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763 Pubhshed by the Semor Class of Nlles OhlO 7957 .Banya PALJE. ONE McKinley High School F or ard For the hxstory of N1les pub11c schools the year 1957 marked the end of one era and lhe begmnmg of another The old era ended when the doors of McK1nley Hlgh ou Church Streei were closed for the last tlme behrnd a graduatmq class 1ts forty second The new era 1n the Clly s school annals began when the portals of a newly constructed McK1nley I-hgh on Trumbull Dr1ve were opened to the graduatmg classes of the future What hes ahead for the classes to come we know not but for us the class of l957 the memory of havrng staged the last chapter ln the hlstory of Old McK1nley shall remam always 1n our consclousness as an honor beyond compare Therefore 1t IS Wllh a deep sense of pr1de that we present to you the future graduatmg classes of a new McK1n1y Hlgh the p1ctor1al account of ihe way rn whlch we concluded an era w1th WORK PLAY and TRADITICN PAGE TWO . . , . . , . Y , , , , I I , I I X XJR W ,, x l - N E ., 'Sq J 55- aw: ,jiffiw -.M N K wi gig mQ.52ig'J' fgixgf . ii R. 1 , ,ff 421' i - ......'xs X. vu Fam I " 1 iyq' pq ziggy W "' M42 su"""'- V ----Ai, f :f , W fx -lun. f . 31 f i? Q . 115 9551 ,Q t - , -.Vw . as-ff A .. ' ,W,v2fQW 'E , Q ., . W M was wgAwf?ffw?x142"Ha ,f wsyww . 5 ,NY Q ' S255-1' ff 'fx 2 ,,, Q1- 4 A 4 'H ig? N . ' ff 313 xv 2531 I , ""' his Vg . 5 x R WA 5 V MQ, , vp, ., 1 fffmwsib WW " ' . f 'W ,V -X ,rm-wi?-335' ' ,X wwsi' Y -wwgkjgis 1 -f-vm 3 3 'aff gm 6' W W H: Q if M. 4 1 'E 'E Y HN 'H if 5 QQ Q, ,ei fm .QSM " ,Q 1 I O O 'X F F L Dedzcatzon Of all the fond memones we shall recall after leavmg McK1nley none w11l be as lastmg 1n our esteem as those of DOI1'11I11C Match our class adv1sor to whom we ded1cate th1s pubhcahon Thank you, Mr Match for the unselhsh contnbutlon you made m helpmg us through our h1gh school days PAGE SIX The Class of 1957 c 0 1 1 I 1 ww Contents lfarultx and f1lllIZl71lS'f1llfl07I Wt educatron admmrstratron ass1stants and 1V1cK1nley secretary nurse and custodlans page 20 Unrle1clzls.snze11 Covermg a span of 11 pages from 21 to 29 are plctures of lVlcK1n1ey under classmen The lumor class offrcers are presented on page 21 followed by the jumor class members Pages 25 through 29 are dedrcated to the sophomores wrth thetr offrcers shown on page Byfgkfgj Actwztzcs The faculty and admtntstratron sectron of the Dragon covers ten pages. Included ln tt are the NHS faculty pages 10 through 16 the admmrstratnon page 17 the board of page 18 and the school I if 3, t 675732711 F FG The actrvtty sectlon of the Draqon covers 80 pages Included tn rt are the clubs Q and therr functrons from pages 32 through 51 The band and chorus departments range E 51,430 QX from pages 52 through 62 Sports Presented on pages 63 through 72 rs the sports sectron of the Dragon Rangmo from pages 64 through 67 rs football and pages 68 through 71 basketball whrch complete fall and wmter sports Baseball and track are prctured on page 72 lndrvldual prctures ol semor athletes are on pages 65 and 69 Informa la X x rf Senzors The semor sectxon made up of 24 pages htghlxghts 149 members of the grad uatmg class of 1957 Features rn thxs section are the class othcers on page 80 the class hlstory on page 81 and the senrors whxch are prctured on pages 82 through 100 The class prophecy on pages 101 and 102 completes the semor part ot the yearbook lzmmr H1511 X if Informal photos ot socxal 'rte at NHS cover a span from pages 7 4145 titffjf Cfmplettng the content rf the 7 Dragon are photograph rt tumor hrah puprl mfr: om d page r n winch they are 1 uc e- tc men c nf p at homerooms Q and 6 page 105 homerooms 7 and 8 page 106 homerooms 30A and 32 page y it gy J 107 room 39 and the jumor htgh basketball squad page 108 PAGE SEVEN I O I FSU . . . Q . itlfg .4 -fgwti . , 1' A ' ' ., , ' " E ,E F F ' I I I , ' -I . . 1- , v :FJQV g . ' I .. V.. K5 - w I ,, , - -- if A ' fxfffi f ' ' FN "U, ' 25. if I4 'Ng .tp XTX Ps 1: 1 ' tgps X JN, A . g ' 1 , ' S . ' . S Y 'gf' I . :IQ-fd Qj 7, 1. '- Q Q ff: - ifiz-.f alxlfel ff! -. 3,13 l ' j 4 to 78. A Q Fx 1 ,5- x., 1 . u Al' X 'YQ J' yt , - A - I I - - . V. 1 I gm V It! . ,, U . ' ' . . ' : ' . I A Nu 1 X " : A ' '. ' A ' 6 ti '17 . ' . , lfi4,l""gZW' f N ' ' lf J fi ' X 'L-7 1 ' J 'S 1 ' ' ' ' 41,9519 ' 'Q Ho A 3 fs an ,fl 4 " , - ouml incl l.: 1 1 , Um: ll u 1 4, age 1045 gr , f . . . . ,, yu gk 4 4 . I g .A A V . . . . Hzstory Of Old McKz1zley Iuly 6 1914 was s1gn1f1cant rn the crty of Nrles for the local Board ot Dlrectors had already purchased the srte for the new lVlcK1n1ey I-11gh School on the corner ot Arhngton and Church and on th1s date the ground for the structure was broken The new school havmg a capacrty tor 650 puprls and costrng S160 OOO was very typ1cal of archrtectural desxgn of the t1me After comp1et1on of the burldlng, ded1cat1on exerc1ses were held Fr1day October 29 1915 rn the aud1tor1um of the new school The feS11V111eS 1nc1uded muslc by grade school pup1ls the hlgh school orchestra and speeches by promlnent c1t1zens of Nlles who helped make th1s dream of a new school a rea11ty Wrth except1on for convertrng an outdoor gymnasrum mto needed classroom space replacmg the old 11ght1ng hxtures w1th modern flourescent 111um1nat1on changlng the coal heatrng plant Wlth a new gas flred system addmg several coats of pamt and replacmg the or1g1nal wood frame w1n dows w1th glass block and alummum frame wlndows the physrcal nature of lVIcK1nley Hrgh has remamed nearly the same as when 1t was constructed Over the per1od of years 1n 1ts h1story NHS has served the needs of a dynamrc commun1ty But t1me and rncreased numbers of populatron at last have taken the1r toll and as a result Old McK1nley wrll grve way thrs year to a larger and more costly structure to be opened 1n the fall of 1957 PACJL. tgIC.vHT n o 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1 , . k '-has wi ?awlz'q of A I ,, Q 2 ' ff 3 5 +1421 he v by ff ffiffm X ff, wx 1' K Q E. ' 0 J " xy QM il fi? fi fr X 0 1 QMJE' X Nm , , 1 f 1 J N f 2, j 'X r f WW, yLw A1 NN VW E . , , H I and Faculty. . . wav' THOMAS A ANDRES BS m Educauon Ind rua Umvermtv Youngs own Umver ty Hetorv 8th Grade Ceo raphy 7th Grade A ex tant Foo ball Coad A. 1 tam Baske ball Loach IOSEPH W BASSETT St Loux Umfe mtv Youngstown Umversny Kem State UHIVQISIIV Guxdcmce Coun elor Head Football Coach Head Baeketbcll Coach T C BOND Ohlo Umversxty pamsh US HISIOTY nahsh Student Councll -ES MISS MILDRED L BRIDGE I Ch G Umve sxiy rr Econow H Yr cmcker Llub 1957... 'SA H BROWN BS Educatxon Ken Sae Math Sth Grade PAGE TEN MISS ANNA MARIE CAMPANA E S 1' Ed maucn One I n College o S e Un versl C I-Ha 0 Yo.1tH Dav Advlsor F' 1 I ,111 :'?'?lf 'YV ,, I ...Fhmdgf MN MRS ANNA H CLARK ROBERT G CLARK M A on N 11 v1r1h11 11 mm 'XIII W I I A Club Adusor Q fi V158 Ad 11 Kmfgp Crf-W Adv1sor mr own 111 1' me W P II J I: H1 Lrwr Draven Producu n Adv ' 'fsagf iw mfg . ,f- A .aw f, '1 I 1,4 V1 we I . S A 'H' 1' ,lv 'il , I 2 Q 1 .sfisrgli BENIAMIN I DAVIES IR BS '1 Busme-ss Educcztxon MS II Educrxuon Yoxxmstown UUIVGTSZIY Um Prmtv rn' Pntsburqh Sho hand I Typ 'mg I 101' Busmcss Trmmnq CoAdv1sor Future Busmess Leaders o Ameraco wma 0vfwf,gz,W www K, E.S. RA. .... 1. .' . ' .. . Y, 11651 ' 'I 11:9 :My . ,-. 1 ' K, 1 ."f1'f U 1','Lr:,1fy KQ11' S? U.1','-3-151231 3 4 ' ' FOI . f U1 v J Ty I'r1f1I15h III . ' A 1 Y, mfr:-in 1 U111'.'cf:5ity 1.1 11 I 'm ., rt Ar. - ' V 3. X ilu..- mi' ' sor I Q ' V ' ' I ' ' " f 'if' 1- 1 aw: fn If WILLIAM Z. DAVIS MISS HELEN DUER MISS EDITH EVANS A E. E1 ' ,:. fi',.?ct.:r: A E. 5.1.5. 1.1 .-'-, ,rug Ur..':eIi.iy ri.: 115. 1If1.f,:f, 13:3 ',fr..-.wszigr '-.ZI1J.1 Ur..'.' :Sify j.1.::.:,.1z Un.'.f:,.'y' A 1 .... :xr U31-.wg,,'y Q:-,J-1: Ifxr- 7 Ti 1,'1'.',YZ I'-,':1,,:, fl Zhi III f,'1"ei': Ef?:1:.:i h A Wkgf,-eil 1' 1'.'.:'z '.'1:'j.1 fLf' T c v Clue Ac' PAQE ELEVEN 1957 F acult .vegan-H MELVIN S FRANK FRED L FUSCO DOUGLAS E HARTZELL H S Educcx 1on M A H lll1lV9fSllY 1x91 'G e Umvex 11, YO1111 Own U111v6frQ1ly Plvm lJQomelry Ad fmced Alqebrct V11rm11ometry S11 ri Q eometr: gm:-H 'fw- rm Mu 1 F V11 Conservclon ol .lx,lUQlC M lim ltcxly Foycl Conservfxtoxy of Mu1C Turm ltcily 5 Lows InQi11uIe1 ol Mumc KQV State UHlV9lSllY CIOIUS D1rector l Cul Enbembles 1 :md B111 Grade MUSIC H cl1 Glen Cubs BQ m Educcluon MQ 1n Educcmon Eowlmr GIPP11 S101 U 1 ex Bond Instrumental Music Dnector Band D1rec1or lnstrunxenml Ln emblf MISS BEULAH IERLES CARSON E IONES MRS OLGA KATSTRAS C 1111 1 CYSIIV 4 ll I llmvw 111110 HN 1957... CL11111 km 1-11 'flu l1L111ut11, Mrmcx sr PAGE TWELVFL Fhmdgf 4?-7' P R LAMB sAM MAIORCA EQ C 1 Hopkl Yo 1 echnoloqy 1 L w A Un mr Q nology fx fu IUJOTI DOMINIC MATCH ewb r olleqe Vo m Umversxiy Je rr 5 e Colle-ce 121 C-Ckjfl 7 Adx u-rf' XV MISS BEATRICE A MILLARD ALBERT F MOHITZ DON K PALLANTE PAGE THVRTEEN I F12 Q 211-'A I 1957 Fhruhy.. MRS LUCILLE PONTE DAVID L PROSSER MA P :O KMF- I C' Moun Un or vollece Ken Sic e Ur Je D rec e e Bwlocxv Iumor R d Cr Prcpeci OF1 DONALD T RENWAND MRS LEAH SCHISLER NRS ELEAWOTE R SCHULLER C VP lee 1957 . PAGE FOLJ RTEEN ,...a-.-. . . .Faculty 5' 9 xf ,4- IAMES B SCOBIE M G SECHLER MRS MARY E SECHLER BS m Educdtron M Ed Kent State Umversxty Typmq II Shorthand H Co Sponsor Puu e Busmess of Amencd Actwny Treasurer Louder M Ed Hrrom College Umversty of Pittsburgh Chemxstry Akron Umversxty Ohm Umversny Home Econormcs Geography Assmstom Advxsor Future Homemukers -7' ttf? MISS VALOR SHURBAGER KENNETH K STROCK DONALD R SULLIVAN BS m Educutron EQ m Vducu cw 1 Ed1CG1OF I 'A r' Fducotxon LGIIYCLL1 Sutf Teacher Colle 6 19 5 xlf UH1J9IS1f Cmo Un vt-rel 1 Penn St: e UD1VfYSl 1 of Ilhrors F P11 r V L,c: Advxso Fu L, e Te Cher .LITE-IIC PAGF FIFTEEN n fn fl Umarr 1 y I i 'fm npee h Debate Ndtmorol Forensxc League Adwsor x, Acvlscr FL Lre Teachers O' A eric? ...1957 'fb . . ' ' A.B. A.B. ' M ,IW , if , 1 5 X' ' Q, ,' 529 I fa 'f ..,. .. Tx . ES, 1: . L 2 1 r V I LA. T... . 2. . M- l Ed- "r, "1 J ' .5 ' ig: 'tr - ' 1' K-'SIIG "ff"7' ' L i I,.d!lETfIlVZl Axis: WG 51 NIU- KY ' if Fx C n, A I H' 5 5 l ' ". -Y 5-I G 501 Q- .' ct xt: . Fhruhy l MYRON R TIEFEL MRS SARAH TOMERLIN TOTH lf 9 K IUWW. fwsfowr J 6 W V311 A A Ac 11 1lCL1ClC'l A J IAMES R TOWNLEY 1957 H A N VARGO IAMES WIAND PAGE SIXTEEN . . I. - HC. EA. 1 Eductlxczi Rf. :ti PAFIKXT' Q. 51' X 'I N:?"f'1x. Uixlif 1, ily' Ymm.. 1 ' mvf72i'v Pfmw' F":'f- lly11'Jm1wUv V' 7 221:13 Plljilcil Hcixzci ?'Vj.',.f"1N Iffiv1r"x'1 lz. 1 ., :I In.: 42. . . Advmzrvt' Ikvy. 1:91 xzmxlul 1" Jima .- ci' 1.3! FMF. :xi Edx1::i,:r1 1' ',,: 1 'fr TJ' fvfl fl., lf. Ed, M. EQ. Yz- , ,"' ''.'.'i 'J:i,':-::i'y' flcgzi' 'j:..i: , -, 1. ' QT- '13 ".'es'r'r1:x:5'er Csileq, Kei' l"1'e U:iQ:e15Lty Efflfi, 1' Lia' 21 ff?Af5?A'HQv3, Eliill-Fffiffu ESQYQE, 211: ffpgz. Ajvgzcr 7 . Q .3.:i'.'x3Lt If-ri, 1:,,3 1, D: 111-.'