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Text from Pages 1 - 130 of the 1943 volume:

Ex Libris Foreword We, the seniors ot '43, are proud to bring once more, This Tattler tor your inspection with pictures by the score. lt's a pleasure that during this wartime We are permitted to show The important events ot our school year in this annual portfolio. Yes, it is a pleasure to bring you a Tattler this year. We held our breath all the way through for tear ot some unseen calamity. But here we are, with all our pages covered. Yet we feel as though something is missing. lt's the ioy and spirit ot some ot the Niles High students who have gone to iight for this country on the land, sea, and in the air. We, ot this class, hope that this Tattler will bring back to you many happy memories ot your life in Niles High School. Table of Contents Dedication . 4 Administration . . . 5 Senior High School Seniors ..... . l5 Iuniors and Sophomores . . 33 Organizations . . 43 Seniors in l94O . . 5l Sports . . . 53 Activities . . 65 Iunior High School Advisories . . 76 Activities . . 85 Advertisements . . 89 THE TATTLER 1943 --A Lenmxm Photo Published by THE CLHSS OF 1943 of NILES HIGH SCHOOL Niles, Michigan DEDICATION Walter I. Zabel Occasionally there appears in the limelight a rnan Whose character, ability, and integrity are so outstanding that he requires no introduction. Such a man is our es' teerned and respected principal, who for twenty-five years has faithfully and unselfishly served this institution. lt is to Walter I. Zabel, then, our friend and advisor, that We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-three, are pleased to dedicate this yearbook. pa-ge four an 9 fd f ff ff Z W , HDHIIHISTHHTIUH x6X 'm E 4, X 2Y BUHRIJ UF EDUCHTIUH Mr. Frank G. French Mrs. I. F. Young President Vice-Presidenl Mr. I. Walter Wood Secreiary Mr. Paul Bluckmond Mr. Lewis I. Krell Treasurer Tfusiee page sw Mr. Floyd W. Crawford, ILB.. M.A., LLB. University ci Michigan Superintendent of Schools Mr. Walter T. Zabel, A.B., NLR. University of Michigan Principal of Iunior-Senior High School page seven H page eight ANDERSON BACON BALAS BR5MAN BRADFIELD CARR CARRUTHERS CLARK CLEVERING ZINKE CROWLEY DURNIN DE WITT FRIGAARD GEBBY HEATH GETZ HOYT KOENIG IOSEPH KLOPFENSTEIN KOVAC LEE LEHMAN LOTTICH MARKS MATHEWS O'BRIEN IRENE ANDERSON: State Teachers College, N. Dakota, B, A.: University of N. Dakota, M, A.: English NEWTON S. BACON: Western Michigan College of Education, B. S.: University of Michigan, M. S.: Chemistry and Algebra, Tattler Advisrr GEORGE M. BALAS: Hanover College, A. B.: Mathematics, Arts and Crafts HAROLD C. BRADFIELD: Resigned April, lQ43. Now at Clark Equipment Company, Berrien Springs KEITH BROMAN: Now in Tank Destroyer Corps, United States Army THELMA CARR: lndiana State Teachers College, B. S.: Physical Education EVELYN CARRUTHERS: Eastern illinois State Teachers College, B. Ed.: English MARY CLARK: Resigned lune, 1942, Now in Minneapolis with Cargill Company BERYLLE CLEVERING: Western Michigan College of Education: St. Mary's College: Art CHARLOTTE L. ZINKE: University of lllinois, B. S.: English CORNELIA CROWLEY: University ot Chicago, Ph, D.: lunior Business PAUL DE WITT: Chicago University, B. S.: Mechanical Drawing PHYLLIS DURNIN: University of lllinois, A. M.: French and Spanish OLLIE FRIGAAHD: University oi Oregon, B. A.: Northwestern University, M, M.: Public School Music RUSSELL A. GEBBY: Western Michigan College oi Education, B. S.: industrial Arts MARIE E. GETZ: lllinois State Ncrrnal, B. E.: University ot lllinois, M. A.: English and lunior High School Librarian STELLA HEATH: Albion College, A. B.: University ot Colorado, M. A.: Social Science DOROTHY B. HOYT: University oi Michigan, A. B.: Syracuse University, B. L. S.: English and Senior High School Librarian MARY IOSEPH: Western Michigan College ot Education, B. S.: Gregg College: Olivet College: Commerce PAULINE KLOPFENSTEIN: Northwestern University, B. S.: English RUTH KOENIG: Resigned Iune 1942. Now in Chicago IOHN KOVAC: Resigned lune l942. Enlisted in the Navy, now in Oklahoma ELEANOR L. LEE: Resigned Ianuary, l943. RALPH S. LEHMAN: University oi Michigan, A. B., M. A.: Physics, Radio, Aeronautics and Typewriting PHILLIP LOTTICH: Resigned lanuary, l943. Ncw Secretary to President of Wittenberg College ROBERT MARKS: De Pauw University, A, B.: University of Michigan, M. A.: Social Science WILLIAM E. MATHEWS: University of Michigan, A. B.: Social Science EILEEN O'BRIEN: Resigned September, 1943. Now head of Commercial Department Antigo, Wisconsin page nine CAROLYN PALMER: University of Illinois, B. S.: I-Iome Economics and Art RUSSELL B. PAYNE: Wabash College, A. B.: University of Michigan, M. S.: Biology PAULINE PEIRCE: Enlisted in VJAAC, Iune, l942. Now Lieutenant BARBARA PRESTON: Resigned April, 1942 RUTH ROCKWELL: University of Wisconsin, A. B.: English GENE RODI: Now teaching Machine Shop to Sailors CLARENCE F. ROTH: Resigned September, 1942. Teaching Pekin, Illinois WAYNE P. SMITH: Western Michigan College of Education, A. B.: University of Michi- gan, M. A.: Track Coach and Assistant Football Coach GERALDINE STUDENROTH: Now Mrs. Fred L. McNabb. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio MARY M. SWAN: Carleton College, A. B.: University of Chicago, A. M.: English: Head English Department FLORENCE TALBURT: De Pauw University, A. B.: Latin, Dean of Girls JANET E. THOMSON: Columbia University Teachers College, B. S., M. A.: Home Economics IAMES TUMA: Enlisted in United States Marine Corps, December, l942. Is now First Lieutenant RUTH URICE: Resigned Iune 1942. New in Chicago with Friends' Service Organization. LELAND S. WALKER: Kalamazoo College, A. B.: University of Notre Dame, M. A.: I-lead Mathematics Department: Tattler Business Advisor RICHARD B. WARREN: Resigned Fall of 1943 to work at Willow Run Bomber Plant LAVERNA WHARTON: Kansas State Teachers College, A. B., B. S.: University of Chicago, M. A.: Mathematics and Social Science IOSEPH WHITWAIVI: University of Illinois, B. S.: Columbia University, M. A.: Physical Edu' cation, Cross Country Coach, Director of Athletics HANNAH L. ACKERMAN: Blodgett I-Iospital, R. N.: University oi Michigan: Public Health and Truant Officer IRENE POLLACK: Epworth Hospital, R. N.: Assistant School Nurse FRED WERTHEIMER: University oi Maryland, D. D. S.: School Dentist MABEL DAVIDSON: McMurray College: Financial Secretary DORIS GRIEGER: Secretary to Principal PATRICIA MILLIGAN: Resigned Ianuary, l943. Now working at Clark Equipment Company, Buchanan IOHN F. IOHNSON: School Engineer page ten PALMER PAYNE PIERCE ROCKWELL RODI PRESTON ROTH SMITH STUDENROTH SWAN TALBURT TUMA URICE THOMSON WALKER WHARTON WARREN WHITWAM ACKERMAN POLLACK WERTHEIMER DAVIDSON GRIEGER IOHNSON MILLIGAN page eleven page twelve On pages eight and eleven We have used plates from ' the 1942 Tattler. These pictures, of course, include some teachers who are no longer with us. We have endeavored in each case to indicate which teachers have left and Where they have gone. On this page you will find pictures of all mem- bers of the faculty who were not here last year. We hope this arrangement meets your approval. The Staff BALAS BRIDGEN DENOYELLES DOMKE IENNINGS IONES KING MEYER MOIR NESS NISKANEN PHIPPS PRIEM RASMUSSEN WORSTER BONNIE BALAS: Hanover College A. B.: Mathematics and General Science DOROTHY BRIDGEN: University of Michigan, A. B.: English and Civics LESTER DENOYELLES: Luther College, Northwestern University, B. M. E. lnstrumental Music CECILIA DOMKE: Stout Institute, B, S., Home Economics CARYI. IENNINGS: Comell University, A. B.g Social Science AUDREY IONES: University of N. Dakota, B. S., Northwestern University, English ancl Social Science EVELYN KING: Butler University, B. S.: University oi Michigan: Physical Education BERNARD H. MEYER: Western Michigan College of Education, B. S.: Woodshop, and Basketball Coach EVELYN MOIR: Iowa State Teachers College, B. A., American institute of Business: Commerce LORRAYNE NESS: Northwestern University, B. M. E.: Music SAIMA NISKANEN: Winona State Teachers College, B. A., Mathematics MARY IANE PHIPPS: Carroll College, A. B., Social Science LEONA PRIEM: University of Wisconsin, B, A.y Mathematics ALF U. RASMUSSEN: River Falls Stcte Teachers College, Stout lnstitute, B. S.: Printing MARY WORSTER: lndiana University, A. B.: English and Debate Coach 1111110 illirtvcn U7 . 4 fu 4. 41. 1 3. i' if 2 AA 0 1 X -Qt egxf- ,. i J ...I iff q., , . A if Q 33 x gil uk 4. S P4 1 A' E D ......1 332 'Y usiwx Q. S5 x ,,-: A pw. it ' and f Q K Q V ' f 'W fb P. 5.. c ,N li' 1 as f A 5 Q ,N ni 1 ,P 1 4 3 A M . , Q sl- Q v 1' i. ,,l,Q" :WI .. k 1529 C ,yr L M mw ii' "" x M 4 ,k d B it fr if 'V .. f ww? N F :KL iii? LLLL A in ,L.. , V 1' I f . - 'ali - Q? if ':f F '-53' , hh h S - V I --N , ,, . Q , SEHIURS THTTLEH IANE KOMPASS Ediior-in-Chiei PAT FRITZ Ar!-Typing NORMAN WEAVER Sporis-Feuiures l.OIS COOL Piciures NORMA IEAN EBERHARD Advertising SHIRLEY GOODLIN G Advertising page sixteen ZSTHFF LORAINE THOMPSON Ari-Typing TOM LUEDERS Sports-Features HELEN DICK Features PAUL TAGGETT Business-Manager CHARNLEY SCHNOOR Advertising DELLA KOONTZ Advertising sfnlnn BILL BLACKMUN President CATHERINE MARTIN Secretary IANE ZABEL Valedictorian KENNETH COGSWELI. Council Representative Mr. Bacon's Advisory GLADYS GEPHART Council Representative Mrs. Ioseph's Advisory LILLIAN SKALLA Council Representative Mr. Mathews' Advisory LEHDEHS BILI. KASLER Vice-President TOM LUEDERS Treasurer LOIS BOOKS Salutatorian LOIS COOL Council Representative Miss I'loyt's Advisory BILL KASLER Council Representative Mr. Marks' Advisory PAUL TAGGETT Council Representative Mr. Walker's Advisory page seventeen page eighteen ADAMS ALDRICH ANDERSON ASHLEY ARMSTRONG ASMUS BARBER BEHM BECKMAN BELDING BENIAMIN BIRCZAK BERG BLACKBURN BLACKMUN BOLIN GER BONFOEY BOWMAN BOYDSTON BREWER BREMER BRUMFIELD BURROWS CAMP CARPENTER CIRCLE CLARK CLEARY KERMIT ADAMS: Basketball IAMES WILLIAM ALDRICH RICHARD L. ANDERSON MARY ARMSTRONG: Art review, Glee Club RONALD LEE ASHLEY: Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Senicr play, Glee Club, Officials Club, Variety Show PAUL ASMUS: News Club LOWEL BARBER EDWARD BECKMAN: Honor roll-one semester GRACE BEHM: Choir, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show BEVERLEY NAVARRE BELDING: Choir, Band Bounce, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, Sextet, Honor rollfOne semester KAY R. BENIAMIN: Glee Club, Variety Show MARY ANN BERG: Glee Club, Variety Show, Dance Club MARIE BIRCZAK: Transferred from Berrien Springs ELDON BLACKBURN: Choir, Glee Club, Variety Show WILLIAM H. BLACKMUN: Senior class President, Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Band Bounce, Art Review, Art Club, Honor roll-six semesters DOROTHY BOLINGER: Junior Red Cross, Honor rollftwo semesters PATRICIA IEANNE BONFOEY: Dancing Club, Leaders Club ALVIN A. BOWMAN: Transferred from Eau Claire High School BARBARA BOYDSTON: Honor roll-one semester, transferred from Oak Park, Chicago WILLIAM LAWRENCE BREMER: Band, Band Bounce, News Club ETHEL LOUISE BREWER: Honor rcllftour semesters STANLEY A. BRUMFIELD WILLIAM T. BURROWS: Student Council, Hcncr roll-live semesters AUDREY G. CAMP WILBURTA IOY CARPENTER GLADYS MARIE CIRCLE: Glee Club, Variety Show, Art Club, Honor roll-one semester LYLA MAE CLARK: Band, Band Bounce LOIS IEAN CLEARY: Transferred from Edwardsburq page nineteen Y I KENNETH E. COGSWELL: Choir, Student Council, Art Review, Senior play, Iunior play, Glee Club, Officials Club, Variety Show, Honor rollfiour semesters DAVID I. COLE DEVAUN R. COLE: Honor rollffour semesters, transferred from Watervliet, Michigan EMILIE COLE LOIS ELAINE COOL: Orchestra, Choir, Student Council, Band Bounce, lunior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Ushers Club, Tattler Staff, Honor roll-'seven semesters PEGGY LEE CORCORAN: Choir, Senior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Cheer Leaders MAXINE COUGHLIN GLORIA COX: Choir, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show ARCHIE CRIBBS: Football, Track, Art Review, Glee Club, Officials Club DILLARD CROCKER: Football, Basketball, Officials Club IOAN CURTIS: Choir, Glee Club, Variety Show GERALDINE DARR IACK D. DAVIS: Football, Track, Glee Club, Officials Club IEANNE DELPIRE: Choir, Student Council, Glee Club, Defense Council GLADYS M. DEUTSCHER: Orchestra, Honor roll-ftwo semesters BARBARA I. DIBBLE: Glee Club, Variety Show WILBUR W. DICK: Track, Iunior class Treasurer, and, Orchestra, Student Council, Band Bounce Senior play, Iunior play HELEN KATHERINE DICK: Student Council, Art Review, Senior play, Glee Club, Variety Show Honor roll-eiqht semesters MAXINE DICKESON: NORIVLA LUCILLE DILLMAN: Glee Club VERLIN DOMER: Glee Club, Officials Club, Variety Show PEGGY CARROLL DOWNEY: Debate, Choir, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, trans ferred from St. Mary's Academy LOUIS P. DROLET: Football, Basketball, Senior play, Officials Club RICHARD DUIS ALICE GERALDINE DUMAS: Glee Club, Variety Show MARION ELIZABETH FINLEY: Choir, Glee Club, Variety Show LOIS O. FISHER IULIAN MURIEL FORGASH: Glee Club, Variety Show page twenty COGSWELL COLE COLE COLE COOL CORCORAN COUGHLIN COX CRIBBS CROCKER CURTIS DARR DAVIS DELPIRE DEUTSCHER DIBBLE DICK DICK DICKESON DILLMAN DOMER DOWNEY DROLET DUIS DUMAS FINLEY FISHER FORGASH page twenty-one page tweniy-tu'0 FOX FRITZ FRITZ FROST FRUCCI FRUCCI FRUCCI FRY GALLAGHER GAMMILL GANO GEPHART GOGOLA GRAFFORD GRAHAM GRATHWOHL GRIMES HABLE HAMILTON HANCE HAND HANES HANNA HANNON HARGREAVES HARRINGTON I-IENSLER HERRICK GLORIA MAE FOX: Melody Queen's Court PATRICIA ANN FRITZ: Debate, lunior class President, Student Council, Art Review, Senior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Ushers Club, Tattler Staff, Honor rolleesix semesters ROLAND FRITZ: Football DOROTHY I. FROST: Transferred from Polcaqon luriicr I-liah FRANK FRUCCI: Glee Club, Oiiicials Club, Art Club, transierred irom St. Mary's ROY FRUCCI: Golf, Choir, Glee Club, Variety Show ANTHONY FRUCCI IOI-IN FRY WILLIAM ROY GALLAGHER: Glee Club, Variety Show EDWARD W. GAMMILI. DEAN GANO: Band, Band Bounce GLADYS O. GEPHART: Choir, Student Council, Glee Club, Variety Show MARIAN I. GOGOLA: Glee Club, Variety Show BILL GRAFFORD ROSS WARREN GRAHAM: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Senior Play, lunior play, OI- iicials Club, Variety Show, Honor roll-two semesters MARGARET TERESA GRATHWOHL: Debate, Choir, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show, G.A.A., Honor roll-two semesters BETTY LOU GRIMES: Glee Club, Variety Show BARBARA HABLE: Choir, Senior play, lunior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Ushers Club, G.A.A., Honor roll-tour semesters MARY HAMILTON: Glee Club MARY ANN HANCE: Choir, Band Bounce, Art Review, Senior play, lunior play, Glee Club, Variety Show. Sextet, Ushers Club, Honor rollfseven semesters, Melody Queen, 1940 AUDREY IUNE HAND: lunior play, Honor rollvsix semesters HENRIETTA F. M. HANES HAZEI. HANNA: Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor rollfone semester LARRY E. I-IANNON: Debate, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show BILL HARGREAVES: Football, Art Review, Officials Club DORIS IEAN HARRINGTON: Choir, Student Council, Glee Club, Variety Show, Accompanist- Boys' Octet, Honor roll-seven semesters FRED I. HENSLER: Band, Band Bounce, Senior play NEVA MARIE HERRICK: Choir, Band Bounce, lunior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, G.A.A,, Honor roll-two semesters page twen ty-three LORNABELLE HIBNAR: Choir, Glee Club, Variety Shaw, Honor roll- four semesters PANSY I.. I-IIPSHIER EDWARD GEORGE HRADEL: Track, Officials Club IOAN LOUISE IENKINS: Band, Iunicr play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor rolleone semester INGA BRITT IOHANSON: Choir, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor roll-three semesters ANITA IEANNE IOHNSON: Tennis, Choir, Band Bounce, Art Review, Senicr play, Iunior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Sextet, G.A.A. NEVA M. IOHNSTON: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Senior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor roll-one semester DONNA P. IONES: Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor roll- one semester WILLIAM K. K. KASLER: Golf, Senior class, Vice-President, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Student Council President, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show PATRICIA L. KELLEY: Band, Band Bounce BILL KESSLER: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show MARIE G. KILLARNEY: Glee Club, Ir. High Library ARLENE F. KIZER STELLA H. KLIMEK: Glee Club, Variety Show NATALIE KLINE ED KLOSE: Football ALICE LORAINE KNAPP: Senior play, Ushers Club, Art Club, Honor roll-three semesters ROBERT KNOLL: Football, Officials Club IANE KOMPASS: Choir, Ecnd Bounce, Senior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Art Review, Tattler Staff, Honor roll-one semester DOROTHEA LAWHEAD: Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, Art Club HAROLD I. LEACH: Glee Club, Variety Show THOMAS P. LUEDERS: Senior class Treasurer, Student Council, Art Review, Senicr play, Iunior play, Glee Club, Tattler Staff, Honor rollffive semesters GERALDINE LUKE: Art Review, Art Club ROBERT MACE: Student Ccuncil, Cheer Leader, transierred from Michiqan City CATHERINE MARTIN: Tennis, Senior class Secretary, Choir, Student Council, Band Bounce, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, AccompanistfSextet, Honor rollAeiqht semesters KATHRYN IOYCE MARTIN: Art Review, Iunior play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor rollf two semesters, Melody Queens' Court PAULA R. MARTIN: Honor roll-two semesters BONNIE LOU MCCOMBS page twenty-four HIBNAR HIPSHIER IOHANS HRADEL