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Shield '1 968-'69 Nicolet High School, Wisconsin Bayside Fox Point Glendale River Hills - N .. A is V ,f.j?s' ' s - Q In Class: Puzzling, sleeping, concentrating, squint- ing, acknowledging, staring, pouting, smiling nodding, grimacing . .. In the Commons: Musing, smirking, winking, snub- bing, blushing, dreaming, glaring, scanning... In Activities: Panting, flushing, laughing, jubila- ting. . . In the Doorway: Drooping . .. THESE WERE THE MANY FACES OF NlCOLET,1968- '69, 1 fw....a1- --rs .. A V 5 3 is 21 --f' t 1 fl ls J ,x X, my - ,,Qk"i 3 J," Table of Contents Title Page 1 Table of Contents 3 Special Events 4 Departments 20 Activities 34 Honors 80 Sports 90 People of Nicolet 108 Credits 185 Index 186 SX i A f w Q Q M222-ea 2 .fl 'A f 2' .x 'X--:gy -T X' ux r . . , Eff 5 in ' Al ' A ,t f fav 5 G .QQ ., N Tx " ' . x 1 U I 'Z " Ny I: AE W v 1 ,' f A A 'Hg Nm " ' Mx. O s- 930 'x HIV xx: XG 29 ,,,4 sf Ya .Q . .5 I thfbguso -' . :"'.'n' ' V4 MIN mf f' N 'I J ,, W gg 3: X A' . 1 X ffl VX" " wax -1315? 5 . , l 1 x ffl Q be wgv s. ff K K 79xVM ' - ig , x 6,1 rf : 4,823.6 ggoaqq gg? 000 x NRM 5 , A X :xg 0065090 gggzoq go Q . v X , ' vw" 0 vt- X -Q v ax . J 16- 'I-'N fx o f o eos 'D' A'NCk-W 5 nl- 1, 9 oo' .,,.-, wg 5 +.,g N 0' 5.13.5 - 4' .15 Q 7 X 'am' 'Xb' f"W" 'W' . X ., '59, V A ' 3? ff" ' 'fm' AQ L ' .. 1 6 - 'N' ,' 5-1 N XG 3 A? N? ' 70 'Fx X'?5"'QP' ', X Q , fi 7, fiiff f .' 'Pls "f f X ""' ' Q Q 4 . ,- .,. 0 Q N , l MJF Q JW'-'F ' U 0 w' -fm -v 73 - 1 Q v W- rw A if V Q. x 4' M 5 ? O N QL if o 'L AMX' N f 'J .1 ' -X ,, " .. 'Lf' 'K Jn NJ fb' ..-ffl 9 F Miifilfix. 6? W Yi mb wWi ' kt x I its :Pj NX N Lxuu ' .'nm'.. 5 V. H :lpxrx x E' 0 l U niav 1 .duAxNxx,lalgxu,,' " , ,wj'0 .5 'mf' Q J ', if. '55 31 if 2151 X f "A Q31 2 U 4 A ' -fx aka nt U' 0 Q lt . ' L X4 A I .. X lf. -w Q. -x -5 by In ' sq Y- E I ,L 4 QI! n Zffiiqtgy xiii? rp '::'- -'1 'if 'fi T' 'Q t QQ: h e QR IP N iff, U I 14 : J" ,Q ' ., 1' ,' . ,- I : J: . K f Y 1-xv Q2 .- ' D wk? f-gg . Er EMI.,-, w 513384, n ,1 4.v,, .-...s-2 .d 7 1 ooh 1' ., nigh. Q lm' 5 QF, ,M i r Ie.. 5 -,sm -, .ln ,g flfilxf 'flw' A 'HW 9 f Lx '7-H5-'ff Tx ' "ww it - ."-02.61 N ' V ' ' www -Q QQ., f g .om -f Q YI I A no :A 'Z 6: .aw ht I D ' K ' FJ 0 is N QN X ' A , .0 fl ' iw 0 Af- 5 QI. , xN X, If 2,95 NZ? "X gn Q A IN 'I 5 g. ,Qi ,J :"34.i,'X-L15 xi fffl ,, xx N X lwewx s x -5 ' Q - '- , Q. f f . wy 1 J H 3 I I . gl, ' . 3 DX: xx A 0 N 'Mfzx so at l." 'fQ 0 U H 'J 3 . 00 5 fp 0 C? ! Q .4 . X h x :GIF ' , X ' ' XR N it -' I Q4 5 ' 7 Y W 2.-'MW QLD, ,. .-'S s -' Y' I A X ul, , x .A MLIPIIIIWQ1: A fpiv GG 4'8" ' ' "Q: 1 f V gin, 'f nf-lxlf. I ' s - MQ f .Xi . V X: N LL so 4 V ' :..4yX. . , 5 . E Y y 0? mlb by N A f 'J oax 3 J A X ,fffti mg 'Nfi L I , -I 1 Qjdv-?ff?bQQQg5SSSx N 1 WNW 'JN fmmwhiwit ggi W7 llllflffff ' cfm' K Dog: Oo 0 0 Q: 0 0 W H ill ,, wg., + mmm .. tha' Q1 I 7 1 .5 l ' J ,'f 'al rs M WyE ' ifilfl "Www 1, ' - ' -' . XX ' V , . -2. E 'L' i ' X L ' F b Q - , - 7 so .- ., fm - -f- 1 S... . f x 2 . ,. . , W.. A - 9 U, gf 4 ff: 1 X4 M., A , ,, 'ff' Q "7 ,- '- '. ' 1 F 3. FW 55 Nw 1,553-x .' f 4 "' N 0 4. x NA? i " .ox 1: Q. , - - X - ' 'z-fl - f xg ' ' 46' 'N 0 f -' .l Q ? doo ao x ,v r 1 " r- ' 4 X 3' Q Q 5 '. X' 0020 Q: -lf 116' 6 A f 9 4 roixs X g Q 'cy ,J an u 'nh X Dx. 'jf 1 , g 9 o 6 Qi, 1 ,E . .. W 1. X "U, , : - ' --. Fi -3 5, .2 1.2, 1 'O 0,6 , 4 lun nm n mv' . Q 2-:T X171 . A b qs' - 1. 0 god 1 5 E: XJ . M st I I if ' '- rf' ov hun X "-dp ,,,fv.iW'f j - If y',' - 1a.f5y J ' -1 ' .- ------'nun - ,Q-' 414 xl iz- , ' XY- 1, hwffx 4 'A Q41 - IW: ,off I' ' -'5 ' - - ' Q g X ' 'ii "gn Q Q x 6 hh, lllfll ' . S- . ' ' 7 - ff 'X ' ' ' " ' 'f -J . 'wi 31 'e ' "I, X :mf-wfgmp ww., 19:05 Q9 fff- - f- ? -S' ' '. ' f ', - -r, 411 1. , nu f F71 Imfcq A x --fi,-uvyxw' 4 vi, , " N 1 QQ 1 l,,. gf..--1 I 1. A: I - 2 , LU' , X -7 Q. , 1, N 1 ' 9' no .six 521 -' K' . X .P l - fkf , 1 -4 ' ' '7 -1 ' ' I i' - ' 1 -1 1?-2 if '. 6 jfr, A -,- 1 i, 1.14 f- If rvgg J N I 0:06 c ' f 4 - - 'I 1 1 1 ! , xg ' 5 ' ' 'ar sag! x ' f Xvg ,15Af'5-N , Lx . tu x p? A K s ' 55- I -- x f 4mw . f'5Q f'1 S1 " ' 43 - J-H" A , Ml! j, ' X fx 2 lf' . 2 4 Z 1 51- -- . ,, - ,.-R, ,J ,XXX X: x A '?, 3 5 X 2E,Mw , nsg ,715 - . 1 'und gf 09:5 ' C- 'X .5 TH ,' "' v' 'V i Y '-JP" QA ' FSL? LJ -:5' ,K i 5 . 'F --f.31ll?3, " X -I ku 20, -if .3 Nfg-lgisi 12713 X-.A A . ,-N N- f I, 7- A x ' - 'll ,rf 4 A 1 'Y 9 E 5 2 ? If 16 Z! . ' Q I 1 My ffb - 5. L 1 0 '. -. If 4 'm ?.x'n'yj Qfw Ll 1,7 lt's only a relay race Homecoming royalty, Ginny Dunker, Linda Silverstein, Terry Fischer, julie Drake, and Celeste Withey climaxed the Presi- dential Parade. -ff' ,i r ' l ' l , ,V as . 5 Red Baron, Barry Mumm, won the competition for German Club. gs V Knights Attained Victor over the Enemy "V.O.T.E." was victorious! At the Rah-Rah Richard Rally cheerers screamed for success. Their reward came with the Knight's 40-0 victory at the campaign. In the evening, triumphant team members surrep- tiously gazed at their personal posters decorating the walls of the Inaugural Ball. Nearby, excited voters rejoiced over the victory at this year's Homecoming election! The coronation had to wait! First Lady, Terry Fischer, had a secret to tell Tom Lonnborg. Cheerleader, Nancy Nye, was sure that her balloons would at- tract buyers. The pep rally was secondary to Kathy Weiss, who was more in- terested in finding friends among the crowd. 7 Sadie Inspired Soul At the entrance, Teri Stryker devilishly drenched those who did not comply to her command of "Take those shoes off!" On the dance floor, girls winced from excruciating pain as the other Sadie-goers smashed down on their shoeless feet. On stage, the sax player flushed, and perspiration beads trickled down his face. At the C-wing gate, boys gobbled down brownies as their dates vigorously pulled them away. Excitement typified "Sadie Goes Soul." EQ fn- g i .w s 1 0 I' o,' Q Q54 ' fi n its 1 0' , l w-' 1 K 'K K If I get y swat' DL.-fee-even-Q-up-ps,X7'a-3 I --'nerwnusvwtw A -A .WMA my 1 z si y i, f 5 fit YQ i it l l l .. IIB- n 1 H X! x ,- l x SQL g Q V . , ,.,N.. ,tt, , L ' r ' i fikxh 5 :LI gs Ea ,a'l'N.! X il I t r 1 ' A W Q . j I? . Q., i X N , ,ns , lf? 6 1 f Q grae , 1 Rhythms Pounded at Knight ,lubs Flashing lights lit up five-hundred faces two thousand times, spotting the look of joy, the look of loneliness, the lo k of coquetry, the look of love. Each face refl ,cted a unique feel- ing. Each song the band played touched those feelings. A song of sorrow, a song of rapture, a song of passion, a of soul released the fever inside Knight Klub Drill team members loyce Dickinson and Bonny Schumaker exhibited their club's float. Winter Triumvirate Brightened Tip-O Weekend A pep rally, game, and dance made up Nico- let's 1968 Tip-Off Weekend-Winter Triumvirate. Friday afternoon, excitement rose when the band burst into a trumpet fanfare and the cheerleaders, pom-poms waving, led a spirited fight yell. As floats with a Roman flavor paraded around the gym, sophomores cheered the sight of their unexpected banner unrolling from the ceiling. The unusual arrived when boys seated on scooters were dragged across the gym in chariot race competition. Excitement continued Friday night as everyone showed up to cheer the Knights on to a thrill-filled victory' against Brookfield East. Finally, Saturday night, the in- crowd grooved at the annual Tip-Off sock hop to the soul beat of Big Pit and the Cheaters. That was the scene for Tip-Off Weekend, 1968. The swimmers' Most Kissable Emperor, Steve Rodwell, won congratulations for his victory in this year's contest. is i The chariot race brought lots of fun and laughs to seniors Claudia Schei bel, Dave Lovos, and Gary Levin. I0 Girl-hungry sailors eyed Navy nurse Laurie Picus after proclaiming "There ls Nothing Like a Dame." "Stingy bum!" Bloody Mary Uanice Rudolphi ardently displayed her contempt for hesitant G.I. customers. Thinking she was through with that French man forever, Nellie Nicki Boxeri "washed that man right outa her hair." South Pacific Beckoned Nicolet "You hear something call you?" Bali Hai . . . Bali Hai . . . Nicolet High School heard the call, and the Fine Arts Depart- ment blended its response into its production of Rogers and Hammerstein's South Pacific. Long hours of practice in singing, choreography and acting made throats, feet, and heads throb. "Speak louder . . . When you're singing, get closer to that mike . . . Now, give it all you've got on the first beat! . . . Orchestra! Can't you play a little softer? . . . lsn't that set ready yet? What's going on back there? . . . Get those girls out on stage! . . . What do you mean she Can't turn the water off? . . . Black out . . . Down-two-three, Up-two-three!" Emile Uim Peeplesj and Nellie tLaurie Picusi waltzed through the evening, confident of their love. ll I ff' Fiesta ight Promoted Good Will -. H-,X T.. .Z S. Nl-1 vi Offered Entertainment for Visitors A festive blend of colors, odors, and languages permeated Nicolet's cafeteria during Fiesta Night '69. While Americans wound spaghetti, Nicolet language stu- dents spiced the atmosphere with inter- national attire and concessions. Paper flowers bloomed from the wheelbarrows of wandering French, Club members. The aroma of freshly-baked pastries invited samplers to the German booth for tortes, the Russian booth for tea cookies, and the Yankee booth for brownies. At the Spanish Club booth students released their tensions by bom- barding a victim with shaving-cream pies. Enthusiastic students in authentic and hand-made costumes highlighted the dance program. During Fiesta Night 1969 the motto of A.F.S., "Walk to- gether, talk together, all ye peoples of the earth, for then, and only then,'shall ye have peace," echoed through the halls of Nicolet. Celeste Withey and Till Gcietting enjoyed swinging through the German Club dance during a Fiesta Night rehearsal. For the Fiesta Night pageant dancing girls imported a little bit of Fiesta Night 69 resounded with Nicolet students singing their hopes for l"Xll Talent Lit Nicolet Stage As emcees jim Dahlman and Dave Bartels opened the 1969 Variety Show, they assured the audience of a great show. judging from the response, the audience agreed. Viewers burst into laughter at the ventriloquist's dummy, a duck, and at the novelty song and dance act. Their cares crept away as a performer played the guitar and sang Simon and Garfun- kel's "Feelin' Groovy." When the baton twirler maneuvered her fire-ridden baton, a tense silence enveloped the audi- torium. Throughout the show, Nicolet gave the audience its gift of talent. Jodi Peck practiced to achieve a transition from her front attitude to the rest of her jazz routine. The Stage Band, under the direction of Variety Show Coordinator Mr. Bloe- mers, watched their scores carefully while they played the fast uptempo jazz selection "Brownsville Express." H Rick Rudolph concentrated on perfecting his fingering as he per- formed the "Ballad of led Clampett" for the Variety Show. I4 7 6 .i -1 f r 1. '- ,T , ,K 1. A-,,,M.,.1 5, My A A ., . A, ,- if 1 f f .r 1 - stii Fr .t . ---.t g vs... -A ,gf-r . .-QS? gg: vt ' iesffk si mqg ft vt. E.. ,i gust -tt wjijl gf Fx Q., ' 5 1221: . , 3,5 -5 ga 13 N3 fs S823 Lip. 5. -3 ee gi- 5 4.1 wer, 'f R-t it t -----' KN ,.- f N xi., A . 'N Not watching her hands was one of the techniques lane Herold had to learn in tak- ing the role of a blind girl. Mr. jones aided herin simulatingthe sightless stare. The first time, janet was afraid of falling, but jim tprobably trembling tool brought her safely from the roof. ltf Nl. Az.. 59? 'inns 7 S yt. "' is Stage crew member Bonnie Robertson re- filled her paintbrush with paint to finish a section of the exterior of the Keller's home. I5 Cooperative Effort Produced "Miracle" at Nicolet "1'l00!o of your time and effort will be required to produce a performance," Director Mr. jones warned eager students at the Wednesday and Thursday try-outs for "The Miracle Work- er". The following week the cast members and student direc- tor began concentrated work on blocking and memorizing lines. Practice on interpretation began and continued every afternoon from 3:00-5:00 for the follow- ingthree weeks. Meanwhile a busy stage crew began building the two-level house set and creating simple props for transforming the front yard into a railroad station, Per- kins Institution for the Blind, and a garden house. At the sa'me time prop girls sought glasses for Annie, food, keys, and silverware. During the play their job was to have the props on the appropri- ate side of the stage and in the actors' hands for entrances. For dress rehearsal and the performances, Theater Arts Club members artfully applied make- up and adjusted costumes to transform students into persons of another age. On stage the world of the Kellers once again became reality, showing the end of Helen's frustration and the beginning of her miracle. bai To protect Annie and Helen during their fight scenes student director lody Brindrs read actions to janet Stampfl and lane Her old as they learned synchronization f their movements. Queen Terry Fischer and King Bill Younger reigned over medieval splendor. 'EMI'-2' 0 , I I 1' Dropping formality, the tuxcclo-clad men dispatched MerIin's clclimcivs with boyish relish. , . i lvl 7:- Camelot's Romance Graced Prom 1968 Sluicing rain cascading down the stained glass windows failed to ruin Prom 1968. Over the bridge the dewy taffetas and iridescent, nub- by silks complemented the aura of Camelot. All around, the glow spread from rainbow leaves, fuzzy greenery, inky cloaks on Merlin's maiden's and hazy lanterns. The grand march, reminiscent of pro- cessions of lords and ladies in earlier times, swept bedecked couples round the room, around again, until everyone swung, smiling and glistening, into medieval night. Poised and beaming, the court prepared to plunge into the whirl ofthe grand march. Surrounded by young lords and ladies, school principal Dr. Reiels and his damsel chatted amiably. I7 'if' Y F1 QM Q H in wi, if ff ff s 5' C ' 3 t T Fred Croen, NicoIet's Zeus, declared thumbs up for Field Day 1968. 1 janet Levi concentrated on the intricate footwork she and lohan Segerdahl devised for the three legged race. Herculean Challenges Spurred Competition Class banners-"Zeus Was A Senior," "The Gor- gon Had 69 Headsf' "Mercury Lived To Be 70," and "Mount Olympus, Home Of The Frosh"-inspirited Field Day, 1968. Egg catchers concentrated on white objects in the sky. Squinting faces propelled bare- footed relay runners into the winning places. Winces of pretended pain covered a frosh's face as a sopho- more boy tried to stamp out her ballooned ankle. Sunburned faces proclaimed another successful Field Day in this Olympic year. "lump the hurdle. Crawl under the hurdle. Swing and jump the rope," flashed through Bill Hiller's mind. Laurie Picus and Frank Olbrys, anxious to help the junior class earn the 10 points for grapefruit game, exchanged stategies. Big hands brought victory as members of all four classes tried to fill awaiting baskets with coke tops. I9 . .ECN -sm n. ,LN r 3 . "'-wi:-7. , ,',, 5 Q N ' a- " .AXi1gg'Aff "1OQ,,,'2 - Y. ' -' - .v-A" a- .4 P,4?Ae I dy , J ,-P-V' - ' 'nw ' A " ' ,G--4.'i.:-Q- A , A Y.. . I.. ,-I ,o.1f:- X ,A .7 .1 - v.- , . -v",- A1 ' .' 'N-,AA 1 -, Q. 1 , , .AA x .1 5- . X ',' ff, , E 0' ' .' '. an 1 4 -' - x sv K V' I f i V' 1'6" '17 A A .A i ,z .,-- 5 f 1 ' '51 if flitgfqf- X -wg? R . J Q V., R is , .i ,ld , .K .Ing -3' A 7 ,A , - A .J 'Q-Q fit? - Q73 3- .' ff' Ai ' A A I -1. A, -, ,N A -f A- AJ xr-.ff F .. 1 . 2 fa ':. .J'1'?1f' ' 'f 5,4-1 - 1: , L' ,,'?-.-.N Y ' , 5 2"f, .L"5"- +527 fi? 55.111, , ,A 9: gf ,H 1,ffw-Rf . r iff? ' ' . -33 gf f, Q A ., L' Q 1 f Q ig x HS Us . L H A ' L .,.. ,.-, 1 1 , , , I . -. "JS A ' .,, 4' -,'-f,,- B. A' T. f , mir, p :AA-,-+154 -,V A,4AAJ,A'4-AA J. I A 'if 2'- :-.:' f ,A if 3,13 Egg? A gm :s:1.g,gjA X df -nf, 22:-wwe 1' 1114- -Sei 5 3' 5' - ' Q"-1: 2 ff. , .'..f,, ,' 1 W . F2-f' P' " JF' g. 'figs E- k A ' ' ' . 3: ' - 'g Av ' ww g ,- ff' --'-1 3 2 Hg- .' I " ' ,Ai '. 1, r f- ' ,tr 94?--A, .5322 353-" 2 4 F Q3 f . x. ,af 41954 ' . :Sm - f ' .P 7f?:'.fif- 'L .A 7' A f . P. if S- Neff' . aw ' -,Lf z ' ' -if - 4 .f- A " ' . '- 1'-2-5!"r TS , . 13. -is Q 5: ' r!1':Qf7 - .. Q- ' , 15, 1' .fx , "' A ' ' W '. 5 A-.1 A M . H " H, :A, A A: 5 I ' 2,-1 ' - Qi, if fy ,gg JS. 5' 3,4 A TL 'i'fS.,AfZf'-jg .f 5 X ,H 'c -34: '- , of vf ' in-f3'."'i f - ' ' - A' 'Q' gig-Q ,L?f'f,f: g if , 'V 'Q f ' if Q -f 2' 1 ff? -"I .faffilz f ' a .S 4 " lifl . lf- Ai . '7' "ff" ,N KWWL ' 1 111-- . 1 SLA . A' , -f Qf- 'ff ' ' 'T g' 0 ,lf L-. ' if 3 - A: . Q , ' . - ,' X Wign, 1 ,JA ' -. A,-.212 H , A 4... fe: ,. , 3' wi. . Q, 'T' AVA' :AL , K xl' .' iq, . , :QF 'Q-,Q ,- ,A . - . . was--,Ar.1 q.':g,Z?i.v..: , S 1 1'--gg:-1 f'1"',,A ' ' iff 4. , -fv .. ff,x.g3?,f A, .AA 5 ., .,. . ,ISS f . - - 3 . .- ' . , -, ISM " xi ' "2 ,ntl-V 3f1k'?v." - 1 . ' ' vu Q .- -- 4- A---W 4. . -as I -fig . , nw f,-'bij' , 3, if , Q , .. . 3 " - , ' 'cgi -v' A 1 - i ' ,A - YA-.KIA -24 - 4. L 'ffiili' ,A I L 35 , 1 ' x-2 V- , V230 A, f .. :-P , , uf, : Sk f 'Pi - 1 Zia -if , , I .5 .AMA KW if , 4-M. Q A b f ' s'mx -1fagv,,' K - 4 2 v 2 fi' --,S L 4.7 lf"'?'?a-Lf" J - T:-5 4 ' 7, 'L I ii'3f?3,,3 L51 if-fad ,S L71 ,, 'Y '4 f . Q - 1 --A -'-f vs-:pf--4? N A " jf f ' ' ii ,Q kd, 1 gif? aff, ' ,. 5 .Mn . , '41 grwff v - ' -A 2 f .4 Q '-444, 1 J, AAA M ff , A Ai, 'RQ .Nw 1 1 ' Z' ' -1-wi , m :kiwi-54-f. A ' L A - ' i -- M- vw- ..:Af:.A7fAAAAgLg.g:.g ., 1 A gy 49' D I . ,Ar ws-w rw .4- X N. 13 1 NJN, Q. ' 15 ,-. 3if",'Kf 4 X' .Y X, 4.. jf. , . .,.f swf, ,v 'E A544 Yie4.'i1- , f, A ,p, v .M A. .Zin ' Q .r fv - L .K .,, ,.,k U, ix wv., V . , N + 4 4 fl- Q,w,,'gf55 41:51 i f f-wyfgifv ,f-' - fs iff QQ: K. :'lg-,7fgz'4w- 'fflig-71 f 1 . , L, L , bf A. ,,,, v , wr - . -,., 11 U .i , .ff 1fDEPAR1NAE R f:'y ' 1 Q 'lui l Q, if gf-, h L5 i'7fx1QJL-.QL-:fi 1 L, W'- V f - - X A. W-isxw Q. X -'f -f- . A -' 5 1 Q A ' . X V . N H Q K ,L. x -I .f f , ' , . K 1? Ik ,-if. Affh U N --' 8521 , 'Lk' , , lfi . yd: v . ' fl .' ' I y 1- 4 i - : Q U- ' -T Q , fs ,n A? If 3 5 Q: ,,-. , Pwr". 'jx iyfi' 4 , v- 5- . j-5 . 'Q' '5z'. 1353? H ' ' '. gf" s. I . M9 'tif dv. Q xr., ,Sf I mi!!- -rf 2 1-x' 7+ -'T' l ,,. F .. -Q-.. ' x -il .- 4,11 qu 'F v"" , , br A 't f Fine Arts Developed Sensitivities Sing a song about expression. With tools and clay and paint in the art room, art students communi- cated sensations to others. Beginning dramatists became new personalities before an audience. Cho- rus and band set emotions to music and coaxed the composition out of a big brass horn. Nicolet Fine Arts students conceived and created. Sketching Nicolet as he saw it, Paul Pestka stood before his easel. s 9 ,tr -fl K' we 3 .. v git. Oblivious to his surroundings, james Sheldon created a musical retreat. Larry Davidman concentrated on varying the intensity of a color. 22 i 1 'lr'- ' 3 After quickly organizing their ideas, less Ruff, Dorthy Kern, Steve Minar, and Susan Schneller developed the bodies of their book reports for Miss Broetzman's Freshman English class. English Widened Horizons Students searched for the words to convey the mes- sage with impact. They referred to the reading, drew from the discussion, compiled the notes, and used the dictionary. Classes throughout Nicolet accepted the challenge of relating Pip, Silas Marner, lay Gatsby, or Achilles to a contemporary counterpart. Through the eyes of great authors and poets, English students ex- plored life in new dimensions. yy .ff . N 23 '3! 'f 5 xw , ss- jim Adashek admitted that the essay had been assigned two weeks earlier but the night before the theme was due .... In the early weeks of language study, Sue Moser tried to pro- nounce an unfamiliar Spanish sound. Language Expanded the World of Words Earphones muffled outside noises, but the students were baffled by sounds coming over the wires. As the lesson played for a second time, listeners heard familiar sounds, but still did not comprehend. At last they weeded words from the mumble jumble, formed sentences from the words, and finally spoke fluently. With the paraphanalia used in teaching Russian before him, Mr. Lowder explained a verb drill before the class responded to the tape. Q..-it Q 5 -J .,,-- Dave Nye made use of Mr. Allen's background in the field of urban affairs for his independent study project. 25 .i Social Studies Department brought the 1968 election closer to the students when opposing candidates Carol Baumann and Glen Davis presented their views at an after school assembly. Present Reflected Past Events Through lectures, discussions, films, and books, social studies class became aware of similarities between the tumultuous events of 1968 and 1969-civil disorder, war protest, and elections--and the struggles of past eras. Draft- card burners and anti-Vietnam protesters seemed to follow the precedent set by the Civil War draft dodgers. The urban rumblings which rocked the U.S. echoed the French Revolution. Americans adjusted to new leadership as they had for over two hundred years. Perhaps history does repeat. ln a supplementary experiment, Hiedi Montag observed a rabbit's growth, eating habits, and living habits. Science Broadened Minds The enthusiastic science student fervently discussed the evolution of man. Then, in the lab, after setting his face with determination, he repeatedly combined the chemi- cals until a trace of yellow substance appeared. After this, in the physics room, the flower-like design produced by the flashing strobe light on the spinning wheel reflected in his eyes. Thus, his study of mind, matter, and motion was complete. loanne Lewis performed an electrolysis of water in which water decom- poses into its two components. In squinting, Mark Boxer exemplified the typical behavior of a beginning biology student learning the proper use of a microscope. "U swift 26 Perseverance Solved Math Puzzles After having new concepts presented to him, the perplexed math student went home. There, scratch outs, scribbling, and frustration forced the "if . . . then . . . " method of proof to make his mind reason logically. Suddenly his ideas fell into a valid pattern, which formed the solution set. His tired, but beaming face sym- bolized his extreme elation in finally achieving his goal. Dan Dedrick grafted the parabola y:x1 to help his ad- vanced math class understand the function. Kim Starke concentrated while employing angle bisectors and segment midpoints to prove angles A and B congruent. Physical Education Expanded Activities Girls in sky blue gym suits and boys in loose, light blue shorts and red and blue T-shirts stretched, bent, and strained during the year in physical edu- cation classes. After five minutes of exercises the boys became team members in such games as soccer, basketball, or water polo. lunior and senior girls par- ticipated in elective activities ranging from slimnas- tics to golf. Students of all ages ended the year with aching muscles but improved physical condition. Robin Beyers spent many gym classes at the parallel bars practic- ing pulling her legs together and pointing her toes to succeed in skill tests. Linda Dohman witnessed a frequent mishap of badminton, as Marilyn Miller hit the birdie straight up to the gym's rafters. The gym class wrestler in the down posi- tion recorded two points as soon as he finished his reversal. N97 :xg in if ', Greg Chapman in disguise strained through smoke and blinding to apply the finishing touches on his house jack. Hands tightly gripped, metal-shop student Richard Greaves drilled blade holes into an almost completed hack saw frame. Industrial Arts Echoed Enterprise Promptly at 8:00, the shrill sound of band saws and the rhythmic pounding of drill presses declared that Nicolet's woodworking shop was again at work. In the drafting room the audible hum of the blue-print machine and the stifling smell of ammonia, along with the snapping of pencil leads, indicated that student engineers and architects had also begun work. At 2:49 the power was cut, sawdust settled, and drawing machines were again hung neatly in place as the wheels and gears of Nicolet's Industrial Arts Department ground to a halt. Draftsman leff Roozen carefully piloted his 4H pencil across a half-sectioned drawing of Plate 8 titled Hood Bearing. Paul Gallner added a masculine touch to Family Living class. Home Economics Prepared Students for the Future Sewing, cooking, designing homes, and family living gave a variety of practical and interesting training to the Nicolet student. In cooking class smiles and frowns reflected the results of experiments with new recipes. Across the hall the hum of sewing machines and the snipping of scissors ac- companied faces intent upon their creative projects. ln the other courses offered by the Home Economics department, imagination sketched the blue prints for designing model homes, and combined knowledge was applied to individual and family problems. Miss Gullickson gave Renee Naimon advice on hand stitching hooks and eyes. Iudi Rozran skeptically watched as Debra Peters stirred and ludy Lehn added melted chocolate to the cake batter. JW 30 New Q if iw iiitsfwm sg A z Y RE S Bill Radtke referred to the test as Mr. Wolf explained the transaction. Business Department Speeclecl Along A typing student struck the wrong key as he raced to finish a letter's closing. A shorthand student forgot the "Dear Sir" symbol as she scribbled the dictation. A bookkeeper forgot to list the check num- ber. In the beginning weeks, business students frequently fumbled, but with practice they grasped the basic skills. Short- ly, students pushed themselves, constantly gaining speed and proficiency. 31 Eyes off the keys was the most important lesson. Q.p-,Q is Q. if Libraries Evoked Students' Emotions The library should have conjured memories of frantic research, shuffling books, and an overused card catalogue. Instead it recalled the embarrassment of being isolated to a corner, the self-consciousness of trying to tiptoe across the library floor yet producing a resounding echo, the anger of arriving at the library in hopes of doing re- search but finding all the seats occupied, the frustration of searching for the one book needed for the assignment, and the boredom of being alone because none of the group showed up that hour. At the close of school Shela Feiss searched the Li-Ly box of the card catalogue to find the book Lord ofthe Flies. 'Ya Qgfiw it, S Reading required deep concentration. In the quiet library at- mosphere, Bill Hiller ex- tended a helping arm to Mike Kimmel on a math- ematical problem. 32 wif Nurse Analyzed Ailments Attendance at the nurse's office fluctuated from day to day. Typical days revealed students with flushed faces, watery eyes, painful expressions, swol- len ankles or deep cuts. Busier days seemed to coin- cide with Monday mornings, the 600 in girls' gym classes, and the end of the six weeks. No matter how occupied or what the situation created, Mrs. jones faced the crisis. "john Sanfelippo, can you hear me?" X111-' Q, xx Hectic Guidance Office Aided Inquisitive Students Phones rang. Voices buzzed. Students poured over college material. A pleasant voice inquired, "Your name please. Oh, yes, she'll be with you in a mo- ment. Please be seated." Feet shuffled to and fro. Doors opened and closed with a click. Behind those doors students conferred with counselors. Here counselors continually provided answers about col- leges, solutions to grade problems and guidance in scheduling. Bernard Rupp entered into the world of U.W.M. JHNI ll, I t t ff' if f . lKff,!1x'fK CLUBS xp ' I Q IM at liB'f- if I Shield Art and Shield Editorial Merged Wednesdays after school, every noon, Friday nights and study halls con- stituted time used by members to create Shield. Writers conferred with photographers in order to capture expressions and emotions that revealed the scene. They visited clubs or attended specials and sport events to observe actions and reactions. Then Shield Editorial members pondered ideas, scribbled words, revised sentences, and worried about November eleventh, December eighteenth, january twenty-ninth, and March twelfth deadlines. As the clock struck six, Shield Editorial members waited to hear the approval for printing or the comments for revising. Friday night at Shield Editorial, students groped for ideas, snatched a bite to eat, and strove to finish articles. .wig Yearbook editors Nancy Rudberg, Linda Lichter and julie Schur checked the ladder for the page numbers of the second deadline articles. 36 , to Capture the Expressions and Actions ofthe 1968 69 Comparing last year's pictures to recent ones, Shield Art Staff members checked for incorrect 4 labeling of pictures. ,.,.,....0-Q!! Art Staff members marked the backs of portraits with names and then alphabetized the packets. Early Saturday morning while most students of Nicolet recovered from a week of school, a few industrious people sat at the drawing board in the art room. While some sleepy eyed members of Shield Art arranged and rearranged pictures and articles to form a page of harmonious black and white, other members interrupted the arranging of pages to draw attention to an unusual pose by one of their class- mates. Laughter echoed through the empty halls as the workers relaxed to enjoy the pictures. Then their faces returned to determined expressions as they attempted to find the unusual and create an attrac- tive yearbook. Debbie Padway checked portrait names with class lists, hoping to find pictures for every name. School Year Camera Club Practiced New Techniques Camera Club members found themselves lean- ing out of a moving truck going down Wisconsin Avenue or squatting in the path of the arid desert dome at Mitchell Park Conservatory. With each shot, they tried to use new techniques of photog- raphy they had learned from programs sponsored by Eastman-Kodak Company. New ways to cap- ture moods, balance composition, and mount finished prints added to each member's knowledge of photography. Richard Mitz, president of Camera Club, explained the tech- niques used in his award-winning picture, "Girl on Beach." Shield Photography Focused on Faces Looking through the shutter's eye, each Shield photographer questioned the many factors neces- sary for a good yearbook picture. "Facial? Com- position balanced? Interesting? Suitable for year- book? Exposure correct?" . . . Click! Shield photographer Mark Perlstein carefully composed a picture for Shield. Shield photographers examined proof sheets for yearbook pros- pects. 