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The Wlllldm MCKIHISY Memorxczl Named for N les mo t 111ustr ous as cz tnbute to WIIIICIID McK1r11ey the 25th Presldent of the Unlled States who was born 1n thxs c1ty on Icmuary 29 1843 i ' s ' 1 son, McKinley High School sicxnds 11' E 492 . ml Z7 , 122, 'wr qfzfgfgfm' int e K , ,Hy wa. ,,,wv" , ws, 1, wwf,-1+-..+,-. , 4- gm ,,.,-. - -, r--V - 5 V1 . EMF? 5 F-El 5 El if y' E -.,.,..- ' f is 4 A . Seated at the proverbial gateway to knowledge, two students gaze at the main entrance to McKinley High School. S OPQLUCLI' At this moment in our lives we realize that we must look at ourselves objectively and de- termine how much twelve years of school have equipped us for living, intelligently, in a com- plex, dynamic, and rapidly shrinking world. No longer can we be primarily concerned with the provincial trivolities of youth. Rather, as young adults we now must willingly under- take the serious responsibility for assuming a functionally mature role in life. PAGE FOUR Our goals are voluminous. However, we possess an awareness that the knowledge and experience gained at McKinley, over the past three years, will enable us to perform as capa- ble citizens in a democratic society, as well as facilitate the fulfillment of our dreams. Therefore, we look to what lies ahead of us with an enthusiastic confidence that we can face the challenges of the future. A visit from 'ole Saint Nick highlights the Christmas assembly held annually in the school s auditorium CON fell iii INTRODUCTION .ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY CLASSES .. ACTIVITIES .... ATHLETICS .... DRAGON STAFF ............,. ADVERTISERS and PATRONS .... PAGE FIVE V. Miss Anna Campana - Senior Class Advisor izyecbca fion We, the graduating class of 1959, wish to acknowledge our gratitude to Miss Anna M. Campana, our class advisor, for her asv sistance in helping us attain our many pleasurable experiences and accomplish- ments. Seated at her desk, Miss Campana relaxes after another busy day with her senior problems classes. ig -I ffl, .JQ6gAA?A1fd of fA8 3400! l" 7958 79 9 qi J? Www Y gf 615505, .!4Cf il 'ff 1.05, an in 9 E111 c 3:1-'57 The crispness of an autumn eve Barbara Mears and George Betsar- sets the stage for boy, girl, and foot- akis illustrate this customary fall ball game. Equipment in hand, scene. PPGE EIG'-'T Z Q2 ana! .gpaorffi like yy A f , 2 ff f , f gif fx!! M , X f ,,,,f ' g ' 7 fb ,W , ,W ,, fe ' H ,, WWW ' ' 'I ww 113 ,WW fhfrwmffy My 'WM ' 135 ,.. wid." '-S!" fly! .1 - . r Q We were ever so happy when we won, and following many a victory we displayed our emotions by dancing. ocia! ancl.x4cfiuifie5 gmaclen Quin gclucafion ee, 47--Q 2. infff., ' ' 'lv 1 An integral part of the fall atmosphere at McKinley is the football team and its overall enthusiastic spirit. With football come injuries. Waiting im- patiently for their injuries to heal, Iim Skiffey and Dick Marino leave the stadium after view- ing another daily practice from the sidelines. PAGE TEN After football season comes recognition. Niles Head Coach Tony Mason awards half- back Iim Skiffey with a varsity letter during the annual football assembly. P' xi. K 7-fl turned cheerleaders Mrs Schisler M1SS Crishal MISS D1Fab1o Miss Casey and Miss Eckonrode take time out during their enthusiastic cheerina Win lose or draw the McKinley students never fail to attend grid games and cheer the team on PAGE ELEVEN 3 f fN 1,10-Ll 1 Clowninq around made for an enjoyable time when some of the feminine faculty members sglfafinig, Zgcwgefgaff gained, ff arfied, anal glrarrw gi fs" lik - -mwrmiv Y' A . ,, A f MQ. , 5, . ,g ' i, V i k? M , ,L 5- 'mf f , 1 i, ,V Q , Ak ', yfi. ' 1, -,J , r i -4 . l 4 1 ' v---,.,. l l A popular activity during the Yuletide Season is the deco- rating of the Christmas tree. Linda Rodgers, Peggy Dickson and Stanley Mackey put the finishes to McKin1ey's gaily colored evergreen. PAGE TWELVE ,4 ff '6 M ' ft if l 1 l I IQ . . . ,i Q7 Z I lrfr V f fda W 24 y 15,1391 Q f wwwwi f Moiiy students enjoy ice skcrtiriq ot loccxl ponds in the Niles area. Grace Fresco cmd Nick Nloriotti exemplify the typical winter couple as they prepare for cm evening of ice skating. ful is W Jr vs! QU," . V fm- y-Y Vrgs V, 3 ,I . " XX , . M, g.A..-2 'Nui -5 SX 9 , , . T'-1' l ....? , N ' I -Q.,-.--I F , Z, 5 J? N 24 55552. n l I X ommunify .x4cfiuifie5 are anjnfegrafparf 0 our e l V4 ' W X Q: Winter parties around a snack bar provide fun filled times for many students. Tom Grohl. Eleanor Quaranta, Maurice Skiftey, Anita Guarino, Dick Ross and Lucille Ciminero seem to be having a good time at lVIaurice's house. Many teenagers, like Iudy Woodcock, find study- ing in this position, preferable to a desk in school. -:tr-N RN. 'x Ny' V1 A deserted boat on a peaceful lake typities winter's serenely chilling beauty. f , , .f .Xt- ' s, .J 'S Q 'P '., . 1 N Q -,mf 5,5 9 ., Mg, ,xv ' pg, . iw , .3 Mg., . Y -' . ff , fx W , G racluafion in fAe . . v ...4-ul Keeping our school neat and clean, the school janitors have many jobs to do. Mr. Beatty keeps lVlcKinley's windows spotless with much water and energy. Weather permitting, spring also opens the track season at McKinley. Carmen Mazza, lim Wiand, and Dick Rindtuss get set for a start while Coach Stennett and lim Sloan look on. """""""?' f ,f Q fic 1 1 1 S . im These happy faces indicate what a good time can be had by playing golf, one of America's favorite sports. Katey Slane practices, with Bob Nestor eagerly instructing her. Spring's warm days permit peaceful hikes. Anita Guarino and Dick Ross look at a pretty scene while relaxing in the Mason Woods. 'auf l "" 'V agluclenfzi fgarficilaafe .911 fre QM, X gift: it ff Spring housecleaning provides many chores for girls and boys alike. Betsey Shriver, clad for housecleaning, starts to wash the dishes in another chore-filled spring day. l Zta? Q3 Z K vu. 'Q' ' 1 Q ' R K HQ' A' 2 ,., 5- ' 22,34 4' nd w , I X4 5' ', fr , mi as , J . vs 3' A U E76 3 a --.,.... -Y-,A. 1 , :rf ,gg 'f wif iv . 3' 514 1? 'Lx J' i K is 1 ,, ,B 4 If mm -,Q Q ng ,, 'KW 5 -'as' 'ak 3, , fi A J' ".,,pv-rx. ,uf Q, 2 f -fy xi' is f ii 'Z Y 'Z 3 3 ' ff f ,.. I P ' 1 1 ui lm f, 1 uf? Hoare! of glclucafi on -L H ill!! 1 r . t Lett to Right: Dr. Altiero, Mr. Hodge, Dr. Ralston, Miss B. Turner, Mr. Bohne, Mr. Burtch The Niles Board of Education is comprised of Dr. A. I. Altiero, Mr. Paul Hodge, Dr. Louis Ralston, Miss Betty Turner, Clerk Treasurer, Mr. William Bohne and Mr. lack Burtch, who draft the rules which govern our educational system. .sluperinfenzlenf Paul E. Smith Q F The overall supervision of the city's school program is delegated to Paul E. Smith, Niles School Superintendent, and his assistant, Sam- uel I. Bonham. Mr. Smith, with the aid of the teachers and the Board of Education, plans the best possible program for those desiring a col- lege education and also tor those who want employment immediately following graduation. Mr. Bonham operates in the capacity of main- tenance director of the city school buildings. .Ajjijllllll .S1l,9f'I'ilI,l'l1t!l'lII Samuel I. Bonham K I A if . ,I f fu..- ,N-It ' is -V ' "H N A . ' 4?-'min ' , M. f ix ' AQ. jj. Y V39 1 W , V ' ' fl, yds, .- Eff, ' ., -vwtfp i - ..' .' vagal 1 f 4. ' U, K Q ' I g ,Ms gk' -.- ' ,r , ' 5 , ' ., i, , y f ' ' r X .31 Qj: K' ' v Y. ,ii :H ' rg. V, To maintain the general supervision of McKinley High School is the aim and duty of our principal, Robert H, Sharp. It is his job to arrange the master schedule, place the pupils in their respective classes and advise a fac- ulty of forty qualified instructors. Then, too, W fb our principal plans the activity calendar Nlr Sharp received a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree from Miami University He also attended Ohio State University where he earned a Master of Arts in Education Degree Q J W ff ff Q 4' XIII eg 'l'llll'llJCl mmwlralwe Mwfan fa IOSEPH W BASSETT MISS DOROTHY DEW BOYS GUIDANCE COUNSELOR GIRLS GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Varsity Basketball Head Coach Co Advisor National Honor Society St Louis University BS Ohio Universrty B S in Ed Kent State University MA Ohio State University MA DONALD R. PALLANTE MISS BETTY DiFEBIO v1smNG TEACHER scHooL SECRETARY Football, Tennis Annual Finance Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. Westminster, M.E. in Ed. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR :f-r I t , Mr. Frcmk directs geometry classes. MARIO S. BERTOLINI ART Yow,1:.f1.vow: T,lr:,'.'ersLf7, ES. ix ffl. Stxvf Univ' Iowa, MJ-'-.. Amor. Ar .s'LL1'Q I 4 J Sophomores Ioyce Zozgroy and George Lcxmberti in one of his plane MISS MILDRED L. BRIDGE Hemi Ecowomtcs MISS PATRICIA CASEY coMMERc1AL Home Economlcs Club F.B.l..A. AdVlSOT Ch: Unzverslty, MS. Youngstown Unrrerslty, EIS. m Ed. THOMAS R. CERA BIOLOGY LV. Basketball Couch Nebraska State Telchers College, B.A. MRS. ANNA CLARK ROBERT G. CLARK MISS ANNA M. CAMPANA MISS MARGARET A. CRISHAL Y" H111 f'7"S"'T ETJGQISH, fCUFDJALISf.1 SEIIICF, PPQELEFV GIFQS PHYSICAL EDUCATICN Q l.i':.2:: H1-Cf19f, Dr:::r Senor Clzss . Ad-1151: Gxls .5-.til-eti: 'S ',.' S' : .3-.ciztscr I C:-Acivgsor fi ,1,ss::1::1:n x X "rt L" 'sersd' H9251 Sccgetg' Cheerle :lets Cberlm, Ghz: S If'3'.12" wx Umversity, E.S. E.S, in Ed. PAGE TWENTY-FIVE Ken: State University, M. in Ed. S LICLL f S CLC!! 