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.AL f y ,a M14 fe ," XIW wi' Q 4 we S way fi 4 JC, .. , ff" W" A 27"74' 4' Q "f5'q!f ff f Q Ilpriifga' My '. ff? wv f:5j'f1," 7 ' f 4' , Cf' X 1' x -. L -Q ,K f , I s f x VI ,Z K- X y V Ng I' .E-' if V . 4' -'32 -.yi Ex Libris I Foreword Thirty-two years ago the class of 1913 composed and published the first TATTLER. This year, in keep- ing with this long-established tradition, the class of 1944 proudly presents our version of the TATTLER. ln browsing through its pages you will find pictures of every person in school, a feature not often found in a pubication of this type. A photo-record of the years's activities, many candid snapshots, and car- toons of our faculty add life to its pages. A page of portraits of boys, recently in the halls of Niles High, now in the service of their country, recalls a sub- ject which is foremost in our minds today-the War. Evidences of this great struggle can be seen on all sides in Niles High. The stepped up physical- fitness program is aimed at preparing the boys for the rigors of military life. Courses in radio, radio tech, and aeronautics have a direct bearing on future careers in the army and navy. Therefore, this year's publication is not lust another TATTLERQ it is a permanent record of Niles High "all out for victory." r Table of Contents Dedication ................ .... ..................i...... .-.. 5 Board of Education ...... W 6 7 ' 13 Seniors ........................ 1 ....... .--. A Faculty ............,.rr... ..,.-.- luniors and Sophomores ....... .... . ,33 Organizations .........r.......... ....---- 4 3 Sports ...v......... -------- 5 5 Productions ............r.............. -------- 6 7 Who's Who in Senior High ...... -------- 7 4 Iunior High School ..........,.....f.V L ------- 77 Whds Who in Iunior High ........ --f----- 3 9 Index ................................... ..... -------- 9 2 Advertisements ..... -------- 9 4 THE TATTLEIR 1944 Published by THE CLHSS OF 1944 of I NILES HIGH SCHOCL Niles, Michigan DEDICATION We, the class of l944, proudly dedicate our Tattler to Mr. Ralph S. Lehman. Mr. Lehman is a graduate ot the University of Michigan, where he received his A. B. and M, A. degrees. A member of the faculty tor ten years, Mr. Lehman taught typing until two years ago when he took over the Physics Department and has since added courses in aeronautics, radio code, and radio tech, which will be of great value to those boys who are going into service. Mr. Lehman is a man of many interests. He installed our Public Address system throughout the school, in the auditorium, and in both gyms. He is responsible for the upkeep and running of this system. At every auditorium program, play, gym show, variety show, and other school func- tions, and even at football games he is "Iohnny on the spot" to handle the working of the system. for many years he has taken special pictures tor the Tuttler including those on the "Whos Who" pages. His pleasing personality and dry sense of humor have won him the respect and admiration of everyone who knows him. Heading clockwise in the pictures above, encircling the central portrait, we show him teach- ing classes in Radio Tech, Physics, and Aeronautics, making hay while the sun shines on his farm west of Niles and working his way to school tnot through school? after a heavy snow-tall. ln the triangular insert he shows his versatility by shingling the root of his garage. Next is an example of his skill as a photographer which graced a previous Tattler and in the last picture he records vital statistics on the hobby nearest his heart, his tive-year-old daughter, Saraiane. page four Administration BOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs. T. F. Young Mr. Frank G. French President Vice-Presiden! Mr. I. Walter Wood Secretary Mr. Paul Blackmond Mr. Lewis I. Krell Treasurer Trustee page siqr The American educational system has un- dergone several important changes during the two years since the Iapanese struck at Pearl Harbor. W'e have witnessed the de- velopment of and the tremendous expansion in pre-induction courses. Emphasis has been placed on the teaching of mathematics, phys- ics, chemistry, radio, aeronautics, shop work, English, and physical fitness-for these sub- jects are of importance to the Army and Navy. Since August l9, 1942, when the War Man- power Commission announced that "all able- bodied male students are destined for the armed forces," the future education of the American youth upon reaching his eighteenth birthday has been in many respects a re- sponsibility of the Army and the Navy. Many of the courses for girls have also been changed to prepare them for their new im- portant tasks. The administering of this program and the attending to the great variety of duties, many of which must be performed daily to keep the entire system operating efficiently, are my responsibilities as principal of Niles lunior- Senior High School. W My Under the greatest handicap of any class in recent years, the 1944 graduating class has measured up. lt has been a source of great satisfaction to the faculty to see members of this class and other re- cent graduaies meet their new problems with energy and skill. Their records in the armed services have been a credit to themselves and to Niles High School. '71 60. NEWTON S. BACON: Western Michigan College of Education, B. S., University ot Michigan, M. S., Chemistry and Mathematicsg Tuttle! Advisor LEMOINE BOGUE: Western Michigan College of Education, A. B.: English FRANCES BRITTON: Coe College, A. B.: Homemaking MAIEL CARTER: Michigan State College, B. S.: Hornemaking BERYLLE CLEVERING: Western Michigan College oi Education: St. Mary's Col- lege, Art FLORENCE CRESSWELL: Parson's College, A. B., English CORNELIA CROWLEY: University of Chicago, Ph. B.: lunior Business and General Mathematics IUNE DEAL: University of Michigan, B. S.: Commercial PAUL DEWITT: Western Michigan College of Education, B, S.: Mechanical Drawing ANNA EITMAN: Drury College, A. B.: B. S., Mathematics MARIE ENGER: Illinois State Normal, B. E.g University of Illinois, M. A.: English and Iunior High School Librarian RUSSELL GEBBY: Western Michigan College of Education, B. S., Industrial Arts FRANK HAM: Olivet College, A. B.g Physical Education, Basketball Coach, Track Coach STELLA HEATH: Albion College, A. B.: University oi Colorado, M. A., Social Science RUTH HOFFMASTER: Michigan State College, Albion College, Western Michigan College of Education. prlyf' fight DOROTHY B. HOYT: University oi Michigan, A. B., Syracuse University, B. L. S., English and Senior High School Librarian A. I. HUTCHINS: Michigan State College, B. S., University ot Michigan, M. A., Mathematics, General Science, and Arts and Crafts AUDREY IONES: University of North Dakota, B. S., English and Social Science MARY IOSEPH: Western Michigan College of Education, B. S., Gregg College, Corn- merce LILLIAN KIDDER: Marymount College, A. B., Nebraska University, M. A., English PAULINE KLOPFENSTEIN: Northwestern University, B. S., English FRANKLIN LEBAR: Hastings College, A, B., Northwestern University, M. M., Vocal Music RALPH S. LEHMAN: University ot Michigan, A. B., M. A., Physics, Radio, and Aero- nautics MARGARET MACDONALD: University'ot Illinois, B. S., Social Science ROBERT MARKS: DePauw University, A. B., University of Michigan, M. A., So- cial Science and Boys' Counsellor WILLIAM E. MATHEWS: University of Michigan, A. B., Social Science DOROTHY PAYNE: Olivet College, A. B., English RUSSELL B. PAYNE: Wabash College, A. B., University ot Michigan, M. S., Biology and Head ot Science Department MARY IANE PEARSON: University of Illinois, A. B., English ELIZABETH PHIPPS: Coe College, A. B., Civics page niwc PHYLLIS POE: Olivet College, A. B., Spanish and Civics LEONA PRIEM: University of Wisconsin, B. A., Mathematics ALF RASMUSSEN: River Ealls State Teachers' College, Stout Institute, B. S., Printing RUTH ROCKWELL: University oi Wisconsin, A. B., English THELMA SMITH: indiana State Teachers' College, B. S., Physical Education HENRY SOLLMAN: Northwestern University, B, M. E., Instrumental Music MARIAN SPENCER: North Central College, A. B., Physical Education ELNORA SPRAGUE: University ot Nebraska, B. S., Physical Education MARY M. SWAN: Carleton College, A. B., University of Chicago, A. M., English, Head of English Department FLORENCE TALBURT: DePauw University, A. B., Latin, Dean oi Cwirls IRNET E. THOMSON: Columbia University Teachers' College, B, S., M. A., Homemaking WALTER R. TILLER: Kirksville State Teachers' College, B. S., Wood Shop LELAND S. WALKER: Kalamazoo College, A. B., University of Notre Dame, M. A., Head oi Mathematics Department, Tcttler Business Advlsor LAVERNA WHARTON: Kansas State Teachers' College, A. B., B. S., University ot Chicago, M. A., Social Science IOSEPH WHITWAM: University of Illinois, B. S., Columbia University, M. F., Physical Education, Director of Athletics, Football and Basketball Coach puyz' lvn CHARLOTTE L. ZINKE: University of Illinois, B. S.p English DOROTHY BRIDGEN: University oi Michigan, A. B.: English HANNAH L. ACKERMAN: Bloclgett Hospital, R. N.: University ol Michiganp School Nurse IRENE POLLACK: Epworth Hospital, R. N.: Assistant School Nurse MABEL DAVIDSON: McMurray College: Financial Secretary DORIS GRIEGER: Secretary to Principal IOHN IOHNSON: School Engineer page eleven if CDIOIS CLASS OFFICERS :JK Iohn Gillette Bob Steinbauer Iean Iohnson lim Thayer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ADVISORY REPRESENTATIVES Norma Eberhard Bob Gish Beatrice Klute Leon Smith Ioe White Mr. Bacon Miss Hoyt Mrs. Ioseph Mr. Mathews Mr. Walker HONOR STUDENTS Paul Schaen Charnley Schnoor Valedictorian Salutatoriarx page fourteen RUTH MILDRED ANDERSON: Gym Show, Art Review, Glee Club, Vtariety Show DON ARNOLD: Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, Officials Club, Gym Show, Art Review, Glee Club RICHARD L. ASMUS: Gym Show RITA LORRAINE BEDINGER: Gym Show, G. A. A., Honor Roll-one semester FLAVIOUS L. BENDER: Gym Show, Glee Club WARREN EUGENE BERRY: Glee Club, Transferred from Washington Clay Hiqh School, 1943 BETTY LOU BLANCHARD: Gym Show, Glee Club LAVERNE W. BLANK: Football, Track, Band Bounce, Gym Show CATHERINE M. BOLLER: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Ushers Club RICHARD BORSOS: Debate, Gym Show, lunior Play, Honor Roll---six semesters BARBARA IEAN BROCKWAY: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, G. A. A. OUIDABON BROWN: Transferred from Portland, Indiana, l944 BERTHA A. BRUCE: Student Council, Gym Show l IANICE Y. BRUNK: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show VIVIAN ELAINE BULLEN: Choir, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Melody Queen's Court page j7fIz'4'11 DONALD A. BURGE: Gym Show ELDON F. BURROUGHS: Honor Roll two semesters GERALDINE BURROUGHS: Glee Club, Transferred from Griclley, lllinois, l943 ROBERT D. BURTON: Gym Show, Honor Roll-one semester EDWARD L. CHAMPION: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Senior Play, Trans- ferred from Coral Gables, Florida, l943 BARBARA ANN CHESTER: Art Review, Honor Roll -one semester KARL FREDERICK COOK: Football, Student Council, Officials Club, Gym Show, Art Review, Senior Play, Tcxttler Staff SHIRLEY IUNE COX: Band, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show IEAN E. CROSS VELMA L. CROUCH: Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show ROBERT IUNIOR CUTLER: Football, Basketball, lunior Class Vice-President, Choir, Student Council, Otticials Club, Gym Show, Art Review, Senior Play, Glee Club, Tuttle: Staff, Iunior Red Cross MARY A. DAVIS: Gym Show, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show RUTH I. DAY: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show WILLIAM DEPOY: Gym Show IOHN DICKESON: Glee Club, Choir paw' sUI'f1'm1 ELEANOR LOIS DICKEY: Gym Show, Glee Club BETTY DIXON MARGARET L. DONHAHUE: Debate, Gym Show, Glee Club TED DONALDSON GOLDIE L. DUMAS: Choir, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show IUNE E. DUMOND: Gym Show, Glee Club NORMA IEAN EBERHARD: Debate, Band, Student Council, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Tcrlller Staff, Honor Roll-seven semesters DARWIN G. ELLEDGE: Football, Officials Club, Gym Show, Glee Club DOLORES M. ELLEDGE: Gym Show, Art Review, Ushers Club GEORGE IR. FEDORE: Officials Club, Gym Show HAROLD FINLEY: Football, Basketball, Officials Club, Glee Club, Variety Show, Gym Show MARGARET R. FORBES: Gym Show, Art Review, Glee Club CYNTHIA I. FORGASH: Debate, Gym Show, Art Review, Senior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show VIRGINIA LOUISE FRENCH: lunior Class Secretary, Choir, Student Council, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review, Senior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, G.A.A., Tattler Staff, Honor Roll five semesters, Sextette ANNA F. FRUCCI: Gym Show, Glee Club pugr .w1'f'ulrm1 FRANCES FRUCCI ELLEN IANE FUNK: Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show IOHN W. GILLETTE: Football, Track, Iunior Class President, Senior Class President, Student Council, Officials Club, Gym Show, Tattler Staff, Honor Roll-tour semesters ROBERT WAYNE GISH: Football, Debate, Student Council, Officials Club, Gym Show, lunior Play, Glee Club DALE GLOSSENGER: Gym Show ROBERT V. GOLDAMMER: Choir, Gym Show, Honor Roll-two semesters DONNA IEAN GOODLING: Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll---one semester SHIRLEY IRENE GOODLING: Choir, Gym Show, Senior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Tattler Staff, Honor Roll-tour semesters THELMA MAY GOODMAN: Glee Club, Honor Rollfthree semesters IOHN GRAHAM: Football, Basketball, Gym Show ELIZABETH M. GRATHWOHL: Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll-three semesters ALICE LORRAINE GRAY: Ushers Club, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Melody Oueen's Court WILLIAM IOSEPH GREGOR: Track, Choir, Gym Show, Senior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Tuttle: Staff, Honor Roll'-one semester DAVID FRANK GRIFFEE: Band, Band Bounce, Gym Show PHIL HADSELL: Choir, Officials Club, Gym Show, Art Review, Senior Play Glee Club, Variety Show, lunior Red Cross, Tctller Staff, Game Assistants Bleaclier Squad, Band Bounce page vightevn LOIS JEAN HAHN: Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety slow, Honor Roll-two semesters, Sextette BEATRICE NORA HALEY: Gym Show, Glee Club, Honor' Rollfone semester ROBERT IAMES HAMILTON: Track, Band, Band Bounce, Gym Show ROBERT EDWARD HANCOCK: Golf PEGGY HARPER: Choir, Student Council, Gym Show, Senior Play, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show HANBY PAULINE HASS: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show WILLIAM LEROY HASSINGER: Gym Show PATRICIA DELLE HAVILAND: Student Council, Gym Show MARIAN EDITH HAWKEN: Honor Roll-seven semesters RICHARD HENDERSON: Student Council, Officials Club, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Tattler Staff IAMES F. HIATT: Band, Student Council, Band Bounce, Gym Show C. BENNETTT HILL: Gym Show BETSY IONA HIPSHIER: Gym Show MARIE IAMESON: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Bancl Bounce, Transferred from Coleman, Texas, 1943 JANET LOUISE IERUE: Gym Show page Him-tffmz IEAN IOHNSON: Senior Class Secretary, Choir, Student Council, Gym Show, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll-V one semester DORLENE MAE IONES: Choir, Gym Show, Honor Roll-two semesters MARIORIE IONES: Gym Show CECILY KANE: Gym Show, Glee Club, Honor Roll three semesters KENT S. KASER: Debate, Gym Show VIRGINIA M. KAUFMAN: Choir, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, G. A. A., Transferred from Battle Creek, l94l PATRICIA ANN KELI.: Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, G.A.A., Sextette, Ir. Librarian, Honor Roll--two semesters CLARA I. KLIMEK: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show WESLEY KLOKO: Football, Choir, Gym Show, Glee Club BEATRICE IRENE KLUTE: Student Council, Gym Show, Iunior Play, Honor Roll-A one semester BETTY LOU KNAPP: Band Bounce, Gym Show, Iunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Ushers Club, Honor Roll---two semesters RAYMOND E. KNAUF: Gym Show DELLA IOAN KOONTZ: Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review, Iunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Tattler Staff, Honor Roll-two semesters MARTHA KRAUSE: Gym Show, Tattler Staff, Honor Roll--seven semesters IOHN LABERTEAUX: Basketball, Gym Show page fIl'l"l1t!l PATRICIA IOAN LAKE: Choir, Gym Show, Art