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Q . .A N . ,- gt- ,Q 5,3 P -, 'X s' .Jw ,gn f L, -Q. -4 if HH U L., Wing? , ' f- - M1 , 41, , . J-J " A fm. , H.-.5 v X. 1 ,, . ,Xp-1. , -W-X .. ,LX X, . ' ' F1 . 1 ' - f -,ww ,,,as:.,1 if f ef, " 5391, ,ways 5615, Xj'T ,- . , XXX LX: . , ,.-1-LEX .. U , A X 1 , '-ff,-.f-.X. '. wi. '.'sm'.m. .5 3, , X- ".Wsf5'f,, ' ' Q Aff" 'f - n',"'3a, . 1, 9 ' . 'XXX1X X 'kj 'X , x X , in gf" f Q x k'-X A 'K ' 2, T X V' X -,,- f 1. gf . X -F wX - -f "I L ,fir ' " X 1 XX ,., Q f 1. Q. N - ' l A Q XX X , I X '. "1 f ,.f K. , , X -' 1 x X L. X 1 : x ', . ' XXXKX X N X 1, X f X X. 3 X v X , X ' XX XX X XX . X 4 XJ , , s ' 3 ' W - A I 1 X! ! ' E ' V , XX X X 'uv 1 f X f 4' X A- X r - . M I ,X 'V .L X V , 1 X u XX X X ' Xf Xu: . ' 4 ' , f ' A , N , x .1 -X9 1' ' . 7 'Vf ,X ' 1 , J R .X-x , V X X' X Q I Xflv " .X l , , ' ' s ' A! . 1' fy 4 ' , I' 1 I. , , X N ,f X X . , B X f X X , X X X 5 .X ,X X E I Ii, X- X 1 X y , . 1 X . ww f X . . ' X X z XA .. X . . ,V X ,X X -, .X X I X, ' F 1 ' 2 1 ,X 1 4 , .X X 4 X X X X X X X X I ' 'A ' X X X . f ' f 2 . ' J" - 1 S' " ' ' V V iX ff, I A " ' I X ' , V ' ' N 4 V. f A , f XXX . -. X .XX X XX, X , , 1 , , 3 X . 1. , X W M 'I 1 Xu ' X XX , X XX! X1 K, X , X 1 XX , I Xf, X X XX XX- X X X . lx , ,f X 1 . 4 N u Q , ' X 1 ' .' ' . . 'V I " I , V W 4 ff t ' A. 1 .. 1. Xa, A' X If Al: X 1 ' - . . Q " . x 3 ' I h wf ' ' I ' A ' J , f 1 f X f X XX . ,X XX X 1 - 1 lf 1 , . Y f? X XX : 91 1 .,. .-ur. -, . , - wg , .X . .N 1.1 ,. - ,- -v ,y"n.f.. - ..v.' 1 . ' ' 1 n , ,. , ' 'f qw f. sz xp: ,5 E Q . X N I N l PA 1 6 x X . 'N 1 X J 1 v 5 ,. . F' ,, , H Y. , X' 5 Y .X ' 1- 1314745 -q.Xj 4,-5,413 .-112. 5 1' , x Q ' 1 4, 'Q 1 ex! x W- " " 3 NT "U - U," 1 'f""' 11 19 5 f ' Q X , - ':, wg,-' W., ' ' ww H gli" Hg, 1, -22' .mqggff 4- e 1 - ' 'Q YM ' Q fjzff. .X Q Q -3 X if Vs nl X dx? 2 v, HX lf' X X ww at AI XX 1.3-'SCX X: I - 9 X, , XX:L:fRiXX XX- XXX XXX H sw . LQ.. - V 1 A , ws- . - FY- 1: 3551 5151- , " . .aa . - Ag ff. ..,. , , , . 5' . ,,, X., f' ,ef .un-.ffisac:EMM-.4Lmifa,1:g1.v.:fZ'm +-:.. T? -,1 1. 15 Tk? W i, fflfif V , W ' 1 .K A J ' 1 . am in' A is ' a if 1. , ,,.f I 'ff --fx A. , V , b .X 5 M . , 4 Nfl C gm ,,,1,f,m 1zf WV , ' fi Wg" L fzwi ,M L PcnQ'C'Xk fl C If Q 4 I ?5Tvxg"'fg gk' RM yy ' 1 4 fQ'f'Si:'NS'x"1Q f X KZ HC K 1 id Ujfwmfgdffi ?65f'W0M55'7pfJjj. vm JZJMQJ 42444, ' Maw 4 a ' . 4-'ze ' 1' 322 SQRZXIK AM 52352 iv gafgglallk V XA , ,, , U A U.. I I N , MA . . . ,V . . 5: 1- . .X , ,, . .4 1, Q- -. ' iggflienf'-'v' , faq 1- 1 fm' ' , -'I Q lf? S T' . 1 .h - ' , -rv fha ' r 'Q ' V A n' 5 ?,vL?a'gZl - .- , - f. 'fl BEN ' ' "": , ff' Kg. , , ' 3 QR Wx W? www W Q NM Q32 QSO Z Jin W y M W fmwxww ff fwf fi M my Lf Wfgfw, W 5 W WW JK A M ff My X l?4 " A ' fi jf "' 1 ff' A I , .4 , f' j ,ff .Z ,Z ., ,f"' 1 . 4 - "' ,V 'A 4 I968 SHIELD Nicolet High School Bayside Fox Point Glendale River Hills Wisconsin Cne lfegend of ,Nioolet begun with tne desolate nulls, waiting eloss- rooms, em,otg ggms, und silent auditorium, gutnering ,oluees for two tnousund students from fioe spread-out eommunities . . . EDITORIAL STAFF fditorial Editor-in-Knief Rea Katz. Section fditorss Pam Goldsmith, Kendra Langetieg, Gail Novey, Nancy Rudberg, Lar- ry Sherkow, Jano Van den Berg. Staff members: Steve Augustine, Beth Cohen, Madeline Crivello, Ron Harwick, Gail Heyman, Barbara Howe, Barbara Kahn, Peter Kornman, Janet Levi, Linda Lichter, Julie Mayerson, Ann Reiner, Nancy Schilling, Julie Schur, Stephanie Selig, Sharon Sosman, Karen Young. ,Adorlsorse Miss Marilyn Radke, Mrs. Joanne Bosley. ..-Y.. 4 , ' S X SAW lf! 3 1 if Q ff m-mo: ' f is ' I e A 1 fini ,Z Che ,Cegend ef Nieelet burst feztn in spirit, vitality, and enthusiasm ef students involved ut ,Nieelet . . . 111. ART STAFF 60-editors: Karen Koch, Connie Manske. Sfdj5lII16II1b6l1S': Jean Butzin, Carol Eich, Jocelyn Fischer, Sally Gaedke, Teri Jackson, Brad Kral, Pierre Ovanin, Debbie Padway, Dennis Pe hoski, Patti Wilke. Z'yp13't: Sue Einwald. .Advisers Mr. James Wachholz. Une L'egend of ,Nieolet enllninated in tne reaping of knowledge, tne forinnlation of ideas, and tne e1e,oloration of eonee,ots. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF 6l1ieL Sanford Mitz. ,Assistant enief Mark Perlstein. Stafflnelnoers: Scott Arbit, Les Atlas, Jim Bar- nett,CarI Blesch, Bruce Frank, Don Grieb, David Hunt, Bruce Klein, Jerry Liberthal, Tony Milanowski, Richard Mitz, Armand Posner, Joel Stern,,AIlan Stoekl. ,Advisors Mr. Jerome Fischer. Business Managed Miss Joyce Neubeck. 4 1 i I 1 A 4 i ,-,m,- -nw, ,,,- --- i...,i....l...-.-.-.....-.....-.. --------- Zflbft? of Houfeuts Departments 6 Administration and Personnel 20 Honors ' 34 Activities 42 Sports 88 Classes lO6 Special Events I64 Index ISO 3 A 5555! x ,H V'-L xg, . f - , 05" Sv 90gQ57'JQTf9 , q Vi' ' T , A CN jf fx., k5-SS? C7 Q QS QQ! N , V Q59 A .I 1 i5WT'faL f g gi! x m' 'V 37-. 3 W0 4' 5 gif. A 'R X ,Q slf - , , , fu Aj Qu sq l. mf PA RT W W A A L., 7 Maggy gi 3 , ' S Wy Q lf , X f, ,W f .Eg Qu p, -i A7 ,,,,: ak! 1 .uvk W - Q, ,7 I ilk .xi Bxxlvvgxgh I - x hx' W, "Q . 7' ,J " - ,,,Jz: .,..-,X H 15 K f7i 3 W ' ' 7 Z5 f 3 wy,Qp,,q ,Ag n , I 5 X, A s, f ..,, , ' KA: xv., A , ' A lv 'N20 Q 453 ' 5 3- 5 b l as k V 55 E , X i-.wks wr .Q A V ,I J , It X11 Q 31 W 4 "HW, Q, A g, fzv vm H. . 1 X ' X 561.3233 'Z Vqfvf f fzll: Ex g fx ximgixifi 1 K V ' I ' ' ff KV .M asada - V 'g L, it "'f,il:um ,:Y' YA .br , U , ,,,1 ffggifff' Y . A1941 fx Q W X My-'faiv A V 5 fi! E- fx MW Q K, 'A vw ' x gf jf 3 , V Aj ,xg 1 If E ix.. ' , " Jim, wie Ta 1 r. .A: 5 .5 ' r-Q. - x if :fx ' . ,ggil f x , . . , 'Tal 62 X: 1 'Q V ' c. X V f h 1:16 .X BX A . 4, if. ' 41 ' ' -' 2 4354 X3 if ' YY, Q ' L Q Ek' W, f,, lg, 61,2 fb ' 'I fm , 6. , -1 I : - . :'. A ' kv Jim" 'A' 5 . S:Q,5g:,4yf f , ' 1 I 5 , Q s " I' : E I ,XT A a . ki I H M Q - f xl, 6 2, f A VFX 1 ' 2 5 ' Qffkx . . 1 K' 1' G5 'V' 67 ' ' ' + -Q' Qf'?"1'z"1'f'51Z7,5' ', , I' " EXW J15L'm11f,,Li?'iK XX , . f 'Y czagkgwl jj E9 7 f ' 2'X"f'irfX E ff f . ff W N , glf , N J gf! 0 , QW . . M , w fw . y, ',z'L V 151 ' i x , jf ,H f h w w W J ,ff I i f W., V XZIK KZJQZ f U? f fx'N5b1,i X + , y n 11.3, Sx PQ, f , -. k , ' , WX , 'Nw f , K M , H x ,W , wr N Q bg mm fl I , fy.- 5 , P f .m x-ff' fxb 3 Q f IX m f y J ,,,x , A I f x? Ir! ,KN F ' X, PX- R . IH, M QQ fi k mwyl H N f f .fm my ff w ff Q, f w 1 f 1 0 F I Q Ac J fm X . W5 39 fm , " XXXL W S ,ggfQf J V 5 Xb, X , y",.i it If Y if f X! Q f,,,.f Vg -X ' ' , I . ' V f A f "f, X 1' , Q I , N X 1 IPF! 'A ik XXX u f Ja Q f' , , xx Q4 ,,, 'X gi Q, 4 1 - ' t f x! A X , AG A510 W NWS. ,-'fl ' Y uvjlv 'K llll :ap U il P .yx J Eg 91 eg, XE gl s 'I 1, .I AV V V KVAI - I , flv..fLk '1' lj L, X -451 o O A, A 5 v X Q X, X , f W In .L -V . 2 f -Q X 'fb' . Q ' Y. N Q X N , 1 I 2 f Q f ' - X MO 09' 55 ' 1 'N ' MA' QQ g Q4 VN ' 1 l. X 0 f 1 , 9 f fl, 'ix . X 1 5 Xg0Q'Z.,,fS"4 X I , .. gg ei.: . jvkxg . Q , fi if , I 0 . rv N"?Yfi' y i wb t S hs "r . " I IM I Q v ,XII I I 'B X j fx 1 b,u7, I-hx X 'f v f ,G Sf' f 4, X 'A ff f nw w wf f 1-vf f 1 X f I 'th ik ia A 'U AB, F -H 4 fl f s X ' fi! 1 E JZ '7 V K 4 Q win V' M IX X 'V QB' 55? ' u XD X -XQX if ' 5 14 X WJ X ' 15 I If A i F Q " A ly 9 ,...f X f I Y ' , 4 l XYQEQ-wi ,," 1 Q Z N xx X I1 I r xg: ! , x A ' xxx X I, 7' :lv 5 X XB, 44 'Iii 1 K C ' , V' Ar 3 xx A ,Q A , V ,L Q, N , , fy: , X 1 L 3,44 V, Ev: L R is I up 0 A , R5 F., v S S 157 , ff ., -.ab , iff, 5 x - , f, , xy ' P 1.1 ,, Q ,ff Q 2, J ' Y ' ' ' 9, if Q, V 5' 1 t '- I . . ,.,. X ' 5' X' "' x Q5 f- - , X 1',",,7 ., - V J L AW 9YgQ?.,,?:2gx6Y -' U ,fair-x .,., , wwf ?-ff' 0 HP W , gp, X ' A ' K, ff" I N lj, x - ' 1' , 'V ' f V, ' " Yi . . , - wif Z ' " 9 ,. W' ' I ,V I I 1 ,-, wifi' ' ff ,A jfv I ,.. Q .fjffff 4 , GX ' t xxx K wh X Il I ky, 5 . . ,. 4 VA 2 R , T jf- 1 I - I O 2 lygfff KA W ke., ! VRF' V , ' 'Neff 3 N" ' , f V f K U3 ' 7' , ' - m'er,N,0 ' A , 2 k I , ' Q 1 X N 3 1 I , F 6 X L 5 X X " -uve: S gssvrsl w -5, -V " 2: 8 I fb Q f 1 ' Wiflg If 93 XM W 44 Q Q Wlfffffo Q , m ,,, Q ' g , . I , A if My M l 1 , W E5 N W , ' J QQ" R ' 7 142,121 X 5 b y 'IYAAVUXN I .,H,' .'1,, ,A - s .,,,,x K . Ki Q A 61"-2 , yx , ". ' 5-T , 'N "I A fx Q Z hi N Www X Sy Gels, , , , 'f N7 j 1 . , j igs X 5 amiW FINE ARTS FCSTERED T LENTS In the Fine Arts department, a student gained sensitivity through the expression of his talents. In the art rooms, their walls papered with sketches, he smoothed the moist clay, perfected surfaces, and pressed his thumb in the center of the clay on the revolving wheel. He also swished a wash of gray watered ink over a fine-line pen drawing or used oils and water colors as he stretched- his imagination to create individual projects. ln the music wing, he became part of a team that developed fine melodies, tonalities, and harmo- nies. In choir, he blended his voice with others to form one precision instrument. In band, he handled his instrument in such a way that he combined it with others to form a musi- cal composition. ln the three sections of this department, a student found that the formula of creativity plus effort plus teamwork equaled success. As the wheel spun around and around the moist clay began to take shape J A Cheerful note brightened UP freshman Marc Marcus' f3C2- Gary Radtke s skillful strokes created his impression of man F 9 F W 3 A Proudly seniors Kate Polacheck, Barb Wetzel. and Susan Torti pulled arrows out of the bulls-eye during archery class. with his hall' flying, Don Luczak attempted a basket as his iunior gym class played in the new gym. PHY. ED. DEVELOPED FITNESS AND SKILL A new gym, completed for the '67-'68 school year, a large assortment of apparatus, and varied activities were the in- struments used by Nicolet's physical education instructors in this year's operation. Their task, an attempt to create physically perfect specimens out of imperfect high school students, was not an easy one. As the year progressed swimming, basketball, tennis, archery, football, modern dance and cross country were among the various forms of therapy employed by the skilled teachers. Although the operation may not have been entirely successful, both doc- tors and patients enjoyed the process. Push-ups and other warm-ups exercises served as great medicine for strengthening freshmen muscles. U -od' Q.. - 5iY..-...,,..' 1 . V .a.,,.,..--.-.-..,.., . f. -. Debbie Nagler and Maureen McGowan showed that efficient cleaning was as important as the meal preparation itself. HDME EC. DEVELGPED DOMESTIC SKILL The uniqueness of the Home Economics Department lies in the variety of practical and interesting training offered to a Nico- let Girl. During the past year, imagination and talent sketched the blueprints for de- signing and furnishing model homes. Fun and experimentation served as the main ingredients for planning and cooking meals. Determination and interest fit the pattern for creating and sewing clothes. By developing these domestic skills, inter- ested girls from each grade better pre- pared themselves for their future lives. i .vnu '60 D x ,re After many hours of work, Lynn Ceaman added the final touches to a dress as classmate Linda Bruel watched, sharing her excitement. 10 , Dan Flynn helped the juniors edge the seniors in the first semester model house competition. I DUSTRIAL ARTS DEVELOPED CRAFTSMANSHIP The varied curriculum of Industrial Arts of- fered the enterprising student valuable work experiences and personal satisfaction. Whether working in the metal shop or in the drawing room, the boys acquired proficiency. The skills learned in Industrial Arts added to the pride gained from successfully completing a job. whether it be a blueprint, model house, or book- case, helped these boys in embarking upon a career as an architect, draftsman, or engineer. The boys spent six weeks working on projects such as this stepladder Whether operating a drill press, or, as in this case, a table saw, the boys made bY Dan DBY- had to be able to work efficiently with power machines. I l ,err ft! ,NNN R. by, -af 17' , f, eff?-1f'f"" ,J C-WI GCLASS S MEANT BUSINESS Students received preparation for the world of business as well as every day economics through such business courses as typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, gener- al business, clerical practice and office practice. Those students interested in working beyond the regular class curricu- lum could study advanced typing and shorthand in a two-hour class. With a background in business, students could pursue careers in office occupations, law, accounting and business management. Tape recorders were the teachers in the advanced shorthand classes as students practiced taking dicta- tion. gf, B' shorthand class. l hour bookkeeping class. Girls worked independently on areas in which they felt they needed practice in the two hour advanced typing and y Diagraming on the board, Miss Hansen explained the use of a l cash receipt journal to her first GLISH EXTE DED SKILLS AND CCNCEPTS Mwst is e"""",Q'L' ' 2 I , Free period was not so free for these teachers who busily prepared tests or graded themes. Each year in English involved a more complex curricu- lum. In the freshman year a student learned to write para- graphs. He acquired knowledge about literature and inves- tigated the contents of a one-act play. The following year this same student worked on longer oral and written com- positions and learned to read three-act plays and Shake- speare. By his junior year he discovered how to refine his compositions. He also studied the famous poems, short sto- ries, and plays from American literature. His last year of high school, he analyzed literature and learned to express his ideas in a term paper, utilizing all the skills gained in his study of English. After students had discussed clear thinking, Miss Hoefs helped them in- corporate these ideas into their compositions. These freshmen English students conducted a panel discussion of the clear and logical thinking used by short story characters. W -ag,- -1g fwwllw Outlining the battles of the Discussing a thesis from a source book, students smiled at the ideas of some early histori- ans. Connie Manske, Julie Schur, Howard Bernstein and Herb Wiedemann analyzed current anti-American posters brought back from Russia this summer by Nicolet students. Revolutionary War, Mr. Davis explained to Sally Gaedke, Phil Rosenfeld and Kyle Johnson the British fighting strategy. SGCIAL STUDIES SMASHED TIME B RRIER As the classes began their voyages through time, the so- cial studies student Iearned ofthe origin of man, of Dr. Leakey and of the Neanderthal race. Soon, the great Egyp- tian, Roman and Greek empires came into view. Still whirl- ing through time, the classes came upon the Middle Ages where students analyzed the feudal systems of govern- ment. As the classes picked up speed, students found them- selves in the midst of the Renaissance, the rebirth of learn- ing. The breakthroughs of such great men as Columbus and Galileo marked the era. The trip continued through the es- tablishing of the colonies to America's independence. As the classes sped on, they saw the world powers being in- volved in major wars. Then the classes raced through time and once more caught up with current events. Students discovered the present-day situations in Africa and Asia. The voyage ended with an analyses of American govern- ment and enconomics. vflt. .,..,, ..----................D,, The barber shop was the scene of this original skit presented by the fourth year German class. Through these skits German students were able to apply the vocabulary and grammar they had learned. In this episode of "Je Parle Francais" film engrossed I-S French students watched Margot excitedly announce to her friends that she was going to France. FOREIGN LANGU G z STIMLILLIS T0 CULTURE The foreign Language Department brought languages and cultures of countries around the globe to Nicolet students. Latin students jour- neyed into the past by reading classics by Caesar, written in his own tongue. Spanish students strengthened their understanding of the oral lan- guage through practice in groups discussing famous landmarks of Latin America. French stu- dents watched and listened to films of the travels of Margot and her uncle, films which taught them how the true Frenchman speaks. Russian stu- dents Iearned the different alphabet of their Ian- guage so that they were able to later write com- positions on the cities of Russia. German students recited dialogues consisting of new vocabulary words which aided them in understanding folk songs and customs of Germany. By varied tech- niques the Foreign Language Department brought their students the spirit of countries - through language. X. I .g . 'X Building vocabulary by playing a Russian scrabble game was the way Rusty Borkin and Mike Winters spent their classroom , X period. 15 As Bruce Frank prepared to record the answer, Richard Rubin fed the magnetic data card into the school 's new computer. Amidst several probability props, Norm Matar tested the chances of throwing two sixes. As Mr. Johnson looked on, Madeline Crivello recorded the results to calculate the frequency of throwing like numbers. MATHEMATICS CCMPUTED FO RM ULAS, ACTS, A D FIGURE Teachers performed magic with only logic up their sleeves. Facts organized in a truth table enlightened students once confused by mathematical illu- sions. The new computer hummed out answers as fast as students clicked the buttons. And finally, formal proofs on the board dispelled all mystery. Then students tried their hands at a per- formance, using for props gaily covered geometry models and their own inge- nuity. As Mr. Kottke and Debby Hentzen checked the jus- tifications for his reasons, Herb Wiedemann tried a "hand-waving" proof. l -an Z 2 A . I' Q y.r. I 2 I I I E I I Q Q., Vw-'fw,,.,, A sion. The element of question was something all science students experienced with experi- mentation. Pam Goldsmith, a chemistry student, tested her questions in this experi- ment concerning vapor pressure. I f can ' ...J X4 1 ',,, 1 1 I7 fter making their own investigation about the effect of the moon on Earth's tides, Mr. Larson's Earth Science class shared thoughts in a concluding discus- Sue Frederickson and Judy Thomson tested the logic of their think- ing in interpreting data for random synthesis. A ,z ,I SCIENCE PRQJECTS MQTIV TED LOGICAL THINKING Throughout this year, young scientists with limit- less ideas learned to apply "if . . . then" logic in form- ing hypotheses. Then planning ways to put their hy- potheses to the teSt, the logical thinkers chose mate- rials to work with, whether assembling a paralax viewfinder or preparing an acid solution to form coacervates. For many days orange liquids bubbled in test tubes, light reflected from mirrors and refracted through water, and organisms grew under the micro- scope. Finally, after much experimentation, students concluded from their observations. The scientists now could use what they had learned from logical thinking and apply this knowledge to new scientific problems. , lsr X M A 2 Major colleges and universities sent representatives to discuss courses and campus life with interested students. Here the representative of Colorado State University discussed the possibilities and qualities of the school with Mrs. Whiting, Mary Miller, Linda Sampson, Peggy Albert and Jeff Gaines. STUDENTS EGU D GUIDANCE IN C-22 Just one step beyond the commons stood the Guidance Center. There counselors directed freshmen to form their studies and activities into a pattern. To sophomores Guidance also offered a series of tests to make sure the proper courses were being taken. Guidance helped juniors blast off by setting up PSAT, SAT, and ACT Entrance Exams. They made possible unlimited use of the College Information Center located in the Guidance Ofiice. Also they provided additional information about colleges, Armed Forces, and job placement for all interested seniors. Lastly Guidance Counselors sent school recommendations and transcripts to colleges and future employers. 5? , ,lyk , M ..,, ul Guidance's vast College Reference Library provided such Audio-Visual aides as the "Sight-Sound" to familiarize students with proper study habits and college references. I8 we-1' 'in HE LTH TUDENTS RECEIVED GREEN PASS TO Nicolet's Health Office often served as a refuge for students unable to continue the school day's activities. A cut, bruise, scratch or sprain could be remedied by the school nurse, Mrs. Jones. Often disorders less obvious, such as poor vision or faulty hearing, would be discovered by the Health Department's testing devices. Three comfortable cots were available to rest throbbing heads or ach- ing bodies. lf the Health Department's provisions could not solve the patients' problems, the Nurse would contact a friend or relative. Therefore Nico- let students knew that help was available in B-33, the Health Department suite. Providing relief for Peggy Albert's sprained foot, Mrs. Jones applied ice from the Health Department's new refrigerator. LIBRARIES LED TD SATISFACTIO FOR STUDENTS 'Axe-l vs xi' . xXx. g r As one of her many duties, Mrs. McCullough typed check-out cards for new books. "rw M..