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Ex Libris page two Foreword 1958 marks the sesqui-centennial celehration of the annexation of the Northwest Territory. The class of '58 has chosen as its theme the pioneer life typical of this time. The lives of the people of Niles have been molded by this original spirit of initiative and determination to forge ahead and make Niles 'gthe" little city of Michigan. At one time, one of the points of interest, Fort Saint loseph, was situated just outside of Niles. At different times. over this ancient stronghold, have flown the French, Spanish, English, and American Hags. Our auditorium curtain, pictured ahove, was painted hv Mr. Harry Lydick in 1937 and illustrates a few hardi ships encountered hy the pioneers who lived in Fort Saint Ioseph. The class of 1958 hopes this book will leave an ac- curate record of all school activities during the year 1957-58. To us the theme of this unique edition-the Northwest Territory Sesqui-centennial-seems to ex- emplify the prevailing spirit of our care-free years. The Taiiler Niles, Michigan Published by The Senior Class, Niles High School l938 Dedication We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-eight, take great pleasure in dedi- cating this issue of the Tattler to joseph Whitwam, head of the Physical Education Department and Cross Country Coach, whose untiring zeal has so inspired our high school years. His Wholehearted cooperation and interest in everything We have undertaken have given him a prominent place in our pleasant memories of high school days. As a builder of character, Mr. Whitxvam is unexcelled. His ability to get along with students and to bring out their better qualities has benefited all of us. His sense of justice and sportsmanship has given us an ideal for which to Work. Another of his outstanding qualities is his Wonderful sense of humor, He has proven himself to be a born leader. In 1932 he inaugurated the Color Group Tournaments, which have given us many hours of pleasure and developed a keen sense of sportsmanship. He has spent much time and thought on the intramural sports program. The Gym Show, which for many years has been one of the highlights of the school year, is another of his accomplishments. The excellent performance of his boys shows skilful training. He supervises the bleacher squad and the ushers during the basketball season. Under his direction, the Cross Country teams of the past three years have been State Cham- pions and have gone into the finals for five straight years. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and came to Niles in 1929 to take an active part in the sport life of Niles High School. We are, indeed, proud of him and wish to congratulate him on his fine Work. BGAIQD OF EDUCATIGN MR- P- A- HAUSEU- Mics. F. W. RICHTER MR. I. W. W P"f5l'df"7f Ti'eo.rur6i' Socrc'ta1'y Mu. F. G. FRENCH Miz. PAUL B1,AcKMoND Truxtec' Via' President FLOYD W. CRAWFORD, AB., NVALTER I- ZABEL, AB- MA- M-A-, 1.L.B. University -if Michigan Ulivvfiilv Of Miihirm Principal oflunior-Sc'ni01' Superinteniienz of Schools High School ODD NEWTON S. BACON Western State Teachers College, B.S. University of Michigan, M.S. C hemiszry and Algebra GEORGE M. BALAS Hanover College, A.B. Mathematics and Physics MILDRED BEATTY Illinois State Normal, HE. CARROLL F. BLETHEN Northern State Teachers College, B.S. In rl u :trial A rzs HAROLD C. BRADFIELD Western State Teachers College, B.S. General Science Football Coach BERYLLE CLEVERING Western State Teachers College Art CoRNELrA CROWLEY University of Chicago, Ph.B. lunior Business CHESTER E. DAVIDSON Illinois State Normal, B.E. University of Illinois, M.A. Social Science Basketball and Track Coach LUCILE R. DUNN University of Illinois, B.S. Home Economics HELEN A. FITZGERALD University of Illinois, B.S. C om merce CJLLIE FRIGAARD University of Oregon, lS.A. Vocal Music RUSSELL A. CSEBBY Western State Teachers College B.S. In dustrial A rts MILDIIED ciEORGE Ball State Teachers College.l3.S English MARIE E. GETZ Illinois State Normal, B.E. English and Iunior High School Librarian STELLA L. HEATH Albion College, A.B. University of Colorado, M.A. Social Science RUTH HEATON Lincoln College, A.B. Columbia School of Music, B.M. American Conservatory' of Music, M.M. Vocal Music THERESA HOFFMAN Kalamazoo College, A.B. English DOROTHY B. HOYT University of Michigan, A.B. English and Senior High School Librarian MARY A. IOSEPH Western State Teacliers College Commerce PAULINE KLOPFENSTEIN Northwestern University. BS. English MARIAN IJAWRENCE Hillsdale College, A.B. French and English RALPH S. LEHMAN University of Michigan, AB., M.A., Typewriting ROBERT C. MARKS DePauw University, A.B. University of Michigan, M.A. Social Science WILLIAM E. MATHEWS University of Michigan, A.B. Social Science CLARENCE E. MOORE Alma College, A.B. Social Science CATHERINE PATTERSON Iowa State Teachers College, B.A. Physical Education RUSSELL B. PAYNE Wabash Colle,-ze, A.B. Biology PAULINE PEIRCE Butler University, A.B. Social Science ELEANOR L. POOR Lomhurml College, B.S. Mathematics RUTH ROCKWELL University of Wisconsin, A.B. English CLARENCE F. RoTH Western State Teachers College A.B. Instrumental Music L. LOUISE SMITH Grinnell College, A.B. Columbia University English WAYNE P. SMITH Western State Teachers College, A.B. Social Science A.f:'t Football and Track Coach MARY M. SWAN Carleton College, A.B. University of Chicago, M.A. En glirh FLORENCE TALBURT DePauw University, A.B. Latin Dean of Girls JANET E. THoMPsoN Columbia University Teachers College, B.S., M.A. Home Economic: LELAND S. WALKER Kalamazoo College, A.B. . University of Notre Dame, M.A. Mathematic: RICHARD B. WARREN Beloit College, AB. Columbia University, MA. Mathematics Faculty Manager of Athletic: JOSEPH WHITWAM University of Illinois, B.S. Physical Education Cross Country Coach HANNA L. ACKERMAN Blodgett Hospital, R.N. University of Michigan School N ursc MABEI. DAVIDSON McMurry College Financial Secretary HARRY L. DICKINSON University of Illinois, B.S., M.S. Opportunity School DR. BARTLETT ERNEST LEACHMAN University of Indiana, D.D.S. Sch ool Dentist HARRY I. MANSFIELD Western State Teachers College Attendance Department ALENE R. THOMAS Secretary to Superin- tendent I Tcxttler Staff Newton Bacon Margaret Whiteside Margaret Ann Hadsell Phyllis Tennvson ' -' - ' ' Ed' A iat Editor Literary Adviser Doris Mae Clarke Pictures Clarence Stoops Advertising Editor m Chief Associate ltor ssoc e Whitney jones Robert Borsos Leona Henderson Sports Humor Literary Editor Marianne McCarthy Barbara Higgins Bettv G'-mmill Typist Advertising Typist L Rosemary Woods Leland Walker Associate Editor Business Adviser Edward Dobrotka Arthur Fisher Art Sales Margaret Peterson Walter j. Zabel Advertising Adviser SENICDRS IN MEMGIQIAM Kurt H. Crandall, a member of this year's graduat- ing class, passed away on March 24, 1938. Born in Niles on August 9, 1918, Kurt spent all of his nineteen years in this city and was active in the Niles Corps of the Salvation Army. He was a quiet, unassuming lad who emulated the spirit of good citi- zenship nad was an ardent fan of all school sports. He was the type of person that could always be depended upon to carry out any assignment given him, however arduous. He is greatly missed from the roll of the Senior Class. MARVIN KRAFT ,..... ,,,,,,,7,77,7 P resident ARTHUR FISHER . .7,,A,,,..,,,7 ,Y.,A I fire Preridenz MARGARET ANN HADSELL ,,,.77 ,.Y,,,,77,, S rcrctary RICHARD KENNEDY ,,...,,,,,,, ,.,,,Tr6a5u1'c'r VA1.ED1c'roR1AN CLASS POET Margaret Evers Patricia Snyder SALUTATORIAN Margaret Whiteside page turelre MARGARET ADLER, a whiz in debate She gets up early and studies late Debate '36, '37, '33, Drama '37, '38 C. A. A. '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35 '36, '37, '38, Oratory '38C .lufliol Play, All School Play, Senior Play, Honor Roll 7 semesters IUNE ALBRIGHT with hair of brown, To the senior class she'll bring re- nown. Library Club '37, '38, Gvm Show '35, Honor Roll 2 semesters LowELL ALBRIGHT is quiet and meek Fame as a musician he seems to seek. lbl.'lRYETTA Arvsrtss, a beauty oper- ator to be, She'll be a success, that's plain to see. G, A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '38: Needle Club '37, '3B: Needle Club Secretary '38 CLARENCE BACHIXIAN is a great hunter, "Curley" wishes he was as great a punter. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Football '38, Band Bounce '35, Orchestra '35, Basketball '35, Operetta '35, Glee Club '35, '36, N. Club '37, Radio Club '37, Stamp Club '37, Photog- raphy Club '37 HELEN BAIR with golden tresses Uses good taste in the way she dresses. Gym Show '35, '37, G. A. A. '36, '37, '38, Honor Roll one semester v XIIOLET BAIRD will travel far And dress the hair of a movie star. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Leaders' Club '38: Dramatics '37, Knitting Club '37' Glee Club '37 - ELLA BARON, slim and tall, She'll succeed in spite of all. Gym Show '35, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Dancing Club '36, '37 IACK BARKMAN, to hear him relate, Can catch his limit Without any bait. Football '36, Glee Club '35, '36, Band Bounce '36, Orchestra '35, Basket- ball '35, Operetta '35, N. Club '37C Radio Club '37, Stamp Club '37, Photography Club '37 IDONNA BASSO works all day In her l'ather's store to earn her way. Gvm Show '35, '36, '37, '3BC G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '3B' Minor N: Leaders' Club '37, '38, Sewing Club '36: Danc- ing '36, Honor Roll 2 semesters DONALD BEALL got out and yelled At the Niles line until it held. Glee Club '37, '38, ,Iunior Play, Sen- ior Plav, Cheer Leader '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '35 BETTY BEitc:ENt1Ac:EN, with her soft voice. Oli husbands she will have her choice. Gym Show '35, Dancing Club '36, '37, Glee Club '35, Tyninz Club '36, '37, Sewing Club '38, Dramatics '37Z Honor Roll 7 semesters lVl.'lRl0N BESSEIXIER, blond and slen- der, ls sort of a borrower but more of a lender. Library Club '37: Gym Show '35, '37, '33 MAIQE' ELLEN Btsttorf plays basket- ball, Take sports in general-she likes them all. Gym Show '36, '38, Minor N, C. A. A. '36, '37, '35C TlYPing Club '37, Gym Club '36, Glee Club '35, '36, Sewing Club '37 RUTH BISSELL, a darling blond, Enough to make anyone turn around. GYTYI Show '35, Dancing '36, '37, Typing Club '36, '37, Transcription Club 36, '37, Honor Roll 7 semesters BILLY BoL1NGErt wants to be A second Dalton in chemistry. Track '36, '37, '38, Cross Country '36, '37, Honor Roll 2 semesters ROBERT Bonsos tells jokes galore, Sometimes tiring but never a bore. Leaders' Club '37, '38, Tattler Staff, Track '38, Senior Play, Gym Show '35, Orchestra '35, Honor Roll 5 semesters .ANNA BRITTON likes to read, In literature she takes the lead. Gym Show '36, '37, '38, Typing Club, Library Club '38 MARILYN Bnonua, a doctor to be, A specialist in appendectomy. G. A. A. '35. '36, '37, '38, Girls' Glee Club '36, '37, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Debate '36, '37, '38, junior Play, Dramatics '37, Dancing Club '37, Honor Roll 4 semesters ROBERT BROWN, though girls do stare, Of his good looks seems unaware. Track '37, Choir '37, '38, Glee Club '36, '37, '36, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, junior Play '37 KENNETH BURT has high ambition, Hc'll accept any good position. Band Bounce '3 7 PASCAL CARR on the track is a star, His flying feet will take him far. Track '37, Cross Country '37, '38, Gym Show '37, '38, ,lunior Play, Senior Operetta, Leaders' Club '37, Choir '38, Boys' Senior High Glee Club '37, '38, Operetta '38, Student Basketball Manager '38 DORIS MAE CLARK, with her red hair, ls always willing to take a dare. Girls' Glee Club, Senior High Choir, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Dancing Club '36, '37, Operetta '37, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Dramatics '37, Honor Roll one semester DAVID COCHRAN would like to play ball On the Renaissance team when they start next fall. Gym Show '35, Cross Country '37, Typing Club '36, Track '35 VERNON COLLINS took second place Doing pull-ups for the graduates. Gvm Show '36, '37, '38, Football '36, '37, Operetta '37, Glee Club '37, '38, junior Play EUGENE Cook and his younger brother, You never see one without the other. Football '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Choir '36, '37, Glee Club '36, '37, '38, ,lunirir Play, Gym Show '37, '38, Track '37, '38 INCK CooK on the team was a star, News of his fame will travel far. Basketball '36, '37, '38, Football '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '38, Choir '38, Boys' Glee Club '37, '38, junior Secretary '37, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, junior Play, Biology Club '37 ROBERT Coomaa was "The Poor Nut," But he'll never get himself in a rut. Gym Show '35, '36, '38, Choir '36. '37 '38, Boys' Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Debate '36, junior Play, Octet '38, Honor Roll one semester WILLIAM Convent, with cheek of tan, Says he's IIOI a ladies' man. ELNORA COUCHMAN is new in town, Hut nevertheless she gets aroun'. Three Oaks High School '3 7, Glee Club '3 7, '38, Choir '37, '381 Senibf Play MARY Io CRABILL will soon be seen, A movie idol on the silver screen. Honor Roll 3 semesters: Operetta '35, G. A. A. '34, '35, '36, '37, Gym show '34, '35, 36, '37, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Choir, '37, '35 KURT CRANDALL Deceased March 24, l938 RAMONA CRANDALL is small as an elf, But she can take good care of her- self. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Gvm Show '35, '36, Needle Club '37, '38, Glee Club '35 HAZEL Camas, aloof and cool, You can see she's no one's fool. Typing Club '37 RICHARD CRIPPEN likes to run, And next to that to have his fun. Cross Country '35, '36, '37, Track '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35 36 '37 '38, junior President, Iunior lalayi gays' Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Choir REMA Cnoci-,ER could dance 'till dawn, With aching feet and stifled yawn. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Library Club '35, '36, Clee Club '37, Biology Club '36, Typing Club '37 IEANNETTE CROUCH, with page-boy bob, Is individualistic, not one of the mob. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Minor N: Honor Roll 7 Semesters NAOMI CROUCH likes physical ed, She's a girl not easily led. Honor Roll 3 Semesters, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37. '38, Glee Club '35, '36, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. President '37, Minor N and Maior N LOLA Cunrrs, a tiny lass, Has joined a beauty culture class. Gym Show '35, '36, '37 Rosmrr DALEY doesn't seem to rate, It seems as if he's always late. Gym Show '35, '36, Honor Roll one Semester Gnome DEEVER loafs all day, But this practice will not pay. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Leaders' Club '37 DIJNJXLD IDENSBORN, tall and strong, We'll hear from him before very long. Boys' Glee Club '37, '38, junior Play: Basketball Manager '38, Gym Show '36 MADEsTA Davos' has a euphonious name, She's always ready to play the game. G. A. A, '35, Gvm Show '35, '36 DONALD DICK with girls is shy, But nevertheless, he's one swell guy. Band '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '38, pramatics '36, '37, Band Bounce 35, 36, '37, '38, Band Vice Presi- dent '38, Honor Roll 2 Semesters EDWARD Dosnorm., an artist spry, There's always a twinkle in his eye. Gym Show '35, '36, Football '36, Tattler Staff ELEANUR IDONAHUE is one swell gal, You'd realize that if you were her pal. Gym Show '35, '36, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, Biology Club '37, Dramatics '37, Honor Roll one semester WAUNETA Dot'c:LAs won't be one of the mob, She's already been promised a job. G. A. A. '35, Gym Show '35 '38' Dramatics '37: Operetta '35, Honor' Roll 3 Semesters EDWARD EATON is flying high, His ambition is to conquer the sky. Revere High School '37 JULIA ERVEN likes to come to school, And her motto is the golden rule. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Typing Club '36, '37, Transcription Club '37, Debate '36, Honor Roll Z Semesters MARGARET EVERS will wear a band of gold Right after graduation, so l'm told. