Niles McKinley High School - Dragon Yearbook (Niles, OH)

 - Class of 1925

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Niles McKinley High School - Dragon Yearbook (Niles, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1925 volume:

' -:.- :?1LZ,'VV Ag + V.: 5, Q71 fi ,AW 'V'-'ff-5-.5':.f-if?-' -ef: qu- - V - v22tV?f'--Vs""'f '14-15' Q' A- v -.. v,'.'5-gdaglfzv-T -gas-Vi-. , :Al J, :-'-gV'-'EQA3L,,,gzP-4- .1 ,Aw gzikmgy .4 . .1 1-V-'A-11ff"1 ' .Vv-A09'f4:J:A7,f1-'.1Ia-VQVVI--TV: '-6.?'diVi.-V ' " A. -ms-:3:VL--gzip:-V-42, V V Vx '. - . 413610 '-"--V Qgfiiz .V'-ff-f"Q5--3-P:-V"w . ' 1.-M , AVQ -.-V-V -lf..-VV.,-...V, r-V,A,.-ef- V - A. - --r.,..Q - .VV -. .- V. 1-VV, - :VS V' '-VVVVA-ii:,fAV,- -A - we V-VV' :,V5qX-T:V:v,,.wV:e ,a-5,5 . A - - . -. , ,,- i- l ,,,t-.--i:-- V35 1. .AV ---.-u,Qf,x,.Yv,,,,AL V VV V- 4 fm V '- " --VV -V: --:Arm :V V.Vf.1A V.V."- ' V- f- ' V- . V fn .319 AQ Jr- -:Vw - :fa - -A-'N ' A '11, VVV: A--Az. . r-A . . A A --V C A- V,-1f,ZV!..,.- VM A .-fgAVig-fig.. V - -a hh -.-'e.Vffl,z-fs --aff-Vi- Vw :::-ii: N- , eg -- VV- -. " QV- 1, V V. ' - -' - -- ,,-- -' -' ' -Q V ,f -r - A ,. .,. ....A.A- ,f,.Av1QAQF.:7:-3.55:-1,V.V,i.xW -V V 'K ,. , .,. A 'N' 1 .a ff-Wag., V . A A V - -V- ,.-- af- A, -A ., 5 -V-:pn -Aj ' W' 1:V Q ,-SJ. i- aff:-?.1:Vfm.3:. A ,xg , -Arr ... ig. -. -Q . AV - V. -- A- . V SQL ff I .- . . Q- ' -V V- . ' " . -V:..." A " -H? 'sf' -L---,"," ', -,:V- '-3 .,' .af RTK '1 . ' 'J'?" '- - - 3', 3'v-gif."Q:iQ17QjV"l'gQ:b'-H":fV":ff 1'"F-'jf-5.11L.-.."g,. L 1:3 Y 5' .ffl-AV-'-'V,1.'. ' - , V " :S -V-.xp V. -- -.V , A A sa - - V -- '-'sf' If ' 5'-425- ' 1 - " Y EQ. A- ' .V V -- ' -A:-. -V --,'V' Ja.-1 - .- 2--V fl- - - ' ,M .--1 - VaQ,?gV'K V 4- . -uf- V - '. -V .gf .-. Q-L - 'wx -, -1.V1:. -if 2-ig, 13-V :vf-, A V--5,23--fue--if-V 5.1 - ..-.Vwrgw QF- '--Lf. 1. V ., ..- 1 ' 1- 1. Al-.. V -V VV- - -V -4. W-5 ,,,2.V. V V --:V -N -V - 4 1-'IVR-A.:V',+1V.-' .Nsm. ,.-nf?-f'.' '- V' -i- -" V-421 -2 Ae V ' .. ' :ff Q ' . - V.-.A-- - V . fr- . .,::V-V. A- - , 3- - -- .VA-+A A AV. A V A A 1 V r- -V ..- - V-- ,. A:.--,e.,-V- .A-V---:VA :gg .-ff . -V - is if ?-asa? yV.- Y Jysf V Wm Q i V-.-Vw 1 . V :- . -M 1 Ag. BAVAV-M --, --H -A - -1. V --1-9-, "ww--'V-: J" V- r- 'V . -iv - V,'-.V ,-V 1.25. AV . -VV 1" V: ., " -,7V-'- : - :e . V- V V V V . . ff -K V V -eff' '-+Vf V-- V. 'Vp Q -35? - ff? W- - AA' . my V , A V A TV-34 A --.V,. - A A.. , ,f53f',vA.V,,-.:- A 1- -QQ-.V A J - -, -A -V V ,. - ..'P" """ V VA NA -,aj,,i,-- -ff ' -fd '-- A V- -7 - - -- ggeszf- ..-553' ' 4175,-L V 2-2 - "1 f"I- 'di'-:2"f1.VfV ",,A - .2:" :-...Q H-'EEE A ffV.g:a. VfaVf :Vg :-,- 2?-.. V- . fV:' f'VY' V ff1?.r:a4s2'T 2 -4? Eiiv5?5?'u-V Mix-?Sf" -g " ' : "" " Y 2-5 gf V V' A' i5:':c'ke1:-' -'PQ-.,V-W...-fneff '-.'Vfg.,.,Z f V -'H -V4 'VV frz- 'T T ' -.V-L' Q" VV- - ui V . - ' V .. f-SV' - :ig 1- 1-111-135 fi-4, . H-V' - . .WIA A Q 1.2.5. 4 .VA .A. - .igsrv 1 - iLA.J5-gif A- 1, ' L ay .Q K , I 1 i .A ..,V V 4- -V 'VL if - --VJ'-:---V 'E2 A -fl aw L.-17: -V V. v . W A.. V - ,ug LV -JINKAJAA A M' A A . . . -, Va 1 . .14 ' T Av .,--A f .L J ' 04..,+ . 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VV":,..7.- '- " ' -"V-Air- .ina 'I 25555: ,7g.-.QM :rg - - - V .AV 1925 Li.. AN ag. 5 :Sail U.. -F 4, v. . 1-:X 4. H .JZHM5 2 f! r ii. ,ini-ghiglf. ' -1 .su , , . - .1-Q , ' 'S 'Lvl - ,j-T T? , J . g' .gl-r 1 L! ff k .lx , Q . 4 V. 1.4 V- "X 2, ' , "J K ., L ,. 3' ,V fin' ff 1 ,AP fy ,, ...f , I x .flyjlfw " Q . 7. X ' - r A . 4 A-.A . ww-1 , " ,f J- f . '-' I' 3. ,A 1.1 .-1 mulls. Q -.--,.,. it - - -v V N--W on mama gm any sees qw S 5 'QD 9 Published By Q Q . 9 r Q The Senior Class cm' Q of Q E 1 925 gg E is 5 QD S 5 Niles High School ,fs 2 Niles, Ohio 25 ,QP 5 3 e.sGms'ssw9'eQQNfa Q-ei'.aQ'N.a9'eiaQ'eiarmsee di Vf"'iT vrm JFOIREWORD H As :inothor school your draws to its rlosr, tho Scnior Class of 1925 offers this volumt- hoping Ihzlt it may hc of inlvrt-st lo tht' frit-mls of Nrlcs lligh, I giving thvm ai l'i02ll'0I' ith-an ot' our prog- rcss :mal spirit: that to tho alumni. it many :awzlkcn rcc'olluc'lio1is of their own srhool days: to thc f..rulty, it may express our 1IlJllI'l'Ci2lii0Il for tht-ir ht-lp in making thc lligh School an plum- ol' profit and of plcnsurt- to ull ol' us: that to tht- stuclcnt hotly, it may prove zi sourre ol' prvst-nt intl-rcst :incl por- jf hops 2llilllSl'IIlL'lli :incl th l it may prv- st-i'vo to all in tht- future an rcnioni- lung' hrzim'c of thc class joys :mtl class duvw frimmlsliips that liuvc ht-on tht-irs. 1925 it 1925 !414:2-azz, -4-if-Q DE Dl CAT ION To the people of the com- munity, the friends of our school, who have loyally sup- ported all our school activities, who have shown their read- iness to cooperate with us in all our Work and Who through their payment of taxes, have made our school work pos- sible, We gratefully dechtate this annual. 4-:+?'r.q?7f,v:f,:v59 .- Q. i 1 J 1 af! 1 . , snS"?"' x 1 M - xc ' -. ,H A - , , 5:11-ya-.uf'S: 1-M . .lr . , . , 1 . g" ,.f,, , . gk s Q' , .u., , , .?. . 1 lflni '41 I-E I .1 1 'N . 5 14 rf f SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 GEORG E W. ANDERSON SKANDYH "Jack of all trades and master of none." Technical Course-Literary Club, 15 Chem- istry Club, 35 Badio Club, 45 Glee Club, 45 Assistant Stage Manager, 35 Debate Club, 4. JOSEPH W. BASHETT GSJOM . "He hath not given all his time to books." Classical Course-Track, 15 McKinley Lit- erary Society, 15 Latin Club, 15 Junior Mix Committee, 35 Baseball, 4: Football, 3, 45 Class B. B., 3, 45 Annual Committee, 4. RAY C. BARKER "num" "All things come to him who waits." Technical Course-Literary Society, 15 Science Club, 15 Chemistry Club, 35 Football, 2, 3, 45 Class B. B., 2, 3, 4. HAROLD A. BEIL "BEILIE" "The greatest pleasure in life is love." Classical Course-Literary Club, 15 Science Club, 15 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play Cast, 35 Personal Committee, 45 Glee Club Operetta, 45 Glee Club Concert, 1, 45 Orchestra, 2, 3, 45 Junior-Senior Dance Committee QCD 35 Hi-Crier Reporter, 25 Senior Play Cast, 4. FRANK BIANCO "SHORTY" "Men are not to be measured by inches." Commercial Course-Literary Society, 1. SENIOR ANNUAL GEORGE BRIGHT "BRIGHTIE" "His very foot hath music in it." Technical Course-Football, 2, 3, 4, Class B. B., 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity B. B. 4, Literary Society, 1, 'Baseball, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, Science Club, 1. RUTH ELAINE BROOKS "BROOKSIE" "Character is the best kind of capital." Commercial Course-Literary Society, 1, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Open Lesson, 1, 2, Operetta, 2, 4, Glee Club Concert, 1, 4, Executive Com- mittee. 3, Junior Play Cast, 3, O. G. A., 3, type- writing Awards, 4. MILDRED EVELYN CADWELL snMlD9a ' A "A disposition which gives out sunshine to lives of others is indeed a priceless gem." Classical Course-Literary Society. 1, Glee Club, 1, Glee Club Operetta, 2, Open Lesson, 1, 2, Junior-Senior Banquet Committee ICJ 3, Senior-Junior Prom. Committee CCD 4, Volley Ball, 3, Class B. B., 1, Honor Society, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4. KENNETH CAMPFIELD HKAY!! "Let's have wine and women, mirth and laugh- ter, Lemons and soda water, the day after." Technical Course-Football 3, 4, CL. M. 3, 43, Class B. B.,.l. 2, 3, 4, tCapt. 33, Varsity B. B., 2, 3, 4 tletterman 3, 4, Capt, 41, Literar: Society. 1, Science Club, 1, Lost Battalion, 1, Hi-Crier Reporter, 1. JOSEPH COREA "CREECHY" "Wi ty, courteous, and full of spirit," Technicl Course-Literary Society 1, Par- liamentary Law Club, 2, Glee Club, 4, Fresh- men Reception Committee, 3, Lost Battalion, 1, Orchestra 4, Baseball, 3, Junior Mix, 3, Class B B., 2, 3. 4, Wireless Club, 1, Sophomore Pl y Cast, 2, Circus, 2, Glee Club Concert, 4, Operettu, 4. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 TULLY J. CAIAZZA "'l'ILLlE" "The best thing I can tell you of him, Is the way the childien love him." Classical Course-New C.stIe High School, 1, 2, 3, Football, 4, Class B. B., 4, Student Council, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4. ALFRED STRICKLAND CADWALLADER "CADDlE" "Away with him, away with him--he speaks Latin" Classical Course-Science Club, 1, Literary Club, 1, Glee Club, 4, Debate Club, 4, Debate Tegm B, 4. VIRGINIA A. CLARK "GINNY" "Sober, but not seriously sober" Classical Course-Literary Society, 1, Class B. B. 1, Glee Club 1, 3, Shumia Club 4, ARMAND CAMPANA "DUCKY" "He is wise for he worries n01." Classical Course-Literary Society 1, Science Club 1, Hi-Crier Reporter 1, Class B. B. 1, High School Orchestra 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Glee Club Concert 2, Hi-Crier Subscriition Contest 2, Debate Club 2, 3, Debate 3, Chem-' istry Club 3, Hi-Crier Staff 3, 4, Annual Ad- vertlsing Staff 4, Radio Club 4. DOROTHY VIRGINIA CAMPBELL "SHORTY" "Like a shining star small, but bright." Classical Course-Literary Club 1, Open Les- son 1. 2, Glee Club Cantata 1, Play Crst Style Show 2, Hi-Crier Reporter 1, I-Ii-Crier Staf. 2, 3, 4 tEditor 41, Glee Club Concert 1. 2 4, Glee Club Operetta 2, 4, Executive Ccmm'ttee 3, Junior Play Cast 3, Honor Society 3 4, Shumia Club 4, Annual Executive Committee 4, Ed tor of Annual 4. SENIOR ANNUAL HELEN LOUISE CAVANAUGH "LOUISE" "There's not a parrot anywhere, that can out talk me," Commercial Course 0 en Lesson 1 2 Hi ' '- p - , 4 - Crier Reporter 2: Hi-Crier Staff 3g 0. G. A. 3, Glee Club 4: Invitation Committee 43 Type- writing Certificate 4. DONALD HARVEY CAUFFIELD csDON9! "Though modest, on his unembarrassed brow, nature had written-gentleman." Technical Course-Literary Society lg Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, tletterman 3, 413 Lost Battlion lg R. ng Committee 3. JAMES COLSON "JIMMY" "He haih wisdom that doth guide his valor." Technical Course-Literary Club lg Honor Society 3, 4g Junior Play Cast 3. WILLIAM CINDEREY "BILL" "A Little learning is a dangerous thing." Technical Course-Literary Society 1, Chem- isiry Club 3: Radio Club 4g Photograph Club 4, C. M. T. C.g Baseball 35 Play Committee 3. CHARLES E. CERA - "CHARLIE" "I know a trick worth two of that." Technml Cc-urse-Class B B. 1, 2 33 V rsiix B B. 3, 4g Football 3, 4 fleterman 495 Literary Society lg Chemistry Club 3. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 FRANCIS I. COOK HIKEQQ "None but himself can be his parallel." Commercial Course-Science Club 15 Literary Club 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 45 Hi-Crier Reporter 25 Hi-Crier Staff 3, 45 Busi- ness Mgr. Hi-Crier 45 Class B. B. 3, 45 Annual Executive Committee 45 Senior Play Cast 4. 'SELENA MARGARET COPELAND ccBlyDs9 "Laugh at your friends if your friends are sore: So much the better you may laugh the more." Classical Course--Open Lesson 1, 25 Glee Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club 35 Literary Soc.ety 15 Glee Club Concert 4. ELLEN MAE COLLINS "ELLEN" "Of such are true friends made." Classical Course-Style Show 15 Open Les- son l, 25 Literary Society 15 Volley Bail 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Shumia Club 4. WILLIAM B. CRAMER IKBILLU "Mildred has a little lamb." Technical Course-Sophomore Play Cast 25 Base B ll 35 Science Club 1: Literary Club 15 Radio Club 45 Class B. B. 2, 3. C. HERBERT CRADDOCK KsHERB!! 'A willing and a thorough worker." , Technical Course-Science Club 15 Lterary Club lg Orchestra 35 Poster Committee 3, 45 Photo Club 4. 59 fl' ,Qligi SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 LUCILE MAE DAVIS HLUIE9, "A kiss a sigh a last good bye and he goes on, A glance a smile another man and life goes on." Classicgl Course-Literary Society 13 Glee Club Cantata 1g Open Lesson 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 3. 4 CSec. 31g Glee Club Operetta 2, 43 Hi- Crier Reporter 23 Vice Pres. 3g Personal Com- mittee 4g Shumia Club 4. RENALDO DECOLA HDIC!! "Displays are dangerous." Commercial Course-Literary Society lg Radio Club 3g Sec. and Treas. Radio Club 4. LA VERNE H. DEFENDIERFER KKDEFYQV "To friends a friend-how kind to all." Commercial Course-Open Lesson 1, 2g Lit- erary Society 13 Glee Club 2, 3. CARMEN DE JEROME "CARMEN" ' "Fain would I write yet fear to pall." Classical Course-Literary Society 1. BESSIE E. ERWAY "BESSIE" "Originality is the one thing which unorigin- al mirds cannot feel the use of." Classic l Course-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 44 Class R. B l, 2, 35 Shumia Club 4g Executive Com- mittee 3g Honor Society 3, 4g Student Council 43 Hi-Crier Reporter lg Annual S.les Commit- tee 45 Class History Comittee 4g Senior Play Lommittee 43 Glee Club Operetta 2, 4g Glec Club Concert 1, 45 Cleo Club Cantata 15 Lfter- ary Society lg Pep Committee 3, 4. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 DOROTHY ELOISE EVANS MDOT!! "She knew she was by him beloved." Commercial Ccurse-Open Lesson 1, 23 So- phomore Play Cast 23 Glee Club 3g Literary Society 13 'iypewriting Certificate 43 Short- hand Certificate 3. S. HUGH EVANS "BOOTS" "Conspicuous by his absence." Technical Course-Literary Socety 13 Chem- listry Club 33 Science Club 13 Photo Club 43 C. M. T. C.3 Class B. B. 2. ROBERT DANIEL FREEL HBOBS! "Co:sistency thou art a mule." Technical Course-Literary Sccitty 13 Chem- istry Club 33 Glee Club 33 Radio Club 4. 'SAMUEL C. FUSCO smSAM!7 "Sweet are the uses of diversity." Classical Course-Literary Club 13 Chemistry Club 3g Radio Club 2, 3, 4 tPresidcnt 413 De- bate Team B, 33 Class B. B., 1, 2. HELEN GIFFORD "HELEN" "Talent is something but tact is everything." Commercial Course-Ltterary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 23 Hi-Crger Reporter 23 Glee Club 23 Honor Society 3, 4 lSec. 313 Hi-Crief Staff 3, 43 Junior Class Sec. 33 Senior Class Treas. 43 Executive Annual Staff 43 Student Council 43 O. G. A Club 33 Typing Certificate 33 Deb..te Club 33 Essay Contest 3. SENIOR ANNUAL 192 MARY A. GILLIS "MAlDA" "She is gentle, modest, retiring and good She always acts as a lady should." Classical Course-Literary Soc.ety 1, Open Lesson 1, 2, Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity De- bate 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4 CV. Pres. 31, Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 3, H1-Crier Staff 4, Shumia Club 4 tPres. 