IENKINS ON IOHNSON IOHNSTON KASLER IONES KELLEY KIZER KESSLER KILLARN EY KLIMEK KNAPP KLINE KLOSE KNOLL LEACH KOMPASS LAWHEAD LUEDERS MARTIN LUKE MACE MARTIN MARTIN MCCOMBS page twenty-fire L page twenty-si.z MCCRORY MCMENAMIN MEYER MCNABB MCQUAID MIKOLAY MILLS MILTENBERGER MISWICK MOLICA MONEHAN MONEYSIVIITH MOREHOUSE MORF ORD MOYER MORSE MOSS MURPHY ORIAS NICHOLSON NIEB OSOS PFISTER PAGELS PELKEY POTOKAR POWELL PRINCE IAMES MCCRORY: Oificials Club IAMES R. MCMENAMIN: Officials Club MARSHALL MCNABII: Art Review, Glee Club, Officials Club MARIORIE MCQUAID: Iunior Play, Variety Show ROSELLA ANN MEYER: Chair, Student Council, Band Bounce, Art Review, Senior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Sextet, G.A.A., Honor roll-six semesters VIOLETTE PEARL MIKOLAY: Glee Club, Orchestra, transferred from Harrison Tech. I-Iiqh School, Chicago DALE MILLS: Band Bounce ELIZABETH MILTENBERGER HENRY MISWICK: Football, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Choir, Band Bounce, Art Review. Senior Play, Gfee Club, Officials Club, Variety Show, Octet ALFRED P. MOLICA: Officials Club BETTE MONEHAN: Tennis, Choir, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show, Leaders Club RICHARD MONEYSMITH: Basketball, Tennis, Officials Club BOB MOREHOUSE: Band, Band Bounce GEORGIA IVIORFORD: Leaders Club BEVERLY MORSE: Glee Club, Variety Show, Senior High Library PEGGY MOSS ROBERT H. MOYER: Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show VERN MURPHY GEORGE F. NICHOLSON: Choir, Band Bounce, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, Art Club MARIAN I. NIEB: Leaders Club, Honor roll-eiqht semesters AGNES THERESA ORIAS: G.A.A. RICHARD OSOS: Football, Glee Club, Officials Cllub, Variety Show EDWARD PAGELS: Glee Club, Officials Club, Variety Show, Bleacher Squad, Game Assistant DORIS CAROLYN PELKEY ALFRED HORACE PFISTER: Football, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Art Review, Senior Play, Junior Play PETER F. POTOKAR: Football ED POWELL: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce CHARLES PRINCE: Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce page t1r:e11ty-seven EVERETT QUEEN BETTY LOU QUICK VERDA M. RAMSBY MILDRED A. RAYBUCK: Glee Club, Variety Show DOROTHY ANN REED: Student Council, Glee Club, Variety Show, transierred from Champaign, Il1.nois LOREN RIDDLE: Football PEGGY ROBERSON: Choir, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show LOIS IEAN ROOKS: Iunior Class Secretary, Choir, Student Council, Glee Club, Variety Show, GAA., Honor roll-seven semesters VIRGINIA A. RUDDUCK BETTY IUNE SCHANBACHER: Art Review, Glee Club, Honor roll-six semesters PHYLLIS MAE SHIRK: Honor rollftwo semesters HILDA PAY SHUEY: Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor rollfthree semesters BEATRICE EMILY SINGER: Orchestra, Band Bounce MARGARET ANN SITTLER LILLIAN RITA SKALLA: Choir, Student Council, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor roll- one semester WALTER I. SKALLA: Officials Club RICHARD A. SMITH: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Glee Club, Officials Club, Variety Show, Honor roll-one semester ELAINE MAY SMITH: Student Council EVELYN V. SOMERS ROY SOSEBEE: Officials Club SHIRLEY I. STATLER: Glee Club IOAN M. STEIGELY: lunior play, C-:lee Club, Variety Show, Honor rollfiour semester ALICE VIRGINIA STONE: Choir, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show ROBERT STOWE: Choir, Glee Club, Variety Show PAUL N. TAGGETT: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Student Council, Band Bounce, Senior Play, Glee Club, Oiiicials Club, Variety Show, Honor roll-eight semesters BARBARA ANNE THOMPSON: Glee Club, Variety Show GEORGIA I. THOMPSON: Honor roll--six semesters IAMES E. THOMPSON: Senior Play, Officials Club page twenty-eight QUEEN QUICK REED RAMSBY RAYBUCK RIDDLE ROBERSON BOOKS RUDDUCK SCHANBACHER SHIRK SHUEY SINGER SITTLER SKALLA SKALLA SMITH SMITH SOMMERS SOSEBEE STATLER STEIGELY STONE STOWE TAGGETT THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON i E page fzfrmrtgf-nine page thirty THOMPSON TUESLEY VANDENBURG VERNON VARGO VERNON VET WALDRON WAGNE TER VOGELSANG R WARNER WEAVER WELLINGHAM WETMORE WIL WOLCOTT LIAMS WITHAM WOODS WOZNIAK ZABEL ZEIDER PAL HATFIELD KOOLS YOUNG MER LORAINE E. THOMPSON: A . ' 5 CAROLYN I. TUESLEY: Glee Club, Variety Show, Ushers Club, Honor roll-one semester GERALD F. VANDENBURG ROBERT VARGO: Football, Choir, Band rt Review, Art Club, 'Tattler Staff Honor roll three semester Bounce, Senior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show R. ARLENE VERNON: Orch ROBERT D. VERNON: Track, Cross Country, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Glee Club, Variety Show estra, Choir, Band Bounce Glee Club, Variety Show DONALD R. VETTER: Officials Club EVELYN IEAN VOGELSANG: Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor roll-one semester EARL WALDRON WILLIAM S. WAGNER: Transferred from East Chicaqo ROB - ' ERT WARNER. Choir, Glee Club, Officials Club, Variet Sh y ow NORMAN D. WEAVER: Football Manager, Officials Club PATRICIA L. WELLINGHAM: Choir, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, G.A.A. PATRICIA I. WETMORE: Glee Club, Variety Show BETTY IANE WILLIAMS: Variety Show ALBERT VERNON WITI-IAM I C . : unior lass Vice-President, Banel, Choir, Student Coun- cil, Band Bounce, Senior Play, Iunior Play, Glee Club, Variety Show, Octet, transferred from Kansas ELSA LORRAINE WOLCOTT: Glee Club, Variety Show, transferred from South Bend Central WANDA LEE WOODS: Band Bounce, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor rollfone semester RICHARD WO ZNIAK: Honor roll-one semester HELEN E. YOUNG: Choir, Glee Club, Variety Show, Honor roll-two semesters IANE ZABEL: , , , an ounce, Art Review, Glee Club, Variety Show, G.A.A,, Honor roll-seven semesters BETTY IEANE ZEIDER: Variety Show, G.A.A. MARSY IEAN PALMER: Band, transfer Tennis, Band, Orchestra Choir Student Council B d B red from Evansville, lndiana RALPH R. HATFIELD: Band, Orchestra, Ea nd Bounce, Art Review, Glee Club IOHN B. KOOLS page thirty-one JUIIIUHS and SUPHUIHUHES Iohn Gillette President Hoberi Cuiler Vice-President Virginia French Secretary Ted Peterson Treasurer page thirty-three Back Row: Robert Cutler, Robert Burton, Flavious Bender, Karl Cook, Richard Borsos, Richard Asmus. Eldon summers Claytcn Burlingham Third Row: Richard Carnes, Vivian Bullen, Barbara Chester, Edith Brewster, Catherine Boller, Barbara Brockway, Betty Blanchard Second Row: Velma Crouch, Jean Cross. Donna Curtis, Bonnie Brunk, Ruth Albright, Norma jean Albright, Shirley Cox Frc-nt Row: D.:n ld Burg' Donald Arnold, Mr. Cebby, Calvin Bonner, La Verne Blank, Robert Adams Absent: Keith Arbuckle, Fred Brubaker Back Row: Robert Finn, Darwin Elledge, Sam Gillette, Robert Etzcorn, Paul Gerold, Dale Clossenger, john Dlckeson Third Row: Ruth Day, Frances Frucci, Mary Davis, William DePoy, Robert Gish, Anna Frucci, Norma jean Eberhard Second Row: Goldie Dumas, Betty jean Dixon, Ellen jane Funk, Eleanor Dickey, Cynthia Forgash, 1 ,argaret Donahue. Dolores Elledge grunthRow: Margaret Forbes, john Gillette, Harold Finley, Mrs, Worster, june Dumond, Virginia r'nc Absent: Jordon Gault page thirty-four MR. GEBBY Advisory- 1 IA MRS. WORSTER Advisory-I 11-X MISS PHIPPS Advisory-I IA 1 MISS TALBURT Advisory-1 IA Rank Row: Dale Cuisinger. Delbert Hawks, james Hiatt, Wallace Hipshear, Donald Goodline, Bennett 1 Third Row: David Criffee, john Graham, Bill Hassinger. Bob Hancock, Phil Haclsell, Vondell Goldam- mer, Bill Gregor Second Row: Betsey Hipshier, Pat Haviland, Betty Crathwohl, Peggy Harper, Lorraine Cray, Marian Hawken, LaVerne Grathwohl grorag Row: Beatrice Haley, Pauline Hass, Miss Phipps, Lois jane Hahn, Shirley Goodline, Donna oo mg. Back Row: Wesley Kloko, Stanley Mitchell, Eugene Kent. John Laberteaux, Harold Keill, Kent Kaser Third Row: Beatrice Klute, Pat Lake, Jean johnson, Mabry Lee Marlin, Cecily Kane, Madelon Martin, Della Koontz, jean Mclntyre , Second Row: Virginia Kaufman, Dorlene jones, Marjorie jones, Clara Klimek, Nora Makepeace, Sue Makowski. Shirley Miller, Margaret Loose Frank Row: janet jerue, Pat Kell, Miss Talburt, Betty Lundberg, Martha Krause, Betty Lou Knapp page thirty-ive Eacllfl Row: jack Priest, jack Powrie, jack Renner, Donald Priest, Ben Molica, Ted Peterson, Kenton ee es Third Row: joy Peters, Mary Molica, Charles Ramsby, jerry Monehan, john A, Reid, Omer Oaks, Walter Neese Second Row: Treva Ort, Shirley Reiclenbach. Ruby Randall, Dorothy Nafe, Mary Alice Radlca, Ruth Raih. Donna Palmer Front Row: William Payne, john E. Reid, Miss Anderson, Ethel Perry, janet Pollock, Norma Nichols Back Row: Dale Richey, Paul Schaen, Theodore Skopec. Niles Stewart, Bruce Schaber, Chris Schrader, Dickeson Rutter, james Steiner Third Row: Robert Smith, Grover Smith, Robert Ricks, Leon Smith, Bob Steinbauer, Marvin Ruetz, jerry Smith, Armen Ryor Second Row: john Riddle, Robert Ristau, William Rossow, Bernice Sallack, john Shirk, Hazel Snouwaert, Margaret Schlosser Front Row: Charnley Schnoor, Katherine Steigely, Mr, Smith, Marilyn Suss, ,lanyce Smith, Doris Short Absent: Betty jean Syson, Mildred Sonnenleiter page thirty-.sviaz MISS ANDERSON Advisory--1 IA MR. SMITH Advisory- 1 l A MISS SWAN Advisory-I IA MR. DE WITT Advisory-l OA Back Row: joe White, james Thayer, David Walker, Stanley Van Gilder, Don Zordel, Rcbzrt Walters, Leland Young, James Tickfer Third Row: Dwight Trueschel, Dale Witham, Eugene Van Dusen. Kenneth Tibbs, Fred Vollman. Robert Vining, joe Van Lue, Paul Wood Second Row: Anna Willard, Corinne Winnell, Imogene Travick, julane Waite, Leona Young, joyce Wingeart, Bernice Young, Eunice Yazel, Eunice Tuesley Front Row: Dorothy Welsher, Doris Zechlin, Miss Swan. Ruth Welsh, joan Walker, Winifrecl Vfood Absent: Keith Walter, Genevieve Wickler. Jack Worrell Back Row: junior Calder, Bill Cashbaugh, Percy Bosler, Leon Asmus. Darwin Anstiss, Rueben Altergott, Clarence Britton, Warren Armstrong, Edward Behm Third Row: Raymond Beck, Wilson Carpenter, Duane Asmus, Benny Abbott, Richard Carey, Norman Allan, Arthur Bowman, Julius Batta Second Row: Mary Louise Britton, Sally Atkinson. Elizabeth Borsos, Anna Mae Carlson, Joyce Bsrthel, Barbara Adams, Marjorie Burlingham grunt Row: Ruth Anderson. Bertha Bruce, Mr. DeWitt, Marilyn Brockway, Rita Bedinger, Audrey urrows Absent: Norman Burner, joe Carr page thirty-seven Back Row: Arthur Dieball, Bill Downey, Ward Deutscher, john Crocker, Charles Dreibelbis. Dick Deibler. Paul Cooper Third Row: Bill Coquillard, Laurence Cox, james Cooney, Henry Curry, john Clark, Dorothy Dorn, janet Erickson Second Row: Donna Domer, Lugene Davis, Mary jane Crouch, Ruth Dick, Iris Cooper, joan Cooper Igrlilnt Row: Ruth Connors, Gladys DePoy, Miss Domke, Barbara Cross, Eleanor Curtis, Charlotte oeman Back Row: Robert Fisher, james Gondeck, Herbert Forbes, Stanley Farr, George Fedore, William Gaston, Tony Frucci, Russell C-under Third Row: William French, William Gilbert, john Foster, Robert Graham, Virgil Felhauer, Kenton Fisher, Webster Finch Second Row: Liota june Fry, Thelma Goodman, joyce Gentry, Mary jane Fox, Anne Frucci, Margaret Frost Front Row: Wanda Gillispie, Betty jane Gould, Thelma Fitz, Miss Moir, Betty Frucci, Marilyn French Absent: Margaret Gogley page thirtyeeight ' MISS DOMKE Advisory-10A MISS MOIR Advisory--101-X MR. PAYNE Advisory-10A MR. RASMUSSEN Advisory-1 UA Back Row: Robert johnson, George Holmes, jack Hand, Russell jarrell, Oscar johnson, Bob Hlbbard Third Row: Bernard Huff, Clifford Jacksoil Richard Horvath, La Verne Helt. Rodney Hessey, Richard Henderson, Frank jackson Second Row: Barbara Hand, Helen Haley, Betty Lou Hinkle, Beatrice Hammon, Charlotte Hess, Barbara Hatfield, Darlene Jones Front Row: Elsie juhasz, Tony Johnston, Geraldine Hill, Mr, Payne, Virginia Herman, Anita jones Absent: jean Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Dolores Hartline, Leroy Jacobson Back Row: Eugene Kools, Vernon Martin, Robert King, Richard Lillie, Richard McQuaid, ,lack Maurer, Louis McCrory Third Row: Leon Laws, Charles Lunger, Bernadette Knoll. Mary Ann Lepel, Francine Klingler. Nanette Martinsen, Clarence Mclntvyre, Raymond Knauf Second Row: Lucille Kessick, Shirley Marks, Vivian Kubiac, Mary Krell, Lenore McBain, 'Wilma Leach, Mary ,lo Mack Front Row: William Lawton, Margaret McBride, Elaine Lucker, Mr. Rasmussen, Victoria McKienzie, lda Maye Lundgren, Madelyn Laws page thirty-'nine Back Row: Thomas Prenkert, Louis Peters, james Nieb, Paul Oliver, Eddie O'Toole, Sam Pullano. Camden Miars Third Row: Eugene Peacock. Alden Miller. George Porscharscky, Paul Peterson, Richard Prince. Thomas Medders, ,lack Parker Second Row: Raymond Myers, Melvina Ort, Mary Moyer, Gertrude Mayer, Mary Lou Merritt, Phyllis Olinghouse, Esther Olinghouse anoint Row: Louise Posthumus, Betty Peterson, Miss Thomson, Eleanor Parker, Dorothy Miller, Mae 1 er Back Row: Gordon Quick, Gene Southworth, John Rodgers, Bill Rhodes, jack Schweinzger, Bob Statler, joe Schmueser, Elias Sager, Arthur Regenos Third Row: Ed Schadler, Vaughan Sherman, Tom Quirk, Edwin Starke, Richard Strauss, Alice Singer, Oneta Smeltzer, Lloyd Rocks, Russell Queen Second Raw: Mae Dean Rood, Pat Schrumpf, Virginia Schrader, Mary Smith, Barbara Schaber, Bon- nie Schnoor. Clara Schaen, Mary Spain Front Row: Geraldine Rubin, janet Rice, jean Sittler, Mr. Lehman, Verna Lee Reed, Barbara Robbins, Ruth Richardson Absent: Richard Rayburn. Bettie Rose, William Skalla page forty MISS THOMSON Advisory-10A MR. LEHMAN Advisory-105 MRS. ZINKE Advisory-l UA MISS DURNIN Advisory-1 OB Back Row: Lewis Webster, Clare Webber, Robert Wood, Eugene Vargo, john Wegner, Robert Williams, David Wetmore, john Wolf Third Row: Danny Williams, Stewart Wilkinson, Dale Yost, Richard VanTuyl, Mary Zordel. Dorothy Wedel, Geraldine Wright, Norma jean VanLue Second Row: Edna Vetter. Mary Louise Tickfer, janet Wittmack, Lou Ellen Thompson, Lois Zim- merman, Mildred Walter, Zeta Zerr Front Row: Wesley Tonkin, Walter Wilson, Mrs. Zinke, Suzanna Taylor, Rhea Warren, Lois Young Absent: Nancy Toney Back Raw: Eugene Cannady, jerry johnson, Richard jones, Oris Aldrich, Homer Baird, Lyle Etzcorn Third Row: james Crocker, Bill Eggleston, Duane Cusick, Alice Cano, Verlin Davis, Bob Bonner, Robert Burge gticozd Row: Virginia Goodman, Betty Geishert, Helen Burge. Patricia Baker, Betty Deibler, Shirley an lgront Row: Mary Hess, Barbara johnson, Miss Durnin. Beverly Donnelly, Bette Eberhard, Esther ruce ' page forty-one W Y--,..-?- 7-7 Back Row: David Korman, Verlin Zimmerman, Louis Meyers, Nathan Rayburn, Wilbur Sisk, Clarence Studt Third Rnw: Henry Martin, Frank Travick, Bob Sheeler, Harold Makepeace. William Reed, Edward Ro gers Second Row: Don Pears, Ruth Miltenberger, Audrey Long, Betty ,Io Nledders, Beverly Wellingham, joyce Seeberg Front gow: Jennie Thomas, Marion Walker, Miss Bridgen, Elaine Rutherford, Mary Lowe, jean Otlews i page forty-iwo MISS BRIDGEN Advisory-10B UHGHHIZHTIUHS 5 A -535795 0 xv! , AM ew . Quin ,g:-,ff f a f ' W1 ,gy 6 B sm 5 SOX XX 9 yn a9 fx . S X. ,QM 5 x 5 J s- X . , x ' A -- yi.. A' f . We :gg '91 L .Z Winn, Q-N: ,fl 6- '37 " iq x l ' N ' G of X 'sv ' X M , " - Q 1' f 4, I , -x I il x - ,' s ' 1 3 mn BAND Back Row: jack Welsher, Richard Prince, Norma Bates, Richard Jones, Paul Gerold, Charles Ramsby, Robert Wood, Alfred Pfister, Charles Prince, Robert Ristau, Ronald Ashley, Clifford jackson Fourth Row: Ronald Gosline, Harold Makepeace, Pauline Hoisington. Kenneth Tibbs, Leon Smith, Anna Mae Carlson, Max DePoy, Ben Bonfoey, Bill Kaslerl Garland Stanle , Ward Deutscher Third Row: Niles Stewart, Delcie johnson, Imogene Travick. Robert Morehouse, Camden Miars, Sam Pullano, Paul Taggett, Bill Dick. Bob Steinbauer, Ed Powell, Bill Leonard, George Holmes Second Row: Charles Bath, Marion Walker, Bill Rodgers, l'-lenry Martin, Bill Eggleston, Richard Strauss, Leonard Corey, Mary Lowe. Elaine Rutherford, Gertrude Moyer, Shirley Cox, David Griffee, Dorothy Welsher, jack Powrie, Mr, DeNoyelles, Dick Noble Front Row: Verlin Davis, Robert Forgash, Bill Kessler, Vernon Witham, Barbara Hintz, Cay Secor, Bill Blackmun, joy Peters, Margaret Frost, Marjorie Cusick, Fred Hensler, Ross Graham BHHIJ Our band is now under the direction of Mr. Lester DeNoyelles, who came here from Duluth, Minnesota, when Mr. Roth accepted a position in Pekin, Il- linois, in early September of last year. One of the most distinctive improvements in its organization was noted at the football games. Last fall the games were pepped up by stirring music and snappy marching routines .The student body found that it was more interesting to remain in their seats at the half than to roam around. They're as spirited as ony military band. The members of this group have also been doing their share in this com- munity's war effort. On one of the coldest, dreariest days last fall they lent a gayer note to the occasion when they led a group of the draftees all the way to the railroad station. lt is likely that now the weather is nicer this will be a more common occurrence, Their presence has also been noted at the various bond rallies and numerous appearances at service clubs. Probably no one realizes to what extent our band is called upon to appear as a whole, and in smaller groups, before most club groups in Niles. lt is also interesting to notice that the lunior High Band has improved greatly. Mr. DeNoyelles attributes this to the fact that they have rehearsals at eight o'clock in the morning-and it seems that everyone is very faith- ful in attending. This is a sure sign that we can look forward to bigger and better bands in the future. page forty-four CHOIR Back Row: Vondell Colclammer, james Nieb, Dickson Rutter, jerry Monahan, Elias Sager, Robert Vargo, Paul Taggett, Larry Hannon, Henry Miswick, Paul Gexolcl, George Nicholson, john Vlfolf, james