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' ' 1 X-.-: .. 1 '-" , V .v ' .".. ., -'mi , ,V ,., .1 ,N ., ,' 11, - ,. ' ' A , . , ', -.-V r . lj: x.. . 'fu' dv- ,-'ff' ' 42' rr 1' We ,if , .1 zvwbl V , 1. ,K .!.r,,, A .X , " ' 1' . -P . . .1 U-,LQ .K '4 'f' 'ff , 1 '- 'h. " .1-G.. , Q. - .. ,,. X 3- , ' ,A Q 4-.' 'ff A yy. 2, I Nu. .X , ,Q . 1 . L, . . 1. wx, .L . 1 ' 4 . . W .73 , ,11 g 1- V 5 ., 1. . 1 1 . , . .Y ,I WI .. . , 1 U, H. , ' .l .V I Q 1. .r . 1' , nn H. A 1 U 'N W 1 l A i E , i s I 1 N w a N A 1 4 w . N gl 4 o v 5 .I s -aww, I 1 --f A .' W-P4 fl g fyf E ,El ' iv . - NM., ,sm N-, Zfrwgvf. ' The Tatlzler Pnhlishecl hy the Senior Class of the Niles l-ligh Sehnol Niles, Michigan Je' JP Nineteen Hundred Twenty-Six !'1'?'9W'?""1!1m rw "" ,, -ll-4:1,"w:3--:X 1' 4.7 Table of Contents 1 Dedication .,,,.,.,wA.,..n , The Tattlcr Stall' ,,nA.,, . Board of Education ...,,, The Faculty ..,,,,,i..,, . To The Seniors e,.,., Seniors .,......,..i, Honor Roll ,.... Senior Log ...,.,, June 17, 19-10 ,,,,,, Class XVill oe..... Juniors ...,.,e,...., Sopholnores ..,,,ei,,..,,.., Organizations ..,o....ii...,,,.. Board of Control ....,., The Moon ,v,,..,,i....,,,...,,, The Debating Team ..,.,e.,,..,.. Les Catherinettes ..,e...Y.....,,,..,,,,...., Urder of Comlnercial Artists ,e,,..,, The Orchestra .....,e,...,e....,....,,.....,, The Band ..,,...,.....,,i...,..........,i..... D ralnatics ...V.,.....,....w,.......,.........,..,..,..,,. Music and Dramatic Festival , ,,... ., Three Live Ghosts ...,...,....,......,.,..i XVcdding Bells ,..........,.,...,....,,... Once in a Blue Moon ..,,....,... Love Pirates of Hawaii ..,,.... Athletics ........,.....,....,,......,.........,,.. Football ,...i,...,,., Basket Ball ..,, .. Track ..,...,..........,..... Junior High School .,c,... The Senate ..,....,t. The Advisories ..,c... Basket Ball .,.c....., 1 rack ..,.........,lt,. Calendar ,,,. Jokes ..i,.......,..,,...c Advertisements ..,,, . f f, AWA, 1' oreword ...,.,t..,cc,,,cci,...,,,..,Yct,.,,t..,.,ci,..,c,...,ct..,,c.. 6 7 8 10 11 20 21 41 42 44 47 49 53 57 58 60 61 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 73 77 83 91 92 93 106 107 109 111 121 Page Five Foreword We, the members of the staff, have endeavored lo make lhis volume of "The Talllef' worthy of you, fellow sludenfs, limi il may be a Irue reflec- lion of lhe past and an inspiralion for the fulure. 'S Ctfilfif' AWG' li n F ,- . "1.A' . , he , . , if , ' 11- .M ' 'Av ,,, , i V i ii ' 'ff 4 -'i ,A ,. f The Senior Class of ,26 gratefully dedieates this issue of "THE TATTLERQ' to Miss Hilah I.. Allen in recognition of the high esteem and deep regard in which we hold her. Coming to Niles High School in 1904. Miss Allen has consecrated the best years of her life and di- rected all her energies toward the upbuilding and interests of this institution. She has been not only a splendid and inspiring teacher, but a confident and understanding friend. Her striking personality has gained respect and love for her, both within and without the school. She has taken a keen interest in all social as well as educational functions, and through various avenues has spread a great influence for character building. We sincerely regret that the school should lose so valuable a faculty member who will always be identified with everything noble and fine. It is a privilege for the Class of '26 to make pub- lic acknowledgment of her worth, by dedicating this UTATTLEIV' to Miss Allen. Page Seven Q The Tattler Staff AIJVISERS Dorothy Butz Leland Wlalker EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Doris Eager ASSOCIATE EDITORS Annamarie Garlanger .,...........,...,... ..... L iterary Beulah Schurman ...... ....... C alendar Thelma Moorhouse ...,.. ............ A rl Ruth Fisher .............. ....... S naps Earl Pierce ............,........................... ...,.r X thletics BUSINESS MAN A411212 Harold Logan ASSoc:I,1.TI5 BUSINESS MANAGERS Marvin lflarger Carl Schwarz TYPISTS Maxine Van Skiver Blanche Montgomery Pugf Eighi N K ,.l..i-1-1 Y-K' The Tattler Staff 1 Q S Page Nine 3 E ,,.-f-1:3 g9,f, H 1' , . A, Q -' .,.,x,9.f-:-43' ,, .,,,. . ., 5. , A M wi, --,-f -, , N -.., . .. . -, . ' . L A r, I 1- . ' f . ' . . " T' 1 XA A ' T 5? 524.5 3f"y,., 25, 4 n a " . ' .2i.25Zzi's? . . ,..,' f" 11- . ef' , . 3- - n ' e -. - , ,.., . . ' ' " 5 A - .. , A ' Q ' We OHT 4 :2 ' f , 2.2, Egg! ' , ?!'l"' Of 'X ,gm f A .. nw gy' . .. A 15 . 52. .. A ff T 1222. if A ' f Yeipgi., . 5 U.CHt1OT1 L. 'iw i , ,,. 1 WW wf Jmg,. - lvlv A2 .ez , 1. .1 ff e-na f-New President ..,,. Secretary ...... Treasurer ...., Trustee ..... ..,. Trustee .... Page Ten 'Q W. Hudson WVa1ter Wfood ......Dr. VV. I. Tyler Mrs. F. W. Richter ......WV. N. Burns wg , Z' Wuxi Q11 K Nl W Q1 frm! IIWQ Q K ,Q ,gg X xffv W PM U Q M L 9 142, 5 WN Q59 Q? ,f .lf 1 In 772121 'W---ii i -. M Kll I, ml -ywwv 5- fa-. ..., f' -' f -fb M ' 1..- P n b f Xi, N w X" N X 2 , yf - -l id ! Faculty P g EI .1 .W....wW V W M, LY V i 1 NA, .-gp' mile maiil er f-rf-,-..,-... N.-f-11-f . . - ,,.. -- 1--------uv' FLOYD W. CRAWFORD. A. B., M. A., L. L. B. University of Michigan, '08, '09, '19 SUPEIllN'I'ENDEN'l' or scHool.s WALTER .I. ZABEL, A. B. VEST DAVIS, B. in ED. Vnivcrsity of Michigan, '19 University of Missouri Principal of Senior High School Oxford University, England Pug? Twfflw Principal of Junior High School N ' 5'-lf. . ... 14.- ,. '.....! G1-ge muffler XVAHREN NY. ABBOTT XVestern State Normal 1921 Kalamazoo College MA1'Hm1ATn:s HANNAH L. ACKEBMAN, R. N. John Bloclgett Memorial Hospital 1900 University of Michigan 1919 scHoo1. NURSE HILAH L. ALLEN, B. L. University of Michigan H1s'rom' SAM C. ANDERSON The Stout Institute 1922 MANUAL ARTS JAMES R. BRANDSMABK, B. A. Beloit College 1922 SCIENCE Fl ,... .,,., TW, -...... . . e STV Wa f-uk L QW? X ?V fe' N. Q2 H4 ILAAXEWV X ff 7 -949' 1 . , 5 ' Afgw , L4 '3 451, 'Qty f.- . U A 121.5 . f-I 1. ' 5229 ji: 'T f f 'f'f L ' V , ff' '?2Q 1?-eitfifig. 1 ' lg, "' V , , , 1 .' .L.i" -, 1i"'f ' HW ii " ' 4 ' .gf ,ii.i . A . Qmgg 13,2 ' , f . B? ,,,b z ,,,, fx W ,I Y4,A A, V I rf, ' ,,f1-.. - .r V, f VV , sg-j 4,41 V3 'L' , fi inf ' ff' 1 . X P, , 'Q - ' f ' f A V f L 2121 Q . A 1 .11-,lv Lt: r' ' '--' , 1 .- q 1 I ' W , 1 , t '21 fix I ff' f 7 ff. ' 1 " .-. ,eg ,f 4. f '. 1 W ' , by , .V A A . I ,kt .1 T. 3f'' , giry' , is ' ., f 'f iff' WJ. f' It , 1' 6 . "VfA'niiJ-1' J ' ' .L 'if'.f2lgT-f 11. 1 1 5 X I R 1 .yy A ,t QQ A, V. I '51 'Q ' ,f ,V ' K. - wtf- "..l - . ' ,v -. -. we 4 L , , 4, A j ,. .H f. ' . - ' if: V - . 5 f . , -J A4l:A..,, 6 , VA ji. . l f M A if r Q Page Thirteen mhz maiilex' I . 4 ,VVL ..,, ff -ffm 439' 5 f ..,-ff-A , f , , I L I ,,,, , f Q ff 'Wi 1 it Page FUHTICGIZ MILDHED L. CARDER, Ph. B. University of Chicago 1925 HOINIE ECONOINIICS ANNABEL COMFORT American Conservatory of Music 1925 IVIUSIC CORNELIA CROWLEY Western State Normal School 1916 INIATHEMATICS ADELINE M. GILES, B. A. University of 'Wisconsin 1924 1-nsronv HELEN C. HUTCHINS Western State Normal 1924 ART N n , 1 R , - ,k1...f,X .x.., Q Q Q Q 1 65132 Eaiiler lllll LNA NI TAGER Nllphlgan qt'ltL College XX c-stern 5t'1lL Normal 1993 XI XTHFNIAIILS HOW ARD ll IAFKSOX N1Lstcrn Stflte lNOIIl1rll 1919 INDUYIRIAI ARIS MARGARET S KURT7 A B lXdl'll'l1E1ZO0 College 1924 Chlcago hornml College GFOGRAI HY PAULHNE F KURT7 A B Kalamazoo College 1924 SCIELLL NIARGUERITE S LAVENDER A B Nebraska State 'leachexs College 1990 ENG1.1sH 4, ff 0 GN 36+-X' ww ZW fff fb, 'UQ' 14' 4 E -'QQ' 8 QQ' A nf' f 1 1 ' S 'Wvfm Page Fzjteen 1 1 ' V , " . - l A 1 ' - 4 , A 7 A ' A Q .fl l A . . ' 7 A 7 ' , V ,. L 4 ' Q 4 i ' ' , ' , . L ,. L I . ' . ' ' L A ' . . - , . Q I. . Q I . I . h " '- . 1 ' - N' ' F '. 5 l 'M U " 'v 1 , ' ' Efffili C ,"Q.lQJ..1,S,:f:f:i5E-' fi, 1 X 2- - 'F f A : Q - A N .h . 4 ,- :. ,, - Q4 L -'QP 1 . X ,Q ,V .Q A N 1,4 , - . .Q Fifi, Q, ' 12:if?,Ix,, 1, fi , A . - 5 , ,, , - . N A Q xx Xix.: N wgxw , - ,. , 1 , - 4- lx f 4 - X . Nb. f- 1 -. : Q., 1 ' QQ .Q ,. QQ ., Q yy Q Q 5 4 Q Q f-. .ig Q f - bl 0 ' . lbw" - h ' N 'NS53i4?7Xl3' ' fi 5 of , ' , A 'Q Q . .3 , A , --1.-Qwifz11::'5g5.,5 Q 1 3 QQ f 1,1 X 5 , h :Q Q - ,'3s:....TglQ 1 1 X ,Q Q Q A Q Q3 , 1- S , , ,, - 1 , . ,Z .3-1, 4-ixkgl, ' - - ,- , ' X ' . ! Q Q S , - ' Q - Q Q lx: Q Q Q N Q , Q3-fi X SQ 7 , C ' - -, 'f' , - .JF 1, N C -A 'S 5 f 25' , - X - ' . ,, Q ' , A Q, -Q QQ - Q ' 53 .. , Q Q i,,, , , , ,X Qllqe qaiiler f' " A 1 ,"fA'f2"zf'frw"'7.,, " g"T?W7 if' ' A gy 9 " it W we 955,3 7 z!' .f?'?"L. : W Q, ?r .V If . . r -' ,qv '-jv1j,'.f,-, " - ,,-,f Q 1 1, , Y K new ""Nf'.,'b4fW2'1 . ,H . ff -'v we-. - 1 1 " . W! 5. -WZ' I A 1 'fi-fe 5 ff ,. ' f pi S' A A A I 'V QM iff . A ' . ' 'fl f, gli: 4. ., , 13.11, Q., eil' .Wk 231 9871 f 9524 if 1' W' gf ., V ' "'f11- 2 Y 1 "rf 'A Q M f. M .2 Q P' ' . ' v fl.. QQ, ,V " ' ,VA,.a1',.-Ki HZ , M Q I 1, il A 2: V .41 K g 1 1" ,- , , 3 A E fnfwlffi 1" " V 1 'W -,J 115 if' f -T554 -If 1 . ' .Hai .1 1. f f'.,t' V ' ' v 1 M ,.,, V. LJ .A H A , , f. ff", 7" fy' "'1"""-My V1 ,,,,.Qf7"4, ' ffl A -VJ, 'V V "-" 'f . 1 F414 we. wg 1 ,I ww, m aw ... A +. ' . V' . if-fm., 'Q , ,- 'U '4 , V421 if ' J . ' - . ' Z - aff... ,f " 6f .. 1' ' f, uv, ' - ,,' .- f Azz -627' ' ' x at-fW,Jf ' ,411 ?'f+ , w A ' 1,1,.j ' gf" 5,1 ,f 5, ,M :.f,.',1,..,,'MV . 1 ff 'ff ffaal Q .W V341 5 ,V , , f .Qgfikiz-Q.,f 'H N jf' 1 71 ' , Q 1, ff If gg! "' 4, , ' f , " . ' . 'Q l 1 1 2-fy, f.,' y f 'ff 'v '4 , ., W" . 7 , M- lf ,. " , fig gffley "4 7'5" V 'U' 'ifiifbi ,. " f Q . , , " f , 1 fi' gwf: , Q X 1 .fp .9 ig. Y A . K ,fl , V , V! +1 f ' " , ,fr fcf,,.f ' U 1 , V-...f Cv, at . ' ' , ff f Z-if -:NV " ,MEZZ ' , 'G-1, Ik' 0 I , , ., '. 1: . Lf 11.2. .1 .A Zi.: .5 Page Si.1'fccrz MARIAN LAXVHENCE, A. B. Ilillsclulc College 1921 FRENCH HLTTII M. LINDAHL xVCSlL'I'I1 Stutc Normal 1924 ART WAYNE A. MAHKLEY. A. B. Stale University of Iowa 1923 CIVICS YVILLIAM E. MATHENVS, A. B University of Michigan 1915 BAND AND ECONOINIICS LAUHIE A. MCTIVEH Wcstcrn Stzltc Normal 1924 c:oL1x1l5nc1AL S ,w.,.9.....,..,m.lm.. an X v l V , ' : . . I 5 ,,,. .. ..,1.w.,....4 .-.Mu V 19314 Igifmr ifgld g I V ,4l.,,,Y,,,,.....g ,Tdhiilh E ,Y GLENNA L. MORRIS, A. B. Earlham College 1923 ENGLISH LULU MAE NORTH. A. B., M. A. Eureka College 1918 University of Michigan 1921 ENGLISH AVIS E. HOHLF Chicago Normal School of Physic Education 1924 PHYSICAL IEDUCATION DOROTHY RUTZ, A. B. University of Michigan 1921 ENGLISH CARHIBEI. SCHMIDT, A. B. University of Michigan 1923 PUBLIC SPEAKING AND ENGLISH I ..,.,., :9 If ' f al Qilqc Eafilrr 1 Page Swcnteen 'Lille quill er A., ,. .,, ,, , . ' it . ' V le 1 ' YV., B A Y , . , - 5553 1 1 PALLIM1 B. BPILLBB, B. s. -, 'N , Northwestern University 1924 220, , 4.- , ' ', "', ' - I :.-' 7:17, ' - A'V," 'ii -2 ' .1 f ,ZZ f 1 it 1 3115 2 4 , , , 5 , -1 RLTH swim D " V' f Steven's Point Normal School 1906 my ' v,j .fxjQ3f . , 273 ' A T - ' 'Z V ,, . 1 5 -j V FLORENCE TALBURT, A. B. 3, if L ' A De Pauw LTnivc-rsity 1911 1 A,.e, , Y T ,ti Q 3, V Z 1 JANET THOMSON, B. S. F f ig 5 . A Teaehers' College, It ' V ,' 4 Columbia University 1922 i , J IV , , HOME Bcoxoxucs s, I V, ' , VX' g 1 MILDBBD VAIL, A. B. in ,,V,' -T ' North XVC-stern College 1922 " - 1, f f A ' ENGLISH 5 ' f 'V 41,-, X A-IV 4 9, ,igfffffiil '25 'mf , ,. Page Eiglzlren N 'V L R. 1 I .W ,, UM, m-1I."Ivt1f v M. 1 . ' : 4:51. 1 A -.,, N - , . .- f' " x- az. VV Gflge muffler if" , ' . -.g..1g:2j A 'tl ' ' 5 fvff' ' ' 9. Q2 j f gf- ' A 3 v, V V V V V V V,VVg, V , LV,-K .VVVV f VW VY MARIIB L. VAN MACEN, A. B. , J , Western State Normal 1924 'fi ,g PHYSICAL EDUCATION fffi, "" f- 'gf' Aj VV ,VV VV VV ,fVL:jV,LiVLiVVVVVVV?, VV iff-'f V ' V --2' V V ,rrn I iV , V..f'iV V, af ng LELAND 5. XVALKER, A. B. , a A' , . 'H Mr A . 2 Imlflmuzoo 1916 MATHEISIATICS 1 ' ' I VV? ff"1f4VV ,ff ,ifwwx ,f 2,4 1 '- . ' , ' 25" 'fbi' ,L ":f"1 m' Vi , 'V ,AVA , Vip, HELEN G. WILDEB, A. B. , iff' 'ir ' . V , , . A V V ,QV 3.72125 University of North Dakota 1924 Gregg School . ., V a .V 'Wei ,," 1 ' . i' COINIBIERCIAL f , f A j . , 7'L'3,.gff ' f V Vg ,MM V V , .V V JEAN F. NYILSON, B. S. f V V A . MV G Bgeloit VCollc-ge 1V921 ' . - V, ff Umversxty of CIIICBQO ' V - -7- V,-V HOBIE ECoNoMiCs b , 'V ' V H ' ff' , , .VVVV VVV1 .vi A C' ' , ' ' 54 ' " ' 4712 .Q V VVV fin V . QV .VV .,, A . g 'f,,gQ .42 V MV , ,A ,.,.,. .VV V V V A . as in V..,V if-V 5 3: aa , V V 4 A AIM? . V: , ' ' g1,V ,,....,.... A ..., r...,..f.,.. A...-. "1- ... .,.. . H'n...CAe-va.: ......,.A,f . -. Q P Q! "E . ,.... . . Page Nineteen --n 5-ss ,-Hn 1' J H 4 :sm 1, ' L , TNQ T f me Jie? f 51112 'Gztiiler y yy To the Seniors By MARY SOPHIA POWER Thou Senior rich wilh knowledge greal, How sad and mournful is lhy fale, For lhou musl leave lhese walls of slone, To lhinlc and acl for lhyself alone. The lime has come when lhou musl yo. And lo lhe world lhy knowledge showq No more will leachers beg lhee work, Nor admonish lhee when lhou dosl shirlf Four long years lhou hasl dreamed ahead To lhe time when of lhee il could be said, "He's a Senior, dignijied and bold, His place is one I'd gladly hold." Thy dream has now al lasl come lrue, A dijferenl field is oped anew,- Thy years of play have reached an end, Thy mind lo real worlf lhou mnsl bend. Thou Senior filled wilh earnesl :esl To do always lhy very besl, 'Tis hoped lhy life shall ever be. A source of praise lo Niles and lhee. A N I N Y 1!lZC3+?b4 .917 N I ,, i K K? 'I sw H 1 f 1 k CQ 'I g EDU f " ' 'A 5- 1 Q , .I -ff?--QT 1 W ' V1 Al' K3 r' Yu- -fi 7,1 mx . "--2 ,.f4-fm 0 Q igwiggdw Seniors P 1, 7 tx . , me l5it'f?"1 " " ' ' f,',q,"g.i2?e' ' , Q -it-1 1- , Q-lglfllfi .S. ' ' ' ?."?lY3l"?7lfrA,' ' 4 :U , t 'dlflqe Qlniigr 1 Class Of 1926 OFFICERS ' President ......... .,................ ...... C 21 1'l SCl1XV21I'Z Vice-President ....... Doris Eager Secretary ...., ...... I larold Logan Tl'C3Slll'61' .... .....v.,................,... ...... A 1 lita Visel CLASS ADVISERS lnlilah Allen, DO1'Oll1y Butz, Leland XV21lke1' CLASS lWOTTO "After the Battle, Rewind." CLASS COLORS Blue Violet, and Orange CLASS FLOXVER Snap Dragon Page Twm1ty-Iwo N k . ', l.',,,..L':,is,.g,j' . Z'em..xuu.' Muiix Eiga Eaiiler CECILIA ABROHAM "She can change hvr mind like thc' wind." Orutimls '26 HELEN ALLSOPP Ujlixlress of herself. lhu' Chinn full." O. C. A. Glen Club Play '25 Buurll ol' Cunlrul '25, '2ll RALPH AUGUSOVITZ Of Physics, sumellling of geolugll- llZtllllFlll!llll'S are you." Muon Siail' '26 NETTIE BACIIMAX "The shallow murmur, but the deep ure dumb." Glcc Club Play '26 BLAN CHE BALLARD "Some leurn Ioue's url nn moonlit luke Or campus slrolls endorse, Of all llxc methods known, I'll luke The correspondence course." Glen Club Play '23, '21 Orpheus Club '24, '25, '26 E. H. Riclulnls Club fi.. -lm .,b: .V W.. f 2 1 s Page Twvnzly-tlzrev E112 muffler Page Twfnly-fam' FLORENCE BOHLEBER "Anil yelfl llnzl ri sly lillle twinkle in your eye." Berrien Springs High School '25 Board ol' Control '26 DONALD BROXVN CAMILLA BUTLER "Age cunnol wither. nor cugvlom slale her variety. Orpheus Club '24. '25, '26 E. H. Richards Club!Prc-sident '24 Glen Club Play '24 BERYLLE CLEVERING "True us the needle la the pole, Or as a dial la the sun." Board of Control '26 GRAFTON COOK "And thus I seem a saint, When mos! 1 play the devil." Warsaw 4lnd.J High School '25 Foolhall '25 Advisory Prcsidrnt '26 N inflnile -pq-M: -1 f--r-,X '- -4' . fi Mnqi w Y, I .. 4., , -, x E. Elie Eafiler VAN CE COOPER "One var il heard, lllc ollmr out il 1uc'nl." Foollmll '23. '21l. '25 Track '23, '26 CHARLES CRABILL ll were bcller ln bc calen lo dc-ull: by ruxl llmn lo be scourcrl la nothing by perprluul mulionf' Track '25, '26 Football '25 Debating Team '24, '25, '26 VERLIN DAVIS "None but himself can be his parallel." Football '23, '24, '25 Basket Ball '2-l Board of Control '25 PAUL DREHER "My mimI'x beginning In funrlion Il lillle Band '23, '24, '25, '26 MARGARET DUNNING "May you live ull the :lays of your lif Glcr' Club '22 J., bil." ef. Page Twenty-five E112 muffler Page Twenty-six "She lnllcs, lhvn sliv lullcs some more, DEANE EAGER "Sa mise, so young, lliey say, do never liue long." Gloc- Cluh Play '24 Board of Control '24, '25 '26 Orchestra '25, '26 Les Cnthcrinz-tics-President '26 0. C. A. Prcsidcnt '26 L. C. l,. '25, '26 DORIS EAC-ER "Angels are painlerl fair. lo look like thee." Glc-0 Cluh Play '23, '24 Junior Pluy '25 Tuttler Stall' Class Vice--Prcsidcni '26 Orpheus Cluh--Vice-President '24, O. C. A. I C l '25 '20 ' MARVIN FISHER '25, '26 "Company, villainous company, lmlli been the spoil of me." Glvc- Club Play '26 RUTH FISHER "lVlm is il liirrs 10 the full cm-ry Gets all llze fun und the joy lhal is Tntilcr Stuff' Glov Club Play '23, '24, '26 Advisory Prvsidvnt '26 Orplu-us Club '24, '25, '26 l.UCIl.l.l2 GARLAND luII:s." O C 'X Allvlbnjry I'ruslsl0nt '25, '26 Gln- Club Pluy '2-I N minute. in il?" and still she 'li 'W "FrPl nnrl fever, xlrvss llllli slrilv, , "A rolling slane galhereth no moss." El 2 aaiiler l s Z I ANNAMAIHE GAIILANGEIX "lurk-url Il lruc' .s'clmlur." Tuitlvl' Slnll' Hmxnl nl' Control '26 Orchvstru '24, '25, '26 CARI, GARRETT Will nnl trouble his tranquil life." ' Advisory President '25, '26 EDITH GOIITON "As merry as the clay is lung." Glen- Club Play '2-1, '26 0rchc'stru '23. '24, '25, '26 ROBERT GRO AT Track '25 Fooihall '24, '25 ' Band '23, '24, '26 "N" Club '24, '25, '26 i 1 KNUTE HABENICHT 7 "'TenrIed Io his num affairs 2 Slric'ly uml made no brugsf' fl Bowen High School, Chicago '25 Football '25 ,1 L, s . Y I Page Twenty-seven Elle EEIHIE1' Page Twenty-eight RICHARD HAIN "Dick, ll lad so slim and tall Never for lhe girls did full." Band '24, '25, '20 Glue Club Play '26 Board of Control '26 LOTHAIRE HALL I rlreaml I um a beller bay." "N" Club Basket Ball '23, '24, '26 Foot Ball '23, '24, '25 Track '23, '24, '25, '26 it RAYMGND HANSON "I ncucr nnllerslood it, and I s'pose I n ulllllllllj Band '22, '23, '24, '25, '26 MARVIN HARGEH "Fla-el of feet." Orations '25, '26 Board of Control '25 Football '25 , Truck '24. '25s Cnptain '26 Tattler Stall' Moon Staff '25 Glcc Club '25, '26 ROBERT HARGRH um I-from curl' I'm fret-. Wh all of 'em vonlenl like me?" Football '2-1, '25 .luninr Plny '25 Advisory l"1'c-siilont '25, '26 "N" Club '20 5 euer mn." y are no! r QNWM ,J ' , 'W : V 1,-2 It I '-illflm it ,, .A , - " NEAL-v' ' , ' 1 le. The waitin ELAINE HUNTLY "Such eyes us mighl lhe cues of gold Of all lhe slnrs of nighl behold lVill1 glittering envy." I F l '26 E. H. Richards Club BETTY JAUCH "And again I rr all rom the vilmnl room urimluw Q5 f H -' uulh u uuslful look." Los Cathcrinchcs Glue Club Play '23, '24, '25. '26 Declamntions '24 Board of Con!rol4Vicc-President '20 Class Secretary and 'Treasurer '24 Class Treasurer '25 Orpheus Club '24, '25, '26 DOROTHY JAUCH "Ah, why should life ull Iubor bc .W Les Catlxerincties Advisory Prcsidenk '23 Glcc Club Play '23, '24, '25, '26 Board of Control '25 Moon Sluil' '25 JOSEPHINE JENNER "Of the wcullh of fuels and fancies Thal our memories may recall, The old school flag roman:-es Arc the best ones after all." Moon Stall' '26 O. C. A. Glce Club Play '26 Junior Play '25 JULIUS JOHNSON "Sort of boy Il0ll'd like to be: Balanced well. and truly square. Track '25 Orchestra '23 Band '22, '23, '24, '25 'hm' f -:M 1 .l Q, N l Q x l L I I Page Twenty-nine E112 muffler Page Thirty HELEN KEHOE "lf she IIIUQIIS, il is lhe lrill of llle wayward whip- poor-will." Glcu Cluh Play '2-1, '25, '26 Junior Play '25 Moon Stuff '26 Orpheus Club-Treasurer '24, '25, '26 MARION KEHRER "Who can say what mails for us?" 0. c. A. LAXYHEN CE KENDRICK "Naming is goo nr bad bul lhinking makes il so. rl . Junior Play '25 Track '25 Baskci Bull '23. '24 Football '23, '24, '25 Baseball '23 VELMA KIBLINGER "I, drrmner, will .thou dream of me?" Advisory President '24 Orpheus Club '25 RUTH KING "Well, work is the least of my ideas." S f , ' Mx: v ' -,QI 4 '15, ., .1 , Af' rf. JL , lg C A-A , K., ,,,. , ,:,..4..: . . . , , . J? u , xx ., 3, I M v CALISTA KINGSTON "Tlwr1"x music in the air." Glcr' Clulr Play '21, '25, '25 Orchvstra '24, '25, '26 Orpheus Ciuh '25, '26 PETER KRAJCI "Among them, but nol of them." JOHN LAGONI Can we ever llrwc' lov murli of u gonrl ll1ing?' Fooiball '22. '23, '24, Captain '25 Track '22, '23, '2-l, '25 Basket Ball '23, '24, '25 Advisory President '24 HAROLD LOGAN "Always in style lVith his brighl unrl shining Smile." Per pal "Burl" Band '22, '23, '24 Basket Ball '24. '25 Board of Conirol '24, '26 Junior Play '25 Class Pl'0SlLll'llf '24, '26 Class Svcrvtary '25, '26 Tatllvr Sinfl' O. C. A. Glvc Club Play '26 Moon Siail' '26 KENNETH MCCONNELL "MiscIrievousncss parsuniflcclf' Debating Tc-am '25, '25 Advisory President '23 Elly: Gafflcr s. 0 V,, aff- - by "fr f l ff: 1 l '72 , . , f 1 5, Page Thirty-one mhz aafiler WJ...- il will." ' ' - ' I .b in-.. ...l ,' ,. ef 3 'fi A moms MCGOWAN in "liz-llur lulc than nc'uer." '?' g ,, a n MARY M1Tc1m1,1. . wi 6 .,., "An 'non shc'Il say: : " Clear nu! 0' my umy! ., TI1l'lI'.Y lime for umrl: und lime for play!" , Munclicsiur 1'I'L'nn.l High School '25 H ll ., Moon Stuil' '26 ff' 34, um Club Play '20 if M vfqifr 1 '- ,, f f 1 V , ' S' ANLEY A I'I'CHEI.l, G M F ' If "Il muy ruin Inmnrrow, but I 11'0n't think x Glvc Club Play '26 O ,ff I ZX. '- " ' 4 2 R HLANCHE MONTGOMERY j 28 Tftif "She knows mlm! she knows." ' V ' Y Moon sum ,212 f 'I'attlvr Staff " nv f O, C. A. I Q Y W y I f MARY ELIEANOR MOON "The :wry flower of youth."- .luninr Play '25 Orphcus Cluh '25. '26 E. H. Richards Club ' A J 0' '-'ni Page Thirty-two 43 5 V thin. f, ., Q-'fr' ,' 1 Ely: muffler IIARRIIUI' MOORE . "Tn smile llehinrl my lesson .ll llml old su1z'c'lIlvur1 of minf'." If . Gm Cum Play '23, '24 ' ' . 2 . X g ' , . , . . x, ' H" ' ' 1 1r1m,MA MOOIUIOLSI1, , - 1, 3 "Your was are jus! true lnluv. " , Anrl your lnugll is mc-rry loo." I 2' , . , ' Tzltiler Stull' ! I f ,., A: E. H. Richards Club-Prcsirlvnt '26 L-' Q ' ' , X '. I. ' n,xY1s10Nn Monms ' -I I Q Q ' "IIcrc's hurrull for Ihr' lmskrl hull player." yi f V lsuskl-1 Ball '24, '26 M , g , V1 '41L I vu 1 ' r PAUL NOEKEP. V ,Q 5. 0 . I hate nobody, I nm in charity with ilu' world." I N, . ' L A ,, 5 ARTHUR I'I'IILI, 24:3 3- , . "Hr flnfls relief from slurly in mu:-In mischief," 1 num: '23, '21 A X xr A, f ' 4" ' ff - . I fl. 1 7 l ' ' A ' Us .J Y' -'Il Ko v, n x Page Tlzirty-tlz1'l'v v B x K " 85? r l 4 ' Y is l vw. I A 1 2 UL e Qlaiiler ' f, ,I f EARL PIERCE . 4 L , "A jolly gnorl fvllnur will! II rvufly wil, Full nf llw rlirlcenx nnrl gnorl inlf'ntinnx," ' 3 Student AIHIIZIQCI' '26 9 'rl--1 k '24 '25 'I p Junior Play '21 J 'Fnltlvr StulT K' I J' ' Xlfxun Sizlff '26 1 " ' - 'W' Glvv Clull Play '26 ' V I -' Iiuurrl nf Contrnl '26 ' x 3 " "N" Club , .r. ' l ' , H . xum' s0Pm.x Powlau 'JW 171. ' . . . f-'al .3 , "II rx gnrnl In lmv unrl lwzrnf' .1 ' ,M 3- ' G11-1' Club Play '23, '24 'ff' ' Orplu-us fllulx '21, '25, '20 , U 'W A on-111-S11-fl '21, '25, 'zu Q 1 1, ,327 'f ,f' ,ll ,V I A s, l A ' ' vlum mimi 1 i " I "fl rlanr ron.w'i1'nr'U is I1 Slll'C' turd." l 'V .ogg ' Munn Stull' '26 - , 4 0, C. x. - ' K? 5' Axlvisrlry I'rx-siclclul '23 .1 1 "'f:.KfL 44 'V 1 V, --'sill - , ' . T V' 3 V V DOROTHY ROSE V, ' "U'llf'n I xlmll lu' 11 puvl nml with nnlhing ulse lo - 1 ' flu." ' ff , f':j.,.1f . 