45, Foreword and Dedication 4, Senior Announcement Com. 4, Valedictorian, Senior Play Cast 4. VELMA MARIE GROVE "VELMA" "Good nature and good sense e'er joined." Commercial Course-Literary Society 1, Class B. IB. 2, 3, ulee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sopho- more Play 2, Hi-Crier Typist, Volley Ball 2, Invitation Committee 4, Class History 4, 0. G. A. Club 3, Typing Awards 3, 4, Shorthand Awards 3, 4, ulee Club Concert 4, Open Les- son 1, 2, Shumia Club, Honor Society 4. MARGARET O. HARRIS scMARG1n "A true lass of spirit, always the same." Classical t.ourse-Literary Society 1, Debate Club 2, Vars.ty Debate 3, 4, Pep Committee 3, 4, Junior-Senior Dance Com. 3, Chemistry Club 3, Giee Club Concert 4, Glee Club Operetta 4, Sophomore Party Com. 4, Senior Party Com. 4, Open Lesson 1, 2, Midget Basket Ball 2. AUDREY RUTH HAMILTON -'AUDI-E-' "Youth comes but once in a lifetime." Classical Course-Literary Society 1, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Glee Club Operetta 2, 4, Glee Club Concert 1, 4, Open Lesson 1, 2, Debate Club 3. 4, Varsity Debate 3, Team B, 4, Mis- cellaneous Committee, 4, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Com. 3, Hi-Crier Reporter 2, Hi-Crier Staff 3, 4, Senior-Junior Prom. Com. 4, Shu- mia Club 4, Style Show 1, Senior Play Cast 4. . BERNICE B HAUN UBERU "A dainty little maid is she, So prim, so dear, so nice." Classical Course-Literary Society 1, Open Lesson 1, 2, Chemistry Club 3, Glee Club 3, Debate Club 3, Shumia Club 4, Junior Play Cast 3, Hi-Crier Staff 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Salutatorian, loreword and Dedication. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 JOHN T. HELWIG "JOHN" "Matti-money is the root of all evil." Commercial Course-Literary Society 1g O. G. A. Club 3. MARGUERETTE HELWIG "MAGGIE" "There was Pride in her head that she car- ried so high, Pride in her lips, and Pride in her eye. But an all-around girl at Niles Hi." Classical Course-Literary Society 1, Class Basket Ball 1, 2g Open Lesson 1, 2 fPianist 1, 21, Glee Club Cantata lg Honor Society 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4 tDirector 333 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 iPianist 3, 4Jg Junior-Senior Party Com. 33 Personals Com. 4, School Pianist 3, 4 ant 1, 25g Class Song 4. LEE E. HEWITT c4BEEF9s "A Man is known by the company he keeps." Commercial Course-Literary Society lg Football 4, O. G. A. Club 33 Typing Awards 4g WALTER J. HOGAN "WALT" . "No sinner yet, no saint perhaps, But still the very best of chaps." Technical Course-Literary Society lg Glee Club 3, 43 Glee Club Opereita 4, Class B. B. 2, 3g Football 2, 3. ETTA L. HEYMAN "ETTADIiR" "Where there are eats, there am I also." Classical Course-Literary Society lg Open Lesson 1, 2, Shumla Club 4. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 ADOLPH HILL "HII.LIE" "Many hands want light work." Classical Course-Literary Society lg Chem- istry Club 3. GLADYS V. HITCHINGS "GLADYS" "A wee, modest, shy, little creature am I." Classical Course-Literary Society lg Open Lesson 1, 35 Shumia Club 4g lilee Club 1. RALPH L. HOFFMAN "HOFFIE" "Most of the eminent men in hislory have been dimmu.tive in stature." Classical Course-Literary Society 13 Orches- trat 2, 3, 45 Debate Lluo 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 43 Hi-Crier Staff 4. KATHRYN E. HUNYADY "KATE" "Never an idle moment and thoughtful of others." Clissical Course-California Hi School, Pa., 1, 2g Debate Club 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 45 Shumia Club 43 Sw.m1uing 45 Typing Certificate 4. WILLIAM H. JAMES "BILL" "The deed I in'end to do is a great one, but what as yet I know not." Technical Course-Literary Society lg Foot- ball 2, 35 Class B. B. 1, 2g Chemistry Club 3. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 HOMER R. JONES K6HUM!9 "Yet have I something in me dangerous." Technical Course-Literary Society 13 Class B. B. 1, 23 Sophomore Play 23 Chemistry Club 3g Senior Play Cast 4g Personals Committee 4. RUTH E. JONES "ROOKIE" "I've been thinking seriously whether it's best, To take things seriously or all in jest." Classical Course--Literary Society lg Glee Club 3, 43 Open Lesson 1, 23 Typing Awards 43 Chemistry Club 33 Style Show 13 Jr. Glee Club Exhibition 3. J ESSIE JONES UJAYU "Her modest looks some cottage might adorn Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn." Classical Course-Literary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 23 Glee Club 2, 3. DOROTHY E. KOCH 5lDOYr!, "Evil to him who thinks evil." Classical Course--Class B. B. 1, 33 Open Les- son 1, 23 Volley Ball' 3g Varsity B. B. 23 Chem- istry Club 33 Glee Club 3. PAUL CLIFFORD KEIFER "KEIli" wise." 43 Radio Club 4. "When folly is bliss 'tis ignorance to be other- Classical Course--Bellefontaine Hi School 1, 23 Junior Play Cast 33 Senior-Junior Prom. Com. ,N unrwwrg. SENIOR ANNUAL i925 MYRON D. KIDD "'l'UFFY" "A lie for a lie and a truth for a truth." Techn can l,c.ur..e-Literary Soc.ety 15 .mience , Club lg Glec Club Opcrctti 25 Glec Club 1, 2g Class B. B 1, 2, 3 iCapt. 313 Varsity B. B 3, 4g Chemistry Club 33 Latin Club 2, Class Baseball 2, 3, Varsity B. VB. 3g Football 2, 3, 4 il.. M. 41. WARD R. J. KAYE "SONNY" "He could smile, and imile and be a villain stil ." Technicrl Course- Liter ry Society 1: Science Club lg Chemistry Club 3, Student Council 4g Football 1, 2, 3 4 CL. ML 3, 41, An- nual Advertising Com. 4g Vice-Pros. 4. LENORE WILHELMIA KISTLER "LENORE" "Gentleness her slrong enforcement is" Commercial Course-Literary Society lg O. G. A. 3g Typing Award 35 Glce Club 23 Open Les- son 1, 2. BERNARD V. LALLY "KRAU'l"' "Thcre's mischief in this man." Classical Course-Science Club lg Literary Club lg Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 4. ANTHONY V. LAPOLLA "CHARLIE" "Slow and su1e." Classical Course-Radio Club 4, Glee Club 43 Literary Society 1. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 CATHERINE RITA LAPOLLA "CATHERINE" "Quiet but never idle" Classical Course-M.dget B. B. Team 23 Glee Club 1, 2g Typing Award 3g Shumia Club 4. MARTHA CHRISTINA LAW "MART" "A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the wisest men." . Commercial Course-Open Lesson 1, 2g Typ- ing Awards 3g Shorthand Certificate 3g Liter- ary Society lg JOHN L. LEIBERT "LElBERT" "Not to know him is a loss." Technical Course - Literary Society 13 Science Club lg Class B. B. 1, 25 Chemfstry Club CPres.J 3g Glee Club 13 Football 4. DORLA MAE LODWICK "CINDERELLA" "Her hair is her crowning glory" Classical Course-Volley Ball 3g Open Lesson 1, 2g Glee Club Operetta 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Literary Society 1. CHARLES M. McDERMOTT QLMACQ! "Enthusiasm is the life of the soul." Technical Course-Class B. B. 1, 4g Sopho- more Play Cast 2g E. Cleveland Tech. 23 Saint Mary's Academy, Lorain, O., 3g Program Com- mittee 4. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 JOHN ALMON MCCORKLE ssMAC!J "A finer gentleman never trod the earth." Classical Course-Debate Club 2, 3, 4 tPres. 415 Literary Society 1, 25 Class Pres.dent 3, 4g Debate 2, 3, 4 tCapt. 41, Hi-Crier Staff 2, 3, 43 Junior Play Cast 3, T-oastmaster Jr.-Sr. :Ban- quet 35 Honor Society 3, 43 Chemistry Club, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club Concert 1, 2, 45 Operetta 2, 4, Annual Advertising Com. 2, 4' Executive Com. tc! 3, 43 Senior Play Cast 4. 7 HELEN MARIE McDERMOTT "HELEN" "Mighty sweet and mighty wise, The fun just twinkles in her eyes." Classical Course-Class B. B. 29 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Liter ry Soc.ety lg Chemistry Club 39 Open Lesson 1, 2, Junior Dance Program 35 Glee Club Operetta 43 Glee Club Concert 2, 45 Glee Club Cantata 1. LEROY V. MARSO I "THE IRON DUKE" "I am a serious man. Do not disturb the moving freight of my ponderous thought." Classical Course-Junior Play Cast 35 Pro- gressive Club 3, Hi-Crier Staff 3, 4, Debate Club 4. ' LAURA S. MASTELLER "BOBBY" "My own thoughts are my companions." Classical Course-Open Lesson 1, 2, Literary Society lg Style Show lg Class B. B. lg Glee Club 1, 2. FLORENCE HELEN MILLER "FRENCHIE" "For her friend is another self." Classical Course-Lterary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Steubenville Hi 3, Class B B. lg Glee Club Cantata 13 Glee Club Operetta 23 Glee Club Concert 45 Volley Bill 2. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 SERVILLA MARY MAWBY "WILLIE" "And after all there's nothing like Frank-ness" Classical Course--Literary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Class Memorial Com. 4g Shumia CILIDQ Chemistry Club. MARGARET MARY MITCHELL "MARC" "I exert myself for nothing but take what- ever comes along." Classical Course-Open Lesson 1, 23 Literary Society 13 Giee Club 1. HELEN MONAHAN "MAR'l HA" "A toast to the girl with a heart and a smile, Who makes the bubble of life worth while." Commercial Course-Literary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 23 Sophomore Play Cast 23 Junior Play Cast 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Class Memorial Com. 4g O. G. A. 33 Current Events Cluo 1. CLARA T. MOOSEY "CLARA,' "One never loses by Politenessi' Commercial Course-Literary Society 13 O. G. A. 33 Open Lesson 1, 23 B. B. 1. BESSIE E. NICHOLS GLBESS!! " 'Tis love that makes the world go around." Commercial Course-O. G. A. 33 Glee Club. 4, Literary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 23 Typing Awards 4. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 EDITH D. OHL "EDIE" 'It is better to make friends fast than to make fast friends." Classical Course-Open Lesson 1, 25 Class B. B. 1, 35 Varsity B. B. 25 Volley Ball 35 Chem- istry Club 3. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE PIPER "BILL" "A laugh is worth a hundred groans i.n any market." Technicl Course-Class B. B. 2, 35 Radio Club 45 Literary Society 15 Science Club 15 Chemistry Club 3. MAY RHODEL PEARCE csDELis "Marks, not men, have ever been her aim." Classical Course-Open Lesson 1, 25 Literary Society 15 Class B. B. 1, 2, 3 tCapt. 21 Chemis- try Club 35 Shumia Club 45 Volley Ball 35 Glee Club 3. DOROTHY LOUISE PERRY MDOT!! "Destruction without a difference." Classical Course-Literary Society 15 Glee Club 15 Open Lesson 1, 25 Cl,ss B. B. 1, 35 Varsity B. 113. 25 Cheer Leader 3, 45 Honor So- ciety 3, 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Volley Ball 35 Hi-Crier Staif 3, 45 Rug Comm.ttce CCD 35 Senior Play Cast 45 Typing Pin 45 Typing Cer- tificake 4. ' NORA CECELIA QUILTY -fum" "Quie'ness has here personified iLself." Commercial Course-Literary Soczety 15 Open Lesson 1, 25 O. G. A. 35 Glee Club 4. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 MARGARET M. QUINN MPEG!! "Clearness-the distinguishing quality of a style that cannot be misunderstood." Classical Course-Open Lesson 1, 25 Literary Society 15 Glee Club 35 Glee Club Concert 45 Typing Certificate 4. DONALD RADER HDONU "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." Technical Course-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Liter- ary Society 15 Sophomore Play Cast 25 Chem- istry Club 35 Radio Club 45 Annuals Ads. Com. SCJ 45 Glee Club Operetta 45 Senior Play Cast KATHRYN F. ROSE GLKAYSQ "She speaks few words but plays her part." Commercial Course-Open Lesson 1, 25 Liter- ary Society 15 Current Events Club iPreS.D 15 Sophomore Play Cast 25 Junior Play Cast 35 Hi-Crier Reporter 2, 35 Executive Com. 45 O. G. A. 35 Typing Awards 3, 4. ALFRED J. SWIFT 6CHUCK9, "I swear he is true-hearted, and a soul none better in my kingdom." Technical Course-Literary Society 15 Science Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 Baseball 3, 45 Radio Club. 4. LINDA MARIE SACCONAUGHI ULEEJF "Whai's in a name?" Commercial Course-Class B. B. 1, 2, 35 Swimming 45 Volley Ball 2, 35 Open Lesson 1, 25 Underwood Awards 35 O. G. A. 3. SENIOR ANNUAL SOPHIE M. SCARNECCI-lIA "SOPHIE" "She has a silence which speaks of much thought." Commercial Course-Literary Society lg Class B. B. 2, 33 Open Lesson 1, 2, Typing Cer- gfigati 3, Remington Awards 4, Glee Club 3g JOSEPH SHOHAYDA h "SPUDD" "He that can have patience can have what he will." Technical Course-Football 2, 3, 4 tLetter- man 2, 3, 415 Class B. B. 1, 3, 45 Varsity B. B. 3, Literary Society 1. DANIEL V. SANDY "SMOKEY" "Where there's a will there's a lawsuit." Classical Course-Orchestra 3, 4g Glee Club 4, Radio Club 4, Science Club 15 Literary Club. SIDNEY A. STEIN "SAUSAGE" "He never told his love." Technical Course-Literary Society lg Ches- ter Hi School 23 Football 4, Science Club 1. ADELINE BRIDGET STEIN "ADDIE" "No man's pie is free from her ambitious fin- ger." Commercial Course--Class B. B. 1, 2, 3 CCapt. Midget Team 21 Varsity B. B. 2, Hi-Crier Re- porter lg Hi-Crier Staff 49 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 lee Club Operetta 2, 49 Glee Club Cantata lg Open Lesson 1, 2, Junior Play Cast 33 Cheer Leader 3, 4, Volley Ball 2, 3g Glee Club Con- cert 1, 2, 4, O. G. A. 3, Underwood and Rem- ington Awards 3, 4g Class Prophecy 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Hi-Crier Typist 4, Class Song 4. ENIOR AIIIIUAL 1925 DORA D. SIFF "DORA" "The awful responsibility of being an exam- ple for Freshmen." Commercial Course-Literary Society 1, Open Lesson 1, 2g O. G. A. 4. PAUL THOMAS "THOMAS" "Surely never did there live on earth A man of kindlier nature." Classical Course-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club Concert 1, 2, 4, Literary Society lg An- nual ,Sales Committee 2, Chemistry Club 43 Glee Club Operettag Senior Play Committee 4, Senior Play Cast 4. ISABELLE THOMAS "lSABELLE" "One in a .housand." Commerci I Course-Literary Societyg Open Lesson 1, 23 O. G. A. 3g Typing Cei'tif-cate. RUSSELL THOMAS "S'liltAW" "It's wiser being good than bad." Technical Couise-Class B. B. 1, 4, 25 Varsity B -B. 2, 3 QL. Nl. 25g Football 2, 3, 4 CL. M. 2, 3, 4 Capt. 4,9 Literary Socitty lg Track 1, Invi- tation t.omm.ttee 43 Exetutive Committee 3. ETHEL THOMPSON "SHUI-YYY" "Brevity is the soul of wit." C0llllllel'Cl1ll Course-Literary Society 13 Open Lesson ,1, 2, O. G. A. 3g Midget Basket Bail Team 2. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 WARREN G. THOMAS "WARRY" "He hath a head to contrive, a tongue to per- suade, and a hand to execute any mischief." Classical Course-Class B. B. 1, 25 Literary Society lg Science Club 1, Chemistry Club 3, Memorial Committee 49 Hi-Crier Repoi ter 1. EDWARD J. TRAGESSER "FUZZY" "This is the sort of man was he, True, when it hurt him a lot to be." Technical Course-Class B. B. 2, 3, 4g Liter- ary Society 13 Chemistry Club 3. PAUL VAN W YE scVANn "Gladness of heart is the life of a man." Technical Course-Literary Society 13 Science Club lg Chemistry Club 3, Radio Club 4, Invitation Com. 4. OLIVE WALTERS "OLIVE" "But still her tongue ran on." Classical Course-Literary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 29 Glee Club 1, 3, 43 Glee Club Con- cert 43 Glee Club Operetta 4, Shumia Club 4g Class B. B. 2, 3, Volley Ball 3, Executive Com. 45 Chemistry Club 3. CATHERINE ALICE WALSH "CATHERINE" "Full of sweet indifference" Classical Course-Literary Society 15 Glee Club Operetti 2, 4, Glee Club Concert 1, 2, 43 Open Lesson 1, 29 .lunior Senior Program Com. 3g Hi-Crier Reporter lg Debate Club 23 Chem- istry Club 33 Personals Com. 4g Glee Club Cantata lg Style Shofw lg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ANNUAL 1925 GRACE C. WARNER "GRACE" "They are rich who have true friends." 'Classical Course--Literary Society 13 Open Lesson 1, 23 Glee' Club 3, 45 Shumia Club 43 Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Party 4. MARJORIE R. WESTENFIELD "MIDGIE" "Never borrow troubles." Classical Course-Literary Society 1g Open Lesson 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Midget B. B. Team 23 Volley Ball 23 Glee Club Operetta 1, 4, Shumia Club 4, Glee Club Concert 4. ELIZABETH JANE WILLIAMS "BETTY" "Oh, if in being forgotten, we could only for- get." Commercial Course-O. G. A. 33 Typing Cer- tificate 33 Literary Society 1, Open Lesson 1, 2, Glee Club 3, 4. 'SELENA GRACE WICK "MICKEY" "Cheerfulncss is a friend to-Grace." Commercial Course-Literary Society 1, Open Lesson 1, 23 Class B. B. 1, 2g Volley Ball 2, 3, Typing Certificate 45 Glee Club 4. RALPH W. WILLIAMS CKHOOTS! "He sighed to many and loved but one." Technical Course-Literary Society 13 Class B. B. 1, 2, 3, 4 fCapt. 455 Varsity B. B. 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 4 CL. M. 43 Lost Battalion 13 Science Club 1. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 GRACE M. WOODFORD "PlDGIE" "She bears her honors quietly." Classical Course-Literary Society lg Open Lesson 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Glee Club Concert 4g Glee Club Operetta 4g Cl ss Treas- urer 3g Class B. B. lg Volley Ball 35 Hi-Crier Reporter lg Honor Society 4. LUDWIG ZEEMAN, JR. "HEINIE" "He had a line that would melt an iceberg." Technical Course-Literary Society 19 Science Club lg Stage Mana, er 2, 3, 4g Radio Club 4, Elmemiistry Club 3g Advertising Com. 45 Glee ' ub -. ANNA MARGARET WAGSTAFF "MARC" "A thing of duty is an-noy forever." Classical Course--Liter. ry Society lg Open Lesson 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club Operetta 2, 43 Glee Club Concert 1, 2, 49 Senior- Juuior Prom. Com. 44 Junior Party 3g J. -Sr. Party 33 Hi-Crier Reporter 35 Ring Com. 3, 4. JANE FRANCES WALSH "WOE SIN" 'When you are idle you are empty." Commercial Course-Literary Society 13 Glce Club 2, 43 Open Lesson l, 2, Hi-Crier Reporter 4. ROY F. WALTERS LGBAGSU "Love me little, love me long." Technical Course-Literary Society 1. P ANNUAL 1925 CHARLES RUSSELL WADELL HRUSY, "Manners make the man." Technical Course-Literary Society lg Science Club lg Class B. B. 2. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 CLASS HISTORY llhgtljmif il l "A Journey to the Four Corners of the Earth." Long, long ago in the fall of the year nineteen hundred and twenty-one, a band of young innocents numbering 140 prepared to embark upon a hazard- ous journey to the four corners of the earth in the good ship "McKinley" with Mr. Zeller as captain and the teachers as mates. The future lay be- fore them, dark and misty and they knew not what great dangers were lurking in that wilderness, to pounce upon them, or what foes were anx- ious to devour them. They were sure of only one thing-that if they wished to obtain that great glistening ball called "Knowledge," they must sur- mount all barr-iers and visit each cor- ner. As a reward for their labors at each corner they received four jewels. But if they did not do their work well, they were not given the jewels, and the ball of "Knowledge" rolled for- ther away from them. At the end of the voyage they must present the sixteen jewels to the keeper of"Knowl- edge" who would in return give them the shiny ball so coveted by all, which was to guide them along life's path. At the first corner these travelers were called Freshmen. 'Because this li.fe was new to them and tiresome they formed clubs and played games for diversion. They had many op- ponents who were older and more ex- perienced than they. But nevertheless they entered everything with high hopes. They formed literary societies, and entered various clubs. The boys won the class basketball championship with Henry Hanna as captain and Campfield, Hulmes, Williams and Kidd under him. Because of his good playing, Henry Hanna was given a place on the varsity. The girls also made a good showing, they played nine games and won all but eight. Their team consisted of Pierce, Perry, Koch, Ohl, Helwig, Sacconaghi, Grove, Er- way, Walters, Woodford, Wick and Stein as their captain. During their stay at the first cor- ner some of the girls showed a mark- ed talent for dancing so the instructor gave an open lesson which was very successful. The girls taking part in special numbers were, Dorothy Camp- bell, Lucille Davis, Adeline Stein, Bes- Sie Erway, Marguerite Helwig, Mar- jorie Westenfield, Ethel Thompson, Dorothy Perry and Louise Cavanagh. Many of the members of this band took part in a Cantata called "The Three Springs," and others in a style show which showed their comrades what they had accomplished along that line. Almost everyone did his work well enough to merit the four jewels and was prepared to journey to the second corner. They reached this point, the great ball appearing larger and bright- er to many, but to some it was still the same. When they arrived there they found that a few of their num- ber hid been attracted by the pleas- ures of the world and had deserted them. 'l hey were now Sophomores, and al- though the diversions were about the same, their work was more difficult. During the time passed at this corner the operetta, "Wind Mills of Holland" was given and many members of this band took part. The play, "Mrs. Tubbs Does Her Bit" was presented by Helen Monahan, Catherine Hose, Edith Hanks, Velma Grove, Donald Rader, Charles McDermott. After the play everyone went to the gym where they enjoyed a party with dancing and music. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 Some of the band became members of the Debate Club and others were on the Hi-Crier Staff. On the football team they were well repre- sented by Shohayda, Bonnacker, Camp- field, Hulmes, Thomas, Kidd, Bright, Kaye, Cauffield, Barker and Jenkins. ln basketball by Hulmes and Thomas on the Varsity, and in class basket- ball the boys again won the champion- ship. This year the girls nlade a bet- ter showing. Another Open Lesson was given and tilee Clubs were reorganized. The orchestra was formed at this corner to give the travelers music and to make the voyage more enjoyable. Marguerite Helwig was that faithful pianist throughout the whole voyage. Thus the second lap of their jour- ney was completed and most of the members now possessed eight jewels. The third corner was reached and the numbers were still fewer. Now they were called wise Juniors and al- though the ball of knowledge appeared nearer, the way grew more difficult. 'l hey again took part in basketball and football represented by practically the same groups. This year the girls showed their colors by carrying oft the class championship. Mary Gillis, Almond McCorkle, Mar- garet Harris and Audrey llamilton took part in the debates. tn order to keep up their spirit they had to have cheer leaders, so Dorothy Perry and Adeline Stein were cnosen because they were the lnost spirited members of the group. 3 'l he Junior Play entitled "Martha-by- tne-Day' was successfully presented by Dorothy Campbell, Harold Bell, Adeline Stein, Helen Monahan, .lames Colson, Ruth Brooks, Dorothy Perry, 'Bernice llaun, Vtllll Keiler and Leroy Marso. while sailing on high seas the good ship MeK,nley met a sister ship, which had been traveling for four years and had nearly completed its journey, its passengers being called "Seniors." 'lhe Juniors invited the seniors to enjoy su banquet with them on board their ship. At a late hour, after an enjoy- able evening, the guests returned to their own ship to again take up the remainder of their journey. The Honor Society was formed and those who had done their work exceed- ingly well were made memibers. This group had many who were qualified to be in the organization. At this period the band discovered that they needed a leader so they chose Almond McCorkle for president, Lucille Davis vice president and tirace Woodford secretary and treasurer. The third year passed pleasantly, some of the group were glad that the journey was so nearly ended, but oth- ers were not. They all journeyed to the fourth corner, enjoyed the trip and were ready to take up the.r last duties. And so they started on the work of the final corner. ln basketball, foot- ball, glee club, debate, orchestra and operetta the band was again very well represented. Dorothy Campbell and Frank Cook managed the Hi-Crier very successful- ly. Almon McCorkle was again chosen to be the leader, as he had fulfilled h.s office so well the first year. The play chosen for the Senior year was "Come out of the Kitchen." 'l he cast included Mary Gillis, Audrey Ham- ilton, Paul Thomas, Frank Cook, Holn- er Jones, Almond McCorkle, Mildred Cadwell, Dorothy Perry, Harold Be.l, Donald ltader and Tully Ciazza. By this time the faithful and capa- ble members had gained sixteen jewels. 'l he band was proud and happy, ready to receive the shiny ball, which now appeared in all its glistening splendor. lt appeared brighter to this group be- cause they had made a more successful journey than had many other travelers. Altho the way had seemed hard, and those less courageous would have giv- en up the jurney before it was com- puted, these people now realized that it was worth the effort. They had finished the jouiney, had vis,ted ea.-li corner, reciived its liche- "'ql1wFy!f '-ry-v-er Frvalfrgrv-vv""vrv'urvr 1 I 1 v-wn-uA-.,rw'n--wq---..- Y, - -.V SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 fits and- were now ready to test th.t which they had gained. Besides at- taining the jewels, two of the members, because of their superior work were given titles of honor, the highest honor that a member could receive. Mary Gillis merited first title-valedictorian and Bernice Haun that of salutitorian. To Mr. Zellar, the captain of the ship, we owe much gratitude for his guid- ance. ' The band gives up its place on the ship to future bands, who may wish to journey to the four corners in quest of that great glistening ball called "Knowledge" 6 Author's Note: During a rummage collection of old books, I have found a book written and composed by some of the members of the voyage, which I have just traced. It was entitled "Sen- ior Annual" and their journey from the first corner to the last corner was recorded there. I found it to be a very interesting bit of literature and showed itself to be a written testi- mony of the great ability of those' trav- elers. BESSIE ERWAY. VELMA GROVE. are cr fm ft- f-f .Wag " i K.-,.:?p 5. us., ,mf rj -' I CWC , Weather-Fair untll S o'cl0ck. Rain froln 8:00 to 12:00. Snow from 12:00 to 3:00. !Varmer from 3.00. VOL I. NILES, O., WEDNESDAY JUNE 10, 1935 NO. 1 NILES DEMANDS PURE DRINKING WATER Typhold Fever Increases City Manager, J. A. McCor- kle called a special meeting of the commissioners, Paul Van Wye. Lee Hewitt, Frank Bianco, Misses Margaret Wag- staff and Bessie Erway, last evening. In his eloquent ad- dress to the commissioners, he presented the great problem of a pure water supply which confronts Niles. He urged the commissioners to take imme- diate action as the number of typhoid cases in the city were increasing. Monday, Miss Wagstaff, head of the Board of Health, reported flf- ty-one cases. Three new cases were reported Tuesdav. Miss Margaret Mitchell, Holford Street: Miss Margaret Quinn, Chestnut Street: and Anthony LaPollo, Mason Street. After a long heated discus- sion ln which Mr. Van Vvye and Miss Erwav could not agree, th.e commissioners vot- ed that Leroy Marso. bacter- iologlst of the Northwestern Union of Chemists should be summoned to analvze the Niles drinking water. Mr. McCorkle says that the city is ready to follow Marso's sug- gestions as soon as he reports his decision. IMPROVEMENTS IN NILES INCREASE At the Commission meeting this afternoon, Joseph Bas- sett. contractor, gave his re- port on the construction work at the Erie crossing, North Main street. I-Ie believes that this overhead bridge can be completed within the next two months. Bassett received the cvmrract last month and began Work immediately. Twenty men have worked steadily on the base construction and they are now ready to begin the upper construction. This im- provement will undoubtedly eliminate many accidents. NILES AUTHOR ATTAINS FAME ABROAD Mr. Carmen DeJerome, a former resident of Niles is re- turning to U. S. from a three- year tour in France where he compiled and published his re- markable History of France. This history has been recog- nized as an authority on French History, not only in Europe but in the U. S. as well. In his lecture tour through this country, he will favor Niles with a brief visit. ROLLING PIN IS NOW EXTINCT Mr. William Jones, a prom- inent young inventor, has again taken the poor misused and misunderstood husband's part and invented an electri- cal appliance for rolling pie and biscuit dough, this caus- ing the rolling pin to sudden- ly take the back seat. Mr. James in demonstrating the new machine before an audience of men. was well re- ceived and was promised an order from every man present. The men told Mr. James that they were very grateful to him for the invention. for now they could return to their neg- lected clubs and lodges with- out fear of returning' home afterwards. 