Niles High School - Tattler Yearbook (Niles, MI)

 - Class of 1950

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, My A '1Vh, 1 A M D ,' I, A ,A'1 W!,,3f9"9'M I My A ' is f,fV""! fy Xlufjx . ,,f . 1- H' TQ. - 4 ' ,fr J ,A-' VA' W My W W i vw M T gif 4 ,AWK r . I fv- L41 -. L P l a a C in n Q -4, ,If 3. , k 4' ' ......,..iL.L,,- ' P 'VN fN?K ,-xfx u :Y . -li ' " 1 Yin,-l is 155' Qi' all .m, f " - -1, Table of Contents Senior High Dedicalion . , . . 4 Produclions . . . , . . bl Adminislralion . . , , . , 5 Sporls ...,...,... , . . . 67 Faculfy . . . . . 8 Junior High Dedicalion , , . 84 Seniors ...........,....,. . . I3 Ninlh Grade ..4,.. . . . 85 Who's Who in Senior High ,..,.. 29 Eighfh Grade . . . . , . 90 Juniors . ,..,... . . ,....,, . . . 3I Sevenlh Grade ..,...,. . . . . 95 Sophomores . , . 36 Organizalions and Sporls ........ I00 Organizalions 4l Who's Who in Junior High ....,, I08 F O R E W O R D Well, Vikings, here's 'lhe new I950 Talller. The slaff is proud 'lo presenl' lhis 'fhirly-eighlh edilion of our high school annual. We wish lo acknowledge lhe limely aid given 'rhe slaff by lhe numerous cooperafive sludenls and leachers. We would like +o exlend our 'rhanks +o Mr. Lehman, Don Morgan, and Phil Parker 'for 'lheir fine pholography. Also 'lhe merchanls as well as 'lhe adminislralion have conlribuled much 'lo make 'lhis TaHler possible. We have used lhe "Soulh Pacific" lheme 'l'ha'l our arlisfs, Bill Fenlon and Ronnie Wain have so cleverly illuslraled. We hope you will like lhe book now and in 'lhe years fo come. -2- -- TI-IE TATTLER 1 W HOMER HATCHER SENIOR HIGH DEDICATION The I950 TaH'ler is proudly dedicafed by fhe s+uden+s of Niles High School fo Mr. Homer Halcher. Mr. Halcher has been a member of ihe facul+y since 'rhe fall of I946. He is a graduafe of Nebraska S'ra+e Teacher's College, and since fhen has done some advance work a+ 'rhe Universiiy of Wisconsin. Mr. Hafcher 'reaches mechanical drawing and coaches fhe successful cross coun'rry and frack feams, which have sei an enviable record in 'rhe Big Seven Conference. He is an example for +he high s+andards he sefs for his winning feams. Mr. Ha+cher's ready smile and pleasing personalify will always be remembered by fhose who have come in con+ac+ wi+h him. -4- ORG Q99 ,ax JOHN SCAMEHORN FRED MARSHALL CLAYTON MCCOY Presidenf Secre+ary TFSBSUFSI' ROBERT MARKS LEWIS WALTON Trusfee Trusiee The Board of Educafion of +he Niles Public Schools has recognized fhe educa- iional needs of fhis communify and is confinually siriving +o meel' fhese needs 'Through Their long-range building program. On November I, I949, +he people of Niles vofed +o finance 'lhis building pro- gram. As a resull' of fheir decision, Niles will have, in fhe near fuiure, modern and efficienf educafional faciliiies for +he elemenfary grades. Besides providing 'For fhe cons+rucl'ion of new school buildings, +he long-range program also includes improve- menfs +o presen+ s+ruc'rures. If is +o +he ini+ia+ive of +he members of 'ihe Board of Educafion +ha+ members of ihe Niles Communi+y mus+ give credii, for 'rhey have been and are sfimulaiing inieresf in 'lhe developmen+ and fraining of The leaders of iomorrow. -b- WALTER J. ZABEL Principal MAX SMITH Superiniendenf of Schools M- , f,fkM F -- ULTY Af 1 f ff I 1 K DONALD ANDERSON: Michigan Sfaie College, B. S.: Universify of Michigan, M. A.: Baskefball Coach, Tennis Coach, Freshman Foofball Coach, and Physical Educaiion. MARGARET BENDER: Carlefon Col- lege, Universify of lllinois, B. S.: Graduafe Worlr, Norihweslern Uni- versify: Wesiern Michigan College: Head of Hisiory Deparimenf and advisor of Junior High Sfudenf Council: Hisfory. BERYLLE CLEVERING: Wesiern Michigan College. B. S.: Sf. Mary's College: Gracluafe Work, Naiional Universify of Mexico: Ari. JEAN CRAWFORD: Ohio Slate Uni- versify, B. E.: William Woods Col- lege: Homemaling. WILLIS DUNHAM: Wesfern Michi- gan College, B. S.: Arfs and Craffs. . X xi i X X, X i 4 S- ix 'U X Q1 i ik- X X L ix x I X ,i Q MARIE ENGER: Illinois Sfafe Normal Universify, B. E.: Universify of Illinois, M. A.: English, Liierafure, and Junior High Librarian. GEORGE FLORA: De Paul Univer- sify, B. M.: Nor+hwes+ern Univer- siiy, M. M.: Graduafe Work, Uni- versiiy of Michigan, Columbia Univerify: Music Depar+menf Chair n a Vocal Music. DONALD BENDER: Grand Rapids Junior College, Universify of Mich- igan, B. S.: Wesfern Michigan Col- lege, A. B.: Mafhemalics and As- sisianl' Fooiball and Basleiball Coach. LEMOINE BOGUE: Wesfern Michi- gan College, A. B.: English and American Hisfory. H .QM RICHARD CORRELL: Universify of Michigan, B. M.: Band and lnsiru- mental Music. i : U 'v I 'xl PAUL DEWITT: Wesfern Michigan College, B. S.: Graduaie Work, Universify of Chicago, Michigan Sfaie College, Universily of Mich- igan. Direcfor of Guidance and curriculum, and advisor of Senior High Siucleni Council. ANN EITMANN: Drury College, A. B., B. S.: Mafhemarics. ETHLYN FLORA: Norfhwesiern Uni- versify B. S.: Graduafe Work, Columbia Universify: Geography- Firsf Semes+er. RUSSELL GEBBY: Wesiern Michigan College, B. S.: Universiiy of Michi- gan, Colorado Sfaie College of Agriculfure and Mechanical Arfs, M. S.: Head of lndusfrial Arfs De- par+men+: Machine Shop. WX . FACULTY MARK GREEN: Hillsdale College, B. S.: Graduafe Work, Cenfral Michi- gan College of Educafion, Univer- sify of Michigan: Mafhemalics and Junior Business. CARL HALLENIUS: Cenfral Michi- gan College, A. B.: Graduafe Work, Universily of Michigan: New Moon Advisor, Thespians, and Play Direclor, English. ZOANNE HAZEN, iPerezl: Michigan Sfafe College, B. S.: Social Science. DOROTHY HOYI: Universily -of Michigan, A. B.: Syracuse Univer- sify, B. L. S.: Graduafe Worlr, Syra- cuse Universily: English and Senior High Librarian. ELDON JENKINS: Ceniral Michigan College of Educaiion, A. B.: Uni- versify of Mexico, Graduafe Worlr. Spanish and nglish QQMNW GALE JURGENSON: Wesiern Mich- igan College, B. S.: Business Edu- caiion, Universify of Michigan, M. A.: Commercial. ANNE KEAN: Wesiern Michigan College, A. B.: English. JUNE GUTSCHENRITTER: Universily of Illinois, B. S.: Gradua+e Work, ,UniversiIy of Illinois: Vocafional Homemaling. HOMER HATCHER: Nebraslia Slale Teachers College, A. B.: Graduaie Worlr, Universify of Wisconsin, Universi+y of Indiana: Mechanical Drawing: Cross Counlry and Traclr Coach. ALMA HOSLER: Illinois SIaI'e Nor- mal Universily, B. E.: Graduale Worlr, Illinois Wesleyan, Chicago Musical College, Universify of Ill- inois: Vocal Music. A. J. HUTCHINS: Michigan Slale College, B. S.: Universify of Michi- gan, M. A.: Tenlh Grade C n- selor, Baseball Coac an Ju Business. Q2 aw MARY JOSEPH: Weslern Michigan College, B. S.: Olive? College: Gregg College: Head of Commer- cial Deparlmenf. PAULINE KLOPFENSTEIN: North- western Universify, B. S.: Graduaie Work, Universify of Colorado, Columbia Universify, Universify of Maine: English and Liferafure. JOHN LEEMAN: Universiiy of Mich- igan, A. B.: Graduafe Work, Uni- versify of Michigan: Civics, World Hisiory, and Ec omics. ll J FACULTY RALPH LEHMAN: Universify of Michigan, A. B., M. A., Physics and Chemisfr ALBERT LEWIS: Indiana Siafe Col- lege, B. E.: Graduale Worlr, Uni- versily of Illinois, Universify of Iowa, Indiana Universiiyg Physical Educafion, Hygiene, Foofball Coach. ,s'T WILLIAM MATHEWS: Universify of Michigan, A. B.: Commercial Law and Government CHARLOTTE MOSKAL: Michigan Sfale College, A. B.: Graduaie Work, Universiiy of Michigan, His- iory. ADRIAN NIEBOER: Weslern Michi- gan College, A. B., Columbia Uni- versiiy, M. A.: Gradua+e Worlr, Universify of Michigan, American Hisiory, Civics, Economics and Government 1 QJC-'JK' MARGARET FARROT: Wesfern Michigan College, B. S.: Physical Educafion. RUSSELL PAYNE: Wabash Colle e Q I A. B.: Univarsify of Michigan, M. S.: Head of Science Deparimeni, and Biology. LENA LEITER: Western Michigan College, A. B.: Universi+y of Michi- gan, M. A., Commercial. RAY McALVEY: Cenfral Michigan College of Educaiion, B. S.: Gen- eral Shop, and General Mafh. Coach of B. Team Foofball. LOWELL MCMILLEN: Michigan Sfale College, B. S.: Graduafe Work, Michigan Sfaie College, Weslern Michigan College, Vocafional Agricul+ure. MARGARET MULLIN: Miami Uni- versiiy, A. B., Graduafe Work, Pur- due Universiiy, Builer Universifyg English and Lileraiure. I 7140. WWJUW LOIS OLSON: Michigan Siale Col- lege, B. S., Graduafe Worlr, Mich- igan S+a+e College, Head oi Cafe- +eria and Homemalxing. DOROTHY PAYNE: Olivef College, A. B.: English and Liieraiure. JOYCE RAINEY: Michigan Siaie College, B. S.: Vocaiional Home Economics. - We FACULTY ALF RASMUSSEN: River Falls Teach- ers College, Siouf lnslilufe, B. S.: Graduafe Worlt, Universify of Michigan: Prinfing and Audio- Visual Educafion. JOHN SCHWAN: Universify ol Toledo, B. E.: General Science. MARY SWAN: Carlelon College, A. B.: Universify of Chicago, M. A.: Universily of Maine: Head of Eng- lish Deparimenf: English. ROBERT THEUS: Bradley Universi+y, B. S.: Wesiern Illinois Sfale Col- lege, M. S.: Illinois Sfafe Normal. Hisfory and Assisi Foofball Coach. Q LELAND WALKER: Kalamazoo Col- lege, A. B.: Universiiy of Nolre Dame, M. A.: Graduafe Work, Weslern Michigan College, Uni- versify of Illinois, Universily of Michigan: Head of Mafhemafics Deparfmen+ and TATTLER Business Advisor: Malhemalics. HARRIET WATTS: Universify of Illinois, B.:S.: Universify of Wis- consn M S P ysical Educ Ion FRANCIS WHALEY: Universiiy of Michigan, A. B.: English and De- baie Coach. FRANKLIN ROOT: Wesiern Michi- gan, B. A.: Universiiy of Michigan. M. A.: English and Liferafure. , ff,-v?'N RUSSELL SEVERE: Illinois Sfaie Nor- mal, B. S.: Norlhwesfern Universify: English and Business Mafhemafics: Ta++ler Sfaff Liierary Advisor. FLORENCE TALBURT: DePauw Uni- versify, A. B.: Graduafe Work, Uni- versily of Michigan, Universiiy of Wisconsin, Universiiy of Colorado, William and Mary College: Lalin and Dean of Girls. LEONA TILLER: Wesiern Michigan College, A. B.: Universiiy of Michi- gan, M. S.: Mafhemafics. DONALD WARRINGTON: Univer- si+y of Chicago, Universiiy of Music of Chicago, B. M.: Graduafe Work, Indiana Universily. Orcheslra and lnsfrumenfal Music. MARGARET WELLS: Michigan Shale College, B. S. Hygiene and Physi- cal Eclucafion. JO PH WHITWAM: Universify of Illinois, B. S.: Columbia Universify. M. A. Head of Physical Educafion Deparlmenl, Direcior of Aihlefics, Driving lnsfrucfor, Physical Educa- lion. OTHER PERSONNEL MABEL DAVIDSON: MacMurray College, Financial Secrefary. JOHN JOHNSON: School Engineer BETTY McBRIDE: Principal's Office. IRENE POLLOCK: Epworlh Hospifal, R. N. Graduaie Work, Universify of Michigan, School Nurse. FAITH SMITH: Assisiani Librarian JEANETTE VANBELLE: Wiffenberg College, B. S. Universify of Michi- gan, M. A. Graduaie Work, Uni- versify of Michigan School of Social Worlz. Guidance and Visif- ing Teacher, firsf semesfer. ROBERT EISNER: Weslern Michigan College, A. B. Universily of Michi- gan, M. A. Director of Child Ac- counfing and Dean of Boys. JOHN KOVAC: Wes+ern Michigan College, B. S. Co-ordinafor of Bus- iness Trade ancl Induslrial Training and Direc+or of Veierans lns+ifuIe. MARGARET PETERSON: Soufh Bend College of Commerce, Secrefary +0 fhe Superinlenclenf. ALICE SCHMUHL: Grace Hospifal School of Nursing. R. N. Assisfanf Nurse. MAXINE SOMERS: Secrefary fo Mr. Eisner. DORIS ZECHLIN: Secrefary io 'Ihe X Principal. X SENIORS 7-Y i'Wfv- XfV f Hx X 51 s I l VI xxx. V,f' ' . q L fff f, ff '1'.' , f'4, . W-gf ' ft ' L 5"7"4?f?55T' A Q A Q -' -':, 'i " 1 ' ' + 1 , D A' ig' K '.A, A11' " 5' VVKI As " 5 l 4 . , Y a L 4l'g'i5 , , V CHQ! N PD wwf f , ' f? ' N I 1. A, .J SENIOR LEADERS THOMAS TYLER: Validicforian and Senior Class President -0 Q. WILLIAM SHANNON: Vice-Presi- den? of Senior Class. MARJORIE HEBERLE: Salufaforian MARIE SEIFERT:-Senior Class ' .' A X! I Iv, , QI .X N, fi fl 1 L l I v A , 41 , . l .I , . v ' 45 Q! .- ,QQ ' ff I f ! I ' f ,f l f I 'I - I . X 1 V - ' i ,gy . f 1 , N l ,1 1 f E' - I - PHILIP MARAZITA: Rep esenfaiive I reas e lor C ass f of Mr, WalIrer's Advisory and f Presideni' of Sfudenf Council. S r ,YF B W LILA SCHRADER: Represenfaiive of Miss Hoyf's Advisory and Vice Presidenf oi Sludeni Council. MILDRED HICKERSON: Represenfa- five of Mr. Flora's Advisory. RICHARD GALBREATH: Represenfa- five of Mr. Severe's Advisory. DONNA FAY: Alfernafe of Mr. WalI:er's Advisory and Secrefary of S+uden+ Council. NANCY NELLIS: Represenfafive of Mrs. Joseph's Advisory. ANNE SIMPSON: Represeniaiive of - Mr. MaHl'1ew's Advisory. fix? LQ Lfyggffydiy 'Ka zL.rzLf!9vC ffffgf Vifb 7 lift,-A . xv . IL, - 'L flqzrxxd L If Secreiiiry. 'N 4 fgi..f Q.!J5f. 1 f x S E N I O R S MARGARET ALBRIGHT: "Speak Low": Sfudenf Council, I: Tri-Hi- Y, I: Gym Show, 2. 0 ' WILLIAM BAUERNFEIND: "Tale lie Z Oui' To The Ball Game": Hi-Y, 2: Gym Show, 3: Baseball, 3: New Moon Sfaff, 2: Baslrefball, I: Bleacher Squad, I. ELWOOD J. BERKOMPAS: "Woody, The WoodpecIrer": Glee Club, 2: Traclx Manager, 2: Choir, 2: Gym Show, 3: Proiecfor Operafor, I: Variely Show, 2: Honor Roll four semesfer. ROLAND A. BOERSEMA: "MounIain MeIody": Glee Club. 3: Proiecfor Operafor, 3: Variefy Show, 3: Gym Show, 3. JOY BRAND: "You Are So Nice To Know": Spanish Club, 2: Gym Show, I: Tri-Hi-Y, I: One Acf Play Comm. NNIE MA BRO "You Are G Olu I o Beau ' uI": b, : , : m Sho 3: Orcheslra, 3: Sfude Coundil, Bavrwounce, 3: Vari f Show, : e Moon , : sher's Iulrq : Game SI' I As s anf, 3. s RICHARD BROWN: "WaneI'a": Gym Show, I: Foofball M?ITS'Q'5r. 2: Tennis, 2: Game Assisfani, I: Baseball, I: Bleacher Squad, I: N-Club, I. Jllola Ll fgflfvmfv fl me-' JOHN E. AMES: "So Tired": Gym Show, I: Traclr, I: Senior Play Casf: Honor Roll, one semesfer. MI l 0 'god' ...--"J BURTON BEDINGER: "TempfaIion": Gym Show, 3: Foofball, I: Track, I: Game Assisfani, I: Bleacher Squad, I: Hi-Y, 2: Sfudenf Council, I: New Moon Sfaff, I. DAVID LEE BEROUIST: "Hurdle Boy": Traclr, 3: Glee Club. 2: Choir, 2: Oc'Ie+, I: Band Bounce, I: Variefy Show, 2: Gym Show, 3: N-Club, 2. NORMA JEAN BOYER: "MidgeI Toes": Gym Show, I. BEVERLY BROWN: "She's Gof A Poclxefful of Dreams": Gym Show, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, 2: Spanish Club, 2. JULIA EVELYN BROWN: "O You BeauIiful DoIl": FTA, I: Junior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, I: New Moon Sfaff, I: Transferred 'from Cleveland, Ohio, I947. fi R California Her om Baslreiball Man on Hugh School On 'Iarl C :forma 8 f, I? f "'.' ' I X f I , f ,-- b ff' 1" ' 3 1:1 Hi- , I: Glas Club, I: ' F lay asi: Transferred from v Q f 9' ' I . . ' , ' ' , I94 . 5-JDM SENIORS EUGENE BURDUE: "Silence Is GoIden." JAMES BURNHAM: "SI:a+er's WaI+z", Foofball, 2, BasIreIbaII, I, Track, 3, Glee Club, 2, Choir, I, FFA, I, Gym Show, 3, Proiecfor Opera+or, I, Hi-Y, I, N-Club, 2, Varie'Iy Show, 2, Bleacher Squad, I, Thes- pians, I. ,f "F K, , cfk f I - .L 1' . 6 NORMA J. CARPENTER: "SmaII Fry", Gym Show, I, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, GAA, 2, Co-op, I: Honor Roll, one semesier. ALOETH CHURCHILL: "Moon Over Miami", Gym Show, I, Tri-Hi-Y, I, One Ac? PIay Comm., Spanish Club, I, Honor Roll, fhree se- mesfers. RALPH COCHRANE: "ShuIferbu9"I Glee Club, I, Choir, 2, Track, I, Gym Show, I, Co-op, I. CLIFFORD G. CROCKER: "Oh, How I Hafe To Ge? Up In The Morn- ing", N-CIub, I, BasIreI'baII, 3, Baseball, 2, Game Assis'Ia I, I, Fo ball, I, ' - If 1 M WQM ERWIN CROSS: "Don'1' Fence Me In", Tennis, 3, FFA, I, N-Club, I, Gym Show, 4, Game Assisfanf, I, Transferred from HaskeII, Texas, I948. JOYCE ORLETTA BURDUE: "There's A Man In My Life", Gym Show, 2, GAA, I. ED BUTT: "Rough and Rugged", Gym Show, I, Foofball, 2, Baseball, 2, Transferred from Chicago, I948. BOB CASHBAUGH: "I Never See Mary Alone", Foo'rbaII, I, Cross Counfry, 2, Track, 3, Sfudenf Coun- ciI, I, Gym Show, 3, Game Assisi- an+, 2, Hi-Y, I, New Moon Sfaff, I, Ta'HIer Sfaff, I, Spanish Club, 2, Junior Class Treasurer, Junior Play Comm., One Ad PIay Comm. DON CLUBINE: "You'II Never Know", Foo+baII, 2, BasIueIbaII, I, BasebaII, 2, Glee Club, 2, Variefy Show, 2: Gym Show, 2. MARY SHARON COOK: "A Sweef Cookie", Gym Show, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, GAA, I, Senior PIay Comm.: Honor Roll, one semesfer. 2:3 L ii? JOSEPH c. CROCKER: "Take II Easy", BasIceIbaII, 3, N-CIub, I, FFA, I, Game Assis+an+, I, Bleach- er Squad, I, Gym Show, 3, Base- ball, I. SHIRLEY JEAN CROUCH: "As Time Goes By", Gym Show, 3. SENIORS JOAN CUMMINGS: "S+eac.Iy As A CIocIz"g Gym Show, Ig Tri-Hi-Y, I. HOWARD DAVIS: "Young Man With A Horn"g Golf, I5 Band, 4: Or- chesfra, 2: Band Bounce, 3: Sru- denf Council, I: Variefy Show, 2. DELORES ELAINE DEUTSCHER: "SweeI and QuieI"'g GAA, 2: Gym Show, 23 Tri-Hi-Y, I: Co-op, I: Honor Roll, Iwo semesfers. JOHN F. DICKEY: "A Farmer's Life Is A Very Merry Life", Gym Show, 3, FFA, 2: N-CIub, 25 Baskefball, Ig Foo+baII, 2. ANNA LOUISE DODD: "A SiIen'r Lass", FHA, Ig Gym Show, 3: Tri- Hi-Y, I. GRACE E. EASTON: "ScaHerbraIn"q GAA, 27 Gym Show, 35 Tri-Hi-Y, 3: New Moon S+-aff, Ig Co-op, Ig One Acr Play Comm., Junior Play Comm. CARROLL L. ELLEDGE: "A Year Is A Long Time", FooIbaII, I3 Co-op, Ig Gym Show, Ig Game Assisfanf, I: Hi-Y, Ig BIeacher Squad, I: Pro- iecfor Operafor, I. PATRICIA ANN CUMMINS: "She's In Love Wi+h Someone": Gym Show, 3: Girls' Officials, Ig Senior Play Comm. PHYLLIS L. DAVIS: "The AfI'1IeIic Type": Bend, Ig Gym Show, 2: Band Bounce, Ig Tri-Hi-Y, I. BONNIE JEAN DICKERSON: "The Man I Love": FHA, Ig Gym Show, Ig Co-op, Ig Honor Roll, six se- mesfers. MARIANNE DIXON: "Where's Louie"g Gym Show, Ig Tri-HI-Y, I: Junior Play Comm. LORETTA D'ONOFRIO: "Those Big Brown Eyes"g Gym Show, 3, Tri-Hi- Y, I. HAROLD EISLIE: "Dark Curly Hair", Gym Show, 23 Proiecior Operafor, I. GERRY E. EMMONS: "Bell Boffom Trousers", GAA, Ig Gym Show, 3: Co-op, Ig Pep Comm., 2: Cheer- leader, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, 23 TaHIer S+aff, Ig Honor Roll, seven semesfers. SENIORS DONNA JEAN FAY: "Can'+ Help Loving Tha'I' Man": Glee Club, I: Choir, I: GAA, 2: Sludenf Council, 3: Tri-Hi-Y, I: Secrelary of Slu- denf Council: Variely Show, I: Homecoming Oueen's Courl. VIRGINIA FISHER: "Blue Skiesn: GAA, I: Gym Show, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, 2. VIOLET MAE FRANTZ: "I Love You TruIy": Gym Show, I. ROBERT LEE FULLER: "Never Trusi A Woman": Baseball, 3: Foofball, 2: Game Assisfanf, I: Senior Play Comm.: Honor Roll, four semesiers. MARY ANN GAIDESKI: "So In I.ove": GAA, I: Gym Show, 2. MARTHA JANE GERSONDE: "My Hearf Tells Me": GAA, I: Gym Show, 3: Co-op, I: Tri-Hi-Y, I. JACK E. FEIN: "Lemme' Me Ouf OF Here": Sfudenl Council, I: Gym Show, 3: Bleacher Squad, I: Game Assisfanl, 2: Pep Comm., 2: New Moon Slaff, I. f an L v ' Qovfk. s.