Review, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Shcw Cheer Leader MARGARETTE A. LOOSE: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show BETTY IEAN LUNDBERG: Gym Show SUSANNE H. MAKOWSKI: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show MARY LEE MARLIN: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Cheer Leader MADELON E. MARTIN: Choir, Gym Show, Senior Play, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show Melody Oueen's Court IEAN M. MCINTIRE: Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Sextette BONNIE MILLER: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, llonor Roll -one semester MAE ADELL MILLER: Glee Club, Honor Roll- tour semesters SHIRLEY MILLER: Gym Show Glee Club Variet Sh H , , y ow, onor Roll-two semes- ters STANLEY MITCHELL: Football, Gym Show MARY ANN MOLICA: Gym Show, Glee Club IERRY B. MONEHAN: F , , , , ym Show, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show GERTRUDE E. M ootball, Basketball Choir Officials Club Band Bounce G OYER: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review OMER OTIS OAKS: Officials Club, Gym Show, Senior Play, lunior Play, Glee Club page twenty-0110 TREVA MARGUARETTE ORT: Student Council, Gym Show DONNA YVONNE PALMER: Art Review, Glee Club, Transferred from Evansville, Indiana WILLIAM I. PAYNE: Officials Club, Gym Show ETHEL M. PERRY: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Transferred from Edwards- burq, Michiqan, 1942 IOY LOUISE PETERS: Debate, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Be- view, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll-V four semesters THEODORE I'I. PETERSON: lunior Class Treasurer, Student Council, Gym Show, Tennis IANET POLLOCK: Honor Roll-two semesters IACK H. POWRIE: Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Variety Show DONALD L. PRIEST: Gym Show RICHARD KEITH PRINCE: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show SAMMY PULLANO: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Student Council, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show MARY ALYCE RADKA: Gym Show RUTH VIRGINIA RAIH: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show CHARLES RAYMOND RAMSBY: Band, Gym Show, Variety Show IOHN EDWARD REID: Officials Club, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show pagv twen ty-two SHIRLEY M. REIDENBACH: Choir, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show IACK EMIL RENNER: Gym Show ROBERT ALLEN RICKS: Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Snow, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Octet, Tattier Stfrft, Honor Roll-four semesters ROBERT H RISTAU' Band Orchestra Choir Stud nt C l . . , , , e ounci, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review WILLIAM ROBERT ROSSOW: Debate, Student Council, Gym Sliow, Art Review, Iunior Play, Honor Roll-tour semesters EVA , , , a ie y Show, Stage Craft Club, Projector Operator, Octet N DICKSON BUTTER: Track Manager, Choir, Gym Show Art Review Glee Club V r' t ARMAN IVAN RYOR: Gym Show BERNADINE A. SALLACK: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll-one semester PAUL RICHARD SCHAEN: Deb Game Assistant, Honor Roll-seven semesters MARGARET I. SCHLOSSER: ate, Staqe Crait, Projector Operator, Tultler Staff, CHARNLE , , , u , Variety Show, Sextette, Tattler Staff, Honor Roll-eight semesters Y DARDENELLE SCHNOOR: Choir, Band Bounce Gym Show Art Review Glee Cl b IOAN MARIE SHIRK: Honor Roll-eseven semesters DORIS E. SHORT: Student Council, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show LEON I. SMITH: Band, Orchestra, Student Council Band Bounce Gym Show Variet 1 1 f Y Show, Honor Roll-one semester ROBERT LEE SMITH: Transferred from Muskegon, Michigan, l942 page twerbty-three HAZEL M. SNOUWAERT: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show KATHERINE C. STEIGELY: Debate, Gym Show, G. A. A., Honor Roll' seven semesters ROBERT A. STEINBAUER: Football, Debate, Senior Class Vice-President, Band, Student Council, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll 'five semesters IAMES H. STEINER: Gym Show, Glee Club RICHARD HENRY STRAUSS: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Gym Show MARILYNN I. SUSS: Gym Show, Tuttler Staff, Honor Roll -three semesters, Transferred from South Fiend, lndiana, l942 IAMES A. THAYER: Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council, Officials Club, Gym Show, Glee Club KENNETH A. TIBBS: Football, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show IAMES D. TICKFER IMOGENE TRAVICK: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Gym Show, G. A. A., Tennis DVVIGHT LAVERNE TRUESCHEL: Choir, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll-one semester EUNICE MAE TUESLEY: Gym Show, Ushers Club STANLEY VAN GILDER: Football, Track, Gym Show, Glee Club IOE VAN LUE: Officials Club, Gym Show, Game Assistant ROBERT M. VINING: Glee Club page' flrvlzfy-fozri' FRED VOLLMAN: Officials Club, Gym Show, Game Assistant IULANE A. WAITE: Honor Roll-one semester IOAN CAROLYN WALKER: Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Game Assistant W. KEITH WALTER: Gym Show, Glee Club ROBERT A. WALTERS: Officials Club, Gym Show CLARE EUGENE WEBBER: Gym Show RUTH LUCILLE WELSH: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show DOROTHY RUTH WELSHER: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor Roll-three semesters IOSEPH BERNARD WHITE: Football, Choir, Student Gouncil, Officials Club, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review, Senior Play, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Bleacher Squad, Tattler Staff GENEVIEVE E. WICKLER: Gym Show, Honor Roll-two semesters IOYCE A. WINGEART: Student Council, Gym Show, Glee Club, G. A. A., Game Assistant, Honor Roll-five semesters ALLAN D. WITHAM: Choir, Student Council, Band Bounce, Gym Show, Art Review, Iunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Game Assistant WINIFRED I. WOOD: Gym Show IOHN C. WORRELL: Football, Student Council, Officials Club, Gym Show, Senior Play, Glee Club, Game Assistant KATHERINE BERNIECE YOUNG: Gym Show, Glee Club, Variety Show page twenty-five LELAND F. YOUNG: Choir, Officials Club, Gym Show, Glee Club LEONA YOUNG: Gym Show LOIS IEAN YOUNG: Glee Club DORIS E. ZECHLIN: Student Council, Gym Show, lunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Game Assistant, Honor Roll -two semesiers DONALD S. ZORDEL: Basketball, Oflicials Club, Gym Show, Game Assistant IRMA IEAN HARTMAN: Gym Show, Glee Club fno picturel Eugene VanDusen: U. S. Army Wallace Hipshier: U. S. Army Air Forces Dale Richev: U. S. Armv Samuel Gillette: U. S. Army lim Bacon: U. S. Army Robert Etzcorn: U. S. Army Air Forces Niles Stewart: U. S. Novv Bruce Schaber: U. S. Armv Air Forces Marvin Ruetz: U. S. Army Air Forces Vlfalter Neese: U. S. Army Air Forces Ierry Smith: U. S. Ax-mv Air Forces lack Manders: U. S. Marine Corps Iordcm Gault: U. S. Navy LaVerne Helt: U. S. Army These are the boys who would have been members of the Class of l944, had the war not intervened. We honor them for their patriotism and the best Wishes oi our entire school qo out to them Wherever they may be. page twenty-six Tattler Staff IOHN GILLETTE: As Editor-in-Chief he bossed the job. MARILYNN SUSS: She divided the typing duties with Martha Krause and helped on every part of the book. IOE WHITE: He wrote sports, compiled statistics, and kept the staff in a good humor. MARTHA KRAUSE: She did her share of the typing and had a part in every staff activity. KARL COOK: Another sports writer and general handy man. VIRGINIA FRENCH: She drew the cartoons and designed the Ex Libris plate and cover. PHIL HADSELL: He helped with the writing and did most oi the publicity. IANET RICE: The only lunior on the production staff, she handled the "Who's Who" de- tails almost single-handed and made herself generally useful. PAUL SCHAEN: Under his direction as Managing Editor the business staff broke all records for Tattler subscriptions and advertising sales. CHARNLEY SCHNOOR: She scheduled nearly two hundred picture appointments and supervised the mounting of pictures. Because of her, Mr. Frank was able to take over sixty group pictures in only one day's shooting. BOB CUTLER: He helped with the publicity campaign. BILL GREGOR: He canvassed the town in search of advertisers. tSuccessfully, too.J BOB RICKS: His glib tongue persuaded advertisers that they needed space in our book. DICK HENDERSON: He topped all other salesmen in volume of advertising sold. GEORGE DELPIRE: Cno picture? Utility man. Always around and always busy. Mr. Walker, as usual, kept an eagle eye on the finances, signed all contracts, and saw to it that the business staff functioned smoothly. Mr. Bacon looked after the production end of the publication. ., A page twenty-seven HBACKWARD, TURN BACKWARD. OH TIME-" On this and the two following page-s we present the members of the class of I944 as they ap- peared in l040, micl-way through their junior High careers. See how many you can recognize without referring to the names beneath the pictures. MISS CInEVERIN'G'S ADVISORY-9B Fourth Row: Leroy Fowler. Wallace Bowerman, Kenneth Albin, Vvalter Goodline. john Dickeson, Donald Adams, Bennett Hill, Robert liemminger, Harold Finley, jordan Gault Third Row: Donald Hartline, Archie Barkman, Harry Cole, Tonimy Humphreys, Calvin Bonner, Ted llinklc, Duane Fisher, jack Byrne, Donald Burge, Vondell Goldammer, Richard Borsos Second Rcw: Velma Crouch, Annabelle Hansen, Patricia Haviland, Donna Goodling, Muriel Gorton, Betty Dads, Frances Frucci, Richard Asmus, john Graham Front Row: Barbara Chester, Vivian Bullen, Shirley Fredericks, Fayetta Grahl, Miss Clevering, l,ois jean Hahn. Betty Dixon, Goldie Dumas, Theda Mae Green MR. BRADI'II!LD'S ADVISORY-9B Fourth Row: Kenneth Tibbs, Marvin Ruetz, Frank Long, john Laberteau, Stanley Van Gilder, jerry Smith, George Natusko, Leland Young, Edwin Ridinger Third Row: john Syson, Robert Steinbauer, jack Powrie, Roger Peterson. Grover Smith, Ben Molina, Glenn Mathews, Robert Risteau, Ted Peterson, Leon Smith Second Row: Bernieee Pollock, Florence S, Skinner, julane Waite, joan jenkins, Mary Alice Radka Druisells Wiedenback, Dorothy Welsher, jack Priest, Robert Vining Front Row: Evelyn Morrose, june Riley, Ramell McNeal. Imogene Travick, lVlr. Brariheld, Amanda Righter, janyce Smith, Charnley Schnoor. Norma Nichols page tzrerzty-eight MR. BAI.AS'S ADVISORY--SA Fcurth Row: Calvin Cross, Darwin Elleclge. Robert Etzcorn, Charles Brown, Robert Adams, LaVerne Blank, Bill DePoy, Keith Arbuckle Third Row: Martha Bigger, Bonnie Brunk, Barbara Brockway, Eleanor Dickey, Eva Bisko, Delores Elledge, Donald Elledge, Donald Arnold, Richard Carnes Seccnd Row: Edith Brewster, june Dumond, Norma jean Eberhard, Margaret Donahue, Bernice Alf bin, Norma jean Albright, Marian Eckert Front Row: Betty Lou Blanchard, Mildred Clark, Donna Curtis, Mr. Balas, Bob Cutler. Ruth Al' bright, May Davis MISS BACHMIANUS ADVISORY-8A Back Row: Donald Harrold, Clarence Goodman, Donald Gilbert, Marvin johnson, Theron llessey Vlfilliam Gregor, james Hiatt, Robert Gish, Paul Cerold Third Row: Clayton Hemphill, Robert Herrick. Wallace Hipshear, Robert Hancock, Walter lamerson Billy Gillispie, Wilbur Ganger, Billy Hassinger, john johnson Senund Row: Irma jean Hartman, Peggy Harper, jean johnson, Margaret Forbes, Cynthia Forgash Dcrlene jones, Lorraine Gray, Ellen jane Funk, Dorothy Hapner Front Row: Beatrice Haley, Barbara Harrell, Florence Henry, Marion Hawken, Miss Bachman. Vir ginia French, Shirley Coodling, David Griffee pllgfr fu'z'nfy-Ninn' MRS. KLOPI'ENS'.'l.'EIN'S ADVISORY-SA Fourth Row: Bill Kater, james Martin, William Krisher, Stanley Mitchell, Charles Ramsbv, Robert Pavne, Viffesley Kloko, Bruce Miner, ,lack Mander, Donald Priest Third Row: Bonnie Mae Miller, jean Melntyre. Loretta Purdy, Louise Orrick, Shirley Riedenback, ' K P bl , jack Parker john Porsoska, Omar Oaks William Payne Sieve Koziatek, enton ee es , Q , Sccord Row: Margaret Loose, Nora Makepeace, Susanne Makowski, Ruby Randall, joy Peters, Treva Ort, Dorothy Nafe, Betty Lundberg, Mary Molica Front Row: Betty Lou Knapp, janet Pollock, Beatrice Klute. Mrs, Klopfenstein, Mary Lee Marlin. Patty jo Lake, Della Koontz, Patricia Kell MR. SMITH'S ADVISORY--8A Fourth Row: jimmy Thayer, Chrissie Schrader, Tom Stratton, Niles Stewart, james Tickfer, Donald Znrclell, Dickeson Rutter, Robert Walters, Keith Walters Third Row: Benny Wolfinger, Bob Storms, Bruce Schaber, William Thomas, Robert Ricks. Bill Ros- sow, jimmy Steiner, Betty jean Syson, Lorraine Smith, Mildred Sonnenleiter' Second Row: Kathryn Steigely, Anna Willard, Winnefred Wood, Joyce Wingeart, joan Walker, Genevieve Wickler, Eunice Yasel, Katherine Wogoman ' ' ' Z hl' M . Smith, Dale Witham, joe Front Row: Leona Young, Patty Zlelinski, Doris Short, Doris ec in, r White, John Worrell fllljlt' Ihirly IN MEMORIAM This page we humbly dedicate to those brave sons ot Niles High School who have given their lives for our country. May we be ever mindful ot their heroic sacrifice. Their names shall live as long as men cherish the ideals of courage, loyalty and unswerving devotion to duty. Frederick P. Amon 'William G. Halstead Henry Hancock William T. Owen Robert Brown Robert Cain George H. Miller Ioseph Kools Ioseph Klimek Lawrence Lehr Richard H. Strong Iames laynes Harry Walters Clarence Stoops Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class of 1939 of 1938 of 1938 of 1935 of 1938 of 1941 ot 1940 oi 1939 of 1939 of 1933 of 1936 of 1936 of 1935 of 1938 page thirty-one ,,w-swf 'iv "Q ss, ex.-g Juniors and Sonhomores Charlotte Hess, Secretory Iohn Rodgers, Treasurer page fllrirfy-fl11'm MR. G'EBBY'S ADVISORY-11A Fourth Row: Darvin Anstiss, Benny Abbott. Richard Carey, john Crocker, Leon Asmus. F11 Bohm. Bill Cashbaugh. james Cooney, junior Calder Third Row: Paul Cooper., Bill Coquillard, Arthur Bowman, john Clark. Clarence Britton. Warren Armstrong, Vlfilson Carpenter, Percy Bosler. Norman Allen Scrond Row: Eleanor Curtis, Marjorie Burligham, Sally Atkinson. Charlotte Coleman, Mary jane Crouch, Elisabeth Borsos, Anna Mae Carlson, joyce Barthel, josephine Casey Front Row: Iris Cooper, Barbara Adams. joan Cooper, Mary Louise Britton, Mr. Cebbv, Audrey Burrows, Marilyn Brockway, Clara Adams MISS KIDDERNS ADVISORY--11A Fourth Row: john Foster, Kenton Fisher, Daniel Drolet, Virgil Felhauer, Stanley lfarr. Charles Dreibelhis, W'ard Deutscher Third Row: William French, Tony Frucci, Eugene Fullbright, Herbert Forbes, Robert Fisher, Williixvii Downey Second Row: Lugene Davis, Dorothy Dorn, Donna Domer. Leota june Frry, Margaret Frost, Leonora Fisher. Mary jane Fox, Anne Frucei Finnt Row: Betty jane Gould, Ruth Dick, Marilyn French, Miss Kidder, janet Erickson, Margaret Cogley. joyce Gentry MR. LEH1VIAN'S ADVISORY-11A Fourth Row: Clifford jackson, Robert King, Rodney jack Hand, Russell Cunder, Frank jackson Third Row: Bernard Huff, Nony Johnston, Lucille Kesick Second Row: Elsie juhasz. Darlene jones, Virginia I-'mneine Klingler. Barbara Hatfield Front Row: Betty Lou Hinkle, jacqueline Huber, Helen Hessey, Robert Graham, Robert johnson, , Anita jones. Bernadette Knoll, Eugene Kools Herman, Dorothy Hartranft, Marv Krell, Haley, Mr. Lehman, Geraldine Hill, Beatrice llammon, Charlotte Hess MISS WHARTON'S ADVISORY-11A Fourth Row: Alden Miller, Camden Miars, Allen Miller, Ed O'Toole. jack Maurer, Charles Lunger, Clarence Mclntyre Third Row: Leon Laws, Richard MeQuaid, Louis McCrory, joan Morse, Mary Moyer, Melvina Ort Second Row: Virginia Marizita, Nanette Martinsen, Mary jo Mack, Victoria Mcliienzie, Gertrude Markham First Row: Mary Ann Lepel. Esther Olinghouse. Miss Wharton, Phyliss Olinghouse, Madclvn Laws MISS SWAN"S ADVISORY-11A Fourth Row: Eugene Peacock, Dick Rayburn. john Rodgers, Louis Peters, Tom Prenkert, Arthur Regenos, Elias Sager, Edward Schadler, Gordon Quick, joe Schmueser Third Row: Raymond Parker, Russell Queen, jack Schweinzger, jack Parker, Denver Pointer, Lloyd Rooks, George Poscharscky, Paul Peterson Second Row: Barbara. Schaber, Pat Schrumpf, Bonnie Schnoor, Marcia Pedersen, Louise Posthumus. Geraldine Rubin, Dorothy Rouse, Virginia Schrader Front Row: Clara Schaen, Eleanor Parker, Betty Petersen, Miss Swan, Ruth Richardson, Barbara Robbins, janet Rice MISS TALBURT'S ADVISORY-11A Fourth Row: Wesley' Tonl-tin. Bob Wood, Bob Williams, john Wegner, Gene Vargo, Bob Statler, Dave VVetmore, john Wolf W , . . . ,rl Third Row: Danny Williams, Dlck VanTuyl, Bill Skalla, Lois Zimmerman, Luella Thompson, a ter Wilson, Lewis Webster, Gene Southworth Second Row: Mary Zordell, Edna Vetter, jerry