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I E i i L I k - V - 1 Q y . . aww ' A.: ' izj'21 V N I N M xvxcfjkk Af QQ gr! mx f - r JQQVISQOIW W A' 99' THE YEAHBUUE UF Tee NIEHTHYEALE-BAMFIIIHD eoeooi ik Volume XXVII e 1951 Published by the Senior Class New York City God conceived the world, that was poetry: He formed it, that was sculpture: He colored it, that was paintingg He peopieci it with living' ibeingsg that was time grand, divine, eternal cirama.H CHARLOTTE CUSHIVIAN MW 1 . To Mrs. Stephen Sctntitzer who has guicteot and stimu- lated us with her high icteais anct Wtiose altruism and ctevotion have been of greatest inspiration to us. Her lively humor has contriinutect to our entire sctiooi lite. To the class of 1951 stle will remain ttne sympathetic friend on whom we can always rely. To tier We ctecticate our Yearbook. 4 il T THE EUTTUETAE BUAHD Editor-in-Chief . . . . Suzanne Bonnett Business Manager . . . . Monique Piiieger Assistant Business Manager . . Betty Ball Art Editor . . . . . Janine Jordan Assistant Art Editor . . . .A . Britt du Toit Literary Critic . . . . Miss Mary F. McBride Faculty Adviser . . Mrs. Cassius J. Keyser THE STUDENT EUUNETL President . . . . Gail Ward Vice-President . . . Adeline Ray President of Social Service . . . . Ellen Hough Chairmen of the Committee of the Arts . . . Charlotte Taylor President of Athletic S..... . Terry Turner Tenth Grade Representative . . . Nancy Klee Ninth Grade Representative . .... Martha Mayor Faculty Representatives . . Miss Hill and Mrs. Keyser 6 THE SENIOR BLESS ELIZABETH CASTLEMAN BALL SIIZANNE FRANCES BCNNETT PATRICIA CUSHIVIAN DINCWALL BINITT-LOUISE DU TCIT ELLEN BASSETT HOUGH IANINE ELIZABETH JORDAN JOAN KENNEDY IVICNIQUE ALICE PFLIEGER CI-IARLCTTE PAXTON TAYLOR TIIERESA LUCILLE TURNER ELEANUR GAIL VV ARD 7 "Oh, I should love to be like one of those VVIIO through the night on tameless horses ride." LUDWIG LEWISOHN 8 ..r, ,. - Ziff, Ziff Team: Blue Entered: Junior Blue Vouey Ball Team: Junior Blue Basketball Team: Junior, Senior Varsity Basketball Team: Junior, Senior Shield Staff: Junior Assistant Business Manager of Yearbook: Senior ' Yorkville: Senior ' ,Mme Zinneff Team: Blue Entered: I Vvithclrewz IH Re-entered: V Magazine Board: IX, X, Junior Editor of Magazine: Junior Editor of Yearbook: Senior Ben Group: Senior uGiVe ttiy thoughts no tonguef, R A QQ X -Szgsilrzigilssizrsfxizlz V H ?6xm'oN"T00'3 B 9xWx5f. tomvvvgug Deng! tcowwwh A ' QSCXQQQS l ek lx" -59-4-nwve QQKQ-Q To Jw ' ,. ' Maxx CIW gkeg' he 'ie l Yxalwx 'FAN O'-N.-mqf VQ UXQ +5 wa REMAX-Lei 'Elo 9 efckaf-ff K Z Kms? cis +tKQ O'q,'F..f ot-if-fx li 'BkQQs'flA 5AAL0w -wg gLW6Nc ? X H I AOR MNA ITRZE CU!-to STRQD- X N7' 4 . mp0N rmeNg4ff5 Hawk 'H+5- ,f465h4vb I N fg pig'-,Qi ff Kb Af 0 fn 0 Hs fiona IW 2-KDPL If ffdb-Y 2 ESSBIQV-,' I ,K - w:- .- Y - ,ix III I I, ,I I II JI In II I I II I I I I TI nam- ' . X uExuIoerance is Iaeaulyf'-v9"X2c: agua ' 10 , 'f fl fgalfmfcia ingwa Team: Blue Entered: VI Vvithdrew: IX Re-entered: Senior Glee Club: Senior Captain of Blue Team: Senior lr QUeQy74ffre P405 .' X - 7--f:fg,,,Q?f5,, ze-f W' - " if I MALL? cfm ijoif Team: Blue H Entered: Junior Slnielcl Staff: Junior Nlagazine Board: Junior l Art Club: Junior, Senior Glee Club: Senior g, Assistant Art Editor of Yearlvoolc: l Senior Il l xx I 1 lv l l l J .. "" " Jiufu-4m-A M ' G5 V I Come till your cup and in the fire of Spring Your Winter-garment of Repentance fling: The Bircl of Time has but a little Way To Hutter'-and the Birct is on the wing." if OMAR K1-IAYYAM TlDQU'0U-if VHQ- lionqq l 1 , -i 'LVUWHX YVlQl 1 - . ks 4 , if , :wif " 5 Ti- f YT'-5" lt ,ffi4.z5e.g5.i2",:5zr All --" if -. T f 11 I - A.4,, N X H a'i W x gf 'Q 'f L. if i , 5 i zffdn M94 .gxu 1 ir .n 4 M ., , Z T-lqeaxmz Silver l Entered: HI 12 Art Club: X, Junior Drama Club: IX, X, Junior I Glee Club: IX, X, Junior, Senior KI iA'YorIcviHe: Senior I I H 'ex if I . al X?,.i il r x W in secret kept, in silence sealed," "The human heart has hidden treasures, E BRONTE I7 Sf 7e'Sf 7eS,'! IQ amine Jordan Team: Blue Entered: X Art Club: X, Junior, Senior Glee Club: Senior Secretary of Social Service: Junior Art Editor of Yearbook: Senior ' . R. , 1 e agles? kifiifsi ilhigggg gs f-"' AM ,-1,-1-se Lim Y ,, , ,H 'r f - f Q -? j I I I I I I . X I' I I I I , 1 ,I II I . 'e II 1' I l I II J. or I I I I I ,L li I ., , Uvvhat fairy-like music steals over the sea, Enhancing our senses 'with charmed melody." '- I 'A--'-' -X WILSON nl inn 071 If HSC? Xa fO?,Q whaf . 3. iftjxglffv ii, Ju 13 if QQM., Q ff A mug is if "V -wg sw wg agamxsxi fwnwmm W-1 Eimwwm an ggi is mawismmj-51,-fgigg in- 2--. Ev my Ms s an--3-swjxr-z is n sim mw- E- miss .15-is-is sm gg ia--s?2':"'W mmrmuqigrg, if Q ' sg n N My m H mga mm-35g is mi-me is X is In M HIE m -EQ ,an ass Q is iw-i fn is mi E Q nf QE' mm sm mx mx B- rx sf. Wuxi-..i pi Tw is as is Q X S. is -E .M E B 3 E. 'E Q-im-smwum-H f min 2 as - mx 5 5. X wr ms ' is if my 'H mf mess 5 si , 2 U - Q is is gm if Em mm .5232 as is sm gr :si iw is if is pi w as E .fi m is is is H Bi is is is ,if K S K' is is mms E is is ' ii ii ami-Y is .4 is is X B - mf mm any my :QM mm we fra. E Ny ma: wi ' E 1 1 E Pi .-saw aw in ii fi E Hui ri-is m rx E B H - is mu sm ms i Q is W B, fr mi mi is i H - f H.H5!.f ' H We Km M in Zi 2 E H5 - - - is -f I: ,-is E Z E E11 may E mf ,:: 5 is is 1 if is Q ss :- ,Li i Q E - an 2,-mm W -g wi Y K, A W kim w-Q "There is n 0 end to iearningf, ribs C 14 Q! W 1 K 'Xi' , , Q, Qy AN 0 aan .JQVLVLQ 4 g Team: Silver Entered: V First Silver Voiiey Bali Team: Senior Art Club: X Giee Ciuiog IX, X, Junior. Senior President of Giee Club: Junior, Senior Assembly Committee: Junior I 'C xmas-gli is ws W me ea in ss. W ra as Q-w is Q Q sz E wumm H X s w my if 7707L6'f7,6f Z7-Ke iff fy online pfgeger r Team: Siiver b Entered: X Junior Varsity Basicetinaii Team: X Silver Basicetioaii Team: X, Junior, Senior Varsity Basicetbaii Team, Junior, Senior Captain of Siiver Team: Junior Art Ciuia: X, Junior, Senior Drama Ciuia: X Giee Ciuiaz Junior, Senior Business Manager of Yearbook: Senior .1 5 ,. 4 V "Comes Biitimesorneness with mirth and merrimentf, ' SAN . GEIVIIMIAINIO ' 1 5 Q1 is rw mm ms M is 1 - ir - was r -r . T, an u - xx -ff X Mem: twin- sr: Ewa 3 if x an 2. w H rx- 2 E 2 "rr H wr in J XP? . :Mies .me T fvrwu'-: gr: E, N E s-5 rim Wa sr sa X21 sr Q. E sr mis sr -E .. A H mag? imma X E r 2 'igs if Eagan!! xx 2 ram:-is as mr if if I 2 Bass nv ms is f 9 A 'L Pisa H - U. in . YR Sf. Q mn" Bw Z E HT- ' E 2 1 E. . , 9 naw 2 w L- in EHR 'X' xx is n rg r H - ni' use -1- E Q! U zz s na ' 5 H Q is u f if - rr B 1 Mr M naw . . - E 9 New H 1 U E ,H ,Q E H H ii ii H Herr- is H-H X Q A7 is 1 an E : Q JE-Wm Hass :mem xx sr ra: is v- M W B 'wx Rm HB ra mu Ifvr - if -E, as ,X 5 3 M- Q in E urging is uri.: is KKTIIOH art not idle: in thy higher sphere Thy spirit 'blends itself to loving tasicsf, LOWELL r 1 A M4422-Q0 ff "' ,. 