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VOLUME XXVII CO-EDITORS ALAN WINTER HARRIET VERBIN Photographer ROOT STUDIO Chicago, III. Publisher KING CO. INC. Park Ridge, I REFLECTIONS PRESENTING PRESENTING PRESENTING CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 4 SPEC ALEVEN S PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE UEJ1IW PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PR DE PR DE PRIDE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE NILES EAST IS PEOPLE - studying, meeting others, talk¬ ing, singing together, planning, working, and living each day with hope and anticipation. The people are constant¬ ly on the move - from classes and offices to games and dances; pausing to exchange ideas with friends, to check on notes and details, to look at a display, to cheer teams on to victory. The people are the builders of the school. The Loreleis Girls ' Choir. Earle Auge, director. PEOPLE 8 COMPETING 9 PLACES PLACES PLACES PLACES PLACES PLACES PLACES ARE ESSENTIAL for the people need to study, to play, to be entertained, to learn, and to express them¬ selves. Niles East has recently added new facilities to satisfy the needs of its people. The new auditorium, library, music wing, and gym all benefit the people. Though new, these additions have already become familiar in our educational pattern. Places provide the frame work and atmosphere in which our people learn. PLACES l i PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE lassam The School Crest and our Varsity Cheerleaders. PRIDE aiui»3i •UUbRK ACADEMIC ACADEMIC ACADEMIC ACADEMIC ACADEMIC ACADEMIC ACADEMIC frJM. Separate rooms for special areas of study, English, History, Arts, and Sciences, contain most of the non-fiction litera¬ ture. Large and well-equipped, these rooms allow students to study and do research in silence. The LIBRARY is a center for knowledge This year Nilehi boasts a beautiful, new library. Located in a recently added wing, the library is designed to facilitate finding materials easily and quickly. Books dealing with specific subjects such as English, History, Science, or the Arts are divided into separate rooms. A large area for fiction has also been provided in the new library. Periodical and reserved book sections are special features of the library. Individual study booths are available to any student wishing absolute privacy while doing research. Sound-proof carets built to accomodate two students are locat¬ ed in the library. Here, Sharon Natenberg studies in privacy. The new library gives Nilehi students the opportunity to study under the best possible conditions. Helene Levin looks for research material and Sharon Natenberg studies in one of the p rivate carels while Fern Ntidler studies an assignment. Fiction and biography books are shelved in the center of the library. Lower shelves make library organization easier. 21 ENGLISH concentrates on expression At all levels of English instruction close attention is given to improving pupil ability for noting detail and understanding ideas expressed in their texts. Here Harvey Rabin reads a short mystery story in class. Team teaching and the Reading Lab were put to more extensive use by the English De¬ partment this year. The idea of combining two classes for lectures from one teacher and indi¬ vidual help from the other was used much more widely than in previous years. The Reading Lab has also become an intregal part of English instruction at Niles. Students were able to use the lab during study halls to improve reading and comprehension skills. These teaching devices have enabled the English Department to better educate Nilehi students in written and spoken communication. Honors English, Journalism, Public Speaking, English Literature, and Drama were offered on all grade levels this year. Practicing writing techniques, stressed by the English Depart¬ ment. Alice Wolfe completes her weekly writing assignment as her instructor. Dr. Albright, answers a composition question from another student. 22 Team teaching has been used by several classes this year. In Junior Honors English, Miss Klaff lectures to a com¬ bined group. Later, Dr. Albright, the other half of the " team " , gives help to Cheryl Fritz, Robyn Brown, and Richard Felt. FOREIGN LANGUAGE improves communications Miss Hagemann gives help to Paula Rest in understanding and translating a lesson in her French book. Typical Russian peasant costumes are displayed by Mr. Moshak, Bev Gore, Mel Nemkov.and Steve Williams in a Russian class The Foreign Language Department recently introduced a new method of Foreign Language Instruction labled " oral aural " . This new approach first stresses speaking and then proper usage by correctgrammar, reading and writing. While oral aural is used only to Span¬ ish, it is hoped that eventually the system will be expanded. French, Spanish, Latin, Russian and German are taught. Classes utilize the language lab in conjunction with regular instruction. In the lab, students improve their pronunciation while they develop their comprehension. Through Languages, communication is possible. Through communication, world peace is possible. Richard Wolf listens attentively to the voice on the tape during an exercise in the well-equipped Language Lab. SOCIAL STUDIES manifests the evolution of ideas Two new courses, adding diversity to the department, were put in to the Social Studies curriculum this year. Non-Western Civil¬ ization and Political Science replaced the former required Freshman and Senior Social Studies courses. All students were required to take three years of Social Studies, including the new freshmah and senior courses and a year of United States History taken as juniors. Students more interested in the social sciences were able to take World History, Psychology, Family Living, or Sociology. Many courses were taught on the honors level, in addition, European History was offered under the Advanced Placement Program which gives college credit to seniors. An informal atmosphere is a feature of Family Living classes. Elaine Levinson gives a report to her classmates. Debbie Smith, Miriam Karmel, and Zaneta Feigan lead the class in a geographical study of the Far East in their Non-Western Civilization course, the revised Freshman Social Studies course. W Miss Zika smiles her approval as she passes corrected project papers back to students H. Bresnick, S. Schweet, J. Smith, K. Kabot, A. Appleman, S. Murphy, L. Redlin. Lab period in Mr. Martyn’s Chemistry class provides opportunity for practical application of lessons studied SCIENCE challenges the unknown Decapitated crayfish, deplorable smells, and dangling skeleton bones are all part of a normal day for the Nilehi science student. This year ' s science students have their choice of courses in General Science, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Biology 3,4 was taught for the first time this year. It replaced last year ' s Botany and Zoology courses. The experimental chem¬ istry course was duplicated by many other schools in the area. Two experimental biology courses were also offered. These sub¬ jects stressed laboratory work and the application of its principles. One of these biology courses emphasized histology while the other stressed biochemistry. Besides the traditional and experimental science courses, Niles included an Advanced PlacementProgramwhicharecbllegecredit courses for the more talented students in the field of science. In this way, students can begin possible careers in the world of science. 29 Mike Purcell constructs a geometrical figure in his Solid Geometry class. MATHEMATICS strives for accuracy As the stress on mathematics increased so did Nilehi ' s courses for the student. Every student was assured the proper mathema¬ tics background he would need for whatever career he might be interested in. Freshman were offered a choice of either General Math or first-year Algebra. The college bound student could take Plane Geometry and Algebra 3. Honors courses in Algebra, Plane and Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, and Math Analysis were of¬ fered for ambitious students who excelled in mathematics. Today, a knowledge in mathematics is a necessity in maintaining Amer¬ ica ' s position as a powerful and prosperous nation. BUSINESS EDUCATION teaches efficiency Karen Feder works on a typing exercise as Mr. Malone checks her speed with a stop watch. Learning how to work an electric adding machine is an important part of Clerical Practice. Here Marilyn Teinberg is practicing computing an exercise on the machine. To turn our efficient clerical workers, the Business Education Department offers a well- diversified curriculum to Nilehi students. The use of the latest equipment and simulated off¬ ice surroundings aid the teaching of the Busi¬ ness Education courses. Typing and Shorthand, useful to all students, were offered by the department this year. In addition, students wishing to go into the busi¬ ness world were able to take General Book¬ keeping, Clerical Practice, Secretarial Practice, or Business Mathematics. Through these subjects, the Business Edu¬ cation Department is keeping up with the demand for highly skilled office workers. In the busy " office " atmosphere of the Business Education De¬ partment Gail Kozlov, Barbara Frohman, Helene Eiker, and Francine Zak work in their Clerical Practice class. INDUSTRIAL ARTS stresses precision Mr. Fink checks the individual work of Electronics students Ray Pross, Steve Dory, and William Graham. The Industrial Arts department continues to teach valuable skills to the students at Niles. Each of the boys participating receives com¬ petent instruction in the skills of operating lathes, using welding tools, and using the tools needed to draft ideas for their projects on paper. Courses offered in the Industrial Arts de¬ partment include Architectural Drawing, Mechanical Drawing, Auto Mechanics, Metals Shop, Woods Shop, and Printing Shop. The experience the students receive from these courses become important assets to them in their future lives. The Industrial Arts depart¬ ment at Niles develops skilled craftsmen for the betterment of the community and the world. Examining their woodworking handicraft are Richard Narde and John Vaugh, who together built a desk. Hagio Kunio and Richard Garbo work on their modern homes in Architectural Drawing by studying presentation drawings. Diagnosing car trouble is the work of Auto Mechanics students like Rich Young, Ray Pross, and Tim Harrigan, who are receiv¬ ing help from their instructor, Mr. Test. 35 HOME ARTS emphasizes practical skills In a Clothing class, Harriet Price hems a skirt as Miss Butler helps Robin Leigh and Maria Dory learn the parts of a sewing machine. Through studies of practical courses, the Home Arts Department endeavors to give its students a good background for future careers and for home management. With this object in mind, the department added a course in Child Care for the first time this year. Other subjects in home economics offered were Foods, Cloth¬ ing, and Home Management. Girls who studied the first year of Foods or Clothing were able to continue their practical education in these courses. The Home Management class was offered with the idea of giving a sound experience in running a home. Cherry Pie Contest judge. Assistant Principal Marvin Ihne, nods his approval as he samples first placewinner Linda Stocker’s prize pie while Miss Butler looks on. 36 While Shelli Karol looks over some baby clothes,Miss Evange¬ lista shows Child Care students Terry Winoker and Bobbi Epstein the correct way to hold an infant. 37 Individual creativity is stressed in Art Lab. Juliette Bain, Margie Sarnat, and John Peterson use extra class time to work on projects keyed to their own individual interests and talents in art. ART encourages creativity 38 All those who have talent or an interest in art are offered one semester courses on each year level. The Art Department introduces its students to various techniques of shading, ink drawing, color usage, and other fascinating topics. In addition to the courses of Art and Art Lab already offered, Art History was taughtthis year for the first time. It is basically a lecture course on the art techniques of civilized man. Subjects in art help to cultivate and create interests that, in later life, may contribute to an active, commercial arts career. Mr. Carr instructs the art department ' s first class in art history. He is shown discussing the graphic art of the Medieval period. DRIVER EDUCATION increases maturity The Driver Education Department answers the question, " How to develop safe drivers " with an intense program to teach driving skills. Sophomore students participate in a three phase program beginning with six weeks of instruction in driving theory. The second phase consists of simulated driving in a stationary car, the Aetna-Drivo Trainers. Traffic situations are projected on a screen as a recording de¬ vice charts the student ' s reactions. The last phase involves fourteen hours of actual driving in a dual-control car. Nilehi ' s student driving course thus provides a complete program in safety and common sense. Bette Gustavson listens as Mr. Van Cleave teaches correct driving procedures to Judi Seigel. Mr. Dorsey reproduces road situations on a movie screen to help Betty Kling practice driving in an Aetna Drivo-Trainer. 39 Coach Larson initiates another Freshman class into the rigorous routine of calisthenics in Boys ' Physical Education. BOYS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION builds sportsmanship Revolutionary developments started togive results as President Kennedy ' s Physical Edu¬ cation program ends another year. Since the President ' s plea to the nation on the subject of making the body sound, schools have an¬ swered with revised programs stressing physical fitness and excellence. Nilehi ' s Physical Education Department has instituted a wider range of sports than ever before. Badminton, football, golf, volleyball, baseball, swimming, flickerball, tennis, track and field, bowling, and wrestling help with fitness tests, to reinforce the program. Ike Heller helps Ted Traiforos learn a basic swing on the parallel bars, while Oliver Hugo, Dennis Hoffman, and Larry Noesen look on and try to learn by demonstration. GIRLS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION develops co-ordination This year the Girls ' Physical Education De¬ partment expanded its curriculum by adding a new class, Sophomore Leaders. It is an accel¬ erated course stressing gymnastics. The subject is designed for girls who excel in athletics. Junior and Senior girls also participated in physical fitness on an experimental basis. Each girls was able to choose the sports she was most interested in. These courses included Golf, Tennis, Hockey, First-Aid, Swimming, Softball, Modern Dance, and Volleyball. Girls ' Physical Education is a mandatory course involving eight required semesters for graduation. It is designed to improve girls ' physical ability and co-ordination. Sandy Ohlson demonstrates an exercise. The class is Sophomore Leaders, an experimental course this year. Andrea Cheszek and Ellen Daar work on the horse while other members of their class practice on the other apparatus. MVIIflllEJ ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Guiding and coordinating the many activities of Student Coun¬ cil are officers Jeff Sandler (vice-president), Jeff Siegel (presi¬ dent), Cynthia Garro (treasurer), and Glee Miller (setretary). STUDENT COUNCIL Although Student Council is not a new organization, its ideals and goals are con¬ stantly changing to meet new demands. This year, Student Council succeeded in bringing the jukebox into the Student Lounge for use by all students. The crowded cafeteria problems, due to closed lunch periods, have been smoothed out by Council. In other res¬ pects, it has worked out a driving code to make it easier for students to drive to school. The school ' s government sponsored the gold- and-blue days held with the pep assemblies. The Leadership Training Conference, held at the end of the school year, was handled by the Council members. These and other accom¬ plishments of the 1962-63 student government prove that every school needs such a repre¬ sentative body to be successful in appealing to the demands of every student. Mariana Munk, foreign exchange student from Uruguay, shows Jeff Siegel and Kathy Finn (Ameri¬ can Field Service) her home " south of the border. " 44 Upholding the traditions and standards of Student Council are this year’s members, ack Row: A. Feder, D. Maki, L. Larson, B. Finn, J. Isaac, S. Weiss, K. Levitan, and S. Bernstein. Fifth Row: I. Haualand, V. Sherman, S. Siegel, S. DuBoff, W. Jones, S. Siegal, S. Corev. Fourth Row:R. Richman, S. Gordon, J. Stover, C. Carlington, B. Harrison, R. Tefka, E. Elster, C. Beck, and J. Morris. Third Row: J. Mehlman, S. Kamin, H. Verbin, V. Qershberg, and J. Potnick. Second Row: D. Welstein, S. Sal- stone, L. Jacobson, M. Munk, and J. Handelman. Front Row: K. Slotky, M. Levitan, K. Finn, and B. Finder. 45 The SSO Executive Board members Norm Glutzer (SSSH), Ken Gordon (SSD), Jean Anderson (Head Clerk), and Rich Randel (Chairman) meet daily with Mr. Spatafora to insure proper functioning of the many faceted organization. STUDENT SERVICE ORGANIZATION Since its beginning in 1952 the Student Service Organization SSO has served many functions. Its most important achievement is that of releasing faculty members from super¬ vising student behavior and placing that re¬ sponsibility into the hands of the students. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Spatafora and the guidance of the executive board, the 300 members of SSO are divided into three subsidiary groups. The largest group, SSM, keeps the noise in the halls down to a mini¬ mum and eases student congestion in the halls. ■SSSH, the forerunner of the other groups, concerns itself with the department of students in study halls. The third group, the SSD, super¬ vises the library and checks lockers. With a decade of dedicated service behind them, the members of SSO can take pride in an institu¬ tion which has been copied by schools all over the country. Handling SSO’s paper work are the period secretaries. Back Row: S. Kamin, G. Carlson, and M. Silver. Second Row: S. Friedlander, J. Mehlman. Front Row: M. Klinn and C. Best. Seeing that hall monitors perform their duties well is the task of the supervisors. Back Row: A. Winter, B Toelke, H. Zarov, M. Miller, and M. Primack. Front Row: C. Louis (head secretary), R. Mills, M. Cavanaugh, T. Weise, and P. Nemkov. The huge task of keeping the study halls running smoothly is up to the SSSH supervisors. Back Row: J. Chapnick, R. Wollack, D. Lerner, S. Goldstein, and S. Richter. Front Row; T. Kroon (head secretary), R. Gibson, A. Galen, and R. Young. Checking lockers and assisting the librarians are the SSD supervisors. Back Row: S. Bernstein, J. Sandler, R. Minors, B. Shearn, M. Newburger, J. Isel, and A. Lazar. Front Row : R. Cassman, E. Mendel, J. Mc¬ Grath, L. Mandel (head secretary), K. Gordon. 47 Keeping Mr. Spatafora informed on all the activities in the school is the task of Student Planning Board. Back Row: T. Roper and R. Randal. Third Row: I. Heller, P. Nemkov, R. Rojo, and M. Haskel. Second Row: J. Siegel (president), G. Gordon, and L. Carter. Front Row: B. Finder and F. Kite. STUDENT PLANNING BOARD Nilehi East is unique because it has both a Student Planning Board and a Public Relations Organization, known as EPIC. The function of the Planning Board is to co-ordinate the school ' s activities, such as student government, studentservices, academic clubs, sports clubs, fine arts clubs, and general activities. The Planning Board works with its sponsor, Mr. Spatafora, on current activities and future plans of these organizations. This year the Board has started a revolving fundfrom which the club treasuries can borrow money. The Board also is giving the concession stands at home basketball games to the different clubs so they can bolster their treasuries. EPIC, the Public Relations Board, publicizes events that are going to be held by any school organization. It does this by use of P.A. announcements, display cases, and bulletin board announcements. EPIC also plans the school assemblies and puts out the EPIC news which covers all activity news. Both the Stu¬ dent Planning Board and EPIC can be considered as new divi¬ sions of the Student Service Organization. EPIC, the student public relations board, has the task of publicizing various Nilehi activities to the student body. Back Row : H. Levin, S. Dribin, S. Bearak, R. Gale, S. Lewisberg, A. Pattoff, and B. Berlin. Second Row: B. Finn (chairman), C. Wells, M. Blitstein, J. Elias, and J. Newrrijeister. Front Row: L. Zolt and H. Verbin. EPIC BOARD Planning showcases is just one way Epic keeps the student body well informed on the activities in school. Changing the showcase to publicize Reflec¬ tion ' s subscription drive are Epic members Marilyn Johnson, Judi Elias, and Marlene Blitstein. 49 The burdensome task of writing copy, cutlines, and headlines, taking pictures and orders, and assembling various sections into a compact yearbook belongs to the General Staff. Back Row: R. Felt, R. Cohn, J. Feng, J. Winkel, A. Spector, and M. Ri man. Third Row: S. Rubenstein (subscriptions and copyread¬ ing), B. Reifman, C. Estrin, C. Zimmerman, E. Pildes, S. Naten- berg, S. Lewis, H. Zarov (sports). Second Row: H. Levin (aca¬ demic), F. Nadle (treasurer), M. Jacob (activities), H. Verbin (co-editor), A. Winter (editor-in-chief). Front Row: B. Hoffman (portraits), J. Kroichick (special events), and J. Harris (GAA). REFLECTIONS The year has run its course. The deadlines have been met. The copy has been written, checked, and turned in. The photo¬ graphs have been taken and carefully sorted out. The ink has dried. All these ta sks are but memories, for the finished product, the result of a year of hard labor, is in your hands. It was de¬ signed for you, the student, and to you is it dedicated. Within this publication are the indelible impressions of class leaders who will one day attain the heights of fame in society. And we will read and say: " I knew him once! Yes, once when my life was gay and simple and beautiful. That was when everything was just beginning for me. " A year has fled across the pagesofthis annual to be captured on mere paper. And those who want to get the full benefit of this log will often turn their sails on the stream of time and bask in the sun of a southern sky. This is our remembrance of things past, and none can take them from us. Our memories must be cherished and used towards the future. What better way is there to succeed than to tell the future by the past? The major element put forth in 1963 Reflections is thought. It does not end here. The reader must also use his powers of concentration to reach complete fulfilment. The mind is the chief instrument used in dissolving this book. The General Staff hopes you enjoy your 1963 Reflections, and it will become a treasured record of the past. The annual Reflections-Nilehilite banquet brings a long, pro¬ ductive year to a close. Seated at the head table are Barbara Gordon (Reflections ' 62editor), Dr.andMrs.Harris,Mr. Beranis (Reflections sponsor), Mr. Frey (Nilehilite sponsor), Dr. and Mrs. Parker, and Roberta Teitel (Nilehilite ' 62 editor). The task of compiling the Portrait Section of the yearbook is undertaken by Senior Staff members. Back Row: M. Longer, M. Silver, V. Comm, S. Lewisberg, C. Berger, P. Liebowitz, K. Kesseler, B. Kritzler. Second Row: J. Swider (editor), S. Schweit, S. Friedlander, L. Leopold, Front Row: B. Laff, D. Sachnoff, E. Goldberg, and G. Weiss. 51 Contributing time, and effort, and skill to keep the Nilehilite an award winning paper are its staff members. Back Row: B. Finder, M. Nathanson, S. Yanes, D.Wershow, and S. Mandell. Second Row: M. Blitstein, C. Citro, L. Jordan. Front Row: L Carter, S. Salstone, M. Sarnat, and L. Sherman. NILEHILITE Every other Friday afternoon at the end of 7th period the school newspaper, the Nilehilite, is distributed among the students. This year the Nilehilite has again taken a first place rating in the National Scholastic Press Association com¬ petition. The quality of the paper is kept up by the qualification that all staff members must have taken journalism. Extra co-editors have been added to the staff making it possible to attain news of better quality and greater quantity. The Nilehilite sheds light on all stu¬ dent activities, faculty news, and sports plus added novelties such as student interviews and commentaries. The paper not only informs the students, but also provides the staff with journalistic experience which will be very useful to them in future years. Coordinating the work of the Nilehilite are its editors Len Singer (Editor-in-chief), Art Rotstein (Sports), Marc Zwelling (Feature), and Fran Weinman (News editor). Editors demonstrate their sorcery on new members at the Golden Galleon Initiation-Halloweenparty. BackRowJ. Snyder, H. Nissenson, C. Bobera, and P. Rest. Front Row: L. Ferdman, Golden Galleon Guild, Nilehi ' s literary association, is dedicated to the stimulation and encouragement of creative writing. Its goals are to improve student writing and to provide an outlet of self-expression. Each spring, under the sponsorship of Miss Jean Canning, the Galleon ' s member-authors be¬ come literary critics and judge the numerous manuscripts submitted for publication. The year ' s activities are climaxed in June when Golden Galleon distributes the finished maga¬ zine to the student body. The Guilds activities, however, are not confined to the publication of the magazine. Early in the year an initiation party was held for new and associate members. Each year two one-hundred dollar scholarships are awarded to deserving seniors on the basis of literary achievement and scholastic merit. In June, Galleon members assemble for their annual end-of-the-year banquet. A. Winter, and S. Ferdman. GOLDEN GALLEON These Golden Galleon members not only write original creations, but they also read, judge, and help the literary talents of other Nilehi students. Background left to right: M. Haskell, C. Bobera, K. Schwartz, M. Sarnat, and J. Elias. Foreground: H. Nissenson, J. Snyder, and A. Winter. HOME COMING COMMITTEE The leadership needed for the vast job of planning Homecoming was handled by the Homecoming Com¬ mittee ' s chairman and Executive Board. Back Row: K. Kent, C. Solomon, J. Issac, and C. Garro. Third Row: D. Schmidt, S. Dribin, and N. Joslyn. Second Row: H. Verbin, J. Potnick, C. Carlington, R. Brown, Front Row; P. Gall is, T. Kroon (director), and B. Finder. Nilehi’s own Robyn Brown sells her balloons to an enthusiastic crowd at the Homecoming game. 54 A greatdealofworkandtimeisspend by the Se nior Board in planning each Student Union. Back Row: R. Seigel, M. Joffe, J. Albrecht, B. Silverstein, P. Monson, and T. Mauer. Third Row: J. Mise, R. Millis, J. Mehlman, H. Verbin, S. Ingersoll, T. Kroon, and K. Kent. Second Row: H. Nissenson, K. Finn, R. Ratner, C. Vodian, D. Schmidt, and K. Wells. Front Row: T. Roper (president), B. Lorr, J. Olson, and B. Finn. The Student Union Board is a group of seniors organized to promote better relations between the faculty and students and to pro¬ vide interesting activities for the students. The Board sponsors the monthly Student Unions. These dances are highlighted by popu¬ lar motion pictures, band or recorded music, and refreshments. Special events, such as the N—Club initiation held on November 3, are held at the Saturday unions. The Board also plans and organizes the annual Christmas dance. This year ' s dance, " Moonlight and Mistletoe, " was a beautiful evening climaxing the holiday festivities. Every May the present Union Board selects approximately twenty juniors to be the next year ' s members. The juniors then votefor their officers, including a president, vice-president- treasurer, secretary, and chairman of the publicity, entertainment, refreshments, and decorations committees. STUDENT UNION BOARD 5S Student Union mixers offer Hollywood movies, games, refresh¬ ments, and dancing for all students enjoyment. In recognition of their outstanding academic achieve¬ ments, these seniors were inducted into National Honor Society last spring: Back Row: L. Mandel, M. Goodman, and P. Nemkov. Third Row: R. Ahrens, R. Bloom, R. Couzin, J. Siegel, and C. Shaughnessy. Second Row: R. Weinstein, and J. Snyder. Front Row: M. Silver, B. Finder, C. Wagner. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is a national organization designed to recognize and stimu¬ late our superior students. Membership in the National Honor Society is limited to fifteen per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the junior class. Students are selected by a faculty committee on the basis of scholastic achievement, leadership ability, and extra¬ curricular activities. To be eligible, a student must be in the upper twenty per cent of his class and must have at least a " B " average. Each spring new members of the Society are initiated in a solemn ceremony. At this time, the initiates receive the traditional red roses and gold pins. These objects are symbolic of the fact that they have pledged themselves to upholding the ideals of scholar¬ ship, leadership, character, and service. National Honor Society members J. Snyder, R. Ahrens, M. Goodman, C. Shaughnessy, P. Nemkov, and L. Mandel light the candles symbolizing the light of knowledge in their induction ceremony. Preparing for when they will be teachers are the officers of Teachers of Tomorrow. Back Row: B. Atkin (treasurer), and R, Kirman (secretary). Front Row: M. Jacob (vice-president) and B. Hoffman (president). VOCATIONAL CLUBS The vocational clubs offer their members programs which enable them to learn how to use and apply the basic prinicples of their respective profession. The Future Nurses Club, Teachers of Tomorrow, and Future Secretaries give students an oppor¬ tunity to develop a better understanding of their tasks as careerwomen. The training available to students participating in the Physics and Astronomy Clubs will help future members understand the world better through research and experimenta¬ tion. Boys who are interested in ham radio projects can receive the help they need through the Radio Club. The Executive Club will prepare students for competition in the business world. All of these clubs offer programs and guidance that is extremely beneficial to students because they prepare today ' s teens in be¬ coming tomorrow ' s constructive citizens. Working with the nurse, the officers of Future Nurses learn what nursing involves. Back Row: L. Powell, D. Baumgaten. Second Row: C. Rodgers. Front Row: S. Eichhorn, L. Kaplan, J. Slaw, and L. Kellar. 57 VOCATIONAL CLUBS Leading the Astronomy Club in its discussions and explorations of the heavens are Chris Shaughnessy (vice-president) and Donald Dammann (president). Teachers of Tomorrow assist the school during an Open House by helping parents find their children’s program and then directing them around the building. Preparing for the world of business are the members and officers of Executive Club, Wayne Hanson (secretary), Craig Dartsch (president), Ross Bendel (vice-president). Ronald Dammann (president) and Dave Messner (secretary) broaden their knowledge of physics through experiments and discussions offered by the Physics Club. 7 Jackie Czernick (secretary), Elaine Levinson (vice-president), and Paula Liebowitz (president) concentrate on helping the members of the Future Secretaries Club improve their neces¬ sary office skills. Radio Club ' s members work toward their goal, FCC radio operator ' s license, with their officers. Back Row: M. Schetman (treasurer), D. Greenberg (vice-president). Front Row: J.Meyer- hoff (president) and J. Feng (secretary). Chess Club ' s officers, Julian Weiss and Barry Wolf, enjoy the battle of minds that a game of chess offers. HOBBY CLUBS One of the basic principles of the extra¬ curricular activity program is that it appeal to all students. For the more serious minded student Nilehi offers clubs to provide mental stimulation as well as recreation. International Relations Club has a program of guest speak¬ ers, foreign exchange students, and informal discussions with members to discuss inter¬ national and national problems. Chess Club members play to improve their game. This year a five man team was chosen to participate in inter-scholastic competition. The FolkMusicand Stamp Collectors Clubs are the newest clubs at Niles. Nilehi ' s debate team participated in meets with several schools and appeared on the television show Rebuttal in December. Holding up Niles ' standards in debate and speech are these officers of Masque and Gavel. Back Row: Ken Levitan, Alice Wolfe. Front Row: Fred Reiner and Marty Chalfie. 