4 q ' 1 -Z 1 5:5 , 1 t ,5 1.El.lxN1m Roslin' Aj . L 4,33 W-V ' I "All lllv ufnrlzl Innes ilu' ful man." Frmiluxll '22, '23, '2I. '25 , .Ad ,if f A Iizxslwllmanll '21, '25, '26 M 'ffnyrfji 'Franck '23 ,, lx! 'l' f 1 Mlvisuri' I'r:-sillrnl '23 f ' "N" Club I'1'c-sirlm-nl '26 vf,,"' l - Pugf' Tlzirly-fwfr 'W-D6 N , t fr fpmmml C-Jana -H-ww , ,ax X ., Y . we V . . 2'---INA' " ' l r ,... , M, ' ' 'Sq' ., 4 I " 15 'i11 , ' l f A, ...f,,...., ..-, , V 1l.KllGAllli'l' SCIIMIIVI' "llon'l argue, vcrluinly l'n1 riglllf' Junior I'l:ly '25 Les Cuil1vx'il1cllvs L. C. l.. '26 BIEU l.All SCIIU HMAN "Thru ure llClP6'lt Imlvxmnc mlm are lvlllr nnblv ll1nugl1ls." llCC0lT11HlIliUfl 'l'uMlv1' SUIT Mcmll Stull '25 0. C. A. HUSSELI, SIIOIZMAKIZH "All mlm joy uvoulrl win I .lluxl slmrc il.+-lmppinvss wus born zz twin." CARL SCIINYARZ HAIIIIK Ihcrc mhrn work'x In 110 rlunf. Blll lllll1S really I0 lmlrc xrunv fun." Class Pl'f'SlLlC'Ilf '26 Band 522, '23, '24, '26 Amlvisrmry Prcsids-xlt '26 Glcc- Club Play '26 MAXINE Sl'l0XYl2llS "A genllr' nmflvsl maid." Glcc Club Play 7 J' K A Elle Eaifler V l ,411 4 l 5 l I i 1 l X D i Page Thirty-ji we l 1 2' -,l,f , Uhr: maiilcx' Pug? Tlzirty-xix ICI LEEN SIMPSON "l"uin would I climb, ue! fear I lo fu IIARRIET SKALLA "Lvl the worlrl slide." Gln-0 Club Play '2Il HILLIS SMITH "l'm 0 furious kind nf Il clump." Junior Play '25 Band '22, '23, '21, '23, '26 .XLTON SN EFF "WP grnnl nllhu' he hull l7l1l1'll wil Ill' was nary xlly in using il." lhmnl '22, '23, '21, '25, '26 RAYMON D SPANSAI l. "Il l1lflH!'I'.Y :mt Imm u nmn flies, but lmm llc lives." linskc-t Bull '25, '26 S ' V cl ' Y L5 A . . f L.i,,...l,.l- .aelwi 9-'M-..f'?f5.1. .lk U MARION STAHKE "TllPU'l't' only ll'llI1l grvul who ure Irnly good." Glu' Club Play '25 Les C:1il101'i111-MCS VERNON STONVE "ln Xlllflll 1Jrn111rrIiuns wr' jus! lwlllllivs S812 A1111 in xllurl IIIEIISIITFS Iifv may 1J!'1'fl'l'l be." Gl1-1- Club Play '21 Buml '23 Jllllllll' Play '24 131111111 ol' Control '20 KENNETH THORNTON "ll'or1'y unrl I never mel." Band '22 Glec Club Play '26 0l'CllCStl'Ll '25, 326 ALETHA TICE "l'11e learner! lo lislen and 1111n1irc', Rlllllfll' preferrin' lo be urlmlresscd Than talk myself, bu! l'll zlu my lJesl." MILTON UPDIKIZ I never 11111111 su11gl1t the wnrlflg the 111urI11 has yr! lu suck mu." 1 A 1 11. FJ E112 aiiler Page Tlzirly-sewn UL' 2 muffler A Pagf' Tlfirly-f'iglzt 11-1.,,.,..-,,.. rw- r " V , , N W. oi' hl'l'if'QQ3l.'iZv Q WI:-e- ' I " -f' FREDERICK VANDENHU HG "On llmir uurn mcrils lmnvsl men ure dumb." MAXINIT VAN SKIVER "High e1'1'z'lml llmuglzlx xvulml in llw hour! l'1lIlFll'Sll.ll l,. C. l.. '25 U 1' X "Hi 'Emil-If 'snfnr HAROLD VAN TASSEL "The basl is good Pnollglx for me." Iiunrml ol' CunlrulfPr:-sid:-nt '2lL Class Vice-Pr:-sid:-nt '25 EDNA VILIAYOCK "Simi lvmlvlh la lim' own uffuir.s'." Mmm Stull' '25, '26 0 1' X ANITA VISIEI, "The fuirrsl garden in llvr 100158. .plnrl in her mind llle wixesl books." Class 'I'x'n-usurrx' '26 Board nl' Control '25, '26 5 0. L. A. '2b N of A., .....a...4-.- U X X3i Fl AUSSIE XYI l .l,l.XMS "Timm lmxl nn surrnlll in Ilxy song Nu ulinlur in Illy glr'nr." .luniur Play '25 Glu- Club Play '2Il. '21, '25 ll. ll, .X, '26 GIAIHYS XVILLIAMS "l'llurlng m'm'r rr lam' Tlml Ilxv umrlrl miyhl lnvrllx! lful U, llw xuny in lIt'l' lu-url." ISL' IlDli'l"I'E XYILSON "I lmm' un cmlmxilinll of slvcp rnnu' vmvr mv." Fnutlxzlll '23, '2-l FIDIUENCIC XYINQL'IS'l' Ilvr smile is lilac llw noun .vplvmlur nf 41 111111 June." Orpln-us Club '21, '25, '26 Junior Play '25 Mmm Stull' '2l, '25 GERALD NYRIGIIT 'kllmm' Ihr' vulgar High! nl' vnmnmn Nll1llS." Culclwuh-1' lligh School '21 llmlrd uf C0llfl'tll '25 Advisory Prvsimlunt '25 g zfV'??i ,'1"l' If " 2112 H3311 . ll l l! ' ll'l' 2 l ' ' i Q ' X ' ' ' V 'V xl" 1 Q f l,qf l ,vv,, 4f' V ," ,I '- ' . . f 4 ly, , , V 'A V ,, 'rd ' r' 'l ,ff ' 5 L V , i,. , Q, , h V I . . rn ., V ' V , if.. ' ' - f . 2 , ,, - ' 2 , .0 1. ' 2 ' ' , 'V ...Y i f 5: 1, V , , V ., , ,V ff., iff' , . vw "7--1 ' f I ' ' " f " ' xl T ' '-9 2 V. . ,, 5 ' '-," M 1' , V 5 . I, ,V ,,:, N ,, 3' , ' ' f- 2 ' J 1. ,: " -' ' rj, , if I V' H' J!! I ' ' "Ir I l, j M A ,V ' f fr 4 ' E , V ,'j f 1 , 2 f,. lj 1-ff , ly , u ' Q g 1 yy-yuh ."fQQf7-Q QP: . 'W I ,',' , , f',,f -. 5 V ,,,,' f , 1 " ' , I 1 ffff""' 7" L l 'Q ' V Vff- l"'3'fg5:7 J "VZ Y '- i 1 r ,f 3 QWZW, if 'f X , 2. I MwfL,,v,l:w-qywf -', isa., Q43 ,Vg ff: A, . , K , n, H, .1 ' ' ' , v. , , if f f 1, ' I. - - w p, V ., , ' "L L, V., p vV,f ifvl .,VVVVV , i it V, J AwWw'fw-fl Ria will YJ' , ,,,w , , 9- :V yr V+ . .J f 1 3: Q! A Q N , F ' ' Jaffa- 3 ' flffff 2 Page Tlzirty-ninf V 4. ,A YYY. ,YAY h A --,KW-:-we-fwl--ff--f,+f-W Ghz maitler I I l'ngz' For! y EDXVARD YOSS "While there is Ijfc there is hope." Band '23, '24, '25. '26 FRANCES GITRE "I babble, bubble as I gn." St. NIary's Academy, Notre Dame, Ind. 4 MOSES . KRINONVITZ "That mun lives tuvive who lives the flrst life well Track '26 s if l F JW wha 'Ezziiler DEANE EAGEH ANNAMAHIE G..x1:LANnER MARY SOPHIA POWER VCll6dfCf0l'l'ClIl Scllzzfclforian Poe! Honor Roll, Class of '26 Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Student 1923 1923 1924 1924 1925 1925 Helen Allsopp ...,Y,... aaaB Ralph Augusovitz ....,,,. aaaaB Verlin Davis ....,,,,...,,, Aaaa ' aaB Margaret Dunning ,...,,. aaB Deane Eager ,,.,.,,ll,, AAAAI1 AAAAA AAAAB AAAA11 Doris Hagel '.,.. ......,. A AaB Lucille Garland ,,,......... Aaaa aaB Annamarie Garlangeli AAa AAAa AAaa AAaa AAaa Aaa Josephine Jenner ........ aaaB Velma Kiblinger .,,,.... aaaaB Harold Logan ,,,,..... AaaB AaaB AAaB AAB Mary Mitchell ....,..,,,,,.., AAL13 Blanche Montgomery.. 211133 Mary Sophia Power .,,, aaaa AAaB AAAa AA,-Xaa AAAaa AaB Viola Reum ..,.........,.., aaaB Beulah Schurman ,,,,.... Aaaa AaaB AAaB AAaB aaa Maxine Van Skiver ..... l- aaaa Aaaaa Harold Van Tassel .,.... AAaB Edna Villwock .,,,...... aaaB aagB Anita Visel .,...... AAAa AAaa AAaa Aaaa AaB Edward Yoss ....... AaB Page Forty-om' 1 Ly.. L.. V i , F V i ui 4 I X U 5 ,ri ,E A gp: muffler g W p The Senior Log HE ruggcd old ship which carricd thc class of 1926 ovcr thc 'tlhree R" rccfs arrivcd in Port High School, Scptcmhcr ht. 1923, with a crcw of t'rightcncd and shakcn "Frcshics" who wcrc pulling thcmsclvcs to- gcthcr, prcccdcnt to anothcr long and cvcn morc dangcrous voyagc ovcr thc Sophomorc Scas. YVL' had begun our cruisc hy sailing through thc cahn Straits of .lunior High, whcrc thc watcr was tinc, but as wc ncarcd Iligh School Locks wc struck rough wcathcr. Somc of our crcw became scasick. and a fcw fcll ovcrhoard to hccomc cngulfcd in thc XVhirlpools of Lifc. At cach port wc addcd sailors, so that by thc timc wc sailcd into thc Xilcs lligh School lflarhor, wc numhcrcd largcr than thc crcw on any ship prcvious to ours. As in all harbors, il was ncccssary to procurc a hclmsman to guidc lhc ship safcly into port. 'l'hcrcforc wc hcld a convocation and clcctcd Shcridan Cook as Skippcr, whilc Bessie Vogclsang, Lucillc Baclnnan. and Bctty Jauch colnposcd thc rcst of our ship's otliccrs. On cach up-to-datc ship, thcrc must bc solnc amuscmcnt for thc crcw and passcngcrs, Thc managcmcnt thcrct'orc planncd, for January 25th, a "Hard Timcs Party", and invitcd gucsts from lhc Junior and Scnior llccts which wcrc in porl at thc samc lime. By Junc, thc good old Sophomorc Ship had rcachcd thc cntrancc of thc Junior Sca, and although thcrc wcrc a fcw cascs of Hook Sickncss, nothing of a morc scrious naturc was rcportcd. YYc anchorcd hcrc for a fcw wccks, howcvcr, in ordcr to talcc ncw olliccrs on hoard, hcforc lhc voyage across thc .lunior Sca. llarold Logan took ovcr thc XVhccl with llarold Van Tasscl and lit-tty Jauch as his ahlc assistants. licforc sail- ing, our cicw on hoard lhc Scnior Ship gavc a "Gcl Acquaintcd Party". A fcw wccks latcr thc .lunior crcw in turn gavc a "Hallowc'cn Hop" which was a dccidcd succcss, for thhcrc was plcnty of dancing and plcnty of cidcr. Grt-at cxcitcmcnt was causcd on hoard whcn a cargo of rings was piclccd up which thc crcw adoptcd as lhcir hadgcs for the rcst of thc cruisc. 'l'hc trip, othcrwisc, was uncvcntful until ncar thc cnd of thc voyagc, whcn amuscmcnt was providcd hy sclcct mcmhcrs ol' our pas- scngcrs in thc form of a .lunior Play, "'l'hc Charm School", which was considcrcd a succcss linancially as wcll as dramatically. Closcly fol- lowing this, wc gavc a magniliccnt hanquct followcd hy a dancc, which provcd to hc a tonic for all sickncsscs cndurcd hy thc sailors. Just ht-l'orc thc anchoring ol' thc .lunior lflcct, thc Admiral of thc Scuior Flcct, l,ylc tiiddings, gavc to thc Admiral of thc Junior Flcct, Harold l'1lILfl' l"tu'ly-liuw N .fl AQ rs he 1111121 .11 11111 11 '1L' w 1ie 1 111111 1 un 111'l' '1 11 1' .' '1111 oeurs i11 1111 S1111 ' v1ss1l wl1i0l1 111 'Ill 111111111 111 lJ0'll'1l 1111 foll1111i11g f'11l. . IL ...L . 1i111' 1i1 1 10111111 ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' X0"'lg1 11f'1ll 11v11'1l11 S111i111'001'1n. T110 lin'1l L'l1l1SL lltgllll 1111 niorning of Stlllilllllll' 9111. 01101 111011 110w ol1i011's w11'1 11101111 111 Qllllli us s11f1ly 11c1'11ss. C'll'l SCl1XY11l'Z 1111s 11111111 A1l111ir-11' Doris F'lgCl' H'1rol1l l.og11n, 111111 AI1ll'l Vis1l 11111 1n111l1 s '1 ollicers. ' - - Q111 111 , ' i 1 w0'1 l'l' 11111011, Still' - on i1s l11s1 Y0y'lgC. W l1e11 only '1 few weeks 011 P01110 '1 lJLll'1y NVQIS given, to XVll1L'll IC crews of 1111 Olllktl' iners were invi101l. H111 only w11s IC 11111' 3 ll 11i 11ri- ons event. l1ut 1110 IIQISSCIIQCIS 1100111110 1lCqll1lllllL1l, Illlllilllg 1v0ry one feel 111-1101' l0NVZll'll 's 110igl1l1111'. T110 A1l1ni1'-11 111011 1lIlIl0llllCC1l 111111 i1 w11s 0us111n1111'y for 1110 11l1l0r Ill1'llllJCl'S of 1110 crew to Cl11L'I'11llll lllQ younger ones 11rs1. S11 1110 Senior S11ilo1's pr11vi1101l 11 lJl'0gI'1llll partly 1lignif11-11 111111 partly 11111. A farce, 71111011 1110 142111113 NX e111 Out" wus successfully 11111 011 by Earl Pierce, H11rol1l Logan. C111'l Sel1w11rz, Vernon Stowe, 111111 Julius .I0l1l1SOIl. K1-11110111 T1lOl'Il10Il 1ll'lCXlJCL'1C1lly 11111110 llilllfiflf known '1s tl1e chief 1101'for1110r of 1110 Organ 1'ri111l01's' Ass11ci111i11n 111111 Senior Girls Cll1Cl't2llI1Cfl will1 songs. Again we YOSLIIHO11 our 1111r11111l course wl1icl1 w11s only PllIlC11l1l1IELl 115' 0CCilSl0Il1ll 11111111100 1l1lIlCCS wl1i0l1 were well 111111'11nize1l 115' our 1111ss011- If 1 1 5 . lux l 1 ' ll 1 1.ll1l"11ul1s. ll 1' 1111 ln lul '. 11193. 1111' llll S1 1 ll 1 -1 lll V1lLZl1l0I1 C1110 fox 11 l101'i111l of 1l11'00 1111111ll1s. l10f111'e 111l0111111i11g 1110 l11st 111111 11111sl 1li11i1'ul1 llll rllltll 1111 1 11 11111 11 11 11 1 1111 1 111 l - 1111 ' 1 , 1 tl 1 N 11 1 1 l 111 1 1 I . ' gers i11 order to help along 1110 11111111111 bulleti11 of the sl1i11, HTHE 'l'A'l'1'1,E11,'. About il week before 1110 01111 of 1110 voyage, V1ll'lO1lS 1110111- l10rs 11f 1110 crew 0ng11g01l i11 il Senior play 1111-r0l1y llllllfllillllg' 1110 1l'1l1ll- 1io11s of 1110 Senior bout. XXvl1Cll 1110 01111 of 1110 cruise wus s0011 to 110 1111p1'11110l1i11g. we reluc- t11n1ly p1'ep11re1l 111 le11ve 1110 1'11i1l1f11l 11111 vessel. A1 l11st 1110 1l11y 11rrive1l. 111111 we v01er11n sailors. receiving joyfully our pig-skin 1111ss-ports duly signed. left 1110 good 0111 sl1i11 "Niles High S0111111l" feeling w0ll fortified to set s11ilover1l1e rough S011 of Life. H.x11oL11 Lo11,xN, EJ'-SIc1'ppPr. A Page Fnrtlv-thrff' A x if fl I R N. - . - M- Qflge Uffuttlegr gg g g une 17, 1940 HIS is station N. H. S. now broadcasting. "The benefit of our program tonight will, we hope, be evidenced in two directions: to the people of Niles, Michigan, it will be a proof of the collectibility of the 369.25 daily given the students of that educa- tional plantg and to people all over the world, an instance of the nuln- ber of truly great persons turned out by a now famous high school. "Their annual reunion is being held in the magnificent reception room of the Niles Hotel, built fourteen years ago, but still the pride of the middle west. "As the toastmaster, Hon. Ralph Augusowitz, president of the l. YY. XY., the A. F. of I... and member of various other labor organizations. introduces each personage, the honored one will bow. Mr. Augusovitfs sonorous voice is already clamoring for admission. XVe now turn the program over to him." "Ladies and Gentlemen! The lirst individual to be greatly honored tonight is, perhaps, one of the most widely known persons of all the world. His annual salary is thirteen times as large as that of the presi- dent of the United States. Meet Mr. Knute Habenicht, the foremost pro- fessional football player of all the world. "Associated with him on this team of all stars are Mr. Robert Harger, all American tackle. and Mr. Vance Cooper, now scintillating at end. The great coach and manager of this team is Mr. Charles Cra- bill, also a football luminary. Speaking about football, when the 'All Stars, played the 'NVildcats' at Denver, the host was Mrs. Blanche Bal- lard Giddings. the newly elected governor of the Slate of Colorado. "Another happily married couple is Mr. and Mrs. Carl Garret. The latter. in her high school days, was called Miss Florence Bohleber. "Messrs, Grafton Cook and Harold Van Tassel, after having gone through Center. Leland Stanford, Notre Dame. and several other uni- versities. have resumed their former positions as drug store cowboys at 'Ptixf "Mr. Marvin Fisher is now running an enormous fruit and confec- tionerv eslablislnnent on the main street of his home town, Palestine, lndialia. "The gorgeous dance emporium at Barron Lake is under the man- agement of the Misses Ruth Fisher and Harriet Moore. "America's greatest exponent of the silent drama is Mr. Stanley Mitchell. lt will be recalled that he used to be so vociferous in his high school days. Messrs. Gerald XVright and Vernon Stowe, the famous vaudeville team. are at present the headliners in Mr. Mitchell's latest p'lay. 'XVliat ls lt To You'?'. "The Misses Marion Starke and Marion Kehrer are still on the weary man lmnt. "Miss Thelma Moorhouse is a 'whaling success' as an artist. Speak- ing ot' whales, Mr. Edward Yoss is at present engaged in deep sea diving for pearls. "Mr: Lothaire Hall has his hands full taking care of Art Junior, the young oil' spring of Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Helen Kehoe Hall. Page lfnrly-jriztr N Q ' , 1' MAC- ee of e ELEM "Ty Cobb recently resigned his position as outfielder with the De- troit Americans, but his position is now being ably taken care of by Mr. Peter Krajci. a phenomenon at baseball. "Miss Velma Kiblinger is still performing the role of 'Diogt-nes'. "Flo Ziefield has found several promising candidates for his latest revue in the persons of the Misses Ruth King. Nellie Bachman. Edna Villwock, and Berylle Clevering. By the way. Miss Alctha Tice is now managing a rival 'Follies Revue'. "Speaking of New York, Mr. Kenneth tShortyJ Thornton is at pres- ent a 'big' man on XVall Street. "Mr. Fredrick Vandenburg is the manager of a J. C. Penny store in Mexico City. "The Misses laleen Simpson and Harriet Skalla are touring the world on a search for bigger and better boy friends. "Miss Dorothy Rose is still keeping, at least attempting to keep, her younger brother 'Doane' out of mischief. "Mr. Alton Snuff has left the company of Miss Edith Gorton for higher fields. 'Tis rumored he will be an aviator. "Lawyer Marvin Harger is rapidly acquiring all the renown that was Clarence Darrow's. Do you remember way back in your high school days when Cecelia and Marvin won first and second place in the Niles High School oratorical contest? "You all know Mr. Verlin Davis and his 'Dawes pipe,' boss of Tam- many Hall. He is the man who gave Messrs. Milton l'pdike and Kenneth McConnell their positions as city engineer and postmaster for the City of New York. "Mr, Burdette YVilson is still being hounded by the firm of 'Roeger and Fisher' for a mythical sum of sixty-tive cents. Can it be that Mr. XVilson forgot to pay a debt? "The Misses Elaine Huntly and Helen Allsop have opened a cabaret on New York's gay white way. Miss Margaret Dunning wished to makt the combine a triumvirate. but it seems that her gentle ways barred her from such an undertaking. "Speaking of undertakings. the Misses Deane and Doris Eager have opened a tea room in Rio de Janeiro. They will attempt to convince the natives of the superiority of tea over coffee. "Our own militant Miss Camilla Butler also works far from home. She is teaching the Zulu Islanders the rudiments of modern warfare as practiced by General John Lagoni and Harold Logan, victors in the late war with the Laplanders. Professor Raymond Hanson is also in the Zulu Islands. His object is to make more and better 'rummy' players of the natives. Reverend Russel Shoemaker and Miss Beulah Schur- man are also there. Their object is to convert to Christianity Professor Hanson's apt pupils. "Mr. Paul Benjamin Dreher has just returned from Bhlphal. lt is rumored that he brought back with him the chess championship of Li- beria. "Robert Groat has been in Egypt dictating to the natives on the latest styles. The Egyptian government, by the way. has lately been in financial straitsg but due to the benevolence of Mr. Paul Noecker. Page Forty-fi 'ue R . in 11 .,.:....." . , I 1 I v v .- as-yal l, V . Q Gtjlgc Qtnitlex' America's great philanthropist. it has successfully tided over a deficit of ?t4ltl.tltltl,tl0tl. "Mr. Raymond Morris is still supporting Mr. Raymond Spansail and himself through his excellence as a punch board specialist. "Miss Lucille Garland tthat used to be her monikerj is now happily married and settled down in Michigan City. Her friend in the davs gone by. Miss Annamarie Garlanger, is still conversing with Prof. Brandsmark regarding the plausibility of the theory of relativity. "Mr, Arthur Pfiel has come to the assistance of Prof. Richard Earl Pierce. The professor is looking for the missing link in the Darwinian theory, so Mr. Ptiel has graciously presented himself as a fitting substi- tute. "Mr, Carl Schwarz and Miss Maxine Showers are heads of a large merger which threatens to establish a monopoly on the American oyster market. President D. Hillis Smith, through his secretary of war, Miss Anita Visel. has sent a note to Congress demanding immediate investi- gation. Attorney General Leland Roskay has promised to look into the matter. At present, Congresswomen Viola Ream and Florence NVinquist are sponsoring the measure in the House. The most support for this probe colnes from the Misses Dorothy Jauch and Doris Mc- Gowan, president and vice-president, respectively, of the League of NVomen Voters of Ameiica. Their legal counsel, by the way, consists of no less personages than Lawyers Flossie and Gladys NVilliams. i'Miss Mary Sophia Power. hy the way. is sporting a long list of col- lege degrees. Just a few of them are A. M., A. B., Ph. D., C. E., LL. D., M. LL. B., SC. D. "The Misses Maxine Van Skiver and Blanche lVIontgomery are now teaching school in Yangyiste, Japan. G'Miss Mary Mitchel is still assisting Miss Lulu Mae North as in- structor of English. "Margaret Schmidt and Mary Eleanor Moon are now happily mar- ried ofl' to Russian nobles. while Betty Jauch and Josephine Jenner are immune from the evils of the world in their seclusion as nuns. "Miss Calista Kingston is still taking lessons on how to sing. "Messrs Julia Jolmson and Richard Hain are at present the pride of the local police department. "There remains but one other member of those present at this banquet of the class of '26 to be introduced. This place has been re- served for the speaker of the evening, Mr. Lawrence Kendrick. who will propound upon 'The Secret of My Success in the Business YVorld'. "At the conclusion of his speech station N. H. S. will sign otl' until the next schedule of the world crier at eleven o'clock." Vt .greg .- ,L ' . H Fires' Forty-Aix N 'fl'-"-"'--+'T' iv - - .. A l 4 -. .. .-,V 5 1' 1 ' ff LA pd gp p Ely: Gfniflrr Class Will li. THE 1111111sl1'io11s 1110111110rs of 1110 Class of 111211, 1111v1- lJC'CUlI11' awar0 111111 11ur 11ays 111'0 Illlll1lJ0l'C1l. 111111, f001i11g 1110 11001-ssily 111' Illlllilllg 11 will. 1111 most S0lCIllllly 1l00111r0 1111s 111 110 our lasl will 111111 1CS1llll1CI11. lJ01p10111l1i11g 1110 following 1111111011 prop0r1y, 111-wil:-ff 111110 Myrl Clark. l501'y110 ClCYl'l'l1lQ 10111'0s 1101' s01110s g11111':111101-11 111 w1111s111n11 51111 p1111n1ls NY11llll1l1 1Jl'C1lli1IlQ. '1'o 111111111111 Kirk. w0 will 11 Slllllfllllg 11001111111 ll1ii111XN101'lJ1'11l11Ill11ll1'. 111 1111p0s 111111 110 01111 possil11y I'l'1lllCC 111s HlJ1'l'l111ll1C1l1N 111 11 1l111l0r s111l0. To Julia Slllll'0. w0 1011v0 ll si1011001' s11 111111 S1111 will 11111 11lS1ll1'1J 110r 1-111ss0s 11s s110 11111 1110 A1n0ri0a11 liislory 0111ss by 1101' 1111111 V11100 211111 111s- Ql'llL'C1.l1l 01111111101 1110r0in. 1i011111'10ks l101111011111s 111s L'l1CCl'1'Lll 1lL'L'l'lJ1ll1lCC of 0v0ry111111g 111 R11g0r1Vl11111x, 1101111112 111111 110 will 11111110 g11o11 11s0 111' il. XY0 1011v0 Do1'oll1y .11111011's 1111i11ly 111 1ll'l'1N'C p111111p11y 111 1011 of 01gl11 111 1101011 Logan. NY0 will lJ0211'llS, nails. 111111 w1111l0v01' is 11001-ss111'y for 1111 CX10I1Sl0ll 10 Miss A111-11's ro11111 111 provi110 for 1110 11lCl'01lSlll:L1 110111111111 11111110 by 110- vol011 601111103 111 11111111 111111r. Fr01l X12lllllCIllJl1l'g 110s111ws 11po11 SllCl'l1l11I'l Cook 111s 11111l1i111111s 1111- 111r0. 111110 711110111121 IilllJlJCl'llllSS. 1101011 11011110 wills l10l' S0l'10llS ll111llI'C. 1111yn1o1111 1111118011 1011v0s his 110s1r0 111 S1l111Y 111 H1-1011 l.iil1l2ll'i1. D011110 1iag0r wills A1111 SIly11CI' 110r illlllllllilly for s1111lyi11g. 111110 11110611 F1y1111's 10111101' L'2ll'C. wc 1011v0 .1110 Camp. P0101' lirajci wills 111s popularily wi1l1 1111- girls 111 130r1101l XXvllll2lll1S. T11 Miss A11011. w0 1011v0 12111111 lvl2ll'l1' .10lll'lS0ll 111 111181 1110 L'l'lllIllJS 1111 1110 110sks 111 11111111 hour. Doris Eager lJC1IllC2l1l1S llC1' 0x001111v0 ability 111111 A's to 111110 .1111111 M01l11. To "Misl0r" M111111-ws. 111101110 G2ll'l1llll1 1011v0s 110r l'ClllL'12lllCC' 111 talk. To Mr. Z11110l, w0 1011v0 1101011 Logan as ll DCI'Ill1lIl0Il1I 1111100 girl s11 1110 11l110r girls laking SllOl'1l1Zll141 1lll'L'0 111111 fillll' XVUIIH1 l111v0 lo 110 11o1110r01l. Mary E101111111' M111111 l10s111ws 1101' "lJCI'lll2ll1Cll1u upon F0111 X7l1ll1lUl'- beck. "Shorty" Tll0l'Il10I'l 1011v0s 111s stills lo G01'1lO1l linglc s11 111111 110 may 110 s0011 111 il 0r11w11. To 1110 janitors, w0 will ll box of soap 111111 IllCIl1y 111' wa10r 111 wasli the friezes on 1110 corriclor w11l1s. 1111111 Naomi 131111, 1110 SCl1l0l' Class wills ll skull 011p w11i011 will pr0- V0111 110r 0111's from 0111c11i11g 011111. Blilllfllc' 13111111111 l011v0s 110r 111110 book 0111111011 is1.jCl'SCVCl'i1llCC 111 Courtship" 111 Mary Xx1Cll1ll11lll. 1501112111 SCll1.1I'lll2lll 110q11011111s 110r gl'C2ll 110s1r0 111 pr011011 111 Vivian Exncr. lVIkl1'gkl1'C1 S0111111111 wills 110r 11ppr00ia1io11 111' 110rs0lf 111 liCl'lllL'C H11r1- man. 111110 all Junior Girls. Canlilla Bll1lCl' l011v0s 110r a11il11y 111 lIl2lliC 1111- expccled sp00c110s 111 "pep" 111001i11gs. Pagf' F01-ly-50111111 .,..N.q.,,-,....,.V...,..,.7...., . I 1 ., , K . H1111-1f.