Trussell, Nancy Toney, janet Wittniack, Alice Singer, Zeta Zerr, Mildred W'olter First Row: Mary Louise Tickfer, jean Sittler, Suzanna Taylor, Miss Talburt. Rhea Warren, Oneta Smeltzer, Mary Smith MR. RASMUSSEN'S ADVISORY-11B Fifth Row: Robert Sheeler, Robert Bonner, Verlin Davis, Eugene Cannady, Richard jones, Verlin Zimmerman, David Korman, Oris Aldrich, Duane Asmus Fourth Row: Henry Martin, Frank Travick, Lyle Etzcorn, Nathan Rayburn, Louis Meyer, Robert Burge, jerry johnson. Duane Cusick Third Row: Donald Pears, james Crocker, Bill Eggleston, Barbara johnson, Betty jo Medders, jean Otluwski, Beverly Donnelly, Joyce Seeberger, Mary Louise Hess Second Row: Betty Geishert, Virginia Goodman, Patricia Baker, Mary Lowe, Betty Deibler, Shirley Blank, Beverly VUellingham, Esther Bruce Front Row: Marion Walker. Alice Cano, Elaine Rutherford, Mr. Rasmussen, Jennie Thomas, Bette Rae Eberhard, Charlene Cates MR. DEWITT'S ADVISORY-10A Fourth Row: Bob Bosler, Gene Adams, Paul Binns, Dale Barber, Norman Arnold, Harold Bradheld, lltlgh Anderson, William Barthel Third Row: Charles Bath, Robert Adler, Ruth Burns. Eloise Briggs, Charlene Easso, Gerald Brown, Rienholdt Atlergott, Ralph Boersoma Second Row: Marilyn Bailey, Phyllis Berry, Norma Bates, joan Albaugh, Mary Ann Beehler, jac qucline Anderson, Mary Catherine Bechtel Front Row: Evelyn Burge, Mary Burdue, Mr. DeWitt, Betty Baily, Barbara Brodie, Betty Brumfield Not in picture: Peter Blanta, joan Albright MISS DEATHS ADVISURY-10A Fturth Row: Daniel Culp, Fred Clubb, Albert Conover, Edward Fife, Eugene Fender, Leonard Corey, Max Del-'oy Third Row: Dick Callahan, Phyllis Cochran, joyce Clark, George Delpire, Robert Cr-ipe, Richardhfain Second Row: Mary Dickey, Frances Cain, jewel Crouch, Marjorie Cusick, Elanor Fisher, loan Forlvr Front Row: Arthur Coleman, Robert Forgash, Miss Deal, Eunice Cox, Doris Fitz, Eloise DePov MISS JONES'S ADVISORY-10A Fourth Row: Richard Graham, Ronald Gosline, james Green, Richard Hart, VVilliam Griffin, jack llipshier, Lee Frame, Eugene Gorton, joe Grathwohl Third Row: William Gombosi. Raymond Hockmuth, joe Funk, Leo Grathwohl, Roy Gulbranson, Herbert Havens. lrene Griechen, Barbara Hintz , Sc-cond Row: Beatrice Grinage, Pauline Hoisington, Betty Hahn, ldamae Gillette, joan llofhnan, Carolyn Gulbranson, Barbara Gosline, Beverly Herman A - - ' a -. ll'b Front Row: Marilyn llandshaw, joan Geiger, lrene llipshier, Miss jones, Gladys Howell, Arlvxe 1 nar. Martha Hickerson Not in Picture: Luther Harrell Eugene llill. jim Gillette, Mary jane Gay MR. PAYNIFS ADVISORY-10A Frurth Row: Ted Lundgren, Clennard Kenfield, Edward Martin, Robert johnson, Williarri Hradel, Dick Krater, Donald Huston, William Huber, Rex McCombs Third Row: james Hunziker, Harold Kaufman, Donald Morris, james King, Betty McBride, Florence Mulsch, Lillian Merritt, Christine johnson Second Row: William Leonard, Barbara Mellon. Mary McLaughlin, Norma Mendel, Mary Linsenmier, Peggy Kuebli, Betty Luke, Marian jones Front Row: Delcie johnson, Dorothy Lundberg, Norma Mitchell, Mr. Payne, Marilyn Moore, Virginia llunt, Patricia Kools MISS THOMSON'S ADVISORY-10A Fourth Row: Stanley Radewald, Milo Ruetz, Bill Rogers, Charles Niels. john Skalla, Harold Shields, ,lack Sl-Calla Third Row: Dick Noble, Francis Norris, Sally Roberts, Flora Riddle, julia Orias, Frances Snouwaert Second Row. Gay Leo Secor, Louise Ort, joyce Springsteen, Dorothy Schanbacher, Margaret Oling hc rise, lrene Schadler Front Row: Edith Perry. Patricia Righter, Miss Thomson, lona Runnels, Kathryn Rogers MRS. ZINKE'S ADVISORY-10A Fourth Row: Paul Winquist, john Starck, Garland Stanley, jack Vlfeiler, Fred Stoops, jack Nxfelsher, llerbert Young Third Row: Marjorie Arlene Young. Mary Ellen Vore, Norma Webber, Betty Wages, Patricia Steigely, Rosemary Whiteside, Marjorie Ann Young Second Row: Barbara Williams, Norma Vernon, Norma Stafford, Eleanor Yaw, Phvllis Steere, W Betty orm Front Row: Duane Ullrey, Vivian Williams, Mrs. Zinke, Mary Alice Wolf, joyce Wilkinson MISS POE'S ADVISORY-10B Fourth Row: john Hesser, Paul Grahl, john Downey, Stephen Blackmond. Charles Donaldson, Dennis Dunnivan, Norman Cross Third Row: Ethel Eldridge, Charles Eden, Donald Duis, jack Cox, Fred Cribbs, joan Carlson, Helen lieady, Second Row: Phyllis Grieffe, Doris Hulett, Ernestine Everman. Adamureene Hassinger, Gloria Baird, Elaine Best A Front Row: Margaret Ditlmar, joan Colcord, Miss Poe, Betty Donley, Mary jane l'rucci MISS BRITTINUS ADVISORY-10B Fourth Row: jack Vogelsang, Boyd Prater, Dick Wadel, Melvin Knapp, Bill Lagoni, Tom Saratore Third Row: Wanda Weaver, Chester Stokely, Donald Wallace, Rodger Tibbs, Frank Jeffries Second Row: jean Siebert, Josephine McKienzie, Norma Salisbury, joan Merrill, Jacqueline Langston, janet Kiger Front Row: Mildred Knapp, Evelyn Marlin, Nancy Robinson, Charlene jeffries, Sue Reum page forty-mm Miss Poe's ciass sweetens Spanish with song. Here they are about to open those Spanish sonq hooks and warbie. "Man may work from sun to sun, but Womans work is never done." Miss Thomson instructs one oi her home economic ciasses in the art ot keeping the home tires burning. lllljff' ffwty-turo Orqanizations SENIOR HIGH BAND Fifth Row: lienry Martin, Barbara Smith, Beatrice Wanko, Norma Bates, Leon Smith, Ed Champion, Jack Powrie, Bob Steinbauer, jerry Trussell, Charles Albin, -lack Welsher, Norma Vernon. Williani llahn Fourth Row: jack Bunbury, Mickey fierce, Charles Van Arman, Richard Prince. Robert Hamilton, Richard Strauss, Clifford jackson, Garland Stanley, Bob Wood, Ward Deutscher, Ronald Gosline, Bill Rogers, Mr. Sollman Third Row: Forrest Mills, Burton llurlbutt, Robert Smith, Verlin Davis, Bob Ristau, Norman Cross, Bill Eggleston. Charles Bath, Hugh Anderson, Leonard Corev, David Griffee, Bill Leonard Si-cond Row: Barbara Robbins, Norma ljberharcl, Mary Faith Chambers, Virginia Warfl, Eva Sweis berger, joan Carlson, Pauline lloisington, Anna May Carlson, Max Depoy, Sam Pullano First Row: Marie jameson, Elaine Rutherford, Margaret Frost, joy Peters, Barbara Brodie, Bob Forgash, Dan Drolet, Marjorie Cusick. Delcie johnson, Marion Wzalker, Mary Lowe lllID-UJINTLI2 CONCERT Cn March l7, l944, the band and orchestra gave their second annual con- cert sponsored by the lnstrumental Music League. This year the concert teatured student conductors. The tirst among these was Sam Pullano under Whose direction the band played "The Thundererf' a march by lohn Philip Sousa. The second number on the program was an over- ture, "Poet and Peasant," by F. Von Suppe, under the direction of Henry C. Sollman, the regular conductor. Pauline Hoisington conducted the next number, "Cinemaland Parade," by Clarence Wheeler. Then under the baton oi Bob Ristau the band played "l Love a Parade" by Harold Arlen. The Manhattans, whose picture appears on page 76, Were teatured next on the program by playing modern dance selections. Under the direction ot Mr. LeBar the boys' octet sang "Men ot the Merchant Marine," by Fred Waring and lack Dolph and "Ay, ay, ay," arranged by Stickles. The orchestra appeared next with Leon Smith conducting the first number, "Gipsy Overture," by Merle l. lsaac. "Spiritual Negreu and "Song ot lndia" arranged by Dave Bennet and played by the orchestra under the direction ot Henry C. Sollman completed the program. The Winter concert closed with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. ,wyv fm'l,lf-four TWENTIETH ANNUAL BAND BOUNCE Vivian Charlotte Hess Mcxdelyn Bullen Melody Queen Martin PROGRAM The Twentieth Annual Band Bounce was presented on April 13 and 14 by the Instrumental Music Department under the direction of Mr. Henry C. Soil- man. The program was in the form of a radio script, with loseph White making the introduction and Bobert Cutler acting as announcer. The Iunior Band op- ened the program by playing the "Interstate" march, accompanied by two groups of baton twirlers. Their next selection, an overture, was followed by a clarinet quartet playing "Variations on a Theme by Mozart." They concluded their part of the program with "Salute to the Laurelsf' Mr. LeBar's girls' sextette sang two numbers, "Take loy Home" and "In the Still of the Night." These were followed by a double quartette singing "Wyn- ken, Blynken, and Nod," with Pat Kell as soloist. The Senior Band opened their part of the program by playing "The Niles Loyalty Song" which was followed by "Hymn of the Soviet Union" and Flan- dria." A triple trio under Miss Poe's direction sang two numbers, "Amaryllis" and "My Shining Hour" as a fitting introduction to the highlight of the evening, tne presentation of the Melody Queen, Miss Charlotte Hess, and her ladies-in- waiting, Madelon Martin and Vivian Bullen. They were introduced by Mr. Bacon. After the presentation V-of gifts by the Instrumental Music Department they were escorted to their seats of honor at the foot of the stage. Then Senior Band continued the program by playing some of the top songs from the hit musical "Oklahoma" This was followed by "Bill Board March" featuring baton twirlers, Ioy Peters, Margaret Frost, and Marjorie Cusick. One of the most popular numbers of the evening, "She'll be Comin' Bound the Mountain," was presented next. lt was broken up into different ways and forms in which it could be played, such as, the "Spirit of '76," Elephants, Gar- den Beets, and Bugles. As a tribute to the men both present and absent in the armed forces of the country, a medley of service songs was presented. Then all the service men in the audience were asked to come up on the stage during the playing of "The Air Corps March." The program was concluded by the playing of the "National Anthem." ' page forty-fit-.' THE CHOIR Fifth Row: Pat Lake, Ellen jane Funk, Louise Posthumus, Marie jameson, Thomas Prenkert, Robert Qutler, Robert Ricks, james Cooney, Dickeson Rutter, Bill Gregor, Leonard Corey, Shirlev Goodling. janet Rice, Rhea Warren, Beatrice llammon, joan Walker Fourth Row: Vivian Bullen, Marilyn French, Mary Moyer, Mary McLaughlin, Stanley Radewald, Curland Stanley, john Foster, jerry Monehan. john Wolf, Elias Sager, Richard Van Tuvl, Mary Kiell, Mary Ann Lepel, Marion Walker, Lillian Merritt Third Row: Ruth Dick, Geraldine Rubin, Virginia Kaufman, Betty jo Medders, Lewis Webster, Rus sell Cunder, Ronald C-osline, Gene Southworth, Danny Williams, Dale Witham, Lloyd Rooks, Dorothy liarlranft, Betty Lou Hinkle, Della Koontz Second Row: Melvina Ort, Lugene Davis, Bonnie Schnoor, Clifford jackson, William Rogers, jack Maurer, Phil lladsell, VVesley Kloko, Bill Downey, Virginia French, Peggy Harper, Dorothy Welsher, jx an johnson Front Row: Elaine Rutherford, Lois jean llahn, Pat Kell, Charnley Schnoor, Zeta Zerr. Ralph Boersema, Russell Queen, Mr. LeBar, Charles Eden, Dwight Trueschel, Raymond Hochmuth, Betty Crathwohl, Suzanne: Taylor, Bernadette Knoll "Creation" This year the schools only Easter program was Franklin LeBar's apt pres- entation ot l-laydn's immortal "Creation" The choir Worked all prior to Easter arranging and rehearsing the program which was tinally presented the Sunday hotore Easter at the Methodist Church. Barbara Malotte, a soprano soloist, came from Chicago to handle the numerous parts. Other solo parts were taken by Walter Boyolston, tenor, and Evan Rutter, bass. The operetta came as a sur- prise to music lovers as a pleasant addition to the vocal departments minstrel show, a touch-up version of the annual Variety Show. The choir this year, under Franklin LeBar's direction, has concentrated upon holiday testivals. At Christmas time the choir conducted a Vesper Serv- ice at the Methodist Church. prryff' .t'ru'ly-six GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Firth Row: Vivian Bullen, Mary Moyer, Betty jo Medders. Thelma Goodman, Donna Coodling. Mar- garet, Forbes, Cecily Kane, Doris Zechlin, Eleanor Dickey, Rhea Warren, joan Walker, Beatrice Haley, lima Hartman, Anna Frucci, Pauline Hass Fourth Row: Hazel Snouwaert, Shirley Miller, Ellen jane Funk, Mary Davis, jean johnson. Pat Lake, Snirley Reidenback, Shirley Coodling, Mary Krell, Virginia French, jean Mclntyre, Beatrice Hammon, Betty Lou Hinkle. Mary Ann Lepel, Dorothy Welsher Third Row: Margarette Loose, Mary McLaughlin, Clara Klimek, Zeta Zerr, Shirley Cox. Marv Molica, Ruth Day, Lorraine Cray, Mae Miller, Della Koontz, Ethel Perry, Bonnie Schnoor, Bonnie Miller, Margaret Donahue, Sue Makowski Second Row: Bonnie Brunk, june Dumond, Ruth Welsh, Betty Lou Knapp, Marilyn French Welma Crouch. Ruth Dick, Ruth Raih, Charnley Schnoor, Betty Grathwohl. Cynthia Forgash, Donna' Prlmer, Joyce Wingeart. Barbara Brockway, Peggy Harper Front Row: Lois Hahn, Pat Kell, Bernice Sallack, Lois' Young. Doris Short, Mary Lee Marlin, Mr. LeBar, Suzanna Taylor. Madelon Martin, Ruth Anderson, Bernice Young, Virginia Kaufman, Catherine MISSISSIDDI SHOW BOAT On May 25-26, l944, the music department presented its annual show under the direction of Mr. LeBar. He was assisted by Miss Clevering, Miss Poe, Miss Sprague, Mrs. l-loffmaster, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Sollman. The choir, girls' glee, boys' glee, girls' sextet, boys' octet, triple trio, and spe- cial choruses furnished the music. The first part of the performance, featuring a Mississippi Show Boat, pic- tured the river craft slowly coming into view, while a tenth grade chorus sanq "Here Comes Dat Show Boat." The whole countryside was waiting for the boat. Dressed in gay costume they greeted friends as the boat tied up to the river wharf. The master of ceremonies was lack Worrell. The costumes of the gay 90's were very picturesque. They were made of an attractive sateen material. The different colored lights enhanced the beauty of them and made a lovely setting. One of the specialty numbers was cleverly done to the tune of "Strolling Through the Park" by the junior girls. There was a tap dance executed by some ninth grade girls to that perennial favorite tune "Yankee Doodle." The girls' glee club sang "When Day ls Done" and "l-leah de Wind A Blowin'." The boys octet sang an old time Negro song, "De Glory Road." A laughable skit, a human Xylophone composed of boys instead of tones added much enjoyment to the show. One of the tones was off-key, and it took truch hard work by all to get it in tune. Sherlock Holmes and Watson also added much to the show. Continued on p. 487 Boller page forty-sown SENIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA Fourth Row: Robert Smith, Richard Strauss, Sam Pullano, Arthur Jaeger, Verlin Davis, Robert Wood. Hugh Anderson, Bill Hahn Third Row: Pauline Hoisington, Barbara Robbins, Garland Stanley, jerry Trussell, Robert Ristau. Richard Prince, Mr. Sollman Second Row: Virginia Ward, Eva Sweisberger, Marie jameson, Barbara Brodie, Anna Mae Carlson. Leon Smith, Max DePoy, Leonard Corey Front Row: Doris Eggleston, Ed Champion, Stanley Farr, Ellen jane Funk. Pat Baker, Marv Lowe, Marion Walker, Delcie johnson "Show Boat"eContinued from p. 477 A cornet trio composed of Garland Stanley, Mickey Fierce, and Mr. Soll- man played "Scherzando." This was written by Mr. Sollman and received much applause. The chorus sang with appropriate gestures "Some Little Bug Will Find You Some Day." Some gals gave riddles and poems that were received with much approval. The second half, the olio, took place inside the show boat. The setting was a huge Negro mammy's head. The second half opened with the chorus singing "Alexander's Ragtime Band." This was followed by a banjo number and a harmonica duet. After this a vocal duet was skillfully done to the tune of "Nobody" which was made fa- mous by Bert Williams, The girls' sextette sang that all-time hit parader "Surn- mertimef' The interlocutor, Omer Oaks, made his grand entrance by bursting forth from the mammy's mouth. He was dressed in white tails. There were eight end men, Leonard Corey, Dan Williams, Bill Downey, Denver Pointer, john Wolf, Russell Queen, Bill Leonard, and Dickson Rutter. They all wore wigs and added an abundance of merriment with their quips and actions. The choir sang some numbers with appropriate actions. They were dressed in typical minstrel costumes with collars, ties, hats, in chartreuse and magenta. The numbers included "l Got Plenty of Nothin'," "Set Down, Servant," and "Going to Heaven on a Missouri Mule." V The show closed with that ever popular number, "Hallelujah" from "Hit the Deck" by Youmans. From the remarks made by the audience the show was enjoyed as much by the audience as the music department enjoyed putting it on. pugfr' f0I'fjl-l'ij7llif BOYS' G-LEE CLUB Fourth Row: james Cooney, Edward Martin, jack Maurer, Robert Ricks, james Steiner, joe White. D, kr . . , . lc f-son Rutter, jerry Monehan, William Gregor, Fli:lVlOllS Bender, Richard Van Tuyl, Elias Sager. Lugene Gorton Third Row: Robert Steinbauer, james Thayer, Clifford jackson, Robert Cutler, Ronald Gosline. Gene Southworth Robert Gish Keith Walters john Foster Danny Williams D l Wth k ' . , , , ' , ae i am, jac Wcnrrcll Second Row: Stanley Radewald, Richard llenderson, Thomas Prenkert, Kenton Fisher, Russell Gun der, We'l 'Kl k . Ph'l H d ll R ' ' " ' s ey o o 1 a se . aymond Hochmuth, Dwight Trueschell, William Eggleston Front Row: Ralph Boersema, Charles Bath, Russell Queen, William Rogers, Elaine Rutherford, ac' companist, Mr. Leldar, Don Arnold. Lldyd Rocks, Rohn E. Reid, Willialn Leonard, Duane Ullrey OCTET AND SEXTET SL-cond Row: Lewis Webster, james Cooney, Russell Gunder, Robert Ricks, Gene Southworth, Dickson Rutter. Elias Sager, William Downey Front Row: Patricia Kell, Lois jean Hahn, Suzanna Taylor, Charnley Schnoor, Virginia French, jean Mclntyre page forty-orinfr STUDENT COUNCIL Fifth Row: Stan Radewalri, jim Thayer, Bob Steinbauer, john Gillette, john Rogers, Charles Lungcr. llarold Kaufman, Charles Eden, Bill Eggelston Fourth Row: Charlotte Coleman, janet Wittmack, Norma Stafford, Dan Williams, Bussell Gunder, l.eon Smith, Bob Gish, Bill Rossow. Don Arnold Third Row: Betty Gould, Charlene Basso, Delores, lVlerrill, Sue Reum, Betty Brumfield, Marv Krell. 