60 Joel Rubinstein, Joe Goldstein, and Murray Pearlman as offi¬ cers of Stamp and Coin Collectors Club discuss and compare the many stamp and coin collections of its members. Keeping informed on world affairs through lectures, discussions, and guest speakers arethemembersandofficersof Internation¬ al Relations Club. Ron Kirschner (president), Richard Miller (vice-president), and Joel Goldman (secretary). The Folk Music Club with Sharon Whetstone (secretary) and Lowell Shyette (president) as officers enjoys listening to music from different parts of the globe and comparing the varied yet similiar music. 61 Aeneas ' founding of Rome, Caesar ' s conquering of Gaul, and Augustus Caesar ' s expanding the empire are just a few of the topics discussed in Latin Club. Officers are Judy Eimstead (counsel) and Barbara Rosen (secretary). FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUBS To supplement their grammatical knowledge of the foreign languages offered at Niles, stu¬ dents may participate in the foreign language clubs. This extra-curricular activity enables the students to learn more about the customs and cultures of various countries. Films are shown and are often accompanied by a lecture given by a guest speaker. The spirit of Christ¬ mas, as it is celebrated in other lands, was brought to Niles through parties given by the Spanish and German Clubs. Fall and spring banquets give interested students an oppor¬ tunity to sample the foods and delicasies from other nations. Each year in the spring, Span¬ ish students are able to see for themselves things which they have learned about all year through the school sponsored trip to Mexico. Planning Christmas Party, Spring Banquet and other affairs for German Club members are Standing: Marianne Oram, Seymore Bearak and David Greenberg. Seated are Liene Venters and Gary Nevins (president). Making plans for the Christmas party of Spanish Club are Carol Chapman (president), Lesley Levin (secretary), Richard Grant (vice-president), and Karen McCarthy (treasurer). Looking over French imports are officers of French Club in background, Darlene Schmidt (treasurer), Fern Nadler (secre¬ tary), and Rhonda Kasik (vice-president). Front are Andrea Brainin (secretary) and Paula Rest (president). Supplementing their knowledge of the Russian language are the officers Lynn Epstein (secretary), Robert Couzin (vice- president) and Kenneth Seeksin (president) of Russian Club. 63 Planning many types of activities for its members are HI—Y ' S officers. Back Row: A. Semrow and B. Peterson. Second Row; J. Isaac, B. Peterson, and N. Sandstorm. Front Row: C. Ander¬ son (vice-president), and R. Randel (president). RECREATIONAL CLUBS TRI—HI—Y and HI—Y are two of Niles East ' s most active clubs. They have sponsored service projects and social functions. Affiliated with the Skokie Valley Y.M.C.A., the purposes of TRI- HI—Y and HI—Y are to prepare their members for future life and present betterment through high standards of character. HI—Y citizenship award and scholarship encourage members to live up to the highest standards. TRI—HI—Y, having just completed its twelfth year at Niles, participates in homecoming, athletics, and service works. Pen Pal Club enables students who are interested in foreign countries or a foreign language to gain much knowledge by corres¬ ponding with a student from another country. Art Council gives the creative studentachance to dabble in the many different fields and aspects of art. Making plans for TRI—HI—Y ' S service projects are Back Row: Kathy Plough (vice-president), Glee Miller (secretary), and Sally Gross (treasurer) Front Row; Jackie Miller (president). 64 Marla Berman, Steve Rosenzweig, and Pat Goodman, officers of Pen-Pal Club, have initiated a new practice at Niles by corresponding with high school students abroad. Art Council ' s meetings allow students to participate in any phase of art they are interested in. Here Brad Kaste works on an oil painting as Niles Strangenes and Mark Chaikin watch Jaclyne Frazin work with clay. Officers of the lively and active Art Council are Back Row: Sheila Dribin (treasurer) and Elaine Schuman (secretary). First Row: Lynette Zolt (president) and Robyn Brown (vice-president). 65 The Pep Club, with the help of its officers, Kathy Albrect (presi¬ dent), Sue Shuffman (vice-president), Linda Maxzon (treasurer), and Janet Wells (secretary) keeps school spirit alive and loud. SERVICE CLUBS Services to the school, the faculty, and the student body are the primary objectives of the service clubs. The Ushers Club makes certain that patrons at school functions are promptly seated. The purpose of theManagers Club is to care for the athletic equipment and build the athlete ' s moral. The Library Assistants keep the library in a neat and orderly condi¬ tion by shelving and cataloguing incoming books. The PSO allows the students and faculty to enjoy the many pictures of differentsubjects they have taken around school. The Stage¬ lighting Club is responsible for lighting the auditorium for such programs as music and drama performances. The AVA handlestechni- cal equipment such as movie and slide projectors and tape recorders. These boys set up this equipment when it is needed for classroom instruction. Films are previewed before being shown in the classes to dis¬ cover any defects. Here Les Ascher, president of AVA watches for mistakes in the film, and checks the projector. 66 Becoming acquainted with the new lighting equipment are the officers of Stage Lighting Club, Victor Kurc (vice-president), Al Semrow (secretary), and Bruce Silverstein (president). Overseeing the services of the Audio Visual Aids Club are its officers Les Ascher (president), Ron Greenberg (secretary- treasurer), and Al Semrow (vice-president). Sherry Stein (treasurer), Gayle Gordon (president), and Bobby Lutren (secretary) of Ushers Club, see that everyone is proper¬ ly seated in the auditorium at school plays. The aims of the Photographic Service Club are to train student photographers. Back Row: R. Hugo (treasurer), P. Brady (secretary). Front Row: B. Todd (president), P. Tanzer (vice-president). Library Assistants. Back Row: R. Kirman, S. Cabin, B. Diaz, C. Levinson, S. Lepoff, E. Horwitz, G. Kemp, B. Marcus, P. Barach, V. Siwek, L. Rybeck, C. Glenn. Second Row: S. Farberman, I. Gilson, S. Caplan, R. Lundsberg, G. Hoke, F. Heilbrun, K. Stein, E. Nessel. Front Row: R. Oppenheimer, S. Dribin, G. Nicholas, A. Greenberg, and S. Chaitkin. Members of the Managers Club do a fine job work¬ ing with their teams. Back Row: M. Grossman, J. Gold, A. Wentink, and T. Joseph. Third Row: M. Davis, E. Lichenstein, and H. Fine. Second Row: j. Sandler, A. Nissenson, W. Jones, A. Greenberg, B. Chapman. Front Row: F. Rubin, L. Archer, and P. Gallis. 68 DRAMATICS CLUBS Through their interest in the field of dramatics, students devote at least 100 hours of time working on productions in order to become National Thespians. Officers of the Niles branch are Mike Kassin (secretary). Shelly Mandel (treasurer), Judy Cur¬ tiss (secretary), Tin Kroon (vice-president), and Barbara Finder (president). Promoting an interest in dramatics and developing dramaticability are the Spotlighter ' s goals. Back Row: B. Waser- man, S. Skolnick, and W. Arbit. Front Row: S. Ferdman (president), A. Wright, and B. Gore. wood, N. Wihelmson. On the left side of the pool: L. Miller, J. Czernoik, S. Mandel, S. Wolters, D. Davis, S. Gordon. In front of them: K. Wells, C. Bohat. On the right side of the pool: S. Peterson, L. Wickert, B. Fisher, L. Klinke, P. Baumann, K. Wanaski, K. Hazelton. The various music organizations of Nilehi East provide entertainment at assemblies, at seasonal programs, and at community func¬ tions. Besides singing at school events, the Lorelei under the direction of Mr. Earl Auge sang for the Skokie Civic Womens Club, the Fairview PTA, and the Skokie Young Women ' s Club. The Choir performed for Nilehi East ' s PTA. The Concert Orchestra, under the direc¬ tion of Mr. Douglass, and the Concert Band, conducted by Mr. Leo Provost, joined the Choir in performances at many school assem¬ blies during the year. Several annual music programs were again given this year. In December, the music groups combined their efforts to brighten the holiday season by pre¬ senting the annual Winter Festival. The Musical in April and the May Festival rounded out a year of excellent performances given by a group of hard working students who love to entertain the school. Lorelei . On stairway, front row: C. Hazelton, H. Goldstein, S. Miller, B. Ferguson, C. Doyan, E. Traiforos, R. Mechanic, K. Engstrom, N. Joslyn, K. Kessler, C. Campbell, C. Kumlin, J. Brickman. Back Row: L. Trendler, C. Rogers, C. Johnson, K. Gustafson, E. Kramer, J. Garro, D. Kraus, H. Verbin, H. Har- MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS Choir. Back Row: V. Kramer, K. Hayes, D. Davis, D. Krauss, L. Kramer, C. Johnson, D. Grant, J. Mise, R. Banion, B. Lorr, B. Glass, D. Clauser, T. Taylor, B. Ahrens, L. Trendler, J. Garro, S. Weisman, B. Shefsky, J- Opperman, B. Sussman, B. Fisher. Third Row: L. Ballestra, K. Gustafson, A. Harmening, B. Ander¬ son, R. Skolnik, S. Capital, L. Miller, J. Isaac, P. Sereni, B. Ladehoff, T. Lund, P. Gallis, P. Scarpelli, C. Turski, G. Kettering, C. Krumsieg, C. Bobera, C. Bohat, B. Cheney, K. Kessler, J. Feil. Second Row: B. Gore, C. Kumlin, J. Kaplan, S. Peterson, L. Stone, J. Albrecht, M. Rothman, C. Jantsch, T. Maurer, M. Janson, L. Brandel, B. Dowlin, B. Goodman, S. Olson, S. Miller, A. Anthony, P. Bauman, N. Joslyn. Front Row; G. Baren, E. Traiforos, R. Kavanaugh, H. Goldstein, S. Fox, H. Verbin, S. Mapdel, M. Klinghoffer, J. Klein, D. Gibrick, A. Gerber, A. Spores, C. Campbell, S. Learner, M. Learner, R. Mechanic, L. Nelson, S Saffro, Mr. Earle Auge. Girls Glee. Back Row; L. Riggs, M. Sinkus, S. Bozin, L. Drake, R. Lee, B. Ferguson, L. Siegel, F. Anderson, R. Comer, E. Boosales, J. Mueller, S. Wolters, B. Brown. Third Row: K. Wan- naski, V. Van Ovvering, J. Meltzer, C. Casbarian, D. Schmidt, L. Greenwald, J. Green, J. Malis, S. Diel, L. Skora, L. Wichert, L. Akerlund, I. Bobren. Second Row: R. Bauer, D. Steinberg, C. Ramsay, S. Glazer, C. De Koven, L. Cole, L. Warren, L. Brandel, L. Powell, D. Huntley, L. Benjamin, M. Weinberg. Front Row: I. Gross, R. Oher, B. Beck, D. Keller, D. Stevens, E. Rubenstein, R. Tyska, M. Silton, A. Holmes. Girls Glee. Back Row: L. Grandinetti, M. Panitch, S. Schwanke, R. Roth, V. Neumann, J. Cox, G. DeCarl, K. Dreffein, M. Freeling, R. Brady. Fourth Row: J. Czerniak, S. Gordon, M. Arc now, A. Zabore, C. Widman, B. Maday, P. Cam- pana, L. Sanders, P. Herter, C. Sandrik, K. Nelson. Third Row: S. Rottnezr, K. Engstrom, E. Librj, S. Sernovitz, D. Ward, J. Kaufman, D. King, I. Krupp, G. Marshall, L. Schwegel. Second Row: C. Steiner, D. Zee, L. Weiss, E. Reese, D. Graf, R. Konrad, C. Pankev, L. Towbin, C. Doyen. Front Row: D. Johnson, K. Capettine, C. Weil, J. Zehner, L. Savitz, E. Greenberg, C. Spiegel. Concert Band. Back Row: G. Welchkd, D. Rosenthal, S. Plotkin, L. Wallach, .M. Evans, W. Draebaugh, R. Goodfriend. Third Row: R. Stern, J. Rosenzweig, D. Zeller, P. Aronich, D. Hussey, T. Knudson, C. Johnson, R. Cross, I. Frank, K. Krett. Second Row: K. Cohen, R. Noble, T. Korman, S. Beaver, S. Taylor, J. Goldstein, L. Fretzin, C. Suritz, W. Ing- strup, M. Gershberg, M. Jacob, J.Millman, C. Wood. Front Row: R. Couzin, M. Roseman, C. Chapman, R. Urman, K. Frandzel, L. Maxson, K. Haselton, M. Berger, D. Applin, L. Keller, D. Shavitz, R. Wallis. Concert Orchestra. Back Row: K. Schubert, H. Bush, S. Shapiro, S. Yanes, H. Harwood, S. Plotkin, D. Rosenthal, M. Evans, N. Siegel, J. Selig. Third Row: R. Malirz, P. Rest, J. Goldstein, S. Taylor, R. Stem, J. Rosenzweig, P. Aronica, D. Hussey, K. Kreft, L. Zivic. Second Row: C. Rogers, M. Schectman, G. Berger, B. Robins, R. Noble, R. Couzin, L. Fretzen, W. Ingstrup, M. Jacobs, L. Sonkin, A. Snedeker, F. Chaskin, D. Anderson. Front Row: G. Shapiro, R. Drozdzik, H. Doner, E. Rotkin, C. Chapman, R. Urman, K. Frandzel, L. Maxson, D. Manaugh, B. Myers, J. Leogrande, and M. Brown. Boys Glee. Back Row: W. Weber, D. Hrab, G. John¬ son, D. Skol, R. Smith, G. Polkkoff, D. Czerniak, A. Karol. Front Row: K. MacIntyre, B. Peterson, R. Lundsberg, Mr. Auge, L. Comitor, and L. Tincher. SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS ORTS Junior gymnastics team member Dale Hardt demonstrates his trampoline form which won him a 1963 State Championship before his teammates who placed second in the state. SPORTS Varsity Football Front Row; Mr. Kuehne (trainer), Bob Stein, Bob Shearn, Tony Melos, Dick Minors, John Pappandrea (captain), Ray Dean, Al Stern, Denny Gibrick, Steve Wollack, Les Ascher. Second Row : Mr. Ewing, Mr. Rooney, Bill Toehlke, Mark Newburger, Dick Sakow, Steve Winston, Sam Applebaum, Bill Richardson, Jeff Isel, Steve Bernstein, Mr. Osness, Mr. Ursky. Third Row : Bert Hall, John Ziah, Barry Perelgut, Bill Brandt, Al Lazar, Ross Bendel, Ted Kossoff, Bruce Tzinberg, £Ar. Meyer. Back Row : Al Nissenson, Bill Chapman, Cal Snyder, John Armstrong, Ed Massoff, Ted Cobun, Bob Ruttenberg, Al Manasin, Jerry Dolins, Kent Brody, Paul Gallis, Fred Rubin. VARSITY improved, but winless again This year ' s Trojan varsity football squad although improved over last year, again failed to win a game. The improvement in the team, however, was obvious from the outset of the season. In its first game the squad made a superb team effort before falling to a very strong Niles West team 7-0. This heartbreaking loss to our arch-rival was a particularly frustrating defeat for East because the team played near-flawless football in a losing effort. The following week the gridders battled a very strong Proviso East team on even terms but fell to two long touchdown runs by the Pirate ' s Leo Howard, 14-0. From this point on the fortunes of the squad took a decided turn for the worse. Injuries, drop-outs and disciplinary action weakened the team greatly, resulting in crushing losses to New Trier, Oak Park and Waukegan. With the exception of a hard fought 21-0 loss to Evanston the varsity never again approached its early season form. Prospects for next year are fairly good. Captain John Pappan¬ drea and Most Valuable Bill Richardson are graduating but this years squad was dominated by Juniors. With outstanding Juniors Dick Minors, Bert Hall and Mark Newburger being joined by a group of sophomores who should bolster the weak Trojan line, the current 16 game losing streak should end in 1962-63. Bob Shearn pulls in touchdown pass from " clansman " Dick Minors in the Highland Park game. 76 Al Stern triesfutilely to evade the grasp of an enemy linesman. Hard charging Ross Bendel heads downfield in West game. Dale Schmitzer reflects thefeelingof Nilehifansas she watches the Trojans fall to Highland Park 19-6. FOOTBALL SCORES LEAGUE STANDINGS NILES 0 Niles West 7 New Trier 6 0 NILES 0 Proviso East 13 Evanston 6 1 NILES 7 Waukegan 38 Proviso East 4 3 NILES 0 New Trier 47 Waukegan 4 3 NILES 6 Highland Park 19 Oak Park 4 3 NILES 0 Evanston 21 Highland Park 2 4 NILES 6 Oak Park 65 Morton East 1 6 NILES 6 Morton East 19 NILES 0 7 Sophomore Football Front Row; Mel Klinghoffer, Mark Gilhooley, Larry Fabian, John Davis, Ivan Sizemore, Dennis Snider, Mitch Para¬ dise, Scott Duboff, Joel Blumberg, Art Berger, Earl Lichtenstein (Manager). Second Row : Coach Collein, Coach McCarrol, Mike Stricher, Glenn Paul, Morry Saopznik, Steve Warren, Chuck Reynolds, Greg Gattuse, George Cizeutski, Barry Schoeller, Glenn Jarol, Bill Nigut, John Smart, John Gould (Manager), Coach Odlivak. Top Row : Bob Gardner, Red Shaeffer, John Gay, Harvey Rosen, Dave Ewing, Bob Bauman, Bill Douglas, Steve Weiss, Don Siegal, Tom Coleman, Neil Chertack. SOPHS display tough defense, weak offense The 1962 sophomore football squad opened the season successfully with consecutive victories over arch-rival Niles West and eventual Subur¬ ban League champion, Proviso East. This early season momentum faded quickly, however, and the sophs lost all of their remaining six games. The late season failure of the sophomore grid- ders was due, in a large part, to the loss of first string quarterback Don Seigal after the Proviso game and to the lack of a strong running attack. Theses two deficiencies caused an offensive weak¬ ness which the unusually strong sophomore de¬ fense could not offset. Back next year to try to realize the promise displayed in the Proviso game and to end Nilehi ' s sixteen game losing streak are Maury Sapoznick, Bill Nigut, Barry Scholer, Neil Chertack and this years outstanding sophomore,fullbackGlennPaul. Sophomore safety Neil Chertack breaks up a Niles West pass. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SCORES NILES 6 Niles West 0 NILES 7 Proviso East 6 NILES 6 Waukegan 25 NILES 0 New Trier 14 NILES 0 Highland Park 7 NILES 0 Evanston 28 NILES 0 Oak Park 14 NILES 0 Morton 35 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL STANDINGS Proviso East New Trier Waukegan Evanston Highland Park Oak Park Morton East NILES 5 1 1 5 2 5 2 3 3 1 3 3 1 3 4 1 5 1 1 6 78 Frosh " A " Football Top Row.- Neil Baskin, Jeff Bonner, Mike Kotliskey, Martin Garb, Randy Bills, Stuart Widman, Steve Pate, Henry Boffman, Bill Ronana. Middle Row : Coach McCarrol, Coach Haselton, Bruce Meyers, Bill Lemonds, Ken Berg, Bill Baumgartener, Al Garde, Ron Pontecore, Bill Wiser, Allan Wentik. First Row : Marshall Grossman, Rick Nitty, Jeff Korol, Jim DeGraffenreid, Paul Gustaphson, Ira Upin, John Norberg, Howard Barnett, Mark Davis FROSH find suburban league rugged The Freshman " A " squad finished the season with a 1-5-1 record while the " B " team ran up a 2-2-2 log. The Frosh need to continue to work diligently if they are to successfully compete in Suburban League play during the next four years. FROSH " B " SCORES NILES 0 Proviso East 0 NILES 14 New Trier 13 NILES 6 Waukegan 38 NILES 0 Evanston 27 NILES 6 Oak Park 6 NILES 38 Morton East 0 FROSH " A ' : SCORES NILES 0 Proviso East 0 NILES 0 New Trier 33 NILES 6 Waukegan 21 NILES 0 Highland Park 19 NILES 0 Evanston 7 NILES 7 Oak Park 37 NILES 19 Morton East 0 “V ( 80 8 14 5 2f i i l2 H 1 97 3 7 -If Frosh " B” Football Squad Top Row: Mark Fisch, Tony Gapstone, Norm Levin, Carl Meerstein, Jim Ricci, Scott Siegal, Roy Pozan, David Stein¬ berg, Jerry Berger, John Sutton, Bill Turchin. Third Row : Coach Kraft, David Channon, Paul Kay, Howard Bairn, John Harrel, Terry Hirsch, Miles Paris, Steve Ziegler, Zach Pinas, Chuck Schwartz. Coach Snider. Second Row : Jerry Paul, John Weber, Mike Gerber, Mike Linderman, Bob Schuman, Jeff Spitzer, Roger Peterson, Ben Bulbin, Rick Block, Jack Barrys, Jeff Shact. First Row : Howard Fine, Alan Brachman, Steve Allenman, Scott Schalker, Carl Brakeman, Dave Baker, Bill Mahatchek, Rich Lundsberg, Bill Shellcross, Mike Dissent. 79 HARRIERS greatest in school history Varsity Cross Country Front Row; Manager Bruce Kaplan, Mike Purcell, Larry Sachs, Norm Sandstrum, Mark Lieberman. Back Row : Chris Stahlke, Gregg Gunderson, Mike Cavanaugh, Chuck Anderson, Larry Shapiro, Ron Karzen. The 1962 edition of the Niles Township Varsity Cross Country squad was the finest in school history. Led by Nilehi’s greatest runner, Mike Purcell, who was defeated only four times in seven¬ teen dual meet appearances, the varsity turned in an 8-8-1 record. The highlight of the season and an indication of the stature reached by this years team was a 28-28 tie with defending state champ¬ ion Highland Park. Subsequent weakening of the team through drop outs, injuries and disciplinary action led to a disappointing 8th place Suburban League meet finish, but failed to dampen the gen¬ eral feeling of optimism which pervades the Nilehi Cross Country program. Prospects for next year are extremely bright as consistent performers Greg Gunderson, Mark Liebman and Norm Sand- strum return in 1963. VARSITY LEAGUE STANDINGS Evanston New Trier Oak Park Highland Park Morton East NILES Proviso East Waukegan 7 6 5 3 3 2 0 1 2 3 4 4 6 7 1 1 Mike Purcell, Nilehi’s greatest runner. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCORES NILES 23 Barrington 34 NILES 39 Palatine 18 NILES 23 Ridgewood 33 NILES 30 Niles West 25 NILES 22 Waukegan 35 NILES 41 Libertyville 22 Mundelein 26 NILES 19 Schurz 36 NILES 50 Evanston 15 12th Place, Forest City Invitational NILES 22 West Leyden 35 NILES 28 Highland Park 28 1st Place, Ridgewood Invitational NILES 28 Morton East 27 NILES 25 Deerfield 30 8th Place, Suburban i League Meet NILES 15 Grayslake 47 NILES 27 Proviso East 22 NILES 41 New Trier 20 NILES Oak Park NILES 26 Lake Forest 29 80 SOPHOMORE CROSS COUNTRY SCORES The Sophomore Cross Country squad suffered through a misleading 3-16 record in 1963. This is not a true indication of the potential of this squad, however, for the two top soph Harriers were up helping the varsity to its fine record. These two, Greg Gunderson and Chris Stahlke, along with consistent sophomore winner Ron Kaufman form the nucleus of what might have been one of the finest soph teams in the area. Minus Stahlke and Gunderson, however, the sophs experienced more than their share of troubles. As in the case of the varsity, the Sub¬ urban League meet was a disaster for the sophs, who also had to settle for eighth place. Never¬ theless, prospects for next year are excellent and the steady improvement of Nilehi Cross Country teams should continue in the near future. NILES 39 Barrington 18 NILES 44 Paletine 19 NILES 29 Ridgewood 26 NILES 36 Niles West 20 NILES 48 Waukegan 15 NILES 31 Schurz 26 NILES 47 Evanston 18 NILES 31 West Leyden 26 NILES 17 Highland Park 46 NILES 50 Maine East 15 NILES 27 Deerfield 30 8th Place, Suburban League NILES 18 Grayslake 43 NILES 47 Proviso East 18 NILES 50 New Trier 15 NILES 50 Oak Park 15 NILES 30 Lake Forest 27 Junior Mark Liebman strains toward the finish of the Bunker Hill course. SOPHS show promise Sophomore Cross Country Top Row; Dennis Bailen, Bob Cavanaugh, Jim Rubin, Ron Kaufman, Jeff Gent, Bob Blitstein. Bottom Row : Mel Nem- kov. Bob Sweetaw, Ken Van Ommering, Rick Schatz, Al Heniche. VARSITY GYMNASTICS SCORES NILES 78 1 2 Niles West 53 1 2 NILES 73 Proviso West 59 NILES 91 Palatine 41 NILES 73 Maine East 59 2nd Place Evanston Invitational NILES 81 Glenbard West 51 NILES 84 Oak Park 47 NILES 79 Rich East 53 NILES 77 1 2 York 44 1 2 NILES 69 Proviso East 63 NILES 85 New Trier 47 NILES 67 1 2 West Leyden 64 1 2 NILES 76 Waukegan 56 NILES Evanston NILES 73 Arlington 59 NILES 96 Morton East 36 NILES 78 Lane Tech 54 VARSITY LEAGUE STANDINGS Evanston Niles East Proviso East Waukegan New Trier Oak Park Morton 6 0 5 1 4 2 3 3 2 4 1 5 0 . 6 Varsity Gymnastics Top Row: Mark Kahn, Mark Kaplan, Arnie Lazaar. Middle Row: Rick Black, Mark Slotten, Dale Hardt, Leon Cooper- man. Bottom Row: Ken Gordon, Ike Heller, Coach Ricatelli, Coach Berkel. GYMNASTS second in state Arnie Lazaar executes a perfect handstand on the para¬ llel bars as Coach Riccatelli watches intently. Nilehi ' s pride and joy in 1962-63 was her outstanding gymnastics team. With but one loss in sixteen dual meets marring its record, the gymnastics team rolled to a second place in the Suburban League and Distr ict Meet, and to second place in the State Meet. Led by Seniors Ike Heller and Ken Gordon the gymnasts raced to twelve consecutive dual meet victories before losing to powerful Evanston. The squad bounced back beautifully from the Evanston loss with three con¬ secutive dual meet victories and then closed the season with its fine showing in the state meet. With Heller and Gordon the only Seniors in the varsity line-up it appears as though the Trojan gymnasts will be even better next year. Such outstanding performers as Dale Hardt, Rick Block, Mark Slotten and Arnie Lazaar, all state quali¬ fiers will return in 1963-64 to spearhead another drive for the state gymnastics championships. Sophomore Gymnastics Top Row; David Channon, Gary Reuter, Steve Lorenz, Randy Bilde, John Daws, Mike Kassin, Mr. Berkel. Front Row ; Steve Ullman, Ralph Stein, Al Gerber, Ron Rapper, Steve Wulf, Mike Harrell, Warren Seigal, Mark Lazaar SOPHS gain skills The overall excellence of the Nilehi gymnastics program was beautifully illustrated by this year ' s NILES 82 1 2 Morton East 49 1 2 NILES 62 York 70 sophomore squad which finished the season with NILES 65 Lane Tech 67 NILES 71 1 2 Proviso East 60 1 2 an excellent 10-5-1 record. The soph ' s league NILES 73 1 2 Niles West 58 1 2 NILES 52 New Trier 80 record was 3-2-1, good for fourth place. Out¬ NILES 68 Proviso West 64 NILES 69 1 2 West Leyden 62 1 2 standing all year and expected to help the varsity NILES 69 Palatine 63 NILES 66 Waukegan 66 to further honors next year were Mark Lazaar, NILES 70 Maine East 62 NILES 58 1 2 Evanston 73 1 2 Steve Wolf and Jim Pardo. NILES 75 Glenbard West 57 NILES 67 Arlington 65 NILES 90 Oak Park 42 5th Place Evanston Invitational NILES 64 Rich 68 Varsity Basketball Front Row : Manager, Dick Minors, Bob Shearn, Jeff Wulf Denny Berkson, Manager Jeff Sandler. Back Row ; Glenn Jarol, Mike Cavanaugh, Jim Grunow, Doug Kornelly, Bill Lorr, Bert Hall, Bob Ahrens, Coach Haselton. VARSITY BASKETBALL begins rebuilding The strain of defeat in the face of all out effort is mir¬ rored on the faces of Trojan Basketball players. 84 The 1962-63 Trojan basketball squad failed in 19 attempts to come up with a victory. With no experienced starter returning from last year ' s squad, no accurate outside shot and no big man to control the boards, the varsity found itself unable to cope with its very strong competition. An example of the problems faced by the hoopsters is the case of Bill Lorr. Lorr, our tallest starter at 6 ' 3 " , was inexperienced as he saw very little action last year and from his center position found himself dwarfed by the giants of the opposition. Neverthe¬ less, he managed to average over 15 points a game while doing a competent job of rebounding. Lorr’s value to the team is best illustrated by his teammates who named him most valuable player on the 1962-63 squad. Obviously, the picture for next year will improve. Lorr was the only Senior who saw much action this year as Coach Haselton began a rebuilding program which saw Juniors and Sophomores seeing extensive action. With four starters returning next year, 1963-64 should see the end of the current losing streak VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES NILES 49 Niles West 67 NILES 47 New Trier 74 NILES 51 Morton East 76 NILES 35 Evanston 59 NILES 35 Waukegan 61 NILES 49 West Leyden 55 NILES 47 Glenbard West 60 NILES 46 Elgin Larkin 55 NILES 39 Proviso East 72 NILES 51 Highland Park 79 NILES 41 Oak Park 80 NILES 34 New Trier 94 NILES 42 Morton East 70 NILES 44 Evanston 67 NILES 31 Waukegan 58 NILES 24 Proviso East. 65 NILES 50 Highland Park 67 NILES 44 Oak Park 67 NILES 58 Layden E ast 75 VARSITY LEAGUE STANDINGS New Trier 13 1 Waukegan 11 3 Proviso East 10 4 Morton East 7 7 Evanston 7 7 Oak Park 5 9 Highland Park 3 11 NILES 0 14 Bill Lorr battles for a rebound against a taller New Trier player. Sophomore Basketball Top Row : Coach Van Cleave, Barry Scholer, Glenn Solberg, Howard Romanch, Bill Nigut, Denny Lampert, Mike Prousis. Middle Row : Mike Stricher, Glen Paul Daryl Cohen, Steve Idelman, Red Shaeffer, Glen Davis. Front Row : Bob Koch (Manager), Don Siegal, Steve Williams, John Powers, Tom Coleman, Stu Lippman (Manager). A winning season for the sophomore basket¬ ball team was precluded by the fact that Coach Haselton called the three outstanding sophs, Glen Jarol, Doug Kornelly, and Denny Berkson up to the varsity. With this handicap, the squad struggled through a 4-12 season. The team appeared to be J.V.’S, SOPHS close fast SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SCORES coming into its own at the conclusion of the season, however, as it closed with two convincing victories over Highland Park and Oak Park. The Junior Varsity had much the same type of season as the sophomores. They finished the year at 3-10 and they also won their last two games. The lack of height in the Niles basketball pro¬ gram was particularly obvious on the Junior Var¬ sity as the tallest man on the squad was the man¬ ager, 6 ' 1 " Al Schaps. Junior Varsity Basketball Front Row; Mr. Henderson, Al Schaps, David Tooredman, Larry Shapiro, Kent Brody, Mark Swirsky, Gene Solomen, Tonv Melos, Larry Sachs. NILES 41 Niles West 48 NILES 33 New Trier 54 NILES 41 Morton West 45 NILES 30 Evanston 55 NILES 40 Waukegan 44 NILES 44 West Leyden 53 NILES 26 Proviso East 53 NILES 43 Highland Park 41 NILES 34 Oak Park 45 NILES 48 New Trier 39 NILES 34 Morton East 54 NILES 30 Evanston 65 NILES 30 Waukegan 53 NILES 24 Proviso East 43 NILES 63 Highland Park 46 NILES 61 Oak Park 49 J.V. BASKETBALL SCORES NILES 41 Niles West 55 NILES 32 New Trier 57 NILES 40 Morton East 56 NILES 30 Evanston 34 NILES 52 Waukegan 53 NILES 27 Proviso East 52 NILES 36 Highland Park 32 NILES 42 Oak Park 53 NILES 36 Morton East 66 NILES 30 Evanston 42 NILES 14 Waukegan 58 NILES 48 Highland Park 38 NILES 64 Oak Park 53 FROSH " A " SCORES NILES 27 Niles West 34 NILES 24 New Trier 44 NILES 23 Morton East 35 NILES 30 Evanston 35 NILES 14 Waukegan 44 NILES 24 Proviso East 28 NILES 55 Highland Park 44 NILES 39 Oak Park 45 NILES 29 Morton East 41 NILES 36 Evanston 34 NILES 16 Waukegan 43 NILES 32 Highland Park 47 NILES 33 Oak Park 44 FROSH lose and learn Frosh A. Basketball Front Row: S. Widman, S. Pate, D. Nielsen, R. Nitte. Back Row: B. Bailen, B. Baumgartner, J. Bonner, L. Larson, R. Halperin, H. Bresnik. The Frosh " A " and " B " squads met with much the same fate as their older counterparts in 1962-63, as the " A " team finished with a 2-11 record while the " B " team ran up a 4-9 log. As in the case of the freshman football teams, the frosh hoopsters must begin a concentrated pro¬ gram of hard work if they are to compete success¬ fully in .the Suburban League in the next three years. Dave Tooredman goes high to grab a rebound for the J.V. ' s in the West game. Frosh B. Basketball Front Row: Coach K. De Jonge, J. Norberg, B. Schmidt, T. Sorg, M. Friedman, D. Mayzel. Back Row: K. Berg, G. Berzil, M. Kaplan, W. Lazar, L. Miner, P. Oram, J. Gendlemen, R. Lake. FROSH " B " SCORES NILES 33 Niles West 41 NILES 30 New Trier 50 NILES 26 Morton East 24 NILES 27 Evanston 56 NILES 15 Waukegan 29 NILES 24 Proviso East 44 NILES 43 Highland Park 49 NILES 52 Oak Park 51 NILES 49 Morton East 41 NILES 36 Evanston 44 NILES 31 Waukegan 38 NILES 33 Highland Park 45 NILES 52 Oak Park 37 Varsity Wrestling Bock Row: Stu Richter, Rob Weinstein, Jeff Isel, Mark Newburger, Howie Rosenbaum, Mark Gilhooley. Front Row; Bob Heller, Marv Primack, Mike Kagan, Bruce David, Maury Sapoznick. VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES NILES 21 Niles West 7 NILES 20 Palatine 18 NILES 19 Maine East 22 NILES 24 North Chicago 22 NILES 28 R.B. 14 NILES 12 New Trier 26 NILES 22 Oak Park 20 NILES 17 Morton East 20 NILES 24 Evanston 16 NILES 0 Waukegan 34 NILES 13 Proviso East 30 NILES 40 Highland Park 8 7th Place, Waukegan Invitational SCRAPPY GRAPPLERS show winning form If an award were to be given for Nilehi ' s scrappiest squad, it would have to go to the varsity wrestling team. Injuries and drop-outs rocked this team until at the conclusion of the season only three of the twelve boys whowrestled