Niles McKinley High School - Dragon Yearbook (Niles, OH)

 - Class of 1940

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Niles McKinley High School - Dragon Yearbook (Niles, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1940 volume:

a L 11 U 'Ti 1 lf I anus-A ups 4 Q, -' 2. -1:3 " f I x HQ- .. -'V ' iv! ' ,. 1-1. ,Z "F -, L H , V . 3 -Q AE , f' -A .N ,L J A , ,- , , X. xml ,. Q. , 4 'v 4 ,g wi , 5,-Avi ' W pax' ' iw I. ,, . uf , if .F E! 1 , J 1 fl ,. i1 I .1 'uf mwl I -.I :af il 23 ln' 4. . .14 ,Ea ii 2 1 F xl' A I 9 -l S. . 771 f 1 1 55' LU u" 3 bi 1 -5 . FN 131 'L '. .g-Q 'F 'I HL ' Tn I ,ak ,ii I ff!!-1. . fi' .P--arf 4 :NJ- L ' VW ,, T 73 ,, ig , . f . - 4 1 n 'I . e ' 1 ' FFR... F' . . glafgi '1 , iv C:- VA Lv. n .4 -Hn -1 H' I all ,F I if JL? 1 A. .45., ' su 3 ,g y 7 f 7 Q f ff ll' 9 1 " 5-lev i I l l 4 S if Ti -f A! , 'll 3 ,, S l . M : 5 ll if X Yi 17 , 2. . 1 ,ill li 1 S S f if ik X. msd. KY Y i . x i' Q o S ' . -.--,454-if ffl! Xxk xox. iigl-'QX SQ "1 ' ,fig V.,,. 4'fy I yi 1940 Qrczgon published by THE SENIOR CLASS McKinley High School Niles, Ohio 7 1 4 ye.,- x- 'g 1 . "gag .3-1 1 1, ?, .v., 1 :-, mr .J1 V, . 4.1 ,JN f .',A 4 :gm ,Q ' 4' 1,, 1 NA, .1 . G'5f' 1 91 4 , .,. .... 1,1 fir. . 1 1 ,1, X 1.5-Q . 4 ,.1..- .. .. . fl fjf"," RM , 1 9 .L 1 tiff' 4 I'. , , ' I 4 if .44 4- A., .il 4 1 1 1. l . .. I J I 5 , F 1 I Y , 4. "L P' jf Y C v.j15'ff 51,714 4. 4' '.f"57'5q'V :rt - 1'1L-34. WH- 'f . 5 'WW A, - . wp 1, '4- 4, I 51, . f.. lb 4,4 1 1 wi -tr: wr, li . gg 1 WW ' if 1.1. - 4 4 4 4 4 '4 4 I '.i 4 4 4 'E 4 I 'i 1 14 1 4 I . I I i -4 4 i 4 4 ' ? " Fi' 'ff f'mT'F'4i'5-'fflfn' .1 v- 1' Gu 5 r M vw 'f 4 J' -2 xml' A 'R WA. A lm " F42 JV' . 44 . '-.- qvqfr., QA'-31.4 , ..l, xr. Y., 5 I Q Q ,. ' H Sf 1 ,Q by 1 1 ,, I L L ' 'W Q , 1 H Y' a 4 4 v '31- 2-4 .A L. .,1, - s -1 fd! '. 5 4 K. +1.52 'ii -' 1 .Y ,4- . .-., p Q -4-. jd 1 4. .I -, r .Sm ' 4 1 Dr., F.. . fffzzasyqgvwm 97'--. "1-1' - Q. ' ' .1 " Y E, ' , ' 4 J- 4 V-" - .LAW . Af 794, - A K. W 'I+ A f. .-F' ,- J f 1 J 1 2: . - fs- ,,,--F'-' 1 5 - . . :-. +1 - gli.. 4. ,T 'ig-f'13s",45Q-22 'L 1 : -- . .,- ...Vu ,f 'eww- ,:' , 1 ' ff 'ww r,. 1'4:if'H34-...AQ 'fu . 1 -, V - I - -1gv:',..,K aff' '?l.iv41.. ' 35, 4 ., .7 . K, 44' . 13,3 V1.5 X "M: , f ' - " 1 . ,. 411,23-5:14 -32f'g.a.L.- . 1 ' .1 .' in 4' 12.44. v - if 14'-'xr ' 3.662- U 4 -1 :ir Y' 'Y I . L.5.5l.:Ly-f5k4:VVN,x.,.:.A2m -V1 'ir' ' ' ' 1 lj Z , 1' vk R " ggffi' ffiQ":Qf 7-,Nj 1 'X 4-4 .. :pail f-A 4 . 'a' - '- Q 1 ' , 'f - ".f..1 12 1:74 4? 2" ' ' k 42 'S ' -' v 5?4T.Kfgl'yA3E?u-L . H11 f : f i , if FY 5Jl,,4'1:'i '.P..-QW, gf f-4+ -:fx '4 if 155-Lf ff ff -'L .. . -4 f ' V"",l?-J. ' -' . 4 1 sv. 3 . , 4. -ts,-.4. . ,, -. - . ' 4 .fPa.1414.f1:'-.4 V ' 1" 5' A'.f9'x.' Q7".:! -A ' ',f"'51ff-L N54-4' .Z ' 14 Mfg ' I 1. " 121- ., " T-n 1 vf.-39.14 , 4.4 I 1 J' .- Ji." . ' . I, 4"f ' 1-' .f' .4-.ggmy fee. .1141----4 -, ' I ..S- '-'Im 1 " ,V .wr -"1 - -4 ,1-,if 1 fn, ffkfefv-1 if . 1 1' 'Fc'-1. '-ax-f - 'Fai :-ia-. '4' 4 - -'sf'-'fn .145-Mg.. -V . -'CJ' . 4- ,1,.1 ,.t1. i... -,4.. . z ' ':".1 '. A: .1-.-1 1- 4 4. A -1? 'Wgf"Cj1E1F1 -1. 47,1 4,'.:4.1f. - 'sv -. 3-.141-jf'.s,, -4. " , ., Y ,V -,,J..,H ffh, 5.4, - , -q..,. '.f!.,,ev:fw: 4- ij fi ' ' 21.4 ,,:.5'4'jg4.,. Z ' , ij", . i, , 7' 4 . ' f ' .4 ' , .JM , 4 ' 2 3-1' . ' . ' Yffju-1 -V V ' -'-Y i"t'4'1' U., 'L 1 - f ,ma 'vi . . X F , , ij,-Qi., "f .rl . v, '.f4f'Z V fin., 1 A Q lf 1 , we-' , -1.. 1. . , . 1 ,,,' . "'7ii 'fl :HM , 1.31: iw ' '4f1"i2,-w. iw? 'fd' 4 f :-U51 ?fj'Ti"2- -.j1- l41g,p,.. Yfif " 5.14 gkfqw 1 'JH -1. -A 4 .r ,Q - 1, , 1 JL, 4-77... A - 1 J 4'-f.1:'f .'..?-Ziff.--". Q 1 1 - A HUB' j-, 2.',.- ' : fvffff- ' 3' ' I . J. .fl-if: 4. .-' 1' ""1 7 L" - ... 13.-4111" 1 ' Q' f' - ,psf 1'-.7454 -. .ri 1 ,' -414 - 4 fl 3, 1.: 'X . ' 5. , .A .3 , 4 . 4 i 1 1 2 ' . 4f 7 S 4. I 1 , 3 14 U . . V4 t 4 3 4 i Y 'Q , 1 , . .li E L pf. . .I .4 f '1 ' . 4 ! 5 ' 3 . W 1 1- -4 . ! , . i' 4 5 '25 ' A 3. -4 1 4 - 4 . 3.1 fi' 4 1 A 1 5 I v 5 9- Qg,,.' if 1 .-V.. 4 , DEDICATION HELEN DUER ROBERT SHARP To our class sponsor, Miss Helen Duet, who has graciously and successfully guided us through these last three years, and to Mr. Robert Sharp, faculty manager and everyones friend, we, the "Class of 1940," dedicate this annual. SPONSORS Sid Abraham P. T. Alfonsi Atlantic 8: Pacific Co. Arden Furniture, Inc. Bahm Brothers S. W. Boesel, M. D. 1 Maynard A. Buck, M. D. Burnside Heating Company Calvin's Drug Store Daniels Shoe Store Henry E. Davis Leon Doubet Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Flanigan Frech Brothers Fusco 8: Son J. M. Gledhill, M. D. Holeton Funeral Home Holloway Funeral Home Home Federal Savings and Loan Association. Isaly Dairy Company M. A. Jensen Edw. T. Jones W. H. jones Thomas P. King Kistler-Campbell Insurance Agency Fred H. Law Leopold's D. W. Lippy Lor-A-Lee Dining Car Madden 8: Hubbard A. McDowell, jr. McKinley Federal Savings and Loan Association C. D. Mervyn Niles Daily Times Niles Standard Printing Co., Inc. Cara Pape Paul's Cut Rate W. Q. Potter johnny Pressell Motor Sales Pritchard Motors P. E. Pritchard Richard W. Reese Reisman's Risher'e' Dairy Robins Amusement Company: Butler 8: Warner Theatre J. H. Rosensteel Harry Schwartz Shaker Brothers Shively Sales 8: Service, Inc. Smith's Dairy Dud Smith N. A. Soriano C. H. Stiver Co.: Chevrolet T 'lor Stores, Inc. Dollar Savings Bank Co. Electric Shoe Hospital Niles Fire Brick Company Niles Fuel 8: Supply Co.: A. HamiltongiH. J. Webb Western Reserve Lumber Tile: The The The J. The Company Tonk Radio 8: Electdic Sales A. R. Totten E. L. Traxler Wade Trimbur Vita Beauty Salon joe Wfhitehouse Woodcock's Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. David R. MortonF. W. Woolworth Company C. K. Nader N f X ,ff M Z f X ff' f Q I ,lil K . f '11 - X - Q fi-f " xl 5511? 'V' ' Q, - 'WI ii V 1- F 2, 1 -:T f I f f ' ' i 1 ' XXI, f ' N I I f ' f fl " ' ,Z J , ' f f X " f 7 ' WN' my f 5 b ff if QQ m f f ,E T I f A fl X ., N I 'f f Y ' 2 X 4 ,Cf gf: CONTENTS QfYd111z'nif!mfz'on GZIIJIEJ C97'glllZiZfll'l'07lJ U4zh!em-J -WdfUfEJ' 'v K. . . gl, 4. if . 2 L A ld fc' 525 1! 