--'i....N M "' N98 Surrounded by vertical files and card catalogues, Miss Wilkins helped Cathy Beckwith in xllldlfli Guid: for articles relevant to a speech topic. 19 Entering the libraries of Ni- colet, students found realms of knowledge pleasurable and beneficial. Dickens, Comman- ger, Michener. Salinger, Asi- mov, Packard, and Twain beck- oned students to enter a world that would expand their hori- zons. Or the librarians directed students to records, accounts, adventures, romances, and leg- ends - all of which helped with their assignments. Also those students concentrating on speeches, themes, or reports welcomed the controlled quiet- ness of library study. Through- out the year, discerning stu- dents realized how important the libraries were for all their varied learning activities. Na XZXXV TQ, i N p J Lf- 1 DMINISTRATIO REGLIL TED FINANC Mm an ,,0sV'4 WK wil' SCHOOL BOARD: Mr. Radtke, Mrs. Herrick, Mr. Schackleton, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Cupery, Mr. Speight Mr Brachman, Dr. Reiels. Armed with statistics, a computer, and good business sense, Mr. Radtke, Business Administrator, handled all the financial matters for Nicolet. He prepared the school's budget and kept expenditures within that budget. With needs of students for expanded recreational facilities, with pleas ofteachers for more classrooms, new books, and modern teaching devices, and with the concern of tax payers about higher taxes, Mr. Radtke found in his work "a constant challenge to administer all school funds as wisely and efficiently as possible." CO-ORDINATED THE CURRICULUM, sr? Mr. Cupery, superintendent and administrator of the school board, is vital to Nicolet personnel and to the public. Teachers looked to Mr. Cupery for assistance in planning workshops and implementing new programs. With his leadership the Nicolet administration carried out such ac- tivities as computer mathematics and the work experience program. He also guided the school board in establishing codes for students and teachers. The community counted on Mr. Cupery's monthly letter which informed Nicolet re- sidents of school activities. "Today's student is far ahead of high school students ten, fifteen, and twenty years ago," Mr. Cupery commented. "We have expected more of them, and they have gone beyond our expectations." Dr. Reiels, Principal of Nicolet High School, followed a tight schedule of planning, directing, supervising, evaluat- ing. As chief administrative officer for faculty and student affairs, he directed the work of professional personnel and the educational program. Dr. Reiels faced problems of soaring school population, changing teaching techniques, and faltering communications. He sought solutions by working with school board on building plans, by suggesting new facilities such as resource centers and seminar rooms, and by encouraging closer communications among faculty, administration, parents, and students. Of Nicolet Dr. Reiels commented, "We can be proud of our school. It is academi- cally sound, physically attractive, and provides for a com- prehensive learning program. DIRECTEDTHE TUDE TBCDY Six days a week Mr. Wade performed his numerous duties as Nicolet's Recreation Director. He not only advised the organizing committees for Nicolet's dances and other social events, but he also reached out into the community to direct a program of adult night classes and recreational activities. Even during vacations and on week- ends he faithfully supervised the use of the gym, the pool, and the tennis courts. This year the appropriation of monies for a new D-wing rec center created additional burdens for Mr. Wade, however, he optimistically commented, "The development of a student recreation center should provide a fine opportunity for informal recreation during the school day, at noon, after school, and during vacation periods." A new year, a new job, a new environment posed challenging problems and re- warding successes for Mr. Hayes. As one of Nicolet's Administrative Assistants, Mr. Hayes assumed responsibilities which ranged from disciplining tenth and eleventh graders to supervising new teachers to directing pep assemblies. Then fulfilling his duties in the scheduling center, Mr. Hayes found the fascinating and sometimes effi- cient world of the IBM computer as he quickly learned the procedure for data pro- cessing. A concerned Administrative Assistant, Mr. Hayes derived pleasure from "observing people develop self-reliance and responsibilities." Constantly hurrying from ofHce to reading classes to elementary schools, Mrs. Sargent supervised Nicolet's reading programs and took charge of meetings with Nicolet district teachers. Mrs. Sargent, after planning reading aid programs with teachers, rushed either to a remedial reading class, where she helped students with reading problems, or to a college reading class, where she instructed college-bound students. She still managed to find time for individual student conferences to diag- nose reading difficulties and establish programs of study. Mrs. Sargent also squeezed in curriculum meetings with elementary school teachers. She concluded that her busy life at Nicolet and at other area schools was a "tremendously interesting" one that provided "many exciting challenges." Mr. Leussler, administrative assistant, encountered many students on his frequent walks through the Nicolet corridors. As the school's link to the student body, he kept in close contact with all types of students. In heading disciplinary actions, he met boys with hair a little too long, and by supervising student council, he helped the members in governing Nicolet and in carrying out new activities such as field day. Outside school hours, Mr. Leussler, as head of co-curricular activities, widened his acquaintance with individual students. Then during the summer months, he kept up communications through his supervision of the shorts and sandal-clad teens of Nico- let 'ssummer school. About the students, he commented, "With the leadership of the senior class, their class officers, and their members in student council, the students were given many new responsibilities. These were accepted and carried out well. This group led the rest of the student body to new opportunities. I'm sure the faculty was proud. lt's been a fine year." 24 FACULTY CONVEYED EWEST CONCEPTS Q, Q ll her flu shot in Nurse Jones office U MRS. CLAUDIA ALT SpeechfEnglish MISS BETH ARVESON Social Studies MR. CARY BACHMAN Physical Education MRS. JUANTIA BAHNEMAN Latin MR. EARL BAKALARS Social Studies MRS. JEAN BA LDIKOSKI English MR. FRANK BARTZ French MR. KENNETH BENTON Chemistry MR. BERNARD BIETERMAN Social Studies MR MICHAEL BLENSKI English MR. ROGER BLOEMERS Vocalflnstrumental Music MRS. JOANNE BOSLEY English ATTE DED PRIVATE TUESDAY MEETI G may , f , x -1, w . , ., Fwy: 529, I M ,Ap .. ' ff fs' 1 o.,2-1f.:'fQ:..' .. jlclgzf VV -fywwzqaygw. .- , . I ..,.,, .f L..,x . MR. JERRY DAVIS Guidance MRS. CHARLEEN EICKHOFF Physical Science MRS. MARGARET ELENBAAS Business Education MR. LLOYD ENGEN Industrial Arts MISS LINDA FIEBING Social Studies MR. JEROME FISCHER Chemistry MRS. ALICE FLYNN Spanish MISS MARGARET FOX Art MISS EDITH BROETZMAN English MRS. LOWANNE M. BROKAW Mathematics MR.VlNCENT BRUNNER Mathematics MRS. JUNE COLUCCI Spanish MRS. HELEN CULLINEY Physical Education MR. JAMES DAVIS Social Studies . , f i n ..,. I I V 1.4 I - f Q ' V 1 if -3' ' " 'fl , 26 n .. HELD CONFERENCES WITH PARENTS MR. MELVIN FRANK Business Education MISS LOUISE GARRY English MR. GLEN GATES Physics MR. EUGENE GRASSI EngIishfHumanities MR. HOWARD GREENING Industrial Arts MR. ROY GROMME f - .. Biology MR ROY HANDRICH A Mathematics MISS LOIS HANSON Business Education Miss Hanson enjoying the temporary silence from clattering keys explained business letter form. 27 FAC U LTY MRS. ELLEN HEDLUND LatinfGuidance MR ROBERT HEROLD English MR LESTER HOCHTRITT Mathematics MISS NANCY HOEFS English MISS ELIZABETH HOFFMAN English MR HOMER HOWARD Guidance MR. RICHARD H UXTABLE Mathematics MR. DOUGLAS IRWIN Physical Education ARRIVED BEFORE THE A M BLISSES MR. ROBERT JOHNSON Instrumental Music MRS. MARY JONES Nurse MISS ANN KELLER Business Education MR. KEN NETH KICKBUSCH Social Studies MISS HELEN KOONZ Physical Education MR LEROY KOTTKE Mathematics MISS JUNE KRIEWALD English MISS JEAN JACOBSON English MR. WAYNE JIPSON Vocal Music MISS EILEEN JOHANNSEN German MISS CAROL JOHNSON Guidance MR. DAN JOHNSON EnglishfSpeech MR. DAVID JOHNSON Mathematics 28 ,-H LIPERVISED SPORTS AND CLUBS MISS RUTHANN E LAN DSNESS Spanish MRS. VIVIAN LAPORT English MR. LARRY LARIMORE Social Studies MR. ALDEN LARSON Physical Science MISS KAAREN LARSON Home Economics MR. RICHARD LE MAHIEU Chemistry MISS JAN ET LEVESOUE Biology MR. HAROLD LIEBHERR Biology Carefully watching students gobble their not so lei- surely meal, Mr. Johnson supervised C-lunch per- iod. f I FAC U LTY MISS HELEN LOGERQUIST Physical Education MR. DENNIS LOWDER RussianfSocial Studies MR. DAVID MACE Mathematics MISS NANETTE MACKNICK English MR. PHIL MANDERS Physical Education MRS. IRENE MC CONNOHIE Physical Science MISS EILEEN MC CULLOUGH English MRS. KATHLEEN MC CULLOUGH Librarian SOCIALIZEDI TEACHERS' LOU G I Qt MISS DEANNE OLSEN English MRS. JULIE OLSON Physical Education MISS IRENE OUST Physical Education MR. NEIL PATON Physical Science MR. ROBERT PETERSON Painting MRS. CYNTHIA PIERSON English MISS CATHERINE POLLEY German MR. THOMAS PULS Mathematics MRS. LORRAINE MCFADDEN Special Education MRS. MADELIN E MCGHEE Physical Science MR. JAMES MORGAN Guidance MRS. NANCY MORGAN Home Economics MISS JOYCE NEUBECK Mathematics MISS DARLENE OLSEN Mathematics 30 2 WY!! 4 eiwnpg If. f 4 li l DISC SSEDI DEPARTMENTOFFICES I 5.2 5 7 ,-I 1 if' 1 I: 1:15 'hit , MISS MARILYN RADKE English MR. FRED RICE Physical Education .W sf? MR. NORRIS ROSS Biology MRS. VA NITA RUMMLER English YQ! ' MR. CHARLES RuNNlNGEN W af it Chemisffv . :W2 4 ,,,, , . MRS. DIANE SAUVE y 9 A, Z Q, Social Studies T " ' " MR. PHILIP SCHILLING WWII Social Science W MISS SUSAN SCHMITT 5 -, I Physical Education 0 iw .4 5' if-Fin! my Q Checking his mailbox before the 7:45 bell, Mr. Baka- lars found only teachers' notices, no letters from Nigeria. MRS. PATRICIA STOIK French MR. ROLAND STREHLOW Physical Education MRS. DIANNE TAYLOR English 31 Ili 4 ,il N3 FAC Ll LTY MR. WALTER SCHOEN FELD Mathematics MR. MILTON SCHWARTZ Biology MR. PAUL SHIRES Social Studies MR. STANLEY SPOON ER Mathematics TEACHERS DID THEIR HOMEWORK TOO , 6 Y f,fffw,f. ,t y 9 ., ,215?fE:tL:,g-y:v,.: i , , ,. J ,..,h ...iw ., X t -1-,. fn 4 s...,f A MRS. SUZANNE WEINSTEIN French MRS. DARLENE WHITING Guidance MR. JOHN WIDMAR Industrial Arts MISS LEA-RUTH WILKENS Librarian MRS. ETHEL TROVINGER Psychologist MISS MARY VAN BECK Mathematics MISS PATRICIA VAN PEURSEM Mathematics MR. JAMES WACHHOLZ ArtfGraphics MR. THEODORE WACHS Social Studies MR. CHARLES WALTERS Physical Education MISS MARY WEICH English MRS. JUDITH WEINGARTEN French FAC U LTY MISS SUE WOLFGRAM English MR. THOMAS WOO DWORTH Mathematics MRS. JANET ZILL Speech Therapist 32 , RIES GPERATED NHS GFFICES ? Q T SECRETARIES: BOTTOM ICOM B. Tumer, S. Young, M. Wienckowski, H. Eckenrod, S. Hinkg COP 130114 J. O'MaIIey, S. Wasberg, M. Schreiber, J. Losinski, K Seydel, P. Fling, P. Kneiszel. COCKS EFFICIENTLY FED STUDENTS KITCHEN STAFF: P. Kendzor, M. Casey, M. Grim. E. Winter, J. Ertl, M. Ohrmund, S. Golownia. if A a it , if alias- 5. 5 , '35 X .E f - J .1 33 ff K F 5 , f X , 12 - ' Ka -. ,.g 11' ,. V, f ffl' ,. , fwfr 1 -G , ' f'-, 2' . . 1- 1 V I Ng: v s -QQVIW -39 uf, .7 , . ,yawv . J . -.,, ,,, .K ,l , A .M,,3,44 . ,gf 4 -'.g'1if,N',f x 41,5-f 431- 25. V21-f . , . g, QW' , v . ,apgg 4 2 yift, .V .A fl, "4 . ., L , - " X ,Lf gk I jg '.,x:,- ,N , , ,Jw-1,44 3' ,' 2, ,Mg - J 4 - 4 , f4.'Q',f g'jL'xiHrf , ,nf rf: -.M '21-, . A-f . .:3,,:r.' 3 ?li?Qfi,,."Tg - ?W - -,jg ,. , if-2 ".'.ffg,ua, .,- y ??421-4-1,135 f 'Zf,1rf,,,1Qf'5' ,- ' Q. f ,P 4 , J' T I Vg., I - ' rf :4'f'.' '. ' ' 5.jfg'ef VL. M '1.f".f w :ff ,, :" .,- 'vw "1 f .1 , -xi.: efwfkf -' . . H -1:,,'r5' " 'flffffl' " w J, J, fb f' .1 .r ., V - vf .,,,.1, J . 'f , , . x, EL N 1 . wav: '-H'- Q- we -fx -as ' Sw W. 4. 2 ay, 1 EQ f. 'Q ,f ,. W, f 41'-.ff . .. 1' ,nz . xg T w4,f.,: 0411- fwfr? I ',,,ff"Q"?A'1f ,f fwlw- -. .- 1 , .3 fa .Qi 7 ' -1' '. Y' , '-1, 1 w u n o -91' ' - ' v. ,,,, L , .M ,f .f,. ff :Q Y ' -'W. A ,152 x . iffil' 2 -f-4 1 1" , ,. ,by ., 2,Af.f, . 1. .rl I -4 5 f if ,:,'f fvf 8" , Q Vi M431 :Mfg I , win - 1 4, f 3 4 31 A, N. '14 ., P., :liz af 4555 ,gy so LJ iff' . 4 M .W- ifi rf T5 .5 A l E a, , -4., 'f-fs:1KvQv- A5544 S ,- .y ,fr 5. -,,. G. 1 Q ml Q S1 'QV .."f, r ..,,.,,.,.... --. 1 1 - v , , , v f 4 A A 4"":,:L' v 5.- -. 4 5 Pi , .1 ,gm f-. 'fr 9 S, - . E"'f.,r5 'S f '42 , V, Bw-' ,F fl 5 hu: 2513i 1 J ' .. N. .-W fUQL2"f'p.'f?J J' Q AC',y"KZ K ,,,' j I in 1 Q: aa' ', . t- ' 1- V6 1 qi . 1- I :Q-, ' 1' , ' , yx,-J, , . , " Q NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY I DUCTED SIXTY-TWO SENIORS Si-..... HOUZTOJM H0114 R. Shulaker, J. Pollack, J. Reiss, J. Meyer, C. Picus, 556'- OND H0114 J. Skowronski. S. Owen, J. Pincus, S. Schobert, J. Kraegel, P. Sondel, T!-IIHD H0114 A. Posner, L. Sherkow, K. Speight, A. Taus, J. Peck- arsky, M. Lerner. To qualify for the Nicolet chapter of the National Honor Society, a student must be in the top one-third of his class and must possess the qualities of judgment, cooperation, participation, responsibility and integrity. As members, parents, administration and faculty watched, qualifying seniors were inducted into the organization at a candle lighting ceremony last May. Because the members reflect- ed the highest level of excellence in the school, the ceremo- ny also reflected those high standards. A single flame rep- resenting the eternal light of knowledge glowed throughout the ceremony. Past members spoke to the initiates and lighted the four candles of character, scholarship, leader- ship and service from the original flame. Then Dr. Reiels presented blue and gold pins, symbolizing membership in the National Honor Society, to the worthy students. The keystone on the pin represented an education that holds "firm and true to the purposes of life" and the.torch the flame that keeps high ambitions burning. ,6'0Z7Z'0,M H0114 B. Maresh, C. Kmett, J. Fischer, A. Burns, K. Apel, N. Chen, H. Becker, S56- OND H0114 L. Shimon, B. Grossman, B. Brazner, A. Zieve, R. Giller, R. Harwick, B. Bruskin, CJ-IJHD H0114 B. Weingert, B. Younger, P. Goldberg, J. Buz- zard, B. Colwell, J. Liebherr, H. Glasspiegel. K. Polacheck, L. Hoebroeckx SEUOND H0114 J. Komisar, J McNally, V. Petzko, L. Shumow B. Marks, C. Luedeman, G Radtke, CIIJHD H0114 S. Kravit J. Melamed, P. Harris, P. Kiefer W. Weinberg, M. Habeck, J Lewenauer. 4 302750114 H0114 M. Herrick, B. Wiggins, N. Kohler, L. Roeming, MUSIC SOCIETY HO ORED NICOLET MUSES Golden-voiced girls, accomplished trumpeteers, and skilled clarinet players were some of the Nicolet talents honored by selection to the Music Honor Society. These students had to possess character, responsibility and an enthusiasm for music. This music honor increased the recipient's enthusiasm, and therefore encouraged them to pursue academic and music scholarships for future careers. I 50550.44 HOW: P. Goldsmith, L. Shimon, B. Maresh, J. Fischer, L. Al- tshuler, S56'0,ND ROW. E. Frederick- son, D. Conerton, B. Lubotsky. S. Milant, J. KraegaI,V. Petzco. COP KOW: J. Sparacino, A. Taus, K. Speight, J. Winston, G. Radtke, K. , , V ww-.,. -J J A Eichstedt, P. Kiefer. QUILL A D SCROLL HO ORED JOUR ALISTS Journalistic writing requires a distinctive flare for communication, but more important, the willingness to accept vital re- sponsibility. Staffs of two Nicolet publications, the Shield and the Kl'Il?f1flS Paga devoted countless hours to keeping the student body informed by capturing and recording the highlights of the year. With each deadline, members struggled to achieve superior quality in their work. 4 When the work ceased and all copy had gone to press, Nicolet's staffs acknowledged outstanding contributions at the annual Publications Banquet. A solemn candlelight ceremony instilled pride in these deserving members awarded Quill and Scroll pins as a token of recognition, lasting honor, and appreciation for their service. KOZTOJH H0114 L. Shumow, J. Van Den Berg, W. Weinberg, J. Pincus, N. Rud- berg, P. Gold- smith, M. Crivel- lo, M. Bernstein, G. Heyman. SEL'- OND ROW. R. Katz, G. Novey, P. Harris,S.Owen, y C. Withey, A. Posner, S. Arbit, R. Ridberg, C. Manske, K. Koch, B. Luck. 37 H0 ORS DISTINGUISHED LEADERSA D SCHQLARS Susan Schobert, William Younger, Judy Pollack, Larry Sherkow, Kurt Eichsteadt, David Kanin, and Robert Grossman were Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalists. Cnot pictured: Nancy Kravit and I Paul Sondelj H I 08 lllllll 0600001 .lean Kraegel won the Wellesley Book Award William Younger received the Harvard Book Susan Schoben, as an outstanding junior girl in recognition of her outstanding character, Award in recognition of his high Scholarship and especially in the field of leadership received SCl10l3I'ShiP, and l6ad9I'Sl1iP. character. the Mortar Board Award I In recognition of their exceptional qualities of citizenship and leadership Harry Glasspie- gel, Armin Taus, and Laurie Shumow were selected as Badger Boys' State and Badger Girlsf State Representatives. 38 ., '44, .I Winning third place for theirteam, Ellen Konar, Maureen Turim, Judy Thomson, Gail Heyman, Nancy Rudberg, Marla Morris, Terry Tempkin, Su- san Marx, Dawn Champion, Seema Lookatch, Jeff Gimbel, David Giffin, Bar- ry Gimbel, and Michael Colberg received "A" ratings in the Braveland Con- ference Forensics Meet. f M Mark Hasey, Bruce Herman, Craig Chapman, James Hiller, Michael J Levine, and Alan Posner qualified for the state debate tournament by placing first in the Braveland Conference tournament. Deborah Howe, Pat Groeschell, Donald Kersting, Susan Swierawski, Dennis Pehoski, and Pierre Ovanin won golden keys for their entries in the Junior Scholastic Art Awards Contest. SPE KERS,WRlTERS,A DARTISTSEAR ED L UREL ' I WA" A ' 'T 9 fs f K I ,, I "UW Q Jane Pincus wrote her way to first place at the David Feuer won first place in the German Es- Marianne Herrick received an honorable men- Greater Milwaukee Area High School Journalists' say COMBSI. tion in fha William Randolf Hearst G0v2rr1ment Conference. Test. 39 I DI IDUALAWARDS BESTOWEDO EIGHT I I Paul Sondel won the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Science and Mathematics Award. vm I 'WW ff . ,W I 121-fi f I Jeff Wagner. member of NiC0I2I'S CIBMPIOI1- Jane Reiss received the Betty Crocker Homemak- Besides being the team's "most valuable play- ship Varsity golf team, tied for first place in ers' Award, er," Steve Bazelon also won a berth on the all- 'I the Braveland Conference competition. conference basketball team. I fmyyf ff 7,7 ,, Dale Dulberger and Jon Starke were named to the all-conference Brad Kral and Frank liral qualified for the area contest of the Allied Construction football team. Jon was also team co-captain and "most valuable Employees Association model building contest with models of sports arenas. player," Frank received a cash prize for his entry. 40 i ATHLETES RECEIVED STATE-WIDE RECOG ITIO gi., 15 ' 4 41 4 f , ' Q, ,,., W, , X ,M 4 L 1 , ZVWKVVQ f f ? ' Tom Dunker qualified for the state tennis team. James Haffman placed third in the state tennis doubles meet. Frank Olbrys represented Nicolet in state wrestling tournament. To win this honor the team's "most valuable wrestler" won second in the section- als, third in conference, and first in the regionals. I I Track team members Tom Bach placed third in the one mile event at the state track meet and William Trosper took first in the state 880 relay and fifth in the mile relay. Named "most valuable runner," Tom Bach won the State of Wisconsin Individual Cross Country championship after being Braveland Conference Individual champion for the second consecutive year. .ws f, 7, Douglas Brengel swam IOO yard backstroke taking a second in the sectionals to qualify for the state meet. William Pape took first place in the IO0 yard breast stroke event, thus qualifying for the state meet. Ditto Mueller won first in the 200 yard free style and second in the sectional meet and then went on to the state meet placing second and fifth in the 200 and IOO yard free style, respec- 4 1' tively. C 5 '- , ,. -. . . f A 1 X ' A N J, v 1 9,1 fi X .' ' 6 tl. 1 1- 1 X5 j ' V ' . s ' ' 'V 1 V K- 1. O. .. .gli ' ' 10: 'X plfq f'iw6Swh2 - Hfifz ' Glu. 19 . ff V 1 353 Nj, 23 5. f A fa- p,mf f wwwfmmwf syg ,wwf wMMSNMlWW 4 ,Au H iff ' Mx 'QQ 1 ' VV ' 101 Q I 10 X u 4 I, L gg. iiwwf w v ' - ' lj ,Qflvd JN f A R 'Ah' :W X . lv wif Q i:1gp. 1: 1 .' 