- X.. EDWARD FOSTER: "Our Hero": Tennis, 3: Foofball, 3: Baskefball, 3: Gym Show, 3: Senior Class Treasurer: Hi-Y, I: Sfudenl Coun- cil, 2: Game Assislanf, I: Bleacher Squad, I: N-Club, 3. ANDREA JEANNE FRENCH: "Paper DoII": GAA, 4: FTA, I: Slucleni' Council, I: Junior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 4: Usher's Club, 2: Game Assisfanf, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, 2: Taffler Sfaff, I: One Ac+ Play Comm. MARTHA H. FUNK: "Un+iI": GAA, 2: FTA, I: Junior Play Comm.: Senior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 3: Tri-Hi-Y, 3: Spanish Club, 2: One Ac+ Play Comm. RICHARD GALBREATH: "The Voice": Gym Show, 2: Foofball, I: Baslrefball, 3: Tennis, 2: Glee Club, 2: Choir, 2: Sfudenf Council, 2: Junior Play Cash Variefy Show, 2: Hy-Y, I. DAVID GIBSON: "My Li+'I'Ie BIondie": Cross Counlry, I: Glee Club, I: Game Assisfanl, 2: Gym Show, 3: Variely Show I. JAMES GILLESPIE: "Wine, Women, and Song": Choir, I: Glee Club, I: Golf, I: Variely Show, I: Gym Show, I: Game Assislanf, I: Junior Play Comm.: Tennis, I: Co-op, I. SENIORS DORIS GLEASON: GAA, I, Junior Play Prompfer, Gym Show, 3, Tri- Hi-Y, I, Girls' Officials, I, Senior Play Comm. JANICE GRAY: "Ain'f Misbe- havin"', Thespians, 2, GAA, I, Sludeni' Council, 2, Junior Play Cas+, Gym Show, 3, Usher's Club, 3, One Acf Play Comm., I, Game Assisfanf, 3, LiHIe Women, 3, Hon- or Roll, one semesfer. JAMES A. HALL: "O You Wonder- ful Man", Foofball, 3, Baskeiball, 3, Basebal, 3, N-Club, 3, Gym Show, I, -Y I- H nor oII o semesler. I . I I i LOIS HANCOCK: "SIeepy Time Gal", FHA, 2, Gym Show, I, Senior Play Comm. KATHLEEN HARROLD: "My Hap- piness", Sluclenf Council, 3, LiHIe Women, 3, New Moon Sfaff, I, Co-op, I. DONNA HARTMAN: "DarI: Eyes", Gym Show, I. DARLENE HATHAWAY: "She's From Missouri", FTA, I, Gym Show, I, LiHIe Women, I, Senior Play Cash Transferred from Buchanan, I949. DOROTHY GRAHAM: "Ring On Her Finger", Cheerleader, 2, Pep Comm., I, Sfuclenf Council, I, Gym Show, 3. CAROL ISaIIyI GREEN: "Because I Love You", Glee Club, 3, Choir, 2, Seidel, I, GAA, I, Variery Show, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, I, Tumbling Club, I, Gym Show, 2. MADALYN HAMMOND: "Neal and Fashionable", Gym Show, 2, GAA, I, Tri-Hi-Y, I. VIOLUS HARRELL: "JaIre": Gym Show, I, Co-cp, 2, Honor Roll, one semes'Ier. VIRGINIA JEAN HART: "With A Song In My HearI", Glee Club, 3, Choir, 3, Gym Show, 3, Sexief, I, Debafe, I, LiHIe Women, 3, Var- iely Show, 3, Band Bounce, I, Thes- pians, 2, Taffler S'Iaff, 2, Junior Play Prompfer, Senior Play IS.D.I, One Acr Play Comm., 3, Honor Roll, seven semeslers. IRMA JUNE HASSINGER: "Dance. Ballerina, Dance", Choir, I, Glee Club, I, Gym Show, 3, Sfudenf Council, I, Tumbling Club, I, Thes- pians, 2, Junior Play Casl, Variefy Show, I, LiHIe Women, 3, One Acf Play Comm., 2, Senior Play Comm. MARJORIE A. HEBERLE: "ReacIin'. Wri+in', and 'Ri+hmeIic", Thespians, 2, Debafe, 2, Glee Club, I, FTA, I, Gym Show, I, One Ac+ Play Casf, Junior Play Comm., Senior Play Comm., Li'IIIe Women, 3, Variefy Show, I, TaHIer S+aff, I, Salufaioriang Honor Roll, seven semeslers. SENIORS PEGGY JOAN HEMPHILL: "Swing- in' Along", Gym Show, 3: LiHIe Women, 23 Junior Play Comm.: Senior Play Cast JANE EDITH HERRICK: "This Near- Iy Was Mine"g Glee Club, Ig Var- ieI'y Show, Ig Gym Show, 33 Tri-Hi- Y, Ig Spanish Club, 2: Junior Play Comm., Senior Play Comm. MILDRED HICKERSON: "The Song Is You", Glee Club, 3: Choir, 31 Sex'I'eI, Ig Spanish Club, lg Lilile Women, 3: Sfudenl' Council, Ig Senior Play Cash Variely Show, 2, Honor Roll, Iwo semesfers. DOROTHY JEAN HOISINGTON: "And The Band Played On", Band, 3: Spanish Club, 2, Band Bounce, 3: LiHIe Women, 3: Honor Roll, Ihree semeslers. CHARLES HOLLAND: "Easy Go- ing", Gym Show, Ig Traclr, I. JUNE ADELE HORNBECK: "How You Gonna Keep Her Down On The Farm", Co-op, 25 S'Iuden+ Council, I: Gym Show, 2: Li++Ie Women, 3: New Moon Siaff, Ig Ta'HIer Sfaff, 2, Honor Roll, seven semesfers. BONNIE HOVER: "How Soon", GAA, I7 Gym Show, 2: UsI1er's Club, 3, Game AssisI'an'I', 33 Co- op, I. I I fix , , I JACK H. HERRICK: "Hercules", Glee Club, 2: Golf, Ig N-Club, I: Junior Play Comm.: Variefy Show, 2: Game Assis+an+, I: Baseball, Ig Gym Show, 3: Honor Roll, one semesfer. HYL" SS: " nioy YourseIf"q Gy ow, 3, Glee Club, 2: Thes- ' s, 25 Variely Sho 25 FTA, Ig ,J unior Play Comm.: Senior Play 4?f7' Oflom .g TaHIer S+aff, I New Moon Ia , Ig Li+I'Ie- omen, 3, One Inlay Cas . J WILLIAM A. HILLIGOSS: "Mr. Five by Five": Foofball, 2: Tennis, 2: Gym Show, 2: Game Assislani, 2: Hi-Y, 2, Bleacher Squad, I. MARIANNE HOLECEK: "Million Dollar Baby", Thespians, Ig GAA, Ig Junior Play Comm.: Senior Play Promplerg Gym Show, 37 Little Wo- men, 3g New Moon S'raf'I, I: One Ac'I' Play Comm., I: Honor Roll, Iwo semesfers. VIELLA HOLLOWAY: "WiIIie": FHA, Ig Gym Show, 2: Girls' Of- ficials, Ig New Moon Sfaff, I, Transferred 'From Edwarclsburg, Michigan, I947. DOROTHY HORNER: "Come Ouf, Wherever You Are", Gym Show, I. NELLIE M. HOYT: "Wai'I Till Ihe Sun Shines, NeIIie"g Gym Show, 3: LiHIe Women, 3: Sfudenf Council, Ig Senior Play Comm. .1 ff if SENIORS BARBARA ANN HUMPHREY: "Swee+ and LoveIy": Thespians, 2: Glee CIub, I: Choir, I: Junior Play Comm.: LiHIe Women, 3: Varieiy Show, I: Gym Show, 3: New Moon Sfaff, I: One Aci Play Comm., 3: Honor Roll, seven semesfers. ARVESTER B. JENKINS: "There's No Tomorrow": GAA, I: FHA, I: Gym Show, I: Tri-Hi-Y, I: New Moon Sfaff, I: Senior PIay Comm.: Trans- ferred from Chicago, IIIinois, I947. HARRIET KIELL: "LooIr for Ihe Siiver Lining": Gym Show, I. NORMA JEAN KIMBALL. "Some- day": Gym Show, I: FHA, I. VIOLA LOUISE KUHL: "Could Be": Gym Show, I. ADELL CAROLYN LAWRENCE: "Me and My Shadow": Spanish Club, 2: Honor Roll, 'Iwo semesiers. ROBERT DALE LEACH: "CigareH'es and Whiskey, and Wild, Wild, Wo- men": Gym Show, 3. ETHEL M. JAMIESON: "TI1aI's My Desire": Glee Club, I: Gym Show, 3: LiH'Ie Women, 3: TaHIer Sfaff, I: Variefy Show, I. WILLIAM E. JONES: "DimpIes", Gym Show. 2: FooIbaII, I: Tennis, I: N-Club, I: Bleacher Squad, I. VINCENT KILLARNEY: "An Irish Lad": Gym Show, 3: Game Assisi'- anf, I. EUGENE KLINGLER: "Confon'Ied": Gym Show, 3. JERRY A. LAMONICA: "Pancho": Football, 3: Bleacher Squad, I. VERDELL MAROLYN LAWRENCE: "My Sisfer and I." LESTER RALPH LIBEY: "My Marien: Gym Show, 3: Glee Club, 2: Choir, I: Varieiy Show, 2: Proiecior Oper- a+or, I. SENIORS DONALD L. LINN: "Af a Ball Game"3 Gym Show, I3 Foofball, 23 Baseball, 3. PHILIP MARAZITA: "JusI Because You're You"3 Foolball, 23 Glee Club, I3 Sluclenl Council Presidenf, I3 Gym Show, 23 Hi-Y, I3 N-Club, I3 Variely Show, I3 Senior Play Comm.3 Honor Roll, seven semes- Iers. RICHARD E. MARTIN: "Walling for 'the Train Io Come ln"3 Foolball, I3 Glee Club, 23 Junior Play Cash Variefy Show, 23 Gym Show, 33 N-Club, I. PATRICIA A. MCINTYRE: "Remem- ber Men: Glee Club, I3 GAA, 23 FHA, I, Gym Show, 33 Variefy Show, I3 Trl-Hi-Y, 3. MARICA JEAN MICHAEL: "Some- where Over Ihe Rainbow"3 Glee Club. 23 Choir, 23 Variely Show, 23 Gym Show, 23 Liflle Women, 33 Co-op, I3 Honor Roll, Iwo semes- fers. PATSY LOU MONAHON: "Angels of Mercy"3 Sludenl Council, I3 Gym Show, I3 Tri-Hi-Y, 33 Spanish Club, 2. 4. x yay ,kg L A. ANN MULLINI "While You're ck A Th 3 way"3 espians, 23 Choir, 3 Band, 33 Orcheslra, I3 Junior Play Casl' Band Bounce 3' Variely as E Show: 33 One Acl Play Comm., 33 Q 7' MJ-Talller Sheff, I3 Spanish Club, 23 f K' Honor Roll, four semeslers. I , A . 'N Q b X 7k J i u A1 PI xr :lf A .lifAw',,mf Mfxe' -22- 0 I ll 4 1' Ki: 4 I I ' . M f . ., W 1, '35 l N L F3 W MILAN LUKE: "I Gol a Gal in Soufh Bend"3 Glee Club, 23 Variely Show, 23 Gym Show, 23 Foofball Man- ager, I. DURNELL E. MARTIN: "Helen, Helen, Helen"3 Gym Show, 3. HELEN LOUISE MAY: "When You and I Were SSVSHIBQHUQ Gym Show, 2. EVELYN ANNA MECKEL: "Wuncl- erba"3 Gym Show, 23 GAA, 23 Co- op, I3 Spanish Club, 23 Senior Play Comm. rx, .X .JIUS flag JAMES ..,P MILLER: "When You're SmiIing"3 Baseball, 23 Glee Club, 23 Variely Show, 23 Gym Show, I. JOHN GRAHAM MORDEN: "Oh, JOIIHHEYIIQ Senior Play Cash Gym Show, 23 Hi-Y, 23 One Acl Play Cash Taifler Sfaff, 23 Pep Comm., I. MARJORIE JANE MYER: "Keep 'lhe Home Fires Burning"3 Gym Show, 33 Lilfle Women, 33 Senior Play Comm.3 Honor Roll, one semesler. SENIORS WILLIAM MYERS: "Thai Old Gang of Mine": Baslcelball, 2: Cross Counlry, 2: Sluclenl Council, 2: Game Assislanl, I: Hi-Y, I: Gym Show, 2. LAVERNE E. NEVILL: "Froggie": Gym Show, I: Glee Club, 3: Choir, I: Sfudenl Council, 2: Proieclor Operalor, 4: Variely Show, 3: Game Assislanf, I: Bleacher Squad, I: Honor Roll, one semesler. ALETHA MAE OCHENRYDER: "Ain'+ We Gol Fun": Thespians, I: GAA, I: FTA, I: Junior Play Comm.: Senior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 3: Lillle Women, 3: New Moon Slall, 2: Spanish Club, I: One Acl Play Comm.: Honor Roll, seven semeslers. LOUISE MARGARET OSOS: "Can She Bake a Cherry Pie": Glee Club, 2: Junior Play Casl: Senior Play Casl: Variely Show, 2: Gym Show, 2. MARY JANE OSWALD: "Someone 'lo Walch Over Me": GAA, I: Junior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 3: Lillle Women, 3: Spanish Club, 2: Senior Play Prompler. RICHARD J. PFEIL: "Jusl Pilfle": Debale, I: Glee Club, 2: Sluclenl Council, 2: Junior Class Presidenl: Junior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 3: Variely Show, 2: Senior Play Casl: Honor Roll, 'three semesters. BARBARA PINGEL: "l'm In Love Wilh A Wonderful Guy": Home- coming Queen: Honor Roll, one semesler: Transferred from Soulh Bend, Indiana, l948. NANCY LEE NELLIS: "Laugl1fer Malxes fhe World Go Aroundu: Sludenl Council, I: Junior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 3: Senior Play Casl: Usher's Club, 3: Tri-Hi-Y, 3: Game Assislanl, 3. FRANCIS E. NOGGLE: "You're Everywheren: Gym Show, I: Var- iely Show, 2: Choir, 2: Glee Club, 2: Junior Play lS.D.l: One Ac? Play Casl: Senior Play Casl: Thes- pians, 2: Co-op, I: Honor Rall, Iwo semeslers. RUTH MARY OLINGHOUSE: "My Shining Hour": Gym Show, 3: Girls' Officials, 2: Senior Play Casl. MARGARET JOY OSSMER: "Friend- ship": Glee Club, I: Choir, I: GAA, I: Gym Show, 3: Variely Show, I: Lillle Women, 3: Spanish Club, I: Senior Play Comm.: Honor Roll, one semesler. NANCY LOU PARKS: "This Love of Mine": Tri-Hi-Y, I: Gym Shrw, 3. PEARL ELLEN PICKENS: "I can Dream Can'f l": FHA, 2: Gym Show, 3: Liflle Women, 3: Senior Play Comm. PATSY LOU PINGEL: "Il Musl Be Love": Gym Show, I: Honor Roll, one semesler: Transferred from Twelve- Mile, lncliana, I949. I .xl L 4. - . ,Li . qsx . X SENIORS WANDA POINTER: "This Is AIways": Gym Show, 2. ELAINE PATRICIA POLLOCK: "I Wanf To Be Happy": Gym Show, I: Co-op, I. WILLIAM L. POTTER: "Running WiId": Track, 2: Bleacher Squad, I: Game AssisIan+, I: Gym Show, 3: Tennis, I: Baskefball, I: Foo?- ball, I. PHYLLIS ANN PRETZ: "Wishing": Co-op, I. INGRID H. RAMPOLDT: "InIry": Glee Club, I: GAA, I: FTA, I: Variefy Show, I: Gym Show, 3: Spanish Club, 2: Honor Roll, six semesfers. MARLA M. REDDING: "SIrawberry BIonde": Glee Club, 2: GAA, 2: Gym Show, 3: Variely Show, I: Hhonor Roll, Iwo semesfers. gb, xx -3. J. x -2 . COLIELYN L. RICHARDS: "Why nIWou Behave T HIY ' ": ri- '- , 3: 'X gh: Sgqyf. 3: GAA, I: Junior Play I' " if xCornm.: Senior Play Comm.: Prp -L Comm., 2:' omecoming Oueen's 'y I Calif. 5 . 2 ,L R sl' -Z .JA J ' 5 6 3 24.3 J ' .' ' ilk f- -24- . ff, W -N JAN.- JAMES W. POLLOCK: "FIeeIfooI": Gym Show, 3: Bleacher Squad, I: Cross Coun+ry, 3: Baslrefball, 2: Traclc, 3: Sfyderbf Councy, 2. mf' .i,ag.,2.,f, Ziff wx ,. 4 -I H ff ,4,f,,fgg,..! 31 fm .,.. fr ' If J, ,M D- U , ,fa-'-l'6f1.fYM,,pv,,Yl A-157 If HERMAN POTOKAR: "Thai Greal' Big Hunk of Mann: Fooiball, 3: Basleiball, I: Golf, 3: Sfudeni' Council, I: Gym Show, 3: N-Club, I. ROBERT W. PRESTINE: "A Hunfing We Will Go": Game Assis+an+, I. PHYLLIS M. PUFFER: "This Is The Life": Glee Club, I: Choir, 2: Gym Show, 3: GAA, I: Junior Class Secrefary: Sfudenf Council, 2: New Moon Siaff, 3: Junior Play Comm.: Variefy Show, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, 2: Honor Roll, Iwo semesters. ROBERT RANFT: "PaIsy": F-oolball, 2: Track, I: Gym Show, I: Glee Club, ' Choir, I. MQW ' WJ JAMES REYNIERS: "ThaI's Un- heaIIhy": Proieclor Operafor, I: Junior Play Casi: Deba're, I: Thes- pians, 2: One AcI' Play Comm., 2: Ta+IIer Sfaff, I: Honor Roll, 'Four semesfers. RICHARD H. RICHTER: "My Gangn: Cross Couniry, 2: Fooiball Man- ager, 2: Gym Show, 3: Traclx, I: Junior Play Comm.: Senior Play Casl: Baseball, I: N-Club, 2: Bleacher Squad, I. rw . fi KJ SENIORS JOHN D. RILEY: "Dance Wilh Me": Foofball, 3: Traclr, 3: N-Club, 2: Baslrefball, I: Gym Show, 3: Game Assisfanf, I. JOHN R. SCAMEHORN: "Every Day Is Ladies Day Wilh Me": Basllel- ball, I: Golf, 2: Thespians, 2: Band, 4: Band Bounce, 4: Proieclor Operafor, 2: Junior Play Cash One Acf Play Cast Talfler Slaff, 2: New Moon Slaff, I: Co-op, I: Honor Roll, mes+er. I f , DORRIS E. SCHAEN: "On Roller Sla'Ies": Gym Show, 3: Honor Roll, Ihree semeslers. LILA MAE SCHRADER: "Thou Swell": New Moon Sheff, 3: Span- ish Club, 2: Thespians, 2: FTA, I: Junior Play Comm.: Senior Play Comm.: One Acl' Play Cash De- bale, I: Liflle Women, 3: Sludenf Vice-Presidenlg Gym Show, 2: Hon- or Roll, seven semesfers. JOCELYN JEAN SELLERS: "Deep In The Hearl of Texas": GAA, 2: Gym Show, 2: FHA, I: Tri-Hi-Y, 2. WILLIAM SHANNON: "Follow Ihe GirIs": Thespians, 2: Glee Club, 2: Senior Class Vice-President Slu- denl' Council, 2: Foolball Manager, I: Gym Show, 2: Baslmefball Man- ager, I: One Acl Play Cash Junior Play Comm.: Variefy Show, 2: Hi-Y, 2: Cheerleader, 2: N-Club, 3: Tall- Ier Sfaff, 2: Pep Comm.: Honor Roll, six semesfers. DALE V. SHEPARDSON: "MuscIes": Glee Club, 2: Foolball, 3: Baslxel- ball, I: Traclr, 3: Proieclor Oper- afor, I: Gym Show, 3: Variely Show, 2: Bleacher Squad, I: Co-op, I: Game Assislanl, I. ROSE M. ROCKWELL: "Nothing Was Heard": Gym Show, 3. LORRAINE LYDIA SCHADLER: "Lei The Res? of +he World Go By": GAA, 3: FHA, I: Gym Show, 3: Tri-Hi-Y, lg Senior Play Comm. SHIRLEY L. SCHNEIDER: "Honey Bun": Junior Play Comm.: Gym Show, 3: LiHIe Women, 2. MARIE E. SEIFERT: "A Smile for Everyone": Glee Club, 3: Choir, 2: Sexlef, 2: Senior Class Secrefary: GAA, I: Sfudenl Council, I: Band Bounce, 2: Variely Show, 3: Gym Show, 3: Tri-Hi-Y, I: Senior Play Comm.: Honor Roll, four semesfers. BOB SEVER: "My Merry Sludebalrerug Glee Club, 2: Variely Show, 2. JACOUELINE J. SHEARER: "We'II Build a BungaIow": Gym Show, 2: Sludenf Council, I: Tri-Hi-Y, I: Honor Roll, one semesfer. HELEN SHERWOOD: "The Helen PoIIca": Gym Show, 2. SENIORS CARYL KAY SHURTE: "Wedding Bells", Gym Show, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, I, Transferred from Dowagiac, Michi- gan, I947. ' ALICIA ANNE SIMPSON: "An Ar'IisI's Hand", Tri-Hi-Y, 3, GAA, 2, Siudeni Council, I, Gym Show, 3, Game Assisianf, I, Honor Roll, Iwo semesiers. DUANE ROSS SMITH: "Rough and Ready", Gym Show, I, Co-op, I, Transferred from Lilchfield, Michi- gan, I'-748. TOM SOMERS: "Make Believef SAM STARKS: "Thai Soulhern Ac- cenI"', Glee Club, I, Gym Show, 2, Transferred from Wesf Poinf, Ar- kansas, I947. PATRICIA J. STOVER: "Dearie", Glee Club, I, Variefy Show, I, Gym Show, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, I. SUZANNE LEE TURNER: "If You Knew Suzie", Glee Club, I, Choir, I, Band, 3, Vice-President Junior Class, GAA, 4, FTA, I, Sfudenf Council, I, Band Bounce, 3, Gym Show, I, Liffle Women, 2, Variely Show, I, Junior Play Comm., Senior Play Casi, Spanish Club, I, Honor Roll, Iwo semesfers. LOIS JANE SIEBERT: "This Is AI- ways", Co-op, I. OTTO G. SLACK: "BashfuI", Cross Counfry, 2, Glee Club, 2, Variefy Show, 2, Gym Show, I, N-Club, 3, Honor Roll, one semesfer. ROBERT COLLINS SMITH: "I Love You So Much If Hurfs Me", Cross Counfry, 3, Track, 3, N-Club, 3, Game Assis+an1, I, Honor Roll, one semes+er. RONALD SPANSAIL: "Whispering", Gym Show, 2. MARY E. STEPHENSON: "This Love of Ours", Thespians, 2, Glee Club, 2, Choir, 2, GAA, I, Sludenf Council, I, Junior Play Casf, Var- ie'Iy Show, 2, Gym Show, 3, Tri-Hi- Y, I, Tumbling Club, I, New Moon Sfaff, I, One Acf Play Comm., Honor Roll. one semes+er. JOHN ROBERT THOMPSON: "WhaI Does I+ MaI'+er", Foofball, I, Base- ball, 2, N-Club, I, Gym Show, 2, Honor Roll, one semesfer. THOMAS LEE TYLER: "AlI Ihe Things You Are", Validicforian, Senior Class Presideni, Foofball, 2, Track, 3, Thespians, 2, Glee Club, I, Sfudenf Council, 2, Junior Play Casf, Senior Play Casf, Varieiy Show, I, Hi-Y, 2, One Acf Play Casf, 2, N-Club, 2, New Moon Sfafi, I, Honor Roll, seven se- mesfers. SENIORS WILLIAM VAN ARMAN: "SIippin' Around", Baslceiball, 2, Cross Counfry, 2, Traclx, 2, Proiecior Operaior, 3, Gym Show, 2, Bleach- er Squad, I, Game Assisfanf, I, Hi-Y, I, N- lub, 2, nior y CBSI. s E417 Q,s7"7I'f JACOUELINE VETTERLY: "When I Grow Too Old To Dream", Gym Show, 3, Tri-HI-Y, 2, Honor Roll, one semesfer. ALBERT J. WALSH: "Marianne", Gym Show, 3, Proiecior Operalor, I. COZEE DAWN WEAVER: "Horses, Horses, Horses", FHA, I, Gym Show, 3, GAA, I, Tri-Hi-Y, 3. EULALIA E. WETMORE: "When Ihe Organ Played", Gym Show, I. JOAN MARIE WILLIAMS. "SI'iII Wafers Run Deep", GAA, 3, Gym Show, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Co-op, I, Honor Roll, 'Five semesfers. LOIS MAE WILSON: "Forever and Ever", Glue Club, 2, Variefy Show, 2, Gym Show, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, I, Co- op, I. 6 I 152 ONALD VAN GILDER: "I Love A Piano", Choir, I, Fooiball, I, Var- iefy Show, I, how, 3, lee b, 2. 9 GLENN E. VILLWOCK: "Farmer Boy", Gym Show, 2, Proiecfor Operaior, 2, FFA, 2. NANCY CHRISTINA WARD: "My Foolish Head", Thespians, 2, Glee Club, 2, GAA, I, FTA, I, Junior Play Comm., Variefy Show, 2: Gym Show, 3, Tri-Hi4Y. 2, One AcI' Play Cash 2, New Moon Sfaff, 3, Pep Comm., I, Senior Play Casf, Trans- ferred from Greencastle, Indiana, I947. 