Cooney Fifth Row: Goldie Dumas, Lewis Webster. Vernon Witham, Dwight Trueschel, Robert Ricks, Gene Zouthworth, Kenneth Cogswell, Bill Kasler, Richard Van Tuyl, Ronald Ashley, Lloyd Rooks, Peggy arper Fourth Row: Patricia Wellingham, Neva Herrick, Peggy Corcoran. Marian Finley, Shirley Goodling, fliettle Monehan, joan Walker, Mary Moyer, Melvina Ort, Bernadette Knoll. Susanna Taylor, Lois oo s Third Row: Barbara Hable, Beverly Belding, Catherine Martin, jean johnson. Pattv jo Lake, Shirley Reidenbach, Ellen jane Funk. jeanne Delpire, Rhea Warren, Lugene Davis, Helen Young Second Row: jane Kompass, Beatrice Hammon, Virginia French. Lillian Skalla, jean Mclntyre, jane Zabel, Rosella Meyer, Betty jo Medders. Zeta Zexr, Marilyn French Front Row: Arlene Vernon. Mary Ann Hance, Lois jean Hahn, Patricia Kell, Marian Walker, Mr, Frigaard, Charnley Schnoor, Peggy Downey, joan jenkins, Gladys Gephart, Doris Harrington, CHUIR By pooling the best voices in senior high, Mr. Frigaard, the director, has achieved one of the best choral groups that Niles High School has ever had, This group, which has done quite a good deal ot a cappella Work this year, enjoys singing sacred numbers as well as the Negro spirituals and does both equally well. To complement the choir, there are two smaller organ- izations, the Girls' Sextet and the Boys' Octet Csee page 475. As their annual Christmas program this year, the choir repeated its per- formance ot the St. Cecelia Mass by C. Cvounod. This year the accompanist, Doris Harrington, played some ot the background music for the choir on the organ. The soloists were Particia Lake, Patricia Kell, Lois lean Hahn, Anita Iohnson, Vernon Witham, Ronald Ashley and Paul Taggett. The group has given several programs for various social groups in Niles and as the climax tor this year's work the choir takes a prominent part in the annual Variety Show on May 20-21. Csee page 687 This year, as last year, the choir has met on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings before school. Despite very bad Weather this Winter the attendance was excellent. Although there are a number oi seniors in the choir We are sure that the choir will maintain its high standard in the years to come. Accompanist page for ty-fi we GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Back Row: Dorothy Reed. Catherine Martin, Neva Herrick, Violette Mickolay, Peggy Lee Corcoran. llfleggy Downey, Patricia Wellingham, Jane Zabel, Rosella Meyer, Wanda Woods, Betty Grimes, Hazel anna Fourth Row: Barbara Hable, Lillian Skalla, Beverly Morse, Dorothea Lawhead, Evelyn Vogelsang. Joyce Martin, Bette Monehan, Barbara Dibble, Jane Kompass, Jeanne Delpire, Patricia Fritz, Inga Britt Johanson Third Row: Goldie Dumas, Neva Johnston. Stella Klimek, Joan Walker, Peggy Moss, Norma Dillman, Shirley Reidenbach. Joan Curtis, Gladys Gephart, Alice Stone Second Row: Donna Jones, Shirley Statler, Patricia Wetmore, Elsa Walcott, Marie Killarney, Helen Young, Carolyn Tuesley, Hilda Shuey, Virginia French, Lois Rooks, Mildred Raybuck Front Row: Beverly Belding, Arlene Vernon, Gladys Circle, Doris Harrington 1Accompanistl, Mr. Frigaard, Patricia Kell, Lois Jean Hahn, Patty Jo Lake, Mary Ann Hance, Joan Jenkins Absent: Anita Johnson ORCHESTRA Back Row: Bob Ristau, Bill Kessler, Ward Deutscher, Bob W'ood, Ross Graham, Charles Prince, Richard Strauss Third Row: Danny Parsons, Arthur Jaeger, George Holmes, Stanley Farr, Leon Smith. Ed Powell, Verlin Davis. Charles Bath Second Row: Mr, DeNoyelles, Delcie Johnson, Marion Walker, Beatrice Singer, Pauline Hoisington, Mary Lowe, Anna Mae Carlson, Gladys Deutscher, Arlene Vernon, Elaine Rutherford Front Row: Pat Baker, Jean Rodgers, Pat Righter, Ellen Jane Funk, Violette Mikolay, Joan See- burger, Marilyn Smith, Doris Eggleston Absent: Lois Cool, Harold Makespeace page forty-six GIRLS' GLEE CLUB oncHEsnA BOYS' GLEE CLUB BOYS' OCTET AND GIRLS' SEXTET Back Row: Clifford jackson, Kay Benjamin, Elias Sager, Larry Hannon, Henry Miswick, George Nicholson, Bill Kessler, Gene Southworth Third Row: john Foster, Dlckson Rutter, Paul Taggett, Bob Vargo, Niles Stewart, jerry Nlonehan, Paul Gerald. Harold Leach, Bill Gallagher Second Row: Louis Webster, Vernon Witham, Dick Smith, Kenneth Cogswell, james Nieb, james Cwoney. Tony Frucci, Lloyd Roolcs Front Row: Ed Pagels. Bill Kasler, Harold Finley, Dors Harrington, Mr. Frigaard, Bob Steinbaucr, Kenneth Tibbs, jack Kools Vernon Witham, Bob Ricks, Elias Sager, Bob Vargo, Paul Taggett. Henry Nliswick, Gene Southworth, Ronald Ashley Patricia Kell, Lois Rocks. Rosella Meyer, jane Zabel, Mary Ann Hance, Lois jean Hahn page forty-seven Back Row: Bill Blackmum, john Rodgers, john Gillette, Paul Taggett, Kenneth Cogswell, Clarence Mclntyre, Clayton Burlingham, Camden lvliars Third Row: Bertha Bruce, Beatrice Klute, Tom Lueders, Catherine Martin, Bernadette Knoll, Bob Cutler, jim Thayer Second Row: Marion Walker, Marilyn French, Charlotte Coleman, Charlotte Hess, Nancy Toney, Pat Haviland, Lois Cool Front Row: Mr. Marks, Bill Kasler, Bob Steinbauer, Gladys Gephart, Lillian Skalla, Ted Peterson Back Row: Nannette Martinsen, julia Orias. Elizabeth Borsos, Katherine Steigely, Joan Walker, Lucille Kessick, janet Rice, Vivian Kubiak, Mary jane Crouch, Bonnie Schnoor, Barbara Brockway Third Row: Ruby Randall. Neva Herrick, Norma Webber, Beatrice Klute, joyce Wingeart, Barbara Schaber. Eleanor Yaw, Lois Rooks, Virginia Marazita Second Row: Pat Kools, Eloise Briggs, Marion Walker, Norma Stafford, Mary Ann Hance, Dorothy Nafe, Virginia French, Dolores Elledge, jean Sittler Front Row: Pat Wellingham, Rosella Meyer, jane Zabel Clpresidentl, Miss Carr, Bernadette Kndil fSecretary-Treasurerj, Virginia Kaufman LVice-Presidentl, Barbara Hable page forty-eight STUDENT COUN CII. G. A. A. BLEACHER SQUAD USHERS. CANDY SALESMEN, AND GAME ASSISTANTS Back Row: joe White, Don Goodline, Calvin Bonner. Tom Lueders, joe Van Lue Third Row: Norman Weaver, Dale Glossenger, Ed Pagels, Paul Gerold, Bill Payne Second Row: Bill l-lassenger, Darwin Elledge, Don Arnold, Phil Hadsell, john Graham Front Raw: Arman Ryor, Bob Walters, Mr. Whitwam, Bruce Schaber, Fred Vollman Back Row: jim Hunziker, Dale Glossinger, Ronald Gosline, Cris Aldrich, Frank jackson, Dick lVlcQuaid, Phil Hadsell, Walter Neese, Bruce Schaber Fourth Row: Bob Sheeler. Paul Schaen. Tom Lueders, Norman Weaver, Ed Pagels. jim McCrory, Lorraine Gray, Ellen jane Funk Third Row: ,Ioan Curtis. Alice Knapp, Marilyn French. Barbara Hable, Gladys Gephart. Mary Ann Hz-nce. Carolyn Tuesley, Katherine Steigely, joan Walker Senond Row: Treva Ort, Zeta Zerr, Charlotte Colemen, Elizabeth Borsos, Betty Lou Knapp. Mary Hess, Bernadette Knoll, jean Sittler, Catherine Boller Front Row: Lois jean Hahn, Patricia Kell. Doris Zechlin, Doris Grieger, Mr. Vlfhitwam, Eunice Tuesley, janet jerue . page forty-nine A Catharine Boller, Mary Hess, Eunice Tuesley, Betty Lou Knapp. Gladys Gephart, Charlotte Colemen, Marilyn French. Lorraine Gray, Alice Knapp, Mary Ann Hance, Barbara Habla. Elizabeth Borscs, Carglyn Tuesley Mary Lee Marlin, Peggy Corcoran, Bob Mace, Patty jo Lake Page F1 fy USHERS CLUB CHEER LEADERS MR. MOORE Advisory Back Row: Blackmun, Amick, Bartz, Brumfield, Cribhs, Cribbs, Barber, Albright, Anderson, Butt, Asmus Third Row: Cain, Burrows, Bowman, Barnes, Burger, Bremer, Burroughs, Benjamin, Ashley, Aldrich Second Row: Berg, Cheney, Barnes. Bonfoey, Beldingz, Cool, Corcoran, Carpenter. Armstrong, Carpenter, Brewer Front Row: Cleary, Blue, Bestle, Camp, Moore, Cross, Clark, Coffman, Circle MR. KOVAC Advisory Back Row: Dittmar, Cammill, Halifax, Drolet, Davis, Fletcher, Davis, Freel, Dick Third Row: Domer, Frucci, Durand, Cradord. Deutscher, Grafford, Frucci, Gallagher, Frucci Second Row: Dibble, Fritz, Fisher, Flynn, Grath- wohl, Hable, Downey, Finley Front Row: Dickeson, Dillman, Grimes, Kovac. Delpire, Fox, Gephart, Gogola MISS CROWLEY Advisory Back Row: Klose, Hannon, Hess, Hensler, Haven, Hradel, Hargreaves, Harker Third Row: jasper, Kools, jaroch, Knapp, Hanes, Hoisington, Kessler. Knoll Second Row: Kizer, Hilligoss, Hipshier. Johan- son, Klimek, Hanna, Kompass, Hance, Harring, IO!! Front Row: Hand, Hand, Kelley, Crowley Hickerson, Killarney, Herrick, johnson MISS WALTER Advisory Back Row: Moyer, Miswick, Moneysmith. La- llzjoinlime, Morehouse, McLaughlin, Liebertrau, eac Third Row: Mills, McCrory, Lueders, Lehr, Markle, Long. Mann. LaMorc, McMenamin Second Row: Morse, Martin, McBride. McCombs Morford, Lawhead, Mever, Monehan Front Row: Martin, Mann, Martin, Walters Luke, Malone, Miltenberger, Miller page fifty-one page nity-two MISS HOEVET Advisory Back Row: Riddle, Ramsby, Purucker, PeC-an, PeC-an, Osos, Quirk, Potokar, Pagels Third Row: Powell, Queen, Regenos, Nicholson, Prince, Ostrander. Reid. Pfister Second Row: Reum, Overmeyer, Quick, Pollock, Pell-Ley, Rudduck, O'Keefe Front Row: Ossmer, Raybuck, Pitcher, Hoevet, Ramsby, Orias, Ossmer, Rooks MISS ROCKWELL Advisory Back Row: Waldron, Vernon, Vetter. Weller. Sommers, Vargo, Stowe, Young, Thomas, Van- denburz. Thompson Third Row: Thompson, Wozniak. Smith, Zabel, Young, Whiting, Skalla, Selge, Vanderhoff, Wood Second Row: Sears, Wetmore, Storm. Zielinski Sittler, Thorpe, Thompson, Wellingham, Wil liams, Williams Front Row: Shirk, Statler, Smith, Zeider, Rock well, Shuey, Skalla. Wood, Vogelsang MISS STUDENROTH Advisory Back Row: Vetterly, Warner, Lagoni, Ward Taggett, Peacock, Messner, Yonkers Third Row: Weaver, Sanford, Molina, Van lcler stine ,Sosebee, NlcConell Second Row: Marlow, Lundberg, Stone. Martin Moss, Leak, Roberson, Thompson Front Row: Smith, Nieb, Schanbacher, Studen roth, Steigely, Rodgers, Lloyd SPUHTS ff I f ' f , gr," s ,N o x ' ' Y I 1 lxx 7 - ' E V ' 1 1 4 7 , , 2 x, 9 4 5 2 ' 1 Back Row: jack Davis. Earl Vlfaldron, joe White, Bob Gish, LeVerne Blank, Dick Smith, Cr S th Third Row: NlgxgvBob Knoll, Bob Cutler, Bob Etzcorn, John Gillette, Paul Potokar, Everett Nl L ghll Mgr. Norman eaver Potokar. Coach Tuma. Second Row: Assistant Coach Meyer, jack Worrell. Roland Fritz. Louis D lt Bob V g P t g:lonl21R0w: Alfred Pfister, Dick Osos. Dillard Crocker, Henry Miswick, Archie Cribbs, Ma S lg . use VHHSITU FUUTBHLL School W L T' Pct. State High 4 l 0 800 Niles 3 1 l 700 Three Rivers 3 l l 700 South Haven l 2 2 400 Dowagiac 2 3 0 400 St. loseph 0 5 0 000 'Tie game counts a halt game Won and half garne lost. SCHEDULE Where Niles Opponent Score Here ll Central Catholic 0 There 0 South Bend Catholic 6 There 0 South Haven 0 Here 21 Buchanan 0 There 18 St. loe 0 Here 26 Dowagiac 7 There 6 State High 7 Here 13 Three Rivers 7 Page fiftyfvw' THE SEHSUH Under the guidance of Viking Coach Iarnes Tuma for the second year, the Niles grid team experienced a very successful football season. Hampered by injuries at the start of the season, Coach Tuma turned out a Well-balanced, driving team that managed to place second in the Big Six Conference. Niles' final standing for the entire season resulted in six victories, one tie, and two defeats. The season's initial game resulted in an ll-0 scrubbing handed out by the Vikings to the Central Catholic lndians of South Bend. The team was in poor starting condition. Niles' only non-conference defeat was handed out by the S. B. Central Catholic. Numerous injuries resulted in a 6-U defeat. Niles next traveled to South Haven where the Vikings outplayed the Rams only to receive credit for a scoreless tie. Buchanan was defeated by Niles for the third successive year in a non- conference win. St. loe next fell to Niles by an 18-O loss as Niles clicked on passing combinations. Dowagiac bowed to the Vikings again by a score of 26-7 and Niles appeared slated for the Big-Six title. State High then trounced the Viking club with a 7-6 victory, nosing Tuma's boys out of the race. An intercepted pass on Niles' 20-yard line set the stage for the State High victory. Plym Park was the scene of Niles final playoff which gave Niles a vic- tory of l3-7 over Three Rivers. As a result, State High was given undisputed possession of the Conference title. Page IT! ty-five gackhRow: Donald Coodline, Wesley Kloko, Robert Wood, Ed O'Toole, john Wegner. Winston james, oac Smith Fourth Row: Percy Bosler. Darwin Anstiss, Ted Peterson, john Wolf, Eugene Vargo, Clifford jackson, Stewart Wilkinson Third Row: Darwin Elledge, Bill Haslinger. Bob Statler, Stanley Mitchell, Paul Peterson, XValter Neese, Bill Downey Second Row: Mgr. Tom Knoll, Vernon Martin, George Porscharsky, Norman Allen, Dan Williams, Don Arnold. jack Maurer. john Graham Front Row: Bill Cashbaugh, Bob Graham, Stanley VanGilder, Kenneth Tibbs, Walth Wilson, Sam Gillette, Dave Wetmore SEUUHD TEHHI FUUTBHLL Coach Wayne Smith's reserve team went through the season unbeaten, winning tour and tying one. The team, important as a reserve group for next year's varsity players, will provide what appears to be excellent material to step into tirst-string positions. Scrimmage practice with the varsity provides training and sea- sons the squad. Teamwork and individual development is a primary object ol the second string. The loss ot many of this year's varsity players will place the best of the group on next year's varsity team. A few of the players made the jump duringthe mid-season and will be valuable for next year's season. SCHEDULE OPP. NILES October l South Haven O Here 56 October 22 Dowagiac 6 There 51 November 3 Three Rivers 0 There 19 Iohn Adams 6 There 6 Benton Harbor 6 There 19 page yifty-sian' lUhn's lllhn in the Senior Class Girl Mary Ann Hance Best Looking Boy lim Thompson loyce Martin Constant Gum Chewer Norman Weaver Catherine Martin Most Popular Henry Miswick Peqqy Corcoran Best Dancer Dillard Crocker Patricia Fritz Most Likely to succeed Paul Taggett lane Kompass Lois Books lane Zabel Doris Harrington Biggest Bluffer Most Studious Best Athlete Most Musical Dick Gsos William Burrows Henry Miswick Vernon Witham 'Hou Cant Take It lllith Hou" tContinued from page 697 Sycamoresg Essie, the married daughter who does nothing but make canny and ballet dance, Ed, Esste's sax-tootling husband, and the colored help, Donald and Rheba. The family is happy and carefree, all except Grandpa Vanderhof, Penny's father, who gets into trouble with Henderson, an internal revenue col- lector, and Alice, who gets involved in a love affair with Tony Kirby, the son of her employer. The Kirbys have the idea that they are too good for the Sycamore family, and are strongly against such a marriage. Gay Wellington, an intoxi- cated actress adds to the confusion. But Grandpa steps in and changes all this. In the end everything works out and the members of the house go on in their usual crazy manner. The foreign touch is added by the presence of the Russians, Count Kolen- khov and The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina. page fifty-seven Back Row: Bill Gaston, john Laberteaux, Leon Asmus, Oscar Johnson, Reuben Altergott Third Row: Manager Tom Knoll, Don Arnold, Walter Wilson, Harold Finley, Paul B onner econ ow: oac S d R C h B d M Front Row: jerry M h D Ab I R h d M y th sen : ic ar one smi Date Nov. 2 5 Dec. 2 Dec. 8 Dec. 1 1 Dec. 18 Ian. 8 Ian. 1 5 Ian. 22 Ian. Z9 Feb. 2 Feb. 5 Feb. 12 Feb. 19 Feb. Z6 page fifty-eight eyer, Bill Cashbaugh, john Graham, Bob Cutler, Dilla d C lc ldZdlL'DlH M"k' ona or e, ouxs ro et, enry iswic , Dick Smith S h BASKETBALL 1942-3 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Place Niles Opponent Away 53 Buchanan Home 36 Washington Clay Away 24 Benton Harbor Home 41 Dowagiac Away 26 Three Rivers Home 29 South Haven Away 36 State High Home 32 St. Ioseph Away 29 Dowaqiac Home 34 Buchanan Home 34 Three Rivers Away 31 South Haven Home 23 State High Away 18 St. Ioseph REGIONAL TOURNAMENT DATE PLACE NILES OPPONENT Mar. 19 St. Ioseph 37 St. loseph 34 Mar. 20 St. Ioseph 23 Benton Harbor 52 BIG SIX CONFERENCE W L Pct. Pts. Opp. St. Ioseph 9 l 900 287 203 'Niles 7 3 700 299 290 South Haven 5 5 500 251 229 State High 5 5 500 343 316 Three Rivers 3 7 300 235 277 Dowagiac l 9 100 186 303 THE 1942-3 BASKETBALL SEASON With only three members of last season's varsity returning, the Niles Vikings tackled a tough schedule. The Vikings captured second place in the Big Six Conference, even though they lost two regulars by graduation in lanuary. Following Coach Tuma's entry into the Marine Corps, Assistant Coach Bernard Meyer took over the direction of the team. With the fullest cooperation of the candidates, Coach Meyer assembled a quintet which defeated seven of its final eleven opponents. The squad reached its peak by eliminating St. Ioseph, the Bix Six Conference champions, from the regional tournament. In this regional tournament held at St. Ioseph, Niles drew a bye for the first round. Then the Vikings met and defeated St. loseph in the semi-finals, but were turned back by a powerful, Class "A," Benton Harbor team in the final game. This season five seniors completed their high school basketball careers. Dillard Crocker and Dick Moneysmith bowed out of the lineup in lanuary, while Henry Miswick, Dick Smith, and Louis Drolet continued until the sea- son's close. The letterwinners were Dillard Crocker, Henry Miswick, Dick Smith, Dick Moneysmith, Louis Drolet, Don Zordel, Bob Cutler, Grover Smith, lerry Monehan, Iohn Graham, Bill Cashbaugh, six of whom are expected to return next season. The varsity free throw medal, awarded annually to the player who com- piles the best percentage of free throws throughout the entire season was awarded to Grover Smith. Due to war-time curtailment of transportation, the district and state tourna- ments were dropped. Thus, Niles retains the State Class "B" basketball championship, won last season by the Vikings. page fifty-nine T Back Row: Tom Knoll. james Condeck, Bob Pfeil, Tom Prater, Henry Miswick, Ed Hraclel, Sam Gill- ette. Walter Neese. Omer Oaks Second Row: Bob Gish, Gemroe Fletcher, Eugene Anstiss, Bill Finn, john Gillette, jack Davis, Archie Cribbs, Stanley Van Gilder, Kenneth Kocher, Vondell Goldammer. Bob Hamilton Frunt Row: Cecil Coleman, Thurman Crouch, Lewis Bonner, Leland Hamilton, Bill Steiner. Smith, Tom Kennedy, Lewis Jeffries, Don Worrell. Bob Bohner, Bill Dick Date Niles April 18 45 April 21 65 April 24 55 April 29 47 May 5 37 Conference Meet 1. Three Rivers 2. Niles 3. St. Ioe 4. Buchanan 5. Dowaqiac 6. St. Ioe 7. South Haven page sixty 1942 TRACK Opponent Opp. Three Rivers 50 lflOBuch. 