Niles High School - Tattler Yearbook (Niles, MI)

 - Class of 1929

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Text from Pages 1 - 186 of the 1929 volume:

L w l it 1 in 4 s v ,s4-j.Lj4bjoj4r1iq.,g.sypj,vj.+j.wj.fjirj.lQ..jos 4, .W 3 -rw. l T f 1 A X Girls' Gym Leaders' Club 1J7't'5Iitl'A'llf ,...,.. . . ,,Y. XV1LM A KEHRER I'1'cv-l'1't'sitic11f ,........ .,.. ' IA M ir: B Ev1I.AcQUix .S't'rn-tu1'y-Trn1.r11rm' .,.. TCSTIIER ll.xRTx1.xN IIE Girls' tiyin Leaders' Club was organized in September by the physical edu- cation instructor, Miss l'ersis Baker. There are now thirty-two members in the club. The constitution as it has been adopted is a code of ethics to which all members must adhere. The object of the club is to train leaders in gym work who are capable. responsible, and efticient. To be eligible for the Leaders' Club one must have satisfactory grades, above an E in gym work. and no citizenship grade below two. Anyone receiving a citi- zenship grade of three is placed on probation and dropped if the grade is not made up at the next marking period. Thus far in its history the club has not found it necessary to drop any members. Each leader has a class room squad, for whose conduct she is responsible. Five leaders are in charge of grade classes. They are capable of carrying on these classes without the supervision of the instructor. .Xnyone taking physical education who has reached the standard and is decided eligible may belong to the Leaders' Club. The members include both Junior High and Senior lligh students. Membership in this organization is a goal of attainment which may be reached only by work and perseverance. ,j 1 ,Q,,sj.,j, ,. t 1.Ljngibysg,pg.-yv,yyaguj,vji-',nj4rjnj,vj,ij,-Q.y flhgr lululitj.-follil jv ICR HIGH V UUUUUUUUUUUUUHUGHUUUUUHUHHHUUEUUUEUUUUUHUHUUUUUUUUUUHUUUDUHHUUUU Adviser M R. BALAS ..... MR. BRANSTI-:TTER ..,. Miss BRATZKE Mlss CARDER Miss GIBSON ,.,, MR. HATFIELD Miss HEATH .,.. Miss JAGER .... MRS. KLOPFENSTEIN .... WEEUUUUUHUUUUUEUUUUUHHUUHUUHUUUUZUUUUHUU Mlss LANDON .... Miss ROCKXA'ELL .... Miss SCHMIDT .... Miss XVITTER ..... Faculty Adviser .... The Senate .. CORNELIA CROVVLEY Members John Forler. Ray Brawley ......Joe Hill, Loretta Grafford Donald Feallock, Bernadine Parker Ted Patetrson. Margaret Werner Robert Richards. Margaret Benjamin Rose Sweet, Betty Staiford Archie Sorenson. Helen Kale jack Pettuck, Temple Ball Lewis Long. Phyllis Dash Dick Mecham. Ada Crawford Lloyd Davis, Jeanette Grifhths Robert Clark, Margaret Geideman Joseph Sherrick, Claudine Bishy UI M 5 E 5 B B B Q B 5 B E N N E 5 B B E E E U E U B B D B B E E E' Q 'Q E Q D E E D E Y E E E D E H E' S Ki E EEUUUEUUEDHHUUUUUHUUUUUUUUQUUUUUUHUUUUDB H0003UHUUUUHUUUHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGUU WU UUQUUUUUUUUUHUUUUUUUUUUUUU L Q24 +3 D k S Q -3 Q3 Q24 R4 R4 Q24 R4 Q4 in K4 is P24 R4 H4 Q is L14 '53 E an L24 +14 K4 R4 R4 R4 R4 4:4 Q4 Q4 R4 R4 R4 R4 +24 4:4 624 +24 Q14 R24 424 4:4 is 94 1:4 P14 r:4 -R4 fi m U PR .Eli K E-3:4 N F. in R4 4:4 R4 +24 '4 BHD Mft Ballasls Advisory QFIFICERS 1'rvsidv11t w...v ,,.,. ........ I lov BRAWLEY l'it'u-Pwsidczzf ,... Douornx' CR11'PoN Scvrvttz1'y-Y'rm1szzrvr ,,,, .... .,.,. B E ATRICE DALEY RoLL Evelyn Allen Arlene :Xnclerson Ruth Ballard NVilhurn Barnhart -lanice Berkel Roy Hrawley Helen Britton Dorothy Crippon Ilillarfl Crouch Beatrice Daley Harley Davis lfrunres lfshleman john Forlur luxulrlj, wiizl ,losephine Fowler Rosella Goff Muriel Graham .-Xlie Hargreaves Dorothy Heinlen Arthur Hough XYesley Jayson john Lanihert Richard Knauf livelyn Leach Pauline Lillie john Machalleck firzwe Mead Robert Mooney Raymond Nichols Owen Peterson Arthur Spenner Glee Terrie john Thorpe Harriet Tibbs Virginia Tuttle M argaret Van Peenan Donald Weaver Tlielnia 'VVilson Frank VVood t'liester York 9 Mft Branstetter s Advisory I1'.,.' w uzdillt ..,.,,A. I im'-Pi'cs1i1't11f ...,.,A .5'i'i'1'cfi1l'y-Tri'aJ1n'i'1' George .-Xntiss Alberta Ballard George Bartlett Robert Benjamin Madeline Burton Gertrude Cole Paul Coleman Mary Jane Colledge Donald Burt Bruno Frucci Loretta Grafford -loe Hill Josephine Jetiries Marian King OFFICI-:Rs ROLL Ht-rtha Koehn Ruby Leazcnby Margaret Lloyd Francis Low Harry Lydick l.e Roy Mark Lillian Mark John Matthews Kenneth Mihills Bert Nelson Camille Novak Zelda Pears M ary Evelyn Pfister Harley Powell PM I. LllI.lf.M,XN MAE S'r,xRi4i: RVTH XYRIGIIT Donald Prince XYillmurn Roberts Luo Sears Harold Sliuniaker Mat- Starke Billy Thornton Grant 'XVaite Loretta VVard Tliclnia XVedel liflith XYelling Ruth XYright ,lt-anette Exoner Xaoini Phillips ,loseph Trowbridge lPage Eighty- exenl 4 4 ifiid'5-ilQ'24'11CHUi4C4Qi4'24i4i4KQCQQQCQC4'2C4K4'I1PI4Z9i0C4'l4'2P2'QQQK-i'f4'Z1'2 1 Miss lBra1tzlke's Advisory OFFICERS I'n'.vidvzIt ...,..s. ,. FLOYD RIDIILE I'ifI--I'rr.w'dI-nf ,,,,.,, ,s,ss......... R ICHARD RICE Sc'l'l'1'flIl'j"TI't'l1XIll'1'P' .. ..,, LESLIE DVERNBERGER RULI. Ralph .-Xiich-rsoii John Cainphcll Nawxna Cramer Evan lfurti- Roy Dwngan Luslil- Duurnhcrger Dmnalrl Fcalluck lfarlris FI-x XYaltur Goff .Xiiflrvvr firm-zur Rlnririn llullirlav -lann-s l.a Yurnf- lhi-lnm lin' ll'.Iw' liwliij. fighll Paul johnson David Jones XYalter Kully lirctchcn Kuhl Lliarlottc Laudenslager Burnell Long ,losupli Miller Nullic Molica Mary Urscr lil-rnafliiiu Parker lfrank Parry Richard Rice lfluyrl Rirlcllc 1 jinnny Saratore Alice Sicbert Cora Stanton Beulah Yauglin Sarah VValtcrs Catherine XYickler Henry VVicklcr Yr-lina XYillnIan lfrwin NVincgeart XYaltcr XYnorlrufl' Rnsscll York Vharlcs Zoller P. r I M P. bf ii Q gf Q R' Ei 'I' rf' 5:3 tl? ga Si ri Q' Q el' Ei rl' all if 9 ll' E ti rll PW all gl QF ga gi ga 'a L N E. 51 K' :F Aff Q LF ga Q qs 22' if EI' QF K1 tj Q ga LI' Q9 H' 5: E' 5. rl' 55 LZ' ga Q. IQ. E' ri' L, . , . . .jf K' ff' 5. 'I' f gf I . 9 -If Q' el' .:. ,Qu 5' r H1 '1 'V I I '1 'w A U4 Y. NT " 'QV25V29l4VI1Ui1'i!FIeU'QVQ'C4Q'2D'QUU550'QFIe'Q'2'2'1-'Q'Q'14'Z1ieCvf'i1Eil'I-'I- 0'1" 1"b'l1'f"24'2'1:'f'l1-5 Miss Carderls Advisory 0Fl"ICERS Plvsizivlzt ....... .... A -XNDRRW HnsK1N l'z'n'-Prt'ridcz1f Al.-XRIAN XX'II.I.1.-mis St'c'1'4'fzlI'VV-TI'1'tISIll'4'l' .. .,,,,.,....,,,, JOE H1558 Rnrl. Ada Christman Violet Corwin Lawrence Freeman Ruth Gogley Gdewclolyn Grimes Joe Hess George Hilnluard Andrew Hoskin Lyle Huffman Olive Kelsey Howard Keltyz Donna Kingston Keith Langston .Xnnabel Leach Dorothy Sherer Dorothy Stick Jane Taylor Earl Voss Dorothy XValton Mary XYeaver Bernice XVeClel Margaret XYerner Marian XVilliams Duane :Xllen Helen Ames lfrlna Bowerman 1 Harold Briney Ludwig Clioulat Virginia Lockard Edward Losure Ruth Mctlmber La Verne Mocliour Jess Nieb Mary Parker Teil Patterson Paul Petruska Catherine Renbarger Lottie Scofield If'aue Liglxt x nine Miss Gilbsonls Advisory Y.,-' 1 Ilttizzftlll .A,,.... I lL't"l,I't'XIl1't Ill ...,., llvzlllart' .Xlrlricht liurniuu ,Xnstiss lfwlwiii ,Xrnolcl Mztry I,. Hull xYlIlIlllI'Efl llztrncs l'arl Hartlctt Margaret Htlljilllllll lfrlwarrl lirirlwell ,lzniit-N HI'2lllilCllC!' -I 1111105 Brooks Ht-rmcu lirown .Xlviiv Hrtiwii 'Frm I am Mary tinlkins Nix.: v5.1 St't'1'vtt11'.v- Yirvtl YIUTI' ljFFICERS M M M ROLL l.t-on Cstriwtltct' lit'llk'Y2l Elliott tlytlc Frantz Ht-len tlooclling Paul Hahn Marjorie llaycs Ulivia HC-imann lrlch-ii Kanc- Ycrna Kirk Ray Krut-gcr Harry Kuhn llt-uricttzt Mclfcel livnlyii Mcrritt llcnry Millt-r AR-mimi ll,xY12s ,uw l'l.XI,I4 Am' LI. LIxLtuNs Yirginia Moors: XYz1ltcr Klllls .Xrthur Pvars Teresa Petcr Dorothy Renshaw Robert Richards Rohcrt Roocl tfharlcs Sclturmau llurmzm Schweitzcr .Xlht-rt She-rcr liztrl Smith Ulivc Ullrcy Marguerite Young lfrzmvis Zjninu-rman Miss Heafcllimls Advisory VJF1f1cERs PITSI-lfUIIf .,,... ,YY,,,, , .. l'!I',1'1'x' XY.XINSL'll'l"l' l'iff-l'1'v.vidu11i .,,v., ,. ll,xRi4Y HRHNYX .S'n'1'v!i11',x'-Tnmzmz l3IC1i XYHITIC Doris Aclznns lfcln'ard Anderson Patricia Benson Eva Mac Bollinger Lois Boone Harry Brown Crc-yrlon Clynicr Hr-rman Cochran Denver Calcord Isabel Davis XX'alter Diclccson Frances Douglas Edna Downs ROLL Riliarlcs Ducllcy Virgil lfvcrctt Dorothy ficisliert Rlaric Hanson Marian Hartsock Marie Hebron Mildred Hr-inplilil flpal Johnson Hr-lcn Kale Mary Leggett Marie Lovkinan ,Xinlxrosc lXICxlV6H2l1l1lI1 Hclcn RlClX'lt'llE1ll1il1 Frefl Mihills fltis Xlurpliy lnanita Parker XIlgL'lZl Pattcrson l'n1linu Picrce Marian Plym liflllil Rector xlilfillll Ribble lfrna Hay Smith .-Xrchic Sorenson Dolorn-s XYarnur Betty XXv3lllSCOfI Ricliarcl Xxvhllk' Glory Wvisc fP:ige Ninet onel -gs --., An xub' Q-Q mf "'+'f Bl EtJYMN.XS1l'RI .-XXII THE NYl1UIbSlllll' f ' " 'QU'TP'WZ'WFK''11'2"P'14VA'2'l?'11'PUDUlf''Z4KA51lf15fAlI4'E'f4UVZl9Qll,4V4lA'QVl4FIQUUl F' vpjj, Mr. ll-llautfieldl's Advisory Pluividvlzl l'1'fc'-l'rCx1'dU11t 5vr1'efar.v T1'vi1sz11'w Leslie Asmus Delmar Bear Charles Blake Margaret Blue Virginia Cox ,lillL'OflOl'C Cummings Richard Vurtis George Cronin julia fiirldings ,losepliine fiilawr Roy llanfl flxxen Ilenry llalph lletter IJ-lnalvl Larsen -I-'vie l,ynrl lizi-mfr xl2lSll'Il ll' iw Xml lj, -rx-,nl OF 1-'lei-:Rs ROLL .lohn Mattix XVilacleane Mitchell Cecil Mooney ,lane Olson Pauline Pfeil Dorothy Place Mary Priclavka lilenn Purueker Henry Purucker George Rough .Xlice Skalla Betty Skalla Donald Smith Betty Stafford Rohr-rt Swain lffixl' SNVVCI ,. BETTY S'1'A1f1-'oRD JOHN BIATTIX rxLICE SKALLA BIARVIN XVIZISS George Szalvo Genevieve Taggett Emerson Vaughn Marie Visser George XValker Thomas XYalSl1 Marvin XVeiss Doris XVelsh June VVL-therspoon L. J. NVileox Carolyn Wolilrab VVillian1 XVo0Clruff Fay Woziiiak Albert Wymer Earnest Dukes l x r y " "4'PC1'f4'C'Ce'QQf'14'1' Az''Q'24C"Z"2'i!l1Cff-'DQ CaCU'3'Z"14'f4C''2s'f"f1'Ze'fe'f"l"1: 1i1'1l'I1'11'Z4'.1' C4'QCe'l"24'QK4'f-'IA' l I l Prvsz'dmzt Miss 1lager's Advisory OFFICERS .Sl'rrrfm'y-Trvuxurvr ., Temple Ball Russell Bayles Leotha Behm Pauline Brahn Neva Burdick Lela june Coonrod Frederick Geidernan Henrietta Daus Dorothy Dawes John Ducey Albert Gregor ROLL Charles Hanes ,lule I-Ieslet E. H. Hulett Freeda Johnson Beulah Kirk Vernon Larsen Elmer Lepel Dorothea Lillie Eulalia McCormick Thomas Merritt Irene Novak may +2-ef-mmm any at Vwi-'21 4- '1"11O'Z-'Z-CH'- '21 ff -:A 'Q ,Q-11+ RALPH Snoop E. H. HULETT ,lack Pethick Ferne Bell Pletclier ,leanette Sherbino Ralph Shoop Grace Louise Smith ,lean Sparks Helen Betty Turner Kathryn XVeed Fred Young Ruth Young v , -3 r. r. A V. Q. 5. qui, aj, Q, -QQ ij. aj, ,Q pj, .3 .1 wage N . aj. rjuj, 5, inety-tlireel Mrs, K10p1fe111s1tei1111s Advisory 1 J1-'1f11'r1Rs I'1'1x1i11'1'11f .. .. 111z11'1'1e11'1f: 1111111.11111 .S'u1'r1'!1111 ...Y Xv1Rti1Nl.X XY11.1.1.xx1s 5111111111 . X1154111 1 1J11r0111y 1111r1 11111'1L'y L1111' 1 . 1111111- DHN11 11111121111 IJ:1y1111ff l111r1'111'1' 1 1 1111cx' Mary 15111511-r:11f1 11111111 f1rz1111 1Q.M1,rc1-1- 131l1X'111 111111 12111111111 11111111111 111'11l'I1 11111 111'1IIIt'I' 11I4w 111111 11 11 111111 rx Iii PLL Hl1l1C11L' -1011115011 ,XI1C1TL'XY Kirkpatrick 11111121 Lavcrty' 1:I'2l111'i 1.1-ac11 Doris 1.111kc 1.uw15 1.0I1Q 17111111 K1cLA1'11111c11 XYLTIIUII Mctzgvr 11f1k'11 Nolan 111'1c11 Putcrm X'1rg111i:1 Ric1111c ,X11z1 R11111:i11s .kTf1l'11 14111115111 1111111-rt Far Rulmcrt S11l111l2t1iL'I' 1io1111ic 51111111 11111111 Sparks 16111121 5110111101- Stanley Starke 1111warr,1 Swartz xXvH11L'1' T1-rril, 1111ro1r1 X-11,.IC1C1l171l1'1.I XYQIXIIC Yan Gildcr 1J111orus Van Skiver Ilorotlly Yan Skivcr Virginia XY111iz1111s .Xllf11'k'j' NYi1s011 Miss Landonls Advisory l'1'u.m ' y 7-w- W Iviu -I fi .ddr nt ........ ff4'c'1'i'fll1'X' fl'1'1lx'Ill'i'7' Catlierinu .Xdanis Clifford Bailwy Davis Brady XYava Byline Edgar Conrad Ada Crawford Virginia Dizard Alice Early Gerald lixncr Sn-th Finley George Fixcliur David Green Hpal Hartxock fin! ,, ,, U1-'Ficiiks .Xu 'ix XY1in-ixiixx A ..,, Ui .xl. ll,xRTs1 mi ,.,, l.nm..xR Luxiun RQL L Dawn Hatiiuld Kunnctli Harvi-5' llurlwrt -lolinfon llivwarrl ,lolinwn Marjorie ,li-lniwii lilynna ,lonca X-irnian Kirk - lfllfworth l.awiclNon Dick Mecliani Minnie xlflilllgllllll l-Btln-r Rathlrnrn .lolin Rcuni Rl argery Roclwck lfrlwarrl Fx-an l.cniN Srliici' lxialtvr Sfliruinpi llrvcl Sclinli .lunc Tuicr Harry Siuwart fluorgc XYcdcl Frederick Wiadcl Harley XXX-cd Lucille XYl1itnc3' Alvin Xliirlminan Clyflu XYonicr Klarx XX'ncker listlivr Young lllngr Ninn " " H'-' 1' 1' D D'QD'YHPl11'D'2"103'Q5?'f"Z-DW'Pl11'I1'f1l1'l2714l29Q'QU5FI15QVI4UK45'lQ 1 AVQUWUV " Miss Roe Wellllls Advisory OFFICERS Prasidunf .A..,. ..,..,.. B ETTY l'll'TSON Vz'vc-Pnxvidmif ...... ..,, L EONARD 'I'Hox1PsoN SN'l't'ftIl"X"7ll'F4IA'l1VN' .A ,, .,.,,,, RAY LVNDBERG Rom, Ruth Bachinan Bronell Hates Alice Bessemer Kathryn Hlucher Marie Buckley Donald Burge tflyrlene Cameron Mildred Liasselrnan Merlin Clark Lloyd Davis Virginia Eaglcsfielrl lit-rtrnrle Griffiths lerlnette Griffiths Fivvlyti Hatfield james Hendleman Frank Hradel Edith Hunt Betty Hntson Kensel JeH'ries Dorothy ,lohnson Myron Karser Helen King Howard Kraft Zelda Krinowitz Arthur Lambert Verne Lauder Mildred Loomis Marian Luchtnian lfdwanda Metzger Irina Monolian Richard Morris Audrey Nelson Mary Olsen Marie Poroska Douglas Pressnall Richard Reuni Harold Robinson Leorenzo Schaber Ellen Sinnnons Virgil Slee NVilfred Sniieclendorf Helen Vllhiteside Ray Lundberg Q, ,jnyy 4, Vg. Q, rj. V3.4 Q. Q. r',':..1.vQr:.rf r.j.,j. ijnjnj,ayvjivpsjivjirj,ij,V,rj4g.,ji.jifj.v,rjnjn1uj.rj,Qsysyv,rgbys7sj4yysj.vj.bjngnj,sj,QQ., U':4go- Nmvtg. --ixl A, lv 1 s Miss Schmidlmtls Advisory 4 P1-'1-'smiles 111-pmil-111 ,,,,,,,, ,,,, H mm l,xU1ll1SI'.I.l. T zcv-I'rm'1df11! A..A,,,, ,,,, l LIJXXIN iJl4.ls11lx1c1 .Sw1'v1'411'x'-T1n1.v1rwr ,A Kllrnkrilw li.xI,l, lfh-tty .XHSUI1 llilrlrcml Hall Kvuuuth Rothwell .Xrthur lircwer Rlullna Burnett lfvulyh Burton Robcrt Clark 'lxexl l'UL'lll'Zill Vlznulc Uivlc Dorothy Day Micllacl lfcrlrmrc llvilllam Furlorc Ilcam- Lf F111-lmrfzer Xlargarut lll'lflk'lll2lIl Rom. l'lllXXlIl llQlNllL'l"t lxfllllll' llI'k'CI1 lll-my llwoflwll Harrell llill llul1uX'lx'X'L' llwlloway Klzlrx' llull ,Xliuu Hmm lflwrvlmu- l.1lll1lllt'I'g kkzumlun Rlastcn XY.1l1v1' Klumz l.zlm2l1' Xlycrs xxllllllilll Uwcu hmm-is Plullpe lixlyhlmxrl llrwlwst .Xllcc l,llll1lL'IN0Il tlylu Ry-um -lxum-N Sgllnilwlx' llvluh Scars llvllrictlgi Sh :lc Philip Sllllllll llulch Smith llL'Ill'lL'llIl Slcxrlls llnrolfl 'lillUlll2lS -luck Vlqllfli Yann Lvllltj' lhumlfl XXvllllll'll Klzxrx' XYUN lliluc Ninety-Q.-vm 1 Ilhgf- Xin'-ly '14-14 -Q ':4i4 if '14 241- -14Qf14':. 1 4 1 lfiimi-iii' llzikrr Ninn Hair 1514.541 I-ligihy lilziiiiliiiig Hibby Mnrviii H-,lit Klziiiriu- liowi-ring 'I'li4fri1i4in l'illXY?iI'f,lx Ili-i'ii2i4liI1L' Fay Ifrziiivix Fix her IJ4iiiz1l4l lwiut IH-:url Frantz -lizliii fmlsli CTI .mu 9 ii Miss Witter s A visory l,llfl"IL'ERS dun! A.,,,,,, 1 JU' lII'i'A'Il1'L'llf N ui'1'ufi11'x'-I 1'i'i1.v1ri'i'1' 7, RULL lvzi llzimrick lfilwzml Iiaiiauu llilllillfl Harger llzirrivt Ilcmminger tizimlfl llcmpliill lllllk' llill Mzirtlizi Hill Mgrmi bloliiiwon Holm-1 johnson Marian Kiiiiicy lluiiry Merritt lirlitli Mills M.xi:'i'iiix Him. Lim .um llimi-.A FRANCIS l:lSlllflQ .Xllvii Miimlwiisu lilizirlcs Pin-rue liznlpli Powell l lizlrlciic Shaw .limi-pli Slicrrick Krcliy Sliocklcy ,lurk Staiiiier Klzirgarct Sutter Nancy YL-tter XY:1ltur XVcdel Otis XVcStcrHcld XX'ilfrccl VVright junior High Track Team HE JVN11111 1111111 track team, with Coach Branstetter at the 116811. c1'111111etec1 in only one meet during the seas1,111ethe SOlltllVVCSt6l'l'l Miehigaii 'll111lUl' High School Track 211111 Field Meet, held at Filstrup Fic-111, 111-11t1111 lla1'l111r, 11111 May 19. The 11l1jeet 11f tl1e meet was t11 have tl1e 1l1lYS c1111111ete against 121114 111. lllL'll' lIXYll size a111l weight. 12111111 team was 1liyi1le1l i11t11 three g1'111111sf.'X, ll, 111111 k4"'ZlL'L'lIl'Rl' ing t11 tl1e i1111iyi11ual's weight. The Niles lads left witl1 tl1e h1111e Ill- ayeugiiig their defeat 11f the previous year. 1111111 their arrival, tl1ey 111111111 1111111111-1i1i1111 ratlier strong, especially i11 Classes .X 211111 C. 'lihe hhal 1111tc1,1me was l3e11t1111 llarl111r Sl. Niles -1-1 l-3, 3lllSl'i6Q4 Ill 27 Z-3, lfil1Cll1lllEll'l 16, and l3a11g1'1r 0. Niles ga1'11e1'e1,l more l111i11ts iii tl1e Class 1? c1,111111etiti1111 than any other s1'l11111l. hut tl1e fact tl1at tl1ey could Ulllj' get sec111111 i11 tl1e other two classes kept f1l1XY1l tl1e total score. The Niles 111153 who 1li11 the scoriiig' were: Maurice 'lil'1'1ll2l.llg'll, tirst 111 511111. third in hroad jumpg liugeiie NYa1ters, second i11 120 yd. low hurdlesg Klurray Parker, second 111 100 yd. dashg Rillllrlily, first i11 high jump, sec111111 i11 1bl'UZ111 juuip. sec1'111d i11 100 yd. dash, and memher of the eve11i11q relay with Cripe ,1'arker, and Andrewsg Shoup, third in 50 yd. dash: a11d Hess, first i11 hall thr11w. This meet closed tl1e season for tl1e young cinder artists, who will l1e valuahle material for the Senior High track teams of the future. lPa1'e Ninety-ninel , . aiiii-' ' V 'I-K-'2"'.45?Q'i'5P?K4KiPIs?i-WVQEQKACQHWWZ-HOZ'UUV.4UK4VAF4F10C4F75-UDVIAF255K4UDDHUUUQTZUDUUDUUUHUCZHAPUIg N Q 'F '., . ,J S H4 5 PF Q bl! Q f--- -- tl? Q 'F Q ci G Q fx is G 'J ,5 -:Q P Q S 3 Q Q -F 'E' -, rl' 3 Q Q5 K, if 'll W 'N 'fi 55 5 Si Q -. rl' K-Q an ' 24 G '23 ss ' PF 'B T. 'S' - fi Ev .. 'Q .E -5 1 HW- 'K' ., fl! .. .F v A .j- K5 3-2 'H ' , lFl1lI'lCCSS TYSHH Clflllllllflll pa P ' Clli tlli 53 XY EQ .ht C, . A5 Ei Un Friday night, NllYC'I'l1llCl' l6tl1, the vlumm' Illgll bclioul Glee Llulm presented QI "Princess Cllrysautliemum," 21 Japanese operetta. The Operetta was directed by il Milo Pmncrny. assisted by Miss Carrilmel Schmidt and Miss Persis Baker. if H Primm-ss Chryszmflieimim .... Josephine Glaser EI Q1 To-Til ,Ai,V,,, 7,VsVVV7s,,iw,, ,,,,w,i,,,,, . . llazel Moore -Q K Yum-Yum Nlaiclen A. Beatrice Blake if llu-llu , , A-Xttcmlzmts rm ,,,,V Ruth Moore , . . f 1 1' x i V' 4 Q , pl! N, lllslsllf .... . Vfff, lllf lillmfbf ltsther Norris Ki 511 l'a1rx' KIM-mlmcznn ,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, V 1l'f2"ll1lZl Cox Q' . R, llic l'.i11pci'1n', XX llZ1lAl'HI'-Xxvlll A, .... Malcolm Qollms l'r'i11cc Slljldfll ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,Y,,,,, . Delmar Bear S . . . . , i .3 l'1-'lim Sf,-Isl: . ,,,, Qlmrles lfreyei' .gg , . . P25 l"1f-Nr! ffv. Rolmert li6l'l1Ell'C1 Q , , Q Y P. Niliwcf-l'.ycs ........................., . .....v... ................. v ,,i.ii....ii,.. i is Izlclrerl kelly S tlapzuicsc K'lifn'us. Cl1fJl'l1S of Fairies, Clmrus of Sprites ' .Xccrnmlzliiist .,.. .. Ada SO1'tO1'e E11 ' 'I lx, if A eil '. 9 rl' Q '11 - P3 nl I , Q. .I 1,rznz,yZn:,r:,rf.rznyiyV14rg.i2uQG:1iQQr:,471021ralV34Qr',n:n:n'AVQi:45:4rife,HAH.Qi?rf,yy774,pi,p24vzyyrz.byyybyiyVAR,iZ4lQiQK,yj,yi,pz45:ALi4i:15z45f,5QyA,4 ll'1gff Um, llwlwlrz-ill 5. aj, 5, my 5 Q 1 1 Travels of a llunior I-lligh Fountain Pen By the Pen Himself CHAPTER I H, why did that man ever take me out of the showcase! I was handed to a naughty boy who immediately put me in his pocket without a chance to see anything. Then he left the store and caught up with another boy. "I wish there wasn't any such thing as school," grumbled Stu's comrade. You see, my owner is called Stu-just a short way of saying "student", I suppose. "I don't care," was the answer. "I just got a new Parker Duofoldg now school will be easy !" Stu took me out of his pocket. and I could see just ahead a big. brick building which turned out to be the schoolhouse. XYhat a lot of people! Their noise gave me a splitting headache! Once inside, Stu put me to work writing out what he called his "program card." I was very glad when that was over. It was the busiest forenoon I ever spent in my life! CHAPTER II I was so hungry yesterday afternoon! llow I wished for a long draught of nice. blue ink! Suddenly everyone began to push and shove. Stu's companions are never that eager to get to classg so I decided something special must be about to take place. lVe went into a large room full of people, and presently two boys came out on the stage. They went through motions which would make a monkeys acrobatics look sick. Then everybody shouted for someone whom they called Coach Davidson. .lust as the words "school spirit" came to my ears. I discovered right next to me my Old friend, Clipper. We began to relate to each other our adventures of the last few weeks, but the band burst into a deafening march and Stu rose to go out. It was a relief to leave that shouting. yelling mob and relax in the calm of the schoolroom. CHAPTER I I I One night not long ago. I decided to go to sleep. but Stu put on his coat and car- ried me away to a brightly lighted room where there were more strange noises. First a sqawk! Then. "I-Iey! Leggo my music !" Stu had something which resembled a stove pipe. He blew on it, and it added its strange sounds to the general roar and racket. Cut on the broad expanse of floor some boys were bouncing a big balloon around. More than an hour passed. They shot the balloon at a basket, and sometimes oc- casional toots from the stovepipe followed a successful play. Stu kept jumping up and down and shrieking. but I couldnt help wishing that we 1-'21'QFQKAQP2EiQr2lQiQQvf4r1wj4vj4iQrQ'QQ r V .g.Lj.yj.vf,.QQ--.9j.V,5.?,vj..j.'j.,,,j.vj.vj.g..:.,j,gg. .jr-Q. i .- lPage One Hundred Onel U920515955Q'Q'C"f-GQQQ'L-'2Q'Q'?Q'Qt?QU55YAEDU550'QD'QD55K-55055S1'C-V2'Q'2tQV.A'Z-"z'C-'Z1'I-' l-f1'f1'Q5Q U'nga- Iiighll Zqnnmfi-at-'waCliivvfi-Dtlwfwtlilftffi-f:4+C1H-U24K4WUI-FifaPQP2U:-msUF:-wilyUP2QmaniaP2PQPQmannUQwwfKaP2aimsFiemwzvietmQnmwmmmmnmmnnnmfmmnnmmunn fi Si B bl A -, .- .A m , ...N - ., , T E , W - r .f 1- V A f nl X4 : 1. 1 5 1 : 5 "' w I- E 1 zv. 2 :. fn ' 3 5' E 5. 5' Q ?" : V. fb "' . . .I 1 - 5+ C . 2- 5 f E? E F S T E U 'Q ' fi f 9 2 3 2' 4 E, E' 2' 2 ' ' . r' ff 3 ' -2 '77 5 W ' V f' X ,-. fi ga C' L R ' 1 , I : Q :' -1 -! 5, ' ' 3 :f Q '4 : .21 ' 1 "" 4 E3 I ' 1 E 17: S - ' 5. d N T 1 3 '2 3 3 E 'J' E1 fo B' U A " Fi' F? FD ri S f fh I 2 9 M1 f 1 S 5 ZF'-r7g:fQ5f.f:g a4m, Fa S -- L- " ' . g f- . ... , 7:5 Gcrqzfz-P ik- - 1 --:: F5 CUT' N -:--4.17 img-D,g,,1.,Q :.--:.-..- ,..m C: L4 .J -1 Q 3 5 ' H - ' 13' FD E :Z S' Qf'1,f15Q5:g+?44??-gf? QE 9237551 0: 5E9Q:"weT 5535 N Ef'DE'.f:-L-O":'-f?J'1?E?','?i-,4:'Qy:1 ,f E gg12c5gs.,5:'J1:gP: 54 H ,-, f' .-. fg A N -1 .... -- H 1-454 9:11042 5,6 A N sn E, fn W m 71 U1 3, S :Q : E.. 5 P-1 2 rn N fl. A v-0-. ..-- UQ ,iq v-h Q ' 7: .-4 :Q O U7 ff gg O 7 r'D fb '1 O O .-1 -1 .... : P1 Q. :: : H Q. : , . , A E EDEEUEUUUZHEEUUDZUEUFQFQQFZKQ5256331EEHHH!UIEUHZUUUUUZDUUQZZUKAUDUHUHUUUUZDUUUIZUDUZUUU IV 9 '24 Q4 gf ga :B ri' 5 rl' C' Q 5 5 Q B rl Q x :F Q E N '32 L Ei E S E E L E E B E E E E N 5 E E 5 N N S E S B N E N N E N B E E PB m MU ry- v - v e , ,.l,51..14rj.s:.,j,fj,qnj,i1.i1,rj,sj,, I v -1,5gagsggil..QQQQVQPQ,Q5,yQ9j4yj4Pjof.Fj4ZASf,tj.L:1 . 'fl Q 51 5. 'Il Qi . . , 'V were tar away from that continual hub-bub. buddenly someone roared, "Another 5 victory for Niles I" and after hraving the stampede at the door, we turned homeward, -It rl. FI' CHAPTER IV rl' cw The day btu let me tall into a snow bank, it s a wonder I didnt die of exposure. I" C' ri The sunshine on the dazzling' snow hurt my eyes. After a puzzling moment, I wondered if my master was going to pick me up, There he was, hurrying on to school. Many children passed me, hut they paid no heed. Finally a hoy picked me np. and his eyes hrightened as he hrushed away the snow. "Inst what I need I" he hegan. 4 Then another voice, "You had better take it to the lost and found department." Q35 Somewhat late, I woke to find myself in a large hox with many other things, such as pencils. compacts. money. I had a chat with a pen who told me we were in the oflice. "4 .11 52' Q4 .XII at once I heard a shrill hell-then the voice of a boy who wanted to know if a pen had been turned in. I shuddered to think it might he my master, for I Q' hi wanted a rest. But it was Stu, after allg and when I saw how happy he looked, I was really glad he had found me. .jf CHAPTER V It was january, and I was clipped in Stu's pocket. XYe were watching some long ice slides on the school playground. Stu headed for these slides. I could hear my neighbor, the pencil, crying, "XYhere are we going?" hut I dicln't answer, for just then Stu turned upside down. Something went hump! on top of me. "4 Juch I" I cried. "My poor hack I" "I I-h-lil" moaned the pencil, "I'm split in two." My owner di4ln't seem to mind the fall. He picked himself up and climhed Q21 the hill again. For a second time we were rushing downwards. The coin jingled with the marhles in a front pocket. Again Stu turned upside down and landed with 'lf a resounding hang! on top of me. ,f "XYhere is your respect for a poor fountain pen I howled. Stu ilirln't get up so quick this time. IIe was doing some groaning himself. lfinally he got to his feet and limped homeward. 51 "Master, I wish you would carry me in your front pocket after this!" I ex- claimed when we gut home. Stu didn't hear me. Ile was too husy ruhlming' liniment. I hear we are scheduled for a second vacation in March. I only hope that I ffl survive the perils uf a Iunior High fountain pen's life, that I may enjoy a well- ifl . . U earned rest, fir UI .ja .54 P24 K4 .ji tg. ry 'J' .31 'ff .gl fi ,ja .ji 5:1 , j..j, A A, vig.-yvjojofir r Q 4 vi o s vji'jfP7K4VZ1lZ'VAU51"Z4VZ4I?U'Z-P5021P2021 II'ay.' Um' Iluvulrefl 'Iuol 1 nf 5' I 5 5 5 K r Q pg--1 .ul ll- 1 est- fi: , A. L L Q, Rivfwsf HM-M Prmxmfs rf Clubs ' , 44' V . K 5, ,- ' A ..' if .SQQ F' 7' 'ir 5 .ij iw 1. ,Z .Q - V . K G Q l 1 Q my 1 JU YM 2 , ' f is WHS - Q-Hum I-liek Cv-nileaw. ' A ' ' 1- K Q: "1-. L ' 1 4' an Q I A-Y" ' 33? 1 .1 - A 1 -Y. . e ,. r 'A '-. - - , 1 1143.11 ' - - 1 F' ' ' . " . - . xg A . If , 2 ..- - Af ' Q , Q, J , .4 . in ' V I., - ,, A H' -f W! X N14 , 4141,1 41,41,1 1 ' 5 5 GwJcrnmelxT i Lis 7 A Y A7 -F A 57 A I' v Ar I 5 1 Y 1 5 Y L 1 '5 5 '1 5 1 :L VLU 5 Y L Y L 1 5 'Q W i VV K , x 'L as .. f 1 ' V 5 fx ' in . -' 1. 5 . X, 8 1 ff 1. gif: .H , L KT' A.- Y 'L -Y mis 5 'M 351 5 1 L Y L X l 11 A YA L WA L YA L WA L WA '5 A, Y 11' r P' if 1 15 1 1 1 1 L 1 B 1 . L 1 Y 1 1 1 -Q Q 6 2 5 " - q . wx 4 -1 1 :- xi h 1 1 75 1 k- Q V' - 1 ' 3 ' 'xr g' S. '- Q, 1 ' 1 qw .NRL kv-. . 1 'X 1 S ' 5. , ' l Y '51 X in '1 Ms 1 x 4, 3 ax' .H in 1' 1 1 I Y, 1 1 9 f , i 1 5 Y f Y 1 1 4 1 Y 4 1 Y ' 1 i ' JH ' I X fs. qi y 'QQ if " 1 . as 1 5 N1 fig N rw q vs, f K x ., ' 1 '1.4'h e 1F4 A'1'! '1 A'.s1 Y1'A lPagc Une Hull-lrwi Tlmrn-rl 1- U -' .-f:1':m-'1--1--:lowi-+w:-nv:-navy-:4f:w:n:1owc4cvav:1-Qfpvg.-ysyvyvgr 6 tl? D rl' Q Ei Q ri 1:9 -Q1 gi Q g1 Q1 rl' in ,gs Ei ga 22' rf' el' ,1- bl' SZ' E' LI' E4 S4 Q' S4 by Hi ri' rl' 51 rl' 51 E' q. 5. PI' Q1 P21 54 .3 q. 'P .21 .5 ,1- 54 5, .11 2. -A. .11 ,la ,gf pf' E4 kid EI' L1 1 II 'XIIH1 IIIMH NVIIUUI. I4.XSKlC'I'Il.XI.I, 'I'Ii.XKl . .Q- .51 x11 I 44 L1 14 I 1 1 . 5. 