4 7 r 2 i ff? A if Uv? f if T 'ff W 3 W XX X Q ,if f .5 'g ' 7 X 4' V! VV 1 7 Xiig W ADMINISTRATION Board gf 6dZlCr1fi0ll sfzlfllflii' Uif.rirf1111f.f BOARD OF EDUCATION smwlzl. Al, BUNHAM R. H. STEVENS G. H. FRECH President D. G. HOX5UEI.I.S Vice-President ANNA MASTELLER Clerk DR. H. E. ELSTON DR. NW. H. vUII.LlAMS SAMUEL J. BONHAM JANE ANDERSON Superintendent Secretary ALBERTA PEARCE OLIN B. SMITH Secretary Principal ENGLISH MARGARETTA EVANS BEULAH R. JERLES HELEN DUER OLIVE F. BOWMAN T. C. BOND ROBERT SHARP VALOR SHURRAGER MABEL HATFIELD LIBRARY BEATRICE A. MILLARD ARNOLD CAMPANA ALBERT SCHWARTZ MUSIC MATHEMATICS ELENOR F. GALSTER KW. A. PETERS J. H. BROXWN MILDRED TALBITZER N ci DAVIS ROBERT R. CROSBY EAR1. HOKER A. 1. sM1TH WILLIAM DAVIS SOCIAL STUDIES SCIENCE BFULAH EASON J. C. HALL W. N. HALBEDEL CURTIS H. ALLISON EDITH 1.. ALLAN JAMES WIAND PHYSICAL EDUCATION TECHNICAL M. R. TIEFEL K. K. STRIOCK MARY WATSON ELEANORE R. ALLISON DOROTHY M. BLACK EDNA EASLEY C. 12. JONES COMMERCIAL LANGUAGE Lols J. EVANS EDITH G. EVANS BETTY KIRKBRIDE LUCILE R. WEBSTER HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL ASSISTAN TS FLORENCE OHL KATHERINE ISLES Attendance OffiCC1' School Nurse CUSTODIANS CHARLES BEATTY FRED FODEN THERESA WATERS JEFF WHITE I 13791 I v fl A N.:- CLASSES Jeniar Junior Qjbpbolflore ?'6'J'hl1lIl71 I f E Senio HELEN DUER, Class Sponsor LILY OF THE VALLEY KELLY GREEN AND WHITE r Class The future of tomorrow lies in the youth of today Don1'd P1ll2mte, President Mary jane Treffert, Vice-President Carolyn Whittaker, Secretary Eufzcrc Straka, Treasurer Keith Piper, Sergeant-at-A rms Herman Gengler Dorothea Dean Phillip Butto Rose Corrado Leo Kehn Roselyn Dejute john Halko Rose Fredericka Eugene Liberati Sophie Danes Dale Cochran Nina English Ronald Heames Eva Gulgas Daryl Day Angelica Liberatore Miles Butler Mary Dorhoff l N is Q' 2 -ibi- . aee 5 in ,Q i ffl LW Ei I a for . ,.,L W V X, 1,:zfzz1gs?Qif'g,. l, Gladys Seitz Adone Calderone Margaret Kaszonyi john Celano Anna Marie Dorchock Arthur Filomena Eileen Driscoll Robert Hecker Lucille Calderone Thomas Macchia Berry Germs Fred Harris Jeanne jones Louis DeLucia Pauline Grindereng Edwin Doubet Loretta Mymo Frank Burke Mary Shuller Anthony Latiano Eileen james William Helwig Martha jane jones Richard Mervyn Bessie Chinelli Samuel DeMartino Margaret Boyle Michael DeMasi Rose Malvasi james Donadio Mary Bury Sam jeswald Eleanor D'Allessandro John Donadio Dorothy Laipple Ben Mathews .Pi , W.,-, ,- J - 1' ,N , .V ., syw ' ' 95,1 .f ,r z""'f - Jgf Lf. .,v,.,vv ' fr, .. 1,:: 1 Vincent Marsico Harriet Quinn john O'Connell Dorothy Libert james Florenzo Yolanda Canterucci Andy Herczeg Mary Louise Raynes Howard Emch jane Erwin Sam Hughes Betty Tomkinson john McNosky Elizabeth Smith Sam Cordy Ruth Grishkat Edward DeMont Mary Elizabeth Edwards Albert Guarnieri Ruth Fisher Richard Hall Leona Klobucar Robert Clark Helen Harris Milo Carmella Marjorie Frampton Egino Campana Vera Mae jones Leslie Disko Dorothy Cavacos Vernon Hover Dorothy Wilscmn Michael Dejute Lena Gentile Edward jennens Elizabeth Guarino all ge t . n F be 'MF V t ,V A , N k, X -f 'lv' 4' t M S? .. n Q 1 tlt t ti t t ?l A 3 A,V, 'P MF' 'it 5 4- Fil Q. ' ' i V I dffimx it if M: , ,M FQYX. .v 'Tit C' Mercedes Barker Herbert jones Margaret Belenyi Pat Bellitt Carmella Bell Henry Bianco Angeline Bolino Lee Arnett Angeline Infante Thomas Coupland Carrie Ciminero Tony Chuirazzi Carmella Cosentino john Brodie Dorothy Daley Lawrence Gatta Beatrice Dellinger Charles jordan William Pattison Eleanor LaSalandra Robert Whitehill Aileen Rose Clifford Kline Gloria Scarnecchia Millard Leffel Jeanne Trimbur Charles Thomas Dorothy Seitsinger Clarence Wilscwn Violet Walters Dan Scarnecchia Emma Tustin Charles Rose Barbara Ruberto Ugo Scamecchia Margaret Watkins 99? ki- WH' 'Y 'Wy -j :- ' Wx ,' is 0' 'GV' .1.f is in AL l Carol Titus Alfred Macali Beatrice Promersberger jerry Scarmuzzi Sylvia Podar jess Near Rose Pepe Innis Winter Mary Kolaruvsky Donald Pallante Mildred Weinmer Dan Paris Rita Mullen Louie Tabor Garnet Porter Eugene Straka Mary Yerman Fred Law Wayne Biddlestone Jeanne johnson Thomas McMahon Mary Ann Hosack jerry Santangelo Virginia Cauffield William Fisher Josephine Nuskievicz Nick Rappach Barbara Yanci joe Hubbard Pauline Naylor Ralph Philomeno Mildred Rowlands Jerry Lord Dorothy Williamson Erwin Klein Elnora Watts 'MMR Nw ' 'HY 'HX NU w-nnbh' 'itll' Mary Spahn Keith Piper jean Shaffer Alfred Mnsciangelo Irene Sandfrey Frank Mango Stella Tricomi Anthony Lnpolla Jeanne Zeiser Bernard Sharkey Gladys Severs Lawrence Pollock Ann Salerno Joe Ruberto Betty Savo Edward Richards Betty Risher joseph Russo Cornell Mann Edythe Elizabeth Rudge Willianm Neicllinger Lena Loretana Matthew McCormick Helen Leep Daniel McMahon Catherine O'Brien james Keleman Carolyn Wlmittnker Robert Treharn Martha Morton Steve Rappach Theresa Magliaro Donald Ramsey Eleanor Macali Lawrence Ross Caroline Nardo QQ' AQ, v 3 1 ? r O ,. p F3 mm . ,a k ,J-w' . f Eleanor Smorra William Loney Carmel Salerno joseph Zitnik Catherine Tomko Steve Hlay Imogene Van Wye George Swift Mabel Hayman Philip Logan Mary jane Treffert William Pritchard Rose Malarchik Herbert Wilson Laura Thomas Francis Sullivan Mary Alice Ries George Bufwack Harry Dermer Margaret Levero Zoli Petrosky Nancy Sisco George Pugh Ruth Stoll Willis Weiser Lucy Matteo Merle Thompson Eernand Pieron Blair Dyess Roland Leibert Rudy Yaksich Joe Paris THE PICTURES OE THE FOLLOWING SENIORS DO NOT APPEAR Henry Arduini joseph Bonanno Anthony Flarey Michael joseph Norman McCormick joe Salerno jack Shaffer Rose Simeone Alhert Toth Avnes Treo a The Senior Class We walk to Qtfchool a haughty group As proud as proud can be, For now we are the senior class Our slogan, "tyranny." We call our pictures spiteful wrecks But deeply, down inside, I know each senior manifests A slight conceited pride. To us they are deceitful things, The lowly undergradsg And in contempt we picture them A bunch of childish cada. We speak in most authentic tones About the things we knowg We term ourselves the master minds, For that we steal the show. Some ohms cast our bhoks aside With a most distasteful growlg But almost all us seniors do For further learning prowl. The teachers face our ridicule Though with'ring it may beg We seniorsxterm their placidness As "reserved dignity." Now here we thank our faithful guides Who taught us twelve lon years, And every t ought will dwells on you Who trained us for careers. We graduate in merry une, And leave our school hind: But will we each one leave the school With educated mind? We face a world, a complex world And challenge it we must. I fervently beseech you here To deal in naught unjust. A few of us will do great things while none of us will failg Butlall of us wih leave our mark Along the rocky trail. -LOUIE TABOR 1 Kenneth Williams, President Mary Lou McConnell, Vice-President Viola Farnsworth, Secretary Marty Brutz, Treasurer Daniel Coleman, Sergeant-at-Arms f XVALTER HALBEDEL, Class sponsor RED ROSE RED AND GOLD Junior Class We build the ladder .Jy which we climb l l UPPER PICTURE: ROOM 24-Lulu May Evans, Alice Leffel, Charity Lewis, Loretta Libera- tore, Edward Logar, Helen Long, Palmer Loro, Angeline Lucarelli, Nancy Lyman, Jennie Macchia, Josephine Malvasi, Mary Marchese, Victor Marchese, Marguerite Martin, Lucy Mat- tacia, Fred Medovich, Phillip Merlo, Charles Miller, Lillian Miller, Ralph Miller, Andy Mirando, Frank Mirando, Carinella Mollica, Phyllis Mollica, Rocco Muccio. John Mucha, Dorothy Murray, Evelyn Murray, Rosina Musolino, Virginia McBride, Martha McConnell, Mary McConnell, Helen McCormick, Twila McDonald, Edith McGuire, Thomas McGurk, Daniel McMahon, Dorothy McNosky, Rosemary Nadaud, Vivian Nader, Harriet Sayers. LOWER PICTURE: ROOM 21A-Josephine Carasi, Rita Cassidy, Roselyn Chamhers, Rita Chiarmonte, Lucille Ciletti, Jenny Ciminero, Angeline Comparato, Florahelle Cornfieltl, Betty Cosgrave, Yolanda D'Allesandro, Theresa DeFiore, Margaret DeJute, Josephine DeMare, Freida Dogoda, Mildred Dunstan, Jennie Ferruggio, Frances Finnerty, Nick Flarey, Genevieve Fonce, Henry Galbraith, Virginia Gardner, Jane Gray, Doris Grimm, Fred Guerra, Helen Gulosh, Marie Gumina, Betty Hackler. Ethel