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Gchepmnra.-f.,,fQ,sEI "' 'wb H ' Gffffzc 55- 63' Xxolff' QQ. .xfp NV' x,CQh5fff1E, QX +9 9 YNxLQ Km Xiocx. :CVS been ' VNCLOIXYNQ if 5 A4419 X55 S4 ,ya Nw? Q JM' if gum AMW . QQ? QFQI? bf ' 5 QNX gimckcx fi , .N Gvffwcsugsuw D M ,,,f on ff Odbwkgg L f"': 1' 0 . Q af 3'fQkQf5vyMfM 3+0W5w3r,i+P40Vg' wiv? , Aqyafww 0 L, View ,Lg WQQYN -129 X Ko . DUJWNQ X0 QKX X Q ILQ A 'WN VVNRS mwvwahfx 9,605 wash, UJQQX ,J 521 O41 lcfm - 5 Q ' Fix ff Fvpjgfl' 6559 Q0 .xxx M JU' ,4 Y-:rl Y V . 4 1. X, N qfiwy if P ,DQ Wig X hy U 121, Eb Q9 6 JN K x fj fckx ,Qc K1 You-X 'ff fy M ix! if Y oy' MW if 5 47 SX -1 Q my 'df c,gQ'QQ Qs xv b V Q7 :Ak S-I-u.fKig,' ,Q qj TNS year was v-er-f glg ZH ij 5-ooh In -I-l-5,54 GD AN 72-efrmfwzaaafwnf 'CZ CQ M43 I5 Yvurz 0-our? 0.-.+f,,I, 6 QTL' g O0 Q Hops I ffit 7cun.1.y.+ -1. M 93 YC-OFF' amd ,+wu.5 aged KA ,lf Bef F ' ' -W. :PR :Qfff :J TM 23"- "H" 50, so L.-mg Far Krwudrfhfc fa, SLAM ffqhhnf-7 OF-F. LSLE waffle 9 ,930 F0494 YX QI! Dlclmggj LQQS 'Off YN s.waSTNL lffo MN fx wmv if nf QA ,Q 5? 46 D4 1fwLc5QffcKfUfw ig 199060 ea: vmur f foebiff' 4 NEW X0 Q4 QL Ukggbl nj , 51,36 cf 'Wg EMT? Q9 'fXX xbQ6UXqQf qgmdjpuv dd 5245- L' 0 X A7 ugp Q Hg X369 ix Tlfigib u 5 Wm XAQQ 'Q mmm X M' fl 'qi 4 e Last Of . . Q QQWw MVW. uf Qf MMV ,vgff ' Q02 W f5W KP ' X Qb 'N Q, .QC CR, y gf 6 Q My xf q M MSS? Q' . - ' - Dggs U1 Jax ' N .YN fsfwo' by' Wqjy Q1 JQ wg, ,pxffgwafywvw of 53,8 QTY YQ 'S'6,f,9 dzJ"fxio9UN 06 ,gafgiwffegggx if sei S5555 R wgifawlbw Q25 K-QWZMSBS fo 0 C5 , ef be ' Qf fw W Q, 95709 559' xiffgbx Cf 9,520 EO. .gg 3 ' X Q-1 Of' 05' ,J QQQJ . 0 9 ix ,LQQ3 Q5 Og N Wi 0096 X ' N95DL,CP'Qv M5-A qv ' UU-OW LQ, 6' If OB be C5 flwttlvfaiiat AVL Q55 MQ is S vi "4vfMv:'2:lyv?ff1: iii? Q X X QE? X EA V5 "0"'ff4 Q M S S S gig, 13 ggjf mp! EQSsS3 QQ E 3353? Q W QSWQQKSSESBQ .,.. Q M '- nm swf' umwll' Nicolet I-I.S. Glendale, Wis, 53217 1979 Shield v I , N x s 9, -A K D ,V ? K 'Q if h we . X - if 'H 'E I , ,A A 4 . N ,Q 4 Y q J' M B hh ' N ,Alt 'Y 1 E S nl 9 Q, 'A Ji' 1 ' 1, ,, SU 1 .- , A-nl . 'T " gg, E1 . -' an 5 ' . . -.fx ,- ff. 3 ' . .xi pxy I 2' .ff 'r. 9 5.2 .0 ',. az : 4. L1 rw I' 'nf' 7 N, I il 4,-LY S! , -J 'Y' - N Y Q nf Q7 ' QP. .Yfl YS? ,elf Introduction Pg Theme ' Student Life 0 Homecoming 0 Jobs ' Fads ' and Fashion 0 "Guys and Dolls" 0 "Dracula" ' Winter Carnival 0 Faculty Pg. School Board ' Administration ' Business Administration 0 Curriculum 0 Guidance 0 Physical Education 0 Career Education 0 English 0 Foreign Language 0 Art and Music 0 Mathematics ' Media 0 Science 0 Social Studies ' Aides 0 Organizations Pg. 40 Shield f Knights' Page ' Foreign Lan- guage Clubs ' Debate 0 Forensics ' Class Council ' Timettes 0 Hosts ' Varsity Club 0 Photography ' Radio Club ' COE 0 NOC 0 Cheerleaders ' Drill Team 0 Band U Orches- tra 0 Choir 0 Intramurals 0 Knightskeller U Stage Crew 0 Ski Club 0 Magic Company 0 Youth Council 0 Sports Pg. Cross Country 0 Football 0 Girls' Golf ' Girls' Basketball ' Boys' Basketball 'Gym- nastics ' Wrestling 'Boys' Swimming 0 Girls' Swimming 0 Classes . Pg. Freshmen 0 Sophomores ' Juniors ' Seniors Pg. Index Pg. R. 'f my I .1 I , . Q' 'f ,v Va.. 'rp f Iii .. 'r ,.,V r r .. 1 1 1 i s ss- . H 41 M I JJ l w .X 714, v tl. ,I""w. ': .ii -' i, , ,Q ml A 'Y .xl-H f w 'Ut 'K V r. M- M- sr 'W if te 35' 'H' 'U -'1 ,, .1-'ev 4 A X, .gp it--I ' 1-L -fi' 'Y' 1, :L -ig, Lg, gr- We "l Mai- -67 is .Il jg.. gf. 'Q 23 .1 4 'A f " ,fp 41" Wuvfq .ui 'U' 'dai' ,,,.. wr new 1 . THIS PAGE: I. The 1970's at Nicolet stressed "good" grades and as a result, many students, such as Jackie Cross. entered the F-wing library and were asked for their cards hy Mrs. Wilson. 2. After a difficult match. members of the state Champion tennis team often refreshed tlieniselves lust as Susan Mentlelsohn dnl. 3. As the last of Autumn came to 1978 year, some colorful signs of life remained rintictnilvle in the surroundings of dying foliage. 4. Durirg their last of the Nicolet commons, seniors Bill Easom, Peter Sheperrl, Dave Holuh, Jim Mock, and Marty Lackner clecitlerl to invert classmate Bill Faude. OPPOSITE PAGE' 1 Fresh' men cheerleader Stacy Rimmerman washed cars during a fund-raiser for the cheerleaders, in early autumn. WN! na sq -we., Hour Glass Runs Out On 70 s Last Class Casual carefree summer days gave way to the fmal autumnal back to Nrcolet trek for the last graduatmg class of the 1970 s As the fall colors burst forth reflected ln qulet pools of the calm meanderlng rlver casual for many became commxtted and care free turned mto concern Pent up buds of knowledge stored over the summer were released to take root or wtther as nourlshment was obtamed or rejected The sun rose over the brows of low slung bulldmgs out of the lake s foggy resldue as the Class of 79 moved about often luke creatures rn a dream ballet Some festooned athletlc endeavors Others floated off to sustammg Jobs A portxon double dazzled m aCtlVlflCS or dance Stxll others searched for dlamonds tn the coal yards A few lacquered sooty pavement whlle the remannder vamshed as the clock toned perhaps searchlng for a umcorn The quest for knowledge had begun for some perhaps for a fmal formal tlme And yet lmbued wlth sparks from Prometheus stolen flame the majorlty strove to meet requlrements to graduate and hope fully to go p0SltlVCly on Perhaps the umcorn IS out there somewhere and maybe with the educatlon obtamed here as a start someone wlll fmd rt The hour glass wlll be turned and the last class w1ll then mdeed be fmrst 4 vi' V, 1 . cc . H - 7 1 v ' 1 ' v . u . . ay . ' . . - v - v 1 . . Q 1 v v ' , . v v THIS PAGE I The sands of time escaped the top ofthe hour glass on the Santa Marla just as they ran out of the decade Z Colors abounded as summer swept unto autumn and sensors returned for therr last year OP POSITE PAGE I Empty tgnms ball cans told a tale of countless team under new Head Coach J Cary Bachman won unothu State Crown 2 Nature made ready to close her year wnth an offering to others 1' Out of the fog the sunrlse heralded the bt gmmng of the year for the lxst class of the seventres 3 . 1 - 4 I e . , hours of fall ractice as the irls' P 9 v f x - , . - 1 ' n . , - J, , . . C W X ,ff 'N 1 ' 6 " -a ' ' 'si' J-YL Q x. Fl V' 5? :W Lx' .Q su-'gm i' gp. ' v - ' ' H if .-EF' f ' b Y -' A . fe . 1 1. ff wc" m:f N' K i. , . 1 4 ,n . Ei ,, ,. . W ep ,Wx JO ,- - 't - . ' we "' S. ,af W .wif .ff 7 1 Q DD 4' Individual Outlook Prevailed In Decade "Time has come 'round Where we began, there shall we end!" The decade of the 50's was in many ways similar to that of the 7O's. Each decade tended to produce fewer prominent issues, both on the national and local scene. than the turbulant 6O's. While long lines caused by gas shortages and inflation were concerns of the last decade, nothing matched the intensity of the anti Viet Nam demonstrations or rapid personal income growth of the 6O's. The "together" time of the last decade was lost - replaced by an "individual" outlook. One 60's bi-product that lasted through the decade of the 70's at Nicolet was the political awareness of the student body. Students here readily involved themselves in the business of political concern, if no longer with the outright activism of the earlier era. Nonetheless, the early days of the decade brought to Nicolet a sit-in over the Cambodian issue and a deep concern, a few years later, over Watergate and its mishaps. Confidence in government, from student council to the na- tion's captiol, was shaken. But from the loss of confidence came some good. Individuals began to wonder just what went on in all areas of government and began to take an active interest in discovering the answers to their questions. Even voter participation had a temporary upswing. And yet, although members of the student body at Nicolet were freely speaking their minds, little thought was carried through to action here. Despite all this, improvement was still taking place. The physical plant changed - insulation pannels covered glass windows, walls were painted, new art rooms were created, the office area was remodeled, steel and chrome mail boxes replaced wooden postal units, and the Knightskeller was renovated. Classes changed too. From the mass of electives of the early part of the decade to the "back to basics" cry heard in its waning days, the educational cycle continued often adding requirements to class loads in place of electives. Traditional school activities somehow managed to keep the status quo. The musical "Guys and Dolls" came and went and then re- turned. The tennis team kept on winning State titles. The Knight's Page continued unchecked as an all-american publication, even though its format changed three times during the period. But now the hour glass has run its course. And as the last grains of sand run out, the seniors calmly dedicate the decade to the ages. Historians will consign a place in history to the era and the last class of the seventies will take its place in line for judgment. THIS PAGE: 1. Jean Loftus hugged a fellow runner with emotion as the girls' cross country squad qualified for the state meet by placing second in the sectionals. 2. Car washes and long hours were part of cheerleading for Senior Molly Fisher. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Outlined against a deep blue October sky, the leaves turned golden-orange in the sunlight. 2. Nila Bogue's untitled watercolor symbolized the last of the decade as a youth walked into the sunset and his future. 3. Carefree summer days of frisbee and sun came to an end all too soon for junior Marci Vallee, 4. Sophomore Gayla Williams returned to school and immediately began to utilize the library. my www? 1 441. Qui 'ft wa--Ei jaw -. flggi Nm V332 m . 3 , ., i i. .A ,, mr .MGI ,nf .M 1-rw M 0 . As the trees drained the green from their leaves turning them into glorious shades of reds, browns, and yellows, seniors returned for their final days at Nicolet. For many, new study habits began to emerge. Some, realizing that this was their last chance, strove to bring up their grades so a university would find them acceptable and grant them entrance. Others, bask- ing in the glow of a college's early acceptance, began the traditional "slump" almost as they entered the school doors. Some disputes arose during the year over the mess in the cafeteria and the conduct at the pep rally and some senior pranks became outright acts of vandalism in the eyes of the administration. Yet, through it all the status quo rarely varied and the individualism, which seemed to control the decade, was as unwavering as always. im' AA -'ff 573, Mg c-WM ,,,, ,- - 2'MA H' .'. . Q9 A ' ,. LMAO V. I "lf TN Y' ni tion.. THIS PAGE: 1. Mr, Fred Rice calmly watches his phy. ed, class. 2. Cafeteria food problems arose during the school year. 3. Jeff Kukawka and Larry Jassin spend time on math during their senior year. 4. Nature's leaves turned to gold as the growing season came to a close. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Senior Marlon Mitchell watched the game through his Sousaphone. 1 41' A -W' Tl -W, il Q' THIS PAGE: 1. Seniors Lori Kayser and Paula Maglio skipped down A-wing corridor as their last year of high school began. 2, Cheering at their last Home- coming game as Nicolet students were seniors: BACK ROW: Dave Schmitz and Dan Bizub. THIRD ROW: Marty Lackner, Dave Ulrich, Linda Shieble, Steve Lo- vett, and Kristi Dangott. SECOND ROW: Rod Gimbel and Pat Sheehy. FRONT ROW: Bill Faude and Sheila Sinclair. OPPOSITE PAGE: I. Pausing to organize themselves for the next period, freshmen Karin Kochan and Heidi Levy gathered necessary materials. 2. Pre- paring for the computerized world, seniors Bill Gabby and Bill Habush programmed the Nicolet digital com- puter. 3. At the beginning of the school year, old ac- quaintances were renewed between students and facul- ty as exemplified by Betsy DePaIma and Ms. Judy Grefsheim. of Q . dtffufif' W,-5, rf. wi , 13 I athy, Matt Reign Over 'Odyssey' "Knight Odyssey," this year's Home- coming theme was chosen by the Youth Council because it related to -the last of the success of "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Even as the science fiction movies were coming to a successful close, the Home- coming festivities began with the kickoff dance where Queen Kathy Wilke and King Matt Willms and their court were announced. The court included: senior attendants Molly Fisher, Lisa Grossman Gail Hucko, and Nancy Zetleyg junior at- tendant Carey Holland: sophomore at- tendant Karen Greene: and freshman at- tendant Alison Greene. The week of Homecoming was filled with the usual festivities such as the "Knight 500" fthe seniors wonl, the sack race fthe seniors wonl, and the tug-o-war fthe sophomores wonl. The week was marred, however, at the traditional pep rally when class competition got out of hand and although the class of '79 cap- tured their last spirit cup, perhaps pep rally tradition was also brought to an end by the rowdy student behavior which in- cluded smoke bombs, firecrackers, and water balloons. At the parade the following day the German Club again took first place in the float building contest and won S75 for its efforts Later at the homecoming game on a dismal afternoon for football, the Knight eleven was defeated by the Cedarburg Bulldogs 10-O. Thus, the curtain rang down on the senior squad members who finished O-4 in Homecoming game com- petition. 1 THIS PAGE: 1. Seniors Paula Maglio and Dave Blackwell displayed their enthusiasm at their last Homecoming pep rally which helped their class cap- ture the Spirit Cup, 2. This year's Homecoming Court: BACK ROW: Seniors Nancy Zetley, Gail Hucko, Queen Kathy Wilke, Lisa Grossman, and Molly Fisher. FRONT ROW: Junior Carey Holland, Sophomore Karen Greene, and Freshman Allison Greene. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. The German club's "Flying Sausage" float captured their second straight winning title at the Homecoming parade. 2. Queen Kathy Wilke and King Matt Willms reigned over "Knight Odyssey" festivities. 3. In spite of their effort to -try and defeat the Ceclarburg Bull Dogs, the Knight's were beaten 10-0. 5, .nf fi f" 'Y wk X, xc , N t K .M E ' - if I - ik ws. 4 - H :ffm-fi 'IL M ,ff I x 1 3 v 551 uuooas l ,,'f Z3 1 v- ,-wp' .-,X 5 - WFLWW6 K J' P s e THIS PAGE: 1. Sophomore class mem- bers including Kathy Easom and Kelly Sells, strove in the tug-o-war even though overematched by the seniors. 2. Senior Bill Faude helped his class win the "Knight 500." 3. Varsity squad mem- bers, Jim Spielman, Rob Manders, and Pete Lococo react to the cheering at the pep rally. 4. The sack race didn't end so well for Cathy Steinmetz. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. The sack race began well for junior Cathy Steinmetz as her class strove to capture the spirit cup. 2, Disco dancing was provided at Homecoming by seniors Mike Fairman and Polly Byrnes. 3. "Sophomore power" was the pep rally cheer of class members Kay Goodrich and Michelle'Hall. --.-e--- 'Guys 8: Dolls' Makes 'Point' With Audience The dice rolled in an auditorium sewer as directors Mr. Jimmy Bicker- staff and Mr. Wayne Jipson made their points. And as the dice turned up on their final spin, the players did not crap out, indeed they won the acco- lades of their audience supporters as "Guys and Dollsl' rolled to a successul end. "Everyone connected with the show really pulled together at show time. That included the cast and crew as well as the orchestra. It made the show an enjoyable experience. I'm glad I could be a part of it," said Mike Fair- man fNathan Detroitl. The plot of the play, centered on a Damon Runyan short story, "The ldyll of Sarah Brown," is about gamblers: people who not only gamble with mon- ey and dice, but also with their hearts. There were two major love stories in the play. The first was between Na- than Detroit IBill Faudef Mike Fair- manj who was a small-time operator of the "Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game In New York." Detroit was devoted to Adelaide iDan- ita Reed f Janette Davisj although a bit irregularly. In fact, their engagement lasted for 14 years. The other love story concerns Sky Masterson fMike JipsonfJim Froemmingl a big-league gambler and his love Sarah Brown iJan HinsonfBarb Sederl who is a Sal- vation Army worker. "I thought that everyone involved did a great job. A lot of seniors that had never been in choir before, really worked hard," stated senior Mike Jip- son. Peter Lococo, in his first year, echoed Mike's statement saying, "I felt in my first year I learned a bushel- full of experience. All the more exper- ienced people involved helped me very much. I think the musical was the success that it was because of that involvement." It was sad, and it was funny, but it was better than even money that the audience enjoyed "Guys and Dolls." Nm. 'l ' H 4:9 K CAST FOR "GUYS AND DOLLS" Wed nesday-F riday BILL SELLS DAN BIZUB CHARLES GOLDEN JAN HINSON BONNIE RAPKIN BILL FAUDE MIKE JIPSON DANITA REED SCOTT ALTMAN .IOELSLATER PETER LOCOCO JILL BRUNNER Thursday-Saturday MIKE REIELS HARVEY OATES BRIAN MORRIS BARBSEDER MOLLY FISHER MIKE FAIRMAN JIM FROEMMING JANETTE DAVIS JOHN HEROLD SCOTT BOLENS DAVE KUELER MARCY SHCIESSEL in THIS PAGE: 1. Big Jules Isenior Peter Lococoi was caught in the act of preparing for his next big number. 2. Discussing the plans for the crap game were Nathan Detroit Isenior Mike Fair- mani Benny Isenior Harvey Oatesi Nicely-Nicely Isenior Mike Reielsi and Rusty Ijunior Brian Mor- risi. 3. During one of their more intimate scenes, Sky Isenior Mike Jipsoni sings "Vue Never Been In Love Before" to Sarah Isenior Jan Hinson.I OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Adelaide Isenior Danita Reedi does a night club performance at the "Hot Box." 2, Juniors Kirsten Radaker, Sally Schley, seniors Terri Biller, Sue Ochelek, and freshman Debbie Sager performed a kick line while Adelaide sang "A Bushel and a Peckf' Special Effects Horrify 'Dracula' "Count Dracula" was selected as Nico- let's first dramatic performance and stu- dent participation was the production's keynote. The production techniques used in the play were extensive as the very nature of "Count Dracula" lent itself to special ef- fects. Billowing fog, magical disappear- ances and other such effects enhanced the play's Gothic setting. So comprehen- sive were the special effects that a new stage crew position was created: special effects coordinator. A less obvious portion of the students' participation came with the actual writing of the play. Junior Courtney Spitz con- tributed her comedic writing skills and encorporated an additional scene in the play. Mr. Jimmy Bickerstaff, English teacher and director of "Count Dracula," sought to present the play as a normal drama. He explained, "this entailed an extensive use of symbolism and an in-depth charac- ter analysis of the Count himself." Despite a plague of quittings, the cast displayed an unusual comaraderie, culmi- nating in an ambitious dramatic effort. Cast members for "Count Dracula" were: Mike Fairman, Count Dracula, Lisa Darien, Mina Murray, Jon Herold, Dr. Arther Sewardg Bob Kohl, Dr. Heinrich Van Helsing, Polly Byers, Sybil Seward, Conely Hanson, Johnathon Harker, Courtney Spitz, Louisa Bunce, David Ceci, Hennesseyg Tom Jaeckels, Wesley, Karen McCoy, Lucy Westenrag Kathy Khavari, Renfield, iii! S gf C , " 1 X5-I bltxg, S if f c x. ' 3-X. l I l . I 1 , L. ! l D ph gf ff ffw K COUNT DRACU LA Dramatized by Ted Tiller Based on Bram Stoker's Nineteenth Century Novel, "Dracula" Scenes: Act I An autumn evening in 1927. The living quarters and office of Dr. Arthur Seward's Asylum for the insane, north of London. Act II Nearly midnight, three nights later. Act III Scene 1: Twenty-eight hours later. Scene 2: The Crypt at daybreak. THIS PAGE: 1, Junior Courtney Spitz anxiously awaits her cue to go on stage during the performance of "Dracula," 2. Senior Mike Fairman ap- peared out of the floor and left the audience with quite a suprise. 3. Seniors Bob Kohl and Polly Byers are reunited and express their feelings for each other. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Senior Mike Fairman, Dracula, was captured with one of his rather mystical expressions, 2. Stage Crew Prop People: BACK: Deborah Kuester, Patty Devine, Chris Bruenner, Lisa Engelhardt, Amy Finger, Robin Kurzer. FRONT ROW: Kathy Malone, Debbie Sager, Paul Jensen. v4 Jello, Dance Add Winter Warmth Winter Carnival created more heat this year than ever before. There was a re- cord number of participants. Two new events were added to this year's sched- ule, a jello-fest in which participants at- tempted to slide as much jello down their throats as possible, and a semi-formal dance which concluded the festivities. This year's broom hockey set a record for the most teams involved, and penali- ties. The teams which were victorious were: Drill team in the girls' division, Youth Council in the coed division, and the Snow Brothers in the boys' division. Also included in the schedule was a Coke chug, human pyramid, tug-a-war, and the trophy hunt in addition to the Jello fest and the sweetheart dance, where the win- ners were crowned. The sweetheart dance turned out to be a success and will be a regular part of the Winter Carnival activities in the future. Every year, Winter Carnival seems to get more and more people involved and so it did this year. The winners were: the cheerleaders in the girl's division, the Choir Boys and the Snow Brothers in the boy's division, and the Youth Council in the coed division. As for next year, Mr. Danko, director of Winter Carnival said, "It has grown every year and I see no reason why it should not be even bigger and better next year." QQ. , ... -eng--.,,.,.,A,-. ' 9312357 f" 'A .. -.1 uk .. "lf , ,ras-1' xx B, -s- I- e. L- - 55" " 7' lr ,I v H ill " ' xi xl l-, r , -i x l i h ' 5 J i . N I V lllt l l ..v, !, . i, li fi 1 I l X - -'Q-.A ki , l A ll X .. 5 ,. I l .LW , l ' l 5 Q. 5 lf l li ll i ' li' ll ll , X l'1 l il ll Q l ,I 'l ll ff I ll m ii X 1- , 1 i ' I 1 . l' ll ll, l ll l .. V- .. . il 1 ':. 421 , Y., ,Va I' 1 2 THIS PAGE: 1. Trying to hold their ground and possibly win the crown for Winterfest Tug-O-War, the Choir team pulled their way closer to victory. 2. Drill Team members Sue Wenzler, Marie Oh, and Diane Golding, struggled with the weight of their competitors OPPOSlTE PAGE: 1. Craig Winebren- ner and Tom Cielak faced off at center ice while Tom Mackrie and Steve Swallow anxiously awaited a chance to make a shot. 2, Drill team members Kim Washington, Liz Holland, Kris Wilson, Sheila San- ford, Laurie Sinclair, Kirsten Radaker, Julie Wig- dale, Sally Schley, and Patty Bodner used all their might to remain on top. 3. No sooner did Drill Team set up than it took them to show that "what goes up must come down." 4. Julie Sheen, Judy Shackman and other cheerleaders were amazed to find out how cold the snow really was. I K, W gx c X f ff' ...fx 23 'vis . .,q " ...1.' cv- : 'A '.. 1 K Ps! Q ,..,,L I - s Q I j J -T' 'ff -arf" -fs gf--.fl I x- Pl u"f-' 'X 1:54 9- . ,nv 'iv ,A a. Q I X . I Q T, 1 .. J tw 4,aJ I -4- ' , .,.... -Vo 's4.. Lgg ,f E - 4'4'- w V ' - v '69 .wf,-.,A+. nl- I.: ix .r ' Il: 'fag - 4 , - H... -M . ...N . 6 -5 . P ' "Q Z".I:'. 1 , l"u:J-:" " - 5 1 .. . , , . r , '-- .', '- "3" 'F gf".-:"",. :LQ ,. 1'- -ir. Y' . - 'Aw t h . ff, -' A . -'-1e"': .nb ' ' A . -.Jr My .-lu' . I ,Q I-.7 T. 11 '3-fy-1. 'W 'gy 1 ffilfilii if 4, -.yr -,xagx-. . ,f "5 - 9 -'12 I ,. ,-sf.. " "gpg:-Q - .u ' 4 F. d: A , ' ,df ,' feng!! - f-.. ',lK"l u A..lSTmi'f1.-T I,-Q. O-I,-U --:mg .11 J ,.,.', . 5 'Q-vu .Vw , I l-:Nr lf' rl D". v ' . ' -4- 7' C '-4' .- ' -' N .-' r' . ' : '--svn. 5. f - ,ws -1- 31:3-' .,. . 1. sl. A- -A A -5 1 M 2 'iv' ' -W 2 - 9 . , -. +-Rmb" ' ' 'r nw " -S G, u 'J 'L a ' . lg -+3'.1,L1.. - MYQH -- , . - 1 FH -1 - - , A 35, , f , . . - ' .an . - fn., 5 bf ' ,b .' k ' ? ' U ' . 1 .. . -5 -If' 1: . Y FY U 1 . ' . " -- t .1 '-.4 . 1. ' . u g' " 'dbz' ' -" ' 5 , . 5 ,.. '1-- " . - .'. Q I' nil.. S. I ' " M-q 'R l v"+ 'L-'api ' ' f -KV" N - , A Q1 " '1' ' "" fra 4' 'figs L A ' 4 A ' Q f " U., 5. . ' . 1 " b J ' .1 3 37- 'V ffg V .L I If 2. 'Q .v .".' 'Q 0 T... ill. ,A . v' '- A - ns' A 0 - ' ' I A L - Q . "' I ,. ' , - 'lgq' N ' '- " ,, ', 'U X- '. 4 - .sv Y f. M Q.,-. . .- - V' I nv,,w' 1' 'v QU 'ii sl Vu 47 Qt lvl I I nf' ss ,s . A- 5, , :f Y :- 5+ N Faculty s ll L ' 1., k' iii' Boar .1,, Of the . 1 ' 90mg back basmfi V519 School Board: BACK ROW: Mr. William Radtkeaf S K future, read1n9,-gvflfins, and arnfhmehc Mr. William Huegel, Mr. wfmam Heiser, E X will be the which thejm'ajorlty James O. Reiels. FRONT ROW: Mrs Oren B7 of the bekbased iupong Mr. V ley, Mr. Glenn Buse', Mrs. Helen Paton. E Buse' saidg? will be more re-L Q ' 7 quired less eleetivles because t 1 students have time toffit the 4 l i t f Q l s Nicolefiss s l?5"?'kt9e9ti3Ultt3xchan9ele s prfisfaih sttuderifiifrom Nicoler s 1 lese Classes s sss s t ss eesst ., e l as s g-5 f s sl: e f..g 1aff:se - wx- . K t v xlxl L lsfte tttss 17 at e,ss the ll , lti 11 wake some of the SI 1 behavior- sset 55 lssts ele is Qs' PX gs NX' 'ffl' N is' Wx' EXE Sig' kiwi? A Egmkw is S, ,R 6 3 - 3 Mess .,w:vN'i1x.n:LiX N s A-f - - f , X - ' ll: iff' " J is Kgs X s,i e N ' X Q 5 X PM Q :sw KS X Qxfxci , W R5 is '55 E A A H It -- "" 'am' " N W 3 s - It- N f ' A I . s.,. el.l e 2 s t l.5e . l l stei it s.ntl lyssl , .sssl T wikis NA' si E' esfrftsffw xii 1? '+ 535 egg k M ilk R Riiwkfx ziigw' 'Q' A S t vs E3 E235 if :t if - ' al - 2 X tt: - l. Elle n X lglelgggsegfg s gsgsg li 4..s3 .s'a,f'.