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Debate '36, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Choir '38, G. A. A. '35, '36. '371 junior Play, Operetta '37 , Honor Roll 7 semesters, Valedictorian EMIVIA LOUISE EXNER will travel on, But she'll end up at Avalon. Library Club '37, Gym Show '35, '38 IDA LOUISE FAY, a vivacious soul, To be a Ginger Rogers seems to be her goal. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Dancing Club '37, '38, Typing Club '37, Minor N and Major N, Apparatus Club '37, Debate '36: Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, Band Bounce '36, Honor Roll one Semester ELAINE FENDER is pretty and sweet, Her charms overcome every one she does meet. Gym Show '37, '38, Typing Club '37, Transcription Club '37: Dancing Club 'ss H LEE FIRNSTAHL is tall and attractive, But her brain is now always active. Dramatic Club '37 ARTHUR FISHER a gambler wants to be, He'll lose his shirt, if you ask me. Tennis '3 7, '38, Senior Vice Presi- genitf: Gym Show '3 5, '3 6, Tattler ta GENE FISHER hopes to be A teacher of geometry. Gym Show '36, Orchestra '37, '38, Band '38, Honor Roll 5 Semesters VIRGINIA FORBES likes ushers best, She ought to know, she's tried the ICSI. Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Choir '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '37: Operetta '36, Honor Roll 2 Semester: LOUISE FRIZZO, with pretty eyes and hair, Handsome alumni she seems to snare. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club, Operetta '35 IEAN FRUCC1 is wide awake, Her share of the spoils she'll surely take. Honor Roll one Semester, G. A. A, '34, '35, '36, '37, Gym Show '34, '35, '36, '37, Girls' Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Minor N BETTY ciAlWMlLL likes to be in plays, She'll be a great actress one of these days. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Senior Play, Tat- tler Staff, Dramatics '37, Transcrip- tion Club '37, Typing Club '36, '37, Biology Club '37, Honor Roll 7 Se- mesters STARR C31-3PHAR'I' seems to have his woes, But what they are no one knows. Photography Club '36, '37Z Indoor Track '36, '38 ROBERT ciLEASON is a grocery man, He'll sell you vegetables in a can. Gym Show '35, '37, Boys' Glee Club Club '35, '38, Football '38 ETHEI. Gorr certainly is no dunce: She always has her lesson, she never misses once. Typing Club '37, Knitting Club '37, Sewing '38, Gym Show '36, '37, '38 DONALD GooDL1NG will cartoon his way through life, Hc'll make a jolly living with his paints and palette knife. Gym Show '36, Art Club '35, '37, Football '36, '37, Glee Club '34, '37, Choir '35, '36 EUGENE GIQEEN XV8HtS to be flfl ZIC tor and get big pay. Remember the old professor in oui '37 play? Glee Club '37, '33, Gvm Show '35 '36' Leaders' Club '37 '38' ju 1 , . . nio Pla , S ' Pl Y CDIOI' BV MARGARET ANN H.xDsI3I.I. likes bas ketball, The reason plays guard because he': so tall. '36, G. A. A. Vice President, G. A. A '36, '37, '38, Senior Secretary, Lead ers' Club '38, Dramatics '37' Dane ing Club '37, Girls' Tennis Team '38' Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Debate Tattler Staff, Honor Roll7Semesters XVILLIALI HALSTEAD doesn't seem to dread The fact that when he graduates, he won't be at the head. Gym Show '36, Radio Club '36, '37, Indoor Track '3 7 MARTHA HAM always seems content, But all her ambitions within her are pent. g?e Club '35, '36, Gym Show '35, GENEVIEVE HALIILTIJN, with her sweet smile, Can hardly wait to walk down the aisle. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, Minor N: Vice President Needle Club '37, Debate '36, Gym Show '35. '36, Sewing Club '38, junior Play, Dancing Club '37, Honor Roll 3 Semesters KEITH HAMRIQK is as yet unsung, His fame h:1sn't spread because he's so young. Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Gvm Show '34, '35, '36, '37, Football '36 IANE HANSEN'S dad is a radio man Y And lane is an ardent radio fan. Operetta '35, Gym Show '38, Typing Club, Honor Roll one Semester DoRo'I'HY HARPER has to smile As she saws away on the big bass viol. G. A. A. '38, Girls' Glee Club '37, '38, Choir '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '36, '38, Band '38, Operetta '37, junior Play: Honor Roll 5 Semesters FRED HAIKIITS is from Barrow Lake, He's a fellow not hard to take. Gvm Show '36, junior Play, Honor Roll one Semester DELIA MAIQIIZ HAss carries on each tradition. Witli "dancing lady" as her posi- tion. Gvm Show '35. '38, Dramatic Club '37, G. A. A. '35, '36, Operetta '35 DOIQIS IJASSENGER is going to be A court reporter, wait and see. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Dra- matics '36, G. A. A. '35, '36, Debate '36, Photography Club '37, Honor Roll 5 Semesters RICHARD HATHAWAY, our stage hand, When performing for girls, his chest does expand. Dowaziac '36, Glee Club '38, Lead- ers' Club '38, Honor Roll 2 Semesters CLARENCE l'lEMlX4lNGEli plays clari- net, For him a iob's not hard to get. Band '35, '36, '37, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, Gym Show '36, Choir '35- '36, '37, Boys' Glee Club '35, '36, '37i Octet '36, '37, Band Bounce '35, '36, '37, .lunior Play: Operetta 37: Honor Roll one Semester LEONA l-lENDERsoN is on the Tattlcr Stall, She wrote these jingles to make you laugh. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '36, '37, Debate '35, '36, '37, '38, junior Play, All School Play: G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Tattler Staff, Apparatus Club '37, Dancing Club '37, Dramatics '36, '37, '38 MAIKGIIERITE HENSLER, quiet and staid, Her success will be well paid. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Gvm Show '35. '37, '38, Tynlniz Club '37, Needle Club '37, '38, President Needle Club '37 ALICE Hess plans to study art, ln her career she has quite a start. Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Choir '36, '37, '38, Sextette '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '38, Band Bounce '37, Op- eretta '35, '37 EDNA HIBBAIKD to New York will go To be a star in a musical show. Club '35, '36, Clee Club '37l Typing Club '375 Biology Club '37 Cvm Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Library Banana LIICGINS, a country lass, The pride and joy of the senior class. G, A. A. '35, '36, '37, Library Club '36, '38: Tattler Staff: Debate '36: Dramatics '36, Gym Show '35, '36. '37, '38, Apparatus Club '37: Typing Club '36: Honor Roll 2 Semesters Lrcv BELLE HOLMES doesn't have to tease. All she says is "Number please." Typing Club, Transcription Club REX l'lOLlN1ES likes to shoot Baskets, while all the people root. Football '36, '37, '38: Basketball '36. '37, '3B: C-vm Show '35, '36, '37,'383 Honor Roll 3 Semesters MABEL HoRNEn's eyes get dim Whenever she sits and thinks of .- ,, L him. Typing Club '37: Gvm Show '38 TED Hoi'T can type with ease: In fact he can type anything that he sees. Honor Roll Z Semesters ANN HRADEL is true and tried: To her record we point with pride. Glee Club '37, '38: C. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38g junior Play: Honor Roll 2 Semestersg Minor N ROBERT Huw says too long has he tarried ln getting out of school so he can be married. asketball '35, '36, '37, '3B: Track 37 '38 C m Show '36, '37' B '35, '36, ' , : Y Typing Club '37 SHIRLEY HUPF tennis likes to play: She'll take anyone any day. G. A. A. '35, '36: Gym Show '35, '38 IRENE I'IU1N1PHREY has abilityg Her talent for music is easy to see. Band '35, '36, '37. '3B: Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '383 Clee Club '35, '36. '37, '38: Choir '36. '37, '38: Gvm Show '35. 36, '37g Ooeretta '35, '37: ,lunior Plav: Band Bounce '35, '36, '37, '38g Honor Roll 2 Semesters RAY HURLBUTT, the Southern colo- nel, He's the under-grad eternal. junior Play: Gym Show '35 ADELINE IACKSGN will ioin a swing band, And dance to fast music all over the land. Gvm Show '35, '36, '37, '38: Cirls' Glee Club '36, '37, '385 G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38: Choir '36, '37, '3B: Dramatics '37g Operetta '37: junior Play: Minor N and Maior N CLIFFORD IAYSON, son of the soil, When he reads this, he'll probably boil. Operetta '35, '36, Choir '34, '35, '36, '37, junior Play: Bovs' Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '34, '35, '36. '37, '38g Football '36: Track '36: Debate '36: Honor Roll 9 Semesters QIATHERINE IENSON will attend the nursing school To learn to be efficient, sympathetic, and cool. Gym Show '35, '38: Operetta '35: Dramatics '37: Dancing Club '37: Knitting Club '37g G. A. A. '35, '36, '37 VERNARD IUNES says he can cook, You girls for husbands no further need look. Elyotography Club '37: Typing Club XVHITNEY ,ONES goes steady we hear: So now you boys have nothing to tear. Basketball '36, '37, '38s OPCFSUS '37, Choir '37, '38, Boys' Clee Club: junior Play: Gym Show '36, '37, '38: Track '37, Tattler Staff: Leaders' Clubp Octet: Honor Roll 6 Semesters ELLEN IOSLIN is dainty as an elf, And the last one she thinks of is always herself. Gym Show '35, '38, Honor Roll one Semester IEANNETTE IUDAY is a rural lass, But despite this fact, the lady has class. ANNA KAISER sews very well indeed, She can make whatever she may need. Dancing Club '37: Typing Club '37, Girls' Glee Club '34, '37, Dramatic Club '35, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A, '35, '36, junior Play MARIAN KALLING has a swell tan She'll have no trouble holding her man. Sewing '36, Typing '37, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, Honor Roll one Semes- CCT MARY CATHERINE KENNEDY rates with the boys, She's a swell girl all through, with no alloys. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '35: Lead- ers' Club '37, '38, G. A. A. '35 RICHARD KENNEDY is so smart in class, He needn't worry, for he's sure to pass. Track '34, '35, '36, Gym Show '34, '35, Camera Club '36, '37, Radio Club '36, '37, '38, Senior Treasurer, Honor Roll 4 Semesters GEORGE KENNY likes to cartoon, He'll start a strip called "Looney the Loon." Gym Show '35, '36, Tennis '37, Leaders' Club '38, junior Play QUINTEN KENNY is always able To run the balls on a pool tahle Gym Show '36: Tennis '37, '38 IEAN KETTLES likes to swim, And thence develop lung and limb. G. A. A. '37, Gym Show '34, '35, '36, '37, Library Club '35, Leaders' Club '37, Knitting Club '36 ISABEL KNOTT, shy and sweet, Her actions are graceful, her figure petite. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Typing Club: Honor Roll one Semester lxlARVIN KRAFT, our president, Many a feminine heart has bent. Football '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, junior Play: Honor Roll 7 Semesters ROBERT KROMER, with his wavy hair, Turns the heads of the ladies fair. Leaders' Club '37, Football '37, Boys' Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Gym Team '37, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Track '38, lndoor Track '38 MAIKIAN KRUEGER is quick as a wink, From hard work she does not shrink. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Library Club, Honor Roll one Semester lt'I.L.xNE KUBECK, brown-eyed and French, Taking all in all, she's a cute little wench. Library Club: Typing Club, Gym Show '36: Honor Roll 3 Semeaters DONALD LACY, so they say, Was a fine drum major in his day. Band '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Band Bounce '35, '36, '37, '38, Debate '36: Drum Ma- ior '35, '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Gym Team '37, Senior Play, junior Play DtJNN,'X LANCASTER seems to enjoy Going around with a college boy. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Typing Club '36, Honor Roll 4 Semesters KEI'flI LARSON, blond and small, Hopes some day he will grow tall. Glee Club '38, Gym Show '36, Honor Roll 2 Semesters MARIAN LAURIDSON is not outstand- ing. But her place she'll be demanding. Gym Show '34, '35, '36, '37, Honor Roll one Semester GERALD LEET is star of the meet, As he flies down the track on winged feet. Leaders' Club '37, '38, Track '36, '32, '38, junior Play, Football '36, '3 IUNE LEONARD exasperates the boys As with their hearts she merely toys. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '37, Dramatic Club '36, Dancing Club '37, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38 DOROTHY LOLMAUGH, no bigger than a minute, When anything happens, she's bound to be in it. Girls' Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Typing Club'36, '37, Sewing Club'36 IoE LYND is a boy of great speed, The college football team he'll lead. Football '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '36, '37, '38, Leaders' Club: junior Play, Junior Vice President MARIORIE MACK from South Bend came, But she's one swell girl just the Safne. St. ose h Academ South Bend J P y, 1 Gym Show '37, '38, Honor Roll one Semester CARL MANSFIELD rates high with boys: Popularity with the girls he also enjoys. Track '3 7, '38 l'AL'L MANsr1ELD, who runs on the Cross Country team, Ace high as a runner, Coach Whit- wam does deem. Track '36, '37, Cross Country '36, Band '35 MARIANNE MCCARTHY, a lady of knowledge, We know she'll make the grade in college. Gvm Show '36, '38, Library Club '37, '38, junior Play, Dramatic Club '373 Tattler Staff, Typing Club '37, Honor Roll 7 Semesters IACK MCNABB is one swell actor, ln "Spring Dance's" triumph he was a factor. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '33, Lead- ers' Club '3 5, junior Play, Senior Play, Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Dra- matic Club '36, '37, Honor Roll Z Semesters MARY ELLEN MCQUAID in all things surpasses, She's always above the rest of the masses. Girls' Glee Club '35, '36, '37, Choir '37, Operetta '35, '36, '37: junior Play, Senior Play, All School Play, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Dramatics '37, Honor Roll 2 Semesters WALLACE MEH'ERS sets a peppy pace For all of this year's graduates. Gym Show '35, '36, Football '35, '36 ROBERT MILLER on the gridiron a star, As many touchdowns his broad shoulders bar. EDWARD MINER comes in from the farm, He views his English test with alarm. IEAN MKJNEYSMITH, who is so tall, Excels in playing basketball. Home Ec. Club, Gym Show '36 HELEN MAE NIEB, a farmerette, KC ' 33 She knows her onions, you can bet. Gym Show '35: Glee Club '35, '36 '37, '38g Choir '38, Iunior Playg' Operetta '37, Honor Roll 6 Semes- ters MARGLYERITE O'BRlEN, with her pretty eyes, Their color is as blue as the skies. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38: Glee Club '36, '37, '38: Operetta '37: jun- ior Play: Senior Play, G. A. A. '35. '36, '37, '38: Transcription Club '37: Typing Club '37, Dramatics '371 Honor Roll 3 Semesters lVlARGARET GRIAS in shorthand rates high Under Mrs. Ioseph's watchful eye. Gym Show '37: Typing Club '37' c. A. A. '35, Honor Roll one se? mester RUTH PAGELS can type with speed, ln typing class she takes the lead. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Minor N2 Orchestra '34, '35: Gym Show '34, '36, '37, Band Bounce '34, '35, Typ- ing '35, Transcription Club '36, '37: Honor Roll 2 Semesters: Leaders' Club '38 RUTH PAINTER is a dainty missg She'll live a life of joy and bliss. Photography Club '38: Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38: Debate '37: Honor Roll 2 Semesters IOYCE PAINUNIELL is so scholarly, The first woman president she hopes to be. Gym Show '36, '38: Typing '36, '37g Honor Roll 6 Semesters MILDRED PANKOW has early found The one with whom she goes around. Gym Show '34, '35, '36: Honor Roll 7 Semesters MARGARET PE'rERsoN sells TATTLER space To the merchants any place. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38G Gym Show '35, '36, '37: Small N: Tattler Staffi Tennis Team '38: Honor Roll 7 Se- mesters XVILLIAIW PRENKERT thinks he can get by YVith only the twinkle in his eye. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38 MARY RATHBURN is pretty and staidg ln "Spring Dance," she played the maid. G, A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Senior Play, Dancing Club: Gvm Show '3 5, '36, '3 7, '38: Leaders' Club '38 NANCY RAYBURN left at mid-year, But at commencement, she'll appear. Transcription Club '36, '37, Honor Roll one Semester ROBERT REFINE likes to slumber, Nevertheless, he's no back number. Gym Show '35, '36, '37g Leaders' Clyxb '37, Glee Club '36, Operetta '3 MARCILTS RIDDLE with his friends rates high, They all think he's one swell guy. Gym Show '35, '37, '38, Football '36, '37g Track '36, '37 RUTH RIDLEY, by Cupid driven, Her heart to a junior she has given. Gym Show '36, '37, '38, Honor Roll 7 Semesters ROSEMARY RUNDBORG comes from the farm, That's where she developed her strong right arm. Girls' Glee Club '37, '387 Choir '38 ANGELINA SARATORE, our tennis champ, Winning medals o'er the world she'll tramp. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38: Major and Minor N: Gym Show '35, '36, '37: President G. A. A.: Typing Club '36, '37: Transcription Club '37: Danc- ing Club '37: Tennis Team '38g Honor Roll 7 Semesters DONALD SCHABER is hashful and shy, For taking pictures he has a good eye. Photography Club, Camera Clubl Honor Roll one Semester DOROTHEA SCHAEN isabrilliant lass, Someday she'll teach a language class. Gym Show '35, '38, Honor Roll 7 Semesters IUNE ScHRUMPF's manner is so dis- arming All her acquaintances think her charming. Gym Show '35, '37, '38, Knitting Club '37, Typing Club '36, Operetta '35 BETTY SI-IOLTEY won her fame By continual driving in the third lane. Gym Show '35, Transcription Club '37 IAMES SHUFF wears a look of dread Whenever he thinks of being wed. Gym Show '35, '36, '38, junior Play '37, Dramatics'37, Leaders' Club '35 LA VERNE SIEBERT is not a dunce, Each question he's asked, he an- SWCTS at OnCe. Typing '36, Photography Club MARION SKINNER, modest is he, Big Bill Tilden he'd like to be. Track '38, Gym Show '35, '36, Band Bounce '37, Radio Club '37, '38, Photo Club '37 EMERET SMITH, a lady fair, What a casual, care-free air. Typing Club '35, Transcription Club '37, Honor Roll one Semester I. B. SMITH, a jolly youth, Sometimes revels in being uncouth. Tennis '37, '38, Band '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '36, '37, '38, Dramaticn '36, Band Bounce '37, '38 PATRICIA SNYDER ranks high in our class, There's no denying, she's one smart lass. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, Gym Show '35, Typing Club '36, '37, Transcrip- tion Club '37, Dancing Club '37, Honor Roll 7 semesters, Class Poet CLIFFORD SORENSON will make the grade, His foundation for success has been Well laid. Gym Show '36, Golf '37, '38 DEAN STEERE works for the "Star," On nights off, he plays his guitar. Art Club '37, Gym Show '36, Art Review '38 ADA STEINER, a merry lass, She lets no chance for a wise-crack pass. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, Sewing Club '36, '37, Typing Club '35, '36, Glee Club '35, Cym Show '35, '37, '38 c3LARENCE STOOPS in tennis is tops, Across the court with his racquet he hops. Boys' Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Tennis '37, '38, Leaders' Club '35, junior Play, Gym Show '35, '36, Tattler Staff, Honor Roll 3 Semesters PIIYLLIS TENNYsoN, that sophisti- cated lass, The pride and joy of the senior class. Gym Show '34, '35, '36, '37, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Choir '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '34, '35, '36, '37, Operetta 36, junior Play, Senior Play: Tattler Staff: Honor Roll 9 Semesters BETTY Lou THOMPSON, modest and shy, With her unassuming nature, she'll get by. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, Typing Club '37, Tran- scription Club '37: Honor Roll 7 Se- mesters GERTRUDE THoMPsoN is dashing and wild, But we wouldn't trade her for one more mild. Show '35, '36, '37i Dancing , '36, Typing Club '36, '37, Glee Club '35, Sewing Club '38, Senior Plav '38, Dramatics '36, '37, Honor Roll 4 semesters Gym '3 5 ERNEST TRl'E is true and earnest. He steers clear of Lake Avernus. RUTH VANDENBURG wants to be a nurse, But that certain boy in Dowagiac comes first. Typing Club '371 Honor Roll 3 Se- mesters ANNA MAE VANTRELLA flirts with the boys. Well, why not? Her lot she enjoys. Dramatics '36, '37, Dancing '37, '385 Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '37, Honor Roll one Semester CHARLES VIRGIL, shy and reserved, From the straight and narrow he hasn't swerved. lgeiaders' Club '37, Track, Dramatics MILDRED WALTERS likes to swim and dive, Through many a championship race she'll survive. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '36, Leaders' Club '37, Honor Roll 5 Semesters ELEANOR WEDEL likes Illinois, Of course, it isn't because of the boys. Girls' Glee Club '37, '38, Choir '38, junior Play, Operetta '37 PAUL WEISS tees off o'er the stubble. He can shoot 34 without any trouble. Golf '37, '38, Glee Club '37, Gym Show '35, '36, '37 MARGARET VVELSHER pounds the keys And creates rhythmic harmonies. G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, Girls' Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Choir '37, 'aaa Orchestra '36, '3 7, '38, Band Bounce :35, '36, '37, '38, Gym show '35, '36, 37, Operetta '36, '37, Honor Roll 5 semesters WILLIAM WELSITEIR, king of swing, To Niles High School fume will bring. Honor Roll 4 semesters, Band '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Band Bounce '35, '36, '37, '38, Gym Show '35, President of Band '38, President of Orchestra '37, MAIQKIAIIET WEST, good natured seems, Through any trouble her smile beams. Gvm Show '35. '36, '37, '38, C. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Leaders' Club '38, Dramatics '37, Knitting Club '37, Honor Roll one Semester D1lRTl1EA WETHERBY, for one so young, Surely knows how to manage her tongue. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, Clee Club '37, Debate '36, Dramatics '36, '37, Dancing '36, '37, G. A. A. '35, Honor Roll 4 Semesters MARGARET WITITESIDE can stand the gaffg She's editor-in-chief on the TATTLER staif. C. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Minor N, Tattler Staff, Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, Debate '36, Dramatics '37, G. A. A, Treasurer '38, Typing Club '36, '37, Transcription Club '37, Honor Roll 7 semesters, Salutatorian RUTH WILLARD, the soda ierker, She's one that is no shirker. Gym Show '36, '38, Honor Roll 6 Se- mesters IUNE WILLIAMS is quiet and fair, Yet around her there's a worldly air. Gym Show '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, Biology Club '37, Dra- matics '37, Honor Roll one Semester IIM W1LsoN has a drawly voice, Of all the girls he could have his choice. New Carlisle High School '36, Band '37, '38, Orchestra '37, '38, junior Play HELEN WINGEART, with her hair of flame, lf she loses her temper she's not to blame. Gym Show '34, '35, '36, '37, C. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38s Minor N and Ma- jor N: Typing Club '352 Dancing Club '37: Transcrintion Club '35: Library Club '37, '38 Inn WINGET'S countenance is void of a smileg He sits in his classes and frowns all the while. IOHN WISE works at the local bus station, But on nights off, nation. Football '36 Cass is his desti- FRED GARNER is new this year, But in "Spring Dance" he did ap- appear. Hartford High School '38, Senior Play ALFRED Woon likes to work with gas Every lab period in the physics class. ROSEMARY Woons is our class vamp, But she'd rather be a tennis champ. Gym Show '35, '36, '37: Dramatica Club '36s G. A. A. '35, '36, '37, '38: junior Play: Tattler Staff, Photog- raphy Club '37: Honor Roll 7 Semes- ters RICHARD VVURZ in the glee club singsg Loud and clear his fine voice rings. Glee Club '36, '37, '38: Choir '37, 285 Oacget '38, junior Play: Operetta . 7' . MARIAN YoNKEns Wants a nursing position, But right now she goes with a mu- sician. Gym Show '34, '35. '36, '37: Home Ec. Club: Honor Roll 4 Semesters LAWRENCE YOUNG has latent talent Beneath a Visage, calm and gallant. Gym Show '36 UN DERCLASSMEN f fqfi it eg fig? E W xi- 'Sf K 1 G ':A, fb Af, M' il ' E 'fag -.1- E., -110' gi G iraiffwi 2 '?5WQ"e7:'gs4?5 , I-. K3 LV, 1 G 12 1, fi. I -f 'E . ' .mfQ..M- ' w.fnms -- umnormu -OFFICE 1 lx0BEIiT SHIRRELL W Pp'.f51'denz Iouw IonNsoN ,,,V1'ce Prexidfrlt SHIRLEY SMXTH, , ,, Sem-czgpy Howmum CYHAMBON T1'c'axu1'er IH MEMQIQIAM Wilfrecl Ray Clubine, an eleven-A member of the Iunior Class of Niles High School, died March 12,1958 Wilfred was born in Indiana Harbor, Indiana, on May 19, 1921. When he was just a year old his family moved to Niles where he spent the rest of his sixteen years. He was active in school sports and played on the Christian Church basketball team during the Church League basketball season. He was a retiring lad with a pleasing character and was well liked and is greatly missed by all those who knew him. page twenty sm' Mr. Mathews' Advisory-12B Left to right, back row: Donald Martin, Ernest Witham, Frank Womer, Paul Skalla, Raymond Firnstahl, Albert Krassow, Franklyn Reum, William Lillie, Henry McCombs Third row: Richard Feldon. Robert Love, john Gurk, james Frucci, Dale Wise, Wilfred Clubine, Robert Machalleck, Vernon Valentine Second row: Herbert Forgash, Kathleen Kuebli, Ruth Edwards, Mildred Rathburn, Susanna Nichol- son, Carl Carpenter, Robert Lundburg, Linden Boxwell Front row: Lois Griffiths, Isabelle Kettles Isabelle johnson Mr William E. Mathews Mar aret . . . . . 2 Wood. Marjorie Payne. Marjory Brockway, Betty Lou Harger Absentees: Mervin Beall, Charles Behrens, Francis Drolet, Darl Ehnes, Henry Hancock, Leland McAuliffe, james McConnell, Patricia Shidler w 4 I I Mr. Gebbys Advisory-HA Left to right, back row: Charles Curtis. Wilbur Adams, Carl Anderson, Louis Anderson, Virgil Barnes, Donald Adams, Bob Blackmun, Thomas Ashley, jess Campbell Third row: Bob Critchett, Dwain Blackburn, Lee Dennis Briggs, john Buheker, Gregg Ashton, Fred- erick Amon, Howard Chambon, Howard Clark, Duane Cole Second row: Hubert Cole, Madelynne Clark, Cora Belle Britton, Donna Abair, Maxine Cramer, Mary Lou Byrne, Helen Albright, Ruby Andrews Front row: Leatha Andrews. Geraldine Bannister, lrene Cook, Mr. Russell Gebby, Eileen Briggs, Esther Batta, Catherin Barnes. Dorothy Barnes Absentees: Bertha Charles, Sharlee Ausbrook, jean Brewer pllgl' fll'l"lIf'lf-Sf7I'C?'L Miss Thompsorfs AdvisoryfllA Left to right, back row: Robert Farr, Lawrence Gutchcnritter, Charles Elliot, Melvin Evick, Kenneth Frost, Marvin File, jack Graiford Third row: Dale Deditch, Allen Grover, Keith Fisher, Fred Early, Robert Dittmar, jimmv Frizzell, Gilbert Fenters, Edwin Dunn Second row: Catherine Giddings, Florence Gocking, Catherine Etzcorn, Mary Edwards, joan Forbes, Marian Dalenburg. William Fritz Front row: Muriel Gephart, Evelyn Farr, Miss janet Thomson, Menella Dixon, Marjory Flint, Dorothy Dudas, Helen Day Absentee: Everett Fleming Mr. Marks' Advisoryel lA Left to right, back row: jack Ham, George Hanes, Chester Hulbert, Dwight Kuhl, joe Kools, Emmitt ll:llarrell,kRaymond Kurtis, john johnson, Elwyn jeffries, Samuel jackson, Nathaniel jaynes, john ancoc Third row: Donald Kroening, john juhasz, Hobert lvins, Kenneth Hartman, Robert Klingbeil, Fred Hurd, Robert Harrigan, Charles Hulbert, jimmy Harper, Alfred Lenke Second row: Kenneth Kloko, Frank Klute, Ray Hulce, Evelyn Lauclenslager, Beatrice Kirkpatrick, Martha Heady, Willadean Linn, Margaret Hathaway, Marian Laukus. Eleanor Hayes, jean Lancaster Front row: Clara Herrick, Esther Krajci, Phyllis Hunt, Shirley Hamilton, Dorothy Landeck, Mr. Robf ert Marks, Wilnettia Hiatt. Bonita jackson, Verda Low Absenteesz Wayne Hahn, Billy Hibbard. Eugene Lolmaugh page twenty-eight Miss Swom's Advisoryi1lA Left to right, back row: Neal Peterson, junior Mason, Russell Meyers, Tom McOmber, jack Pugh, Harold Marks, Lyle Peacock, Walter Quirk, Duane Noble Third row: Harry Rice, Frank Petruska, Roger Pfister, Kenneth Malone. Paul Malone, Mary McKin- ney, Shirley McAfee, Walter Morris, Hubert Nichols Second row: Hortense Oakley, Glenna Passig, Hildegarde Meyer, Maude Perrine, Patricia O'Toole, Louise Moore, Genevieve Miller, Catheryn Reynolds, Ruth Perryman. Betty Muntz Front row: ,lune Norris. Hilda Moore, Lenna McCarthy, Annabelle Marlin, Miss Mary Swan, Olive Peterson, Roberta Rundborg, Virginia Mark, Francis Neal Miss Tcxlburfs Advisoryfl lA Left to right, back row: Sidney Stone. john Dale VVolfe, Bob Schrumpf, john Shook, Herbert White, Robert Shirrell, Cecil Stewart, Charles Wilkin. Arthur Visser. Clinton Womble Third row: Rae Starke, Dale Starke, Richard Walenga, Bill White, George Sennatt, Donald Zimmer- man, Robert Steele, Eleanor Semrinec, Anna May Snyder, Shirley Smith, Mary Schaen Second row: Vera Schmidt, Vera Sipe, Bernice Weller. Frances Willis, Catherine Young, Virginia Seitz, Beatrice Sonnenleiter. jean Thompson, Hannah Young, Doris Wlolf Front row: Eudeen Wellington, Mavis Vernier, Florence Sosbee, Evelyn Skalla. Rebecca Shuff, Miss Florence Talburt, lrma VVeed. Grace W'arburton, Margaret Wages Absentees: joseph Saratore, Edward Sholtes llllflt' fll'tf71f!l'YliH6 Mr. Dovidsorfs Advisoryfel1B Left to right, back row: Henry Molica, Robert Lillie, Edwin Lork, Clayton Williams, Leo Curtis, Robert Petro, Wilbur Meldrim, William Wetmore, Earl McConnell, Glen Van Wagoner, Robert Holli- day, Lawrence Gleason Fourth row: Tony Saratore, Frederick Leach, George Barnes, Don Yonkers, Bill Worvey. Paul Miller, lgaul Marazita, james Berry, Carlton Pletcher, VVilliam Hemminger, Robert Van Wagoner, William int Third row: Garrett Coughlin, Victor Smith, Frederick Dick, Rose Frucci, Marilyn Womack, Evelyn Lehr, Ruth Valentine, Constance Vvagar, Isabel von Steinen, jean Lomatch, Vera Asmus Second row: Catherine Flint, Lois Krassow, Helen Glisson, Vera Sanford, Donna jay. lrene Beck- man, Donna Belle Shock, Fanny Valchoff. Anne Kirk, Birdie Buchanan, Marjory Cain, Adalove Burwh First row: Marjory Daus, Donna Belle Wideman, Vivian Robertson. Shirley Rutter, Marilyn Gallagher, Mr. Chester Davidson, Betty Hossfeld, Helen Krueger, Olive Myers, Virginia Holmes Miss Lowrences AdVisoryflOA Left to right, back row: Reyford Crocker, Richard Camp, Clarence Brown, joseph Bechtel, john Cripe, Merle Crunson, Lee Clark, Richard Carey, james Cisler, Charles Adams Third row: Bob Buydston, Orville Ashley, Thomas Buhuker, Alice Beehler, Ruth Benjamin, Lorraine Blanksma, Kathleen Brown, Marjorie Bruce, Marguerite Blank Seccnd row: Evelyn Carpenter, Doris Brewster, Doris Curtis, Dorothv Barnes, Virginia Corbin, NVi'm1 Chapman, Rvth Barron, Donna Beehler, june Aldrich, Evelyn Black Front row: Mildred Bishop, Wauneta Brewer, Beatrice Books, Francis Bush. Miss Marian Lawrence, Gloria Cranson louise Cullum. Margarvt Colledge, Dorothy Armstrong Absentee: Kathryn Backus pfzyv fhiffvlf Miss Fitzgeralds AdvisoryflOA Left to right, back row: joseph Douglas, Clayton Grinage, Wallace Fuller, Clayton Evick, joe lfrucci George Feldon, George Gulbranson, Warren Domcr, Clayton Finch, Earl Gordon Second row: Pauline Duis, Lenore Gulbranson, Kathryn Egmer, joyce Graham, Kathleen Grigith, john Frucci. Dick Forler, Robert Dunn, Richard Grafe Front row: Ella Dobrotka, Virginia Fisher, joycelyn Fisher, Rachel Gillette, Miss Helen Fitzgerald, Bzetice Fay, Ruth Gutschenritter, Doris Grieger Absentees: Cameron Deal, Floyd Dumas, Marjorie Fisher V Mr. L9l'1I'1'1CIHlS Advisory-IUA Left to right, hack row: Delwyn Kirby. john Lipp, Michael Layman, Charles Kiehn, Fri-rl llolter, LeRoy lloltz, Williani Love, Richard Harper, Earl Koontz, Kenneth Kessler, Dale Klokn, llarold Koontz Third row: Billy Herrick, Bob Humphrey, Caroline Humphrey, Violet johnson, Doris llamrick. Betty Lou Hansen, Helen Hibnar, Eunice Hecker, Alice Knott, Marcelyn Lamore, Harry Richard Harper, joseph Kennedy Second row: Mildred lloyt, Eleanor Lewis, Lola Hahn, Rosemary Kiell, Alma Kater, Alice Lynch, Bette Lynd, Marian Higgins, Gloria Kettlehut, Eunice Holmes, Shirley Kubeck Front row: Twila lliatt, Winifred Harding, Mary Harrold. Lucille lleystek, Constance Kurtis, Mr. Ralph S. Lehman, Virginia Hendershot, Louise Low, joan Kops. Norma Hess Absentee: Max Kleckner puflr' fh14l't-I1-wif' Mr. Pcrynefs AdvisoryYlO1-X Left to right, back row: Donald Randall, Veto McKenzie, Bob Mansfield, Kenneth McPhail, Bill Moneysmith, Charles Naas, Richard Kudduek, lnomas nr mrs. Arthur norm: Third row: Betty McCombs, Virginia Ridley, Cornelius McNabb, Charles McCarthy, ,lack Renbarger, Harry Parker, Lyman Ryor, Douglas R'urn Second row: May Miswick, Kathleen O'Toole, Donna Moon, Phyllis Ramsby, Thelma Murphy, Kath- leen Marlin, Louise Platt, Dorothy Rogers Front row: Faith O'Brien, Marianne Martin, Eloise Michael, Mr. Russel