51 .Q- 54 .14 . . . . . . L' ,,1 ,Q- ri' sf! if ri rg' K C C1 Q1 1 1 .. ,,,. ,. ,.", A . 4 . , . . .H . ,..4.,.4.,,,., . .V ,..,.,,v, 0 ,, Q-171: , I EZ 1 . FEATVRE S 1' ,ry Ap. Pav .X-, -, . v ,rx 1-. 1. n , 1' X -,H hr. V I., 5, . Y-vw 1 -. .1.4.., w 1' VV' , 5 x 'N u A 2 r i F V f I f I ' , 4: ,W Y . 5. P ', V ',u ' If .., .- 'V04 1' -. ,w ff 2. .. ,. Q U , Q ,W -n .. ,, , , , ,- 1 . -1 ., ps. " -- J. ' L,-fin.-. Y fu, , . -v JC.-.LJ 'A ,N U ' .nv .A .'. , V ,- - 5 'I 4.1 :vw- , 41, V . L 4' ..-rQ' ,' L xl' 4. - w.,. 5.-., - . N7 L: fg-,,- ' -j - 1 i-Sei . . ,lg --... ., V. -. f-'.iT- " ...ff - -AM-- .Vj':. , ". Wt, .g,.".f1.f," , ' 'w ' ' . ' " gg, 14:- J, . - 4 , K, ,, i , .. . . . , 4, g, ..., -44 4:---Y 1,4 L . ' . , . 4, , - 7 . ,.' ,,-ju ' J ' z.- N 4.'f4"l ' 'A , V, 1 H . Q , -... .- -I , 4 P -4 . M sf 4 ,- A . .' is ' 4 f . ,fry ' " r Q .H . .I l ff vu.: 4.. ," 4.4 U.,,.,,- N, .N .f h. ...V ,Q " 'J .-H' . -',,.. Y V ,. -L ' -:fain . ,,..' wil- .wi , . ' '- W' k u 'I 2 -' ' V- 1135:-14' . , A , VI,-, nv-If-.4 144' . yi., -, . . 3 . ' .v . 1 ,',:. ,.'. ,.: ."vw -1.91 . ' , By' . . -.I ,' -.7':' QQ.. L" - ' , 4 g 1, , - 'f.,, 'S . ., ,fm -.'3' f' Q , 1-' , .' . ':.L4'-'ll' . - -5 ' , L-.-'-"J,-3 'yn y , -.IV 41 . r - f - - - 1 Q P. '.,4 A' Jr A. .. .1 J ,l-kv.. ql .m.- - Y df Jw" '. 4 1-D 1. .lwwmam byfc-wztvmvxmmaawzfmnvzivxmztfcivxlwanaanwininQQvm'mavanoatmivaanan8:4QfaZ4anaammmammwsimnammarzfmmnnmn vQC4F2Zl54'2f'2fC4PZ4tI4i2'2ftPi4F51FQsV is rf' it gf rl' l-F tl' 'E is ef' bl' rl? Ei 5 bl' E' QB :F it P24 -F fl' el' QF -F '24 QI' -F :S ri' C' 'I' 'I' Q4 +I' Et C' +I' tg. R' li' ll' bi' ri rf' it Q3 rf? ,hw .1- -5 -F' rli C4 Q' Q. E +3 E' .ga -Z' -If Qi Q4 A rt AmmoniamammwiaummmuaininavmciaaacmaamaamaafzaaaoaaQatoutcfaaroaaomaoaaaaacimw- The March SEPTEMBER Sept. 3-XY e all came back to school. It felt good to be in the old school again! Here so happy to get out on half time today. Sept. 10-Each advisory elected its own officers and two Board of Control members. Hell have a wonderful board. won't we? There is one boy and one girl from each advisory. Sept. 12-Mr. Walker had charge of general assembly today. The newly gathered glee club sang and the orches- tra played. The yell leaders were good for the first time. A170071 and Tufflvr representatives announced the date when sales would open. Our Tufflrr should be good. the new staff sounds promising. Sept. 13-Each class had its meeting and elected oliicers. The seniors elected Thomas Grimesg the juniors, Keith I-Iargerg and the sophomores, james Bookwalter. The boys seem to have the drag! Sept. 22-First football game here this year with Cassopolis. Our favor. 58-O. Sept. 28-Our reserves beat the Galien football team, 25-12. OCTOBER Oct. 3-The Chief Fire Inspector of the state gave a speech for fire preven- tion week in assembly. Oct. 4-Kalamazoo beat us on their own field. 19-O. Oct. 12-The Navy Band gave a con- cert in the afternoon for students and one in the evening for the townspeople. The auditorium was Hlled with students in the afternoon and the band was re- ceived enthusiastically. oif Events Oct. 13-We completely demolished Three Oaks on our own Held, 62 to O. Plym-Field with the new football iield and stadium were dedicated today. That was impressive, but, oh, the game with St. -loe. XN'e won 12-6. It cer- tainly Was nice to feel that we could beat them. and we beat them by one ex- citing touchdown. Oct. 26-The junior class sponsored a very successful I-Iallowe'en Party in the big gym. It was sort of a get- party to get acquainted with the new sophomores. together Oct. 27-Another game in our favor -it's all too gratifying-and this one was so exciting! Buchanan lost to us by one point, 7-6. Oct. 28-29-Teachers' Institute in Battle Creek. This is the only time of the year when we feel that we have the easier side of the bargain. NOVEMBER Nov.3-Two games. 7-6 in our favor, but, I almost forgot to mention that this was with South Haven, at their city, remember? Nov. 5-Education Week began. Here all quite high and Highty now, but wait till the week ends-we'll all be quiet and meek with knowledge we have gained. Xov.7 -This is Parents' Day at school and we put on a visitors' pro- gram for their benefit. Wie sent our parents to school tonight to see how we are getting along there, and never even opened a book while they were gone. Nov. 10-Hearthreaking. but we can't win all the time-so we picked Three Rivers to lose to. 15-7. But why did lPage One Hundred Fivel 55C"Z"I"I-'Qi-552592-ie5'i45Qli"?' f'21'DDI'5DK-Wi!FZ-'I"I"f-'1'5Q9Q'i5Qi"D9Zfi-HFCIHIFQDFQKAE-O'Z-VHZIPZ-'I-0VPU5'i4',f PAM we pick them? They had too good a record this season. Nov. 12-Book XYeek-these "weeks" are quite exasperating to one's tired nerves: first Education and now Book XYeek. XYhat next? Nov. 16-First debate of the season was with St. vloe. there. and we won. Nov. 24-The last football game was. as usual. with Dowagiac. and. much to our happiness, we won 13-6. Nov. 28-Vacation I XYhat that means with Thanksgiving between now and next Monday. Were all going to grand- mother's for Thanksgiving dinner and the big snow fight. Pardon. it snowed. didn't it? DECEMBER Dec. 5-The Buchanan affirmative de- bate team met our negative team this afternoon and we all went to hear our representatives win. 1'Member the themes and the English teachers? Sh! It's a secretll Dec. 13-The faculty gave the three- act comedy, "Dulcy." and it's the best play we've seen in long years. Miss Schmidt was the irritating. scheming, and altogether charming wife of Mr. Gene Branstetter. There were enough laughs in plenty for every one. Dec. l-1-School closed today at 3 :SO until the XYCfll1C5flZ1y after the New Years Day. lfveryone has the Hu so we thought everyone just might as well stay at home and get rested up. bl .-x N L2-x R v jan. l.fTbe lilridgman basketball team came over tonight and won from lls by 13 points, their points numbering 2.3 and ours 10. New Years Eve was last night and we didn't start out very well. lJon't worry-it won't be New Year! every day. -1.5. A 1.9.1. pq..j.q.Lj.Pj,'j.,j..1,7,V,,y'Q.j,fj..j.,j.v:,.j.q Il'aue Une liunflrerl Sixl jan. .2--School reopened with many yawns and new Christmas presents. Let's see. I believe she had a new dress and, yes. he wore a new sweater and tie. Well, we're glad they have something new, anyway. jan. 4-The faculty presented the comedy. "Dulcy," again tonight for the benefit of those who missed it before. Teachers from other schools were guests of the Teachers' Club for the evening. jan. 5-Kalamazoo-again on their own Hoor-beat us 21-19. But every- one agrees that it was a good game. jan. 7-We won from Dowagiac, here, 31-10. Monday nights aren't basketball, but this one was lucky for us. Our yell leader. Berna- dette Van Tuyl and Bob Ames. do some good leading now and the student body backs the team every game. jan. 11-XVell, that kind of evened up that football score. XVe beat Three Rivers in our own gym, 31-19. jan. 16-Buchanan must be pretty good! They vanquished our team on their Hoor .22-20. good for jan. 18-It can't seem to be helped. St. 'loc won from us again, at St. Joe, 10-H. It was a good game anyway. we're not downhearted about it. Jan. 23-1Ye lost the debate with Kalamazoo Central. Jan. 25-Three Oaks has a remark- able team. They came over here and beat us 11-16 and they really can play basketball. jan. 25-just think of it! South llaven let us beat them again by a score of 15-26. Alan. 29-Exams are over. New soph- omores are well settled. and the new semester has begun. FEBRUARY Feb. 1-Dowagiac. at Dowagiae. kept .9 .g.,j.vj.v3.vj,sj. ,:,.3,vg.vj,vj.rg.f,,j. , g. v,'j,,yv,ygrv, vpgsj. fu Mo nys, ',4'2'Q'A"4'f-'D' " f I 7 A A us down to 28 points this basketball game. Feb. S-Buchanan 15. They really are against their 10 in beat us again. 21- good. Feb. 9-By the score of 18-15 we won from Three Rivers in that city. Feb. 14-XYhat a game! St. Joe here again and we lost 20-11, and it was wonderfully exciting and all that. Ev- erybody was there, we don't think they were so very disappointed either. Feb. 15-The high school glee clubs. under the direction of Mr. Milo Pom- eroy and Miss Carribel Schmidt, pre- sented the operetta. "The Crimson Star." XVe were delighted with all the pretty girls, the king's guards, and the candy machines. Feb. 22-Mr. Hess' and Mr. XValk- er's advisories had a party. perhaps to celebrate lVashington's birthday. XYe heard they had a good time anyway. Feb. 23-South Haven came over to Niles and lost a basketball game by a score of 21-19. All of our basketball games have been exciting and worth seeing. and it's useless to say any one is better than all the rest except, per- haps. St. -loe. RI.-XRCH State High of Kalamazoo played here and beat us by one point. 17-16, in the last minute of play. Could almost take back the statement about all games being of the same interest. Certainly, it was a wonderful game and our team was right where the ball was every minute. March 7. S. 9-District Basketball wym-'Q 'L-:li-mac--1 Tournament was held in our school for the third consecutive year. VVe're glad they like us anyway. The games were all exciting and the other schools came U11 nzussv. especially Bridgman and Bu- chanan. and they both won out in the hnals Saturday night. St. loe won from us for the third and last time this year by a score of 16-1-l. They didn't over- shadow us. however, for our team played exceptionally well. March Z2-The Gym Show! The physical education department seems to have been working hard for the show this vear was better than ever. .APRIL April ll. 12-District Orchestra. Band. and Glee Club Contests were held in Kalamazoo again this year. April 19-The Band Bounce "Ch, variety is the spice of life." April 25. 26gThe Junior Play. "Tommy." April 27-Commercial Contest in Dowagiac. BTAY May Z, 3-State Orchestra, Band. Glee Club Contests in East Lansing. JUNE ,lune 4-The Senior Play. June 6-Graduation! How much is within that word of ten letters. lt means both the end and the beginning for us and we hope everyone else is happy at the prospect of the beginning of another sphere uf work and the end of our wonderful high school days. ,,j.r..j.. ,-.:..Q rr -j -j. IPage One Hundred Sevenl no f vm-in '11 'i-i1ivi-i:fi:n:1fw:4f:Ai- fxliifi,-no no Q in 'QQ mwxwwp PQ iii -.xii sq . , W. - . .. , x ir., v Washington Tour .xii-i ix the afternmin uf March 30. 1928, Miss Florence Talhurt, uf the l.atin department. and Mr. .Xlliin C. C Jlsun, former instructur ut history here. herded a seething muh of smartly attired Niles lligh Schcml students into a l'ullman ear at the Michigan Central statiun and started un a spring vacation trip tw the Natinn's capitol at XYashingtun, D. C. .Xlthuugli excellent sleeping accninmudatirins were pruyidecl for all memlmers uf the party, it prayed uf nn avail fur Bliss Tallmurt or Mr. Olson to even attempt tt- still the wiices of twenty-tire perfectly healthy and happy kids out for a good time. Sacks uf peanuts, penny candy, and various other edilmles passed from herth ti- lierth. accumpanied hy peculiar nuises signifying delight. .Xrtieles nf clothing were thruwn frmn une persun to anuther. making it extremely ditlicult for members uf the party tw dress the fullmying morning when they arrived at Niagara Falls. New Ytirk. tu change trains and catch a glimpse of the famed cataract. .Xt lluttalfi. New Yurk. the gruup linarded a train for an all-day trip tlmmiigli the beautiful mwuntain regifms nf Pennsylvania, arriving at the Union Station in XX':1sl1ingt1m at N V. xi. A ., , , , 1 , 4q..:,.j,,j..Qi,j.q4iUj.,Q Il'..u4-1m-- llvmflr'-fl lxiulivl QHQQHHUPQQQ'I4Y14l'2C1?14Ci5sVZ4ZdK4Y2!?1151P2K4'1dC4'C4QC4?i5ri:'2'Iai1'h"L:'1e'1eQKeKeiarlvfa5:5451QVZQQKAQEAQQQQHQQUQQPQQGVQQQZAQPHPZQUPZQUEDHDUUKQUY4FI4ii4V2?QPi4UDFfAUQ L E4 Q21 rl? El' Q4 'J E 9 S EF Q24 rl' 5 Q Q rli E' PF Q ll? S' Ei if R' E Q L ri E4 Rl af? E4 ri E4 if R4 eb :B 9 Q if elf +24 Q P21 P3 rl' if D rl El Q Q' Ei El D B E1 elf rl' C' ri H4 el' 'M 'S' 'V2'2P".4'UCd The tourists spent three days in the capitol-three glorious days crammed with the excitement of seeing beautiful buildings, of buying souvenirs to take home, and of generally "painting the town red." The best of accommodations, in the heart of the downtown district, were secured. From the hotel, the party embarked in motor- buses to see everything in XVashington and vicinity, Among the notable places visited were Alexandria, Va., Mount Vernon, XVashington Naval Station, and Georgetown. Wlhen the travelers arrived in Niles, April 5, everyone agreed that he had never enjoyed himself so much before, and vowed that he would go again if he could. The great success of the tour led Miss Talburt to conduct another one similar to it, this time assisted by Mr. Zabel. Arrangements were made to conduct it through the Baltimore and Ohio railroad company. This year the trip was more widely advertised and a suitable number of students signed for reservations. The journey was very similar to last year's with the exception of the fact that the party went by way of Harpers Ferry. Va., scene of' john Browns raid. Such enterprises among high school students are universally popular and have been very successful. Such annual tours have become institutions in many other schools. They deserve the support of all pupils, faculty members, and townspeople. The following pupils and teachers made the trip this year: Betty Eaglesheld, Peggy Schell. Thelma lurgenson, Clara Kraft, Alice Cooper, Helen Berg, Faye Bretschneider, Ludema Morgan, john Kenny, Fred Geideman, Frank McCally, XVilda lVitter, Helena Jager, Lucile Gibson, Florence Arnold, Miss Talburt and Mr. Zabel. KT rf' C4 lil PF it v-F Rl YF ill ffl E4 Q4 K4 PF AF PF pfl 'F QF C4 C4 all C4 C4 it QB Q4 924 qw '21 .ji .5 -F 'F C4 qs 0 -5 C1 Q1 C+ if if ,gi Q4 El E+ +3 'F Ci Q3 EF Q4 QF rf' E' C' ri K4 slr G E4 PF PF Pi rl' TP:-ige One Hundred Ninel 'A J' if L 9. in l, -v 15 -7- -v wa. - ? UU QUUBU UHUDE4 HUUZQPQUUKQDUUUHDFQHUUUUHQHUUZQQGDUEIDQUHEHUUUEEU 5 3 X Q- 4 ff' , - ' n . n s. 5 ' r1 f1 1"1 1 1"1 1"1"151 1'1 1'i1 1"1 1 151 9111 142' X J ffl- fu - V , ' m 1 I 1: 1 -- , A 1 - ' I K W- ' 'l ' H-V:-. V r ' J ' 4' 3'6" 4, S lr n 1 1 . Y I 'V A I x .' ,jg 5. ii." FE. ' I 7 cy- . -',.'1 L4-, - 1 A :gf . 1' m 1 5' an I sz , Y ' r -Q 1 . - gf-'y , V J 1 if ' ' h 1 I Tv-H4 - N, xl, -. A' m I A ' L. A g 5' . -N 'ff ji A' m ' -, , 1 1 r C1 1 S ' I Q X V AY E ' g -.9 mg, Sk 4 H y wha- . " ' if 2 1 V El 1 , ' A- 'M gf - Q . ,b 1 , A K' '16 Q 3 if -1 ' -- 4: 4 S 2 ' , 3 V- , 'ag K r fm V .,-- W - 1 P 4 E N 41 E4 ' Ar 5 2 . . ' . A 7 ' K Q 4' Q J 4' Ei P 1 gy Q J . .,, A K XY L . ' ' -, ' - . 'X Q : X ' 8- 4 ' , A , -7 if L . Q Y - E - ' A. 6 Y 'J Y I ,Q -X ' g , ii W 1 ff' K A A - -,f - 'f Q , 'S S: 2 5" bu W' ' ' X A ' 1 A 1 - Av r ' av ' M ' f - P U 2 ' ' Y- 7 - xx .A 1 K, . W 4 I 1 . S 5 .A X I U . -M gr 5 I tl' 93 1 ' lx '- B ' w.i.x.1' , Ri 7 is N "Q, .E ' 7 5 'Y m - Q 1 Y i V s. , '- 5 X 1 E1 , 4 Ei 4 X "" ' . 1 1 A - f ' Pi r A 5 Ar LE A T-.," . - , 57 Ri ' k M i gb '.V, an 5 A Q V , . V E5 'W 3 A S ' 1 5' ' z 1 Y S 'J ga 1 LY Q f ' 1 g L 4 A 1 KVLVLVKYLVLVLVLYLVLVLVLVLVLVLFLVLYLYg7LYLVLYLYLYLVk :fa Y14'!4W41AYAW4'u14111 1 , 1' 1 1 1 , 1 A 1 A 1 W Y4141 PF W Fa rl K, W bi ai xi B 99 innmbzzmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmamnmmummmammnannum:aamanmnmmmmaamynnzoaz-PW5 Armistice 133111 N 11112 L'YL'111l1g 11f N11x'e111I1e1' 10th, the 1X1'111istice 112111 1111- the entire high Sf111ltI1 11115 51111115111-e11 111' the 1.6'21.C1L'TS1 f1ll1il. The llillity was CI'tl'C'f1L11y 111n11111'11 'l1l41 11111st siiccessfully L'XCCl1ICl1 11y X111 L'1111iwi 111111 his 1,eac1e1's. The Q1111 XX'f1x 1111116 ntt1'z1cti1'e1y 111-c111'ate11 than ever 11ef111'e. L'111111 entering, 1'11L' 11:1-11111 1111.4711!11 :1 1lI1lQ z11'1'1111'ay C1l11S1St1l1Q 111 hlack 211111 white 11a11e1' st1'ea111e1's. This 2l1'C11 1111c11e11 11111111 t11e 11:111ce wpnce. Il huge circle 111 the 111ic1111e of the gym, also 1-11610-e11 with 111z1ek 211111, white stre:1111e1's 1e:111i11g t11 a large 11111110 1'1ve1'11eac1, w11ic11 wzif 11ee111':1te11 with :11111r11111'i:1te a1'111istice c111111's-1'e1'1, white, 111111 111116. 1111 11116 sifle was Zl huge sign. 1'1111tz1i11i11g the C11l1J'S i11sig11iz1, 5111 "L," .Xt the far e11t1 of the 11111111 was the 111'c11est1'z1 pit. attractively' c1ec11ratec,1 with red, white. and 111ue 11u11t- ing. The 111115ic wus fu1'11ia11e11 111' 112112 3.1161 Her1'111's Orchestra. H':1gc 0111- Hunv1r1:11 'l'unl v V,.,1..Z.,'4 , t V A V Meanderin By .harris I3ooku'.xI.TER OCCASIN POST echoed and re-echoed with the steady "Tum, tum . . , tum" of an Indian drum, and the weird lilting chant of Little Turtle's "Sunrise Sollflili WHS lTC?lVCl fI'1JIl1 the top of Cedar Rock as the eastern sky hecame tinged with the rose of the lirst rays of dawn. Q 1 It was the late spring and the ast traces of heavy I xl snows could still he found in the sheltered gullies in the iii'--' Q' ' .f i ii y lfglllllb of northwestern Manitoba. Hn the top D of Cedar Rock. overlooking Tamorack River, stood N 1 l7ttle Turtle. the Sioux hraye. His greeting' to the wl new day was finished, so he turned and stalked down J 1 - to the sheltered cove where I was lashing our packs and X I -T . . . . f f 2 fl 2? supplies in the two hirch-hark canoes which were drawn 1 o e f"lZlSS-Y, s o mine' :an Q. 'L u 'nth N' I l Nl l y . . , . 1 ,' A few minutes later we paddled quietly out uf the 1 ' l X cove on the heginning of our journey down thc ri-rar. Q . . . . ,. , ' Q The entire party consisted of Little lurtle. the wane I dering hunterg Shooks. his lmeloved representative uf l the dog kingdomg and mayself. a recent arrival from l the States. hent upon seeking adventure and woodcraft lore in the north country. For several years the Uyagalmoiul song" had called to me from far-away places. but this journey was to prove most interesting. The sluggish midstream current soon caught our light hut hardy vessels, and we were -horne along on that peaceful lneast of lnurden as if our canoes were winged. Skooks found great joy in discoursing with a timlier wolf whose deep voice at once silenced the great numhers of small hirds along the shore. .X hawk wheeled ahove our heads and suddenly shot down into an open space in the forest. appearing a mo- ment later carrying an object, which, according' to Little Turtle. was a gopher. Several glistening white herring gulls swept down the stretch of water in search of their breakfasts. The hrush crashed and a hull moose appeared on the hank. and eyed us suspi- ciously. wheeled and raced away in fright. Truly. here was QM . . ,-.qllll the wilderness unchanged hy white man. 5 -'i . ' T - The setting sun saw us make camp on a QA 1 - grassy island many miles from Moccasin Post. .X screech owl entertained us during the night and Little Turtle said "complimentary " things in his native tongue ahout that feathered sage and its ancestors. 'li Wil J iff., ,fr . K 1 ll 'alll pq l lfll l f 1 lPage One Hundred Elevenl Cs A zili-i1Gie'Qi1iQ'2'14 VA'?C1Q'QisivZ4 C45HiaV24QQif'QVA'21'QUE524720F2K4K4C4U'QPT4C4EsUW4VI4UUlI4P2?2?2E4HUHUK4C4 Morning was heralded by an exciting yapping and an anguished howl from Skooks, who seemed to have a slight argument with a , black and white bushy-taled cat which was very easily recognized as a-oh. well. Skooks spent the greater part of the afternoon in the shallow water of a creek on the island, and we were reminded of of the incident for some time thereafter by a certain mysterious perfume which permeated our camp. Little Turtle grinned and said, "Him learn, use head now." But for once that copper-skinned prophet was wrong, because two days later. when we had made a longer stop for repairing my canoe and making a new paddle, Skooks had a painful encounter with a porcupine, and this time he decided "there was no justice" and for the remainder of his days he had a keen distrust of black and white pussies that weren't afraid of dogs, and he also had an obvious dread of overgrown pincushions. llowever, Skooks must have felt a certain sense of revenge, because a familiar set of borcupine quills. dyed a brilliant red, became an adornment on the bow of Little Turtle's canoe. XIX - Farther down, the , 'pg -' river narrowed and became 3 2 we 'f V2 E F a series of rapids which we shot in reference to carrv- P ' ef? ,A 'Q' Ea ing our canoes. a distance l 335 7, f X f ,ff of about two miles through ZZWMSQXXX f - J k lf! I trailless wilderness. In shooting the last turbulent o suddenly leave my canoe f 1,1 ' 6-of rapid, l had the misfortune t in mid-stream and was forced to swim to shore. there pondering upon the absence of justice. following Sllookis general t1'ain of thought. .X fter several days which were uneventful, except for two sudden showers, we reached a placid lake in the Black Spruce Hills. Here we made camp and fished for seve1'al days. also photographing some deer as they grazed. The tamarack swamp regions above the mouth of the river were reached at last, and there, as we paddled lazily through the sultry days, the semi-slumber which Stevenson so perfectly describes, descended upon us. So, a month after Little Turtle had chanted his greetings to the dawn on Cedar Rock. we drifted slowly around the last bend of Tamarack River, out into the great blue expanse of lludson llay, with the mid-summer heat waves dancing above it. Stevenson said, "The best that we find in our travels is an honest friend." There l said farewell to the three friends which I had made: The Tamarack, will- ingly forgiving' it for the trick it played on me when l shot over the last rapidg fl':ige flow llunvlred Twelvcl E E E '53 L HEHDDUDUDUUDDUDQUHZZHf DEUUQDUEUUUDDDUDQDEDEEDUEEDUDHDQDUQEDEDQQDDHQUUUDHDDEDEUQHDUHHHDDH 55555557 VH QV Q' Q X -F -C' Q' Q Q' Q. -3 Q -2' -2' -2' qt . N F. .1 -S .1- 'D' Q- rl' .j. .5 it -I rl' sb 5. Q fb if rl' Q 9 ,1- :B if 52' Q ,ia rf' Q rl' nl' el' -I' :Ii 5 rl E5 23 E rf QB EE ri B Ei if 93 D i 0 ':-'w:1c-o':- 'I--1-'MZ' '24fufmnfffom-':-vzaofxi vmorzniiilfz-i1-vwQQ114015921fQ+2f:Ai:w:1icAf:.':1 Y , Little Turtle, and Skuoks. .Xs for Little Turtle. l never met him again. llc went away and the remaining trace of him is his name, borne hy that lonely lake in the Black Spruce Hills. Ancl l, too, departed, tn renew my frienilship with an nlfl friend. Woodcraft lore. in mme far-distant place. 43' f xy Qi X 'gf .TTT E-KH! In. Il llhige Une llim-lreil 'fliirteenl g.,g.,j,.j.vj.f..g..1.rjl,j,,j.q4-g..j.Q,..3.:. by 4' A A llandsomest Boy Prettiest Girl Best Dressed Girl Best Dressed Boy Biggest Bluffer Most Love Sick Couple Most Popular Girl Must Popular Boy .... Teacher's Pet .. Best Student .... Host Nlusical .. Biggest l.llll'Zll'y Hound . Best .Xthlete .. Pinkest Blusher .. CZITVUK Top ,,,, Biggest Feet l,... lfluman Parasite ,, Laziest Loafer Continual Guin Chewer Best Politician .. Must liasliful .A Biggest Gossips uve irst filggltfl' .. Il'nL:1' Um' llumlrl-cl l'ifniilvelll 1-nmfrlaofwmoipwww:-o':.-it-:roman'Z-mic-Umwzlowzmmimmfmafammms mi B all - ai Q at is s l ,mi I s 2 l Leo Garlanger 2 Paul Ostrander S l Frank McCormick and I Mary Catherine Van Skiver g l l l Bernadette Van Tuyl rg: Anne Tobin ffl orvme Adler S - - -- , .. . Y "l'o1n1ny Grimes E4 l l Ada Sortore ' i I , ...ii 1 s l I l ii Alli: on Lockard , W 2 . rl' Harry Keck Q l Fred Martinsen Pl' , Y bb 2 Vernon Bachnian pb ,, . Q' l Tommy" Grimes LB 2 "Casey" Jones - I lx v---Sidney Cornell Qi' l Paul Hess 55' ,.. hy l 2 "Merritt Twins" ,5 l xl Ada Sortore ,gl P24 2 Blanche Brown H4 K4 rl' tj, PI' F bl' '.f'24'24'C1'I4C4'C4C4C4'P'f4'f1C4'Z1'24'I4'2f'C''21616461'f4'I4'I1".4".4'f4'Z4'C47A'Z1'f4'I4C4'I4C4'Z1Vl4Pf4C1C1'5tf45Q'f4'l4CAZ Social Register E , Eli S Ben Groat Q "Bud" Schmidt E4 Verda Harrison S Anne Tobin S --Kitty" Corell S Ki "Betty" Eaglesheld Q "Bud" Schmidt S is Y Z 'X "Billy" MCOl11lJCf is . , W "DOl11ll6y Elder F24 by james Bookwalter rl' Constance Crawford gf 'F E. Victor Heide "Donnie" Elder S Victor Heide S James Kenney S "Tommy" Grimes g "Bill" Madden 'Q' George Andrews g Roy Bachznan ri' Annainae Downs S .Q John Kilmlinger .14 .J rd Y 2 George Andrews si E1 Irma Jean Hutson R4 JQKES Rodney Evans: "Say, the barometer has fallen." Mr. Donm: "Very much? Rodney: fwith guilty lookl. "About five feet. lt's broken." n ak vs if Marian Hutson: "XVhat's etiquette ..., F MISS Thompson: "O, that's the noise You niusn't swallow your tea with when there s coinpanyf' Rfllt ulxlllflf shall l do to keep from falhnef in love?" Dlfk ll-7 MTVN' Pricinu anartinentef' Ur. Davidson: .-Xlloy wife." V IUC to Dresent my hir. 7:tli1'l: mlilinnkgi lint I hayc Um, sf sq sql Miss North: "Doesn't that little hm- swear terrihly?" ldllwfl "Yes'n1'--lie sure does. lle dont put in no expression at gill. Mr. loyelace: "Give for any one year Ylh' lllllllllnl' of liales of cotton exported from the U. S, Donald XY.: "l-102-V-None." if if "Roasting" cried the turkey: 'Tliilif' says the sauce: Frer-7ine'." moans the iee cream: "Mild," calls the cheese aemssg "Frosting." the cake deelares it: "Clean" vows the jelly hriwht' Now which do you think is right? F. Sloan: "Heard of the latest in poi- sons?" Mr. Klcfally: "No 'XYhat is it?" i Forhes: "Airplane poisoning. One drop is usually sufficient." :X dame we would like To put out of liiz ls the one who phones, "Guess who this is!" -By the Boys if is bk Wle are told that this year's world output of motor ears will run into millions. Vile are glad ol this hint, and will try our best not to be one of those millions. "Ho, ho, sneered Cassius, that fellow Caesar luring hack the Bacon? 'XYhy he won't even find the Rhine." Pls Dk Pk "Victor has a new siren for his ear." "XYell, what's happened to the blonde?" Kitty: "I wnoder why they say 'amen' instead of "a womann? Toots: "Because they sing 'hymns' and not 'hers' stupid." Tii ? Miss liratzkci "l will use my head to represent the planet Mars. :Xre there any questions hefore l go on?" l.yle Vross: "Yes, is Mars inhahited?" The Yan Tuyl Twins want to know why at man who is out for sprints is called sprinter, while a man who is out for track isn't called a tractor. 2? is :lf "Young man," said Mr. Klefally as he gralmlied Fred Martinson lay the shoulder. "l think Satan has hold of you." "l lmelieve he has," was the instant reply. Miss Rockwell: "lf F-liakespeare were alive today, wouldn't he he looked upon as a remarkable man?" ,loe Rl.: "l'l say so. He'd he 500 years old." s: if :gt "XYhat is your occupation?" "XYell. do you know what a sky-writer is?" "Sure, .Xre you a sky-writer?" "No, l'm the guy who comes along in another plane and erases it." Pk Ill 31 Fflsie: tlooking up from her hookil ".'Xda. what are prehistoric animals?" .Xdat twiselyl "Uh, those are all dead. l guess they're the ones that were left on the dock when Noah sailed away," Dk if 254 Seen in Etiquette Book Xever hreak your hread or roll in your soup. The mosquito is a hospitahle chap. He'll always give you a hite, and a swell time afterwards. IPage One Hundred Fifteenl '- gin? AWK. X . L .. 