in the first meet against West wrestled in the final District Meet. Nevertheless, the grapplers posted a very fine 9-5 overall record and a 3-4 league mark. In the District Meet in which the Trojans managed a third place, five wrestlers qualified; all return in 1963-64! With these five, Mark Newburger, Bob Heller, Howie Rosenbaum, Bob Machacek and Jeff Isel, joined by a solid sophomore squad Coach Byram can look fore¬ word to a strong 1963-64 wrestling team. Junior Varsity Wrestling Top Row; Norm Kreisman, Howie Bittman, Arnold Gelf- ann, Denny Dinelli. Bottom Row : Steve Heyman, Rus Pepoon, Harvey Hoffman, Wayne Hanson, SteveFields. VARSITY WRESTLING STANDINGS Waukegan Proviso East Evanston New Trier Morton East Niles East Oak Park Highland Park JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES NILES 31 Niles West 15 NILES 18 Palatine 34 NILES 24 Evanston 22 NILES 14 Waukegan 30 NILES 21 Proviso East 29 NILES 7 Oak Park 40 NILES 22 Morton East 21 NILES 21 New Trier 19 John Papandreo is in complete control as he easily defeats his West opponent. Senior Stu Richter struggles with West ' s Denny Dilg in the West meet. SOPHOMORE WRESTLING SCORES The sophomore wrestlers held true to the tra¬ dition of Nilehi wrestling teams as they scored eight wins in twelve dual meets in 1962-63. In league competition the soph grapplers were 5-2, good for third place. Outstanding all year were Ken Isaacson, John Smart, All Henriche and Craig Turski. With this strong group of sophomores moving up to join five district qualifiers on the varsity next year, wrestling supporters are look¬ ing forward to a return of the days when Niles was the wrestling power in the state of Illinois. The Frosh with an 8-4 record and a third place Suburban League finish gave promise of continu¬ ing the great Niles wrestling tradition. Top Row; Carl Meerstein, Barry Levine, Allan Goldstein, Mike Sawitz, Greg Spain. Second Row : Neil Baskin, Bill Ronan, Steve Gilmin, Bill Pauss, Mike Gerber, Feff Schact. Front Row-. Howard Pitrack, Norm Kreisman, Joel Levin, All Heniche, Steve Larsen. Missing: Mike Kreisman, Scott Siegal, Mike Kotliskey, Al Becker, Ira Upin, Bill Wiser, Bob Schuman. NILES 31 NILES 27 NILES 27 NILES 19 NILES 26 NILES 20 NILES 9 NILES 26 NILES 27 NILES 23 NILES 28 NILES 26 NILES 35 Niles West Palatine Maine East North Chicago New Trier Evanston Waukegan Proviso East Highland Park Oak Park Morton East New Trier R.B. Second Place, Soph Quad FRESHMAN WRESTLING SCORES Sophomore Wrestling Top Row: Jim Isaacson, Steve Fields, Scott Duboff, Al Heniche. Bottom Row : John DeGraffenreid, Dave Ewing, Henry Boffman, Steve Warren, Craig Turski. FROSH, SOPHS both third in league NILES 41 Niles West NILES 18 Palatine NILES 31 Maine East NILES 33 North Chicago NILES 38 Evanston NILES 14 Waukegan NILES 16 Proviso East NILES 28 Oak Park NILES 15 Morton East NILES 33 New Trier Third Place Frosh Quad o o Varsity Swimming Front Row; Jim Schadt, Bob Singer, Fred Streicher, Leon November, George Warnke, Stan Cichowski. Back Row; Coach Larson, Herb Zarov, Larry Wolfinsohn, John Isaac, Wayne Hutter, John Simon, Den Clauser, Coach Rusk. SWIMMERS splash to five new marks The varsity swimming squad finished the sea¬ son with a 5-9 record. This is no cause for pessi- VARSITY SWIMMING STANDINGS mism, however, for eleven of the fourteen varsity Evanston 7 0 swimmers are returning for the 1963-64 season New Trier 6 1 including four record-breakers. All in all, the Highland Park 5 2 1963 season saw Nilehi ' s swimmers establish Proviso East 4 3 five new varsity records while enroute to a sixth Oak Park 3 4 place Suburban League finish. Prospects for next Niles East 2 5 year are extremely bright as consistent perform¬ Waukegan 1 6 ers John Simon, Leon November, Stan Cichowski, Morton 0 7 and Fred Streicher along with a strong sophomore team will return to form the nucleus of what VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES should prove to be Nilehi ' s greatest swimming NILES 39 Niles West 56 team. NILES 43 Proviso West 52 NILES 22 R. B. 72 NILES 38 Maine East 56 NILES 25 Evanston 69 NILES 57 Arlington 38 NILES 50 Waukegan 45 NILES 30 Proviso East 57 NILES 14 Highland Park 80 NILES 53 East Leyden 42 NILES 35 Oak Park 60 NILES 57 Morton East 31 NILES 64 Elmwood Park 31 — wm T I • m • ■ m m m NILES 9 New Trier 86 Bruce Kaplan perfectly executes an inward dive. Ira Zarov, Lane 3, begins a winning 150 yard freestyle effort in the West meet. SOPHS take fourth in league SOPHOMORE SWIMMING SCORES NILES 44 Niles West 51 NILES 49 Proviso West 45 NILES 38 R. B. 57 NILES 43 Maine East 52 NILES 16 Evanston 79 NILES 80 Arlington 15 NILES 48 Waukegan 46 NILES 80 Proviso East 15 NILES 42 Highland Park 53 NILES 80 East Leyden 15 NILES 58 Oak Park 37 NILES 86 Morton East 9 NILES 64 Elmwood Park 31 NILES 15 New Trier 80 The 1962-63 sophomore swimming squad was one of the best in Niles history as it posted a 7 won-5 lost record in rolling to fourth place Sub¬ urban League finish. Led by Suburban League butterfly champion Marty Chalfie the soph mer¬ men reflected the brightening Niles swimming hopes as they cracked four school records. Contri¬ buting to this assault on the records books and returning next year to the varsity are Ira Zarov, Marty Chalfie, Jim Bonow, Mark Davis, and Fred Poindexter. The Freshman Squad though winning only two of eight meets was brightened by the appear— ances of two outstanding freestylers, Jamie Heller and Jim Wickert and by heir-apparent to Mr. Chalfie ' s Butterlfy crown, Mark Liebman. All three of these boys qualified in the top six in the highly competitive Suburban League meet and are expected to be fixtures in the Niles swim¬ ming program for the next four years. Frosh Swimming Bottom Row: Rich Gershenson, Al Green, Joe Jacobs, Rich Lieb¬ man, Mike Crane, Don Wickert, Barry Wolpoff, Steve Weber. Top Row : Jamie Heller, Dave Sasnick, John Weber, Mel Hoff¬ man, Paul Lazarus, Harlan Melfarb, Jay Leon, Monte Evans, Les Colker, Ed Chaulfie, Richard Janice. FRESHMEN SWIMMING SCORES Sophomore Swimming Not pictured: Ira Zarov, Mel Nemkov. Front Row : Jim Harring¬ ton, Les Melnick, Manager Alvin, Greenberg, Bill Reimer, Dick Wulf, John Cech. Back Row : Jim Bonow, Glen Jurek, Mark Davis, Bruce Kaplan, Mike Green, Fred Poindexter, Gor- NILES 38 Niles West 57 don Hoke, Marty Chalfie, Jim Lofty. NILES 41 Proviso West 54 SOPHOMORE SWIMMING STANDINGS NILES 14 Evanston 79 NILES 31 Glenbrook South 64 Evanston 7 0 NILES 49 Waukegan 46 New Trier 6 1 NILES 47 Proviso East 48 Highland Park 5 2 NILES 35 Highland Park 60 Niles East 4 3 NILES 31 Oak Park 64 Oak Park 3 4 NILES 38 Glenbrook South 57 Proviso East 2 5 NILES 55 Morton East 40 Waukegan 1 6 NILES 15 New Trier 80 Morton 0 7 Varsity Tennis Back Row: Coach Morgan, L. Lazarus, S. Green, R. Kaye, G. Sax, S. Goldfarb, Clark, Novak. Front Row: B. Rossman, B. Poindexter, Williams, L. Wolfinsohn, D. Dicks, S. Siegal NETMEN build for the future Ricky Kaye warms up for a practice session as he prepares to represent Nilehi tennis as number one singles player. With three returning lettermen and the second place sophomore 1962 Suburban League doubles champions returning from last year Coach Morgan looks for a winning 1963 season. Senior Ricky Kaye just back from a bout with mononucleosis has been particularly impressive in the early season. The sophomores though weakened by the loss of Ron Siegal to the varsity also look foreword to a successful season. Sophomore Tennis Squad First Row: Dick Wolf, Bill Goodfriend, Bill Reimer, Jimmy Jacobs, Al Klein. Top Row: Coach Winnans, Wally Lazaar, Barry Hectman, Mark Williams, Bob Lis, Norm Medoff, Glen Jarol 92 GOLF tees off to a successful season Varsity Golf Team Back Row: Mike Rothman, Bob Tipper, Chuck Anderson, Bob Ruttenberg, Lou Page, Steve Silverman, Coach Kivilleuma. Front Row: Ron Perlman, Jack Burger, Ron Rojo The 1962 Niles varsity golf team returned intact for 1963. The five members of the golf team who struggled as inexperienced newcomers through a mediocre 1962 season look for better times ahead in 1963. Seniors Jack Burger, Chuck Anderson and Lou Page along with Juniors Ron Rojo and Ron Perlman are expected to see rruch action this year. Burger was last years out¬ standing golfer and is expected to repeat in this capacity again in 1963. Number one golfer Jack Burger takes a practice swing as Bob Ruttenberg looks on. Frosh-Soph Golf Top Row: J. Massers, W. Douglas, S. Anderson, A. Shane, D. Perkins, E. Rakowsky, D. Maurizi, A. Gordon, B. Kaplan, Coach Starr. Front Row: C. Gabbey, A. Spores, D. Wolfonsohn, R. Skolnick, R. Kaplan, J. Rathman, G. Feldman 93 The early part of the 1963 baseball season was, to say the least, confusing. The varsity dropped two of their first three games but were never soundly beaten. Both defeats were one run decisions. With the return of Senior pitcher Marv Kaye the hitherto erraticTrojan pitching staff should be greatly strengthened. With Kaye and Bill Toehlke pitching consistant good baseball 1963 could see a return to the glory days of Niles baseball. Mike Cavanaugh prepares to bunt while Larry Sacks prepares for anything. BASEBALL tops spring action Varsity Baseball Top Row, Left to right: Coach Odtivak, P. Ray (Mgr.), A. Manason, M. Kaye, R. Bendel, M. Cavanaugh, B. Lis, B. Gevirtz, Coach Rusk. Third Row: T. Dadigan, K. Brody, L. Marinello, J. Armstrong, D. Messner, L. Feinerman. Second Row: B. Walner, M. Newburger, J. Wolf, B. Toelke, M. Mehl, A. Melas, A. Harris. Front Row: R. Ratner, S. Richter, F. Fishman, D. Minors. L. Sacks. B. Shearn 94 The sophomore baseball squad ended the season without a strong starting pitcher. This was reflected by two early lopsided defeats but the general feeling on the squad is that the season is still young and improvement will surely come. At the time of this writing the frosh had not yet opened their season but an exceptionally large turnout was somewhat encouraging to thefreshman coaches. Freshman " A " Squad First Row: Jim Tripp, Dave Mayzell, Lenny Klay- man, Fred Strunk, Miles Paris, Charlie Joseph- son, Richard Mayfield. Top Row: Paul Lazarus, Jim Fassino, Jeff Gendelman, Henry Boffman, Paul Oram, Steve Pate, Stuart Widman, Roger Peterson, Richard Halperin, Coach Van Cleave Frosh " B " Baseball Kneeling: Karol, Jeff; Tannebaum. Larry; Lake, Ronald; Berger, Jerry (Mgr); Lindley, Gary; Siegel, Howard; Finger, Michael. 2nd Row: Barnett, Howard; Schwartz, Mark; Struck, Jim; Mizock, Don; Davidson, Roger; Levin Joel. 3rd Row: Buzil, Garry; Bonner, Jeff; Spitzer, Jeff; Clay, Bruce; Neuman, Bob; Ricci, Steve; Henry, William (Coach) Sophomore Baseball Squad First Row: Ron Toth, Steve Potkin, Glen Balas,George Agoranis, Ken Karlson, Jim Sclesinger, Mike Silber, Peter Gobus. Middle Row: Mark Gilhooley, Joel Blumer, Stu Levin, Reed Flam¬ ming, John Geavaras, Les Olefsky, Jerry Samulson, Dick Sizemore, Ed Barnett. Top Row: Coach Yursky, Red Schaeffer, Mike Prousis, Art Silverstein, Mike Strieker, Glen Smith, Glen Paul, Harvey Rose, Steve Warren Front Row: M. Lieberman, N. Sandstrum, M. Purcell, N. Chertack, A. Galen, A. Scott. Middle Row: D. Munn, A. Sutton, P. Becker, L. Shap¬ iro, B. Gardner, D. Cohen, R. Greenberg, Coach Colleen, Coach Snyder, Coach McCarrol. Top Row: G. Gunderson, A. Roth, D. Bauck, B. Hall, B. Lorr, R. Bunion, W. Hanson, B. Scholler. CINDERMEN burn up the track The 1963 varsity track team boasts two outstanding Seniors in Bill Lorr and Mike Purcell and a host of promising underclassmen. Sophomore half miler Greg Gunderson ran an outstanding 2:04 half mile in the first outdoor meet of the year and shows promise if becoming one of the state ' s top men in this event. The sophs have four half milers capable of breaking 2:10. Sophomore pole vaulter Neil Chertack has cleared eleven feet. This year ' s track team is an interesting blend of old and new and gives indication of vast improvement in the years to come. Bill Lorr easily clears a practice jump as he prepares an assult on the six foot barrier. Soph Track Bottom Row: Left to right: Boureron, Armand Cohen, Fred Rosenfield, Richard Gershenson, Bob Blitstein, Steve Mehl, Dave Baker, Al Henich . Row 2: Dave Edelman, Paul Gustafson, Mitch Paradise, Neil Bas¬ kin, Jim Rubin, Ed Vzemak, Jeff Schact, Jay Norberg. Row 3: Rosenwald, Conklin, Don Siegel, SteveWeiss, Mel Hoffman, Paul Willner, Chuck Schwartz, Danny Nieson, Rick Nitti, Walter Snider, Ira Upin, Scott Siegal. Row 4: Karl Meerstein, Bob Erdell, Cliff Rud- nick, Ron Rabin, Doug Kornelly, Bill Nigut, Howard Romanek, Denny Bailen, Boliton, Ken Berg, Bill Baum¬ gartner, Ron Potencore, Bruce Meyer. 96 N-CLUB N-Club Top Row: B. Hall, C. Anderson, C. Stahlke, G. Gunderson, M. Kaye, S. Applebaum, L. Wolfinsohn, J. Berger, B. Ruttenburg, C. Snider, A. Manasin, W. Hutter, H. Per- Igut, J. Ziah, B. Lor. 2nd Row: R. Block, D. Gibrick, H. Rosenbaum, M. Lieberman, N. Sandstrom, M. Purcell, B. Chapman, R. Fernandez-Roho, D. Hardt, I. Heller, A. Letzkuzz, L. Sacks. 1st Row: J. Dolins, R. Karzen, M. Newburger, R. Perlman, K. Brody, A. Shapiro, A. Galen, K. Gordon, B. Tolke, A. Metis, B. Shern, D. Minors. The N Club sponsored by Mr. Pat Rooney added a new inno¬ vation to its annual N Club - Faculty game: the N— Clubbers presented a double-header featuring the N Club Juniors and the Skokie Firemen. The game was full of action and was not decided until the overtime period when the firemen won by a two point margin. Our N Club seniors met defeat at the hands of the faculty team. Proceeds from the game went to the Firemen ' s Benevolent Association and the NClubtreasury. FENCERS In its first season of organized competition our fencing team boasted two state finalists - 4th place champ Harvey Geish and 5th place winner Chuck Saritz. Coach Robert Keen was elected manager for the 1964 State Invitational Fencing Tourna¬ ment to be held at the University of Illinois. Fencing Squad Front Row: Harvey Harris, Gene Mendel, Lee Nudelman, Peter Trobe, Bill Peterson. Back Row: Mr. Keene, George Kite, Harvey Gersh, Gary Bairn, Al Wentink, Chuck Suritz Board members organize and co-ordinate all G.A.A. activities. Back Row : llene Bobren, Karen McCarthy, Gail Carl¬ son, Alexis Zabore, Linda Corter, Karen Waysdorf. Second Row : Linda Witcher, Cynthia Guerrero, Kathy Michael, Fern Nadler, Judy Jacobs. Front Row : Hilary Henner, Judy Massing. Judy Malis, Karen Johnson, Kathy Plough. Not Pictured: Linda Akerlund, Linda Grimson, Cothie Wagner. G.A.A. develops co-ordination and skill The Girls ' Athletic Association is an organization standing for the development and co-ordination of the body as well as the mind and emotions. An integral group of girls who spark and maintain friendship, G.A.A. enlightens the school day with vigorous exer¬ cise. Team sports such as volleyball, badminton, and basketball, along with individual sports like modern dance, swimming, and golf afford G.A.A. members the opportunity for self-improvement and relaxation several days after school. This year G.A.A. introduced two new sports: the inter-scholastic tennis team and the gymnastic demonstration team. G.A.A. gives two points for every hour spent after school. These points are accumulated over a period of four years, and awards are presented at an assembly each spring. At this time the govern¬ ing group of G.A.A., the G.A.A. Board, installs its new members and officers. The girls annually sponsor a service project. This year they visited Three Oaks, an old people ' s home. After-the-game mixers like the Cut-Up and the Breather, along with a mid-winter and spring playday, were also sponsored by the girls. The main event of the year was the spring Turnabout dance, Tonight at Tara. The management of G.A.A. is guided by its hard working officers: Beth Kucera (Treasurer), Marlene Weinberg (Secretary), Sue Ingersoll (Second Vice President), Sue Eichhorn (First Vice President), Nancy Johnson (President). In the swim of things are Ripplettes Debbie Aultz, Anita Vega, Lila Greaves, Carol Zimmerman, Sandy Ohlson, Linda Singer, Jan Barnet, Robyn Brown, Ginny Van Ommering, and Kathy Wells. Displaying her acrobatic ability in a walk-over is Dawn King, a member of the G.A.A. gymnastic demonstration team. Preparing to catch the foul pitch is Linda Raphael. 99 G.A.A. golfers gaze on as Miss Samson instructs Kathy Plough on the proper golf stance. G.A.A. promotes good sportsmanship Another point is scored as Joyce Kanofsky spikes the net while Sue Swartwout looks on. Reaching for the heights, Diana Jacobson, Sue Swartwout, Linda Raphael, and Kathy Grunow attempt to get the ball for their team. 100 Form, co-ordination, and grace are a few of the many qualities which modern dancers Marcia Paul, Judy Kadison, Andrea Chesek, Shelly Saffro, and Barbara Weinstein show in their composition. At the induction ceremony last spring, Mrs. Turpin presented major letters to Kathy Plough, Judy Massing, Cathie Wagner, and Nancy Johnson. Kathy Michael, Christine Citro, and Marlene Weinberg comfort some of the old people at Three Oaks old people ' s home during the annual service project. In a tedious game of badminton, Joyce Kanofsky reaches for the birdie as Kathy Plough gets ready to serve the ball over the net. —e Cynthia Guerrero, in the release of the ball, shows perfect bowling form. The magical moments of " April in Athens " unfold as Dave Hussey, Candy Steadman, Tina Kroon, Joe Fran¬ cisco, and Elayne Levinson receive bids and favors from Miss Ray. Dancing the night away at the Turnabout are Jan Selig and Walter Ingstrup . . . 103 Demonstrating their meticulous form are Varsity Cheerleaders Kathy Finn, Dale Schmitzer, Lynn Kaselow, Donna Veto, Janet Olson, Linda Schoenberg, Bonnie Lerman, and Cynthia Garro. CHEERLEADERS spark enthusiasm The freshmen, sophomore, and varsity cheerleaders are known throughout the entire school as excellent examples of good sports¬ manship and school spirit. Always prepared to cheer the teams on to victory, the varsity cheerleaders are lead by senior captains Kathy Finn and Janet Olson. Practicing three days a week after school is difficult work but must be accomplished to obtain the goal they are striving for. The cheerleading sponsors, Miss Ray and Mrs. Drake, demand perfect attendance of these hard working girls. While cheering in rain and cold weather, the cheerleaders feel even more inspired to help the team with hearty yells and bursts of joy. Always feeling that their first loyalty is to the team, they have much school spirit and promote it to a great extent. All enthusiastic girls who have athletic ability, good sportsmanship, and are good representatives of Niles are invited to compete for these limited positions at a cheerleading clinic which is con¬ ducted each spring. All aglow with enthusiasm for our team are the Var¬ sity Cheerleaders. Back Row ; Janet Olson, Bonnie Lerman, Cynthia Garro, and Linda Schoenberg. Front Row; Dale Schmitzer, Lynn Kaselow, Kathy Finn, and Donna Veto. Jumping with joy for our team are Sophomore Cheer¬ leaders Sandy Ohlson, Ann Harmening, Barb Cheney, and Janis Kamps. Getting ready for a cheer are Sophomore Cheeer- leaders Sandy Ohlson, Ann Harmening, Barb Cheney, Diane Hoffman, and Janis Kamps. 105 SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL mm SPECIAL HOMECOMING - a glimpse of the old and the new 108 Amid much excitement, carefully assembled floats are lined up and judged. A fireman helps Phil Monson make the necessary repairs on the senior classfloatwhich later won first prize. Candy! Popcorn! Cokes! are familiar cries echoing across the stands of the stadium. To celebrate its twenty-sixth Homecoming Festival, the Trojans took a " Highland Fling " . This year ' s Homecoming theme accented the annual float parade and the traditional Homecoming Dance. To begin a wonderful weekend, a twilight pep rally was held on October 12 to commemorate the football game with Highland Park on October 13. As the sun peeped over the roof of the Old Orchard Theatre Saturday morning, hoards of people were seen busily applying the finishing touches to their creations. A long line of beautiful floats, ranging from decorated cars to elaborate trailer floats, awaited the judges ' decision. Among the winners were the Junior and Senior Cabinet floats and the Cheerleaders ' float. At nine o ' clock the procession left the theatre parking lot and started on a route which took them through Skokie and back to school in time for the afternoon game. Although losing this hard- fought battle, the team and its unconquerable spirit will be re¬ membered for many years to come. year ' s Homecoming game against Highland Park. 109 The traditional Homecoming Dance marked the highspot of that memorable weekend. The evening began at eight thirty as Alumni and students danced to mood music supplied by the Bel-Tones. The gathering was treated to an evening enhanced in old Scottish style, as the gymnasium became a medieval castle, complete with a red carpet and plaid kilted heralds. CROWNING of queen and court highlights evening The Homecoming Queen for 1962, Joan Kempton, and her escort, Ray Berens, ascend the stage as she is about to relin¬ quish her throne to the Homecoming Queen for 1963, Tina Kroon. LIGHT, SOUND and MAKE-UP lead to Much of the fun of producing a Broadway production results from the many backstage tasks. Having just moved into a new auditorium, Nilehi ' s lighing and sound crews busied themselves with the task of developing the proper techniques for the auditorium-christening production of ' You can ' t Take It With You. " The lighting and sound crews of advisor Mr. George Fink were long at work when Miss Virginia Stemp completed the casting principals in the play. Once the tasks of casting, lighting and sound were completed, the entire cast and production staff settled down to six weeks of rehearsing. Were it not for the efforts of the make-up, property and costume crews, the production would not have been the smashing success it was! Bruce Silverstein handles the confusing job of switching on the proper stage lights at the master board. Behind the scenes there is much activity as the stage crew rehearse their cues. " Not in the eye " , shrieks Perry Tasky as Nancy Rhodes applies make-up. 113 " He ' s cute, " chuckles Sue Robinson to Bob Greenberg os Elise Bloom, Karen Slotky, and Perry Tasky look on in amazement. . . . a sparkling " YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU Almost everyone wishes he were someone else, but the members of the Sycamore family were happy the way they were. Essie had been dancing and making candy for eight years. Mr. DePinna and Paul Sycamore had been writing DePinna and Paul Sycamore had been making firecrackers for some time. Mrs. Sycamore had been writing plays for seven years because a typewriter was once delivered to her by mistake. Ed had been playing the xylophone and printing greeting cards. Grandpa attended commence¬ ments and played darts. All did as they pleased without a worry-all except Alice, the only sensible member of the family, and the Kirbys, the exact opposites of the Sycamores. Their son, Tony, like Alice, was an exception, as he was the only ration¬ al member of his family. His engagement to Alice and the reformation of his father provided the plot for the wonderful comedy by Kaufman and Hart, " You Can ' t Take It With You. " 1 1 Grandpa (Mike Kassin) gives the tax collector (Jeff Provus) a hard time when he refuses to pay his income tax many years overdue. NOTES of seasonal cheer resound throughout nilehi Nilehi is alive with the melodies of seasonal music as Mr. Provost, the orchestra, and the choir perform at the Christmas Music Festival. With the presence of winter ' s joyous holiday season came the beautiful music of Niles ' ambitious music department. Under the leadership of Mr. Earl Auge and Mr. Leo Provost, voices of the Glee Club Choir, and Loreli blended with NiJes ' student orchestra to produce numerous Christmas, Hanukah, and winter melodies. Selections from Sunday afternoon ' s concert were repeated at an all school assembly so all students could have a chance to enjoy one of Niles ' outstanding achievements. The choir was also asked to carol in the Old Orchard Shopping Center that Friday night. It can truly be said that the music department added to the joyous mood and gay spirit of the 1962 holiday season. The choir nervously waits for last minute instructions before their performance in the winter music festival. Jackie Miller, Jim Albright, Bob Ahrens, and Sue Furster re¬ flect for a moment on the past year ' s happy memories. " MOONLIGHT climax the holiday season Niles ' students decked themselves with bright airs and happy faces at this year ' s annual Christ¬ mas Dance. Sprigs of mis tletoe and soft romantic moonlight transformed the girls ' gymnasium into a winter wonderland. The dance, sponsored by the Student Union Board, was highlighted by the entrance of St. Nicholas himself, more commonly known to the students as Mr. Earl Auge. Students danced by the light of a full, pale yellow moon and the popular melodies of Jack Emery ' s orchestra. All who attended the dance will long have beautiful memories of a night of " Moonlight and Mistletoe. " Jan Olsen and Ted Roper pause to enjoy an old-fashioned cup of " Christmas Cheer " . and MISTLETOE” 117 TINKERBELL casts her magic sparkle... " Not bad, " observes Mr. Disney (Jerry Paul) as he sizes up his animated characters, Jill Lamport, Maureen Paul,Jeri Hoffman, Carol Bacino, Helene Harwood and Danna Hirsch. Reflections Revelries of 1963 proudly presented " Fact and Fancy, " a delightful romp through the four happy kingdoms of Disneyland. Twenty-two colorful acts depicting the fantasy and realism of the magic land ranged from a chorus line of pretty Tomorrowland girls, to a clever song and dance number by several animated Disney favor¬ ites from Fantasyland, to a solo Indian ritual dance from Frontiersland, to an exciting hunter-leopard dance twosome from Adventureland. A gay parade of tourists and an old-fashioned band started the evening off on a lively note. To highlight the show, introducing every act was a special narrated tableau and a slide of an actual attraction from Disneyland. The evening ended on a note of warmth with the appearance of Tinkerbell herself, wishing everyone a magical goodnight. A band of roving minstrels, Linda Wolcott, Sue Sernovitz and Donna Orbach, brings the colorful music of the old South to Nilehr. The German Marching Band and a varied group of Disneyland citizens offset the excitement and fun of the 1963 Reflections Revelries Talent Show. Chuck Solomon glances anxiously at his watch as Harriet Verbin, Judy Mehlman, Bobbi Lutren, Sue Berberick, Sandy Friedlander, Janice Potnick, and Karen Slotky cry, " You ' re late! " Actors Mike Klug and Chuck Solomon lay vil¬ lainous plans before a statue of Sleepy Hollow ' s famous headless horseman. I l SLEEPY HOLLOW” is setting of the 1962 musical show " Mr. Crane of Sleepy Hollow " , the first complete musical to be presented at Nilehi, was a delight¬ ful comedy about a tall, slender, but lovable dancing teacher who invaded an all-girl school. Ike Crane, played by Les Silverman and John Isaac, found himself in love with the school music teacher, in a hot feud with the r ival physical education teacher, and in trouble with the Dean of Sleepy Hollow, the girls ' school. The cast, crews, orchestra, and chorus owe their outstanding per¬ formances to the able direction of Mr. Earle Auge, music, and Miss Virginia Stemp, drama. " Mr. Crane of Sleepy Hollow " was not without its romantic moments. One of them is captured here by cast members Bruce Goodman, Jeff Siegel, Jerri-Rae Hook and Sue Peterson. SCHEHERAZADE” bids farewell to 1962 " What a handy statue! " cry Jack Sullivan and Kathy Stockmar to Barbara Frohman, Fred Samson, Nancy Link, and Bill Richardson. 