Payne, Pearl Morley, june Pinkerton, Mary jane Meeker, ,lean Mercer Miss Hoifmcxrfs Advisory-elOA Left to right, back row: Clarence Snvder, Robert Singer, Tom Stoyle, George Schrumpf, Edward gximmerman, Richard Sittler, Norman Wedel, Willis Welsh, Cordon Waite. Burt Womack, Charles ' lk a er Third row: Donovan Smith, Franklin Toney, junior Teske, Harlan Wingeart, Shirley Thayer, Bar- bara Webster. Robert Young, Ted Steinbauer, Elmer Sherman Kenneth Werner Second row: Benny Williams, Dorothv Smith, Mildred West, Mildred Wucker, Charlotte Wise, Donna Young, Helen Welsh, jean Stratton, Emogene Wallace, jack Thornton Front row: Barbara Tibbs. Evelyn Stevens. LaVora Schiele, Bettv Ann Worvey, Miss Theresa Hoff- man, Barbara Ann Wetzel, Virginia Webber, Bette Lou Schrumpf, Leila Tam Absentees: Warren Sarley, Betty Sellers, Claude Vfilson pugr' thirlyf-11140 Miss Dunr1's Advisory-lOB Left to right, back row: Harry Bailey, ,lack Fries, Iames Gallagher, Leroy Bright, Baxter Edwards, Cecil Bowerman. Donald Blank, Tom Hatfield, Richard Adams, Thomas Hance, W'illard liuss Second row: Dorothy Albright, Beverly Cooke, Muriel Hansen. Burnadette Callahan, Marguerite Barkmann, Norma Holliday. Fentalene Hipshier, Mary Albright, Robert Cain Front row: jean Bannister, Barbara Frucci. Gloria Evans. Betty Carnes, Miss Lucile R, Dunn. Lillian Dudas. Laura Gitchell, Wilma Clark, Edith Asmus Absentee: Calvin Dumas Miss Georges Advisory-IOB Left to right, back row: Thomas Vetter, Dominic Marazita, Fred Leidy, W'arren W'ienke, Ralph Pratt, Le Roy Ward, john Lys. Leland Stevens, Robert Ramsby Third row: Donald Smith, Ralph Thomas, Robert Thompson, jack Vassilakis, Robert Kalling, james jaynes, Robert Storms, Edmund Storms Second row: David Thornton. Mary Ellis jackson, Lazetta Wadel, Betty Yelape, Donald Starke, Loy Skinner. Louis Pincler, Louise Wickler, Velma Zimmerman Front row: Betty jane Lewis, Betty jane johnson, Evelyn Myers, Miss Mildred George, Evva jeane Nielson, Gwen Owen, jane Paddock, Rosemary Pagels Absentees: Charles Longnecker, Ruth Middleton page Thirty-three Mr. Bletherfs Advisoryf9A Left to right, hack row: Edwin Donahue, joseph Barron, james Cochran, Thomas Berry, Robert Dunkin, Thomas Donnelly, Murray Cochrane, Arthur Deutscher, Tommy Asmus, Eugene Bartley, Cleland Amon. Bernard Carpenter Third row: Albert Barkman. Donald Curtis, james Cartwright, Clay Cochran., Edwin Curtis. Owen Demuth, jack Cogswell. Alfred Drolet, Gerald Balog, Arthur Bishop, Godfrey Day, Leslie Akey, Williani Bergenhaslen Second row: Phyllis Crawford, Eleanor Dean. Thelma Cameron, Betty Coffman, Martha Crossman, Ruby Cole, Leola Baird, Selma Douglas, Alta Marie Dittmar, Clara Bender, jean Curtis. Ethul Britton Front row: Yvonne Adams. Barbara Bauman, Lorraine Davis, Shirley Collins, jane Burge. Mr. Carroll Blethen, Susie Aldrich, Angela Coughlin, Eleanor Boersma Miss CroWley's AdVisoryf9A Left to right, back row: Dick Fender, Harold Hipshear, Elmer Easton, Richard Glossenger, Harold Gray, Charles Gleeson, Robert Firnstahl, Melvin Goble. LaVern Griffin Third row: Arline Hamrick, Melvin Hurlbutt, joe Graham, john Hatfield, Victor Cutschenritter, Marcus Hessy. Clavton Hill, joseph Frucci Second row: Estelle Forgash, Marianne Grathwohl, Ella Hradel, Doris Holton, Eileen Fisk, Betty jane Freeze, Anna Mae Hancock, Frances Foster Front row: Emma lean Grieger, Marjorie Hughes, Elizabeth Ellwood. Miss Cornelia Crowley, Mary Ruth Henderson, Phyllis Hannon, Georgia Hartsock, Betty Harrigan Absentee: Mary Alice Fisher page thirty-four Mr. Moores, AolVisoryf9A Left to right. hack row: Mervin Morros, Charles johnson. james Johnson, Charles Mcfroryv ROb'Srf Luke, David Kaser, Everette jasper, joseph Low, Donald Malone, Robert Morris Third row: john Loos, Robert Kirkpatrick. jack McConnell, Kenneth Mathews, Robert Mann. Ernest Marazita, james juday, Guy Kizer, Donald Kennedy, Earl Martin Second row: Caronvn Morehouse, Margaret Morford, Nadine Marlow, Pat Makepiece, Leona Leonard, jessie McDonald, Helen Muller, Gertrude Leach, Ruth Klopfenstein, jayne Lander First row: Betty McQuaid, Delphine Lenke, Coralie Meldrim, jean Miller, Mr, Clarence Moore. Fanny Molica. Dorothy Kist, jean Knox Absentees: Frank Molica, Richard Merrell, Pierre Layman Miss Peirce's Advisory-9A Left to right. back row: Clair Palmer. Richard Reed, Roy Peters, Albert Newman, Wallace Reid. jack Purdy Third row: Norma Pratt, john Orias, Edward Petruska, Charles Peterson, james Rosencrans. Arvid Rose, Edwin Radewald Second row: Evelyn Potokar, Eulalia O'Toole, Edna Rathburn, Betty Pierce, Loretta Ramsby, Maxine Reum, Patricia Peters, Marjorie Robbins Front row: Eileen Rosen, Minnie Robbins, Miss Pauline Peirce, Loreta Neal, Peggy Ann Page, Betty Ridinger, Marcia Ridley Absentee: Kathryn Nichols pagf ihirfy-fire Miss Rockwells Advisory- QA Left to right, back row: Robert Woodruff, Jerome Young, Lorun Young, Paul Zielinski, George Wolf, Raymond C. Smith, Everett Syson, Raymond B. Smith, Floyd Shepard, Duane Vernier, Merrill Walker Third row: Harold Walters, Francis Wetmore, jimmy XVarner, joe Woods, jack XVetzel, Bob Tenny- son, Bill Vanderbeck, William Tavlor, Earl Wood, Richard Treiber, Harold Thorpe Second row: ,Iune Young, Lois Walker, Adelaide Thompson, Marian Young, Helen Young, Eleanor Sallack, Margaret True, Pauline Weaver, Elizabeth Skopec, Margaret Wagoner, Virginia Webber Front row: Emma jean Schrader, Margaret Vandenburg, Marjory Searfoss, Marilyn Schrumpf, Miss Ruth Rockwell, Charlotte Walker, Evelyn Stiles, joan Taylor, Venora Stover Absentee: Judd Walls Mrs. Klopiensteirfs Advisory-QB Left to right, hack row: Marvin Headstrom, Guy Harker, Charles Krueger, Albert Hayworth, Richard Hemminger, Bill Coonrod, Robert jurgensen, Arthur Anderson, james Dittmar, Robert Cox Third row: Jeanette Crandall, jean Kromer. Billy Holmes, Richard Krassow, james Barkman, Bill Cody, Charles Crandall, Eugene Brockway, George Hoffman Second row: Frances Frucci, Beulah Klokoi, Emma Cole, Bernice Bruce, Margaret Bates, Margaret Barron, Betty Hartman, joan Bachman. Lila Mae Holmes l Front row: Calelah johnson, Mildred Hughes, Dorothy Hamilton, Mrs, Pauline Klopfenstem, Martha Cullom, Mary Coughlin, Jean Christian, Pearl Krueger page thirty-si.1' Mr. Whitwom's Advisoryf9B Left to right, back row: Don Stephenson, Tom Saratore, Edsel York, Richard Warburton, Billy Messner, Richard Petro, Tom Travick, jack Zeider, james Rayburn, jack Rayburn, Fred Price, Clay- ton Long, Walter Naas Third row: Lawrence Stoops, Charles Waldron, james Luth, Robert Zabel, Wyatt Martin, .Ierold Wingeart, Donald Tennyson, Thomas Parsons, Charles Parker, Robert Warren, Bob Riley, Burton Wolfinger, William Zimmerman, Robert Whitney Second row: Alberta Marks. Lucille Rogers. Katherine Loose, Pauline Williams, Lois Williams, jean Peters, Margaret Martin, Donna Valentine, Helen Willard, May Dean Van Cilder. Camilla Love, Ruth Zerr, Pat Whiteside, jeanne Snook Front row: Antoinette Radewald, Arvis ,lean Vvilken, Vivian Sonnenleiter, Janette Schaber, Joyce Powers, Mr. joseph Whitwam, Grace Read, Marguerite Shepard, Lois Mansfield, Mariorie Larson 4 Mr. Smiths Advisory-SA Left to right. back row: Charles Ames, George Crandall, Bud Babcock, Martha Card, jane Albright, aflildred Berry, Keith Beall. Okel Colcord, Billy Engle, Thermon Crouch, Raymond Duis, Charles k Thifd Srow: Lewis Bonner, Monte Bauer, Donald Books, Earl Bachman. Dale Binns, Eugene Anstiss. Richard Duis,Bjoseph Carpenter, Lloyd Blank, Billy Burrows, Ralph Cole S d : 1 . , . . . . econ row asll Andress, Genevieve Bradtord, Virginia Davis, Rosemary Eden, Dorothy Beck, Margaret Curtis, Kathleen Boonstra, Patricia Arnold, Elaine Dickey, Lena Crawford, Virginia Eckert Front row: Phyllis Carlton, Phyllis Burton, Shirley Evick, Betty Cole, Mr. Wayne Smith, Bernice Bowerman, june Bodine, Frances Brooks, Norma Dobbins Ilflfff' fllirfjf-sfwrfzl Mr. Bc1lc1s's AdVisory48A Left to right, back row: Ralph Hatfield, Leland Hamilton. David Flotow, Harold Morris, Andrew McCormick, Lewis Jeffries, Kenneth Kocker, Lewis Messner, Herman Mochour, Marshall McNabb, Eddie French Fourth row: Bill Funk, James Kurtis, Richard High, Bill Lindsley, Charles Hunter, Walter Go-odline, Martin Klute, Rae Halstead, John Humphrey, Happy Hipshier, Carney Long Third row: Bill Kell. Margaret Grinage, Marjorie Hossfeld, Pauline Harrell, Betty Ferguson, Mar- jorie Lucker, Barbara Langston, Gordon Jackson, Jim Gulbranson, Daniel Graham Second row: Mary Joan Henderson, Charlene Myers, June Miller, Emogene Hamilton, Gladys Martin, Madeline Johnston, Betty Heady, Dorothy Johnson, Virginia Hurrle, Donna Johnson First row: Elaine Hansen. Marcia Herrick, Anne Frucci, Mr. Balas, Kathryn Hiatt, Nancy Middleton, Irene Freese, Jean Fisher i L I l Miss Smiths Advisory-SA Left to right. back row: Wallace Weist, Robert Yaw, Fay Rose, Wolford Smith, Dick Prenkert, Frank Saratore. Billy Silkworth, Lyle Xvilliams, Frederick Singer, Walter Schuh, Donald Worrell Third row: Billy Steiner, Edward Pollock, Leslie Robbins, Robert Schiele, Richard Wilson, Alfred Thomas, Robert Saathoff, Donald Rogers, Anna Saratore, Jack Sheeler, Robert Warburton Second row: Clara Stewart, Verna Randall, Jacqueline Utter, Marian Wauhop, Marcella Smith, Ruth Thompson, Luella Sherer, Phyllis Zimmerman, Lois Stanton, Zelda Smith, Amy Jean Thomas First row: Martha Mae Zechlin, Lillian Webber, Rachel Painter, Miss Louise Smith, Evelyn Schaber, Ruth Ann Schadler. Delores Rook, Esther Overcash Absentee: Paul Roberts page thirty-vigh t Miss Cleveri1'1q's Advisory-SB Left to right, back row: Helen Dick, Bessie Fay, Betty Fay, Julien Forgash, Charles Holy, Dillard Crocker, Roland Fritz. Frank Davis, Kenneth Cogswell, Ross Graham Second row: Dean Gano, Maxine Coughlin, Maxine Dickson, Barbara Hibbard, Dorothy Bolinger. Grace Behm Emelie Cole, Aloha Domer, Eldon Blackburn, Edward Beckman First row: David Cole, Lornabelle Hibnar, Gloria Cox, Miss Berylle Clevering, Rose Mary Cox, Alice Dumas, jacquelyn Blackmond, Mary Hamilton Mr. Wc1rren's Advisory-SB Left to right, back row: Harriet Lloyd, Ralph Longnecker, Max Sanford, Joe Lagoni, Robert Yonkers, Alfred Molica, Paul Taggett, Richard Moneysmith. Richard Peacock Third row: Peggy Moss, Roy Sosebee. Billy Kasler, Robert McConnell, jack Pcrham, Norman Weaver Leland Vetterly, Leonard Lehr, jack Ruttschowe Second row: Betty Linn. Natalie Kline, Barbara Thompson, Catherine Martin. Donna jones, Alice Lundberg, Peggy Robertson, Glenyce Marlow, Alice Stone Front row: Evelyn Montgomery. Donna Mae Smith, Virginia Rogers. Mr. Richard Warren. Betty Schanbacker. Marian Nieb, Marsala Palmer Absentees: joan Steigely. Eva Leak pnylf Hzirljfenfnf' Miss Poor's AdvisoryY7A Left to right, hack row: Wayne Frantz, Roy Frucci, Basil Barnes, Christopher Durand, Bill Bremer, Carl Dittmar, Ralph Dittmar, Arthur Burger, Raymond Bowden, Bill Dick, Stanlev Brumfield Third row: jimmy Aldrich, Loris Dewey, Herbert Cole, Archie Cribbs, Verlin Domer, Paul Asmus, Bill Albright, Donald Carpenter, Wade Freel, Frank Frucci, Tony Frucci Second row: Carlotta Bush, Goldie Carpenter, Gladys Deutscher, Mary Eckler, Lucille Dickeson. Marion Finley, Shirley Coffman, Wilburta Carpenter, Peggy Lee Corcoran. joan Curtis Front row: Patricia Bonfoey, Barbara Boydston, Beverley Belding, Peggy Exner, Miss Eleanor Poor. Virginia Barnes, Ethel Brewer, Lyla Clark Absentee: Peggy Downey Miss Getz's AdVisoryfA7A Left to right, back row: Arlene Kizer, Rosella Meyers, Dorothy Harker, Wilma Holliday, Bill Har- greaves, Robert Hemminger, Donald La Pointe, Charles Hurrle, George Nicholson, Robert Morehouse, Bill Liebetrau Fourth row: Beverlv Morris. Betty Layman, Alice Knapp, Martha Miller, Ralph Lloyd, Robert Harker, Daniel Grafford, Bill Grafford, Billy Kessler, Clifford Holter, james McCrory Third row: Bill Gallagher, Robert Mover, Anita johnson, Neva Herrick. Harold Leach, Bob Hess. jimmy McMer'amin, Everett McLaughlin, joe Hoisinglon, Bennett Hill. Edward Gammill Second row: Barbara Hable, Bettv Mann. Pansy Hipshier. Madaline Gubser, Inga Britt johanson. Eatilicia Kelly, Betty jane Leiler, Erma jean Otteson, Mary Ann Hance, Henrietta Hanes, Gordon au t Front row: Ferol Malone. Elizabeth Miltenberger, joyce Martin, jane Kompass, Miss Marie Getz, Hazel Hanna, Ruth Martin. Margaret Overmever, Georgia Morford Absentees: Leonard Lehr, Ralph Longnecker, Thomas Lueders pugf furry Miss Heczil'1's Advisoryk7A Left to right, back row: Donald Vetter, Charles Prince, Lloyd Ramsby, Loren Riddle, Robert Stowe, Everett Queen, Verda Ramsby, Shirley Zielinski, Betty Reum, Beatrice Singer Third row: Dick Smith, Robert Rezenos, Edward Powell, Paul Wood, Evelyn Vogelsang, Beatrice Pollock, Bernice Pollock, Patricia Wellingham, Wanda Lee Woods, Mildred Raybuck Second row: Lyle Sherman, Robert Snyder, Horace Pfister. Elaine Smith, Lois Rooks, Betty jean Williams, Betty jane Williams, Alberta Van Dusen, Shirley Statler. Lavon Snyder First row: Margaret Ann Sittler, Mary Thorp, Evelyn Walford, Miss Stella Heath, Betty Zeider, Betty Storm, Gloria Smith, jane Zabel Qbiejntees: Edward Pagels, Betty Quick, Merle Sibley, Gertrude Smith, Leonard Vanderhoof, Earl a ron Miss Beority's Advisory-7B Left to right, hack row: Harold Finley, Archie Barkman, Donald Adams, Lois jean Hahn, joan jenkins, Patricia Haviland, Richard Borsos, Charles Brown, Shirley Frederick, Donna Goodling Third row: Harry Cole, jack Byrne, Tommy Humphreys, Fayetta Grahl, Betty Dixon, Theda Mae Green, Goldie Dumas. Vondell Goldammer. Leroy Fowler Second row: Duane Fisher, Richard Asmus, Wallace Bowerman, Ted Hinkle, Donald Goodline, Donald Burge, Calvin Bonner, john Graham, Barbara Chester, Donald Hartline First row: Annabell Hansen, Frances Frucci, Betty Daus, Muriel Gorton, Florence Henry, Violet Geasland Vivian Bullen Velma Cr h 4 . . ouc Absentees: Paul Bixby, Bill Beadle prryff' ffJl',,ll-UIIC' Mr. Brodfields Advisory-7B Left to right. back row: julane Waite, Donald Van Dyke, jack Priest, Leland Young, Edwin Ridinger. Ted Peterson, john Laberteau, jerold Smith, Glenn Mathews Third row: Stanley Van Gilder, Robert Vining, Ben Molica, Donald Moore, Robert Ristau, john Riddle, Marvin Ruetz, jack Powrie, Roger Peterson, Leon Smith Second row: Evelyn Morros, Mary Alice Rudka, Grover Smith, john Syson, Robert Steinbauer, Ken- neth Tibbs, Amanda Righter, Imogene Trovick. janyce Smith Front row: Elaine Lucker, Charley Schnoor, Norma Nichols, Florence Skinner, Rammell McNeal, june Riley, Dorothy Welsher, Drusella Wildenbeck Absentees: joan jenkins, Frank Long Mr. Dickinsods Opportunily Room Left to right, back row: Norman Horner, Everett Horner, Tony Michienzie, Bill Cribbs, junior Cum- mings, Bob Buret, Medford Starr, Tom Michienzi, john Dickson Front row: Randall Couchman, Paul Gerald, Roy Pollock, Mr, Harry Dickinson, john Demos, Ken- neth Albin, john Frucci llllfff' jllllifjl-fIY'U ATHLETICS OUR TRCDPHIES GQ fa' is S154 U ,V 5 , if f, -'ax fs 63 J L. E U an cu .-I ni cn.- ii S .bd O E :J ti 1- Ll. ith, Bill In S Coach nt w: Assista O A. 1 C U u na KA x .2 b LL! c o U :A :Au fi U fu .H E as I af if 5 I fs s: m 2 3 O 1- Ji u U -D U. -C .29 x. O -u u v. 0 .-II "U L-1 -,O O... E Q55 km ll N 1 Pu Q 1 L- U tw ib- 1- N3 z: w .