14' . ' 2:1 1 , - 14'1 w41414w w 2gg, 4 1 "4 . ' ' A' A ' . " Y . , A ' A A Ll' Q 1 - A' f w , -Q 'il 4 , 5 AY , ar Q 2 A' N A S 4' "M" A 1 , YN Q A Q V I V, AV A' f. .1 YN T Q 4' AY ' 7-IW A 7 A' 1.1 ,., ,I . . . "'F15l bo A fnflfmlgg Ulf, fl Scnoozfix f, Y Rpggionnl -R,-ezgq ' ' A V SQ A - A 7 . ' I KV AW -. . A V A LV 1 A V 57 W A Y ., KV Ar Dcjwcgg-ZQC Lqzeetv jeg foze A s '1 -5. A Y a x .4 1 .V " ij 4 :A x a Q LY A: - 5 V L 'E ' ' ' X if " 3 5: 'P :V 4 l ' 5 'ff " llgnfw - 1 A 4' 4 ', ' - --U 4 1 -42M-A 5' A' .n L.. 'IN' V A' " v ' " " 6-'Lou-F A' ,PZ-.Er-diiijfj ,afar--inf-'?f'r-ff-1.213 Q-nemgly 5' r CQ A U A A :V fx. , v' '- , A V 1 'f ,Q gf ' 'VA 3" v'- '. A 7 3: ' A f '-, , f K7 Y .-JV: va' A k A V A' 'I . Q 15 LV IIE, fi 'f , ou,-L-.fiw 4 A , ' Lo, Gif'-Z5 WE! 50" :V A: wif Cfem 5 7kVgYLV5YgVkY5YLYLYgY5,YLYLYL YgYgYLVLVLY 41 1i 1i 111'1111!N111Y1,,J I ! X N 7 4.4i+U'2FiA'I"'f'1s'2s'14C4"4' f' Man Power .,.. , My Best Cal .... The XYizarrl ..A.. The Big Noise ,,Y.,.. Twelve Miles Hut ,.A., Figures lJon't Lie Y.,., , The Big City ,.,.,,,.,,,, . Burning Kp Broadway The Rush Hour ,,,, , The XYarning .,..,. Excess Baggage XYhat Price Glory The Jazz Singer The Hater Hole .iri, Guardians of the XYilcl just Married ............,.. The XX incl ,,,,......... The High School llero Lion and the Mouse ..,., The Baby Cyclone r.r,., The Scarlet Letter Hangman's House ,e,,. Show People ..,.,.,.,.t,.. Easy Come. Easy Go . Skyscrapers ....v On the Go .,.... Feel My Pulse ..,, Moviettes Donalfl Elder Miss Talhurt Nr. Donm The lireshmen Burton Scheih lilizaheth Freefl Niles My Tommy Crimes' Car 13:00-1 :OO lllue Slips Text Books Kenneth Susan Anne Tobin Drinking Fountain The Teachers Mr. llaviclson Irma Jean llutson : z z p : p 2 Mr. Zabel and any stufle Gen Franz 4-EW lxlr. ZaI1el's Office Junior Play Cast Tommy Grimes Allison and Billy Bo Pierce Dot Ehlenfelclt lPage One Hundred Seventeenl MQUUDH'UUEUUUUDGDQUUUDQUUEUEUQUUUUDDUUEHDUUUUEHUHUUUHUHUUHUHDUUUEDV CONTENTS Foreword Dedication Tattler Staff Jldministration Classes .Activities .Athletics Junior High Features Jokes 0000O0DWUOUOWWUWOvWWWWW'WUWW5WHUUDUUDUUDUUUEUOUQUUUUUUUUUUUUHUHHUUUUQD 1o'4"'aoomnmmoomnooi f""1mnnn Classified Ad Column FUR S.XLlf- My complete set of reduc- ing records.4Betty lfaglesfleld. as x :is XY.-XXTFD AA young high school student to assist in carrying the bass drum in the band. Splended chance tor advancement. See Bob Swain. XYAXTFIJ AA young man who is wrapped up in his work to play the tuba. See Bill M. IFOR SALFi.-X good pair of roller skates. See Hilda Crawford. XYAXTEIJ--A IXIan4All applicants apply in person to Miss .Xnne Tobin. FYFX your best iriend won't tell you. L'se Blistereen. 'Guaranteed not to crack, toughen or blister the skm. :if wr as LOST OR STUl.I2N-Oiie dress shirt. XYhen last seen was peeping dcniurely from beneath Mr. McCally's tux. Liberal reward as I have no money to buy a new one. Mr. Pomeroy. NYE BUY old rags and papers. Sell us your blue slips. Niles ,Iunk Co. is :lf as .'XI.XV.-XYS BE ON TIME-Buy one of our foot watches which fits under your arch and surprises your friends. ,Iona- than jewelry CO. .XTHLFTES-XVear our garters and you won't need any support. ,I. C. Penney Co. HF :F 3 FUR SJXLIE-My sets of dumbells and weights. .Xlso book on "How to Be- coine a R1-al Klan." F. Showers. FUR S.XLlf--My complete set of VVhiz Hangs and follege Humidors. Dick Xyillfams. lllsfli. STRAYIQIJ, OR STULEN--My school girl cmnplexion. Reward if re- turned. fl. .Xdler. , .,A,,,.'..l.,Q.j,Q,1.,1,...,j.sf.,3..y. lI':ige Om- Hunflrefl Eightcenl oonnonmwnnmnomnwomomwmnwownoonhwo IJUYS-Become the sheik of the school Let me teach you. Send for my illus- trated course of ten lessons. Lyle Cross. fl- if bk Lf DYE X I. BERRY-Undertakers. Grave subjects treated with dispatch. Pls ik Pk FRESH FOODS-Served live and squirm- ing. N. li. Hot Dog Shoppe. if P14 SEE US TOD.-XY-And see everything tomorrow. I. N I.. Oculists. as as fr NO HOLD UP HERE-Socks for fel- lows of destruction. Landsman Bros. :lf all Pls NVE.-XR PROOF LIP STICK-Madame Rouge Beauty Parlors. if Pls :lf APPOINTMENTS-The operetta "Cin- derella aud the Fairy Prince" which was to have been given this month by pupils of the grade schools has been postponed until the end of the long un- derwear season. DONT KILL YOUR VVIFE-Let our washing machine do the dirty work. The Latin We Learned in School Caesar: The legions having found a Ford, the cavalry having approached. the baggage being impeded, Caesar having a lot of Gaul, etc., the cavalry landed on the Belgac and had the situation well in hand before you could say Julius Caesar. Thank heavens for the ponies. Cicero: How long will you allow the jazz-mad youth to mock the consuls, including me? I'm wise to you. sweet Catalino. Where were you this morning? Who was that dame I seen you with last night? O tempora. O inores, which means vvhat's the time. you morons? Virgil: There was a lofty crag on the shore with head of living rock and heavy swell running up and down the beach, so we anchored, and stretched our brine- drenched weary limbs on the sands. Pk Pk Pk Mr. Donm: "What is valence?" Victor M.: "A city in Spain." v t ..j.'jnf,r,,j y y .:.-.mst :Ci Q' li :Qi G 'li all Q4 Q Q4 qi it Q1 Qq fit Qi P-Ii Hi Q4 .54 it '24 all .Qt S1 Q1 -It 'I' 23 11 E1 :fl .14 Qi Qi Q1 sl? .Qi .Qi .Q Q. .iq Q1 5:1 .51 .gi 53 .gt U4 .'1 .Q1 .QQ Q1 .je .li .fa C1 74 U4 .11 qi -Ii .5 . rj, Q1 -It Q1 -Q1 .21 .L 4 .51 Q1 Q1 Q1 K1 fl Q1 .ja Qi Q4 Qi .Q .ga Qi Qi ,gf it -I 4 Q1 'F 1:1 .ja rli .14 .Qi Q1 Qi -If 5. -I1 The Cow The cow is a quadruped wit an alto voice and a counternance in wich dere is no guile. A young cow is called a calf and is uscd in de manufacture of chicken salade. The cow's tail is mounted aft, and de tas- sel on de end gota unike edukashunal value. Guys who milk cows and who come in kontakt wit de tassel have vokabularies ov pekulyar impressive force. De cow has twice stomaks. De wun on de round Hoor is used as a ware house. De cow has no upper plate. :Xll of her teeth are parked in de lower part of her face. This ararnement wuz perfected by an ehshincy txpurt to keep her from gum- ming things up. :X slice ov cow is wnrth 8 cents in de cow, I6 cents in de hands ov de packers. and SZ.-I8 at de Four Flags.--Contributed bv a promising stude. How to Tie a Tie-Hank Jazzbo To tie a bow cross the left hand end of the tie over the right with the left hand, steadying the right end with the other hand. Then drop both hands, catch- ing the left with the right and the other with it. al: :lf He raced the train! He got across! .-Xnd lest you think I rave XYhen I assert. "He got a cross." It's right here on his grave. 1? 2? ik ,Iohn K.: "Do I need a haircut?" I.eo G.: "Uh is that it? I thought you had a new fur cap." if is is Student: 'Z-Xnd poor Harry was killed hy a revolving crane." English woman: "My word, what fierce birds you have in America." Servant: "The doetor's here, sir." Absent-Minded Man: "I can't see him. Tell him I'm sick." Miss Simmons: "VVho was BluebearCl?" Bob Swain: "A song writer." Miss S.: "VVhat did he write?" Bob: "Now I Ax You Very Confiden- tially: Pk Pls 21 A dress has been reported missing from Betty Eagle-sfield's closet. A moth who has been hovering near is suspected. s I Letters Received by the Curemall Co. Gentlemen: Before taking Curemall, I was so badly afflicted with rheumatism that I was unable to move hand or foot. In three months time I was not only completely cured but had developed a fine cas! of St. Vitus dance. Yours truly. Mr. B. .X Prunc tientlemen: Iieforc taking Lfnreinall, my disease was so insidious that even my neighbors didn't know I had it. and I wasn't sure myself. Curemall has con- vinced all ol us. Mr. Hally Tosis. Gentlemen: For years my physicians had told me that I would never be a well man again. Thanks to tiuremall I now believe it myself. Mr. ti. Howitt Hnrtz Gcntleinenz The children cried for it. I gave them some. They have not cried since. Mrs. M. T. Dome Gentlemen: So wonderful is Curemall as a hair restorer that yesterday I spilled some on om' linoleum and today it be- came an tlriental rug. Miss Ima l.yre sg: rg Paul: "My brother graduated with a hundred and sixty-one degrees." Frances: "Impossible 5" Paul: "Not at all! He worked himself into a fever on commencement day." Pk 221 Mandy: "Is your husband fond of pics? Liza: "Pie! Say he's the most pious man I ever saw." tiene: "Say Dad, what is an autocrat?" Dad: 'ZX crat who drives an auto!" Maybe if some of the people around here who would die for their :Xlma Mater, did so, everyone would be better off? 'ls is is Mrs. Mathews: "VVhere did yon get that lantern dear?" Hill: "Uh, some careless fellow left it beside a hole in the road." .-Xmerican chewing gum has gained quite a foothold in japan. Its faculty for gain- ing a foothold is its unpopular feature in this country. Gen. Franz: "I hear my uncle has gone into truck farming." Bo Pierce: "Say, you can't kid me. Trucks come from a factory." IfPage One Hundred Nineteenl QHQF2isQQGHVAQif54545421C4UQUUFQGYQQUEAEGHUUQUGEUUUUQUHHUUUUUHDUUHUUUUHK4li4ilritZlC4F53K4U54Pis'C4li4i 21' . rl? 9' E+ P5 ri 23' rl? E2 D lk . . Q IF Flve Most Important Men ln Italy S L - . ,, . -- " - . . . L3 Q It you tan start to lose xx hen all about 1- Benito Mussolini Ri L You 7 Benito Mussolini 'l ei -- -I - - -' . . . Q Are xpilmg-up rich cakes and toothsome 3. Bemto Mussolm! S . Mwktg' V xl D b Rt f i nd, dine -4. Benito Mussolini Q Q It youtlcant xx ati 1 your es r e s 5A Benito Mussolini wi lou x'ou. S Yet keep reducing on your daily' eats: if 'F if S Y ' ' V 1 - V - ' ' . E Lan hxt on toast. yet 1l0t make toast your Plea of Modem English Student: E Q Waiter' ' X d tv tj "W'hy should we learn to read xvhen Q Ea allikjflllg fHy'f'1Orf5ag1 lelgpaipoigid the they have talking movies now?" E, 9 a -' onesome mi es o os YF ak is P3 524 taster ga W ' - . - ' ' i . H . . . Ei IW klep low gum resolw to See It Miss North: Burton, this is the thlrd S B11 v lhfoughl- . time x'ou've looked on vour llti'lgl'llJOI"S LF Q It you can xvatch the rest consume tudge paperrv ' gi at ' . ' . . til 55 bundaes' . . Burton S.: "Yes, he doesnt Write very ga S1 Peach melhas, and three pastries at a time plainlvv- 5 K5 tThat skinny' sort can get away with ' Bk bk X E Q murder! Ki S Trht xx ay they stoxx eclalrs is just a crime .l Ml.. Donm Urymg to luustrate the S :I+ If You can Stfop and mu' when tagged cheapness of saltjz "How much sodium Q3 Sf Hllfl WC-HT! -ll vh chloride can you get tor a nickel?" ii 1?nd do your dai? 613363 H115 lg erjl' uen J. Simon: "A n1ckel's worth, ot course !" Q3 ,gy ormen ytourse wi ia e ern q K, P5 "Am I as fat as that one over there?" lt at lt . Ei fi It Lites most flesh-pots youll Fairy Story. Once upon a mme a glrl P53 LZ: ' surrenclen- i ,Q went to a tootball game, and didn't ask fi' Xours is the martyrs crown. the heros why the referee wasnit tackled when he Ei S' due? , . , was walking with the ball. Q14 Q' And-which is more-you ve got some bk JF bk gi 'J . v ' 'I ,F style to you! ii, E2 it it ,R Once a girl in this school passed right Q 3, by a mirror without glancing into 1t. She E, Q Mrs. RUIZI "XVll3'- D0Y0th5'- what lll2lkCS was too interested in the one directly til H you so giddy? ' ' facing her! g Q. Dorothy' E.: "Oh, I just came out of the gk ,F bk by 5' circulating library." Eli fi ' ' . - . tl? Q ,k ,k ,K John: 'How did you pass your tests?' if fa: James: "Oh, I used a Whispering Cam- E' :X Freshnian's Notebook Dalgll ln if 3 . w E, A monastery' is a place to keep mon- :lf It Pk E, C sters. , ,. . V, R1 il False doctrine is when a doctor gives Coach' Q glad afly eicperleilie' . S: -gi h V 1- - t- t Paul O.. Sure. I p ayed e t end in a W Q: t e xx rong mecicme to ahpa len . minstrel Show Once, l A grass widow is the wife of a vegeter- ' is Q 'an' ' h Pl d h it X is Q QI' ' ' ' ' , . H . . . pji .5 21 la? klagaflqllzqcrgiif Mini 01353111 Dick W.: You certainly sling a terrlble tg. iii.. ls ll 5 ' g g lingo. Why don't you go to London and 2 rl ' . learn the King's English?" ,J - , - ,. . R, 22332233 T'22ffLff 'ft-52323113 .for a Ben G-1 "1 'mow has EHg'1Sh-" '21 .3 L -. a c hs -5 freshman to come along to push a revolv- 'l' tl' 'li S H . ij, mg door, h , MI -t - - 21 t I- th- K, Q' Myth-past participle of moth. daipi' can Imagine my S mi P-' ' . . .I I- sk ,qt nk He: "Yes, time does dun one's mem- IQ N K I ory!" fx: . Ixmcl Ulrl Lady: "H ou bad boy, why' did ,k ,k X if Q- you tie a can to that dog's tail?" f Lyle C.: "That's where I always tie When the Prince of Wales blushes ff, them. If you know of a better place I would you necessarily call it a royal wish x-ou'd tell me." Hush? '- . . R, tl' HW QF ga PB Ki S' .jx gi f''Z"'z'?i1f'?'f''POC''Z'O'?'f"Z"I'09QZ1'I1PZ"WIW?iQ5'55755245515'C4if1lf4FZ'l5e'21'Z'iI4V?lUl'I1VZ4'Z'PZ'K4F9U54l2Y2FfAD5fAVI4VQl2l2lC4lC4lQV14l3!lQlf4lf4lff1'C4'C4Y2l9FQ fP:ng" Um- llnnflrwl Twentyl J V r V I r r F' V Y 'W-U" v' G' I V V nr V r V V snr V V Y V V VV VV'QPZFZAEQQZ4'Keri-FQVQFQPQFQFQVEFIAFQFQPQVQDQFQFQ'I1'QFQ6P2P' A,41.4A.aAA, . JJAAAA.1rA1A,.zAAAA4AAAA Popular Fiction "Let Bygones Be" by Gones "Yes" by George. "Rock-a" by Baby "Benjamin Frankliifs Auto" by Ography wk wk sk Tommy G.: "I'm wearing my cousin's patent leathers." Teddy B.: "How come?" Tommy: "Oh, the patent on mine ex- piredf' S4 Sc bk ,lack M.: "The ball is out of bounds." Cleo M.: "Honest, won't it bounce any more?" bk 2? Pk Bo: "Gee that last letter you sent me was terribly sarcastic. How come?" Dick: "Must have been that eversharp pencil of mine again." Messrs. Ima Nutt and Hesa Fake Announcing a New Service Don't Overwork Your Brain Let Us Solve Your Problems Heats All-Knows All-Sees All 1Half Price to Sophomoresl Dear Mr. Nutt: For several days there has been a dull ringing noise in my head. VVhat can it be and what shall I do? Leo G. Answer: The noise is a tolling, warning you that your brains are dead. Hang a crepe on your left ear. Dear Mr. Fake: The other day I had my face lifted but they didn't tell me what it weighed. How can I find out? K. Marshall Answer: That's easy. Do it yourself. All fish have scales. Dear Mr. Nutt: The other day a girl friend said I was a brick. Is this a com- pliment? "Bill" Collisi Answer: Don't be foolish! She meant you were hard and rough. wk fs: wk Miss VVilson: "I wouldn't slide down the banisters like that." Stude: "XVoulcln't ya, how would ya do it?" 1 .f,...,j.fA... . ..-Li.1.,j.,'..'.-L'j..Q1,l.,QQ.l.21 Mr. Lovelace: "XVhat countries are on the other side of the Tiber?" Bud XY.: "That depends upon which side of the Tiber you are!" "XYhat will you have. sir?" "A toasted cheese sandwich." "On toast, sir?" "Noi Bring it in on horseback!" Ben G.: "XYell, I finally got into the movies Y" Gen, F.: "Did you? How?" Ben: "Ch, I paid the usual fifty cents." Dk :Z it Isn't it funny how anything so scarce came to be called common sense: XVilhur M.: "I think I have a cold or something in my head." Monk A.: "It must be a cold." Teacher: "XYhen does the sun rise?" Stude: "It depends upon the time he got in the night before." I.eo G.: "Hey, Ma, where's the funny paper?" Mother: "Today ain't Sunday. I told you not to take a bath last night." PF is is Bud XY. musing 'phonel: "Give me 22 Double Z please." Central: "2-2-2-2 ? " Bud: "Yeh, hurry up. I'l1 play train with you afterwards." X is is A little bit of writing Scribbled on a cuff Helps a guy remember Lots o' handy stuff. Gscar XV.: "XVhat's the date?" Mr. Lovelace: "Never mind the date the exam. is more important." Oscar: "VVell, I wanted to have some- thing right on my paper." Pk is Pls Sign in Mr. Zabel's office: "Have Your Fears Ready." ' ' , '. '..'.,'. ''.r..'.g.,j.,i.f1.vj.ij.,j..1., IfPage One Hundred Twenty-onel ,- Somebody contributed this about Monk Ames twhen he was youngl: "XX'ell. little boy." said the visitor, "are you going to be president when you grow up?" "Xaw." Monk replied. "they've got one already." af 4: wk Mr. Lovelace: "NYhat are the races that have dominated England since the inva- sion of the Romans? ' Roberta P.: "The Derby and the Grand National." Phyllis Ii.: "Do you think we can im- prove our faculty this year?" Mr. Hess: "XVhat do you mean?" Phyllis: "XYhy it says in the 'Moon' that students go to school to improve their faculties." Pk rs :lc bl. Simon: "How can I keep my feet from going to sleep?" ,l. Kelley: "Don't let them turn in, of course." ,lames K.: "Say, why didn't you take your girl to the Chicago game?" Tommy G.: "Sap, don't you know it was played at Stagg Field?" "Bo" Pierce: "Cornell was founded in IS:-37 D. Ehlenfeldt: "VVho losted it?" Pls as Ili Bud: "XYhat is this, freak day?" Burton: "No, this is a Christmas tie." .Xviatorz "NVanna fly?" Girl: "Oo-o-oh, yes!" Aviator: "VVait, I'll catch one for you." Pk Pls Ik Irma: "NVhat do you suppose makes that cop so fat?" june: "Probably too much traffic jam." Pls Pls all Donnie chased the train to the end of the platform but failed to catch it. Then some helpful soul asked: "Miss the train?" "Oh not much," Don replied, "I never got to know it very well." Pls Pls fl: Do you believe in re-incarnation? Nope, you can't overhaul flowers. bk is Pls Is your friend Scotch? Yes. how did you know? He licked his spectacles after eating grapefruit. The general was taken sick at the ban- quet. Yeh, what was the matter? Oh. things in general, I guess. Frank: "This blueberry pie tastes a lit- tle queer, dear." Mary Katharine: "Oh honey, perhaps I put too much bluing in it." Judge: "I lined you a dollar and ten cents for beating your wifef, Prisoner: "I don't mind the dollar but what is the ten cents for P" Judge: "Federal tax on amusementsf' JRC?-.255 lPage Oni: llunvlrcd Twenty-!W0l .5 ,Q 'F Q4 ,ge gl rf' .3 C' .31 gi .3 rl' .ji .sw ,cv -I' ,ff ff' ,gi rl' Lv -I' it 5:4 PF rl' K' PF LF P3 U tif gi .14 rf' P3 rl' bfi if rf' Q2 23 tl' if rl' rl' rf' tl' B if if If El P24 Q' H' El rl tl' D? DDDK4'i'EDEE4EK4HK4EDDt2P25I4EEQEDQFZPZDQUDPZEPQQQDDDQQlQDt2?Q92tQEA'2525252525VQVZIQZAQPZDVZPZQQDQDPQUFQFQHFZDFQEDK4EDFQUDQFZFZKJVZUUPQEEQEDD AN . 1 . . gi x:v -I' 4. -Z' . . .Q- -I' 5. qw 'P N5 'I' :E .jr ff' E21 bl' rl' -F' Q5 :If rl' P3 rl' -2' :F rf 53 Ei L24 Q if rl' K4 tl' tl' QQF2 F2515 44 r' . X, R Autographs X , ,41 -, 'X ig " 'U if kiwvgvf- 'I -' M My , MQ VG- 0,7 72 'E W . , ' YJ , if tw 'Q 3 r iz Wil . Q L- ,B , Qu' :NN 4, fi x I 41 Ni" , -J 3 Q W . DDJ -- o 1 - KT X A Q LS X. . ' Q QA S 29 DJ' Y gf' N"25'f4 'R-.izfyf W, 1 MW U HI-Illlrtll " - 'aug v- vu,-119g-ac UUE S P3 W E E s 5 U N B B H 5 I N s s H N U U U H H s s N U 5 N I 52155552525232DUUQUQUDQDQUUEEFZQEHUEQEQUUUKQFZUUUFQHFQVZPQUQUFZVZFQFZPEFQV26FHUPZUDEQQEQUUUUKAK!Fi!UEiF2PZUEUHUUUUEUUUUZUUPZEDZZZZ , of , Autographs N 5 N N 5 Z II ZH UU HU HHZZH ZZZU U Z4P102ZQVQZAFQFQ52551Z45254552'is547145454921E191405454PIeFZ4VI1V2VI4KAFI4Z4F2'I4FI4K4PI!K4P254K4K1D'5sZeD UIZEQVZE E 72 E EUU IPage One Hundred Twenty-fourl QUTQQTHPRH? ,Q 2171551-1555if-'INEC-Gif-'QQZ45'25'UQPQQUFQ924517255450592'C'552UsU05K4C1Z4072725UGDDDPZHHQVQQYAQUKQFQUHDDQHUfi 5' . S +3 9 ml Q l1tOg1'a1p S S K ps "IO ' 'CUZ C "?1'ZvC4 00 f-OZQUQQQC4 6164921 UH529295455C1525fA51iUV2C4Z4Z4Q5545s5I4F29I4K:7'?2sC4515.1Z:i4QC4K4ZeK1QP2UfQV24FSaZ45ZeK4iI4iC1'Z4'l4isV2KaiZ1V19V2'SsP2QQYZQCiFi!52UQ92UF2552547252DDGUQUUUUUHUUUUUUUUUU C4 if Ce '30 A 1 vf .4 Z1'f-Q .5 .1 'i .3 -5 ,N .ja 1 1 1 '1 v 1 f 1 1 'Ji-'14'ZWC-'24'5406164Q64064'34'31D0'If0064QQQQDGQPBQG0'ie'isisP20524fC4E4iS1Z4K4-C4QQQUHUZQFQUUHUQQUUUUUUDUDDP2545 lPage One Hundred Twenty-sixl Autographs , U ' V v v 1' p A xr. ' 'dfxf - ' f J., 5'W fg -UTY: 1" '-. 7, E. . . 'i fi L -x . , AL' wa - DMI ISTR TIO C40 'Z'ZQEPQEQQFZQQUFQUDQUEKQDFZQVQEDV145VQQDHQFQQQUUDEDUZADQ9272F10255Z4Ke'l4'EA'i4fC4PI4K4E!K45sUFIe'I49I4K1K4FC4ZsE4'3VAi' '24 ' FQ P3 5 P3 SQ S E' R1 S S iq ri Q PB G 93 52 'E x. S S if pm if K5 -I' PF -F KF i S ' P. ki- +3 4' 'E Q5 KJ 9 53 'Q Fx EQ PF -x---W ------- ----- --l- - ---'-- -,-' -------K-V fi X1 - sf if l rl' ei 1 P3 if Z g I g fx' ' . . g The staff wlshes, here, to thank the buslness lg 'f I . .. .. P3 E men who have made tlus Cfattler posf Q 52 5 . . 'Q 3 I sllnle because of 'lhelr cheerful ,E Q9 I X cooperahon m contrlbutmq to S Vw' 1 4 n FS the aduertlsmq sectlon of E .3 P, Q Q the book. Q X' z ? S eg ! S 5' l 'E lDe ask euerqone to peruse carefullu I the following paqes. z KE l i PF .,l-M-m.- ..., -...- -u- .... - ,.,, -. ......... ....-u4. K si '31 K PF 'Cl 'E x' FF Q E 53 G rl' Cl '53 tba 'Ea S3 P3 PF P8 2 D K 1' 1-'.f'P"1O'I''.1'l4Ff1'24UO5?00505000UUF3'Pi-'ffU5ifU'PUUUU545792UK!72U'QUUV2451OV:-UUWUUVHUUUUUUUUHUUDUU546 ll':nu1- Um- Hunvlrv-fl 'l'wL'nly right! 1nn1im1.. 1 1 1 1 1..1 1 .1..1.1..,.1 1.1.1 1m,1m4.-,,,.1.i.1...,..,.,.1.,..1,, 1.,,,1.. 1,,,,1,,.i1.,,1..,,1 1.m1.1n14...1.m1.m1..,.1,,H1.N1N.,1W1,,,.1,.,.1,...1.,.,1,i,, INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE GEO. E. coRELL Phone 213 309 Main St. Corell Building NILES, MICHIGAN RODC-E RS PRINTING Co. Maiii Street Niles, Mlchlgaxx -.+ -I'-..-.. +- ---- - -E-' ---- 1 1- 1-1- - -+-- -1- E-E- -1- ---- -i--ii-i-i-- -1- Drugs i Prescriptions Sick Room Suppli Toilet Goocls Koclalics "RICKS" Congratulations ancl Best Wislaes to Class of 1929 Phone 155 U1w.1li.i1,,.,1,.,.1.. 1....1.,,,1.m1.,.i1,..,1,.,,1,.,.1,,,,1,,.,1,, ..1i. ....,.,.1..,.1.,,,1..1W1,.,.14.,.1,,.,1.,..1 .1 ,1,,,,1,,,,1,, JOHNSON and GARLANGER Shoes and All Kinds of Leather Goods 213 Main St. Niles, Michigan 1im1nu1.in1un11m1uiv1ii-1ii.i1iii.1i.i.1.1 1 1 1,,.1,.,1, 1,,,1.,,,-..,,,,1....1 1 1 1. 1,,.1..,1,,.1n,1m.1nn1un1n1n.1n1. 4. ... ...L--.,-.,-...,.....-.....-............u........n....., ....- - - - - ... - - - 4. Statue Bam ef Niles Willa.,-nl: H l P fl Q G 3 F F1 V1 P d Q 4 Interest Compliments of THE RIVERIA THEATRE Owned and Operated bu Niles People H II I W ll 'I n.1n T1 EC C l Savings Deposits ..1.n1nn1nn1.n1-m1-N1 1.1 1 1,,,1U1,..1.,.1..1..-- ,ui Paid on u iunvuisg? i. ! ! Q 1 5 I ! I 1 l I Q I . l ! ! F E Q .l I ! I -..-.,n.+ 4.. -w1m.1,..11..,.1..1.1..1 .1.m1,.,1. 1 1 .111 1 Compliments of The Roebeck Insurance Agency Play Safe-Insure 1n1.nn.... livin.. Donnie li. lin radio departmc-ntl: "I'm looking for a good radio. Could you rccoin- nicnd one?" Sweet young clerk: "XYl1y yes, tlic lini- radars." Donnie lziiter stony glarcl: ".-Xnd i4 the Bclva exp:-nsive?" Burton S.: "Lian you lunwl nie an X?" Bud XY.: "Sorry old chap, with inc an X involves algullrziic llitliciiltyf' Burton: "XYliy" lind: "To inc an X is an iinknoxx'n finan- titxx' Sub-divisions.. Estimates, Exchanges Farm Sc City Rentals M Leases IVIHIC D. D. CUOIK Realtor District Representative for Al. Parker Securities Co. Loser Rio Grand Valley of Texas Grape-fruit and Orange Groves Suite 1 Phone 1417 Yvaltou Bldg. Niles llichigan .,,. - ii.. - ,,., - ,,.. - ,,., - .,.. - .... .,.. - ,,.. ,,.. - ,,.. -i..-.+ 4..- -izi -w- Kvii - ifi' - 1- 'fi' - "" - "" - "" -lr-N - ...,,.-ml-,,,,1i,l.1.1.1l,..1lll,-l.,,-li+....m1.,.,1,...1 1....1ll.l1i..,1.n.-.l,-W,-l.l.-.lil-.,,,..W1,,.1,.,.1,.,1w,- SPENCERS Advertise in the Tattler For Schoolboys will soon be men- And we like to keep them with us, As Customers and Friends. With you We smile and boost for Niles Spencer Dry Cleaners PHONE 649 ,jognjoioivivkf f 1 1 ioiltiwlwiolwl-1Ilivlll .:-vzi:v:-::f.q:4-1- 14.10101 Why Men Like to Buy Clothes Here As We Have Kuppenheimers Famous Fiftys They can come in and be taken care of in a business-like way, "quickly without fuss," at the lowest prices possible--quality considered. CI-IAS. JULIUS COMPANY Chas. Petterson hflanager 1. 1. 1.1.1.-1.-14.1 ic -'-1-ilwl 1'r1'i:f1v1o1oio1o lPnge One Hundred Thirty-onel m1nn1 1 u 1 1 , 1, .1W1-,..1,,,,1.,.,1,,,.1,..,-1i.1,.,.1,,.,1..,1...,1.m 1.,,.1,,i1,,.,1,..,1i,..1.,.1. 1 1 1 1 1.i1....1....1 .g.......-,.-n.,....-..-..-.n- .......-. ---- ..-..-..-4. rg..-......-.. -.-- - - 1 1 1 1 1 1. 4. A COMMUNITY INSTITUTION The Hnest entertainment money can buy, with service and cour- tesy as important factors. THE READY Theatre THESPERFECT VITAPHONE AND MOVIETONE AD VER TIS IE Your Business bij using Liiiaogrophed Show Carcls and Posters Made bi, The National Printing and Engraving Company Offices: Chicago, New York St. Louis HOME PLANT: NILES, MICHIGAN I + ....1.1.-1.1.1. ... 1.1.1,,1,,1,,1,,1,.,.1,..-+ xl II I I M11 u1un1nu1. 1 1.1 1.1 1,1,.1i,1,w1.,,1 1 Dr. ll. G. BRODJUE Dentist Qiii-D ROOITI UO. 205 STAR BIHLDIHG Niles, Michigan -.,.,1...,1..1..1...1,i..1...1.,1.1.1 1 1 1 1un1 FUNERAL HOME Troost, Augustine 6' Price Phone 10W Ambulance Service 5? ? E. V. Augustine H. E. Price Licensed Embelmers 11 1..,.1,,,,1,,.,1,,,,1t.t.1.t,1.1 .t-.H 1. 1 t1 1 1.,.,1 Niles Fuel Supply Co. COAL Phone 160 Qffice: Main 65' Big 4 R. R. H. D. LABERTEAUX "The Grocer" Just H Little Better Phone 1100 1993 - .1929 e 1m?.59 LIAIN STREET -5. .- tt.. -9- ,... -..,.- -.,.-W-.- ,,,, -,,-.... ..,. -H.,-....-.....5 . -M u1n im-..t.i1tt.i1t,,t1t.t.1w1. t....m1. 1.ti1i.t.1.,,.1....1.t.t1W1,-it ii1m.1 1 1 1 u1m1i...1.ni1n..1..1....1.w1,,.,1i.t.1.t,,1it1,i.1..1.1,,.t1,,t.1 'rnuni slmvxcs limit il? 0 55:1 KEN 2-'P-XR? --- .M I if PAUL THAYEIPS JEWELRY STORE DIAMOND AND WATCH SPECIALIST Ocficial Watch Inspector M. C. R. R. Ball Time System Watch Inspector For Citizens Niles Mich. QUALITY COURTESY I-IENELEMAN"S Smart Modern For Apparel Women Niles Benton Harbor Corner Main 6' 3rd 127 Pipestone St. II Il I III I I gg gg, V- Girls Champion Soccer Team-Class '31 4. - -M- -w-N - -1-- - 'w-- - -w-1 - 1-NN - f-N1 -H+ -l-"- Iwlv - - - -.r..- 4. ROEGEIPS Confectionery Store Ice Cream Candy Fruits Cigars 117 N. 3rd St. Ugg. ll H l l ll 1,-i--ml Camp Outfits Fishing Tackle Golfers' Supplies-Guns 8' Ammunition SPORTING GOODS F. W. Appleby SPORT SHOP Keys Fitted Gunsmithing General Repairing 108 Second St. lNext to Riveria Theatre, Niles Michigan - i-i- -4- -i--w- riii ---v ------ - - -4.-H.,-q. + -u--- -i---- -k-- - VQV' - --'- - ---- -V - '- - -------- --" - --'- -H-'--s- Complimeuts of THE NILES LUMBER CO. M. S. Rucliseii, Sec'gHTre-as. The I-101119 of "BILL D1NG" Main-Oak PHARMACY Francis B. Drolet, PH. C. Proprietor ' 'A Friendly Store' ' Three Minutes from High School mn- 1.1 1. 1,..1,,.,1,,,.1ui..-..,.,1,,.,1,,,,1..,.-....imy-,H1.1.,1fw-,.H-.i.,.-.n... The Broadway Marker SL Grocery THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE 1001 Broeidunaq Phone 388 JAS. L. MADDEI1 ROLFE R. CFAULOR n1....1nn1uu-un1nnim..-..,....,.,.-H.,-,,,,1,,,,-W-., ,,.-.N-.,,,.., u-nu1m.1u..1,...1....-W1,.1,..-,Wi ,,,, .-,mi ,,,, im,-,,.,..,..-, We Serve Plate Dinners Chicken Sandwiches Lunches at All Hours ff?