-4. x , f if are , , alle mattler yy y yyyy l'nto Lawrence Powell, we will a pair of Cats-Paw rubber'heels so t1e cal1 he llC2lI'Cl Ctlllllllg down tl1e l1all. Ed. Yoss leaves l1is submissive acceptance of English lllCl1lCS to Loretta Macllonald. To NVolford Otteson. we leave a l1all radiator to lounge upo11. Viola Heum leaves l1er bad lClllIJCl' to Tl1elma Catterline. To Patsy Cook, we will tl1e lJCI'll12lIlCI1t rigl1t to call at a certain house on Lake Street 11ot more lllllll four times a week. To ClZlI'CIlCC Smith, Maxine Showers, and Maxine Van Skiver. we leave an orange to play ball with at 11oo11. To Alice lVlCOllllJCl', A11ita Visel wills llC1' smile. with the instructions that tl1e said Alice is to pass it on at tl1e end of llCl' Senior year. l'nto tl1e future chemistry and physics students, we leave Mr. BI'tlINlSI11tll'liqS "accepted" stamps. so that keeping tl1eir notebooks will he simplified. Tl1e Senior 111e111bers of Miss North's English classes leave l1er a punch to be used on the Senior E11glisl1 class of next year, Unto Donald Stowell, we leave five cents a week to be spent for cl1ewi11g gum, Wlltll a little hint tl1at at some places tl1ey give a stick of gum for so llltllly wrappers. A To llCl' sister Mary, Cecelia Ahroham leaves l1er oratorical ability. Marion Starke leaves to whosoever desires it, a Social Problems notebook. Flossie XXYllll2lI'llS leaves l.eo YVeiser to Miss Allen until the end of next year, Zlllfl tl1en ----- Oh, well l l ! Gladys Xxvlllitllllbi illlfl Dorothy Rose leave tl1eir "two in one" friend- sl1ip to Arlene Rolf Zlllil Bernice Cook. XVe will Miss NVilder tl1e fulfillment of l1er ambition. Eiilllil Villwock leaves Margaret Nemeth hcr ability to keep still in English class. Blanche Montgomery bequeaths l1er modest accepta11ce of little a's to Carleton Geary. Florence YVinquist leaves tl1e flashing of her di111ples to Alice Lit- teral. Kenneth McCounel leaves a little book entitled, "The Correct Paper to Hand i11 i11 English," to any 0116 wl1o needs it. Moses Krinowitz bequeaths l1is beautiful curly black locks to Art Pfiel. Ralph Augusowitz leaves l1is becoming lJlttSll NVllCI'l making unex- pected speecl1es in "pep" 111eeting to Doc. Harrison. Harold Logan wills his police star to George Loveland. Harold Van Tassel very graciously gives up l1is meek acceptance of criticism tin sucl1 classes as salesmanshipj to tl1e highest bidder. The IllCIlllJCl'S of tl1e entire Senior Class COIlil'llDtllC to a first class eraser for Marjorie XYie11kie. IN XVITNESS Xvllliltlitllf we do solemnly swear this to be tl1e last will and lL'Sl2llll0lli ot' tl1e Class of 1926. Having draw11 this will, we llllly now depart with a11 unt1'oubled conscience to our well earned rest. XYe therefore ll0I'L'lllll0 sign our names as witnesses thereof. Mmm Amcst V, A. Vlslsl. Q x I 1 ZW I lIflll.SS1.S M. VAN SKIVER 1 1- llolnfys-fl -1- :ms Page Forty-eiglzt N s 1 i ' 7 I' "-1 .A ,-'-'vfifvlg 'i v"l"'lx' ' '1l K flqgamr In-W' A N -2 'V lglk is X ? 3 is 1' 1 no hd'- I gl l Nui? " mg, I .2 fa: A 1 " ,'-. , '57, wa"4!-mg -'Ma ' I., 1 h a, P' -ff 2.16 fAf2amgz 1 ff - - bf fuJU"Vmi f 'gggifm "' Q X X : '.', X Juniors Pl,Fl F x X J .-. ,,, alps Qlafiler 1. f- ff W fm, - -any 3 1: ,:a4,.,:g,..,1,1Xf QQ f ,Q ,f , W, Q . ,W J , .,,-,L ZH, V fy. ,V iff ' 33.7, , 1. fp ,ffq 'f 'f f ,fief ,',,!fjf' fm.. '3,,f J' i '4,,,y"',, f f 4, " - O -19 K 7 We - -mf- A f it A Ni f , , . I, F is A i. t V. f ' 'S 1- ., . , , V F rg f if X 4 C M ' 13251-1 - V V 3 ' ' ,QW A . " hr' ' 1 5- 5 -rf . 3 ,ft f ' ,.,. '. 4"f?'7g H ' -1 fif ggii 5 it K f L it Q4 ' f f , ,V v-v ' F si OFFICERS President .YYY....Y,,,....., ....,,....,,,.,,. ,,,,YY....,,,. . I oe Camp VICC-P1'CSlflCIll ., ........ ,.,.... L llllklll Sehieh Seeretary-Treasurer ....,,,,.... ,,..,..,, ....,.... ...... H elen Logan CLASS ADv1sEnS Florence Talburt, Carribel Schmidt, Mary Abroham Kenneth Ames Ruth Asmus Dorothy Astley Lueile Baehman Naomi Ball Helen Ballard Allen Berquist Stanley Rigloxy Joseph Bisby Bertram Brown ltlildred Bruner Aliee Burt .loselih Camp 'l'heln1a Catterli Myrl Clark Leo Cook Sheridan Cook Elsworth Cramer Lola Dayhull' Lorena Dayhull' Vivian Exner Helen Fenton Eileen Flynn Stanlev Citre Harry Cross Earl Hahn Arthur Hall Olive llanson Clarence Hess Ili' Page Fifty CLASS Co1.ons Blue and Silver CLASS ROLL Frances Hetler Bessie Lee Higgins Orletta Hipshier Richard Howard Rudolph Hradel Ruth Hudson Harold Hunziker Genevieve .lantzen Edith Marie Johnson Merton Kehrer Dorothy Keith Oliver Kelley Condon Kirk Laura Kloster Karl Koehn Paul Lawson Aliee Littrell Kathryn Loekard Helen Logan .losenh Marsten Robert Mat-Donald Roger Mattix Vernon McBride Aliee Mc-Omber .lolm Medo Margaret Nc-meth Orville Nolan Marion Olson Walter Otteson Ella Parent S J. R. Brandsniark Louis Peters Lawrence Powell John Raymond Robert Robeek Arlene Rolfe Arthur Saathoft' Lillian Sehieb Earl Seott Donald Sharkey Inez Sheeley Ivan Shiveley .Iulia Shure Henrielta Smith Mahlon Smith Mary Louise Smith Ada Snyder Ruth Steere Donald Stowell Adaline Strang Edward Teske Diek Tobin Carl Trattles Lyle Ullrey Mary Weinnian Leo XVl'lSOI' Dot XVQ-lling: Helen Wilkinson Berdell XVilliams George NVinter Edmund NVolfo1'd ' .N 4 4. 1. + ,.f,,5..aam-'rw tmilnm. ti gg g gg gg Gtatflrr N. We juniors Scenario of a Play in Two Acts By Vivian Exner. Act I. Characters: The Junior class, a bored, tired, overworked, intelli- gent. and ambitious group of students. Le Roi Harrison, the handsome, dappcr young president of the class of '27. George Loveland. an ellieiency expert now serving as vice-president to the same organization. Ada Snyder, the pretty, capable, flappcr secrctary-treasurer. Faculty Miss XVilder, a commercial genius. Advisers Miss Reed, an experienced traveler and devotee of the to French language. the Mr. Brandsmark, a widely known chemist and man of Class affairs. The Faculty, a stern, relentless, hard-hearted, cruel set of teachers. Time: September 3rd, a beautiful fall day in the wicked modern twentieth century, year of 1924. Place: An oppressive looking building of grey stone and red brick tcommonly called Niles High Schoolj in the picturesque city of Niles, Michigan. Synopsis: The class enters Niles High School as a terrified bunch of green sophomores. They are harricd by the teachersg goaded on Page Fifty-one ' 4 - .f--Y7z- W- t ,X swf gi 511.53 X , , "K - til l E i 1' ' ' A 'ALR be ii by the senior studentsg frightened and worried by their advisers: and are, figuratively. kept up to their necks in school work. Thev are mis- understood and uncared for. Yet a good group cannot be downed. and this especial class has no word meaning defeat or discouraffement in its vocabulary. The darkest hour is the one before the dawn, and so this class stages a mighty comeback which surprises and startles evervone. It serves its purpose, however. and the class is much respected now. The members give a party and invite all to come. It is an unparalleled suc- eess and the school as a whole is thrilled and delighted, for here is some- thing indeed new, novel, and interesting. After this the class members venture forth. become acquainted, and are well liked. Delegations of its members represent it on the football. basketball, and debating teams, as well as in the glee club, band, and orchestra. Poorly as the class be- gan. it is now popular, well received everywhere. In this peaceful and contented frame of mind we see it as the curtain falls on the tirst act. Act Il. Characters: The .Junior Class. a peppy. happy. and resourceful group who will graduate in '27, George Loveland. first class president. full of vim and vigor, but more devoted to his studies than politics. Joe Camp, second class president, a very popular athlete and lately- turned politician. Lillian Scheib, vice-president, and famed for possessing that rare combination of beauty plus brains. Helen Logan. secrctary-treasurer. and nicknamed "that Royale Girl" for reasons best known to herself. Miss Talburt, whose one wish is a rebuilt Rome so that she Class can air her Latin vocabulary. Miss Schmidt. a teacher with histrionic ability. Advisers Mr. Brandsmark. the alchemist. The Faculty, as before described. Time: Same day, one year later than Act. l. Place: Same as in Act I, but hardly recognizable because of the brightening presence of the Junior Class. Synopsis: The Junior Class returns to old Niles High School and immediately takes its place among the school's leaders, even surpassing the superior seniors in some activities. They set a splendid example for the lower classmen but none can ever follow exactly their remark- able career. They provide members for the "Moon" staff, as well as the athletic teams and other school organizations. lts tirst new duty is to give a school party and it more than fulfills everyone's expectations by a large masked Hallowe'en Party. After this the characters decide it is the proper tilne to get their rings and pins, Then comes their thor- oughly enjoyable chapel program in which only the talented students take part. They contribute "The Florist Shop" to the Music and Dra- lnatic Festival, and a generous share of the success of the Senior High operetta is attributed to them. Among other of their numerous activi- ties is the Junior play, "XVedding Bells", the successful Junior-Senior Banquet, and J. Hop. ln one more year this unsurpassable class lnarches forth from the protecting portals of Niles High School, but those remorseful people remaining after them cherish no doubts as to their future successes. ' m Pagf Fifty-Iwo N A X, X X r X f' X...-. , 550- WM rw, 1-I 1 sxfw' ' i fg. J -M, 'y:-mE'+i- LX nf? QA 51 agp f1'a.?' ,tw sy-,p.,.w ,Q in fb! A, fr- J ua , -15-Q-fa? ii 7 i + - - -- .Af rm '- -' nf. -g-':'Q1f-.-5.-151:31-gz', gg' , 'f -,isfafu BW l""f-'Tia-1 LS' 5 'A' I' 'F' . 21 ' . ff, N 1,33-1. 42:2 i ,fs :1..-jfr . iff JM' 1 fix! .il.::,1i5.- 1-,-5 - VJ l01nQ11vm7 ,, im,-1-. 'rw - ,,, 545,-1-'-1,11 MY'-.-',,1'. 4 15,1 .- " ',"fl,'-- .-.LQ ' X .x -' X.. -..'fT.15" 4 '--mx-. vl! ?f'- --:gl igS3fj.f" -- E5 ' -,QQ " 1 1 -' '-15,1 1'-Q .. , '-SIB ., 2-' . K- . ,.. ,-' " ' PP "L' ' '. - x f 1 -'-9.0.1 ' ' ' " 91 1124K he ' .. fgif S - . ' 5" X . ' E, N '1,- . '- P Ng ,-2. m -- L, jk Q . 'L am -Q 1, .. I H ,.., i l, Q , El- y ,.. -.,-:arg 1 N -. ,Q 5:4 A-A .. F1 I ' . X ,wa - W ,ig '- !s, N - jg Sophomores Page Fifty-thru -yr ,rm Ely: Qlaitlex' - Li- , L I vazifp- -f . -lg.-:sf Sophomore Class OFFICERS President ......,.....wA.,..... .,...,..,..A,,,.... ,,w... C l arence .Moore Vice-President ..........,... ...... L awrence Scott Secretary-Treasurer .....,....,A.,..,,.,,,Y,..,, ,A,,,.,,. H arry Richards ADVISERS Marion Lawrence, Helen XN'ilder, Howard Jackson CLASS ROLL Lee Babcock Loren Babcock. Grace Ballard Lena Bath Merwin Beall Mary Behrens Maurice Belding Irving Boulton Mary Boulton Mildred Bowen Raymond Brand Dorothy Bright Veronica Brockhous Grace Brooks Ruth Brown Charles Bruycker Ruth Burgoyne .Iohn Burns Casper Burns Grace Campbell Donald Carmicheal Doyle Carpenter Evan Carrier Helen Collins Margaret Conrad Bernice Cook Dorothy Cousins Lee Cousins Hilda Crawford Eudessa Curran Richard Dill Elaine Dittmer Mary Durm Page Fifty-fnur Lorna Eager Richard Elder Phyllis Enlmel Gordon Engle Barbara Everman Margaret Exner Margaret Farley YVilliam Farley Edytha Feather Mervin Fink Alice Findley Lester Finley Noel Forler Anna Forrest Edith Franz , Dominick Frucci Carleton Geary Russel Geideman Beulah Gorton YVilliam Grillith Henry Habenicht Elaine Hahn Ferne Hall Virginia Hance LeRoi Harrison Verda Harrison Bernice Hartman Donald Hartman Francis Hartsell Margaret Harvey .lohn Hathaway Louise Hayden Clifford Hill 'Q Myrtle Hipshier Marie Halloway Evert Hood Jane Hunter Lloyd Hunziker .lohn .lauch Arthur Johnson Randolph Kenny John Kiblinger Thelma Kubbernuss Ralph Laverty Andrea Larsen Paul Lawrence George Loveland Bernice Luchtman Helen Luke Loretta McDonald Geraldine Malone Earl Manchow Margaret Margetts Harold Marston John Marx Meredith Mason Nellodine Mell Frederick Meyer NVilbur Meyers Guiula Miller Ola Mitchell. Lewis Monahon Roy Monroe Clarence Moore Hollis Moore Lucille Moore . ' . y ff . V .. 7- .R ami rfrs fi-.a S ,..-.- E132 Eufilcf XXX Page Fifi y-fi W mile Urlfaiiler Ruth Moore Isabelle Nemeth litlnzl Niekel Annette Olaek lru Ostrunfler l.l0ycl OSll'2lIltlt'l' XVolforrl tltteson Mne Uvereusli Vernon Painter Violet Parker lilennor Phillips lonai Pressnnil Kenneth lteuin r .. Carl Heum I Marv ltevnolrlsl Robert Hire Q5--"""'4'l Harry Riehnrrls Doane Hose Perey Hosevenr Clayton Howe .luanitu Sanders Maxel Sehulke Hattie St-hrump Russel Schwarz l.tlN'VI'l'IlC0 Scott Lee Shelter 'llhelmzi Shoemaker Forbes Slozin Clurenee Smith Miltlretl A. Smith Milclrecl C. Smith Holland Smith Beatrice Smith Irene Solf Adu Sortore Nita Starke Helen Steere Helen Stiek Milclrecl Strung lialwurcl Sweet Frank Trimble Viola Turk Dorothy Tuttle Fern Vanderbeek Helen Vosburg Robert Waterson listher NYeuver Trevu NVeetl liobert YVeuver Ernest YVelsh Marjorie XVienke Hose XVeinman Dorothy YVesselh oft XVi l lia m XVQ-therby Margaret White Naomi NVolford Einma NY0lf Hazel Wyunt Nina Young The Class of ,ZS lille, the members of the elass of '28, Have an interesting story to relate: It isn't long, il's short and sweet, Oar boys are niee, oar girls are neat. Oar leader, brave as men of gore, Is no one else but Clarence Moore: He was our one and only Choice, Strong of arln and sweet of voice. A fitting leader for our elass, For 'neath his feet would grow no grass: He had as helper, Laivrenee Scott, Maybe an athlete, maybe not. Poor Harrg had two jobs to hold, To keep our books and handle gold: The girls had no show at all, Bat who IVIZOIUS what theg'll do ne1'l fall? Our Sophomore play, "The Turtle Dove", A stirring seene of Chinese lone, lllade others loolf up to oar elass. As a little above the rest of the mass. Our mueh liked prineipal we tried to please, Upon the arrival of J. A. Z., llle filled his arms with gifts and toys, And eordiallg wished "her" life fall of joys. A sladions elass is this elass of ours, Doelors and lawyers and students of Mars: lfllliile we are here we'll do our best, Bal we Inns! leave as did all the rest. And when it eolnes o11r turn to go, The school will nnss as "don'l eher ICIIUIUH. Mmm' Dumr Page Fifty-tix N I, . -f, f-- - . Q , +2f.+' -f"'? , rig f tina: y w . ,gi llwzyi' ' ' 'f 4' u s?'C4 , na FH W I- 0' 'wg 4 Y ink If MH Wm 4 47 13 wi dx? ffl ffylw ' 4' 'HQ --.- , wf ' -QUWH 1 N I f 5:35:22 0 ff 52355 - .eifgggi 9,,4,,mg,, 2 1 . as ..f"7'7 9 'n , v , 1512. 1 Wf?:4 I- J Fi - ' v r - I f-A . N ,Y ,y i L, r . 1 XM ,:v..f J w fi- f :V f if I' 5A'Ek1i"'L'1"'--- qw.. IM' , I QU W 1 1. , 4 , WN., M..-X-, :JV gl' .- ' ' . '- ,wi - 4 I"1"""' : -'H FN" "xA'3'f- " " ii if A T Qiff-flLl51"'1.l'Q73'f?ff5?53if Organizations Page Fifly-xfven iv" 'W' C 4 I Ely: 'dflaltler 'fs Li' W Tiiffg. The Board of Control President .,w.,,,.AA, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,ciri...Ha1'old Van Tassel Vice-President ....... .. ........ B City -lilllcll Secretary .....,.,,, 'l reasurer w.w,.,A.........,,A,,,,, ........VA.V. Faculty Adviser ....,,,,,AA Anvlsomlis Allen ............,,,...... Brandslnark ........ Lawrence ,,,,,, lVIeTive1 ',,, North ,,,,,,, Rutz ,,,,.,,,e, Schmidt ,,,e..... Talhurl .,,,... XVLIHCCI '......, NVilde1 '.....lle Vllilson ....,,,, Page Fifly-fight W ,,e,,,,,,ee,,,,,,,,,,,Y, Deane Eager ,Harold Hunziker ,XValter J. Zabel, Principal IlEPRESEN'l'A'l'IYES Anita Visel Harold Van Tassel Myrna Campbell Harold HLl11ZlkCF Betty Jaueh Casper Burns Bessie Higgins Vance Cooper ......,.Be1'ylle Clevering XValte1' Otteson Annamaric Garlanqu Earl Pierce Isabell Neineth Charles .Bruycker Ruth Hudson Clarence Hess Helen Allsopp Dick Tobin Deane Eager Herlrain Brown Florence Bohlcher Richard Hain X - MJLX 'xv Y MQ W U nil. 1 l 3' 3566- ' mhz Gafiler The Board of Control NValtcx' J. Zabcl, Dick Tobin, BL'l'll'Zllll Brown, Charlus Bl'llXCkL'l', Casper Burns Bvssic Loc Higgins. Clarence lla-ss, liulh llnflson, BL-ryllc Cla-vl-ring, Myrna Campbell, Helen Allsopp. XValll-1' Iltll-son, Anita Visul, Annamaric llarlangc-r Deane Eager, Bully .lauc-lm, Harold Van Tasscl, llarolnl llunzikcr. Page Fifty-ninr to B vm i The Moon Staff liditor-in-Chief ,... Assistant liditor ..,.,,,, Business Manager ...... Circulation Manager ,,,,. Exchange liditor ,.....,., Literary Editor .,,......, .,...,,,.... Humor Editor ,,,.,,.,A....,..,,,,.,,,, H Music and llramatics liditor Society liditor ..,,..,.,,.,,........... Alumni liditor .,,,,,, Athletic liditor . ., l.iterary Adviser Business Adviser ...... ....,,,,,,,Atla Snyder ,,,,,,,hi2ll'y Mitchell .......Mahlon Smith ,,,......Earl Pierce ,,,,,.,,.Kenneth Ames ..,,,,,Vivian Spencer Camp ,, ,i... John Burns ,,,.,.Eileen Flynn Dick Tobin Walter Otteson Miss Lulu Mae North Ntr I.. S. Walker , .............., ,,,,,,,, . ..., , . Hi5i'ou'riaus Lillian St-hieb, ltuth Hudson, Helen Kehoe, Fern Vanllerbeck, Josephine .lenner Tvmsrs lidna Villwock Margaret Nemeth Beulah Schurman Viola Ream Blanche Montgomery JUN1ou Ilmu Srfxrr liditor ,,,,,,.e, ,,...........,,,,, , ,A.,,,,,,A,.e,e.........,,,,.,,,,,, . ., ,,,,,, Lueile Puthotl' Assistants: Music and Draniatics ,,,, ,,,..,,,....,,...,.... Eldon ltolfe Literary and Humor ,,,,., Bernadette Van Tuyl Athletics ...,.......,,,,.,,,., ,.......,,,.,.. L lrville Adlel' Society , ,,,,, ,.....,,., ,.....,... , .,.,,, A 1 me Tobin The Moon "The Muon" is a well known and popular paper among the students of Niles lligh School. Published once a month, it brings to us in print the "high lights" in the history ofthe school. The purpose of this paper is to inform the entire student body of the at-tivities of the sehool, in true newspaper form. We have the privi- lege ot' learning something about the art of journalism through it in the form of editorials and eontributions by the talented students. Some changes in the stall' oecurred during the year. Owing to the resigna- tion of Sheridan tlook as business manager, Mahlon Smith assumed the responsi- bility, and .loe Camp succeeded Ilon Brown as Humor Editor the last semester. Page SI rt y N I WW WW WWW an 'uw " " fjflfsi-Q . . ., ,,, V. , - , II' c K- or , c E-WLM! The Debating Team Don Brown Sheridan Cook Kenneth McConnell Charles Crabill Subject Debated: Resolved. that the proposed Child Labor amendment to the National Constitution should be adopted by the l'nited States. Senisnuuaz Date School Side Upheld Decision November 21 Dowagiac forfeited the debate to Niles December ll Kalamazoo Negative 2-i Kalamazoo .lanuary 15 Buchanan Atlirmativc 2-l Buchanan February 12 Three Rivers Allirmative 2-l Niles This gives our team a total of nine points. ln the debate with Three Rivers, we upheld the allirmativc side of the ques- tion. Dur first speaker was Kenneth McConnell, followed by Sheridan Cook and Don Brown. The Three Rivers case was based on the assertion that they did not oppose a Federal Amendment, but that they were opposed to this particular amendment. They advocated Federal Aid in enforcing state laws already existing. Our team upheld the proposed amendment as the only practical way of deal- ing with the situation. since the states had failed to cope with it satisfactorily. The team was coached by Bliss Carribel Schmidt. Les Catherinettes It was in the month of .lamlary that the Catherinettes found their way from France to America. Tradition says that the Catherinettes were a group of girls recognized for their studious virtues. Under the supervision of Marion Lawrence and under the leadership of-their president, Deane Eager, the secretary, Thelma Cattcrlin. and the treasurer, Margaret Schmidt, the French Club has found its place in the Niles High School. Through the talks on the dill'erent French provinces, a great deal of interest in France has been stimulated. The program committee has attempted to bring into the club, some things that cannot be discussed in class because of time limi- tations. It aims to make the study of the French language a more practical and fascinating subject. One of the most unique banquets ever held was given on April 21, for the initiation of members. After a French menu had been served by the Chef, sev- eral responded to toasts in French. The club closed a very successful and interesting term with the presentation of "Les Deux Sourds". The play was translated and given by Naomi Ball: Deane Eager, Dorothy .lauch, and Harriet Moore. Page Sixty-one 1 F , 'va 1 fy . i lL,- .. . ,A W 'WWW Q ' - 11:23 lilgwfiis 'TL51-1' 1 ., 1,-J1':'. w ii-41" - 32. -7 - ' H 'H ' , - ' "Z Glyn Etattler Qrder of Commercial Artists C'l'0BFR 12th, 1925. marked the first birthday of the "Order of Com- mercial Artists" of the Niles High School. This club was organ- ized by the members of the "Shorthand Three" class. with Miss XVilder acting as sponsor, The charter members of the club elected the follow- ing people to hold olliees: Deane Eager, presidentg Maxine Van Skiver, vice-president, Anita Visel. secretary-treasurer. The 0. C. A. was organized for several purposes, one being to show the business people of this city. aye and others as well. that the com- mercial department of the Niles High School can turn out competent stenographers and typists. As the best is always left until last, so have we left the most important purpose of our club until last, and that pur- pose was to establish an Employment Bureau. This bureau is now established and in good working order. Several students have found positions, some permanent and others temporary. through its help. But do not be under the impression that this club is composed of a number of people who "put their noses to the grind stone" and do nothing but seek knowledge along thc commercial line. NYC have our good tilnes as well as the rest. Our initiation meetings are especially interesting. Ask any of our new members, and I am sure that they will roll their eyes, shiver violently, and gestieulate with their hands, as they recall the night when they were initiated. Our social meetings are looked forward to by all the members of the club. YVe have unique contests and impromptu plays. Speaking of plays, we gave the student body of both Senior and Junior High, a sample of our acting ability during the month of December. in the form ofa mock trial. Mr. Zabel was brought before the Judge on the grounds that he started his daughter on the wrong path in life by naming her .lane Ada Zabel tthe initials, J. A. Z. spelling jazzj. The timely inter- ruption of "Mrs. Zabel" removed all blame from the shoulders of Mr. Zabel. The members of the O. C. A. arc: Helen Allsopp Ruth Asmus Thelma Catterline Deane Eager Doris Eager Eileen Flynn Lucille Garland Edith Gorton .Josephine .lenner Marion liehrer Page Sixty-two Thelma liubbernuss Kathryn Lockard llelen Logan Harold Logan Blanche lVIontgomery Margaret Nt-meth Isabelle Nemeth Viola Reum Beulah Schnrlnan Maxine Showers N Ada Snyder Mary Louise Smith Adeline Strang Maxine Van Skiver lidna Villwock Anita Visel Mary AVCTIHIIHII Miss AYilde1' Flossie XVilliams if if f s. l 4. '- . K, 5' yn I. JI ,, , , , Elle Gfafflcr fr' NVilliain PIANO Kathryn Loekard VIOLINS Deane Eager Edith Gorton Calista Kingston Mary Sophia Power Gordon Sharkey Richard Tobin c:1.,xn1NETs Leo GllI'l2lI1gCI'Vi Ralph Laverty The Qrchestra Roll E. Mathews ....,,,..... CORNETS .Iohn Burns Lawrenee Powell Percy Rosevear F1.U'rif: Lorna Eager SAXAPHONES Annaniarie Garlanger Harry Gross Le Roi Harrison Eldon Rolfe Clayton Rowe .........,Director Robert NYaterson Roger XVood 'rnoixinoxias .Iohn .laueh Kenneth Thornton n,xnl'roNi2s Edward Yoss MELL0l'IfIONE Lee Sheller nnums Louise Hayden Leo Weiser Page Sixtyfthree Ellyn Cffztifler ummihia new np ' .,,, , 'Maw .H ,-,- .jg .,v,., -ffwfwl " ,f-J,. fJ,,.Jx1.. 