16 3.5, is Clwlffe 2,5 Team: Silver Entered: I Art Ciuio: IX, Junior, Senior President of Art Club: Junior Chairman of Committee of Arts: 'Drama Club: X, Junior Secretary of Social Service: X Shield Staff: X, Junior, Senior Senior Assistant Editor of Shield: Junior Editor of Shield: Senior -1 V VSVQEEQSMME Wgsfpnr-332-Q': S, ' Q H, ,gg wif a S225-E 'mm -H H Ein' iw Es Aw, E , ii 3 siigggi-2 KE my A-YE Q-.s mn ms sm mn w may Q 5: ff EQ-NE' EEE 'TE H H rim is iwriig M E 1 E Ed an ,.7A8l"856L lfLl"lfL8l" Team: Blue f Entereci: V Captain of Biue Team: X Second Team Blue Voiiey Bail: X Second Team Blue Basketball: X Junior Varsity Voiiey Bail: X Junior Varsity Blue Basketball: X Biue Voiiey Bail Team: Junior, Senior Varsity Voiiey Bail Team: Junior Varsity Basicetiaaii Team: Junior, Senior President of Athletics: Senior Art Club: IX, X, Junior, Senior Drama Ciuia: IX, X, Junior, Senior Giee Ciuiax IX, X, Junior, Senior 5 Silieici Staff: Junior, Senior ' . Yoricviiie: Senior Hvvoric bears witness who cioes Weil ff J WWA' WQMIT, V, 1 5 9. Q: wagging" 1, tie .5 f I 4470 'J ' rw 'yr rn ff sum Siem , 1 ,, , M Z fiffwi 'list' ILT . . an 4 N S1 ' i -. , mx f- A Q " - -f - A 4 .,. .J V' , 535 my , f gift. ,L , s ff' ' If Ugjwj amp -,m,vz7fe'+LL UtfQ.v",l A arf-V .-- .... J- :M M - J 4 N E i gui! mr! Team: Blue Entered: X Blue volley Bali Team: Junior, Senior Blue Basketball Team: Junior, Senior Varsity Voiiey Bail Team: Junior Varsity Basketball Team: Junior Senior Drama Club: X, Junior Silielct Staff: X, Junior, Senior Editor of Shield: Junior Beit Group: Senior Yorkville: Senior Q- -E Vice-President of time School: Junior tpresicient of time School: Senior ,U ,Jw Ja P Y HZ mga Nigga Elgin, KE RE 5525 555.5 E H -5 E H .BEEN of QQ Q b or W M.: M is:w,,,,m . iii ,SN ju QE' U "Now, white thou has tire vsioiicirous power of 3 JH XPJ hx word, iet every ttlougilt in shining grace appearf, 5 xp X . wax NLQJ-6, L32 U99 Now wait 'T.Ccwr kQf 3D'QQg ow WM iw wi Q. M E9 JWWO LWQQQ Wm u:X'v39'Q'xt3"S - K w o Wmawmfema N33 .Uwe Cycas-' Qevgkowkl , .L c oxkalwkqpo we WTNX vxdCX0e9sv OWQVX' Rweigqkwgnww 'wer agp- in ig Qu. .JDM-w,L,.,w "'S,Noe,XQm.oXGfo Geez 'W THE ELA55 WILL Betty Ball leaves her love of the West to Barbara White. susie Bonnett gives the library eoueti track to the sohool. Pat Dingvvall leaves the auditorium to the Silvers. Britt du Toit leaves her red shoes for exhihition. Ellen Hough leaves the altos stranded. Jan Jorctan leaves tier piano arrangement of "Tea for Twou to Barbara Van Brunt. Joan Kfinnecty leaves the key of the Steinway piano to Nancy Klee. Monique Pttieger leaves tier drive to the Bureau of Motoi' Vehicles. Charlotte Taylor leaves tier gayest moments to the Fourth Grade and tier luncti periocl to the Sixes. Terry Turner leaves HYorl4villeH to Elsie East. Gail Ward leaves tier Eighth Grade Grammar to the incoming Senior Class. FAMOUS MASTERPIEEES Mrs. Boecklin: "Nowv we know just how much we have lostf, Mrs. Boline: "Far away placesf, Mrs. Davis: U1 hear music, but tl1.ere's no one ttreref, Miss Harrison: "She tract a ctarlc and roving eye, and tier hair hung down in ringeletsf, Mrs. Keyser: "You c1on,t need analysing,-In A Miss McBride: EKTIIICFC are smiles'-H Madame Stevenson: HDites-moi pourquoir-fn Mrs. Sweet: "Buttons anct Bowsf, 19 THE ELASS PHUPHEIIY On a dark, foggy night in the middle of a huge field eleven semi-wet figures sioshed hack and forth through the opaque mist around a giant spaceship. It was the class of ,5i, transported through time to the year 1999, preparing for a trip to explore the new planet Utopia, which had just heen discovered. We had tirstheard ahout it from Charlotte, who, as editor of the Inter-Planetary Gazette, released the story to the puhiic. Straightway We made our waylto the new ultra-modern science huiiding, estahished for the promotion of higger and hetter solar systems, to get a guide for our expedition. There we found the head administrator, Gail Ward, and after many profuse greetings on hoth sides, she said she would he glad to lead our exploration party. The rest of the class had gathered from far and wide and we were soon ready to leave. Britt, in charge of Food and Nourishment, had brought along generous supplies of raw vegetables .-I also hard, hrown hread, all of which contained daily nutritional requirements. Terry,s eyehrows went up in shocked amazement, and a groan escaped her lips as she watched these preparations. It was hard for her to leave the rich foods and deli- cacies of Earth. Vvith a pained expression she got ahoard the spaceship. UElieni Eiienin we all shouted, for it was imperative to have a naviga- tor on such a trip, and with calm detachment Ellen walked up and mounted the steps to our ship. She looked at the maps and charts already supplied hy Gail, and with the aid of her Senior mathematics she readily under- stood them ali. "But what of the piiot?H and the words had scarcely left our lips when Monique came racing up in a new high powered jet car nearly humping into Susie sitting near the warm engine knitting hrightiy colored earphone coverings. In the midst of the hustle and hustle Joan and Charlotte appeared glaring at each other. Charlotte wore her firemanys red spacesuit while Joan Haunted her tangerine one. But Joan soon calmed down when we led her to the special piano we had had installed in the ship. One of the last to arrive was Jan, who was heing driven to the space- ship hy a carioad of young admirers. She laughed gaiiy at them au, waved, and gracefully entered the ship. From her Texan ranch Betty gaiioped onto the field on a horse, one of those animals from the Hold" days, now practically extinct. She got into 20 the spaceship, careful to sit on the west side, and took out the latest copy of Jet-propelled Joe. We were all ready except for Pat. Where was she, we ati wondered, hut not for iong. Pat, who had just heen crowned Miss Perpetual Motion of 1999, whizzed in, explaining that she had had to stop just a few min- utes to show some new dance steps to the girls at the C.P.S.VV. F-1 The Ciuh tor the Prevention of Single Women. Qnce everyhody was on the spaceship Monique started the engines, Ellen unroiied her maps and space charts, and we were off. There was a tow murmur of conversation, hut, nevertheless, Jan tried to concentrate on the hooks she had hrought along on geoiogy. She was going to he pre- pared for anything. Gait came up and they hegan discussing plans for collecting specimens of rocks and other matter to send hack to Miss Harri- son for the enlightenment of her classes. Joan, still attracted hy her piano, continued to play soft music as Pat vihrated in rhythm. Soon we hegan to see hright red and green lights that seemed to he either stars or comets whizzing hy, and we icnew that We were leaving our solar systemys atmosphere. Everyone got ready to put on their rarefied-air- adjusters as we moved swiftly through space. There was a sudden iuii in conversation as we gazed out of the windows at the strange new worlds and lights. There was a hazy yellow iight surrounding us which seemed to he drawing us to its center. Monique screamed that the ship was out of control, hut Ellen was serene throughout. "Girls," she said quietly, wait is as it should hef, and We were reas- sured. Vvithin a matter of seconds we landed and hurried out to see what kind of a world we were on. We stood there grouped around our space- ship iootcing ahout us. There were many conical shaped formations of earth and rocic all huhhiing and steaming at the top, and issuing a strange, pungent odor. The ground was a very hright green color, though not grass. it seemed to he more soft and spongy than the earth we were used to. Qneys feet sanic down into it, hut not so much as to prevent swift move- ment. Then we saw the inhahitants of Utopia. They came out slowly from hehind these huge mountainous formations