A.A. 1; Medical Careers Club 1. Hollis Baker Reflections 1-4; Choir 4; Glee Club 2; Mixed Chorus 3; G.A.A. 1-4; Ripplettes 3,4; Special Education Club 4. Howard Balikov Summer Inst, at Northwestern U. Music Clinic 3; at Bemidji 2; Reflections 3,4; Musical 2-4; Music Fest. 1-4; Concert Orch. 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Stage Band 4; Investment Club 4; Basketball 1-3; I.M.E.A. State Band, 3rd Clarinet in State. Judith Baiter Mark Bandy David Barack Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Stu. Leg. 4; Cabinet 4; Reflections 3,4; Spring Musical 1,2,4; Lead 2; Thespians 2-4; 25 Pt. Award; Beg. Band 1; Concert Choir 2; Football 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Minor N 2; Wrestling 1,2,4; Frosh Num. 1; Minor N 2; Major N 4; Russian Club 1-4; Vice-Pres. 4; Improv. Theatre 3; Childrens Theatre 2. Rosalyn Barsky Fred Batko Silver Hon. Pin 3; Stu. Leg. 2-4; Cabinet 3,4; Sec. 4; Reflections 4; Tennis 1,3,4; Minor N 3; Major N 4; Russian Club 1-4; Sec. 3,4; Nilehilite 4. Terry Bauer Felicia Belon Miriam Benjamin Nat. Hon. Society 3,4; 111. State Scholar 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Summer Inst, at U. of III. 2; Reflec- tions 2,3; Musical 1-3; Music Fest. 1-3; Concert Orch. Concert Band 1-4; Beg. Band 1; G.A.A. 1; Music Pin; Music Cert. Laurie Berger Nilehilite 3,4; Feature Editor 4. Michael Berger Joy Bergman Berry Berk Leslie Berkley Reflections Crew 2-4; Musical Crew 2,3; Music Fest. 1; G.A.A. 1-4; Gymnastics 1; Producers 3,4; School Spirit Comm. 4. Richard Berkowitz Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Homecoming Comm. 4; AVE 1,2; N Club 2-4; Vice-Pres. 4; Football Manager 1-4; Shield 2-4; Major N 2-4; Swimming 1-4; Shield 2-4; Major N 2- 4; Baseball 1-4; Shield 3,4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Frosh Num; Trojan Mascot 4; Key Club 3,4; Vice-Pres. 4. David Berman David Berns Fern Bernstein Ira Berry David Blichmann Wresllinf! 1. Michelle Block Bob Bodenheimer Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Gold Honor Cert. 1; Boy ' s Chorus 1,2; Basketball 1; Chess Club 1-4; Bridge Club 1-3. Carolyn Bolotin Eileen Bornscheuer Mark Borofsky Leslie Braslawsky Marlene Braslawsky Cabinet 4; Forensics 4; G.A.A. 1. Sandra Brauer Marcia J. Bregman Office Ed. Assoc. 3; Pres. 4. Michael Bregman Leonard Brenner Chess Club 1,2; Students For Israel 3. Ronald Bressler Daniel Brown Mary Lou Brown Dana Bruger Paul Brzozowski Lisa Burack Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Medical Careers Club 1. James Burgess Music Fest. 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Future Teachers of America 1-4; Nilehilite 2; Ushers Club 1-4. Jeff Burgess Bridge Club 2,3. Mike Burke 111. State Scholarship 4; Bronze Honor Pin 4; N Club 3,4; Gymnastics 1-4; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Frosh Num. 1; All Suburban League Team 3,4; Key Club 4. Gary Buxbaum Bronze Honor Pin 3; Basketball 1-4; Most Improved Player 2; Shield 2; Minor N 3; Major N 4; Ski Club 1. Daniel Byron Yaneth Cafarzuza Mirella Campoli Joann Capezio Homecoming Comm. 3; G.A.A. 1-3; Nilehilite 4; Art Council 3. Mark Carlson Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Football 1,2; Minor N 1,2; Basketball 1; Minor N 1; Swim- ming 3; Minor N 3; Frosh Num; Investment Club. Patrick Casey Howard Chabner Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation; 111. State Scholar 4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Stu. Leg. 4; Cabinet 2-4; Gymnastics 1; Frosh Numeral 1; Yearbook 3,4; Editor 4; Investment Club 2-4; Vice-Pres. 4. Richard Chaikin Sheila Chancellor Mike Chavin Music Fest. 1,2; Concert Band 2; Beg. Band 1; Swimming 1-4; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Major N 4. Jeffrey Cherner Sherie Chernick Charles Christensen Thomas Christerson George Christopoulos f M © i t1 Mike Claver Reflections Crew 2; Music Festival 1,2; Technis 2; Intermediate Band 2; Beginning Band 1; In- tramural Tennis 1,3; Intramural Football 2; In- tramural Basketball 2-4. Catherine Coclanis John Coens Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Certificate 1. Cheryl Cohan Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Gold Hon. Cert. 2; Cabinet 1- 4; Reflections Crew 2,3; Spring Play Crew 3; G.A.A. 1. Audrey Cohen Cabinet 2,3; Reflections Crew 2. Dale Cohen Michael Cohen Bronze Hon. Pin 3,4. Susan Cohen Ann Cohn Leslie Cole Cabinet 1-3; Reflections Crew 1-3; Musical Crew 1- 3; Thespians 1-4; Ten Point Award 3; Producers 3; Archery Team 3; G.A.A. 1-3; 24 Pt Award 2; French Club 1,2; Officer 2; Golden Galleon 2,3. Michael Craven Stewart Danziger Jonathan Davis Transferred from Von Stuben 3; 111. State Scholar 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Tennis 1-4; Minor N 3; Swimming 1,2; Minor N 2; Captain 2; Honor Roll 1,2. Chris Defranceschi Andrea Deleonardis Karen Delmonico G.A.A. 1,2; 24 Pt. Award 2; Gymnastics 2; Co- capiain 2. Terri Diamond Gold Honor Cert. 3; Cabinet 4; Reflections 1-4; Musical 1-4; Lead 3; Music Festival 1-4; Thespians 2-4; 10 pt. award 2; 25 pt. award 3; Concert Choir 2-4; S!c. 3; Glee Club 1; Gold Music Pin 4; Music Cert. 4; G.A.A. 3; 75 pt. award 3; Orchesis 3; Folk Music Club 4; Special Ed. 3,4; Producers 1-4; Chamber Choir 4. Lawence Dickstein Judith Dine Steven Dobryman Roberta Dolnick Janine Dominic Hugo Donado Transferred from Evanston 2; Glee Club 1; Baseball 1; Numeral 1; Major N 3; Soccer 3; Major N; All Division 4. Holli Doniger Glee Club 1; G.A.A. 1-4; 24 Pt. Award 2; Swimming 2; French Club 4; Special Services 2-4. Roberta Dredze Music Fest. 1-4; Ch9ir 3-4; Glee Club 1. Sheryl Dubin Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1; Reflections Crew 1; G.A.A. 1,2; A.F.S. 1,2. Jonathan Eager Geri Eckerling G.A.A. 1 ; Distributive Education Club 3,4. Natalie Edelstein Stephen Eich Gary Eiden Michael Eisenberg Alan Ellenby Nal. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comni. Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1; It ' s Academic 3; Chess Club 1,2; Bridge Club 1-4; Pres. 4. Dana Ellenby Judith Erenburg Cheryl Esken Nat. Hon. Society 3,4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Spring Play Crew 1,3,4; Musical Crew 1,3; Musical 2; Music Fest. 1-4; Thespians 3,4; Pres. 4; 10 Pt. Award 3; 25 Pt. Award 3; 50 Pt. Award 4; Tennis 2; Choir 24; Glee Club 1; Tennis 1-4; Co-Capt. 4; G.A.A. 1-4; Child. Theater 2; Improv. Theater 3; Minishow 2,3,4. Wendy Esralew Nancy Faber Sandra Falber Pamela Favish Denise Feldman Beth Feldstein Steven Fine Mike Fink Mark Fisher Martin Fisher Nat. Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Scholar. Semi-Finalist 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1; Football 1-4; Shield 2; Major N 3,4; Frosh Num. 1. Arnold Fishman Tennis 1,2; Chess Club 2. Ira Fishman Mark Flitman Fall Play 3,4; Lead 3,4; Fall Play Away 3 Reflections 2-4; Spring Play Crew 3; Musical 1-4 Lead 3; Musical Crew 3; Music Festival 2,3 Thespians 2-4; 10 pt. award 2-4; 20 pt. award 4: 50 pt. award 4; Choir 1-3; Students lor Israel 3; Key Club 3,4; Drama Festival 3,4; Officer 4; Cabinet 4. Maryanne Flosi Peter Fosses GildaForcade Steven Frankel Eugene Freid Football 1; Gymnastics 1,2; Soccer 2-4; Minor N 3; Major N 4; Hockey Club 4; Asst. Capt. 4. Linda Freres Lori Friedman Homecoming Comm. 4; G.A.A. 1-4; Cheerleader 3,4; Girls Track 2. Gloria Fruehe Michael Fryer Cynthia Gadd Maura Gawin Cheerleader 1,4; Pom-Pon 3; Homecoming Court 4; Homecoming Comm. 4; G.A.A. 1-4; Gymnastics 1,2. Judy Gelb Cabinet 1; Reflections Crew 1,2; Musical Crew 1,2; Chairman 2; Music Fest. 1-4; Choir 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Spanish Club 1,2,4; Vice-Pres. 1; Medical Careers Club 1. John Gentile N Club 4; Baseball 1-4; Minor N 2; Most Val. Player 2; Major N 3,4; Frosh Num.; Hockey Team 4. Lawence George Gary Gershbein Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Wrestling 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Russian Club 1-4; Medical Careers Club 1. Richard Gertz Bronze Honor Pin 3; Student Leg. 1-3; AVE 1; Musical Crew 1; Track 1; Shield 1; Cross Country 1; Sheild 1; Indoor Track 1; Frosh Num. 1; Nilehilite Staff 4; Art Club 3-4. Gary Gillis Howard Girovich Track 1-4; Cross Country 3,4; Frosh Num. 1. Perry Glait Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Reflections Crew 2; Tecnis 2; Tennis 1; Investment Club 1; Musical Crew 2. Allen Glass Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Cabinet 2; Swimming 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Nilehilite 4; Students for Israel 3; Investment Club 4; Key Club 4. Martin Glochowsky Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. 4; 111. State Scholar 4; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Stu. Leg. 4; Cabinet 2-4; Pub. Officer 3; Vice-Pres. 4; Reflec- tions 3,4; Musical 4; Thespians 3,4; 10 Pt. Award 3; Track 1; Folk Music Club 4; Children ' s Theater 3,4; Soccer 2; Minor N 2; Key Club 4. Karyn Gold Cabinet 1,2; Spring Play Crew 1,2; Music Fest. 1-3; Choir 3; Glee Club 1,2; A.F.S. 1,2; Ushers Club 2. Violet Goldberg Sandy Goldin Transferred from Kenwood 4; French Club 2; Swim Club 2; Swim Team 3; Tennis Team 3; Te ' c- nis 4; Yearbook 4. Edward Goldstein Sally Goldstein Homecoming Committee 3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; Concert Orchestra 1,2; G.A.A. 24 pt. award 1; 75 pt. award 2; Girl ' s Gymnastic Team 1,2; Pom Pbn 3; French Club 1; Officer 1; Cheerleader 4; Stu. Leg. 4. Susan Goldst ein Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Silver Honor Pin 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Gold Honor Cert. 2; Summer Institute at Knox College 3; Cabinet 1,2; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Treas. 4; Homecom- ing Court 3; Reflections 1; Reflections Crew 1,2; Concert Orchestra 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Cheerleader 2-4; Girls Gymnastics Team 1,2; French Club 1; Vice Pres. l;Key Club 3,4. Caryn Goldstick Cabinet 1-4; Reflections 1-4; Musical 3,4; Music Fest. 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1-4; Orchesis 1-3; Dance Company 4; Pom-Pon 3,4; A.F.S. 4. Sheila Goldzweig Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Stu. Leg 4; Spanish Club 2-4; Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 3; A.F.S. 1,3,4; Sec. 4; Senate Rep. 4; School Spirit Comm. 3,4; Vice-Chairman 3; Sec.-Treas. 4; Ad- visory Comm. 1-4. Harold Gordon Larry Gordon Andrea Gortva Caren Grantz Nat. Honor Society 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Summer Inst. Indiana Music Seminar 3; Reflections 2,3; Musical Crew 3,4; Music Fest. 1- 4; Teenis 2,4; Concert Orch. 3,4; Concert Band 1- 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Beg. Band 1; Producers 4; Project " 70 1. Jill Greenberg Transferred from Sullivan 3; Basketball 3,4; Softball 3,4; G.A.A. 3,4; Board 3; 24 Pt. Award 3; M.V.P. Softball 3. Lori Greenberg Barry Greenwald Transferred from Senn 3; Stu. Leg. 4; Track 2,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Chess Club 4; School Spirit Comm. 4. Ruth Grentz Barry Grodsky Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; N Club 4; Gymnastics 1-4; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Frosh Num. 1; All Sub. League Team 2; Key Club 1-4; Sgt. at Arms 4. Robert Grossblatt Gary Grossman Eugene Guerrero Mat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Cabinet 3; Fall Play Crew 2-4; Reflections Band 1-4; Musical Band 1-4- Music Fest. 1-4; Concert Band 2-4; Beg. Band 1 Stage Band 1-4; N Club 3,4; Pres. 3; Tennis 1-4 Shield 3; Minor N 1; Major N 2-4; Gymnastics 1, Frosh Num.; Key Club 1-4; Soccer 3,4; Rensselaer Medal 3; Special Ed. Club 3,4. Laura Gunderson Bill Hall Cabinet l-4Reflection 4; Football 1-3; Minor N; Major N; Frosh Num. 1; Track 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Wrestling 1,2; Frosh Num. 1. JillHalper Mike Hansen Basketball 1; Wrestling 2; Baseball 1-4; Gold Hon. Cert. 1. John Hanson John Harles Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter Of Comm.; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Basketball 1-4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; M.V.P. 2; Frosh Num. 1. Lori Harris Barry Hartman Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. 