1 H ' ffl M M M: !fEQE,,i'l V - W . ' , w A qw-Jzfjf ' UR :ff jimi! ' 1 5, f K f' f '1 'l Q Muir'--L9 Lil' '21'? +as:Fi:'c!1! ' - . .. X, A X f ,fi ni if A Fi lings! f,: .9 gr M nvfw 1 wmwiwi fwfx wwf Q w N H 2 ' . V MV ,' ' ' QM J ' N 'J ' J J NH 4? Vm!!!!Q-1l'i! U 1 ga 3 2 xx 1 X U ' , 61 if lv " .ff """ "" ,M ifl5!QyJ "" Y 5 f X ifgefgfm m ' 1 1 , ff 1 'K f5 ill?5Jz?' M Q' 1 X ' r I 1J.'f ! A M N -L NX '. ' GH 39 JE-' WV" A Q Y' ' 1 i 1 iff 5' 3 ,J Ar! l' A f ,H t Q V 4, 54+ 'N xl ' ' 'A fr: .N X" J- I v XQQIJI N? . Hy lf ,f I 1Ig' IL'i5 K g m J f' y Q 4. wid L f w i H f 7913 1 l3EgSU,X ,X Agm5jMQ4ms1 .qgQ4QiFbW4 WW, ' Q-.g D .. A 1 A-vjvig-'Yi -f ,. X X. W .2 "fi, ' T' - , of wf S9 'U' S Q AQ A I ! 'L .gtsll ' VI i R It wt U lssaw X I f' ' LJ 1 N 0, Q 4 tl .-- -Nfl! L1-'K if -- .-II ff K., -. . . .-- W xx 'fb ffl G nwzltwqxgfa?-Q: bjfg !fg:ff!Q'Qgf, Qd! fr .' W P f f W 5 ' 'HiyE5ff':7f5'1'lf'fU I J ' P1-5awe27' fm m W ' I5 ,.1mufH:lm,i1i-g-1If-g, , v M- 1 J , I ,g+'?a:i'-.':q -5 . A Vi, :A 5. . 0 Q 'Qi 'fm X- nf' 3 .. 01 i ' 5 W X . Q '-' I' 'J - iv' ' ' A 1 , ,. ' Q GQ Q1 . rea 1 ff Q fw f L, o Q I lil V 6 5 0 V fx Q Q f h ' N, X ff' Q V f I 2. x mfhegll I fx 17. 'YIM z I X I Q , ' Nl 1 V . ll lg V fi H If ' ' f 2 Ll ' X b A' I 1 ' ,f "liti!91!g'1I- AAJI. U Q f fl 1 N ffQ I A ' X ' 1 ? f:-.r 'fl 5 ' 4 , X A M' ,D N ' xi ': f 'Za' V ff ' 1' f in f EL x . g Q I A N - X 1 K 1 1 w W w 4 W 1 x .,. I I ,. L: ., ' 9 V W 13'-, ' M 3f "! jif , '17 1 7! 53 A W M Q, fl ,A - " .-CD ! L i ll.: , - If ,ll- 55 5, 4 'j'g"7l 533: 441, 1 EE ' 111j'11!1116',1511g'g1111?1111Eg,1? 1F?FQi?Zf I1 1' f k" Yi! f 21, A J 'flu' , . fre 1.QMl,iLE.,. 15 1 1 fx' 11 , P 3' if H 1 . 2 " 17: 31 K- ' ff: 1 1 1 W1 115 ' 1 1 f 1 1 1, W1 1 f1jf1f1: 1f1'1 1 1 'Y I It :iii ff. " If 11 7 ' , .f1"2! ...F"1'Qr.A:fl!3"1ff Q' gy 'FET' I. HI .6255 157 1 . 'i j I, 41" -inliisi-U-?f,g1 U 43' ' ' 1 ,' 1 ffgvij 9111! Bjfmgffx 1 :i:Qa:,f'... ' ' 2 1 XHXL 1 .X pg 5'1 uf 1 I' Q: E I 'A in 'lr I: "1L l', f , 1 1 1 111 1, 13 P 4 .iff 1 11- 11 !:f ZA1'mNX17 fi W1 gg -1--f 1, -1 11 .fl li hw- -' ,fl lf, ' fi fx if ' , 161 ' 1 .. fam, QF 4 Q X1 1, ff 'A , v 2, 111 ff 1 1 M1 35 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 X : xxdlffgytilf gl si, ,mlb ,J md, I 1 ,IV I . 5 1? f A151611 5131? V 1 Q If 1 w . V 1 ' 'f ' 1 1 ff 1 'B NAS I r X1' l t1 X '74 I A K 0 I M 1 1 M iz.: -5-' -:1 XX PS l is l"- '15 7"! - V x X ' 401 ' fe A SQ ? 1 A N X , .. X L 1 111' 4 ' J X f-1 1 1 X ,1 ' 1 1 1 41 1 111111 1 4:1 3 f 1 1 1 f f 'N 1 Q W , Ll- ,X I , A ' ,'- , I 1 .01 11 X 1 1 1 1 . ,V ' A x X76 Y f Q ' ax 'Q FM Q L UD' 1 I QN f ix I T B i 1' f T -ni-', W 1 l 5' x K fd' : I1 1, ,ff 7 I fanix 5 I1 t gi I ,' ,1 ' ' :Q 1 E if 1 X iv 1 NM wx z, F5gqx,' ' ' X . B V Q 11 , 3, f WWW N, f X 'Qi X 1 ff 1 J' 111 15 N -JZ 11131171 1 'X ' X f fi X A ...Q ' 'IX X I' ' .,' I 'F ' X sd Y' , " i" ' 4 'j1 K' i '. , x 11 Qff b ,4 ' 1 X' f gt., U l 1' 'zu-16 ,1-,.6.-' - 1 ,xxx f1f11y1 1 1 I '1111' 11.111 11P'IfI 1 11 1 1 1 N 'i' sf ' 1 - 1 .--1 1 - -' A. gn 5v5'5i412 I 1 1 14. , VJ ' V. J - Q 1 xii, 1 1 1 . 1 1 Y 1 K1 Jyi i iff , 11 X 2:W'5,:'ff535S1r MY 51 ,fix 1 'N 111 A 3 1 A F '-.!Mlj,33Es!ffa??' X11 X X fi Q ll 11' 11' A f ' If i.:m . 1 ,M I I I - mg, l, 'ciaA1wl gf! . ' 1 A 1 ' I W K A f ii "mmf I ' 1 1 j 11 N44 My .-V-Hz TEEN. , ' X J 11 K1 i'7 'fw'qWW5Eiff1i7 1 9 41, 6 . gl 1 1 I , A V I I 1 lx I 1 I X f EQ: M 1 J 1 'A Q 1 1l I' 4 I . ' 1 .Q ' K 11 ,. .AU 4 . X2 1 1 V 9 A ff T lvl D E N T S Class Presidents awarded each other with delicious cherry pies at the I967 Tip Off Pep Assembly. GQVER ED NICOLET Every Thursday at twelve noon forty politicians gathered in Nicolet's Congressional Council. Amidst the crinkling of lunch bags and despite occasional side-tracked issues, these law-makers decided student policies and projects and gained student-faculty relations. The President's gavel frequently banged, indicating the passage of school money-making and service projects. Some projects, such as selling "Nicolet" T-shirts, brought in funds for Student Council. But most of the activities, such as an all-school leadership clinic, provided a service to the student body. Helping needy children by collecting warm cloth- ing added to CounciI's actions. Through these activities NicoIet's governors performed helpful services. But at all times their greatest goal was to express the students' opinions by representing the entire student body. Bill Younger, Nancy Rudberg, Laurie Shumow, and project chairman Roger Giller packed warm clothing for the Save the Children Federation. Vice-President Bob Helm, substituting for Council President Paul Sondel, took charge of a Student Council meeting where members discussed the possibili- ties of evening pep assemblies. f L? 1 444 Peter Ritz distributed programs on the opening perfonnance of "Bells Are Ringing." . l fa If :Q ,V if At a candlelight ceremony for initiates, Fred Croen, sophomore host, warmly welcomed new members John Parshalle and Gary Sennett to Hosts. SOPHOMORE HOSTS ZYKSZ' H0114 F. Croen, R. Schobert, P. Kornman, T. Treu, L. Kesselman, D. Peterson, J. Roth, K. Hosler. Ribar, I fy -K , ' 1 . A 1 Z 1 : " X -as Z , .gnv We " ' Ski' 941 ' 'L ', V f .. . , T Y ' " 5... . '- 'frfrl 3, M. - ' , P :ff . ,. 1 " A J f ef . 1 , 1 -- 5 J .3' X 4 . Q Agia' in in S... yr 1 5 7-. l .4 'M' L' , ' .., " ' - 7,1 A' Q Z N.. ' IXQIQ R 3 l n .1 Q l J l , k g a ' J- 5 A FRESHMEN HOSTS HOZCOM 130114 J. Parshalle, H. Gaines, J. Gutglass. M. Marcus, SSHOJVD H0114 M. Pittelkow, R. Edelman, S. Lewis, W. Hiller, U!-IJKD HOW: G. Sennett, W. Mater, P. Backus, J. Miller, J. Jagger, .7OllKZ'J-I KOHL J. Frieberg, H. Schoenfeldt, B. Stanmpfl, T. Palay, G. Bind- HQST OFKNIGHTS PRQMOTED PUBLIC REL TIONS All students are "knighted" on entrance to Nicolet, but only a select group from the lower Cfreshmanj class are dubbed hosts annually for a two-year term of service. The members of this student public relations organization are chosen on the ef. basis of dedication, chivalry, integrity, scholastic achievement, Congeniality and potential responsibility. At a candlelight cer- emony, initiates swore to uphold their knightly virtues and to convey congeniality in performing duties at all public gather- ings. Throughout the year these thirty-five young men strived to live up to their name in cordially welcoming guests to Nico- let. J. Sondel, SEKOND KOH4 J. Tolkan, F. Chafrin, D. Starke, J. Segerdahl, J. 45 E.. V 2 1 ,QM ,lf-, i ff V Z S t vf hug.. 3:1 WRITERS, ART STS, PHOTOGRAPHER One room, one light amidst the dimness of Nico- let meant Sllifld Editorial Staff members again worked late on Friday. The fatigue of a long school day resulted in giddiness of workers struggling to complete a title, caption, or article. But this scene was only the culmination of days and weeks of im- proving style, supervising pictures, and arranging page numbers, job numbers, and deadline numbers. When at last the light in D-I6 clicked off and a small band of weary writers headed home, the writ- ing staff on that triumphant day in March had final- ly finished all articles, captions, and headlines to create Sl1ic'ldl968. .E Shield writers chuckled over a caption that definitely it the picture while other members seriously discussed a change in Barb Howe's biology article. if 3 ? 2 , , 5 . 7"""""""'--M-1. Mrs. Bosley suggested a new word for Karen Young's NBS club article while Miss Radke and Kendra Langetieg discovered a cute way to phrase a section of the Host article. WW -k,, 'ms-in--""' Pam Goldsmith Picture Editor Kendra Langetieg Gail Ngygy Activities Ediwl' Classes and Index Editor Rea Katz, Editor-in Chief Nancy Rudberg Larry Sherkow Jano Van den Berg Special Events Editor Sports Editor Departments and Honors Editor RE ORDED THE LEGE D OF NICOLET ! Empty parking lots, locked gates, and a single open door greeted the Shield Art staff on Saturday. From nine to one the creation of legendary division pages challenged some staff members, while other members counted type, mea- sured pictures, and allowed for margins on Sllliffd pages. Besides giving up their precious weekend hours to complete the late pages, these artists carried pictures, copy, and lay- out paper home along with other homework. When the last layouts had artistic balance ,and arithmetic accuracy, re- lieved workers posted the completed deadline pages to Topeka, Kansas. Karen Koch Connie Manske Art Co-Editor Art Co-Editor The sorting of work orders, checking of schedules, and appointing of assignments sent thirteen Shfflzi pho- tographers out to permanently capture the expressions, emotions, and spirit of Knights. Some special requests and rush orders completed the photographers' role in creating Sl1iel11I968. fix,-.m.,,,, Sandy Mitz Chief Photographer M120 421 Ii 1? H3 25455 2911 HEMI it . f-2 .1 I 4 ,?..,p-A f 4 ,...., SHIELD PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF BOTTOM ROW: B. Barnett, L. Atlas, M. Perlstien, T. Milanowski. 56'6'O,VD KOU4 B. Klein, B. Frank, C. Blesch, A. Diefenthal- er. 511.7132 HOW: D. Mitz, A. Posner, D. Hunt, J. Lieberthal, A. Stoekl. 47 it . a " 1'--1 as u ' I K '52 , ME R Holzman R Lakes and A Becker worked on their assignments while D I L I G E T R K editor R. Ridberg sat bty to contribute helpful advice. C REATE D ICNYGH CCS' PA 65 With the delivery of each month's newspaper, lCl41yl1t's Pagestaff members began the process of publishing the next issue of the kl'IlyfIf'.5' Page. Night after night, staff mem- bers worked hard to complete their assignments. Striving always to produce a paper meriting its Quill and Scroll rat- ing as an outstanding international school newspaper, the staff prepared for the presses in a systematic manner. Re- ceiving jobs in D-ll, members immediately arranged inter- views and scheduled pictures needed for their assignments. Writing, editing, and laying out pages were just part of their routine every week to meet the final deadline. The staffs revised articles, deliberated headlines, and checked for errors before sending the paper to the printer. On Thurs- days, students picked up the pages at the printer's and quickly started to fold them in order to make the Friday delivery. On Friday morning, the circulation staff raced the eight o'cIock bell to distribute the completed lC11igI1t's Page' to Nicolet students in their homerooms. FEATURE STAFF HOZTOJI4 ROW. M. Bernstein, M. Atkins, S. Kravit, editor, SSUOJVD HOW: B. Cohen, L. Gookman, B. Luck, P. Harris. 48 EDITORS 71335 H0114 L. Shumow, new editor, Miss McCullough, advisor, J. Pincus, news editor. SKKOND ROW: A. Posner, copyleditor, S. Kravit, feature editor, M. Crivello, picture editor, R. Ridberg, sports editor. Staff members wrote and measured headlines before sending the next is- sue of lfuiglffs Page to the editor. , 6165527 PREPARED TO PUBLISH For 6'rz.s'l members l967-68 was a year of preparation. To improve their abilities as critics, Gras! members studied in depth the characteristics of short stories, essays, and poet- ry. The students in Hrest then applied this knowledge in a student Gres! workshop in which they analyzed, discussed and assisted in re-writing students' literary works. S Wy '--.?f4""A Finance and promotion staffs: FIKSZ' H0114 Rosemary Zurlo, Chris Abts, finance editor, S86'0jVD H0114 Mark Chester, Janice Bergson, Carmen Rezak, Jodie Mitz, NOCPIUUZIIZED: Jim Pahlman, Jeanne Traxler. Poetry, non-fiction and fiction staffs: Jim Friedlander, Wendy Evrard, Bill Wolfe, Maureen Turim, Bill Younger, Caela Levine, Chris Miner, Howard Bernstein, Sue Schobert. Ercsl members at work: Mark Chester, promotion editor, Wendy Evrard, poetry editor, Sue Shobert,editor-in-chief and non-fiction editor. Armin Taus, member of literary staff: Maureen Turim, fiction editori i , . 1, 1 MLk:g.f,,gy'4, One result of the club's newspaper, Ure ellllllqlh was a headache for the advisor, Mr. Schilling. .7.7K5'Z' ROM l. Hoe, S. LeVine, L. Weber, J. Gollin, N. Whitfield, B. Wolfe, J. Butzin, SEHOND HOW. Mr. Schilling, K. Maylahn, H. Becker, D. Howe, K. Klagstad, J. VanDenBerg, B. Kahn, R. Borkin, CHJKD HOW. J. Cunningh- am, C. Hornung, L. Swerin, H. Wiedemann, C. Whitfield, R. Giller, J. Fried- lander. As well as distributing the election ballots during the lunch hours, club mem- bers performed the tedious task of counting the ballots. S.S.CLLlB WRGTE IT QW HISTQRY Every other Monday in C-ll at 3.I5 the members of Social Studies club met to discuss and investigate facts concerning the past, present and future. The club served as a communicative device between the students and the world beyond the class- room by presenting a news-movie program and speakers, such as Mr. "Sonny" Menon, a Malayan news correspondent, Mr. Stribling, a candidate for Mayor of Milwaukee, and Mark Hopkins, the ,Milwaukee journal? Russian correspondent. The club further made its mark by sponsoring the annual all-school elections and an all-school dance. S. S. club wrote a page in the school's history by publishing its own newspaper, U16 Gommunzlyuc, which exemplified the club's desire to probe into school, local and nation-wide problems. At a recent all-school press conference, sponsored by the club, Barby Kahn CID posed a question to Mr. "Sonny" Menon, a Malayan news correspondent. El isa .1 .L In preparation for a recent tournament, members of Debate club researched ma- .W terial for this year's debate topic. 38 DEBATERS COMPETED I TELLE TUALLY The Nicolet Debate club, a club for the student with an inquisitive mind, this year debated "Resolved: That Congress should establish uniform regulations to control criminal in- vestigation proceduresf' Members questioned this topic by taking the affirmative or negative side. The club met every Thursday to research the above topic and to practice for the district and state conference championships. Participating members found that Debate produced a desired and favora- ble result, by teaching the needed qualities for defending a Winners in A division debate, Bruce Herman, Mark Hasey, Craig Chap- man and Alan Posner, proudly displayed their trophy. HAMS MADE C0 TACT Rewarding and interesting, Radio Club required preparation. Members diligently transmitted and received signals. To as- sure proper transmission, experienced operators offered a weekly Code Course to help novices. At Wednesday night-meet ings the hams gained additional information by discussing mutual problems and observing equipment. Besides the club call WAQGJH, each member had his own personal call. WAQTBA reached the west coast of Australia, and WAQOCB regularly talked to hams in England, Ireland, and Latin America. A Christmas Message Service which enabled each boy to send a greeting anywhere in the United States highlighted the groups' activity. , MW ,,,. . 1 . - X ., I . T ,A-V' .W 5 reasonable position. Tracy VanDenBerg and Tom Hogan discussed semi-conductors while Jerry Lieberthal and Larry Evans encouraged Greg Sieckman as he operat Bruce Harman and Norm Koerner reviewed code calls. ed a transmitter. fare- 'N Fir-," . -Q ,n H44 Jfkf. -' fl, 1.6. A- . A.F.S.'er Irene Hoe, wearing her native costume and sitting on Santa Sue Mrs. Weinstein clowned as she helped Mr. Bakalars try on his Christmas Owen's lap, listened to questions from members about customs in Singa- gift, a gold nosewarmer, given to him by the officers. pore. ROU DTHE WQRLDVIA A. . . Through the talks of speakers who have visited foreign countries, the A. F. S. member undertook a trip around the world. The first stop on the itinerary was England. After being briefed on rules, the member participated in a spirited game of crick- et. A short hop to Germany was next. Slides of Germany, presented with good comparisons between it and America, provid- ed an interesting interlude. Then, the member was off to Russia on the whirlwind trip around the world. Humorous anec- dotes about the people and places truly gave the feel of Russia. And, with a leap, the member was in Japan learning about the traditional tea ceremony. Now, on his was back to America, he stopped over in Africa. Daily life and customs appeared in unusual, beautiful colored slides. The member got back in time for the A. F. S. Fiesta night where he learned of even other foreign countries. Through his experiences, the member had visited many countries around the world. b'OZ'Z'O,ll ROW. I. Hoe, C. Belgum, P. Fischer, J. Mahler, J. Schur, D. Hentzen, M. Crivello, J. Garman, M. Siegel, L. Hammerschlag, E. Gecht, F. Zien, L. Moeckler, J. Meyer, B. Ziemer, D. Zien, KOH! TWO. J. Levi, L. Zachariasen, K. Friedrich, D. Senn, J. Goldman, L. Shimon, J. Carini, C. Withey, D. Padway, J. Stampfl, V. Boxer, L. Sampson, L. Bakalars, D. Withey, L. Roginske, Mrs. S. Weinstein, ROW 27111656 S. Kahn, S. Albert, K. Grede, S. Mayer, R. Katz, C. Looper, R. Swerin, T. Kanari, K. Schoenfeld, B. Palisky, S. Owen, J. Kraegel, L. Hyde, V. Southcott, L. Sires, J. Reichert. ROW 301113. J. Stanford, C. Hogeboom, C. Tal- boys, C. Lowenstein, S. Younger, J. John, S. Marx, K. Hokanson, R. Reiter, J. Harris. 52 RUSSIAN CLUB F VCDRED FESTIVITIES As all Russia this year celebrated the 5Oth anniversary of the Bol- shevik Revolution, Nicolet's Russian Club held it's own gala activi- ties. The festivities began when members constructed a replica of the Czar's bell tower for their Homecoming float. They commemo- rated the October Revolution by holding a dinner with Homestead High's Russian Club. The two clubs mingled in the cafeteria, which had been transformed into a Soviet restaurant with authentic Rus- sian atmosphere, delicious Russian cuisine, and handmade Russian costumes. ln December, members celebrated the Soviet New Year with an old-fashioned hayride and a kettle of burnt hot chocolate. Later in the year, members who had travelled to the Ll.S.S.R. during the summer donated to Fiesta Night books, posters, and anecdotes from their adventure in Russia. Besides a booth at Fiesta Night, Rus- sian Club heard speakers, went into debt, but still wound up the year with the annual banquet. On the hayride through Kletsch Park Karen Thistle chuckled over Chris Hornung's antics. HOZ7Z'O,M H0114 J. Gettelman, M. Winter, J. Gutglass, J. Winter, D. Wiedemann, R. Byers, M. Orenstein, P. Musickant, L. Atlas, HOW TWO. B. Reif, J. Aur, E. Cash, F. Croen, H. Becker, J. Nahre, C. Eich, S. Tuchman, NOW ZF!-llfftl R. Katz, S. Hatch, R. Renaic, M. Novshek, L. Lohman, K. Klagstad, K. Thistle. L. Zucker S. Swidler. J. Lieberthal, S. Kritzik, NOW JOHN. Mr. Lowder, C. Hornung, H. Wiedemann, L. Kesselman, F. Shafrin, F. Leeb, D. Zipter, G. Herman, E. Shulaker, J. Mann. Guarding lvan the Terrible's bell tower, Jeff Mann waved as he passed the Mr. Lowder grimaced at the horrid burnt chocolate, while others braved Nicolet stands. the hot brew. nllS1e.f FRENC LUB FGSTERED FU A year-long festival of fun awaited French Club members. Cultivating their knowledge about France, students sang French songs and played French games. At some meetings, members planned spectacular high- lights to be held throughout the year. As part of one of those highlights, the progressive holiday dinner, stu- dents walked from house to house wearing their color- ful berets. French onion soup, hors d'oeuvres, steak and dessert, all prepared by the members, spiced that celebration. Festivity continued for the members at the A. F. S. Fiesta Night. They displayed their handicrafts in a booth and their talents in a dance. The grand finale for this fun-filled year was a formal banquet and initia- tion of new officers. ' ff KWMJI, .. ,, ,,,,, . A 5?-:1?g?g2,!,1'.? pil fffvjfffg, -udslxzpgfww. 