29 l9f2O Dowaqiac , 36 Washington-Clay 49 South Bend Central 57 Benton Harbor 49 St. Ioe 44 54 43 :am is im 9 6 Place Three Rivers 19 j2O Niles Niles Niles St. Ioe At St. Ioseph Coach ng: Bob Hancock, Glen Mathews, Grover Smith, Tom McKienzie g: Roy Frucci. Bill Kasler Where There There Here There There Here Total 1942 SCHEDULE Niles Z 10 6 1 V2 5 24 V2 Opponent St. Ioseph Benton Harbor South Haven South Bend Central Three Rivers St. Ioseph 10 2 6 11 IIV2 7 47W page sixty-one Lefl to Right: Dave Merrell, Kenton Peebles, Ted Peterson, Paul Pet Warren. Bill Holmes, Paul Taggett, Bob Warburton, Ed Pagels, Dick Mace, Cos ch Tuma Date April l7 April 21 April 25 Moy l Moy 15 Moy 19 Moy 23 Moy 29 Mcry 30 page sixty-two 1942 BOYS' TENNIS SCHEDULE Opponent St. Ioe Benton Harbor South Haven Three Rivers Dowogicrc St. Ioe Regional Conference Conference Place St. Ioe Benton Harbor Niles Three Rivers Dowciqiclc Niles Dowczqicrc St. lee St. Ioe erson, Kenneth Cogswell, Bob Smith, Dick Moneysmith. Bob Niles 6 O 4 1 O 5 Niles Niles Opp. 1 7 2 4 7 2 Second Third Back Row: Miss Carr. Pat Bonfoey. Bette Monehan, jane Zabel, Imogene Travick, Virginia Sarley Fran! Row: Marjorie Hossfleld, Pat Aznold, Della Koontz, Catherine Martin, Anita johnson 1942 GIRLS' TENNIS SCHEDULE Date Place Opponent We They April Away South Haven 2 3 April Home St. loe l 3 May Away Dowaqiac O 5 May Away St. Ioe l 4 May Home Dowaqiac 1 4 Since wartime restrictions have curtailed non-essential transportation, minor high school sports are the first to suffer. Cross country was the first such casualty. This was followed by Boys' and Girls' Tennis and Golf. There four sports will be discontinued for the duration. page sixty-three HCTIVITIES Q 1 , , new " V 1 ,fr , fi f N6 5 m ,,.,s-...hs -L1-' ""J 1 ""' 'YVN0-1-nx5,,n iuientu-Fourth Hnnual Gum Show Under the direction of the Niles Department of Physical Education, the Twenty-Fourth Annual Gym Show was presented on the nights of March 24, 25, and 26, 1943. The program was composed of traditional relays, marching drills, pyra- mids, dances, and numerous other events. Wartime conditions, demanding additional stamina, strength, and ability, have given popularity to the nation- wide toughening-up program. This Wartime service has added calisthenics and obstacle-course drills to the program. 1. Marching ....,.,. ......... 1 2th Grade Girls 11. 2. Shuttle Relays ,,,. 7th 61 8th Grade Boys 12. 3. Calisthenics .....,,,,....,.,............., 6th Grade 13. 4. Pyramids .................... 11th Grade Girls 14. 5. Circle Games and Relays 7th 61 8th Grade Boys 15. 6. Folk Dances ............ 7th 61 Sth Grade Girls 16, a. Schottische 17. b. Heel and Toe Polka 18. 7, Heavy Calisthenics .... 12th Grade Boys 13. 8. Modern Bo-Peep ........,... 10th Grade Girls 20. 9. Marching Drill .......... 1Oth Grade Boys 10. Modern Dance Technique 9th Grade Girls Specialties ............ ...... . Boys and Girls Obstacle Course .....,...,.. llth Grade Boys Bomhardment ........ 7th :Sr 8th Grade Boys Square Dance Relays ................ Sailor Dance .. Fencing Drill .. Tumbling "l6's" Highland Fling .........7th G 81h Grade Boys and Girls ........1Uih Grade Boys ,........8th Grade Girls ...,,...,.9th Grade Girls ............9th Grade Boys .........,.,.,1Uth Grade Girls Ir,-Sr. Competition ..... ........... 1 lth Sf 12th Grade Boys Leaders Iohn Gillette Henry Miswick The highlight ot the evening, the annual Iunior-Senior Competition, was a spectacular display ot physical stamina in which the Seniors nosed out a determined lunior team with a 28-26 victory. page sixty-sim 1 Presentation ot colors by the color guard BEGINN ERS' BAND 'Rosebudn-Waltz 'Estalian Caprice"aClarinet Solo Eddie Iames, Soloist "Maqdelin"-Waltz 1 1 1 'Dot and Phil"-March Fillmore Gene Paul Bennett Fillmore Featuring Sydney Howes, Baton Twirler GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO Lorrayne Ness, Ccnductor "The Green Garland" Sona of a Mother" "Bells ot Aberdovey" IUNIOR BAND 11 'Stop"-March 'Overture Americannau Theme from the B-flat Minor Piano 1 11 Charles Bath, Solist Military Escort in Five Ways" The Original March" An 18th Century Composition" c. "As the Blue Danube is written" d "As a modern dance band wo e. "As Sousa's Band would play it" "Robin Hood"-Concert March SENIOR CHOIR Ollie Friqaard, Conductor CI. 11 b. uld pla 1 'Here in this House" 'Spirit Ob De Lord" SENIOR BAND "My Hero"eConcert March I From 'The Chocolate Soldier" Liqht Cavalry"-eOverture 1 11 1 11 11 11 Polish Bohemian Welsh Bennett Buchtel Concerto" Tschaikowslcy Fillmore Y H11 Lake Howorth Cain Oscar Strauss Suppe Pavanne" Morton Gould Presentation of the 1943 Melody Queen By Mr, Wayne Smith Girl ot My Dreams"-Serenade Trombone Quartet 'El Capitan" Sousa Featuring the Eaton Twirlers Rhapsody in Blue" Georqe Gershwin Bob Steinbauer, Soloist Transcendence Overture" Franqkiser The Dctrktown Strutter's Ball" Brooks Finale "A Salute to Ou a. "The Marine Hymn" b. "The Army Air Corps" c. "The Caisson Sona" Anchors Aweiqhu . "Over There" 11 d e r Boys in Service" page Sf-Tf1Il4St?l7?7L Varietu Show May 20-21, 1943 PROGRAM l. Iunior High School Choir Theme: With Folk ot the Southern Highlands a. Iesus Walked This Lonesome Vailey lo. Ioshua Fit the Battle c. Zip Coon 2. Specialties a. Vocal Solo b. Smith Brothers Wanted 3. Senior Girls' Glee Club a. Harbor Song ....,,,.......,,, ,,,,,,,A.. L CITSOU b. I Heard You Go By ,...,,, ,......,,, C Gin c. Begin the Beguine ,....,,. ....,,,, P OITGT 4. Specialties a. Boyds Octet b. Hationing C. "The Andrews Sisters" 5. Senior Boys' Glee Cluh a. All Thru the Night .......,.,,,,,...,,,. ,,,..... W elsh Folk Song b. In Our Little Part ot Town ....,, ,,o,,....,,o,,.....,7.. H anley c. Service Songs 6. Specialties a. lack and Iill b. What Goes On Here? b. Girls' Sextet 7. Senior High School Choir a. Here in This House ,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,, ,,,,i.. B eethoven b. Every Time I Feel the Spirit ,,i,... ...,,,.. K rone C. Can I Forget You? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,, ,,,,,...,, K ern d. Onward Ye People ,,,,........,,,,,,... ,,.,.... S ibelius 8. Specialties a. News cast b. Mixed Ensemble 9. Irving Berlin Combined singing and Dancing Choruses with orchestra page siwty-eight Top Row: jane Kompass, Peggy Corcoran, Barbara Hable, Bill Dick, Fred Hensler, Ross Graham, Louis Drolet Middle Row: Vernon Witham, Anita johnson, Robert Vargo, Kenneth Cogswell, Alfred Pfister. Helen Dick, Henry Miswick Bottom Raw: Alice Knapp, Ronald Ashley, james Thompson, Paul Taggett, Rosella Meyer "lou Uanl lake It llliih Hou" Penelope Sycamore ..,...,......,,,,,, ............,4 l GHG Kompass Egsie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, P eggy Lee Corcoran Rhe-bg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....,...... E arbara I-lable Paul Sycamore .,...,, ,.,..,.......... B ill DiCk Mr. DePinna ,,,,, ...,..,. F red Hensler Ed ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,....,,, ,,,,.. R oss Graham Donald ...,.77,..,......,.,., ,,..,..A, L ouie Drolei Martin Vanderhof ,,,,,... ,,.,.. V ernie Witham Alice .,,.,.,.......,,,,,,,... ,,,,,,,, A nita lohnson Henderson .,,,,,,.... ,,,,,,,.,........... B ob Vargo Tony Kirby ..,,...,,,,,, .,,.,.. K enneth Cogswell Boris Kolenkhov ,,...,., .....,... A lfred Pfister Gay Wellington .,... 7,i,,,,,,. H elen Dick Mr. Kirby .,,,.,,.,, ,,.,.. ,,,,.. ,.,,,,,,.,.. .,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.., H e n r y Miswick MIS. Kirby .,,,,,,..,,, ,.,i,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,YYY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A lice Knapp Three G-Men ,,..... ..,.,.. P aul Taggett, Ronald Ashley, lirn Thompson Olga KOfffi1'1OI ,......,,...,....,,....,.,....,,,,.....,.,,.,,..........,,,.,,,.,,...,.....i Rosella Meyer On April 29-30, the Senior Class presented its annual class play. The play chosen by ihe class is the recent Broadway hit "You Can't Take lt With You," 'written by Moss Hart and George Kaufman. Mr. George Balas, assisted by Mrs. Balas, directed the play. The prompters were Mary Ann Hance and Neva johnson. The whole play takes place in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sycamore. Mr. Sycamore's chief business, which is maintained in the cellar of the house, is the making of fireworks. He has as his helper Mr. DePinna, an ice man who dropped in one day and just stayed. Mrs. Sycamore keeps herself occupied writing plays and painiing. Also living in the house are Alice, daughter of the Continued on page 573 page sixty-nine "Plane lIrazu" On November l9-20, l942, the Iunior Class gave its annual play. The three act comedy, "Plane Crazy," was written by Dorothy Rood Stewart and was directed by Mr. George Balas. Serving as prompters were Katherine Steigely and Winifred Wood. The scenes of the play were the Haleon's living room and Iulie's Gyp loint, a hamburger stand. limmy Haleon, an air-minded youth, decides to take flying lessons but first he has to earn some money tor them. He gets a job at Iulie's Gyp Ioint working nights, and without his parents' knowledge, he starts to buy an airplane. His closest friends, "Muscles" Callender and "Putrid" Petty, help limmy keep the secret oi his job and in the end help him out oi a lot ot trouble. Ot course, limmy has woman trouble in the form oi Eloise. The cast ot characters is as follows: Neldv HGIGOH ----'--f-fff-f-f-------V---V----'----fff-f----------f,,, ...... . Della Koontz Anna fthe maicll George Haleon .,,,, Eloise ,,,,,,....,,.,rr,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,, Miss Crump .,,,,, ,.,..,.,,,.,, r,,,, Ioe Callender fMusclesJ ..... Iimmy Haleon ,,,.,.,,,.,,.,,r,, Harold Petty fPutridl .... Iulie ..............,,, ..,,,..,,,.,, Peqqy .............. Chip Burke .,..,. Mrs. Petty ......, Nancy ........... Bernice .,.,,, Patty ..,,, Doug ..,.., lean ..,, Helen ,.... lack ......,. Ted ...... Iudy .,,.... page seventy Beatrice Klute Dale Witham Madelon Martin loan Walker . Omer Otis Oaks Bill Rossow Robert Ricks loy Peters Betty Lou Knapp lerry Monehan Peggy Harper Donna Curtis Pat Lake Pat Kell Bob Finn lean lohnson Doris Zechlin Bob Gish Dick Borsos , Lois lean Hahn mid-winter Concert PROGRAM Orchestra "The Star Spangled Banner." l. "Merry Widow"-Waltz Lehcrr 2. "Cosi Fan Tuti"-Overture Mozart 3. "Siesta"-Spanish serenade Isaac Presenting, "The Rhythm Heirs" Marimba Solos Selected 4. "Blue Danube"-Waltz Strauss 5. "The Swiss Musical Clock"-Novelty lohnson 6. "Progress of Youth"-Overture ' Herfurth Presenting, "The Rhythm Heirs" 1. "Marie" Irving Berlin 2. "Moonlight Moods" Peter De Rose Girls' Sextette: Patricia Kell, Lois Rooks, Lois lean Hahn, Rosella Meyer, Anita Iohnson, Mary Ann Hance. 3. "White Heat" Will Hudson Senior Band l. "National Emblem"-March Bagley 2. "Crusaders"-Overture Buchtel 3. "Der Feuhrer's Face"-Novelty Wallace From the Walt Disney Cartoon 4. "Stardust"-Popular Hoagy Carmichel 5. "March of the Steel Men" Harry Alford featuring trumpet and trombone quartets 6. "The Desert Song" Sigmund Romberg from "The New Moon." Finale Patriotic Medley a. "The Marine Hymn" b. "The Army Air Corps" featuring Ioy Peters and Bill Blackrnun c. "Anchors Aweigh" d, "The Caisson Song" e. "The Stars and Stripes Forever." This concert was sponsored by the Instrumental Music League, composed of parents of instrumental students and in- terested friends Which meets every third Monday evening. President ......................,........,.... Mr. Iohn W. Smith Vice-Pres. .....,. ....,...... M rs. Peter Rodgers Secretary ..........,..........,.................. Mrs. Earl Noble Treasurer .....,,.,......,,,....,..,,, Mr. Perley Steinbauer Advertising and Publicity: Henry Martin, Mrs. May Kessler page seven ty-one Norma jean Eberhard, joy Peters, Beatrice Hammon, Mrs. Worster. Bob Gish, Bill Rossow DEBHTE The Niles High School debate team opened its l942-43 season with a trip to Kalamazoo. There they debated in the first of two official Michigan Forensic meets. Each team fthe Negative and the Affirmativel debated twice in the course of the day. The Negative team won two and lost none. The Affirmative won one and lost one. Final score: three wins and one loss. Niles shared a tie for the second place. The second trip to the rest of the district meet also turned out in a favorable manner. The Affirmative "split," with one loss and one win. The Negative turned out the same. Out of eight debates for the season, Niles won five. They again shared a tie for second place. lt was then necessary to return to Kalamazoo to decide the winner cf the tie. lt was debated. Niles lost. Niles also had an exchange debate with South Bend Central. Out of a total of ten decision debates, Niles won six. page seventy-two Daris Short, first girl indusv trial arts student, takes her place at the lathe. Preparing lor tomorrow. Doc discusses some ol the fine features of his excellent bird collection. Biqqest, little class in school -French. Ready! One. two, three- There goes the bell! Keep 'em flying! Printing is iust pi for us. All tor you-Tuttle: stall mounts pictures- Senior High students get the Tuttle: low-down for Mr. Walker. JUIIIUII HIIIH 'IM' ' gn I I I , 7v'A 'A I I I I IN X, II I f x I I 1 . f I ti 1 J . w -In .ur - x 'Iagz r, , .F R i I IE I I f 4f'a.b X I ' I I , 1 Z 4 5 I X 5 ., ,gl x -- - ' f ., ' 1 II III' P 4 I I I X ' 'awk I fmvw 4 Q52 I If , I I I I I I , ,. I , ' I . . .f fl , v: .4 . ,451 I I, Back Row: Harold Braclfield, Norman Arnold, Gene Adams, William Barthel, Hugh Anderson. Dale Barber, Robert Bosler, Paul Binns Third Row: Ralph Boersema, Junior Blanta, Evelyn Burge, Charlene Basso, Reinholdt Altergott, Ward Bybee, Robert Adler, Charles Bath Second Row: Mary Ann Beehler, Judy Babbitt, Mary Catherine Bechtel, Norma Bates, Betty Bailey, Jacquelin Anderson, Barbara Brodie, Mary Brittin Front Row: Marilyn Bailey. Mary Burdue, Betty Brumfield, Miss Crowley, Joan Albright, Eloise Briggs, Joan Albaugh Absent: Verna Armstrong, Ruth Burns, Donald Brittin, Juanita Bassett B-ackFRow: Max De Poy, Lyle Daley, Albert Conover, John Cramer. Dick Forbes, Leonard Corey, ee rame Fourth Row: Arthur Coleman, Robert Forgash, Fred Clubb, Edward Fife, Donald Fry, Daniel Culp, Eugene Fender, Alden Camp Third Row: William Flick, Dick Cain, Dick Callahan, Joe Funk, Frank Cox, Edgar Davis. George Delpire, Robert Cripe Second Row: Nina Dilley, Joyce Clark, Doris Fitz, Beverly Finn, Mary Dickey, Jewel Crouch, Frances Cain Front Row: Marjorie Cusick, Joan Forler. Eleanor Fisher, Miss Priem, Eloise De Poy, Janet De- Morrow, Janis Duddleson . Absent: Millicent Cooke, Eunice Cox mme seventy-sim MISS CROWLEY Advisory-9A MISS PRIEM Advisory-SA MISS IENNINGS Advisory-9A MR. MEYER Advisory-9A Back Row: jim Green, Dick Hart, Herbert Havens, Eugene Hill, Bill Gombosi, Dick Graham, Don Gillette, Bill Griffin, Roy Gulbranson, jack Hipshier, Leo Grathwohl Third Row: Clarice Hartstein, Beverly Herman, joan Geiger, Pauline Hoisington, Betty Hahn, Don Huston, Gene Gorton, Bill Hradel, Ronald Gosline, jim Gillette Second Row: Irene Griechen, Barbara l-leystek, Carolyn Gulbranson, Barbara Gosline, lda Gillette, Barbara Hintz, Martha Hickerson, Arlene Hibnar, Faye Hoskins, Raymond Hockmuth Front Row: Marilyn Handshaw, Irene Hipshier, Marjorie Horner. jim Hunziker, Miss Jennings, Beatrice Grinage, Mary jane Gay, Virginia Hunt Absent: joe Grathwohl Back Row: Bonnie Messner, Frank Jeffries, Donald Morris, Bob johnson, Dick Kater, Glennarcl Ken- field, Bill Kromer, james King Third Row: Dorothy Lundberg, Marilyn Moore, Florence Malsch, Genevieve Nlarrs, Norma Mendel. Norma Mitchell. Ted Lundgren, Rex McCombs Second Row: janet Kiger, Betty McBride, Mary McLaughlin, Peggy Kuebli, Marian jones, Mary Linsenmier, Christina johnson, Lillian Merritt grSntJRow: Patricia Kools, Delcie johnson, Harold Kaufman, Mr. Meyer. Ed Martin, Bill Leonard, i y erue page seventy-seven Back Row: jack Shrider. john Skalla, Milo Ruetz, Harold Shields, Charles Nieb, Robert Schram, Billy Rogers Third Row: Dick Noble. Francis Norris, Stanley Radewald, Oscar Reid, Geraldine Snyder, Sally Roberts, Louise Ort, Flora Riddle Second Row: Betty Smalley, Frances Snouwaert, Gay Secor, Edith Perry, lsabelle Robbins, Dorothy Schanbacher. julia Orias Front Row: lrene Schadler, lona Runnels, Kathryn Rogers, Miss Palmer, Patricia Righter, Gloria Polega, Margaret Olinghouse Absent: Robert Runnels Back Row: Clair Tomlinson, Paul Winquist, Kenneth Webber, Oren Wiggins, Young, Edward Wandrey, Garland Stanley, Fred Stoops, jack Starck Third Row: Herbert Young, Lester True, joe Vida, jack Welsher, Norma Stafford, Barbara Williams, Betty Turner, joyce Wilkinson, Marjorie Ann Young Second Row: Phyllis Steere, Norma Vernon, Mary Ellen Vore, Dorothy Walker, Mary Alice Wolf, Marjorie Young, Betty Wages, Rosemary Whiteside Front Row: Norma Webber, Betty Lou Worm. Phyllis Webber, Duane Ullrey, Miss Rockwell, Barbara Starr, Vivian Williams, Eleanor Yaw Ed Willard, F'red Patricia Steigely, page seventy-eight MISS PALMER Advisory-9A MISS ROCKWELI. Advisory-91-X MRS. BALAS Advisory-9B MRS. KLOPFEN- STEIN Advisory-8A Back Row: George Dickson, Dennis Dunivan, Jack Vogelsang, Stephen Blackmond, John Hesser, Charles Donaldson, John Marazita, Richard Wedel, Melvin Knapp, Boyd Prater, Tommy Saratore, Fourth