.:1f . Admzmstratzon 4 fi S zz perm tendent PAUL E SMITH :Sf Asszstant Supermtendent S I BONHAM WcKznley Prznczpal ROBERT H SHARP PAGE SEVENTEEN 0 C I I I ' gfififiiiglfi ,, 555-L3,?,a g ' 2 lan fum 2 f rn -3 , , . ." Y 5 2? H ' - s 5 4 S I . . ' . - 14' fu- . ' r ' 1 . ' A A, Board of Educatzon Uldiil Row 1 Wxllxom Bohne Mxss Annu Mcrstellar Clerk of Board Dr Anthony Alteno Bocrrd Presxdent Row 2 Pcrul Hodge lock Burtch Dr Louxs Ralston Pcru1E Smlth Supermtendent S I Bonham Assxstdnt Supenn tendent Admzmstratzfve Asszstants H McK1nley Secretary fix Mlss Betty Lxbercrtore 4. Mxss Betty Turner Secretary Mrss Alberta Pearce Clerk Attendance Offxce Mrs Bernxce Fedyna Secretary to Supermtendent PAGE EIGHTEEN I I I I wi!! Tp, V 5 :V I-K 3 . ,Ten r f ' . . ' x K i ,. " ' n H ,A .. fwlff QW if -.r X Q Y - y,s1:.?iL . N Z J . "' . - sg , o A -, ' - , ' . . School Nurse MISS SELENA COUPLAND Operanon Po11o Knler was conducted at NHS durmq the 1956 57 school year when more than 400 pup1ls were 1m"o ulated agamst the d1SeGS9 as part of he cuy frce 11'1fO1'1l1lG paralys1s 1mmun1zat1on program Actlng N1les Health Commxssmoner Dr I A Blum ass1sted by School Nurse MISS Sa lena Coupland admmlstered the Salk Vaccme lo McK1n1ey1tes Custodzans 1-5 Head custodlan Fred Foden Mrs Teresa Waters Not prctured Wxlham Bullock and T1m Marorca M133 'La PAGE NINETEEN -wi.. -Qi- e- X' f 25 , , 1 ? A f, af H - - -- n . L ' - I . . . . L .K ,n . . . ,,. C ' :J 3 ,, 1 n I 1 I ,, ' , u . . fu cm K n ,, A av ,, , ' A 2 rgkar ,Y f '- .M x ' . A N. X xx V e VN ,ay ' y was , ' 'Q i,,,A,,, , , 1, ,...f.f. , V I i Q h 'ff-f ' , 5 r fm. . . . 1 ..y,...- 1 4-In I ff R W 3 p gwyggwqjgfi , AQ fn X 0 4? Qjigf jig QM N ix X YT 0 M ,,.fT+1 uf 4 f ff xf ff F fu V 6,1 A Q' ' 'oe ' 'W' f J j l 1'-,Sli ,iff 1, V 11 I Mu i' I A 6 V A K' J IN N Z ! : I :ZJ 5 ,jk A I fd Kff f, Y , , 1 f N 'J XP MX F! X f .J S 'i s ' fxffl 3 , 92 ' Ui., Q X N y' j ' . M N, fp? V fp - , ,M WM-if-'fawwfjz Tsai- f. . . Junior Class Officers Seated Ianet Mohn secretary Denn1s Tolbert pres1dent Stand1ng C1 to rl An thony Perrone sergeant at arms Anthony Vecchlone VICG pres1dent Iohn Coup land treasurer Motto Self trust 1S the f11'Sl secret of success Flo we1 Carnatlon Colors Purple and Whlte PAGE TWENTY ONE. Advzsor Mrs Anna H Clark I li Y, ' 55' it , , A ,K I Homeroom 20 . . . Howl B Beatty S Burry E Cerbara Y Abdoo M Bruno M Bowlmq L DeMegl1o B Bowman P Belhtto L Cutrxght L BIGHCO A Campfreld I Cluse R Cesano M Cheeks Row 2 R Canaan I DAndrea N Garvm R Bundy I Cnsto B Clemens I Clark M Camermo B Bollmger I Bradbury D Casey I Curto S DeLuc1a B Baer Row 3 M Bartxk F Bernard L Beverrdge F Bucella C Clcero I Dellrnqer M Bell I Brown I Cuprdo B Boyle C Cera I Coupland R Bauman R Capots F DeMarco H omeroom 22 . B Flamgan B Echnoz I Iones I Kauliman C Hope B Ioseph P Iamee M Kovacrch F Kulon I Iushs, Row Z H Fluvxano I Ldwarde C Harrie I Ladd H Kramer D Dmub K LJIIJBUII A lemon l Helzel L C I hth P Holme: C Hulett H Kxeltr.-ch I Inlanle R Ferko I Kagarrbe H Ialie Row 3 R Kleltsch B Hatton L Holloway G Dufalla I Falter I Granqardella T Hammond D Hudspeth I Karovxc G Gyongzoxs L Fxedor L Hare C Gerherm B Iohnson I Iones PAGE TWENTY TWO I I How 1: I. Devanny, D. Holmes, T. Ingledue, P. Iones, I. Durst, V. Dennis, R. Frandanisa, H. DiTallo, M. Fontanella '1 . ' , . I ', . . ' , , , , ' ', , " ' , . R , J, I' , '. lil H omeroom TV" K... Rowl I Orcutt I Mohn M Mxele D Lancaster A Parker E Martm R Morrow F Luptak M Merlo T Lateano B Mxller C Menz A Mowen Row 2 W Mathews D Naples S Natoh S Ohl P McFadden D Nagy B Mlsocky I Lynn P Lukz M Monte vldeo B McAllister A Magazme A Nuzzl Row 3 I Mltrega I Leonard K Nxxon D McNamara C MacGumga1 R Logan E Lazzcm B Moran B Leo I Mlller H omeroom 24 ""'-Filiruunuu Rowl M Takacs G Brockett M Wmlhams I Sweet L Szabados S Stonkus B Tobm B Szelest M Walter G Wagner Row 7 xeqler A V6-llran A Trrmbur R Vlqonto I mann I cxvar rn 01 Ban Vauqm Murray Row 3 C Wmllxams B Walters B Vmcent B Bordell B Strles K Trrpodr D W1qqms I Wolle I Youll R Thomp son A Vecchxone C Wxlder PAGE TWENTY THREE . 23 in ' ' ' ' V W. , , , ., M if I 'W I . t x IAN: P in' V C C Tj 1-P----H -- -erf A .W .EW -,,,.,,.-jj"s'W"2' A " ' """' "" li' I .,.,W,.,W "" as ' mI,,-- 3 fu' . fr -- V V fe.--W--I.-.5 l' - Q . I r ' M , 1.1 4, 0 V 1 I fl 29 ra , I r I , Y E Ze, Z I, I 'cf if .1R.Z' ., , 3 , . ' ,,' 3.511 ,.Z ,R,T'pd',N. 1 k,I. LR H omeroom 30 Rowl A Pellmo P Permca D Skeleskt M S1pu1c R Stabrle C Stapleton M Sphan M Polley I Popnk S Row 2 A Sherock D Tolbert L Quxgley R Robmson S Ross E Redclrli I Roberts I Rrbarlch A Sgambatr B Skerralt I Ryan Row 3 B Sernulka L Patrone V Pehllo P Spetsmos R Petnlh I Sampson B Pearce P Sharp D Sanders Hameroom 38 Howl S Vme P Mymo B Frllxan C Coates N Tnmbur N Papas C DeMas1 B Hunyady Row 2 T Reynolds B Shrlver I Loverxdge B Satterlee C Cnsah B Garlow P C11ett1 L Glunt Row 3 C Russell M Tackett I Tompk1ns H Shatter A Perrone S Hrggms N Kxracoie PAGE TWENTY FOUR I I 'MW t K ,. QW I I V B B . I Q V A x 5 " X V' . " - U Pressell, Sallustiol, Smith, Snyder. I . 1 U 1 Q 1 I I . I I I O . . Sophomore Class Officers Qecxted Tom DeMont pres1dent Iudy Woodcock treasurer Stcmdrng K1 to rl Tom Sccxrnecchla sergeant ot arms Dxck Helenburger V1C6 presldent Not Pxctured Iecxn Zcrver secretary The sophomore clcxss was orgcvuzed ln the m1dd1e of the 1956 57 school year cmd chose 1ts clcrss udvrsor but have yet to select therr motto cmd colors PAGE TWENTY FIVE Adfvzsor Iames Wxcxnd H omeroom ...........,.1 ' ' Row 1 P Allen R Bxrskovrch D Toto D Campheld R Bnkley I Brooks M Allen D Capots P Alterro G Bnen za P Bernard Row 2 R Bundy C Votmo B W1ll1GmS C Boron A Varner M Wzllxams B Adalr S Bxssell S Bxlhg Row 3 P Baker C Byers B Brown A Bermcs O Bowman V Brutz G Betsarakxs D Calhoon B Bohne L Adxek L Anenno M Barnett G Bundy Bowl Crmmero S Clme A DeLuca O Davxs S Cramer W Cnsp R Cheeks A Cherry S Crow C Casper Corso P Casey Row 2 Crrsh I Carrrs C Caruso L Clay C Catone D Coleman I Clark P Drckson R Crmmero D Costello Chxeflo Row 3 F Costanza T DeMont I Davrs G Coupland L Cox W Chne I Delfalco F Comparato I Clark T Cor coran S Clme PAGE TWENTY SIX 1 . . 13' . gi. We I I ,QQ H - Homeroom 21 . gr y I 1 5 6 v M. , . . D, ' . Homeroom 21A -u kv uf W Row 1 M Wrrght M Wrltroul I Yuhcrz S Von Schwarz I Woodcock E Vcrrcrnellr C Vrqonto P Vrllro B Spell man O Spellman M Strohmeyer P Werden L Theodore S Wxles M Trrpodr Row 2 P Walters B Thompson D Zamcxrellx D Walters I Zuvar F Zell S Sygcr M Zregler I Taylor C Yur kus T Vrcnko C Yoders W Thompson R Wrllrcxms Row M Walters I Vxgontto I Wrllxcrms R Wlllxams G Wrllrams K Spcxckmcm C Young D Torrello V Vmrs T W1ll1cxms R Waltz R Walker MY, -W, How 1 one Huuu B Hun M ujlcxr oe C. ohnbon B Lregler H 1:11 How 2 H Hoover W Iuckeon M Iones I Iennmqs R bweqcxn P Ziegler M Knepehreld F Hunter P Hosoy Row 3 I Holmes. Fl Infanle D Hoodm R Jones R Hut hrnqs I Hrester R Hrll R Thornsberry R Hrllmun PACE TWENTY SEVEN 1 . Q 1 ' , -M ,. W., C ., .M . :ig V V I V Uh f ,,,.,., , . 5 I . Q , ,..,.. v 7 1 M Nfl' I Q I .W X 1 a K - qf X I A X 9 - - ff I xg wif QM, . .. Homeroom 27 N .. - TW, WW- 1 VT If - . 4 gy I ' A 1 A it, ' ' in 4 I xi, 'Z ,,r, I I W -' E , 2 A A Wi fi 1 l,I 1 eV, l'l'llg:-1, . I, .K' ,B.K', YI ' , .' , .K'l. H omeroom 33 Rowl H Garlow A Guarxno M Fabran I George N Rogers B Erdos C Froom P Dunkelman M Donatelh B Fuiey A Erdos G Frasca E Englrsh Row M Dmas B Gumrno L Ferro I Gonnella B Ellrson W El11s B Drxon T Grohl D Helenberger I Barker E Foster Dunbar H omeroom 34 an-v-suv .bw Howl M McConnell B Mears B Madden G Morgan I Manqmo M Matash E Lrmongr B Morqanh S Marr E Lawrence K Iackson P Llewellyn E Lazzxo Row 2 B McCullough S Mackey C Mazza H Lawrence I Marrno R Krencrprock D Mrller B Kovacrch S Mxhalovrch N Marroth E Lawrence Row 3 R Matteo N Mascrangelo G Kmght K Mc!-Xnmch B McCabe I Merlo I Martrn D Malone G McC1osky M Marnhart PAGE TWENTN EIGHT ' A I ' ff -..LIL ,- ' ' fx , I , " ' ' ' fxsf L' I A or W. L L, Q, Q 2: . ' , . ' , . , . , . ' . . ', , ' , . , . , . , Row 3: I. Esters, I. Fara, I. Henry, E. Grove, I. Fiedor, E. Drobik, F. Switzer, R. Hallock, F. Tufaro, D. Farr. D. f . ' 3 ' MT , wf N . JF' A A : If - .v .MS ' I - I I Homeroom 35 N-5,V"7 HUM xl Row l McGu1rk D OIWIQ P McNevm R Perfette C Reynolds D Rxch S Randall C Rmg T Pollock L Rregle Patterson S Nass B Pelton Row 2 Ralkowskr I Robrson S Russell L Rogers F Nagr P Nardo S Reed E Quoranta I Retort M Pnce Ross Row 3 Owens D Ross B Nestor E Rossr I McGu1re G Rerss A Perrse B Pcrmter R Predxka A Platt I Mclntrre H omeroom 3 ---Q-pq I ,,,-,Q 'M in-s Rowl S Thompson I Tetrrck B Thomas C Smrth P Stanec R Stevens P Taylor S Thompson S Trrleu F Sheehan M Stambauqh I Sxmeone B Tabor Row 2 E Stone E Snowden I Scherer E Scarnecchra C Smnett I Sandfry I Sallustro T Scarnecchxa M Schnex der I Soda B Stevens Row 3 R Sawyer B Thomas G Sexton G Tcuro M Skrtley R Snyder R Shaw I Strlfler P Stablle B Sywy A Spaqnoletta PAGE TWENTY NINE . 1 'V' W- W-w.,,--N-....--N.-....,...,f -1 I .. if ,. I W, ,W A . 5 Ll ' 1. A :fp V- M I i . K, - I ." 1 2 I - . Q I Y Mr ,W 5 X ' y in 5 , Z 5 4 8 ,', ZA B. , . , . . T. . U A Q 2' N-1. A . - va ' , Q , I ,Q,4, as 4 It fi- I 2 Sophomore and Junzor Class Notes Respectlve classes at McK1nley are formed each year when sophomore puplls from the c1ty s junlor h1gh schools arrrve at NHS 1n the tall The values recelved from class act1v1t1es are mult1tud1nous but thleily among them 1S the lesson learned from SlI'1V11'lq together as a group owar'l constructrve goals It 1S by way of these mutual endeavors that each class develops 1ts 1nd1v1dual espnt de corps Class of 59 Hav1ng assembled ln the tall of 1956 as the class ot 59 many br1ght new adventures as a forthcommg McK1nley graduatlng class lay ahead of After electlon of offxcers select1on of an advrsor and the estabhshment ot comrmttee we undertook our f1I5l class venture the Sophomo1e Class Party We shall never forget th1s hrst year together as the class of 59 for 1t was one of great srgmhcance rn provlng to us that we could cont1nue un blemlshed the trad1t1ons and 1d9GlS of class Splfll at NHS C lass of 58 We felt like old hands at the buslness of class enterpr1 e as the 1953 57 chool year began We had proved our umty durmg our preced1ng year of UCllV1lY But 1n some respects th1s year seemed d1fferent Th1s d1fference must have been related to the contrnuous act1v1ty of our class the play money ra1s1ng projects our party Frohc 1n Dragonland and the prom whrch we held on May 31 1957 11 the McK1nley lVlemor1al Ball Room PAGE TH IRTY o u 1 1 - . . . A ' 1 t. Y I . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 . 6 . 1 , 1.1, .- , . . 1 . 1 I . , . W 1 - A - 1-1 S . S . 1 . , , . . . . 