Hardwick, Alice Hecker, Georgia Higley, Anna Horcharik, Imogene Hughes, Helen Icenhour, Willizini John, Doris Johnson, Charlotte Jones, Miriam Jones, Margaret Kearney, Edith Kidd, Etta May Knott. Mary Knott, Mary Kovach, Harry Krieger, Helen Kuhn, Adelia Lasko, Richard Law, June Lawrence. UPPER PICTURE: ROOM 20-Phillip Natoli, Lillian Newey, Mike Nicastro, Amelia Nicodin, Phyllis Norman, Paul Nuzzie, Margaret O'Brien, David Orwig, Margaret Pallante, Lavidia Pan- file, Violet Panfile, Carmine Pappada, Harry Paton, Anthony Patrone, Joanne Patrone, Catherine Pavlachic, Mae Pella, Susie Pellino, Mike Perone, Tilda Petrilli, Vincent Philomeno, Mary Prebble, Sherman Prebble, Wesley Preston, Jenny Prezioso, Arnold Randall, Raymond Rankin, Pearl Raynes, Joe Richar, Anthony Rizzi, Joseph Roden, Anna Rodomsky, Geraldine Rose, Mary Rose, Anna Rossi, Tony Razzano, Antonette Ruberto, Arthur Russ, William Scherer, Anna Schul- ler, John Scott, Russell Sebbio, Mary Seefred, Carmen Sena, William Sharkey, James Sheffler, Nick Simeone, James Simini, George Sipe, Richard Skilfey, Dudley Smith, Ralph Smith, Vir- ginia Snyder, Ada Sohayda, Bernard Soriano. LOWER PICTURE: ROOM 30-Julia Antonchak, Jeanette Baldwin, Lois Barber, Martha Bartik, Josephine Belcastro, John Bellitt, Joseph Benedict, Erma Bess, Betty Bianco, John Bivi- ano, Dorothy Blackburn, Carl Boesel, Martha Bridgens, June Brown, Martin Brutz, Mary Buc- cella, Mervyn Buckey, Marguerite Burns, Gerald Collins, George Croft, Norman Cullumbine, Irving Easterbrook, Dallas Edwards, Anna Mae Elias, Albert Ellenherger, Filomena Fasanelli, Joseph Feher, Jeanette Fisher, Joe Flarey, Miles Free, Stanley Horcharik, Oliver Ide, Donald James, William James, Franklin Johnson, Edward Law, Fred Law, Dale Lees, Lawrence Marsh, Joseph Meere, Harold Miller, Carmella Revella, Marilyn Trimbur. UPPER PICTURE: ROOMS 31 and 43-joseph Accordino, Albert Archambault, Gerald Baker, Edmond Barbati, Leonora Barnes, Nellie Beatty, Fred Bell, Martin Bender, Paul Berline, Barbara Blatchford, Louise Boren, Anna Borsich, james Bowen, Genevieve Brodie, james Brooks, Eugene Burrows, Robert Campbell, Marilyn Cauffield, Joseph Chuirazzi, john Ci' Sarella Cicero, Mike Ciminero, Albert Clare, Daniel Coleman, joseph Conti " .cn, Andrew Ctrrado, Ralph Crain, Clyde Croft, joe Crow, Cecelia Danihel, 1 Antuono, Velma Darnall, Charles Davis, Marino Di Domenico, Arminia Donnarumm- .igene Dragos, Betty Ellis, Dominic Fabrizio, Aura Featsent, Harlan 1-Iayne, john johrc ,., Charles jones, Mike Kish, Charles Mahoney, Edward McNamara, Billy McNally, Robert McNamara, George Pelton, Ernest Peters, Ralph Sandfry. LOWER PICTURE: ROOMS 33 and 38-jack Davis, Viola Farnsworth, Henry Galbraith, Jean Loney, Isabel Masterson, Phyllis Norman, joe Shaker, Bill Sipple, Doris Spell, Barthow Squeglia, Grace Stalder, Norman Stancher, Robert Stevens, Bertha Stitt, Geraldine Strohmeyer, Elizabeth Sucs, Anthony Sudano, Florence Suty, Patsy Theodore, William Thorp, Dalton Tou- vell, Carl Turcich, Harlon Urmson, Rose Veres, Vivian Ward, Mary Louise Warner, Charles Werden, Mary Whittaker, Betty Wick, jean Williams, Jeannette Williams, Kenneth Williams, Warren Wills, William Wilson, Laverne Wiltrout, Helen Wodogaza, George Woods, Alyce Yanus, joseph Yuhasz, Norman Zorn. '5- 'fi 5 HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS: Ralph Danfofd, Tony Bonanno Glenayr Collins, Anna Myde Evans, john Nada, 1, Tom Wilsqn, jean Shelah 'Y M N C DAVIS, Class Sponsor A vf ff' Sophomore Class 1 UPPER PICTURE: ROOMS 22, 4-I--W'illiam Alfonsi, Wfilliam Anderseck, Harold Aubel. Claude Barron, Carl Bianco, John Bianco, John Bowen, George Bridgens, Kenneth Britton, John Brutka, Wfarren Burnside, Charles Butler, Jack Callahan, John Candio, Frank Caruso, Joseph Cicero, Wfilliam Clayman, Richard Cleaton, Abraham Coney, Leonard Cooper, Ermine Cordy, Charles Daley, Ralph Danford, Herbert Daugherty, Wesley Daum, l-Iarrison Davies, William Davies, Frank DeFalco, George DeMont, Ralph Dennison, Charles Dickson, John Disko, Amelio Donatelli, Robert Donegan, Richard Elder, Harry Elston, James Evans, Phillip Florenzo, James Garland, Arthur Gentile, Wziyrie Gifford, Lawrence Goodhart, XXfilliam Gray, Arthur Guarnieri, Neil Guliano, Joseph Gulosh, John Hadley, Wlilliam Hamrick, Edward Hayes, Clarence Hecker, Wallter Hewitt, Charles Hofmeister, Jay Hubbard, Theodore Ivanchak, James Jacoby, Robert Jenkins, Edward Jerina, Thomas Joseph, Williiini Karnauskas, Robert Kidd, George Kish, Andrew Konchol, John Kovach, Raymond Latiano, Edward Lawrence, Marty Le- Cursi, Nick Long, Edward Luhaney, Clarence Lynn, Anthony Magliaro, John Mahoney, George Malos, Joe Mango, Charles Marado, Michael Matuszwski, John Malone, Anthony Miele, George Miller, Raymond Morello, Leroy Morris, LOVVER PICTURE: ROOMS 1, 9-Lena Albu, Mary Albu, Ruth Anderson, Goldie Bako, Angeline Barbati, Betty Barber, Elizabeth Bender, Josephine Boccia, Mae Boyle, Thelma Branch, Genevieve Burke, Anna Bury, Marian Byrom, Mary Cairns, Angeline Caizza, Mary Calvert, Eleanor Campbell, Eunice Campbell, Angeline Candela, Annette Candio, Lena Casamento, Josephine Chinelli, Phyllis Cicciarelli, Jeanette Clark, Mary Clemente, Martha Cochran, Glenayr Collins, Rose Cortese, Lois Crawford, Elizabeth Cua, Sara Curtorillo, Eileen Daley, Angeline D'Allesandra, Lila Davis, Theresa D'Allesandra, Anna Marie DeCresentis, Lucille De Christofaro, Romana De Christofaro, Jeanette Dellinger, Elizabeth De Pascal, Rita Dug- anne, Patricia Dull, Anna Myde Evans, Marie Evans, Paula Evans, Ethel Fenyo, Earlene Fet- ters, Marilyn Fisher, Regina Faulke, Ethel Gagany, Ida Gangone, Katherine Gardner, Eliza- beth Gemik, Grace Gumino, Rose Gumino, Ruth Jane Havener, Earlyn Hoffman, Alice Hogan, Elizabeth Holeton, Betty M. James, Rita Jennings, Eudora Johnson, Hermina Keiser, Doris Kreusler, Dorothy Lambing, Caroline Lapolla, Lois Lewellen, Katherine Lingeman, Irene Locko, Elizabeth Logar, Jean Lord, June Lord, Delores Louisa, Rose Mahoney, Martha Jane Mallory, Angela Mannella, Lucy Marchionte, Myrtle Ann Ryder, George Scriven, Maxine Sullivan. l UPPER PICTURE: ROOMS 6, SOA-Theresa Marchionte Julia Merrill, Elizabeth Michaels, Jean Miller, Kathryn Nadaud, Charles Nader, Natalie Nardo, Dorothy Newhard Harry O'Connell, Rita O'Connell, June O'Neill, Theodore, Theresa Marino, Marie Marsico, Mitchell, Robert McGuire, John William Newhard, Clyde Nolder, Opalka, Mary Pantone, Josephine Pascarella, Joseph Pasha, Margaret Pelton, Mary Perisa, George Petak, Jeanne Petty, Anna Pierco, Donald Pissini, Betty Pollard, Darrell Pollard, Lois Pollock, Vance Polo, Mike Pregibon, Leslie Pritchard, James Raftry, Joseph Raftry, Arthur Rich, Joe Stabile, Paul Strock, Martha Strohmeyer, Joseph Sudano, Edward Sullivan, Mary Sullivan, Donna Belle Swaney, Isabel Swager, Joseph Taylor, Marguerite Thomas, Ruth Thomas, Ruth Thorp, Mike Timko, Jean Timmins, Helen Treharn, Sarah Tufaro, Madalyn Tustin, Alice Umeck, John Unger, Josephine Valent, Joseph Valuschk, William Varley, Esther Veres, Tommy Webb, Anna Weida, Dorothy Whittaker, Sue C. Whittaker, Frank Wiles, Chelmer Wilkerscbn, David Williams, Howard Wills, Thomas Wilson, Robert Wolfe, Mary