'Yi rv Ann Lepel Norma Eberhard loan Carlson. Seizoncl Row: Leanora Fisher, Beatlriiee Klute, ldamae Gillette, Gay Senor, Rosemary Wliiteside, Peggy llarper. joyce Vifingeart, Marion Walker, Delcie johnson First Row: Mr. Marks Beatrice Grinage, Charlotte lless, joe White, jean johnson, Bill Cnshbiugh, Paul Peterson, Mary Dickey Miss Cleverinqs Art room is crlwoys busy. page fifty gr, HQ 'B fel jaw ' G. A. A. wg 5. Q34 Viv 'lhird Row: Merrilyn llavens, ,Ioan Clogswell, Barbara Simpson, Beatrice Wanko, Norma Webber, Betty Donley, julia Orias Second ROW: Nanette Martinsen, Sarah Ricks, Margaret Mead, Norma Stafford, Eleanor Yaw, Marion VL alker Front Row: Dorothy Hartranft, Bonnie Schnoor, Rita Bedinger, Miss Sprague, Virginia Kaufman, Bax bara Sehaber USHERS Tlrird Row: Mildred Knapp, Mary Hess, fharlotte Coleman, Clwarlene Basso Second Row: jean Sittler, Elisabeth Bnrsos, Pat Schrumpf, Zeta Zerr Front RCW: Marilyn lfrcncli, Lorraine Cray, Betty Lou Knapp, Catherine Boller, Mary jane Crouch page fifty-one GAME ASSISTANTS Fifth Row: Rox Mcfombs, Jznnes King, john Downey, Oris Aldrich, john Sl-Calla, llarold Shields, John llchssf-r, Dull' Xwitharn Fourth Row: Phil lludsell. jim Gillette. joe Funk, Boyd Prater. Robert Bosler, Eugene Fender. Don liuis, Melvin Knapp Third Row: Bill foquillarfl, Bob Gish, Paul Schaen, Bill Barth:-l, Dick Kaier, jark Hipshier, Daniel Culp Smtond Row: George Delpire-, Charles Eden, Dave Korman, Karl Cook, Don Zordvl, Stan Mitt-he-ll, Bob Cullvr First Row: Arthur Coleman. Bob Forgash. Dick Noble, Richard llockmuth, Tom Sarzatorff, Donald Whllzice, Mr. Vi'hitwam CHEER LEADERS I-mnk ,Im-kson, Be-rnadette Knoll, Patricia Lake, Mary Lee Marlin, Dick lVlcQuaid 1l'ljlF fifty-two Mr. Bocorrs fourth hour chemistry clolss Wotches Dorothy Hdrtrcmft demon suoto o test for some hidden chemical. page fifty-three I-lere's how you look from the other side ot the steam tables in the cate- teria. The lady in the foreground is not camera-shy. She just happened to be adjusting her glasses when the tlash bulb blazed. Excellence in typing is attained only through constant practice. pffgw fifty-fum' FOOTBALL Fourth Row: joe Funk, mgr.g Bob Steinbauer, jerry Nlonehan, Ed O'Toole, Bob Etzcorn, Bob Gish glgrirllazgriaxlglosliigerrssgzg Bill Cashbaugh, Stan Mitchell, Harold Finley, Stan Van Cilder, Bob 2iiTgr.i gmrbcgslin lvgtlrrwam, John Graham, jack Worrell, Joe White, Karl cook, wan Wilson, Bob giIQ1:l2EdRow' Cliff jackson, Bud Elledge, Verne Blank, john Gillette, Wes Kloko, Kenneth Tibbs, Don FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Date Niles Opponcnz Opp. Place Sept. 24 6 South.Bend Cath. 6 here Oct 0 South Haven 0 here Oct 8 7 Buchanan 7 there Oct l5 6 St. Ioseph l2 here Oct 22 l3 Dowagiac l4 there Oct 29 13 State High 0 here Nov. 5 0 Three Rivers 20 there CONFERENCE FOOTBALL STANDINGS Team Won Lost Tied Percentage Dowagiac 4 1 0 .800 Three Rivers 3 l l .700 South Haven 2 l 2 .600 St. Ioseph 3 2 0 .600 Niles l 3 l .300 State High 0 5 0 .000 tTie games count as one-halt game won and one-halt game lostj page fifty-six SEASON At the end of the school year in Iune of 1943 no one was sure that Niles was going to have a football team, as both our coaches, Iames Tuma and Bernard Meyers, had left forthe service. When the season began to roll around, however, Mr. Ioseph Whitwam took over the job of coaching. This was all added to his regular duties as a physical education instructor, which was larger this year than ever. before because of the loss of the Iunior High instructor. Mr. Whitwam took on the extra work and responsibility very willingly and both the school and the team owe him a vote of thanks, which we Wish to express here. Practice got under way on September first and the team began to prepare for the first game with South Bend Catholic. The game was played' here and the two teams battled it out to wind up with a six to six tie. Niles kept possession of the ball during most of the game but just couldn't seem to get it over that goal line more than once. The next game was here also with South Haven. It was a cold wet day and the two teams battled up and down the field only to end the game in another tie, this time nothing to nothing. The boys then moved out of town to play Buchanan. It proved to be a bad night for them and the game ended in another tie, seven to seven. This made the third tie game and every- one began to think that we had a jinxed team. The next game, however, the spell was broken, although not for the better. They played St. Ioseph on our own field and went down to defeat by a score of twelve to six. Next on the list came the Conference champs, Dowagiac. This game proved to be the best CContinued on page 64.7 ' VARSITY FOOTBALL ROSTER Name Position Weight Height Class Karl Cook E 155 5' 11" Sr. Wesley Kloko T 150 5' 10" Sr. Harold Finley T 165 5' 10" Sr. Bob Etzcorn E 170 6' 1" Sr. John Graham G 160 5' 9" Sr. Iack Worrell G 145 5' 9" Sr. Stan Mitchell G 170 5' 10" Sr. George Poscharscky G 150 5' 9" lr. Paul Peterson C 145 5' 9" Jr. Iohn Gillette C 175 6' 1" Sr. Ed O'Toole T 182 6' l" Ir. Cliff Iackson T 162 5' 7" Ir. Stan VanGilder E 162 5' 11" Sr. Ierry Monehan E 160 6' Sr. Bob Gish E 150 5' 10" Sr. Bob Steinbauer T 170 6' l" Sr. Bob Cutler QB 145 5' 9"' Sr. Bill Cashbaugh QB 147 5' 10" Ir. Don Arnold HB 135 5' 8" Sr. Walt Wilson HB 157 5' 7V2" Ir. Ioe White HB 110 6' 8" Sr. Kenny Tibbs HB 150 5' 9" Sr. La Verne Blank FB 204 6' Sr. Bob Statler FB 165 5' 10" Ir. page fifty-seven - - 'fi -x f .ll I SECOND TEAM ' Fourth Row: George Delpire, jack Schweinzger, Fred Clubb, Norman Arnold, Ray Beck, Lewis VUebster Third Row: Arthur Coleman, mgr., Dick Kater, Lee Frame, jim Gillette, Harold Kaufman, Bob For 2:-1Sh.mi:IH ' 'JZ Second Row: Coach Hamilton, Rienholdt Altergott, Dave Korman, Darwin Anstiss, Dave Wetmore, Curlv Bradfield, Danny Williams Front Row: ,lack Shridvr, Bill Downey, Bill Barthel, Eugene Gorton, Gene Vargo. Leonard Corey, jack Mauer FOOTBALL BANOULT The fifth annual testimonial banquet to the hiqh school football team was held on December 13, l943. The banquet was aaain sponsored by the Exchange Club of Niles. The after-dinner ceremonies were opened by Coach Ioseph WhitWam's in- troduction of the football squad. Mr. Stuart B. White then qave a short talk on the season. The toastrnaster then introduced the quest speaker, "Moose" Krause, head coach of basketball, and assistant coach of football at the Uni- versity of Notre Dame. He qave a talk, "Football and the War." He then closed the ceremonies with pictures of the Iowa Seahawk-Notre Dame football game. puyr' fifljf-fij1l1I CONEERENCE, DISTRICT AND REGIONAL CIIAMRIONS Fourth Row: Stanley Radewald, Dan Williams, Harold Bradfield, Norman Arnold, jack Vogelsang, Harold Kaufman, Bill Lagoni, Harold Shields, Gene Cannady, Reinholdt Altergott Third Row: Tom Saratore, Bill Downey, Arthur Coleman, Dick Noble, Ray Hochmut Rogers, Charles Eden 1 h, joe Funk, Bill Second Row: Athletic Director Whitwam, Coach Ham, jack Hand, john Wegner, Charles Dreibelbis, Bill Cashbaugh, Eugene Gorton, Ed Martin Front Row: Walter Wilson, Paul Peterson. Don Arnold, Bob Cutler, Don Zordel, jerry Monehan, john Laberteaux 1943-44 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Niles Tuesday, Nov. 23 34 Buchanan Friday, Dec. 3 25 Washinqton S. B. Tuesday, Dec. 7 33 Washington Clay Friday, December 10 Three Rivers Friday, Dec. 17 South Haven Friday, Ian. 7 State Hiqh Friday lan. 14 St. Ioseph Friday, lan. 21 Dowaqiac Friday, lan. 28 Three Rivers Tuesday, Feb. 1 Buchanan Friday, Feb. 4 South Haven Friday, Feb. 11 State High Friday, Feb. 18 St. loseph Friday, Feb. 25 Dowaqiac TCDUBNAMENT PLAY Friday, Mar. 3 Dowaqiac Saturday, March 4 St. loseph Saturday, Mar. 11 Sturgis Thursday, March 16 Grand Rapids Christian Here Here Away Here Away Here Away Here Away Away Here Away Here Away At St. loseph St. Ioseph St. loseph Kalamazoo page fifty-nim' CONFERENCE STANDINGS TG'-Ulm Won Lost Pct. NILES 8 2 .800 St- lose-ph 7 3 .700 State High 6 4 ,500 Dowaqigc 4 6 .400 South Haven 3 7 .300 Three Rivers 2 8 .800 DON ZORDEL, a senior, was the only skyscraper on the Viking front five A Don was the man who carried all the heavy work under the basket Tip ins were his specialty and he could usually be counted upon for fourteen points per game. A one sport man, Don devotes most of his time to playing and training for basketball. One of the best basketball players this school has seen Don will be missed next year like no other one man. BOB CUTLER was the mouthpiece for the Vikings and did most of the talk- ing about, with, and for the team. Passing was Bob's foremost attribute and his passes set up many a bucket. Along with passing, however, he did his share of scoring and fell short of Cashbaugh and Zordel by only a slight margin. His teammates honored him by electing him honorary captain for the season at the annual letter presentations. Bob graduates in Iune, and his constant jabber will leave the Niles locker room comparatively and pleasantly silent. BILL CASHBAUGH was a hard hitting, pile driving, guard of the Niles varsity. By dead eye long shots, expert passing, and fine leadership, Bill made himself a familiar and consoling sight to Niles fans. Bill scored more free throws than any other one man on the squad and was second in number of field goals. Bill is strictly a fightin' man but reserves it for the gridiron and the hardwood. A Iunior this year, Bill will be back next year to lead the Viking spearhead. page siazty DON ARNOLD, although the smallest man on the squad, deserves a large share of the laurels accorded the team. His speed and outstanding defensive ability added to a great fighting spirit made him a standout and a favorite with the crowds. Fans will remember him also as a half-back on this year's eleven. This is Don's last year of competition. WALT WlLSON'S forte of intercepting passes and dribbles put more than one opponent on unsteady ground during the past season. Despite his lack of height, Walt was always able to keep his man under control. As a football player he made his mark with his kicking and running ability. Niles fans will be glad to know that Walt has another year of competition. IOHN WEGNER started the season as a member of the reserve team, but his continued fine performances soon earned him a place on the varsity. Unorthodox shooting was Iohn's greatest love, and it placed him in a class apart in the eyes of his coach and the fans. A junior, Iohn will be a boy to i watch next year. JOHN GRAHAM, an aggressive football guard, carried his fighting spirit to the basketball court during the early part of the season. Repeating his role of guard, his stocky figure was a familiar sight of the hardwood until gradua- tion ended his career at mid-season. HAROLD FINLEY took a large share of the laurels as the basketball sea- son got underway. However, graduation at the end of the first semester stole him from the team. "Scoot's" performances as a rugged member of the Niles' football line helped to make him a well known Niles athlete. IOHN LABERTEAUX is a senior and leaves the squad this year. Iohn was Don Zordel's understudy and hence spent most of the season on the bench. Being the tallest man on the squad, lohn was an artist with tip-in shots. The annual free throw medal went to Iohn this year with twenty-four out of thirty, the highest score ever achieved and possibly an all time high. pane' sixty-our EUGENE GORTON received the distinction of being the only sophomore on the varsity. As a result of his hard-driving game, "Ieep" was brought from the reserves to the varsity Where he ably kept up the traditions of his class. Big and talented, he should be an asset to future Niles teams. IERRY HBERGH MONEHAN was one of the boys who had a ringside seat all year but saw action from a purely objective viewpoint. A senior, ferry was one of the best boys on the squad but ineligibility at the beginning of the sea- son kept him out of the line-up. Blond-haired, blue-eyed, Irishman, Ierry's last minute entrance never failed to ring forth shouts of glee from girl fans. Famous for his puns "Berg" kept bench morale high throughout the season. punt' si.1'ly-llro PAUL PETERSON is a junior this year and will be back next year. Paul didn't get in much this year but kept life on the bench lively by organizing his famous "Pineboard Kids" of which he made himself a charter member. Paul will probably graduate from this club next year and be seen by Niles fans as an important cog in the Viking offense. CHARLES DREIBELBIS, a junior, is another of the boys who won a posi- tion on the varsity through outstanding work with the reserves. "lake" won the admiration of his teammates through his self-enforced training rules. He is an other Viking who Will bear watching next year. IACK HAND, lanky Iunior, came up from the second team about tournament time. He played center this year and shows a great deal of promise for next year's varsity. Basketball Season From the first starting Whistle to the final gun Niles basketball fans en- joyed a thrill-packed and exiciting season. Emerging from the season's compe- tition as conference and regional champions the Vikings added another glo- rious page to their long basketball tradition. The season began with Coach loe Whitwam holding the reins. After seven games he turned them over to a former Niles athlete, Coach Frank Ham. Basing their attack on a fast break and pivot system they won fourteen out of eighteen games. Spectacular pass interceptions and brilliant ball hand- ling more than once spelled the difference between victory and defeat. The boys went to the district tournament Wearing a conference crown. In five thrilling and closely contested games they added the district and regional champion- ships to their laurels. State championship hopes died with the 42 to 40 defeat at the hands of Grand Rapids Christian. Hopes of the Niles fans for a successful season next year are well based upon the nucleus of returning veterans from this year's season. pagn szxtu flu rv Athletic Director Whitwam and Coach Ham, with a pride in the team which we all share, put the newly won "Oscars" away in our bulging trophy case. FOOTBALL SEASON CContinued from p. 577 that the team played all year, even though they were pushed under by the small but decisive sum of one point. lt was a good hard-fought game but Niles just had one of those bad breaks that they seemed to have all season. The score was fourteen to thirteen. The next week-end the team stayed home to whip State High by the score of thirteen to nothing for their only victory of the season. State High had one of the leading teams of the Conference, which proves that Niles had the stuff but just couldn't get around to using it. The last game was played at Three Rivers. The team went up ready to issue another defeat, after being pepped up, and urged on by a huge pep meeting after school. The tables were turned on them, however, and the final score was twenty to nothing in Three Rivers' favor. Niles held them very well the first half and even made some pretty close attempts at scoring, but the last half