-3 sie HOTEL DE HAMBURGER 115 North Second St. II H 1 T 1 1.1, 1,,,1,..,1,...1,,,,1.,,,1,,....,.,.1....1,.,.1,...1....1...- 1. 1 1 1..1...,1,,1 ,1 .,,, 1,.,1,,..1,...1..,.1,.,,1W1,.,.1,,.,1.,..1.,..1.,..1.,.1,H1 1 1 .1,.1.m1...1 1.1 1 if l! Realax Porch and i I ' ! l Lawn ChH1fS i 1 LANnsMAN's mc. l l Aff 3 E ldeal for X ir Bridge - Table The Home ot K Cover Ma ch E to t i I Hart, Sclmttner C? Marx CCMFORTABLE Cl h f Q: As the old Arm Q Q Oli GS 'l l Chair . U Y i L I " K V 5 All steel See tlae New 'tlarepu Suits N5 Fold Flat B9 ' b l'lart,Sct1attner 6' Marx Several Models and Trimmings Our Auto or Camp Chairs are lWost Convenient i Sec Cur New Slydforlz for Camping 225 E. Main st. Phone 899 Michigan Wire Goods Co. NILES, lN'llCl'I. - - - - i-ii- ,- ,-i-i.,-,,-,...-,..,-,,..-,.,-,..-.,.,p .i.-,-,,,,-ii..-..-,.,.-i.i.-..,.-.,..-..-.- - -..- - - Yes, We Launcler Dress Shirts Particularly for Men Who Care Dress slnirts, pleatecl lvosonzs ancl plain, particularlg, tor men wlxo care. Pleatecl lvosoms are verg attractive tor semi-tormal occasions, lnut some men hesitate to wear tlaem tor tear tlaeg cannot lbe launclered properlg. But it can loe clone -- we're doing it everg clan. ILES LAUNDRY "The Soft Water Laundry" itll N. Seconfl St. Phone 1125 ll if Hi ilfil ll I -1- - "-A -1- - - --- ------ ------ --'- - - - - -------- --------- -If TRUOST BROTHERS six Com plete Hollle I"llI'IliS1l9I'S Furniture, Stoves and Rugs FU UR COLIPLETE FLOUHS 110-112 North S0cunc1St1'0vt 'l'1-lephono No. 111 -- Nilos, blichigiall 1...1.,.1..,.1,1.11w.1..,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1.,1'1,,,11v,.1..1,-.1 -1- -5- II H 1 .1 'rr 1 1 1 .1 1,.,1,,,.1........,,,1,,,,1,,,r1i,ii1uii + - H- .... -1----1-1--4. BA 3' DRY Goons Ladies Ready-TU Wear Niens and Childrens Furnishings Shoes for the Whole family Phone 1531 117 Main Street NILES GY BUCHANAN MICHIGAN ...,.., .. 1 .. - - -.-- -.- - ..,,-i..,,- ,,.. .... - ,.., -,.,..,-.,.- ,.., Oakland Pontiac Sixes Products of General Motors 2 Dr. Sedan - -51145 2 Dr. Sedan f 5 745 4 Dr, Sedan - 1245 4 Dr. Sedan - 845 Coupe - - 1145 Coupe - - 745 Roadster - 1145 Roadster - 775 Unley Motor Sales Niles, Michigan Phrme 702 Opposite Riviera Theatre ll'.Lf, Flin lliiiiflrf-fl 'lhilli--1'Iuhtl Mrs. l angstou: "Now Hardy, you slioulclift li: atrzud of the clark." Hardy: ".-Xxx' gcc Mu, it gets in my eyes anal I c:1ti't sec anything." ,lohu K.: "This vzmisliinif LTCZHII is a fake." Druggist: "1Yliy?" john tlmlushiugl: "l'vc usual it on my ict-t for two wt-n-ks and thuy are just as large as thcy cvcr wt-rt-." r :i: 1:- XYzirrt'u: "Dill you graduate with Cum lauclt-F" .Xlllll1llllSI "Nm hc must have hwfcn he- foim- my time," Pl: 41 Pl: Mrs, Rutz: "Bob, use thu word 'fabric' in :i sentence." Huh S.: "You would pass out colil fabric lull ou your ht-acl." Roland S: "Dial you ever take chills?" Max S.: "Nu, what pt-riorl clo they cuiiit-P" :lf S2 Ili liurtou: "I wonder why that guy wears a glass mouocle in that eye?" llrvillu: "It's hccausc his eye is weak." h Burton: "Then hull better get a glass at." ..ii1.i..1..1,..1....1..1 .,1,,-M1 1 1 1.1 1 1uu R. C. Atkinson COAL and BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Phone 247 Dey and Third Sts. Seth Atkinson, Mgr -..g. iq..- .i.. -.H-. ---- -'-'-H- - --- - - '- 1m...nn..i,,,1i-4.1.,41,,..1,..-.W1 1..1.,,1.,1 11, n 11111 1 1...1..1,,1,,1 ..,. 1 .... 1 rxyi 1 ..1. .gnn1nu F. A. Reqnolcls HARDWARE Phone 460 '+!.z 209 main Sire-it Niles, michigan I I 1 ,I Lgglfsefmidieal I is I ,ll li li if ls H Gas Rcmqe is par? of Zhe equipmeni of every modern home. Michigan Qds and Electric Cornpanq 302 Main Street I I ...,- .,,, -...!. Q.- ,,1, - .,,, - .,., - ,.,, .. ,.,. - .,., .. .,., .. ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,.. - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, -. ,.,, - iii. -. '1-1I11111-M--ui1,,i1,.,,1,.,.1,.i1 1 1.,..1I.1.,H1.,.I1K..i1i.,.1,,,.1.,.,1.,.,1I1..i1..1..,.1. 1.,.1 1.1.,,1,,,.1 1m-.V erflfillones Company Designers ancl Manufacturers of School and College .Iewelrg JEWELER TO NILES HIGH SCHOOL r 'Im germ INDIANAPOLIS - - INDIANA 4. . ...... .,.. - .... - ..,. ...,,..,..-,.... .,.. .. ,,,, -,,........i-..- .,., - .,.. - -... .,.. - ..,. -,m...-.,,.-n-,m-..,.- 4. II H I-ITI' 'I -1- -w-r-- -- A - --'- - KQVI - ++ 1 - fff- - -lvx - -'+1 - '1-- - + 1 - ++'1 - VAVA - '1 - -4. +V- 1-4- - ,. . - .... -. - .... -...-..-.r-,..-r..-.r.-..- - ..l ML1SlJIOO111S 6' Gasoline DEA 'S Drug Store ! ! E Q I A Comphmgnts of l l Known the world over Miclaigan lVlusl1roon1 o Compang I i . . u i , Niles MlCh1g3H I 1 I -. - -, - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, ,,,, - ,,,, ..,,+ +-..,-,,-...-,.- .,., -H,-. - .,., - ,,,, .. ,,., - ,,., 4, -- 1 1, -,,,i,,,,1,,,1 A, ,, .,,. ,,,.....,-,,,1,,,.-M--,Him,1,,.,-W-.,.,.-,,,,-,.,1,,,.... .-nl.-H11 1 .., Pofcliicls Reorearion l-lall Lunch Room, Tobacco, Cigars and Shines Petlriclils Billiard Parlor J. .PENNE C69 Symbols of Value Before any C. Penney Company label or trade-mark is validly affixed to a piece of merchandise that merchandise must measure up to certain stringent, standardized tests of materials and work- manship. Guide Postsgfor Your Safe End Sure Direction to Quality Our labels are in a real sense lndustrial Degrees of Proficiency, and we guard them with all the care and pride that a great uni- versity throws around its scholarship awards. Qnly the worthy and the competent can achieve the honor. We regret that sometimes manufacturers or jobbers place these labels on goods rejected by us because of some flaw in the material or workmanship. Sometimes these im- perfect goods, still bearing our label, find their way, against our wishes and without our sanction, into stores other than our own. Remember that sound, up-to-standard merchandise bearing the J. C. Penney Company labels or trade-marks is sold only in our own J. Penney Co. Stores. I 1 uf. -.,.-f,.- .,., -I.,-I..- .,.. - ..,. - ..,. - ,... .. .... - ..,. - .... .. .... .. ,... - .... -4. q..-I..-....-....-... -..... - - - - - I I I I OSTRANDER'S MQWIS 5 Q M, E tE C1 as n Clover 1:6 rm Headquarters iior Store School Suppilres ii . I I We Deliver i i y W Telephone 699 211 Main Sr. I I I I I I "" - "" - IIII - '1-1 - -11- 1-----I--I--ni,-.iii-iq. fp- -.I- - I-I- - --II - --I- 1 - 1 1 1 --11--11 Livingsrorfs Southern Michiqflns Finest Store for lDomen's Readq H toe Ulearf Drq Goods, Millinerq, Jeunelrq, Hose, novelties, Draperies, Etc. We Ilriwiiite Your Parromage -I. 1,,....,,1,-...1 i,,i - iiii 1.1 - -ifi 1 fi-i 11-1 1 :i-i 1 -ilr 1 -ivf 1-v---H1-H1 lffl 1-H1-111 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- 1 1:1 .lg I 1,,,1W1,,ii1.i,,1,.,1..,.1..1.,.1..i,1,1ii,i1,i...1i.i.1i.1 1.1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1 Girls Champion Basket Ball Team-Class 529 of .m-..n- .. .- ,... - .... -..,-... ,... -...- ..,. - .,.. - ,,.. - ,,.1 - ,... - .... -4, 4...-H., Appearance Is Not Allin Life But it's the other fellows measure of you He may look at your feet first Shoes Hosiery Calvin Bros. -un-,,,,1m,-1,,,-,.,.-..,.-.,....,w.- mlm.-,.,,- Printers Stamp Makers Qflice Supplies 6515 Niles Printing Company QU' 216 North Fifth Street Phone 992 Nil -u,,- .. - - -.1-U -..- - - .... - ..., .. -...-....-...p q.- 1... - -,., - .l-- - Lw-N - llii - 1-N' - wvxl - -1-- -w-u--'-.--1- fPage O H 1 l I tl I .11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1l-n1u-q...nn1lm1 1 UIIIIFRAGNU Basket Campany Manufaciurers of the IDorld's Leading Baskets I I I I I I - E ,d1i uceni-Anna' WarcIroI3es , X Shoe Cabinets Spllllt Hampers Fibre Hampers CIotI1es Baskets S k x rg Bassinettes mI1...1,,..1.1...1..1,..1 .... 1.1 1 1, 1m-- IIII -'HI-is og- lvuu 1 Iull 1 --.. 1m.1..-.1 .... 1...1 .... 1 ..., 1.,,,1,..,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1. ul' I I I M 11 ll G th BOWLING GARAGE I I Us 3 ra WOM E. M. Bowling, Prop. : i i Qs 1. I I I G i I I EQ? . I Q I C W h' ---S I I ar as mg tomge I Plumbing and Heating Boclg and Fencler-Repairing Duco Fiuislaing Y I , I - I PHONES i- . Residence 245-J Shop S14 I I NILES, MICHIGAN E 1 1 1 ' D Phone M26 Sycamore at Front SL E Ill South 3rd, St. Niles, Mich I I -,...,... .- ..I. -..-,.- .,,. - .,I, -I,,- I.,I - .... -.,- .... -.,.....g, .i..-.....I-,.... ,,., - .... .. ,.,. - ,..I --- - I-.-I--I-.-- - 11 li II I II I ufnl:nu1nn1inn-nn-nn--m-.1 ....- .... - -.!- - ---- -II1 ---- ---- H - -I' .. Q CW' . 5. L " .fi f ' i - x ' ' ' X ' , 1 r' ',,-. , V l 1 ix 4 4 Q ' , I B-U' Q55 55: vkkfj?.maris11ji't'tl1LWhm! Y 3 1 vw ,5- W A' .f ' .N 41 , -, ' fl ' Qi if W , ww I V 'trlejf 1 5 uw QL I Q 1 1 ,1 xx ' - 3 221559 .51 1 ' , Q- ' - ' .,. 5.1 1 it li '- , 23 g , 1 1 Z H15-': ' A- F 1 ii 1 R i , fi , -f' F :I- '- 1., wfk. -gi f 1 - l X, f ,R "Q, 4 A ,: .., A 1 H. A . W i , . N, A ,. it if ' ' ,P f' fs" , H555 iw 1 J . Q 6 li 0 Q. 52,9553 5 0 We 1 ' 2 1. - C K " H Q " i ft: 'wr -, - .K ff? r w?'f.,,m XR A s Q. , I h , H, Q LM 1, 5 A w Az.: . gm ll Q' ., Salk v " Y ' v Qffgbe 1- fl fi MQSWT X . X in if as Q-5 X , 5 W STORE FROSTS 5 3, il... Blodern store fronts furnished by Kawneer have contributed largely to the success of thousands of progressive lnerehants in all lines of retail business. llhese nlen will tell You that an investlnent in a modern Kawneer display front is the surest dividend-paying investment any retailer can lnake. lllail the eoupon today for your free copy of our hook, Nlllodern Store Fronts for Better Display." f if xiffwwnieieb LLQ-fd' B R 0 N zizj STORE FRONTS THE KAWNEER COMPANY Front St., Niles, Michigan Please send your book of Modern Store Front Designs to 9 Kina' ofliusiuess --A-YY,VYVVY, , ., Name ..,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Address ,,,,, ,,,,, NONSULT AN ARCHITECT - LT IS AN INVESTMENT-NOT AN EXPENSE Throuxili our ISUZU naliimul adv:-rtisini to :1 c-lass Qroup the name Ulinwvlimfr Bronze Store Fronts" YVill lie printed approximately eight million times - --w - ---ww -U..-U..-.,.,-iH-ui.-....-..,,.-....-1. -.,..-.,.-..-,.1...H..-...,.,-..,,-....-H.,-ui.-..i.-.,.,...m.-..i..... Il':iue'll'1ull'1uliUl l ati Hx Ll H Niles High School Gym 'Team + - + ' - + - ' - - K- - - ' -.-.-.- 1- - - +"' -.--- ---- - ---- - ---- - 1--- --K---+ Your Next Step-n To learn to earn a livelihood through serving Business Q? lillnlllths .XflllllIllNlI'2illUllQ gXclvancccl Suc- ruuirmlg l'x'o1Aussio11z1l .'XCC0l1IlIlllg', Audit- ing :mfl l.:m'g also i-ight aflrlitional Course-s him- Xi-xv liuilrling3-vtwclvc roomsg- tlmfI.r....f wr...-t1'11cliox1, pronoullcccl the lwsl v-lllippf-fl in ilu- kk-utrzll States. . w lzllzilfwu :mfl rlwtml.-fl llllljllllilllllll I'lxl'.l'.. lYritu for it. Yisil LF. You will lac shown cvcry l'4lIll'lQ5j'. 'F South Bencl Business College South Bend, Indiana 1 1.. 1. ..1....-....1...... ..1... 1, ll':..'. Ui.. llmwiyvfl liwrlg.-si:-il ...-..g. . -....1....1....1....1....1....1....1.....- 1...1..1 1 1 1 1 Compliments of the PORBURGER OTQR CO. BUICK NILES, MICHIGAN ..-.-......- ..1 1.1. 1 1....1..1 1 .1 .-......1. .1 .1 1111.1 1 1.1 1 V1 .1,.11,m.-.m1,,1.11111un1m..1...y....m.1.m1M1 .11-u1H..1..,.1 1 .1.,.,1tw- 1- 1...- 4. '-M- D - Vyly - -I - -H- -,,,,,,,,-,,n- ,.,, -+ ,i.,-.,,,-,.,. ...- , .-- K-U 1 Compliments of g CLEANERS NJULES T --we age for athers: Y C We 11 Dge for gon Prompt Service I I Q l Q Phone 124-W Q04 North Second Street l -,-,H-,,,-.n,-m-m- ,-.u-u.,-. - ,.., - .... -.,n.,.....g. -1--.,n-n.-..u- .., -.,....,u- .,., -.,t-.,r,-,...-....-.,..-n-,-- Niles Qailg Star You will find all the local news with the best of the nation,s happenings reported 1313 the Associated Press in the Dailg Star. Goes into 97 per cent of the homes in Niles. Read the Local News in the Daily Star -1- -n-'- - - - i-vi -H---,.- ---x -u-,.- -- .i., -t.- t.t. -...- .,.. - .it. - ..i. -.i.- .i.. - ti.i -H- i... - ..., -H.-.t-...-,.- -,-.,.- ,,,, IP H11 1 1 41 i-'14clfzcfivzloowzvzf-11':1f:4o':1cH:Af:1Qooviwlf ':4cAf:A-mf: ' 1 M. S. RUIIISILI., Trens, .X XY. HYIPSON, Pres, I. XY. XYUOIL Sedy. Board of Education P. A. HAIJSELI.. Trustee 1 I lr Fl IVFR 'I'msfu- l'l.m1vXX. L R.XXX1'HRD,.'1.B.,.l.Jl.,1,L. lf, l'r1iver51l3' 1,-f Klichigam. WIN, WIS, '1" S11fw'l'f1m'11zif'l1l nf Sflzmvlx W.u.'rER J. Zum., A. H., A. JI.. QQURNFI-IA L'RHw1.1iY University of Michigan, '19, '27 XX'eS!eru Stan: Teachers' fnllvgc, IUIRS Prim-ffm! 0fSp111'0r High ,Sfl1001 l'1'im'1'ful of Jzmivr Higllz 35111701 .,j.'j.,j,i3.,Q.xQ,YQ.-j..j.,,rj.rj,,j.,,ij.vj, A, Q,-j.q.'j.vj. .1...1,..1...1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1n- 1' 1 THE KERR HARDWARE co. Headquarters For Sporting Goods sf-1111124 NILES, MICHIGAN i 1, 1, 1,,1,,.1,,.,1.,,.1.,,,1,.,.1,.1,,1,.,,1.,,1 ,1..1im1u The "Dry-Koldn +-..-...-I...-M.-....-i...-. -....-....-..,. ---. - E. H. POWER Supply Co. Plumbing, Heating, and Wen SUPPLIES Wolff Quality Enamel Ware Q Phone 1161 l 211 N. Ninth Street .g...-....- - -,..- ,.,. - ,.,. -.- ,... - ,... - ,... - .,.. - .,.. - ,,., -..H .+ Refrigerator Co. MANUFACTURERS Spot-izil l'L'll'lg'L'l'2llUl'S and cooling IUUI11 installations for lmtt-ls. lwspltzlls, rcstzlurzlllts, flllllllg czlrs, stcalnsllips, public in- etiu1ti:+m, time l'L'SlflCllCL'F. etc. Vmmmlmlt-tc 4-qilipim-nt for Horists, groom , meat lllzlrkcts, rlvlicziu-Rwiis, I'4'l4I'lQt'l'Ill1ll' CIlL'l1llL'l'S, display cases, butter :md flu-vw l'l'll'lQL'l'IltHl'S. Main Qffices and Factory NILES, MICHIGAN ll'x:f 4 HX l l l j,-flgllll in.-Mlm.-1.I...N1lminn.-.,,,,-...,1.m1my-...,.1.,..1lm1,.u1....1.1H.-1.Ulu..11...1.1.1111H1m.1nn1H.114.I.1m1nninn-aiu.-.nn-.nn1,m1m1 FOR THE LADY IN THE KITCHEN TI'IERE,S NOTHING LIKE A "SnoflDhi'Lc-2" IDORK TABLE Or BREAKFAST SET : . ww , .E lj X' Q A JI fi, LIE if If i.!U EE ya, E li ij I I I I I Q fx 1, J LU I . ff f X .?f"E -. ld ' X I I J R X X 'A I W If Made bg KQTHPASS 81 STOLL CC. Niles, michigan I I -1- .-.m-..-...u....w...,.,.-...1 ....... - - - ., - -, ----- A -,, -, -,,- - -,m-m,- 4. f 1 .i..-..- .1 .-. 1.1 ... ..... 1 - - - 1 1 .. - - -.......-........-...,........ l ws DEVEZ JP urn- Q fvo -een - Q i A P 121,77 News Snapshots -1 3 ANYONE FOIl.d 1 I 3 1' ,524 v 2 , . l c' , - ! Brm f swap Memories l 8 1 SHOT-9' 1 i HM' ' ' Q ... ' I Cameras make ideal gifts for graduation days. Everyone wants to remember their grad- uation-one of the highlights in their lives. Snapshots will aid that memory and bring baclz fond recollections in years to come. There are any number of suitable gifts for graduation found in our store. Fountain pens - diaries - memory boolzs - perfumes - toilet sets i 4 a eeaa 1 1. If i i Y li' I V V - ' -fe " T.--FPA fir' may snhsfncnamlsa i f MAIN AT FouRrH ST. N 1 L E S, MTE?-f? +.........-......-.............-...-....-..-l..-..,.....-...-...-...- -....-...-...-...-,...-....-....-...-....- - -...-........... .g.........,......................- - - -.- .. .. ... .. .. .. - -.- - - -.-..-....,.- ... l 1 I our art in rosperiuty 3 Y P 0 P ' ETTING all the money possible is not the individuals full share in prosperity. Each of us shares, also, in the responsibility of maintaining prosperity. That means liberal buying to help keep stores, factories, farms, and mines busy. It also means sensible saving in order that a reserve may be accumulated l to guard against slumps in the future. I . . i This bank is a safe place to cache your extra cash and build up a bulwark of i protection of present prosperity. Use it for your benefit and because of its benefit to the business world from which your income comes. I l i g CITY NATIONAL BANK S. TRUST CO. I 2 NILES, .:.Member Federal Reserve System.:. MICH. i .ip 1...1..1...1..,,,,i,,,,..,,,,1,-,.1. 1 1ii.1M.-mi.-..i....im1m.1 1 1 1 1...,1,,.,1.,,.1....1,4,.1., 1 1 1 1,,.-...,1. HJJLZY: Une llunvlrvfl lfiftpl 11:1- ,,1m,1 1.1.1 1.. 1 .1.l.1,,,.1,ill1,.,,1w.1.l.,1,,,,1i.,.1..,.1.,.,- 1' I l i I I Lady ton street carbz "Say, little boy, cant you do something with your nose?" i Leo Gt: "Yes I can keep it out of other 5 1'wvlf'S A. W. SORTORE l lien. Franz: "How long does it take News A8e11Cq you to clress in the morning?" Betty lf. tlroastingi: Milli. about eight Q minutes. How long cloes it take you?" l lien.: Hllh, nliout 21 halt' hour, lint then ' I wash." It is rnnioretl that one cnre for love at Insurance Z first sight is Zl seeonrl look, and Z X v Automobile License Branch Mr, l,ovelzu'e: Roxy' Bernadette, tell nie 3 the nanie of one of the niost famous gen' l erztls in history," Bernadette: General Motors." 1 :if is wk I Dentist lto .lohn in Cl'l8.lflf "XVill you Books' Magazhles' Newspapers - take gas?" john K, lalisent inindecllyl: "Yes, and yon haul better take 21 look at the oil too." : ,k ,k ,R Greeting Cards For Everg Z Bud XVood: "Do you know the ditter- O , - ence between n street car and a taxi?" CCEISIOII Bernadette: "No" I Rnd XV.: "Then we'll go home in a I street car." -M-M-W- -l- -V- -w- - -1- -m- -ml-ni. -9. -...- - -..-..-.1 ------.- . -ll--+ 4-""-"-" --------- - - ol N JI QS RUTHERFORDS E 0 ' Cl h OlI'l1Sllf S U1 ' Funeral Home l l Roserq Floral Shoppe 1 Phone 1025 1 Phone 980 n I 101 Z East main Gardens Q I Phone 1018 I I - Ambulance Service . l Red LIIIG FlOI'61l CO. Picture Framing ' Phone 75 1 Q I 4. ..-........... ..--.--- ...K-....-..-...,-....-.i .ju-in ----- .fii - ,-ii - i..i - IQ.. -it---5 Ipage- One Hundred Fifty-onel + - - -- ---1---1 4. 1,1.,-,...1.........,.1....1..,.-...1 1 .. lui ...11111....11..-...-...1 .-111-.W11111 1:11111 Furnish Your Home A ... 1. ,,A , 50 5,,. .... r K , ,fqfwtmf I :LN mngaygf 'E ' A 1, Y V 1 2 1:es-fe1:11-ag-5yIImliRjg.1gU,4.'. - - I E11-73.--. 2- - ' V932 OU "1"' , ,?,A ,..,.,, .,.,. . -"- 5' ye KiE57n:7:',-5 4 Wwilgzffl-1.5, ' 4 JDNVX4 x wwf '1 1,1 -W' fx HAMILTON ANDERSON K , uin. 111-11- -11-.1 .1.1 -11..-111.-11-- .111 1 1.1. - 1.1. 1 1-1. -11---1.-1-.. 4 ... .,.. ,,,, - .,,, -,.,,i..,.-,.-,..., .P Tennis Team -1926 Joe Marazita, P. Roscrear, E. Sweet, R. Watterson, J. Burns, Coach Collissi H U" Hwiwlrl-rl Fif1j1'f!v.'f11 E1 1 1.,.1.1-V1.1R1411.1..N1....1,in1,,.,1,m1,.,.1.,,.1.t.. Stranger tentering poit otiicejz "Any mail for Mike Howe?" The post master who was busy did not answer. Stranger llOllCllj'lI "Any mail for Mike Howe?" Postmaster ldisgustedl: "No, who would send mail to your cow?" Tommy G.: "Yes, my car will run 150 miles without filling the tank," Teddy H.: "Gosh, think how far it would run if you put 501110 gas in it." XYaitcr: "XYill you have some pie?" Sidney C.: "ls it compulsory?" IYaiter: "No, apple." Une oi our pronnsing young men rc- Ccntly announced that he knew a girl who was so dumh that she thought as long as you played golf on thc golf links, you must hox on thu ful? links. Then there was the Scotchman who called his knee Plnlanthropic because it was always giving away, Keith: "They say -lim i, wandering in his mind." Meredith: "That's all right. he won't go far." Multiblade Fan 1.,.,1 ...,- .1.,,,1....1.,..1.,..1.,.,1W1M1....1H.t1.m1my1..t.1.v..1.. a!u-1m-- - .1 .1...1...1u.1,t.1 1.,1..1....1.,.,1..,1.. 1 l l Attend College in Kalamazoo Write for a catalog to THE REGISTRAR of Kalamazoo College Q LEstBE1iSRea 18381 or T Western State Teachers College Z See US for your i STUDENT SUPPLIES Doubleday Brothers i and Company 5 241 E. Main St. Kalamazoo, lvlichigan -3- -W1 1 1w.1.,..1.,.,1..t1,m1,.,,1,,.,1.t.1,,,1m,1..,.1.t11... H.-.t.t1ym1 50th ANNIVERSARY Garden City Fans and Blowers developed over a period of 50 years - assure Complete dependability. FANS FOR VENTILATING HEATING DRY IN G DUST COLLECTING AND ALL OTHER PURPOSES. Catalogs on Request Garden City Fan Company IVORKS: NILES, MICHIGAN MAIN OFFICES: CHICAGO. ILL. 1aa1....1m.-..m1t 1tm1....1....1.,..1m.1,m1mt...u1...1,..1...,...- .1 1,., 1..,.1...t1...t1...i1...1....1.i..1....1..t.1....1..,.1....1.t..1uu1 lP:n:c One Hundred Fifty-tllrc-cl 'I' "nl" 1 """'i""" 'L11 1 1111 I ll I I n an gf. ..1..1.....1'n1l..1...1..1.,1 Une Humlrcrl Fifty-ful ..Ps11iu5rapIg5.-. ,i 1 1..1gg1ln1qn1w1.g1...-.u5.1gg.1,,.1u..1g.-.n....Il1qg +I-nu1un --11 1 1 1U-11-I1-11--1iIi1 1111 1 wlwl 1 --1- 1 -1-' -H1 wvwl 1 'f-v 1 -1-1 1 '1'1 -i-'- 'v-v 1--I1 wvw' -1--1Ii-I1Iw-iw1- + E I -I- gg... F Q "Graduation Apparel of Distinction" Collegiate Cap CHAMPAIGN, and Gown Co. - - ILLINOIS -n1u11u1q--.-u...n1nn1.u...Iu1uu-.u,,.-wluuii. -. -mi11,-.,.-imllq.-..n......1.1..1....1...1I....- .- 1......,,.1 ,.,,,,,,.,,-.,-.,-...-,..- .,., - ,.,, -.n- - -...-.i.,-? I The Class of 1929 i lDishes to express their appreciaf Q tion of the co-operation of I g the advertisers who f aided in the success of this ! i I I I 1 5 I T a t t i e r I i I 'I'- I-I- -I...-.. -.. - -..,- - .. .- , ,.,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!, .!.....-..-..-..-....n-...,u....-M-..-....- . : : 7 .IEW myaaprlcxu sranf E ! L I i Q I i I I 'l'-.I..-....- - - - - - .. -...I-..--..-...I-.1 ll H 1 1 F'f ti I Dedllcatlmn Plym Field Niles 12 St. low: 6 c!n1nn l 1 L l L 1 Q Q L l + cf Ng ' 1 , + , J e V vw-'y QA v -. e L.-L. ...Luv -,Rr . ,S ig- .,,',, ,sg-13 T' 3? ,gr-,:5,gg,?,r:m1xs.., L+ QV ' V - X' ,' fn' 7 - i0i':11"? P 3? J- ---S:'::r':.','f,f:. .nf 1 k T. ' A ll-"'L'L-4" .un-"1 H' ' irfi -' 9. " ' , f-z f 7-f---TT" .---"X..---'f . Miz.. -L ,.,: - f Q.:-:.,:fgm5:+ . ' f, "":---ff.-' nm' 3539119 'N' "'-IL ', , 5. :gg .. ,155 U nl" J' f., . -: Y .-ef: .f,'- - - ' ' ....n,-"1 .... , 5 rv 'll' 4-'.-Ep' N. .. 'P ey- Q 'b "N ' JH' "' -Q My """'. - 2" f- Af " .--:wwf-W, "Vg: -' .A -- n - ' ,ge , 1 ' ef-"",, 1 -' - '- ef .,:'ff-Ae 5 :,. e e --me g a, . 2 ,.- ' fm' ' ,I ' fxfjii-'Q . ,, e X. ' -..A -A i -f--- in JN -Lrg sf' g WRX, . -x , ' H r . . .f , ,xi 1 -.K . Y- V NATIGNAL-STANDARD COMPANY SEIHIE? Makers of Automobile llaeks Garage Equipment and Wire Braidls 6779 NILESQ MICHIGAN IPQO HddF 1 nag su '51 'S lm rm El 51 E Y 52 E1 m E m S sz: 5 L za 5 mi me 5 L za E za m li s E m E m E ls H UUUU IDU UUUUUQUUUUUUHGUUUU UUUHIZUUZZDZZ 7 - X ll . Q lI.xvx:.x l.. .XCKERM R. .NL PERSIS A. BAKER, B. S. E Eg Jalan lllollgclt Memorial llayirizl, 1"f VO N01-mwestgyn University, 1927 E S lmverjm' or 1I1fI11w'- Y A- Plz-vsiml Edumfion E Q .Srlzrml .X zzrxf Q ga L 5 E Q E 5 B Q E Q U g E QU UU W B 3 :I g E E Q QUQ UUE Q D 5 Q EEUU EEUU ar U U E S 'il l rl! ,F l m 5 S 'S GEORGE M. B.xL,xs. A. B. S S Hanover College. 1923 E Q ,lllTf1It'llIfIflt'S S K4 F3 QB E E El 5 B W S Q3 B av '1' Q l U 5 H gi P3 Q Q Q U 51 QUQU UDUUU .S 1' UQ UH v 'l"355'f LA- BR-lN5lE"""E'l IS.-XBEI, ,-I. BIMTZKE. B. S. S 3 Uhif. Nnrtlwrn l'nlvcrsily. 1927 Northwestern University, 1928 E Indzfxtriul .-flrls Gmzeral Scivnce g fi 1, ga iff U 0 +QUi A 5. G Q Q E Q Q Q Q 'Q 5 B U B S D Q Q 5 if B B E E B S is E 3 Q B E B W 2 n B E 5 Q P4 'Q B E E I E E E S Q S uwdl -Q - 'n ff 5. A -I--- I - .. ,... - .,., -4. .!..-....- - - - .. .. .. .. - - .. - - - 4, Telephone 1669 Martin E. Ser, Mgr. S A R TIRE 6? SERVICE STATION Cor. Fifth 6' Sycamore Sts. Goodyear Tires Staroline Gasoline Exide Batteries Alemite Lubrication 1.,1-...n,1.v.1.,..1.,,.1 -.,,.-.,,,1.,,1.n1..,.... 1 .. 1..i.1m.1.,..1nn1 M-..g. 4--W....u O'Toole Coal Co Phone 202 Quality In Coal and Ice As Well As Service Photographic Work in this book IP'auI I-IL, Frank Commercial unc? Portrait Photography Sister Lakes, Mich. 4. .,,, - ,.,, ... - .. -..- - - - - - - - - - -.I vb II':wiA I ll I l I 3 1-uqhtl ihlnldl Ei6kXQuEia'Q AiAbAEv mate wif? EDGHQ made b the Eaiiand Q ilsmnn mann . WASI1 BKAWINGSM Q 5 YHATA RETANlYl'lINS Q ' Q WYAMMEKYIAL YHATAGRAYHY ENGRAVINS ELEYTKATYYINQ NliKEL8.STEEL Tvrrs EUBQWNV' NES X , ,J x nf' V IPAQ: Une Hu PRINTING Our Service is for Uou SPEClALlZlNCj IN H -- Annuals Office Stalionerq Folders Booklets P' xi lf sv Qian-1 T e Colle e Press Thouqhiful Priniinq BERRIETI Sl-7Rll'lCjS, fl'llCl'llCjAll Q,.4, - ,f. ,..,. Wg, I. L, hh, , - . ww ' s ,.. ,V Y ul I, ' ai . ,' 2 I-,9 .-.,-.fn-.., :N x IT. ' - '11 -1 -4,,. f ,I , ,M . uf n V " 442 , .fy 5 " ,- Y. . -' .3 ' . V, -vp, -s , r ,, pr . ., . qw " 'I 'gf A nj ' 14 KZ' Z xr 1 hx. . .E "ff 7 'RFQ' 4:2 p,,.-4 ., ..-- ,V S n . l.-..,, i , J, 1. ., ffm- 4' .Q . A ' L f- ,AL . .. ww L.. , .V . uv .. L . . 'if' V 'w +1155 I-'53, vi' ,'- w..c-, .-V' . . . . 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K3 9, lzl 2, m 'Q m 5, Q ,U Q Q ll 'Q IB Q, Ri Q l 'il sq x Q -4 U K Q P3 ,Y Q 24 L 3 in P3 '93 Q L N, mi 5 . Q Q Orville Adler all 5 "IIl"x tl good sensible fellow." al ,5 Scholarship Athletic Association .5 Track, '27, '28, '29 K .5 Football, 'ss Q -Ii Junior Class President Q PF Leaders Club. '28 W 'll Gym Show. '26, '27, '28 E 'F Moon Stuff, '23, '29 E G 'l':lttlel' Stall vi ,F L. by H rj Iva Avery Q, Q' "I-'ull Well she knows that learning is 54 PF power." E si Soccer, '27, '28 gg 'E Basketball, '28 Q 'U G. A. A., '38, '29 Q 'F Gym Show, '26, '28, '29 gi S Moon Staff, '27, '28 Q .- Q S Helen Ballard S xii "She gives her tongue no moments resl." K Soccer. '28 -4 'F Basketball. 'Qs 'S 'E Glee Fulb. '26, '29 Q ET G. A. A,, '28, '29 ,qi 'S Gym Sllow, '26, '27 Q . . 1 rl' il, lldwlll G. Bath Q 'iq "Ile luis tl flfflll to eonlrive, ll tongue In H5 'Zi persimrle. unit ll Imrul In e.1'eeille 3 Track, '27, '28, '29 QB ,Q Track Captain, '29 Eli ,iq Football, '38 El Q21 Advisory President, '29 gs Gym Show, '26, '27 S Q2 Jamie Bevilacqua 1 "Tn :ln easily liillut is difficult for others li li is ll mclrlc ul' talent." la -Il Soccer, '27, '28 Q C3 Basketball, '27, '28, '29 S, 'F junior Play PF fb Glee Club, '26, '27, U9 Q 5 Glee Flub Operetta. '26 by Cl G. A. A. x'lCC'DI'ESlflCllf. '2S. '29 Q 'F G. G. L.. Vice-president. '2S. '29 gi gi Gym Show, '26, '27, '28, '29 gi 'gl Moon Staff. '27, '28 gi '54 Acnrlemic Contest, '28 Q " . P3 'Q Mary Allce Boulton gg 'Zi 'Rl quiet little girl with li quiet little muy." Q 3 GwlNwm'M Q 95 Tflttler Staff G E 'I' rd rl' 1' S LF .I Ili " P3 K2 m ft, H X lil 25' lzl Y '21 l K' 3 S Q 'S' S 4' 'l 'Q l L 2. - fr' 3 all g W I2 B3 5 'I' Ui 'Zf'?'Z1O06'If'Z''I-00050005554i"'fVA7VZ9'I1iZ"IfFS4'75P2"Z'QHAUKIUUUZQVPPQUOZQUKQUK4DUUUDDUUUUUYZHUDUUUUUFQUE Il':lpr 'l'v.vnI5 -lxull 'DV115'Z''D'Ie'21K1?C1'i1PZ4'C4'1-'I4'Q'I1fi0I-'Z'FI1QFZfrl-PI"Z-QK15C1'?'f'C4i1'QO'l-'LAUEZA'Q'l-'QUEQ'If'Z"2f'?"f"fU1''P'1"""?'1":"Q'I"1"l'7' " ' A5 'F P3 'F 95 Cl C' sf' Cl XF Cl Q 'F 53 QU fl ell Cl ffl El PF E7 'Q . lf? - Q yr -1 4 52 ltva Deans Brown N 5 "I lump u rruxrmulrly gmul our for music." ' Q Basketball, '28 5, ig Q Orchegtra. '2S, '2',1 " ' pl Glee Club, '27, '28. '29 K , 5:4 Glee flnh Operetta. '27, '2S. '29 'i Gym Show, '26, '27, '28 ' fl? N. H, S. L'lnlJ, '28, '29 AF Rand B.-nncc. '23, '29 NQv 6 N., fl . Qi Gaorgc lnms Burch 'Q " 'Tix II plvasrznf worlfl In lim' in-fl lVL'l'!l 'X' plvusunt wnrlrlf' 'E llynl Slww, '26, '27 ,K- '5 . -F -I' . . if if Donald Larnnchacl N 2 "Quin unrl xinrvn-, with XlIl'l'l'SX :rx llix ' 'S main III7jl'l'1." X ' 2:1 Greg Club, '13 N- v' 'ef mee Club ODCFCTYII. '33 . s g, , ':' Gym Show 52 ' 5' ,V A -If rr 'Q' Cathlvn fn-org1a Lorell If 1 kv - . . 