2 ,egg 2 5 , 'm1vn'AfQ 4 tfiiililtllmlitiiti 2225520 llllfllil 222,25 J ,.. The Band Roll Nhlliam la. Mathews .,,,,,,.............................., nAn1'roNns Raymond Hanson tIl,AIllNli'l'S Vernon Baehman Noel Forler Leo Garlanger Frederiek tlonderk Richard llain .lulius .lohnson Iildred Kelley Hardy Langston llalph Laverly Frank Mc-Corniir-k Murray Parker liohert llot-ln-1-k Blahlon Smith llalph Smith couxi-:'rs llelmer Bear .lohn Burns Merlin Clark Iloht-rt tiroat Owen llt-nry fllarenee llt-ss .lark Kelley' Loren Parker l,awrt-nee Powell Prigf Sixty-fozir Percy Hosevear .loe Smith Alton Snutl' Robert Tormey Carl Trattles SAXAPHONES llohert Bernard ltiehard Elder Irvin Everett Russel Geideman Harry Gross Dt-rl llall Le Hoi Harrison Francis Hartsell .lohn Marx Wilbur Moyer Vernon Painter llarry Powell Albert Hahn Melvin Hahn lildon Rolfe Clayton Rowe Burton Seheih llussel Schwartz llarold Shoemaker Ralph Shoop ltoland Smith N ..,..,..i.Director Robert Watersou Elmer Weaver Roger Wood Robert Woodbridge imss Clillord Hill llillis Smith 'rnomnoxizs Stanley Bigelow Paul Dreher li. H. Hulette .lohn .laueh Doane Rose Clare Smith Donald Smith Kenneth Thornton Bradley Zimmerman nuurxts Doyle Carpenter Keith Langston Arthur Pears Carl Schwarz Leo Weiser Aixros Ceeil Ort .lohn Perkins Lee Shefler ,f . I J L 1 Dramatics N 4 I i W 1 4 l F L 5 i i 1 4 Pagv Sixty-ji 'uf' N J N, , ' x L- . Y- A ,,.p,W' 41,11 w su ,- Glflgc muffler fy y yy pf Music and Dramatic Festival HE tirst Music and Dramatic Festival was given in the High School Auditorimn, November 18, under the direction of Miss Cm-ribel Schmidt and Miss Annabel Comfort. The entire program was very well presented and everyone who look part should be complimented. The first number was a play, 'The Florist Shop", by Xvinifred Hawk- ridge. presented by members of the Junior' Class. The characters were: Maude .,,,, a,.w,,a,,...a,.....,Va.....a..V..,.Ya,....aY,......,...YaV V ivian Exner Henry ,,,Y,,,, .i,.,,, I lawrence Powell Slovsky a,,,,,a, ,,.,,r.,a, I ienneth Ames Miss XVells .,,,,,i.. .,Va,,,,........ B uth Hudson Mr, Jackson ,.,,..e ,,,a,...,,,,.....YY,....e,,i....ea,,,,,, B ertram Brown The second number was a eantata, "The Childhood of Hiawatha", the text by Longfellow and the music by Ire B. XYilson, presented by the Senior I-ligh Girls' Glee Club, and accompanied by Miss Doris James. The soloists were Betty Jauch, Helen Kehoe, Calista Kingston, and Lucille Baehman. "The Turtle Dove", a Chinese play by Margaret Oliver, was pre- sented by members of the Sophomore Class. The cast was as follows: Chorus ...,.,....,,,.,,....,,.,............................,,.... Clarence Moore Gong-Bearer ..,...,, ......... C asper Burns Chang-Sut-Yen ...,,.., Ira Ostrander Mandarin ..,,,,,,.. ,......,, . Iohn Burns Kwen-Lin ....,,, ..,.,,..,, I ,orna Eager God of Fate ....,, ..,..,,,,,,.. L ee Babcock Property Man ..,,.......,,.,.....,,,,....,............, Robert XVaterson The Girls' Trio comprised of Betty Jauch, Helen Kehoe, and Calista Kingston, sang "Bose Marie" and "Indian Love Call". The Boys' Glce Club made its first appearance at this festival, sing- ing "tJn the Road to Mandalay". Following these two musical numbers, the Senior Class concluded the program with a play. "Two Crooks and a Lady". The characters were: Miller. the Hawk ,,c.,...,,,,.,, ..,,,, C arl Schwarz Lucille, his accomplice .... ,.,.... H eten Kehoe Mrs. Sims-Vane .,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,, ..,. D c brothy Jaueh Miss Jones ....Y.,,,,. .. ,,,,., Blanche Ballard Police Inspector ,,,,. .... Donald Stowell Policeman ,, ., ,, , , ,,,,.....,,.,,, .. ,,,, Fred Vandcnburg The festival, which was an innovation this year, proved so success- ful that it is anticipated it will be an annual event. Page Sixty-six N sf' 'rr as a Ellie waitin' X ,A f Wx.. ' 5 1 n . .' P - -4- f " Three Live Ghosts The Seniors wanted "something different" this year, so they looked about and found-"Three Live Ghostsnl Now. ghosts in any form are guaranteed to be interesting, but imagine live ghostsfand Ilzrer of them! All at oneel And add to this the characterizations of Carl Schwarz. Earl Pierce, and Harold Logan-and you have a combination that is incomparable for sustaining interest and producing laughs and thrills. Given the three ghosts and a couple of girls Uosephine Jenner and Helen Kchoejg given a lovable old reprobate of a cockney step-motherg given a shell-shocked English gentleman and a spectacular jewelry theftg given an American detective and another from Scotland Yardg place all this against a background of London in 19173 sprinkle it liber- ally with pathos and humor and mystery,-and you have "Three Live Ghosts". CAST Mrs. Gubbins tOld Sweetheartb .vg.Vgg I Jerolhy Jauch ,.,....,Helen Kehoe ,,r....,,.Vt'l'll11 Davis ,t..,,,,Harold Logan B111 A,,-.-VVA r.,,,..., C arl Schwarz Pierce .Josephine .lenner Peggy XVoofers ..,,...,.r....c,..... .,.V,c,...r......g.. Bolton ,.....Yc,,,...,c. Jinnnie ......c,...., Spoofy Bose ..,.,..Y '-"--- ' ,,r... Harold Van Tassell .Richard Hain .,,lAllClllQ Garland Briggs ,.........c.... Benson ,...,,,.w.w,.... -"e'---Y'-A', Lady Leicester ...., VA-,- Page Sixty-serefz 7 E2i,JfEHPLee W e M Qwa Wedding Bells lZl.l.ES and wedding bells were equally important in the .lunior Play which was presented in the high school auditorium on the evening of April six- teenth,4belles, Rosalie and Marcia, two young ladies who caused the audi- ence as well as the hero to miss several heart-beatsg and wedding bells, which pealed merrily at the end of the play, happy culmination. when the several love atlairs reached a But for a while we were afraid that Reggie, the hero, was never going to escape from the wiles of the charming-but tenaeious-Marcia llunter tRosalie called her a cat, but Rosalie was jealous4and anyhow, Marcia was C'll2'tl'IHlIlgl so that he could marry Rosalie again. Again '? Oh, yes, for Rosalie had divorced him because he had called her names when she dyed her hair red in an effort to please him. tlfoolish girl.t Tliings looked pretty dark for awhile, but were beautifully settled before the .ackson the butlc', who was alwajs Llllldlll vxtnt down on tht last .ict with I , 1 is y marrying", reconciled to llooper, Rosalie's maid: Marcia happy with her poet, Douglas: Spencer still happily singlcg and the wedding bells ringing merrily for Rosalie and Reggie. Miss Schmidt is to be congratulated on her success as a play producer. lfuzisaki , , Reginald Cartel Jackson , . Spencer Wells Mrs. llllllll'l' ,, ,, Page Sirly-wiglzl C Kenneth Ames llick Tobin llunziker ,, ,John Medo ...Ruth lludson A S T Douglas Urdway ,,..,,. , Lawrence Powell Marcia llunter .. c....,,,, Helen Logan Rosalie ,.., ,,.,, ,liileen Flynn Ilooper , , ,.,.. Lillian Schcib S 9 E X. t J ever? af-has 41.4. we-. -, . ,f .fo .- Ag Qllge Eatflcr I Unce ln A Blue Moon N Tl-lli mystic palace of the Moon Lady many romances are arranged. Due to her supervision, we lind liosemont-by-the-Sea, the palacial home of Mrs. Mary Montgomery, the scene of three romances completed in a single evening. Betty .Iaueh portrayed well the part of the heavenly match-maker: and Aleta Ostrander, took the part of the mistress of the mansion, whose chief worry in life was her slangy tlapper daughter, Leatrice, well enacted by Lucille Bachman. After an absence of four years at college, Bob l-larrington is expected to re- turn to the home of his aunt, whose other daughter, Sylvia Montgomery, played by Helen Kehoe, was his boyhood sweetheart. Having fallen in love with another girl at college, Bob sends his ehum George Taylor, who closely resembles him. This part was taken by Stanley Gitre. George arrives amid preparations for a Spanish fiesta and Iinds Sylvia more charming than he had expected. ' Earl Pierce and Kenneth Thornton, as Sir Archibald Ghetwood and M. lleve Le Mon, arrive unexpectedly and are welcomed as noblemen. A robbery takes place while the guests are dancing, and George is placed under suspicion. The guilty parties are finally brought to justiee due to the aid of Clifford I-lill as Mr. Babbitt Morton, Carl Schwarz as Mooney, the Policeman, and Gordon Engle as Skylark Hoams, the detective, who falls in love with Sue zanne, the French maid who also aids in the capture of the robbers. The part ot' Suzanne was ably depicted by Josephine .Ienner. A telegram from "the real Bob" leaves George free to marry Sylviag and Dick Tobin, as the good natured Billy Maxwell, follows suit by marrying Betty Morton, played by Calista Kingston. Dorothy .lauch as Mrs. Lila Lavender who is forever bemoaning the loss of her husband, and llarold Logan as Hop Sing Ili, the Chinese servant, add to the liumor of the play. The cast was assisted by a chorus of guests, burglars, reporters, and travelers. Much credit is due to Miss Doris .Iaines, accompanist, and Miss Annabel Gom- fort, director of production. Page Sixty-niiif' 'lY"'53 'T' Y "' ' ' , .. . i, , 1-r1"f'1"' -""f-'1"'v',,' ' "'t,, . 'V V+-,,-gps-i,' X . - , '- ,iff-'lx 'E- 1l'7Ul':f' 1 - - . .' rig, EM' f The 3521314 a to a Love Pirates of Hawaii Lg UVE Pirates of Ilawaiiu, an opcrt-tta by Otis M. Carrington, was prescntctl in the high school auditorium on Thurstlay owning, January 28th, under thc flircction of Miss Annalaul tlonifort, Thu st-tting for tht- play is a girls' si-niinary in Hawaii. Billy Wood comes to visit his swt-1-tht-art, Dorothy Dt-ar, who is a pupil in tht- school. NVhilu roam- ing about thi- garclcns of tht- st-niinary, liilly is takcn captivc by a banil of piratcs, hut lata-1' niakt-s a suct'cssl'ul usvapv. ln ht-twvvii lllllt'S tht- l'iratc Chit-f has fallen in lovt- with Miss l'riint-r, tlii't-t'l1't-ss of tht- institution, and lioth he and Billy rc- turn to thc scniinary "to live happily L-vcr afti'r" tl.-xsr Dorothy lluar, lJtll1glllL'l' of Plantation'l ',,,,,,, Miss llI'illlt'l', 'l'i-at-ht-r in l,l'lV2llL' School for liirls ,,,., llvllllilfa H -V ---- --vf'-A f ---- 7 'V llawaiian Girls, Karnlani, ,, ,H ilauglitt-rs of l'lt'll ' ' . plantation ownurs Lihnom., , , , , ,, . Muilt- , , ,,,., ,, . ,, ,,,..., ., ,,,,,, ., ., Billy Wooil, liit-utr-nant, l'. S. Cruist-r., Pirate- Chicl, llc-artlt-ss llll'tlll', niayliu, Svnry, .X l,lI'lIlL' ,,.. .. ,,,, ,, , ,. ,, , Chorus of llawaiian tiirls Chorus of Piratcs Af-voinpunist lillyt' Srwrily 5 .....Vi'rtla Harrison ....Annc Tobin ......,,Katlilyn Corrt-ll Constance Crawford , ,Wllilila Crawford ,,.....l'liyllis liinnivl ,,,.Fo1'bt-s Sloan .,,,,,,,llarry Smith ,,,,l,t-o Garlangcr ,Adu Sortore i ' ,K ,X 'ip f' N 3 "3v',,,f':g'---N,,.- 4. ,CD ' '- JW 'N05 1 XY? --.E Y QR D 1 E lm Gm a wif 5 ' M' I as 32355 H If 'fff,,F'5fgj,? www QM Quig- Alif 5 -1? J' 4 f GMX .. ' Zs ' ' E W Q ysx J 1 fi r ' 113+ n- - yn , -'JZ 32 ' -1- ':1.1i- 1 .f.Lj""fQ : fu' 1'-I -45 '-6 3 . A gf-gi ,E AJ' g f fi.- 1I'. L- ,M -:ii f 155 5 , f -aff I any , 1:1 v lt.-1, .: ks- X- JI TQTTLT 'Z '1' 291 fn as , V 5 L 4-, F fx-1 EEET6 nh ,Q , . .rg -Q L42 I :XL Y: wigrlff ,fs W? Athletics Page Sm'f'nt y-nm 2 aiilct VV ,. V VV ,H T , , V ' 'A' 'rl ,, . 1 4 561 -1 ' - w, 4 A' 3 I ' ,im ' f ' H 1 ' 1, I f., .,p.,.i, VV I f , . 'n 'Q 2'5vf:2: fr fa ,V '-13 Q ff - f' V 4.55 'L 4?4,L:,V1f::,4.ag1: 4 ' -N---Crock . , 1 V , AV',4fLw fy. Q QM' , g L V 'L,4qV,,, f , 7, ' 5 ,. V "uf V. , ' , V' ,, HVV ..., V, ,V A, Jazz, I .Z VCV., ,Q QI, I 'G""'T ff ff , . , V I ,af ,- ,f V , , 12- V ,V I V, 'L V, 45 .75 ' ' , ' , 77,11 V Q35 V 5 2 wif? . if , ff 3 ,fe-' I, 2154? ' V-, fzyf- gf' , ,,,g..L V V , , V M 3 'F' -if -42? , 'f 2 , "1 1: ' "ff . ' ' , ?"?f,.1?gff,,,,f,,,tfg f gwv ' ,B ob' ,, 'QV V W V V 1- , ,, nj ,g,:f1:fVwg.:ww,. ' 4 ,M . , , 7 ' f pi1lqds4,A'm.,'5 ' V! , , A 1 4 X X I , , I ff P6 ' 4' '74 fi+1m?ff7if-e,g-,4,.:r, - 1 QS., if 41 " 1,-:' 7' ' ' -off: V ,1 -L,,,g,, V4,: V wig . , ,. , f.:v.41fyygvgv, V, .-113, 1 gr, , ijgfff V ,V f,, f Vg 5,5 ., ,nj ' Q " M y - - " " f9'ff - 1 wafafqfffg: Q 7 L"" 'iz4f,, Wm' f , ' , ll2I+s"P'f -un. Tvruk'-"Vf99'H5 W' . V ,V , 0 , f , ,V 44 ljugr Svwrzly-Iwo N . , '. ul .,' xv.: Q ,H-g,,,', ' 1, 1 .,V K. '11 , dx.MYWMa-4 .1 M. n.,rnflJ..mA Q.. 7 mln' muffin? Ihr. Tylvr 4'l'raint-r I , NY. J. Zalivl tklanagt-rm, Garry, Scott. I'vtt-rs, Van XX'ing1,c-n lfill1lL'lll, Ric: Itosk: liruyclu-r, li. Pic-rcv tbltutlc-nt Manapu-rl, li. Harm-r, Coupe-r, Shar-kt-y, Ustrandt-r, ' ' ' " ' ' " ' lt'ord ltlaplainl. mx Tobin, lit-axn. Lralnll. hroat, Xxlltlbl. llall, t..unp. XM, M. Ilargrr, liavia, tlook, livntlrick. Football Edmund YVolfo1'd A..,YYA..,,,..,, ..,,,, C aptain Martin Van XVingcn .Y,,. Y..,,....,,,...,,...,,, C loacli NValter J. Zabcl ...,A...,,,.,YYY,,,,...,,,.....,,, Manager Earl Pt. Picrce ..,,,,,A.Y,,.,,,..,, Student Managvr Personnel Capt. lidniund NVolford, C. Charles Crabill, T. Vvrlin Davis. H.l-3. Rohn-rt Ric-0, C. Donald Carniichcal, 'l'. Itobt-rt tiroat, H.B. Grafton Cook, G. Vanct- Coopcr, li, Arthur Hall, FB. .lou Camp, G. liarl Scott, li. Lloyd Ustrandur, FB. Don Sharkcy, G. Dim-k Tobin, Ii. I.awrt-ncc lit-ndrit-k, Lt-land Hoskay, tl. Kcnnt-th lic-ani, li. Marvin Hargur, Guo. Wintt-r, T. tflapt.-clot-tt Louis Peters, ILB. Qarlt-ton Gt-ary, QB. Hobcrt Hargvr, T. Dirk lloward, HB. t.harlt-S Bl uytkt 1, I. Parr Srwriiy-ll11n ."'Q ",""" '..s4j h Q 4 J mhz Gniiler Football Review of the Season Niles High School opened the 1925 season of football after two weeks of training at Plym Park. The team. for the first time in six years, was under a new coach, Martin Van XYingen, a graduate of NVestern State Normal and an athlete of football, basketball. and base- ball fame. "Van" was confronted with many problems, as all coaches are at the beginning of a football season. The football men of the Niles High School were not a foreign proposition to Van, as he had been assistant coach the previous year. Although the schedule was one of the hardest a Niles team has ever attempted, the season of 1925 was considered very successful. On September 26th Niles won its first g'ilIllC from Cassopolis, piling up a score of 51 to tl. Cassopolis was completely submerged with for- ward passes, end runs, and trick plays. lt looked as though we were to have a season bright with many victories. Next CHIIIC the Mishawaka game, and Niles was given the severe beating of a 27 to 7 score from a team of much more experience and weight, who finished its schedule as champions of the state of Indiana. Considering tl1e caliber of the team the Niles men were playing, they gave a very creditable performance, On October lttth Niles played the much feared Three Oaks team and whipped them to the tune of 19 to O. This put confidence in the Niles team for the battle of the following Saturday with Michigan City. Then came the game with Michigan City, in which we were defeated by a score of 9 to tl. The Niles boys fought hard throughout the game, but not until the last half did they start to play real football. From then on the game lacked none of the qualifications of a college fray, and the victory of which Michigan City was so sure was in doubt many times. The game ended with the ball on the Michigan City two foot line. The team then began to concentrate in earnest upo11 the next game with our old rivals, St. Joe. The game was played under anything but ideal weather conditions, as a snowstorm had been in progress up to a few l1ours before the time to begin. The event had been postponed once before due to the weather, so it was played, regardless, this time. The game was a hotly contested fray, both teams fighting with all they had in them. as the score testified. St. Joe was lucky enough to push the ball over for the one and only touchdown, and contributed the one point which gave them a lead of seven points which the Niles team was unable to overcome. Next came the game with Plymouth, October 31st. Niles took its spite out on the Plymouth boys, for the defeat by St. Joe of the preced- ing XVednesday, by defeating them 19 to 6. On November 7th Niles played the much heralded and feared Plain- well eleven and beat them to the tune of -l-1 to tl. The game was played Page Sewzllyvjnztr 5 X, f' t wi -L T 1. Q V , iff' ggi gy y giA The waitin' on a muddy field between showers ol' rain. The boys came through in excellent shape on line plunges, end runs, and forward passes. The line held, the ends and tackles were "on their toes" throughout the game. On November 11th tArmistice Dayj Niles played the last home game of the season. The game with Three Rivers was won by a 7 to 0 score. before one ol' the largest crowds that ever witnessed a football game on the Plym park gridiron. The defeat was the first that the Three Rivers outlit had experienced. The Niles men played one of the best games of the season, every man worked in perfect unison with the other members of the Van 'Wingen speed machine. The game ended with the ball on the Three Rivers one foot line. Next came the game with Buchanan on November 24th in which the Van XVingenites scored another victory, trimming the Buchanan crew 23 to tl. The Buchanan team fought hard and succeeded in putting up a resistance which made the Niles crew sweat. The last game of the season was played Thanksgiving day at Do- wagiac when Niles finished the season with another victory of 13 to 6. The Dowagiac game was the fastest game the Niles boys had partici- pated in during the season. The spectators of both sides were on their feet throughout the game, and, as a result, both teams received excel- lent support. This game ended the high school athletic careers of the following players who graduate this year: Roskay, Groat, Kendrick, Davis, R. Harger, and Cooper. Their absence will be keenly felt by the next year's football squad. lndividual Captain Edmund llfolforcl was one of the best captains and linemen ever turned out by the Niles High School. He was the backbone of the Niles line. Ed was a powerful, aggressive. courageous captain, and shouldered the responsibility in a very creditable fashion. Captain XVolford was on the mythical conference team. Captain-elect George lVl'IlfFl' was the Niles "scrappy" right tackle. He played a hard, consistent game throughout the season. A more capable leader could not have been elected. and under him, the 1926 team should have another successful season. Leland Roslcay finished the season at the post of guard. Roskay completed his high school career in athletics with the close of this sea- son. He was the only man to receive a letter for the fourth time. Louis Peters-"Pete,' was a man of much grit and drive. He was a hard fighter and was considered one of the best halfbacks in the Little Ten Conference. Peters was on the Little Ten Conference team. Artluu' Hall-"Art" was the star fullback of the Niles eleven. His power of gaining yardage in line plunges, his clean playing,'and never failing fight won him the position of fullback on many mytlncal teams. chief among them being the Little Ten Conference team. Lawrence Kendrick. ln playing his last year on the Niles High eleven, "Kendrix" played the best season of his football career. His position was that of quarterback. Page Seven! y-,ti 'ue ,A.,... s1-s..--- A-V . -MVN 'ly , W I Q W fl"'::?7'f""E"""""7"u"" ' . JL R' il, W t N f5'i.ff.f 1.5, m 2 .-.'4:f. g. . ?'g1r. ff wfl 5-353124 c Robel'l.Grof11. There was only one thing "XVild1nan" did not know. and that was when to quit. Groat was the hardest laekler on the team. His position was halfbaek. Robert IIz11'g1'1'-f"l3olJ" is one of the best tackles Niles has had in years. lle was a man who knew the galne and could be depended upon to play lns best. Joe Cllllljl'"nlglltCllN is a lighter. and his football ability made hint a valuable man on tlns year's squad. He has one more year and will be one of the veterans out next year. Earl Sf-oll f"Seotty" could always be depended upon to go into the game and fill any position with the best that was in hnn. Scott has one more year. Roberl Ificc-!'TulJlJy" was 'XVolford's understudy and showed he had real stuli' every time he was put into the game. il7lll1t'f' Cooper- "Red" was a lnan with plenty of speed and tight. This is Red's last year. and it means the loss of the only redhead on the squad. tllmrles Brzzyclcffl'--"Charley" was a new man at football. His fighting spirit and determination made hnn a valuable inan. VI'l'Il.ll Dcw1'.sf- "Davey" played halfback during the season and could always be depended upon to play good football. fil'llffUl1 tfoolc -uGl'1llJllu was a lighting guard with lots of "pep" and fight. This is Cook's lirst and last year on the tealn, as he graduates in June. Knule flflI?1'lll'l'lIll. Knute held the berth of left end on the eleven. He was a lnan who knew the galne and played accordingly. This was also his lirst and last year. Football Schedule Date Place Team Opponents Sept. 26 Niles Niles 51 Cassopolis tt Oct. 3 Niles Niles 7 Mishawaka 27 Oct. ltt Niles Niles 19 Three Oaks tt Oct. 17 Michigan C Niles tl Michigan City 9 Oct. 28 Niles Niles tt St. Joe 7 Oct. 31 Niles Niles 19 Plymouth li Nov. 7 Niles Niles -ll Plainwell tt Nov. ll Niles Niles 7 Three Rivers tt Nov. 21 Buchanan Niles 23 Buchanan tt Nov. 2ti Dowagiae Niles 13 Dowagiac ti Page Srwfzly-Aix N .-..,... .. mme .4 W- ,xnxx l Ely lfidlzlffltg XX .l. Zulwl lNlal11lL:4-rw. Htl:-Mull, llwss. Yan XYil1g:,4'x1 Mlnmclxl, N-011, Spallxail, IC, l'ir'l'un' Ifwlumln-nl M:lll:lg,2l'l'D, llulup. XYi1's4'l'. I.. llall, .Xri llall ll1:n111:1il1l, Il:ul'l'isn11, Nlurrix. Basketball Arlluu' Hall ..,,,,,,,,, ,..,,,,,,,...,.,, , ,, .,,,, Captain Marlin Van NYingcn Y,,,. ,,......,,,,,,,.,,,, C loach XValtcr J. Zabel ..,.,,,,,,, .........,,,,,,... IX 'Ianagcr Earl R. Pierce l...,Y,,,,..,,.,,,,,,, Student Manager Personnel Captain Arillur Hall ,,,, ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,. Mliuarql Loo XViesn-1' , ,,,,,....,, ,, , ,,,, Guard Jm- Camp ,...,,,,,,,, ,, ,. ,,,. ,.Kiuawl Lothairu Ilall ..,., ,,,, , ,A Guard l,larL-nec Hess ,,.,, ,,,,,, , mflurmlux- liaymoml Spansail ,,,, ,,,, f I4-ntcr Earl SCU!! ,H ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , Fu1'wa1'1l XValter fltlkfllll .,,,, ,, , ..,,,,, ,,,Fo1'wa1'1l Lvliol Ilarrlson H.a1 Haymoml Movris Fu-1lc1'iCk Meyer Jlkllll-t'll'f'll ,,, .l'lUI'NY2ll'1l l"m'war4l ,,,,,,,flL'lllL'l' Pugz' Sm-mzly-xm 'FYI rw"--vw iv 11-...- - . . J -"Tw, i . . 