Row: Donald Wallace, Thomas Cross, Donald Duis, Richard Moore, Paul Crahl, Bill Lagoni, Jack Cox, Junior Myers, John Downey, Chester Stokelv. Roger Tibbs Third Row: Fred Mann, Mildred Bowerman, Wanda Weaver, Evelyn Marlin. Mildred Knapp, Shirley Lambiotte. Gloria Baird, Sue Reum, Fred Cribbs. Betty Donley, Eilene Hancock Second Row: Jacqueline Langston. Helen Heady. Elaine Best. Charlene Jeffries, Adamureen Hassinger, Phyllis Griffee, Ethel Eldridge. Norma Salisbury. Mary Jane Frucci .. Front Row: Betf' Callahan, Doris Hulett, Kathryn Gorton, Margaret Dittmar, Mrs. Balas, Ernestine Everm: . Joan 'ord. Josephine McKienzie. Joan Carlson Back Row: Burton Hurlbutt, Leslie DePoy. Davy Lee Jones. Richard Jamerson, Dale Hauck. Donald DeVries, Richard Henderson, Paul Howes, Arthur Jaeger, Bob Cole. Mondo Bortz Third Row: Bill Hahn, Duane Brewer, Donald Burbank, Roger C-arst, Duane Kimball, Joan Flint, Joan Eisele, lna Jeffries, Florence Klute Second Row: Margaret Latislaw, Doris Gunder, Virginia Drewer, Sallyanne Burris, Shirley Bedinger, Delores Hauck, Joan Fedore, Doris Eggleston, Esther James, Anne Kompass Front Row: Arlene Cox, Shirley Cooper, Carolyn Bare, Shirley Curtis, Mrs. Klopfenstein, Merrilyn Havens, Beverly Krueger, Isabelle Cox Absent: Dick Dunek page seventy-nine Back Row: Rocco Ventrella, Robert Smith, jack Miller, Dale Williams, Robert Turner, Ted Weaver, Harold Schoff, Robert McLure, john Mclntyre, Bob Miltenberger, Earl Pollock Third Row: Roy Shepardson, Marcia Whiteside, Nelson Stephenson, Bob Radka, Russell Shoemaker, ,lesse Lynch, Lemont Renterghen, Charles Van Arman, Burdette Merica, Phyllis Wilken Second Row: Murl Lindsey, Beatrice Wanl-co, Margaret Mead, Donna Smith, Beverely Schmidt, Han- nah Paddock. Donna Mittan, Eva Sweisberlzer, Ruby Stover, Lois Zerr Front Row: ,lean Weist, Virginia Ward, Barbara McKamey, Barbara Smith, Miss jones. Evel'yn McLaughlin, Ruth Linsenmier. Cecilia Libey Absent: Joyce Raih Back Row: Stanley Kubinski, Donald Barnes, Harold Bestle, Dick johnson, Charles Albin, Arthur Lewis, Bennie Bonfoey, joe Cain, Vern Cuthbert Second Row: Robert Dumond, Gene Hesser, Tom Knoll, Bob Adams, lrene Cook, Wanda Cheney, David Gombosi, Russell Geideman, jack La Monica Third Row: Dale Frantz, Betty Ann Baker, Mildred Dorn, Joyce Dayhuff. Evelyn Marlin, Lorraine Kessick, Mertadean Clark. Betty jo Gilstrap Front Row: Evelyn Sly, Caroline Lolmaugh, Charlotte johnson, Emmajean Eckert, Miss Wharton, Marie Hoven, Peggy Dickson, Donna Mae Gould Absent: Betty Amon, Shirley Flint, Keith Gleason, Billy Harker page eighty MISS IONES Advisory-8A MISS WHARTON Advisory-8A Mr. BALAS Advisory-8A MR. BRADFIELD Advisory-8B Back Row: Richard Tonkin, Bobby Thomas, Richard Mitchell, john Singer, jack O'Brien, Rolland Monahan, lra Trowbridge, Terrence Newton. Donald Wedel Third Row: Robert Walker. Larry Stover, Walter Rockwell, Billy Osborne. Dick Priest, jack Stephens, Fred Rice, Donald Murschel. Sara Ricks Second Row: Willadean Parks, Aileen Walter, Betty Lou Taylor, Barbara Van Tuyl, Evelyn Wedel, Marilyn Mattiford, Vllanda Mahoffa, Elsie Reed Front Row: Lynette Smith, Dorothy McCormick, Frances Stratton, Mr. Balas, Beverly Spain, Beulah Worvey, Maxine Webber, Ruth Sonnenleiter Back Row: james Pranke, Herbert Kling, Fred Curtis, Frank Miller, Kenneth Burge, ,lack Woods, Bill McLaughlin, Ray Weist, jack Bannister, Dick Schrumpf, Eddie Priest Fourth Row: Donald Carpenter, Raymond Connors, Louis Ehninger, Carol Cogswell, jacquelyn Cosline. Donna Rossow, Edward Graham, Lawrence Mould, Albert Lundgren, john Kasler Third Row: Eugene Runyan, Clifton Fay, Thomas Mathews, Richard Meyers, Dick Bonner, james Hendricks, Verda Wilcox, Betty Decker. Mary Lou Brown Second Row: Shirley Marker. Mary Ellen Bailey, Phyllis Russell, Elloise Lute. Phyllis Domer, Norma Colledge, Betty Bruce, joan Weist, Barbara Horner, Shirley Peterson Front Row: Patricia Barnes, Vivian Davis. Carmella Yelap, Charlene Schiele, Barbara jackson, Mr. Bradfield, Patricia McBride, Joyce Leach, Beatrice Bruce N page eighty-one Back Raw: Walter Hoese, Kenneth Carper, Kenneth Carothers, Fred Eaton, Barbara Calder, Audrey Burge, Billy Adams Third Row: Ronald Grafe, Burton Burnett, Dick Barron, Billy Brown, joella Bowering, Harold Hoch- muth, Gene Belknap Second Row: Connie Berquist, Shirley Darr, Betty johnson, Sylvia Carlson, Betty Crouch, Joyce Dixon, Lucille Erickson Front Row: Rosemary Clark, Suzanne Binns, Belva Brewer, Miss Carruthers, Darlyne Gordon, janet Beck, Abby Funk Absent: judy Emmons, Charles Geishert, Beverly Hoffman Back Row: Kenneth Keith, Tony Marazita. jack Young, Harry McCoy. Alan Vetter, Tilden Weist, Leigh Kienzle, E.. J. Swarthout Third Row: Frederick Opfer. Thomas Schweinzger, Janice Kelley, Mary Ann Vail, Bernice Reum, Edward Miller, Richard Loose Second Row: Rosemary Martin, Delores Lamb, Nancy Shannon, joan Weaver, Marilyn Smith, Marilyn McCoy, Joyce Miars Front Row: jean Rodgers, Patricia Matthews, janyce Miers. Miss Getz, Patricia Wedel, Bertha Mann, Helen Waugh Absent: jimmy Kehrer, Dick Liebetrau, Marilyn Mason, Mary Lou Smith. jack Woods page eighty-two MISS CARRUTHERS Advisory-7A MISS GETZ Advisory-7A MISS HEATH Advisory-7A MISS NISKANEN Advisory-7A Back Row: Clarence Gray, john Daron. Eugene Christner, Eugene Grafforcl, Bill Herran, Tom Larson, Eugene Carver ?hirdFRow: Robert Corey, George Dick, Bill Harris, Bob Daron, Robert Coleman, Raymond Briggs, om lynn Second Row: Marilyn Colcord, Lois Dixon, Mary Bybee, Betty Dittmer, Dorcas Harkins, Helen Gay, Alene Klute Front Row: Betty Finch, Sue Hamilton, Colleen Gleason, Miss Heath, Bette Davis, Jocelyn Hunt, Katherine Linn Absent: Paul Cano, Delores Hess Back Row: Donald Miles, Willis Meyers, Norman Nichols, Lloyd Marlin, Frederick Weist, Raymond McBain, Kenneth Reed Third Row: jack Martin, Robert Myers, Ted Roocl, Frank Stone, Virgil Mclntyre. Marvin Mitchell Second Row: Dollie Travick, Marian Miller, Elda Mae Yaw, Grace Singer, Olene Vandygriiq, Frances Orrick. Jeannine Pike Front Row: Lorraine Peacock, Betty Unruh, Betty ,lane Smith, Miss Niskanen, Patty Walls, Catherine lVlcBain, Charlotte Nlarrs Absent: Wilbur Nevill, Rosemarie Quirk, Donna Montz page eighyty-three Back Row: Kenneth Lamberton, jack Geary, Edward Hatcher, CliHord Thomas, jack Davis. Charles Coup, Bob Dixon, Richard Van'l'uyl, Raymond Fisher, Lawrence Leidy Third Row: jack Righter, Robert Parker, Robert Brown, Fred Baker, Melvin johnson, Kenneth Ruther- ford. Ronald Arbuckle, Harry Zimmerman. joe Flint, Robert Fox, Robert Rose Second Row: Ellen jones, Donna Hibbard, Evelyn Horner, Barbara Larson, Genevieve Miller, Florence Cuddeback, jim Wegner, Thomas Malloy, jerry Mace, Howard Hancock, Harry Huffman Front Row: Bessie Vandygriff, Lena Yelape, Joyce Bessemer, Myrna Nieb, joan Seeberger, Miss King, Clementina Pullano, Ida Schmeuser, Ruby Leak, Edith Bolinger A TQGIQADHS page eighty-four MISS KING Advisory-7B Back Raw: Bill Leonard, jack Shrider, Eugene Cannady, Don Crane, jim Gellette. Oris Aldrich, Eugene Adams, joe Funk, Dick Hart Third Row: Coach Bradneld, Bob Sheeler, Frank Cox, Tom Lloyd, Leonard Cary, Don Nlessner. Ed Martin, Bill DePoy Second Row: Verlin Davis, Frank Travick, Fred Clubb, john Cramer, Bill Barthell. David Korman, Harold Schiele. john Downey, Richard Graham Front Row: Lyle Etzcorn, Eugene Gorton, Harold Bradfield, Bill Kater, Bob Burger Leo Grathwuhl, Arthur Coleman, Bob Forgash FHESHHIHH FUUTBHLL From this aggregation will come the stars of the next three years. Most of these boys will play on the reserve squad next year to gain experience and seasoning under fire. The cream of the crop will graduate to the varsity in l945. Some may even move up in the middle of next season as did one flashy back in the season just past. Backs are taught to drive hard into the line and to elude tacklers in an open field. Linemen learn how to hit low and hard and open holes in op- posing lines. Blocking and vicious tackling are emphasized. With these things well learned, varsity coaches in future years can concentrate on more in- tricate plays, deception, timing, and all those bits of finesse and polish which niake a wellftrainecl football team a beautiful thing to watch. Early training also helps the boys to avoid injuries when they meet stiffer competition against conference opponents. Too much credit cannot be given to Coach Bradfield who for several years has quietly and efficiently molded the teams which provide varsity material. We all miss "Curley" and We wish him every success in his new Work. page eighty-jive BAND Back Row: Bill Rodgers, Kenneth Rutherford, Milo Reutz, Chuck Albin, Chuck Van Arman, Richard Prince, jack Bunbury, Dick Noble Third Row: john Walker, Roger Tibbs, Mary Britton, Pauline Hoisington, Hugh Anderson, Garland Stanley, Bill Hahn, Paul Howes. Mondo Bortz, Burton Hurlbutt SecoHd Row: Bob Griffith. Eddie james, Bob Smith, Kenneth Carruthers, Eugene Grafford, jack Davis, Norman Cross. Harold Deutscher, Tom Schweinzger, Barbara Smith Front Row: Norma Eberhard,, Mary Chambers, joan Carlson, Norma Colledge, Mr. De Noyelles. Eva Sweisberger, Virginia Ward, Alene Klute, Barbara Welsher Abseni: Dick Liebetrau, jack Woods, jim Kehrer CHOIR Back Row: ,lack Righter, Tom Knoll, jesse Lynclx, Burdette Merica, Russell Shoemaker, Henry Curry, Neil Nichols, jack Woods, Nelson Stephenson, Robert Coleman Fourth Row: Walter Hoese, jerry Mace, Ralph Boersema, Doris Eggleston, Shirley Bedinger, Anne Kompass, Beverly Krueger, Marilyn Smith, Virginia Drewer Third Row: Vivian Davis, Sara Ricks, Shirley Marker, Marilyn Bailey, ,lacquelyn Cosline, Iona Run- nels, Kathryn Rogers, Betty Wages, Peggy Kuebli Second Row: Barbara Calder, Betty Unruh, Beverly Schmidt. Barbara lVlCKamey, Mary Alice Wolf, Elaine Rutherford, Myrna Nieb, Evelyn McLaughlin Front Row: Suzanne Binns, Jean Rogers, Patricia Matthews, Miss Ness, Betty Crouch, Abby Funk. ,Ioan Seeberger Absent: Donald Gillette, Charles Geishert, Joyce Raih page eighty-six BAND CHOIR G. A. A. Top Row: joan Weaver, Betty jane Crouch, Delores Lamb, Marilyn Smith, Joyce Miars, Iona Jefferies, Evelyn McLaughlin Fourth Row: Elda Mae Yaw, Phyllis Wilken, Sue Hamilton, Eva Sweisberger, Beatrice Wanko, Rosemary Martin, Marilyn McCoy. Helen Gay Third Row: Sara Ricks, Patty Mathews, Arlene Klute, Audrey Burge, Isabelle Hill, Joan Fedore, Mary Ann,Vail, Judy Emmons. Second Row: Arlene Cox, Shirley Bedinger, Barbara MaKamey, Sallyanne Burris, Virginia Drewer, Abby Funk, Betty Finch. Front Row: Shirley Curtis, Beverly Krueger, Barbara Smith, Miss King, Anne Kompass, Jgyce Raih, Patricia Wadel Absent: Marilyn Mason AUTOGIQADH5 Back Row: Delcie johnson, joan Weaver, john Daron. Robert Meyers. Lemant Rentervhfn Second Raw: Betty Ann Baker, Ethel Eldridge, Anne Kompass, jaqueline Goslme, joan Seeberger Front Row: Frances Cain, Patricia Steigely. Miss Rockwell, Betty Brumfield, Cay Secor "THE RHYTHM HEIRS" This fine band has furnished music for all our school dances this year, as well as for numerous assemblies. They have also donated their services to several Red Cross benefit dances. Readinq from lett to riqht in the picture are: Bill Dick, Ross Graham, lack Powrie, Bill Kessler, and Bob Steinbauer. This combination will be broken up this year by graduation and the "call of the buqlef' One regular member oi the band, Gordon lackson, is already in the Army. page eighty-eight - - - l I STUDENT COUNCIL sfo:-:::up1::181011:::::::::::::::::::::::::1:101011:21:::t1r:::::::::::::::1::101ocbo1o14r1o14r14r1-0:4 1 I II u 5 I M 0 N E Y T 0 L 0 A N 1 5 !! and 1' u 5 GENERAL FINANCING I! ii ---- 1 il 4174 Paid For Your Investment Funds .- II 5' um 1 i ll ii ,ilu er ice Q 1 Il li COMMUNITY FINANCE CO. pq !! COMMUNITY CONTRACT CORP. ii ll ii n R. W. SMITH. President ll Phone 88 NILES. MICHIGAN 223 N. Fourth Street 11 ii II " .,..,-.:.:.:.:.--.:.:..:.I.:.:.:-.I.-..:.:.I.:.:.:.:.-I..,...2. FACULTY Krell 7 Worster 12-34 Armstrong, W. 37 Ackerman 11 Lee 8 Younq 6 Arnold, D. 34-49-58 Anderson 8-36 Lehman 40-8 Zabel 7 Arnold, P. 63 Bacon 8 Lottich 8 Zinke 8-41 Arnold, N. 76 Balas B. 12-80 Marks 48-8 Ashley 44-45-69-18 Balas G. 8-82 Mathews 8 Asmus, D. 37 Blqckmond 6 Meyer 77-58-12 Asmus, L. 37-58 Bradfield 82-8 Milligan 11 STUDENTS Asmns, P. 18 Bridqen 12-42 Moir 12-38 Abbot 37 Asmus, R. 34 Broman 8 Ness 86-12 Adams, Barb. 37 Atkinson 37 crn-r 48-ea-8 Nlskonon 83-12 Adams, Billy 83 Carruthers 83-8 Obfion 8 Adams, Bob 81 Babbitt 76 Clark 8 Palmer 78-ll Adams, G. 76 Baker, B. 81-88 Cleverinq 8 Payne 11-39 Adams, K. 18 Baker, F. 84 Crawford 7 Pence 11 Adams, R. 34 Baker, P. 41-46 Crowley 76-8 Phlpps 12-35 Adler 76 Bailey, B. 76 Davidson ll Po11ook 11 Albauqh 76 Bailey, M. 82-76-86 De Noyelles 44-12-88 1115851011 11 Albin 8136 Boiloy. MarY De Wm 8.37 Pnom 77-12 Aibriqnz, 1. 76 Baird, G. 80 Domke 12-38 Rosmusson 12-39 Albright, N. 34 Baird. H. 41 Dnrnin 8-41 Roolfwoll 88-79-11 Aibriqnr, R. 34 Bannister 82 French 5 Rodl 11 Aldrich, 1. 18 Barber, L. 18 Friqaard 45-46-8 ROI-h 11 Aldrich, O. 41 Barber. D- 76 Gebby 8-34 51111111 50-11-36 Allan 37 Bnre 80 Getz 82-8 Swan 11-37 Alterqott, R. 76 EGTHGS, D. 81 Grieaer 11 Sludenfotn 11 Alterqoit, Rueben 37-58 Barnes, P. 82 Heath 83-8 Tolbofl ll-35 Amon Barthel, I. 37 Hoyt 8 Thomson 11-40 Anderson, D. 18 Bnrrnei, W. 76 Ienninqs 12-78 T1-lfnq 52-11 Anderson, H. 86-76 Barron 83 Iohnson 11 Umfe 11 Anderson, I. 76 Basso 76 Ioseph 8 Walker 11 Anderson, R. 37 Bates 44-76 Iones 80-12 Wcfren 11 Anstiss 37-60 BCIY11 44-46-75 Klopfenstein 80-8 Wharton 11-91 Arbuckle, K. BGTIG 37 icing 84-12 Wonholmof 11 Arbuckle, R. 84 Bauer Koenig 8 Wlofwom 1149 Armstrong, M. 18 Bechtel 76 Kovcrc 8 Wood 5 Armstrong, V. Beck. 1. 83 page eighty-nine 4 ?F,,,,.-..-..-..-..-,.-I-..-I-..-..-..-..-..-.,-., ll I1 ij INSURANCE . !! WITH A PRESENT SAVINGS 2 or 151, - aa-1 7331, Mill Mutual Agency Home Otiice-Lansing. Mich ii ii rms . -ronuxno - AUTOMOBILE ii cnsmu.-n' . mutun MARINE ii ij GERALD n. wEnEI.. Resident Agent cum ot 1923 ii 401 North 'rhmesmh street NILES, MICHIGAN ll Phone 1282 11 ! ,-,,-.,-.,-.,-.,--,.,-.,-.-.,-. ,-.,-.,-. I vm.-..-. - 14,-U-..-Jin. Beck, R. 37 Beckman 18 Bedinqer, R. 37 Bedinaer, S, 80-86 Bonner, C. 34-49 Bonner, L. 60 Bonner, R. 34-82-58 Borsos, E. 37-48 Beeh1er 76 Borsos, R. 70 Beam 37-18 Bortz ao-se Be1dinq 45-46-18 Bosler. P- 37 Belknap 83 Bosler, R. 76 Bender 34 Bowerinq 83 Benjamin 18 Bowerman 80 Berg 18 Bowman, A. Sr. 18 Berquist B3 Bowman, A, Soph. 37 Bessmer 84 Beydsterr 18 B951 30 Bradfield 76 Beetle 81 Bremer 18 Binns, P. 76 Binns, S. 83-86 Brewer, B. 83 Brewer, D. BO Birzgk 18 Brewer, E. 18 Blackmond 80 Brewster 34 Blackmun 44-48-18-17 Bfiqqsi E- 48-76 Blanchard 34 BIKES, R. B3 Blank, L. 34 B1'i11i1'1, D. Blank, S. 41 Brittin, M. 76 Blqntq 76 Britton, C. 37 B091-Somq 76-86 Britton, M. 37-86 Bolinqer, D. Brockway, B. 34-48 Bolinqer, E. 84 Brockway. My 37 Boller 34 Brodie 76 Bonfoey, B. 44-81 Bonfoey, P. 63-18 Bohner 60 Bonner, B. 41 page ninety Brown, Bi11 83 Brown, Bob 84 Brown, M. Brubaker 82 4-F Do you know what the little rabbit said as he rushed out of the burning forest? "1'Ve been deferred!" 'lr ir ir He's Sharp Teacher: "What pine has the longest and sharpest needles?" Wi11ie: "The porcu." 'A' ir ir Misfits 'When the flood was over and Noah -had freed all the animals, he returned to the' ark to make sure a11 had leit. He found two snakes in the corner, crying. They told him their sorrow: "You to1d us to go forth and mu1tip1y upon the earth, and we are adders." ir ir 'A' "My husband is an efficiency expert in a large office." "What does an efficiency expert do?" "Well, if we women did it, they'd call it nagging." N Our most sincere congratulations and best wishes for success to Niles 1943 Seniors 4 P Michigan Wire Goods Company NILES, MICHIGAN Let the Big Shoe Guide You lo lhe doorway of economy. comiori. and style. Be as wise in your shoe re- pairing GI you are in school and you'll always be a step ahead NILES SHOE REPAIR 113 N. THIRD NEXT TO BUS STATION .axe-J: 1. - .::::: :n:4::::::::::: 1' : -: .1911 mg. I I i ll il !! u .5 WESTERN Tire Au+o Srores Associate Member IOA O EVERYTHING FOR THE MOTORIST O 131 E. Sycamore St. Phone 37 ,101 ner fo i 1 1 1 1 1 i o 0 4 o Bruce, B. BZ Bruce, Beriha 37-48 Bruce Betty 82 Brucej E, 41 Brumfleld, B. 88-76 Brumfield, S. 18 Bru nk 34 Bnllen 34 Bunbury. 1. 86 Burbank 80 Burdue 76 Burqe, Burqe Burge Burqe Burqe Burge A. 83 B. 41 D. 34 E, 76 H. 41 K. 82 Burlinqham, C. 34-48 Burlinqham, M. 37 Bumeti 83 Burns Burris 80 Burroughs 34 Burrows, A. 37 Burrows. W. 18 Burton 34 Bybee, M. 83 Bybee, W. 76 Blackburn, E. 18 Cain. D. 77 Calder, B, 83-86 Calder, 1. 37 Callahan, B. 80 Callahan, D. 77 Camp, A. 77 Camp, Audrey 18 Cannady 41 Carey 37 Carlson, A. 37-44-46 Carlson, I. 80-86 Carlson, S. 83 Carothers 80-86 Carnes 34 Carpenter, D. 82 Carpenter, W. 37-18 Carpenter, Wilson Carpet 83 Carr Cashhauqh 37-58 Cheney 81 Chester 34 Chrislner 83 Circle 46-18 Clark, I. 38-77 Clark, L, 18 Clark, M. 81 Clark, R. 83 Cleary, L. 18 Clubb, F. 77 Coqswell, C. 82 O Ee se QLD GJ D Cain, F. 77-88 Cain, l. 81 11015, il ii ii li ii i i i l l i The Niles Printing 2 Company 1 I STUDENT NAME CARDS ,103-01011111 221 N. hh St. f:o.e:1.::,q.:::.:1:::.::,::.:::::.::.:::: . RYTEX STATIONERY Phono 992 imzxgz3:22,,:,::,,,:,,:,:,:,,,:,:. 5 Prince Grocery ivan zzzzz ,gu- 1 E! E! !! !! 1 E! 1! Q! !! !! ll ii il Q! ll 1125 Wayne FINEST QUALITY MEATS Phone 1382 NILES, MICHIGAN O 0 LQ m 2 fl F ,- T' as 90 zo ,- .L uw I 'I' ii ll : ! ,...g. s' 4. page ninety-o 716 .1-.4-. .. - - - -t-u-u-.-,1-.-,.- Compliments W. L. BABBITT Lumber and Coal Co. NILES MICHIGAN Cavalier and Black Watch Eastern Kentucky Coals White Oak Pocahontas Hard Coal and Stoker Coal Buchanan Lumber and Coal Co. Buchanan, Michigan -l-1-..1----..