390 0 A -.,,t.,,-4 Ns in Knight's Page Gained a New Image Knight's Page took a new look at the news. Whether it was a stimulating backstage inter- view with APeter, Paul, and Mary or the thrilling action of the Knights going down the field for a touchdown, Knight's Page recorded the scene. A new emphasis placed on editorials reflected the opinions of Nico- Iet students on topics of current interest such as drugs, Vietnam, and censorship. Even the ads were different: they were bigger and more artistic. The '68-69 Knight's Page quick- ened the pace for the now generation of Nicolet. The day before the paper went to press, co-editors Mary Bernstein and Rick Ridberg discussed proof cor- rection with the printer. At the printer's, editorial staff members checked the galleys for last-minute changes. Q 'X-. it W x l A BOTTOM ROW: I. leatran, B. Polisky, L. Tellier, I. Poppendieck. TOP ROW: H. Bernstein, M. Turim, editor, I. Dahlman, editor K. Schevers, W. Evrard,editor in chief. Members evaluated student art entries for artistic merit and layout possibilities. Crest Featured Creativity The works in Nicolet's literary magazine, Crest had its origins large- ly in two sources: inspiration and assigned class work. These inspira- tions and assignments developed into poems, articles, and essays which were finally submitted to the Crest staff. Then the submitted material became the topic of discussion at a Crest literary staff meet- ing. Members judged the work on such criteria as reader interest, style, and originality. Then if the staff wished to recommend any revisions, members contacted the author of the piece. In spring the art and production staff replaced the literary staff to lay out the ac- cepted submissions in an artful manner and to design the 1969 Crest cover. The final step was the return of the articles in magazine form to Nicolet students. Editors Maureen Turim and Wendy Evrard glanced at the final agenda before a Crest meeting. 40 -sf-ff '24, As affirmative speaker Mark Rudolph presented the contentions of teammate Dave Bate and himself, op- ponents loe Obenburger and Chris Bupp busily scribbled notes for rebuttal. 'sv t, In preparation for the sectional debates, Alan Posner checked an important fact on passive resistance from the writings of Ghandi. Debaters Resolved Victory and Achieved Honors Faced in September with the resolution "That the United States should establish a system of compulsory service by all citizens, "Nicolet's debaters spent most free time between then and October in the library diligently preparing for their first debates. Benefiting from practice debates, extensive research, courses on theory and practice of debate, and help from their coach, hopeful debaters confidently entered their first con- tests. Although shaken at times in debates by introduction of such topics as the proposal to train Americans in non-violent resistance if the Russians or Chinese should attempt an invasion, Nicolet's debaters, appealing to emotions and intellect, argued and orated their way through a very successful year. Improving tremendously from two years ago, when Nicolet placed last in the conference, the debate team captured five tournament tro- phies, the Braveland Conference title, and confidently qualified for the state sectionals. --N. s. ., ' B lv-l""" dl AKX Nicolet's "A" division debaters Richard Rubin, Bruce Herman, Mark Hasey, Alan Posner, and Herb Wiedemann displayed trophies won at Sheboygan South, Pio Nono, and Nicolet. Tournament trophies from Brookfield Central and Homestead evi- denced a successful sea- son for debaters Bill Hiller, lim Gollin, Tony Milanowski, Steve Swid- 41 ler and jerry Lieberthal. -I . Forensics Team Talked Its Way to Victory As members of the Forensics Team loaded the bus to go to a Saturday tournament, their minds were on one thing-their speeches. During the ride, they reviewed their selections for a final time. A student who did an interpretation of prose from a section of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn tried to remember to have better vocal variety when speaking the part of Neely. Another member, telling a humorous story of the escapades of a high school girl, cautioned herself to speak slowly and to use natural gestures. In the corner of the bus, a student searched her memory for the words, "Let us explore some of the old virtues of integrity, truth, and honor in public life," from the beginning of Herbert Hoover's speech, "Honor in Public Life." Armed with preparation, the team members left the bus and gave their speeches with poise and con- fidence. Required to find a significant speech from the past still relevant in meaning today, Marla Mor- ris searched through old issues of Vital Speeches. As,Dawn Champion read her poem "The Torero t an after school practice, she concentrated on perfect ing her Spanish accent. J ...wwf ,, . s X 404 Drama Club President Ann Trovinger thoughtfully reviewed the progress of the backstage assign ments for The Miracle Worker. Drama Club Included Production and Presentation Drama Club members first experienced what goes into produc- ing a play in applying makeup for the natives in South Pacific amidst the backstage bustle and suspense. Their concept widened with added responsibilities for The Miracle Worker. For this, mem- bers not only did makeup and costuming, but also assembled the props and handled publicity. However, Drama Club didn't always work behind the scenes. Frequent practice in acting and inter- acting, pantomiming, and reading parts for interpretation fur- thered members' knowledge of play production. if-1' Several hours before the curtain rose, Drama Club members began to transform the cast into natives of South Pacific. 16 Susan Voelz described to Miss Broetzman the costumes of the 18805 needed for The Miracle Worker iv' l S se Jeff Reimer and Dave Bartels amazed their audience when they extracted Laura Waisbren from an empty doll house. Nicolet Magic Compan orked on Tricks and Treats Deep concentration and waving hands caused a lady to float on stage. ln the spotlight magicians successfully created illusions, but back stage was not so serene. Magicians clad in blue tuxedos rushed back and forth checking and rechecking equipment for their tricks. One performer waiting to go on, nervously tapped a rhythmic beat. Amid this tense backstage atmosphere, muffled laughter rose at the embarrassed magician on stage who pulled a dead dove from an empty bag. Panic set in when one sorcerer discovered his trick wasn't ready, and a friend on stage would have to ad lib. Finally the magicians anxiously lined up to go on for the grand finale, the Disappearing Alarm Clock trick. With the finale completed and applause sounding, smiling prestidigitators hurried to put the equipment away. jeff Roth mysteriously transfered knots from his silk to Bonnie Schumaker's silk in the Sympathetic Silks trick. fr Sherry Younger gave Tom Fefer a reassuring smile as he prepared to make the ringing alarm clock disappear. A FRESHMEN HOSTS BOTTOM ROW: L. Reif, R. Croen, F. Stein, 1. Buzzard, D. Hoffman, R. Lewis: SECOND ROW: D. Teasley, H. Zetley, T. Franks, D. Pastor, 1. Porter, THIRD ROW: T. Dohmen, 1. Potter, I. Jacobs, M. Froemming, P. Van Housen, B. Marx, FOURTH ROW: P. Zieve, R. Hornik, P. Wellenkamp, K. Hardeman, I. Worth, R. Reinert. :ig x - . 5+ V r , 1 :J . ' - , . Zi lk . 45 Welcoming Smile Greeted Guests Twenty-three solemn, but tremulous freshmen faces stared out into the audience at the Nicolet Host Installa- tion. Pride spread across the faces of the sophomore Hosts as they received their service pins. Throughout the year the welcoming smiles of these Nicolet Hosts greeted persons attending sports events, concerts, plays, and musicals. With the same affability, they seated people, took tickets, ,passed out programs, and checked coats. Through their service, Hosts created a pleasing image of Nic- olet for Nicolet's guests. Chairman Bill Hiller listened intensely as Mr. john- son issued special instructions for ushering. Even with a throng of people gathering at the door, john jagger kept his Host smile as he took the tickets at the Winter Concert. S Librar Interest Triggered Library Club Keeping the libraries quiet places for study was part of the job of the Nicolet library aides. These fifteen students arranged shelves and checked in books. Each study hall, they faithfully collected yellow passes from all of the students. Then they arranged passes alpha- betically and delivered them to the appropriate study halls. Their organization and responsibility in doing their job helped our Nicolet libraries run smoothly. Most of these library aides continued their interest in library activities after school in the Nicolet Library Club. Miss McMillen, the librarian, began the year with her speech on running a library in a ghetto area. The members later visited the UWM and Milwaukee Public Libraries. Through service and activities, they demonstrated an avid interest in all library functions. After carefully scrutinizing the tree in D-wing library, Mary Kay Novshek hung the first ornament. BOTTOM ROW: I. Fetherston, W. Kraus, I. Lindemann, 1. Skovera, K. Miottel, M. Novshek, C. Cienian, ROW TWO: W. Brei, 1. Nov- shek, I. Mycynek, I. Mycynek, I. Gettelman, B. Burroughs, A. Die- fenthaler. swam AL Sf' is 4 Paper, paints, and people announced coming sports events. Pep Club Looked New in'68J69 Through a series of meetings and considerable preparation, Pep Club created a new look. The first evidence of this was the appearance of thirty-five girls at the Brookfield East game dressed in white blouses and blue skirts. Identified by the new uniform, the girls grouped together to form a more effective cheer- ing section. To create even more spirit during the school song, the girls produced a blue and white checkerboard. At the end of the game, the girls en- hanced the coach cheer with their cards that spelled out "GRRRREAT," a word that also described the '68- '69 look and sound of Pep Club. During 5C lunch, Gail Wilson sold tickets to the Brown Deer game as one of Pep Club's services. During the constitution revision meeting, lim Picard, Council Vice-President Barry Gimbel, and Fred Croen attempted to draw up a new system for selecting class representatives. Ann Reiner, communications chairman, listened as Robb Cohn suggested that the Student Council Newsletter report on the new impeachment policy. Change Dominated Council For Student Council this was a year of change in its attitude towards student government. Council desired to redistribute its non-govern- mental activities such as Blue and White Day and Clash Day to other interested clubs and organizations. The representatives wanted to de- emphasize their social-council image and re- enforce their appearance as an active student power and sounding board. But Council, in the new role it undertook, did not forget its major goal, to represent its classmates. Behind-the-scenes of the Council-sponsored Tip-Off Week- end, Ann Becker, Gregg Richman, and I.indy Rhyan consid- ered a possible theme for the Pep Rally, "Roman Trium- verate." 'bf New ,-ffwif' X6 t 'W Q, ,N 9 ig., V." Frank Olbrys recognized Patty Derse's support of having shields decorate the walls of D-wing basement. Hard Work Equaled Long Awaited Furnishing The music started, the kids began to dance, and Youth Council's energetic members uttered a sigh of relief. Another Youth Council dance had begun and decorations for the long awaited D-wing Recre- ation Center came a little closer to being paid for. Besides tending to the seemingly endless project of getting the rec center ready for its opening, Youth Council kept busy by working on the very popular Hunger Pit, Deck the Halls, and Dad's Date Night. And one mustn't forget that Youth Council was responsible for getting bands, finding sponsors for dances, and setting up the Nicolet Social Calendar. In short Youth Council, in the words of its advisor Mr. Wade, "represented the student body in planning and coordinating social events at Nicoletf' At the 7:00 breakfast Field Day morning, Rick Bernstein auc- tioned captives Mi- chelle Lakam and Wendy Evrard as slaves. Upholding the agree- ment that students work on D-wing rec- reation center, Youth Council members K, Sampson, secretary D. Lemonds, vice-presi- dent N. Schilling, M. Milstein, P. Ritz, and president F. Olbrys cleaned the bottom of one of the newly acquired pool tables. At a routine Wednesday night meeting captivated members learned different teaching techniques and the efficiency of each from the movie "And No Bells Ring." Assisting Miss Van Beck in the Teacher Aid program, Vicki Haffkemeyer, a hopeful math major, filed corrected test papers. F.T. .er's Gained Insight ,gs Into Teaching Through initiation to actual teaching experiences, Nicolet's Fu- ture Teachers of America looked at the other side of education, the teacher's viewpoint, to discover the meaning of a career in teaching. Accepting membership in October, jittery but willing members were initiated by candle light ceremony. Throughout the year devoted members stationed themselves in E-wing, either correcting math papers, putting up Forensic bulletin boards, or filing Algebra tests, all services of Nicolet's Teacher Aid program. ln May, a nervous member played games and read stories to fidgety kindergarteners, probably as nervous as she was, at Good Hope School in the F.T.A. Student Visitation program. At the club's pic- nic at the end of the year, proud's received red, silver, or gold apple awards for activities. With the aid of movies, interesting guest speakers, and advice and guidance from Nicolet's own teach- ing staff, F.T.A. members gained insight into the areas of education and fullfilled, in part, their hopes in becoming the future teachers of America. A Amidst the festive atmosphere of their Christ- mas party, F.T.A. members playing Santa pre- sented advisor Miss Van Beck with a bottle of perfume. 50 A,, ,Hi Rf.. C fr. . If li, K V1--. ij ." I if ' 'K Hams Communicated Internationally "CQ, CQ, hello CQ ten meters . . ., this is WA9GlH, Wil- liam America 9 Goerge john Hotel, near Milwaukee, Wis- consin . . ., WA9GlH is listening for calls." "WA9GlH, this is SHBIELD ten meters, Steve Hotel 8 intra England Longshire Downs, near Glendale, Wisconsin, have received you, waiting for reply." "WA9GlH to SHBIELD: standing four novice, six general, , one amateur, all well versed in code, theory, and regulations, a two transmitter class, participant in National Radio Field Day, 950 contacts as of yet, end minus twenty-six minutes, can you act as relay for Christmas Message Service?" "SH8lELD to WA9ClH: affirmative, SHBIELD is standing by As Bob Hammel looked on, radio operator Bruce Berstein answered a call from a fellow ham, KSINY, Austin, on a Swan- 400 transmitter, while Bruce Harmann moderated efficiency output. A-lx I-. N I 5 cf' President Lorin Staats and three other N.B.S. techni- cians previewed recordings of the Doors and Sergio Mendez before playing them onthe air. .B.S. Tuned in Second Semester To the disappointment of countless listeners and the N.B.S. staff itself, Nicolet's Broadcasting System was not heard the first semester. Con- cerned members, through the help of donut sales and personal initiative, helped the club recover from financial difficulties and technical prob- Iems to once again bring N.B.S. on the air second semester. Aided by a complete organizational change, new equipment and techniques, N.B.S. technicians and disk jockeys were able to provide better quality broad- casts as the year progressed. Aspiring D.l.'s played Steppenwolf to Bach on tapes and records and cheerfully gave congratulations and transmitted announcements from 11:00 to 'I :00, january through june. In the N.B.S. back room, members leff Zens, Terry Mixer, and Mike Sitarz adjusted volume on a broadcasting taperecorder to meet present condi- tions in the cafeteria. .Sl Knights Performed Royal Moves "Checkmate!" A look of com- plete satisfaction replaced the intense look of concentration on the face of a chess player. As the victor completed his game, a feeling of accomplishment surged through him. Thursday after Thursday he met an opponent in a practice game, readying him- self for the year-end tournament. Scouting a game to learn new techniques, Fred Bollow and Mark Garber anticipated Mike Winter's next move. Strategic Thinking Conquered Checkerboard Squares Students were jumping to the tune of "King me" and "Double jump" at Checkers Club. Mem- bers met each week on Thurs- day to play checkers with friends. During these games they sharp- ened their ability to reason and plot moves and attained more logical thinking. At the end of the year, they tested these abil- ities in a club-sponsored tour- nament. Sue Berland contemplated for a moment before jumping the opponent's checker. President Steve Kirshner grinned down upon his mounting stack of checkers. Spanish Club Captured the Mood of Spain The smell of tamales, enchiladas and tacos, the sight of candy scattering from a broken pifiata, and the sound of Spanish carols made an enjoyable Christmas fiesta for the Senior Spanish Club. The rhythm of a classical guitarist and the excitement of Spanish word games kept meetings entertaining and profitable. Slides of marketplaces and ancient volcanoes in Guatemala gave members a sense of actually being in a Spanish-speaking land. Through such activities, members became more aware of Spanish culture and improved their knowledge of the Spanish language. A While Howie Gaines swung in vain, Holly Sanderson smiled delightedly at the prospect of getting a chance to swing at the piiata. Snapping into a Spanish mood, members prepared for their monthly meeting. FRONT ROW: Paula Ferrara, Sue Fine, Carol Shackman, loann Corrao, Chris Buth, Karen Ginda, Liliana Cozodoy, Christy Collins. MIDDLE ROW: Renee Swerin, Barb Moss, Nancy Kurzer, lim Hiller, Bill Hiller. TOP ROW: Beth Sonin, Tom Wendle, Steve Kirshner, Jody Lubotsky, leri Stroiman, Lori Burchman. 53 CAS Served Creatively Creative Activity Service sought ways to make others happy. Dressed as Indians, members brought smiles to young faces as they taught the mentally retarded children of Southern Colony to make coffee cans into tom-toms. Then for children at orphanages in South Viet Nam, CAS members collected soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Still collecting, the club turned back to our country to send old glasses to New jersey to "Sight for the Needy." Members displayed an eager attitude to aid others in all their projects. Straightening the Lost and Found, Diane Howard and Barb Krieger found amusement in the endless number of lost articles. J Diane Halloran, Ann Hallada, and tw' 3 'ovffmf-0 vt' Lofufgg "' Diane Howard readied the collection of "Operation Planeload" for mailing to Viet Nam. cmk'v'I.l"" "' Les Chevaliers Francais Engendered La joie Parlez-vous francais? The answer to this question must have been oui to have joined French Club, for all activities were French oriented. The annual Christmas party, for example, was a French progressive dinner. This spirited holiday party featured French food, Christmas carols, such as "Noel Nouvelet," and games like "A La Bonne Heure," a game similar to Bingo. The comfortable atmosphere of this Christmas party characterized French Club, which en- joyed bike hikes and other informal gatherings rather than business meetings. The excitement of sampling French food in a Chicago restaurant and of searching out French paintings in the museum there lit up the faces of Sari Luck, Bob Aronson, and Arlene Peltz. 'Inv 1 '45 The committee of Ellen Bernstein, Sue Albert, Lorelei Ctruen, and lody Mitz made final preparations for French Club's progressive dinner. The French Club took a break from school routine when they gathered for a bike hike on one of the last warm week-ends. 55 .F.S. Featured International Spirit A spontaneous combustion of ideas exploded when the officers and advisors of A.F.S. club met in December to formulate plans for the upcoming exchange program in February and the annual Fiesta Night. As excitement surged and plans developed, the secretary furiously scribbled notes: "Exchange students spend week before Fiesta Night. Party planned with Brookfield Central." Then the trend of ideas shifted to the gay, fun-filled Fiesta Night. Shouting voices developed ideas: "Make posters! call the Herald. Have dancing at 6:00 and 8:00, spaghetti dinner at 5:00-7:00." The detail and enthusiasm of planning transformed into excellent re- sults for the club's members. The holiday spirit of the Christmas party, the fun of Fiesta Night, and the excitement of the exchange program brought the international flavor of A.F.S. to Nicolet. with an inviting smile Liliana Cozodoy tempted Santa Claus, Dur- ward Watson, to have a bite of her cupcake. President Madeline Crivello smiled with delight at the mounting number of en- thusiastic members signed up on Secre- tary Rea Katz's Fiesta Night food list. Animated members responded to the prospect of housing exchange students from lefferson,Wisconsin. ,V Germany's Tilman Goetting, a participant in the International Youth Exchange, displayed a creative style during his stay at Nicolet. Til's attire often caused girls to look twice at his continental outfits, consisting of buckled loafers, striped bell bottoms, and brightly colored turtleneck sweaters. An artistic interest led him to enter a still-life sketch in an area art contest. Finally, Til also contributed musically to Nicolet. He drummed with the marching band and bowed mellow sounds for the finale of "Younger Than Springtime." Graceful, dark-haired Liliana Cozodoy from Argentina discovered North America. She felt the sharp, tingling sting of cold snow on her face and took advantage of Yankee tips on the mastery of complicated skills of tennis and bad- minton. This South American A.F.S.'er gathered matchboxes, napkins, and sugar packages as mementos of her year abroad. .F.S.'ers Shared Their Worlds Friendly, outgoing, and uninhibited, Rhodesia's jeremy Gaylard seemed to be an A.F.S.'er able to do anything. Multi-talented lem could say "l love you" in twenty-three languages. He took to the slopes of Iron Mountain, Michigan, during an A.F.S. skiing week-end. He brought his British accent to the portrayal of Captain Brackett in "South Pacific" and earnestly presented the South Afri- can view point in Student Council meetings. Armed with a Spanish-English dictionary, French student Madeline Crivello departed for Cali, Columbia. From june until August she lived in a different world where afternoon visits lasted from four to eleven at night and mothers chaperoned dates. Madeline's new friends offered her garlicky foods, excited speech, and too brief siestas. When she arrived home, our A.F.S. girl was greeted with questions such as What was your family like? What kind of clothes did you wear? What were the boys like? questions that kept alive her unforgettable visit. 57 Hall Monitors Controlled Corridor Traffic Echoing footsteps interrupted the stillness of an empty hall. The alert hall monitor immediately looked up to see who was approaching. The foot- steps paused as the hall monitor's eyes searched for the appropriate pink pass. Then with the fading of footsteps, the hall again took on its overwhelming silence, and the Nicolet hall monitor continued to study. Kay Marino checked schedules to locate a student who had a lunch waiting in the office. Dick Mitz handed Mr. Bloemers a pass for a student wanted by Mr. Leussler. .3-E.: x Xx .. A ts? ,ukgxggx M , ,WM Q 5 sm 2 L Q J VK,.,. W L, x x 5 , f 1 - J ' ,fy-iq. ex , . 5555? 4,,X .X is i .Mi His , ,s,.,'x..,, :Zim -': x F , A.. if X' 9 -"Ex ' 'Y W, n 1 x "f93iV?:V x ,, S A 1 .- .ff i .Rl - A i - f .:-, XJ fix av' av-'F . German Club Accented Good Times Emotions sparked German Club members during their varied activities this year. During Homecoming, the members screamed with excitement when they heard their entry "The Red Baron Votes Knights" won the Homecoming float competition. In October, members lost in the maze of Kettle Mor- raine felt frantic, but with German perserverance finally arrived at their destination. At the annual Christmas party, delighted faces acknowledged the presents that Sankt Nicklaus gave, while German Club's Bumpskapelle, an oompha band, played. Their hopes high for winning the Homecoming float competition, Barry Mumm and Lynn Roginske finished tying their entry to a trailer. KRW this itnx ...-YN! Z 'vu nv 'Ns TNR Doing a take-off on Laugh-In, German Club members per- formed an unrehearsed skit. 61 -. q, ff 4 .11 154- fvf Zi., .4 - BOTTOM ROW: L. Weber, L. Lichter, B. Wolfe, A. Weiss, ROW TWO: L. Weber, 1. Friedlander, D. Weber, B. Lutsky, M. Leno, TOP ROW: M. Shumow, T. Fefer, I. Gimbel, S. Hatch, D. Kaiser, Mr. Lemon. -. Free Expression T pified Social Studies Club Freedom to express an opinion-this was the feeling that Social Studies Club reflected. The members exhibited this feeling when they invited Sam Salter to talk about Black militancy. Communiquei Social Studies Club's news- paper, also showed this feeling. Since students voiced opinions on any subject, Communique was not only an open door for the student, but also a stimulating force that made stu- dents think and take a stand. In response to a question at an open forum after school, Sam Salter explained the goals of Black Power. Mr. Gromme yawned as he waited impatiently for tipped canoes to return to position. Biology Club Explored the Unusual "That one is mine," was the cry as Biology Club held its first annual Frog Hopping contest during the Devil's Lake weekend outing in October. This was just one of Biology Club's exciting activities for the '68-'69 season. In September during the fall canoe trip, enthusiastic club members paddled through the pouring rain. Later in the year, they rang in the holiday season with their fund raising project, cutting and bailing their own Christmas trees for sale to the school faculty. With spring came the Biology Club camp-out to the Michigan State Dunes. All these activities, plus pot hole blasting at Mr. Strehlow's farm, trips to the zoo, and informative speakers, filled the year with memorable experiences in fun and learning. "Heave! Heave!" Busy outdoorsman put evergreen trees through the bailing machine. During a cold fall camp-out, jackie Yanow, Elaine Armour, and lanice Cutler hungrily stirred their warm hunter's soup. 62 had eww, Rifle Club Performed on Target C Sharp reports of rifles echoed in the ears of Nicolet junior Rifle Club members aiming for bulls-eyes at the Glendale Police Department. Often on Wednesday nights the boys prac- ticed shooting in prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing positions. Using competition style, they each earned awards provided by the National Rifle Association, with which the club is affiliated. Rifle Club used the tra- ditional donut sales to raise money for buying equipment including mats, scopes, and rifles. Someday the sharpshooters hope to compete with other clubs and acquire their own shoot- ing facilities. D. Kruse peered through his rifle sights at the bulls-eye- the camera lens. D. Kruse, M. Freshwaters, and I. Lewin watched as Mr. Widmar explained the procedures for scor- ing targets. F.B.L.A. members, Debra johnson, Barb Roller, Debbie Woolweber, Karen Peters, and julie Pfeiffer practiced parliamentary procedure for future competition. One of the many different scenes Rick Rand enjoyed after buying a box of Wis- consin Note Cards was that of the state's northern forests. FBLA Strived for Success After winning the National Gold Seal Chapter Award for going over and above the required duties for an FBLA chapter, members of FBLA determined to repeat the suc- cess at this year's convention. Participating in a mock meeting, members practiced parliamentary procedure, a contest which they had placed second at last year's con- vention. ln another room, enthusiastic FBLA'ers partici- pated in a practice spelldown to prepare them for Green Lake competition. However, not all of their time was spent on convention activities. During the year, members planned activities related to their business interests. A field trip to the billing offices of the Telephone Company showed students data processing and computer installa- tions. A visit to the offices of Globe Union helped to make them aware of one of the businesses in this com- munity. At the end of the year, seniors benefited from the opportunity of working at an office. Through their participation in club activities, FBLA members prepared for their futures in the business world. Lynn Ceaman and Linda Breul faced eager paper, pencil and pen customers every morning at the school store. ff"---ist. ..,.. . NHL-Y Mm 64 Students Realized atural Beauty Reviewing the year's activities, members of Earth Science Club recalled their camping trips to various parts of Wisconsin to observe different land forma- tions. They remembered the beautiful and once glacier-ridden land of the Kettle Morraine Area. On another trip, to Southwestern Wisconsin, members noted differences of this unglaciated area from that of the land of Kettle Morraine. Speakers on fossils, films on weather and meteorology, slides of the Pacific Northwest, a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, the knowledge and enjoyment of the year-all came back. On and on the memories flowed. Using the celestial globe, club members located earth's relation- ship to the moon, Aided by a stropescope, Science Club members calebrated the frequencies of water waves on a ripple tank. Science Club Worked for Discoveries Eyes of Science Club members brightened with interest and amazement as fellow club members demonstrated the extraordinary reaction caused by mixing powder aluminum and iron oxide or ex- plained the simplicity of measuring the mass of electrons. Besides experiments, members worked on individual projects to enter at science fairs. Among the many were desalinating seawater, suspending and reviving animation, and stressing rats to produce dental caries. Through club activities, members researched to further their knowledge of scientific technique. 65 ,f ,ff ' W' ffE M lJ ff? W? . 1 ' . -1 . 5-2 .' ' 3 A -i gf gl few . f . ' fi . sqm: -. gn: 1 xv L A-V Aides Expanded Their Services Throughout the year, Audio-Visual Aides assisted in the technical work involved in film programs. Several boys came to Nicolet evenings to pro- vide community groups with projec- tionists. One club member, Carl Blesch, produced educational photo- graphic materials, which Nicolet teach- ers used for instructional purposes. Along with Mr. Sund, club members set up the noon film program, manag- ing the light and sound systems for it. When not otherwise occupied, they met informally to discuss newer, more effective ways of handling audio-visual equipment. Listening intently to Mr. Sund, Dennis Pehoski, leff Zens, and Carl Blesch learned the workings of the lighting control panel in the Little Theater. Steve Augustin, jeff Zens, and Terry Mixer discovered why the picture wouldn't appear-a burnt out light bulb! Programming lntrigued Math Club Math Club was like a jigsaw puzzle, in that pieces of mathematical information fit together. Having pro- grammed the "101", Math Club members felt the tri- umph of reading the computer's correct answers. ln discussions and through presentation of projects, mem- bers gained insight into the theory of games, into Godol's proof, and into linear programming. To these students, Math Club brought a feeling of challenge and accomplish- ment. Math Club members pondered Carolyn Whiting and Lois Otto's ex- planation of equalities, a concept of linear programming. 