1--1 -."" ' p 'A 'I 1 V 1 ' ' -41: - -1' wi. 1-,I ' , 1 it--1 f a! , 1 , 0 m.: .i ., Ellyn muffler A A y Basketball Itevieiv of Season On December 11th the Niles 1925-26 basketball season was duly opened with a victory of 21 to 11 over the Buchanan basketeers. YVith the new defense tactics and the points contributed by the Harrison- Morris scoring machine. the galne was won by a wide margin. On December 9th the Niles aggregation journeyed to the city of South Haven where they were defeated in a fast and furious combat to the tune of 16 to 9. December 23rd was the night on which our elders, the alumni, were scheduled to come back and show the Niles team the finer points of basketball. The high school men lost this game after one of the hardest battles ever seen on the high school tloor. The outstanding stars for the alumni were Sehrump, Forrest, and Clevenger, with McCoy and Farrell doing their part to make a victory. On January 1st the fast Michigan City crew invaded the Niles camp, taking home the bacon with a 20 to 19 victory. Up to the time when the gym was thrown in darkness, due to trouble at the power plant, the Niles team was ahead, leading by a comfortable margin. After the return of the lights the Michigan City team started a rally which ended in defeat for Niles. Captain Hall and Raymond Morris were the out- standing stars in the game. On January Sth the much feared Three Oaks team journeyed to Niles to receive a beating of 16 to 13. The game was one of the fastest of the season, and the Niles men deserved llltltfll credit for the good brand of basketball they played. The following evening, January 9th, the Niles boys trotted over to Mishawaka to receive a 35 to 22 defeat from the "Rubber City" marvels. The victory of which Mishawaka was so sure at the end of the half was nearly taken away from them when the Niles team started a battle royal and ran the score up to 20 to 21 with the "rubber makers" on the heavy end of the score. The Niles men, however. were unable to keep up their fast pace, and the Mishawaka crew ran up a large score in the last quarter. Captain Hall lead the scoring for Niles with four field goals and one f1'ee throw. On January 15th the Muskegon tive administered a 12 to 8 defeat to the Niles men in a hard fought battle in which the Niles crew was slightly outclasserl. The boys fought hard but were unable to overcome the score piled up by their opponents. Again the Niles men tasted the bitter pangs of defeat when the old rivals. St. .loe, galloped away with a 19 to 12 victory. The Niles team put up the same brand of light as at all other games but was unable to overthrow the clutch in which King Jinx seemed to hold them. On the 27th the Niles team overthrew the reign of King Jinx and stepped out, trimming the fast Three Rivers aggregation with a final Page Seventy-eiglzt N f- -. , V .. i. ,ffl F If . ' 3f?-i'Wi'iL" -f -V '-Jie 'Q greet if E 44, g gig p gg, M Elie maftler tally of 18 to 15. The game started with fast playing and basket shoot- ing which never ended until the final whistle. lless was the high point man for Niles, netting eleven points toward the total eighteen. February 5th the team traveled to Plymouth, and was defeated 33 to 13 by a team that out-elassed us in every way. The Niles men put up a good fight. but our lndiana opponents tore away with little dilliculty. Considering the caliber of the opposing team, the Niles erew made a eredilable showing. Undaunted by the loss of the Plymouth game. the Niles netlers eon- quered the Buchanan basketeers at Buchanan with a seore of 27 to 16. Morris led the scoring for Niles with Hess. Harrison, and A. Hall elose behind. Morris seored four baskets and Hess three. The seore was the largest compiled by the Niles team during the season. In the most exciting game of the season, Otsego defeated Niles 19 to 17. YVith thirty seconds to go. the seore was a tie. .lust as the gun was fired, an Otsego man dropped a neat side shot, and the Niles hopes were upset again. The team played a clean, fast game, but was unable to sink the baskets. This ended the fifth game that Niles had lost by a two or three point margin. On February 26th the Niles team, backed by three interurban ears of nI'00lQG1'Su invaded St. Joe. The Niles men were not up to form and were out-played from the start. The St. Joe team piled up a 26 to 15 score. Morris lead the scoring for Niles with two field goals and three free throws. The Niles High School basketball squad again threw off the elutelies of King Jinx on March 5th and defeated the fast South Haven team by a seore of 20 to 12. This was indeed sweet revenge for the beating they had administered to Niles earlier in the season. This game ended the 1925-26 season of basketball. The District Tournament Niles and St. Joe clashed again in the finals of the District Tourna- ment held at Niles, March 11th, 12th, and 13th. The Niles team was defeated 23 to 17. The boys were playing up to form, and, had their floor work been a little faster, the seore might have been different. The Niles team worked in perfect unison throughout the game, making it hard to pick any outstanding stars. Regional Meet The Niles men were defeated by Marshall by a score of 35 to 15 in the first round of the Regional Tournament held in Kalamazoo. This killed all of our hopes for getting another chance at St. Joe. The Niles men did not play up to form. The only man playing anywhere near his usual notch was Morris, who scored ten of the total fifteen points made by Niles. Page Seventy-nine 2' " .1 x ' in ,.N,G,W-,fa-j 1 X V W ' -4 -iglgsy wigs maitler A y yy k lndividual f.'uplu1'l1 iklrlluu' Halle-J'A1't" was one of the best guards in the Little Ten, His speed and consistent floor play marked him as one of the best men on the Niles live. Cf1plc11'l1-elect Lelfol' I'1!ll'I'l.S0IlfuIJOCN played forward. He played an aggressive brand of ball at all times. No more loyal fighter could have been chosen as eaptaln of the 1926 squad. liillljlllllllff flIorr1'sf"Pxay" played a fine brand of basketball through- out the season. He was high point man of the squad. ffflIl'Pl1l'P Ilessf' "Hessey". being a big and rangy center, mixed up the opponents plays all the time he was on the floor. Ii0flI!ll'l'f' Hr1llfHall's sincerity and fast playing made him a valu- able man to the squad. Joe CIIIIIPYHJOCU was a hard hitting guard who followed his man elosely. .loc has another year. Ifrlylnond SIHIIISUIII- 3'Ray" held the berth of center till he graduated in February. He filled his position in a very commendable fashion. Ifurl S4-oll' -"Scotty" plays a promising game. XVith this year's ex- perience he should go strong on next year's squad. Leo lVf'I.SI'l'f'Xxll1l1 "Leo" at guard the enemy was forced to try many long shots. He has another year of basketball. I'lI'l'ffPl'I'l'fx' fllPljl'l'f-nFl'liZH made a good record this season and is expected to show up well next year. Basketball Schedule Dale Place Team Opponents Dec 11 Niles Niles Buchanan 11 Dec. 18 South Haven Niles South Haven 16 Dec 23 Niles Niles Alumni 26 .lan. 1 Niles Niles Michigan City 19 Jan. 8 Niles Niles Three Oaks 13 .lan. 9 Mishawaka Niles Mishawaka 33 .lan. 15 Niles Niles Muskegon 12 .lan. 22 Niles Niles St. Joe 19 .lan. 27 Niles Niles Three Rivers 15 Feb. 5 Plymouth Niles Plymouth 33 Feb 12 Buchanan Niles Buchanan 16 Feb 19 Niles Niles Otsego 19 Feb 26 St, .loc Niles St. .loe 26 Mar 5 Niles Niles South Haven 15 Mar 13 Niles Niles St. .loe 17 Mar. 18 Kalamazoo Niles Marshall 33 Payer' Eiiglzty N X - . ,v.,..,,..... r 2 81 I 1 ' 6' ' F., I iig'-ff , 6. Q 'EY' "' gg if .ai WP- , 4 if X A Glyn muffler fm, V ,ZHQFALL .lu N It lmw Izlglzly-11,111 nv fww ' ' V it 'iff f :-' ' f , lllge muffler L. S. XYalker ltloaehj, Grout, A. Hull, Abroham, Xx'l'2lYl'l', l.1lf.IUlll ltIuptuinl. Burns, Ott:-sun, M1-do Hzirger, Pierce, Kendrick, Peters, I.. Hull, Ilittmer. Track 1925 John Lugoni , w....A.,..... ,Y ,...,. C aptain Leland S. XValker .......,.... .,,,vv... C ouch Melvin E. Klopfenstein .,,,,,....A ,,.,... lV Iunager Personnel Captain .lohn Lagoni . ,... .........,,,..... . ,,,....,,...,,,.,,,,,..,,,,... Weights Robert Burns' ...,.,,.,,.......,,,,,,.,.,.. ,,,..,, 8 S0 yd., 1 mile run Alexander Abroham ..,...,,,...,,,,,,.... ,..,,,. 8 S0 yd.. I mile run Marvin I-larger tCaptain-elect? ,..,,.. 880 yd., 1 mile run Walter Otteson ..,,,.....,i, ,.....i,,,,,,,. .,,,..,,.,,,,,..,,,.,,...,, . 3 80 yd.. 1 mile run .lohn Medo ...,....,,,.,,..,,....,...,,,, ......,,,,,.......,,.,.,,,,....,.,...,.,...,,,,. Pole Vault Lothaire Hall' .... ,,,,,, 4 40 yd., low hurdles, juvelin, relay Loren Dittnier ,,,., lohn XVeaver Arthur Hull ,.....,,,,,.,,... Robert Groat ..,,,,..,..,.,. Lawrence Kendrick U Louis Peters .,..,..,,,.., Earl Pierce .. ,,..,...,,. 'State Title Holders, .,.,...,.... ,NH1 gi ,. ,,,,,l.o X , ,,,,,,220 yd., 100 yd., relay, high jump Weights ,.......,,..l00 yd., pole vuult, broad jump jump, low hurdles ' 1 hurdles, 220 yd., 100 yd., relay w hurdles, jnvelin, high jump, 440 yd., reluy yd., high hurdles Page Eighty-th ff? 'W' , . ..,.4..- 75,-:1E,,1J,,55-3,5.,.. H ' . -4ff,.if4A,4, ,. 4.-'yi ,, '. . :.. is -vi:-'sw' X . 'V 1 f..1l'ie:1 ' 'Leif'-.-"-2:" L' -. ', , - -1- ff- ' 5' nl-jf.1:?'w , 'li' Qlgc Eaiiler Medley Relay Team 1924-1925 XYulkr-1' lllouelll. Burns, l'c-ln-rn. ll:u1'gJ,v1'. Almrolizun. Track Since lhe loss of the fznnous lC2llll of 1922, Niles truck tennis were followed hy il streak ol' hz11'4l luck. The reason for lhis was ll l12lllll'ill one. Mosl ol' lhe slzirs of previous seasons haul glwlclllzllecl, leaving only row inulerizll which haul lo he Inolfled into 21 truck leuin. It was impos- sihle lo huilfl Home in one clay, and the Sllllll' proposition applies lo the building of znlhleles. Y During lhe seasons of '23 und '2-l, the leznn was undergoing ll pro- cess of huilcling. New stars were being discovered, and lheii' training was heing czlrefully supervised hy the couch. Page liilqlzly-fum' N --L-lx. ,, , 1 M -1. fm!--E xx .ft ft3QfQ1wff'f ,. .Nb - . lite Utuftkf The 1925 season was the reward for the previous years of hard work by coach llllll team. The track season of '25 was the most successful met by a squad in the history of the Niles High School. Practically the same team that met with so much defeat the previous year came back and walked through all encounters,'including the State Meet, victori- ously. They finished the season with an average of 1000 percent. At every turn the team established new 1'ecords and won the meets with a record number of points. This happened at xVCSll'I'I1 Slate Normal, Little Ten Conference Meet, and Michigan State. tClass BJ. Out of the fifteen cups won by various teams in the past fifteen years, the track team of 1925 added forty percent of this total. The Detroit Free Press stated in their write-up of the State Meet, that Niles had the best track team ever seen at a state meet in Michigan. Review of Season On April 18th the 1025 track season started with a bang-the track men defeating their Hoosier opponents 88 2X3 to 155. NVith the exception of the broad jump, the Niles team captured every first and second place, allowing the "Plymouthites" but one second and one tie for first. Peters was high point man for Niles, with thirteen points. Kendricks followed closely with eleven pointsg Burns third with ten. The relay was forfeited to Niles. Again on April 25th Niles performed the swamping act, springing a big surprise on the St. Joseph track team and upsetting the "dope kettle". The XValker "speed demons" took the "Northenders" into camp with a total of eighty-three points to the "Howeites" 39, taking a first in every event, with the exception of the pole vault, discus, and -140 yard dash. The only exceptional feat of the meet was the mark set by Arthur Hall in the broad jump of twenty feet, two and one-half inches. On May 2nd the Niles relay teams competed in the Kalamazoo Col- lege Relay Carnival. The medley relay team established a new state record of 11:38. The half mile relay team had a turn of luck and lost their race to the fast Frobel team of Gary, and by a very scant margin. In the sprint relay, Niles captured a third, being beaten by Frobcl and South Haven. Captain Lagoni entered in the special shot put event and captured a third place against stiff Class A competition. A new record was estab- lished in this event of forty-two feet, two inches. Piling up the highest total score ever made at an interscholastic meet at VVestern State Normal, establishing one new state record and two YVestern State Normal records, the track men won the interschol- astic championship of Class B of western Michigan, Saturday, May 0th, with a total of 53115 points. The closest competition was with Cold- water with a total score of 33 points. Burns smashed the record in the 880, establishing a new record of 2:05. Lothaire Hall beat the former XVestern State record, setting a record of 27 seconds in the low hurdles. Other men performing exceptionally well were Kendrick, Abroham, Medo, Pierce, Groat, XVeaver, Arthur Hall, and Peters. The relay went to Niles in an easy victory. Page Eighty-ji ec - 4, A,W wha muffler gg y Niles next scored an easy victory in the Little Ten Conference track meet on May 15th, taking the meet with a total of 3915 points. St. Joe came second, with 24 points, and Benton Harbor third, with 21 points. The Niles team was followed by hard luck throughout the meet, the only unusual performances being those of Burns, Abroham, Harger, Lothaire Hall. and Groat. Captain Lagoni was up to true form in the shot put, winning a first over Zelner of Dowagiac. XVeaver carried off third in this event. Kendrick and Medo also contributed two third places. On May 23rd Niles defeated Dowagiac to the tune of 87 to 31, de- spite the fact that three of our most valuable track men were absent. The visitors were allowed one first place, and a few seconds and thirds. However, the Dowagiac boys pushed the Niles men in many events, making the meet a very interesting one. At this time Burns, Abroham, and Lothaire Hall were at the Michi- gan National Invitation Meet. Burns gained the only place, winning a third in a race that was composed of the best half-milers in this part of the country. The time was 2:01. Burns deserves much credit for such a showing. Abroham held a third place in his event tthe milej till he collapsed in the last ten yards, the competition being too strong for him. Hall was placed in the fastest heat in the low hurdles and failed to contribute. He also failed to place in the javelin, although he made a strong showing. State Meet On .tune tith the Niles track team, closing the season's activities on the track and field, scored -17 points with six first places, at the annual state track and field meet held at Michigan State College. Lansing. This gave the meet and also the championship of the State, in Class B, to the Niles men. Lothaire Hall captured the honors for the highest number of points, taking a first in the low hurdles, and a first in the javelin, establishing a new state record in this latter event of 159 feet, SBQ inches. Robert Burns, the star half-Iniler, again broke a record by lowering the state mark in his event to 2:05-4. Dittmer, Peters, Lothaire Hall, and Ken- drick gained another trophy for the school by winning the relav race in 1:30. Captain John Lagoni pushed the shot a distance of '10 feet, 101Q inches. XVeaver took a second, and Lagoni, also, placed third in the discus. Peters raised the Niles score tive points by winning a first in the 440 against stifl' competition, Groat followed Hall for a second in the low hurdles, chalking up three more points for Niles. Art Hall coppcd a second in the broad jump, making 20 feet, 91fQ inches. Pierce pounced on to three more points in the high timbers. Harger calne through in the mile, winning a second against a fast field and saving the day for Niles in this event, as Abrohaln, due to injuries, was unable to perform in his usual manner. Allegan gave the closest competition, with 28 points: St. Johns fol- lowed with 25g and Monroe fourth with 20 points. During the past season, Niles captured three trophies in addition to the three won at the State Meet: The Medley Relay Cup at Kalamazoo College: the Cl1llII11Jl0l1lS cup at the Class B meet at XVestern Stateg and ijllllff' liiglzly-six N If ' WCW I 1 V W y Gfftge waitin' the ehampion's cup for the South NVestcrn Michigan Little Ten Confer- ence title. Coach L. S. XValker deserves much credit for constructing the best balanced and best all around track team in the state of Michigan. He worked with this team for two years and succeeded in making it one of the best. Mr. YValker ended his coaching career in the Niles High School by turning out his third state championship lCtllIl in his six years as coach for Niles High. Individual Cap1'a1'n John Lllfjflfllifuptltu was a loyal captain. No better man could have been elected to pilot the 1925 "State Champs". l'at's main event was the shot. but he could always be depended upon for points in the discus. Captain Lagoni ended his high school career in athletics as captain of this team. Robert Burnsf"Bob" was the best half-miler Niles has ever had. He holds the XVestern State Normal record of 2:05 in the 880, and the state record of 2:05-4 in the 880. The loss of Burns is keenly felt in athletics. Alerrander 1'lbF0l1GHl7iiAlCS,, was the best Niles entry in the mile run. He was always a consistent winner in dual meets and good for points in the district. conference. and state meets. l'VaIter Olleson-"YValt" has proven himself valuable in a track suit as well as on the basketball floor. YValt is a miler with a biff future ahead of him. F3 Captain-elect H9261 Marvin Harger-"lVIike" could always be de- pended upon for points in the mile and occasionally in the half. He also was a member of the medley relay team. Harger will make an ideal leader for the team of '26, He is consistent and a hard worker. His team mates of the 1925 squad wish him and his team good luck. John Medo-"Johnnie" was the pole vaulter of the Niles squad. This was his first year in track and he came through in great style. Lothaire Hall-"Hall", though small. held his own against the big- gest. He was a hurdler and javelin thrower of exceptional quality. Hc could also do his part on the relay team. Hall holds the XVestern State record of 27 seconds in the hurdles and the state record of 159 feet 515 inches in the javelin throw. He was elected captain of the 1926 track squad. but due to the new age limit, was declared ineligible. The loss of Hall from the ranks of basketball, football, and track teams deprives N. H. S. of one of the best all round athletes it has ever had. Artliur HallfThe broad jump is "Art's" best event. He also can be relied upon to place in the pole vault and 100 yard dash. Loren Dittmerf"Dippey" was the pole man on the relay team. He also was good for points in the 100 and 220 in dual meets. John lVec111erf"Firpo". the boy who could toss a mean shot. al- ways managed to collect points in the shot and could be relied upon to place in the discus in all dual meets. Page Eiglzty-xv-urn mhz Ulfaitler y y y yy Robrfrl Grout-"XVildman". next to the veteran Hall, was the best Class B low hurdler 111 the stale. Groat could also broad jump a11d step the dashes. IAlll7l'f'lll'l' KPlZdI'I'f'1CfuliGlltlI'lXN was an all round track man. There were very few things on the team that he could not do. He topped the tiinhers. ra11 the 100 yard dash, the 220 yard dash, and the relay, and was known to place once 111 tl1e broad jump and fl1SCllS. Louis PflersfJ'Pete" was the Niles high-point man in nearly every dual meet. Louis was a track 1112111 of great value. He was consistent in the 440 and relay and always managed to pick up points 111 the high jump. javelin, and low hurdles. Earl Piert-ef"Dick" was a consistent winner in the strenuous high hurdles in all dual meets and took second in them at the State Meet. Season Score Sheet LID 112 3 2 . -2 -f: 43 2 TJ F . ' E E .. 2 E E V7 C .2 I2 C2 5 I I E E E ... I . . . . 5 . . 55 3 11 3 H . -.4-LJ Date Meet F F ? F cc F F P -J 1 c. 5 .: F 5:4 1-'f-ff-,f-f-':d,,,-1-,,,.:gf'g'Q,L,-.7 233353332 E2.f23'5P'5 :fri-1-7323-5l.L:DQ!l3.'2.'lf0cP' 12 AprH 181 Pflvinouth wnl 9 , 8 l 8 lV9Vlf9 l 8f!Sflf3j3'?thlin 15l8ilV 15315: ,xprayzsi st. 101- y Afigi 6 i 4 i 3 i 9ili6f!'4flH1-l 5 is l 3 i 1 i S t 5 L83 139 May Qwvqsrysmt- 'l2iQt5t6tG99'2i1V:t l8l4l3l5,53Mnl M515 16iLitt1t- 'I'enyHl l lwlH5l8l71yl8l1147l Y l1jf7yl2lK3l3l392gflf Y Y Blay 1 1223! Dowagiat' Y ml tirtftiflj is 6 l Sit mf 8 l 6 L5lQf1fljif87 1 31 Jtme5-rslstatttiit-er lll5l513l3l8l i l3ts12i5l5i47 May Qtikalfifiiuys lNiles ilctlit-y Relay Tt-am Establishes New Im-01-Q1 of 11.38 l-Capt. John Lagoni: 3rd in Shot: 3rd in Sprint Relay: 12nd 15 Mg- Relay! sgfazffsm f Page Eiglzly-vigil!! N -.s.v.........n-.1 1 ,K an-n..q....... C " Ely: muffler l S XY-ill'-1' tt' waht, I.. lit-lulriek, I.. I'etL-rs. I., llnll. L. ll tt ,. . . . tl Ab. l-lalfflvlile Relay Team ST.-xTE CHAMPS CLASS B Niles vs. Plymouth ....,.....,,..,...,.... Niles vs. St. Joe ............,..............,. SE.-XSONTS Rrzczonn First ,,..,,. Kalznnuzoo College Relays ,..,.... Second. ..... YVestern Normal Meet .,,...,. First .......,., Little Ten Conference .,,......,...,,,, Second ,....,... Niles vs. Downgiae ,.,..,e.... State Meet M. S. C .....,,.. ,' -: .r V w First .,,,,,, First .,...,. First .r.,.,l.......,,,,,... Time- Time Time Time Time Time Time '41 22-L C2f5 IHTTC, :38 138 :24 t2f5 milel '-11 536 Page Eighty-ninr Y W -V - , ,-.... -.V -, W r .,-. 1 ,l e 'i' '1-w - W -'-wr H+ .elseif M , H 1 61112 muffler Sehulkc. lforler, Yau NX'iug4eu ttloaehl, Larson, lieall, Scott, Ustrauder, lliehards. Basketball 1925- Z6 Hail to our second team, who won every game twith the exception of the alumni gamel this past season! Many look upon the seeoud team as a mere form of entertainment before the main game of the evening. liut they furnish the necessary scrimmage for the varsity team. Niles High was represented by probably the smallestfin size-- second team in its history. Yet they did not let this serve as a handicap. Instead. they took advantage of it by making use of their speed. They defeated the Buchanan Reserves twice and the St. Joe Reserves twice, besides defeating the tirst teams of Edwardsburg. Cassopolis, and Berrien Springs. Powell, who has acted as our yell leader the past few years, was the high point man with Lawrence Scott, forward, and Ostrander. guard, a close second. Reall played a strong game at guard, with able assistance from Richards. Schulke and Forler played a good game at center, and Lawson always did justice to himself at either forward or ffu'1rd. 3 t Pugr Nine! y N . "H"+,,. , f. ff F t X' 'B 2 3 Xb ARF f' Q pg Q54 I2 ww 4 ik V I, XX X x x F . , 1 iff, R .gm , N , . X5 4 z 1 . x . 