2 . fx . TP- f'f"iNi4"1Ui1x ,fm .PIAIJLA vvELLiNeHAM. "Dancing in Ihe Dail", Thespians, 2, Glee Club, 2, Choir, 3, Sexief, I, GAA, I, Junior Play Comm., Varieiy Show, 3, Gym Show, 3, Senior Play Comm., One Ac? Play Casf, Tri- Hi-Y, I, Pep Comm., 2, Cheer- leader, 2. JACK WILLIAMS: "So QuieI", Glee Club, I, Choir. I, Foofball, I, Cross Counfry, I, Varie+y Show, I, Gym Show, 3, Bleacher Squad, I, Pep Comm., I, Honor Roll, one semester. MALBURNE W. WILLIAMS: "QuiI' Pulling My Leg", Cross Counfry, 3, Track, 2, Gym Show, 3, N-Club, 3. DALE K. WOODS: "Going My Way", Gym Show, I. 1-x tfty SENIORS MARY ELEANOR WORTHAM: "Music, Music, Music": Glee Club, Ig Choir, I7 FTA, Ig Junior Play Comm., Varie+y Show, I: Gym Show, I: Tri-Hi-Y, 2. JOHN YELOPE, JR.: "Goodby. John": Gym Show, Ig Baseball, lg Foofball, Ig Baslrelball, Ig Honor Roll, three semesrers. MARY CARY YOUNG: "Daddy'S LiHIe Girl": Junior Play Comm.: Taffler Sfaff, 3: Varieiy Show, 3: Gym Show, 23 LiHIe Women, 3: Spanish Club, I1 Glee Club. 3: GAA, 3: S+uden+ Council, Ig Senior Play Comm. DIANA ZIMMERMAN: "Some of These Days": Gym Show, 2. My ROBERT EDMUND YAW: "The Farm- er in The Dell", Gym Show, 3: Game Assisfani, 27 Foofball, I: Baseball, 27 Track, Ig FFA, 2: Hi- Y. I. WAYNE YOST: "Jeanie Wifh The Lighl' Brown Hair", Tennis, 2: Gym Show, Ig N-Club, Ig Co-op, I. DOROTHEA ZI E LIN S KI: "S'Iormy Wea+her": Gym Show, I. VILLAIN IN "THE SWAN SONG" 'J-1, XE of my if-SQ, E54 uf S90 4' N Q V52 is mg Q73 5 4+ 9 0 7' 2 Q 0 yy, Sr ,L zo. A 1 Q A X YW' ci an Q 'Q c5994 f K QA QQ QSO? dx 'fi 9' W v l Yhafsow E SWE BX M3573 ,yfgom ST BLUFFE 1 1538 um GGE I ID Cayplf A 'A hiya-LVJ7? Y 07" gk 6 in 5 of K' J' C00 f Of? 'if ffl 'f fl? k Y T 4, fr ik 4' x JENIOK HIGH commas -30- JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS U7 q 1 vw v RONNIE DU NHAM Presideni' SIDNEY HOWES Vic 3-Presidenf GER RY WEBBER Secrefary TOM REIDENBACH Treasurer - . if 5 ,V K lL , r ,wr fy - . i J , M31 9 Jlvwliiilca il S? u Y B Q Q' ' ' i f ill fi, V .1 . . fa an A.,. A ., , - - ,-.v- 1 V :E 3 , gi f W 'ijt' ff: . :,- 'J' " ,. if' I kr H . -- - :, Q 5 , A 5 ' 'f 5 "": 'A"""'A Q V, " .,.. 4 J n i'-- ' 'A , EY: Filly i F 'AA f V " w QM "' f V,:, 'S' -V1E. ' Q ,, , V 2'- 11 '. - f ,'s,'1, .:.1 ,. 1 Q a Y F 'I 1 , I , .,. :I . Q E . .,l Q ::,,v -it Vy 5 2. V, ,L Z? , V , "',, :,.,: P 1 i ii u qu' , I I uz' J " . , ' I y - I 1 I ,fir 8, : Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Diclc Armslrong, Delores Arnold, Charlene Asmus, Howard Baily, John Baird, Ida Balmer, Darnell Barnes, John Baumgarfner Nancy Beall, Doris Baederman, Roberf Bohr, Bonnie Boose, James Bowers, Alice Breiver, Beffy Briney, Mary Ann Brofhers Juanifa Day, Pafsy Brown, Virginia Byrum, Pai Carpenfer, George Carr, Margaref Cheney, Jim Chrzan, Beverly Clay Beverly Conrad, Pal' Coons, Dicl: Cooper, Esfher Corey, Rulh Corey, Barbara Couisae, Law- rence Cox, Diclr Creilal Ted Curfis, Mary Davis, Dorofhy Dee, Fred Dirclcs, Jacli Dorn, Ronnie Dunham, Gloria Eisen, Bob Ellioi James Elrod, Richard Eviclz, Mary Farmer, Wayne Farver, Bill Fenion, Ed Fergison, Donald Fife, BeHy Freeze Mary Glenn Freeze, Bill Fries, Irving Frosf, George Garnes, Jeanne Geary, Kaiherine Gold- fuss, Don Grafford, Marlene Gray -32- . ,,.:, . - K Q I , gg Cr 5 Q1 u 4 J i1 Q I' I as-' ' an 5' F vi A 'id' Y' , K- We V..,,,:. .I J ,y '15 X A 1 I 'X xv, N Row Row Row Row Row Row Row A 4' J- 1' H1 Bob Gulliver, Joyce Halm, Gene Hansen, Thomas Hare, Ann Harringion, Barbara Harroff, Roberr Harr, Frances Hariline Bill Hayes, Nellie Hemphill, Ben Hendershor, Frieda Herrel, Dean Hess, Susan Hiblaard, Gerry Hilla, Joan Hipshear Roloeri Hoese, Beverly Holi, PaHy Horner, Nancy Horfon, Sid Howes, Palsy Huss, Doris Irwin, Sfanley Jackson Lydia Jeffries, Gloria Johnson, Gloria Jean Johnson, Wendall Johnson, Miriam Kennedy, Verfies Keys, Kendall Kirlr,, Francis Knapp Jerry Knoll, Phyllis Knoll, Emma Jean Lang, Marilyn Larson, Harold Lewis, Donald Lierly, James Lochsridf, Alfa Low Roberf Lowe, Mehum Machemer, Leslie Manfel. Louise Marlr, Dick Marquardi, Gay Mason. Gloria May, Eugene McClary Don Mccormich, Claire McKee, Norman Mead, Henry Miller, Charloffe Mills, Skip Morris, Jael: Munroe, Barbara Nason -33- R S CD5 .I U N I O l, ,jg ii xi f ,lilly ,Ll 'l Ex lil f x X. K. x J , , 33 'K J il' 3 ,1?",!' I 1' ' r91.f7 ff: N Q x. 13 . Y, .. ' 17 . ff, 'val' nf ' if . is R f if 1 If 2 Row I: Phyllis Noggle, Milne Nyilcos, Yvonne Olson, Glen Page, Esrher Parlrer, Diclc Perry, Laudner Phillips, Dorsie Poinrer Row 2: Geneva Poinfer, Beri Posihumus, Clara Ray, Barbara Reichanadfer, Tom Reidenbach, Richard Renbarger, Roberr Renbarger, Joanne Renferghem Row 3: Donald Reum, Marie Reum, Roberf Reynalds, Jaclx Rhodes, Barbara Rice, Ruby Richardson, Lucia Riddle, Parry Riggs Row 4: Harold Rose, Onia Rose, Ned Ruefz, Esfher Runyan, Paier Sallaclr, Verle Sample, Alice Sanford, Barbara Sarrarore Row 5: Mae Jean Schmolrer, Carolyn Schwan, Gordon Sears, Barbara Shoemalrer, Mary Ann Shoemalrer, Larry Sholrey, Paul Shrider, Lorraine Siebarfh Row 6: Berry Singer, Gwendolyn Slaclz, Dale Snoolr, Francis Snyder, Bill Sonnenlieier, Elaine Siafford, Erick Sfarnel, Juanira Sfedmann Row 7: Roberf Sfewari, Terry Sfone, Sfephen Sryers, Nancy Thornion, Donna Turfle, Barbara TuHle, Ann Ullery, Elaine Vance - - U-9. J , ' J r if-1 .: 1 ,Q af ' ' 1 my iv: ' Xe 45 g rx, In Ti NTT gan ,W a , J if ' J A irre Row I: John Vandenberg, Joyce Vandenburg, Kay Vanderbough, Clara Van Dusen, Par Ward, Leonard Waugh, Ann Weaver, Mary Ann Weaver Row 2: Gerry Webber, Gwen Webber, Leroy Webber, James Weigharr, Rosemary Whil-field, Dale Wiars, Gary W'ilkenson, Rosalie Wrighi Row 3: Virginia Wright Grace Yaw, Carl Young, Mary Zimmerman, Barbara Finley No Picfure: Anifa Brown, Vicfor Hubble If L F SP Y X4 . N lx X 6 i l' bl E I s -nr ww: - f f , E A, ..:, ,b I ,gt Q r eal" fe at fii, 3 is X n y , ' I .f 'E 'S at i W 4 ' if f - i r3 'f, Q,'.,' A ? ' I Ex A 4' K wp, 4 W ww 5 55 - W , , ,Q A ,Q he W , L N ,, Q, si' 5 .. K 5 5' 1 if sw. .rf , i V iw 1 . V 5 ,sd V -, it X ,:.. , :Msg 'V 'l 'Q 'vs " V, A : r A , 5 e,,, . ., f d' r I Z , :., , . -. , , ,. . , ,V I :,, ii . .. ..:v 'Y y yyyy yy o ro J J ay ,, , ,,,,, or 3 v Q ,G fa QRS, . W v ,,,,.- , .-V. . . Q QQ. if .f- 234' ,si X, QF ., ::, My --, z V , , gg i- . K Q- ,KWH yi 1 in E, Q I , 1 Z, , ' I I 'Z ' .1 . , ' IV ' :',,,E. T ' if , 3 .L 4 Q ., U A ,al - :-: P MP4 I W' ' . W , X . 's J., nfl. 'V ii 4' af' gif: ,.- ff f J 1 " ' 2, y .12 1 - Aw y , Q V-AV f AAII- W ' W ,-,,., ,V A:,V' , ..: r V H ,, ,1 A V. I g A I vkV,4 . f,.. r i ' 5 , . il ..:- 1 , 951, ' , " ' yf! ,f-' ' V ay f Q V ' Row I: Row Z: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Barbara Abair, Margarel' Aberman, Jerry Adler, George Andrews, Joan Anderson, Cleora Ansfiss, John Armsirong, Dale Arnold Arnold Arscher, Wanela Balrer, John Balon, Bill Baxler, Tom Bell, James Beniamin, Joe Ben- jamin, Marilyn Bisby Darwin Biorge, Jimmy Bowden. Elaine Brewer, Sfevins Brown, Richard Buiias, Glen Burch, Max Buff, Ronald Byrum Roberf Calder, Delores Cannady, Barol Carlson, Donald Carpenier, Marian Carr, Beify Chodinslri, Lyle Clark, Sandra Clark Pa'Hy Coleman, Beverly Colvin, Frances Compoe, Frieda Compoe, Mary Lou Connors, Karien Cook, Roberf Coons, Joyce Cooper Shirley Corey, Arvilla Courser, Ted Cramer, Donald Crane, Evelyn Cripe, Tom Crocker, Marian Crouch, Yvonne Cummings Dean Curiis, Eslal Darion, Jerry Darling, Charles Davidson, Harley Davis, Lazelle Davis, Richard DeFores'r, Tom DeFores+ - 36 - Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 3 f , 3 7 'fill fr Wolff? YM, vwwifz W fl :iii A ""' I 5 'f' E if I ,-l:-- QQV ,k., y V ,,,, , , E "'Q , il' 1 2 :iii Tv 'gil ,, 4 Q , If , A ,giu y M zii A V f gf' A 5 vf V rr ' We , ,W , ' f K Donald Deiber, Leona Dickerson, Richard Dirclzs, Carolyn Dixon, Dick Easley, Elizabefh Ecker, Mary Ellis, Donald Elrod Norma Enger, Donald Ernsberger, Everlyn Ernsberger, Joyce Farris, Mary Jo Fenfon, John Finny, Jennifer Forbes, Thomas Forfier Kenny Freebury, Joy Freeie, Kafhryn Freeze, Mary Jane Fries, Dale Friuell, Carmella Frucci, Barbara Fuller, Marion Fuller Phyllis Geary, Dale Geer, Verna Geishirl, Vivian Geishir+, Norma Georg, Roger Gerold. Anihony Grabner, Cap Gralhwohl Beverly Gray, Don Grieger, Carolyn Grimes, Charimond Grubbs, Ronald Gulliver, Mary Haas, Howard Haimbaugh, Evelyn Hamp Jean Hancock, Bob Handshaw, Verda Harrell, Frank Harris, Gail Harfman, Marcia Haslanger, Virgil Hafch, Norberf Hauser Shirley Hendershoff, Joyce Hoese, Bob Holland, Hor+ence Holloway, Vera Holloway, Belly Horner, Donnie Hoover, Doris Hurd -37- in - ., 5 l J, 23, Xi, 5' Q a . K ff, me r r w In hfjvgfv yi Ig D ' X e. .ft-vrfgj I ,q,fVd'U' x X Q N ,Q W ix x if "' ' Nl ' E . x X f x.J' N7 ., KXSNYQETJ J fl . 7 "" A V f li L f , -',, ,- 9 "'. '-:, " 1 55: -,-' Hr 1 "3-5: " :" .5 , S iff AHVAA , f My ', , I . ':'-v: 2 .,v--' J , V. H he -if I Z-'35 .,A-- jr. ,.,-, V t :IA A' Kz... ,... , ,t W 'V 5 1 :q,,qA'. A- L J L s fi ,: in ii i fi , F i' ?33 ,Qi"V,Q , is Q", 1-A 1 A,.Lq, j ff I f B sf' M J L J , l r fe -1 gg, 111 . '-A- Q p J, W 11 '-'- 4, Y 7: 4 I , W t, 1 ., ,2.- 1 -5 K , IV L,- ltb Q 1 - tif' 5: f -if ,,,? ' 3. gi A , AAQA . , L l' .,,, 5 . K L f 1 , a 5 ,ji 2 V '- Q 1. ' -- agw, WR .. is at x ,y . I L9 ':" sm ,f Iggy! ! ,.- gg , f if Z .F L 0 in kd? FWS 4, :,,, E:,, Q a t fi gkk f gsm: in Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: r L sw fl George Jacobs, Carol Jaeger, Lawrence Jasper, George Jerclon, Jeanne Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Pauline Johnson, Eslella Jones Marilyn Jones, Mona Jones, Norma Jones, Rulh Jones, Donald Kaiser, Roberl Kane, Ann Marie Karns, Jim Kennedy Shirley Kerr, Van King, Elaine Klann. Vernon Knapp, Fred Krieger, Roberl Leak, James Lepel, Kalhleen Lierly Mangan Liderleaf, Franklin Linn, Annabelle Low, Belly Luse, Connie Lulzen, George Lulzen. Wall MacDonald, William MacDonald James Maclr, Bill Malloy, Fred Manchow, Janice Mann, Margarel Mannix, Alberl Marazila, Phil Marrs, Jean Marlin June Marlin, Waller Malliford, Duane Mayhew, Nancy Mccarlney, Julia McDonald, Pal McDonald, Belly McLaughlin, Ronald Michael Herberl Miller, Les Miller, Margarel Miller, Marlene Milner, Allene Milchell, Bob Molica, Conrad Morris, Charles Morrison -38- 6031 7A if fx, 0 lf, ,ig L ' .. y ff I' Q i -. fi 1' ,Fi AAA- I ,. ---f'- ' i gf' , ., ,A:.., , Q , . 'QQ' fs . 5 ., 'L I VZA. e ii Q , S . 1:2 2: '--1 5 -.,.., ' ff. 4 A Q. an 6 V J V n Q 1 P , - ig-P' C1 2 A ., . .. sf, Q, X ' . ,- , ,K S, V W' ' I 1,4 W A 2 . A xiii, .,.- 5 I f . ,.,. wi., 5 4' as ax 'K , ill R N F' Z' . ,v' - -,' -ij: , .Q . . QQ, V mg -.'ii, R fs. 5 02 v may v X S A Lv? ' ' '.-,1 ,-: l G -fl J ff J f X 5 is 1 , if nf? ' dy 1,55 'Ai J ' ,g n -,: J Q U , J - ' ":' 2 . .:., Q 4 A y W ,, ,Miz 7 'Lit' ii " we vii! '53 ' 4 ' if 3' S-Ii i 6 f -CJ' 'Qi Y ' Qing' X , H J.. . I ,,- - ,.: ' Q? X J, , M f ig! L if '11 Q6 1 31 ee :Wi '11 - " ' v ' an M 'vb 'fill ' - Q2 Z! 'lit . 11190, cf Row Woodrow Morrison, Mary Moyer, Margarel Mudd, Pal Neesley, Paul Newman, Mary Mew- some, Dorofhy Nichols, Joan Niedzielslci RK.: ' Row Pai Olinghouse, Pa++y Jo Orias, Dale Oswald, Dena Parlr, Phil Parlrer, Gerald Percy, Diclx K Peierson. Loreen Pilre fd- ,fg Row Ronnie Pingel, Bob Plomb, Bill Pollock, Allene Poorl, Leonard Poznanslci, Pal' Prenkerl, Lois Q V Ja,-! PCE? J' f Puruclrer, Rolf Pampold+ 4 ,Egi- ' z Row Diclr Ranff, Norma Pau, Alice Reed, Carol Reyniers, Jane Rhodes, Beverly Riley, Norma ' Q Row Row Row Riley, Emma Robbins ' - Xxx-' Lavon Rupe, Russell Saa+hoff. Ovalyn Scheibel, Jerry Schluncli, John Schoff, Susan Scholl, Bob Schrader, Juanifa Schrader 72' Darwin Seih, Sally Shaffer, Max Sheparclson, Barbara Sheperis, Larry Shoemalrer, Franli Shula, Jim Siebarih, Reba Simpson John Sivia, Charlene Skinner, Virginia Smalley, Alfreha Smilh, Carol Smifh, Donald Smifh, James H. Smilh, Richard Smifh -39- 3 :N .J I l l ,l l ll I A ll M LDV nk 1 n" 'W If 4. ' ff' fl 1 . yl'.'pllryylkif L y, Xily A I il pq :uf J :N f-0 x ll lioliiiil KL 0 O M O 3:2 A " : Y Y , Y Q V .K :K , tr J " Y . f X . G if ik 195 Lai' if md in' as ,SV9 .af is ., W4 ff. - Q V y ,ZQQ A:.. Q Qi W J. SE 3 H 'A,. ' b::"1 -,., ii ji ' . . ,h'5 .Q 5 ' Q 1 9' , ' Sava 'ig ,pf X A 1 .,,ll, gzmw Row I: La Verna Spain, David Sleinbauer, Jane+ Sfeinmelz, Helen fringham, Susie Taylor Bob Teeler, Tom Teslre, June Thompson Row 2: Ronnie Wain, Jean Van Tuyl, Mariann Vogelsang, Cafherine Tomlinson, ScoH Waller, Joyce Walfers, Bob Waugh Shirley Waller Row 3: Jean Weaver, Pal Websler, Nancy Weisf, Marilyn Wenzel, Daniel Wesolowslu Marilyn Whi+field, Larry Williams, Bill Wor+ham, Lulu Mae Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Norma Wise Bob Wolfer, Charlolfe Wruclc Row 4: Billy Young, Fred Young, Joan Young, Franlslin Zimmerman, Jaclz Zimmer No Picfure: Miriam Gring, Violef Miller, Bill Worfham In Memoriam CAL MANTHE -4-0- ff: ORGANIZATIONS v0G6O BOOK QQ 195004 L lq5O Glilgigggg fx 58. WND ff BHND fx I N Q05 f A. KCPQOIB -1,2 X xfglw K .f"""- KN Z"-K N' I-,,,- Q .. f ,4 ff- A F Y -E w 7 i S A Q-A A- 1- A , -4 4-' jx - Cz, ,, -use x 4I STUDENT COUNCIL Baclr Row: Rolland Williams, Howard Haimbaugh. Marion Fuller, Ronnie Dunham, Tom Tyler, Galbrealh, Bill Myers, Dale Friuell Third Row: John Vandenberg, Bill Shannon, Nance Ward, Jeanne Geary, Gerry Webber, Ann Marquardl, Jim Bowers, Nancy Nellis Second Row: Dicl: Pelerson, Tom Bell, Marie Seiferi, Connie Brown, lrma Hassinger, Kalhleen Compoe, Charlene Slcinner Firsl Row: Jean VanTuyl, Reba Simpson, Phil Marazila, Millie Hiclcerson Donna Fay, Mr. DeWiH, Lila Schrader, Jim Wiegharl, Ed Fosler, Dick Weaver, Ann Harringlon, Diclc Harrold, Phyllis Puffer, Frieda Larry Sholely, Anne Simpson, NEW MOON as Back Row: Josephine Crevisfon, Gwen Webber, Jim Bowden, Skip Morris, Prinler, Don McCormick, R'ves+er Jenkins, Julia Brown Donna Davis Second Rowi Barbara Humphrey, Marie Reum, June Hornbeclr, Gay Mason, Marianne Holecelr, Nancy McCarfney, Sue Turner, Joan Renlerghem Firsi Row: Gerry Webber, Lee Ocheryder, P y is u er, nor, r. a e Fealure Wriler, Mary Slephenson -42- h Il P ff Ed'r M H ll nius, Nance Ward, Assislanl Edilor, Lila Schrader S PROJECTOR OPERATORS Back Row: Bob Yaw, Jerry Knoll, Dick Armsirong, Donald Graflord, Ned Reufz, Max Shepardson, Bill VanArman Second Row: Ronnie Gulliver, Glen Villwoclr, Bob Gulliver, Lesier Libey, Don Fife, Roland Boeserma, Howard Hambaugh, Bill Fenfon, Gail Harfrnan Firsf Row: Jerry Darling, George Jacobs, Mr. Rasmussen, Bill Pollaclr, Bob Lealr, LeRoy Webber, Dick Ranll, Don Elrod i l l SPANISH CLUB Third Row: Lydia Jeffries, Phyllis Knoll, Frieda Herfel, Beverly Brown, Don Grafford, lngricl Rampoldf, Ann Mullin, Mariha Funk, Doroilny Hoisinglon Second Row: Nancy Beall, Mary Young, Mariiane Oswald, Marie Reum, Alice Brevier, George Games, Pai Monahon, Lila Schrader Firsi Row:k Jane Herriclr, Nancy Tliornlon, Bob Caslwbaugln, Aloellw Clnurcliliill, Mr. Jenlcins, Sue Turner, Margarel Ossmer, Millie Hic erson -43- F. F. A. Back Row: Larry Talley, Tom Marlin, Erwin Cross, Tom DeFores+, Verfies Keeys, Roberf Slewarl, George Carr, Glen Villwock Tom Hare, Dale Geer Third Row: Cloyd Mafhews, Irving Frosl, Jack Dorn, Herb Miller, Jerry Lewis, Richard Crellell, Dick DeFores+ Second Row: Jim Hopper, Jim Burlon, Harry Fosfer, Larry Sholely, Morman Mead, Bill Hayes, Howard Hambaugh Firsf Row: Marion Fuller, Bob Yaw, Mr, McMillen, John Dickey, Bob Lowe, Pele Sallack, Bill Fries Presiclenl - John Dickey Reporler - - Marion Fuller Vice-Presidenl Bob Lowe Assislanl Reporfer - - Bill Fries Secrelary - - - Bob Hari' Senlinel - - Pele Sallock Assislanf Secrelary - Bob Sfewarl Adviser - - Mr. Mclvlillen Treasurer - - - Bob Yaw Since i+s organizarion in I948, rhe F. F.A. Chapler of Niles High School has improved ils program and increased ifs aclivilies. In lhe 'fall 'lhe boys planled a four- +een acre cooperalive whear proiecl. They also boughl +wo regisrered duroc gills as a s'rar'r 'for a gill chain. Members of 'rhe organizarion have enfered several coun+y, disiricf, and s+a+e con- lesfs lhis year. They were mosl successful in lhe clisfricf parliamenlary procedure conlesf for which lhe group received a silver raling, +he s+a+e dairy iudging confesl in which lhey placed second, rhe s+a+e apple iudging conlesi wi+h sevenlh placement and lhe counfy po'ra+o judging conresl' in which lhey placed second. .44- Back Row: Lynn Berquisf, Beverly Gray, Conslance Lurzen, Elaine Brewer, Onia Rose, Palricia Schrader, Lucille Williams, Rulh Corey, Wanela Baker, Linda Clay, Fay Shepardson, Kay Sheparclson, Beverly Allrins, Lova Chrislman Fourfh Row: Nancy Weiss, Jane Rhodes, Pafricia Phillips, Sandra Smil'l1, Mary Ann Shoemaker, Alice Sanford, Shirley Mes- senger, Nancy Soufhworlh, Ann Ralsfon, Kalhleen Lierly, Belly Jorgensen Third Row: Virginia Goldiriss, Virginia Pickens, Marjorie Burfon, Mari Davis, Barbara Finley, Shirley DuHon, Gloria Johnson, Marlene Milner, Shirley Hindersholf, Barbara Tullle, Eslher Corey Second Row: Dolores Arnold, Arvesler Jenkins, Viella Holloway, Margery Fries, Pairicia Asmus, Lois Hancock, Marcia Haslanger, Pearl Pickens, Anna Dodd, Helen Sfringham Firsf Row: Mary Ann Bro+hers, Marlene Micholski, Joan Howard, Donna Turtle, Mrs. Olson, Doris Biederman, Kalhryn Gold- fuss, Beverly Clay, Barbara Harroff F . H . A . Presidenf - - Donna Tur+le Treasurer - Kafhryn Goldfuss Vice-Presidenf - Doris Biederman Hisrorian - Beverly Clay Secrefary - Joan Howard Adviser - - Mrs. Olson The I944 home economics educafion workers from lwenly-nine srafes mel for a convenlion in Chicago lo infroduce plans for developing +he Furure Homemakers of America organizafion and lhe Charler under which il' would funclion. Many local home economics clubs adopled lhese plans and reorganized lo meer lhe requiremenfs of 'lhe new F. H.A. Charier. The general purpose of rhe F. H. A. is 'ro crea+e an in'l'eres+ and emphasize fhe imporfance of worfhy home membership and lhe salisfaclions of homemaking. Acfive membership in lhe organizalion is for lhose who are enrolled in homemaking in junior and senior high schools. .45- Baci: Row: Shirley Waller, Mirian