-. 2 f. NE ,Z Eggs' sts .ete le K ill X? Y 1259 K 5 ,,te.', - ' Q l S23 25 '- lf 3Y g 4 fQtQ55,g.i. , A . . .N -,N a . .. uv, . ., 3:5533 1 .Qt . ' 355-553' tle.. ' lil m il es? is ss , 1if-tl ' li E3 ! - SAV 'X' H 'iflkl P -if lifll? -gg is 'NMR' 5 ' mv in mf! - is ll I ll git X' 1135? 'NSS 1 I 5. 1 ,a F'-mv jg? 55136 X? :gig gilggix ullqxw :rx gf' R lf ' .5 if ee1i 1 g,lJSsm l, X .l in N 9 -, -z SEQ, 'ff' su se: w'5v et X' lea ggslgsss jls ii iw 5, K ns X :ss LR XN 4 if i ts use lf' -X N S it "Wt .4225 ' K N' X S X 2 ss q5 X X l we 21 f 1 lx fi 'f f ' Xe? 1 , x -.. Sm if 2 W- sf ENN ,M I . A Www Wigs S , ,z N A tn ' :ii amy W '4' my in N-,J 39 --1 ' S T if A g i ., Y' , - M: ' ' ,lv V' iyil 5 Z' 4 2 pf J t . M . fi A . ,,, Q5 If lv l it - Q71 X R-sw. gk it r 1 X. R s, , Qi f , i fNQ ,assi -- W .. e 17151, 'si' 2 95,38 f -w.f.w.s fl . .sg ki 0 'Sli W E s f s 4,4 1 iff .W S , .,,k N . Y H K '--use Q3 fa ' ri gi ,"f w if La ,. at, . MX. if is ,wi .Was wr... , Mm ' ggi fxf Q fp K - K Dr. Jerome Adds Splce f M, Last October, Mr. Tim'Laatsch re- i R A signed his position as assistant adminis- A K trator to become principaliof Lincoln, i K S High School in Wisconsin Rapids. . , A i Some people wondered how Mfg lxs , xx odli . Laatsch would be replaced. Dr. Sarah - A Jerome eased that wondering in No- fl vember. Before coming to Nicolet, Dr. J fi ' H, 2 y rrss Jerome was an assistant professor at A y J' . . J t Greensboro College in North Carolina. ff? J f H 1se i' i-s- s 1 ' After viewing students for only a fs A V ' r,tt:Wg i : X short time she said, "Nicolet students by X t - sr-l, . are simi ar to most other students ex- .. f i'ti1rr 'i--rl ' cept that they seem to be more articu- Mrsl Hasley,Mrs.Kar5' late and more interested in their aca- A .. rt.' , ,1.: .' ,j . wi . . . . -- . wififigzllg llvirs. Sara Young, Mrs. Still fran- ASSISEHIF Admmlsifrator Doug Ifwm ,.s.,1s SQ if Mrs. Anita Johnsong Mrs., Nancy Grafwallner. added' Nlcolet canhm-led to Show Cfe' A J Michael Danko. ativity by putting Dr. Jerome in the as- gogiyi. f if ylg fffff sistant administrator position. l'm g-3- A pleased with that and impressed with 6 no ,, i ,'s.Jts' 5 ' X' her efforts. She's done a fine job." J J if , Ni, Bias Education Still Valued Resource Our major challenge was to use our monetary resources most efflcently according to Busmess Admlnlstrator Wlllxam Radtke To combat spnralmg mflatxon cooper atrve programs were formed wrth area hrgh schools at Nxcolet The program was deslgned to ehmxnate course duplx catlons thereby producmg effxclent class loads For mstance, students took auto mechamcs at Brown Deer Hrgh School, whrle Brown Deer students took courses at Nrcolet Despnte the deprecxatxon of the Arnerxcan dollar, The admnnxstratnon re mams confrdent about an appreclatnon of one thmg an educatxon at Nlcolet Students get an excellent opport ty here, sand Mr Radtke I thmk tt s a bargam 1 Mrs Carolyn Landwehr and Mr Mel Wade of the adult recreatnon department take tlme from thenr busy day 2 The Busmess Admlmstratnon staff Mr BrllStuckey assistant busnness manager Mrs Pat Knelszel Mrs Shan McVeigh Mrs Phyl hs Flmg and Mr Wxllram Radtke busmess man ager QM ' QR? 3 ""' sbrlptafi ,gag figs -Q rr A .wg ' ' Sf: cf 3 fits-we 'sw M.. 1' I 5 'ff ti' G t 1 ' Y tw, X 5 Si S " I z . umuvx -, 1.1. , tiff-t"'2"-t I f f 1 - I . ' ' , I l ' 'as -V l ' 4 f D ff - . y at e , v If ' 12 f y . ' ' V ' f ffs t.-wzax, 1:-4'-zz - f V f I T- I 1 E 1 l ' ' r ' - a t T - H . . . .1 -- aif"i g , 5 r , .,.. , Q X , -t :Hut figafe-'l.: . -"+fs"' , - ' " g ""f22f. R . , . ,,M,,,t ',, T Z 4, .ki V-.t ,ee , .,.t - , .,. f u:"' " "LL-:W K is 5401- K '19,-of X . 1 J . .553 s1.,J,o,:1s', ,--3.52m or K - s ...-3,x5,-s I X .wg sr , 3 , ' ' nf?-Triui 1151 Q. . ' tg fy' .1, - . . . Wtiglgg .tl. .Twig Y , Ag is 1- A . ' . 41 , - 'A iff- ti lixiff - ,-:fi-an . K ' '- ei ' ' , zz' 93" Tw K- 5, i91"F.TQ- A ww?-,Q-1 H - - - - fs ' .. "-1. i?2r,1"t S. -' - 'x 'A . -tg ' fu, . , 1: Igj'Z,3gf 2 ' 3 2: . . ' ' 1 5 1 ra -' -f ' .. e ' ' Z . 1 K 5 ' - Tgs .. 2 fy A , - a . . I 1 M : , rsgt 5 -V Um 55-Clk ,-- -1 tw ig - ,Q ,rs t 71 - cc - - 1 'F 4 ri, 3 zzz: 513 . 2' -it . . 3' f-149124, 3 . . -RA. " ' ,QQZ2 ' M gxf' 'f n fr ' 1 I H .l H+. '. vygr fy yy - ,A-3 A K " R-A . , 1 f. QI: ,- . . T ,,1-gig 1 . ....'.A..-A 4' ,q!,",' A. In , . r A Jo l .-.. J: :.,a..g z ,, -. -. - fi wr- -. Cv-H -.fa , T A N-.'-. 'A t -232 Ss 1 - H 1 ' ' -!-'r'r..'. N..-, -, 1' if "F p if-' ' K 'i , tg -if wr' f-Q , 1. Secretaty'Rhea'VShapiro,l'Technician Bonny Foster, and sl.T. Director'Biuce Sund discuss on 'defing procedutes for VIQTQ supplies. 21 Mr. Donn Leussler -and his secretary Mrs. Joyce Losinski pause during' hectic second semester class changes. ' Changes Prove Helpful To All Last year s curriculum changes were put into motion this year as the class of 1982 began to fulfill the additional course requirements y ,They backlyto basics trend continu d atfiNicoletg7 sss' said senior Chris Foran Candtthistconcleptbrooded no good for C i e theflibexal esi a rtsfelective system. , 1 5flfhey 1nstfLictional Technology Center 'alsojjchanged diiringithe yearito try and s 'Ybenefifiitheistudt i New ,sei equiptnentf replaced old, more student-feqniiljment wentlout on loan, 'andvthe ldepartfnent' even got a new secretary, Mrs. Rhea Shapiro. Director Bruce Sund said, "We're here to servethelteaching staff and stu- dents' and we will continue to do so." Pupil Services Focus Programs "Focus" was the theme of the year's guidance approach and except for the addition of Mrs. Barabra Hamilton as the multi-ethnic counselor, no new pro- grams were initiated as the emphasis was placed on focusing on what present ly was available Mrs Hamiltons role was to work with both students and staff to cope with and develop an understanding of ethnic variance and the relationship of that variance to education The results of a survey of students and parents indicated the overall effec tiveness of the present programs an few if any suggestions for new an services The survey did show that cer tain programs like sophomore aid an educational direction needed more phasis and the department moved to fill that need during the year 1 Special Services BACK ROW Mrs Marie Payton Mr Lawrence Ostopowicz Ms Jane Po lyak. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bette Wade, Mrs. Kath- rine Laycock, 2, Special Services: Department Chairperson Homer Howard, Mr. Ned Nema- check, Mr. Joseph Whalen, Mr. James Morgan, Mrs. Betty Savee, Mrs. Rosemary Gross, Mrs. Helen Schmitt, Mrs. Mildred Schreiber, Mr. Den' nis Joyce, Mr. Leo Duerson, Mrs, Lorraine McFadden, Mrs. Ethyle Trovinger. FRONT ROW: Mrs, Barbara Hamilton, Mrs. Darlene Whiting, Ms. Marcia Olen, Mrs. lrene Kemmeter, Ms. Janet Zill, Mrs. Thulasi Bhala, Ms. Rose Dornback, Ms. Susan Winkler Mrs, Muriel Kirchner. ' . . 1 mm kk by : 5 ' d 7 , 9 . d . . Q I ' v d . . . p em- Tsivifvi gg, an W I , Q Jn., ,qs , .yy iigrsu' ff lf, " f J gr, 5,,sffl?5f7l+?, 53? 1 Q - - -A V f 5, . ...,,,,.,,,-'U .K L -- W ff, wmfffafn W. 2 ,N 2 . f 'ax-:xiii iff 12, I M 154.1 1 f 1 ff, sw.. , 1 ,4..a. ,P gh i 7, an X" . Jw 1-:in C Q 'V' ' -- :Pit ,lr 5 :N1f7s,if'v',:? f,,1n1.xwrw -, - rrfre K J J 7, at 1 R r or J J J D7 a W V, ' f ' '-'- . W f , - l s J sr f as W t ,,, ,.. , , . new ff .r sv ,, ff I- 2 f ' sr - :' if 'N K1 rp 2 W 'M V gf 1-V K 1 fs, , . 'difflfir 5 ,f2'1" Charrman Dale Johnson Mr Fred Rlce Mr Rollne Strehlow Mr Robert Collms Mr Charles Wal ters Mr Cary Bachman FRONT ROW Ms Vxr gunna Narrn Ms Judlth Luellwltz Ms Judy Gref shenm Mrs Terry Copeland Ms Doreen Gilmore Phy Lifetime Sports The development of a lrfetnme sports rdea, though not new to Nrcolet was pushed by the physxcal educatxon department rn their course offermgs thus past year Under the dnrectnon of Dr Dale John son, more emphasis was placed on the mdrvndual student and hrs role ln phys rcal educatron as determined by hrs ablll Changes took place nn the personnel of the department Mr Joe Reed left and was replaced by Mr Robert Collms who also was the new head football placed for one semester, due to a ma termty leave, by Mrss Doreen Grlmore and Miss Judy Luellwltz was added to the department as a full trme staff mem ber after successfully completmg her practlce teachmg here KC 1 . K 97 . . ' I 66 - ty.77 bhtysacalllsducanonr BACK ROW: Department Coach- Mrs. Sandi Gleisner also was re- it 'f ,,. ..,,f,..,,.,,,zrm,:.4 Means Jobs Career Education is the process of providingffinformation to help the stu- dent better understand himself, under- stand thel world of work andfexplore and prepare for a worthwhiletcareer stated Mr. Frank Wolf, business educa- tion s department chairman.. ., Mr. believed that career educa- tion is simply an added tool inthe cur- rentrcurriculumt to help prepaieltheitu- dent for different life roles suchlas eco nomic, community home reI1g1ous, yand asethetic. y Thierefare many opportilinitigfiifor dents taking coursesfin the Career cation Departrrgentfyfibusiness industrialfiarts, home econdmics,y project involvement, Wayne Gower, work study coordinator. 2. Busi- "'nless"Departrnent: Department Chairman Frank Wolf, Mrs. Susan Littig, Mrs. Cora Jones, Mrs. Margaret Elenbass, Mrs. Eileen Nickodem. 3, Home Economics Department: Mrs. Marlyn Cook, Mrs. Patricia Roberts, 4. Industrial Arts Department: Mr. John Widmar Mr. Lloyd Engen Mr. Howard Greening. iii, . ' 1 sffi"? .1 in 9 If ' 'S " t who , , KS 5 YY 1 ' A, .- t fqife xv A, M- . g IE 9 1 , ' -r Qs, V A N . X R r, l 1 N an I y X I 32' 'PY Hi! ,, . N ,, its gf 35-ft It 5 r .- 53 fr. ' ff ." it 4. ir . its f .r uf 4 me? sa in 4 li 1 1 I - il of at ' in W - J-1 It I 9 1 :V I I 94, xii' stijzii, 5 in 3 ' '5 I ' : If Q, , 2 ' . 'Nrf'!"1 . .fl , r . ' my-'.s-Zffzi. , .-x,',QiW., c ..., E 2.3 3 , Z , , 51. vi tt' I - is - .. A assi ., l 1' - 'af' A 'g it V ' ' ' ' Sv S 'sf ' wir f ,p n 1 4 S ,co v I O A , is Si' 4 M i i - 5 8 . R 0 . . .. I ,, .,... .. . ,,, . A. .wifi .ei ,fr 'Q if 2' INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION " SXXYXQ3 ' " K mTlf,,T.3.lf' . .... . .,.. is 1 +5 ,f,ggs,1:nzir .ima . 'aff-3323251 ff ,,...rr M, 'E is - :timer .fy ,,.f 32 -HSI f f , f fi rsiwyw lg' E r Wwzira mmf, ami, B WW? M QQ? 2 asm fiqgfpwi fl Wfwffsfe as i 11+ ff .5 sea wir, ebay. 1 t wks iff iii W -Fi e r A 'i Vs se pmt is farm W-M wwf- Fig hter if ,ri zfvi 4 W9 is . gr, ,W QQWMWKW f i g mismgcf W? l ern 'Qu 'Vi 9 JZ .4 , Vi! l it H gli' 4 an 5,155 Ala fi, fi r m j sl 5 rig? 135 Am"l:jeil W ffl g .M as il 5 ' fir iiiifi 9' i H l ,v K aw E' is 5' W sw M 'ilgl mf Qu a L 2552243-e V lrqllxgggavllglgg fe fsfggf any W ,IF 6' , e??,,, Q as W -142542 E tiff 'if' 2 ,r arisffhf' 'Rf swf ., Wi,- . fe ,ra I a gg? gs.,fff3 ffffiy t we f' 2 ,, 35 yi? ea W al 'L M2454 F 1 QQZKQRQQQM mfr .fm 'iv' is ? Hiqflfff E ww., pref l4i'r ' Mrs Juanita Bahneman Mr Susan Bicker- McAndrews. FRONT ROW: Ms. Caroline lmhoff, Mr. Robert Herold, Ms. Eileen McCullough, Mrs. Joyce Davis, Department Chairperson Jean Jacobson. Richard Young, Ms. Mary r u 'jg rue ea comes from art, ove easiest who Tis not enough the sound sense, wrote ssay on Criti- no learne Alexander cism facets empha- tlgis past in all areas of punctua tec iques 4 a sentence to be. an tors As the basics, trend continued, . ' 4 Ff3g some electives were scrapped be- cause not enough studen-ts signed up for the course," and the required inter- mediate or advanced composition courses thus were "overloaded" -i i '- . rw. I .T W' ,, ,.., V . wsvfaf Sgjgg-iii: .af ,V - ' "' , sig: -f --,-,fs-5 - e.5r.f,f mf: wi R rm ,, ,Y is VV ' V. , 5 ' :uw 'sl , ll I fs .. 5+ r - .S l' . il Y ,. , "'T"s' i . ' so .. i . .. . ' r"' v Wi P' . - r i ,,,. " - 4' 4 M i it 9.23 is f J ' ,E 2541! i .,,.,L,..m4f.,... ,Mew 45,1 ,,,.., ,,,, .,M,.,.-.est ,Q-,F ., - fwf r, , ,V ,t Y- ' ,- ,. E ..,. .V 1 i"' i za? " ' -5+ sl' ' r E ,, , . , f . ' 'K V " 'A 'A f :Q--1. ' ,fr..,f1E3-v 2 , f :vm fi.'.zQmMrfQe4E:'f iff rfffwfrf- weary. Mfg f f-'www 'wi . 4 f ffrrvi I 2 A Jifikrfzfa " 'w 2f':'w' F, I-ferr-frm eva: 'ffl " H ril' k. : F s , J f, i . sv- f ig , - J R1!tQif!c5g" 435 s-3 i .1 5, .1 2,5 x 5 , M sm-f,..,f.3 i5f...wk,,,fF. .?,,n,,.,fs:fs'egf- gi , ,. 4Awv warp E '-aus' .- f .,.. ,m,, ..,. 5 gif ' r ' G , f-we f 5m :'vr,.., , :ag Q 'ff . iii? fs 1 fy M , H M i ws, ,H F 351 f. as sm 1 if M . 1 I O . LC SQ lfl A' r if BS lTl 5 4 d to 7? 17 hn , S d ti LK 77 L GG Q r m 1 n Islfgf Alf. lig A 5 DePa"menlf BACK . MS- Mafv H21"MfS- ' lf- Fl Q LL TDepartment Chairperson Ei- Came 5 '- i ii S coma' FRONT ROW: foreign language dept , Hodel Mrs. June ments exchange program stayed Zwifiusic Department: Nicolet families for three weeks and at- tended an American high school. ln return twenty students from Nico- let spent five weeks in Germany, also staying with families. Beside Germany they also traveled through Switzerland and Austria. In the spring, foreign language stu- dents went to Mexico and spent eight days in iiflfyaxco,-Qf.Mexico City, and Aca- puxco' llll The Music department added Miss Carrie direct the orchestra this past "Guys and Dolls," and .perform for basketball and football the usual con- cert schedule. ' Art projects included displays of enameling, ceramics, metal, oil painting, commercial display, lettering, and graphic design. - -s. Carrie iyigane Mr. Nick ie. 3. A' liiff fment- Mr, Wachholz Ms. Verdnica Robertfljeterson Mr. Ed Turner. , f l . El llilfllil O 'ev X Q xx L is 1 Wx Q X ,ps its :Q , xiii . ,. , X bwgg if ' f gli ss ssc- Q . , In s X uufftkkx ' ,,,. ,.i,giQ5,,..,Qi,-1.25. as mary, Mrs Qllve Gmse, M,- M tt s Q t N Q s sw -B is 1 i xl .E ll x El' fi FS? S gs igils: Q51 XC l ' ' X ,ll v v 1 Q ,basl 5 H1 . Y 9 f-,Q g X.: ' 4' Slick QQ SQ s X at , N A W ws Y . , Y 7 , , , if ll 'Ulu if l in , aft .. won ii . ...P E ,.,..., .i . . . . X P- ,b-- - N.-. ' A iirr x X it-, W x be T S, K I 1' fx,fsfffss-- S --Af:-r . s if X -w,-as -5-,st,s, ----fr . .,.. . ' - 1: 1. .53 fn: .E'?:k:5i71,' - 51251.12 .. . ' 1'isS'Sif.f:f.-if-1'Jess ss,-1 ,- ,... s Q Q- ,su-.,,..'rE3,.:5: mg: ig., syigjif- . is .. ffxfkrvf . ,,,.. . ...,. QQ. ks ,vm ' q 'N W , ,,... , .... .,, , ..,... ..,.... . .,............,. 1? ' -ffiffiizgt-.1.. . X , K .. ...,,.. . . . ,.... . ,Qi ' 'QffImfifQfQQQQi.,,Qi,ffffffiififfffil iifQQQQfwLl: ' X it 'E ti. A s.., .,,,.. . .. .,,. ....,,. E , ,......,, ..,, 11-- ,,-..t., ..... . ,.t X -E . -- .... ,-ess'-riser i f.fffgfsie2s.: J E -' .I We X y wr' --- -il l i i . , A lu-5 .. .. , .. .1-is i.,-ffiffksf 5-,-rv AH -rv--r A serie X X I BACK ROW Department Charrman Davxd Johnson Mr Leo Kottke Mr DenmsF1scher Mr Lester Hoctrltt Mr Davrd Mace Mr Stanley Spooner Mr James Margenau Mrs Kathleen Stange Mr Roy Handrrch Secretary Betty Block Mr Vincent Brunner FRONT ROW Mr Thomas Puls Ms Judith Frankowskl Ms Mary Van Beck Mr Donald Osborn Mrs Jana Baxter Mr Rnchard Huxtable Mr M1chaelF1fr1ck 7 Math Department Aids Convention Wrth the Natlonal Mathematncs Con ventlon belng hosted ln Milwaukee the Nrcolet Mathematncs Department was busrer than ever not only helpmg stu dents develop then' mathematrcal skulls but also 1n presentmg papers servmg on commrttees and helpmg run the natron al meetrngs Yet under the drrectron of Mr Davrd Johnson department chairman the math department contxnued to expand to meet the changmg needs of students tance ln the the form of a basrc skulls class for those students who needed help m passing the mlmmum competen cy exam Also added to the department was Mr Mike Frfrnck who came to Nxcolet from Lake Mills to replace Mr Wally Schoenfeld who retxred as . . ' ' . 1 , . , . 1 ' E v ' Added to cirriculum this year was assis- Media Learns To GIVQ Aid This year. the F-Wing library included a learning center in F-3. This was a place where students could go for help with their homework or any activity in thing this year commented Mrs. Nat- alie Tu- rer department chairman of the media cr 1ters. A lot of freshmen used this center because of the world history requirement that was added this year. However the Job' Bank in the' library was not used as much as expected. Mrs. Turner concluded by saying that she wished more students would become aware of the Job Bank. It would help students to locate jobs in soimany .cir- cumstances. A fI'HlS PAGE:MMedia Center Personnel: BACK Misss.l2eloras Michael Mrs. Edeltraud 'T-'Skihelble . Mlss'7Colleen Rogan Miss Holly Gro- chowski Mrs. Natalie Turner Mrs. Marie Payton. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Agnes Wilson Miss Georgia Bond Mrs. Natalie Louise Salscheider Mr, Frank Bartz. C 7 9 O I just about any subject. "This was a big '97 Y i CC I 73 Y ll 11 i'3?5 ! f if --1. -'fi' 'I .Y ' ? 'f 5 5 2 s 3 X k 'lei S . as s if E s 1 x '5 f -X W ,W m . 555 , fs- is 5 :sr ig, :Assn :rg g ?lW' iv 512 -2' if-1. Q ., BACK ROW Mr Harold Liebherr Mr Robert Erckes Mr DenmsF1scher Mr Dwaght Jung Mr Ronald LeMay Mr Glen Gates Mr Kenneth Ben ton FRONT ROW Mr Ronald Welch Ms Nancy Moms Ms Madeline McGhee Ms Chrlstxne Kolb Mr Nell Paton Sclence Renews Body Knowledge Class content new courses new teachers, currxculum development and teacher observatxon all are part of the science department and were utnllzed thls past year A new course, Personal Wellness was constructed and added to the de The course w1ll deal wxth personal attl tudes and problem solving skulls Anatomy and Physlology classes also reached new levels Mr Bob Eckes stat ed, Ittthe classlusa B level course for students mterested nn how the human body works l enjoy teaching thus class because the students are so mterested nn whats going on Most of these stu dents Want to go on to a career m med: cme and this IS a good prep class for college A 1 ,--.- -fr, sr . V . ,1 X ' ' K' 'jg' X529 1 Srsf3?F31.fifiizrfefffrb 1 - J , , L ' A , mess, -V , . V - ' r' . - s ffffs-Qfarsf 15 f' X' ' mst R Q I r - is E J ' ' ' x , x ,, ,L.. 1 b . . . E Q it Iliff fir ' r ' 5 N E , -fl: . .- A--Lexx. f r 'ffi . ' . 5. Q - R Q ts ' s R, sssxsggrlmentfs Class llst for thus commg fall. st as 1 ' f t we at ' e ' '- A . rg .31 44 at ' - nk ,1 W -trs 1 5 l '-K gy fsfj- ' Y N. :M . ' 1 K , 1 K A K ' ' l X jf 'ig'Q'5i.: s -,4 " . . 'g-sr ' . 51 , s... A ' s ,tJi. G , . - . , . I . , X21-f. -'-uf-534135:-S5.25.' 5 -f'E!T'iET!21I:1" -' ' -5 5 ' i fir?-S'-i :'5-55555525 4- 1:i.:5T5if "k' e ' -155575 ' K R 'il' W ' ' V- " f . . . . rf-L 'I' 1 - ' , v . . is s s x - ug s .... 1 ' -gs-si - ,gk .if- ' ' - T - ' ' s - I - W n , Q ' - ft ' ' rf: f -, -- 'riff -I f ' r Social Studies Teaches World Nicolet s Social Studies Department continued to round out students educa tions with courses ranging from Law to Reaching Out to Economics and American History More stu dents took course offerings from the department than ever before Increased interests in the department s wide range and diversified courses and increased requirements for graduation were among the primary reasons Economrcs was a very valuable course to me It has made me economi cally literate enough to pick up The Wall Street Journal and understand nearly everything in it senior Cathy Gottlieb commented As in Economics, the students also left other social studies classes with a better understanding of the world around them 1. Mr. Ted Wachs. 2. Mr. Larry Prochnow. 3. Social Studies' BACK ROW' Mrs Julie Werner Mr Earl Lemon Mr Paul Shires Mr Dennis Lowder Mrss Beth Arveson Mr Bernard Bieter man Mrs Jean Kiefer FRONT ROW Mr Ken Kickbush Mr John Kessler Department Chair person Earl Bal-ralars Mrs lnga Reuter M James Davis -...lifyp A . . . , . , . A , . n v - ' , . . : . s i e r I 1 ' I U - , 1 - , T- . . . GG sv as . su 7':,i.,66 -1 ff i- 77 1 , ' 44 . . as . I ,,,gV, , n , at . r ., iv. , I' . I . K . , sf? Q. e f . . . 19 . b . t 5 ' - dj y j E ' ' ' ' ,xi i is ,Sr ' ' NT. 4, x , A ' N M 'mm he ' fa of I f Hall Andes BACK ROW Mr Don Porter M Pat Penske Mr Glen Kntzrow Ms Kay Johnston Ms Rose Drewek FRONT ROW Ms Dee Kos sons Ms June Klappench Ms Mary Jane Ca mms Mr Harold Fner A1dQS Mamtam Quret Decorum Whtle passmg through the hall durmg classttme students always seem to en counter the famlhar snght of the hall alde snttmg m the yellow desk lookmg for the erant mdrvidual to qulery Where do you thunk you re gomg? Many tlmes a student wnll slmply turn around and head back m the dnrectnon from whrch they came just because they were not quick wxtted enough to make up some new wing at the far end of the bunldmg Other unusual answers mcluded t the nurse as they head for the cafete na or to see my counselor as they go down the starrs to the Kmghtskeller Besrdes the responstbrlxty of keepmg the halls clear and checkmg for vandal asm the ardes corrected qulzes tests and papers To some the aides are ob stacles To others the srlence they mamtam rs golden o 0 o 1 o yr . kt f 51 . . . as 1 . 1 . as Y R .. ,.L, L. H I H A . at , O va 1 s . ac ay 1 : : . , s. . Y . ' l v . . . . . I 1 - 1 - ' . . - . ' ' 9 9 , . . . u , ' - s .,,i. , X it . iw img QQQQGQ '21, ,.. . .. , ,H :,fg3,.L,.l. mfjiiff , .ww-'.Q1-flzzissszsf kk.f 2-4N:1:m- ,wi Li." 'gm M2Q:fx:2Qaz:,,i:2RgEg - H n iwi ,i I' ' ' -mime. -Q ff f x . Niagra . -saamsii, " fy 2 5- 'f x falsxfzsu . ' . ,sf1 -S if ' .- v w W 'gw .. Wszgs f ' 1 Q X x Q X ,lyk-, HV f. - YQ if ,b im 5 Q, Q. Q35 gxggfggu E, i s is ug X :ii F2553 Q Kgs x x xxx 4 Kip is m1 . '- T' K' f X , ..g.wwmiuwv.m,.m.,,.X,,5 S ?E5fEgg1 miiiif is' 33: i ,-3 .K an .s ais .F im fa 172 QQ Activities VJ 48' M-dh Knight's Page and Shield, both all-Wis- consin publications in 1978, expanded staffs and developed changes in their pro- duction formats "to meet new chal- lenges" this past year. Dealing with the largest staff in the history of the Shield wasn't easy. Some- times it seemed "impossible to get all 22 members in Room D-1 for more than sev- en minutes," said Editor Steve Shlensky, "but with everyone contributing a share we managed to get things done." Among the changes in this year's book were an expanded color section and some different approaches to color use, an expanded use of copy, more copy related to the theme, and some literary techniques beyond the "story, picture, 5, 5 f X D ,5 gf U X l li? 'ii Dead lirics . , , . ,t tw-ef i B , I caption" concept according to Mr. Jim Liska, adviser. Handling the copy assignments were editors Bonnie Cohn and Cynthi Harris and "it's a good thing they could spell," laughed Mr. Liska. The Knight's Page continued its all- American award winning publication for the seventh straight year under the direc- tion of editors Bonnie Cohn, Chris Foran, Scot Wilfong, Eric Parsons, and Bob Forbes. Stories ranging from the need for a trainer, to how to buy a used car and from teacher negotiations to the prob- lems with student gambling graced its pages. 2 K.. xg 11 THIS PAGE: 1, Knight's Page Staff: Pat Foran, Edi- tor Eric Parsons, Rick Schlesinger, Rory Orgill, Cathy Gottlieb, Editor Bob Forbes, Editor Scot Wilfong, Editor Bonnie Cohn. Missing: Chris Foran, Chris Sutton. 2. Scot Wilfong and Bob Forbes worked on story ideas for the February issue. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Laura Mintz sat comfortably in Mr. Liska's desk while Cynthi Harris interviewed her for the golf copy. 2, Advisor Jim Liska proofread Therese McMahon's story while Jill Knickel- bine and Steve Shlensky looked for some misplaced pictures. 3. Shield Staff: BACK ROW: Tom Haigg Mar- lon Mitchellg Yvonne Baadeg Barb Laurg Jill Juulg Nila Bogueg Morry Gashg Lisa Feltnerg Steve Shlensky, edi- tor-in-chiefg Wendy Winterg Bonnie Cohn, copy editorg Cynthi Harris, administrative editorg Steve Dunn. FRONT ROW: Peter Chevako, Jill Knickelbine, Emmet Dennehy, Marty Lackner, Kristi Dangott, Shiela Sin- claire. Missing: Karen Cowan, Dan Haig, Therese McMahon. N, -si ...wi ,ffa Foreign Language Clubs were exciting and involved. The clubs were "a place to meet new students with similar interests." The foreign language clubs were not only a place where members spoke the language, they were a place with "lots of fun mixed in with culture, and also a place to learn." French Club advisor, Mrs. Judy Worm, said, "lf you like to speak French, it would be good to join the club, because it gives you a chance with French outside of the class time. French club meetings are totally spoken in French." 7.4 The students in foreign language clubs not only had fun, but they increased their vocabulary and learned about their coun- tries' customs. This year German Club went horse- back riding, and sold food to "raise mon- ey for the ski trip to Blackjack Mountain for three days," according to Chris Sut- ton. The clubs also were involved with ex- change programs to Germany, and trips to Mexico in addition to working with the Guadalupe Center and Milwaukee Folk Fair projects in the fall. ,,f, , N MPEH F 'ff-4 V T!! ,. 