11 - - 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A .J V .L O 0 X 0 wg f Q +9 Clubs Profvzde for Soczczbzlzty An article appearing in a Septembers issue of H1Cr1er asks these questions of McK1nley1tes Are you run down? Do your feet hurt as a result of trudgmg all the way from the first floor to the th1rd'7 Have you contracted writer s cramp from wr1t1ng essays or figuring algebra problems? Do your eyes burn from staring at the blackboards'P Are you suffering from neuralgia neur1t1s neurosis lumbago or lust plain fatigue? The article went on to prescribe a tonic for these poor unfortu nate pupils who feel that 11fe is just a bore This so called tonic unteer for the committees of these various organizations Needless to say this was good advice for looking over the past year one can see the many accomplishments attainments and enjoyment which NHS activities have offered its student body These clubs bring out and help create the cleverness talent and abilities of the individual pupil providing help in everything from baking a cake to solving a complicated mathematical problem Not only do these social organ1zat1o'1s help the youth today but there are many beneficial aspects for the future in that Working together as a group stimulates sociable attltudes which is very lmportant to everyone in their future life PAGE TH IRTY TWU was to join as many activities as possible at McKinley and to vol- Art Club Contrzbutes Decoratzons ART CLUB The Art Club IS always workmg to make our school more beautlful Members show the1r talents by contnbutrng to the dlsplays ln the halls They prepare the flats for the lass plays and decorate the stage for the band and choral concerts At Chr1stmas the1r work IS evldent and they do much to brlng the Sp1r1t of Chnstmas to McK1nley OFFICERS Tom Pallante Presxdent Danny Holmes Vxce Presxdem Patty Snyder Secretary Anthony Sherock Treasurer Ronme Zlegler Sergeant of arms ADVISOR Mr Anna Clark Oh' Those Artzsts Rowt A Doutt B Shnver D Thomas N Kxracofe C Johnson L Sheehan T Veranko Row 2 A Sherock L Spxllman I Iones B Hoover T Pallante A Roberts D Holmes I Scott I PAGE THIRTY THREE. ! w ,lf ly Y McKmleyztes Vend Food at Gamea THINK Lett to nght BANQUET COMMITTEE of pop orn or a mce 1111 y ho dog? Our thanks go to the member of th banqu t commlttee who g1ve up thelr tme to work m the concess1on stand at th football games to mak po slble th retre hmen We enloy wh11e watchmg the games ADVTSOR Benjamm Davxes No Cal Sal B Mzller R Bundy V Babosh M Bcxrtxk R Da xs N Carvm N Cesarxo I Caswell PAQE THIRTY FOUR 0 0 W X r- - ' - 5 'figs 5. , , 1, it J 1 , ' 5 s .J v I - tn What 1S a football game W1lhO1ll a bag XKXX X ,. ' ' U- L ' fl K fl t , - S 0 e ity 5 . . . ut a 1 ' ffl . . W' t 3 e X , e s ' e s - is l 7' . I , . , . , . U , . V' , . I , . I , . . 'zz , I Q 'Y Group Practzces H zgh way Safety Sli' Rowl R Bundy R Cesano C DAlessandro G Verhosek L Iames N Cesano P McFadden D Lancaster Row 2 M Hostxnsky F DeMarco B Dunko D Dmas I Caswell B Mlsocky F DeLuca M Bartxk BEHIND THE WHEEL CLUB The object of the Behmd the Wheel Club lS to promote safety 1n dr1v1ng Members must have a dr1vers hcense or be 1n the dnvmg class 1n school The club 1tSe1f 1S a charter member 1D the Trumbull Youth Trafflc Conference and 1t also 15 afflllated Wllh the Adult Safety Chapter lt sponsored the Safety St1ckers rn N1les, and has done much to fam111crr1ze 1ts members w1th safe dr1v1ng cond1t1ons OFFTCERS frank DeMarco llresxaenv Carmel DAlessand1o Vxce Presxdenl Rosemary Cescmo Secretary Bob Dunco Sergeant at arms ADVISORS W1ll1am Z Dcrv1s Plllllp I Ragazzo PAGE THIRTY FIVE . 'W C77-7"' V C .Y - - ' A f D .V s . - I - . . Cheerleadms Support School Spzrzt CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders conducted pep ralhes before the football and ba ketball games and al o lead the cheers at th games themselves They orgamzed school Splfll to grve support to our teams RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Row 1 Barbara Echnoz Kay Glb on Patty Per1ca B11l1e Rae Thomas Row 2 Karen lVlcGu1rk lean George ADVISOR Mrs Sarah Tomerlm Row 1 Iudy Thompson Ianet Lovendge Kathy Thomas Ioan Iams Row 2 Donna Holmes Ahce Kwrechzen Barbara McGu1rk PAGE THIRTY SIX o n X' S 1 S 9 - 1 S 1 , . . , . 1 . . 1 - f5,.,.,..l'ivwl ,, . . , 1 ,.. Juniors Present "Susan Steps Out" Bowl I Sudano S Vme B Garlow B Szelest S Stonkus Row 2 B Iatie R Kramer I Roberts A Tnmbur I Iones C Gerheun To Be Or Not To IUNIOR PLAY The Iun1or Class presented a three act comedy Susan Steps Out The play Cen tered around Susan Albnght an exchange student who mlssed the excrternent of her former h1gh school and declded to do some th1ng about lt D'RECTOR Mrs Leah Schxsler PACE THIRTY SEVEN fi X ., H 1 f ' I , I . M Students Praetzee Offzee Efzquette Howl E Iames S Ross D Smrth C DA1essandro I Elwood L Cutrrght F Luptak B Ioseph A Caruso B Echnoz I Ienmngs P Holmes Row 2 B Mlller C Farr P Kramer V Babosh R Bundy G Verhosek D Heltzel I Mohn A Corcoran I Whrtney Row 3 C Lewzs F DeBow V Nagy P Shaffer M Schuller P Slsco P McFadden B Mlsocky S Ohl Take A Letter FBLA Membershlp 1n the Future Bus1ness Lead ers of Amenca IS open to any student who has taken at least two commerclal subjects The alm of lh1S organrzatron 1S to pre pare 1ts members for leaclershlp 1n the bus1 ness world OF FTCERS Carmel DAlessandro Presrdent Annette Caruso Vrce Pres1Clent Iacquelme Ellwood Secretary Frleda DeBow Treasurer Betty Muller Reporter ADVTSORS Iames B SCObl9 Benlamm Dav1es PAGE THIRTY EIGHT a o . V In ' ' ff" I . - 12 ,, ..r-M,- A Q ...WV -W f ' 7 ' - ' 2 . - I - - - 1 . . . , . , . , . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . , . . . , . , . . . . . . Pupils Learn Good Housekeeping Rowl C Reynolds C Brown S Bury I Wxllzgms D Campfxeld M Mangmo I Robmson T Pollock D Heltzel Row 2 P Snyder S Pressell I Srsco P McNevm S B11 lg W Crxsp M Kovell Row 3 L Clay O Spellman B Spellman C Iackson M Shohayda V Nagy W Iackson D Mm1ck Whats for Lunch I-'HA It you are plannlng to be a future home maker you may jom the Future Homemak ef--v ers of Amenca They are dedlcated to the promotlon of good homemctkmg practlces careers 1n home econom1cs and to burlclmg better home and commun1ty hte OFFICERS Ianet Wrllzams Presldent Shrrley Pressell Vrce Presldent Patty Snyder Treasurer Velma Nagy Parllamentarran "n,,...- Zz ADVISOR ,, Mrss Mlldred Brldge PAGE Tr-IIRTY NINL 1 ' - I ,ff - , I I 6 . . . if , 1 ,LLif:f2'w,HzWf'f'e?w: ,,,,,,,e ff 'www ,, nn- ff yn ,Q 14 enema, I Members Teach In N zles Schools FTA Membershlp 1n the Future Teachers of Amenccx IS open to selected lVlcK1nley Hlqh School puplls who are tcxkmg the college preparatory course The purpose of the club IS to rnterest tts OFFICERS Iudy Suty Presldent Anne Ccmpfxelcl Vlce Presldent Iudy Whrtney Secretary Ioan Voorhles Treasurer Mcmlyn Bassett Hnstoncxn ADVISORS MIS Vcrlor Shurrcrger Donald R Sulhvcm Som Mcuorco Read'n And Rztm ' Rowl M Bassett R Cescmo I Wrlhams I Ellwood C Russell I Suty I Shxllmg Row 2 A Steele S Smrth S Hxqgms N Cescmo I Stevens G Verhosek N Ktracofe I Ccrsewell I Whxtney PAGE FORTY O r V tiki, 'jul I - ,W members in becoming teachers. ' 3 GAA Promotes Physical F ztness Rowl C Remd E Sloan B Garlow M Lxvam P Stane I Voorhxes A Steele Row 2 S Ralston M Schuller P Helwrg K Grbson S Hrggms S Smxth G A A BOARD The G A A Board IS the qovermng body of the G1Ilo Athletlc Assoc1at1o'1 Bes1de hav1ng offlcers elected by the members 1t also lncludes chalrmen of the vanous sports It sponsors tournaments at noon and has nts varrous program outslde of school act1v1 t1es Thus the GAA plans a wlde range of CICl1V1l1eS for those g1rls 1nterested 1n sports lt QIVGS them a chance to enloy the sports :md to learn good sportsrnanshrp OFFTCERS Elame Sloan PYGSICIQHI Laroyl Herd Vxce Presxdent Sylvxa Smxth Secretary Penny Helw1q Treasurer Barbara Garlow Socral Charrman ADVTSOR Mrs Sarah Tomerlm PAGE FORTY ONE Free Style U l ifr' ' so f. ?', 'E 1 sgljf' 1 If We .fyfi fit A . .fr A . argl :swf .- V a me it 4 : . ' , . . . , . ' ', . C, . ' . . . I . , . , . ' , . . , . - . , . ' . . . . ' " ' .. s 1 A Journalzsts Publzsh Dazly H1 Crzer HI CRIER Keeprng tab on the pulse of N H S rs the m1ss1on of one of the schools oldest act1v1 t1es the Dally H1 Cr1er Now m 1tS twenty seventh year of cont1nuous servrce to the student body the H1Cr1er str1ves to report dally the news and vlews of McK1n1ey H1gh EDTTORS Loretta Glunt Nancy Lou Krracoie Mary Catherme Tackett Phylhs Mymo Suzanne Hrggms arolyn Coates Sports Edrtor Howard Shaffer ADVISOR Robert G Clark Deadlme Row 1 B Shnver M C Tackett B Satterlee C Coates N Papas G Iniante N Trxmbur P Mymo Row Z B Fllhan C DeMas1 P Cxlettr H Shafier T Rej'xo'ds N Kxracoie S Hxggms PACE FORTY TWO U Q I I O 5 , ..,. ., , ,WW N . . jf Q - . . . School. Jumor Red Cross Makes Debut Howl M C Tackett I Zavar S Stonkus S Bnncko E Qurgley C Froom G Morgan S Sowers Row 2 I Rrbanch M Petrovrch V Babosh C Boren G Smrth D Lancaster D Walters Row 3 B Nestor I Fredor W Iackson K Glbson P Perrca L Ferdor Anyone for Plasma IUNIOR RED CROSS Th1s IS the lust year of an orgamzed Iumor Red Cross at McK1r1ley Its purposes mclude servlce to other people health of rn1nd and body and world w1de frlendshlp Last fall 1t conducted the Iunlor Red Cro s Drlve and at Chrrstrnas they sent package overseas OFFTCERS Patty Pe-rrca Presldent Kaye Grbson V1ce Presrdent Sally Stonkus Secretary Lours Fledor Treasurer Frank Costanza Sergeant at arms ADVISOR DCIV1d L Prosser PAGE FORTY THREE . A if rs I I Q fl ' ' , . , . 3 , S M ,. Girls Aid In Niles High Library -111 in a Dag s Work Left to rght I Rxbcrxch B Ioseph C Gllber LIBRARY ASSISTANTS The tlme the hbrcry CISS1StCI1'1tS spend 111 the hbrcrry 15 voluntary other than the ex penence they cxcquufe Whlle performmg fh91I tcrsks They check books Colle t hues cmd keep the hbrcxry 1n order C Hulelt I Iones ADVISOR Mlss Becxtrmce M11lc1rd '16 'x ver DXLPN WNFR' Speakers Earn Honors F or NHS Howl R D1Ta1lo I Markley I Tetnck M Polley L Blanco A Caruso A Campileld G Morgan E Vamellx I Ralkowskl Row 2 R Kramer M Petrovxch S Ralston I Zavar I Suty C Llghtner G Verhosek R Cesano O Davxs D Coleman I Scherer Row 3 A Trlmbur B Iatfe R Davxs P Sharp I Woodcock C Gerhetm G Smxth T Scamecchxa Z Betsarakxs D Walters S Thompson G Betsarakls I Ryan Vakmg a Poznt NFL The lVlcK1nley chapter ot th NFL con S1SlS ot those students who have recelved twenty hve pomts for a rnembersh1p 1n the Natlonal Forenstc League These students travel to varlous schools and gwe the1r declarnatlons 111 comps-t1t1on Wllh other students Thls enables them not only to develoo sk1ll 1n speakmg but also gwes them el conhdence and the chance to make new tnends OFFICERS Bryon Predtka Pres1dent Charlene Ltghtner VICQ Prestdent Pete Sharp Secretary and Trea tl er ADVISOR Doualcll Sl1lllVClIl PAGE FORTY FIVE 1, We . . W Y 1 h V W V , Y is-25 , O ' Q5 1 L 2. I T A I . . ' e . . . - . . v A: -' '-I ' ' ew ' - U . t ., I , . . . ' . N C 2 , -.f L' 3 1 A. l I Assistants Help Offzce Secretary OFFICE ASSISTANTS To help our school run more smoothly the offrce cxssxstcnts run errands collect the absence sheets cmd greet v1s1tors In thus wcxy they crssrst our school sec 5, retcxry 1n mcrkmg lVIcK1n1ey run eff1c1e'1tly ADVISOR M1ss Betty Llbercttore Lzne s Busy Row 2 S Bxlhq M Molhccx I Gonello C Ccxtone PACE FORTY SIX - . - I . A 1 U 1 I Row 1: R, Perietti, I. Rajkowski. C. Hunycxdy, P. Iudy. V Boys Project Motzon Pzctures Howl M Bartxk I Barker I Parker W Garvm R Rmdfuss A Cannann R Patterson W Graham O Henderson Row 2 T Wrllxams H DeBow I Stxffler F Comparato B Waltz M Hostmsky D McNamara D Toto T Gramger Oh' Well PROIECTION CREW The boys who are ln the Proje tlon Crew make posslble the ystern of audlo v ual educa 1on that we now ha ve They grve up therr trme to run the movle projector so that other student: may enjoy the benehts of Ceerng fllms ADVISOR Dav1d Prosser PAGE FORTY SEVEN A I ' ' I ' YQ' ,I V ' s ' V ' - it' Q' - . ' Radzo Enthuszasts Study Elect1 onzcs RADIO CLUB Any student who IS mterested rn the study of radro or electron1cs IS entrtled to tom the Rad1o Club One of the act1v1t1es of the club IS ham radro operatmg After a student secures h1S general class amateur lrcense he IS able to talk wrth people all over the world on the short wave set OFFICERS Drck Brown Presrdent Suzanne Ralston Vrce Presrdent lack Kaqanse Secretary Treasurer ADVISOR Iames Townley I Say Old Boy Rowl S Ralston I Tetrrck B Patterson B Madden O Davrs P Walters N Krracoie land I Kagarrse 'Nw t-'ALJE FORTY EIGHT 0 0 c F X E. 1 ' . . . . 