4 ,"-j,f:?1j..h.: 1 W 1 g hx. K Qs? 1 A J 5 .7 V I 4' A " NL junior High V PgNl Gills Qiaiiler - Hi? 1, The Senate President A,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AAA,,,,,,,,, Donald XYinlaek Viee-President ,eeeee ....v,,w,,,, E ldon Rolfe Seerelary ....,,,.,,,,, ....,,. I ieilli Harger Ass't. Secretary Aeee, ...,,,,,,,, I Dorwin Starke fMr. Davis Faeulty Advisers .,..,,, ,,,,,,,, J Mrs. Lavender Abbott Keiili Harger Bessie Canlleld Carder Allen Dulin Ethel Miller Crowley Donald Belknap Mildred Slarke Giles Kennelli Diltniar Belly liagleslield .lager lildon Rolfe Peggy Seliell M. liurlz Genevieve Ford Dorwin Starke Pllgi' .Yiizeiy-Iwo l M1-. ivlai-kitty Representatives l'. liurlz Edilli liallard Larry Slierriek Lavender liernease Van 'l'uyl Donald NVinlaek Mark ley liilly Meflnilaer Doris Van Tassel Morris Mary Tuttle Roger NYood Rolill' Callierine liroekway Earl Kennedy Spiller Roberl Allen Slella Seolield N ff' - 'AR 4 4 , V Elle waitin' Mr. Abbotfs Advisory OFFICERS President ........A.....,, ,,.....,.... ...YA........... Donald Elder Vice-President .....,..... ...wd,.,...... B en Groat Secretary-Treasurer .Y,A..,.... ,.....,,, I ieith Harger ROLL Muriel Anderson Claudine Ausmus Marguariette Ausmus Roy Bachman Russel Bayles Helen Berg Eva Mae Bolinger Lucille Bothxvell Pearl Brand Thelma Bruner Bessie Mae Canfield Donald Elder Ray Edwin Irvin Everett Charles Freyer Josephine Glaser XValter Glaser George Goodsell Bennie Groat Elizabeth Guinn Maxine Harding Keith Harger Andrew Harrigan Edward Hess Elizabeth Hester Kribs Fred Luke Edythe lVICCOIIlICll Robert Moore Evelyn Mowen Virginia Ready Gladys Ruttsehoxv Geraldine Shiele George Thurston Mary Louise llnley Elsie XYCIIIIIIZIII Norval XVeiss Teddy YVienkie Page Ninety-three 1 mhz Qlniiler I Il . , , - zpgiq- 1 xx I Q ,W ,fa Miss Carderls Advisory OFFICERS Prcsidc-11l ,,,.,,.,,,,,ss,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... Ruth Harrington Vice-President ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . loc Marizita Sc-aretary-Trcasiircr .,,,,,,,,,, s,.,s,.s.,s E thcl Millvr ROLL Elf-anor Anlisclcl Rchccca Augusovilz Mabel Ballard Fl01'c-ncf' Birlwcll Minnic l3onnOr Pauline lifilllll Mac Ella Brann Hr-nry Bl'0ClL'l'Sl'll Paul Rl'lIllli VN'allacc- Calnphcll 1115110 Carrivr Evelyn Dillinar Allcn Dulin Page Nirzely-fozzr Martha Fcclorc Charles FOl'lJlll'QCl' Earl Fowlvr Rulh l'lill'l'lllQl0Il Ncivangoliiic Harris Clillorcl Hopper Rilylllijllil King L00 Lanc- .loo Marazila Elhc-I Millcfr Paul Oslranclcr Alicf- Scliaffir Eclwarcl Schafer N John SCl1lll'lllill'l Cora Snyder Mary Snyclor Myrtlc Suinmcrs Kenneth Susan Rulh Va11 Dcrhcck Mary K. Van Skivcr Zola XXYZIYIICI' Alinc XVObber Eliza NV0st01'ficld Virginia XV0ll1ll1g Marian Yoss ., X ,H i ,M X t S L qtte muffler R' Miss Crowley's Advisory OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,ss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A.,A...A........... Clair Smith Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,,A ,,,,,, C onstanee Crawford Sceretary-Treasurer ,.ss,,s....,.sssssss Hardy Langston ROLL Dorothy Ausmus Rachel Augusoyitz Max Augustine Vernon Baehman Homer Bailey Margaret Barber Donald Belknap Robert Bernard Beatrice Blake Eya Dean Brown George Bruyeker Gladys Corwin Constance Crawford XVilhur Diekeson Kathryn Dunn Dorothy Ehlenfeldt Marcel Eyerhart Ferne Feather Kenneth Geidemann Alfred Gondeek Eleanor Greene James Grimes Edwin Johnson Hardy Langston Dorothea Marble Leonora Marble Frank McCormick XVarren Sheeley Clair Smith Harold Smith Ralph Smith Mildred Starke Ruby Stowe Edward Summers ClitTord Teske Robert Tormey Edward Vandenbl Esther YValton irg Page Ninety fir align waitin' Miss Giles's Advisory OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s..,,ss,sssssss.sss......,, XX illiam Guska Vice-P1-Q-sidciit s,,AAA ,,,,.w,Y C alherine Thatcher Segrq-tary ,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,, C allierine Bowen rll1'CLlSllI'Cl' ,,,,,,A,,, s....,....,... lV Iill'y Clllllllg ROLL Vernon Anclersou Helly Bailey Delmar Hear Catherine Howell Floricla liracly Donald lilymer Mary Zarla Calling Ernest Dickeson Mable Dickeson liennelli Dillmer lilizabelli liagleslle Allen Fiuflley Page' .'Vinc'!y-.six Esther Finley Joseph Frklicli Margaret Fisher Robert Gooclsell NVilliam Guska .losepli Hand Gertrude llebron Hean Hebron lmla Belle lirinowilz Mable Leach Sylvia Mc-llelle Marjorie Norris N Evelyn Price Marion Slioemaker l.eall1a Skilliler Claude Smith Florence Smilll Mary Teman Catherine Thaleliei Marion XValker Homer YVeiser XVilma NVeller Rose XVeslerlielml Robert Zimmerman ,..,,.- .- -Q , lf 1 " Mi' 'w X ROLL Dorothy Morgridge Gills muffler Miss lagefs Advisory OFFICERS President ss...,,,.....,....Vv......,........ Vice-President ....,....Y.. Secretary-Treasurer ..s.. Helen L. Ballard XVilliam Reyilacqua Irene Buckley Hortense Copley Annette Cronin Clare Davis Carl Dickeson Lee Dittmar Edward Erickson Tony Frucei Irene Goldfuss Frank Grahl Marie Grahl Anna Grathwohl Conrad Hansen Alice Hetler Mary Hinkle Roy .Iohnson Jack Kelley Cyrus Kenney John Kenney Kenneth Knott Maudie Lambert Myrtle Leggette Eloise Mitchell Ralph Monney Mary Hinklc Eldon Rolfe Ruth Schulke Evelyn Moyer Margaret Parent Eldon Rolfe Stella Schell Ruth Schulke Delbert Susan Audrey Tinimer Bartley Trimble Gertrude XVedel Richard XVise Page Ninety-Seven Qilge muffler " Y Miss Margaret Kurtis Advisory OFFICERS President ,,,,r,YYAA,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,r,,rr,r,,,, Eleanore .Iaueh Vice-President ,,,,,,,,r,rA,, ...,..... I Jrville Adler Secretary-T1'easu1'er ,,,,r,r,,,, ,,,,,, I frallvcis SIIOWCTS ROLL Orville Adler Iierrlena Relnn XVanila Biclewell XVillia1n Dawes Natalie Deegan Dorothea Ann Hisele Genevieve Fm'fl Elizabeth Freed Genevieve Gessinger Donna Belle Hatlielcl Dnrolllea Hipshier Irma Jean Iluison Eleanor Jaueh Page 1Vinrlyfrig!1l Norman Keihn XXYZIIICI' Kenny Kalherin Lauder XXIIIIIQIIII Madden Edgar Mead Flilken Merritt Irene Merrill Hazel Moore XVilhur Moyer Leo Reuln Francis Showers Marie Leone Skilliler Harry Smith N Irene Spenner Dorwin Starke Margaret Unley Maurice Valentine Eugene XValters Frances Lena XYe11er XVilliam YVelling,f Jerry XViars Milford XVillia1ns Lois YVhile Margaret XV0lf Jack Yeoman ... ....i.a......u..-f.a- -V, , V i'vVw'5"4'A5i 3' -- 1 s t fiizvj. I .N 55112 T-Intex Miss Pauline Kurtis Advisory OFFICERS President .,,...............,.,......,..s,,,.,s.,,,,,,,, Robert Smith Vlce-President ,,,., ...A,,,.., J amie Beyilacqua Secretary ..s,,...,,,s sssvsss, C atlierine Margetts Treasllrel' ........ .Y.,.A.,.,,,.,.............. J ames Kenny ROLL Edith Ballard .lainie Bevilacqua Irene Brown Lewis Brown Dorothy Burdue Bion Carpenter Violet Chapman Rodney Evans Amie Gogola Derl Hall Paul Hess Leo Johnson Eldred Kelley James Kenny Phena Kingston Lucille Mapes Catherine Margetts Donna Belle McGowan Edward McKed Kenneth Meyer Estella Miller Florence Mitchell Arthur Mould Irene Ostrander XVarren Reynolds Herbert Rhea George Road Margaret Schrumpf Harry Sliedrow Larry Sherrick Robert Smith Re Temple Harry Thurston Audrey Volkhardl Lester XYard L. J. XVileox Belle YVilken Cora Zimmerman Page .Yinetyvnin Elle muffler f X ' 17 Mrs. Lavenclerls Advisory OFFICERS Prcsirlcnt ,, A.,,,,w, ,, ,,, ,, ,,AA.....w, l3e1'nQus0 Vain Tuyl Vice-Prcsidcnl ..,.Y. ,. .. ,...., , l Jonulfl Xvlllllwli SL-Q11-lz11'y-'I'rczlsurci' ,A,,,,,,., A,,,,,,,,,,,, I" HIHCI' Hurgcl Slcphcn lil-zilog Ellllbl' Burga- Mnlcolni Collins Twlcly Coon l3c1'11zi1'4l llickc-rson licrnicc' Hainc-s Clmrlvs Hyclorn Glnclys Johnston livolyn .loncs Lyle .loncs Tliclinn .lurgvnson llvlr-n Kzinv F1'c-Llc-riclc linuuf' Rose lirnjci Pulqr' Our llzozdwfl HULL M2lXlllL' Loomis l.1lNV1'CllL'C Munllcc CZllllt'l'lIlC lVlz1rslivll Imslci' ML-mol Juno Nlillizilin Cvuil Moonvy Bl'Elll'lL'K' Novris Hslllc-1' Norris Loren Purlu-1' lVllll'l'2ly Pzirlxci' l,0I'll P1-lc-rs Hoincr Pivrco Fi'0clcrick Probsl Ruth Rocbcck N Lconzi Pxosevcan' xvllllflllll Ross Clmrlos Pmossow Alice Schuw Burlon Schicb .loscpli Slairkc' Esllici' Tlionlpson Lu Grziciu Ullory Bwiicanso Vain Tuxl Lu Vcrno NVliit0 Donald XVinluclx M210 Young ,E cllzslieiflff Mr. Markley's Advisory OFFICERS President ,,,.,,, ,A,,,,A.Y,,,,,,,,,,,, D orothy llannnond Iva Avery Lee Bonner Bob Boone Blanche Brown Ruth Coekran Edwin Cramer Manley Curtis Aileen Cuthberlson Mildred Dayhufl' Leona Garling Dorothy Hammond Virginia Harier Richard Hill ROLL Louise Hubbard Melvin Hufflnan Richard Kennedy Rurt Kurtis Ruth Lidke Billie McO1nber Ellsworth Mooney Mae Niles Helen Palmer Harry Park John Perkins Kenneth Prenkert Pauline Reidenbaeh Frances Rice Edna Ridinger Marie Snliedendorf Eugene Sorenson XYinifred Starr Stella Susan Daniel Truesdell Doris Van Tassel Jacob XVebber Harold Vlilliains Truman XVolford Gordon Young Page One Hundrfa' One Ellie Qlaitlgi i 1 t, Miss Morris's Advisory OFFICERS P1-pgidenl ,,,,AA,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,w.,s, Bernadette Van Tuyl Viet--President ....,Y,,A.,,,Y..........,,.... Evelyn R06b6Ck Seeretary-'l'rt-usurer ,v,,,,.,.,,,,w Claude lV1CLllllgllliI1 ROLL Faye B11-tsiieiilei' Mildred Crooker Lucite Curtis Merle Dreher Stella Finch Angelina Frueei Gene Gmlliwolil Tlloinas Grimes Ethel Hansen Robert Kane Donna Langston l'fiyr Um' 11101111171 Two Maerose Luth Claude McLaughlin Raymond Miller Clarence Oswald James Pan Harold Pearson Xxllllllllll Petruska Archie Phillips Geraldine Pressnal Albert Rahn Edith Redding N Maud Piegenos Evelyn Ptoebeck Lewis Ptossow Florence Smith Iva Statler Charlotte Swiet Marjorie Towsend Mary Tuttle Bernadette Van Tuyl Verne XVilken Roger XVood X X up ,1 Ulhc Ulfatiler Y Miss Rohhos Advisory OFFICERS President .,AA.......,.,,,...,.....,,,,.....,,,,,,.,...... Anne Tobin Vice-President ...,,,,,,s,.. ,,,,.. Y Vinifred Hood Se-eretary-Treasurer ..,,,,,.....,,,,A.,. XVillis XVozniak ROLL Catherine Brockway Eleanor Bruner George Burch Robert Dittmer Elma Dizard Laura Dougan Elizabeth Forler Ruth Garrett Hilda Hargreaves Evelyn Haslett YVinifred Hood Gladys Jurgenson Earl Kennedy Gordon Knapp Joyce Korman Henry Korman Clara Kraft Donald Larson James Monahon Caroline Myers Catherine Pears Clara Peters Troy Robinson Dominick Saratore Clyde Schaber lVIartin Schmidt Floyd Stratton Gaylord Teske Anne Tobin Robert Tuttle Martha Vogelsang Hazel YVeleh Francis hV0lllllglltlIll Clifford XVilken XVillis YYozniak Bessie Young Bradley Zimmerman Marion Zimmerman Page One Hundred Three E112 Qlaiiler Miss Spiller's Advisory OFFICERS P1-resident ,,YY,,,A,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,AsAsA,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. Edith Sturkie Vice-President ,,,s.... ......VA.. J ack YOLIIIQ SQQ1'Cl1l1'y ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,s,,,, R oberl ALXIIICS ROLL Dorothy Adams Robert Allen Rohn-rt Ames Teddy Bath Edna Beyer Olive Bosler Lynn Butler Ninn Hutleher Culhlyn Corell Hurley Davis Leo Gurltuiger Evelyn Grilliths Page Ulm IIIHIIIIYII Fuur Esther Hartman Aliee Holloway Carrol Keeler Erma Lower Evelyn Miller Arthur Nelson Elizabeth Ohlek Alta Prenkert Gladys Regenos Maxine Sanders EFIIIII Schurmtm Isabelle Seolield N Joseph Smith Margaret Smith Edith Starke George 'Vullerduy Arthur Ullrey Lu Von NVulte1's Elmer XVeaver Dick YVilliz1ms Edith YVomer Joe XVuCkcr Jzlek Young Erma Zimmer A....mL1..,. ,Sn my S Y 1 Elie muffler Mrs. Vail's Advisory OFFICERS President .............,,,......,,..,,,...,,....,,,A Florence Ranfl Seeretary-Treasurer v,,,.. ,...w H enry liopanski Virgil Bailey XVesley Baker Lawrence Blake Maxine Brown Royal Fletcher Mary Frucei Leslie Garling Frederick Gondeck Shirley Hain Helen Hansen Donald Haslett Marion Hutson ROLL Harold Johnson Henry Kopanski Clayton Larsen Ray Layman Fred Martinsen Mildred McConnell George Meliensie Harry Mellette Annlouise Mochour XVihna Myers Lueile Puthoff Florence Ranft Alene Redding Melvin Schafer Ralph Schaher Gordon Sharkey Katheran Slough Gerald Sleinbarger Maurice Trobangh Frances Voke Miriani Voke Gertrude XXvL'llZlL'll Blanche XVllll2lIllS Brayton Yaw Page One Hznzdred F11 'M , - -- f- . ,,-,M D H W I - if .iigebii x ' , 4 3 73.33 if mhz mnif1el? i junior High Basketball Team 1925-26 Forbes Sloan ..... .loc lwIZll'ZlZll2l Y,,,. lCvQ1'clt Hood .,,,, Mcrwin Fink ..,,, Harold xxlllllillllbl Eldon Rolfe ,,,Y..,,l, Ray 151111111 .,...,,,. rlvllUlllilS Grimes Doc. 11 ....,,,, Jan. 9 ,,,o, 1 J1111. ll, Jun. 22 YY,,..,1 .l:111. 27 ,,,,,,,, Fch. 0 .Y,,,,,, Feb. 13 .,,1 ,,...... . Pugzf Om' llzrzzdrrrl Six ,..,..,..FOl'XVElI'Cl w,,.,1.,..Cc11ter ,o1....Ce11ter ,,,,,..Gl1ill'd .,.....GllllI'Cl ,,,,,,.Glllll'd REs15m'14:s Iiclwiu Ray Frank 'l'1'i111bl0 Tod Bath R15c:o111J 014' GAMES , ,,,,,1,.,1,1,...,,,,, Elkhzlrl C1-11l1'al 6--NllCS 27-HGFC , ,, ,Mislmwulia Rcscrvcs -l7fNil1-s 3f'l'l101'c ........,Bc1'1'ic11 Springs 2111ls 8fNilcs ll!-HClI'LY ,,,,,...1.lill1l1a1'l Cc'11l1'z1l 12-Niles 27-There ,,,..,,,W,..,.....S0llll0lll0l'CS lblf-Nilcs 15-Y-H016 ,,,,,,11,Ell1l1a1't Rouse-vc-ll 26-Niles 17-Jfhcre .... EllXVill'llSlJlll'g 2111ls 7-Niles l54Tl1e1'c N fd . X 1 ' fi ' Elle 'fjfattlexf Junior l-ligh Track Team ' Although only two meets were held with other schools, the track season of 1925 was highly successful. XVQ held the Berrien Springs Senior High team to a score of 56 to 41, and the combined teams of the Roosevelt and Central Junior Highs at Elkhart to a score of 45 to 38. The members of the team who were awarded letters were Evan Carrier. Everett Hood, Clarence Smith, and Charles Bruycker. The team was coached by Mr. Abbott. Following is a list of men on the squad with the names of the events they took part in: Derl Hall .........,.,. Everett Hood ....,......... Charles Bruyeker Merwin Fink .....i...,, Clarence Smith ,,i.., Frank Trimble ..,,.,.. Thomas Grimes ,,,.,, James Kenney ..,,. Herbert Rhea ....... Orville Adler ..,,.,. Robert Smith ..........,,.....,.......... Teddy Bath ...............,....................... Evan Carrier tno t in pictureJ f, X Relay ..,,..P0le Vault, High Jump, Broad Jump ,,i..,,Shot, Broad Jump, Quarter, Relay Jump, Quarter Relay ,,,,...,...Hurdles, 220 , ..,,,,.. Quarter, 220 100 ,,,...,.,..Hurdles, ,,,....Broad Jump, 100 ......,..........,..Quarter ....,,.,...BI'0tlCl .lump M100, 220, Hurdles, Relay Page One Hundred Seven af? ' --' el- --,. 1 A. KY I Ire! s. ,. , V Ns-,-....e. 5 ,Tum ,Y -IJ: ww' 1 , Elly: Gaigemj II II IIIIII I I In ,I ,WA Iffyli, MV M A I in I A I A84 yy, ,gig I 'V , mf ' V, , , A ,.. A , AA I I A IA rV A ' Q A , f ', -, ' , V-,4 ,V L , A' ,ff ' " A:-1 ll? I , Vu, ' ' ' Q ,f V V' 3' V 1- ' A111 A A " V GY q - VV A ' wi, z' ff , V Wi :eff V A A A A A V wkzes V A V' i . V' V -Sf-ff gzf' A . , A, riff, ff A f I ' I Q. iL gif T5 V v ' - -, . g fi .fi 5.11 lffwaz A A , r W V11 . V5 5? 4 '- W ' M A: V--v-A6 1 A f 3 : V A s., VV 'E Vi. We 43, V V V III r w K I:IjMIII5jA II I . -A I I I A, I 5 -.. "Y "" Aw - f ' E. V A. F2414 1, Uv A -- - -' W .- - C. '. - V4 " ' ' ' ,, f' --'95 A i iGff1, Sonufe V 5'47"7'?"""7 'Mmm A 37250 +7 ' I f gvl 5 III IIIII V IVQY Q4 I xqf, MI AI If I! Iam,-I I III, I I ,I ,MQ I I,I....,. P f I ,V Z? ,AX ' -.A s , J f VV- , , Vw E V f 2-M.- ku yu ,,,, ' Aa .V A I I .VI,I..,, -- If " Sscovf 0 ffllaru V Offfcc 6,1-fx, i P l 8 I-5 We vcr 9 V bl. '- V ' A 'N ,- l w , 1 g Ar 3 V A '-1,4 4' fa., 4 , W., 0, f I .1 1,45 We K ,Ivy AW: - '- v X f 'VP--k A ,A I JA, ,A A, A , , I I II A III II,f.,IZIII,,QL ,V V ,XA J lf ,. ' A N ygg:vf'. A i A ' N TY VV ,If I, V fm, " 2714" - 'IgI, , A, ,fQz1jA-.V A V ,A -wwf 1 V ' 4 2: - f .'---'win V 1 Q, n .A f A, M -' is Q., ,f V ,, ,f AW W V, M I, f 1, Q, 4 . .,:.,-., 'Ql?Ql,kA- V y :N , V V, ,ez-f',.-V., Af' v 3 fi, , V yvij Af, QV, IIf,f,,' I A, V,-,.., , 1 - , ' If-3:1 4, I I V , '23 .L " :swf '-,, f A H " -f3"yZf',Z,-' 'J " - a ,,,- V A 'K VA x ' "" 9? V 2 T-f"W1lkUf MfAfVff -A - r y'- ' af' wwf f 4 '- Q- Vfia, YM V'MQeM"2+4 - A A ' ' -A A gwfdw QW M A: - fiwfwy' ffafiff fW'?f ,A V AJAAVV A. r A 'f '-- iwffnwfln wf M yy egg. Vggbyf-Wr,, f,,,.f:AV,v V HV . W , .. M,,Ze,p,v,,g'. , 9,43 -24'-'VN,,,V WV W2 mfg? 5' fa, Vgwvf ' pf' in M, A +f'-Vw, 7? , ff is A-A J J' N r 'M' Wf- 4" A" rf 4 W r ' Q2 A1- i V , f Q, -af , 'f,,y .- " f,, I, I ,, V ' V-Af, If I ,, 1 A ' - , V-,, II A, A, aww 7 E 5 l'ugr Om' lllluflrrd liiglll x f A V f' ibsi-x I x T ff 1215555 ""' Tn ' T" ' ' "" "M-HM" '- " --H 1 1 any ' 3.4 A gt.-' or, V E:n 'T 5 ' f' ' 7151. , Elie Eattlcr Sept. 8- Oct. Oct. 29 Nov. 2 Nov. 16 Dee. 2 Dee. Dee. Jan. 9 Jan. Jan. 22 Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 28 Feb. 1 Feb. 5 Feb. 13 Mar. ' Mar. Apr. 16 Apr. 14- 11- 18 DT 22- 23- lt Happened In junior High School began. l have seen most of my old friends. There are several new teachers. Miss Carder teaches home econom- mics and science. Miss Pauline Kurtz teaches science. She looks just like her twin sister. Miss Comfort teaches music. Miss Hutchins teaches art. Miss McTiver teaches commercial subjects. The new girls' gym teacher has not come yet. tMiss Bohlf later calne to take charge of gym.D Mr. Klopfenstein resigned and Mr. Anderson has taken his manual training work. tl am sure lots of other things happened in September. but l can't think what they werej Mrs. Vail's classes presented three one-act plays, one was written by Faye Bretschneider. Two days otl'! I The teachers have gone to Grand Rapids. A "seventh hour' was instituted for pupils who fail or are tardy. l'd better work! -National Education XVcek is upon us. Many parents have come and talked to classes. -Mrs. Harry Bernard spoke in music assembly about "Negro Music". Mrs. Chas. Forburger sang several songs and Mrs. Bernard explained them. Junior High basketball team won from Elkhart Central 26 to 7. -Two whole weeks of vacation began to-dayg but then, we won't get out next sulnmer until June 18th. The team expected to play the Mishawaka freshmen as an opener for the senior high game there, but had to play their senior high second team. They beat us 47 to 3. 13-YVe won from the Berrien Springs second team 9 to S. -Elkhart Central beat us 27 to 12. -Our team beat the sophomores 15 to 14 even though their coach, Mr. Abbott, was ill. -The Junior High Glee Club gave the operetta "Love Pirates of Hawaii". -End of the first semester. Miss Crowley's advisorv had the best record in scholarship, thrift, and punctuality. Miss Carder's group led in attendance. -Beginning the second semester. Sixty-five new 7B pupils. -The team went to Elkhart and lost to Roosevelt 2ti to 17. -The basketball season ended with a victory over Edwards- burg's second team 15 to 7. The ninth grade chapel program, a Style Pageant, was a great success. Mrs. Lavender responsible. The eighth graders gave a chapel program by way of a clever pantomime. Mrs. Vail, Miss Morris, Miss Spiller were spon- sors. -The ninth graders won 2715 points in the interclass track lneet. Harold NYilliams, Thomas Grimes, and Ben Groat won their numerals. Seventh graders entertained at chapel with songs. dances, and a clever "health" play. Miss Bohlf and Mr. Van YYingen will answer. Page One Hundred Nine mhz Gaiflcr y 'X P Q 1 I If I f 1, ,QQ ,, f . N Y," - " U , , 'fu , .,,, xl, f , ,. -1 , 1 if I ' ff - " Q ' -1,.. --,ac . .. . A Z,-l ' v'zrf:r:fw:f.4:z1.,a4m:.Q44,+f4,..g.,.,., W M . ,.: 1 'vie' ' ,',,,.L ,Q X J' ' 1, . I, ilk i n 1 1 1.7, F ' '. in V X152 Efffgf ' 5 ,e 1- Q gf ' ,.,A,'f ' ' 'I' A l , 'Vi eff ,fw,.,f5i-gazfgfjz '. 53, ,',, ,- , 'v wgv,41,: ll - ,A "M M 1.44. ww. g,fg-55 : , gjf1gjF'!' ' 4:4 ' ,, ',,:M ., .,,.. ww' . 4Z2g1?z9?f4:'L:i5g?i ,-gpg: , ,- 2 . V Q 1 'V : 'QA' - .,0n's of IAA .H.5. laiarafar-fe.: V ' , if 1:4124 ,. 'bg ,yn . r 5,2 gn! lt, Mil ki, V' U. af, 1 123 '15 , 4 fl ' 5, "' " 'k.,4,.. , . I, I " ' L '......,,,.,,,, Pugz' Our llmzdrrfl Tru N ff F 'X Q A L Q 5 J ,. X .xg ,, . 4. Q. H.. , -, . iw. 1. I2 , my - ,-5. - - 2 , . . .I , - - . -.L ,I .V v11..' ,':l-.A:-1, - - - - ' I.: 3 , . f , ,A..l.', 5. , -- H .f V, '.ff:"i X -1" -'.- Q..-Q 1-,ij ., ' yr I -:A . 1 Z Eff -zz, .w .I juz' , '. .-'.'I,"fg ,. -22.1 .- ' . 'X -f ' ' Q,,', 1 .fr ' 1 f -'-'- . f-5. Lf-. 4- , .y' 1, f ii ,, 1 if - L' qv--iivfv. - 5211.3-'-' "-':4:1 rt'-, J 1-Q-Z-' v r, f " , 9 FL '-'f',f '. ---. . 1- :Q 'a ' 5 , ' 2 - -. Page One Hznzdrcd Elf UNI sud' I Y' .. -f-f--'H l , ' 'Il I N., , f ry . 1H7fg':, , , , if - V K M i . ,. ,.i,4.1,'1".' .. align ntil er Bits of Humor IBIAIRY Ulf A Il0Ml'AC'l' Ilictllciylnlin 125 "tt, .Iack, how sweet of you! Mllll' I never expected you to give me any- thing! What a darling coinlliwll WS just what I wanted! llow could you guess that I like the small silver ones? Thank you so much, .lack." These words were uttered by a young high school girl when she beheld me for the Iirst time. I was quite tlattered bv the ioyous reception, you can be sure. Illitll-Ihllllilt 26 This is a great old life, I'm telling you. livery time someone comes in to see her Christmas presents, my owner says, pointing at me, "Look what .lack gave me! Isn't it darling? l'm just UIIIZX about it." I I feel quite proud of myself to think that I am liked so well. Iliitlliltllllilt 31 I was taken to a big room with a shiny lloor, on which everybody was moving around and kicking up his feet, while some men on a platform pro- duced some weird noises. Some of the people on the Iloor seemed to be exer- cising very vigorously. My owner held me so tightly in her hand all evening that I almost smothered to death. After each dance she would open me up, gaze intentlv into my mirror, smooth back a stray hair, and gently rub my pull over her nose. She must have become tired of hold- ing me, for she had the person she was dancing with put me in his pocket. The pocket was very dark, but it wasn't quite as warm as her hand. Also, she must have forgotten all about me, for I have been carried home with the gentleman. I wonder how I am going to like my new owner. .l,-xxe,-xnv l I have been put in a dresser drawer with a great many other compacts. It reminds me of the time I was in the store, only there are not that many compacts here. Most of my neighbors are not as good-looking as I am. They are not bright, shiny. and new like me. Most of them look half worn out. They have initials scratched on their backs, and they are halt' empty. I am the smallest one and the only one made of si Iver. .ltsuxnv Cl NYe compacts were talking together the other night. Une big gold one said Page One Iliozdred Twelve that he had been in this drawer for about six months now, and he wished he could get out and see the world. Another said he liked it here, because he would be more likely to live a long time if he remained here. "When that girl had me," he said, "she used to use me about sixteen times a day, and at that rate I wouldn't last long." .IANUARY 6 Today my present possessor brought one of his boy friends up to his room. Ile took all of us compacts out of the drawer and showed us to his friend. "What do you think of my collec- tion? Pretty good, eh what?" "Ilather good, for you, I'd say," re- plied his friend. "Do you ever intend to return them?" "Sometime, perhaps," was the an- swer. I .I.yNUAnv 11 By some miraculous circumstance I am in the possession of my rightful owner once again. Ilow it happened. I don't know. except that I was carried to a big building where hundreds of fellows and girls were hanging around with books under their arms, and given to a feminine hand which I recognized as familiar. I heard her say. "Thanks a lot, Dick," as she grasped nie. .l.xNU.xitv 15 I go to school every day now. My owner carries me there in the morn- ing, takes me home at noon, brings me back in the afternoon, and takes me home again at night. Believe me, I am used now-a-days! My days of idleness have reached an end. When the girls in school see me for the tlrst time, they say, "O, what a cute compact! Did you get it for Christ- mas?" "Yes, .lack gave it to me," is the rc- ply. .I.xNL'Anv IS I was taken to a room where a great many girls were standing around. My owner took me into a very small room where she changed her clothes. She left me there alone for a long time while she went upstairs. After she had returned and put on her usual habit again, she went into a room where there were several mirrors hanging on the wall. Before these several mirrors about twenty-live girls were congre- gated. The air was tilled with two cries: "Who's got a comb?" "May I use your compact?" N tl ' '- : "' 3'w'sii2MW.Eg.Q., . Eafiler I was handled bv about a dozen dif- lllll YOU KNOW: ferent girls who all made use of me. Some of them weren't any too gentle, and I certainly felt relieved when the bell rang and they rushed out. .l.xNU.xnv ill! I feel terribly disfigured tonight. I feel old and worn out. This afternoon I was taken into a large room where a great many boys and girls were seated. Some were looking intently al a book in front of them: others were gazing about the room: some were writing: some were whispering: and some had their heads upon their desks. I was laid upon the top of one of these desks also. I had not lain there long when a boy across the aisle picked me up. Ile hurt me so terribly that I almost screamed out loud. Ile took out my beautiful blue satin powder pull and wrote in ink all over the top of it. Then he proceeded to draw out a knife and scratch initials all over my back. O, how it pained: it made me faint! NVhen my owner saw how I had been disfigured, she was extremely angry. She certainly told that wicked boy what she thought of him. .IxNU.xnv 25 I aln so weak I can hardly write to- night. Circumstances have gone from bad to worse. My owner put me in a steel contrap- tion this morning. It is a place where she keeps her coat, hat, and books. I was placed on a shelf with some books. I was entirely forgotten, I guess, for suddenly a book was pulled out with such force that I was hurled to the ce- ment floor. My mirror was smashed into a thousand pieces and I was made uneonscious. Now, in my dying mo- ments. I tell you of my sad, sad fate. May you die a sweeter death. 