'PRAGESSER GOES INTO BANKRUPTCY The department store locat- ed on State street closed its doors to the public late Mon- day. Mr. Edward Tragresser, manager, says the only cause he can give for failure is that the store was built for pub- licity and not for business. He said friends had advised him not to invest in the store but that he believed that good management was all that was needed, Mr. Tragresser has great 'tones for the future of the store as he states that this ls only the third time it has mine bankrupt this year. EMl'LOYM.EN'I' BUREAU DOES ACTIVE WORK Miss Margaret Quinn who recently opened an employ- ment bureau reports tthat lt has so far been a great suc- cess. Through this agency steel workers have been se- cured, new maids gotten for busv house-wives, stenogra- phers and bookkeepers secur- ed to fill vacancies caused hr marriage of office girls. All persons wanting work, or those who desire workers, see Miss Quinn. FINED 'PEN DOLLARS Miss Rhodel Pearce was al'- rested for speedirg on Main street vesterfav afternoon by Motor Police Lally. Lally re- oorts that Miss Pearce. whom he followed from Youngstown, kept an average speed of sixty miles an hour. Miss Pearce refused to believe his state- ment. "I never drive over fif- ty," said Miss Pearce. La'lv let her off on ten dollars fine. DIAWIIY-COOK NUPTIALS The marriage of Miss Ser- villa Mawby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Mawby. Washington avenue, to Mr. Frank Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cook of South street took place June 9, at Wickliff Manor, Youngstown, Ohio. Dr. Ralph Hoffman of Chicago of- ficiated. The best man was Mr. William Piper, and Miss Ruth Jones was maid of honor. The bride wore a French creation of lace heavily de- signed with crystal beafs. She carried a French fan-shaped shower bouquet of orchids and lilies - of - the - valley. Mis s Jones wore a shoulder shower of ophelia roses which blend- ed perfectly with a pink chif- fon dress, embroidered in deli- cate blue. At the wedding dinner the table was enhanced with clus- ters of sweet peas, jonquills, tulips, orchids and roses in pastel shades. The out of town guests were Miss Wal- ters, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Geil of New York, Mi s Vvarncr ol' Pittsburgh, Mr. and Mrs. Cramer of Youngstown. MISS MONAI-IAN LECTURES ATTRACTING LARGE CROWDS Large crowds are daily gathering at the Public Audi- torium where Hlss Helen Monahan is lecturing on how to reduce. Miss Monahan assures her audience that no dieting is re- guired and that verv surpris- ing results can be obtained in one month. If results are as Miss Monahan promises, Niles will be noted in the near fu- ture for its slender women. UNCOVERED WIRES CAUSE FIRE Late last night a fire broke out in the Clingham block on Main street. causing slight damage in George Anderson's Grocery, Cramer's Furniture Store and Miss Clara's Mo- diste Shoppe directed by Miss Clara Moosey. The fire was caused by un- covered electrical wires in 'ho basement. It is hs-liovef that the rats in the basement had gnawed the covering of the wires as to expose them to pa- per and wood scraps. Mr. Ray Barker of the Im- prudential Insurance Com- pany arrived at noon today to estimate the loss caused bv the flre. Mr. Barker reports that all losses are coverfd by insurance, PAGE 2 NILES CHRONICLE, JUNE 10, 1935 0LD MAIDS' HOME COMPLETED The large home on Youngs- town avenue owned by Miss Laverne Defendeifer wnich has been under construction for the past eight months was compieted last week. People nave been wondering what Miss Defendelfer. wh: from all appearances has de- cided to be an old mal.l,wa..t- 'ed wltn a home consisting of twenty-three large rooms and all modern conveniences. She satisfied their curiosity early this week by announcing the fact that she intended to open an old maids home th.ere in tne near future. Miss Defendeifer announced that the rules and regulations of the home are not com- plete as yet but that if any member of the home is caught looking or speaking to am' man other than a relative or an old family friend. she will be expelled immediately. Any man caught on the premises or loitering near, trying to attract the attention of any of the members will find him- :elf in a very perplexing pre- tlcament. FAMOUS C0MPANY COMING 'l'0 NILE8 The Helwlg Concert Com- pany, directed by Miss Mar- guerite Helwlg will present its t'amous June Night pro- gram, June 22, in the McKin- ley Memorial Auditorium. Three members of this not- ed company are from Niles. Miss Helwig at the Piano Mr. Herbert Craddock on the rlolln and Mr. Danny Sandy rn the trombone. Reservation of seats can be made at Hlll's pharmacy on the corner of Main and Park avenues. I-IOSPITAL PATIENTS IMPROVED Under the tender care ot' Dr. Thomas, Miss Mitchell, Miss Quinn. and Mr. Lapollr are improving. Miss Quinn will be removed to her home Sunday or Monday and Miss Mitchell and Mr. Lapollo lat- er. SPECIAL THEATRE PROGRAM "Youth Conquersf' Miss Nichols' latest novel will open the program at the Lei- bert Theater next week star- ring Miss Selena Wick. "Youth Conquers," was a great stage success but it has made an even greater photonlay. Miss Wick's be- witchlng beauty has charmed movie fans over the entire country. This phofoplay af- fords Miss Wick the oppor- tu-iity of displaying her un- usual ability. HOME IN UREASES MEMBERSHIP "The addition to the Rose Orphanage on Sympathy Ave- uue is completed and ready for occupancy," reports Miss Kathryn Rose, head matron. This new addition will pro- vide room for twenty-five children making the total ca- pacity of the home seventy- eight. Miss Sophia Scar- nechia, the children's day nurse, will have charge of the work in this department. Tnis addition was made pos- sible by the will of the late husband of Mrs. Lenore Kist- ler Bernes, who died several months ago. The children will give a reception for the new members under the dl- rection of Miss Rose and Miss Scarnechia. NILES FINDS IT NECESSARY T0 HIRE AIR TRAFFIC COP During the past two years the airplane traffic has been getting so heavy over Niles tnat the question of hiring an air traffic cop has been discussed. Last week two planes crashed together and both feil on buildings below, crush- ing them completely. It was then decided that to install a cop was the only safe thing so Armond Campana was chosen. A platform will be cxtenfed up over the Crom- well block to direct the traf- fic in the future. The reason for this exces- sive traffic is that Niles is one of the principal stops on the U. S. mail route. BRIGHT-CINDERY , TAVERN OPENS FOR TI-IE SUMMER The dancers were welcomed to the Bright-Cindery Tavern amid a profusion of Japanese lanterns and hand painted screens, roses and ferns. Mr. Bright presented each lady present with a pocket comb as a compliment of this de- dellghtful hall. while Mr. Cin- dery, a more modest gentle- man, presented vanlties equipped with powder, pow- der puff and mirror to each gentleman. The music for the occasion was furnished by Corea's well known Jazz Orchestra. During the intermission delicious lces and fancy cakes were served and the danc- ers were entertained by Mr. Corea on his Jews Harp. The opening of this tavern is welcome news to many of this vicinity who hope to find here a pleasant retreat during the summer months. NEW DANCING CLASSES WILL BEGIN MONDAY Miss Edith Ohl and Miss Dorothy Perry, instructors of the Classical Dancing Acad- emy of Niles have arranged to organize new classes Fri- day. Anyone deslrlng to joln this Friday evening class should enroll not later than Wednesday. Miss Ohl and Miss Perry have just re- turned from a three months' engagement in the company of the famous Metropolitan Dancing Company. The price is five dollars per lesson. As only a limited number can join, they advise immediate enrollment. MISS AMERICA SUED Miss America tMlss Audrey Hamiltonl is being sued by Mr. Nvard Kaye of Niles for ten thousand dollars for breach of promise. Mr. Kaye says that before Miss Hamil- ton won the American Beau- ty contest, she accepted his proposal of marriage. Miss namilton refused to be inter- vieweo on tue subject. "I have notning to say," she told newspaper correspond- ents. ART ROOM OPENED IN MEMORIAL Mr. William Piper who is in charge of the art depart- ment, announced yesterday that two new pictures have been added to the Niles ex- ltibit and will be unveiled Friday evening at the Artists Annual Banquet. - The two new pictures are Failing Hopes by Florence De Christofaro and Latin Visions by Catherine LaPol- la. Both of these celebrated artists recently returned from Paris and will re ide in Niles for the present. FORMER NILES GIRL MARRIES AGED CLEVE- LAND MANUFACTURER Miss Helen Gifford, who has been employed with the Casper Paper Manufacturing Company in Cleveland for the last three months was mar- ried yesterday to H. J. Cas- per, head of this firm. Mr. Casper, aged seventy, was a confirmed bachelor until about two months ago. They were married in the First Church of Chicago by the Reverend R. H. Hoffman. Following the wedding cere- mony, Mr. and Mrs. Casper left for Europe where Mr. Casper will be under the care of Dr. Whalesmane to regain health while Mrs. Casper tours. Mr. Casper's fortune is estimated to be several millions. NILES CHRONICLE, JUNE 10, 1935 PAGE 3 HIGH SCHOOL NOTES The Board of Education re- grets the loss of two earnest workers on the High School Faculty, Miss Mary Gillis, de- bate coach and Ralph Wil- liams, football coach. Miss Gillis, debate coach for McKinley High for the past four years, has produced a team each year worth the praise of all Niles. But one debate was lost out of the nine debates directed by Miss Gillis. Miss Gillis has ac- cepted a position as assist- ant debate coach in Hiram College. Coach Vvllliams, coach of the team that defeated War- ren 42-6 this year and ended the season with a record of eight victories, two ties and one defeat, has accepted the position of athletic director of the Y. M. C. A. in Youngs- town. The vacancles in the teach- ing staff have been filled by the following appointments made by th.e board last eve- ning: , Modern History by MISS Grace Warner, recommended by Superintendent of Schools in Pittsburgh, Athletic direct- or for Girls, Miss Dorothy Koch, recommended by the President of the Y. W- C4 A- in Cleveland. -,ll NEW FORD GARAGE AND FILLING S'l'A'l'lON PROMISED Miss Catherine Hunyady has started somethinglnew herein Niles by announcing her ln- tention of opening 21 HGVY Fwd Garage and Filling Station on Church street in the near fu- tuivfiss Hunyady states that she purchased a second hand Ford five years ago which has run every day. UGVGY' hav- ing been in the garagednd that it is in better condition now than the day it was made, so she believes she is capable- of running a garage- She had also acted as a chauffeur at the White H01-159 for two years previous to her buying her Ford. u Miss Hunyady Pmmlses ef' ficient work as she has al- ready engaged three lady me- chanics to aid her in her work. Miss Olive Walter will have charge of the Junior Chau- tauqua Work in Niles this summer. The Chautauqua people will be with us the week of July 7. Miss Walter will arrive one week earlier to organize the Junior Chau- tauqua League. She is plan- ning a picnic and a circus for the young people. All chil- dren are urged to attend. CITY OFFICIALS HAVE OUTING AT CIRCLEVILLE PARK Yesterday afternoon the city officials enjoyed an out- ing at Circleville Park. Tne park was made attractive by freshly painted benches, ta- bles and white-washed trees. labeled with plenty of wet paint signs. Mr. Lee Hewitt, City Com- missioner, won the fat men's race, while Mr. Frank Bian- co, another commissioner, must have prepared for the occasion as he won both wat- ermelon and pie eating con- tests. Mr. J. A. McCorkle and Miss Wagstaff came in first in the three legged race and were awarded a game of Old Maid. They immediately slipped off by themselves to try their new game. Mr. Myron Kidd, city elec- trician, while displaying his skill on the trapeze fell and dislocated his arm. It is re- ported that Mr. Kidd's arm was noticeably out of place every time he was seen dur- ing the remainder of the aft- ernoon. Later in the afternoon Miss Bessie Flrway, Commissioner, and Mr. Russell Thomas, City Surveyor. along with two quarts of ice cream and a large cake disappeared. About half an hour later cries for help were heard coming from Mosquito creek, and when the crowd arrived on the scene they saw the missing couple clinging to the canoe which had mysteriously over- turned. Mr. Paul Van VVye advised the shipwrecked Dail' to use a flat boat instead of a canoe in the future. MISS McDERMO'l"I' EN'l'ER'l'AINS Miss Helen Marie McDer- mott entertained at an 8 o'clock dinner in her rome on Butler Avenue, Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth. Campfield whose marriage was a re- cent event. Covers were laid for twelve intimate friends of the popu- lar couple. The honor guests were presented with an array of beautiful linen. 'FHUGS ENTER FREEIRS JEWELRY SHOP Freel's Jewelry store was entered late last night by robbers. It is believed that the robbers were inexperienc- ed as only a few articles that were easily obtained were removed. Mr. Freel says that the loss will be covered by the the-gt insurance which he car- rie . LIBRARY RECEIVES NEW BOOKS ,Several new popular books have been received by the li- brary, Miss Heyman, librar- ian, announced yesterday. "The Romance of a Bache- lor" by Donald Rader, relates the exciting adventure of a young confirmed bachelor who by circumstances be- comes entangled in the af- fairs of the Women's Feder- ated Club and is finally ex- tricated by one of the fair members ol' that organization. Mr. Rader not only presents novel characters and situa- tions but handles his plot in a surprising manner. "The Musical Neighbors," a short play in three acts, by Miss Dora Siff, is a humor- ous comedy of a young lady who lives in an apartment next door to a young ama- teur saxaphonist who prac- tices continually on his be- loved instrument. The neigh- bors resolve to take turns in ostracizing the "pest" but to no avail until the young lady next door takes a l.a d in the matter and finally wins both the beloved instru- ment and the man. RESULTS 0F I NTERN ATION AL 'PYPING CONTEST In the International Typ- ing Contest held ln Atlantic City, last week, three thous- and contestants entered the contest, representing every country in the world. The speed contests were given in the Atlantic Hotel Monday, Tuesday and Wed- nesday. The first prize was won by Miss Velma Grove of this city, with 200 words per mln- ute for one hour with but three mistakes. This is 10 words per minute more tha.1 any previous record evtr made. Miss Grove received the World Championship Cup and S5.000. AMERICAN WOMAN 'l'O WED 'I'I'l'LE Rumors are adrift that Miss Dorothy Evans, who recently obtained a divorce from Mr. Ronald M. Simons, her fifth husband, ls engaged to Count ltolo of Italy. Miss Evans shortly after her divorce left for a tour through ltaly. It is reported that the couple met at a ball given at the hotel where Miss Evans was staying at the time. It was a case of love at first sight. Count Rolo recently ob- tained a divorce from Madam lHelena who was his sec- ond wife. .,,.f..