to peer curiously at us. Jan, heediess of all precaution, rushed up to them, arms extended to show she had no weapons. They seemed harmless enough, hut Jan's attempt at friendliness was thwarted hy her ignorance of their language. The rest of us went up to them, Monique remarking enthusiastically on their attractive costumes. Already she had visions of new tahric industries or a New Look in Earthly fashions. Everyone was mystified hy their ian- 21 guage. Even Susie with her twelve years oi French and iour of Latin was unahie to find any derivation for it. Luckily Terry was with us, and she was aisle to set up a system of communication hy gestures which was readily understood hy hoth the Utopians and herself. She asked them if they would teii us something of their planet, or show us part of their world. They seemed to agree, for their eyes hiinked hiue and yellow. We found out that the steaming we saw on top of the conicai forma- tions was from cooking. They put their food deep inside, and it was siowiy cooiced hy the heat issued from the center of their sphere. On hearing that Charlotte dashed off with some of the Utopian women to sample these new foods, heing hored with earthly provender. We stayed with these people for a few weeks, and as time went hy, Joan found in them the capacity to appreciate and understand music, and she decided to stay and teach them ali she nlcnew. She was very much interested in their musical instruments and hoped to learn much herself. During the time we-spent there, Betty and Gail went off on long field trips. Betty was iooicing for some icind of an animai resemhiing the early American horse. She found none of those, hut did discover a new animal, totaiiy unfamiliar to her, which not only carried burdens of human weight, hut yodeiied also. Gail, on the other hand, was constantly on the iooicout for scientific matter to ioring hack with her to Earth. She carried with her a hiacic notehooic, and at the end of our stay, it was fun of scientific data. These strange people of Utopia are hoth tail and stately. They are iight compiexioned and wonderful to iooic upon. in them Britt found a marvelous mixture ot ancient Greek and modern Scandinavian, and so she, also directed hy her eager heart, decided to stay and find a happy lite among them. It was almost time for us to leave and carry hack to Earth the data we had collected. Pat, after vainly trying to instill some of her quickness and ahiiity in the DANCE into the Utopians, finaiiy gave up in despair and decided to return with us. Wir'h. the iast pitiful words, "They just arenyt hepin she once more ciimhed the steps of the spaceship. Ellen tried to calm her, hut in the end had to give up. Ellen had found philosophic calm among the Utopians and decided to remain. We were all ready to leave, hut we couidnit find Charlotte. We learned from one of the women of the planet that she had ioeen so iniiu- enced hy their food and method of cooking it that she would stay with Joan, Britt, and Ellen to live with the Utopians. She also saw taint glimpses of a chance for their social advancement, and was already maiz- ing plans for society ciuhs, dancing classes, etc. The rest of us left Utopia with a happy hope tor the future. Utopia! 22 ' Time land of our ctreamsi Already tour from our small group had founol their ultimate happiness tlaere. Soon otiierswoulci come and settle,-1 pioneers in tile progress oi a new lanci. But we must ioe careful, terriloly careful, not to spoilt it, not to HCHSITI in on a good tliingfs We must iiave tore- ttiougimt and wisciom for the future. We must not act wrongly. We became aware of tire seriousness of our position. We were ttre forerun- ners of modern Utopian civiiization. it is lootli our oluty ancl our sacrect trust not to let it fail into tire wrong iiancis. We must be careiui, terriioly careful, of tile future. SUSIE BONNETT THE ELEVEN LI EEY HTS Journalist: Betty Ball Nlain Feature: Blue eyes 'Pip 3 D 11.134 E gypgfufeg 5 80 cf Higirligiilz Airing views I Known For: Desire to attend a Vvestern college Misquote: Directness Favorite Expression: l cionit lilce to say tilis, Inuit- Autliorz Susie Bonnett Main Feature: Figure Setting: Near tiie radiator Known For: individuality Printing Error: Franlcness Favorite Expression: Why, surei Soprano: Pat 'Dingvvaii Main Feature: Smile Favorite Pitcilz Jazz Known For: Enthusiasm Off Key: Constant verticai movement Favorite Expression: Let's harmonize C7 Q Lf.. Q4fI.Q CQ Sculptor: Britt ciu Toit lVlain Feature: Arched eyeiarows Favorite Subject: Stuciying Known For: Desire to iearn Q .b oapl- L o ,,-,E Baci impression: Quiiaiaiing Favorite Expression: Old, Fiddle otee rica kQonl'ralt0: Ellen Hough Main Feature: Cliesiiire grin Program: Hulnming Known For: Serenity Discorct: Memory F Favorite Expression: Gil, clear. 1 'C' i1 Q,-,-'f 5- f ' 23 Composer: Janine Jordan 2 Main Feature: Hair Ttiemez Dreaming Known For: Gliding' walk Wrong Sequence: Never having a pencil Favorite Expression: It was a riott Pianist: Joan Kennedy Main Feature: Small waist Program: Practicing time piano Known For: Punctuality Mistake: Obstinacy I Favorite Expression: You're tate. Designer: Monique Piiieger Main Feature: Complexion Display: Sparkling Known For: Spontaneity Ott Center: Playing I'100Ii6y Favorite Expression: Gosh, Otl txemtoclc Ballerina: Charlotte Taylor Main Feature: Face Favorite Position: Heading some place Known For: Efficiency stumble: Clicking tleets Favorite Expression: Now listen. Model: Terry Turner Item Stcetctleciz Legs Usual Pose: Hurrying Known For: Detail Wrong Perspective: Gesticutating Favorite Expression: Ott, you know what I meant Actress: Gait Vvard Main Feature: Eyes Title Role: Talking Known For: Frienctliness Miscue: Organization Favorite Expression: Vvett-uh--. '24 THE Sehool Comefltenne Most Mtttsical .... . Seltool Sertbe . . . The Realist ..... The Romunticist . . The ldealist .... ll Penseroso ART UP LCDVING . Fifi Gudebrocl . . . . .Joan Kennecly . .Susie Bennett Mary Gallagher .Martha Mayor . . .Britt du Toit . . . .Ellen Hough Allegro . . ..... Lisa Hamilton Most Versatile ..................................... Terry Turner '7MweW.ea1i4,eeoa,,,g2a,.ff-" Most Expressive ................................. Leslie Ten Eyclc 11 , , ' Zoe K ' Most Graceful ............. ..... P riscilla Matthews M'ost Colorful .... ..... A ngie Loclcwoocl Mojp ising ................................ Monique Pllieger H 4'4-Q-2'7'l.Q,u-e,1joJ2QQgf4!fkQ,,, K Most Amialmle ...................................... Gail Ward I' ZQJZQ I su , my m aww wt fig Q ,. ::: A .. .mm 3 E .V ws ,lk 1 s m iw. md was 1, 5? 2 W w ..,.,.,..,,. V E M I .:.. S' -b , .:.,aQ1:f'1..-M.:.:.:,.. :, -. ,.-, :sie -: v.:,-:- 21:-:-ffa:e,::':, -- . Q. f . ---- Q . ....: ' 94:-:.. 'Tig - -ww "" 'sq ., Wifi :iii-" j ' .. ,,,., .sggsw my I H 1 :Qi I+' 'V :X ' S I ,. ..: ,::, ':' f' Q V ,asf f 9, " 'ii-Ei: ' Ag.: lv ..,, if , xl f kgagii nl : L f , 'LMWQQQAQ lygw ? u f me m :Er if 1 1 ax? . .X 6, . z .,.,. mx ,S mg ,ig Q53 1 EE ' 15 , :-1 ks? - f - H 'I M 1 M5 ' M ' Y Q22 u u gliyvw ffgiz as V 'Mm-A? ww 5 . m Hg? 3325-51 'YL . 39' ?QQmM ef? HER. me ummm w xnmn S m XNQH W ..,.. , I QW s WEE 0 WM .N ,QWVM n Hn 'Eff m Egg , vu 55 'H qv 55 mai 1 an sw mg? 'i'-W-E41 N my -Q, awry wwgx WQWMF K 9 W: ? gf Q4 1, 1 Q -A Y V4 wgngw- nw assay?" H""Q'l2 an .m'l' 45- E .ww-I Mia? KF H . W: my m H Br: ,BV nw w m 9? ff 43 1 . m W un-p O Q - O , ' a , , -.1 . 