5 ,V 1 raw i ls Yi:i:?Q.'5m I ...-2.1 .W ,L 3 O 2 S Qi: Q' uv x f7'59'tifY 'W,' ff, 23- i 'D' ,- ' e illlhi- " i 1 Vx " 'ill r A :W"'ft.. A A .O THIS PAGE: 1. Latin Club: BACK ROW: Mrs. Jua- nita Bahneman, Helen Biever, Carolyn Keuler, Clayton Greaves. FRONT ROW: Dave Keuler. 2. Hebrew Club: BACK ROW: Mark Berkoff, Malka Cocos, Judith Resnick, Wendy Bas Sue Acker- man, Debbie Stein. FRONT ROW: Cihdy-Cornfield, Joel Slater, Julie Harris, Larry Stein, Steve Bold, Mari Howards. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Freshman Cherrie Roth, Sophomore Deanna Buchach, Sopho- more Elaine Barber, and Junior Hans Traut helped decorate German Club's float which won the Home- coming Float Contest. 2. German Club: BACK ROW: Hans Petras, Ginny Martin, Lori Boggs, Da- vid Berendsen, Jim Huff, Jeff Frank, Mark Figurski, N 6? Dave Bernhardt, Chris Sutton, Mike Reiels, Mona Mejac, David Ceci. THIRD ROW: Carrie Traut, Monica Petras, Lisa Bodes, Sadhana Kulkarni, Elyse Grunwaldt, Sylvia Gutmanis, Nancy Hildago, Vicki Purucker, Mary Nakamoto, Doug Dowling, Hans Traut, Bob Westenhagen, Mike Sand, Julie Everd- ing, Tom Jaekels, Deanna Buchach, John Reiels, Anne Marie Hildebrand SECOND ROW: Sabine Langecker, Mary Groeschell, Cherrie Roth, Maria Alingel, Heidi Roemke. FRONT ROW: Sabine Brueckner, Angelique Kallio, Pam Ellington, Julie Goetsch, Laura Kahelski, Vandana Kukarni, Pam Higgins, Elaine Barber, Chris Galler, Cathy Pio- trowski, Heidi Mattes. The forensics team was composed of some highly talented students. There were thirty students on the team this year and all of them with the exception of five travelled to different meets each Satur day. The team participated in twelve differ ent events ranging from four minute speeches to story telling. The team spoke on such subjects as "Food Stamps, Lone- liness, Female Priests, Russian Military plus Sandburg and T.S. Elliot Readings. "The team does its best when its mem- bers devote themselves to vigoruos week- ly rehearsals and attending all of the weekend contests," stated Coach Rick Young, He added, "My greatest joy, ,S ,,,,,--ca,,2" 1?- I .1 .4 11 X I l l sub Qlllnllxgfq ,A 1 . 4 i - , - I l- li. - lltrlflvk 1 . Viv ' ul Q All KX la'--"'n . Ai Vipl ll A VK N . u, .V T K r 2 . ,. -A . th r - v. R, . 55 I do something as a team and when th s sincerely care for one another s pr gress I The Debate team is made up primari iof students who want to go into a profe sion that has to do with public speakin I and persuasion such as law or sales There were nine people on the debat it team but only four people could co if pete in a tournament at the same tim ' The team participated in six tournament ' -:r. Q and captured a first place 2 third place ' 4' f and a fourth place. The team was made up of mostly fres 2-in 'Q Q man this year and Coach John Zorbini h '-fl' l 1 confidence in the future of the debat :,'l lb. Q, I team. He felt that the potential of a stat however, is when Nicolet students truly , J ' rw ,il v 4 1 w 1 Ill fi ll "Kill ' ,- . . f J, f I, ff A11 ik 1 'uf ' - x it championship is there if utilized. Forensics, THIS PAGE: 1. Senior Dave Keuler put that i "umph" into his performance to make his outstanding. 2. Sophomore Jan Pace Forensics Coach Richard Young rehash a OPPOSITE PAGE:1. Sophomore Mark 4 rehearsed his presentation to make it perfect. Debate Team: Toby Stafford, Ann Drummond, Boncheck, Madeline Davidoff, David Heil- Caryn Ernster, Helena 'Camner, Kim Jim Erickson, Coach John Zorbini. its-, Mi' 'I 4? "The Timettes, like the hosts are a service organization," said Adviser Chuck Walters. "They time for the meets, keep up the swimming record boards, and post a list of state and confer- ence record swimmers on the pool wall. ln addition they developed the artwork for the pool wall." The organization did a lot more than just keep up records. Saving the school a "great deal" of money which would have had to be used to hire timers, was only additional benefit. The Timettes also sold gym shorts, hats and shirts as well as having a bake sale to raise money, specifi- cally for the conference championship iw' v 55 1 3 i 2 ., gn . Q J sri me , fr-'llfllllll 'ri :TTCS I gui -9 f:'5t55:L' - f 1 Q Cb-ev? A . l 1 .X . T . f. . -t ' ' - - M- g - ' ,g l - l ' T . - LYJUVFI , . o 5, ' . - 3 '+ V+ . HONOR ROLL. ' I 111 banners that line the pool walls. The girls, who time for both the girls and boys swimming porgrams and often attend away meets to "assist and cheer the squads on to victory." I time because, "l like the people in- volved in swimming, " said junior Kaela Mulhern, "and the meets themselves are very exciting and fun to be a part of." The twenty-four girls who compose th Timette organization are a "vital part o the girls' and boys' swimming program and the school system would be th poorer without them," concluded Mr Walters. xnwnlmxiiiv. unix Q' 'WS , gt ' 7 N 2 1 BACK ROW Jackie Cans Gabrielle Boutillier M Aronow MIDDLE ROW Amy Jablonowski a ttson Amy Doke Michelle Madl Heather Joan Paul Lisa Haskell Bridget Barrie Lawson, Jill Johnson, Lisa Engel, Karin Ko Kaela Mulhern. FRONT ROW: Mary Loftus, Althoen, Jill Embry, Robin Myles, Meg Shaugh- Jean Lynch, Kelli Shannon. 2, Waiting for a swimmer were Natalie Aronow, Gabrielle and Amy Doke. 3. Checking a split and a touch pad in place was Sophomore Nat- Aronow. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Senior Amy waited for the swimmers to finish the race. 2. Julie Schneiderman and Jill Johnson record- times' after the race. '-A., its is . . A. t ,, , T T T' k -fL- , t V Q3 '. T if ri ,l rl ' - ' ln- T ' Q " t , , U , P' -, 7, A '7V'P ff. , - f Q", Q, , T", X X, T 1 ' vl l - N t N N N if r 5 Hosts, a public relations organization, began a new term in January serving their fellow students and the community. This year's Executive Board consisted of sophomores, Ben Levin, chairperson, Lori McLaughlin, co-chairperson, Andy Bachmang Shawn Dygolag Abby Harris, Jon Hitchcock, Kathy Kolting and Dianna Lauwasser. These students were nomi- nated by the junior hosts, and Mr. Dave Johnson, faculty advisor. They were judged on their hosting ability, leader- ship, ancl interest. The freshman hosts began carrying out their duties at the beginning of the second s 12r.svfll"' pncff semester. Their responsibilities consisted of selling tickets at school programs and athletic events, ushering at these pro- grams, and conducting a student service which involves relaying messages to stu- dents from their parents. Students were chosen on the basis of dedication, interest in serving the commu- nity, scholastic achievement, and respon- sibility. Sophomore Donny Mullen comment- ed, "Hosting is a good experience. lt teaches you to have more responsibility and it helps to have hosting on your high school record." OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. FRESHMAN BOY HOSTS: BACK ROW: Manoj Agarwald, Todd Rosenfeld, Kevin McFadden, Jim Stein, Mark Bonchek, John Bord, Bruce Falbaum. THIRD ROW: Jules Kendall, John Hucko, Scott Perlson, Todd Eichenbaum, Gary Berman, Jim Balley. SECOND ROW: Tim Artman, David Rosen, Al Austria, Howard Katz, Jim Hiken, Steve Schwid. FRONT ROW: Scott Bern, Greg Strict, Jeff Bern, Mike Cohen, Greg Marcus, Cosimo Storniolo. 2. Nicolet Host John Egan sold a ticket to John Marks, an alumni. THIS PAGE: 1. FRESHMAN GIRL HOSTS: BACK ROW: Denise Johnson, Ann Drumnond, Christine Loose, Barbra Bodie, Heather McFadden, Bonni Swidler. THIRD ROW: Katherine Kashou, Wendy Bass, Jodi Lowei, Caryn Ernster, Kim Monda, Deb- bie Sager. SECOND ROW: Kathy Holter, Heidi Mattes,'Alison Greene, Saree Meldman, Julie Schommer. FRONT ROW: Heidi Chen, Shari Croen, Lori Suvalsky, Kathy Hanson, Martha Dil- lon, Mari Howards 2. Sophomore Jim Kahn handed out programs to basketball spectators. :gfffifi QW' 155 Stir 1 W k rr, L ' V ,.1- ff W ., . -. K. rgfggf, 421, . Y as U 'I yy-2 '.,k f - , if' Once again, the photo journalism staff came through to help produce this years' publication. With the Shield and the Knight's Page staff scurrying to meet deadlines, the photo journalism staff shot pictures left and right. Without the staff, there would be no pictures in the school publications. Led by Mr. Jerome Fischer, the staff came through with many out- standing pictures. However, Mr. Fi- scher retired at the end of the 1979 school year. He has been teaching at Nicolet since 1955. "Mr, Fischer has had a large influence on my photogra- lk- .4- sf? phy," said senior Morris Gash. Senior Rory Orgill stated, "My two years in photo journalism taught me many things about photography." Looking at his past years, Mr. Fi- scher said that the facilities here im- proved greatly during his 20 years of teaching photo journalism. He con- cluded saying, that he has the same problems every year with the students meeting their deadlines. As of now, a replacement has not yet been named, however, an advisor as efficient and as devoted as Mr. Fi- scher will probably be difficult to find. l if ff", 2' Wu ,. ,mmf , me """"EQ" W J .n ..i ...M W ,U MIA ,5s,,.l 'fit' t , 'ffl ,V fa l .I U mg , ,, , M .. 'rv fa. rx ' GSR! . .ft 5-'ff ,ga t mm N I if 2:3 ' rf lt uno 'T-'S ' pl? , fir 00 ',-A f I 3 Eff, Photo, t ij.. 10' Cl .:,,w' THIS PAGE: 1. This year's Radio Club was quite smallg however, having such a small membership en- abled them to meet when they wanted with all members present. Members were: Kari Walters, Dale Emmerich, Bruce Wade, Mike Rosen. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Senior Paul Rosenberg focuses both his camera and his atten- tion on a group shot for the Shield. 2, Mr. Jerme Fisher glances at his notes while assigning his photo journalism class their work orders. 3. Senior Rory Orgill poses for one of his fellow classmates to take his picture for the yearbook. 4. Photo Journalism: BACK ROW: Rory Orgill, Sarah Vallee, Paul Rosenberg, Judy Griffith, Marci Zimmerman. FRONT ROW: Bob Kaelin, Don Wallner, Jim Freuck, Greg Watchmaker, David Heil- bronner, Rick Schlesinger, Roberta Green, Bob Brown, Richard Wythes, Morris Gash. 1 .X l . , 1 l My A V Mn W ' ' 1 yay WM' . WW -Wi X. Cooperative Office Education and Ni- colet Outdoor Club programs provided two diverse opportunities for students to deal with the world of work and the ex- perience of outdoor recreation and ecol- ogy. "Cooperative Office Education pro- grams give the students a chance to apply the skills which they learned in school at a job which they may select on the basis of their career interests," stated Mrs. Cora Jones, COE adviser. "And frequently they get to use sophisticated equipment which the school doesn't have." Under the direction of Mr. Milt Schwartz and Miss Chris Kolb, the out- door club provided a chance for interest- ' ' .1 , H E- ,, E ll UQ Wy4 L X -. , fmt ., ' I L JW A 'fe- ,.Y ,lg , ,d- ir. ,lt ,- ima 'fil ffiisvi P ed students to get involved in "recrea- tion, ecology, and biology." Canoe trips down the Kickapoo River rapids, camping trips, nature studies at the Audubon society, holiday wreath sales, and hikes were some of the exper- iences of the club. The COE program also gave exper- iences to the students. 'fSuch a program benefits the students and the school by providing feedback from the business community as to its needs and thus keep- ing the curriculum current and meaning- ful," said Mrs. Jones. The program also benefits employers by providing them with highly motivitated people which they helped to train. THIS PAGE 1, The layer of ice frozen over the rocks of the Milwaukee river provided yet another aspect of study for NOC members. 2. The NOC: BACK ROW: Brad Laatsch, Mike Reiels, Mr. Milt Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Jane Gabriel, Barbara Bode, Brian Tokus, Mike Mitchelson, Greg Corrao. SECOND ROW: Dawn Schultz, Pam Dragos, Nancy Mullahy, Rita Carney, Robin Leopold, Zoe Straub. FRONT ROW: Kendra Bishop, Denise Johnson, Cathy Corrao, and Chris Hastings. 3. Stacked tables at the nature center await summer visitors. 4. The "wealth of Lake Michigan" provided many offerings for ecological study. OPPOSlTE PAGE: 1. COE: BACK ROW: Wendy Grober, Dianna Magnant, Stephanie Fleishman, Dawn Gondek, Laureen McGurk, Lisa Brazy FRONT ROW: Sandy Mundt, Cathy Corrao, Coleen Morrisey, Leslie Fritsch, Mary llk, Mary Ostrowski, Veronica Mayfield, and Mrs, Cora Jones. mf' . 3-ax of if ' ? N-1" A Si, ia? 'v ie' J 1 E g. A ry I A ' ff,,,, i K I g ,C ,MW 1 - Cheerleading has been a part of Nico- let for 25 years. Through the seasons the strength of this activity has grown and so has the participation with in the school. Ms. Chris Kuehn, a former Nicolet cheerleader, was chosen as the cheer- leading advisor, this past year. "She is strict, but she does her job well," mentioned senior Chris Pro- vencher. "She allows us to make deci- sions among ourselves, this is good be- cause it eliminates many arguments and hassels," explained senior Gail l-lucko. The basic reason behind cheerleading 'rf x I 5 W rig'-f,,i. I ,',:s.JM..... M "W-Q is to control the crowds and encourage school spirit. "After four years of cheer- leading, I found that cheerleaders are not the only ones to promote spirit, it is something that everyone could get in- volved in," replied sophomore Judy Ro- sen. Cheerleading is a full time job, it de- mands a great amount of time and effort. Senior Chris Provencher stated, "It was a lot of hard work starting with tryouts in April and ending with some competition contests in March. It was a big responsibil- ity to be a cheerleader, but well worth it." 36 P f"'S, THIS PAGE: 1. Varsity cheerleaders: FOURTH ROW: Sheryl Fishman, Cindy Memmel THIRD ROW: Pat Grover, Gloria James SECOND ROW: Diane Ew- ing, Lori Hanson FRONT ROW: Grace Lee, Lucy Fish- er. 2. Getting ready for the homecoming parade are senior cheerleaders Judy Shackman, Eileen Morgan, and Chris Provencher. 3. Sophomore Cheerleaders: BACK ROW: Laura Paulini, Sue Mendelson THIRD ROW: Cathy Lee, Debbie Fine SECOND ROW: Carol Clementi, Abby Harris FRONT ROW: Meg Luck, Judy Rosen. 4. A different attire for the pep rally was sport- ed by seniors Gail Hucko and Cathy Grimm, OPPO- SITE PAGE: 1. Senior Gail Hucko intensely observes the homecoming contest. 2. Varsity cheerleaders: Kathy Grimm, Chris Provencher, Kathy Vila, Gail Hucko, Lisa Grossman, Eileen Morgan, Andrea Tax- man, Judy Shackman, Molly Fisher, 3. Freshman heerleaders: BACK ROW: Carolyn Peterson, Sally I aBahn THIRD ROW: Jill Rosen, Beth Lutz Kathy anson SECOND ROW: Amy Greenbaum, Whitney oll FRONT ROW: Stacey Rimmerman. 4, Lori Han- on and Pat Grover cheer for a football game. -'NI P r 2' V Developing, editing, perfecting and performing routines for football and basketball games is the goal of the varsity and, new for this year, JV drill teams. The development of routines is a very structured process. First, a piece of music is selected. lt must be peppy and enjoyable to any audience. Next, any girls who wish to make-up the rou- tine get together and develop steps to fit the music. After hours of develop- ment they present their routine to the remainder of the squad which then votes whether to accept it or not. Then, the other members of the group fggll f.Pf'1-'if' '45, 'Y' ei 4' . 5 Y K I ES si il as are taught the routine, steps and for- mations. If the group doesn't know the routine four days before the perfor- mance they then meet one hour be- fore and after school to practice until it's perfect. Drill team isn't all work though. "l've made many new friends from the squad," stated senior Kristi Dangott. Other members echoed that state- ment. "I've been a member of the squad for two years and love it. lt was alot of work, but when we perform and see people enjoy it so much it's worth all the practice. lt wasn't easy, but it really was fun." 0- 'Q OW' . THIS PAGE. 1. The varsity drill team goes through their famous kick routine. 2, The JV Drill Team: Shiela Sanford, Jenny Wigdale, Ann Chevako, Christine Weber, Connie Friedman, Dianne Golding, Kimberly Washington, Natalie Wood, Kelley Bird, Martha Dillon, Cherrie Roth, Shari Croen, Sue Lietzke, Lisa Peterman, Liz Holland, Lisa Becker, Lisa Thomson. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Varsity drill team members Sally Schley and Beth Larson pera form during halftime of a football game. 2. Junior Kirsten Radaker executes a turn as part of the drill team performance. 3. The Varsity Drill Team: BACK ROW: Laurie Sinclair, Beth Larson, Ellen Lovett, Kay Goodrich, Susan Carroll, Dina Kailler, Tricia Lewis, Betsy DePalma. MIDDLE ROW: Kir- ten Radaker, Karen Rustin, Sue Wenzler, Patti Marcy Vallee, Sally Schley, Kris Wilson. ROW: Paula Maglio, Martha Love, Lisa Marie Oh, Kristi Dangott, Gigi Spitzer, Sinclair. Abu if A .ig 4' 1 Harmonious sounds of choir members filled the E-wing corridor daily while choir members "sang their hearts out." The four choirs, one for each class, sang many classical and spiritual songs. All of the choirs participated in the musical "Guys and Dolls." Some of the juniors and sen- iors tried out for the larger parts and the remaining members sang in a crowd scene. "Being in the musical created a lot of anxiety and excitement" for everyone. Beside the musical, the choirs had both a Winter and a Spring Concert. Each of the choirs sang a few songs and all joined together for the finale. 5 'ati A I 'YJ 59 ' U tiff W Wt! ' fi s Ili- lply I I 1' ll. if lil "l 'L ll'f"i'i l l ill 7 4 ' 4 Q "Choir is a class that relieves you from all your other daily worries," commented a senior choir member. "After having been a part of the choir for four years, I had a lot of fun and l learned a great deal about music." Sophomore Betsy DePalma said, "Mr. Jipson is a great person. He is very un- derstanding and makes people want to take the class." Choir was a learning experience as well as an enjoyable class. Mr. Jipson re- viewed some music from the past and the history behind it. Concert Band THIS PAGE: 1. French hornists Alan Goldstein, Erik Ivarson, and Sandy Silverberg concentrated on their music during rehearsal. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. JUNIOR CHOIR: BACK ROW: Rebekah Althouse, April Grant, Jerilyn Loose, Elizabeth Hill, Cris Wil- son, Lisa Strobel, Mike Engel, Dave Bernhardt, John Rogers, Tony Chambers, Wanda Urquhart, Sally Schley, Judy Hanson, Jill Johnson, Amy Holmes, Kim Harris, Julie Lewis. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Jackson, Vicky Padway, Shari Fishman, Jeanine Lukowitz, Geni McKeithan, Karen Berg, Hans Trout, Jeff Pickarts, Jon Herald, Scott Bo- lens, John Montgomery, Kirsten Radaker, Tolanda Petterson, Kim Litzke, Dawn Schultz, Susan Taylor, ju-'7 ff Kristen Shaver. SECOND ROW: Diane Ewing, Kathy Malone, Jane Dillon, Debbie Kuester, Kay Schnoebelen, Jenny Lang, Rick Meyer, Joel Slater, Joe Debelak, Joe Klimt, Terri Sheophire, Ellen Shawl, Marci Komlodi, Sue Wenzler, Lori Hanson, Anne Krumenacher. FRONT ROW: Stacy Platt, He- lane Katz, Jill Knickelbine, Sue Waddell, Pat Gro- ver, Mark Minkin, Don Hucko, Brain Morris, Cindy Memmel, Gloria James, Lucy Fisher, Courtney Spitz, Mr. Wayne Jipson. 2. CONCERT BAND: BACK ROW: Mr. White, Al Austeria, Dan Smith, David Steinberger, Scott Bennett. FOURTH ROW: Bennett Pioso, Dan Christaansen, Bob Anderson, David Rosen, Hans Petras, Kevin Hall, Peter Living- ston, Doug Mason, Jim Robertson, Mitch Dorf, Joe Williams, Ed Ruffolo. THIRD ROW: Suzy Byal, Greg Strick, Kent Milunovich, Jim Exner, Todd Heyen, Mike Boucher, Evan Byrne, John Wythes, Scott Ratke, Dan Herms, Mike Cohen, David Warner. SECOND ROW: Teri Grober, Judy Schwartz, Eileen lngwersen, Erin Oelke, Linda Roeder, Kevin MacFarland, John Tomson, Mike Bell, Bill Goldstein. FRONT ROW: Mari Howards, Katy Kashou, Janice Warner, Chris Brunner, Cher- rie Roth, Josie Saggio, Carie Traut, Beth Lutz, Eleen Pierson, Kate Mackrie, Carole Lozoff, Kris Loose. X Members of the Symphonic Band shared an evening concert with the Michi- gan State University Bands on December 10. Following the concert, The M.S.U. musicians were overnight guests of Nico- let families. The families used bunk beds, sleeping bags, sofas, and anything else they could find to comfort the musicians. The Braveland Conference Solo and Ensemble Festival was also held at Nico- let earlier in the spring. Over one thou- sand students participated in the festival. Students sang and played solos and par- ticipated in ensembles as well. It was the 2 ff J ew-rqgl1igfa.i'a6Sl242ff ffl, L1 El 57 61945 bil vyk .4-f 'qv 12 lip: N., 'Vw' 'L l 'D - ix Q ln V. S 26' 1 'r l 27719 2535? ' 'F ti' "ESQ v i??'5f?9" first time that the festival was held at Nicolet and because it was a first, it will be long remembered by Nicolet students and faculty. The festival was successful, exciting, and it climaxed an outstanding year for Nicolet's music organizations. Band Director, Mr. Nick White con- cluded, "Preparing things for the Solo and Ensemble Festival took a great deal of time and hard work. After seeing the successful outcome of the festival, l am glad that so much was put into it because it really showed." WMM ff ww Gl5fM'w I ,QJW W Iwi' ' I if 1 wi ,ji CA f7LlQc I I., THIS PAGE: 1. BACK ROW: Mark Egner, Jane Ki. lian, Steve Teplinsky, Dave Keuler, Scott Schu- macher, Bob Zache, Bob Pastene, Dan Griffith. FIFTH ROW: Mr. White, Chris Huegel, Dave Alth- oen, Mike Jipson, Doug Danforth,,Harvey Oates, Armand Rozite, Paul Jensen, Scott Altman, Marlon Mitchell, Scott Heyen, Matt Otto, FOURTH ROW: Jeff Peterson, Mari Dittmar, Rick Himes, Mike Reiels, David Caldwell, John Klimt, Mike Kashou, Kim Suvalsky, Joe Schobert, Alan Goldstein, Erik Ivarson, Sandy Silverberg, Jenny Landwher, John Reiels, Jim Drought, Mike Rosen. THIRD ROW: Lisa Strobel, Lisa Bode, David Press, Kathy Quar- ino, Jan Pace, Steve Moglowsky, Jon Leys, Jim Symphomc Band Froemmino. SECOND ROW: Karen Jancik, Brenda Byal, Sarah Sell, Tricia Penske, Darcy Switzer, Meg Luck, Valerie Letow, Patty Michaels, FRONT ROW: Erik Hickson, Cathy Steinmetz, Kristen Shav- er, Denise Bode, Kaela Mulhern, Joanne Braam, Ellen Western, Chris Danforth, Terry Schepp, Ka- ren Radtke, Gigi Kent. 2. BACK ROW: Angelique Kallio, Elyse Grunwaldt, Lia Malone, Trevanda Johnson, Kim Ward, Dan Herms, Charles Golden, Jeff Arvoy, Jackie Campbell, John Reiels, Karen Schmidt, Kelly Schmor, Julie Everding, Rhonda Zarling, Ellen Mechanic. THIRD ROW: Ellen West- ern, Pam Ellington, Lucy Lietz, Terrie Mor, Yadira Harris, Linda Englander, David Ceci, Clay Greaves, FW Jon DeBelak, Jim Krahn, Betsy Depalma, Judy Co hen, Mary Radomsky, Sue Ackerman, Jay Price. SECOND ROW: Jackie Briski, Mary Mitchell, Lau- rie Kahelski, Michelle Smith, Judith Plautz, Linda Englander, Molly Sawyer, Kim Washington, Ami Horan, Marylu Cianciolo, Diana Lauwasser FRONT ROW: Karen Koplien, Bari Hansher, Dona Turim, Monica Allen, Sari Bookstaff, Carisa Traut, Debbie Gimbel, Edna Wilson, Mr. Jipson. 3. Mr. Nick White, director of the concert and symphonic band, rehearsed the music to obtain perfection. OPPO- SITE PAGE: Sophomore Valerie Letow concentrat- ed on the score in order to stay with the band. ff Dog jl1xOUlA wil-CI l9SSovt5 Gtvwx we me, fel realy, Co U WlOx EQ x Mwlfwwl ra .mfs Nicolet's orchestra gained a new con- ductor as Miss Carrie Lane joined the Fine Arts Department. This year Miss Lane developed a program of string sec- tionals quartets, and private lessons to aid the orchestra on its road to musical excellence. Like most orchestra members, junior Rebekah Althouse noticed the improve- ment in the program's quality. She said, "Miss Lane contributed many new ideas and this makes orchestra more exciting." To broaden the students' musical horl zons, Miss Lane introduced orchestra members to chamber music as well as more difficult compositions by Tchai- kowsky, Beethoven, and Reinhold Gliere. Besides trying to help students grow musically, Miss Lane tried to change or- chestra from a three to five day-a-week class, and she encouraged more students to join. "I want the orchestra to be an organization people want to be in. I want it to have a nice atmosphere, and l want the students to have fun," Miss Lane con- cluded. THIS PAGE: 1. BACK ROW: Susan Holzner, Yvonne Kao, Maria Linge, Valerie Givens, Madalyn Davidoff, Kendra Bishop, Kathy Khavari, Susie Kopf, Bonni Swidler. THIRD ROW: Maria Peckor- aro, Linda Ivarson, Monica Parchia, Martha Dillon, Robin Hardt, Jim Curtis, Mary Jaekles, Susan Za- Ieros, Julie Schommer, Erin Oeakle. SECOND ROW: Sheri Huf, Patti Devine, Liz Siegel, Gail Lewin, Charles Bumby, Mike Desmond, Peggi Heiser, Carolyn Peterson, Saree Meldman, Steph- anie Allen. FRONT ROW: Caryn Bard, Tracy Co- hen, Terri Altman, Debbie Sager, Stacy Rimmer- man, Nancy Goldberg, Kathy Hanson, Laurie Su- valsky, iriam Franks.2. Concert Choir: BACK ROW: arris Hatch, Jan Hinson, Karen Jancik, Ruth Ebert, Terri Biller, Ivy Huf, Lynn Wallrath, Mike Jipson Bill Faude, Chris Huegel, Eric Hick- son, Tania Jany, Lori Everding, Debbie Swidler, Robin Saichek, Kathy Kiehm, THIRD ROW: Jean Griffith, Sue Ochalek, Judy Griffith, Jackie Van Able, Melanie Kime, Gayle Dieck, Jim Froemming, Pete Lococo, Mike Reiels, Gail Hucko, Terri Flem- ing, Lynn Pfannerstill, Betsy Bosley, Barb Seder, SECOND ROW: Polly Byers, Janette Davis, Jill Lauwasser, Jackie Canales, Martha Love, Jean Gebhardt, Kevin Lindow, Dave Keuler, Harvey Oates, Steve Carneol, Lisa Hodgson, Taunya Ma- lone, Holly Schneider, Kathy Grimm. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Rapkin, Martha Boggs, Cheryl Weise, Jill Brunner, Colleen Baxter, Joel Saltzman, Marlon Mitchell, Bill Sells, Dan Bizub, Laurie Waldman, Chris Provencher, Jeri Rice, Danita Reed, Mr. Jip- son. OPPOSITE PAGE 1. Senior Chris Huegel, trombonist, tried to keep one eye on Mr. White and the other on his music during rehearsal. 2. BACK ROW: Dan Griffith, Bob Pastene, Dave Keuler, Scott Sdhumacher. FIFTH ROW: Marlon Mitchell, Dave Althoen, Mike Jipson, Doug Dan- forth, Mike Kashou, John Klimt, Alan Goldstein, Eric Iverson, Sandy Silverberg, Mary Steinmetz, FOURTH ROW: Gina Godwin, Monica Parchia, Ka- ren Radtke, Gigi Kent, Kaela Mulhern, Eric Hick- son, Jenny Landwehr, Kathy Quarino, Chris Hue- gal, Scott Altman. THIRD ROW: Laurie Stern, Sil- via Gutmanis, Rita Collier, Dennis Litke, Dan Litke, Phil Katz. SECOND ROW: Wendy Podell, Shelley Stamas, David Papermaster, Gary Berman. FRONT ROW: Lynn Zagel, Tuhina Sikdar, Anne Parsons, Rebekah Althouse, Phil Hamilton, Pam Ellsworth, Heidi Mattes, Erin Slater, Eric Parsons. NN The Knightskeller is an old basement which was transformed into a game room, group study room, dance hall, and television room. Pool tables, foosball ta- bles, ping pong tables, pinball machines, a jukebox, a color television, and assorted junk food machines all make the Knights- keller a place to go for a little relaxation and break from the daily drag. This year, however, the administration questioned whether or not the restric- tions in the Knightskeller were strong enough to keep the students from abus- ing such a privilege. The educational cli- mate of the Knightskeller was also looked at in depth to see if such a place had any effect on the declining SAT and ACT scores. Mrs. Ethel Trovinger, school psycholo- gist believed that such a place for the students really did serve a purpose. She said that the Knightskeller allowed stu- dents to relax, make friends, and work of some of their excess energy. Mr. Michael Danko, assistant recrea tion director also said that the Knights keller actually did benefit the school. H believed that it provided an outlet fo many school activities, a release for stu dents tension, and helped students pre pare for college life. Although there were many Administra tors who contimplated about the value o the Knightskeller, the Knightskeller stil exists and it remains up to the students t use it to its fullest and make it an integra part of the school. M 'eff' - : - - "f':3::xjwf ' e THIS PAGE: 1. Seniors Todd Fritz and Dave Ulrich indulged in a pre-game warm up before their big match against the Matza Boys. 2. Sophomore Jim Shlimovitz rooted his partner on during an in- tense match game of pinball. 3. Intensity and glee appeared on the face of John Montgomery as he played a serious game of pinball. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. This girl was one of several students who bought a book for her second semester composition class. 2. Senior Dave Ulrich helped the Saturday morning intermural team, the High Lifes, to a victo- ry of 47-32. 3. Randy Miller lined up a bank shot in bumper pool. l x ! 5 E 4 j,L,j1if:2.:!?i1F53iE-W' .LAM .... ,. -. :if I www. 1 1 P' ,, is , , 'mr f'f'i i ,. TY '-'f ,, " ,E . ws........,.fc,..,r.- ,rf if 'ii -. Y H? 7 Q . ' 'ff' NA + -drkfd-nw g :Q P?-ifiif q,-gi .4 'jig glglfg 'X 790, ' W K, , J l f iller ,.'7,"1z., - 'j I ',g1,Q"" 1 ll l 'sl xy 3 , . s Q ix Z v ' If ,nys A -, A ff' . ' ,f-'Aa' ' K 1139 ,f 'L C J gs.. V ...Q --ti ' 1 - f "T s i fi l-i T . .,. 3 4, new ' . -.QQ 'gf' K K - g .fr Q, iii., ,fit , . :H r , r Throughout a bitter-cold winter, with enough snow for any and all who cared to ski, the Nicolet Ski Club snow-plowed, paralleled, and sometimes rolled down into the warm lodges of Alpine Valley, Little Switzerland, and Sunburst. On weekends the trips moved farther afield with sojourns to Devil's Head and Black- jack. Every Thursday afternoon, under the direction of club adviser Mr. Richard Huxtable, the club members took to the local area slopes. "I didn't care how cold it got. I liked to ski," said freshman Debbie Bogost. tx Alix The winter outside of being cold was one of the best for local skuers in a long time I cant remember when we were able to go skiing this often in past years said Mr Huxtable In past years it seemed like we were canceling a trip all the time due to poor conditions or lousy weather. Senior Steve Dunn added Skiing was great and the club was excellent. It was a ,x f- ,. N. X15 place where kids with the same interests lskiingl could go and enjoy themselves. The advisers all skied and seemed to en- joy themselves as much as the students." I 4 1 . .45 ug' a 2 f I , Q A .3 Q ig: , , as 3 1 if-'Il of THIS PAGE: 1. Ski Club members included: BACK ROW: Jody Katz, Cindy Lernor, Shelly Sta- mas. FRONT ROW: Herschel Kruger, Kathy Ko- hen, and Tom Knickelbine. 2. Outlined against mer- cury vapor lights a skiier traverses the slopes of Alpine Valley. 3. Soft powder was the rule, rather than the exception for skiiers. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Relaxing prior to the bus ride were Erin Price, Steve Dunn, and Terri Skinner. 2. Ready for skiing at Alpine Valley was junior Marcy Valley, 3. Even the school bus rides were fun for adviser Richard Huxta- ble, Randy Kahn and Sue Wabiszewski. H ssss v ita ,ZX if gf x...f as fx Youth Council and Varsity Club both perform service roles for the student body. Under the direction of Mr. Mike Danko, assistant recreation director and founder of "stump the boys," the Youth Council sponsored homecoming, winter carnival, prom, a new sweetheart dance and the mother-son, father-daughter dances. "A great deal of planning and organiza- tion goes into the events, especially prom, homecoming and winter carnival, said Mr. Danko. "These students worked very hard to make the events the success they were and deserve a great deal of credit. The time spent on painting alone I I I 1, s V, 'V Yiisffiii , if- ran into hundreds of man hours Varsity Club also performed service for the school community by selling food at the football and basketball games sponsoring an arm wrestling tournament and numerous other service oriented pro jects The group was open to all letter win ners regardless of sex and an initiation breakfast cooked by the coaching staff was provided for all members in May. Six o clock is awfully early to get up and come to school to cook breakfast, but these students were special to us and we enjoyed the experience," said cook- coach Jim Liska. I 'in 1550. Youth Council, Varsity Club N, f Us 'J - THIS PAGE: 1. Senior Pat Sheehy adjusted his "an- tenni" before proceeding to basketball practice. 2. Var- sity Club: BACK ROW: Paul Sutton, Judy Becker, Leigh Burdick, Paul Khavari, Ellen Gold, Bucky Weber. FOURTH ROW: Lucy Lietz, Ann Lange, Cheryl Cain, Jenny Landwehr, Meg Shaughnessy. THIRD ROW: Betsy Kadwit, Jane Kilian, Mimi Dittmar, Sue Stuckey, Jeff Kukawa, Sarah Vallee, Ruth Ebert. SECOND ROW: Andrea Greene, Pat Sheehy, Crista Payton, Ka- ren Berg, Cheryl Wiese, Bill Gabby. FRONT ROW: Linda Englander, Betsy DePalma, Jean Loftus, Judy Kerns, Mary Chen, Mark Berkoff. 3. Dr. Johnson looks on while Tom Fitzmaurice struggles for victory. OPPO- SITE PAGE: 1. Mr. Danko, Youth Council advisor fixes the money machine. 2. Youth Council: BACK ROW: Cathy Steinmetz, Sally Voelz, Julie Everding, Marie Megna, Mr. Danko, Bob Zache, Hali Komlodi, Dan Schlamp. FOURTH ROW: Gayle Dieck, Terri Shrop- shire, Chris Clemons, Paul Kochan, Janet Brown, Mon- nine Obyrne, Taunya Malone. THIRD ROW: Todd Bernhardt, Karen Berg, Leslie Colligan, Brian Morris, Jodi Stenger. SECOND ROW: Kirsten Radaker, Marci Komlodi, Sue Wenzler, Nancy Rowen, Karen Kochan, Sandra Malkin. FRONT ROW: Ellen Pierson, Karen Greene. t . 45 in . f XX 1 1 ' ' I , N ' 1 XX x . N , x . XX N1 XX . X X X If U s X, X 2 ' n -XX 1 ' 1 X ix. ,A , . x ' ' X x , 2 X' . ' X 1 Q r xv 2. k Y' ,NA D4 ' x , gf, y 1 y U k k 1 W I X Q X . I y x xx Q V, 1 X N V' f . .K IA A . 1 XQ ' K , 1 ' K4 , at I ' v 1 1 .f 4 M H324 Sports 3 Y s, , , . .,f p .i "1. W ,Qw,,x2? zkfia- W .J 1, V' , R C, 1-2,-N H V L . ,, . +P! :Y ...ff.1, fn. f "f :ff M ' -jhfj' 'f -Q ff ,wt :Iwi 1- Y K ly R, I r , ' f. ive.. if wi, " ai , 'Q r fn' v t X? '?'?4, A w , 4. Cross Country Girls Make State From also ran to State Meet squad in two years is the record of the girls' cross country team. The squad, which finished second in their sectional meet, finished 12th in the strong state meet held at Madison's Ya- hara Hills course. The runners were paced by Seniors Mary Chen, and Ginny Albert, sopho- more Sue Althoen and freshmen Tamara Barbar and Suzy Byal. The young team showed promise in its 'uw 5 , 4. 1 QS., . . . ,P first effort by winning the 10 team Knight 41. Invitational with the five scoring runners in the top 15 places of the meet. That effort continued as the girls went 8-1 in dual meet competition losing only to con- ference champion Homestead. They also had strong showings at the Blackhawk Invitational in Grafton, where they fin- ished second, and at the Marshall Invita- tional. Coach Bernard Bieterman comment- ed, "This team had a strong nucleus. They held their own pretty well. They were a good group to work with and they realized what they had to do and went out and did it." The boys' program suffered through a disappointing year in one of the toughest ' Q ,A Y p, Af I ,E nf -'W conferences in the State. According to Coach Bieterman there were two major problems with the squad this year. "Our big problem is that we don't have enough boys in the front of the pack. We need a runner or two in the top 10 places to score well." The other problem according to Mr. Bieterman, was experience. "There was not much competition for the top seven spots and that hurts." ln dual meets the squad was 4-5 in conference competition. But they fell off to 8th place in the conference meet. ln regional competition, the squad, hopeful of a spot in sectional competition, placed a disappointing 5th and failed to quality . -QQ! OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Senior Bob Forbes ran as the No. 1 runner on the squad for the season. 2. Senior Jeff Kukawka hurdled a small creek in the meet at Dineen Park. 3. Girls Cross Country Team: BACK ROW: Susan Byal, Robin Myles, Michelle McLay, Coach Bernard Bieterman, Sue Althoen, Tamara Barhar, and Jenny Landwehr. FRONT ROW: Ginny Albert, Mary Chen, Helaine Katz, and Jean Loftus. 4. Boys Varsity Cross Country: BACK ROW: Coach Bieterman, Bob Forbes, Tom Kelble, Jeff Kukawka, John Klimt, Tom Drought, FRONT ROW: Al To- var, Dave Keuler. THIS PAGE 1. Senior Mary Chen passes Milwaukee Madison's No. 3 runner to help the squad place second in the sectional meet and qualify for State. 2. Junior Tom Drought savors a cool drink after his 3 mile run. 3. JV Cross Country Team: BACK ROW: Bill Gabos, Mike Meyer, Scott Davis, Dave Thompson, Scott Godden, Greg Watchmaker, Tom Haig, Tom Callan FRONT ROW: Will Goldsmith, John Leys, Marc Weinhold, Karl Walters, Bob Anderson, Bob Recht, Mike Co- hen and Jim Freuck. '1u. ,,f,4' H U ' ,+.,,,Wl Q ,. 'K' 4..- - A I' I v4 w"'c-v-,rw M New Coach Gains Players' Respect The Knights' Football team began the season with a new coach, Bob Collins, who had coached the previous year at Oshkosh Lourdes. The players all respected coach Col- lins. Emmett Dennehy said, "The players would live or die for Coach Collins." The Knights also had a new backfield coach this year, Mike Fifrick, who coached last year at Lake Mills High School. 3? 78 fi-tl?" '-.1 3' my use ff . ,sfksssr W Hmmm mumuurv A'-f' 'hw' 1. With Guard John Tackes i641 attempting to "kick out" the linebacker, end Nighbor 1801 is used as a running back on a "big play gamer" for the Knight offense Wingback Emmett Dennehy C451 tossed two passes against Brookfield Central. One for a touchdown and the other set up the go-ahead score. That score was snori- however as Brookfield Central rallied to win 20-15. 3. Quarterback Bob Martin ran a sw for a short gain against Brookfield Central. The new doublewing offense installed by C Collins emphasized the quarterback's ability to run more than throw, ... Q -f - Despite the fact that the Knights had another losing season, they did create many exciting moments. Twice they were within four minutes of winning, once against the No. 3 team in the conference, Brookfield entral, and again during the last game f the season, against Brook- field East. Even though Nicolet lost all of its games this year, Coach Collins felt they did accomplish a few things. As Coach Collins put it, "We gained the respect we wanted throughout the conference, Nico- let is no longer a pushoverf' Coach Col- lins brought with him a new offense called the doublewing attack. The reason he used it he said was because, "It's some- thing new and different, it's designed to build more interest among the players and fans, and it's a new shot in the arm." Looking toward the future, Coach Col- lins said he would like to make football more of a priority other than something to do in the fall. Putting the season in prospective, senior Rich Bograd com- mented, "It hasn't been easy because of the shortage of people but it's been fun because I could play all the football I desired in a season." Most of the players had no regrets on the season and senior Jim Mock, a half- back, said, "Nicolet football was a chal- lenge and l'm glad l had a chance at it." 1. Defensive linebacker Dave Blackwell 1811 closes in on a Brookfield Central running back. 2. All- conference end Mark Nighbor didn't catch this pass, but he caught enough to set two Braveland career marks with 84 receptions for 1154 yards. 3. The Varsity Football Team: BACK ROW: Coach Bob Collins, Coach Mike Fifrick, Matt Barton, Dave Blackwell, Mark Nighbor, Scott Neimi, Lou Sani- cola, Paul Sutton, Tim Hansen, Pete Bliss, Bob Martin, Paul Khavari, Randy Kahn, Matt Willms, Bob Appel, Coach Les Hochtritt. MIDDLE ROW: Keith Flowers, Mike Peters, Rob Manders, Bob Steiner, Dave Bernhard, Mark Luedeman, John Tackes, Phil Hamilton, Jack Koepper, Kevin Duckler, Steve Bartoletti, Steve Swallow. FRONT ROW: Emmett Dennehy, Rich Bograd, Marc Bold, Marcus Wanzo, Bill Dickenson, Pete Lococo, Jim Mock, Ed Ruffolo, Todd Thierman, Jim Speilmann, Jack Enea, Dave Slatter, Scott Klaeser, Mgr. Jim Shlimovitz, Mgr. Alan Saltman, Mgr. Bill Lean. as i 3 g N gg Ill ar i if . 1" 1. Hoping to break the 10-0 clefecit, quarterback Bob Martin faded back to throw while Jim Mock C201 and Mark Luedemman C701 and Bob Steiner 1711 held off Cedarburg's defensive line. 2. Sopho- more Football Team: BACK ROW: Coach Ronald Welch, Mike Bell, Kent Brown, Jeff Arvoy, Pat Kuehn, Blane Kime, Kris Hamburg, Bob Hipp, Ke- vin Hall, Evan Byrne, Paul Zuckerman, Coach Paul Manley. FRONT ROW: Jim Schlimovitz, Jordan Beck, Damon Dranchek, Tom Mackerie, Kari Hen- son, Jeff Genova, Mark Egner, Mark Olsen, Doug Faude, Steve Bold, Mike Jolton. 3. Pete Lococo attempted to keep a Cedarburg defender away with a stiff-arm during the Homecoming game. 4 ' 5 5 'Tl f 7 WWTTK l 0' ., a L- J. v, I . -5 , 3 3 - 4 X m ' ' I 1 :J f 4, 24' v - , 1- , ,., Y fs -Wk .i f.-P2 - T ft 1 I . M-it ta .4-ft . fi t '- ' T li I 1' V. WW' l' fl V 'kf iiiikbii 3 :W W 3 I 'fz-. gi 7-lg, ' ,,1 .l':, ni V:-jagjt' Fw ,-if 1-:Mg-.'-,.,', ' -'rw ,' ., M' N . ., - A WW' I' i ,-.,,-mv.-E"ar.... .... .... .. ..i.. .... -.- -. 396 6 l 5' 4 1 X 'ffli R f 3 ir" ,L--- " 1- ny I 'N 1 339' 'sl Q , f Q 1' ! 1. Quarterback Bob Martin looked for a receiver as a Cedarburg lineman closed in. 2. Freshman White Squad: BACK ROW: John Reed, Chris Klein, Don Coors, Bernie Laur, Mike Hawkin, Gavin Robinson. MIDDLE ROW: Willie Epps, Jon Scheldroup, Rob- ert Moore, Mark Holland, Rich Rosen, Tim Koshol- lek, FRONT ROW: Scott Meisenheimer, Jim Mar- ceau, Steve Mintz, Steve Stuckey, Herschel Kruger, Chris Palmatier, Coach Roger Scheldroup, Coach Mike Danko. 3. Freshman Blue Team: BACK ROW: Tom Knickelbine, Robert Fayne, Mark Cathey, Mike Neal, Scott Lindemann, Don Ochs, Coach Ned Nemacheck MIDDLE ROW: Chuck Teays, Greg Rotter, Andy Vergeront, Tim Ganzer, Bob Cle- mons, Coach Rollie Strehlow FRONT ROW: Joe Catalano, Kevin McFadden, John Murphy, Bryant Campbell, Tom Fitzmaurice, Mark Wichman, and Chris Groves. Golf Squad Qualifies For Sectional ln its second year after being resurect- ed the girls' golf team put on an excellent performance. Under a new head coach, Mr. Tom Puls, the team drove their way to a third place finish at Regionals and a fifth place at Sectionals. At the end of the confer- ence dual meet season they ended up in a tie for first place with Homestead and Port Washington. At the Conference meet they placed third behind these two teams. Vx ix, X , 1 ks Xi ,nd K ' f zmf 'Z Top performances were turned in by juniors Laura Mintz and Suzy Wabis- zewski, and sophomores Dawn Wernicke, Shelly Stamas, and Nancy Mullahy. Suzy said, "There was a lot of team- work and friendship on the team. We were pretty good, and we had a lot of fun too." Mr. Puls, coaching his first girls' golf team, commented, "The team was dedi- cated and they practiced hard every day. Practices were held at Brown Deer, but even though that course was difficult, ac- cording to Mr. Puls that wasn't necessar- ily to the girls' advantage as the Knights only hosted one home meet during the year. "lt really is an advantage to know the course that you're playing," he said, "and we were lucky there because we ii' tvs.. if it ln. gi . iff.- ,Q ,ty . played most of our meets at Mequon and got to know that course well." To Mr. Puls though, golf is different from any other high school athletic pro- gram. "Sometimes the best do very poor- ly," he said. "There are so many condi- tions that a golfer has to deal with -- mental attitude, physical condition, and the condition of the course itself. Unfortu- nately a golfer can't always be consistent, but the girls were trying to become as consistent as they could. Many of them improved greatly and I was very proud of their efforts." The team too, was happy about their performance. Next year they "hope to go to State." Their record indicates that perhaps they will and that girls' golf has definitely returned to stay. . f . A-' Q sv THIS PAGE: 1. Showing one of the frustrating as- pects of girls' golf was wet junior Hali Komlodi. 2. Taking time out to wash her golf ball before the next hole, was sophomore Nancy Mullahy, OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. The 1978-79 girls' golf team included BACK ROW: Hali Komlodi, Nancy Mullahy, Kristin Clemons, Shelley Stamas, Lynn Bethke, Dawn Wer- nicke, Laura Mintz. FRONT ROW: Megan Masty, Marci Komlodi, and Suzy Wabiszewski. 2. Taking a break from their workout were golf team members, juniors, Laura Mintz, Suzy Wabiszewski, and Shelley Stamas. ' Quai Volleyball Team Wins Regional The girls' volleyball team made volley- ball history at Nicolet as they defeated Homestead, Brown Deer, and Riverside High School teams on their way to a 5-1 ll mark and a regional championshipg the team's first regional crown ever. Unfortunately the reign was brief as the girls lost in the sectionals to Falls East, Milwaukee Madison, and Hamilton to fin- 1 ish fourth with a 0-6 mark. . X F "We just weren't getting the breaks, All the other teams got lucky and seemed A N 'ii-'34 , sl ei? V few vw Gu. t f' , riei , l .M ., 3 1' to get the good breaks," said senior Ka- ren Radtke. "The real difference between us and Madison besides the fact that they had a great deal of height and hit the ball hard, was the fact that they were more consis- tent," said senior Crista Payton. Coach Luellewitz disagreed slightly with Crista saying, "The other teams just had more talent. They had better jump- ing ability and more height and just more overall skill than we did." The girls praised each other for the hard work that was a part of the team during the season. Coach Luellewitz said, The girls won on raw talent and mostly on hard work. They were aggressive and never truly let down. The fact that they made it to the sectionals when they really weren't favored to do so is a tribute to their dedication." The squad had other proud moments winning the Grafton Invitational and de- feating among others Menomonee Falls North, last year's conference champion, and Port Washington. Senior Crista Payton was selected to the all-conference volleyball team and was voted MVP by her teammates. Sen- ior Linda Friedrick was named to the hon- orable mention all-conference squad. The team finished fifth in dual meet play finally downing Brown Deer 2-1 to finish in the top half of conference, r .fl THIS PAGE: 1. Spiker Crista Payton initiated the offensive attack while Linda Friedrich, Marlene Strick prepared to return a possible Homestead block. 2. Varsity Volleyball BACK ROW: Crista Payton, Linda Sielaff, Karen Dedert, Lori Pierson, Sue Kahelski, Karen Radtke. FRONT ROW: Mar- lene Strick, Linda Friedrich, Cheryl Wiese, Cindy Stuckey, Karen Burg. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Coach Luellewitz spent time discussing strategy between games against Homestead. 2. Cindy Stuckey set herself for a power spike. 3. J.V. Volleyball BACK ROW: Sarah Sell, Terri Grober, Maureen Woodruff, Karen Zinda, Kristine Peterson, Katherine Kashou, Coach Kalinic. FRONT ROW: Pam Balistrire, Judy Schmitz, Jody Loewi, Ellen Pierson. New Coach, New Players, Same Title Competing in the Wisconsin Interscho- lastic Athletic Association's state tennis meet, the girls' tennis team returned home with their fourth consecutive state crown. Taking first place in both the singles and doubles finals, the team was able to edge out their long time rival Whitefish Bay at Nielson Tennis Stadium in Madi- son by a score of 34V2 to 30V2. Senior Nancy Zetley, seeded first in the singles, defeated Heidi Frenz of Whitefish 1 97a K Zo 2 x Ss SS x Bay 6-4, 6-3 in the singles finals. In the doubles finals, senior Sue Strnad and ju- nior Judy Becker overpowered Mary Po- spyphella and Becky Wesley of Green- dale 6-2, 6-2. Junior Julie Wigdale, playing the num- ber two singles, was defeated in the third round where she met fourth seeded Lori Evans of Fond du Lac. After a grueling two and one half hour match, Lori emerged as the victor 6-2, 6-4. Playing number two doubles, sophomore Jane Ki- lian and freshman Wren Kilian took a bye in the first round and won in the second and third rounds. ln the quarter finals, they lost to Whitefish Bay 6-2, 7-5. Later, in a playoff for fifth and sixth place, the Kilian sisters defeated Sheboygan South 4 le .-'9 6-1, 6-0 but lost to Beloit 7-5, 6-4. They wound up with sixth place. This year's team was coached by Mr. J. Cary Bachman who replaced last year's head coach, Mrs. Sandra Gleisner. "I am the interim coach," stated Mr. Bachman. "Whether l coach the team next year will be up to Mrs. Gleisner." Mr. Bachman commented, "I en- joyed working with the team. They were delightful. We had to get to know each other and when we did, they became more and more coachable. I am very proud of them" Nancy Zetley and Susan Strnad, two seniors on the varsity squad concluded, "Without Mr. Bachman's help and sup- port, we never would have won." THIS PAGE: 1. Julie Wigdale, No. 2 singles player, advanced to the third round of the state tourna- ment. 2. JV Tennis Team: BACK ROW: Assistant Coach Sue Winkler, Abby Harris, Shari Bookstaff, Jamie Holland, Carey Holland, Jennie Wigdale, Francine Verito, Coach J. Cary Bachman. MIDDLE ROW: Anne Parsons, Cathy Crawford, Andrea Per- outka, Tricia Maxon, Cindy Cooper, Mary Mulcahy, Karine O'Byrne, Janet Blutstein, Julie Sheen. FRONT ROW: Kathy Koltin, Sue Mendelsohn, Cin- dy Lernor, Kris Wilson, Jan Lieberman, Judy Ebert, and Vicky Padway. 3. Following through on a back- hand shot was Sue Strnad, half of the State Champi- on doubles team. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. State sin- gles champion Nancy Zeltey defeated Heidi Franz of Whitefish Bay to win the title. 2. Varsity Tennis Squad: BACK ROW: Assistant Coach Sue Winkler, Nancy Zetley, Judy Becker, Judy Kerns, Laurie Lernor, Kathy Easom, and Head Coach J. Cary Brachman. FRONT ROW: Betsy Kadwit, Ellen Gold, Julie Wigdale, Sue Strnad, Kathy Davis, Jane Kilian, and Wren Kilian, 3. Sophomore Judy Becker was half of the State champion doubles team. X ,i '1 X I . 1 in 1 X A 2 - .., is Girls Capture Conference Title "Quickness and good outside shooting were what made up for their height this year," said Coach Virginia Nairn. The team lost three six foot players last year and they had to work extra hard to make up for the valuable loss. The girls' basketball team managed to win all of their conference games, howev- er, they lost in two non-conference games. The team played an outstanding outside game and were always quick on their defense. Junior Leslie Bade said, "We're totally changed from last year. We lost two of our players who were both over six feet and could persistantly shoot from the inside. This year, we really don't have an inside game at all." ln the opening game of the season, the girls defeated Custer by a score of 56-31. ,.,. ' it 'T ii'i Y' . T .C it T ' e V 9 ' - ' .A . . - f r. 1 if ff C . Qvkcol I WQL5 f w . 