Gring, Phyllis Hess, Esiella Jones, John Gersonde, Eddie Cofrell, Kenny Saafhoff, Dick Marquardf Third Row: Mary Worlham, Julia Brown, Delores Cannady, Margaref Mannix, Ingrid Rampoldi, Phyllis Noggle, Gwen Webber, Gerry Webber Second Row: Marie Reum, Louise Marlr, Lee Ochenryder, Lila Schrader, Nance Ward, Gay Mason, Mariorie Heberle, Leah Nieb, Virginia Myler Firsf Row: Sue Turner, Andrea French, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Tiller, Marlha Funk, Marilyn Larson F. T. A. Presidenl - - - Andrea French Vice-Presidenr - Sue Turner Secrefary - - Norma Spansail Treasurer - Mar+ha Funlc This is fhe firsl year fha? +he Fu+ure Teachers of America has been organized in Niles High School under 'ihe Char+er received 'From 'ihe Na+ional Educafion Associa- fion. Hs purpose is +0 encourage srudenfs fo become insfruciers lhrough Cadef 'reach- ing. Besides reaching in +he classroom members of +he group learn fads abour +ha+ profession in lheir own locali+y, sfaie, and na+ion and +he opporiunilies in if. Then, 1'oo, characfer qualifies essenlial +0 a good feacher, and leadership may be developed 'Through par+icipa+ion in 'The ac+ivi+ies of fhe organiza+ion. Besi of luck in +he fufure 'ro +his group which is assisfing in promo+ing inferesl' in +he profession of reaching. -45- .1 'VV' i ' wif" r f r, Q 1 llfr ,- li ,f L ,I i f ,iii ii!fViFI'i7ifilfi4' Ji A V Dick Pfeil, Mr. Whaley, Jim Reyniers, Cap Grafhwohl, Dick Easley, Margie Heberlo DEBATE SQUAD For fhe firsi 'lime in many years a debare feam was organized in Niles High School under Coach Francis "Pele" Whaley. The squad aH'ended pre-season debafe clinics al The Universily of Michigan and Wes+ern Michigan College in Kalamazoo. The season opened wilh a pracfice del:aa'l'e wifh Soufh Bend Cenfral High School. The feams chosen were Richard Easley and Mariorie Heberle, Affirmaliveg James Reyniers and Richard Pfiel, Negafiveg and Cap Gralhwohl filling fhe roll of chairman, allernafe, lime keeper, cheer leader, and chief supporler during fhe season. The squad won The six oui of eighf conference debafes 'I'ha+ en+i+led +hem +o enler l'he regional fournamenfs, buf +he squad losl' in 'rhe firsl' round fo Grand Rapids Cresfon. Schedule Negarive Affirmaiive Nov. C, a+ Soulh Bend Cenlral losl' los? ":Nov. ll, a+ Sfafe High losf won "'Nov. 25, Berrien Springs here won won 'iDec. 9, a+ Baflle Creek Lakeview losf won "Jan, Comsiock here won won Jan. a+ Sou'l'h Bend Cenrral won no+ parlicipafe Feb. a+ Souih Bend Cenlral losl' losf Feb. al Grand Rapids Creslon losl' nol parlicipale "' lRegionall .47. Back Row: Sidney Howes, Bill Shannon, Jean Hari, Phyllis Naggle, Jim Wiegharl, Francis Naggle, John Scamehorn, Bev Holi, Mary Farmer, Irma Hassinger, Joyce Vandenberg Second Row: Pal Riggs, Janice Gray, Lee Ochenryder, Ann Mullin, Gay Mason, Marianne Holecelr, Margie Heberle, Marilyn Larson Firsl Row: Barbara Humphrey, Phyllis Hess, Tom Tyler, Jim Reyniers, Mr. Hallenius, Nance Ward, Lila Schrader, Mary Slephen- son, Paula Wellingham THESPIAN SOCIETY Thespian Troupe 766 has been very aclive 'lhis year. Jim Reyniers acfed as president Nance Ward, vice-presidenh Lila Schrader, secrelaryg Tom Tyler, freasurerg Phyl Hess, clerk: Bill Shannon and Barbara Humphery, direclors. The lhree one-acl plays presenled on March I8 were "He Ain'+ Done Righl by NelI," a melodrama direcled by Ann Mullin, "Nor Tonight" a 'farce direc+ed by Frances Noggle, "The Wonder Hal," a harlequinade direcled by Jim Reyniers. The lroupe buil+ lhe new flals 'for lhe sfage, sponsored parlies for 'lhe play casls and commi++ee members afler lhe performances, and wen? 'lo Chicago in January and May +o see a play. -48- G. A. A. Back Row: Evelyn Hancock, Joan Brooks, Jean Brooks, Rose Richardson, Janice Snook, Joan Brand, Shirley Dullon, Shirley Dick- erson, Marilyn Coons, Barbara Ramsby, Reba Simpson, Kalherine Freeze, Jean Hancock, Connie Lulzen, Susan Taylor, Fay Sheperdson, Laura Brewes Fiflh Row: Sandra Clark, Ruby Richardson, Annabelle Low, Palricia Orias, Beverly Gray, Doris Biederman, Deloris Arnold, Lova Chrislman, Nancy Soulhworlh, Elaine Klann, Frieda Compoe, Virginia Wrighl, Kay Shepherdson, Beverly Alkins Fourlh Row: Nancy Thornlon, Joy Freeze, Norma Spansail, Janel Green, Nancy Scholl, Mary Davis, Barbara Finley, Barbara Fuller, Mary Fries, Helen Lulh, Donna Davis, Leah Nieb, Horlense Holloway Third Row: Nadine Hilligass, Norma Riley, Carmella Frucci, Secrelary-Treasurer, Arvesler Jenkins, Sue Turner, Vice-Presidenl, Nance Ward, Julia Krieger, Rosemary Flelcher, Julia MacDonald, Sharon Lund, Jane Pralhwohl, Mimi Alkinson, Sue Smilh. Second Row: Evelyn Cripe, Frances Compoe, Loriane Schaddler, Susan Scholl, Beverly Raw, Joan Howard, Marlene Michal- ski, Andrea French, Jean Harvalh, Josephine Mudd, Delores Johnson Firsl Row: Sandra Smilh, Lucia Riddle, Belly Haberling, Lois Brown, Verna Giesherl, Presidenl, Miss Walls, Virginia Myler, Gay Dicerlo, Karien Cook, Beverly Riley Q ga GIRL'S OFFICIALS Third Row: Viella Holloway, Jean Hancock, Delores Arnold, Wanela Schrader, Doris Biederman Second Row: Verna Giesierl, Frieda Compoe, Joy Fries, Sue Turner, Pal Cummins, Rulh Olinghouse Firsl Row: Nancy Gessinger, Joyce Vandenberg, Miss Walls, Rose Lee Wrighl, Virginia Wrighl USHERS CLUB Baci: Row: Sue Hibbard, Pal Carpenier, Pai Coleman, Joannie Renierghem, Jeanne Geary Second Row: Phyllis Geary, Bonnie Hover, Jenefer Forbes, Shirley Kerr, Margarel Aberman Firsf Row: Janice Gray, Ande French, Mr. Whi+wam, Nancy Nellis, Connie Brown GAME ASSISTANTS AND BLEACHER SQUAD Baclr Row: Jim Gillespie, John Riley, John Schoff, Bill Pofier, Jerry Knoll, Jim Wiegharf, David Gibson, Don Fife, Bill Myers, Harold Lewis, Vincenf Kilarney, George Garnes, Bob Cashbauqh Third Row: Bob Renbarger, Skip Morris, Bob Yaw, Glen Page, Tom Tyler, Jim Burnham, Joe Croclrer, Ed Fosfer, Bill Van Armen, John Diclcey, Skip Bedinger, Bill Fenion Second Row: Shirley Kerr, Jennifer Forbes, Pai Coleman, Bob Smiih, Jack Fein, Bill Hilligoss, Mac McCormick, Irwin Cross Diclr DeForres+, Dale Geer, Leonard Waugh Firsf Row: Sue Hibbard, Pai Carpenier, Phyllis Geary, Connie Brown, Mr. Whifwam, Nancy Nellis, Janice Gray, Jean Geary, Andrea French, Joan Renferghem, Margare? Aberman -50- CHEER LEADERS Standing: Bev Conrad, Elaine Vance, Marilyn Larson Kneeling: Paula Wellingham, Bill Shannon, Gerry Emmons 4' PEP SQUAD Third Row: Pa? Prenlrerl, Marilyn Larson, Jack Fien, Joan Renferghem Second Row: Jackie Richarcls, Nance Ward, Nancy Mccarfney, Bev Conrad, Elaine Vance, Marilyn Larson Firsf Row: Paula Wellingham, Wr. Whifwam, Gerry Emmons, Bill Shannon . . Back Row: Jack Dorn, Skip Morris, Jerry Knoll, John Riley, Bob Thompson, David Berquisl, Bill Jones, Don McCormick, OHO Slack Fourfh Row: William Hayes, Dick Cooper, Jack Zimmer, Laudner Phillips, Bob Wolfers, Jim Chrzan, Joe Crocker, Tom Tyler, Phil Marazila, Bob Lowe Third Row: Leonard Waugh, Joe Gessinger, Tom Reidenback, Jim Burnham, Larry Sholfey, Cliff Crocker, John Dickey, Her- man Pofokar, Phil Parker Second Row: Mr. Theus, Mr. Halcher, Mr. Bender, Mr. McAlvey, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Hulchins, Mr. Whifwam, Mr. Lewis Firsi Row: Wayne Yos+, Malburne Williams, Bill Shannon, Ronnie Dunham, Jim Hall, Erwin Cross, Dick Rich+er, Ed Fosler, Bill Van Armen, Jack Herrick "N" CLUB The "N" Club is an organizalion open lo any boy earning his major le++er in any inlerscholaslic sport An inirialion is held for new members afler each spori season. The main proied of lhe club fhis year has been ihe purchasing of a new 'rrophy case lo replace our presenl overcrowded one. The club has also sold ice cream bars a+ The baskelball games, using fhis money fo help pay for The lunches for 'lhe ieams. In 'rhe spring lhe "N" Club plans +o sponsor a dance in honor of rhe spor'rs fans of "NHS." .52. GIRI.'S GLEE CLUB Fiffh Row: Joyce Hoese, Ruby Richardson, Elaine Vance, Gay Mason, Ann Weaver, Ida Mae Balmer, Mary Zimmerman, Phyllis Noggle, Ingrid Rampoldi, Pa? Slover, Mary Sfephenson Fourfh Row: Nance Ward, Phyllis Puffer, Sue Turner, Phyllis Hess, Louise Osos, Virginia Smalley, Connie Brown, Joyce Vanden- burg, Carol Jaeger, E+hel Jamieson, Irma Hassinger Third Row: Mary Young, Jeanne Geary, Pai Coons, Ann Harringfon, Jean Harl, Jennifer Forbes, Margaref Ossmer, Pai Mc- ln+yre, Ann Ullery, Margie Heberle, Barbara Humphrey Second Row: Mary Farmer, Barbara Fuller, Donna Fay, Margaref Aberman, Joyce Johnson, Mary Fries, Sally Green, Bar- bara Sheperis, Gwen Slaclr, Lucia Riddle Firsf Row: Margaref Miller, Marilyn Bisby, Pai Carpenfer, Marla Redding, Mr. Flora, Alice Brevier, Accompanisf, Marie Seiferl, Presidenl, Paula Wellingharn, Secrelary-Treasurer, Millie Hiclrerson, Vice-Presidenf, Jane Herricln S E X T E T Jean Hari, Sally Green, Marie Sieferf, Millie Hiclrerson, Paula Wellingham, Carol Jaeger, Mr. Flora 53- Back Row: Frank Zimmerman, Bob Hoese, Mike Nykios, Lesier Libey, Bill Shannon, Bob Wolfers, Tom Tyler, Bob Renbarger, John Balon, George Garnes, John Vandenberg, Bob Handshaw Fourfh Row: Bill Fenron, Jim Weegharf, Sieve Sfyers, Bob Sever, Don Clubine, Omar Brubaker, Jim Miller, Jack Williams, Laverne Neville, Jerry Percy Third Row: Leonard Waugh, Dick Pfiel, Ronald VanGilder, Jim Burnham, Larry Shelley, Jim Chrzan, David Sfeinbaur, Ralf Rampoldf, Ronald Boersema, Cap Grafhwohl Firsf Row: Jim Mack, OHo Slack, Dick CreH'ell, Phil Marazira, Alice Brever, Mr. Flora, Dick Marfin, Dick Galbreaih, Jack Herrick, Woodrow Morrison BOYS' GLEE CLUB Presiden+ - Dick Marrin Vice-Presiden+ - Dick Galbrea+h Secre+ary-Treasurer - Phil Marizira The Boys' Glee wore 'rradifional while shiris in alrernaiing rows of blue and gold ries 'rhis year. They parficipaied in 'rhe Chrisimas programs, fhe Varie+y Show and ofher programs aboui' fown and in school. Mr. George Flora direcfed, and Miss Alice Brevier accompanied 'I'he Boys' Glee +hrough a very successful year. .54. Fiffh Row: Carol Jaeger, Gay Mason, Bob Wolfers, Diclr Galbreafh, George Garnes, Ronald Van Gilder, David Berquisl, Jael: Williams, David Sfeinbauer, Glenn Freeze, Alice Brevier, Jean Hari, Phyllis Noggle Fourfh Row: Jean Geary, Marie Seiferl, Sue Turner, Roberf Hoese, Roberl' Lowe, John Balon, Dale Frizzel, Lesier Libey, Dicln Perry, Ann Weaver, Mary Farmer, Irma Hassinger, Margarel Ossmer Third Row: Mary Young, Lucia Riddle, LaVerne Neville, Jerry Percy, John Vandenburg, Ronald Michael, Elwood Berlcompass, Leonard Waugh, Phyllis Puffer, Meri Wor+ham, lda Mae Balmer Second Row: Joyce Hoese, Sally Green, Mary Siephenson, Bill Polloclr, James Maclx, Sid Howes, Diclr Marquardf, Don Crane, Woodrow Morrison, Margarel' Miller, Pai Carpenier, Millie Hiclrerson Firsl Row: Par Prenlrerf, Donna Faye, Barbara Humphrey, Connie Brown, Vice-Presidenf, James Burnham, Treasurer, Mr. Flora, Gloria Eisen, Francis Noggle, Presidenf, Ann Mullin, Secrefary, Paula Wellingham, Marilyn Bisby SENIOR HIGH CHOIR The Choir, under Ihe able direclion of Mr. George Flora, had anolher successful year. Miss Gloria Eisen did her usual fine job of accompanying. A+ Chrisfmas-'time Ihe Choir gave a series of programs, including 'I'he annual program for Ihe high school. The maior proiecl of 'lhe year was 'l'he Variely Show. I+ 'feafured songs from "Sou'rh Pacific" and was a huge success. The Choir also par+icipa+ed in Ihe Berrien Counry Vocal Feslival af S+. Joseph in April. Sixly-odd s+uden+s, selec+ed on 'rheir vocal meri+s, me+ four land some+imes fivel mornings a week af eighf o'clocl:. The members all enjoy 'rhe work and are proud +o wear 'rhose blue and gold robes. -55- Row Row Row Row Row Row 6: John Baumgarlner, John Scamehorn, Norman Mead, Claire McKee, Bradley Robinson, Eugene McClary, Donald Grafford, Glenn Freeze, Bill Young, Bill Baxler 5: Erick Slarnel, Jack Rhodes, Howard Davis, Presidenl, Tom Bell, Larry Shoemaker, Calherine Tomlinson, Nancy MCCBYI- ney, Dick Marquardl, Lois Purucker, Donna Turlle 4: Dick Scamehorn, Carol Carlson, Glen Burch, Marilyn Wenzel, Treasurer, Joy Freeze, Ann Mullin, Eslher Parker, Esfella Jones, Jim Bowden, Barbara Nason, Carol Knauf, Dick Perry 3: Jack Kubiak, Anlhony Graebner, Denny Treesch, Suzanne McKee, Miriam Kennedy, Lois Kaler, Roger Maxwell, Cleora Anslis, Lois McNiH, Beverly Ealon, Merilyn Whiflield, Joyce Wallers, Secrelary 2: Jean Van Tuyl, Karl Haviland, Dena Park, Verna Giesherl, Margarel Curlis, Lorene Pike, Gloria Eisen, Dorolhy Hois- ingfon, Vice-Presidenl, Norma Riley, Joe Beniamin, Palsy Brown I: Mr. Correll, Dick Thomas, Osman Ziegler, Marilyn Larson, Gerry Hilla, Juanila Day, Belly Briney, Margarel Amon, Joyce Ferris, Pal Riggs SENIOR HIGH BAND The Band was very ac+ive 'rhis year during 'Phe foolball games and home basker- ball games. They gave several concerls sponsored by rhe lnslrumenlral League. ,They played al' lhe Berrien Counfy Youlh Fair, 'rhe Grape Fesrival al Paw Paw, Band Day a+ rhe Universiry of Michigan, Berrien Counly Teacher's lnsrifule. They pul' on a demonslrarion 'For The Service Club, gave Iheir annual Band Bounce, and marched in lhe Memorial Day Parade. The Band gol a "I" raring in Ihe Fall Marching Fesrival. They received a "I" raling in lhe Dislricf Band and Orcheslra Conresl' lhal' made rhem eligible for sl'a're comperilion. Fifly members enrered rhe dislrici solo and ensemble conresl' held a'I Niles, fi-Heen of lhem receiving "l" ralings and played in 'Ihe slale conlesr ar Easl' Lansing. -56- Row Row Row Row 4: Margarei Amon, Jaclc Rhodes, Jack Kubialt, Carol Carlson, Marilyn Wenzel, Gloria Eisen, Claire McKee, Diclc Mar- quardf, Ericlz Sfarnel 3: Jim Hoskins, Suzanne McKee, Esiher Parker, Joyce Walfers, Nancy McCar+ney, Ida Mae Baker, Don Grafford, Ronnie Michael, Mr. Warringlon Z: Janei Green, David Wood, Norma Coles, Leona Dicherson, Mary Jo Fenion, Jean Johnson, Douglas Wise, Phyllis Noggle I: Jael: Keller, David Rhodes, Judy Green, Carol Jaeger, Joyce Johnson, Suzanne Gebby, Nancy Scholl, Juliana Jaroch, Gloria Johnson ORCHESTRA The orchesfra has improved a greal' deal ihis year under Mr. Warring'ron's able direcfion. They mee+ five days a week during lhe six1'h hour and somefimes have exfra pracfice sessions oufside of school lime. The orches+ra played for borh fhe Junior and Senior Plays. They played in ihe League Concerfs and 'rhe Band Bounce. The orchesira also par+icipa+ed in several audiiorium programs. They received a fwo ra+ing in fhe Dis+ric'l Conresi. Some of lhe members enlered fhe disiricl solo and ensemble con+es+. Those receiving raiings of one eniered The sfare con+es+ a+ Eas+ Lansing. -57- Rowl- TATTLER STAFF MARY CARY YOUNG, Edifor-in-chief, PHYLLIS HESS, Associa+e Edi+org MARJORIE HEBERLE, Senior EcIi+org JEAN HART, Picfure Ediforg ANN ULLERY, Li+erary Edifor. Row 2 ANN WEAVER, Music EcIi'I'org JAMES REYNIERS, Spor+s WrH'erg BILL SHANNON, Sporis Wriferg BOB CASHBAUGH, I:ea+ure EcIi+orq DUANE MAYHEW, Junior High EcIi'I'or. Rows 3 and 4 - BILL FENTON, Siaff Arfish ETHEL JAMIESON, Copy Wri+erg JOHN SCAMEHORN Business Manager, CLAIRE McKEE, Associa+e Business Manager: Adverfising Agenis PHYLLIS NOGGLE, VIRGINIA SMALLEY, MARILYN LARSON, DONALD GRAF FORD, GLORIA EISEN. .58- """"' "" V 1 4 W .50. PRODUCTIONS .111- A JUNIOR PLAY YEARS AGO, a play wriHen by Ruih Gordon, was presenied November I8 and I9 by a selecfed casf from 'the Junior Class. The play was a lhree acl' comedy involving +he problem crealed by a daugh+er's ambi+ion +o become an ac+ress. Con+roversy arose wifhin +he circle of her family and friends as +o wheiher such a career would be proper for a girl in +he early +wen+ie+h cen+ury. Marilyn Larson played fhe role of Ru1'h who wanied fo become an acfressg her fafher, James Wiegharf, disliked +he idea: +he mo+her, Phyllis Noggle, was shocked by +he idea, buf changed her mindg Ronald Dunham, Ru+h's fiance, opposed anyfhing bui marriage: Mary Farmer, Joyce Vandenburg, Gay Mason, S+eve Sfyers, and Sidney Howes complefed 'rhe cast -62. f? Spq'v'5'l"S-N4 Ura. VARIETY SHOW On February 23 and 24 'ihe Choir and Glee Clubs, under +he direc+ion oi Mr. George Flora, presenied The I950 version of 'lhe Varieiy Show. The faniasy, a highlighi of +he program, feaiured songs from The smash I1i+ "Souih Pacific." The firsi of 'ihe fhree scenes was sei' in a music siore, ihe second aboard a ship, and The lasf on ihe island of Bali Hai. Special lighiing efiecis, colorful cosfumes, and unusual dance sieps were used ihroughouf +he show. A 'Few of The songs were "Bali Hai," "This Nearly Was Mine," "Some Enchaniecl Evening," and "A Cockeyecl Op+imis+." The firsf half of fhe program consisied of speciali+y acfs and skiis, concerning a Traveling salesman, four mop ladies, and a young woman learning +o drive. Mrs. Alma Hosler direcied The Junior High chorus. Siudenf managers were Ann Weaver and James Burnham. -53. u GYM SHOW The Thiriy-Firs'l' Annual Gym Show direcied by ihe Physical Educaiion Deparf- mem' of fhe Niles Public Schools was presenied March 23 and 24 in 'ihe high school gymnasium. This show has become a iradiiion in Niles High School, providing a chance for all siudenis +o exhibii' iheir aihleiic skill or o+her aciing abiliiies. The program included folic dancing, relays, ball drills, fumbling, comedy acis, and ofhers. As in previous years The Senior girls marched and ihe Senior boys did calisihenics. On sfudenf nighi' fhe highlighf of 'rhe program was fhe Junior-Senior Compeiifion. A+ fhe close of fhe coniesis planned for ihe compe-+i'rion +he score was 'lied li-I I. li' was necessary, 'I'herefore, 'io include anoiher coniesi 'ro break 'ihe iie. The Juniors were successful wiih a final score of I3-I i. .4,4. BAND BOUNCE When fhe TATTLER wenf fo press all plans for fhe Band Bounce fo be held May I8 and I9, had nof been complefed. The fheme of fhe fwenfy-fiffh annual perform- ance was fo be cenfered around fhe silver anniversary. The program was planned by members of fhe band, fhe fwo managers, Barbara Nason and Howard Davis, and Mr. Correll and was fo include fhe informal concerf, solos by advanced members of fhe group, and slcifs. Then, foo, Mr. Mafhews, a former direcfor of fhe Niles High School Band, was fo conducf fhe group in a musical number. As in previous years fhe climax of fhe performance on sfudenf nighf was fo be fhe crowning of fhe melody queen by Mr. Whifwam. She would fhen reign over fhe program. SENIOR PLAY Mr. Kimber Newfon Fuller Annabelle Fuller Madge Fuller Sfeve Eldridge Kafie - - Mrs. Douglas Clayfon Evans Rena Leslie Hesfer Raymond - Uncle Sfanley CAST - John Ames Graham Morden Millie Hiclcerson Rufh Olinghouse - Tom Tyler - Louise Osos Darlene Hafhaway Carroll Elledge - Nancy Ward Sue Turner - Diclz Pfeil - O. J. Brubaker The I950 senior play, fo be given April 27 and 28 was sfill in rehearsal sfages when fhe Ta++Ier wenf fo press and promised fo be one of fhe besf. The play selecfed was GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE by Moss Harf and George Kaufman. The plof concerned a young husband who boughf an old, dilapidafed house wifhouf his wife's consenf. Of course, she was quife upsef abouf fhe whole affair, buf de- cided fo make fhe besf of fhe sifuafion. Affer a greaf deal of hard work, fhe hus- band and wife fransformed fhe old esfablishmenf info a beaufiful home. Bofh become sfrongly affached fo if. Through some misundersfanding fhey nearly Iosf fhe producf of fheir many hours of labor, buf everyfhing ended happily. .65- WINNING DEMOCRATS Edward Fosler Donna Fay Jim Burnham Nancy Ward Ann Mullin Sue Turner Lila Schrader Bob Cashbaugh Jim Chrzan Paula Wellingham Joe Crocker Mallourne William Norma Carpenler Slcip Morris Connie Brown Larry Sholley Erwin Cross Mac McCormick Dick Richler John Dickey Cliff Crocker ELECTION DAY POSITION Mayor Clerk Treasurer Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor Alderman Alderman Alderman Alderman Alderman Ald erman Ald orman Alderman Conslablo Conslablo Conslable Conslalole Juslice of Juslice of 66 +he Peace 'the Peace LOSING REPUBLICANS Tom Tyler Jim Hall Phil Marizila Bill Shannon Bob Smilh Mary Young Ann Weaver Marilyn Larson George Garns Elwood Bercompass Marie Seilerl Jackie Richards Sleve Slyers Ann Ullrey Sid Howes John Baumgarlner Barb Nason Claire McKee H. C. Davis, Jr. John Scamehorn Dick Pfiel SPORTS ' 4 f 4 x f Y rf' 55 li W- ,OWL-Q, . as gh -M5 'U ' U Q E , K Vg X f G 2 1 if J - H 1 7, l ' KLYSW-"l"1...