1, a Row 2: D. Hudspeth, D. Toto. S. Mihokovich, R. Ciminero, D. Brown, A. Turner, T. lngledue, A. Liberatorc, G. Coup- cxf' .xr-1 , 'F , 'ff A A " - off' W . , 5 Stage Crew Constructs Scenery Howl I lV'ateo D Holmes W Lenney A Roberts How 2 C Lamonge A Sherock T Pallante B George Thumbs STAGE CREW Thrs group constructed stagmgs for the plays and mus1cal programs throughout the year The crew IS d1V1ded mto four sectlons art construct on hghts and set up Work mg together, they see that the stage 1s prop erly prepared for the varlous programs OFFICERS Anthony Roberts Presrdent Walter Lermey V1cePresrdent Howard Shatter Secretary Charles Lamonge Sergeant at arms ADVTSOR Mrs Anna Clark PALQL IOHTY NINL , . - A ,ki fx ,Ms 1' , ' J - 5 - - 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 . 3 - V - . - , . . . 4 I I 1 I 1 - ' Solons Formulate Student Polzcy Zoe Betsarakrs Iohn Coupland Judy Thompson Prthony Vecchrone Cco e Bet arakr Poznt of Order Row Row Row " STUDENT COUNCIL Student Councll 1S the govermng body of the school Each homeroom IS represent ed and the counc1l IS compo ed ot these delegates plus the elected oftrcers Students are thus glven an opportumly to express thelr v1ews and op1n1ons on how the school should be run OFFICERS Presrdent Presldent Secretary Vrce Treasurer Scrqeant at arms ADVISOR T Crarg Bond 1 I Thompson I Woodcock C Menz Z Betsarakrs I Rajkowskx E Sanfry C Iames 2 G Theodore G Brmza B Echnoz P Srsco L Crmmero N Kmes M Gales P Crlletto A Roberts C Cera D Guerra D Helenberger D Hoodm I Sudano G Betsarakrs B Sernulka I Coupland wt' PAGE FIFTY . E - , 2 . S x4 I rg 5 '5 - - . iff? - ' EQ V ' ' gg , di v l 4... - .f' Science, Math Majors Form Club I V 'I ,Q Lf? Row Row Row Row Ralston C Lxghtner C Rexd Z Betsarakls S Hrggms N Kxracoie M Polley N Cesano D Nagy Trrpodr A Tnmbur R Davls I Coupland B Iaffe B Dunco I Cxmmero D Brown Cera F Kulon S Natoh M Hostmsky I Sampson B Plerce S Bowser Bucella W Mathews I Ryan C Gerherm P sharp Boo oo fn' SCIENCE MATH CLUB A newly formed organ1zat1on for stu dents malormg 1n SCIGHCS and mathematlcs lS the Tr1go Tron Sctence Math Club Throughout the school year the club has taken tours through spots of 1nterest 1n our communlty Its a1m 1S to mcrease the stu dents knowledge of sc1ence and mathema ICS and to make them understand then' 1m portance ln the1r l1ves Zoe Betsarams Charles Cera Vlce muzanne Ralston Hoy Davrs X4 fwfr JI' OFFICERS Pre lde t Pre ldent Sec etary Treasurer CO ADVISORS Phrhp Lamb Glen Sechler Nlelvm Frank PAGE FlFTY ONE -fx .Aff rl l I l t t 3: C. , . , . ', . A , . , . ' , . . 4: F. . . , . . . ' . .N . - - . . , , I , ,gp T E Q55 141.11 . . if I , , I I ' . 1.44, ., , , ' , ' . I ' ' - I? 1 ff , Nur. , , . L , t, - " s' n . S, " r ' v W! A Q , ,4 K ywwg f L. Y 5 " ,zisfggf if v :Q - 2 "MY2!g 9 MOH emaf H xaz Mg 3 ssuaxag y pxmpag I Aa mg V xo saN H xaimog y maq M v MOH H sopxg 'I 9l900d W SUQIUM Cl 'IWSI anbmdg d nafxg H oxngf oxag W mxang q a qog O V Ezunox sopxg N'-IUISS CMO!! asng 1 nosmhq nox M W zxnmg uoA g apoqoxoq 3 xawnzx I-I'I gxe uaanooyq W xa song S uos now H xa xng -1 -1 -.4 H mcg assnq W slmq O nqsmoq ng I z1DH Q mounyq H npoopoojyy I 'N PAGE FIFTY THREE S, E!! ' . " o 2 .. 59" -1 gr... :: ...fu . -'o -. 0. . o . '1 -fur' '-. S7 , . 3 N, .- Q X' :"'.'1,-0 Rx' ... .Sf x --., 1 li'-' 3 -Q ' 51 'THE -, cn.. -gr' : 5' 'S - Q ... Q .. ,,, P' rt. .. ,Q . N . E. "9 " o -.' P 5 "'.-0 , ai :.5-- . VI .-'12F"' ' o . n:'E. ..-. 1-2 "'.m . .5 , z :-" m gr . - :-' , V ...2 1' .5 :S pl ,. 2" - cu o a. 5' .Fu Q .Q V . cn ' q '. KD V 5 , "nf" '.F' , -E E I 0 4. Majorettes Left to rrght I Woodcock O Dcrvxs M Bassett R Marrow I RCI1kOWSk1 Offzcers Row 1 D Guerrcr Presrdent I Rcrlkowskr Secretary M Matcsh Treasurer R Pcxuhk SOCIGI Chcurmcm Row 2 I Reckcrrd, Vrce Presrdent, R Rlvellor, Sergeant at Arms PALJE FIFTY FOUR I I I I : 1 I E 5 f , I 1 l I M ,, .U , , qw- xr , .A . , 53 ,.kA,.,,fm,Q. Jrw V, W ...M W. .1-.....f.1.M0--NL N r rf, Wf'2'ffx4fe'iW A , 4- we-11, .1 11 , A ' 4. . 1 p , ...H ,-,.,,- . ,. -,,. , . A ,, J .,,.., WH, Y ...-..-... Y M-- A U A - ,--- J- A+- . . , . , . , . , . . a I I I . . 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 Trumpets ,Z Row 1 I Pmlck S Morn on B Baxter Lower Brass Row 1 F Marlon E' Dorcho k L, Fo ter M Mcquecn 1 Clu e P Theodore A Sawyer Row 2 B H1111er H Iew 11 F Swnzer I WIIIISW E Ro S1 A Duncy PAGE FIFTY FIVE me-ffm , - - - f 2 . . - ' , . 's , . . Row 2: A. Berencsi, I. Beckard, I. Wiand, C. Bode. . ' .. ' Q f' ' f. . . , 1.4. V , . .1 , . ' , . Q , . , . . : . ' ' , . e , . ' , . ' 1 , . s ', . ' . Woodfwmds Row 1 S Von Swartz I Kramer M WIIYIOUI E LGZZIO I M1195 S Ca1n E Qulgley Row 2 R Nestor P Stablle G Sm1th M Pollock M Matash L Sprague Row 3 L H1111er D Guerra R Blvella R Pauhk C Young D Watkms I Sm1th Perousszon Row 1 D Mcrrtm R Feorene Row 2 I Markley, N Frasca N Cero11 PAGE FIFTY SIX 9 aus -3- ---..-........,.. ,,,,,. . . ,. , . ,. ,. ,. ,. . . ,. ,. ,. , . ,. . .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . 0 sou 4 . . ,. . .. . ,. . 3 fm!-A 'Ziff' ' gy mv' 1 Q, wffff M ,mf wwf' wwf A ,W 2-h 'U , W aff' flfw' , Q Q , .ff Qs? , ' M' YM H, 1. X, iff, -ez? ,W 1 ' ff, Q, 4 55 lm, 5 gg-zu, Ffh' ia X W , AV VL 6, , I 2 . , " W 55, Vufigyfifff' 9 ,. A 'u h ., , i,,,A5i .f , I ? 1 ,Mimi L f V tm- ' Z 1 "" ,Qu-J' - .19 . -,G .ff .- 5 w : f, f ' 41 'P' -21,471-,nf F f V 4 ' " 2'?ff 9V'fh1?lwf'? N W f 0 A , A , 52, fn , V . 4, . , 5 , , '69, . ON PAGE FIFTY EIGHT Pelton, B B Thomas M Fab an M Prce Thompson V Hu ch nqs S I Zavar M Corso I Te nclc B Madden q S Cramer W Krsp S Vne B S 9 Sab R Row l l-1 UD P. Mc- B Erdos B Mears S Bsse B Morgan C Iohnson D He ze M Knepshed E Quarana E Varane D Camp ed P Dunk eman C Rng l. Rodgers Row 2 ,- L Szabados, D. Presse S I Mohn Smh S L Curqh A Seee Zavar SuyI I Iones A Erdos A Camp ed B Fu ey B Sze es Z I Wh ney P Scan on Row 3 I Quly G Couplcmd, S Rason A Sava Z Be sarak s S Oson A Kwechen C Lews I Mar no Kramer M Pe rov ch P Kramer R Heckard F Buce a Row 4 UQ B ch I I O I I :.til,.illi,. ,.i..i,.t',. ,. ,. ,. ,.ti,. ..i,.i,. . irlea, S. Reed. 3, fil,. l ,. t.. lli,. ,.ltl,. il,. ti..ill,. .. , Nevin. B. Strohmeyer, P. Sisco, . Shilling. :.ix,.l,.,...fil,.r,.1t,.:,.,.ri,r..xl,.iz,... l1,. Mackey. M. Hayto. :.1l,I. ,. ,. ,.ti,.i,.i,.l..ii..ti,.lt,. ,.it,. .Hut i s. ow 53 S, Bowser, R, Waltz, C. Harris, T. Williams. D. Wiggins, F. Constanza, B. Syw y. B. Hillman. S. Tiller, V. Bowman, M. Bartik. H. Davis, C, Cera, . Ryan, C. Gerheim II Smgmg Belles fx'-Q. Rowl Z Betsarakls I Orcutt A Sava M Petrovxch R Kramer Row 2 S Thompson Accompanxst B Mears B Hunt S Pressell I Whztney S Smlth I Mohn B Madden D Mackey Smging Beaux 1 Howl C Cera B Mears Accompamst S Thompson Accompamst I Reckard Row 2 I Kaganse I Ryan R Davxs B Predxka I Coupland D Gerhelm F Bucella S Bowser PALJE FIFTY NINL. . Q n o n I I V I I . I Hi-Tones . . . Left to nqht I Couplcmd I Reckcxrd C Cem C Gerhexm Casuals 5? Left to rlqht L Bently 1' Vvllllilmb C W1Cjq1HS O Bowman C Huxns r-ALE QIXTY O l S 1 ' s Y . Offzcers Rowl S Smxth HISIOIIGD I Whxtney Presldent Row 2 S Tnler Sergeant at Arms C Gerhexm Lxbrcmcxn N Ceroh Vxce Presndent C Ceru Treasurer Sectzon Leaders Howl I Koganse Tenor I Mohn Second Alto I Reckard Bass Row 2 I Orcutt FIISK Soprano P Scanlon Second Soprano P McFadden Flrst Alto PAGE SIXTY ONE 0 0 0 .. , ,. , . -- 1 " .. 1 1- 1 ,. , , 0 not .. 1 1. 1 1. 1 . .. 1 1- 1 ,. 1 . Vocalzsts Sang for Czty Clubs The McK1nley H1gh lVl1xed Chorus and ensembles H1 Tones Smgmg Belles and Smgmg Beaux sang for many school funct1ons and CIVIC organ1za ttons throughout the 56 57 school year The 90 vorce chorus put on a Chrlstmas program at the NHS Open House cmd a Sprmg Concert ent1tled Hol1day In Harmony The group also sang for Baccalaureate and graduatron The H1 Tones a boys vocal ensemble sang for many church and Parent Teacher ASSOC1Ql10'1 groups and 1n the annual N1les Barbershop Show They also part1c1pated 1n an area Hlgh School Barbershop Contest The Casuals a new group to McK1nley cons1st1ng of frve vocahsts and a prano drums and a bass flddle performed at many school dances The S1ng1ng Belles composed of sophomore jumor and senxor g1rl smgers entertamed for the Red Cross K1ck Off Dlnner and other C1V1C orgamza t1ons Also smgrng for var1ous Nxles groups was the Smgxng Beaux a sxmxlar boys ensemble Band Pe1 forms at Contests Performmg at the Red Dragon football games and rn the N1les Hallow een Parade was the 1956 57 ed1t1on of the N11es Hlgh Band led by Marllyn Bassett head majorette The band cons1st1ng of 80 members presented thelr thrrtxeth annual concert Mus1c In The Nlght February 21 partlclpated ln the Hlgh School Band Festrval at Kent State Un1vers1ty and attended the second annual Hrgh School Band Conference Cl1n1c at V1enna Hrgh The Brass Cho1r a band ensemble performed at the NHS Open House and played for the Nlles elementary schools at Chnstmas trme PACE IXTY TVVO 0 s n 1 1 I . - 1 1 - - 11 - 11 11 - 11 1 1 L . 1 1 1 1 - 11 -. . 11 . . . . 1 1 1 I . . - 1 F ' 1 , . 1 1 11 . . 11 . . . . 1 1 1 . - , 1 1 A 1 . 3 . ? D X ,hs W X llll 3. Q w 1 L Z! sax ' Nl C un u I, is xi A. 'J' 1 Q-,giwxaa x"'5'-"' U Ukxvr Q Wu Xa x g xx 4-JN VH-g Axfowlafuv- PAGE SIXTY THREF: , 32451 v + E! - . ur A 1 M-4 ,rf Q M ii!-L ' ' 1 5: ' ' Qi: ffffff 77 '1 YJ 5 gUunfT-'E- illh T L!-A , 5 ' Af f A . ,4 .A J'- J 1 -tl U ' an-1m'fIIFI.Ilm,f? I . -"' ' 015 'I T h ':, j, 2 1. iff5?7l"5 - X ' i 1 xumvuuwmmwww-gs4 N5 X - xx N I K X . j it I , ,Q I - Jvlilllrlwllllllllllw lHUIllHllIllllIllUuqf1i 3 ii i' O 4, WY O Noi Q I- T 4. 1 I 0, ........ i tub! I 1 2 i , 6? .' ev 4 , , - gt, . ,E . 9. y W-Q N tv T -33: 7, . 13- 1 'N . il'fIn1lQ!f!!F!llnlnnn.nvlirrumumfya if I J Q 'X Q X A IR' , Q 'lgfj' X r Q W' - S!! u f . i? ' , ' -uuqn , gm! Q N,,... :,k', ' Q : ' "il" -Y ' '-. X D! V Q ' " .4 -f f Wllnu J Q f ,fb , E1 1 S ' s: 5 1 g A X J QQ7' 5. yo 'XM ' W x gfi f 't'g""" ' CW' aww R. z J g , 2. - fs H. 1 Cr. iii... x sew We ig? M WV F P Q ,Q f if 'iw 75", ff ly: g W A , fi , W ' .' 