4; 111. State Scholar. 4; N Club 3,4; Treas. 4; Track 1-4; Shield 1; Minor N 2,3; Major N 3,4; Cross Country 1-4; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4. Marsie Hass Nat. Honor Society 3,4; HI. State Scholar 4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1; Summer Inst, at Weizmann Inst, of Science in Israel 3; Stu. Leg. 3,4; Cabinet 3,4; Reflections 1-4; G.A.A. 1,2; 24 Pt.- Award 1; Cheerleader 2; Folk Music Club 4; Russian Club 1- 4; Pres. 4; Yearbook Staff 2-4; Editor 3; Editor-in- chief 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Producers 1-4. Audrey Hayes Barbara Heche Ushers Club 2; Office Occupations Club 4. William Heche AVE 1-4; Tecnis 1; Gymnastics 2; Minor N 2. Cecile Heinz Cindy Herbold Rosanne Herzog G.A.A. 1; Art Council 4. Davi Hirsch III. State Scholarship 4; Silver Honor Pin 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Northwestern Summer Institute 2; Stu. Leg. 3; Cabinet 3,4; Reflections 1- 4; Reflections Crew 3,4; Improvisional Theatre 3; Musical Crew 1-4; Music Festival 1-4; Thespians 2- 4 10 pt. award 2; 25 pt. award 3; 50 pt. award 4; Techis 2-4; Choir 2-4; Wardrobe Officer 4; Glee Club 1; Gold Music Pin 4; Tennis 2-4; Badminton 3; Volleyball 1; G.A.A. 1-4; 24 pt. award 1; 75 pt. award 2; 150 pt. award 3; 225 pt. award 4; Year- book Staff 4; American Field Service 4; School Spirit 3,4; Officer 4; Prom Court 3; Key Club. Nancy Hirsch Steven Hirsch Mark Hirshman Musical 2-4; Concert Band 1-4; Stage Band 2-4; Reflections Band 2-4; Spanish 1,2. Scott Hite Nat. Honor Society 3,4; III. State Scholar. 4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm.; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Stu. Leg. 3,4; Cabinet 2- 4; Reflections 2-4; Crew 2,3; Musical 3,4; Thespians 4; Tecnis 2,3; Beg. Band 1; Wrestling 1,2; Minor N 2; Russian Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Producers 2-4. Sandra Hoef ler l_ML Debbie Hogland Joanne Holdmann C,. . . 3,4; 24 Pi. Award 3; RipplcUcs 3,4. Mark Holsapple Carol Hotton lusi( Kesl. 1-3; Concert Band 3; Inl. Band 1,2. Robert Hotton Nal. Merit Scholar.ship 4; Institute at 111. Summer Youth Music; Outstanding Service Award 3; Reflections 4; Assl. Music Director 4; Musical 3,4; Musical Crew 1,2; Spring Play Crew 2; Music Festi al 1-4; Student Conductor 3,4; Concert Band 2-4; Band Pres. 4; Drum Major 4; Intermediate Band 1.2; Stage Band 3,4; Thespians 2-4; 10 pt. award 1; 25 pi. award 2; Technis 1-3; AVE. 1. Roland Huhn Fall Plav 1; Music Fest. 1-3; Inl. Band 2,3; Beg. Band 1; N Cluh 3,4; Foolhall 2,3; Major N 3; Fen- cing Major N 3,4. _— Melanie Hiirmuz Glee Cluh 4. Steven Irsay Nava Isaacs Summer Inst, in Israel 3; Reflections Crew 2-4; Musical Crew 2,3; Thespians 1-3; 10 Pi. Award 2; Tecnis 2,3; Glee Cluh 2; G.A.A. 1-3; Hehrew Club 2-4; Goldgalleon 2-4; Open Door 4. Sheryl Isaacson Edward Jacobs Bronze Hon. Pin 4; Summer Inst, to Israel 3 Student Senate 3; Reflections 1-4; Thespians 1-4 10 pt. award 1; 20 pt. award 3; Concert Band 1-4: Beginning Band 1; Stage Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Soccer 2-4; Soph. N 2; Minor N 3; Major N 4; Best Team Member 2; Track 1; Frosh Num. 1; Wrestling 1-2; Frosh Num. 1; Soph N 2; Students for Israel 3,4; Nilehilite Staff 2-4; Editor 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4. Gail Jacobson Reflections 1,4; Reflections Crew 2; Choir 2-4; Glee Cluh I; Tennis 3; Medical Careers 1. Lynne Jacobson Robert Jakubowich Jeff Jaye Football 1; Wrestling 1. Mary Jepsen Cabinet 2; (iirl ' s Swimming 3; GAA 1-3. Michael Johnson Teresa Justo Glenn Kabot Sharon Kagan (;ohl Honor Certificate I; Glee Club 1-4; Mixed Chorus 2; (;AA 1-4. Sheri Kagan Cabinet 3; Reflections Crew 1,2; Musical Crew 1; G.A.A. 1; Art Council 3. Bruce Kahn Ronna Kalish Nat. Hon. Society 3,4; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Slim. Inst. 2-4; Refl. Band 2-4; Musical Band 1,3; Music Fest. 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Sec. 3; V.P. 4; Gold Music Pin 4; Music Cert. 3; Tennis 1-3; GAA 1-3; 24 pt. Award 1; Forensics 3. Ellen Kaplan Fall Play 2-4; Refl. Crew 2-4; Spring Play Crew 2- 4; Music Fest. 4; Thesp. 3,4; 10, 25 pt. awards 3,4; AFS 1,2; Ushers Club 1,2; Students for Israel 3. Julie Kaplan Nat. Honor Society 3; Silver Pin 3; Bronze Pin 2; Blue Cert. 1; Reflections Crew 2; Spring Play Crew 1; French Club 2; Medical Careers 3,4. Stacy Kaplan Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Gold Honor Pin 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Gold Honor Cert. 1; G.A.A. 1-3; Cheerleader 2,4. Steve Kaplan Ski Club 1; Gymnastics 1. Sheri Katz Carolyn Kelson Sandy Kerman Homecoming Comm. 4; Reflections 1,2; Girl ' s Gvmnastics 1; G.A.A. 1; Pom-Pon 3; Art Council 4. ' Randy Kessler Football 1,2; Shield 1,2; Minor N 1,2; Basketball Manager 3; Shield 3; Major N 3; Honorable Men- tion 3. Glen Keuper A.V.E. 1,2; Latin Club 2,3. Cheryl Kittay Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Refl. 3; Spring Play Crew 3; Music. Fest. 2,3; Glee 2; Tennis 4; Swimming 3; GAA 3,4; AFS 4. Mark. Klancic Nancy Klehr Nat. Hon. Society 3,4; III. State Schol. 4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Stu Leg. 2-4; Cabinet 2-4; Refl. 3; GAA 1-4; 24, 75 pt. awards 2,4; Orch. 1-4; Trcas. 3; Russian Club 3,4; Yrbk. 4; Ed. 4; AFS 3,4. Jeffrey Kleifield Sandra Klein Refl. 1-4; Chor. 4; Crew 1,2; Spring Play 3; Musical 2-4; Crew 1; Music Fest. 2-4; Thesp. 1-4; 10, 25 pt. awards 2,3; Choir 3,4; Sec. 4; Glee 2; ;AA 1-4; 24 pt. award 1; Orch. 3,4; Fall Play Crew 2,3. Jack Knish Wrestling 1,2; Soccer 2,3; Track 1. Sheila Kobritz Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1 ; Music Fest. 1-3; Concert Band 3; Inter. Band 2; Bag. Band 1. (Jorinne Kogan (Cabinet 1-3; Reflections 1; Crew 2; Music Fest. 1; ;ice Club 1; GAA 1; French Club 1,2. Gayle Kopels Cabinet 2-4; Fall Play crew 2-4; Reflections 1-3; Reflections Crew 2-4; Music Crew 1-4; Musical 1; Thespians 2-4; 10 pt. award 2; Choir 4; Glee club 2; Mixed Chorus 3; Folk Music Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Forensics 4. Ilene Korey Sherwin Korey Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Gold Hon. Ccrl. 1; Student Leg. 4: Beginning Band 1; N Club 3,4; Tennis 1-4; Frosh Num. 1; Minor N 1,2; Major N 3,4; Most Improved 3; Basketball 1; Frosh Num. 1: Key Club 4. Steve Kornick Football 1,2; Wrestling 1; Journeyman Award 4. Vicki Kornick Reflections 1; Reflections Crew 2; Thespians 1; Glee Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pom-Pon 2; H.E.R.O. Club 4; Sec. 4. Paul Kostyniuk Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bron ze Hon. Pin 3; N Club 4 Football 1: Wrestling 1-4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4 Soccer 2,3; Minor N 3; Captain 2; Frosh Num. 1 Russian Club 2,3. Jerome Koval Ken Kramer N Club 1-4; Football 1; Shield 1; Golf 1-4; Majo N; Golf Captain 2,3; Most Valuable Plaver. 1 Valerie Krammen Philip Kranz Margaret Krause Barry Kravitz Basketball 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Concert Band 1; Stage Band 1; Russian Club 3,4; Stu. Senate 3,4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Silver Hon. Pin 4. Holly Krichevsky Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Cert. 1; Stu. Leg. 2; Cabinet 1-4; G.A.A. 1-3; 24 pi. award 1; Jr. Orchesis 1; Ripplettes 2; Girls Gymnastic Team 1; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Nilehilite Staff 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Students for Israel 3; A.F.S. 4. Dane Kubnick Sandra Kuperman Pamela Lavin Maria Levie Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Student Leg. 3; Reflections Crew 1,2,4; Spring Play Crew 2; Musical Crew 2; Thespians 2-4; 10 pt. award 2; Technis 2; G.A.A. 1-3; Spanish Club 3,4; Golden Galleon 1; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; A.F.S. 3,4; Pres. 4; School Spirit Comm. 3,4; Institute in Mexico 4. Cindy Levin Michael Levin Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm.; III. State Scholarship; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Tecnis 2; Bridge Club 3,4. Sherri Levin Ron Levitt Musical Crew 1,2; Concert Band 2; Beginning Band 1; Stage Band 1,2; Gymnastics 1; Minor N 1; Baseball 1,2; Minor N 1,2; Investment Club 1. Helaine Levy Sandy Levy Steven M. Levy Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. 4; III. State Scholarship 4; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Stu. Leg. 1-4; It ' s Academic 3; Debate Club 1,2; Chess Club 1-4; Vice Pres. 4; Investment Club 2,3; S.A.B. 4. Ronald Lewen Felice Lewin Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Cabinet 1-4; Reflections 1-4; Reflections Crew 2; Special Ed. Club 2-4; Ex- ecutive Board 3,4; Pres. 4; Special Ed. Volunteer 1-4; School Spirit Comm. 4. Michael Lis Ellen Lisnek Cristina Lomhoy Trans, from Patriot Henry 2; Cabinet 3,4 Reflections Crew 3 ' ,4; Spring Play Crew 3,4 Musical Crew 4; Music Fest. 2-4; Glee Club 2-4 Latin Club 2,3; A.F.S. 4; Special Ed. Club 3,4 Treasurer 3; Pres. 4; Future Teachers of America 3,4. Rodrigo Lopez Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. 4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; A.V.E. 1; Swimming 2- 4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Most Improved Player 3; A.A.T.S.P. Nat. Spanish Contest, third place, 3. Michael Losoff Jeffrey Lotz Neal Luck Katie Luk Mark Lukas Daniel Lustig Miles Luslig Football 1; Shield 1; Swimminj; 2-4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Fresh Num. 1. Cindy McCuaig Patricia Maggio Patty Maierhofer Dennis Maiorana David Mamot N Club 4; Wrestling 1-4; Major N 3,4; Baseball 1; Frosh Num. 1; Russian Club 1-4; Treasurer 4; Soicer 2,3; Minor N 3. Joseph Maniscalco Scott Manna Jay Martini 111. Slate Scholar 4; Key Club 3,4; Golf 2,3; Minor N 3; Investment Club 3,4; Reflections Band 4; Stage Band 4. Chris Marshall Howard Mathews Rohert Matz Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Soccer 2-4; Ml Division 4; Shield 2; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Hockey Club 4; Assistant Captain 4. Marie May Interscholastic Track and Field 3,4; Interscholaslic Swimming 3,4; G.A.A. 1-4; Orchesis 1; German Club 3,4; Treasurer 3; Vice Pres. 4; Medical Careers Club 3,4. Kathy Mayer Lyle Merens Donald Mertes Jeffrey Messer Reflections 3,4; Reflections Crew 2; Musical Crew 2-4; Music Fesl. 1-4; Thespians 3; 10 pt. award 3; Concert Band 3,4; Intermediate Band 2; Begin- ning Band 1; Stage Band 3,4. Michael Meyer Peggy Meyers Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Blue Hon. Cert 1; Reflections Crew 1,2; Spring Play Crew 1 2- Musical Crew 1,2; Thespians 2; 10 pi. award 2; (■oidcn Galleon 1,2; A.F.S. 3,4. Kevin Michals Linda Sue Miller Medical Careers Club 1. Robert Miller III. State Scholar; Silver Honor Pin 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Slu. Leg. 4; Pres. 4; Football 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Minor N 2; Track 1-4; Frosh Num. I; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Minor N 2; Most Valuable Player 1; Rus- sian Club 1-4. Stephanie Millman Paul Milstein Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Cabinet 1-4; A.V.E. 1; Concert Band 1; Beginning Band 1; N Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Tennis 1-4; Minor N 1,2; Major N 3,4; Gymnastics 1-4; Minor N 1,2; Major N 3,4; Frosh Num. 1. Anita Mincer Homecoming Comm. 4; G.A.A. 1-3. Sherri Miner Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin ■?; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Reflections Crew 1,2; Spring Play Crew 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Spanish Club 1. Cheryl Minikowski Music Festival 1,4; Glee Club 1; Mixed Chorus 4; Girl ' s Track 3; G.A.A. 1. Cathy Minnberg Patty Mioletti Patricia Monsen Reflections 2; Music Fest. 1-3; Concert Band 3; Intermediate Band 1,2; Stage Band 2,3; Cheerleader 1,2; Rap Session Counselor 4. Richard Monti Patti Morgan Theresa Moros G.A.A. 3,4; 24 pt. award 3; Ripplettes 3,4. Sharon Mullen Nal. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. ' 4; Gold Honor Cert. 1; Reflections Crew 1; American Field Service 1,2; Vice-Pres. 2. Susan Mullen Peter Myma Gymnastics 1; Chess Club 1,2. Edward Naumes Football 1-3; Swimming 1-4. Charles Nelson David Nelson Ronna Nessenson Cabinet 2; Special Ed. Club 2; Treasurer 2. ' 1 JUk m ■ fl H ' W X-. 1 — - j|! r. m. -y ' . m. " -dA m 1 11 " t; Mylinda Newberger G.A.A. 1; O.E.A. -I; Vice Pres.-Secrelary 4. Mitchell Newman Nal. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comin. 4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cerl. 1; Stu. Senate 4; S.A.B. 4; Judge Ad ocale 4; Gymnastics 1; Medical Careers Club 3; It ' s Academic 3; Chess Club 1-4; Investment Club 3; Bridge Glut) 2,3. Ste Nitz Cynthia Nomikos Mindy Nudelman Howard Nussbau-m Bronze Hon. Pin 4; Football 1,2; Minor N 2; Track 1,2; Minor N 2; Basketball 1; Yearbook Staff 4; Investment Club 2-4; Pres. 4; Building Manage- ment Advisory Comm. 3,4; Key Club 4. Catherine Obrien Theresa Oconnor NicholetteOdlivak Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Reflections 1; Glee Club 2; G.A.A. 1-4; 24 pt. award 1; 75 pt. award 2; 150 pt. award 3; 225 pt. award 3; 300 pt. award 4; Orchesis 1-3; Ripplettes 2-4; A.F.S. 1,2; G.P.E. Outstanding Sophomore 2; Outstanding Junior 3; Girls ' Swim Team 2-4; Most Valuable Swimmer 3; Capt. 4. Michael Ohiwein Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Golf 2,4; Minor N 2; Major N 4. Sandra Orlove Reflections Crew 3; Musical Crew 3; Choir 3,4; Glee Club 2; Music Cert. 4; Mixed Chorus 1. Sidney Osakada Kirk Pamper Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. 4; 111. State Scholarship 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Silver Hon. Pin 4; Reflections 2; Reflections Crew 2; Latin Cluh 1-3; Sec. 2; Vice Pres. 3; School Spirit Comm. 2; Chicago Council on Foreign Relations 3,4. Kajeshri Patel Scot Patner Cynthia Payne « Stu. Leg. 1-3; Mixed Chorus 2; Golden Galleon 1- 3; Literary and Puhlicitv Editor; Nilehilite Staff 3,4; Editor-in-Chief 4; Quill and Scroll Society 4; Dehate Cluh 1. mda Pechter Scott Pector Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. 4; 111. State Scholarship 4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1; Chess Cluh 1-3. Denise Perea Trans, from Sullivan 2; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Music Fest. 1; Glee Cluh 1; Spanish Club 4; Ushers Club 3,4. James Peters Monika Pforr Gold Hon. Cert. 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Girls " Badminton 1; Girls ' Track 2. Satil Pilchen Swimmin!!; 1,2; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Frosh Num. 1: (;olden Galleon i: Nilehilite Staff 1. Lee Piper Debra Plotkin Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship 4; SiKer Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Cabinet 1-4; Treasurer 2; Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Reflections Crew 2,3. Mike Polisky Reflections Crew 4; Wrestling 2; Yearbook Staff 4; A.F.S. 4; School Spirit 4. Ellen Pollack Silver Honor Pin 4; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Reflections 1-4; Crews 1-4; Musical 2-4; Crews 1-4; Lead 3; Music Festival 1-4; Thespians 2-4; 10 pt. award 2; 25 pt. award 4; Choir 2-4; Glee Club 1; Gold Music Pin 4; Music Cert. 4; G.A.A. 1; Folk Music Club 4; Producers 1-3. Hillary Pollack Sheree Poteshman Scott Pozen Linda Price Cabinet 2,3; Golden Galleon 1,2; Students for Israel 3. Dean Pueschel Dori Rabin Robert Racusen Michael Radin Concert Band 1. Sandra Reed Reflections Crew 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Usher ' s Club 3. Joel Reiss Adam Retzler Gold Honor Cert. 1; Football 1-4; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Track 1,2; Shield 1; Baseball 1- 3; Shield 1; Minor N 2. Cathy Rian Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter Of Comm; Silver Honor Pin 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Gold Honor Cert. I; Concert Choir 3; Track Manager 1; Ar.berv 2,3. Sandra Ridker Reflections 1; Reflections Crew 1-4; Musical Crew 1-4; Thespiar.s 2-4; Ten Point Award 2; G.A.A. 1; (Jabinet 1-4; Folk Music Club 4; Special Education Club 3,4. Robin Rifkin Daniel Riskin Julie Robbins Jeffrey Rock Pamela Rockoff Cahinel 1,2; Refleclion s 3; Music Festiva 1,2,3; Concerl Band 2,3; Intermediate Band 2; Bejiin- nins Band 1; G.AA. 1,2.3; S )anish (; ub 2; Teachers of Tomorrow 2; FS 2 Michael Romanelli Cross Country 1. Rochelle Root Fall Plav Crew 1-4; Reflections 1-4; Spring Play 1- 3; Musical 1-3; Thespians 1-4; 10 pt. award 2; 25 pt. award 3; G.A.A. 2-4; 24 pt. award 2,3; Ushers Club 3. Cheryl Rosen Reflections Crew 1,2,3; Spring Plav Crew 1,2,3; Musical Crew 1,2,3; Techis 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; American Field Service 2; Special Education Club 2. Morris Rosen Music Festival 3; Mixed Chorus 3. Sheri Rosenberg Fredrick Rosenthal Robert Rosenwald Charlotte Rotstein Reflerlion Crew 1,2; Concert Band 3; Intermediate Band 2; Beginning Band 1; G.A.A. 1,2; American Field Service 1,2. Jack Rottner Intermediate Band 2; Beginning Band 1; Wrestling 1,2; Minor N 2. Michelle Rouzin Naomi Ruben Cabinet 1,2,3,4; Reflections 1; Musical Director 4; Musical 1,2,3; Music Festival 1,2,3; Concert Orchestra 1,2,3; Secretary 2; American Field Ser- lice 1,2; Secretary 2. Barry Rubin Reflection Crew 4; Track 1,2,3; Shield 1; Minor N 2,3; Major N 3; Cross Country 3; Major N 3; AFS 4; School Spirit 3,4; Treasurer 3; Pres. 4; Year- hook Staff 4. Paula Rubin Sheila Rubin G.A.A. 1-4; 24 pt. award 1; 75 pt. award 2; 150 pt. award 3; Girl ' s Gymnastic Team 1-4; French Cluh 3; Golden Galleon 4; Open Door 4. Linda Rubinstien G.A.A. 1,2; Students For Israel 3,4. Steven Rudy Diane Ruesch Bronze Honor Pin 3; Medical Careers Cluh 3. Marc Rush Transferred from Longmeadow 3; Reflections 3,4; Spring Play 2; Musical 1,3,4; Thespians 4; 10 pt. award 4; Concert Choir 2,3; Vice-Pres. 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Debate 1,2. Debra Russcol Cabinet 3,4; A.V.E. 1,2; Fall Play Crew 2,3; Reflections 2,3,4; Reflections Crew 1,2,3,4; Spring Play Crew 1,3; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 2; Intermediate Band 1; School Spirit 3,4. Susan Russcol Reflections 2,3; Reflections Crew 2,3,4; Musical Crew 1,2,4; Thespians 2,3,4; 10 pt. award 2; Golden Galleon 4. Mary Ellen Ryan Ronald Rzadzki Lisa Saber Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Gold Honor Cert. 1; Reflections 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; 24 pt. award 1; 75 pt. award 3; Orchesis 1,2,3; Vice-Pres. 3; Pom Pon Squad 2,3,4. Rhonda Saffer Spring Play Crew 2; Glee Club 1. Gina Salerno Gregory Saltarelli Bonnie Saltzman Nat. Honor Society 3,4; III. State Scholar; Bronze Honor Pin 4; Cabinet 1-4; Pres. 1,2; Reflections 2- 4; Reflections Crews 1; Musical 3; Music Festival 1,2; Thespians 1-4; 25 pt. award; Choir 2; Glee Club 1; G.A.A. 1-4; 24 pt. award; 75 pt. award; Orchesis 2-4; Pres. 4; Spanish Club 1; Asst. Choreographer Musical 3. LmM Jeff Sallzman Basohall hFrosh Niimc i 1. Paul Saltzman ■ al. Honor Soiiclv 4; Nat. Merit Scholarship 4; Illinois Slate Scholar 4; Silver Honor Pin 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Cert. 1 ; Summer Institute at Northwestern University 3; Stu. Leg. 4; Nilehilile Staff 4; It ' s Academic Alternate 3. Edna Sardarbekians Marilyn Scalin Henry Schaefer Jan Schaffrick G.A.A. 1,2; AFS 2; Ski Club 1,2. Michael Schechtman Mark Scherfling Bronze Honor Pin 4; Musical Festival 1,2,3,4; Marchinf! Band 3,4; Mitch Miller Concert 2; Concert Band 3,4; Intermediate Band 2; Cadet Band 1; N Cluh 4; Track 1-4; Fresh. Numeral 1; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Cross Country 2-4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Captain 4; Basketball 1; Frosh Numeral 1; Indoor Track 2-4. Howard Schermerhorn Joseph Schmidt Wayne Schnider Michael Schnilzer Neal Sher (iymnaslits 1-4. Betty Shimoda Transferred from Immaciilata 2; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Reflections Crew 3; Music Festival 3; Glee Clnh 3; Medical Careers Club 3,4. Loren Shlaes Amv Shlesman Transferred from Madison 2; Choir 1-4; Glee Club 2; Mixed Chorus 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Music Festival 2-4. Linda Shore Arlene Siavelis Nat. Honor Societv 3,4; Gold Honor Pin 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; 111. State Scholar 4; Cabinet 1,2; Fall Play Crew 1-4; Chair- man 2-4; Spring Play Crew 1,2; Musical Crew 1-4; Costumes Chairman 3; Music Festival 1-3; Thespians 1-4; Officer 4; 10 Pt. Award 1; 25 Pt. Award 2; 50 Pt. Award 3; 75 Pt. Award 4; Glee Club 1; Mixed Chorus 2,3; G.A.A. 1-3; Jr. Orchesis 1; French Club 2,3. Ellyn Siegal Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Blue ?Ionor Cert. 1; G.A.A. 1,2. Sandy Silver Cabinet 1; Reflections Crew 1; Spanish Club 1; Medical Careers Club 1,4. Warren Silver Nat. Hon. Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Schol. 4; 111. State Schol. 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Thespians 2-4; Technis 1-4; 10, 25, 50 pt. awards 1,2,4; Stage Band 3,4; Glee Club 1; Folk Music Club 4; Pres. 4; Golden Galleon 4. John Simms Lori Simon Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Stu Leg. 3; Cabinet 1-3; Officer 1; Fall Play 2-4; Reflections 1-3; Crew 2; Yrblc. Staff 2,3; Ed. 2,3; Quill and Scroll 2,3; Producers 1-3; A.F.S. 2-4; Officer 3; School Spirit 2; Miss Trojan 2; Foreign Exchange Student 4. Michael Sirotzki Joseph Skevin Transferred from Lane Tech. 3; Russian Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Soccer 3; Major N 3. Jimmie Slay Scott Slutsky Basketball 1; Baseball 1-4; Minor N 2; Major N 3,4; Frosh Numeral; Basketball and Baseball; Most Valuable Player; Intramural Basketball 1-4; Football 1,2. Elizabeth Smart Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1; Reflections Crew 1,2; Glee Club 1. Karen Sobel Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Blue Hon. Cert. 1; Cabinet 3; Beg. Band 1; Ripplettes 1; Yrbk. 2,3; Students for Israel 2,3. Susan Sohn National Hon. Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Schol. Letter of Comm. 4; III. Slate Schol. 4; Gold Hon. Pin 4; Silver Hon. Pin 3; Bronze Hon. Pin 2; Gold Hon. Cert. 1; Fall Play Crew 2,3; Reflections 2,3; Oew 2,3; Spring Play Crew 3; Musical Crew 3,4; Musical 2; Music Feat. 1-3; Thespians 2-4; Technis 3,4; Sec. 4; Choir 2,3; Glee 1; GAA 1,2; French Club 2. Michele Soltan (see page 249) Barnard Soskin Phil Spivack Cabinet 1-4; Publicity Officer 1,2; Homecoming Committee 2; Fall Play Crew 1-4; Reflections 1-4; Reflections Crew 2,3; Musical Crew 2,3; Musical 2- 4; Thespians 3,4; 10 pt. award 3; 25 pt. award 4; Concert Orchestra 2-4; Concert Band 1-4; Begin- ning Band 1; Stage Band 2-4; Basketball 1; Shield 1; Frosh Num. 1; Baseball 1-4; Shield 1,2; Minor 3; Major N 4; Frosh Num. 1. Robin Sporer Janet Stein Leonard Stein Nat. Honor Society 4; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Gold Honor Cert. 1; Stu. Leg. 4; Track 1; Frosh Num. 1; Investment Club 3,4; Secretary 4. Michael Stein Bronze Honor Pin 3; AVE. 1; Gymnastics 1-4; Minor N 3; Major N 4; Frosh Num. 1. Sherry Steinhandler GleeCluhl;G.A.A. 1. Alexis Stern Gold Honor Cert. 1; Cabinet 1; Reflections Crew 3; Spring Plav Crew 3; G.A.A. 1-4; Track 2,3; Ten- nis 3,4; 24 pt. award 3,4; Medical Careers Club 1; Students for Israel 3. David Stone Mifliael Stone Terry Stone Daniel Sullivan Maureen Sullivan Karla Kristine Sweiding Lawrence Swider Bronze Honor Pin 3; Footliall 1-4; Minor N 3; Major N 3,4; Frosh Num. 1; Wrestling 1; Ski Club. GaleSwihart Czeslawa Talalaj Lisa Tatar Homecoming Committee 4; Spring Play Crew 1; (;.A.A. 1-3; Cheerleader 2; AFS 2; Ski Club 1,2. Martin Tish Nal. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Letter of Comm. 4; III. Slate Scholarship 4; Gold Honor Pin 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; French Cliih 1; Chess Cliih 1,2; Bridge Cluh 2-4; Pres. 4. Jeffrey Tiliebaum Susan Tittle Andrea Toback Nat. Honor Societv 3; Gold Honor Pin 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Gold Honor Cert. 1; Snmmer Inst, at Indiana St. Univ. 4; Music Festival 1,2; Intermediate Band 2; Bepin- ninK Band 1; French Cluh 1-4; Vice Pres. 2; Treas. 4; Medical Careers 1; Yearhook Staff 1; American Field Service 1,4; Math-Seience Advisory Com- mittee 1,3; English Advisory Committee 1; Hislorv dvisory Committee 1; School Spirit 3,4. Alan Topp Cynthia Trawinski Mitchel Trilling Allen Tschevka Toni Tumonis Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Nat. Merit Scholarship 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Blue Honor Cert. 1; Reflections Crew 1,2; Thespian 2-4; 10 pt. award 2; G.A.A. 2,3; 24 pt. award 2; Medical Careers Cluh 3,4; Officer 4. Jay Twery Terry Ann Uhler Keith Ullberg Mary Unruh Nat. Honor Society 3,4; Gold Honor Pin 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Honor Pin 2; Gold Honor Cert. 1; Cabinet 1-4; Sec. 1,2; Homecoming Com- mittee 3,4; Chairman 4; G.A.A. 1,2; 24 pt. award 1; GirPs Gymnastic Team 1,2; Cheerleader 1-4; Co- captain 3; Captain 4; Math-Science Advisory Comm. 1; Sec. 1. Donna Urbaniak Pamela Urkov Michael Valenti David Vander Mixed Chorus 1; Chess Club 2. Jim Van der Kloot Nat. Merit Scholarship; III. State Scholar; Summer Inst, at Michigan Tech. 3; Tennis 1-4; Chairman 1-4; Vice Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Thespians 1-4; 10 pt. award 1; 25 pt. award 2; 50 pt. award 2; 75 pt. award 3; 100 pt. award 3; Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2-4; Stage Band 3,4; Pep Band 2-4. Linda Van Roeyen Joseph Virag Pat Viteri Homecoming Committee 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Glee Club 1; G.A.A. 4; Pom-Pon 2-4; Captain 4; Spanish Club 1. George Vlahandreas Football 1; Captain 1; Shield 1; Fresh Num. 1 Most Valuable Player 1; Best Team Member 1 Baseball 1-3; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Major N 3 Frosh Num. I; Soccer 3,4; Major N 3,4. Patti Vessel Swimming 2; Office Education Association 3,4. Craig Wagner Stale Science Fair Award — Second Place 3; Summer Institute 3; Concert Band 3,4; Intermediate Band 2; Beginning Band 1; Track 1- 3; Shield 3; Minor N 1; Major N 2,3; Frosh Num. 1; (iymnaslics 1; Minor N 1. Debbie Wagner Michael Wallach Robert Warsaski Debra Wax vosemarie Webe Fred Weichselbaum Dennis Weiner William Weinman Nat. Merit Scholarship 4; Fall Play Crew 2-4; Reflections Crew 2-4; Musical Crew 2,3; Thespians 2-4; 25 pt. award 2; 50 pt. award 3; Tecnis 2-4; Folk Music Club 4. Jeffrey Weinstein Teri Weis Barb Weiss Susan Weisman Bronze Honor Pin 2; Blue American Field Service 1,2. Cert. 1; Jan Weiss Ronald Weiss Football Manager 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Minor N 2; Basketball Manager 1,2; Frosh Num. 1; Minor N 2; Major N 3; Soccer 1-3; Major N 3; N Club. Cathleen Weller Thomas Wengerski Footb all Manager 1; Minor N 1; A.V.E. 1. VickeWilkoff Homecoming Committee 4; Beginning Band 1; G.A.A. 1,2; American Field Service 3. Donna Winston Elise Wishnie Cabinet 1-3; Spanish Club 3,4; Teachers of Tomorrow 1-4; Pres. 4; AFS 1-4; Ushers Club 1,2; Special Education Club 2,3. Karen Wisse Jerold Wolff Football 1,2; Shield 2; Frosh Num. 1; Swimming 2,3; Minor N 2; Major N 3; Gymnastics 1; Frosh Num. 1. Sandra Wolff William Wood Audrey Wu Transferred from Immaculata 2; Cabinet 3; Homecoming Committee 1; School Spirit Com- mittee 1. Theresa Yang G.A.A. 3; Medical Careers Club 3,4; Ushers Club 3,4. DebraZaban Cindy Zaks Jeffrey Zander Elaine Zannis Michele Soltan Silver Hon. Pin 4; Bronze Hon. Pin 3; Summer Institute at Northwestern University 2; Stu. Leg. 3,4; Cabinet 1-4; Sec. 1; V.P. 3; Fall Okat Crew 1- 4; Reflections 2-4; Asst. Director 4; Reflections Crew 1-3; Musical Crew 1-4; Mini-Show 4; Spring Musical 2; Music Fest. 1-4; Thespians 1-4; V.P. 4 10 pt. award 1; 25 pt. award 2; 50 pt. award 4 Technis 3; Choir 3,4; Glee 1,2; Tennis Team 2 GAA 1,2; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Section Editor 4 Quill and Scroll 4; Producers 1-4. ' . i S M H M 1 r i ' :F ' ' H v vJI Ih flH J Index brlson. Suo Brlh 205 Xbrah.mson. Da id L. 123.134.203 brams. Brian Xbramson. Lro Kandir 124.194 chimovich. Mira S. dS.lOo.lM Adak. . Yanai 124.186 dams. CMtthia Ann 216 Adams. Timolht Mark. 186 Adclman. James Lorin Adelman. Maria Ltnn 205 Adelman. Pamela Rose 194 delman. Philip Alan,123. 124j:i6 dler. Jeffre !i. 145.186 Apnos. Arnold 112 Aeran. Elyse Lauren 216 iresl. Olenn Ira 87.186 honen. James Dennis 194 honen. Da id J. 118.216 irdo. Philomena Ann 205 iello. Debra A. 194 Alban Karen Renee 205 Albert $te%en Mark 89.186 Alexander. James V. Alexander. Jeanelte 216 Alexander. Richard J. 194 Alexander. Nirginia 216 Allan. Barrx Lee 205 Allen. K. 87.144.205 Allison. Elizabeth 92.216 Alo ) 205 mado. Sandra Carrie 205 Amelung. Carolyn 176 Amenl. Leslie B. 74,84.205 Amenl. Diane Caren 104.186 la%nicL. Cheri Sue 205 Americus. Annellc N. 194 Xnderson. Don Lee 194 Anderson. Kenneth 159 Anderson. Louis S. 216 Anderson. Pamela A. 194 Andrea Dale L nn 50.60.216 Andrea. Paulelle 156 Andre. Karen 186 Andre Michelle A. 216 Andre William C. 118.139.186 Angell. Nanc H. pollo. Ste en John 87.132.194 pril. Sleien Mark 186 Arbus. Ira Ross 87.205 Areus. alerie 216 Arkush. Michele S. 10S.194 rnoff. Alan Philip 194 rnopolin. Suzanne S. 55.69.93,101,104, 105,205 Aronoiiu, Jocelvn B. Arrijo. Da id Wayne 186 A.hlex. Celeste M. Alsavea. John George 216 Auerbach. Charles 123.203 Auerbach. Philip 124.205 Austin. Brian Alan 124.194 Avers. Martin L. 34.216 Aieri. Scott Alan 186 Avers. Sherri Marsha 216 Baer. Alice E. 30.81.217 Baer. A. 217 Baigelman. Daniel 143.144 Bain. Alan F 186 Baizcr. Judi Anne 186 Baizer. Susan Ann 74.217 Baker. Holli. Lee 84.217 Baker. Romayne 167 Balikov. Elaine R. 87.186 Balikov. Howard A. 217 Ballas. Anna 194 Baiter. Judith F. 74.84.217 Bandy. Mark Allen 217 Bannon. Gregory 163 Baque. Michael 186 Baque. Tony 124.194 Barack. David Barancik. Marr, 194 Barenbaum. Mark 194 Barkoo. Amy 243 Baroni. Steven M. 194 Ba : 194 Barry. Robert i. 133.194 Bariky. Roulyn Sue 203.217 Barton. Bruce B. 184 Baaa. Michael Alan 194 Baaa. Mindy H. 194 Baaa. Veila 123 Batko. Fred A.,217 Batliau. Jeanine 63. 4.99,I8« Bauer. Kim Ann 194 Bauer. Mylea Scott 194 Bauer. Terry Mattew 217 Bauman. Stephen 217 Baumhardt. Richard J. 186 Beard. Jeffrey W. 205 Beck. Kay 177 Beck. Roger C. 87,194 Becker. Allen 70 Becker. Amy Eve 205 Behr. Karen Lee Behr. Sandra 156 ' Behrel. Donald Dean 118.203 Beljacff. Eugene O. 186 Bellos. Patricia 205 Belon. Felicia S. 70.217,256 Belser, Ruth 173 Bender. Jack Edxard 194 Benjamin. Andrea E. 63.87.186 Benjamin. Miriam B. 72.87.217 Berberian. Ann 84.194 Bercoon. Joan H. 62.203 Berg. Eric Neil 194 Berg. Jerrold 194 Berger. Gerald 84.168 Berger. Kathrvn R. 194 Berger, Laurie Lynn 70.71.217 Berger. Michael t. 217 Bergman. Elaine D. 87.186 Bergman. Joy Ellyn 217 Berk. Barry B. 217 Berk Randy E. 194 Berke. Marcia 164 Berkelhamer. Alan J. 186 Berkelhamer. Karen M. 203 Berkoivitz. Shari C. 32.194 Berkley, Leslie S. 50,81,217 Berkowilz, Gregory S. 186 Bcrkoyvitz. Michele 51.52.205 Berkoivitz. Richard A. Berloyv. Patricia B. 194 Berman. Ava Renee 186 Berman. David B. 217 Berman. Karia Sue 83,186 Berman, Lowell J. 194 Berman, Maria Sue 71.81,186 Berman, Robin S. 194 Bernard. Debra Rae 81,205 Bernardv, Dennis J. 194 Herns, David 218 Berns, Scott Philip 80,84 Bernstein, Cathy Ann 52,194 Bernstein, Fern ' 218 Bernstein, Kenneth A. 194 Berrington, Michele 194 Berry, Ira Maurice 218 Berzon, Esther 136 Besser, Christopher 124,186 Bialik. Renee Brenda 203 Bianchi. Joseph P. 203 Bieber. Stuart Jay 203 Bielinski. Brigitle 186 Bielinski, Cheryl L. 51.92.205 Bielinski, Renee M. 99,194 Binnall, Mary Beth 92,95.100,205 Bishaf, Keith J. 203 Bishaf. Paula Inez 194 Bittner. Mary E. 194 Bivins. Henrv W. 87.186 Blackman. Mark David 31.33.74,203 Blair. Donald 176 Blais, Marian L. 186 Blall. Joel K. 194 Bleadon. Benjamin J. 74,75,87 Blichmann, David S. 218 Blinick. Robert 194 BlilBlein. Deborah A. 203 Blitt. Jan Rogin 104,186 Blix. Gregor Willard 124.194 BloiT 186 Blumcnthal. Bernard 205 Block. Alan Fred 118,194 Block, Michelle Rene 50.79,218 Blond. Leyvis Michael 31,205 Bloom, Kenneth Joel 205 Bohdan, Mary A. 205 Bodcnhcimcr. Richard 205 Bodcnheimer, Robert 218 Boick. John Dieter 118.145,186 Bollow. Kathy Jean 98.186 Bolon. Caryn S. 194 Bolotin. Carolyn Joy 218 Bolotin, James Allan 186 Bongiorno. John L. 194 Borg. Edward 205 Borg. Neil Sheldon 194 Borg, Nancy Maria 203 Broker. Jill Robin 205 Borges. Manfred 203 Borkan. Brian 123.124 Borkan. Steven B lair 194 Borkovitz, Jamie F.,105, 194 Borkovitz. Michael A. 205 Bornscheuer, Eileen 218 Bornstein. David S. 205 Borofsky. Mark Alan 118.119,218 Borovik, Michael R. 143,143 Borowicz, Mary M, 194 Bower, Bruce Michael 114,115,133.186 Bower. Lawrence Jay 114,115.132.205 Bradford. Tami R. 194 Brandcs. Ronald B. 203 Braniman. Allison 98.105.195 Braslawskv. Leslie A. 67.218 Braslawskv. Marlene 73.76.218 Brauer. Sandra 218 Braverman, Wayne R. 138,195 Bregman, Marcia J. 55,218 Bregman, Michael A. 218 Brenner. Leonard J. 82.218 Brenner. Robin Lynn 84,205 Bressler. Ronald 218 Bressler. Stuart L. 195 Brezka. Graciela I. 65.105.193 Brin. Ellen Joy 53.92.93,99.105.195 Brines. Mark R. 118.119,136.138.205 Brock. William Barth 130.186 Brodarz. Sherry Lynn 62,84.205 Brodsky. Steven 116,186 Brody, Karen Ann 83,105,193 Brommelkamp, Bess 156 Brooks, Jon Michael 124 Brolon. Donald J. 203 Brow. Michael Barry 186 Brown. Daniel Lewis 218 Brown. David Ira 186 Brown. Doreen Lynn 186 Brown. Jack Myles 145.205 Brown, Joseph Herman 186 Brown, Karen Lynn 100,205 Brown. Lawrence Scot 118.206 Brown. Marc A. 116,195 Brown, Marv Lou 218 Brown, Robert D. 186 Brown. Maria 206 Brown. Victoria Ann 186 Browning. Diane 177 Brownstein. Mark J. 205 Brueckner. Scott A. 87,115.139.186 Bruger, Dana Lynn 218 Brusslan, David Alan 206 Brulzkus, Mark David 130,186 Brzozowski, Martha 55,94,101,104,105,206 Brzozowski, Paul C. 218 Burack, Lisa I. 219 Burdeen, Steven B. 193 Burgess, Douglas E. 193 Burgess, James T. 81.219 Burgess. Jeffrey A. 138.219 Burk. Sheryl Lynn 98.195 Burke, Donna Bridget 195 Burke, James Raymond 124,186 Burke, Michael j ' . 