122 Richard Young, Ann Coffoll, Mike Tansey, and Helen Hoffer all agree that sparkling fountains and Arabian castles are an important part of " Scheherazade, " the 1962 Arabian style prom. Prom King and Queen (Marilyn Maypole and Ken de Graffenreid) stand regally amongst their court (Diane Schoen¬ berg, Stuart Marshall, Sharon Greenberg, Rodger Rojo, Richard Feldman, Jill Schwartz, Jay Bradigan, and Diane Stevens,) all elected by fellow students. Lingering longest, perhaps, in the hearts and minds of the graduates of 1962 will be that wonderful night, the night of the 1962 Junior-Senior Prom, " Scheherazade " . June 3, 1962 symbolized many things. For some, on the Junior Cabinet Planning Board, it marked a year of preparation and anticipation of that final day. For others it was a long awaited occasion for dancing and celebrating; but it was for the seniors that June 3, 1962 was really important, for it marked the end of their high school years and the beginning of a new type of life. " Scheherazade " was the magic word that transformed the gym¬ nasium into the wonderful land of the Arabian Nights, a land of genies, magic carpets, and scented perfume. From 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. couples enjoyed the splendor of that enchanting land as they danced to the music of Stan Bellack ' s Band. The climax of the evening occurred as Marilyn Maypole and Ken de Graffen¬ reid were pronounced King and Queen. Although couples were not charmed by the eerie melodies of snake charmers ' flutes, they did dance to the music of Stan Bellack ' s Band. Ufl55t5 CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES Class of ' 63 members give their all as they strain against the junior class team in East’s traditional Homecoming Pep Rally Junior- Senior Match. CLASSES The jump from grammar to secondary school is a large one. The freshman faces ideas and concepts that are totally new to him. For the first few weeks of school, even the daily schedule and the locations of various rooms may prove problems to the fresh¬ man, but gradually, he adjusts to the trends of high school. Freshman Cabinet, an organization composed of elected representatives and alternates from each homeroom, unifies and strengthens the newly-joined class. Cabinet ' s constitution is patterned after that of the United States, even to the extent that officers are elected within the Cabinet itself. The President, Vice-President, Secretary andTreasurerpresideover meetings held alternate Fridays of each month. Having successfully conducted a sweater sales campaign, Freshman Cabinet came once again to the limelight with their booth at the all-school Car¬ nival " Panic 63. " Already the representatives are making plans for next year. Freshmen Cabinet. Back Row : Ruth Gould, Gary Bain, Gary Baril, Michael Gerber, Ava Brody. Second Row: Robert Sweetow, Renee Porter, Paulette Heche, Lisa Schats. First Row: Vivian Sherman, Corelie Doyen, Norman Kreisman, Donna Zee, Judi March. FRESHMAN CABINET directs class activities Wayne Abramson Geraldine Ahonen Dave Ahrendt Steve Alleman Bob Arcus Esther Arenson Gregory Arenson Joseph Arkin Gary Bairn Howard Bain Dave Baker Penny Barach Cynthia Basile Marilyn Basile Neil Baskin Dennis Bass Allen Becker Cindi Becker Harlan Becker Shelly Becker Jerry Berger Michelle Berger Dave Bergeron Faith Berk Michael Alpern Neal Anstadt Bonnie Antman Arlene Appelman Michele Aronow Marlene Babetch Susan Baigelman Dennis Bailen Barbara Baren Howard Barnett Jan Barnett Bob Barys Rita Bauer William Baumgartner Stefani Bay Ellen Beaver Tobey Benas Marlene Bennett Judith Benson Ken Berg Rhona Berkowitz Ellen Bernat Al Bernstein Randy Bills 126 Rivian Bilton Donna Blacker Susan Blaine Robert Blitstein Robert Block Allan Bobren Randee Boldenstein Ben Bolotin Kathleen Brady Bonnie Braiman Carl Brakman Barbara Bravi Ava Brody Donna Brown Gary Brown Karen Brown Henry Buch Paul Buchstein Karen Budnick Diane Burdeen Sheldon Caplan Mary Carroll Alan Casbarian Arden Century Joan Chojnowski Sharon Citron John Clauson Bruce Clay Allen Cohn Wesley Colker Charles Conklin Bambi Cooper Gavin da Rosa Ella David Mark Davis Debby Day Mike Dissen Rosemary Divita Shelley Dobkin Marlene Dolitsky Natalie Dudnick Helen Duffin Vicki Dunn Linda Dusz Vic Elias Roy Elkes Bob Elliott Sharyn Elvey Joel Block Merry Bloch Philip Block Richard Block Jeff Bonner Joyce Bookshester Terri Boyer Allan Brachman Esther Brenner Howard Bresnik Gayle Bridge Benito Brod Linda Brown Michael Bryan Cynthia Bryant Sharon Brzny Garry Buzil Marcia Calkins Pat Campana Kathy Capettini Edward Chalfie David Channon Barbara Chemers Jim Cheney Ron Coconate Armand Cohen David Cohen Lee Cohen Michael Crane Kathy Crunow Gail Czerwinski Steve Dadigan Luana Day Carmen De la Huerga Hollis S. Denn Susan Dine Arlene Dolnick Helyn Doner Rozlynn Dort Helen Dragon Ruth Edelman Robert Edwards Gerri Ehrenberg Donna Eisenberg Richard Engen Karen Engstrom Maxine Epstein Monte Evans Richard Ewert Jim Fassino Anita Fechter Zaneta Feigen Marsha Felzer Bonnie erber Barb Ferguson Patricia Ferri Jessica Feit Joel Feldman Mike Feldman Jeff Feltman Ronald Edwin Ferris Mary Fian Howard Fine Maxine Fine 127 128 Michael Finger Donald Fink Sharon Finley Mark Fisch Jaclyne Frazin Mark Friedman Robert Friedman Carol Fryde Darlene Ganas Tony Gapostione Marty Garb Stacie Geller Paula Gerowitz Vickie Gillio Jerry Gilman Steve Gilman Eileen Glutzer Barbara Goldberg Fran Goldberg Ronald Goldberg Don Goldstein Barbara Goldstein Howard Goldstein Sharon Goodman Susan Gordon Carol Gore Gayle Gore Douglas Gough Gail Green Barry Goldwater Joanne Green Sharon Green Linda Greenwald Patrick Griffin Iris Gross Marshall Grossman Andy Gutter Richard Halperin Jay Hammerman Paula Hamilton Richard Harrer Harvey Harris Jean Harris Julie Harris Paulette Heche Barry Heckman James Heller Al Henich Tammy Hill Sandra Hirsch Terryl Hirsch Linda Hite Donna Hofstetter Anita Holmes Ira Holzman Toni Horrigan Richard Fisher Barbara Forman Joann Frank Steven Franks Maurene Fuenfer Dawn Gaffen Iris Gagerman Jim Gallai Joyce Gerarge Michael Gerber Michael Gershberg Richard Gershenzon Ian Gilson Karyn Gitlis Lisa Gittelson Cari Glenn Roz Goldberg Susan Goldberg Barbara Goldman Mark Goldman Alan Gordon Carol Gordon Joe Gordon Joel Gordon Mark Gould Ruth Gould Joyce Grafman Mary Graifman Chuck Greenberg Judi Greenberg Sheryl Greenberg Alan Greene Sharon Grossman Flora Gryn Bill Grist Paul Gustofson Joie Handelman Susan HarastanV William Harms Jon Harrell Lynne Harrison Marlene Kascle Carolyn Haselton Inger Haualand Judi Henkin Anita Herman David Herman Nancy Herskovitz Marcia Hock Carole Hoffman Melvin Hoffman Rea Hoffman Steve Horwitz James Howard Daniel Hrab Deborah Huntley " Come on, let ' s hear from the Class of ’66! " shouts Dr. Keith Kavanaugh, as he leads the new freshman class in its first cheer. Fred Huss Diane Israel James Jacob James Jacobs Diana Jacobson David Jaet Richard Janis Stuart Jenkins Kathy Jones Charles Josephson Karen Kabot Steve Kadish Karen Kammier Mike Kane Laurel Kanlan Marc Kanne Miriam Karmel Jeff Karol Karen Kass Marshall Katz Karyn Kay Paul Kay Marsha Kearney Linda Keep Lenny Klayman Alan Klein Larry Klein Brenda Koenig Rose Kovarsky Patricia Kovas Arnold Kover Sandra Kray Jill Kulwin Ronna Kurtz Allen Kutchins Larry Jagrin Jeffrey Jacobs Joel Jacobs Diana Jacobson Marcia Jacobson Diana Johnson Greg Johnson Janet Johnson Karen Johnson Donette Kadow Richard Kadrzywsko Jacqueline Kalins Janis Kalmanson Bonita Kaplan Bruce Kaplan Marc Kaplan Richard Kaplan Susie Katz Janis Kaufman Micki Kaufman Ruth Kaufman Myra Kellman Gloria Kemp Ronald Kesselman Dawn King Kenneth Koehler Marcia Koff Bonita-Rae Kopakin Mike Kotlisky Joel Kreger Mike Kreisman Norman Kreisman Fred Krisch Shari Lachman Ronald Lake Gary Lampert Peter Lanners ✓ 129 Paul Larsen Steve Larsen Larry Larson Martin Lash Madalyn Lebow John LeComte Larry Ledgerwood Ruth Lee Steve Leon Norman Leopold Davida Levin Joel Levin Judy Levine Marcia Levine Roger LeVine Marcia Levitan Sheila Lieberman Richard Liebman Stuart Lighton Cary Lind Michelle London Donald Lubowich Alan Ludmer Richard Lundsberg Roger McCarthy Barbara Maday Ross Manna Peggy Marc Sue Marx Richard Mayfield Susan May Mark Mayer Harvey Melamed Iris Meltzer Judy Meltzer Susan Mermelstein Sheryl Miller Dale Mills Larry Miner Rita Mishkin Tom Lassin Mark Lazar Wally Lazar Louis Lazare Susan Lee Jan Leifer Bill LeMonds Jay Leon Norm Levin Barry Levine Darryl Levine Harold Levine Ann Levy Barbara Levy Donna Ann Lewis Jeff Lewis Gary Lindley Niles Lipin Adrien Lome David London Wendie Lutren Lee Macaluso Will Machacek Keith MacIntyre Judy March Barbara Marcus Richard Marshall Thomas Martish Dave Mayzel Norman Medoff Karl Meerstein Susie Mehlman Diane Merritt Bruce Meyer Bobbi Meyers Mark Meyers Donald Mizock Susan Murphy Roger Moore Ronald Masoff Freshman Cabinet member Robert Sweetow is the barker as Renee Porter thoughtfully composes a comic " Panic-Gram " the feature of the Class of ' 66 booth at the all-school carnival. Freshmen Cabinet ' s first project is the planning and construction of the class ' s float for the Homecoming Parade. The product is shown here as it turns off the main parade route at Niles Avenue and Oakton Street. Ronna Multack Susan Myerson Elaine Nachman John Nastos Vera Neumann Daniel Nielsen Bill Nielsen Linda Nilsson Lee Nudelman Barry Offenbach Tony O ' Martin Paul Oram Larry Pardo Miles Paris Steve Pate Iris Paul Karen Perelgut Frances Perlman Toni Pestine Roger Peterson Zachary Pinas Howard Pitrack Bonnie Pogodin Lisa Polakoff Renee Porter Herchel Portman Herv Potish Roy Pozan Ronald Rabin Bruce Radzin Stephanie Randall Ronald Rapper Dan Reinwald Phyllis Remenik Chris Rerras Renee Reynolds Lynne Rockowitz Henry Bofman William Ronan James Rosen Kay Nastos Ken Nelson Linda Nelson Bob Neuman Henry Niman Darlene Nineberg Richard Nitti Karen Nixon Robert O ' Roark Laurie Osser Greg Ostrom Orland Pallman Jerome Paul Bill Pauss Debby Pearlman David Pepper Allen Petts Robert Phillips Kenny Pierini Anna Pietkowski Steve Polen Richard Polster Ronald Pontecore Ronald Poppenhagen John Proft Bruce Rabin Gregory Rabin Harvey Rabin Sue Rasnick James Rathmann Lori Redlin Jay Reese Steven Ricci Sheri Rice Paula Richardson Amy Robinson Marion Rosen Elyse Rosenberg Toby Rosenberg Harriet Rosenbloom 131 132 Fred Rosenfield Shelli Rosenthal Michael Rosenwald Helene Rotfeld Cliff Rudnick Martin Ruckin Dennis J. Ryan Linda Ryback Jack Sastrim Michael Savitz Jeffrey Schacht Scott Schaller Chuck Scher Lee I. Schltsinger Diane Schmidt Robert Schmidt Marjorie Schrier Kenneth Schubert John Schultz Wendy Schuman Marc Schwartz Mark Schwarz Sherry Schweet Barry Segal Caroline Shaffer Gayle Shain Richard Shallcross Ellen Shapera Karen Sherman Vivian Sherman Sandra Shiffman Owen Shirwo Howard Siegal Robert Siegal Scott Siegal Joanne Siegman Victoria Siwek Linda Sizemore Pat Skerven David Skol Jeffrey Smith Richard Smith Sue Ellen Smith Adele Snedeker Anice Sonheim Linda Sonkin Tom Sorg Greg Spain Paula Stein Renee Stein Dale Steinberg Sharyn Steinberg Ricky Roth Sally Rottner Michael Rovell Diane Rowe George Rygielski Gayle Saletra Jane Salomon Dave Sasenick Lisa Schatz Sue Schatzman Janis Schectman Melvin Schechtman Michael Schneider Walter Schneider Myra Schneiderman Pat Schoepko Carol Schwander Chuck Schwartz Ellen Schwartz Joseph Schwartz Joel Segal Warren Seigel Verner Senger Allan Seruya Betty Sue Shapiro Marlene Shapiro Michael Sher Iris Sherman Nancy Shonkwiler Micki Shor Joyce Shulman Robert Shuman Lili Sieberstein Vicki Silver Jill Simon Sheila Singer Linda Skolnik Robert Skolnik Jay Slutzky Debbie Smith Gail Solberg Howard Solomon Mark Solomon Sheryl Solomon Carol Spiegel Jeff Spitzer Jean Stadelmann Lynn Stein Paul Stender Paula Stern Debby Stevens Linda Stevens Thomas Stluka Steven Stolerow Jim Struck Kay Strull John Sutton Susan Swartwout Robert Sweetow Diane Swenson Audrie Tax Wendy Teichman Terry Terchin Mike Tickes Jim Tripp Peter Trobe Craig Troesch Fotenil Tselekis Kitty Wanaski Darina Ward Kathleen Ware Linda Warren Warren Weber Cheri Weil Alan Weiner Barbara Weiner Fred Weissman Arlene Weisz Craig Weitzman John Welchman Don Wichert Stuart Widman Roger Wieska Nancy Wilhelmson Anita Wolff Barry Wolpoff Kenneth M. Wood Ira Upin James Varallo Anita Vega Peter Vihon Saul Vriker Steve Ziegler Steven Zindell Fern Zucker Stan Bedows Linda Strumph Fred Strunk Edward Sucherman Alan Sutton Marcia Swider Michele Tannen Deidre Tannenbaum Larry Tannebaum John Tiffin Mark Tobin Sheldon Tomlinson Nancy Tonelli Gary Turk Joanne Wagner Ruth Waldfogel Stephen Walsh Collett Watts Karen Waysdorf John Weber Steven Weber David Weiner Judy Weisman Sandy Weiss Allen Weissman Dale Wells Diane Wells Betty Wenger Allan Wentink Marie Williams Bill Wiser Linda Witcher Mike Witkov David Urman Ed Uzemack Steven Van Ken VanOmmering Rosalyn Yagoda Bonnie Yelner Lonne Young Dinna Zee Dennis Cornin Daniel Clouser Coralie Doyen Carolyn Friend Ellyce Bittman Susan Ekstrom Kathleen Gueruro Paul Lazarus Robert Reed Martin Scharaga Ira Buch Janice Enzweig Jim Gumbiner James Lebrun Robert Saey Daniel Carabine Sherwin Epstein Zachary Harris Michael Linderman Martin Sharaga John Clark Robert Erdell Joel Helman Dennis Maki Susan Schuffman John Clouson Laurel Fishman Paul Ingersoll Harlan Malfar Michael Shaevitz NOT PICTURED Loren Comitor Carolyn Friend Varda Karkomi Roger Malitz Charles Silverman Dennis Com in Jeffrey Gale Charles Karp Susan Mannheimer Jack Sostrin Roger Davidson Sheryl Geman Martin Katz Steven Mehl Robert Steinhardt Jim Degraffenreid Jeff Gendelman David Kite John Norberg Lawrence Tagrin Tom Diamond Coralie Doyen Katherine Grunow Mitchell Klein Carl Lawrenz Susan Pestine Wilma Pestine Saul Preker Larry Tincher Joel Trauger John Weichmann Elissa Zweig 133 The sophomore, the upper-lower classman, at last an untaunted-identify, can now tease the little " Freshies " just as he was once teased and kidded. Along with this new maturity comes the sophomore ' s realization that he must participate in his class ' s government. Through the Sophomore Cabinet, he works to unify and strengthen his class. As in all school cabinet groups, one representa¬ tive and one alternate-representative are elected from each homeroom. It is the responsibility of the homeroom representative to attend the weekly Tues¬ day afternoon meetings, and then repeat items of interest to his homeroom. Nilehi ' s Sophomore Cabinet commenced a suc¬ cessful year in October with Homecoming. Their float, embodying the theme of this year ' s event " A Highland Fling, " was a major attraction of the parade. In addition, the Sophomore Cabinet booth at the all-school carnival " Panic 63 " was a great success. The funds raised by the " Bean-throwing booth " will go toward class projects. Sophomore Cabinet. Back Row: Mike Goodman, Joseph Feng, Marty Chalfie, Ken Seeskin, Ed Cabot, Leon Manelis, Jerry Meyerhoff. Third Row : Robin Richman, Linda Elkins, Ellen Door, Liene Venters, Ellen Bush, Michelle Flicht, Barbara Harrison. Second Row: Joanne Wolman, Ronnis Oher, Donna Spagat, Ralph Stern, Steve Wolf, Dan Greeneberg. First Row : Carol Zimmerman, Linda Rosen (Secretary), Francis Kite (President), Marcia Paul (Treasurer), Janice Sachs, Mark Kaplan. SOPHOMORE CLASS Gizella Aboav Wendy Abrams David Adams George Agoranos Douglas Anderson Franceen Anderson Steve Anderson Wayne Anderson Renee Babetch Barbara Babis Roger Baer Howard Bairn Burt Barnow Lawrence Baron Dean Barringer Robert Baumann Henry Belicove Maris Bell Mark Bell Linda Belue Marilyn Berger Richi Berke Ed Berkson Jo Ann Berman Linda Akerlund Kathleen Albrecht Marlene Alpert David Andalman Diane Applin Bonnie Arndt Barbara Atkin Louis Avon Glenn Balas Claudia Balkin Andie Barbera Bruce Barnett Darlene Baumgarten liene Becker Linda Becker Steve Becker Linda Benjamin Mary Ann Benjamin Arthur Berger Corwyn Berger Meryl Bernstein Stanley Bernstein Fran Biss Wendy Blackman politicians gain experience Akm mm lAlC U 4k 1H ill kitdt. ?■. ,f 4t Si $ JL?. ® Don Bloom Kurt Bloom Joel Blumberg Freddie Blumenfeld Maureen Boren John Botner Jum Boukas Helene Boyer Helene Susan Bricker Michelle Brody Robert Brookens Barb Brown Ellen Bush Faye Bushier Ed Cabot Susan Capitel Carol Casbarian Marianne Catellier John Cech Stuart Chaitkin Andrea Cheszek Keith Chrastza James Christerson George Ciszewski Marcia Cohen Sherry Cohen Sue Cohen Robert Cohn Adriane Covitt Lois Cowen Roger Cross Judy Curtis Dolores Dahm George Daily Suzanne DaValle Leon Davidson Sendee Davis Geraldine DeCarl Claudia Dekoven Helane Diamond Howard Dorfman Donna Doruff William Dowlin Barry Dragon Dennis Dubrow Alice Dudnick Linda Dulkin Robert Dwarkin Linda Elkins Jim Esia David Ewing Bob Ezra Sharon Farberman Alvin Feder Karen Feder Glenn Feldman Jacquelyn Blustein llene Bobren Bonnie Bolnick James Bonow Sherry Boyer Andrea Brainin Lynn Brandel Larry Brenner Jill Brown Mary Beth Brown Robert Brummett Glen Buehlman Linda Capisito Sue Carlson Howard Carren Diana Carter Martin Chalfie Barbara Cheney Dale Cherner Neil Chertack Leslie Ann Clothier Ann Coppell Darryl Cohen Eileen Cohen Ron Cohn Thomas Coleman Cheryl Cooper Caryn Corman Deanna Czerniak Donald Czerniak Ellen Daar Stephan Dahlquist Bob Davies Glenn Davis John Davis Mark Alvin Davis Bertica Diaz Shirlee Diesterheft Janis Dolgin Dan Donile Bill Drawbaugh Judy Drell Julie Drinkwine Scott DuBoff Jim Ebbert David Edelman Phyllis Edelman Ellen Eisenberg Larry Fabian Bernard Farber Linda Farber Sandra Farber Marsha Feldman Paula Feldman Iris Feldner Joseph Feng 135 Karyn Feinstein Sherry Ferdman Eva Field Steve Field Michelle Flicht Paula Fogelstrom Donna Frank Ira Frnak Betty Friedman Farrel Friedman Harriet Friedman Lynda Friedman Linda Gale Gordon Galowich Richard Garbo Bob Gardiner Barbara Geltner Kaye Geman Jeff Gent Alan Gerber Peg Gillie Edqard Ginger Robert Girosch Lorel Glassner John Gold Steve Gold Mark Goldberg Joel Goldman Wayne Goodman Wilma Goodman Lynn Gordon Dorthea Grap Alvin Greenberg David Greenberg Michael Greene Dan Greeneberg Cynthia Guerrero Greg Gunderson Karen Gustafson Sandy Gustin Ann Harmening James Harrington Synthis Harris Barbara Harrison Dan Heeres Fred Heilbrun Mark Henner Donna Herwitt Diane Hoffman Gordon Hoke Ellen Holland Barbara Horvitz Judy Jacobs Leslie Jacobson Geri Janis Mary Janisch Don Fisher Larry Ficks Reid Flammang Kathy Fleck Linda Frank Suzy Freedman Barb Friedman Bette Friedman Joel Frishman Karl Gabbey Sheldon Gaffen Steven Gail Gregg Gattuso John Gay John Gay John Geavaras Mari Gersh Rita Gilbert Steven Gilbert Mark Gilhooley Sherry Glazer Howard Glenzer Pete Gobos Ellen Godemann Joe Goldstein Robert Goodfriend Michael Goodman Pat Goodman James Graham Linda Grandinetti Linda Grant Lila Greaves Steve Greenwald Rich Gregory Linda Grimson Steven Grubman Sue Hagerty Kunio Hagio Arthur Haller Paul Harman Peter Hartleb Stephan Haksin Roz Hass Kay Hayes Allyson Herzog Sheila Hibbard Cindy Hill Lynn Hoffberg Henry Horwitz Mary Ann Hrejsa John Hulburt Kenneth Isaacson Bob Jannusch Michael Janson Glenn Jarol Larry Jeffries P C? Jp 0 136 Craig Johnson Nancy Johnson Susan Johnson Diane Johnstone Judy Kadison Danny Kahn Carol Kaiserman Marsha Kalfen Judith Kaplan Laurie Kaplan Linda Kaplan Mark Kaplan Mike Kassin Debby Katz Jeffrey Katz Larry Katz Lynne Kellar Barbara Keller Renee Kessel Bertha Kim Jefferey Klein Laura Klein Paul Klein Maureen Kleinman Janeen Koe Robert Koch Raya Konrad Thomas Korman Joel Koval Judi Krammer Roberta Krasner Jary Kraus Pat La Bolle Dennis Lamport Jeff Lange Julie Lannutti Donna Leff Maureen Leifer Jeanette Leogrande Marc Leon Charfes Joseph James Julius Dan Jungwirth Glen Jurek Janis Kamps Eunice Kantor Bruce Kaplan Gary Kaplan Rosalyn Kaplan Seymour Karlin Arthur Karol Michael Karp Ron Kaufman Richard Kavitt Susan Kearney Bob Kelin Francie Kite Sherwin Kite Lynne Kivilouma Judi Klehr Nick Klickovich Melvin Klinghoffer Maurice Knaizer Tim Knudsen Doug Kornelly Barbara Korta Linda Kossof Sandi Kost Jeffrey Kray Keith Kreft Dale Kreis Isabel Krupp Kris Larson Lynne Laskin Herb Lawrence Joan Lefevre Sidelle Lepoff Albert Letzkus Bill Levin Dale Levin 137 SOPHOMORE EFFORTS result in a fine float 138 Lorin Levin Stewart Levin Vicki Levin Barry Levine Stephan Levy Bobbi Lewin Alan Lewis Earl Lichtenstein Marsha Lipke Stewart Lipman Jeff Lippert Robert Liss Marcia Lome Rick Lowy Paula Lubeznik Mary Luther David Mann Fred Manna Carol Mantell Sue Marks Dennis Maurizi Thomas McClellan Amy Medintz Jerry Meinhardt Richard Meyers Vince Micari Kathy Michael Jim Michonski Al Mills Sandy Minkus Daryl Moir Lin da Moir Cheryl Mueller Jerin Mueller Warren Muskatt Bruce Myers Linda Nelson Linda Nelson Melvin Nemkov Scott Ness Marilyn Nieder Bill Nigut Jean Nix Ellen Noesen Joe Ocrant Susan Oehlberg Ronnis Oher Sandy Ohlson Bill Owca Norrene Pannitch Carla Pankey Mitchell Paradise Carol Levinson Kenneth Levitan Gale Levy Myrna Levy Iris Liebenstein Linda Lifton Wayne Limpinsel Steve Lipawsky Steven M. Lissner Shirley Lodal Dennis Loeser Donald Lofty Robert Mackacek Judy Malis Mark Mailer Leon Manelis Georgeann Marshall Ronald Mason Joseph Massey Eileen Marta Leslie Melnick Steve Messner Burton Meyer Jerry Meyerhoff Andrea Migdow Judye Miller Mary Miller Jay Millman Lois Monhardt Jean Morgan Mike Moran Mark Mosoff David Myers Fern Nadler Linda Naftulin Harrese Nelson Edward Nessel Sharon Neubauer Janis Neumeister Phil Nidetz Jack Nortman Denise Notarius Karen Novelli Mike Null Les Olefsky Donna Orbach Paul Orlov Lorraine Ostapowicz Sandra Pardo James Passin Annette Patoff Glenn Paul Using a play on words, the sophomore cabinet turned the Homecoming theme, " A Highland Fling, " to " A Highland Sling. " A Giant player lies in the sling ready to be shot out of sight by the husky Trojan warriors. Marcia Paul Murry Pearlman Helen Powell Ken Powell Gale Pulliam Robert Pederson Judy Penn Duane Perkins Fred Poindexter James Poklop Michael Pollack Allen Ponto Nancy Racine Ed Rakowski Linda Raphael Dale Rasmussen Gary Reuter Chuck Reynolds Nancy Rhodes Douglas Richardson Charlene Rivard Rick Rivkin Muriel Roberts Martin Robin Harold Rosen Linda Rosen Peggy Rosenbaum Audrey Rosenfield Ed Rothschild Rodney Rothstein Vera Rothstein Gilbert Rotkin Linda Powell John Powers Harold Primack Morton Prytikin Linda Pernitz William Peterson Louis Petts Sandra Phillips Bob Potenzo Mary Potter Andrea Powell Arnold Rabin Gil Ravelette Evelyn Reese William Reimer Grant Resterhouse Robin Richman Janet Riffkind Leslie Riggs Mary Ellen Riotto Sam Robbins Jackie Robinson Harvey Rose Barbara Rosen Steve Rosenzweig Gary Ross Mitch Rosten Ronald Roth Carole Rowe Jim Rubin Phil Rubin Steven Rubin 139 Eileen Rubenstein Cindy Rubinstein Joel Rubenstein Jean Rudnit Danny Safron Sande Salstone Bonnie Salzman Linnea Sanders Fred Saxonberg John Scharf Stuart Schaller Janet Schafer Sharon Schneider Barry Schoeller Howard Schumir Phyllis Schuldiner Susan Schwanke Leone Schwegel Glen Seedorf Sherry Segal Charlyn Shachtman Ronald Shaffer Robert Shamberg Alan Shane Donna Shavitz Bonnie Shefsky Harold Shefsky Shiela Sherer Mark Siegal Ron Siegal Sharon Siegal Sandy Siemson Nadine Simon Naomi Simon Ronald Simon Pamela Simons Madeline Smith Paul Smith Shari Smith Patricia Smyth Joan Sonn Bari Sorosky Donna Spagat Allan Spector Candy Steadman Pam Steffens Kenneth Stein Bob Steinberg Steve Stern Paula Stiber Susan Stiff Linda Stocker Steven Rukin Ken Russel Robert Ruttenberg Janice Sacks Diane San Fillipo Jean Santner Maurice Sapoznik Lenore Savitz Richard Schatz Bob Schiewe Marcy Schnable Barbara Schneider Allen Schultz Bonnie Schultz Thomas Schuttler Nancy Schwartz Glenn Seiden Faith Seidman Renee Sells Sue Sernovitz Gail Shapira Linda Shapiro Paul Shapiro Susan Shapiro Lowell Sherman Bob Ship Don Siegal Linda Siegal Michael Silber Marilyn Silton Arthur Silverstein Gary Simon Linda Singer Ivan Sizemore John Smart Glenn Smith Mike Snider Jane Sola Glen Solberg Paul Solomon Andrea Sperling Andrew Spores Chris Stahlke Maxine Stam Diane Steinberg Carol Steiner Dale Steinert Ralph Stern Bette Story Janice Stover Mike Strieker Richard Stunkel Barb Superfine Bonnie Sussman Kathy Svedlund Stanley Szarnych James Thorsen Allen Titlebaum Cheryl Todd LeRoy Trillanes Sandra Vedder Liene Venters Bruce Ventura Ron Vidoch Richard Wallis Gerry Walter Stephen Warren Bronna Wasserman Stuart Weiner Barbara Weinstein Cheri Lynn Weinstein Michael Weinstein Lynn Weiss Steve Weiss Steven Z. Weiss Steven Weiss Linda Wichert Steven Williams Paul Willner Neil Winstead Richard Wolf Steve Wolf Myra Wolff Richard Wolff Merle Young Joan Youngblood Alexis Zabore Monica Zaidman Carol Zimmerman Louis Zivic Bonnie Zutman Jane Caile Craig Takehara Caren Tankus Joan Tanner Phyllis Tetelbaum Helene Trubankoff Cheryl Turner Craig Turski Byron Varnon Sharyn Von Oppen Marlene Wacfler Lance Wallach Ann Waller Michael Watson Carolyne Waxberg Janet Waxman Robert Webb Anita Weintraub Sheila Weisman Ronald Weisner Julian Weiss Donna Welstein Merle West Rebecca Wexler Sharon Whetstone Howard Wish Linda Wolcott Barry Wolf Linda Wolf David Wolfins’ohn Jo Anne Wolman Susan Wolters Amelia Wright Iris Zamonsky Ira Zarov Janis Zehner Dave Zeller Jeff Crosi Wayne Edfors Danny Kammier Judie Lawler Bob Mahe Kenneth Posner Julie Rachelson NOT PICTURED Judith Adam Edward Barnett Seymour Bearak Rita Becker Stanley Bell Dennis Berkson David Burdeen Robert Cavanaugh Mark Cohen William Douglas Ira Epstein Lynn Epstein Iona Evans Ruth Gelfand Jeffrey Goris Michael Gors Eileen Greenberg Steven Idelman Rick Ivaz Elayne Kaltman Kenneth Karlson Gary Katler Sherry Kavin Steven Kramer Donald Lazaar Edward Liss Robert Maki Dean Marines Nadine Miller Joe Oroark Susan Phillips Michael Prousis Cheryl Ramsay Rexene Rasmussen Gregory Rich Howard Romanek Judy Rosen Stephen Rosenthal Harriet Sachsel Jerry Samelson Philip Saunders Jim Schlesinger Stephen Schlesinger Kenneth Seeskin Bernard Settler Arnold Siegel Lonnie Skora Melody Soell Meyer Sokol Carolyn Stauffer Arthur Strand Madeline Touff Richard Trapper Bonnie Wilensky Samuel Yanes Junior Cabinet. Back Row: Jay Adair, Brad Ellison, Dave Boyer, Harold Kaplan, Kent Brody, Mark Newburger, Ron¬ ald Karzen. Third Row: Melody Heche, Vicki Kramer, Cathy Bobera, Ronald Perlman, Phyllis Berlin, Carol Chapman, Nancy Joslyn. Second Row: Steve Silverman, Irene Silverman, Jean Anderson, Diane Ehrensaft, Janice Vedder, Robyn Brown, Mayra Kay. First Row: Betty Levin, Barbara Fisher (Secretary), Ron Rojo (President), Arlene Sager (Vice-President), Al Nissison (Treasurer), Marilyn Beiln, Arnold Lazer. Absent: Alyse Allentuck. CLASS CABINET directs active juniors Sid Abelski Garry Alhalel Alyse Allentuck Betty Anderson Sam Applebaum Wendy Arbit John Armstrong Philip Aronica Jerry Baren Cherie Barile Vicki Barr Judy Barringer Gordon Anderson Jean Anderson Kathy Anderson Marc Anderson Marc Aronin Sue Bair Ron Banion Betty Ann Baniff Bab Battaglia Deedee Baum Richard Baum Barbara Beck Charlene Beck Pat Becker Philip Becker Marilyn Beilin Phyllis Berlin Steve Berman Jerry Bernstein Leila Beskin Larry Blacker Linda Blessing Rick Block Linda Bloom Nancy Borchers Len Borden Betty Borenstein Donna Bottum Linda Benjamin James Bennett Barry Berger Bonnie Berlin Cathey Billion Rich Bilson Pat Bird Jacob Bitran Sheila Bloom Catherine Bobera Michael Bohm Eileen Boosales Barbara Boukas David Boyer Sofie Bozin Pat Brady 142 When the student reaches his junior year, he begins to think seriously about the years after high school. Will he attend college, or, will he find employment? In an effort to aid the student in formulating his future plans, Nilehi has created two basic types of student conferences. In one, the student speaks to representatives from business and industry, while in the other, the student speaks to representatives from various colleges and universities. By June of the junior year, the student has normally decided whether or not he will attend college. The junior, however, is still very concerned with his high school education, and particularly with the activities of his class. By his election to Junior Cabinet, the student may participate in his class ' s government. One representative and one alternate-representative from each homeroom are elected to this governing body. Throughout the school year, Junior Cabinet is active planning and exciting numerous projects. Early in the year, Cabinet built a float for this year ' s Homecoming " A Highland Fling. " In February, Cabinet had a booth at the all-school carnival " Panic 63. " A highlight in the life of the Junior is the Prom sponsored by Junior Cabinet. To raise money for this year ' s affair, Cabinet con¬ tracted the Smothers Brothers to perform at Nilehi on February 1 1. The famed twosome entertained a large audience with folksongs and a humor common to no other entertainers. Mary Ann Brahos Tom Brantby Gary Braslawsky Judi Brickman Penny Brown Robyn Brown Marilynn Bublick Suzi Burns Terry Camacho Betty Cantor Carol Cordis Corrie Carlington Carol Chapman Bill Chapman Linda Chez Stanley Cichowski Larry Cohen Mitchell Cohen Ron Cohen Sandra Cohen Sue Corey Dominick Corona Judy Cox Bobbie Crafton Diane Davis Martin Denis Dave Derex Daryl Deutchmin Steve Dory Karen Dreffin Sheila Dribin Pat Drucker Phyllis Eisen Sandra Eisenberg Susan Ekstrom Michael Elbaum Linda Brin Kent Brody Bruce Brown Mark Brown Lisa Butman Sherry Cabin Anne Cahn John Caile Mary Carnall Ron Cassman Mark Chaitkin Bobbie Chaskin Do.uglas’Cla ke Donald Clauser Roberta Cohan Beryl Cohen Linda Cole Roberta Comer Stuart Cooper Leon Cooperman Joel Crohn Michael Crowe Tom Dadigan Bruce David Dennis Dicks Shirlee Diel Jerry Dolins Ira Douchin Lewis Edelson Brenda Egiel Diane Ehrensaft Judith Eimstad Alan Elkin Al Elliott Brad Ellison Eileen Elster 143 144 Marsho Engerman Leni Epslein Ron Erickson Howard Erlich Jan Feil Lyle Feinerman Ava Feldman Helen Feldman Ronald Fernandez-Rojo Ronnie Fields Herb Filerman Lee Fingeret Pam Fishman Barbara Fogel Dennis Forman Karen Frandzel Kay Fulkowski Sluart Galesburg Paul Gallis Harold Ganz Steven Gerber liana Gerstein Robert Gervirtz Dennis Gibrick Renee Goland Pam Goldberg Sandra Goldberg Stan Goldfarb Harriet Goldstein Sandra Goldstein Myra Golob Koreene Goodfriend Richard Grant Richard Green Jerry Greenberg Joel Greenberg Bill Gular Carole Gullon Bette Gustavson Berton Hall Michele Harrison Kathy Haselton Melvin Haskell Steve Hayman Cindy Helt Leslie Henkel Lynn Herling Lois Herman Ronald Hoffberg Denny Hoffman Harvey Hoffman Jan Hotter Wayne Hutter Mike Huwaldt Jeff Hyman Jeff Isel Jerry Ernst Carol Estrin Karyn Evens Scott Feero Ted Feldman Richard Felt Janis Ferber Louise Ferdman Barb Fisher Marcia Fisher Steve Fisher Fred Fishman Richard Franklin Mary Ellen Freeling Vicki Friedman Cheryl Fritz Cynthia Garro Judy Garro Larry Gavlin Ron Geni Darlene Ginsberg Alan Gitlis Rita Gittelson Bob Glass Kenneth Goldman Ron Goldsmith Allan Goldstein Dave Goldstein Barbara Goodman Bruce Goodman Mike Gors Helen Graifman Rhonda Gross Steven Gross Sandra Grossman William Grunow Marianne Hansen Dale Hardt Alan Harris Janet Harris Melody Heche David Heeres Renee Hefter Robert Heller Lorrie Herman Pat Herter Aileen Hirsh Ken Hite Judy Holzwarth Charles Horn Mark Horne Bob Horvitz Merle Jacob Bonnie Jacobs Marc Jacobs Paul Jacobs Ron Jacobs Renee Jacover Pam Jaffe Larry Jarmy Wesley Jones Nancy Joslyn Harvey Kaluzna Paulette Kalver Vickie Karkomi Ronald Karzen Lynn Kaselow Rhonda Kasik Carolanne Kennedy Geroge Kite Suzanne Kite Barry Klayman Robin Kole Jack Kolstedt Linda Konitz Barbara Koppelmeir Elizabeth Kramer Vivki Kramer Denis Kraus Dianne Krauss Richard Kujawa John Laing Sandi Lamm Jack Lander Bonnie Lerman Alex Lerner Betty Levin Helen Levin Barry Lev insky Ellen Levinson Mary Levitan Fred Levy James Lindstrom Karen Londa Marlene Long Elaine Lubeck Joe Malick Al Manasin Miles Mandl Lynn Marcus Robin Marzen Avis Mash Carole Massof Linda Maxson Mike Mehl Lynn Mehrholz Tony Melas Dale Melcher Janice Michael Sharon Middaugh Sherry Mikel Hollis Miller Al Jenner Janet Johnson Marilyn Johnson Darryl Jonas Sam Kandel Mark Kann Joyce Kanofsky Harold Kaplan Rhonda Kaufman Rita Kavanaugh Myra Kay Ellen Keer Betty Kling Linda Klinke John Kluge Andrea Koehler Barry Korogodsky Ted Kossof Mary Jane Kovarsky Sherry Kovin Robert Kravitz Michael Kreloff Elizabeth Kucera John Krum Howie Lasky Arnold Lazar Larry Lazarus Lauren Leifer Lesley Levin Ed LeVine Leonard Levine Stuart Levine Rochelle Lewis Moritz Lewkowicz Mark Leiberman Robert Lieberman Paula Lubor Corrine Lubin John Luther Ronald Luzzo Lane Marinello Dean Marines Kathleen Markert Hettye Marwil Bonnie Mazer Jack McGrath David McQueen Roberta Mechanic Eugene Mendel David Messner Stewart Metzger Marlene Meyer Lauren Miller Lynn Miller Lynnette Miller Ron Miller 145 JUNIOR CABINET The talented Smothers Brothers entertain a capacity crowd in the auditorium February 11, Sponsored by the Junior Cabinet, their appearance adds over 1500 dollars to the Prom Fund. Sue Miller Misty Millward Michael Mindel Paula Miner Richard Nagai Mark Nahin Sharon Natenberg Felicia Nathan Mark Newburger Janice Newman Gerri Nicholas Hope Nicholas George Olkiewicz Alan O ' Martin Jeannette Opperman Mary Ann Oram Richard Oscarson Walter Ostapowicz Lynn Pauly Jerry Paris Larry Pierini Kathryn Plough Sylvia Poders Fredell Pogodin Betty Pritchard Jeffrey Provus Pat Quirk Lee Ann Rammon Barb Reifman Jack Reitberger Paula Rest John Rettberg Richard Minors Bette Modetz Joanne Morris Frank Mueller Maxine Nathanson Fred Nelson Karen Nelson Kathy Neuman Allen Nissenson Rita Noesen Art Novak Leon November Margie O ' Reilly Linda Oren Dean Ortman Lee Osborn Steven Pearson Ron Perlman John Peterson Sue Peterson David Posmantier Mike Povlo Nancy Praeger Harriet Price Larry Rand Claudia Ream Norma Ream Jane Reed Ed Rhodes Jeffrey Richardson Gae Richman Morry Rizman brings Smothers Brothers to east Susan Robinson Carol Rogers Scott Rome Judith Rosee Saresta Rosenberg Harvey Rosenbloom David Rosental Larry Rosenthal Lee Rothstein Eileen Rotkin Fred Rubin Rose Lynn Rubin Susan Rusch Bob Ruttenberg Geraldine Sacomano Lawrence Sacks Ruth Salomon Eugene Saltzberg Reysa Samuels Jeff Sandler John Schacht Alan Schaps Ntanshelle Schatz Gloria Schechtman Roger Scott Janet Selig Steve Seltzer Judy Semb ' ach Terry Shapiro Ellyn Shepard Murray Sherman Robert Shuter Irene Silverman Steve Silverman Harvey Silverstone Marc Simmons Linder Skerven Jock Skinder Robin Skolnick Steven Skolnik Sherry Smith Cal SnydeV Gene Solomon Peter Spear Ken Stann Sandra Starkoph Aviva Stearns Judi Stein Mike Stiegel Bonnie Stone Lynn Stone Ellen Strauss Howard Rosenbaum Allan Rosenberg Barbara Rosenberg Mel Rosenberg Barry Rosnick Stanley Rossman Fran Roth Mike Rothman Diane Ruby Sheldon Rudd Lee Ruderman Evan Rumack Shelly Saftro Arlene Sager Les Salberg Judy Saletra Carol Sandrik Norman Sandstrom Nick Saviano Paul Scarpelli Mary Schlau Anita Schnitzer Linda Schoenberg Phillip Shoenwolf Alan Semrow Dawn Shafer Helen Shafer Larry Shapiro Lowell Shyette Susan Siegal Norman Siegel Howard Silver John Simon Bob Singer Sherry Singer Jill Sippil Barry Slade Jane Slaw Marc Slotten Arnold Slutsky Valerie Spiegel Stewart Spies Bruce Spivack Nils Stangenes Len Steinborn Louis Stephens Martin Stern John Stewart Fred Streicher Joel Stronberg Richard Suckow Ina Summer 147 JUNIOR The moon is full and the weather is perfect for the huge 1962 Homecoming Eve Pep Rally. Playing the Highland Park " villains " in the rally ' s skit are juniors Eileen Boosales, Allyson Herzog, Arlene Sager, Corrie Carlington, Kitty Wanaski, and Judy Garro. Diane Swanson Elyse Swider Gordon Swidler Mark Swirsky Ruth Szuchmacher Chris Tademo-Wielandt Tim Tansey Paul Tanzar Perry Tasky Sue Ellen Taylor Tim Taylor Joan Teister Claudia Ten Eicken Ronette Ten Eicken Ruth Tefka Robert Tepper Lyndo Thomas David Tooredman Edward Trob Roberta Tyska Bruce Tzinberg Roberta Uldelson Anne Urbanovitch Bob Urman Tom Van Deusen Virginia Van Ommering Janice Vedder Donna Veto Mark Wainer Irwin Wallach Steven Wallach Bob Wainer Judy Ward George Warnke Wayne Wasserman Connie Weichmann Harold Weil Marlene Weinberg Sheldon Weiner Joel Weinstein Herb Weisberg Joy Weiss Rick Weiss Ronnie Weiss Sandy Weiss Mark Weitzman Janet Wells Judy White Sue Whisler Warren Wiczer Cheryl Widman Jeff Winkel Michael Witzel David Wolf Jeffrey Wolf Joel Wolf Terry Winoker Steve Winston Glen Winter James Withall Roger Wolf Roland Wolf Sandy Wolf Sue Wolf LEADERSHIP fills vacuum when seniors leave Justine Wolff Martin Wolfinsohn Arnold Wollman Carl Wood John Ziah Roger Ziff Rosalie Zissman Lynette Zolt Marc Zwelling NOT PICTURED Jay Adair Bruce Ackerman Richard Ascherl Gayle Baren Ronald Becker Phillip Baum Leslie Berman Steven Bernstein George Blanco Dennis Boettge Judith Burgess Robert Cavanaugh Peter Chagares Thomas Choate Alan Crafton Michael DelDotto William Dessent Ronald Drozdzik Marilyn Finkl Mel Fisher Leonard Fretzin Morris Friedman Leslie Garland Charles Goldstein Spencer Greene Robert Herbster Lonny Hoffman Michael Hoole Patricia Houlihan Oliver Hugo Janice Imber Krista Kadrzynski Richard Kaminsky Francine Katz Allan Kaufman Ruth Kirman Barbara Kirshner David Klehr Stephen Lehtman Jack Leon Ellen LeVine Cheryl Magness Doris Manaugh Judith Mayzel Linda Merholz Sherry Metz Robert Nanberg Robert Oboyle Eli David Okman Anne Pahn Richard Palcheck Russell Pepoon Barry Perelgut Robert Poindexter Greg Polakoff Don Price Monty Raben David Radzin Fred Reiner Richard Reynolds Dean Robson James Ronan Zona Rubin Miriam Sacher Ellen Sandler Hanna Scholz Elaine Schuman Stuart Schwartz Jay Woolf Marla Woolman Linda Zee Keith Zenner Robert Shearn Darlene Smith Leonard Sneider John Sullivan Dan Teitelbaum Helene Ten Eicken Leslie Towbin Ted Traiforos Peter Tselekis David Viveros Alan Weiss Melvyn Winer Alice Wolfe Sean Wright Keith Zenner The spirited Class of ' 64 " pull together " effectively as they defeated the " Boys of ’63 " as their junior class¬ mates cheer encouragement from the stadium stands. 