2-kfzw 1 V -Mm-A Rehearsing the skit given at a meeting, Wendy Weinberg, portraying a teacher, walked into a surprised classroom made up of Madeline Crivello, Laurie Hammerschlag, Laurie Picus, and Sari Luck. Treasurer Barb Luck helped Debbie Brandt put on her burgundy beret, the sym- bol of French Club. Holding her sign of authority, the wooden gavel, president Sari Luck asked for volunteers to work on the Homecoming float while secretary Ellen Bernstein wrote down the names. V' fffwv 'fam . fa 152. My 4 -1 54 'QC' , , Linda Kark hungrily admired the candied castles, cottages, and Christmas trees in the German CIub's baking contest. GEMCITLICHKEIT PREV ILED Members of German Club participated in numerous ac- tivities that fostered enthusiam for the German language. Their float Edelweiss, expected to win in Homecoming competition for superior craftmenship, unfortunately was destroyed by wind and rain. But the soccer team, not so easily defeated, trounced both the Spaniards and the Rus- sians in athletic competition. Later events of fresh air and frolic on hikes near Fraulein's cottage, the annual Christ- mas party highlighted by the lively music of German Club's fourth year band, entertaining skits and the arrival of St. Nick, and in October, an informative talk by a native Ger- man added old world flavor to club-sponsored functions. Chanting songs, German hikers walked amidst the trees in the Quickly scanning his unrehearsed lines, Dick Sattler tried to keep the skit on current Kettle-Moraine area. events alive- KOZTZUJI4 HOW: P. Kittowen, J. Franz, B. Sattell, J. Friedrich, M. Marcus, M. Becker, S. Menran, M. Fisher, L. Roginske, D. Hentzen, D. Stein, S. Neuman, J. Pollack, R. Wolfe, D. Zien, .S'6'6'0,ND H0114 Miss E. Johannsen, G. LaBuddie, B. Werner, B. Ruff, B. Breul, S. Williams, C. Erbach, E. Konar, S. Fluhr, S. Miller, J. Stockey, N. Heck, C. Beckwith, J. Poppendiech, B. Polisky, K. Miottel, R. Schmitt, Miss C. Polley, 371-IJIJD KONG T. Tennessen, K. Robertson, K. Albright, R. Lick, J. Mayerson, R. Harwick, M. Kohler, J. Jubelier, A. Zieve, K. Hokanson, C. Scheibel, D. Larimore, R. Lick, L. Feiss, R. Neuman, S. Schwade, QOHICZJ-I HOW: D. Stern, B. Lick, E. Naimon, E. Shaw, B. Pezoldt, B. Sievers,T. Messer, D. Fueur, S. Palay, B. Younger, L. Post. A .R X 315.1 L N. im. 1 . LUBS SQLIGHT SPA ISH HAPPENINGS Organized to promote interest in Spanish culture and to provide practice with the Spanish language, Junior Spanish Club attracted first year students. Slides of Mexico took members on an imaginary trip that was both educational and exciting. On an actual trip to a Mexican restaurant members tasted not only traditional food, like tortillias and tacos, but also tostados and guacamole. At other meetings Junior Spanish Club gave members a chance to enlarge their vocabulary. A favorite meth- od, Spanish hangman, provided practice in recognizing and spelling words. All these activities motivated language learning. In a game of charades. Marsha Waxman set her classmates laughing at her imitation of a Span- ish dancer. Judy Wasserman adapt- ed the grade school game of hangman to a drill in Spanish vocabu- Iary. X ' ig The many activities of Spanish Club provided entertainment and cultural knowledge for all members. The musical influ- ence started the year when Spanish Club took a trip to Chicago to see the famed Ballet Folklorico. A typically Spanish holiday atmosphere prevailed when club members acted out original skits accompanied by festive Castilian songs at the annual Christmas party. Back to Chicago went Spanish Club, this time to see the orchestral talents of classical guitarist Andres Se- govia and the dancing style of Antonio. A venture into Spanish cookery was the next activity of Spanish Club. Members, us- ing their natural cooking prowess, made enchaladas, tortillas, and tamales, to the delight of all the members, These Spanish activities extended the interest of members of Nicolet's Spanish Club. .Ny , A... .2 ,. c vl ., .,.,. Mommy.-w.,..., t - . . . KOUCOM ROMA P. Ferrarra, J. Unertl, L. Sampson, B. Maresh, B. Began, J. Kauf- man, W. Kravit, E. Schnoll, J. Mahler, K. J. Kuper, G. Levin, B. Chapman, N. Lurie, R. I My Talboys, N. Siegel. Many members of Spanish Club danced to the music of the Mexican hat, at the AFS Fiesta Night. Marino, F. Zien, S56'OND H0114 L. Tillman, S. Browne, J. Goldman, J. John, J. Montag, Bloom, ZYIJKD ROW: A. Siegel, N. Kravit, B. Lubotsky, C. Collins, J. Usow, L. Swerin, J. Kahn, D. Lemonds, C. Lowenstein,C. L' , As Vice-president Bob Grossman read a Latin number, club members tried to match it to their Vihra Cards. Club members left to right: ROW ONE B. Rey- nolds: L. Goodman. J. Gimbelg D. Kahng B. Bruskin, HOW TWO: C. Chapmen, B. Chapmeng D. Johnson, J. Hammill. LATIN CLUB CELEBRATED THE M0 TH The thunder ofJupiter roared. The night was dark as Hades. Men in togas huddled in the rain, planning Julius Caesar's assasination. Latin Club members were enacting the Ides of March at their regular monthly meetings. On other months bursts of laughter came from F-72 as the club listened to Wayne and Schuster's recording on Roman life or played the Latin bingo game, Vilmf. An interested Latin Club often viewed films on Roman government or listened to speakers from Latin-speaking countries. Thus, the an- cient Latin language provided new and interesting activities each month for Nicolet's Latin Club members. Re-enacting the Ides of March, Larry Goodman played the unlucky Caesar and Craig Chapman his friend Brutus for amusement of club members. Dave Johnson listened to president Barry Bruskin's explanation on how to play this Latin chariot game geared to the Circus Maximus. ..silL'x wwmmuw 'g-' ,m f . I 14? U .ff E va- , W, Mr. Bakalars discussed with Irene a speech she was to give to the Milwaukee Lutheran Women's League. L k 4 . 4 P AQ Q In an A.F.S. Fiesta Night booth, Tamayo transcribed stu- U 53 .,.. , . . . it 1"4 A ff' dents names into the beautiful symbolic language of Japa- nese. A "" V A.F.S.ER'S OBSERVED GTHERS' CULTURE A.F.S. students gained perspectives of foreign people and world events through their experiences in other countries. Roger Giller, who visited Lima, Peru, in the A.F.S. summer exchange program found the Peruvian people friendly and interested in others, and their cities such as Cuzco and Machu Picchu intriguing. Roger took part in the traditions ofthe country as he ser- enaded girls, and participated in and watched such activities as soccer, surfing, bull-fighting, and cock-fighting. Roger's Peru- vian brother Juan Althaus, coming to the United States for a six-week stay during the school year, was amazed at the fast pace of American life. He noticed that the two school systems were different, since we are allowed to choose our subjects and he is hot. Our Criental exchange students Irene Hoe from Singapore and Tamayo Kanari from Japan both had a hard time changing classes since in their countries their teachers come to them. Both girls also had to adjust to the system ofsin- gle dating, since in their countries girls usually go out in groups. All the A.F.S. students made the observation that though teen-agers speak, live and dress differently in other countries, boys and girls all over the world act and think in much the same way. . 3 Roger and Juan clasped 'L hands in a friendship that developed from their Peruvian-Ameri- can exchange. 1' gf L li: X 'N if st X, .I Q-1 t . Q QSNIS ' ii E ' "' ' e" .i 1 r' f iiQ1L,p-f ala- , L I I 5' I I6 Checking the list of Forensics selections, Mrs. Alt made sure that each title was correctly recorded for the Braveland meet. Club members Cl. to rj Manske, G. Heyman, E. Konar, M. Morris, D. Giffen, C. Schiebel, B. Gimbel, J. Gimbel, L. Lichter, M. Colberg, T. Fischer, N. Rudberg, L. Shimon, S. Marx, M. Turim, J. Thomson listened for their title. FCRENS CS MEMBERS ACC MLILATED A'S Choosing among the categories of Declamation, Prose Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Significant Speeches, Public Address, Play Acting, Four-Minute Orignal and Eight-Minute Original was the first problem posed the Forensics member. Once he had chosen his topic, he had to search the library to find mate- rials for his speech, arrange them into a logical order, add motions to create the mood, and finally memorize his en- try. Then, with other team members, he participated with the aim of getting an A rating in meets held throughout the year. This year's squad proved to be very apt at accumulat- ing A's. At the West Bend Invitational, the full squad placed second out of twenty schools. Because there were so many students in the club, eliminations had to -be held to decide who would represent the school in the Braveland meet. Out of the twenty-three members, eighteen competed for top honors in the meet. Trying to learn how to act out a selection, Terry Fischer watched intently as Judy Thomson gave her rendition of an excerpt from Clit' Calfturbury ZHfL'5. Portraying Scout in To Killa Mockiffg- bird, Claudia Schiebel practiced her selection before other Forensics mem- bers. ,Am- I if fi iw' fail, twain Assembling explosives for the blast The results went sky high and left the members with a Prickly branches and needles didn't bother holes, Mr. Grom me revealed his dy- suitable site for a future bird sanctuary. namic personality. - BIGLOGY CLUB FCU D W Y OUT Biology Club attracted the hearty North Woodsmen of Nicolet. On field trips rugged members with pioneer spirit investigated the Wisconsin Wonderland. While on field trips to Mauthe Lake, Kettle Moraine, and Mr. Gromme's tree farm, the eager members went to the untouched source to study plants and animals through visual observations. As a money making proiect, the Bi- ology Club members, armed with strength and saws, attacked pine trees in Paul Bunyan style. For recreation Biology Club sponsored hikes and other outdoor activities where members overcame the elements with companionship and laughter. "Sur- vival ofthe fittest" could have been their motto as Canoers pad- dled like masters down the Wisconsin waterways. All of these activities strengthened the knowledge of members by providing diversity in learning. Paula Ferrara and Karen Koch as they tagged Christmas trees "to be." .-'fT"?'5'L,Jv 3, -' ,iff-if-vi ' A Jn Too many cooks nearly ruined one of Biology CIub's meals W 1 Canoers shouted anchors away after Mr. Gromme reconsidered the day's Biology Club knights did a"'clean cut iob" taking down Christmas trees directions for the annual canoe trip. and putting them through the bailing machine. 60 DRAMA CLUB DE ELDPED MEMBERS' TALENTS Every other Monday, throughout the year, Drama Club meetings in D-SO started out with the familiar cry, "The meeting is called to order! Will the secretary please read the minutes of the last meeting?" The business part of the meetings included discussions of make-up prac- tices "downstairs, back stage," the upcoming performances that need- ed make-up girls, publicity for plays, and money-making projects. Meetings also involved announcements of educational television pro- grams, plans for pot-luck suppers and parties, and the creation of the floats for Homecoming and Tip-Off weekends. After the business meeting, the well-planned program began. De- signed to aid club members to become more at ease in front of audi- ences and to learn techniques of acting, the programs varied from impromptu selling of products by the "salesman" club member to the club to reading excerpts from plays and creating skits from several different objects. By the year's end Drama Club had taught theatrical skills and helped its members become aware of the many aspects of dramatic acting. g Club members Peggy Boergadine and Mary Huston took their turn as models for Kathy Avercamp and Miriam Ga- borsky to practice applying make-up. ff A, 'YXQ4 , Wig? 5 ', QZIQT7' ' 51.11444 Wi' - 1 , QU' T ' With an embarassed smile Barb Bain knighted Barb Kelly in an impromptu skit for other thespians. l Q 1 Z Executives of Drama Club, Kathy Av- ercamp, Ann Reiner, Karen Tiefenthal- er, and Nancy Eller, presented to Miss Broetzman their routine for a part of an upcoming meeting. 61 ..,k ! 44 RQCKET LUB IMED F RTHE SKY The first rocket club in Wisconsin to affiliate with the National Association of Rocketry, a division of National Aeronautics Society, Nicolet's Rocket Club promoted safety in rocketry and developed the members' interest. From the literature received from the National Associa- tion of Rocketry, the club's members kept up with the latest developments of the United States' rocketry and learned new techniques of launching their own rockets, The club also held competetive launches in which the members sent off rockets of their own designs. Scoring on the rockets' altitude and flight pattern, Rocket Club then awarded prizes of commercially made rockets and rocket engines to the best rocketeers. Q A Z? Z. cj -i,'t, yt, V,,, , 95 lt ' -,A ,, , ' . g .... , , , , ,xg f 2' 1 ,W D. Fox, G. Pahlisch, T. Damico, J. Weeks, and S. Shapson made necessary mea- surements and calculations of a rocket prior to launching. OFFICERS S. Green, D. Kaiser, K. Chen, and S. Tilton readied the cIub's rockets for launching. our 1 , ... CAMERA CLUB CLICKED CFF EXCITI GYEAR Camera Club members dwelled in the depths of their dark room where they diligently and independently developed their own pictures. To better understand the techniques they frequently viewed movies from the Eastman-Kodak Company. When they understood the processing methods demonstrated in the films, Camera Club members highlighted their year by visiting the Cook Film Processing Plant in downtown Milwaukee. After increasing their knowledge in photography, members com- pleted their year by submitting entries to the Scllvlasfif Photography Contest. D. Mitz and B. Frank inspected negatives as C. Blesch checked them off President Dick Mitz conducted a club meeting at which members signed up the list. for the field trip. -if fi 2 V.,,,., ,L U iff' . 'M ""-' '2 -.., . . .W rc. Us .,.,,, ,A ,V .J - U..gg1L-I.. L: f , , " :m a '45, ws- 1 Q, Q yn V: ,L 1 rv. r '1:--'wr-F-v.1, -' Ja .zur ,mf fs fe H 'ff at MATH CLUB CGMPLITED EW IDEAS, . . . "F subtract, E divide, D print, A print, V. There! l've programmed the quadratic formula!" Computer programs such as this one kept Math Club members busy using the recently acquired computer in the F-Wing library. Besides using the real computer, members also examined a toy computer which showed them how the F-Wing computer worked. Though comput- ers were Math Club members' favorite subject, discussions of mathematical brain teasers also occupied their time. Finally, they factored equations, proved theorems, and determined cubic areas, using their limitless mathematical knowledge in each situation. mv- ,I pg .I U Q g 5 uf i , K Q. 1 L 5 9 . After Doug Wiedemann connected the plug, Math Club members watched the Phil Rosenfeld, Howard Bernstein, and Kyle Johnson were disillu- computer solve complicated formulas. sioned when Mr. Kottke informed them that they couldn't use the computer for homework. WAR GAMES ATTRACTED MILITARY STRATEGISTS Rubin. Dave Rittmeyer as a group played a war game of Stalingrad. Skill and strategy WBT? essential WEAPONS at War Games meetings. Militant spirit emerged as mem- bers fought in clashing battles conducted on a mapped board. Putting themselves in the place of combat units, Nicolet warriors reenacted famous battle tactics. The triumph of winning a battle of intellect was the compelling force to which the members responded. Craig Chapman, Mike Stolz, Brian Chapman, Bruce Herman, Herb Wiedemann, Rich , of Rich Rubin attempted to move his German forces through Bruce Herman's Russian lines. .fwhiu " Xxx M- sclENc cLuB ENcouRAoEDi Diviou I oumv Hope of success and recognition at the science fair brought members of Science Club together. Having started their indi- vidual experiments, members found mov- ies shown at club meetings helpful in solv- 5 ing their problems. At various stages of their work, they discussed unusual data M and received advice from other members. W1 Finally came the day of setting up displays and, perhaps, of receiving a project re'- ward. Interested members examined Bruce Frank's project on the use of an air track to reduce friction. PRoJEcTs IN DLICED LEARNING gi' 1 Young scientists found the key to discovery through Earth Sci- ence Club. Meetings uncovered many hidden secrets concerning astronomy, meteorology, and geology through slides, movies, and speakers. Then, the members actively applied their knowl- edge on aerial flights to Chicago and on various camping outings. Steve Jacobson, Gary Jacobson, Jeff Komisar, and Kim Ballone saw the relation ,,,,,m ship between earth and other heavenly bodies by examining a celestial sphere. 37.71657 H0114 Eric Ballone, Gary Tenhaken, Bill Komisar, Kim Ballone, Andy Holman. Scrand raw: Richard Engel, John May, Gary Jacobson, Steve Jacobson Jeff Komisar, Ronald Schmitt. nn J' .,,:, 1 A , A 9. f2,,,,,?Z , , Ztfny ly, I 1 . X hc I V 59 3' VL 'WM 1 1154, "f, ,,,f 1 f Z 4, V3 ki, 1' e, ff fag KINGS MET THEIR MATES - A confident grin on his face, Mike Winters enjoyed the predicament of opponent Jeff Rubin. THE LIBRARY JUMPED WITH CHECKERS When the bell rang on Thrusdays, avid Checkers Club members rushed to the Wibracht Library to get their matches underway. Concentration prevailedg red and black checkers clicked, then an opponent eagerly shouted "King me!" Skill and interest qualified players for this purely recreational club under the supervision of Mr. Handrich. With the advice of Mr. Handrich, Mike Hintz began a challenging match against Carolyn Whiting, the club's secretary treasurer. -" , ,- .9--W-1 .-.,. -i , ,, 4, .. sv .V ,sc L I , Every Thursday night in the D-wing library queens, kings, bishops and rooks moved across a brown and white battlefield as avid chess fans shrewdly manuevered their players. Through participation in games, enthusiastic members improved their strategy and experimented with new tactics. Often a boy discovered a clever move by ardently viewing the efforts of fellow clubmates. Excellence was put to a test in the spring of the year in tournaments held to deter- mine a school champ. Then the Chess Club Tro- phy immortalized the name of another deserv- ing knight. I HALL M0 ITORS CHECKED STEPS The clicking of a students' heels resounded through the empty A wing of Nicolet. Then, there was silence. A hall monitor had stopped the traveler to check for a pink corridor pass. These starting and stopping steps were familiar sounds at Nicolet when classes were in session. Not only the steps of students could be heard at this time. Monitors from Guidance and the School Office traversed the halls in order to give messages to teachers and students in classes. Finally, at five minutes to the hour the bell rang. A constant rush of steps indicated the monitor had left his post. Only when classes resumed would steps be checked again. 4 5 9' 450, HALL MONITORS, BOTTOM HOW: R Giller, G. Heyman, M. Bampton, J. Bensman, G. Mendelblatt, R. Harwick, L. Seidel, S. Shapson, SSKOND HOW. B. Hurwitz, M. Leno, M. Herrick, N. Herrick, J. Miller, S. Kahn, L. Weber, S. Neumann, J. Schur, L. Waisbren, S. Selig, UHIKD HOW. A, Taus, L. Grossman, J. Mayerson, L. Swerin, S. Kravit, M. Milstein, T. Fefer, B. Younger, T. Hogan, B. Trosper, B. Gimbel, B. Levin, P. Rache, M. Ruffel, T. Surdyk, M.Bern. SDET CQVERED BDOKS WERE OT A HARD SALE A group of responsible students, the Librarius Society, provided an invaluable service to those students desiring paperback instead of hardcover editions. The Librarius Society gave Nicolet students the opportunity to pur- chase the best-selling paperback books every Tuesday and Thursday during all four lunch hours. The society continued to serve the student body in an efficient way by maintaining a variety of current books. This service was available to all students with the time to browse and the desire to read. ' 15727 270 KJGHC Paula Trieke, Debbie Hubbard. Judy Luedtke, Mike l N.. 3 Becker, Jeff Zens, Mike Winter. The members of Librarius Society discussed what books to put on display in the book store. 66 fi Home lamdy, Wnrk were words club participants practiced translating in Spanish in preparation for their "Friendship Mexico" project. ,Q-f SERVICE CLUB ME BERS BEFRIE DED OTHERS "Friendship Mexico," Christmas caroling at nursing homes and an autumn party at Southern Colony were the projects of Nicolet's Creative Activity Club, a junior branch of the Red Cross. This novice club at Nicolet busily helped others throughout the year. Twice a month the club met to decide upon a project. One group tutored children at Guad- aloupe. Another filled Santa Claus containers with holiday sweets for the Guardian Nursing Home. At the end of the year Nicolet's ambassadors of good will translated into Spanish Red Cross First Aid posters that would be sent to Mexico. Thus Service Club's friendship extended to our community as well as to the rest of the world. Books, toys, and record players aided these C.A.S. members in their volun- teer work at Southern Colony. ,C5.7Z' 270 ING!