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I i The McKinley Dragon I 9 5 This year the student body of McKinley High took residence in a new 31,500,000 school building. The provision of this structure can be looked upon as a physical tribute of the confidence, faith, and hope that the adults oi Niles have in the future of their com- munity and its youth. And so it is, with a deep and humble appreciation, that the Class of 1958 shares with the reader a pictorial account of the first year at New McKinley. Q The Editors Carolyn Coates ---- Editor-in-Chief Kaye Gibson - - Assistant Editor-in-Chief Page One A . Q cn : WI M L E ...YR E I I L L S QTHE NINETEEN FIFTY-EIGHT 111- l-li 3 ' ..1.1..- i, A , I, Illnu-l--lllulllrllll H ru-mamma-er-n new an xc Y Y l in Z- Q- lllllll-IIIIUIIVIII ge: Qf -ai., walk.. .gyzlfyb K Ii fl? kr gxgp ..:,: , in 6 1. i L-if-.. I x. i ZA Form a Basis for Beffer Educafion f A? eff-5 '1- ihi k -"""" K K? SGUND FOUNDATION 6 qw., iiiiii ..m,,.,.. IP , 0 A n gh the p Over th THE TGOLSW USE .. Q 4 , 4 Y INS TR UM E N TS MACHINES Daytime hours from eight-thirty Monday morning until three-thirty on Friday, one finds 1VIcKinley's classrooms a beehive of student activity. In addition to the aca+ demic subjects, such as biology, students follow their vocational interests in many directions such as shop, home economics, band, or art. The library provides refer- ence materials on many subjects. 1: 3. X' X I L ""'35KQu-. A-if 5 A TYPICAL DAY FOR OUR ADVISOR One phase of education is ending for the class of 1958. For some it will be the last of their formal schooling: others will go on to higher levels of education. As sophomores. we began our high school life in a typical manner, when lVlrs. Anna H. Clark assumed the role of class sponsor. ln our junior year we proceeded with a class play, the annual sale of Christ- mas cards, and the big event - Prom, which we put on for the class of '57, Now we are seniors, looking ahead to graduation and the future, hoping it will prove as rewarding as our high school days. For our high school days have been happy tirnesg good times, times that can never be forgotten. A DISCUSSION OF CLASS AFFAIRS ,ti ' I 1 INSTRUCTING ENGLISH II STAGECRAFT x! I.. wh M.:yQ,q 5J ., ,L ,5 Q .. f O s L Crit 7004 ,-4116611 . 9 . Robert Cummings vzewoz ' uw lr ,. In this yearbook, the 1958 Dragon, we, the staff, haveitried to present the "Blueprint for Better Education" which is followed at McKinley High School. This book is meant to depict the different phases of school life throughout the school year. As the architects followed blue- prints in constructing this building, so the purpose of an education is the foundation in our blueprint for life. With a good foundation we can become responsible citizens, part of the blueprint for a better America and a better world. Our part as Seniors in this blue- print ,is finished: We present this annual to you, the reader, with a little sadnessrbecause it gends our year, but with -happiness thatfwe have ,done our best. L.-il e .D V Mp .,. . .,, , . , , onfenis INTRODUCTION pages I-I5 ACTIVITIES clubs pages I6-31 band pages 32-34 chorus pages 35-37 CLASSES Seniors pages 38-59 Juniors pages 60-63 Sophomores pages 64-69 CONCLUDING SECTION Athletics pages 70-83 Faculty pages 84-91 Annual Staffs pages 92-98 When we first entered McKin- ley High We were buried under the impression that life here was lacking the essentials of the 'true high school atmosphere' We conf tinued with this impression until one day someone led us, maybe even pushed us a little, to join and participate in student activi- ties. Thus the saga of the student year began. We felt a bit guilty at times about letting our home- work go for an afternoon or eve- ning, while we crowded the time with committee meetings, Hi- Crier and Dragon deadlines, speech tournaments, music con- tests, impromptu parties, and the ever present problem of decor- ating for that big dance. But then, this is a memorable phase of 'high school life.' H JIVER CO 'I W-'IH-k.........JLh , .v,, -Y - gl. Y x A 4.1 X520 LC! ' LJ... I-.ling Council R presents Student Body Row 1. S. Sygar, D. Capots, A. Frasca, I. Edison, B. Garlow, P. Perica, K. Bender. G. Smith, I. Sheldon. Row 2. D. Helenberger, I. Martin, D. Toriello, G. Cretella, N. Trimbur, M. Nevin. K. Trimbur, I. Sweet, B. Sernulka. Row 3. G. Betsarakis, D. Hoodin, F. Buccella, I. Para, W. Mathews, I. Coupland, B. Iatte. I ' i' 55.5 ' ' X Solon Officers Plan Project. Page Eighteen Student Council Student Council is the school's gov- ernment. Through it, students can ex- press their opinions and thoughts. Representatives oi each homeroom make up the government group. Establishing monitors in the library was one ot the important accomplish- ments ot the Student Council this year. Officers Iohn Coupland ----- President Richard Helenberger - Vice President Iudy Sweet ----'-- Secretary George Betsarakis A'-- Treasurer Bill Sernulka A - - Sergeant-at4Arms Advisor T. Craig Bond Members Develop Speaking Skill National Foren.-'ic League Our National Forensic League this year had a very rewarding season. The varsity debate team and other in- dividual events qua'ified for the State Finals held in Columbus. Officers Charles Cera ---- President Charles Gerheim - - - Vice President lack Ryan - - - Secretary-Treasurer Advisor Donald Sullivan McKin1ey's State Speech Contenders 'lg-. -+29 Yll' Row 1. S. K. Thompson, R. Kramer, G. Smith, R. DiTallo, M. B. Polley, E. Fidram, I. Callison, I. Markley, A. Campiield, L. Bianco. Row 2. O. Davis. I. Tetrick, D. Coleman, I. Rajkowski, R. Humphries, D. Walters, I. Woodcock, E. Varanelli, E. Quigley. Row 3. I. Ryan. P. Sharp, C. Cera, B. Iaiie, G. Betsarakis, D. Hoodin, D. Sanders, A. Trimbur, R. Morrall, C. Gerheim. Page Nineteen Club Promotes Interest In Teaching Row 1. I. Stankewich, I. Lynn, S. Billig, E. Varanelli, A. Campfield, R. Kramer. B. Szelest, M. Bhcka How 2. I. Sweet, M. Merlo, P. Casey, P. Bernard, S. Crow, S. Reed, I. Rajkowski. Ann lnstructs on Student Teaching Day. Page Twenty Future Teachers of America The purpose of this club is to enlighten the student about the opportunities in teaching and to help cultivate in the student the essential qualities of a good teacher. One day each year the members ot the F.T.A. are assigned to grade schools and junior high schools to observe classrooms in session and to gain first-hand experience by teaching. Officers Ann Campiield ----- President Sue Billig V ' - - Vice President Mary Merlo - - - Secretary Patricia Bernard - - - Treasurer Advisors Miss Valor Shurrager Sam Maiorca Donald Sullivan Journalists Report Daily Happenings Row 1. A. Perrone, B. Satterlee, N. Trimbur, C. Coates, G. Infante, N. Papas. D. Tolbert. Row 2. C. DeMasi, B. Fillian, B. Shriver, P. Ciletti, P. Mymo, F. Barrett. . . Editors H -C - 1 flef Nancy Papas Geraldine InfantePat Ciletti Beth Satterlee Nancy Trimbur Betty Fillian What would we do without Hi-Crier? Hi-Crier. Sports Editors the school paper, informs us oi the latest events -A-mh0nY Peffone DGHHY Tolbefl and views of Niles McKinley High School. Advisor Robert G. Clark CHART "" 'lflllll an Nr J A Q., Nyjffl Pat and Nancy Keep the Files. The Editorial Staff at Work. Page Twenty-one Crganizafions Provide Sociabilily 'I Row l. D. Malone, D. Hoodin, G. Betsarakis. KEY CLUB R. Zuzulo, D. Campana, B. Hoover, E. Pitzer, Row 2. R. Masciangelo, B. Troutman, N. Roberts, B. Leonard, I. Davis, D. Guarino, D. Burnside, I. Fowler. Row 3. H. Elliott, C. Young, R. Predika. Key Club Radio Club A newly organized Club gn Niles McKinley High This is an organization for students in McKinley School is the Key Club. This new organization is High wrthy an interest in radio, electronics, H1-F1 . . . and associated subjects. a service club sponsored by the Kiwanis. 