----my-n Alice: "Whenever l'm in the dumps, l qet myself a new hat." Eileen: "l've often wondered where you qot them." if 'A' 'k What Was It? lt was during mess and the orderly officer, glaring down the long table, demanded if there were any complaints about the food. Private Iones rose slowly and extended his cup: "Taste this, sir," he said. The officer took a sip, hesitated a moment, and said scathinqly: "Very excellent soup, I call it." "Yes, sir," agreed Iones, "but the corporal says it's tea, and the cook served it as coffee, and just now l found a toothbrush in it." it' ik ir Bye ln a famliy of inveterate bridge players, Papa died. The question came up Whether he should he buried or cremated. After it had been thoroughly discussed, one of the sons said, "Well, Mother, it's your bid." Mother said, "I'll make it spades." So Papa was buried. D R 0 L E T ' S Main-Oak Pharmacy B. Dwi... ph. C.. P..,......,. Corner Main and Oak Streets Phone i500 NILES, MICHIGAN All Roads Lead to Our Fountain EZ' II 1 i I i !! !! ii u !! Il 1: S! H rt -..-..-..-.....t-...-..-0- .-..-..-..-H-.. page ninety-two 54 .g...---...----------...---..-.-.------------ E n I! Leland R. Funk ll ll 55 il gg E! E! !! i 22 Q! COMPLIMENTS ll Q SE I ii H li ll I ii ll j U Q! Cyrus R. Funk !! j I 4-.- -,-.-.-- -.-.-.-- -..-.- --.E Colcord, M. 83 Cole, David 21 Cole, Bob 80 Cole, Devaun 21 Cole, Emily 21 Coleman, A. 77 Coleman, C. 38-48 Coleman, Cecil 60 Coleman, R. 78-86 Colledge, N. 82-86 Conover, A1 77 Connors, R. 38-82 Cook, K. 34 Cook, Irene 81 Cooker, S. 80 Cool, L. 48-21-16-17 Cooney, I. 38-45 Cooper, I. 38 Cooper, I. 38 - Corcoran, P. 21-45-46-69 Corey, R. 86 Corey, L. 44-77 Coquillard, B. 38 Coup, C. 84 Couqhlin, M. 21 Cox, Arlene 80 Cox, F. 77 Cox, G. 21 Cox, Isabelle 80 Cox. lack 80 Cox, L. 38 Cox, S. 34-44 Cramer 77 Crandall Crawford Cripe 77 Crouch, M. 48 Crouch, T. 60 Cross, Thomas 80 Crocker, I. 41 Crocker, Iohn 38 Cribhs, A. 60-21 Cribbs, Fred 80 Crocker, D. 58-21 Cross. B. 38 Cross, I. 34 Cross, N. 86 Crouch, B. 83-86 Crouch, M. 38 Crouch, V. 34 Crouch, I, 77 Cuddeback 84 Culp 77 Curry 38-88 Curtis, D. 34-70 Curtis, E. 38 Curtis, P. 82 Curtis. 1. 46-21 Curtis, S. 80 Cusick, D. 41 Cusick, M. 44-77 Cuthbert, 81 Cutler 34-48-58-33 Dailey Daley 77 Daron, B. 83 Daron, 1. 88-83 Darr, G. 21 Darr, S. B3 Davis, B. 83 Davis, E. 77 Davis, lack Sr. 60-21 Davis, lack 7B-86-84 Davis, L. 38-45 Davis, M. 34 Davis, V. 41-44-46-86 Davis, Vivian 82 Day, B. Day, R. 34 Dayhutf 81 Decker 82 Deibler, B. 41 Deibler, D. 38 Delpire, G. 77 Delpire, I. 45-46-21 DeMorroW 77 DePoy, E. 77 DePoy, G. 38 DePoy, L. 80 DePoy, M. 44-77 DePoy, W. 34 Deutscher, G. 46-21 Deutscher, W, 38-44-46 DeVries 80 Dihble 46-21 Dick, B. 44-60-21-69 Dick, G. 78 Dick, H. 69-16-21 Dick, R. 38 Dickeson, I. 34 Dickeson, M. 21 Dickeson, P. 81 Dickson, G. 80 Dickey, E. 34 Dickey, M. 77 Dieball 38 Dilley 77 Dillman 46-21 Dittmar 80 Dixon, B. 34 Dixon, I. 83 Dixon, L. 83 Dixon, R. 84 Dittmar 83 Domer, D. 38 Domer, P. 82 Domer, V. 21 Donahue 34 Donaldson, C. 80 Donaldson, T. Donnelly 41 Donley 80 Dorn, D. 38 Dorn, M. 81 Downey, B. 38 Downey, I. 80 Downey, P. 45-46-21 Dreibelbis 38 Drewer 80-86 Drolet, D. Drolet, L. 58-68-21 funn:--"-"-'--' '-' "' I I u i u I! il !! !! li I I !! ll !! !! I! l PRODUCERS DAIRY 4 P - SUPERIOR QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Q Phone 325-W 428 S. Eleventh Si. .g. U ! ll !! !! !! U ! ! !! !! !! ll ! U ! ! I! I i -:5 Q...--.f... - .:......:... ... -0:-1:-......-:....... page ninety-thr 6 6 Humor tllliddlo Eultl "I-Iaven't I shaved you before?" the afiable barber asked the young corporal. "No, I got that scar at Dunkirk," was the reply. 'k 'k 'k No Goat-Getter: The president of the school board banged his fist on the table, He had just heard the superintendents report on retardation. "This is terrible," he roared. "In my busi- ness we demand and get perfection. We should expect nothing less in the schools." "What is your business?" rneekly inquired the superintendent. "I manufacture kid gloves-and we get perfection." "Yes," replied the superiniendent, "but in your business you can pick the kids." The meeting adjourned. i' 'A' t Rats Specimen Announcer tat a concertl: "Miss Periwinkle will now sing, 'Oh, That I Were cz Dove l'd Flee'." Iunior: "Dad, what's a dove-eyed flea?" fo !.-,,-.-..-..-,,-,.-..-, ,-.,-..-,,-.,-.,-.--S Q! I gg MaBelles Beauty Salon FF n ., ij 52a N. uh sa. Phone sos !I I ' I if I I! I I . l Tap-To-Toe Beauie I g I Q Salon Ii . I ! "Beaute-Builder Baths" I I! - I I !! i' l I 225 N. 4:11 sf. Phone 104 1 Compliments of MaBel1e Foss. Prop. n ., II fl..-,-.-.-.---,-.---,..-.-,..-.a page ninfty-four ll I I! E! !! o'a iqozoqoqg, 0. ,:, .g...o..o..o.o.. ' 1 ! ll cn -u n I 5 2 Q ll l F' S 9 .. 5 lj 3 :- ll " B. S gg 5 I I! Q S g ll Eli cu I Q E? ll 0 2 F II ' a- O i Q rn ., va "' I I s ll ii S 2 5 1: fp ! I H 5 f II U '- E 5 ii i 2:3 2 'e .gf -if-.,..-..-.... oxqgqxozozoqmozox 011 .g.,- ! 'pf uf Q Cook with Gas I USE ll The Live Flame li I 0 !! !! u li THE GAS CO. ii II li ,ffozoeoo qooeoooo eo. I '::::::::::::::1f:::::::::::::.:::::14:2-31011024 zzxzozcz::.-:::::::::::zzz:-qpf::::::::z10:34 Niles News Agency 2 I United Ciqar Store I I I PIFER I FUNERAL HOME AMBULAN CE SERVICE 'Ir 321 E. Main Phone low I I I I I I I I I -.-.,-.-..-.-..-..-..-,.-,,-..--..-,.-..-..,. QlllllIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllilllllllllllllltllllllIllIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIUIIME FANS AND BLOWERS 3 That' Put Air 'ro Work E MADE IN NIIES' MICHIGAN ARE SHIPPED THE WcP.LD OVER Garden City Fan Company E Manufacturers Since 1879 2 SllllllllllllllllllllllKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIlllllllltllllllllllllllIlllllllllltlIIllIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIlIIIlIllIllIlllllIIllIllilIIlIlIIIIIIIIIIDIIIIIIIIIIIIllllltlllIllItlllIllllllllllllltllllllllllis Duddleson 77 Duis, D. 80 Duis, R. 21 Dumas, A. 21 Dumas, G. 34-45-46 Dumond, 1. 34 Dumond, R. 81 Dunek Dunivan 80 Eaton 83 Eberhard, B. 41 Eberhard, N. 34-86-18 Eckert 81 Eden Eggleston, B. 41-44 Eggleston, D. 48-80-86 Ehninqer 82 Eisele 80 Eldridge 80-88 Elledge, D. 34-49 Elledge, Dol. 34-48 Emmons Erickson, 1. 38 Erickson, 1... 83 Etzcorn, B. 34 Etzcorn, L. 41 Everman 80 Farr 38-46 Fay 82 Fedore, G. 38 Fedore, I. 80 Felhauer 38 Fender 77 Fife 77 Finch, B. 83 Finch, W. 38 Finley, H. 34-58 Finley, M. 45-21 Finn, B. 60-77 Finn, R. 34-70 E 77 Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fitz, D. Fitz, T. K. 38 L. 84-21 R. Robert 38 77 38 Flick, W. 77 Flint, 1. 80 Flint, Ir. 84 Flint, S. Flynn 83 Forbes, D. 77 Forbes, H. 38 Forbes, M. 34 Forqash, C. 34 Forgash, I. 21 Forgash, R. 44-77 Forler, 1. 77 Foster 38 Fox, M. 38 Fox, R. 84 Fox, G. 22 Frost, D. 22 Frost, M. 38-44 Frame 77 Frantz 81 French, M. 38-45-48 French, V. 34-45-46-48-33 French, W. 38 Fritz, P. 46-22-16 Fritz, R. 22 Frucci Frucci, . Frucci, A. 38 Frucci, F. 24 Frucci, B. 38 Frucci, M. 80 Frucci, T. 38 Frucci, R. 22-61 Frucci, T. Sr., 22 Fry, D. 77 Fry, I. 22 Fry, L. 38 Funk, A. 83-86 Funk, E. 34-45-46 Funk, I. 77 Fletcher 60 ,F.22 A 34 Gallagher 22 Gammill 22 Gano, A. 41 Gano, D. 22 Gano, P. Garrett Garst 80 Garver 83 Gaston 38-58 Guult Gay, H. Gay, M. Geary 8 83 78 4 Geideman 81 Geiger 78 Geishert, B. 41 Geishert, C. Gentry 38 Gerold 34-44-45-49 Gephart Gilbert 3 Gillette, 22-45-46-48-17 8 D. 78 Gillette, 1. 78 Gillette. 1. 78 Gillette, lohn 34-48-60-33 Gillette, S. 34-60 Gillispie 38 Gilstrap 81 Gish 34-60-70 Gleason, C. 83 Gleason, K. Glossenqer 34-49 Gogley Goqola 22 Goldammer 35-45-B0 Gombosi, D. 81 Gofnbosi, W. 78 Gondeck Goodline 38-60 35-49 Goodling, S. 35-45-16 Goodllng, D. 35 page nine ty-five 3 4.4 Same Thing Said the German to the Swiss: "How can you have an Admiral? You have no coast- line, no navy, no empire." The Swiss replied: "Well, you in Germany have a Minister of Iustice, don't you?" Bucuruv-N DOWN , ' SLONQJERE Q Q Constable to motorist: "Take it easy: olon't you see that siqn: 'Slow down here'?" Motorist: "Yes, officer: but l thought it was describing the village," F011---'--10101 14 up 14--A xr- xv--,- ,-. ,-. ,-. ,., li E! g D E A N ' s H !! Since 1839 E! U ! !! U ! Walgreen System Drug Store il ll l il' ! !, H Q 126 E. Main Phone 153 I page nineiy-sim ...,..,. 4.-... .- .- ,- ,-. -.......,..,....g. ..,. 4? ll ll ,-i.-..-..-..-..-. .-..-..-..-.-.-H li ll MORGAN STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP li ll I Portraits U O Commercial Photography I Photo-finishing ii ll 219 N. Fourth sn. li Phone 1407 145155153015155135753'5if5i9i'5i55lf5l55l7'.0Tf ! !! Compliments of if li METZ6ER'S ii U Office Equipment' Co. ll TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES OFFICE SUPPLIES 2 P l ' !. II l 115 N. Third sa. Phone sae :i ll ..- ,..,- .. -0. ,. .. ,..-0. i. ,..,-.,-..g. 4:11 111 1,1-11 14-101010101 1 1 ,nr 1 iq. I1 1 ,nf qm- Compliments oi E. H. Power Supply Company 4 PLUMBING SUPPLIES Phone 1161 215 N. Ninth St. 1- an lx zu: 1-14 14 1-10:01 Int 101.01 N ILES SPORTING GOODS EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN Niles Michigan HaH'ers 8: Dry Cleaners Th.e place for quality cleaning ALL WORK GUARANTEED 215 E. MAIN STREET NILES. MICH. 101014 up 101 I-pf 14 101010-.1 -mapu1u1u1 101014 :na 119.4 1yxuxozqzoxoxuzfmnfmzzazozauzoxonqnuzoqpuqpoqprmnfizozouvnq .gm- Q ng, gun yzoxonnzf znznxoxuzoznxox vzozozuqp, 2 ,ll E! - !! Wlnier or Summer ll ll Q Sprung or Fall li I! Malte ,gl !! !! l! The Kerr Hardware ii Your S+ore for E! 0 0 Sporhng Equlpmeni' Q! II ..,-,- - -.-.,.. .......---- -...-,-..Z an, 1 , 1, Q K1 I I QQ, 4' X. eggs.: gn. 4 A .:::::: ':,: Z ,::J!.'!,' ff: 0 -. - Y ...1--1-" 3,- i -141'- ...if- , Fair Warning 'l Iimmie came into the school room one morninq plainly excited. "Yes, Iimmie, what is it?" exclaimed the teacher. "l don't want to scare you," said Jimmie, hesitatinqly, "'hut papa said if I didn't get better grades someone is clue for a licking," 4 4 4 V Marksmen Si: "Yes, sir, as sure as l sit here now, I shot that old double barrel at that flock of ducks and I brunq down five oi theml' Zeke Qunconcernedlyl: "Didn't I ever tell you about me huntin' frogs the other night? I fired at One, and five hundred crOaked." page ninety-seven 021IllIIIIllllllllllllllllllIKIIIIlIlllllllllllIIIIIIllIll!IlllllllllllllIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIllII!IIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUI s Compliments of Blockmoncl's Jewelry and Optical Store i"k'k Corner Third and Main 'glllllIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIUIIIllIllllIIIIIIIllI'Ill!IIlIIIIllIIIllIIIlIIllIllIIlIlIIllIlIllIllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIllIllIllllI1llIlIIIIIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIII5 Goodman, T. 38 Goodman, V. 41 Gordon 83 Gorton, E. 78 Gorton, K. 80 Gosline, B, 78 Gosline. l. 82-88-86 Gosline, R. 44-78 Gould, B. 38 Gould, D. 81 Grate, 83 Graitord, B. 22 Graftord, E. 86-78 Graham, E. 82 Graham, I. 35-49-58 Graham, R. 78 Graham, Bob 38 Graham, R. 22-46-44-89 Grahl 80 Grathwohl, B. 35 Grathwohl, l. Grathwohl, L. 35 Grathwohl, Leo 78 Grathwohl, M. 22 Gray, C. 83 Gray, L. 35 Green, I. 78 Green, M. Gregor 35 Griechen 78 Griiiee, D. 35-44 Griiiee, P. 80 Griffin 78 page ninety-eight Grimes 46-22 Grinaqe, B. 78 Guisinqer 35 Gulbranson, C. 78 Gulbranson, R. 78 Gunder, D. 80 Gunder, R. 38 Hahn, B. 78 Hahn, L. 35-45-48-70 Hahn, W. 80-86 Haley, B. 35 Haley, H. 39 Hable 22-45-46-48-69 Hadsell 35-49 Hall Hamilton, I. Hamilton, M. 22 Hamilton, R. 80 Hamilton Hammon Hance 22-45-46-48 Hancock, E. 80 Hancock, H. 84 Hancock, R. 35-81 Hand, A. 22 Hand, B. 39 Hand, I. 39 Handshaw 78 Hanes 22 Hanna 22-46 Hannon 22-45 Hargreaves 22 , s. as 39-45 Harker Harkins 83 Harlan Harper 35-45-70 Harrington 22-45-46 Harris 83 Hart 78 Hartline Hartstein 78 Hass 35 Hassinqer, A. 80 Hassinqer, B. 35 Hatchet 84 Hatfield, B. 39 Hatfield, R. 30 Hathaway Hauch, Dale 80 Hauch, D. 80 Havens, H. 78 Havens, M. 80 Haviland 35-48 Hawkin 35 Hawks 35 Heady 80 Helt 89 Henderson, D, 80 Henderson, R. 39 Hendricks 82 Hensler 22-44-89 Herman, B. 78 Herman, V. 39 Herran 83 Herrick 22-45-46-48 Hess, C. 39-48 Hess, D. Hess, M. 41 Hesser, E. 81 Hesser, I. 80 Hessey 39 Heystek 78 Hiatt 35 Hibhard, B. 39 Hibbard, D. 84 Hibner 78-25 Hickerson 78 Hill, B. 35 Hill, E. 78 Hill, G. 39 Hill, I. Hinkle 39 Hintz 44-78 Hipshear 35 Hipfhier, B. 35 Hipshier, I. 78 Hipshier, I. 78 Hipshier, P. 25 Hcchmuth, H. 83 Hochmuih, R. 78 Hoiiman Hcese 83-38 Hoisinqton 44-48 Holmes 62 Holmes 39-44-48 Horner, B. 82 Horner, E. 84 Horner, M. 78 -7 11014 11 1.010101 ru ,101-101 11110 101- Good Reason. Too He-"Since I met you I ccm't eat, I can't sleep, l can't drink." She tshylyi-"Why not?" He-"I'm broke," 'A' 'A' 'k Careless George Wife: "What has happened, George?" George: "A puncture." Wife: "You should have been more care- ful. The guide book warned us there was a fork in the road at this point." ik 'A' 'A' "The reason no woman ever married the man in the moon is because he makes only a quarter a week, gets full once a month, and stays out all night." 'A' i' t Repeal Performance First Draftee: "You know, I feel like I'd like to punch that hard-boiled top sergeant in the nose again." Second Drctftee: "Again?" First Draftee: "Yes, I felt like it yesterday!" Compliments of Lloyd H. Krueger Agency DEPENDABLE INSURANCE Savings cmd Loan Building 121 N. Third St. Phone 213W NILES. MICHIGAN oE0,1f,:-,14,:f,q.1,-pf,1f,1t,q.- 14 14 14 1 :Q an 10- 1 Compliments of ll The !! !! !! !! n Mayfair Shoppe J LINGERIE Hosf: ii ll 227 E. Main ii !! as -- ii ! "Because you love nice things" ll 4.--4-.e-.-,-.,-.-..-..-...,-..-A--.-..e ,g.,..,..- - ,. ,.. -..-. - - -. ... - ,.., .. -.,. ! J .I Q s PEN CER I Q D r y CI e a n e r s ll !! When your clothes need cleaning U Take this as u tip Q We sew on the buttons And mend all the rips II Relining-Remodeling-Repairing ii ' Experienced tailors to give your garments that quality look. ! . Q 211 N. Fourth Phone 649 i 0I0p0an0:0:0:00.0a-01 ,-p ,qs :Q 1 ,Q ,Q ,qu 1011 page one hundred Horvath 39 Jerue, B. 77 Hoskins 78 Jeru, J. 35 Hossfeld 83 Johanson 25-46 Hoven 8l Johnson, A. 25-63-69 Howes 80-86 Johnson, B. 41 Hradel, E. 25-60 Johnson, Betty 83 Hradel, W. 78 Johnson, C, 81 Huff 39 Johnson, Christina 77 Huffman 84 Johnson, D. 44-46-88-77 Hulett 80 Johnson, D. 81 Humphreys Johnson, J. 35-45-70 Hunt, J. 83 Johnson. Jerry 41 Hunt, V. 78 Johnson, M. 84 Hunziker 78 Johnson, O, 39-58 Hurlbutt 80-88 Johnson, R. 39-77 Huston 78 Johnston, R. Hamilton, L. 80 Johnston, N. 25-48 Johnston, Nony 39 Jackson, B. 82 Jones, A, 39-48 Jackson, C. 39-44 Jones, D. 25-39 Jackson, F. 39 Jones, D. L. 80 Jacobson Jones, Donna Jaeger 46-80 Jamerson 80 James, Esther 80 Jones, Dorlene 35 Jones, E, 84 Jones, M. 77 James, Ed 88 Jones, Marjorie 35 Jarrell 39 Jones, R. 4l-44 Jaynes Juhastz 39 Jeffries, C. 80 Jeffries, F. 77 Kane 35 Jeffries, I. 80 Kaser 35 Jeffries, L. 60 Kasler, B. 25-44-45-48-61-17 Jenkins 25-45-48 Kasler, J. 82 Q 54,1 :Kama 1-19,101 -N1-141410-.014 PHONE 777 Ready Beauty Salon "The Shop of Style and Upstairs Over Ready Theatre i NILES Quality" WINIFRED SWARTHOUT .f...... ...,-.... ,- - ,- -..- ,-. 40-0- ! ! ! ! ! ! - 208 MICHIGAN 04-.010101 r1010100-s0q.-,101010..01- Tynan's One-Stop Grocery and Market Service Pleasinqly Different FREE DELIVERY E. Main St. Phone 103 ...pr111,qp0101010:0qn-,1-,101 11 101010101 10- sq to to .pl-I -0. ,- - .-.,- I- .-. Q -. -0... - i HARRY'S GRILL l g You are always WELCOME i The Home of Fine Dinners Special Toasted Sandwiches - Best Tender Steaks and Chops - Best Coffee ll ! I ! !! !! I I I! ll o 'Juni 141: 1:1 11111 Kater 77 Kaufman, H. 77 Kaufman, V. 35-48 Kehrer Keill 35 Keith 82 Kell 35-45-46-70 Kelley, I. 82 Kelley, P. 25 Kenfield 77 Kent 35 Kessick, L. 39-81 Kessick, Lucille 48 Kessler 25-44-46 Kienzle 82 Kiqer 77 Killarney 25-46 Kimball 80 Kina, I. 77 Kina, R. 39 Kennedy GU Kizer 25 Klimek, C. 35 Klimek, S. 25-46 Kline, N. 25 Klinq 82 Klinger 39 Kloko 35 Klose 25 Kluie, A. 86-83 Klute, B. 35-48-70 Kluie, F. 80 Knapp, A. 25-69 " COURTEOUS SERVICE Knapp, B. 35-70 Knapp, M. 80 Knapp, Mildred 80 Knaui 39 Knoll, B. 25-39-45-48 Knoll, R. Knoll, T. 60-Sl-58-86 Kocher 60 Kocher Kools, E. 39 Kools, l. 30 Kools, P. 48-'77 Kompass, A. SO-88-86 Kompass, I. 25-45-46-69-16 Koontz 35-63-70-l6 Korman 42 Krause 35 Krell 39 Kramer 77 Krueger 80-B6 Kubiak 39-48 Kubinski 81 Kuebli 77-86 Larson Laberieaux 35-58 Laqoni 80 Lake 35-45-46-70 Lamb 82 Lamberlon 84 Lambiolte BO LaMonica Sl Langston 80 410:04 I go 14 in 101 1101014 is 10101014 zoioioioaqg ' I 2 . . I - Con ratulauons Seniors ' ' g I 3 I I ., i HOBART'S I! i I! 5 I ' II g ORCHID ii I GREENHOUSES II 2 QQ 5 Q! j 0 I Q !! I 2 I g South of Main on 15th St. I Phone 75 2 izovzuanzozoic 101010301 ri 10101014 zum? Q Q i P' i ! i ANDERsoN's I - I ! Su cr Service I Q P , i l' ' . I s I i TEXACO PRODUCTS Q GENERAL TIRES I . i ! i Fifth and Sycamore Sis. Telephone 400 I aza s. 11111 sn. Telephone slaz II g !! Q E! i !! Q sTUDENTs1 5 Enioy Your Ride Through Life With j TEXACO PRODUCTS I! 1 !! A II .l-,-,-,-..-..-.,-.,-...,...-----,...f page one hundred one 2lllIIIIllIIIIll!IllIllIllllIlIlllllIIIlllllllIllIllIIllIllIIIllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIlIllllIllIlIIIIllIIIlIIlIllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIllllIIIlIIIIIlIIllIIllIllIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIllIllll,IllIIlIIIIIIllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllO2 First National Bank of Niles E 9 E S 2 Deposits up to 55000 Insured With E E Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 2 B 5 5 E E 4: S 5 Member Federal Reserve System Phones 1740 and 1741 s E E E E E E 5 : Q'IlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilIlIlllllIIIIIIllllllIIIllIllllllIIllIIIIIIIIHIIIlIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIHIlllilIIlIIlIllIIIllIllIIIllIIlIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllIllillllllIIIIIIllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllif Ann It so? .