---wr ,gl if fl Y., f 5 X 27 . G 42, : P" 1 HQ, 'V .1 21 I , -XX X Mmffi xxx, f Q Gnu!! I ' R X x WIE53-5f',' ' 'A 'I' an-7 3 'a - nllls M I X wh Y I 1" 'ff' ll" 39 49 4 ,67. FOOTBALL SEASON From Rags fo Riches. From fhe boffom of fhe Conference fo fhe fop in one year. Thaf is fhe success sfory of fhis year's varsify foof- ball feam. f I Our success sfory began early in Sepfem- K ber. Under fhe able guidance of a new coach, Al Lewis, and his assisfanfs, Coach Theus and Coach McAlvy, 'rhe feam sfarfed pracficing for fhe opening game. Resulfs of fhis hard work showed forfh in fhe opening game. Niles rolled over Soufh Bend Cenfral Cafholic 27-0 breaking a fhirfeen game losing sfreak af fhe same fime. A week lafer fhe Vikings beaf Soufh Haven, I3-0 in fhe firsf' conference game of fhe season, and fhus ended a fwo year conference losing sfreak. Soufh Bend Cafholic was easily disposed of fhe following week by a 20-0 score. Then came fhe nighf of fhe big game. Buchanan, fradifional rival, undefeafed in sixfeen sfraighf games, defending conference champion was our opponenf. The Vikings were nof awed by 'lheir opponenf, however, for fhey foughf Buchanan fo a 7-7 deadlock before a record crowd of 5,500 in Buchanan. A week lafer fhe feam smofhered Sf. Joseph under a 32-6 score. Then Niles suffered a lef down. Againsf a poorly rafed buf highly inspired Dowagiac feam, Niles was colder fhan ice, and, as a resulf losf I2-6. Buf fhis lef down didn'f lasf long. Niles bounced back fhe following week and slaughfered Sfafe High 47-0. The Vikings followed fhis up by frouncing Three Rivers 26-I4 and fhereby pockefed a share in fhe Conference Championship and esfablished fhe mosf successful season in fheir hisfory. On November 30 af fhe Four Flags Hofel members of fhe feam were honored af fhe annual banquef given by fhe exchange club. Foresf Evashevski, backfield coach af WSC was fhe principal speaker. This banquef was a fiffing climax fo a successful season. -b8. Back Row: Coach Bender, Pai Neesely, Phil Marazira, James Hall, Les Miller, John Riley, John Arms+rong, Ron P Jack Dorn, Kendall Kirk, Bob Lowe, Dick Marlin, Prin. Zabel. Third Row: Supl. Max Smilh, Jim Bowers, Bob Wolfers, Tom Crocker, Ronald Dunham, Bill Baxfer, Ed Buffs, B I Ha es Jones, Jim Burnham, Coach McAlvey, Coach Anderson. Second Row: Coach Whifwam, Coach Lewis, John Dickey, Jim Chrlan, Tom Tyler, Herman Poiakar, Ed Fosfer, Larry Sholrey Tom Riedenbaugh, Bill Worrham, Coach Theus, Dick Brown IMgr.I Firsf Row: Mike Nykos IMgr.l, Dick Richier IMgr.l, Don Schoff, Bob Fuller, Don Lynn, Jerry LaMonica, Jack Zimmer Bob Thompson, Phil Parker, IMgr.l, Dick Crefol IMgr.l VARSITY FOOTBALL VARSITY SCHEDULE Da+e Opponenf Place Oct Soufh Bend Cen+raI Ca+hoIic. . I ..Here Oc+. Soufh Haven . , , .Here Ocf. SouI'h Bend CaI'hoIic. .. . . , Here Nov Buchanan . . . . . . . ,There Nov S+. Joseph ICI .... . , Here Nov. Dowagiac ICI . . . . There Nov S'ra+e High , . . . Here Dec. Three Rivers . . , . . ,There ICI Denores Conference Games. BIG SEVEN CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team Won Losi Tie Niles ,...,. 4 I I Buchanan .,., 4 I I Three Rivers . 4 2 0 Dowagiac .,.. 4 2 0 S+. Joseph , i , .3 3 0 Soufh Haven . . 0 5 I SI'a'Ie High 0 5 I -59. Niles 27 I3 20 7 32 6 47 26 Pc+. .750 .750 .667 .667 .500 .000 .000 OPP o o o 7 6 I2 o I4 SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL The second squad was very much responsible for fhe greal' showing of fhe firsf feam by pushing fhe regulars hard. The second squad shows promise in ifs fhree viciories in six games by ou+scoring +he opposifion 65 io 44. More imporfanl ihan 'rhe scores, however, is 'rhe fac+ +ha+ Coach McAlvy developed many promising players on +he Junior varsi'ry. Niles' success in foo+ball nexi year will depend greafly upon fhe players drawn from +his year's second 'l'eam. SECOND TEAM SCHEDULE Dafe Opponenf Place Niles Opp Ocf. 23 Edwardsburg Varsify Here O 6 Nov. 4 Buchanan .... , . , Here 6 O Nov. I3 S+. Joseph . . . . . .4.. There 6 7 Nov. 22 Dowagiac . A , Here 40 0 Nov. 27 Ellchari . . , . There 0 25 Nov 3l Three Rivers . , . Here I3 6 These pholos are flash phoios iaken by Don Morgan during fhe Buchanan, S+ Joseph and Sfaie High nigh+ games. N -7l- CROSS COUNTRY-- STATE CHAMPIONS! This year's Cross Coun+ry +eam gave Niles High School i+s bes+ Cross Coun+ry season in his+ory. No+ only did +he Viking Harriers mee+ success in +heir dual and in- vi+a+ionaI mee+s, bu+ +hey also swep+ all op- posi+ion in +he s+a+e mee+ +o +ake possession of +he cove+ed S+a+e Championship. AI+hough +he Viking Harriers Ios+ +heir +irs+ mee+ by a close score +o s+rong Misha- wauka, +hey quickly rebounded +o +op seven+een schools in +he Has+ings Invi+a+ional mee+. The Harriers kep+ gaining momen+um as +hey de+ea+ed Ben+on Harbor, Kalama- zoo Cen+raI, and EIkhar+. A+ +he Aquinas Invi+a+ional +he Vikings showed de+ini+e superiorify. Niles scored an excep+ionaIly low +wen+y-+wo poin+s +o +op nine o+her schools in +his invi+a+ionaI mee+. The Vikings did a repea+ performance as +hey rani away wi+h +he s+a+e mee+ +o pu+ a +i++ing climax on +his successful season. SCH EDULE-CROSS COU NTRY I 949 Da+e Opposi+ion and Place Niles Score Opp. Score Sep+. 2 Mishawauka 3IV2 24V2 Oc+. I A+ Has+ings Invi+a+ional Is+ Niles 38 2nd CharIo++e 68 3rd I+hica 7I I7 O+her Schools Oc+. 4 A+ Ben+on Harbor I5 45 Oc+. 7 A+ Kalamazoo Cen+raI 23V2 33V2 Oc+. Il A+ Elkhar+ I9 36 Oc+. I8 Ben+on Harbor I5 45 Oc+. 22 A+ Albion Invi+a+ional Is+ Niles 57 2nd M+. PIeasan+ I I I 3rd Lansing Evere++ II9 Oc+. 29 A+ Aquinas Invi+a+ional Is+ Niles 22 2nd Fremon+ 40 3rd Zeeland 79 Nov. - A+ S+a+e Mee+ Is+ Niles 2nd 3rd -72- Baclr Row: Coach Hafcher, Marion Fuller, Skip Morris, Laudner Phillips, Leonard Waugh Firsf Row: Joe Gessinger, Bob Smilh, Bob Cashbaugh, Jim Pollaclr, Mal Williams. cnoss COUNTRY--1949 -73- fj BASKETBALL This year's varsify baskefball feam kepf fhe fradifion of recenf years alive by anofher fa, successful season. Nof only did fhe Viking cagers win all excepf fhree games, noi' only did fhey se+ new conference scoring records, .fx buf fhey also won fhe Big Seven Conference X Championship. i ll The Vikings sfarfed ouf on fhe righf foof, ': so fo speak, in faking fheir opener from 'I Michigan Cify Sf. Mary's by a 50-37 score. , . - Moving info conference play, fhe Vikings nexf beaf Three Rivers, 54-45. The cagers followed fhis vicfory up by dumping Sfafe High 38-30, and Soufh Haven 53-4I. Againsf fheir nexf opponenf, Soufh Bend Washingfon, fhe Vikings did nof fare so well. Niles was held fo fheir lowesf score of fhe season in losing fo Washingfon, 27-39. The cagers, anxious 'I'o make up for losf ground, snapped back fhe following week, and held fradifional rival, S+. Joseph, on fhe shorf end of a 45-39 score. From fhis poinf on, fhe Vikings really became hof. The cagers walloped Dowagiac 65-I7, Buchanan 60-52, Fremonf 72-27, Three Rivers 75-44, and Sfafe High 58-23. To fop fhings off, fhe Vikings reached a peak in burying Soufh Haven under a record avalanche of 89 poinfs. The forrid pace confinued fhe following week. ln a second meefing wifh S+. Joseph before a iam packed crowd in fhe Sl. Joseph gym, fhe Vikings slaughfered Sf. Joseph 55-34. The forrid pace didn'f slacken one bif againsf fhe nexf fwo conference opponenfs. Dowagiac we-nf down 68-27 and Buchanan followed 79-37. The lef down did come. however, againsl' Benfon Harbor. ln a close game fhe Vikings came oul' on fhe shorf end of a 33-42 score. On March I fhe Disfricf Tournamenf was played af S+. Joseph. There, Niles played a close game wifh Sf. Joseph and losf in one of 'rhe mosl' sfarfling upsefs of fhe baskefball season. These lasf fwo defeafs, however, do nof defracl' from fhe greaf feafs performed by fhis year's Viking feam. ln winning mosf of fheir games fhis year, in seffing many new records, and in winning fhe conference championship, fhe Vikings of I949-l950 proved fhemselves fo be one of Niles greafesf. This record is a credif nof only fo fhe feam ifself, buf also fo fhe head coach, "Andy" Anderson and his assisfanfs Coaches Theus and Bender. Wifhouf fhe help of fhese coaches fhe record mighf have been far differenf fhis year. One lasf word should be said abouf fhe baskefball season. A word of fhanks musf be said for fhe players on 'rhe reserve feam. By winning all excepl four of fheir games fhis season fhey produced one of fhe besf records a Junior Varsify has ever had. From fhis record we can predicf wifh assurance fhaf Niles will have a good baskefball feam in fhe years fo come. .74- J Back Row: Don McCormick, IMgr.I, Bill Sikes IMgr.I, Darnell Barnes, Norman Mead, Berf Posfhumus, Dick Fisher, Duane Mayhew IMgr.I, Phil Parker IMgr.I Second Row: Coach Bender, Joe Gessinger, Skip Morris, Jim Chrzan, Larry Shelley, Paf Neesely, Coach Anderson Firs+ Row: Dick Galbrea+h, Ted Curfiss, Jim Hall, Joe Crocker, Ed Fosfer, Perry Knoll, Cliff Crocker. BASKETBALL--VARSITY VARSITY SCHEDULE Dale Opponen'I 29 Nov. Michigan Cily S+. Mary's Dec. 2 Three Rivers ICI Dec. I3 Shale High ICI Dec. I6 Soufh Haven ICI Dec. 20 Sou+h Bend Washingfon Jan. 6 SI. Joseph ICI Jan. I0 Dowagiac ICI Jan. I3 Buchanan ICI Jan. 20 Fremoni S+. Joseph Calholic Varsify Jan. 27 Three Rivers ICI Jan. 3I S+aI'e High ICI Feb. 3 Soufh Haven ICI Feb. I0 Sf. Joseph ICI Feb. I4 Dowagiac ICI Feb. I7 Buchanan ICI Feb. 25 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT: Mar. I S+. Joseph Ben'I'on Harbor ICI Denofes Conference Games. Place Here There Here There There Here There There Here Here There Here There Here Here There There Var. Score Res. Score Niles Opp. Niles Opp. 50 - 37 28 - 25 54 - 45 30 - 3I 38 - 30 54 - 2I 53 - 4I 42 - 30 27 - 39 I7 - 23 45 - 39 36 - 4I 65 - I7 47 - 26 60 - 52 44 - 20 72-27 49-30 75-44 43-44 58-23 4I-23 89-33 56-23 55-34 39-53 68-27 49-34 79-37 54-24 33-42 22-34 4I-43 'N Back Row: Duane Mayhew lMgr.l, Diclr Peierson, Ken Freebuy Joh Ar sl ong Tom Bell Don Grieger, Jerry Adler, Bob Plumb, Jerry Darling, Mr. Ben er Firsf Row: Phil Marrs, Laxell Davis, Fred Krieger, Tom Crocker, Dale Arnold Ronald P ngle BASKETBALL--2ND TEAM Teams NILES S+. Joseph Three Rivers Soufh Haven Buchanan Sfafe High Dowagiac CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Losi' Pct Poin+s Opp Poinfs I2 0 I. 9 3 7 5 5 7 4 8 3 9 2 I0 -76- 000 750 583 4I 7 333 250 I67 5?fiEg5??f??tffif??f4g??f31f , fs: -r 'R , ,X , , ,Mi lim if ig fl, M N' Mfg," H A ,rj Q " ? sg Q L 'M 1 A3551 'ig W NYJ' x 4 1 S H2 'A X H 3 W V 1 Q- AX A v M55 5 .Q :... M' if f ' ,, W js! mi :.. x 5 X ,if 4 E? W. WI: iii .,'- . VQ . Q...,L ,.X 553 if -A It 5 9 mi 33? 'X ' 5 xg, S 9 ,f V -:'.:. ,K y --,, ' Ng H W I -MJ '55 so Qi y Q... TRACK--'I949 K Success is fhe word we musf use in de- scribing fhe efforfs of Niles' I949 frack feam. Indeed, fhe Vikings were successful: for fhey won all excepf one of fheir dual meefs, 'rhey swepf all opposifion in fheir friangular, in- vifafional, conference, and regional meefs, and fhey finished fhird in The sfafe meef. . The only blof on fhe Viking's record was 'rhe loss of fhe opening meef fo sfrong Misha- wauka. Buf even in fhe darkness of defeaf 'rhere was a brighf spof. Smifh cracked an eighfoen year old school record by run- ning fhe mile in 4:36.6 minufes. However, Niles refurned fo fhe winning pafh by smashing Benfon Harbor 70V2 fo 38V2. In fhis meef Niles showed excepfional feam balance by oufdisfancing fheir opponenfs bofh in fhe field and running evenfs. Then fhe cindermen fook fime ouf from inferschool compefifion fo hold an infer- class meef. In fhis inferesfing sidelighf fo fhe frack season, fhe Juniors I'5Ol friumphed by amassing 58 poinfs fo fhe Senior's 53V2 and fhe Sophomore's 25. Wifh fhe 'rhree classes unifed info one foam again, fho Vikings nexf defeafed Three Rivers 78V2-30V2. In fhe weeks fhaf followed, Niles gained momenfum. The Viking cindermen won fhree sfraighf friangular meefs and 'Ihen soundly beaf Washingfon Clay. Wifh fhese vicfories in back of fhem, fhe Vikings were well prepared for fhe conference meef. Paced by Berquisf, Hemphill and Mau who sef new records, Niles won fhe conference fifle for fhe second sfraighf year. The Vikings fhen swepf fhrough fhe regional: and followed fhis up by placing fhird in fhe sfafe. Thus ended a successful Track season for Niles. Bofh fhe feam and Coach Hafcher are fo be congrafulafecl for fhis successful season. SCHEDULE-TRACK I 949 Dafe Opposifion and Place Niles' Score Opp. Score April 5 A+ Mishawauka 34 75 April 8 A+ Benfon Harbor 70V2 3821 April I9 Three Rivers Here 78 IX3 30If2 April 23 A+ Hasfings Invifafional Is'I' Niles 53 2nd Mf. Plcasanf 47V2 I7 Ofhers ICon+inuecl on nexf pagel . 78 . ss ... AAAQQQQQ Afii.. ll. Bach Row: Leonard Waugh lMgr.l, Diclr Marquarll, Jaclr Dorn, Dick Fisher, Bill Poller, Jim Burn- ham, Jerry Knoll, Dale Shepardson, Bill Hayes, George Garnes, Joe Neib, Elwood Berlrompas lMgr.l, Sidney Howes lMgr.i Second Row: Coach Hafcher, Bob Smilh, Bob Cashbaugh, Tom Reidenbaugh, Bob Hari, Jerome Wood, Malburne Williams, Roberf Hayes, David Berquisf, Jim Pollack, Thomas Tyler, John Riley, Bob Lowe, Coach Bender Firsl Row: Jaclx Davis, Charles Knoll, Roscoe Coleman, Bob Lamberion. Ted Mau, Paul Graham, Elwood Hemphill, Cliff Poelman, Clayfon Walker, Jaclc Ryder, Wally Eberhard, lMgr.l VARSITY TRACK--1949 SCHEDULED-TRACK I949 lCon+inuedl Dale Opposiiion and Place Niles' Score April 26 A+ Three Rivers lTriangularl Isl' Niles 67 2nd Three Rivers 3rd Buchanan April 29 A+ Dowagiac lTriangularl Isl Niles 79 2nd Three Rivers 3rd Dowagiac May 2 Triangular Meel Here Is+ Niles 77 2nd S+. Joseph 3rd S+a+e High May 5 Washing+on Clay Here 75 May 9 Buchanan Here 70 May I3 Conference Meel ai Kalamazoo :S+ Niles bayz May 2I Regional Meel' al Kalamazoo Isl Niles 4l May 28 Slale Meel ai Eas+ Lansing 3rd Niles 2l -79- Opp. Score 54V2 l9Vz 54V2 l9V2 3 l V2 30 34 30 A A BASEBALL--'I949 If 09 Under fhe capable leadership of Coach o Hufchins, fhe baseball feam again had a suc- cessful season by faking seven and losing four. nv' Three of fhese vicfories were conference gf" O " ' SHCG. I games, placing Niles second in 'rhe confer- The baseball feam sfarfed fhe season off by swamping Washingfon Clay under an im- A pressive barrage of hiHing and pifching. chanan and Riley, for bofh of fhese games were won by only one run. However, fhe feam barely snealced pasf Bu- Af fhis poinf Niles wenf info a slump. Only one of fhe nexf four games was won. Two of 'rhese defeafs were conference games. Buf fhe Vikings did nof sfay in fhis slump for long. The feam hif fhe comebaclc frail in edging Dowagiac by one run, by defeafing Sf. Joseph soundly, while losing only one fo Benfon Harbor. BASEBALL SCH EDULE- I 949 Dafe Opposifion Place Niles' Score Opp. Score April 7 Washingfon Clay There I I I April I2 Buchanan Here 4 3 April 20 Soufh Bend Riley Here 2 I April 26 S+. Joseph There 2 4 April 29 Soufh Haven ICI Here 3 4 May 3 Soufh Bend Cafholic There 6 4 May 5 Buchanan ICI There 4 8 May I0 Dowagiac lCI Here 2 I May I2 Sfafe High ICI There 7 6 May I8 Benfon Hargor There I II May 20 Sf. Joseph ICI Here 6 I May 24 Dowagiac I4 3 lCI Denofes Conference Games. I949 BASEBALL CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team Won Losf Pcf. Buchanan 4 I .750 Niles 3 2 .600 Soufh Haven 3 2 .600 Sfafe High 3 2 .600 Dowagiac 2 3 .I45 Sf. Joseph I 4 .I00 -80. A L . 1. '4 n . . BASEBALLHI949 Bacl: Row: Don Carpenler lMgr.l, Don Lynn, John Yelape, Cliff Croclcer, Ed BuH's, Phil Marrs, lMgr.l Second Row: Coach Hufchins, Dick Lundberg, Ronald Dunham, Roberf Fuller, Jack Geary, Frank Carofhers, Don Clubine, Bill Baurenfiend. Firsf Row: Bob Grahl, Bob Snoolcs, Mark Thompson, Jom Hall, Jaclr Crouch, Harry Huffman, Bob Parlrer, Jake Bays ..