'X' .., I gnc-4 H4 rf' MISS DONNA M. ECKENRODE WILLIAM H. DONEGAN MISS HELEN DUER INSTRUIAETCTAL MUSIC ENGLISH HOME ECCIZCMICS Dire-Ct:f Ken' Sire '.'ers:'y, BS. Ixdiirii Sire Tezcker: nz: Stiie ":1'.'e:s.'y EQ. L2 Ed. Ccllece, ES. gn Ei. L2 Ed. Colgrribzs C s"y, IAA. I CARSON E. JONES Eooi-cicmipiricz, MELVIN S. FRANK FRED L. FUSCO F-.Dl.'AfCCEiD IJATHIIIAATICS V' "' ' tfw., MJ. .I MAT HPTIJIATITTS 'I:.':t-Tron Clilb I-rg' 11 tfgzzzfvzz' Very fl Music, F3c.:1",' Lfizi Vrf. 3: Afiietzs T313 -'ff-'f'fTf" 2 S 'n Ed. T ' I':lg' Asilind CCIIFGP, A-B. I' ' 'Z H e ".,-'L I:.,'.'x:'e 1: Hin.-15 it PUTSDIIYCTI, M. Ed. , - ,, , Ken' State Unxversity, B.S. C,Lfr..ri :is.:1-:ls ,ml nrt I' 'sic fducctzcn Gif? MRS. ORRIL ELDER LATIN Co'Adv1scr F.T.A. Clhzc U:11':ers1'g', AE, Middlebury College, MA. P. R. LAMB PHYSIQA, simon SCIENCE 'lrzcfn-Tzozt Club Il:-.zrit Umsn College, B.S. Iznris H3521-:Las Un1'.'ers1t',', Honors Ilplcmfrte These prospective secretaries are busy performing typing assignments in relcrtion to their training. N CLCLL f' Z AK ji., 5.63 Q 'Q nl-ll' 'uv J 'M NV ' ' X g. X , MRS. DOROTHY R. MQCQUARRIE SAM MAIORCA IfTl'2I.I5lH SPECIAL EDUCATION I I' H- -"-' 'rw SA. CIC-Arivgscr F.T.A.: fTI'1s5 Q1 :I I ' S".IflF'YI' Couriczi I':..'.' Y5'.1:113'C'fJF U"1vrf'.e1"' D S e Q ALBERT F. MORITZ ROBERT A. NOCERA Lffff ff' SPATIISH HISTORY Jcz-':.ff fill: Y3L1i'::'3w: Ijn1'.'ers1"f 5.13. "1 P-vA,..i,. Q.,..,, Uwvp TONY MASON SCCIAI. STUDIES I'Ie'1d Fsifbiill Civ: Cldriiri 55110, H' ..,,......f, u - 'ff-.1 'A .f..f- DAVID L. PROSSER E.g.-1,GY, I-3.JD.C VISUAL DIFECTCP jxxmer Fed Clase Mt. Qnzcti, Ex, K J P en. mre ' :1.'.'f-:.. Directing Senior Wcxyne Mitchell in ci parking demonsiration, Philip igizirucior, teaches students the correct cmd safe way to drive. I I MISS BEATRICE MILLARD LIBRARIAN Chic S'fr'e University, Eb, IIT Ld. C4113 S'i:te Uriivf,-i.,.ty, I'JI.A. I.'.'v-.I--rzg Reserve UI.l'Jf'fi1.IY, ILS. in Lxbrgry Scif-nce PHILIP J. RAGAZZO IDRIVFE EDUCATIQII lNxS5Lbf'Z"f Foothill Couch F4-flint he Vfheel Club I.'.'f'.:fF'ZI. Feservef Uzuver , AB. Kent S":'w Unrle-iuizy, I' P fl Rclggzzo, NHS driving .......--2'-I 'I-lxiilnu Industrial Art Classes at McKinley provide training and experience in the operaiion of many metal and wood-working machines. Iim Barker and Ierry Predika seem to be interested in the wood jig-saws. MRS LUCILLE ROSE CCMMEYFCIAL CO-Advlilcx Y,E.l.,.5.. Ohm Uzxxversgfy, BS. m Ed "'-dsl' S CLCU ALBERT SALERNO MRS. LEAH SCHISLER I ,-.-A,c'x,2',:. . 51,21 " ' ""' ' 'ws ai V350 v1v-m,v-Wvrf- L., 1 rr-Ji .,f:',-a-.r...e: 1 1 I n "all ILC. '11 Czllea G, A.B. M'UHEf- eeueqe, BA. JAMES SCOBIE I" E.lf.fEF.Q.AY. SFPVCL TI-PIAFLIFZE' kffl-.fad'.'1sc:z l.B.l,.A, Kr-zz' Strive Ilx11'.'etsx!y, ir. HC.. Kr-nt State UT'.L'.'GfSl,Y M. ri Hi. X LV,' ii gb.. I felF"s. I --r' M. G. SECHLER MISS VALOR SHURRAGER MRS. VIRGINIA GLENN D. STENNETT GRUBER SMITH PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT Czllei Most subjects require a good deal of concentrated study. Iunior Carol Logan makes a good example of this as she prepares one of her homework assignments. KENNETH K. STROCK IfIDU5"TPI.5.i PPE? J ll , .K I ,, fum .S rf- I Tl' DONALD R. SULLIVAN MYRON R. ffzfzuf- m 1 . QPEYIHIH, IIE'tf.3+.f'El, . -1. ,,.,, ll':'.',,:. :I tgtf-r.. .T .. fTf,fAd'l1s1r flf1'1'mzt Hiriof I' iioctr-'11 Kf-zz' T"1'ff' Ur1L'JfH"'1'y' L Kc-rt' S' KP Utxffftz' ' TIEFEL Urirxf-r:s1' 16' JAMES R. TOWNLEY MRS. ELEANOR R. SCHULLER ,, sin. . 1 ..l.,t1g-3 1--.H -L PAGE TVVENTY-NINE 1 I LOUIS TOTH ECY S PI-IYQILV-.., :Daff- Kf-nt State U:.L':ff1: ry, 5.5. in Ed. J Q S CLCU, fl, C. Beatty, R. Walton Cakferia Our school cafeteria is run effi- ciently by Mrs. Minnine Pissini, Mrs. Connie Perfette, and Mrs. Catherine Marino. These ladies prepare attractive and nutritive meals under the direction of Mrs. Mary Belle Amy, supervisor of the Niles City School Caieterias. Qfnalnfainance Ralph Walton and Charles Beatty continually strive to keep our school in the best condition. Their 'homework' in- cludes sweeping, fixing fthis requires a general knowledge of everythingl. and window washing. These jobs well ac- quaint our janitors with the entire school building. Pl. SW: Qglfyi. 3'f1?33s1' 2 V , ., I dlsfawm V, Hx 1 ,:1 ,vf w , A I W f aww ' V H V r W,,. W4 .W H ""w9-wr L . V-f mer I W' iz 7,2 3 W'f"?""' 49-M- 18 , 1 eniora Another class comes to receive diplomas. Another class goes to take its place in the world. We, the Senior Class of 1959, have passed through our last year at McKinley High. Dur- ing this year we have carried on the traditions ot the school and distinguished ourselves soc- ially and academically. Highlights of the social year included the Iunior Senior Party the Senior Banquet, and the traditional Iunior-Senior Prom. Although we leave. we shall always cherish our friendships and our Alma Mater. We'l1 return in our thoughts to remember the school that taught us so much. Motto: "To Strive, to Seek, to Find and not to Yield." Flower: Purple Violet Color: Mint Green and White f ef Miss Campana busily attends to the begin ning of her day's activities in the senior homeroom. -'Hs V21 Capably representing the Senior Class are Frank Costanza, Sergeant-at- Armsi Elizabeth Shriver, Secretary: Iames PAGE THIRTY-TWO Scherer, Vice-President: Thomas DeMont President: and George Betsarakis, Treas urer. PHILIP ALLEN GENERAL Stage Crew MARGIE ALLEN COMMERCIAL G.A.A., Pep Club, Future Business Leaders PATRICIA ALTIERO GENERAL G.A.A., Pep Club ALEX BERENCSI GENERAL Band PATRICIA A. BERNARD COLLEGE PREP Hi-Crier, Future Teachers, G.A.A,, Chorus, Pep Club, Financial Staff, Annual Staff, Student Council GEORGE BETSARAKIS COLLEGE PREP National Forensic League, Student Council, Class Officer, Key Club, Prince oi Peace, Annual Staii. Play Cast, Baseball, Pep Club. Financial Stafi ROBERT BIRSKOVICH COLLEGE PREP SANDRA BISSELL COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, G.A.A., Chorus NANCY BLANK GENERAL Pep Club MARIANNE BLICKA COMMERCIAL Future Homemcrkers, Future Teachers, Fulure Business Leaders WILLIAM BOHNE COLLEGE PREP Basketball, Track, Triqo-Tron, Key Club, National Honor Society PATRICK BOLINO COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Band eniord L' 7:95 'Hur if 1 PAGE THIRTY-THREE en iam R PG 'W' K 1 .1 PAGE rmmv-Pouk CAROLE BOREN COLLEGE PREP Triqo-Tron, Band, G.A.A. RUTHANN BRICKLEY COLLEGE PREP Behind-the-Wheel Club, Pep Club GERALDINE BRIENZA COLLEGE PREP Band. Ir. Red Cross, Behind-the-Wheel Club Future Nurses, Future Teachers, National For- ensic League, Future Business Leaders IANET BROOKS COMMERCIAL Chorus ROBERT BROWN COMMERC1AL Basketball Track Pe lub NELSON BRUTZ COLLEGE PREP Football Study Club RONALD BUNDY GFNERAL CHARLES BYERS GENERAL RICHARD CALHOUN COMMERCIAL Baseball Pep Club DEANNA CAMPFIELD COMMERCLAL Future Busmess Leaders GAA Chorus Pep Club DONNA CAPOTS COLLEGE PREP Future Nurses Etudent Councxl Pep Club GAA IOSEPH CARRIS TECHNICAL eniorfi CARMEN CARUSO GENERAL Band, Behind-the4Wheel Club, Radio Club PATRICIA CASEY COLLEGE PREP I Band, G.A.A., Majorette, Future Nurses, Future Teachers, Chorus CAROL CASPER COLLEGE PREP Future Teachers CAROLINE CATONE ' COMMERCIAL Pep Club ALICE CHERRY GENERAL Pep Club, Safety Council DOMINIC CHIEF FO GENERAL Stage Crew, Pep Club Seniors Iudy Woodcock, Dick Malone the Warren Iunior Achievement Associa- and Bill Bohne discuss Iunior Achieve- tion ment programing with two advisors from . gene. o.,, "ut nllon NAV' FMTEPQALSOE soaatz BUDDY! JwU'E'S Ad' .Q-" I f We will always remember the colorful the NHS halls. Ierry Hernan and George Bet- window displays that showed so much work sarakis seem to be pondering the finished re- and planning, also adding an artistic touch to sult of one of their projects. I el'll0l"6 C. -I I , ,Q .. . Q z Q X Wd if X , . ,, 5 , 0 X X '-I PAGE THIRTY-SIX PATRICIA CILETTI COMMERCIAL Hi-Crier, Annual Staff, Financial Staff, Pep Club LUCILLE CIMINERO COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, Class Officer, Pep Club RONALD CIMINERO COLLEGE PREP Radio Club, Trigo-Tron STOVALL CLINE GENERAL Football, Baseball, Stage Crew WILLIAM CLINE GENERAL Basketball, Baseball DONNA COLEMAN COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Trigo-Tron, Future Teachers, Pep Club NATALE COLIT'I'E GENERAL Radio Club TERRENCE CORCORAN COLLEGE PREP Key Club MARY ROSE CORSO commmcuu. chorus, Pep Club FRANK COSTANZA 'I'ECHNICAL Football. Baseball, Track. Class Officer. Ir. Red Cross, Study Club RICHARD COSTELLO eniorri FQ? Hz, I 3 ' 2 25? TECHNICAL GARY COUPLAND ill' TECHNICAL 17 Trigo-Tron, Key Club. Radio Club, Chorus in SHIRLEY CRAMER COMMERCIAL G.A.A., Chorus PHILIP CRISH TECHNICAL Baseball. Ir. Red Cross WILMA CRISP COMMERCIAL Chorus, Future Homemakers, G.A.A.. Safety Council SARA RUTH CROW comics PREP Chorus. Hi-Crier, Annual Staff IOI-IN DAVIS COLLEGE PREP OLIVEANN DAVIS COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Band. Radio Club, Prince of Peace, Trigo-Tron, Behind-the-Wheel Club. Majorette x fgfr PA GE THIRTY SEVEN eniom ANNA MAE DELUCA COMMERCIAL , Future Business Leaders, Librarian, Pep Club CAROL DEMASI COMMERCIAL Hi-Crier, Annual Staff, Future Business Leaders, X6 Pep Club THOMAS DeMONT if COLLEGE PREP Baseball, Basketball, Football, Class President, Study Club ,nl MARGARET DICKSON GENERAL Office Assistant, Librarian, G.A,A. MARSHALL DINAS GENERAL R Football, Track, Band, Study Club BRENDA EILEEN DIXON GENERAL Practice makes perfect and