149 CLASS OF 1963 officers and... The 1963 Senior Class Officers are preparing for June graduation. The class officers, left to right, are Richard Millis (Vice Pres.), Susan Furster (Treas.), Darlene Schmidt (Sec.), and Peter Nemkov (Pres.). Senior Cabinet, Back Raw: Ralph Johnson, Charles Solomon, Richar Wollack, Richard Mittenthal, Ray Dean, Adrianne Lurie. Second Row: Diane Marks, Lynn Johanson, Judith Siegal, Ann Schack, Donalee Weinstein. First Row: Marlene Harris, Karen Clebanoff, Maxine Shikoff, Sue Berberick, Ruth Field, Heather Nhissenson. Not Pictured: Michelle Mandell. ...CABINET representatives A student ' s senior year is hisbiggestyear in high school. The senior worries over college entrance requirements and must pick the college he would like to attend. The senior is the leader in most school activities, and to keep the senior class unified, each senior homeroom elects one representative and one alternate representative to the Senior Cabinet. The 1963 Senior Cabinet kept very busy the entire year representing and planning for the best class in the school. Cabinet began the year by sponsoring the Homecoming Dance, " Gathering of the Clan. " As a part of the Home¬ coming festivities, the Cabinet-built Senior Class Float took a First Prize. Later in the year Cabinet helped run Alumni Night, and, after that, sponsored the All School Carnival, " Panic ’63. " Senior Cabinet also sponsored a series of Senior Days including Mad Plaid Day, White Shirt Day, and Panic Button Day. After a long year of hard work,Cabinet looks ahead to its last but happiest task of all, planning and preparing for graduation. Alternates, Back Row: Ike Heller, Mike Goodman, Bill Feinberg, Dave Lerner, Bill Toelke. Second Row: Ellen Felcher, Karen Kinsch, Lynn Weisz, Barbara Sabin. First Row: Lynette Rabin, llene Waller, Jackie Czernick, Marlene Blitstein, Maxine Kaplan. Not Pictured: Jossie Holden, Barry Laskov, Phil Monson. 15 1 SENIOR CLASS sponsors all-school carnival ROBERT AHRENS National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Harvard Award 4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Minor N 3; Major N 4; Student Council 1; Sophomore Cabinet 2; Band 1,2; Choir 4; Christmas Festival 1,2,4; Spring Musical 4. STEVEN ALLEN KAREN ANDERSEN Chess Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club ' 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Biology Club 3; Pen Pal Club 2. PHILLIP ARMATO Student Union Board4; SS03.4; SSSH Chairman 4; SSM 3; Wrestling 2,3, Minor N 3; German Club 1, Vice Pres.; Cabinet 1; Council 2. DEBORAH AULTZ Transferred from Troy, Ohio 3; Riplettes 3,4; Aquettes 1,2; Interscholastic Tennis 2; G.A.A. 3,4. GEORGE ALBRECHT Transferred from Evanston TWP. H.S. 2; Choir 3,4; Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 4; Silver Music Pin 3; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Football 3; SSM 3. CHARLES ANDERSEN HFY 3,4, Vice-President 4; N Club 4; SSO 3.4; SSSH Chairman 4; SSM 3; Golf 3,4; Major N 3,4; Basketball 1,2; International Relations Club 4; Student Union Monitor 4. ALICE ANTHONY Future Nurses ' Club 1,2,3; German Club 1,2; Lorelei 2; Choir 3,4; Girl ' s Glee 1,2; Science Fair 2. RONALD ARNDT Swimming 1; Industrial Arts Club 3. ISABELLE BACHMAN G.A.A. 1. CAROL BACINO Student Council 1,2; Reflections Cast 4; Youth Council 4; French Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Pep Club 2; Personal Monitor 1,2; Fine Arts Club 2. JULIETTE BAIN Art Council 1,2,3,4, President 2; SSM 4; District Science Fair 2; Latin Club 1; Fall Play Crew 2,3; Spring Play Crew 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Tri- fHFY 2, Chaplain 2; Homecoming Committee 3,4. 152 Panic At the Senior sponsored all-school carnival, " Panic ' 63, " Ellen Felcher hands a ball to the next contestant at the Senior Cabinet booth. LUCILE BALLESTRA Tri-Hi-Y 4, Representative to Springfield; G.A.A. 3,4, Secretary Treasurer Orchesis 4; Choir 4; Spotlighters 1,2, Chairman of costumes; French Club 2, Honorary mention in Natl. French Contest; SSO Monitor 4. TRUDIE BASKIN Transferred from Senn H.S., Chicago 2; Student Council 1; Glee 2; Christmas Festival 2; G.A.A. 1 . PATRICIA BAUMANN Lorelei 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Silver Music Pin 2; Gold Music Pin 3; Girls ' Glee 1,2; Future Secre¬ taries 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Spring Musical 4; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4. KARIN BECKER Cabinet Alternate 3; Personal Service Monitor 4 EILEEN BENDER SSM 4; Fine Arts Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2; Future Nursed Club 1; Fall Play Crew 1,2; Spring Play Crew 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2. JACK BARRANCO Transferred from Lane Tech. H.S., Chicago, l; SSO 4; SSSH 4; SSM 4; Football 1; Baseball 1; Wrestling 2. DANIEL BAUER Track 1,2,3,4; Lighting Club 4; Spring Play Crew 4; Fencing 3; Indoor Track 3,4. SUSAN BEAVER Transferred from Hastings, Nebraska4; National Merit Finalist 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 3,4; Dramatics 3; G.A.A. Board 4; French Club 3; Glee Club 1; Science Club 3; Thespians 3. ROSS BENDEL HPY, 1,2,4 Pres, of Executive Club 4; Football 1,2,4, Captain, 2, Minor N 2; Basketball 1,2; Track 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Major N 3; SSM 2,4. MARY BEN ZEEV Teachers of Tomorrow 1; Arts Club 2; Glee 1; Christmas Festival 1; Pep Club 1. 153 SUSAN BERBERICK CHARI BERGER Student Union Board 4; Senior Cabinet 4; Reflections Cast 3,4; SS03.4, Secretary Recep¬ tionist 4; SSM 3; Ushers Club 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Fall Play Crew 1,2; Spring Play Crew 2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Fine Arts Club 1; Spotlighters 1; Pep Club 3. GAIL BERGER Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; SSM 4; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Spotlighters 1,2; Fall Play Crew 1,2. MARA BERGER Senior Cabinet 4; Blue Honor Certificate I; french Club 2,3; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2, V.Pres. 2; Spotlighters 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Reflec¬ tions Cast 3. SHARON BERLIANT Transferred from Senn High School, Chicago 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board Member 3; Bowling Champion; G.A.A. Pin and Minor Award; Spot¬ lighters 2; French Club 2,3. SHERRI BERNS Transferred from Missouri 1; SSO 4; SSSH Secretary 4; SSM 4; National Merit art award 4; Reflections Crew 4; Spring Play Crew 4; Art Council 4; Spanish Club 4. SHARON BIEBER Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; German Club 1,2,4; Spotlighters 1; Pep Club 1,2. MARLENE BLITSTEIN Editor of " Epic News’ 4; SSO Receptionist 3,4; Thespians 3,4, Secretary 3, Minor N3; Nilehilite Cartoonist 2,3,4; Cabinet Alternate 4; Spot¬ lighters 1,2; Homecoming Committee 4; Reflections Cast 4; Reflections Crew 2,3, Make¬ up Chairman 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Riding Club 1,2; Spring Play Crew 1,2,3,4; Fall Play Crew 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 1; Steering Group 2. Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; SSO 3,4; SSD Secy. 4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Fall Play 3, Costume Crew; Reflections Costume Crew Chairman 3; Spring Play 4; Reflection Yearbook Senior Staff 4; Thespians 4; Band 1,2; Cabinet Alternate I; Future Teachers 2,4. JACK BERGER Student Council 1,2,3, Vice Pres. 3; SSO 3,4; SSD Officer 3; SSSH Officer 4; SSM 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Football 1; Swimming- 1; Baseball 1; Golf 2,3,4, Minor N 2, Major N 3; N Club 4; Big Brother 2; SSSH Chairman 1; Art Council 1; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4. RICHARD BERGEN SSO Supervisor 4; SSM 4; German Club 2; Football 2, Minor N 2; Track 1,3; Shield lj Minor N 3; Student Union Monitor 4. MARLA BERMAN Cabinet Alternate 2; Personel Service Monitor 3; French Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Spotlighters i ,2; Pen Pal Club 4; SSM 4. CAROLYN BEST SSO 3,4, Assistant Secretary 4; SSSH Period Secretary 4; Student Union Board 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. HOWARD BUTMAN National Merit Finalist 4; Silver Pin 3,4; Gold Honor Pin 4; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; Wrestling 4; Minor N 4; SSM 4; Cabinet 2; Mock Constitutional Convention Representative 4; German Club 1. ELYSE BLOOM Transferred from Tuley High School, Chicago, 3; Thespians 4; Fall Play Cast 4; Reflections Crew 4; Member of Mock State Convention 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Library Aid 3. HARRY BLOOM PSO 3,4; SSM 4; Nilehilite 3,4; Coin and Stamp Club 4; Spanish Club 2; Pen Pal Club 3. CHERI BOHAT Gold Choral Award 3; Musical Steering Committee 3,4; Musical 3,4; Choir 3,4; Lorelei 2,3,4; Cabinet 3; Reflections Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Girls’ Glee 1,2. GERI BOLON Student Council Alternate 1,2, Chairman of School Elections 2; SSM 3; American Legion Rhetorical Contest 1,2; Reflections Cast 3; Fall Play Crew 2; Spring Play Crew 2; Spotlighters 1; Spanish Club 3; Glee 1. WILLIAM BRANT SSO 3,4; SSM 3, SSSH 4; Football 1,2,3,4 Shield 1; Minor N 3, Major N 4; N Club 4; Baseball 1; Shield 1; Student Union Board 4; Cabinet 4; German Club 1,2; Student Council Alternate 2. BARRY BRONN Transferred from Von Stueben High School, Chicago 3; Hall Monitor; Intermediate Orchestra 1,2; Teachers Secretary. MARCIA BURNSTEIN Homecoming Committee 4; SSO 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Christmas Festival 1,2; Publicity and Make-up Crew Fall Play 3; Spot- lighters 1,3; Fine Arts Club 1; Glee 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Spanish Club 1. AMY BYER Transferred from Oak Park High School 3; Biology Club 1; German Club 1,2; History Club 1; Choir 1.2; Ski Club 4; G.A.A. 2. RICHARD BLOOM Bridge Club 3; Track Team 1,2, Frosh Shield; Chess Club 1,2; Biology Club 2; Science Seminar 2,3,4; Math Club 4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Intramural Tennis 3; Gold Certificate 2; Silver Pin 3; National Honor Society 3,4. ALAN BOLON Bowling Instructor P.E. 3; SSM 2;German Club 2,3; Executive Club 4; AVA 4. LAWRENCE BRANDEL Transferred from Loyola Academy 2; Swim Team 3; Minor N 3; Christmas Festival 4; SSM 4; Choir 4. DIANE BRIDGE Personel Service Monitor 4. ' ( LARRY BROWN Transferred from Von Stueben High School, Chicago 3; Monitor 1,2; Concert Band 1,2; Swimming Team 1,2; AVA 1,2. NANCY BUTLAND Transferred from St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Florissant Mo. 3; Pep Club 1,2; Future Secretaries Association 4; Library Guild 2; G. A. A. 3; Homecoming Committee 4. CAROL CAMPBELL Choir 3,4; Loralie 3,4; Glee 1,2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Christmas Festival 1,2, 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Cabinet Alternate 3; Latin Club 2,3; Future Nurses ' Club 1,2; Pep Club 1. 155 GAIL CARLSON MARTIN CAPSUTO SSO 3,4; SSSH Assistant Chairman 3; SSSH Chairman 4; SSD 3; Track 1,2; Shield 1; Inter¬ mural basketball 3. BARRY CARNOW SSSH Chairman 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Bronze Pin 3; Monitor 2; Swimming 1. SHARON CASTLE SSO Monitor 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 2; Library Monitor 1,2; Biology Club 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1; Art Council 3; Pen Pal Club 2. BILL CHAGARES AVA 1,2; Tennis 2; Golf 3; Industrial Arts Club 3. FAY CHASKIN Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Silver Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,3,4; SSM4; Spotlighters 1. CHRISTINE C1TRO Transferred from St. Scholastica2; Nilehilite Staff 3,4; Vice-President of Senior Orchesis4; Spanish Club 3,4; Spanish Entertainment Chairman 3; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2. TED COBUN SSO 3,4; SSSH 4; SSM 3,4; N Club 3,4; Football 3,4; Major N 4; Wrestling 3,4, Major N4. SSO Monitor 1; SSO Period Secretary 4; Gold Honor Certificate 2; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Home¬ coming Committee 4; G.A.A. 1,3,4, Board Member 4, G.A.A. Pin 3; Homeroom Secretary 2,3; French Club 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; Honor Board 3; Fall Play Crew 2; Musicale Crew 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Spotlighters I; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Art Council 3. LINDA CARTER G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Executive Board2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Horse Show 1,2; Nilehilite Staff 2,3,4; Assistant News Editor 4; Spanish Club 3,4; SSO 4; SSD Secretary 4; SSM Monitor 4; District Science Fair 2; Planning Board 4; Student Council Alter¬ nate 1. MICHAEL CAVANOUGH JAMES CHAPNICK Homeroom President I; Cabinet Alternate 2; German Club 3; Latin Club 1; SSO 2,3,4; SSSO Assistant Chairman 4; SSD Supervisor 3; SSM Monitor 2,3; SSSH Supervisor 4. RONALD CHEMERS SSO Monitor 4. KAREN CLEBANOFF Junior Cabinet 3; Senior Cabinet 4; SSO 3,4; Spanish Club 2; G.A.A. 1. IRA COGAN SSO Assistant Chairman; Monitor. 156 ARLYNNE COHEN KATHRYN COHEN Cheerleader 1; Spanish Club 3; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Future Secretaries 4; SSO 3,4; SSSH Secretary 4; SSO Monitor 3; G.A.A. 1 , 2 . ROBIN COLEMAN Thespians 4; SSM 4; Future Secretaries 3,4; Spotlighters 1; Fine Arts Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; Glee 1; Fall Play 1,2,4; Spring Play 2,4. ROBERT COUZIN National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Seminar 2.3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Orchestra 3; International Relations Club 4; Math Club Chairman4; DanceBand4; Christmas Music Festival 3; French Club 1,2; Russian Club 3,4, Vice President 4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Silver Honor Pin 3. PETER CYROG Astronomy Club 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 2, President 3; Science Seminar 2,3,4; Biology Club Vice- President 2; State Science Fair 2; Philosophy Club 3; SSM 2,4; Swimming Team 1. Cadet Band 1; Intermediate Band 2; Concert Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 2; Stage Band 4; Student Conductor 2,3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Homeroom Secretary 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Minor N 2; German Club 2; Future Nurses ' Club 2; Science Fair Award I. Science Fair Award 1. VICKI COMM Yearbook Staff 4; Teachers of Tomorrow 3,4; Glee 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Latin Club 2. MARILYN CRAFTON Student Council 1,2; Spanish Club 1; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; Personel Service Monitor l, 2.3; Pen Pal Club 1. JACQUELINE CZERNIAK Future Secretaries Association 3,4; Choir 3; Lorelei 3,4; Glee 1,2,4; Christmas Festival 1,2, 3,4; Gold Music Pin 3; G.A.A. 3. RONALD DAMMANN Astronomy Club 1,2,3,4, President 3,4, Secre¬ tary 2,3; Physics Club 3,4, President 4; Biology Club 2; Track 1; Stage Lighting Club; Fall Play Crew 4. RAYMOND DEAN Football 4; Senior Cabinet 4; P.A. Announcer 3; SSM 3,4; Track 3; Fencing 4; Musical 3,4; Latin Club 2. SUSAN DEMPERS Pep Club l; G.A.A. 1,2; TrKHi-Y 2. JANICE DAVIDSON SSM 2,3; Mock Constitutional Convention 4; GPE Monitor 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Teachers of Tomorrow l; Library Assistant 4. MICHAEL DELMAN SSM 3,4; Band 1,2,3; German Club 3; Christmas Festival 1,2; Reflections Crew 2; Fall Play Crew 1; Chess Club l; Astronomy Club 2; Spring Play Crew 1. MARILEE DIESTERHEFT Pins and Pans Club 1,2, Vice President 1,2; G.A.A. 1,4; Glee Club 1. IS 7 In senior homeroom21 .Judy Massing and Susan Farrell admire each other ' s I.D. pictures which were distributed for the first time this year. MERLE DOLGIN Future Secretaries Club 3,4; G.A.A. 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 1. PETER ECONOMOS DANIEL EHRENSAFT Biology Club 1,2, President 2; SSSH Chairman 4; District Science Fair Placement 1,2; Track 2,3; Mock State Constitutional Convention4; Spanish Club 4. JUDITH ELIAS Gold Galleon Guild 3,4; Publicity Chairman 4; Thespians 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Epic Staff 4; SSM 4; Head Stage Crew Fall Play 3; Bronze Pin 3; Society Editor Nilehilite 2; Vice- President Silver Clipper 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Spring Play Cast 4; Spotlighters 1; Fine Arts Club 1; Silver Clipper 1. ROBERTA EPSTEIN Transferred from Miami Beach High School 2; SSSH Chairman and Secretary 4: Student Union Monitor 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Biology Club 1; Spotlighters 1,2,3. HARRIAT DUHL Mock State Constitutional Convention 4; Stage Crew Fall Play 3; Tri-Hi Y Vice-President 2; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; Illinois State Scholar¬ ship Semi-Finalist 4. MICHAEL EDWARDS SSSH 4; SSM 3; Band 1,2; Track 1; Swimming 2 . SUSAN EICHHORN Future Nurses, Vice-President 3; President 4; G.A.A. First Vice-President 4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; State Science Award 2; District Science Fair Placement 1; Spanish Club 4. BEVERLY ENGEN Transferred from Senn, Chicago, 2; Spanish Club 1; Art Club 2; Ski Club 4; SSM 3; Reflec¬ tions Crew 3; Library Assistant 2; Gym Leader 1,2; Pep Club 1.2. MICHAEL EVANS Band 1,2,3,4; Band Letter 2; Silver Pin 3; Gold Pin 4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Christmas Festival 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3.4; SSM 4; Football 1. 158 JOSEPH FAGAN Fall Play Cast 4; Spring Play Cast 4; National Merit Semifinalist 4; SSM 3; Homecoming Committee 3; German Club 1. DAVID FEIN Student Council 1,2; SSM 4. WILLIAM FEINBERG Junior Cabinet Representative3; Senior Cabinet Alternate 4; SSM 4; Blue Honor Certificate 1; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Baseball 1; Big Brother 2. SHERYL FELDMAN Reflections Staff 2,3; SSM3.4; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 1; Junior Cabinet Alternate 3; French Club 1; Spotlighters 1; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1. SUSAN FERRELL Reflections Staff 1; Fr ench Club l;SSM 2;G.A. A. 1,2; Pep Club 1; Pins and Pans Club I. BARBARA FINDER National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Student Council Chairman4; Outstanding Service Pins 2,3; National Thespian Society 2,3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Homecoming Com- mittee 3,4, Secretary 4; Planning Board 4; Nilehilite 2,4, Co-Ed Exchange 4; Silver Pin 2,3; Gold Pin 3; Blue Certificate 1; Spanish Club 1,4; Cabinet Alternate 1; SSSH 3; Spotlighters 1;Fall Play 2,3,4; Make-up Chairman 3; Musical 3; Make-up Chairman 3,4; Reflections 1,2,3,4; Make-up Chairman 3,4; Spring Play 1,2,3.4. ■I RONALD FAHRENBACH MARILYN FEINBERG Transferred from Steinmetz 1; Freshman Cabinet Alternate 1; Sophomore Cabinet 2; Council Alternate 2; SSSH 4; SSD 1; Fall Play Cast 2; Spring Play Cast 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1; School Paper 1. ELLEN FELCHER Nilehilite Staff 1,2; Senior Cabinet Al ternate 4; G.A.A. I; Spotlighters 1; Spanish Club 2; Fall Play, Publicity Crew 1; Spring Play Costume Crew 1. RON FERRELL AVA 1,2. RUTH FIELD Senior Cabinet 4; German Club President 2; German Club4; Arts Club 1,2; Foreign Language Club 1; G.A.A. 4; SSM 2,3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Cer¬ tificate 1,2. ALAN FINGER Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Wrestling 1,2; Minor N 2; Baseball 1,2, Shield 2; German Club 2,3; SSSH Chairman 4; SSM 3. KATHLEEN FINN ROBERT FINN Council Representative 1,2,3,4; Foreign Ex¬ change Student 3; Cheerleader Captain 3,4; SSSH Assistant Head Secretary 3,4; Mock Con¬ vention Chairman 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Fall Play 1; Spring Play 2; Spotlighters Program Chairman 1, 2; Gold Honor Certificate I; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Nile¬ hilite Staff 2. Musical Student Director 4; Nilehilite Staff 2,3; Student Council 3,4; Thespians 3,4; Public Re¬ lations Board Chairman 4; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 3,4; Student Union Board 4; Boys Glee 1; Christmas Festival 1. 159 CLASS OF 1963 produces ten Merit Scholarsh’ SHARON FISHER G.A.A. 1,2,3; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; Spanish Club 2,4; Student Council Alternate 1; SSM 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Second Place Science Fair Award 2. SARAH FOX SSSH Secretary 4; Cabinet Alternate 4; Choir 3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Musical 1,2,4; Musical Choreography 3; Glee 1,2; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4. MORRIS FRIEDMAN SUSAN FURSTER Senior Cabinet Treasurer; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Musical Crew 3,4; Spring Play 4; SSM 2,4. GARY GATS District Science Fair Placement 2; Fall Play Crew 2; Big Brother 2. HARVEY GERSH Fencing 3,4; SSSH Chairman 4; SSO Monitor 3; German Club 2; Chess Club 2. RENEE FLORENCE SSD 4; SSM 3,4; Personel Service Monitor 3; Spanish Club 3; Future Teachers 1. SANDRA FRIEDLANDER Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; Lake Shore Division of Illinois Education Association Scholarship Applicant 4; SSO 1,2,3,4, Period Secretary 3,4, Secretary 3, Monitor 2; Student Council 2,4, Alternate 2, Representative 4; Cabinet Representative 1; Reflections 3,4; Year¬ book Staff 4; Thespians 4, Minor N Drama 4; Homecoming Comrtiittee 4; Fine Arts Club Board Member 2; French Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3; G.A.A. 1; Spotlighters 1,2; Treasurer 2. BARBARA FROHMAN SSD Chairman 4; Personal Monitor 2; Fall Play Publicity Crew 2,3; Spring Play Publicity Crew 2,3,4; Reflections Publicity Crew 2,3,4; G.A.A. 3; Ushers Club 4; Homeroom President 1,2; SSO Rater 4; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1. ARTHUR GALEN Cross Country 3,4, Captain 4, Major N 3,4; SSD Supervisor 4; N Club 3,4; Track 3,4, Minor N 3; Tennis 2; Shield 2; Spanish Club 2. DONNA GENDELL SSM 1,2,4; Spring Play Cast 1; Spring Play Crew 2,3; Fall Play Crew, Reflections Crew 1,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Arts Club 1; Spotlighters 1,2,3, G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 1. VICKI GERSHBERG Student Council 1,3,4, Alternate 2; Chairman Special Events 4; Big Sister 3; SSO 3,4; SSSH Secretary 3; SSD 3,4; Assistant Head Secretary 3,4; Personal Secretary 4; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 4; Nilehilite Staff, 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Glee 1; Christmas Festival 1; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1 Finalists The Class of 1963 is proud to have 10 of its class members who are the National Merit Scholarship Finalists. They, include, seated, Howard Bittman, Tina Kroon, Susan Beaver, Gary Sax, and Jack Mise. Standing with Dr. Parker and Dr. Kavanaugh are Dan Wershow, Herb Zarov, Chris Shaughnessy, Ira Miller, and Robert Couzin. SHEILA GERSTEIN Silver Honor Pin 2; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; Future Secretaries 3,4; G.A.A. 3,4; Spotlighters 1; Guidance Monitor 1. LARRY GILLMAN Freshman Cabinet Alternate 1; Football 3; Baseball 3; SSM 1,4; Spanish Club. NORMAN GLUTZER SSO Executive Board 4; SSD Supervisor 3, National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commen¬ dation 3; Monitor 2; Boys ' State Representative 3; Bronze Pin 3; Basketball 1; Frosh Shield 1; German Club 2. EDITH GOLDBERG SSSH Secretary 3; SSD Chairman 4; Senior Staff 4; Future Secretaries 3,4; Glee 1; Fall Play Crew 1,2,3; Reflections Crew 2,3; Spring Play Crew 1,2,3; Teachers of Tomorrow 1; G.A.A.l. JUDY GOLDSTEIN Student Council 1,2; Gold Honor Pin 2,3,4; Silver Honor Pin2,3,4; Reflections Cast4; French Club 2,3; Nilehilite 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Homecoming Committee 3; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Fall Play Crew 3; Spring Play Crew 2; Transitional Committee 1. RANDALL GIBSON Homecoming Committee 4; SSD Supervisor 3; SSSH Supervisor 4; Tennis 2; SSO Monitor 2; Student Union Monitor 4; Cabinet 1. RHODA GLENZER Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Publicity Crew 4; Pins and Pans Club 2 . KATHLEEN GOLD Freshman Cabinet 1; SSO Monitor 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Future Nurses Treasurer 1; President Art Council 3; Fine Arts 3,4; Spotlighters 3; Glee 1,2; Christmas Festival 1,2. ROBERT GOLDEN SSO Assistant Chairman 3; Student Council 1; Student Union Board Monitor 4; SSO Monitor 2; Blue Honor Certificate I; District Science Fair Award 1; Tri-Hi-Y2;Football, Shield 1; Basketball 1,2; Minor N 2. STEVE GOLDSTEIN SSSH Supervisor 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; German Club 2,3; Spot¬ lighters 1,2,3; Science Fair Award 2. MICHAEL GOODMAN GAYLE GORDON Fall Play 3; Reflections 4; Cabinet 1,4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Silver Clipper 1,2; Art Council 1; Latin Club 1,2; Spotlighters 2; Gold Honor Certificate 1,2; Spring Play 4; Foreign Language Club 2. KENNETH GORDON SSO Executive Board 4; SSSH Supervisor 4; SSO Monitor 3; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4, Minor N 1,2, Major N 3,4; N Club Secretary 4 ; Nilehilite Sports Staff 3,4; French Club 1,2; District Science Fair Winner 2; Silver Honor Pin 3; Gold Honor Certificates 1,2; Gymleader 1,2. SUSAN GOTTFRIED Spanish Club 3,4; G.A.A. 2. PHILLIP GREENBERG Student Council 1; SSM 1; Football 1; Track 1,3; District Science Fair Placement 1; Fall Play Lighting Crew 2; Spring Play Lighting Crew 2; AVA 4; Radio Club 1,2,3. RONALD GREENBERG Track 1,2,3,4; Basketball Manager 1,2; Football Manager 1,2; AVA 1,2,3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; Executive Club 4. SALLY GROSS Tri-Hi Y Treasurer 4; Future Secretaries 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 4; SSD 2; Pep Club 1. WAYNE HANSON SSO Supervisor 2; SSH Chairman 4; French Club 3; Track 3; Minor N 4; Wrestling 3,4; Executive Club Secretary 4; Ski Club 4. Planning Board 4; SSH Assistant Secretary 3; SSM 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Usher ' s Club 3,4, President 4; Fall Play Crew3; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; French Club 1,2; Arts Club 1; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1. BEVERLY GORE National Thespians Society 3,4, Minor N 3, Major N 4; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Spotlighters 1, 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Russian Club 3,4; Secretary 3; Choir 3,4; Silver Pin 3; Glee 1,2, Certificate 2; Fall Play Cast 4; Spring Play Cast 4; Reflec¬ tions Cast 2,4; Mu,sicale 1,2,3,4; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; SSO Monitor 4. WILLIAM GRAHAM ROBERT GREENBERG Thespians 3,4; Fall Play Cast 3,4; Spring Play Cast 4; Russian Club 3,4. ROSALIND GREENE Spanish Club 2,3; Teachers of Tomorrow 1; Fine Arts Club 2. WENDY GROSSMAN SSM 2,3,4; Fall Play Crew 2,3; Spring Play Crew 3; French Club 1,2; District Science Fair Placement 2; Alternate Council 1; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1,2. TIMOTHY HARRIGAN P.S.O. 3. 162 MARLENE HARRIS Cabinet 1,4; SSM 3; Spanish Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1; Nurses Monitor 4; Big Sister 2. IKE HELLER Council 1,2, Treasurer I; Cabinet 4; SSSH 4, SSM 3; N Club 2,3,4; Cross Country 1; Baseball 1; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Major N 2,3, 4; Minor N 1; Planning Board Representative. HILARY HENNER SSO 3,4; SSSH Secretary 3; SSM2,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3,4; Future Secretaries3,4; French Club 1,2; Spotlighters T,2;G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board Member 3,4; 1962 Camp Scholarship. DANNA HIRSCH SSO 3,4; SSD 2; SSM 2,4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Spanish Club 2; Future Nurses ' Club 2; Spotlighters 2; Fall Play Crew 3; Reflections Crew 3; Reflections Cast At, G.A.A.2. ALAN HIRSH First Place State Science Fair Award 1,2; Physics Club 2; German Club 2; Football 1,2; Coin Stamp Club 1. JERI HOFFMAN Reflections Cast 4; SSM 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1. SHERRY HOLZMAN S panish Club 3; Fine Arts Club 2; G.A.A. 2. MYRNA HECKMAN Transferred from Von Steuben 3; SSM 1,2,3; Fall Play 4; Girls’ Glee 1,2; Choir 2; Art Club 2; Talent Show 1,2; Play Crew 1,2; Future Teachers Club 1. SHEREE HELLER Cabinet Alternate 1; Big Sister 2; Spotlighters 1; Cheerleading 1,2; French Club I; G.A.A. I; SSM 3; SSSH 3. GEORGE HERTER Orchestra 2; Band 2; Marching Band 1,2; Band Letter 2; P.S.O. 3. GARY HIRSCH SSO 2,3,4; SSSH 3,4; SSM 2; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; German Club 2; Cabinet 1,2; Tennis 1,2. BARBARA HOFFMAN Teachers of Tomorrow 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; Reflections Staff 2, Treasurer 3, Portraits Editor 4; Library Assistant 1,4; French Club 2,3; Spotlighters I; Fine Arts Club 2. JOSEPHINE HOLDEN Cabinet 3,4; French Club 1; Glee 1; G.A.A. 1. JOSEPH HOLZWARTH SSSH Chairman 4; SSO Monitor 2; Cabinet Alternate 2; Football 1. 163 ELLEN HORWITZ WILLIAM HORSMAN STEVEN HORWITZ Band 1,2,3; Fall Play Cast 2; Christmas Festival 1,2; Reflections Cast 3; International Relations Club 3. SUSAN INGERSOLL French Club 1,2, President 1; Band 1,2,3, Silver Pin 3; G.A.A. 1,3,4; Student Librarian 4 ; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Teachers of Tomorrow 4; Spotlighters 2; Pep Club 1. DAVID HUSSEY Concert Orchestra 3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Christmas Festival 4; Reflections Cast 4; Wrestling 2,3,4, Ninor N 3; Tennis 2,3,4, Shield 2; Biology Club 2; Pep Club 3,4; Dance Band 4; Spring Musicale 3,4; Marching Band 1,2. WALTER INGTRUP Student Union Board 4; SSSH Secretary 3, Chairman 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Spanish ; Club 1,2,3.4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Board 3, Vice President 4; Major and Minor Awards 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Debate Club 2. Stage Band 4; Spring Musicale 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Spring Play 3,4; Concert Band 1.2,3,4; Concert Orchestra 2,3,4; Christmas Festival 2,3, 4; Marching Band 3. ANDI IRGANG SSO Monitor 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; French Club 1; Biology Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2. NANETTE JACOBS Future Secretaries Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Spanish Club 2; Typing Lab Monitor 3 t 4. JOHN ISAAC Student Council3,4; Council Alternate2; Spanish Club 3; Choir 3,4; President 4; Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 3, Silver Music Pin 2; Folksinging Club 4; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Shield 1, Minor N 3, Major N 4, Co-Captain 4; Spring Festival 1,2,3,4; Musicale 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4. EILEEN JACOBSON Junior Cabinet 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; Art Council 1,2; Spotlighters 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Pep Club 1.2. MITCHELL JOFFE Cabinet 3; Council Alternate 1; Student Union Board 4; SSO Supervisor 4; SSM 3; Basketball 1,2,3, Shield 1; Minor N 2; Baseball 1,2, Shield 1; Minor N 2. CONSTANCE JOHNSON SSO Assistant Head Secretary 3,4; Reflections 3; Lorelei 2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4; Choir 3,4, Pianist 3,4; Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 3; Silver Music P in 2; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Musicale 1,2,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1. LYNN JOHANSON SSO ' Secretary 3,4; Cabinet 3,4; G.A.A. 3; Reflections Cast 4; Personal Service Monitor 1, 3; District Science Fair Placement 2; Spanish Club 2; Library Assistant 2. NANCY JOHNSON G.A.A. Secretary 3, President 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Gold Honor Certificate 2; Blue Honor Certificate 1; First Place State Science Fair Award 2; District Science Fair 2; Biology Club 2; G.A.A. Major Letter 3; Camp Scholarship 3. 