5' ' 'gi ' ' 1" " 'H VVVV x X 1 A 0 o L. V Am- 'Z 3 If fa , - - V ' 1 4 , 2 ,. wr Q 1 ' . - E 0 W ' "Zu , ,fa fm -Asg 1 N- M- Q f A Q 0 :-54 . 4 2 ' , . X x X 4: .. ff'-wife ' '53 3, 93, ff wg W 2 5, 5 4, , mf, Y- 11 .. W , o I 1 ,M wr 'nz' 'f' T-.Hx 3 ew QQ. , :..,...YQ,,4.Q us- seg V '. 1:2 .. Fi : 'TF 'Q 3 - + 2 .: is .-1 I . . . H A N 6 F The art of life consists in uniting continuity with innovation, persistence with progress, identity with change? HENRI FREDEMC AMIEL You may he interested at this time to look inquiringiy at the changes that have taken place at Nightingale during your four years of high school. Were they haphazard devices to give the spice of variety to our daily life or were they part of a plan to Hunite continuity with innovationn? A school is dedicated to education: to hringing out the potentiaiities of its students and teachers. Qhviousiy the environment, physical, intellec- tual, emotional and spiritual, created in the school will hy its quality edu- cate us well, inditferentiy or hadiy. If it is to educate us Weil the environ- ment must help us grow towards our hest selves and steadily cultivate our intelligence and judgment so that we find out how to promote our own growth in a desired direction. Deiiherate changes in our environment should aim therefore to make it more fostering and friendlier in atmosphere to a good education. What are some of the changes we have made? To encourage social growth we introduced games with other schools, invited hoys to- join with us in some of our concerts, discus- sions and parties, and tried out the experiment of sending our middle school classes tor a long week-end in the country. To cultivate judgment we set up a forum to make possible exchange of ideas, discussion of values and common sense examina- tion oi community rules. To develop emotional maturity we have persistently persuaded girls to Utaiic throughn individual or group difficulties with an adviser so that they may gain the good hahit of looking upon a prohlem as something to he solved and not as an excuse for a grievance. To maize sure that the ruies that have to do with our daily living are constructive and not negative those of you on the Council have pondered the proper contrihution of self-government to our education. You have chosen to exchange the role of magistrate for that of edu- cator for you are trying to hring out in your fellow students a desire and an ahiiity to self-govern. As you have given thought and enthusiasm to these innovations so I hope you will show your love for your school in the future hy faithfully reminding us that to maintain our vitality we must continue to unite Uiden- tity with changef, 28 EDNA MARION Him., Heaclmistress SELF-GU EHNMENT Self-Government is the foundation upon which the unity of the Upper School is hased. The Councirs aim this year has been to estahiish unity through the cooperation of the self-government classes and to encourage hetter understanding of Self-Government. Previously, the Ninth Grade was inducted into Self-Government in a brief ceremony. Although they were then active members of the organization, they did not fully understand the need for its existence. This year a forum was held with the Nines and the Council to discuss what Self-Government accomplishes. The Council earnestly hopes this type of forum will hecome a tradition for future Ninth Grades. Cn several occasions We have invited Upper School girls to Council meetings. We realize and appreciate the value of having these guests at such meetings. During the year we have discussed and improved upon government rules which seemed outmoded to the girls. Through discussion, the Key of Self-Government, more privileges have been extended to the self-governing classes. It is the fervent helief of the Council that few rules need he necessary if a self-governing community like ours is successful. We Want to thank Miss Hill and Mrs. Keyser for their constant interest and understanding, for through them the theory of Self-Goverm ment has become an actual experience. t GAIL WARD, President of Self-Government 29 ATHLETIES The year of 1950-1951 was launched thy a new program, organized and devised hy Miss Hamilton and the Athletic Board. New sports were offered to the Upper School, the point system was revised, with many additions, and a poster committee was formed. The teams, also, have several new additions. They have more members fthe faculty and the Fourth Gradel, cheerleaders, uniforms, and most important, mascots, Vvhoopy and Sassafras. Although there was a iot of work done to improve the program, the reai action started with the Blue and Silver voiieyhaii games. The first series was won hy the Blues, and the second hy the Silvers. Due to the fact that there were no interschooi voiieyhaii games, there was more opportunity ior hasicethaii practice, and ihoth the inter- schooi and team games were very active. Many tournaments were held with a large numher of competitors from Classes Four through Senior. They certainly have added enthusiasm to the school. Vvet hope that we shall he ahie to revive Field Day for the Upper and Middle Schools, and due preparation is in process. We wish to commend the teams for their sportsmanship and spirit. the cheerleaders for their active participation. There is no need to commend Miss Hamilton, for without her experience, guidance and contagious friendliness there would he no such thing as Athletics. TERRY TURNER, President of Athletics . .ATHLETICS President A Terry Turner Secretary Elsie East Captain, Silver Team Angeiine Lockwood Captain, Blue Team Patricia Dingwait Suit:-Captain, Silver Team Barbara White Sub-Captain. Blue Team Nancy Huffman VULLEYBALL Blue Team Terry Turner Gait Vvarct Katherine Busseiie Marianne Aeiaii Anita Loeiimann Barbara Vvan Brunt Leanne Somerioy Patricia Dingwait Silver Team Elsie East Jane Ruud Mary Burt Holmes Angeline Locicwooci Ntary Gay Homer Joan Kennedy Barbara Vvilite ivtaioet Hoyt BASKETBALL Blue Team Gait Vvarct Terry Turner Margaret Norton Betty Bait Marianne Aeioii Sara Bonnett Gail Vvarci Terry Turner Etsie East VARSITY Silver Team Elsie East Jane Ruuct Mary Burt Holmes Angetine Locicwooci Ntonique Piiieger Valerie Nietct Betty Bait Angeline Locicwooct Sara Bennett I EUMMITTEE UF THE ARTS 1 The newly reorganized Committee of Arts has been enlarged this year to include practically every girl in time Upper School because it incorporates time clubs, publications, the Junior Gtee Club, and tile new activity, English iz-etis. All of these are combined into one organi- zation whose aim is to Wort: together as a unit to provide a coordinated program of entertainment for the year. The Chairman represents the interests of tile Arts on time Seif- Governing Council. Sire is Editor of THE SHIELD, and it is tier joio to plan and organize the projects of time individual activities. In the past tile Chairman has been merely a figureileaci doing no set join. It is tiopect that in tire future this office will continue to gain increasing prestige, for it is one of responsibility and importance to ttxe success of a school year. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, Chairman 32 AHTIHUB This year the Art Cluln expanolecl to thirty-two patrons of the brush ancl palette. Une of the Art Clulfs loig projects last Fall was the mural for the courtyarcl. Plans were initiatecl last year ancl completeol this Autumn. Headed lay Joan Kennedy, who originated the iclea of a merry-go-round with circus animals, the Worlc was accomplished hy memlners of the Art Clulo who were Willing to larave the colcl. The mural achieved a delightful effect. December larought the Fair for which the Art Cluh Worlfs feverishly each year beginning with the invitations and programs, and encling with the simple yet impressive olecorations. Thanlcs to the comloinecl cooper- ation of everyone, the Fair was again a success. The next two projects for the Art Cluh were malcing the scenery for the French play anol the operetta which the Glee Clulo gave. In January a tea was given for the memlaers of the Art Club with a guest spealcer. The year enclecl with the annual Art Exhibit given lay the Art Club in which the whole school participated. Awarcls Were given lay the judges ancl the exhilait createcl much interest. - KATHERINE BUSSELLE, President GLEE EL B The Glee Cluh is a group ol? eager girfs who Want to sing Well ancl enjoy the lcnovvleclge of a Wicle variety of different songs. The main event this past year has loeen the procluction of The Heczclless Horseman, an operetta hy Douglas Moore with liloretto hy Stephen Vincent Benet. It was given with the Collegiate School for Boys ancl was very successful. The Glee Club has continueol to lead the singing for Prayers with the aclclition of several new responses as well as the occasional performance of an anthem uncler the stimulating leaclership of lVlrs. Davis, .loan Kennecly, and Elsie East. Qur clulo is one to which a girl may lae proucl ancl happy to loelong, ancl We hope it will remain an outstancling leader of the arts in our school. JOAN IQENNEDY, Presiclent JUNiUB.ELEE CLUB The .lunior Glee Clulo is a group of girls from Classes Six, Seven ancl Eight. They sang at the Christmas pageant ancl at a Music Assemloly in the Spring. Qu May seventh they gave a concert with St. Bernarcfs School, which We all enjoyecl tremenclously. BARBARA WfII'FE, President 33 DE!-XMATIE EL B This year the Dramatic Club is comprised primarily of the Ninth Grade, who worlced together to present at the Fair a dramatization of The Walrus and the Carpenter hy Lewis Carroll. For the remainder oi the year they worlced with the Glee Cluh in producing the operetta The Headless Horseman and in staging What Men Live By dramatized hy Virginia Church. It has heen lots of fun worlcing with an alumna oi the Class of 1945, Mrs. John Shepardson, who was our Dramatic Coach this year. ALLISON MATSNER, President THE IVY AND THE AEUEN THE IVY AND THE ACORN is a magazine which ailiords an oppor- tunity ior individual expression. it is an outlet oi literary thought lor all the school, from the Kindergarten through the Senior Class. it gives each. writer a sense of importance and provides every reader with a wide selection of values. Those oi us on the Board not only gain new ideas and Suggestions, hut also learn the importance oi worlcing together and exchanging opinions. We thinli the whole school, even the youngest children, talce pride in contrilnuting to the magazine and enjoy reading the contriloutions of their friends. ELSIE EAST, Editor, THE IVY AND THE ACORN THE SHIELD The history oi our school newspaper has heen short, lout varied. During its past three years of existence THE SHIELD was a paper ot iacts designed to luring news ol? school functions to parents, faculty, and students. It soon did not fulfill its policy and has now been reorganized into a more practical. function,-the voice of the Council, edited hy the Chairman oi the Committee ot Arts. lt is now a paper, not only oi iacts, hut of ideas, opinions and discussions, and designed to luring a closer relationship hetween girls and their student officers. CPIARLOTTE TAYLOR, Editor, THE SHIELD MARGARET HARRISON, Assistant Editor E ELISH BELLE This year the music department has a new addition oi twelve handmade English carrillon heils. These are not used as an accompani- ment to carols hut are played alone. They were ordered a year ago. and Miss Vicary hrought them from England last Septemher. The hells were rung at several informal occasions, the Thanlcsgiving and Christmas services, and the special music assemhly during the Spring. SUSAN BARNES, President SUEI L SER IEE THE PAIR A name to clarify the theme oi the Fair of 1950 would have been hardly necessary because the moment you turned to go down to the gym Where the tahies were displaying our goods for fsaie you spied a hig blue sea-horse on the door of the gym. inside all around the Walls the Art Club had placed fishes cut in different sizes and painted in strikingly different colors. One side of the gym represented the railing of a iooat with life preservers. There was even a hig red Iohster caught in the haskethaii net. For our grain hag We had a treasure chest. Yes, it was a marine Fairi To entertain those who wished to relax a While at tea in the auditorium the Ninth Grade gave a production of "The Walrus and the Carpenteru under the direction of Mrs. Shepardson. Qn the wall ot the auditorium was a beautiful silhouette of a mermaid on a rock. instead of having games as we have had previously, we had a movie for smaii children in the lunch room. We were grateful again to the parents for their colorful tahie which presented for sale gifts that the mothers had made or collected during the summer. It was very successful and we should like to have it again. The money raised from the Fair, ahout thirteen hundred dollars, will go toward the support of the Yorkville Youth Council and the Scholarship Fund. ELLEN HOUGH, President of Social Service 35 SUEUXL SEB IEE YUHHVILLE When the Public Schools of New York close at- three oycloclc for the afternoon, the children are free for the rest of the day. Free . . . tree to play in the streets and on the sidewalks until their parents return from Work and they can go home. In the area ot Yorkville, however, a numher of schools remain open to supply the children with a complete afternoon schedule of ctramatics, painting, clay-work, sewing, knitting, dancing, and games. Junior volunteers, who are high school students from private, public and parochial schools, are working at the Center. This year there were eight girls from Nightingale-Bamford who went to the Yorkville public school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. There in one of the class rooms we had a literary. Last year with the ctonations from our school We bought a library cart. The older children react to themselves or to other children, hut the greater majority Wish to find a hook and react it to one of the volunteers. We had a lending library system which was very popular with the children. In fact, we were told in the middle of the year that more than a third ot the children in the center had made use of the library. 'We feel that our year at Yorkville has been very valuable to us. Seldom before one enters college does one have such an opportunity to acquire useful experience and at the same time he held responsible for the success or failure of the Work clone. ELLEN HOUGI-I, President of Social Service 36 THE JUNIUH EL SS Uuutatinns from .Shakespeare W X Aclclie-"1VIy salad days when I was green in judgment." ' 'ffl Anita'-nil Icnow not how I lost him." BVAD7 Beaver'-"O, never say that I was false of heart." "'U7xQ7EIsief-U 'Tis death to me to be at enmity." Kittyf-"They say many young gentlemen flock to tier everyday." Lee-"Ears open and my heart prepared." 