-vsvaq-uw.--w ,v-'-wrt'-1' v v PAGE 4 NILES CHRONICLE, JUNE 10, 1935 NILES WOMAN SUES FOR DIVORCE Mrs. Isabel Thomas Roy- ster filed suit.. for divorce against her husband, Mr. James. .W. Royster for non- support. Mrs. Royster brings as her chief charge against her husband, his failure to purchase a Ford three -years ago. Mrs. Thomas Royster feels that a car is a vital necessity to a housewife. Mr. T. Ciazza, lawyer, who ls and always has been in sympathy with the rights and privileges of women will act as her at- torney. The case will come up in the June session of Court. NOTED SURGEON ADVANCES SCIENCE Doctor Warren E. Thomas. noted surgeon and physician. after several years of experi- menting has discovered the true panacea for human ills. This tonic is a body builder, a restorer of weak nerves, a cure for indlgestion and a blood builder. It is especially recommendef' for sc' 001 teachers. Those who have tried it highly recommend it. For further information. serd to the office of Dr. Thomas, Market Street, Warren. EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY "' ' .. PARLOR FOR MEN Due to the complaints of men against the long wait- lng lists of women in beauty parlors, Miss Lodwick and Miss Miller have opened ,a beauty parlor exclusively for men in the Heaton Hotel, Main Street. Miss Lodwlck will be in charge of the mer- celing and massaging ' while Miss Miller will have charge of the manlcurtng. Agpoint- ments must be made ' efore- hand or prompt ,service can- not be assured. This beauty parlor ls- well equipped with the latest and best inventions for this type of work. Men of Niles will no longer have cause for complaint. NEW YORK SOCIETY WOMAN SUES DENTIST Miss Davis, prominent New York Society woman is suing P. J. Keifer, dentist. for 330,- 000. Miss Davis charged Kelfer with pulling the wrong tooth. Mr.. Keifer in- sists that he pulled the one specified by Miss Davis. No witnesses were present at the time who,could prove the au- thenticity of elther's state- ment. Mr. Caizza, lawyer, advised Miss Davis that the case was hopeless but she ln- slsts upon a trial. MID YEAR AUTO SHOW AND PLANES The automobile and' aero- plane agencies of the city are planning to co-operate in giv- ...gone of the greatest auto- mobile and plane snows ever given in this vicinity. Wal- ter Hogan, agent for the Hi Filer, a Mineral Ridge make, known over the entire coun- try for speed and workman- ship, and Alfred Swift, agent for the Speeu Demon, an Old- lown production, were elect- ed to thc Executive Commit- tee of the show. All new make cars and planes as well as the standard makes will be demonstrated by capable salesmen. Addresses will be given by several noted auto- mobile and aeroplane manu- fauturers. NEWS OF DEATH RECEIVED Viford has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Haun of the death of their son-in-law, Mr. E. H. Maher. President of the Pittsburg Steel Company. Mrs. Bernice Haun Maher will bring the body to Niles for burial. Hugh Evans, un- dertaker. will have charge of the funeral arrangements. The services will be held in the First Christian Church. Other' arrangements will be announced'later. - D MISS WES'I'ENFlEl.D ENTERTAINS U. D. K. Miss Wvestenfiyeld' entertain- ed the mem'bers of 'the U. D. K.'s in her home on Vienna Avenue last evening. Miss Ellen Collins won the mock debate "Resolved that short skirts are more beneficial than powder puffs." Miss Hitchings"was victorious in the new game "Scramble" which is the latest club fad. Fortune telling, guessing con- tests and dancing followed. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostess assisted hy her mnther. MR. AND MRS. HAROLD - BEIL RETURN Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beil have returned from New York where Mr. Bell was directing the popular play "The Miss- ing Cuff Link" starring Mlss Ruth Brooks in the leading role. The comedy was writ- ten by Roy Walters. a rising voung author. Mr. Bell stat- ed to his friends here that this was his greatest success of the season, running con- tiuuously for two weeks ln the Broadway Theatre ln New York City. 0U'l'LOOK OF THE NILES CHRONICLE Editor: Miss Dorothy Camp- bell. , To the men and women of Niles: , ,, The paper of thish city is on an equal withuthe papers of cities of five times the size of Niles. In no other paper can you find the news of your community as you do in your home town paper. The paper at present is only four thousand dollars in debt. which is but two per cent of the total debt of this paper when this company undertook its management. Miss VVo0d- ford, news editor, has secured a news column that this city can be proud of. "The acos have been successful." states the manufacturers that l have interviewed. No longer do people go to Youngstown or Warren to shop. We urge ev- ery family to keep a copy of this paper in your home. Pat- ronize your home town paper. RUNS INTO HELWIG MEAT MARKET Late yesterday afternoon the car driven by Mr. Sidney Stein decided to run on the sidewalk for a wh.ile and crashed into the large plate glass window of Helwigs Meat Market. Mr. Stein escaped with sligut injuries. The glass window was completely oe- stroyed and Mr. Helwlg re- ce-tved a bad cut on the nose from a piece of flying glans. Mr. Stein's Ford escaped un- injured. 'PHE NEWEST HAIR- DRESSING FASHIONS All women who wish to be up to the minute on how they shall wear their hair are urged to attend the third annual lecture on hairdress- ing given by Miss Virginia Clark, who has been abroad for some time getting data on the latest fashions concerning women's tresses. This lecture will be given in the Clarke Beauty Parlor. Robbins ave- nue. NILES GIRL RETURNS HOME FROM SCHOOL Miss Linda Sacconaghl re- turned home late yesterday afternoon from Poughkeep- sie, New York, where she completed a special course in stenography and filing ln the Stenography Department of Poughkeepsie Business School. Miss Sacconaghi after a two weeks' visit with her parents, will leave for Cleveland where a position awaits her. NILES CHRONICLE, JUNE 10, 1935 PAGE 5 'PEA ROOM OPEN S Miss Jessie Jones and Miss Laura Mastoller announce the opening of their Blue and Wnite Tea Room on Dough- nut Boulevard near Main Street. The owners have been fortunate ln securing the famous dancer, Miss Eth- el Thompson, of the Chicago Dancing Institute who will entertain the patrons during the opening week and Miss ltuth Jones, well-known lyric soprano, of Pittsburg, who Wlll entertain in her own pleasing manner VVednesday evening. The delicious menu for each day will be printed in the evening papers. Watch for the announcements. - ili- UEIKA EN'I'ER'I'AIN S Mr. Charles Cera, president of the F. O. W. entertained the bachelors of this organi- zation in his apartment in Lonely Alley last evening. There are but eight bachelors left in this memorable or- ganization. Mr. Kay Camp- fleld was the last member to be ousted, due to his mar- riage to Miss Catherine Vvalsh. The fellows spent the evening singing and joking and so annoyed the neigh- bors that a call of disturb- ing the public peace was sent to the police. Mr. Joe Sho- hayda, chief of police, soon arrived on the scene and broke up the noisy party. A-lrs. Mildred Uadwell Cram- er, l'reslc'ent ol' the NVomen's Federated Clubs, addressed the women ol' the city yes- terday afternoon in the City Hall, Her subject was "How I Run My Hume and Par- ticipate in Politics." Mrs. Cramer is one of the most active young women in the community. Besides manag- ing her home and acting as President of the Federated Clubs. Mrs. Cramer takes an active part in church work and charitable work. RI41Slll.'I'S OF NATIONAL DIVING l'ON'I'ES'I' The finals ot' the National Diving Contest for profes- sionals were announced over the radio this afternoon. Adeline Stein was victor in the 500 yard finals, winning over her rival. Miss Uno from Warren. last year's victor. Miss Stein was presented with a cane for future use. lrhenmatism, and the likel. Five hundred thousand wit- nessed the exciting race in which honor was brought tol Niles by Nliss Stein RADIO PROGRAM The Niles Broadcasting Sta- tion XYZ will give a home talent program Thurs- day evening from 8 o'clock P. M. to 12 P. M. The- lirst number will be a group of popular airs sung by Paul Thomas the talented young tenor, who has broadcast from XYZ several times. The second number will incluce three musical readings by Mis-s Margaret Harris entitled "But l Loved Somebody Else," "That lied Headed Girl of Mine" and "A Little Bit of Poetry." At 9 o'clock Miss Harris will favor the chil- dren with a bedtime story, "Scrappy Billie." At 9:30 Miss Selena Copeland, who has just returned from a study of music in Poland, will give several selections of her own choice. The final number on the XYZ program will be a. lecture on scientific farming by Samuel Fusco who has for several years ex- perimented in the Govern- ment Agricultural Experi- ment Station at Columbus. BOSS REFUSES EATS. GIRLS STRIKE Yesterday noon the office force from the WVaddell Steel Company went on strike be- cause the manager, Mr. Rus- sell VVa.ddell, refused to al- low the girls to eat dill pick- les and ice cream during 0'f- fice hours. The strikers were Miss Jane Walsh, filing clerk, Miss Nora Quilty, stenogru- plter, and Miss Elizabeth Wil- liams, bookkeeper. Mr. Waddell said early to- day that he would have to allow small tea parties occa- sionally to get his valuable office force back. GIRARD CHAMPION FAILS TO STOP JONES In Slmnhlng' 'Pen Round En- counter Ringside, Motor Square Garden, Niles-The champion- ship aspirations which Girard fans entertained in behalf of their favorite son Kid Rob- erts, were somewhat dimmed here last night when he failed to stop Homer Jones Niles lightweight in their ten-round bout. At the final bell Jones was still trailing punches with Roberts. The only knock down that Roberts scored i" the fight was in the r1in'h stanza when his mule-kick left hook hit Jones in thc jaw but he only remained down for a count of six. Do your teeth ache Do your teeth need repair work lf so see 1 P. J. KFIIFER l'ROMINEN'l' GIRL MISSING Police were asked ytster- day to assist in the st-arch for Miss Martha Law. Miss Law according to par- ents and friends disappeaitd under mysterious circum- stances several days ago. Friends state that she has spent- considerable money on clothes recently and that they all disappeared with ter. They fear she has been kid- napped. Miss Law was employtd as a stenographer and bookkt ep- er in Cramer's Fu1ni.uie Store. TEGGS BEAT MAN VVithin a few doors of the police station Mr. Alfred wallader was held up beaten by two thugs. Cadwallader was walking Cad- and down the street when two men leaped upon him from behind. .tn Ingersol watch, six street car tickets, pawn tick- et, vanity case and some small change were taken from his pockets. Among the slight injuries that Cadwallader, sustained was a broken nose and a black eye. NEWS OF SOUTH AMERIUA News has been received from James Colson, rec' tion worker. in the Amazon region in Brazil. The tre- mendous task of reclaiming this great area was given to Colson because of his unus- ual work in reclaiming tl'c territory near Mosquito C 'e'k in this district. He reports that when this undertakirg is completed, Brazil will not only be a wonderful agricul- tural district but an attrac- tive resort for tourists. He also reports that-he has found some wonderful ruins of an- cient civillzation. He believes that his find will supply some of the missing history of this wonderful country. Ludwig Zemann, famous ar- chaeologist ls leaving for Brazil to make- a report of these new discoveries to the New York Archaeologist As- sociation. Mr. Zemann will on his return give his ma'er- ial to Charles McDermott who has for the last ten years been collecting material on the history of Sou"h America. CAUFFIEID PRINTING COMPANY We print everything ln- elndlng name cards. wed- dlngbnnnonneementn, grad- nntlon Invitations, polltl- cal pamphlets, church hul- letlnn, fly-paper adver- tlselnentn. death nn- nnllnrenu-nts. I Dorothy Perry do SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 CLASS hw! We, the Senior Class of 1925 speak our last words, as we are about to de- part from N. H. S. We bequeath all our privileges, pleasures, personal characteristics, and adornments to the faculty, oncoming classes, and individual members. To the faculty we leave our appre- ciation and thanks for their untiring efforts in teaching us from the begin- ning to the end. With much reluctance we leave our idolized and ideal guardian Miss Wolf to the coming Senior Class. We hope they will appreciate her as we do. 'l'o the Sophomore Class we leave a carload o.f "HI CHAIRS" to be used daily. To the Sophomore Class we elave a hit of advice, "Remember the Golden Rule" and also keep in mind that what you do now you w0n't have to do later. To the Junior Class we leave the right to enjoy themselves as Seniors as much as we have enjoyed ourselves. 