41 Q, All. when xhe sings. ull musn' vlxc In' kr 5, xl1IIv1l." Q, ,Q Soccer, '27 :Q Sq Junior Play 1: 3 mee Club, '37, '13, '39 5- , Glee Club Operetta, '27. '28, '29 2: .3 Declamations, '26, '27 .gf G. A. A., '28, '39 na -3 Gym Show, '27 fr ,SRX x A5 Girls' Qnartette, '28, '29 ff Vi G 2 , AJ -.' konstance Lrawford Z1 "TIN frzilvsl garrlen in Iwi' looks, 2: x' .flrul in her mind flu' nvisusl lmnlcsf' '32 'Q .-XLlx'ism'y Presiwlent, '23, '20 :Q 'vl Gym Slnlw, '26 SQ , 'gs Moon Stuff. '27, '23 5: 'N Tattler Stuff 'V 'is .Xcrnlemic Vmltest, '27, '28 Q' EQ Hrlda Mary Crawford Q, "I vuulrl 111' Ivvtlrr if I l1Vlllllll, 5 Rllf iI'x uwful lonvxnnu' Infing youd." 1:3 Ba5li6tlwall, '27, '23 ,iq Soccer, '28 ,Zi Glee- flnb, '27, '2S. '29 gi Glee Clnlr Opervtta, '27, '28, '20 .ge G. A A, '39 Qi C. G. T.. President, '28 ,ji Gym Slmw. '27, '28 Qi 'Fnttler Staff 'll Tlanrl Bfvnnce. '27 ,fi , af? 'ff :F Qi I5 . ffl Ei QF U1 Ui 5 5, v r 'F ' 'J'nf1-QM' -'.v V' . ' IP:ngc Twenty-tllree UV E- 77 VM? ?VT'iT'i:1'f17f4UE4554WK4W 5. q.,1.zyj. vp sjhj. rj. 5.7, 5. , . I' WW- 5? 'Z 'I' 'Z 'I .2 rj. -jxq. ij. F- , . , , ,5- -24 .5- 2.1 u Annette Margaret Cronin She mn go one bvltvr lhun the olhr'r." Soccer. '27, '23 Basketbzil, '27, '28, '29 Glee Club, '27 Glee Club Operetta, 27 Q. A. A. lfresiileut, '28, '29 Li. G. L., 2S, 29 Gym Show, '27, '28, '29 N. H. S Club, '28, '29 Thomas Greg Cronin Take him, for ull in ull he is rm man." Glee Club, '25 Gym Show, '25, '26 VV1ll1an1 Bremer Dawes '21 man is llufusmerl by his mind." Board of Control, '28, '29 Leaders' Club, '28, '29 Gyrn Show. '27, '28, '20 Elaine Ruth Dlttmer .lluu delights me not'-nn.-nm' woman neither." Gym Show, '27, '28 E. H. R. Club Kenneth lV1ll1an1 Dlttlllef "Ill short, u 1ll'I'f0!'l g0l1Ht'lll!lll." Football, '28 Gym Show, '27 Elizabeth Eagleslield "Sim szeulcs nm! ru-ls 'nxt as she should." I J Junior Play Glec Club, '27, '28, '29 Glee Club Operetta, '27, '28, '29 Debating, '29 Moon Staff, '27 Girls' Quai-tette, '28, '29 .1 'l- 'Z' '21 '21'ff'?'Z' 'f"I"7'7 'Z"24'7'I1'f"'f'Z"Lf '11'I1PQi7Z"Q'Z'if4l'Z457VI4'Q''I4if'UV.f'f1iZ"Q"7l2UV2PQUQHWUDUUUUVZUUUUUUUDWUD Ilhge Twcniy-fourl .rt rl' ph 1 1. L 4 Q2 Q it if x. ,Q- 5 5. gf ga Q 4 if K' gd ri Q -Q1 if 5 all Q Q B Q B ii all 93 N Pl' QE E E PB H E E' E Q rl E E E S3 224 PE E B S L14 N E E S Ei E N El UEEQEUZFZUKSUDZUUUFQE UH UE CiE52TeF2557254EDGEDE52EDU5525192EeE525P222FQFBDFZFZFZ5455557272555EDZQHEUUEEQUDGUQUFZFQEFZFQUFZEEUUEVZUUEPZUUDUU K. Q1 El PF LF .9 Q4 IF :F Ab 55 F' Q1 Qi PJ G U52if'l1P3?QlI'lffi1lZ1l14'25l'l5Vi'5l'f454lCsV14C4ll1'QV'.4'14'Fl2'1'l11lI1'D'1-U'21'14i4'I45-P7'Z4'24'2'11PI-' 1' ' ' Lf1201-Qing-5,-2.ij.'j.-j.q,.rj.r.-'. ,gi U E3 S4 Rl LB til Ri rf? elf G :F I. Si Cl EF lil lil -F 'F Qi W Dorothy Ruth Eblenfeldt 'J . . .. Ei "1XIl0llYlt'I1gL' ls 1lUlUl'I'. E Debating, '23, '29 N. H. S. Klub, '28, '29 rf? , . vii lxvclyn Phyllls Funnel if H all PF Advisory President, '26 Glee club, '37 "She is l'w' 11-fini'fnn of zz frivnal. Soccer. '27, '28 5 Glee Club Operettzx, '27 G, A. A, Treasurer. '29 Gym Show '27, 'IU N, H. S. Club, 'Ili '20 Rand Rmulse. '27 Lester Eugene Finley 13 gi: "I nm rr nmn more .vinmfrl l4gLlillSf Ilmn at shining." PF Football. '27 li M3 Q3 KF .gi 9 Ann l,.cota Forrest - Glee Club '27, '23, '29 Glee Club Operetta, '28 E E. H. R. Club, President uni :ll 'J . Leo Odell Garlanger Q: "His very foot has musiv in il." fi, Bind Bounce, '27, '23, '29 Board of Control. '27. '23, 'N :Q Orchestra. '27, Qs. 'J-if . LF Bnnwl, '27, '-S. '20 by Gym Show, '27, '23 QQ 'F n-1 2' Beulah Gorton -Il Si "She knows l'11! Qin' run'i c'.1'11Ic1in." 911 Glee Club. '27 LF Glee Club Orcbestrzl. '27 rf' 'Q L3 5 ag C' tg pil Fi 1,1 A Cy ,Q 4. .Aw QQ ,iv v PF Qi AW V4 "I1n11' run I evo" bill fm-.ev jugs fnrawgllf' I nu, , .,..,,, 4 -f-'fl 'DQ 'f4'l1':' 'C4QQ'Q'P'IffI1'l4'If IAF C llkugu Twenty- Fuel k A ,V , r A v 4 , ,1 1 A kr 4 ,V ,1 A kr 4 r A r 11 r gi K, n - Y , 1' . ' . , . gr A xr 4 ,r ,zz , , .mm Q, Y Y Y Y Y Vg' Vk'sYxVX '1'x'1'w'x 91 w 14" A u44:A44AA S .V W ,Q ,r 1 A A 4 x ,w ,r r 2-N 'r3"1- W Lv A ,. . 'V , . Y A LY I LY Cv AY gf , , xr 1 Lf J 1 57 'Y A1 KY fr 1: 5: 5: 51 'C 1 Y 1: L 1: Hu Lf AY gf AY . Y AY Y 11 KY 11 Y AY 5' AW LY 4 A .- A A1 4' Y 4 ff I ka v X , 4' 4' j 1 r 4' ' 1 ' Q xQ Y ,. f A fr -2 1 ' :P r 41 ' ' 6 A 1 " V r . Q , . 1 A an-Y ' kr ,, ,L s , ,, A' J 'X . X Y 4' - I, X I: 4 1 :- r ' E ,X 1 ,l xy y , A ,W x ,. r Q LZ A 4 4 1 V V - 4 5- 1 u J gr 'f G . " ' CP :- ' " 1: ' 1 cf ,f , 1, A . . ,X gr kr 4: , ar Er " 1 G ' 1 fr fn 1 . r f, ff f 12 A X 41 .5 K: f W I 1' N' K A L' r 1: ,r n w fp . .. ,1 Aw ,v L' A' ' ,r ,1 'C A 1 5, . ,A ,f V. w 'F Q gp.-1-2 w,w,','N,w'. .Zn givf' : .' 2 r ', ri. Ayn 'l".-.'r:nty-sixl NUS, 'a H QQ-Q.-Q -.-QQ-1--J 4 H1-'14'21CHI''QUQVI1'h'11'E'i4U'Z4'QP2'I1'2'f'Yl1'isilfv ga PZ' gi 'Q' ga P31 rl' by Ei PI' Q4 .3 Q7 Qi C' Qi 'Qi if ga gi '4 Marie Grad "Her Iwarl. like ilu' nmnn. is ulways 51' 1-lumyirzg, Iwul ll11'rv's nllvuyx u nmn in it." 'Z' UuQ11uin High Sch-ml, Ill., '25, '26 'Qi fllec Klub, '27 5:4 ljh-1' l'lub Opcrcttn, '27 rl' Moon Stuff. '27 1 N. H. S. Fluh. '29. '20 ia ,Q nh' in Engl-nc Gratlmwobl f, "l'llllfII4l ull jnlfvs nxillv. I'm u XL'l'i0llS .31 guy." .gf Ulu' Vlulx, '27 Q1 '1':1Hlc'r Stat? qv .71 Thomas Franue R. Grlmes "l gfl'lllIl'IlI1lIl, dl .v1'lml1rr. unrl un ll1llll'fL'." Q4 'Franck Vaptrlin, '29 ji Truck, '27, '23, '20 lf, I-'Uwth:xll. '27, '23 Q, JlHliOl' l'lny 1 .-Xdvis-n'y Pu-Sialent. '20 , Vlzxsf I'resimlfAnt. '2" .1 l5l'Cl'lESll'1l, '29, '29 .Q T.G:u1erQ' l'lulr, SGc'y '29, Pres. '29 Gym Show. '23, 'QW L Sclnnlnrslxip Atllletir Ass'n '28, Nami H-runcc. '23, '20 I.11l1au Ruth Harrmgtmm 1 "1'lry Illlfllft' is full uf lzlunun 1ifIlIIlll'NS," flings X'iru-pn-sidellt. '27 ' Huzlrfl nf llnltrfwl, '23, 20' Gym Shuw, '27 ' Hur-I1 Staff, '27, '23 '5' Tuttler Staff '-' .Xczulcmic Vulltust, '23 Ycrrla Elizabeth Harrison "I hrugllz, I lhinlr, unrl lhingyx juxl xuvrn In '11 4-mm' mu livin." , Hqmlim-Umll '27 .Xflxixmw P11-smlcllt, '20 Class Vice-president, '20 Hlur- Vlulm, '27. '23 Gym Slww, '27 . 'I':xtt1vr Stuff .1 Girls' Quartz-tic. '27. 'JS 4 llfunl I2m1lu'c. '27 1 Donald Haxlutt ' 'll lrm' frivnrl uml n lip-lnp j'vIln11v." ', nnI1!'4l nf Vfwllixml, '27, '29 01'chcw1m. '27, '29, '2" " Gyrn Show, '27 '21 Hun-I Ilfmmw-, 'IPX '20 -14 -2' ei' .Ii 1.4 .- Fa rl' Q' 22' . L71 -3 '24 ,. 5.1 . .- 1.1 C1 . ' A A V .fj.,f.,j,.j '..j..j.fj4f4fjfnj.Cwj1'2A'2"C1'f4'Z4'f4'U'f1'f-'21'.-'ZW 'le 'P 6 C' .qv C' 4. vi? 'F '24 Ci -If ,ff Q: G PF .jf AI' -5 .11 Qi QQ -Z' .5 LF -I' -I' .QQ -2' "1 .jf -If .j. ., . . f. -F . V 'w . . , .5 qi Q4 'F Q1 .fa -T' sfv .,. -F L'1 . V A'v . . . .jr qs .5 Qi .ja .5 .ji -F r f' Qi -fi 'fl .54 .jf v fi +P K3 15 Qi -F .5 is -F -F .3- .5 5 .jr 'F -F Q1 Qi -fl -li -5' C4 QQ ffl -3 -2' -5 . 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'23, '30 if t' Footlxall, '29 if 'Q' Board of Umtrol. Pres- '27, '28, '29 PI' E Leaders' Club President, '28, '29 U bl, Gym Show. '27, '28, '29 P3 L-, . Moon Staff, '27 ,Eg Scholastic Athletic Ass'n., '27, '28, '29 'K' . 4:4 ES .N . . 'ET Q, John Le Moyne Klbllllgef iw "A mun Ilml bI1rs'1es is nn! quilv a lu'11Ic." 5. ,jf Band Bounce. '27, '28, '29 'Eg lg- Football, '28, '29 gl' Band. '27, '23, '29 in 1.1 7 A Gym Show, '-7 rg: Scholzxrsllip Athl. Ass'n., '27, '28, '29 R, :X .5 'X' A 1 Q' . bl' U Q. Kenneth Edward Knott Q Q "A num uf l71L'f'YllI'C is ll IH'lH of pains." Z, Q Gym Show. '27 Lrg Q' Moon Staff, '28 ,F '5' 'F ri: ,QQ P- . , . . PI? Q' K Rose Marie Ixrajcl ,5 i "SiIvm'v ix nmrv C1fllIlll'lll llmn llVUl'lIS." Q1 1: Gym Show. '27, '28 pfi Q E. H. R. Club, '28 'C' A N. H. S. Club. '27 if . 'I' ,J LIC . rl' if Thelma Eileen Jurgensen li' 5, "In lwr very q11if'll1e.-rs, llwrv is f'1uu'm." 'Qi F. Soccer. '28 'Zi 53, G. A. 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'ZS 42 4422: ff AW U' f Gvm qllrrw 'lf "9 A 'Ai ' U9 A, . - . , , - ,. 1 . V A gr U .3 1 , 5, A- - A: ' if , Y 5: 'r John Fredcrxck Marx ff Z: Q, 2' "Like luv: single genllvmvn rullvd inln f ' lx S 'gl lIlll'.u . :Q A . . . lg' Track. 'ZS 5: ,jg 3 Orchestra, JS, '20 ', ,' lg Baml, '17, '28, '39 L l .5 EQ' Gym Slmw, '27 ' 1 fr F, Bzmml Bounce, '17, '23, '20 , .1 ' .N x' ' w . - 17 5- BICI'tfCl1tl'l Mason f, el "A laugh is ll'U"f1l II Ixunrlrvrl grmuzsf' ff :I Basketball, '27 4: 21 ':' Glee Club, '17 :Q xii if Gym S11-ww, '17 X 5 K T g N, H, S, mm., us, 'zo ,,, 5: '-l Les F3fll6I'lIlEIYt?S. "7 K' N . v , . N 4' 'E 1 x' L' 1' ' ' fl . , ,I . - " 41 -E june Rosalce Mxlhahu . 52 ' . , . , , y 'Q ".-l IIIFIINIIIQ p01'.-mlzulzly unfl Il 1-lmrn1mf1 l L' QQ z gurl In lull: with." N 5 .h f QQ 'Q Gym Show, '27 Q' 5: if Hufm Staff, '23, '19 ' fr X' 'i'f. 1: gf . - i Q' fl ' " "3 'V .N , '- ,Q V - nr A .. , 4, Q . . , nf' ,3 Luclllc T.-resa Millard ' ff' 7 1, V .5 "Tha milllesl I7l1lllllt'I'X. the gvnllvst IlL'4ll'f.H , 5, K A' -5 Lake NN-lrtlx Hugh School, Floriln. '27 l -'- 1 gy ' . 1 Gym Slmxv, '20 l ., - ' ' 'V QQ ' , ' 4 JY .Aw 1 1, A " ' r ,. . . . . :J Q Raymond XX1l11a111 Mlller - , i -, If U "ll hut xlmulrl Il man flu but Ivo l7lQ'l'I'1I." ' , f " 1 Q' ofmesfm, US, '19 f V 5' fi Gym Show, '27 f , Eg Baud Ruuuce, 'IF ffl, V 1 " SP Q '-,gr Q, 4- K., ,V f. iv LQ 3, ff ., fv Q, - A .11 'Q V' , .z .N ' ff fl ' 11 55 1 Fa ' Z2 ' F- Z? :5 .. 3, Z? 'Z 4 V F. 51 ,t , ,r L . 1 1' Q 'LVg" 'x n,r ' 1,4'1141,'H'4h A1 ' A . Y ,' X 4 Y J . V I1 '1 . .l.,QE,g:,r - r 1,29 . , -..1,:f.,l..j 4' . f-.j,,j . V . lPapz: Twenty-ninel .wg- 4 n 1 r 1 n r 4 n 1,1 x. 'x'n .flrg n 1,1,1,w,1,1, img : . "75Y3VQ r,.,v'.r, 1A14WA' 1 . 4 A 'K A kr A1 .1 P L fr 'T L 43 -2 fr ff 41 kr ,- , -Q ' 4 fr ,XMQ Ly I l 1 5' . 4 . ,Q ' .. -H lu- fr 4 1 Y 11 . 1 , 5, ' 55 Z , X LY -a 1 'X W 1 -: .f ,. . n v . - 4' 1: -X K: X w l fr :Q I - 41 1 A ' kr V ,u , , , 1 . ,w 4' ' xr L A A: , ky 1' X ' A 4: v 4 ' X1 ' 1 :I 4 ' , 41 E' Z5 :Q X A n' ,V wx , 1' 1 , - l l L' A . 1, L' ' . A' 5' . .r .-A f 1: A Q-. . . , 7 41 3' W -' 2 ' :P A - ' -0 xr 'Q 1 41 , ' . fr .2 f ', A: :1 .'!s l ' E: fr , 1 Y . L7 fr 41 - 11 U A7 :S 1 w n lf .' N ,1 n - V X U lr -z , ' I 4' 9 xr xr , f A1 fr U 41 l l 1' .2 ' U 4 31 H' E Lv 1 41 f . . 1' K: .1 A fy A - ,1 U , Q- nr 4 ,1 nv Q- u fr 'r J l 1 A 1 if 1- . n 4 V I A' I Y. 5 AY I 5' A r ,Y I r ,1 xl fr AY LY I nr . KY 'P I, - ,- , , Q f 2 Hhs' 'lllxrvf I , l v pq. r . A V ,,rj.Q4sj.9j.. . Florence Louetta Mitchell ".l ligfhl hvurl livvs lung," Glen- Vlulw, ' 0 Lewis Maxwell Monahan lln- wnrlfl zlvliglzlx in ll num who plays his uwn 1mrI." Track. '27, 'JS l"f1Utl1:llI, '18, 'JW Gym Slluw, '27. '73 Stufla-nt Otllcilni, '79 Amy Lucille Moore 'll wnrrznn of fvw 11m1'1lx," flnxpuxxilrlrl Mlm' llulv, If Ruth lone Moore ll .who mill. slzv will, you muy flvpvml Illl il." Glu- Flulm, '27 UIQ--' Vluln Upcrvttxl, '27 1 xxylllllll' V. Moyer "This new lifv ix lilwly In Inv. llurrl nn u guy fvllnzzv lilcm- mv." llzmll, '27, '13, 'IW Gym Slmw, '27 llznml llullulrc, '17, '23, 'l'7 Lzumlum- l':llZ2lllQlll Myers "Small of xlulllrv lull hm nf lu'rrrI." Gln' Vlub, '27, 'lS, '20 Glu- Vluln Ulu-l'm'H:l, 'QS , . . 1 . ..,.s,.l,.,A..,f .1 'wil ' Qo'1fwg.'t-- H 1 Elizalaeth Marie Olack L'l1n1'ley-.fix High School. 'J G. A. A., 'I' Gym Sll-uw, 'I' Lloyd Hell Ostrancler "In uilllclirx lu' wvzx lIllNlll'1IllXSl'I1," Football, '16, '17-Faptain, 'ZS Basketlrilll, '27, '28, '29 Board of Control, YS. '29 Gym Show, '27 Sclmlarsllip Athletic .XSS'll., '28, '29 lVoltord Ottcsou "lY1lL'I1 joy und 1111111 I'11lXll. Lv! 1111111 yu lu .YllltlXlI." Hzmll Bounce. 'IS Margaret Louise Parent S111"x XHIl1L'lU1lf11 limifl in IIUI' ways, H111 xzzrely thinks gum! llllfllfl' Nuys." Bvmwl uf l'm1t1'11l. 'IS. '39 Iona Livonia Pressnall 'llly jun' Ieups 1111 11111011 I Iwlmlfl A pim 11 uf yum." Glee Clulm, '27, '19, 'IV' Glce Clulr Operettn, '20 G. A. A.. '23 Gym Slww, '17 Hzlskctlwall, '27, 'lS. '20 16111110 Xvlfgllllfl Ready "fl ll1l'l'l'!I 111'111'l lim! llflfll nn wfzrw. Glee Flull, '38, '20 Gym Slmw, '17, 'JS ix qzmlily not llllflllfflll llzul COI1llIS." 7 X 1' 1, Y if N 'E J' , -it A r .AY 'P z. . 'J :- ,. li -a fa f, 'P K 'F L A W l Ar L 'I k -J Z1 Y A1 Y J 'Z fr 1 Y K 5, Ar K 42' 1: P: S 1 r 4 lfPage Thirty-one! ,- M.. . 4.1 .Hr I, . gf-',1.'f3,'-"2 Q . fl, -, 'qv '.f. Q. ai, ' " 1.. 1- , ' . -'N-,. . I, A . - . CSU., Q -1 . J. -2 'A I..,,1N'-,,f,3 MW . , Q Q. -':xr.,,, A9 -.V , .' Q' ,,,:f T R JI, Q.. . I .,,gQ:f 1 141.4 Q' ipi',Q,'iJ V .1"', rw, f....,. ,3, . 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'28 .Mlvisnry President. 'QW Urclwstrn, '27, '19, '20 Rnnsl, '27, YS. 'JU llym Slmw, '27, '-. Xlmnl Staff, '17 Aczulm-n1ic Unntest, - Scl1ul:u'sl1ip .Xtl1.l ,Xis n. llnnrl RHLIIICF, '27, '19, 'JU 'Q .,7 21. 'JN 'JY Clayton Maurice- Roux- "'ll1 g1l'n'1ll mimlx nrv l1l'Illl- und I 41nn'l fvvl wrll IIIIISNII. Board of Cnmmtml, 'JS 'N Orclmstrn, '27, '13, 'JJ nnnwl. 'J7. '23, '20 Gym Slmw, '27 ll.m:l H-mln'L'. '27, '13, 'll' lflyclc W1-xlcy Sulmlncr 4' ix :ml in llw rnll nl' vnnzmruz umm." Gym Slmw. '29 Pcggy Kluss Schell ".lll1l un fr:'l,4'x: llwn' rims." Ulu' flull. '10 'Vzlttlcr Staff Iinnvl llmllwt. 'ff 'IF . V215-'2"f1ll"Q'?"A Vf"24'W2'lZ"f"21'1'f'.4Uv14V2' 1 M1 Q1 Qi Q1 Cl PF PF gi ru K4 9 P14 PI? PF pg P3 'F Qi KF Q4 -F PF Q4 PF 9:1 Qi ,fs ,QQ Ci PB Qi 'F P5 514 'F 'F qi 'F :ll +I' KF -Ii K3 ga 'F -5 Qi qs Qi 'F .5 qs KF ,ga ga .5 E ,ga R1 ly H4 .jf X5 lg L 1 l Vi L5 nfl QV .3 EQ nj 'F ,jf gr . '1 lg 'F K1 lj, lw v lv 1 w l ,z A 1 Q4 Q1 .5 4 l V . , . . f .- ,.. -- - 'Y ',.',X '.'.' 1' -- r is L Ara!! , v s2.yj,.:..:.p1,5s1.aj.rj,-j.1j.q.rj,-A.-,lmvyifPQ'.4'f1',"z'Z1"1Pf"C1'.".4'f'V- , , . 'Cf 17 Burton Scheib Gmul xvnxv unrl gnml humor ure IICIPUI' SL'1ItlI'llft'." Junior Play Advisory Presimlc-ut, '29 Class Treasurer, '27, '29 Band, '28 Leaders' Club, '28, '29-Sec'y., '29 Gym Show, '27, '28 Moon Stuff, '28 Cheer Lender, '27 Band Bounce, '27 Maxel Schulke 1.61 him iw! vausz' un ill.S'fIll1f In In' liimf self." Basketball, 'Z7. '28 Leaders' Club, '28, '29 Gym Show, '27 Mildred Cathrvn Smith Shv Ilullz an eye Hlllf 5011111 Smal: ilmuylz I her tongue be xilvnh' Gym Show, '27, '28 Basketball, '27 XV. Forbes Sloan Tha future I lllllll fare now I Imm' prmiafl the 11n.vt." Basketball, '28, '29 Orchestra, '27, '28, '29 Band, '27, '2S Scholarship Athletic Ass'n., '28, '20 Band Bounce, '27, '28, '29 Ruth Vlfglllla Schulke "Her very fl'0lI'HX ure fuirer fur, Than smiles' of nllzvr nmirlens ure." Soccer, '28 Glee Club, '28 Glee Club Operetta, '29 G. A. A., '29 Gym Show, '27 Tattler Staff Robert M, Smith "il rlenvnrlflhlv sur! of fallow." Football, '27 Board of Control. '28, '29 Gym Show, '27, '28 V 'HIL' .4 r.. , YIEUVI V , .. . . 2- A--M -- 5 C I:I'age Tllirty-tllr eil 4 v'..j4r..'..j,.',q, , Q.. I Rolland I. Smlth "They art- never alone who are accom- panied with noble thoughts." Track, '28 junior Play Advisory President, '27, '28 Board of Control, '28, '29 Band, '27, '28, '29 Gym Show, '27 Bnnrl Bounce, '27, '28, '29 Mlldred Elolse Starke "My honlc and heurt shnll never part." Class Secretary, '29 Gym Show, '27, '28, '29 Tattler Nlta Naonn Starke "l'fl rntlmr lm little und ulive than a big flrrul one." Soccer, '28 Track, '28 G. A. A. Sec'y, '29 Gym Show, '27, '28 N. H. S. Club, '27, '28, '29-Sec'y, '29 Moon Stnlnf, '27, '28, '29 Helen Elame Steere "Amt those who paint her truest. Praise hcr most." Basketball, '28 Orchestra, '27, '28, '29 Gym Show, '27 Band Bounce, '28, '29 Ruby Isabelle Stowe "IflISllfllllIP5'S ix un ornament tu youth." Tzmttler Staff Commercial Contest, '28 Myrtle M. Summers "A run' romllinfrlinn of wisllunz and wil." Glee Club, '27 Glee Cluh Operctta. 27 Moon Stall, '28 4. .Q rj. .5 .3. . A. 5,5 jnjnj. rj. .Q ,1,r.v:,,j, .j..j, 5.1, .yy ,:. anyfj.'jnjnj4Pj,-Pj1vf1K1PZ1iZ4PfN2f'14'24'Z4'f4lQ'1'tI1F21'Z4VI"Q'U'2-'Til Page Thirty-fuurl th. .gt ry gf rl' tl' E4 Si :lt Q S1 214 E' rl' ge S' Ei rl' S' Q tl' if ii bl' PY E' If E24 rl? bfi bl' bl E' EF Q 23 B bl EF all Q rl' Q r. El elf El -+1-f-'f+- -, V- 7 ,Nw , ., 'l v'.4'.'u1!.f'A'N45I4"IfV'2'femWi-ECPYAU'ADVI4'ACfZ:51Z4FQQQQIAUEVQQQUUQPZFQFQFQEEPZlI4l2?14FI4F2'I4Ff45f472FI4V27I4V2F2V2K!92'I1FQ52'ZEEEVZFQFQFIKAUUUUZAVZQUUUEKAZ!EEUQUUUUUUHDUQUFZW ,'..',,j Harry B. P. Thurston "A lllllll ll'1FIlNi' f'I'lt'lll,.XI1i1l is xilzrvl' 1 1 Gle ' ' " ' c ilulv, -f. -R Ulm l'lnlv Operettn, '27 Anne Margaret Tobin Thv rurvxl gif! uf Irving rulxxtullllgl xvll. Binkcllvilll, '25, '2'7 Glve flnlx, '27, '25, '2" Glen: Club Opcrctta. '27, '28, '20 llcclzullatirrni, '27 U. .L A., '2" Gym Sllow, '27 Txnttler Stall? .Xrmlexnic L'-iuxtcbt, '27, '2S Clrls' Quartette, '27, '23 Urmcl Bounce, '27 Arthur -lolm Lfllrcy LQ! mvn .my wlmt 4-'ur llzvy will XVIIIIIIIII, wunzun, I'llI1'N Ihcm xlill llnnul Bwuncc. '27, '23, '20 lll'x'llriU'Z1. '27, '23, '2" Hnnrl, '27, '28, '2" Virginia .Xugusta Yan Der Karr "Ilc'r4"x In the luxx nf llln' rlflxx ,lml lin' rluxs uf ilu' luxsf' S-ruth Beml lligll Svlnnul, '26 'I'r'L'k "Q .1 , --. llnsl-ictlunll, '27 Oryllcstrn. '27 '2S, '2" Gym Slmw, '27, '28 Tzxttler N H, S., 'P Mary Bernadette Yan Tuyl "Ami 1-nun the wise url' llll'I'I'!I," A Xnt fllllf I Junior Play Vlass Vice-presiwlent. '23 lluursl of Contrr-l+Sec'y., '27, Gyn Slmw. '27, '23 Acrulcmic Contest, '29 Yell Leader, '28, '29 4" Iwi 28 Hmmm Staff, E-litor-in-Chief, '23 '20 Rrmfl Bonnie N. H. S. Club, '2RfI'ree.. '29, ma Bernease Van Tuyl xhv Inmfx NIll1ll'1'.'4 luxx. l'1:l xlxu Innes fun inure." Sf-Ccer. '2S Bnskctball, '29 tiles- Cllllb. '27, '28, '20 Glee f'lub Operetm, '27, '29 G. A, A., '13 G. G. L., '29 Gym Show, '27, '23 'W Band Bounce. '28 Track, '28 N. H, S. Club, '27, "Q "0 mg fllllf '1,1, 1 4 ,1 1 ,1 41 41 r A1 L 1 1 1 .41 1 L 1 A U,- 41 gr 41 5' 41 r 1 nr LY 41 xr 41 gr 41 Y I nr 41 gr x7 nr li KY L Y 1 kr 4 nf 4 x7 , gf 1 , . 5, 1 ,s ,BP Y 41 AY 4: 1 EE we :J r 1 51 x 5 fr :C A If -' 1 :: 1 fr :Q ,1 r f 41 ,1 f ,r 57 ' A ' 41 ' ' LY gr 4 41 f nf xr 1 4' ,1 7 1' v :, 41 , -r Y 4' 41 5, x7 L, " 41 x' , 1' 51 nr , 4' 51 x' L, 4' 7: Ay 55 ' ' . -5 x' f 4 4 c: S .. I EQ :I FV 1 ' Z: A1 'Ei 2' a' X: 4 v . f ,QS-2 r 4' . ai .r f , ,r 41 f ,. 41 ai 2 -' 4 kv 7 X g ,r 4' 5 41 51 - , U 4 ky , S. :J 4' ' A1 K' 2 KY 1' - N 41 87 S. r 4' A 41 ,Ar Z-5 X, 4' - A, U f U if Z1 1 41 'C P 4 lPage Thirty-livel 1 K' r s 4 4 x . In ,r AQ kr Q xr ,11 ,r 1.,r fl-,,v,:-. 'NMDJM bl! f"'X, - 1 'Q-. li 21" 'if V' T, ,542 7 Il1vf,'ll11115, -1-.I g.'j.1j.v.-1.1 .fj.'j1vj.'-j..'1-3:1313 Nla1'tl1z1 Mmgarct Vogclsang "l'i1'l111' ix its 1111111 l'L'1I'lI1'4l.H ll11:11'ml uf l'1111t1'11l, 'lf' 45111-i'l11l1 'l7 H1-lc ll Clariswa Yoslwurg "Ill: I'llllIIl!!I 1.x 11 llulvl um' ln fill Glu- l'l11l1, '17, '28, 'JV Glue lllulu OI7L'l'ClIll .'J7, '13, '29 ll. A. A., 'ZW l.1ttlL1 Stall' 125111 Slnlw, '17, '23, 'J' Esther l.illia11 Hlcavcxf Al jully Ins.-1 vlrm-I: lull nf fun, SI11"x 11l1m111x ni:-1' In t'lll'l'!I1llll',u Glce Clulm. '28 Glue Vlulr 011u1'ett:1, 'JS Gym Slmw. '18 Elsie Martha XVei11111a1111 ".lI41r1' llzun nllwrx llovx slu' laugh, Uf 1 :ur giggling sho docs hull." OI'Cll6Stl'J, '29 Gym Show, '13 Muml Stuff, 'QW Rma Alice VVesterF1eld ,l l:11s.w.wxr11' of sl1'l'ling quulilivs. l1.1scb:1ll, 'JS Succer, 'JP lllnckcllmll, '27, '13, '29 ll X X '79 Namui NV0lford "Sim ix prvllu In mulls willl. .tml willy lu lull: zvilll. ,lnfl 1111-uxunl, lun. In llzinlc nn." Clcc lllllll, '27 lllvu l'lul1 Opcrettu, '27 421111 Slmw. '27 1134 Truman Odell NVol1ord Sludious of Ruse and funfl of Izumlvlv things." Glee Club, '29 Gym Sliow. '27 Virginia XVoning "What xlw wills to :lu ur xlzy. Is llliSt'Xl, nznxl fllxl-1'l'ul um! Roger Jerome NYood Kllllllki when tu plan uml ll' un lu Palo Alto High School, Cal' '7 Advisory President, -9 '17 HS 'xy Orcllestra. Bzmfl. '- w-H 1, -S, Le-rulers' Club, .,.. Gym Slmw, Dorothea "fiI'lll'l0llS in Glee Club, Basketball Gym Shoxxi, Truck, '28 Operettn. -1, .gf - '23, 'QU ZS Tnttler Staff Ban-l Bounce, "1 Ma her '27, '29 '17 ag' - ws ,M y Marble limi." lllllflf " if., Z6 rlispnsilirmj' W8 .,9 -,lV 41 41 4 41 5 4 x 4 A, Au w 4s 1 xr 4w LY kr 41 xr 1 kr AV Ai V 'P s Q r 1 Y 1 5? XY 41 AY LY V Ai K7 A V AW V A1 Y A 52 Af 52 A Y 5- Z! 2 A gl' A kf lv LY 41 gr AW r ,Q 52 LP 41 gr A1 LY :J AW 52 E fr 4 'e qw 5: - 3 X fi K x il E 35 X ' s. 5 . V- :E V 1, . rg vii X . if . X. J ?5' - 1 It 5, 2 5 X,x, rl A A, fi 1 If -'W ,il ' , g- Q". . , 1 .5 '-"l"' Pc' , 2 R -19 .1-E Q, ,E '9'X,,JGf, . 'ff f .SKK-1-r , ."f-Tiki' ,"?"l" . UQZQZZF' ffm 'F-5 ' Ki? ' 1-1 ' ' Ig: :M-V ,253 r 1 r r n w 4 v r v 1 r r 4s v 1 L .v Q - nr A gr " '4 4V 51 H r Qs ?"- l KQ f ' i :J -- ' 4: 7 4! V an v 5 nr -'L' fi N :P 41 LV 4: ff AY U li KY , 4' ., Z: Q' 1 :W . . L, y'- A: 5 N 21 Qs' , Q I . , AW . Y. . 1: ,r " ill.. , 5 A' 1 ligilfg 'Q i, 2,5 .A -,.r . , : .Z N S .Q . x . -' 1 -. ,, 15 L Q A1 . V rw xr ' AW KY 1? ff 9 , , 4 I . 2 , - I '33 f , AW 'N F t iq: 5: . N 4 'J Q gb- - -, Q l fr' 5-. , Y K A 34 - R' Q 1, mf A A' ' qi., .Y- nr 1 4.3 3 wk .40 ,. .. 1 Aw, ,ffl .N I 'J N' lP:xge Thirty -sex enl - I U111st:111cc L'1'z111'f1+r1l .lzunic Hc1'il:1c1111:1 Nita Starke Y:1Ic1lict111'i:111 S:1lut:1t111'ia11 Poet HONOR ROLL Student Spr. '26 Fall '26 Spr. '27 Fall '27 Spr. 'ZS Fall 'ZS 111-111111-1111111 41111111 111,111 1111.114 11Q 111 ,1,1111' 11'11.11'11f1- 11111110 11111111 111111111' 1111111111 11111111 llNiC 1:L'YilZlk'lll1I'l 1111.115 X,X.X.1X XXQXAI XALNX .X.X.'XB 11111-11 154111111111 1111111111 1101111 11111111 1111110 1111 1.1111111111-111'1-11111111-11 11,1,1,11 111,111.1 111.11-1 1.1.-1.1111 ,1,1.1.111 Ililfln 1'1-111111.11111 .XAXAIZ 1XC'.XI'iI-I 11111111 11.11112 -1111111C 1111111111111 1f111g11-1111-111 .XXAXIRC XIQSIEL' 111-11111 11111111 1131111111-1 1KX111Xe 1111111 XXIZCYA 111111 A 11., 1Qg11'i11gg-1' 11111111 1111,-11.11,-M -115111 11111115 E1111E11 mE 1E11,QQT- 1,1411 11111 111111111 11111111 111111111 Xj1'fl:1TIE11E Y , 11111Q111111111111 1111111 111115 11,1,111 IJ-111:1lfI 111.111-11 I 111111' 1 1 .f1L'111I ,Avzfwzrmmmnmvzmrzmrafzrazrrmnanm:-ramnomimizrnamanlzmrlammzlwzzlzlfzrmrzfzmlmrnamzrrg h. Q gl cl ls al al +21 Q ri ml ml lzl 9 5 la El lm al in bl in ln li al ls sl t3 al ls rzl ra rs Q3 sl cl sl is cl A is sl -B al G W sf 'i N rr '1 rr Y V G W W Q cr Y Y 'EEUUADDUUQOUUUHUQHUUUUOUQUUD QDHDUUDUUDDUUDG Ruth Haviland IAABB Gertrude Hebron AABB lAABBCi 'lane Hunter AABB lames Kenny in AAAB Kenneth Krrorr r Q AABBC1- jrrrre Mrllralro AABB l-BXBB ABBC 1 :AAAB Lucille Millard i fxAABBlrxBBBB AAABB Ruth Moore l l BBBB Evelyn Roebeck ABBB Eldon Rolfe iABBC AABC AAAB Stella Schell AAABC AABCC - Ruth Schulke ABBBB AABBC ABBC Forbes Sloan iABBB ABBC Rollerrrl Smith BBBB ABB Mildred srerlre AAAAB AAAAA1AAAABiAAAAB AABBB Niro Starke AABB AAAA AAAA AAAABYAAAABi.-XAAA Helen Steere l AABC Ruby Stowe .-XBBBC ABBB RABBQ ABBB ii-XBBBC Myrtle Summers AAABBNAABB XBHB Anne Tobin AA.-XB LAABB ABBB EAABC A-XA-XBC Virginia Van Der Karr ABBC AABBCQ Berrrorlerre vorr Tuyl AAAB lAAABB AAAB AABBB A-XBBB Martha. Vogeleorrg VABBBC EBBBB AABB MABB ABBB Elsie lVeinmann l XVABIBL' - Truman VVolford XBBC ABBC Virginia 'Woning l AABCC ISBBH AAAAB QUHQ5QUHDUDUUHDUUDEHDEHHUDDUQGUEQEQUDDDQQV DPW' EQUEUUDEQUHQQHM LPage Tlllrtv-nlnel f UUGWUDQDUQGDWWUUQUQUUDDOUWUDUDUUUUUG The Story of the Pilgrims' Progress TH E AroLoGY I penned this as a dream that I did have one night, But now I've waked and found it trueg each word of it is right. And so. instead of fiction. history stands before your sight. TH E DREA M In my dream I saw a band of Pilgrims weary from the nine years' journey along the rocky path of Education. There were some who saw a glamorous peace in the distance. a Power that would relieve them of the weighty burden of hard labor after a struggle of three years more. XYith a brave heart Virginia I-lance led a troup of hesitant followers along the stormy Sophomore XYay, :Xt the end ot this passage the Pilgrims came to a Slough of Despond. called Examinations. And there were some who could not struffffl use through. but left the way of the ambitious for the way of the loafer. There came to the aid of the travelers a man named Evangelist. and he was the Faculty. who encouraged them and helped them to go on to the route called the junior Year. Then. in my dream, I saw the Pilgrims each receive a ring or pin from the Power. bearing the emblem of Niles. This seemed to encourage them, for they were delighted. and they eagerly followed their new leader, Orville Adler, through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, which was the second, year's journey of their pilgrimage. llere they encountered numerous dangers, for there were many things that almost detained them, but they reached safely the haven of a smooth. shaded pathway called Vacation. Then I saw the Pilgrims approaching another tedious route that they must follow if they would be relieved of their burdens. The company chose a true and steadfast leader. Thomas Grimes. to guide them past the by-roads of Destruction and around the pit-falls of Failure. It was a long and dangerous trip. so Verda Harrison acted as an assistant guide. There was one. Mildred Starke. who re- corded the trials and tribulations of the journey, and spoke of all the joy of the Pil- grims upon seeing the pearly Gates of Graduation in the distance. There was, also, one liurton Schieb who guarded the jewels, and hoarded them to pour out in sacri- lice to the Power. Some of the members of the group were dissatisfied and restless, so, as I saw in my dream, they held a great festival where everyone made merry. After this, the Senior Party, they advanced eagerly. Soon the Pilgrims came to the Enchanted Valley, where the atmosphere made them drowsy. and they were tempted to yield to the temptation of a rest, called Skip Day. But again Evangelist. or the Faculty. came to the rescue and showed them the path which was straight and narrow and very rocky. -. '. 4 1 ll':igr l-nrljl BUDDY 3 tl E Q E E Q B Q U Q Q U E Q Q Sl bs Q Q Q Q Q Q .3- Q Q Q 5? V Q Q Q D Q Q Q D G E Q Q Q Q Q 9 9 Q 9 Q Q G 9 Q D D Q D C Q Q 0 Q Q Q ,jf I Q4 Q QU QQQHQOQODQUUUUQUHOUUUQUQUUUUUUUUQUUQGQQUUHQUQUUUUUUUUHUUUDUQUUUUUU 45 BBQHUDUGUUUUUUOHEUUQUQHUUUUQUWQQQQQK U D Q 5 5 D Q E E E 5 E I SS Q Q EF E5 E E3 C Q R. 1 j. A. P H rf' C' Q g Q EQ EF 9 gi gy iq G Q q 1 fl C gy rf' ,P i PP 55 5? Qi 'P A:- v5 QV C' gy .5 E5 Ci 'P PF With much joy the band of Pilgrims came very, very close to the gate. Here there was held another great festival, where the burdens were raised from the shoulders of all the True Students. There was much rejoicing and much praise to the Power. In my dream I saw before the Pilgrims a wide river which was very shallow for those who had been faithful, and very deep for those who had waverecl. This was the river of the Fiinal Examinations. Next. each Traveler was given a halo. in the shape of a cap with a tassel, and a long, dark gown. Dressed in this saintly garb each ascended the many shining steps to the gate of Commencement. At this gate there stood the Power who issued to each thankful Pilgrim a diploma that was his reward for the hardships of the journey. Then, in my dream, each Pilgrim passed through the gate, which, after all, was only the beginning of a longer. harder journey with a brighter. more beautiful end. lPage Forty-onel l u The Tattller Published Bq The Senior Class of the Uiles High School lfliles, michigan 1929 O L.. ,. S 5 5 5 S 3 5 N x X 1 S4 35 S X S 5 in :za in IUUUIUHZ UU EEUU EEUU AUUUUUUUUDHUUUUUUU U7 JUUUDUHUHUUUHUUUUUUUUHUUHUHU X S S S X X X S 5 S S is S 5 S E S S S S B U EU UZUDU DEQ ij. 