164 LAWRENCE JORDAN RALPH JOHNSON Senior Cabinet 4; Junior Cabinet3; SSSH Super¬ visor 4; SSSH Chairman 4; SSM 2. SUSAN KAMIN Student Council 1,2,3,4; SSO Period Secretary 4; SSO Secretary 3; Personal Service Monitor 2; Student Union Board 4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Fall Play Crew 1,2,3,4; Reflections Crew 3,4; Spring Play Crew 2,4; Musical Crew 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3. ALLEN KAPLAN Transferred from Roosevelt Junior High,Rockford III. 1; Executive Club 4. ZONA KAPLAN Student Council Alternate 1; Personal Service Monitor 4; French Club 2,3; Spring Musical Crew 2,4; G.A.A. 1,2.3. SHARON KARMAZIN Cabinet 3; SSSH Secretary 4; SSO Monitor 2,4; SSD Library Monitor 2; Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; Tri-HiY 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2. BRADFORD KASTE Art Council 1,3,4; Spanish Club 3, Prom Com¬ mittee 3; Spring Play 4; Nilehilite Cartoonists3. RICHARD KAYE Student Council 1; SSSH Chairman 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate I; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Frosh Shield 1; Minor N 2;Major N 3,4. National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commenda¬ tion 4; Science Seminar 3; Chief Photographer Nilehilite 3,4; Freshman Cabinet Alternate 1. BRUCE KANNE Student Council 1; SSO 1,2,3; Cabinet 2; Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 3; SSM 1,2,3; Band 1,2; Christmas Festival 1,2; Track Shield 1; Swimming Shield 1; Wrestling 2,3; Big Brother 2. MAXINE KAPLAN Cabinet Representative 3; Cabinet Alternate 4; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1; District Science Fair Placement 1. GAIL KARIOLICH Council Alternate 1; Girls Glee 1,2; G.A.A. 2,3, 4; Pins and Pans 2; Future Secretaries4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; SSO Rater 4; Office Monitor 4; Christmas Festival 1,2; Spring -Play 1,2. ROCHELLE KAROL Arts Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; Fall Play Crew 2; G.A.A. 1. HOWARD KASTE Nilehilite 4; SSM 4; Spanish Club 3. DIANNE KELLER Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Cabinet 3; Tot ' s 1,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Glee 1,4; French Club 2,4; Arts Club 2; Christmas Festival 1,4. 165 166 Graduation ptctures are an important part of the senior year. Here seniors Marlene Schwartz and Allan Lazar look over theRootStudiodisplay prior to having their yearbook portrait sitting. SUE KELLMAN SSM 4; Future Nurses ' Club 1,2; Girls Glee 1,2; Spotlighters 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Christmas Festival 1,2; Spring Play Cast 1,2. ELLEN KENDLER Freshman Cabinet 1; SSO Secretary; SSO Assistant Head Clerk; SSO Monitor Attendance Office; Homecoming Committee, Co-Chairman 3,4; Spanish Club; Art Club; Big Sister 2. WILLIAM KESSEL SSM 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2. KAREN KESSLER Spring Musical 1,2,3,4; Steering Group 3,4; Choir 3,4; Gold Music Pin 3; Silver Music Pin 2; Glee 1,2; Lorelei 2,3,4; Junior Cabinet 3, Chairman Prom Parade, Entertainment; Home¬ coming Committee 4; Alumni Committee; Cabinet Alternate 2; Reflections Staff 4; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Spring Festival 1,2, 3.4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2. SUSAN KIMBALL President Junior Cabinet; SSO Secretary 3; SSM 3; Loralie 3; Choir 3; Glee 1,2; Reflections Cast 2,4. RONALD KIRSCHNER Bronze Honor Pin 3; Science Seminar 3,4, State Science Fair 1; Student Council Alternate 1; Cabinet Alternate 1; Biology Club 1; Russian Club 1, Vice-President; Philosophy Club 2; Orchestra 1; Christmas Festival 1; International Relations Club 3,4, President 4. KATHLEEN KENT Head Clerk 3,4; Homecoming Committee2,4; Chairman 4; Student Union Board 4; Student Council 1,2; Cabinet Alternate 3; SSSH 4; SSM 4; P.S.O. 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; Girls Glee 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Reflections Crew 2; Spotlighters 1. IRWIN KESSELMAN SSO Supervisor 4; SSO Chairman 3; Epic Car¬ toonist 4; District Science Fair Placement 1,2; Reflections Cast 4; German Club 1; Tennis 1,2; Swimming 1; Biology Club 2. GLORIA KETTERING Girls Glee 1,2; Choir 3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Musicale 1,2; Spring Festival 1,2,3,4;.Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Homecoming Committee 4; P.S.O. 3. MELVIN KIRCHLER SSO; SSH Officer; SSM; Spanish Club. ALLAN KIRSHNER Wrestling 1,2; Cross Country I; SSO 4; SSM 4; German Club 1. MELANIE KLINN INEZ KLEIN German Club 1; Glee 1; Christmas Festival 1; Pep Club I. SSO 1,4; Period Secretary 4; SSM 1,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 2; Pep Club 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1. ROSALYN KLOTT SSO Monitor 2,4; French Club I; Reflections Crew I; Pep Club 1,2; Art Council 3,4; G.A.A. 3; Fine Arts Club l.; Spring Play Crew 1. GAIL KOZLOV Reflections 4; Student Council Alternate 2; G.A.A. 3; Spotlighters 1; Fine Arts Club 1. STEPHEN KRAMER S tudent Council 2; Mixed Chorus2, SSOMonitor 3; SSO Chairman 4; SSSH Assistant 4. JOHN KROGER National Honor Society 3,4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; German Club 1,2,3,4; Band 2, Steuben Award 4. TINA KROON National Merit Finalist 4; HomecomingQueen 4; Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 2, Assist. Director 3, Director 4; SSO 3,4, Monitor 3. SSSH Head Secretary 3,4; Student Council Alternate 1,2,Treasurer 3; Gold Honor Certificate 1,2; Silver Honor Pin 3; Pep Club 1,2, President 2; Thespians 2,3,4, Vice- President 4; Student Union Executive Board 4; Fall Play Cast 2; Reflections Crew 2; Personal Monitor 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; German Club 1,2. CAROL KUMLIN SSO 3; Lorelei 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 3; Silver Music Pin 4; Christmas and Spring Festivals 1,2,3,4; Spring Musical 4; Spanish Club 1,2; District Science Fair Placement 2; P.S.O. 3. ALLEN KOHN Track 2; Student Union Monitor 2; Wrestling 3; Industrial Arts Club 1; Tennis I; Spanish Club I. SUZANNE KRAATZ Future Secretaries Assc. 3,4; Blue Honor Cer¬ tificate 2; Bronze Honor Pin 3; G.A.A. 1,2; Pins and Pans 1. BETTY KRITZLER Senior Yearbook Staff 4; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; Honor Board 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers 1,2,3; Fall Play crew 3,4; Spring Play Crew 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Pins and Pans 1; Horseback Riding Club 1. JOAN KROICHICK Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 1,2, Treasurer 2; Spotlighters 1; Pep Club 1; Junior Cainbet Alternate 3; Student Council Alternate 3; SSO 3,4, Rater 3, Monitor 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Yearbook Staff 3,4, Special Events Editor 4; Reflections 4. CYNTHIA KRUMSIEG Choir 3,4; Glee 1,2; Silver Music Pin 3; Gold Music Pin 4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; German Club 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses ' 1,2,3,4; SSO 3; Personal Service Monitor 2. VICTOR KURC National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commen¬ dation 4; National Thespian Society 3,4; Stage Lighting Club 3,4, Vice President; Fall Play Crew 3,4; Reflections Crew 3,4; Musical Crew 3,4; Spring Play Crew 3,4; Tennis 1,2; SSO 2,4; Christmas Festival 3,4; German Club 2. 167 SHERRIE KUSHNER Personal Service Monitor 4; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; Ushers Club 4; Spanish Club 4. STUDENT UNIONS find seniors BARRY KUTOK Track 4, Major N; Basketball 1, Shield. BARRY LADEHOFF Choir 4; Spring Play Cast 3; Christmas Festival 4; German Club 1; SSOMonitor 3; Student Union Monitor 4. JILL LAMPERT Future Nurses ' 1,2,3,4; Junior Cabinet 3; Pep Club 1,2. BARRY LASKOV Cabinet Alternate 4; SSO 3,4; SSSH 4; SSM 3; Spanish Club 2; Gymnastics 4; Baseball 1. MARLENE LEARNER Student Cabinet 1,2; Service Pin 2; Big Sister 2; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,4; SSO 3,4; Secretary 4, SSSH 4, SSM3; Spanish Club 1,2, 3,4; Arts Club 1,2; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Pep Club 1,2; Glee 1; Choir 4; Christmas Festival 1,4; Spring Festival 1,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Crew Director 3; Steering Group 1,2,3,4; Spring Play 3. PAULA LEIBOWITZ Future Secretaries 3,4, President 3,4; Cabinet 1,2; Senior Yearbook Staff 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; SSO 1,2,3,4; SSM 1,2,3; Receptionist 4; Girl ' s Glee 3; Personal Service Monitor 3; Science Fair Placement 1. BYRON KUTOK Council 1; SSO 3,4; SSSH 3; SSM 4. BARBARA LAFF SSO Monitor 1,2,3,4; Cabinet 1; Senior Yearbook Staff 4; Thespians 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Re¬ flections Cast 4; Reflections Crew 3; Fall Play Crew 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; Spring Play Cast 4. MARCIA LANGER Senior Yearbook Staff 4; Spotlighters 1; Pep Club 2; Future Teachers 1; Spanish Club 1; G.A.A. 1. ALLAN LAZAR Football 3,4; SSO 4; SSM 4; AVA 4; German Club 2. SHARLENE LEARNER Student Council 2; Cabinet Alternate I; SSO 3; SSD 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 1, 2; Spotlighters 1,2; Glee 1,2, Secretary 2; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Spring Festival 1,2, 3,4; Choir 3,4; Musical Crew 2; Steering Group 1,2,3; Music Award Certificate 2; Silver Music Pin 3; Fall Play Crew 1,2; Spring Play 2; G.A.A. 1.2; Pep Club 1. ROBIN LEIGH SSO 4; G.A.A. 3,4. 168 pitching in Serving refreshments at one of the Student Union Mixers are seniors Kathy Kent, Joan Kroichick, and Alayna Roth. LYNNE LEOPOLD Reflections Cast 4; Alumni Committee Chairman 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Senior Yearbook Staff 4; Council Alternate 3; SSO 3,4; SSM 3; SSSH Secretary 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Ushers Club 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Pep Club 1; Spotlighters 1,2; G.A.A. 3; Fall Play Crew 2; Spring Play Crew 1; Fine Arts Club 1; Art Council 3. CHARLES LEVIN Track 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Spanish Club 3. ROBERTA LEWIS Bronze Honor Pin 3; Yearbook Sales 1; SSM 1; SSD 1,2; Fall Play Crew 4; Newspaper Sales 1,2; Homeroom Treasurer 2. MAYNARD LICHTERMAN P.S.O. 3,4; Student Council 1,2; SSM 1,2; AVA 2 . SANDRA LISNEK SSO, SSSH Secretary 3,4; Future Secretaries 4; Future Teachers 1; Spanish Club 1; Girls ' Glee 1,2, Certificate 2; Christmas Festival 1,2; Re¬ flections Publicity Crew 2; G.A.A. 1,2. DAVID LERNER Football 1,2,3; Swimming 1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4; SSO 3,4; Supervisor 3,4; SSSH Officer 4; SSD Officer 3; Cabinet 4; Cabinet Alternate 3. ELAINE LEVINSON Future Secretaries Club Vice President 3,4; SSM 2,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3, G.A.A. State Pin Award 3; French Club 1; Reflections Crew 1. SHARON LEWISfiERG Spring Play Cast 4; Semi-finalist Illinois State Scholarship 4; National Merit Letter of Commen¬ dation 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; French Club 3; Art Council 2,3; Honor Board 3; Arts Club 3; Glee 1; Six Place Awards, 1 Blue Ribbon, I Gold Key, Scholastic Art Awards 3. ROBERT LIS Football Major Letter 3; Basketball Major Letter 3; Baseball Major Letter 3; Monitor Captain 2;- SSO 3,4 JOSEPH LISS Gold Music Pin 4; Silver MusicfPin 3; Band Letter; Concert Band; Orchestra; Stage Band 4; Spring Musical; Marching Band; Christmas Festival; In¬ term League Musical Festival. 169 WILLIAM LORR Student Union Board Vice President 4; SSO 1,2,3,4; Choir 4; N Club 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4 most valuable 3; Major N 2,3,4; Basketball, Major N 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3.4. THOMAS LUND Honor Pin 3; Choir 3,4; Cabinet3; Sports 1,2,3,4. ROBERTA LUTREN Reflections 3,4; SSM 3; Personal Service Monitor I; Latin Club Secretary 3; Ushers Club 3,4, Secretary 4. LISA MANDEL SSD Head Secretary 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 3; Senior Cabinet 4; Nilihilite Staff 2; Foreign Language Club Vice- President and Treasurer 1; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4. MICHELE MENDELE Cabinet 4; Student Council 3,4; Nilehilite Staff 3,4; Exchange Editor Reflections Staff 3; Foreign Exchange Student Finalist 4; Thespians 3,4, Treasurer 4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Fall Play Crew 1,2,3,4; Student Union Board 4; SSO 3; Spotlighters 1,2; Reflections Cast 3,4; Spring Play Crew 1,2,3; Musical Crew 1,2; Big Sister 2; French Club 1,2; G.A. A. 1,2. JOAN MARGULIES SSO Assistant Head Secretary 3; Student Union Board Monitor 4; Homecoming Committee 2,3, 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 3; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Student Council Alternate I; Cabinet Alternate 2; SSD Monitor 2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; German Club 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 2. GAIL MASON SSM 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; G.A.A. 1. CAROL LOUIS SSM Head Secretary 3,4; Reflections Floor-Crew Manager 3; Thespians 3,4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Fall Play Crew 2,3; Reflections Crew 4; Nilehilite Staff 2; French Club 2,3; SSSH Officer 4; Spring Play Crew 2; Musicale Crew 3; Personal Service Monitor 2. ADRIANNE LURIE Cabinet Reps 1,2,3,4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; French Club 1,2,3; Girls’ Glee 1; Christmas Festival 1; Big Sister 3; Traffic Monitor; Spring Festival 1; Big Sister 2. JUDITH MALLER Personal Service Monitor 1,2,4; Council Alternate 1,2; Arts Clbu 1,2; Spotlighters 4; Tot 1,2; French Club 1. SUE MANDEL Junior Cabinet Vice-President 3; Choir 3,4; Lorelei 2,3,4; Monitor 2; Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 4; Student Union Monitor 4. JEAN MARGULIES Council 2; Cabinet 4; SSM 4; Spanish Club 1,2, 3,4; Reflections Crew 3; Spring Musical Crew 3; Pep Club 1,2; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Student Union Monitor 4. DIANE MARKS Cabinet 1,2,3,4; SSSH Officer4; SSM4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Ski Club 4; Nilehilite Staff, Corresponding Secretary 2; French Club 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1; G.A.A. 1. JUDY MASSING SSO 3,4; SSSH Secretary 4; SSM 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Spanish Club 4; G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4; Pin 1, Minor 2, Major 3, Board Member; Fall Play Crew 3; Pep Club 3,4; Ushers Club 4; Arts Club 2. 170 KAREN MC CARTHY G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board Member,4; Spanish Club 2.3.4, Treasurer 4; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2, 3.4, Secretary 2; SSSH Secretary 3; SSM 3; Personal Monitor 1,2,4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Bronze Honor Pin 3. JUDY MEHLMAN Student Council 4; SSO Period Secretary 4; Student Union Board 4; Cabinet Alternate 1; Gold Honor Pin 3; Silver Honor Pin 2; Blue Honor Certificates 1,2,3; Reflections Cast 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Ushers Club 3,4; Home¬ coming Committee 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Personal Monitor 3; Future Teachers Tutor 2; School Store Monitor 3; Foreign Language Club 1,2. BARBARA MEYER Glee 2. HELEN MEDOFF Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1; Art Council Secretary 3; Golden Galleon 4; Silver Clipper 2; Personal Service Monitor 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 1. GAIL MENDELL Council Alternate 1; G.A.A. 2; Office Monitor 2; Hall Monitor I. CAROLE MEYER Future Secretaries 3,4; Typing Monitor 3,4. . asxx. JOAN MEYERS Bronze Honor Pin 3; Fall Play Cast3; Reflections Crew 3,4; Spring Play Crew, Set Designer 4; Thespians 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; Cabinet 4; SSO 3,4; SSM Monitor 3; SSSH Chairman 4; G.A. A. 3. PAULA MEYERS SSM 4; French Club I; Tri-Hi-Y 1; G.A.A. 1; Pep Club 1,2;Freshman Orientation Program 2; Reflections Crew 2; Spotlighters I. BRUCE MILLER GLEE MILLER Cabinet 2,3; SSM 2,4; SSSH 4, French Club 3; Swimming Team 1; Shield 1; Track 2. IRA MILLER National Merit S c h o larship Finalist 4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; SSO Super¬ visor 4; Personal Monitor 1,2; State Science Fair 2; Gold Pin 2; Silver Pin 3; Science Seminar 2; German Club 2; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Tennis 1,2,4; Swimming 1. MARTY MILLER SSO Supervisor 4; SSM 3; Personal Monitor 2; SSH 3; Baseball 1,2. Student Council 1,2,3,4; Council Secretary 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4; Secretary 4. JACKIE MILLER Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, President 4; Student Council 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 1,3; Girls Glee 3; Typing Monitor 4. RICHARD MILLER Biology Club 2; SSM 2,4; Fall Play 4; Reflections 4; Spring Play 4; International Relations Club 3,4, Vice-President 4; Ski Cl ub 4; Stage Lighting 1,2,4; Thespians 4. 171 MARLA MILTON RICHARD MILLIS Vice President Senior Class 4; Sgt. At Arms Junior Cabinet 3; SSO Supervisor 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Student Union Board 4; Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3. JACK MISE National Merit Finalist 4; Student Union Board Entertainment Chairman 4; SSSH 3; Track 1, 2,3, Shield 1, Minor N, Major N3; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Science Seminar 2; Choir 4; Hi-Y 3,4, Co-ordinator 3, Treasurer 4; N Club 4; SSM3,4. SUSAN MOGILL Golden Galeon 2; Cabinet 1,2; Play Cast 2; Spotlighters 2; SSM 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2,3. ARLENE MORISHITA SSM 1,2,4; Spring Musical 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Thespians 4; Spotlighters 2; Reflections Cast 4, Crew 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Pep Club 2; Spring Play Cast Lead 4. LESLIE MULTACK PETER NEMKOV Senior Class President 4; Spring Play 4. HEATHER NISSENSON National High School Institute, Education Division, Gold Pin and Certificate for Teaching 3; Golden Galleon 3,4, Co-Editor 4; Bronze Pin 3; Blue Certificate 1; American Legion Oratorical Contest 1,2,3,4, third place 2; Fine Arts Club 1,2, Secretary 2; Silver Clipper 2; Student Council 1,2, Parliamentarian 2; Cabinet 4; Philosophy Club, President 3; Debate Club 1,2; Student Union Board 4; Personal Service Monitor 1,2,3. Future Secretaries Association 3,4. RICHARD MITTENTHAL Senior Cabinet 4, Freshman Cabinet 1; Sopho¬ more Cabinet Alternate 2; Student Council 2; Student Council Service Pin 2; Student Council Alternate 1; SSM Supervisor 4; SSSH Chair¬ man 4; SSM 3; Debate 1,2; German Club 1,2; Intremural Tennis 1; Intremural Basketball 2,3. PHILLIP MONSON Junior Cabinet 3; Senior Cabinet 4; Student Union Board 4; Homecoming Committee 4; SSSH Chairman 4; SSM Supervisor 4; First Place State Science Fair Award 2; Illinois Stpte Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4; Biology Club 2; German Club 2; Hi-Y 2; Student Planning Board 2; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Big Brother 2. MARYANN MUDGETT Spanish Club 1. MARIANA MUNK Student Council 4; German Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Homecomi ng Committee 4. GARY NEVINS German Club 2,3,4, President 4; District Science Fair 2; Science Seminar 2; Silver Honor Pin 3; Illinois State ScholarshipSemi-Finalist4; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2. LAWRENCE NOESEN Football 1,2,3. JACQUELINE OLNEY JACK NOVIT JANET OLSON Cheerleader 3,4, Captain 4; Student Council 1,2; Student Union Board 4, Secretary 4; SSO 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Pep Club 1,2, Secretary 2; Loralie 1,2, Vice-President 1, Presi¬ dent 2; Choir 3; Vice-President 3; Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 3; Silver Music Pin 2; G.A.A. 1; German Club I. RICHARD OPENSKY DEBORAH ORZESKE BARRY PASS SSSH Chairman 3,4; Swimming 1; Track 1. MAUREEN PAUL Public Speaking Award 3; Reflections Cast 4; Glee Club 2; Christmas Festival 2; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3. MARCHELLE PERLIN Personal Service Monitor 1; SSO Monitor 1,2; Rotor SSD 2; Spanish Club 1,2. SALLY OLSON Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3; Choir 3,4; Glee 1,2; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Reflections Cast 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Board 2,3; Cabinet Alternate 2; Silver Music Pin 3; Music Certificate 2; Pep Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 2,4. RHODA OPPENHIEMER Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3, 4; G.A.A. 3,4; Library Assistant 1,2,3,4; Spot- lighters 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1,2. LOUIS PAGE SSSH Chairman 4; SSM 2,4; Football 1; Golf 3; Chess Club 1. DAVID PAUL Science Seminar 2; Chess Club 1,2; Band 1,2. RONALD PEARSON Football I; Baseball 2; Spanish Club3; Executive Club 3. PAUL PERSHIN Spanish Club 1; French Club-3; Tennis 1; Golf 2; SSSH 2; SSM 4; Band 1.2. 173 174 Student Union Board sponsors annually the Christmas Dance. This year at " Moonlight and Mistletoe " seniors Richard Randel, Coralie Vodian, and Janet Olson serve refreshments to Larry Wolfinsohn and Sue Berberick. WILLIAM PETERSON National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; District Science Fair 2; Science Seminar 2,3,4; Astronomy Club 3,4; Physics Club 3,4; Biology Club 1,2; Radio Club 1,2; German Club 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4, Shield 1, Minor N 2,3, Major N 4; Cross Country 1,2; SSM 3,4; Epic Staff 4; Personal Monitor 1,2. ELLEN PILDES SSSH Chairman 4; Reflections Staff 4; French Club 3; Fall Play Crew 2; Spring Play Crew 2; Debate Club 1; Band 1; Christmas Festival 1; Philosophy Club 3; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 3; Silver Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate I. SHELDON PLOTKIN Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Stage Band 4; Christmas Festival 3,4; Reflections 3,4; Spring Musical 4; Intramural Tennis 1. DAVID POLAKOFF Student Council 1; Basketball 1, shield 1; Baseball 1, Shield 1; SSO 4, SSSH Chairman 4, Monitor 1,2; Homecoming Committee 1,2. JANICE POTNICK SUSAN POKLOP SSO 3, SSSH Chairman 3, Monitor 3; Reflections 4; Spring Play 1; Girls’ Glee.l, Christmas Festival 1. SUZI POVLO Blue Honor Certificate 1; Student Council 4; SSO 4, SSSH Chairman 4; Reflections 3,4; Crew 1; Spanish Club 3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Ushers Club 3; Homecoming Co-Chairman 4; Big Sister 4; Homeroom Secretary 1; Teachers of Tomorrow 1; G.A.A. 1; Student Union Monitor 4. Student Council 1; G.A.A. 1; Cheerleader 1; Homeroom president 1,2; French Club 1; Spanish Club 2,3; Glee Club 1; Christmas Festival 1; Loralie 1; Third Place State Science Fair Award 2; SSO Monitor 2; Personal Monitor 3; Assistant Head Secretary SSD 4; SSSH Secre tary 4; Epic Staff 4; Reflections 4; Homecoming Court 4. VALERIE POWERS MARVIN PRIMACK SSO 4, Supervisor SSSH 4, SSM 2,3,4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Latin Club 2,3; Football3; Wrestling2,3,4,Minor N 3; Glee 1 LLOYD PRESSMAN SSM 2. RAY PROSS Basketball 1,2; Track 1. MICHAEL PURCELL Cross Country 2,3,4, Minor N 2, Major N 3,4; Captain 2, Best Player Award 3,4; Track 2,3,4, Minor N 2 Major N4; N Club3,4, Vice-President 4; SSO 3,4, SSSH Chairman 3, SSM 3,4. LYNETTE RABIN Junior Cabinet 3; Senior Cabinet Alternate 4; SSSH Secretary 3, Monitor 4; Second Place Science Fair Award 2; German Club 1,2; Foreign Language Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. RICHARD RANDEL SSO Executive Board 4, SSD Supervisor 3, Monitor 2; Student Planning Board 4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4, President 4, Vice-President 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; Silver Honor Pin 2; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Cabinet Alternate 2; Baseball Manager 2. CARL RATH SSO 4; SSSH Chairman 4; Track 3,4; Minor N 3. MARCIA REAM G.A.A. 3; Horseback Riding 3. WILLIAM RICHARDSON Football 1,2,3,4, Shield 1,MinorN2,MajorN 3, 4; Wrestling 1,2, Shield 1, Minor N 2; Track 1, Shield 1; SSM 3,4. JAMES RICK Transferred from Bowen High School 1; Basketball Manager 1; Bowen Newspaper 1; Chess Club 4. BENJAMIN RABIN SSO 4; Monitor 4; SSSH 4; Spanish Club 3,4. DARLEEN RADZIN Transfer from Southwest High School, Kansas City, Missouri 1; SSO; Monitor 4. SHARON RASOF Council Alternate 1; Reflections 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Glee Club 1; Christmas Festival 1; Pep Club 3. RONALD RATNER Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Cabinet 3, Treasurer 3; SSO 2,3,4, SSOMonitor 2,3, Executive Board 4; Ski Club 2,3; Student Union Board 4. JIM REED Track 1,2,3, Minor N 2, Major N 3; Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Minor N 2, Major N 3; Wrestling 1, Minor N 1; N Club 3,4; Hi-Y 4; SSO Monitor 2,3,4, Student Union Monitor 4. STUART RICHTER National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Wrestling Major N 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4, Shield 1,2, Minor N 3, Major N 4; Silver Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; N Club 3,4; Swimming Shield 1,2; SS02,3,4, Supervisor 4, SSSH Officer 3; Personal Monitor 2. BOBBE ROBINS Cabinet Alternate 1; German Club 2; Orchestra 3,4; Glee 1,2; Gold Music Pin 4; Silver Music Pin 3; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; G.A. A. 1; Musical Crew 3. 175 EXCHANGE STUDENT adjusts quickly and easily to RICHARD ROBSON MELVIN ROSEMAN Bronze Honor Pin 2; Gold Certificate 1; Blue Certificate 2; Latin Club 1,2, Secretary 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3; Christmas Festival 3. JIM ROSENZWEIG Gold Music Pin 4. ALAYNA ROTH Silver Honor Pin 3; SSSH Secretary 4; G.A.A. 1; Student Council 1; Future Teachers 1; Home¬ coming Attendant 3; Reflections4; StudentUnion Monitor 4; SSO Monitor 3,4; Spanish Club 2. MARVIN RUBEN Reflections 3; Debate Club 2; Pen-Pal Club 2; Personal Service Monitor 3; Spanish Club 2; Fine Arts Club 2; AVA 4; Library Aid 1. STEPHEN RUBENSTEIN Subscriptions Manager and Copy reading Editor, Reflections 4; Tennis 4; Transferred from Williamsport High School4; Edit r-in-chier Jr. H.S. Literary Magazine 1; Chorus 1,2; Choir 3; Wrestling 2,3; National Jr. Honor Society of Secondary Schools 1,2,3; Certificates of Achieve¬ ment: Susquehanna Valley Science Fair 1; Penna. State Science Fair 1; Class Election Board 3; Class Playreading Committee 3; Class Play Ticket Manager 3; Key Club 3. 176 Student Union Board 4, President 4; SSO Chair¬ man 4; Football Shield 1,2,3, Minor N 3; Track 1,2,3, Shield 1; Basketball 1; Shield 1; Choir 3; Pep Club 2; Planning Board 4; Council Alternate 2 . LAURENCE ROSEN Student Council 1; SSO 4; Supervisor 4, Chair¬ man 4; Personal Monitor 2; German Club 1,2; N Club 3,4; Track 1; Swimming 1,2,3, Minor N 2, Major N 3. SUSAN ROTHBERG Spanish Club 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Glee 2,3; G.A.A. 3. ARTHUR ROTSTEIN Nilehite 2,3,4, Sports Editor 3,4, Editor in Chief 4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 1; Hi-Y 1,2; SSM 4; Latin Club 1. EMMY RUBENSTEIN Student Cabinet 2; SSM 4; Reflections Cast 4; Christmas Festival 1,2; Spring Play 1; Glee 1, 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Spotlighters 1. DAVID RUBIN Bronze Honor Pin 3; SSO 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3. East Mr. John Halberg, Student Council adviser, in¬ troduces Marianne Munk, foreign exchange student from Montevideo, Uruguay, to juniors Ruth Tefka and Joanne Morris. PHYLLIS RUDNET Transferred from Von Steuben; Service Society 3; Teacher ' s Secretary 1,2,3; Office Aid 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Hall Guard 3; Girls ' Glee. Student Council Alternate 2; Cabinet 1; SSO Monitor 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Hi-Y 1,2. DALE SACHNOFF Reflections Revelries 4; Senior Yearbook Staff 4; SSO 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Spring and Fall Play Crew 1,2; Council Alternate 3; Cabinet Alternate 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Spring Play Cast 4. ELLEN SAPOZNIK Cabinet 2; SSSH 4; Reflections Cast 4; Spot- lighters 1,2; Personal Service Monitor 2. GARY SAX Tennis 1,2,3,4; Minor N 2; Major N3.4 - ; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; SSO Super¬ visor 4; SSSH Chairman 4; SSM 3. BENNETT RUDOLPH Fall Play Cast 4; Reflections Cast 4 ; SSM 2,3; Personal Monitor 3. BARBARA SABIN Senior Cabinet 4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Publicity Crew Reflections 2,3,4; Future Nurses Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Spot- lighters 2,3; Spring Play Crew 2,3,4. ADELE SAMPSON Transferred from Evanston High School; Girls ' Club 1,2,3; Homeroom Committee 1,2,3; Musicals 1,2; Girls Chorus 1,2; Assemblies 1,2,3. MARJORIE SARNAT Golden Galleon 3,4, Art Editor; Nilehilite 3,4; Art Editor; Scholastic Art Awards 1,2,3,4; Art Council 1,2,4; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Student Council Alternate 1; SSD 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; Spanish Club 1. ANN SCHACK Senior Cabinet 4; Student Council Alternate 1; Student Council 2; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1; Spanish Club 3; Nilehilite Staff 2; SSM 4; Reflections Cast 4; Internation l Relations Club 3; Fine Arts Club 2. 177 CHERYL SCHINBERG ROBERT SCHILLO SSM 2,4; P.S.O. 3. DARLENE SCHMIDT Silver Honor Pin 3; Gold Certificate 2; Illinois Girls State Representative 3; Cabinet 1,4, Secre¬ tary 4; Student Council 2,3; SSM Head Secretary 3; SSM 1,2,3,4; Student Union Board 4; Home¬ coming Committee 3,4, Chairman 4; Reflections Cast 3; Golden Galleon 3,4; Silver Clipper 1, 2; French Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Foreign Language Club 2; G.A.A. 1; International Re¬ lations Club 3; Pep Club 1; Big Sister 2. SUSAN SCHOLNICK SSO Secretary 3; SSO Receptionist 4; SSO Monitor 4; Reflections Cast 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Personal Service Monitor 2,3; Fall Play Crew 1,2,3; Spring Play Crew 2,3; Spring Play Cast 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Musical Crew 3. KAREN SCHWARTZ Golden Galleon Guild 3,4, Secretary; Silver Clipper 1,2; American Legion Oratorical Contest 2; First Place State Science Fair Award 2; SSSH Secretary 3; Glee 1; Christmas Festival 1. SEYMOUR SCHWARTZ Transferred from Roosevelt High School, 4. SANFORD SCHWIMMER SSM; Spring Play Crew; Fall Play Crew. HAROLD SELZ SSSH 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Council Alternate 1,2. 