325, , ,2 K nw, V ,4 we-Yv:W,F' M in in 123 QW 5 'F PAGE SIXTY SIX I MacI'Ienry R I In an e G Be sarak s R Krenc prock B T De Mon ey D Hoodn R Shaw C Mazza MSk N Moro G MCC oskv Row H Sone D Harget B M rega F Mar no G Theodore L Ben ey B Kngh hs I Leonard B Baer G Gr F Sk ba A Hobers A Sherock E Hemck Row 2 I Devanny D Sanders D Tobert B Woe F edor L Leonard R Bernard I I Cup do A Perrone I M reqa A Parone S Nao H Ke sch R Roberson 3 Row 81' 99 Z B1 Skrf ey I F DeMarco L Ho oway D Nap es N Bruz R Ca drone D Hemck G Hernon Deao B Eo R Mar no Row 4 N Robers B Leonard ... UI 2 -. . ... .... . ... .... -- .... . ... . .... ..- ,,, . ... .. ... ... - , ..: .... . ... ... - : - J ... .. .... . .... .... ... . .... . . . . "'- ..: ... ... , - .7 . ... ... .... - , , ... . ... . .... .4 .. ... - .... - .. .... ... .... .J ' ... .. . "' ..- ..- ... ... ... ...... 1 ...M ... I Grid Coaches Left to nght Thomas Andres Donald Pallante Head Coach Ioseph Bassett Ph1l11p Ragazzo and Dom1n1c Match Trazner Vlanagers R Hoover O He1m1ck M Iones in ! WWA Gus Spets1os PAGE SIXTY SEVEN 5 , I 1 1 1 V A V' . , . , . 'tri 'ff . Q Q M f' . I, ' , 1' j V X , . M, , , 'K 'J , "'4fw,mM 2 V, 43-:yw as Mi QS' , f,, .iw ar. if G.. A, .,.. sw . ..g,:. ,. ,. J f, ' .Y- Nli W iz, QQ r 'Q lv s 5 X 1956 - 'ff W Q YJWW ,j'560'd742f 6 X if 2 . A 4 ' s uv ff if Q Al I if Z!! 'ff' .V , :fp k ,N fl n -. ' y I ff' 1 . I ' . , ,f I : . , V I , K 3 1 ' I if 'N . 3 pg . , , '52 - , , ., f V , 1 ,J '41 5 ' - ,gqgmww 2123 1 1 x , 'f 4 ' ' 5 ,ill X f A ,gf f I f A, Vi 'S 'F T51 S Va 'ty Basketba C ub 1956-57 Junior Varsity Row 1 T Grohl T De1VIont G Kmght P SPSISIOS F Costcmzcr Row 2 I M1tregc I M111er B Bohn G Mc losky M Mcxmhcxrt W Chne D Malone C oaclle Psst T Andres head Coach I Bc: ett A SML PAGE SEVENTY ONE Track Row 3 P Bucellcx D WIQQIHS B Kmght B Mxtregcx Row 2 B Prechkcr A DUIICY I Sygcrr C CICSIO W Lenney Row 3 B F Bucellu D WIQQIHS B Kmqht B Mltregcx Baseball Howl R Z1eg1er F Bucellc I Cup1do B Moran Row 2 D W1qg1ns I Sygcrr B Kmght B Nhtrega PAGE SEVENTY TWO ,V 'ali .31 va-if A j M, 1 , Ney ' Em? ' 'Q h . . . , . , . , . . , 3-gs, 1- , , 4 'f' - B I ., . ..,V LZ -r if - 4 79 J X B ' Pflwex SVN is W H C0 fx JA A X I ,,,,,,, ' W N U f gig? 'H Q . ww' eq X qiyxwi MA4, X Lui! N X O pix gf xy sv W X I 6 www: A A 'TMNT Q , EMI 5 L. frwfffff AGE SE H E 0, X I J X . I WX Ax ' 5 Q X O 41 W X . N ' Q J X 'Nial l U , X - i e 4 B ' J Uh X X q I , 9 . "rn "',' Q K' xr? 'r Kc M Q , , U I - Kb I so 1 N -awe Q Q - ' 4 X Q .Q N3 sg 4, 4 P yn- I I 3 ' i 1 5 I fy, H X Q: 25120 M a ' T f N X 1 WX XV QQ? Q? - 0 tl t , In ibm? Q 1 2. V 0: Q ' ' ' QL S .Sw Y QQL '. iff if -5111 ,S nnlbij. ig ' X if J xl 5 ASX "" f-:N N JM ". X l ltly Ny- W 4 1 I! yi ,ir 1 y 1 x G - Iwi, 5 4,1 ,L+ - ' .. I xx ' m , mg , Q Q Q - s .. N am - ,1,,,, v ' - .1 v in -1- -'NNN x x Y -A-Lxrx - hi f MAL ,N 'Um--.M LQ?-f-Q gm, . , 4 WA, , sf. , ggi 0 L 5 , W 5-Hao' 'Twm 5 f 252 1 5:2 fl :x ' if .. 'i m ia m -gp - ' -,-, W - km.. KE HW P 'f f 8 '-1 agp 1113: my-4. N 'YZ v V K 9 f 0 i :Q3,,gf5g:z'g A wma J it J 1 wx X wx f -f Ut' 65- W xi M '-, . I J WMI! LEY wff 4 ff, fmkxx W , 7 Q ff K X, - v x A A xr x E WWW: 5 Ep . .g S 21 AQ ' 1 f-'Jr I ffpq' O PAGE SEVENTY NINE p -f if 4 4 f' X. J Wx -4 r FX N .N X X I X A X. x 5 Ag I -X E 'A ' r I ,WL ' q f Q nj, .Q f MM I -'Y I5 -. X .n -I X V. K gsxl 9' fx.: -1 uf '-fffffv, Q i N0 N , , 1' :fi 5 -X4 W' ,. X . ,x A 1 i' I ' .Hx Q I 3' ,X ay. 1' xwwpnx ummm .mr ji! Xx K ' 4 X ' Wx ff M I 5 f Kb .I xl -:I I A ff 1 fl , I 1 ffj Q +1 H1 5 D 9 M .-., Us I V. If V y x ,SN Q X I- ,px V I mllli ,QA 'Y .' fwx XM-,. "7 I Q 59... O! S 0 him 'Ns' lf :W W - ' 'N X" lh D ws ' 534' , I f "X H af, L E Q ,I 'Wh ,hh Q965-. '-,xv Q Q 5 ' x , -ff R ' - .3 X, 1 5 " .P '- W ' W' 4' , ' J: - WE h ,IW A . fun," : Q ,Q A 1. K X Z ,A film". Q -I 1 .' A x f s V ff 'E 'I W i .,' . V y N ' 'lf' 0 ,ad-,,v4.. R 4 ff wff' nn" 4 Q N 4 jj X X -.Q-lp-ar X i X L? N VF- ---n-'N-f44A, 1 . Nq ,,,,..1vvw---f Semor Class ffzcers Seated left to r1ght Ioyce Qullty secretary Bernle Mltrega presldent Standmg left to rlght Fred Skxba sergeant of arms Don Guerra VICE pre 1dc1 Ahce Kwlechen treasurer Motto We know what we are but know not what we may be Class Flower Wh1te Rose Class Colors Aqua and Wh1te Adv1sor Domuuc Match PAGE EIGHTY O C ' .4 A ' i, . - I I I - . . ' . I . -. J. ' I ' ' I I ' 3 - -1 1 . l n . ,. . , n Se1z1o1s Recall Three Year Hzstory Sophomore Year lf a graduatmg class can be called a famlly then we of the class of 1957 have been one m our oprmon Smce our delxvery from Washmgton Iumor and those who became sophomores from McKxnley Iumor Hxgh we have experxenced numerable thmgs dunng the lat three years Our hrstory rs as spmted as are we alumm ln the fall of 1954 Washmgton and McK1nley Iunxor Hrgh pupxls met 1n the halls of NHS and combxned to form the class of 57 The frrst busxness on our agenda as a new class was to choose a class sponsor We feel that we plcked the Tops when we chose Dommxc Match as our sponsor for the next three years Our next duty was to elect class offxcers We chose Walt Lenney as head of our famlly wtth Zoe Betsara Jun Together agam' Wrth our famrly m tact we began our Iunror year Agarn heads for our famxly had to be chosen Thts txme Zoe Betsarak1s donned the pants of the famlly wlth Iudy Zavar next rn lrne Ioyce Quxlty as chlef notetaker Nrck Cerolm as banker and Bernxe Mztrega as keeper of the gate or better known as sergeant at arms The frrst proyect we undertook was our class play a melodrama entxtled Because Our Hearts Were Pure Needless to say the play was a hxt and xts prohts gave our famxly budget another boost makmg u a lzttle closer to our goal for Prom Then one and all of our famrly became salesmen From house to house marched the famzly of 57 sellmg Chnstmas cards nettmg a larger profxt whrch we carefully tucked away for later use The later use of our funds came soon enough for our famlly as the Jumor class became the chlef party gxver at McKmley when sprmg arnved Flrst we sponsored the Basketball Dance early m the sprmg Nancy Ralston was crowned Cage Hop Queen Our own Dance Band furmshed the best musrc to make the regal affalr a huge success 812 For the last txme rn our hzgh school career our famxly of 57 gathered ID the old halls of McK1nley Wrth the end m sxght for both us and Old McK1nley lugh we began our semor year Our famtly heads were chosen carefully Bernxe Mrtrega became head of our clan wrth Don Guerra as a slstant Ioyce Qurlty m charge of the order of the can that proudly wore the aqua and whxte colored kxlts as symbols of our class colors Alxce Kwxechler served as treasurer and Fred Skxba as sargeant at arms Football season was soon over leavmg us only the memones of our Pxgskm Prom Mena Antobelh was crowned queen by her attendmg classmates makmg a beautxful endmg to our last plgskm get to gether The calendar pages flew by and along wrth sprmg came our class play Agam due to fme dtrectxon a krs next rn lme Ioyce Quxlty as our secretary Barbara McGu1rk as keeper of our budget and Ronme Bowker rumpus room dxrector or sergeant at arms Ou famtly progressed quxetly through the rest of the year untrl funds to Increase our budget were need ed Thrs was taken care of wxth a bake sale whrch was held m May The money makmg venture was successful and procedes from rt enabled us to take the famlly on a trxp to the Mardx Gras our sop homore class party Somewhat fatlgued from our early expenences as a famrly we parted at the completron of the school year wxth but an Ob1eCllVe m mmd tt would be grand to be a Iumor zor Year A month later m May party tame came agcnn Thrs trme our famxly combrned wxth the semor class to sponsor the annual Iun1orSenxor party The affair was he'd at Washmgton gym wxth a sprmg graduatlon day theme to honor the passxng of the semor class from our ranks at McKinley Wxth this we brd fare well to the graduatmg senrors and hopeful and excxted we faced our last year as semors knowmg our famrly was a happy and dedrcated one Then came PROM wxth two of the famrly headmq the commzttees Howard Shaffer and Suzanne Ralston were the two chosen to be co chaxrman The theme of the sprmg formal was Southern Enchantment whxch centered about home life below the Mason Duron Lme on a plantatron It was mdeed a memor able occasxon for our famxly as our fxrst Prom and for our honored guests the semors who all agreed that You cant beat that southern hospxtalxty and charm' Wlth Prom completed and xts memones tucked away our famrly looked forward for the last tlme to the next year when we would at last reach the end of the trarl the Semor Year' zor Year great cast and the co operation of our lxttle family the comedy Room For The Groom went over wxth a bang on May 10th and llth May also brought along our last Iumor Semor Party at whtch we semors enyoyed our last class party Then a the school year came to a close and our famlly was entertaxned at the Iun1orSemor Prom by the c'ass of 58 The 1un1ors drd a wonderful yob and gave us a prom to remember At last came Iune 4 Graduatxon Drplomas and the end of our famxly of 57 After the short tradrtlonal ceremony we found ourselves facmg the world as alumm And thus ends the famrly clan of 57s three years of toxl and memories at McK1nley Hlgh Regard less of what paths our famrly members may pursue well never forget the years we spent as the last oraduatmg class of dear Old McK1nley PAGE EIGHTY ONE O I F as - - , l Y . . S I . . . . . . ' 1 I , . 'S . - . . . ., ,, I ' I , , u ll . ' ' S ' 1 ' , ' . s 3 ' . . . - . , . ' 1 Semors AMELIA ALTOBELLI Never sad always gay crealmq creahng lun nn her own way VERONICA BABOSH Vanety u the spice of Ile PHYLLIS BAILEY Tas easy enough to be pleasant DAVID BAKER Im sure care ns an emeny ol hie PEGGY BARNHART A ready smile and a Inendly hello LAURA BASS I take his as xt comes MARILYN BASSETT "A mirror ol sunshine." BEN BAXTER "l.i1e's ladder is a hard one but still I climb." 1957 ,S PAGE EIGHTY-TWO PAGE EIGHTY THREE Semors LEONARD BENTLEY What worth there IS ln a pleasant smxle on a beaming lace ZOE BETSARAKIS Thouqhtfulness xs the essence t lnendshlp PHYLLIS BIANCO She leans not on others but herself RICHARD BONNEH Success xs ln vam without ambxhon and eloquence RONALD BOWKER The smlle supp esses and passes all BETTY BOWMAN All must be earnest ln a world hke ours ROBERT BOYLE It ns easy to know man lund xn a world lxlro ours PATRICK BRADLEY Pleasures afford more dehqht when shared wxth others ' I 957 E' A 7 3 I I . . 3 sg . 9 5 1 I Swnonr RICHARD BROWN Le! us lwe whxle we lwe IUDITH BRUMBAUGH A good dxsposmon IOAN BURLINGHAM As merry as cr bee xn clover ANNETTE CARUSO The eager lov of youth IANE CASEWELL Wrsdom comes to no one by chance NICK CEROLI " iolly fellow wiih whom to chat, he dwells in u world of shcxrps and flats. DAN HAZEN "The stranger always succeeds." IOHN CIMINEHO "A friend unchanging." 