-IC D. Champion, S. Arten, P. Hall, B. Stefaniac, B. Roller, L. Tellock. Club advisor, Mrs. McConnohie. .B.S'ERS JQCKEYED DISCS The vibrant sounds of Nicolet Broadcasting System dimned the crunching of apples, clanking of silverware, crashing of trays, jabbering of students and begging for food. Playing currently popular songs, the club provided musical entertainment for the students to relax by and broadcasting experience for its members. The broadcasts, including last calls for spudnuts and birthday greetings to blushing lunchers, created enjoyment for students and members. His voice a familiar sound to fifth hour lunchers, Mike Harris introduced fa- vorite records, adding an occasional comment of his own. Exercising more than his vocal chords, N.B.S. member Jim Kepler was able to apply the mechanics of broadcasting equipment. 7 Q ll 'M ff ff' Ni.. 4 3 Gary Radtke, president, proposed revisions for the present F.T.A. constitu- tion. X F.T.A. PLAYED THEIR RQLE NicoIet's Future Teachers of America gained the teacher's view of education by observing classes in the area and participating in educa- tional activities. F.T.A. initiated a teacher's aid program this year to ac- quaint ambitious members with the paperwork and secondary duties of teaching. On a visitation program to Riverview and Mapledale, F.T.A. members became teachers of the hour, working math problems and reading stories to primary students. Student interest in teaching height- ened with the visit of a distinguished guest speaker who stressed the importance of seeking higher education. Aside from the important background members received from their inquiry into education, the organization constructed a whale of a float entitled "We'll Bubble Them Over," sold doughnuts to supplement its treasury, and presented awards to worthy members at the annual banquet in May. ,. .,., .,,,.,. , ,y , , .,,. W, , 2 wp? fy? ,4ff,:f4,,-.,4a,,,- x ,. ' F253 :LZ LV "'W-.Q..- . -. . " 1f-g,.4, -. v- . If , ,Mgt f . . r , 2, M ln a special presentation, Mrs. Davis, professor of educa- tion, pointed out that although four years ofcollege are sufficient for teaching, further educational training is advis- able. Linda Martin fstandingj, secretary, reviewed the minutes of a previous meeting. 68 l l Marilyn Miller handed Jim Gettelman a book to be shelved in the art and music section. LIBRARY AIDES ACQUIRED VALUABLE K GWLEDGE Helping on a voluntary basis, students worked as library aides in both libraries everyday this year. Each prospective aide filled out a form, and then the librari- ans chose one student to work each hour. These students performed such duties as shelving, repairing and charging out books. Though working hard at these routine chores, some of the aides still found time to be in Library Aides Club. The club members constructed bulletin boards encouraging students to read and use the libraries more. These members also produced a newspaper called IAF QLi- brary Aides Clubj. For many library aides, activities provided valuable library experience. H ' A 4 51 f . .2 Z ,. Ka 4,4 X M, Wg? Q24- Wi? We L, , Z ,, of VS wif-isa . i ' ' " 'fi3,l- 1. , b Q 1- K, - 15-Ewffw. 7' ' 44 I ' fs, ,Hag -- "s.:-.:x 'e-+':f-j- , - Q . fm, .bm i , ,,.., ,F , , I Q A .,.,.,.,, t. . .. 1' 1-,,. . ,. s. 5:.,1.: .7 LM, -H . ' 1, . vm.--.11-'L ,bf ,,.. - ,.-4 5-'ff-, ' " , ,N Filing the daily circulation cards into the catalogue occupied many after school hours of Cathy Cieni- an and Mary Kay Novshek. "un: ., W ... PM ,. working inthe back rbbm bf the D-wing library, Andy Daefembaler, Rob- erta Pierner, and Judy Mycynek recovered and mended books. 'Z Q. Alert library aides incorporated the circus theme from Tip-Off weekend in constructing a bulletin board. A 'T 1 fd E 3 p-. L2 4,-ff' w , 19? t. A wi I ' mx X QQ: f s gf-.,QsJJ, "ii 1 -, ri 'L 'Wx 'G 112 1-2.-' ' f 'li fi A . 2, . I iv, -x , X . A X1 Qi ' ' YDUTH COUNCIL HUMMED WITH ACTIVITY A D CONTROVERSY Discussions raged during a Gfth hour meeting of Youth Council. C-20 was alive with conflicting opinions on issues like methods ofcampaigning for D-wing recreation center, advisability of continuing "Deck the Halls," and conduct rules for dances. Arguers took out frustrations on apples, sandwiches, and laughter and then moved on to other topics. "What band should we have?" inquired music chairman, Pat Harris. "Are corn curls O.K.?" queried refreshment chairman, Mike Shamburke. "Are we using Mr. Wade's pun as the title for the dance?" asked program chairman, Katie Polacheck. With the resolu- tion of these and other questions, president Marianne Herrick brought the meeting to a close. On Dad's Date Night, Mr. Morry Mitz and his daughter Carrie kept step with The Jerry Blake Crchestra. FPS The program committee looked towards Mr. Wade for constructive suggestions concerning the program for the March Ist dance. The moustached quartet of John Buzzard. Tom Bach, Mike Shamburek, and Bill Younger concocted punch for Dad's Date Night, and Margie Milstein gazed into the murky brew. BOZ'Z'0,l4 130114 R. Rand, N. Evans, M. Lakam, J. Dickenson, N. Herrick, B. Wiggen, S. Picus, K. Sampson, W. Bronson, P. Albert, F. Olbrys, D. Rand, SEEONZ7 HOW. J. Lubotsky, K. Polachek, P. Gollner, L. Tillman, S. Browne, C. Abts, M. Herrick, D. Cook, N. Schilling, C. Chapman, B. Chapman, S. Arbit, P. Harris, J. Lonnborg, 511.77327 H0114 D. Lovos, D. Hyde, D. Lemonds, M. Milstein, L. Bakalars, M. Samburek, R. Bernstein. -gl GICIANS PRACTICED: NICOLET MAGIC PPE RED "Zip, zam, alla cazam! Get that bird out of your hand," were words that helped mem- bers ofthe Nicolet Magic Company perform the "Houdini Bird Cages" effect. But some- thing more than magic created the effects and illusions, for at their weekly meetings Company members practiced their effects and received helpful hints. To add that mys- tifying touch, the Houdinis developed stage poise and team work, both important parts of working magic. After many dress rehears- als came the big performance. Here the stu- dent magicians presented effects from the quick and flashy tricks to the complicated il- lusions where ladies floated and Tweedy's bird cages disappeared. Magic Company's Tweedy birds perched on the hands of magicians Jeff Roth and Paul Sondel ready to mysteriously vanish. Q wg fv 'f .Q fff, 'nga . .g,.",3 Q5 X args 5. y 4 wx f ff 1M-M I 9 AE 2 if ff, Z! 1 7. 1' 127911, . , ,!,W,W , X 4414, M., f 4, V. 1 J , ,, .4 . f ilfi wwf , f 07 yi , , .1 ,-I Sherry Younger looked on as Dave Bartels used magic to create a globe, one of the numerous variations of the linking rings W ,V af,fW-sm ' -UML ,.,., 1, ' .js 1.33: enum ff ff Aff, ,,o,..f,.,4L:f'e:,1.g , .,.. " "" , , ,,lQ,f5.-'iffffib ' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: 9RO,M COR Brynn Marks, Terri Fischer. ga-rb Wiggin, Nancy Kohler, Linda Roeming, captain. Not Pictured: Judy Ross. HEERLEADER PARKED SPIRIT The vigorous Varsity Cheerleaders supported by the devoted Junior Varsity and Freshman Squads filled the student body with pep and enthusiasm. These vivacious girls conducted pep rallies and actively encouraged our team at all sports events. Throughout the year, they spent precious time and effort perfecting their skills, synchronizing their movements, and developing their style to mold themselves into representatives ofthe school, its student body, and its spirit. JuNloR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: now I , ...AW,,,w, fff ag ONE: Beth Gendelman, KOW CWO: Jo- Anne Goldman, captain, Nancy Marcela k'OW 51116562 Debbie Rand, Patti Jellison, Kim Knaak. l-All FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: KOW ONE! Debbie Mahnke, Roxanne Osmam HOW TWO: Debbie Grober, Nancy Nyei HOW CHK55 Diane Petros, Vicky Herman. , School spirit rose as the Drill Team formed their distinctive blue DRILL TEAM BRIGHTE ED ATHLETI EVENTS A new look appeared at Nicolet halftime programs with the addition of Drill Team. As the Pep and Marching Bands began to play, the twenty-six mem- bers marched single file onto the playing field. From their two-line formation, the Drill Team proceeded to perform their original routines to such popular tunes as "Spanish Flea" and "On Wisconsin." Legs kicked high in various can-can steps to the beat ofthe music. The girls of Drill Team combined their dancing and marching talents to become a delight for all football and basketball spectators. Sports spectators aahed as Drill Team entertained with can-can kicks. One ofthe three groups in the "Spanish FIea" routine moved with the rhythmic beat of the Tijuana Brass. 1 up ,. r..p l .,.VAZ .ig k.B ""'ilv Cl-ITS Qol PEP CLUB NSPIRED E THUSIASM Working behind the scenes, Pep Club members built Nicolet school spirit by promoting sports events. Almost every week, these busy students painted and hung posters announcing approaching games. They also helped organize the pep rallies which encouraged support of the team and attendance at the sports events. Pep Club's annual Pizza Hop was an added encouragement to attend the Nicolet-Homestead basket- ball game as well as a time to socialize. Using the sports calendar as their guide, Pep Club members enthusiasti- cally worked to support the team. the Nancy Chen and Peggy Russell encouraged the wrestlers to 'pin their opponents from Sheboygan South. As part of their Pep Club activity, Peggy Rus- sell and Cathy Looper urged the Knights to attend the basketball game against Hamilton. At a busy Monday meeting, President Linda Roeming recorded the names of volunteers working at the Pizza Hop. ..,......a., .,........ ,.,......,.wa-,offs , z JM. ,. ...-.,,,,,, 7 y i ll , T? I Varsity Club Sweetheart Brynn Marks fed cake to her cane-carrying escort Harry Glasspiegel, as runner-up Wendy Weinberg and escort Warren Blumen- Bovs IN BLUE SIGNIHED SPIRIT Varsity club was an organization of winners. Each individual, having won recognition in his sport, went to work with oth- ers to serve his school. At basketball games, the boys in the blue letter-sweaters dispensed pop-corn, sodas, hotdogs, and hamburgers to the iostling fans. Early in the year, they sponsored the Varsity Club Dance and honored Brynn'Marks as Sweetheart. They worked lunch hours selling sweatshirts. At each awards assembly some accepted a letter, and others applauded the new men joining their ranks. Throughout the year their letter-sweaters singled them out as active participants in the service of Nicolet. Varsity Club member John Melamed presented new basketball Coach Puls Barb Chapman and Fernando Gonzalez rocked out to the swinging with the honorary blue blazer. rhythm of "Wyth Luv." ,, ' 75 FITNESS BECAME A WEIGHTY LIBJECT Weightlifting club provided Nicolet boys an opportunity to fulfill one of their natural desires, to develop a physically strong body. In order to achieve this, boys conducted a rigorous program of physical conditioning. Twice a week in the boys' gym balcony, members made use of dumbells, ropes, and barbells. Each participant set a goal equated to his ability. After he achieved his goal, however, he had to maintain his peak. Since most boys found it hard to continue exercising without added incentive, weightlifting club provided an atmosphere conducive to better physical health and mental discipline. V., ,,,. n Bill Mohaupt, a member of the Milwaukee Turners, used weightlifting to Barbells, the basic equipment for weightlifting. strengthened Tim Peck- further develop his gymnastic skills. ham's biceps. I TRA LIRAL PRGVIDED SPIRITED COMPETITIQ A two-fold plan was the basis for boys' intramurals, an after-school activity that stressed athletic competition and sportsmanlike conduct. Intramurals prov- ided an opportunity for boys to practice the skills they had studied in physical education classes. Thus in the fall boys practiced their football maneuvers, such as running, passing, and kicking. As winter came, participants developed drib- bling, passing, and shooting proficiencies. In all games players had to learn to adhere to referees' decisions, whether liked or disliked, right or wrong. Boys' sportsmanlike attitudes developed also from playing the game as a team mem- ber, and not as an individual. Boys who worked hard at perfecting these skills and improving their sportsmanship found intramural sports worthwhile recreation. ,.,.w--4 Hoping for the first basket, the taller team members leaped for the lump ball. An out-of-bounds play, started by Dan Recht, was an essential part of any team's repertoire. 'f-,...3'-m...NMMwN 4 .G.A. BOUNCED TH ROUGH TH E SEASCN New sports arose each season to challenge the skills of N.G.A. members. As the leaves were falling from the trees, girls from the group competed in a tennis tournament. When the cold weather drove them from the courts, the girls moved inside to the pool to practice their racing for the December ninth Swimming Play Day, against the other Brave- land Conference schools. Still inside, half of the group used the new gym for volleyball while the others worked on the rings, ropes and trampoline in the balconies. Throughout the snowy months the girls discovered the challenge of basketball and badminton. At the approach of warm weather, the eager girls ran outside to engage in an exciting game of field hockey. As the seasons passed, the N.G.A. members learned the value of ath- letic competitiog and good sportsmanlike conduct. ' To begin the game, Jeanne Trakler and Judy Mycynek lumped for possession of the ball. l i Working together, Donna Hamer and Beverly Habeck demonstrated a double team block in volleyball. Karen Thistle tried to talk her way around Jackie Mycynek in order to shoot for a basket 77 A UAK IGHTS N VIGATED AMERICA Neptune's handmaidens did some hard traveling this year - sometimes on the move for three nights a week. However, fre- quent "cake breaks" eased the way. Then on May 9, IO, and II, as a climax to this preparation, they swam through America, sur- facing at famous cities along their watery way. They discovered Rockettes in New York, Hippies in San Francisco, and mobsters in Chicago. The journey "from the Redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters," ended in a joyous celebration for the members of the crew, weary but happy after the completion of their course. ' fi! While working on the finale to their May show, Aqua Knights experiment- After an afternoon of hard work, Julie Drake replenished her ener- ed with a star formation. gy with a piece of cake. KOUZOJW H0114 N. Schilling, R. Resnick, B. Brill, J. Drake, C. Chapman, N. Luey, KOW TWO. N. Chapman, K. Lahl, L. Meyers, M. Atkins, D. Stein, M. Herrick- HOW Z7!-lkfbl P. Derse, N. Paine, M. Silbar, C. Caine, B. Nashban, N. Wakefield, HOW 701113. D. Larimore, J. Lonnborg, J. Drake, N. Larimore, R Trump, ci Johnson, B. Chapman. 78 Creative dance members demonstrated basic steps taught in group instruction. Reacting to their personal emotions, Linda Lemands and Becky Loeffler struck creative poses. SELF-EXPRESSION TGQK FGRM I REATI E DANC Creative Dance members found enjoy- ment in portraying emotions to music. Phase one in this program consisted of experienced advisors instructing and demonstrating the methods of modern dance to eager partici- pants. Following the acquisition of these bas- ic steps, dancers carried out themes in their expression of their individual feelings. Through creative dance, girls developed their ability to realize and express their independ- ent emotions. The dancers discovered the poetic quality of this art form. sw' 3 nw-vxwmsmmmnegssnnqgs 2. Down the firing line, riflemen steadied their weapons in the most difficult position in riflery, off- hand. RIFLE CLUB ENCOLIRAGED GQQD SPORTSMANSHIP Nicolet Junior Rifle Club has been in existence for the past three years. Dur- ing l966 and l967 the members competed among themselves. This year the club affiliated with the Southeastern section of the Wisconsin Rifle and Pistol Club to afford the members outside competition. While Nicolet's range was being completed, the club used the Glendale Police range for practice this year. Rifle Club encouraged its members to engage in competitive shooting as well as to practice good sportsmanship. I. Mr. Widmar and Mr. Greening demonstrated a fundamental principle of accurate riflery, sighting, S to Richard Rosenberg. Colorful bullseyes were the targets for Nicolet's Robin Hoods. Wl stradling the shooting line, the archers cleared everything from their minds except the prominent gold circle worth nine points. After knocking their arrows, aiming accurately, and releasing the string, team members ran to the target to compute their scores. At the end of the year, the team earning the most points received the champion title. Don Fransee stradled the shooting line in perfect form before releasing his arrow, as his team members looked on. Gary Krenke and Frank Kral demonstrated two common ways of stringing a bow to the other club members. i 80 3 During the noon hours, the upper girls balcony cracked with the sound of cue balls. WARM WEATHER STUMPED SKIIERS Instead ofwedeling down the open slopes in the wintry air,ski club STUDENT SUPERVISORS, BOTTOM HOW. N. Kohler, D. Marks, R. Har- wick, G. Mendelblatt, J. Bensman, P. Gollner, M. Johnson, G. Andriotti. SKUOND HOW: M. Herrick, R. Ridberg, A. Dean, B. Bateman, C. Manske, P. Wilke, S. Gaedke, P. Eldred, E. Arbuckle, THIHD 150111 J. Pincus, J. Roth, J. Peckarsky, M. Bern, B. Hurwitz, J. Jubelier, J. Montag, S. Marks, D. Lari- more, K. Rust, S. Owen, N. Marcel, V. Boxer, V. Petzko, L. Lohman. ?Ol1KTJ-I HOW: F. Manger, B. Grossman, J. Cunningham, A. Taus, S. Krav- it, N. Padway, L. Swerin, D. Sattler, K. Wilson, D. Schutz, K. Flaherty, R. Bern, B. Brazner, D. Roistocher, R. Cox. STUDENTS INITIATED NOON RECREATION The student body proved that Noon Recreation was a student project as students supervised rather than the teachers. Between ll o'clock and I o'clock the supervisors' blue and white buttons symbolized authority. These re- sponsible students helped to control excessive talking in the D-wing library and in F-I2 where albums were played. In the Physical Education Department supervisors assured Noon Recreation participants in basketball games, pool, ping pong, and other table sports that fair play would pre- vail. Scott demonstrated the uphill pole-plant of the downhill position to interested skiers. members sat idly indoors in D-I2 planning future outings and discussing fjfffifll skiing technique from the very basic snowplow to the more proficient par- allel. Unfortunately after considerable planning, minimal snow and un- commonly warm weather kept club skiiers off the slopes most of the sea- son. Finally a weekend trip to Wunderburg transpired where Nicolet's skiiers approached the expert hill or the bunny hill to perfect stem christies or snowplow turns, but all with the vigor of a true ski enthusiast. Ski Club members remained optimistic as president Scott Arbit rescheduled an outing to Little Switzerland. N. gy i .fs Y X. S 'XF is S S A 1 .Mg 6 Wifi fa, ,- gd, 1. . A .,, ,f wi 1 1 F Z X f , A,. , During the bookstore White Elephant Sale, FBLA treasurer Marge Jaraczewski, president Lynn Ceaman, and Mary Bishop sold "NicoIet" folders at bargain prices. FBLA'ERS DREAMT OF BIG BUSINESS Future businessmen and women looked to FBLA for the beginnings of their careers. These ambitious Nicolet students per- formed minature businesses where they learned the secrets to success. ln their bookstore they not only served the school by offering paper folders, mechanical pencils, and even leak-proof swimming caps, but they gained knowledge of methods of bookkeeping by ordering merchandise and recording sales. They culminated their sales by reaping the benefits of their white elephant sale, with all prices drastically reduced. Though their collection of old newspapers didn't give these eager members an insight into the business world, this activity provided an opportunity for FBLA'ers to make money to support their Foster Child. This extra project kept her supporters busy writing letters and sending her small gifts. While providing enjoyable pro- jects, FBLA paved the road for larger business endeavors. vi FBLA's Foster Child, who was supported by various money- making projects, sent her photograph to the club president in response to the many letters sent by club members. FBLA members collected a few cents for each bundle of newspapers that they collected from neighboring houses. 