1 I S . . I 1 d b th b The Radio Club this year set up an amateur ewlce pwlecs Pef Orme Y e mem ers were radio station in the school, lor the purpose ot ushering at the basket ball games, assisting with giving pyacficcl expefience in Opemging and the city's Easter Egg Hunt, and collecting for the technology. Cancer Fund Campaign. Officers Officers Iack Kagarise ----'-- President David Hoodin ------ President Donald Sanders - - Vice President Richard Malone - - Vice President Oilve Ann Davis - - - ' Secretary Harold Elliott V - - Secretary David Hudspeth - - Chief Technician Ralph Zuzolo - - . . . - Treasurer Michael Bartik ------ Treasurer Advisor Advisor Robert G. Clark Iames R. Townley RADIO CLUB I-Y' O. Davis. I. Kagarise. D. Hudspeth, D. Sanders. Row 1. T. Ingledue, P. Walters Row 2. E. Snowden. R. Matteo Service Groups Promote Projects 'C' IUNIOR RED CROSS Row 1. K. Gibson. P. Perica. S. Vine, I. Zavar, B. Erdos, D. Coleman, I. Tetrick. I. Callison, C. Schink. Row 2. R. Predikcr. I. Yurask, E. Fidram. M. Lorenzetti, K. Bender, A. Campfield, G. Brienza, R. Predika, A. Parise. Junior Red Cross This organization believes in service for others, for our country, for our community and for our school in health of mind and body to fit us for greater service: and for better human relations throughout the world. Pupils join the American Iunior Red Cross to help achieve its aim by working together with members everywhere, in our own and other lands. Officers Kaye Gibson ----- President Patty Perica - - - Vice President Geraldine Brienza - - - Secretary Ann Campfield - - - Treasurer Anthony Parise - - Sergeant-at-Arms Advisor David L. Prosser Banquet Commzttec Whenever we get hungry at a football game we qo to the concession stand to buy something to eat. To provide this service. the members of the concession committee give up their leisure time to work. Advisor Benjamin Davies 1 v BANQUET COMMITTEE Row 1. R. Wieda, R. Bundy, M. Waller, D. Heltzel, C. Vigorito, A. Liberator, D. Raschilla, K. Ross, D. Gerlach. Row 2. S. Valot, E. Siler, I. Bicklyn, M. Strohmeyer, B. Spillman, M. Nevin, P. Muoio, L. Ferro, G. Carbone. Row 3. W. Thompson, D. Mclntyre, B. Canaan, B. Pearce, R. Bowden, R. Masciangelo, M. Bartik, R. Morrall, D. Campana, F. Buccella. Page Twenty-three Mr. Davis Explains A Principle of the Auto. Behind The Wheel Are you interested in cars? Why not join the Behind the Wheel Club? This club promotes safety by teaching the correct and safe way to drive. Officers Barry Hatton ------ President Linda Cutright ---- Secretary Salvadore DeLucicr - - - Vice President and Treasurer Advisor William Z. Davis Pupils Improve Driving Conditions Row 1. B. Hatton, L. Cutright, A. Pellino, D. Lancaster, F. DeMarco. Row 2. M. Bartik, D. Toto, D. Campana, S. DeLucia. Page Twenty-four Girls Assist In N H S Office, Library Y? R7 Row l. S. Billiq. C. Hunyady, A. Cherry, I. Orcutt. Row 2. B. Satterlee, I. Woodcock, K. Bender, B. Garlow. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Office Assistants Library Assistants In the office of the school we have messengers ln the library we have helpers who are called called office assistances. They run errands and the library assistants. These airls check books greet visitors. These girls are a great help to the collect lines, and assist in keeping the library in School Secretary. order, AClVlSOl' Advisor Miss Betty DiFebio Miss Beatrice Millard LIBRARY PSSISTANTS Row l. I. Murray, M. Merlo, I. Iones, P. Perica, S. Pressell, D. Gerlach Row 2. S. O'Ma1ley, W. Ellis, I. Bibarich. N. Rice, D. Zamarelli, I. Sweet iw Row l. S. Russell, B. Thomas, S. Bissell, M. Mangino, N. Trimbur, G. Infante I. Retort, F. Nagy. Row 2. P. Stanec, I. Lynn, P. Lukz, N. Lawrence, C. DeMasi. B. Filhan B. Shriver, B. Pelton, A. Fenton. Row 3. B. Misocky, F. Luptak, B. Ioseph, M. Bruno, M. Marchetti, M. Pr1ce D. Smith, D. Heltzelk, S. Ohl. Pupils Prepare For Future Work 1911 I ll rc Business LClllI'C7'15 of X-lHIl'1'fl7Il The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization that carries on various civic projects. To join the F.B.l,.A. a student must have two years ot commercial subjects. F.B.L.A. pre- pares its members for leadership in thc business world. Officers Faith Lurvtal: ----- President Barbara Misocky - Vice President Donna Heltzel ---- Secretary Sally Ohl - - Ada Mac- Fenton - - - Reporter - Treasurer Advisors Miss Patricia Casey Iames Scobie Benjamin Davies ff Sue Works As A Hall Monitor. Page Twenty-six Honor Society Returns 'ro McKinley Iohn Seems Puzzled With National Honor Society This year marked the rebirth of the National Honor Society at Niles Mc- Kinley Hiqh School. Membership in the National Honor Society is one oi the highest honors a student can receive in high school. To be eligible for membership, a student is judged on character. leadership, scholarship and service to the school and community. The Salesmanship of The Girls. Officers Pete Sharp ----- President Iohn Coupland - - - Vice President Patricia Perica - - - Secretary Advisors Miss Anna M. Campana Miss Beatrice Millard David L. Prosser Miss Dorothy Dew Donald Pallante Robert Sharp Fred Fusco Donald Sullivan Iames Townley Row 1. I. Ryan, P. Perica, S. Pressell, B. Jaffe, W. Matthews. Row 2. C. Gerheim, D. Sanders, P. Sharp, C. Cera, I. Coupland. rf: X-. I Individuals Participate In Activities S ta,Q'c Crew An important group in Niles McKin- ley High Schcol is the Stage Crew. These boys and girls construct stag- ings tor the plays and musical pro- grams throughout the year. Working together. they see that the stage is properly prepared for the various pro- grams. Officers Sam Natoli ------- President Bob Gumino - - V Vice President Cay Hunyady ----- Secretary Anthony Sherock - Sergeant-at-arms Ronald Iones ---- Treasurer Advisor Mrs. Anna H. Clark Trigo