tne team seemed to lose control. Despite the poor record Niles had a good team this year, but they just couldn't get going and it also seemed that the breaks went against them hard and heavy all season. ' SENIOR PLAY CContinued from p. 697 voice that accompanies an habitual sphinx-like expression. He is dignified at all times, fastidious and dresses well. Mr. Coburn, Dottie's father, is very ably portrayed by jack Worrell. He is a successful business man turned politician. He is on the Board of Censors in Boston-of some wealth, just enough to be snobbish. He explodes rather easily, but tries to maintain his dignity. The first cop, was played by Ed Champion. He is the intellectual type of policeman-a career man. He tries very hard and wants to be obliging. The second cop, played by Bill Gregor, is the dumb but earnest type. Even if you drew him a diagram he would not understand it. The play went off with great success wtih a full house both on Thursday and Friday nights. patgfr si.1'fy-fmu' bSh H nd Row: Gene Cannady, Bo eeler, Camden Miars, Bob amilton, Henry Curry, LaVerne Blank, Wood, Bill Downey, Walter Wilson, Coach Smith F t Row: Bill Gregor. Marvin Ruetz, Dale Mills, Ed Hradel, Henery Nliswick, Bill Dick, Walter N , Arthur Dieball, Paul Peterson, Russell Guncler IO45 TRACK Niles Opponent Opp. Place 73 1.16 Iohn Adams 30 576 South Bend 44 1,6 Dowaaiac 59 576 Dowagiac 54 1,52 S. B. Central 49 172 South Bend 40 112 Benton Harbor 45V2 St. loe 43 Benton Harbor 58 1,12 Washinqton Clay 45 172 Niles Conference Meet Area Meet 1. Dowaqiac 52 7,410 1. Dowaqiac 2. Three Rivers 37 9710 2- Sf- loseph 3. Niles 3. St. Ioseph 36 7710 At Kglamczoo At Dowaqiac 4. Three Rivers 4. Niles 84 7710 5- Hastings 6. State High 5' State High 11 7. South Haven 6. South Haven 10 8. Alleqan 48 32 V2 30 295 155 12 10 4M page siavtyefive Productions l i Top Row: Madelon Martin, Bob Cutler, Peggy Harper, joe White Second Row: Phil Hadsell, Cynthia Forgash. jack Worrell, Shirley Goodling Bottom Row: Virginia French, Omer Oaks. Bill Gregor, Ed Champion jhllfll' George , Norman ,. Mrs. Garnett Tony .,,,,,..,,,,. Muriel .,,,, Kate ,,,,. Marge ,.,,, Dotty ,,..,o,,,,, Mr. Coburn Mr. Kenny C Mac ,, ,,,r loe si.rlj1-:fight The Dlauers Phil l-laclsell ,i.,,r.,,,rBob Cutler Virginia French loe White Shirley Goodlinq Cynthia Forqash .,,,r,.Peqqy Harper Madelon Martin .lack Worrell ,,,,,,,.Omer Oaks r,,,,Ed Champion r. ,.r,,, Bill Gregor "Out of the Fruinu Dem" On May ll and l2, the Senior class presented the comedy "Out of the Frying Pan" directed by Miss Pearson in the high school auditorium. The play was a great success enjoyed by both adults and students. The story of the play is entertaining. Three young men and three young women are sharing an apartment. They are would-be stage folk and they have been 'driven to this community scheme by the lack of economic security. lt is a whacky plan they have in mind, for the apartment they rent is immediately above that of a Broadway producer who has quite a hit running and is about to cast a road company. They rehearse the play which he is currently produc- ing, but the problem is--how to get him upstairs to see it? The plans are fur- ther complicated by the fact that a snippy young friend of one of the girls en- ters the picture and threatens to tell the girl's father that she is living in what could most politely be called an unusual manner. Now, it so happens that the producer is an amateur chef of some considerable ability, and right in the middle of a culinary concoction he runs out of flour. He comes upstairs to bor- row a cup. At Last! The kids have him in the house, and they aren't going to let him out until he sees some evidence of their ability. So to impress him they stage a murder scene. lt is so realistic that police swarm into the scene and the misunderstanding becomes hilarious when it is discovered the girl who is play- ing the corpse has been served a Mickey Finn. However, in spite of everything, what seems to be profitable friendship springs up, and Equity dues get paid and the landlady gets the back rent, and it looks as if the future might hold some promise for the youngsters. Norman Reese, the male lead, was very well portrayed by Bob Cutler. Reese is the capable member of the group. He takes care of things, sees that appointments are kept, watches over the others like a mother hen with her chicks. Dottie Coburn, the female lead, was done by Madelon Martin, who did an excellent job in the part. Dottie is the "Dumb Dora" type, but quite cheerful and happy about everything. She is the baby of the crowd-aged 18-but seems to be even younger than that. Marge Benson, played very well by Peggy Harper, is secretly married to Tony Dennison, another of the boys in the apart- ment. She is young, dark and attractive and a little more serious than the others. She also seems a little older than the rest. Tony Dennison, the other half of the couple, was well presented by Ioe White. Tony is the handsomest of the three boys. He is tall and deeply sincere, but is inclined to be a bit discouraged at the moment. Kate Ault, the cynic of the crowd, was very well done by Cynthia Forgash. She has probably been in New York trying to get a "break" in the theater for a longer time than any of the others. George Bodell, played by Phil Hadsell, was a lazy and completely good-natured young man. His voice is slow, and he has a dry flat way of saying things. These represent the six youngsters in the apartment. Mrs. Garnet, very ably portrayed by Virginia French, is their bewildered and uncomplaining landlady. She is never quite sure whether she is watching a play or a scene from real life. Probably the answer to it all is that behind her whimsical exterior she is envious, because she is stage struck, too. Muriel Foster, played by Shirley Goodling, is Dottie's friend from Boston. She is petulant, suspicious, and later on, woe-begone, with a voice like a tired Minnie Mouse. In spite of all this, she is not unattractive. Arthur Kenny, very well portrayed by Omer Oaks, is a middle-aged man with a dry, unemotional CContinued on p. 647 page sixty-nine Cln order of appearance? Burleigh ,---, ............................................ H obert Wood PiCkleS ..-e..., ......... F rancine Klinger, Bernadette Knoll Hattie ,,.... .................,.........,....,.........,..... I ean Sittler M019 ..... .......,. M ary Ann Lepel F10 ...-........... ....... C harlotte Coleman Pee-Wee .. .... ...... B eatrice Hamrnan Miss Dibble ...... ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, I anet Rice Lillian Haller .... ,,,,,,,,, M ary Moyer Helen Martin ..... ,,,,,,., A11 ita Iones Myra Parsons .......... .............. ...... .......,........... B h e a Warren Lt. Tony Hamilton ........ ....,... I ack Schweinzger, Dan Williams Sgt. Reid ................ ..a.n........................... N orman Allen Duke ....... ........ C larence Mclntyre Pete ....... .......... C harles Lunger SYNOPSIS On November 18-19, 1943, the Iunior Class presented a three act comedy, "Pickles Becomes a Lady." The play, written by Hilda Manning, was directed by Miss Dorothy Bridgen. Helping her were Mary Io Mack, student director, and Suzanna Taylor and Louise Posthumus, prompters. The setting is The Dibble School for Girls, a small private country school, and the central character is Editha Fair, or "Pickles," as she is known to her schoolmates. Pickles is a tomboy, athletic, popular, warm-hearted, but not greatly concerned with boys, clothes, or the usual things that occupy a girl's mind. One of her greatest friends is Mr. Burleigh, the school janitor, who is teaching her the methods of jiu jitsu that enabled him to win the war for General Pershing. Because of her popularity, Pickles has aroused the enmity of Lillian Haller, the school politician, who is adept at making trouble, and Pickles finds herself in deep water with Miss Dibble, the school mistress. Then two young aviators, Lieutenant Tony' Hamilton and Sergeant "Blimp" Reid-who stutters- are forced down in a crash on the school grounds. ln Tony, Pickles meets the first great love of her young life. But, alas! Tony's attentions are centered elsewhere: "elsewhere" being the charming person of Helen Martin, a young teacher. Enter the villains- -Duke and Pete-who are interested in a mysterious document of international significance which Tony is carrying: Pickles unwittingly enables them to secure this document, and her fortunes are at a low ebb indeed. But she has a staunch ally in old Burleigh, and how they turn the tables on the villainous pair makes for a startling and exciting climax.. As the play closes, Pickles has definitely crossed the line past adolescence and her tomboy days are behind her. page seventy-one TWENTY-IEOUDTH ANNUAL GYM SHOUI This school year saw the annual Gym Show pass the quarter century mark in quick even stride as usual. The show under the auspices of physical directors Sprague, Smith, Whitwam, and Ham, showed subtle shades of the war for the first time, with a conspicuous absence of rich costumes, gaudy dec- oration, and expensive lighting effects. Instead the show was centered upon physical fitness. Many of the former dancing acts were replaced by tumbling and calisthenics, which all in all made the show exactly what its name im- plied for the past twenty-five years. Some of the prominent acts were, senior girls' marching, sophomore girls' calisthenics, sophomore boys' jogging, sopho- more girls' football a' la Femme, sophomore boys' relays, junior boys' indoor track meet, and senior boys' heavy calisthenics. The final act the first two nights was the annual battle between juniors and seniors. This year the seniors, after leaving the score tied the first night, came through and won 21-27 the second night of competition. Pictured above are the victors clad in battle garb. page seventy-two -mf ---' Qggfffaniuy s WHO'S WHO Bernadette Madelon Margaret Katherine Knoll Martin Forbes Steigely Popular Prettiest Dancer Studious. Successful Virginia Iack Charlotte Cynthia Kaufman Schweinzger Hess Forgash Athletic Devoted Couple Bluiier ,among Mrs. Carter Miss Sprague Miss Wharton Prettiest Popular Assignment NO PICTURES: Louise Ort. Gum Chewer Elaine Rutherlord, Musical page Sl'l'6llftIl-f0lII' Giver ,ff III SIQNIOIZ IIIGII Iohn E ill I oe Gillette Downey Schmueser Popular Handsome Dancer " Paul Schaen Stuclious, Successful , lll K V, W, 5 I -A . ' .' 3 Q I 1 5 g 4 A Don Bob Norman Arnold Steinbauer Arnold Athletic Musical Gum Chewer Clifford Jackson Blulfer Mr. Mathews Mr. Ham Mr, Walker Popular Handsome Assignment Giver page Se'JI,'f'llt'll-fil'l MANHATTANS Left to Right: jack Powrie, drums: Marie jameson, saxophc-neg Benny Bonfoefy, saxophoneg Camden Miars. trumpet: Leon Smith, saxophone and clarinet: Sam Pullano, trumpetg Don Worrell, saxophone and clarinet: Bob Steinbauer. pianist and director Here we see the Orchestra qettinq ready tor a concert under the baton of Maestro Soliman. w page sezfenty-six Junior Hiuh MISS CROWLEY'S ADVISORY-9A Fourth Row: Bob Adams, Charles Albin, George Boller, Donald Barnes, Norman Cox. William Carr, Bob Bergenhagne. Ned Beniamin, Richard Block. Jack Bunbury, john Bowers Third Row: Mondo Bortz, Steve Birczak, Vern Cuthbert, Bob Cole, Raymond Compoe, jack Cousins, Duane Brewer, Chris Britton, Eugene Berquist, Donald Berbank Second Row: Wanda Cheney, Vivian Cochran, Mertadean Clark, Betty Ann Baker, Sally Burris, Shir- ley Bedinger, Arlene Cox, Mary Faith Chambers Front Row: Rosella Anderson, Patricia Cool, Margaret Carpenter, Shirley Cooper, Miss Crowley, lrene Cook, Margaret Conrad, Mary Cosby MR. TILLER'S ADVISORY-9A Fourth Row: David Gombosi, Roger Garst, Albert Lee Drake, Leslie Delnoy, Mickey Fierce, Dale Hauch, Arthur Hayes, Keith Gleason, Richard Dunek Third Row: Kenneth Farmer, Dale Foster. Robert Dumond. Kent Dibble, john Gillespie, Dale Frantz, john Grathwohl, William Hahn, Clifford llaimbaugh Second Row: Doris Gunder. Virginia Drewer, Esther Haslanger, Merrilyn Havens, joan Fedore, De' lures Haucl-t, joan Eisele, joan Flint, Paula Hamilton, joy Hansen Front Row: Doris Eggleston, Peggy Dickeson, Donna Mae Gould, Joyce Dayhuff, Mildred Dorn, Mr. Tiller, Deloroes Diehl, Mary Helen Flick, Betty Hean Hall MISS PHIPPS'S ADVISORY-9A Fourth Row: Walter Kater, Stanley Kubinski, Harry Herman, Thomas Kennedy, Richard Qlohnson, Richard jamerson, jack Hover, Daniel Konkey, Arthur Jaeger Third Row: Murl Lindsey, Gene Hesser, Donald Hessey, Davy Lee jones, Paul Howes, Francis Kurtis, Duane Kimball, Thomas Knoll, Burton Hurlbutt Second Row: lsabelle Hill, Margaret Latislaw, Esther Jaynes, Elizabeth Klimek, Cecelia Lfbey, Caroline Lolmaugh, Audrey Leiting, Helen Kizer Front Row: Florence Klute, Beverly Krueger, Anne Kompass, Miss Phipps, Ruth Linsenmier, Char' lctte johnson, Marie Hoven MISS CRESSWELL'S ADVISORY-9A Fourth Row: Junior Meyers, Richard Mitchell, jack O'Brien, Richard Priest, Robert Norris, Terrence Newton, William Osborn, Rolland Monehan Third Row: james McCarthy, Burdette Merica, james McQuaid, Earl Pollock, jack Plummer, Forrest Miles, Caine Pointer, Robert Miltenberger Second Row: Stephen Peterson, Dorothy McCormick, jane McVeigh, Charlene Miswick, Evelvn Mc- Laughlin, Willedean Parks, Hannah Paddock Front Row: Wanda Mehaffa, Marilyn Mattiford, Donna Mitten, Miss Cresswell, Margaret Mead, B:rta Mills, Beverly Maxwell Absent: Sheila O'Toole MISS ROCRWELL'S ADVISORY-9A Fcurth Row: Richard Sater, Lamont Renterghem, Bud Stevenson, Fred Rice, Roy Shepardson, john Siiger, Rudolph Skopec, Harry Rough, Russell Shoemaker, Alvin Randall, Pauline Smith Third Row: Elsie Reed, Larry Stover, jack Stephens, Donald Snyder, Lynette Smith, Sonny Shinall. Robert Smith, Bob Radke, Barbara Simpson, Doris Smith Second Row: Ruth Sonnenleiter, Dorothy Smith, Ruby Stover, Eva Sweisberger, Evelyn Sly, Joyce Raih, Barbara Smith, Donna Smith, Beverl'y Schmidt Front Row: Maxine Seifert. Beverly Spain, Frances Stratton, Patricia Sallack, Miss Rockwell, Louise Roebeck, Sarah Ricks, llah Reynolds MRS. CARTERRS ADVISORY-9A Fourth Row: Ted VVQ-aver, Richard Tonkin, Donald Wedel, Charles Van Arman, Willizxrii Weighart, Ira Trowbridge, Robert Turner, Dale Willianis, Rocco Ventrella Third Row: Robert Walker, jesse Tomlinson, Blair Walters, Carl Wagner, jack Van Lue, Seth Tues lvv, Alene Walters, Barbara Van Tuyle, Betty Lou Taylor Second Row: Della Welling, Grace Vandenburg, Mary Weighart, Evelyn Wsidel, Ruth Welsh. Georgianna Timm, Beatrice Wanko, Virginia Ward Front Row: Marcia Whiteside, Mary Ellen Ward, Mary Wetniore, Phyllis Wilken, Mrs. fiarter. jean Weist, Maxine Webber, Beulah Worvev MIFS PE.ARSON'S ADVISORY-93 Fiourth Row: Don Carpenter, Ed Graham, Roy Weist, Bill McLaughlin, Kenneth Burge, john Kasler, Ld Priest Third Row: Tom Mathews, Clifton Fay, Albert Lundgren, Dick Schrumpf, Louis Ehninger, Larry Mould, Betty Bruce Second Row. Donna Rossow, Alacl-Lie Gosline. Barbara Horner, joan Weist, Betty Devlu r, loan Czxgswell Front Row: Eloise Lute, Shirley Peterson, Miss Pearson, Sue Bauer, Beatrice Bruce MRS. SMITH'S ADVISORY-9B Tlzird Row: Gene Bright, Geary llubert, jack Woods, jack Bannister, Frank Miller, junior Garrett, Richard Myers, Raymond Conners Second Row: Vivian Davis, Phyllis, Russell, Verda Wilccix, Patricia McBride, Patricia Barnes, Richar-l Bonner, -lack LaNlonica Front Row: Shirley Marker, Mary Ellen Bailey, Mrs. Smith, Betty Amon, Barbara jackson, Carmella Yelape MISS PRIEMUS ADVISORY-8A Fourth Row: E. J. Swarthout, Alan Vetter, Tony Mara7ita, Frederick Weist, Tilden Weist. Alan Lutin, Mary Ann Vail, Betty Unruh, Patricia Matthews Third Row: Richard Loose, Dick Liebetrau, Virgil Mclntyre, Roger Rollins, Thomas Schweinzger, Fe-rnice Reum, Rosemary Martin, Edward Miller, jack Woods Second Row: janyce Miars, joyce Miars, Eileen Knoll, Marilyn McCoy, Marilyn Mason, ,loan Weaver, Nancy Shannon, Delores Lamb Front Row: jean Rodgers, Mary Lou Smith, Patricia Wedel, Miss Priem, Helen Waugh. Charlotte Marrs, Doris Schroeder MRS. KLOPI'ENSTEIN'S ADVISORY-SA Fourth Row: Tom Larson, Clarence Cray, Eugene Grafiord, Eugene Christner. john Daron, Bail llermn, Robert Coleman, George Dick Tl.ird Row: Tom Flynn, Richard Cook, Robert Daron, William Harris, Robert Corey, Russell Dodd, Fugene Kasler Sccond Row: Mary Dill, Delores lless, Helen Gay, Katherine Lynn, Norma jean Gouldman, Mary Bybee, Luis Dixon I l L h Fi-ont Row: Sue Hamilton. joycelyn llunt. Alene Klute, Mrs. K.opfenstein, Betty l-inch, Alovce ear , Marilyn Colcord MISS McDONALD'S ADVISORY-8A Fourth Row: Marilyn Keen, Ruby Britton, Carol Bohn, Janice