1957 PAGE EIGHTY-FOUR 2 495, PAGE EIGHTY FIVE Seniors AUDREY CORCORAN "I'd like to be good but s hard." RUSSELL CRAIVIER With malxce Ioward none CARMEL D ALESSANDRO Ready xn heari ready m hand RITA DANDO She came a beam sublxme IENNY D ANDREA Shy bu! oh so mee ROY DAVIS Hasle IS not for him FRIEDA DEBOW I love his ROBERT DUNCO The doors to wisdom are never shut I 957 Sen iors ARTHUR DURICY "Not all his time was given lo books." IACQUELINE ELLWOOD am hee but my heart IS cl e where CAROLYN FARR The gentle mmd by gentle deeds known CHARLEU FIEGERT L e IS great li you live lt le RICHARD FEORENE To be a well rounded person must have muslc WILLIAM GEORGE exert myself lor nothing but what comes along ROSEMARIE GIANCOLA Be slow ln choosxnq a Ixend slower ln chanqmg CAHOL GILBERT Easy come easy go 1957 ,pew PAGE X-uf EIGHTY SIX PAGE ElGHTY SEVEN Senzors CHARLES GILMORE The deed rs everythmq the glory naught GLENN GHIFFITHS He can because he thnzs he can DONALD GUERRA To know hxm rs a pleasure DENNIS HARGRETT How can we help but llke him MARIE HAYTO Her smxle rs llke unto a sun ray EDWARD HELMICK A good fellow ln a quiet way PENELOPE HELWIG Gifted with beauty and wmmng smile SUZANNE HIGGINS Actxve'-' Always Sxlent' Never I 957 Serum s LOUIS HILLIER Accomplxshment wxll crown hls eilort DONNA IEAN HILTY The wcl to wm happmess IS to olier PAUL HOGAN Though somettmes quxet you are loyal and trustworthy MARY HOLBROOK xslen to me e besl xs vet come DONNA HOLMES Alter we ve named the qnrl nee say more MARTIN HOSTINCKY A good mxnd hnds great rxches BARBARA HUNYADY Dxmmutlve wxih a heart of qold EVELYN IAMLS Always icnr always kmd 1957 d QQ 1 JR' PAGE EIGHTY EIGHT I IBEW? PAGE EIGHTY NINE Senzors LILLIAN IAMES Nothmq ls Impossible lo a wxllmq heart IOAN IANIS Ac! well your par! There all honor nas ZOA IONES Truth needs no flowers of speech NANCY KIRACOFE The world xs no better lf I worry WILLIAM KNIGHT I hate women but the Bxble says Love your enemies ANDY KOCIAN Conhdence shows hxs every gesture WILLIAM KONCQOL As grave as o Judge MARY KOVELL Soiiness of smxle mdlcates cx warm hear! 1957 Swums MARGARET KRAMER A sweet expressxon IS the highest type of female Icvlxness ALICE KWIECHIEN To a young heart everythmg 1 un PATRICIA LASSE Sweet thoughts are mirrored ln her face CI-IARIF5 LAIVIONC F Many seek hls conhdence WALTER LENNEY mans man xs respected IEROME LEONARD Wh n 1oy and duty clash let duty qc to smash CHARLOTTE LEWIS Sm1Ies are the secrets of success ANTHONY LIBER 551 ORE Common sense xsnt such a common thmq 1957 PAGE NINETY gs.. 'Of' r-rv? PAGE NINETY ONE Seniors CHARLEEN LIGHTNER "Modest and sweel as cr daisy." CATHERINE LIMONGI "A witty woman is cz mun's trea- sure." MARY LIVANI Take hie as ri comes JANET LOVEHIDGE A more cheerful qxrl Youll no! hnd DIANNA MACKEY A kmd and qenlle heart she has FRANK MARINO To know him rs Cl pleasure IAMES MATTEO Life rs to be enjoyed not lo b burdened with great problems IOHN MATTEO Not over senous not over gay but lots oi fun ln hxs very specxcxl way 1957 Senzors BARBABA MCGUIRK I see a sparkle an that lass s eye MARY A MERLO Ambxtxon IS the chnel mqredxent ol SUCCESS NUNZIO MERLO xt took any eliorl to qo from today un 1l tomorrow ld tll l n yesterday BETTY MILLER She smxles she qxqqles she waxts BERNARD MITREGP Really qumte a lad ll he and what a personaluty MARION MOLLICA Dreads books but loves lun IUDITH MURRAY She has a pleasant smnle and gently way VELMA NAGY Quiet and pleasant what more could we ask 1957 'we- PAGE NINETY TWO PAGE NINETY-THREE Semors ANTOINETTE NARDO Sweet shy but a llncere inend uONDRA OLSON She appears to be quiet but that appearance xs fun DONNA OMEHZO Shine on lxttle star shxne BARBARA OREHOVEC She doeth gently deeds THOMAS PALLANTE Never a dull moment BETTY PARKER With hcnr as red as the settm IAMES PARRY Little man wxth blq Ideas ROSEMARIE PATHONE "Action is eloquence." 1957 behmd q sun Senzors RONALD PAULICK Belxeve m happrness and 1 s su to come MARTHA PETROVICH Tomorrows lxfe IS too late we ioduy RAYMOND PIRIGYI As good ncxtured cr soul as ever trod ln u shoe leather NORMAN POLLOCK Sxlence xs gold n lo success BRYON PREDIKA Talent rs that whxch xs a mcms power JOYCE QUILTY Modesiy rs the vxriue of beauty and success SUZANNE RALSTON Grace m all her sleps heaven xn eye IAMED RECKARD Musxc seems to ilow easxly through these vems 1957 PAGE NINETY FOUR 51 bm.. xl Ib -..4. PAGE NINETY FIVE Sen zors IANET REEDER ll she has any faults w know them not CAROYL REID Deep brown eyes over running wxih glee PHILLIP RICCIULLI Never dxd he borrow Irouble ROCKY RIVIELLA He who knows much say: little ANTHONY ROBERTS Men are not measured by inches ANGELA SAVA Her mstani frlendhnels makes her long remembered PATRICIA SCANLON A real lwe wlre xx the bundle ol fun whose 1oy hes lh cr laugh MARILYN SCHULLER Never to be iorqotien 1957 Seniors HOWARD SHAFFER "His only books were women's looks." PATTY SHAFFER "Hair of gold and hear! lo match" IOYCE SHILLING Manners oflen make iorlunes BONNIE SHOPENE Good sense xs the gill ol heaven FRANK SIPUSIC I have taken my fun where I have found xt ILENE SISCO A fnend lo ull PATRICIA SISCO Here presence lends warmth lo all FRED SKIBA Tut lu! my Irxend lhe qu-ls wont hurt you 1957 an-1 PAGE NINETY SIX my Semors ELAINE SLOAN As merry cs the day IS long SYLVIA SMITH She cx Iom of lxie and 11 t 1: qhxn., efc cx :1 ann bug LEONARD SPILLMAN I newer do ioday what I can leave ul tomorrow ALYCE STEELE Her hear! 15 us h-ue as gold JAMES STEVENS Ta n ss h gn of qreatne H ALPH STILES Its u Ixendlv neun lhut has pl my PAGE NINETY SEVEN oI inends IxO'NIAI.D STONE X w mcxn who can govern hum se KATI-IRYN STRAUSSER Shy and upprecxcmve 1957 u " is r ' 'gh . LZ ' " 1 n 2: BT ' hh' X 7 x .3 ' j 'fzrg"" ' X N f " ll e is te sl ss." I 4 will 4.,,,. f .. . . ' 3 ' I .. 3 1 f . 5 rafwfdrylr I I 1 In "4 iss ' lf." ,,. -,.. --...., .. Senzm s BARBARA STROHMEYER An agreeable compamon ANN SUKUNDA Laugh and lhy cares are gone IUDITH SUTY A womans always a varxuble ar-'I chanqable ihmg IAMES SYGAR Who er excels xn what we pnze- appears a hero lh our eyes MARY CATHERINE TACKETT Shes pretly to walk wxih and wmy to talk wxlh and pleasant to lhl'l'lK GUS THEODORE Ho puts forth his b s nn every lhmcv he does DONNA THOMAS Sweet neat pehie IUDITH THOMPSON Her heautlful srnxle laughing eyes are as the mornmq sunshxne 1957 5.46 2-wg-Ag PAGE NINETY EIGHT swims? PAGE NINETY NINE Seniors RONALD THOMPSON "What need of many words." PHILLIP TITLER "Sometimes I sit and think and think and other times l just sit." ARTHUR TURNER "Never hurry, take lite easy." GLORIA VERHOSEK She always has somethxng pleasant and wxtty to say IOSEPH VIG ORITO On top the hn lad rs curly curly halr CAROL VOORHIES Underneath her reserve there are many sparkles of lun ARLINE WENZEL Imps of mxschxet gleam wxthm her eyes IUDITH WHITNEY oi dlqnxty she has her share 1957 "Sweet ana fair and on the square: Semors ELAINE WILLIAMS A but ol sweetneu IANET WILLIAMS As merry as u bee clover THOMAS WILLIAMS If the world xs what we make t mme wall be all fun IAMES WILTHEW He loved his books but not lo well DOROTHY YOUNG Such a friend rs hard to imd IUDITH ZAVAR Bnght eyes and brown hair she :cutters lunshme everywhere NANCY CESARIO Her presence made Irie brighter Not Pxctured MICHAEL IONES 1957 PAGE ONE HUNDRED 0 .. . .1 X " in .' lr ' , . . .. ,, . ,. , . ,, . . . ,. . ., Dzary Tells of Regal Weddzng BY BRYON PREDIKA Specral to the Trmes Versarlles France by Socrety Edrtor Carmel DAlessandro Regal but wrth a Nrles Touch Thrs rs the thought that runs through my mrnd as I trred to frrrd words to descrrbe the wonderful event that I have just wrtnessed All the world rs strll sprnnrng from rt Of course Im speakrng of the weddrng of Carol Ioan Voorhres to Prrnce Zrcofrs IV supreme ruler of the Island of Dmomede Orrgrnally Drnomede was a part of England But durrng an earthquake rt broke away and floated down the Serne Rrver and rs now srtuated off the shore of the Palace of Versarlles outsrde of Parrs Prrncess Carol she rs strll called Ioanre by her frrends made a very charmrng brrde rn a gown desrgned by one of her former classmates Nancy Krracofe The gown was rumored to have cost S40 000' Your reporter was able to get an exclusrve scoop on the forthcomrng nuptrals from the drary of the matd of honor Sylvra Smrth The drary begrns four weeks ago May 7 1965 May 7 I was mvrted to a get together at Ioan Voorhres thrs momrng Sue Ralston Annette Car uso Mary Merlo Penny I-Ielwrg Alyce Steele and I are to be brrdesmards at Ioanres weddrng And shes marryrng a Prrnce"' How excltrngll May 8 Asked the board of educatron for a leave of absence It was qurte a frght They say pnncrpals are hard to frnd But they let me go Berng prrncrpal rs a brg job Donna Holmes and Elcrrne Wrllrams are busy assemblrng Ioanres trousseu Although they re from the brggest fashron house rn the country they ve never worked for royalty before' May 9 Wrote out rnvrtatrons thrs mornrng Frank Srpusrc rs strll rn Afghanrstan but for the wedding rn Iune hell be rn Ethropra Mrssronarres were always scarce rn Ethropra Iohn Crmrnero rs gettrng specral leave from the arr force to be there Sue Ralston rs talrrng tomorrow off to talk to Nancy Ktracofe about our gowns Thats what rs nrce about bemg a doctor and bemg marrred to one too' Iust have your husband take over the busrness Frreda DeBow owner of Pans Perfumes Inc rs lettrng her two top secretarres Annette Caruso and Penny Helwrg have a Month vacatton Of course we re all wrshrng weddmgs would come more often May 10 Called Mayor Lenney thrs mornrng of course I am referrnq to the former Ianet Loverrdge She took after her father rn law and rs the frrst woman mayor of Nrles Walter rs kept busy wrth the housework etc hes such a devoted manl' Anyway shes proclarmrng Crty wrde Voorhres Day for Ioanres weddrng Thrs afternoon Nancy Krracofe told us her rdeas for gowns Grey and red are the central colors The gowns wrll range from srlver grey to charcoal wrth cumberband from pmk to scarlet Very strrkrng"' Alyce Steele wrote from Notre Dame Shell be flyrng rn tomorrow Notre Dame has become co ed and Alyce rs Dean of Women rn the Physrcal Educatron Department Velma Nagy and Angre Sava-owners of the Eat It All Przza Shops 1178 of theml are malrrng a 32 foot przza for the weddmg Leave rt to Ange she always drd lrke to eat May 11 Saw Roy Davrs he got a PHD rn meat stylrzrng and as top man for the AGP on the srde he developed a parr of trousers that never need cleanrng hrs fortune rs made Marrlvn Basset ludy Brumbaugh and Antonrette Nardo were frred by Nunzro Merlo The Man wrth the Goatee He drdnt lrke therr work so they are formrng Models lnc along wrth Donna Omerzo Went to see Bryon Predrka we want to rent hrs club for Ioanres Shower The Club Umbah rs just fabulous' Bryon hrmself entertams rn the Srlver Starlrght Room Where Irm Reckards Men of Rythmn are playmg un the Bronze Room Those great musrcal talents Brll Knrght Ray Prngyr and Ralph Strles are currently playmg wrth Irm Alrce Kwertchen rs therr vocalrst Nrck Cerolr and Paul Hogan play progressrve jazz rn the Mau Mau Bar of the Club Umbah May 12 Went to the Premrere of the new ballet The Devrl s Laughter Starrrng Zoa Iones and Robert Boyle Very talented people May 13 Only 3 more weeks the receptron rs to be held rn the Palace and Gardens of Ver sarlles Thousands were m attendance to greet Ed Helmrck as he docked on the SS Betsarak from South Amerrca Ed found