Williamscmn, Joe Yaksich, Catherine Yaksich, Dorothy Yanci, Mary Yeznis, Junior Zill, Philip Zorn, Marie Zuzalo. LOWER PICTURE: ROOM 54-Anna Rapchack, Byron Richards, Charles Ring, Richard Roche, Wilfred Roden, Warren Rosenberger, Max Ross, Anna M. Rossi, Frank Ruman, Nelson Russell, Robert Russell, Richard Rider, Margaret Sabo, Rosa Sallazo, Anthony Salerno, Carmen Salerno, Lewis Salina, William Sandfry, Richard Saylor, Gerald Scarnecchia, Phyllis Scarnec- Chia, Betty Scott, Annie Scudere, Constance Sebbio, Virginia Secola, Martha Serraro, George Shabla, Olga Shabla, Grace Shaffer, Robert Shaffer, Jean Shelar, Stella Sherlock, Royal Shirley, Mary Jane Shing, Carmella Simeone, Margaret Smorra, Rose Spano, Freda Stiffler. HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS: Charlotte Williams, Bill King, jean Boyd, Richard Bond, Mildred Frampton, Marty Lecursi W. A. PETERS, Class Sponsor Freshman Class UPPER PICTURE: ROOMS 21, 27, 42-Edmund Bender, Tony Bonanno, Charles Brown, john Dailey, james Dennison, Charles Drummond, David Dull, Ray Galvin, William Haydu, Beatrice Kapp, john Kaszonyi, William Kean, Billy King, Catherine King, Robert Lewis, Matilda Long, Edith Maddox, Mary Marioni, Fred Mark, Frank Miloves, Betty Moffatt joan Morris, Donna Morton, Mae Murray, Robert McElroy, Thelma McElroy, Audrey Mc- Guire, William O'Brien, Thelma Oney, jeannette Patrone, Emma Peters, Irene Phillips, joan Pitts, Delores Plant, Aldene Pollock, Andrew Popp, Michael Popp, Carl Porter, Gladys Raynes, Dorlamae Rose, Evelyn Rose, Paul Round, William Ruman, William Sayers, Nyla Scott, josephine Shaker, jack Shelar, Martin Sherlock, Lucy Shing, Elma Sikusha, Verna Sipe, William Sipple, joseph Skiba, joseph Slanina, Stanley Slezyak, Clida Smith, Glenn Smith, Ray- mond Smorra, Betty Spanogle, Gordon Spelman, Thomas Stofacs, jack Stein, Martha Stroh- meyer, Paul Strohmeyer, William Sullivan, Mary Szczotka, Christley Tabor, Charles Trimbur, Harry Walsh, Grant Walters, Margaret Vrfalters, Florence Williams, Howard Williams, Thomas Williams, William Wilson, john Wright, Norma Wright, Margaret Zavar, Robert Zorn. LOWER PICTURE: ROOMS 52 and 39-Evelyn Ball, Paul Banks, Phyllis Bartel, john Billey, Margaret Boda, Richard Bond. jean Boyd, Russell Brauer, Nelson Britton, john Brown, Martha Buckley, Dorothy Burns, joan Calvert, jean Campbell, Patsy Carano, Virginia Carty, Ralph Ciletti, john Coates, Ruth Cook, Dorothy Cullumbine, jennie Curran, Mary Dogoda, Rita Donegan, Imogene Drake, Richard Dejute, Paul DeMont, George Disko, Ruth Evans, Phillip Ferrari, Florence Ference, Silvio Ficeti, Clara jane Finnerty, Fred Fisher, Mildred Frampton, Dale Galbraith, Roscoe Gautschi, Helen Gengler, Alma Getsko, jacqueline Getts, Phillip Giangardella, Dennis Glassford, Lois Goehring, Rosemary Greco, Dorothy Hamilton, Hilda Hinks, George Horne, Hazel james, Dorothy jarrett, Irving johnson, Teddy johnson, Marvina jones, Vera joseph, Donald Keeley, Frederick Lewis, Alice Nicholson, David Nolder, Kenneth Rees, Charles Scaggs, Glenn Shirley, Burrell Stitt, Austin Wilkerson, Leonard Woodruff. UPPER PICTURE: SEVENTH GRADE-LeRoy Agues, Shirley Banks, Ida Berencsi, Helen Billiter, john Bowman, Harold Boyle, Paul Boyle, jack Brewer, Betty Bridgens, Beverly Brodie, Patricia Brodie, Helen Brown, jack Bruckner, jean Buttermore, Marcella Callahan, Dottie Calvert, joseph Carmella, Wayne Chambers, William Chasser, Arlene Chilton, james Collins, Lewis Cornwell, Florence Coupland, Beatrice Curran, Richard Dittmar, Paul Drake, Renaldo Ficeti, Frank Fonderlin, james Frech, john Fusco, Patricia Fusco, john Glay, Mary Glenn, Thomas Granger, William Grindering, Norma Gruhbs, Earl Hawkins, Donald Horne, Rollin Horne, joe Hotchkiss, Billy Hough, Betty jane james, Dorothy james, Marilyn james, Betty King, Carol Klein, jennie Krasnopera, Clyde Lawrence, james Leifel, Betty Lewis, Betty Lynn, Virgil Magnon, Agnes Mandras, Richard Marlowe, josephine Monaco, Tod Morgan, George Moss, Mae R. Murray, Fern McElhaney, Sarah Newhard, Carl Paolucci, Garnet Pollard, Irene Price, joseph Ramer, Anna Roberts, jack Rogers, Alva Rose, Delores Rose, Beatrice Ross, Mary Rudebaugh, Thelma Sanford, jane Schink, Marjorie Sheffler, Ruthann Shelar, Ward Strock, Gwendolyn Thomas, Charlotte Trifelette, Wilma Tustin, jack Vaughn, Louis Waldron, Marilyn Ward, joseph Weeks, Albert Werdon, joseph Wilkerson, Mary Lou Williamson, Letha Wills, Richard Young. LOWER PICTURE: EIGHTH GRADE-Arthur Balicki, james Benedict, jack Bletch, Henry Bowman, Marie Bridgens, Edward Britton, William Brown, Dorothy Buccella, Warren Buckey, Kaye Bumpus, Olive Colbert, Thomas Collins, Wilma Comer, Richard Cook, Martha Croft, Fay Crooks, Bertha Dennison, Virginia Doud, Mary Drummond, Robert Fawcett, Evelyn Froelich, Grace Giangardella, Bennie Gilmore, jane Grimm, Robert Henderson, joy Hilty, Carl Holmes, Robert Holmes, john Huston, james Ide, Mary javornicky, Betty jean jones, Edward jones, Lewis jones, Lou Rene jones, Martha jones, Leroy Kean, Betty Keeley, Maxine Kidd, Carl Kreusler, josephine Kronfeldt, Mildred Law, Donald Lewis, Violet Lewis, Dean Llewellyn, George Long, Louis Madison, Thomas Madison, Helen Mandras, Olive Mann, Eugene Marino, Doris Marshall, Guido Masciangelo, Leslie Monos, Dorris Morton, Alfred Mullett, Mae Mc- Donald, Helen McNosky, Robert Painter, Nicholas Paolucci, Kathryn Pollard, Bobby Porter, Rose Ragazzo, David Rowbotham, Martha Riley, Doris Ritteger, Dorothy Rose, Grace Rose, Dominica Ross, Richard Ross, Marie Rossi, john Rowlands, Gloria Sandfrey, june Scott, Bernice Skiba, George Smorra, Edward Tacsik, Robert Torrence, Dorothy Trimbur, Antoinette Trinches, john Vargo, Doris Weaver, james Welch, Denny Whittaker,-Gerald Williams, Leonard Williams, Ralph Williams, Lucille Wright, june Young, Adele Zindell. -Ii -3- ,lzs X XX f X Sf X ff XX ff X iii' gi- : .li' l",'R' A I N ' 1 !Wf'f 222 A-A rw ' f ffl? ab y , W x x f U x ,,.AA, ff ORGANIZATIONS Jbfufic WTEIIJZICJ fDrfl111afz'c.r Tubfzhzfiofzf Cfufu STUDENT COUNCIL 4l W ml ! l SPONSOR: A. I. Smith. OFFICERS: President, William Pritchard, Sr. Vice-President, Matt McCormick, jr. Vice-Presi- dent, Ted Law, Secretary, Margaret O'Brieng Treasurer, Richard Hall. MEMBERS: joe Bonanno, Anthony Bonanno, Dick Bond, james Bowen, Jean Boyd, Warren Buckey, Daniel Coleman, Glanayr Collins, Ralph Danford, Anna Myde Evans, Marie Evans, Mildred Frampton, James Frech, Richard Hall, William johns, William King, Ted Law, Charles Lawrence, Tom Macchia, Theresa Magliaro, Mary Lou McConnell, Matt McCormick, john McNosky, Richard Mervyn, Rose Mary Nadaud, Margaret O'Brien, Fay Parlos, William Pritchard, Richard Ross, jean Shelar, Charles Werden, Charlotte Williams, Tom Wilson. "And thro' the puissance of his Table Round, Drew all their petty princedoms under him Their king and head, and made a realm, and reigned." -Tennyson. tl 18. liz ra., mf'- Q r 43: 31' '1 ,. .wi ..,, dir- ORCHESTRA 3 Q DIRECTOR: Arnold F. Campana. MEMBERS: Arthur Bnlicki, Mercedes Barker, Anna Bury, Adonc Culderone, Thomas Coupland, Daryl Day, Sam Dc-Martino, Edward DeMont, Florence Fcrencc. Mary Ann Hosnck, Franklin johnson, Jeanne jones, Martha jane jones, Mrlrguret