51,34,122,124,219 Burke, Susan 186 Burnham. Jane 176 Burstyn, Benjamin 195 Butler, Maura Alenc 69,83,186 Busbaum, Andrea Ann 65,105.195 Buxbaum. Gary C. 136.138.219 Byrne. Paul 162 Byrom. Howard 164 Byron. Daniel Ray 219 Caccamo. Suzanne M, 186 Cafarzuza. Yaneth 219 Cain. Cherrie L. 195 Cain, Susan Annette 195 Campbell, Nancy B. 52,206 Campbell, Wilbur 55,167 Campoli, Mirella 219 Capezio, Joann 70,219 Capitani, Emil 129.138,178 Caplan, Sharon Holly 206 Caplin, Brooke Gay 81,186 Capofaski, Marilyn 195 Capuano, Robin J. 206 Carlson, Madonna J. 52,95,98,186 Carlson, Frederick J. 206 Carlson, James D. 206 Carlson. John M. 124.195 Carlson. Mark G. 219 Carney, Mary K. 186 Carnow. Daniel Mike 124.187 Carnow. Patricia L. 206 Casey. Patrick John 219 Castccl. Jennifer L. 206 Chabner. Barbara H. 87.195 Chubner. Howard L. 59.60.70,72,219,236 Chaikin, Richard A. 219 Chamberlain, Paula 170 Chamerllk. Karen A. 74,195 Chan, Judy Elizabeth 206 Chan, Pal Ann 187 Chancellor, Sheila J. 219 Chavin. Lauren Jo 206 Charous. Sandra E. 69,187 Charous. David Alan 206 Chavin, Jill Marcy 104,187 Chelkcn, Marc E. 206 Chciken, Maria Faye 206 Chavin. Michael Alan 144,219 Cherner, Jeffrey S. 52,219 Cherney. Sanford Jav 195 Cherniavsky J. Peter 118.138.195 Chernick. Michelle Chernick. Sherie 219 Cheung, Patricia L. 193 Chin, David D. 195 Chin. Margaret P. 195 Cho 187 Chomsky, Christie 80,206 Chiropolos, Gregory 195 Christensen. Charles 219 Christensen, Melody 195 Christerson, Thomas 219 Christopherson, N. P. 206 Christopoulos. George 129,1.36.219 Christopoulos. John 206 Christopoulos. Peter 108,129,180,206 Ciran, Nancy Leigh 94,195 Ciran T. Scott 139,187 Ciskoski, Lynne M. 99,187 Clark. Kathleen 220 Clauson. Deborah A. 195 Claver. Cary Edward 118.195 Claver, Michael S. 200 Coberl, Gary Michael 206 Coburn, Donna D. 195 Coclanis, Catherine 103,104.220 Coens, John H, 220 Cohan, Cheryl P. 76,220 Cohan, David S. 116.117,206 Cohan, Judith Lynn 187 Cohan, Robyn Lynn 87,187 Cohan, William M. 193 Cohen, Aimcc C. 187 Cohen, Audrey Beth 220 Cohen. Dale Perry 220 Cohen. Gary E. 123,124 Cohen, Janet 83,187 Cohen, Jeff 206 Cohen. Jeffrey M. 187 Cohen. Jeffrey M. 58,187 Cohen. Karen Sue 195 Cohen, Laurence H. 87,195 Cohen, Leslie F. 187 Cohen, Lisa Jan 99,195 Cohen, Marc Alan 195 Cohen, Michael L. 220 Cohen, Rhonda J. 195 Cohen, Rhonda Janet 51.84.206 Cohen, Sherry L. 195 Cohen, Shercen Lynn 50.70,76,81,206,256 Cohen, Susan P. 220 Cohen. Vicki Lynn 193 Cohn, Andrea L. 90,187 Cohn, Ann Lynne 220 Cohn. Janis Helene Cohn, Lisa Claire 83,187 Cohn, Murray B. 195 Cohn, Nancy Michelle 84,206 Cole, David Brian 50,118 Cole, Leslie Gayle 74,177,220 Cole, Richard Jay 74,77.130,187 Colton, Everett 181 Colver, Arthur 28,152 Coleman. Lynn Marie 206 Colucci, Dana 98 Colucci, Joe 129 Coninx, Joanne Ardis 95,100.179.193 Coninx, Judith 101,103 Connelly, Patricia L. 206 Conrado, Carlos 195 Cook, Gary 133 Cooke, Patricia 53,69,83,187 Coon, Joan 166 Cooper, Judy Sue 60,78,87.187 Cooper, Linda Rae 195 Cope, Richard Philip 206 Coulson, Williom 80,118,166 Crane, Glenn Steven 195 Craven, Carrie Lynne 195 Craven, Jeffrey S. 195 Craven, Michael Cary 220 Crowe, Randall J. 31,206 CurliHs. George D. 195 Daar. Alan A. 206 Doitchman, Williom A. 77,169,206 Dammann, Donald Alan 206 Doncggcr, Marilyn 159 Danziger, .Stewart 68,221 Darosa, Gentil 177 Davidson. Brian K. 206 Davidson, Donna 187 Davidson, Joan 178 Davidson. Rhonda Sue 63,187 Davis. Adrian Gail 206 Davis. Alan Wayne 138.206 Davis. Dovid 187 Davis. Elaine Beth 187 Davis. Jonathan I, 221 Davis, Rochcllc Sue 206 Decker, Joseph A. 118,195 2f0 Defranceschi, Chri Dcfraliis, Laura A, Deilch, William A DeJonse, Karl 180 Delconardis. Andr. Deleona Dcllheim, Norman J. 139,187 Delmonico, Karen B. 221 Delmonico, Michael A. 133,195 Derango, Mario Frank 187 Derderian, Norma M. 87,187 [ 221 nela 206 Derichs, Je ■ 175 Derman. Daniel Mark 195 Deiitsch, Barbara A. 195 DeulBch, Lawrence 118,187 Deulsrh, Mark L. 187 Diamond, Jerome S. 87,206 Diamond, Sarai Ivv 98,187 Diamond, Terri June 74,84.221 Dibenedello, Ralph J. 108,206 Dibenedetto. Rochina 156 Dickman. David 195 Dicksle , Law ■ 221 Difiore, Jennie 64,99,187 Difiorc, Nancv June 206 Dine, Judilh S. 221 Dinelli, Deborah 87,100,105,196 Dobryman, Steven M. 221 Dolnick, Roberta L. 221 Doman, Michael P. 130,195 Dominic, Janine 221 Donado, Hugo Frank 54,118,221 Doniger, Holli Sue 52,100,221 Donna, David Anione 206 Donna, Lisa Marie 101 Dorcmba. Irwin 195 Dorfman, Marcia 81,187 Dorfman, Paula Beth 83,187 Dorman, Gregg Martin 51.195 , Ja ■ 93 i 158 Doman, Lisa 195 Douglas, Jane Ellen 195 Doumouras, James 133,187 Douvikas, Deena 156 Douvris, Angela 195 Dredze, Barry J. 187 Dredze. Roberta S. 84.221 Dressier. Linda Mari 195 Drivalas. Vera 206 Duberchin, Marlene 52,196 Dubin, Benjamin A. 196 Dubin. Shervl Lynn 221 Dubinsky. Darlene C. 196 Dubow. Andrea Lvnn 100.196 Duffy. Dennis 173 Dumke. Judith Marv 196 Dunn. Laurie Ann 187 Du , Wendv S. 206 Dushman, Charles J. 187 Duszynski, Alexandra 206 Dvorak, Todd 179 Eager, Jonathan B. 82,221 Earl, Bruce Carl 187 Eberle, Susanne M. 206 Eckerling, Geri Ann 80.221 Eckerling. Samuel F. 124.196 Edelman, Ross A. 187 Edelson. Richard 58.206 Edelstein. Natalie G. 221 Edidin. Steven Drew 130.196 Ehrlich. Miriam C. 87.187 Eich. Stephen David 221 Eiden. Ga : 221 Eisen. Paula Helene 196 Eisenberg. Joann 175 Eisenberg. Michael S. 222 Ekslrom. Nancv Jona 66.206 Elalkin. Mike jay 187 Elkins. Arlene C. 66.206 Ellenbv. Dana Sue 222 Ellenby. Alan Marc 59.72,222 Ellenbv. Martin 139.187 Ellis. Bari Ellvn 187 Ellis. Larry Michael 206 Elman, Sharyn I, 196 Engel, Judith Sara 99,206 Engelberg, Jodi I. 99,196 Epstein, Mindee E. 187 Epstein. Lori Lynn 187 Epstein. Jeffrey L. 51.206 Epstein. Scott M. 187 Epstein. Wendv 95.206 Erenberg. Judith J. 84.206,222 Erenherg, Julie Ann 84,206 Esken, Cheryl Lvnn 72,74,85,222 Eskoff, Renee 206 Eskoz, Louis S. 187 Eskoz, Robin Clara 206 Esralew, Jodi Ilene 196 Esralew, Wendy F. 222 Even, Nancy Ann 207 Ewing, Harry 180 Ewing, Kalhy A. 55,83,93,179 Faber, Nancy Anne 222 Factor, Lauran Sue 87,196 Factor, Jodv Lee 207 Falber, Sandra Rae 222 Fagenholz, Lori E. 207 Fain, Jolene Jennie 196 Farber, Carrie Lynn 207 Favish, Pamela E. 72.222 Fefferman. Lori 187 Feiger. Larry Steve 207 Feinstein. Jamie 207 Feldman. Carol J. Feldman. Denisc Joy 222 Feldman. Debra Ann 50.74,77,84,207 Feldman, Joseph C. 196 Feldman, Judi Lynn 83,196 Feldman, Susan Ivy 51,207 Feldman, Steven M. 58,196 Feldstein, Beth Ann 222 FeldStein, Lee 118,130,187 Ferger, David 74,75,207 Ferguson, Elizabeth 98,187 Ferguson. Gerald 164 Fertel. Mark Evan 207 Ferranle. Nancy 196 Fertel. Ellyn Marler 187 Festenstein. Martin 207 Festenstein. David L. 118,130.187 Fetman. Carv Joel 207 Field. Joan 172 Fields. Holly J. 196 Figa. Stuart 20 Fine. Laurence. David 130,138.207 Fine. Steven Alan 222 Fink. Michael Alan 222 Finn. Earry Clayton 115.139.187 Fischer. Ann 156 Fisehman. Sharyl Ann 84.196 Risher. Arlene Susan 52.105.196 Fisher. Mark Edward 222 Fisher. Martin L. 72.222 Fisher. Pamela S. 207 Fishman. Arnold Jay 222 Fishman. Corey 50.130.207 Fishman. Ira Alan,130,222 Fishman. Susan Paula 85.98.187 Flakne. Dawn C. Flammang. Rhonda Lee 196 Flanzer. Sherry Lee 62.67.77,207 Fleischer, David M. 87,196 Fleischman, Susan G. 74,81.84,207 Flitman. Mark Alan 40.51.74,76.82.222 Flosi, Marvanne T. 222 Floss, Robin Judy 207 Fogel. David Alan 196 Fogel. Jeffrev Mark 196 Fobs, Christine E. 84,207 Fosses, Peter 118,223 Forcade, Gilda 223 Fox, Slacey Marleene 55,80,94 Frank, Lisa M. 93,100,103.196 Frankel. Loriann 83.187 Frankel. Steven Lee 223 Frankel. Jeffrey N. Frankson. Richard E. 187 Frazes. Roberta Fay 74.84.207 Frazier. Karen Marie 93.104,207 Frazier, Stephan W. 187 Freed, Steven Howard 132,187 Freedman, Mark 73,187 Freeman. Dennis J. 187 Freid, Eugene Barry 118,223 Freres, Linda Joyce 223 Freres, Michael J. 116,196 Freidman, Cindy Beth 83,98.187 Friedman. Jill Susan 83 Friedman. Jodi L. 62.65.196 Friedman. Lori Rae 66.223 Friedman. Lynn M. 53.87.187 Friedman. Tami Jov 187 Friedman. Robert IN. 207 Friedman. Scott B. 196 ic. Su 156 Frolich. Christine M. 95.207 Fruehe. Gloria Helen 223 Fryer. Michael I. 223 Fujiwara. Ralph 145.188 Gadd. Cassandra 207 Cadd. Cynthia Ann 80.223 Gaffen. Arnold Neal 207 Gagerman. Philip A. 51.116.117,207 Gaines, Garv M. 74,75,207 Gall, Suzanne M. 196 Galla, George 166 Ganek, Andrea Joy 196 Garber, Sandra Joy 84 Garland, Shirley 154 Garlick, Dennis John 87,118,196 Cassel. Cheri Lynne 83,98,188 Gats, Patricia Jean 67,207 Gatt. Lawrence L. 207 Gawin. Brona C. 207 Gawin. John Owen 87.196 Gawin. Maura P. Gelb. Judilh Lynn 84.223 Gentile. John P. 54,223 George. Lawrence J. 223 Georgeow. Georgia 196 Georgeow, Tina Marie 188 Gerber. Donna 93 Gcrber. Joy Maria 80.207 Gerber. Wendy Helene 69.188 Gershbein. Carv W. 223 Gertz. Richard Allen 223 Gelner. Howard F. 207 Gibbs. Wesley 154 Gil, Leslie Gilbenbach, Ray 2S6 Gill, Ellen B. 74,196 Gillis, Gary Ira 223 Gillman, Barbara Ann 196 Gilmore, Judith 163 Ginsburg, Janet A. 74,196 Ginsburg, Mitchell F. 188 Girovich, Loren 188 Gintzler, Richard 207 Girovich, Howard 223 Glaberson, Corv D. 207 Glait, Perry J. 223 Glass, Allen Bruce 51,59,223 Glassman, Roberta B. 207 Glassner, Jacqueline 84,196 Glassner, Sheila J. 207 Click, Susan 196 Glickson, Carvn Joan 188 Glienke, Debbra Lvnn 196 Glochowsky, Garv 188 Clochowsky, Martin A. 60,69,72,74,76,223 Golata, John 172 Gold, Julia Florence 100,188 Gold, Jay M. 124,196 Gold, Karen Leigh 207 Gold, Karyn Leslie 223 Gold, Robert Allen 80,207 Gold, Sari Helenne 188 Goldberg, Bruce R. 196 Goldberg, Elaine H. 188 Goldberg, Erwin C. 197 Goldberg, Gail 197 Goldberg, Iris Caryn 197 Goldberg, Lee Richar 207 Goldberg, Michelle J. 188 Goldberg, Maria 188 Goldberg, Pamela B. 62 Goldberg, Violet S. 224 Goldenberg. Alan N. 188 Goldenberg. Allan L. 145.188 Goldenberg. Bradley 87.197 Goldin. Sandra 84.224 Goldman. Stephen Al 188 Goldmeier. Sandra B. 197 Goldsmith. Greg E. 207 Goldsmith. Maria E. 207 Goldsmith. Robert 197 Goldstein. Andrew L. 197 Goldstein. Edward 74,76,224 Goldstein, Sally J. 50,66,224 Goldstein, Susan Jov 50,66,72.224 Goldstick, Carvn 62,67,76,81,85,224 Goldzweig, Sheila 50,72,81,224 Goles, Jacquelyn Sue 207 Gollay, Doris 156 Golub, Kenneth Erie 132,133,197 Gomberg, Dorinne Ami 78,197 Goode, Rochelle Mary 71,73,74,84,207.256 Goodman. Ellen May 98.188 Goodman. Melinda G. 188 Goodman. Rita F. 81.197 Gordon. Craig Lee 124.207 Gordon. Harold W. 108.224 Gordon. Joel Ira 197 Gordon. Larrv Paul 224 Gordon. Richard Neal 197 Gortva. Andrea M. 224 Goss. Melissa Joyce 72.87.197 Goslomelsky. Bruce E. 188 Gothelf. Alan Paul 139 Gothelf. Ila Lynne 207 Gothelf. Steven Scot 188 Gollib. Gabriel D. 197 Gotlhelf, Mark M. 130.197 Gotthelf. Scott Matt 118.130.188 Gottlieb, Scott H. 197 ch, Ja ; 154 Gould, Alan 188 Grade, Jason 197 Grabowski, Dennis 169,256 Graff, Lori Kim 197 Gralewski, Ronald 126.138 Granato. Peter Paul 188 Granato. Steven L. 207 Grant. Evalyn Nancy 197 Grant. Nina Rachel 188 Grantz. Caren Lvnn 87.224 Grayson. Kenneth L. 207 Green. Kelly Creenberg. Brian S. 207 Greenberg. Gail 188 Greenberg. David R. 32.207 Greenberg. Jill 93.224 Greenberg. Kalhy Sue 197 Greenberg. Lori B. 224 Greenberg. Mitchel A. 188 Greenberg. Suzi 65.98.197 Greenberg. Terry 1,36.138.207 Greenebaum. Claudia 197 Greenfield. Michael 197 Greenwald. Robert 188 Greenspahn, Carol J. 92,98,99,100,105,207 Greenwald, Barry 50,60,224 Greiman. Judilh Beth 60.70, 207.256 Creiaman. Kenneth D. 188 Gresham. Lawrence D. 197 Grenlz. Ruth Ingrid 80.224 Grentz. John Arthur 197 Griffey. Garv K. 207 Griffin. Richard S. 207 Crimson. Bonnie 188 Griswold. Paula 160 Groat. Jeffrev Carl 207 Grodinsky. Daniel J. 207 Grodsky. Barry S. Grodskv. Lee David 124.197 Groh. Ann Marie 207 Gross. David 207 Gross. Kim Delia 207 Grosablall. Robert A. 224 Grossman. Bonnve J. 207 Grossman. Carv A. 52.224 Grossman. Michael I. 197 Grossman. Thomas 158 Grousnick. Edward A. 188 Gruenes. Waller D. 208 Grutzmacher. Tom 188 Guerrero. Eugene J. 224 Guerrero, Michael D. 118,208 Gunderson, Laura L. 92,224 Gurrieri, Nancy M. 208 Guslafson, Charles E. 84,87,208 Guslafson, Edna 156 Gulman, Deborah Ruth 77,208 Haag, Pamela 188 Hacker, Janel Marie 197 Hall, Karen Kealohao 208 Hall, Mildred 179 Hall. William K. 76.82.225 Halper. Jill Robin 225 Hamer. Sheila Diane 63.197 Hamilton. Barbara B. 188 Handelman. Ruth S. 188 Handler. Barbara 158 Hanley. Michael T. 197 Hanley. Timothy Jane 208 Hansen. Christine M. 197 Hanson. Gregory Alan 188 Hansen, Michael John 54 Hanson, Clark P. 188 Hanson, John Thomas 116,225 Hanus, George 154 Harles, John C. 136,138,225 Harris, Annette 156 Harris, Brian Jav 78,197 Harris, David Alan 188 Harris, J. 124 Harris, Lori Lee 80,225 Hart, Diane Joy 83,87,188 Hartman, Barry P. 54,73,115,126,132.225 Harlman. Marcia A. 63.99.188 Harwood. Linda Eve 188 Harwood. Maria Jan 83.208 Hasegawa. Caria M. 197 Hasegawa. Frannie T. 188 Hasmonek. Richard M. 197 Hass. Marsie Riva,72,76,79,225, 226 Hauf, Donald 208 Hausman, Debbie 93 Hausman. Jeanne M. 94,188 Hawkins, Lee 155.156 Hawkins. Trice W. 118.208 Haves. Audrey L. 225 Hayes, Donald R. 188 Hayes, Robert 197 Hayman, Robert Dean 197 Hazan. Richard J. 197 Haynes. Renee Carolv 179.208 Heche. Barbara 55.255 Heche. William 225 ' Heftel. Philip Ross 84.208 Heflman. Charles S. 87.126.188 He ch. Ja Heinz. Cecile Cath 55.225 Heinz. Joseph 139 Helberg. Scott 87.208 Heller. Barbara 156 Heller. Wendy Lisa 197 Henrici. Ronald 166 Henry. William 178 Hentz. Josephine 167 Herback. Alan 197 Herbold. Cindy L. 225 Herman. Howard D. 118.188 Hernandez. Maria A. 208 Herlel. Randall W. 124.188 Hervatin. Abraham C. 208 Hervatin. Paul R. 197 Herzog. Rosanne 225 Hessing. Steven 208 Helahll. Lori 197 Heimann. Russell M. 208 Hill. Beth M. 197 Hilliard. Marcia L. 197 Hinske. David L. 129.130.198 Hinske. Michael J. 129.130.208 Hirsth. Da i L.nn 5«,5l,:4,:6,82,84,: Hirsch, Gordon SvoU 208 Hirsch. Mirk E. 198 Hii«-h. N»nc Lvnn 60.61,225 Hirsch. Slocn EIIU 223 Hit?hman. Mark B. 87.225 Kite. ScoU D« id 60.61.T2.:6,176.225 Hocfler. :iandra J. 80.225 Hofrman. Judith 20 Horfmann. Richard J. 87.188 Hoffnian. Bruce R. 84.129.198 Ho;lund. Deborah L. 226 Hohs. Kcnnelh J. 30.208 Hohmann. Joseph E. 198 Hohmann. Renee J. 208 Holdmann. Joanne R. 226 Holland. Pennv Sue 51.62.67J!08 Hollinzsworlh. Kim 32.83 Hosapple. Mark E. 226 Horbers. Donna L 198 Hov.ard. Uura Paun 32.63.188 Hornisch. Sandra L. 98.105.198 Horwiu. l ' jth E. 81.84.198 Hosier. Calen 8.133,156 Hollon. Carol Jean 87.226 Hollon. Roberl E. 36.74.226 Houdek. Sleien Scott 208 Uo»ard. Laura 83 Howell. Glen tt. 208 Ho c. Elizabeth 208 Hubbard. Keiin Mark 188 Huepfl. nioinctte L. 35.105.208 Huepfl. Marie 188 Huehes. Thomas R. 188 Huhn. Roland K. 226 ' Hunt. Ronald 159 Hupert. Jordan 87.188 Hurmuz. Melan.e 83.226 Hvman. Charles S. 198 Hyman. Da id Ira 198 HMTian. Gene Robert 208 lie 198 lrsa . Lori Sue 99.188 lrsa . Richard Scott 208 lrsa . Sle.en . Inin;. Michael H. 80.118.208 lr»in. Sher l Marri 188 Isaacs. Arthur 136,138.208 Isaacs. Na a Irene 74,82.226 Isaacson, Sheril L. 226 Isenberg. Hardonna 180 luerman. Kathi E. 100.101.188 Jacobs. Ed»ard M. Jacobson. Cinlhia B. Jacobson. Gail Sue 226 Jacobson. Gar S. 87.198 Jacobson. L nne J. 71.74.226 Jacobson. Monica . 