'I' 'F 5:1 'F nf' '1 , 4 .34 Ci gl rf' fi pit ffl fi rfi .ja nk. 44 51 .14 ij .14 43 all 'fi iii 'fl 5 'F 'F 'F 'F 'F 'F D 'F 'F fi qi 'F 'F Q4 'F pil 'li 'F P5 P5 Q is 57 K 5 FF PF 5 k :F Q PE U P17 'F 5' eQ'Q52'2'2'14Qff1i4C4f '2V25':45'I4'Qtl2if'l2'fel'2lfA5f4V25292Z1QQUUUUUUZQQFQQUUUUYAUVQUUFQUZSUUQFQUQUQQQQHUUUUUUUEQQQQQVQQU 1 ll-llereunto lls Bequeathecll N ORDER that we may not leave behind us. unprotected, those who are doomed to struggle on, facing the great conflict, XYe. the Class of '29, do hereby publish our last XYill and Testament in which we bequeath to our under-classmen, all our school-day possessions. Unto our patient. tolerant faculty, we willingly leave opera glasses in order that they may spy back-seat gum chewers. XYe also grant them the privilege of practicing faculty plays in the Senior High library. Tommy Grimes and Ted Bath bequeath the privilege of chewing a package of gum a day lany flavor except grapej to any member of the class of 1930. .Xllison Lockard leaves Genevieve Franz a book, entitled t'Successful Pep- Meeting Speeches I Have Made"-And how! To lYarren Reynolds. Shorty wills his big "A" in Algebra. Jamie Bevilacqua and Constance Crawford bequeath their love of scholarship rivalry to "Mike" Smith and Kenneth Meyers. Orville Adler gives the custody of his little sister into the hands of his next door neighbor, Irma Jean Hutson. In turn. Irma Jean, leaves her faithful compact and her love of conversation to Mary Kathryn Van Skiver. Roger XYood. Leo Garlanger, Clayton Rowe, Eldon Rolfe, and Forbes Sloan lYilliam Dawes wills his faithful brief-case to Jimmy Bookwalter-in case jimmy should lose his. Unto Martin Schmidt, Hardy Langston bequeaths his art of mixing chemicals. To Keith Harger. Burton wills his winning ways with the women. The "Unholy Three" tLeo. Bud. and Eldonj relinquish all second-hand music and worn out arguments to the capable hands of Wlilliam E. Mathews, Esq. Annette has consented to leave her G. L. G. lxGood Little Girly emblem to lilizalleth Freed with the stipulation that Elizabeth must wear the sweater, Unto Frank McCormick we leave Mary Kathryn. Dorothy Ehlenfeldt bequeaths her round trip ticket from the state-line to Niles to .Xrthur Barcus lthis is so Art won't have to bum ridesl. T Iva Avery, Ruth and Lucille Moore, Mildred Starke, and Ruby Stowe leave their memories of hours spent in Mr. Zable's office to the next batch of oliice, girls. Thomas Grimes. Lloyd Ostrander, and Hardy Langston leave directions on "How to Paint Cars in Modernistic Designs" to any sophomore or junior who has looked at the masterpieces belonging to said parties and found envy lurking in their q, Q. Q. Q. .5 Q4 'I' . . 'F MF 'F .51 -fi .fa -I' -F .fn C' 'F G 'E ,Q 'F 'F 5 -5 Q' MF -F -fi 'F qv .LV 'F 5 if 'F 'f' .5 Qi 'F -F G 'E 'F 'Qi I 'E E 55 'Z' S5 Q Q U :F 'E li -F 914 '31iff:QFQQQVZQCei:9I1V24'Q'I4V25QK4i2'I4Q5l!CelQ'I hearts. Gene Grathwohl will secretly leave any information on how to crack jokes without smiling, if the aspirant to this fine art will call at Gene's home any time between 2 :SO and 2:31 A. xr. on Saturday mornings. Leo Carlinger bequeaths his curls to Kenneth Susan guaranteeing them not to grow out. Meredith Mason leaves Cleo Mell her ability to collect watches, class pins, rings. watch fobs, etc,, from her boy friends. ll':fuf lwrly -lwol 'UUV147251452724K45l4VI1l'I4PI4lieUFHUUUUUVHUHUQHFHHUK4UUFZHUUUUl24U5lUVI4UU5!lI451YI4U5:4KAV24?I4lQlUQHHH7255405254K4UVZUUHQPQUV2UFWQPQVZWFZUEQUVHUUUPQUUUUHUUUUUFQUUB P24 QF Cf FF PF PF L3 5 W bl' PF P3 'F OF 05 Oli pl? PF 5 'lf PF NF L11 ri' PH P24 33 P-F '24 Si PF 'F Ci gf ff' P5 rf' I5 F P5 -I' Ei W P14 P3 PF O' 15 PF 'lf Cf IF .ji if -F rl' Cf Cf rl' All ll' PF PF PF tit PF PF AF if iff 'F Q02 iiaafaaufiaammawwaaaafiQFQQK-Oman-QocwyQQQQQaanaaaaaaaufanmaafivifaanmaaztaaaaofaaivrszi -H si ci -F 5 -8 PF ci +5 -F ,. . ,. . , P5 John Kiblinger and Wilbur Moyer leave those school girl complexions to any- KF one who has grown weary of using a safety razor. Anne Tobin wills her book "How to Obtain Heightn to Donald Elder, with a fervent prayer that this asset may help to increase his scholastic ability. t'XYe find that Donny's grades need immediate attentionj Qi 'Ii Si -if PF E E - . . . . E' Maxel Schulke bequeaths the privilege of skipping school fat least once a W weekl to Sidney Cornell. X -14 June Milhahn wills her literary ability to any student who craves a position S on the .lloon or Tattlvr staffs. Y' ci Unto any coming-along Sophomores or Juniors who own an automobile or a fl police dog, Ada Sortore and Margaret Parent grant the privilege of wearing patches on one's eyes. Unto his brother, james Kenny leaves his scorn of the weaker sex. The Van Tuyl's bequeath their drag with the faculty to the Merritt twins. Forbes llfm-pahnj Sloan leaves his "great big horn" to Monk Ames. Elsie Xlleinman is going to leave Mr. Hess for the rest of the girls to worry over. ell 'F -F -1' PF Ci :Zi 'F qi .3 'F 'F -Zi G Qi -Ii AF AF KF Qi .3 Unto Maxine Brown, Helen Vosburgh bestows her timid, retiring manner. Nita Starke and Marie Graff grant Roberta Pierce the privilege of giggling at any time or place under any trying condition. Virginia Van Der Karr bequeaths her love Nj and ability I U to conjugate irregular French verbs to all French students in general. Having disposed of all possessions worthy or unworthy of mention. we do hereby appoint R. Maggie Phone chief distributoil and sole executress of this, the final will and testament of the Senior Class of Niles High School. hereunto affixing our seal on this ninth day of june. in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and twenty-nine. -is -5 +5 Qi QQ -5 -:Q -5 Qi si if lYitnesses Attorneys t' Library Equipment ROGER XVOOD Janitors VIRGIXIA VAN DER KARR .QQ .Qs -F Si .3 -F .5 rl' G -F Qi KF .ga .3 -F Ci qi -F .5 Q4 G 'Ci Qi .ja Qi Qi RF -F .ja -Zi KF Cl -F IPage Forty-threel ' Y ' ' ' f5'?'z"4'.- n 'Q'I''DCUWtQ'2"14f2-il'I''Q'H-"Ai51"14lZ"24"H2i45i1V2'Q'1"? What the Fortune Teller Told HERE was a tentg and in this tent there sat a gypsy fortune-tellerg and outside of the tent we, the Class of '29, stood, patiently waiting to hear our futures foretold by a fakir who held our hands, looked mysterious, told us the truth or otherwise, extracted from us the sum total of twenty-five cents, and sent us out -happy or unhappy, as the case may have been. XYould you like to know some of the things she prophecied? Then here they are: To begin with. johnny Kiblinger emerged with a look of amazing joy on his face because he had been told that his "school-girl complexion" would make him famous in Hollywood! Irma glean llutson, Elsie XVeinman, Myrtle Summers, and Iva Avery were given the information that they would become private secretaries to some big "light" in the business world. Jamie Bevilacqua and Margaret Parent can look forward to teaching French in an exclusive girls' seminary. Ah! Here's news. Tommy Grimes is going to make a cross-country run and a prize awaits him at the end 4we're sure it will be Hrstl. Roger XYood, l.eo Garlanger, Clayton Rowe. Eldon Rolfe, and Forbes Sloan entered the tent singing the latest popular tunes, so musical careers were predicted for them. tknother jazz orchestra?J Harry Thurston is destined to wear a coast-guard uniform! XYe all agree that Ruth Schulke will make a line kindergarten teacher. Florence Mitchell and Beulah Gorton were advised to learn to say fvery sweetly 5 "Number please Y" Hurrah! Niles is to have a pro-football team, and five of the members arei to be Louis hlonahan, Lloyd Ostrander, Teddy Bath, Robert Smith, and John Marx. Could any designer hope for a better model than Naomi Vllolford? All the fortune-teller saw in the immediate future for Bernadette Van Tuyl was books on geometry and trig. fXVatch out for your position, Mr. VValker lj XYe weren't at all surprised when June Milhahn joyously told us of the authoress she will turn out to be. XYas the gypsy mistaken. or can it be possible that Maxel Schulke is really destined to be a truant officer? Caroline Meyers. Gertrude Hebron, Anne Forest, and Virginia XYoning joy- fully received the prediction that they would be nurses in the next war. .Xnd then our sooth-sayer looked through a big, round crystal, and slowly a ."f'."." ' ,- .fx "1 f 1- 4 7 f1'f"P'24'?'14'f1'i"f" 4 4 Ilhslr- I-nrljvfioilrl 'fri '11i'IWIe'C4fl"I:'f1'CfC4'Z1C1'11C4'C45f4'ieCs'f1if4U'Zai'I4C4VZ4K4VI4UC45Q?f4'f4Z4U C151 'IA 'le C- 'I' 'ff 52 'Q C10 C' C1 'Q C1 U. .N 'I' 'C' C141 '21 .W .174 911 'ff C4 'ff .3 -4 . Cv 1 is U? V4 1'- ., .gi Ci .J .1- . V ft V1 . 1 '14'25f4PS45Ki'i4U"4li4Z4QUiI-lC4UK4?2UYl4'Q5sUUlC4Fi4515i1Z4ifAC1'UQi2lQ.K4Y1eli4'i4'ZsU'L4'G1G'I4'1e'2:'14'2vZ4lZ4f2CAPia545216014C4V21is54524551C4isH551'CeC1F51HYBQUQUPQUPI4HQ54UUUFQUHPZPZCQCQQUUUUQUUUUNQ ininUmmmfaan-an-aafzmmnmmmaaammracaaoeafaam-uname-Qmacro-Q'xiaac-f.-4-faema+moooowsf: green apple took form. Did this mean a stomach-ache for Arthur Cllery, or a prosperous life on a fruit farm? Truman Wlolford and Clyde Schaber are actually to go on a hunting expedi- tion in Africa! If there is a grain of truth in the predictions of a fortune-teller, Ruby Stowe, Mildred Starke, Lucille and Ruth Moore are sure to be real "bang-up" business women. Another young man who had no aspiration to the presidency was Gene Grath- wohl who came out muttering, "XVho wants to be a future president of the United States, anyway lXYe're quite certain that this is due to the fact that Gene went to Barnum and Baileys circus three nights in succession and now wishes to be a tight-rope walkerj. Virginia Ready and Peggy Schell were properly thrilled with the prospect of a beauty parlor of their own. lt isn't a bit hard to believe that ,lane Hunter. Ruth Harrington, and Mary Bolton are to run a tea shop after all their experience in Niles Highs home econom- ics department. james Kenny. of course, is to be a future manager of the J. C. Penny Co.. and we wouldn't be a bit surprised if he hired Bernice Luchtman and Iona Pressnall for office girls, and Helen Steere for floor walker. XVilliam Dawes's oratorical ability in English class and his constant brief-case have sealed his fate as a lawyer. Donald Haslett is going to continue with his scientific work and will undoubt- edly be a second Thomas A. Edison. Martha Vogelsang and Dorothy Ehlenfeldt will take joint charge of the Niles City Library. And you can never guess what is ahead of Burton Schiebl He's going to be a big brave fireman. Columns and spires loomed out in the futures of Thomas Cronin and Kenneth Dittmer. so we presume they will one day be brilliant architects. Phyllis Emmel, Nita Starke, Marie Graff. and Ruth Haviland, are all to go to college. and from all appearances this place resembles the U. of M. Everywhere we go, Helen Vosburgh's paint brushes crop out-and the fortune teller's tent was no exception. Eva Deane Brown and Ada Sortore appeared to be pianist and organist. re- spectively in two of the leading cinema shows in Chicago. On the vaudeville bill at the Chicago Tlzvutvr appears the names of Betty Eaglesfield. Cathlyn Corell, Verda Harrison, and Anne Tobin--the famous "Har- mony Girls" from station N. H. S. H-'z-anammnoafzQfzfafi-wmv:-fri z71'l'C-C'92'f-if-'f1'f'5C"I-'I"1 f 1--socQc-Q.-:-4-2-'zwz-f'A'.1+fi-'L lP.ige Forty- fivel rl' eb 52' ga tb 9 5' eb 9 55 9 eb Q 95 9 9 Q 9 5 eb S' 52' 9 -2' rl' 9 C' eb E' ii. ,5 sb Q fb 9 i v rl' Q +I' Q D C- el rl' Q Q 9 9 Q tix s Q1 -5' i Both the futures of Annette Cronin and Bernease Van Tuyl sounded like gym teaching. lDon't let's forget about those "Good Little Girl" sweatersl Meredith Mason's future looked like a closed book until our gypsy lady ex- claimed. "Theres a man in the case!" Constance and Hilda Crawford, Mary Hinkle, and Evelyn Roebeck are going to take a long trip across the water. Perhaps they're going to travel in Europe. The gypsy said, "Allison Lockard. I see French books-many. many French books-3" And Allison groaned and bolted from the room. After one look at XVolford's curls he was told that he would be a wealthy man. All the gypsy could see in Orville Adler's future was a hotel-so we're not really sure whether he's to be janitor, manager, or just a rich old bachelor with no other home. The seer gazed long at the hands of Rosa VVesterf1eld and Thelma Jurgensen, then Finally said she saw white uniforms and detected the odor of food'-so un- doubtedly they are to become dieticians. john Hathaway is going to be on the stage as an eccentric dancer. and Lester Finley is going to be his advance man. George Burch sat down rather heavily on the camp stool and momentarily dis- turbed the palmist, but hnally she said she saw water, and then glaring sand. and linally some camels. George had been reading "Beau Geste," we're quite positive. Mildred Smith and Lucille Millard are going to run a barbecue stand. Mildred always insisted that she was going to live in the country. The gypsy seer shuffled the cards and carefully laid them down in front of Esther XYeaver saying, "T see many, many flowers-in rows-in a greenhouse. And in another room I see two light-haired girls tying them-Rose Krajci and Elizabeth Olack-and here is a dark girl cutting and watering some geraniums-Elaine Dittmer. .Xt last the fortune-telling was over and we gathered together for a pot-luck dinner. where we all told and re-told our futures. VVe were very happy on our way home, and quiet too. for we were pondering the day's happenings. and busy with our thoughts of the future. , 4..3.,y.j..j,.g ,v,, 1.,g..j.vj.,g.",5,ayqigaj,f,.'-..g.,j.vj,.,g.,j..3.,,sg.sq.fgUj, lI'age Forty-sixl Q LF LF G rf' 'fl .3 Q MF 'fl C' PF ,Ii PF PF bfi PF .5 .1- PF XF S' 'F PF rz' ri fl' bf' PF PF rf' Q 53 :F IF P5 qv 'F ,fi rf' 'F in C9 PF Pl' 'I' 'F rf' QF QF C' E' If tl' LF E' E D E 'fl t-F QF Q ull S4 PF Ei li' DF Q A 'QC19I:'2'2U52'2ifi4C45Q'2'11f'"l4Q5l1C1fQf1'25Q'l192VQQ5272721UQC1'2Q52QUQQQQQQVBQQQQHQQQVQQQZQUQUQQQQQQFQEC1EAUQUFQFQFQZAZQQQUFIQEGQZAUUUUUUVZUQQUUUQUUUU V ,.,'.,.'! - - 111,95-.E-g:4L4-51151:-,:,w?--351, , if ..1 - .3 ,fi f,M1:A,3v2l1f?r:"fvlfi- 'E'--" g, 1 f" "A":At-. 'Q' -' " ' Cf. , .,4.. . s,--.-.. '. ....- .4 .H , ., f.. V , ,,j'.5s'3'fl, A ':'!-'f' '52 - X f ,.f ,fn-A -'L vw 'Q . rqf A ' 1 " Q1 Q 4- . F? -s I ' 1 .ng ' 5 ' P . fd:-3 C . I 1' 4: , 1 f ,HYK S xg- -. ,- x Q be jv 10115 k', If ' ' . fr.-. I N'- '.t 'f 'aku ' - ., ' ,,,:1 f I UQQUDUUDUFQUDUQUUUUHQ'CUZ-5'fP'If'I"Z"I"feif5i1'2'Z-'Z-'2'Q'is'Q'2"C-'21'C1'Z'iQ'I"l'i4i'Q'l"?'1"e'l''fiivf' 'QZ"I'55f" " 7 " .4izvmmn-'ucicicvzifzivzfcimm:-fmQatar:-annamwwzimcicvziammfmmmnwatmmQmeanP2anmanoammmiafnmmwwMawinmwaamzamamzq V Q v '24 '21 '24 '21 U. vw. Q r. .'. Class of l93O PI't'Sl.dL'lIf .,,....., ,,,,,, K EITH ll,xRtgER Vive-Presidviif ....vv,.... .A.A X VILLI.-in AlADDEN Serrvtnry-Trea.r1m'r ..., R4lBERT.rX Pmkcrz CLAss Anvistiks Florence Talburt. Elgin Donm, Mary Clark. Carl lless Victoria Abraham Robert Ames 'Vernon Baehman Edith Ballard Arthur Barcus Lena Bath 'XYil1iam Bevilacqua Florence Bidwell Lawrence Blake Olive Bosler Catherine Bowen Fay Bretsclmeider Blanche Brown Maxine Brown Evelyn Cody Sidney Cornell Edwin Cramer Mildred Crooker Lyle Cross Lucille Curtis Mary Cutting Mildred Dayhuit Anamae Downs Merle Dreher Frederick Eaton Donald Elder Irvin Everett Martha Fedore Genevieve Franz Earl Fowler Marjorie Frost Ben Groat Keith Harger Dorothy Hammond TNQ QQ? 'Q'Ze'1A'2'Q 'LA 'Ie Esther Hartman Edward Hess Alice Hetler Bessie Hibbard Richard Hill Alice Holloway Margaret Hull Marian Hutson Eleanor Jauch Hazel Kale lYilma Kehrer Merwon Kelsey Phena Kingston Hardy Langston lYilliam Madden Joe Marazita Harold Marston Frank McCormick George McKenzie Cleo Mell Bill McOmber lack Meyers Ethel Miller Dorothy Morgridge Ruth Morley Victor Munroe lVilma Myers Leon Nieb Max Noecker Paul Ostrander Helen Palmer Catherine Pears lVillian1 Petruska Roberta Pierce Geraldine Pressnall q,g.,1..- ,f .f Warren Reynolds Lewis Rossow lele Rowe Martin Schmidt Geraldine Schiele Larry Sherrick Francis Showers Ormshe Simon Claude Smith Ralph Smith Mary Snyder Ada Sortore Dorwin Starke Kenneth Susan Delbert Susan Charlotte Sweet Esther Thompson Cliiford Teske Mary Tuttle Robert Tuttle Edward Yandenburg Mary C, Yan Skiver Clarence Villwock Marian XYalker Esther XValton Donald XVinlack Eliza lYesterField Richard XVilliams Harold XYilliams Edith XYomer lYillis Wiozniak Oscar XVvant Marion Yoss George Zink IPage Forty seyenl H P :wgJf.!l fl'PC4726if525145V252021545245505452525511ZaEADUVZIQE!isZell!ZQEUHDUQUD5FZ1Ze5F5eE2FI4'Q5f4F1fV2K!Z4iZ4V2K4F2e5sf1e'EC-F14'Z4ii4lQ5'F2D'i0IfQi1i'C-'U PZ! PF IB ali Q PF :li rf? til LF is ,B El rf' L21 0 0 Q R' Th H ll Cl b '- tri C 1 IIII E:I'S if 9' 0 sf +3 I3 . . . . - . ., air Q . HEREBY challenge the law of gravitation by comparing the junior Llass of 1929 L. . . . . . . N QQ to a rolling stone that reversed all staid and steadfast convictions bv turning its 2. . . . ' . A S course up the h1ll of EClUC3t1011. I furthermore defy the ages in shattermg the S proverb, "A rolling stone gathers no moss", by putting the ston eto the task of gath- S ering the moss of Knowledge. g As Sophomores we started at the bottom of the hill, struggling, jogging along S toward the summit of our aspirations. For our Committee of Leaders we chose S Donald XVinlack, Annamae Downs, and Sidney Cornell. .-Xfter many diversions S we were allowed a vacation, but it seemed we were immediately called back to re- S sume our traveling again as Juniors, on the second lap. S Our guides up this part of the climb were Keith Harger, XVilliarn Madden, and gl S Roberta Pierce. XVe held the annual junior Halloween party where our teachers Y . . . . . v . IJ E became children again and Joined in our revelry. Xext we purchased our Junior ,3 Y . . . . . . . . W Qi. rings which were acclaimed the best in school history. XX e varied our tedious up- 'G . . . . . . . , 'i 3 hill journey by part1c1pat1ng in basketball, football, track, and debating. When Q4 . . . . i . N . E l W . . N. -5 Qi Niles Hlgh loses us, it will lose some needed climbers both in sports and forensics. K5 524 . ,. . -.1 sg: The Junior play was a grand success as well as the Prom, 'XX' ith a background like if L , ,. . - N' gi this. why shouldn't we feel we shall be the best class to graduate from Riles High? 41 L ei -Blamflzr Brozvn gi Q R4 .3 2:1 Q1 ei -.1 if Sf -. W ' A FN -If 5 J s .L+ if -.1 9 .A+ ii . 1 Q fi 9 if if gi fi ,za . r gi .3 '93 'Q E+ 3 Qi -1- Q4 if Eg 1 if .5 ai fi gi . 1 :Zi if rl' E kj Qi in 5 Q1 gl t v 9 .3 55 .Ia rl! 'F Q -F Qi fi Ei 'T Q rf' Q if fi -3 E 41 'S f' L 21+ Y v ff. . gi . P3 , V , , , so . 1125929262miimimm':4lQIf:'lii1P:4vQP:+i4Z4miffQm:4K2UPI-v:1Z-mmmmmavilitooriiilabi-'Lwitam':fEPQvQK1fZ-K--:1P:vt1fzwmiw-wc lPaQ'e Forty -ninel 0 Q 9 W Y N Q 5 G 5 9 1 9 w 1 y A Q G Q u . Q 9 5 Q E Q Q Y 9 S E Q y y Q Ui Q 9 .Q sf is gf up with the curtainl Our plaq has begun. .Q Q 5 Foreword lDithin these pages, as in pantomime before qou, we have tried faithfullq to depict the ioqs and sorrows, the successes and failures of the events of the past gear. Here uve shall see Tliles High School, living an.- other chapter of her glorious historq. Seel the actors are reaclq, the stage is set. Come, 1 LN PW 1 '1 p K1 P 1 1 1 1 1 '5 1 DQOQO' 0000000000000O0O05U500U05OUUUDUQWUUWHQUUUUWUUUDUUUQHHUUUUUQH 1 Am ,Q1 Q1 W Q M D Q Q D Q Q D g Q Q D B D J J Q 9 E Q 9 9 E Q E al 9 Q Q Q Q Q E 9 D Q Q E E E Q Q 53 S! SS S8 SS S3 S3 S3 SS SE S3 S3 SS SS SS SS SS S8 58 53 SS S3 SF ,,-,,, ,, , E' GEQQQQGEQQEGC655LGEQEEQQEQDQQEEEQEEEEDUQ5QGHGEEQQUQUQUUQEEEEQUEEE5QQDU5DUEDUQUDUUEEUEUDUQQUQEQEUUUUUDUDUU 7 .r.s',.j.-j.v1 , 4,14 ,Q SOPHCMORES .4Q5Q5Q' V4UK1fQ'5C4'f1UZ4FQ5Q'C4'D'3552UZ-VIQUPQUFZ-UOUZACHZ1PQ5191492HUG'Q'1"Z4'f4l2'Q'Q'Q"QlI4FI!Fi1V2545!9I4lif'Z1'f'tI4V1f'Z''D' i A, 5, Class of 19311 P1'z'.rl'd Clif .......... .... - lax xi ES Bookw,Ax1-'ri-:iz Vin'-P1'vs1'de11f ........,, ,......A. , E nirn Sraizkrz Svrfvfciry-T1'vf1s111'0r .... .. .... IXIAURICE TRoa.'xL'uii CL.,xss .lnvisifas .lean lVilson, Mildred Vail, Frank McCally, Russel Geliliy George Andrews Eleanor Antisdell Rebecca Augustovitz Roy Bachinan Hetty Bailey Homer Bailey Mabel Ballard Donald Belknap Helen Berg Iona Berkey Robert Bernard Wanita Bidwell Beatrice Blake Clazina Blocker Minnie Bonner James Bookwalter Lucille Bothwell Pearl Brand Josephine Brown Thelma Bruner Paul Brunk George Bruycker Lynn Butler VVallace Campbell Irene Carrier Donald Clymer Esther Cole Malcolm Collins Mabel Conrad Ebel Graff Marie Grahl Anne Grathwohl Gejza Gregor James Grimes Joseph Hand Mildred Hand Nevangeline Harris Virginia Harter Mildred Hartzog Evelyn Haslett lean Hebron Victor Heide Francis Heinlen Paul Hess Lewis Hill Orlien Holderman Hazel Hoover Helen Hoover Kathryn Howell Louise James Edwin Johnson Harold Johnson Lyle Jones Gladys Iurgenson Harry Keck Norman Keihn Eldred Kelly ' John Kenny Gladys Otstot Loren Parker Murray Parker John Perkins Lora Peters Evelyn Phillips Homer Pierce Alta Prenkert Kenneth Prenkert Albert Ralm Maude Regenos Edith Redding Pauline Reidenback Leo Reum Francis Rice Owen Ross Elmer Rough Russel Ryor Maxine Saunders Dominick Saratore Ralph Schaeffer Edward Schaeffer Margaret Schrumph Irma Schurman Isabelle Schoelield Marie Schmiedendorf Gordon Sharkey Florence Smith Joseph Smith Quez-'AVx'PQ?I15QQ52Z4VlQV2Htf4l21'I1iQ'2li4'1'51'lC1lZ45I-'IUC-G'f"f"Q'2'l-'C49C45f45"f'C"f-'QC' 'D'I'5C"Cf'Q'25'Cf9f4"QQ'Q'1".''f15CH14'2- lPage lwny'-,n -- 1 if Y H'.vr' Img, sv.-.41 james Crawford Lillian Crawford Bert Cripe Ernest Crouch YVils0n Culloni Manley Curtis Amy Dash Harley Davis . XViIbur Dickenson Evelyn Dittlner Lee Dittnier Elma Dizard Laura Dougan Allen Dulin Kathryn Dunn Rodney Evans Ferne Feather Stella Finch Virginia Finch Allen Findley Esther Findley Charles Forburger Elizabeth Forler Margaret Franz Elizabeth Freed Charles Freyer Marie Funk Ruth Garrett Kenneth Geideinan Anna Gogola Irene Goldfuss Maxine Goltra Frederick Condeck George Goodsell Robert Goodsell Martha K. Kercher Mary E. Kercher Henry Korman Joyce Korinan Clara Kraft lda Belle Kriuowtitz Clayton Larson Donna Langston Kathleen Lauder Mabel Leach Ruth Lidke Mary L. Lindsley Elizabeth Lockard Maxine Loomis Harold L, Lowe Adam Lynd Lawrence Mantke Katherine Marshall Fred Martinsen Mildred McConnel Helen McXVade Eileen Merritt lrene Merritt Keneth Meyer Elouise Mitchell Mildred Monroe Ellsworth Mooney Ralph Mooney Hazel Moore Ralph Moore Esther Morris Arthur Mould Arthur Nelson Mae Niles Charles Ostrander Margaret Smith Joseph Starke Edith Starke Arthur Stinebach Xvllliillll Strasser George Thurston Robert Torniey Maurice Trobaugh Mary Louise Unley Maurice Valentine Ruth Vanderheck Clara Van Der Karr Henry Villwock Audrey Yolkhart Eugene XValters Zeta XVarner -lacolx Avelxlvel' Homer XVeiser Hazel Xvelch XYillia1n XVelling Francis XV:-llingham Gertrude XVeltzien XVillian1 XVerner ,Terry VVires Theodore XVienke Belle Wilkeit 'Virginia XVohlford Charles XVolford Robert VVoodbridge John XVyant -lack Young Mae Young Trina Zimmer Marian Zinnnernian IQPage Fifty threel QQQUQHHDUHPIQTQUVII545F2' UE4UD"BUUE4V2725ZlUHUKQUUDUPQUYAKJDDHUUPWJUUUPQHHRDUIEQHUUUUUS K 5 Qi 9' Rl 5 PB 'F Ili 5 B Q Ri 5 Eli s Th Sl lb S h Q e um erous op omores ,gi L S S 'Y . . .2 ,N 'rua year nineteen hundred and twenty-eight there entered upon the threshold S ,E of Niles High School agreat herd of slumberous Sophomore students, who S . . , . . Y E gazed at the vastness of this commendable school s corridors with somnolent E x . , . 'I gg wonder. They soon cast the spell of Morpheus from them, however, and dispersed E x . ,. . , . . . E, S to make their mark as Niles High s peppiest organization. A class-mate tells the Q - - . 5. Q story ot how the class ot 31 became thus famous: S w ' , . . .- . . Q ubhortlv after our entrance into this great Alma Mater the, omcial directors rl x - - Q L . . ig proclaimed a general assembly wherein we were to become better acquainted with E g our future faculty. XYe enjoyed the lirst half hour immensely. Girls giggled and S S boys snickered. XYe should have enjoyed the latter part as much had we not be- S g come aware of the contemptuous, intolerant glances those haughty creatures called S gf "Seniors" bestowed upon us, and the sympathetic understanding glances of the Q S juniors. .Xs it were, we became staunchly quiet and attentive, dwelling solemnly S G . . , ,. ., , . Q ,F upon the speakei s QXCIB uoid. Q S Time passed, and the wound made hy the cold condescension of the Seniors S W Y . . . , Y S healed. XX e progressed rapidly in various helds. Our boys struggled through first S W . - ss . E year try-outs on the athletic held, and, although most of them were not suthciently S 1 , . . 'Q S fortunate to he classed as part of the First team, we provided excellent material for Q3 -S . QB qi the future. gg W , . . . 11 if XX e took unto ourselves, 111 a boisterous manner, remotely 1'esembhng an elec- Ea fs . .- . . 'Q Q tion, necessarv olticers who were lames Bookwalter, presidentg Maurice Trobaugh, Q23 s . . ' - . . ' , . L Q: vice-presidentg and Edith Starke, secretary-treasurer. That hour of recreation E L . . . Q was rumored to have been the cause of many severe headaches and great humiliation 55 rt, . . . . r. ,Q on the part ot our advisers. XVe also proved, in a verv short space of time, that Q . . . . . ' rs 5 our education in the practical knowledge of skipping school had not been neglected. S 2 lYe have further advanced in this subject under the guidance of our disdainful elder S brothers. the Seniors. g S liar be it from us to boast of our advantages or to possess the remotest inclina- S S tion tu disparage our brethren, but, having compared our every art with those of g S our upperclassmen, we possess an assuredness that we shall succeed far beyond S S our faculty's expectations. VVith our aspirations, our intellectual facilities, our S gi excellent teams of the future, and our superb supervisors, it will surely be said of EQ S us, when we have passed from Niles Higl1's portals for the last time: "The best S fa . .. . . . . Q5 nl Niles High s productions in every respect." S .3 , . . . . . . L -31 .Xnrl this, with the memory of that llrst assembly, will be a favorite remin- Q .ji I ' .5 15QQ'11QQ. NIARY Lou LINDSLEY S 'I' U if El 0 s E Q in N :gi 5 -I' ls rf' Ri gf' Ill xj S .fa jx .510'Q-mia0+70ww:-05ffboombowi-ofvooofzloramaonfwamnomnfafifnmnnmmmmnmnmnmmrammvzviimnnmwammi il'.i:" I' ifty-fonrl ev, yi , X 9. ,-ET. h -,vu ,A ,sw .V . . J.. QP f Q . K. , 3' 4, , 2.