the NHS Band Mr. Donegan capably conducting the McKinley seems to be striving toward that perfection with musicians. MARY ANN DONATELLI COMMERCIAL EDWARD DROBIK GENERAL Track RONALD DURST GENERAL WANDA I. ELLIS GENERAL G,A.A., Future Busine BETTY ELLISON GENERAL G.A.A. EMILY IEAN ENGLISH COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders Pep Club ANNA MAE ERDOS COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Band, Mcxjorette GAA I-'ut e Nu Future Teachers, Pep Club BETTY IEAN ERDOS COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Band, Mcrjorette GAA Futu e N r es Future Teachers, Pep Club Ir Red Cros IAMES ESTES GENERAL Safety Council, Track MAHIORIE FABIAN COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Behind-the-Wheel C1 b Pep Club I OHN PARA GENERAL Track, Baseball, Stude t Co nc1l DAVE FARR GENERAL eniord 7 'x EM . Z1 'TN aid? PAGE FORTY LAURA FERRO COMMERCIAL Pep Club, Future Nurses IOHN FIEDOR COLLEGE PREP Trigo-Tron BETTY SUE FILLIAN COMMERCIAL Hi-Crier, Annual Staff, Future Business Leaders Financial Staff, Student Co GRACE FRASCA COMMERCIAL Chorus, Future Business Le BEVERLY FUTEY COLLEGE PREP uncil aders, Pep Club Cheerleader, G.A.A., Future Nurses, Chorus, Ir. Red Cross, Pep Club HELEN GARLOW GENERAL G.A.A., Pep Club IEAN GEORGE GENERAL Cheerleader, Future Nurses, Behind-the-Wheel Club, Pep Club IOANNE GONNELLA GENERAL Office Assistant THOMAS GROHL COLLEGE PREP Track, Basketball, Key Clu ANITA GUARINO COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders ROBERT GUMINO GENERAL Stage Crew RAYMOND HALLOCK GENERAL Football b, Trigo-Tron 'bf , ,mm hi S A me 1wX fww. , L1 Do you remember th1s p1cture9 These hne students were parncipants in the 1958 Youth Day ACt1Vlt1eS HAROLD HALTMAN COLLEGE PREP RICHARD HELENBERGER COLLEGE PREP Student Council, Class Offxcer Track Lab Assistant IOHN MACK HENRY COLLEGE PREP Football Track I ERRY HIESTER GENERAL ROBERT HILL COLLEGE PREP Trigo-Tron, Track, L I AMES HOLMES COMMERCIAL eniom 'bfi' ,-,-- 5 , .QC-f PAGE FORTY-TWO DAVID HOODIN COLLEGE PREP Key Club, Football, Track, National Forensic League, Prince of Peace, Student Council, TriqO4TrOn ROBERT HOOVER COLLEGE PREP Key Club, Football Manager, Basketball Manager Safety Council, Ir. Red Cross PATRICIA I-IOSAY COLLEGE PREP BETTY HUNT COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, Office Assistant. Chorus, Pep Club FRANCIS HUNTER COMMERCIAL ROBERT HUTCHINGS COMMERCIAL VIRGINIA HUTCHINGS GENERAL Play Cust, Chorus, Pep Club GERALDINE INFANTE COMMERCIAL Hi-Crier, Annual Staff, Financial Staff, Future Business Leaders ROBERT INFANTE COLLEGE PREP Football, Study Club, Pep Club WINIFRED MARY IACKSON GENERAL Chorus, Future I-Iomemakers, Ir. Red Cross Pep Club IOANN IAMES COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, G.A,A., Behind-the Wheel Club, Future Homemakers, Chorus CAROLE LYNN IOHNSON COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Art Club, Behind-theEWheel Club, G.A.A Financial Staff, Pep Club CARL I ONES GENERAL Chorus, Pep Club RONALD IONES COLLEGE PREP Football, Stage Crew, Study Club BARBARA KALE GENERAL c.A.A., Pep cmb .. w2437g-,W 1 if SW' MARGARET KAITAR COMMERCIAL Student Council, Pep Club MARY LOIS KNEPSHIELD COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Radio Club, Triqo-Tron, Future Teachers. Behind-the-Wheel Club, Band, G.A.A., Pep Club QC eniora x GUY KNIGHT TECHNICAL Basketball, Track Golf and badminton enthusiasts Maurice and Ron Iones typify the coming of spring and Skiffey, Eleanor Quaranta, Lucille Cirninero, these popular warm weather sports. tux' 'f 3 P eniorzi Another busy day begins in the Senior Horneroom. GW if gg , PAGE FORTYAFOUR ROBERT KOVACICH GENERAL RUSSELL KRENCIPROK COLLEGE PREP Football, Track, Stage Crew, Study Club ESTELLA LAWRENCE COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders EMILY LAZZIO COLLEGE PREP G.A.A., Majorette, Triqo-Tron, Future Nurses Band ELEANOR LIMONGI COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, Ollice Assistant, Pep Club PATRICIA LLEWELLYN COMMERCIAL Annual Staff, Pep Club STANLEY MACKEY COLLEGE PREP BARBARA IOY MADDEN COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, Trigo-Tron, Chorus, Pep Club MICHAEL MAINHART TECHNICAL Track. Basketball RICHARD MALONE COLLEGE PREP Track, Basketball, National Honor Society. Key Club MARY I O MANGINO COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, G.A.A. NICHOLAS MARIOTTI COMMERCIAL Football, Track, Basketball, Annual Staff, Study Club SALLY MARIE MARR COMMERCIAL Student Council, G,A.A. I ACK MARTIN COLLEGE PREP Key Club, Student Council, Safety Council, Pep Club MARY ANN MATASH GENERAL Band, Chorus, Pep Club, Behind-the-Wheel Club CARMEN MAZZA GENERAL Band, Football, Track, Study Club BARBARA MEARS COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, Future Nurses, Future Teachers, Chorus, G.A.A. I OHN MERLO GENERAL eniorri STEPHEN MIHOKOVICH TECHNICAL Radio Club WAYNE MITCHELL COLLEGE PREP GEORGE EDWARD MCCLOSKEY GENERAL Football, Basketball, Baseball, Behind-the-Wheel Club, Projection Crew MARNA MCCONNELL COMMERCIAL fmt. Future Business Leaders, Behind-the-Wheel Club. Student Council, G.A.A. WILLIAM MCCULLOUGH GENERAL JAMES MCCUIEE COLLEGE PREP 'P' Pausing for a moment during art class, Seniors Iohn Fara, Dick Ross, Ray Hallock, and Fran- cis Hunter display some of their artistry. 74' j - - 'Q 9" 'qytn , t "" X we XX KAREN MCGUIRK COMMERCIAL G.A.A,, Cheerleader, Student Council, Fuiure Business Leaders, Future Nurses, Future Home- makers, Behind-the-Wheel Club, Office Assist- ant, Ir. Red Cross, Chorus, Pep Club PATRICIA McNEVIN COMMERCIAL Future Homemakers, Chorus F ATIMA NAGI COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, G.A.A. PATRICIA LOUISE NARDO COMMERCIAL Annual Staff, Pep Club SANDRA NASS COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders ROBERT NESTOR TECHNICAL Band, Ir. Red Cross DARLEN E ORWIG GENERAL G.A.A. LEWIS OWENS GENERAL WILLIAM PAINTER GENERAL ANTHONY PARISE TECHNICAL Ir. Red Cross IACK PARKER GENERAL BEVERLY PATTERSON COLLEGE PREP G.A.A., Radio Club PAGE FORTY-SEVEN eniom PAGE FORTY-EIGHT BEVERLY PELTON COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, Chorus, G.A.A. ROMELIA PERFETTE COMMERCIAL MICHAEL PETAK COLLEGE PREP THAYLA POLLOCK COMMERCIAL Chorus, Behind-the-Wheel Club, Financial Staff RONALD PREDIKA COLLEGE PREP Art Club, Ir. Red Cross MANY ANN PRICE COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, Chorus ELEANOR QUARANTA COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, Chorus, Art Club IEANNE RAIKOWSKI COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, Future Teachers, Nation al Forensic League, Prince oi Peace, Student Council, G.A.A., Majorette, Triqo-Tron, Office Assistant, Band SARANNE RANDALL COMMERCIAL SANDRA REED COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, Chorus, Band, Future Teachers, Trigo-Tron, Behind-the-Wheel Club GEORGE G. REISS GENERAL IOAN RETORT COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders Thls prcture lust proves that a football players dunes do not always requrre work Here THELMA REYNOLDS GENERAL Future Homemakers, Pina DOREEN RICH COLLEGE PREP Future Nurses CAROL RING COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Band, G.A.A. LINDA RODGERS COLLEGE PREP Future Nurses, Office Ass RICHARD ROSS COMMERCIAL Student Council, Track EUGENE BOSSI TECHNICAL Band, Football, Behind-tbe VK ee Study Club eniom M., X 4 U' Y? I, X 1 :EJB-S pun- PAGE FWTY SANDRA IOYCE RUSSELL COMMERCIAL Future Business Leaders, Chorus, G.A.A. IAMES SANDF RY GENERAL Radio Club, Stage Crew RICHARD SAWYER GENERAL Band EDMUND SCARNECCHIA GENERAL Baseball THOMAS SCARNECCHIA COLLEGE PREP Class Officer, National Forensic League, Prince of Peace, Annual Staff. Financial Stall IAMES SCHERER COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, Class Officer, Hi-Crier, Co-Editor of Annual, National Forensic League, Prince of Peace MARTIN SCHNEIDER GENERAL Radio Club FRED W. SCHWEITZER COLLEGE PREP Key Club, Trigo-Tron, Annual Staff Photographer, Band GORDON SEXTON GENERAL Baseball RUSSELL SHAW COMMERCIAL ELIZABETH SHEEHAN COMMERCIAL ELIZABETH SHRIVER COMMERCIAL Hi'Crier, Annual Staff, Financial Staff, Oilice Assistant, Pep Club lUNE SIMEONE 2 Qlfll OI"J COMMERCIAL 5-. GEORGE SINNETT GENERAL Chorus MAURICE SKIFFEY COMMERCIAL Football, Track, Study .,,,A.A, .3 C 'V va GRETCHEN SMITH COLLECE PREP National Honor Society, Trigo4Tron, National Forensic League, Prince of Peace, GAA., Chorus, Band, Student Council, Ir. Red Cross, Pep Club EDWARD SNOWDEN COLLEGE PREP Radio Club, Projection Crew ab RONALD SNYDER GENERAL Stage Crew W, ,g:2 'Mi 'Q' Senior Deanna Zgrnarelli works diligently to finish an English test before the bell rings. '42 1 of' el'll0l'5 K Semors Esther Vcmnelh cmd George t1on prcxcuce dunng then Clase de 3 Espanol slr ,EMM B9fSGICIk1S d1scuss a Spcnlsh translauon for pronunclcr PAGE FIFTY TWO MARY ANN SODA COMMERCIAL PAUL STABILE GENERAL Bcmd MARY STAMBAUGH GENERAL PATRICIA STANEC COMMERCIAL Future Busmess Leaders Future Nurses Ncmoncxl FOISHSIC League Behmdthe Wheel Club RITA STEVENS COMMERCIAL Future Busmess Leaders Mcqorette G AA Banc I AMES STIFFLER GENERAL Stage Crew Proyecuon Crew I . 