Kuszonyi, Eugene Liberati, jean Loney, Alfred M2lCLlll, Anthony Magliaro, Phillip Merlo, Anthony Miele, Martha Morton, Robert Preston, Anthony Salerno, Carmen Salerno, Ralph Sandfry, Mary Szczotka, Dudley Smith, Grz1ce'Sta1lder, Williririi Thorp, Edward Umeck. "Such sweet compulsion doth in music lie." +Milton BAND ve DIRECTOR: Arnold F. Campana. DRUM MAJORS: Edward DeMont, Anthony Chuirazzi, Gloria Scarnecchia, Barbara Blatch- ford, Jacqueline Getts. MEMBERS: Albert Archambault, Mercedes Barker, Margaret Belenyi, Erma Bess, Adone Cal- derone, Ruth Cook, William Clayman, Thomas Coupland, Daryl Day, Marie DeCrescentis, Margaret De-lute, Robert Dejute, Sam DeMartino, Mary Edwards, Marie Evans, Ruth Fisher, Miles Free, Mary Ann Hosack, Oliver Ide, Eileen james, Sam jeswald, Franklin johnson, Jeanne jones, Martha jane jones, Neil Guliano, Eugene Liberati, Alfred Macali, Anthony Magliaro, Martha jane Mallory, Ralph Miller, Anthony Miele, Martha Morton, Philip Natoli, jesse Near, Amelia Nicodin, William Pattison, Fernand Pieron, Robert Preston, Wesley Preston, Beatrice Promersberger, Mike Psyx, Raymond Rankin, Nick Rappach, Arthur Rich, Richard Ryder, Anthony Salerno, Ralph Sandfry, Harriet Sayers, Dan Scar- necchia, George Scriven, Mary Seefred, Dudley Smith, Bernard Soriano, Robert Stevens, Charles Thomas, William Thorpe, Edward Umeck, Harlan Urmson, Charlotte Williams, Leonard Williams, Thomas Williams, joseph Yuhasz, Anthony Zill. "Now louder and yet louder rise And fill with spreading sounds, the skies." -Pope GIRLS' CHORUS MEMBERS: Elizabeth Bender, Barbara Blatchford, Louise Boren, Eleanor Campbell, Yolanda Canterrucci, Virginia Carty, Rita Cassidy, Marilyn Cauffield, Dorothy Cavacos, Jeannette Clark, Glenayr Collins, Rose Corrado, Eileen Daley, Sophie Danes, Cecelia Danihel, Margaret DeJute, lmogene Drake, Betty Gwen Ellis, Jane Erwin, Lulu Evans, Viola Farnsworth, Aura Jean Featsent, Florence Ference, Lena Gentile, Jacqueline Getts, Lois Goehring, Elizabeth Guarino, Eva Gulgas, Betty Hackler, Alice Hogan, Mary Ann Hosack, Eileen James, Doris Johnson, Charlotte Jones, Jeanne Jones, Martha Jane Jones, Miriam Jones, Vera Mae Jones, Margaret Kearney, Edith Kidd, Catherine King, Helen Kuhn, Eleanor LaSalandra, Margaret Levero, Loretta Liberatore, Jean Loney, Eleanor Macali, Theresa Magliaro, Angela Mannella, Lucy Matteo, Martha Ann McConnell, Mary Lou McConnell, Helen McCormick, Joan Morris, Martha Morton, Vivian Nader, Pauline Naylor, Lillian Newey, Phyllis Norman, Jeanne Petty, Mary Alice Ries, Margaret Rowlands, Harriet Sayers, Ruth Saylor, Lucy Shing, Mary Jane Shing, Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, Florence Suty, Marilyn Trimhur, Mary Louise Warner, Mary Yerman. "As if a petal from a wild rose blown Had fluttered down upon that pool of tone." -Lanier BOYS' GLEE CLUB ff E, fi rrrrr G DIRECTOR: Arnold F. Campana. ACCOMPANIST: Carmen Salerno. MEMBERS: William Alfonsi, Paul Banks, john Biviano, james Bowen, Ralph Bowen, Warren Burnside, Miles Butler, William Butler, Adone Calderone, Pat Carano, Leonerd Cooper, Andrew Corrado, Charles Daley, Edward DeMont, Irving Easterbrook, james Evans, Lawrence Goodhart, William Hamrick, Edward Hayes, jay Hubbard, Charles jones, Erwin Klein, Wil- liam King, Dale Lees, George Libertin, Alfred Macali, Ben Mathews, Dan McMahon, joseph Meere, Charles Nader, Clyde Nolder, David Nolder, Donald Pallante, Arthur Russ, Nelson Russell, William Scherer, john Scott, joseph Shaker. james Shelfler, Ralph Smith, Charles Trimbur, Gray Tucke, David Williams, Herbert Wilscmn, George Wcmcmds, Anthony Zill. "A thousand melodies unheard before." - Rogers MIXED CHORUS DIRECTOR: Arnold F. Campana. ACCOMPANIST: Grace Stalder. MEMBERS: john Biviano, james Bowen, Marguerite Burns, Warren Burnside, Marian Byron, Adone Calderone, Lena Casamento, Marilyn Caulfield, Ruth Cook, Leonard Cooper, Charles Daley, Margaret Dejute, Roselyn Dejute, Edward DeMont, Mary Dorhoff, james Evans, Clara Finnerty, William Hamrick, Helen Harris, Imogene Hughes, Hazel james, Jeanne jones, Vera joseph, William King, Erwin Klein, june Lawrence, Angelica Liberatore, George Libertin, Nancy Lyman, Alfred Macali, Rose Mary Mahoney, joseph Meere, Martha Morton, Charles iailfilader, Clyde Nolder, David Nolder, Lavidia Panfile, Donald Pallante, Emma Peters, Norman Russell, Harriet Sayers, Mary jane Scarmuzzi, William Scherer, joseph Shaker, Stella Sher- lock, Ralph Smith, Adele Thomas, Ruth Thorp, Gray Tucke, Mary Louise Warner, Betty Wick, Herbert Wilson. "The music in my heart l bore, Long after it was heard no more." -VUordsworth. s ,tl NATIONAL FOREN SIC LEAGUE ALR :X 5 SPONSOR: T. C. Bond, ASSISTANT: N C Davis. OFFICERS: President, Roselyn Dejute: Vice-President, Carl Boeselg Secretary, Mary jane Treffertg Treasurer, Kenneth Williams, Sergeant-at-Arms, William Pirtchard. MEMBERS: William Alfonsi, Carl Boesel, Ralph Bowen, Rita Cassidy, William Clayman, Roselyn Dejute, Irving Easterbrook, Betty Gwen Ellis, Aura jean Featsent, Alice Hogan, Jeanne johnson, Charlotte Jones, Robert Kidd, Charity Lewis, Nancy Lyman, Lillian Newey, Leslie Pritchard, William Pritchard, Betty Rudge, Mary jane Scarmuzzi, Joe Shaker, Robert Stevens, Mary jane Treffert, Marilyn Trimbur, Kenneth Williams, William Wilson. "Speak boldly, and speak truly." - Beaumont and Fletcher. fi i hi W? JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB SPONSOR: Valor Shurrager. OFFICERS: President, Carl Boeselg Secretary, Margaret De-lute, Treasurer, Kenneth Williams, Sergeant-at-Arms, joe Meere. MEMBERS: Jeanette Baldwin, Martha Bartik, Martin Bender, john Biviano, Barbara Blatch. ford, Carl Boesel, Louise Boren, james Bowen, Marty Brutz, Marguerite Burns, Rita Cassidy, Marilyn Cauffield, Roselyn Chambers, Sylvia Copich, Betty Cosgrave, Cecelia Danihel, Margaret Dejute, Irving Easterbrook, Betty Gwen Ellis, Lulu Mae Evans, Viola Farnsworth, Aura jean Featsent, Doris Grimm, Betty Hackler, Do-nald james, William james, Charlotte jones, Charles jones, Margaret Kearney, june Lawrence, Dale Lees, Millard Lelfel, Charity Lewis, jean Loney, Palmer Loro, Nancy Lyman, Virginia McBride, Martha Ann McConnell, Mary Lou McConnell, Twila McDonald, Edward McNamara, joe Meere, Charles Miller, Harold Miller, Lillian Miller, Rose Mary Nadaud, Vivian Nader, Lillian Newey, Amelia Nicodin, Phyllis Norman, Lavidia Panfile, Harry Patton, Mary Preble, Pearl Raynes, Geraldine Rose, Harriet Sayers, Mary jane Scarmuzzi, William Scherer, John Scott, joseph Shaker, james Sheffler, Stella Sherlock, Mary Seefred, Ralph Smith, Virginia Snyder, Doris Spell, Robert Stevens, Florence Suty, Marilyn Trimbur, Carl Turcich, Harlan Urmson, Charles Werden, Betty Wick, Kenneth Williams, William Wilson, George Woods. "Suit the action to the word, the word to the action." - Shakespeare SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB l SPONSOR: Valor Shurrager. OFFICERS: President, Leo Kehng Secretary, Pauline Grinderingg Treasurer, Edwin Doubetg Sergeant-at-Arms, William Pritchard. MEMBERS: Mercedes Barker, Margaret Belenyi, Angelyn Bolino, Miles Butler, Virginia Caut- field, Rose Corrado, Dorothy Daley, Roselyn DeJute, Beatrice Dellinger, Edward