67 BOTTOM ROW: S. Howard, L. Schilling, SECOND ROW: 1. johns- ton, L. Meyers, M. Silbar, B. Chapman, THIRD ROW: C. Caine, K. Heil, W. Luck, N. Morey, F. Zien, N. Chapman, M. Atkins, FOURTH ROW: K. Lahl, N. Paine, M. Bach, D. Neff, P. Optenburg, R. Trump, N. Schilling, C. lohnson, Miss Oust, TOP ROW: D. Stein, M. Miller, B. Nashban, 1. Padek, 1. Drake, I. Bazelon, 1. Lampiris. The hard part of this routine was not keeping a straight leg: it was keepinga straight line. Water ymphs Danced in the Night "Shall We Dance," from The King and I, intro- duced the1969 water ballet show, the main project of the Nicolet Aqua Knights. Adorned in a costume unique to a particular country, each swimmer empha- sized grace as she displayed representative folk dances. A solo of the melodious "Scarborough Fair," a duet by two geisha girls, and group routines such as the Dutch shoe dance or the Egyptian belly dance created a world of dancing. A note of laughter pre- sided also, as characterized in America's familiar "dos-a-dos." As a finale, each girl proudly swam in the appropriate climax, "I Could Have Danced All Night." Nancy Schilling demonstrated a gesture from her geisha girl duet Gymnastics Club Highlighted IN A A group of energetic girls identified by red and white carnations scurried through the corridors on Valentines Day. These students were members of the Gymnastics Club, the new addition to NGA. During practices they experimented with various interpretations of basic exercises such as the lump- ing jack or the Toe Touch. Then they carefully worked out a creative routine and presented it dur- ing halftime at the basketball game on Valentines Day. At least once a week, these girls joined other NGA'ers to concentrate on the traditional sports such as volleyball and basketball. Competing against each other, each member used all her ef- forts in hopes of victory for her team. These three Gymnastics club members concentrated on perfect symmetry in their exercise routine. Susan lelich practiced graceful movement for her part in Gymnastics Club's participation at half time during a basketball game. These girls comprised one of the teams competing in the NGA basketball tournament. Varsity Club member K. Zganjar and his date B. Ziemer traded refreshments during the Var- sity Club's all school dance. Lettermen Promoted Athletics Through Service Lettermen not only went through the rigors of competition for their school but also served Nicolet when out of uniform. Two roles were thus created, and both were active ones. While some members participated in the spotlight on the football field or on the basketball court, others helped time for swim meets, served refreshments at games, and worked at scoring tables. The boys in Var- sity Club carried out a two-fold job, with both parts aimed at serving Nicolet. B. Mandel, j. Hoffman, and N. Siegal paraded Varsity Club's victory float during the Tip- Off pep rally. Varsity Club members: ROW 7: D. Pinzer, M. Manes, B. Bateman, B. Price, B. Brucato, G. Rattner, B. Mandel, 1. Sondel, M. Kuffel, G. Zieve, 1. Reinert, I. Hoffman, ROW 2: R. Grass, B. Pape, 1. Hiller, T. Kelley, D. Grimm, K. Kreu- ger, 1. Swenson, G. Rieboldt, 1. Kotecki, K. Hosler, M. Siegel, G. Herman, K. Zganjarg ROW 3: K. Starke, K. Robertson, I. Kendall, M. Gertler, S. Rothstein, M. Mesirow, B. Shamburek, G. Looper, R. LeClaire, S. Rod- well, R. Fisher, K. Bostod, ROW 4: B. Levin, 1. Aldridge, M. Cohen, P. Ritz, M. Burke, T. Lonnborg, B. Trosper, I. Shoenhair, D. Dedrick, D. Rittmeyer, I. Grieger, S. Bazelon, Mr.Bachman. fa Wg, X Intramurals Sparked Active Participation Intramurals was a two-season program. In the fall, football enthusiasts met behind the school on week- day afternoons to take part in supervised touch and flag games. Participants experimented to find the position that suited them best and finally served in that capacity on their teams. When the winter months moved in, footballs were exchanged for bas- ketballs, and the scene switched to the new gym, where the shrill cries of referees' whistles and the pounding of running feet prevailed. Players exercised basic fundamentals in the presence of spirited com- petition. All boys involved felt that the intramurals program was a worthwhile recreational activity, giving interested boys the opportunity to participate. Daryl Wilfong snared a rebound, leaving Marty Goldin and Ed Stenzel empty-handed by his aggressive play. Dan Recht attempted the fundamental jump shot in the midst of a crowd, 7l Paperback Bookstore: B. Reif, B. Berwick, T. Tishberg, C. Frank, 1. leatran, D. Merar. Paperback Bookstore Encouraged Reading Red books, orange books, blue books served as backgrounds for the sophomore book venders. Titles such as In Cold Blood, Invisible Man, and Silent Spring attracted passers-by. Perhaps The Hobbit or The Angry Hills drew a student to the store window, where fellow students stood ready to help him make a selection. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from eleven to one, stu- dents could conveniently enrich their own paperback libraries right here at Nicolet. Cyndie Frank scanned the General Fiction Section to find Cone With the Wind for a noontime customer. Noon Recreation Depended on Student Supervisors Two strong hands belonging to a thun- derous voiced lunchroom supervisor formed an insurmountable barricade against a hungry student trying to sneak into the already teeming cafeteria. At the same time, the placid face of a library supervisor surveyed the quiet scene of students working in F-wing library. ln the gym, the noon recreation supervisor joined his friends in a game of fast mov- ing basketball. Numbering one hundred, these responsible students worked to- gether with their peers to maintain a more relaxed atmosphere. Su ervisor Sharon Sosman changed to the Beatle's P new record after several requests from noon recrea- tion participants. 72 A friendly game of cards, a good joke, and a complaint about last hour's exam occupied the free hour for these freshmen boys. Conserving his energy for the afternoon wrestling meet, D. White played a less strenuous but nonetheless exciting game of table soccer. oon Rec Stumblecl Through Second Year Noon recreation experienced a slow start-study groups until mid-October. Shakily and chaotically the program started for- ward, gained momentum, then halted. Youth Council, Student Council, Senior Council, and advisors met to discuss two major problems-an insufficient number of supervisors and an over- crowded lunch room. Finally the problems were resolved, and noon rec resumed with the thud of basketballs, the silence of the library, the roar of the cafeteria, and the blare of music. Although the program was titled noon recreation, C. Staats and L. Flowers competed fiercely in a basketball game. "ww-CQ' ,, 73 DRILL TEAM: Left to Right: N. Evans, D. Wolf, D. Novak, S. Huxtable, C. Withey, D. Withey, K. Tiefenthaler, D. Prange, D. Petros, K. Harsh, P. Evers, L. Lohman, E. Rohan, C. Talboys, 1. john, E. Brengel, I. Stampfl, C. Smith, B. Schumaker, I. Parker, B. Marsh, 1. Mahler, E. Armour, W. Pierson, j. Dickinson,C. Wakefield. jill Parker rhythmically shook her pompoms to "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." Drill Team's Practice Brought Half-Time Entertainment The student visitor viewing one of the many practices of drill team heard shouts of "Keep your arms straight" or "Smile!" Immediately the onlooker noted that all eyes fo- cused on the now empty stands. Alertly, he spied wrinkling foreheads as intent girls concentrated on the beats of the music to make their kicks and claps at the exact times. At games as the band struck the opening notes of the school song, spectators saw the results of the long hours of practice. They noticed shaking pompoms going to the right and to the left. Others soon recognized legs kicking high and hands clapping to the beat of the music. These drill team girls had perfected their skills to spark the half-time spirit of athletic events. Drill Team filled the floor with color and spirit during the school song at Tip- Off Pep Rally. 74 WW ,fb X, x. ,. 5 ...S fu .VI i F Q X? gf ff ff Q is ' S' K., 5 si . Q Q gif? at if H X E ,i .X L as S.e fx Sk 9 ENN R QS ff gl fs 1 bg K E, isps Qs W? Stage Band Svvung on Blues and Ballads STAGE BAND BOTTOM ROW: M. Temkin, 1. zens, R. Benz, M. Cinoz THIRD ROW: L. Reif, T. Tennessen, M. COX, 1- Reimer, D. Altman, R. Gorbette, G. Eichsteadt: SECOND ROW: L. Kesselman, B2ifl9lS,Mf- Bloemers- D. White, T. Schuett, B. Krieger, B. Pape, M. Marcus, M. Spara- Intermediates Accented Tonalit T i A .... A INTERMEDIATE BANQ BOTTOM ROWI 5- WHISOH, D- Olson, L Delaplain, THIRD ROW: G. Karides, M. Novak, K. Anderson, I. Wh3l9Yf M- VUl4, C- Slngeff K- BGUZ, T- ZGUS, l- Sheldon: SECOND Skovera, R. Kunz, D. Andreotti, 1. Ramminger, D. Pastor, Mr. ROW: R. Cutler, S. Berland, B. Klein, L. Beers, D. Dittmar, L. Bloemerg, Zganjar, M. Whiting, D.'McLarry, l- Ruff, G. Pahlisch, S. Minar, A. 76 BEGINNING CHOIR BOTTOM ROWS D. Aronson, L. Berg, I. Giffen, L. johnson, N. Morey, 1. Becker, B. Tillman, N. Kurzer, B. Buhrow, M. Klocksin, C. Mateskie, D. Lessin, A. Wong, D. Cuper- tino, C. Pinter, l. Lehn, I. Lahl, S. Hughes, G. Becker, SECOND ROW: L. Martin, B. Fransee, K. Tanouye, C. Gilbert, M. Streich, C. Godden, M. Werhane, A. Trovinger, T. Siegel, B. Street, l. Wallace, L. Morris, R. Ellis, C. Cardio, V. Doner, E. Connell, M. Lauwasser, D. Gredeg THIRD ROW: B. Pelant, D. Hubbard, I john, C. Gubbins, N. Nelson, P. Sparacino, B. Maresh, I. Pumpian S. Weiss, S. Feiss, 1. Hiller, P. Maes, I. Geier, S. Feradig TOP ROW 1. Bush, B. Buck, P. Backes, l. Bazelon, 1. Potter, I. Weiss, B Browne, P. Matznar, M. Regner, B. Hornik, T. Wells, D. Dickinson M. Chernin, P. Buescher, 1. Addy, A. Breithaupt, Mr. lipson. Choirs Disciplined Voices and Technique INTERMEDIATE CHOIR BOTTOM ROW: B. Weinberg, 1. Mueller, T. Beduhn, H. Bumby, 1. Lewin, B. Reif, 1. Kupper, I. C-ettelman, 1. Wallac, S. Blumenthal, I. Zache, M. Colbergg SECOND ROW: Mr. lipson, D. Zien, D. Maas, S. Winkler, G. Richman, L. Bernstein, D. Gellman, B. Nashban, C. Hinkens, K. Hokanson, L. Poitnoy, D. Shul- kin, I. Stroiman, THIRD ROW: C. Cienian, K. Friedrich, M. Bern, R. Pierner, B. Berwick, M. Gaborsky, K. Johannes, L. Rubin, L. Zachariasen, H. Montag, D. Halloran, I. Pollow, S. Greenebaum, I. Armour, l. Johnston, M. Waxman, V. Blachly, FOURTH ROW: I. Harris, T. Tishberg, I. Lubotsky, M. Miller, K. Schevers, K. Vogeler, L. Kaufman, S. Fine, D. Westphal, M. Herbst, C. Talobys, I. Peck, S. Shukur, S. Knap, l. Fromstein, L. Shoettl, C. johnson, TOP ROW: T. Hasley, C. Lowenstein, K. Koch, R. Trump, C. Sellin, S. Mottram K. Langetieg, D. Mahnke, B. Kaul, D. Yench, I. leatran, N. Mitch: ell, B. Schumaker, C, Wakefield, I. Stanford, 1. Traxler, T. Silver- stein, S. Albecht, P. Scherbarth, K. Appleby, 1. Horton. Concert Choir Developed E w CONCERT CHOIR BOTTOM ROW: B. Kniaz, L. PiCuS, M. Levine, A. Mundt, 1. Kowalewski, I. Crieger, R. johnson, M. DeVorkin, D. Grober, 1. Filachek, H. Sanderson, L. Goodman, SECOND ROW Mr i son B Brill S Cohen K Kahn V Berk P Fauber I Ru . ID , . , - f - , - , - , - - dolph, L. Moeckler, 1. Mahler, D. Bate, C. Dowsett, L. Ceaman, D. Brandt, L. Hammerschlag, B. Tillman, Mr. Blenski, THIRD ROW M. Miller, L. Roginske, L. Rhyan, F. Wendorf, M. Snyder, 1. Winnik 1. Stampfl, S. Younger, M. Nienow, 1. Caylard, M. Morris, F. Olbrys, M. Mesirow, K. Parchia, A. Peltz, F. Langer, FOURTH ROW: S. Einwald, W. Backes, M. Sparacino, 1. Pfeiffer, D. Howard, K. Schoenfeld, 1. Champeau, S. Lookatch, 1. Goldman, M. Rupple, R. Renak, I. Dalhman, C. Ahrendt, B. Stone, R. Reiter, S. Kaning TOP ROW: B. Reynolds, B. Radtke, D. Bartels, A. Reiner, M. Russell, T. Schuett, B. Bain, W. Shanley, L. Kesselman, 1. Seger- dahl, I. Holzman, C. Lesnik, D. Kruse, I. Laur, I. Peeples, C. Rezak, V. Boxer. Concert Band Strove a Smooth Blend fi S CONCERT HAND BOTTOM ROWI M. Altman, l. Shoenhalr, G. Looper, S. Chen, 1. Zens, R, Pitt, T. Sheldon, M. Burke, L. Gruen, C. Levine, l. Pollack, L. Hammerschlag, SECOND ROW: V. Altman, D. Senn, B. Ruff, L. Pinkham, 1. Peterman, M. Albert, T. Hill, K. Ries, 1. Franz, N. Brendemuehl, 1. Millerg THIRD ROW: L. Hilbert, 1. Nelson, B. Krieger, K. Haffner, T. Moore, L. Walmer, S. O'Leary, B. Erickson, L. Kesselman, D. Peterson, P. Fischer, G. Meade, T, Tennessen, D. Bartels, I. Reimer, M. Cox, M. DeVorkin, FOURTH A -4 ROW: B. Habeck, 1. Kraegel, K. Geary, D. Carter, S, Koch, P. Ten- nessen, C. Kintner, L. Otto, T. Goettin, G. Eichsteadt, R. Benz, I. Grieger, P. Pestka, D. Fox, S. Quackenbush, I. Cherney, 1. jeanson, D. Erdmann, L. Reif, R. Gorbette, B. Schmidt, D. Bugler, D. Bloom, TOP ROW: R. Bundesen, M. Temkin, C. Butrym, D. White, W. Kravit, K. Bugler, S. Grieger, M. Silverman, I. Erdmann, R. Lick, 1. Smith, M. Marcus, B. Pape, T. Schuett, B. Krieger, Mr. johnson. 1 for Perfect intonation 'Nw xg. .1 .. 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My fi52Y?...j'fivgg:5q,,ff5f,g'4'4f+ ' ' X "?u3,g,.wf' 4. ssl 1 f 5:34 N .. www, , 'Y i7l"'Yi53Qf-. -f- fm-1 WW E ..-qw...j A. ... .fi f 1 S?.':?'f'W'5. L A f .izm-if 32' " . .,-ff' Ag- -v " f- 'lar-af f ... M 5?"mviP:"'f . " '?"'3?"?'5f K V 7-1-Zfffrxefgd " N af b.-.11 .::-of ' R 5. E' S' 'Y ,W fa- . 'Sr . b . ,.., , , . 4,gfA Milfs' :Q ......, A 'M' Q A- 5 . ' irq?" ..-,, 1, q .. J' - 'Fi 1"':":'- V A. A, A ,L.. b.4L.,v m ,.., f A Lg' t. ' , W2Tf7i.TQI.f,.,. ".. . v ' ' K My fA..f'5 YYY' ., -.QM-gf,-. ,, . ' -.. . ...M -qw... ,f . 1 .AX I W 1- ' g'3,:W.,1. i - W -"- L K i t 4-.T JM Ei, -..Kg i A . 54331, IL.. W A . . ' ,f--m-- 'gf'-1 1 M. A aan: .R Q . A. M., -- 1 N-7' . . 13-Lew "" 'gi .,,,.. .R .f'i., .-K '.--- 4 ' 17-'-' A' T.. f 'Q'.""'f"""""A ' '5' 5335- , .5 'Q - ' ,--I'-IE.:-5 . 3 f.. X .5 1 K AQ . - f-.54 1 fig. .T , 'sg tj V.- ,X - .. P , 1.,N-.f. . 1 ' "fi , fp .mr ...-yafgz ' ,EAA ,g.,.....,57:. - n -Q.: ,. A . --411-,'n A 6' ' ',c.',-xy 1' .' ' 'Vf . . QT"',g1"!T-F4 - " ' -N4hPQ" , .. A . .34'., snqff QQ .M",f'-'W - ... Q 1 ,P 1 ..g.,-1"' "" W Q., A 1, ..,.,- ,,f-- V 4 . ,lim-2- 1. .. L.. -., gqgigg Ci? .Z 1 o LI..- - . a'l!5w.'3'.,-Q, . Q i 5 jiT?fE11f'5 'f5Q'4rn. g 5 V --Q, 4. 'jmavr .L f.',wr1'g..-'- -r.-7 -V - x z' 'I vw-:" 'Yf' - - . ,. -- .-rf.-of 4 U rf- ' - ' will A"' - M -3 av: 1:54354 ' --war... 5-5-.4 . - -153.7 51,5 ' . 5' r W . .A .,4g-g 19.94 18 .n I . I -mpg..- V ,..-:us . f . -Y .V M3 HGNORS ational Honor Society National Honor Society: BOTTOM ROW: B. Levine K. Maylahn, 1. Goldman, S. Younger, P. Fischer, D Hentzen, TOP ROW: L. Kopps, M. Gertler, K. Chen M. Hasey, R. Ridberg, H. Wiedemann, G. Zieve, J Hiller, S. Lookatch, V. Becker, C. Manske, M. Whiting, L. Picus. National Honor Society: BOTTOM ROW: I. Stampl L. Tillman, 1. Schur, G. Heyman, S. Gaedke, E. Bern- stein: TOP ROW: P. Rosenfeld, B. Bernstein, B. Frank, I. Reimer, 1. Peeples, S. Kirschner, K. johnson, R. Hell- man, R. Rubin, S. Luck, B. Luck, L. Lohmen, M. Turim, N. Rudberg, M. Atkins, C. Whiting. Initiated Sevent -Five A spring ceremony provided a background for the initiation of 1968-69 National Honor Society mem- bers. Chosen on the basis of leadership, character, service and scholarship, over sixty juniors, one by one, accepted the gold membership pins and shook hands with Dr. Reiels. Through speeches, members from the class of 1968 impressed upon the initiates the solemnity and honor of the occasion. Faculty and parents joined the new members for refresh- ments at a reception afterwards. National Honor Society: BOTTOM ROW: P. Wilke, C. Scheibel, C. Eich, C. Wulf, C. Hogeboom, C. johnson, TOP ROW: T. Fefer, P. Ritz, D. Watson, B. Krieger, 1. Pinkham, B. Herman, S. Kahn, C. Whithey, N. Schilling, M. Crivello, V. Boxer, V. Clark. 'men journalistic Excellence Merited Quill and Scroll On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, students on Nicolet's publications pored over the messages of creative minds, constructed resumes of the year's activities in pictures and words, and shifted pictures artistically. Seniors of Shield, Knights' Page, Crest, and Shield Art worked with diligence for two years, ranked in the upper third in scholarship, and ac- cepted responsibility. For all these qualities they received membership in Quill and Scroll, Nicolet's journalistic honor society. Quill and Scroll: BOTTOM ROW: M. Atkins, A. Becker, A. Rein- er, I. Levi, M. Bernstein, S. Gaedke, P. Wilke, C. Eich, ROW TWO: R. Lakes, M. Crivello, 1. Schur, N. Rudberg, W. Strauss, D. Wolf, 1. Ulevitch, R. Holtzman, M. Morris, G. Heyman, C. Manskeg ROW THREE: E. Arbuckle, K. Koch, L. Lichter, I. Mitz, B. Luck, M. Turim, S. Augustine, P. Kornman. 'bf Twent -Three Named National Merit Semi Finalist Xl National Merit Semi-Finalists: BOTTOM ROW: K. Maylahn, M Atkins, D. Hensen, N. Schilling, J. Stampfl, M. Bernstein, SEC- OND ROW: B. Wolfe, S. Marx, W. Everard, S. Gaedke, C. Manske, L Lichter, 1. Hinkens, P. Rosenfeld, THIRD ROW: R, Katz, G. Zieve, S Kirschner, H. Bernstein, R. Rubin, H. Wiedemann, K. lohnson M Hasey, M. Hornik tNot Picturedl. I All Pete Ritz received the Harvard Book Award in recogni- tion of his high scholarship and character. w Connie Manske, as an outstanding junior girl, especially in the field of leadership, received the Mortar Board Award. Wendy Evrard won the Wellesley Book Award in recogni- tion of her outstanding character, scholarship, and leader- ship. Special Awards Cited f f t Fa big 3' Individual Achievements P ,. Pai S ,, 6' riff: X X X. """ The Renneslaer Math and Science Award singled out Kyle johnson. In the Braveland Forensics meet Maureen Turim, Ellen Konar, Mindy Bern, Kathy Skevers, janet Stampfl, received "A" ratings. K-4? Gail Heyman, a future leader of America, received the Quota Club Award. 85 1 Gold Key Winners of lunior Scholastic Art Awards Competi- tion were Paul Scholl, Connie Manske, Carl Blesch, lean Reichert, ludy Everts, Debbie Pdway, jim Barnett Talents Honored in Art, ivld' Q9 Marty Cox and Pat Fischer auditioned for and received a place in the State Honors Band. Paul Scholl's artistry earned him the Hallmark Award. 86 7 O 1 JI ll u HL l t x X 1 I Music and Home Economics Mary Bernstein's Homemaking talents won her the Betty Crocker Homemakers' Award. Winner of the Youth Auditions, Mona Devorkin was one of three chosen to play with the Milwaukee Symphony. a-Jam i -- dwivm -5 X -f -Arun "N--,,,us,'v-1-an-ww-A-J.. --'x .,-- , ....:x.z:m:-5-wwwsf-vrv 't"'...-ffm .Q-5. X ,..,...f-- ,,.tv-.,,m-N.w"wQ""-"- M,,,.,-1-4 xfFQ'Ng,,N, ,,a,,,t.+:..,., A mum no wmwnwttx ., s . sffwdib CI' ,.....v- ,..- I I ,wwf if-N-.f 8...- ms, ,,,,,...-vr"':"Fu,e" Q-QQ 1-s-...W wwf fr Q- f My xg ff -K XQXXX tx p ix.. nitt . . tw ,WM .V limb., . .M Sf' gasp my 'vii sm.: 'fit jim Peeples, lohan Segerdahl, john Champeau, Vicki Boxer, Bob Stone, and Seema Lookatch sang their way into the State Honors Choir. 'Rauf ln recognition of their exceptional qualities of citizenship and leader- ship, Mark Gertler and jeff Reimer were select- ed as representatives to Badger Boys' State and Rea Katz was selected as representative to Bad- ger Girls' State. er -i it El A ' Nicolet's Competence -ww P, R X, wif sr, I 1 ' r K f I il 9 ig , r , K K sf? 8 1 r diggs fi r 1 e rg r - ,if - it Z. il i I i-ig rt tr?-if 3 5 1 if t,.awl' 3 if an as Recognized in State S . t Q'i---i,,,,i-I if kk t i me -N-.. 1 ig ' 5 ' Q t -A--f it QQ. . fi ' , ' ..,. E , l L -S 't -tile-i " i ,ZX I S ll ' 'li I . ' f T -1 ,' 'pg' ' .- V., , 1- at Q , eat. M" . 1 tiff- 5, If- X y 4 - 51-.g if , 6 Q I v 8, ii K M -- il ' m --""' 'C K' . Knights' Page writers received Gold Keys in the Quill and Scroll National writing Steve Bazelon and jim Bronson were named to the All- Conference and All-State Tournament Teams in basket- ball, and Steve Bazelon was named to the third All-State team, Wi. I I competition: Rick Ridberg for original advertisement, Robin Holtzman for a news story, and Barry Stampfl for a sports story, The doubles team of lim Hoffman and Joe Kendall became State Tennis Champions. Tom Dunker was State Tennis Sin gles Champion. Varsity: BOTTOM ROW: I. Grieger, S. Bazelon, S. Coren- stein, K. Krueger, T. Lonnborg, F. Olbrys, I. Swenson, G Rieboldt: ROW TWO: Coach Irwin, M, Burke, P. Ritz, B Trosper, I. Shoenhair, D. Rittmeyer, 1. Stahl, M. Cohen, D Dedrick, S. Rothstein, ROW THREE: Coach Strehlow, I Schneider, 1. Reinert, M. Gertler, M. Meisrow, F. Gonzalez 1. Kotecki, Mgr. K. Robertson, TOP ROW: Coach Rice, L Rattner, K. Hosler K Z an'ar, C. Chenery I Treu,1. Koep , . g 1 , . - pen, P. Kornman, K. Starke, I. Brown, M. Kuf-fel, Trainer B Levin. Rounding the corner Steve Bazelon, Nicolet's quarterback followed the path cleared by his pulling guard, Steve Roth- stein. Pulling guard, Mark Gertler, preceded quarterback Fernando Gonzalez as they formed a moving wall of protection for halfback, Gary Rieboldt. but Kept on C-oing! fs? Q.-tg 1 . K -fi jeff Swenson, all conference defensive back, leaped in the air attempting to intercept an enemy pass. This year, varsity football's goal was to win the conference championship. Throughout practice sessions, the Knights built confidence and determination. They met their first test by trouncing Cedarburg 28 to 2. The next game, though, proved to be frustrating for the Knights, who came close to a victory over much-hated Brookfield Central but finally lost. The bus ride home reflected the agonizing defeat in the long faces and tears of many seniors. However, a silent pledge was also made to finish as close to Central as possible. The pledge was kept, as the Knights finished the year with a 7 and 1 conference record, 1 game behind Central and the conference championship. Lunging for a first down, lim Reinert pulled away from his tackler. Freshmen Squad: ROW ONE: M. Bub, D. Kilpatrick, S. Grieger, T. Wilke, I. Biemling, D. Anderson, I. Worth, P. Zieve, R. Reiter, B. Miller, M. Sauer, T. Puccini, R. Manna, 1. Boldt, ROW TWO: Mgr. P. Stein, D. Bor- dow, I. Shesto, D. Altshul, D. Doebler, M. Albert, D. Arbuckle, R. Piering, R. Tabbert, I. Wilson, D. Andreotti, P. Sylvester, S. Hansen, C. Waisbren, D. Erdmann, L. Reif, I. leanson, Mgr. B. Kuehn, Mgr. A. Strnad, ROW THREE: Mgr. B. Fischer, S. Levin, D. Dickinson, T. McGarvie, C. Wyck- lendt, 1. Hannan, B. Champion, G. Kaminski, R. Fischer, S. Nauert, A. Adelman, B. Mautner, T. Dailey, D. Schindler, M. Froemming, D. White, D. Reinert, 1. Jacobs, Svpr. D. Carlson, Coach LaFramenta, ROW FOUR: Coach Mace, 1. Blong, T. Schmitz, S. Pinzer, S. Pinzer, S. Schevers, C. Paine, T. Otto, R. Gieringer, S. McDowell, W. Tryba, D. Schmidt, M.. Stoiber, I. Simos, K. Brengel, 1. Gaedke, M. Yarow, P. Lillie, C. Bachman. Not pictured: H. Zetley, P. Van Housen, K. Smith. .V. Unified Varied Skills lunior varsity football involved excellent freshmen, average sophomores, or juniors overshadowed by seniors. During practice, coaches organized their diverse material into one team unit. Then, this unit gained experience by scrimmaging the varsity. To help them, the LV. imitated the opposing school's plays, giving the varsity an idea of what to expect. However, on Thursdays, the l.V.'s concern turned to their own games. Using all that they had learned, the l.V. compiled a record of 4 and 3 for the season. Attempting an open field tackle, Nicolet's tackler lacked force, as his legs strayed behind him. 71 junior Varsity: ROW ONE: A. Solochek, 1. Wever, S. Unertl, S. Stahl S Swidler ROW THREE J lagger T Smith T Kohlbeck Manley, 1. Etzweiler, 1. Crivello, D. Wangerin, H. Schoenfeldt, F 5Cl'10b0I' M Hlland T Palay T R'b3f W Peck D Oleszak N. Matarg ROW TWO: M. Sheperd, F. White, J. Lobner, S, Lewis, M Welngart W Segall M Sitarz S Schneewels I Mueller l. Kroening, T. Lore, S. Bako, R. Bub, S. Bursten, 1. Sondel, T, Coach Hochritt Coach Wolf Mgrs R Bernstein R Grass 94 ilClJ -13 y Nicolet runners, Tom Kelley trighti and Bill Shamburek llefti, rounded the half-way point in the regional meet. Youth and Speed Dominated the Regionals August 26 started the Knights on their annual cross country run. Pre- paring for this trek was a team nucleus consisting of one sophomore and five juniors, along with 58 other runners. Nineteen afternoons passed quickly as the Knights ran their 2.2 mile practice course at Kletzsch Park. September 14th marked the start of the Harriers' competitive season. It was a year of ups and downs for the Knights. Disappointments came first when the runners placed fifth in the sole conference meet. However, October 19th highlighted the Knights season as they raced to a victory in the regional meet at Cedarburg. Kurt Bostad, culminating eight weeks of practice, finished fourth in a field of 48 in the re- gional meet at Cedarburg. lcuu Cross Country Squad: BOTTOM ROW: I. Porter, W. Ostrenga, B. Blau, D. Lewis, I. Buzzard, I. Pumpian, R. Keller, R. Pezoldt E. Parchia, B. Hamel, I. Gribble, M. Regner, SECOND ROW: Tf Raithel, Mgr. B. Marceau, B. Marx, D. Minkoff, M. Atkins, P. Backus, l. Hoffman, D. Hurwitz, M. Goldin, D. Hoffman, B Thomson, B. Pape, M. Lange, A. Diefenthaler, I. Frieberg, I Gettelman, A. Holman, THIRD ROW: As5't. Coach Mr. Wachs G. Losinski, D. Ruppa, P. T. Franks, C. Sauer, L. Atlas, I. Ruff 1 I fx HCULJ t 'icuii G. Losinski, D. Ruppa, P. Shamburek, B. Krieger, T. Kelley, D. Grimm, R. McClarty, R. Shobert, C. Bupp, B. Shamburek, B. Pezoldt, G. Engel, D. Pezoldt, G. Zieve, C. Weis, T. Franks, C. Sauer, L. Atlas, I. Ruff, Head Coach Mr. Bietermanp FOURTH ROW: C. Lange, S. Delaplain, G. Herman, T. Milanowski, S. Weth- erbee, M. Russel, K. Bostad, D. Rodgers, K. Anderson, I. Kendall, G. Breul, B. Breul, B. Girdauskas, I. Lieberthal, T. Goldin, M. Sing- er, L. Dallmann, I. Erdman, G. Looper. After a Nicolet touchdown, Varsity cheerleader jo Anne Goldman joyously shouted U Rah-Rahfor Nicolet. ji. 462.5 U f A Varsity Cheerleading Squad: Kim Knaack, Beth Gendelman, ludy Ross, Terry Fischer, Patti lellison, lo Anne Goldman. Start Through Finish, Cheerleaders Inspired All The first Russian jump, "N," the second Russian jump, "l," then "C," "O," "L," "E," "T," One by one the cheer- leaders bounced off the mini trap, shouting the school cry. Their combination of expressive yells and cheers ignited the crowd's enthusiasm. During the action, the cheerleaders focused on the ball. Every now and then, they urged en- couraging shouts for the team. When the buzzer announced half time, the cheerleaders skipped out to the middle of the court. With a combination of cartwheels, splits, and jumps, Nicolet officially welcomed the opposing team. During the second half, the cheerleaders increased their pitch, inspiriting the crowd, urging the team, de- manding victory. The last seconds of the game counted off, the buzzer sounded and the cheerleaders leaped in the air for the victors.. 96 junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad: Vicki Bronson, Debbie Rand, Roxanne Osman, Debbie Nancy Nye. 'fi si? ft-5 xv: - s A X -me .. . 1....f-av-' K , I . .. ---N -.1 Using a leg ride, Kurt Krueger wrestled Brown Deer's Al Lukach to a draw. L '-Lis e.. 2, . i Wrestling Squad: BOTTOM ROW: Mgr. M. Jacobson, S. Roth- stein, F. White, L. Schindell, K. Chen, M. Manes, I. lorgenson, F. Olbrys, M. Nienow, G. Zieve, 1. Kotecki, K. Krueger, D. Rittmeyerg SECOND ROW: S. Grossman, B. Trosper, M. Kuffel, S. Lewis, I. Sondel, S. Silverstein, S. Strnad, M. Albert, D. Wangerin, I. Raith- el, I. Mueller, P. Askot, M. Bauman, L. Reif, Coach Ross, THIRD ROW: Mgr. L. Evans, T. Key, T. Normoyle, I. Beimling, T. Haeuser, M. Sauer, N. Matar, W. Ostrenga, S. Levin, B. Champion, I. Cher- ney, R. Tabbert, T. Schmitz, 1. Ruff, H. Stein, 1. Buzzard, B. Koch, D. White, M. Radtke, P. Lillie, S. Crelfman, S. Manley, F. Schober, V. Micelli, K. Smith, I. Bernstein, D. Andreotti, Coach Strehlow. Having thrown a half nelson on his opponent, Frank Olbrys rolled him over for a pin. Matmen Outmaneuvered Opponents When Coach Strehlow met with prospective wres- tlers in early November, he stressed dedication as the most important key to success. Practicc sessions fol- lowed during which the eighty-four boys acquired greater endurance as a result of running laps and do- ing calisthenics. This endurance was as necessary for wrestling as specific holds. The coaches taught the boys different take downs, releases, and escapes. Two months and two cuts later, Nicolet's wrestling team consisted of its present fifty-four man squad. Led by Kurt Krueger and Frank Olbrys, Nicolet's Varsity Wrestling Squad completed the season with a nine, zero, and two dual meet record. Friday, November eighth, started the Knights on their way to a hopefully successful Braveland Conference Championship. Coach Puls mentioned four qualities necessary for a winning team. The first characteristic was experience. The Knights were well qualified in this area, as all five of the starters were seniors who had played varsity ball the previous year. The second necessity was that a team be tough on the boards. Steve Bazelon and lay Grieger led the Knights in the rebounding department. Thirdly, quickness was essential. Weak in this quality the Knights strove to improve this by anticipating their op- ponents' moves. Combined with these three physical skills was a fourth intangible quality, esprit de corps. This was a strength of the Knights who had a great desire to win. Led by all-conference players Steve Bazelon and lim Bronson the Knights established a 13-5 conference rec- ord. Following the regular season, these stressed qualities came into place, as the Knights went on to defeat three conference champions including Menomonee Falls on their way to Madison. For the first time in Nicolet history the Knights joined seven other teams in the State Bas- ketball Tournament. There, cheered on by enthusiastic backers, Nicolet upset favored Lincoln, while losing close games to Neenah and Kimberly. For the entire year the Knights compiled a 19-7 record. Unable to get his original shot off, 1. Bronson circled the basket, putting in a reverse lay-up. Varsity Squad: BOTTOM ROW: G. Rieboldt, S. Bazelon, I. Grieger, T. Lonnborg, 1. Swenson, I. Reinert, TOP ROW: B. Levine, K. Zganjar, F. Gonzalez, I. Treu, I. Bronson, I. Brown, K. Starke. Cagers Stretched fi 98 to Fourth Place in . tate 1 t J v , I , - ,1 r if f , s A , .. in , .J W i i i ffl fi A 4 thu-ht, K All-city Conference player Dave Hirkem- bottom blocked a jump shot of all-tournament seleftion Steve Bazelong however, the Knights still went on to upset Lincoln 78-73 in tht- opening round of the State Basketball Tour- nament. Prior to the Neenah game Friday afternoon, lim Bronson glancecl over the morning sports page, as jeff Swenson relaxed hy watching T.V, jumping center, Nicolet forward Tom Lonnborg tried in vain to tip the ball to one of his teammates. Elbows flying, Barry Stampfl, a varsity sophomore, outleaped competition for the rebound. Frosh and junior Varsity Netters Prepared for Varsity Ball The freshman basketball team, coached by Mr. Davis, introduced young Knights to interscholastic basketball. During practices, the netters developed fundamental skills of the game such as dribbling, shooting, and passing. Com- bining these skills with their natural ability, the boys established a fourteen and four record. junior Varsity Basketball represented the last step to the Varsity. Under Coach Irwin's direction, the players refined their skills and added new ones such as defense and game strategy. The boys culminated the past two years of basketball experience as they recorded a fourteen and four record. Finding his shot blocked, Gary Meridick chest-passed to a team- mate for an easy ten-foot jump shot. junior Varsity Squad: BOTTOM ROW: R. Pezoldt, C. Gridley, A. Solochek, R. Bub, G. Maradik, B. Groeschell, M. Maniaci, Coach Wolf, SECOND ROW: T. Vogeler, I. Kendall, T. Beduhn, T. Stuhlmacher, T. Harrington, T. VanEs, H. Schoenfeldt. X..'s 4-'gn-1., Freshmen Squad: BOTTOM ROW: T. Wells, D. Kilpatrick, C. Butrym, S. Grieger, C. Weis, B. Miller, Coach Davis: SECOND ROW: Mgr. S. Hansen, 1. Worth, I. Boldt, D. Reinert, M. Back- us, K. Hardeman, D. Dickinson, THIRD ROW: C. Paine, I. Ciribble, T. Franks, D. Minkoff, H. Zetley, D. Hurwitz, D. Hoffman. Preparing for a lay-up, K. Hardeman displayed proper footwork consisting of two steps and a jump. 100 X N Swimmers Logged Many Miles Plunging into the water on November fourth, Ni- colet swimmers didn't emerge until March first. Prior to their first meet, swimmers practiced daily from 6:00 to 7:30 a.m. and from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. During prac- tice sessions, boys concentrated not only on improv- ing form but also on building endurance. As of janu- ary eighth the sprinters, boys who swam short dis- tances, had totaled 230,000 yards, and the distance men had totaled 250,000 yards. Christmas vacation was no interruption for these boys. During the holidays, the swimmers raced for an average of 10,500 yards daily. By February fifteenth, the boys, through all their hard hours of practice, placed second in the con- ference. H M Bill Pape demonstrated a de- 101 layed breathing technique during the 100 yard breast stroke. Swimming Squadg BOTTOM ROW: j. Reimer, 5. Rodwell, G. Looper, B. Pape, D. Wigle, B. Brucato, E. Shaw, L. Grid- ley, D. Mueller, D. Koch, SECOND ROW: Coach Wal- ters, C. Wycklendt, B. Man- del, S. London, M. Atkins, F. Blau, 1. Scheinfeld, F. Padway, I. Novey, L. Bowen, T. Tennessen, Coach Farah, THIRD ROW: R. Marcus, I. Dickens, B. Dowsett, B. Marceau, E. Atkins, C. Rich- man, A. Silverthorn, 1. Cap- lin, P. Feerickg TOP ROW: M. Levine, M. Snyder, K. Bren- gel, I. Meyers, D. Bloom, C. Davies, T. Mayer, I. Fred- erickson, D. McLarty, R. Greives. On the starting blocks for the 200 yard free style, Ditto Mueller prepared for a wind- mill entry dive. Familiar faces sparked the already talented '68 team. Four returning lettermen led the Nicolet net- ters to another winning season. The determination that showed on every player's face during a match reflected the hard work and dedication that had gone into practice sessions. This constant drive for perfection resulted in the team's 300th consecutive conference match win and its eleventh straight con- ference championship. This group's winning ways did not halt there: The squad went on to capture the regional, the sectional, and ultimately the state championship trophies, to keep these prized posses- sions in the Nicolet showcase for the second succes- sive year. State singles champion Tom Dunker displayed the anguish of a long volley in a heated match. Varsity: BOTTOM ROW: -r . R. Erlien, T. Dunker, S. Tennis Squads Stroked I 4. A Bazelon, I. Melamed, I. Lewenaur, I. Friedlanderg TOP ROW: Mr. C. Bach- man, T. Fefer, I. Hoffman, H. Glasspiegel, I. Kendall, L. Feiss. Away All Competition The junior Varsity record closely paralleled the Varsity boxscore. A unified effort by the squad as a whole produced an undefeated season. This accom- plishment should be recognized not only as note- worthy, but also as the possible ensurance of the state championship trophy remaining at Nicolet for another year. A two-time member of the state championship doubles team, lim Hoffman stroked the classic overhead smash. joe Kendall unleashed a powerful serve on his opponent, the kind of serve that later helped him and partner lim Hoffman win the state doublestitle. TOM ROW: J. Gutglass Weinberg, R. Siegel, ningen, A. Katz, T. Palay, B. Stampfl, L. Rattner, R. Bernstein, W. Kops, S. Swidler, C.Gridley. 