Tron Trigo-Tron is a science-math club. Its purpose is to instill greater in- STAGE CREW terest in science and mathmetics among the students ot McKinley High School. Row 1. N. Roberts, A. Magazine. D. Marino, C. Hunyady, u P. Snyder, M. Nori, A. Sherock. Officers Row 2. I, Scott, R. Krenciprock, L. Beveridge, R. Gumino, Charles Cercr ----- President I. Stittler, R. Snyder, I. Sandtrey, N. Masciangelo. Pete Sharp ----- Vice President Row 3. B. DePerro, D. Lenney. D. Chietto, R. Berensci. Charles Gerheim - - ' - Secretary I. Law, F. Buccella, S. Natoli, R. Robinson, G. Mag- Rocky Tripodi ----- Treasurer azme, A. Sgambati. Advisors P. R. Lamb Glen Sechler Melvin Frank TRIGO-TRON Row 1. R. DiTallo, M. Polley. M. Knepshield, I. Sweet, I. Tetrick, C. Boren. Row 2. D. Hudspeth, C. Cera, G. Smith, I. B. latte, R. Tripodi, T. Hammond. Row 3. I. Ryan, P. Sharp, B. Pearce, D. I. Kagarise, C. Gerheim, I. Coupland, S. Page Twenty-eight B. Madden, O. Davis, P. Walters, Woodcock, S. Reed, D. Coleman, Sanders, F. Kulon, W. Mathews, Bowser. Crew Operates Movie Projectors "W on iv' Row 1. E. Snowden, I. Miles, H. Iewel. Row 2. B. Troutmcrn, F. Kulon, D. Toto. R. Morrcrll. E t Projection Crew Q J The boys in the Projection Crew assist teachers by showing movies to classes. They give up their time so that other students may enjoy the benefits oi seeing films. Advisor David Prosser Frcrnk and Mr. Prosser Look Over Equipment Page Twenty-nine Science Enthusiasts Make Debut Row 1. I. Reiss, G. McQuaid, W. Coe, L. Brady, I. Miles, D. McCormick, I. Hunter. Row 2. R. Swegan, R. Zuzulo, F. Ioseph, D. Campana, D. Mcrllin, A. Doutt. I. Fowler. Row 3. R. Hussey, T. Vranko, I. Hendry, R. Masciangelo, D. Calderone. A. Moresan. It Won't Be Too Long Now! Page Thirty Science Club Another new club organized at Mc- Kinley Hiqh School this year is the McKinley Science Club. The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for students to do experimental type projects in various phases of science. Only sophomores may join. Officers David McCormick - - - President Ralph Zuzulo - - - Vice President Danny Campana V - - Secretary Aurel Moresan ---- Treasurer Ioe Hunter - - Sergeant-at-Anns Advisor Mrs. Anna M. Macali McKinleyi'res Aid In Driving Safety Safety Council This year marks the beginning of a new Safety Club. The club promotes safety around school. Members also help stage safety programs and tire drills at NHS. Committee Andrea Pellino Darla Lancaster Barry Hatton Frank DeMarco Advisor William Z. Davis Row 1. L,Brady.E.Lazz1o W Crisp I Edison D Lancaster A Pellmo L Cutright I. Kauffman. Row Z. R. Zuzulo, A. Cherry E Quigley I Sheldon S Syqar I Callison I Martin Row 3. D. Mallin, F. Buccella C Younq Y DeIVIarco B Hatton B Stillwagon I. Henry. S. DeLucia Band Performs For School Funcfions I-low 1. R. Matteo, D. Pearce, C. Young, H. Ripple, C. Lawson, I. Rajkowski, C. Ring, R. Morrow, B. Erdos R. Stevens. Row 2. I. Cluse, C. Waddell, P. Morrow, M. Matash, D. Ziegler, E. Dorchock, A. Frasca, lVl. Sallustio G. Brienza, R. DiTallo, C. Boron, E. Lazzio, O. Davis, P. Casey, A. Erdos. Row 3. E. Quigley, M. Knepshield, S. Reed, M. Wiltrout, C. Iohnson, I. lVlcLean, R. Brendija, I. Callison R. Predika, C. Marino, B. Phillips, I. Curto, C. Giancola, R. Sawyer. Row 4. I. Braun, B. Bacos, I. Taylor, V. Caruso, P, Theodore, F. Schweitzer, A. Roberts, P. Treharn N Frasca, A. Sawyer, H. Iewel, S. Ferguson, K. Hilty, G. McQuaid, I. Inlante. i'T""4'!! . 51,55 , 1 823' Af in ' PM f. '. W .-bf. . ,, , .J wav' .Jw 4- Al And Fred Practice for Concert. Page Thirty-two iVcKi11ley High Bam! Providing a musical background lor many school iunctions was but one ol the activities of the NHS Band during the 1957-58 school term. Among other accomplishments, the band members participated in the Halloween Parade, various music con- tests and they played lor the com- mencement exercise. They also pre- sented CI Winter concert. f oi BAND DIRECTOR Douglas Hartzell BAND OFFICERS Rosemary Morrow, Olivecmn Davis, Charles Young, Richard Sawyer, Mary Ann Matash, Ieanne Rajkowski. r gp! Page Thirty-three HEAD MAIORETTE Rosemary Morrow Q Swing Band Plays For Dances Row l. N. Frasca, B. Iones, Director Douglas Hartzell, R. Durst, R. Zuzulo. Row 2. A. Sawyer, H. Iewell, L. Quigley, L. Vivolo. R.. J-, gn I. Rajkowski, O. Davis, B. Erdos, A. Erdos Head Majorette, R. Morrow R. Stevens, C. Ring, P. Casey, E. Lazzio Page Thirty-four Dance Band Musical background for the high school play was furnished by the Dance Band. These iellows also played for the Mardi Gras Dance sponsored by the Senior Class. Majorettes Besides adding a touch oi beauty and color, it is the duty of the school majoretles to lead the Niles High Band in its performances. Vocalists Sing For City Clubs T ,J X Seated: H. Kramer, I. Mohn Standing: C. Smith, M. Lorenzetti, B. Madden, I. Orcutt, I. Callison, B. Hunt, M. Knepshield, R. Predika, S. K. Thompson. Missing: S. Pressell Sin fing Belles Sinffin Beaux A ' -A group ot NHS female vocalists compose a As proof that the girls at NHS can't get singing group known as-the Singing Belles. D-ur- ahead of the boys' 'HI-he Singing Beuux'-I G male ing the past year the girls sang for local service Ensembl t M K. I I 1 d 5 h clubs, PTA meetings. and Christmas carols during t 9 U C In ev G50 Per Orme Of t e Sef- 'he yuletide holiday- vice clubs and PTA meetings. C. Cera. I. Kagarise, I. Ryan, I. Coupland, C. Gerheim, P. Sharp, K. Nixon, I. Scott Not pictured: G. McQuaid Page Thirty-live Chorus Sings For Various Occasions Row l. S. O'Mc1lley. I. Pericu, I. Cclllison, P. Trehurn, G. Salem, C. Smith, C. Pcxrise, B. Erdos, B. Mears, K. McGuirk, E. Quigley, M, Knepshield, S. Reed. L. Theodore. I. Brooks. Row 2. A. Erdos, B. Futey, P. Campbell, I. McLain, I. Riviellcx. I. Tetrick, I. Zcrvcrr, C. Iohnson, I. Mdrkley, M. Sisco, C. Owens, S. Mercer, R. Predikcr. S. Hogan, M. Blicku, W. Iuckson. V. Hutchings, D. Roschillcr. Row 3. B. Echnoz, I. Ienninqs. M. Iones, S. Billig, B. Hunt, D. Ccrmpfield, I. Orcutt, M. Lorenzetti, L. Cutriqht. I. Kouttmcm. D. Dinars, I. Mohn, S. Pressell, R. Bundy, S. Bissell, S. K. Thompson. Row 4. B. Madden, M. Corso, S. Cramer, S. Brincko, W. Crisp, R. Stubile, A. Coimpiield, I. Roberts, R. Kramer, D. Heltzel, T. Pollock, E. Varcmelli. B. Pelton, M. Price, P. McNevin, P. McFadden, L. Szbcidos. Row 5. I. Scott, I. Petrelld, G. lVIcQuaid, I. Llewelyn, B, Troutmcm, T. Collins, I. White, D. Mcillin, W. Coe, D. Mullin, D. Ccrmpdnci. L. Glunt, E. Gruber, H. Elliot, I. Hunter, C. Cercx. Row G. N. Frcxsccr, K. Nixon, A. Nuzzi, B. Hillman, B. Sywy, I. Davis. I. Fowler, M. Bcxrtik. C. Gerheim, P. Shcrrp, I. Kciqarise. I. Ryan, I. Couplcnd. .5 :ZZ Chorus Officers President - - - 5 Shirley Pressell Vice President - - - - Icrck Hyun -' Secretary-Treasurer - - Bczrlzcrrcr Mears --' Historian ---' - Sally Hogan Director Fred L. Fusco. l. l. CHORUS OFFICERS B. Mears, S. Pressell, I. Ryan, S. Hogcxn Chorus The McKinley High School Chorus sang for the dedication of the New Niles McKinley High School cmd the Open House Program. Ranking high among their other activities was the Spring Choral Concert. Rehearsals Were Frequent in Preparation for Our Annual Vocal Concert on April 11 and 12 For the pupils enrolled at NHS during the 1957-58 school term, the activity of the year provided surprised, rewarding moments, and disappointments. But as members of respective classes, by tradition, we took the events in stride making the most of them, and in our youth- ful manner looked optimistie cally to the future. The student body at NHS this year con- sisted of 288 Sophomores, 224 Iuniors, and 194 Seniors. 