-1 GJ o "H -ff E tl c .... Q L. m 2 E E .J E E? E U u: 'U E ED E 2 E .c 3 L3 3 2 E :I D .hd L. L- U an nz L: KV 2 :E o E 4C 'U 0 L. LL. J H fu z: s: 0 rn O on M o U O ui F U .J C U LL. Football Selwtlule Date Place Niles Opponent Opponents Sept. 17 Away 7 Riley 32 Sept. 24 Home 0 Benton Harbor 6 Oct. 2 Away 0 South Haven 14 Oct. 8 Home 0 Washington 26 Oct. 16 Away 7 Buchanan 26 Oct. 22 Home 0 St. Ioseph 7 Oct. 29 Away 7 Dowagiac 0 Nov. 5 Away 0 Goshen 14 Nov. 11 Home 6 Three Rivers 20 Big Five Slonclinq Teams Won Lost Tied Pct. St. Ioseph 4 0 0 1.000 Three Rivers 3 1 0 .750 Niles 1 3 0 .250 South Haven 1 3 0 .250 Dowagiac 1 3 0 .250 The l:OOllIJClll SQGSOH The 1937 football team, coached by "Curly" Bradfield, and his assistant, Wayne Smith, had a bad year as far as games won and lost are concerned. However, Niles played some exceptionally good teams, and lost most of their games by small mar- gins. Even though the team lost quite a few games, everybody had a lot of fun playing. The prospects for the next couple of years look very good. Eight out of the starting eleven will be back next year, and the way all of these boys handled them- selves in these hard-fought games, shows that this season laid a foundation for a great team next year. Three seniors, Ioe Lynd, Ioe Saratore, and Marvin Kraft, formed a strong backbone for the Tornadoes. They all received honorary rating for their fine work. The boys earning letters are listed as follows: Captain Ioe Saratore, Ioe Lynd, Marvin Kraft, Clarence Bachman, lack Barkman, Robert Kromer, Vernon Collins, Iack Cook, William Fritz, Iames Frizzell, Iames Frucci, Iack Ham, Ioseph Kools, Eugene Lolmaugh, Harold Marks, Walter Morris, Franklyn Reum, Richard Wal- enga, William White, Iames Berry, Richard Carey, Lee Clark, Warren Domer, Paul Miller, William Wetmore, and Harlan Wingeart. Foolbull Deresonulilies Ioe Lynd-Played right end for the Niles team in 19363 and 1937. He was the only regular back from the year preceding. Ioe played good ball all year and aver- aged forty yards on his punts for the year. Ioe will not be back next year. Ioe Saratore-An all-conference fullback. Ioe played very good ball both offens- ively and defensively. He was chosen captain by the team in reward for his stellar play. Ioe has also played his last game for Niles. page forty-fifue Iack Cook-lack is also a senior, and plays right halfback. He was noted mostly for his fine blocking. N Marvin Kraft-Marvin, a quick thinker and a line blocker, played quarterback for the varsity football team. Marvin will be missed very much next year. Richard Walenga-A hard-running halfback, who is only a junior, but because of his hard work and determination worked into a varsity job. Ioe Kools-A first-string halfback. Ioe was probably the smallest man on the team, but what he lacked in size he made up in drive and iight. Ioe is a junior and will be back next year. Clarence Bachman-A large fellow playing in the bruising position of tackle. Clarence proved to be a stalwart in the right side of the line. He will not be back next year. lack Barkman-The biggest man on the team, playing left tackle. Iack was noted for his hard hitting and pile-driving tackles. He also played his last year for Niles. Bob Kromer-Played in the center position. Bob was rather small for this posi- tion, but he did a good job, mostly because of his scrappiness. Bob was a senior this year. Bill White--Bill was a junior and played varsity left end. His fine defensive playing was recognized by everyone. Richard Carey-Dick is a broad-shouldered sophomore playing right guard. He played especially well this year, and with two years of football still remaining we can expect great things from him. Harlan Wingeart--Harlan shared the center position with Kromer. He is also a sophomore, and has all the possibilities of a great football player. Iarnes Frucci-lim played tackle for most of the year. He had a good disposi- tion, and was in there fighting. He will be back next year. Paul Miller-Paul was a sophomore, and was especially large for his age. Be- cause of his size, he made a great tackle. In his two remaining years he will surely make a name for himself. Walter Morris-A low-driving, hard-hitting guard. Walt is rather small, but because of his size he is an exceptionally good "watch charm" guard. He will be back next year. Vernon Collins-Monk played guard, and as Morris, he was the "watch charm" guard type. Monk was the hardest fighting player on the team. His loss will be greatly felt by the team next year. Dluqevs Name Position Year Name Position Year Ioe Saratore Fullback Senior Bill Fritz End Iunior fCaptainj Iames Frucci Tackle Iunior Ioe Lynd End Senior Ioe Kools Halfback Iunior Marvin Kraft Q'back Senior Dick Walenga Halfback Iunior Clarence Bachman Tackle Senior Walt Morris Guard Iunior lack Barkman Tackle Senior Bill White End Iunior Robert Kromer Center Senior Richard Carey Guard Soph. Vernon Collins Guard Senior Paul Miller Tackle Soph. lack Cook Halfback Senior Harlan Wingeart Center Soph. page forty-sfia: DIDIDO LVLN I New hu lxcnlnno ua-cf fvxbte Gear :,lAc1-:MAA rw ' 4 ,f . , L LY N0 .-M4 :MK 4 1 , ,fr V. I 1. GX I9 KU!! llffVAli WlIY V39 C.. uiwnnv IIAUFTA pug? f0I'f.Ij'Sl'l'l'N Left to right, back row: Harry Harper, Charles Naas, Reyford Crocker, Merle Cran VE Wienke, Fred Leidy, Dominic Nlarazita. Donald Funk, Mgr. Pascal Carr Second row: Coach Davidson. Duane Noble, Richard Walenga, William Fritz. Lee Cl k T McOmber, Harlan Wingeart. Bill Nloneysmith, Neal Peterson, Ted Spenner, Mgr, Donald Front row: Lyle Peacock, Whitney jones, joe Lynd, Rex Holmes, Robert Huff, jack C k Kraft ugene Cook Cecil Stewart Paul Marazita , E Nov. 24 Dec. 3. Dec. 4 Dec. 10 Dec. 11 Dec. 17 Ian. 7 Ian. 14 Ian. 21 Ian. 28 Feb. 4 Feb. 11 Feb. 18 Feb. 25 Mar. 3 Mar. 5 Mar. 11 Mar. 12 Mar. 17 page forty-eight The Beeletkell Selweelule Away Home Away Away Home Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Home Horne Away Away Away Riley Buchanan Elkhart Three Rivers Libby, Toledo Benton Harbor St. Ioe South Haven Dowagiac Three Rivers Buchanan St. Ioe South Haven Dowagiac St. Ioe Buchanan South Haven State flialamazooj Grand Rapids Christian Conlevence Slclndinq Team Won Lost Percentage Niles 8 0 1.000 St. Ioe 6 .750 Three Rivers 4 .500 South Haven 3 .375 Dowagiac 2 6 .333 -I-l"lQ l5OSliQllJClll SQGSOH The Niles High School basketball season for 1937-38 was a great success. The team, coached by Mr. Davidson, won a total of fourteen games while losing only five games. Four out of the five games lost were games in competition with Class A schools. The Redlegs, after getting off to a bad start in losing four out of the Hrst six games, came back strong and went on to win the next twelve games in a row. In doing this they took undisputed championship of the Big Five Conference. They won the District Tournament that was held in Niles, and they also copped the Regional that was held at Dowagiac. The team then traveled to Grand Rapids where they competed in the State Tournament. Here they lost to Grand Rapids Christian, who went on to win the State Championship. Members of the varsity were as follows: Marvin Kraft, Ioe Lynd, Bob Huff, lack Cook, Gene Cook, Whitney Iones, Lyle Peacock, Rex Holmes, Cecil Stewart, and Paul Marazita. DIUHQPS Name Position 'Pains weight Height Year Class Marvin fCheesej Kraft Forward 135 152 5'10" 3 Senior Ioe CAII Statej Lynd Guard 109 170 6' 3 Senior Rex fSluggerj Holmes Guard 70 165 6'1" 3 Senior Bob fPurduej Huff Forward 127 165 6'1" 3 Senior Whit fGomerj Iones Forward 50 150 5'10" 3 Senior lack fSnatchj Cook Center 87 153 6' 3 Senior Gene fToughyQ Cook Center 23 135 5'11" 3 Senior Cecil fSlickj Stewart Center 2 140 5'l1" 2 Iunior Lyle fRomeoj Peacock Guard 25 140 5'10" 2 Iunior Paul fButchj Marazita Forward 5 165 5'9" 2 Iunior page forty-n ine Boslfelbull Dersonolilies Marvin Kraft-The third member of the Kraft family to play basketball for Niles High School. Marvin played an exceptionally good game atforward, and excelled mostly at hitting the basket from any place on the floor. His election to the cap- taincy at the conclusion of the season was a tribute to his fine playing and a fitting indication of his popularity among his team-mates. Ioe Lynd-In order to play guard a person should be big and fast. Ioe happens to possess both of these assets. He used his size in taking the ball off the backboard and his speed was used in the fast break system. Rex Holmes-Rex is what you would call a rough type of player, but he is truly one of the best defensive players in this part of the State. His passing was one of the best assets to the Niles offensive. Bob Huff-Bob has played almost every position there is to play in basketball. This year he concentrated his efforts at a forward post. He worked in exceptionally well as an offensive threat. lack Cook-Iack is the aggressive type of player, always getting in the other team's way. His speed and passing ability netted Niles many baskets. Iack was made into a center in the middle of the season, and from then on he held down a first-team job. Whit jones-Whit was the only member of the team who was left handed. His speed and drive, along with some fine passing ability netted Niles many points. Gene Cook-Gene plays the same aggressive type of game that his brother lack plays. He possessed a lot of speed and ability to break clear under the basket for some nice hook shots. Cecil Stewart-A good forward, who possessed plenty of drive and Hght while he was playing. Cecil still has another year, and he should go places. Lyle Peacock-Lyle played in quite a few games this year, and he really showed up well. He had a "dead eye" for long shots, and he was a fine player defensively. Lyle will be back next year. Paul Marazita-Paul was one of the fastest men on the team. Brought up from the reserves in the middle of the year, he proved his worth on the varsity. Paul will also bc back next year. page fij ty Q , 1 . Q Left to right. back row: Manager Dwain Blackburn, Bob Van Wagoner, Billy Bollinger, Clayton Williams, Wilbur Adams, Clarence Snyder, Manager Louis Anderson Front row: Jack Pugh. Frank Petruska, Pat Carr. Dick Crippen, Robert Petro, Coach Whitwam CPOSS CDU l'l1PlJ The Niles Cross Country Team, coached by Ioseph Whitwam, Won the Re- gional Championship for the seventh straight year. The boys competed against all Class A schools and deserve a lot of credit for their showing against them. The highlight in the season was their winning of the Regional Championship. In this meet the Niles Harriers took the first six places. All of the boys will be back next year with the exception of Crippen, Carr, and Bolinger. The boys winning mono- grams were Pascal Carr, Richard Crippen, Robert Petro, Frank Petruska, lack Pugh, and Robert Van Wagoner. A manager's letter went to Dwain Blackburn. Date October 2 October 9 October 16 October 20 October 30 November 6 Opponents Central Hammond Elkhart Mishawaka Regional State At Kalamazoo Niles Elkhart Niles Kalamazoo Ypsilanti Winning Time 1052.9 10:10 fNew 10:51.4 10:18 3 11:14 l0:45.8 Record? Petro 3 2 2 3 1 3 Carr 8 9 5 6 2 10 Crippen 12 11 10 3 12 Petruska 4 5 7 11 4 14 V. Wagoner 18 8 6 16 Pugh 13 12 7 5 21 Team Lost 34-21 Lost 33-23 Lost 35-22 Lost 33-23 Won Third page fifty-ww -' I I - I ll? it ' Left to right, back row: john Buhecker, jack McNabb, William Flint, Ed Lork, Bill Bolinger, Richard Straight, Dwight Kuhl. Garrett Coughlin, Dwain Cole, Bcb Dittmar, Henry Molica Fourth rnw: Richard Hahn, Don Densborn, Roy Clapp, jack Pugh, Wilbur Adams, Wilfred Clubine, Howard Chambon. Clinton Womble, Sidney Stone Third rcw: Bob Petro, Elwin Jeffries, Harold Marks, Paul Starr, jc-hn Shook, Carlton Pletcher, Dick Walenga, Bill White, Lawrence Mathews. W'illiam Wetmore Second row: john Gurk. Marvin Kraft, Pascal Carr, Frank Petruska, Bob Huff, Paul Miller, Bob Van Wagoner, john Dorsett. Fred Amon, Mr. Smith Front row: Bob Marsfield, Dick Crippen, joe Saratore, Gerald Leet, Phyl Drake, Tony Molica, jack Shick, jack Cook, Eugene Cook, Bob Brown Tl-l'lQ -I-PClCl4 590500 Niles High School, noted for its Fine track teams, last year fulhlled its rating with a strong, well-balanced team. The team was coached by Mr. Davidson, who was assisted by Mr. Smith. The Niles Thinlies placed second in the Conference, first in the Regional, and second in the State. They have won the Regional three years in a row, and by doing so, they have given our school three beautiful trophies. Three seniors, Phyl Drake, Tony Molica, and lack Shick formed the backbone for last year's track team. All three boys made names for themselves in their re- spective events. fC0ntinued on page fifty-lhrec'j TPOCL 5Cl7lQClUlQ April lO Home 54 Three Rivers 50 April 17 Away 60 Dowagiac 48, Buchanan 22 April 24 Home 57 Benton Harbor 47 May 1 Away 51 St. Ioe 53 May 7 Home 33M St. joe, 4116 fNiles secondj Conference May 11 Home 58 Buchanan 46 May 15 Away 45 St. loe 37 -Regional May 22 Away Second Birmingham, Hrst -State page fifty-fico 1937 Iunior High Track Left to right, back: Charles Smith, Charles Naas, Richard Carey. Frank Molica, Cecil Bowerman, Raymond C. Smith, Lee Clark, Fred Leidy, Edsel York, Don Stevenson Third row: Dick Camp, Cornelius McNabb, Robert Cox. Dillard Crocker, jack Wetzel, David Flotow, Bill Cody. Earl Backman. Charles Peterson Second row: Charles Crandall, Dominic Nlarazita. Bob Tennyson, Clayton Long, Bob Kalling, Fred Holter, joe Douglass, joe Kennedy, Clay Cochran Front row: Coach Balas, Bill Funk, Dick Moneysmith, Frank Saratore. Donald Malone. Kenneth Kocher, Bob Zabel, Claire Bonfoy, Charles Parker, Thomas Parsons. Thermon Crouch The -l-mclf Season - Conlinued The letter men are listed as follows: Phyl Drake, Tony Molica, lack Shick, Ioe Lynd, Ioe Saratore, Marvin Kraft, Eugene Cook, Bob Brown, Bob Huff, Gerald Leet, Dick Crippen, Bob Petro, Carl Mansfield, Emmitt Harrell, Bob Van Wag- oner, Frank Petruska, Iohn Shook, and Pat Carr. The highlight of the season was the winning of the Regional Meet. In this classic, Ioe Saratore and Tony Molica each brought home two first-place rnedals. A week later at the State, Drake and Shick starred, each placing second in his race. Niles had a very good relay team last year also. The boys who passed the baton around were Tony Molica, Phyl Drake, Gerald Leet, and Ioe Lynd. page fifty-three Left to right, back row: Mr. Bacon, Bill Fritz, j. B, Smith. Arthur Fisher. P l M it ,I Harper Front row: jack Ham, Fred Hurd, Clarence Stoops, Duane Noble, George Kenny l937' Tennis Schedule Date Place Niles Opponent Opponents April 20 Home 0 Benton Harbor May l Away O St. Ioseph May 4 Away 2 Benton Harbor May 6 Away 0 Dowagiac May 7 Home O South Haven May ll Home 0 St. Ioseph May 15 Conference fDowagiacjWon by Dowagiac May 20 Home 0 Dowagiac May 22 Regional CSL IosephjWon by Dowagiac May 25 Away 0 South Haven May 27 Home 4- Buchanan "fStoops and Rice won matches in the Regional. The Tennis Season The tennis team, coached by Mr. Bacon, had a bad year so far as scores are concerned, but a good year in every other respect. Tennis was introduced into the Niles sports ream for the first time last year. All the teams that we were in compe- tition with have had tennis in their schools for several years. Dowagiac was excep- tionally good last year, winning the State Championship, and having four State Champions on their team. While Dowagiac, along with the other schools, lose quite a few of their men, Niles will have all their men back for the coming season. Tennis fans are predicting a strong team for Niles next year. The boys earning monograms are listed as follows: Clarence Stoops, Harry Rice, lack Ham, Dude Noble, Fred Hurd, Art Fisher, Bill Fritz, and I. B. Smith. :mov fifty-four Left to right, back row: Lyle Quimby. Paul Weiss, james Hand. Mr. Marks, Lonnie Harrell, Tony Saratore, Leland Funk Second row' Henr ford Sorenson F t D y Hancock. Marvin Sorenson, Kenneth Mantke, Louis Hradel. Charles Noble, Clif ron row: oc Marks 1937 Golf Schedule Date Place Niles Opponent Opponent April 16 Home 7M Dowagiac 45 April 22 Away 5M South Haven 6M April 27 Away BZ Dowagiac lk May 4 Home 8 St. Ioseph 7 May 7 Home Conference Meet won by St. Ioseph-Niles second May 10 Home 3 Riley 12 May 22 Away Regional meet-Niles and East Lansing tied for first May 28 Away 7 St. Ioseph 8 Iune 1 Home 6 South Haven 6 lime 6 Away State Meet-Won by Redford-Niles second -lVl'lQ SQGSOTI The Niles High School golf team, coached by Mr. Marks, proved to be one of the strongest teams in the State last year. Although golf was first introduced into our school just last year, the team got off to an exceptionally good start. They fin- ished first in the Regional, and second in the Conference and State meets. ln the State meet, Noble was low for Niles with a score of 85. Mantke and M. Sorenson both followed very close with 86. The golf team has several boys back for next year, and from all indications they will have another great season. Those boys winning monograms are listed as follows: Kenneth Mantke, Charles Noble, Marvin Soren- son, Henry Hancock, Clifford Sorenson, Tony Saratore, and Lonnie Harrell. :Huw filly-life Senior High Bond Left to right. hack row: George Schrumpf, Robert Boydston, Donovan Smith, john Gurk, George Barnes, Charles Walker. Kenneth Werner, Orville Ashley, Bob Steele, james