- H " H05 ......... - ., 'JJ GOLF Leff 'rc Right: Howard Davis, John Scamehorn, Jack Herrick, John Wallrer, Fred Ealon, Jim Reum, Herman Pofolcar ' -8l- fc.: guLEg QXLE5 g Fzxmiae Lef+ +o Righ+: Coach Anderson, Ber+ Pos+humus, Ed Fos+er, Claire McKee, Clayfon Cannedy, Wayne Yos+, Bill Jones, Ronald Spansail, Dick Brown, Bill Hilligoss, Jerry Mace, Erwin Cross, Bruce Nishawaki T E N N I S TENNIS SCHEDULE DUAL MEETS: Da+e Opponen+ Place April I3 Dowagiac There April I9 Ben+on Harbor Here April 22 S+. Joseph Here April 29 Sou+h Haven Here May 3 S+. Joseph There May 4 Dowagiac Here May I0 Elkhar+ There May Il Ben+on Harbor There CONFERENCE MEET: Da+e S+andings May 22 Is+ S+a+e High 2nd Niles 3rd S+. Joseph 4+h Sou+h Haven 5+h Dowagiac Three Rivers and S+a+e High did no+ par+icipa+e in mee+. REGIONAL MEET: Da+e S+andings Is+ Niles 2nd S+. Joseph 3rd Ba++le Creek Lakeview -82- Niles Opponeni' 4 3 3 4 4 3 8 0 5 3 7 I 7 2 3 5 Poin+s '3V4 4V4 4 ZV2 0 Poin+s I3V4 7M 7V2 rf vis. X- H fry JUNIOR HIGH . 'A T ff . M ! Mx,--., , V LJ k x V 4, VW V Q x Y X N-I9 fl OJ if K 1 V 2-,SX Xa! X., xx X X X x ,QQQ-is 83 DONBENDER JUNIOR HIGH DEDICATION The Junior high seciion of +he Ta++ler is proudly dedica+ed +o Mr. Don Bender. Mr. Bender has been a member of fhe faculiy since fhe fall of I947. He is a gradua+e of Grand Rapids Junior College: Universify of Michigan, B. S.: and Wesiern Michigan College, A. B. Mr. Bender ieaches mafhemafics and assis'l's in fhe coach- ing program. This year he had a successful season as coach of fhe second feam in baskefball and ihe sevenih and eighih graders in foofball. Mr. Bender's buoyanl' personali+y enables him +o carry over his enihusiasm by means of "poe+ry" and fun fo assembly programs, +eaching, and social con+ac+s. -84. 2, A 'mfg ,Ku 1" if ,ff L --QWJ, 4V - 'yo 'V i ' iffy- . T EL? 5- 4 My , Q- l iz., . f"' i A.v"' if L 432 A.,.. I 'W' L .- . W f irr 'i if , ,., Q K , I Q -"A , "" , ",11.'AA, ' "" lf ' L ' J i ' . Q. M, W A fl .fee we ' M -ff: i 1 , . My D I 'W -ya A! , 6 ll l L G ii N .. I 1? ,ld , .y i I .-v M , i, X, -, Y ,,, 1' 1 ka- K , , H ,A+ A,.. ge 3, ,- Q,. '15, 53. , 3, ' Fi 5: ,M ,W s . -,:, A ' ,M L -in " ' " f ' M' l gg, , 5,5 wv , 4. - it " . B 'Tek 'J' ' ' xi C ' A ,fel -.-A 'J' ' M K LM , np!! L, H ,tw , Ma, M B or B f '1- 2 L ' .ul f, l ' if , l X ' v - 1 e 1, r ra ie "::z fi B , i L, '.,, ' ,, -any M xl . 5,7 inl 1 , 1 A it an M, V rl .rv vu I N 5 ll A Teil I-I ulf,4.c-lil' ' . L WT: Q,7'Q7Q11'yA1-Q!LVL,z Row Roberr Alberf, Charles Allen, Margaret Amon, George Andrews, Ruby Anglln, Paul Anfusdel, Lonnie Applegale, Pal Asmus Row Beverly Afling, Mariorie Allinson, Fred Ausmus, Edilh Auslin, George Babcock, Jane Bair, Lfl1..fl.5ffyyfl,. I Tom Baldwin, Jean Barrell QA, ' -X Row Anna Bassefl, Barbara Beniamin, Dick Beehler, Lynn Berquisl, Jerry Bender, Don Bowerman, fi? Qjf . W Joan Brand, Barbara Brenner H ' 'L-'l-fl.."1. , '- Row Row Row Row Laura Brewer, Jean Brooks, Joan Brooks, Lois Brown, Norma Brown, Fred Burdue, Beverly Burilow, James Burfon Marjorie Burlon, Shirley Carlson, Lova Chrislman, Shirley Clarl, Bob Clubb, Larry Cochran, Rosemary Cochran, Dorolhy Cochrane Virginia Colvin, Barbara Conrad, Dick Conrad, Marilyn Coons, Carl Corwin, Delores Corwin, Eddie Coifrell, Dean Cousins Rosella Coulla, Eugene Crane, Murray Crawford, Ross Crevislon, Donna Davis, Jane Dee, Gay Dicerlo, Shirley Dicleson -85. f N K' 'N -QU" ,i K2-'3 Fi' 'ffaf-.EJYN ' W1----"ij N 59, .4 xJ ,f K. C A LQ" 'XM' Nm! ' ' Q, r , ,, , 1 " f' if A Vt., -'H ' . 5,-Y: ...,.. ,XJ , , Fiji, I 113 " 'bww ali, 21, I Q: ' ii E ' ""2?':':'f22' 1 l Ail- P :.,,VA- Q " S. I A T ,,. uivni ::A:. V y J I A :W N V pg . djifw y y ,,,, :,, fi 'Zi ., U: .,., ' "" y -f1- ,.:: , , , ' ' I ' -,:.f F- K i J vrs: - ,,:1 J Q J f V .5 ,:.: , .. H:. , K f,..f .5 as , 0 ,Q V '12' i is , xl. ls Q1 ss ii if J F B L .-' , :rar ii r ei3JfQ ,ja-113: ty V ,,, jf r Q 'Q you Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 2. 3: 4: 5: 6. 7: i f rw We 1:'E F ' , :: 1 ff Q Q ij HP . vi KA is I 1 i ' :E Donna Difmar, Evelyn Donahue, Shirley Doubf, Mille Dreher, Lloyd Dummond, Dick Dunham, Shirley DuHon, Beverly Eafon EvereH Eclxer, Fred Eckler, Ernesi Everman, Herman Exner, Rosemary Flefcher, Duane Flini, Eddie Flick, Janice Forbes Alvin Ford, Eddie Ford, Jr., Dennis Forfier, Harry Fosier, Sandra Fraser, Edna Frazier, Lois Frazier, Mike Freyer Margery Fries, Anifa Frucci, BeH'y Gwin, John Gersonde, Nancy Gessinger, Virginia Goldfuss, Bob Gordon, Janef Gould Jane Grafhwchl, Shirley Graihwohl, Janef Green, Roberf Green, BeHy Lou Haberling, Bob Hamrich, Alma Hamrick, Gale Harris Vernon Harrell, Evelyn Hancock, Gale Harroff, Kennefh Hariline, LeRoy Harfline, Karl Haviland, Doris Hayes, Kieih Healy Wayne Henfsch, John Herman, Alice Herrmann, Nadine Hilligoss, Bill Hoese, Virgil Hoese, Jean Holsfein, Jimmy Hopper .35- X . Q ,." ui :IH ij 1' ii S, , .Z ii LAV 3 f . - f ew L 5' VWx y gy h Q -4, .,q, "..,A, 3 , in in W .L tr Vw' Ifq .4 A, 8 .:.-vQ J , '-,Q J A':'f ,, W' t Q, A.V: ,ey I ?T T efWi" .TEES A"LV 'm?! img Z , . ,:,.,: , , . LQ? , 1 oolc , r, ryre f . , T ' '--: 5 , X' N f .,. ,II , 'BJ ', rw'm2 T , liizfi - - fi K of Yif, QA ' S apir 5, R '- 5 V ,, ,, -he , i l 4' , ,E gg, V, r- eghxfsfg, f Q' ' W, VTX A f J "" 0 Ce.r4Q ' S S T S Cl I M28 eq . - , f h , " xi N 2 1 'f, Q. fH,,f its Wif'., V Life: fx, ' PYT Q51 .. w ?f if if all i i ...': V 'iwcfkw S N A ' 1 A - ,,Qf,e :.,,q 'L Ar swag, . i ,L T, .llv lg L' A. TEEKLS5' it ,., if 4 -ff 'T s ,- - S ' 2 If 1' - ,bvu D xv iii? -is 1 .Age ' A '.-:A::J---,- A xnvpvn--I. , fiwgi he 1- M "fiyii 'W -' ' ' ,. ,i55e?f, 'ii-gf! rf: al' L' ls, 'fl he . L 4 J, ,, , , T , y fwgeraz ,141 qjcr QgQf,4,.,2 .. .4f7L1 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row ,' f' ' Jamie Hoover, jean' Jorvalh, Dorolhy Howard, Joan Howard, John Hyinlx, Sally Irwin, Russell lmus, Lois Jacobson Barbara Jann, Julianna Jaroch, - - , Belly Jorgensen, , Leanora Johnson, Tom Johnson, Tommy J. Johnson Rose Marie Jones, Lois Kafer, Clarence, Keen, Ted Knoll, Carol Knauf, Eleanor Klaif, Jean Kirlnendall, Delores Killarney Julia Krieger, Jacli Kubiak, Ted Leasch, Kenny Larson, Rolaerl Leason, Larry Lee, Roberf Laggelf, Gerald Lewis Yvonne Leighfy, Ernesl Libey, Earlene Linlz, Carol Lepel, Helen Lulh, Sharon Lynd, Laura MacDonald, Dorolhy Malrepeace Virginia Manlhe, Alan Manlke, Ann Marshall, Priscilla Marslon, Thomas Marlin, Cloyd Mafhews, Roger Maxwell, Barbara McDonald Shirley Mclnfyre, Suzanne McKee, Georgia McLaughlin, Jean McLaughlin, Bill Mead, Tom Meador, Jack Mell, Shirley Messenger -37- ,, -X r :,':'1f':' iff Vik,-. -Lfl, xiii' x, id Aj .," vmgif X, , , a by ,xx ,, - if fr 'ii ...Q - 'Ji I :Q -.." I ..... ...iv 1 2 ," A ' ' Y . Q , - ' ff' ri- ' FM' J ' K 'H - -rd' , - "" "-' if LN , Ni? "ki: ,y , .0,, J I- A . if ' gr f ry- 'qt K, Y A3 ,I :.,: ,. Z, if AJ, . . -. ' X., I VQI, I x . ,. , .... I A! 35 2. gm We 3-"I 5. any 3 ,-gg.. Q ' as 'Q K tj my A HS : ..:.,. 1 r ,F X A KA E In f , I N XT J ':"AV V J I, ,m 3 if fl .': E' , 5..,. I A ri, fi r J , im XX N . T H - Q t , , X A44 M? an-ILL. MAA .KAfA,, I n y c I J C. n , 5 Q . " X iii m ,VHA Y o 'X l RJ .:' ,Q :,.5s Q .,.,.,. Q M. . -nf ' :rr is 'F I im' 4131 f , " ii ik 3 , , 4 . Qi ' ww? V , + Mmzf Ri '7 r vs, W, ea. 4 ar r A rw 'I X X. -L rrrrr T Mig YZ ' x ' x 1 r x, DJ N YD X. 171 N fF , A . QQ N "' if ' J .ji " X I --.,,.. hz, J In My 5 y x ,, X , Q Q is ' N Q5 iid . N - VD Row : Je efe Meyers, Marlene Michalski, Bill Miller, Delores Miller, Howard Miller, Charles - Milienberger, Marilyn Mifchell, Roberf Miichell rj' Row 2 Donald Monroe, Gregory Morden, Mary Morris, Simon Morris, Jr., Josephine Mudd, Carl . N Murphy, Virginia Myler, Charles Needham as an X va .." Row Leah Nieb, Nancy Oliver, Pa? Parker, Donald Payne, Neils Peferson, John Pefruska, Par .-55' N rx V Y Phillips, Mary Pickens , ' . X ff Row Virginia Pickens, Jane Pifer, Violei Pryor, Ann Ralsion, Barbara Ramsby, Gale Ramsbyf! ' BCG" Beverly Rau, Joan Recfor 4 X " 71: Row Bill Reed, Roberf Reum, Rose Richardson, Cecil Roberrs, Mariorie Roberfs, Bradley Roberf- -' lb? -'NW son, Laura Rodgers, Pere Rodgers . , w XQTA' Row Gordon Rollerr, Kenneih Saafhoff, Raymond Sanford, Dick Scamehorn, Ronald Schelkopf, JV Sharon Schoenradf, Charlene Scholf, Waneia Scoffield are ' Nl xii ,A K Row Nancy Schohi, Pai Schrader, Bob Schweiizer, Karen Selenf, Wayne Sheldon, James Shell, x . X U N H' ' ,A f X Carl Shepard, Fay Shepardson - - f 95 4 ,J f f ,jf J' Dffffwf f43ffU9f1Vf 1' , , V I , ' V ,111 ' I , V ' l Aff! MAH!! Z ", '11 f4" X fig I 0 ,ff " V lj' 1 ,iv , ri' i' mfr? I 4 in ,E If V. 5 , 4 KA ' 29:21 A . , , 3. .. if TT 4 , V Q , , A Q W -zz ' ' , J. ,bf , A if , B 1 W 5,5 X H, Jil 4 5 4 W " '4i,'C ,F - W1 1 ,.. 4 f- fa " gi 3' A ' E "1 ,S " B' , 'ww fill . - ' i v i ., ., vis A i fl i K., V x vj 1 C 7: "' 'A' 13' eff A , P " ' iA' . li Y B 1 fax' y j '- - ala.. J - , J? efw ,X 71 , "" 1 .. " X ,- 7 'RYQV ,in S ly "A' " , W' if ff? 'W 5 ,Pg H. :" sr 'QI "ld 'ff My Vvlv fi, y , :zv 'iii V. A AY i X , .. , VQ.. 0 5 ,N v ? -.-U n I V l' all twin' K k x if l iw K A CQ NV' , .. 'I Y YV' q ri l Row I: Kay Shepardson, Marilyn Sheperis, Howard Sherwood, Barbara Shusfer, arbara Slighl, Duane Smallidge, Doris Smiih, Sandra Smiih Row 2. Susie Smifh, Janice Snook, Richard Sobieralski, Nancy Soufhworih, Norma Spansail, Cleora Spraff, Don Sfriver, Gary Sfeeby Row 3. Jim Sievens, Herberi' Siingle, Keifh Sione, Delores Sfover, Lawrence Talley, Joan Taylor, Dick Thomas, Jadelyn Thomas Row 4. Ted Tobacl, Gladys Tuclrer, Margare? Turnoclr, June Uselion, Bill Uiier, Ray Vandenburg, Shirley Vandenburg, Donald Van Kempen Row 5' Jane? Ban Lua, Donald Vernon, Delwyn Walker, Henry Warda, Richard Webber, Bill Weaver, Bill Websier Row 6: Tom Wesolowski, Mary Wehel, Grover Williams, Lionel Williams, Pierce Williams, Douglas Wise, Shirley Wolf, Marion Woor Row 7: Mary .lo Young, Janyce Ullery No Picfure, Virginia Baffcher C -89- l i Wa M an id 4 f .e 1'-V1 .za -' 2555: "1 4 - ,Z ,,, ' K -J K 5 A ' " ff , L All k img if , , , -,-,. 'T v iii- " an Y' .:.: ,- Q.. 4 i' U jx A V , ,.:,, , ,. . ii 'J' Z .. ,Q , A Z A ' my 1 'V P - "fg, ':'.A, MQW: A -i ' 1, A is ,, ,, L a .3 tri! -fri ' . , lul 0, a M , f. .W yi , 5 u f . - s , 5 3 ,T f H- in Y 'P A H P :" ' .A,.. ' A r f W r r A A PQI? ,.. 7 ., ai qqlu A 2 Qi' gy ffe A "' f J v if . A ? Eggia .::' H3456 A 5 f W' ,ff N i Q it K ii A z Q A ii sk F- .P fe '-" P ff: ,R Q , Z I. 1 J I, X 1 Wiki. 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" ' 4' 9 I I, '3 Q 'i 'il' fl A Vi ' 1 ff D IS' ffff K1 f' I 1 il W Q' . 4 1,5 ., l '.,' VT I' , f V' fx lx i ' K l' 3 - . ' l fr ,.,. I ,J I P, V, V V V .,,.,. in rg, I VX V H: iz ' ,J I fa, 'egg gy ' ' Z . X se IQV Vinyl, 3 QQ uf! J 1 J . - l f Row Nancie Dillon, Diana Dilmar, Darlene Dodd, Roberl Dulin, Bill Easl, Duane Egmer, Pal' Elam, John Elder Row Gene Elliol, Bob Ellis, Dion Enqsfrom, David Fedore, Laura Fields, Gwendolyn Fisher, Geraldine Flanagen, Harlene Franh Row Joann Fred, Lowell Fred, Jean Freeze, Palsy Fryer, Mary Lou Frucci, Jeanelfe Fry, Sibilla Gulridge, Gerald Guiles Row Doroflwy Greenhoe, Mary Ann Green, Belly Jean Granl, Leo Gralul, Jane? Gonser, Glen Gorman, Noel Gibson, Franlr Genfry Row Suzanne Gabby, Mary Gales, Diana Garsf, Darolene Galbrealh, Belly Haimbauglw, Duane Hamilfon, Fosfer Hammond, Angeline Handley Row Wayne Harf, Daryle Harris, Barbara Harringfon, Beulah Harringlon, LaVerne Harringlon, Clara Hafler, Joan Hibbard, Mary Jane Hickey Row Allene Hiller, Edgar Hoese, Roberl Hood, Mariorie Hobeck, James Hoskin, Faye Hunf, Barbara Johnson, Dean Johnson - - if A 4 ,iw lv. r N M- - ,YW Ao 1239, +-ia fe S. , Aj, 6 J by 3, ,, ,X-ef M ,QW ,EQ :12 " 2' fl' 2 'A:sQ. J le 'f ., 'Z if 'as 25's i f 2 QA g , M ow- -ff W r W' ff cf ff, fo I ix fl 2 ' M-"fi . 'x""""' "1A . l Q 1 , fi iw 5 ooeos K J. 1 hell , 4 Z -' A is s 5: F 5 ,B y y .1..:, , 3, nay Q xp jg., s -sv xg .A X .--- X K U is " EW, W- Jig f , f Qsllyyiiil gs ,? 4 ' ,. , ..,,, , - . ., , Y, I, Iiizg , . , , ,yo .- f si Q? 7. Q 4,5 2 - ' ,sn XJ , In " xy-'V fir if T' Q-1 -ff , , s ' ..,' N g' V A H ll .:-:55a- N a 'E-5: N y ' 'A 5. y I .,,A,,.,, "' . 3, WWI. 6 G 9 in In 1. j - ' f -ix, A B' or as an as -'ff ,fu , 'f , mn" W I .,', , f- W 1 ' Z li ai fi 1 ,149 . ..,AqA Q J , ' f -?ffw"f' l Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Fay Johnsen, Muriel Johnson, Rila Johnson, Roberl Johnson, Ronald Johnson, J. T. Jarmen, Carol Jones, Donald Jones W. L. Jones, Gail Kaiser, Dick Kasprzah, Wilfred Keller, Richard Kerr, Richard Kipker, Bub Kirlendall, John Kish Marvin Kizer, Wanda Kizer, Paul Kloko, Delores Knaul, Phyllis Knaul, Sandra Krillenberger, Marlha Krieger, Irma Krueger Bobbie Lake, Helen Lambiolle, Bob Leak, Charles Laddin, Jim Longwell, Ronald Low, Richard Lucas, Bob Mahan Kay Maloll, James Manning, Richard Manlhe, Bill Marks, Belly Marshall, Gloria Marlin, Ronnie Marlin, Tony Mason Frank Mallilord, Doris McBain. Ralph McCammon, Jim Mclnlyre, Bob McKimmey, Pal McMillen, Lois McNill, Wilma Mead Rulh Meclel, Dave Miller, Minnie Miller, Sandra Miller, Marlha Milner. Tl10mdS Milner. Leon Milchell, Pally Morris -92- ,. ,,, r ...V A J g ,W V, M ,t T 73 sl" fl' A Y 1 V i 5 V o . , i V new ,Q V, . V , - ii ha 5. lg ,. , fii wr KJ if 1 . ,,. g V A V wi' M 1 27 4 . . nr .1 Q: 5 I ,, a , as f' Q f, ...,, ,. , V Q 4 O Q g ,. ggi ., O , avr - A : Z , .Stas 1 V . Ln U 're' fi ffl 1 ' .. " - , '-- -i A, ,- .,,., , . """" " 4,f MA' f -. --"'5 " Q-I r . r X, fi ,i it 'I I , Jr fi? if ig ! 4 i Q A.,. J TQ-my ,ibwili fmywfji ' :FIA ll K X V ,.., ., A W, I .. R My a r i ii Q U :,, :, , Q: , t , I mr, I 2' ax i if? T i .:Q", A ii i 5' ' 433' 2 ":: N 'A" f--1:E' " i f M! ., t ',::- Q In ,,- , I 1 I" j--' I fj. L ,gd A ' 'V 1 ,553 ,. g llll ' Q , Albvh 5 , Q LA my if ara , W . ' - -K, f , . , - .. if.: 1 5- ,. - - M3 x fr' -. fa 5 my 'W ' 5" Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Mary Morrow, Duane Muff, Myrna Murphy, Bill Neesley, JahneHe Nelson, Rufh Niedelslxi, Gerry O'Brien, Jael: Ori Charles Parks, Grace Parlx, Lorraine Pefhiclc, Shirley Prenlcerl, Jimmy Price, Shirley Prillwifz, Richard Pugh, Rifa Ann Pugh Barbara Quillen, Bill Raabe, Marie Rand, John Rayburn, Florence Regenos, Carol Repine, Lee Reyniers, Bille Rhoads Mary Rhoads, Fred Richler, Donna Robbins, Kenl Roberfs, Harold Rodgers, Lois Rossow, Thomas Rough, Charlene Rudduclx Alber+ Ruefz, Janer Russell, Olro Schaefer, Frederic Schaen, Johanna Schoor, Marjorie Schoff, Jim Scolf, Jerry Secor Sylvia Seifer, Karl Sharlrey, Mary Shedrow, Bob Sl'-erburn, Barbara Shills, Norman Shoemaker. Keiih Shurie, Alan Simmons Beverly Smiih, Elvan Smifh, Frances Smilh, Jim Smirh, Marie Smilh, Norma Smilh, Pefer Smifh, Sandra Smiih -93- ,ev J Row Row Row Row Row Row fe v-H 3' I ' , .' " -rv Hr, , ef 52 ' " , ' if . b , ,. af, ., .. , , a "'- f ' ' In vi :::" i I ef' i n i J vi i 4 ' Fkjjl "',, Q Q ' .1 'l L, . :ig rams? . M, ZH' 'fi ,, , SW ,? We va 1 A W , 9 c. ,ii dm X -n ' Zhi' ' I A 3 .. K I, G, g y .fa I gl, ' Y 1" a E r 241 , e l W if Sara Snouwaerf, Waller Spraff. George Sfarnel, Clara Slarr, Chucl: Sfeiner, Richard Sieinrneh, Paul, Sfringham, Sue Sfephens Maralyn Siover, Connie Taylor, Virginia Taylor, Carol Thurslon, Dennis Tresh, Judifh Trussell, Bill Valenfine, Eugene Van Sandi James Vaughan, Ronald Vore, Dick Walsh, Lloyd Walker, Joyce Wal+er, Alfred Warren Mildred Wafson, Edward Weaver Rufh Weaver, Margarel' Weber, Darlene Weis+, William Wes+, George Whiffield, Mar+ha While, Rufh Ann Wieland, Dan Williams t Donna Williams, Gwen Williams, Roberl Williams, Ray Wiran+, Ella Jean Wogoman, Herman Wogahlre, David Woods, Charles Yahne Joan Yahne, Richard Yaw, James Young, Osman Ziegler No Picfurezi Roger Bunlcer, Larry Bybee, Nancy Hahn. David Wolfe, Roberf Lee -94- , 4 f, y 13" W 1-gi 'DJ iw" deg., zu M 1 . ,A? 1 t 37:11 Q' 'T Q s 51' F :VV i '5f'iiI"j ,.1-- f , -: j.,,, - Q A -a 3. 1-,. - - , V : .:..gjiij, gf... , gg ' ' r Q' B Q I 4 4 'S '- - as r L, - L 5 , V L H - r ag:- Z ll it ,:,,4.zf I ' . - -yy : e aai ,: . f.-.2 1 , f if If A I lib? -U 3 mf B ' .,.. 172317 .. 'TSM' :I-S.. ..... . y .. 3 ".' M : Q -V Q ..,- y af? X 4 -,ZEZTI Y v Q' I -' age f . ---' S J ., :eil agp: . f f 2: ..:Vf.'-V I . ' - A i EQ. A. as r El, E . i:: Q -.W 4 A . nr, wc, 3 Q I I V, in 1 , V l 1 ' W zz. , I . 1 r , A f a PA fi Q ' " - I' ' ' 1 g . r in 5' .V-- M . A V f fi , Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Marsha Alber+, Bob Aldrich, Floyd Allen, BeHy An+isdel, Cecelia Armsfrong, Pai Aus+in, Joan Barlow, Roy Ba+son Arr Baurenfiend, Donna Baxier, Mary Beardslee, Jane? Birdsell, Paul Birdsell, Carol Blanchard, Beifie Blanlr, Shirley Bollinger Don Boose, Marlene Boulion, Billie Bradbury, Roberl' Brandon, Waller Bridges, Chesier Broclt, Alfred Brown, Barbara Brown Shirley Brumfield, Calar Bryani, Danny Bucha, Jerry Burdue, Carmen Carpenier, Dom Car- penier, Bruce CaviH, Marilyn Chrisf Linda Clay, Rober+ Coafes, Carol Cook, Valerie Coolc, Jean Connor, Lucy Connell, Beverly Conners, Nancy Conrad Shirley Conrad, Shirley Corwin, James Cox, Vicfor Crane, Marvin Creelr, John Crouch, John Davidson, Kenneih Davis Jacl: DeUnger, Dick Diclreson, Sharon Diclceson, Myrfle Dierrich, Ronald Dodd, Richard Dorn, Charlene Dreher, Mary Eislie -95- a X f , A , ,. ,, il -'C . ., ' H" ff M, - Q in i ., ,, ---' 1:5-J, I 1 f MJ, J ix ' ' ,,g:::'.Es5 f N J 'K 'Q lf ffgii e ' K 5b.... . A'b'A' :uu :': I -' ,. arr r rr rr e """ ' "'Q' o 'q':"" Z Y? ' Er 5 ii W if ,, I J' f y , 1 qiz' , F, I Q , ,, o oiirrsr r i i I f F r , an L, is ,ef , in r rrr . :sl x ,.., . zgll ii, 'X' . A 5 P , X ,rw W - , 1 H r lf . L ff fl ' y ' QA!! Y - Q H . F 5 , Q' . "1. .52 A3-W3 X ff ' i in "'." -f ii Q ,i X , I ' --. . - i uuzu f f ' P ii - 9, Y , Nll- ww 7 ,K ' ' ' kv A '-" ZZ f , L . 13 Aww' Row Row Row Row Row Row Row - y. if, ,W - I :-. with " -l X filgis ifi -ff 'f 13 ,Z . K ' - - ' 1,2 - W wi . A . ' 4 , ,Y I , ,- gy, ,, may r . V' -A eggs' 'C Q J 5, 2 . 1 1 1 5 mn ,, Q 'f.?,"., if W 4: , Q? ' ww ' Nina Ellis, Pai Ellis, John Erickson, Bill Everharl, Shirley Farver, Jacqueline Farrell, Carol Fedore, Orval Flannery Jaclcie Forbes, Louise Franfz, Allen Frazier, Leroy Fredericll, Linda Freeze, Sylvia Frucci, Warner Gallimore, Bea+rice Gee Nancy Genfry, LeRoy Gill, Eugene Gillefle, Marilyn Girard, Frances Gliefz, Bonnie Goldfus, Julane Goodnow, Mona Granl Bill Gra+l1wol1l, Cleo Gray, Judy Green, Bill Griffilh, Vernon Grinnell, Bob Hainbaugh, Larry Hall, Sllaron Hancoclr Donald Hansen, Gladys Harring+on, Suzanne Harrison, Bruce Hari, Joan Hari, Billie Jean Harlz, Janel' Hawlres, Donna Hayes Diane Healy, Mary Ellen Heinlen, Paula Hemphill, June Hibbard, Pa+ Hill, Philip Hill, Daundra Holcomb, Richard Holcomb Kay Homer, Jerry Hover, Nancy HulleH, Gene Hunl, Karen Hunziicer, Roberf Iliff, Joe Jones, Lee Jones -96.. -rv W u gig? 1 Aa? ,ge 1 fa ui V 5 A i , , v G- . -- ,, 1 r 1 ,, .