4? 1 , f f ,Q . w .2 - ,,, ., . . s . .e Q . N - 1 'S :fl Iwh "'k' N' f kk.- X - , - 2 fi - 5' t as ,f ' Q ' Q Still' e T l 'V sem. 4 I r ,. ,, -:xg 4 N . .ra A . "" 1,1 Q Q , 1 l' , N S -f"'x ga: Linda Sielaff was the high scorer in the game with 24 points. Custer's low scoring was accredited to the girls' fantastic de- fense. Height became a big problem when the girls faced Sheboygen North, Al- though they defeated North by a slim margin of 45-39, both teams had centers who were over six feet and Nicolet was outclassed by Sheboygan North's height and had to rely on their quickness for stability. The two leading scorers on this year's team were Junior Leslie Bade and Senior Linda Sielaff. Leslie was very versitile during the season and could play guard, forward, or center. She averaged 18 points per game during the season. Leslie has played Varsity Basketball for the past three years and will return next year for her fourth and final season. Linda plays Yet ,kdm both guard and forward and averages about 21 points per game. Linda finished out her third season on the team and her contribution to all the games was very valuable. Coach Nairn said, "They were a dyna- mite team when it came to outside shoot- ing and the only thing that held them back was their height." Despite the team's fantastic playing season, they were unsuccessful in the sec- tionals and lost their opportunity to ad- vance to the State meet. Senior Christa Payton, another out- standing fourth year veteran summed up the season by saying, "We had a good man to man defense because we had a lot of good man to man players. lt needed a little work but the effort was there. All we needed was a little more technique." R6 if ei: 5 Q7 THIS PAGE: 1. Freshmen Basketball: BACK ROW: Kristin Patterson, Laura Felsch, Susan Byal, Jodi Loewi, Radhika Durvasula, Barbara Bode, Coach Kalenic. MlDDLE ROW: Sue Halfmann, Lisa Kallio, Julie Kellman, Jill Martin, Michelle McClay, FRONT ROW: Shelley Rubnitz, Tracy Cohen, Deb- orah Leeb. 2. Senior Darris Hatch displays the teams outside shooting as Senior Christa Payton guards her. 3. Senior Christa Payton follows her shot to the hoop in a game against Port Washington. 4. Senior Linda Sielaff put the ball up and over one of her opponents from Port. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. J.V. Basketball: BACK ROW: Jane Gabriel, Cheryl Cain, Kathy Koltin, Elyse Grunwaldt, Ellen Hickson, Elizabeth Patton, Wendy Bear. FRONT ROW: Katie Kashou, Mari Dtitmar, Pam Dragos, Kim Brier, Lisa Kellman, 2. Varsity Basketball: BACK ROW: Christa Payton, Darris Hatch, THIRD ROW: Coach Niarn, Ruth Ebert, Linda Friedrich, Linda Sielaff, Sarah Dorr. SECOND ROW: Leslie Bade, Katie Fleming, Karen Burg. FRONT ROW: Sue Stuckey, Sarah Vallee, Cindy Aliota. 3. Junior Katie Fleming concentrated on taking a shot from the outside, l , V' Q Close Defeats End Frustration A one point defeat, 44-43, at the hands of the Shorewood Greyhounds ended the "long season" for the boys' basketball squad. "Scoring just three points in the fourth quarter doesn't win many ballgames and obviously it didn't win this one," stated Coach Tom Puls. Lead by second team all-conference center Mark Nighbor, the Knights lost nu- merous close games and finished with a 4 - 9 mark, The record conference play which was good for sixth place in the final ei W f ,,,-,,,,,....q....,.W , ,... ,W w,,....-""", , J ,w'.,""" In X ,7,:1,fTiT.: ,, . jf, .:: Q . 1-K f,. Ml ,g WI KI. ld ' standings. The JV squad under Mr. Frank Wolf finished on top in the conference in Mr. Wolf's last year of coaching. "The boys played well and played hard and did a fine job this year," said Mr. Wolf. The freshmen squads also did well un- der the direction of Mr. Denny Fischer and Mr. Mike Minachi finishing well up in both the "A" and "B" divisions. "Our inability to shoot freethrows hurt us all season long and again it was never more obvious than in the Shorewood game," said Coach Puls. Despite the losing season, the moral was high as both players and fans contin- ued to work hard inspite of the frustration of close game loses. Even though the Knights spent 8-10 hours per week on fundamentals the lack of experience often hurt them in crucial mah 2 situations. Senior Mark Nighbor was the only starter back from last year's squad and said, "in the close games experience comes through." Often we were just anx- ious and careless, he added. Packed gyms and lack of time to prac- tice were the team's two main concerns. "l'd like to have practiced more than l could," stated senior Pat Sheehy. Coach Puls added, "With all the squads needing the gym and recreation in there at night it was tough to practice new plays or have a player stay after practice to work on a particular shot that he needed help with." "True, we had some anxious moments out there," said senior Scott Raduka, "but l hope the game experience did the underclassmen some good and that they will be able to respond to the pressure next year." xt-f Arr THIS PAGE: 1. Senior Scott Raduka, starting guard, went baseline on this shot to score under- neath the Port Washington center. 2. During a last second time-out Coach Tom Puls took time to set up a possible game winning shot. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Varsity Basketball: BACK ROW: Coach Puls, Dan Rand, Jim Kalupa, Tim Jaekels, Phillip Fayne, Mark Nighbor, Dave Blackwell, Paul Kha- vari, Mike Jipson, Manager Jeff Kukawka, FRONT ROW: Trainer Jim Shlimovitch, Keith Flowers, Pat Sheehy, Dan Bizub, Barney Hall, Scott Raduka, Bob Martin, Manager Bill Faude. 2. Senior Mark Nighbor pleaded with Coach Puls for some instructions on how to stop Homestead's center, Dave Nussbaum, Q 1 1 1. Junior Barney Hall, starting varsity guard, exhibited outstanding body control as he drove against an opponent from Port Washington. 2. Freshman Basketball: BACK ROW: Danny Appel, Alen Lee, Tim Koshol- lek, Andy Bell, Andy Warshauer, Mark Wichman, Todd Peclriana, Coach Maniaci. FRONT ROW: Tom Callen, Michael Neal, Andy Vergeront, Jimmy Marceau, Tom Cas- tagnozzi, Joe Williams, Gary Berman. x YF' sf? it sal ly'- gs.- ex, .za is-X 'f 'T-'S'-A .ft N4 'N-as G' Q W XF 1 ,J X lsr," 'ff 4,351 if 7' 'Ei 'V " 1 f tri' T T 4 R dell? SH l l :aug 'ETL offfnogx' . :sv Q., My 1 S5 his a: ",S"Q : : , , tw .-qi 4 'Qt-cyl' 1. Freshmen Blue: BACK ROW: Terry Malone, Jon Smoots, Brian Campbell, Ken Misher, Matt Ellsworth, Ed Cybela, Coach Dennis Fischer. FRONT ROW: John Schanowski, Mark Cathey, David Steinberger, Skip Kendall, Scott Davis, John Hucko. 2. Senior Dave Blackwell, starting varsity forward, tried breaking Port Washing- ton's zone defense by shooting from the outside. 3, JV Basketball: BACK ROW: Kent Guyton, Jackie Campbell, Bucky Weber, Tom Silverth- orn, Scott Waddington, John Everding, Joe Schobert, Wayne Embry, Matt Ottusch, Coach Frank Wolf. FRONT ROW: Mark Ulwelling, Bob Sheehy, Darrell Zall, Jon Hitchcock, Jack Enea, Phil Hamilton, Andy Bachman. Friends, Tradition Qualify Members The Girls' Gymnastics team has been a part of Nicolet's athletic program for a decade. Miss Judy Grefsheim has been coaching the gymnastics team for the past six years and has developed a win- ning tradition. Each year the skill and interest seems to build and build as shown by the fine performances again this year. The main reason for the team's success was the unity that the girls shared with one another and their coaches. One of the youngest and newest members of the team was A. Jay Green. She commented, "The closeness of the team has pulled us through a lot of difficult situations." 2 lf time is any measure of dedication, the girls could win an award for their's. No high school sports season lasts longer than the girls' gymnastics season. From the first day of school until the end of March, the girls train for 18 hours a week. Possibly due to the extreme duration their season, the girls experienced disciplanary problems at the begin- of the season. As a consequence, the of the squad was barred from the in season's first two meets. Despite the fact that the team was full outstanding athletes, it seemed as there was a great deal of leader- lacking. Miss Grefsheim noted, just wasn't as much leadership as would have led, liked," she continued, in past years, the team has had more eaders who were able to pull more out of squad." Although next year's team will lose two of their best gymnasts, A. Jay is only a freshman and she will continue to be a great asset to the team in the three sea- sons to come. A. Jay Green, Peggy Martin, and Linda Englander all qualified to participate in the State meet on March 10. A. Jay made her way to state with an outstanding per- formance on the parallel bars as did Lin- da. Peggy's performance of floor exer- cise earned her a position in the State meet. One would have thought that because of the length of the gymnastic's season, it would be difficult for the girls to maintain the rapport that breeds success. Coach Grefsheim however, commented, "Work- ing with the girls was always the highlight of my day. Their enthusiasm and energy was infinite." Although the season lasted an ex- tremely long time and it took a lot of hard work and devotion, it all paid off in the end whether or not the girls all made it to the State meet. They made a lot of new friends, learned a lot of different things, and most of all, had a great time. THIS PAGE: 1. J.V. Gymnastics: Krista Ebert, Cind Lubotsky, Susan Zimmerman, Carolyn Westr- ing, Saree Meldman, Terry Conner, Cari Traut, Dawn Wernicke, Connie Friedman, Laurie Mans- field, Carole Lozoff, Heidi Chen. 2. Sophomore Terry Conner showed how simple it was for a gym- nast to perform the splits on the balance beam. 3. Sophomore Dawn Wernicke displayed a leaping movement that was a part of her routine on the balance beam. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Freshman A. Jay Green seemed to be content as she practiced a stunt on the rings. 2. Freshman Carolyn Westring smiled for the photographer as she held a steady position on the balance beam. 3. Varsity Gymnas- tics: Linda Englander, Carol Chen, A. Jay Green, Peggy Martin, Ann Wuestenhagen, Betsy DePalma, Kristi Dangott, Lisa Berndt. 4. Junior Ann Wuesten- hagen held a perfect handstand on the balance beam, ' f 's up J if v , r Q " .- K '.-- ..., ' .-s' F 2 A ' Aki' .t XL i ' . i ,i. , i . It 9 VJ?" -i it 'Q .W ' g . Individual Depth Breeds Success The Boys' Gymnastics team enjoyed a very successful season. The first meet of the year against Falls North, the team scored 101 points, setting a new school record. High scoring continued by the team in a four team meet. ln that meet, the team scored 112 points which easily captured a victory. Later in the season, there were some injuriesg however, the team came back to score 119 points against Falls East. According to Senior Marlon Mitchell, one reason for the team's success was I i I x l i' Wh., ,.. ,..,...,,......f-:nl U' - I i"'- 1 1 -'-ii --:Qs f Il A Q i Mimi LV Q L., 'fir ,N f is 1 1. i s fa 0 i L it 1 ' ' 4 1 sins! jg g ' 11 ,,., ,. , , Q i g t li 'W ll 1 rl!" ,pf s i i 1 , l 4 i ' Yi " ii i ,gg . - A SS' i iii it 5 ,fl 5 their depth. Marlon said, "Last year we had four people working an event, but this year we had more depth in each event." Marlon also added, "Because we had more depth, we had more competi- tion among the team and that breeded better scores." Coach Dennis Switzky believed the performance of the all-around was a key to their success. All-arounders were Sophomore Andy Memmel, Senior Mark Wernicke, and Junior Joe Debelak. They all had good performances throughout the year. There was at least one outstanding in- dividual on each event, which also helped the team during the season. Coach Switzky said, "Having capable individuals on each event helped the team effort and confidence." The individuals on the team were Sophomore Andy Memmel on floor exercise and parallel bars, Senior Bob Pastene on pommel horse, Senior Mark Wernicke on still rings, Junior Joe Debe- lak on long horse, and Senior Marlon Mitchell on horizontal bar. In the Braveland Conference Gymnas- tics meet, the team took fourth place and set a school record scoring 120 points. Nicolet had two conference champions. Senior Bob Pastene on pommel horse and Sophomore Andy Memmel on paral- lel bars. Other top finishers were Andy Memmel, third on the floor exercise, Joe Debelak, third on the long horse, Mark Wernicke, eighth on the rings, and Mar- lon Mitchell, sixth on the horizontal bar. Scoring 125.9 points, the gymnastics team won the Brown Deer sectional and advanced to the state meet. At state the si team finished seventh while Andy Mem- mel tied for third on the parallel bars, Bob Pastene placed second on the pommell horse, Marlon Mitchell placed seventh on the horizontal bar, and Hans Traut tied for eighth place in vaulting. THIS PAGE: 1. Perfecting the "Thomas Flair" on the pommel horse was Senior Bob Pastene. 2. Concentrating on maintaining balance and keeping his form, Senior John Westerman, polished his par' allel bars routine. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Working a new move on the parallel bars was Sophomore Don Mullen. 2. Junior Joe Debelak practiced a piroutte on the high bar. 3. Boys' Gymnastics: BACK ROW: Coach Dennis Switzky, John Schetter, Clay Greaves, Mark Wernicke, Bob Pastene, Andy Mem- mel, Joe Debelak. FRONT ROW: Dan Lanska, Don- ald Mullen, Daniel Griffith, John Westerman, Hans Traut, Bradley Schumer, MISSING: Marlon Mitch- ell, Joe Burns. S Lashoons, Coach Build Image Craig Lashoons, senior, was the only varsity wrestler to make it to the sectional meet, but that didn't deter Coach Ron Welch, who despite finishing last in the conference meet, was "pleased with the performances of the numerous sopho- mores and juniors on the squad." "Lack of numbers hurt us this year and because of that we had to forfit several weights and lost some close matches," said Coach Welch. He added, "Nonethe- less the wrestlers were enthused and worked hard to try to overcome their inexperiencef' The enthusiasm was a two way street. Mw,,,,,,.,,...+--A W,,,...N-w "QF" The wrestlers were pleased with their new coach and his program. "He's a good coach and it'll take more than a year to build this program." said Senior Steve Carneol. Replacing Coach Rollie Strehlow, who had guided the matmen for all or parts of seventeen years was not easy for Coach Welch but his wrestlers believed in him. "I-Ie's a really good coach," stated senior Marc Bold. Being "pretty vocal" in practice, Coach Welch explained, I'm pleased with the team's progress and overall perfor- mance but sometimes they're too nice - just not aggressive enough. But through the year that changed. It just needs to change more." One of the things that's needed accord- ing to Coach Welch is, a grade school program that increases interest and gains experience for young wrestlers. Because of that belief, he developed a Saturday morning wrestling clinic for some of the "younger boys." "I like the fact that Coach Welch gets down on the mats and demonstrates the moves with us," said Carneol. It really creates enthusiasm. The JV squad was also short several weights, but the freshman team was "more solid" according to the coaches. Also new to the program this year was Courtney Poll who became the first "mat maid" in Nicolet history. Courtney's job was to handle some statistics, assist the coaches and "was very helpful," accord- ing to Coach Welch. Positive goals, better wrestling, more experience, and new coaching were a Q strong note to the end of the seventies. THIS PAGE: 1. Struggling to keep control of the ride, Senior John Tackes adjusted his position which prevented his opponent from escaping. 2. After performing a one point escape, Co-captain John Tackes concentrated on his take down strate- gy. 3. Freshmen Wrestling: Scott Bern, Jeff Bern, Bob Anderson, John Freeman, Scott Cronk, Mike Bruno, Mark Bojarski, Mike Donian, Gavin Robin- son, Coach Joe Whalen. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Sophomore Scott Kleaser watched his opponent carefully, waiting for just the right moment to try a leg take-down. 2. Varsity Wrestling: BACK ROW: Jack Amerell, Craig Lashoones, John Tackes, Mat- thew Barton, Lou Sanicola, Marc Bold. MIDDLE ROW: Buz Pioso, Mark Cronk, Bill Gabos, Steve Carneol, Steve Bold, Ted Minor. FRONT ROW: Courtney Poll, Bill Dickenson, Doug Faude, Mike Jolton, Scott Kleaser, Coach Ronald Welch. 3. Sen- ior Matt Barton and Sophomore Lou Sanicola re- ceived instructions for their next match 1' A f A ,. ' 1' if, 'QS ' 9 -Q 2 Sv. F E- iii Swimmers Wing Walters Resigns Two individual State champions, a re- cord State champion relay squad, a diver who finished fourth in the state meet, and a Braveland Conference Championship were all a part of Coach Chuck Walters' last year as head swimming coach. Individual champions were senior Bill Gengler in the 100 yard backstroke and K l """ A is Akgtgi' af, 5 liss junior Bill Eisenstein in the 200 yard freestyle. The record setting relay squad consisted of seniors Rory Orgill, Bill Gab- by, Gengler and junior Eisenstein. Also winning a medal for fourth place in diving was junior Tom Haig. Even though the team finished in a tie for fourth in the State Meet, the highlight of the season for them was the Braveland Conference Championship which they won despite the odds against them. Defeating pre-meet favorite Brookfield East and Central to capture their seventh championship in the past nine years, the squad was again led by the performances of Gengler, Eisenstein and Haig along with the relay teams. Gengler set a con- ference mark in the 100 backstroke in 55.223 and the 100 butterfly in a time of 54.303 and was a member of the winning 400 yard freestyle relay team with Hans N1 Landwehr, Orgill, and Eisenstein. Eisen- stein won both the 200 yard freestyle in a record 1:46.418 and the 500 freestyle in a time of 4:57.178. Tom Haig took first in the diving with a 398.05 total. The Knights also defeated arch rival Whitefish Bay in the sectional meet to win the team championship and qualify seven individuals and a relay team for the State Meet. Many of the swimmers felt distressed over the fact that Coach Walters re- signed. Sophomore Hans Landwehr stat- ed, "I think it will hurt the squad. He stirred a lot of motivation and brought a swimming tradition with him." Coach Walters said he resigned, "Be- cause I felt l was being unjustly evaluated and the program had come to a stale- mate. I requested things to help that were never given to me." THIS PAGE: 1. Coach Walters posed with his 400 yard freestyle relay team of Bill Gengler, Bill Eisenstein, Rory Orgill and Bill Gabby. The team set a new state record of 3113.9 for the event. 2. Coach Walters finished his Nicolet career on a positive note: the swim team became conference champi- ons, 3. Varsity Swimming: BACK ROW: Dan Ull- sperger, Hans Landwehr, Bill Eisenstein, Bill Gengler, Rory Orgill. MIDDLE ROW: Doug Dowl- ing, Jim Bailey, Brian Gauss, Mike Kloehn, Pat Kuehn, Tom Kloehn, Rick Schumaker, FRONT ROW: Tim Hanney, Frank Sammet, Jeff Peterson, Bill Gabby, John Goldthwaite, Tom Haig, Scott Heyen, OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. JV Swimming: BACK ROW: Mark Wertheime, John Tomson, Ted Patton, Scott Provencher, David Wertheimer, Jay Black- man. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Stein, Brad Hinson, Mike Olson, Emmet Apel, Mike Bathke, Steve Mintz. FRONT ROW: Brad Taylor, Tom Schumaker, Jon DeBelak, Dan Haig, Scott Meisenheimer. 2. Junior Tom Haig, conference and sectional champion, en- tered the "hurdle" part of his dive. 3. Senior Rory Orgill, part of the state champion freestyle relay team, took a moment to get some air during a hard practice. Swimmers Place Sixth In State Behind the 100-yard freestyle state meet mark of 53.439 seconds by sopho- more Sarah Gengler, the Knights man- aged a solid sixth place in the State Meet at Madison. Disappointed with her fourth place fin- ish in the 220-yard freestyle, Sarah "pulled out the stops," according to Coach Chuck Walters, and "swam like a true champion." ,,'. .Q V ,. . .A li.: f . ,' ' il 'Vll 5 f 'jf K all grizag A awww , A ESF xi. :lf -. 'i 'Tb F5 gpg. H. ,As at H- 521, 4 li i i V .e fm i ,Q , 1 'X bi? 5 9 , gs. ig ,-if if H va-.Mia r fi X, H.: 1, V wif yiiri Q. 52361 4: ff ,, , Y w 4, , It ,ig :Lg-Q, L Q V , , 'J ' H ' - ,aw i,'-ri' '," 1 ' ri, ff f in f r a i , is X 1 J, ' K? H 1 Ea wigs I .f 5 Q A ,val 2,1 , 3, l ,'l l ll ? .. 'fi 1 :ml i ,, lfl jgjr i 'Zu - fa 't ugs ww! ?m,,m W-,D gi 1 4 M V L , i '1 , pliq at ,J 31 fm Mi' ,fc ,,- .J , ' ir' W' tl N 4 li .6 1, ",.' , wait iiii it I sl "'i' 1 '.-'f f. ' ' 2 i'f . ,1 ,i I ri..i ' riisf ' ttf riii -tit ,i i i i if Siva t it ii" J . QW ,rf . A V,,., H i g Qi 'v' iii U ' " '25, ii" fi? ' ,Q ,,,,L " .:-, mi ' ,V Q- VZ , ,,,k I W lf, fl ,L Coach Walters continued, "She's just so talented it's obvious she is far from achieving what she is truly capable of. This State championship was just a begin- ning for her." Other members of the team also swam well in the meet including freshman Bob- bie Clemens who set a school record while finishing fifth in 1:11.779 in the 100-yard backstroke, and the 200-yard medley relay team of Clemens, Anne Berbaum, Anne Lang and Mary Backlars chipped 2 full seconds off their sectional mark while finishing fourth. Other girls who placed in the top 12 and gathered points for the squad were: Leigh Burdick, eighth in the 200-yard in- medleyg Berbaum, tenth in the 100-yard backstrokeg and Backlars, in the 100-yard breaststroke. On a sad note Coach Walters an- nounced his resignation during the season effective at the end of the year to go into the private sector, but with most of the swimmers underclassmen the new coach should have a wealth of material to work with. Coach Walters said, "The future suc- cess of the squad will hinge on whether the girls can better control their emotions and develop a more mature attitude." He added, "These goals are definitely obtainable and the girls should be among the top squads in the state next year and for several years to come." In other "big meets" the girls took sec- ond in the Conference, Sectionals, North Shore Invitational, defeated arch rival Whitefish Bay in a dual meet 79-43. THIS PAGE: 1. Doing a back dive, an unidentified diver is caught at the peak of her dive. 21 Girls' Varsity Diving: BACK ROW: Heather Bostad, Kathie Zieve, Denise Demott, Coach Terry Cope- land. FRONT ROW: Janette Davis. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Sophomore Leigh Burdick, swimming the 200 yard medley, was one of the top swimmers on this year's team. 2. Girls' Varsity Swimming: BACK ROW: Coach Terry Copeland, Coach Chuck Wal- ters, Bridget Barrie, Ann Berbaum, Judy Wind- felder, Sarah Gengler, Mary Bakalars, FRONT ROW: Jean Goldstein, Sue Halfmann, Roberta Cle- mons, Ann Lange, LeeAnn Talasak, Meg Shagh- nessy, Wendy Grogan, Leigh Burdick. 3. Girls JV Swimming: BACK ROW: Coach Copeland, Terri Shropshire, Laura Kahelski, Nancy Goldberg, Mol- lie Fromstein, Bonnie Swidler, Janine Kelble, Jean Lynch, Natalie Aronow, Coach Walters. FRONT ROW: Jackie Briski, Linda Jackson. 4. Relaxing before the meet are Sarah Gengler, Ann Berbaum, LeeAnn Talasak, Judy Windfelder, Meg Shaugh- nessy. .l Classes Freshmen 1. Freshman basketball practice drew two ad- miring fans, freshmen Debbie Bogost and Peggy Martin. 2. BACK ROW: Stephanie Allen, Betsy Barton, Edna Barnes, Manoj Agarwal, Al Aus- tria, James Bailey, Scott Abrams, Daniel Appel, Thomas Bathke, Evelyn Beck, Ramon Acevedo, Tom Bardenwerper MIDDLE ROW: Pamela Ba- listrire, Keith Becker, Robert Ashmore, Robert Anderson, Amy Becker, Wendy Bass, Mitchel Appelbaum, Bridget Barrie. FRONT ROW: Lynn Baguhn, Terri Altman, Caryn Bard, Kim Albrecht, Paula Angeli, Lisa Bannister, Tamara Barhar, Heidi Baron. 3, Freshman Class Offi- cers: Wren Kilian, 2nd Vice President, Ingrid Scheibler, 1st Vice President, Greg Marcus, Treasurer, and Jim Stein, President. wr- " wf. V .- btw, If 6, J bday' ij 1, I 1 1. BACK ROW: Michelle Smeyne, Julie Sheen, Elise Sims, Sheilbra Sherrod, Jeff Seimits, Todd Stenzel, Jim Stein, Peter Stevens,IJon Smoots. MIDDLE ROW: Mark Shires, Pat Smith, Liz Siegel, David Steinberger, Jeff Skwierawski, Steve Stuckey, Stacy Stebbins, Paul Senzig. FRONT ROW: Greg Strick, Mark Strick, Co- simo Storniolo, Dan Smith, Craig Speth, Tobey Stafford, Laurie Suran, Nancy Stapleman. 2. BACK ROW: Barbara Bode, Janice Benson, Kendra Bishop, Eugene Bomchill, Andrew Bell, William Berendson, Gary Berman, David Brano- van, John Bord, James Bloedel. MIDDLE ROW: Mark Bojarski, Pam Benz, Shari Bookstaff, De- bra Bogost, Janet Blutstein, Evan Ben Hur, An- thony Bol, Charles Blank, Michael Boucher. FRONT ROW: Mark Boncheck, Scott Bennett, Mona Blankstein, Jeffrey Bern, Scott Bern, Ter- ry Brodkin, James Benko, Tim Bender. 