2 3 Lisa-"You have a noble and true conceit of Golcllilce amityf' Wm Nlariannef-fuVVeH learned 'is the tongue that wen can thee commend." 24. lx 6-3 Priscilla-"Tell me, where is fancy bred? , 1 K9 Sue-"Age cannot wither her nor custom stale her infinite varielyf' .veg-,...,7f """"'7f' . 24 .W . 'U mmm - . lg'-7f""'. Q-lr""1..r"vf'1-fv1,f,,':'-74-L . fgpgkrf '"' 'llCJu.- anode cf, JGPW C1kOQClifn'Q1'0a:-ion an mu! 'YN anfflfflq f- u,l"Lfli'N'l'-d5L"l'lE"m-' L-Pff'-l U3l'1Bf'l IkH"lf'l'fONP HOU-, I 'WIMK of UOQx+ :Q-:blfll Ll0Cf,aqv.! mlqvfv . ,U.Qu,lo1.soHoue -- odnlf :we qua nm-1 oar F If r ' 'MPS -50' mis of I-vde. LLM CLASS TEN 'H dino Muff - Q!fSfsfal,lQ,HzQ5fm D19 S- LQUJH15- ' i i The Play! the Thing Q. P+, "" Sara.-uTl1e Glass Menageriel' N ,A ' A if s. 10 C1 fllgg, l tidy' Q - -.4 4 ,l nrw fib- fl ll Foy 'f fl rr ,- 'Q az' I ,lily fs r Qs lm? 1 ll H A, f i if' Rvl z giulq 77-os! 6b ,I f? F im HP' kink l..ynne-fuAl:fairs of Staten A X ' 'L 'Aw oe Margaret-"The Country Girl" X Q 6 xbox Q Gr' IS, A lVlarie-Claire-uparclon OurFrencl1" xi Y llhllims Q? Qi, Nancy-"Gut ollTl1is Vvorlcln SEA N xgo 'E Angie,-"Peter Paul' if ULTALN LQQD. 'L Fifi'-ml-'lie Happy Timely I k'1 N77 LV ,bd Valerie.-"Stage Door" W Y' ,iq I 5 ' Joan,-"Guys and Dolls" L, , Q? ,gil CWLQZ, G . Jean'-uTl1e Mad Woman of Clnaillotu B15 gjfpl .Q .. , ,, u -'L V P Betty,-I The Lady s Not For Burning L A ,L F2 Q pf 5' VIll"R' A .1-11M " K' '- S' Qedw l aoe f-4 mg roun l e oon I 0 Q Lincla-"Alice in Won clerlancln I X, be faq ylkefs lVlcBricle-uBless You Alll' xg ii' J ' 'Tlme Class-"As the Girls Go'-1" A K' M rpg . In , gulf I 'Q wk A,-" 38 R ! X9 r. 'mv ' r, ww H' 1 WWE cd 3 ij ff.?1ksli4Q,Q T9 4 - Nqwgiwx Tfhifsitign qqgfil' " Q Q95 r , 6 Sa fn gxrn B563 vb ' 1' L 7, ,- l r 'ii E if loo-ff' ' lug Kxelj- If lt- 5 ' .A W ff Q i QF X1 'gs -I ':'FwQ, Q Q 1 A S, . if + 4 59 '71 .lv In f, ,J A ll v 'll If Q It A .l :V 'S I Q, 'E V-ix" I , Q B 'l 'T' F V' ' ' if Af 'J cl I lima: 'L " . Q 0 H - fl '- -'l f ' A U LQ N 0 gg - 1 'Sz 15, 5 . ,da-'57 AQ ' 913' 2 fy .ff-3 , . Lllvw f?-TWU, G ,A M fig! A , U S5315 ma Af' time ' -Q +V get LEU v A P H A9 -f Uv B H 'Nm 'S 5 0f ' gm Wiulllli W0 Q, C9 ge, , . SQ Um 'A Uclb lg'-' Lf L1 ssagfl' , ffl :f 'v x. an i me-4:3 mf. 2537.9 X4 in V WB . ' e Eff 'o Epi, w' awp Q f 'U' - fl f mae 5 law . ,ll me . . aqf 9 Q5 3 5? 1 5 f Q:-we fd ,, - GLW 1,::"w: .T Weil, AZ? . TN YQ.grk9C2 in dll U 6511 fx iff? '41 Lf ,.-V gf, 199514, U li: E' wil. Ta VCBCNH. - 4 Q,,,,e.- te E LAS 5 NINE DT rw P. NWC-it -xews -N RQ "Q Rheff 0g5VQ amiga-a .icy 'Hun -.anew me 'Wham of G, ,QQ Buxflvq dede-fr" Wai? lx. mos KT mo Go eu mittee fpK.!LWx:l"11VS". 4 .,jQ253Z Ukcgvwbxgnrfv Q, cmmqi, ue-oe A niet-. N r, "K-k'gl,.i,1 i' vspfsv- lgwsfki-. ,Sgr , SL!-Vsxmggiq ' 11,655 bo H992 'Gun- -1--M' .. F: ,. Z.. yeas. . ,. 'K' X - uxgkgxwfflfrev :iff-f ULSSS-'Q Lylf " ln earnest still we lalaored tliere, KW'-3: H , l Ejlfi-'l 'Qbxksxyikkk-x,R:,KjTs Qfif- j f awaiting tlre freeing call. qi -Q: 1 .L4f,.:f, ' " . , 'iwlllen we'cl gatluer our looolcs and jump to our feet xblf'--j jf ' W .4 ' ' ,Qfljo go clasliing clown the liall. S 1 'srl . 'xxx'-2 . wry.. ,-'gh fi eff " HH,-jgiswl-Plllre clrime it spolce, a silence fell, 'Q' WA, - fi' i.,a:,,fg--If-gjif v-"'.fEl1e teacher lifted lmer lieacl. ,DJ1'f ag- IU .krfrvfif-IEQEIIBII suclclenly, noisily, we snalcluecl our lxoolcs. g kg,-Em X 1 ,,'f'fh,i- 'Tires - '- 'bf ,fill ' Ancl out tlie cloor we lied. N 5452 .vf 4 'i wr' ,MilJj,., L I at i. We rounclecl the corner, raced clown the liall, Q ,ggsjge 'f W A 1 Qur objective the wicle open cloor. QE, Mesh-ixg mi ,, A Y ,., - ' .. L.,.,:"4.:j5 Q15 We plunged clown the stairs to win the race, W k V ft ., .. 'Ancl be first to reacll our own floor. felt, Q 7 mix krxgielx SX Nl. 2 5 ,, Ll., . We ran to our loclcers, tossecl in our lnoolcs, 1. mlm All XSS' QQQQ-it ' E , K - A 543. Pullecl out our lunclres with speecl. UltQ5L5:3,k5g:.:g,i.Wrw f '43 ,X er A Again tl1rougl1 tlme hall, clown the loaclc stairslg 5 'P 'X 33 ,mah W b 5 H .LQLI K 'Noi lrolcling us now we were free. MW W9-SWR K q"53'emfQQ1ffZA Q Q M. Ndg 5" M' I 1 V Qi"-1 MT' , iff! Q x. It came again. tl1e silver cllime, six W NN :kb X f A YQ Y X A call that was so sweet. 'A lg., lnihfii, W-, '- W' 2 CQ ff Q , Ce . . rx 515261 ' WYWAQ. ' gb Q. f Because it answerecl joyful l1opes,"jfeth' 'S-Eqfsjfkifw ft ' X X . . "-- 'sv' - V . L a 1 V, CQ X x j That it was time to eat. u 'J my , - Ellfbslvzk. 377 9, 1 ' ,slit 'Egger M X it ltsieq, QE Q xl? glib Q75-1 J A all-.. l5g?kjXli"'bfN in 5 Q -' A 9 r -01 Q ' ' Seiin. M , A N F7 Ye Ike BU QQ ' LH ppc ,mi Thelma. U AN Mlm? 4' N., V G C is ,ffj ,UQ 'f If 1 5 ,V fix' . kywxix EQ "kk fmqw . . kf' vflf R E . amhg n Y -S. K Kill' Xi4,wlslll.Q.Q'wB" QQ - X .. C5 A f -X F wa ' V N Q N3 ., WQ f X770 O Q 6 C, -DWQ Wi. f' lgf ah 'N 'Mei M975 Q72 'ff 9 is cw file' J f ' K"fiit5 lsse We ' -' f s I ' K f if- . .A x ' ,. , Q: Cc, - fef ' lilfKfl.C3i-9435 PT- 5 ' 'J 4 A A . 5? 9' . K Q , Banff' 'G qour sub is 'iviitt -Lgnxi uuur Yamada C4-'Q WCW frwbffsiiania-fuiaif' kvnfjl ful '-Qgawii fmt, 'ft-'Wi Pjfsgi, ,Cs FQVJQ MV-G Lgcau, wQ'0"bi?f5fg fl"-1'lQgk. C N NW ELASSEE SEVEN and EIGHT x. ,Q-f" at be N' WZ- W-0365-A-' c' sf " 906,99 tw S 'pew s-F" . 2.-2P""5a-""'1,""' Jaffa .wr ELA55 EIGHT -gg, Qfg.-pg," Y Xa 4 WSC ymhirteen girls in a class are we R?0"21gp5TeX. With plenty to do and plenty to'see. 5.2 W' 90" Mary does timings the easy way'-'Nlarina often sings, ywy 40 Alice draws animals and various other things. Joan always has a lot to say, ' Bettina works in a quiet way. Karen and Lucia enjoy life in sciiooi, Sara always knows the rule. Patsy's for sports, Barioarzfs on the First Team. Mary-Louise ioiusties when her work is seen. Jean tells us of library books, of history and of crime. Ann can make up a poem in a very little time. Thirteen girls in a class are we All as different as can be. H ext' CLASS SEVE As soon as we realized that we were Seventh Gracie, we knew what an exciting and husy year this would he. And oh! How right we weret ' In October Classes Seven ancl Eight had an interesting excursion arounct the Isianci of Mantiattan. VVe were amazed at how hig Mantmattan is. This year we are learning about the Renaissance and of course We continue to stucty arithmetic, science, and geography. At the moment we are working hard to maize various things to sen at the Fair. Lynda. Gina, and Date, the three girls who left New York last year, coutctift stay away from our school, so they came to visit us. Of- course, we were overjoyed to see them again. We have two new girls who joinect the class this year. We att hope the rest of the year is as much fun and as successful as the first part of the year has heen. CLASS SIX Getting to school at quarter to nine, Running and talking Grade Vt feels fine. Art is always colorful and gay. Dramatics this year is in Francais Every Vveclnesctay tennis we play. Study hard in science we do, In other suhjects we try, too. X marks the year the Romans marched through. 1949-Xl95Of-fXl951-1952. 41 EL!