Kelly, Shirley Darr, Abby Funk, Betty Crouch, Joyce Dixon, Judy Emmons Third Row: Audrey Burge, Rosemary Clark, Sylvia Carlson, Suzanne Binns, Connie Berquist, Mary Ann lvins, Darlene Cordon. Barbara Calder, Janet Beck Second Row: Billy Adams, Kenneth Carper, Ronald Crafe, Richard Barron. Burton Burnett, Harold Hochmuth, Gene Belknap, Betty Bailey, Belva Brewer First Row: Fread Eaton, Cliarles Geishert, Jim Kehrer, Kenneth Carothers, Billy Brown, Earl Barber, Jerry Hanson, Walter lioese MRS. PAYNE'S ADVISORY-BA Front Row: Betty Jane Smith, Bette Davis, Donna Montz, Elda Yaw, Mrs. Payne, Jeanine Pike, Glen- nora Schielcls. Patty Walls Second Row: Marvin Mitchell, Jack Martin, Dorothy Luck, Lucetta Schoff, Evelyn Woltrnan, Grace Singer, Charlene Schiele, Kathleen Durensky, Marian Miller Third Row: Leigh Kienzle, Keith Knapp. Harold Maxwell, Wilbur Nevill, l-'red Opfer, Karl Pegan, Bob Miles. James Wood, Norbert Turensky, Frank Stone Fourth Row: Raphael Pullano, Bob Klose, Willis Meyer, Bob Myers, Don Miles, Ted Roocl, Kenneth Reed, Jack Reider, Stanley Xvoltman, Norman Nichols MR. HUTCHINSS ADVISORY--BB Fourth Row: jerry Mace, joe Flint, Herbert Lewis, Robert Dixon, james Wegner, lack Davis, Clarence Pnel, jack Geary, Robert Lamberton, Dick VanTuyl, Robert Parker Third Row: Howard Hancock, Tom Malloy, jack Righter, Kenneth Rutherford, Dolly Travick, Ida Schmuesser, Earl Russell. Fred Baker, Tom Vandenberg, Arthur Sonnenleiter Second Row: Carleton Keen, Harry Zimmerman, Ellen jones, Donna liibbard, Evelyn Horner, Lena Yclape, Marjorie Russell, Myrna Nieb, Mary McBain, Joyce Bessemer, Charles Crawford Front Row: Bessie Vandygriff, Genevieve Miller, Edith Bolinger. Clementine Pullano, Mr. Hutchins. Bette Dittmar. Barbara Larson, joan Seeberger, Marv Ann Harlan MISS I-II-IATIPS ADVISORY-7A Fourth Row: Jack Crouch, Xvallace Eberhard, Wendell johnson, Edward Hopkiis, Clayton Cannady Raymond Fisher, George Fergison, Harold Deutscher, Robert Brown, Bernard Hatch Third Row: Clair Blanta, John Hopper, Donald Boydston, Marcia Dreher, Ann Henderson, Dare llance. Nirginizx Erickson, Dorothy Churchill, Phyllis Boht, Bob Crouch. Charles Flynn Second Row: Betty Crumb, Arlene Brewster, Djina Champion, Angeline D'Onofrio, june Gordon, Mar iorie Brockway, Marv Lou Kehrer, Joanne Borsos, Patsy Hull, Ann Cooper Front Row: Connie Harris, Norma Kendall, Virginia Binns, Dorothy Crouch, Miss Heath. Gn-tw Ar da-rson, Eleanor Hyink, Marjorie Horner, Helen Hartwell -I, MISS BOG-'U'E'S ADVISORY-7A Fourth Row: Bobby Dunifin, Robert Grahl, Gale Cox, Dalbert Fox, Robert Holy, Don llarker, Wax llickerson, Horace Crocker, Robert Hayes Lewis Geishert Frank Carolh l , . ' ers, I arry Huffman Third Row: Marvin Eisele, john Connors, Donald Carpenter, Robert Applegate, Max Cole, lfharles Burnett, Edward Amundson, Kenneth Haight, blames llarroff, Robert Griffith Second Row: Barbara Basso, Viola Gray. Joanne Gilbert, Vera liauch, Barbara Barnes. ,losephine l'ri1 yell, Mary ,lane Corwin, Katharyn Fullbright Front Row: Fay Burroughs, Nancy Edwards, Sara Abermann, Mary Ann Dennis, Miss Bogue, Barbara lfrucci, Gwendolyln Davis, Gloria llill MISS EITMAN'S ADVISORY-7A Fourth Row: Bob Oaks, Fred Koontz, David Kendall, Dale Stevens, Ronald Park, Philip Marazita. Irving Nelson. Charles Miller, jim Reum. Herbert Miller, jack Lauder 'Ihird Row: Karl Klute, Bob Koontz, Greta Olson, Mary Stanley, Elizabeth Skalla, Connie Nichol son, Marilyn Kreiger, Ronald Arbuckle, Neale Ruetz, Dannv Parsons, john Walker Second Row: Nancy Ossmer, Lucille Webber, Denis Vnndercar, Barbara Welsh:-r, Martha Mead, Dulce Pworden, Doris Kloko, Elizabeth Nicholson, jean Schoff, Billy Medders :ont Row. ,loan Muller, ,lacquelyn Myers, Patricia Martinsen, Miss Hitman, Lois Mcformick, Patricia McLaughlin. Doris Lucas, joan Zimmerman MR. HAMVS ADVISORY-'YB Fourth Row: Clifford Crocker, Bill Baurenfiend, David Berquist, john Sea h L me orn, arrv Bauehman. john Truesdell, Bill VanArman, Robert Hand, Delbert Fox Third Row: LaVerne Nevill, john Riley, Walter Culp, james Connor, Eugene Klingler, William Potter, William jones, Edward Davis, Ervin Cross Second Row: Norma Carpenter, Sally Goodling, Patricia Amon, DorothTy Mae Graham, Mariorie Peter- son, Katherine Wanko, jean Moody, Donna Fay rent Row. Doris Hibnar, Jacqueline Daus. Marilyn Rubin, Mr. Ham, Beatrice Reiter, Ernestine Brown, Sally Porsoska l 1 TRIPLE TRIO Back Row: Anne Kompass, Evelyn lVlcLaughlin, Doris Eggleston Second Row: .Beverlv Krueger, 'Beverly Schmidt Shirley Bedinger, Eva Sw ' b , . ' els erger First Row. Miss Poe, Joyce Raih, Barbara Smith, Elaine Best, accompanist page l'ijl,lf1ll'Nl'l'l'll F NF" 'TIER "- Fifth Row: jack Crouch, Charles Miller, Richard Syson, Bob Holy, Clayton Cannady, Norman Nichols, Alan Vetter, Tony Marazita. Bill lierron, Tom Schweinzger Fourth Row: Bernard liatch, Robert Crahl, Ronald Park, Max liickerson, Coach Cook, Conch Gillette, Robert Dixson, jack Davis, Bob Myers, jack Geary, joe Flint Third Row: Cliff Crocker, Robert johnson, Dale Stevens, Bill McLaughlin. Richard Mitchell. Richard Block, Richard Shoemaker. Richard Van Tuyle, Robert Coleman, Donald Carpenter Second Row: Coach jack Worrell, Bob Oaks, Ed Graham R'Jb1'rL Aflims Robert Miltenberger, Dun Iarpenter, Coach Phil llaclsell, Coach joe White, Donald Miles Front Row: Aubrey Elam, Max Cole, Lemont Renterghen, Dick Shrumpf, Bill liahn. Don llessl-V. Dick l.if-betrau, Tom lflynn, jerry Mace ORCHESTRA Third Row: Richard Rhodes, llarolnl Deutscher, Edward llopkins, Mondo Borlz, Donald Boydston. Dick Liebetrau Second Row: Marv Faith Chambers. Elaine Best, Clloria Bear, Barbara Robbins, Alene Klute, Kenneth Rutherford, Jack W'nods, Mr, Sollman Front Row: lsabel Hill, Constance Brown, joan Seebergcr. Wallace Eberhard, Alohn Walker. Hilix Shannon, Delores Deutscher, Mary Esther Stanley 4 5 BAND l-'uurth Row: Robert Koontz, Tom Schweinzger. Eddie james, Kenneth Rutherford, ,lack Davis, Marv I-aith Chambers, Richard Rhodes, jack Woods, Dick Liebetrau, Gloria Eisen, Mr, Sollman Third Row: Eugene MCCI-2.-ary, Cordon Burnett, Harold Deutscher. Edward Hopkins, Mondo Boris. lrank Carothers, George Carns, john Walker, Robert Griffith Second Row: Mary Esther Stanley, Eleanor Hyink, Alene Klute, Sylvia Carlson, Katherine Warrko, Sara Ricks, Clair McKee, Barbara Welsher, Robert Coleman Front Row: john East, Donald Boydston, Robert Oaks. Wallace Eberhard, james Ke-hrer, Kenneth Uuiothers, Eugene Grafford, Ted Rood, jack Geary STUDENT COUNCIL Fourth Row: Williain llarris, Fred Locke, Charles Ceisert, Robert Norris. Dale Hauch, Allen Vetter, Don Miles. Tom Knoll, Tom Schweinzger Third Row: Danny Parsons, Wallace Eberhard, Robert Cruhl, Russell Shoemaker, l-'red Koontz. Mundo Bortz, Jacqueline Cosline, Carmella Yelape, Betty Crouch Second Row: Barbara Basso, Mary Stevens, Dare Hance, Donna Weist. Ceorgianna Timm, Shirley Beclinger, Doris Eggleston, Vivian Davis Front Row: Mary Ann Harlan, Mildred Waldon, Donna Hibbard, Miss Rockwell, Barbara Smith. Isabelle liill WHO'S WHO Dare Shirley Nancy Anne Donna Hance Bedinger Shannon Kompass Montz Popular, Dancer Successful Bluller Gum Chewer Prettiest Ioan Barabara Billy Barbara Weaver Smith Osborne Welsher Athletic Devoted Couple Musical 'UWM Miss Phipps Mrs. Carter Popular Prettiest 1111? nincfy IN JUNIOR HIGH lack Tom Ierry Richard Bill Crouch Schweinzqer Mace Loose Hahn Popular Handsome Dancer Successful Bluffer Athletic Tom Dale Eddie Knoll Stevens James Gum Chewer Studious Musical Miss Heath Mr. Ham Assignment Giver Handsome. Popular. W Assignment Giver Wow! page u z'r1f'ly-Ono Scattered through the advertising section you will find sketches depicting the "extra-curricular activities" of some of our faculty members. Look for them and as you clo, read the messages of our advertisers Whose loyalty helps to make this book possible. When you patronize these friends, tell them that you saw their ads in the Tattler and that the school appreciates their support. J. 4 l ll L. ill 'J mi? it ' 3' f - ' lll CCQX 's' - f X l -sei if 'Wi ag Qi HUYH1 it uf, bovis? Mr. Rassmussen is a scoutmaster. This is how he keeps slender. page ninety-turo 731 A sr MONEY TO LOAN and GENERAL FINANCING 4?b Paid for Your Investment Funds OMMUNI SYSTEM 8erViw' COMMUNITY FINANCE CO. COMMUNITY CONTRACT CORP. R. W. SMITH, President Phone 88 NILES, MICHIGAN 223 N. Fourth Street W, W, 4, 4 Pork They all come io see Bill when they re-visit Ni es High and Bill is always qlad to see them. Here he finds out about army insignia from Pic. Raymond PeGan, a former siudent oi his. CBill says ihis is a sissy War and not like the one in which he rode up San luan hill with Col. Roosevelfs Rough Ridersl page ninety-fire o'o 1140 :icnju1o:o:4x:1r14:1r:4sjoj4ri1ri014x:1:1rj4pj1:11nv14:cv1o14 SUCCESS To the Class of 1944 1:04 0:0 Herman, B. 38 Herman, H. 79 Herman, V. 35 Q Herron sz, sa I Herrmann, B. Herrmann, S. Q Hess, C. 35, 50, 33, 45 Hess, D. 82 njoioioiojexiuioje SUUTH BEND ENGRAVING 81. S111 ELEUTRUTYPING 00. ING. S111 South Bend 4, Indiana Hess, M. 51, 37 Hesser, E. 79 Hesser, I. 40, 52 Hessey, D. 79, 88 Hessev, R. 35 Hiatt 19, 29, 72 Hibbard 84, 89 Hibnar 38 Hickerson, Martha 33, Hickerson, Nlax 85, 88 , B. 19, 28 Q , E. i Hi'1, G. 35 Hill, Gloria 85 i , 1. 79, 89, 88 E 86 Hinkle 35, 48, 46 I Hintz 38 Hipshier, B. 19 Hipshier, W. 29 Hipshier, 1. 38 Hlpshier, 1. 38, 52 Hochmuth, H. 83 Hochmuth, R. 38, 49, 52, Hopper 84 Horner, B. 81 Horner, E. 84 Horner, Marj. 84 Hoskins Hoven 79 Hover 79 Howell 38 Howes 79 Hradel 39 Huber, W. 39 Huber, 1, 35 Hubert 81 Huff 35 Huffman 85 Hulett 40 1-lull 84 Hunt, I. 82 Hunt, V. 39 Hunziker 39 Huston 39 Hur'1uutt 44, 79 Hvink 89, 84 lvins 83 Iackson, B. 81 Iackson, C. 35, 49 44 56 46, 75 Iackson, F. 35, 52 Iaeqer 48, 79 Iamerson 79 Q 59, 46 Iames se, 89 Q Hoese 83 lameson 19, 44, 48 46 Hoffman 38, Iaynes 79 E Hoisington 38, 44, 48 Ietfries, C. 41 i Holy 85, 88 leffries, F. 41 Enzo: 1 ixiririniviriririrz 311121121020 Hopkins 89' 84' Ierue' gf- -' f f-f----H pngr' ninvfy-six uns cm:A EBY co. GUERNSEY MILK , 1 CREAM 1 1 BUTTER GOLD FLAKE BUTTERMILK COTTAGE CHEESE CHOCOLATE MILK O O O Howard and Second Streets Niles, Michigan Jerue, B. Iohnscn, lohnson, Iohnscn, lohnson, Iohnscn, 48 lohnson, Iohnson, lohnson 46, 255, Iohnson, lohnson, Iohnson, lohnson, Iohnscn, lohnson, Iohnson, Johnson, Iohnston Barb. 37 Betty Char. 79 Christ. 39 Delcie 59, 50, 44, Dick Dorothy 86 Ie-an 20, 48, 50, 14 Ierry 37 M. Oscar Richard Robert Ir. 35, 86 Robert 10A 39 Robert 7A 88 W. 84 35 Iones, A. 35 Iones, Darlene 35 Iones, Davy 79 Iones, Dorlene 20, 29 lones, E. 84 lones, Marian 39 Iones, Mari. 20 Jones, Ray 86 Icnes, Rich. 37 35 Iuhasz Kane 20, 48 Kaser 20 Kasler 81, 82 Kasten 717171 039. 58? Q cz PE. OJ 3:39 335 5 E5 U. so U'1 UD o via 50 111viirj:x1o1sx:4x1o1u11x1zr14x:ojo1axj1x:4r:oi4rj1r:cv14x:1 io: 3 'e 111 Kaufman, V. 20, 51, 48, 46, 74 Keen, C. 84 Keen, M. 83 Kehrer, 1. 83, 89 Kehrer, M. L. 84 Keith Kell 20, 49, 48, 46, 30 Kelley 83 Kendall, D. 85 Kendall, N. 84 Kenfield 39 Kennedy 79 Kern 86 Kessick, Lor. Kessiclc, Lucille 35 Kienzie Kiger 41 Kiqgins Kimball 79 King, 1. 39, 52 Kinq, R. 35 Kirkendall 86 Kizer 79 Klimek, C. 20, 48 Klimelc, E. 79 Klinqler 35, 70 Kloko, D. 85 Kloko, W. 20, 49, 56, 46, 33 Klose Klute, A. 89, 82, 88 Klute, B. 20, 50, 30, 14 Klute, F. 79 Klute, K. 85 Knapp, B. 20, 51, 48, 30 Knapp, K. Knapp, Mel 41, 52 Knapp, Mild. 41, 51 ifxirifxianiricriqxiriirifrlniirifrzcniwriixi 0.0 Compliments of LLOYD H. KRUEGER Agency DEPENDABLE INSURANCE Savings and Loan Building 121 N. Third St. Phone 213W NILES, MICHIGAN o:oni0i1vi0ioi1r2010i1risrZ1xi1ai01c-11 'ioioiozo Doivicxierioioioiozanioioi ozoxioicriaxioicxiirioioioiozoq Wayne Lumber Co. IINCORPORATEDI Lumber and Building Materials Paints - Roofs - Coal 611 Wayne St. Telephone 1014 o:ou3uiu1- 1 I11-1niiriogoioiixioioioiqxioiqriaz r1an1n:o1o:o:o1o:4 rjoioiocszo paxicnienzcxiiriasiaviarifricrzqrilga efo A 3 0.0 A blossom a day Keeps gloom away EAST MAIN GARDENS 1521 E. Main Phone 1018 , L 'lim hungrg, N wbeveig Geb Mr. Gebby raises rabbits. He's a good man to know when you run low on meat ration points. page ninety-seven I Q Q 1 1 Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I 7q7q7R:7:717q?q7q?1 Qtpjoiozozozc ooooo::::1:1:J ' eevaffeeefl I yly1g'gg:-r:-E: i N 'oF'1643L-1F'1?7N : 1' ' sz ' cu Y' 33859235 ' 1 . U! N 2 N g 3 5 2 5 X1 Q Z 3 2 - th . S 2 Xl rv as l jf' 2 I E " PI 555555555 1 E 5'e9v22s,sS,5 Q 22 Gm P7976 7 E Z gov gv'g!"g, 333 5 Q oo Q 2 0' o I 5 Q 5 Koontz, B. 85, 89 Koontz, D. 20, 48, 46, 33 Koontz, F. 85, 89 Korman 37, 52, 58 Korp 86 Krause 20, 27 Krell 35, 48, 50, 46 Krieger 85 Kromer Kreuger 79 Kubinski 79 Kuebli 39 Kurtis, 79 Kwast Laberteaux 20, 61, 59, 28 Lagoni 41, 59 Lake, D. Lake, P. 21, 52, 48, 46, 30 Lamb 82 Lamberton, B. 86 Larnberton R. 84 Lambiotte LaMonica 81 Lendrie Langston 41 Larson, B. 84 Larson, T. 82 Latis1aw, M. 79 page ninety-eight "7Z4a zffalie .L7weline44. .l.'aaelim" Amelia Owen, proprietor Four Flags Beauty Shop Lecnord 33, 48, 44 Lepel 35, 48, 50, 46. Lewis 84 Libey 79 Liebetrau 82, 89, 88 Lillie Lindsey 79 Linn Linsenmier, M. 39 Linsenmier, R. 79 Litty Locke 86, 89 Lonuagh Lolmaugh 79 Longnecker 86 Loose, M. 21, 48, 30 Loose, R. 82 Lowe 37, 44, 48 Lucas 85 Lucker Luke, B. 39 Luke, M. 86 Luke, P. 86 Lundberg, B. 21, 30 Lundberg, Dick Lundberg, D. 39, 86 Lundgren, A. 81 Lundgren, T. 39 Lunger 35, 50, 33, 70 3 rjoioierjcxirnixrirrifvicricrifxjcrirxicxjirjojcxjcvjmnicric 0.0 6010101014 70 xioxozoqfzo oi01ci10irrZoi0ioi4vi1ri1ri1ri1si4nZ4vZ1ri11. NILES WASTE PAPER Matthews 82 Medders, B. 85 via.: ozoxicvjoioitrjcrjcxioiojcrioiodszo ogorjoioioicxioioioic ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ' . QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Duff. Q --mn-1'-nh'-1'-1-1v1f1-1.1-1"ff-4'-1vrv1f1-1-1-1p:1'-'g7v'7vp"GO HKD " oo rfozzrf .:::.:.:w'1'-v':f:ww'vvoQoogggoomoww PQ-5 N I U, 2555? PPP?P5f"f"Ppwg'2m.s.5.s.- - ewsgg-hmm N S2 53, - w USES? gw:1:mo5Q0gm B29999T'W'3gg'l53 mf, Q, I ,.,, I I ' Z . , , ,. H m N . . 53 'UZS to ww SNP Sf' 5373724 'IB Oo I If -1 I Q 5 I' . . .- SQ ,-w- ' Z gn w Q .5 - .. 3 555 5 1 5 5 g Q 1 1 :rm Q .sr-gg U' M' ' " 'U V, ' - ' F3 oo 3 i Z S QT 0 H l rf 2? ur U, U. in oo n 3 Z -5 n .- G, Lg OO Ui O Q I E I: m ' ' Q' :U ... go 31, " O -S1 Y . F e 1 m 1 2 ca 1 1 - z Q 'J me U ' I Q I 6 2 -u : 0 :J ? , .. : Q - v K g l E Q Q I I 1 gf 3 5555555555555555555555g55555555555QEQ 2' .3 O i Q 3 2 emusoo555555555W55550O3OOO0Q55gwsX552 P - - Z - 4 599-jg,gg5eE'2SEggg'3-ze'Q'af5,2329555555-2,5525 Q Z Z 2. o Q Q , Q' Ggzrfaa '4'?f?f'?1-2-3w.m555"'sg'E.5.g::ff"f"f'1 5 ' :emo I- ,gl 3 9 - - 3- ' . . . ,..,..,.,.. - - - O0 'N ff ' ' megan! 85'5"5'5'mf"f"w4eQfe'3- ?Hrr..,X,eKwP-Vgnzwfe Q I2 S E. 3 Q 5 .-Q.-, ' . ---s T. . . gp 59 ' ' ' fi' fo mmmi ww N FU ma, wi X150 I rn 2 Q Q N ,,, 3 35' -1: 35:11 mqg .-. '-D mu, Z Q - 3: CD "' ' 1' P03 ' cnwgff cd J:-X1 UND fn 1 Q Q A, on uw 59 ' SOO ,K I l w fl IO A 3 wb. 07 . V NI as 90 00 i . . U . Ov - g bio n11xi1n:1nj1rj1rjcni4x14rjcm110:0 Q: Doiojojojuioioioic B ' K ational-Standard Company Flat Braided Wire Tubular Braided Wire Special Finished Wires Lithographing' Machinery Wire Handling Equipment Wirecraft Products Flat Spring Steel Niles - - - - Michigan K N PU U 'I -VN ,V . A-,.. . , W I, "W ' U55 if ,I ,frf 1Ig"'I -' N X ,,,X,.I-Ig I-I I ,QX A I rv I X HT I QI l I K nn' 'I II ily? I A Z6 7 ' I ! My W1 1 R "God-fn' C0613 CGYQRLH W 2 QFU F550 HO D".-.m1'3.., o"'OO!f' ::SQm' 225559 cow 1 gcfbgm S5gHH gifrsfflg Q-vm 2:10:19 r-1,-4-Q,...Ul Q..S.:O 2542? AO 5 55530 Z5 41'-15 55592 3 F09- cngmtzfo IBQHED ' :YQSIL gc: om Q., Ugg? 0-S954 Qmmm 5114, +1403 I I 2 Com Iiments of 2 I P I I I 5 roun FLAGS I I I I I I HOTEL I I I I I I I 'E 010:14 EI QI Q 5I s I Q! I I I I I ! 0.4 pjq 301 xi si ri 014 ace, oiorzf Ijozoiozoxozozuzuzocpze 014 34:1 1101 rioioif Compliments of E. H. POWER SUPPLY 'U B' O 5 0 E 1 E gh 22 z Q1 WP 5 S 2 U1 Z 5, z 5. FP B' U5 FF , I !! I! II II II Q I II I I I! QI II I! II I I II S. M. SIMPSON 8z SON "Sim fr Son" COMMERCIAL ARTISTS 717 N. 13th Street AL'S MARKET 904 E. Main St. A COMPLETE FOOD LINE ALL POPULAR BEER rioioioioioi :ini 1 rinioi sinioifuioifuioioixui -in-1 -1 11 When our potrents went to school such scenes os this were undreomed of. Today, in our school, the projection roorn is in olrnost constolnt use. Here some of the boys troined by Mr. Rasmussen ore screening cr picture for orn interested clcrss. 