- ag, 's 112. D I , E. ,,. I ix . L . 'l Sr ln ,Av F I B A. K. 5 'T 1 ,. 1- ,. :Ti Q- . 5 -a. I4 Q ig. I-I F. 4 F' Q . r hi WV, A S 55 I E, lv .ff ,- x e 1f2m'i1:f?:+' " f,-a .' W ACTI ITIES in 0 .tk- ,r' ,JT-'. " .y , 5. 'v 53 7'--, - 1.1515 I" ' 4 v . s-.V 4-,,-I' UHEHEDU555EMD5455514555EDDIQDDHHPZDDDUDPQUPZHUVZPQHDFQED9292951 DDVQZQUDUPQHHHHUDEQUUUQEV The Board of Control Faculty Adviser ..... .... X VALTER J- ZABEL Advisories Miss CLARK MR. DONM ..... MR. GEBBY .... MR. HEss .... Miss LAWRENCE MR. LOVELACE .... MR. MCCALLY .... ...., Mlss NORTH MISS TALBURT ,.... ,,... MRS. VAIL MR. WALKER ..... M155 VVILSON Representatives Victoria Abroham James Kenny QPres.D Cleo Mell Robert Smith Bessie Hibbard Doane Rose Ruth Harrington CTreas.j Rolland Smith Bernadette Van Tuyl CSec'yD Keith Harger 1V.-presj Margaret Parent Billy McOmber Martha Vogelsang Frederick Eaton Catherine Pears Donald Haslett Roberta Pierce XYillia1n Dawes Ada Sortore Clayton Rowe Mary Snyder Lloyd Ostrander Edith VVomer Leo Garlanger UIQDHDD55555UHDZAHEVZFQDKQQUDDDHDUQKQVEH52925552DDUDE9252iief'2QK4EDVLs'Q51E.'eK4Fi'eF2FSsK4P2E'QF2kC1Ze?QV2?2'DEE lPage fifty-tix-el VZFQKAZAUPHFZZQFQZSK UUDFQDUPQU UUDHFZUUKJDFQPJVQFQKQESZQKaF25!PQVIePl4P2iY2PG4ii4P2V2"2!YI4PC4FWZP2UHUUUUQUQUHQUUUUUUUHUUUUUQHDUUFQUUUUUUHPQUD EU QDUKAKAFZFQDE4 It is but a small token oi our esteem to dedicate this Tattler to Dorothq Hoqt Rutz, whose personal interest and untiriuq zeal have so inspired our hiqh school gears. DIEDICATJION 'H N 1 L W1 4: , " ep' r 1' , r 'F N4 W U' Y - Wm I Y Y E' . 5 xl 7. . X 1, , V 'A , r V Ar If Rn. is 9 . - y -rf rf- BURKE ivmgffriva., of 'L ,fi 1,4 ..X. Pb XQNX N R' JN s. xx ' ,. 95. 325 1- r - .- si' N '-Q' .R h 'xx ,x x ur, 1 was :Q iS Y A Y 4 4 AV Z Ar 4 r 4 Y J A Y 1 fr 4 gr 4 nr A NY I 1 1 1 ANA 1 " 1,46 - f k, ' . . -. ' , Y Vxfgfsln' 'xVnVnYu.VlJ'gV 'mfg':J's.'x's.Ys.'xVx'xl'nVs.FxYgV5,rkr rx ir-rg . 1 ' - , -NW. ' f' ,QQ ' . 4 Q if V 9 .y S ' , ' , , 1 ' QQ 5 Y "I -2 5 I 24 1 g f I N . ' A ' Ar '5 n5f ?Q X A M' w", T WSG r f- ' x .' f ' , 1- , ' 'N ' . 4 Q , ' k , X . Q : . 1 Y r - f F 5' , " V N 4 'gt , ,. ki. i V . , ,Q V! Xxl , y V 1 3 , , an , ff : .N H! xl' Y K 5- i 9 n v X ' fr r 1 A , 1 E, 7 - QQ , . . sf ' , , f 4 V If X : ' 'N ,, X . ' 47 7 5 5? Q 1 ' 4 . H Ll' - - , , Qs - N gy 4 f . 45 -Q m Q ' A " Q. v 4, R A 1 A A' 1- ' ' , . 7 - - 4 1 - - ' . ,A 1 A' ' J . y ,- V r ,, 1 9 is bb Q- 4 W :V 5 Q. ' , ' V f ,, ,lm f f f , K , . si I ,A ,X fm 424' .W 1 '- 1, 6' r -'- " V MS" + " ' V r 0 , J 95 'Q' -w. r r if X 'S ,C P X ' X ff 1 gg 4' r . S - rf X lb 'X 7 V it Q- 4 r ' Jr " 3 ' R 1' 'r Y 3 A V A11 A 4 A'A'A " 4 4 4 H',4yr lnvv.--Vfl 4 4 4 4 4 4 A 4 4 ' 4141414 4141414 4r 4 ' ' ' .',r..y'.,' .. ' ' 'f.v'. r Advisers Editor ...,......,.,,.,.... Assistant Editor ,,,... Features .,...,,.,,,,,, Athletics Literary and Humor News ..,....,,........,.......,.... Exchange .........,..,...,, Typists .........,...,,,...,..,.,,... Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Circulation Manager Adviser ...,,,,,... Editor ......,.,.....,.,..,. Assistant Editor ..... Athletics ..,..,....,... Humor .,...,,,...,,. Literary ..........,.., Managers The Moon Lulu Mae North, Literaryg Leland S. XX'alker, Business JUNIOR HIGH News Reporters ......,..,.. Circulation Managers Bernadette Yan Tuyl Nita Starke June Milhahn Orville Adler Faye Bretsneicler James Bookwalter Roberta Pierce Elsie xxltillllllilll, Irina il. Hutson Donald Belknap John Simon, James Bookwalter ,...............,.......,.,........,,,.,. XYilliani Madden STAFF Pauline Klopfenstein , ,,,,,,,,,, . Mary Parker Natalie Deegan Harry Lydick Laura King Virginia Cox Iaines Sar, Harry Lydick. james Brooks James Brooks, Harry Lyclick. Joe Hess lPase Fifty-several r 1 1'j1'1-is'1111xg lQL'A'UI'Z'lyfi, H1111 11 A'I!1'XIvt1.X' fm' 1111 Debating ' 1i1"z'1'10f11111'111 of 11111' .11l11'1'11' c1'1'l11111f ,1,lI1'111L1 zwzrld lu' tl 'fn'1.fl1 1111111111111 f1111'1'y. Decision School Side Upheld Niles Opp 1i:11z1111:w 11- L.L'Iltl'Zl1 ,X1'111'111:1tix'c 1 3 51111115 .X1111'111:1t1x'c -1 11 51. V1'w Xcgz11ivc 3 1 11l1l'1TZll12l11 Xl'QQl11VL' 4 0 11211111 115111111X ,Xt'l11'111:1tiw 1 3 Negative Team Affirmative team X1:1xi111- 1141111111 ifiL'l1L'Y1k'VL' 1:1'fl1lZ 11111111111 XYi111:11'1i D1111:11f1 XXi1ll1ZlC1i S14111l'y' K'111'111g11 51f1'11L'y C111'11c11 1 , I 1 "', ,'1 11 1111 KAUZUYIIUUU54525151714UFQUYZUUUHFQUFBUUFZUHUHUUUFHUPQUEQFZHUFQUFZ551545140UUUUUUUUUUUUUP2UUPZHUUHUPQUUHUHUUHUUUHUUHUFZHFZZAUHUH Y HU C452UUE!FQUEQHHHUUUHUUHDUHZQQQFQHHKQQHZJQUEUUKQZJHVBUUEEUHQYLQFQHK4Z4K4Z4FC4UK4HFSsPI45i4'I4HP2'2'IaiIa'IsCa'Z The. 1928-1929 Debating Club was organized in September, with Miss Doro- thy Manning and Lloyd Lovelace as coaches. The club met on Monday, VVednesday. and Friday during activity period, but the teams did much practicing after school hours. Several practice debates were held before the real contests came on. The affirmative team consisted of Genevieve Franz, Donald VVinlack, and Sid- ney Cornell. They debated Kalamazoo Central, losing in a 3 to 1 decisiong and Sturgis, who forfeited the debate. giving our team 4 points. The negative team was Maxine Goltra, Donald 1Yinlack, and Sidney' Cornell. Their first debate was with St. Joe. which they won, 3 to 1. They were also victorious over Buchanan by a unanimous decision. The varsity team consisted of Genevieve Franz, Donald Vlinlack, and Sidney Cornell. This team was one of the 64 who went into the elimination contest. Niles drew the aftirmative and debated at Grand Rapids, Although we lost by 3, to 1. Grand Rapids, as stated in a letter, was much impressed by the splendid sportsman- ship shown by the team. 7 Our school, as did 63 others, received a wall shield from the Detroit Freq Press, and each member of the varsity received a Niles scholastic letter. The team made a fine record. considering the fact that only one of them had ever debated before. ROLL Arthur Barcus Mary Cutting Catherine Bowen Dorothy Dawes Mildred Crooker Betty Eaglesfield Sidney Cornell Dorothy Ehlenfeldt Genevieve Franz Merwon Kelsey Mary Tuttle IPage Fifty-ninel P24 P8 E4 P3 R4 P3 'E ts PF vii Qi +3 +3 QF G +8 Q +3 PF Si Q ill ill P3 Hi fi A 224 PF bil PF PF 5 P24 Ei 224 Ci if vii Q-F P3 LF L24 18 PF Q4 Bl E24 K4 QF -'S li Q24 124 Q4 rf ni 5 Q +23 14 R4 ri U Q3 P24 'S' .9 -F 5 i?iP2Q'Zst21z4Ei1?i4VZ1V14V2ti4'2f14P2'2r!'W21ri1'l4C1VI4FZ4'Qe'51V2'l4'i4fi4'14'I4'La'kvlafivy'11'I4f2ti4'14'2ti4'C4'i'Cs'Z4'2vi1P2'i4'la'2''ivietlitifif-If'DvC4'L4'Z+'Z1'11'14C4'Cnie'CarZvS4CsCevQ0Q:C154CQQQPZCACAC4'S4'i4'2'2'1e'Zat2'is'ief2QPCs'ie'51P2'14PiiF2'Za I b I The Band XY11.1.1,xA1 MM mm 5 ,,,, Clarinets Xvrmm Iixxrhman Qu-run' Iizxrtklt IA-I, 11'u'I111ugn-V I I'QrIrl'lL'Ii fn1!1fIL'1'I-C I rzmk I Ir.ulI,-I I rzmk NIAH1-1111ck XIurr'11j.' I'arIcur XIQIUI1 QIIHI I I, IIHII R1 'IIC I I21'C11vH Ill MW' IQAIIIII Smith Irxnill XYIll"Ql'EiI'I Iiwwr XYH1 NI Trumpets IlvI1m1r I var X11 1- V II1-mrls' I'r:mv 1- IIVIIIIVII fI'.',1l'l II' HFK' IMI-Lg IIIII I urzm I"II'Ii4'I' fI,:1rI'-- I 1' rr: II'::'r Sawy IQQIIIII1 Pm-well Iinllcrt 'IsDI'lIlL'j' Dirk XVIHIQ XX'z1Itcr XYrigI1t Baritones Iiczmc Furclmrgcr KIFJLIII Url Bass Horns Ruwwll Iizxyh-S Ifwrlauf Sloan Saxophones Iiulu-rt livrnarcl I':ml I-HIVIIIZIH Irvin I'ZVL'l'L'lI I'.FL'fI1'I'IfIi fIL'ICIa'II1?U1 -IHIIIVN IIl'HfIIk'l11Zil'l ,lack Ilcmlrirkx RIlj'lI1flI1fI Krcmmvr l l:1y11v11 lnrwn XYIIIILL111 XI:1rIfIC-11 XYIIIQ111' NI-'wyvr Xllwrt Rznlm l7i1'm't0r XXI2lI'l'k'Il Iicynolcls IIXYUII Kms llcorgc RUUJJII .Xrdun Rudifill IQZIIIHII Shoop Iiclwzxrcl Yzmflcnluxrg Rulwrt XYcmfIb1'iclgc Donald XYcz1vn-r XYIIIIQI' Xvrighi Drums IJ-mzllrl Hulknzxp K1-ith I.:111g5to11 I:I'1ll1l'I5 SI1mVc-lm Rnlu-rt Swain Altos I.1yv 'I1I'l0l'l1IUl1 XI:nnrivu Vzlln-mine Trombones Ifrmwl K'1'u1lCI1 liflwnrrl Ih-as Ii. H. Hulcttc .-Xrthur Ullrvy Blanche Brown Eva Dean Brown Donald Clymer Sidney Cornell The Orchestra XY11.1.I.xx1 Rl.-XTIIEXYS ,, llirvrfor Violins Gertrude Wieltzien Bass Horns D Plano Rus-ell Bayles .Xda bortore Forywg Sloan Drums Francis Showers SaX0Ph0ne5 Flute Robert Bernard Earl Fowler Thomas Grimes Dorothy Hannnond Donald Haslett .lean Hebron Henry Korman Ilene Merritt Gordon Sharkey ,lack Meyers Edith Redding Edith Starke Virginia YanDerKarr Elsie XYeinmar1n Helen Steere Clarinets l.eo Garlangfer Eldon Rolfe Clayton Rowe Roger XVood Trumpets Victor Hcide Francis Heinlen Loran Parker Esther XValton Dick XVhite Irvin Everett Frederick Geidenian XYillian1 Madden XYarren Reynolds Erlwarfl Yanflenhnrg Trombones Edward Hess lf. H. flulette -lohn Marx Doane Rose ,Xrthnr Vllrey ll'n:e NIXI ' IUL' Q.f4V',4ij7,rj.':n'A4b2,4V,4vZn1, rj.. ,j..j.,g.rQ q.rg.5.9j.r,j, The Crimson Star N lfR1l1.XY. February 15th, the Glee Clluhs of the Niles Seninr High School Irresentecl "The Criinsun Star," a light opera hy Estelle and Palmer Clark, The opera was clireetefl hy Miha lhviiieimy, assitecl hy farrihel Sehmirlt. .Xtla Snrtnre aeewlnpaiiiecl. The aetinn of the opera takes place in l,aseenia, the neglected kingclum nf King lfrefleriek. The news has just reaehefl the king that his daughter, Stephanie. thought tr- have perished in a shipwreck eighteen years hefnre, is alive. 'lilirnngli the activity nf Leo, the king's stepson, Stephanie is clisenverecl in the eharaeter uf Greta. whn was thought tw he the foster-claughter of Delia, the inn- keeper. lit-rah. the king's nephew, hates l.en anfl attempts to implieate him with the king. lle sueeeerls in-sn-far as Leu is thruwn into prison nn the charge that he has illwtlgfltiffl a riot anrl srnuggletl arms into Laseenia. King lfrecleriek gives him the ehniee nf a marriage with Gilly, linralfs sister. nr a tl'ZlltlJl'lS cleath in the tower. Lei- eliurises the first nn the eunclitinn that he he allnwecl his freeclnni that night In seareh fur Greta. Failing to Find her. he returns tu marry Gilly. Hug. si-,r-. rr.-,nl E B rl El B B G S H H PB Q L ul' rl' rl' PB L3 D U rl' Q Q it B Q Y E ll E E bl' E B B E il rl' D Q U D Q 9 Q Q LF H E4 D ll' Q 9 Q E' 9 D 9 E' H' rl' rl' 9 Q4 9 Q 9 0 Q545452454545452K15571451421515252451454F1452545545540K4520245545451554510FQVZF51525252452545515451FQ5455455454HUVZFQUYAUUYZEAZ4C4515929255025152725252FHFQFQUFQF252UUUFQFQUUUUHUUUUUZUZZZHZZU as the curtain falls. Zta THE CAsT Delia, Keeper of an Inn .... ' Greta, Foster-child of Delia ..... Later Princess Stephanie ....... Frederick, King of Lascenia .... Leo. His Stepson .......,....,..... Borah, Nephew of the King .... Gllly, lus sister .........................,........................... Duchess Deborah, Borah's and Gilly's Mother ...... Lady Pat, Companion to the Duchess ..............,.. Colonel Bugg, of the King's Dragoons ..... Tiltz .....,....,...,,......,.............. Gatz Hirelings of Borah Pip ............................. Larry, Delials Nephew ........,.... O'Toole, American Salesman Lord High Chamberlain ........ A Herdsman .................. A Shepherdess is As the wedding chimes sound, the situation is saved by Greta's appearance with Larry. O'T0ole and Lady Pat are reconciled and Leo and Greta are to be married Bernease Van Tuyl .-...Cathlyn Corell Eugene VValters Fred Giedeman Lyle jones Anne Tobin ....,...Peggy Schell Betty Eaglesfield Paul Ostrander Bert Cripe jacob XVebber Robert VVoodbridge Lawrence Blake Ormsbee Simon Billy McOmber Clifford Teske Eva Deane Brown lPage Sixty-threel H000QOWUUUOOWUUUUUDWUUDUUWDUUDUU dj, sg. :jay ij. snag. ryvpigv,v5..j,sj.,j,,:', Q wzwlwmcwizl- 4 'w 'QOH ,ji my gijizjivjng Q ijt V. , wwf, 53 IF LF E fl' FZ' RV :B E Q h B LF AF D Q Q4 all LB C4 Q8 914 +3 5 Q vii QF Q El +3 U 214 :F QF Q24 5 E iii if QF ri :F QF rli -I4 G vii 'F -F LB E4 Ei ga LB LF :il P3 'F -Z' QF 6 el' +11 Ki ge E4 P24 QF E4 .ga 'Z' Z4 K4 K4 PQ 91' Dullcy The first 'lcacliers' Chili play, "IDulcy," was lircsciitcnl licccmlier 13th and 11-lvcatc-fl on 'lanuary 4th, 'l'lic leading role was cxpcrtly hanrllccl hy Carrihel Qchmiclt. who portrayctl thc part of thc delicious littlc liulcy FU realistically that CX'Cl'5'UllC fcll in lou' with hc-r. Kleine llranstcttcr, as Dulcyk hnslranrl, prorecl his liistrionic aliility hy thc manner in which hc ovcrcainc thc olistaclcs thrown in his way ln' his wifcfhnally deciding that "low coiiqtleis all." Frank Mcfally, in the part uf thc erratic Li. Roger lforlncs. vvaw excc-llc-nt, whilc- Klauclius Collisi as Vin- cent l.c-ach, acc-iiarikt. was In-th thc conicflian anrl the artlent lover. Milo Pomeroy as Scliuylcr Yan Dyck ltlic fastirlious gentleman with halucinationsj vrey clehvcrly fllI'lllSllL'fl thc iiiystcry clcnicnt in thc plot, Utlicr inc-inlieis of thc cast wc-rc Carl llcss. who took the part of Sterrettg lflorcncc rXrnolrl, in thc rulc of Mrs. lforlic-ag Lloyrl IAlYCl1lCC,ZlS lilair l'z1tte1'song fic-orgc lialae, as XYilliam, lJulcy's lirotlierg anrl Ruwc-ll Clelilmy, as llc-nry, the liutlc-r. lnlic play was coaclicrl Ivy llorotliy Nutz. N ,'.,j.ij. .ni ll'.m:- Sixty -ifinrl , t ,,Z,s1,rZ,.l,,i. b1,,rl.r'A. Q. f eeT0mmVa9 N .XI'kIl. lSth anal l"th. "Tommy." a three-act eomefly. was presented hy two separate casts of ehai'aetei's chosen from the junior class. The play was eoaeherl hy Miss Carrihel Schmidt. The plot ln'ieHy was as follows: Marie Tlnirher has a mincl of her own. something which her patents have never diseoveterl. She is in love with Tommy Xlills, hut her parents make the fatal mistake of trying to force her In inarry him. This turns Marie against Tommy. for she is cletermineml that hei' parents shall not make up her minfl for her. llei' lfncle Dave, who is fonrl of Tommy, constantly talks against him in oiwler In conn- teraet the etiteet uf Klr. anal Nlrs. Tliui'hei"s praise. Lvnele llave pretentls to like Bernard. another suitor of Klarit-'s, and uges him to "get on the goocl siile" of Blai'ie's parents. who have hitherto clislikefl him, Uncle Dave also tells Tomnn' that if he wants to win Marie he will have to get himself kickerl out of the house. .Xll this results in l3ernarfl's nearly eloping with Marie, hut at the last moment everything eomes out right anil Tommy and Klarie are ma1'i'ietl. The cha1'aCtei's are Mrs. XYilson, a neighliorg lik'I'llZll'fl. an Illlto salesman, a "go-gt-tter"fnot rash oi' aggressive. just sure of himself: Marie 'lTlllll'llt'1', the sweet young rlauglitei' with a minrl uf her owng Mr. Tlnn'hei', a siiaivpy groueh this two passions are cigars anrl eross-wotfl 1'l1ZZlCSl 3 Mrs. Tlnu'hei'. a woman who runs her own householcl hut ean't run Xlarieg Uncle Dave. a wise, lovable soul, with teal htains and profound judgment of human natureg Tommy Mills. a little gentle- man that is his whole charm :mtl hanclieapg hluflgfe XYilson, a neighhor. Ipaul' Sixty -tix el :"'r'v1m F' HEMI!!!llllluZZZIIIIMEIZMMMIZMEMMZZZMUQZIMMEIHMMZHHHHZUZB B m N X X Q X -1 z 5 S 1 . if l 2 Q 4 x S - l E3 x if H N Q N 5 5 ' ra 'Q 5 l 95 l rg E , m E l K S mr. lDalter J. Zabel HUD AU ?? r- 52 550- LED E3 CL m sn 53 gg E5 121 Q. Q "1 amzmmzz S miss Lulu mae North B l S l l mr. E. Carlton Donm S l l miss Florence Talburt l 1 l l l UU IEE 1 l s l S 5 l , l l 1 S l l l Q 1 ' , l B E N ' HUNUR ROLL E l qs S l l r E ' S naannnmamnnannnmnmnnmnnnuunnnnnnmmnmmnnmnnHamannnamnaaannnmmunmmummmmnmzg mgf: Sixty-sixl E GIRLS' GLEF i'I.l'R , N . H Y .V .,j.'j.vj..j.rj1. .aj..g.,j.rg..j.-jug.73.5. jug sQsj,.j,vj,.j.,Q.Qvjnj4bj.',,g.vj,5.,3,,g.rj. A . A . L I V ,N . P V 4 4. Q K Q w ri' n n P 51 hw A L Q 1 2 9, K P1 A n ,N M I t N E A 1 fm' I pg vw P I M ri Q . I 1 L1 R1 F' K 4 A FI' he Fx L r P P P. r. . . r. I. 'I ff P ATHLETICS n 5. rj, 'Q , -Q,,. Ulf4FD"C4'14FIfFQFCAC4V14'PUK4K''QV24V207U'54'Q52P2554502524WEE'QD'Q5655555451154579251'I!Zs72FSi5illf4Z4V252VZ151'Q5C'lf1P2FI1K!K1 Ffilliifiilii? 'I'i4'U'51'Z- 'I' 091157 D721 U- 'FUSE-'Z' 'I' Lyn 'X NN, Ass't. Coach Brenner, P. Ostrander, R. Smith, Kenny, H. Williams, Grimes, Eaton, Susan, L. Ostrander, Coach Davidson, R. Williams, Rolfe, Marazita, Kiblinger, Bachman, Monahan, Dittmer, Bath, Schurman, Dulin, Adler, Crawford, Bruycker, C. Smith ,'.fj,sQq,rj,rjl.L.'j.vjnj,9Q,,q,Qv:,.3.q.,j.'g.,g.,QQfj.,1.9j.9j.ij.?4,fj.,j.Lj.r,5.5, .,L,Q,Q.:,.j. 1, '..j,vj.g.q.5.-f..j.,j.ffi7.'jm Jr IPage Sixty-sevenl A 1 if ' "-iv?'?if"?f1.VniC4K"I01"f-511551D'102'i1"2i".1'I'F14P.1Ff"C1D99505935if-W5Z1FQVWQFIAW4PIf'11iQVf'FZ4'i15PYZ49'If-".4V4V'4V2-V Grimes, Campbell, Webber, Jones, Hoskins, H. Williams, Marazim, Kenny, Eaton, Wires, Prin. Zabel Ass't Coach Brenner, Sharkey, Forburger, Saratore, Gregor, Westenberg, R. Bachman, Rough, Steinbeck Choulat, Ryor, L. Ostrander, Crawford, R. Smith, Rolfe, Szabo, Breuycker, Susan, Lynd, Dulin, Bath V. Bachman, Coach Davidson, P. Ostrander, R. Williams, Monohan, Kiblinger, Dittmer, Schurman, Adler, C. Smith ootlball Schedule Date Place Niles Opponent Scpt. ll at Niles SS Cassupulis Oct. 5 :lt Kzllzunazmi 0 Kalanizizuo 4 Pct. 13 at Niles 61 Threc Uaks Our. 20 at Niles ll St. joe Oct. 27 at Niles 7 lluchanan Nm: 3 at Smith Hztvcu 7 South lflavcn New, lil at Niles 7 'l'l1reeRix'ers Nm: 24 nt Nilcs l3 llowagiac Total l66 .Xverzigc por game 20-YI ",- 1-0-Q'1-f:--mf: 'twzuufiui-fyiftil-ff f f "1- 3-www' H2--iw:-bw:-+:H:1f ll' ly' Nl'-it .wulxll vw S U 4'Q'Af1" 4'Z45ieK4E!FZ4'I4K45?i49I-i4V.I4Z4FC45f4FQHUUWUUUVIA3515545300000'14'I"?.V2FDUF?U50ifVY'Z45C4PI4PZ4KflVC45I1lI4VZf'C"QKeK4Qi1'L4iZ1+C " ootba HESTER DAVIDSON. newly secured athletic coach, issued football equipment the very first day of school. His task was a difficult one because he was not acquainted with his men. and because it was the first year of the newly formed conference. The coach worked many combinations trying to find a successful one. There were regulars back to Fill every position except center, but many of the fighting subs had hopes of getting regular berths. The opening game was with Cassopolis on September 22. Niles was an un- known quantity. but her reserve strength was almost as good as the regular. The game was marked by many penalties and fumbles. which was only to be expected in the first game. The Blue and Gold scored only one touchdown in the first half, but their passing attack, which opened in the last frame, ran the final score up to 53 to 0. The passing combination "XVilliams to XVilliams", resulted in two touchdowns. This was no test for the Niles gridders, for the Cass County team was too weak to offer much opposition. Coach Davidson and Assistant Coach Brenner took ad- vantage of the opening date on the following Saturday to correct the team's mis- takes before they should meet Kalamazoo on October 5. The Gold and Blue traveled all the way to Kalamazoo only to meet defeat. They appeared to have stage fright when they lined up against their heavier oppon- ents. Niles allowed her rivals to score twice, while their only threat was frustrated. State High also scored in the last half, making the score 10 to O. XVith this game lost. Niles had an average of SOW, one game won and one game lost. In preparation for the Three Oaks game on October 13, Coach Davidson made a revision of the lineup. This combination produced the desired efifect, and the vis- itors were forced to take a 62 to O defeat Ostrander proved to be the star of the Niles offense. The driving quarterback ganied ground at will. scoring four touch- downs, one from a beautiful sixty yard run. The passing combination "XYilliams to NYilliams" was responsible for two marks. The remaining counters were chalked up by Crawford, Rolfe, P. Ostrander, and Adler. This victory boosted Niles's average to 66 2-HZ. The next game was to dedicate Xiles's new athletic held. The date was set for October 20 and the old rivals from the north. St. joe, were to furnish the opposition. St. Joe scored the first touchdown in the early minutes of the first half and retained its lead until the Final six minutes of play, when the local gridders staged another last quarter comeback. Hihen the locals crossed the goal line for the first time, after a pass "XYilliams to XVilliams." the stands went wild. The extra point went wide. and the fans thought the game would end in a deadlock, but the fellows on the field would not have it that way, so they scored another touchdown to put the game on ice. " AUFQEQFQGE552924054552P26011C15C1PI''Z''Pi"C'5ff"lf'2f'L-Q'Q'QQ'1'O'If'Q'f4i-C-'IW2'l1'2'1-'T' 'I 'Ie'2VQ'Q'2lQ'Q'Q'2'Z"T lpzige Sixty-ninei This game was also important hecause it was the first conference team Niles had met. The victory hrought the season's percentage up to 75, with 10075 for conference games. The following Saturday. Uctoher 27, Niles was to tneet the undefeated Buchan- an teatn. This was not a conference game, hut the Cardinals were out to revenge the defeats they had received for the two previous years, which they did in fine style. From the start of the game. the visitors were fighting with their hacks against their goal. and they were forced to punt whenever they ohtained possession of the hall. .X pass gave Niles her touchdown, and Bachman raced over for the marker. f Tstrander kicked goal. which later proved to he the margin of victory and defeat. The Gold and Blue held this margin until the final minutes of play. when Buchanan scored a touchdown hecause of her own fumhle. Kenny made several heautiful runs in hringing hack the rival's punts. and Ostrander hacked up the line as a vet- eran should. Niles's average for the season was then BOW, with four games won and one lost. Un Novemher 3 Niles was to meet another undefeated team-South Haven, a conference opponent. Niles again demonstrated her power of comeback hy scoring a touchdown in the last three tninutes of play. The Cardinals outplayed their opponents throughout the entire game. except for a few minutes in the third quarter when their forward passing defense weak- ened. allowing the Dutchmen to score. In the last quarter Niles again presented its passing attack for the puhlic's approval or disapproval. The Red Birds threatened to score several times, hut were required to start a new drive for the goal hecause of the too frequent penalties. The hall was again advanced to within scoring dis- tance, and after three attetnpts at the line, Ostrander pushed over for a touchdown. lt was his successful kick from placement that won the game. Niles's standing for the season after this victory was 85.31. They were also tied for first place in the conference with two victories and no defeats. Saturday. Novemher 10. was the zero hour for the Niles gridders. They were to meet the Three Rivers team. the only other team in the conference to have a clean record. The victor of this game would he crowned champion of the Big Five. Niles had won the first cup offered hy this conference in track and was anxious to duplicate the fete in the fall sport. Three Rivers wanted the cup as much as Niles, and they must he given credit for the game fight which they exhihited to win it. Three Rivers's first touchdown came at the opening of the game when a Niles punt was hlocked and a visiting man fell on it hehind the goal line for a touchdown. The other came on an intercepted pass which resulted in an eight yard run. Three Rivers was also credited with a safety through the referee's decision. Niles scored her touchdown when XVilliams was on the receiving end of a pass, gmfl was threatening to score again when the whistle put an end to it with a final -core of l5 to 7. The season's average was then 7l.3W+ and Niles held second place in the conference. ' lf the Gold and lflue gridders could not have first place, they were determined to have second. llowagiac was the next rival, on Novemher 24. Dowagiac had forced Three Rivers to a l3-ll score on the previous Saturday, and was slight fav- orite to win. ll':igr 5. Y, t-mg. I The Round Oakers were outclassed from the beginning, although they did score the first touchdown by blocking one of XVilliams's punts. This was the only satisfying moment for the visiting fans. for Niles soon retaliated. A pass, "XYil- liams to XVilliams", was good for a touchdown, and Niles took the lead when Os- trander kicked goal. Early in the second quarter. Valdes. Rabe's half-back. fum- bled. and XYillianis scooped up the ball and carried it to the seven yard stripe. Two tries at the line were unsuccessful and Niles resorted to another pass. this time with Grimes at the receiving end. and he fell Over the line for the final score of the game. Niles's line played a very large part in this victory. Twice in the second half they held the Orange and Black On the six inch stripe. and they opened up holes for the backs large enough to drive a wagon through. This was the last game for many of the players. and they played their hardest to win it. Individuals APTAIN LLOYD QsTRANDER was the only three-year man on the squad. and his valuable assistance will be greatly missed by the coaching staff next year. He acted as quarter-back for the first few games, but was shifted to half. He did his part in making the '28 season a successful one. I-Ie was picked by critics as one of the best halfs in this part of Michigan. and was on the .Xll-Berrien County team. RICHARD XX'ILLIAMS, playing his second year for Niles. was the most depend- able end on the squad. It was his custom to nab passes from uncanny positions. when they counted most. He will be with the team next season. THOMAS Gnuiizs. though small, filled the position of full-back very well. His knowledge Of football aided him in many circumstances. and he could always be de- pended upon to gain yards. He is also one of the men lost through graduation. PAUL OSTRANDER. another small but mighty man, was a backlielder but be- cause Of his dogged fighting. was shifted to center. Here he played a wonderful game despite his handicap of being small. He played his best game against South Haven, when he made more tackles than any other two men put together. ALAN DULIN was a sophomore who showed sutiicient football knowledge to get his letter although he was an underclassman. His game was consistent all season. His favorite pastime was to outsinart some large opponent by using his speed to the best advantage. JOHN TCIBLINGER, guard. was valuable to the team because of his size. He could and would light best when his back was close upon his goal line. He seldom failed and was capable of holding his side Of the line intact. Coach Davidson re- grets his loss to the squad. IPage Seventy-onel - Axiii-'tri-am-fin:-':f'.Aif56:10onPi-it-inGQSZ-Utwat'faDKarma-vm--QQfxmmfywyumwiimfilmmmmnnmnnmammam Ei if Q is - . l 5 .l.xx1Es Ixsxxy. flashy halt-back. was one of the best ball carriers on the squad. S tt' His small. slim form seemed to command an opening as he weaved into the line. His favorite occupation was returning punts. a department which he handled in great style. He is also in the graduation class of '29, H.xRoLn XYILLIAMS. the starting end of the "Williams to VVilliams" combina- tion. was an asset to his team because of his accurate arm and trustworthy toe. He was probably the most accurate passer in Southwestern Michigan and was directly responsible for Niles's success at forward passing as well as punting. CL.xL'oE SMITH was a wingman who proved his ability in preventing plays from gaining much ground around his end. His greatest achievement was the manner in which he went down under punts. His success as a football player was largely due to his aggressiveness. He will report for the same position in '29, IQEXNETH DITTBIER started the season as a center. but Figured in a change in which he was shifted to tackle. His ability to make holes for the backs to march through gave him a great reputation. He was a clean player and hard to rile, but he was always in the midst of the scrap. His position will be hard to fill in '29. as he is one of the nine "N" men who graduate. IQENNETII Stsxx. the curly headed guard, should be given much credit for his achievement as it was the hrst year he had played. He was always "in there" fighting and would not give up until the play was ended. He will be a big asset to his team next season. XVith one year of experience behind him. he ought, to make a success at his position next year. YQED Amore popularly known as "Speedy"j BATH was playing the tackle posi- tion. but when "Pete" XYilliams's shoulder was injured he was shifted into his posi- tion because of his ability to pass, which he did with remarkable skill. He was also a punter of no inean ability. He. too, will be lost through graduation. hlonx SHURMAN was another husky who did his share to play the holes in the Niles line. He was a consistent player. and with his size and ability ought to develop into an excellent player, He has two more years to play with Niles High. Lows AIUNAHAN, the biggest man of the team, was one of the best linemen on the squad. His defensive work and his ability to open up holes for the backs established him as one of the most consistant men on the team. For this reason it is diHicult to say in what game he played his best, for he always played his best. YERNHN Bacunsx. junior end, had the remarkable ability to snatch passes from uncanny positions. after which it was not infrequent that he would score a touchdown. He played his best game against St. Joe, when he scored one of the touchdowns. His presence on the squad for another season will be a great help to Coach Davidson. Eroox rmore commonly known as "Shorty"y ROLFE, was another of the reli- able ends. Niles seemed to be fortunate in both the quantity and the quality of her ends. It would have been more fortunate if some of these ends had shown their skill in some of the positions where Niles was weaker. "Shorty" will also graduate with the class nf '29. 