103 junior Varsity: BOT- 1. Lurie, H. Gaines, Bl Mandel, M. Goldin, B. TOP ROW: Mr. C. Run- Cindermen Trounced Competition Nicolet's track squad vaulted, jumped, hurdled, and raced its way to a record '68 season. The un- paralleled performances of individual Nicolet athletes, combined into a powerful team effort, captured crown and glory for the Knights. The perfected pivot and thrusting groan of a shot putter, supported by his brawn and might, added extra distance. A long jumper's flawless form, legs extended and arms tensed, face grimacing in the struggle for victory, leaped Nicolet forward. Whether sprinting with quick, powerful steps or pacing themselves with long, energy-saving strides, runners carried Nicolet to victory. Moving from triumph in the Braveland Relays early in the season, the Knights fought their way to the Braveland Conference Championship, to a first place success at the WIAA Sectional, and finally to a rank of third in the state. Anchor man Tom Bach pulled with both mind and muscle, easily capturing the mile relay for Nicolet. Madison West Relays-4th Dual vs. Oconomowoc-1st Shorewood Relays-2nd Dual vs. Custer-1st Braveland Relays-1st Monona Grove Invitational-3rd Highlander Relays-1st Braveland Conference Champions Conference Meet-'lst WIAA Sectional-1st Dual vs. Brown Deer-1st 3rd in the State Triangular-Menomonee Falls, Nicolet, Homestead-'lst Varsity Squad: BOTTOM ROW: D. Pinzer, R. Coors, J. Kotecki, K. Kruerger, K. Zganjar, I. Swenson, R. Shulaker, T. Peckham, ROW TWO: Coach Wachs, D. Trosper, T. Bach, 1. Buzzard, K. Bostad, M. Gertler, I. Aldrige, S. Rothstein, D. Berg, L. Grossman, B. Pokrass, TOP ROW: Coach Irwin, B. Tros- per, T. Lonnborg, D. Dedrick, l. Shoenhair, M. Lange, I. Grieger, I. Starke, H. Pollack, 1. Wissing, B. Colwell, Coach Huxtable. ,, W ff' r4"'v'QW an. si Q-4.5 2. . . Sl fm 'GN-5 .Lg rm +1510 ' o Q. ,,. K Qxlizgi, , , . T "' - X iidh: .. . l , I . W , If Gllb 124 A. . x -.Q :P r or l ww High hurdlers Bruce Colwell and Harve Pollack went into the air toe and toe, with right legs stretching, threatening their left legged Oconomowoc opponent. junior Varsity Squad: BOTTOM ROW: R. Kasal, B. Price, B. Pape, K. Starke, M. Kuffel, N. Siegal, B. Bruel, R. Ridberg, ROW TWO: B. Pezoldt, M. Mesirow, B. Shamburek, T. Milanowski, B. Levin, K. Robertson, B. Krieger, R. Grass, TOP ROW: S. Wetherbee, R. Mc- Larty, C. Saeur, T. Ribar, R. Schobert, l. Tiefenthaler, I. Erdman, S. Engel. Freshmen Squad: BOTTOM ROW: L. Atlas, B. Hammel, P. Shamburek, D. McLarty, I. Get- tleman, R. Drewek, G. Lukitsch, ROW TWO: S. Deleplain, T. Kelly, I. lagger, M. Muchin, A. Diefenthaler, D. Ruppa, B. Ruff, T. Smith, D. Roll, TOP ROW: Coach Wachs, S. Manely, A. Solochek, E. Stenzel, T. Haeuser, R. Tobian, T. Van Es, M. Singer, K. Anderson. GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW: l. Wagner, M. Lurie, W. Bateman, 1. Tolkan, R. Hurwitz, K. Masten- brook, T. Grossman, M. Becker, BACK ROW: P. Ritz, R. Fisher, R. LeClaire, R. jones, G. Sieckman, 1. Kahn, 1. Roth, 1. Breit, I. Berlin. Knights Swu ng Their Way to tt' ff Victory Three times a week linksmen travelled to Brown Deer or Lincoln to play nine or eighteen holes of golf. During these practice sessions the coach spotted the boys on a streak or in a slump. From this pre-match knowledge, the coach picked the four boys who would best represent the team the following day. Nicolet was well represented as the linksmen won a majority of their dual meets to bring the Conference Cham- pionship to Nicolet. The Knights then drove on to'a fourth place finish in the state meet. Greg Sieckman, Nicolet's most valuable golfer, tightened his grip, as he prepared for a long-iron shot. I IUNIOR VARSITY: BOTTOM ROW: D. Coheen, T. Kohlbeck, H. Schoen- 1 feldt, M. Ehr, H. Gaines, ROW TWO: G. Sennett, B. Sieckman, R. Bub, M. Maniaci, Coach Huxtable, ROW THREE: A. Katz, M. Kuffel, L. Rattner, M... ............. G. Karides. Greg Sieckman chalked up a 7 and 4 record to become Nicolet's winningest pitcher. Effort Brought Improvement in Nicolet Baseball Summer baseball allowed freedom in the scheduling of practices. Dur- ing regular practice sessions, players either perfected skills, such as hit- ting, fielding, and pitching, or developed team strategy for upcoming games. However, during extra practices, the boys tried to improve their own specialties: a catcher practiced throwing to second base, a pitcher drilled on his pick-off move to first. This extra effort enabled a team with- out great ability or experience to improve upon its previous season to finish with an 8 and 8 record. VARSITY: BOTTOM ROW: M. Cohen, K. Hosler, B. Price, D. Pinzer, j. Swenson, F. Olbrysg ROW TWO: F. Manger, G. Sieckman, M. Mesirow, 1. Hiller, K. Zganjar, l. Griegerg ROW THREE: M. Rudolph, 1. Kowlaski, M. Kolowith, D. Dedrick, l. Starke, Coach Huxtable. X' IO7 I 1 fo 'A ps L X . ct u 'EK X U SVN . W ' af! X I n A Q5 x x if K x Q. 1. ' x . -xx? 'ctw x :gf i A .N Wi-1 li ,. 'fzxmufaj I ff n ,.. Q an . 9 V ' , , 531Hxssfl,!X -I :ff f,1f.Gf Hf in Q X WWW - HXQ-QMQ1 - 'Ha' W. MXGI e A 1'-QS Mt N WM a mm. - mf A U N GSK 6, nt up ,-QR X Xe idx - A f, r, P -VA. M '25, 'X X N F? 1 'Lx 4-'G' if J ya K ' Nwmgl , -.4 , gg Gb r, LW aa -2. f 'xx .TINA ' M uay' px! QQ 1579153 My 4' :1W- QB' f 'Y id ii ,Hn-,xx!"!xX.,kx.Ns I . flu gS,qQ6'l,xa3 Xkfx, lux Q ju 'tlfy , 1 wks' , x f NS 'X L ':-gr, is f'-- M9 -N. 41' , jf' A 9: ' lib JJ " Q M v.. ' x A fb- fffi'-5 ffl . . gm F545 SRX cv ' 973.4 39 A Xgf Q11 Rn . if A554 my Q -h of f""'V1fi - -Www fx J M KX 110' Wo' - 5 M' + 5. I U ,S X Q F lf?-im ', 1.v K 4'x?f 2 A? fi 'fi HN' ik 6' Lf 'V . Q N-1: 2 f' . , ,J Q, xl N. B V lui-QIL .lj-I AN .1 Q95'r4?3i'fW:,? N "1:l fs'L9N V5-T :MR GW WE, . pgx fu, 41' A . f f' 1 hm, ' N1-N' V-Lug' 'n Asx -. 5 ff ,f X "U' 'P' vz5f'i' 9 ' QGIM ff 'P'6x4f 1fAw ., ' f gf 'W- W' ' 'p 7 195, 0.3 fin' U V' :N 112,056 'QA I . WM-.X 'fr .M , X . , Lgzgf, 9 ,z-w. f 117 IW ,N 'xt ' fp' ' T' 1 vi. 'AX ' ' f" 'f ' 025. r X ,,.f, , 1 Q6 A - Q 4.4 4 ' ' A jx F-' A K A A :Hi , vv ' v N i:. "7 b ' :A ,iff vi fi ff Y' U f uf HE' I V430 -4 9 ffm' ' in , X N 1 I , Q H Q-N I 4w'aQ. ?.,QN' .IV ' fAG.i fa , S , W Um! Vi Q' 'njgfx , ,V -l ' fm P EQ PL E NICOLE? F , h' .. ' 5:-,E 1.l.f,?'! A gd ,J wi215Q:i24' wwf' QQ 7 6 9 ' . 'K Y ' V . QY3'-Fibieigym ,llisva . I as M 1'-if ' ww' 1 ,U ,Sk fl - ,r 4. Am , .I ll r, A '- .X f Jw ,ff ,QJQ-Q4-Qjffws' '4' vig? . ff-5 Q -X mmf-3 5,-Gifhgiiz-gf5'gx:t',i ,lf H: x R13 Q! gg u QAXQQQQQX 1?f'2?fl,'Mv!,4y X vt 71 NH. in B- A yr-s1, .mf5 903 1' 'rv QXQWMS ,va 554. -w WW f ' ' Mnfirw fi' lv, Hx 4 Aa JI? U ' Q5 U N Ie - ' MQ IQWVSN . 1 'nxt ' !SX GP G Q54 Q aff z 3 Qc , ' W I IL: N. 91 IL V 'ax laffnfzan ' P 'W ,xl 'QJEQV -X.S'9f' , xx' ,' ' - I I ' ' W A W .l f 'W at 'QIMN "9 111 . ' , I ' I r N K ' 0 Administration fi,.4 as .4""" SCHOOL BOARD: Mr. Radtke, Mrs. Herrick, Mr. Schackleton, Mr. johnson, Mr. Cupery, Mr. Speight, Mr, Brachman, Dr. Reiels. Mr. Cupery, Nicolet's superintendent, worked with the community and guided all Nicolet's person- nel. Through his direction, Nicolet in 1968 gave "stu- dents a much more adaptable and flexible type of education, more opportunity to get the education that they want, and more involvement in classes." In his view, the involvement of students and teach- ers was "very sound educationally." Listened to Student Requests if Dr. Reiels' schedule left him few free hours. Fo- cusing his administrative energies on widening communication channels, Nicolet's principal met with heads of departments, small faculty groups, students, and parents. He was interested in plan- ning new curriculum offerings and educational programs to be accommodated by the more flexible facilities. Dr. Reiels found his counseling even more demanding and dynamic this year because the stu- dents were "more concerned about the lessons they're learning," and were "more intellectually curious and desirous of achieving their goals." Mr. Radtke, Business Administrator, adeptly managed Nicolet financially. Faced with an aware community that desired to know more about their school and its operation, Mr. Radtke explored pro- gramed budgeting and other new techniques in handling expenditures. Mr. Radtke saw the de- mands of his job as "more involving and more complete than ever before because of the search for new sources of income to support education." Directed New Programs To meet the requirements of his job, Mr. Leussler ought to have been in many places at the same time. Closeted with problem students and students with problems, advising committees and Student Council, planning co-curricular programs with faculty and administration, Mr. Leussler hurried to fulfill his responsibilities as Administrative Assistant. In his contacts with all types of stu- dents, he noticed their increased activism and interest in current affairs. Although Mr. Leussler claimed that adjusting to new stu- dent attitudes was difficult, he worked smoothly with students to effectively carry out Nicolet's programs and policies. Mr. Hayes, one of Nicolet's Assistant Administrators, spent much of his time with our computer, arranging schedules and working with data processing. His duties also extended into areas of cur- riculum planning and discipline. In his dealings with the Nicolet Student of 1968-9, he noticed some significant trends. Confronted by students who seemed "to be aware of changes, who are in- volved in things going on outside of school," he felt he "had to do homework more to be able to converse with students and be able to understand their desires and feelings." Yet he found his efforts rewarded, for "it was stimulating to carry on a dialogue" with articulate students anxious for change. As co-curriculum coordinator in Nicolet's district, as reading consultant, and as teacher, Mrs. Sargent saw opportunities to provide an "enriched educational experience for the students who are attending Nicolet, students who are more independent, en- thusiastic and self-initiative," as she saw them. Working with both elementary and high schools made Mrs. Sargent aware of exciting innovations and of the promising results, an observation that gave her enjoyment. As Recreation Director, Mr. Wade had responsibilities in diverse areas. He directed Adult Education, advised Youth Council in social matters, supervised Nicolet's gym, pool, tennis courts, and tied together class activities with his handling of mechanics, such as dance decorations, chaperones, and cash boxes. This year, the planning of the D-wing basement recreation center was an es- sential activity. Mr. Wadeworked with student committees all year "selecting the theme, planning the decor, choosing and purchasing the equipment and planning the program." Mr. Wade felt that student involvement was very important in the success of this venture. ll2 Mr. Melvin Frank In the death of Mr. Melvin Frank, Nicolet lost one of the most capable and respected faculty members. The shock that accompanied his death on October 11, 1968, was especially felt because of the spontaneous friend- ship that he extended to faculty and students. In the classroom, Mr. Frank was patient and thorough, explaining the details of business education until every student understood. He tried to remove the pressure of grades and tests by reducing their importance and by always making himself available for extra help. Mr. Frank is remembered for the relaxing atmosphere of his classroom, his tolerant nature, and his willingness to help students with any problem. H3 Faculty Coordinated the Curriculum, 4. if in Mr. Earl Bakalars Social Studies Mrs. lean Baldikoski English Mr. Frank Bartz French Mr. Kenneth Benton Chemistry Mr. Bernard Bieterman Social Studies Mr. Michael Blenski English Mr. Roger Bloemers Instrumental Music Mrs. Joanne Bosley English Mr. Donald Ad riansen Spanish Mr. Russell Allen Social Studies Mrs. Lois Alt Business Education Miss Beth Arveson Social Studies Mr. Cary Bachman Physical Education . V mtg Mrs. luanita Bahneman 3 - Latin sv ' 1-KI ' I X.. ,gas ll4 Experienced All Afternoon orkshops. Miss Edith Broetzman English Mrs. Lowanne Brokaw Mathematics Mr. Vincent Brunner Mathematics Mrs. june Colucci Spanish Mrs. Helen Culliney Physical Eduation Mr. james Davis Social Studies Mr. jerry Davis . - H5 Guidance K Miss Irene Deneen M English Four classes . . . two study halls . . . lunch room duty... .t 7? A 'ir FACULTY Mrs. Margaret Elenbaas Business Education Mr. Lloyd Engen Industrial Arts Mr. Ronald Farah Mathematics Mr. Daniel Fellman Mathematics Miss Linda Fiebing Social Studies Mr. Jerome Fischer Chemistry Mr. Glen Gates Physics Mr. Wayne Gower Guidance Faculty Mr. Robert Herold English Mr. Lester Hochtritt Mathematics Miss Nancy Hoefs English Miss Elizabeth Hoffman English Miss Diane Holtkamp Mathematics Mr. Homer Howard Guidance Mr. Derl Howe English Mr. Richard Huxtable Mathematics Discovered Students Abilities Mr. Howard Greening Industrial Arts Mr. Roy Grom me Biology Miss Marilyn Gullickson Home Economics Mr. Roy Hand rich Mathematics Mrs. Ellen Hedlund Guidance Miss Karen Herman Art!Ceramics Stressed Proficiency and Creativity. Miss Caroline lmhoft English Mr. Douglas Irwin Physical Education Miss jean jacobson English Mr. Dennis jaeger German Mr. Wayne jipson Vocal Music Mr. Dan johnson English! Speech Mr. David johnson Mathematics Mr. Robert johnson Instrumental Music "Right, Right. Right. Wrong. Only two more to check. Right. Right. Wrong. Wrong. Only one more to check. Wrong. Right. . ." ll7 FACULTY Mr. Mary jones Nurse Mr. William jones EnglishfSpeech Miss Barbara Kailing Spanish Mr. john Kessler l Social Studies Mr. Kenneth Kickbusch Social Studies Mrs. jean Kiefer Social Studies Miss Helen Koonz Physical Education Mr. Leroy Kottke Mathematics ' '?1-im W7 K. V as-21 . V it rfiiefrtt 3 E561 Miss janet Levesque Biology Mrs. Margaret Levin English Mr. Harold Liebherr Biology Mr. Dennis Lowder Russian Mr. David Mace Mathematics Mr. Phillip Manders Physical Education Mrs. Irene McConnohie Physical Science Miss Eileen McCullough English Faculty Encouraged Questions, Mr. Scott LaFramenta BiologyfPhysical Science Mr. Alden Larson Earth Science Miss Kaaren Larson Home Economics Mrs. Louise Lehner English Mr. Richard LeMahieu Chemistry!Physics Mr. Earl Lemon Social Studies K " Q 24.-. Q ig 1. fa ll8 Guided Independent Study Mrs. Kathleen McCullough Librarian Mrs. Lorraine McFadden Special Education Mrs. Madeline McGhee Physical Science! Chemistry Miss Marilee McMullen Librarian Mrs. Kathleen Menge English Mr. james Morgan Guidance Miss loyce Neubeck Mathematics Mrs. julia Olson Physical Education "2437, 2438, 2439, 2440, . . . The last time I counted there were only two!" H9 FACULTY Miss Irene Oust Physical Education Mr. Neil Paton Physical Science Mr. Robert Peterson Painting Mrs. Cynthia Pierson English Mr. Thomas Puls Mathematics Miss Marilyn Radke English Mr. Fred Rice Physical Education Mr. Norris Ross Biology Faculty Chaperoned Student Activities, Mrs. Darlene Schultz Mathematics Mr. Milton Schwartz Biology Mr. Paul Shires Social Studies Mr. Stanley Spooner Mathematics Mrs. Patricia Stoik French Mr. Roland Strehlow Physical Education Mr. Bruce Sund Audio-Visual Director Miss Shari Tarney English Mrs. VaNita Ru mmler English Mr. Charles Runningen Chemistry Mrs. Diane Sauve Social Studies Miss Sue Schiller German Miss Susan Schmitt Physical Education Mr. Walter Schoenfeld Mathematics I20 Continued Education During Summer. Mrs. Dianne Taylor English Mrs. Ethel Trovinger Psychologist - lmss Mr. Edward Turner yy ,AmL Art!Metals . . of Miss Mary Van Beck I .'.' .. . . ' i-i- i'sii t Mathematics Mr. james Wachholz ArtfGraphics Could math teachers have problems? Mrjheodorewachg Social Studies l2l W Mr. Charles Walters Physical Education Miss Mary Weich English Mrs. Judith Weingarten French Mrs. Suzanne Weinstein French Mrs. Darlene Whiting Guidance Mr. john Widmar Industrial Arts Mr. Frank Wolf Business Education Miss Barbara Zimmerman Physical Education New Duties Meant Busier Hours for Secretaries 44"- Student Office: BOTTOM ROW: B. Turner rod, TOP ROW: S. Young, A. Starck, R Wasberg. Administration and Guidance: BOTTOM Seydel, I. Losinski, TOP ROW: D. Staffordf ber. Business Office: S. Hink, P. Kneiszel, P. Fling. Cooks Created oontime Meals Kitchen Staff: E. Winter, P. Kend- zor, M. Grim, M. Casey. Kitchen Staff: 1. Ertl, S. Golownia, M. Ohrmund, S. Myers. ops0""" Expressions Implied Involvement is Working in groups, Pete Kornman and Leslie Hurwitz checked their knowledge of participial phrases in Warriner's exercises. After school, bus hours were too early for Shield editor Gail Heyman. Karen Koch carefully filled in the curves and crevices of her vase to assure an even glaze. l Having completed the soldering, jean Reichert examined the findings on the back X of her pin. 123 l........J Freshmen Were Lowest of Classes, XX-Y Mike Atkins Mike Chernin President Addy, jo Ann Adelman, Alan Albert, Mark Altman, Vicki Altshul, Dale Anderson, Dennis Andreotti, Dean Arbuckle, David Arief'f, Phillip Aronson, Dena Aronson, Sheldon Atkins, Ed Atkins, Mike Augustin, jill Backes, Patricia Backus, Mark Balistreri, M. Bandler, Lauren Banholzer, Cathy Barnes, Pamela Barnett, Susan Barry, Kathleen Bate, Barbara Bazelon, judith Vice President 453' Ginger Grass Margie LGUO Secretary Treasurer Bern, jay Bernstein, David Bernstein, jeff Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein, Richard Bethke, Bruce Bines, Cynthia Blau, Robert Block, Debra Blong, james Bloom, David Blumenfeld, Sharon Boldt, james Bolton, Todd Bordow, David Borowski, Linda Bechtel, jill Becker, Gail Becker, joan Becker, Stephen Beimling, William Bennewitz, jill Berg, Elaine Berland, Susan Highest In umber. Carchesi, Karen Cardio, Katherine Carter, james Cefalu, Vincent Champion, Bruce Chapman, Gary Chen, Terry Chernin, Mallorie Chemin, Mike Cohen, Bruce Cohen, joel Cohn, Robert Coles, Cynthia Connell, Eileen Cook, Linda Cornell, Patricia Craig, Steven Croen, Ronald Cupertino, Debbie Cutler, Robert Dailey, Thomas Davies, William Davis, Wayne Dechantsreiter, R. Bowen, Leonard Brauer, Kristy Brei, Wendy Breithaupt, Ann Brengel, Kenneth Breul, Kathleen Brill, Peggy Brown, Deborah Browne, Bradford Bruski, Karen Bub, Milton Buck, Barbara Buescher, Mary Buhrow, Bonnie Bumby, A. Burke, Mary Burroughs, Barney Bursten, Barbara Bush, janet Butrym, Craig Buzzard, james Callahan, Kevin Callan, Debra Caplin, jonathan Delaplain, Athena Denniston, Robert Devine, Margaret Dickens, john Dickinson, David Dobschuetz, Gloria Doebler, Dirk Dohmen, Ted Doke, Heather Dondero, Mary Doner, Vicky Downs, Marueen Draeger, Nancy Duffin, jodi Eder, julie Eder, Wendy Edwards, Kirk Edwards, Rickie Eichenbaum, S. Einwald, Rick Ellis, Robin Engel, Gary Engel, Thomas Erdmann, Dan A freshman's nightmare was the upperclassmen at Nicolet. Ewing, Thomas Fairman, Nanci Feiss, Shelah Feld, Lindsay Feldman, Mark Feradi, Sandra Fetherston, jane Fischer, William Fisher, Richard Flick, David Fluhr, Bernard Flynn, Michael Frahm, Faith Fralick, Steven Franks, Todd Fransee, Beth Fredrickson, Kurt Fricke, Ann Friedlander, R. Frierdich, Bruce Froemming, Mark Gaedke, john Ganzer, Harriett Geier, jenny Geurts, Edward Gieringer, Richard Giffen, jean Gilbert, Claudia Godden, Barbara Goldberg, Richard Goldin, Terry Gollon, Bradley Freshmen Entered the Nicolet Maze, R lm F a 9, , fra 2 5 x " :" was R a Q32 , S 5 A3 sis mx W. f ,.., T. tt 'is i in 'T sl fi X N' t ,W if .. LW s ,. . ,Q ? M Grade Scott Grant Carol Grass Virginia Grauel Gregory Greaves Richard Grede Diane Grede Mary Gribble james 126 Grieger, Scott Grimm, Lourdes Grimm, Margaret Gronert, john Gruner, Gary Gubbins, Carol Gutho, Robert Haarmann, Sheryl 'ffl Discovered the Well-known Pattern Hackbarth, Judy Haeuser, August Haffner, Karen Hafkemeyer, Vicki Hage, Carla Halsall, Vincent Hannan, James Hansen, Steven Hoffman, Stephen Holmes, Rick Holmes, Thomas Hombs, Gary Hombs, Richard Hoppe, Catherine Hornik, Robert Hughes, Starr Humber, Scott Hurwitz, Dale Huth, Colleen Hutson, Elizabeth Huxtable, Vicki Jacobs, James Jacobs, Lynn Jagger, Martaha Jagger, Mary Jamrozy, Diana Jancik, Judy Jeanson, Joel Jeffries, Jane Jelich, Nancy John, Julia Johnson, Debra Johnson, Jeanne Johnson, Todd Kaminski, Glen Karl, Karen Keller, Andrea Keller, Mary Kern, Dorothy Key, Theodore Kimmel, Mark Kintner, Chris Kissler, Robert Klagstad, Ricky Klein, Barbara Klocksin, Margaret Knaack, Claudia Kniaz, David Koch, David Koch, Robert X Koch, Scott k J Koenig, Karl Kornitz, Robert .si m 2 t Kraegel,Jeffrey J t it i Krahn,Janet ' Kraus, Wynne l27 - B xiii L -.t Hardeman, Keith Harmes, Sheryl Harling, Joan Harper, Jane Hartmann, Sharon Hasey, Kristin Hass, Alan Hegelund, Joan Herte, Carol Hetzel, Timothy Higgins, Diane Hill, Karen Hiller, Julie Hines, Sharon Hirsch, Jim Hoffman, David Kravit, William Kroeger, Sharon Kuehn, Robert Kunz, Richard Kupper, Marc Kurzer, Nancy Laev, Linda Lahl, joan Lahl, john Lanza, Frank Larscheid, Paul Larsen, Suzanne Laur, Kathleen Lauwasser, Marla Lehn, ludith Leno, Margery On his first day at Nicolet, jeff Smith exprewedrehefon whuungthelocker hunt. Freshmen Launched an Eight-hour Da , Lessin, Debbie Levi, Marjorie Levin, Scot Levine, Lori Levy, Susan Lewis, janet Lewis, Richard Lied, Sue Lillie, Peter Lilly, David Lindemann, 1. Linnehan, Chris Litke, Gerard Lohman, Wendy London, Steffanie Lonin, Rich Loveland, Thomas Lubar, David Luber, Fred Luck, Wendy Luedtke, Michael Lukesh, Marleen Lutz, Holly Luy, Greg Lynch, Mary Madison, Kurt Maes, Pat Maniaci, joseph Manna, Richard Marcus, Barbara Marcus, Martin i Maresh, Brian 128 Proved Its Benefits for Continued Use. Margolis, Randle Marks, Debra Martin, Laura Marx, Bob Masek, Robert Mason, Leslie Masty, Maureen Mateske, Colleen Matzner, Paul Mautner, Bill May, Linda Mayer, Theodore McDowell, Scott McFadden, Mark McGarvie, Tom McGowan, Kelley McMahon, Elizabeth Meade, Georgi Memmel, Anita Meyers, Charlotte Meyers, lim Micelli, Vincent Michelson, David Milanowski, Mary Millard, Trudi Miller, Barry Minar, Stephan Minkin, Terri Minkoff, Don Mitchell, Michael Moore, Terry Morey, Nancy Moriarty, Annie Morris, Linda Moser, Susan Moss, Russell Mueller, Pamela Mumm, Craig Naimon, Renee Nania, Scott kt X.,.n M' s' 'fi Q55 Pastor, David Pavalon, Marcy Pelant, Barbara Peterman, luliane Peters, Debra Petersen, Kaaren Petersen, William Picciurro, Dominic P' Nauert, Scott Nechy, Allen Nelson, jennifer Nelson, Neil Nevels, Karen Nickels, jeffrey Niemczyk, Cory Niss, Susan Normoyle, Thomas Novshek, Judith Nowacki, john Nusslock, Kathy Obenberger, loseph Okruszynski, Michael Oleary, Susan Olson, Diane Optenberg, Robyn Ostrenga, Wayne Ottenstein, Leslie Otto, Tom Padek, Lisa Padway, Foster Paine, Charles Parchia, Dean Katy Trelec improved her skills as a seamstress by practicing specific stitches on scrap material. Ressler, Catherine Reupert, Diane Rice, Debbie Rice, Linda Richards, Paul Rieboldt, Barbara Ries, Katherine Rodgers, Charles Rogers, Gary Roitblat, Robin Ross, Kathleen Rotter, Margie Rozran, judith Ruderman, Dan Rudolph, jill Rudolph, Rick Ruff, jesley Rukavina, Peter Ryan, Barbara Sable, jim Saltzstein, julie Salzwedel, Sherri Sansone, Sam Sattell, Karen Freshmen Squared Up to Algebra, . A gg,5:'gf . ix? E: Piering, Randall Pinter, Cathy Pinzer, Steve Plank, Dan Plotkin, Robert Porter, jim Potter, jeff Prust, Scott Puccini,Tom Pumpian, lan Quale, Susan Quandt, jeffrey Ramin, Debra Rath, Melissa Ratke, Mark Reedy, Madeline l3O Regner, Michael Reif, Larry Reif, Susan Reiger, jeff Rein, Barbara Reinert, Richard Reisel, james Reiter, joseph Experimented in CSS. Sauer, Mark Schatz, Arlan Schevers, Stephen Schils, George Schindler, David Schlesinger, Roberta Schmeling, Tom Schmidt, Bruce Sheldon, Tom Shernell, Penny Shesto, jeff Shlensky, Louis Siebecker, Linda Siegel, Thomas Sileno, Nancy Silverthorn, Addy Simos, james Singer, Catherine Singer, Steve Skovera, james Skurek, Lori Smith, jeffrey Smith, Kenneth Smith, Mike Snyder, Cynthia Sodos, Martin Soslavsky, Debra Sparacino, Paul Spitzbart, Gail Stanczak, judith Starke, Susan Stein, Fred Stein, Harry Stein, Peter Steingart, Lisa Stelzel, Patricia Stippich, Lenore Stoiber, Mark Stolz, Carol Street, William Streich, Mary Strnad, Stephen Stuebe, Robert Styba, Pamela Suckow, Bonnie Swan, Karen Sykes, Charles Sylvester, Patrick Tabbert, Ross Tacke, David Tackes, Steven Talboys, jodv Tanouye, Karen Tarantino, Michael Tarkinow, Bonnie Tarney, john 5 SN Schmidt, Carla Schmidt, Daniel Schmitz, Thomas Schneller, Susan Schnoll, Barry Schober, Susie Schobert, Patricia Schoendorf, C. Schultz, Michele Schuyler, Steve Seaman, john Seefeldt, Mark Seidler, jody Shafton, Wendy Shawl, Richard Shay, Keith Weis, James Weiss, Susanne Weissmann, Vera Wells, Thomas Wemple, Sue Werhane, Mary Werner, David Werner, Randy Whaley, Linda White, Dan Whiting, Harold wichowski, Lisa Wiederhold, Alan Wiggin, Joan Wilke, Tom Wills, Mary Wilson, Gail Wilson, John Wissing, Donna Wittliff, Janice Wolf, Thomas Wolfenberger, B. Wollmer, Mary Wong, Andrea Freshmen Created a Class Image, Teasley, David Temkin, Larry Teumer, Nancy Thomson, William Tiesling, Holly Tillman, Barbara Tornow, Jackie Trelc, Katy Trip, Tana Trovinger, A. Trussell, Marna Tryba, Wayne Tsoris, Irene Van Housen, Peter J ' -' Visnevskis, Charles ' I ' fl- l Voelz, Susan Vogt, Frederic Vrelland, Judy Vuk, Mary Waisbren, Charles Walker, Arnold Wall, Pat Wallace, Jody Walmer, Linda Walters, Richard Wasserman, J. Watson, Scott Watson, Susan Waxman, Debra Weber, Debra Weidenbaum, Robert Weis, Christian Worth, James Wright, John Wright, Pamela Wussow, Mark Wycklendt, Curtis Yarow, Michael Zens, Terri Zetley, Howard Zetley, Linda Zganjar, Linda Ziemer, James Zieve, Peter Zillner, Lorelei Zuckert, Abby l32 Showed in the Spirit Cup Race. Not Pictured: Benner, Timothy Bergmark, Monica Browne, Richard Dailey, Tim Drescher, Mike Fedor, Rita Fehlhaber, Eric Geary, Kevin Hombs, Gary johnson, Linda Kilpatrick, Doug Klemenz, Pam Kossoris, Pam Krueger, Ellen Legrand, Stephen Ludin, Richard Michael, Katherine Milliken, Susan Nowak, jill Peck, lane Ries, Katherine Robinson, Kay Rosefelt, Wendy 133 Rosendahl, Steven Ryan, Mark Sheperd, Robert Simpson, jill Wirth, Susan Sophs Avvaited Their Sixteenth Birthday john Jagger jeff Novey Chriss Talboys Edie Brengel President Adair, Dennis Ahrendt, Kim Aldenhoff, Diane Ambrookian, Sandra Anderson, Keith Anderson, Kris Appleby, Gary Appelby, Kitty Armour, julie Artin, Susan Askot, Phillip Atlas, Les Backus, Paul Bakalars, Lee Bampton, Marcia Barnett, james Baron, janet Battermann, Gary Baumann, Michael Becker, Charles Beduhn, Todd Beers, Laurel Bender, Randi Benz, Kathy Bern, Mindy Berwick, Barbara Biederman, Amy Binder, Glenn Blachly, Vicki Blumberg, Bonnie Blumenthal, Steven Bograd, Francis x Q Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Boldt, Pat Bollow, Frederic Borth, Robert Boxer, Mark Braam, Michael Brengel, Edith Brickman, Harriet Brindis, lo Ann Brodbeck, Randy Bronson, Wendy Bub, Richard Bucolt, Glenn Budzinski, Debra Burchman, Lori Burroughs, William Bursten, Bruce Sought Additional Privileges Bursten, Scott Buth, Christine