1 FUI 'm f Il I-1' SlBNTlTl TIUXS .Q 3W,,L.f.m.l'lQ,i,L .. x IM.,m.2 zg:.L..1,n .,. Ki rnxhk,-.LM :,:.,,i lm- gk l uns: pint .....,.... . . . . 5 gin -vif ll uurwvi-I nufpink tw. l5f1Lx-n1fn' .rum Qunrb V aa pirx-lm-.iw-s slums X.vrwp00Y1 sxxkyilxfgzins-4 -X 1 0 'A'N"'f"""""', lplunlfa igYN,QXIv 1 Iggy- an-wb pmwdl pnunrl 1-flfwd' V ' Y 'gy' Q flsil VN. OFFICERS Seated: S. PresseH, Secretary - D. Tolbert, President Standing: I. Wolfe, Vice-President - S. Stonkus, Treasurer Missing: D. Naples, Sergeant-at-Arms Seniors Concluding their high school days, the class of 1959, the first class to graduate from the new Niles McKinley High School, will greet the future with gratitude for the new facilities provided them by thc city's taxpayers. During the past year the seniors sponsored a Mardi-Gras dance and sold dolls in the colors of the high school. COLORS: Purple and white. FLOWER: Carnation. MOTTO: "Self trust is the first secret of success." ADVISOR: Mrs. Anna H. Clark. Yvonne Abdoo Michael Bartik Peggy Bamhart Richard Bauman 4.17 '14 'WI' 673' Patricia Bcllitto Ronald Bcrcnics Frank Bernard Richard Bernard Page Forty Richard Beveridge Lillian Bianco Borboro Bollinger Robert Bordell Seniors Florida Moe Bowling Samuel Bowser Janice Bradbury John Brown Q6 Motildo Bruno George Buccello Rachel Bundy Page Forty-one X.. . I .ll . V, Sondra Bury Mary Ann Camerino Ann Campfield Robert Canaan Ronald Capots Nancy Carvin Dorothy Casey Charles Cera Jennie Cervone Seniors We ., -it -aug Monell Cheeks Carmen Cicero Barbara Clemens Janice Clusc Page Forty-two Q Yvonne Abdoo is Crowned Homecoming Queen. Seniors Carolyn Coates John Coupl-and Corole Crnsofi Ido Cristo -ff' N.. "'?.::- .-9' Joseph Cupido Lindo Cutright Julio D'Andreo DeEtto Deon Page Forty-three '37 ww Martin Dellinger Salvatore DeLucia Frank DeMarco Virginia Dennis Della Dinos Regina DiTaIIo George Dufolla Janet Durst Semors Classtime is a happy time. Page Forty-four Qi Barbara Echnoz Marvin Edwards Ada Mae Fenton Roger Ferko Louis Ficdor Mary Fontanella Roseann Frandanisa Barbara Garlow Seniors ish WN, 'fb N 4 3 I 1 X I Charles Gerheim John Giangardella Kaye Gibson Corrine Griffiths Page Forty-five Gary Gyongzois Donna Hcltzcl K' Thomas Hammond Leland Hare Barry Horton Leonard Holloway Patricia Holmes Gail Hope Seniors David Hudspcth Carolyn Hulett Christina Ifft Theodore lnfontc Page Forty-six Mr. Strock Gives Some Advice in Shop Class Semors Tcrry lngledue Robert Jaffe Pauline James Judith Jennings Robert Johnson James Jones Judith Jones Mary Lou Jones Page Forty-seven 141 'Q We'11 Never Forget Those Study Sessions. Senzors Peggy Jones Beverly Joseph John Jusfis John Kogorusc Z N, fm- John Korovic Judith Kouffmon Helga Kieltsch Page Fortyeight wb if 'SY' X I Michael Kovocuch W1 ,Tv Ruth Kramer Frank Kulon Darla Lancaster Theresa Lateano Semors Nancy Lawrence William Leo John Leonard Ronald Logon Patricia Lukz Faith Luptak JoAnn Lynn Arthur Magazine Page Forty-nine is Q , 'rv Marie Marchetti Edith Martin Reynold Matteo Carol Menz ..mXr.K ' Nick Masciangelo Mary Merlo Seniors Wayne Mathews Mary Grace Miele 'if' James Miller Barbara Misocky John Mitrega Janet Mohn Page Fifty Carolyn Coates and Denny Tolbert Discussing the Dciy's Events Seniors Mory Jonc Montevideo Williom Moron Rosemary Morrow Phyllis Mymo 3 Borboro McAllister Potricio McFadden Dennis McNamara Reko Nagy Page Fiftyrone .,....-v ssl I e Nw fswff, A ea X Richard Naples Som Notoli Kerwood Nixon Albert Nuzzn Solly Ohl Judith Orcutf Nancy Popos Anno Lee Porker Senzors Color cmd Design Provide G Challenge to NHS Artists. i '-M fl lf' Louis Patrone Beecher Pearce Andrea Pellino Patricia Perica Anthony Perrone Victor Pefillo Mary Blanche Polley Joanne Poprik Seniors Shirley Presscll Leonard Quigley Joyce Ribarich Nancy Rice Page Fifty-three QMQ Ulu? ,531 Miss Campcmds History Classes Are Always Alive. Senzors Jeanne Roberts Richard Robinson Sandra Ross John Ryan Mary Sallustio James Sampson Donald Sanders Beth Satterlee Page Fifty-four - from Joel Scott Anthony Shcrock Patricia Snyder William Scrnulka Angelo Sgambati Paul Sharp Senzors Margaret Sipusic Dorothy Skeleski Doris Smith Q K, 'M Margaret Spahn Pctc Spetsios Rose Stobilc Page Fifty-iive Janet Stankewich Carol Stapleton Robert Stiles Sally Stonkus James Sudono Judith Sweet Louise Szabados Beverly Szelest Seniors -sms: Mary Takacs Betty Tobin Dennis Tolbert James Tompkins Page Fifty-six bum A Dramatization in English IV Creates Happy Hearts. Seniors Alex Trimbur Kenneth Tripodi Anthony Vecchione Richard Velican Pu Rocky Tripodi Joyce Vaughn f a Raymond Vigorito William Vincent ge Fifty-seven .f I Sandra Vine Martha Waller Donald Wiggins Carl Williams Martha Williams James Wolfe Seniors Another Day Begins at the Locker. 1 1 Charles Wilder James Youll Not Pictured Daniel Holmes l Francis Gudaitis Hlrw fli-Ziilffgiwlfflk John Zavar Ronald Ziegler Seniors fn luemaaiam Judy Jerina William Edwin McConnell Rosemary Cesario Page Fifty-nine .lunior Class Officers Seated: T. DeMont, president: G. Betsarakis, sergeant-at-arms: Standing: L. Ciminero, treasurer: I. Scherer, vice-president: B. Shriver, secretary . Homeroom 101 How l. S. Billiq, C. Boren, C. Casper. P. Casey, R. Brickley, M. Blicka. D. Camplield, D. Capots, A. Cherry. C. Catone. Row 2. C. Brienza, M. Allen, P. Al- tioro, P. Bernard, A. Berensci, B. Bohne, M. Brutz, C. Caruso. C. Byers, Row ITG. Betsarakis, P. Allen, B Birskovich, D. Calhoun, B. Brown. R. Bundy, D. Bowker. Homeroorn 102 Row 1. S. Cramer, W. Crisp, O. Davis S. Crow, D. Co'eman, M. Corso R. Cheeks, L. Clay, L. Ciminero M. Donatelli. Row 2. B. Dixon, A. DeLuca, P. Crish, N. Colitte, I. Clark, D. Costello, I. Davis, D. Chieffo, T. Corcoran. Row 3. E. Drobik, T. DeMont, M. Dinas, F. Costanza, B. Cline, S. Cline, R. Ciminero, G. Coupland. With our first year of high school behind us, we entered our junior year with great plans in mind. The highlight of our activi- ties was the Iunior-Senior Prom, but we enjoyed participating in money raising projects and