-XESES FIVE and SIX ELASS FIVE This year We've studies, many more, Than we've ever had before. We like Greek ixistory very mucilg We learn about gocis, and wars, and sucii. We write scripts and act out plays Of timings that happened in far off ciays. In science we stuciy our ioociies' parts Our ligaments, bones, and lungs and hearts We tiiinic art is lots of fung We never stop wiien our time is cione. Fractions and problems make us ponder, And sometimes cause our mincis to Wander. UEn francais" we often stumble: When asked to uiisezn iiow we mumble. Gym is the ioest part of our ciayg Games and exercise make us gay. Tilursriays-fti1at's Wimen We iearn to ciance. Music hoicis us in a trance. Class V has iots and lots of fun In spite of woric that must be done. CLASSES THREE and FUUH ELASS PUUH Class IV is lmaving lots of fun. Always lousy with much to be clone. VV'itl1 reacling ancl writing and learning to spell, Ancl discovering liow time Egyptians dwell. In French we often play a game. Work and play seem just time same. Our l'eaci1er's name is Mrs. Sweet. Sl'1e's always saying, uvitei vitel viteln Gur favorite lessons are gym ancl clancing. We lilce to pretencl we,re lworses prancing. CLASS THREE Class lil has talcen several interesting trips this year. Vve particularly enjoyed seeing all the fascinating exliiloits at tlie old Van Cortlanclt liouse. All of us wislieci we couici liave a cuplooarcl loecl. Time ilasiimeter lielpecl to malce our spelling more fun and improved our rates in reacling. We dance in pretty costumes and it is so mucli fun creating stories to ciance. Of course, we love to paint and this year we learneci to read music. 43 CLASSES UNE,TWHJandtHNUEHEAHTEN EL!-X55 TWU In the Seconci Gracie we are cioing iots of new timings. This is tiie first year we've eaten at school, and it certainly is fun. Vve have art in the art room, too. One of time most wonderful things that has happened is that we now Wear special costumes for dancing. Having gym ciownstairs is new and fun. We are learning more arithmetic, reacting, and writing. In social studies we want to know all about time people in our city who help us. We are studying about the seasons of tile year. animals, and plants. We pian to take severai trips CLASS U E In Class I we have fun reacting anci teiiing stories. We are learning about numbers and many exciting new timings. This is tile first year that we go to art class. We enjoy our special classes in music and dancing. Sciiooi is lots of fun, and We are lnaicing many new friends. HI HERE RTE There are ten of us in time Kindergarten tI'1iS year. We have fun building with our blocks. We made a train and painted it ourselves. Sometimes we play make-believe with our dolls or look at iooolcs or sew. Come and visit us and we'H show you our two pet goldfish. 44 ' ciuring tile year. eampidmewla af 14 7mm QXCDCQQ JJQJMQ. ZW EHMMIMINIS IH Cimm QZYSD 0 Kcwldf, . U 'um Nw-bun ummmuwmlubwr I 'J gen 'vw z I 4.1,-5 , . ., lb-at ..l:4'1Q' '-91 ,V ' M441 lbs :LQ 'WI K2-I-0014 ,0d.lI9..d-015' 44 'M E E ' d-A.Nlc,ui1J humwhqm, fffiff N2-619386 f--j-11-0-J-Iwelfbio qfowlascdau I " W . wwf fr , wvvz ' bf5f0vbv4-4Amn.mfu,o-eg'2w,2ca ,j f we.4fwwdawe.2f HMJJMMW-Q WJ., ' afumo'H54e.Lo' 'M .A4!14J4unff4, -M M md M W MM ""?"'4WV'1f .df ' alfa " " ' L9 gi,JEL1.A,4..b4.,e' ' ' an .ddmy YL""'fAcJ2f'Ylf'X01.,vvg Qi-i1fgw'w-J,fwumPo1wwdUmQ4s0d4Q,o.u.LM .cw f ' ,u1u,b-1.oLm,4,.g.fg.eanf ., 70,3059 - '-' 1'-wf'42M-J yawn.: 4056! va- ,,..,4J' afwgpmmq - Wmk' 4t4pfL+Z.gSrf+.J-rn-A,uumJ+o -QJi 3tJ1:Hf1,, -. 1waafm4f1fm.a41 rLQ1vuJ'vf1jfLQa,Qpm.JfM 90-cAL7'i-slag 1 4,011 Mawxh 1-0 ZOQQ 'iff'-C y1QaAMf0-211-g,b4,o- 4 3 Miva.. ' fha! hejmv 7'l1.a.mfwv- - '3'Jo4.J- L,Q,',,, 515, ,,'PFe,, rx 'W' fdf WHWKEN ILE IN WM WM'7v l?fy13v,mu.+lg Q .0-Nam, 'ff'-"W W Wm Www, -SGMQM U-W1 fW-0"li J -M uf. 44137426 lbw-eiw? W- 1" Wbfidlddff 'fluff-lfsnahzandf-en! gmwo. 5,00 QM .'9UweVz,,' in 64 -L 24 N14 '1' 6.6.5125 .f-,f,-gg' I-f Jw , Q-121.7 u.7l1,f lQzrrv..:zm..-0'ey7 fnflq f-ir" f:1,06,441744wLwwJwm ' an-Q, flcguj jgmrd . 'D' 34,697 84 If ' ' " " "mf My-9-njf WWW f'fff90'?"f"if.' g-I . ' ' 313-f'S'1fLfl9"fi"-"4 wr' Jjv?l"L2i 'Q Ll.LZffiL43 I f-4l-f1,LffC2- Lk 'f:'!'!fLL0 . . F . FN, a . 3 . - 1 -, ff -w',fff- My -, U Q,--'.f-fmfwvulfkf ,fw," " '-fzffA:f,f fifll' 5-e1f'5fQ Jeff 6. Wf 'N . 'rf -45' -' 1"'2-V ,. , -n..-,f J .-J ' r I, J' 7 - 'H n 4 - I Aff ,ml . v fy ,-J ff I, 'I ,. I "" ',.!,f1r,fy Jfvfggg gl QA' gp, 2- g'4IJJ.,4 J,5'QffM,du wf,-cf'-JL M Lf: 1 ,.4,x. gf? 2:3,g,:l,Q! A , , . A, .,.- ,bt . V . A J J' J x 1 f 1 I -1, ' f f 4 .ff w .fu ' V , 7 , ., 9 .6 .. . r. . -. ' 1 '. . f- 2 I'-4, ff-1, 1 V ' - ' " ' '. ' F- ' ' -' - x ' V- 4f'?1"Lf -.,g,"-Lf r'L-'Qi' F 4' :Ln "" J ' . 'X ' ' ' I I ML- K' :ik 1 L -f s. , , . ' JL? . u-141: U mfg Mya, ' sly, '- f , v . A, - ,, ,151 J .-, , , l I il.-iff .544 ,141 I 'Q -. - -ff':,,cLl. ,ff-gjfi34.5aQQ,ftff'i,l,ej gg.g,4,k,'f, ' , .. , ,., u I .R Fgf'Tfr:711""l Ay - L 3 5 5 .,,.,V K ' ' T f41i5:, . WRIGHT 8. DITSON 462 BOYLESTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. WRIGHT 8. DITSON SADDLES Smari 'rwo-fone slryle sad- dle oxfords willw lea'rl'1er cl bb l uppers an ru er so es. While wilh 1'an or black saddle. Sizes 4 fro 9. Widlbs AAA lo C, avail- able in mos? sizes. GIRLS SCHOOL and COLLEGE OUTFITTERS Compliments THE ALUMNAE ASSGCIATIQN THE NIGHTINGALE-BAMFORD SCHOOL l i Compliments Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Baies Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' Busselie Mr. and Mrs. Arfhur H. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. David Kennedy Dr. and Mrs. Roberi' Lowrie Dr. and Mrs. Marsh McCall -I I OF n Mr. John J. Pflieger Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Smiih, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard S1-eel Mrs. Dere+hy Keene Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Bareni Ten Eyck Mr. and Mrs. An+on F. Ward B SC 9 Sexton -Quadiif Zvi I I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 Helen Bohn Nancy Marsh 'Barbara Horgan I Mary Carol White Mauclanne Kidd Virginia Wilner CLASS OF 1950 Class VIII Compliments Class VII OF Class VI Class V Class IV 35 3 "May Your Wishes Always Be Fulfillecl" THE PERRY PRENTICES 535 35 FERRANTELLE of Bergdorf Goodman SALON DE COIFFURE 746 FIFTH AVENUE New York l9, N. Y. PLaza 8-3l64- 3-7300 Complimenfs THE PARENT-TEACHERS ASSDCIATION I OF THE NIGHTINGALE-BAMFORD SCHOOL 353535 ' ,De "BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '51" Brimful f derful fashionsg Ouf H00 f Young Modems The Fourth 561 ave. an sm Scfvtflg CAMERAS FILMS COMPLIMENTS LUGENE, Inc. - OPTICIANS OF TWO STORES 604 MADISON AVENUE a+ 58+h S+ree+, New York S S Y ' P 0 OSY PLaza 3-6000 O loss MADISON AVENUE 0 a+ 8O+I1 SIree'r, New York BUHerfieIcI 8-5486 If you are going +o Paferson, N. J., I'I1e besI' way is Io go by Susquehanna SI'reamIiner, I'I1e mos+ modern suburban equipmen'r in Ihe world. Air condiI'ionecI. NEW YORK, SUSQUEHANNA AND WESTERN RAILROAD S COMPLETE WEDDING COVERAGE-595.00 TOTAL Six IIxI4 Porfraifs Twelve Miniafure Cards Eighfeen 8xI0 Wedding Candids Six Newspaper Glossnes One Beaufiful Whi'I'e Album THE BRONXVILLE STUDIO Siaiion Park Bldg. I4-I PARKWAY ROAD BronxviIIe, N. Y. lT BRonxviIIe 2-8800 ARCADIA CAMP FOR GIRLS Casco Maine IOO Campers. Five Age Groups, 7-I8 yrs. Founded I9I6 Aciivifiesz IMaiorI: Swimming, canoeing, camp- crafr and Irips, saiIing, riding, Iennis, crafis. IIvIinorI: Archery, rifIery, nafure, farming, peis, music, dramarics, arf, dance, camp paper, Red Cross Life4Saving, wafer-baIIeI. Emphasis is placed on