'l'o individuals we leave the follow- ing: I Bernard leave my Collegiate walk to Helen Stillwagon. We, Ralph Hoffman and Leltoy Mar- so leave our right to become Dukes to Charles McEvoy and Frank Fusco. I, Helen McDermott, leave my win- ning way to Leonard Williams. Go over bisg Leonard. l Adeline Stein leave my ability as cheer leader to Myron Riegel. I Youise Cavanaugh leave my baby talk to be spoken outside of school to Betty Wick. We Sirvilla Mawby and Frank Cook leave the right to promenade the hall on the second floor to Alma Lyden and Tommy Clingan. We Margaret Harris and Lucile Davis leave to Helen Thomas and Evelyn ILL Raub our gift of vamping the opposite sex. Watch out boys! We Herbert Craddock and Lugwig Zeeman leave our extensive knowledge of the radio station to N, H. S. I Almon McCorkle bequeath my popularity as president of my class for two years to Wilbert Walker. I Helen Gifford bestow my smile and good nature upon the faculty on "blue Mondaysf' I Bessie Erway bestow my petite .feet upon Wilbert Walker. We George Bright and Billy James do bequeath our art of ball room danc- ing to the Junior Collegiates. I Warren Thomas do bequeath my place in front of the mirror to Bill Orr. We Dora Siff, Martha Law and Dor- othy Evans leave the right to build a powder and powder puff factory to Nellie Nicholas, Etna Skelley and Opal X -if , , if Hinkson. I Tully Caizza do bequeath the right to be "Tony the banana man" to Del Hubbard. We Mary Gillis and leave our positions as and Salutatorian to the the Junior Class. I Kaye Campfield do "CUTENESS" to Paul L Bernice Haun Valedictorian A students of bequeath my ewis. bequeath the ability to roll my eyes Lyden. Make good use guerite. to Marguerite of them Mar- I Ward Kaye leave my ability to "go over big" dressed in my yellow knick- ers and purple sweater to Rowene Snowball. We Selena Wick and Grace Woodford leave our friendship to Thelma Cun- niek and Edna Davis. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 I Walter Hogan do bequeath my "Good Looks" to Ray Hubbard. I Paul Van Wye bequeath my "slick- er" to Gertrude Crawford to wear only on rainy days. We the members of the U. D. K. Club, Ellen Collins, Selena Copeland, Velma Grove, Etta Heyman, and Mar- jory Westenfield leave the right to be called T. O. F. or Tongues of Flame to future members of any club. I Rhodel Pearce leave my basketball ability to Ruth Hewitt. I Audrey Hamilton leave my dim- ples and dramatic ability to Charles McEvoy. VVe Paul Thomas and Don Rader leave our troubles with the "Ladies" to Milton Harmon and Paul Rader. I Adolph Hill do bequeath my place in the Seniors' Fashion plate to Charles Flowers. I Margaret Vllagstaff do bequeath my motto "Happy Go Luckyu to Kathryn Ferguson. VVe Alfred Swift, Charles McDermott, Alford Cadwallader and John Liebert leave our "Earnestness" to David Rhodes, Allen Lott and Ralph Lloyd. I Catherine Hunyady leave my "Ner- vousncss" to Robin Hood. I Ruth Brooks leave my seDATEness to Helen Crow. I Ruth Jones do bequeath my dreamy countenance and fluffy hair to Martha Ferguson. We Anthony and Catherine Lapolla leave our serious nature to Margaret Mullet and Evelyn Wilder. leave my ability to I Harold Beil play jazz on the drums to George El- ston in order to make him feel Dizzy. We Sam Fusco, Danny Sandy, Renal- do DeCola and Frank Bianco leave our favorite expression "When do we study" to any one not having his or her lesson. I Helen Monahan do bequeath the right to be called a "Jolly Good Fel- low" to Mary Madden. We Myron Kidd and .Ioe Shahayda do bequeath our curly hair to the Jun- ior girls on rainy days. I Linda Cacconaghi leave my "Shy- ness" to McCauley Dickason. We Charles Cera, Ray Barker, Lee Hewitt, Don Cauffield, and S'dney Stein do bequeath our wide reputations as football stars that shine to the fu- ture varsity. I Bill Cramer do bequeath my dim- ples and rosy cheeks to Kathryn Thom- IIS. We Russell Wadell and Homer Jones leave our hatred for women to Joe Wooclcock and .Iohn Walsh. I Yaura Masteller do bequeath my "Vital Forces in Current Events" to Cecil Roughton. I Joe Corea do bequeath my sheik- ish appearance to Bus McCormick. We Dorla Lodwick and Florence Miller leave our marcelles to Frances Bohne and Isgbel Mears. I .Ioe Bassett do bequeath my abund- ance of chewing gum to any one who wishes to be expelled for three days. I Armond Campana do bequeath my nickname "Ducky" to all the little "Ducklings" in the Freshman Class. We Dorothy Koch and Edith Ohl do bequeath our dancing ability tto Alvira Swartz and Marion Hyer. I .lames Colson leave my ability to draw faces and graces to Ruth Scott. I Paul Keifer leave my place at the head of the line during the rush hour at the "Caf" to Mr. Lease. I Russell Thomas do bequeath to Lewis Owens the right to be captain of the football team, but never to get as red as a strawberry when called upon to make a speech. I Ralph Williams do bequeath my .lunior girl to Percy Lavarack to take care of Watch her close Percy. I Dc-rcthy Campbell do bequeath my Editor's Chair to Mary Margaret Rhodes. We Jessie Jones, I.aVer1te Defendief- er and Olive Walters leave our glasses to the Freshmen so they may at least look intelligent We .lane Walsh and Margaret Quinn leave our cherished friend Anna Me- Gsry to the .Iunior boys to care for. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 I Mildred Cadwell leave to Cather- Quiity leave our books on "How to Become Tall" to Bronwen Cobner and Harry Nicholas. I John Helwig do bequeath my quiet nature to Glenn Cole. I Marguerite Helwig leave my praise- worthy appearance at the piano to Virginia Callinan. I Carmen Dejeroma leave my ability to write hair-raising mysteries and tragedies to Joe Kinnan. I Billy Piper do leave my "Pipe" to I.eland Jukes. I Catherine Walsh do bequeath my "Pet" ways to Mildred Griffith. I Elizabeth Williams leave to Cath- erine Holloway my Puritanic qualities. Last, but not least. I Fuzzie Trages- sor bequeath my ability of agreeing to disagree with the fair sex to Carter McConnell. Signed and sealed and declared to be the last will and testament of the Senior Class. Scribes: DOROTHY PERRY, MILDRED CADWELL. SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 CLASS some or-' 25" FOUR YEARS A60 WE ENTE-RED IN TNE HALLE or N.H.S. OH wo-QA-r A HAPPY BAND WERE WE As WE ENTERED 'ru-us PATH TOWARDS succEss. 'WENE womcso mo JoYs AND soknows AND NOW THE END as Nssu AND 'rnousv-4 wa FEEL sAD, 'ro 'rv-nv-AK WE ARE 1-Hnovs-H You'LL ALWAYS HEAR us cRY AND NOW WE'RE LEAVING' 'ru-us OLD SCHOOL THE SCHOOL WE LOVE so WELL. AND AS THE PAssaNs YEARS so BY THE svorues THEY WILL 1ELL WE WORKED AND PLAYED TOGETHER AND NOW AS JUNE DRAWS msn WE,RE NOT GLAD TO LEAVE You DEAR OLD cLAss Bur THEN YOU,LL HEAR us CRY3 I CHORUS HERE,S -ro THE CLASS olfwasw A THAT DEAR oLD CLASS or Dues 4 ON WHAT JDLLY 'runes we HAD Tmzousu ALL THOSE SUNNY HOURS FDR oun, IDEALS, WE ARE so GLAD L AND Fon THESE,WE ,LL ALWAYS STRIVE THEN CHEER , CHEER,CHEER, FoRf'2.S" IN AUTOGRAPHS SICNIUIC ANNUAL 15325 THE SCHOOL THE SCHOOL SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 SUPERINTENDENT R. J. K I E F E R SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 PRINCIPAL K. A. Z Ii L L IE R -------- English SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 BOARD OF EDUCATION A W. J. Jones, President H. T. Calvin, Clerk .... Austin Clewes ...... W. F. MacQueen --- Marian E. Kelly .... Superintendent of Schools --- 538 S. Main Street -- 105 Sayers Avenue -- 120 Sayers Avenue --- 44 Lincoln Avenue --- 49 Vienna Avenue Mr. R. J. KEIF ER, 1024 Robbins Avenue Principal of High School Mr. KIA. ZELLER, 58 Russell Avenue Name Arnold, H. G. --- Beal, Edna ...... Bevins, Sophia -- Bender, Russel -- Black, Dorothy ..... Browning, Wm. .......... - FACULTY College -----Hiram College --- -----Bliss College --- -----Adrian College --- ----..Wooster College --- -----Ohio University --- O. S. U. .......... Caldwell, Elizabeth ....... Wooster College ..... ------------ English Creswell, Mary --- ---------Marysvil1e College -- - Dearth, Miles ...... ..... O hio University --- Eason, Beulah --- ..... Wooster College ------ Evans, Ethel ....... ..... O . S. U. ................ Fitton, Helena P. ..-- ..... Office Training School Fobes, Helen .... ..... C l. W. U. .............. Galster, Elenore --- ..... Miami University -- Gilbert, Alice .... ..... C J. S. U. ......... Gilbert, Beatrice --- ..... 0. S. U. -.- ..... ---- Halbedel, Walter -- Heverly, Martha -- Lease, Leland J. -- Miller, Irena ..... Shaw, Elenore --- Silbaugh, Mary ..... -----Miami University ---- -----Juniata College ---- -----O. W. U. --..----- ---Sargent ..... --- Heidelberg U. -- ---O. S. L. ..,. --- Stalker, D. Norman --- --- U. of Wisconsin Sumner, R. E. ..... Virden, Edna ...... Watson, Mrs. Mary ....... - Welty, Stanley ..... Wolf, Effie ---. -- Zellar, Karl A. -- ---Spencerian Com. Scho -----QvQ2.LIQ5'E:1hiQQQf-- -----0. W. U. ---------- -----0berlin-Cornell ---- Subject --------------------- Music Shorthand-Typewriting - -- -- --- Domestic Science ----- History-Debate --- Type-Com, Geog. ------------- Shop ---- Domestic Art --------- Chemistry ---- Geometry-Biology -------------- English ---- --- Commercial Subjects ---- Mathematics ---------- Algebra ---- History-English ---------- Science ------ French-Latin ------- Physics-Science - --- Physical Education ---------------- Lt.tin -------------- English - - Mechanical Drawing ol, Kent S. N. ...,...,.,. ,, Bookkeeping-Arithmetic - -H ----------- Spanish ------------ Printing -- Social Subjects -------- English ----- Principal SlCNlOll ANNUAL 1925 llusim-ss Nlaumgcr ilirculutiuu Al2lll2lQl'l' -Xmlvm-rlislug Mzumg Xssisluul Nlzuizigcrx l'AlllOl'-lIl4l.llll'l. ,,,,, l,llL'l'1lI'X lillilui' ,,,, . School Nuws lilli l,m-ul luclltm' .-- --,, .Xllllm-lim' liililol' ,, .Xclivitivs limlilm' ,W lilirzu'y Column lixc-lizlmgc Ifllilur ,, l'ucl's C'm'uvl' ,.,, .lukvs ,,,,,, , lypisls ,, Nliss ll. lfulws cl. lors HI CRIER STAFF Business Staff Editorial Staff Faculty Supervisors NIV, li. Z. Zvllau' l'll'AlIlli Cook, - Auclrvy llzuu llou, -- Aluion McCol'klc, -,- Arluonzl C lllllfllil, Mc'C:ull1-v lllCk2lSUl1, Cill'l0I'i MrCunm-l, Arnold Czuupzuin, lmrutliy Czuupln-ll, H-- llvlon llif.f.urll, --- llorotliy l'vri'y, l.:uu'a Sayers -- Mary Nl. llhoclcs ,- llzlvill Clzlyiuzui, ,W Ralph lluffmzm -Wd Maury Gillis ,WH lil'I'llll'L' llaxun Vin'-finial llullinun --' :1 ,,,, Mlclim- Sin-in Vclmu Grow .Xelcliuc Sh-in . . X Nlzss lu. .l. X r SENIOR .-XNNUAI. 1925 lJEl5A'l'If REVIEW JAN. I13---lDl'.XI. lblilS.X'I'li XY:nl'l'm-11 vs. Nilvm ml xYiIl'l'Q'll,Txx'1ll'I'1'll won. XY:nl'l'1-ll vs. Nilvs lzl! Nilm-xifSNY:ll'l'vll wsm, NLXIHIII 20--Ill'.XI. lllili.X'l'lf S:.In-In xx. Nilvs tall Xill-sb--Nilvx won. SIIIUIII vs. N114-s tall Sznlm-lun-f-Sallmlm wun. N egal i ve Tea nn .U'firn1a-ltive Tea m Xlmun Nlm'l.m'kl1- lc':1 J: 1 P - - " ry Hi llix lllll ll.unI1I LIIIIIIIUVIIIZIII tmp! nm p .hm-pll Kimmn I? nil Illvnrlll Vhnn V1 4 1 . . .- ,nh- Xl ll'LQ'iIl'l'l ll u I IN All 4 "'.'-b-, K'l'll:lll' Philip Ifllsru-f-.XlIcrlmll- SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 Seniors llurullly Cannplwll Virginia Clark lillcn Collins l.uc'ilv llzlvis livssln- lirwuy Nlzlry Gillis Vvllnu Grove ,llnln-y llznnlllun lg0l'Illl't' lluun lillzl lltylllilh llutlmcrinu llnnymly Gladys Hitchings Cutlmcrim- Lzlpollzn Survillu Muwlmy Olivo NY:1ll01's llranfv XVQIVIICI' Nlznrjnriu Wcslcnficlml SHUMIA Juniors lill-:mor Allison .lczuu-llc Culllns lllllll Allan llrnkm- xlilflllll lla-yur lmln Mullah-n Maury Maulmlcn Nzlonli Nlzwllumllll Maury B1ill'QilI'L'l lihmlvs l.:1ur:1 Sayers 'l'l1cln1zl Smith liuwcm' Snuwlmll llclvn Wooclrufl' livclyn Wilmlcr Alberta Picrcu lilizzlbn-lll Wick linlllcrinc Furgisun E:""' - SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 Nlnry Gillis tirawo Wurncr llulvn Giffurll Imrothy Caunphcll Ralph Hoffmann .lznncs Colson Vvlnm lirovn- Maury NI. lihmlcs llalrnlml ZlIllllll'l'lllil Philip FllSl'0 llh-nn Colm- HONOR SOCIETY lil-rnicv lluun Nl:u',a:ucrii1- llolxx Alllllill Mc-Curklv Hvssiv lirwzly Milclruxl Czulwcll lburollmy l'0l'l'y lll'2ll'l' Womll'ur4I l.:nu1'n Szlym-rs Dznvial Clznymzul Frank lfusvu lllizabulh Dang.:vrl'icl4l, Alias Arami SIGNIOR ANNUAL 19.25 SENIOR PLAY CAST "Come Out of the Kitchen"-by A. E. Thomas Olivia llangorfjclml, alias Jam- lillcn Nlrs. Falkcnvr, 'l'lll'kt'l"S Sister ,,,, ,H Cora Fallu-ner, hor Dllllylllkl' ,, Xmamla, 0livia's Black ylillllllly' ,- llurlon Cram-. from tho North H , . . . . . , nta lhomas l,L-llvrls, Statistical l ovl ,.., , ,, -W Solon 'lllll'lil'l', Cram-'sa Attorney and lluusl ,- 'aul llanga-rl'iolcl, alias Smithfivlml .,,A W-- Cllarlcs llangm-rficlal, alias lirimlluh liamlolph NYM-ks. ,Xgm-nl of lhc DIIIIQUI 'fic Nlary Gillis Auclroy Hamilton - Dorothy Pcrry Mildred Caclwoll v-- Tully llaizza W, Frank Cook -- Paul 'Yhomas -- llaroltl Boil ,U Donald llaclvl' Almon Nlcflorklm- -, llome-r .lom-s SICNIOII ANNIIAI. 1925 JUNIOR PLAY CAST --A Full House"-by Fred .lackwon l-'rl . Q. l.nlws, :ln lzngllsh Sl'l'Y1llll ,, .,, lllcn V1 lm Susiv. zu nnlicl ,,,..g.. -M Hliily llowcll, gn brialo ,- Av. ,, Nl::l'y xlIII'Q1lI'l'l lllnn Mm, XYlIIlll'l'lil'l', tln- aunt llilllllllt' lIll2ll'lL'l'S, Ullilfs sislm-1' W- " " ' ' ' ,- XIVQIIIIII flilllllllll Xiclmlns King, en slrzlmxcr ' ' .,-A., ,, ,Y f.llzxl'l4-s Nlvlux' Nm-nl l'1-mlrrulu-, Jr.. nn only sun , Allfllllllilj' liivkinx Ilcnrgv lluwm-ll. gn ln'i1la-grurnn . , llznrnlll ZIIIIIIIUVIII nn lluuglu-Vly. an pnlivc wrgm-:alll , .Y xvlllllll' xvllllill Jinx Nlunm-y, an pulivvnnzn H l'lllIl'S N 4' ' ,, .. , .l NllIl.un Clancy Kcznrnvy, :.nutlu-1' ,, ,, , l"r:nnk lfnslu Mrs. l"ln-ming. owm-V ul' llxv :npanrllnl-nl Lnnrzn Snyux YI-ran Yt'l'll1llI, :u slum' girl , lszzlwl NIUJIIN Mrs. l'm-lnlrrukc. frmn llusiun , -M W.. -,-, ,.,,, Nlzlln-l Nlaunlu ,,-,,,,,, -, Nznnni Nlvlluml KilllI2ll'IlIt' 'l'lnnn mx SENIOR ANNUAL 1925 ORCHESTRA Vi0lins- 'Cello Arnulxl lllllllllllllil l.uc'il1- lluffmzm Nick Allcriu Clarinet- liznllmryn llulluwzlx' Stanley Wilalvr Drums Dunn Wilson Szlxaphone- .l0SL'lJll ll0l'l'1l Trombone- llzllpll llnffmaln 'llllUlll.lS Orr llamny Szlmly llurolml Bcil .xSSlSl2lI1l-.l1llIll'S llulminson Piano- Nl:u'gum-rvllv lla-Iwig SENIOR ANNTTAI, 1925 O P R R E T T A "Miss Cherryblossom"-by J. W. Wood and M. H. Dodge ss Iilu-rryblossom-An AlIl0l'll'2lll girl rnisml in .lupnn ,-,, ---W Virginian llnllinnn lohn llvnry Slllllll, known as .lzn'k. il wvallhy lxIlll'l'lC'illl W, .l. .Xlmon Nl1'f.orklv IwSll'2l, an niomlorn Allli'I'll'llll girl ,.,,,, A,.,,,, ..,..,,A, , , , -- liowvln' Sllowllilll lln'rv 1 pil if Ink Iso in Xnulic nn XX I ll 1 nm A , 1 2 :, .1 ", ll I 1 . " '4 ..- ,....,Yf. W ..A..Y-.f,..f 'il lvl' OAR 0l'llllllQ.Il0ll, an rich Nnw Xorkm-r. owncr ol lln- ynvlll llmt lnkcs llwin lo .lnpnn ,, ,,., , ,,.A ,, ,,... W., ,,,, ,-., ,,,,.,,,f ,,.,,,,, , ,..,..,.ff, l"l':lnk Cook lnnvs. Worll1inglon's Sl'i'l'Ulill'j' .,,,, Y ,,........,,,,,,,..,,,, ll:n'ol4l ZinlIllL'l'lll1lll lX0lil'lIl0, 0XVlll'l' ol' n .lnpzlm-so 'l'l-an li:n'4l0n, also Cllc-1'l'y's FOSll'l' l'l2llll0l' .,.,., ,,----,--,--,-, ,,,H,,,,,,, ,H W, W-, ,H ,U ,-,--,,,-,,, ,WWW llonallll llnllvl' logo, n .lIlll2Illt'Sl' l'olilivi:nn. wry coin-L-ill-ll .,..,,,, -- llzn'oI4l lim-il Geisha Girls' Chorus .Mlm-lino Six-in lic-ssic l'll'Vk'ZlX Nl:n'g:n'cl ll:.1'I'is Nlzniioric hVl'Sll'Ill'll'lll Nl:ll'gnl'1'l hVilQSl2lff Nlnry hl1ll'giII'1'l lllnnlm llorolhy C:nnpbn-ll llI'2ll'l' NVoo1lfor1I American Girls' Chorus'ilv Davis Ulivu Wallin-rs II1-la-n hlilfll' Nlvlh-rnnoll Cnllu-l'il1v Walsh li2!llll'Xll 'l'll0Ill1lS llulh Mlm llrnkm- .lilclwy llznnillon llulh Brooks American Boys' Vhorus llny Nloslvy llllnrlvs lflowvrs .lolin Snnlh .Xrnohl llrooks l'nnl Tlloinns Gllalrlus Bl1'.Xvoy .Xlloral Gmlwzlllullvr Tlnonnns Nldfanlw Myron lluigcl llnvill Clznvlnani .Xcm-oiiupznmist-Nl:nrglwl'4.