planning our class party. COLORS: Mint green and white. FLOWER: White Carnation. MOTTO: "Strive to seek to iind and not to yield." ADVISOR: Miss Anna M. Campana. Homeroom 103 Row 1. B. Ellison, W. Ellis, I. Gonnella. L. Ferro, E. English, A. Guarino, G. Frasca, B. Erdos, B. Futey, A Erdos, M. Fabian. H. Garlow, C. Row Z. I. George. Froom, I. Fara, I. Estes, E, Grove R. Hallock, D. Farr, I. Feidor, D Helenberqer. Row 3. B. Gumino, T. Grohl. Homeroom 104 Row 1. P. Llewellyn, E. Limongi, M. Kajtar, S. Lawrence, V. Hutchings P. Hosay, B. Madden, B. Hribko M. Knepshield, B. Hunt, W. Iackson. Row 2. F. Hunter, M. Iones, I. Iames E. Lazzio, C. Iohnson. S. Mackey I. Henry. B. Hoover, B. Kovach. B. Iniante. Row 3. I. Holmes, D. Hoodin, G. Knight B. Hill, R. Hutchings, R. Iones R. Krenciprock, B. Hillman, M. Mainhart, I. Heister. New National Honor Society Members Elected in March Row 1. K. Gibson, C. Coates, I. Tetrick G Sm1th R Kramer R. DiTal1o, O. Davis. How 2. I. Rajkowski, M. Polley, I. Sweet I Scherer B Garlow D. Malone, A. Trimbur, S. Thompson B Bohne B Mears D. Coleman, I. Woodcock, B. Madden Page Sixty-one Homeroom 201 Row 1. B. Ziegler. lVl. Wiltrout, M. Williams, S. K. Thompson, E. Var- anelli, S. Tirlea, I. Woodcock. D. Wahers, I. Zavar, I. Yuhasz, D. Zamarelli. Row 2. P. Walters, S. F. Thompson. M. Tripodi, S. Wiles, B. Thomas. D. Toriellio, C. Young, B. Vaupel, D. Toto. Row 3. B. Williams, T. Williams, B. Williams, D. Williams, I. William- son, F. Tuiaro, D. Ziegler. Homeroom 209 Row 1. M. Stambaugh. I. Simione, B Tabor. R. Stevens, S. Russell, P Taylor, I. Tetrick, G. Smith. Row 2. E. Rossi, R. Snyder. P. Stabile M. Skiffey, F, Schweitzer, R. Shaw G. Sexton, I. Sandfrey. Row 3. B. Sywy, E. Snowden, I. Scherer T. Scarnecchia, E. Scarnecchia, D Sawyer, M. Schneider. Homeroom 21 1 Row 1. T. Pollock, C. Ring, C. Reynolds. T. Reynolds, L. Rodgers, S. Reed. E. Quaranta, M. Price. B. Pelton. D. Orwig, I. Rajkowski. Row 2. D. Rich, I. Retort, R. Perietti. S. Randall, B. Patterson, L. Owens. M. Petak, G. Reese, R. Predika. 'K Row 3. B. Nestor, T. Ross, D. Ross. A. Pcxrise. A. Platt, I. Parker, B. Painter. Homeroom 216 Row 1. G. Morgan. K. McGuirk. lVIcNevin, P. Nardo, F. Nagy. Mears, I. Mcmgino, M. Mcrtash, Nass, M. McConnell, Row 2. S. Mihokovich, I. Martin, G McCloskey, I. Merlo, N. Mariotti D. Malone, I. Marino, C. Mazza B. McCabe. Row 3. K. McAninch, B. McCullough, I. McGuire. is -... , Recitation and Blackboard Dicussions Are Common to McKinleyites Page Sixty-three -f.Q!'QvfWf Sophomore Class As we assembled in the fall of 1957, we looked forward to the many new adventures pre- sented us. First on the agenda was the election of officers and the sel- ection of a class advisor, after which our activities began. We have yet to select our class motto, colors, and flower. ADVISOR: Mrs. Leah Schisler. Ex K' N 1 siLJ OFFICERS Seated: D. Leonardi, treasurer: B. Leonard, president: I. Perica, secretary. Standing: N. Roberts, vice-president: F. Gumino, sergeant-at-arms: Homeroom 106 Row 1. I. Brooks, C. Brown, S. Brincko R. Brindiar, K. Bender, L. Brady I. Belcastro, K. Butler. N. Ahrendt M. Accordino. Row 2. H. Albu, I. Bickley. B. Bacos C. Belcastro, I. Braun, A. Binion I. Bowman. R. Binion, R. Bowser. Row 3. D. Burnside, I. Burton, I. Bon anno, I. Bassett, I. Altobelli, R Calabria. L. Iones. Homeroom 107 Row 1. D. Loqcm, C. Cosby, I. Custer D. Cox. T. Chietfo, G. Cretella. I Corso, I. Callison, D. Chuirazzi P. Campbell. How . M. Uanyi, C. Carbon, V Caruso, C. Caruso, D. Campana W. Coe, M. Callow, I. Callow. Row 3. R. Calderone, C. Casey, T Corso, G. Crone, G. Carter, R Cook, C. Crane, D. Casey. v Homerocm 108 How l. P. Flanigan, P. Flynn, R. De- Marco, L. Foor, E. Dorchock. S Filipan, E. Fidram, P. DeChristofaro, C. Dolens. L. Ferro. Row 2. L. Ferguson, I. Fonce, H. Elliott I. Davis, B. DePerro, S. D'Errico P. Flynn. I. Edison. I. Para. Row 3. I. DeFalco, D. Dunbar. I. Ponce A. Doutt, M. DeIerome. P. Phillips M. Ferradino. B. Fagnano. Row 4. D. Davis, I. Dyling. R. Durst I. Dufallo, B. Demur, B. Dennis. Homerocm 137 Row 1. C. Hess. I. Glaser, A. Frasca. E. Harker, M. Hare, I. Hall P. Gregg, S. Gatta, D. Gerlach. Row 2. F. Gumino, P. Hanshaw I Foster, G. Heitzel. K. Hilty, L Hamner, I. Given, O. Hall, I Heman. Row 3. L. Glunl. B. Harper, N. Frasca C. Giancola, P. Guerra, B. Harris, N. Fredricka, D. Guarino. I. Fowler. Row 4. D. Fuda, G. Helmick, I. Hen- dry. C. Granger, E. Greuber. ..x...... McKinley Pupils Take Advantage of New School Provisions. Page Sixty-five Q 4 L L Homeroom 169 Row 1. S. Vallot, P. Treharn, M. Wag ner, B. Walker, R. Wolfe, C Waddell, C. Vigorito, M. Wright M. Ziegler, P. Villio, C. Yurkus. Row 2. K. Trimbur, R. Wieda. D Voohries, T. Vranko, R. Thorns berry, M. Panissidi, C. Yoders, F Whitney, I. White. Row 3. A. Yurga, C. Fallo, L. Vivolo B. Troutman, R. Zuzolo. A Williams. Horneroom 202 Row l. I. Infante, I. Iniante, C. Leckie M. Koncsol, P. Iudy. C. Hunyady R. Humphries. T. King, S. Iohnson Row 2. I. Kovell, C. Iohnson, S. Hogan M, Kramer, N. Kines, N. Iohnson E. Iackson, B. Kale, D. Leonardi I. Ioseph. Row 3. D. Iones, F. Crish, I. Hunter R. Hussy, R. Kopp, B. Iones, H Iewel, T. Iackson, F. Ioseph, Row 4. D. Lenney, B. Leonard, R. Hoodin, P. McCloskey, I. Law, T Holmes, E. Iohnson. Latin and Speech Have Key Positions in the NHS Curriculum. Page Sixty-six 1 ia. Q WR u.. Xu 'eww We Learn Many Lessons from Maps and Movies. Page Sixty-seven Homeroom 204 Row 1. M. Lorenzetti, P. Morrow, C Logan, R. Luptak, A. Liberator, I. Murray, I. Miles, D. Minneck, K Molar, P. Muio, D. Lowe. Row 2. G. Liberl, I. Markley, C. Mar- ino, F. Micele, S. Mercer, R. Mas- ciangelo, R. Morrall, I. Llewellyn I. Maiorca. Row 3. D. McCormick, D. Mallin, A Muresan, D. Mallin, E. Madden R. Marino, E. Liberator, G. Maga- zine, F. Miller, D. Martin. Homeroom 208 Row 1. C. Paris, C. Parise, M. Nevin R. Predika, S. Parker, I. Nardo, I Palmer, S. Pierce, C. Owens, I Perica, S. O'Malley. Row 2. I. McClean, E. Quigley, M Pavolilio, I. Postlewait, A. Pascar ella, E. Pitzer, D. Newell, G. Mc Quaid, F. Pierce, D. Pressell. How 3. I. Petrilla, D. McElhaney, N Osika. I. Mclntire, D. Pearce, R. Ostrode, M. Nori, B. Phillips. Homeroom 210 Row 1. S. Sherock, D. Raschilla, I Sheldon, C. Schink, A Roberts, I Riviella, P. Semple, E. Silen, M Sisco. I. Ross. Row 2. S. Sech, G. Salem, E. Sand irey, K. Ross, K. Scott, C. Ross A. Sawyer, N. Roberts, P. Rein. Row 3. S. Rider, I. Reiss, I. Shobel I. Sallustio. C. Severin, D. Ramsey H. Ripple. Homeroom 220 Row 1. I. Szekely, D. Sutter, C. Smith, C. Szczotka, I. Taylor, L. Thedore, M. Sohyada, R. Slane, B. Spillman, M. Strohmeyer. Row 2. M. Sisco. S. Sygar, M. Sloan F. Smith, B. Thomas, R. Swegan L. Stabile, I. Skiffey, B. Stambaugh Row 3. I. Sloan, B. Thompson, A. Span- goletta, T. Stone, W. Thompson. School