178 Future Nurses ' Club 1,2,3; Glee 1,2; Fall Play Crew 1,2. DALE SCHMITZER Cheerleader 1,3,4; Junior Cabinet3; SSO Secre¬ tary 3; Personal Service Monitor 4; Reflections Cast 2; Spanish Club 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Home¬ coming Committee 3,4; Student Union Monitor 4; Glee Club 2; Biology Club 2; Pep Club 1,2. KENNETH SCHULTZ SSO Chairman 3,4. MARLENE SCHWARTZ French Club 1; Typing Lab Monitor 4; Pep Club 2; Future Secretaries Association 4. SUSAN SCHWEIT SSO 3,4; SSSH Chairman 4; SSM 3; Cabinet 2, 3; Reflections Staff Co-Chairman 4; Reflections Cast 4, Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Fine Arts Club 3; G.A.A. 1,2. RICHARD SEIGEL Blue Honor Certificate 1; Science Fair Award 2; Hall Monitor 2,3; Student Union Board 4; Home¬ coming Committee 4; SSSH Chairman 4. PETER SERENI Thespians 4; Choir 4; Intramural Sports 2,3; Reflections 3; Personal Monitor 4; Spanish Club 1,2,4; Latin Club 2; Fall Play Cast 3,4. CHRISTOPHER SHAUGHNESSY ELAINE SEZER Honor Club 1,2; Thespians 3,4; Choir 1,2; Masque and Gavel 2; Reflections Cast4; College Club 1,2; Library Assistant 1; Teachers of Tomorrow 1,2; Teacher Assistant 1; Spring Play Cast 2; Fall Play Crew2; Spotlighters3; G.A.A. 2 JAY SHAVIN SSM 4; Swimming; Hi-Y; Debate. MAXINE SHIKOFF Cabinet 3,4; French Club 2,3; Glee 1; Christmas Festival 1; G.A.A. 1,2. National Honor Society 3,4; Science Seminar 3, 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; Silver Honor Pin 2,3; Astronomy Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4; Philosophy Club 2,3; Biology Club 2; District Science Fair 2; Student Council Alternate I. RONALD SHERMAN SSSH officer 4; Monitor 1,2; Spanish Club. ANN SHLENSKY Spanish Club 2,3; SSM 3,4; Usher Club3;G.A.A. 1,2; Future Nurses ' Club p,2; Business Club 1,2; Spotlighters 1. JEFFREY SIEGEL Student Council 3, 4; President4; National Honor Society 3,4; National Thespians 4; SS02; Super¬ visor 2; SSM 3; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Gold Honor Certificate 2; District Science Fair-Place¬ ment 2; Science Seminar 3; French Club 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Fall Play 3,4; Reflections 4; Swimming 1, Shield 1; Planning Board 4; Chair¬ man 4; Code of Ethics Committee3; Local School Exchange 3; Rotary Club Representative 2; School Musicale 3,4. MARLYN SILVER National Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Illinois State Scholar¬ ship Semi-finalist 4; SSSH 3,4, Rater 4; Foreign Language Club, President 2; SSO Monitor 4; Personal Service Monitor 4; Senior Yearbook Staff 4 ; Reflections Crew 2,3; French Club 2,3,4; Arts Club 2,3; Gold Certificates 1,2, Silver Honor Pin 3; Gold Pin 2; Teachers of Tomorrow 1; G.A.A. 1; District Science Fair 1; District French Contest 2. LEONARD SING ER Football 3; Baseball 3; Nilehilite Staff 3. KAREN SLOTKY Student Council 4; SSSH Assistant Chairman 4; Fall Play Cast 4; Reflections Cast 4; Home¬ coming Float Committee 4; Student Union Monitor 4; Cabinet 1, Secretary 1; Spanish Club 3,4; Ushers Club 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Gold Honor Certificate 1,2; Blue Honor Certifi¬ cate 3. JUDITH SIEGAL Senior Cabinet 4; Student Council 1,2; Spring Play 4, Assistant Director 4; Reflections Cast 4; Reflections Crew 3; Fall Play Crew 2; Home¬ coming Committee 4; SSSH Rater 3; Personal Service Monitor 2; Russian Club 2,3, Secretary 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Spotlighters 1; International Relations Club 3. BRUCE SILVERSTEIN Fall Play Crew 2,3,4; Reflections Crew 1,2,3,4; Stage Lighting Club 3,4, President 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Major and Minor N in Drama; Christmas and May Music Festivals 1,2,3,4, Lighting and Sound 2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4, Lighting and Sound 3,4; Spring Play Crew 1,2; AVA 1,2,3,4; Operator ' s Club 1,2; Philosophy Club 2, Student Union Board 4; Lafin Club 2; Spotlighters I. MARIA SINKUS Glee 1,2,3,4; Christmas Festival 4; Spring Play Cast 2; Spring Play Crew 3,4; Spotlighters 2. ARNOLD SLIVE SSO Officer 4; Spanish Club 3. 179 HARVEY SLUTZKY Swimming 1,2,3; N Club 1,2,3; Track 1; Football 1; SSM 2. JAMES SMITH SSM 3. JOY SNYDER National Science Foundation Scholarship at Loyola University; Golden Galleon 3,4, Editor 4; Science Seminar 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi¬ finalist 4; Cabinet, Vice-President I; Silver Honor Pin 3, Gold and Blue Certificates 1,2; Arts Club 1,2; Student Council Alternate 2; Philosophy Club 3; Foreign Language Club 2. SHARON SOROSKY Ushers Club 4; Reflections Crew 3,4; Musical Crew 3; Spring Play Crew 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Personal Service Monitor 1,2; Future Teachers 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. MARK STALLMAN SSM 2; Biology Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3; In¬ termural Tennis 3. ROBERT STEFFECK SSO 3,4, Supervisor4; SSSH Officer 3,4; Monitor 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Shield 1,2; Minor N 3; Track 1,2,3,4; Shield 1,2; Minor N 3; Football 1; Shield 1; Student Council Alternate 1,2. JACK STEIN SSM 1,2,4; Physics Club 4; Hi-Y 1; Spanish Club 2 MICHAEL SMALLER SSM 2,3; Hi-Y 1,2; Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Swimming 1; Wrestling 1; Band 1. JEFFREY SMITH Science Seminar 3; German Club 1,2; Monitor 2; Cabinet Alternate 2. CHARLES SOLOMON Senior Cabinet 4; Homecoming Committee Chairman 4; Student Union Moitor 4; Epic Staff 4; Fall Play 3,4; Musicale 3,4; Spring Play 4; Reflections Cast 3,4; Reflections Yearbook Staff 4; Thespians 3,4; Student Council 1; Steering Group 3,4; Spotlighters 2,3; Choir I; Glee I; Spanish Club 2,3,4. AARON STAL Basketball 2; AVA 4; SSM 2,4; Hi-Y 4; Inter¬ national Relations Club 4; Track I. GARY STEADMAN Homecoming Committee 4; SSSH 4; SSM 4; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Float Chairman 3; Swimming 2. ROBERT STEIN SSM 1,2,3,4; Art Council 4; Football 1,2; Wrestling I; First Place State Science Fair Award I; District Science Fair Placement 2. SHERRY STEIN Glee Club 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Future Teachers Club 2; Reflections Cast 3; Ushers Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; SSO 3, SSSH Secretary Rater; SSM 3; Dramatics Club 1; Slide Rule Club I. PETER STEPHENS ROBERT STRAND Student Council 1; Sophomore Cabinet 2; SSSH 4; SSM 3,4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Hi-Y 1; German Club 2. LINDA SWERINSKY Glee; Christmas Festival; G.A.A.; Spanish Club. MIRIAM TANGUL Silver Honor Pin 3; Fall Play Cast 4; Reflections 4; Thespians 4; Reflections Staff 4; Student Council 1,2; Cheerleader 2; Choir 2; Glee I; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2. ALAN STERN SSM 3; Sophomore Cabinet 3; Council Alternate 1; Wrestling 2,3; Minor N 2; Major N 3; Gym¬ nastics 1; Minor N I; Football 1,2,3,4; Shield 1; Minor N 2; Major N 4; N Club 3,4; Fall Play Crew 4; Homecoming Float 4. ALICE SWANSON Executive Secretary for Ticket Management and Control 4; Personal Service Monitor 3; Teachers of Tomorrow I; Spanish Club 2. JUSTINE SWIDER National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commen¬ dation 4; Reflections Staff Co-Chairman4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; Nilehilite Staff 2; SSO Monitor 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; French Club 1, 2,3; Teachers of Tomorrow 1; First Place State Science Fair Award I; Silver Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate I; Sophomore Cabinet Alter¬ nate 2. MICHAEL TANSEY Swimming 1,2,3; Football 1,2; Track 1. MARIE THEIS ROBERT TODD Football 1,2; Track I; Band 1,2; PSO 3,4, President 4; SSSH Chairman 4; Student Union Monitor 4; Nilehilite Photography 3. ELAINE TRAIFOROS Choir 4; Lorelei 3,4, President 4; Student Con- distor 4; Glee 2,3; Student Conductor 3; SSSH Secretary 3; Pep Club 3. WILLIAM TOELKE Student Council 2; Cabinet 4; SSO Supervisor 4; Second Place Science Fair Award 2; Choir 3,4; Silver Music Pin 3; Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; N Club 3,4. LORRETTA TRENDLER Choir 3,4; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; May Festival 1,2,3,4; Gold Music Pin 3; Silver Music Pin 2; Musicale 3,4; Lorelei 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Glee 1.2. Robert Golden waves confidentally to fellow seniors as he and Allan Kirshner, Carl Rath, Robert Finn, Art Rotstein, and Ike Heller prepare themselves for the junion-senior tug-o-war. SHEILA TROTCKY French Club 1,2,3; Fine Arts Club I; G.A.A. I; Foreign Languqge Club 2; Spring Play Crew I; Reflections Crew 2; Pep Club 1. LESTER TUROVITZ Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; Latin Club 1; Track 1. BRUCE VARON HARRIET VERBIN Student Council 3,4; Reflections Staff 2, Activities Co-Editor 3, Assistant Editor-in-Chief 4; Nilehilite Staff 2,3; Reflections Revelries 3,4; Lorelei 1,2,3, 4; Choir 3,4; Homecoming Committee, 4; Student Union Board 4; Musical Student Director 4; Epic Staff 4; Student Code of Ethics Committee 3; Cabinet Alternate 3; French Club 1,2,3,4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Gold Music Pin 3; Silver Music Pin 2; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Spotlighters 1; Pep Club 1,2; Girls Glee 1,2; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Musical Publicity Co-Chairman 3; D.A.R. Citizen¬ ship Award 4. RONALD TUTT SSSH Chairman 4; SSO Monitor 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2. JOHN VAUGHN CHARLES VETZNER National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; SSO Executive Board Head 4; 5SM Supervisor Head Supervisor SSSH 4; SSD Supervisor 3; Blue Honor Certifi¬ cate I; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Student Council 1; Sophomore Cabinet 2; Big Brother 2; Hilehilite Staff 3; Foreign Language Club 1. DARLENE VIDOCK Future Secretaries Association 3,4; Spanish Club 1; SSO Monitor 4. CATHERINE WAGNER National Honor Society 3,4; Personal Service Monitor 3,4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Board 3,4; Girls Glee 1; Foreign Language Club 2. CORALIE VODIAN Cabinet Secretary 3; SSSH Assistant Head 3,4; Union Board 4; SSSH Secretary 3; SSO Monitor 2; Ski Club 4; Homecoming Committee 2,4; Spanish Club 3; Arts Club 1; Glee Club 1. SUSAN WAINBERG Future Nurses ' Club 1,2; German Club 1,2. 182 ILENE WALLER Junior Cabinet 3; Senior Cabinet Alternate 4 SSM 4; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Reflections 4 Spring Play 4; Assistant Costume Supervisor Spanish Club; G.A. A. International Relations Club; Spotlighters. FRANCES WEINMAN Quill and Scroll 4; West Nilehilite, Editor-in- Chief 2; Nilehilite, News Editor 4; Golden Galleon 3,4; Silver Clipper 1,2; SSO Secretary 3; Spanish Club 3; Arts Club 1,2; Student Council Alternate I; Gold Honor Pin 2. HELEN WEBER ALICE WEINSTEIN Future Nurses Club I; Spanish Club 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 4; G.A.A. 1,3; Glee Club 2; Christmas Festival 2; SSM 4; Foreign Language Club 1. DONNALEE WEINSTEIN Correspondence Editor of Newspaper 2; Alternate for Girls State 3; Prom Chairman 3; Chairman of Homecoming Dance Decorations; Senior Cabinet 4; Junior Cabinet 3; Student Council; Homecoming Committee Public Rela¬ tions; Library Assistant; Office Monitor; SSO Supervisor; Monitor; French Club; Teachers of Tomorrow; Spotlighters; G.A.A. ROBERT WEINSTEIN National Honor Society 3,4; Gold Honor Certificate 1; Silver Honor Pin 2; Silver Honor Pin 3; District Science Fair Placement 2; School Science Fair 1,2; Wrestling 2,3,4, Shield 2, Minor N 3, Major N 4; Homecoming Committee 4; German Club 2; Foreign Language Club 2; Personal Monitor 4; Council Alternate 2; SSM 1,2,3, Captain 2. BARRY WEINTRAUB THOMAS WEISE Newspaper 1; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 4. GAIL WEISS SSM Supervisor 4; SSD Supervisor 3; SSO Monitor 2; Reflections Crew 3,4; Spring Play Crew 3,4; Spanish Club 3. NADINE WEISS Teachers of Tomorrow 4; Senior Yearbook Staff 4; Austin Student Government 1; G.A.A. 2; Monitor 1; Ballet 1; Pep Club 1. SSM Assistant Head Secretary 4; Personal Service Monitor 2; Cabinet Alternate 2; Science Fair l; Girls Glee 1; Future Secretaries 4. L YNN WEISZ Cabinet Alternate 4; SSH Secretary 4, Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate I; Band 1,2,3, Silver Music Pin 3; FTH 1,2,3,4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4. DANIEL WERSHOW National Merit Finalist 4; National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award 4; Fall Play Cast 3; Fall Play Crew 2,4; Spring Play Cast 2,4; Reflections Crew 3; Thespians 3; SSH Assistant Chairman 3; SSM4; Nilehilite Assistant Editor 3, Assistant Feature Editor 4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; Stage Lighting Club 4; Spotlighters 2; Epic Staff 4. KATHRYN WELLS Loralie 3,4; Choir 3,4; Ripeletts 3,4, President; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Cabinet 1, Alternate 2; SSM 1,2,3,4; Epic Staff 4; Silver Music Pin 4; Christ¬ mas Festival 3,4; Pep Club 4; Homecoming Committee 1. SAMUEL WERNICK Student Union Board 3; SSO Supervisor 4; Wrestling 2,3. 83 LYNNE WHITEFIELD Reflections Cast 3; SSSH 3; Ushers Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1; Girls Glee 2; Teachers of Tomorrow 1. DAWN WILINKIN SSD Rater 3; Pep Club 1,2; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 2. ALAN WINTER Golden Galleon 3,4; Silver Clipper 1,2; Yearbook 4; Student at National High School Institute School of Journalism, NU 3; SSO 4; Fall Play; Tennis; German Club; Cabinet. RICHARD WOLLACK Cabinet 2,3,4; Council; SSO 3,4; SSM2; Spanish Club; Swimming; Gym Leader Club 2; Hi-Y; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Gold Certificate 2; Repre¬ sentative to Rotary Club Luncheon 4; Alternate of " Its Academic " TV Show4; Illinois State Scholar¬ ship Semi-finalist 4. RICHARD YOUNG FRANCINE ZAK Future Secretaries 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; SSSH 2; Pen Pal Club 4; Pep Club 1,2; Teachers of Tomorrow 2. JOEL ZIMMERMAN Science Seminar; SSSH Chairman; Math Club; Freshman Science Club 1; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; Silver Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2. JOSEPH WILSON Industrial Arts Club 2,3,4, Officer 4; Personal Monitor 4. LARRY WOLFINSOHN Swimming 1,2,3,4, Minor N I, Major N 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4, Minor N 2, Major N 3,4; N Club 2,3,4; SSO Supervisor 4; SSO Chairman 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3; Blue Honor Certificate 2; Student Union Monitor 4. RICHARD YOUNG SSO Supervisor 4; Football 3; Wrestling 2; International Relations Club 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Hi-Y 1; Intermural Basketball 3. tL - ARNOLD ZANN HERB ZAROV National Merit Semi-finalist 4; Swimming Shield 1, Minor N 2,3, Major N 4; SSM Supervisor 4; SSD Assistant Supervisor 3; Silver Honor Pin 3; Bronze Pin 2,3; Blue Honor Certificate 1,2; N Club 4; Sports Editor Yearbook 4; Cabinet Alternate 3; Hi-Y 1. 184 LESTER ASCHER RONALD GALE LILLIAN SHERMAN Golden Galleon Ouild 3; Nilehilite 3,4; National Thespian Society, Vice-President 3; Spring Play Crew; Fall Play Crew; Reflections Crew; Folk¬ singing Club 4; G.A.A. Transferred from Lane 1; Art Council 1,2,3; Scholastic Art Certificate 2,3; Scholastic Art Gold Key 3. NOT PICTURED EUGENE ADELMAN P.S.O. 3. RAUL BLANCO Transferred from St. Rita ' s 4. EARL BROCATO KENNETH CATELLIER I LANA DINITZ Spanish Club I; Spring Play 4; G.A.A. 1,4; Future Secretaries 3. SUSIE FIAN Student Council Alternate 1; SSM 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Fall Ploy Crew I. STUART FINE SSSH 4; Bronze Honor Pin 3. SUSAN GRECU Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club I; G.A.A. 1,2,4. HELENE HARWOOD Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Gold Music Pin 1; Silver Music Pin 2; Spanish Club 3; Cabinet Alternate 3; Loralie 3,4; Christmas Festival 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. I; Pep Club 1. MIKE KAGAN Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Shield 1, Minor N 3, Major N 4; Track 1, Minor N 1. KAREN KINSCH SSD Officer 3, Personal Service Monitor 2, Cabinet 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Glee 1; Pep Club I; Musical 1; Christmas Festival 1. MIKE KLUG SSO 4, SSSH 4; Choir 4; Christmas Festival 4; Musical 4; Football 3; Wrestling 2. EILEEN LIBBY Personal Service Monitor 2; French Club 1,2; Reflections Senior Staff 4; Girls ' Glee 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Twirlers Treasurer 2,3; Ripplettes 3,4; Future Teachers Club 1; Christmas Festival 4; Musical 4; Modern Dances 3; Prom Committee 3; Foreign Language Club 2; Mock Constitutional Convention 4; Steering Group 4. TED MAURER Glee 2; Choir 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Pen Pal Club 2; Student Union Board 4; Planning Board 4; Silver Music Pin 3; Christmas Festival 2,3,4. JOHN PAPANDREA Football, Honorable Mention All State, All Northern and First Team 4; All Suburban Area Squad; Wrestling Fifth in State 3; Senate Repre¬ sentative 4; Wrestling First District Second Sectional 3. STEVE ROTFELD RONALD RUDI GERALD PETER WAGNER Student Union Board 4; Hi-Y 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Student Council 1. " Away we go!“ these seniors shout as their Bike Day excursion gathers steamdespite the cancellation of the East-West baseball game which was the original destination. " Let ' s GO Nilehi! " " Let ' s WIN Nilehi! " The senior section leads the bravado of a gymnasium Pep Rally. " Where did these four years go? " might well be the thought in the minds of many of these senior class members as they listen to their class officers outlining graduation procedures in one of the frequent class meetings in preparation for the event. And the Work And the Fun And the Meetings End with . . . GRADUATION GRADUATION GRADUATION June 12, 1963 ■ ATON GRADUATION GRADUATION rAlULIV FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY English department member Paul Eberhardt is deep in thought as he prepares lecture material in the faculty professional library. FACULTY CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION The central administration is the highest organ in the high school system. This group includes the superintendent, the board of education, and the directors of different departments. The central administration considers all the problems that affect Niles East and Niles West. Dr. Clyde Parker Superintendent A MESSAGE From The SUPERINTENDENT: The yearbook presents an image of the academic, social, and activity sides of a high school as it is envisioned by the students preparing it. Although the pictures, the names, and the narrative are important now, they will become more important as the years pass, and as the students take hold of life ' s responsibilities to family and society. Through the years, the yearbook will not only become a keepsake, but in a true sense, it will become a memory book. The months and years move on, high school and commencement appear to be farther and farther away, but reflections on high school days will continue in the minds of graduates all their lives. May these pages become golden pages of history. May they recall for many years the glorious springtime of life. —Dr. Clyde Parker 190 Board of Education Members: Standing, Mr. Kenneth E. Littrell, Mr. Milton Falkoff, Mr. Harold E. Atchinson. Seated: Mrs. Herman S. Block, Dr. John H. H. Speer (President), Mr. John M. Mau, Dr. Francis J. Saunders. BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. Stuart Anderson Assistant Superintendent Mr. Paul L. Houghton Assistant Superintendent ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENTS 191 CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION DIRECTORS Mr. Harold R. Ohlson Director: Research, Publications, and Community Relations Mr. Orland Ruyle Director: Adult Evening and Summer School Mr. John Anderson Buildings and Grounds Supervisor. Standing: Mr. Clifford Herbst, Assistant Business Man¬ ager. Seated: Mr. Charles Coker, Business Manager. PARENT-TEACHER ORGANIZATION Parent-Teacher Association Officers: Standing; Mrs. Ely Tzin- berg (1st V. Pres.), Mrs. Fred Bush (Treas.), Mrs. Victor Ras¬ mussen (Corr. Sec.). Seated: Mrs. Philip Reifman (Pres.), Dr. Keith Kavanaugh. Absent: Dr. John Harris (2nd V. Pres.), Mrs. Robert Green (Rec. Sec.). The Nilehi-East Parent-Teacher Association works to foster a closer relationship between the students, faculty and administration. PTA also ac¬ quaints parents with the school curriculum, extra¬ curricular activities, and school relations and calls their attention to the needs of the school. It gives parents an opportunity to evaluate and discuss the school program and services and to work with the students and school personal toward improvement. The Nile-A-Gram, the PTA news¬ letter, keeps both parents and teachers up to date on all PTA events. The refreshment stands at home football games are operated by parents through the PTA. Monthly " Coffee Chats " held at Niles provide an informal atmoshpere in which parents, faculty and administrative officials can discuss school issues. This year, as in the past, the PTA Open House proved to be a huge success. EAST BOOSTERS’ CLUB Working along the same lines as the Parent- Teacher Association, the Boosters Club is also concerned with the welfare and interests of the Nilehi student, especially in the field of athletics. They also sponsor the athletic banquets which are held at the end of each season. Each spring the Boosters organize a Sports Spectacular featur¬ ing activities of the athletic department. These are just two of the many worth-while projects accomplished by the Niles East Boosters Club. Niles East Boosters Club: Standing, Mr. Meyer Shearn (Pres.), Dr. J. Keith Kavanaugh (Principal), Mr. Marvin Ihne (Asst. Principal), Mr. Art Wittkamp (Treas.). Seated: Mr. Hy Perelgut, (V. Pres.), Mr. Orrin Wolf (Sect.). 193 EAST ADMINISTRATION A MESSAGE From The PRINCIPAL: Our American way of life is not an accident; it is the result of the faiths, of the hopes and aspirations, of the toil and sacrifice, of the imaginatipn and ingenuity of our forebears. It is a great heritage. It is a heritage of promise-a promise to all individuals that as members of our society they may develop their talen’s to the utmost. Students of Nilehi, you are. part of this great heritage. You are part of it because you have been formed by it and have assimilated the values and Concepts of our history. You are part of it be¬ cause even now and in the years to come, you will be developing, enlarging, and making our way of life more meaningful. Welookto you to so bear your responsibilities as citizens that you will bring to our community and nation a better and more complete understanding of the meaning of democracy and a deeper and more complete appreciation of its tenets. J. Keith Kavanaugh ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTORS The efficiency with which our school operates is due to the farreaching capabilities of the Niles East Administration. By providing for the specific needs of the individual, the administration guides the student toward his future goal. Administrative assistance aids the student in his selection of the appropriate subjects and extra-curricular activities best suited to his abilities and future plans. Although primarily concerned with the students, the administration also strives for better parent- teacher-student relations, for the administration feels that parent cooperation is an essential part o f the school curriculum. To produce worthy American citizens is the administration ' s ultimate aim as it continues to develop new ideas and con¬ cepts in teaching skills and school organization. Mr. Jack B. Spatafora Student Activities Director Mr. James Miller Student Accounting Director Dr. Kavanaugh discusses day to day administrative problems and coordinates the efforts of his staff in weekly administrative meetings in his office. 195 FACULTY assets are knowledge All Niles Township teachers listen to East ' s newly organized Stage Band as they perform at the Annual Institute Day. Leo Provost directs the talented ensemble. Ronald Albiani Psychology, Social Studies Dr. Daniel Albright English Department Chairman Sara Aslanian Mathematics Earle S. Auge William M. Baillie Vocal and Instrumental English Music Department Chairman Norma A. Barts Social Studies Don G. Beardsley Kay Beck Science Foreign Language Susan Bennett Theodore A. Beranis Dr. John L. Betts Sarah Blacher Foreign Language English Social Studies English Donald W. Blair E. Robert Bluege Foreign Language Business Education Department Chairman Robert J. Botthof Susan H. Bowersox Julie Ann Brazil Guidance Counselor Guidance Counselor English Marvin L. Brett Mathematics and service A competent, inquiring and dedicated faculty is a school ' s greatest assurance that its students will enter the adult world as society ' s greatest asset - the educated individual. Nilehi ' s faculty continuously strengthens this assurance as its mem¬ bers each year open young eyes and excercise young minds as each studentsearchesfor meaning in our modern world. Rhoda Brown C. E. Burgener David Burgett Mathematics Science Industrial Arts Department Chairman Department Chairman John R. Burkel Physical Education Florence Butler Howard M. Byram Home Economics Physical Education Department Chairman Jean Canning Pete J. Carr English Art Aldo Ceresa Social Studies Mildred Louise Cheadle William R. Collien Everett A. Colton Business Education Science Social Studies Joan Coon Business Education Diane M. Courtright Foreign Language Lillian Cutter Special Education Gen til Da Rosa Foreign Language Diane Dean Edward F. Degenhardt Physical Education Science Karl E. De Jonge Social Studies Gail Dent English Marlene Diemecke Foreign Language James R. Dorsey Driver Education Carol Drake Physical Education Shelby Jean Dunivant Physical Education 197 to the second annual game played this year. Jack Emery Valmer D. Erickson Sue Evangelista Guidance Counselor Guidance Counselor Home Economics L. M. Eyermann H. G. Ewing Patricia M. Fagan George Fink Norman L. Frey Irene Garrigan Science Social Studies Foreign Language Electricity English Librarian Alice Green Janice E. Griffeth C Jean Hagemann Mildred J. Hall John W. Hallberg Richard T. Haselton English English Foreign Language Mathematics Social Studies Physical Education Department Chairman Alan Haskell William R. Henderson O. T. Hendrickson William R. Henry Earl E. Hoff Ada Immel Mathematics Driver Education Business Education Mathematics Mathematics Business Education Department Chairman 198 David T. Jackson Sharon Jenkins Joy A. Jirik Jeffrey Josephson R. E. Kauffmann Robert D. Keen Social Studies Mathematics English English Guidance Counselor Science Thomas J. Kiviluoma Mathematics Department Chairman Peter J. La Forge Lois Lamberg English Foreign Language Virginia Landwehr Guidance Counselor David W. Lange Science Donald Larson Physical Education Jane Legge Librarian Marilyn Levy Hazel Loew Herminia M. Lopez Verniel Lundquist English Art Foreign Language English Department Chairman David D. McCarrell Andy Maggio Physical Education Metals, AVA Coordinator Gordon J. Malone Business Education K. L. Martyn Jean Massmann Richard L. Matthies William Meles Science Registered Nurse Guidance Counselor Industrial Arts Donald E. Marsh Science James Meyer Science Ted L. Meyer Mathematics James A. Michael Social Studies H. Stephen Morgan Business Education Sue Morgan John Moshak English Foreign Language Richard K. Murphy Mathematics Eileen Nahm Home Study Instructor Eugene D. Napier Business Education N. M. Odlivak Physical Education Barbara Olson Physical Education William Osness Social Studies Myra Z. Robinson pat Rooney George Roth Scie nce Driver Education Science Joe Rusk Physical Education r Nancy Samson Physical Education Barbara Scarbrough Registered Nurse George Scherb Imogene Schneiter Alvin Schwartz Social Studies English English Merron Serom Dennis Snider Albert Soglin Guidance Counselor English Mathematics 200 Joanne Starkey Lawrence A. Starr Social Studies Mathematics Virginia K. Stemp L. K. Taylor Drama. Public Speaking Librarian Anita Te Hennepe Richard Tendick English English Margaret White Leonard M. Winans Hayward L. Wood English Physical Education Social Studies D. B. Wright Robert Yeisley George Yursky Dr. Bernard Zagorin Barbara G. Zika Social Studies English Mathematics Social Studies Social Studies 201 FACULTY CONCLUDED Not Pictured James M. Douglass John R. Riccitelli Orchestra and Music Theory Physical Education Jean Jackson English Keith Robinson Business Education Joyce Rosley Physical Education Mary Valenta Physical Education Leo P. Babcock Robert Mackey The faculty, administration, supporting staff and students at Niles East wish to ex¬ tend their warmest wishes for many happy years to come to Mr. Leo Babcock, who retired this year, and Mr. Robert Mackey, who retired at the conclusion of the-1961-62 school year. Faculty member and varsity gymnastics coach John Ricitelli has just presented the Illinois Athletic Association ' s Second Place State Gymnastics Trophy to Jr. Keith Kava- naugh as the student body cheers at the Spring Awards Assembly. SUPPORTING STAFFS Administrative Secretaries: Standing, Mrs. JuneSchmit- zer (Dr. Kavanaugh). Seated, Mrs. Sylvia Terman (Mr. Ihne). Absent; Mrs. Mary Vrablik(Dr. Harris). Main Office Clerks: Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Mrs. Alice Pazen, and Mrs. Gloria Schabilion. What would Niles East do without the support¬ ing staff? This special group of individuals includes the audio-visual, cafeteria, custodial, library, and office staffs. These staffs create a smooth function¬ ing background for the activities of the school. Records, tape-recorders, slides, and films are supervised by the audio-visual aids staff. The library staff aids the student in finding different materials for his research papers. The staff ' s every¬ day duty consists of checking library books in and out. Our cafeteria staff plans and prepares daily meals for over 3,000 students, teachers, and school personal. School maintenance is the responsibility of our ever-present and ever-ready custodial staff. Tasks from the preparation of the daily bulletin to student registration are the re¬ sponsibility of the office staff. Receptionists: Standing, Miss Janet Curtis. Seated; Mrs. Shirley Hodge. East Central Office Business Representative: Miss Theresa Schweitzer 203 Library Clerks, Left to right; Miss Anne Olson, Mrs. RaeZel Tabel, and Mrs. Dorthy Emerich. Guidance Office Clerks, Left to right; Mrs. Virginia Chichanski, Mrs. Lorraine Carlington, Mrs. Elna Prato, (Registrar), and Mrs. Harriet Kneip. Audio-visual Clerk Miss Nathalie Young I IBM Clerks, Standing; Mrs. Garnet Faulkner. Seated: Mrs. Bernice Wilke. SUPPORTING Student Accounting Clerks: Standing; Mrs. AnnetteWal- ter. Seated; Mrs. Eleanor Mueller. 204 Cafeteria Staff: Back Row : D. Wyzgala, L. Snart, D. Struck, V. Argir, J. Rhodes, E. Krueger, E. Hennig, N. Knepper, First Row; R. Lundin, V. Knepper,M. Cannon, E. Jolly, J. Pross, M. Myszka, H. Zajac, E. Scheibe. K. Norman. Seated: R. Krause, E. Thomas, M. Valk, L. Maki, D. Aherndt, |. Steek (Supervisor), M. Koss, I. Hansen, H. Larkin. STAFFS continued Head Custodian Mr. Jules Roels Custodial Staff: Back Row : L. Reed, W. Geeraerts, J. Seyera, D. Szumnarski. Second Row : A. Linnaberry, J. Roberts, H. Rusterberg, L. Genrich, F. Studin. First Row; W. Kolbus, B. Gruns, C. Mastro, S. Sutera. 205 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The people. . .the places. . .the traditions. . .they all makeup the pages in a yearbook, but the heart of the book and the final product itself can be attributed only to the following individuals and firms, whose able assistance and deep concern make this book the best possible. To Mr. Theodore Beranis, general staff adviser, Mr. Jeff Josephson, senior staff adviser, and Mr. Marvin Ihne, administrative adviser, we say thank you for the devotion and gui¬ dance you gave us. We are greatly indebted to the Norman King Company, publishers, and Root Studio Incorporated, photographers, whose technical assistance was invaluable in all aspects of the book. Our deep appreciation goes to the members of the general and senior staffs. Without their work and enthusiasm, this book could never have been created. Alan Winter - Editor-in-chief Harriet Verbin - Assistant Editor Reflections 1963 General Staff Editor -in- chief . Assistant editor. Treasurer . Subscriptions and Copyreading editor Academics. Activities. Special Events. Sports. Girls Athletic Association Portraits. Senior Staff Co-chairmen Staff. . . Alan Winter . . Harriet Verbin . .Fern Nadler . Steve Rubenstein . . Helene Levin (editor), Shelley Lewis, Sharon Natenberg Merle Jacob (editor), Carol Zimmerman, Ellen Pil- des, Carol Estrin Joan Kroichick (editor), Richard Felt . 