Butler, William Byers, Robin Cadillac, Don Carey, Tanina Ceaman,judith Chapman, Craig Chapman, Nancy Check, Andrew Cheeks, Carolyn Cherney, james Chiesa, Donald Cianciolo, Linda Cohen, Barbara Conway, William 9' Edwardson, Kris Ehr, Michael Eichsteadt, Gary Elconin, Michael Ellsworth, Peter Endejan, Gregory Erickson, Bill Evans, Lawrence Everts, Susan Feerick, Patrick Fickers, David Fine, Suzanne Fisher, Mary Flowers, Lynda Foley, Pat Fox, Dale Frank, Cynthia Fransee, Donald Franz, joan Fredenthal, Mindy Fredericksen, john Frenkel, Danny Freshwaters, Mark Frieberg, john Friedrich, Karen Froemming, Curt Fromstein, jane Gaines, Howard Galewski, Stephen Gehweiler, Richard Geiger, Catherine Gellman, David Gettelman, james Glaesner, Michelle Godden, Catherine Goetzke, Gary Goldin, Martin Goldman, Laurie Gollin, james Gollner, David l35 Corrao,joann Crivello, joseph Cunningham,V. Cutler, Diane Dallmann, Lyle Damico, Tom Dannenberg, Harry Davies, Charles DeAngelis, Mary jo Delaplain, Steve Diefenthaler, A. Dittmar, Debra Dourga ria n, Doug Dowsett, William Drewek, Richard Edelman, Robert slam, STUDENTS Not Pi :WED in curve ww, Sophs Orated Nervously in English Gorectke, Craig Grabowski, lo Ann Granof, Perry Greenebaum, Sally Greenamyer, Gayle Gridley, Clifford Grimm, Elizabeth Grober, Debra Hall, lo Ann Halloran, Diane Hamel, Robert Hamer, Donna Hammerschlag, Ron Handley, Penelope Hankin,1ulie Harder, Don Harrington, Tom Harris, Judy Hasek, Mark Hasey, Susan Hasley, Scott Hasley, Terry Hauck, Steve Heifetz, Deborah Heise, john Herbst, Mari Herman, Vicky Herman, Suzanne Herold, lane Herrick, Nancy Higgins, Kathryn Hiland, Michael Hill, Timothy Hiller, William Himes, Scott Hinkens, Christine Hintz, lacquie Hirsch, jeffrey Hahn, Gail Hogeboom, Starr Groeschell, Bruce Grossman, Linda Grossman, Scott Guex, leffery Gutglass, james Habeck, Beverly Hadfield, Lynn Haeuser, Charles Dissected Proficiently in Biology. Kiessling, B, Kilian, john Kimmel, Michael Kimmel, Steve Kittower, Peter Klapperich, Nancy Klassa, Larry Klein, Richard Kline, William Knab, Sally Knap, Laura Kniaz, Diane Knops, Craig Koepke, jon Kohlbeck, Terry Kolowith, Barbara V Hokanson, Kathleen Holland, Marla Holman, Andrew Holub, Robert Holzman, Marilyn Hoppe, Chris Horton, julie Howard, Susan Hunt, David Hyde, Dorothy jackson, Gregory jacobson, Marc jagger, john janowitsch, Helmut jascula, Robin jeatran, julie jelich, Susan jendlin, jay jenkins, Walter johnson, Cynthia johnson, Richard johnston, jennifer jones, james jorgensen, jeffrey Kabins, jeffrey Kaempfer, Kay Kahn, jeffrey Kaiser, Bruce Kaiser, Terry Karides, George Kaufman, Harry Kaufmann, Lynne Kaul, Barbara Kelble, Karen Keller, Richard Kelley, Thomas Kendall, joe Kenehan, joan Kern, Douglas Kiedrow, ludith is . J Komisar, William Knab, Sally Kraft, Deborah Kravit, Wendy Krieger, Barbara Krohn, john Kuehn, Michael Kuemmerlein, Dan Kuntz, Gerald Kvasnica, Richard Lahl, Barbara Lange, Carl Langetieg, Karen Leidel, Michael Lemanczyk, james Lemanczyk, Susan Sophomores Constructed a Backwards Prom, Leopold, Kipp Letizia, Richard Levine, Susan Lewenauer, john Lewin, jeffrey Lewis, Steven Lieberthal, jerry Lindsay, Darryl Lobner, jeffrey Loeffler, Becky Loke, Donna London, Steve Looper, Cathy Lorch, Torn Losinski, Gary Lubotsky, jody Lucht, Daniel Luedeman, Gayle Lukitsch, Gary Lurie, james Lutsky, Aviva Mahnke, Debra Malloy, Gregory Mandel, Barry Mandel, William Manes, Laurie Manger, Kay Maniaci, Michael Manley, Steven Mansfield, Susan Maradik, Gary Marceau, Brian Meyer, jeffrey Michaelsen, jill Milhaupt, Barbara Miller, jeanna Miller, Marilyn Miller, Mark Minkin, Richard Miottel, Karen Mitchell, Nancy Mitz, Carolyn Montag, Heidi Mor, Michael Moss, Barbara Mottram, Sue Muchin, Marc Mueller, james Mueller, jeanne Mycynek, judith Nashban, Brooke Nelson, jill North, Nancy Novak, Mark Novey, jeffrey Nowak, jill f Marchand, jackie Marcus, Bruce Marcus, Marc Margolis, Howard Mark, Denise Matar, Norman Matichek, Susan Mayer, Paul Mayer, Thomas Mclntosh, Peter McLarty, David McMahon, Sheila Mehran, Shereen Meister, Mark Mendeloff, Cheryl Merar, David - . i Took-off Smoothly with "Up, Up and Away." Nowak, Susan Nye, Nancy , Okerlund, Karen Oleszak, Dirk Oleszak, Nancy Olson, Robert Orenstein, jill Osman, Roxanne U 1 -' X , Ostach, jeffrey Otto, Lois Padway, Lawrence Pahlisch, Gary Palay, Thomas Papa, Suzanne Parker, David Parshalle, jeff 'Q N Marilyn Holzman proved to herself there wasn't any particular detail on a euphorbia branch. Peck, jodi Pestka, Paul Pethe, Bruce Petros, Diane Pezoldt, Richard Pierner, Roberta Pierson, Wendy Pinkham, Laurie Pittelkow, Mark Plank, lody Pollack, janie Pollow, jill Porterfield, Kevin Portnoy, Linda Posner, Alan Price, Kerry Quackenbush, Brad Radtke, Maxine Ramminger, james Rand, Richard Randall, Robert Recht, Daniel Reif, William Rezak, Eileen Rezak, Donald Richman, Gregory Ritz, Christine Robinson, jay Rodgers, David Roll, David yualvmg Roozen, jeffrey 6 7441145 Rosenberg, Laurey Rosenberg, Linda Rotter, William Rubin, Lanie Ruderman, Lori Ruff, Brad Ruppa, Daniel Russell, Scott Ryan, Mark Rybold, Thomas Sagstaedter, Hans Saichek, Vicki St George, Michael Sauer, Paul Savard, Charles Schalmo, Scott Scheinfeld, john Scherer, Karen Schilling, Linda Schmitt, Robert Schneeweis, Nancy Schneiker, Chris Schober, Frank Schoenfeldt, H. Schoettl, Laura Schroeder, Barbara Schultz, Scott Schumaker, Bonny Scott, Michael Segall, William Seidl, Sherry Seif, Diane Sellin, Richard Singer, Matthew Sitarz, Michael Skwieranski, Dean Smith, Caren Smith, Janine Smith, Lynn Smith, Thomas Sobol, lerri Solochek, Arlen Sonin, Beth Sparacino, Michael Spector, jill Squires, David Staats, Curtis Stahl, Thomas Stamas, Kristine Sophomore Boys Had Great Potential, ! 1 S Sen n, Debbie Sennett, Gary Shackman, Carol Shafton, Andrea Shamburek, Peter Shanovich, C. Shapson, Steve Sheldon, james Sheperd, Michael Sherer, William Shernell, Robyn Shindell, Larry Shomperlen, Doug Shukur, Sally Shulkin, Dara Shumow, Steven Sieckman, Brian Siegel, Robert Silbar, Margo Sileno, joe Silverman, Craig Silverman, Mark Silverstein, Steve Silverstein, Tammy Dominated the JV Basketball Court. jg, Q W . -sl Y sf :,t, .sw as s. is its x ,gf sf' er Sophomore Spirit! Tierney, Mark Tiesling, Debra Tiesling, Chris Tishberg, Tamie Toeller, Susan Traxler, leanne Troester, lrmgard Trosch, Lynn Troutman, Bobby Trump, Roxanne Unertl, Scott Upton, Paula Vandenberg, Tracy Van Es, Thomas Varish, Margaret Verona, Paul Victor, Roberta Vogeler, Dana Vogeler, Terry Vredenbregt, Jef-f Wageman, Tracy Wakefield, C. Wangerin, Dan Wasserman, Harry 1 Stamm, David Stampfl, Barry Stanford, Janette Stefaniak, Bonnie Stein, Steven Steiner, lody Stenzel, Edwin Stern, Bruce Stern, joel Stone, Andrew Straub, Leslie Stroiman, Jeri Strutz, Mary Stuhlmacher, To Surdyk, Thomas Swerin, Renee Swidler, Steven Talboys, Christy Tarnof, Madelyn Ten Haken, Gary Tennessen, Pat Thalman, lan Thompson, james Thomson, Susan l'Tl l4l V 1... Sophs Won Laurels for Tip-Gff Floatf A Abramson, Benita Anhalt, David Bryson, Nancy Canfield, David Denton, Anne Goelzer, john Gruoner, Richard Hombs, Gary Hoffmeister, john Kallman, Matthew Koch, Kristine Landers, Timothy Laur, Keith Lawrence, jeffrey Lichtman, Peter Noi PICTUREDZ Luther, Gary Maier, Herbert Masek, Robert Millela, Dennis Miller, james Nelson, Wayne Okruszynski, Mike Pinter, V. Raithel, john Reese, Michael Rogers, Gary Rosefelt, Robin Scarvaci, Robert Schaaf, john Schneeweis, Nancy 142 Stathes, Cynthia Stathas, Yvonne Swisher, Kim Tess, Beverly Weller, Thomas Willyerd, Karie Yanow, Beth Zachariasen, Lyn Zache, james Zareck, jack Zedler, Penelope Zeiger, David Zembrosky, jeffery Zien, Debra Zoph, Todd Wasserman, judith Waxer, Miriam Waxman, Marsha Weber, james Weber, Lisa Weeks, jim Weinberg, Bradd Weiss, Cynthia Weller, Dean Wells, james Wemple, Cathy Wendle, Thomas Westphal, Diane Whitfield, Nicolas Wiedemann, Douglas Wilfong, Daryl Winfrey, Oprah Winkler, Susan Winter, jeffrey Wirth, Cynthia Wischer, Larry Withey, Denise Wollach, james Yench, Darice Young, Susan l J juniors Debuted as Upper Classmen. VTX Fred Croen, President Robin Lakes, Treasurer Diane Cook, Vice President I P va Arnow, Douglas Aronson, Robert Artin, Ken Augustin, Stevan Averkamp, Kathy Bagley, Mark Bain, Barbara Bako, Steve Ballone, Eric Barland, Shawn Barry, Brian Bate, David Becker, Ann Becker, Michael Becker, Randi Sue Beckwith, Cathy Beimling, C. E. Belgum, Cathie Bennewitz, Kathy Beno, Susan Berger, Karen Berk, Vicki Berlin, jeftrey Bernstein, Richard Bigelow, Robert Blankenburg, Don Blau, Fred Blesch, Carl Blowers, Randy Bollow, Linda Borkin, Danna Brokin, jill K A l . Qu w J Nancy Owen, Secretary Adair, Patrick Adashek, james Albert, Suzan Albrecht, Susan Albright, Kirby Altman, Marc Andrews, Edward Armour, Elaine N t Drake, jamie Driss, Gregory Duffin, Shawn Eade, jennifer East, joe Eaton, Russell Engel, Richard Engel, Stephen juniors Conjured the Devil in English, Borkin, Russell Bostad, Kurt Brandt, Deborah Brazner, Debra Briet, jonathan Breul, Robert Brill, Barbara Brodbeck, Rickie Brodkin, Adriane Brown, jeffrey Bruner, james Bumby, Harold Bundesen, Robert Bupp, Christopher Burgess, Georgiana Caine, Candace Caplin, Michael Carlson, Richard Cash, Ellen Champion, Dawn Chapman, Barbara Chapman, Brian Chapman, Gregory Chapman, joel Chen, Susan Chenery, C. Christman, Daniel Chudnow, jean Cienian, Catherine Cohen, Randi Gail Colberg, Michael Colwell, Martha Cook, Diane Coors, Richard Cox, Martha Craig, Michael Croen, Frederick Cybella, Dennis Damico, Peter Danof-f, Bernard Davidoff, Donna Davidman, Larry Day, Dennis Day, Donald DeMunck, Barbara Dennis, john Dickinson, joyce Dohmen, Linda Erbach, Christine Erbes, Kathleen Etzweiler, john Evans, Nancy Ewing, Katherine Fazio, Anthony Fels, Adrian Ferrara, Paula Finegold, Barry Fling, Cathy Flowers, Louis France, Marc Fredrickson, Eric Fredericksen, S. Freitag, Patricia Fricke, Paula Relived The American Past in History. Friedman, Linda Friedrich, lim Friesler, Mindy Gaborsky, Miriam Garber, Mark Gecht, Ellen Gelfman, Stephen Gendelman, Lisbeth Guerts, Sheri Gimbel, Barry Gindlin, Mark Glassner, Ruth Golanowski, Pamela Gorbette, Richard Gordon, lan Grabowski, Mary Graham, David Grass, Ronald Grede, Kathy Grieb, Donald Grimm, Christine Grochowski, Mary Groeschell, Margaret Groeschell, Patricia A, if Chris Grimm repre- sented a noted look of Nicolet, a concentrated effort on studying. Gross, Robert Grossman, Terry Gruen, Lorelei Haarmann, Bruce Hack, Joanne Hall, Pat Hallada, Ann Halliburton, Mark Hansen, Michael Harley, joe Harsh, Karen Hatch, Scott Hellman, Daniel Hentzen, Mary Herman, Gregg Herman, Richard Hetzel, Kay Heyden, Richard Hilbert, Lisa Hiller, leffrey Holscher, Debbie Holtz, David Holzman, lim Holzman, Robin juniors Took the Top Hat at Homecoming, With hard work and a little bit of magic, the juniors transformed this scene into the winning entry in this year's Deck the Halls. -Q., L. , fm.. ,. . iii 3:-Qi - yfttlliis . , 23,51 ' its if :gk mai . .ai 'ter H "-: t 1 F 'l ! ! Kesselman, Lee Klabough, jan Klagstad, jay Klante, Steven Klein, Bruce Klocksin, Michael Knaack, Kim Kniaz, Beth Koerner, Norman Konar, Ellen Kops, William Korchunoff, Dale Kornman, Peter Kritzik, Susan Kroening, jeffrey Kuehl, Cindy Hornung, Chris Hosler, Kirk . Howard, Diane Howe, Barbara Hubbard, Todd Hudson, Lynn Huff, Linda . Hurwitz, Leslie j-l llx M Huston, Mary Huxtable, Sheryl Hytken, Alice jackson, David jellison, Pat johannes, Kay Lynn johnson, David johnson, Debra johnson, Rolfe jubelirer, Lynn judge, Barbara Kahn, jeffrey Kaiser, Harry Kanin, Sandra Kark, Laurie Kark, Linda Kasal, Roger Kass, Deborah Katz, Aaron Kaufman, Marsha Kaufmann, janet Keily, Barbara Keller, john Kendall, Gail Y S ,Found First Prize Under the Yule Tree. K K uffel, Michael uper, Craig Labiszak, Mary LaBudde, Gretchen Lakam, Michelle Lakes, Robin Landon, Patrick Lange, Margaret Langer, Frederick Lanman, Richard Larson, Lawrence Laur, joseph Lauwasser, Mark Leeb, Fred Lehmann, Larry Lemonds, Debra Lesnick, Carole Letizia, Sharon Levi, janet Levin, Bruce Li Li Li Li bber, Tobias ck, Raymond eberman, Richard etman, Steven Lilly, Daniel Lore, Thomas Losinski, Linda Loveland, Nancy Luedke, Paul Luedtke, judy Lurie, Annette Luttrell, Ronald MacRury, Debra Mahler, janis Mahnke, Diane Maier, Michael Maresh, jeffrey Marino, Kay Marlowe, Brooks Matejka, Vera Mayer, Susan Mayerson, julie McGowan, Michael McLarty, Ross McMorrow, William Meyer, Laure Ann Meyers, Louise Michael, john Q M .t 2 All it 5 .. tt .. XX Michelson, Karen Milanowski, A. Millela, D. Miller, Branda Miller, Dennis Miller, jamie Minihan, Bill Miner, Chris Mislove, Claudia Mislove, Eileen Mixer, Terry Moebius, john Moeckler, Laurie Moore, William Moriarty, Ted Morris, Alan Morris, Marla Moss, julie Musickant, Pamela Mycynek, j. Naimon, Errol Nash, Marcia Neff, Deborah Nelson, Charles Neuwirth, jaklyn Niemczyk, Debra Nienow, Mark North, Patrick Novak, Deborah Novshek, Mary Kay O'Connell, lon OIbrys,lo1ean Olroyd, Richard Olsen, Christa Olson, Karna Orenstein, Marsha Owen, Nancy Padway, Deborah Palay, Steven Paler, Bruce juniors Wandered to Shangri-La juniors were second in class and first in spirit. A Q I K Parchia, Earl Pearl, Meryl Peck, Wade Peltz, Arline Perlstein, Mark Peters, Karen Peterson, David Pezoldt, Robert Pfeifer, Nancy Picard, lames Pincus, Amy Pingry, james Pinter, V. Pinzer, Stuart Polisky, Beth Poppendieck, I. Porter, Barbara Post, Elizabeth Prange, Gene Prange, Paul Price, Guy Price, julie Quale, Marsha Rand, Debra Rath, Sally Rattner, Larry Reda, Pat Reichert, lean Reif, Kurt Reimer, Sandra Reiner, Ann Reisel, Kathryn ww A Reiter, Robin Renak, Robin Respondek, Allan Rhyan, Lindy Ribar, Thomas Robertson, Bonnie Roitblat, Susan Rood, Diane Rosenberg, Marilyn Ross, john Roth, jeffrey Rowen, Susan Rupp, Bridget Rupple, Martha Russell, Mark Sattell, Barry Scherbarth, Pam Schevers, Kathryn Schlesinger, Linda Schmitt, C. Schmitt, R. Schneider, jeffrey Schneller, Lisa Schnoll, Ellen i I S 1 Shumow, Mark Siegel, Alan Sievers, Bonnie Simon, Bill Sineni, George Sires, Laurie Smith, jeffery Sondel, jeffrey Southcott, V. Staats, Lorin Starke, Kim Stein, Donna Stelzel, Michael Stolz, Michael Stryker, Teri Tellier, Lauri Tellock, Lori Temkin, Mark Tennessen, Thomas Thistle, Karen Thompson, Thomas Thomson, judith Tiefenthaler, K. Tillman, Betsy Shufflecl Off to a Soul Sadie Schnoll, Nancy Schobert, Richard Schoenfeld, Kathy Schuett, Todd Schultz, Kevin Schuster, judith Schwalenberg, S. Segerdahl, johan Seidel, Lynn Seidel, Stanley Selig, Stephanie Shafrin, Fred Shanley, Whitney Shapiro, Robyn Sharer, Donna Shepard, Patricia Tilton, Steven Tornow, Sharon Torti, Tom Treu, james Tripi, Rose Troester, Walter Tuchman, Shila Tumler, Vicki juniors Faced the Fourth Year.i Wirth, Timothy Wissing, james Wiviott, Gary Wojciechowski, F. Wolf, Michael Wollach, Deborah Wollmer, Michael Wondracheck, E. Woolweber, Debra Wulf, Candice Wycklendt, Alan Yanow, jacque Yates, Lynn Zens, jeffrey Zetley, Faye Zganjar, Ken Ziemer, Bonnie Zien, Florence Zipter, David Bach, Mary Borowski, Ann Boyes, Deborah Feldman, Randee Hadler, Linda Heck, Nancy Heil, Katherine Hewitt, jill Hiken, Marjorie Holmes, Richard Uebelher, Nancy Ulevich, janis Unertl, joan Usow, jeffrey Vogeler, Karen Wageman, Toni Walker, Laurie Weingart, Mark Weis, Kathleen Wells, Walter Wendt, Wendy Wenzel, john Wenzel, Paul Werner, Brian Wetherbee, Scott Whaley, Michael White, Frank White, Sue Wiggin, jack Willens, jann Williams, Sue Wilvers, Floyd Winter, Michael Wirth, Scott NOT PICTURED Hubbard, Debra james, Vincent Kimmel, Dawn Koeppen, john Lamek, Perry Levine, Sherry Libowsky, Sharon Marcus, Rick Marsh, Barbara Marsh, William May, john Minahan, William Pabian, Chris Petrykowski, Mark Pitt, Ronald Prentice, Mike Regan, Barbara Reupert, Mark Riemer, Susan Schmidt, Susan Sievers, Bonnie Snyder, Mike Stanich, Peter Sylvester, Michael Tarkinow, Ted Tarney, julie Tolkan, james Trude, Mark Seniors Assumed the Top Position. F 3 lex X A -as-ss . 1 R " . QQ Tom Dun ker, President ludy Winnik, Vice President ll' i ' I i l Kathy Maylahn, Secretary -5 V z"'?'!x Karen Abts Pep Club 95 N.G.A. 95 Spanish Club 105 junior Coun- cil5 Senior Council5 Hall Monitor 12. Candis Ahrendt N.B.S. 10,115 N.G.A. 105 Library Aids 115 Rifle Club 115 Russian Club 125 Theatre Arts Club 125 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Diary of Anne Frank 115 Nicolet Singers 125 First Alternate Wis- consin Honors Chorus 12. K.Aldenhoff john Aldridge Cross Country 10,115 Track 10,115 Varsity Club 10,11,12. Betsy Allen German Club 9,10,11,: Knight's Page 95 Biology Club 9, 10. Scott Arbit Ski Club 9,10,115 Treasurer 10, President 115 Biology Club 9,105 Science Club 125 Camera Club 10,11,125 Youth Council 9,10,11,125 Vice President 115 A.F.S. Semi-finalist5 Host Alternate5 Quill and Scrollg Music Man 105 Knight's Page Photographer 10,11,125 Shield Photographer 10,11,12,' Hunger Pit Supervisor 10,11. left jubelirer, Treasurer Karen Abts Candi., lt K. Aldenhoff lohn Aldridge Elizabeth Allen Scott Arbit ist ' Seniors Had Relaxed Attitudes, Ellen Arbuckle Nancy Ardern David Bartels William Bateman Ellen Mary Arbuckle Latin Club 9,105 Drama Club 10,115 Cir- culation of Knight's Page 10,11,125 Man- ager, 115 Library Aid 9,105 Student Supervisor 11,125 F.T.A. 11,125 Good Citizen 105 Castle in the Village 115 junior Council5 Senior Council 12. Nancy Ardern Pep Club 95 Drama Club 95 N.G.A. 105 Noon Rec. Supervisor 12. Maura Atkins N.G.A. 95 Knight's Page 9,10,11,125 Aqua Knights 10,11,125 National Honor So- ciety 11,125 National Merit Semi-final- ist5 Paperback Bookstore 10. Debbie Atlas A.F.S.9. William A. Backes Cross Country 10,115 Track 9,105 Arch- ery Club 10,115 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 12. Dave Bartels Stage Band 9,11,125 Nicolet Host 9,10, Ass't. Chairman 10, Variety Show 9,10, 11,12, Master of Ceremonies 125 Nicolet Magic Company 10,11,12, Chairman 125 Tri-M 11,125 Nicolet Singers 125 ,All City Brass Group 125 South Pacific 125 Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation 12. William Wyatt Bateman Golf 9,10,11,125 Swimming 11, Varsity Club 125 Rocket Club 9,10,11,12, Vice President 10,11, President 125 NAR Rep- resentative Rocket Club 125 junior Coun- cil 115 Senior Council 125 Senior Skit Chairman5 Student Supervisor 11,12. james Bauer Football9. Stephen Bazelon Maura Atkins Debra Atlas james Bauer Stephen Bazelon Football 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,10,11,125 Tennis 9,10,11,125 Second Team All-Con- ference Basketball 105 First Team All- Conference Basketball 11 Vicki Becker N.G.A. 9,105 Library Aid 95 A.F.S. 95 A.F.S. Fiesta Night 9,10,11,125 Latin Club, officer 105 German Club 11,12, officer 125 Biology Club 115 Knight's Page Cir- culation5 South Pacific 125 Noon Rec. Supervisor 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Nicolet Singers 12. Bonnie Beggan junior Council5 Senior Council5 Noon Rec. Supervisor 115 Hall Monitor 125 Spanish Club11. Thomas Benner Richard Benz Stage Band 9,10,11,125 Tri-M 11,125 Pep Band 9,10,11,125 Pit Band 11. jeff Benzman janice Bergson Spanish Club 105 Biology Club 105 Pep Club 95 Crest 11,125 junior Council. Andrew Berland Ross Bern Camera Club 11,125 One Act Plays 11, 125 Noon Rec. Supervisor 11,125 Knight's Page Cartoonist12. Bob Bernstein Rocket Club 95 Latin Club 95 Tennis 9, 10,115 Hall Monitor 11,125 Intramural Basketball 9,'l0,'l'l. Bradley A. Bernstein German Club 105 Stage Crew 10,11,125 Science Club 11, Vice President 115 Math Club 115 Radio Club 10,115 Nation- al Honor Society 11,12. Ellen Bernstein Freshman-Sophomore Drama Club 9,10, Michael Attridge William Backes Victoria Becker Bonnie Beggan President 10, French Club 9,10,11,12, Foreign Language Representative 11, Vice President 125 National Honor Society5 junior Council5 Knight's Page Advertising Staff 11,125 Ski Club 10,11. Howard Bernstein Radio Club 10,11, vice-President 115 Math Club 11,12, Secretary-Treasurer 125 Crest 11,125 National Honor Society 11, 125 National Merit Semi-Finalist. Mary Bernstein Forensics 9,105 Knight's Page 9,10,11,12, Editor-in-Chief 125 Quill and Scroll5 Na- tional Honor Society 11,125 One Act Plays 105 Taming of the Shrew 105 Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalist. Mike Berwick Cross Country 95 Golf 95 j.V. Basket- ball 105 Intramurals 10,11,125 Pep Band 11,125 Slot Car Club 9. Mary Kay Betla Carolyn Beyer john Edward Blanchard Dean Blankenburg Dennis Blankenburg Robin Bloom Transfer 115 Spanish Club 11. Chuck Blumberg, Cross Country 10. Donna Bowen Spanish Club 115 N.G.A. 10. Ralph Bowen Vicki Boxer Knight's Page 95 Pep Club 95 A.F.S. 10, 115 National Honor Society 11,125 Tri-M 11,125 junior Council5 Bells Are Ringing 115 Nicolet Singers 125 South Pacific 125 State Honors Choir 11,12. David Boyes Timothy Brauer Repeated the Traditional Countdown. jeff Bensman Richard Benz Janice Bergson Ross Bern Bradley Bernstein Robert Bernstein Michael Berwick Ellen Bernstein Howard Bernstein Mary Bernstein Mary Betla Carolyn Beyer john Blanchard Charles Blumberg Vicki Boxer Donna Bowen l53 D. Blankenburg Robin Bloom Ralph Bowen Timothy Brauer Seniors Supported Favorite Candidates Candace Braun C. Breithaupt lames Bronson Thomas Brotton Candi Braun Nancy Brendemuehl N.G.A. 9,105 Pep Club 9,105 Prom Decorations 115 Marching Band 9,10,11,12. Gary Breul - Cross Country 125 N.B.S. 10,11,125 Radio Club 95 German Club 11,125 Track 12. Linda Breul Home Economics 95 Creative Dance Club 9,10,115 Vice-President 115 F.B.L.A.11,12. Chuck Briethaupt German Club 11,125 Noon Rec. Supervisor 11,12. lames R. Bronson Basketball 9,10,11,125 Track 10. Tom Brotton Football 9,105 German Club 9,10. Fraser Browne Ski Club 115 Freshman Council5 Sophomore Council5 Pep Club 9. Sarah Browne Pep Club5 Youth Council 9,10,11,125 Class Coun- cil 9,10,11,125 Class Secretary 10, Central Prom Committee 115 Morning Announcer5 Good Citi- zen Award. William Brucato Steven Buck Football 9,10,115 Wrestling 9,10. Cathy Bucolt Nancy Brendemuehl Gary Breul Linda Breul lean Brown Elizabeth Browne Sarah Browne German Club 9,10,11,125 N.G.A. 9,105 Noon Rec. Supervisor 12. Dennis Bugler Track 95 Intramural Basketball 9,10,11,125 lntra- mural Baseball 9,115 Intramural Football 9,10,11,12. Kenneth Bugler Michael Burke Football 10,11,125 A.F.S. Fiesta Night 10, Good Citizen Award 105 Varsity Club 12. Timothy Burns Toni Cannizzaro Chrys Carey Cheerleader 105 Pep Club 9,105 Drama Club 9. loanne Carini A.F.s. 9,1o,115 Biology Club 10,115 F.T.A. 10,11,12, Vice-President 125 Home Economics Club 9,105 Vice-President 105 Pep Club 10,115 Good Citizen Award11,lunior Council. Leora Carlton Richard Carter Lynn Ceaman F.B.L.A. 10,11,12, President 11,125 Third Place State Public Speaking 105 N.G.A. 9,105 Drama Club 9, 105 Noon Rec. Supervisor 125 King and I 95 Bells Are Ringing115 South Pacific 125 Spanish Club 9. joseph F. Cechvala Golf 9,'l0. 154 William Brucato Steven Buck Voted Yes for Homecoming "Can't you pull harder? We're losing to the Sophomoresf' Cathy Bucolt Dennis Bugler 'l"" Kenneth Bugler Michael Burke Timothy Burns loanne Carini Leora Carlton Richard Carter l55 Toni Cannizzaro Chrys Carey Lynn Ceaman joe Cechvala john Champeau Dennis Check Vickie Clark David Coheen Seniors Returned to Prom junior Styled, john Champeau F.T.A. 10,11,12, President 115 Nicolet Honor Society 11,125 State Honor Choir 115 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Alternate Madison Music Clinic 11. Dennis Check Donald Check Keith Chen Wrestling 9,10,11,125 Rocket Club 9,10, 11,12, Vice-President 11, President 125 Biology Club10,11,12. Nancy Chich Health Careers 9,105 N.G.A. 105 Spanish Club10,115 Pep Club 9. Thomas Church Chris Cianciolo Vickie Clark National Honor Society 11,125 F.T.A 125 Library Aid 12.' David Coheen Baseball 15 Forensics 95 Spanish Club 9, 105 Hall Monitor 125 Noon Rec. Super- visor125 Ski Club 10,11. Cathy Cohen Pep Club 95 A.F.S. 95 French Club 10. Ilene Cohen Drama Club 9,105 Pep Club 95 Spanish Club 9,105 F.T.A.105 Knight's Page 9,10. Matt Cohen Football 10,11,125 Baseball 9,10,115 Var- sity Club12. Susan Cohen Pep Club 95 A.F.S. 9,10,11,125 Spanish 9,10,11,125 Taming of the Shrew 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Wisconsin State Honor Choir 115 Tri-M5 A.F.S. Fiesta Night 9,10,11,125 Nicolet Singers5 Knight's Page 10,11. Beth Cohn Donald Check Keith Chen Cathy Cohen Ilene Cohen Transfer 115 French Club 115 Shield 11, 125 A.F.S.5 Noon Rec. Supervisor 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Good Citizen Award 11. Cristy Kay Collins Spanish Club 10,11,125 Sophomore Council5 Biology Club 10. Scott Collins Football 95 Spanish Club 11,125 Variety Show 9,'l0. Ellen Conley Pamela R.Cox Liliana Beatriz Cozodoy A.F.S. Student from Argentina 125 A.F.S.125 Spanish Club 12. Madeline Crivello A.F.S. student to Cali, Colombia 125 National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Knight's Page 9,10,11,125 Picture Editor 11, Managing Editor 125 A.F.S. 9,'l0,'l'l, 12, Secretary 11, President 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Shield 10,115 French Club 9,10,115 Pep Club 9,105 Noon Rec. Sup- pervisor115 Good Citizen Award 10,11. RobertCummings Intramural Football 9. Lonna Cunningham Pep Club 9,105 Sophomore Council5 Hall Monitor 105 Biology Club 115 junior Council5 Ski Club 11, Secretary 115 A.F.S. Club 12. Karen Cupertino jan Cutler Pep Club 95 Ski Club 9,105 French Club 105 Biology Club 10,11,125 Noon Rec. Supervisor 125 Hall Monitor. james R. Dahlman Spanish Club 9,105 Crest 11, Art and Nancy Chich Chris Cianciolo Mathew Cohen Susan C0l'1en Production Editor 125 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Charley's Aunt 95 Taming of the Shrew 105 Variety Show 10,11,125 Nicolet Sing- ers 11,125 Tri-M Award 11,12. Daniel Dedrick Football 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,115 Track 10,11,125 Baseball 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Intramurals 10,12. Lynn de la Torre Pep Club 95 Helath Careers Club 9. Patty Derse Pep Club 95 junior Spanish Club 95 Water Ballet 9,10,11,12, Treasurer 125 Student Council 9,10,115 Youth Coun- cil 125 Sophomore Council5 junior Council5 Prom Court5 junior Home- coming Princess. Mona deVorkin Latin Club 95 French Club 115 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Tri-M 11, 125 Variety Show 9,10,11,125 Winner in Youth in Music Concert Series 125 Harp- ist in Honors Band of Wisconsin 12. Mike Dewey Track 10, Cross Country 11,125 Archery Club. Cara Dowsett Pep Club 9,105 Cheerleading 105 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Nicolet Singers 12. julie Drake Pep Club 105 Water Ballet 10,11,12. Carla Drukker Spanish Club 9,105 French Club 115 Social Studies Club 115 Noon Supervi- sor11. Mary Ellen Druschke French Club 11,12. Revisited Dogpatch, Nicolet Style. Beth Cohn Christy Collins Scott Collins Pamela Cox Liliana Cozodoy Madeline Crivello RobertCummings L. Cunningham james Dahlman Dan Dedrick Lynn De La Torre Mike Dewey Cara Dowsett julie Drake l57 Karen Cupertino lanice Cutler Patricia Derse Mona de Vorkin Carla Drukker Mary Druschke Seniors Still Sparked Enthusiasm, Barbara Dubman Thomas Dunker Susan Einwald Pat Eldred Barbara Dubman Pep Club 95 Shield 9,105 A.F.S. 9,105 N.G.A. 105 Sophomore Council. Tom Dunker Tennis 9,10,11,12, Most Valuable Player 115 Sen- ior Class President5 State High School Singles Champion 115 Varsity Club 10,11,125 National W Club Award11. Virginia Dunker French Club 9,10,1'I5 National Honor Society 11, 125 Youth Council 12. Rick Eder Swimming 105 Biology Club 10,11,125 Knight's Page105 N.B.S.1O,11. Carol Eich Russian Club 9,10,11,125 Shield Art 11,125 Na- tional Honor Society 11,125 Quill and Scroll. Sue Einwald Pep Club 9,105 F.T.A. 10,115 Teacher's Aid 11,125 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 junior Council 115 Student Supervisor 11. Pat Eldred Shield Art 115 Spanish Club 125 Social Studies Club12. Gregory Eliott Dean Ellis junior Spanish Club 9, Spanish Club 'I05 Stu- dent Supervisor 125 Knight's Page Photographer 10,11,125 Intramurals Basketball 11,125 Checkers Club11. james Ellsworth Track 9,10. Neal Elkind Radio Club 9,105 Social Studies Club 11,125 Camera Club 125 Wrestling 9. judie Engel jerry Erdmann Virginia Dunker Richard Eder Gregory Eliott Neal Elkind Track 10,11,125 Cross Country 11,125 Pep Band 12. Gary Erickson Cherri Escobar Penny Evers N.G.A. 95 A.F.S. 105 Drill Team 11,125 Outstand- ing High School junior Award 11. judy Everts Shield Art 11,125 Stage Crew 105 Class Council 9,10,11,125 Pep Club 95 Prom Program Cover De- signer 115 Scholastic Art Award, Gold Key final- ist12. Wendy Evrard N.G.A. 95 Class Council 10,11,125 Prom Sub-Chair- man 115 A.F.S. 9,105 Biology Club 95 Youth Coun- cil 10,115 Crest 10,11,12, Poetry Editor 11, Editor- in-Chief125 National Honor Society 11,125 Welles- ley Book Award 115 Good Citizenship Award 105 National Merit Semi-Finalist12. Thomas Fefer Tennis 9,10,11,125 Student Council 105 Nicolet Hostg Nicolet Magic Company 10,11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 Social Studies Club 11,125 Communique 125 judge of Student Court 125 Good Citizenship Award 115 Hall Monitor 11,125 Student Supervisor 11,125 Intramurals 1'I,12. Leonard Feiss Swimming 95 Tennis Manager 9,10,11,125 Biology Club 10,11,125 German Club 9,10,11,12. Patricia Ferguson joEllen Filacheck Daniel Fischer PatFischer F.T.A. 105 A.F.S. 11,125 German Club 125 Pit Or- chestra 9,11,125 Tri-M 11,125 National Honor So- ciety 11,125 Wisconsin State Honors Band 115 Madison Summer Music Clinic Scholarship 11. 