7- I .. - -I K 'MCA 1 ,' PM 3 il, ,hx V.VAL I f Ax, I Q.. - , , ,4 EDWARD STONE GENERAL WILLIAM SYWY TECHNICAL lr. Red Cross, Behindvthe-Wheel Club. Safety Council, Chorus BONITA TABOR GENERAL c.A.A. PATRICIA TAYLOR COMMERCIAL Chorus, Ir. Red Cross, G.A.A. IANET TETRICK COLLEGE PREP Ir. Red Cross. Triqo-Tron, Chorus, G.A.A., Radio Club, Play Cast, National Forensic League, Prince of Peace. National Honor Society, Pep Club BILLIE RAE THOMAS COMMERCIAL Cheerleader, Future Business Leaders, Chorus, Office Assistant WILLIAM THOMAS COLLEGE PREP Triqo-Tron SANDRA FAYE THOMPSON COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Future Nurses. lr. Red Cross, Pep Club SANDRA KAYE THOMPSON COLLEGE PREP National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Prince ol Peace, Triqo-Tron, Student Council, Chorus, G.A.A., Pep Club SANDRA TIRLEA COLLEGE PREP Behindethe-Wheel Club, Chorus DOMINIC TORIELLO COLLEGE PREP Student Council, Track, Trigo-Tron. Key Club DAMIAN TOTO COLLEGE PREP Projection Crew, Band, Behind-the-Wheel Club, Radio Club eniorfi fr' -2 an lc? Y -s. l PAGE FIFTY-THREE eniorfi NANCY TRIMBUR COMMERCIAL I-Ii-Crier, Co-Editor of Annual, Student Council, Cheerleader, Future Teachers, Future Business Leaders, Pep Club MARY TRIPODI COMMERCIAL Behind-the-Wheel Club ESTHER VARANELLI COLLEGE PREP Chorus, National Honor Society, National Forensic League. Prince of Peace. Future Teachers. Office Assistant, Pep Club ARLENE VARNER COMMERCIAL DONNA WALTERS COLLEGE PREP National Forensic League, Prince of Peace, Ir. Red Cross, Pep Club PATRICIA WALTERS COLLEGE PREP Chorus, Radio Club, Trigo-Tron SANDRA WILES COMMERCIAL Radio Club, Pep Club GLENN WILLIAMS ji COMMERCIAL IAMES WILLIAMS GENERAL Play Cast Mrs. Schisler seems surprised at the pres- bers, Pat Ciletti and Betty Sue Fillian prepare ence of a photographer, while Hi-Crier mem- to "get the facts" for another news story. '7 Q 1 'jx Wi .Zz ,s 4 if 4, 'wffuf wx: ,f ."'4' -:K Screw. + R A-MM, ,ww mqwfit .fm ,mai ' fy 0 , A 1' W g m, , uw if -,pg mv' Qgb? ."f'j::t'A an-. 5--'F ' .'l. " nu .TA .1 of ' ' z. AA .r -11, f' Q 41' 77, 1. ,Yea 'L ,ff MV: . I rr 6. .5.'r-ivq. A QS- ., Aw. "A-' ..K ig, . .., ff ' '29 - X vi i' ',, ,-fx-' ,vigil 'sig vc , ,-Yan' "K. L Resting during o hike through Mcxson Woods, these seniors seem to be discussing some in- teresting topics. We will never forget the many inspiring talks delivered to us so well bv our Principal, Mr. Robert Shcrrp. Uxn 1 N X Y va- retaryp Dick Masciangelo, Vice-President: Ted Ran- uniom ln addition to its members hold- ing positions ot leadership in many extra-curricular activities, the class ot 1960 sold Christmas cards, candy, stationery, and sponsored a car Wash. All through the year the juniors primed themselves academically and in activities for their final year as seniors at McKinley. Motto: "Knowledge in Youth is Wis- dom in Old Age." 1 Flower: Red Rose Officers of the Iunior Class are Nancy Kines, Sec- Color: Red and Silver Advisor: Mrs. Leah Schisler dolph, Sergeant-at-Arms: Danny Campana, President, and Kathy Parise, Treasurer. IUNIOR HOMEROOM 101 Left to Right Row Bow Row 1 - I. Braun, S. Brinko, I. Belcastro, M. Accordino, L. Brady, C. Brown, I. Bickley, F. Blanca. 2 - R. Binion, I. Bassett, D. Burnside, B. Bacos, C. Belcastro, I. Bowman, A. Binion, I. Allen. 3 - I. Schobel, I. Bonnano, I. Flynn, R. Bowser. IUNI Left Row Row Row OR HOMEROOM 103 to Right 1 - D. Cox, I. Callison, I. Robison, V. Caruso, G. Caruso, P. Campbell, G. Carbone, C. Cosby. 2 - D. Campana, D. Chuirazzi, I. Custer, D. Callard, G. Cretella, I. Corso, T. Chietfo, R. Calabria. 3 - I. Callow, T. Collins, G. Carter, W. Coe, B. Cook, S. Corso, C. Casey. 1' If you don't succeed at first, try and try Iuniors Peg DeChristofaro and Dick Mas- again. Iunior Sally Sygar proves this theory ciangelo find that doing reference work is very while she drills to improve her shorthand helpful during the course of a school day. speed. IUNIOR HOMEROOM 204 Left to Right Row l - P. Morrow, C. Paris, P. Shade, D. Minick, K. Parise, M. Nevin, I. Nardo, I. McLean. Row 2 - I. Palmer, I. Murray, S. O'Ma1ly, I. Miles, K. Moler, B. Ravey, S. Owens, F. Miller, R. Ostrode. Row 3 - M Nori, T. Randolph, G. McQuaid, D. Newell, R. Morrall, N. Osika, D. McCormick, A. Muresan. .--9 . Y' IUNIOR HOMEROOM 208 Left to Right Row 1 - I. Rivella, A. Pascarella, E. Sandfrey, G. Salem, I. Postlewait, M.Pava1illo, I. Perica, K. Ross, R. Predika. Row 2 V S. Ryder, N. Roberts, A. Roberts, S. Parker, C. Ross, I. Ross, E. Quigley, D. Pearce. Row 3 - A. Sawyer, F. Pierce, I. Petrilla, H. Ripple, E. Pitzer, D. Pressell, P. Rein, D. Ramsey, I. Reise, T. Ross. .S?0l0A 0l'l'L 0l"e:5 A fast start enabled the class of I 1961 to sponsor a basketball dance, bake sale, and sell pocket diplomas to raise class funds. The Sophomores, a class of two- hundred eighty students, are en- thused, willing, and have prepared plans for their future and the future of McKinley High School. Motto: "Wisdom and Knowledge are the Fruits of Life." Flower: White Rose Color: Blue and White Advisors: Sum Maiorca and Albert Salerno Sophomore Class Officers are: Pat Cooper, Treas- urer: Lena Quaglia, Vice-President: Dave Watkins, President: Patty Crish, Secretary: and Butch Likens, Sergeant-at-Arms. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 102 Left to Right Row 1 - C. Bazel, A. Boggs, R. Bohne, P. Braun, P. Barnett, S. Cain, B. Allender, V. Caldwell. Row 2 - I. Caruso, F. Biamonte, I. Bako, I. Birskovich, S. Boron, D. Callard, C. Callow. How 3 - G. Allen, E. Trachial, B. Boag, G. Bodes, I. Barker, G. Bodajlo. Row 4 - T. Barber, I. Berresford, R. Aulet, T. Brown, R. Adkins. TL A' SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 106 Left to Right Row 1 - D. Clemens, C. Clemente, I. Clouser, L. Cheeks, P. Cooper, P. Danyi, I. Dando, P. Davis Row 2 - P. Crisp, S. Cristy, P. Crish, I. Chiarmonte, M. Crank, I. Cogan, K. Corbett, W. Cox. Row 3 - I. Chuirazzi, C. Cline, P. Caruso, R. Catone, D. Crank, U. Cline, L. Coates, T. Cline. Row 4 - E. Cluse, I. Curio, F. Cutright, L. Clare, R. Daley. 1 1 Y 5, I 'A 35 +3 ua L, if 22 Wa " x 1 3 'S R 55 I 9, -54 vw 4 X. Q, mf' 'Q 4 ,e .xdcfiuifieb "Men work together," I told him from the heart, "Whether they work together or apart." - Robert Frost Activities have a special meaning for each one of us. Through them we find the companionship of fellow students who are all working toward the same goals, whether it may be for social life or about the kinds of things we may have to face outside of high school. Bowl L Ferro P Campbell I George B Row 3 K Nagy I Zagray L Quagha V Fulel' L Rogers A Efdos B Mears Suty S Patterson I MCK1bbeH S B Erdos C muh G Salem Cam I Clouser L Rader L Morrrson S Th D C E L P Caseimgsgilch C glcffriion Saflzggcm Row 4 I Braun G Caruso E Srler P Clark 1 Rrvrella P cnsh P Cooper P Hyder Row 2 UPCIQ5 Qlflellfff .jl,LtlfLl'Q 9140 e155l0l'l ll'l.1 Maklng 1ts debut at Ixrles McK1nley Hrgh School 1S a new orgamzatron the Future Nur e Club P P P P a bud eye vrew of the dutres and quahh catrons requlred rn the nursmq profess1on The PNA conducted a door to-door Leone ale toy collectron for underprrvr leged chrldreu at Chnstrnas and a rrbbon sale Sponsors Mrss Selena Coupland Martha Braun Martlyn Scarnecchra Lena Quagha Treasurer Phyllrs Campbell V1C6PIeS1CleI1l Beverly Futey Secretary and Iean George Presrdent PAGE SEVENTY ' f I - r - , - ' . , . , . - , . I ' -I ' I ' I I . I ' I I ' . I l I , . . -A , Q I I , . . . - ' I ' I ' I ' . l - ' I 0 I ' I I I . , . . ' ' ' ' S 0 I Om I . . .. . . , V ' ni j Its ur ose is to give ros ective nurses " 'lf - - - - - I . . . . . ' ' I - 1- Q ' ' ', 2 - I ' -Y , I I . , I - . Q A . ' , I ' L' . . Xt, :H --.,, K . I I4 l + INN 4 Qi I If I 5 I Il' I 'I 3' ' , ,.l-1E'7'F' , : ' , - I I 4 I , Row l G Sm1th I Tetr1ck I RGjkOWSk1 B Row 2 W Bohne D Coleman I Scherer O Madden S Thompson I Woodcock Davxs R Malone B Mears ouefg wed QQ QPJALIO Rcogrufzon gpm, Drck Malone Pres1dent Gretchen Srmth Secretary Treasurer I1m Scherer V1ce Pres1dent NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membersh1p m the Nat1onal Honor Soc rety IS one of the h1ghest honors a student can attam 1n h1gh school To be ehgxble for membershlp 1n lh1S orgamzatron a pro pect 1ve student IS judged on character leader sh1p scholarsh1p and serv1ce to h1S school and commumty Off1CefS th1s year were D1ck Malone Pres1dent I1m Scherer Vxce Pres1dent Gret Chen Smrth Secretary Treasurer Advlsors are Dav1d L Prosser Donald Pallante M1ss Beatr1ce Mrllard MISS Anna M Campana Robert H Sharp MISS Dorothy Dew Iames Townley and Donald Sulhvan New lnductees elected 1n March 1959 Sprmg elechons mclude Iunrors Marxlyn Kramer Ioanne R1v1el1a Karen Bender Rlchard Morall Elynor Fldram Fhchard Mas clangelo Iudrth Call1son Dan Campana Holland Swegan Also elected were Senlors Esther Varanelh Carole Boren and Sandra Reed PAGE SEVENTY ONE -, ,, ,. ,. ' . ,. ,. ,. ,. 11 I I' ' 3 . 0 . .. 1 O-. I . 1 I D - , , ' I . A 1 1 1 ' .', ' ,K I . I . . , 1 1 - 1 - 1 , A . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 L . . 