careful, individualized insIru'cIion. Each girI plans her own selecrive program. Arcadians grea'IIy enjoy disrani canoe, mouniain and sailing Trips. The Camp's own 250-acre model Farm supplies abundan+ good food. Direcforsz Dr. George L. Meyian, Mrs. Lucien G. Henderson, Goodwives River Road, 44, Darien, Conn. Phone: 5-I2I5. COMPLIMENTS OF PIERRE RESTAURANT 52 EAST 53rd STREET New York KAPELL'S BOOK STORE IVI44 LEXINGTON AVENUE Bei. 79Ih 8: 8OIh Sfreers New York 2I, N. Y. COlumbus 5-5208 ussnsn LANlN oncl-ns nm COMPLIMENTS I S S College . School Parhes Debufanfe Par-Hes OF Weddings I776 BROADWAY New Yorlc S H E R R Y ' S 300 PARK AVENUE COMMENTS NEW YORK 22 OF A FRIEND ATwa+er 9-8490 - 849I HOLLAND COURT MARKET MEATS - POULTRY - SEA FOOD I29l MADISON AVENUE Near 92nd Slreel New York 28, N. Y WE SPECIALIZE IN CHILDREN'S READING REQUIREMENTS wean-END Boon SHOP 959 MADISON AVENU E New York 2I, N. Y. Bef. 75+I1 81 76II1 Sfreejrs L - BUHerIieIcI 8-524I Pamela Brirfron. Presidenf Jane? Ausjrin, Vice-Presidenf i'A 'Q BUY UNITED STATES SAVINGSBONDS A' 'Q ATwaI'er 9-9063 THE FERNERY FLOWERS os olsTlNcT1oN II98 MADISON AVENUE New York Cify COMPLIMENTS OF THE HOUGHS AND JORDANS AF COMPLIMENTS OF ATHER AND MOTHER SARA DUKE HATS I5 EAST 52nd STREET New York 22, N. Y. "YOUR PATRONAGE IS OUR FUTURE" HAMBURG HEAVEN, Inc. 696 Madison Avenue 5 Easf 5Is+ Sfreef IO44 Madison Avenue I8 Easf 56II1 SIreeI COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D O REgenI 4-56I4 B. LANGSTEIN TAu.LeuR - FURRIER 785 MADISON AVENUE New York SAcramenIo 2-4679 TO THE WOMAN WHO CARES DOLLY MADISON BEAUTY SALON l32O MADISON AVENUE Bef. 93rd and 94'rh SIS. New York CLASSES NINE, TEN, AND JUNIOR THE wlsl-I You CLASS OF '51 LOTS OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE - REgenI 4-8333 DON Q PHARMACY WHELAN AGENCY 2nd AVENUE AT 68II1 STREET New York REgenI' 4-1342 8: 4-I343 Esfab 908 GEORGE TORPE TAILOR, CLEANER AND DYER 720 PARK AVENUE Bef. 7O'rh 8: 7Isf SIS. 895 PARK AVENUE a+ 79H1 Sfreef CIo'fI1es Called For End Delivered HAIR STYLING BY HILDEGARDE BRANCH zo JoB's LANE Soufhampfon. N. Y. Telephone 928 902 MADISON AVENUE New York 2I, N. Y, REqen+ 7-4028 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I95I UNCLE JOHN REgenf 4-6973 MINNIE'S BEAUTY SALON COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE . .- Specializing in Permanenf Waving and Hair Dyeing I293 SECOND AVENUE Near 68II1 Sireef New York Cify Experf Operafors in Aiurendance OF 5, F E L D M A N "UNClE DING" FINEST IN HARDWARE IBO9 MADISON AVENUE New York, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF REYNOLDS 8. CO. V-1 MEMBERS NEW YORK-STOCK EXCHANGE AND OTHER LEADING EXCHANGES I2O BROADWAY New York 5, N. Y , BUT+arfieId 8-7620 - 9620 SCI-TRAFFTS A L EC YOUR HAIRDRESSER, Inc. ALWAYS . . . GOOD FOOD MR. OTTO GENEROUS PORTIONS D I N N E R A LA CARTE CLUB DINNERS from 90c from I.50 BREAKFAST AFTERNOON TEA S U P P E R LUNCHEON ICE CREAM . . . SODAS CANDIES CAKES . . . GIFTS 37 RESTAURANTS IN METROPOLITAN NEW YORK Personalized Sfyling 50 EAST 86+IT STREET New York THE DRAKE ROOM 7I EAST se+h STREET LUNCHEON - COCKTAILS DINNER - SUPPER Cy WaI'fer and his piano rlnyfhms during dinner and supper HOTEL DRAKE 440 Park Avenue af 56TI'1 Sfreef HARTENSTEIN, Inc. EsTablisI'1ecI I9O0 FINE FURS OCELOT MUFF AND SCARF TO MEET YOUR BUDGET 847 MADISON AVE. NEW YORK 2I, N. Y. BUTTerfieIcI 8-5620 BST. 7OTI1 34 7lsT STS. JEFFERSON INDUSTRIAL COMPUMENTS CORPORATION TO THE CLASS OF I95l O TEXTILES A F R I E N D lXI4LJ ATwa+er 9-9168 Esfablished 1890 0 NINETIETH STREET PHARMACY 90 S. J. Marazzi, Chemisf New York' N. Y. mo MADISON AVENUE . Cor. 9OfI1 Sfreei' New York RI-linelander 4-5600 P. Apicella, Prop. I MADISON STAR MARKET MEMS - POULTRY COMP!-IMENTS CHOICE SEA FOOD DAILY GROCERIES - FRUITS - VEGETABLES H38-I I4O MADISON AVENUE Bef. 84'rh and BSII1 SIS. New York THE CLASS OF '51 VINCENT AND ANTON A F R I E N D HAI RDRESSERS OF DISTINCTION I04l MADISON AVENUE ai 79+h S+. h New York 2I, N. Y. RI-Iineiander 4-I5IO I BU+'rerfield 8-3079 SAcramenTo 2-8282 - 8283 - 8284 - 8285 ' A. Corcone, Prop. MAYFAIR MARKET GROCERIES, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CHOICE MEATS-SEA FOOD I324- LEXINGTON AVENUE Cor. 88TI'1 STreeT New York 26, N. Y. SHALL WE MEET AT THE HAVILAND RESTAURANT AND COFFEE sHoP Breakfasf . Lunch - Dinner I244- MADISON AVENUE We Deliver COMPLIMENTS OF THE BRUSSELS RESTAURANT III EAST sem STREET BUHerIIeIcI 8-7984 DANAS FLOWER SHOP 4079 LEXINGTON AVENUE New York 2I, N. Y. ATwaTer 9-8484 ESI J. D. FLESSAS F L O R I S T 1294 MADISON' AVE-NUE Corner of 92nd SI'ree'r New 515 COIVIPLIMENTS OF FOXHALI. FARM 3 DESTINATION ,LGNGCHAMPS .. As usual, +I'1e food is bofh on The unusual as weII as The superla- I'ive side, where, foo, fhe prices are always reasonable. . . Resfauranfs Longchamps would like 'Io suggesf, iI1a+ you dine ancl wine ai' any of The nine, fine if Tfiiiiiii FIFTH AVE. a'I 34I'I'1 ST. MADISON AVE. a'I' 49I'I1 ST. IEmpire SI'aI'e BIcIg.I 'FMADISON AVE. a+ 59+I1 ST. FIFTH AVE. a'I' I2I'I'l ST. MADISON AVE. aI' 79'I'I1 ST. BROADWAY af 4IsI' ST. LEXINGTON AVE. aI' 42ncI ST. BROADWAY OPP. CITY HALL I9 W. 57'II1 ST. INr. 5'II1 Ave.I 'Open AII Nigh+ i V Adverfising Design Cosfume Design RI-Iinelander 4-2960 Cosfume IIIus'I'ra1ion SCHOOL or ggeoesign usfraiion DESIGN I'lI.fli.'lIIif.fi2iI.g FASIIIONS FOR GIRLS I B. S. Degree Program Summer Sessions in New York, Europe X: Mexico MADISON AVENUE AT 80III STREET BOX B, l36 EAST 57'rh STREET New York 22, N. Y. BU 8-0789 RH 44430 ' MARTIN'S FRUIT SHOP THE RHINELANDER FLORIST Incorporafed G I I: T S I Frank Tomaino , 79+l1 STREET AND MADISON AVENUE 867 MADISON AVENUE A+ 72nd Sf. New York 2I, N. Y. PRINTED BY THE COMET PRESS, INC., ZOO VARICK ST., NEW YORK 14, N. Y. e - --., ,,-. f.-Tf-.-7,,..i,.:.- --- ,rn--w: V ff- '-- 1 - K Cggqqxx. .zyxixfke C C311 C'-FQWLZQLCXXCN Sc: ' 'Nm we is mmm g "gk C,C:'5T'k'CiL?-SlS"4E:La,,.X 'QMS-3 EQQJQN fimim igkgfia kvwcgq Wa.-xglg-gxk' AQ mqygrlik- 'NT Cllfmv I QXCFLK 'SANS Q gwngggxmca 5552+955 05.2 ETBXQ4, Reggqqggfx QCTQQM Cb-kX'NoJ? CSX!-ASL' Xc2cf?:S Xx4QfFFQTf?AD,?KQ XXQBKMLQ 'Z' CEw.':'S"z-3 X -M-'KW's'i'WX6 LXEBKX Q.. mgolliaglgxgxxxx Pcbgwab JSYWQ CQTQLX-:X 'SQCAQCQ Q:5K1vAqQ'C3 X Axis-1 ww, RQ QYQ QNKSGL' CSWQNQ5 gc? gm. 5 -N A K xcwq ,QW Cgfis Xgxiigg C'l.?fE3N'5QX iw-7!C.'klk5!. -- XB mf-X' Ne, X' ' Q4-Pow 332, W4'Q 'ST Ng-QU-ww - QDXC:-x-wQw5 Q55 Q W 'SESS CSQTQQ y- URW-l f CSHTCSB 'F 5AwCDz,,QJ HVISLLO Q uqwciikfsq-XVKQXQSI-'QD I, ,SB A LVYWCSCY' ,xQS'Q.XTQ?Vi KNmNo,r:S1'21K11.CLCl -iw, 6' Q QDCQQTQSQYX rrp H G5 Q. QQ, QQ PC-1? 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Suggestions in the Nightingale Bamford School - Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

Nightingale Bamford School - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Nightingale Bamford School - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 14

1951, pg 14

Nightingale Bamford School - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 55

1951, pg 55

Nightingale Bamford School - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 17

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Nightingale Bamford School - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 8

1951, pg 8

Nightingale Bamford School - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 17

1951, pg 17

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