Facilities Aid in Classroom Presentations Basic to the curriculum at Mc- Kinley High School are the academic subjects taught in the general class- rooms. In addition to the regular academic courses offered at NHS are the voca- tional arts subjects. These include mechanical drawing, shop, and home economics. A secretarial course for those pupils interested in this line of work is also available at McKinley High School. Here the standard commercial subjects are offered. Page Sixty-nine "We want a touchdowng we want a touchdownl" Often we screamed this phrase as We sat huddled together in the stands. Although our gridiron sea' son was shortened by the 'flu bug' and we did not win all our games, we will never forget the dramatic moments supplied us by our varsity eleven. Basketball came and we packed into the new gymnasium to see an un- predictable, but crowd pleasing hard- wood quint provide us with thrills and chills. We've seen better years and expect to see better ones to come, but an undefeated season is not the prime requisite. Sportsmanship and spirit are still way in the lead. These we had. -4' , 3.-Q. Football Provides Many Thrills QUAI eu wr It Row l. R. Bernard, I. Coupland, R. Robinson. I. Wolfe, A. Sherock. L. Patrone, I. Leonard R. Ziegler, S. Natoli, T. Perrone, I. Mitrega, B. Leo, D. Tolbert. Row 2. B. Leonard, N. Mariotti, M. Nori, M. Skiftey, N. Brutz, M. Dinas, D. Calderone, R. Iones R. Krenciprock, C. Grainger, E. Rossi, D. Ramsey. Row 3. N. Roberts, I. Henry, D. Marino, C. Mazza, I. Skitfey, D. Iones, R. Infante. C. Crank T. DeMont, P. Ioseph, R. Zuzolo, D. Guerra, G. Helmick. Football Managers S. Cline - F. Whitney - B. Hoover I During the tall, the sports attention is centered on the Niles McKinley gridiron. The Red Dragons finished a suc- cessful, yet flu shortened sea- son, with many bright spots occuring against rugged com- petition. ZIGIEH, Showing the Old College Spirit. ,AX K si fx a NJ' WIMW. .av 'gl , 9 yfv -A,-fp I 'QP' L gf ,fr COACH IOSEPH BASSETT Assistants Donald Pcrllcmie Philip Rcxqcxzzo Tom Andres Tom Cerct if x QT. ff fony Pgrrgng Sammy Natoli Ronnie Ziegler 101m Miifeqfl AUlhOnY Shefock Gee! I Missed Him, Coach! Six Big Red and Blue Points. September 13 - Niles 12 Erie Prep G Climaxing 65 and 63 yard drives with scoring plays of two and eight yarcls, the Niles Red Dragons defeated Eric Prep, 12' 6 at the local's Riverside Sta- dium tonight, in the Red and Blue initial outing ol the 1957 gridiron campaign September 20 - Niles 7 Farrell 27 After an evenly matched. scoreless first half of football. the Farrell High Steelers ex- ploded for four touchdowns and three conversion points in the second segment of play to clown the Red Dragons, 27-7 before a sparse crowd of hometown fans at Riverside Stadium to- night. September 27 - Niles 12 Boardman 6 McKinIey's initial efforts in Steel Valley Conference football competition for the current sea- son concluded on a sweet note tonight when, paced by the break-away running of Senior Ron Ziegler, the Red and Blue smacked out a 12 to 6 victory over the Boardman High Spar- tans on the lose-r's gridiron. 'An Iohn Leonard Richard Robinson Dennis Tolbert Richard Bemard Iim Wolfe October 4 - Niles 0 Campbell Memorial 31 Steel Valley Conference play for lV1cKinley's Red Dragon grid- iron machine was balanced out tonight at one and one for the season following a crushing 31 to O loss at the hands of an overpowering Memorial Red Devil aggregation before 3,500 spectators at Riverside Stadium. October ll - Niles 31 Austintown Fitch 12 Austintown's highly publicized pass-throwing threat was squel- ched in Niles tonight as the Red and Blue, behind a fleet-looted ground attack, smothered the Falcons, 32 to 12 to gain its second win in three encounters of Steel Valley Conference play. October 18 - Niles - Struthers Cancelled - Influenza Epidemic. October 24 - Niles - Akron Ellett Cancelled - Influenza Epidemic. November 1 - Niles 7 Hubbard 7 Resuming gridiron competition after a two week lay-off because of an influenza outbreak. the NHS Red Dragon eleven battled to a 7 to 7 deadlock with the Hubbard High Eagles tonight on the loca1's football halt-acre. November 8 - Niles 19 Girard 7 With little regard for near gale force winds, the Niles Mc- Kinley football charges of Coach Joseph Bassett flattened their arch-rival, the Girard High In- dians, l9 to 7 tonight to bring the curtain down on the 1957 grid season and finish with cz 4 win, 2 loss and l tie record. You've Got to be a Football Hero! Iohn Coupland Bill Leo Lou Patrons yi 1 .5 i D? 9 g 'f gs, K 5' 1 - 45 I 2 X 'T E, -ag 9 3 1: ,, 1' H Lg 1 y Fi gk Q A .M V i111 Y 'gif iz W 2? 31 r fb is ix A ef f s , 3' 3 ax Q Vg? Egfr A . 5 gr 2 ff X' is F 'J W, s Fig? ,Q .yf , ' 1 LQ L, gg I iiffff 5? mtiwf H , LLV, t ffmvr-'fmffw an I 1 W M' 11.3 filsmai Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Vlzrsity Scoreboard Newton Falls Chaney Rayen Boardman Farrell Washington Campbell Memorial Struthers Austintown Fitch Warren Hubbard Girard Boardman Campbell Memorial Struthers Austintown Fitch Hubbard Girard Tournament Austintown F itch Basketball Managers L. Patrone - B. Hoover - I. Youll fs? Reserve Squad Enioys Cage Season Left to Right N. Roberts, B. Leonard, D. Iones M. Mainhart, I. Allen, D. Caldrone. G. Helmick, Perrone Scores Again. Rese Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Page Seventy-eight , D. Ramsey, S. Corso I. Davis, D, Voorhies. rfve Results 32 39 27 36 29 35 28 31 36 41 38 53 34 38 38 32 Newton Falls Chaney Rayen Boardman Campbell Memorial Struthers Austintown Fitch Warren Hubbard Girard Boardman Campbell Memorial Struthers Austintown Fitch Hubbard Girard 5 Q Cinclermen Achieve Recognition Row 1. A. Perrone, I. Cupido, D. Wiqqins, R. Ziegler, R. Marino. T. Grohl, D. Hoodin. N. Roberts. Row 2. W. Moran, I. Mitrega, M. Skifiey, D. Naples, N. Mariotti, M. Dinas, I. Henry, T. Iniante, B. Bohne, D, Gunrino, S. Rider. Row 3. D. Campcmn, L. Vivolo, D. Malone, C. Crank, H. Elliott, I. Carris, R. Zuzolo, C. Cera, I. Coupland. .9- .vb Ah, Springlg Ah, Track! This spring the thoughts for some two dozen McKinley lads, turn not to love, but rather to the NHS Cinder oval. For, from mid-March to the end of May, these local field and track praticipants, under the guidance of Head Coach Dominic Match, supply ample thrills for track meet fans. With a nine meet slate facing them this season, the Red and Blue Thinclads are sure to carry the NHS banner to lofty heights. Page Eighty Cheerleaders Build School Spirif 'rv Row 2. P. Perica, B. Echnoz, K. Gibson Perica, I. Zavar, B. Futey, S. Sherock, K. Trimbur, N. Trimbur Page Eighty-one 'riffs Row 1. K. McGuirk, I. George. B. Thomas Varsity Cheerleaders These charming Senior and Iunior girls lead the cheering sections at all varsity football and basketball games. They also presented pep rallies before various games. The cheer- leaders are Seniors Kaye Gibson, Barbala Echrioz, and Pat Perica. Iuniors are Karen lVIcGuirk, lean George, and Billie Rae Thomas. Reserve Cheerleaders Chosen in the fall to cheer for re- serve basketball qames and to par- ticipate in the pep rallies were Iuniors Beverly Futey, lean Zavar. and Nancy Trimbur, and Sophomores Kathy Trim- bur, Io Ann Perica, and Shirley Sherock. Diamond Crew Gives C-ood Showing 1 4 ' 5? Rt 4.554 y iil Q - ds: K - fl. 1 Il. I' ' .f f in 1 I Noi fl-1-'. ' lfQN'i"5. 