158 Carol Eich Dean Ellis james Ellsworth judith Engel Attempted Second Spirit Cup Win. jerry Erdmann Surrounded by finished paintings, julie Drake finished another section of the toy train for "Deck the Halls". Gary Erickson Cherri Escobar Penny Evers ludith Everts Thomas Fefer Len Feiss Patricia Ferguson 159 Wendy Evrard Patricia Fauber L loEIIen Filachek Patricia Fischer Seniors Scored High in National Merit Therese Fischer Richard Fisher . james Fratrick Barton Freedman Terry Fischer N.G.A. 95 Biology Club 105 Pep Club 10, 11,125 Forensics 115 Good Citizenship Award 115 Cheerleading 10,11,12, Captain 125 Prom Queen5 Youth Council 125 Home- coming Queen5 Senior Council. Richard Fisher Golf 9,10,11,12, Most Valuable Player 105 Var- sity Club 10,11,12. Michael Fling Sharan Fluhr A Cast of Mistaken Identity 105 N.B.S. 10, 11, Secretary 10,115 F.T.A. 125 German Club 11. Bruce Frank Science Club 9,10,11,12, President 11,125 Math Club 11,12, President 11, Vice- President 11,125 Radio Club 1,10, Vice- President 105 Biology Club 9,105 Camera Club 10,11,12, Vice-President 115 Shield Photographer 10,11,125 National Honor S0- ciety 11,125 National Merit Letter of Com- mendation5 Science Awards 9,10,115 Math Awards 10,11. jacquelyn Frank F.B.L.A. 9. jim Fratrick Football 9,105 Baseball 9,10. Tom Friedman Football 9,10. Bart Freedman Intramural Basketball 10,11,125 Weight Lift- ing club10,11,12. jim Friedlander Nicolet Host 9,105 Office Monitor 105 Tennis 9,10,115 Varsity Club 11,125 Intramurals 11, 125 Social Studies Club 10,11,12, Treasurer 125 Communique Staff 11,125 Crest 11,125 Mount Mary Math Contest Third Place5 Na- tional Science Foundation Grant 115 Na- tional Merit I.etter of Commendation. Sarah Gaedke Pep Club 9,105 N.G.A. 9,105 Student Super- Michael Fling Sharan Fluhr james Friedlander Thomas Friedman visor 115 junior Council5 Shield Art 11,12, Editor 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalist5 Quill and Scroll. Mary Galewski junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10. jeremy Gaylard A.F.S. student from Rhodesia5 A.F.S. Club 125 Biology Club 125 Student Council 125 South Pacific 125 Nicolet Singers 12. Gerald Gersen Weight Lifting Club 105 Spanish Club 10. Mark Gertler Football 9,10,11,125 Wrestling 10,115 Track 10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Intramural Bas- ketball 9,125 Representative to Badger Boy's State 115 Office Monitor 10. David Giffen Marc Gifford jeff Gimbel Track 105 Debate 105 Weight Lifting Club 105 Checkers Club 10, Vice-President 105 Forensics 115 Forensics Braveland Confer- encer 115 National Honor Society 11,125 Student Council 12. Karyn Ginda Health Careers Club 95 Pep Club 95 Biology Club 105 Spanish Club 10,125 N.G.A. 11. Brian Girdauskas Cross Country 10,11,125 Track 9,105 Varsity Club 10,11,125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Rocket Club 9. David Glassner Radio Club 9,10,11,12. Tilman Goetting International Christian Youth Exchange Stu- dent from Germany5 South Pacific 125 A.F.S.125 German Club 12. jo Anne Goldman Cheerleading 10,11,12, Captain 115 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10,115 Biology Club 10,115 A.F.S. Club 9,10,11,12, A.F.S. Sister 115 Na- Bruce Frank 5 jacquelyn Frank Sarah Gaedke Mary Galewski tional Honor Society 11,125 Good Citizen- ship Award 115 Senior Council5 Nicolet Singers 125 Noon Recreation Supervisor 11, 12. PaulGollner Fernando Gonzalez Football 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,10,11,125 Track 9,105 Noon Recreation Supervisor 11. judy Goodman Pep Club 95 A.F.S. 9,105 junior Spanish Club 95 Biology Club 105 Spanish Club 105 Shield 10,11,125 Prom Court5 junior Coun- cil5 Senior Council. Laurie Goodman Drama Club 9,10, Secretary 105 Spanish Club 9,10,11,12, Secretary 125 Knight's Page 10,11,12, Editorial Board 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 A.F.S. 9,'l0,11, Polly Ruth Gordon F.B.L.A.'l2. Steve Gorenstein Football 9,11,125 Track10,115 Wrestling 105 Varsity Club 11,125 Hall Monitor 11,125 Noon Recreation Supervisor 12. Donna Greene Leander james Gridley Football 9,105 Tennis 95 German Club 9,10, 11,125 Swimming 125 Intramural Basketball 9,105 Checkers Club 9,105 Crackpots 12, Pres- ident. jay Grieger Basketball 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Cross Country 105 Football 11,125 Baseball 11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 German Club 105 South Pacific12. DanielGrimm Cross Country 125 Track 125 Russian Club 1'l,'l2. Totaled Twent -Five as Semi-Finalists. jeremy Gaylard jerry Gersen Mark Gertler David Giffen MMC Giff0rd 1 leffrey Gimbei Karyn Ginda Brian Girdauskas lo Anne Goldman Paul Gollner Fernando Gonzalez Polly Gordon Steven Gorenstein Lee Gridley 161 David Glassner Tilman Goetting judy Gggdman Laurie Goodman lay Grieger Daniel Grimm Seniors Questioned Nicolet Traditions, Donna Grober Alan Hammel jeanne Harris Mark Hasey Donna Grober Alan N. Hammel X Football 95 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Stu- dent Supervisor 11,12. Laurie Hammerschlag Pep Club 95 French Club 10,115 Gymnastics Club 105 A.F.S. 10,11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 Tri-M Award 115 Honor Citizenship List 10,115 The King and I 9. Tim Handley Cross Country 95 Sophomore Council5 Youth Council10. Steve Hardeman Football 95 Basketball 105 Nicolet Hosts5 Hall Moni- tor 10,11,125 Good Citizenship Award 9. jeanne Harris A.F.S. 9,10,11,125 Frosh-Soph Drama Club 105 Taming of the Shrew 105 One Act Play 105 Knight's Page Business Staff 10. Mark Hasey Debate Club 115 Science Club 115 Social Studies 125 National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 National Hon- or Society5 Student Supervisor 12. Pamela Hays Pep Club 95 Aqua Knights 10. jack Hearst Football Intramurals 9,10,115 Basketball Intramu- rals 10,11. Craig Heine Mike Heise Football 9,1O,115 Wrestling 10,11. Robert Hellman German Club 9,105 Math Club 125 Radio Club 10,11, 125 National Honor Society 11,125 National Merit Letter of Commendation 12. Robert Helm Youth Council 9,105 Student Council 10,11 Vice- President 125 Freshman Class Treasurer5 Forensics 95 Magic Club 10,11,125 Nicolet Host 9,10 Chair- L. Hammerschlag Timothy Handley Stephen Hardeman Pam Hays jack Hearst man5 Variety Show Business Manager 11,12. Deborah Hentzen A.F.S. 9,10,115 F.T.A. 105 Biology Club 125 German Club 9,10,11,12 Secretary5 National Honor Society 11,125 National Merit Semi-Finalist 12. Bruce Herman Debate Club 9,10,11,125 National Honor Society5 Checkers Club 11,125 War Games Club 11, Secre- tary. Ron Herte Slot Racing Club 9. Sandi Hetzel Pep Club 9,105 Sophomore Council5 junior Coun- cil. Gail Heyman Student Council 9,10,11,125 junior Spanish Club 95 Pep Club 95 Forensics 9,10,11, "A" rating in Braveland and District Meets 10,11, "B" rating in State meet 10,115 Student Faculty Relations Board 115 Hall Monitor 10,11,125 Shield 9,10,11,12 Editor- in-chief5 junior Council5 Prom Ticket Chairman5 Senior Council5 Good Citizen Award 105 National Honor Society 11,125 Quill and Scroll 11,125 Quota Club Award 11. Susan Hickey jim A. Hiller Baseball 10,11,12 Captainp National Honor Society 11,125 Spanish Club 9,10,11,12 President5 Social Studies Club 105 All Conference Honorable Men- tion in Baseball5 Nicolet Hosts5 Debate 11,12. james R. Hiller Rifle Club, Biology Club. jana Hinkens National Merit Semi-Finalist125 F.B.L.A.12. james Hoffman Cross Country 9,10,11,125 Tennis 9,10,11,125 Third in State Doubles 9,105 State Doubles Cham- pion 115 Varsity Club 10,11,12 Secretaryg Spanish Club 9,105 Weightlifting 9,10. l62 Craig Heine Michael Heise Robert Hellman Attempted to Innovate Ideas My Robert Helm The intense concen- tration on Brent Zim- merman's face ex- pressed the difficulty involved in pushing X a silk screen press. Deborah Hentzen 'I Gail Heyman Susan Hlcliel' Bruce Herman Ron Herte Safldfa Hellel Miss Higgeng lames A. Hiller lames R. Hiller 163 jana Hinkens james Hoffman Seniors Planned Gift, Skit, and Dance, William Hoffman Randy Hoffmeister lohn Huntsinger William Hurwitz William Hoffman Spanish Club 9,10,11, Biology Club 10,11. Randy Hoffmeister Basketball 10. Thomas Paul Hogan Football 9, Variety Show 9,10, junior Council, ski Club 11, Spanish Club 10, 11, Taming ofthe Shrew 10. Chris Hogeboom A.F.S. 11,12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Awards in Mathematics Association of America Contest, National Merit Let- ter of Commendation. Morris Hornik Kathy Hunt Spanish Club 9,10,11, A.F.S. 9,11, F.T.A. 'l0,'l'l,'l2. lohn Huntsinger Football 9, Intramural Basketball 11,12, National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion12. William Hurwitz Tennis 10, Biology Club 10, lunior Coun- cil, Senior Council, Senior Skit, Hall Monitor 12, Student Supervisor 12, N.B.S.1'l. limlacobs Roberta lacobson Pep Club 9, A.F.S. 9, Knight's Page Ad- vertising Staff 11, junior Council, Sen- ior Council, Hall Monitor 12, Student Supervisor 12. Thomas Hogan Charissa Hogeboom M0fI'iS Hornik Kathrine Hunt IHFDGS Jacobs Roberta lacobson Ruthy lager Karen jaggard Ruthylager Karen laggard lackjambor Scottjankins Track 11. B. laraczewski Risaleanson David jenkins jenniferlohn Biology Club 11, Spanish Club 9,10, Sec- retary 11, Foreign Council Representa- tive, A.F.S. 10,11,12, Pep Club 9,10, Drill Team 12, Office Monitor 12. Carla johnson Transfer 10, N.G.A. 10,11, Aqua Knights 11,12, F.B.L.A. 11, National Honor Soci- ety 11,12, Prom Sub-chairman11. David johnson Wrestling 9,10,11, Weightlifting 9,10, Kylejohnson Math Club 11, Secretary-Treasurer, Presi- dent 12, Radio Club 9,10,11, Treasurer 10,11, National Honor Society 11,12, Rensselaer Polytechnic Mathematics and Science Award 11, MAR Math Contest Honors 10,11, AATSP Spanish Contest Awards 10,11, National Merit Semi-Fi- nalist12, Good Citizenship Award 10,11. jim Jorgensen Football 9,'l0,'l'l, Ski Club 9,10,'l'l, Soph- omore Council, Senior Skit. Henry josefsberg I64 lefflubelirer Football 9, Sophomore Council, German Club 9,10,11 Foreign Language Represent- ative, junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Student Supervisor 11,12, Hall Monitor 12, Noon Recreation Coordinator 12, Student Responsibil- ities Board 12. Douglas Kadrich Ellen Kagen james Kagin Karen Kahn Sandra Kahn French Club 9,'l0,'l'l,12, A,F.S. 9,'l0,'l'l, 12, National Honor Society 11,12, David Kaiser Football 9, Rocket Club 9,10,11,12, Sec- retary 11,12, Science Club 11, Social Studies Club 12, Radio Club 10. George Kashou Football 9,10, Wrestling 9,10,11, Fresh- man Council. john Kashou Biology Club 10, Wrestling 10,11, Archery Club 10. P. Rea Katz Shield 9,'l0,1'l Editor-in-Chief,'l1, A.F.S. 9,10,11,12, Secretary, Russian Club 9,10, 11,12 Secretary, Delegate to Badger Girls State 11, National Merit Semi-Fi- nalist12, Quill and Scroll, National Hon- or Society, Good Citizenship Award 11. Continued Organizing oon Rec. l21Cklambor Scott lankins B. Iaraczewski Risa jeanson jennifer john N Carla lohnson David johnson Kyle johnson jeff Iubelirer Douglas Kadrich Ellen Kagen Sandra Kahn David Kaiser George Kashou l65 james Jorgensen Henry losefsberg james Kagin Karen Kahn john Kashou Rea Katz Girls Fashioned Mother-Daughter Tea, Barry Katzmann Debbie Kern jeffery Knight Karn Koch Barry Katzmann junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 105 Senior Council. Debbie Kern Donald Kersting Mark King Steven Kirschner junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10,11,125 Math Club 11,125 Checkers Club 11,12 President 11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 National Merit Semi-Finalist. jef'fery P. Knight Transfer 105 Football11. Karen Koch Shield Art Co-editor 115 Quill and Scroll 11,125 Biology Club. Tom Koehler Football 9,10,115 Golf 9,10,11,125 Freshman Coun- cil5 Sophomore Council5 junior Council5 Ski Club5 Senior Skit. Marty Kohler Golf 95 German Club 9,10,11,125 Hall Monitor 10,125 Student Supervisor 11,125 Senior Council. Michael Kolowith Baseball 9,10,11,125 Basketball 10. Larry Kops Latin Club 9,105 German Club 105 National Honor Society 11,125 Rocket Club 10,11. jeff Koshakow jeff Kotecki Football 9,10,11,125 Wrestling 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10, 11,125 Baseball 95 Varsity Club 11,12. Paul Kovacic Transfer 125 ski Club 125 Archery Club 12. jim Kowalewski Football 9,105 Intramurals 10,11,125 Baseball 9,10, 11,125 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 12. Elizabeth Kraniak Transfer 115 Student Supervisor 12. Donald Kersting Mark King Steven Kirschner 'R Tom Koehler Martin Kohler Michael Kolowith Robin Kravit Frosh-Soph Drama Club 9 President, 10 Vice-Presi- dent5 Pep Club 95 Spanish Club 9,105 Pink and Patches 95 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Hall Monitor12. William Robert Krieger Cross Country 10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 Stage Band 9,10,11,125 Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation 125 Pit Or- chestra 10,11,125 Nicolet Music Award5 Rotary Club UW Music Clinic Scholarship 115 Pep Band 9, 10,11,125 Archery Club 10,115 A.F.S. Fiesta Night Band 11,125 First Alternate to Wisconsin All- State Band-Orchestra11. Kurt Krueger Football 9,10,11,12 All-conference Team5 Wrestling 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,12. Douglas Kruse Rifle Club 9,10,11,125 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 12. james Kupper Social Studies 95 Basketball Intramurals 9,10,11, 125 Biology Club 10,11,125 junior Council5 South Pacific 12. Karen Lahl Aqua Knights 11,125 junior Council5 Pep Club 95 A.F.S. 95 F.T.A. 'l0. Robert Lamalfa Cross Country 9. Roberta Lamalfa junior Spanish Club 105 Knight's Page Advertising Staff 115 F.B.L.A.12. jean Lampiris N.G.A. 9,10,115 F.B.L.A. 115 Aqua Knights 125 Li- brary Aide 105 A.F.S. Fiesta Night 11. I66 Lawrence Kops jeff Koshakow 2 Sampled Nouveaux Styles and Cuisine. Everything about women interested Ditto Mueller. jeff Kotecki jim Kowalewski Elizabeth Kraniak Robin Kravit William Krieger Karen Lahl Robert LaMalfa Roberta LaMalfa I67 Kurt Krueger james Kupper lean Lampiris Mike Landon Boys Participated in Intramurals, Kms Michael Lane Andrea Laws Gary Levin Barbara Levine Michael Lane Rocket Club 10,11,12 Vice-President 11, 12. Martin Lange Cross Country 11,125 Track 10,11,125 In- tramural Football 105 Intramural Basket- ball 11,12. Andrea Laws Randy LeClaire Football 9,105 Golf 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 125 Chess Club 11. David Lefeber Mark Leno Golf 9,105 A.F.S. 9,10,115 Biology Club 95 Knight's Page Circulation Staff 9,10,11, 125 Freshman Class President5 Student Council Treasurer 105 junior Class Presi- dent5 Student Council President 125 Student-Faculty Relations Board 125 Student Responsibility Board 125 Hall Monitor 11,12. james Letizia Gary Levin Football 95 Wrestling 95 Spanish Club 10, 115 Hall Monitor 125 Intramurals11,12. Barbara Levine A.F.S. 105 Spanish Club 9,10,1115 Nation- al Honor Society 11,12. Micaela Helen Levine A.F.S. 95 Spanish Club 9,105 Biology Club 10,115 Crest 11,125 Tri-M Music Award5 Partial Scholarship to UW Summer Music Clinic. Michael Levine German Club 9,105 Wrestling 95 Swim- ming 125 Music Man. 105 Bells Are Ring- ing 115 South Pacific 125 Variety Show 115 Nicolet Singers 11,12. Susie LeVine A.F.S. 95 Ski Club 105 Biology Club 12. joanne Lewis German Club 9,10,11,125 Knight's Page A Randy LeClaire David LeFeber Mark Leno james Letizia MiC8el6 Levine Michael Levine Susan LeVine loanne Lewis 9,105 A.F.S. 9,125 F.T.A. 115 N.B.S. 10 Secretary. Linda Lichter Shield 10,11,12 Departments and Honors Editor5 Forensics 115 Freshman Council5 Sophomore Council5 junior Council5 Central Prom Committee Refreshment Chairman5 Student Council 95 Youth Council 115 French Club 115 Biology Club 105 Social Studies Club 12 Sec- retary5 National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 Speaker and Discussion Committee 125 Hall Monitor 12. Doug Liddiard Chris Lindemann Pamela Lisker Linda Lohman Russian Club 9,10,11,125 F.T.A. 105 Drill Team 125 A.F.S. 95 National Honor So- ciety 11,125 Biology Club 10,115 Frosh- Soph Drama Club 105 National Merit Let- ter of Commendation 125 Library Aid 95 Student Supervisor 11. Tom Lonnborg Basketball 9,10,11,125 Football 9,10,11,12 Captain5 All-conference Offense and Defense 125 Honorable Mention of- fense Football Team 115 Track 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 10,11,12 Vice-President5 Nicolet Hosts. Seema Lookatch French Club 95 Forensics 115 Bells Are Ringing 115 Nicolet Music Honor Society5 National Honor Society 11,125 Wiscon- sin Honors High School Choir 11,125 Music Clinic Scholarship 115 South Pa- cific 125 Nicolet Singers 11,12. Gary Looper Track 9,105 Swimming 11,125 Cross Country 10,11,125 Tri-M Award5 Pit Or- chestra 125 Varsity Club 12. Dave Lovos Sophomore Class President5 Student Council 105 Nicolet Host 9,105 German Club 9,10,115 Social Studies Club 125 Freshman Football Manager. Cynthia Lowenstein A.F.S. 115 Spanish Club 115 F.T.A. 11,125 Bells Are Ringing 115 Mrs. McThing 115 South Pacific 125 Theater Arts Club 12. Barbara Luck Knight's Page 9,10,11,12 Assistant Man- aging Editor5 Student Council 11,125 Na- tional Honor Society 11,125 Quill and Scroll5 National Merit Letter of Com- mendation 125 French Club 10,11 Treas- urer 125 Biology Club 10,115 A.F.S. 10. Sari Luck Donald Luczak Nanette Luey Pep Club 95 Aqua Knights 10, 115 Youth Council 95 Prom Court. Debbie Lurie Spanish Club 95 A.F.S. 95 Pep Club 95 F.T.A.10. Marc Lurie Wrestling 9,105 Golf 10,11,125 Hall Mon- itor 125 junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 105 Intramurals 115 junior Coun- cil. Berel Lutsky Biology Club 9,105 ski Club 9,10,115 So- cial Studies Club 10,11,125 National Mer- it Letter of Commendation 125 Hall Monitor12. Deborah Susan Maas Biology Club 10,11,125 South Pacific 12. Ellen Maas French Club 9,10,11,125 F.T.A. 9,105 A.F.S. 9,105 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 11, South Pacific 125 Nicolet Singers 12. Gary Magin Rifle Club 10. 5 Received Ratings from Draft Board. Linda Lichter Douglas Liddiard C. Lindemann Pamela Lisker Linda Lohman 'PY Thomas Lonnbgrg Seema Lookatch Gary Looper Barbara Luck Sari Luck Donald Luczak Marc Lurie Berel Lutsky Deborah Maas I69 David LOVOS C. Lowenstein Nanette Luey Debra Lurie Ellen Maas CGW Magifi Senior Council Acted on Social Issues, Carol Maier Nettie Mandella Peggy Marohl Susan Marx Carol Ann Maier Spanish Club 105 Sophomore Council. Nettie Mandella Mark Manes Wrestling 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Biology Club 9,10,115 The King and I 95 Camera Club 9,10,115 Shield Photog- rapher10,115 Freshman Council. Connie Manske Biology Club 105 Forensics 10,115 Shield Art Staff 9,10,11,12 Co-editor 11,125 Stu- dent Supervisor 115 Sophomore Coun- cil5 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Quill and Scroll 11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 Prom Decorations Chair- man5 Youth Council 125 National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 Student Faculty Re- lations Board 125 Mortar Board Award5 Morning Announcer 125 Scholastic Art Award, Gold Key Finalist, 12. Kirk Marceau Nancy Marcel A.F.S. 9,105 French Club 9,105 Cheer- leader 115 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ring- ing 115 Student Supervisor 11,12. Margaret Marohl james Marshall Susan Marx Biology Club 9,10,115 A.F.S. 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. Sister 115 junior Council5 Foren- sics 11,125 "A" Rating in Braveland Con- ference Forensics 115 National Honor So- ciety 'l1,125 National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 Student Supervisor 11. Kris Matar Sophomore Council5 lunior Council5 Pep Club 10. Eva Matejka N.G.A. 95 German Club 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. 12. Pamela Matko Kathy Maylahn Pep Club 9,105 Biology Club 10,115 A.F.S. Mark Manes Connie Manske Kirk Marceau Nancy Marcel Kris Matar Eva Matejka 9,105 Social Studies Club 11,125 Na- tional Honor Society 11,125 Alternate to Badger Girls State5 junior Council5 lun- ior Class Secretary5 Senior Council5 Senior Class Secretary5 Communique 11,125 Student Responsibilities Board 125 Freshman Council5 Sophomore Council5 National Merit Semi-Finalist12. Ronald McCormick Football 95 Wrestling 9,105 Rifle Club 9, 10. Craig McFadden Football 95 Cross Country 10. Ann Meissner Pep Club 95 Shield Art Staff 9,105 Teach- ers Aid. Gary Mendelblatt Football 95 Sophomore Council 105 Morp Court 105 Hall Monitor 10,115 Stu- dent Supervisor 11,125 Spanish Club 'l0,'l1. Michael Mesirow Football 10,11,125 Track 9,10,115 Wrestling 115 Baseball 115 junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10,11,125 Sophomore Council5 junior Council5 The Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Variety Show 115 Varsity Club 11,12. Thomas Messer Radio Club 95 German Club 9,10,11,125 Biology Club 10,11,125 Student Super- visor11. Don Miller Archery Club10,11. Mary Miller Pep Club 9,105 N.G.A. 105 Freshman Class Council5 Sophomore Council5 Senior Council5 Aqua Knights 9,10,11,12 President5 Student Court 125 The King and I 95 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific12. Sandra L. Miller Health Careers Club 9,10 Secretary5 Ger- Pamela Matko Kathryn Maylahn man Club 10,115 Prom Decorations Com- mittee5 N.G.A.11. Marjorie Milstein Pep Club 9,105 A.F.S. 9,105 Home Arts Club 95 Hall Monitor 10,11,125 Hall Mon- itor Chairman 11,125 Student Respon- sibilities Board 11,125 Youth Council 11, 125 Sophomore Council5 junior Coun- cil. lodie Mitz Freshman Council5 Pep Club 105 Biology Club 105 French Club 10,11,125 Good Cit- izenship Award 105 Crest 11,12 Publicity Editor. Richard Mitz Camera Club President 10,11,125 Shield Photographer 9,10,11,125 Shield Pic- ture Co-editor125 Hall Monitor 12. Mary Mologne Transfer 105 National Honor Society 11, 125 Hall Monitor 115 Spanish Club 10,115 A.F.S. Fiesta Night 10,11,12. Britt Monaghan Jeffrey Montag Ski Club 9,10,115 junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10,115 Biology Club 10,11,12 Vice-President. Pat Moriarty Pep Club 95 N.G.A. 9,10. Kathleen Moser Transfer 115 Diary ofAnne Frank 11. Diana Mueller German Club 95 Spanish Club 11. Harold Paul Mueller Ill Swimming 9,10,11,125 State Swimming Meet 9,10,11,125 Most Valuable Swimmer 9,115 Varsity Club 10,11,125 German Club 9,10,11,12. L. Alan Mundt Rifle Club 9,105 Football 115 South Pa- cific12. Introduced Student Court Ronald McCormick Craig McFadden Ann Meissner Gary Mendelblatt Michael Mesirow Thomas Messer Don Miller Mary Miller lodie Mill Richard Mitz Mary Mologne Patricia Moriarty Kathleen Moser Diana Mueller l7l Sandra Miller Marjorie Milstein Britt Monaghan jeffrey Montag Harold Mueller Leo Mundt Seniors Sifted Through College Catalogues, john Newland Rick Newman Frank Olbrys Joann Oleszak Cynthia Nehls john Newland Frederick H. Newman Football 9,105 Golf 105 Intramurals 11,125 German Club 9,10,115 Ski Club 9,1o,11. Richard Nihlean Timothy North David Nye Transfer 115 Social Studies Club 125 Biology 11,125 Senior skit, Communique 12. Frank Alan Olbrys Basketball 95 Baseball 9,10,11,125 Football 9,10,11 125 Track 9,10,11,125 Wrestling 10,11,125 Most Valu- able Award in Wrestling 115 Nicolet Host 9,105 Lat- in Club 9,105 Youth Council 10,11,12 President' Good Citizenship Award 105 Sophomore Council5 junior Council5 Mr. irresistable 95 Morp King 105 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 12. jo Ann Oleszak Knight's Page Circulation Staff 10,115 F.B.L.A. 12. Mark Oleszak Swimming 9,10. Carl Osman Football 95 Track 105 Debate 105 Weightlifting 105 Shield Art Staff 125 Checkers Club 10. janis Osterndorf Transfer from Greenfield High School 115 Archery Club 11. julie Padek Pep Club 9,105 junior Spanish Club 95 A.F.S. 95 Senior Council5 Aqua Knights 12. Nancie Paine . Freshman Council5 Sophomore Council5 Student Council5 junior Council5 Aqua Knights 11,12. r Richard Nihlean Timothy North David Nye Mark Oleszak Carl Osman janis Osterndorf Bill Pape Cross Country 9,10,11,125 Swimming 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 11,125 Variety Show 11,125 Pep Band 11,125 German Club 9,105 Varsity Club12. Kathy A. Parchia Student Supervisor 125 South Pacific 125 Bells Are Ringing11. jill Parker Drill Team 11512. Pamela Paul ' F.B.L.A.'l2. Pamela Pearson Pep Club 95 Sophomore Council5 Drill Team 11. Karen Peck Russel Ann Peck Archery Club 11. Dan Peckham German Club 10,115 Freshman Council5 Track 105 Student Supervisor 12. A. Paul Pedersen Football 9,105 Wrestling 95 Student Supervisor 11. james Peeples Transfer 105 Music Man 105 Spanish Club 105 Tam- ing of the Shrew 105 Variety Show 10,11,125 Bells Are Ringing 115 Diary of Anne Frank 115 Modern Music Masters 11,125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Nicolet Singers 11,125 State Honors Choir 11, 125 Scholarship to UW Music Clinic 115 junior Coun- cil5 South Pacific 125 Senior Council. Dennis Pehoski Audio-Visual Club 11,125 Shield Art Staff 11,125 Scholastic Gold Key Award 11. Peplin, Elizabeth 172 julie Padek Nancie Paine Struggled over Detailed Applications. Kool Aide + H20-ra cool refreshment in fourth hour chemistry. William Pape sy-4--1 7 Kathy Parchia jill Parker Pamela Paul Pam Pearson Dan Peckham Arthur Pedersen James Peeples 173 Karen Peck Russel Ann Peck K Dennis Pehoski Elizabeth Peplin Seniors Applied for Full Time jobs, . ,,. ,, W, . Mark Pethe julie Pfeif'fer Patrick Poenisch Cheryl Pollow Mark Pethe julie Pfeiffer Knight's Page Circulation Staff 115 F.B.L.A. 12 Treasurer5 Bells Are Ringing 115 outh Pacific 125 Student Supervisor 12. Richard Pfeil Laurie Picus Pep Club 95 French Club 10,11 Secretary, 12 President5 Biology Club 105 Nicolet Singers 11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 Music Man 105 South Pacific 125 Youth Council 125 Sophomore Council5 lunior Council5 Senior Council5 Nicolet Music Honors. leffrey Pinkham Nicolet Host5 Hall Monitor 10,115 Radio Club 9,105 Biology Club 105 A.F.S. 11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 National Merit Letter of Commendation 125 Citi- zenship Award 10. Doug Pinzer Track 9,10,11,125 Baseball 9,10,11,12, Braveland All-conference First Team5 Varsity Club 11,125 Wrestling 10, ln- tramural Basketball 12. Patrick Connelly Poenisch Intramural Football 10. Cheryl Pollow Karen Postles Health Careers Club 95 Spanish Club 9, Richard Pfeil Laurie Picus jeff Pinkham Douglas Pinzer Karen Postles Dianne Rrange 105F.B.L.A.12. Diane Prange Drill Team11,12. Bruce Price Baseball 9,10,115 Wrestling 105 Track 115 Varsity Club 12. Steve Quackenbush Susan Radloff Health Careers Club 9,105 Frosh-Soph Drama Club 10. Bill Radtke Basketball 9,105 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 12, Gregory Ragatz Biology Lab Assistant 10. Tom Raithel Track 105 Cross Country 11,12. Pamela Rasche Drama Club 10,115 F.T.A. 10,115 A.F.S. 105 Hall Monitor11,12. Gary Rattner Football 9,10,11,125 Wrestling 9,115 Bas- ketball 105 Track 9,10,11,125 Baseball 105 Varsity Club 12. Patty Reedy F.B.L.A.10. jeffrey Reimer Football 105 Swimming 11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 South Pacific 125 Nicolet Host5 Nicolet Magic Company 10, 11,125 Delegate to Badgers Boys State 115 174 Bruce Price Steve Quackenbush Variety Show 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 9, 125 Tri-M Award 11. james Reinert Football 125 Basketball 125 Transfer from Algoma12. Mark Reisner Transfer 12. john Reiss Track 9,105 Cross Country 105 Ski Club 1051unior Spanish Club 9. jane Reiter lanis Remmel Creative Dance 9,105 F.B.L.A.10. Barb Reynolds Latin Club 95 Biology Club 105 junior Council5 Student Supervisor 115 Bells Are Ringing115 South Pacific 12. Carmen Rezak French Club 9,10,115 F.T.A. 105 Crest 11,125 South Pacific 12. Richard Ridberg Gary Rieboldt Basketball 9,10,11,125 Football 9,10,11,125 Track 9,105 Freshman Council5 Senior Skit5 Varsity Club. Charles james Riemer Rifle Club 9,10. Dave Rittmeyer Football 10,11,125 Wrestling 9,10,11,125 Track 9,105 German Club. Registered with the Armed Forces. Susan Radloff Bill Radtke Greg Ragatz Thomas Raithel Pamela Rasche Gary Rattner Patty Reedy Michele Rehrauer Mark Reisner lohn Reiss lane Reiter Carmen Rezak Richard Ridberg Gary Rieboldt l75 jeffrey Reimer james Reinert lanis Remmel Barbara Reynolds Charles Riemer David Rittmeyer Seniors Heard Sounds of Construction in D- ing, Peter Rill Kent Robertson Barbara Roller Philip Rosenfeld Peter Ritz Football 9,10,11,125 Golf 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,105 Varsity Club 10,11,125 National Merit Let- ter of Commendation 125 National Honor Society 11,25 Nicolet Music Honors5 Youth Council 125 Nicolet Hosts 9,10 Secretary5 Har- vard Book Award 11. Kent Robertson Stephen Rodwell Swimming 9,10,11,12 Co-captain5 Football 115 Varsity Club 10,11,125 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Radio Club 9,105 Biology Club 10. Lynn Roginske A.F.S. 10,11,125 King and I 95 Bells Are Ring- ing 115 South Pacific 125 German Club 9,10, 11,12 President5 Creative Dance 11,125 Biol- ogy Club 12. Elaine Rohan Modern Dance Club 9,10 Vice-President5 F.B.L.A. 105 Drill Team 11,12 Steering Com- mittee. Paul Rojstaczer Transfer 105 Track 105 Student Supervisor 115 Wisconsin Math Association Test Semi- Finalist 115 Noon Speakers Committee 125 Social Studies Club 12. Barbara Roller C.A.S. 10,11,125 F.B.L.A. 125 Knight's Page Circulation Staf'f115 Student Supervisor 12. Philip Rosenfeld Radio Club 9,10,11,12 President 10,11,125 Stage Crew 9,10,11,125 Math Club 11,125 Na- tional Honor Society 11,125 National Merit Semi-Finalist. jerold Ross Baseball 95 Archery Club 105 Intramurals 10, 11,125 Track 10. judy Ross N.G.A. 95 Pep Club 10,11,125 Cheerleader 10, 11,125 Senior Council5 Prom Court 115 Home- coming Court 12. Steven Richard Rothstein Football 9,10,11,125 Wrestling 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 10,11,12 President5 German Club 9,10,11,125 National Honor So- ciety. David Rotter Wrestling 95 Rifle Club 95 Debate 105 N.B.S. 'l'l. Richard Rubin Debate 125 Social Studies Club 125 Chess Club 9,10,11, President 10, Vice-President 11, Stephen Rodwell Lynn Roginski lefty ROSS judith Ross Club Champ 10,115 Rocket Club 9 Treasurer 10,115 Radio Club 95 War Games Club Presi- dent 11,125 Biology Club 95 Science Club 95 German Club 10,115 National Honor Society 11,125 National Merit Semi-Finalist12. Nancy Rudberg Pep Club 95 A.F.S. 95 junior Spanish Club 95 Student Council 9,115 Shield 9,10,11 Specials Editor, Clubs Editor 125 Forensics 11, "A" Rating in Braveland and City Meet5 National Honor Society 11,125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 General Chairman for Sadie Hawkins5 Refreshments Co-Chairman for Prom. janice Rudolph Spanish Club 105 A.F.S. 95 Drama Club 95 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 The Diary of Anne Frank 115 Tri-M Award 115 Nicolet Singers 11,125 Variety Show 115 Music Scholarship to Eau Claire University 125 First Alternate to Wis- consin Honors Choir 115 First Alternate for Summer Scholarship to UW 11. Mark Rudolph Baseball 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,10,115 Intra- mural Basketball 125 Football 9,105 Cross Country 115 Track 9,105 Nicolet Host5 Social Studies Club 11,125 Debate 125 Noon Recre- ation Speaker Committee 125 Curriculum Reform Committee 125 National Merit Letter of Commendation 12. Richard Ruess Rocket Club 10,11,12, Officer 11,12. Bernard Rupp Mark Saichek Chris Salzer Pep Club 9,105 N.G.A. 9,105 German Club 9. Kay Sampson Linda Gale Sampson Pep Club 95 Spanish Club 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. 9,10,11,125 Frosh-Soph Drama Club 105 Social Studies Club 125 Ski Club 115 Stage Crew 10, 115 Student Supervisor 125 Executive Board Spanish Club 115 Senior Council5 Assistant Director of One Act Play Sunday Costs Five Pesos. Elaine Rohan Paul Rojstaczer Steve Rothstein David Rotter Hollie Sanderson Spanish Club 9,10,11,12 Treasurer5 A.F.S. 9, 10,11,125 Knight's Page 10,11,125 National Honor Society 11,125 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 12. john Sanfelippo Latin Club 115 Student Supervisor 12. Richard Sattler Football 95 Basketball 95 Golf 9,105 junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10,11,12 Ser- geant At Arms 125 ski Club 9,10,11 Treasurer5 Biology Club 10,11 Executive Board, 12 President5 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Prom Chairman 115 Student Supervisor 11, 125 Hall Monitor 12. Charles Sauer Track 10,115 Cross Country 11,125 Intramural Basketball 11,125 Earth Science Club 12. jeffrey Schaetz Football 95 Track 105 Intramural Football 10. Nflarsha Schatz F.T.A. 