-llv llclwig Date Sept. 27 Oct. 4 -- Oct. ll Oct. 18 Oct. 25 .... Nov. 8 Nov. ll Nov. 14 Nov. 27 RL E. --- H. T. - R. G. - K. 1. ......... - wa, SENIOR get, affix." ANNUAL 1925 FOOTBALL REVIEW f ,,. -2 Score Where Played Opponents Niles Opp. Greenville, Pa. ....... Greenville --- -- 27 0 -----Niles ---..----- -----Salem ------ --- 14 13 -----Struthers -- -----Struthers --- - 0 13 -----Niles ------ -----Sharon ------- - 0 0 -. .... Akron --- ..... St. Vincent's -- -- 27 0 -----Lisbon ---- -----Lisbon ------- -- 18 0 -----Niles ---- -----G-irard ---- - 7 7 -----Niles ------ -----Alliance ---- -- 18 0 -----Warren -..---- -----Warrcn --- -- 0 20 117 53 Lineup --- Myron KiddL. E. --- --- J. Shayhayda --- Lewis OwensQ. Percy Laverakck, Russel Thomas CCaptainJL. ----- -- Ralph Williams -------- Ward Kaye -- John Dc-Christefaro H. --- H. --- LukzF. I.. G. --- George Lynn and Frank I.. T. - Chester Stevens and T. Caiazza ----- -------- Paul- Lewis Other Letter Men Lee Hewitt KayeCampfield Charles Cera Bill Orr - Omar Stein Harlan Van Wye McCaughtry John Bluedoen Jenkins J ukes .lim McMillen Ray Barker Don Cauffielrl Substitutes Sidney Stein Albert Hirst Joseph Woodcock Carter McConnel Russel Hosay Swejqan James Quilty Roy Walters fmanagcrl 1.h:u'Ios L1-rn Nlvrnn Klmlml SIGN IUII ANNUAL 1925 BASKETBALL REVIEW lmlu Wlu-rv l'l:nyn-d Upmnuxmls ln11.9 M-, , ,,,, Xilvg ,, ,,,-,,,,,v,.l4:l111am,11 -M lm. I6 ..-,. ,-..,Xv.llI'K'Il -, ,.,, W l'l'l',l ., 1. L3 Xilus w,,l2il'z13ml WW P ,.,, .,... Inn. 21 W, M, ,.Xllinm-u -H ' ' lu. ISU H.-- ,-.7,Nlll'S ,M f,,, .,.f N lcllun:1l4I E.- lun. 31 rn .,,, Yuungs.luwn -- ,f,, South ,HH lah. 13 -W .,,, Gi1'1.r4l f,f. ,.,f K lil'1ll'll H-, lah. 13 ,- .,.. Strutlu-rs ,--,7,.,. ,-St1'utl101's ,- lah. I4 -- --. ,Nilws ..,,,.,.,., ..,-!.iln-rty E- lnh. 19 A ,.,. East Yrmngslown -f-l'L'Ill12l!il' -, lmh. 27 -W .,,. Nilvs -,-,, A.,.,...,, Kltrutlxz-rs ., lah. 28 JE, -E,,,Mm-llm1:mlml ,-,. ,.,,., NI,-I5m1:1lsl -,- rvh I0 -W .... Nilvs ,,,-,,,, ,,.,,. XVlll'l'l'I1 ,, Lineup Paul Lvwis llinlph Williams Lol and .Iuka-s .Iusn-ph NVmnlc'uL'k .losm-pl! HlltK'lllillg2,S l,o4m:n'rl XVilli:lms .lzunus Nlc'Cor1nivla .Iolm liiCl1l'istui':l1'u Su NAS., ul ll , 16 lvl , .J LJ , LU ..- . 10 4-1 , I3 -9 Ll SU . Ili .5 , ll 'fl , 17 Sl - 12 l'i , 10 12 - 23 4.3 --- 19 29 194 3 H,:lpt-1-lc-vi 5 41, Anvzzzfrrsms bv rua mwwm rw mu. as mum: me Amvovncmznrs of' mnrazuaanmfn- mnwrswwazmvs mvrmsvrsu mrfmux 'WTIIE SUCCESS CWDIIS Yanni. WBBISPEAK Pnrnofvnee nv TX, 'f -55-H - f ,ligliizp I f Tqzyi- ,, l-, f Gladstone said, "The man who saves will rise s in his trade or profession steadilyg this is in- ! evitablef' Men of prominence and success N got a start by saving money-they practiced ' thrift and economy. If Rockefeller had never I' saved he would still be poor. Begin your l account here. A very little will start you. l l l l a THE NILES TRUST COMPANY NILES, oHIo l I l I I "Willie, what have you been doing? heaping coals on the heads of your ene- Where did you get that black eye ?" mies." L ,D L "Johnny Smith hit me, ma." "Yes, but rna, there wasn't any coals "Well, I hope you did not strike back. anywhere near, so I just chucked his Remember what your teacher said about head down in the ash barrel," Compliments of t THE WAR ER THEATRE The House of the Latest and Best Screen Productions - Niles' Favorite Theatre - Compliments of Wilder Metal Co Niles, Ohio I I OFFICE AND YARDS ROBBINS AVENUE JUNCTION I The Storage Transfer 8z Supply Co. Coal and Builders' Supplies Phones : 60-61 Niles, Ohio Roof-Raising Music "The choir will sing the 'Hallelujah -bgyhat did you say is the title of Chorusf " announced the minister, "after vom. thcmeqv which there will be a collection for re- ' pupil: ffMind your own businessy pairs to the roof." English Teacher finterruptingl : KREIGER'S Holloway 81 Son RESTAURANT . Good Things To Eat 1 and Funeral HOTEL HEATON Dlfectofs DINING RooM Chicken Dinners Every Sunday 31.00 1 148 State Street Under the management of I HOWARD KRIEGER i Murray and Webb's Battery Service Station Auto . Accessories echarging Armatures rewound . epairing A Specialty Tires and Tubes ebunding . Qsealing Generator and Radios Starter Repairs Prest-O-Lite and Columbia Batteries I 333 Robbins Ave. I Niles, Ohio Phone 822-J For Service A young Greek went hunting his first time with an American boy. The Greek wou'd scare up the rabbits while the other boy, who owned the gun, did the shooting. Wishing' to shoot a rabbit himself, the Greek took the gung when the first bunny jumped out he aimed, but did not fire. "Shoot, shoot, why don't you pull the trigger?" shouted his companion. "Yes, but which eye do you squeeze shut? I don't remember." Robert L. Frech i GENERAL sToRE i I McCall Patterns Phone 194 309 Vienna Ave. We please our Patrons With the i Best Food the Market Affords l at Proper Prices l l The 1 5 New City Restaurant l and Bakery I 24 s. MAIN STREET :,-, ,n--- Y - - - Suits and Topcoats to Measure Latest Styles for Young Men S30 to S50 Also Newmans Hats and Caps ' Get your Graduation Clothes here l' "1'9'-ff., ' ,fL,.,,,lf:if Y J mencmmfr A ef iD ifii 'rAn.ons l 11 State Street Niles, Ohio Two women were discussing a wed- the aisle to the altar every light in ding that had taken place at their the church went outf' Church the previous day' "Whit did the couple do then?" "And do you know," said one, "just ffKept on going. The widow knew as Frank and the widow started up the wnygv ' Compliments C0mDlifI16I1iS Of of SAM RUBENSTEIN Tommy Jones National Barber 5 and 10 cent Store South Main Street Niles, Ohio l -1 if: I-I+:-:J fl-1-1-L -1 Compliments of THE ROSE Sz RICE ELECTRIC CO. Applied Electricity Call 116 46 State St. Bride tnervouslylz "Oh, Harry, dear, don't forget to have a mouse trap sent home today." Hubby: "But didn't we get one yes- terday?" Bride: "Yes, dear, but there's a mouse in that one." Tennessee: "May I see you-all home ?" New Yawk: "You're drunk, man. There's only one of me." "Every study a blotter?" "No, Foolish." "Very absorbing." MCGOWAN'S 1 IF IT 'S ' 5 HARDWARE On the Corner I WE HAVE IT Suits to Measure JENSEN -PRICE Tailoring' Hats and I 33 stare stphone 389Ni1es ohio Furnishings Entertainment of Merits f 531 ff' ' " V x 1' - ' , 1275! JL- ' Kyiv 53? , ,L . - -wi, il . - A as . 4' A 24 121 A ia' . i -lla y i' ', is , fv A A ,V :'94""' H 'Lf' f .27 ,Vw Niles Magnificent Play House Where ou ill see onl th best that I the screen or stage affords STUDENTS AND FRIENDS ALWAYS WELCOME 1 I-1 -1 if Wgyu- ,-l--.- 3-vc -f-.--.53:- , 1 -'Q--....If',.. ,. gil Yvfvvv vvvr Y .N vs, -LY, I I' I C ' MeetYour Friends I ---atm ,', South Main Street III SPORTING GOODS I I CIGARS and TOBACCO Spalding Agency :III Ill ' ,H ,NI "What, is the case worth only a One on- the Optician III: nickel?" An elderly lady was inspecting some :IQ "Yes, rr.adam," firmly. spectacles marked 51.50. III "Well, I'm glad to hear that, for it's "How much are they without the III: the case I want." And laying down a case" she asked. IIIIII nickel, she walked out with the case, "Oh, about 51.45. The case isnt III leaving the optician gasping for breath. worth much." IIXI i if if :, II , I Com liments . . ' P For Quick Service , of I , C A L L 9 2 8 I I Federal Dr Cleanin Co. t, Holeton Bros. Y g I -' 122 N. Main sneer 'I 'I' Niles, Ohio. I , FUNERAL ' DIRECTORS NILES oH1o In III IIIIII I, We Call For 81 Deliver I Illgifig-3 T-, 1- ,-,-:ez -1-I-:-1-1- ,I ,,,, V 'C' iiiiiiiii 'AA ' Q The Summer Style Show Niles may be properly proud of the many line things we have gathered for this showing. You will find here ex- actly the same approved styles that are shown in all the great metropolitan fashion centers. Women 's and Misses' Coats Girls' and Children 's Coats Women 's and Misses' Suits and Dresses Girls' Hats Knitted Outerwear Scarfs Blouses Undergarments Hosiery Gloves Parasols Etc. See our Window Displays They are a feature of the Style Show ne thing we cannot too strongly emphasize-you will find prices here as low or lower than anywhere else here- about and quite invariably lower than in the larger cities. The H. H. Hoffman Company So. Main St. Niles, Ohio we 521 EiE1E5E5?i 3323233 -- -v.-- -yy-wlytyq V V I - - - - v,-,-,-,-, Y-1 .:...4'-'-.xi- Compliments of The Standard Boiler Sz Plate Iron Co. I , NILES 1 1 : OHIO Two women who had not met for older of the two. "Just to think you years, met suddenly one day on a would remember me after so many train. years. I can't have changed much. "How do you do?" said one effus- Really, I feel flattered." ively. "Oh," quickly explained the .first "Now this is delightful," said the speaker, "I recognized your hat." ANTON HRUBY D A V I S "lhat's mee" TAILOR S 'E THE NEW KAB RANGE OR THE IRON- TON BUNSEN BURNER GAS SAVERS PHONE 48 104 N. Main St. Niles, Ohio E' Compliments of Th Falcon Stee Co and Th Falcon Tin Plate Co. ILES, OHIO ' Bosch Atwater Kent Briggs d2Stratton Presto Gas Service a .-'I T 77 Willard Storage Batteries Radio Equipment Complete Radio Sets Phone 36 STOLL BROS. 128 W. F edral St. Sparton Connecticut Delco-Klaxon-Remy Autolzte Appropriate for the Occasion Rastus: "Dis am our first wedding nn- niversary, an' Mandy an' I want to cele- brate with a big feed. What would you a'l suggest, Mistah Waitah. foh our flinn:1h?" - -A-iv - i----- - .-.,Y.-,..- A+ Shopper: "Can you te-.I nie whether there are any vitamines in lettuce?" Grocer: "Well, mum, there's bounfl to he al few insects on garden truck, but you kin wash 'em off if you've a mimi to. rr J. E. BURKE Albert Guarnieri Groceries 1 , am' ICE CREAM PARLOR Provisions 301 East. Park Avenue Phone 89 t 104 STATE ST. ,v-..q.f , - SCRIVENS Sz FITZGERALD I PARK 8z TILFORD CHOCOLATES CIGAR and TOBACCO CHURCHILL DOWNS and PENSON at HEDGES HIGH GRADE CIGARETTES " Where Good Fellows Get Together " High Voltage First merchant: "Here comes old Bill Blivens. He's a regular human dynamo." Second merchant: "How do you make that out ?" First merchant: "Everything he has on is charged." BREAD PIES NEW SYSTEM BAKERY Double Silencer "Well, Terrence, do the twins make much noise at night and keep you awake?" ' "Nary a bit av it, praise be. Each wan cries so loud yez can't hear the ether wan." Compliments 1 of EATON BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Where good materials I Phone 435 come from. I CAKE ROLLS Niles, Ohio. l T ,M , ,-. "HOME O ERSHIP" The foundation of Success and Happiness I 1 L I U C M 5 O B 2: A E L R 1 Central Lumber Company ' 409-11-13 w. Park Ave. Phone 22 Double Silencer "Well, Terrence, do the twins make much noise at night and keep you awake?" "Nary a bit av it, praise be. Each wan cries so loud yez can't hear the other wan." High Voltage First merchant: "Here comes old Bill B ivens. He's a regular human dynamo." Second merchant: "How do you make that out '?" First merchant: "Everything he has on is charged." Niles Monument Co. I Builders of Monuments Mausoleums Headstones WALTER A. HOLBROOK 25 Linden Ave. Phone 828-J I Res. 306 Robbins Ave. I Niles, Ohio S Rapid Shoe Repairing Goodyear Welt System 1 l I B. J. Cook l i State Street l l I I I Compliments of I I I I I Niles Lodge o. 1411 I I I l I I B. P. O. E. . Tommy was absent from school, and when he returned the next clay the teach- er told him he must bring an excuse. "Who from ?" asked Tommy. "From your father." "Aw, he ain't no good at makin' ex- cuses. Ma catches him every time!" I I I I ,Saved Postage "Son, dill you put a stamp on that letter and mail it?" "Yes, dad, I mailed it. I watched some other folks putting letters into a little place, and when nobody was looking I just slipped yours in for nothing." - I I ' I "In Buszness I for I Your Health" PIPER'S DRUG STORE Phone 25 i Tub baths--Shower Bath I Electric and I Internal Baths for Rheumatism .1111 I For First Class Work In The Barber Line Call On H. SAYERS I Phone 242 J 23 stale sr, F. i I A Savings Account is a guide to the Harbor of Success l 4 The McKinley Savings 8z Loan Co. NILES, OHIO I 5 per cent Paid on Savings Accounts l A fond mother was telling of the ac- complishments of her boy. "Sure an' I think he is wan av the brightest boys in town. Why out av his own head he built a table an' stil has wood enough to make his old mither an A lady traveling by auto-stage, re- monstrated with the driver about his reckless speed over steep grades. "Just suppose something' happened to your brakes, where would we be?" "All accordin' to how you been livin', 1 P iadyjlq - - Complimgits Ai ROCHESTER of LUNCH 1 THE g l i i CHATTER i gy 3 BOX 3 soda-Grin l Griffiths Bros. so S. MAIN ST. To The Class of "25" 5 I i Proprietor H. V. Piper l --v-.. -- ,,,, f N Wish H. E. ELSTON, D. O. H. D. CONLON, D. D. S. J. M. ELDER, M. D. J. D. KNOX, M. D. W. A. WERNER, M. D. T. O. CLINGAN, M. D. J. R. HOFFMAN, D. D. S W. C. PONTIUS, M. D. J. M. HARPER, D. O. J. W. SAWYER, D. D. S C. B. KING. M. D. S. W. BOESEL, M. D. H. V. ORMEROD, M. D M. W. MYERS, M. D. W. A. LINDSAY, M. D. R. P. ROACH, D. C. The Class of 25 SUCCESS Q . Y -rv .A, --.... - EAST -OHIO LUMBER CO. Everything in Lumber and Millwork l 734 Warren Ave. Phones 925-926 The Home Savings 81 Loan Co. F 42 South Main Street NILES, O. 0 0 0 Paid on Deposits O An English gentleman strugghng protest arose from under the hatg through a London street which was a sea ffwhaty he exclaimed, His it 'as deep of mud, once noticed a hat resting upon as that-In the surface of the mud. Moved by a H y . ' . in , common impulse, he poked it with his LOT hit ls' Indeed, '-UV Theres 9' stick. To his astonishment, a voice of bUS under me!" Trimburis sins PLACE SHOES AND FURNISHINGS FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS Camping Equipment 401 Sayers Ave. Phone 797 I "We Deliver the Goods" Park Ave. ---v.