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Malfar, Harlan E. 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Siegman, Joanne M. 132 Tripp, James M. 133 Silberstein, Lili 132 Trobe, Peter M. 133 Silver, Vicky D. 132 Troesch, Craig T. 133 Silverman, Charles S. 133 Tselekis, Fotenie N. 133 Simon, Jill A. 132 Turk, Gary M. 133 Singer, Sheila 132 Upin, Ira 79, 133 Siwek, Victoria Y. 68, 132 Urman, David M. 133 Sizemore, Linda G. 132 Uzemack, Edward M. 133 Skerven, Patricia A. 132 Van Steven, Michael 133 Skol, David P. 73, 132 Vanommering, Kenneth 81, 133 Skolnik, Linda M. 132 Varallo, James J. 133 Skolnik, Robert B. 132 Vega, Anita L. 99, 133 Slutzky, Jay A. 132 Vihon, Brian P. 133 Smith, Deborah L. 27, 132 Wagner, Joanne 133 Smith, Jeffrey S. 132 Waldfogel, Ruth E. 133 Smith, Richard G. 73, 132 Walsh, Stephen W. 133 Smith, Sue E. 132 Wanaski, Catherine A. 70, 71, 133 Snedeker, Adele K. 73, 132 Ward, Darina 133 Solberg, Gail D. 132 Ware, Kathleen M, 133 Solomon, Howard M. 132 Warren, Linda L. 71, 133 Solomon, Mark S. 132 Watts, Collett A. 133 Solomon, Sheryl M. 132 Waysdorf, Karen A. 98, 133 Sonheim, Anice 132 Weber, John A. 79, 133 Sonkin, Linda H. 73, 132 Weber, Steven R, 133 Sorg, Tom J. 87, 132 Weber, Warren A. 73, 133 Sostrin, Jack M. 133 Weichmann, John V. 133 Spain, Gregory C. 89, 132 Weil, Cher yl A. 72, 133 Spiegel, Carol A. 72, 132 Weiner, Alan H. 133 Spitzer, Jeff M. 79, 132 Weiner, Barbara 133 Stadelmann, Jean D. 132 Weiner, David E. 133 Stein, Lynn A. 132 Weisman, Judith A. 133 Stein, Paula D. 132 Weiss, Sanford L. 133 Stein, Renee A. 132 Weissman, Allen 133 Steinberg, Dale 71, 132 Weissman, Frederick 133 Steinberg, Sharyn 1. 132 Weisz, Arlene N. 133 Steinhardt, Robert 132 Weitzmon, Craig W. 133 Stender, Paul A. 132 Wells, Dale A. 133 Stern, Paula J. 132 Wells, Diane P. 133 Stevens, Deborah K. 71, 132 Wenger, Betty R. 133 Stevens, Linda R. 1 32 Wentink, Allan J. 68, 79, 133 Stluka, Thomas 133 Wichert, Donald B. 133 Stolerow, Steven M. 133 Widman, Stuart M. 87, 133 Struck, James A. 133 Wieska, Roger J. 133 Strull, Karen R. 133 Wilhelmson, Nancy R. 70, 133 Strumph, Linda B. 133 Williams, Mark B. 133 Strunk, Harvey W. 133 Wiser, William 79, 133 Sucherman, Edward S. 133 Witcher, Linda R. 98, 133 Sutton, Alan B. 133 Witkov, Michael J. 133 Sutton, John O. 79, 133 Wolff, Anita D. 133 Swartwout, Susan K. 100, 133 Wolpoff, Barry N. 133 Wood, Kenneth M. 133 Yagoda, Rosalyn A. 133 Yelner, Bonnie S. 133 Young, Lonne N. 133 Zee, Donna B. 72, 133 Ziegler, Steve M. 79, 133 Zindell, Steven M. 133 Zucker, Fern 133 Zweig, Elissa L. 133 SOPHOMORES Aboav, Gizella 134 Abrams, Wendy 134 Adam, Judith 141 Adams, David G. 134 Agoranos, George 1 34 Akerlund, Linda 71,98, 134 Albrecht, Kathleen 66, 134 Alpert, Marlene 134 Andalman, David 134 Anderson, Douglas A. 73, 134 Anderson, Frances K. 71, 134 Anderson, Steven 134 Anderson, Wayne 134 Applin, Diane D. 72, 134 Arndt, Bonnie R. 134 Atkin, Barbara 57, 134 Avon, Louis 134 Babetch, Renee 134 Babis, Barbara 134 Baer, Roger C. 134 Bairn, Howard 1 34 Balas, Glenn 134 Balkin, Claudia J. 134 Barbera, Adeline 134 Barnett, Bruce A. 134 Barnett, Edward 141 Barnow, Burt 134 Baron, Lawrence 134 Barringer, Dean S. 134 Baumann, Robert 78, 134 Baumgarten, Darlene 57, 134 Bearak, Seymour 49, 62, 141 Becker, llene J. 134 Becker, Linda 134 Becker, Steve 134 Becker, Rita L. 141 Bell, Stanley J. 141 Bell, Maris 134 Bell, Mark A, 134 Belicove, Henry 134 Belue, Evelyn L. 134 Benjamin, Anita 134 Benjamin, Mary A. 134 Berger, Arthur 78, 134 Berger, Corwyn, 134 Berger, Marilyn 134 Berke, Ri cki 134 Berkson, Dennis 84, 141 Berkson, Edward 1 34 Berman, Jo A. 134 Bernstein, Meryl 134 Bernstein, Stanley 134 Biss, Francee 134 Balckman, Wendy 134 Bloom, Donald 135 Bloom, Kurt 135 Masque and Gavel pin Thespian pin Blumberg, Joel 78, 135 Blumenfeld, Freddie 135 Blustein, Jacquelyn 135 Bobren, llene 71,98, 135 Bolnick, Bonnie 135 Bonow, James 91, 135 Boren, Maureen 135 Botner, Johnny 135 Boukas, James 135 Boyer, Helene 135 Boyer, Sherry 135 Brainin, Andrea 62, 135 Brandel, Lynn 135 Brenner, Larry J. 135 Bricker, Helen 135 Brody, Michelle R. 135 Brookens, Robert 135 Brown, Barbara 71, 135 Brown, Jill 135 Brown, Mary B. 135 Brummett, Robert 135 Buehlman, Glenn 135 Burdeen, David 135 Bush, EllenS. 134, 135 Bushier, Faye 135 Cabot, Edward 134, 135 Caile, Jane E. 141 Cannon, Margaret Capitel, Susan 71, 135 Capsuto, Linda 135 Carlson, Susan 1 35 Carren, Howard L. 135 Carter, Diana 135 Casbarian, Carol 71, 135 Catellier, Mary A. 135 C vanaugh, Robert 71, 81, 141 Cech, John 91, 135 Chaitkin, Stuart 68, 135 Chalfie, Martin L. 60,91, 134, 135 Cheney, Barbara 71, 105, 135 Chertack, Neil 78, 135 Cherner, Dale 135 Cheszek, Andrea J. 41, 101, 120, 135 Chrastka, Keith 135 Christerson, James 135 Ciszewski, George 78, 135 Clothier, Leslie 135 Coffell, Thelma A. 122, 135 Cohen, Darryl 86, 135 Cohen, Eileen C. 135 Cohen, Marcia 135 Cohen, Mark 141 Cohen, Sherry 135 Cohen, Susan 135 Cohn, Robert L. 135 Cohn, Ronald J. 50, 135 Coleman, Thomas 78, 86, 135 Cooper, Cheryl 135 Corman, Caryn 135 Covitt, Adriane 1 35 Cowen, LoiS 135 Cross, Roger 72, 135 Curtis, Judith 69, 135 Czerniak, Donald 135 Czerniak, Deanna 73, 135 Daar, 41, 134, 135 Dahlquist, Stephen 135 Dahm, Dolores 135 Daily, George 135 Davalle, Suzanne 135 Davidson, Leon 135 Davies, Robert 135 Davis, Glenn 86, 135 Davis, John T. 78, 83, 135 Davis, Mark 68, 91, 135 Davis, Sandra I 35 Decarl, Geraldine 72, 135 Dekoven, Claudia 71, 135 Diamond, Helane S. 135 Diaz, Bertica 68, I 35 Diesterheft, Shirlee 135 Dolgin, Janis 135 Donile, Daniel 135 Dorfman, Howard 135 Doruff, Donna 135 Douglas, William C. 78, 141 Dowlin, William 71, 135 Dragon, Barry 135 Drawbaugh, William C. 72, 135 Drell, Judy 135 Drinkwine, Julie 135 Duboff, Scott 45, 78, 89, 135 Dubrow, Dennis 135 Dudnick, Alice 135 Dulkin, Linda 135 Dworkin, Robert 135 Ebbert, Jim 135 Edelman, David 135 Edelman, Phyllis 135 Edfors, Wayne 141 Eisenberg, Ellen I 35 Elkins, Linda 134, 135 Epstein, Ira 141 Epstein, Lynn 63, I 41 Esia, James L. 135 Evans, Iona 141 Ewing, David G. 78, 89, 135 Ezra, Robert 135 Fabian, Lawrence 78, 135 Farber, Bernard J. 135 Farber, Linda J. 71, 135 Farber, Sandra 135 Farberman, Sharon 68, 135 Feder, Alvin 45, 135 Feder, Karen 32, 135 Feldman, Glenn 135 Feldman, Marsha 135 Feldman, Paula 135 Feldner, Iris 135 Feng, Joseph 50, 59, 134, 135 Ferdman, Sherry 53, 69, 136 Feinstein, Karyn 135 Ficks, Larry 135 Field, Eva 136 Fields, Stephen 89, 136, 188 Fisher, Donald L. 136 Flammang, Reid 136 Fleck, Kathy A. 136 Flicht, Michelle 134, 136 Fogelstrom, Paula 136 Frank, Donna 136 Frank, Ira 72, 136 Frank, Linda 136 Freedman, Suzanne 136 Friedman, Harriet R. 136 Friedman, Barbara 136 Friedman, Bette 136 Friedman, Betty D. 136 Friedman, Farrel C. 136 Friedman, Lynda 136 Frishman, Joel B. 136 Gabbey, Karl H. 136 Gaffen, Sheldon 136 Gail, Steven J. 136 Gale, Linda 136 Galowich, Gordon 136 Garbo, Richard 35, 136 Gardiner, Robert 78, 136 Gattuso, Gregg 78, 136 Gay, John 78, 136 Geavaras, John A. 136 Gelfand, Arnold 88, 136 Gelfand, Ruth B. 141 Geltner, Barbara 136 Geman, Kaye 136 Gent, Jeffrey 81, 136 Gerber, Alan 71, 83, 136 Gersh, Mari 136 Gilbert, Rita 136 Gilbert, Steven 136 Gilhooley, Mark 78, 88, 136 Gillie, Margaret E. 136 Ginger, Edward 1 36 Girsch, Robert 136 Glassner, Lorel 136 Glazer, Sherry A. 71, 136 Glenzer, Howard 136 Gobos, Peter 136 Godemann, Ellen 136 Gold, John H. 68, 136 Gold, Steven 136 Goldberg, Mark 136 Goldman, Joel 61, 136 Goldstein, Joseph 72, 136 Goodfriend, Robert 72, 136 Goodman, Michael 134, 136 Goodman, Patricia A. 63, 136 Goodman, Wayne 136 Goodman, Wilma 136 Gordon, Lynn M. 136 Goris, Jeffrey R. 141 Gors, Michael 141 Graf, Dorothea 72, 136 Graham, James D. 136 Grandinetti, Linda 72, 136 Grant, Linda 136 Greaves, Lila D. 98, 136 Greenberg, Alvin 68, 91, 136 Greenberg, David N. 62, 136 Greenberg, Eileen 72, 141 Greene, Michael 91, 136 Greeneberg, Daniel 134, 136 Greenwald, Steven 136 Grimson, Linda 98, 136 Grubman, Steven 136 Guerrero, Cynthia 98, 102, 136 Gunderson, Gregory 80, 136 Gustafson, Karen 70, 71, 136 Gustin, Sandra 136 Hagerty, Suellen 1 36 Hagio, Kunio 136 Haller, Arthur 136 Harman, Paul 1 36 Hareming, Ann 71, 105, 136 Harrington, James 91, 136 Harris, Synthia L. 1 36 Harrison, Barbara 45, 134, 136 Hartleb, Peter A. 136 Haskin, Stephen 136 Hass, Rosalyn 136 Hayes, Kay L. 71, 136 Heeres, Dana 136 Heilbrun, Fred S. 68, 136 Henner, Mark 136 Herwitt, Donna J . 136 Herzeg, Allyson 136 Hibbard, Sheila 136 Hill, Cynthia 136 Hoffberg, Lynn 136 Hoffman, Diane 105, 136 Hoke, Gordon 68, 91, 136 Holland, Ellen 136 Horvitz, Barbara 136 Horwitz, Henry 136 Hrejsa, Mary A. 136 Hulburt, John 136 Idelman, Steven 86, 141 Isaacson, Kenneth 136 Ivaz, Rick 141 Jacobs, Judith 98, 136 Jacobson, Leslie 45, 136 Janis, Geri 136 Janisch, Mary 136 Jannusch, Robert 136 Janson, Michael 71, 136 Jarol, Glenn 78, 84, 136 Jeffries, Larry 136 Johnson, Craig 72, 137 Johnson, Nancy 137 Johnson, Susan 137 Johnston, Diane 137 Joseph, Charles 137 Julius, James P. 137 Jungwirth, Daniel 137 Jurek, Glenn A. 91, 137 Kadison, Judy 101, 137 Kahn, Daniel I. 137 Kaiserman, Carol M. 137 Kalfen, Marcia 137 Kaltman, Elayne A. 141 Kammier, Daniel 141 Kamps, Janis 105, 137 Kantor, Eunice 137 Kaplan, Bruce 90, 91, 137 Kaplan, Gary 137 Kaplan, Judith 71, 137 Kaplan, Laurie 137 Kaplan, Linda 57, 137 Kaplan, Mark 82, 134, 137 Kaplan, Rosalyn 137 Karlin, Seymour 137 Karlson, Kenneth J. 141 Karol, Arthur W. 73, 137 Karp, Michael 137 Kassin, Michael 69, 83, 114, 137 Katler, Gary 141 Katz, Debbie 137 Katz, Jeffrey 137 Quill and Scroll pin 210 Katz, Larry 137 Lewis, Alan 138 Kaufman, Ronald 81, 137 Lichtenstein, Earl 68, 78, 138 Kavitt, Richard 137 Liebenstein, Iris 1 38 Kearney, Susan 137 Lifton, Linda 138 Kelin, Robert 137 Limpinsel, Wyne 138 Kellar, Lynn 137 Lipawsky, Steve 138 Keller, Barbara 137 Lipke, Marsha 138 Kessel, Renee 137 Lipman, Stewart 86, 138 Kim, Bertha 137 Lippert, Jeffrey A. 138 Kite, Francie M. 48, 134, 137 Liss, Edward 141 Kite, Sherwm 137 Liss, Robert 138 Kiviluoma, Lynne 1. 137 Lissner, Steven M. 138 Klehr, Judith 137 Lodal, Shirley 138 Klein, Jeffrey 137 Loeser, Dennis 1 38 Klein, Laura 137 Lofty, Donald 91, 138 Klein, Paul 137 Lome, Marcia 138 Kleinman, Maureen 137 Lowy, Richard E. 138 Klickovich, Nicholas 137 Lubeznik, Paula 138 Klinghoffer, Melvin 71, 78, 137 Luther, Mary 138 Knaizer, Maurice G. 137 Machecek, Robert 1. 138 Knudsen, Timothy 137 Machacek, Robert 1. 138 Koe, Janeen 137 Maki, Robert 45, 141 Koch, Robert 86, 1 37 Mal is, Judy 71,98, 138 Konrad, Raya 72, 137 Mailer, Mark 138 Korman, Thomas 72, 137 Manelis, Leon 1 34, 138 Kornelly, Doug 84, 137 Mann, David 1 38 Korta, Barbara 137 Manna, Fred 1 38 Kossof, Linda 137 Mantell, Carol S. 138 Kost, Sandra 137 Marines, Dean 141 Koval, Joel 137 Marks, Susan 138 Kovin, Sherry S. 137 Marshall, Georgeann 72, 138 Kramer, Steven A. 141 Marta, Eileen 141 Krammer, Judith 137 Mason, Ronald P. 138 Krasner, Roberta L. 137 Massey, Joseph 1 38 Kraus, Gary S. 137 Maurizi, Dennis 138 Kray, Jeffrey 137 Medintz, Amy 138 Kreft, Keith 72, 73, 137 Meinhardt, Jerome F. 138 Kreis, Dale A. 137 Melnick, Leslie 91, 1J8 Krupp, Isabel 72, 137 Messner, Steven 138 LaBoll e, Patricia 137 Meyer, Burton 138 Lampert, Dennis A. 86, 137 Meyerhoff, Jerome 59, 134, 138 Lange, Jeffrey 137 Meyers, Richard R. 138 Lannutti, Julianne 137 Micari, Vincent 138 Larson, Kristine 137 Michael, Kathy 98, 102, 138 Laskin, Lynne 137 Migdow, AND Lawler, Judith 1 41 Migdow, Andrea 138 Lawrence, Herbert 137 Miller, Julye D. 64, 138 Lazaar, Donald 141 Miller, Mary 138 LeFevre, Joan 1 37 Miller, Nadine 141 Leff, Donna 137 Millman, Jay A. 72, 138 Leifer, Maureen 137 Mills, Allan 138 Leogrande, Jeanette 73, 137 Minkus, Sandra 138 Leon, Marc A. 137 Mohrbacher, Bernard 138 Lepoff, Sydelle G. 68, 137 Moir, Daryl 1 38 Letzkus, Albert 137 Moir, Linda 138 Levin, Bill 137 Monha rdt, Lois 1 38 Levin, Dale J. 137 Moran, Michael 138 Levin, Lorin 1 38 Morgan, Jean 138 Levin, Stewart 138 Mosoff, Mark L. 138 Levin, Vicki 138 Mueller, JQ Levine, Barry 89, 138 Mueller, Jerin 71, 98, 138 Levinson, Carol 68, 138 Muskatt, Warren 138 Levitan, Kenneth 45, 60, 138 Myers, Bruce T. 73, 138 Levy, Gale 138 Myers, David 138 Levy, Myrna 138 Nadler, Fern 21,50,62, 98, 138 Levy, Stephen 138 Naftulin, Linda 138 Lewin, Roberta 138 Nelson, Harrese S. 138 Future Teachers Association pin Choral pin Nelson, Kendra 138 Ravelette, Gilbert M. 139 Nelson, Linda 71, 105, 138 Reimer, William 1. 91, 139 Nemkov, Melvin 81, 138 Resterhouse, Grant 139 Ness, Robert 138 Reuter, Gary G. 83, 139 Nessel, Eddie 68, 138 Reynolds, Charles T. 78, 139 Neubauer, Sharon 138 Rhodes, Nancy 113, 139 Neumeister, Janis 49, 138 Rich, Gregory L. 141 Nidetz, Philip 1 38 Richardson, Douglas 139 Nieder, Marilyn 138 Richman, Robin 45, 134, 139 Nigut, William 78, 86, 138 Riffkind, Janet 139 Nix, Joan 138 Riggs, Leslie A. 71, 139 Noesen, Ellen M. 138 Riotto, Mary 139 Nortman, Jack 138 Rivard, Charlene 139 Notarius, Denise 138 Rivkin, Richard 139 Novelli, Karen 1 38 Robin, Martin S. 139 Null, Michael 1 38 Roberts, Muriel J. 139 Ocrant, Joseph H. 138 Robins, Samuel A. 139 Oehlberg, Susan K. 138 Robinson, Jacqueline 139 Oher, Ronnis 71, 134, 138 Romanek, Howard 86, 141 Ohlson, Sandra 41,71, 99, 105, 138 Rose, Harvey B. 78, 139 Olefsky, Leslie 138 Rosen, Barbara R. 63, 139 Orbach, Donna 118, 138 Rosen, Harold 139 Orlov, Paul A. 138 Rosen, Judy 141 Oroark, Joe 141 Rosen, Linda 134, 139 Ostapowicz, Lorraine 138 Rosenbaum, Peggy 139 Owca, William D. 138 Rosenfield, Audrey 139 Panitch, Morrene 72, 138 Rosenthal, Stephen 141 Pankey, Carla 72, 138 Rosenzweig, Steven 65, 139 Paradise, Mitchell 78, 138 Ross, Gary 139 Pardo, Sandra 138 Roston, Mitchell G. 139 Passin, James W. 138 Roth, Ronald 72, 139 Patoff, Annette 49, 138 Rothschild, Edward 139 Paul, Glenn 78, 86, 138 Rothstein, Rodney 139 Paul, Marcia 101, 134, 137, 139 Rothstein, Vera 139 Pearlman, Murray 139 Rotkin, Gilbert 139 Pederson, Robert 139 Rowe, Carol 138 Perkins, Duane, Rubinstein, Cynthia 140 Perkins, Duane R. 1 39 Rubensteih, Eileen 140 Pernitz, Linda 139 Rubin, James S. 81, 139 Peterson, William 64, 73, 139 Rubin, Philip 139 Petts, Louis 139 Rubin, Steven 139 Phillips, Sandra 139 Rubinstein, Joel 140 Phillips, Susan 141 Rudnit, Jean S. 140 Poindexter, Frederick 91, 139 Rukin, Steven 140 Poklop, James 139 Reese, Evelyn 1 39 Pollack, Michael 139 Russell, Kenneth 140 Ponto, Allen K. 1 39 Ruttenberg, Robert 140 Posner, Kenneth R. 141 Sachs, Janice E. 134, 140 Potenzo, Robert 139 Sachsel, Harriet 141 Potter, Mary R. 139 Safron, Daniel 140 Powell, Andrea 139 Salstone, Sande 45, 52, 115, 140 Powell, Helen 139 Salzman, Bonnie 140 Powell, Linda 71, Samelson, Jerry 141 Powell, Linda 57, 71, 139 Sanders, Linnea 72, 140 Powers, John 86, 139 Sanfillipo, Diane 140 Primack, Harold 139 Santner, Jeanne 140 Prousis, Michael 86, 141 Sapoznik, Maurice 78, 88, 140 Prytikin, Morton F. 139 Saunders, Philip 141 Pulliam, Gale K. 139 Savit, Robert 140 Rabin, Arnold 139 Savitz, Lenore 72, 140 Rachelson, Julie J. 141 Saxonberg, Fred 140 Racine, Nancy 1 39 Scharf, John 1 40 Rakowski, Edward 139 Schaller, Stuart 140 Ramsay, Cheryl 71, 141 Schafer, Janet 140 Raphael, Linda 99, 100, 139 Schatz, Richard 81, 140 Rasmussen, Dale 139 Shavitz, Donna 72, 141 Rasmussen, Rexene 141 Schiewe, Robert 140 21 1 Future Secretaries pin Schlesinger, Jim 141 Schlesinger, Stephen 141 Schnable, Marcy 140 Schneider, Barbara 140 Schneider, Sharon 140 Schoeller, Barry 78, 86, 140 Schumir, Howard 140 Schuldiner, Phyllis 140 Schultz, Allen 140 Schultz, Bonnie 140 Schuttler, Thomas 140 Schwartz, Nancy R. 140 Schwanke, Susan 72, 140 Schwegel, Leone 72, 140 Seedorf, Glen R. 140 Seeskin, Kenneth 63, 134, 141 Segal, Sherry 140 Seiden, Glenn 140 Seidman, Faith 140 Sells, Renee 140 Settler, Bernard 141 Sernovitz, Susan 72, 118, 140 Shachtman, Charlyn 140 Shaffer, Ronald 78, 86, 140 Shamberg, Robert A. 140 Shane, Alan 140 Shapiro, Gail 73, 140 Shapiro, Linda 1 40 Shapiro, Paul 140 Shapiro, Susan 73, 140 Shefsky, Bonnie 71, 140 Shefsky, Harold 140 Sherer, Sheila 140 Sherman, Lowell 140 Ship, Robert 140 Siegel, Arnold 141 Siegel, Donald 78, 86, 140 Siegel, Linda 71, 140 Siegel, Mark D. 1 40 Siegel, Ronald 140 Siegel, Sharon 140 Siemsen, Sandra 140 Silber, Michael 140 Silton, Marilyn 71, 140 Silverstein, Arthur 140 Simon, Gary 140 Simon, Nadine 140 Simon, Naomi 140 Simon, Ronald 8. 140 Simons, Pamela 1 40 Singer, Linda 98, 140 Sizemore, Ivan 78, 140 Skora, Lonnie J. 71, 141 Smart, John 78, 140 Smith, Glenn 140 Smith, Madeline 140 Smith, Paul 140 Smith, Shari 1 40 Smyth, Patricia 140 Snider, Michael A. 140 Soell, Melody 141 Sokol, Meyer 141 Sola, Jane 140 Solberg, Glenn 86, 140 Solomon, Paul 140 Sonn,Joanne 140 Sorosky, Bari 140 Spagat, Donna 134, 140 Weiss, Lynn 72, 141 Spector, Allan 50, 140 Weiss, Steve Z. 78, 141 Sperling, Andrea 140 Weiss, Steven 141 Spores, Andrew 71, 140 Welchko, Glen 72, 141 Stahlke, Christian 80, 140 Welstein, Donna 45, 141 Stam, Maxine 1 40 West, Merle 141 Stauffer, Carolyn 141 Wexler, Rebecca 141 Steadman, Candace 140 Whetstone, Sharon 141 Steffens, Pamela M. 140 Wichert, Linda 71, 141 Stein, Kenneth 68, 140 Wilensky, Bonnie S. 141 Steinberg, Robert 1. 140 Williams, Steven C. 25, 86, 141 Steinberg, Diane 140 Willner, Paul 141 Steiner, Carol B. 72, 140 Winstead, Neil 141 Stern, Ralph 28, 73, 7 Wish, Howard 141 Stern, Ralph 28, 72, 73, 83, 134, 140 Wolcott, Linda 118, 141 Stern, Stephen 140 Wolf, Barry 141 Stiber, Paula 140 Wolf, Linda 141 Stiff, Susan 140 Wolf, Richard 91, 141 Stocker, Linda F. 140 Wolf, Steve 83, 134, 141 Story, Elizabeth J. 140 Wolff, Myra 141 Stover, Janice C. 45, 140 Wolfinsohn, David 141 Strand, Arthur 141 Wolman, Joanne 134, 141 Strieker, Michael 1. 78, 86, 140 Wolters, Susan 71, 141 Stunkel, Richard 140 Wright, Amelia 69, 141 Superfine, Barbara 141 Yanes, Samuel 52, 73, 141 Suritz, Charles 72, 141 Young, Merle A. 1 41 Sussman, Bonnie 71, 141 Youngblood, Joan 141 Svedlund, Katherine 141 Zabore, Alexis 72, 98, 141 Szarnych, Stanley J. 141 Zaidman, Monica 141 Takehara, Craig 141 Zamansky, Iris J. 141 Tankus, Caren 141 Zarov, Ira R. 90, 141 Tanner, Joan E. 141 Zehner, Janis L. 72, 141 Teitelbaum, Phyllis 141 Zeller, David J. 72, 141 Thorsen, James 141 Zimmerman, Carol 50, 99, 134, 141 Titlebaum, Allen 141 Zutman, Bonnie 141 Todd, Cheryl 141 Wolff, Richard R. 25, 141 Touff, Madeline 141 Zivic, Louis 73, 141 Trapper, Richard A. 141 Trillanes, LeRoy 141 JUNIORS Trubakoff, Helene 141 Abelski, Sidney 142 Turner, Cheryl 141 Ackerman, Bruce F. Turski, Craig 71, 89, 141 Adair, Jay C. 142 Ventura, Bruce P. 141 Alhalel, Garry J. 142 Von Oppen, Sharyn 101, 141 Allentuck, Alyse, M. 142 Varon, Byron 141 Anderson, Betty R. 71, 142 Vedder, Sandrja 141 Anderson, Gordon 142 Venters, Liene 62, 134, 141 Anderson, Jean E. 46, 142 Vidock, Ronnie 141 Anderson, Kathleen, H. 64, 142 Wadler, Marlene 141 Anderson, Marc B. 142 Wallach, Lance 72, 141 Applebaum,-Sam N. 76, 142 Waller, Ann 141 Arbit, Wendy B. 69, 142 Wallis, Richard 72, 141 Armstrong, John W. 76, 142 Wolter, Gerry 141 Aronica, Philip R. 72, 73, 142 Warren, Stephen J. 78, 89, 141 Aronin, Marc 142 Wasserman, Bronna 69, 141 Ascherl, Richard F. Watson, Michael 141 Bair, Susan C. 142 Waxberg, Caiolyne 141 Baniff, Betty A. 142 Waxman, Janet 141 Banion, Ronald L. 71, 142 Webb, Robert 141 Baren, Gayle M. Weiner, Stuart 141 Baren, Jerome 142 Weinstein, Barbara 101, 141 Barile, Cheri A. 142 Weinstein, Cheri 141 Barr, Victoria R. 142 Weinstein, Michael 14 1 Barringer, Judith 142 Weintraub, Anita 141 Battaglia, Robert 142 Weisman, Sheila 71, 141 Baum, Dianne R. 142 Weisner, Ronald 141 Baum, Phillip M. Weiss, Julian 141 Baum, Richard M. 142 Swimming shield Orchestra pin Beck, Barbara K. 71, 142 Beck, Charlene S. 45, I I I, 142 Becker, Patricia L. 142 Becker, Philip S. 142 Becker, Ronald • Beilin, Marilyn J. I 42 Benjamin, Linda S. 71, 142 Bennett, James A. 142 Berger, Barry M. 142 Berlin, Bonnie S. 49, 142 Berlin, Phyllis G. 37, 142 Berman, Leslie Berman, Steven 142 Bernstein, Jerry M. 142 Bernstein, Steven J. 45, 47, 76 Beskin, Leila C. 142 Billion, Cathey R. 142 Bilson, Richard F. 142 Bird, Patricia J. 142 Bitran, Jacob D. 142 Blacker, Lawrence W. 142 Blanco, George Blessing, Linda H. 142 Block, Richard A. 82, 142 Bloom, Linda A. 142 Bloom, Sheila R. 142 Bobera, Catherine A. 53, 71, 142 Boettge, Dennis R. Bohm, Michael J. 142 Boosales, Eileen J. 71, 142 Borchers, Nancy C. 142 Borden, Leonard 142 Borenstein, Betty A. 142 Bottum, Donna M. 142 Boukas, Barbara 142 Boyer, David S. 142 Bozin, Sofie 71, 142 Brady, Patricia R. 37, 68, 142 Brahos, Mary A. 143 Brantley, Thomas G. 143 Braslawsky, Gary R. 143 Brickman, Judith P. 70, 143 Brin, Linda E. 143 Brody, Kent R. 72, 76, 142, 143 Brown. Bruce J. 143 Brown, Mark I. 73, 143 Brown, Penny 143 Brown, Robyn 23, 53, 65, 99, 142, 143 Bublick, Marilyn 143 Burgess, Judith A. Burns, Susan 143 Butman, Lisa M. 143 Cabin, Sherry L. 68, 143 Caile, John E. 143 Camacho, Terrence C. 143 Cantor, Betty G. 143 Cardis, Carol P. I 43 Carlington, Corrie L. 45, 53, 143 Carnall, Mary P. 143 Cassman, Ronald L. 47, 143 Cavanaugh, Robert C. Chagares, Peter Chaitkin, Mark R. 65, 143 Chaskin, Roberta E. 143 Chapman, Carol T. 63, 72, 73, 142, 143 Chapman, William A. 68, 76, 143 Chez, Linda J. 143 212 Choate, Thomas J. Cichowski, Stanley 90, 143 Clarke, Douglas B. 143 Clauser, Donald E. 71, 90, 143 Cohan, Roberta S. 143 Cohen, Beryl Y. 143 Cohen, Larry M. 143 Cohen, Mitchell A. 143 Cohen, Ronald J. 143 Cohen, Sandra G. 143 Cole, Linda S. 71, 143 Comer, Roberta J. 71, 143 Cooper, Stuart R. 143 Cooperman, Leon S. 82, 143 Corey, Susan P. 45, 143 Corona, Dominick 143 Cox, Judith A. 72, 143 Crafton, Alan H. Crafton, Roberta C. 143 Crohn, Joel 143 Crowe, Michael 143 Dadigan, Thomas 143 David, Bruce K. 88, 143 Davis, Diane M. 70, 71, 143 DelDotto, Michael F. Denis, Martin K. 143 Derex, David W. 143 Dessent, William H. Deutchman, Daryl S. 143 Dicks, Dennis D. 143 Diel, Shirlee K. 71, 143 Dolins, Jerome 143 Donchin, Ira R. 143 Dory, Steven L. 34, 143 Dreffein, Karen L. 72, 143 Dribin, Sheila H. 49, 53, 65, 68, 1 43 Drozdzik, Ronald 73 Drucker, Patricia A. 143 Edelson, Lewis 143 Egiel, Brenda 143 Ehrensaft, Diane 142, 143 Eimst d, Judith E. 63, 143 Eisen, Phyllis A. 143 Eisenberg, Sandra L. 143 Ekstrom, Susan 143 Elbaum, Michael 143 Elkin, Alan S. 143 Elliott, Alexander T. 143 Ellison, Bradley S. 142, 143 Elster, Eileen 45, 143 Engen, Beverly J. Engerman, Marsha S. 143 Epstein, Leni H. 143 Erickson, Ronald C. 143 Erlich, Howard A. 143 Ernst, Jerry 143 Estrin, Carol A. 50, 143 Evens, Karen M. 143 Feero, Scott L. 143 Feil, Janice M. 71, 143 Feinerman, Lyle H. 143 Feldman, Ava K. 143 Feldman, Helen 143 Feldman, Theodore D. 143 Felt, Richard 23, 50, 143 Ferber, Janis B. 143 Ferdman, Louise V. 53, 1 43 Yearbook pin Tennis shield Fernandez, Rojo R. 48, 142, 143 Fields, Ronald 143 Filerman, Herbert I. 143 Fingeret, Lee 1 43 Finkl, Marilyn M. Fisher, Barbara J. 70, 71, 142, 143 Fisher, Marcia L. 143 Fisher, Mel I. Fisher, Steven G. 143 Fishman, Fred F. 143 Fishman, Pamela 143 Fogel, Barbara A. 143 Forman, Dennis M. 143 Frandzel, Karen M. 72, 73, 143 Franklin, Richard C. 143 Freeling, Mary E. 72, 143 Fretzin, Leonard 72, 73 Friedman, Morris S. Friedman, Victoria E. 143 Fritz, Cheryl L. 23, 143 Fulkowski, Kay M. 143 Galesburg, Stuart H. 143 Gallis, Paul L. 53, 68,71, 76, 143 Ganz, Harold S. 143 Garland, Leslie A. Garro, Cynthia M. 44, 66, 104, 143 Garro, Judith S. 70, 71, 143 Gavlin, Lawrence D. 143 Geni, Ronald W. 143 Gerber, Steven H. 144 Gerstein, liana R. 144 Gevirtz, Robert L. 144 Gibrick, Dennis E. 71, 76, 144 Ginsberg, Darlene E. 144 Gitlis, Alan M. 144 Gittelson, Rita R. 144 Glass, Robert S. 71, 144 Goland, Renee C. 144 Goldberg, Pamela C. 144 Goldberg, Sandra L. 144 Goldfarb, Stanley M. 144 Goldman, Kenneth L. 144 Goldsmith, Ronald L. 144 Goldstein, Allan 89, 144 Goldstein, Charles A. Goldstein, David R. 144 Goldstein, Harriette 70, 71, 144 Goldstein, Sandra G. 144 Golob, Myra J. 144 Goodfriend, Koreene 144 Goodman, Barbara C. 71, 144 Goodman, Bruce 144 Gors, Mike, 144 Graifman, Helen 144 Grant, Richard S. 63, 71, 144 Green, Richard L. 144 Greenberg, Gerald E. 144 Greenberg, Joel A. 144 Greene, Spencer J. Gross, Rhonda S. 144 Gross, Steven S. 64, 144 Grossman, Sandra L. 144 Grunow, William N. 84, 144 Gular, William D. 144 Gullon, Carole P. 144 Gustavson, Bette J. 39, 144 Hall, Berton T. 76, 84, 144 Hansen, Marianne 144 Hardt, Dale V. 74, 75, 82, 144 Harris, Alan G. 144 Harris, Janet M. 50, 144 Harrison, Michele R. 144 Haselton, Katherine 70, 72, 144 Haskell, Melvin L. 48, 53, 1 44 Hayman, Stephen L. 144 Heche, Melody 142, 144 Heeres, David D. 144 Hefter, Renee P. 1 44 Heller, Robert L. 88, 144 Helt, Cynthia A. 144 Henkel, Leslie M. 144 Herbster, Robert W. Herling, Lynn D. I 44 Herman, Lois 144 Herman, Lorraine 144 Herter, Patricia A. 72, 144 Hirsch, Aileen G. 144 Hite, Kenneth G. 144 Hoffberg, Ronald 144 Hoffman, Dennis M. 40, 144 Hoffman, Harvey 88, 144 Hoffman, Lonny H. Holter, Janet G. 1 44 Holzwarth, Judith A. 144 Hoole, Michael Horn, Charles A. 144 Horne, Mark J. 144 Horvitz, Robert H. 144 Houlihan, Patricia Hugo, Oliver K. 40 Hutter, Wayne R. 90, 144 Huwaldt, Michael J. 144 Hyman, Jeff I. 1 44 Imber, Janice Isel, John J. 45, 76, 88, 144 Jacob, Merle L. 50, 57, 112, 144 Jacobs, Bonnie 144 Jacobs, Marc J. 72, 73, 144 Jacobs, Paul E. 144 Jacobs, Ronald H. 144 Jacover, Renee M. 144 Jaffe, Pam 144 Jarmy, Lawrence L. 144 Jenner, Albin T. 144 Johnson, Janet K. 144 Johnson, Marilyn A. 49, 1 44 Jonas, Daryl L. 144 Jones, Wesley P. 45, 68, 1 44 Joslyn, Nancy M. 54,71, 142, 144 Kadrzynski, Krista L. Kaluzna, Harvey A. 144 Kalver, Paulette 144 Kaminsky, Richard Kandel, Sam 144 Kann, Mark E. 82, 144 Kanofsky, Joyce R. 100, 102, 144 Kaplan, Harold E. 144 Karkomi, Vickie 144 Karzen, Ronald I. 80, 142, 144 Kaselow, Lynn C. 104, 144 Kasik, Rhonda M. 62, 144 Katz, Francine G. Kaufman, Allan D. Kaufman, Rhonda S. 144 Kavanaugh, Rita L. 144 Kay, Myra S. 142, 144 Keer, Ellen 144 Kennedy, Carolann 144 Kirman, Ruth L. 57, 68 Kirshner, Barbara R. Kite, George J. 144 Kite, Suzanne Z. 144 Klayman, Barry H. 144 Klehr, David L. Kling, Betty L. 39, 144 Klinke, Linda J. 70, 144 Kluge, Jon A. 144 Koehler, Andrea 144 Kole, Robin L. 144 Kolstedt, John G. 144 Konitz, Linda R. 144 Koppelmeier, Barbara 144 Korogodsky, Barry 144 Kossof, Theodore M. 76, 144 Kovarsky, Mary J. 144 Kovin, Sherry 1 44 Kramer, Elizabeth L. 70, 71, 145 Kramer, Vicki R. 71, 142, 145 Kraus, Denis I. 145 Krauss, Diane V. 70, 71, 145 Kravitz, Robert 145 Kreloff, Michael A. 145 Krum, Jonathan R. 145 Kucera, Elizabeth A. 99, 145 Kujawa, Richard J. 145 Laing, John 145 Lamm, Sandra E. 145 Lander, Jack 145 Lasky, Howard J. 145 Lazar, Arnold J. 47, 82, 142, 145 Lazarus, Larry S. 145 Lehtman, Stephen M. Leifer, Lauren R. 1 45 Leon, Jack J. Lerman, Bonnie S. 104, 145 Lerner, Alex R. 145 Levin, Betty A. 142, 145 Levin, Helene 21,49, 50, 145 Levin, Lesley F. 63, 145 LeVine, Edward N. 145 LeVine, Ellen R. Levine, Leonard G. 145 Levine, Stuart P. 145 Levinsky, Barry 145 Levinson, Ellin S. 59, 145 Levitan, Mary M. 44, 145 Levy, Fredric J. 145 Lewis, Rochelle L. 50, 145 Lewkowicz, Moritz 145 Lieberman, Mark 145 Lieberman, Robert H. 145 Lindstrom, James A. 145 Londa, Karen I. 145 Long, Marlene J. 145 Lubeck, Elaine B. 145 Lubor, Paula D. 145 Lubin, Corrine M. 145 Luther, John C. 145 Luzzo, Ronald F. 145 McGrath, John E. 47, 145 McQueen, David M. 145 Major ' N ' for sports 214 Golf shield Magness, Cheryl Malick, Joseph 145 Monasin, Alfred J. 76, 145 Manaugh, Doris D. 73 Mandl, Miles S. 145 Marcus, Lynn C. 145 Marinello, Lane G. 145 Marines, Dean I 45 Markert, Kathleen S. 145 Marwil, Hettye 145 Marzen, Robin P. 145 Mash, Avis M. 145 Massof, Carolyn 145 Maxson, Linda J. 66, 72, 73, 145 Mayzel, Judith E. Mazer, Bonnie S. 145 Mechanic, Roberta H. 70, 71, 145 Mehl, Michael A. 145 Mehrholz, Linda Mehrholz, Lynn 145 Melas, Anthony G. 76, 145 Melcher, Dale A. 145 Mendel, Eugene A. 47, 145 Messner, David B. 59, 145 Metz, Sherry B. Metzger, Stewart A. 145 Meyer, Marlene J. 145 Michael, Janice L. 145 Middaugh, Sharon K. 145 Mikel, Sheralyn 145 Miller, Hollis L. 145 Miller, Lauren J. 145 Miller, M. Lynn 70, 71, 145 Miller, Lynnette Z. 145 Miller, Ronald H. 61, 145 Miller, Susan C. 70,71, 111, 146 Millward, Mystery 146 Mindel, Michael R. 146 Miner, Paula C. 146 Minors, Richard D. 47, 76, 84, 146 Modetz, Elizabeth B. 146 Morris, Joanne C. 45, 146 Mueller, Frank J. 146 Nagai, Richard B. 146 Nahin, Mark P. 146 Nanberg, Robert L. Natenberg, Sharon N. 20, 21,66, 146 Nathan, Felicia 146 Nathanson, Maxine M. 52, 146 Nelson, Fred 146 Nelson, Karen P. 76, 146 Neuman, Kathy I. 146 Newburger, Mark E. 47, 76, 88, 142, 146 Newman, Janice C. 146 Nicholas, Gerri B. 68, 146 Nicholas, Hope G. 146 Nissenson, Allen R. 68, 76, 142, 146 Noesen, Rita J. 146 Novak, Art W. 146 November, Leon J. 90, 146 Oboyle, Robert J. Okman, Eli D. Olkiewicz, George E. 146 Omartin, Alan 1 46 Opperman, Jeannette 71, 146 Oram, Mary A. 62, 146 O ' Reilly, Marguerite 146 Oren, Linda B. 146 Ortman, Dean E. 146 Osborn, Lee G. 146 Oscarson, Richard L. 146 Ostapowicz, Walter J. 146 Pahn, Anne Palcheck, Richard Paris, Gerald 1 46 Pauly, Lynn J. 146 Pearson, Steven R. 146 Pepoon, Russell C. 88 Perelgut, Barry H. 76 Perlman, Ronald P. 142, 146 Peterson, John H. 38, I 46 Peterson, Susan J. 70, 71, 146 Pierini, Lawrence E. 146 Plough, Kathryn S. 64, 98, 100, 101, 102, 146 Poders, Sylvia R. 146 Pogodin, Fredell 146 Poindexter, Robert A. Polakoff, Gregory F. 73 Posmantier, David H. 146 Povlo, Michael E. 146 Praeger, Nancy A. 146 Price, Don A. Price, Harriet M. 36, 146 Pritchard Betty M. 146 Provus, Jeffrey J. 114, 146 Quirk, Patricia L. 146 Raben, Monty L. Radzin, David J. Rammon, Lee A. 1 46 Rand, Lawrence W. I 46 Ream, Claudia K. 146 Ream, Norma J. 146 Reed, Jane L. 146 Reifman, Barbara L. 50, 146 Reiner, Fred N. 60 Reitberger, John 146 Rest, Paula N. 24, 53, 62, 73, 146 Rettberg, John W. 146 Reynolds, Richard O. Rhodes, Edward J. 146 Richardson, Jeffrey 146 Richman, Gae E. 146 Rizman, Morris 50, 146 Robinson, Susan E. 114, 147 Robson, Dean G. Rogers, Carol E. 57, 70, 73, 147 Rome, Scott B. 147 Ronan, James Rosee, Judith I. 147 Rosenbaum, Howard G. 88, 1 47 Rosenberg, Allan W. 147 Rosenberg, Barbara L. 147 Rosenberg, Melvin C. 147 Rosenberg, Saresta J. 147 Rosenbloom, Harvey A. 147 Rosenthal, David L. 72, 73, 147 Rosenthal, Lawrence 147 Rosnick, Barry A. 147 Rossman, Stanley B. 147 Roth, Francine G. 147 Rothman, Michael H. 71, 147 Rothstein, Lee D. 147 Rotkin, Eileen C. 73, 147 Rubin, Fred R. 68, 76, 147 Rubin, Rose L. 147 Rubin, Zona R. Ruby, Diane L. 147 Rudd, Sheldon J. 147 Ruderman, Leah A. 147 Rumack, Evan B. 147 Rusch, Susan M. 147 Ruttenberg, Robert L. 76, 147 Sacher, Miriam Sacomano, Geraldine 147 Sacks, Lawrence E. 80, 147 Saffro, Shelly 71, 101, 147 Sager, Arlene D. 142, 147 Salberg, Lester S. 147 Saletra, Judith F. 147 Salomon, Ruth 147 Saltzberg, Eugene E. 147 Samuels, Reysa N. 147 Sandler, Ellen Sandler, Jeffrey A. 44, 45, 47, 68, 84, 147 Sandrik, Carol A. 72, 147 Sandstrom, Norman C. 64, 80, 147 Saviano, Nicholas J. 147 Scarpelli, Paul S. 71, 147 Schacht, John C. 147 Schaps, Alan J. 147 Schatz, Nanshelle 147 Schechtman, Gloria P. 147 Schlau, Mary E. 147 Schnitzer, Anita E. 147 Schoenberg, Linda S. 104, 147 Schoenwolf, Phillip 147 Scholz, Hanna G. Schuman, Elaine B. 65 Schwartz, Stuart H. 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Lynn H. 151, 183 Whitefield, Lynne E. 184 Williams, Clair D. 184 Whetstone, Richard Wilinkin, Dawn E. 184 Wilson, Joseph P. 184 Winter, Alan J. 47, 50, 53, 184 Wolff, Michael D. Wolfinsohn, Lawrence 90, 174, 184 Wollack, Richard G. 47, 151, 184 Young, Richard J. 122, 184 Young, Richard W. 35, 47, 184 Zann, Arnold 184 Zak, Francine J. 33, 184 Zimmerman, Joel S. 184 Zarov, Herbert L. 47, 50, 90, 161, 184 Zemel, Paul A. Track shield

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