Cisler Third row: john johnson. Hobert lvins, Bob Blackmun, George Powrie, Richard Harper, William Love, Donald Dick, Dorothy Rogers, NVilliam Welsher Second row: Mr. Clarence Roth, Robert Love, jack Fries, Donald Smith, Dwight Kuhl, Tom Hatfield, j B. Smith, Gene Fisher, jack Cogswell, Mary Edwards, Pearl Morley Front row: Richard Camp, Richard Sittler, Cornelius McNabb, lrene Humphrey, Clarence Hemmings-r, Frank Reum, Arthur Deutscher, Tom Ashley, Dorothy Harper, Donald Lacey, Drum Maior Senior High Orchestra Left to righ, back row: Bob Steele, john Gurk, Donald Dick, Charles Walker, Kenneth Werner, Orville Ashley, Margaret Welsher Third row: Donald Lacey, john johnson, llobert Ivins, William Love, Bob Boydston, Dorothy Rogers, William Welsher, james Cisler Second row: Robert love, Donald Smith, jack Fries, Franklyn Reum, Clarence Hemminger, Tom Hatfield, Dwight Kuhl, j. B. Smith, Marv Edwards, Pearl Morley, Mr. Clarence Roth Front row: Dorothy Harper, Esther Batta, Dorothy Armstrong, Hortense Oakley. Irene Humphrey, Clara Herrick, Kenneth Frost, Gene Fisher, Herbert Forgash, Donovan Smith, Ruth Edwards Absentees: Eugene Lolmough, jim Wilson, George Barnes, Robert Young puyf' ,fifilzf-si.r 1 f ,,,. junior High Bond Left to right, back row: jane Zabel, Bill Silkworth, Thomas Travick, jimmy Luth, Edward French, Keith Beall, William Dick, Wyatt Martin, Robert Warren Second row: jack Fries, jimmy Vfarner, Donald Smith, Paul Taggett, joan jenkins, jane Kompass, Dean Cano, jack Cogswell, Ralph Thomas. Robert Young, Edward Powell Front row: jerold Wingeart. Robert Zabel, Nadine Marlow, Lucille Rogers. Murrav Cochrane, Harold W'alters, Cordon jackson, john Humphrey. Ross Graham, Mr. Clarence Roth Absentees: Anita johnson, Robert Ristau, Robert Steinbauer, Leon Smith, Kenneth Tibbs, Charlotte XValker, David Merrell junior Hiqh Orchestra Left to right. back row: Charlotte Walker, Paul Taggett, jack Fries, jim Warner. Donald Smith. Thomas Travick, jim Luth, jack Cogswell, Ralph Thomas, Robert Young, Dean Cano Second row: Lucille Rogers, jane Zabel, Margaret Bates, Marguerite Shephard, Ross Graham, joan jenkins, jerold Wingeart, Robert Zabel, Robert Warren, Bill Dick, Edward Powell Front row: Mr. Clarence Roth, Margaret Sittler. Bettv jane Leiler, Ferol Malone, Camilla Love. Arvis jane Vvilken, Arlene Hamrick, joe Barron, Richard Petro, Martha Crossman pugr' fifljf-sr'rr'11 Senior High Choir Left to right, back row: Richard Wurz, john Gurk, Tom Hatfield, Pascal Carr, Robert Cooper. Clarence Hcmminger, Whitnev jones, Robert Brown, Euilene Cook Fourth row: Shirley Rutter, jack Grafford, Robert Klingbeil, jack Cook, Fred Holter. Dick Crippen, Clifford Jayson, Fred Hurd. Dale Starke, Virginia Forbes, Doris Mae Clark Third row: Mary Ellen McQuaid, Shirley Thayer, Barbara Tibbs, Phyllis Tennyson. Marv jo Crabill, Shirley Smith, Mary Edwards, Eleanor Wedel, Betty Lynd, Marian Higgins, Hildegard Meyers, LaVora Schiele, Ruth Edwards Second row: Marilyn Gallagher, Margaret Wages, Donna Abair, Catherine Etzcorn, Rosemary Rund- Gzors, Adalove Bunch, Margaret Evers, Helen Mae Nieb, Alice Hess, Margaret O'Brien, Adeline ac son Front row: Irene Humphrey. Doris Wolf, Dorothy Harper. Margaret Welsher, Mr. Ollie Frigaard, Catherine Giddings, Eudeen Wellington, Lenure Gulbransen, Roberta Rundborg, Bretice Fay Senior High Boys' Glee Club Left to right, back row: Leo Curtis, Richard Camp, Thomas Stoyle, jack McNabb, Pascal Carr. Robert Cooper, Clarence Hemminger, Whitney jones, Bob Brown, Clarence Brown, Clayton Grinage Fourth row: Donald Densborn, Donald Beall, Richard Wurz, Warren Domer, Clifford Jayson, Fred- erick Hurd, Richard Crippen, Lawrence Gutschenritter, Carlton Pletcher, Rav Hulce, Robert Gleason Third row: Warren Wienke, Clarence Stoops, Robert Kremer, Robert Shirrell, Fred Earlv. Franklin Toney, Robert Van Wagoner, Russell Myers, Donald Yonkers, Charles Naas, Kenneth Werner Second row: Keith Larson, Vernon Collins, Tom Hatfield, james Cisler, Lee Clark, Richard Carey, Merle Cranson, Loy Skinner, Robert Bovdston, Howard Clark U Front row: ,lack Grafford, lohn Gurk, Billv Worvev. Robert Klingbeil, Fred Holter, Mr. Ollie Fri- gaard, jack Cook, Eugene Cook, Howard Chambon, Eugene Green page fiftyeeight Senior High Girls' Glee Club Left to right, back row: Eulalia O'Toole, Kathleen O'Toole, Mildred Bishop, l.aVora Schiele, Bretice Fay, Mary jo Crabill, Phyllis Tennyson, Betty Lynd. Marian Higgins, Gloria Kettlehut, Eleanora Wedel, Marjorie Cain, Adalove Bunch, Rosemary Rundborg. Adeline jackson Fourth row: Shirley Rutter, Marilyn Gallagher, Dorothy Harper, Margaret Welsher, Leonahliender- son, Marilyn Brodie, june Leonard, Ann Hradel. Margaret O'Brien. Mary Ellen McQua1d, lrene Humphrey, Margaret Vlfages, Catherine Etzcorn, Genevieve Miller. Olive Myers I I Third row: Roberta Rundborg, Donna Abair, Gloria Cranson, Shirley Thaver. Barbara Tlbbs, Eunice Holmes, Ruth Gutschenritter, Margaret Evers, Helen Nieb, Susanna Nicholson, Mildred Rathburn, Ruth Edwards, Hildegarde Myer Second row: Virginia Holmes, Doris Mae Clarke, Virginia Forbes, Alma Kater, -Ruth Barron, Lazetta Wedel, Dorothy Albright, Lenore Gulbransen, Katherine Egmer, Geraldine Bannister, Fannv Valchoff, Phyllis Hunt, Helen Krueger I Front row: Beatrice Books, Alice Hess, Eudeen Wellington, Doris Wolfe. .Jean BHHHISCBIH Mary Edwards, Mr. Ollie Frigaard, Shirley Smith, Shirley Hamilton, Catherine Glddlngs, Grace Warburton lunior High Girls' Glee Club Left to right, back row: Anna Saratore, Betty Hartman, ,Ioan Bachman, Lila Mae Holmes, Edna lilaxthburn, Estelle Forgash, Betty Harrigan, Thelma Cameron, Phyllis Crawford, joan Taylor, lean C ristian ' Fourth row: Eleanor Dean, Eulalia O'Toole, Mildred Berry, Alice Stone, Beverly Belding Lois Wil- liams, Katherine Loose, Pauline Williams, Patricia Wellingham, Ruth Zerr, Pat' Whiteside N Third row: Zelda Smith, Alice Lundburg, Betty Schanbacker, Marion Finley, Genevieve Bradford Virginia Barnes, Mildred Raybuck Anita johnson Elaine Smith Mar Ann H n e, I J l i , , y a c rma ean smescf1n'janeMKol'i1pas151 z hl' L b ll Hb M econ row: ar a ae ec ln, orna e e i ner, ae Dean Van ilde . ' jean Williams, Marcella Smith, Patricia Peters, Phyllis Carlton, Mariha lCa1l?dlldBi?tyHl,l::Z5'Fiiiitg, Marjorie Robbins, Dorothy Kist ' Front row: Joyce Martin, Verna jean Miller, jean Kromer, Maxine Dickeson, Miss Ruth Heaton, Virginia Rodgers, Margaret Curtis, Dorothy Beck, Norma Dobbins, Rosemary Cox Absentees: Shirley Dreibelbeis, Grace Behm page fifty-'nine Y l Senior Play Left to right, back row: Miss George, Margaret Adler, Fred Garner, Eugene Greene. ,lack McNabb, Robert Borsos, Donald Beall Front row: Betty Gammill, Mary Rathburn, Marguerite O'Brien, Elenora Couchman, Gertrude Thomp- son, Mary Ellen McQuaid, Donald Lacey, Phyllis Tennyson The Senior Class presented with great success USpring Dance," by Phillip Harry. on April S, Linder the direction of Miss Mildred George. I l Iunior Play Left to right, back row: jeri Bannister, Eleanor Semrinec, Kenneth liartrncn, Doris Wolfe, Lawrence Gutschenritter, Hildegard Myers, Herbert Forgash Second row: Miss Smith, Catherine Giddings, Dwain Noble, Grace Warburton, Richard Walenga, lrene Cook. Williain White, Keith Fisher, Annabelle Marlin, jack Ham Front row: Leatha Andrews, Howard Clark, Shirley Smith, Shirley Hamilton, Robert Shirrell, Mar- garet Wood kflrowing Pains," by Aurunigi Rouverol, was presented hy the Iunior Class on November 19. Linder the direction of Miss Louise Smith. page mfr! -ll All School Play Left to right, back row: Glen Van Wagoner, Howard Clark, Robert Van Waigoner, Robert Petro, john johnson, Chester llulbert. Dwain Cole, Robert Shirrell, Charles Hulbert, Richard Harper Third row: Gwen Owen, Phyllis Crawford, Marianne Grathwohl, Wilma Clark, Evelyn Myers, Betty lVlcQuaid, Lorraine Davis, Yvonne Adams, Evva jean Nielson, Beverly Cook, Mary jane Meeker Second row: Miss George, Margaret Adler, Howard Chambon, Mary Ellen McQuaid, Louise Platt, Kathleen McQuaid. Kathleen Griffiths, Leona Henderson. Mary Alice Webber,joan Taylor. Alfa Domer Front row: Fletcher Carlton, Richard Petro, Arthur Anderson, George Hoffman, George Barnes "The Copperlieg1rl." by Augustus Tlioinais, nn All School Play, wus presented on Illllllilfy 14. under the direction ol' Miss Mildred George. Faculty Play Left to right, hack row: Mr. L. Walker, Mr. O. Frigaard, Mr. C. Moore, Mr. W. Smith, Mr. N. Bacon Mr. R. Warren, Mr. R. Gabby, Mr. R. Lehman Front row: Miss M Hieronymus, Miss L. Goodenough. Miss ll. Finfrock, Miss T. Hoffman. Miss M Beatty, Miss L. Smith, Miss M. McDonald, Miss L. Mayhew 'Tirstwhile Susan," by Marian De Forest, was presented lwy the Niles Teucliers Club on March 29 and 50, under the direction of Miss Ruth Rockwell. lrllflf Si.l'fllj-UNI' 1937 Operetto Hlerdof' by Mr. Friqoorrd ond Mr. Dickinson Left to right, hack row: lack Grafford, Kenneth Blackburn, George Kinney, Foster Brandon, Russell Carey Fifth row: Dale Starke, Pat Carr, Vernon Collins, Richard Wurz, Fred Hurd, Harold Fritz. Rex Rutter, Bob Klingbeil, Paul Downs, Eueille llayworth, Roberta Rundborg, Jeannette Cook Fourth row: Fred Early, Clarence Hemminger, Helen Mae Nieb, Irene Humphrey, Margaret Evers. Ruth Edwards, Mildred Rathburn, Betty Hosfelt, Catherine Etzcorn, Dorothy Harper, Eleanora Wedel, Donna Abair, Adalove Bunch, Catherine Perkins, Doris Wolf A Third row: Mary Ellen McQuaid, Marilyn Brodie, Howard Clark, jeanne Visel, Marie -Leonard. Barbara Tibbs, Marguerite O'Brien, Irene Cook, Shirley Hamilton, Marilyn Gallagher, Doris Clark, Shirley Smith. Shirley Rutter, Adeline jackson, Catherine Giddings, Eudeen.Wellington I Second row: Bob Cooper. Shirley Herrick, Bob White, Virginia Webster, Whitney jones, Alice Hess, Bryce Taylor, Dorine Hamilton, Alice Parker I Front row: joan Taylor, Marcia Herrick, George Hoffman, Lawrence Stoops, Leland Hamilton, Don- ald Books. Charles XValker G. A. A. Left to right, back row: Genevieve Hamilton, Barbara Tibbs, LaVora Schiele, Bretice Fay. Shirley Smith, june Leonard, Ann Hradel, Mary Edwards, Barbara Higgins, Ada Steiner, Frances Willis, Helen Day, Willadean Linn, jean Kettles. Pauline Duis Fourth row: Geraldine Bannister, Ruth Pagels, Eleanor Semrinec, julia Erven, Jeannette Crouch. Betty Gammill, Marilyn Gallagher, Shirley Rutter, Betty Lynd, Marian Higgins, Adeline jackson, Vivian Robertson, Margaret Peterson, Vera Sanford, Kathleen Marlin Third row: Anna Kaiser, Maxine Cramer, Florence Sosbee, Margaret Adler, Leona Henderson. Mari- lyn Brodie, Shirley Hamilton, Phyllis Tennyson, Mary joe Crabill, Marguerite O'Brien, Mary Ellen McQuaid. Mary Rathburn, Rosemary Woods, ,loan Forbes, Doris Greiger, Joyce Graham Second row: Pearl Morley, Ramona Crandall, Marietta Anstiss, Marguerite Hensler, Dorothy Barnes. Mildred West, Ella Baron. Helen jean Bair, Violet Baird, Margaret West, Mary Schaen, Irene Cook. Lenna McCarthy, Helen Krueger Front row: Mary Ellen Bishop, Doris Mae Clarke, Naomi Crouch, Ida Louise Fay, Helen Wingeart. Margaret Ann Hadsell, Angelina Saratore. Miss Catherine Patterson, Margaret Whiteside, Ruth Edwards, Donna Basso. Annabelle Marlin, Anna Mae Ven Trella llllfli' si,1'I4lf-Ifw, Left to right, back row: Howard Chambon, john johnson, George Sennatt Second row: Mr. Moore, Rachel Gillette, Louise Platt. Marjorie Bruce. Charles Walker grant row: Leona Henderson, Margaret Adler, Marilyn Brodie, Howard Clark, jack Pugh, Robert hirrell Debate The '37-'38 debate team finished a fairly successful season by placing second in the newly organized Southwestern Michigan Debating League. Beside the sched- uled debates, approximately forty intramural contests were participated in by the group. The letter winners were Howard Clark, Iohn Iohnson, Margaret Adler, Marilyn Brodie, Leona Henderson, and lack Pugh. SCHEDULE Niles Opponent Winner Afiirmative Coldwater Niles Affirmative Kalamazoo State Niles Affirmative Kalamazoo Central Niles Negative Gobles Niles Negative Lansing Central Lansing Central Negative Ionia Ionia Amrmative Buchanan Niles Aflirmative St. Ioseph St. Ioseph Afiirmative Benton Harbor Niles Negative Buchanan Niles Negative St. Ioseph St. Ioseph Negative Benton Harbor Niles page shrfyu-ilrrec Wim! Wlm CAccording to the Seniorsj Most Popular Senior Most Popular Iunior Most Popular Sophomore Best Looking Best- Dressed Best Dancer Laziest Loafer Constant Gum Chewer Most Studious Peppiest Biggest Bluffer Most Conceited Most Modest Most Likely to Most Courteous Biggest Flirt Best Actor QAct Most Musical Succeed ressj Girl Margaret Ann Hadsell Shirley Hamilton i Barbara Tibbs ii Mary Io Crabiill Mary Io lCrabill Delia Hass Iean Moneysmith Ella Baron Margaret Evers Shirley Hamilton Dorothea Wetherby Phyllis Tennyson Iune Williams Margaret Evers Eleanor Donahue Rosemary Woods Elnora Couchman Margaret Welsher Biggest Drag with Faculty Rosemary Woods Best Athlete Most Lovesick Couple Worst Giggler Most Bashful Most Pessimistic Best Looking Best Natured Most Dignified Most Exacting Most Helpful page siccly-four Angelina Saratore Margaret Ann Hadsell Gertrude Thompson Iune Williams Iune Leonard FOCUllq Woman Miss Fitzgerald Mrs. Ioseph Miss Talburt Miss Hoyt Miss Hoyt Boy Marvin Kraft Bill Fritz I Tom Stoyle Bob Huff Ed Eaton Mike McAuliffe Alfred Wood Francis Drolet Marvin Kraft Dick Feldon Bob Huff Rex Holmes Donald Dick Marvin Kraft Donald Dick Fred Garner Donald Beall William Welsher Marvin Kraft Ioe Lynd Rex Holmes Neal Peterson Donald Dick lim Wilson Man Mr. Moore Mr. Mathews Mr. Frigaard Mr. Marks Mr. Bacon QLMQMQLQQ Uf P? ? '22 I"l.A...,. C-B... Q is Q J , is V - , '..'- V Q.C-.- E.C.... -LC' yi.-J.B-un-v D-Bit-gr M18--4 QQB'-'i h4'B"""" L , .... N.c..... gp "- --.-- 0,0-........ NME: v w in , 5 V, G w, S B-cf-- ou... a.c-... f-mu... w. H 0.6--.. 0.H4-- R.H 5.5.--... F2.H---- 5.t-l....-- C.-S.-- w.J.-- A. K--- NMK.--. M. 1'1-f3--- O.S......... -1'3--- PxT...,,, ANT 1 . pgw, e.w--, n.w..... Q.w....' Lvl Jxw-.-A Rumi,-i-'4 R1 if 5 f i . 4 P V , CGIQHJGP September 14. School commences Qtwo Weeks latej. 18. First football game-away-Riley-lost, 7 to 33. 24. Lost again to Benton Harbor, 6 to 0. 25. Class elections. October 2. South Haven defeated Niles in Football, 8 to 0. 8. Washington High School-football. Another defeat. 9. Cross Country meet at Hammond. 16. Went to Buchanan to see them beat Niles in football. Cross Country team Went to Elkhart. 20. Sophomores gave "swellegant" Hallowe'en party. 22. Took it on the chin from St. Ioe in football here. 29. We upset Dowagiac in football-7 to 0. 30. Regional Cross Country meet. November 5. 'Traveled away to Goshen to be defeated in football. 6. State Cross Country meet. 11. Armistice Day and our annual game with Three Rivers. We lost the Peace Pipe. 19. Iuniors present "Growing Pains." Excellent performance. 24. Basketball begins with a game against Riley. 25. Thanksgiving-turkey, and vacation. December 3. Buchanan and Niles played basketball here. 4. Iourneyed to Elkhart for basketball. 8. All School matinee dance. Receiving line and all. 10. Played Three Rivers in basketball-away. 11. Toledo, Ohio, team came up to play basketball. 17. Benton Harbor and Niles tussle for basketball victory. 18. Iingle bells!! jingle bells!! QTranslated-vacation.j Ianuary 3. Back to school, and with plenty of good New Year's resolutions. 7. Basketball with St. Ioe here. 14. South Haven basketball game-away. "Copperhead" presented as an all-school play. 21. Dowagiac basketball game there. 25-26-27. Exams!!!! for first semester. 28. Three Rivers came here for basketball. page sixty-six February 4. Basketball-away-with Buchanan. 11. More basketball-away-with St. Joseph. 18. South Haven came here to play basketball. 28. Dowagiac played basketball here. March 3-4-5. District basketball. Niles came out on top. 10. Oration finals. Howard Clark-winner. 10-11-12. Regional basketball tournament. Niles still on top. 17-18-19. State basketball tourney. Niles defeated by Christian High School of Grand Rapids. Heck! 24-25. Annual gym show, directed by Mr. Whitwam and Miss Patterson. Grand show, to say the least. 29. Teachers' play for students. 30. Teachers' play for the public. 31. Roman banquet for Latin students. April 4. Albion College choir sings for assembly. 8. "Spring Dance," successful senior play, given. 