DeMont, Edwin Doubet, Mary Edwards, Jane Erwin, Ruth Fisher, Marjorie Frampton, Betty Getts, Pauline Grindereng, Richard Hall, Helen Harris, Mabel Hayman, Ronald Heames, Mary Ann Hosack, Eileen James, Jeanne Johnson, Jeanne Jones, Martha Jane Jones, Margarette Kaszonyi, Leo Kehn, Erwin Klein, Roland Libert, William Loney, Ben Matthews, Martha Morton, Dan McMahon, Pauline Naylor, Rose Petrosky, Sylvia Podar, William Pritchard, Harriet Quinn, Donald Ramsey, Mary Louise Raynes, Edward Richard, Betty Risher, Aileen Rose, Mildred Rowlands, Betty Rudge, Ann Salerno, Irene Sandfry, Elizabeth Savo, Gloria Scarnecchia, Dorothy Seitsinger, Jeanne Shaffer, Mary Spahn, Theresa Squeglia, Francis Sullivan, Charles Thomas, Laura Mae Thomas, Carol Titus, Mary Jane Treffert, Imogene Van Wye, Carolyn Whittaker, Dorothy Wilson. "The play's the thing." - Shakespeare HI-CRIER STAFF axxx, .ai 1 ll X N l SPONSOR: Olive Bowman. MEMBERS: Lois Crawford, jack Davis, Eileen Driscoll, Paula Evans, Viola Farnsworth, Marjorie Frampton, Pauline Grindereng, Millard Leffel, jean Loney, june Lord, Matthew McCormick, Martha Morton, Phyllis Norman, Myrtle Arm Rider, Betty Rudge, George Scriven, Maxine Sullivan, Jeanne Trimbur. "lt's not an event, it's a piece of news." - Talleyrand We ANNUAL STAFF 1 9L'i'!:, .V w , 9- SPONSCR: Robert R. Crosby. EDITORIAL STAFF: Co-Editors: Ronald Heames, Leo Kehn. Activities Editor: Jeanne Trimbur. Athletics: Eleanor La Salandra, Louie Tabor. Forensics: William Pritchard. Dramatics: Mary jane Treffert. - Music: Martha Morton. Publications: Mildred Louise Weimer. Clubs: Stella Tricomi. Classes Editor: Gloria Scarnecchia. Seniors: Betty Rudge. Underclasses: Eileen james. Administration Editor: Richard Hall Faculty: Dorothy Seitsinger. Features: Beatrice Dellinger, Pauline Grindereng. Art: Jeanne johnson, Darrell Pollard. Photography: Fred Law, Ted Law, Miles Free, Franklin johnson, Dick Ryder, joe Feher. Typists: Aileen Rose, Sylvia Podar, Carrie Ciminero. Business Staff: Business Manager: Frank Burke. Advertising: Edwin Doubet. Circulation: Alfred Macali. Assistants: Margaret Belenyi, Arthur Filomeno, Charles Thomas, Carolyn Whittaker, Roselyn Dejute. "To serve thy generation, this thy fate." - Clemmer. ART CLUB fa , ,J SPONSOR: Beulah jerles. OFFICERS: President, Darrell Pollardg Vice-President. Ruth Ann Shelarg Secretary, joe Pashag Assistant Secretary, Dorothy Trimburg Treasurer, james Leffel. MEMBERS: Charles Abbott, Leroy Agues, Edward Britton, Patricia Brodie, Clifford Broolss, john Coates, Beatrice Dellinger, Paul DeMont, Frank Fonderlin, jean Evans, Thomas Granger, Stanley Horcharik, Billy Hough, Teddy johnson, Millard Leffel, james Leffel, Betty Lewis. Violet Lewis, Virgil Magnon, Doris Marshall, james McConnell, Sam Nelrico, joe Pasha, Darrell Pollard, lrene Price, Alva Rose, Ruth Ann Shelar. Gwendolyn Thomas, Dorothy Trimbur, joseph Wfilkerson. "The summers dawn reflected hue, To purple changed Loch Katrine's blue." K -Scott. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB .,.- " l" M V .sv 2 'im 'Q SPONSOR: Betty Kirkbride. OFFICERS: President, Mary Edwardsg Vice-President, Beatrice Prnmersbergerg Secretary, Ruth Thorpg Treasurer, Virginia McBride. MEMBERS: Mary Albu, Betty Bender, josephine Boccia, Mae Boyle, Lucille Calderone, Yolanda Canterucci, Virginia Carty, Dorothy Cavacos, Lois Crawford, Elizabeth Cua, Sophie Danes, Romana DeChristofar0, Mary Edwards, Paula Evans, Ruth Fisher, Marjorie Frampton, Ida Gangone, Lucille Guacci, Grace Gumino, Alice Hogan, Eileen james, Vera Mae jones, Lotus Koken, Katherine Lingerman, Margaret Levero, Lois Lewellyn, june Lord, Martha Jane Mallory, Virginia McBride, Mildred Prentice, Beatrice Promersberger, Mildred Rowlands, Josephine Shaker, Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, Ruth Thorp, jean Timmins, Lucille Wright, Alice Yanus. "Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble." - Shakespeare. l l LIBRARY STAFF SPONSOR: Beatrice A. Millard. I MEMBERS: Carmella Bell, Angeline Bolino, Eleanor Boyd, Mildred Dunstan, Betty Gwen Ellis, Mildred Frampton, Charlotte jones, Eleanor La Salandra, Catherine O'Brien, Mae Pela, George Shabla, Ada Sohayada, Mary Jane Treffert, Rose Veres, Mildred Weimer, Carolyn Whittaker. "On bokes for to rede, I me delytef' - Chaucer l STAMP CLUB if 'l. ' -':. SPONSOR: Carson E. jones. OFFICERS: President, joe Rodeng Treasurer, Elizabeth Holeton. MEMBERS: William Alfonsi, Ralph Danford, Harry Elston, Herman Gengler, Wayne Gifford, John Glay, Elizabeth Holeton, james Jacoby, Charles jones, joe Roden, William Scherer, William Wilscrn. "The stamp of kings imparts no more worth, than the metal held before." - Carew. SCIENCE CLUB SPONSOR: Walter N. Halbedel. OFFICERS: President, Charles Thomasg Vice-President, William Pritchardg Secretary-Treasurer, Richard Hallg Sergeant-at-Arms, Edward DeMont. MEMBERS: Russell Brauer, john Brown, Lucille Calderone, Yolanda Canterucci, Virginia Carty, Mike Ciminero, Eleanor D'Allesandra, Edward DeMont, Richard Hall, William johns, William Karnauskas, Robert Kidd, john Kovach, Dale Lees, William Loney, William Pritch- ard, Charles Thomas, William Wilson. "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." - Tennyson ,,..!' ..,, , TORCH CLUB 3' SPONSOR: Robert Sharp, MEMBERS: Rita Cassidy, Rosslyn Dejute, Betty Ellis, Marjorie Frampton, Richard Hall, Ronald Heames, Charlotte jones, Jeanne johnson, Leo Kehn, Jean Loney, Nancy Lyman, Lillian New-ey, Phyllis Norman, William Pritchard, Harriet Sayers, Gloria Scarnecchia, Mary jane Scarmuzzi. joseph Shaker. Mary Spuhn, Robert Stevens, Charles Thomas, Mary jane Treffcrt, Charles Werden. Kenneth Willianws, Carolyn Whittaker. "Truth, like a torch, the more 'tis shook, it shines." - Hamilton. V' 1 9 xl la vi ,gmww 47 if ff :W wi -ff l ll K " W' 3' af 1' wr: y I X W , ff H X ff , , f f ,,. X X V ,VVV i 3, ATHLETICS fbotball ?cz.rfQg'z'bflll Qirlf' Jporff may H Mil 6 Xxx: 5- 3 5 GRID SQUAD COACH: Earl Hoker. MEMBERS: Wayne Biddlestone, Martin Brutz, Williain Butler, Daniel Coleman, Croft, Michael Dejute, Michael DeMasi, Anthony DePascal, john Donadio, Eugene james Evans, Dominick Fabrizio, Fred Guerra, William I-lamrick, Steven I-llay, Horne, Dale Lees, Edward Luhaney, Clarence Lynn, Fred Medovich, joseph Meere, Mervyn, Harold Miller, Paul Monroe, Donald Pallante, Carmen Pappada, Anthony George Pelton, Ralph Philomeno, Keith Piper, jerry Santangelo, john Scott, William Eugene Straka, Christly Tabor, Louie Tabor, Carmen Verina, Charles Werden, Williams. 4 SCHEDULE Opponent Niles Sept. 16 - Scienceville .......,...................... ..,i.... 2 33 Sept. 23 - Youngstown South ,i,..,.. .,..,.... 0 13 Sept. 30 - Youngstown Rayen ....,.e. ....... 6 12 October 7 - Sharpsville ,,.... ....,.. ,,...... ....... 6 7 October 14 4 Youngstown Wilsimn , ........ ...,.., l D 21 October 20 - Struthers ...,.,..,......,... ...... . 6 6 October 28 - New Philadelphia 13 0 Nov. 11 -- Girard .. .................... ....... 0 0 Nov. 25 M- Wa1'ren .. .,...,. 