1 A, 1 1 ' 1 I ' ' Left to Right Row l - O. Davis, K. Bender, M. Knepshield, S. Wiles, P. Walters, W. West. M. Schneider, M. Lynn, V. Suty, M. Gales, I. Clouser. Row 2 - D. Campana, R. Masciangelo, G. Snyder, I. Mcliibben, K. Molar, D. Callard, T. Vranko, M. Schneider, F. Barber, P. Maiorca. Row 3 - N. Colitte, I. Sandfrey, S. Ryder, B. Lilley, L. Vivolo, W. Coe, R. Hammond, B. Clinger, G. Kaniclides. Row 4 - K. Sanders, B. Graham, I. Berresford, D. Callard, R. Konlon, P. DeFillipis, R. Patterson, P. Davis. Left to Right Row l - W. Bohne, R. Hill, G. Betsarakis, R. Malone, D. Hoodin, R. Zuzolo, T. HOW 3 Corcoran. Row 2 - I. Martin, T. Grohl, D. Campana, I. RADIO CLUB This activity is for students at Mc- Kinley who have an interest in the field of electronics, and its scientific advance- ment in the rocket era. Hooking up radio communications for school functions and sports activities, and a field trip to Westinghouse in Sharon made up the club's projects this year. Officers: Danny Campana ............ President Natale Colitte ..... . .. Vice President Dianne Callard ...., ...... S 'ecretary George Kaniclides ........... Treasurer Tom Barber ............... Sgt.-at-Arms Advisor: Iames R. Townley KEY CLUB This organization, now in the second year of service to our community and school, strives toward better American citizenship under the guidance of the Kiwanis. Service projects performed by the members were: sponsoring the Pep Club, ushering at basketball games and football games and selling tickets to these events. Officers: David Hoodin . . . ........ President Dick Malone . . . . . . Vice President Harold Elliot ........,....... Secretary Ralph Zuzolo ................ Treasurer Advisor: Robert G. Clark Davis, E. Pitzer, F. Schweitzer, G. Coupland. D. Toriello, I. Berresford, H. Elliot, C. Young, E. Gruber, I. Wiand, R. Hoover. rganizafion romofed .Zac ing areem FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Displaying an interest in the field of teaching and the opportunities in the teach- ing profession is the Future Teachers of America. An impressive initiation and induction ceremony, the Annual Student Teaching Day, and various teaching projects keynoted the activities of this organization this year. ADVISOHS: Miss Valor Shurrager Mrs. Oril Elder Sarn Maiorca S Hogan Secretary D Masciangelo Treasurer N Trimbur F1ISlV1V9 President D Campana Ser geant at Arms P Bernard President and C Paris Sec and Vice President Row 1 E Fidram D Coleman I Ralkowski Sutter K Parise K Ross P DeChr1st A Liberatore A Pascarella C Paris tak M Lorenzetti P Bernard M Knep N Trimbur Row 3 S Hogan M Kramer P Semple R Lup Row 9 C Schink C Dolence G Caruso C shield S Reed C Casper Logan E Varanelh D Zamarelli S Row 4 Ft Morall D Campana T Vranko R Masciangelo PAGE SEVENYY THREE K. Bender, I. Raviella, M. Soyhayda, ofaro. 0l"Ql'l5iC Hague 0I'l'I'l5 tel' .SQQQCLLQPJ Left to Rlght Row 1 Row 2 E Qu1gley C Pred1ka D Raschxlla I Markley I Calhson P Stanec G Bnenza C Brown E Frdram M Kramer R Luptak D Coleman I Tetr1ck I Woodcock D Walters I Row 3 Ralkowskl S Thompson E Varane111 D Hoodrn R Morrall D Campana A Doutt D Zamarelh O Dav1s G Smlth W Coe B L111ey L Coates G Betsarakls NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Those students who have recerved twenty f1V8 pomts for a membershrp m the Natlonal Forenslc League make up the McK1n1ey Chapter of N F L These students travel to var1ous schools where they QIVG the1r declama txons 11 cornpet1t1on Wlfh other students who have prepared speeches for the occaslon Th1s orgamzatlon 15 outstandmg 1n 1nst1111ng seliconhdence and developlng speech trammg Advlsor Donald L Sulhvan I Markley Treasurer S K Thompson Pres1dent I Calhson Secretary and D Hoodm V1ce Pres1dent PACE EVENTY OJR I I I 1 In ' . , . , . , , ' , - I - , - I . , . , . , . - - . . . , . , . , . , - 1 - - . . - , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' I A 1 wg , , . . . . H' '2 +7 . . . ,fjfg f N V ,' A' ,, x f , , 1 , f!:'!f! Ht . . A 'fr -,J-,1 x I ' it 1, 1 .. - LWK it U 0 K X, , 2 2 . ' Ti' . , 5 . . , ' 5 ' I I ' I - .7 5 1 I' 2 ecrefariw cquire udinedfi JQC reigned FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS To better acquaint its members for leadership in the business world today is the aim of the Future Business Leaders ol America. 6 g A well performed Style Show, a char- ity Thanksgiving basket and a Christmas Tureen Dinner made for some interesting projects and fun times for the F.B.L.A. ADVISORS: Miss Patricia Casey Mrs. Lucille Rose Mr. Iames Scobie Mary Ann Price, Secretary: Beverly Pelton, President: Wanda Ellis, Vice-President, Nancy Trimbur, Reporter. Missing: Betty Fillian, Treasurer Lett to Right Limongi, G. Frasca, L. Ciminero. Row l - B. Fillian, G. lnfante, S. Russell, I. Row 4 - A. Roberts, I. Nardo, I. McLean, I Iames, E. Quigley, P. Stanec, G. Sheldon, I. Perica, S. O'Malley, N Brienza, I. Edison, L. Ferro, A. DeLuca, Kines, I. Braun, D. Gerlach, I. Brooks B. Thomas, S. Bissell. S. Nass. Row 2 V N. Ahrendt, M. Sloan, K. Butler, C. Row 5 - M. Wiltrout, M. Blicka, I. Yuhasz, M Szczotka, L. Theodore, H. Albu, D. Soyhadya, E. Dorchock, P. Morrow Chuirazzi, G. Carbone, S. Gatta, E. A. Guarino, M. Allen, M. McConnell English, D. Leonardi, N. Trimbur. M. Mangino, B. Hunt, D. Campfield. Row 3 A C. DeMasi, K. Trimbur, M. Nevin, W. Row 6 - B. Bako, I. Murray, E. Lawrence, R Weida, C. Leckie, D. Raschilla, G. Stevens, B. Pelton, W. Ellis, M. Price. Cretella, T. Chieffo, K. Slane, E. PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE Left to Right-IUNIOR RED CROSS Row 1- E. Fidram, K. Bender, I. Braun, P. ludy, D. Chuirazzi, P. Treharn, A. Lib- eratore, M. Lorenzetti, C. Bazel, K. Olson. Row 2 - R. Predika, R. Predika, S. O'Malley, IUNIOR RED CROSS This organization strives in serving our school, our community and our country in psychological and physical fitness, as well as establishing international relations by working together. Officers: lanet Tetrick ..................... Chairman Ronnie Predika ..........,..... Co-Chairman Rae Predika ............ Secretary-Treasurer Advisor: David L. Prosser Lett to Right-STUDY CLUB Row 1 - CSeatedl - T. Papas, D. Crank, T. De- Mont, I. MacHenry, E. Foster, M. Dinas, F. Gurnino. Row 2 - C. Granger, R. Krenciprock, B. Infante, F. Costanza, B. DePerro, M. Lastic. Row 3 - S. Ryder, N. Brutz, L. Vivolo. P. Feigert, P. Yuhash, C. Holmes, S. Sygar, D. Rincltuss. Row 3 - I. Woods, B. Hoover, I. Beresford, L. Vivolo, P. DeFilippis, D. Muresan, D. McCormick, P. Crish, L. Stabile, B. Sywy, D. Crank. STUDY CLUB Niles McKinley Football Squad, under the guidance of head coach Tony Mason and his staff of assistants, have formed a Study Club this year with a purpose ot bettering study habits for the gridiron charges. The purchase of letter sweaters and jackets and the sponsoring of an All-Opponent Dance highlighted the first year's activities for the newly formed club. Advisor: Tony Mason Row 4 - I. Berrestord, R. Iones, W. Leonard, M. Skiftey, D. Lambert, N. Mariotti, I. Predika, C. Mazza. Row 5 - R. Sloan, D. Rundtuss, G. Helmick, R. Zuzolo, S. Corso, D. Iones, D. Ram- sey, L. Lazier, D. Helmick, I. Skiffey, D. Marino, M. Fogarty, N. Roberts. i l Left to Right BANQUET f OIVIIVIITTEL Row 2 I Blckley R Masciangelo R Morrall Row l S Brinko I Braun A Liberatore C E S11er Brown S Valot C Vigorito fl IUIJUUA GIAOLU j POLL? QFUICQ BANQUET COMMITTEE Hot coffee to keep us warm along with potato chi s cand and hot do s to kee us formed by the NHS Banquet Committee last ta Sponsored by the Niles Band Boosters the large committee operated Riverside Stadiums three concession stands at each home game of the Dragons 1958 grid season PROIECTION CREW The boys and girls in this club assist teachers in the school by showing movies in halls and other tree time so that other students may enjoy seeing fllms wh1ch accompany their classroom work Advisor Dav1d Prosser Left to R1ght PHOIECTION CREW Row 2 B Hilher H Iewell T Barber R How 1 H 'Vlorrall I Mlle l lo ter D Toto Patterson J? J ' S 'P , Y Q P ' ' ' ' comfortably full: these were the services per- the individual classes. They give up their study 11. ' ' ' ' ngguclenfzi Survey jc nofogica siliefafa Left to Right Row 1 - P. Walters, M. Knepshield, C. Boron, I. Rajkowski, B. Madden, S. Russell, Row 3 I. Riviella, I. Callison, O. Davis, S. Thompson. Row 2 - E. Gruber, R. Swegan, H. Morrall, I. Qfhlffrd cf Carol Boron, Vice-President: Barbra Madden, Secretary: Bob Hill, Treasurer, and Gretchen Smith, President. PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT Tetrick, G. Smith, K. Bender, D. Tor- iello, R. Zuzolo, I. Davis, D. Malone. T. Vranko, R. Masciangelo, B. Bohne, R. Hill, T. Grohl, D. Hoodin, G. Coup- land, I. Fiedor, W. Thomas, F. Schweitzer. TRIGO TRON Trigo Tron is mainly a science-math club. Its purpose is to instill an interest of these subjects in the students of Niles McKinley High School. Many field trips and club fun has helped make Triqo Tron a popular science organization. ADVISORS: P. R. Lamb - Glen Sechler Melvin Frank aggolalzomorefi ifildfdg ,Siienfihc ,gnferedf SCIENCE CLUB A new club at McKinley High School last year was the Science Club. This year the all-sophomore group changed its name to the Why Science Club. The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for the students to do experimental type projects in var- ious phases of science. Advisor: Albert Moritz Ofn..,.. M. Iames, Reporter: D. McCormick, Vice-President: S Boron, Librarian: B. Roerner, Treasurer: P. Slane, Secretary, and A. Toriello, President. Left to Right I. Martin, H. Pollock, D. Sinnett, D. Row 1 - P. Braun, C. Powell, M. Iames, P. Martin, D. Muresan, I. Helenberger. Slane, I. Dando, L. Rader, W. West, Row 3 - B. Graham, I. Miller, I. Hughes, A. M. Schneider, S. Boron, R. Bohne. Row 2 - B. Roerner, A. Toriello, L. Morrison, Muresan, D. McCormick. PAGE SEVENTY-NINE 'Hu The Pep Club members l1ve up to the1r name at a basketball game lh1S past wrnter LU l"9Cl,I'lLZClfl0l'l Pefieflffi 3400! .S?0U"lf PEP CLUB The steam supportrng all NHS ath 1et1c groups 1S the newly formed Pep Club Thrs club 1S cosponsored by the Key Club and the Cheerleaders Mem bers of the club have a spec1al cheer 1ng sectlon at all the home football games Among other act1v1t1es the Pep Club journeyed to Akron to cheer for the N1les vs Akron Ellet gr1d game Advrsor Robert G Clark J! L? Dave Hoodln Presrdent of Key Club lean Zavar and Karen McGu1rk Varslty Cheerleaders get together to plan some Pep Club act1v1t1es P1GL EC TY Po ing for the cameramen the Stage Crew commences to disassemble the Christmas stage scenery STAGE CREW Preparing flats for the play produc- tions and decorating the stage for the choral and band concerts is the McKinley High Stage Crew. This active group takes care of the lighting as well as the scenery and has also accomplished many other artistic constructions for McKinley clubs. Officers: Dominic Chieffo ............. President Arthur Doutt ..........., Vice President Kay Hunyady ................ Secretary Ronald Iones .....,...,...... Treasurer Russell Krenciprock Sergeant-at-Arms Advisor: Mrs. Anna H. Clark l lQ5l9l'lQl".'5 60l'l:5iI"lfLLf Leflefg Lett o Right Row 2 M Nori I Berresford D Marino T Row l R Krenciprock N Roberts B Likens Randolph I Elliot S Chne P Crish I Belcastro P Iudy P Treharn C I Altobelh Hunyady R Iones D Chieffo I Row 3 A Doutt B Fagnano P Allen D Megert Crank K Sanders I Hendry D PAGE EIGHTY ONE Lenney I Wiand 3 1 L . L L . . . l ' . 1 . , . , ' - 1 - 1 - 1 1 - 1 - 1 - . , . , . , . . . , . , . , . ' . 1 - 1 . , - 1 f 1 - 1 , . . uggualenf .xgdziifnfance .xdicld .fgclminibfrafion Left to Right Row 1 - P. Dickson, A. DeLuca, M. Blicka, I. Yuhasz, M. Soyhayda, P. Campbell, S. Brinko. Row 2 - D. Zamarelli, S. Morrison, L. Rader, I. McKibben, E. Morris, M. Lapolla. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Girls who want to obtain actual experience performing secretarial du- ties have the opportunity of helping the regular school secretary in the main and attendance offices. Some of their duties are collecting and distributing the absence slips. taking the lunch count, sorting mail, running office errands and various other jobs. They provide a valuable service to McKinley High School. Advisor: Miss Betty DiFebo Left to Right LIBRARY ASSISTANTS The NHS librarians are becoming ac- quainted with librarianship as a profes- sion while bringing the library and its program closer to the student body, the classroom and the faculty. These girls help to stimulate reading incentives, sponsor an interest among students in the use of books and library service, and help to improve library ser- vice of the school by assisting with the numerous clerical duties involved. Advisor: Miss Beatrice Millard Row l K MCGu1Ik M McConnell P Altiero B Futey P ludy D Zamarelli B Thomas B Hunt How 2 L Rodgers K Bender l Woodcock E Limongi E Varanelh, M. Wiltrout. PAGE EIGHTY TWO 920001 ibriuing lqfoui ed Suki' wagzi BEHIND THE WHEEL CLUB AND SAFETY COUNCIL Behind the Wheel and Safety Council are two clubs extracted from the Niles High Driver Training Ed- ucation course. Choosing a Driver of the Week", entering driving "Rodeos" and study- ing ways to make the school's sur- rounding streets safer are the activities carried on by these two service organ- izations. Advisor: Philip Ragazzo SAFETY COUNCIL-Left to Right How 1 - K. McGuirk, M. McConnell, I. McLean, P. Trehorn M. Mangino, K. Ross, T. Pollock. Row 2 - R. Hoover, C. Young, E. Varanelli, R. Predika, E Quigley, E. Stone, N. Collite, W. Sywy. How 3 - T. Corcoran, W. Knight, C. Byers, I. Martin, R Swegan, R. Zuzolo, S. Ryder, D. Hoodin. BEHiND THE WHEEL CLUB-Left to Right M. Knepshield, D. Gerlach, C. Paris Row 1 - A. Liberatore, C. Brown, S. Valot, I. M. Kramer, C. Shink. Hiviella, E. Quigley, D. Leonardi, R. Row 3 - I. Mucco, R. Morrall, M. Matash M Predika, I. McLean, K. McGuirk, K. Tripodi, M. Fabian, C. Iohnson E Ross, R. George. Fidram, I. Sipusic, R. Sweet. Row 2 - I. Bickley, P. Stanec, G. Brienza, M. How 4 - I. Marccio, A. Williams, I. White S McConnell, P. Treharn, M. Soyhayda, Hyder, C. Young, B. Sywy, W. Boag PAGE EIGHTY-THREE This year's Yearbook Queen looks very pretty as she sits on the front steps to McKinley. Yearbook Queen ludge Cadet Gerald P. Stadler Editor of 1959 Howitzer United States Military Academy Mardoolf QMQQIQ irizi ma ridla Highlighting the 1959 Dragon for the second year is the selection of our Yearbook Queen who was chosen by Cadet Gerald P. Stadler, Editor of the 1959 Howitzer, Yearbook at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. Six senior girls were nominated by the Senior Class members at McKinley and their pictures were then forwarded to Cadet Stedler for final selection of the Queen. The six girls nominated for the Queen position are: Anita Gurino, Marna McConnell, Wilma Crisp, Iudy Woodcock, Barbara Mears and Deanna Camp- field. We, the Production Staff of the 1959 Dragon wish to express our gratitude to Cadet Stadler, the faculty and the Senior Class for heir cooperation in this project. The Yearbook Queen candidates were: Left to Right, M. McConnell, B. Mears, I. Woodcock, D. Campfield, W. Crisp, and A. Guarino. 1' wr 'WM I' -"""ll -fi 50 'M ryf' 21' .1 4 ' 'Ms QQ 'v ..-my om ecorn ing ueen : Miss Billie Rae Thomas, Niles McKinley High School senior, was crowned as Home- coming Queen of the annual celebration at McKinley High School, October 31, l958. She reigned over the Niles-Chaney game, and after the game, was escorted to the McKinley Memorial where she was the re- cipient of a variety of gifts from Niles' mer- chants. The Niles Chamber of Commerce also presented Billie Rae with an all-expense paid trip to New York. Among her activities are: Cheerleader, Future Business Leaders of America, Chorus and Hall Monitor. i545 Mme pale ij omcw Yavonne Abdoo, 1957 Homecoming Queen con gratulates her successor, Billie Rae Thomas The girls selected tor the 1958 Homecoming Yavonne Abdoo, lean Zavar, Betsey Shriver Court are: Pat Altiero, IoAnn Perica, Tomi Tari :Ind Iudy Edison. King, Queen Billie Rae Thomas, l957 Queen PAGE EIGHTY-SEVEN Ld X at XX - f cmd Gerry lnfante prepare miscellaneous articles for the daily publication. 12 Q Editors for the 1958-59 editions of the Hi-Crier are Carol DeMasi, Sara Crow, Peggy De- Christofaro and Betsey Shriver, sitting. HI - CRIER Since its founding in 1930, the Hi- Crier has published the daily school news- paper and sponsored the Dragon Year- book. Consisting of approximately 18 select journalists, this year the Hi-Crier also printed a special edition for the Christmas season. EDITORS: Carol DeMasi Betsey Shriver Sara Crow Peggy DeChristofaro ADVISOR: Robert G. Clark 1 Kathy Trimbur poses pertly for lVlr. , ' fx 4 Clark, Hi-Crier Advisor. X X --it 1 4 f x X K Writing, always writing. Pat Ciletti, Pat Bernard, , , , ' 'm,-- ffm, - U Y A W ,lzvggwjv ff 'rye . 95.1 G0 I 4 Q9 9 X, ul . ' ' ' 'A Q, V 5QQR1p ,,W"gl,' wf 5,8 yi Iss' -.f"J,hXX1 ' lffx fl' r 4 -L, 45 . Q 7 J L.::i 'J I 71' vu 'X' ,. .A W at s ' mx ' . - ,.,,.A .,,,. , J. v -f Howg 1 fa VISITORSX? is 'UGO - ix -ll r N V 312 .',fQf'x I X-'FIV ' X A Xa gs F X 'gk BAND MAIORETTES Row 1 - I. Rajkowski, R. Stevens, B. Erdos, A. Erdos, C' Rmq' BAND DIRECTOR Bow 2 - O. Davis, P. Casey, C. Iohnson, E. Lazzio. I. Kramer. WILLIAM DONEGAN diana! pfagd : or ink? .fdcfiuified Christmas season finds the band members rehearsing inces- santly for their production in the Christmas assembly programs. SECTION LEADERS AND OFFICERS The Section Leaders and Officers of the McKinley Chorus provide the leader- ship, direction and planning for the major operations presented by the choral groups. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB This year, for the first time in the history of McKinley High School, an all girls chorus was organized. Under the direction of Fred L. Fusco, the Glee Club, which consists of sophomore girls only, performed at the Christmas program and the Spring Choral Concert. llbcagala .Slug jg! Row 1 - Section leaders: C. Ring, M. Fabian, S. K Thompson, B. Madden, S. Reed and I. White. W. Sywy, Section Leader: I. Zavary I. Wilder Vice-President: R. Predika, Historian: H. Elliot President and B. Mears, Secretary-Treasurer. Row 2 - Uarioud ccafiionzi tb.