14-15. Easter vacation. 22. Band Bounce still "Bigger and Better Than Ever." 29. Iunior hop at Elks Temple. May 13. Music Department Concert. 21. Regionals for track, golf, and tennis teams fincluding girls' tennis teamj. 27-28. State tennis and track meets. Iune 3. Iunior-Senior Banquet at the Four Flags. 5. Baccalaureate. 6-7-8. Last examinations. 8. Senior outing at Sister Lakes. 9. Commencement. 10. Final assembly. page si.z'ty-seven nQ1 1 QLQQQQQKQ ' Q in rqguickaapanfiac Your Rlcie Through Life Will Be More Enyoyable EARL A NCBLE INC. ' I 220 N. Front Phone 696 Niles, Michigan K K- K- K- -K-l- K- I- K- 9- I-I- I-I' I'I"I' ' ' 4 MG EY TG LGAN 5 and GENERAL FINANCING 5 71 ' , 1 1 L I I' Guaranteed Trust Notes For Your Investment Funds MMUNI SYsnM ,i Serxhce COMMUNITY FINANCE C0 Phone 979 NILES MICHIGAN 223 N Founh sneer Y I .I I ul .I I I I .I .! .I I .! .I I . ul I .! .I I . .! .I I . .! I, -, I . .I I, I I, .I I, I, I L 0 .I I, L O I, .I .I I, .I I, I I m-x-I-1-x-1-3-1-3-x-x-x-x-m-5-m-f - Compliments of Troost Brothers FURNITURE U ll H ll ra U II 0 nr ll U II tl u U ll ll rr I I ll II ll 0 ll 'I I ll II ll nl lb tl ll II II ll Il ll II ll ll ll 0 ll 0 ll ll -,,, ...v v-- ...v.v -oc vv.v. ----- Miss Thompson: "What would be the proper thing to say if, in carving the duck, it should skid off the platter and into your ne-ighbor's lap?" lack Ham: "Be very courteous. Say, 'May I trouble you for that duek?' " Ioe Lynd: 'LBut, my dear, I huven't said :1 Word!" P. Tennyson: "No, but you've been listen- ing in a most aggravating manner, and I Won't stand for it." P. Carr: "You say you and Shirley never have an argument?" ID. Densborn: 'ANI-ver. She goes her Way and I go hers." Mrs. Inseph: "Do you believe in clubs for Women?" Mr. Bacon: "Certainly I do. But only after kindness has failed." Coke Guzzlerz "There's a fly at the bottom of my glass. What is the meaning of it?" A. Wood: "I'm a soda-ierkcr, not a fortune- teller." Ruth Edwards: "Do you return the money when an article isn't satisfactory?" Clerk: 'iThat depends on the article." Ruth Edwards: "This is a book." Clerk: "What was wrong with it?" Ruth Edwards: "I didn't like the Way it ended." page simtysnine U-------000- .v..... 00--,-----0--0 II II Compliments of Klopfensteitfs II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I Headquarters for O'SHEA "N" SWEATERS and Hart Schaffner Stlvlarx Clothes I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II L'::: :::::::: :0::0::::::::::0000:::.I II II II II II CALL SWANK'S II II II For Best of Cleaning at Moderate Prices SWAN K DRY CLEANERS II II II II II II II II II II II II II II The sirens lured men to the rocks In days beyond our ken. Our sirens work the other way, They lure the "rocks" from men. B. Bollinger says: "With hair-cloth furniture coming back, man's greatest need is non-skid pants." Mrs. Harrell: "My son has so many original ideas." Mr. Walker: "Yes, especially in Geometry." G. Thompson: "Aren't you getting Fred and Billy awfully confused?" M. 0'Brien: "Yes, I get Fred confused one night and Billy the next." page seventy v. - 00000000 I I I I 0000000000000000000000000000000000II un- -0000000000000000000000000000000' Compliments of NILES AUTO SALES CHEVROLET DEALERS A. F. STOLL -----0-------v----v--0vv-0- - june Williams: "You told that man it wasn't much more than live minutes to the station and it is all of fifteen minutes!" Doris Hassenger: "Yes, but he was so nice and polite-and he seemed so tired." M. Hadsell: "How can Susies' mother afford to keep three servants? R. Woods: "Oh, she plays bridge with them every Saturday night and wins back all their wages." Butcher: "Round steak, miss?" D. Clark: "I don't care about the shape, so long as it's tender." Whit Iones: "What's 'short covering'?" Wm. Prenkert: "My girl's new dress." I II II II II II II II II II II II II .II 10000000 00 0 000 0 ""' " 'v' '-' """II SIMPLICITY PATTERNS O O O Q--::::,-::::::::::---::::::e:::: II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II 0 II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II ow II I I I O I I I 0::::::::::::::':::::::::::"::"'7I :':::::::::::::"::'::"::::"" I II I II I W. L. BABBITT LUMBER I I COMPLIMENTS I I II I Of and I I II I C 0 D - QUALITY-sEnv1cE-RELIABLE I t II I 1 V All kinds of odd-size materials in hard I and soft woods, insulation boards, etc., for I use in manual training departments. ' I FULL LINE OF LUMBER, BUILDERS , SUPPLIES-BUILDERS HARDWARE ' AND PAINT I I II I II I II E - I I Phone 136-W 906 Hickory St. I I I Phones 53 and 54 Niles, Michigan I I . I L-......-..-....-... ...... ....--.. L ...... ... ............. ..... .... .4 v-Q:::o::oo:::::::06:::: 0000 :::::::. :::90C::2: OOOOOQQ oo ooooqog 0. QQQQQ I " II I II I Compliments of Tynan's One-Stop Grocery I I and Market I The Economy Cut Rate Service Pleasingly Different I II I Drug Store I I FREE DELIVERY I I I I 201 MAIN ST- NU-ES, MICH- 208 E. Main St. Phone 103 g00000000"' """"""' " """' '00000000 0000000000 Icxxx: :"'c::"": :""""-'.'l ITun"nn"""""""""""I I II I IVlaBelle'S Beauty SHIOH B. R. Randall Lumber Co., Inc. I "The Salon Where Indizfidualzly Counts" I I Lumber and Building Materials I SEVEN EXPERT OPERATORS Smith-Alsop Paints-Mulehide I Roofs-Coczl 'I AT YOUR SERVICE II II ll I 528 N- Fourth St- Phone 606 611 Wayne Si. Telephone 1014 I .. .... ..-.. ----.-- -.---.--.-..---Q . .--- C 2:-: c :Q c ----- : :-: 2 2 : ...... -- I page seventy-one 'L r v 1 . I . ' f Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Class of 1938 ' I I I T I I 4 FOLLOW THE TREND for pace-setting , r , , 1 , Style - Quality - Service . - . . A Students' Suits, Slacks, and Furnishings 1' , 1 . I ' Ierslld Honor Award Sweaters ' r 1 I 4 , See . I I l 'W I THE TREND CLOTHINLJ CC. , 1 I Us - Aj - ll . fan ua Joi g v 1 T I 1 i ' I Harry Dase Phone 38 Herb Mutchall " I V ' c '--A - - D. Harper: "What's the itlea of the Smiths' First Hobo: "What's worrying you, Herbert?" taking French lessons?" Second Hobo: "I founl e' - f h -. I. Williams: "They've atloptecl a French hahy macle beer and l ain't goi aahiiihtli or OHM and they Want to know what it says when it begins to talk." Collins: "I tore an expensive hanclkerellief yesterday." Don. Schaher: "Do you guarantee results in Hlilnoraz "That must have been lm awful your nerve treatment?" vow." Specialist: "I clu. Why, a man came to me H E 1 for nerve treatment, and when I had 11111511941 Don lleall: A remarkable statistic here, oltl with him he mod to borrow 5550.-' ehaggllshriwing that every time I breathe some one llC5. Cy Burt: "Say, Marion, can you run very Ch5jv'Li'!HG3fllCf7 HMB' gmlll Whb' flfmif WU CIWW fast?" i i Skinner: "Can ll Whv at the last time trials Mr qmith ,KT K Q 1 V Q I I Q 4 . . : um, why tlo they say that th- I mtl the 240 ie f:MbtllEt,,ml Shadow WM lust sun never sets on the British flag?" 1 L Starting W sn gm HL ' MeOmber: "Because they take it in at night." f::: 1 ::---:::::::: 2 i :::::-::--:::: ,p::---::::::-::::----::--::::----m li S S 0 11 LAYMAN ROBERT 1. GANO :g gg ll 11 APPLIANCE STORE Quality Plumbing and Heating II 0 ll 11 Quality Electric Appliances - Maytag Washers 1: and Ironers - H0l1SCh0ld and Cvmmefdal Our Plumhing Service is in Keeping with the 1: Refrigeration - Radios - Ranges High-Grade Fixtures that We Sell :Q I, Vacuum Cleaners in 0 . , W in "Service as Well as Sales' 1: 517 Hickory Street 0 3 219 N. Fourth St. Star Bldg., Niles NILES - - - - MICHIGAN ' ---- ...... .... T I u::: 3 :-:,-: ,,::---: : 3 :::,:::- , - - page serefnty-two QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQacoooeoooaooo ,O 3 3 3 3 5 Compliments of E 3 l 3 RUSSOM TRANSFER 3 3 3 3 l 313 N. Second St. Phone 725 ...,,,. .... ..., ........ ... ..... ..,3 V 3 2 0 Compliments of 0 ' o 2 8 3 3 BANNISTER STUDIO 2 S 3 3 ' C. H. BANNISTER l 3 U .... 3 ooooooooq II ll ll ll ll ll 0 ll ll ll II 0 lr 1+ li ll ll 0 ml ll ll 0 ll ll ll O 0 ll ll ll In 0 Mary hacl a swarm of bees antl they, To save their lives, Must go wherever Mary goes, For Mary has the hives. Farmer Ioncs: "Say, Bill, wanta buy a mule?" Mathews: "What's wrong with the mule?" Iones: "Nothing." Mathews: "Then what do you want to sell him for?" Innes: "'Nothing." Mathews: "Well, in that case l'll take him." Little Sister: "Margaret, why does it ruin Whiteside: "To make things grow. To give us apples, pears, corn, Howers-in Little Sister: "Then why cloes it rain on the pavement?" Congratulations, Class of '38 WOLVERINE Motor Parts, Inc. Welding - Machine Work Lawnmowers Sales and Service 123 Sycamore Phone 120W 00000 0-0-4 l I O 3 O O O O I 3 0 O E 0 O 0 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 QQ., -oo -oooooo oe QQQQQ no ""'O oo QQ.. .-00.90 soooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ4 OLDSMOBILE Six - Eight GMC TRUCKS CLAUDE L. SHOLTEY 8: SON "Service After Sales" Phone 444 Fifth and Sycamore The Best Always at the KEWPEE HOTEL Hamburgs - Barbecues and Chili U. S. 31 IESS MARLIN, Proprietor QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oc QUALITY COALS Automatic Coal Burners o Seth R. Atkinson Dey and Third Sts. Phone 247 page scfuenty-tllrc -900 E E 2 E s 3.- ...... Qooooeo-A ooooooo l O 0 3 O l 3 O O O 3 O O O O O l l l 0 0 O 0 O 0 ---.. 9- .Q Q-- oo:::::o Q::oQQ oooooo O 0 O O 0 0 O O 0 O O O O 3 3 3 0 I I 0 0 S.. C 0 0 0 U 0 0 0 -ooooooooooooooooaqooeooaoeooo Qeoooooooqqeqoegooooooooooa 0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 U "N1.l65' Oldest Reliable Retail Coal Merchant" 0 0 NILES FUEL 8: SUPPLY CO. C. A. WOODBRIDGE, Prop. . 11 E. Main sr. Phone 160 11 4 -..--...-----------------..---..-.O ...- ll 0 Q 4.. Have Your Diplomas framed cti our Special reduced prices CONTOIS Main and Third Sts. p-0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Producers' Dairy 0 0 SUPERIOR QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 325-W 428 S. Eleventh St. ,----....--....-.. .... -------..- page svrenly-four ::..:: :W r---AA----- ------ -- -AA-- -- Compliments of Lloyd H. Krueger, Agency DEPENDABLE INSURANCE Savings and Locm Building 121 N. Third St. Phone 213 NILES. MICHIGAN L..--------- - -- A--- ------------A f: ""' ::'::::::":::'::"'::": F. A. REYNOLDS HARDWARE Phone 460 209 Main St. Niles, Michigan so0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ I-3-3-3-3 3-3-T-5-3'-3'l"'3'5'3-3-3'l-3'l Frrst Natronal Bank of Nrles DCPOSIIS up to S5000 Insured Wrth Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatton Member Federal Reserve System Phone 1740 and 1741 L L L L L L L L L L I L L I if I -t-1-1-1- -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-w 1- t-1-1- 1-t- 1- , 1- 1- 1 j l I 4 1 0 0 o 1 4 L I 1 1 1 l 4 . . in H. I. Bair: "What's the difference between a hairdresser and a sculptor?" E. Eaton: "I dunno, what?" H. I. Bair: "A hairdresser curls up and dyes and a sculptor makes faces and busts." G. Sennat: "I thing Bill Bolinger is burning the candle at both ends." L. Albright: "I-Iuhl He's cut the candle in two and is burning it at all four ends." Wm. Lillie: "Look, dear, isn't the rainbow 13-31,1313 f' -3-3-3-y-3-y-3-y-3-.3-3-y-3-3-3-3-y-3- -3-5-Q .. - - - L L ...,. - ....... - .... -....---...... l 0'Toole Coal Co. 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 ll ll 0 0 0 0 O 0 ll ll ll L 0 ll II nl ll 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 0 0 ll as nu ll 0 0 ll beautiful F " Ruth Pagels: "Oh yeah. What's it advertis- ing?" con R. Wood's dehnition of a parking space is the place where you take your car to have those little dents put in the fenders. Ice YI'-vw'-----KIv'--------vY- C0kC ll A blossom cz day Keeps gloom czwcty ll ll ll ll " PHONE 202 EAST MAIN GARDENS ii v ll NORTH FRONT STREET 1521 ia Main Phone 1018 ll ll I :::::::s::::,::::::::::::::::::l e,l,,:-r:, .,., , .,,A, A,,, -A-,, ,,-,l page seventy-fire 0 II O 0 ll ll 3 4 Compliments of U 0 :I ll - 3 Roebeck Insurance 0 ll ll 2 Agency C O 0 O O O O I 0 O O i QQQQQQQQ 'moe O 1 : Nl 1 Z a -1 O :r' a rs g Q. o Z' . - 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 3 0 'U I D' Q O 0 R O ' S I NI I E Q O Androck Camping Accessories 0 ! Wiener Roasters , Extension Forks I Hamlturflrill 0 C U , ., . ,cs,,,:,,,,, I 133 3 "iii aj W ? E If'i'1! n 4' f f'791f'T?f'S5is.. ID 4,4 gif' ff! '42 fa, U sf..f,1, 4 , ,Q ' 5. ,- ii sQ21ri3f1f'h2ff2. f ai il fx N' yi' 3 ' I ll E H I 1: Cast Iron Grid : Lasts 21 Lifetime 3 1: MICHIGAN WIRE GOODS COMPANY 1: NILES, MICHIGAN 0 page scfrffnty-six' QQ-0QQQ-oeoqoacooooooooooqgaeooq Q. -..--..--.. Q -----....--.1 ..-------------------------.------------.. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0.9. ooo 3------------ Winter or Summer Spring or Fall Make The Kerr Hardware Your Store for SPORTING EQUIPMENT GQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQqooegooec WELDED STEEL DISPLAY CASES TYLER FIXTURE CORPORATION NILES, MICHIGAN aoooooqo--,---,QQ---voe---v-Qo-- F0900oeQQQeooooqeqooooogooeapqooo ::::::-Q-Q::-Qq-::QQQ::::QQoQ-oo 1--- ................... 11 1------------ --. ................ ----- ---- 11 11 I 11 , 'U 11 0 pu 1 11 g' cn 1 5. 's 3. gf 13 Q E 5 11 :.- 11 1, 1, C1 1 aaffcnfw gzwzz-1 iisagg 11 g 1-1-1 11 11 0 :Il 'U 11 -1325 Q sa' 5 0 0 ' 11 zo C! L11 I1 .Tgsgzf 5,."?.". 50-376 "' 11 I1 l-1 U w ll 3QQ':J"q,':.' . :H :E H635-1 11 1-A 11 '1 "' rn 1' S142 3-1 :In D'-1342 1 S 'U 11 " O "' 11 ES.- '5 i'.?'g5-2 6555 1 I" 1 11 11 - O 11 51- -ere-5' grin: 1, C: 11 " 5 2 W " C-'EA " 413 5-UQ 12 0 " 11 Z 1-U Q 11 11 1-5 m Q 11 w"',,-3' 2,-:g'.:.-EU. 11 T O B I1 U fn '4 5 . "9-Q03 '12"'sT 1333 11 "' p-1 O U 12 Eg 11.3 2 23225 YE-fa 5151 11 E 5 2 'E 11 if 1 K L C M 2.0 11 "" 1 05 -1 O 1 51219: 55--25 22- " 'U ro 5 II 11 3" E M 1-I 11 3 3 'U 'T ' 91 U P' El :w 5 0 m QD D 11 11 Q Q rv 1 - -5.2: mf f 1 1 N C2 "1 -1 1 rd 51 go .1 ,Lf 3152 1 5-, g 5 V' 11 11 - 11 ' ' 1 4 - H' -1 , -, 0 11 Q ,U W 11 5, 3 rl I g D-5 5 5.2 11 Z E: N4 CD 1-1-. rl as ,Q n . O -1 fa -. 11 C 11 E. UD 11 ge ., C 7 5.-1 - - . - M 11 11 eu BI 11 3 Q E ' 5.?f 11 3 D, 11 UI 1-O 11 " 'S 2 D' ' ?? 2 537 2 5- 3 C 11 11 " U1 ri 9 '5 in " - :.' 9 3 'Bl 11 'D PO 11 1: S rn 11 H 2 H 2 1 1 1 1 Q- 1- 1 - 1 f :.' M 11 1 1 .S Cn 11 5 55 Z? 53 'Q I 53'-12 1 U, N4 11 u FP 11 11 0 ' 1 1 1----------------11 ---- ------------------ ---------------------1 11 """""""""""'""'0""" "'0"0'0O00W UQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ: : : :ao 11:::: : cooo: :ooooqqaoooaq-11 11 1 11 11 11 1 C5 11 1 :rg cn 1 11 1,2 1 0 CO 11 . O 11 Nl . 11 11 0 P 11 O ll PF-1 I1 " UI 11 C 11 CU O ,O K" O 1 1 Q FU 1 1 11 - -11 112111 aafcas, 11 Quo Q. -12 51 11 -9- 3 w '-' 'D "1 "1 11 1 3" O 0 ' ' . ' C-' 11 11 IJ U-' N Q- FV. DJ O 11 Q 0 m 0 5' 1-1 1 1-1 1-1 rn 1-- 5 0 O 11 55 -5 Q, 11 cn Q fp I1 U Z . ,., Q, 1-1 I3 11 pq 11 gr 0 -1 O 11 71- Q D Q I-l. I1 U 1-1 M N 2 11 - 3 9 O I 1' H- V rv U 11 1 rn 0 U 'Si 55 11 '3 Q 11 1 51 1-1 SQ w :J 1-1 3 El 11 11 I ru m . 1 11 Q 3 a 2. 2 D- '-" . " 0 - fT 1- 11 rn m 1-1 U :J V' . 11 11 U1 1 - 9, n 1 1 H 5H711m'6? 11 093 z 111 5155- 11 1 1 3 'D rn V1 11 1 U1 W I F-' :I "' 1 fb U, L11 .... Q 0 D 1-1. 11 Q 13 ua 2. '-1 11 11 3' 3, In I W 1 1 3 an O 1 11 :S 54 ,., fb -- "" 1 11 -I r' ,,, 1 1 " I :S 11 - .... rv ,.1 5 1 1- w V' D 1 1 P1 Z cn f- 1 1 -1 ,. 11 11 'U m .I 11 1 :U 1 ,.I 1 11 2 :v 2 Q, 1 11 Z '-1 U' 11 I "' I Q 11 .3 "' o Q 11 IIS ,g m 11 I Z W I., 0 Q 1 :- UQ 11 11 VD . :E 11 1' Q 3' O 1 9 G 0 11 11 In 11 C: 2 5' '13 O 11 N E 1 1 w 11 11 552. 11 11 I:-1 Z 1 11 ,.. is ,Q 11 11 Z rn 11 0 U O 1.1.1 1 11 o f' 11 1 5' 12 1 3 E 1 ' 54 1 11 Pd 11 1 m Z 1 2 2 1 KX' '--'--"--- --X Q-Q-------Q-----Q--Q- ---l L----- :----: :--------: -J L:--------: --: 3 - --: cc- C 'B Q E fu on fs 3 fn 3 'V :Q :L fu - -I 5 K K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K CAPS and GCWNS Used by Senior Class Furnished by HARRY K LANDES CO cosrumens 837 Ilhnozs St Indumcrpohs Ind Wnte for Pnces Costumes and Accessones for All Occasions Niles Printing C0 PRINTING - RUBBER STAMPS Harry Gross Henry Pctruska N. Fifth St. Phone MIARS 8 MIARS Insurance and Real Estate O 206 E. MAIN ST. PHONE l8lW aqc sewnntyveight Blacknioncfs Iewelry and Optical Store See Blackmond See Better NILES MICHIGAN H. Hancock: "If you could see a dog's lungs what would you see?" Forgash: "I dunno." Hancock: "Why, you would sec the seat of his pants," Statistics show that if all the handsome men in Niles High were placed side by side. both of them would start fighting to sec which was the more handsome. Lynd: "Don't you think my girl has ri ncck like a swan?" Lacey: "I don't know. I never neckcd a swan. A girl in the back scat is worth two in the front. The Niles Lumber Company PHONE 6 It's Good Economy to Keep Your Buildings in Good Repair If vv... -Q ..,..v.... Q-- ..