such an rnterest rn Spanrsh he rs a mrssronary to an Aztec trrbe Also on the SS Betsarak rs Zoe Betsarakrs prrvate nurse to Charles Lamonge head of the Swrss Navy In the rush and excrtment three weeks of Sylvras drary was lost So well start on Iune 4 Iune 4 Ran fCarmel1 rnto Ioyce Qurlty the famous shoe desrgner who recently merged wrth Donna Thomas stockmg desrgner to make Qurltmas and Company Shoes and socks of drstrnctron Glenn Grrffrths has taken hrs Olymprc team to Tasmanra Ivan Blose tennrs player Mrke Iones boxrng Charles Fergert trddrly wrnks and Ronnre Stone werght lrftrng I wrsh them luck Only frve more days Iune 5 Kathryn Strausser Arlene Wenzel Mane Hayto Ioan Ianrs and Patty Shaffer have formed a troop of Can Can Dancers for entertarnment at the receptron Iudy Zavar IS bemg pard fabulous sums by lack Benny as a professronal Laugher I remember Iudys laugh from hrgh school Martm Hostrnsky and Phrl Rrccrullr are gettrng leave from Dennrs Hargrett owner of Hargrett Bros Crrcus Martm and Phrl are world renowned tumblers Four more days left Iune 6 Mrlford Prtts and Irm Matteo have srgned a contract for S100 000 each they are famous sound affects men They were so good at makmg norses rn school I knew they would go far Glorra Verhosek just flew in from Lucy South Afrrca She s a teacher on a Ubangr plantatron Three more days I cant wart Many guests are startrng to arnve Among the early arrrvals rs Drane Mackey who fmally stopped frghtrng rt and got mamed For along trme she was the only srngle female cave explorer rn the US Iune 7 Norman Pollock has been elected presr dent of the Wrllys Spare Parts Co Nonnan felt sorry for hrs classmates and started a spare parts company hes a brg executrve now Only two days more Iune 8 Tomorrows the dayll The palace rs a bee hrve of actrvrty cleaners carpenters and garde ners have been busy for the past week Lours Hrllrer known to the world as Monserur Loure arrrved yesterday to set Ioanre s harr It rs beautrful makes her look lrke a real prrncess I remember Loure from Hrgh School he always drd have the nrcest wave rn hrs harrl' Iune 9 the weddurg was so sad and beautrful It took place m the Palace Chapel Carolyn Farr played the organ She has recently succeeded Ethyl Smrth as the foremost female organtst Icme Casewell the famous rock and roll vocalrst changed her style to srng I Love You Truly and Thrne Alone lanes latest rock and roll tune rs You Stole My Roll and I-lrt Me Wrth A Rock a novelty song wrrtten by the famous poet Irm Wrlthew Roccr Rrvrella and Russell Cramer offrcrated at the double rrng ceremony The receptron rs just fabulous lm takrng notes as 1 go along I talked to Peggy Kramer co star of the new movre Tarzan and the Legend of the Cha Boom Dan Hazen and Brll George are talkmg now They werent speakmg after Dan won the heavy werght champronshrp from B111 last month At the punch bowl I see Anthony PAGE ONE HUNDRED ONE g 0 1 1 . . , . , 11 . . 11 . . , . 1 11 . 1 11 . , i . . 1 . . . I I 1 . . . I I A . . 1 . - 1 , . ' 1 1 . . . . . - ' 1' - ' ' , . 1 11 . . . . , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 . . I . . . . 1 , ,, ,, 1 . . . , , , 1 . . . . . . 1 . . I , 1 . . . . . . . . ' ' . 1 . . ' . . . ' ' . ' - 1 , . 1 . . I . 1 . 1 . . . ... I . 1 , . .. ' ' s I I 1 . . . . . . 1 . . 4 ' . ' ' . , . . . . ' ' ' . . 1 1 . . N . . . . . , , 1 - - - . 11 11 11 - . . II I . 11 . . . . . 11 . . 11 . , , . . ,, . , . . . . . . . . 11 . . 1 . 11 - . . . , . 1 - Class Prophecy fContd Lrberatore and Ioe Vrgorlto who made headlrnes by estabhshrng radro contact wrth Mars And Irm Sygar manager of the Youngstown Yankees was enjoyrng hrmself Iudy Whrtney owner of Whrtney s Trre Changrng Servrce was talkrng to Iudy Suty Iudy Suty has been appomted royal tutor for the royal chrldren to be Whrtney almost became teacher but mstead started a world wrde charn of garages Ilene Srsco was showmg some of her 4000 earrng desrgns rn the hall of Peace At one end of the Hall of Mrrrors Irm Stevens fthe Fred Astarre of Modern Trmesl rs showrng hrs latest dance step The Pork Chop to Ianet Wrllrams and Patty Srsco two of hrs top puprls At the other end Arthur Durrcy rs grvrng a werght lrftrng exhrbrtron Art the 300 pound marvel looked rn top form Bob Dunco leadmg archrtect and engrneer n the country was heard drscussrng the possrbrlrty of burldrng Prrncess Ioan a pa'ace that doesnt tounch the ground except for two sets of starrs Bob has been commrssroned by the Prrnce and hed lrke to have somethmg drfferent Among hrs mterested lrsteners were Leonard Bently top voca lr t Rrchard Feorene owner of the Happy Trme Rest Home and Martha Petrovrch Amerrcas top rntenor decorator Andy Koyan owner of Ko1an s Caskets of Qualnty rs strll lookrng glum He never smrled much school erther oh well Hrs work r exclusrvely done for the Arthur Turner Funeral Home The candy we are eating rs from Barbara Strohmeyers Sweet Tooth Shop And wrth every record you buy f Gumdrop you recerve a box of the same wrth the courtesy of Babosh Candres Inc Good ol Veronrcall Charles Grlmour rsnt here he rs lrvrng rn the hrlls of Trbet as a hermrt We thought thrs cele bratron would brrng hrm out but our messenger Brll Koncsol Manager of Eastern Unron saw an Abomrnable Snowman and never delrvered the message Charlene Lrghtner the famous woman prlot dropped messages from her plane but got no response-I guess Charlene lrkes rt up there Don Guerra couldnt make rt erther he was experrmentrng wrth the Flyrng Saucer Fever and caught rt Phyllrs Barley US Amba sador to Trm buck tu looks lovely rn her Hon Paulrk orrgrnal gown I always thought Ron was artrstrc lack Matteo and Mary Holbrook took trme out from therr hrt play to attend today Besrde havmg a good trme Mary Livam Ianet Moms and Bonnre Shopene are makmg money Tommy Wrllrams brought hrs jewel collectron here to show and these three polrce women who accompanred hrs were my old frrends Anthony Roberts has frnrshed hrs portrart of Prrncess Ioan Hrs secretary Barbara Hunyady rs busrly followrng Tony around and takrng dlcta tron Tony rs busy 24 hours a day because of hrs magazme artrcle Ill Parnt You a Da Vmcr for a Slrght Fee Rrta Dando rs settmg the fad by dv mg her harr a drfferent color each month thrs month her harr rs a pretty shade of lrlac Ann Sukunda has cornered Sherrdan Trtler She wants hrs new book Memorres of McK1nley for her next telvrsron play Ben Baxter the famous movre drrector and hrs lovely wrfe Donna Iean Hrlty were drscussrng the possrbrlrty of makrng The Corsrcan Srsters for Evelyn and Lrllran Iames In the gardens Rosmarre Grancola was posrng for her photographer boss Leonard Sprllman edrtor of 24 Betty Parker and Ianet Reeder were argumg about transplantrng the rose bushes These two hortrculturrsts are always tryrng to re arrange somethmg' Catherrne Lrmongr and Amelra Altobellr of the Beauty for you Salon have already desrgned a harr do for thrs occasron Irmmy Parry the orl mrllronarre had another gusher today so he brought mrnrature charms of the well for all Ierry Leonard star of the TV show Dr IQ gave an example of the krnd of studyrng he does to know all the answers Mary Kovell pnma Ballerma of Howard Shaffers Ballet Company was almost frred today She dyed her harr purple It seems she saw rt m a play or show back rn Hrgh School Boss Shaffer drdnt go for rt Nancy Cesarro rs servmg punch Her specralty rs openrng Cokes she found a new held ot nterest rn hugh school and has specralrzed rn rt Charlotte Lewls and Ioyce Shrlrng w re dscu s mg the vanrty of men They started a beauty salon for men only' One of therr regular customers Tom Pallante comes rn once a week to keep lovely for the partres hrs socralrte wrfe Mary Tackett grves Tom thought just supplyrng the money for them from hrs orange plantatron would be enough but oh those womenll Speakrng of partres remembef the partres Marlon Mollrca used to have? Well shes strll at rt She rnherrted thrrty two mrllron dollars from one of her aunts and la now he offrcral Hostess wrth the Mostest Dr Bernre Mrtrega has rnvented a new corn remover Ill have to try rt" He rs talkrng over the possrbrlrty of shrppmg a few crates to the North pole for Audrey Cocoran She lrves there and accordrng to her storres her feet get awfully sore durrng the huntrng season She was always huntrng for somethmg rn hrgh school I wonder rf she walked down for the wedd1ng" Sue Hrggrns rode her brke here on the last lap of her round the world brke trrp Carolyn Herd well known tap dancer told me her manager Gus Theodore wants her to lose thrrty pounds before her new show opens Carolyn has been a l1tt1e Plump lately no doubt shell go to the Tafog lgo fat spelled backwardsl Studro of Reducrng run by Patty Laase and Betty Bowman Pat Scanlon has taken over the Beauty Shop Pattr was always good at pluckrng eye brows Drck Brown and Barb McGu1rk made the news both very proud of course Carol Grlbert of the Knltt Shoppe sent the famed clrmbers two parr of snuggles for therr next venture of the wrde wrde world Iacqur Ellwood the doughnut emprre queen has retrred at the age of 25 Shes lookrng wonderful and shes made enough to lrve happrly wrth her husband and chrldren Marrlyn Schuller and Iudy Thompson have taken over Iacqurs busrness All together Iacqur had 471 varretres of Doughnuts Elarne Sloan rs lookrng trrm rn her latest creatron Ralph of course I mean narl polrsh Bane creates colors for Max Factor Barbara Orehovec has hnrshed her translatron of the Buble rnto every Modern language 98 rr all The Smrthsonran Instrtute has offered her a rumored fourteen mrllron for rt Drck Bonner mayor of Bucksvrlle presented Ioanre wrth a key to the crty second largest rn the country Rosmarre Patrone has opened a letter translatron and wrrtmg servrce She w1ll translate anythrng for you rt all started wrth a Spanrsh note rn her senror year" Laura Bass rs runmng around tellrng everyone to be careful of her flower arrangements Shes so proud of them Ioan Burlrngham Betty Mrller and Ronan Bowker frnally got herell Ronnres p'ane ran rnto a sorm and the famou prlot was very modest rn explarnrng the courage rt took to save the flrght He gave all the credrt to hrs two hostesses Betty and Ioan Iudy Murray star of Ice Capers rs grvrng an exhrbrtron later tonrght And so her drary ends Thrs rs your socrety edrtor Carmel DAles andro thankrng Carol Grlbert for her valuable trme as Fashron Edrtor and both of us want to thank Frank Manno for the expenses pard vacatron to France A truly wonderful edrtor Thanks agam and Lots ol luck Ioamelll PAGE ONE HUNRDED TWO I . - - . , G .. ,. g , 1 l . - ' ' . . ' ' ' e 1 s - ' . . . A - - . . I ' . . . . .N , . . . . ' ' ' , t in ' . ' ' ' O ,, ,, I . - rr .1 ' . I 1 I ll u . . I ' ' recently for their conquest of Mt. Everest. They're . . . . ' ' ' ' 9 . . . . .1 . . H 3 ' ' ' ' My fwmw 'N gf Q iw ' x Homeroom 3 . . . R w l P Paterson A McKelhaney C Robrnson C Mahan C Percen P Rzpple C Percen R Mrmck S Iudy Shaffer Row Z T Shaw D Smlth R Rene-ld P Neven E Lazseo I Manders A Nagy N Hulet E Morns T Krok Row 3 C Kmes G McKelhaney R Lrttleton I Percon H Ieralcis P Krok T Mayers H omeroom 4 F.. V.