0 0 George Dragos, George Richard Patrone, Sharkey, Kenneth SENIOR GRIDDERS N . Q ,- RICHARD MERVYN DONALD PALLANTE EUGENE STRAKA ' Guard Quarterback Tackle JERRY SANTANGELO LOUIE TABOR RALPH PHILOMENO Tackle End Tackle SENIOR GRIDDERS 4, , . .ng WAYNE BIDDLESTONE MICHAEL DCJUTE MICHAEL DCMASI Half Back Full Back End STEVE I-ILAY JOHN DONADIO KEITH PIPER Half Back End Center lr 'f PM-...... CHEERLEADERS EDXWIN DOUBET CECELIA DANIHEL ROSELYN DejUTE VIRGINIA CAUFFIELD BFN MATTHEWS JAMES BOWEN BAN QUET COMMITTEE SPONSOR: W. A. Peters. MEMBERS: Mae Boyle, Marguerite Burns, Glenuyr Collins, Dorothea Dean, Eileen Driscoll, Anna Myde Evans, Betty I-Iackler, Willizim Karnauskas, George Miller, Catherine O'Brien, Catherine Pavlachic, Byron Richards, Nelson Russell, Jeanne Zeiser. BASKETBALL SQUAD COACH: james Wiand. MANAGERS: john Halko, Eugene Dragos. SQUAD MEMBERS: Martin Bender, Wayne Biddlestone, Mervyn Buckey, Andrew Corrado, George DeMont, john Donadio, Arthur Gentile, Michael Hubbard, Richard Law, Theodore Law, Charles Mahoney, john Mahoney, Cornell Mann, Ben Mathews, Michael Matuszwski, Robert McElroy, Richard McFadden, ,Iohn McNosky, Joseph Meere, Theodore O'Palka, George Pelton, John Scott, George Shal'-10, William Sharkey, Louie Tabor, Charles Werden. SCHEDULE Opponent Niles Dec. 16 Youngstown South ..............., ..r,,.. 3 7 jan. 5 Scienceville ....,,,,.,.,.. ,,,. 2 1 jan, 6 Girard ,.,,.................. .... 2 0 jan. 12 Warren ...,,,.,.,,,,,,..,....... ,,,. 3 5 jan. 13 Youngstown Wilson ...,, ,,i.... 3 0 jan, 20 Youngstown Chaney ..,,... ,.,,.,. 5 2 jan. 26 Struthers .....,............,........ ...,,,. 4 5 jan, 27 Boardman ..,,,i 21 Feb. 2 Girard ,...,, ,,,. 2 7 Feb. 3 Sebring ....,,. ..,. 2 9 Feb, 9 Memorial ....,,,,.. .,.. 3 5 Feb. 10 Newton Falls ....,,, .... - 43 Feb, 16 East Palestine .....,.......,, .... 3 6 Feb, 17 Youngstown East .,..,.,..., ....,.Y 4 3 Feb. 20 Fitch ...,.......,....,,.,,............,.Y ,.Y.... 3 5 Feb. 24 Warren ...............,................. ....... 3 5 Feb. 27 Memorial QTournamentJ .... 22 SENIOR CAGERS WAYNE BIDDLESTONE BEN MATHEWS CORNELL MANN Forward Guard Forward JOHN MCNOSKY JCHN DONADIO LOUIE TABOR Forward Center Guard INTRAMURAL CHAMPS JUNIOR - SENIOR LEAGUE ROOM 41: Frank Burke, Michael DeMg1si, jului Duiiinlio, jerry Scairmuzzi. Berruird Shurkey SOPHOMORE - FRESHMAN LEAGUE ROOM 22: Claude Barron, Williaxii Butler, Charles Daley, George DeMunt, james Evans William Hamrick, james Jacoby. GIRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SPONSOR: Edith Allan. OFFICERS: President, Jeanne Zeiser, Vice-President, Charity Lewis, Secretary, Cecelia Dani helg Treasurer, Margaret DeJuteg Social Chairman, Betty Savo. MEMBERS: Angeline Bolino, Margaret Belenyi, Marion Byrom, Martha Briclgens, Anne Borsich, Mary Bury., Marguerite Burns, June Brown, Dorothy Cavacos, Phyllis Cicciarelli Virginia Cunningham, Ruth Cook, Sarah Curtorillo, Lucille Calderone, Yolanda Canter rucci, Roselyn Chambers, Margaret DeJute, Roselyn DeJute, Imogene Drake, Dorothea Dean Eileen Driscoll, Cecelia Danihel, Mildred Dunstan, Anna Marie Dorchock, Sophie Danes Josephine DeMare, Lulu Mae Evans, Anna Mae Elias, Rose Fredericka, Francis Finnerty Eileen Finnerty, Clara Jane Finnerty. Earlene Fetters, Florence Ference, Doris Grimm, Lois Goehring, Helen Gulosh, Betty Hackler, Ruth Havener, Anne Horcharik, Angeline Infante Rita Jennings, Vera Joseph, Miriam Jones, Margaret Kearney, Eleanor LaSalandra, Charity Lewis, Alice Leffel, Anne Long, Lucy Mariani, Marguerite Martin, Twila McDonald, Theresa Marchionte, Julia Merrill, Rose Malarchik, Dorothy Murray, Joan Morris, Josephine Nuski viecz, Catherine O'Brien, Margaret O'Brien, June O'Neil, Sylvia Podar, Lavidia Panfile Eunice Round, Betty Savo, Constance Sebbio, Josephine Shaker, Olga Shabla, Verna Sipe Margaret Sabo, Florence Suty, Gladys Seitz, Madolyn Tustin, Emma Tustin, Josephine Valent Esther Veres, Erlaine Weaver, Sue Whittaker, Mary Louise Warner, Mary Yerman, Alyce Yanus, Dorothy Yanci, Jeanne Zeiser, Josephine Boccia, Virginia Carry, Lena Gentile. Q..-f-AY' +. 3 .NM 'MWNQ FEATURES CIIZZENIIIII7' 3011! gf Qhme 611.137 55660011 ti.. ir r: Y lr I'- 1 g. 5 li lc . 52 , K - i 1. pfw al., SCHOOLCALENDAR SEPTEMBER ll-The beginning of the end for seniors -school opens. I6-Dragons open football season with Scienceville on home field. 22-McKinley students elect home room officers. 28-Cecelia Danihel and jim Bowen join the ranks of Dragon cheerleaders. OCTOBER 3-204 students apply for N. Y. A. work. 4-Bill Pritchard to head McKinley chapter of N. F. L. 6-"Waltz Me Around Again Willy," first matinee dance. ll-Home Economics Club organizes with Mary Edwards as president. 12-Carl Boesel elected junior Dramatic Club head. 15-Student Council begins work with Bill Pritchard as president. 16-The Winnah! Jeanne Zeiser comes in first in marathon race. 17-john Scott chosen president of Science Club. 18-Student Council appoints standing committees for school year. 19-Senior Dramatic Club elects Leo Kehn head. 26-"Witches Stomp," first evening dance, sponsored by Council. 27-Teachers attend N. E. O. T. A. meet- ing. Students make hay--no school. 28--Roselyn Dejute only N. F. L. mem- ber to earn degree of distinction. 30-Hi-Crier Group ranks first in home room scholarship. 81 students earn places on first honor roll. NOVEMBER 1-Performing for parents-visitation night! 3-Five Hi-Crier students attend State journalism Convention in Colum- bus. 9-Democracy stressed by Russ Stein at assembly. 11-Up and at 'em! Girard-Niles foot- ball fray. 14-Freshmen, seniors take intelligence tC5f. 15-Darrell Pollard to head Art Club. l7iStudents give thanks at "Turkey Hop." 18-Santa in disguise! Home Ec. Club repairs toys for needy children. 23-Niles-Warren teams battle for Stein trophy-Ten gridders end careers. 27-One hundred and two girls join Mc- Kinley Chorus. 29-Don Pallante travels to Philadelphia to view Army-Navy game as guest of Michael Kirwan. 50-Vfiand begins second season with 26 cagers. DECEMBER 4-Miss Shurrager announces cast of Christmas play. 5-Dragons break tradition-card Sharon on Thanksgiving 1940. 7-Eighty-eight students win places on largest honor roll. 9-Hail the conquering heroes! Dragons honored at banquet and dance. Keith. Piper chosen as honorary captain. 14-Music director announces mixed- chorus members. 18-Kenneth Williams elected president of junior class. 19-Dickens' "Christmas Carol" scores triumph at assemblies. 21-At last-Christmas Vacation! JANUARY 2-School resumes. 4-Council inaugurates flag raising ceremony. I0-Senior president appoints standing class committees. 15-Niles debaters rank sixth at Struth- ers. 16-Committee begins work on prepara- tion of senior annual. 19-Coach Hoker makes plans for intra- mural cagers. 20-"The Two Orphans" chosen as junior class play. W V 22-Music groups present program at assemblies. 26-Council sponsors "March of Dimes," matinee dance. 27-Dramatic coach announces cast of junior class production. 29-Roselyn Dejute to head N. F. L. for second semester. 30-Room 38 holds record for scholastic standing. 99 pupilswin places on honor roll. 1 .1-31 1 SCHOOL CALENDAR FEBRUARY 1-Akron Symphony presents program at assembly. 2-Paul Zorn, freshman, breaks intra- mural scoring record. 5-"jerry of Jericho Road" chosen as operetta. 12-Home rooms elect students to Safety Council. 