-I GIRL'S GLEE CLUB Left to Ri ht 'F' - Q Row l - K. Givens, A. Stabile, I. Henshaw, M. Gales, I. Kramer, D. Nagy, C. Swab, I. Clouser, S Cain, M. Lynn, L. Quaglia, G. Snyder, I. McKibben, C. DeMarsh. Row 2 - I. Zagray, I. Stapelton, L. Morrison, P. Feigert, S. Danyi, I. Stanton, S. Boren, P. Ryder, I Martin, M. Dyling, M. Rook, F. Szelest, V. Suty, M. DeFillips, B. Powell, M. Wick. Row 3 - P. Verina, S. Percy, I. Holbrook, E. Spenser, D. Granata, B. Tipper, K. Olson, M. Muntean R. Rizzi, M. Patrone, I. Birskovich. Row 4 - K. Nagy, I. Chiarmonte, P. Crish, I. Bako, M. Pallante, R. Bohne, S. Orcutt, I. Schweitzer W. Shaffer, D. Sinnett, M. Yuhasz, C. Valot. PAGE NINETYWTHREE CHORUS During the school year the McKinley High School Chorus presented its Chrisirnas program, a religious concert at Easter, and the annual Spring Choral Concert. "The Mixed Chorus," "Girls' Chorus" and the "Singing Belles" make up the three divisions ot the vocal department which is directed by Fred L. Fusco. The vocal department has also purchased new choir robes this year to add to the impressive appearance of the choral groups. . .. ., . ... ..., ,.,,..... Fred L. Fusco, McKinley Chorus director, bows at the conclusion ot the Annual Spring Choral Concert, "Rustic Holiday." Smith, P. Casey, C. Bing, W. Crips, S. Cramer, B. Hunt, G. Salem, S. O'Malley, I. Perica, I. Callison, I. Tetrick, B. Thomas, M. Knepshield, Calabria, P. Davis, P. Maiorca, L. Clare, W. Coe G. Frasca, S. Tirlea, W. Iackson, B. Pelton, C Dolence. S Reed M. Price S Ho an, D. Raschilla, T.Row 4 - K. Sanders, A. Flaviano, T. Fuda, G. Coupland . , , . g Chietfo, I. Nardo, A. Roberts. Bow 3 - 1. McLean, M. Strohmyer, D. Gerlach, C. Vigorito, C. Brown, K. Trimbur, R. Weida, C. Iones, I. Wilder, P. Bolino, I. Llewellyn, I. Miller, R. S. Hyder, H. Elliott, G. McQuaid, W. Sywy, F Kulon, C. Callow, E. Stone, I. White, F. Pierce D. Mallen, L. Feidor, S. Brinko, M. Cisco, C Owens, S. Mercer. PAGE NINETY-FIVE if. v ' 'li' 'K ' ,, - - f , Q I 1. Ai' y vi S - ,,g,if'5 fn i'1, ' 'adv ,g 5 6 , at 'ii 51,-1' 5 Q ,, . i fu ' U S5 a Qf R I Y A 3 I Y X n 5 2 1 WV QVKL I ' W. -X ' as sqm. E Q 9 1 I .Q 9 5 1 1, , Q. 331- In ' 1 , , " v , , , fs , , ,i'f""' , , , Q 9 , , 'l Y 5 fw ' i7 . , ,ff wav- 4 -A W 'S x IVJ' . ""rr'5 ,q'7'1: ' in . 2 x , k ' ' F .- 4, .q .W , .., - 5 . . ' A ' ' , " A ' - V - li-vQf' .. 4 , - 7 "S,,- , ' . ., . , - , V f . , rA -!vs, , ,.v, Y ,b f wk l,A.: S '-'Y A1 ,,..f I M. ' t V -- , - -. ' ' . 'A , X v . W ,V . A . ,rv . . .. , , , ' F F ' 1 ' . 'L 1 1 ,,.,,yw,f ., . V v ii 1 , . 7 1. , , . h V ,V A , 3 . . , , - K, 'P-' I . .MK f, I la Vx 'f -. M, A W f . . W - .W 1 , ,fr ,Q I, f My , U Y ' I 1 ' '71, 5 'L LX, " WW l 'PP L "W 'G' 1, , v ' ,fl ' Q . 9 ,I I W w H , Q , f ., 54 Yr . N' ,Wh 4 , fx , .x4fALfic4 For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks - not that you won or lost - but how you played the game. - Grantland Rice Throughout life man is continually engaged in pitting his own abilities and skills against those of others. Nowhere does this competition appear in keener form than in the realm of sports. f M, - As,-u. 5. 22 ,- A? 5 ff Lv, 4, 1 if, gg, in A .9 ww V 1, omlaefzfzon an t100!,S?3l.I"l.f CHEERLEADERS Inspiring school spirit and leading the cheers at the football :md basketball games is the role portrayed by the varsity and unior varsity cheerleaders. These girls also conducted the pep 'allies and assisted in forming the first McKinley High School Rep Club. s .,,, ,fb 2 gi fi ai: M . Q' IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row l - D. Raschilla, K, Trimbur, A. Roberts Row 2 - P, Feigert, M. Pallante, R. Bohne VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to Right I. George, B. Thomas, K. lVlcGuirl4, I. Perica, I, Zavar, B. Futey HEAD COACH In his first year of coaching at Niles McKinley High School Tony Mason mold- ed together an inexperienced, small, but fighting team and came up with a 5-2-1 season record and recognition as a feared district gridiron power. A graduate of Clarion State Teachers College and Westminster College, Mr. Mason began coaching at Brookfield High School where he amassed a respectable coaching record of 29 straight victories. Besides guiding the gridiron charges, Mr. Mason is a U.S. History teacher at NHS. 1958 DRAGON GRIDDERS Left to Right Row 1 F Gummrno R Sanirey D Crank K Sanders R Zuzolo I Wiand R Sloan N Roberts B Leonard I Berresford R Rundfuss M Lastic B DePerro R Krencrprock D Ramsey Row 2 I MacHenry N MQIIOTYI M Skiftey T Randolph M Non M Dinas PAGE ONE HUNDRED ASSISTANT COACHES Sending burly linemen and backs through their paces, scouting opposing teams and in- creasing spirit in the boys are some of the many duties an assistant coach performs dur- ing football season. The line coaches have two new members this year in End Coach Robert Shaw and Tackle Coach Glenn Stennett, both who came with Mr. Mason from Brookfield. Other line coaches include Tom Andres and Phil Ragazzo who handle the center and guard position 3. Assisting Head Coach Mason with the backfield are Donald Pallante and Dominic Match. Tom Cera handles the equipment end of the team and keeps the field in expert shape for the Friday night encounters. mags Left to Right Head coach, Tony Mason, Tom Cera, Robert Shaw Tom Andres, Phillip Ragazzo, Glenn Stennett, Don Pallante and Dominic Match. l . 1 Q,-x EL-4... C. Mazza, F. Constanza, T. DeMont, R. Iones, N. Brutz, S. Cline, D. Hoodin, R. Infante, G. Rossi, E. Foster. Row 3 - G. Helmick, R. Marino, I. Skiffey, R. Holbrook, T. Papas, M. Fogerty, T. Spahn, D. Lambert, R. Iones, I. Predika, I. Perfette, C. Granger, D. Helmick. PAGE ONE HUNDRED-ONE J Nj Desperately needed yardage is gained by junior halfback Nick Roberts with guard Marshall Dinas leading interference. September 12 October 3 October 31 Niles 12 - Erie Prep O Niles 6 - Campbell 0 Niles 16 - Chaney 6 Niles initial gridiron effort under new Niles completely outmanuevered and At the annual homecoming game of Coach Tony Mason was on the suc- outplayed Campbell Memorial in re- the 1958 football season, Niles again cessful note asa stubborn defense along cording a 6-O victory over the Red became the bearer of a strong defen- with the running of Mike Nori and Tom Devils at the Campbell Den before a sive team, and along with the speedy DeMont combined to carry Niles to a heavy gathering of Campbell home- legs of Nick Roberts. defeated the 12-O victory over Erie Prep before a coming fans. Chaney Cowboys, 16-6. sparse crowd of hometown fans at the Riverside Stadium. October 10 November 7 September 19 Niles 0 - sharon 27 Niles 32 -Girard 6 Niles O - Farrell lourneying to Pennsylvania for the Girard's highly publicized running second time this year the Niles Red attack was thoroughly stopped when ln their first road game of the new- Dragons again met with little success MCKinley's Red Dragons toppled the ly opened season, the Niles Dragons as a powerful Sharon High team drop- arch-rival Indians, 32-6 to close another could not cope with the hard running ped coach Tony Mason's charges, 27-O. Successful season in the history of backs and defensive ploy Of Farrell Niles football. Niles' 1958 football rec- Gnd fell tO ihe Steelers, 25-O before C1 Ord thus stood S wins, 2 losses and I packed house of screaming Farrellites. tie, October 24 'l 4 - A r n 1 September N1 GS 3 li O Ellet 4 , Akron Elle! provided the Niles Red N1l9S 6 ' Boardman 6 Dragons with their third victory of the 1958 campaign, 34-14 after a tied and Brilliant running by Niles backs and evenly matched first half was turned some aerial Wizardry by Boardman's into a rout by the performances of Don Hunsinger combined to provide equally effective offensive and deten- Niles fans with a thrilling, superbly sive units in a contest played at the played 6-B deadlock between the Niles Akron half-acre. Red Dragons and the Boardman Spar- tans at the Riverside Stadium. Pi-GE CNE HUNDRED-TWO 4.-xt 4 'K TWV 52 fx'Q'o7o'0'N :s,w.'M t-5?'loA'f'9,4 'tts'.gs3,'4 RNQQQNQA yftfigowl A ' Y f :I 'lflxc 'flex , 5444.94 M ' - 159. 3' Usual pre-game procedures ot taping ankles tending to injuries and issuing equipment keep these managers quite busy. Dragon managers are: Seated, Rosario Calabria: standing, left to right, Sam Corso: Eddie Cluse: and Danny Campana. Roberts again supplies the action for the Sideline information is also very important local gentry with this jarring tackle. in this game ot football. X A U-zz 'WM i ! 4 s l M 0 ,, I r I . sh Tony Mason revlews offenslve tGCt1CS Wlt h1s flrst 11ne bcrckfleld of Nor1 Skliiey Roberts cm Leonard Q W V 9 Q if sa . R11 D 'V 'X K 0 . ' j f I fl v .-15:3 il du' 1 1 5154 gadlfefgaf .Seb gage or wlifer jdrl' A Niles Newton Falls .........,, Niles Girard ,.,,,......,... Niles 52 Chaney .,.., . . . 80 Niles Youngstown South . , , . Niles .,..., 36 Rayen ...... . 4 . 60 Niles Campbell ..... . . . Niles ...,.. 44 Boardman .,... . 4 . 52 Niles Woodrow Wilson . . . Niles ...,.. 45 Canton Lincoln . , . , . . 63 Niles Youngstown East . , . Niles ...... 57 Ursuline ....., . , . 64 Niles Youngstown North , A . . Niles ...... 46 Warren .... . . . 81 Niles Canton Central Catholic Niles ..,.,. 40 Salem .... ..,.. 7 4 Niles Girard ,....,...,..,. NEO Tournament Niles ...... 58 Warren ...... 53 lOvertime Niles .,..., 28 Chaney ..,. . A mad scramble for the ball involving four players results in a jump ball during this year's Ursuline game. r 21 Head varsity coach, Ioseph Bassett, takes advan- tage of a time-out to give the squad some new strategy. VARSITY SQUAD-Left to Right Z?a5LefLaf loseph Bassett, head varsity mentor, and Tom Cera, I.V. coach, both found the 1959-1959 basketball season on the rough side as inexperience and a lack of height plagued the Dragons throughout the season. The season, however, provided val- uable experience for several juniors and sophomores and all predictions look for the cagers to have a great 1959--60 campaign. This year's graduating seniors are: Captain Torn DeMont, the squad's leading scorer, Dick Malone, Bill Bohne and Bob Brown. Row 1 - I. Davis, T. DelVlont, W. Leonard, G. Lamberti. Row 2 - G. Helmick, D. Iones, D. Malone, W. Bohne, R. Brown, I. Allen. Row l - I. Stevenson, I. Smith, D. Petty, T. Trimbur, B. Adkins. Row 2 - A. Likens, B. Sloan, I. Wiand, R. Caldrone, D. Rindfuss, D. Voorhies. unior lliuziifg QUIK Charting games, issuing equipment cmd applying medical aid are the main duties of these NHS basketball managers, Frank Whitney, Bob Hoover and Ierry Predika. ' S., Instructions in the art of foul-shooting are given to four I.V. players by lunior Varsity Coach, Tom Cera. -. .S fi yi- Senior Dick Malone keeps up his steady pace as he rounds the last bend in his specialty, the 880-yard run. Sam Corso is close behind giving Niles a good one-two punch in this event. VARSITY SQUAD-Left to Right Row 1 - R. Rindtuss, D. Voorhies, I. Stevenson, M. Nori, I. MacHenry, I. Scherer, M. Skiffey, F. Costanza, N. Roberts, C. Row Mazza, I. Sloan, D. Helmick, B. Gra- ham, F. Gumino, C. Granger. 