-... .... - -:n 3 ll LABERTEAUX'S GROCERY AND MARKET Broadway at Tenth St. PHONE 933 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll Il ll ll I i ll ll ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::5' Clerk in book store: "This book will do half of your work for you." C. Behrens: "Well good! I'll take two." H. Clark to G. Sennet: "Poddon me for speaking when you interrupted." H. Hancock: "Let's skip today and go play golf." F. Reum: "Can't do it. l need thc sleep." I. Barkman fcundy bar in hand falling through the air from an airplanelz "Well, for gosh sakes. That Wasn't the washroom after all." Ed Dobrotka: "What do you think would go good with my purple and green golf socks?" D. Dcnsborn: "Hip boots." -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::5 ll ll Il Compliments of l li ll '- If ' B Helen s eaut Sho 1' Y p 1: ll ll O 1l6V2 N. Second St. Phone 1011-W 2 ll ll -:::::::::::::::::Q' ,?:::::::::::::::::2:::::::::-::::TE ll EVN-BETTER BAKERY IC I l i Bakers of Better Bread If I and Cakes ll ll 104 E. Main st. Phone 399 :I ll Niles, Michigan ll L-- ,,A-, A ..-.. ,..,-.,. .,-..-,.- - , ll o -v--v page seventy-nin 8 ooQoqooocooaoooqooogeooeeooegooq -1-Q-Q1n1Q1QqQquns-QQQQQu-min-1-:gK1Q--411-an-1-Anangu- , - NILES DAILY STAR All of the latest news in Sports, Society, School and daily events are published every day with the latest happenings in the world reported by Associated Press in the Daily Star Prmtecl Later to Gwe You Later News PHONE 40 I 0 ll ll 0 O ll lr il 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll O 0 lr 0 O 0 0 O 0 ll lr nu 0 ll O 0 ...A .oo co.. Niles Steel Tanlc Company l..---......----..--...--------...-- Welded Steel Hot Air Furnaces Electrical Welding of All Metals uf' eiffh f.1 VQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ,oooaoooo Compliments of IOHNSON and GARLANGER SHOES. LUGGAGE. and LEATHER GOODS 213 Main Niles, Mich. ::::::::::::::-::Q::o:::::QQo: Niles Mutual Cut Rate Drug Co. RETAIL DRUGS AND SUNDRIES Telephone 336 103 E. Main St. NH.ES. MICHIGAN QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 1 3-g.xgx131x1y-31,-515-nj131j1 1 1111131113111 :xxx zytjtjxjiytyz X oooool 1 0 L---..----....... Qoooooooooooooooo ---,,-,--,vQ-Q----------o--ov ll oo Dickinson: "Someone throw an axe at you?" Davidson: "Nope. Got a haircut." Dickinson: "Well, sit hfgher in the chair next time." I. Gurk: "Say, that was some blonde you were with last night. Where did you meet her?" P. Skalla: MI dunno. I just opened my wallet and there she was." M. Skinner: "My ma asked me to take our old eat out somewhere and lose it. So I put it in a basket and tramped about eight miles to- ward Buchanan." K. Burt: "Did you lose the cat?" M. Skinner: "Lose it! If I hadn't followed it, I1 I1 11 11 0 O 11 tl 0 0 0 I1 ll 11 0 0 0 11 11 0 ll ll ll I I 11 11 1l tl tl 0 11 11 R. E. CI-IAPELL Jeweler and Optometrist 304 Main Street Z I" Fl vm E O E C3 3' Z QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQX 0 U- I never would have gotten home. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::n Powder Puff Beauty Shoppe Complete Line of Beauty Treatments DS STAR BLDG. PHONE 1488 W.. 11 tl tl 11 ll ll ll ll I1 tl 11 tl 41 11 11 11 ll ll ll O 0 0 O O tl 11 0 11 11 O 0 O First Hour Teacher: "Bob, you should have been here at eight o'clock." H. Cooper: "Why, what happened?" D. Goodling fgetting a shaycjz "Lyle, will you please give me a glass of water?" Barber: "What's the matter? Something in your throat?" D. Goodling: "No, I iust want to see if my neck leaks." L. Henderson treading news itemjz "I see that the American Automobile Association says that a man can park a ear properly but a woman can't" G. Kenny: "I-low does the AAA know? I-las any woman tried to park a car properly?" T 11 1 2 U3 1 1 11 5 M 5 S ,.j 11 1 1 we Q ei e Q 5- "U 1 1 ll 0 E D- D- ,-, ll I 11 5.3, ' fp cn U' m 11 I 0 Q Q 5 8 Q Q, I1 11 .... 5 ,Q U' ,. 11 1 11 n rn Q F, tb Z 11 1 11 -2 gl l 3 5- D' 1 1: 1 l Ga 5' 3 'D 3 3- C5 51 1 ll 'Z I: E 3 E- C, Q Z m 11 1 11 O p, 1-- F' 4 11 1 '-"1 ID Q 9 11 fD tl ' ll O rr "IT: 1-o-. "1 UI 'h ll l 11 W0 5 O 5- tu -U I 1' ' I1 ' Q 1-' rn Q 11 1 11 W M tl 1 9- I cn U' - C5 4 O 1: 3 55 H- 2 0 cn l 1I 0 5 LQ H "L W ll ' 11 '4 'g ... gf LQ rn 11 1 11 0 . O O 11 1 1 E E- 5 S 5 11 1 " I II n 'Q E 11 1 11 1' 11 1 il IL I ,F::::::::-::::::---:::::::::::-:::::--::::::::::-7 S 11 o 'X 2 ll l ll in m l 11 U -- U 1: 'l D Q 11 'P .1 H 11 1: G Q 11 .1 H2 1 1 an cn g . 4' 5 cn O 4' 11 l' m "' I1 oo il I-I' Q ll 11 Q U2 'D 2 9 54 O 1' "S " 1 1 -U 111 U1 U2 1 1 21' Fa' l 1: R ll 1 U. B it " w 11 tl . 1e:cecet::::::----,:---::--,:--:::-::-::::::-:::--.a page eighty-on 6 C9 u f' CONGRATULATES THE CLASS CF 1938! Well done, Class of 1938! Your training has been good, your enthusiasm is strong-you are well equipped to meet the opportunities and hard knocks of the world outside. School days are overg yet you will continue to study, and to learn, and to grow as long as you live. There will be frequent tests, to pass, or flunk, for years and years. Count- less problems remain to be solved-countless improve- ments are yet to be made. What you contribute to the world outside is now up to you. And so we say, congratu- lations on what you have done-good speed for the future! page Pigllfy-Ilfu O O ll nu nn ll ll I 0 u nn nu 0 ll O 0 ll 0 nu 0 il u ll n 0 0 ll in 0 ll ll 0 in li ll ,, o::::::QoQ0:::::::eo::ooo::::::::i Congratulations to the Class of 1938 O GAFILL OIL COMPANY Third and Broadway D. Hoyt: "Bob, what are the three words most used among students? B. Huff: "I don't know." D. Hoyt: "That's right." D. Wetherby: "So you are on 11 submarine? Tell me what you do," Exasperated Gob: "I run forward and hold her nose when we are going to dive." "This is one on me," said the corpse as they placed the stone above his head. She Ought to Know Margaret Whiteside says: "Country roads aren't what they seem like in spring. They seem quiet and deserted." ll ll 0 0 ll ll I 1 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll i l ll Compliments of Chas. Geidcman and Son Grocery and Meat Market Phone 684 933 N. Fifth St. A A A A A QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ, HARRY'S GRILL You are always WELCOME The Home of Fine Dinners o Special Toasted Sandwiches - Best Tender Steaks and Chops-Best Coffee 0 COURTEOUS SERVICE 0 A in ll lb II 0 ll ll lb ll ll 0 ll ll 0 0 0 ll ll ll rr- ...... - ......... ---A--:::::::::::Q AAAAA A-A--A- A AAA--AAA--- ---14, SCHOOLCRAFT Sheet Metal Works PHONE 100 PREMIER FURNACE ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll 0 ll 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll 1 le:::::::::::::::::::::---::::::::J 0- AAAA AA AAAAAA AAAAAA- A A ----- AAA:-1, ll 0 Mainfflak Drug FRANCIS B. DROLET, Ph.C., Prop. O PARK and TOOT FOR CURB SERVICE ll ll 0 ll ll ll II ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll il ll l I ll ll ll ll ll ll::::::::: I I 3::::::::::::::::::,:f page eighty-thre 6 Q- Qoaoqooqooqooeaoqgocgoqqoqv I I O 0 3 3 Q Come Out and See Us I O t 2 3 3 O I 3 3 HOBART'S 3 1 3 0 I O , SWE' z o 0 o 3 3 3 O , GREENHOUSES , z 0 2 I South of Blain on 15th St. I O O O O I Phone 75 S 3 3 0 O z I z E Lx:C,:-:,-:,-,:--::::------..-..l '.---..-------------..-------..---n 1 11 5 za z Compliments of 2 z E I 3 ANDY'S STOP and SHOP Ii . ll z E 2 111 East Main Street ll s E 0 g il l.Q00.000,-eoQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ. ,..-----..---..----..-..------..--..E 3 1: C O 2 HENRY R. HILL , E COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHINGS lu 1 Grunow Refrigerators and Radios-Sales and Service 5 Washers-Sweepeis-Gas and Electric Stoves g :: 2 Phone 810 1 219-221 N. Second St. Niles, Mich. E L.......--------..-.....-------..3 'B age eighty-1 vufr r-------------------..-i 0 O 0 0 ,QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Qoqooooo WQQQQQQQQQQQ oqooooooooqooqooooqooooqoooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ .cog Qgoooooooooooooceoeeooooeo Compliments of AMERICAN CLEANERS 303 N. Second St. Phone 129 ROYAL DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION DRUGG1s'rs MAIN and FOURTH STS. New 4315 Sandals -'ff Spring ' Formals iSiS for V Beautiful new fabrics and leathers - Brocades, Satins, Failles, Silver Kid-Peep Toe and Closed Toe styles in high, low, and medium heel heights. TINTED TO MATCH ANY GOWN FREE Priced from 52.00 to 55.00 HESS 8g HAINSTOCK BROWN-BILT SHOE STORE 115 E. Main 0-0- 2 E E z z I E 0 J -oo qoooooooqoooooep O 0 O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 O O 5 0 1 O ! l Qoqoooqoocoqx Qoooooeoqop i 0 O 0 O 0 I O O 0 0 I I O 2 I 0 O O I O O 2 U 0 O 4 O I -----! Q.. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q.. 5, Qoyqoqgoooqoa 0--------o------------ooo-------A :: :::::: ::QQo: :QQooo::Q-o-Q- 0 -- ,..... ............ ........ . 0 -- -- ,, l l 3 Q 2 E Q 1307 Eagle st. Phone 780W 11 O O ll ' s ' " 0 ave Toda o +P , Y , , EXNER DAIRY t Q 2 ll 0 Pure Da'r P d t l g Have Tomorrow g 'Y 'O UCS g o o 0 3 3 ' 3 g 9 You can whip our cream l l : But you ccrn't beat our milk . . 9 S Your savings are insured up 5 l 2 to 55,000.00 with the 3 'U "' "" z Some Iuniors are like rivers-small ut the . hczul and big :lt thc mouth. 0 U z l Roses SITC recl, U v - Violets :irc blue, g Nlles SCVIHQS E But thcy'rc far too expensive 2 and 3 For me to givc you. C O . ' ' H li' h' .' 2 Loan ASS0C1at101'l 8 P52 ...E.,.'.Ei.Fii'5Lt- 2 S Ile kissed his girl g g By an open gas tank. l E' Main Phone l Frnic Witham says: "IRI rather be fl chaxutfeur z . than :I yockey 'cause a iockcy secs only thc . Q horsc's neck while thc chauffeur secs evcryborlv C-:::::::::-::::--:::::::::::::-::F neck." ' The Mizpah of OsBrien and Gamer Voc:::::::::::::::::::::::::::o:::i May your parents be nbscnt from you and l O mu while we are prcscnt ont' with another. E z 0 0 A hunclrctl yours ago toclny ll wilderness was 2 U l here: . Compliments of 0 A man with povvclcr in his gun Went forth to U z hunt a clecrl 3 I But now the time lmvc chnngccl somewhat- Q S arc on il diifercnt plan, 3 0 A Dcur, with powder on her nose, goes forth O 0 lv hunt ll man. g THE RUTHERFORD 2 . U "Gaiwsh," snicl the sparrow as Ll fourteen-inch g Holme l shcll lust missed it," "gcc, they must be hnrcl z g up for meat." N O . . Q 9 A------------ ------,- un--- H- 0 ' Y ""-'- - "" ' '------- ' ------ ""-ul . z Q a EE I E :' 3 E , KUGLER RESTAURANT it 2 t 1: 0 2 24-Hour Servlce tn l I g 1. ' 2 g I: I 0 CEDAR and FOURTH l l 733 N. sth st. 3 Q l ll 0 3 NIL1-:s. MICHIGAN gg 3 0 l 0 l 0 2 tu 2 o - 2 ' z --2::33:x::::--::----:x::::::2 ix:::--:,:::,x:,:,x:x:,,:,:::- page eighty-five Y--oo--o- - -o--- - - -oooe---oo---oo-- li 0 in 0 0 0 O ll 0 0 ll O O 0 0 O 0 u ll U 0 ni 0 0 O in 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 U 0 ll O O 0 ll 0 Il II Worth Remem bering- "Good Will, like a Good Name. is got by many actions. and lost by one." The Broadway MARKET - GROCERY 1001 Broadway Ias. L. Madden Rolfe R. Taylor - - QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0990000.01 TRUTH SERVICE General Electric Refrigerators, Ranges and all G-E Appliances Paul Th ayer's IEXVELRY STORE Diamond and Watch Specialist OH-icial Watch Inspector M. C. R. R. Guaranteed Watch and Iewelry Repairing BUY QUALITY IEWELRY ON CREDIT Niles, Michigan QUALITY COURTESY L:::::::3---C:--------............ M- vvvvv. ---o ----- o--o--QQ--oo-----1 U ll 0 0 0 U U 0 4+ 0 0 0 0 0 0 U U 0 0 0 0 li in U 0 0 0 0 U 0 0 U U li tl U U li 0 0 U U ll ll U U U U Think Twice! If You Are a High School Graduate Think twice about such questions as: getting the right jobg the right salary: and the right chances for promotion in business. Remember there's no start like a good secretarial position-no beginning salary better-no advancement opportunities surer! Let us oller you conclusive proof, without obliga- tion, and tell you the interesting facts about train- ing that starts you in business right. Summer Classes Begin Iune 13 South Bend College of Commerce 212 S. St. Ioseph St. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA l::t::::::::::::::-:::::-:::::::: P age eighty-sim Patronize Our Advertisers -Q-.Q-g.1.g-g.g.g..g. -Q-Q.. -1-g-.Q-g-1- -Q. - .. - -g.1.g..g-Q.g-Q-1 Q.Q.Q-Q..g.g-Q.Q.g.Q..g.g-Q-Q L L 1 T 7 T T T T f T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T 1 ,- J L 4 T T ' L 1 ,- 1 L T T "' 1- 5 L 1 L 1 L 1 L 1 L J - L 1 L 1 L 1 L I L 1 L .4 I I NI .L L T I A -1 I 1 T I A -1 I I 1- " L 1 Flat Braided Wire L l I I A i Tubular Braided Wire g- 1 ,- ' . . . . L ,E Wlre and Special Fxmshes I I' 1 . . . 5 L Llthographmg Machmery ,- .! I I - T 1 Wire Handhng Equlpment i' 1 T I . 7 1 Wuecrait Products ,- I 5 I A -' I ! T -L T 1 T I '- -f I 1 T L NILES - - - - MICHIGAN T ul I 5 L 1 I I' -1-5-1-H'5'W-1-3-5-H-S-5-P S-H-v-1-3-5-1-3-1-x-x-m-x-x-m-x-5-m-T -m- -3-5-3-x-1-x-x-1-3-1-xl page eighty-seven - - - l- - K-i- - - - l- - I I I I -, I 1 I j p of Nile! I i .Q NOEL HERSHEY H. C. KLING : " Masonic Bldg. Phone 63-W Bums and Kerr Bldg. Phone 1200-W " I 1 I ' IOHN E. AMES N. A. HERRING E: ,E 307 Sycamore St. Phone 25-W 210 Star Bldg. Phone 896 a.. , gf f L. L. HARRISON RUSSELL HART a- L Walton Bldg. Phone 84-W 202 Star Bldg. Phone 257-W 1' I i 1 SCOTT MOORE I. ' 107 N. Second St. Phone 1015-W I .I L .I !- , L I L I I 3 fbenldiit of MIM 7 .I .I -I ROBT. G. TURNER E. R. RUTHSATZ -E 107 N. Second St. Phone 507-W Walton Bldg. Phone 801 i- 1 i D. C. WALTER 1. G. BRODIE I I 119 N. Third Phone 605-W Burns and Kerr Bldg. Phone 758-W i I . i I D. A. MORTON W. F. MARTIN L E Masonic Bldg. Phone 142 204 Star Bldg. Phone 1405 g' T T E C. E. SHUGARS fm .E 20155 E. Main Phone 26-w 1- 1 I I .I ,- I l 1 . ,- E fawqewi of lvofed L .I L ? ROBT. R. WATERSON EDWIN 1. DONAHUE I he Dowagiac, Michigan Masonic Bldg. Phone 105 g, 1 CASPER R. GRATHWOHL THOMAS M. FARRELL L -I I -I Thayer Bldg. Phone 541 Bums and Kerr Bldg. Phone 1824 L ! !- Q WHITE and WHITE BURNS and HADSELL I 1 First Na!'l Bank Bldg. Phone 217 State Bank Bldg. Phone 122 i .! I i I l I 1- -I-x-I-I-I-I-1-I-I-3-I-5-I-I-I-I-5-I-I-I I-I-I -I -I -5-3 -1 -3-I-xl page eighty-eigh.f NILES CREAMERY COMPANY Golden Guernsey Milk Cream Butter Gold Flake Buttermilk Cottage Cheese Chocolate Milk Howard and Second Streets NILES, MICHIGAN v,-,,--,--,--,---, .... ,--,-QQ,-.. ---aoo--o----A--o-A--A----A-A-Ao' 114 N. S Compliments of Schick 8: Son G E N E R A L INSURANCE I econd St. Phone 184 ------- ----------------------- -:::::::::-:::::::::::::::::::i, Compliments of The Tynan Shop SMART CLOTHES for WOMEN ll ll in ll It ll ll tl ll In ll 0 0 ll 0 ll ll U ll 0 U ll ': I ll 0 ll ll H ll ll li ll ll H ll II H ll II ll ll tl U il 0 ll 0 ------------, - - -vd Leland R. Funk COMPLIMENTS O Cyrus R. Funk ---hm H ll ll ll H ll ll H H ll li 0 ll II ll ll ': I II ll ll Ii - - ---- -vo- - v- - --oov-v-oQoooo4w Gene Cook: "When you asked her to dance, did she accept quickly?" lack Cook: "Did she? Why, she feet in an instant." Miss Hoyt: "Why is your exami covered with quotation marks?" D. Crippen: "Out of courtesy to sits in front of mefi Was on my nation paper the boy who Miss Hoyt: "And why all the question marks?" D. Crippen: "Out of courtesy to sat in buck of me." the boy who E. Donahue: "You know, Lyle, there are two sides to every question." Shadow: "Yes, dear, 'ours and l ,, one. the wrong page eighty-nine ECI ,Ei I .Y 'xzyvnz J tJ EASY TERMS No Down Payment GOODYEAR TIRES and TUBES GOODYEAR BATTERIES RADIOS ACCESSORIES COMPLETE SERVICE Lubrxcatlon Vulcamzmg Rechargmg Gasohne and O11 GCODYEAR SERVICE 411 ROAD SERVICE ,N CALL 998 FIFTH and MAIN STREETS Open Evenlngs and Sundays g Q Q.L..g.g.g-g..1....--- ---------g----..g-g-- --..-...-..-.. 1 Q 1 ON ' 'Y A "I, A ,. 'fn-if ., , ' F -,,? if ff, I Y rs. i 1 4 X ' .w if? i .qw ,. . J V ,L 1 I Lag: V N , Y l f Q Unit 1 z , N 5 .3...x , 4 Q -sf? . VE Q , V -1 .g .2 A 3 Spf

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