- I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I --..-,-.5 Fellows who drive with one hand are usually headed for a church aisle. Some will walk and some will be carried down il. Cornph-ments of p 4, 1 AvALoN I ln 'X ' ' 1' ' I ' I I q BARRON LAKE i - ' I l--.I:1I1:11:11:1:1,-...I:1:.I:1..I:1:1,...! .. , .QA ' - " 1 ' M D ,.,,,,,,H:,,,,,,,:1:::,,:,,,1:,,,,.,::::3:3:,,.3. -- E :N g Success to the Class 2 T3 'ff 111 " 1. Q of 1943 Q -L: tb sz- Q - .6 ,, 1 1 110101014 Iam,-p-szuqu fl as O o. 9-ESQ? nff9.f,ff p o : : so . E E535 Q1 DAQ F qifm U ---o EH ' ji -5 5 20 2 9, -. Em U' C 5 E221 J' 5 CDCL "' SIE if will In 031101011 ! I I Q ' E: I Q I SF' ! EZ: I QE- I I I I I .f..-.-- - ... "'....Y gl ...- NILES-BUCHANAN cm CREDIT ASSOCIATION, INC. page one hundred two 450IUIIIIIIIIIIllIlIIIlIIIllIIlllIIllIIIllIDlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIllIIIIIlIIlIIIIIIIlIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIllllIlIKIIIIIIIIlIlllllIlIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIlIIDIIIIIlIIIIllDIIiltlIIHIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIKIIIQ E 2 2 E E - E 5 Compliments 5 E E F 2 f E C I T Y D A I Il E E 2 MILK ICE CREAM 2 E E E 0 3 5 Phone I36-W 906 Hickory S+. 5 5 E 01'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIlIIIIIIIIllllIllIllIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllilIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIllIIllllIIllllIIllIIKlllIllIllIlI1IIIIIllIllllIlIlIII!IIlIllIIIIIIIIIllIlllIDIIlllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllla LCIYSOH 83 Lundqren 82 Martin, I. 83 McKienzie, V. 39 Larson, B. 84 Lundqren, l. 39 Martin, Iayce 25-46 McLaughlin, B. 82 Latislaw 80 Lundqren, T. 77 Martin, M. 35-70 McLaughlin, E. 80-86 Luwhedd 25-45 Lunqer 39 Martin, P. 25 McLaughlin, M. 77 I-CIWS. L- 39 Lute 82 Martin, R. 82 McLure 80 Laws, M. 39 Lynch 80-86 Martin, V. 39 McMenamin 26 Lawton 39 Martinsen 39-48 McNabb 26 I-9UCh- H- 25 Mace, I. 86-84 Mason McQuaid 26-39 I-665211. l- 82 Mace, R. 25-62 Matthews, P. 86 Mead 80 Leach. W- 39 Mack 39 Matthews, T. 82 Medders, B. 42-45 Lepel 39 Mahoifa 82 Mathews, G. 61 Medders, T. 40 I-efik 84 Makepeace, H. 42-44 Mattiford 82 Mendel 77 I-GidY 84 Makepeace, N. 35 Mauer 39 Merica 80-86 Leonard 44-77 Makowski 35 Maxwell Merrell 62 Lewis 31 Malloy B4 McBain, C. 83 Merritt 77 Liebeffflu Malsch 77 McBain, R. 83 Merritt, M. L. 40 I-ibeY 80 Mann, B. 82 McBain, L. 39 Messner, B. 77 Lillie 39 Mann, F. 80 McBride, Betty 77 Messner, D. I-iHdSeY 80 Marazita, I. 80 McBride, M. 39 Meyer, L. 42 I-mn 33 Marazita, T. 82 McBride, P. 82 Meyer, B. 26-45-4648-69 I-inseflmiefr R- Marazita, V. 48 McCombs, B. 25 Meyers, R. 82-B8 Linsenmier. M- 77 Marker 82-86 McCombs, R. 77 Meyers, W. 83 UPF Marks 39 McCormick 82 Mcliienzie, T. 61 Lolmauqh 81 Marlin, E. 80-81 McCoy, H. 82 Miars, C. 40-44-48-83 I-0119 42 Marlin, L. 83 McCoy, M. 82 Miars. L 82 I-OOSG. M- 35 Marlin, M. 35 McCrory, I. 26 Miars, Joyce 82 Loose, R. 82 Marrs, G. 79 McCrory, L. 39 Milcolay 26-46 LOWS 42-44-46 Marrs, C. Mclntire, I. 80 Miles 83 Lucker 39 Martin, C. 25-45-46-48-63 McIntyre, C. 39-48 Miller, A. 40 Lueders 25-49-48-I6-l7 17 Mclntyre, I. 35-45 Miller, B. Luke 25 Martin. D. Mclntyre, V. 83 Miller, D. 40 LY-lfldbefq 35 Martin, E. 77 McKamey 80-86 Miller, E. 82 Lllfldbefqf D- 77 Martin, H. 42-44 Mcliienzie, I. 80 Miller, F. 82 page one hundred three N ational-Standard Company Flai' Braided Wire Tubular Braided Wire Special Finished Wires Lifhographing Machinery Wire Handling Equipmeni' Wirecrafi' Producis Flai' Spring Sieel Niles - - Michigan Miller, G. 84 Miller, l. 80 Miller, Mae 40 Miller, M. 83 Miller, S. 35 Mills 26 Miltenberqer, B. 80 Milienberqer, E. 26 Miltenloerqer, R. 42 Miswick 28-45-60-58-69 Miichell, M. 83 Mitchell, N. Mitchell, R. 82 Mitchell, S. 35 Mittan 80 Molico, A. 26 Molico, B. 36 Molico, M. 38 Monahan, R. 82 Monehon, l. 38-45-58-70 Monehon, B. 26-45-46-63 Moyer, M. 40-45 Moyer, R. 28 Murphy, V. 26 Murschel, D. 82 Myers, I. 80 Myers, R. Myers, Roy 40 Note 36-48 Neese 36-60 Nevill Newton 82 Nichols, N. 36-83-86 Nichols, Norma Nicholcx Nicholson 26-45 Nieb, C. 78 Nieb, l. 40-45 Nieb, M. 26 Nieb, Myrna 86-84 Noble 44-86-78 :guna 1 .mx 11:11:14:-in 1:-urn: Richier Insurance Agency "A Service Institution" Moneysmith 26-62 Norris 78 Moritz Q 5 Moore, M. 77 Oaks 36-60-70 Moore, R. 80 O'Brien Morehouse 26-44 Qlinqhguse, E. 40 Morford 26 Olinqhouse, M. 78 MO!'fiS 77 Olinqhouse, P. 40 Mofse- B- 25-46 Olivef 40 1617 Oak Si. Phone 455 M01-S6126-46 Omer 82 2 Mgild 82 85.485578 Niles. Michigan Moyer, G. 40-44 Orr, L, 78 ?..-.,-.-.t-0...-. -.- - ..-mm - -4 .next -....- -,-.- -.- -.t....-t. mt-..- ! 5 SAVE WITH SAFETY 2 Q F' A' ReYnoIdS Your Savings Are Insured Up to 55,000.00 Q HARDWARE ! With the i iri"k'ki"ki"ki"ki'ki"ki'ir ! . . g Niles Federal Savings 8: 2 Phone 460 209 Main St. Loan Associafion Q g NILES. MICHIGAN i 302 E. Main Phone 528 i t . page one hundred fue 11 svlllllllllllIIKIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllIIIHIlllllltIlllillllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIllIIIllllIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIKIIIIlllllllIlllllllllIIIIlllllllllIIIIllllllUlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllkg Keeping Up with the Joneses : : E at : Students. like adults, want to know what is going on around them. They want to know "what the score is." Readers ot the Niles Daily Star KNOW the score. For in the Star's columns every day is iound the happenings ol the community and surrounding vicinity, whether it concems, men. women or young people's groups. Keep posted on local and world events by being a regular reader ot the STAR. E E E e Niles aily Star E E E For 56 years Niles' dependable newspaper : glnlnnmuuumnmuumnummmnmlununnunuuunummmmnnummnnnmmnunumnnuanummnnnnunnnuunnnunInInummmmumnumnnuunnummmmurzununnnrg Orrick 83 Ort, Melvina 40-45 Ort, M. Ort, T. 36 , Otlewski 42 Osborne 82 Osos 26 O'Toole 40 Paddock 80 Pagels 26-49-62 Palmer, D. 36 Palmer, M. Parker, E. 40 Parker, I. 40 Parker, R. 78-84 Parker, R. Parks 82 Parsons, D. 46 Payne 36-49 Peacock, E. 40 Peacock, L. 83 Pears 42 Peebles 36-62 Pelkey 26 Perry, E. 36-78 Perry, Ethel Peters, I. 36-44-70 Peters, L. 40 Peterson, B. 40 Peterson, P. 40-62-58 Peterson, S. 82 Peterson, T. 36-48-62-33 page one hundred six Pfei160 Radko. M. 36 Pfister 26-44-69 Raih, I. Prater 60-80 Raih, R. 36 Pike 83 Ramsby, C. 36-44 Polqe 78 Ramshy, V. 28 Pollock, E. 80 Pollock, I. 36 Porscharscky 40 Posthumus 40 Potoker 26 Powrie 36-44 Powell 26-44-46 Pranke 82 Prenkert 40 Priest, Dick 82 Priest, D. 36 Priest, E. 82 Priest, I. 36 Prince, C. 26-44-46 Prince, R. 40-44-86 Puffer Pullano, C. 84 Pullano, S. 40-44 Queen, E. 28 Queen, R. 40 Quick, B. 28 , Quick, G, 40 Quirk, G. 40 Quirk , R. Quirk, T. 40 Radewald 78 Radka, B. 80 Randall, A. Randall, R. 36-48 Raybuck, M. 28-46 Rayburn N. 42 Rayburn, R. Reed, D. 28-46 Reed, E. 82 Reed, K. 83 Reed, V. 40 Reed, W. 42 Reaenos 40 Reid, I. A. 36 Reid, I. E. 36 Reid, Q. 78 Reidenback 36-45-46 Renner 36 Renterqhen 88-80 Reum, B. 82 Reum, S. 80 Rhodes 40 Rice, F. 82 Rice, I. 48-40 Richardson 40 Richey 36 Ricks, S. 82-80 Ricks, R. 36-45-70 Riddle, F. 78 Riddle, l. 36 Riddle, L. 28 Riqhter, I. 86-64 Riqhter, P. 46-78 Ristau 36-44-46 Robbins, B. 40 Robbins, I. 78 Roberts 78 Roberson P. 28 Rockwell 82 Rodgers, I. 46-82-86 Rodgers, Iohn 48-40 Rodgers, E. 42 Rogers, K. 78-86 Roqers, W. 44-86-78 Rood, M. 40 Rood, T. 83 Rooks, L. 45-40 Rooks, Lois 28-45-46-48-17 Rose, B. Rose, R. 84 Rossow, D. 82 Rossow, W. 36-70 Rubin, G. 40 Rudduck 28 Ruetz, M. 36 Ruetz, Milo 86-78 Runnels, I. 78-86 Runnels, R. Runyan, E. 82 Russell, M. Russell, P. 82 Rutherford, E. 42-44-46-86 Rutherford, K. 86-84 "Tommy, what is a synonym?" asked the teacher. "A synonym," said Tommy. "is a Word you use when you can't spell the other one." 'A' 'k 'A' The Wrong Degree A young theologian named Fiddle Refused to accept his degree For, said he. it's enough to be Fiddle Without beinq Fiddle, D. D. 'A' 'k 'k A Matter ot Geography Voter: "I Wouldn't vote for you if you were St. Peter himself." Candidate: "If I were St. Peter, you couldn't vote for me. You would not be in my district," i' 'A' 'k lohnnie: "Say Dad, why do they call Enq- lish the mother tongue?" Dad: "That's easy to see, son. Ever noticed who uses it most around this house?" 10101 rx iz 1-.111 fx ram-mqpuznxnzt 10104 "Teach All Men That- Lcrbor Is Honorable if Original Cabinet' Corp. NILES. MICHIGAN .g. i . .gt--...-. .- .. of -in-11,1414-qptn14r14v14v: znzoepuqmzocf E. Oscar McKenzie Gnoczmss AND Mr-:Ars l 1451 PHONE j Lake st. Fon Q Ph.-me ses room NILES. MICHIGAN -.-.,-....-......f. The Best Always at the KEWPEE HOTEL Homburqs-Barbecues and Chili U. S. 31 IESS MARLIN, Proprietor ,Q mount 1 511: : axe: :mnoztz : :: : 1: : :v14m-ef: : 1111: - Q 1:-2:zp-.:x11::::::::::::i:t:::::1:::f1::::::m A 8 P SUPER MARKET I02 Second S+. i' Niles, Michigan . -pf -pttgttgtrztyzfi-.t,:tt14,:4111t1 tzozoqe, . Q ...Q o 54 i i ,i ,i ,l ii t! ! i page one hundred sew H .g. .11 1 114 14-11 1111411-1111111111 .i,-,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,...,..i. .Q,-........,..,..,-1,-.,-.,...,..-AQ E2 kid? , Q nvcroggffH-Ho::sggggg-nacznaofioogggm -15 E -- - i ga -lm Z menHKDKDCC0Ozoo,::...,,,H:1::mrufLo.-4o'o'..nffH -1 5 'ir' '1' ,......-3BO-0- OO Q..mKDU'U-:x::S,-f- roruopvg w Q f- ' ' 2 gk: ! gggwgunizizgv-HZSHQ QQ--f.'gfP.w:1v5 -13 vw 5-1 -Q.-1 ' r'rma0Enf"" S200 m':??fvO"www 344 S9 OUJ . mm . -. oo .zz- l S I-1-I i ! E4 555' MFQOQ'-'i'uUF1O -- gm 22 A-F1 5-D go U' . , tv! ..- gr E 'GNP' ' ' ' w,,,'r't-'m -- C-:cup nm g 9. 4 - 5 N :Q m gp gnwrlwpgaw mwhm mm mc, mf? - 5 W . m ' O m J:"f'CJ.z:- D- 'P- ' 3 i C: ' . m m i conf- cons Q Poo I Q . l - cum mo V' N LD' In I 'U , , 4:- :" W' E Q 4 L11 'T I oo oo '-' Q00 Q Q 0 I :un In T-"1 - ED N G on z -I Q ! a H -1 cn w .... Q ul CD . S . sz 2 E A U o + :1 9. F' '4 ' 9' "" -1- ' 2 -ra '-T? 0 5 L11 I i 3 0 m m E I , 5' as - -1 Q, i 'H 0 . I g. :S -7 i I FQ E E 3 E mmmwmmmm,rgmgnmcnmggQ.qgggggg3,r-ggggmmmmmmmmmmm -D 0 2 . -.. "n.'f0 Q- EEEB53E?EN4ggffffE::m:::x:x::rngiggiiigggg Q m m i t F' 0 F: E ::1:457JfE.H. 'U-H:'-55W'Q'Q'Q'QUHm""HmQ-5'r2.'1'Uru:s . 0 :-':r:1':rp'p'f..-cow'-"-' '-'..,., cvrucnmm ILP- i, ,.. i Q Q, - ' E 25- O T Enzo?-099519--grnrrzkffgwg H3-29,1113 , M. 'D 75' E 3 V' '1-1" Q 55 "' I QmUUgPU" wggtq-r-Z5 wilwib' 5X,m"4mwX1:'?,bU Q 9 Q - I 0, : 59- N CD N2 z -bxw ov. 'us ,Loo Qwmmwowm D- l : " ... C1 m U woogwwiooam ,EN N90 com 'P gy 00 O5 N i ng -5 3' 5 -" :I k , 9' on ca Moo my NQNO so ' B1 9 :D cv p'oo' W' 'P cn OO l 5 -4 Q i Q ag. I v ww? 'fa O 3, fp O 0 Q :4 " 5' ... i 3 OSS 33 m Q w : -5 Q JL cn l i '5' o 4 ' 90 ID Y . U U n- Q i ! E X1 -1- .g. Z.,..,-..-.-.,.....,.........1.0-.,..,.....,..,-1,..,..,..,..,..,-....,..,..,:, .i.,-..-....,..,..-..-,.....,..,.. 5. .?,..,..,..,.....,.....,..,-.,..,... K R! ' Q ! ' cn Q N E i CD l i S l P' i 1 I Q z - ! 01 i ll S 1 E' ' l Q- I 5: 'FF ' C Q ' 5 N l m i E E m Q . - O ' N 7' l - 9- 0 :SE Q' E ! 0 5 ' I :s 0 3 4 -l- Q rn Q . gn Cn O 1 l U L.. ,-, 0 Q gp D' l Q A .fini 2 - gl . 2 5 4 '4 -+ 2 2 ! Q S, Z Sao ! i H rv' 2 . If '11 1, Q- E ' ' , rn :U 5 . I-I U3 r E l ,.1 1' nc . . I fa m : "1 gg, H '11 ' 3-E 9 ' ' H m O E 4 5 5 .4 i E G ,, 1+ ' ! H 5- 5 3 2 1 ,, -- I - A ... 5 ur CJ' - Q UD i m V' E 3 g 5 ' 1 Q 5" ' ll 'vs '-4 g E i I Q i '-1' E Q 5 Q I -' 3 ' 3 i E E Q I 5- - 1 n 3 V ff Q - a V- H Q 5 ! i ! '.'..::1,::, ,:::f::1,..::1 1::1,::,L-it: :1-.,..:::::,...,. .:.,..,...,..,.,,.,,.,,,-,,-,,:, .g.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:, page one hundred eight Smith I. 36 Smith, lerry 36 Smith, Leon 44-36-46 Smith, L. 82 Smith M. 46-40 82-86 Smith, Martha Smith, Mary 40 Smith, M. L. Smith Ralph Smith, R. 86-80 Smith, R. Ir. 36 Snouwsert, P. 78 Snouwsert, H. 36 Snyder 78 Sommers 28 Sonnenleiter, A. Sonnenleiter, M. Sonnenleiter, R. 82 Sosebee, R. 28 Southworth 45 Steinbauer, 36-44-48 Steiner, B. 60 Steiner 36 Stephens 82 Stephenson 80-86 Stewart 36-44 Stone, A. 28-46 Stone, F. 83 Stokely 80 Stoops 79 Stover, L. 82 Stover, R. Stowe 28 Stratton 82 Strauss 44-46-40 Studt, C. 42 Studt, L. Suss 36 Swarthout 82 Sweisberqer 86-80 0,4 .pt-5,101 11010101 ann-n +1014 Niles Mutual Cut Rate Drug COMPANY Retail Drugs and Sundnes Telephone 336 103 E Mum Niles. Michigan uzmezzzzzzt14:::::::n:n14:.::1t::- .g..-t.- .. ...W-. .... .........,..,... Spain, B. 82 Syson - spam, M. 40 Tqqqettp. 15.29.44-45-17. 2 Comphmenls of Stafford 48-79 48-62-69 l l Stanley 44-79-86 Taylor, B. 82 . Starke, E. 40 Taylor, S. 41-45 Sum 79 Thayer 37,48 Q M. J. Hunzlker 8: Sons Q starr 79 Thomas, B. ez I I Statler, R. 40 Thomas, C. 84 l NUf9e1'Ymen i Statler, S, 28-46 Thomas, l. 42 - Landscape Architects i Steere 79 Thompson, B. 28 ! : Steiqely, K. 36-48 Thompson, G. 28 i ' Steiqely. I. 28 Thompson, J. 28-69 C Yankee St. Niles. Mich. i Steiqely, P. 78-88 Thompson, L. 81-16 Q C .!,,...-....,- -. --,---- -.-.-,-..,! illllIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIIIllIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllIllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllli' E E E n Q Compliments 3 STATE BANK OF NILES E NILES, MICHIGAN 2 E Buy War Bonds cmd Stamps Sold by this Bank as cr Patriotic Service without E E cost to the Govemment or the Public. E E E 2 - E Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation E 2 Member Federal Reserve System E :SlHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllilllllllllllllIIIIII'IIUIIlIIlIIIIIIllIIIIIIIlIIll!lIIIllIIllIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIlllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllIllIllllllI!IIlllllllllllllllllllilllIllIllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllbj page one hundred nim- 430.4 ! U ! ! ! U ! ! !! !! !! U Q U ! ! U ! !! U ! o 9.4 1 p01014:144:4,14410q-.0101 10: iz 1 -14 :0 Four thousand seventy-six people died last year of gas. Twenty-nine inhaled it. Forty-seven put a match to it. And 4,000 stepped on it. i' i' 'k Timing A Chinese had a toothache and phoned a dentist for an appointment. "Two-thirty all right?" asked the doctor. "Yes," replied the Chinese. "Tooth hurtee, all right. What time I come?" it i' 'A' "Help,your wife," says Good Housekeep- ing. "VVhen she mops up the floor, mop up the floor with her." Some girls go to college to pursue learning: others, to learn pursuing. HOTEL CABINS RElD'S RESORT llncorporatedl DINE-DANCE We Furnish Only the Eos! Music and Entertainment Tasty Sandwiches BOATS BATHING lnge one hundred ten in I ,.4.-..g. . 410101014110c.4r1014mp0x4r14f1010qn4xqs4,1014 v10qp0qp0 6 'fum 60:01. ,101 in '10-,014 NILES WASTE PAPER COMPANY Pap er Mill Supplies Iron 853 N. Front St. Phones 236-237 NILES. MICHIGAN 9441444104: 14 141:0:0101010qn01 41014-101 t-004: 41 in 4:4 10:4 an 114 qp0101014 101 14 Compliments of ak Clarioe Frock Shoppe 211 N. Front St. H4101 1 ,101014-4101010101 101414 101 PRICE 84 KIGER FUNERAL HOME 'A' AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 730 324 North Fourth Street I 490101414 101410141 141014 1414141411 44:414,141qp441014,1014110qp0q-0101441 104.41 1111101 144141 WAR WORK-AND THE FUTURE! Right now, Kawneer is devot- ing 10031, of its time and effort to essential war work.-making air- plane gun mount housing, wing tips. ribs and trusses, mouldings, cart1'idge containers. control brackets. circum- ferential rings-as well as anny truck windshields and other parts and as- semblies. Right now. students everywhere are finding it difiicult to prepare seriously for the future-with so much necessary activity in connection with the war di- rectly ahead of them. But. someday, the war will end. Kawneer is planning for that day now. in the time that can be spared under present conditions. That day will come for you. too-cmd the question that will be put to you will be, "What do you know-what can you do?" Kcfiwime fffe page one hundfed eleien 1:11:11q.11:t1:0:t1:11:11:4 ,:, 1111 11111 11 1:1 Compliments of Johnson and Garlanger SHOES. LUGGAGE. and LEATHER GOODS FLORSHEIM SHOES 3- n 2 ! to I Z i 2- Q I I I 1 1 2 lil ID P' E O P' 011 ! ! 4 ! ! 1 l ! ! 5 12 9a 'i fi ls 11 HENRY R. HILL 11114. 11 11111111 1..1-.1..1-.1..1-.,...1.g. .?1-.1..1.f,..1-.1..1,1.1 i - E 1 ! 5 2:-EQ . . -11115 ' N an "'?i'u ! i .'I-' Q 135' I j 2 2- SM' z . 1 IJ! 1.1 S-I-"2 'F-' 11 5 1 11 E was 1- VI Q 1 ' z of E' U' 3' 0 Q F Q .15 I-.M 5' g : 6 E' Q 3- C ' - :S Q .... 5 ! E -Q EEE OE Q9 m l 1 0 gf: 033 5 U 55 i G E 55 o W I-I ar I 0 QE Emi 1-1 U' Q I i 5 gg mga' w , 3 " I i EQ- 'Q . M, O 0, ' :U V109- I l 5 5 - I 3 3 3319- ! I w 3"5'::: I i 2 H11 .-.--.-.,-,,-,...2. -i.,..,-.,-.,...,-,...-., g 'k 'k i' E 1 Q 5 COMPLETE INSURANCE g SERVICE 9 i ! i ! i' i' i ! 1 ! Q g 213 Fourth St. Phone 184 - I I : A .QD11-..1q11.11...1-11-. - 1, -. Q -1-1 - - -1.2. . page one hundred twelve Thompson, Lou 41 Tibbs, K, 37-44 Tibbs, R. 80-88 Tickfer, 1. 37 Tickfer, M. 41 Tomlinson 79 Toney 48 Tonkin, R. 82 Tonkin, W. 41 Travick, D. 83 Travick, I. 37-44-83 Travick, F. 42 Trowbridge 82 True 79 Trueschell 37-45 Tuesley, C. 31-46 Tuesley, E. 37 Turner, B. 79 Turner, R. 80 Ullrey, D. 79 Unruh 83-88 Utter Vail 82 VanArman 86-80 Vandenburq 31 VcmDusen 37 VanGilder 37-60 Vandyqriif, B. 84 Vanclyqriff, O. 83 Vanlue, I. 41-37-49 Vanlue, N. VanTuyl, B. 82 Q 5011111111 11 11 11 11 11 11.1111111111 1 up VanTuyl, R. 84 Vantuyl, R. 41-45 Varqo, E. 41 Varqo, R. 31-45-69 Ventrella Vernon, A. 31-45-46 Vernon, N. 79 Vernon, R, 31 Vetter, A. 82 Vetter, D. 31 Vetter, E. 41 Vida 79 Vininq 37 Voqelsana, I. 82 Voqelsang, E. 31-48 Vollman 37-49 Vore 79 Wedel, E. 82 Wadel Vlfaqes 79-86 Wagner 31 Waite 37 VValcott 46-31 Waldron 31 Walker, David 37 Walker, D. 78 Walker, I. 37-45-46-48-88 70 Walker, M. 42-44-45-46-48 Walker, R. 82 Wallace 80 Walls 83 Compliments oi Q THE RUTHERFORD Funeral Home ! CEDAR and FOURTH Q. 1p11q:p11ea1 1 1.11.91 1 4: -11 11 1 111111111111 L. . 