3, BACK ROW: Tom Castagnozzi, Bryant Camp- bell, Joel Cielak, Mark Cathey, Jon Bronson, THIRD ROW: Joseph Catalano, Thomas Cal- len, Michael Bruno, Charles Butscher, Joseph Burns, Scott Brown, David Brown. SECOND ROW: Victori Cartagena, Christine Brunner, Su- san Byal, David Chaimson, Sara Bursten, Kris- ten Burns, Mary Carlson, Jodi Cegielski, Denise Chase. FRONT ROW: Linda Callif, Corinne Brunette, Michelle Brunn, Deborah Chase, Katherine Carlson, Heidi Chen, Ann Chevako. 1. BACK ROW: Matt Ellsworth, Bruce Falbaum, Judy Ebert, Pam Dowling, Tom Fitzmaurice, Teresa Dotson, Laura Felsch, Todd Eichen- baum. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Fayne, Mark Fishman, Caryn Ernster, Radhika Durvasula, Heidi Dietrich, Patricia Devine, Anne Drum- mond, FRONT ROW: Geralyn Emmerich, Mar- tha Dillon, Daniel Elias, Willie Epps, Mihcael Donoian, James Exner, Nicholes Enea, Bradley Epstein. 2, BACK ROW: Scott Flick, Kellie Gen- tile, Timothy Gantzer, Scott Godden, Cindy Ger- onime, Valerie Givens, Regina Godwin, Will Goldsmith, Donna Gensler. MIDDLE ROW: Ali- son Greene, John Freeman, Mark Gondek, Anne Foran, Miriam Franks, Stacy Greenberg, Amy Greenebaum, James Greenbaum. FRONT ROW: Diane Golding, Julie Forkasdi, Stacie Gould, Nancy Goldberg, Julie Gordon, Robert Gebhardt, 3. BACK ROW: Frank Densmoor, Don Coors, Don Dedert, MIDDLE ROW: Glen Conrad, Robert Compere, Robert Clemons, Jeff Cohen, Tammy Conn, Paige Cunningham, Jacki Cross, Shari Croen, Christene Clark, Tracy Co- heb, Dianne Dettmann, Denise Demott, Rita Cutts, FRONT ROW: Michael Desmond, Ed Cy- bela, Roberta Clemens, Jim Curtis, Scott Cronk, Don Scott Davis, Madalyn Davidoff 1. BACK ROW: Tina Huston, Mary Jaekels, Katherine Kashou, Lisa Kallio, Denise John, son, Paulette Hoepfner, Dana Hutchins, Mari Howards, Yvonne Kao, Charles Jefferson, Scott Joffe. MIDDLE ROW: Kathleen Holter, Linda lvarson, Linda Jackson, Sherry Huf, Donna Johnson, Susann Holzner, Eileen lngwersen, Mark Holland, Harley Kahn, FRONT ROW: John Hucko, Jamie Holland, Elizabeth Holland, Mary Crowley, Margaret Huyler, Howard Katz. 2. BACK ROW: Rebecca Harmon, Christopher Groves, Kathleen Hanson, Roberta Hardt, Lily Gutmann, Ondine Harris, Karon Harvey, Wil- liam Hagerty, Daniel Haig, Bradley Hinson, Kurt Hochtritt, Michael Heller. MIDDLE ROW: Kelly Harmon, Steven Hecht, Susan Hassel, James Hiken, Tracy Herman, Donna Hathaway, Peter Gurneau, David Heil, FRONT ROW: Lee Hall, Michael Hankin, Ann Hildebrand, Todd Heyen, Richard Himelhoch, Susan Halfmann, Diane Hathaway. 3. BACK ROW: Timothy Koshollek, Herschel Kruger, Susan Kopf, Karin Kochan, Janine Kelble, Katherine Khavari, Sarah Bahn, Jeffrey Kurth, Tom Knickelbine, Thomas Kloehn. THIRD ROW: Carrie Lanza, Julie Kell- man, Jules Kendall, Brian Kluge, Bernard Laur, Scott Kolb, Stephan Kukawka, Daniel Lanska. SECOND ROW: Mark Larsen, James Kerns, David King, David Kniaz, Kris Klein, Michael Kohn, Kevin Lambrecht. FRONT ROW: Alan Lee 1. BACK ROW: Alex Martin, Kevin McFadden, Jeffrey Messinger, Douglas Mason, Katherine Maul, Heide Mattes, Michael Mandlman, Kristin Mathisen, Heather McFadden. MIDDLE ROW: Jill Martin, Michelle McLay, Lynda McCarthy, Mardee Marcus, Saree Meldman, James Mar- ceau, Margaret Martin, Eileen McGowan. FRONT ROW: Kenneth Memmel, Timm Martin, Scot Meisengeimer, Laurie Mansfield, Gregory Marcus, Karl Meyer. 2. BACK ROW: Dan Litke, Kevin MacFarland, Robert Lindeman, Dennis Litke, Terrence Malone, Dennis Lynch, Kristine Loose, Cynthia Lee, Kay Manders, MIDDLE ROW: Maria Lingel, Susan Louis, Karen Lehn, Jodi Loewi, Cindy Lubotsl-cy, Kate Mackrie, Mi- chelle Madl, FRONT ROW: Beth Ann Lutz, Marla Malkin, Sue Lietzke, Robin Lepold, Heidi Levy, Gail Lewin, Deborah Leeb, Peter Living- stone. l- N1 QI' N If 'QI Y l O , O 5 4. A V' 5 fx-72 1. Freshman Jill Rosen and the freshman cheerlead- ing squad's mascot relax during halftime at a home football game. 2. BACK ROW: Elizabeth Michaels, Alice Mohr, Erin Oelke, Anthony Wagbaraocha, Bridgett Orr, Diana Ogier, Michael Neal, Kent Mi- lunovich, Donald Ochs, John Murphy, Robert Moore, Ken Misher. MIDDLE ROW: Pam Mitchel- son, Karen Naylor, Chris Palmatier, Steve Mintz, Kimberly Monda, Mick Olson, Mary Mulcahy, Patri- cia Niemczyk, Judy Otto. FRONT ROW: Karine Obyrne, James Nevels, Bill Mikkelson, Jeff Nuss- lock, Richard Meyers, Bill Nice, Sumant Nayak, Jim Mikulich. 3. BACK ROW: Douglas Ross, Greg Rot- ter, Andrew Rozek, Kathy Revak, Ken Rakowski, David Rhodes, Robert Rasmussen, Linda Roeder, Scott Roffa, Todd Rosenfeld, Rachelle Rubnitz. MIDDLE ROW: Tammy Reddy, Jacqueline Riley, Richard Rosen, Thomas Rummel, John Rice, Gavin Binson, Kaaren Rasmussen, Sherri Rogers, John Reed. FRONT ROW: Cassandra Ruffin, Jill Rosen, Cherrie Roth, James Paley, David Rosen, Lynn Ro- mens, Robert Recht, Karen Ross, Heidi Roenke, Stacey Rimmerman, 4, BACK ROW: Annamari Pe- coro, Patricia Praefke, Robert Platt, Michael Porfi- lio, Mark Peltin, Todd Pedriana, Ted Patton, David Pearl, James Peckham. MIDDLE ROW: Judy Press- er, Cindy Plavnick, John Plotkin, Anne Parsons, Monica Parchia, Scott Perlson, Scott Provencher, Kyle Radaker, Elizabeth Patton, FRONT ROW: El- len Pierson, Tamara Pierce, Kristin Patterson, Yvette Pyant, Carolyn Peterson, Whitney Poll, Lisa Peterman. 1. BACK ROW: Debbie Scharf, Steve Schwid, John Schanowski, Robert Schnoll, Bradford Schumer, Josephine Saggio, Ingrid Scheibler, Sheila Sanford, Robert Schumacher, Kris Schoenfeld, Jon Scheldroup. MIDDLE ROW: Dan Schroeder, Jeffrey Salzer, Thomas Schu- maker, Elizabeth Schmidt, Judy Schmitz, Holly Schwartz, Robin Ruttinger, David Schlamp. FRONT ROW: Sandi Schwalb, Shari Schnoll, Julie Schommer, Debbie Sager, Frank Sammet, Betsy Scheder, Judith Schwartz. 2. BACK ROW: Todd Temkin, Jay Wales, Andrew War- shauer, David Waise, Charles Teays, Robert Wagner, Andrew Vergeront, Stephen Ward, Bonnie Swidler, Gia Tripi. MIDDLE ROW: Mar- garet Tennessen, Lori Suvalsky, Bradley Tay- lor, Scott Wagner, William Tatum, Pamela Ward, Lori Tupper, Dawn Weeden. FRONT ROW: Janice Warner, Francine Verito, Patricia Unrath, Lillian Tovar, Lauren Weiner, Christine Weber, Michael Vice, 3. BACK ROW: Brian Weinhold, Javin Wolf, Mark Wichman, Philip Wolsl-ci, Joe Williams. MIDDLE ROW: Kris Woods, Susan Zimmerman, Kathie Zieve, John Weske, James Weske, Susan Zaferos, Shayne Weston, John Wythes, Timothy Wright, Darin Yates. FRONT ROW: Robyn Zutz, Marni Weiss, Pamela Zuckerman, Jennifer Wigdale, Wendy Wilcox, Rachel Weinstein, Carolyn Westring, Lori Zechman, Terri Weisfeldt. W1 5 ,Q J, K u 'ff 'f I 'QV rss if , 'S-. Sophomores 1. BACK ROW: Hans Petras, Timothy Gray. THIRD ROW: Kevin Brazner, Steven Moser, Eric Fritz, Robert Tillen, Steven Malawsky, Dav- id Papermaster. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Corn- field, Timothy Jones, Jerald Wisth, William Meyerhoff, Jay Lazarus, Theodore Barnum. FRONT ROW: Lisa Ferstadt, Susan Gollin, Kel- ly Anne Sader. 2. Sophomore class officers: John Hitchcock, second vice president: Andy Bachman, president, Cathy Lee, first vice presi- dent: Carolyn Keuler, treasurer: Pam Ellington, secretary. S'h'QSjfN'xq:J AWN XC-A 'lc qvselvl ' owe N553 ewfc,-'L gpgrgiw iii" XDCXS -CusxxYNxQC. wx, Xxalvj Q-OD Tl 0 SQQ Ov Q.Q6 QL Weis. 5 -Q-rcCNOCX1Qq,, LQVQ E+ eosxxoswv figmqp I ' T wifi 5026 LJLIJLQ Q1ffAJf ,Ury pcwco .Qm.cfJ2fJQLfl Clnwxiocqiffim LLAUPW LXIQLLXQ OMCQL' OWL 112 JJVQIJ ,.V' 'Why' O4 I fxgdfomweg I JQQJ V K C: 5 w a ,J j M3117 fc- -3 . NW M.- J' 7' 1 1. BACK ROW: Maria Borella, Todd Bernhard, Mark Blutstein, Kelly Blank, Peter Bliss, Daniel Bodner. MIDDLE ROW: Cynthia Bolten, Bar- bara Brejcha, Kelly Bird, David Brown, Carolyn Berk. FRONT ROW: Steven Bold, Lynne Bethke, Marla Borkin, Jacquelyn Briski, Kevin Born. 2. BACK ROW: Susan Carroll, Steve Buening, Evan Byrne, Kent Brown, Rita Carney, Thomas Cielak, Marijo Bruckner, Ural Camp- bell, Cheryl Cain, Diane Devine, Peggy Heiser, Howard Callif. MIDDLE ROW: Dan Christiaan- sen, David Ceci, Emmett Bucholtz, Glen Browne, Deanna Buchach, Jennifer Clark, Jef- frey Burg, Wendy Brown, Leigh Burdick. FRONT ROW: David Caldwell, Carol Chen, Leslie Bucholtz, Patricia Chortek, Carol Cle- menti, Kristin Clemens, Marylu Cianciolo. 3. BACK ROW: Steven Barmash, Jeffrey Arvoy, Eric Berendsen, Michael Bell, James Bailey, Kent Barret. MIDDLE ROW: Jordan Beck, Em- mett Apel, Wendy Bear, Lisa Becker, Elaine Barber, Suzanne Ackerman, Leah Aschkenasy. FRONT ROW: Monica Allen, Andrew Bach- man, Thomas Barth, Susan Althoen, Natalie Aronow, Lynn Aaron. 1. BACK ROW: Mark Egner, Douglas Faude, Joseph Edwards. MIDDLE ROW: Julie Everd- ing, John Eaton, Amy Finger, David Fleishman, John Everding, Wayne Embry, Jack Enea, Dan- iel Eder. FRONT ROW: Katherine Easom, Lisa Engelhardt, Pamela Ellington, Debra Fine, Ro- sanne Fink, Linda Englander, Stephen Dubin, Shawn Dygola. 2. BACK ROW: rie Richardson, stein. MIDDLE Schnoll, Peter John Egan, Terry Gaulke, Ma- Karen Schmidt, Laura Rubin- ROW: Trevor Jones, Jeffrey Ryan, Molly Sawyer, Nancy Rowen, Judith Rosen, Catherine Lee, Ellen Salz- wedel, Alma Reyes, Kelly Schmor, Robert Sands, Elaine Ruffolo. FRONT ROW: David Sa- lama, Thomas Riggert, Michael Rosen, Armand Rozite, Louis Sanicola, Larry Rosengarten, Ste- phen Schelwat, Mark Schiesel, Hans Scherze, Edward Ruffolo. 3. BACK ROW: Robin Conen, Cynthia Cooper, Elizabeth DePalma, Damon Dranchak, Steven Dinkin, Geri Cross, Jody Dambach, Robert Co- hen. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Coyne, Mari Dittmar, Mitchell Dorf, Douglas Danforth, Michael Co- hen, Tulin Diktas. FRONT ROW: Susan Daugh- erty, Jon DeBelak, Marcus Cronk, Laura Cover- dale, Pamela Dragos, Judy Cohen, Terry Con- ner, Patricia Dombek. 1. BACK ROW: Jeffrey Frank, Alan Fox, Charles Golden. THIRD ROW: Julie Goetsch, Arlene Givens, Jeffrey Genova, David Frucht- man, Brian Gauss, William Goldstein, Michael Geronime. SECOND ROW: Mollie Fromstein, Elizabeth Giery, Sarah Gengler, Jane Gabriel, Joanne Goldberg, Chris Galler, FRONT ROW: Jacquelin Galioto, Connie Friedman, Sheri Gold- berg, Jean Goldstein, Deborah Gimbel. 2. BACK ROW: Shawn Harris, Jarmilla Price, Charlesetta Jackson, Sally Nelson. MIDDLE ROW: Terry Patterson, Valinna Hutchins, Sta- cey Brownstein, Lisa Ostrowski, Mary Groes' chell, Scott Goetz. FRONT ROW: James Shli- movitz, Rochelle Oxman, Nancy Mullahy, Lance Dunda, Carolyn Morrison, Mary Gaus, Kelly Fredericks. 'Ny' A f' 4 L., Q FI el 5. N . ii , 'Fi 1 I ATP L 1. BACK ROW: Christopher Hamberg, Kent Guyton, Timothy Hanney, Geoff Hall, Phillip Hamilton, Kevin Hall. MlDDLE ROW: Elyse Grunwaldt, Teri Grober, John Goldthwaite, Aar' on Hansen, Sylvia Gutmanis, FRONT ROW: Mi, chelle Hall, Martha Hanson, Kay Goodrich, Krista Halling, Karen Greene, Clayton Greaves. 2. BACK ROW: Arthur Howell, Kevin Hei- mann, Robert Hipp, Cary Henson, Jon Hitch- cock, Edward Jassin, Erik lvarson, Mary Imme- kus, Amy Jablonski. MIDDLE ROW: Charlin Jefferson, Thomas Jaekels, Joan Hoettels, Sari Bookstaff, Carla Crump, Pamela Higgins, FRONT ROW: Grace Anne Horan, Krista Ebert, Abby Harris, Julie Hoffman, Lisa Haskell, Lisa Engel. 3. BACK ROW: Edward Blaine Kime, R.J, Kahn, Roger Kittleson, Scott Klaiser, Andrew Komisar, Allen Keller, Michael Koepke, Greg- ory Knauff, Greg Kessler. MIDDLE ROW: Lisa Kellman, Trevonda Johnson, Victoria Johnson Nathaniel King, Gary Golding, Philip Jensen, Alan Kassander, Carolyn Keuler, Jody Katz, FRONT ROW: Angelique Kallio, Judi Kagen Linda Johnson, Kathy Kohen, Dina Kailler Kathy Koltin, Michael Jolton, Peter Kendall Laura Kahelski. i i i M N: .ff 1 4, Lf 1, BACK ROW: Curtis Marnett, Sheldon Marcu- vitz, Pamela McClusky, Suzanne Magnant. MID- DLE ROW1 Michael Luber, Lisa Mattson, Laur- etta Lyon, Micaela Luke, Lori McLaughlin, Thomas Mackrie, Tricia Maxon, Ellen Lovett, Hope Madden. FRONT ROW: Margaret Luck, Sandra Malkin, Margaret Maranan, Brenda Mal- kin, Sheila Madden, Melissa Lutz, Lia Malone, Carole Lozoff. 2. BACK ROW: Scott Lonnhorg, Bruce Lee, Jeff Letkiewicz, John Landwehr, THIRD ROW: Timothy Leverance, Michael Lawless, Patrick Kuehn, Christopher Larosa, Bradley Laatsch. SECOND ROW: Benjamin Levin, David Lanska, Tracy Lazarus, Sadhana Kulkarni, Lucille Lietz, Laura Shollek, Kimberly Kyles, Cynthia Lernor, Anne Lang. FRONT ROW: Diana Lauwaseer, Robin Kurzer, Carolyn Leeb, Karen Koplien, Patricia Lewis, Beth Larson, Jean Loftus, James Krahn. 3. BACK ROW: Mary Mitchell, Maria Megna, Ellen Mechanic, Marinetia Mixon, Susan Mendel- sohn, Holly Naedler, Timothy Moore, Andre Moorman, Mark Morgan, Roy Myles, Glenn Mundt, Paula Moeller, FRONT ROW: Randy Miller, Michael Meyer, James Maeyers, Donald Mullen, Therese McMahon, Andrew Memmel, Theresa Mor. X x I l 2 fi? 51512 ""'-To ..,,N'ff"f,. -1, .- 'il I ,X Q, gibu., :K W WF .Nina-tk -...Q W 1. BACK ROW: Sean O'Connell, Paul Berth- eaume, Matthew Ottusch, Brian Nuelk, David Olshan, Rodd Padden, Gerson Panitch, Crabb Craig. MIDDLE ROW: Mark Baldini, Gregory Bradbury, Anthony North, Howard Binstock, Monnine Obyrne, David Olson, Laura Paulini, Jan Peter Pace, Andrea Operoutka. FRONT ROW: Terri Nelson, Joan Paul, Patricia Penske, Ann Owen, Stacy Naimon, Jaclynn Peak, Dawn Neverman, Cheryl Peckels. 2. BACK ROW: Mary Radomsky, Cathy Pio- trowski, Kim Brier, Kyle Ratliff, Wendy Podell, Yadira Harris, Victoria Purucker, Judith Plautz. MIDDLE ROW: John Reiels, Michael Recht, An- drew Pletta, Jack Pilarski, Thomas Pitzo, Charles Quarino, Richard Himes, Guy Rehorst. FRONT ROW: Daniel Rabenn, Thomas Ra- veret, Mark Plotkin, David Pom, Scott Ratke, Robert Peters, Bennett Pioso. 117 1. BACK ROW: Tom Silverthorn, John Sheehy. THIRD ROW: Steven Shapiro, Joseph Scho- bert, Matthew Stebbins, Jonathan Soifer, Carol Seydewitz, Matthew Steep, David Slatter, Brian Spector, Daniel Staedler. SECOND ROW: Mi- chelle Smith, Pratima Shah, Kimberly Sprewer, Michael Stall, Rachelle Stamas, Steve Schu- macher, Kelly Sells, Laurie Sinclair, Kelli Shan- non. FRONT ROW: Chris Schoendorf, Sarah Sell, Erin Slatter, Julie Silver, Stacy Shechtman, Jan Liebermman, 2. BACK ROW: Kimula Ward, Sarah Vila, Tier- ney Sutton, Anne Hickey, Debra Stein, Law- rence Stein, Lisa Strong, Stephen Swallow, Scott Waddington, MIDDLE ROW: James Vier- gutz, Dona Jean Turim, Sheri Turner, Jodi Ja- zinski, Lisa Stern, Vicki Van Antwerpen, Debra Ugent, Carisa Traut, Kimber Washington, Lisa Thomson, Maria Tackes. FRONT ROW: Lonn Taffel, Jeffrey Warren, Steven Teplinsky, Karl Walters, Richard Tarkinow, Cynthia Uy, Jessica Stein, David Techtman. 3, BACK ROW: Katherine Woods, Maureen Woodruff, Charles Weber, Natalie Wood, Craig Zutz, David Wolski, Steven Weickert, Mike Westley. THlRD ROW: Mark Weinhold, David Wertheimer, Paul Zuckerman, Mark Weiner, Karen Zinda, Gayla Williams, Rhonda Zarling, Greg Watchmaker, SECOND ROW: Deirdre Wilson, Edna Wilson, Greg Wronski, Darrell Zall, Mark Wertheimer, Juli Ann Zibell, Lisa Winter. FRONT ROW: Dawn Wernicke, Wendy Wells, Sonji Yarbrough, Ellen Western. Junior Class , .,..,1W,,. . 7' LH 5 Lf", K af- J""1f 94 ' ' f if m' .Q ., P A,'L 5,55 , f ' ' 'A' ..lpfi?n ec. v '51 xr-'JV A 1.1 r 1 so "ra - ,', , 'fir rs an-ima' A . ' .,.f,Q -'1 " - - G .- rs gli 4 .X . f rw 5, ,Rf ' sg ?.q'A All I -1.'r'1 it I ':",,g,r. J 1 n.'?'g , v -'Q . Q 1. Junior Class Officers include: Paul Khavari, president: Grace Lee, second vice-president: Jim Oh, first vice-president. 2. BACK ROW: Leslie Bade, Elizabeth Bartel, Beth Becker, Carolyn Azzolina, Monica Art- mann, Christine Arvoy, Elaine Bliss. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Appel, Scott Altman, Todd Ap- pel, David Bailey, Russell Alioto, Jac Amerell, Steve Bartoletti, Clinton Anderson. FRONT ROW: Peter Chevako, Jessica Beck, Ann Gid- ley, Scott Altman, Tom Aronson, Rebekah Alt- house, Nina Beliavsky. 1. BACK ROW: Mitchell Boxer, Lisa Bode, Ka- renxBurg, Patricia Boclner, Lori Boggs, David Bernhard, Mindy Beriand, Deborah Bernstein, William Bodner, Lawrence Bond. MIDDLE ROW: Victor Nwagbaraocha, David Brand, Jay Bradley, Karin Bojarski, Scott Bolens, Ben Brin, Douglas Bitney, FRONT ROW: Ann Braphman, Helen,Biever, Heather Bostad, Debbie Boll, Jo- seph,Bersch. Q - 2. BACK ROW: David Devorkin, Thomas Drought, Bill Eisenstein. THIRD ROW:A Kenneth Dowling, Matthew Dewey, Erik Eidt, James Des- mond, Phillip Fayne, Raymond Fedderly, Mike Engelf,SECOND ROW: Michael Dorf, Curtis Dettrnan, Terry Dinking- Chrisiine Dillig, William Dickinson, Randy Fernandez. FRONT ROW: Jane Dillon, Kay Eschenbacher, Stephanie Du- bin, Chris Evans, Donna Emmerich. 3. BACK ROW: Mary Bakalars, Darren Guiz- mann, William Pellerinyban Louis, E.J. l-lalver. son, James Newland,'David Bellingerf MIDDLE ROW: Barb Bamberger, Dawn Peckels, Cynthia Memmel, Ellen Kimmel, Tory Schulz, Linda Hornik, Joel Ehlert, Tim Praefke. FRONT ROW: Jonathon Zahn, David Beverly, Nina Goldman, Cynthia Worley, James l.l-lelland, Charles Burnby. R f-.Q .J iq!!! 1. BACK ROW: Diane Ewing, Kimerbly Hoepfl, Ellyn Hickson, Elizabeth Hill. Jill Johnson, Linda lbach, Kimberly Harris, Gloria James. MIDDLE ROW: Barbara Jackson, Elizabeth Holmes, Paul Jensen, Spencer Howell, William Hugel, Dennis Jenkins. FRONT ROW: Scott Heylen, John Herold, Don Hucko, Scott Holtz, Rosemarie Hermann, Carey Holland. 2. BACK ROW: Nick Carter, Dave Culley. How. ard Cohl, Tony Chambers, Jeff Davis, Cathy Crawford, Mall-ca Cocos. MIDDLE ROW: Glenn Cybella, Kenny Collett, Greg Corrao, Roxane Davidoff, Leslie-Colligan, ,Brenda Byal, Joe De' belak. FRONT ROW: Karen Cowan, Sheri Cira, Susan Chudada, Carrie Claus, Monica Claypool, Audrey Chang g my 1. BACK ROW: William Gabos, Gregory Fritsch. MIDDLE ROW: Helaine Fruchtman, Kristine Ganzer, Pat Foran, Richard Fratrick, Lucy Fisher, Keith Flowers, Bryan Fooden, Steve Finnessy, Jim Fredericksen. FRONT ROW: James Freuck, Kate Fleming, Sheryl Fish- man, Ellen Gold, Thad Finger. 2. BACK ROW: Kevin Hackett, Thomas Haig, Joni Goldberg, Ilene Gottlieb, April Grant, Bar- ney Hall, Patrica Grover, MIDDLE ROW: Mar- garet Grass, Cynthia Harris, Lori Hanson, Julie Harris, Judy Hansen, Patricia Hanney, Francine Grant, Carol Harrell. FRONT ROW: Daniel Gollner, Bradley Gordon, Alan Goldstein, Lance Halvorsen, Conley Hanson. 'gn- v' 3 he? ii 1. BACK ROW: Susan Kahelski, Randolph Kahn, Michael Kahn, James Kalupa, Michael Keller, Scott Keller, Thomas Kelble, MIDDLE ROW: Phillip Katz, Michael Kashou, Nathan Kleinerman, Jon Kleveshal, John Klimt, Charles Kempker, David Karlin, FRONT ROW: Miriam Kaiser, Laura Kiehm, Barrie Joseph, Cynthia Kasal, Barbara Klaeser, Kelly Jones, Helaine Katz. 2. BACK ROW: Hali Komlodi, Paul Kochan, Jonathan Konrad, Jennifer Lange, Sabine Lan- gecker, Deborah Kuester, Michael Kloehn, Pe- ter Kucha, Jill Knickelbine. MIDDLE ROW: Anne Krumenacher, Marci Komlodi, Rachel Kruger, Alan Kramer, Shari Kortsch, Chris Lam- brecht, Roy Kluge. FRONT ROW: John Koeper, Peter Kramer, Tom Kramer, David Kohn, Amy Lambert, Andrew Lalicata. 1, BACK ROW: Lisa Lichtig, Laurie Lernor, Jerilyn Loose, Jean Lynch, Deborah Marnett, Grace Lee, Virgina Martin, Jeanine Lukowitz, MIDDLE ROW: Jonathan Leys, Kelly Lucyk, Kim Lietzke, Dan Rand, Robert Martin, Bill Rice, Robert Manders, Mark Levin, Todd Lieb- man, William Lean, Mark Luedeman, FRONT ROW: Mary Loftus, Patrica Madiedo, Kathryn Malone, Julie Lewis, Sarah Lewensohn, Marla Lessin. 2. BACK ROW: Patti Mikuls, Steve Moglowsky, Karen Moglowsky, Doug McConnohie, Mark Moglowsky, Glenn Maybauer, Kim Lietzke, Ke- vin Miller. MIDDLE ROW: H. Meisenheimer, Heidi Mier, Mike McConnohie, Marla Hurwitz, John Moeller, Jeff Mendeloff, Mark Minkin, Fred Mayer, Tom McGowan. FRONT ROW: Meg Masty, Karen McCoy, Laura Mintz, Geni McKeithan, Mark Mendelsohn, Mark Mitchelson frnlvgfwm isvw if -.-,4 1. BACK ROW: Kaela Mulhern, Peter Nedwek, Lawrence Mueller, James Oh, Charles Nieland, John Montgomery. MIDDLE ROW: Jennifer Naylor, Michael Ochalek, Daphna Oren, Kris- tina Nobel, Eric Nelson, Dale Mounger. FRONT ROW: Robin Myles, Christy Mullen, Penny Nick- els, Christine Netz, Vicki Nusslock, Brian Mor- ris. 2. BACK ROW: Jeffrey Pickarts, David Priddy, James Peters, Randall Platz. THIRD ROW: Wil- liam Peltin, Kirsten Radaker, Douglas Purucker. SECOND ROW: Vickey Padway, Erin Price, Suzette Prinslow, Leah Parzen, Jeffrey Pistiner, Mark Pozorski. FRONT ROW: Gregory Pletta, Sheldon Polonsky, Courtney Poll, Kathy Quar- ino, Karen Ostrowski, David Press. 3. BACK ROW: Craig Winebrenner, Kristin Wil- son, Michael Zarem. THIRD ROW: David War- ren, Daniel Schlamp, Daniel Wade, Devin Wells, Richard Winter, Robert Zache, Vicki Ziebelman, Jean Walczak, Richard Schumaker. SECOND ROW: Marla Wichman, Bonnie Wolkenstein, Wendy Wiener, Leslie Zuckerman, Lynn Zagel, Sandra Yates. FRONT ROW: Colleen Wright, Ann Wuestenhagen, Karen Wiviott, Susan Wenzler, Mary Wythes, Jay Wall. 1. BACK ROW: Ron Schmidt, Mike Schuster, Marc Schatell, Joe Schnoebelen, Kent Russel, Mike Sand, Tim Sammond. MIDDLE ROW: Sally Schley, Karen Schilling, Karen Rustin, Theresa Schepp, Sue Schlit- tenhart, Julie Schulman, Brian Scholtz. FRONT ROW: Terry Schnoll, Jill Sanderson, Marla Schnei- derman, Dawn Schultz, Gloria Salguero. 2, BACK ROW: Behnam Pokni, William Rice, William Rosen, Steve Rubnitz, MIDDLE ROW: Scott Ralfs, Jody Rosen, Sydney Recht, Maxine Rosen, Jonathan Rosenberg, Steven Roffa, Mark Richheimer, FRONT ROW: Susan Rosen, Jodi Rosen, Billy Reed, John Rogers, Deborah Rubin, Lisa Rossetto, Wende Rosier. 3. As homeroom picture sessions drew to a close the last of the roll of film told the true quiet story of the grounds which had so recent- ly been alive with students. ? Z 'Elf' -v-, fl: idk N561 ,, 1. BACK ROW: David Spector, Daniel Shapiro, Sandy Silverberg, Andrea Simon, Peder Slette- land, Katherine Smith, MIDDLE ROW: Teresa Skinner, Lisa Seinfeld, Kristin Shaver, Meg Shaughnessy, Terilyn Shropshire, Karen Senger, Nancy Spiering, FRONT ROW: Joel Slater, Ken Siegel, Snorri Skulason, Patti Smith, Tuhina Sikdar, Ellen Shawl. 2. BACK ROW: Michael Tokus, Domenic Vi- tale, John Tomson, Brian Tokus, THIRD ROW: Susan Twigg, Tom Vice, Alvaro Tovar, Ann Vogt, Marcy Vallee, Mary Tiedemann, Wanda Urquhart, Anthony Trelc. SECOND ROW: Cathy Scheldroup, Lorelei Barland, Jenny Janz. Cheryl Vesely, Susan Wabiszewski, Robert Truppe, Hans Traut. FRONT ROW: Mary Tie- fenthaler, Robin Turim, Jennifer Tisone, Susan Waddell, Sally Voelz, Karen Otosky, 3. BACK ROW: David Thompson, Philip Tavill, Peter Stauber, Kraig Thistle. THIRD ROW: Ecl- ward Scheibler, Todd Thiermann, James Teper, Louis Spitzer, Carl Styba. SECOND ROW: Mar- lene Strick, Cynthia Stuckey, Harlen Stein- berger, Zoe Straub, Cynthia Lawson, Lisa Stro, bel, Darcy Switzer, Cathy Steinmetz, Jodi Stenger. FRONT ROW: Paul Strouse, Lora Thomas, Courtney Spitz, Kim Suvalsky, Susan Taylor. 1 f 4 ' N Nw 'J 1- 'm . 6, , , . -f E , FQ: X. iff ' T - Nff Q T ' tl 1 f l vu 3 us H7142 M -'kf",:7 ., ' - Y. ,,..., . fsfffgx 3 .h .,?32r'f-ffl Senlors I-4 -"4 1,-'fif -2 ! if ' ur s , l 1' lu "',.. vi" u Q 1 N I Miiny seniors were able to take riclvmicccl place- nwnl classes .it Nicolet. Bill Easmn, Howiml Book- slnlf, Suv Porter, Ken Cohen and Tciiuniu Wuil lrii-il to use group studying to unclcrstiiml calculus. J! The last of the decades' senior class officers wore: Jill Embry, vice prcsidentg Bonniv Cohn, sec- rvlnryg David Kculer, treasurcrg Dan Musiciint. vice prvsiduntg Marie Oh, president. , KX K 1 fl rf' 1 0 N-.lsggf K: I , CAR, David Aaron Virginia Albert Juliana Alger Tracey Appel . Tm X ' M , 'di v .-,k Q U 1. . L get .A , ,ef1g. 4 2' l ff ' it , iq' fl Q23 Yvonne Baade W." Susan Bass Diane Arieff William Aronson Polly Barnes David Baron Colleen Baxter Nancy Baxter David Althoen Joseph Arvoy i .bflfglgh Matthew Barton I L, W' --an t' s I David Becker Jonathan Becker Anim' H.-rii.ium Tvrri Iivrlfind V -'Q' 2 44 X I X ff . W WL W . Ei, dv i Nancy Buduhn Jane' Benz SUSGM Beimlins - . ii i David Bvrvndsen Bradlvv Berg Aylvm. Igvmds Damvl Iii-rnrit Mark Berkoff Lisa Pwrndt Diane Bernhagen Stephanie Beverly Svdnev BMC' Terri Eine' Mary Jo Bincznk Dimiul Bizub ' X Rx-xx H. W px H E Q: ix .. f X f f ,. +3 X-3 ' X S R 4.2 ' 4 David Bizub DiiVId Bnckwvll ' ' TWIWMQI xx Ow- ,fgq s . J S, :xi Denise Bode David Boggs Martha Boggs Michele Bogost WQQ4 Richard Bograd Howard Bookstaff Elizabeth Bosley Nila Bogue Daniel Boorse Joanne Braam Mark Bold Thomas Bolton Lynn Borkin Mindy Bornstein J J JF " 1 ll ill Iia gi ffiil Steven Braun Lisa Brazy Sue Bristol Julie Browender Janet Brown Robert Brown Fredrick Brucato Gwen Burdick Stephen Wflarneol Brian Bruckner Polly Byers Michael Champion Jill Brunner Helena Camner Lawrence Chapman Joseph Bruno -v in - . X ' 1 ' . 9 a',- f ' 5 .1 if 'L" . e N' ' ' g 5 ff 5 3 B 115, ,, : Jackalyn Canales Suzanne Chase Marylcherl Mario Cherubini Jim Chizek Dominic Clark I px , kde ,fit X 14' 55. A to a' l at l ox m 2 y. m William Clausing James Clemons Scott Coffman Gary Cohen Julie Cohen 61573 '-s 'Q--7 , X1-Q A . z-1. -Q., ' Kenneth Cohen Barrie Cohn Bonnie Cohn Richard Fonen Cathvrnm- Forrao . git: V Q75 4? 