3 xi ell LZ' tl? bl' rl' 5. PF tl' EF ti' W L. .ja +I' ei' Ei rl' PF fir +I' 25 go tl? iii rl' -F gs rl' 524 :F tj. ,fy il' PF rl' ga fi- Ei QQ' rl' Qi rf' rf' Q' vii ri' bl' 'fi rli rl' Si PZ' PF 44 -Zi LZ' ,Za :Zi iii 'T' .5 .3 1 L 1 ef' :- 25 Fw QE- LZ' -5 A 4 4 -Ii rl' eb :Sf in 1 qs '31 Pl' 5' is xii Q L1 :F Q el' 521 U1 C' 'I' 9ocnorzrofx--:-':-f:-':4ow.4':'fa-:sownooorocmtooat'mofs-Qc-faaf,-4-cmiawmwztaofz-ciciaavao'ac--Qoii--zfoofzfi' Hhyi N- .1-lily-lnol ,tZ4lC4'ZHZ4t2'11Pi4'2'Z'iZ"Z'C4'QYZM1ll'5454545193f27'25451Q'?FZ4C45sC1tI4'Z'P2iI4F2554H0064P2451iI4'I'Ff4'I4UQUUUKAFQK4HUQQUUUUUQQUUUUUUUUUUU Team Three Rivers Niles South Haven St. Joseph Dowagiac C024 O92 Cs'11C1'Z1iI1iI1 C4li4'C4UC4V?'TA'Z1l'14'1v2'?'I4'I4ii4l11 .4'.4'f' ianmmmmmmmamiamcimmnmiaofQiciarxafmamwzmamnzimmzimannacinanfwfrmacrcicmzlvmcvsf' ' JAMES Ckawifoiw, Niles's colored Hash, was the fastest man of the team. His ability to skirt the ends placed him with honorable mention on the All-State team picked by the Benton Harbor Nefzus Paladiimz. He also was talented in the art of returning punts. He will be with the squad for three more years. GEORGE BRUYCKER, whose brother was a powerful tackle on last year's grid team. is filling in his brother's position at tackle. His best work was done at break- ing through the line and falling on lost balls. He was also skilled at blocking punts. He has been with the squad for two years and will be with it for two more. QRVILLE .3xDLER. tackle, was powerful on defense and usually carried out his individual assignment. He was shifted to fullback in mid-season, but an injury pre- vented him from holding down this position. He graduates with the class of '20, Bi Five Standing Games Won Games Lost Percent 3 0 1000 3 1 750 2 1 667 1 3 250 0 4 ooo 0 5ifC5C4VIAUU5is?l45i4PKFi452FZsD'2rQFl4'i4i-'i1'C"k'Zf'Z1'?'Z4'I"W2i2i2U'14Pi1i1i4'?V24!1+P1151FifiiC-9251-'Q'CHQ' Cliff?VQFZWQVI-VAK4'2"4'14Y11'2"'I-fvl ll'age Seventy-threel QU5454539152545151405950EDU55251EVHFQDWUZQOPQUWUUUZQFQFQUAQUFZUDQDVZQQEQHQDFQKAUUUFQVZPQVZUU5Q"l"1fC4REZ45i1KE 1 A 4, W ii b 5 5 w 5 L if S W 1: B .. .. .. .. ......-.......-.. .......5 Q 2 H 2 sv 'fi F 5 v5 'Q U 2 5 5 E 2 Q 54 9 E U R Q' 1 5. Q Q L N 9 N LF 5 Q ' . Q Sf we Q, :F 5 G Q Q 9 N 9' , . E1 2 9 E if L E2 '17 9 Q 9 2 W Q '11 FJ 2 Eg rl' 9 E 5 if Q. v 9 E Q gg. E? 1 1 Sf qc H+ Q Q A P5 F. Q . G N si '- , 5 2 i Q E U . . E PF , . iz' li .f. - Q4 9' .w 5 F. 23 T. Q 5 5 5 FA' Q if ., Q AS 51 nj ef' A-, P5 FQ Q ,. :Zi 5 ZZ 9 E Q H L' F4 gf A ff? F. E' rf' if QR if THE LIBRARY ANU THE SCIENCNE I..XBl'lR.'XTllRY ,fi as wg Q x F Q 3 5 5 S 5 5 if cs rl' 1 QQQnamanQaamunmmmmmaaomnaonmnmamnmnnanaaommmQQQQQLQQQQQQQQQQQQQ+ooaaQoooE Coach Davidson, Showers, Lynd, Bath, Forburger, Prin. Zabel, Eaton, Meyer, Adler, R. Williams, Susan, Matrix, Bachman, Sloan, Grimes, C. Smith, Lockard, Kenny, Ostrander, Cramer Basketball X 4I.Xl'll v11r.s'1-lane ILXYIIINIIN wzw lzmwl XYllll Zl 1lZll'llCLllZll'lX' llzml lmrulrlcui at the 111-mlilig' uf thc hkilallll. The H11-t gzum- wzu fmly twu wccks ZlflL'l' thc claim- nf ilu- tnmlizlll hkilalvll. zmfl Ill llua wlmrt tum- hc lizul tu pick :1 uv111lr111:nt1u11 tu nicvl ilu: HIIVPIIQ flaw .X tn-:mm funn lla-ntfm ll:u'lun', The task was mmle cluulily lmrfl mum- ilu' umvli lmvw lwllnng ut tlul lnzlwlutlwzlll IllI1lCl'lIll m tha- XllL'5 sulwul. W lil ll:-fr-:mln-1' 7, tlmv Xilw k'ZlLfL'l'N clltuu-fl thu Qllllll' with :ill thu light :mel cle- ll yi ,mul termination of an experienced quintette, and battled their bigger rivals on even terms unul the last minute. XYith the score tied at 14 all, Stevens, of the city by the lake, sank a long shot, which proved to be the climax of the game. The final score was 17 to 14. The catastrophe of the "flu" ascended upon the school and caused the postpone- ment of several games. After a few weeks of lay-off, the Blue and Gold reopened their season by encountering the strong Bridgman outfit. the state champions in their class. This was the first January feast game played by the locals in several years, it was hoped that they might win the first game of the new year. The long lay off proved too much for the Blue and Gold. which fact is shown by the final score, 23 to 10. Another reason fnot alibih for the locals' downfall was that there was too much Baldwin on the visiting team. llis pivoting, passing. and dribbling were far better than those ordinarily seen on a Class B quintette. His accurate eye enabled him to sink shots from any conceivable angle. 2 On january 5, the Niles squad journeyed to Kazoo to meet the strong state high team, but were forced to take the smaller end of a 21 to 1-1 score in an' over- time game. Lockard, Niles's lanky center, was the big cog in the offense, sinking five field goals. The game was a nip and tuck affair throughout, with Niles in the lead 19 to 18 and one minute to go. One of the home team took advantage of a charity toss to tie up the score at 19. In the overtime period, the Niles defense allowed the State men to score, but failed to tally themselves. Two days later, January 7, the Niles netmen won their first game, incidentally a conference game, by defeating the Dowagiac Round Oakers, 31 to 10, The Niles lads had things their own way from the start. Rabe, former Niles coach, had little offense to show, and less defense. Clstrander succeeded in scoring eleven markers while Lockard's efforts resulted in six. The next game fthat with Three Riversj on January ll, was another confer- ence victory for the Blue and Gold. Niles played a cautious game, which was in direct contrast to the hit and run style of her opponents. Sloan was the leading scorer of the evening, wiht five field goals and a charity toss against him. The final score was 19 to 30. On January 16, the Niles High netters dropped their second overtime game of the season. this time to the strong Buchanan aggregation, The first half was marked by close guarding by both teams, but Niles outscored her rivals S to 7 at half time. .Xt the end of the regular playing time the score was tied. In the over- time five minutes, both teams fought hard to win. Each scored a basket apiece, and Buchanan another. The llaroons were leading by two points, but Niles again tallied and again tied the score. XYith three seconds to go, a Niles guard fouled, and Savoldi made good his chances, ending the game with a close 22-20 score. Two days after this strenuous struggle. Coach Davidson's quintette was to en- counter the strong St. Joe team. The first half was played evenly. and after a bitter fight for supremacy, the Yellow-jackets forced their way to lead by two points at half time. In the second half the lake city five began to pull away. their lead never being threatened. The Blue and Gold failed to score a single point in the last half. and lost 19 to 8. I1-'age Seventy-tivel '-' TA" ' '.157.15'Qi4U'?'Q'Cf5'Q'CFT024VP?fZ"?'?57'?i4'1Aifli4'feE!52V2lQV24'2V2K4'3V24'251K4iQlfe'f4'1''QQ W K QE tl' IF 'E Niles lost its sixth game in the eighth start hy dropping a game to the Acorn 'I 3 Q2 city live. 23-ll. This was quite an upset. as the visitors displayed a much better s brand of basketball than was expected of them. Hachethors, white headed giant of 91 . . . , , M 'Q the victors. was responsible tor a great deal of SCOTIIIQ. This was the last appear- F. ance on the home court for Ostrander and Sloan, guard and forward. respectively. Un the following night. .lanuary 25, the local netters took their third confer- ence victory by defeating the South Haven Dutchmen, 22-15. Niles started the game hy scoring off a clever play from the first tip-off, and never trailed through- out the game. The boys played the caliber of game which Niles teams are accus- tomed to. Their starting was accurate and the fumbling of the past few games was missing. Quite an improved team met the Purple and Gold, but it was disap- pointing to know that Sloan and Qstrander had played their last game. The men 5 ge Q' -If 'F fi did not pile up any large individual scores, but their accurate passes in feeding the hall to Lockard and Bachman enabled their team mates to win. G Un February l. the Blue and Gold quintette hung' up another conference vic- 5:6 fury by defeating the Dowagiac Indians, 28 to lO. This victory put the locals in E second place. behind the strong St. Joe outfit. A practically new team faoecl the Rabeites. hut the scoring power seemed not to be slackened any. Smith and 5 Q4 Kenny were the main stays of the defense, forcing the furnace city men to takle long shots if any. lilachman, Finley. and Crawford were missing from the line up. Si They became ineligible through playing in an independent game. Un February S. the Buchanan basketball team journeyed to Niles and admin- istered another 21 to l5 defeat upon the unfortunate locals. The Gold and Blue got oil' to a rather slow start. scoring only one point to the visitors' five. Buchanan was leading by what seemed safe margin at half time. In the opening of the sec- 'Qi ond half. the home team looked like a really great combination, scoring seven points and holding their powerful guests to a single goal. ln the fourth period they cracked again and were not able to overtake the three point advantage held by the Maroons. :lj The next game on the schedule was a return match with the strong St. 'loe squad. The Xorthenders jinx again showed itself, and the Yellow--lackets chalked up their seventeenth straight victory over Niles. The visitors started out with a ' hang. scoring two neat longs before thc locals put up any opposition. The score was tied up at 5 all. but the Xorthenders made the score six to ten in their favor by the close of the half. The second half found the Blue and Gold warriors in good form. They tied up the score again. then forged into the lead, which was soon Ei taken away by a well directed shot by Schadler. St. loe continued to draw away and won by a score of 21 to ll. ' On the following week-end. the Blue and Gold again had two games scheduled, .f. . A tl the tirst on lfridav night with the Bridgman hve. The locals seemed out of p-lac-e fi - c on their hosts' small court. and they could not hit the mesh consistently enough to -Q3 cause any disturbance. Un the other hand, Bridgman seemed to be hitting its best -5: form. and time and again a player would make a follow in shot that the Niles guards failed to take oll' the blackboard. f ln Saturday night the locals met the South lflaven team. lf Niles should win, ' it would int-gm I1 get-onfl place in the conference standing. and if they lost. it would ' i 1 .jf Ei Qi ,Qt in , . - -iz--vo"-'zl'24canV'-'34':l':4':-f'-vt--:li--Qdui-1'-'iwfa-fm-on-it'24cial-:aaawmifviwivaomfz-0-co: llilgf -4, , rnl 3 --iml HUHUUUUUUHUUUUUUDUDHEUUUUUDHUUUUHHUHUDGHUGHUHUUHHUUUEHUHHUUUUUUUUEUUUHUQUUDHUQQUUDUHUUDQDUUUUHUQ he D '94 Er ill B D B S E13 U U S ill H S D Q Q B G '43 L D Q E Q Sl B D Q L Q 9 D H B Q Q IF Q Q Q 9 Q Q Q D 2 E Q E Q Q Q Q E Q 9 D Q Q .W V ZQHEH2 Qi mean a tie. The Blue and Gold netters determined not to lose, however. Niles got off at a slow start and was trailing at the end of the first quarter. At half time the team picked up on its opponents and was trailing by two points. The third quarter ended with Niles still trailing by a 17-15 score. In the final frame. Dick Williams tied up the score and Grimes followed up to put his team in the lead. They then settled down to a delayed offense, from which two more baskets were made. The final score was 23-19. The next Friday Niles encountered the team which beat them in an overtime period earlier in the season, Kalamazoo State High, The scoring was rather in- frequent the First half, hoth teams displaying a powerful zone defense. They fought on even terms first one team leading, then the other. XYith one minute to go. Niles took the lead. 16 to 1-l. and was stalling, the ball being in her possession. A laxity in the officiating gave the visitors a basket. and a technical foul put the State High team in the lead, 17 to 16. This was the last home game on the schedule for the locals, and the fans were greatly enraged by the decision. The district tournament was again assigned to Niles, as St. Joe and Niles were the only Class B schools to enter. Niles again had a chance to break the St, .Toe jinx which has been held over all Niles athletic teams. They failed in their task. but gave the Yellow jackets such a fight that they were aware of the fact that their opponents possessed great skill. St. Joe scored four points before the Blue and score its opponents, who won, 15-13. OQDUUEQQUUUUQUUDEDQQQDEEUQDQQDQQDQU5EQDQEEDEEUUUUWEQDEEQHQUUQUEUUUQQWDUZ llhigr Seventy -sex enl , R. Smith, Cramer, C. Smith, Marx, Kenny, Hansen, H. Smith, Coach Collisi, Schulke, Monohan, D. Williams, Meyer, Hess, Groat, Crawford, Adler, R. Kenny, Grimes, Bath, Petruska, H. Williams Klzircli JN , ,, April 21 ..., April ZS ..... May 5 ..,. May 5 .,.. May 12 ...., May 19 . Mm' 21 , ll':igf' Se vi-n I5-1-ighll Track Schedules andSe0ireS Dwwagizic ...... .. 20 ...,, .,., N iles 66 Three Rivers .... ...,, 5 2 ....., ,.,., N iles 70 St. vlfle .......... 57M ...... .... N iles 64M Duwagiac .,.................... 32 ...... .... N iles 90 M ich. Nat'l Interscholastic Conference .......,................,. bt. JOE .......... ..... 4 1 South Haven .... ,... 2 IM Three Rivers ..... 332 Dowagiac ....,.. 13 Regional ,.,.,.,,,. St. Joe ........... 34 7f20 Three Rivers ...... 24 l3fZO South Haven .,,. .....,..,, 1 3 State Meet .... .... .. ,,,. Niles 45 ., Niles 34 l9,f20 11 ., .fj,f,'54lyVg.,',.j.g.L3.+Qfj..l,g.5uj,.y,g..j,sQvj4,j 1, ,QL 151 in wk w 151 il 1 1' 1 w, 7 ' I' A 5- -s ' l -1, ' f 1 n-'E " 1. ii- T , FS' kj 'T r 1 I L27 ll : ' 5 IZ n - f 1 rr 52 f g Y , 1 7 Ar ol, ' ln,' 1 4' 7 . H 4 A ' r V- .,,,., r .vi f , 1 . -'H' . A - . n 1 7 ,. . fl 1 1 .2 . '- l ' 4, 1 ,. Eg A 1 r 1.1. . .- , N . ,vw Q E , , W , 1: 'F A hfzi A , 'L K L I L K L L K K L L K L V 1 1 Y T Y 1 Y 1 'I'llORl.XS 1211131125 Tlfll ll1XTll Track ,X 1111111111-1' of veterans and IDl4HlT1lSlllg stars 111 the previous season were on hand to meet Cl1ZlL'1l flauditis follisi at tl1e opt-ning of the track season of WIS. The letter ll1L'll to return were Captain 11l'lll1t'5. lfx-Liaptain lQa11dolpl1 lxCllllf'. -lames Kenny, Ren firoat. Ted llath, Louis Monalian. Urville .Xdleiy lliclc XYil- liams. and Pete xxv1l11Ill11S. .Xfter earlv worltotits in the gym. where the developnient of inuscle was stressed, an indoor track meet was held witl1 llowagiac. The local thin-clads were in good condition for such flll early meet, a11d they walked away with a 66-20 score. It was indicated from tl1is meet that Niles l1ad a powerful team in t11e track a11d jumping events, but was sorely lacking' in the weights. XYhen the preliminary building up period was over, Coach Collisi took his as- pirants into tl1e open air. where tl1e boys began specializing in their events. Cap- tain Grimes was working hard to get in condition, for l1e l1ad high hopes uf breaking the state record in his event, the mile run. The first meet of the season, with Three Rivers on April 21, was supposed to be any man's meet, for the teams were evenly matched. Niles turned in a victory, beating the visitors 70-52. The victory was due mostly to the excellent work of the track stars, although Kenny and Monahan proved themselves capable of upholding their team in the weight events. The next meet was with St. Joe. the state champions of 1927. The Niles thill- clads were doped for a beating. for Kenny, high point man in the Dowagiac meet. was absent from the line-up. In this case, the underdog growled, snapped, and barked, emerging with the larger bone, whicl1 was 6456 points-the third victory for tl1e Niles team in the last three dual meets. St. Joe l1ad to be content witl1 57M points. The feature of the meet was the duel between Simms of St. Joe a11d Craw- ford of Niles for first place in the broad jump. Simms's experience won for him by the slight margin of one inch. " f '. '.eC'1".' -'l"I1'f1',-'A' 1-1161 .mei .AC 1 1 " '.4'14'f1'14Q".-'14C1'f.'1'Za'Z1'lC,.'1-'D' 1Pa2e Seventy- ninel P115'CQlC1V2f'i4"f51VAPZ40'C0f'W 34000'I'lC4'S0C0Z0'f'I"L4PC'C9fZ1"f 5 U PC' 'IA F? VA '21 pg 5595 WQQQQUQQQQWQQQQ Q Q V4 lqgqqgmqggggqqgq QWQQ if-noomni:--t":0:f':4 A j,.L.g.j,q, Q Wilifizilif- . - There were two meets scheduled for May 5. Five boys-Tom Grimes. Dick XYilliams. Pete XX'illiams. R. Kenny, and I.. Monohan-left on Friday morning for Ann .-Xrbor where they entered the Michigan National lnterscholastic Meet. Com- petition here was very keen. but three boys were able to place fourth in their events. Randolph and Louis copped fourths in the discus and the javelin respectively. while Tommy ran a beautiful race in the mile to take fourth place. At home. the weakened team was scheduled to meet Dowagiac. The dopsters stated that Niles would have a tough assignment to lick its opponents without thc aid of the five mainstays. However, the power of the "also rans" was too great for the Northenders. who received the small end of a Q0-32 score. This meet un- earthed another runner in Rolland Smith. May 12 was the day set for the hrstf annual Big Five Track and Field Meet. held at St. Aloe. Niles and St. .loe entered this meet as favorites to cop. but as only one could win. a duel was fought between the two ancient rivals for first place. Dolph broke a held record by taking First in the high jump, soaring to the height of 5 ft. 7 in. Other events as well as these enabled Niles to amass a total of 45 points to St. 'loe's -ll. Three Rivers was third. with 5-PM points, South Haven fourth with HM. and Dowagiac hfth with 13. Thus Niles won the first cup of- fered by the newly formed conference. The next week Niles was confronted with the problem of how to win the regional meet without the aid of the five sure points of Grimes. Grimes had become sick during the week and was too weak to run. This put more determination and responsibility on the other boys. The meet was not cinched until the Final event was over. and even the winner was not known for several hours. XYhen the results were finally compiled. the scorers had given Niles 34 19f2O points, and St. .loe 3-lf 7f20. Although the meet was won by only 12120 of a point, it meant the difference between victory and defeat. The victory was due to the un- expected showing of the relay team which tied for second place. beating several teams which had defeated them earlier in the season. Those men who placed at the regional meet made the trip to East Lansing to compete in the state meet. The team was again minus the services of Grimes. As he did not place in the regional, he was not allowed to run in the state. The trip was long and tiresome for the boys. and they failed to show their usual form. Bath did the unexpected by taking second in the high timbers in the fast time of 16.9 seconds. Kenny was expected to take at least a second in the discus, but he even failed to qualify. as did Monahan in the shot. Altogether, Niles scored 11 points, being beaten by Dearborn and St. joe. whom they had defeated thrice before. Captain Grimes entered the interscholastic meet held at Stagg Field, Chicago. but was not sufficiently recovered from his illness to place more than ninth, which was considered quite a feat in view of the competition he was up against. I Page liiglityl y :1 Q Q Q rl' D Q Q Q Q D 9 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q U Q E B Q E 2' L. W E '55 L. U B '53 L B Q Q B B 'Q L. Q B E B S R' 5 E Y E B Q EL UDDUHUUUDHUDUUHHQDDHUUUUHDDUHUUQUDHHUGHQUDDHUHUDUUDDQUUHUUUUDDUDUDHUDDDUDUDUDDDUDUQHUU HD DUUUUZE D UD - QQQOOQQGOOOQQ6QOQQQUUQQQHOQQQQQQUQQHUUUGUHUHQUEUUUQUUUUUHUUHUS AQFQUUDUUHHUHYZUFQKAKAFZUUEPZHDQUZQDQYAUDUUFQKAUFZDDQP27252Z4PQQHUUZQDUUDDUDEIVQDUQUQUQODQ' Thus ended a very successful year for the Niles thinlies. They won three duel meets, the conference meet, the regional meet. and lost only the state meet because they were stricken with stage fright. After the close of the season. the boys were given a banquet at the Four Flags Hotel, at which Bath. the high hurdler de luxe, was elected captain for the 1929 season. The letter men were announced as Grimes, Bath, R. Kenny, Monahan, P. Williams, R. XVilliams, R. Smith, C. Smith. Groat, Crawford. Petruska, Hanson. J. Kenny, Marx, Meyer. and Adler. Plym Park Track and Field Records VVh hPl' J"r' fi en t e ym I ark tiack and eld records were compiled, the time for most of the events was slow, but it must he remembered that this was the first year for the track. and the fastest time of each event for the year stood as records. Records were allowed only with official timing and consideration of the amount of wind. Better marks should be made next season with a better track and marks to shoot at. The records are as follows: 100 Yd. Dash ......................... .,.... 220 Yd. Dash .... 440 Yd. Dash .... 880 Yd. Dash .... Davis-St. Joe ,.... Davis-St. Joe ..... Sims-St. Joe ........... King-Three Rivers Mile Run ................... ...... G rirnes-Niles ........... 120 Yd. H. Hurdles 220 Yd. L. Hurdles ...... ...... 880 Yd. Relay ......... ...... Shot Put ..... Pole Vault ..... High Jump .... Discus ........... Run Broad Javelin ...,.. Hyatt-Three Rivers Hyatt-Three Rivers St. Joe-Sims Hahn W'alker .,.,.. Davis ......Combs-Three Rivers Williams-Niles Briney-St. Joe .... R. Kenny-Niles ....... 1. Crawford-Niles R. Kenny-Niles .... Sims-St. Joe .....,. Monahan 10.6 Sec. 2.3.5 Sec. 2 Min. 17.6 Sec. 58.7 Sec. 5 Min. 5 Sec. 29.4 Sec. 17.4 Sec. l Min. 44 Sec. 40 ft. l in. 10 ft. 5 ft. 4 in. 101 ft. 10 in. 20 ft. 3X4 in. 140 ft. 6 in. .15HHQQHHKQDEUTZQDHDDFEUHP255555225545252FQFQGPZKADDYZP2'JDEQQ!!!'I1lEK4fQ!QE?lZ4PI'DK4t2M4ZfS!l'2'L',"V' V lPage Eighty-onel Niles l-liglils Best Time ln lEaelt lEyent The track hoys made good time in several events. Tommy Grimes ran the mile in -1:-13 at St. -loe to win the mile and establish a new Field record. He un- tlouhtedly would have made a lmetter mark hut for his illness. Randolph Kenny made three excellent marks hy high jumping 5 feet and 7 inches, throwing the javelin 142 feet and 1 inch, and tossing the diseus 105 feet and 10 inches. Mona- han's heave of -10 feet and 1112 inches in the shot was also a ereditahle showing. Following is the hest effort of the Niles traeksters in each event. Better time was ma-le in some of the events. hut records were allowed only for first places: Niles l-ligh School 'lfraels and Field Reeordsf-1928 100 Yil. Dash 220 Yd. Dash -1-10 Yd. Dash S80 Yd. Dash Mile Run .,,,,, 120 Yd. ll. llurrlles ,.,..... R90 Yd, Relay Shi rt Put .,., Pole Yault ,,,, ....,.. High .1 ump ..,,... ,,..,,. Discus ,,,e,, Run liroarl .... ....... .1 avelin ,,,,, ll':igf 1',1ull!y flxmil R. XYilliams .,,.,,, R. Smith ....,,...., XY. Petruska .......,.. C. llanson .........e.. T. Grimes .... ....... bl. Kenny ,,,.e....,.,,.,, Crawford. Adler Grathwohl. Bath. l,. Klonohan ,........ . ll. XYilliams ,......... R. Kenny ,,,,. .,....1 R. Kenny 4 ,.,, .,,, . ,, 13. Croat ,,,... ...... R. Kenny ,,,, .. Plym Park ..,e.,,,,,,, 11.2 Sec. Plym Park .,.. ...... 2 -1.-1 Sec. Plym Park ....e.....,. 50.2 See. Plym Park ..e. e,v., 2 Min. 21 See. St. Joe ..e,,,,...,.e..... 4:-13 1New Field 1 Conference Meetl Reeordj Plym Park ..,.,,,,.... 30 See. Plym Park ...,,,..,,,. 1 Min. 47 Sec. Kalamazoo ..,,e,,.,e1. 1 Regional 5 St. Joe ,e,.,,.e,,.,...,,,,. f Conferencej St. Joe .,,.,1,..e.,..,..... 1 Conference J Kalamazoo ........e... 1 Regional I Plym Park .........e,. Kalamazoo .ee..e..,,, . 1 lvegioflzlll -ll lit. 1192 in. 10 Ft. 4 in. 5 Ft. 7 in. 105 Ft. 10 in. 19 Ft. 2M in. 142 Ftfl in.

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