'ti T V Lrsf M ' ."1rW:' is W 'fm i'7 Q A l ,. - ' iw s. A-hfl.slt:ll. . i 331 ,- Row l. E. Scarnecchia, R. Ferko. P. Crish, R. Ziegler, I. Giangardella, L. Patrone. Row 2. F. Costanza, G. McClosky, W. Cline, I. Miller, B. Leo, W. Moran, M. Edwards. Row 3. R. DelVIont, D. Calhoun, L. Fiedor, R. Kopp, Mr. Lawrence Pallante. Coach, D. Caldrone, I. Sygar, G. Sexton, I. Karovic. , NV an-in The Battery for Today The national pastime, baseball, also has its effects at Niles McKinley, as evidenced by its fine competitive record over the past years under Coach Larry Pallante. This year's diamond crew is formed from the nucleus of last season's team that finished as a top contender for the district tournament. Playing a dangerous slate, Niles has always shown well for itself in any league. They Roam the Outfield PI' ijt- S N I gilt 5 Page Eighty-two GAA Offers Various Opportunities .r '22 A. Roberts, B. Echnoz, B. Garlow, K. Gibson, B. Ellison Girls A th letic Association The GAA, sponsored by Miss Dorothy Dew, is an organization that provides an intramural program for the girls in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The members of this activity participate in volleyball, basketball, softball and such individual sports as table tennis, badminton, and shuiileboard. OFFICERS Barbara Garlow .,............. ..... P resident Betty Ellison ..... ..,... . . Vice-president Kaye Gibson ......, ...... S ecretary Antoinette Roberts .. ........ Treasurer Barbara Echnoz ,... .. . Social Chairm n Advisor ,,,,,,,,,, .,,, M iss Dorothy DSW G.A.A. Games Provide Recreation Row 1. B. Ellison, K. Gibson, B. Garlow, M. Bowling, A. Parker. Row 2. A. Roberts, P. Stanec, E. Lazzio, C. Smith, M. Sloan, R. Stevens. Faculty and Administration Board of Education Seated: William Bohnep Miss Anna D. Masteller, clerk-treasurer, Iack W. Burtch, president: Samuel I. Bonham, assistant superintendent of schools. Standing: Dr. A. I. Altierog Attorney Paul Z. Hodge: Dr. Louis Ralston: Paul E. Smith, superintendent of schools. Q 'V' s PAUL E, SMITH SAMUEL I. BONHAM Superintendent, Niles City Schools Assistant Superintendent Niles City Schools Page Eighty-tour Board of Ed. The Board of Education, consisting of William Bohne, lack Burtch, Dr. A. I. Altiero, Paul Hodge, Dr. Louis Ral- ston make the local rules which gov- ern our school system. Paul E. Smith, the superintendent of Niles City Schools is doubly in- terested in all McKinley activity and is a frequent visitor within the halls of NHS. Assistant superintendent Sam- uel I. Bonham directs the maintenance of the city school buildings. Principal McKinley High Schoo1's Principal, Robert H. Sharp, directs the cmfriculum and activities of the school. He is assist- ed in his many duties by his adminis- trative assistants. Adminstrati-ve Assistants Us X, ,fl 54:1 ' 'Tiki S to fl. v. w , ,yi'lgL.d,, i ' ."" 5- -If-A . ,.- Page Eighty-live ROBERT H. SHARP McKinley High School Principal Boys Guidance Ioseph Bassett Girls Guidance Miss Dorothy Dew Visiting Teacher Donald Pallante Secretary Miss Betty DiFebio if Mrs. Leah Schisler, Mrs. Anna H. Clark, Robert G. Clark. Miss Valor Schurraqer, Miss Helen Duer English Mrs. Leah Schisler: English III, IV Mrs. Anna H. Clark: Robert G. Clark: English 11,111 English III. Miss Valor Schurraqer: Miss Helen Duer: Staqecratt Iournalism English IV English II, Ill ..,,, 1 7 E, A'fi 5 V K LLl7I,Q'll6l,!f6 Arts Donald Sullivan: , 5' , 9 Q - 'Lf X World History, Speech , ' Q T ,E , Miss Edith Evans: C ii AMA MM Latin 11, III, IV gf 1 f"l'ff' T. Craig Bond: U. S. History, Spanish I, II X 1 X, .. ji V Q tili fx ' Nr 4 Donald Sullivan, Miss Edith Evans. T. Craig Bond Who Said It Isn't a Women's World? Page Eighty-six Commercial Benjamin Davies: Business Training. Stenography, Typing Mrs. Eleanore Schuller: English III, Selling, Law Carson Iones: Bookkeeping, Senior Math Miss Patricia Casey: Stenoqraphy, Typing Iames Scobie: Typing, Stenography Benjamin Davies, Mrs. Eleanore Schuller, Carson Iones Miss Patricia Casey, Iames Scobie. xv ...i . , X .. rf Skim. Numbers Play an Important Role at McKinley. Myron Tiefel, Mario Bertolini, Miss Mildred Bridge, K. K. Strock. Arts Myron Tieielr Mario Bertoliniz Mechanical Drawing Art Miss Mildred Bridge: Kenneth K. Strock: Home Economics Shop II, III History Alberl Salerno: U. S. History, World History Philip Ragazzo: Driver Training, Senior Problems Miss Anna Campana: Senior Problems, U. S. History is F. - ,i Albert Salerno, Philip Ragazzo, Miss Anna Campana Mr. Ragazzo Instructs a Senior Problems Class David Prosser, Glen Sechler, Mrs. Anna Marie Macali. Thomas Cera, Philip R. Lamb Page Eighty-eight of Science David Prosser: Biology, Visual Education Glen Sechlerz Chemistry Mrs. Anna M. Macali: Thomas Cera: Philip R. Lamb: Biology Biology Physics, Senior Science !'Z,,. Iames Townley, Melvin Frank Fred Fusco, Douglas Hartzell A Iatlzema tics Iames Townley: Radio I, II, Plane Geomotry Melvin Frank: Music Fred L. Fusco: Douglas Hartzell: Mathematics Music, Chorus Music, Instrumental I . . 1,7 3 f ffl!! . ' 'I Y 52 Mr. Lamb's Physic3 Class Studies the Automobile Engine. Bill and Bob Show Mr. Maiorca Their Work. Xl ' us! was Special Se Sam Maiorca: William Z. Davi Ioseph Bassett: Donald Pallante, Sam Maiorca, Miss Beatrice Millard, Physical Education Miss Dorothy Dew: Louis Toth: William Z. Davis, Ioseph Bassett rvices Donald Pallante: Visiting Teacher Special Education Miss Beatrice Millard: Librarian SZ Driver Training Coach, Boys' Guidance Girls' Physical Education Girls' Guidance Boys' Physical Education Barbara Garlow, Miss Dorothy Dew, George Betsarakis Barb and Mr. Pallante Look Over Absence Reports. Louis Toth, Custodians Continually working at keeping Mc- Kinley High School in the best oi condition in its first year in use are the school custodians, Ralph Walden and Charles Beatty. Mr. Walden and Mr. Beatty have done a fine job in keeping the maintenance oi our new school building at a high level. Cafeteria Another beginning in the iirst year at our new high school is the caf- eteria. The cafeteria. run by Mrs. Kate Stanec, Mrs. len Biamonte, and Mrs. Iulia Charmonte and supervised by Mrs. Mary Belle Amy. has been greatly appreciated by the NHS student body and faculty for the hot, nourishing lunches they have pro- vided. Charles Beatty, Ralph Walden 1 Mrs. Iulia Charmonte, Mrs. Ien Biamonte, Mrs. Kate Stanec Mr. Beatty Keeps the Floors Clean. Page Ninety-one 1 Mm I L-........ .,..,...-n M-.. ....,, Assistant Editor-in-Chief KAYE GIBSON Second in command in the construct- ion of this book, The 1958 Dragon, was Kaye Gibson. Although Kaye's chief out-of-school activity is competitive swimming, she proved to be equally as adept in working with the printed page as she is with swimming. Editor-in-Chief CAROLYN COATES To coordinate a student publication. such as the Dragon, is a demanding task. This year the responsibility for the editing of our "Blueprint for Better Education" was delegated to Carolyn Coates. With the determination and in- dustry peculiar to her personality, Carolyn and her staff made this book a reality. Page Ninety-two as Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor- Sports Editors Class Editor J . Activity Editors Colzfriguford in-Chief W .. -. Carolyn Coates .M , Kaye Gibson Dennis Tolbert and Anthony Perrone .. J V Patty Perica Beth Satterlee and Barbara Garlow Copy . . .-.-,,,. . Mary Merlo, Nancy Papas, Phyllis Mymo and Sally Stonkus Headlines it Phyllis Mymo Copyreading . , Shirley Pressell Senior Paste-Ups it Janet Mohn and Judy Jennings Production Advisor ..t. A . . Robert G. Clark Financial Advisor ,.,,............l.. Donald Pallante The Faculty and Student Body of McKinley l-ligh School Pg N iyh Annual Staff Produces Yearbook KJ SQ.- A AR X X . 'I Row 1. K. Gibson, P. Perica, B. Garlow, B. Satterlee, C. Coates. Bow 2. I. Tompkins, D. Tolbert, A. Perrone, B. Iaffe. Kaye and Carolyn Take a Break from the Yearbook. Page Ninety-four Annual Production Staff The Annual Production Staff produced this Yearbook. It is through their work that we have our 1958 Dragon. Advisor Robert G. Clark Financial Group Canvasses Town Canvassing the city monetary aid tor the production of the yearbook is the duty of the Annual Financial Staff. Advisor Donald Pallante Row 1. I. Custer, M. Nevin, I. George. E. Varanelli, I. Tetrick, P. Llewellyn, P. Ciletti, T. Reynolds, B. Shriver. Row 2. S. Ohl, A. Fenton, R. DeMarco, Y. Abdoo, B. Satterlee, C. Crisafi, B. Garlow, P. Holmes, M. Sohayda. Row 3. I. Sudano. A. Nuzzi, I. Kaqarise, D. Ramsey, S. Natoli, A. Perrone, R. Masciangelo, B. Moran, G. Betsarakis, F. Gumino, D. Lenney. to solicit Mr. Clark Appears Pleased With The Dragon Page Ninety-five Superior Metal Fabricating Company I. A. McMahon Inc. Home Federal Savings df Loan Association of Niles The Wilder Manufacturing Company Stanley V. Wilder Valley Fabricators Wilson Insurance Agency Weddell's Sohio Service Station Niles Daily Times Abraham Hoodin M. D. Sheffler Hi-Way Express Inc. McKinley Federal Savings and Loan of Niles Robbins Avenue Lumber Company Macali's Market E. Ross Adgate 6. Son A. L. Williamson M. D. Louis G. Ralston M. D. Raymond H. Ralston M. D. Charles W. Mathias M. D. Richard W. Iuvancic M. D. Traichal Construction Company Ford Cleaners Bellitt Studio Blott's Farm Market Arden Furniture Company Niles Fire Brick Company Sam Gordon Trucking Company Inc. Exclusive Cleaners Brenneman Heating Service Gay's Printing Service Sherwood Oldsmobile Inc. Tunison Bros. Leon Doubet Ioseph Antenucci Inc. Bostwick Steel Lath Company Fusco Dry Cleaning William McKinley Post No. 106, American Legion Bruce's Niles Auto Glass Service Sponsors Don McCaughtry Service Carpenters 6: Iointers oi America Local Union No 1514 Bernard's Music 6. T.V. Center Cafe 422 The Niles Lumber G Supply Company Sammy's Service Station Donald L. Bostwick, Architect 5. Engineer MacQueen 6. MacQueen Robins Theatre, Niles National Gypsum Company Association Riverside Dairy Inc. The Allied Metals Company H. DeMathews 6 Son Construction Flowers By Higley's Inc. McKinley Restaurant Shively Sales G Service, Inc. G. H. Baker, Nationwide Insurance Agent Fredric's Barbecue United Steelworkers of America Republic Steel Corp., Pressed Steel Division The Men's Shop A Friend Herif Iones Company Valley Plumbing 6. Heating Inc. Mahoning Valley Steel Company Economy Savings G Loan Niles Scrap Iron 6: Metal Company Calvin's Drug Store Progressive Photo-Supply, Inc. Niles Garbage Agency Niles Machine 6. Welding Totten Insurance Agency, Inc. Bruce's Radiator Service Hetz Farm Account Schink's Marine 61 Television Western Auto Associate Store Niles Roofing 6- Heating Dairy Queen Star Jewelry Company Page Ninety-six Iack's Dairy First 61 Last Chance Pritchard's Clothing Store Rose Building :S Supply, Inc. C. H. Stiver Sales :Sf Service Hi-Way Arena The Red Dragon Iensen Hardware Company Woodcock's Drug Store Novelty Shoppe Skiffey Insurance Agency Kaiser Pastry Shop Drs. N. I. 61 A. I. Altiero Ideal Department Store United Cigars The P. E. Mansell Insurance Frank E. Vinion Tax Consultant Mitchell Shaker Cue 6. Cushion Dr. A. I. Dinda C. D. Mervyn Ieweler Shakers Store Isaly's Dr. Stanley Engel F . W. Woolworth Nader's Wise Florist Mears Insurance Agency I-Iilderbrands Sunoco Service Record Rendezvous Pappada Drug Store Holloway Funeral Home Pugh Hardware G. N. Williams Trucking Alberini's Soriano Appliance Bahm Brothers Vargo Gas G Oil Company Anthony's Auto Sales Augusta's Gulf Sponsors Warren Sanitarv Milk Comnanv Niles Automotive Parts Satterlee Sohio Service Daniel Motor Freight, Inc. Ohio Galvanizing 6, Manufacturing Fleck Pontiac Company Homer H. Hoffman Niles Laundry Davis Plumbing Company, Landmark Cafe Kistler-Campbell Handy Andy Inc. Trophy Sports Leopold's Shoe Store Niles Hardware Ragazzo's Men's Wear Niles Bank Company Dollar Savings Bank Paul's G. M. McKelvey Company Frasca Insurance Agency Reese Floral Art Soda G Luscher Constructi Fraternal Order of Eagles M df M Motel Harold E. Halstead Griffith I. Davis Real Estate The Holeton Funeral Home McKinley Motors Inc. Victory Cafe Mayor Edward Lenney Iohnny's Amoco Service Inc. on Company, Inc Richard W. Reese Funeral Home Ma Perkins Inn Federal Dry Cleaners Russ Berline Men's and Boys' Wear Robins Furniture Company Rice Electric Dr. Samuel Iaffe Local No. 477 International Page Ninety-seven Typographical Union The End 'fllls of ills cqrznual :Staff woufil figs fu fflurzg Hia fouowing, fox wifflouf H2201 Half: mul co-oflsuzfiofz ffzii yscczlzools coulil not f2f.u.'s some alzouf. Canton Engraving and Electrotype Company Mueller Art Cover Company Niles Daily Times Patrick Bellitt, Photographer And Ot Course Our Sponsors Page Ninety-eight .ALL fograloA4 P ge Ninety-nine .fgu f 0 gralad :I Page One Hundred fy K fy. 1235-' lift'-'-ia ' bifimrfzfkz, , 5233 if 2 - 21. ""' , - if J'-faf,.Z'5'-913 f, ' - ' 1 3.5,-1 T. . 3- V., - , - , ' 1- 1 .1 ty - vii" -,H L--9-QA, ,,, H V, ,-1 , , 2 ' ' tiff-vgllfgz--s .L TgftN,q1+LRQg f, df , .Q-L, ,1

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