'l0,'l'l5 F.B.L.A.12. Claudia Scheibel German Club 9,10,11,125 Biology Club 10, Forensics 11,125 junior Council5 Senior Coun- cil5 National Honor Society 11,125 Drama Club 95 One Act Play 9, Miracle Worker, 12. Nancy Schilling Pep Club 95 N.G.A. 95 Student Council 95 Crest 95 Aqua Knights 10,11,12 Treasurer 11, Vice-President 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Youth Council 9,10,11,12 Vice-Presi- dent5 National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 Shield Tl. Tony Schultz julie Schur A.F.S. 9,115 French Club 95 Knight's Page Ad- vertising Staff 11,125 The King and I 95 Hall Monitor 11,125 Shield 10,11,12 Special Events Editor5 National Honor Society 11,125 Senior Council. jeff Schuster Football 95 Track 9,105 Weightlifting 9,105 N.B.S.115 Intramural Basketball 12. Regretted They Would ot Occup the Results. Richard Rubin Nancy Rudberg janice Rudolph Mark Rudolph Richard Ruess Bernard Rupp Christine Salzer Kay Sampson john Sanfelippo Richard Sattler Charles Sauer Claudia Scheibel Nancy Schilling Tony Schultz 177 Linda Sampson Hollie Sanderson jeffrey Schaetz Marsha Schatz julie Schur jeffrey Schuster 1 I Seniors Swapped Grad Pictures, Dick Schutz Sandra Schwade Wendy Sernoe Lee Seymour Dick Schutz Football 9,105 German Club 10,115 Biology Club 10,11,125 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Student Supervisor 11,12. Sandra Schwade German Club 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. 105 A.F.S. Fiesta Night 115 Knight's Page Advertising Staff 115 Soph- omore Council5 Hall Monitor 12. Richard Scott Football 95 Wrestling 95 Track 9. john Scott William Secord Carol Sellin The Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 F.B.L.A. 12. Wendy Sernoe Lee Seymour William L. Shamburek Track 9,10,11,125 Cross Country 10,11,125 Varisty Club 11,12. Edmund G. Shaw Transfer 115 German Club 115 Swimming 12. Linda Shay Transfer 115 Spanish Club 125 Senior Council5 Student Supervisor 11,12. Bruce Shepherd Baseball 9,10. Barb Sherkow Pep Club 9,105 German Club 9,105 A.F.S. 9,105 Bi- ology Club 10. Roger Shindell Transfer 105 Wrestling 10,11,125 Track 115 Student Richard Scott William Secord Wm. Shamburek Edmund Shaw Marianne Schober Spanish Club 115 F.B.L.A. 125 Home Ec Club 9. john j. Shoenhair Football 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9, 105 Varsity Club 10,11,2. Greg Sieckman Golf 9,10,11,125 Baseball 9,10,11,125 Radio Club 9, 10,11,12. Margie Siegel A.F.S. 11,125 junior Council5 Social Studies Club 125 Knight'5 Page 125 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Student Supervisor 12. Neil Siegel Football 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 125 junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10,11,125 Student Supervisor 11,125 Intramurals 11,125 Citi- zenship Award 11. Stephen Sievers Linda Silverstein Knight's Page 9,105 Sophomore Council5 junior Council5 Student Court 125 Homecoming Court 12. joy Simos Modern Dance 105 F.B.L.A. 11. jim Smith Transfer 12. Phillip Snyder German Club 10. Sharon Sosman Pep Club 9,105 junior Spanish Club 95 A.F.S. 9,105 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Shield 10,115 Spanish Club 10. Carol Sellin Linda Shay Bruce Shepherd 5UPefVl50fll- Barbara Sherkow l78 Composed Clever Adieus. X . X Roger Shindell Cross country running made Dan grim, john Shoenhair Marianne Schober Gregory Sieckman Marjorie Siegel Linda Silverstein joy Sim05 james Smith l79 3. Neil Siegel Stephen Sievers l Phillip Snyder Sharon Sosman Seniors Ordered Their Caps and Gowns, Linda Spaciel Sari Spector A. Steinmesch Alan Stern Linda Spaciel Drama Club 10,11. Sari Spector French Club 9,10,11,125 Biology Club 105 Student Supervisor 12. john Stahl Football 9,10,11,125 Wrestling 9,10. janet Stampfl Transfer from Cleveland, Ohio 115 Biol- ogy Club 115 A.F.S.11,125 Creative Dance Club 11,12 Vice-President5 Bells Are Ringing 115 The Lottery 115 The Diary of Anne Frank 115 Variety Show 115 junior Council5 Senior Council5 National Hon- or Society 11,125 Scholarship to Drama Institute at Northwestern University 115 Drill Team 125 Forensics 125 National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 Nicolet Singers 125 South Pacific 125 Miracle Worker 12. Karen Stein Pep Club 9,105 A.F.S. 9,105 Shield 10. Kenyon Steiner Annette Steinmesch Health Careers Club 95 Modern Dance Club 10. Alan Stern Basketball Manager 95 Football Manager 11. Doug Stern Football 95 German Club 9,10,115 Variety Show 11. Mark Stewart Cross Country 95 Track 95 Student john Stahl janet Stampfl Douglas Stern Mark Stewart Supervisor11. janet Stockey Allan Stoekl Robert Stone Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Tri-M Award 11,125 Scholarship to UW Music Clinic 115 State Honor Choir 11,12, Hall Monitor 105 The Boor10. Wendy Strauss Pep Club 9,105 Biology Club 105 French Club 105 Knight's Page Business Staff 105 A.F.S. Fiesta Night 115 Knight's Page Business Editor 11,125 Hall Monitor 125 Student Supervisor 125 Quill and Scroll 12, Diane Marie Strutz Transfer12. Terry Strutz jeff Swenson Football 9,10,11,12 All-conference5 Bas- ketball 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Baseball 9,10,11,125 Nicolet Host 9,10. Leon Swerin junior Spanish Club 95 Spanish Club 10,11,1125 Social Studies Club 9,11,125 Sophomore Council5 junior Council5 Prom Personnel and Programming Chairman5 Senior Council5 Homecom- ing Chairman 125 Student Council 11, 12 Treasurer5 Hall Monitor 11,125 Stu- dent Supervisor 115 Basketball Intra- murals11,12. Eileen B. Sydow 180 Karen Stein Kenyon Steiner janet Stockey Allan Stoekl Health Careers Club 9,105 Knight's Page Circulation Staff 115 Bells Are Ringing 11. Betty jane Szilagyi Bradley D. Tarnof Track Manager 95 Intramural Baseball 11. Linda Taus Cathy Techtmann Biology Club 10,11,125 Archery Club 10, 115 N.G.A. 9,10,115 Active Citizenship Award 11. joe Tiefenthaler Track 115 The Lottery 11. Kathleen Tierney Linda Tillman Youth Council 9,10,115 National Honor Society 11,125 Pep Club 9,105 Spanish Club 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. 95 Senior Coun- cil5 Hall Monitor 12. Scott Tilton Radio Club 95 Rocket Club 9,10,11 Treas- urer, 12 Range Safety Officer. Grace Trapp F.T.A. 105 Knight's Page Circulation Staff 11. Gregory Tracy Charles Trautmann Wayne Trebbe Bill Trosper Football 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,10,115 Wrestling 125 Track 9,10,11 Most Valuable Player 11,125 Varsity Club 10,11,12. Practiced to "Pomp and Circumstancef' f Ns Robert Stone Wendy Strauss Terry Strutz IOHHHB 5UminSki leff Swenson Leon Swerin Eileen Sydow Betty Szilagyi Cathy Techtmann IOC Tiefenlhaler Kathleen TlemeY V Gregory Tracey Grace Trapp Charles Trautmann l8l Bradley Tarnof Linda Taus Linda Tillman Scott Tilton Wayne Trebbe William Trosper Seniors Remembered the Past I Maureen Turim Kenneth Tyler Penny Wagner Laura Waisbren Maureen Turim l Biology Club 9,105 Forensics 11,125 Crest 9,10,11 Fiction Editor, 12 Literary Edjtor5 National Honor Society 11,125 National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion 12. Kenneth Tyler Barb Vanhousen Latin Club 9,105 Fojeign Language Christmas Caroling 11. Glenn Vieau Intramural Football 9,10,11,125 Intramural Basketball 'l0,1'l,'l2. lane Vogeler N.C.A. 9. Robert Wageman Penny Wagner Pep Club 95 Spanish Club 9,105 Knight's Page Ad- vertising Staff11. Laura Waisbren Student Council 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Magic Club 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. 95 Biology Club 9,105 National Merit Letter of Commendation 125 King and I 95 Music Man 105 Bells Are Ringing 11. Bob Walters Tennis 95 Football 9,10,115 Basketball 9,10,11. Patti Wangerin Spanish Club 9,105 Pep Club 9,105 Freshman Home- coming Princess 95 N.G.A. 9. Durward Watson Stage Band 9,10,115 Biology Club 10,11,125 Social Studies Club 125 junior Council5 Senior Council5 Variety Show 9,10,11,125 National Honor Society 11, 125 A.F.S. Host Brother 125 A.F.S. 12. David Weber Wrestling 9,10,115 Social Studies Club 9,10,11,12 Vice-Presidentg National Honor Society 11,125 Noon Speaker Committee 12. Linda Weber Mike Weidenbaum Amy Pamela Weiss Transfer 125 Shield 125 Social Studies Club 125 Stu- dent Supervisor 12. Fred Wendorf Wrestling 9,105 King and I 95 Bells Are Ringing 115 South Pacific 125 Nicolet Singers 125 Golf 9,10,11,12. Barbara Van Housen Glenn Vieau Robert Walters Patti Wangerin Elizabeth Wendt German Club 9,105 Frosh-Soph Drama Club 95 Bi- ology Club 10,11,125 junior Council5 Senior Coun- cil5 Homecoming Decorations Chairman 12. David Wenzel Robert West Frank White Paralee White Transfer 12. Carolyn M. Whiting Checkers Club 9,10,115 Latin Club 9,105 Math Club 11,125 National Honor Society 11,12. Marilyn G.Whiting German Club 9,105 F.T.A. 11,12 Treasurer5 National Honor Society5 Castle in the Village 115 N.G.A. 10. Herb Wiedemann National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 Football 9,10,115 junior Class Vice-President5 Student Council 125 Nicolet Host5 National Honor Society 11,125 Social Studies Club 11,125 Debate 125 Russian Club 9,10 Treasurer 11 Vice President 125 Office Monitor 10. David Wigle Swimming 10,11,125 Intramural Football 9,10,11. Pat Wilke Drama Club. 9,105 A.F.S. 105 Pep Club 95 French Club 105 Shield Art Staff 11,125 Freshman Council5 lunior Council5 Senior Council5 National Honor So- ciety 11,125 One Act Play 95 Prom Decorations Sub- chairman5 Noon Recreation Supervisor 11,12. Kirk Williams Rifle Club10. Ken Wilson Track 105 Cross Country 115 Student Supervisor 11, 12. Judy Winnik Freshman Class Secretary5 A.F.S. 95 Pep Club 9,105 Sophomore Class Treasurer5 junior Council5 Student Council 115 Senior Class Vice-President5 Student Responsibilities Board 125 Student Court Coordinator 125 Hall Monitor 11,125 Student Supervisor 125 Quill and Scroll, 12. Mary Wisniewski lane Vogeler Durward Watson David Weber Linda Weber Wondered About the Future Mike Weidenbaum Amy Weiss Fred Wendorf Elizabeth Wendt David Wenzel 'Ninas he lune12,'l969 x X .. Paralee While Carolyn Whiting Marilyn Whiting if .if Pai Willie Kirk Williams Kenneth Wilson l83 Robert West Frank White Herb Wiedemann David Wigle ludy Winnik Mary Wisniewski Seniors Turned to New Assignments. Celeste Withey Deborah Wolf Christine Wulf Karen Young Roberta Wolfe William Wolfe l K. Wolfenberger Alice Wolff Nancy Zucker Wendy Zucker NOT PlCTURED: Andrew Berland Dean Blankenberg Gary Breul Thomas Church Ellen Conley Daniel Fisher Daniel Flynn Roy Hafemeister David jenkins Thomas johnson Roger Kaufert Kathleen Kersting Douglas Kinter Paul Kovacic Douglas Kruse Lynn McMorrow Michael Micelli Elizabeth Mileske Scott Optenberg Mike Prentice jeffrey Rice Mark Skwierawski Diane Strutz George Wentz Sherry Younger Francine Ziehm Celeste Withey Drama Club 95 CharIie's Aunt 95 Pep Club5 Knight's Page 9,10,11 Feature Editor5 A.F.S. 10, 11,125 Drill Team 11,125 National Honor So- ciety 11,125 Quill and Scroll 115 Homecom- ing Court12. Debbie Wolf Drill Team 11,125 Knight's Page Advertising Staff 11,125 French Club 105 Freshman- Sophomore Drama Club 9 Secretary. Roberta Wolfe German Club 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. 9,125 N.G.A. 125 South Pacific125 Creative Dance 12. BillWolfe Wrestling 95 Social Studies Club 9,10 Treasur- er, 11 Vice-President, 12 President5 Crest 115 Nicolet Hosts 9,105 Hall Monitor 9,105 National Merit Semi-Finalist12. Alice Wolff F.B.L.A. 10. Keith Wolfenberger Christine Wulf German Club 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. 95 F.T.A. 9,105 N.G.A. 105 Good Citizenship Award 105 Na- tional Honor Society 11,12. Karen Young . Pep Club 9,105 Sophomore Council5 junior l84 Gary Zieve Brent Zimmerman Council5 Shield 10,11. Sherry Younger Student Council 10,11 Secretary, 125 Pep Club 9,10 Treasurer, 11 Vice-President5 A.F.S. 9,10,11,125 A.F.S. finalist5 National Honor So- ciety 11,125 Good Citizen Honorable Mention 10,115 Nicolet Magic Company 9,10,11,125 Biology Club 105 Mistress of Ceremonies at Variety Show5 junior Council5 Senior Coun- cil. Francine Ziehm Transfer 105 Spanish Club 10,11 Secretary, 125 junior Council5 National Merit Letter of Com- mendation. Gary Zieve Wrestling 9,10,11,125 Cross Country 9,10,11,125 Track 105 Bology Club 9,105 Varsity Club 125 Russian Club 9,10,11 Vice-President, 12 Presi- dent5 National Honor Society 11,125 Nicolet Host 9,105 National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 Student Council 125 Senior Council. Nancy Zucker Shield Art 9,10 Editor. Wendy Zucker Knight's Page 10,11,125 Frosh-Soph Drama Club 9,10 Treasurer. 10541. A-gg S.. l Editorial Editor-in-Chief: Gail Heyman Editorial Section Editors: Julie Schur Linda Lichter Nancy Rudberg Peter Kornman Ann Reiner C re d its Art Co-Editors: Connie Manske Sally Gaedke Photography Editor: Mark Perlstein ,J V Assistant Photography Editor Dick Matz y Editorial Staff: Steven Augustin, Joan Becker, Mindy Bern, Marty Cox, Judy Goodman, Jim C-utglass, Linda Huff, Lynn Jubelirer, Rea Katz, Margie Leno, Carol Lesnick, Janet Levi, Denise Mark, Barb Moss, Eileen Rezak, Cathy Singer, Jill Spec- tor, Judy Thomson, Amy Weiss. Art Staff: Carol Eich, Judy Everts, Carl Osman, Debby Padway, Kathy Riesl, Patti Wilke. Photography Staff: Scott Arbit, Jim Barnett, Bruce Frank, Bill Kravit, Jerry Lieberthal, Tony Milanowski, Errol Naimon. Editorial Advisors: Miss Marilyn Radke and Mrs. Joanne Bos- ley. Art Advisors: Miss Karen Herman and Mr. Edward Turner. Photography Advisor: Mr. James Wachholz Business Manager: Miss Joyce Neubeck 185 Abramson, Benita Abts, Karen 151 Adair, Patrick 143 Adair, Dennis 134 Adashek, james 23,143 Addy joann 77,124 Adelman, Alan 94,124 Adriansen, Mr. Donald 114 A.F.S. 56 A,F.S. Fiesta Night 12 A,F,S. Students 57 Ahrendt, Candis 79,151 Ahrendt, Kim 134 Albert, Mark 94,78,124,97 Albert, Suzan 143 Albrecht, Susan 77,143 Albright, Kirby 143 Aldenhoff, K. 151 Aldenhoff, Diane 134 Aldridge, john 70,104,151 Allen, Elizabeth 151 Allen, Mr. Russell 114 Alt, Mrs. Lois 114 Altman, Marc 76,78,143 Altman, Vicki 78,124 Altshul, Dale 94,124 Ambrookian, Sandra 134 Andrews, Edward 143 Anderson, Dennis 94,124 Anderson, Keith 95,105,134 Anderson, Kristi 76,134 Andreotti, Dean 76,94,97,124 Anhalt, David Appleby, Gary 134 Appleby, Kitty 77,134 Aqua Knights 68 Arbit, Scott 151 Arbuckle, Ellen 39,83,94,152 Arbuckle, David 124 Arden, Nancy 152 Arieff, Phillip 124 Armour, Elaine 63,74,143 Armour, julie 77,134 Arnow, Douglas 143 Aronson, Dena 77,124 Aronson, Robert 143 Aronson, SheIon124 Artin, Kenneth 143 Artin, Susan 134 Arveson, Miss Beth 114 Askot, Phillip 97,134 Atkins, Edward 101,124 Atkins, Maura 82,133,152 Atkins, Mike 95,101,124 Atlas, Debra 152 Atlas, Les 95,105,134 Audio Visual Club 67 Augustin, jill 124 Augustin, Stevan 67,83,143 Avercamp, Kathy 143 Bach, Mary Bachman, Mr. Cary 102,114 Backes, Patricia 77,124 Backes, Mark 100,124 Backes, William 79,152 Backus, Paul 95,134 Bagley, Mark 143 Bahneman, Mrs. juanita 114 Bain, Barbara 79,143 Bakalars, Mr. Earl 114 Bakalars, Lee 134 Bako, Steve 143,94 Baldikoski, Mrs. jean 114 Balistreri, M. 124 Ball, Steven Ballone, Eric 143 Balmer, Gail Bampton, Marcia 134 Bandler, Lauren 124 Banholzek, Cathy 124 Barland, Shawn 143 Barnes, Pamela 124 Barnett, james 134 Barnett, Susan 39,124 Baron, janet 134 Barry, Brian 143 Barry, Kathleen 124 Barrels, David 14,44,76,78,79,152 Bartz, Mr. Frank 114 Baseball 107 Basketball 98,99,100 Bate, Barbara 124 Bate, Dave 41 ,79,143 Bateman, William 70,106,152 Battermann, Gary 134 Baumann, Michael 97,134 Bauman, Roc Baur, james 152 Bazelon, judith 77,124 Index Bazelon, Stephen 70,92,98,102,152 Bechtel, jill 124 Becker, Ann 48,83,143 Becker, Charles 134 Becker, Gail 77,124 Becker, joan 77,124 Becker, Michael 106,143 Becker, Randi S. 143 Becker, Stephen 124 Becker, Victoria 82,152 Beckwith, Cathy 143 Beduhn, Todd 79,100,134 Beers, Laurel 76,134 Beggan, Bonnie 152 Beginning Choir 77 Beimling, C. E. 143 Beimling, William 97,124 Belgum, Cathie143 Bender, Randi 134 Benner, Thomas Benner, Timothy Bennewitz, jill 124 Bennewitz, Kathy 143 Beno, Susan 143 Benton, Mr. Kenneth 114 Bensman, jeff 153 Benz, Kathy 76,134 Benz, Richard 76,78,153 Berg, Elaine 77,124 Berger, Karen 143 Bergson,janice153 Berk, Victoria 79,143 Berland, Andrew Berland, Susan 76,124 Berlin, jeffery 106,143 Bern, jay 124 Bern, Mindy 77,134 Bern, Ross 153 Bernstein, Bradley 82,153 Bernstein, David 124 Bernstein, Ellen 39,82,153 Bernstein, Howard 40,153 Bernstein, jeff 97,124 Bernstein, Leonard 77,124 Bernstein, Mary 39,83,153 Bernstein, Richard 143 Bernstein, Richard 124 Bernstein, Robert 103,153 Berwick, Barbara 7?,75,77,134 Berwick, Michael 153 Bethke, Bruce 124 Betla, Mary Kay 153 Beyer, Caroline 153 Biederman, Amy 75,134 Bieterman, Mr. Bernard 95,114 Bigelow, Robert 143 Biology Club 63 Binder, Glenn 134 Bines, Cynthia 124 Blanchard, john 153 Blankenburg, Dean Blankenburg, D. 153 Blankenburg, Don 153 Blau, Fred 101,143 Blau, Robert 95,124 Blachly, Vicki 77,134 Blenski, Mr. Michael 79,114 Blesch, Carl 67,143 Block, Debra 124 Bloemers, Mr. Roger 58,76,114 Blong, james 94,124 Bloom, David 78,101,124 Bloom, Robin 153 Blowers, Randy 143 Blumburg, Bonnie 134 Blumburg, Charles 153 Blumenfeld, Sharon 124 Blumenthal, Steven 77,134 Bograd, Francis 134 Boldt, james 94,100,124 Boldt, Pat 134 Bollow, Fred 134 Bollow, Linda 143 Bolton, Todd 124 Bordow, David 94,124 Borkin, Donna 143 Borkin, jill 143 Borkin, Russell 144 Borth, Robert 134 Borowski, Linda 124 Bosley, Mrs. joanne 114 Bostad, Kurt 70,95,104,144 Boxer, Mark 26,134 Boxer, Vicki 79,B2,153 Bowen, Donna 153 Bowen, Leonard 101,125 Bowen, Ralph 153 Boyes, David Boyes, Deborah Boys lntramurals 71 Braam, Michael 134 Brandt, Deborah 79,144 Brauer, Kristy 125 Brauer, Timothy 153 Braun, Candace 154 Brazner, Debra 144 Brei, Wendy 124 Breit, jonathan 106,144 Breithaupt, Ann 77,125 Breithaupt, C. 154 Brendemuehl, Nancy 78,154 Brengel, Edith 74,134 Brengel, Kenneth 94,101,125 Breul, Gary 95,154 Breul, Kathleen 125 Breul, Linda 64,154 Breul, Robert 95,105,144 Brickman, Harriet 75,134 Brill, Barbara 79,144 Brill, Peggy 125 Brindis, joann 15,134 Brodbeck, Randy 134 Brodbeck, Rickie 144 Brodkin, Adriane144 Broetzman, Miss Edith 23,115 Bronson, james 98,154 Bronson, Wendy 96,134 Brooks, Marlowe Brotton, Thomas 154 Browkow, Mrs. Lowanne 115 Brown, Deborah 75,125 Brown, jean 154 Brown, jeffery 92,98,144 Browne, Bradford 77,125 Browne, Elizabeth 154 Browne, Richardson Browne, Sarah 154 Brucato, William 70,101,154 Brunner, james 144 Brunner, Mr. Vincent 115 Bruski, Karen 125 Bryson, Nancy Bub, Milton 94,125 Bub, Richard 94,100,107,134 Buck, Barbara 77,125 Buck, Steven 154 Bucolt, Cathy 155 Bucolt, Glenn 134 Budzinski, Debra 134 Buescher, Mary 75,77,125 Bugler, Dennis 78,155 Bugler, Kenneth 78,155 Buhrow, Bonnie 75,77,125 Bumby, A. 125 Bumby, Harold 77,144 Bundesen, Robert 78,144 Bupp, Christopher 41,144 Burchman, Lori 134 Burgess, Georgiana 13,144 Burke, Mary 78,125 Burke, Michael 7o,92,155 Burns, Timothy 155 Burroughs, Barney 125 Burroughs, William 46,134 Bursten, Barbara 125 Bursten, Bruce 134 Bursten, Scott 94,135 Bush, janet 77,125 Business Department 31 Buth, Christine 135 Butrym, Craig 78,100,125 Butler, William 135 Byers, Robin 28,135 Buzzard, james 45,95,97,125 Cadillac, Don 135 Caine, Candace 144 Callahan, Gerald Callahan, Kevin 125 Callan, Debra 125 Camera Club 38 Canfield, David Cannizzaro, Toni 155 Caplin, jonathan 101,125 Caplin, Michael 144 Carchesi, Karen 125 Cardio, Katherine 77,125 Carey, Christine 155 Carey, Tanina135 Carini,joanne155 Carlson, Richard 94,144 Carlton, Leora155 Carter, james 125 Carter, Richard 78,155 C.A.S. 54 Cash, Ellen 144 Ceaman,judith135 Ceaman, Lynn 64,79,155 Cechvala, joe 155 Cefalu, Vincent 125 Champeau, john 79,156 Champion, Bruce 94,97,125 Champion, Dawn 42,144 Chapman, Barbara 144 Chapman, Brian 144 Chapman, Craig 135 Chapman, Gary 125 Chapman, Gregory 29,144 Chapman, joel 144 Chapman, Nancy 135 Check, Andrew 135 Check, Dennis 156 Check, Donald 156 Checkers Club 52 Cheeks, Carolyn 135 Cheerleaders 96 Chen, Keith 66,82,97,156 Chen, Susan 78,144 Chen, Terry 125 Chenery, Chris 92,144 Cherney, james 78,97,135 Chernin, Mallorie125 Chernin, Mike 77,124,125 Chess Club 52 Chich, Nancy 156 Chiesa, Donald 135 Christman, Daniel 144 Chudnow, jean 144 Church, Thomas Cianciolo, Chris 156 Cianciolo, Linda 135 Cienian, Catherine 46,77,144 Clark, Donald Clark, Vicki Ann 82,156 Coheen, David 107,156 Cohen, Barbara 135 Cohen, Bruce 125 Cohen, Cathy 156 Cohen, llene156 Cohen, joel 125 Cohen, Mathew 70,92,107,156 Cohen, Randi 144 Cohen, Susan 79,156 Cohn, Beth 157 Cohn, Robert 48,125 Concert Band 78 Concert Choir 79 Colberg, Michael 77,144 Coles, Cynthia 125 Collins, Christy 157 Collins, Scott 157 Collucci, Mrs. june 115 Colwell, Martha 144 Conley, Ellen Connell, Eileen 75,77,125 Conway, William 135 Cook, Diane 143,144 Cook, Linda 125 Cooper, Mark 66 Coors, Richard 104,144 Cornell, Patricia 125 Corrao,joAnn135 Cox, Martha 76,78,144 Cox, Pamela 157 Cozodoy, Liliana 56,57,157 Craig, Michael 144 Craig, Steven 125 Creative Dance 75 Crest 40 Crivello, joseph 94,135 Crivello, Madeline 56,57,82,B3,157 Croen, Fredric 18,48,143,144 Croen, Ronald 45,125 Cross Country 95 Culliney, Mrs. Helen 115 Cummings, Robert 157 Cunnungham, Lonna157 Cunningham, V. 135 Cupertino, Debbie 77,125 Cupertino, Karen 157 Cutler, Diane 135 Cutler, janice 63,157 Cutler, Robert 76,125 Cybella, Dennis 144 Dahlman, james 14,40,79,157 Dahlman, Lyle 95,135 Dailey, Thomas 94,125 Damico, Peter 144 Damico, Tom 135 Dannenberg, Harry 135 Danoff, Bernard 144 Davidoff, Donna 144 Davidman, Larry 22,144 Davies, Charles 101,135 Davies, William 125 Davis, Debbie Davis, Mr. james 100,115 Davis, Wayne 125 Day, Dennis 144 Day, Donald 144 DeAngelis, Mary jo 135 Debate Club 41 Dechantsreiter, R. 125 Dedrick, Dan 70,92,104,107,157 Delaplain, Athena 76,125 Delaplain, Stephan 95,105,135 De La Torre, Lynn 157 Demunck, Barbara 144 Deneen, Miss Irene 115 Dennis, john 144 Denniston, Robert 125 Derse, Patricia 157 Devine, Margaret 125 Devorkin, Mona 78,79,157 Dewey, Mike 157 Dickens, john 101,125 Dickenson, David 77,94,100,125 Dickenson, joyce 10,74,144 Diefenthaler, A. 46,95,105,135 Dittmar, Debbie 76,135 Dobschuetz, Gloria 125 Doebler, Dirk 94,125 Dohmen, Linda 28,144 Dohmen, Ted 45,125 Doke, Heather 125 Dondero, Mary Sue 125 Doner, Vicky 77,125 Dourgarian, Doug 135 Downs, Marureen125 Dowsett, Cara 79,157 Dowsett, William 101,135 Draeger, Nancy 125 Drake, jamie 144 Drake, julie 7,157 Drescher, Mike Drewek, Richard 105,135 Drill Team 74 Driss, Gregory 144 Drukker, Carla 157 Druschke, Mary 157 Dubman, Barbara 158 Duffin,jodi125 Duffin, Shawn 144 Dunker, Thomas 151,158,102 Dunker, Virginia 7,158 Eade, jennifer 144 Earth Science Club 65 East, joe 144 Eaton, Russell 144 Edelman, Robert 135 Eder, julie 125 Eder, Richard 158 Eder, Wendy 125 Edwards, Kirk 125 Edwards, Rick 125 Edwardson, Kris 75,135 Ehr, Michael 107,135 EiCl'l, Carol 82,83,158 Eichenbaum, 5.125 Eichsteadt, Gary 76,723,135 Einwald, Rick 125 Einwald, Susan 79,158 Elconin, Michael 135 Eldred, Pat 158 Eliott, Gregory 158 Ellenbaas, Mrs. Margaret 115 Ellis, Dean 158 Ellis, Robin Sue 77,125 Ellsworth, james 158 Ellsworth, Peter 135 Elkin, Neal 158 Endejan, Gregory 135 Engel, Gary 125 Engel, judith 158 Engel, Richard 144 Engel, Steven 105,144 Engel, Thomas 125 Engen, Mr. Lloyd 115 English Department 22 Erbach, Christine 144 Erbes, Kathleen 144 Erdmann, Dan 78,94,125 Erdmann, jerry 78,95,105,159 Erickson, Bill 78,135 Erickson, Gary 159 Escobar, Cherri 159 Etzweiler, john 94,144 Evans, Nancy 74,144 Evans, Lawrence 97,135 Evers, Penny 74,159 Everts, judith 159 Everts, Susan 135 Evrard, Wendy 40,159 Ewing, Katherine 144 Ewing, Thomas 126 Fairman, Nanci 126 Farah, Mr. joseph 101,115 Farris, Mark Fauber, Patricia 79,159 Fazio, Tony 144 F.B.L.A. 64 Fedor, Rita Feerick, Patrick 101,135 Fefer, Thomas 44,61,159 Fehlhaber, Eric Feiss, Len 159 Feiss, Shelah 77,126 Feld, Lindsay 126 Feldman, Mark 126 Feldman, Randee Fellman, Mr. Daniel 115 Fels, Adrian 144 Feradi, Sandra 77,126 Ferguson, Patricia 159 Ferrara, Paula 144 Fetherston, jane 46,126 Fickers, David 135 Fiebing, Miss Linda 115 Field Day 18,19 Filacheck, joellen 79,159 Fine Arts Department 23 Fine, Suzanne 77,135 Finegold, Barry 144 Fischer, Daniel Fischer, Mr. jerome 115 Fischer, Patrica 78,159 Fischer, Therese 7,16,96,160 Fischer, William 94,126 Fisher, Maryjo135 Fisher, Richard 70,160 Fisher, Richard 94,126 Flaherty, Kimberly Flick, David 126 Fling, Cathy 144 Fling, Daniel Fling, Michael 160 Flowers, Louis 73,144 -- Flowers, Lynda 135 Fluhr, Bernard 126 Fluhr, Sharon 160 Flynn, Michael 126 Foley, Pat 135 F00tball 92,93,94 Forensics 42 Fox, Dale 78,135 Frahm, Faith 126 Fralick, Steven 126 France, Mark 144 Frank, Bonnie Frank, Bruce 160 Frank, Cynthia 72,135 Frank, Daniel Frank, jacquelyn 160 Franks, Todd 45,95,100,126 Fransee, Beth 77,126 Fransee, Donald 135 Franz, joan 78,135 Fratrick, james 160 Fredenthal, Mindy 39,135 Fredricksen, john 101,135 Fredricksen, Susan 144 Fredrickson, Eric 144 Fredrickson, Kurt 126 Freedman, Barton 160 Freitag, Pat 144 French Club 55 Frenkel, Danny 135 Freshwaters, Mark 62,135 Friberg, john 95,135 Fricke, Ann 126 Fricke, Paula 144 Friedlander, james 61,160 Friedlander, R. 126 Friedman, Linda 145 Friedman, Thomas 160 Friedrich, jim 145 Friedrich, Karen 77,135 Frierdich, Bruce 126 Friesler, Mindy 145 Fritsche, Claire Froemming, Curt 135 Froemming, Mark 45,95,126 Fromstein, jane 77,135 FTA 50 Gaborsky, Miriam 77,145 Gaedke, john 94,126 Gaedke, Sarah 82,83,160,185 Gaines, Howard 107,135 Galewski, Mary 160 Galewski, Stephen 135 Ganzer, Harriet 126 Garber, Mark 145 Garman, jacquelyn Gates, Mr. Glen 115 Gaylard, jeremy 57,79,161 Geary, Kevin 78 Gecht, Ellen 145 Gehweiler, Richard 135 Geier, jenny 77,126 Geiger, Catherine 39,126 Gellman, Stephen 97,145 Gellman, David 77,135 Gendelman, Lisabeth 96,145 German Club 60 Gersen, jerry 161 Gertler, Mark 70,92,161,104 Geurts, Edwards 126 Geurts, Sheri 145 Gettelman, james 46,77,95,105,135 Gieringer, Richard 94,126 Giffen, David 161 Giffen, jean 77,126 Gifford, Marc 161 Gilbert, Claudia 77,126 Gimbel, Barry 48,145 Gimbel, jeffery 61,161 Ginda, Karyn 161 Gindlin, Mark 145 Girdauskas, Brian 95,161 Glassner, David 161 Glassner, Ruth 145 Glassner, Michelle 135 Godden, Barb 126 Godden, Cathy 77,135 Goelzer, joan Goetting, Tillman 13,57,78,161 Goetzke, Gary 135 Golanowski, Pamela 145 Goldberg, Richard 126 Goldin, Martin 71,95,135 Goldin, Terry 95,126 Goldman, joAnne 79,96,161 Goldman, Laurie 135 Golf 106 Gollin, james 41,135 Gollner, David 135 Gollner, Paul 30,161 Gollon, Bradley 126 Gonzalez, Fernando 92,161 ,98 Goodman, judy 161 Goodman, Laurie 79,161 Gorbette, Richard 76,78,145 Gordon, jan 145 Gordon, Polly 161 Gorectke, Craig 136 Gorenstein, Steven 92,161 Gower, Mr. Wayne 115 Grabowski, jo Ann 136 Grabowski, Mary 145 Grade, Scott 126 Graham, David 145 Granoff, Perry 136 Grant, Carol 126 Grass, Ronald 70,94,105,145 Grass, Virginia 124,126 Grauel, Gregory 126 Greaves, Richard 29,126 Grede, Diane 77,126 Grede, Kathy 145 Grede, Mary 126 Greenamyer, Gayle 136 Greene, Donna Greenebaum, Sally 75,77,136 Greening, Mr. Howard 116 Greenwood, Bryan Grieves, R. 101 Gribble, james 95,100,126 Gridley, Clifford 100,136 Gridley, Lee 101,161 Grieb, Donald 66,145 Grieger, jay 70,78,79,93,98,104,107, 161 Grieger, Scott 78,94,100,126 Grimm, Christine 145 Grimm, Daniel 70,161 Grimm, Elizabeth 136 Grimm, Lourdes 126 Grimm, Margaret 126 Grober, Debra 136 Grober, Donna 79,162 Grochowski, Mary 145 Groeschell, Bruce 100,136 Groeschell, Margaret 145 Groeschell, Patricia 145 Gromme, Mr. Roy 63,116 Gronert, john 126 Gross, Robert 145 Grossman, Linda 136 Grossman, Scott 97,136 Grossman, Terry 106,145 Gruen, Lorelei 78,145 Gruner, Gary 126 Gruner, Richard Gubbins, Carol 77,126 Guex, jeflery 136 Guidance Department 33 Gullickson, Miss Marilyn 116 Gutglass, james 136 Gutho, Robert 126 Haarmann, Bruce 51,145 Haarmann, Sheryl 126 Habeck, Beverly 78,136 Hack, joanne145 Hackbarth, judy 127 Hadfield, Lynn 136 Haeuser, August 127 Haeuser, Charles 97,105,136 Haffner, Karen 78,127 Hafkemeyer, Vicki 50,127 Hage, Carla 127 Hahn, Gail 136 Hall, joann 136 Hall, Patricia 145 Hallada, Ann 54,145 Halliburton, Mark 145 Hall Monitors 46 Halloran, Diane 54,75,77,136 Halsall, Vincent 127 Hamel, Robert 51,95,105,136 Hamer, Donna 136 Hammel, Alan 162 Hammerschlag, Laurie 78,79,162 Hammerschlag, Ron 136 Handley, Penelope 136 Handley, Timothy 162 Handrich, Mr. Roy 116 Hankin, julie 136 Hannan, james 94,127 Hansen, Michael 145 Hansen, Steven 94,100,127 Hardeman, Keith 45,48,100,127 Hardeman, Stephen 162 Harder, Don 136 Harling,joan127 Harmes, Sheryl 127 Harley, joe 145 Harper, jane 127 Harrington, Tom 100,136 Harris, jeanne 162 Harris, judy 77,136 Harsh, Karen 74,145 Hartmann, Sharon 127 Hasek, Mark 136 Hasey, Kristin 127 Hasey, Mark 41,162 Hasey, Susan 136 Hasley, Scott 136 Hasley, Terry 77,136 Hass, Alan 127 Hatch, Scott 61,145 Hauck, Steve 136 Hays, Pam 162 Hearst, jack 162 Heck, Nancy Hedlund, Mrs. Ellen 'I16 Hegelund, joan 127 Heifetz, Deborah 136 Heil, Katherine Heine, Craig 162 Heinecke, Stephen Heise, john 136 Heise, Michael 162 Heiser, john Hellman, Daniel 145 Hellman, Robert 162 Helm, Robert 163 Hentzen, Deborah 163 Hentzen, Mary Kim 145 Herbst, Marilee 77,136 Herman, Bruce 41,163 Herman, Gregg 70,95,145 Herman, Miss Karen 116 Herman, Richard 145 Herman, Rickie Herman, Suzanne 136 Herman, Vicky 96,136 Herold, jane 15,136 Herold, Mr. Robert 116 Herrick, Nancy 136 Herte, Carol 126 Herte, Ron 163 Hetzel, Kay 145 Hetzel, Sandra 163 Hetzel, Timothy 127 Heyden, Richard 145 Heyman, Gail 163 Hickey, Susan 163 Higgins, Diane 127 Higgins, Kathryn 136 Hiken, Majorie Hiland, Michael 94,136 Hilbert, Lisa 78,145 Hill, Karen 127 Hill, Timothy 78,136 johnson Hiller, james R. 163 Hiller, james 70,107,163 Hiller, jeffrey 145 Hiller, julie 77,127 Hiller, William 19,41,45,136 Himes, Scott 136 Hines, Sharon 127 Hink, Thomas Hinkens, Christine 77,136 Hinkens, janet 163 Hintz,jacquie136 Hirsch, james 127 Hirsch, jeffrey 136 Hochtritt, Mr. Lester 94,116 Hoefs, Miss Nancy 116 Hoffman, David 45,95,100,127 Hoffman, Miss Elizabeth 116 Hoffman, james 70,95,163 Hoffman, Stephen 127 Hoffman, William 164 Hoffmeister, R. 164 Hogan, Thomas 164 Hogeboom, Charissa164 Hogeboom, Starr 136 Hokanson, Kathleen 77,137 Holland, Marla 137 Holman, Andrew 95,137 Holmes, Richard jeanson, Risa165 jeatran, julie 40,72,77,137 jefferies, jane127 jelich, Nancy 127 jelich, Susan 69,137 jellison, Patti 96,146 jendlin, jay 137 jenkins, David jenkins, Walter 137 jipson, Mr. Wayne 77,79,117 johannes, Kay 77,146 john, jennifer 74,165 john,jul ie 77127 johnson, Carla 165 johnson, Cynthia 77,127 johnson, Mr. Dan 117 johnson, David 146 johnson, Mr. David 45,117 johnson, David 165 johnson, Debra 146 johnson, Debra 64,127 johnson ,jeanne127 johnson, Kimberly johnson, Kyle 165 johnson, Linda 77 johnson, Richard 137 johnson, Mr. Robert 78,117 Rolfe 79 146 Holmes, Holmes, Rick 127 Thomas 127 Holscher, Debbie 145 Holtcamp, Miss Dianne 116 Holtz, David 145 Holub, Robert 137 Holzman, james 79,145 Holzman, Marilyn 39,137 Holzman, Robin 145 Hombs, Gary 127 Hombs, Richard 127 Homecoming 6,7 Lewis Keller, R Home Economics Dept. 30 Hoppe, Catherine 127 Hoppe, Chris 137 Hornik, Robert 45,77,127 Hornik, Morris, 164 Hornung, Chris 146 Horton, julie 77,137 Hosler, Kirk 70,92,107,146 Howard, Diane 54,79,146 Howard, Mr. Homer 116 Howard, Susan 137 Howe, Barbara 146 Howe, Mr. Derl 116 Hubbard, Debra 