- ' ,f -, , if -:I i .1 D ,a , ..,v ,,,, , W 7 ,,V.1 1 lj. I Q h If . If , -L .- ., V t 112- A , 2 gl A :EQ 4. an an I. Q K V I! , X g ag if :.:, lg lzlyl a or , i elr M11 J FE. X gg , W ,A.. 51" ' , my E A-2 in g vlpu Q : . 4 1 f f if' l,-v M Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: M 1 ,V J 41 A -,wi S - ax 5 S 4 LH Lois Jones, Ronald Jones, Jarry Jurgensen, Martin Jorgenson, Jean Johnson, Lois Johnson Nancy Johnson, Valerie Johnson Joyce Juhasz, Jeanine Kaiser, Margaret Kane, Jaclr Kasprzclr, Garnett Keeys, Theora Keeys. Martha Keim, Jack Keller Esther Kelly, George Kendall, Donald Kirdendall, Kenneth Knauf, Marilyn Knauf, Rommie Klingler, Phyllis Kirsher, Asa Lace Joyce Landon, Gielda Lawrence, Richard Lawrence, Elaine Lepel, Ronnie Lewid, Dorothy Lippott, Barbara Loos, Jane Low Dale Lowe, Gale Lowe, Shirley Lowe, Terrie Lynd, Elaine Malrowski, June Manning, Warren Marazita, Lotus Mark Lucille Mark, Loretta Marquardt, Victor Matteson, Pat May, Kay McGrath, Larry McLaughlin, Shirley McNitt, Rosemary McWilliams Helen Mead, Dick Mell, LaMarr Messenger, Richard Messenger, Bob Middleton, Melvin Miller, Jill Munroe, John Murphy - 97 - '1 Virfw AM, 3 'Q iw 3 A : amy --.-, .,... r , . , ...- - , " - -r Jn- Y ,fm Q Ji law W . x ig ilu M-"4 A Row I ' "' A, A ---- A .,..,, A A V jk -, af ' 1 X Av : ' qv .2f,,:,A, . A p gm g , AA AA 'i'i ' A K .Q L ':'- " . "Z: ' A A, A A' in .E A A if A,..- --.VQ A T ' il AA-:A: ' ak W I ,AAA fi Q ev ':' ' "'i': ' -' r V r " 5 ' .F 3 9 -3255 mg, ,, I ,555 A 3- V jf A - A A -- AAA, .4 j A- In A51 Q , f . 'V .A , Q7 V P X s ,M W- , V A A .-.. a s r -1-ur.: sam s ' J . : , IIAA -M... 'Q 'Azw A fAA. , li L ,,.:Z g li A iq ,a g :J A awk! is H 5. ,, .- W ff , 1 :isa r ii ' i 1?-fxffiliii li ,flai r -g,, 'l"'- 1 "AA V R .fi-:QM ' 'A 3 :A, -- ':' v Q S+uari Nieb Barbara Noeclrer Donald Perry Don Peihick Lorefia Piclrens Phyllis Plaih Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Margaref Puruclxer, Eric Rampoldf Roberf Ramsay, Mifzi Rapes, John Rasmussen, Gail Rausch, Gladys Regenos, Carl Reid, Harold Reid, Richard Tefh Gordon Reum, David Rhodes, Donna Jo Rice, Edward Rice, Fred Rockwell, Eloise Runyan, Jane? Russell, George Ryder Sandra Schoff, Bob Schmidf, Jaclr Scofi, David Shannon, Beverly Shari, Richard Sharp, Kennefh Shephard, Roberfa Sheperis Roberi Shoemaker, Kennefh Simpson, Bob Smallwood, Charles Smiih, Lois Smiih, Don Snyder, Jim Snyder, Lyle Snyder Naialie Snyder, Richard Sorrows, Richard Spenner, Dorlea Sfover, Glen Sfeward, Bonnie Susan, Sylvia Thorp, Charles Thomas Pafsy Thomas, Alice Thurs+on, Virginia Thursfon, Curiis Tice, Jo TuHle, Tim Tyler, Larry Unger, Richard Vahl -98- I ga ff A 2 - 7 3, 1 5' -'i B ' . 2 f ra '+...,Nw A '.., l' 6 1"' A ,'A. , . 2 i f - , .. 3 A . ., Row I: Raymond Vandenburg, Rufh Van Kampen, Chuck Vogelsang, John Wade, Belly Wanlre, Riley Wailrins, Dorofhy Waugh, Kay Weaver Row 2: Bob Weaver, Rufh Weber, Jacqueline Weiler, Mary Lynn Weimer, Carol Weisf, Mary Wellingham, Karen While, Phoebe Wienke Row 3: Glen Willxen, Gloria Williams, Naomi Williams, Robin Wiiwer, Marilyn Working, Charles Works, Beverly Wrighf, Charles Wrigh+ Row 4: Geolen Wyburn, Eugene Yeager, Paul Yeager, Paula Young, Louis Zechlin No Picfure: Frank Gengo, Lucille Burrows, Shirley Fisher .99- f' 3 vm' K , '15 P' Q JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Presidenf - Jane Piier Vice-Presiden+ - Ted Kno+l' Secrefary - Tim Tyler Treasurer - - Dick Kerr Row 4: Keiih Sione, John Rayburn, Jack Kubialr, Tommy Rough, Roberf Dulin, Jim Anderson, Warren Maraziia, Jim Sfevens, John Murphy, NVayne Hari, George Whiifield Row 3: Karen Hunziker, Clara Bryani, Marfha Keim, Bev Smifh, Terry Lynd, Jackie Farrell, Bev Daus, Francis Smifh, Connie Taylor, Paula Young, Pal' Morris, Julane Beck Row 2: Larry Hall, Bob Coaies, Evelyn Hancock, Beverly Rau, Beverly Smiih, Pai May, Nancy Dillon, Ruih Van Kampen, Juliana Jaroch, Lois Frazier, Donna Davis, Ann Marshall, Janyce Ullery, Karen Selenf Row I: Lois Johnson, Dick Kerr, Tim Tyler, Ted KnoH', Mrs. Bender, Mr. Heeman, Jane Pifer, Marlene Michalslri, Joan Brand, Dorofhy Greenhoe -l00- 8TH GRADE CHOIR Row 5: John Elder, Edgar Hoase, Damon Adams, Roger Buncer, Jim Price, W. L. Jones, Peler Smilh, Diclr Kaspryzalr, John Ray- burn, Kenl Roberls, Bob McKinney Row 4: Chuclr Sreiner, Ray Wyranl, Bill Easl, Bill Neesley, Charles Leedin, Jim Longwell, Fred Schaen, Wayne Hari, Diclr Lucas, Jim Smifh, Waller Sprall, Ollo Schaefer Row 3: Fay Johnson, Laura Fields, Palsy Freyer, Geraldine Flanagan, Beverly Daus, Muma Murphy, Donna Bellrnap, Pal Elam, Sibilla Gulridge, Darlene Wiesl, Nancy Covey Row Z: Marie Smirh, Charlene Rudduclm, Norma Smifh, Virginia Coffinger, Dion Engsrron, Helen Freeze, Joan Hibbarcl, Peggy Bloomfield, Marlha While, Carol Broclmway Row I: Sally Corlral, Lorraine Pelhich, Gwen Williams, Marcia Bedinger, Mrs. Hosler, Marlha Avery, Wonda Kaizer, Jane Bivins, Carol Thurslon, Dorolhy Greenhoe 9TH GRADE cl-loin Row 4: Ted Laesch, Keiih Healy, Wayne Henlsch, Pefer Rogers, John Pelruslra, Michael Dreher, Alan Manlre, Russel lmus, Duane Smallidge, Larry Cochran, Jack Mell Row 3: Marilyn Sheperis, Julia Krieger, Modelyn Thomas, Joan Thomas, Jean McLaughlin, Virginia Manfhe, Niels Peferson, Shirley Dullon, Doris Hayes, June Usllon Row 2: Rosemary Flelcher, Barbara Conrad, Delores Sfover, Doris Smilh, Beverly Burklow, Barbara Beniamin, Ann Marshall, Georgia McLaughlin, Dorolhy Cochran Row l: Mary Wefzel, Lois Brown, Helen Lulh, Lois Jacobson, A. Hosler, Virginia Myler, Barbara Ronsly, Marlene Micholski, Shirley Donll EIGHTH AND NINTH -- DOUBLE SEXTETS Back Row: Marfha Avery, Peggy Bloomfield, Nancy Covey, Carol Brockway, Sibilla Gufridge, Norma Smifh, Murna Murphy, Doroihy Cochran Row 2: Madolyn Thomas, Marcia Bedinger, Mariha While, Beverly Daus, Shirley Duffon, Julia Krieger, Darlene Weisf, Geraldine Flanagan Row I: Rosemary Flefcher, Joan Taylor, Marlene Michalslri, Mrs. Hosler, Georgia McLaughlin, Jean McLaughlin, Virginia Myler CHEERLEAUERS Pai May, Cleo Gray, PaHy Morris, Marcia Bedinger, Jane Pifer, Donna Davis .K ,iv 1 , l. .fi Yr. 'J Xl 1 ja xml '- , ' 1 V, f', K, - noz- bw, J Row 5: Delwyn Walker, Alan Manlhe, Herman Exner, Dick Manfke, John Hermann, Don Kaise, Dean Depoy, Cecil Roberis, Wilma Mead, Jack Zimmer Row 4: Bob Hamrick, Alma H-Jmrick, Bob Schwiefzer, Bill Miller, Fosier Hammond, Rodger Maxwell, Mary Lou Frucci, Paul Kloko, Sonny Cummins, George Sfarnal, Reggie Baker Row 3: Wayne Sheldon, Mariorie Schoff, Marlene Boulfon, Waller Bridges, Bill Marks, Fred Asmus, Phoebe Winkie, Bob John- son, Janer Gonser, Bob Dulin, Barbara Shusfer Row 2: Carol Jones, Phyllis Connor, Noel Gibson, Shirley McNiH, Keirh Shurle, Leroy Jones, Vernon Grinnell, Jean Holsfein, Tommy Rough, Barbara Sheperis . Row l: Mary Gales, Charles Baison, Lonnie Applegaie, Dick Kipker, Belly Dickerson, Grace Park, David Fedore, Ronnie Marlin, Dick Kerr, Yvonne Leighfy, Mr. Correll JUNIOR BAND The Junior Band mee+s in lhe annex fiH'h hour. Anyone inreresied in playing in +he Band fries our and 'the +op players are selecfed for +he various secfions. Those who didn'f make if in +he 'fall have anolher chance fo +ry ou+ af'l'er 'they have pracficed some more. The Junior Band provides 'the valuable experience +ha+ is so necessary fo have upon enlering fhe Senior Band. A few have been aclmiiled info fhe Senior Band wiih- ou+ firsr playing in 'rhe Junior Band, bui' lhey had +0 work very hard +0 gel in. The Junior Band has been very acfive fhis year. H played for fhe concerrs on December 9, and February 8. H' played a+ rhe Insirumenlal League meering January lb. Also if played for 2 Junior High Baskelball games. The Junior Band also look par+ in The lnsrrumenlal Music Depar'I'men+ demonsiraiions for Service Clubs on April I7, l8, and I9. - I03 - .,, , fe, in "Q fi 'Q ii ' FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Row 3: Bill Hoese, Ross Crevisfon, Richard Weber, Tom Johnson, Ray Vandenburg, Jim Sfevens, Lawrence Tally, Douglas Wise, Vernon Harrell Row 2: Alan Man+ke, Mgr., John Gersonde, Jim Shell, George Andrews, Bill Weaver, Don Payne, Keirh Healy, Bob Gordon Don Shrlber, Duane Flmf, Coach Anderson Row I: Carl Shepard, Carl Corwin, Ray Sanford, Neils Pererson, Eugene Crane, Dick Dunham, Charles Allen, Harry Payne kwa. Ed CoHreIl, Ted KnoH, Skeef Williams .Q K 'mliuNe3iis"l2i - Row Row Row Row 7TH AND srl-I FOOTBALL 4: Dick Dickson, Theora Keeys, Jim Snuder, Garnef Keys, Glen Wilkins, John Wade, James Manning, W. L. Jones, Bob Hood, Kennefh Shepard, Bob McKinney, Charles Works, Jimmy Snyder, Coach Bender 3: Al Simmons, Dick Richter, Gene Elliot, Tony Mason, Bob Nahan, Frank MaHiford, Bob Herman, Jim Young, Jim An- derson, Jerry Secor, Paul Kloko 2: Dick Kerr, Dick Kasprzak, Francis Gleifz, Joe Davis, Damon Adams, Larry' Hall, Ronnie Johnson, Bill Neesley, Warren Marazifa, Chuck Sieiner, Sonny Commings, John Rayburn, Paul Bybee I: Don Snyder, Bill Rhodes, David Shannon, Ari Barrenfeind, Jim Scoff, Charles Thomas, Ronnie Low, Pete Smifh, Duane Hamilron, Duane Egmer, Jack Scorf, Jim Mclnryre, Dick Mell -I04- 'Pier 9T H G R A D E B A s K E T B A L L 'flag or iyflfw Row 2: Phil Maraziia, Diclr Conrad, Ted Tobaclr, Diclr Dunham, Harry Fosler, Ed Weaver, Bob Johnson e, Mgr John Hyinlr, Mgr., Coach Lewis Y Row I: Carl Murphy, Charles Allen, John Peiurslca, Slceel Williams, Duane Flinr, Eddie Coilrell, Carl orwin, a ord JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The sevenih grade had an excellenf season, winning all nine of ifs games by ai leasf I0 poinrs. The highlighis of ihe season came when our boys swamped Dowagiac 52-2 and Buchanan 38-I. The eigh+h grade also had a 'fully successful season by overrunning iis 'four op- ponenis +wice apiece. The mosl excifing game of ihe season was +ha+ in which 'the Niles boys conquered Buchanan 28-27 in an overiime. The ninih grade had a good season winning 6 games and losing 4. The defears were suffered ai ihe hands of S+. Joe, Mishawalca, Benion Harbor, and Elkhart The experience +hese boys have gained during 'rheir Junior High years will malce +hem excellenf marerial for fuiure varsiiies. A banquei in honor of +he Junior High Baskerball reams was held on March 27'ih in +he high school cafeieria. -I05- 7TH GRADE BASKETBALL Baclz Row: Ari Baurenfeind, Bob Middlefon, Charles Thomas, Chesfer Brock, Jim Snyder, Bruce Har+, Victor Crane, Donnie Pefhick Second Row: Tom Tyler, Charles Worlcs, Roberf Ramsy, Roberf Shoemalrer, Thoera Keeys, Bob Coaies, Kenny Knauf, Coach Theus Firsf Row: Tim Tyler, John Wade, Francis Galiefs, Warren Marazifa, Larry Hall, David Shannon, Garnefl Keeys 8TH GRADE BASKETBALL Row 3: John Elder, Bill Wesf, Pele Smifh, Tony Mason, Diclr Manflce, Paul Klolzo, Wayne Hari, Ossie Ziegler Row 2: John Hyinln, Mgr., Allen Manlde, Phil Mara1i+a, Frank Genfry, Rodger Bunlzer, Ronnie Johnson, Coach Lewis Row I: Oiclc Kerr, Bill Neesley, Elvin Smilh, Fred Richfer, Roberi Maham, Jim Anderson, Chuclr Sfeiner -I06- NOON HQUR USHERS Back Row: Barbara Quillen, Belly Lou Haberling, Bob Teefer, Tom Johnson, Judy Tressel, Shirley Duffon, Don Bowerman, Max Shepardson, Ray Sanford - Second Row: Gloria Marlin, Doroihy Malrepeace, Anna Mae Causey, Slyvia Sieferf, Rose Richardson, Beverly Smifh, Peggy Webber, Rosealla Coulfas Firsl Row: Riia Johnson, Mary Morrow, Shirley Baird, Rulh Niedzielslci, Mr. DeWiH, Joyce Johnson, Joan Niedzielski, Lois Johnson TUMBLING CLUB -I07- 1 ff I M16 f77 -ejclx Mmolv wHv5WQfQf7W ' 53 i or fx- at W -'5 A ul r IR R 5 Q, ,X an T12 E3 S2 P Y K A L 5. 4 'X' Q 0 vw 0 1. -q 0 95 -r J- vw- a. fu.. 0 Q x y 5' eq 2,2 'Q so 4' 'I 'K 0".3d,4'Jf 46" Y. it 55 Q 44 0 43,y-roqfxv W q 45 Q QS 0 GY- 46 fr' -r 4- 9 S -0' 0 'I' Y- Gf-Yrryfg I i azzaong 0 M Maxx 1 2 YN mm '475'W-VU 7119 I IJEE: mmcik 0 632192 SW' GN v 'J 49 f 2 X X N sd -9 Zara 4' '90- o r7.a'97374, P13-L MILLER 1-VT Pkucza 0 -lakh -7544 . 05 4- SGW -9 'R+ off "' A -1 0 4' w "' 1' -P Q -4? 0 SQ' W 'ff f 5 ef-wel' " "' 1 N 0 1 f ' 'fax 'O w Fffmofi HIGH fy 466 -108- 'v '3 T d- ,,,, -, -, ,, ,,,, ,- ,,,, ,- ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, -. ,,,, -, .4,, ,M ,,- 4. Campus Sweafers Florsheim Shoes Clipper Crafi' Cloihing Crosby Square Shoes Bofany "500" Cloihing Champ Hais Alligafor Rainwear ln'rerwoven Socks ZI3 E. Main S+ree+ Phone lb7I Gamysfi GROCERY AND MARKET CHOICE MEATS O I O 208 MAIN STREET 1. 1 -. - .- -. 1 1 -. .- 1 1 1 -. -. 1 1 -. 1 1 1 -.u-..nni.u1nu1nn1nn....1u1un -I09- 1 1. ..... 1.0.1 1.0.1-H1, .-...H1 1 'l' 4- -P 5- Comdimenfs of 1 -A-1u-1. I-1.m1,,.1...1..1 1,,1.,,.1....1..,1. 1 1 1 ....,1...1 w il Q! , Deana 1 l smce I839 B R o w N ' s 3 1 I I DRUG STORE Bowlms LANES i I 0 9 Names, MICHIGAN E i Q E QVER A CENTURY 0 O Q 5 QF SERVPCE . Phone 1368 Y jk 'jf' 1 Q M 1 530 Sou+h IIH1 S+, on U. S. 3l I26 E. Main "4 NXJ'y Jghone I5 1 I I 1.1. 1,1 1,1 I 11111 Hn, HT ,1,i,,T,,+ K l aw A8cP SUPER MARKET X . 0 0 o fjj U jf J . I02 Second S+. I X A "X V1 uf NILES, MICHIGAN ix - I I0 - 1, -1- ---------------------- 4- PENNEY's 002 Www Qualify firsl! No more doubfful values! Tha+'s fhe u+i- mafum of +oday's wise shoppers. Penney's endorses lhis move- men'r. We pul quali+y liirsl' because il's good common sense. Our success is buill' on il. And because we inlend +o operale for years and years lo come - we've no inlenlion now of abandoning our rigid sfandards. Low prices appeal fo us, of course. Penney's is always searching fhem ou+ and presenfing +hem 'lo you daily. Bu+ - ALWAYS - qualify is +l1e dis+inguishing faclor. One hundred per cenl' is our ideal - and Penney values musl' NEVER fail +o measure up fo if. J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. NILES, MICHIGAN 4. ------------- ..-..-...... -.... ...... 4, el- I. ----- -I - .-1, - -...f-.I-.+ +..-.-..- -. ---- ..- -. - 1 -. - .-. ..-.- 4. Compllmenls ol K R O G E R ' S SUPER MARKET NILES, MICHIGAN ..1....1.1 1 1....1....1....1 1,...1....1..1 1 1....1.... Complirnenls ol THE COACH HOUSE Phone 3026 - IOOI Broadway 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1,...1.... ..1.1.1 .1 1 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1.... Complimenls ASSOCIATED TRUCK LINES O O I FIRST IN MICHIGAN ala -------------- .-...-...g. 1 1..1...1...1...1.1 1 1 1...1.... ..-.uv- CITIZENS COAL COMPANY 526 N. Fron+ Phone 764 NILES, MICHIGAN .1....111111111111111.. ..-I...1.In-....1....1....1....1....1....1 1. 1 1m.1....1....-....1.. To You ol Ihe Colors . . . ' I.. Yellow ancl ' IU WW' .jj We Sell . . . Q 'J Qualify Hardware and S ming Goods Too . ' J THE KERR HARDWARE CO. I1nI.111111u1.,.11111111.. A Blossom a Day Keeps Gloom Away EAST MAIN GARDENS I52l E. Main Sf. Phone IOI8 If Jw! 1 1 1 1n1....1u..1..l1n1....1n1 1 1 1.11: 1..1..1..1..1 1..1..1..1..1.1 1 1 1 1--1..1,..1 1 1 1..1........1...1.....- 1 1 1 Guwaluaenfqqeafviinffreaanzelocafion BABCOCK MOTOR SALES l30I E. Main Sfreef Niles, Michigan wfi UDSON SALES AND SERVICE 'V AMERICA'S EOREMOST CAR Neib Concrete Products Co. O U C Concrefe Blocks - Excavaiing Sepiic Tanks and Grease Traps Sand - Gravel - Cemeni' - Morfar Q 0 Q U S. 3l 8: Fori Sfreei Phone I5l2W 1.-..11111.-1111111111111.1-.1..1.i-1...1..1., -lI3- 0T'1lu1lu---1um--11.11. 1-,.11 1 1 .- i,1-i11i - - 1 1 1 -l. n1I..1n1.1-u..n1u.-u1n1n-n1l11.11111n1n1un1.u1n1n--n1n-In I 'I' I I I I I I I I I I -I- 'I' I I I I I I I I I -I- Congra+uIa+ions from Davis Products Company 'IIJII I5 If I II DAVIS DELUXE and CoIdTraiI Refrigerafors for Aparfmenfs, Coffages, Homes and Modern Trailer Homes. . -1--- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Complimerws of BARTAK'S RESORT Barron Lake Niles. Mich. 1 1 1..1....1 ...11....1 .1 1 -....1,,.1...1..,-.,... I.1I..I1...1,.1 1 1...1....1.m1.II.1I.I.1..I.1 1 1 1 1.1.1. CompIImerIIs of BASSO'S LUNCH CONFECTIONARY 203 Main SI. Phone 9I97 1II.1..1...1..1.......,,1 1 1 1...1-II1IIII1uII1.uu1II.I1.I 'I' 'I' II :I II II II II II II II II II II I '?'I I. :I II II lx il ,I il iI II :I II II +4-' -II4- 1 1 1..1u1 1 1 n1III.1..1II.1n Compliment of H. POWER SUPPLY COMPANY . f PLUMBING SUPPLIES . f Phone I I6I 2I5 N. Nin+h S+. 1 .1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1..1..1 1 1..1..1..1..1 1 1 + .. ....-.........g. T.-...-...- ---- .-......-...-... up I I I I I I Always fhe newes+ fashions in shoes Compllmenls of 'For all Ihe family 0 0 0 GERTH co. 1 Correcfly Fl'Hed and Checked I By x-Ray I I , , , I 0 0 0 I I I I Soufh Elevenfh i E and I I BROWNBILT SHOE srone Phone sez I I i 0 0 0 0 0 I III N. Second S+. I I f I I A l i a + .-..- -xl :s:,.a.-..L .i.-..-..- -.. -..-..-n...-.-.. 1-1 -.---1.11.1-.1n.1...-.1111 1 1 1 11.1-l1ul1n.1u1 1 --I--.I-111-11.--1.1-. -I-in-in.-.1-In Complime-nfs of fblbuie Spell!! func! DRIVING RANGE MINIATURE GOLF ARCHERY U. S. 3I Sou+h Niles, Michigan -IIS- + ----- ---- -I- O ARROW SHIRTS O INTERWOVEN HOSIERY COMPLIMENTS OF MAIN 81 SECOND NILES, MICHIGAN MEN S 81 80V S APPAREL SPORTING 60008 O DOBBS HATS O McGRE6OR SPO RTSWEAR PHONE I234 THE STORE OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS o JANTZEN II. GANTNER o WILSON R SPALDING SWIMWEAR II. SWEATERS SPORTS EQUIPMENT o SWANI4 II PARIS o FISHING, I-IUNTING. GOLF. JEWELRY Is. BELTS BASEBALL, TENNIS and ALL SPORTS -I- ---- - ----------- --------------- -I- -Il6- H1 1.1I.1-1411-1n.1..1..1..1l.1..1..1 1 1... The American Shoe Repair Shop Firsl Oualilry and Good Service THANK YOU - CALL AGAIN II3 N. Second S+. Opp. Riviera Congralulahons Io Ihe CIassoII95O AVALON RESORT O O O Barron La Ire Phone 600-J Success Io The Class of IQSO BU EH LER BROS. FINEST IN MEATS and POULTRY U1... 1 11.1.11..1.u.-nu-...1uu1.l1u1 1 11m W1 1 1 1 1 .