111 111 111114 ,11111111111111111 Compliments of BANNISTER STUDIO C. H. BANNISTER 111 La: 1 1 1 11 1 1 101403 ROYAL DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 495444 FOUR FLAGS CORNER NILES, MICHIGAN 1 1y101010101010101 114 v seo 0:4 11 4:1 01 010101 010101 01 01 101 0 01 101 4: 10101 4: 01 3 54:1 11111014 1 1 Q 111111111111111? Cool: with Gas USE THE LIVE FLAME O THE GAS CO. 0 Mww an tz Zlwbuz ea. page one hlmflred on U 10101 14 010101 10101 0101010101 1 110101014310 C GEO 1 1 21 it 8"'i z 3 1 58' z P I 'lift Zi W! 1 1 ------l Tanks for Defense I 020101011114 if 11 if 14 zozoioxnxnxuzoia :mole Medders, T. Mittan 79, 86 Mehafia 79 Moliccx 21, 48, 30 Mellen 39 Monehan, I. 21, 49, 62, ldendel 39 59, 56, 48 Merica 79 Monehan, R. 79 Merrill 41, 50 Montz Merritt 39, 46 Moore 39 Meyer 37 Morris 39 Meyers, I. 79 Morse 35 Meyers, R. Mould 81 Meyers, W. Moyer, G. 21 Miars, C. 35, 65 Moyer, M. 35, 48, 46, 70 Miars, I. 82 Muller 85 Miars, Ioyce 82 Myers, I. 85 Miles, B. Myers, R. 81 Miles, D. 88, 89 Myers, Bob 88 Miles, F. 79 Miller A. 35 Nelson 85 Miller, Allan 35 Nevill Miller, B. 21, 48, 30 Newton 79 Miller, C. 85, 88 Nichols 88 Miller, E. 82 Nicholson, C. 85 Miller F. 81 Nicholson, E. 85 Miller G. 84 Nieb, C. 39 Miller, H. 85 Nieb, Iames Miller I. Nieb I. 86 Miller Mae 21, 48 Neib, M. 84 Miller, Marian Noble, 39, 52, 59, 56 Miller, S. 21, 48 Norris, B. 79, 89 Mills 44, 79, 88 Norris, F. 39 Miltenberqer 79, 88 Oaks, B. 85, 89, 88 Miswick, C. 79 Oaks, O. 21, 30, 68, 72 Miswick, I. O'Brien 79 Mitchell, M. Olinghouse, E. 35 Mitchell, N. 39 Olinghouse, M. 39 Mitchell, R, 79, 88 Olinqhouse, P. 35 Mitchell, S, 21, 52, 56, 30, Oliver 72 Olson 85 page one hundred two o'0ilvio14si0i1ni1ni0i1riuicnioi1v Jack Rosenberg Compliments of Headquarters for SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. PAINTS - VARNISHES CONTOIS WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE 'Z' 10101011 ll F! it I! it ll 3 sq O ll Qu: llnovr 1 Q 52-4 E li'-u.:Eu3 QIPZ Q 1 5 9 22 'Q it 1-4.3.3.-,-.....-. P0111 'U-cn -c:'1:J'U'G'o'o'U-o -o'o'U-o'vfu'u'U'U'u'o-o 3 mm wmmammmmfmwooooooooco QQQQQQQQQQQQQ """U""""" '1"1fD1DQ-QQ-4-1-x-1'4-1f-x'-s'--'Q- '-1-1'-'ui -0-v----'-sf-4'-M fvfbomfvfbfbmwrf -. mrvvvvvwvvvvd oom U' "" '--f--QM' f1-4--1-4-1ps4-4Q,l1,"rD,,,0:1O,,,mmq,,D -0- O 250 nn,,,fD 'ggmgfgsnf--umg 210: .,-.-,-,mag 52,,,mgr1zZ13f'3f ' I wo gg- mq' ' ' ' UI , fDpv-"9 , ' ' Psy'-DPFCTP1 -13 N sound:-r1-1' NF "mmf, 1-'OOQEUS I cn 'Um N85 ww 0:5000 O' ' 05395 mffl cf-XI' 4-1' 'D' ' A nfng' ' w.N.-3 Om ou f-"00U'r.-Jwwu' LO ' ' 217 wmvlw cow 3 mwaqbw Q 09090157301 E? no cn 5-0 UB- rfi 979' PPD O3 'P w Sn -L i Q cn w O Ut 0' - 1' 9 Og, Q 3 3 - L, 1 fo I 'u'U'u'u'u'u'v'v'o 'o'v'U-cz 'Uv 2222522222 999 ......:...:...vH.,oosoosswwm 5 -4-cs g--'--o.o.o. 1--.--,D -1::::.scnmcvo.f'2Q2U1'f':':'5""':W2."-' i o'rro.E,,,P'E"v:-wen Q94 E,QQQggI,gI,ff,m,2Fn'g,5-Q.gg52fE!m-22 - 5538-o'm.,992 D vw-333 "' m"'fD-of-w:1.1B 0033 PPWS?-' me go 2---ewog 25,058-' '94 my cr: 003- Q. ov mmm? 'tl W- wgowmggd' 3120:-4QNO Oo .L - . . www- 07 - rv' - , . Xl we - ' ' fx' was 4.0 N Q0"""N ' Sa:-0J'4Nx1 ww m' 0,00 gush I8 ,5 ' N Jim 5 17:1 as Esfnwpcoxlou N l G-,Xl Nm CO as 0-2 no Am 40 N - - to - ov ws o - NU, w w cn U., ye A m :DO to Q 53 ,Lx 0' cn co Q U, fn Lo , 4, 1 01 02.1 new do Hne. work: -- am -NWTTQWWS qhd 2 Tqp, Lehman , iff' Uwe, ' Y " fi 'ful "" 9 Ji fa W X 5. ,jiirlc Iaygx, .SAW IHA rv -606' Q1 v "T"?k""'1D'2', Mr. Marks and Mr. Lehman sell eqqs to iheir fellow teachers. FREELAND 8 HORVATH Q -in-P luamfllluc M0103 'UH TIRES, BATTERIES, WASHING 2nd and Sycamore Sts. NILES - - MICHIGAN N IX pq Iddfl Quin: ii 121111viix1u1u1o2o1u1:r1n1n 101011 9201101010143 1:1 111 1 114101 1 if iCIQOQOQl7Q4-1PQKPQK5,1l,0QOQOQOQllQllQIlQOQl l 1 J . l . M A I2 X I 2 GROCERY ae MARKET Q 933 N. sth Street 2 Phone 684 Q GRocERlEs, MEATS, FRESH 3 Ekuirs, VEGETABLES 5ODOQOQUQl ul QOQOQGQOQUQ DUQUQ lQll 2 Compliments l S NILES TOOL COMPANY i 2 120 s. llth-Phone 2162 g Niles, Michigan l Ogfrllliliiilllll li llllillillillll if if iii 71014 l l The NewestAll:':lhims in Shoes I for All the Family I Correctly lliittid ind Checked 1 Y 3Y 2 Hass Sz HAINSTOCK E BROWNBILT SHOE STORE l lll N. SECOND sr. l 11:4 ....-ug. 2 Niles Mutual Cut Rate Drug S COMPANY l E Retail Drugs and Sundries 5 Telephone 336 103 E. Main Se. Q Niles Michigan o ion: -: Q Q W S 'H 'P' 2 S Q. Y N Q. Sh O : Y r14:i:r1oic:i:r:o:1:i:xioj1:i:xq JU -qw 5 E5 : 31,5 rn gig:- X 5 G' M UI CI. I 5 'omg ffl Z :aim ffl rn 0-v5 -I 9.92 E Fl ,. N 5:15 E E '4 I5-vi . -' F .,, . E P BSU, n " 2 -5 5.0-ar 1 5 U Z 219' O 3 130 PU E : va 33-fl x F1 J., mga. us 70 2 in W r- mm ffl 1 -4 .. iz' ?' 23 pcriericxjivicnicxifriavicxicifziozo i QS ., . We 7 'm l if Donna lo Whitwcxm was born February 25, 1944. Need We say more? 'fini 1111 ivcboioiuinxri iozoxnxqig E PHONE 777 Q l Q Ready Beauty Salon l tliiiiibiibiiliililbit Cs' fum Ill EE-'Isl :Z-H 955, SA sr? you :UQ-N -if: :E-in' OHIO 52'-E '1-. "'-I DOIOIOIOI1lI1lIOI1 NILES - - MICHIGAN 0 5.01 'Z 1024014 -i WI G W WXff"i fff, -j 7 1 I' ijoicxicsioifnjoioiojoisao vioifximxioioitrioiivicvicnioifrifvicviarixvif 74lp-l'c- '7oe Beau-fe Saba ! Permanents I All lines of Beauty Work 1 225 N. 4th St. Phone 104 Compliments of Julia Schug, Prop. 1 oxo rieviasimnjfxjcricriericxiuwjimin vioioiojoiojoioicrjf 1 ! 1 1 l 1 I I I 'Q'ritriixirriuxoioioioioixxioitv 11. 2 vifinitog Reed, E. 80 Rogers, W. 49, 44, 59, 46 Reed, K. Rollins 82 Regenos 36 Rood 89 Reid, 1. A. Rooks 36-49, 46 Reid, 1. E. 22-49, 72 Rose, B, Reidenback 23, 48, 30 Rose, R. 86 Reider Rossow, D. 81 Renner 23 Rossow, W. 23, 50, 30 Renterghen 80, 88 Rough 80 - ' Reum, B. 82 Rubin 36, 46 Reum, 1. 85 Ruetz, M. 39, 28, 65 Reum, S. 41, 50 Ruetz, N. 85 Ruth Rockwell 80 Runyan, D. 86 - Reynolds 80 Runnels 39 Rhodes, B. Russell, E. 84 Rhodes, R. 86, 89, 88 Russell, M. 84 Rice, F. 80 Russell, P. 81 Rice, 1. 36, 46, 27, 70 Rutherford, E. 49, 37, 44, Richardson 36 46 Richey Rutherford Ricks, R. 23, 49, 46, 30, 27 Ricks, S. 51, 80, 89 Riddle 39 Righter, 1. 84 Righter, P, 39 Rigsby 86 Ristau 23, 44, 48, 28 Robbins, B. 36, 44, 48, 88 Robbins, Buddy 86 Robbins, 1. Roberts 39 Robinson 41 Rodgers, G. 82, 86 Rodgers, 1. 39, 50 1ohn 36, 33 Rodgers, Roebeck, 1... 80 Roebeck, M. Rogers, K. 39 page one hundred six . K. 84, 89, 88 Rutter 23, 49, 46, 30 Ryor 23 Sager 36-49, 46 Salisbury 41 Sallack, B. 23, 48 Sallack, P. 80 Salmon 86 Scrratore 41, 52, 59 Sater 80 Schctber 36, 51, 30 Schadler, E. 36 Schadler, 1. 39 Schaen, C. 36 Schaen, P. 23, 52, 14, 27 75 ' Schanbacker 39 1 Schiele Singer, G. Schlosser 23 Singer, 1. 80 Schmidt 80 Sittler 36, 51, 70 Schmueser, 1. 84 Skalla, E. 85 Schmueser, 1. 36, 75 Skcrlla, 1ack 39 Schnoor, B. 36, 51, 48, 46 Skalla, 1. 39, 52 Schnoor, C. 23, 49, 48, 46, Skalla, W. 36 28, 14, 27 Skopec 80 Schott, H. Sly 80 Schott, 1. 85 Smalley Schott, L. Smeltzer 36 Schrader 36 Smith, Barb., 44, 80, 89 Schroeder 82 Smith, B. 1. Schrumpf, D. 81, 88 Smith, Billy 86 Schrumpf, P. 36-51 Smith, D. 80 Schweinzger, 1. 36, 54, 70 Smith, Doris 80 Sqhweinzger, T, 82, 89, 88, Smith, Dorothy 80 75 V Smith, 1. 26, 28 Secor 39, 50 Smith, Leon 23, 44, 48 Seeberger, Ioan 84, 88 Smith, 1... 50, 28, 80, 14 Seeberger, 1. 37 Smith, M. Seifert 80 Smith, Mary 36 Shadler 86 Smith, M. L. 82 Shannon 82, 88 Smith, P. 80 Sheeler 37, 65 Smith, Robert 86 Shepardson 80 Smith, R. 80 Shields, G. Smith, R. Sr. 23, 44, 48 Shields, H. 39, 52, 59 Shinall 80 Shirk 23 Shoemaker 80, 88, 89 Short 23, 48, 30 Snouwaert, F. 39 Snouwaert, 1-1. 24, 48 Snyder, D. 80 Snyder, G. Sonnenleiter, A. 86 Shrider 58 Sonnenleiter, R. 80 'Shrumid, 88 Southworth 36, 49, 46 Siebert 41 Spain 80 Simpson, B. 51, 80 Spencer Simpson, C. 86 Springsteen 39 Singer, A. 36 Stafford 40, 51, 50 ozmiuinini 1 11:01 ininiuiui 110101011 MERICA9S F0011 'SIIUP x204 E. Main 0:1 nioioioloiui vi vixvisicri 14 it 1 11111104 Bill Gallager Jack Powrie Ed O'Toole Bob Steinbauer Bob Gish Jim Thompson Jim Thayer "Sonny" Henderson Ray Beck Bob Bonner Bill Skcxlla Absent Nathan Rayburn Bob Macef Winston Jamesi' 191106 mu' humlzel :fn 3 0,4 :fo by ,xoxox fini Iiozoiui ringoioznxr 1 ofovioiui 111111111 if 21 101 1- 1 1 x11 ! Compliments of ! ! KRoGER's i Super Market l Q NILES MICHIGAN ! I ! Automobile Club of Michiqan ! ! i most complete auto policy" "The broadest and ! 5 Four Flags Phone 58 vfowzui ii 1101 1:01:11 24 in 14 101010101 Q Compliments of i i WARNER RADIO i Sales and Service l l l g Phone 702 315 N. second Q NILss, MICHIGAN ! ! Q Guaranteed Service on All Makes ! Auto Radio Service a Specialty g TUBES, PARTS G ACCESSORIES Exclusive Dealer 5 STROMBERG - CARLSON Q RADIOS AND COMBINATIONS ! ozdqioilxisrioioinxioioierixiifxifriciim 11101010 page one hufndreai eight 11:31 1 1 1 1 1 111 211 in iran-1111 1:01:11 1 1 101010141 xiuiuinzm 1 :ui 1011010 SDK Q I Zh I. , N 'FKA . Mr. Sollman holds a private license, pilots his own plane, and is an enthusiastic camera fan. o use Q 0.4 nifriuioioxuif rioioioioioic Congratulations Seniors l E H O BART' S ' I E ORCHID Q GREENHQUSES liibiiiiiiitliliiiblliil V1 O I: FP S' O 'H N 5' O O D i U1 'P S' V1 T' !IOIOClll1l10IOI0i014 3 9.0 Phone 75 0:4114 WL est ICTORY DAIRY QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS PASTEURIZED For Victory CG H 208 We Deliver CASH and CARRY-SAVE--BUY BONDS with the Difference 'I I I00 N. FRONT NILES N """""' """" ' "fi ' """' """""""' ' """' "A'A'A""' ' ' ' ""' ' 'A' Staley Thomas, C. Vandercar 85 Wandrey Stanley, G. 40, 44, 48, 46 Thomas, I. 37 VanDusen Wanko 51, 44, 80, 89 Stanley, M. 85, 89, 88 Thompson, B. 86 Vandyqritf 84 Ward, M. 80 Starck 40 Thompson, L. 36 VanDyke 86 Ward, V. 44, 48, 80 Starke Thompson, M. 86 VanGi1der 24, 56, 28, 72 Warren 36, 48, 46, 70 Starr Tibbs, K. 24, 56, 28 VanLue, I. 80 Waugh 82 Statler 36, 56 Tibbs, R. 41 VanLue, Ioe 24 Weaver, I. 82 Steere 40 Tickfer, I. 24, 30 VanTuyl, B. 80 Vtfeaver, T. 80 Steiqely, K. 24, 30, 74 Tickfer, M. 36 VanTuy1, R., Ir. 36, 49, 46 Weaver, W. 41 Steigely, P. 40 Timm 80, 89 VanTuyl, R. 84, 88 Webber, C. 25, 72 Steinbauer 24, 49, 50, 44 Tomlinson 80 Vargo 38, 58 Webber, K. 56, 28, 14, 75 Toney 36 Ventrella 80 Vtfebber, L. 85 Steiner 24, 49, 30 Tonkin, R. 80 Vernon 40, 44 Webber, M. 80 Stephens 80 Tonkin, W. 36 Vetter, A. 82, 88, 89 Webber, N. 40, 51 Stephenson Travick, D. 84 Vetter, E. 36 Webber, P. Stevens, D. 85, 88 Travick, F. 37 Vining 24, 28 Vtlebster 36, 49, 58, 46 Stevens, M. 86, 89 Travick, l. 24, 28 Voqelsanq 41, 59 We-del, Donald 80 Stokely 41 Trowbridge 80 Vollman 25, 72 Wedel, D. Stone Troxell 86 Vore 40 W'edel, P. 82 Stoops 40 Trueschell 24, 49, 46 Wedel, R. Stover, L. 80 Truesdell Weqener, 86 Stover, R. 80 Trussell 36, 44, 48 Wadel 41, 80 Weqner, I. 84 Stratton 80 Tuesley, E. 24 Wages 40 Weqner, Iohn 36, 61, 59 Strauss 24, 44, 48 Tuesley, S. 80 Wagner 80 Weiqhart, M. 80 Studt Turk Waite 25, 28 Vtfeiqhart, W. 80 Suss 24, 27 Turner, B. Waldon 89 Weiler, I. 40 Swarthout 82 Turner, R. 00 Walker, I. 25, 48, 46, 30, Weiler, T. Sweisberqer 44, 48, 80 Tuttle 86 89 Weist, D. 89 Syson, D. 86, 88 VVa1ker, Iohn 85, 88 Weist, F. 82 Syson, L. 86 Walker, M. 51, 37, 50, 44, Weist, lean 80 Ullrey 40, 49 48, 46 Weist, Ioan 81 Unruh 82 Walker, R. 80 Vtfeist, R. 81 Taylor, B. 80 - Wallace 41, 52 Weist, T. 82 Taylor, S. 36, 49, 48, 46 Walls Welling 80 Thayer 24, 49, 50, 30, 14, Vail 82 Walters, A. 80 Wellinqham 37 72 VanArman 44, 80 Walters, B. 80 Welsh, R., Sr. 25 Teeter, I. 86 Vandenburq, G. 80 Walters, K. 25, 49, 30 Welsh, R. 48, 80 Thomas, B. Vande-nburg, T. 84 Walters, R. 25, 30 Welsher, B. 85, 89 page one hundred nine ss ' f-'Q- f hhhhhhh A + hh 24 The Photographic Work in This Book Done by AUL PRAN School Photographer Phone Dowagiac 6023 -SISTER LAKES 0 MICHIGAN P2 SSSSSSS H sf mrlrr "Reading maketh a tull man." Within the silent Walls ot the Senior High library, Robert Cutler acts as librarian tor our iine collection oi iacts and iiction. Through the untirinq eiiorts ot Miss Hoyt, the shelves are lined with every type ot literature. SIM PLICITY PATTERNS S' lad 1 11111 1 1 1 11'-1 fxrclrv'-U"90 V 01411111-110111 1 1 11:11 1 1 1 1 1 1014020 DEAN'S i Since 1839 Walgreen System 1 Drug Store I 126 E. Main Phone 153 ! ! 1 1111 --1 f--, 5,1111 111 1 1 1 1 11101: 1 14-1u1n:n1n'4 puyfn om' l11n1rlrr'rZ r'lc'1'en rw f so 5' Compliments of A. R. HENDERSON, Prop. C C RECREATIONAL FACILITIES BARBER SI-IOP 4 4 A AAAA AAAAA W AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA 4 - AAAEAEAEA EAEAEA EAEAE 4, AEAEAEAEA EAEAEAEAEA 4 EAEAEAEAE 4 4 -4 4, Welsher' D. 25' 48' 46' 28 Worvey gg .g.,-....f.-1.-..,,-i,....-.,-4- Q Q.-- -........,:, we-isher, 1. 40, 44 I g Wetmore, D. 36, 58 A 6 Wetmore, M. 80 Yaw, E. M. I White 14, 25, 49, 50, 55, Yaw, E. 40, 5l Q Q 30, 88, 68, 27, 72 Yelape, C. 81, 89 i . l Whiteside, M. 80 Yelupe, L. as 4 Compliments of whneside, R, 40, 50 Yost, A. ae l I Wickler 25, 30 Yost, D. Q I Wilcox 81 Young, B. 25, 48 - 1 Wilken 80 Young, E. 86 ! S Q Wilkins, B. 86 Young, P. l I Wilkinson 40 Young, H. 40 ' ' Willard Young, L. 25, 28 Omce Equipment Co' I Williams, B. 40 Younq, Leona 25, 30 Q Q Williams, D. 58, 80 Young, Lois 25, 48 l Williams, Donnv 49, 36, Young, M. 40 - I 50, 59, 40, 70 Younq, M. A. I , j Williams, P. 86 Younq, P, 86 0 i Williams R. 36 - . . ' TYPEWRITERS Williams, V. 4U 6 I Wilson 36, 61, 59, 56, 65 Zechlin 25, 48, 30 ' Winaeort 25, 48, 50, 30 Zerr, L. : g Winquisi 40 Zerr, Z. 36, 5l, 48, 46 A Wiiham 25, 49, 52, 46, 30 Zimmerman, D. 86 Q D Witimack 36, 50 Zimmerman, H. 86 i Woll, I. 36, 46 Zimmerman, I. 85 , l Wolf, M. 40 Zimmerman, L. 36 ! Q Wolter 36 Zimmerman, V. 37 i Wood, I. 82, 81, 80 Zordel, D. Z5, 52, 60, 59, S Wood, R. 36, 44, 48, 65, 70 30, 72 , Wood' W. 25, 3U Zordell M, 36 5 IIS N. Third Sf. PI10ne 686 i Woods, Iack 84 . Woods, lack 84 4 I Worden 85 Q l Worm 40 Worrell 25, 49, 50, 30, 00, I I 68 'avzuzoi -11 1 1 .1 '11 30101014-in4101441011020 page one hundred twelve ,fm ant I I 49 A .- .f l 'N fn a5f' af y T'I:" 'Pigment Y-Emu-rl I W 4 I A X . K I I II fix I I I I I I E I 1 ', ' 1 I, ."w. --"jgLm:xYN .:fz:f:"fa",,L6 1 ,, 14 i fi f '?4.'4.-f:-"' .' K X A Aff U Mr. Bacon spent all of last summer and most of his Week ends during the year as a freight brakeman on the Michigan Central. m eeeeeeeee sf WILLIAMS BRCDS. L U M B E R MILLWORK PAINT AND HARDWARE BUILDING MATERIALS 4? Phone 342 Niles, Michigan is f A A eeee eeeeeeeeeee eeee A A A A page one hundred thirfeefv STORE FRONT WORKER - l9AA .X lair crv from store-lirontsgtliis lwnsiiiuss ol' mztliinw vital war lnntcrizilsl . I . - - :H . lint in thc year 1944, thc history ol the worltl lor ll lcang timc to conis lx lmcing Sliiipctl up, :intl the big iolw coincs First. Store-lironts. :intl otitrt' LUCZICL'-lllllt' proclucts, will just have to wait. .Xt the saints time, however. Kziwnc-ci' 111111121Wlllltllllflllltl other lorwttrtlf , . . tv . . looking mgtnugcincnt-is planning ziliunl :intl paving tlic wily lor conf version to pcziccftimc operations. Inst :is mxmy months ol' prcpnixitory stall work iintl lmomlaing lrom tlic nit' must prccctlc gi mgiior invasion, so protlnct tlcvclopmcnt. rcsczlrcli, testing. miles trqiiniiig and promotion must iircccclc iliti post-war ioln of lllllllllllllflllfillg storcf fronts. is OR RM RRRR RRRR WWWA RRRR R RRXK N KQRf Mwkwf iz Mr. LeBar leads the boys' glee club in rehearsal. 01,1 1011114101 3 101 1 1 1 1 10 Niles News Agency United Cigar Store Chicago Detroit New York PERIODICALS - PAPERS - SMOKERS' SUNDRIES GREETING CARDS 303 E. Main Phone ll33 vioiuzuiui ni 1 1 xi 3 ioiuioiniuiro djm FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE 521 E. Main Phone l0W zqioioiuzoz 11 1 1 ce ,z .14,f4L1,-21110141 v-,,,-,,,..,,,-,----- 9.4,-111.11111,11,.11ioi1 MaBeIIes Beautu Salon 528 N. 4th sr. Phone eos "SaIon where individuality counts" U U U ! ' U U U U Compliments of U n MaBeIIe Earl, Prop. .. m ,., -... - - .. ...,...,.. - -.,-.,..U-0-01. page one lflulflrml jiftwrwf v :to Margaret Donahue Dolores Elledge Cynthia Forgash Virginia French Betty Grathwohl Della Koontz I n I ll r'xl,rlw'n EE Mary Krell Jean Johnson Pat Lake Mary Lee Marlin Madelon Martin Mary Alyce Radka so gggege C be eeeg C as lt seems that many long years ago on the "ldes of March" one I. Caesar was basely assassinated in the Roman Senate by a gent named Brutus. This year, on the anniversary of the crime, it was re-enacted in Miss Talburt's Latin classes with Garland Stanley in the role oi Caesar and Paul Binns wielding the dagger. After the tragedy, a dummy was deftly substituted in the casket Ccrepe-draped orange crate to youl and after lying in state for several days it was orated over by Mark Antony CEcldie Martini and duly and cere- moniously cremated on the playground. 4, 1 4 0"l'oole Coal Co. COAL - ICE - COKE if 'A' ir Phone 202 North Front Street is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - -vc page one hundred seventeen 0:01 ri 1101: 1030101 loin 1 ri 1: ri ri lining. o Q 2 2 Q g CUSTOM GARAGE U i i g Sth and Sycamore Q Niles - - Michigan 5 1 4 E f KX Q ! 