77 Hubbard, Todd 146 Hudson, Lynn 146 Huff, Linda 146 Hughes, P. Starr 77,127 Humber, Scott 127 Hunt, David 137 Hunt, Katherine 164 Huntsinger, john 164 Hurwitz, Dale 95,100,127 Hurwitz, Leslie 146 Hurwitz, William 164 Huston, Mary 146 Huth, Collen127 Hutson, Elizabeth 127 Huxtable, Mr, Richard 104,107,116 Huxtable, Sheryl 74,146 Huxtable, Vicki 127 Hyde, Dorothy 137 Hytken, Alice 146 lmhoff, Miss Carolyn 117 Industrial Arts Dept. 29 Intermediate Band 76 Intermediate Choir 77 Irwin, Mr. Douglas 92,104,117 jackson, David 146 jackson, Gregory 137 jacobs, james 164 jacobs, james 45,94,127 jacobs, Lynn 127 jacobson, Miss jean 117 jacobson, Marc 97,137 jacobson, Roberta jaeger, Mr. Dennis 117 lager, Ruthy 164 jagger, john 45,94,105,134,137 jagger, Karen 164 jagger, Martha 127 jagger, Mary 127 jambor,jack165 jamrozy, Diana 127 jancik,judy127 jankins, Scott 165 janowitsch, Helmut 137 jaraczewski, B. 165 jascula, Robin 137 jeanson, joel 78,94,127 johnson, Thomas johnson, Todd 127 johnston, jennifer 75,77,137 jones, james 137 jones, Mrs. Mary 117 jones, Mr. William 15,117 jorgensen, james 165 jorgensen, jeffery 97,137 josefsberg, Henry 165 jubelirer, jeffery 151,165 jubelirer, Lynn 146 judge, Barbara 146 Kabins,jef'fery137 Kadrich, Douglas 165 Kaempfer, Kay 137 Kagen, Ellen 165 Kagin, james 165 Kahn, Karen 79,165 Kahn, jeffery 106,146 Kahn, jeffery 137 Kahn, Sandra 165 Kailing, Miss Barbara 117 Kaiser, Bruce 137 Kaiser, David 61,165 Kaiser, Harry 146 Kaiser, Terry 137 Kallman, Matthew Kaminski, Glen 94,127 Kanin, Sandra 79,146 Karides, George 76,107,137 Kark, Laurie 146 Kark, Linda 146 Karl, Karen 127 Kasal, Roger 105,146 Kashou, George 165 Kashou, john 165 Kass, Deborah 146 Katz, Arron 107,146 Katz, Rea 56,165 Katzmann, Barry 166 Kaufert, Roger Kaufman, Lynn 77,137 Kaufman, Marsha 146 Kaufmann, Harry 137 Kaufmann, janet 146 Kaul, Barbara 77,137 Kautman, Lynne Keily, Barbara 146 Kelble, Karen 39,137 Keller, Andrea 127 Keller, john 146 Keller, Mary 127 ichard 95,137 Kelly, Thomas 70,105,137 Kendall, Gail 146 Kendall, joseph 70,95,100,137 Kenehan, joan 137 Kern, Debbie 166 Kern, Dorthey 23,127 Kern, Douglas 137 Kersting, Donald 166 Kesselman, Lee 76,78,79,146 Kessler, Mr. john 117 Key, Theodore 97,127 Kickbusch, Mr. Kenneth 117 Kiedrow,judith137 Kiefer, Mrs. jean 117 Kiessling, 8.137 Kilan, john 137 Kilpatrick, D. 94,100 Kimmel, Dawn Kimmel, Mark 127 Kimmel, Michael 137 Kimmel, Steve 137 King, Mark 166 Kinter, Chris 78,127 Kinter, Douglas Kirschner, Steven 166 Kissler, Robert 127 Kittower, Peter 137 Klabough, jan 146 Klagstad, jay 146 Klagstad, Rick 127 Klanle, Steven 146 Klapperich, Nancy 75,137 Klassa, Larry 137 Klein, Barbara 76,127 Klein, Bruce 146 Klein, Richard 137 Klemenz, Pam Kline, William 137 Klinkert, Mary Klocksin, Margaret 77,127 Klocksin, Michael 146 Knaack, Claudia 127 Knaack, Kim 96,146 Knab, Sally 75,77,137 Knap, Laura 137 Kniaz, Beth 79,146 Kniaz, David 127 Kniaz, Diane 137 Knight, jeffery 166 Knight Klubs 8,9 Knight's Page 39 Knops, Craig 137 Koch, David 101,127 Koch, Karen 166 Koch, Khristine 77 Koch, Robert 97,127 Koch, Scott 78,127 Koehler, Thomas 166 Koening, Karl 127 Koepke, jon 137 Koeppen, john 92 Koerner, Norman 146 Kohlbeck, Terry 94,107,137 Kohler Martin 166 Kolowith, Barbara 137 Kolowith, Michael 107,166 Komisar, William 137 Konar, Ellen 146 Konnitz, Robert Koonz, Miss Helen 117 Kops, Lawrence 166 Kops, William 146 Korchunoff, Dale 146 Kornitz, Robert 127 Kornman, Peter 92,146,185 Koshakow, jeff 166 Koss, Michael Kossoris, Pam Kotecki, jeff 70,92,97,104,167 Kottke, Mr. Leroy 117 Kowalewski, james 79,107,167 Kraegel, jeffery 78,127 Kraft, Devorah137 Krahn, janet 127 Kraniak, Elizabeth 167 Kraus, Wynne 46,47,127 Krause, Harald Kravit, Robin 167 Kravit, Wendy 78,137 Kravit, William 128 Krieger, Barbara 54,75,78,137 Krieger, William 76,78,105,167 Kritzik, Susan 146 Kroeger, Sharon 128 Kroening, jeffery 94,146 Krohn, john 137 Krueger, Ellen Krueger, Kurt 70,92,97,104,167 Kruse, Douglas 62,79 Kuasnica, Richard 137 Kuehl, Cynthia 146 Kuehn, Michael 137 Kuehn, Robert 94,128 Kuemmerlein, Dan 137 Kuffel, Michael 70,92,97,105,107,147 Kuntz, Gerald 137 Kunz, Richard 76,128 Kuper, Craig 147 Kupper, james 77,167 Kupper, Marc 128 Kurzer, Nancy 77,128 Labiszak, Mary 147 LaBudde, Gretchen 147 LaBudde, Peter Laev, Linda 128 LaFramenta, Mr. Scott 118 Lahl, Barbara 137 Lahl, joan 77,128 Lahl, lohn 128 Lahl, Karen 167 Lakam, Michelle 147 Lakes, Robin 143,147 LaMalfa, Robert 167 LaMalfa, Roberta 167 Lamek, Perry Language Department 24 Lampris,jean167 Landers, Timothy Landon, Patrick 147 Lane, Michael 168 Lange, Carl 95,137 Lange, Margaret 147 Lange, Martin 95 Langer, Frederick 79,146 Langetieg, Karen 77,137 Lanman, Rich 147 Lanza, Frank 128 Larscheid, Paul 128 Larsen, Suzanne 128 Larson, Mr. Alden 118 Larson, Miss Kaaren118 Larson, Lawrence 147 Latin Club 58 Laur, joseph 79,147 Laur, Kathleen 128 Laur, Keith Lauwasser, Mark 147 Lauwasser, Marla 77,128 Lawrence, jeffery Laws, Andrea 168 LeClaire, Randy 70,106,168 Leeb, Fred 147 LeFeber, David 168 LeGrand, Stephen Lehmann, Larry 147 Lehner, Mrs. Louise 118 Lehn, judith 30,77,12a Leid, Sue 128 Leidel, Michael 137 Lemanczyk, james 137' Lemanczyk, Susan 39,137 Lemense, Donna 147 Lemon, Mr. Earl 118 Lemonds, Debra 147 Leno, Margery 61,124,128 Leno, Mark 168 Leopold, Kipp 138 Lepak, Robert Lesnick, Carole 79,147 Lessin, Debbie 77,128 Letizia, james 168 Letizia, Richard 138 Letizia, Sharon 147 Leussler, Mr. Donn 58 Levesque, Miss janet 118 Levi, janet 18,83,147 Levi, Marjorie 128 Levin, Bruce 70,92,98,105,147 Levin, Gary 10,168 Levin, Mrs. Margaret 118 Levin, scot 94,97,128 Levine, Barbara 168 Levine, Lori 128 Levine, Micaela 78,168 Levine, Michael 79,101,168 Levine , Sherry Levine, Susan 168 Levine, Susan 138 Levy, Susan 75,128 Lewen Lewin, Lewis, Lewis, auer, john 138 jeffery 62,77,138 janet 128 joanne 28,168 Lewis, Richard 45,95,128 Steven 94,97,1 38 Libber, Tobias 147 Libowsky, Sharon Library 32 Library Aides 46 Library Club 46 Lichter, Linda 36,39,61,169,185 Lichtman, Peter Lick, Raymond 78,147 Liddiard, Douglas 169 Lieberman, Richard 147 Lieberthal, jerry 41 ,95,138 Liebherr, Mr. Harold 118 Lietman, Steven 147 Lillie, Peter 97,128 Lilly, Daniel 147 Lilly, David 128 Lindemann, C.169 Lindemann, j. 46,128 Lindsay, Susan 138 Lindsey, Darryl Linnehan, Chris 128 Lisker, Pamela 169 Litke, Gerard 128 Lobner, jeffrey 94,138 Loeffler, Becky 138 Lohman, Linda 74,169 Lohman, Wendy 128 Loke, Donna 138 London, Steffanie128 London, Steve 101,138 Long, Karin Lonin, Rich 128 Lonnborg, Thomas 7,70,92,98,99,104, 169 Lookatch, Seema 79,169 Looper, Cathy 138 Looper, Gary 70,78,95,101,169 Loosen, Ben Loosen, Russell Lorch, Tom 138 Lord, Margaret Lore, Thomas 94,147 Losinski, Gary 95,138 Losinski, Linda 147 Loveland, Nancy 147 Loveland, Thomas 128 Lovos, David 10,169 Lowder, Mr. Dennis 24,59,118 Lowenstein, C. 77,169 Lubar, David 128 Luber, Fred 128 Lubotsky, jody 77,138 Lucht, Daniel 138 Luck, Barbara 169 Luck, Sari 169 Luck, Wendy 128 Luczak, Donald 169 Ludin, Richard Luedeman, Gayle 138 Luedke, Paul 147 Luedtke,judith147 Luedtke, Michael 128 Luey, Nanette 169 Lukesh, Marleen128 Lukitsch, Gary138 Lurie, Annette 147 Lurie, Debra 169 Lurie, james 138 Lurie, Mark 106,169 Luther, Gary Lutrell, Ronald 147 Lutsky, Aviva 138 Lutsky, Berel 61,169 Lutz, Holly 128 Luy, Greg 128 Lynch, Mary 128 Maas, Deborah 77,169 Maas, Ellen 147,169 Mace, Mr. David 118 MacRury, Debra 147 Madison, Kurt 128 Maes, Pat 77,128 Magin, Gary 169 Mahler, janis 74,96,138 Mahnke, Debra 77,96,138 Mahnke, Diane 147 Maier, Carol 170 Maier, Herbert Maier, Michael 147 Mallory, Gregory 138 Mandel, Barry 70,101,138 Mandel, William 138 Mandella, Nettie 170 Manders, Mr. Phillip 118 Manes, Laurie 138 Manes, Mark 70,97,170 Manger, Kay 138 Maniaci, joseph 128 Maniaci, Michael 100,107,138 Manley, Steven 94,97,105,138 Manna, Richard 94,128 Mansfield, Susan 138 Manske, Connie 170 Marach, Patrick Maradick, Gary 100,138 Marceau, Brian 95,101,138 Ma resh Marceau, Kirk 170 Marcel, Nancy 170 Marchand, jackie 138 Ma rc us Marcus Marcus , Barbara 128 , Bruce 138 , Mark 76,78,138 Martin 128 Brian 77,128 Marcus, Maresh, ,jeffery147 Margolis, Howard 138 Margolis, Randie 129 Marino, Kay 58,147 Marlowe, Brooks 147 Mark, Denise 138 Marks, Debra 129 Markson, Simpson Marohl, Peggy 170 Marsh, Barbara 74 Marsh, William Marshall, james Marshall, jeffery Marshall, judy Marsow, Daniel Martin, Laura 129 Marthy, Laura 77 Marx, Bob 45,295,129 Marx, Susan 170 Masek, Robert 129 Mason, Leslie 129 Massey, Gwen Masty, Maureen 129 Matar, Kris 170 Matar, Norman 94,97,138 Matejka, Eva 170 Matejka, Vera 147 Mateske, Colleen 77,129 Math Club 67 Mathematics Department 27 Matichek, Susan 138 Matko, Pamela 170 Matzner, Paul 77,129 Mautner, Bill 94,129 May, john May, Linda 129 Mayer, Paul 138 Mayer, Susan 147 Mayer, Theodore 101,129 Mayer, Thomas 138 Mayerson, julie 147 Maylahn, Katherine 151,170 McConnohie, Mrs. lrene118 McCullough, Miss Eileen 118 McCullough, Mrs. Kathleen 119 McCormick, Ronald 171 McDowell, Scott 94,129 McFadden, Craig 171 McFadden, Mrs. Lorraine 119 McFadden, Mark 129 McGarvie, Tom 94,129 McGhee, Mrs. Madeline 119 McGowan, Kelly 129 McGowan, Michael 147 Mclntosh, Peter 138 Mctarty, David 7e,1o1,1o5,13s McLarty, Ross 105,147 McMahon, Elizabeth 129 McMahon, Sheila 138 McMorrow, Lynn McMorrow, William 147 McMullen, Miss Marilee119 Meade, Georgi 78,129 Mehran, Shereen138 Meissner, Ann 171 Meister, Mark 138 Memmel, Anita 129 Mendelblatt, Gary 171 Mendeloff, Cheryl 138 Menge, Mrs. Katherine 119 Merar, David 72,138 Mesi row, Michael 70,79,92,105,107, 171 Messer, Thomas 171 Meyer, jeffery 138 Meyer, LaurieAnn 147 Meyers, Charlotte 129 Meyers, james 101,129 Meyers, Louise 147 Micelli, Vincent 97,129 Michael, john 147 Michael, Katherine Michaelsen, jill 138 Michelson, David 129 Michelson, Karen 147 Milanowski, A. 41,95,105,147 Milanowski, Mary 129 Mileske, Lizabeth Milhaupt, Barbara 138 Millard, Trudi129 Millela, Dennis 147 Miller, Barry 94,100,129 Miller, Branda147 Miller, Dennis 147 Miller, Don 171 Miller, james Miller, jamie 147 Miller, jeanna 78,138 Miller, Marilyn 28,77,138 Miller, Mark 138 Miller, Mary 79,171 Miller, Sandra 171 Milliken, Susan Mallikin, jeff Mills, Timothy Milstein, Majorie171 Minahan, William Minar, Stephan 23,76,129 Miner, Christian 147 Minkin, Richard 138 Minkin, Terri 129 Minkoff, Don 95,100,129 Miottel, Karen 46,138 Mislove, Claudia 147 Mislove, Eileen 147 Mitchell, Michael 129 Mitchell, Nancy 77,138 Mitz, Carolyn 138 Mitz, jodie 171 Mitz, Richard 38,58,171 Mixer, Terry 51,67,147 Moebius, john 147 Moeckler, Laurie 79,147 Moeller, Gerard Moench, Bruce Mohaghan, Britt 171 Mologne, Mary 171 Montag, Heidi 28,77,138 Montag,jeffery171 Moore, Terry 78,129 Moore, William 147 Mor, Michael 138 Morey, Nancy 77,129 Morgan, Mr. james 119 Moriarty, Annie 129 Moriarty, Patricia 171 Moriarty, Ted 147 Morris, Alan 147 Morris, Linda 77,129 Morris, Marla 39,42,79 Moser, Kathleen 171 Moser, Susan 24,43,129 Moss, Barbara 138 Moss, julie 147 Moss, Russell 129 Mottram, Sue 77,138 Muchin, Marc 105,138 Mueller, Diana 171 Mueller, Harold 101,171 Mueller, james 77,94,97,138 Mueller, jeanne 138 Mueller, Pamela 129 Mumm, Barry 7,60 Mumm, Crai 129 Mundt, Leoaien 79,171 Musical 11 Musickant, Pam 147 Mycynek, jakie 46,147 Mycyner, judith 46,138 Myles, Claire Naimon, Renee 30,129 Naimon, Errol 147 Nania, Scott 129 Nash, Marcia 147 Nashban, Brooke 77,138 National Honor Society 82 Nauert, Scott 94,129 N.B.S. 51 Nechy, Allen 129 Neff, Deborah 148 Nehls, Cynthia Nelson, Charles 148 Nelson, Chris Nelson, jennifer 78,129 Nelson, jill 138 Nelson, Neil 77,129 Nelson, Wayne Nevels, Karen 129 Neubeck, Miss joyce 119 Neuwirth, jaklyn 148 Newland, john 172 Newman, Rick 172 N.G.A. 69 Nicklels,jeffery129 Nicolet Magic Co. 44 Nicolet Hosts 45 Niemczyk, Cory 129 Niemczyk, Debra 148 Nienow, Mark 79,97,148 Nihlean, Linda Nihlean, Richard 172 Niss, Susan 129 Noon Recreation 73 Normoyle, Thomas 97,129 North, Nancy 138 North, Patrick 148 North, Timothy 172 Novak, Deborah 74,148 Novak, Mark 76,129 Noveshek, judith 46,129 Noveshek, Mary Kay 46,148 Novey, jeffery 101,134,138 Nowacki, john 129 Nowak, jill 138 Nowak, Susan 139 Nurse 33 Nusslock, Kathy 129 Nye, David 25,172 Nye, Nancy 7,96,139 Obenberger, joseph 41,129 O'Connell, jon 148 Olbrys, Frank 'l9,79,92,97,'l07,172 Olbrys, jo jean 148 Okerlund, Karen 139 Okruszynski, Michael 129 Oleary, Reginald Oleary, Susan 78,129 Oleszak, Dirk 94,139 Oleszak,joann172 Oleszak, Mark 172 Oleszak, Nancy 139 Olroyd, Richard 148 Olsen, Christan 148 Olson, Diane 76,129 Olson, Mrs. julie 119 Olson, Karna148 Olson, Robert 139 Olszewski, Kay Optenberg, Robyn 129 Orenstein, jill 139 Orenstein, Marsha 148 Osman, Carl 172 Osman, Roxanne 96,139 Osowicz, Robert 172 Ostach,jeffery139 Osterndorf, janis Ostrenga, Wayne 95,97,129 Ottenstein, Leslie 129 Otto, Lois 67,78,139 Otto, Tom 94,129 Oust, Miss lrene119 Owen, Nancy 143,148 Pabian, Chris Padek, julie 172 Padek, Lisa 129 Padway, Deborah 37,148 Padway, Foster 101,129 Padway, Lawrence 139 Pahlisch, Gary 76,139 Paine, Charles 94,100,129 Paine, NanCie172 Palay, Steven 148 Palay, Thomas 94,139 Paler, Bruce 148 Papa, Suzanne 139 Papf, William 70,76,78,95,101,105, 'l 3 Paperback Bookstore 724 Parchia, Dean 129 , Parchia, Earl 95,148 Parchia, Kathy 79,173 Parker, David 139 Parker, jill 74,173 Parshalle, jeff 139 Pastor, David 45,76,129 Paton, Mr. Neil 119 Paul, Pamela 173 Paulalon, Marci 129 Pearl, Meryl 148 Pearson, Pam 173 Peck, jane Peck, jedi 14,7s,77,139 Peck, Karen 75,173 Peck, Russel Ann 173 Peck, Wade 94,148 Peckham, Dan 173 Pedersen, Arthur 173 Peeples, james 15,79,173 Pehoski, Dennis 67,173 Pelant, Barbara 77,129 Peltz, Arline 79,148 Pep Club 47 Peplin, Elizabeth 173 Perlstein, Mark 38,148 Pestka, Paul 22,78,139 Peterman, juliane 78,129 Peters, Debra 30,129 Peters, Karen 64,148 Petersen, Kaaren 129 Petersen, William Peterson, David 78,148 Peterson, Mr. Robert 119 Pethe, Bruce 139 Pethe, Mark 173 Petros, Diane 74,139 Petrykowski, Mark Pezoldt, Richard 100,139 Pezoldt, Robert 95,105,148 Pfeifer, Nancy 148 Pfeiffer, julie 64,79,173 Pfeil, john Pfeil, Richard 173 Physical Educational Department 28 Picard, james 48,148 Picciurro, Dominic 129 Picus, Laurie 19,79,173 Piering, Randall 94,130 Piermer, Roberta 77,139 Pierson, Mrs. Cynthia 119 Pierson, Wendy 74,139 Pincus, Amy 148 Pingry, james 148 Pinkham, jeff 173 Pinkham, Laurie 78,139 Pinter, Cathy 77,130 Pinter, v. 148 Pinzer, Douglas 70,104,107,173 Pinzer, Steve 94,130 Pinzer, Stuart 148 Pitt, Ronald 78 Pittelkow, Mark 139 Plank, Dan 130 Plank,jodi139 Plays "Balcony Scene" 13 "Impromptu" 13 "Miracle Worker" 15 "Sandbox" 13 Plotkin, Robert 130 Poenisch, Patrick 173 Poitnoy, L. 77 Polisky, Beth 40,148 Pollack, janie 78,139 Pollow, Cheryl 173 Pollow, jill 75,77,139 Poppendieck, j. 40,148 Porter, Barbara 148 Porter, jim 45,95,130 Porterfield, Kevin 139 Portnoy, Linda 75,139 Posner, Alan 41,139 Post, Elizabeth 148 Postles, Karen 173 Potter, jeff 45,77,130 Prange, Dianne 74,174 Prange, Gene 148 Prange, Paul 148 Prentice, Michael Price, Bruce 70,105,107,174 Price, Guy 148 Price, julie 148 Price, Kerry 139 Prom 16,17 Prust, Scott 130 Puccini, Tom 94,130 Puls, Mr. Thomas 119 Pumpian, Ian 77,95,130 Quackenbush, Brad 139 Quackenbush, Steve 78,174 Quale, Marsha 148 Quale, Susan 130 Quandt,jeffery130 Quill and Scroll 83 Radio Club 51 Radke, Miss Marilyn 119 Radloff, Susan 175 Radtke, Maxine 139 Radtke, William 31,79,175 Ragatz, Greg 175 Raithel, john 97 Raithel, Thomas 95,175 Ramminger, james 76,139 Ramin, Debra 130 Rand, Debra 96,148 Rand, Richard 64,139 Randall, Robert 139 Rasche, Pamela 175 Rath, Ruth Mary 130 Rath, Sally 148 Ratke, Mary 130 Rattner, Gary 70,107,175 Rattner, Larry 92,148 Read, William Recht, Daniel 71,139 Reda, Pat 148 Reedy, Madeline 130 Reedy, Patty 175 Reese, Michael Regner, Michael 77,95,130 Rehauer175 Reichert, jean 123,148 Reif, Kurt 148 Reif, Larry 45,76,78,94,97,130 Reif, Susan 130 Reif, William 72,77,139 Reiger, jeff 130 Reimer, jeffery 44,78,76,101,175 Reimer, Sandra 148 Rein, Barbara 130 Reiner, Ann 48,79,83,149 Reinert, james 70,92,98,175 Reinert, Richard 45,94,130 Reisel, Kathryn 149 Reisel, james 130 Reisner, Mark 175 Reiss, john 175 Reiter, jane 175 Reiter, joseph 130 Reiter, Robin 94,79,149 Remmel,janis175 Renak, Robin 79,149 Respondek, Allan 149 Ressler, Catherine 130 Reupert, Diane 130 Reupert, Mark Reynolds, Barbara 79,175 Rezak, Carmen 79,175 Rezak, Donald 139 Rezak, Eileen 139 Rhyan, Lindy Sue 48,79,149 Ribar, Thomas 94,149,105 Rice, Debbie 130 Rice, jeffery Rice, Linda 130 Rice, Mr. Fred 119 Richards, Paul 130 Richman, Gregory 48,77,139,101 Ridberg, Richard 39,175,105 Riebolt, Barbara 130 Rieboldt, Gary 70,92,98,175 Riemer, Charles 175 Riemer, Susan Ries, Katherine 78,130 Rifle Club 62 Rittmeyer, David 70,92,175,97 Ritz, Christine 139 Ritz, Peter 70,92,176,106 Robertson, Bonnie 15,149 Robertson, Kent 70,92,176,105 Robinson, jay 139 Robinson, Kay Rocket Club 66 Rodgers, Charles 130,95 Rodgers, David 139 Rodwell, Stephen 1o,176,1o1,7o Rogers, Gary 130 Roginske, Lynn 79,60,176 Rohan, Elaine 74,176 Roitblat, Robin 130 Roitblat, Susan 149 Roll, David 139,105 Roller, Barbara 64,176 Rood, Diane 149 Rodzen, jeffery 29,139 Rosenberg, Laurey 139 Rosenberg, Linda 139 Rosenber , Marilyn 149 Rosendahi Steven' Rosenfeld, Philip 176 Ross, Kathleen 130 Ross, jerry 176 Ross, john 149 Ross, judith 96,176 Ross, Mr. Norris 97,119 Roth, jeffery 44,149,106 , Rothstein, Steve 70,92,97,105,176 Rotstaczer, Paul Rotter, David 176 Rotter, Margie 130 Rotter, William 140 Rowen, Susan 149 Rozran, judith 30,130 Rubin, Lanie 77,140 Rubin, Richard 41,177 Rudberg, Nancy 36,177 Ruderman, Daniel 130,140 Rudolph, janice 79,177 Rudolph, jill 75,130 Rudolph, Mark 41,107,177 Rudolph, Rick 14,130 Ruess, Richard 177 Ruff, Brad 78,97,105,140 Ruff, jesley 23,76,95,130 Rukauina, Peter 130 Rummler, Mrs. Va Nita 120 Runningen, Mr. Charles 120 Rupp, Bernard 33,177 Rupp, Bridget 149 Ruppa, Daniel 95,105,140 Rupple, Martha 79,149 Russell, Mark 79,95,149 Russell, Scott 140 Russian Club 59 Rutter, David Ryan, Barbara 130 Ryan, Mark 140 Rybold, Thomas 140 Sable, jim 130 Sadie Hawkins 8 Sagstaedter, Hans 140 Saichek, Mark Saichek, Vicki 140 St. George, Michael 140 Saltzstein, julie 130 Salzer, Christine 177 Salzwedel, Sherri 130 Sampson, Kay 177 Sampson, Linda 177 Sanderson, Hollie 79,177 Sanfellipo, john 177 Sansone, Sam 130 Sasso, Satler Eric Richard 177 Sattelj Barry 149 Sattel, Sauer r Sauer, Sauer, Sauve, Karen 130 Mark 97,130 Charles 94,95,10S,177 Paul 140 Mrs. Diane 120 Savard, Charles 140 Scaruali, Robert Schaaf, john Schaftz, jeffrey 177 Schalmo, Scott 140 Schatz, Arlan 130 Schatz, Marsha 177 Scheibel, Claudia 10,177 Scheinfeld, john 101,140 Scherbarth, Pam 77,149 Scherer, Karen 140 Schevers, Kathy 40,77,149 Schevers, Stephen 94,131 Schiller, Miss Susan 120 Schilling, Linda 140 Schilling, Nancy 177 Schils, George 131 Schindler, David 94,131 Schlesinger, Linda 149 Schlesinger, Roberta 131 Schmeling, Kenneth Schmeling, Thomas 131 Schmidt, Bruce 78,131 Schmidt, Carla 131 Schmidt, Daniel 94,131 Schmitt, Charles 149 Schmitt, Robert 140 Schmitt, Richard 149 Schmitt, Miss Susan 120 Schmitz, Thomas 94,97,131 Schneeweis, Nancy 140 Schneeweis, Steven 94 Schneider, jeffery 92,149 Schneiker, Chris 140 Schneller, Lisa 149 Schneller, Susan 23,131 Schnoll, Barry 131 Schnoll, Ellen 149 Schnoll, Nancy 149 Schober, Frank 94,97,140 Schober, Marianne 179 Schober, Susie 131 Schobert, Patrica131 Schobert, Richard 105,149 Schoendorf, C. 131 Schoenfeld, Kathy 79,149 Schoenfeld, Mr. Walter 120 Schoenfeldt, Harley 94,100,107,140 Schoettl, Laura 140 Scholl, Paul Schroeder, Barbara 140 Sch uett, Todd 76,78,79,149 Schultz, Kevin 149 Schultz, Michele 131 Schultz, Scott 140 Schultz, Tony 177 Schulz, Mrs. Darlene 120 Schumaker, Bonny 10,44,74,77,140 Schur, julie 36,39,177,185 Schuster, jeffery 177 Schuster, judith 149 Schutz, Dick 178 Schuyler, Steve 131 Schwade, Sandra 178 Schwalenburg, S.149 Schwartz, Mr. Milton 120 Science Club 65 Science Department 26 Scott, john Scott, Michael 140 Scott, Richard 178 Seaman, john 131 Secord, William 178 Seefeldt, Mark 131 Segall, William 94,140 Segerdahl,johan18,79,149 Seidel, Lynn 149 Seidel, Stanley 149 Seidl, Sherry 140 Seidl, Stanley Seidler,jody131 Seif, Diane 140 Selig, Stephanie 149 Sellin, Sellin, Carol 77,178 Richard 140 Senn, Debbie 78,140 Sennett, Gary 107,140 Sernoe, Wendy 178 Seymour, Lee 178 Shackman, Carol 140 Shafrin, Fred 149 Shafton, Andrea 140 Shafton, Wendy 131 Shamburek, Peter 105,140 Shamburek, William 70,105,178 Shanley, Whitney 79,149 Shanovich, C. 140 Shapiro, Robyn 149 Shapson, Steve 66,140 Sharer, Donna 149 Shaw, Edmund 101,178 Shawl, Richard 131 Shay, Keith 131 Shay, Linda 178 Sheedy, Michael Sheldon, james 22,76,140 Sheldon, Tom 78,131 Shepard, Patricia 149 Sheperd, Bruce 178 Sheperd, Michael 94,140 Sheperd, Robert . Sherer, William 140 Sherkow, Barbara 178 Shernell, Penny 131 Shernell, Robyn 140 Shesto, jeff 94,131 Shield Art Staff 37 Shield Editorial Staff 36 Shield Photography Staff 38 Shindell, Larry 97,140 Shindell, Roger 179 Shires, Mr. Paul 120 Shlensky, Louis 131 Shoenhair, john 70,78,92,104,179 Shoettl, L. 77 Schomperlen, Doug 140 Shukur, Sally 77,140 Shulkin, Dara 75,77,140 Shumow, Mark 61,149 Shumow, Steven 140 Siebecker, Linda 131 Sieckman, Brian 107,140 Sieckman, Gregory 106,107,179 Siegel, Alan 149 Siegel, Marjorie 179 Siegel, Neil 70,105,179 Siegel, Robert 140 Siegel, Thomas 77,131 Sievers, Bonnie 149 Sievers, Stephen 179 Silbar, Margo 75,140 Silberman, Debra Sileno, joe 140 Sileno, Nancy 131 Silverman, Craig 140 Silverman, Mark 78,140 Silverstein, Linda 7,179 Silverstein, Steve 97,140 Silverstein, Tammy 77,140 Silverthorn, Addy 101,131 Simon, Bill 149 Simos, james 94,131 Simos, joy 179 Simpson, jill Sineni, George 149 Singer, Matthew 95,105,140 Sinnger, Catherine 76,131 Sinnger, Steve 131 Sires, Laurie 149 Sitarz, Michael 51,94,140 Skovera, james 46,76,131 Skurek, Lori 131 Skwierawski, Dean 140 Skierawski, Mark Smith, Caren 74,140 Smith, janine 75,140 Smith, jeffery 131,149 Smith, jeffery Smith, jim 78,179 Smith, Kenneth 97,131 Smith, Lynn 140 Smith, Mike 131 Smith, Thomas 94,105,140 Snyder, Cynthia 131 Snyder, Mike 79,101 Snyder, Phillip 179 Sobol,jerri140 Social Studies Club 61 Social Studies Department 25 Sodos, Martin 131 Solochek, Arlen 94,100,105,140 Sondel, jeffery 70,94,97,149 Sonin, Beth 140 Soslavsky, Debra 131 Sosman, Sharon 72,179 Southcott, Victoria 149 Spaciel, Linda 180 Spanish Club 53 Sparacino, Michael 76,79,140 Sparacino, Paul 77,131 Spector, jill 140 Spector, Sari 150 Spewachek, Amy Spewachek, john Spitzbart, Gail 131 Spooner, Mr. Stanley 120 Squires, David 140 Staats, Curtis 73,140 Staats, Lorin 51,149 Stage Band 76 Stahl, john 92,180 Stahl, Thomas 94,140 Stamas, Kristine 140 Stamm, David 141 Stampfl, Barry 98,141 Stampfl, janet 15,74,75,79,180 Stanczak,judith131 Stanford, janette 77,141 Starke, Kim 70,92,9B,149,105 Starke, Susan 131 Stathas,'Cynthia Stathas, Yvonne Stefaniak, Ronnie 141 Iechtmann, Cathy 181 Tellier, Laurie 40,149 Tellock, Lori 149 Temkin, Larry 132 Temkin, Mark 76,78,149 Ten Hahen, Gary 141 Tennessen, Patty 78,141 Tennessen, Tom 76,78,101,149 Tennis 102,103 Teumer, Nancy 132 Tess, Beverly Thalman, jan 141 Theater Arts Club 43 Thistle, Karen 149 Thompson, james 141 Thompson, Thomas Thomson, judith 149 Thomson, Susan 141 Thomson, William 95,132 Tiefenthaler, joe 105,181 Tiefenthaler, Karen 74,149 Wageman, Robert Wageman, Toni 150 Wageman, Tracy 14'l Wagner, Penny 182 Waisbren, Charles 94,132 Waisbren, Laura 182 Wakefield, Cathy 74,77,141 Walker, Arnold 132 Walker, Laurie 150 Wall, Pat 132 Wallac im77 ' ,I Wallace, jody 77,132 Walmer, Linda 78,132 Walters, Mr. Charles 101,121 Walters, Richard 132 Walters, Robert 182 Wangerin, Dan 94,97,141 Stein Donna 149 Stein, Fred 45,131 Stein, Harry 97,131 Stein, Karen 180 Stein, Peter 94,131 Stein, Steven 141 Steiner, jody 141 Steiner, Kenyon 180 Steingart, Lisa 131 Steinmesch, A. 180 Stelzel, Michael 149 Stelzel, Patricia 131 Tierney, Kathleen 181 Tierney, Tiesling, Tiesling, Tiesling, Mark 141 Holly 132 Chris 141 Debra 141 Tillman, Barbara 77,132 Tillman, Betsy 79,149 Tillman, Linda 181 Tilton, Scott 66,181 Tilton, Steven 149 Tip off 10 Tishberg, Tami 72,77,141 Tobian, Ron 105 Wangerin, Patti 182 Wasilevich, Max Wasserman, j. 132 Wasserman, Harry 141 Wasserman, judith 142 Watson, Durward 56,182 Watson, Scott 76,132 Watson, Susan 132 Waxer, Waxma Waxme Weber, Weber, Weber, Weber, Weber, Weeks, Miriam 142 n, Marsha 77,142 n, Debra 132 David 61,182 Debra 132 Linda 61,182 Lisa 61 james 142 jim 142 Stenzel, Edwin 105,141 Stern, Alan 180 Stern, Bruce 141 Stern, Douglas 180 Stern, joel 141 Stewart, Mark 180 Stippich, Lenore131 Stockey, janet 180 Stoekl, Allan 180 Stoiber, Mark 94,131 Stoik, Mrs. Patricia 130 Stolz, Carol 131 Stolz, Michael 149 Stone, Andrew 141 Stone, Robert 79,181 Straub, Leslie 141 Strauss, Wendy 39,180 Street, William 77,131 Strehlow, Mr. Roland 92,97,120 Streich, Mary 77,131 Strnad, Stephan 94,97,131 Stroiman, jeri 77,141 Stromsted, Robert Stromsted, Todd Strutz, Mary 141 Strutz, Terry 181 Stryker, Teri 149 Student Council 48 Student Supervisors 72 Stuebe, Robert 131 Stuhlmacher, Tom 100,141 Styba, Pamela 131 Suckow, Bonnie 131 Suminski,joanne181 Sund, Mr. Bruce 67,120 Surdyk, Thomas 141 Swan, Karen 131 Swenson, jeff 70,92,98,104,107,181 Swerin, Leon 181 Swerin, Renee 141 Swidler, Steven 41 ,94,141 Swimming 101 Sydow, Eileen 181 Sykes, Charles 131 Sylvester, Michael Sylvester, Patrick 94,131 Szilagyi, Betty 181 Tabbert, Ross 94,97,131 Tacke, David 131 Tackes, Steven 131 Talboys, Christy 74,77,141,134 Talboys,jody131 Tanouye, Karen 75,77,131 Tarantino, Michael 131 Tarkinow, Bonnie 131 Tarney, john 131 Tarney, lulie Tarney, Miss Sharon 120 Tarnof, Bradley 181 Tarnof, Madelyn 141 Taues, Mary Taus, Linda 181 Taylor, Miss Diane 121 Teasley, David 45,132 Toeller, Susan 141 Tolkan, james 106 Tornow, jackie 132 Tornow, Sharon 149 Torti, Tom 149 Tracey, Gregory 181 Track 104,105 TraPP, Crace181 Trautmann, Charles 181 Traxler, jeanne 75,77,141 Trebbe, Wayne 181 Trelc, Katy 132 Treu, jens 92,98,149 Tripi, Rose Ann 149 Tripi, Tana 132 Troester, Irmgard 141 Troester, Walter 149 Trosch, Lynn 75,141 Trosper, William 70,92,97,104,181 Trovinger, A. 43,77,132 Trovinger, Mrs. Ethel 121 Troutman, Bobby 141 Trude, Mark Trump, Roxanne 77,141 Trussell, Marna132 Tryba, Wayne 94,132 Tsoris, lrene132 Tuchman, Shila150 Tumler, Vicki 150 Turim, Maureen 40,182 Turner, Mr. Edward 121 Tyler, Kenneth 182 Uebelher, Nancy 150 Ulevich,janis150 Unerte, joan 150 Uneril, Scott 141 V Upton, Paula 141 Usow, jeffrey 150 Van Beck, Miss Mary 50,121 Van Den Berg, Tracy 141 Van Es, Thomas 100,105,141 Van Housen, Barbara 182 Van Housen, Peter 45,94,132 Vann, Christine Vann, Ellis Varish, Margaret 141 Varsity Club 70 Vento, Gerald Verona, Paul 141 Victor, Roberta 141 Vieau, Glenn 182 Visnevski, Charles 132 Voelz, Susan 43,132 Vogeler, Dana 141 Vogeler, Karen 77,150 Vogeler, jane182 Vogeler, Terry 100,141 Vogt, Frederic 132 Vredenbregtj jeff 141 Vreeland,judy132 Vuk, Mary 76,132 Wachholz, Mr. james 121 Wachs, Mr. Theodore 95,104,105, 121 Weich, Miss Mary 121 Weidenbaum, Michael 183 Weidenbaum, Robert 132 Weight Lifting Club 71 Weinberg, Bradd 77,142 Weingart, Mark 94,150 Weingarten, Mrs. judith 121 Weinstein, Mrs. Suzanne 121 Weis, Kathleen 7,150 Weis, Christian 100,132 Weis, james 77,132 Weiss, Amy 61,183 Weiss, Cynthia 142 Weiss, Susanne 77,132 Weissman, Vera 132 Wellenkamp, P. 45 Weller, Dean 142 Weller, Thomas Wells, james 142 Wells, Thomas 77,100,132 Wells, Walter 150 Wemple, Cathy 142 Wemple, Sue 132 Wendle, Thomas 142 Wendorf, Fred 79,183 Wendt, Elizabeth 183 Wend t, Wendy 150 Wentz, David Wentz, George Wenzel, David 183 Wenzel, john 150 Wenzel, Paul 150 Werhane, Mary 77,132 Werner, Brain 150 Werner, David 132 Werner, Randy 132 West, Robert 183 Westphal, Diane 77,142 Wetherbee, Scott 95,105,150 Wettstein, john Wever, j. Whaley, Linda 75,76,132 Whaley, Michael 150 White White , Dan 73,76,78,94,97,132 Frank 183 whiief Frank 94,97,15o White White White White Whitfi ,jean , Paralee 183 Susan 150 :Thomas eld, Nicolas 142 Whiting, Carolyn 67,183 Whiting, Mrs. Darlene 121 Whiting, Harold 132 Whiting, Marilyn 76,183 Wichowski, Lisa 132 Widmar, Mr. john 62,121 Wiedemann, Douglas 142 Wiedemann, Herb 41,59,1B3 Wiederhold, Alan 132 Wiggin, jack 150 Wiggin, joan 132 Wigle, David 101,183 Wilfong, Daryl 71,142 Wilke, Pat 83,183 Wilke, Thomas 94,132 Willens,jann150 Williams, Kirk 183 Williams, Susan 150 Wills, Mary 132 Willyerd, Karie Wilson, Gail 47,132 Wilson, john 94,132 Wilson, Kenneth 183 Wilvers, Floyd 150 Winfrey, Oprah 142 Winkler, Susan 77,142 Winnik, judy 79,151,183 Winter, jeffery 142 Winter, Michael 150 Wirth, Cynthia 142 Wirth, Scott150 Wirth, Susan Wirth, Timothy 150 Wischer, Larry 142 Wisniewski, Mary 183 Wisler, Charles Wissing, Donna 132 Wissing, lames 104,150 Withey, Celeste 13,74,184 Withey, Denise 74,142 wiuliff,1anice132 Wiviott, Gary 150 Wojciechowski, F.1S0 Wolf, Deborah 39,74,184 wolf, Mr. Frank 121 Wolf, Michael 150 Wolf, Thomas 132 Wolfe, Roberta 75,184 Wolfe, William 61,184 Wolfenberger, B. 132 Wolfenberger, K. 184 Wolff, Alice 184 Wollach, Deborah 150 Wollach, james 142 Wollmer, Mary 132 Wollmer, Michael 150 Wolt, Michael Wondracheck, E.150 Wong, Andrea 77,132 Woolweber, Debra 64,150 Worth, james 45,94,100,132 Wrestling 97 Wright, john 132 Wright, Pamela 132 Wulf, Candice 150 Wulf, Christine 184 Wussow, Mark 132 Wycklendt, Alan 150 Wycklendt, Curtis 94,101,132 Yanow, Beth Yanow, jacque 63,153 Yarnow, Michael 94,132 Yates, Lynn 150 Yench, Darcie 77,142 Young, lohn Young, Mary 184 Young, Susan 142 Younger, Sherry 44,79,184 Youth Council 49 Zachariasen, Lynn 77,142 Zache, james 77,142 Zareck, jack 142 Zedler, Penelope 142 Zeiger, David 142 Zembrosky,jeffery142 Zens, jeff 51,67,76,78,150 Zens, Terri 76,132 Zetley, Faye 150 Zetley, Howard 45,94,100,132 Zetley, Linda 132 Zganjar, Ken 70,92,98,105,107,150 Zganjar, Linda 76,132 Ziehm, Francie 184 Ziemer, Bonnie 70,150 Ziemer, james 132 Zien, Debbie 77,142 Zien, Florence 150 Zieve, Gary 70,97,184 Zieve, Peter 45,94,132 Zillner, Lorelei 132 Zimmerman, Miss Barbara 121 Zimmerman, Brent 184 Zipter, David 150 Zoph, Todd 142 Zucker, Larry Zucker, Nancy 184 Zucker, Wendy 184 Zucket, Abby 132 Determined, Stunned and jubilant Faces Expressed State-1969 Ei X Ek N 5, li! l ll 5 . L l I in fl is Coming from seventeen points behind Nee- nah, Nicolet scored thirty-three points in the fourth quarter to stimulate hopes of victory. Cheerleading funds provided the costume for volunteer Neil Siegel to bring Nicolet's Knight to life at the State tournament. At Madison, Coach Puls distributed clean uniforms to Steve Bazelon, lim Treu, and lay Grieger. i Although Coach Puls drilled "We can win" into the minds of varsity players, lim Bronson knew Nicolet needed "a super game" to beat Lincoln. 1 92 .W i w ewgffsreglff-'ffifff :Kwai 1-if1'f1.a. 111' f H ' 11:Q2.LL3'-1?-grifgeh-"??z'f-NA'--2'-ff-s,4 war ,L fi.f:- fe,-ig., ,- , -ef A.. A , Q.. ,- .-,,, mx . . , .. 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Suggestions in the Nicolet High School - Shield Yearbook (Glendale, WI) collection:

Nicolet High School - Shield Yearbook (Glendale, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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