82 A.V.A. PRCJ ECTED f SKILLFULLY The Audio-Visual Aides Club consisted of boys who operated equipment such as movie and slide projectors, tape recorders, and phonographs for assemblies, night school, and adult classes. As an added service A.V.A. helped other students learn audio- visual skills so that more classroom teachers could be assisted. l , Jams' S Mr. Frank showed Dave Rutter and Dennis Pehoski how to thread a tape recorder Carl Blech instructed Tim Hill on methods of repairing an automatic used for individual advanced shorthand instruction. threading proiector used in small group instruction. STAGE BAND SYNCOP TED '68 STAGE BAND HOCCOM ROW: D. Watson, C. Eisenhardt, R. Benz, J. Sparacino, R. Gorbette, G. Eichsteadt, B. Lick, NOW TWO: L. Kesselman, T. Schuett, B. Krieger, B. Pape, M. Temkin, Mr. Roger Bloemers, HOW UHKE8 T. Tennesen, G. Radtke, D. Bartels, J. Zens, M. Cox, M. Silverman. 83 EW U IFDRMS AND SOUNDS ARACTERIZEDI TERMEDIATES Q 4 9 INTERMEDIATE BAND Hottvm Rauf. J. Deising, J. Sobol, R. Trump, K. Benz, J. WiIlens,T. Hasley, B. Silbar,T. Hill, J. Sheldon, P. Tennessen, J. Miller, J. Pollack, R. Pitt, Kaul Two: B. Krieger, J. Zache, S. Erbach, D. Naggler, R. Pezoldt, W. Nelson, M. Pittelkow, J. Pingry, P. Pestka, M. Whiting, S. Toeller, D. McLarty, Kon' Urrm L. Padway, V. Blachly, M. Elconin, D. Novak, C. Salzer, R. Byers, J. Erdmann, R. Lick, C. Saver, C. Silverman, G. Pahlisch, J. Wells, R. Pezoldt, A. Morris, J. Roozen, N. Matar, J. Ramminger, J. Etzweiler, K. Anderson, J. Cherney, Kew hun G. Greenamyer, D. Dittmar, S. Levine, L. Beers, G. Karides, J. Kashou, J. East, B. Pratt. its .. Q, .E - L . - I . cc- ...J INTERMEDIATE CHOIR Bottom Kaul: M. Morris, C. Beyer, K. Wilson, P. Boergadine, B. Tillman, D. Brandt, C. Belgum, R. Cohen,V. Berk,T. Wageman, J. Neu- wirth, M. Nash, A. Albano, B. Kniaz, Haw Two. M. Sparacino, G. Burgess, A. Reiner, L. Rhyan, J. Pheiffer, B. Brill, S. Schmidt, D. Howard, D. Holscher, A. Peltz, J. Stampfl, K. Vogeler, J. Eade, J. Suminski, K. Schoenfeld, J. Mahler, Kaul Urrce. B. Schumaker, K. Parchia, D. Cook, M. Bishop, C. Conway, S. Heberer, B. Bren- demuehl, R. Reiter, M. Rupple, S. Albrecht, B. Bain, K. Johannes, C. Beckwith, C. Lesnick, S. Einwald, M. Russell, Kaul 3010. J. Laur, F. Langer, C. Sellin, C. Low- enstein, P. Rojstaczer, J. Chapman, R. Johnson, J. Holzman, C. Rezak, E. Sydow, R. Renak, R. Luthrell, Mr. Rodger Bloemers. ' 84 BEGINNING CHOIRS FASHIO ED MUSICAL Ml UTES 3 3, f 494 '5' BEGINNING CHOIR HOCUOM HOW, W. Bronson, H. Brickman, L. Rubin, S. Greenebaum, L. Kaufman, S. Fine, T. Tishberg, C. Stamas, J. Horton, J. Herold, D. Shulkin, B. Schumaker, HOW TWO. B. Nashban, B. Lahl, C. Wakefield, D. Petros,T. Silverstein, KL Schear, J. Lewin, D. Gellman, H. Danenberg, N. Mitchell, L. Portnoy, KOW Cflkfbl M. Herbst, B. Yanow, K. Hokansen, M. Tarnof, S. Blumenthal, H. Bumby, J. Pollow, J. Kiedrow, C. Parsons, C. Johnson, K. Friedrich, L. Zachariasen, HOW 90106. B. Moore, T. Beduhn, C. Heuser, S. Kupper. ' T BEGINNING CHOIR HOUUOM KOIM Mr. Jipson, L. Smith, J. Thalman, J. Garman, S. Winklar, M. Radtke, C. Williard, L. Moeckler, J. Stroiman, C. Smith, M. Fredenthal, KOW ZTWO. L. Hatfeild, L. Schilling, D. Halloran, C. Grimm, D. Mahnke, R. Osman, J. Hankin, M. Bern, S. Shukar, R. Pierner, M. Klinkert, HOW CHK55 S. Tornaw, M. Gaborsky, J. Gettleman, S. Herman, A. Shafton, E. Brengel, C. Hinkens, M. Holzman, S. Jelich, R. Drewek, J. Trarler, B. Weinberg, ROW SVOIIK. C. Talboys, J. Stanford, M. Shanley, T. Smith, J. Miller, A. Mundt, R Minkin, G. Richman, D. Heifetz, J. Jendlin, D. Westphal, E. Rezak, J. Peck, V. Sai- chek, M. Miller. 85 CONCERT BAN D PPLIED CONCERT BAND KOTTOJH KOU4 M. Altman, J. Pollack, J. Sparacino, S. Luck, J. Kraegel, J. Zens, F. Ziehm, S. Humphreys, L. Gruen, C. Levine, L. Ham- merschlag, J. Fischer, HOW TWO: J. Schoenhair, L. Martin, N. Schilling, B. Ruff, R Lick, K. Weise, J. Franz, N. Brendemuhl, L. Altshuler, C. Weeks, IZOW THREE G. Looper, L. Hilbert, D. Sen. L. Pinkham, R. Carter, B. Habeck, K. Eichsteadt, L. Otto, S. Reimer, G. Eichsteadt, D. Fox, R Gorbette, C. Eisenhardt, J. Grieger, R. Benz, D. Bartels, J. Reimer, M. Cox, K. Speight, HOW SVOIIH. M. De Vorkin, R. Bundeson, N. Quackenbush, W. Erickson, L. Kesselman,C. Escobar, L. Teple, K. Bugler, D. Peterson, P. Fischer, T. Weise, D. Bugler, S. Quackenbush, M. Berwick, T. Tennesen, R. Goerne, D. Schier, G. Radtke, KOW SVIVZZ M. Sil- verman, R. Sumanski, M. Temkin, D. Watson, D. Rutter, B. Lick, A. Taus, B. Krieger, P. Ritz, T. Schuett, C. Blesch, W. Pape, M. Marcus, Mr. Robert Johnson. CDNCERT CHQIR EXPERIME TED THEORY TO SERICUS MUSIC CONCERT CH0lR BOTTOM KOIM J. Champeau, B. Pinzer, K Jambor, L. Shimon, B. Marsh, F. Wendorf, M. Nienow, J. Winnik, J. Dahlman, J. Hammel, P. Goldsmith, L Picus, L. Roeming, P. Lisker, J. Rudolph, D. Conerton, HOW TWO. C. Ahrendt, V. Petzko, T. Tempkin, M. Levine, B. Stone, J. Filachek, M. Miller, L. Waisbren, J. Goldman, P. Ferguson, F. Olbrys, T. Distenfeld, B. Malley, S. Larson, S. Cohen, P. Heine, S. Lookatch, K. Kahn, ROW CHKE62 D. Grober, P. Fauber, B. Reynolds, L. Pittleman, B. Radtke, J. Kowalewski, P. Kiefer, C. Ellison, S. Younger, H. Sanderson, N. Marcel, S. Milant, E. Fredericksen, B. Lubotsky, P. Russell, V. Boxer, M. Chester, L. Mishlove, D. Bate, R. Grossman, ROW ?Ollk. L. Goodman, C. Dowsett, J. Edwards, J. Peckarsky, J. Segerdahl, H. Erickson, J. Peeples, J. Winston, S. Beduhn, J. Rice, W. Weinberg, M. Mesirow, S. Israel, J. Marino, D. Kruse, B. Backus, J. Nowick, T. Judge, Mr. Jipson. WITH TO E A D RHYTHM , X. x -nu. .J BITS VARSITY PLAYED LIKE CHAMPIONS Y . it 'V' . . Q gg 5 , Q2 Z g , W, . . . , """ " T' VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. HOUCOM ROM A. Stern, R. Johnson, B. Colwell, W. Younger, J. Melamed, J. Starke, S. Beduhn, R. Battermann, R. Pokrass, D. Dulberger, P. Sondel, HOW UWO. G. Rattner, J. Swenson, T. Stuhlmacher, M. Johnson, D. Keller, F. Manger, B. Reichgeld, M. Colegrove, P. Ritz, M. Mesirow, HOW CHK562 G. Levin, H. Glasspiegel, T. Koehler, K. Krueger, J. Kotecki, J. Schoenhair, S. Gorenstein, T. Lonnborg, W. Trosper, S. Rothstein, M. Gertler, G. Rieboldt, F. Gonzales, Coach Irwin, Coach Strehlowg COP HOW. K. Robertson, K. Hosler, J. Koeppen, M. Cohen, S. Rodwell, S. Bazelon, J. Grieger, D. Ritt- meyer, D. Dedrick, R. Walters, K. Zganjar, Coach Rice. Nicolet 's dream of an unbeaten football season this year was halfway successful. Until Brown Deer's power dazed Nicolet, the team was 4-O and rated in the state's top 20. Nicolet snapped back at Port Washington to finish third in the conference. Though the team finished as predicted, the season was a surprise from beginning to end. Number one quarterback Harry Glasspiegel was hurt before the season even began, seemingly wrecking the team's chances. Yet the backup man, really an end, tied a Nicolet record by throwing seven touchdown passes and carried NicoIet's offense for the first four games with his long passes to Melamed and Colwell. The quarterback, Steve Bazelon, was a junior, as were many ofthe starters this year. A young team, like NicoIet's, usually starts slowly and finishes strong as it gains experience. Instead this bunch won their first four games and then lost three of their last four to end the season. ' ' wx 3 .4 VV I I Honorable mention all-conference back, John Melamed readied himself Steve Bazelon was the most versatile of the Knights. Besides passing, he for the impact of this Brown Deer runner. punted, kicked off, and played defense. 90 ,Je f,,qff5y,,W,,. , ,, . '-www ,f Dale Dulberger all conference defensive halfback picked up a big first down in this gain against Port Washington. Nicolet 20 Hamilton Nicolet I9 Cedarburg Nicolet 27 Brookfield Central Nicolet 26 Brookfield East Nicolet O Brown Deer Nicolet 9 Homestead Nicolet 29 Port Washington Nicolet O Menomonee Falls Most valuable player Co-captains - Jon Starke, Mike Colegrove All Conference - Jon Starke, Dale Dulberger John Melamed, here receiving one of his fifteen receptions lead the team in pass receiving and scoring. fibgf, ,,.,, , ' ' gg. ' w p p, Q , f 4 ' , , f f , f , , J ' ," . I' 57? f H . JU IORVARSITY RDSE TO -I Jeff Schneider, one of the Junior Varsity's top backs, outran his opposition. f ' f V f", V W ,,,. ,',,W.!,.,y,,.. Y W 'TT I' It I, 4, ,',' uf? v"m"""'H1 Diving for a fumbled ball, Herb Wiedemann had it taken away by an ag- Forming a cup around Pete Kornman, Kim Starke and Wade Peck devel- gressive opponent. oped protective pass blocking. JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM: BOTTOM KOIM S. Bako, J. Sondel, T. Lore, J. Schneider, M. Kuffel, J. Treu, J. Kroening, A. Katz, S. Schneeweis, P. Kornman HOW UWO. S. Scott, J. Brown, M. McGowen, R. Kasal, J. Stahl, H. Wiedemann, L. Rattner, M. Heise, J. Knight, J. Etzweiler, COP KOW: Coach Wachs, D. Tros- per, C. Chenery, S. Jorgenson, W. Peck, M. Burke, K. Starke, N. Siegel, C. Miner, A. Mundt, D. Cybella, T. Ribar, R Olroyd, R. Carlson, Coach Hochtritt. 92 FROSH FELL TO 3-2-I FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM. KOZTOM 160114 P. Ellsworth, M. Kuehn, P. Granof, M. Bauman, D. Fransee, H. Jonowitsch, M. Sitarz, M. St. George, W. Sherer, J. Weber, J. Mueller, ROW ZWO. D. Vogeler, G. Endejan, S. Schalmo, J. Miller, S. Lewis, M. Kallman, S. Kupper, D. Frank, G. Maradik, S. Bursten, B. lngoldt, RF'N'? N. Matar, J. Lobner, M. Scott, KOW Z'J-IKSS. W. Dowsett, G. Richman, S. Unertl, S. Swidler, J. Jagger,T. Smith, R. Bub, S. Manley, A. Solochek, M. Sparacino, S. Shumow, R. Grugneri HOW .70llK. Coach Huxtable, Coach Mace, R. Tobian, C. Tie- sling, J. Crivello, T. Beduhn, T. Palay, W. Conway, D. Trosper, D. Gleszak, T. Van Es, B. Groeschell, P. Feerick, H. Schoenfeldt, Coach Bachman, COP HOW. C. Chapman, S. Silverstein, D. Recht, M. Maniaci, R. Drewek, M. Meister, B. Mandel, B. Wein- berg, B. Sieckman, T. Stahl, S. Grossman. Nicolet's freshmen demonstrated proficient line play, basic for any team's offense. T -Zak. :Ji 4455 .V 4 A successful point after touchdown demonstrated Nicolet's accurate kicking game. Breaking away from an open field tackle, Steve Manley went for a big gain. Q GRAPPLERS FACED TOUGH COMPETITIO Finding competition much more difficult and much more demanding this year, Nico- let's wrestlers lost their first three matches in close decisions. In their fourth dual meet, the knights came back, whipping Rufus King, 25-20. ln following meet competition Nicolet gained one more well-earned victo- ry, crushing Germantown 28-I5, to finish ninth in the Braveland Conference stand- ings. Taking an eighth place in the confer- ence tournament, the knights moved on to the state regional, where they upset several meet favorites. In the sectionals, Nicolet was represented by wrestlers Frank Olbrys Q95 lbs.Q and Kurt Krueger CI65 lbs.D. Clos- ing the season, Frank Olbiys qualified for VARSITY SQUAD: B'0Z'Z70,M IZOIIL F. Olbys, M. Manes, M. Nienow, D. Zarne, J. Sondel, J. Koshakow, TOP KONE G. Zieve, D. Reda, J. Kotecki, K. Krueger, S. Rothstein, D. Rittmeyer. Nicolet 20 Homestead Nicolet I8 Brookfield East Nicolet I8 Milwaukee West Nicolet 25 Rufus King Nicolet 22 Milwaukee South Nicolet I4 Brookfield Central Nicolet I7 Cedarburg Nicolet 28 Germantown Nicolet I8 Brown Deer Nicolet I6 Sheboygan South Nicolet I2 Port Washington Nicolet I8 Menomenee Falls Nicolet 5 Hamilton the state meet at Madison. Frank Olbrys, Nicolet's most valuable wrestler, skillfully maneuvered opponent Mark Manes into his unbreakable figure four body ride. 9113527 KOIIL D. Rittmeyer, K. Krueger, D. Reda, J. Koshakow, D. Zarne, M. Manes, F. Olbrys, M. Nienow, J. Sondel, G. Zieve, J. Kotecki, S. Rothstein, SEIZOND ROW. M. Mesirow, M. Gertler, S. Lewis, R. Shindell, K. Chen, S. Silverstein, M. Stoltz, D. Weber, D. Johnson, J. Kashou, M. Kuffel, J. Koeppen, 371-IJIYD HOW. M. Sylvester Cmanagerj, B. Pokrass, B. Tobian, P. Askot, T. Benner, M. Scott, R. Eaton, J. Schneider, T. Jaggard, D. Wangerin, L. Shindell, S. Grossman, S. Blu- menthal, J. Jorgensen, T. Smith, J. Gaines, J. Raithel, B. Hiller, J. Cherney, B. Ruff, J. Miller, C. Haeuser, D. Trosper, R. Olroyd Cmanagerj, NOZfP.76'Z'llK5D. Coach Strehlow and Coach Ross. Q. W 0 so va I I X X icy . Q li . f Q X X - 1 R. , . A www T...- E E 2 E During a warm-up, members practiced dives soon to be used in the state sectionals. SWIMMERS SPLASHED TO SUCCESS Building on only a dozen return- ing swimmers, this year's swimming team had an exceptionally good sea- son. Finmen won six out of their ten Zlgiiagilniliicnesvllle :QE dual meets achieved high places in Nonhshopeinvitational Qhird invitationals and triangular meets. Niqgletvg, Rhinelander 3l-64 Tl1l'Ougl'1 daily WOl'kOutS of swim- Nicolet vs.Sheboyegan South 70-24 ming, kicking, pulling' and more Nicolet vs.Sheboyegan North 60-34 swimming, the team improved as Elrlggvood 55533 members shortened their tlme and Nicolet vs Menomonee Falls 38-57 bettered their style. Doug Brengel Cardinal Relays sixth and Ditto Mueller broke school rec- Nicolervs-T053 West 20-75 ords in the IOO yard backstroke and Nlcfnet VS-.G'?e"'leld 3'f64 IOO yard freestyle respectfully. gxxonngvllatlonal Folglrfttlll Brengel, Mueller, and Bill Pape quali- State Meet Twelth fied in the state sectionals to go on to the state meet in which Mueller placed second in his event. HOCCOM ROM S. Rodwell, T. Judge, D. Nauert, J. Eschweiler, Captain D. Brengel, J. Kelley, R. Kratze, Captain J. Peckarsky, S6'60.ND HOW. K. Hosler, M. France, M. Atridge, J. Pingry, D. Wigle, J. Heiser, B Pape, B. Brucatto, Mr. L. Larimore, CHIKD KONL T. Millinowski, S. Heinecke, J. Reimer, G. Looper, F. Blau, T. Tenneson, D. Rutter, B. Bateman, COP H0114 B. lngolt, L. Padway, B. Mandel, S. London, T. Pa- lay, S. Unertl, P. Granoff, J. Scheinfeld, B. Marceau, C. Davies. Coach Larimore suggested improvements on .lim Peckarsky's style. ...wa . .il .- '05 . iz' " 'filli' iC.fFis"",' l II" .Ag 34 enlfjiff .Q ,1- www W wwf' ff! , fff W X , , , M F24 Wide M-MJ ' , , f 4 017, ' Aff , X, ffff ffffw fy" if 'ffl' 'iff Q1 I I aff 4 f 220' W7 f ,, ,,,.. . "Q," f ff , af f 1, ,,, ff! J f' ff If I I I ff' f f X f 1 , , f f -V 2 5524" N513 1, ,',,. ,ww-V 7 WC?-V ,. J, , My , f ag ,, NICDLET BEC-EAN LIKE WINNER, HAD T0 SETTLE FOR THIRD PLAC i Nicolet's l967-68 Varsity team improved upon last year's fourth place finish with a 9-7 conference mark and a third place finish. Steve Bazelon led the team' with 269 points, good for fifth place in the conference scoring race. Steve also was the con- ference's leading rebounder with 270 boards, earning him a place on the all conference team. Jim Bronson was the team's gunner, swishing 472 of his shots. Jim scored l96 points in conference action, mostly on long set and lump shots. Juniors Tom Lonnborg and Jeff Swenson and senior Bruce Colwell all added over one hundred points, with Swenson doubling as the team's playmaker. Senior Jon Starke came in when help was needed on rebounds. The team concluded the season success- fully by capturing the district trophy before moving into regionals. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM BOUCOM H0114 J. Starke, M. Shemburek, S. Bazelon, M. Colegrove, B. Colwell, Coach Puls, ,M.7DDL'6' KOHL K. Starke, J. Grie- ger, T. Lonnborg, J. Swenson, COP KOHL B. Levin, R. Walters, G. Rieboldt, J. Bronson. Nicolet 74 New Holstein 6I Nicolet Hamilton Nicolet Cedarburg Nicolet Menomonee Falls Nicolet Brown Deer Nicolet Homestead Nicolet Brookfield Central Nicolet Brookfield East Nicolet Port Washington Nicolet Menomonee Falls Nicolet Hamilton Nicolet Cedarburg Nicolet Brown Deer Nicolet Homestead Nicolet West Bend N icolet Brookfield Central Nicolet Brookfield East Nicolet Port Washington Nicolet Milwaukee Madison Nicolet Homestead 1 l Ken Zganjar added another bucket in leading the team over Burleigh. Nicolet 47 New Holstein 53 1 o Nicolet 67 Hamilton 70 Bill Trosper showed why he was the teams leading rebounder. Nicolet 40 Cedarburg 63 NiC0let 57 Menomonee Falls 66 Nicolet 45 Brown Deer 42 , J U I0 R VARSITY 45 HUM-d 40 Nicolet 44 Brookfield Central 60 ' Nicolet 55 Brookfield East 57 STRUGGLED TO 6-I2 60 50 Nicolet 48 Menomonee Falls 52 . Nicolet 4l Hamilton 83 n I 1 o Nicolet 62 Cedarburg 58 Despite having a losing record, the Junior Varsity dis- Nicolet 43 Brown Door 63 played spirit and teamwork. Playing against the same :iCO:2I gg lglvomegteaid Ag . . . ICO et est En schools as the varsity, the team finished at 6-I2. Ken Zgan Nicolet 5' Brookfield Central 54 jar, with 273 points, led the team, followed by Dan Dedrlck Nicolet 64 Brookfield East 57 and Bill Trosper, with I7O and l4O points respectively. Bill N'C0l9t 43 PON Washington 57 and Dan were the team's leading defensive players. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. l5'0Z'Z'0,M KOH4 D. Dedrick, J. Treu, M. Rudolph, W. Trosper, T. Ribar, R. Schobert, JMJDDJC5 ROMA A. Katz, D. Cy- bela, L. Rattner, W. McMorrow, COP KOUL J. Breit, J. Jackson, K. Zganjar, T. Grossman, J. Brown, Coach Irwin. J 4 , ,.. o f f ii!! it . at .., FROSH CDMPILED .667 RECORD The freshman ended their season with twelve wins and six losses. A major factor in the freshman success was their shoot- ing average of 45.42. This was accom- plished mainly by the efforts of Barry Stampfl, one of the highest scorers in freshmen basketball history. Barry scored 364 points, outdistancing his nearest teammate by 238 points. When Barry needed help, Tom Van Es, Todd Beduhn and Gary Maradik supplied it. N icolet 49 Nicolet 59 N icolet 57 Nicolet 52 Nicolet 54 N icolet 48 Nicolet 58 N icolet 54 Nicolet 54 N icolet 67 N icolet 45 N icolet 50 N icolet 42 N icolet 67 N icolet 44 N icolet 43 N icolet 40 Nicolet 50 Whitefish Bay Burleigh Cedarburg Port Washington Pilgrim Park Shorewood Grafton Homestead Brown Deer Grafton Hamilton Homestead Menomonee Falls Shorewood Port Washington Burleigh Whitefish Bay Cedarburg Barry Stampfl, the BIG reason that Nico- let's frosh were I2-6, here tipped the ball to Gary Maradik. HOKCOM H0114 E. Stenzel, T. Beduhn, T.. Van Es, B. Stampfl, H. Janowitsch, H. Schoenfeldt, B. Groeschell, MIDDI5 HOW R Pezolt P Backus A Solochek P. Shamburek, G. Maradik, J. Meyer, B. Marcusi COP HOW: G. Losinski, S. Shumow, C. Gridley, J. Kendall, M. Meister R Bub Coach Davis 1. ,,...f5f N 99 Z . 4 at .4QEfff-. Dennis Berg, reaching for a well-earned place card, contributed to the Har- rier's overwhelming victory at Kletch Park. HARRIER EAR ED CHA PIONSHIP The '67-'68 Cross Country Squad proved to be one of the best to date, as well as one of the largest in Nicolet's history. Led by Tom Bach and Dennis Berg, the varsity and junior varsity runners, through hard work and determi- nation, ran a very successful season. Each boy improved as the season prog- ressed, developing his abilities to their greatest extent, each helping to make the team championship squad it proved to be. The Harriers ended the season with an excellent record. They won the Braveland Conference title, the Grafton Invitational title and the North Shore Invitational title. They also finished seventh in the State sectional and gained a record of nine wins and one loss in Dual meets. To cap off the sea- son, Tom Bach, elected most valuable runner by the squad, captured the title of number one runner in the state of Wisconsin. At Esterbrook Park the varsity squad started determinedly on its run to the North Shore Invitational title. After all the other members of the team had left for the lockerroom, Tom Bach was still practicing, preparing for the State meet. BOTTOM KONG B. Holtzman, B. Satell, J. Maier, B. Kops, H. Becker, K. Wilson, R. Wetherbee, R. Shulaker,T. Kelly, D. Berg, HOW UWO: A. Zieve, J. Koshak ow, Wm. Backes, T. Dewey, G. Zieve, C. Bupp, B. Pezoldt, S. Zastrow, T. Strutz, M. Altman, E. Naimon, HOW UHK561 G. Looper, B. Shamburek, C. Chapman N. Padway, B. Pape, G. Herman, T. Milanowski, J. Erdman, S. Wetherbee, J. Buzzard, T. Bach, M. Rudolph, J. Wendorf, Coach Bieterman, COP KOIIA T. Ra thiel, C. Sauer, S. Augustin, J. Jacobs, D. Scott, M. Lang, B. Girdauskas, J. Aldridge, D. Guidinger. K ICSHTS NETTED ANoTHER vlctokv The state's championship tennis trophy reveals the story of Nicolet's team. Repeating their victory of three years ago, the Knights captured the highest honor any tennis team can receive. Outstanding individual performances sparked the team. Captain Scott Pearlstein won the state's singles championship, and the doubles team of Wally Bronson and Jim Hoffman rated third in the state. In keeping with the legend of Nicolet's tennis team, the netmen won eleven out of eleven dual meets. won two out of three multiple meets, placed first in the Braveland Con- ference, and placed first in the state sectionals. . f X YW VARSITY: FOZUQM KOW: J. Melamed, J- Rifhman. H- Glasspiegel. J. Ratlner. JUNIOR VARSITY. EOTCOM KOH! L. Rattner, R. Erlien, J. Lewenauer, S. T. Duhker. W- Bl'0l1S0ns TOP F0114 D- Fling. J. Hoffman. P. Hytken, T. Feffer, J. Bazlan, M. Johnson, J. Treu, COP H0144 L. Feiss, M. Gindlin, R. Lieberman, Ffiedlafldef. 