-an-...1 1 1..1!1 1 1 1... Complimenls of STEVENS BROS. GARAGE CAR REPAIRING 424 N. Fronf S+. Phone 57 n1n1-.111111111n11-.un 1' -1- 'I' I -if 1- -ll s- I -...g. -II7- Complimenls of The JUVENILE SHOP "CuIe Toqs for Ihe Toddler" Ready Theafre Bldg. NILES PHONE 2822 PETE'S ECONOMY DRUG STORE 2OI MAIN ST. NILES, MICH. Complimenfs of W. I.. BABBITT Lumber and Cool Co. NILES BUCHANAN 1..1..1,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11... 2II Nor+ HARLAN CABS 24 I-IOUR SERVICE RADIO DISPATCHED All Passengers Insured h 3rd P hone 323 .1..1..1,.1...1,.1.,.1..,,1 1 1 1 1..1.,.1......1,. clo 1:1111 ---i1111 i1.1, .. ,..,,+ 0 0 LELAND R. FUNK 0 0 0 All Forms of Insurance and Bonds CYRUS R. FUNK O I GRATHWOHL Plumbing and Heating Q Q Q ZI3 N. 3rd Sf. Phone 8l4 .1..1..-inn-. .. 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 im. COME TO ANDY'S Niles FOR 0 0 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS - GIFTS BOOKS - TOYS 0 0 0 iw- llll ----1-1- . 1--1111 . Complimenfs of Garden City Cleaners MONITE MOTHPROOF CLEANING I027 Wayne Phone 8I7 I -x----- ------- ------- - -- -5- .7 , :: f-1 --7 :fx :i 11-1-1 ----1.1, 1.---11.I1-.1I.1nl-I-1-.1---In-11-1--1.-if--I-11.1---gg, ! I l 1 ' I OUR CONGRATULATIONS 1 READY BEAUTY SA'-GN I To Ihe Graduafing Class of l95O une Shop of SMG and Q""'i'Y" i F .! Upsiairs Over Ready Theafre i i WINNIFREIJ swAIzTI-IouT I . . I 3 I ' E ies, ic i an one ' RIFENBERG INSURANCE I N' M "9 'h "' I 4-.-..-..-...-...-...-.......-..-......-...-..-...............-. SERVICE ,.....-..m.-.-.-..-..-..-......-.-....h..-....., : ' I 5. H, "5UD-- RIFENMRG Good Luck - Class of '50 : - I' ' ' GENARTS MUSIC srumos 2 E HI2 Ferry Sfreef 5 I INSTRUMENTS - BOUGHT - sou: OPP'-'SHG High School Q Q RENTED - REPAIRED I I I i Our S+uden+s PLAY I ll -..-.-........-....-.....-..-..- -.-..-.l 5,.-..-.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.....-.-..-.-,,-,,I, .....-......-..-..-..-......-..-.. .... ..-..-..-..-...... ........ - -,,.,.,,-,,-,,.,,-,,? ! Q Complimenfs of syuuuo lo v v - 5 Skill . I I X :I Xkfv-vfY fK,4 4.4 X LA lffk I ".JEWELRY64 OPTICAL OR.THlRD6thdAlN ST. CA 5 H O R CR EDI T 1 -II9- li- Compliments and Very Good Wishes Kam1iieYer Ebuzqnwx ana! Bmllffwu of luacfmn Slade Qzfzawfd FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NILES DEPOSITS UP TO 55,000 INSURED WITH FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. M ber Federal Reserve Sys+em Phones I740 and I7 -.....1...1..1...-111..-..1-...Q-.1-......-1111..- 1..1..1n..1u1..-1.1.-111111-111111,11011 For Ilwose people who are very much responsible for 'rlwe l95O Talller, we ask you Io PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE TATTLER STAFF 1..--..1..1...111111.-1111,....-...-..1-111... I2I- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1ln1.p1..1.1 1 111111-.11l1.n.-111 1,-n1..1n1--1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'S' ..1..', -lu-...1 1 S P E N C E R S DRY CLEANING o o 0 RELINING REMODELING REPAIRING . Q 0 N. Fourfh Phone 649 Complimenis of The Veni Sweet Shop 228 E. Main - Phone 542 BEST WISI-IES VINCENT WARD II8 Easf Main Sfreef NILES, MICHIGAN 1u1u1.n1u.- 1 1 1.n1n1.l1u1u1,-1.1 1..1.p1 S A R I. E Y HEATING AND ROOFING CO. Johns Manville Approved Roofers Premier Furnace Dealers PHONE IO0 NILES, MICH 1u1..1u1u1n1n1.n1.n1n-1 1u1u1n1.-1 Mimeographing and Prinfing The SHOPPER'S GUIDE 32I Souih Third Sireef - Phone l2B0-W NILES, MICHIGAN 1,..1..1..111111111111.1 SCHWARZ NEWS AGENCY Q O l Defroif - Chicago - New York NEWSPAPERS Magazines Smokers' Supplies Greeiing Cards Subscripfions +aken +o All Magazines 303 E. Main Phone ART sci-iwARz, Prop. II33 1 1 11.1-1-...1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 ,1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1.11. ' 4 mwl?e41!70e2z6e4 7ad4e6l444afl950 ASSOCIATES VAN RIPER BLDG. NILE5, MICHIGAN 1.1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1..1..1. p1n1.,1..1......1..1 1..1..1...1..1 1 1 1.1.1. CUSTOM GARAGE INC. O O O 5+I1 and Sycamore - Phone 666 NILES, MICHIGAN ENG MERSON RED I-IOLCOMB H. L. WISE ..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Complimenfs of FQUR FLAGS BARBER SHOP O O O HOMER J, STEWART, Prop. O O O 309 EAST MAIN STREET 1 1-u1.-1.-1 1.1nn1l'1..1..1.n1u-1 .1.u1 1..1..1..1..1. 1 1..1..1..1,.1..1. 1 ELMER'S BIKE SHOP ELMER EASTON, Prop. SCHWINN BIKES KEYS MADE WHIZZER MOTORS CUSHMAN SCOOTERS TRAVIS MOTORS Full Line of Accessories We Repair Any+I1ing Pickup and Delivery CALL US I3 E. Main Phone I5I5 NILES, MICHIGAN -14.1.I1..1..1..1..1..1..-...1.1q.1..1 4' -1- I I Established I947 STARR MOTOR SALES INC. DODGE PASSENGER CARS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE Job-Ra+ed TRUCKS 30I El Ih S+ I T I ph 2600 - 260I NILES MICHIGAN Congrafulafions +o fhe A Class of 1950 SIT BEST WISHES PQR YOUR ' HAPPINESS and SUCCESS FRENCH PAPER COMPANY Esfablished I87l NILES MICHIGAN -1- ---U ----------..... --...-.. - -- ole I24 1....... 1..1..1..1..-...1..1..1.. Cornpl rnenfs of NILES ASSOCIATION CF INSURANCE AGENTS A E Buchanan F nk Bros. VIN .. , Lloyd I-I K ueqer Agency Migy Miers Rnclwfe Agency Inc I' yfKfIorden's, Inc ff E I-I Bud Rfenberq SCIIICI4 81 Sons I25 -111.1111111111111 II-1..1111111111111n1 4, .,1.+ .run--'11--11.1.-1-.1---...I xiiiii --1u1--1- al- NlLr.s Mice-1 2l9N ZND PH 8I FURNITUREGAPDLIANCECO. Lewis N. HILL, Prop. Furnilure, Radios, Refrigeralors, Washers, Sweepers, EIecI'ric, Gas and Coal Slaves, Sales and Service CompIe+e Home Furnishings ROYAL DRUG CO. Prescrip+ion Pharmacisfs Four Flags Corner Niles, Michigan n1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1a-1 1 1 1 1 1im1n H. B. MERRELL CC. Building ConsI'ruc+ion Commercial - Residenlial Remodeling S. 3rd SI., Niles Phone 2295 1.141 up1r Complimenls of BARENTSEN CANDY CO. .I1u1n1 1u1n1n1n1 1 1'u1u-q1.,1u.1..1..u .1.,,1,.1.,.1.......1..1..1..1.1 1 1..1.-1...-u1n Complimenls OI' CRAMER'S GROCERY 4I4 Mich gaji' free? Phone I4I VQSK' V ILES. MICHIGAN U .1u1n1u-1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1,.g1 I-1nn1..1111111111111.1n Wm-1 BEST WISHES the little shop LATEST FICTION BEST OF THE CLASSICS INTERESTING GIFTS GREETING CARDS STATIONERY 305 Easl Main SI. Phone l875 4. ..,.1...Q. -l-.---.-.. -------- - ---- -..- :Q :7--f - - - : 1: ---n- 11, ---ur V n--4, +-1-u-n-.--1.-n-I-1--1-m ---- - 1 II AIT J I JUNHQIW' II , 'I PIPER FUNERAL HO E 1 II II I I I SKYWAY and I-IIGI-IWAY I , AMBULANCE SERVICE I . , ' i I . . . AjWVjfWI Iv fry : II J J' I CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISI-IES FOR SUCCESS Io CLASS OF I95O , ,J I I I NEIL MOTOR SALES 52I E. Main Phone I0-W I I7 Sycamore I I I I I I .-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..- -..-..-.....-...-..g. +--..-..-........-.....-..........-..-......-..-.... 7' 6 ' T I R E S 5 A C C E S S O R I E S 9 HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES TE CO I MA F K 5TH AND SYCAMORE PHONE 400 ... .- -..-..-..-...-..-..-..-..-.. ................. ,,-,.-,,m,-,,-,,, I -I27- -1-.1-,1..1--1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,101 1 --..,1.1 1 Niles Laundry and Cleaning LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING f . ' I-Iome ol PERM-A-KLEEN DRY CLEANING . . . Phone II23 4II N. Second Complimenls of Niles Motor Sales Inc. SI8 Sou+h II+I-I NILES, MICHIGAN BUICK GMC TRUCKS SALES and SERVICE Phone 3087 --101-.1-1.-n1..1..... 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1.11.- -I28- I r mmf, Max, 404 Jxeazzf, NILES MILK DEALERS .1u1u1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1.1-.1.1-n1.n1n1n,1ln1--51.11111-..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 WILLIAMS SUPPLY CO. MILLWORK - LUMBER - PAINT AND HARDWARE - BUILDING MATERIALS PLUMBING - HEATING - LIGHTING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES J, Phone 342 U! If ' NILES, MICHIGAN I h! of N fl!1I'I'jj I J COMPLIMENTS OF THE fvllfefi Gwlcfoaa 7fzeahe inc. Loca+ed on Highway U. S. 3I-33 2 miles sou+h of Niles "America's Finesf Ou+door TI1ea+re" -I30- 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1..1..1..1..1..1...-,.1,.,1..1 1....1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 -. 1 1.1..1..1.. E911 Wdha 44am SEXTON'S 4u4mJz'u1wanJ14ppJiam:a Everybody's Pointing to 222 N. Fronf 1 1 1 1 -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1...--p11-1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1.1.u1n.1,.,.1....1..I1 1 .-H1.. -1-'E' II You Are Always Welcome I o o o I I The Betsy Ross Shop NILES NEWEST STORE j FOR WOMEN I I I I -5- -I3I- O Phone lO88 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WIS!-IES +0 Ihe CLASS OF I95O EASTON'S GROCERY QUALITY FOODS and MEATS BORDEN'S ICE CREAM .1-m..1u 1 1.,,,1 1 1 1 1 V1 1 1 1 1 1..1, 1 1 1..1..1..1.-1...1 1..1n1-.11-1-111.1 1 1 1 1 1 1-n1n1n1n1..1. . 1 1.11. The Phoiographic Work In This Book Done By Paul Waank Commercial and Porfraii' Phofography Phone Dowagiac 6023 Sister lakes Michigan 1 1 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1--1--1un1.u1.-11.1.-1 1n1u1- -I33- u1n.1n1u.- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1--1n111111...111 Brand Names You Know Shoes You Love 1 3 sxx W5 i' 2721 MA NILES, MICHIGAN 1 n1..1..1..1.1.-1..1.-1-u1u1.......1 1 1 1 Compliments of Whitcomb Fuel Co. COAL - STOKERS 509 Wayne St. Phone 32I Compiimenis of NILES FARMERS INC. DEALERS IN ALL FARM SUPPLIES Phone II37 37 Sycamore St. 1 1u1q1. ,1...1,, + .lu-01a I 1 A. J. RAY BULLDOZING can Niles 2974-WII Huntley Road Barron Lake NILES WICKLER WRECKER ,SAERYICE 2 OUR SERVICE Iggy Lf 1 925 Michigan S+. Phone zsub n1w1q.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1.11- Save With Safety Your Savings Are Insured up Io 55,000.00 Niles Federal Savings 81 Loan Association 302 E. Main Phone 3054 '11 1 1 1 1 1u1n1.11.1111-...1..1..1..-.ln 11111111111.1nn1-.1 1--1.1 ?.-...,..........-..........-..- ....- ...-. L .. fe.. .en - ., l . I l Congrafulafions I CLASS OF 11 , L, 5 O I I N11.E.s I Z I I STEEL TANK I i COMPANY I MICHIGAN BELL U TELEPHONE COMPANY 'Y I l I I f l l Q ! I 4,,H-.,...,-.,...,,-,,.....-......-..-......-..-.... ..........,l, -1-.-.. .--: :II -1.72.--.--.-:------: ----7: gguinlnsrllc-curllzlliulv-u:n1u1ns:ln1ll1lu-llluvllxulillvui 1 1 I-rlliuiulvninill-ll-1ll1-llrllv I l l Complimenfs of l l l T SERVICE' coumssv sooo MATERIAL Lumber - Coal - Builders Supplies Q Phone 6 2 314 FRONT ST. NILES .IL..-..-,.- e:.L:.,:.....e:.LL::- S- .. L: fi: 2- :LL :.. : 1 -I35- .1..1..1..1..1..-u1..1.,.1. 1 1.0.1 ..1..1I '5' '!' .1..,1 1 1..1.g1..1..1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I Complimenis of g T CONGRATULATIONS PAUL HASS RESORT I 7 I95O GRADUATES . . I Ambrose 81 Arthur Mould Niles, Mich. Barron Lake I .-..-..- -..-..- - -.. .... - - -..-..,: II1-n---1-III-.-1..1..1-.1-.--.1.n -111 -1-II 1, U . ' I Comphmenfs of Nu-Way DRY CLEANERS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Niles Phone 860 Buchanan Phone 960 i IHS N Sevemxh St ZIO N. Fiffh Niles, Michigan I I. SELLERS mp. -..-..-..- ....-......-..-.. ...... ..-Il ,....-..- - - - - - - - - - - .. - -... lillilllllvllinlvlllllvll :11111 1111 gg. ni-Inuvlnzll41nv!!-QIlinnvllvnllllvulilliunvuh-u in I I NII.Es wAs1E PAPER MUTUAL I COMPANY I cut Rafe Drug co. NILES, MICHIGAN PAPER MILL SUPPLIES I IRON "You Share Ihe Profifs" T Re+-wil Drugs and Sundries asa N. Fron+ Phones 236 - 237 I .-.I-..-..-..-..-.. .... ..-.-..-..-.-..-I. I l ....,.-.........-..-..- -.- -..-..- - - - -. o o 0 1 I Complimenis OI I Russom Transfer IO3 E. Main Phone 336 I NILES, MICHIGAN I I 3I3 N. Second S+. Phone 725 I I 4' 1 1 111-111 I--1a--nn--I -11--1 In--Iain -butnu1nn1unI1n--1111...-nn1II 1111 n--E1-I.-..1n Q. I36- 1.1..1..1n...n.1n.1u.1..1...--.1-11 n-1:1111n.1np1.p1u.1u.1nn1.n1nn1u u Complimenrs of Tip-to-Toe Beauie Salon Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Zaseck, Prop. PERMANENTS All lines of beau+y work N. 4+h S+. Phone Congrarularions To The Class of I95O ! Complimermrs of THAYER'S .IEWELERS -1n1n.1n1u1u1u1-l1u1n-. 1 1u1nu..n 11111:-1: m1u-n- .1.,1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1u1-.1u1n1 T H O M A S ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN "For Refreshmen+'s Sake" lvfwy SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF l950 -1:-1.11 1 1..1-u1un1.u1.-1-.1un1uu1..1 1n1nn1. u1nn-n1uu1nu1u.1nl11.11.11l1uu1u..1u.,1nu1u1u1u1 Complimenrs of Troost Brothers 4wm41!uae 11111-11 1 1 1 1 1 1un1un1u1u1n--.--..1,u1 nfs -an-u n-u .I .I-I .. .. ... i,.,,,1,,1 ,,,, 1,1, - . ....i..i.,.-...1 4, Complimenfs of SUPERIOR MOTOR SALES J. F. UNLEY, Propriefor CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH CARS I27 Sycamore Sf. Phone 2I4 -70 Me exam of 1950 SOUTH BEND ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPING CO., INC. CompIimen+s of THE TRADING POST DAVE LOWE, Prop. EI IEI 02 S. lII'I1 U. S. 3I Sou+I1 -g +--wf- -'- --1- ------ - -f- - - -- -x- I I I I I CONGRATULATIONS I I I I I I MICHIGAN GAS-ELECTRIC I I I I I 1 coMPANY I I , I I I I 3:3 E. Main S+. I I NILES. MICHIGAN I I I I I I I I I I I I I Always Remember, if i+'s done wifh I Heaf -- Gas does if BeH'er I I I I 4. .i..-..-..-..-..-..-....-..- -........-....-....-..-..- . + I38- Complimenfs of The HOVER TRUCKING CO. T'9SlI THE WURLUS LARGEST NUSIYROOH SRUVERS - ? Success To Jrhe Class of MCMI. ,.1quYY.n1.n 1.1 1 1 1nu1nu1gn1u-.n.- i 1 -. . -.. ... 1 7 , ,-1 1,7 -I39- 7-- -- 7 :Y -.. 1 1 1...-..1..1..1u1..i .- ... 1 1 1 1 1 1-ni 9 2 Hail to the Vikings! Win or lose, good season or bad, Niles fans are solidly behind flue Vikings. These loyal followers of afhlefic feams know fhaf whafever fhe ouf- come, Niles afhlefes will play fhe game hard-and play if clean. So-good luck, Vikings! May your fufure be filled wifh success whefher if is on flue playing field, in fhe classroom, or as a cifizen in your communify. l' i The Niles Daily Sfar ,jj ' P. S. We don'f need fo remind you fha? complefe news of Niles afhlefic feams is found only in fhe Niles Daily Sfar. Gang ' ew of 1950 MONTGOMERY WARD 81 CO. NILES, MICHIGAN 4- --- ----------------------- --- + -I40- .1u1n1 1 1-.1-.1..-nn1 1 1 1 n1n1n Complimenfs of THE MAYFAIR SHOPPE LINGERIE HOSE 227 E. Main "Because you like nice Ihings" 'Teach All Men Thaw' Labor is Honorable" EI E.l ORIGINAL CABINET CORP. cni.u:l NILES, MICHIGAN ui.:-14-n OUR COMPLIMENTS TO TI-IE GRADUATES L O N G ' S FLOWERS AND GIFTS E Phone I806 206 E. Main .1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1,, Fred H. Kiger FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE VJ, -ff Phone 730 6I5 E. Main S+. -.-....-I+ '!-.-..- - - - ..-- - - - - - -U-M + 1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.11. 11111111111..1., 1-1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-.1..1..1-1.1 1.1 CONTOIS HARDWARE '-'TS 8 WAL ' ER .1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1...1 1 1m u1u1..1.-.-..1 1 1.1..1.-1--1.1-11.11 1- Success lo lhe Class of l95O NILES - BUCHANAN CREDIT ASSOCIATION, INC. 3II E. Main Phone I770 -1--11.u1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 ......1n1-n1n1nu BEST OF LUCK .... EARL A. NOBLE, Inc. 209 Cedar S+. Niles, Michigan YOUR PONTIAC DEALER 1 1 1 1...1...-..1-.1-.i1.,11..1..1...1 1,..11mr ir1...11111111111111nu Complimems of HOME BAKERY GUS LORK 81 SON PROPRIETORS 4. -..-.. -.-- ...-.....-..-.. ---. ..-....-..g. 4, +I-.I .1., ,1- Complimenls of PALMER TRANSFER LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING I244 S. ll+h Niles, Mich. 1.11.11 1 1 1 1.1.1 1.n1.1...1...r1.1 1 1.11. Complimenis ol NILES AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY 2l5 N. Froni S+. Phone 2I56 I1...1..r1,.u1nn1 1n1u1 1 1 1n1--1.1-11 1-m1ul ri1nr.1 1 1 1 1,-1uu1u.1-l1M.1..1.n1-n1 111- Complimenis of Niles Commercial Service Excavafing Work Crane and Dump Truck Service HAROLD BRINEY PHONE II89 THE NILES PRINTING COMPANY Sludenl Name Cards Personal Slalionery 22I N. Eourih Phone 992 1111111111111.-I-11 1.u1..11..1-.1..1 1 1 1 1 1-1-.1-.1,.1-in HATFIELD'S FARM STORE FEEDS - SEEDS - FARM SUPPLIES 3I9 N. From! SI. - Phone I606 1.11.-1..1I.1I.1II1..1--1--1--1u1.-1--1..1u .11 1 1 1..1.-1.-1...-I..-111. 1n,1..1..1..-.. CompIImenIs of HAUSER MEAT MARKET 'BesI' For Less AIways" , I ff 1120 lzo E. Main K Phone 146: -..-..-..-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-.,,......g. 'I' 'I' I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! II II ....g.i -ti II !I Ii Ii II II II II !I !I II 'I' n1n..1n -1.1- CompIImenIs of M. J. HUNZIKER 81 SONS NURSERYMEN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Yankee SI. Niles, MICI1 11 1 1 1 1 1--11-1-.11,11.1-,1n.1-.1--1.-1-..1...--111.1 DROLET'S Main am! 045 IJ Corner Main and Oak S+reeIs NILES, MICHIGAN All Roads Lead To Our I:ounIaIn -I43- -.-n..n1n.1n1n1..1n..-.I-1.1 1 1 11.1 up -------------- - - ----n-..-...-..- -..-..-..-..-.......-.,-..- 4, NILES PROFESSIONAL MEN PI-IYSICIANS FATTIC 8: GARRETT H. D. HUFF Shar Bldg. Phone l2OO I26 E. Main S+. Phone 28 RUSSELL HART SCOTT MOORE WaI'fon Bldg, jf D Phone 2I88 IO7 N. Second Sf. Phone IOIS I f' H. M. PRITCHARD fr, I2 N. Fourfh Sf. Phone 774 HENDERSON. HERSHEY, HOLT, LANDGRAF 8: STRAYER IO7 N. 2nd SI: Phone 2520 LAWYERS THOMAS CAIN, JR. GEORGE S. KELLER 3IO Broadway Phone l505 302LfQ E. Main Phone IIS DONAHUE 8: DREW MELVIN F. RAHN Sycamore 81 3rd Phone I422 , rf IIB N. 3rd Phone IO5 CASPER R. GRATHWOHL 'L4+ff'A',, H' WHITE 8: WHITE Bhackmond Bldg. Phone 26 Firsf NaIIonaI Bldg. Phone 2I7 BURNS, HADSELL s. MoLLlsoN y 3II E. Main SI. Phone I22 J! fy! .J 2 jjj. f IVA, ,J VETERINARIANS Kf H. FRASER W. T. GRAHAM Ii MiIe Easf on M460 Phone 599 43 Ferry Sf, Phone I-W--Res. I-R CI-IIROPRACTORS MAX KASLER 520 E. Main ST. Phone IOXEJ OSTEOPATI-IS GAIL STEINER I8 N. Fourfh SI. Phone 353 CI-IIROPODISTS THOMAS J. WOODFORD Van RIper BIdg. Phone I67O X DENTISTS M .CLIFFORD SHUGARS J. M. MUNRO X j S N'-.v,fPoI,rIh SY. Phone 2242 II9 N. Third SI. Phone 605 N gf ROBERT G. TURNER R. J. KULIS IPP!-ady BIdq. Phone 507-W Van Riper Bidq. Phone 758 E. R. RUTHSATZ W. J. CUNNINGHAM Ifwinu BIdg. Phone QOIYW Friday BIdq. Phone 2296 Th B k P f d d Bound Complefe by Ihling Bro E erard Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. ni ff 1 Mfy+,L,-L'-01 , 1 '-1" 'I . 4 If Wifi, 1-, '4 ,K 5 V A f fu ff -'J V N" -i v Wm, .I L ,n V VV L x s- l '41 I, X,L+l, ., L. fm K , X -4 -hjfkt. 4 MLS. XA avk ib,,,j N lft P, , ,I In ,dy , .Lf eff ,cw Aff, WM A00 W IAS X v 5 A ' ' C3 .. LL

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