198 Jacobson. Sheila G. 74.82 Jaffe. Robert 188 Jaffee. Keith l ayne 188 JakJin. Roger Urry 87.130,188 Jakubowich. Robert V. 226 Jam. Kathleen 188 Jan.. Joseph Michael 34.126 Jans. Uura Beth 189 Jans. Steven «. 198 Juki, Debra June 33.101.104 Juki. Linda B. 198 Jawarski. Jo 136 Ja e. Jeffen 226 Jensen. « illiam John 198 Jepsen. Mary I. 226 Jeremias. Paula Ruth 62.189 Jevremovich. Milka 198 Johanson. Dawn M. 83.103.189 John . Be 136 Johnson. Diane L. 98.103.198 Johnson. Donna I,. 101.104.198 Johnson. Uuren S Johnson. Lynn Beth 189 Johnson. Michael A. 226 Johnson. Terry Ann M. 94 Josephs. Fern Donna 63.77.208 Jo«ph.. Melissa M. 92.198 Jozai. Elizabeth I. 52.198 Jurek. Glenn 170 Juato. Teresa Garcia Kabot. Glenn Alan 226 Kadus. John James 73.79.198 Kafkis. H. Bob 198 Kai n. Kalhy Anne 189 Kagan. Sharon Anne 208.226 K.gan, Sheri Lynn 83J08.227 Klhan. Richard L. 74.73 IJ08 Kahan. Beth Ellen 189 Kahn. Bruce Lawrence 60.76J27 Kahn. Ruth 189 Kalish. Ronna Sue 87.227 Kalisky. Shelley 208 KalniU. Michael B. 198 Kalogris. Aniielo 208 Kaller. Mon. Caryn 95.189 Kaluzna. Donna Sue 189 Kamen. Charle. Jay 208 Kamenir. Jeri Lynn 189 Kamo. Michael 208 Kane. Candace Mary 99.189 Kane. Michael R. 208 Kane. Richard Lee 189 Kang Sin Tae 208 Kanter. Louis Scott 198 Kantz. Garv Mitchell 87.189 Kaplan. David Larrv 1,33.189 Kaplan. Ellen B. 227 Kaplan. Elisc Esther 99.103.198 Kaplan. Howard 208 Kaplan. Julie 72.227 Kaplan. Stacy .M. 51.66.72,227 Kaplan. Stoen 227 Karafotias. Melanie 83.189 Karafolias. Nick Geo 198 Karol William 138 Kashdan. David Allan 87.208 Kasper. Jeffrey A. 198 Kasper. William J. 84.208 Katani. Fredrick U. 116.130.208 Katsaros. Penny 189 Katz. Alan 87,189 Katz, Beatrice 208 KaU. Debbie B. 189 Katz, Harold Jerry 118.198 Katz. Irwin Michael 82 Katz, Mitchell Allen 130,198 Kali, Robert J. 208 Katz, Sheri Monica 227 Katz, Teri Faith 189 Katzman, Brian 166 Katzman, Howard L. 189 Kaufman, Steven H. 189 Kaufman, W endv Lee 198 Kav, Judith 165 Kaye, Steven Neal 198 Kazan, Nona Lee 198 Keating, Russell W. 198 Keen. Robert 170 Kelly. Daniel 198 Kelly. Jay C. 138,198 Kelson, Carolyn Sue 227 Kelson, Debbie Ann 189 Kempner. Nancy Gail 208 Kerman. Sandra Beth 227 Kess em. Daniel C. 124.198 Kessler, Randal J. 227 Kessler, Sari Lynn 83,208 Kessler. Steven Paul 85.87,126 Keuper, Glen William 227 Khoshbin, Amir S. 208 Kipnis, James M. 139,189 Kite, Michael C. 114,113,208 Kittay. Cheryl M. 69,81,228 Klancic, Mark S. 228 Klancic, Chris W. 138 Klancic, Tony Robert 51,189 Klawans, Gary M. 87,189 Klehr, Nancy Lvnn 60,62,72,228,256 Kleilield, Jeffrey I, 80,228 Kleiman, Scott Alan 143,143,198 Klein, Cary Brant 208 Klein, Dorann 177 DIein. Kevin .Mark 118.189 Klein. Robin S. 60.71,77,87,208 Klein, Sandra Carol 36, Klinphoffer. Pamela 189 Kneip. Harriet 136 Knish. Jack Keith 228 Knish. Mary E. 189 Kobrilz. Sheila R. 228 Kobylski. Robert E. 198 Koe, Robert Lawrence 208.256 Kochnline. Carolyn E. 208 Koenig, Joel Scott 73,198 Koenig, Sally 156 Koepke. Jodi Lynn 208 Kogan. Corinne B. 228 Kopan. Heide Mar 62.208 Kogan. Ixiraine H. 198 Kohn. Jerrold H. 208 Kokotas, Katherinc 189 Kolodzik, Ann Marie 209 Kolpas. Michael H. 198 Kopels. Gayle Lynn 84.229 Koranyi, Susan 62,209 Korey, Ilene Maria 36,62.229 Korey. Shcrwin David 54.60,229 Korn. Rochelle 156 Kornhauser, Isaac D. 198 Kornick, Steven B. 229 Kornick, Vicki Ann 81,229 Korol. Rollie 163 Korl. Anthone 178 Kostyntuk. Paul F. .54,129,130,229 Kol, Christine Mary 83,189 Kolsovos, Teddy John 189 Kouha, Shari 46 Koukos, Linda Marie 189 Koval, Jerome Martin 229 Kozak, Candee Sue 209 Kozak, Debra Beth 209 Kozak, Jill Diane 83.189 Kozub. Sue 92 Krai. Fred 162 Kramer. Barry Jay 74.84.198 Kramer, Kenneth S, 117.229 Krauie, Sally Louise 55,100.209 Krauae, Sue 92 Krammcn. Gregory 209 Krammen. Valerie Ann 230 Kranz. Philip Lee 230 Krause. Hal Charles 132.189 Krause. Margaret A. 99,230 Krause. Scott K. 18? Kravitz. Barry S. 60.230 Kravitz, Susan Gail 51.63,209 Krawetz. Gary Jay 189 Krawetz. Hindy Lee 84.209 Krawetz. Judy Marsha 209 Krav, Linda Sue 98,198 Krech, Michael Glenn 209 Kreft, Cynthia Marie 209 Krichevsky, Holly N. 72,158.230 Krier. Elizabeth Ann 198 Krier, Mary Agnes 70.209,256 Krischer, Linda B. 85.189 Krupnick. Susan Lvnn 209 Kruse. Jeffrey R. 198 Krysl. Linda R. 55.100,103.209 Kubnick. Dane Gordcn 230 Kulwin. Donna Jo,81.209 Kuntz, Lisa R. 198 Kuperman, Mark 189 Kuperman, Sandra Gay 230 Kuaalzky, Mark 118,189 Kusek. Stephen Mark 209 Labay. Paul L. 189 Ladus. Fotula 198 Labow. Lawrence Jay 126.209 Ladas. Chris 189 Ladd, Bettie 174 Lake, Anastasia D. 83.189 Lake. Nicholas T. 209 Lake. Tasha 52 Lakemacher, Ann 156 Lam, Sheridan 85 Lampert, Mark Andrew 199 Landau, Pamela Ellen 87,199 Lande, Alan Mark 118,189 Landsberg, Howard 199 Landy Carol 99,199 Lang, Joanne Sheila 199 | Langston, William 139 Laos. Nora Edith 100,199 Lapolski, Marilyn F. 87 Lara, Felix 118,209 Larks, David F. 199 Lara, Juan 118,209 Laraen. David Warren 87,189 Larsen. Diane Joann 71.139,209 Larson. David Edward 114.115 Larson. Donald 118.142,165 Larson. Patricia 199, Paula E. 63,77,209,256 Lasky, Ronald 209 Lason, Caryn Anne 71,81,189 Lav in, Jerry Ronald 189 Leaven, Cathy Lvnn 189 Lavin, Pamela Joan 80,230 Lebovitz, Allan Jay 209 Lecker, Lisa Joy 209 Lecomte, Denise Ann 199 Lcdgcrwood, Donna S. 2.30 Lederman. Barry 199 Lee, Brenda Ellen 199 Lee, Cheryl Fayc 71,99,189 Lee, Gloria 230 Lee, Jodi E. 67,209 Lee, Judith Ann 71,104 Lee, Karen Elizabeth 71,74,92,209 Lee, Sharon Kaye 99,189 Lcfevrc, Kalhryn J. 199 Leff, Lenny Jay 189 Leff, Rhonda Joy 209 Lehman, Jean Alison 83,103,189 Leib, Bertha 87,189 Leib, Karen Doreen 230 Lemick. Alan 230 Lemick, Michael R. 199 Leon, Pablo 143,189 Leon, Steven Bernard 51,60,61,73,118,209 Lerner, Ann Ruth 94,199 Lerner, Joni Renee 98,189 Lesorgcn, Sheila 199 Lettick, Jane E. 77,209 Leung. Aileen 199 Levan, Anne Marie 100,199 Lev, Stephen J. 209 Levoo, Bonita Marcia 100,209 Lev, Alan David 70,118,189 Levic. Maria Barbara 30,81,231,236 Levin, Arlene Joyce 98,189 Levin, Cindy Lynn 231 Levin, Denise Harrie 52,73,199 Levin, Elsie 156 Levin, Ilene Beth 84,199 Levin. Laura Kay 67,199 Levin, Marcy Beth 189 Levin, Michael Ira 199 Levin. Michael Divid 59,231 Levin, Raina Ann 209 Levin, Richard A. 87,199 Levin, Roberta Hope 8.3.190 Levin, Sheldon Ira 209 Levin. Shcrri Louise 231 Levin , Steven Jay 209 Levin, Taryn Maria Lcvine, Edward A. 143,199 Levine, Helcne M. 199 Levine, James 118,133.190 Levine. Jewel Myra 199 Lcvit. Mark E. 199 Levitt. Ronald H. 231 Levilz. Karen Beth 83.209 Levy. Bruce Dean 126.190 Levy. Helaine Beth 231 Levy, Mark Earl 68,75 Levy, Robert David 126,190 Levy, Sandra Gay 231 Levy, Steven M. 38,60,61,231 Lewen, Ronald C. 87,231 Lewin, Felice Helen 50,53,76,231 Lewin, Shelley 190 Liametz, Gordon 209 Liametz, Ruth 156 Lichtenstein, Betty 69,190 Lichtenstein, Mark S. 64,114.1 15.132.S Lidik. Julius 209 Lieberman. David B. 209 Lindberg. Lori Anne 63,199 Lindboy, Chris Karen 52,199 Lindroth, Philip A. 190 Lipin, Ben 154 Lipsky, Joel D. 199 Lipson. Lori 199 Lis. Michael John 231 Lisnek, Ellen Susan 231 Liu. Dennis Wavne 118.199 Livingston. Richard 174 Lloyd, Donna Sue 92,209 Locasha, Steven 190 Loeser, Debra Ann 209 Loew, Hazel 169 Lohn, Jordan F. 116,117,199 Lomboy, Chislina M. 53.231 Lomboy. Maria Carmen 51.62.209 London. Scott H. 124 Loos, Valerie Mary 209 Lopez. Hermina 176 Lopez. John Thomas 124.190 Lopez. Rodrigo M. 72.143,144,231 Lopez, Sandra Elena 71,81,209 Lorig. Glenn Alan 199 Losoff. Michael S. 231 Losolf, Randee Lynne 199 Lothan, Tamar L60,81,256 Lotsofl, Maureen H. 190 Lotz, Jeffrey Weston 231 Loughran. Mabeline 177 Luck. Neal L. 231 Lueck. Wavne 116 Luk, Katie S. 231 Lukas. Mark William 231 Luk. Jimmy St Wing 199 Luke, Robert Andrew 190 Lundberg, Shirley 161 Lundquist, Verniel 173 Lustig, Barry C. 209 Luslig, Daniel Scott 231 Lustig. Miles B. 232 Lutz, Dennis Jeffrey 116,130,199 Mcatee. Nancy Helen 100.103,210 McCloud, Elizabeth A. 95,105,210 McCormack, Walter E. 210 McCracken, Mary D. 99,105,200 McCrackcn, Becky 92 McCuaig, Cindy A. 232 McCuaig, Mark 190 McGowan, David W. 190 McKeil, Jack 1,35 McMillcn. Kevin R. 84,210 MacDonald Terry K. 190 Mader, Barbara 209 Madison. Charles 171 Madsen. William 178 Maggio, Andy 161 Maggio, Joseph E. 209 Maggiore. Rosann M. 9.3,101,199 Maggio, Patricia Lee 232 Magnes, Scott Alan 124,190 Mahoncy, Gail Marie 209 Mairhofcr, Bonnie L. 209 Maicrhofer, Parry J. 80,92,232 Malcher, Robert Paul 136.1.38,209 Malekow, Beth Joy 87,199 Malekow, Judith Eve 69,190 Malina. Carol Joy 199 Malina, Scott M. 199 Mallon. Alan 190 Malone, Gorden 166 Mamot, David 54,79,130.2.32 Mandell. Arthur Neal 124,190 ManiatCB, Spcroa P. 60,209 Maniales, Vivian K. 103,10.5,199 Manisraico, Joseph 2.32 Mankoff. Phillip 162 Jann, Jordan David 199 Manna, Scot Alan 232 Mannctte, Jean 199 Mannette, Michael R. 132 Marabella, Grace M. 190 Marchiafava, Daniel 118,199 Marcus, Lesley Gael 199 Mardcll, Renee S. 199 Margalil, Sheryl L. 83,199 Markich, Mary Ann 209 Markich, Michael 118.190 Markman, Debbie Lois 209 Marko. Kevin 209 Marks. Jim Scoll 87.145 Marks. Paula J. 92.98,105.199 Marmel, Gregory Joel 209 Marsch, Laura Lynn 101,190 Martinez, Roger C. 209 Martini, John . 