5- P28l'lSI2iI1. Mr- C- B3Chm3fl- J. Scheide, J. Maresh, A. Katz, B. Kops, Mr. C. Runningen. Champion Scott Pearlstein concentrated on his' forehand grip. Tom Dunker, Scott Pearlstein. Wally Bronson, and Jim Hoffman strode to better net shots. 101 Madison West Relays Third Menomonee Falls, Homestead First Chet Wa ngerin Relays First Shorewood Relays First Pius, Brown Dear Second Knights Relays First Monona Grove Relays Third Conference Meet First Brookfield East First Sectional First State Meet Fifth Although Bill Trosper was in third place in his leg of this relay, the team won the race by almost IOO yards. TRACKME EAR ED THE LAUREL WREATH The season began as all seasons do-with rain. Forced to take refuge from the constant downpours, Il5 athletes began eight weeks of conditioning. Every athlete, even the natural runner and the born high jumper, had to stretch his endurance in preparation for the approaching skirmishes. And though the season began with the inevitable indoor practice, forcing teach- ers and students to watch their step in the halls, all was not gloomy. For the team already showed promise, demonstrating spirit, enthusiasm and a determination to succeed. The transfer of Bach and Aldridge plus the surprise performance of sen- iors Quisler and Prout in their first year out strengthened the returning nucleus of Gaborsky, Hayes, Trosper, and Dallman. The team ran up a tremendous record, winning five invitationals and three triangulars. Tom Bach's 4:24.5 in the mile, Jeff Swenson's and Gordy Dickinson's l2'8" in the pole vault, and the mile relay team's 3:25.l set school records, while the 880 team's time of l:3O.I tied the school record. VARSITY SQUAD: HOFCOJH HOW: D. Dulberger, B. Trosper, J. Swenson, T. Bach, D. Pinzer, G. Kukla, M. Gaborsky Cmost valuable playerj, G. Dallman, L. Johnson, G. Piering, .MJDDIX HOW: J. Aldridge, J. Buzzard, D. Berg, G. Dickinson, J. Handley, G. Quisler, S. Naimon, K. Krueger, E. Lewis, J. Kotecki, 27017 HOW. H. Kesselman, J. Starke, M. Gertler, R. Ericson, D. Guidinger, J. Schoenhair, J. Grieger, G. Prout Qcaptainj, R. Hayes, C. Johnson, J. Smith, E. Aldridge, H. Pollack. M 102 . fl , fi, . . 'fir -f-ff - , s. 'ff rf, .. 'S 1 l V ' 7 'v '- fif- "W '. ...Jw ' V 5.--V+. ' -- 1- ' ' - .iv 1- Q li- f . - ,' - 4' '5'v,-- -, - . Y' ' ' '- 3' ' 'obs' 'sfi:'ff.aF"'7.--1-was .' ., 1 m... . ' 5 " ' - ' A E V 'J' 'T 1 l. g 1 f::?.21??4-.Iwi 1 -.g "Wish: A ' rg - L.. W. -iff' .. . - FRESHMAN SQUAD: KOZ'Z'0,ll H0112 S. Heinecke, B. Sattell, R Kasal, S. Wetherbee, K. Zganjar, J. Segerdahl, K. Starke, P. Marck, ,ll!DZ7.L't' 160112 J. Koeppen, M. France, S. Schneeweis, M. Altman, K. Hosler, M. Kuffel, S. Engel. R. Bernstein, D. Trosper. B. Levin, T017 130112 R. Olroyd. C. Chenery, M. Halliburton. A. Milanowski, E. Naimon, J. Wissing, M. Lauwasser, S. Stern, M. Wasilevich, R. Schobert,T. Schuett, P. Kornman, T. Ribar, L. Kesselman. Overcoming three disappointing years, Jerry Piering showed the drive and power which made him the Knight's top hurdler of '67. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD: HOZ'Z'0.fll k'011'. J. Ellsworth, J. Bronson, G. Rattner, R. Shulaker. R. Wether- bee, J. Hamill, A. Zieve, K. Wilson, J. Gimbel, G. Zieve, ,TIJDDIE 130112 G. Rieboldt, J. Reiss, D. Peckham,T. Lonnborg, B. Tincknell, W. Shamburek, M. Mesirow. J. Ross, M. Dewey, K. Chen, J. Schuster, T. Raithel, B. Gir- dauskas, T017 130112 K. Robertson, J. Erdmann, W. Krie- ger, S. Rothstein, D. Johnson, N. Siegel,J. Schaetz, R. Goerne, D. Dedrich, D. Rittmeyer, G. Looper, M. Lange, D. Scott, J. Sauer, S. Scott. GCLFERS BETTERED BE TON'S M GIC 43 VARSITY SQUAD. KOCTOM ROW: R. Fisher, J. Wagner, R. Barry, P. Ritz, COP H0114 R. Jones, K. Golf is not ordinarily thought of as a team sport, but as a challenge to the in- dividual athlete. However, the l967 squad had an unusual team quality, for every week a different player sparked his team with an outstanding performance. The top six golfers each won a first or second place medal during the season. Through their efforts, the team won two nine team meets, one triangular, and the Braveland all conference meet. The golf squad also placed second in the two oth- er nine team meets and the three re- maining triangulars. On the basis of per- formances in these nine meets, the team won the conference championship. The team also won the West Bend Invitation- al and placed eleventh in the Whitefish Bay Invitational and third in their sec- tional. Mastenbrook, R. Hurwitz, J. Barry, L. Goodman, Coach Benton Head angling downward, weight shifting forward, arms flexing outward, Bobby Jones demonstrated the form that earned him the most valuable player award. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD, KOTCOM KO11L R. Newman, M. Luire, B. Bateman, M. Leno, COP H0114 G. Sieckman, R. Leclaire, R. Sattler, T. Koehler. FRESHMAN SQUAD, KOZTOJ14 KO114 M. Russell, M. Becker, J. Wiggen, J. Sondell: COP H0116 T. Grossman, G. Sineni, J. Breit, P. Scholl. 104 With a determined look, sophomore Kirk Hosler set his eyes on that elusive home run. UPA STEP In the summer of I967 Coach Huxtable's baseball team finished eighth in the conference, a one-step improvement over the previous year's record. Two players were named to All-Conference teams. Outfielder Quisler was selected for the first team and team captain and pitcher Fischer for the second team. Quisler was also chosen by his teammates as the most valuable player. Since most players were juniors, the team could look ahead to tak- ing a larger step up next year. I VARSITY: HOZ'Z'0,M H0114 Hosler, Fischer, Kukla, Quisler, MJDDIK H0114 Fratrick, Menger. Cole- grove, Swenson, 5017 H0114 Price, Pinzer, Sieckman, Kolowith. Nicolet 4 Brown Deer 5 Nicolet 7 Hamilton 7 Nicolet I Cedarburg 3 Nicolet 7 Brookfield Central 0 Nicolet 2 Homestead 3 Nicolet I Menominee Falls O Nicolet 5 Port Washington 4 Nicolet O Brookfield East I Nicolet 4 Brown Deer 6 Nicolet O Hamilton 2 Nicolet 4 Cedarburg 5 Nicolet 7 Brookfield Central II Nicolet 5 Homestead 6 Nicolet I Brown Deer 5 Nicolet 2 Menominee Falls 6 Nicolet I Port Washington 7 Nicolet 6 Brooktield East 5 JUNIOR VARSITY: l?027Z'0,M k0ll4 Price, Cohen, Rattner, Olbrys, MIDDLE ROW: Katz, Kuffel Shepherd, C017 KOUL Rudolph, Kowalewski, Hiller, Dedrick .1 MJ Junior Greg Siekman, who pitched for three out of the four winning games, demonstrated his winning form. ., ' swf., 1. . 1 4VV VV,1 1 1x"4- , M? .' '. faq," 3 ,fn .. ' , .1 .yn 11,14 'Q - 'pfqvfy ' 115 'K 2 '1'1g"34.'xS.v 1. V 1. Vi VVV f :ww ,gp 1 , .V ,t an .1 1. . .- 1111 .. ' 1.11155 Vg' - 1 ,. ., ,uvfgcvg 1 ai 1. 1.1-12 -' 'Y f. ru- -. '. 1 ' ' 51 '? . 93.51 "uvE'3T, ...'L . 21 x 1, , . " , .1 . . ' .11 m - . 1. . 1 - . . 1 1. .1 ...ww 1 M- 1 ., 1 ,, , 7 . . ., ..,,, ,.,,. .. fm , A, . V' ' " ' g f"""i Vi S iff "4 Q .415 JV. V, , .X V.. 'A' sf 55.3. 3 ' p1 1? ,Q-,V ' "Ma -'rwv 'fur' 1 X. x . . , -1 wi me 151 ' -4 W4 A 1 ww-1. - - . 1-15, W , .- 12 M . .Y W A ' H ,IN S 1 A "1 1- 1 M ,- 5, -1 " ' - . .51 Q.. . . 1 1" - -' 1 n 1- f if K 5133 uvvixxfl- Q 1 " 2 1 LWFIESAV 'if' . 1 . 1 6 AVA ,R A I QVWV1, ,V ' V' . V V531 . ' 'V' 34- -2' , '5'15x 1' ' . .W gy x . ,i2...-1ki".f?.1w'5', , K N 1V V4 y -,Q-r. 'V"f ', 1 ,X X 15 f' Y, M'-i:'f,4r2' Q . K f- , R . , ,ggi -gf K . , ' 'fi' gf'-xx. 1 .x-3. . -,' ,--:v,,":!tstg. "- H' ' . 1 Q11 1'- -My '- . V1 Q5 -111 -,V 3 , V .V .V A '- ', 2' " "V 'f , I' ., ' 1 'mv ' L .145-gi 'fq . u ' -4 'q,,-.avg , .Jw-". :gig 2 'Cf 1 31151: 1-fin-fm fr' '1 5111- 1 " 1 1 .. 1, 1- , 3 V 1- f 1- 1 M I l Q , 1V,f.V1.V,,.V ,SQ 5... VV VV., V . ui 1 , V Q-gg 1 Q ,w w - 1 1 ,- -1 1,1 1 1+ ,af vw.. ' g f L- , X ' '- Z , '. 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Y. fa fy" ."' . ' ' ' ' ,1 ak, , 'MV ' L , V VV 4, -,VV V V si. 1 . -' 24.4 ff N Q ,ff V 4 V V .. ,. . K L ,VV1 V Wg, -1 , . fl , ' '1 f gf' V - A ' V ,, ' ' 'QV 'WQA Jffdzfif' ' , 1. . . ., . . , .M - 23 . gf-, ,VF ? V V xv . V V is . Va . , V V -.,- . E 13 fV4"9.wVV , 1- .12 'vw , ' 41.49. V- 1 1 1, , 4. ' KQQQ, H f 1 1 LJLV I . '1:.y, 1 Z: V V .. V Q W. VV WVU W- ,A VV . , V VV ., V .VV . W .1 ,V v L gg +5251 ' V . , ... 1. .. -5. 419 V -t . . ff.. 5, V '- . -14 -ff 11 x ., ' 5. A If V ,K f ga ,LV .gg V W MY H 1 I V f1 ' 1 . A ' 53' W we . . . .., -212433 11 V1 .1 -+6313-,:11e.u H,-1zi".'k' 9 'HM " ' Q3 5 . 1 . , .fy 1.1 .1-, .- " 9 ' C 1 .1f"' W s 3 374 . 1 . ,,,. 1 ' 11 . 2, ' 1. - x ' ' -I 1.11, - 11 ? 1 '1' 115 , . .:V. ,. V, yy ff A' ' 1 , , -'-. Vx V "4 -if .,, ,sf'jBl.-5 11, ' .1 , ,- 1. 1 .. -. , .gf 1 ga., . , . V -J, V , Qlgifzzyf , .gi ,V I y wi' K' ffi' , ' , 2 1- Aa ,er 13- -f ... 1 - ' if-11. 1 . , '--'J L "" ' . 'MVB , sy ' -2 -1 if -1 . . - V . 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'ti -Qyf,,,A.. 1 ., i 1 ,I - A 1 ,--' K T?"-f. 4- x ,Q ,. f' I ff .V 'L -1 - . ' f J ? X ' 1 - 1 A .. ' Q- , a . , 4, .,- 'tex N' ."" 5 ' Af FEM , r r 1 'CL u..t -x , 'N A ,M ' ' " 4 f VC - '52 . xgfz, N . ' 'Z uk 'Vis ' 'J v. -,L , . . ,- Y A 1 , .. Ju: F ,Vg QL 'gn ' Y , Q , ff P , Q fl.-,wx x X, A I , .' 5 , ,V '-Af V A . K " 'N' ,- 4 4 1 I ,, A .f - ' N f w OL- 1 A f, 'Q 1 ' -f -3 ' g1f-.-"',fvf-1w-- X f M , -L ' rf , 4 - I My 2 qs, A ,',. ' " - 'Y' ' x 4 U 'QW f A ,' 5 '2 .W xy X ,k tx' S. X v km .QE E A-vw 4 X " 1 Al' xfs ,P - ,. on -" 1, . fy 1 f-9' 's 1 ,. l, n jf 'I A47 , ...fill wir, we ff 4, .x .- 'Ltl 9' '51 x. , f. 11? FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Jim Gutglass, president, Greg Richman,vice-president,Sue Young, treasurer, Linda Schill- ing,secretary. Bakalars, Lee Bampton, Marcia Barnett, James Baron, Janet Battermann, Gary Bauman, Michael Baecker, Charles Beduhn, Todd Bender, Randi Benz, Kathy Bern, Mindy Berwick, Barbara Binder, Glenn Blachly, Vicki Bleier, Tim Blumberg, Bonnie Blumenthal, Steven Bograd, Frances Boldt, Pat Bollow, Frederic Borth Robert Boxer, Mark Braam, Michael Brengel, Edith Brickman, Harriet Brindis, Jo Ann Brodbeck, Randy Bronson, Wendy Bryson, Nancy Bub, Richard Bucolt. Glenn Budzinski, Debra FRESHMEN SOLVED THE NICCDLET MAZE Abramson, Benita Adair, Dennis Adornato Cynthia Ahrendt, Kim Aldenhoff, Diane Ambrookian, Sandra Anderson, Keith Anderson Kristi Anhalt, David Appleby, Gary Appleby, Kitty Armour, Julie Artin, Susan Askot, Phillip Atlas, Les Backus, Paul SEARCHED FDR FA lLlAR FACES Burchman, Lori Burroughs, William Bursten, Bruce Bursten, Scott Buth, Christine Butler, William Byers, Robin Cadillac, Don Carey, Tinia Ceaman, Judith Chapman, Craig Chapman, Nancy Cheeks, Carolyn Chernay, James Chiesa, Donald Cianciolo, Linda Cohen, Barbara Conway, William F. Cook, James Crivello, Joseph Cunningham, V.L. Cutler Diane Dailey, Timothy Dallman, Lyle - '-u Q' , :Az 4 482, mf fav ,, .,,,., . . ,,,, Q f J , , Q l" 1, I, xx 3 ' s' ,V kin 5 mr A : ri. 7- , J ., 19. 1, ,, f eg, nf 1 XZ, fffff 4'f' X f ff f , , , f V f 1 ' , f X if f V f ff tl ,L ':1?,' A A ' UQ, Flowers, Lynda Foley, Patrick Fox, Dale Frank, Cynthia Frank, Daniel Fransee, Donald Franz, Joan Fredenthal, Mindy Fredericksen, John Frenkel, Danny Fres hwaters, Mark Frieberg, John Friedrich,.Karen Froemming, Curt Fromstein, Jane' Gaines, Howard Galewskii, Stephen Garman, Jacquelyn Gehweiler, Richard Geiger, Catherine Gellman, David Gettelman, James Gorlzer, John Goetzke, Gary E! 47 i f f Damico, Tom Dannenberg, Harry Davies, Charles Deangelis, Mary Jo Deising, Jane Delaplain, Stephen Diefenthaler, A. Dittmar, Debra Dourgarian, Doug Dowsett, William Drewek. Richard Edelman, Robert Edwardson, Kris Ehr, Michael Eichsteadt, Gary Elconin, Michael Ellsworth, Peter Endejan, Gregory Erickson, William Evans, Lawrence Everts, Susan Feerick, Patrick Fine, Suzanne Fisher, Mary Jo X 'ffii 109 42 ,yy I Q' . ,Q E W I' ' I IF y . ..., f- t I Jw x xf Y ,ts .: - , Str M . X . fb? 45 Q3 5. A , Q 4 5 Y 9, " X 1.1 ,W R ,.,, .1 Hasley,Scott Hasley, Terry Hauck, Steve Heifetz, Deborah Heise, John Herbst, Mari Lee Herman, Suzanne Herman, Vicky Herold, Jane Herrick, Nancy Higgins, Kathryn Hill, Timothy Hiller, William Himes, Scott Hinkens, Christine Hintz, Jacquie Hirsch, Jeffrey Hogan, Thomas Hogeboom, Starr Hokanson, Kathleen Holland, Marla Holman, Andrew Holub, Robert Holzman, Marilyn BECA E AWARE QF SIX WEEKS mee . Q 0,85 K. -Q, Q S, . 4,- . : sf f ":',2: v 1 w pl. 1 og of 1 is 5 , I N: . 4 5 J 'I 5 "-sf" Q ' or f My , My ,wa- l sa' ,ya 3 70 Q 1, y J Q v A be Q , ' -1 s , s gf C N ,fs D 4 N ha K 3 f -, .,a. fx: ,Q- W' , ,. 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' - ffl., G f-ff ,fy Qigwgg P QXQ 0 ' Q 9' 1 Q J, A , ., P , Y , , ,. :Mft Goldin, Martin Goldman, Laurie Gollin, James Gollner, David Gorectke, Craig Grabowski, Jo Ann Granof, Perry Greenamyer, Gayle Greenebaum, Sally Gridley, Clifford Grober, Debra Groeschell, Bruce Grossman, Linda Grossman, Scott Gruoner, Richard Guex, Jeffery Gutglass, James Habeck, Beverly Hadfield, Lynn Haeuser, Charles Hahn, Gail Hall, JoAnn Halloran, Diane Hamel, Robert Hamer, Donna Hammerschlag, Ron Handley, Penelope Hankin, Julie Harder, Don Harris, Judy Hasek, Mark Hasey, Susan Hoppe, Chris Alan Horton, Julie Howard, Susan Humphreys, Susan Hunt, David Hyde, Dorothy lngoldt, Bruce Jackson, Gregory Jacobson, Marc Jagger, John Janowitsch, Helmut Jascula, Robin Jeatran, Julie Jelich, Susan Jendlin, Jay Jenkins, Walter EXPERIENCED FIR T EXAMS Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Richard Johnston, Jennifer Jones, James Jones, Willard Jorgensen, Jeffrey Kabins, Jeffrey Kaempfer, Kay Kahn, Jeffrey Kaiser, Bruce Kaiser, Terry Kallman, Matthew Karides, George Kaufman, Lynne Kaufmann, Harry Kaul, Barbara 44' Kelble, Karen Keller, Richard C. Kelly, Thomas C. Kendall, Joseph Kenehan, Joan Kern, Douglas Kiedrow, Judith Kiessling, B. Kilian, John Kimmel, Michael Kimmel, Steve Kittower, Peter Klapperich, Nancy Klassa, l.arry Klein, Richard Kline, William Klinkert, Mary Knab, Sally Ann Knap, Laura Kniaz, Diane Knops, Craig Koch, Kristine Koepke, Jon Kohlbeck, Terry Kolowith, Barbara Komisar, William Kraft, Deborah Krieger, Barbara Krohn, John Kuehn, Michael Kuemmerlein, Dan Kuntz, Gerald 4. ,. 7, B ,gy g 1 2 s , ,. ,... 95 Apprehension on their faces, Frosh cheerleading candidates awaited their trial. 4 " by 5 3 , 2 , , at f ' , a. ' . ' iff A '., if' Q ' fi . :f" ' Q A 3 9 .,,,,,. , Mu, V, 4:1 I af Jn' f ,V ,. ., , V if ff r 11 ... 'Ury . wt. . Wk! ' .Q fist 1 3 . 'gan . fy. V' .,.. x9 42? dui " 9 E 5 4 'Z We Mt 3 if FRESHMTE LEARNED TE MCHEER Lewin, Jeffrey Lewis, Steven Lichtman, Peter Lieberthal, Jerry Lindsay, Darryl Lobner, Jeffrey Loeffler, Becky Loke, Donna London, Steven Looper, Cathy Lorch, Tom Lord, Margaret Losinski, Gary A. Lubotsky, Jody Lucht, Daniel Luedeman, Gayle Lukitsch, Gary Lurie, James Luther, Gary Lutsky, Aviva Mahnke, Debra Malloy, Gregory Mandel, Barry Mandel, William v X Bi W f ,. ig, , .V L HA ' ' W ' A... ,.. . .... ,..,., . ..,,... . . ., . 5 ? A f DQ Q , 4 Z s " , N A f V , 4 9 f f A N 1 , , ,, 1 ., .11 V, gy X qw b l '- Kupper, Steven Kvasnica, Richard Lahl, Barbara Landers, Timothy Lange, Carl Langetieg, Karen Larimore, Nina Laur, Keith Lawrence, Jeffrey Leidel, Michael Lemanczyk, James Lemanczyl, Susan Leopold, Kipp Letizia, Richard Levine, Susan Lewenauer, John :l1':'1'5':'5 5ifE53 : ff. ' X'-2-2'z5?v J 1 ,ski ,,., , 6 gk 4 l K I ,- -.v. sf .f,' gg,- ,I -ff -1,1-fa if S ., " ' 'X ' ' ., X ,,', , I f f ,Q 5145 I h. 4 .-.,, 1.53 , ,af -' ' -t" " 3 ff f XA 4 f Q Qf! A 4 , , 4 f sf f 1 1 ,... 6, 2' Manes, Laurel Maneger, Kay Maniaci, Michael Manley, Steven Mann, Barbara Mansfield, Susan Marach, Patrick Maradik, Gary Marceau, Brian Marchand, Jackie Marcus, Bruce Marcus, Marc Margolis, Howard Mark, Denise Marshall, Jeffrey Matar, Norman Matichek, Susan Mayer, Paul Mayer, Thomas Mclntosh, Peter McLarty, David McMahon, Sheila Mehran, Shereen Meister, Mark Mendeloff, Cheryl Merar, David Meyer, Jeffrey Michaelsen, Jill Milhaupt, Barbara Millela, Dennis Miller, James Miller, Jeffrey 4 MEMORIZED THE SCHQQL SUNG Miller, Marilyn Miller, Mark Minkin, Richard Miottel, Karen Mitchell, Nancy Mitz, Carolyn Montag, Heidi Mor, Michael Moss, Barbara Mueller, James Mueller, Jeanne Mycynek, Judith Nashban. Brooke Nelson, Jill Nelson, Wayne North, Nancy Novak, Mark Novey, Jeffrey Nowak, Susan Nye, Nancy Okerlund, Karen O'Leary, Reginald Oleszak, Dirk Oleszak, Nancy Orenstein, Jill Osman, Roxanne Ostach, Jeffrey Otto, Lois Padway, Lawrence Pahlisch, Gary Palay, Thomas Papa, Suzanne Parker, David Parshalle, Jeffrey Peck, Jodi Pestka, Paul Pethe, Bruce Petros, Diane Pezoldt, Richard Picciurro, Dominic Pierner, Roberta Pierson, Wendy Pinkham, Laurie Pinter, Vicke Pittelkow, Mark Plank, Jody Pollack, Janie Pollow, Jill f ,pf an ia ,, These Freshmen boys tried their hardest to exhibit skill at the practice before the final cut off forthe Frosh basket- ball team. REGISTERED FOR VGTI G PRIVILEGE, "'A 5, V AE:l 3 V,-f: J f t , .,., , ff J, , ft i ty , 1 M I , . f Q A argl.. f 3 ' ,,,.:g11- if , ' ' 4 of fgfff- 27Z7f?f"" Mt 1 f 7 , W lf ZW f J V n N411-1:-rl 7 f W 1- 1-23 4, 1 4 4' W My 4 , 1 x 15 ftffgy .41 t P , , f. ,.,i-tt. 'f , , .1 -, , 'ff' 6' I 4 x 2 ,.., -I .,- . I I ,:: i.1':'.:'v' ,I -, , ,,..,.. , fr- V -.-,, 1 M. . " After registering with Social Studies Club member, Freshman received their ballots to vote for class officers. if f or v .au-, f ' A4-:f.4g.g9yfy":Z0, ' 'f4tigrMgff'f'1i?3f K y ff A 2, f 1 ft ' '- wif' 5 i . ' yiej A 1 f fl, If Y K Q 25:5 ,.,, ,y-f-- -14-V7-.1 ,,,,- t f--,-f f, f ,, V I fr f f f 1 f 1 Q3 'za 74, 1, , . , ,J ,, 1 - - f ' f - A-.W , t as f Z f 'ttr ' f m " ' .' V- , - , ,- V 4 . 1 :-.4 ! 1 P' f , J. P' af f f f Z J f 4 N 1 Zi Portertield, Kevin Portnoy, Linda Pos ner, Alan Price, Kerry Quackenbush, Brad Radtke, Maxine Raithel, John Ramminger, James Rand, Richard Randall, Robert Recht, Daniel Reese, Michael Reif, William Rezak, Donald Rezak, Eileen Richman, Gregory Ritz, Christine Robinson, Jay Rodgers, David Roll, David Roozen, Jeffrey Rosenberg, Laurey Rotter, William Rubin, llane Sue Ruderman, Lori Ruff, Brad Ruppa, Daniel Russel, Scott Rybold, Thomas Sagstaedter, Hans Saichek, Vicki St. George, Michael Sasso, Eric Scarvaci, Robert Schaaf, John Schalmo, Scott Scheinfeld, John Scherer, Karen Schilling, Linda Schmitt, Robert Schneeweis, Nancy Schneiker, Chris Schober, Frank Schoenfeldt, H. Schroeder, Barbara Schoettl, Laura Schultz, Scott Schumaker, Bonny ll4 ELECTED FIRST STUDE T LE DER Scott, Michael Segall, William Seidl, Sherry Seif, Diane Sellin, Richard Senn, Debbie Sennett, Gary Shackman, Carol Shafton, Andrea Shamburck, Peter Shanovich, C. Shapson, Steve Sheldon, James Sheperd, Michael Sherer, William Shernell, Robyn Shindell, Larry Shomperlen, Doug Shumow, Steven Shukur, Sally Shulkin, Dara Sieckman, Brian Siegel, Robert Silbar, Margo Silverman, Craig Silverman, Mark Silverstein, Steve Silverstein, Tammy Singer, Matthew Sitarz, Michael Skwierawski, Dean Smith, Caren Smith, Janine Smith, Lynn Smith, Michael Smith, Thomas Sobol, Jerri Solochek, Arlen Sonin, Beth Sparicino, Michael Spector, Jill Spewachek, Amy Squires, David Staats, Curtis Stahl, Thomas Stamas, Kristine Stampfl, Barry Stanford, Janette fr S Q-s ,y QI 5 fu.. , W is My 3 3' 465 , 6 If 5 fx Ze f 2 X it x af PW v is x sw 4 6 C fb 1321, 4 A' vw,-4 X J: 1' I Effx: W it 5 ,E 5 M C. is S V. , ' 'wiv L 'z Q. .- J Stathas, Cynthia Stathas, Yvonne Stefaniak, Bonnie Stein, Steven Steiner, Jody Stenzel, Edwin Stern, Bruce Stern, Joel Stone, Andrew Straub, Leslie Ann Stroiman, Jeri Stuhlmacher, Tom Surdyk, Thomas Swerin, Renee Swidler, Steven Talboys, Christy Tarnof, Madelyn Tenhaken, Gary Tennessen, Pat Tess, Beverly Thalman, Jan Thompson, James Thomson, Susan Tierney, Mark sf- FRQSH SLIRVIVED THEIR FIRST YEAR A A f X f 5 i if , 'M 34, 'f ,f f f f .mg V . f Waxer, Miriam Waxman, Marsha Weber, James Weber, Lisa Weeks, Jim Weinberg, Bradd Weller, Thomas Wells, James Wemple, Cathy Wendle, Thomas Wentz, David Westphal, Diane Whipple, Jeff White, Thomas Whitfield, Nicolas Wiedeman, Douglas 4Wilfong, Daryl Willyerd, Karie A. Winfrey, Oprah G. Winkler, Susan Winter, Jeffrey Wirth, Cynthia Wisler, Charles Yanow, Beth Young, Susan Zachariasen, Lyn Zaclhe, James Zareck, Jack Zedler, Penelope Zeiger, David Zembrosky, Jeffrey Zien, Debra fT3ff,42.. " . My f -2 12 7'4" , -V -, ..,, V. , , . f ,L . f f f S g FRESHMAN: NOK' I7.76Z'llk6'D: Laurel Beers, David Canfield Gary Edwardsl Thomas Hink, John Hoffmeister, Wendy Kravit: Margaret Lange, Jeanna Miller, Jill Nowak, Ronald Tobian Dean Weller, Larry Wischer, Denise Withey ll6 Tiesling, Chris Tiesling, Debra Tishberg, Tammy Toeller, Susan Traxler, Jeanne Troester, lrmgard Trosch, Lynn Trosper, Douglas Troutman, Bobby Trump, Roxanne Unertl, Scott VanDenBerg, Tracy Van Es, Thomas Vann, Christine Varish, Margaret Victor, Roberta Vogeler, Dana Vogeler, Terry Vredenbregt, Jeff Wageman, Tracy Wakefield, C. Wangerin, Dan Wasserman, Harry Wasserman, Judith f ,wtf .1 Q..