4M. S. P. fThe Tnlllerf OUR SHELF OF FICTION Vanity Fair ,..,,,,,,,..,.,..,...,....., Ella Parent The Man with Red Hair ...,., Ilillis Smith The Light that Failed .,...... "Mutt" Stowe The Age of Innocence ....,. Camilla' Butler Fear of Living ....,,......., "Bob Croat The One Increasing Purpose,.Blanche Ballard ' .... Helen Fenton Anita Visel Beulah Schurman "Ray" Ilansen The Keeper of the "B's,' I... Roger Mattix The Coast of Follys.. ..,.,,,. Ilarriet Skalla Wild Geese .............,. Best True Love Stories .........I..............., Augusovitz and Krinowitz The Mind with the Iron Door .............. Bigelow Cheerful Fraud.. .... Lawrence Kendricks If H. T.. That That That That That Th at Tha t That That That That Miss Allen had her hair bohbed? Mr. Mathews lost his voice and no longer frequents the second floor hall, saying, "Now hurry up, girls. Get out of the halls." llelen ict-hor hasn't laughed for a week? everybody was at school on time, one morning, long ago? Miss Allen told the history stu- dents there would he no more outside reading? Oh, what blissl .lohn Medo was angry at Miss Allen's decree. for he had live pages read on his next 4007 Mr. Brandsmark has no more yellow paper, and the French Paper Company refuses to con- tract for more, because their machinery is not adequate to produce it in such large quan- tities as he desires? Vivian Exner's peroxide bottle is empty? 7 '? .lo .lenner and latsy Cook had a falling out ? 7 '? Condon Kirk won the state or- atorical honors? ? Bob Iiice is the best behaved boy in school? '? Neither did we. 4The Tnlllerf I Bill Mathews: "From an economic standpoint, if I had twelve apples, I would derive more from the first than the second, more from the second than the third, etc." fl. Loveland: "What good would you get from the twelfth one then 7" S. It then." Miss classl: 1tre: HXOII d have apple-plexy W The Tnltlerf Allen tin American history "XVhat dld you have Ill Ameri- can history in the eighth grade?" D. Lager: "Well, as far as I can re- member, we had a lot of battlesf' f The Ttrlller f Mr. Brandsmark: "Is it sulphur alone or its ants? vw compounds that are disinfect- L. Powell: "No, it's the odor." 7 The Trllllel' f Senior: "Stop scratching your head." Freshie: "Why'?,' Senior: "You may get slivers in your lingers." -f The Tulller 4 Mr. Brandsmark: "Take arsenic for your next lesson." 4 The Tzllllel' - Miss North lin English Classl: "I'm going to read 'To a Louse'." Page One Ilzmdrcd Thirteen Elle muffler Puyf' Our Ilzuzdrrrl Fourlvcn if pf. I 2' 1, ,,,, it . align mnttler ' ' 1 Sophomore: "How many subjects Kidclies Corner lu... you Cm.,.,,i,,g.,., . . if-1.41 1 1 -1 A is for Allen, so kind and so good, Hsmlm Im L Humg out md B is for Brandsmark, who never is rude. C is for Crowley of Junior Ili Math., It is for Davis from Britain's fair path. Ii stands for liager, of 'l'.x'r'rI.iin Stall' fainc, F is for Fisher, who is on the same. G is for "Goozy" our dark, black-eyed shiek, Il is for "lloddy" the basket ball streak. I stands for Isabelle, so merry and wise, .I is for Josephine, with such black eyes. K stands for Kirk, of stature so small, I, for Iiagoni, who is sort 0' tall. M for Bill Mathews. who directs the band, A would be Niles, our dear native land. O is a zero, but then. oh well, P is for Powell who tells us to yell. Q is for, well, something Quick, I sup- pose, A R 's for a maiden called Dorothy Rose. S stands for Senior, the '26 Class, T is for Teachers, who don't let us pass. U is for Il without any-reproach, V is for Van, our athletic coach. XV is for "Wildman" of football renown, X must be Xerxes, who doesn't live in town. Y stands for yellow. but not yellow streak, L is for Zabel, our principal meek. This my dear friends, is the end of my story, Repeat to your children when you're old and hoary. dragging three." -- The Trllller g Ardent Lecturer: "I want Social lie- form, I-want Labor Reform, I want Civic Reform, I want - -" Student: "Chloroform," -A The Trrlller - "So you know my son at school?" l"Xes, we sleep in the same history e ass." - The Tnlller- Mother: "What is this 'GU' I see on your report card?" tirafton: "That'? 'I'hat's the temper- ature of the room." - The Trrlller- Teacher flooking over exam papersl: "I am well satisfied students. There are several good copies here." Undertone: "Copies'? You said it." -The Tuttlerf Miss North: "Whom do you consider the greatest author?" .Iohn Raymond: "My father." Miss North: "XVhat does he write?" .lohnz "Chex-ks." - The T11Iller4 Mrs. Itutzt "Hay where were you the Iifth period?" H. Morris: "In the gym shooting fouls." fThe Tuttler- Helen classl : Ballard tin solid geometry "I understand the propositions after we-'ve had them three or four days." fThe Tultlerf Girl: "NVe don't have to cover the of this book do we?" appendix Boy: "We'll cut the appendix out." - The Trzlller f Mr. Zabel: "Helen, what ever you are chewing, put it in the waste paper basket." H. Kehoe: "It's my tongue." XJ uns. w e ' Xl! Page One Hundred Fifteen ,EhQf1QQ..g.- ge S Calendar On the eighth of September, I entered Senior High. And I su1'e felt pretty big. till a .lunior sauntered by.-f And then. I kept on shrinking, till I wasn't much at all. As a couple grand old Seniors came strutting down the hall. I settled in a seat that was far too big for me. And tried to learn the axioms for my hard geometry. And. as for soeiability, I really felt left out, Till I stared aghast al some one. who evolved a manunoth shout, For the .Iuniors and the Sophomores got an invitation hearty. To the grand and glorious Seniors' "Get Together Party"1 And a party it was. I ne'er shall forget it. All we who attended shall never regret it. But after such a big event. 'twas quite hard for us all To settle down to -work again. within the somber wall Of the big old red brick schoolhouse, where we learn our history. And put sentences together for our class in English III. Then. one morning when I came to school, I very nearly stumbled. If you had seen the sight I saw, I know that you'd have tumbled: For Mutt Stowe, in some sister's togs, was really some attraetionf And Ruth King. with her baby doll, another of the factiong My eyes were opened very wide, for through the halls in streaks I saw some other eostumes,fit was the day for freaksg Kenneth Thornton was a babe, the real angelic kind, And I think Gerald XYright among the flappers could be lined: And. as the days went on, and I the honor roll would make, The football season opened and 1ny extra time did takeg For could I miss a game. oh not 'twould cause me misery. 'Cause if I wasn't there to yell, why. we might lose. you seeg Ten games we played. exactly ten, and after the last one. Dowagiac gave the boys a feed: the season then was done. The nurse was very busy at the end of eaeh six weeks For report cards caused some fainting spells and some hysterie shrieks. One day in the assembly. we had a speaker rare, He was from South America. with black and shiny hair: He made a speech that pleased the girls, oh really. yes it didf f But he was so good looking who cared what he said? On "Music and Dramaties" the Niles people fed, And the Glee Club's "Hiawatha" strains are running in my head. But thal's not all. the .Iunior High an operetta gave, "Love Pirates of Hawaii," which did our hearts enslave. The basket ball season began with a boom, And in the big gymnasium we hardly found room: Buchanants team was tirst one met by Niles High's sturdy men. NVe beat 'em too, and later on, we beat 'em once again. Do you remember the famous night XVhen we played Three Oaks? I do all right! YVe lost some games. yes, 'tis quite true. But the boys fought hard for the yellow and blue: And say. do you 'member that cold stormy night Three Rivers came down to beat us up right? Page One Illmdrfd Sixteen S ,ff x I N xx? 'Q32M,5W-53,3-Ita.,-1' .. Ultgc waitin' if They'd won every game, but they got a surprise, For we broke thei1' record, 'lwas good exercise. I really must mention. I think, right away. Our "Once in a Blue Moon" the big Clee Club playg And, oh how the hero and heroine sang, The big auditorium with it's echoes rang. Next, I think the Tournament our further interest took, XVe saw big posters'in the halls wherever we would look, There were ten teams competing, Class D and C and 15, To see which was the master lealn in each group of the threeg The last night of the Tournament the Gym was surely jammed, For wasn't Niles to play St. Joe, their rival in the land? The team for liridgman in Class D then won the Champion's Cup, And when Class C came on the floor, our interest sure was up: Edwardsburg played fast and hard, but it seemed it could not stand Against the score that piled under Three Oaks' steady hand. So Three Oaks won that cup, and now it was Class I3 to meet, NVe played St. Joe a right hard game, but went down in defeatg Our score was that of seventeen 'gainst theirs ot' twenty-three, They surely had it over us 'twas plain for all to sec. But we did not surrender: our fighting spirit's up, And next year we are going to win that Championship Cup. Then spring vacation ambled in, a week of stormy weather, Time was spent in sulking and grumbling all together. Of course when we got back to school, we counted up the time Until we would be free again, with studies otl' our mind. "NVedding Bells" were ringing in thc portals of our school, NVhen the Juniors entertained us, as is their yearly rule. YVC were always on the lookout for some signs of graduation, And the Seniors seemed the heroes in the realms of educationg For the good of our dear citizens, they entertained us, too. So we would not forget them when the old school days were through. The Junior Banquet and the "Hop" I think were really started To keep the Seniors happy instead of so downhearted. It was a great success, I know you'll all agree, And when in caps and gowns they came, 'twas surely good to see How firm the tread with which they took thc dear prize which they sought. Diplomas which for years in school, they tirelessly had fought. And now they have departed, and we are left alone, To follow their example which has so brightly shone. May we in years to come, be to our Alma Mater, true, For N. H. S., dear N. H. S., there is no school like you. F IST' P on h ' - r . .iii -Cf' Page One Hundred Scllcnteen mhz mztttler Synonyms Athlete ..A.... ....,.................,........... .................. A T I Hall Bluffer ,AAA,,, ,,,..... S heridan Cook Borrower ,,A,,, ...,,.,..... E lla Parent Cheerful ,.,,,,r .,..,..., H Glen Kehoe Clever ..,..r.. Drag ,,.,......,.... Egotistical ,,,,.... Flirt ...,....,......... Pierce .......,,Sheridan Cook .......P1alph Augusovitz .l...,..,,.Frances Gitre Gentlemanly ....., .......v,,................,o... H arold Logan Good Looking .,.,.... .,,.... C arl Schwarz, Mary E. Moon Good Sport .........Y .......,..........,........... H elen Logan Knocker ........,.. Lady-like ,,,,,,.r..,.,,.,......,... Lady-like Gentleman ......., ' 9 Ladies Man ...................... Lazy ,,...,......,Yl Lovesick ....... Musical ....... .......,.Roger Mattix .,.......Deane Eager ....,,.,John Raymond Scott ,........Roger Mattix Hall ,..........Harry Gross Pessimist ....,. ...,..,. J ohn Raymond Pious ............. .................,.,...,...w H elen Fenton Popular .,.....r.... r,.,.,.rr. Social Light ......w. Sophisticated .i.,.r Studious ..........Y Page One Hundred Eighteen S Earl Pierce, Helen Kehoe E. Moon ,,,,,....Sheridan Cook ..,......Deane Eager 1. H, ' N 1'vf',r:'fQ1',:,flt My - - .,,.. ' ,, 9 EX ' , '4 i .l,,, f " ' ' -'Wink' Yixxxf ' ' 3 'svn' " mafiler , i 9 1 I I ! v 1 4 ? 3 4 w 2 2 4 2 1 2 Page One Hundred Nineteen .4 ' ffaLgm'14.44',,u Q L Page' Om' llzzndrrd Twwzly ' 1, ,- ."'I r-nu-' v Gi ff- w,1v. V -.nm , A hi A V --:I mi x ., , Q 'N' ,' ++K, ,f . . X F' x IE WISH to thank the merchants Whose ad- vertisements appear in this hook for the support thev have given us. Without their co-operation we would have heen nnahlle to puhhsh this hook and succeed in the enterprise. Page On H d d T t as X.. -.,,.1.n...m1..K.1 1.. 1 ..-.....1...,1 ..1.,..1....1....1.. 1.. ...,..11 1,......,...1,.1 1. 1. 1 .1 1 1 1 .1 1 xgqlggxghs ' XX .x :X 'Xt'-'P JIT Qs-YN l4Qe' Hui! Q N. - 1 it-xf'Qlygii,x'EfQQl: 1 X' fx' lj"g-E u ' I - Main entrance to our ' lI ' f new three story fire- T 1 proof office building. 5 W g-1.-If fw?41Iwp31mWm fiwgvrfgff-of '?WQ' W W W4 r L wb' ' L if 5,4 'med wx 02' x I A-is. Wk - Uk.: My . . n I :X ' jf ' i1' 'ing' fin, " abs Mr .. 'W rl 4 -iw" 7311 M af- 'I li I r - ' 1 'N , 'I 55. in 5 1' -. F 'N 2 '22-+61 'M T-1 ng 5 X 'ff' ,fy I 'vac 42" 1 L ' ff' Q 1 we 2 ' ffwhf Jrikus Q if: nr llzuulrnl T1 E extend to the mem- bers of the class of '26 our sincere wishes for a successful and prosper- ous future. nr THE p i Kawnee f I COMPANY NILES, MICHIGAN MANUFACTURERS OF KAWNEER SOLID COPPER STORE FRONTS AND SOLID NICKEL SILVER WINDOWS .- - -,.- .... -.-- .,- - - - 1 1 - wr11lv-Iwo N ff ' IA X ff 1 H if -1.11-rn1u.-1..,.1 1 1 11.-1.l.1..,,1 11m--.A Coornlo's Studio C23 Phone 419-F1 '23 306 Main Street .. .. - .. - - .. .. .. -........f.-.... .....,... -..,.-.,.....-...- .... - - - -....-.,+ A. R. Henderson Sporting Goods 92. wi 124 Main Street Niles, - - Michigan Ostrandefs Grocery ERUITS GROCERIES VEGETABLES MEATS We Deliver Telephone 699 u1.,..1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1.-1 -,.,1,.,1...1,.1..1.,.,1.,,....,.....1..1...1.....-...1 "e9XCay Lifes Greatest iBoon.., Ggfealth cflllways dlttend You, '26" C13 Max A. Kasler, D. C. Friday Building 128 S. Second Street Phone, Office IO36' R 'dence 1061-W POHddT'tll .. -. - .,-..- -. .... .. -...-..g. .g.....-...-..-...-...- -...-...-..-..... -..- i !. i l i i The C lub : 1 i i Cigars 1 . . . Claude Huff i BIHWUZS VW Q Lunch Box Candy Tires, Accessories, Q Fw Radio Q D i Telephone 329 g l 117 North Second Street Niles, Michigan -. ..... i- -.,..-,..- - -mi Q..-i..- -..-,.-i.-.,.-i.-..- -.-..-,- Cbompliments of G. E. Butsley Company Agents for "Little Elf Food Products" Ask for Them NILES, MICHIGAN -,,...,,-,.-..........-......-........-it-.. -----...- .... ... - 5 Om' IllHZdVt'd T1uf'nM'-four S f' -+--1- X! in HH, A f . f 1...-an-un1nn--n-In-nu--n-nu-nv-M-M-u .g--M-my 1----- 111- T 1 5 Cgfendlemews E I 3 Dean 1 : Qfzljtore for 'womeno Drug Sabre I 1 Cin The Store Service 5 since 1839 1 I I : Mies' A 1 Cor. Main SL Second Leading 53,10 jhoppej The Rexall Store 1 5,,-me-M-E,-..-.Q-..,-.,,.-M-..n-a,.-T.c- The Hunter Company Artificial Ice and Creamery Butter - HUNTER'S ICE CREAM "Every Bite A Delight" .i1' Telephone 236 Niles, Michigan PgO HddTwe fi X nf.1rn1...1 ..1...1....1 1 ..1 1 .1 M1 1.51-,1..,1.n1...1..1un1.n1 'lliey I-'CRX P4700 vw PCL H ffe'Q 94 S13 f'f' 9, O Q CC Refrigerators for all Purposes Niles, Michigan 1 .1 .1,..1,.1n1.,.,.--..1....1 1. 1.1 Compliments of Hilclebrancl's Hotel Restaurant 121 Main Street Niles, Michigan 0 H if IT' -nn1w.1..,.1nn1.m1 11,1 1 1 1 1 1 ,.1,, Compliments of Renwood Motor Co. CW? PACKARD HUDSON ESSEX ,,...,n.............-.......-...-,.-M-,.......-...-..- -..r....,,....,-...-.,-,,.-...-.,.-..-,.-..-n.,....n.....g. Walton Bros. News Dealers fe Walton Building Main Street '23 Niles, Michigan v.1....1 1M1-1.11.1H1111.-1.1.1...1.i-1u1-n1,.- - - .. Q ff . ff:-vi f+-l-- --11-1 if . , Ar," V..,,jj:'P-33' my ' XXI' : 11,3-,ilf-54.. . 7,smf--'P,f-s-f'- 1.11.----'A' -n1nn1nn1.1 1 1 1..,...n1u....,1.n1,...1n Tynarfs Hat Shoppe 'Yi Millinery '22 PHONE 189-R 301 MAIN STREET ,.-...- -..H-,.....,.-.,.....,..-,...-,.,.-..,.-.,..-......,.,-. -..... -..........-....-...........-..n-....-....-...,....,.-H+ MARSHALL GRATHWOHL 'Yi PLUMBING, and HEATING '33 Phones: Residence 245'J Shop 814 112 South Third Street NILES, MICHIGAN ..1.,.1 .1.,,...,1...1..1..1..1.....,.1..1m.1,., ..nn1m11.y..,-.n.1..-. ,1-.1 1 1 .,11yn1 .1 Ghiropmctie for Cyfealth '25 I. A. HALL, D. C F23 IIEDROCALOITIETER SERUICE .....,....,, 1 1 ....,1,,,,1,..1,,,.1.,...... 1,...1.. -H..1..,.1M1U..1.11.1n1nu1.m1..f..1n.11.f.1..u1 J. A. KERR HARDWARE COMPANY '23 Headquarters for Sporting Goods me Niles, Michigan POHddT 1-,.1nn1,..1....1nt....,,1,..,1..11.,..1m-1.m1m. U New England Brand" Best Butter '23 Phone 35 '23 Niles Creamery Co. 1.,..1,.,.1.-1M1..11n1M1n.1nu1un1n-11.-n1M- 1..,1.,1..1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n 1 I . .K ggfwn A f ,., -. 1 X A. -E '- V 7 ,ff .ffl -.,n11....-.11-.1.-1-.H- Compliments of the FCRLER Cash and Carry MARKET Phone 38W Niles, Milchigan n..,.n1...1 1.n1.n1nn1n,1nn1,.1 1.1.1-v iles weet Shop Candies, Light Lunches and Soclas "Stop In After the Show" Main and Second Phone 1135 ..,....111111111111111,,11111..1,,,,.. g,OHddT gl ff K . z I AIIi'Iv'IfI 1 . k-,-,,.,-- I 1 1 I I I I 1 I 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 1 II I I 1 1 1 'I' 'I' I I I I I I I I I I -... .......... ...-,,,,..I.p .!.-..,......, ..-. ...-...,-..- - .- .-.I-.11-14. I I 1 cc as Knauf Bros. I 52 : : N Jewelers, Silversmiths and Diamond I I Merchants Under New Management 1 1 , 5 l High Grade Watch and tg, Jewelry Repairing Ciga-fs ,, Tobaccos I Billiards We carry a complete Iine of CN Watches, jewelry, Diamonds, Clocks and Silverware. Agency for I Park 6? Tilforci Box Candy Phone 918 1 I 1 'SU zzo Main sf. Niles, Mich. I 206 Main sf. Phone 115 2 I I I .11 -1-11 -1 1 1....- 1 -.nn-.1--,i, ,f.,1,.1,..- .-1. 11---1 11-0111 1-1111..- Q ft? fi' 11: ,. me A 19515.-w':iSh ' ,,5:::iI"" JI A Gas Range is Parc of the Equipment of Every Modern Home NILES GAS LIGHT COMPANY 302 Main Street .. 1 .....-,,,,1..-..-....1..1....-..-..1,..,1,. Page One Hundred Twenty-ni I I I -1- IIE 1 an ll 1 : -..-..-..... -.-.,-......- -.,.-..-H.-Mg. .!.-..-...-... - - - - - - - -1-U-1+ 1 I l . , 1 I Chas. Oeideman I Q 1 SL Sm 1 1 BIDWELL s 1 I 1 l Phone 684 Free Delivery E g 1 .? I : i 1 . GROCERIES AND MEATS ! 1 iw l THAT SATISFY 1 al : E : MONARCH AND LITTLE ELF 5 l g OROCERIES : ! : f 1 1 WASHINGTON 1 PARAH AND BUNNY BLEND r, : COFFEE CANDY : 1 . THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN FRESH l 1 MEAT OBTAINABLE 1 ew I , 1 l Try Us 1 Chas. Geideman SL Son The SANTOX Stow I 2 ' ....-..-..-..-..-..-..-.,.-..-..-.,.....-...-.i. .2..-..-..-...-...-..-...-..,-...-..-..-..-......-,L vnvu 1i111vi1111 11-.Tulip iilTliil,,i n1l,,..,,T l I THE WHOLE QIST OF THIS CHAT IS I SAFETY FOR YOUR MONEY ' EVERY man who gets anywhere arrives by the road of sure and steady saving. He wins because he puts his savings 1 where they are safe instead of trying to get quick earnings. The truth is, you haven't even a gambler's chance to "get rich quick". 2 I Take this sound advice-invest your savings here, where every dollar is backed up, by well managed first mortgages. There simply isn't anything safer. The Reliable Home Building 69 Loan Association 1 102 North Second Street, Niles, Michigan 1 -,.-..-,.-..-,.-.m-.. ..... . .... ,- - - - , - - - - , - 1 rf One lliznrlrrd Tllirfy S f--i-Q. -LM 1 I. r .MODEM N Efflgglwf-A ff Auf ' 1 , ,H , .. W-Q-Wy. u .,3w,,,h, L- . H. , X . ,4,,,rMKzn3:,id1.i5.LJQ,, . Q 4, 8 ,-1,,AK,,L 'at v' .L Smear K SQ 5.fuf'fL-i5i'f"'M'A'-fb , " it -+11i'f3??:"'. . F19 ,,,,,,,g..4 , -1 ,,., . -. ,. , .N -. - .1 ,. , "mia: H,,,,.-fm-w-Fr, ,M1-...Z.2I1:":-" 'l,,n'jQI.J' T ,V , 'pf' ,...:,f1 4 A -4,.:5I1i.i.,3 M 'W ,,nI'::.-f'g.J1-f 15' V 'Lak 'zzqfwy I , n 1' ff ,alt null'-I' - N 1-. V1 M- .Nt h , N E 5 I -2 1' u wr V: ' ' . " .":j - EY! 1' ff- 1,1 f' ' Q, A Q -'F r"' - . 7' ,f -'air I., , 415' K' aux Jil Nmtiwmausgimncdlarcdl Q0 MMRGTS of AUTOMORHLE JACKS TOWHNG AMRTULANCES RAILROAD TRACK TOOLS AND WIRE BRANDS Niles, Michigann P O H N d , , Y X1 g7e,,QV QQWV, 2 - we fizhii 2 ,Q . . 'Nxxwr I, Jltdxaivf ,fire ,hc 4-4Q2Q.Vf-, " .... .....- ., --.- .-....-Mr .E.-,....n-.H-...... -....-...B-. -..-..- - .... I i . Compliments of 2 Advertise Your i 1 ' Dr. Geo. I. Vetter Q B7fL5me55 2 I Dentist by using Lithographed 1 l Show Cards and Posters. : l '93 Q i e f Q' Phone 441 Made by i The National Printing F2 and Engraving Co. l i ofa I oh' N Y k, Walton Building CCS gtliciiciiis ew or g Home Plant: Niles - - - Michigan NILES, MICHIGAN I l i 1-1111111 1. 1iT1 nTnn1lnT--1.5411-+ glgulunv -IuluvnvIli!!-1hlTwIIllllil1l1+UlT NILES DAILY STAR a You will find all of the local news with the best of the nation's happenings every night in the Daily Star. Goes into 97? of the homes in Niles. vs.f'fQif'wa Read the Local News in the Daily Star gi' 0 1111117151 N I ........,...,,-........-.,.,W-..,1.,-,.1.,.-,,,-..H......-,.....,,,........,......-....-,..-..,1...-...-.,..... NASH LEADS THE WORLD IN MOTOR CAR VALUE NA NJIIIQS Nash MUIEUT Gwmpmmy II7 Sycamore Street Telephone 392 LANUSMAN9 S Cgfome of II-Iaurt Sehaiffner SL Marx CIothes TELEPHONE 899 225 E. MAIN STREET NILES, MICHIGAN Page On? Hundred Tlzirtx tl 1...1.L.......1..,1.u.....,-.....1u........1............m.1,- Fred D. Cook Real Estate Dealer '93 Every transaction is on the level. '22 Friday Building Phone 1417 Niles, - f - Michigan .,.......