-.MM rxh N3 Row 1 E Morrrs A Pnce D Shreve-s I McDonald B Lowe C Palmer C Rohn on M Rose C Holmes I Peterson C Iames P Grubbs L Kauffman Row 2 I Rader L Hennmqer D Hmdfuss F Rader S Orcutt D Nagy M Schnexder K Olson M Nevm D lVlLNevm H Nass Row 3 O Henderson D Helmrck M Henderson I Periette G Kcxnxclldes W Graham R Pollock PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOUR O I . , . . . ' , - . - 3 , - I 1 1 f - I I 1 - 1 I. . . . . g-mf-M ..l,,,, W.. Mm, X, V, ..-M . ,,,,,, lr M-A g-W --fm r-M---4-Q.-f-M.,,..,4. I -J 4, ,. f .h... M.. ,. ., ..., . , A. 1 ' , fr'-iii 1 I IM I . W.- In . A Q, ' . h - ' , V g, 1 X N I rx 'V E - 'f J 52? I - I W , I " -.. . .V I ' 3 .i f ff f D Y f Al ' k . I lr I I . , . . , - l ',', . , . , . 1 , . l I , . ' , . - , . ' I . H omeroom 5 .J...,.7....... PQ:-by Q--A-4 Row 1 I Durst I DeBow S Denmson G Brown I Barclay T Flynn E Hadley S Antony R Anderson M Davxs Row 2 C Clay D Gromsx E Blatchford P Gnfhths M Horme C Heath I Blanco P Helzett C Cherry Row 3 H DeBow T Graxnger H Gordon A Bellrtta D Charlton M Hackensmrth R Haudenslnlt D Hanshaw H omeroom 6 Y Row l Row 2 lit W 3 Jil Ferqert S Denmson P Bowser K Grbson C Bazel I Clouser P Barnett A Boggs C Farr L Cheeks Cluse I Frendenburq M Cale E Foster D Clemens P Crrsp C Carvm W Cox I Ceorqe R Connellu Drckson L Coates F Cutnqht P Fredor R Elllot I Berrslord G Gomsr M Ellswrck T Clrne T Barber Barker I Gordon PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIVE U O O wmzrrrx. r Q,- - ..,., .WHL 'C' - , ,, x -A . M, N .Q A A f H lk, I . y 5 W C, r 4 f ' X., i . I i Q., V ' I , , I' f- x' ' Q , K - , ' ' ' v 6 1 if 0- ' . '-Wu' ,. A '? ik F H omeroom 7 Rowl S Mornson L Sprague I Swcxb G Unger D V1 onto P Th odore B Whrte S Sowers L Kramer Row 2 I Wxnden H Stone R Sterb K Zabuwcl I Tfmihdrey C Bcnley IVI McQueen I WSUS Row 3 D Luptczk G Hadspeth I Amrck Albert Burnett D Thomas L Wnqht C Thompson H omeroom 8 -v--v-v---v. '94 Row 1 C Loqun P Morrow R Luptcxk C Pcxrns C Hunyudy I Hull N Iohnson S Iohnson M Iczckson G Llbert I Krrcly I Ioseph I Murkley C Leckre Row 2 M Kramer N Klnes D Mmrck P Iudy A Lrbercr ore M Kovell I Murry L Hummer B Thompson F Mrller C Lawson F Ioseph B Kermp D Mcxrtm Row 3 G Helmxck G Davrs L Glunt G Hetzel I Menorca I Hermon K Hxlty E Iohnson F Gummo H Iewell T Holmes C Grcunger D Lowe PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIX Ill . . .-. C . .. r' gr ,Y ' A F . In z -4. ...- Y fr ,4 .Mfg N.W.... . . . Homeroom 30A 5- 'ffl' Bowl D Cox S Frlrpan C Scozatcha I Edrson K Bender S Brrnco P Campbell C Brown P Flamgan P Flynn H Albu Row 2 R Bowser C Casey T Barker L Brady E Dorchock C Belcastro N Ahrendt K Butler I Custer B Dermer Row 3 D Davls I Bonanno W Gavrn S Corso N 'ra ca D Campana D Mascronqelo P Flynn G Crone A Doutt I Duialla H0me1 oom 32 Sollrtto I Kramer Row 2 Zavar I Sprouse I Smtth B Bmron W Bmron W Shaffer C Whrtrcy I Wrand I Woods B Hrller Row 3 Whetstone G Bode E Reese I Strffler D Wa kms R Thomas P Wr1'a1maI Smnet I Stevenson C Hake PAGE ONE HIJNDRFD CEVEN I' I I 5 I' Row 1: M. Pollock, R. English, C. Swab, K. Thomas, W. West, H. Sava, I- Russa, S. Cain, D. Martin, D. Sinnet, P. ' , . . H omeroom 39 WMM, SX i-.-J 'Q Bowl Ramsey E Qurgley G Salem L Sandrey M Pavllho M Sloan S Sherock K Ross S Sech F Rook SISCO I Rxvrella F Smlth Row 2 Pxerce H Rlpple C Swerm D McE1haney F Rose S Parker I Palmer M Sohayda A Sawyer Shobel S Sloan B Phlllxps F Smxth D Pressell R Ostrode J umm' H zgh Basketball 'Nu Row 1 I Smnh S Corso D Ramsey G He1m1ck R Swegen I Stevenson Row 2 E Cluse D Helmrck B Camp D Rmdiuss G C one D Campana I Wrand Row 3 Coach Andrew Vargo PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHT :ri-V 31, , .viii-if iz i L 4 Q . iw-I A V V 'S A 3 f ' X, . iS - Q 5 Q , ? q . . N Q ' 'aa I Q A by Y . fi? , ,, S. ' , . ' ' , . ' . 1 C fl '1 3 ' V3 , n K M W, any ' QW A KL f ' ' Qs, . no Q Q rr, ,. xf' ! X, gap kg, :A -tr' 1' lr , , 3 J 4. K L , .J ,. "Q-ff ,, tg , 4 me A I Now that you have looked through the 1957 Edltlon ot the Dragon we the pubhcatlon statt present those NHS pupils who made thus book a rea lty 7' A I I I 2 Q ' I' 1: ' -1 L 1,145 5 .3 ni -lli""' I Editorial Staff . . . Ednor m Chzef Mary Ccxthenne Tackett Asszstant Edztor 111 Chzef Suzanne H1gg1ns Sports Echtor Howard Shaffer PAGE ONE HUNDRED TEN I E Q A X A 4 Aj EDITOR IN CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITOR ART EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR COPY EDITOR PICTURE EDITOR FEATURE EDITORS ADVISOR ludy Suty Sylvra Smrth Bryon Pred1ka Barbara MCGU1Ik Sondra Olson Pattl Scanlon Iudy Whrtney Zoa Iones Dragon Productzon Staff IN CHIEF Carolyl Mary C Tackett Suzanne Hrggms I1m Tompkms Howard Shaffer Nancy Kufacofe Zoe Betsarakxs Rexd Suzanne Ralston Robert G Clark Contrzbutors Class Hxstory Semor CGPIIODS Class Prophecy Informal Pxctures Informal Pxctures Semor Captlons Class HISIOIY Class Prophecy Dragon F inanczal Staff Beth Satterlee Carole Cnsah Barbara Garlow Anthony Perrone Patty Holmes Sam Natolx ADVISOR Donald Pallante PAGE ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN Suzanne Ralston ......... .......... ...............,.. A c tivity Write-ups Yearbook P1 oductzon Staff L-.4 Row l S Hlggms M Tcxckett S Ralston Z B t cxrcxkl I Suty How 2 C Held N Kxrccofo I Whltney 5 Jmlth A Caruso Row 3 I Tompkms B Preclxkcx I Elwood P Sccwlow Annual Fzzzanczczl Staff a 'np P 4' lip' Howl C Cnscxh B Gclrlow B Scxtterlee P Holme PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWELVE Spansors Sammy s Serv1ce Statlon The Wrlder Mfg Co Rose Bulldlng 6: Supply Inc Herff Iones Co Indlanapolrs Ind The Nrles Mach1ne 6. Weldrng Co Wrlson Insurance Agency Robbrns Avenue Lumber Co Nlles Scrap Iron ci Metal Co lack s Dalry Men s Shop Nrles Frre Bnck D1v1s1on Mexlco Refractones Co Abraham Hood1n M D The Bostw1ck Steel Lath Co Pauhne Ruben s G1ft Shop Bell1tt Studro Ford Cleaners E Ross Adgate 6 Son Flowers Shrvely Sales G Serv1ce Inc The Nlles Lumber df Supply Co Bernard s MUSIC Center G H Baker Natronwrde Insurance Agent Bruce s Valley Fabncators Inc Blotts Farm Market Leon Doubet leweler Economy Sav1ngs 6. Loan Co Caprtal F1nance Corporatron Ioseph Antenuccr Plumb1ng 6. Heatmg Arden Furn1ture Co Brenneman Heatrng Serv1ce Weddell s Sohlo Serv1ce Cor Federal G N Mam MacQueen 6: MacQueen Attorneys Robms Theater The Trarchal Constructron Co The N11es Fuel 6: Supply Co Totten Insurance Agency The C H St1ver Company Sales 6 Serv1ce Handy Andy Inc Fusco Dry Cleanlng Co Western Auto Assoc Store Cate 422 Nrles Da1ly Trmes Fraternal Order of Eagles Prrtchard s Clothrng Store Allred Metals Co Donald Lloyd Bostw1ck Vargo Gas G O1l Co Sherwood Oldsmobrle Inc The Mahomng Valley Steel Progressrve Studlo 61 Camera Shop Federal Dry Cleaners Novelty Shoppe H1 Way Arena R1vers1de Da1ry Inc I A McMahon Inc Anthony Auto Sales Rob1ns Furn1ture Co Nrles Laundry Calvrn s Drug Store Youngstown Steel Car Corp A L W1ll1amson MD Lours Ralston M D Raymond Ralston M D Charles W Math1as MD Rlchard W Iuvancrc M D McK1nley Federal Sav1ngs :S Loan Assoc Pauls Men 6, Boys Wear Flowers by Hrgley s Sk1ttey Insurance Agency Ka1ser s Pastry Shoppe Natlonal Gypsum Co Don McCaughtry Servxce Nrles Garbage Agency Darry Queen Star Iewelry Co Sheffler H1 Way Express Inc Reese Funeral Home Warren Samtary M1lk Co PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN Superior Metal. Fabricating Co. Sum Gordon Trucking Coq Inc. Sponsor Woodcock s Drug Store Macal1s Deluxe Market Repubhc Steel Corp Conta1ner D1v1s1on Mayor Edward P Lenney Hetz Farm Account McK1nley Restaurant Un1ted Brother of Carpenters 6. loxn er of Amerrca Bruces Radlator Servrce H DeMathews 6 Son Gabby s Restaurant Henry E Dav1s Rrce Electrrc Sor1ano Appllance Co Drs N I 6, A I Alter1o Pappada Drug H H Hoffman Ideal Department Store Landmark Cafe Unrted Crgars Iensen s Flower Shop P E Mansell Insurance Agency Ragazzo s Men s Wear K1stler Campbell Agency Nader s Bahrn Brothers Frank E V1n1on Tax Consultatron :Sf Acct The Holeton Funeral Home Mrtchell F Shaker Cue 6. Cushlon Valley Plurnblng ci Heat1ng Inc Wxse Florrst M df M Motels Inc Nlles Automot1ve Parts Co The Mears Insurance Agency The Apex Flexrble Sxgn Co El R10 Ed Satterlee Servrce Damels Motor Fre1ght Inc The Ohlo Galvan1z1ng G Mtg Co Dr A I D1nda I-hldebrand s Sunoco Servlce Record Rendezvous The Nlles Bank Company G M McKe1vey Co Trophy Sports Holloway 6. Son Leopolds Shoe Store Schmk s Marrne 6. T6l9VlS1OIl Dr Stanley S Engel Home Federal Savmgs :Sf Loan The Dollar Sav1ngs Bank Co C D Mervyn Jeweler F W Woolworth Co Tunlson Brothers Gay s Pr1nt1ng Servlce Fleck Pontrac Co Shaker s Store Jensen Hardware Co Ma Perk1ns Chrcken Inn Vrctory Cafe Isaly s Darry Iohnny s Amoco Servrce RUSSIG Fleld Market Dr Iaffe Nlles Rootrng df Heat1ng Sad1e's Russ Berllne Men s 6: Boys Wear Soda :S Luscher Construct1on Kroger Company Exclusive Cleaners G N W1ll1ams Truck1ng Amerlcan Weldmg 6. Manufacturmg Pugh Hardware Grltflth I Davrs Real Estate Nmles Hardware PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN HQUYIS Hobbl' House Frasca Insurance Agency I I l ' - 1 . I I n , . A 11tQQ'rc1pI1.s' ffxxf 'Xl H,'NlF-," WFT The End - SHlVELYSALE'5kSERVlCElm, Meetrng the deadl1nes of a photographer engraver pr1nter b1nder and an always 1mpat1ent adv1sor makes the respons1b1l1t1es of a yearbook edrtor arduous Frankly at trmes we felt l1ke endmg 1t all However a sense of duty for gett1ng the work done and encouragement by our many fr1ends and con tr1butors d1ctated to our powers of reason and we forged ahead and f1n1shed the 1ob We the members of the 1957 Dragon staff want to thank all those who alded us ln creatlng th1s pubhcatlon The 1957 Dragon could not have been completed w1thout the help of the follow1ng Youngstown Arc Engravrng Robert G Clark Bell1tt Stud1o Donald Pallante Nlles Dally Tlmes Mueller Art Cover Company And Our Monetary Contrrbutors PAGE ONE HUNDRED SMTEEN Y 1' W Uv few 'lu ug, U C HK e iw, Y, . WWW ,fn be ,Q 3 'R A ,- XXX-A I I I I l I - I , . "' 3353 14 , K ,ff K ,ff ,,:,4, ".'f:'Z1' , A-A: z "A' KM' .. - .- .,f,yj. ,M -awww. ,ff ff, L4 iff . 5,4 . 5,4 . 5,4 . 5,4 . 5,4 . ". 7729 ". 7729 -". 7729 ". 'f:'Z1' i'1'Z:' ' ft'Z5' ". 7729 ". 7729 ". 'f:'Z1' -' ' -:5"f.':.-a:.,:s.1'::s:5.::1 . .-.Em i-::.Zf'f: If 0' Q-wLf,- 1-M A -vim f :fa -X Q-HW1 4 ww " ,,.: -,w :f w- :rw - ' ,J , , w -1 . , f - -, ,W V , ' " A f'?'-Wfvwlfff' f ff fm: iiQ93,9:S'Ef2 ff " fffdw' f -W 'Zz if-iii:-"E5i::f':i1 id wgmmw AN Q: 2,y.x.s,,,,,yQg,M . V , Q A f, Sw. f, .Q :.,,,.-R.-.-.Q ,M f ' ' . ., M ,Q 2 'P"'M' ' ,-,Wm Ay " W A W 1-ww. """ ? ---- M """ ' r " - ,vw Q ,W Q ,M H . if Q I . - ig ' . ' H,:-q:4::-2?5:52'T::':E5?f'5I,I'I"" '. sQf 'i5SsQ21 ff M .:.. . , W s jyb--'fu vm 'QW 421 V x 1 ., a 13 ,A ,,,.. LM A gig er 4, , . , 99 v N. 16 ' gf, f. , f- Q f" J 'Z . x Q -, .Lf ' ,- gggi3,53 'if Q' QQ - f ZXx?'3gf , .,- 1 x 1. ,fx X 1 gf., 2 1 , V, , 4 , , . 1. , Y. 2 5, A 6, ,g 'if 'l , X 1 , s XE .. X v .., . ,E ' 3 , 4, c, . 1 , S 4 ,r Q H E 1 , , ,

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