51,232 Marshak, Sheri Lynne 87,190 Marshall, Chris M. 232 Marshall. Cindy H. 83,101,190 Marti, Lenore i60 Martini, Richard P. 116,117,199 Martiniz, Ray 132,190 Marx, Michael P. 190 Marx, Nancy Lynne 69,87,104,190 Masover, Elaine F. 93,101,104,105,199 Mastrototard, Nino 209 Mathews. Howard Scot 140.232 Matz. Robert Joseph Matayoshi, Steven 190 Mallak, Patricia 100,165 Matsumoto, Anne Keik 100,101,209 Matusik, Jeryl A. 200 Matz, James Peter 118 Matzkin, Tracey Ina 90 May, Brian Monroe 200 May. Margaret Brown 92,105,210 May, Marie Anne 93,95,232 May, Moreen 79 Mayer, Ellen Terry 87,190 Mayer, Judy 83 .Mayer, Kathy Lynn 66,76,232 Mavfield, George 83,180 Mavrent, Laurie Jan 190 Mazouch, Sylvia 180 Mazur, Daniel 210 Medor, Fern S. 200 Medow, Robvn Ann 210 Meisner, Larry S. 200 T, Daviii 138,200 Me , Elle 190 Meister, Steven Lyn 130,140,210 Melamed, Jordan N. 136,138,210 Melnick, Steve Allen 87.190 Melvin, Donald R. 210 Menches. Laura Ellen 200 MendeUon. Michael J. 190 Mengarelli. Thomas H. 210 Merkin. Steven B. 210 Merens, Lyie 232 Merel. Randi Lynne 83.170 Merles, Donald 232 Messer, Jeffrey A. 74,87,232 Metzger, Melinda 93 Meyer, Bonnie J. 200 Mever, David M, 200 Meyer, Michael E. 232 Meyer, Michael R. 190 Meyer, Ronald D. 190 Meyer, Susan Jeanne 73,103,200 Maiorana, Dennis 51,232 Meyers, Debra 200 Meyers. Michael Alan 200 Meyers, Peggy Ann 232 Michael, Basil Harrv 210 Michael Hilary Sue 210 Michaels, Reid J. 74 Michals. Kevin R. 232 Michaels Lynn Beth 210 Michaels. Mark H. 51.130 Michaels. Mary 200 Michals, Carol Ann 95,105 Michell, Cindy Sue 66,210 Michell, Lynda Carol 52,64,83,98,200,190 Mikel, Susan S. 200 Miller, Carol Ann 190 Miller, Charles D. 210 Miller. David P. 58.87.200 Miller, Howard H. 200 Miller, Ira Stewart 51 Miller, Judith 169 Miller, Kenneth W. 130.190 Miller. Lael Scott 74.200 Miller. Linda Sue 233 Miller. Lori Susan 87,200 Miller. Michael Jame 210 Miller. Robert Lee 60.61,233 Miller, Sharyl Ann 62,84,210 Miller. Sheri Lynn 83,200 Millman, Stephanie F. 233 Milstein, Paul Scott 54, Mincer. Anita Carol 50.233 Miner. Michael Dean 190 Miner. Sherri M. 233 Minetos. Jerry 210 Minikowski. Cheryl A. 92,233 Minkus, Fred 154 Minsky. Maria Elaine 92,95,200 Minnberg, Cathy A. 80,233 Miolelt, Patty 233 Moeller, Gerard 200 Mohr, Pamela Audrey 70,71, 100.210 Mohr. Sandra Lee 200 Moll, Jeffrey Reid 144,200 Monsen. Patricia L. 30,233 Monti, Richard J. 233 Mooradian. Jim A. 190 Mooradian, Michael 210 Morgan, Patti lone 233 Moros, Susan Marie 200 Oltlinger, Steven A. 201 Ozete, Ro Mary 201 ■ 233 Morrison, Donna Lee 210 Morrison, Sandra Ann 70,83,200 Morten, Mary E. 50 Morion, Ann Gail 200 Moses, Shawn Kathlee 65,98,99,200 Moshak. John 176 Moskiiich. Jeffrey H. 190 Moss. Brad Warren 118.200 Moss, Lois 174 Motin, Paul Stephen 133,190 Motin, Sheryl M. 98,210 Mov, William R. 200 Mrohen, James Edward 200 Mueller. Elenore 156 Mulcahv. Karen Joan 190 Mullen, Sharon Lee 233 Mullen, Susan Marei 233 Mueller, Barbara Kay 99,190 Mueller, Christine C. 210 Murphy, James 190 Murray, Janet Lee 200 Musick, Gary David 210 Mv 233 Nadeau, Edward Mike 210 Nagel. Charles Irwin 130,210 INagel, Nancy Anne 98,190 Nasatsky, Janice Ann 200 Nathan, Michael R. 200 Nathanson, Mindy 210 Nathanson, Scott 87,170 Natker, Gertrude 130 Naubert, John Scott 190 Naubert, Nancy 190 Naumes. Edward J. 143,144,233 Naumes. Joseph F. 139 Nelson, Charles 233 Nelson. David M. 233 Nelson. Jean Louise 200 Nelson. Steven Craig 116,200 Nemmers, Edward G. 190 Nessenson, Beth Lynn 200 Nessonson, Ronna Joy 233 Newberger, Michael C. 130 Newberger, Mylinda R. 234 Newman, Cheryl M. 210 Newman, Mitchell A. 60,234 Newman, Ralph Howard 190 Nigut, Peter Scott 200 Nisbett, Jeffrey J. 200 Nisson, Ronald M. 200 Nitti, Maria Ann 210 Nitz, Steven 234 Noeller, Karen 190 Noesen, Robert H. 190 Nomikos, Van A. 200,234 Noll, Martha Ann 210 Norris, Gail 63,74,84,105,200 Notarius, Gerilynn 210 Nudelman, Mindy Eve 234 Nussbaum, Anita 190 Nussbaum, Howard Jay 51,59,234 Nu 190 Mil , Ale: 177 Mishoulan, Theodo Miya, Richard 180 Moch, Erich 154 Nygard, David Mack 145,190 O ' Brien, Catherine E. 234 O ' Connor, Theresa L. 234 O ' Malley, John A. 138,201 O ' Malley, Michael K. 118,119,190 Oydung, Lucille, L. 191 Oberding, Robert J. 201 Odiivak, Nannette M. 95,100,101,105,201 Oklivak, Nicholas 165 Odiivak, Nicholette 72,95,234 Ohihausen, Susan R. 83,190 Ohiwein, Carolyn M. 94,103,190 Ohiwein, Michael A. 116,117,234 Ohren, Debra Y. 52,210 Olf, Divid Bernard 116,117,210 Oliff, Lavne 201 Olsen, Donald Alan 201 Olson. Ellen 170 Olson. Richard P. 210 Opalka. William 210 Orloff. JohnThomas 191 Orlove. Sandra R. 84,234 Ornoff, Steven Joe 124,201 Ortmann, Susan 62,74,84,210 Osakada, Sidney T. 234 Osakada, Stuart T. 201 Osherman. Dana E. 73.191 Osness. Holly Ann 235 Osness. James 54,126,210 Osness, William 180 Ossey, Debra C. 235 Oswald, Jerome 116,117 Packer, Steven G. 143,145,201 Page, Laura 24 Palansky, Kathleen 161 Palanli, Massimo 210 Pales, Bruce Alan 191 Pales, Stephen Ross 235 Palmisano, August 210 Pamper, Keith Andrew 201 Pamper, Kirk Alan 235 Pamper, Kristvn Anne 191 Panos, Angeline 174 Papa, Joanne Helga 210 Pappas. Louis Then 201 Pappas, Maria 201 Pappas. William John 201 Parenli Salvalore J. 132 Pasma. Valerie Rae 55,210 Pastron, Linda Sue 84,87.210 Patel. Rajeshri J. 235 Palner. Howard M. 210 Palner. Scot Allen 235 Patt. W illiam Martin 76.81.235 Patterson. Bryan S. 201 Paulson. Wendy Jo 65.92.201 Payne. Cynthia Lynn 70.71.235 Pearlman, Bert 210 Pearl. Sara L. Pearlman, Elyse S. 83,105 Pearlman, Sheryl L. 87.94,191 Pechter, Lynda Ellen 235 Pector. Scott Waller 72.235 Peirce. Ellen 163 Perea. Carlos Manuel 191 Perea. Denise A. 135 Perry. Denis W illiam 75 Peters. Edward A. 139,191 Peters, James George 235 Peterson, Debra Lynn 83,191 Peterson, Janet Joan 191 Peterson, P. 55,84,94,116,210 Peterson, Robert C. 201 Petroski, Gayle Jean 87,100,191 Petroski. Jay Lee 74,75,210 Petit, Raymond 168 Pevsner, David E. 74,87,201 Pforr, Monika Ursula 236 Pfeifcr, Howard 20 Pbillippe, Lisa M. 83,191 Pilchen, Saul Murray 236 Piorkowski, Nona 165 Piper, Lee Richard 236 Pirok, Mel 256 Pitti, Maria 207 Pitalis. Lauren Beth 191 Plath, Daniel Martin 191 Plath. Debra Lynn 210 Plich, Nadinc P. 84,87,201 Pliskin. Philip J. 87,144.210 Plock. Charles 167 Plolkin. Debra A. 72.76.236 Podolsky, Brian A. 210 Polin, Diane Ruth 201 Polisky. Michael C. 50.81,236 Polilzer. Robert A. 201 Pllack, Ellen R. 20,74,84.236 Pollack. Hillary J. 236 Pollack. Stuart K. 191 Pollak. Donald 85.210 Policy. Eric Louis 51.201 Pollice, Steven N. 122,124,140 Pondel, Gary Neil 130,191 Porter. Carol 98.191 Portnov. Alan Stuart 130.191 Pos. Hal Jay 138.201 Posmantier. Beth M. 87.191 Post. Carol Lee 210 Postel, Mary Jude 62,201 Poteshman, ' Sheree M. 236 Poulos, Angela 105,201 Powell, Kay 175 Pozen, Scott 236 Poznansky, Steve 50,130,179 Precht, William L. 191 Prekezes, Christine 191 Pressler, Ronald B. 201 Pressner, Stan 36,60,61,74,75.210 Price. Gloria 201 Price. Linda 236 Prim. William Paul 118.119,138.201 Priske, Deanne 83,191 Proffit. Jerry 40.172 Projansky, Daniel J. 143.145.201 Psvbogios. -Nick 73.191 Pucher. Frank Martin 210 Pufschel. Dean C. 108,236 Puff, James 160 Pugliese, Coward 165 Purcell, Charles Lee 130 Purcell. Edmond Paul 87.143,144.211 l,)uinn. Belt! 181 guinones, Christine 191 Rabin. Dori Phylys 236 Racusen. Robert .Mark 236 Raddatz, Raymond 211 Rade. Sharon Nan 84.211 Kadin, Michael Mark 236 Radousky, Susan F. 100,211 Rahimzadeh, Renard 211 Rahimzadeh, Renee 191 Rakoczy, Allen E. 201 Rambis. Eric Jay 116,191 Ratsky, Leanor 191 Rao, Laliiha 98,191 Rappoport, Janice B. 63,84,211 Ravey, Kathy S. 211 Ray, Barbara 155 Redlin, Rosemary Ann 201 Reed, Sandra Lee 236 Reed, Scott R. 201 Regidor, Michael T. 124,201 Reich, Belle Ester 84.201 Reich, Harvey Joseph 191 Reiter, Kenneth 159 Reiler, Steven 201 Reiss, Joel H. 236 Reitman, Eve Cheryl 201 Render, Renee Esther 74,211 Resnick, Brenda C. 67,211 Resnick. Helene L. 211 Rest. Samuel R. 126,154 Relzler. Adam Anton 100,236 Rezwin, Jeffrey Ira 211 Rhodes, Marcy 201 Rian, Catherine M. 236 Rich, Joshua 211 Rich, Judith Ann 191 Rich, Mari Lynn 84,211 Rich, Rae Ellen 71,77.211 Richardi, Fred 129,165 Richardson. Gerald 166 Richter. Elise J. 87.211 Ridker, Michael R. 201 Ridker. .Sandra Lynn 74.76,236 Rifkin. Robin B. 236 Rifkind. Norman 116.191 Ridkind, Seymour 124.164 Rifkind. Shirley F. 80.99.211 Rijimes Joanne Rinder, Karen Sue 73.170,201 Rios, Alma 78,81 Risch, Philip C. 191 Riskin, Daniel M. 237 Riskin, Terri Lynn 87,211 Rissman, Thomas J. 211 Ristow, Thomas 114,115 Ritter, Jonathan Lee 130,191 Robbins, Carol Ann 201 Robbins, Julie M. 237 Roberts, Michele Ann 211 Robin, Eric Marshall 138 Robin, H. Rea 156 Robin, Howard M. 191 Robin, Lee Earl 211 Robinson, Donald L. 75,211 Rochotte, Judith 176 Rock, Jeffrey Dale 129,130,237 Rock, Sherri ' e Lynn 211 Rockoff, Pamela Ruth 237 Rollick, Andra Sue 201 Rollick, Henry E. 108,237 Rogina, Alvaro R. 87,211 Rogover. Patricia 98.211 Romanelli, Michael R. 237 Root. Rochelle Suzan 74.103.237 Rose, Caryn Sue 83 Rosen, Cheryl 237 Rosen, Ellen B. 211 Rosen, Michael Lee 191 Rosen, Morris 80,237 Rosen. Stanley Marc 130.201 Rosenbaum, Malcolm L. 191 Rosenberg. Sheri 237 Rosenberg. Matthew W. Rosenfield. Beth M. 202 Rosenthal. Fredric R. 237 Rosenthal. Karen 191 Rosenthal. Robert D. 202 Rosenwald. Robert C. 237 Rosenzweig. Jay H. 87,191 Rosenzweig. Evelyn 154 Ross, Anita Ann 238 Ross, Cary David 238 Ross, Debra Gayle 238 Ross, Herbert 191 Ross, Janet Gail 238 Ross, Michael Alan 202 Rossman, .Martin Jay 191 Rostvold, Mark 69 Roth, Helene April 238 Roth, Michele Ann 87,191 Roth. Sharon Lynn 013,238 Rothblum, Barry S. 238 Rothblum, Philip S. 238 Rotstein. Charlotte 238 Rollner, Jack Herman 239 Rouzin, Michelle 239 Rozencwajg. Tobey H. 70.71.211 Ruben. Naomi Beth 36,239 Rubenslein, Beth S. 50,139,211 Rubenstein. Julie M. 87,98,191 Rubenstein, Michael 211 Rubenstein Robert S. 191 Ruber. David B. 211 Rubin. Barn Joel 30.81.239 Rubin Debra Lrr 9S.I91 Rubin. Paula Ka 239 Rubin. Sheila ka 33.239 Rubin. Sleicn Da id 113.191 Rubinstein. Elana F. 191 Rubinstein. Linda R. 239 Ruchira. Paid 211 Rudd. Mart Allen 202 Rud . Steven J. 239 Rue. Ellen Kathv 66.87.211 Ruesch. Diane K. 239 Rush, Marc J6.239 Rusinak. Mark 211 Russcol. Debr. Jane 50.74,239 Russccl. Susan Anita 74,239 Russell. Jean M. 100.191 Russell. Virginia C. 105.211 R an. Joseph F. 191 R an. Marv Ellen 239 R v.ect. David Loren,84,202 Rjadzki, Janice L nn 191 Rzadzki, Ronald J. 34,85,116,117.239 Saber. Lisa Miriam 51.67.239 Saber. Sallv B.!11 Sable. Laura Jean 202 Sacks. Caria Nancv 191 Sacks. David M 133.202 Sacks. Steven D. 202 Seahnoft, Loren Hope 202 Schnolf. Scott 138.202 Saffer. Rhonda Lvnn 239 Sagen. Deborah Fave 211 Sakover. « illiam F. 211 Salburg. Marcie 73.202 Salenjer. Burton J. 69,211 Salzsdo. Kristine 161 Salerno. Gina Rose 50.62.63,67,239 Salsburg, Marci L. 84 Saltarelli, Gergorv 108.239 Saluman. Bonnie M. 20.62,63,72.76.239 Saltzman. Eileen J. 74.202 Saluman. Jeffrev 240 Saltiman. Paul Alan 60.70.82,240 Samelson, Victoria R. 98.191 Samuels. Scott Eric 211 Samuels. Steven G. 118,191 Samuels, Vlilliam C. 126,191 Sanchez, Diane E. 191 Sandroff. F. Lisa 156 Sandroff. G. Bess 156 Sandstead. Hollister 165 Sanucruz. Edv-in 87,114.115,133.191 Sanucruz. Mvrna A. 191 Santov.. Daniel R. 191 Saputo. Linda Lee 202 Saputo. William L. 118.124.191 Steven D. 202 rdarbekians, Edna 138,139.240 Saruk. Edith Lvnn 84.211 Scalin. Marilvn S. 240 Searbrough. Barbara 160 Scarbrough. Robert T. 202 Scearce, Denise M. 211 Schaefer. Henry 240 Schack. Debbie Rose 103,211 Schaffrick. Janice L. 240 Schatz. Anita J. 191 SehaUman. Barrv M. 211 Schechlman, Michael 240 Scher. Holli Paul. 64,98,191 Scher.Hugh Paul 211 Scherb. Marv 172 Seherfling. Mark R. il.87,1 15,240 Scherfling, Paul G. 74,75,79,132.211 Sehermerhorn. Howard 240 Seharrer. Cindy 202 .Schiffman. Merilyn 181 Schindler. Jame. 160 Schlaeger. Judith N. 211 Schlager, Charlene G. 191 Vhmetter. Barry S. 202 Schmidt. George Eric 211 Sehmidt. John 191 Schmidt. Joseph D. 240 Schmidt. Julie Beth 202 Schmidt. Linda C. 192 Schmitm.n. Holl, C. 211 .Schneider. Alan R. 202 Schneider. Carin E. 98,192 Schneider. Daniel E. 202 Schneider. Janice I,. 63,98,192 Schneider, Linda ' S. 202 Schneider, Timothy 202 -Schneiter, lomgene 173 Schnell, Pamela Anne 92,101. 104,10SJ02 Schneyr, Larry R. 202 Schnider. Wayne D. 240 Schnitzer. Jo Ann 92,94,98,I04,10SJ02 Schnitzer, Michael A. 240 Schoen, Kathy Lynn 202 Schoenbrod. Jill M. 62.105 Jll Schoenv,olf, Patricia 80.103JI1 Schreiber. Devin C. 192 Schreiber. Jeanne M. 241 Schreiber, Jeffrey 211 Sehreiber. .Neil H. 129,138 11 Sehactl. Robert K. 241 SchulU, Carolina L. 241 Schuitt, Debra A. 202 Schultz. Jane M. 241 Srhultz, Lane O. 54,126 Schultz, Robert J. 211 Schuman, Marv F. 211 Schuman, James F. 202 Schuman, Sandra C. 241 Schwartz, Amv Robin 211 Schwartz, Barrv Neil 192 Schwartz. Beryl 104.192 Schwartz. Ellen 55,60,93,94,101,104,202 Schwartz, Jan M. 74,84,211 Schwartz, Linda S. 83,192 Schwartz. Lisa M. 105.202 Schwartz, Mark W . 