19--Anthony Magliaro smashes intra- mural record for individual scor- ing. 20-Joe Shaker leads 66 entrants in De- clamation Tournament. 21-Pupils celebrate vacation at "Wash- ington Ball." 27-Dragons battle Campbell in first tournament play. 28-Seniors try out for positions as mem- bers of annual staff. 29-Leo Kehn, Ronald Heames to edit '40 annual. MARCH 1-juniors present class play to appre- ciative audiences. 2-Arnold Campana announces cast of operetta. 3-McKinley places first in debate here. 5-Stan Slezyak sets official intramural scoring record. 8-Everybody turned Irish for the Dra- matic Clubs' St. Patrick's Day party. 12-Hi-Crier entertains Tri-County journalism Association. Ed Bang of Cleveland guest speaker. 13-Robert Stevens chosen as MC for Stunt Night. 2-Bill Pritchard, Roselyn Dejute to enter National Student Congress. 5-23 chests expand two inches-cagers receive letters at dance. 3-junior Class Party. 17-Athletes and entertainers-G. A. A. holds annual dance. 24-The end drawing near . . . Senior Class party. 2-Baccalaureate. 4--THE big affair . . . junior-Senior prom. 14-"While the Buzz Saw Buzzes" by Room 30 wins the banner in the fourth annual Stunt Night per- formance. 15-Room 41 takes thriller to gain intra- mural crown. l6-We're a brilliant lot-7 per cent of students gain positions on honor roll. 18-Debaters chosen to attend Student Youth Congress and-one week of vacation. 28-Sophomores 'jive and jam' at class party. APRIL 12-Freshies hold class party. 19-Music department presents operetta. 26-Unusual hustle and bustle-report cards out again! . . . Matinee dance helps dispel blues. 30-Vacation. 31-Seniors have final dramatic fling as they present their class production. 6-Commencement . . . and it begins all over again for seniors. 7-Ah-three months of leisure, begin- ning today. 'vugg ,lf Best Dancer: Mary Kulamvslcy Dam Paris Nearest: liileen Driscoll joe Bonnunu Most S:holastiC: Margaret Belenyi Fred Law SENIOR HALL OF FAME Most Athletic: Jeanne Zeiser john Donatello Most Popular: Rosie-lyn Dejute Dun Pallalnte Wit and Humor: Martha jane jones Frank Mangu Friendliesr: Duruthy Lzlipple Louie Tabor SENIOR HALL OF FAME, Most Likely to Succeed: Roselyn De-jute Fred Law Best Dressed: Mary jane Trelfert Michael DeMasi Best Manners: Margaret Boyle james Keleman Most Artistic: Virginia Cauffield Joe Hubbard Best Looking: Carol Titus Dick Mervyn Most Musical Talent: Mercedes Barker Adone Calclerone Most Dramatic Ability Harriet Rose Quinn Matt McCormick WASHINGTON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS P 'fy . W1 Au accalaureai .4 Adm I 4 1' 'nl ,"',a1 UK... il' 5 5. ' .N x-' 1 ,n 'fi A 4 fl W .ff 'bf U 1 5 v. 's 11: 6 iffy 4' 15' f! . 5 nk I L1 2 3 1 ,EG S! E, ry. YJ .jus ,run gf.. 'o' ,SAF ,,. Viv' L. H Fri ..4 A at 5:-'sq Q15 Wfrm. I X Q! A ,tl Qffutogmpfli , if 9' M5 W M ' 5 ffddjd Vw 1 3 qt 6 fDf1a,M4JS!wwuc4, -r Www . V+ - az,,g,,,-gbv-ff 571411 7 3,4 ff-J af - M , Z 4 b ' , ,,,.........J 1' Aw MQW fx !' :Jaw L-fm' i 12 fm 74' : . .1 A WP -,fA - 'A, -- l . " .Mihai-fy . ip' ' 'I 2 J I ' l G 4 f 4. I 5 : : A : I f , Z' X ,ffl-4 - ' C49 1 x H VV -. ' P L I . - V -'A ,D f r "frm i,r.V'..,,,r',,,13.L-az:b - viii , : t I I L' A an 5 :R I w? M., I' V ' vb-.rc 2 3-t-vs .1 vm '- ' V J' fini' "' -'W f -1 ,v " A nMlQ..,.w :rink 1- au. I uk. .4 K J f fini? 1.1 1?-rf M 4 12 e' Qgqx L- . M., - , -, I ' ' ' ' T Y. . . Y., '-'V-j',1f4:1:.,Li 4, ' - Lg5'' f, f" Vg:-Q fe P-4, jjE"i ,1-V-1 ,- W I-fi.-si' J, ' ,. tl .MW . 1 , .I ' ,MV K f " v.l,.1-bk: 53 .. ' "'f 'qw .b -sf Q iii, figab 5-. N 1-.ylriff-,.5? A - , .: , . 1' A1','?Q,r,l. - 'JZ ,', ' wx . - , Q, lf' ' T ' 'K 3. X. ': . , ,. I N , W 4 ' 'lv-"1:r 1 1 " W H lil-ii gf , 3. v . :Xin ...-1 1, I g .- .V -,L Q. Q 7 - f, Li' ,,"v, N fj- .Ln L -. f ul-' : X. -i , V. fi I ,rm ' dv. ' , L' :3 '+V -- I 1 fll- F' .' Pi AY 2 uf V, . ix ,.,. , , , "fi , ' vig' ,:,..5, .L V. X, U11 'vi ' 1 J 4 Q. fgpfin. , ' Rf .1-,qi rf, 4" 21 v - 'v 4-img' ,J 1-Wgf' if 5, "wil 'F r 1.-1, in ,H 'V 'HD , P51 ' ' 9 fr ii. ., Q" . - 13 my ' ul' il. - ., Q-f I , 3 rf ,-'V I i,:JJiga-' , ' " . '1' 'Z' wfrf, 'ffl L-355' ' ,A,v,.-:A 1,.-- -'VXI-' - r ij- P. ,' 72. , j.."'. 1. x ' -"f is H, Q, Q V ,, , L, 5' 1 rj 5. " .,- . ,fifwf Y I: V b ' W'-'fZ'.1fQU .' 1 5 .v. . , I ', Q , ff' -1. , ' :" Y-fi' K' Mr. I, , 'ij' 'U 1 '., .,-' 'li v'- lfv... ,,., 54, . ,y 2 ,P . veg--nf mg-, lm fk...- , ,, A -.v " "f A 41 v - x -' ,V 1253: " ...EkH., . .Jbm -fs!" - N, 'il-Rl'-9251 lif- '3 22.53 .- Img: 15' V 1, , .., -ex ,-QV: , , 'ls .Tf.t,' 43.2 pl -xr' 1: -' :' X," 2' 'g In 1 - 1 av "Er" ,, 1 1 Ig , n l Q. I ,i . ,.u I f . Q i"7 L i 11 ' 1 11JK11H-L 1.1 M 1. ',,.,,. 4. 'I 1.7--'J fi- -.1-. :JWQ .1 .. 1 , 11,1 '. .1-11-11' 11 A 1 Y 'L' 1 - 1 -. g.1f.', ' I 31. 11" - -wi 1,-1. 3, 1 nfff, ," , '1.. , -,ff , , ff -.L fl-'. 1 fm., f1 ' 1 - 1- " '-1-HC."-' .11 1.1L,1,-,1,rf:"' , 11.1 ' 1 JP., '- ' I n , 1 J,. ' :.i5xw:'.. 1--,1f'. 1 ',- -- 1 151.1 1.,Q 171- .- ' - '- :lx ,-.j'55,.',I1 1. ' ' 1 V f-QII, , 11,,'1,,.v' ' 1- .,1 S Q., 1 ,511 -. . 1'-A I , pm Yr. , , 1. ' ' -. 1 .4 1 ':".1 1.1 1.1. --fi-.11 :TA ' M .1 1 11. -1? fr 1 2 .1 1- 1 1 '1-111' 9-. -LH L1'.,1 L11-,Lf - 1 1 1, if., 1 1,11 W- 1 -1-1---1 I 1- 1 4 -1-,V .,1c.1, ,--:-,-- 29111111 1 , N I 111, - -- 1 W1 1.3151 1 -1 1 - 1 1111- I -.11 .121 Q1-,-1 -H 1 ' yu --1..:'-- 17,3115 - ... 1 . 1 1 r ,1-1 .1 'j.,' - ' 1 . -.11 1- . 11- H .1 . I :- L ,. ' f 1 ', . . 1 . M . K 1.1 f1'f'if'. 12 1 1 1' '1 f ' 1 4 1,1 2 -, V1 , -1-pf 11,1 1- A - ' ,Y 1r, ., 1 -ft HM, -.1 - If 1'-1, .. 1 "1 5.1! X Q Q11-' il-. 1-f' -,1' ' 4 2 ' . ' xf'g1.3j11. 1 IA, 1 - '1 1-. . .1 11-1 f.'1' j Q ' 1, :l 1 1 ' 5 1 , .11-g .,-3:-. 1.1: 'LU 7g11'1 :J Us -D 1'! 1. 1 1 ,F 1 . f 1 1 I .V 3,1 .7111 -4 1 1 f . j j ' Q1' . 11j 1 1 1 X , V ,rx - . v Q. , 1 1 1 l 1 141 . ,v L, XA. .fr 'Q . . .' -JF -1 ff . 1,1 J' 1 1 ,' ,nv V 7 - rfb - Y 1 J... 'A 1 4 , L 1" Y J 11' '- -.V ' 1. . 314' 1 , 111 ' 2' .N 1 1 X 1 11 1 K. , - 1 JJ , f 1 1 21. 1' N . ' 1 x' .-' 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1-Q - I 1 ' .Q 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1.31. 11 1 - 1' - ' .. 1 1. . 11 '- , Y 11 1 f '- - , 1 , ,1,5,:g1- ,W L..-X 1.1 1 . .1 .1-f--1-11f'.11, 'Q -1 . w,,.' 1 -' 1-SJ,,.2'1-'-1 fi. 3 ' 'ul-'A Y ,V1 V bl .1 A 3 , ..A 1 1f.--,fz1.-1I-..,,n--- 1--.. ' .- ..:-W ' "f-1 15 2 Q. 1.-.1 QQ, - 11 1.51, 11211, 11 ' ,HQ , :I -., 1 -.1511-' 1 ,Q wiv,-'. ' ,. .-2-'11 - -H1 . 1- -1-1. ' 1' 1--.1 ', K, .4 1-1 , , 1 151, , 1, 1 11-1, 1 I1 .1 11 1, , .1 ."1:jr,v Q 1-1 , ,L 1' 1- ,, A -1 ' '- .-1' I .10-'11 I . 1. x ' ' E 4, dl, . 1 ,t Y- .I .xl . ' ,'y.' , , ' 1" 1-' 1 ,- 1. .' '-1' - 'J 1- - 11112- . .1 1 1 1 'liar 1 "' ' I, -'iii' "CA: '1 1 . , -. .. . .e' 51, .1 -. 11? 1 :'4'f -1: .-4 'ft-11.1-.1 1- 3 .2 M Wh, 11 . ' 21,1-,f-up - .-1111 - . . N- Q 15-1. 11 , - -j.1,'.'-1'11Q.,,.', . L1 - ' 1- '..1v+51':v11f11S'1 1 - ' . - . 1. 1.-J,--, 1 - 1-4 - ,- 1 1 A 1' ' ff 'l':-' I - 1 1,1 111.21 11 ui '-f .1 1,11 ,, F, rw... ',.. - ,,Jgi1fg,, 1 A. 1-' ' " 1 11-1-1 v -' 11':1ff-- 1. --1f1 '11.f-,.-'W-11'1Vf: 1. 1 4. -1- ,1-, 1. 1, -,. . ' .. ' - . 'B 22 1 1 . - f - '1 --4 iw

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