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James Delove Thomas Delove William Dennehy Lori Derzon in K K fh Devine Ga le Dieck Debra Dinkin Ani Deshpande a y y Nancy Dinon Sara Dorr Sheri Dorsch Douglas Dowling Jay Dubeste Robert Dobrient Cynthia Dohmen Amy Doke Kimberley Dranchak r Mark Dubin Suzanne Dufore Maureen Dunn Steven Dunn William Easom Ruth Ebert Jonathan Eder John Edwards Karen Egan Christopher Egner Wayne Ellis if-W,- ,-"tml: 'q"'llinlUll'M-ww Jill Frnbry Dale Emmerich Nancy Engelhardt Vaughn Epperson A Lori Everding Gary Exner Michael Fairman William Faudeo K' If AQ, , 12' MiChfwl Fvlbel' Victnvr Mark Vigiirski Sc h S h v Vluishman Tviri Ili-ming Chrismp Main, VIS EY tgp ,my Roh.-ii Forbes Mnrk Frank Amy Fmnsee Vici David Friedlen nit Fine hi-r Foran fwIi'1l4'fiCkS Linda Friedrich Leslie Fritsch Todd Fritz James Froemming William Gabby Susan Gabriel ' Jim Gadzichovwki Q 5 A Craig Geller Morris Gash Jean Gebliardt ' William Gengler Tamara Genova Rod Gimbel Tom Glassner Alan Glicklich Bobbi Goldberg Carolyn Goldberg Linda Goldberg l-OY5 Goldbefgef Susan Goldstein Dawn Gondek Catherine Gottlieb Craig Gower Corrine Granof Julie Grant Roberta Green Jill Greenbaum QQ Andrea Greene Daniel Griffith Jean Griffith Judith Griffith ff ff' LQ I lx - 1 Kathleen Grimm Jonathan Grinder Wendy Grober Lisa Grossman Karen Grzechowiak Sheree Habush William Habush Robert Haffner f A izhxe e . 'Y""""w,. l Pamela Haggerty Daniel Halt Beth Hall Kenneth Hanney Terese Hansen Jody Hausmann ,WMMNT 1:':422-W' Layne Hams I ,...-..,, H ...ann ann U11-:qw David Heilbronner Q 'PSR mv N Chrnstme Hastmgs .WN Dams Hatch Lisa Herman Roger Hermann Susan Herold Eric Hickson Nancy Hiken George Hinkens Janis Hinson Sharon Hirsch Stephen Hoch David Hodgson Lisa Hodgion Timothy Hoeller Cary Hoffman Gretchen H09eb00m Connie Hohlman Paul Hohmann George Holland Cedric Holley David Holub Gail Hucko Mary llk Alan H ombs Melinda Horn lfmne Howards its-v Numa. Christoph er Huegel Ivy Huf James Huff Denny -Iacobus Timothy Jaekels Karen Jancik Tania Jany Scott Janz K Julie Jasculca Lawrence Jassin Bertina Jefferson Michael Jipson James Johnson Jefferey Johnson 1 L Andre Kaczmafek Madonne Kaczmarek Betsy Kadwit Terri Kahn Margot Kailler Julie .Kalman tl SF' f we Charles Kaghou Jon Kassander Deborah Kastner , :-JJ V at Js: 1, k,. 111 V X Q L, 0+ srsesss -I t ,r, J it s 1' , J M 1 Q fy "1--f j a s ' t sf V ' . 3 A ' Y, ,Y J ' if 4 mf'-5 V' 41 A J if Robert Kaelin 1 is ,, if Wei ,N 5 m ' 1'-I , 1 i 1, 3 ,, nf rr ie , . . i 1 I if Patricia Karbash Lori Katz Lori Kayser Kathleen Kenehan Patrick Kenehan Georgia Kent j 1. , V1 - . Judith Kerns Ronin Kessler David Keuler Kathleen Kiehm Melanie Kime Susan Kramer Kim Klein David Kleinerman :fig . 4 irli K Ken Klocko Linda Kmiecik Michael Knauff Thomas Koepke Robert Kohl A Louise Kohlenberg Randi Kohler Robert Komisar W x f E1-if ies? ,f lngrid Kozulis 'Qi e vzfff Kathleen Kroeger Michael Kruger Mary Kudlata Richard Kuehn Jeffrey Kukawka Vanclana Kulkarni ,jennifer La,-idwehr Donald Laurka Craig Lashoones Martin Lackner Barbara Laur Dana Lauwasser Jill Lauwasser Michael Lazarus Joy Leff 'I G Michael Le ak Paul Levine Mark Lensby Carolyn Leonard P Philip Lewis Ralph Lieberman 'Utilanne Lihher Debbie Lilly Kevin Lindow Shelley Lisberg Manha Love Steven Lovett Paul l-Uber Thomas Li-lkiiSCh Jacqueline Lyon William Lyon John Lietz Peter Lococo Christie Luebbe Randall Madritsch W Ang. ll X A g 50,56 X .N gs. a ll 4, ,X 5 M T ix? wx W Paula Maslio Deanna Magnant Nancy Malawsky Susan Malm Sandra Malone Taunya M3lOn9 Jeffery Marks Mitchell Marks 'ex R Brian Marnett Laura Martens Kim McCoy Laureen McGurk U Nancy Mplkgnian t Sylvia Melkonian Michael Mayer Linda Meier 4 -za .. "'- ' Ln li'-' ,,,.g1i ,, Wy I arms X, A " "W ' 5' . ref ' Q. im E, r' i -,,- .iight 'N x i li, i f Veronica Mayfield Mona Mejac A Lori Merkow Fredrick Meyer Gary Meyer Kenneth Meyer Marlon Mitchell James Mock il 4 erfxjrmx . ills, ' F3 as - ' . ll if is . ,. - 1 . -rf, i .. X-,L I L L ll i ff' " - 'rf A W x 1 ' M X' f , K -,,. f,, ,.L, -A ' ' Mfg, f 'Y" " iw- 2- il 33 - 1' if ' A ' v- Q :Q ' h 4 S m at K I , Aa- , , 'I , H Q , 5 5 Steven Moglowsky y 1 ,,.. V xl, ,V Q rf , V i .lf z 'f- ' 5 ' 4 ,JK gl g Diane Moss Daniel Musickant Judy Nelson Patrick Morgan Eileen Morgan Mark Mueller Mary Mue er X' an 5 ts l l , , gs, Q A L 1144, pf- l i - :L 'www-M r ll , W 5 , Q M 5 ,V.., Mindy Mymudes Mary Nakamoto Coleen Morrisey ll Sandra Mundt Harry Nelson Scott Niemi Mark Nighbor Kathy Noiivacki Haxvey Oates Susan Ochalek Scott Odonnell Marie Oh Steven Olson Julia Orenstein M . ary Ostrowskl Matthew Otto Jeffrey Oxmano Robert PBSWGHG Mark Pasternak Carolyn Patton Debbie Ogner Rory Orgill Eric Parsons Stewart Patton Yr? Jackie Paulini Crista Payton Jeff Peak Beth Pellirl Michael Perry Michael Peters Jeffrey Petersen Brook peterson Monika Petras William Pettigrew Lynn Pfannerstill Elizabeth Pfarrer Kenneth Phillips Kelly Plafenla . Lori Pierson Scott Pierson Ruchard Plosn m lwgff, Q' P ' 1. ' Y- D A ' 4' an 'f Q Nf' Q sa Qi Q MH 'Qi wi. 'ix 6 1' 1 z f 1, ,.:, f fe ,, . 5 X xv fi hifi swf-2 ZVN, K- ,. v W J if f N Jay Plavnlck Wvmly Plfms Sue Porter Stephen Pozorski ifzgb UK vw- Lori Presser Chns Provencher Lawrence Rabenn , .. Ex, igq r, K' V M. C 1 if si 3' X , X 1 s X Q Karen Radtke Bonnie Rapkin Karen Rhodes Scoif Raduka Donald Raithei V K' 'N S 39 . X X i vw X if 1- 7 Q 5. ...,. U we K l . 3 A Kent Rambow Teresa Reddy Damta Reed M. Jeri Rice Jody Rice Michael Reiels James Riggert Tom Rosen Paul Rosenberg Jeffrey Rotter Nancy Rudberg 4 M My 5' IQ? 3 . WH Si i apbv "' MDW' Nik li 1' K ai 1 +4 Q 1 ni Q if 1 Julie Runningen . U ai N V QQ W1 Donalll Salama Brenton Rupple QR Q1- 3 x r A NYM Alan Saltman Dena Safer l Robin Saichek Jml bnltzman Kelly Sands d S heble Marcy Schiesel Karen Sthanowski Frederick Schetter Lin a c i P 'la Schmeling Cynthia Schmidt Richard Schlesinger Gary Schlittenhart am, Naw- '7'?:r Uncertain World Awaits ,Q eniors graduating this year will find that the world may not be what they had pictured it to be for it is definite- ly not the same world they left to come to Nicolet. The world they will be entering is already preparing itself for them, forcing them to make vital decisions about colleges and ca- reers and their whole future life-style. Economic issues are becoming paramount. The word, "in- flation," has been replaced by many analysts by, "recession," and by a few with the word, "depression" Due to this, many students are shunning the possibility of a liberal arts education in favor of a business-oriented one. Said one senior, "I want to be sure I can get a job when I graduate from college. So I must plan my college choice and field of study to meet that end even if it's not the thing I'd like to do most in life." The Peace talks, which began so well at Camp David, faltered in December and the self-imposed deadline was not met adding another uncertainty to the state of the world. Uncertainty was a way of life at Nicolet as well with three head football coaches between the end of the '77 season and the beginning of the '78 one. Roger Herman calculates during math class, 'fit 1 X ,, 1 X, . y I rm 'ff 15X ,qui jg . 1 'QAM NW" """'Tb . Q. Q' x S .w'o,g oQ1,i,L t MN ' Q ,' 5s"s', ' - lvl fliikiimlf ' 4 o'l V 'Q' ' 'T 1 '.' e I". 'J-. . Y. ' pf? 'Q'-fax. if ,, Ju IL. fwwzzw ,if , 1- 0 . - 1 lfiltwga l ' Q" 'Q " s 'la 1.2.5 , . I M ,, .. s fs., M, Q 0 ., ,,,, . , 1- ' Wits 'f-- 4 1, , u r wg'f,rff:::f:zeff?2wff.-' , I K fr,-f , View 's o 'p c , . 'MY - ' M M. 'Q N 'Q ' . ' 'rf-I mx, 4, 4, Q 1 w, wma'-gg:5e9"., 1 , , fr - , Q ' of, s , : 1, 4' 1 .Q .. Lf, A f?'1l'm" f., T 'WQI N N g ' ' ' U g -I 0'.0. 5 ru . 9, . D . :Q . . ::,",.A.4gkx nf. ""5Lf1J A' 7 1 5 " Q " u ' 1 ' n . : "'r- ,I ,sql k 3:5 q.i lt QQ' ..u'f.,.'.a 1 c : - 1 1 ' -' . rxefn 31.41 -'N ""'.X h ,, Ilxxx. slut I 5 - il 1 as i . I 11 ,f rw., 'eg ,rf x -. . , x'- . .A a rr, x , 5 I , . u, Q 4 5 'zf mggggrfg-fivwr...f .s ,, 'X is ' - 'q I fa I 'pJ.Q:e , ,ff , "' " 'x lv." x' ' lt 'Q ' 1" ' gpu..Nix-,x--ll..:,.nsciA -I - ,. - .. ' '-N v' . , I, t,,,,f,,, f,. 'W X s. - Q - Il' . if 22174 'J' 0 ,f I Y 4 wr 4 f c I .' fg- . fog v. 1 fr 5 .I A ' Q : -is it f - M. .'1+.".v?'4 ' 2 , - S ' ' - ""'5i. '15-Qi' ff , ?z,331:,:fQZ , , A 0' A ,' 4 -1, s Q -x 4 9, 'f' ll fo W J- I Y, 1 -1 ,V ws .- i V 4' .I ,lip K , Qv,.,g, ls .H 1 ' ,.a' .tyif-- X mgxcf. ,tiyftvr-L QV., 7, bl fy Q, 1--X. x,',,a 0 sebum 'f'pmn'I1Gnnliix '.f- ,vc ,grrssirw-.7'-.f'., L. '--"'N,ff '3?7?':f"',0-.""wfling N'g7'x"" so of' A,!,f.r,,.. H l- 2 .z 5, ,, , - I I - ,a,v, t, V.-f,A:?l..q.w uu.,,.,,,,',o,,: 1 JfflQZ5Hg:u.x:'llIunu:.4.4 " QM, . '- 1 5 'El em ' -ew ll dl- N eeeel '- jing Z-- A N - -C fri L :iL X r V Banlbara Seder Mamie Segall William Sells Shafeen Serio Susaln Seydewitz Judy Shackrnan Nisha Shah Tim Shanovich Michlael Shectman Patrick Sheehy Peter Sheperd Douglas Shins 3'e"en Shlenskv Mark Siegel Linda saelaff Lisa samom Sheila Sinclair Jay Skwierawski S K' 5 .mx S' Agp , h - ,QQ f" I nl? H A Q Q' K. WM A ,:,i5i,- fe ii IV" . f. " ': : " .ra flf 1' ' Cindy Solochek Linda Sosman Jill Stanley Peter S arke. Robert Steiner Lori Stern Anne Slater Matthew Smith Jim S ielmann Gigi Spitzer Barrett Stiirohin Scott Slein Jay Stems Sheila Sterns .lulie Stoltman Christopher Sutton Steven Stone ff fi ,S 4. .ms S f S ' i Debra Swidler Diane Tackes :vga-we F it ' f- his Kim Temkin John Tackes Susan Travis Susan Strnad Ben Sylvester Lee Ann Talasek Sandra Trommer Lynne Sugerman 1. Christine Szelicki Andrea Taxman Michelle Turner Sandra Twigg David Ulrich 5 irah Vallee I . . ca ucline Van Able ' ,, 3 . K kVN"X Q ' 'I V if V Q.. David Vice Katherine Vila Bruce Wade laura Waldman Scott Waleg Donald Wallner Lynn Wallrath R0b9fl3 Walters Marcus Wanzo Carol Wasserman Antoinette Weil David Weis. 1 1 i I ' xx 1 5' X X W N ,, X1 , ' 'Q , A N 1 t-. Q5 5 A' ii H fa N X s 5 1 ' ,. 6, w ., x vis , 96 fm kk N N: as Evan Welsfeldt mn Robln Werner Karen Wermck Mark Wermcke JOhn Westerman vs. 'X, K C 13' S Andrew Western Mark Whaley Lorelei Whiteman 75552 lb 11 Q!- , 'Q Cheryl Wiese Matt Willms d i ff' 5 4,:p Jeff Wilcox 4 or Wm 1 'QL Q f 'm rl fi A - 'i 5 , I 1 z ll I ,F I at 5' M , ff g 4 .0 in in 3 'SK Kenneth Wilson Wendy Winter Richard Wythes Allen Wolf 'Q 41W ,V-fr 5 , 1 3 " 1 91' 1, 23" 'V' ...A c ' Scot Wilfong Kathleen Wilke Judy Winfelder Scott Winebrenner Erich Wronski Chin chafi Yeh Frederick Zack Robert Wuestenhagen Nancy Zetley Jeffrey Zibell Marci Zimmerman Bonita Zuckerman Robin Fooden The Last Cf . . . Eric Brand Janice Crump Eugenie Ebert Francine Frey Donald Godwin Jonathan Hall Renee Henson Nancy Hidalgo John Higgins Patricia Hunt Christopher Koppa Maria Marino Janet Miottel James Mosner JoAnne Nelis Linda Radtke Marcia Rosen Bruce Sheetz David Unger John Westley Leonard Zerman Steve Zutz f X-. Si , ,S vu- NR ' I' 3 l A . P6Kl'lC6 Zinda Larry Zoch - ...NS i I Working in the business world while in high school is a good way to gain valuable experience as senior Scott Fine did. Senior 'l'om Bolton reads the ads. THlS PAGE: 1. Junior Rick Winter and his date stopped and posed for a photographer at this year's homecoming dance. 2. Senior Kathy Grimm directed the next car into position at the cheerleaders' carwash. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Senior David Friedlen, an employee at Kentucky Fried Chicken, washed some of the store's frying equipment. 2. Seniors Cheryl Wiese, Linda Friedrich, and Christa Payton were quite suprised after scoring a point. Decade Ends, Memories Fade . . Decades come and go just like people, bringing with them new ideas as well as old problems. As they leave, everything that was a part of them becomes merely a memory of the past. On January 1, 1980, the seventies will be gone. A neu decade will begin as the old one quietly fades away. In the seventies, people were content with the knowledge that nothing in particular threatened them. They were not bothered by the price of oil, the extraordinary rise in prices, and the fact that at any moments notice, war could break out at almost any spot on the globe. People of the seventies thought that problems need not be given consideration until they hit the doorsteps of every residence in the country, things that one simply did not like to think about. These are the problems that will be carried on into the eighties,and if conditions remain the same, will ring in the eighties without much happiness or excite- ment. Just as the beginning of the seventies had marked the end of the sixties, the beginning of the eighties marks a feeling of continuance from the seventies. The seventies, however, were not an era and thus will not end in a fury. Of course there were moments of the seventies that will linger on, but none that could give it a name. Senior Chris Foran analyzed the decade as the "most trau- matic period since the Great Depression." America suffered from the "post-Watergate, post-Viet Nam Morality." During the seventies, the nation was led by three individuals. lt began with Richard M. Nixon who resigned in 1974 following an alleged scandal. At that point, Gerald R. Ford became the first non-elected president. President Ford granted ex-President Nixon a "full, free and absolute pardon" for any crime he might lcontinued from page 1711 THIS PAGE: 1. Senior Mark Wernicke uti- lized the card catolog in the F-Wing library to locate a book. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Sopho- more Steve Dinkin read the newspaper during a free period in the D-Wing library. 2. Senior Da- vid Unger concentrated on a game of foosball in the Knightskeller. " ' ..L:gi:""fT1- .- ' f ri" "l fm' S 25 4 '- -P , 5 ' -V+ '- --A 'Y T . Pfal 'uh' T xx.. V: 'wif' H 1. Xl! lil ." 1 1 'if Iliff-1 P 24 .' ' 4 F 1 ' I -5 ,i -,,x4LGiiv ll V 1, A ,,.- -Elf. ' P : 4 445 '..'.i??':ggf- ' 54 'f -fu 7 1. 'Ja P "N I ll lf ll I l'- 'Q Vi I : S fi' 'I ' U L lil 'ill fell' lil li . ' .1 4, 1 xx 5 1 ll lil Zta a ,', l ii ' ' " lil fl' 5 , -, ,i-- ,v M i ai, gill' 'I 1. I 'f -l.: l' .mi 1 i ,f, 'll 'lvl 4 I all P, lr: 1 in . ffl 5 ll? l' if- r , Ili " -xl P . sf' -ll' a- L'-.1 , 'zip f ff! 1- l 'tiff 14- -, if-'P " if . K, N ,L.-,,. , . ""f""' 0, ...gran-f . '5 e. '- 4 43 . . ' M' PXFC Q, ' 'Fir 'I70 A arihy . gg 3 Ali, Hayes, Flu Strike Decade . . . icontinued from page 1695 have committed. ln 1976, President Jimmy Carter came out of a Deep South peanut plantation and moved into the White House. Along with President Carter came his little brother Billy and his sweet mother Lilian both who made the news quite often with their controversial statements. In the world of sports, Muhammad Ali became a national hero after serving a prison sentence in the 60's by regaining the heavyweight boxing title against George Foreman in Zaire. The New York Yankees returned to their traditional excellence by closing the decade with three consecutive pennants. Woody Hayes, Ohio State's coach for nearly three decades, ended his career after punching one of his opponents during the Gator- bowl. The Munich Olympics were one of the most tragic events of the decade. Palestinians invaded Israeli sleeping chambers and the spirit of competition was devistated. Patricia Hearst, daughter of millionaire William Randolph Hearst, was arrested in 1975 for her involvement in bank robberies with the Symbionese Liberation Army. She was re- leased several years later. Then there was the great American Swine Flu threat that never really formulized. People lined up at immunization cen- ters to be vaccinated against the mysterious disease. Another mysterious outbreak of the disease known as Legionnaires Dis- ease left the nation in a puzzled state of mind. Traffic accidents also increased as many drivers forgot to abide by the new 55 mph speed limit. Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin began a Mideast peace movement and started the peace ball rolling in 1978. Movies had a bigger impact on American lifestyles than ever, with the resurgent of U.F.O. sightings and disco dancing. Star tcontinued on page 173i fi ' N T Q' x 1, L-gf , N OJ KC gf W rc 45 QW. iii. ' 'ff' fi. Qt A 1 Y ,X . 2 Q I . I 3 1 5 . 1 , V is , Z , ,TK -' . ' y it 4 s is v' ' nf L 1 . is - egg, K , ay 3 , f zz, - -if: - v - --: ms.. as u ,, -.t 16 vx " ' ' Zi -, T , - , - , at ' 5'?ffi4 Q-1 5 f P 254515 ,T 1' ' f' ' X1 ' t-,Q Qi' ' : 'I' s - Q 1-' 1 Tjii.3,fES-'gl THIS PAGE: 1. Mr. Bob Eckes enjoyed one of his free periods watching the girls' tennis sectionals. 2. Taking care of preschool children is one of the activities of the Child Developement program. Meg Shaughnesssy learned that the easiest way to keep the children quiet was to entertain them. 3, Both Billy Gabby and Polly Byers took advantage of Youth Council's Valentines Day flower sale by ordering their sweethearts' a flow- er. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Seniors Lori Waldman and Richard Schwalb placed their orders for a class ring. mf' X K. f ,QQ fel ij gil NIJ: ml, t ' Sh il it if i'-L i ,' I I' I g 1- lt, il fn... 5 ws Q-S' Kar l v I Il ff I I' i I .f Y I ' V. ei - .. x , , .Il -II, X A ,ffl II' ' I Wjff , ,, :.1- x ll ' '--.,.,.5J-If ,f V ly '. dll .I I, I .rl ll' -il' if "I 3 ' .5 fini - , I ,il 3, N e I 1 ' . , lil i 'J . .fi ,gi ti t I 13 - II j W ' I 4 P 1s"' . f E .jill I , -- A-- 'Il I' jf lf hifi' '-5-szaarff ,fx ,j ii i if, I ii-it -.4 f f it l' lu! :E"':. I'iWAf:if1QQf5:?'5'-it 3 H" is' "'i.' .ifisi-'f?Pi:2a'-Z'-' W' ' xi- I .1 1.' ' . 11 v. X fl o s :IL1 gy ' j k..- aff Q Movies, Deaths Astonish Nation . . . tcontinued from page 171l Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Saturday Night Fever topped the list along with the Godfather, Animal House, Jaws, and Rocky. People stood in line waiting to see these movies as the prices doubled over the decade. Farah Fawcett-Majors, Suzanne Somers, and Cheryl Tiegs replaced Twiggy as America's sex symbols. Steve Martin be- came a well known comedian and set Saturday Night Live on the road to success. Clothing prices soared as the skirts got longer, the jeans got tighter, and the heels got higher. Aside from the positive aspects of the decade, the world lost a group of America's greatest entertainers - Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland and Agatha Christie to name a few. Other notable individuals who died were Nelson Rockefeller, Hubert Humphrey, Dwight Ei- senhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Daley, Howard Hughes, and J. Paul Getty. In 1978, the world suffered the great loss of Pope Paul IV. Only a few days after Pope John Paul I was elected the new Pope, he died in his sleep. Pope John Paul Il was elected to replace him and the world was left in a state of shock with both deaths occuring in such a short period of time. The deaths of many notable world figures were accompanied by the deaths of 20 million everyday people who were lost without notice just as in other decades. Nicolet saw many "last of" and several changes were made to illeviate problems just as they were world wide. Students said goodbye to the well known commons in 1974 and said hello to freshman guided study hall, and a hall traffic system. In 1975, SFAC, Student Faculty Advisory Council expelled the faculty from their organization and formed a Student Council. ln 1976, the Chapter 220 Integration Program was brought into being fcontinued on page 1751 THIS PAGE: 1. Senior Pat Sheehy did some last minute studying for his Reading Strategies test in the F-Wing library. 2. Freshmen Doug Faude and Cary Henson took time out from watching the girls' tennis meet, 3. Senior Scott Schumacher looked at the band director and waited for his next note. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Junior Rob Manders, varsity football player, added a "touch of class" to Nicolet with his three piece suit. a t 'I I: in ..:.s.. J 4--xy - .IJVI I J xt Xxx lvl. X ,, I, x Nix or ' 1 at ,ll 'N li lt.. lil ' " " .f ' " ' 1 1 . I K . r 1 f rfb-... 1 J ' X l . 2' . S Nfl if X -' -1 'i " 1 , " l. . ',l -Ill. XX ff 'itll ' 'l ,rf '- ll ll' -Y ' ' ll' lm ll N: L ' I 'll GW, . t - ills' .1 3, X f A , 1 s . ,BJ in l y 2' .1 il ' -at 1 'ill lll I llh I ' lt TI' 1 ll-'A ww " ' is ff l 'fl f-'fill-.L fs if 'mt 5 ,351 'grpgg-F-1si'1pg-fr. " 4 -, ' ' - ,-V--.gras-f:jivge'. Z' 2- 1 -.i?f L?'i9'tff-2:2.:- 1 r 'll ltll 'Q '-bl. . WTP?-5"3ifs'-'tiff' fi-"U ' fl p13,..f?sggi5aw.1,'Lfp: 'g l 11-P-'C -T " ' -'wfiakff-'G' ' ' 'K ., X1 F- -Q, QQ27' .SEZ-fr:-iff: 1 if ,I I in ".ZZ -- .isfi'f2ElfL.ff.f77 " A A 3 51 . 5 53599 L! -'1 ' 7 ' --., 74--4.--9f1?':,'?v ' S- -it "xiii "E:'5'? 5 ,135 if 'f' . l'-5 lx' Y A -- , ' N ?i.1 Q2lif:"i .. - ' f' ' A' XFN 4' 1 IJ ' "' 1 ,,,, . ..--r--H ' Gmi- g' XIV' nr'-'- 1 Hour Glass, Lasts Of's Rejuvinate . fcontinued from page 173l und the Administration ordered "Back to Basics." Sports began a peak in 1975 the boys' and girls' tennis teams ad both captured state titles bringing their combined winnings t the state tournament to 12. The swimming teams continued set state records and bring home trophies. The basketball am had its ups and downsg however, in 1975 they finished ird in the Braveland Conference. The girls' basketball team erformed well. The football team experienced four different oaches during the decade, including one who quit before ever oaching a game. The baseball team finished second in the state 1976. The Athletic Department opened the door to a girls' oftball team as well as a girls' cross country team. Other changes during the decade included both the Varsity lub and the Hosts allowing female participation. Nicolet saw the last of the House in the Woods as well as Assistant Administrator Tim Laatsch who was replaced by Dr. Sarah Jerome. Many teachers retired and others went on to conquer bigger and more difficult endeavors. The loss of English Teacher Mr. Michael Blenski was suffered by students and faculty alike. As this year came to a close, the last graduating class of the decade put aside their memories of the past four years at Nicolet to look ahead. The members of the Class of 1979 laid down their caps and gowns and walked away from Nicolet and the setting sun into the future. The last class of the seventies set forth to conquer greater tasks and to make the best of them- selves in the 80's and in decades beyond. For them, it's only just begun. ' h ' - " -'r - -'+s. i.i1 , ' L -gc -- V :F" LJ' 'DMM 'K I 75 " ' - " if Advisor he , Editor in chief my Managing Editor , W Editor '97 V Kg Stat' 1 1978 0 Shi l Mr Jim Liska Steve Shlensky Bonnie Cohn Cynthi Harris il Karen cc.. ,Kristi gDangott If 'W' yi i' XA lm' -, 1 ' r il 3' ffl l i- ' " ' ' if il, il, 'l '-,1 14 I hx ,PH ii 4"f Qfriifiifirsidfz, 9 , if lf. f X if 11,21 J Q s ill -1 "l l i Q . . t I! . ig. It ,:,,ll:I :,, 3,55 ,-'f jg' ii l .Y ,fi I A hi h 'b 19772: X f f1" -, 'h'1 M Q if eases -r 'A . :1 .-1,,1., h 5 I 'N ty. J!4:'iE::.: .JJ jT.,?,i?. My .r'- ? gfk -,LT 'rx .1'L . i f' mLA' ':k My lr! V' sssrrs sri. ss. ,,s, l, ii i, p P A A 1ff?ffii7fl75l 7 P- W 3" 'li' l A l, , 1' J Ql'J,f5ifff,QTi xx a " s r or '-ne:---r v 4-"-W-" -01' ' - . :rr 4? Acknowledgments , p p Mr. Jim Liska, Shield advisor, for his never ending journal- istic wit that helped sprint the book to completion. Mr. Gary Byrne, American Yearbook representitive, for his assistance with all problems as well as his contributions to the color section. Bonnie Cohn, copy editor, for her creative and "tip-top" support of the publication and its staff. Cilento Studiosg especially Debbie DiGiacomo, Ed Lausman, Dave Leer, Don Hutchison, Larry Koralewski, and Tony Ci- lentog for their efforts in photographing the homerooms, music groups and seniors as well as the color work. Mr. Jerome Fischer, photo journalism advisor, for his ef- forts to control the picture process and its deadlines. c l-tSteQelD'unn,, . t Dan Haig " Jill Juul 4 'iiiiii i Susie Kopf s Jill Knickelbine . i Marty Lackner Q Barb Laur - . ,,,r , .,,, l Therese , .McMahon D N313 599W Mr. Douglas Irwin, assistant administrator, for his concern and assistance in obtaining a camera and balanced budget. David Heilbronner and Greg Watchmaker for their extraor- dinary devotion to photography. Cathy Gottlieb for her stories on the business administration and music pages. The Knlght's Page Staff for their numerous pieces of "panic" copy. Cynthi Harris, Shield editor, for her dilligent work with the staff and on the supplement. Steve Shlensky, Editor-in-Chief, for all his hard work and devotion and for making this year's book a success. 131 Aaron, Lynn R. S112 Abrams, Scott M. 104 Acevedo, Ramon E. 104 ..k,...g. Aekefman- Ahfensl ' Alger- Allnselv Allele, J. Allen, i l.. 63, ,112 5, Allen .l. 657, 104 Alfheen, M, Althoen, L. 75,'71i1'2: 1 Altheuse 61, 65,119 Altman, Scott Altman, Scott F .AAZ Atlman, Terri L. 65, 104 Amerell, Jac.,97, 119 Andersen, Robert C. 65,rj75, 97, 1 Anderson, Clinton 119' Student Index Barrie, Bridget E. 101, 104 Barrie, Robert L. Bartel, Elizabeth 119 Barth, Thomas A. 112 Bartoletti, S. J. 77, 119 Barton, Betsy B. 104 Barton, Matthew F. 77, 97, 131 Bass, Susan P. 131 Bass, Wendy J. 51, 104 Bast, Stephen D. 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Blank, Kelly .l. 112 .rss C B S. 105 f lrse +1 Bliss, Elaine 119 Bliss, Peter N. 77,7112 Bloedel, James G. 105 Q Blutstein, Janet G. 85, 105 Blutstein, Mark A. 11 V Bo e, arbara E. 51, 55, 105 Bode, Denise L. 63. 