-.,1 .....1 ..1 ...-...............,1....41n...-.,n- .I 1 1 .,1. 1.. 1 .1 1.1 1..1....1.,..1....1....1....1 HARRY T. RICHTER 1 ,,.....,1 1 ..1,. 1.. 1,..1.,,1,...1,..,1...1. ..,.,.1...- - -,-.....,.I, ,fi V, f , -I - .airy- lq3 , " '- . -' .mf ,A .QM-?, U X . " " 1 -v --m1im-nu 1111 n-1-.-1uu1. 1 1M-.m1i-+ I ew qorler Cgfotel I Telephone No. 6 3 412 High Street I -4- -,I-. - -. - ...... - DRUGS - sTAT1oNERY - KooAKs I TOILET ARTICLES - PERFUME l WALL PAPER I NILES, MICHIGAN l .-....-.-....-...-...,-...........---U-I H H, - ... I . . ..-..--...-...K-I+ Ol1li7lf ,1 f K" ' K I --X -..11111...,,..,..,-.....,,-1-111-..--nn? l l D0 You Krsiowz l That Niles, Michigan, Supplies America With the Best Quality Fan ancl Blower Equipment. FEW people realize what is accomplished with air, handled by FANS and BLOWERS. Look over the following and get posted on your home industries: Ventilating, Heating, Drying, Air-Condi- tioning, Exhaust Fans, Dust Collecting, Conveying Systems for materials of every description. Forced Draft for, Boilers, Furnaces, Forges, Cupolas, etc., High Pressure Blowers for Agitating Liquids, Oil and Gas Burning and many other purposes. l I l I . . . . . , l "Garden City" Products are a genuine combination of scientific I design and perfect mechanical construction. I l l l ! ! l ! 1 i 1 i l l l ! ! l ! l l ! i GARDEN CITY FAN CG. I ESTABLISHED smcis 1579 i Patentees and Manufacturers of Garden City Products Works: Niles, Michigan Main Offices: Chicago, Illinois l I ..-.. ....-. .... --........ ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.,i, Page One Hundred Thirty-five ,, 1:-1ui.1iiii1.iiii1iii.1..i1.i.1ii-1..i1iiii1iiii1i.ii 1...1iii1ii.1ii.1..1.ii1-ii1uii.-iiii1iiii1i...1i.ii Dr. I. G. Brodie Dentist '23 Over I. C. Penney Store North Second Street F33 Niles, Michigan 1....1. 1i..1...1I...ii.1-.1iiii1i.f1nii1iiii1....-iii.- Electric Service Comp any Electrical Contractors C2 "An Electric Home Means Happinessi' '33 305 Main St. Phone 500 ..,.1,.1,,.1,.1,.1.,.1,.1i..i1w1uii1iiii1mi1iiii- ,gr Om' Hznzrlrrd T1 I IT -iq. l-latch Garage Phillips and Smith, Props. Garage and General Repairs 035 General Cord Tires ni? 199 South Second Street Niles, Michigan ,,1M1....1..,,1iiii1iii.1iiii....i.ii1iii.1mi1i.i.1ii.i1ii.i.. .....1iiii1.iiii1iii.1 1iii.1....1 1 1..i.1 1 1..,1 Compliments Of Cffilief iiuiera Cffiheatref Niles, Michigan ii1iiii1 1 1iiii1ii.1iiii1iiii1iii1uii1ii 1 ii1i.ii1 , I' ' X 1 .N.,, xii-1.1-ff .-...H1 .....1.1 1 1,1 1 1 1...- H.-14. 4--U.. ' I 17 ,1 111 1111111 ,1 1 1 11 1 11 1 sf If your work is done at Spencer's It will always be done right. Every rip is done so neatly- Every button sewed on tight. '23 SPF,NCER'S 211 North Fourth Street Phone 649 Smile and Boost for Niles 1,,,.1,,.1...1.,.1...1...1...1...1. ...,..1.i..1....1,.,.- 1...1..1..1 1,1 1 1.1 1 1..,1 1.1..,.1,, I : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 : 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 . 1 1 1 -I- Barns Dry Goods Ladies, and Men's and Chi1dren's Furnishings Shoes for the Whole Family Phone 1531 117 Main Street NILES, MICHIGAN +,..-1.,.1,,1,..1,..1..,1.,1,..11..,1.,..-.W-u.1u..1 ..1..,.1 1 1....1 ,1 1.1...1 1...1 .11-.1-.1 The Tattler was produced in cooperation with The Class of 1926 by the Hihherd Printing Company flyrinters N iBinc1ers N Engravers South Bend, llndlianam 1...,1..,1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.11.11.,1,,1,,.1..1,.1,.1..1..1 Page One Hundred Thirty-se M1 .-,.,.. ,..1...V1f,i,1...11m.1.,..1w1,..,1..,1-i.,-..,.,.-I.-in + 1.,n1n ...,1..1.........1....1..-i1-.......11..,,1.,,1 1 1., 1., 1 1, 1 ,1...1.. 1,, 1 1 .1 1 1 1 .1..1 i n I 4 '--" --in as 1 4 I oooDEATsATAiL1 I ' ' HCURS City Dairy F23 PURE DAIRY 5 i PRODUCTS : I l Q In And Manufacturers of 2 l Cafe 5 i DeLuxe ice Cream 3 1 C95 2 Ph Wi g one A JOl1H Petlliflli Niles, Michigan i l .....,.,...........1r...1 ..1..n1 1 1 1 .,1 v1i...1....1.i..1........,.1...,1W1.,...1....1. 1....1..i......1., 1 1..n1..1 Buy Furniture On A Business Basis THAT is the only way to make sure of a PLEASURE BASIS in using it. The business like way is to buy only QUALITY FURNITURE. Cut reputation means furniture of sound construction and values at prices that are moderate. AMILTQN-AN DERSO , Dependable Merchandise nt' Reasonable Rrices Authorizetl Hoover and Maytag Dealers Phone 304 NILES 221 Main Sf, P 5: Om' Hmzilrwfl Tl11rlv-wglxl S fl --- rl! ' -1.-nuiuui i-uv-i-'11 nvi. -I -I-11 --in-vin-+ gig.,-M11 1 1.1 ulnulnnln --un:uuLnn-unTun- U1 ... .. .. - -.,... ..u-,..,-,,-,-,u-,,,,,,-,,-, -,,,..,,.. - ..,.. .. - .. ....-ng. l ! l I I ERE, indeed, is a kitchen table into whose making has gone a greater measure of care, workmanship 1 and quality than is ordinarily found in equipment of this type. 66SNOW WHlTlE.99 Q Kitchen Tables and Bases have character built right into them. Beneath their immaculate beauty you will find a definite quality value that makes them intensely attractive. In thousands of homes today "Sno-White" tables are counted as one of modern convenience, indispensable to present-day home-keeping. I Made by i THE KOMPASS G1 STOLL COMPANY l 1 NILES, MICHIGAN ,areas l resfedw Appfoikdi l 1 211: X Good Honiysekeeping ' 0000 Q Institute Ns Hovssxgggirzc MPG? l l - .. .. .. .. - ..,.- - -i- .-n-.m- -...-..-U.-M..-..-u.-..........-..-..-..-..g. Page Orif' HlllldP'Fd Thirty-Him' inL.-...i.-W1....-.....-..,.,...1,....-.,,.-..,.1 .. 1 inn-..-.. ..1iiu,.m-.., 3 ,M - FRAZEE Cgiorol MQTQRS Cfford IN C. if-ford Second SL Cedar Streets Phone 192 .......-.,.......n...,-V1nu1n..-.,..-.,..-,.4.-.....-V...-un, FQRLER GROCERY CQ. '93 410 High Street '93 Staple and Fancy Groceries O II ldl' -Hui.. -..fl-1...-.u..-.N u..-.M- iq, ,gpm Mi, .-' .. - 4, yr. '- , 9 45 '.',S'i9g 'Ak:l:'i-1 , CTTQULE Coal Co. Quality Service and A Square Deal Phone ZOZ ..,.,,1,.,.1.,..-2,,......1,,.,1....1,m1n.,-...,.i -nu INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE l GEC. E. CCRELL Phone 213 Niles City Bank Building Niles, Michigan ,1,..,-...i....,.1....-..i.-im-...,1u.... .. iuqim. If I . ...miH..-.....-.i..1uu,...i1..f.1.,.11 Truust Bruthers Compllete Home Furnishers Euruiiture, Steves and Rugs Four Complete Floors 110-112 NORTH SECOND STREET TELEPHONE No. 111 NILES, MICHIGAN P gr Om' 111lllll1l'f'd F t 5 I V Ww'v a 1 1 , .M, . '... i 1-'?l'15?g,,'f:,,, , ,,.r .i.,HwgF A t YM .-.mi,,, i,ii ,,,,,,,Ln,,,.,,L 1.1 ,,,, ..,,.?, nf- ,1y, .1 II1. Tun-un--I-n 1-n-nu:unvnv inuluulnqgn l 3 , I BTQSO M alcers of Wire and 2 j Steel Hardware . " l . . i C31-QQQUQ5 Specialties V 3 . i ! and orc an awn l lghailrs beiultiful- ff ' if l I . . L.Ae l Meats e izn53m22i?pg3 5 duck. f FREE DELIVERY Michigan Telephone 427 Wire Goods' Company 904 East Main Street NILES' MICHIGAN -..-..,-.,n-..-.r-M-n.-u.-,,n-u,.-..,,-,.,-M-,Q lm- - -A,,-,,,-,U-,,,-U.,-n,,-,.,-,,-n,-,,r,-,l, -ul ivi-1 n- T inn- -HQNNT -nninninu-nl-.1 - 11- L T 1 T L inn-nnvnin l l HERPF JQNES CQMPANY INDIANAPCDLIS E I ,Z - Designers and Manufacturers ot Q l School and Fraternity jewelry l l Jewelers to the Niles High School l -.,....-..-.n-,,.-u,-.-n .... .-n.. -.,- ,r., -,.-r- -,-, ----- -I--I--I bf' Ont' Hundred Furty-t N ,ff f W. zrxxtxzsuzxrrx f 'u f' .x Say, oung Cdellofw' ,Wo QPSY "just growedn they say, lout you won't reach your ideals that Way. "THE IDEALH of all youth grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. You will make your mark in life if you keep in active touch with HIS Church. This space is dedicated to the young people and the churches of Niles by a business man. 14,0 II ri ..,1. 1.1 1,1 1..1 1 1 1 1...r1r The Sport Shop F. W. Appleby, Prop. Everything for Your Curing Sporting Goods, Camping Supplies, Flash Lights and Oriental Novelties Key Fitting and General Repairing 108 North Second Street Next to Riviera Theatre 1..1,.1...1..1iii.-..r...........1.,,.1.,..1.i.. -.1..1....1 1.1 1 1 1 Hot Hamlourgs and Barbecues "They Fill That Gap" Qther Lifesavers: Pie, Pop, Coffee and Hot Soup always on hand. HOTEL De HAMBURG 115 North Second Street ,.1mi.-.1..1...,1.,..1M1u..-m...............r..... 1m i.1...1.1..1..1.,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 BR 0 S . Specialize Silk Stockings Complete line of colors. Satisfaction guaranteed. Y 1, Ont Ilzuzclwzl Firrlv-firm' -n.1m.1 1 1 1 1.......-...1 ,-1-M-, Ahwv M I , 1. new-is .V Rf.. r. .A ,..1fff "' ' - , 't, me wuwmwrwimw +A,-,,,,,,,,.....-.,......-.n......,..-.n....n.. .,.. -HT Q.- ..,. - ,.,. - ..,. -.n...n-.n-n..-.,,....,n...n-..-.,n-. i T l I '1 I 2 , : MYER S AMERICAN 1 CLEAN ERS 5 5 SL IOC Store 3 g i 'IWe Dye for Qthersg X We'll Dye for You" I S l l l PRCMPT SERVICE 5 l 2 E 5 1 Q Q Phone 124W : I 2 211 East Main Street 204 North Second Street l E l ,L,,-M-...-u.-,n-M..-,.-,n-.,n-.,n-n.-m.-..,-.L 1,.,-u,.-.,n-.m-,.n-n.-.,,- -.,.,-.n-n..-..- - .!,,-.... ...... .,- -...-..u-..n- - -..u-u,-,,n-,..-n-..n-u,-M-,.u-,-.n-,- - -,. l l The Nlles C1ty Bank T i Member of Federal Reserve System 5 I 1 0 0 0 T If you do not save your own money, somebody g else will, and if you don,t get the SAVING HABIT in your youth, you never will. l T +,...r..-M.-. -..-.....-...-.M.-.M-.,..-5...-.,... ,.-, -,..-....-H..-H..-...N-........,,..-.,..-....-... -.....-....-...-..r -.....-... P O H 1 d F tx fl ,g...L...w...,....,.4, -..-, 1m11.11.-1.1r.1...1...1..1........,1......--1 1m.1......1..,.. 1..1.n1.n1...1 1 1 The Rapp Co. Cut Price Stores 'N Clothing Furnishings Footwear fm: 120 Main Street Niles, Michigan 1,.,1..11u....1..1n.1n1.,.1.m1,..1. 1...1..n- Drolet's Drug Store 'N A F Tienclly Store cw Cor. Main and Second ....,.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.,.1.,..- O 1lddF n-11,1 M1- ..1..,,1....1.,.1u 1 1....1.in1,,.1... l-l. Pu. Laloerteaux "The Grocer" just A Little Better QQ Phone 400 fw 1893 - 1926 'N Main Street .1.......,.... .. -.-...-,..-,.n- 1 ... ,...,-W-.. -......,,.-.,..-. ...,..--.,..-.,..-...,-,.,-. 1 -. ....n.. Niles Fuel SL Supply Company Blue Grass CUAL Phone l6O Office: Main St. and Big Four R. R. K, I . .--m1u..1.m1 U.. 1.,.,1mi1........,..1nn....1.-.m1 .1..,.-im ,,1.,,,1 1 1,1 1 1.... 1.1,,,1,, dd, 1sii1n1.-.uu1.m1M1.n..-..1...1.M.-m.1nn1 POLLY'S SANDWICH SHOP Hot Soup, Hamburgers, Barbecues and all other kinds of sandwiches. Wailes Cut Specialty First Door North of Riviera Theatre 1.,i.-,.1,.n1.1.1.........1..v1...1.1.1 Blackmond for jewelry, Watches and Qptical Goods as A Real Shop '93 216 East Main Street, Niles ,.1...i-.....1..,.1....1fm1.1.11i...1.1.-11,.1,.,.1.,.1..,.1 ...,1,,,,1....... 1..,.1.....- s..i.s.1........,1. 1 ,.1M1 Why Gilffen Like to 'Buy Clothes were They can come in and be taken care of in a business-like way, "quickly without fuss", at the lowest prices possible-quality considered. CHAS. JULIUS CQMPANY C. E. Moon, Manager ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1M1,.,,1...,..,...1...,1,,,1....1..,,..,....,......,,.1.,.,1.....1 1 1. 1 .1 1..1 P50 Hddlfty- i'lV""i'Fp1i,sg . Y r'-Aqs. estern State Normal Sclloo Kalamazoo, Michigan Carefully selected corps of trained instructors. Splendid campus of 56 acres, including 15-acre ath- letic field. New Library Building. Well selected Library material-ZOO magazines and periodicals. Splendid Gymnasium for Men just completed. lFour:-Year A. B. and B. S.. Degree Courses Two-Year Life Certificate Courses 'll'lireefYear Courses in Special Sulajiects Appointment Bureau places graduates and alumni free. Excellently equipped cafeteria. Co-operative Book Store. Fine democratic atmosphere and splendid school spirit. For catalog and additional information, address the Registrar. D. B. WALDO, President IIUHN C.. ll-lUlElK1IlE, Registrar i O Hzmrlrfd-Fortv-eigllf N ff ' its ....,.- .... ------ ,-.- -.,..-H+ -5--H-,H-..R-.,....n.-.,-.,... -,n-,,-,u-.,,..,,... 5 F. A. Reynolds Hardware Dr. L. G. Platt i l l Phone 460 f l it cw . 5 1 Dentist g 3 209 Main Street 1 l ll : Niles, - - Michigan I : l l TINY Thi T11 T 1141- llnq -+ +i..1i,n- -nu 11?: m--nuluvlvnn-nnvqu-1 DRUGS SODAS BERNARDS Niles' Leading Drug Store 414 High Street fi? We Are lust As Near As Your Phone CANDY KODAKS 1 0 II id F 11.1 1 1 1u.1..1...1..,.1.. 1 1 1un1n ADAH WEAVER, Mgr. YELLOW JACKET RED DRAGON KENTUCKY LUMP COKE Citizens Coal Co. Phone 764 1In1..1...1..1.-1.11-1.1-I.....u1m.1W1n1nn- 1....1uu1n.11.-11.-1u.11.n1..11...1 1 1-u1u Call 1304 For all kinds of Battery and Ignition troubles. Work Guaranteed BENNING SL FISHER Prest-O-Lite Battery Service 40 Sycamore Street ge O H 1rlrPdFifly ,,--- - 4 eJSI'X- x . w .1 ' 1 . mf, . Q! A, 1 -un.....11.-..1..1......11 Compliments of K. B. Schmidt Meat Packer Niles, Michigan .5........- - - - - - - - .. 1 ...M- ......-...-..,-...-..,-..-..,.......-,...-,..-..-. - Tatronizo Our Cfllclfuertisers fw They have helped to make this issue of the TATTLER possiblej. -g.-.----.-...-----..- X! f. . 1..1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1,,.1,. 1,.,,.-..1.,1.,1 1. 1..1....1....1,...1...1.,.1,..- I TRGGST and AUGUSTINE 1 E.V.AUGUSTINE, l Licensed Embalmer I Moroa HEARSE and Q AMBULANCE I i Phone 10131 NILES, - - MICHIGAN i + 1 -i- Gompliments of Will A. Thayer Ieweler 'N Inspector of Watches Michigan Central Railroad ..-...,.-.1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 .--1.1 .1 1 .1 1. 1 .1 .1 .1..1 1 1 1.-1-I... Why Not Have Your Repair Work Done at Stevens Brothers? We are prepared to do all kinds of repair work on any make of Engine. The quality of work is high and the PRICE is reasonable. Headquarters for Gabriel Snubbers, Mobile Oils and Goodrich Tires. STEVENS BRGTHERS GARAGE 302 North Second Street 1--.1..1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 Phone 828 Page One Hundred Fifty- J o DEPARTMENT STORES P' i '- -1!',5t.,,3ys . - A - is 1 A NA TION-WIDE INSTITUTION' EIHIE . y INC. "where savings are greatest" Being An Economic Factor In the Community Served The true function of this Store, as We see it, is that of serving as a purchasing and dis- tributing agent for the people of the commun- ity and the outlying districts. VVhen the merchant enters business he as- sumes the responsibility of performing a public benefaction-that of providing com- modities and services to his community in a way that will afford economy and convenience and of maintaining such environment as is necessary and desirable to the consumers who support him. lf he fails in this responsibility, he ceases to be an economic factor in the community which he essays to serve. Since the first Store in this Nation-wide institution of department stores was opened in l902, the outstanding ambition has been to serve all alike and well. That we have suc- ceeded is proved by our rapid growth. In less than a quarter of a century we have be- come the Worldls Largest Chain Department Stott Organization. I U II lllwflv-Iwo N lf' ' X ,,,.,1...- -.,.....,..,...,,-,.,....... .- ..,.,.- Watch Chevrolet Lead ...lm ...J - -......- ROLE! efuzafra' Niles Auto Sales Company A. F. Stoll C. L. Sholtey 108 Sycamore Street -.,,.,1 .-.,.,,.,.,,.-.,,..-...-..,.,.,,- ,. -..,..1,,.,- -.W-B...-1-.-..-----.. -U -im-Qi.,-.11--...-. Rutherford's Funeral Home Phone 1025 W Ambulance Service 'KJ Picture Framing Compliments of Niles Steel Tank Cot 1,......n.--.-1.-111.---.-1..,,..- PgOHd1l'!l V' I --..-....------...,-...p Compliments of the FGRBURGERf I-IUTSGN MGTGR CG. 'W BUICK 'SU NILES, - - MICHIGAN E' H' POWS1' SUPPIVC0' PLUMBING and HEATING I PIPE, VALVES and FITTINGS I SUN-PROOF LIQUID PAINTS I Mimi..- .-...1......,n-1--1..- i.1...-,,- W3 .. ,, 5, -.......-...-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-...-.+ . I Auto Supphes and I . . I Rad1o Accessoues I I fw I I CRGSLEY, APEX, 1 PADA, ZENITH I RAD1os I I W I I TALLERDAY I I Auto Supply Go. 1 Phone 1416 215 N. From st. I 'I' '5' I I I WATERSPAR VARNISH I "IT NEVER TURNS WHITE" 2 211-215 North Ninth Street Phone 1161 O 1IlHll1l'f'dFlfIy-fUIII' I : I I I I 'I' ,f . . ..... X' I ' I I I ' fsffzii - I Mice, y' 4 , 44 ' I -I Isl'-u--I' 1- 1' In , V14-,,, , or r . .,., .N 1.,..1.,..1u.,1,..1-..1..1..u1.,,1,..... 1 1,,,,..y-1.1, -.m...,n1-m-. 1.,.. .... K... 1 1 1 1....1r.- 3UCl Compliments GARLANGER of the DEALERS IN Niles Lumber SI-IQES and In I1 LEATHER GOODS CO pa V Lumber and Building Material 213 Main Street M. S. Rudisill, Sedy-Treas. NILES' MICHIGAN Phone 6 Niles, Mich wif LILQQT ,LBLQ LXLELSLL E QI B., Rumi Newrnan SL Snellls State Bank 4670 gigilfgrlafivlgsiilgl 41170 SECOND Sw. MAIN STS. NILES, MICHIGAN u....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ....1 ..,,.. 1.1..1 1.1 1 1 ,1..1nu..n......1...-W1.. P Om' Hznzzlrvd Fifi-r '1 rf ..,i-i..-,..-..-i--.. -.- - .- - -in-.V+ THE HoUsE or QUALITY where you will meet your friends and will feel at home. The Broadway Market StGrocery 920 Broadway Phone 388 Jas, L. Madden Rolfe R. Taylor , '!' 7 1 1 T 1 : ' ! l i T T l . I : 2 I ! : I l 2 I ' ff T T T : 2 I I : ' l ! T 3 T T T i I ! I L! : ' l. P- I T T T 5 3 ! l i WA .ui.1nuiiiii-,i.T1..n1 .1-n-i-lu1...1.n,nu- 1 Stuclio Art Shop and Tea Room 'N "Gifts for Every Occasion" 'U Luncheons and Afternoon Teas. 'K' Fifth Street aincl Sycamore Niles, f - Michigan ..- ..,. -....-....-L..-.-..- -M.. -.m-....-.i. 4...-..,.-... ---- ..-.- - n-....1u1..- -Hi 1,1 1 1 -..ui -...ih- av' ll any ,,..1..,.1Ju1 The Studebaker Corporation of America Sycamore Street Niles, Michigan ,,1,.,,1...-.,,.-..,-.i....-.iu-w-n..1 1... ki.- 1 1 - ... ugw Um' Iluurlrrrl Fifly-Tix N ,---A-ag.m.i,,,,,.4 .mi --m-m--m--nn--:-n-- 1--- -un-nv-- ----un---T -31-v-n-un-nr--vu.-.-H-,.... ...-,..,..m,....,- 1 L. W. Marshall M. s. wmcma . : R. D. King 5 T STATES Niles' Fashicn Park CQMPANY i 2 Clothes 3 STAR - DURANT and W 3 FLINT six Always First With i fw The Latest Accessories, Tires, Storage and 2 B Repairing 'W l l i 'W l 5 Walton Bldg' Phone 436 3 Phone sro 309 N. Front s -i-.,,-n.-..-..-..,-,-,,-..n- -.4.,-M-M-g, iT,-M-n,-n.,-r-i-,,n-s.-i-....-,..- -.,,,- -.,,1.,.,-.......,-...,.-,.,..,..,-...,-...,,.,.......1,...-, ...-,.....n....m.......- .....,,- ..-.,..-...-.m-. ..................- SHGES THAT FIT '23 L93 HOSIERY THAT BLENDS '23 '23 RUBBERS THAT WEAR G00d6h0Gs I 4. -..-.. ----.- i...........-i.-n..- ...-un-.rn1un-an-nn-B..-un- .-.T 1 .-...-...- ...mi O v- FT V INDIANA ENGRAVING YAMPANY pl mdcie b t Efaliidnii w ki - W I Ti sAv'n1aliNn wAsu Nmwluus vrmm nzravtnluni EAMMEKYIAL rrmmumvnv ENWAVINQ ELEYTKATYYINQ NIYKELXSTEEL TYPES znnassmv. mrs ,VJ XS ,, "ll f -i..,i.+ F . ,ADW AMW., ojefv. XZ 1017. fl VAQ .21 V! 4""'A' , fkf-AQ Y ,ax M7 iw , f W 17' Wh 1 f W J f ', Y ufwva-f,oQLf A7 X00 , f f,Z,fff , f 4 111:55 Q' W7 0241w1+ff 1,r..-,v.q?xux-E3 Q ,x I fm we Qwqxg QM 1? 4,1 1? ' kwa? " fv,,J'A'53'i wxu f Bw 5 1+ 1 f 4 ffl ry Y , ff! .UL 4 ' 1 5 1 www M Qdqrv 1 fQirgXw:2 X-fx 'LM F' 'wil-Q w -4L N fgfmsg Qbklkiwl Yxgyxx XX b e l Q -- Nuff '-to Q fx H Y x 5 NX r W, .3 Q I TQ -1 X 41 . , . , A J. -fa, in :nah '1 ir 1. ,Qi isziffcf bf? 1.1.-to-gig 13, is x5f.g":"'mxj 4 ,Jw H-.ef wx, me W V -' ui. 1 -fa-if -f.,:L, Q an 'EW 'zu ' V' ' 'K+ AlH,,rm,'i'.,x,-ti iff wg. 'SMF' .i2,'Mf-iaiwzwk 2:2717 , ' 'Q 'V ' s-TS34.Qg!Q,j.f",g' 4431" V ' ' , ' L x!!71' . Q., ' 73,55-J .41 W , f .V JH-X L MS:-fjil, :fp 'fn' 'EQ 45 Fir? :a'0"':f,,,7f H 5-Q5..,:1. Q-g 4 3. f 'iffff U? SM! 30,151 , 1 , ' ,H 'aw 1 mv? Q' f . Nw QW :JSI-N ,-. 3, 'Qi .f" X f' "fitti- Iy xx . ff 1, V ,- X7 . I ' 1 J. ,. I7 . ,mxh 6' ,f , f , 'xv Wt N ,fl -' ' V ', y 1 Y-" X .- A-' 'A 4 --V 5 " .., 'I' S l N ' lr ' Vi, KKK AJ 2'-jfynzfv 27,-,L .44,f iqfww ,Aw Lwbwv 234,47 K6,K1K7,bZ4,Q, XLVLZKQRMXGMVL M LA'zCf2! Aw KMLW if W ow-KK Luv f-fuvcfbw M MKJM4 ,,,,,K,,,,L J f W We ff J, M,,M,V,,,, K,L,,,, A, f KfK.,,,4,,,KV 4z"flfLff1Cf5 A, C5125 !C,L,,,,KLJ fGw44 'Cfhllj Zg.f.n.,.-6, fog,4,,Qf,,7 4-f ,L LK, Q5 LK.,f,K,cMK QW 74,42 L., 1149 I' Wy f ,MXL E ,KV ,Civ V ,I . f ' ' 4 , . , gf! I -XY V V - K 'I I , . If V. ' sf , 1 ' f 1 X , K ,V -1mA--A-Mb WWW, Vim, W , ,nn ,Km ,KKK K ' ' 1 I - I , f fi! f ' V V ,A,4 4 Y LV 1.4 K K K f ff' -- , X I I ff XJ ' , ' f , N,.K f f M . ' V ' 1 ' f I ' " 'A 14 4 . I 4 , 'yn 5 4 'f ,I K V ' 'A ' ' L K5 A K t - v K Ji 5 -f f Y -A U! f ,K X ,f ,Kf I. , , V - . f , K K , ,v I K X ,, I ,K K K K ,--.,K,,.... - K -K-4 -K, - - - -Y - f fi-Z ,Af E K 7 , ' , - 4 f .7 , , ' Q . ff ' , . 0-.M-hw ,'Y 5 , t,K1,h,A, ,.,' k , , ,, LAILKK-M. ,,,g1,,, 1, wwf-.vw ' 4.14 "if I ' 1' X H A Lf K ff A , .M M A . . ,ffnf ,fn ,,,,,, " ,.. M. , , 1' ' ,i -K - f , 4,1 ,X X K Q 1, ' ff" 1 fi Lf Q -ww, W, , V, W fn K K 5-'- , Kc , ,yi-feffi ' ' ,f 4 '! Q' K! W If , KV, l , W, W. A712 K K K ,. -12, . - K 4 " , 'wfyfnvkf gf ' 1 L fy L' 1' 'K A . ' n 1 ,Z ' gb' I . .,,, K K Y, .Kff"L,4,K'zf'afL.z . Y X 4 -'-Jz.K ,Ll ff Lf 4 v -'fl . . 1 ' g , ' Wm, M 'KJ , 5 , ' I , 1,,.,,-,.. ., -,,,, W W, ,H W , , ,, , ., , , ' K . - ' ,K 1 -K . . ...ff 4 I - 'ff' ' -- , f--f f - f - -K ,-- K K- KK ' ' ' ' f' -- - A ' Q f.g', ,-JK KKKK Q-Q D 1 My , Y J ,K ' S ' - Q, ' K -- . A ALJ xx f' I ' X7 ,- K C 'M-f .2 ,f IL, I ' K ' . , , ' 4' f- A -' "'f '--'RW '- X In o Vkfp, ,,.A p:,,K.,N-fufr' ,J7 ,... .,,.. , - , , , K V jf , K- fl' 4,v.fL, .hy if KK ,LL-LL! , 1 ' , Q 'K -f 7- +-'--'--M-- 'H----7 --- - 4, - Kv.Kg,.K 5' .JL , ,-W-M 7 A ' ' , ! , , , , , ' " K S ,KK , ,,,,K. " -' ' ' f- K 1 7 X-,J-.ff V ,fi ., K . df- -ff ' -f K --KI I 1, . I f u Y , H 1 --fi vf , f 1 4- -' . ----- -K .:K.-K V, , , ' 511. ,A K, K N ,, K 7 ,+L Af - f yf ' - 1 . 1 4' 1 , f ' iw' f W I ' 1 K C! K A- F, C' - ' fgi , ., , 1 -E Y 4 V L f 51 " l 1 i.. , M , ., F' l . 17" X, 1 ' V -qw cf" D V if 'V'-fx., 1. 1 K, N, ,,Y, LL, 4, V 4, , , 797 fi ' ,. . -'Cf K., J,,g-,f , Lag-, .V Qi,,4.,f4,.- 1 321. - Ly? cuff , -I L ,gf ,' Q vu' K' , ff: , , V, , , , C. A. , , HW, ,,r:M- Q ill X' W KJ, V LL, Lug xiii. Q f 5' V ke,-,fygf fwf-Q.. V. C.,:g,L,' ,,iLLf'Y4fv4Af, Lf- V. Y T fl I f l-f-- ,Lf 5 E , K SL' ,R xfiiwtd L-lyk, , - ,gf L... L,l' ,413 V- ,LAR W H, ,Kia 57 Q, -Ir ,M-1? zQUk,f,fQ.ffx.f1 ,Ly ,jxvzbfjl ,I if ,J ' ,, QM -, j' K ff V L! H QL 1-YK My Ll W J L L,,,Vf,w Li .ruff 1-,Cf-ff"--fu :- ff ' I-'. f L H H ,QA VC L+ff4TQf , ' 5' :Y ,f ,Gov Lffv-,Lf Lf 5' f f T xffl V V L7 W f , .jk ff ' V W, M V 512 7 r ,VW 4 wg Q71-,,..4 Jr wffd--fufff .Ay J' I - ,M fn Kg, Q md, M ,L ,- M, f bmw ,LPM vw-fq X .ff VX, ,Q-fx., L, fkr Q, L,-4-, 7 VL " fp, ,Q 'V , fiflfc- , K 'A , ,f . . X1 IA ' f ' . ki! Lf f1,,, ' K.-!,,.,. H, J, , -f',l-ffbdlkfflcg 4-,, ,,fQfL4y,,,1,,f 41, Q af, M , fc. :x.,4,.-c,',V 'Z-621117-f' , ,i,r R 7' --.. ,,,4, L,g,fy'LA, , . K- V' J' u "f"f"4-f'-f"-ff' ' '-M 1- -f M f' ' f rf ' - ' Y ' f . ,, , ..- Q ,E H ,YV L, ,1...,,,, dv ,pf Ly if-Lf.,g,c,,',q,4f1 , ffafc., .4-, - , V , ff I 9L,1f.C!Qf,L-fl.. Lf K,Q,, vfLfC,.-xfvb, , Cf OQJAXCX L! QL! ' f' , JL! ,fL,, Qly, CL '..f4,,- - LLI1-be-fy, N 1 Y 1 N X . S L A ,L ,,,,...... .g.,,-Aid ul ,F , , JT. , M, " ,H V. 1 ,V .1 1 ,mums-.vvmmnnv mmf Q. wn,.,., p.-f uw . ,M - A W- v xv, V- .--- U .. -- . ,

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Niles High School - Tattler Yearbook (Niles, MI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


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