133,202 Schwartz, Rhonda J. 60.71,77,212 Schwartz, Rhonda J. 241 Schwartz, Steven 40,74,87,212 Scott, Timothv E. 202 Seals, Thomas Ross 80,241 Sears, Grant 192 Seiden, Nancv Ellen 71,77,101,104,212 Sellers, Lee 171 Seplow. David S. 212 Seplowin. Steven Lee 124 Scrota. Michael J. 118.192 Serrano. Avdee 212 Serrano. Deyanira 192 Serrnao, Sandy V. 192 Seruya, Susan F. 212 Shaevitz, Aria R. 241 Seyller, Janet Marie 202 Sevller, Judith Ann 241 Shakin, Marc 73 Shamberg. Michael J. 76,241 Shancer, Lewis Marc 212 Shane. Linda Sue 52,64.83,192 Shanfield. Lizabelh 192 Shapiro. Deborah 212 Shapiro. Donald P. 241 Shapiro. Gregg I, 74,202 Shapiro, Howard D. 87,202 Shapiro, Judith Ann 75,212 Shapiro, Michael 192 Shapiro, Shelly L. 124,202 Sharlot. Judith Lynn 70.71,212 Shayman. Sherry E. 192 Sheiley, Susan Gail 36,40,71,74,84,212 Shepard, Sharon M. 212 Sher, Joel Alan 132.212 Sher. Keith M. 87 Sher. Neal S. 54.124,242 Sherman, Neal Brian 202 Sherman, Steven J. 202 Shimoda, Alice Mary 202 Shimoda, Betty Doris 242 Shimizu, Kim Reiko 192 Shiaes, Loren Anne 84.242 Shiesman, Amy Beth 84,242 Shlesman, Nancy Lynn 202 Shore, Linda Merle 242 Shore, Robin Sharon 99,202 Short, Mary Louise 78,212 Shriller, Karen Lee 74,84,212 Shrifter, Susan A. 60,69,78,83,192 Shuman, David Steven 145,202 Siavelis. Arlene Ann 72,74,242 Sieben, Greg Robert 212 Siegal, Abby Lynn 52 Siegal, Norman Troy 59,118,202 Siegel. Ellyn S. 242 Siegal, Risa Elyn 52,202 Siemsen, Donald R. 192 Siemsen, Thomas R. 139,192 Silbentein, Sharlen 202 Silver, David Lipton 212 Silver, Daniel A. 192 Silver, Paul Jelfrey 69,73,87,192 Silver, Richard Benn 78,84.212 Silver, Sandra Diane 242 Silver, Warren E. 69,72.74,75,82,243 Silverman, Aria H. 202 Silverman, Cari Ann 86.212 I 212 Silverman, Robert A. 87,192 Silverman, Steven G. 192 Silverstein, Peter A. 202 Simkovlch. Anita L. 100,212 Simmons, Karyn Dawn 87,94,98,192 Simmi. Peter Mathew 192 Simon. Franrine Lee 83,192 Simon. Howard Uren 212 Simon. Howard H. 192 Simon. Linda Susan 192 Simon, U.ri Ellen 72,243 Simon, Maria Helcnc 192 Simm., John Carlelon 243 Sirotzki, Katherine 212 Sirolzki, Michael J. 243 Skevin, Joseph 79,243 Sirt, Jeffrey 212 Skaletaky, Philip J. 130,212 Sklair, Mark David 84,202 Sklar, Hal Perry 80.212 Sklena, David George 138,202 Slatlery, Jerome 179, Jill Cheryl 8332 Slay, Jimmie Lee 243 Sloan, Harold Glen 114,115.132,212 Slowik, Andrea Lee 94,101,104,192 Slutskv, Scott 54,243 Small, Susan Marie 203 Smart, Elizabeth Ann 100,243 Smart, Kathrvn Alene 87,192 Smessart, Jerome E. 212 Smith, Alice Marie 244 Smith, Cori Michele 98,192 Smith, Steven J. 124,203 Smith, Yale Charles 87,212 Smoot, Lori C. 203 Smool, Robin E. 67,212 Smoot, Jodi Ann 64,99,192 Smulson, James H. 203 Snitman, Barry M. 203 Snvderman, Mark S. 60,61,72,244,256 Sobel, James Allen 87,118,192 Sobcl, Karen Ann 244 Soble, Paulea Kara 83,192 Sochaki, Josephine 92,212 Sochaki, Pat 93,244 Soehn, Johannes F. 118,203 Schn, Eileen Sheila 72,74,83,192 Schn, Susan R. 75,244 Sokolski, Thomas 122,124,165 Sokol, Fred S. 244 Solan, Michael R. 58,212 Solberg, Kent C. 138,203 Solovy. David 181 Soltan, Michele Fern 36,51,70,74,76,81, 84,244,256 Sollan, Suzanne M. 30,50,51,62,63,74,77, 81,84,212 Somenek. Gary Allan 212 Sonderman, Steven J. 203 Sonshine, Mark L. 203 Sopkin, Carol L. 83,192 Sopkin, Sandra Meryl 212 Soskin, Barnard H. 244 Soskin, Debra Sue 203 Spanjer, Alan Martin 192 Spector, Randy Howar 68,212 Spiegel, Alan H. 203 Spillar. Gregory S. 124,203 Spillar, Janice M. 212 Spira, Sharon Laura 212 Spitz, Beth J. 93,100,103,203 Spivack, Cynthia A. 98,105,203 Spivack, Philip L. 76,87,245 Sporer, Robin Gail 245 Sproal, Steven R. 87,203 Stahlberg, Anita L, 87,192 Stahlberg, Scott J. 87,203 Stahlberg, Susan C. 87,92,203 Stahike, Martha L. 79 Stamalakos, George 192 Stark, Jack W. 212 Slavin, Jonathan S. 212 Stein, Ester 203 Sleegmueller, David 192 Stein, Howard 212 Stein, Janet Lynn 245 Stein, Leonard M. 51,59,60,245 Stein, Michele Lynn 53,81,212 Stein, Michael R. 2,123,245,256 Stein. Michael 124,192 Stein, Ronald H. 115,132,133,203 Stein, Steven 203 Steinberg, Toby Beth 203 Steindler, Harry A. 212 Steinhandler, Karen 192 Steinhandler, Sherry 245 Steinhofl, James G. 87,212 Steirman, Howard M. 52,60,73,74,75,77,203 Stemp, Virginia 174 Stern, Alexis 92,245 Stern. Sharon J. 212 Stevens, Marjorie 162,256 Stevens, Robert A. 87,203 Stewart, Rita 162 Stiefel, Michael S. 118,133,203 Stifl, Julie M. 212 Stolberg, Sharon Joy 212 Stone, Daniel Lewis 118,119 Stone, David A. 245 Stone, Mark Alan 133,192 Stone, Michael Alan 9,118,119,246 Stone, Sandra Dec 65.105,174,203 Stone, Terry Brian 246 Stoncberg, Edward R. 212 Stoncberg, Jimmy W. 130,203 Stookal, Jody Ann 212 Story, Steven Peter 145,203 StraUHS, Daniel G. 192 Strauss, Jonathan A. 203 , Holly A. 203 n, Jo 160 Slukas, Kathryn L. 69,73,83,192 Sucherman, Muriel 156 Sucherman, Patricia 74,84,212 Sudendorf, Patricio 203 Sugarman, Paula L. 62,84,203 Suhajdo, Volando May 84,213 Sullivan Daniel J. 246 Sullivan. Maureen F. 84.246 Sunshine. Mark 129,130 Surlin, Elizabeth R. 87,203 Sussman, Steven 114 Stislick, Nancy 51,74,84,213 Sustcr, Lidija 203 Swanson, James 155,156 Sweet, Renee V. 83,192 Sweiding, Karia 246 Swider, Lawrence E. 246 Swihart, Gale J. 246 Szmola, Gabriella 105,203 Taki, William Jr. 80 TaibI, Carl Douglas 115,123,124,213 TaibI, Steven M. 133,192 Taich, Julie R. 213 Talalaj, Czeslawa 80,246 Tanglis, Nicholas 54,118,119,213 Tarantur, Eve Lynn 203 Taylor, Dorothy 160,246 Taylor, James L. Taylor, Kathleen Ann 213 Teer, Cynthia Sue 105,203 Teichner, Bruce Alan 202 Teichner, Lynne S. 246 Tendicle, Richard 175 Templin, Marc C. 192 Tennes, Howard Marc 213 Tepp, Michael Dale 167 Test, Donald 167 Theobald, Traccy L. 203 Theodore, Peter T. 213 Thiry, Charles R. 192 Thiry, Patricia Lynn 246 Thomas, Stacey Lynn 64,98,192 Tiagonce, Anthony C. 203 Tish, Allen Isaac 116,126,203 Tish, Martin Harris 59,72,247 Titlebaum, Jeffrey 247 Tittle, Susan H. 247 Toback, Andrea Beth 50,72,78,247 Tobin, Sadell 156 Toivala, Anne 158 Tonsol, Conrad T. 118,124,192 Tonsul, Gilbert T. 130,203 Topouzian, Krikor L. 47,126,192 Topp, Alan Michael 247 Topp, Maria A. 192 Torres, Kathy C. 104,192 Torstensson, Robert 143,144,213 Tolh, Arthur Ale« 192 Totgmeir, Denise 92 Totzke, Peter 193 Traub, Kathleen 170 Trauth, Angela Marie 104,203 Traulh, Gregory P. 79,213 Trawinaki, Christine 67,203 Trawinski, Cynthia J. 36,53,76,247 Trilling, Gregg Phil 118,213 Trilling, Mitchell 247 Tripalhi, Rakesh L. 193 Tripp, Susan Dianne 64,98,193 Tscheyka, Allen R, 247 Tscheyka, Barry S. 193 Tuchman, Michael J. 213 Tuchman, Susan Joy 193 Tumonis, Toni Marcin 60,72,74,247 Tunick, Bonnie llyse 100.203 Twery, Jay M. 247 Udell, Brian Allan 193 llhle. David Edward 203 Uhle, Michael Kurt 118,213 Uhler, Terry Ann 247 Ulbert, David M. 213 Ule, Lori Lynn 94,193 Ule, Kimberly Renee 213 llllberg, Keith Alan 247 Ullberg, Daryl Scott 129,130,203 Underwood, Cheryl A. 87,100,203 Unruh, Mary Louise 30,50,66,72,247 Upin, Leonard 20,24 Urbaniak, Teresa 193 Urbaniak, Donna 213,247 Urbaniak, Elizabeth 213 Urborg, Anita M, 64,98,193 Urbaniak. Maria 213 Urboniia, Williom 108,136,138,213 Uritz, Curt Walter 213 Urkov, Pamela Beth 247 Vale, Caryn Ellen 74,203 Valenti, Mirhoel J. 54,118,247 Vander, David Ceorge 247 Vandcr, Robert L. 203 Vondcrwilt, Charolotte 93,170 Vanderkloot, James K, 36,74,75,82,87,247 Vancleavc, Ernest S. 155 Vanclcavc, Charles Van Hocyen, Linda S. 36,74,247 Van Rocvcn, Ronald P. 1.19,163,193 Vann, (iary 163 Vasilakos, Pamela E. 204 Vassilatos, Jenisc J. 101,104,193 Veis, Judith Hannah 74,213 Vein, Sharon Lynn 74,204 Veil, Lynne Judith 204 Venturi, Lawrence N. 213 Verschoore, Toni 87,193 Virag, Joseph John 247 Vishkin, Francine R. 83,204 Viteri, Martha E. 98,193 Viteri, Patricia F. 32,67,248 Vlahandreaa, George 118,248 Vocos, Sandy 193 Vogel, Norman 87,213 Vessel, Palli L. 55,248 Wade, Yvonne 204 Wagner, Craig O. 248 Wagner, Debbie A. 248 Wagner, Hollv Sue 30,213 Wagner. Jov 98,193 Wagner. Penny R. 83,213 agn ■ E. 204 S. 118 Wal, Wallach, Miehael 248 Walls, Laurie Ann 213 Waloviuh, Larrv R. 204 Waller. Diana Joan 213 Waller. Donna Jean 213 Warda, An» • 204 Warda, Jenniler A. 87,204 ari er, William 166 Warsaski, Roberl M. 51,136,138,248 Wasalskv. S. 83 Waskin, Alan Ross 193 Waskin, Lauren Ilenc 204 Walls, Slephen M. 193 Wax, Dcbra Ann 248 Weber. Marri 87 Weber. Monica E. 206 Weber. Rosemarie M. 248 Wegner. E. 204 Wegncr. G. 118 Wehrheim. Joe Paul 193 Weiehselbaum. Fred L. 248 Weidenbach. Karen A. 87.193 Weiman. Bill 74 Weinberg. Felice G. 193 Weinberg. Lauren B. 193 Weinberg. Paul David 204 Weiner. Dennis Louis 248 Weiner, Janelle G. 87.193 Weincrl. Ronald A. 124,204 inman, William A. 75.82.248 instein. Annelle C. 204 instein. David M. 204 inslein. Jeffrey S. 70.71.248 inler. Janelle 63 inlraub. Linda Ann 83.94.98 inlraub. Sue Carol 213 is. Teri Lvnn 248 isman. Janel Sue 204 isman, Paul Sluarl 87.193 isman. Susan Lynn 248 iss. Barb 248 iss. Jan Rachel 248 iss. Ronald 54.118,248 iss. Rosalie Mae 193 Weiss. Susan G. 51.213 Weiss. William 160 Weissman. Sheree Jov 213 Weitzenpelo. Slanlev 178 Weilzman. Kennelh E. 193 Weilzman. Linda Mea 65.204 Weller. Arnold S. 213 Weller. Calhlccn Ann 248 Wells. Jean Marie 85.204 Wengerski. Sleven J. 145.204 Wengerski. Thomas J. 248 We ! 213 Werner. Sleven D. 204 Welzel. Richard 169 Wexler. Scott J. 125.213 Wexler. Vieki Loren 69.85.193 Whitmore. Paul M. 139.193 Whvman. Deanna 103.165 Wilkolf, Gayle Ellen 204 Wllkoff, Vicki Lvnn 50.249 Willans. Janet Ruth 204 Willens. Jennifer 87.193 Willens. Mitchell D. 87,213 Willens. Moreen Beth 213 Willerman. Janet L. 213 s. Dougla Wil , Janel 193 Williams. Jill Anne 204 Williams. Maxine A. 83.193 Williams. Michelle S. 94.204 Wilson. Donna 193 Wilson. Nanette Noel 193 Wilson. Richard Lee 70.213 Wilson. Stuart 193 Winans. Leonard 159 Winans. Mark Stephen 145.193 Winkler. .Scon R. 82.116.117,213 Winkler, Frank 85,168 Winston, Donna Loren 249 Winston, Matthew L. 94 Winston, Elizabeth 164 Wiser, Roberl Dean 204 Wishne, Mike 204 Wishnie, Elise Beth 53.249 Wisniewski. Charles 139.193 Wisniewski. Lee J. 54 Wisse. Deborah Lvnn 87.204 Wisse. Karen Sue ' 80.249 Witt. Kurt Philip 213 Wilzel. Philip 204 Wohl. Alison Leslie 63.87,193 Wojoula, Jean 95,104,164 Wolf, David Bernard 193 Wolf. Gary Jay 136.138,213 Wolf. Lori 193 Wolf. Scott 204 Wolff. Jerold R. 249 Wolff. Judith L. 213 Wolff. Randall A. 204 Wolff. Sandra Lvnn 249 Wolin. Lori 95.193 Wollak. Judy Annette 213 Wolowiec, Cbrislophe 213 Wood. David 178 Wood. Hayward 139.172 Wood. William G. 249 Woodward. Christine 95,101,164 Wright, Jane 156 Wu, Audrey K. 50,101,249 Wu, Laura Ann 98,204 Wurl. Diane E. 100.204 Wyko. Dcidrc L. 213 Wyko. Delores 156.193 Yablon. Joel Harry 8 ' , Yale. Richard Allen Yamvakos. Marina 193 Yang. Theresa Lee 249 Yatin. Patal 193 Yep. Edmund Bill 193 Yonan. Yonan 118.204 Yen. Scott Soney 204 Yoshimura. Paul N. 213 Young. Roxanne 204 Youngblood. Tom Eli 213 Yudler. Robert Wavne 193 Yunghang. Sin 193 Yursky. George 178 Zaban. Debra C. 74.84.249 Zaban. Linda Joy 98.83.193 Za rin. Michele P. 213 Zabrin. Sleven L. 213 Zaks. Cindy 249 Zaid. Pearl 156 Zaid. Rena Elana 204 Zamel. Mindi Sue 193 Zander. Jeffrey A. 249 Zannis. Elaine,249 Zeldman. Irwin S. 74,204 Zekelman, Marc E. 204 Zelvin, Richard B. 130,213 Ziegler, Kalhy A. 67,204 Zimanskv, Sandra L. 87,98,104,193 Zimbler, Lyie E. 204 Zimbler, Marci Ann 193 Zimmerman, Susan E. 204 Zimmerman, Slephen R. 193 Zueker. Andrea Joy 58.204 Zutz. Joel Benjamin 87.204 Zwolinski. I : C. 193 ' 4 -, ' •rr For most students the yearbook appears mysteriously around he end of May. In reality, however, the ye arbook is the product of nine months of sweat and hard work. I would like to take this opportunity to express unending ratitude to the entire staff and to these dedicated individuals, without whom the book would not have been possible: Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Occasions Editor, and friend Tammy Lothan. Organizations Editor Judy Greiman, Athletics Editor Mary Krier, Athletics Editor Howard Chabner, Education Editor Paula Lashinsky, Underclass Editors Maria Levie and Shereert Cohen, Senior Editors Michele Soltan and Felicia Belon, and Art Editor Nancy Klehr. Student Photographers Mike Stein, Mark fenyderman, Rochelle Goode, and Bob Koe. I Publisher ' s Consultant Ray Gilgenbach, Inter-Collegiate Press, and Root Studios. ; Dennis Grabowski or Tils artistic opinion and cover design. Assistant Advisor Marjorie Stevens for her time and patience. Most of all Ij¥ould like to thank Advisor Mel Pirok, whose ceaseless patience and constant guidance led the way to a most en- joyable year. Marsie Hass Editor-in-Chief ■ A?3 (} ? - y r.. 7 •J ' ■fv:i 1

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