---- - Youth, charm, beauty and the gift that is always ap- ' i preciated--your photograph. P. T. ALFONSI Rastus was sporting proudly a new Opportunity shirt, when a friend asked: UI-low many "Have you an opening for a bright, yards does it take for a shirt like that?" energetic col ege graduate?" Rastus replied: "I got three shirts like "Yes. and d0n't slam it on your way th's one out of one yard last night." cut." A LIFETIME GIFT FOR MEN THE HAMILTON MUSIC SHOPPE .1211- New Styles in wrist watches for the Ladies. . VICTROLAS ZENITH RADIOS Leon Doubet JEWELER Everything Musical 16 East State Street I - Perfect Diamonds -A 13 MAIN ST- I I personality are combined in . I III III' -,H I I I I I I I II I I I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I giiztll? 'T-T-:rl A Y H A Y C. BHCHCHSIQOS I I I. O. O. F. Temple, Niles, Ohio Phone No. 5 Charter Agents for all Watches: Gruen -- Hampden - Elgin - Howard C.Hamilton T , g g I I He: "Dear, what kind of pie is this?" Steamboat captain fwho had fallen I She: "Rhubarb, darling." overboardj: "Don't stand there like a I He: "But why did you make such a big dumbbell. Give a yell, can't you" , one?" 'College student lpanicky and help She: "Because I couldn't get any lessjz "Certainly, sir, 'rahl rah' rah' rah' , shorter rhubarb, honey." rah rah! captain! captain! captain" Quality Printing I , S. L. Davis Standard Printing I Company I Fresh Meal and i G. P. Raver, Prop. Poultry 20 South Main Street illpstairsl Free Deliver NILES OHIO Y Phone 200 Prompt Service Fair Prices L !ig?5i5Eg:I1g aiziiaifiirll w. l ., The Thomas Sheet Steel Company MAIN oFFIcE AND woRKs NILES, OHIO I 1 'Another "Safety First" could ride, but the other said: Ah TWO HCOIOFBCI Sel1i30Illf'H" Were OU reckin ah aint gwinc join no horse their Wm' flownfo thelrecmiting Of' army. When ah's rctrcatin' from them hee and, dlscussmg whlfhh bfanfh of Germans ah don' want no horse hold the service they would join. in, me bucks. Sam was for the cavalry--so he Calladine Sz Cole GROCERIES and PROVISIONS 209 Short street Phone 92 BUTLER ELECTRIC at MUSIC COMPANY RADIOS RADIOLA Super Heterodyne Radiola 8 ----- Radiola 10 DAY FAN SETS APEX - Super 5 . b voi.AToNE -I Stu es l 6 tubes CROSLEY RADIO SETS CARTWRIGHT Sz NICHOLAS Butler Theater Building, Niles, Ohio Phone No. 9 Electrical Appliances of all Kinds li -fi -' Compliments of THE WADDELL STEEL COMPANY NILES OHIO But Owls Do Not Howl Englishman: "What's that bloomin' noise I 'ear outside this time o' night? American: "Why, that is an owl." Englishman: "Of course it is, but 'oo :Y S Mandy Knew Mandy had forbidden Rastus to bet on horse races. "But, Mandy, if Ah wins, Ah buys you a new ruby ring." "Yes, an' if yo' lose, Ah buys me a new '0W'in3'?n wash tub." I Compliinents NILES ICE CO. I Masziizazzfsffmi M. H- KATZ PURE CRYSTAL ICE Shoe Store Dealers in ' High Grafle Steam and Domestic Coal Call 810 I l l ' i 22 E. Park Avenue Q -,...:-1-:'::--. . -. W -..,.,., , ' ix ' ' 4. 1 ,F 4 fl 4: Y- F--9 -1-4-.ix YH' Quill fx, HH IF ! f g R if 55 R f Il , v w Q R X f. 3 ff Nu-'f- .-Q5-Q ' - ' -flgfib QZpO7x1zariqz0 3 533 THE YOUNGSTOXVN ARC ENG RAYING COMPANY Q YOUNGSTONVN. OH IO. 0 L IJ Compliments of Hubbard Pressed Steel.,Co,. NILES, OHIO Teacher: "James, will you spell Bvggjge Te-ephone cloth?" A No answer from James. Teacher: "What is your coat made' H of ?" James: "Father's old pants." Is date you, Lize'?" Yassuhf' Is you gwine t' marry me ?" Co'se I is. Who's dis talkin'?" Compliments of THE NILES DRY CLEANING CO. The Cat May But Old Spots Never Come Back A. S. Flannigan i Phone 167 Niles, ohio I I Featuring the Smartest Shoes for Spring and Summer Quality Considered Prices are Reasonable More by the pair Less by the year 1 D I e g A V0 DSHCTS FOR THE FAMIIY . 1 .- l Buy Your Newspapers And Magazines BILL KLATT'S TRUMBULL NEWS COMPANY 6 South Main Street Phone 142 5 UNITED CIGAR AGENCY NILES LAUNDRY AGENCY E ,W- I Had One of His Own Bidd: "Did you read about that ma- A Near Knockout Hired man: "That old brindle cow had chine they've invented that tells when black eye, Joe?" a person is lieing'?" Joe: "Read about it? Great guns, I a married one." I ELECTRIC SHOE HOSPITAL E rg, .1 . -1 tkx tt, I' xv 1 I IN r Q ' X f 1 or 4 ' ?x l ' K , 5 'A 0 I 5 I l I'-sr? All work guaranteed 44 EAST PARK AVENUE Farmer: "How d'ye come by that way o' flickin' her tail in my face, so tied a brick onto it." To Get a REAL Hair Cut Try Dick Barr Ladies Hair Bobbing a Specialty 53 State Street Opposite Post Office 9 PASTURIZED MILK and CREAM Madden 81 Hubbard A Near Knockout Farmer: "How d'ye come by that black eye, Joe?" Hired man: "That old brindle cow had a way o' flickin' her tail in my face, so I tied a brick onto it." Had One of His Own Bidd: "Did you read about that ma- chine they've invented that tells when a person is lieing?" Joe: "Read about it? Great guns, I married one." TRY Aristos Flour Ask Your Grocer THE SHAEFFER-BLACK CO. Distributors Xr.Sz'11clff ,U 1 fig ,pp A K D , FUSCO Cleans Clothes With ENERGINE EXCLUSIVELY 46 Phone E. Park Ave. 666 I Ohio Galvanizing 8: Manufacturing Co. NILES, OHIO His Misfortune 'Mother," said Archie, 6, "come anal play ball with me." l J "Have you no vocation?" asked the fady of the house. 'Tm a caretaker, mum," replied the "I can't play ball, clear." hog? caretaker-yy "Huh, that's what comes of having a HYQS, mum. I take care that I donvt WOYYI9-T1 f0F 3 mother-H do no work when it ain't necessary." IP"-J-A---1--'R-W EP -u V Do you pass RADER'S MUS TER l RY It Pays to be Perfectly Tailored CORRECT IN -1 I EVERY DETAIL ll Only a Tailor d 't Phone 84 can O I 26 MAPLE AVE. E' J' BECK . ' 42 stare sr. Niles ohio I f Compliments of The Atlas China Compan Purely an American Diner's Service Made in ILES, OHIO ---AA-------A--------------:------------Y'ff----ffv-,,-,,,, -gj 1 11 4 41 44 C1 4 1111 1111 44 11 44 14 11 44 4 44 1 11 41 11 141 41 14 41 11 11 14 44 1 .1 11 1 44 4. 114, 1414 41 11 141414 4,11 11 44141 4414 44 4 41 1 41 4 44 4 11 1 14 1 4 1 4 jg?gEgE1E31gE3EgE5E3Efg13J 1 4 4 1111 141414 444 14 414 111 14144 111111 444 141414 44 44 11 1111 11 1 44 1414 11 44 11 4 14 4 444 4 44 1111 11 111111 111 11 4 141414 111111 11111 1111 4 4 44 4 11 4 111 414141 41414 1 11 141414 1 11 11111 414 41 41414 14 414 4 141414 111111 41414 111111 444 4 11 4 41414 4 4 141414 JIM RICH JACK BARRETT A" -'-'-' ' ' ' :..2.541..1-1-Q- A -,,-,- - , , - ,-,- - -ll-lx " " 1 TH E O HIO BU SINESS INSTITUTE Located at 1115 Main Street Warren, Ohio Is a good school to attend for the following reasons: tl-e instruction is thoroughg teachers are experienced and competent: systems are standardg equipment is modern and completeg students are enthusias- ticg graduates are uniformly succfssful, and co. ts are reasonable. i RESULT-More calls for our graduates than we can supply. Students may enroll at any time. For Bulletin of Information. inquire or address Everett St. John, President "Why S0 df'DI'0SS6'd, J0hI1'I',. "Why are we going so slow?" "'lhe horrible cost of living, old .111-he engine is missingy chap. Constant bills for 'mater1al, HT th, k Pd I, t e the paint and shingling."' 0 m ever we .0. S 8 --Are you buildingfyv day when autos can run without an "No, a daughter. engim-3' I FOR SERVICE Gas, Oil, Tires, Tubes, Auto Supplies, Batteries, Kennedy and Crosley RADIOS. Church St. Phone 63-R Your Friend The Barber He keeps you looking and feeling your best Allison Hotel 1 11 1 lI 1 II 1 l,: I '1 I I I I I I I 1 I 1 I I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I I I I I 1 I 1 'I 1. I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,C ,vvi its QE ' ' ' ff- -'ilu---: - - - ,LL ...jC., .:::2E:g::Yg:: ?:'l'i'7 Ifrg1A:.1ivi:,:::r up r ge THE MAHONING VALLEY STEEL COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH-GRADE STEEL SHEETS Fresh From the Garden The grocer was wrapping up two egg- plants for the bride of a week. "How deep ought they be planted?" asked she. "Planted?" echoed the astonished gro- You Can Save 82.00 to 33.00 by ' Wearing I W. L. Douglas Shoes Sold By BAHM BROS. 41 State St. Niles, Ohio I cer., "You are not going to plant them are you ?" "Yes. My husband won't eat any but strictly fresh eggs, and the stores are sn unreliable I have decided to raise my own." I I I I Henry F. Rider Staple and Fancy Groceries 142 Vienna Avenue Phone 165 , -... Va-- -fee O...--O -,,,.-,,g:..-n .e- V --- -- Complimnts of I The Niles Iron Sz Steel I Roofing Company Slam for Father Hubby had fallen down the steps, and his wife was anxiously bending over him. "Oh, John, did you miss a step?" she inquired, with much concern. "Naw, I hit 'em all." A Near Knockout Farmer: "How d'ye come by that black eye, Joe?" Hired man: "That old brindle cow had a way o' flickin' her tail in my face, so I tied a brick onto it." LUTHER LEWIS GROCERIES 20 Cedar St. Phone 480 NILES OHIO I l Now is the time to fix your Bicycle for Spring Zimmerman's Bicycle Shop 47 State Street : : Niles Ohio JO ES Sz BROOKS NILES OHIO OUT F ITTERS TO MEN AND BOYS Legal Advice Costs Money A young man had been courting a girl, the daughter o. a lawyer, and the time had come to interview her mother. "I shouid like your advice, sir, in re- gard to my marrying your daughter. Do you think she would make a suitable wife for me?" "No, sir," answered the father em- pratfcally. "Ten dollars, please." H. T. Calvin T DRUGGIST The Place to Buy Your Parker Pens Ingersol and Eversharp Pencils, and Johnson's Chocolates Compliments of THE YOUNGSTOWN STEEL CAR ' CO. Niles Ohio We arejirstwith the last IRST with the last style for summer of 1925 that have just received the en- dorsement of the best-dressed men in the capitols of Europe and America. First in the range, richness and refinement of our stot ks. When you think of Clothes and Furnish- ing, think of this store tirst and as first. Pritchard 8: Kaye 39 So. Main St. Niles, Ohio E. C. Ferguson K DRUGGIST l The Rexall Store 1 No. 5 State Street ' i THE PLACE TO BUY Eastman Kodaks Waterman's Fountain Pens Nyal's Family Remedies Rexall Remedies l Qi i if XJ yy! RAW e xg EE uh. igj mmm r s 1. J lflltl mln o X X' NX 'il iliiiildu R Q 6 1 yi 1 X ok 1. 63 -4 X ..,-. X wi Q11 f-.VTR 'L' K qi .4 y I K! ji i 5 F i l: 5 m i -lfig :Sl ,f a 5 fish 4 'KA ' P fffiv, "Q i 1 ne.: D C7 rl, ' ' in N 'CQ' lilllldbunuhs- ADGATE Says "Say It With Flowers' 32 C. L. ADGATE 81 SON Park Avenue Phone 483 I 1 Compliments of The Stevens Metal Products Compan , NILES, OHIO Diplomacy He hated having his photograph taken, but at last he consented to undergo the much-dreaded ordeal. When his wiie was shown the Iirst proofs of the photograph she cried out in horror: "Oh, George, you have only one button on your coat." "Thank heaven," he replied, "you've noticed it at last. 'I'hat's the only reason why I had the photograph taken." Morton r . c 1 Paul A. Copeland Hardware Co. Y W u Builders' Hardware Violinist and i Teacher B. P. S. Paints 1 Stoves H Kitchen Ware p ' i Easy Vacuum Washers Studio N. Church St. "Let Us Serve YOU" Phone 931-J Niles, Ohio ,,,.-..,,, -, LEOPOLITS l No Need To Go Out Of Town For Your New Shoes All That Is New For Spring Await You. Moderately Priced 83.95 to 396.95 :QX - f 4 l 'I Nl,ll,' N' ' ANWHMM R 3,wi Xl, n lx vw: r-.-. I . ...V -A ' 'F ia.: ' 'rrr T- Ai' '- ' ' QQNM town. lol ."f QUALITY TELLS X CoMPARE Hard to Reckon Patient: "I owe you my life, doctor "How long has it been since yuh Doctor: "YRS, and that iSn't all." ri-:ul de Bible?" inquired the negro 1 p1'c-ziclier. "Do you think you could learn t "l.0ssi-0, l.c-mme figger. I uin'l ni-vah IOVO lIl0'?" ri-:ul it an-tall. How long is Ent?" "NV4'll, I ll2lSS"fl Sfllill g90lU9f"5'-" ,-, N-, - ,A ,n, ---I -g . ' ll Compliments of VVAGSTAFFS HOTEL 4 DRUGS HEATON l M Dining Room Service BY NILE9 onio Howard Kreiger ' ' ' Compliments of I I I I I I THE ROBIN S THEATRE WARREN, oH1o I I 'fhe daughter of a strict-principled old deacon attended a dance against his wishes. Next morning at breakfast he greeted her thus: - "Good morning, daughter of Satan!" "Good morning, father," was her rei npect lul answer. A pedestrian was stopped by a hold-up man in a dark alley. "Hand over your money or I'll blow your brains out." "Blow away, Mr. Holdup, a fellow can live in this ,town without brains, but he must have money." Compliments FRECH BROS. of Dfa'e'Si" ' The Ohio Oxygen Fresh and Salt, Meat Company I Poultry I 35 E. State Street Phone 171 Niles - Ohio I.-- 1 - 1 f - Western Reserve Lumber Company MILLWORK, SASH, DOOR, ROOFING Erie Street, Niles, Ohio Warren Niles Girard Newton Falls I, : D . Porter: "Where-'s yo' trunks, suh'?" Porter: "Excuse me, boss, but yous Salesman: "I use no trunks." the first travelin' fella that's been here Porter: "But I tho't you waz one of who ain't carrying no samples." these traveling salesmen?" Salesman: "I am, but I sell brains, Bride: "John, do you love me?" understand? I sell brains." Brute: "What have you burned now' Compliments of J. H. Rosensteel Niles Sanitary Dairy Products PAUL W. NEWMANN McKinley Theater Building Niles, Ohio Phone 725 We Deliver Insurance - Bonds Anything insured against everything BUTLER BLDG. NILES, OHIO Phones.Office 362 Residence 579 ilueilif? 2f2Ef?5i iiiii ffl' We can't make you save your mom-y--but we can tell you that you can't succeed if you don't save. l l The Dollar Savings Bank Co. I A Savings Bank A Commercial Bank l Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent A 'negro minister discovered two on the Sabbath?" mon playing cards on Sunday-and ff?"m0H05'- fully, "but believe mc, nh's pyin "Rnstus," said the minister. "don't for mah sins." you know it's wrong to play cards I I I THE I Compliments l BOLOTIN-DRABKIN of FURNITURE C0. 'CASH OR CREDIT LIBERTY A . . CONFECTIONARY Complete Home Fuinishmgs BRANCH STORE LIGHT LUNCH 29 South Main Street We Cater To High NILES. OHIO ' school Trade Phone . . 514 NILES' OHIO l ig --A-.i:f1A:- :aft-tc-'-T-if ' ' ' ' if "Yes, lfahsonf' answered Rastus rue- ,. ,..aA--.- . :fi-. 1 mr . ,-. f 1 1 'Q Vu ' 1, .A ,, . ...g.,.- Ki. QT .17-' .wi 1 x - 1- , 0: .IV C ar? .-. Q , 4 .,,,,,,, W 4,3:', - ,IX 4 X Sf! 1 - ., , . , .. Y flux i , s J , M, . 3: . .qi If 1 '-,Z'5' ,l. 3- : . .P Y . ,1.Q.. , , ' - V 1-' ..'?'J:. yr '. 'if-W' L, 1 1 , A ' Q.. . I ' . .f,- ,. v 2 Q , ' ' N ,-1.53, -q.,.4..:,a.-., ,...,,... -. -k .41 -F 2 .4 U -T' f-i.,ff?',Q Q 1, -. ' 4. wk f':rf'f"' 'M' . fir 4 , .. bm mf, ,, J.-:. -.-vi - V , X ..i at-Im: 1,4-1, ' N rl 1 , V-0,46-.-..,,K-,,.g f 15541 ,. .Me-, ii? , 'mul T: - 11545. 7? , ,4 , ,L S f .C ,.. I 1 '. . .. I, , . ., 1 -..L '-.fl 1., , 'ff,,:i' , .,.. f- . . 4 .. . f-' v .375 1 Q 1 1

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