1 ll I X X - : - N 'ffl Hllllff i g ,easy P j Phone ess Q Q i i i ! 241.9 ii e: s : "3 - -:.-ff. - 2... i g Eng Merson Red Holcomb 2 ' v T:-' ' " "L ,:,,,f"- E H. L. Wise y 'P' If ' Miss Kidder is an author. Her book, a col- ! : Q Q lection of short stories based on medieval i poems, is now in the hands of the publisher. Y! 'so" ' io's s f 'oi'ioi' 'oio'o " "oi'io'oi'ioA ' ' is'oi'is ' Compliments of Biaokmonde Ieweiry and Qpiioal Store NH - f-ff,f - f7-,',- - page one hundred eighteen HK: is S? SF if Comer Third and Main iz N Z1 PEllllEY'S 100W Values 44 Quality First! No more doubtful values! That's the ultimatum of today's wise shoppers. Penney's endorses this movement. We put quality first because it's good common sense. Our success is built on it. And because we intend to operate for years and years to come-we've no intention now of abandoning our rigid standards. Low prices appeal to us, of course. Penney's is always searching them out and presenting them to you daily. But-ALWAYS-quality is the distin- guishing factor. One hundred per cent is our ideal-and Penney's values must NEVER fail to measure up to it. 44 I C. Penney Co., Inc Niles, Michigan QJUQG 0716 h1lfl7d76d 7l,lH6fC67lf S -l If PR!!! 5 C dl i Wop i vue Surg, : VV- I' ' i albums 9,1301 is 1 E r -3 S .,-:." .2 Y Q ..-:-. ' if-' -Z I 1 'Vnj' V ix- 4 ' I I 'ix if -fel-' .Q -i ' -v"" , s-J ' 'ff I Mr. and Mrs. Payne operate a growing antique business in their Oak Street home. Z ,,,,, , , DROLE'l"S Main-Oak Pharmacy Francis B. Drolet, Ph. C., Proprietor Corner Main and Oak Streets Phone 1500 NILES, MICHIGAN All Roads Lead to 0ur Fountain page one hundred twenty 12112010101 mini: 2 vi: in 201:11 ri 1011 F. A. Reynolds HARDWARE E. Phone 460 209 Main St. NILES, MICHIGAN Compliments of '7wa4l Baalhwn faq AJ ozoxinioiui ni riot xi 101111: 3 :ini 114:11 iq 3011 1 1 131,101,201 24 in-u "Teach All Men Thal- Labor ls Honorable l"k'k'k'kti"A"ki"k'k'kt'k'k'ktv Original Cabinet Corp. NILES, MICHIGAN fini: 1010111131 2 11 20113 in 1 ini A. 8 P. SUPER MARKET F3 102 Second St. Niles, Michigan pays one lmnflrml lfrfmff -1 1- 1 1 1 inmiozuzniu-inznii H H TYLER Commercial Refrigerators for GROCERIES - MARKETS - DELICATESSEN STORES - BAKERIES HOTELS - RESTAURANTS - SANDWICH SHOPS - DINERS CONVENTS -- SCHOOLS - ACADEMIES - COLLEGES - HOSPI- TALS INSTITUTIONS - FLORIST SHOPS - NIGHT CLUBS - TAV- ERNS - YACHT CLUBS - DRUG STORES - LABORATORIES FRATERNITIES I 'KY TlllA5URl. I5LANp SALES FIXTURES Q Q 9 Q TYLER FIXTURE CORPORATION NILES, MICHIGAN 15 MG' 'H'H'HH A vz I I II I I vie:-1:p1I:i :ing I1I 1- :ri I1 1- 11-101 in ANDERSON'S Super Service THREE CONVEN IENT LOCATIONS Oak and llth St. Telephone l990 Fifth and Sycamore Sts. Telephone 400 323 S. llth St. Telephone 9132 STUDENTS! Enjoy Your Ride Through Life With OUR PRODUCTS LOUIEXS GRILL You are always WELCOME The Home of Fine Dinners Special Toasted Sandwiches - Best Tender Steaks and Chops - Best Coffee Courteous Service v 0:0 o:ofiII1cI1o1IriII10i0iII1IIio10i Iixxioiinifviwg I I INSURANCE Q WITH A PRESENT SAVINGS E or l5'7b - 33-H329 I I . I MILL MUTUAL AGENCY Q Home Office-Lansing, Mich. 3 I FIRE - TORNADO - AUTOMOBILE Q CASUALTY - INLAND MARINE I I 2 GERALD B. WEDEL, Resident Agent i cms of 1923 40I North Thirteenth Street Q NILEs, MICHIGAN Phone l282 i I ! 1 iliillllilii U Y- 1 T - 2 R. E. CI-IAPPELL i Jeweler and Optometrist I 9 I 304 Main Street NILEs . . MICHIGAN ! 9:0141 Ii 1 1 2 init 2010111 imioiniwso -- ---,- ---..--i Compliments of I BUEHLER BROS. Q I sooo MEAT I MEANS GOOD HEALTH ll6 Main Phone 797 I - --------- - 0:0 1 10101 1 1:1 1 1I1II1II1u1 1:1414 page one hzmdred turerrty-tlzree an AAAA sf Compliments of Michigan Mushroom Co. DAWN FRESH BRAND MUSHROOMS Myron C. Herrick ASPARAGUS TOMATOES M President ig gm .51 Q51 11 11,11 1 11 1.1 iixz ,S sim: :cs 111 11:11 zvcnoxutoxut 1111 ll Di '11 ! ! ! ! LELAND R. FUNK Q ! II U Commercial Training ' for 3 High School and College All Forms of Graduafes H i A INSURANCE 3 g and Bonds COLLEGE OF COMMERCE g 212 S. St. Joseph St. ' South Bend, Indiana ! ! ! ! CYRUS R. FUNK ! ! Q ! ! ! 1:1 rin: 1111111011 1 12021 11 1 111103 0:1 111111 21 31:11 1 11 14 1 11 ic i I- cl' rl twenty-four I1 101110141101 111 1: 11111 1II1u1u,:. g:qI1u1I 1 1: 1 1 111: 1 1 101: 1 :1:1I1In1I5:q - ! , ! i ! Compliments of Q Compliments of ' 2 THE ECONOMY CUT RATE . i The Venn Sweet Shop Drug Store I E I Q 228 E. Main Phone 542 Q 201 MAIN ST. NII.Es, MICHIGAN ! 5 ,.,--.- .. -.- -.- -.- .. -.,-....,-..g5 .f.,-.,: 2 ,:.,-,: - .- : ,I .. -,: ,: :. :.,-.... P1031 10i0i0i0i1lillZIl?0i0i4'ilfiv14 103020 ogoxisriuiuiuiu iiiii ui iilifriuiuivinfpio Holmes, Service Station E i l307 Eagle St. Phone 780-W g I I ' sINcLAIR PRODUCTS Q Q EXNER DAIRY oPALINE - PENN. MOTOR OILS Pure Dairy Products EXPERT GREASING i Q Q E ' E H-ATS FIXED AT ONCE You can whup our cream Phone 9106 310 Grant sr. Q I BU' You fan" beat OU' milk ,,-,,-I,-,,-.,-,-,-. -,. -.,-I,-.-,,-.,-.,-..!. .!.,-.,-. -..-.,-.,...-.-,.-I,-.,-.,-I-.,-.,- ........i Y '-"f-f-"'-'-f' f"-'-'-"f-f"' ---fff A ff - EEEAAE -ff-f-'- f-f-'-'-"""""' ""' "-'-'-'-'-' ' - """""" ""-'Y'-'-'-"""""'f"""'f""""""'""""""""f'f' Y ' Y ' That Put Air to Work O MADE IN NILES, MICHIGAN ARE SHIPPED THE WORLD OVER O GARDEN CITY F AN CO. Manufacturers Since 1879 Is eeeeee eeeeeeee 2 I PEPE PEPE Eeeee ee page OMG hundred I7lL'F'YLf'lf-flI'6 :::QQ:::::::::o:::: :::: Q BUY WAR BDNDS Q Qoo::::oQeoo:::::--- ::::Q::-Q,0 Compliments of HOMEH RYAN ::o::o::::::o::o::o:::::::::-o? ' Q----0 Q. 3.1111010101 vi ri vioi 1011101 o ozowini ioioicxioielicuioivnioivnifriclioioix REX DAVIS Super Service E-.fs Home and Auto Supplies Main Cf Broadway Niles, Mich. Phone i960-R 1010201 11010: xiuiuioi 101011 2011 BUNBUIIYQS Grocery and Market 218 E. Main Phone 170 o'01i014v1010:010i010i0i01n2n 201.11 1014 wi: 201014 50101 ninja O 0:4 rg 9014 11014 111 ofbojoii First National Bank of Niles Deposits up to 355000 Insured With Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System Phones 1740 and 1741 een 1 1 h umlred twenty-sim if Qs u eeeeeei W We - ex BOYS TODAY-MEN TOMORROW! 4? Today, as in every national crisis, the young men of America are furnishing the backbone for our armed forces. They are strong, wide-awake and eager to do their share. To these young men, America must look, not only to do the fighting, but also to take up the responsibilities of government after victory is won. Some of them enter the service as soon as their high school career is ended. Others take up the burden even before they have completed their education. Those of us at home salute these men of tomorrow. May their minds be alert at all times to protect them from the common enemy. And may their war-time experience furnish the basis for a lasting peace under which the citizens of all nations may enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Niles Daily Star 7 eeee eeee eeeee S ,Q E i 'Dwi' ! l i ! l l SAVE WITH SAFETY Compliments of E Q l l Q The l Your Savings Are Insured l i i l UP to 55,000-00 2 Mayfair Shoppe 2 ! Q l ! ! l Wlfh the 3 g LINGERIE HOSE g l l i Nlles Federal Savings 8: l l , , Q ! 227 E. Main l Loan Assoclatlon I I 3 2 2 Q Q ' i 302 E Main Phone 528 I V A I i "Because you love mace ll'1II'1QSH Q Q Q l l l 30103 30? il 3 103495 ozvlinininioi 111111 xi 114riziiuiuinioinirozo one hundred twenty-sc :Jen iniuzuiuiniu 111111141 oioini rim it vioimxioicrioinilxioif vii Compliments ot B. 8g B. GRILL H. J. BENNING 2I9 North Front Street ui ri is 1 ni it is iuicnzoxoinxuxoii 11 111111111 vi riuioioi ni sioioioiqzg Compliments of HOME BAKERY GUS LORK - PROPRIETOR oi 1 112 1 14:31 is in 1: in 11111111 wasrim11:axnviaiinimxioinioioxirii,101 riff. o STOCK'S FOOD MARKET CHOICE MEATS QUALITY GROCERIES 202 Grant St. Phone 771 0101010141: 1 1: :zz zmxoauzzazuzzrir ni 3 1:1 :mimi ixiriririoioivirii-0:0 Compliments of Montgomery Ward 8: Co. Niles Michigan 1' mm IIIIIIIIITII f1cP'rity-eight vin vii 10211114 1011 ie up itrioioif 1014 11 11 1 rioioioioioi 1101011 SPENCERS Dry Cleaners "ATTENTION" We advertise in the "TattIer" for school boys will soon be men-and w l'k t k th 'th e ie o eep emwu us as customers and friends. Girls, too. Relining - Remodeling Repairing ZII N. Fourth Phone 649 ni is it 3 111114141124 2 1 1111010 0201010101 ui rg ri 111: 1 1 1:1111 1 xii Compliments of I The Store with a Million Items 0 III E. MAIN ST. NILES, MICH. mimosq 0.0103 if 11 1 1 1011111 1 1 1 -1 1 in 1111111111111 111111 1 1 Compliments W. L. BABBITT Lumber and Coal Co. NILES, MICHIGAN Cavalier and Block Watch in egg, lump, and treated STOKER WHITE OAK POCAHONTAS Hard Coal-Nut and Egg COKE Buchanan Lumber and Coal Co. Buchanan, Michigan r1m1:1n1n1x-1 11 1:11 1 11111 PRODUCERS DAIRY SUPERIOR QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 325-W 428 S. Eleventh St. 40:4 0:0111 1 111 11101011111 14 1014 1 .g.,-.. ll llilllilllilillllliillr Compliments of Raedeck 9 4-fwfr J. C. Morden - Owner I 117 N. Third sr. Phone 397 1n1m1:1:1i1z1:1:1 1 11111 1 1:1 10 Compliments of RUSSOM TRANSFER 313 N. Second St. Phone 725 Q Yin: 1 1 1 1 10101 1 1 11111411 140 NILES LAUNDRY and CLEANING CO. LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Office and Works Telephone H23 4Il No. Second St. 1 1 1 11111111 1 111110101 101 19110 one ll ll n drcfl Ilrrfnfy-win 114. 1 1:11111 1 1 111 1 11:1 1 n1u1u14, iw ni: ir 24 iuioiniuioiirini 1 14 in zz eese desi Compliments I T Y ll A I R Y MILK - ICE CREAM Phone 136-W 906 Hickory St. xiuioioiniuizniui nioinioiuiuin in SARAH B's KITCHEN A Friendly Place where Strictly Home Cooked Foods Are Served Also Fountain Service 226 MAIN ST. PHONE 753 Compliments of SI-IOPPER'S GUIDE Phone 1280 321 S. 3rd St. Niles, Michigan mirrininioiuiuioi1201410102 1 10114 0:4 pr 1 om? I1 uvnrlrezl illirfy u-1 2011 11131211211 0:01011 is 2 x:oiuio1o14x1n1rnia::4viui0i4 Call Swank's For Best of Cleaning 31 Moderate Prices SWANK DRY CLEANERS 113 N. 3rd. Phone 765 niozoiniuzr :ui it in in 1 5101111014 J, vzminie 1 Qoininiuioioiirisxim 301: 1011 EVn-Better Bakery Bakers of Better Bread and Cakes 104 E. Main St. Phone 399 Niles, Michigan :ini xi vi 1 101: 11111111101 111 2 111 101011111 2111011 1111 11 11 1111103111131 101111112111 111111 The American Shoe Repair Shop First Quality and Good Service THANK You-CALL AGAIN 113 N. Second St. Opp. Riviera Success to the Class of 1944 NILES-BUCHANAN CREDIT ASSOCIATION, INC. 311 E. Main Phone 1770 11111111111111i11111111i11i111111 111111111 1112 111 1301010211101 11111031131 10101111111 Compliments of Schick 81 Sons tttt-kai:-A COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE c itttii 'A' 213 Fourth sr. Phone 184 110:01 1 11111 11111 313 10111111 -.,-.g. 0301311101111 11111 1i0111:11i11111i111 1111: THOMAS Ice Cream Fountain "For Refreshment's Sake" O success to the CLASS or 1944 0:0111 11 1111 111111 111111101 111111 11 11131 0.012 2111111111 1111101111011 2 110i 131111 Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK COMPANY Niles, Michigan OSDQUQIQXQ lil i l i llQ Q11 il page 01112 llu111lr1'1l Il tj 0241111111 Q 111111111111 1 1111111101011 Q Compliments of ! I I 5 THE RUTHERFORD l Funeral Home I Q CEDAR and FOURTH I 02411111111111111111111111111111 s:o11o4nv1 1-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111 112114 I I I I I I Spring or Fall E Make I I Winter or Summer I l The Kerr Hardware g Your Store for I Sporting Equipment I I o:411o11:1 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1111 page one lzumlrrfrl flzirfy-fzro 111 1 if 111111111111 ininioioiirini gov: Compliments of Johnson and Garlanger SHOES, LUGGAGE, and LEATHER GOODS MEN'S FURNISHINGS 2I3 Main Niles, Michigan 41141111111 11 1111011 11 111111 110101011 Compliments of Feaser-Whitcomb, Inc. Coal - Ice - Stokers 509 Wayne St. Phone 32I 11111 1 1 1 11111111 1 1 1411111 Compliments of THE TRADING POST I Dave Lowe, Prop. O IIO2 S. Ilth U. S. 31 South 10:0 Q11111111111111111141111111 ii-11 11111111111 1:1 1:1014 PRICE 8. KIGER FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 730 324 North Fourth Street 4:1 11111 111 nz 11111 1 1 11141110 444 4444 3 ClTlZEN'S COAL COMPANY 526 N. Front Phone 764 Niles, Michigan 'kttttti 1411114111 1 ri 1 11-1 11 1 10101405 1011 10111 1 '1 11141 0:0101 11141110111 ri 11 1 1 11101 vin RICHTER Insurance Agency "A Service Institution" 544 Broadway St. Phone 455 Niles, Michigan .,.i-.i-.-.- -i - - .- - -ii- .--iq ...- f,:ii-i- : :.,:.,-..:.i:.i-.,:.,:..:..: Qi-. KELLOGG SHOP Lingerie Hose Specialties for the Kiddies Ready Theatre Bldg. 'x1u1i1u1 1 1:1 1 11 1 1 1 1:1111 .g.,:.i- :iz : -.:.,.- : : : : : ..,-,: ROWLEY'S Shoe Store X-RAY FITTING 222 E. Main St. Niles, Mich. pufff' one lirniflrrfl thirty- iiiiilll 14 liilihlillllitl fl r o'o11411111111111111n1o1o1o1o1111i11c1101111i11i 2 Big Bear Super Market i I02 East Main Street Niles, Michigan P. M. NOESGES GUS. BERNAHL Grocery Mgr. Meat Mgr. i The FINEST FOOD STORE in the City of Niles Q Everyday Low Prices on Fine Groceries, Meats, I Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 3 0,0 r1411111i11o1a11111411o1o1o1o1i11 11: 1111111 o 0,0.11o1rv10101o1111 1101 11: 14 11 11114111 111 I I g Compliments of I Q o g Clarice F rock Shoppe 2 Zll N. Front St. o:o11111i111o1411 11111 1 1 1111111111114 03110111 1 1 1111111111 1 1111: 1: 1: 1 1411010 I g Compliments of I Q CRAMER'S GROCERY I E 4l4 Michigan St. Phone l4l 2 Niles, Michigan 5 Og 111111111111 1: 11 in 1: ani concur 1 1 1 11 zoxiaza 020111111 1i11i11:114:14114:1i11 1 :1 1 1 111: g The Niles Printing Company I ! STUDENT NAME CARDS ! I PERSONAL STATIONERY I 22l N. 4th sf. Phone 992 I o 5'1i111411m11411i11i11u11111111 1 1:11 1111: page our hundrwl Hdrqpfour 111111 14 1111111n1i11o101i11i11u1o1o101o11 TQOQUU QC D1 Q1 -UQOQUQI QUQIPQ1 0311111 111 14 1: 14 1 1 1:11111 11014 The Best Always at the KEWPEE HOTEL Hamburgs-Barbecues and Chili U. S. 3.l JESS MARLIN, Proprietor CONGRATULATIONS 1944 GRADUATES 44444 AMBROSE MOULD 8: SON 114114 14 02011 1 11 UI' 517 Real-Estate C1 Insurance 44444 422 E. Main Street Niles, Michigan ROBERT J. GANO Quality Plumbing and Heating Plumbing Service is in Keeping with the High- Grade Fixtures that We Sell Hickory Street Phone 450 o 0411111 14 14 14 14 1:1 1111111111111 11 14111111 11 14 in Compliments of MIARS 8: MIARS Insurance and Real Estate if 306 E. Main St. Phone I8lW 10101021 10101: 30201 ni 1 if 101:14 rioioioioioicxiozaxiixiciiisioiini 131111 Tynan's One-Stop Grocery and Market Service Pleasingly Different FREE DELIVERY 208 E. Main St. Phone I03 101011101111 io: 3 1:01 1011111411 11 1 1 init: 11141 111011111 in Hat Monroe's CHICKEN RANCH Serving Genuine "Chicken in the Rough" FISH STEAKS We Cater to Parties Phone I58 Niles, Mi:h. 0:4111 11,1610 iguxux 10103 uint: go: 11 1: '11 14 101020 Compliments of new 7fzaqm'4 JEWELRY STORE DIAMOND AND WATCH Q SPECIALISTS Q ! I 444-V-4444-Y-44444444444 2 Official Watch Inspector N.Y.C.R.R. I Niles Michigan I I ng 1 11 -1 I1 1 1 iz 11:1 1 I: ig rgnznzwzo rife 0141303 1 1 1 1 in in 1 11 1 1 in 11:11 103 ,Zo Q 1 Q fbafwf FURNITURE co. ' ! ! I New and Used Furniture I I ! U ! ! ! I I 25 E. Main Phone l088 Niles, Michigan I I I 11014 101: if 1 11 ui 1 1 11311: 3 11101-0:0 page om' llllll1fl'f'l1 lliirfy-fi1'e 7 LAWYERS OF NILES . GEORGE S. KELLER BURNS AND HADSELL Reliable Bldg. Phone 118 State Bank Bldg. Phone 122 THOMAS M. FARRELL WHITE AND WHITE 301W E. Main Phone 1824 First National Bank Bldg. Phone 217 MELVIN F. RAHN DONAHUE AND GRATHWOHL Masonic Bldg. Phone 206 302 Sycamore St. Phone 105 OSTEOPATI-I OF NILES GAIL STEINER Room 2 311 E. Main St. CHIROPRACTORS OF NILES ' s. L. RICE, D. C. MAX KASLER, D. c. 527 E. Main St. Phone 286 520 E. Main Phone 1036 VETERINARIAN OF NILES K. H. FRASER V2 Mile East on M-60 Phone 599 DENTISTS OF NILES J. G. BRODIE E. R. RUTHSATZ Burns and Kerr Bldg. Phone 758-W Fourth and Cedar Phone 801 D. c. WALTER w. F. MARTIN . 119 N. Third Phone 605-W N. I 301 Main Phone 1405 - ROBT. G. TURNER 107 N. Second St. Phone 507-W PHYSICIANS OF NILES HENDERSON 6' HENDERSON H. C. KLING lRobt.l Phone 18-W lFred1 Phone 2-W Fourth and Cedar Phone 1200-W 107 N. Second St. ' I N. A. HERRING JOHN E- AMES 212 Sm Bldg. Phone 896 307 Sycamore St. Phone 25-W Res. 906 W L. L. HARRISON RUSSELL-HART Walton Bldg. . Phone 84-W 202 Star Bldg. Phone 257-W H. M. PRITCHARD D U SCOTT MOORE 12 N. Fourth Phone 774-W 107 N. Second St. - Phone 1015-W R D. L. DILL Burns Cr Kerr Bldg.- Phone 913-W4 Res. 913-R eeee K page one hundred thirty-si.r V Q- if

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