3171 H1011 Pell ea!! Olfl MHJQP QW COGCA Guided by new Head Coach Glenn Stennett, the Niles McKinley Track Squad will participate in 12 scheduled meets with outstanding matches against Farrell and Poland. The cindermen will also join other squads for two triangular meets. The Warren lnvitatonal and the state meets May 22-23 also highlight the schedule. Distance men Bill Bohne and Sam Corso steady themselves in readiness for the start- ing gun which will send them on a mile run and a possible Niles victory. Ryder, W. Leonard, D. Crank, R. Hus- sey, G. Helmick, A. Mursean, M. Fogarty, I. Ferro, M. Lastic. 3 - R. Hill, I. Skiffey, D. Toriello, S. Corso, T. Randolph, M. Mainhart, D. Ramsey. R. Malone, F. Whitney. Row 2 - I. Bassett, A. Toriello, T. Papas, S. Stand in - S. Mackey. Vtylwf ramona! ngycjuacl fgarficilaafefi ,gn I8 ameri pglllls ,K U V- f ' '- 'A .' 'fa ll ' x f Q l'. ' ' V .- '- v, sf -' .im i. .. , . 1 . 3' ' ' .5 Q -yi I , . . , X4 5 wi l-ff' Left to Right Row 2 - Richard Fike, Gary Crone, Gordon Sexton, George Betsarakis, Fabian Guerra, Paul Rein, Dick Iones, Ralph Zuzolo, Bob Brown, Richard Calder- one, Manager: Lawrence Pallante, Coach. The Niles McKinley battery of pitcher Tom DeMont and catcher Dick Calhoun talk over their confidential tactics before one of the games. 3? Fred Krych, Tom Cline, Iim Fowler, Phil Crish, Phil Guerra, Bill Cline, Denny Ziegler, Ralph Catone, Bill Roemer, Ierry Woods, Tom DeMont, Dick Calhoun. Due to the early publication of the yearbook, it is impossible to give a com- plete rundown of the '59 baseball season. With the return of four lettermen and sev- eral boys who performed well in last year's various sandlot teams, prospects for another winning season look very bright for head coach Larry Pa1lante's diamondmen. NEO district champions in 1957 and semi-finalists in 1958, Niles was also run- ner-up in the Mahoning Valley League in 1958, bowing out in the final game. Facing a tough 17-game schedule with surround- ing district teams, Niles has always shown itself well in any league. 'Q-vgnsw X ? Z Sideline scenes are also very interestingseem very interested in one of the bi-weekly at the various G.A.A. contests. These girlsvolleyball tilts. Q proui e5 jun anal mcreafion G.A.A. officers are Karen McGuirk, Social Chair- man: Betty lean Erdos, Vice-President: Anna Mae Erdos, President 5 IoAnn Perica, Secretary, and Kathy Trimbur, Treasurer. Girl's Athletic Association gives each girl an opportunity to participate in sports at McKinley. Some of the yearly activities include: basketball, badminton, volleyball, softball, hiking and biking. Members receive points for participating in these activities and are rewarded for their accomplishments at the annual Spring Banquet. G.A.A. members also practice gymnas- tics and often present interesting formations such as this one. I I ,S?u6!el'lf M0 M625 l'600L Nancy Tnmbur Co-Edrtor Left to R1ght Row 1 P Bernard P C11ett1 B Shnver L Rogers F1han S Crow N Tnmbur K Tnmbur S Thompson Row 2 T Scarnecch1a I Scherer M Slaffey Schweltzer N MGI1Ott1 G Betsaralas Calderone PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN I ames Scherer Co-Edrtor PRODUCTION STAFF The Annual Staff of the 1959 Dragon 1S responslble for the lay out photography arrangement wr1te- ups and overall compleuon of the yearbook Made up of approxrmately 16 reporters and two co edrtors th1s year s staff began productxon 1n late October and f1n1shed 1n Apnl ADVISOR Robert G Clark LU .Sid Z5 COIfl'll0Ai8 1 9 QCLPAOOL gk .ff""T-,f- The Co ed1tors I1m Scherer and Nancy Trrmbur look over some of the many many pages of copy that made up fh1S years Dragon FINANCIAL STAFF The Dragon Flnancral Staff prov1des the orgamzatxon collectron cmd bookwork of monetary funds requ1s1te to the pro ductlon of th1s yearbook Havrng approxx mately 16 members lh1S staff works rn drfferent capacxtres throughout the year After the necessary orgamzahon of plans, the staff canvasses the town for adver trsements Fmally, after all of the books and records are balanced, the funds for the annual produchon are at hand, the f1nanc1al staffs job IS f1n1shed Advrsor Donald R Pallante H1Cr1er members Pat Crlettl Gerry Infante Betty Sue F11l1an and Carol DeMas1 prepared many wr1te ups and much copy for the 1959 Dragon Left to Right Row 1 - P. Ciletti, B. Shriver, D. Granata, B. Futey. L. Rodgers, B. Fillian, S. Crow. Row 2 - P. Bernard, C. Iohnson, T. Chieffo, T. Scar- necchia, I. Nardo, E. Gruber, E. Varanelli P. Hosay, T. Pollock. PAGE ONE HUNDRED-FOU RTEEN N1les Scrap Iron 85 Metal Co Als T1re Shop Anthony Auto Sales N1les Brake 85 Auto Parts Unlted C1gars Russ Berllne Men s Sz Boys Wear Weddells Sohlo Seruce Stat1on Brenneman Heatlng Serv1ce Handy Andy Inc Kalsers Pastry Shop El R10 N1les Hardware Co M 85 M Motels Inc N1les Bowl1ng Alley Republlc Steel Corp Contalner N1les Stevens Plant Bettys Beauty Shop Trophy Sports Flowers by H1gleys Inc The F1am1ngo The N1les Fuel 8z Supply Co Macal1s Market' Frasca Insurance Agency F W Woolworth Prltchards Inc A J Dlnda DSC Longberry Employment Serv1ce A Frlend Safran Studlo Da1rv Queen Vlctory Cafe Edward P Lenney Totten Insurance Agency Inc N1les Outboard Sales 81 Serx 1ce K1stler Campbell Insurance Agency Iohnnys Amoco Sk1ffey Insurance Jacks Dalry E Ross Adgate 8. Son Flowers Tr1angle Machlne 8z Dle Co l90I'l5 Fd Don NIcCaughtry Serv1ce Reese Floral Art Jensen Hardware Co Landmark Cafe Economy Savmgs and Loan Co Gays Pr1nt1ng SQFVICB Bernard C Eddy MD The Warren Sanltarv Mllk Company Cafe 422 Tunlson Bros Hetz Contractors Inc Geor e P Suty Insurance The Mens Shop The N1les Laundry Company Danlels Motor Fre1ght Inc Robblns Avenue Lumber Co Compllments of a Frlend Shakers Store Schmks Marme 8: Telev1s1on The Holeton Funeral Home Anthony J Altlero DDS D1v1s1on P E Mansell 8z Roger Mansell Insurance Agency Pappada Pharmacy Ideal Department Store Naders Ready To Wear Store Novelty Shoppe Cue 8z Cushlon McK1nley Federal Savlngs 8z Loan Assoclatlon of N1l6S Rose Bulldlllg 8z Supply Company The lNlCK1Ill6V Helghts Vol F1re Dep Belhtt Studlo leon Doubet lN1les Carbage Agency James M M1ele Palntlng Contractor Stanley S Engle OD Natlonal Gvpsum Company Rlxerslde Dalry NIcK1nley Restaurant PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN t 0 . If . ' 0 e O ' y , . K - I ' . ' , u - 1 The Mahomng Valley Steel Co. Nick J- Altiero, D.D.S. ' 1 1 sl 7- J . - A X Y. I Y 7 . v 1 V - ' 0 c . l . L' ' l00l'l5 0I"6 Star Jewelry Company Soda Sz luscher Construct1on Co Inc Joseph Antenucc1 Inc The C H Stlver Company MacQueen Sz MacQueen Abraham Hoodln M D Fusco Dry Cleanlng R1v1ella Electrlc Bernles Cycle Shop Valley Fabr1cators Inc N1les Roofmg Sz Heat1ng Leo s Servlce Statlon Arden Furmture Company N1les Glass Plant Gener al Electrlc Co Superlor Metal Fabr1cat1ng Company Blotts Farm Market RICE Electrlc N1les Auto Glass SQFVICG H1Way Arena J A McMahon Inc G N W1ll1ams Trucklng Co N1les Da1ly Tlmes N1les Automot1ve Parts Co H Baker NZltl0l'1Wld8 Insurance Agent The Wllder Manufacturlng Co N1les F1re Brlck D1v1s1on Oh1o Cement Products Corp Ford Cleaners Mallory Sharon Metals Corporatlon Calvlns Drug Store Futey Electrlc Progress1ve Photo Supply F1rst and Last Chance Als Super Market Herff Jones McK1nley Car Wash Herman Rossl and Sons N1les Nu Tread Joseph N3t0l1 and Sons Leopold s Sheffler H1 Way Express Inc Korner Dalry The 0h10 Ga1van1z1ng Sz Manufacturlng Co Samuel Jaffe D D S Bruces Fash1ons Dollar Sav1ngs Bank Company Bruce s Rad1ator SSYVICG Pugh Hardware Inc The N1les Lumber Sz Supply Co Mervyns Jewelrv Lou Carbone Plumb1ng Sz Heatlng Inc WH HH A L W1ll1amson MD Fleck Pontlac Louls G Ralston MD Mltchell Shaker Raymond H Ralston MD Charles W Math1as MD R1chard W Juvanc1c MD Sh1vely Sales Sz Servlce Inc Fraternal Order of Eagles Woodcocks Drug Store The W1lson Insurance Agency lnc R1chard W Reese Funeral Home The Tra1chal Construct1on Co Cap1tal Fmance Corp Sammys Servlce Statlon Bernards Muslc Center Homer H Hoffman Co Inc Bostwlck Steel Lath Company Ed Satterlee Alber1n1s Walt Ruman Isaly Dalry The N1les Bank Company The Canton Engraylng and Electrotype Co McK1nley Lanes Inc H DeMathews Sz Son Home Federal Sav1ngs and Loan Pauls Mens Sz Boys Wear The Mueller Art Cover Sz B1nd1ng Co McK1nley Motors Local No 477 lnternatlonal Typographlcal Un1on 'EF PAGE oNe HUNDRED sixteen Q . I x ., . . . 1 , . . . , . . . . . . . , . , . . . . , . . . V . Q . . 7 . . . Q, - Q a 7 n . G. . , . . , ' 1 ' 1 - , I , . . . , . . , . . , . ' 1 . 0 , - .... . . , . . . - , . . Q . , . . - . ., . , . . . , . . , . 9 v- , 1 ' , ' ' ' 7 7 Y y - ' . . a ' - . ., . , , 111553 h! at A AQAMJ. W. up Y W - 1 V , " . -' as ' -f r m . , - Q - .-g f. , , v im 1 ,:' ,,x + ie .-M - ff -- 4

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