1141-pf :nun ...g Q ! ! ! ! ! S wg II IIIKIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK II III IIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIII ll! I I ll IIIIIIIIIII ll IlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ NILES CREAMERY CO. 1 I H 5 5 GUERNSEY MILK E , CREAM BUTTER I 5 GOLD FLAKE BUTTERMILK COTTAGE CHEESE CHOCOLATE MILK U o o E Howard and Second Streets Niles, Michigan H illllllllllllll ll Ill I ll Illllllllll II llllllllllllllllll I Illllllll lllllllllllllllll I I IIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIUIIII III!IDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIK? is-:+r:::::::.::1::nzzz:::::::::::::::::::::::s:-mi' .gngqzagz1::1::::::::1:::::::::gzggzlgzggzxzfgzffqjs E Best Wishes to the E n 2 CLASS OF 1943 2 ii SIMPLICITY " I I I i 4 P 4? n Q 2 55 PATTERNS gg 5 Broadway Markei' 2 ij U Q i I QM--I-----I------------,-.---..,-..:. iv -:.--------.---.---M.----.-I. qi I ! I EE g Compliments of E ,, H ll ' I , I ii 2 KROGER s Q 1. I I 3 ,, I Super Markei' 2 H S I' U n 3 NILES - - - MICHIGAN E i il i i Q I .3 NQQQ.,-0- .-0-0.0- .-........-0...-.,-.--..p Q .,.-,-.-.,. .....,...,...-...-......-.....-.JI pg ,hddt hy teeen .'..-.--- ,-.,-------- ..... ..'----- .r-------A,..g. .1 it l ff I ll Compliments oi ai U l l ll ' ig Roebeck Insurance E! li Agency il ll ll E! at ll ff ll ll 4 4 4 it ll il !! it Q! il ll fl U 117 N. Third si. Phone asv H ia U it ll U-,:.:.:.,:.:.:.,:.:..:....,:.,:.,...-,-:.i .m.-..:..-.-.-::.:..:..:.:.:.:.:..:.:.-...i. A blossom a day E Keeps gloom away l ll I ll ' , l l! East' Main Gardens 2 .! ll l il 1521 E. Main Phone 1018 I il ,-.,-.,-,-,-..-.,-,,-,,-,.-.,-,,-, ,-, .H.,-,:.:..:.-.:.:..:..:.--..:.:.-..:.,--,i. ll Wayne Lumber Co. i uuconronm-sn ii l Lumber cmd Building Materials I Paints - Roofs - Coal E ll l 611 Wayne St. Telephone 1014 E PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF MEN Man is what a woman marries. Men have two feet, two hands, and sometimes two wives, but never more than one collar but- ton or one idea at a time. Like Turkish cigarettes, men are all made of the same ma- terial, the only difference is that some are better disguised than others. Generally speaking, they may be divided into three classes-husbands, bachelors, and widowers. An eligible bachelor is a man ot obstinacy surrounded with suspicion. Husbands are oi three varieties-prize, surprise, and consolation prize. Making a hus- band out oi a man is one ot the highest plastic arts known to civilization. lt requires science, sculpture, and common sense, faith, hope, and charity-mostly charity. lt is a psychological marvel that a soft, flufiy, tender, violet-scented, sweet thing like woman should enjoy kissing a big, awkward, stubby-chinned, tobacco-andebayrumfscented thing like man. lf you flatter a man, it frightens him to death, and if you don't you bore him to death. lf you permit him to make love to you, he gets tired oi you in the end. and if you don't he gets tired of you in the be- ginning. lf you Wear gay colors, rouge, and startling hats, he hesitates to take you out. If you wear a little brown toque and tailor-made suit, he takes you out and stares all evening at a woman in gay colors, rouge, and a startling hat. Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK COMPANY vffxfffffffffff-H+ NILES. MICHIGAN page one hundred fourteen 11111 1101411111014 14 11 1 1 114 111111 lf you are the clinqinq-vine type, he doubts whether you have KI brain. If you are the modern type, an advanced and independ- ent woman, he doubts whether you have a heart. li you are silly, he longs for a play- mate. li you are popular with other men, he is jealous, cmd if you are not, he hesitates to marry a wallilower. li you please him, he seldom mentions it, and it you displeczse him, he never fails to tell you about it, especially it you are his wiie. THATS ALL ,111 .1-. -75-1.,K -if ., 1 1-3,1 ...,.-1 Now, Eddie studied forestry-a forester was he: he traveled home for Christmas, and he was asked to trim a tree. lnstead of hang- inq ornaments upon each bending bough, he took a hatchet and C1 saw, and trimmed that tree-and how! 1 1141101011 1.114 11111111114114111 11114 Niles Laundry and CI e a n in g C o . LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Otiice and Works Telephone 1123 411 No. Second St. 1 111 111111111111111 1111 110111111014 Compliments of Lowe Motor Sales 1102 S. 11th St. Niles, Michigan 14 11 11111 1111 1111111111111111111111411 . -..,. 4.1- Q 1307 Eagle St. Phone 780-W . ii Exner Dairy gg ll PURE DAIRY PRODUCTS ! You can whip our cream ll But you cczn't beat our milk ,-I,:,.- -.1-.:::,: -. -.,. ::1,.....::,.-:,:1- Compliments oi ii The Economy Cut Rate H ll Drug Store ll ii 201 MAIN ST. NILES, MICHIGAN H i ii 5111111::::::1111::::::1o1::-:::.:::::::::::::oin !! !! PAUL THAYER'S !! !! !! Iewelry Store !! H DIAMOND AND WATCH SPECIALISTS ll !! ll k'ki'ti"k'ki"ki"A'i"k'k'ki' GRUEN - BULOVA - HAMILTON ELGIN - WESTFIELD WATCHES on easy terms ii 444441-4444444444 ! 224 Main se. Telephone 138 i 01.11-11 11-0-01 1 -.1-.1..,..,1-.1-0. page one hundred fifte ell Q 9.4 .g.,-i,..,..,.....,...,..,.,....... ,..,..,..,. -.,. ,. II I1 !i ll il ll ll Q! !! I! ll H !! li E! il Il ii ll 2 ! !! ll li ii li ll !! !! ll II !! ll ll !! ll !! !! I! Q! II 3 Q! ll E 4. T' funn-m 1 Iznglimn-run 1011 -pf, 1-1 TYLER 6' R' GROCERIES - MARKETS - DELICATESSEN STORES - BAKER- IES - HOTELS -- RESTAURANTS - SANDWICH SHOPS DINERS - CONVENTS - SCHOOLS - ACADEMIES - COL- LEGES - HOSPITALS INSTITUTIONS - FLORIST SHOPS NIGHT CLUBS - TAVERNS - YACHT CLUBS - DRUG STORES LABORATORIES - FRATERNITIES SALES FIXTURES! , TYLER FIXTURE CORPORATION Niles, Michigan poqoqmixnzi-:van puxuquiuxux quam 1 ,qu 14 znxnxuqv-,101 1 101 I1 :Q-zu: an age one hundred sixteen xrmpnxozouoxux ri 11010101014 10 ROBERT J. GANO Quality Plumbing and Heating ur Plumbing Service is in Keeping with the High-Grade Fixtures that We Sell 517 Hickory Street Phone 450 Marshall Grathwohl OIL BURNERS WATER SOFTENERS ELECTRIC PUMPS PLUMBING and HEATING His Iob Mr. Bacon: "The picture of the horse is aood, but where is the waqon?" Loraine: "Oh, the horse will draw thai." ik i' i' In Lighter Vein Sergeant its married recruitl: "Hey, you, button your coat!" Recruit Cabsentlyl: "Yes, dear." 'A' 'A' 'Ir Student: "What did you Write on my theme paper, sir? l can'i make it out." Professor: "1t's a request for you to write more clearly." :oc mg. 1:01 Q. R114 E nnoupoiozozozozogoqmnt ! I I 1 I 1 i 1 Q 4 i ! 1 I I Q Walter Walters, A. 82 Walters, B. Walters, R. 37-49 Wandrey 79 Wanko 80 Warburton 62 Ward 86-80 Warren 41-45 Warren, B. B2 Warner 31 Wauah 82 Weaver, I. 86-82 Weaver, N. 31-49-16 Weaver, T. B0 Weaver. W. B0 Webber Webber Webber, M. 82 Webber, N. 48-79 Webber, P, 79 Webster 41-45 Wedel, Don 82 .C. 41 ,K. 79 Wedel, D. 41 Weclel, P. 82 Wedel, R. BO Weqner, l. 84 Weqner, lohn 41 Weist. W. Worrel, D. 60 Wellinqham, B. 42 Wellinqham, P. 31-45-46-48 Welsh 37 Welsher, D. 37-44 Welsher, I. 44-79 Wetmore, D. 41 Wetmore, P. 31-46 White 37-49 Whiteside, M. 80 Whiteside, R. 79 Wickler Wiggins 79 Wilcox 82 Wilken 80 Wilkinson, I. 79 Wilkinson, S. 41 Willerd, A. 37 Willard, E. 79 Williams, B. 31-79 Williams, Dale Williams, D. 41-80 Williams, R. 41 Williams, V. 79 Wilson, W. 41-58 Winqecrrt 37-48 Winnell 37 Weist , D Weist, F. 83 Weist, I. 82-80 Weist, R. 82 Winquist 79 Witham, D. 37-70 Witham, V. 31-44-45-69 Wittmack 41 i I i Weist, T. 82 Wolf, I. 41-45 ,,,,- ... - ..-.- 5 Compliments oi li g Montgomery Ward Sz Co. l U i ! Q !. Q - U I II i Niles Michigan H E .-. .-. ,-. ,-, ,-, L i"""' """"""""'l' g Compliments of ll i MIARS 81 MIARS Ei Q ll I Insurance cmd Real Estate Q ll ik . 2 il I 306 E. Main St. Phone 181W I page one hundred seventeen Gone With the Wind The talkative Workman was holding forth to an admiring audience in the village store. He was explaining that even in his job, which people might think dull enough, there is sometimes quite a lot oi excitement. "Why, 1 can remember once when a gas explosion tore up a main street Where 1 was working," "And what did you do?" asked one of the customers. "Ah," replied the workman, "1 tore up a side street." ik i' 'A' Sociology Lesson When a fellow breaks a date he usually has to. When a girl breaks a date she usually has two. 'k 'k i' A-Musing We Will Go He always called a spade a spade until he hit his foot with one the other day. Love starts when she sinks in your arms and ends with her arms in the sink. 'ifzi22:12:21:i:i"i:i:::3::''iz' !! !! !l If THOMAS ii Ii . jj Ice Cream Fountain 11 1 !! "For Refreshmenfs Sake" II li !! II H 11' !! !! n '- SUCCESS to the CLASS OF 1943 1 ll .fbi-Qc:-f:::::,......:f.:f...t,.t1:-1:1-.:::.:- page one hundred eighteen -1 I 1 9 'Q 1 ii I ! !! !! II Q -110.0 .g.,-.... ,..,. ...-.,.... ..,-.,- ,....-..,,..,. i Kellogg Shop Lingerie Hose 1 1 S Specialties for the Kiddies 1 i Ready Theatre Bldg. 3 4..- ,...- - ,.. 2 R. E. cl-IAPELL I Ieweler and Optometrist 4 P 304 Main Street NILES - - - MICHIGAN 4.-f1::.-.,..f::...-.,-.---.0-.:::.::.::-:1-::::f Wolf. M. 79-86 Zechlin 37-70 Wolter 41 Zeider 31 Wood, I. Zerr, L Wood, P, 37 Zerr, Z, 41-45 Wood, R. 41-44-46 Zimmerman, H. 84 Wood, W. 37 Zimmerman, L. 41 Woods, I. Zimmerman, V. 42 Woods, I. 82-86 Woods, W. 46-31 Worm 79 Worrell Worvey 82 Wozniak 31 Wright 41 Wolcott, E. 31 Yaw, E. M. 83 Yaw, E. 48-79 Yazel 37 Yelape, C. 82 Yelape, L. 84 Yost, D. 41 Young, B. 37 Young, F. 79 Young, H. 31-45-46 Young, Herb 79 Young, I. 82 Young, L. 37 Young, Leona 37 Young, Lois 41 Young, M. A. 79 Young, M. 79 Zabel 31-45-46-48-63-17 Zordel, D. 37-58 Zcrdel, M. 41 ,-0-4,-0-0-4,-.,.0..q. ,. '. ,..,...,..,.....,.f,-,..,...,-..g. '.' o 'Arr I u n ,i,,,,,,,,-. ,-.,-.,-. -.-L !. ll ii Compliments of i, !i II gi Troosi Broihers i 2' F U R NI T U R E if li ll n l l 3 .-, ,-. ,-.,-. -.,-.,-.-.-i .gin-.:::..,-.i-.-.-i -.,-..-. -,,... ....g. 04.011 ,.........i..i..,..,..,.....,.. 3. .' I II ii ii il li ll II ii ii ii ii ii T14 ! ! 'qu Always The Newest Fashions in Shoes for All the Family Correctly Fitted and Checked by X Ray Hess 8: Hains+ock BROWNBILT SHOE STORE 111 N. SECOND ST. Compliments of Home Bakery GUS LORK - - PROPRIETOR iz:..i::::i:i::i::i,.,:i:i:i::i::i...g l I I i 4 11:04 1 i i 1 1 i I i i i illlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIlIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIlIllIIllllIlIIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllilIIIIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIUIS WILLIAMS BROS. L U M B E R - MILLWORK PAINT AND HARD WARE BUILDING MATERIALS Q Phone 342 Niles, Michigan SIDIIllllIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIlIIIIIIIllIIIllllllIIIIlllllllllIlIllIIIIIIIIIllIlllllIlIIIllIlllllIllIIlllllIllIlIIIIllllllllIIIllllIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllilIllIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII4: page one hundfred nineteen Freaks "l know cz girl who swallows swordsf' "Huh, I know a gal who inhcrles Camels." 'k 'k ir One in q Million The quartermcxster sergeant was equipping a new recruit with battle dress. The trousers fitted perfectly, the tunic might have been made for him in Saville Row, and the cap was just right. "Good gosh," exclaimed the sergeant, "you must be deformed." i' 'A' i' The Reason She: "Have you ever noticed that there are more accidents due to automobiles than to trains?" He: "Sure there are. You never saw the engineer on a train with his arm around the iireman's waist, did you?" zzz:-zz:1-:zzz:a14:::::::::::::::::::::::::::m Compliments ot 5 BUEHLER BROS. ll ii Goon MEAT gg Mums gg Goon H1:A1.'rH '! 116 Main Phone 797 'Ti""i:i:i:i::i:i:i:i:i:i:i:"i:' ii it Ambrose Mould Ali Q Property Management fl Q Rent Collection g Q General Insurance ! . 2 324 Wayne St. Telephone 1053-W in ufocmeu:::::::::g::::1,g::1::f:::,:1,::::,:3:11 . page one hundred twenty o'e 1119 -op Q... rxoxozoznapozoztnnf .g..-1r--.... --1--,..,..r-it-.,..--.--.-..-..-.,- I ,-. ,..,. .-..-. .-.,-..-......-. .,. -1 1 il ' it 3 !! It Compliments oi ll A' !! ll 14 ' l ll n 22 ll ti U U ll The Store with a Million Items ii !! ii !! 'A' ii II tt Q ll ll ii 111 B. MAIN sr. N11.Es. MICH. ii ii il 1: !L.-..:..:..:.-.:.:.:-..:..:.:t.:..,:.-..i Q! . I gg Bug Bear Super Market' i 102 East Main Street Niles. Michigan E ii 1 GEO. WILSON GUS. BERNAHI. E Grocery Mgr. Meat Mgr. i The FINEST FOOD STORE in the City ol Niles S H Everyday Low Prices on Fine Groceries, Meats. Q g Fresh Fruits and Vegetables I ,ssczz:-:::::::::314-rc:::::x14:::::::.-::::::naman i ,-..- .-..-..-.,-..-......-..-.,-.- .-..,...-. ! I ! Compliments of I 3 Bannis+er Studio g I E c. H. BANNISTER l I 3IIllItIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIlllllllltlllllllltlllllllIlltlllllllllllllllIlllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllItllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIltlIItIllIlIIItIIIIIIIlIIIIIltIIIIllllIIIIlllllllllltllllllllllllllllIIIIItIllIllllIlllllllltlilllllllllllllnlts PENNEY'S 100 0 Values ,ki E Quality First! No more doubtful values! That's the E Q ultimatum of today's wise shoppers. Penney's en- E F2 dorses this movement. E 5 E E We put quality first because it's good common E 5 sense. Our success is built on it. E E And because we intend to operate for years and E E years to come-we've no intention now oi abandon- E 2 i E ing our riqid standards. Low prices appeal to us, oi E E course. Penney's is always searching them out and 3 E presenting them to you daily. But-ALWAYS- 2 E quality is the distinguishing tactor. One hundred per E E cent is our ideal-and Penney's values must NEVER E 5 tail to measure up to it. E E E J. C. Penney Co., Inc. Niles, Michigan atDIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllltItIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIIIIIIHIIIIlIIIIlIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIIIllIIIIllIItIIllIIIIIIIlIIIIllIIIllIlIIIllIlIIIlIIItIIlllltlIllIlllllIllllItIlllllIllllIltllllllltlllllllllllllllli page one hundred twentyeone ::n::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-:::::r1-::1::1 I I I RCYAL DRUG CO. I E roun mics comma g I NILES. MICHIGAN I I I 2 -P 2 I PRESCRIPTION I I PHARMACISTS 2 2 Call Swank's I I I E For Bu! of Cleaning E al I Mod G1 Pri I i Ol U CDI I I SWANK DRY CLEANERS I i 113 N. 3rd, Phone 755 1 Ii:::I:,-.-,::zizxzfzzxzxzxzx:::-..I -I ' ' 'i'i?'W IIIII V 07 will 1111, A , , -if 5 ...f-7 Bertrand Special: "Missed the bus. Had to hitch-hike. No luck." page one hundred twenty-two I 'I' Famous Tardy Excuses 51- 5 UM 'Q Q51 3 H? 7 : ,3- -Ji ' ' ' Li sax, ...Ce 2IgI:fi E-. " Z? fimk I d v The Old Siand-by: "'OveI's1ept." Variation: "The alarm clidn't ring AT 1. i, ..1..T...T..T. .T ,Tut i 2 STOCK'S FOOD MARKET I I I I CHOICE Mums I I QUALITY Cnocsmrzs 2 I I g I I I I I I 202 Grant sa. Phone 771 2 ill3113152li?1-775715735713-?:3i:i::7:7l:'lZi,-'iQ 3 Compliments of E I I I The Veni Sweet Shop I I ' I g 228 E. Main Phone 542 I I -IJ P - -' - -1011: - auf - -' - H - -' - -nz-wmv - --144 - -- - -pq fo 313 N. Second St. Phone 725 101014 10:4 qnuupozuznzuxnqmlunnuzf Compliments ot RUSSOM TRANSFER 4? Sarah B's Kitchen A Friendly Plcxce where Strictly Home Cooked Foods .Are Served Also Fountain Service 4 P 226 MAIN ST. PHONE 753 Compliments of WARNER RADIO Sales and Service Phone 9117 315 N. Second NILES, MICHIGAN Guaranteed Service on All Makes Auto Radio Service a Specialty TUBES, PARTS G ACCESSORIES Exclusive Dealer STROMBERG - CARLSON RADIOS AND COMBINATIONS page one hundred twenty thr n101u1u101n101o14 14 lqfrzfnzzmzmnzfvz :za aininioicuioixnioioii EOIIIIllIIlIlllI1IIIIIlllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIlllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIlIlIIIIIlIIII!!IllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllIIIllIIIIIIIUIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll 5 E Lawyers of Niles 5 GEORGE S. KELLER BURNS AND HADSELL E Reliable Bldg. Phone 118 Stale Bank Bldg. Phone 122 E THOMAS M. FARRELL WHITE AND WHITE E 1301!-Q E. Main Phone 1824 First National Bank Bldg. Phone 217 - DONAHUE AND GRATHWOHL 302 Sycamore St. Phone 105 E Osfeopaih of Niles 5 GAIL STEINER E E Room 2 311 E. Main SI. 2 Chiropraciors of Niles Z MAX KASLER. D. C. s. L. RICE. D. c. E 520 E. Main Phone 1036 527 E. Main Sl. Phone 286 E Veierinarians of Niles EE W. T. GRAHAM K. H. FRASER 2 43 Ferry Sl., Phones: Office 1-W: Home 1-R BQ Mile Easi on M-S0 Phone 599 2 Denl'is+s of Niles E ROBT. G. TURNER D. A. MORTON E 107 N. Second Sl. Phone 507-W Masonic Bldg. Phone 142 E I. G. BRODIE E. R. RUTHSATZ : Burns and Kerr Bldg. Phone 758-W Walton Bldg. Phone 801 E D. C. WALTER W. F. MARTIN E 119 N. Third Phone 605-W 301 Main Phone 1405 E C. E. SHUGARS E 18 N. i4ih. Phone 26-W E if Physicians of Niles E HENDERSON 6 HENDERSON H. C. KLING Z: lHohI.l Phone 18-W lFredl Phone 2-W Fourth and Cedar Phone 1200-W E 107 N. Second Sl. N- A. HERRING 3 IOHN E. AMES 212 sam Bldg. Phone ass 5 307 Sycamore Si. Phone 25-W Res. 906 ,, Q L. L. HARRISON RUSSELL HART I E Walton Bldg. Phone 84-W 202 Siar Bldq. Phone 257fW : E H. M. PRITCHARD SCOTT MOORE - E 12 N. Fourth Phone 774-W 107 N. Second Sl. Phone 1015-W I E R. S. WATERSON 5 E ::"l!lllIIlIIlIlIllllllIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlllllllilllllllllllllIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIilllllllllllllIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllilllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIlllllllllllllllIllllllillllllllIIIIIIP? page one hamdrrfd twenty-four E 103 N. Third Phone 92 E fn hun Mr. Payne teaches "outdoor Biology." Getting ready tor a game. Feeling fine? lust sew-sew! Next year some of these Seniorg may operate Walkie- Talkies. O! Signal Corps, here we come! Back to classes.

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