133 , Bede, use lvl. 63, 120 Bodner, Daniel T. 112 Bodner, Patricia A. 23, 59, 120 Bodner, William A. 120 Boggs, David L. 133 Boggs, Lori B. 120 Boggs, Martha E. 65, 133 Bogost, Debra 104, 105 Bogost, Michele E. 133 Bograd, Richard 77, 134 Bogue, Nila 9, 43, 134 Bojarski, Karin A. 120 ' Bojarski, Mark A, 97, 105 Bold, Marc M. 77, 97, 134 Bold, Steven H. 78, 97, 112 Bolens, Scott M. 61, 120 Boll, Anthony R. 105 Boll, Debbie M. 120 Bolton, Cynthia J. 112 Bolton, Thomas S. 134 - g Bomchill, Eugene 105 . , - Bonchek, Mark S. 51, 105 - Z Bond, Lawrence S. 120 Bookstaff, Howard 13415 Bookstatf, Sari B. 63, 115 Bookstaff, Shari 105 Boorse, Daniel Bord, John W. 1105 Borella, Maria E.f1'1S2 Borkin, Lynn S. 1734 Borkin, Marla S, 112 Born, Kevin J. 112 Borns, Judith L. Bornstein, Mindy G. 134 V Bosley, Elizabeth 65, 134 . Bostad, Heather K.,,1,01, 120 -g- Boucher ' 65 'V Boutillier, Gabrie Y - . .770 ll Boxer, Mitchell 120 A A Boyd, James C. Braam,.Joanne R. 63, 134 Brachman, Ann C. 120 Bradbury, Gregory 117 Bradley, Jay M. 120 ' I .i.1 Brand, David 120 Brand, lane 167 Branovan David 105 A SAIISLS Steven L. 134 ,ii,i,f,QSl2i22Brazner, Kevin H. 111 Brazy, Lisa A. 55, 134 Brei, Todd B, lBrowngs,Robert J. A. 106 J- 112 A s. 112 Gefri 1. . srneey Eii Clayton ' A Brucato, Frederic 135 Bruckner, Brian D .'s,' 135. Bruckner, ,Daniel H.. A Bruckrrer,,,Marijo B. 112? Bn1eckr1etTgigSabine Brunette, Hii Corinne Brunner, chnlelineifis, 105 Brunner, Jill S1 35 Bruno, Jcisefili sil 105, 135 Bruno, Michael S, 97 Bruun, Michelle 105 Buchach, Deanna 45, 112 Bucl1fflf:f,SSiiErnmett 112 Bucholtz,5Fred J. Bucholtz,-Leslie 112 Buening, Steve J. - Bula, Sandra M. 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' . Chang. 'I'b K':'k': 1 N ' i . ' ..kb, 'II,1- - - A:-' . 1 1 W,", ,., Chase. ' if . ,ii ii -"' f -if' , . , fin- 1 - 1 '. " ' 1 Chase' 5111 1' Chase- T Q. 5' 2521 ig ii.. 1 Chen' 4 5 EEF : LL1' '1Li1 Li'-' Chen' 1 Chen. . ii' ' - " " ' 1 1 ,.z. 'i.:..ii':ii5if:s1rff:.if-' W", ' ' 117 14.-1Pfnf' .7 .-17...-in-.,..1 ": 1711111472 iw- it xi ',,- ,,..i-ii -'.. .: 5.if -'Q 'g-f,,,,2f1" .11.fw,g.ggg--.,.-nf.-f3ii1i.. gf' 1 ,f 5, 1- 63. 1372 - ' . .'--"' ,'., 1 1' f ,ii- !-i, A,'i iii Chueki ' 63. 65. 113 Q 17 7 r i ':'f -11-i1-n - -' - -- i7Q g9fEti5,K:istine 12. 43. 59-if-93, 137 Dunnliillfifeiiiiii--1 5 1- f ri , , .11' A- 137- Dnnnasaia fi. i ii1'lii . ..,,i,i2.ga1 11 Snsan L- 111151-127' Dvaola-71.1- QFE 1 'iii z - - Izfi' 'fn .- 11 - 2.1 vyi' 1' it 1 3 .. ,f fi ' . Maddy" 65- 106 Cielak Ro e J. 120 , 1L C i 1' ...- Som' . fl lea . ,iAA- 1 Don Scott 75, 106 Easom, ' CM- Janette 65- 101- 137 Eaten- - f'h' 5911189 0- 120 Ebert. Eug -'.,,.-' my 1. ss. 137 Eben- Sh' R. in Eben- Debeiak. .ion M. 63. 113 "f5'1'Eg KKV' :fit ':-: J A .. ,,:K,,.k, If, J 12 75 if f"': Debelak' Joseph W. 61. Li":"' Dechant Julane A " Ed " '- ,f'. c-ai-55 . , :Wk .,, -F, - ., 2 .,,. 4l" ,,,, i . 1 i' ,. Dnden- Donald A- 106 . 7 is 51,, Iii. -".- 7-riff:iif'fn21'iii1fQ-"if. --', iffiiif"'5gi-11 7 " 1 W" -,.. .E?: "' 1ir"I..ii1 1 1- 1 .r.2 'i f '-'..1ii'T , nn' Dedert. Karen A. 83. 137 iEdWait- g. ,pg 57Z1 i --,' -. 1.- 5 1 Z'-- n-n- Delnva- James M. 137 Haan-7 Deloye, Thomas J. 137 Egan, W::'k - . 1 79- 101- 106 Defnaft. Denise 101. 106 Egan. v - 120 Demiehy, William E. 43, 76, 77,1 137 Eglash, Mi, R. Scott 136 Densmoor, Frank A. 106 Egner, ' . Gafv M- 136 Depaima, iziizabena 12, 59, es, 71, Egner. Mali. Jeff 5 106 93 113 Em fi 5 n- - i eff- . ir . 7 1 Y 63 113 - . 1 7111' iii' if '--7-.' Cohen. Jl-ldy B- , Del'Z0n, Lori A. 137 E.lCh2Bb2!f1m, Tod : 1 3v:.:'iff ,, au- 1 .ggrii . m5fi,,,,..1,, .. . ., i . 1,113,111 ,ga . ...gif L1 was Nil... Cohen, Julie A. 136 Deshpande, A. M. 138 Eidi,11Eii1k L. 121 5.1 ' mu ,g' 1 .9-31,5 as ,g,. Cohen, Kenneth B. 136 Desmond, James R. 121 Eisenstein, Bill A. cohen, Miciiaei D. 51, 55, 75, 113 Desmond, Michael 55, 106 Elias, Daniel A. 106 -g ?.,ea,,,i f Cohan- Rflbeft H- 113 Dennann- Cnnis W- 121 Eliinafon-in-mia 45- Cohan Tracy 65 106 Dettmann Dianne R 106 113 1711' " 'N' X 1" ' 1 i - - ratrick Richard 122 , fl .r Cohl, Howard A. 120 Cohn, Barrie S. 136 Cohn, Bonnie S. 43, 136 Collett, Kendall H. 120 Collett, Randall Collier, Rita 65 Colligan, Leslie C. 71, 120 Compete, Robert E. 106 Conen, Richard S. 137 Conen, Robin B, 113 Conn, Tammy S. 106 Conner, Terry 93, 113 Conrad, Glen J. Jr. 106 Cooper, Cynthia L. 85, 113 Coors, Donald S. 79, 106 Cornfield, Cynthia 111 Corrao, Catherine 55, 137 Carrao, Greg S. 55, 120 Coverdale, Laura K. 113 Cowan, Brian R, 137 Cowan, Karen J. 43, 120 Coyne, Mary K. 113 Crabb, Craig W. 117 Crawford, Catherine 85, 120 Devine, Devine, Devine, Diane L. 112 Kathy J. 138 Patricia J. 65, 106 Devorkin, David A. .121 Dewey, Matthew J. 121 Dickinson, William 77, 97, 121 Dieck, Gayle E. ,,V,, Dietrich, Heidi Diktas, Tulin .iid Ding. -. . Dmofl' Jane 7.iii . Dillon- Dinkin, Dinlnn- Dinkin- Dinan- 1..1 Din5n,.g.15i,agiicyff,,s 'T . .1--.ffi1.1-fri 3 if ..-ia?-' 1 . . -. a .3912 'L -1 L ...if :E g. Dmmayi. j - 'iff 'ig ,Z 1 "i-. ...' 1"'f1' ii'i fii f'i'if'fff'n1?i'1 as 178 Cretilli, Croen, Cronk, Cronk, Cross, Cross, Lisa M. 137 Shari 51, 59, 106 Marcus W. 113 Scott A. 97, 106 Geri L. 113 Jacquelyn 5, 106 .4 Ellis, Wayne E. 139 Ellsworth, Matt D. 106 Embry, Jill M. 139. Embry, Wayne 113 Emmerich, Dale R. 53, 139 Emmerich, Donna M. 121 Emmerich, Geralyn 106 Enea, Jack A. 77, 113 Enea, Nicholas 106 Engel, Lisa A. 115 Engel, Mike C. 61, 121 Engelhardt, Lisa D. 113 Engelhardt, Nancy 139 Englander, Linda K. 63, Engler, Dean R. Epperson, Vaughn 139 Epps, Willie F. 79, 106 Epstein, Bradley J. 106 Erickson, James T. Ernster, Caryn A. 51, 106 71, 93, Escnenbacnef- Kav 121 -...- 1 3-Evans. Cristanne K. 121 ' verdine. John A. 113 Julie A. 63. 71. 113 Lori B. 65. 139 Diane 57. 61. 121 6iDai'f.' Saff-"MQ-...138 ..... Gary 5- 139 1 1.i.1 .'L17 James W- 65- 106 Ddfgbffg 3 In , Michael S. 17, 19, 139 ff' .DbW1,ihQ,'3!UOi3Q13S J. 'Q .1,' ,K K, FAIE ., Bruce A. 51, 106 3 E , ,,.. -.i.- Q ..... .... . -.-- 1 sfiii nsa 1 . . ---.- f -.-- --..-.- ---11 Fredericks, Kelly 114 Fredericks, Vici L. 140 Fredericksen, Jim 122 Freeman, John H. 97 Freuck, James T. 53, 75, 122 Frey, Francine 167 Friedlen, David L. 140 Friedman, Connie 59, 93, 114 Friedrich, Linda J. 83, 140 Fritsch, Gregory E. 122 Fritsch, Leslie C. 140, 55 Fritz, Eric W. 111 Fritz, Todd A. 140 Froemming, James A. 63, 65, 14 Fromstein, Mollie 101, 114 Fruchtman, David A. 114 Fruchtman, Helaine 122 Gabby, William S. 12, 71 Gabos, William R. 75, 97, 122 Gabriel, Jane C. 55, 114 Gavriel, Susan C. 141 Gadzichowski, Jim 141 Gahr, Gailya J. Galioto, Jacqueline 114 113 , 141 Galler, Chris A. 45, 114 Galler, Craig R. 141 Gantzer, Kristine 122 Gantzer, Timothy M. 79 Gash, Morris A. 43, 53, 141 Gaulke, Terry L. 113 z11:eaS?:cf1111452551-1-19552112211-1s1i11.ueggsgg11eg511gggg1sg1fg1v,.i.M11.g11., -wwwlw 11 111.11111 .i111a11g1 N N lfifikff1I2E1ifif1Q211512-1521122111212iff-11.1:+111:f:1111:ie1 im. 1.1 1. 11 1 1 1 Q 13:-Q'.1QE1 11- 1, 1 1 -is-,.-,mx .. 11.111, -.v--qgm wxw. ww .f.1ff1m. M.. 11 . ., 1 ,.1..11 1. ,, W- .. . 11111 my 1 Q-11.1123 111. 1 11' 1111115111 11111111 1,111 . 1 vim Fe xg ev 11 1 111. pk 11 X an 1: -1 1 M.E k..E '1111111.11111111-11251.11'zzwas.fss.:1e1fxg1g1gigi:1.321-f 1111.115-. 22 e'111111f'1-11111 -1111111111fi:111r11f1111.111.111 .i,11.11,1.1g,i..1..,..,...,....,...5..g:,m..W,..V W Q11 51 51 E M 3 3 1 1?m1:Lf3f.,!.i1i!, ..X. 1 11111221111 1111 1-wr-fi'1 --W111'51Nf1sf22seia1s1'if2L5.v:q111- lm .11 x:11zLg1fg.k5.11n..ggwmk.ik...Q.,,.g,.iz?. ,... 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'515 Qieckham- James J- 109 ..., ,,ee5?5EP9C0f3f0r Armemeri es. 109 Quarmo, Kathy Todd J. Qvwlevanr S1129 . . . I '1-1 " - Wnllxamxvlg eff Rabenn, Damel 1'--- 1 -...ff .. "'5 T56 Reber-n. Lawrence S- 109 Radakeff mfg" 19' 5 -1- 125 , 125 1 109 Patricia L.. 63, 117- Radakefr Kyle P- 109 120 N' 51' 109 Radomsky' MMV E' 63' 19, 63, 65, 155 Andrea J. 85, 117 Radtke, Keren M. 63, J. 156 Radfker l-mda M- 167 .5,1 ' ' Raduka Scott A 89 125 Usa B' 59' 109 f . ' ' K, 125 Ranthel, Donald J. 158 . . - 5,-5 Mrehael J. 77, 155 Rakowskw. Ken R. 109 Robert J. Q17 Relfs, seen A. 126 Jeffrey 156 Rambow, Kent A. 158 U ,LLL 'mm 1 Brook I. 156 Ramon. Sandra L. Carolyn 57, 65, 109 Rand. Daniel B. 89, 123 Hans O. 1-65, 111 ,,. 1 1 Rapkm, Bonme S 65, 158 Monika A, 156 Rasmussen. Kamen 109 rar 1115552115551 D. L 1 9 Q 'W ' 0 1 ?1i?9e1gg1fl:?ii,,., W, ,,,, Qg'JemesttJ. 119, 125 Mar-Q J- 23159, 155 1 Qleszak, Garth A. 5 rfrdxfar--rr 15, rgfurfrezerei , Pettigrew, Wm. E. 156 Pettigrew, Yolanda - Pfannerstill, LynA65, 156 Rasmussen, Robert 109 Ratke, Scott C. 65 Raveret, Thomas J. 117 S! ,V Mr Olson, nevrd 117 Phnlrps, Kerrrrefh 155 Reehf, Robert A. 75, 109 Olson,p Michael A. 78, 109 tft Preeerrze, Keny H. 155 Rechf, Sydney G- 126 Olsong Steven R, 155 Pickarts, Jeffrey 61, 125 Reddy, Tammy J. 109 1 Orenypaphna A. 125 Pierce, Tamara G. 109 3 Reddy, Teresa A. 158 Hour A. -f l More Ever M. 65, 71. 33r we Reed- Billv J- 126 OrenSi?in, Julia A. 155 5 -5,i Pierson. Lori A. 33, 156 r Reed- Damfa Gr 19- 65' 158 orgalliaery T. 43, 53, 155 Pilarski, Fred Reed, John F. 79. 109 Orr, R. 109 Pilarski, Jack 117 Reeves, Peter Y. Kgfenlft, 125 Pinzer, Scott 156 A , Rehorst, Guy 117 Lisa J .AAt:A TT41 Qvz Eil Pioso, Bennett 65, 97, Rehrauer, Scott J. Mary B. 55, 155 Paese, Richard G. 157 Rerexs, John P. 45, 63, 117 Otto, A. 109 g1g511iE Paerrewskr, cathy 45, 117 Reaels, Michael J. 19, 55, 53, 55, 158 Otto, w. 63, 155 Jeffrey 125 Reinhart, Debra L. J. 117 1 5 117 Reefer, John D. lg M. 155 Kafhv Je 109 5 , P. 114 ace' 631 117 - 1 r , , 'Ztt t terr rrrrr 1 1 Rhodes, David M. 109 Rhodes, Karen J. 158 Rice, Jeri L. 65, 158 Rice, Jody E. 158 Rice, John P. 109 ' Rice, William Q. 124, 126, Richardson, Marie 113 J- - Richheimer, Mark S. 126, 7 ,-AA Riggert, James P. 158 Riggert, Thomas C. 113 ' - .. Riley Jacqueline 109 ' , V, ' Robinson, Edward W. V' A',. A , Robinson, Gavin 79,797 - .4 Robinson, James E. 65 A Roeder, Linda G. 65, 109' Roemke, Heidi M. 45, 109 ' 7 Roffa, Scott B. 109, 126 Roffa, Steven J. 7 r ' Rogers, John D. 61, 126 Rogers, Sherri D. 109 Rokni, Behnam 126 Romens, Lynn M. 109 Rosen, David E. 51, 65, 109 Rosen, Jill S. 57, 109 Rosen, Jodi L. 126 Rosen, Jody L. 126 Rosen, Judith L. 57, 113 Rosen, Marcia J. 167 Rosen, Maxine B. 126 Rosen, Michael 53, 63, 113 Rosen, Richard M. 79, 109 Rosen, Susan L. 126 Rosen, Tom A. 158 Rosen, William C. 126 Rosenberg, Jonathan 126 Rosenberg, Paul S. 53, 158 Rosenfeld, Todd 51, 109 Rosengarten, Larry 113 Rosier, Wende S. 126 Ross, Douglas J. 109 Ross, Karen B. 109 Rossetto, Lisa 126 , Roth, Cherrie A. 45, 59, 65, Rotter, Gregg G. 79, 109 Rotter, Jeffrey 158 Rowen, Nancy C, 71, 113 Rozek, Andrew 109 Rozek, Christopher Rozite, Armand 63, 113 Rubin, Deborah A. 126 Rubinstein, Laura 113 Rubnitz, Rachelle 109 Rubnitz, Steve B. 126 Rudberg, Nancy B. 158 Ruffin, Cassandra 109 Ruffolo, Edward A. 65, 77, Ruflolo, Elaine 113 Rufus, Daniel H. Rummel, Thomas W. 109 Runningen, Julie A. 159 Rupple, Brenton H. 159 Russell, Howard B. Russell, Kent W. 125 Russo, Rustin, John Karen E. 59, 126 Ruttinger, Robin M, 110 Ryan, Peter D, 113 Sader, Kelly Anne 111 Safer, Dena T. 159 1 I 13 Sager, 'Debbie L. 19, 51, 65, 110 Saggio, Josephine 65, 110 182 if lsss so rli 4 salgueiiiigaiolaiia 126 ssllmanl, .ii 5Allan J. 77, 159 Salizman, .Joi s. 65, 159 Salzer,,Brian J. Salzer, Jeffrey J. 110 rsalzweael, Ellen G. 113 M ' Frank D. 110 Rimmerman, Stacey 5, 57, V',- R , 7,'V jv 126 . 126 1 7 Salifofdf1iShs'l9..x?5e11723s.159, 110 5'f1HiGe1.e,iiF.lfifii4iS3fiJf. 4597, 113 ss.f 1.13 Scbafibivski4'JkSh1i7.iiPf4ftl110 isqhapqwslgligesfkafeni 1,595 Scharf, oebbleglg, Robert 7-'7 ' S808 531.651 si... sehulzgfrafy K. 120 .gii -Schumacher, Karen ,'r' -.',. 1 gijgfg, 1Schurfi8kerii.sRichafd125' jiif sils sl8iQr..7Efinf.M. 65, 118 N Slateritloel 61. '127 1 Slatter, David F. 77, 118 - . Sletteland, Peder 127 Smeyne, Michelle L. 105 Smith, Daniel J. 65, 105 5Chat?l" Scheder, .Betsy.,lyi,', Schlebler, I my g Scheibler, Scheldroup, . ,., . ,116 Scheldroup, ,', Schelwat, Schepp, 126 Scherze, Hans.gll.11f31i18, Schetter, Frederic 159' Schetter, John C. 95 schleble, Linda JI 159 Schiesel, Marcy S. 159 Schiesel,QMark R. 113 Schillir1g,?Karen 126 schlaffiggoanlel H. 71, 125 Schlampf David E. 110 Schlesinger, R.C. 43, 53, 159 Schley, Sally P. 19, 126, 23, 5 Schlittenhart, G.A. 159 , SchlittenhartVS.C. 126 Schmeling, Pamela 159 , ..f. Schmidt, Andrew J. Schmidt, Cynthia M. 159 Schmidt, Elizabeth 110 Schmidt, Karen J. 63, 113 Schmidt, Ronald L. 127 Schmitz, David M. 12, 136, 160 Schmitz, Judy A. 83, 110 Schmor, Kelly D. 63, 113 Schmor, Randall A. 160 Schneider, Holly M. 65, 160 Schneider, John D. Schneider, Julie A. 160 Schneiderman, M.S. 126 Schneiker, Susi A. 160 Schnoebelen, J.K. 61, 126 Schnoll, Jeffrey M. 113 Schnoll, Robert L. 110 Schnoll, Shari 110 Schnoll, Terry L. 126 Schobert, Joseph M. 63, 118 Schoendorf, Chris 118 Schoenfeld, Kris 110 Scholz, Brian C. 126 Schommer, Julie A. 51, 65, 110 Schroeder, , 10 'i'f ' - '- Schroeder, Therese Schulman, Julie A. 126 Schultz, Dawn M. 55, 61, 126 .ro..r ll.s1 1 SshvmmBraQf9rQ...95+ 1110.41- Schusf?,1ff,ffMicl123?l'l-77126fl1- ' . ,, schirllgqgljglgigliafd 160 ilios 1 1 1 schwallpgg Richard B. 160 Schwaldlz'-Sandi J. 110 Scliwarten, Mark O. Schwartz, Holly 110 Schwartz, Judith A. 65, 110 Schwartz, Michael Schwid, Steve R, 51, 110 Seder, Barbara J. 65, 161 Segall, Mamie S. 161 S2i.Cl.l..1.J2ffr2y C- . Selrnits, Jeffrey 105 Seinfeld, Lisa L. 127 Sell, Sarah E. 63, 83, 118 Sells, Kelly J. 17, 118 Sells, William B. 65, 133, 161 Senger, Karen K. 127 Senzig, Paul F. 105 Serbiak, Julie A. Serio, Shareen M. 161 Seydewitz, Carol J. 118 Seydewitz, Susan 161 Shackman, Judy E. 23, 57, 161 7 Shah, Nisha V. 161 37 '7l7'Shah Pratima V 118 l'7'7l7M7fShaiken, Adam - -Shannon, Kelli J. 118 Tim 161 C- 127 1 7 slirloi . 118 71, 101, 127 .Shav2:nLi51Kfi.S1i11561,-63. 127 Sbsw1.1ij.E1!sw.L.1t61. 127 .161 1 1 8 1..1 R. 118 Sheel7ly',ffPat'rick J. 12, 71, 89, 161 shemfatilieiia l-l. 23, 85, 105 Sheetz, Bruce W. 167 . Sheperd, Peter J. 161 Sherrod ,7'l Sheilbra 105 Shilts, Douglas W. 161 Shires, Mark R. 105 Shlensky, Steven A. 43, 161 Shlimovitz, James 77, 78, 89, 114 Shropshire, Terilyn 61, 71, 101, 127 Siegel, Elizabeth 65, 105 Siegel, Kenneth A. 127 Siegel, Mark N, 161 Sielaff, Linda C. 83, 161 Sikdar, Tuhina 65 Silver, Julie B. 118 Silberberg, Sanford 55, 63, 65, 127 Silverthorn, Tom 118 Simon, Andrea 127 Simotti, Lisa R, 161 Sims, Elise J, 105 Sinclair, Laurie F. 23, 59, 118 Singlair,,Sheila'L. 12913, 59, 162 isl2iniie.tQP1Teresa L. 69, 127 skulsgmlsnqm 127 . Skwierawski, Jay P. 162 Skwierawski, Jeff 105 Slater, Anne D. 162 Smith ' ffshiizh ," Glenda K. 'Katherine J. 127 . Smilhl Manhew F. .162 . Smith, Michelle D..63, 118 Smith, Patrace'L.7 ' V Smith , Patricia A. 105, 127 - Smoots, Jon M. 105 Soifer, Jonathan P. '118 Solochek, Cindy l. ,162 Sosman, Linda S. 7162 Spector, Brian J. 118 Spector, David7M. 127 Speth, Craig A. 105 Spielmann, Jim 17, 77, 162 Spielmann, Minelee Spiering, Nancy C. 127 Spitz, Courtney B. 61, 127 Spitzer, Gigi NQ 59, 162 Spitzer, Louis N. 127 Sprewer, Kimberly 118 - Staedler, Daniel 118 Stafford, Tobey R. 105 Stall, Michael T. 118 Stamas, Rachelle 65, 69, 81, 118 Stanley, Jill M. 162 Stapleman, Nancy S. 105 Starke, Peter L. 162 Stathas, William P. Stauber, Peter M. 127 Stebbins, Matthew 118 Stebbins, Stacy L. 105 Steep, Matthew P. 118 Stein, Debra R. 118 Stein, Stein, Stein, James H. 51, 104, 105 Jessica l 118 Lawrence M. 118 Stein, Scott E. 162 Steinberger, David 65, 105 Steinberger, H.D. 127 Steiner,iRobert D. 77, 78, 162 Steinle, Kenneth Steinle, Roger Steinmetz, Mary C. 17, 63, 65, 71 127 Stenger, Jodi A. 71, 127 Stenzel, Todd E. 105 Stern, Lisa J. 118 Stern, Lori E. 65, 162 Stevens, Peter B. 105 Stewart, Charlene Stoltman, Julie L. 163 Stone, Steven 163 Storniolo, Cosimo 51, 105 Straub, Zoe L. 127 Strey, Janet Strick, Gregory R. 51, 65, 105 Strick, Mark D. 105 Strick, Marlene L. 83, 127 Strnad, Susan L. 85, 163 Strobel, Lisa D. 61, 63, 127 Strong, Lisa A. 118 Strouse, Paul A. 127 Stuckert, Gregory Stuckey, Cynthia A. 71, 83, 127 Stuckey, Steven W. 79, 105 Styba, Carl R. 127 Winebrenner, Scott 166 isgjgafniait- Lyme E. 163 v Suran, Laurie L. 105 Sutton, Christopher 163 Sutton, Derrick T. Sutton, Paul F. 71, 77 Sutton, Tierney 118 M. . .... vi. WA' . ,... - ....... ..,1. s s. ..,..., .... M., 1 1 1 -, f 2:-vfisiw' 5 g ,. .. ' M . it 1 I 3' 'tt' LV' h-'.r A an ---f.::r...1Ys.. 'Wjfii 'ifWT5'1'.l A - Wasserman, Carol J. 164 ' ' g.'7W,inebi'enner,' Craig 23, A125 rfuppe, Robert E, 127 Tupper, Lori J. 110 A Turim, Dona Jean 63, 118 Turim, Robin C. 127 Turner, Michelle A. 163 Turner, Sheri E. 118 Suvalsky, Kim E. 63, 127 Suvalsky, Lori B. 51, 65, 110 Swallow, Stephen 23, 77, 118 Swidler, Bonnie 51, 65, 101, 110 Swidler, Debra L. 65, 163 Switzer, Darcy A. 63, 127 Sylvester, Ben J. 163 Symicek, Carolyn Szelicki, Christine 163 . Tackes, Diane S. 163 Tackes, John N. 76, 77, 97, 163 Tackes, Maria A. 118 Taffel, Lonn 118 Talasek, Lee Ann 101, 163 Tarkinow, Richard 118 Tatum, .William C.. 110 Tauber, William G. Tavill, Philip D. 127 Taxman, Andrea L. 57, 163 aylor,'Bradley W. 110 - ' ..3fayilar,1tst1san.c. 61, 127 .Charles A. 79, 110 Qfifechtrnann,-David T. 118 ' fTerrikin,gKim. E. 163 , sreriamn, Todd E. 110 Tennessen, Margaret 110 Teper, James M. 127 Teplinsky, Steven 63, 118 Thiermann, Todd R. 77, 127 -Thistle, Kraig D. 127 Thomas, Lora A. 127 -Thomas, Penni E. Thomas, Stephen B. Thompson, David B. 75, 127 Thomson, Lisa M. 59, 118 Tice, Chirstopher Tiedemann, Mary L. 127 Tiefenthaler, Mary 127 Tillen, Robert 111 Twigg, Sandra A. 164 Twigg, Susan E. 127 Ugent, Debra J. 118 Ullsperger, Daniel Ulrich, David B. 12, 164 Unger, David M. 167 Unrath, Patricia A. 110 Urquhart, Wanda J. 61, 127 Uy, Cynthia M. 118 Vallee, Marcy A. 9, 59, 69, 127 Vallee, Sarah H. 53, 71, 164 Van Able, J.R. 65, 164 Van Antwerpen, V. 118 Vergeront, Andrew 79, 110 Verito, Francine V. 85, 110 Vesely, Cheryl A. 127 Viall George B. Vice David G. 152, 164 Vice Michael J. 110 Vice, Tom R. 127 Viergutz, James P. 118 Vila, Katharine L. 57, 136, 164. Vila, Sarah R. 118 Vitale, Domenic B. 127 Voelz, Sally K, 71, 127 Vogt, Ann L. 127 Wabiszewski, Susan 69, 81, 127 Waddell, Susan B. 61, 127 Waddington, Scott 118 Wade, Bruce A. 53, 164 Wade, Daniel R. 125 Wagner, Robert A. 110 Wagner, Scott K. 110 Waise, David J. 110 Walczak, Jean 125 Waldman, Laura L. 65, 164 Wales, Jay R. 110 Wales, Scott A. 164 Wall, Jay P. 125 Tisone, Jennifer M. 127 Tokus, Brian A. 55, 127 Tokus, Michael G. 127 Tomson, John S. 65, 127 Tosky, Karen M. 127 Tovar, Alvaro A. 75, 127 Tovar, Lillian L. 110 Traut, Carisa l. 63, 65, 93, 118 Traut, Hans 61, 95, 127 Travis, Susan D. 163 Trelc, Anthony P. 127 Trimborn, Douglas Tripi, Gia T. 111 , Wallner, Donald W. 53, 164 Wallrath, Lynn A. 65, 164 Walters, Karl D. 53, 75, 118 Walters, Roberta J. 164 Wangerin, Lori A. Wanzo, Marcus 77, 164 Ward, Kimula 63 118 Ward, Pamela M. 110 Ward, Stephen T. 110 Warner, Janice L. 65, 110 Warren, David W. 65, 125 Warren, Jeffrey A. 118 Warshauer, Andrew 110 Trommer, Sandra D. 163 SCHOOL BOARD 1 Qrren J.,Bradley, V. Pres. 26 Glenn A. Buse', President 26 Wm. R. Heiser, Member.26 W. M. Huegel, Treasurer Helen H. Patton, Clerk ADMINIS THA TION Earl J. Bakalars 38 Watchmaker, Greg P. 53, 75, 118 ' Weber, Charles M. 71, 118 Weber, Cristine M. 59, 110 Weber, Greg L. Weeden, Dawn Marie 110 Weickert, Steven 118' Weil, Antoinette E. 164 Weiner, Lauren Rae 110 Weiner, Mark A. 118 Weinhold, Brian G. 110 Weinhold, Mark T. 75, 118 Weinstein, Rachel 110 Weis, David A. 164 Weisfeldt, Evan W. 165 Weisfeldt, Terri J. 110 Weiss, Marnie Beth 110 Wells, Devin J. 125 Wells, Wendy R. 118 Wendt, Marie A. Wenzler, Susan L. 59, 61, 71, 125 Werner, Robin D. 165 Wernick, Karen 165 Wernicke, Dawn M. 81, 93, 118 Wernicke, Mark D, 95, 165 Wertheimer, David 118 Wertheimer, Mark J. 118 Weske, James P. 110 Weske, John C. 110 Westerman, John D. 95, 154 Western, Andrew Q. 165 Western, Ellen 63, 118 Westley, John M. 167 Westley, Michael J. 118 Weston, Shayne L. 110 Westring, Carolyn 93, 110 Whaley, Mark A. 165 Wheeler, Marian J. Whiteman, Lorelei 165 Wichman, Mark T. 79, 110 Wichman, Marla G. 125 Wiener, Wendy S. 125 wiese, Cheryl B. 65, 71, 83, 166 Wigdale, Jennifer 59, 85, 110 Wigdale, Julie J. 23, 85, 98 Wilcox, Wilcox, Wilfong, .Jeff G. 166 Wendy K 110 - Scot A. 43, 166 Wilke, Kathleen M. 14 166 Williams, Gayla L. 9, 118 Williams , Joseph 65, 110 Williams, Kimberle Williams, Valerie Willms, Matt 14, 77, 166 Wilson, Deirdre 118 Wilson, Edna L. 63, 118 Wilson, Kenneth 166 Wilson, Kristin R. 23, 59, 61, 85, 125 Washington, Kimberly 59, 63, 23, 118 Michael J. Danko 27 Homer Howard 30 Douglas W. lrwin 27 Jean Jacobson 33 Sarah Jerome 27 Eileen Johannsen 34 Dale Johnson 31 David R. Johnson 35 Donn Leussler 29 Harold G. Liebherr 37 Windfelder, Judy A. 101, 166 ndex William O. Radtke 26, 8 James O. Reiels 26 Wm. R. Stuckey 28 Natalie Turner 36 Melvin Wade 28 Frank Wolf 32 OFFICE PERSONNEL Wilma Bettinger 30 Winn, 'Scott A. Winter, Lisa A. 118 A Winter, Richard B. 125 NWinter,. Wendy A. 43, 166 3 'Wisth, Jerald L. 111 Wiviott, Karen S. 125 Wolf, Allen J. 166 Wolf, Javin J. 110 Wolkenstein, Bonnie 125, Wolski, David A. 118 ' Wolski, Philip J. 110 Wood, Natalie J.'59, 118. Woodruff, Maureen 83, 118 Woods, Katherine L. 118 Woods, Kris R. 1-10 Worley, Cynthia L. 120 Worman, Shari L. Wright, Colleen E. 125 Wright, Timothy J.11O Wronski, Erich T. 166 Wronski, Gregory D. 118 Wuestenhagen Ann 93, 125 Wuestenhagen R.G. 166 wyrhes, .John K.,110, 165 Wythes, Mary'C. 125 Wythes,,.Richard A. 53, 166 Yarbrough, Sonji A. 118 Yates, Darin J. 110 Yates, Sandra L. 125 Yeh, Chin Chin 166 Zache, Robert W. 63, 71, 125 Zack, Frederick L. 166 Zaferos, Susan E. 65, 110 Zagel, Lynn M. 65, 125 Zahn, Jonathon C. 120 Zall, Darrell R. 118 Zarem, Michael A. 125 Zarling, Rhonda S. 63, 118 Zechman, Lori E. 110 Zerman, Leonard 167 Zetley, Nancy E. 14, 85, 166 Zibell, Jeffrey 167 Zibell, Juli Ann 118 Ziebelman, Vicki 125 I Zieve, Kathie A. 101, 110 Zimmerman, Marci R. 53, 167 Zimmerman, Susan M. 93, 110 Zinda, Karen J. 83, 118 Zinda, Patrice J. 167 Zipter, Paul W. Zuckerman, Bonita 167 Zuckerman, Leslie 125 Zuckerman Pamela 110 Zuckerman, Paul G. 78, 118 Zutz, Craig A. 118 ' Zutz, Robyn M. 110 Zutz, Steve 167 Betty J. Block 35 Carol B. Breest 31 Mary Crawford 33 Edwina Devine 27 Kareen Egan 27 Phyllis Fling 28 Olive Giese 34 Nancy Grafwallner 27 Holly Grochowski 36 Rosemary Gross 30 Dolores Hasley 27 Patricia Kneiszel 28 Carolyn Landwehr 28 Marilyn Lietzke 30 Joyce G. Losinski 29 Sharel McVeigh 28 Betty Ann Savee 30 Helen J. Schmitt 30 Mildred K. Schreiber 30 Reha R. Shapiro 29 Arlene H. Silverthorn 30 Ethel M. Trantow 27 Sara L. Young 27 SCHOOL NURSE Anne K. Bernhard g TEACHING PERSONNEL Beth Aveson 38 Cary Bachman 31 Juanita Behneman 33 Frank J. Bartz 36 Ken Benton 37 Thulasi Bhala Kenneth W. Kickbusch 38 Jean M. Kiefer 38 Lilane Koehn 35 Christine L. Kolb 37 Lee Kottke 35 Carrie Lane 34 Alden C. Larson 37 - v i .i,-iV A Jimmy Bickeisiaff 33 .iirtt 2e'tit Bernard P, Bietermafl-.38 1'5l7Vl?.5l3"lfS'e'n Vincenr1F.QBrunner Veronica i 'lll Carol E. Casperlllliggl , Bob CollinsQ3I,, ri..k. y.Aa7 Marilyn Cook Terry Copelan .3 i Ann Daley, W 415, -wif me ,,,f ia., fl 317 'I ., yly . COACHES lNon-Staffl Sandra Ingram Paul Manley Christine Kuehn TECHNICIANS Photography Index Jim Freuk: Back to School Night, Vol- leyball, School Board, Ski Club LVVVVL Judy Griffith: Girls' Swimming, Ice Jim. lflslfal I ri Mam ie I. si li......l7l0meC0mln9- Vafsily 38 I I ll' llll I I ll'i 31 TIT'-5 I PERSQNNEIQQ ' sindeiii Life it . ' I .:., 1 ' ... .... . ,.., . .. I Dail?-I Heilbf0UflG!g? C0l0f WOYIM Vol' 35 'I' bnii, cneeiieadeiejipa Rall ,Home- .. - . .. p V 33 30 .... I I 'Hidsi 30 7.i. ,I III 'W4iIDESii ai. i-insis. Us-O NI' I 'i'i:- " 1A1: .f1. I , iif .-,,,., .-.- ' Ii' B b ll ' I .f . L tieii ar' alnlvam-Irs agree' 5 ' James P- .ii.i i I . lii WTB ii'i I I C Nancy Morris I Georgla Virginia L Maw 'lane CQ YQQ Slflf I in ' 1 .Vii 'iii iii' i 2. fi .,,,. 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Fischer 35, Patrici Trudi Schwartz 55 IW Shutkin: Football, Senior Can- dlfliflWrestling,,Guidence candids, Boys' Jane , U Q ,Don Porter 39 A V Swimming. V I v Qikogei denour, Sarah yalley: Homecoming, Girls 6 lfennis, Girls Basketball, color work: Don Wallner: Sophomore candicls, flg A Foreign Language Dept., Choir, Science "i' ii"" , Dept., Concert Band, Boys' Swimming. in i E' nw. A ll' n J' 'R Q V ' -1:1 5 '11 as 1 rpm L, 6,3325 ii , , .5 fait? 'fi qu-'I " f-' 'if v in ill f 2 at ag, R ngiiaf 4 W iiiwwaf . , A ' ""' .sag-i,9..uig.'.:.vi5g:. 27:24, 3, . K 4 ,wfigyin Eu , Ifuyj 'J Y U Uhr fi 1 ini " L"1'3'1,ll32 3142? I I f ' ' 'S CE STAFF Greg Watchmaker: color work, Girls' J Golf, ,Girlsf Swimming, Girlif?..,.Cross Country, "Guys and DoIlsIi,.,GGjHanlce f I mf, X Departmef' .uSicDeParlm0'1.tiSCfmQ,2, . .,.. ,.. . ...........,,,, W M A . M y .,,, R3 I wif ld' 4'Si1vBaS2baF.?fSi.'i .. Mike Stockinger ,', A i 'io ,., K . 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