-75 f' . . ,Kffwo .-'M AM Q , f , ,,,,,, st i X I 7 I , , f f 2 if 1' kia 4 yy f 1 Q 4 ef Zucker, Larry Zurlo, Rosemary SGPHOMDRES RETUR ED E MASS 41, 'Q r'5','fi' ' "1 ' 14.7 V, 8,14 W. ,j .11 vp-L' . ,-ffff, Qin - L. f ,H --. 4, l A ,gf .v -, sa.. w , ,vga ,Msn v.. xx ,ww ' A ,ew F -'ev' Af .,Q.-gtfgy-15:-. . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Aronson, president, Scott Hatch, vice-president, Fred Croen, treasurer, Betsy Tillman, secretary. ' E as at K ' A Lb 'X 8 Bain, Barbara Bako, Steve Ballone, Eric Bate, David Becker, Ann Becker, Michael Becker, Randi Sue Beckwith, Cathy Beimline, Chris Belgum, Cathie Bennewitz, K. Beno, Susan Berger, Karen Berk, Vicki Berlin, Jeffery Bernstein, Richard f .1 WQZ7' ' '-Q 212, , ,I"-1211 1'-:ff C" "" 'W f , ,, , " ',f'g:3'Q! 1 4 ' f ' Y f .-tiff 1 i1'?s fin- - , ' if ' ' A 1, y ' 1' flz t,,- fy, wp. , .-f 711, , Q . ,,,,,, EEE, A 1" W 'il sf ' '-qf --'eA 911 'b on f' ,jf , 4 ,, 12 I , f cf f X , Adair, Patrick Adashek, James Albert, Suzan Albrecht, Susan Albright, Kirby Altman, Marc Andrews, Edward Apel, Nancy Armour, Elaine Arnow, Douglas Aronson, Robert Artin, Ken Augustin, S. Averkamp, Kathy Bach, Mary Bagley, Mark ' ffvvfzf mf-,af1.g,q,, f - f ff 1, 4 sciec' , my, U I, V ,552 1. is wg, 1, .,. .fs 4.5 it-.-,-.14-'in .5 V ! f , 1 1 , ,' '.f,'4Wj7'fj?f'p,V7zz ,'y5a7!4,fZ2 Q- 'S f Q5'i1i i "QR V27 10 , !"'u ,, W i 3 f 2 K' v 5 ff A 1 ' iff, 'l -' ,H1-4: , v , .. -5 , 1 f 2: ' fbi " , f' .3 ' 334' X 46. Al , Z, ,.,. l 17 Bigelow, Robert Blankenburg, D. Blau. Fred Bleier, Jeff Blesch. Carl Blowers, Randy Boergadine, Peggy Bollow, Linda Borkin, Russel Borowski, Ann Boyes, Deborah Brandt, Deborah Brazner, Debra Breit, Jonathan Breul, Robert Brill, Barbara Brodbeck, Rickie Brodkin, Adriane Marlowe, Brooks Brown, Jeffrey Bruner, James Bumby, Harold Bundeson, Robert Bupp, Chris Burgess, Georgiana Caine, Candace Caplin, Michael W. Carlson, Richard Cash, Ellen Champion, Dawn T. Chapman, Barbara Chapman, Brian 5:15 sc - ps v -I '-. f :' .L X Q. 2 fr f . I T . :li,g,ffg, .,- N ' . MJ 1: SGPHS ACCEPTED THE RGUTI E ri'-7252? its 0. QVYGZVH2 fa z 452, f 7 J .5 r - I -,P 52 1' f 1 2 2573? . Z is f ---- .1 'V 0 X 447m 1 1 4 ,. , W7 X54 ' La- I E , , W J :E Q, :UV 11. Q, I fm.: in N an g ee. 4-..- .1 1-1 'sf , .,1,,,,,,, ,,,, f Q Z Y M ? 6772 ff!! If ,ff 1 15 if 'hav' N' , I -,f,, ., f yu , ,J J? i ? y ,.,,, l 24, ..: B., , T , fu, ' . 3' 4 'f - . .Wfzw -: ZZ' 'ff f f W C 1 f , X 'sf 2 Cybela, Dennis Damico, Peter Danoff, Bernard Davidman, Larry Davidoff, Donna Davis, Debbie Day, Dennis Day, Donald Demunck, Barbara Dennis, John Dickinson, Joyce Dohmen, Linda Drake, Jamie Driss, Gregory Duftin, Shawn Eade, Jennifer 24- 1, 5 s-"M is JY,-11" 'MX . VkV,1 S3452 , , a n - rzlz- e ff' X . ,..,,,,.,,4.,,, X ,Y . wLS'f-47, . eww ,, N 1 V .1 fy I , ff! :As , ,.,, .,!,, 4 1 4 f' X z 1 M gf 6 'X ma ' z l Chapman, Gregory Chapman, Joel Chen, Susan Chenery, C. Christman, Daniel Chudnow, Jean Cienian, Catherine Cohen, Randi Gail Colberg, Michael Collins, Ellen Colwell, Martha Cook, Diane Coors, R. Cox, Martha Craig, Michael Croen, Frederick , C X X xx W we X ss fx X Q X X x X M A X Q ox N Q X , 4 X 3 we - X f .. ,sh 1 . 4 fn-Q' fff-1' . Y fs, f f W Q f 5 J M 4: Vow WAV E DURED PLACEME TTESTS Z.. Wy N f , flip? 2 3. muff.. s egg, , OK' , . is 4 , ...Q-an-....... We, X x f East, Joe C. Eaton, Russell Eller, Noncy Jo Engel, Richard Engel, Stephen Erbach, Christine Erbes, Kathleen Etzweiler, John Evans, Nancy Ewing, Katherine Ferrara, Paula Finegold, Barry Flaherty, Kimberly Fling, Cathy Flowers, Louis France, Marc Sophomores gave a six-point spirit yell. G ' S' E F, xx ,tj ' z- v . fi '- .-.. x 4, 5, J N our X f Q km. . ,. . ff-51,5-:ze-54 f- ,fam ..,. f- A 1 -QW 'W' X 119 Fredericksen, Susan Fredrickson, Eric Freitag, Patricia Fricke, Paula Friedman, Linda Friedrich, Jim Friesler, Mindy Gaborsky, Miriam Garber, Mark Gecht, Ellen Gelfman, Stephen Gendelman, Lisbeth Gimbel, Barry Gindlin, Mark Glassner, Ruth Golanowski, Pamela Gorbette, Richard Grabowski, Mary Graham, David Grass, Ronald Grede. Kathy Greenebaum, Judy Grieb, Donald L. Grimm, Christine Grochowski, Mary Groeschell, Margaret Groeschell, Patricia Gross, Robert Grossman, Terry Gruen, Lorelei Haarmann, Bruce Hack, Joanne Hadler, Linda Hall, Pat Hallada, Ann Halliburton, Mark Hansen, Michael Harley, Joe Harsh, Karen L. Hatch, Scott Heck, Nancy Heil, Katherine Heinecke, Stephen Heiser, John C. Hellman, Daniel Hentzen, Mary Kim Herman, Gregg Hetzel, Kay SANTA'S HELPER DECKED THE H LLS ' '4' ?2?fE":5,.:?1t2Zf'f I x f f 1 - 1, ,eww T, 7 U A 2- 1 gif' "Ja ,..,1- , A , ,J Z1., f ,,,,,.. - 1 11 -' , .V f, , ' r we "1 lj f v, if V, by 23,1 fed X ,Q f I fw ' A 26. 7. 1, 4" ,1 Q' , f , . , ,,,- X R Xxx X ss L XX X X 'UGA-ww Qu f f , QQ f S W-11513: 9:3 : 'pw i1?f?g2Wl ' X X f Y ,W '9 1! ff if 1 2527, f' 1 ,, X b 11,111 ' , 1 1 W L f f , 1 4 4? 2 f f ,: .,' ," , ,,,, ,,,ri y ,W :wif 1 , .. ,, z , 'wif X -1 4fyf ,, ,,. ,,,t , 1 . Ig f' 1? 1 if , 'p ie f f ' f 'f ly , i f . 11, V 1, 'I , . .fs 1 . Qi- 'V' 'Y 1 I I ' ,f ,. . 1, 11 x f , -, 2 .01 . Q27-ff 1. 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Klagstad, Robert Klein, Bruce Klocksin, Michael Knaack, Kim Kniaz, Beth Koeppen, John l PLANNEDB BES IN TDYLA D f f! , , if f' f In - , , mv 1 5 I fff f we , , fk , , 073 ,iv , W H. 7, 4 ,.,. 6 4 W ,fl f - , ,aafzspmf r fZI : ' - V ., fi I 05 I f f 5 ! if f 1 f J ,f W 95.9 wf ,ZQA , X. rl X 2 z Maier, Michael Mann, Jeffrey Maresh, Jeffrey Marino, Kay Markson, Simpson Marsh, Barbara Marsh, William Massey, Gwen Matejka, Vera May, John Mayer, Susan Mayerson, Julie McGowan, Michael McLarty, Ross McMorrow, William Meyer, Laure Ann Meyers, Louise Michael, John Michaelson, Karen Milanowski, A. Miller, Branda Miller, Dennis Miller, Jamie Millikin, Jeff Www .Met .,,.., , ..,......,. - ,.,. Koerner, Norman Konar, Ellen Kops, William Korchunoff, Dale Kornman, Peter Kritzik, Susan Kroening, Jeffrey Kuehl, Cindy Kuffel, Michael Kuper, Craig Labiszak, Mary La Budde, Gretchen Lakam, Michelle Lakes, Robin Lamek, Perry Landon, Patrick Lange, Margaret Langer, Frederick Lanman, Rich. Jr. Larson, Lawrence Laur, Joseph Lauwasser, Mark Lawent, Sharon Leeb, Fred Lehmann, Larry Lemanse, Donna Lemonds, Debra Lepak, Robert Lesnick, Carol Letizia, Sharon Levi, Janet Levin, Bruce LeVine, Sherry Libber, Tobias Libowsky, Sharon Lick, Raymond Lieberman, Richard Lilly, Daniel Lore, Thomas Losinski, Linda Loveland, Nancy Luedtke, Judy Lurie, Annette Luttrell, Ronald Mac Rury, Debra Mahler, Janis Mahnke, Diane Maier, Herb '-4-.-fmrfy -vygrvq-wmaan--L-,,7:v,'.-ff: ,-,,, , ,nl tm f M,4W.4e.M.1-2.-new .zgizgwg V M I 1 f f fir? of I pf ,M , ,V . , fha V as 9 4 f AK' , , ,L 1 J 9 Minahan, William Miner, Chris R. Mislove, Claudia Mislove, Eileen Mixer, Terry Moebius, John Moeckler, Laurie Moore, Willaim Moriarty, Ted Morris Allan Morris, Marla Moss, Julie Mary Musickant, Pamela Mycynek, J. Naimon, Errol Nash, Marcia Neff, Deborah Nelson, Charles Neuwirth, Jaklyn Niemczyk, Debra Nienow, Mark North, Patrick Novak, Deborah Novshek, Mary Kay OConnell, Jon Olbrys, Jo Jean Olroyd, Richard Olsen, Chris Olsen, Karna Orenstein, Marsha Owen, Nancy Pabian, Chris Padway, Deborah Palay, Steven Paler, Bruce Parchia, Earl Pearl, Meryl Peck, Wade Peltz, Arline Perlstein, Mark Peters, Karen Peterson, David Petrykowski, Mark Pezoldt, Robert Pfeifer, Nancy Picard, James Pincus, Amy Pingry, James R. Pinzer, Stuart Polisky, Beth L. Poppendieck, J. Porter, Barbara Post, Elizabeth Prange, Gene Prange, Paul Price, Guy f X , ? Q zz, sf ff " W 2 ' i V - .y 1 2 ,vi af . i, SOPHOMORES PO DERED POSTUL TE , . , , if ,ff , M , , 7 1 fw' , , ig- ff , 'pg -5 J, fi X A 'Z gk fy ,fl , , , , "ri 112: ,, J CW? 4 A ' f f V f' Vw? ' I fo , , V .J f ,V f-f, ,f 1 , af " .aw - X 0 ' ff X M ' f , 4 I dll ! ff V,. ., nf, U71 .WE fijf V, - ' yy' , i 2 5 , 2'- K -f? 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Jeffrey Rowen, Susan Rupp, Kathleen CBridgltJ Rupple, Martha Russell, Mark Rutter, David Sattell, Barry Schatz, Monte Scherbarth, P.S. Schmidt, Susan Schmitt, Charles Schmitt, Ronald Schneeweis, Steven Schneider, Jeffrey Schneller, Lisa Schnoll, Ellen Schnoll, Nancy Schobert, Richard Schoenfeld, K. Scholl, Paul Schuett, Todd Schultz, Kevin Schuster, Judith Segerdahl, Johan Seidel, Lynn Seidl, Stanley Selig, Stephanie Shafrin, Fred Shanley, Whitney Shapiro, Robyn Snarer, Donna Shumow, Mark Siegel, Alan Sievers, Bonnie Sineni, George Sires, Lauryn Smith, Jeffrey Snyder, Mike Sondel, Jeffrey Southcott, V. Spewachek, John Staats, Lorin 5, ,ff . Q, . f , . , :'Z ,,s 3Kff?h f 'Q , 1 -1 C . , ' 1: SQPHSTOLER TED GYMD ILY WW' Qi 4 ' 1 1, . . . ., , . . . .-,.,zf .f7,ffx - V 42. f Q1 -' V2 2-fs u f 1 "rg 9' I ' ' " ' f ,, f ':. - I , T' Q ' "K " f f X fo f .W A.,.4,, .V , , , -11 2' . 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Wenzel, Paul Werner, Brian Wetherbee, Scott Whaley, Michael White, Sue Wiggin, Jack Willens, Jann Williams, Sue Wilvers, Floyd Winter, Michael Wirth, Scott Wirth, Timothy Woolweber, Debra Wulf, Candice Wycklendt, Alan Yanow, Jacque Yates, Lynn Young, Mary Zens, Jeffrey Zetly, Faye Zganjar, Ken Ziemer, Bonnie Zien, Florence Zipter, David JU IORS BECOME UPPER CLASSME LM . vi ,V ' .' V, 25.41 -' - H V .V f v ' - l f' 'N f V, . '. 'Y V "' C "r f 32" , f A -f '.' Q Jn' 'v-,V W, S, 52' -ff V F' , .' "" " V ,,-1' V , ' .,-. t, ,ff f X Y, 'K J ,MMI 1 4,3 J Vf . 1-V ' " -.. .... as ...,.,. J af A, f f n,- My f 4 o Bazelon, Stephen Becker, Victoria Beggan, Bonnie Benner, Thomas Bensman, Jeff Benz, Richard Bergson, Janice Berland, Andrew Bern, Ross Bernstein, Bradley Bernstein, Ellen Bernstein, Howard Bernstein, Mary Bernstein, William Berwick, Michael Betla, Mary Kay Beyer, Carolyn Blanchard, John Blankenburg, Dean Blankenburg, Dennis Bloom, Robin Blumberg, Charles Bowen, Donna Bowen, Ralph A - X ,, ' 7 534 , J. -x,- ' - .Vy iiir 'af ' if' 1 . "7 KI" ' ' 'f' . 60, ' 1 r 'mi Eff' .. , ,,, f X A ,, 5 gf V f 'fff , f X .,i,.V 9 f ff , f F W f If ,f if V ,-W-fwv-'ww-yV,V,1f is-fn wi W-. If 3 .J W' 1 ,-,gr i X f I 4 Zo ,. , , QW ,.,V ' 5727 Sh! ,f.,V,, ,4 1.1, an f fm, :V,.y4fw-y., v,,- . 1 Vf .ff :wwf ' ' fff-wx fn - ww 'v f,-ffl f I ' cf X Q X 1 ., 59 V 1 Q11 f ' fy ' I ,,..,.,V I . W x 5 i n ' ff Y "mi: ' l26 4? ff , ,,y , . ,, y Q! , f ' 9 az 7 f f 47 ' f v v-www-V 4 , ,,,, 4 ,ffm a ff f 429 ff, 1 ' 5, , , q Q f 1 ' 4 V 'j'-gzfflf , ' If I 9 7 OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFI- CERS: Mark Leno, presi- dent, Herb Wiedemann, vice-president, Jeff Ju- belirer, treasurer: Kathy Maylahn, secretary. Abts, Karen Ahrendt, Candis Aldenhoff, K. Aldridge, John Allen, Betsy Arbit, Scott Arbuckle, Ellen Ardern, Nancy Atkins, Maura Atlas, Debra Attridge, Michael Backes, William Barbatelli, V. Bartels, David Bateman, Bill Bauer, James GAINED Rl GSA DRA K Boxer, Vicki Brauer, Timothy Braun, Candace Breithaupt, C. Breul, Gary Breul, Linda Bronson, James Brotton, Thomas Brown, Jean Browne, Fraser Browne, Sarah Brucato, William Buck, Steven Bucolt, Cathy Bugler, Dennis Bugler, Kenneth XWQ' ' r ' f'.'f'71' 7' ff' , f ' . 94' f T 'f atv 7. Q., W, , J' V45 9,4 ,f:g,,4 .' -. ,. I 1 -, . lg., yy f .nay I 59: 2 r Cianciolo, Chris Clark, Vickie Coheen, David Cohen, Cathy Cohen, Ilene Cohen, Mathew Cohen, Susan Cohn, Beth Collins, Christy Collins, Scott Conley, Ellen Costa, Jonathan Cox, Pamela Crivello, Madeline Cummings, Robert Cunningham, L. Cupertino, Karen Cutler, Janice Dahlman, James Dedrick, Dan De La Torre, Lynn Denniston, Marla Derse, Patricia Devorkin, Mona Dewey, Mike Downey, Sarah Dowsett, Cara Drake. Julie Druker, Carla Druschke, Mary Dubman, Barbara Dunker, Thomas 1 1, X, ,As 173 ,ff 45-1:-tm., was C ,A ' 1,7 'yy 7 1 C X ffv 1 ff f f J 1 ff if D537 ' I -. -'ff v,..L..1cLua X fi' J f jf!! f . ff y W 4-ff f f ' 1 Z M, 4 ei f f ff., KQV? ' ,,,,,., , 1" W, gf, 4, , N, ,NMMXM ,, , ,J ,Z df I f ,f f 5 f f ,, . ,I 1, ,.. fa, 5 1211 ,f 2 '.,, , , 4 3 , 79" V f f 9,5 , , - , " ' 'V '. A. V gagf' 1 : I V v, A LV a , I 3, N , , f X X f f X 4 '4 Z f '21 1 Q A ' v 'W-, J! Ze W vi. L,,,i4 - 1 Burke, Michael Burns, Timothy Cannizzaro, Toni Carey, Chrys Carini, Joanne Carlton, Leora Carter, Richard Ceaman, Lynn Cebula, David Cechvala, Joe Champeau, John Check, Dennis Check, Donald Chen, Keith Chich, Nancy Church, Thomas nl . v , ,. sri. ds if , .., mf, ,4 f W 4 f ,tg f' Y ! 4 1 ,, 1 0 1 if 1 5 X 2? 'vi 1 " 7 , , , qi E ' f A j , .I j,5' fl " ' 9'zi1fi ' it ' f f . , f X a ,fi 6 s. '!""" fx. f rs' 'C DISCQVERED Ll. . HISTCRIC TRE D5 --Q,V -A - - 1 ,Q -I :IQM g: .- A , l 2 3-55? ww w Ag.-we-we an . X f , A, 5 ,ef- - - 1 f: 7 4- Q J, f QQ 1 'zf' W", +7 7 W " M :Q - f-nm:-' f . - .--1.114 -v - 9 , ,ly 6 if , F 1 af, 1 Q 2 VF M o 0 4 X. . f f ' f 'N fi 4 Q f , 4 , 4 v 4+-3:1 I I ig, X f X , Q V fame N 'f , J .S-V-fre 1 J , W 4 WM! my Dunker, Virginia Eder, Richard Edwards, Edward Eich, Carol Einwald, Susan Eldred, Pat Eliott, Greg Elkind, Neal Ellis, Dean Ellsworth, James Engel, Judith Erdmann, Jerry Erickson, Gary Escobar, Cherri Evers, Penny Everts, Judith an fQ?2-Q gk, Resisting the tantalizing smell. Rea Katz. Nancy Rudberg, and Sharon Sosman hurriedly unpacked long-johns and red jimmy donuts for the Shield sale , F H f T f ,K f ,, 'I -., 25: V,3,. ,2-1,,fg 1, -af f, -,, "1 if If y, I saw , j :M L - YW M' ' , V , ' , ' X1 . " f . f ww 3 W f M' S Y 4 ,ff v .x4.fx42w. it . ' f 5 fd? . , 'i "1" Q7 f- 1: , , Q fy, X ff 1 f f 401 hr if 2 Z x f Q U' 128 1 .' ,, 1 Vg 4 f, ,Q , , 5 sf , e zyy es? 'Wi 435 f ' '-" ' 1,5 21595304 1, ., .-,.- 7 4:1 ,, J'-1 A' ' 'I L' ' Evrard, Wendy 'f Fauber, Patricia Fefer, Thomas Feiss, Len Ferguson, Patricia Filachek, Joellen Fischer, Daniel Fischer, Patricia Fischer, Therese Fisher, Richard Fling. Michael Fluhr, Sharan Flynn, Daniel Frank, Bruce Frank, Jacquelin Fratrick, James Freedman, Barton Friedlander, James Friedman, Thomas Gaedke, Sarah Galewski. Mary Galvin, Linda Gersen, Jerry Gertler, Mark g 6' ? file iff' f ts TUDIED AMERICAN LIT. TR DITIONS Giffen, David GiffOl'd, Marc Gimbel, Jeffrey Ginda, Karyn Girdauskas, Brian Glassner, David Goerne, Robert Goldman, Jo Anne Gollner, Paul Gonzalez, Fernando Goodman, Judy Goodman, Laurie Gordon, Polly Gorenstein, Steven Greene, Donna Gridley, Lee Grieger, Jay Grimm, Daniel Grober, Donna HammeI,Alan Hammerschlag, L. Handley, Timothy Hardeman, Steven Harris, Jeanne Hasey, Mark Hays, Pam Hearst, Jack Heine, Craig Heise, Michael Hellman, Robert Helm, Robert Hentzen, Deborah Herman, Bruce Herte, Ron Hetzel, Sandra Heyman, Gail Hickey, Susan Hiller, James Hiller, James Hinkins, Janet ,Azz -f ,. f 471 f 1 fr ff X Q ' 92 '-WA' Q 1 , 9' 'L 1 ff :fm- gghtizfff,- 4' A-. .1:f,,-3 z rjy,LEjwg ,L, ,. My 2 - ,f fc, 1 jjl, ,lf 2,, ff aff 'UV A Y A' I ,sy , J yu' g XJ' , 4' ml? J' f, ew, K in 'cw FLM ,. :fi ,-. , -. . ra 'a W.. -if A . 2--f ' -5 2? at X X0 .--,- -12:21 . X' '1 1 , 'S lc . 4 r V 1 ZZ ' ' A L J -' ,, ' , 6 ,gas E355 Hoffmeister, R. Hoffman, James Hoffman, William Hogeboom, Chasissa Hornick, Morris Huff, Linda Humphreys, Kathy Hunt, Kathrine Huntsinger, John Hurwitz, William Jacobs, James Jacobson, Roberta Jager, Ruthy Jaggard, Karen Jambor, Jack Jankins, Scott Jaraczewski, B. Jeanson, Risa Jenkins, David John, Jenifer Johnson, Carla Johnson, David Johnson Kyle Jorgensen, James Jubelirer, Jeff Kadrich, Douglas Kagen, Ellen Kagin, James Kahn, Karen Kahn, Sandra Kaiser, David Kashou, George Kashou, John Katz, Rea Katzman, Barry Kaufert, Roger Kern, Debbie Kersting, Donald King, Mark Kirshner, Steven ...fe S Knight, Jeffrey I Koch, Karen f " , , Koehler, Tom Kohler, Martin g a' J Kolowith,MichaeI K Kops, Lawrence J J Koshakow, Jeff Kotecki, Jeff Junior boys lined upin numbers at the Fall Sports Assembly. s i JU IDRS FASHIO J A , ,x -, w. ,Y f . , l H441 Y , G.. 1' mov ' - If , i, U59 ' . -5 fig Z- QA? aww 5 f. - ,,.7,,J,.77,w.g.7 .,.,,,,,.. - . J-: , J I, 94" Wy Q f W2 1 ,ii L ,fs 1--gy ,ff f"W W gl. vm ., I - V . f , y ,gg . WX, 4 5 ' 4 f f iv f 'Q 1 . f f f f ,J I e Z 1 J wwf ' xc QA' ED PRO , , liefgi' g. A K i V ,.., V Z ., ,je 'tug lQi R U ,iff , f, f sf ff , T 44, 2 " J M. ilu., , I, g 5-52-12 .e q " ' , VAIUI, , , 'eff he Q, J 'ii ,gf rr Q qc 130 Kowaleski, Jim Kraniak, Elizabeth Kravit, Robin Kravit, W. Krieger, William Krueger, Kurt Kruse, Douglas Kupper, James Lahl, Karen Lamalfa, Robert Lamalfa, Roberta Lamperis, Jean Lander, Francie Lane, Michael Lange, Martin Larimore, Deborah fi K, 'Q Laws, Andrea Leclair, Randy Lefeber, David Leno, Mark 4 Letizia, James Levin, Gary Levine, Barbara Levine, Micaela Levine, Michael LeVine, Susan Lewis ,Joanne Libke, Steve Lichter, Linda Liddiard, Douglas Lindemann, C. Lisker, Pamela STAGED A PSYCHEDELIC SADIE Lohman, Linda Lonnborg,Thomas Lookatch, Seema Looper. Gary Loosen, Ben Lord, Terry Lovos, David Lowenstein, C. Luck, Barbara Luck, Sarah Luczak, Donald Luey, Nanette Lurie, Debra Lurie,Marc Lutsky, Berel Maas, Deborah - W: Marks, Daryl Marohl, Peggy Marshall, James Marx, Susan Matar, Kris Matejka, Eva Matko, Pamela Maylahn, Kathryn McCormick, Ronald McFadden, Craig McMorrow, Lynn Meissmer, Annie Mendelblatt, Gary Mesirow, Michael Messer, Thomas Mileske, Lizabeth Miller, Don Miller, Mary Miller. Sandra Milstein, Marjorie Mitz, Jodie Mitz, Richard Moeller, Gary , Mologne, Mary Monaghan, Britt Montag, Jeffrey Moriarty, Patricia Moser, Kathleen Mueller, Diana Mueller, Harold Mumm, Barry Mundt, Leo Myles, Janet Newman, Rick Nihlean, Richard North, Tomothy Nye, David Olbrys, Frank Oleszak, Joann Oleszak, Mark Maas, Ellen Magin, Gary Maier, Carol Mandella, Nettie Manes, Mark Manske, Connie Marceau, Kirk Marcel, Nancy T4 WROTE THEIR COLLEGE BOARD 1 - .., , . ,,... ' .. " 1. 'v ' ' , f I,. ' " . : U ' f -- ,. fv A 'f-" .... , 1 . 4 J S f Q if J, is l ,if f Wa, rf: . . . A 'AA' 1 1' ,,,, , , -4 ,,,,' 5 ,, ,, yi, , fw r QQ :sv-, f 5: ' f ' G., H55 43 H, ,. ,. It , jf A t V V t ,Lf , l ,.,,:f , 2352 1 r Q! ,- 1 'wx ,Wf-we J Q, 5.0 , ., fy, X L ' Z 1:52 , V- f, ff fig , f J U ,W Aff ff J 5, J -5 ui V' 1 H ey ,. gfifg. 4L7',i'i W, - H M b ' 1.11555 ni wwf . 4 1: ,. . ,. . 1 ,. , f, ,, fy, ,K .v - v,,,f..- ,.7,:.-v1.5- ,if-, ,f , . , - wwf? -1 5 V :-.fvzii - , .' -, , . 513 ' 1 , ,iv . .... - . . 1,19 W. , 1 Pethe, Mark Pfeifer, Julie Pfeil, Pat Pfeil, Ricky Picus, Laurie Pinkham, Jeff Pinzer, Douglas Poenisch, Patrick Pollow, Cheryl Postles, Karen Prange, Diane Prentice, Michael Price, Bruce Quakenbush, Steve Radloff, Susan Radtke, Bill Ragatz, Greg Raithel, Thomas Rasche, Pamela Rattner, Gary Reedy, Patty Reimer, Jeffrey Reiss, John Reiter, Jane Remmel, Janis Reynolds, Barbara Rezak, Carmen Rice, Jeffrey Richards, Robin Ridberg, Richard Rieboldt, Gary Riemer, Charles ia-254.31 -t -' , ms: 12:1 1.4:,:- 1: ,f 1,4 Osman, Carl Osterndorf, Janis Padek, Julie Paine, Nancie Pape, William Parchia, Kathy Parker, Jill Paul, Pamela Pearson, Pam Peck, Karen Peck, Russel Peckham, Dan Pederson, Arthur Peeples, James Pehoski, Dennis Peplin, Elizabeth a.f:?fEf1I1:i42f2Z2'3T V. ,ww R , 4 ff Wig , 2 fluff X f X L f f ' , C5 Z4 1 Q wx 'V ff f 'X f ,V X f if QW ' ff f , f f 1, QQ,-,i f 1, ,Z .V ,S , .. If f .1 Q5 .Q S ,V 1' 4-, lf '- 2, are ',, mf " . Yr! ' ., ,'m,,,,, V , , , ff' Q fr--,,,:, -ei. , 1 Cav' ' ' ' -"Nia ...-'ug - ff Ca ,g y . VL ,fm l, ' fi ' J.. ,ff J 7 V. V . 1' -V 44-,J 5 ' rs. f- 3732 2 Yr" X '-"iff " , ' 7 ' ' '. yi-:fe ff 5 ,, r M, 'f 'Ei 'L J J 1 , J f 1' fi, V if :gf .., ff ,ff , ,f fy -' :..Jp7,.j:g:M5-.. ' H -V ' , -V A , ' e , , r ,., ..,.... ,,. ..,- . A i y f si -,W fs-.J ' Q fy- , ,.,,, . I W0 ff , .,,,, ,,,, , , , yvy ,,,, , 191 , ff ",' W f , V ,iQ ff ,gf , , 4 ,- Ve .- ff. a ,f W. , 3125 1 97 ' " " '5' lf,l sy W" 5 115, ,. -1.1 'iff , ,,,7., - , 4? A fi if f ' -" 'f?4:':1' 5' ' Ili 53,571 'Y'-f f' if . P 5,14 171 4 , 4, 7 1 ' f Q , ' if ' ' , 512' - -,:?' . V555 f " , , ,.,v, ff X f X Z! ff ft 132 Rittmeyer, David Ritz, Mary Ritz, Peter Robertson, Kent Rodwell, Stephen Roginske, Lynn Rohan, Elaine Rojstaczer, Paul Roller, Barbara Rosenfeld, Philip Ross, Jerry . Ross, Judith Rothstein, Steve Rotter, David Rubin, Richard Rudberg, Nancy Rudolph, Janice Rudolph, Mark Ruess, Richard Rupp, Bernard Salzer, Christine Sampson, Kay Sampson, Linda Sanderson, Hollie RECEIVED GUIDI G COUNCIL M: Schoenhair, John Sieckman, Greg Siegel, Marjorie Siegel, Neil Sievers, Stephen Silverstein, Linda Simos, Joy Skwieranski, Mark Snyder, Phillip Sosman, Sharon Spaciel, Linda Spector, Sari Stahl, John Stampfl, Janet Stein, Karen Steiner, Kenyon Steinmesch, A. Stern, Alan Stern, Douglas Stewart, Mark Stockey, Janet Stoekl, Allen Stone, Robert Strauss, Wendy , Vx-of Q' '- '? John Aldridge, Gail Heyman, Linda Lichter, and Penny Wagner lin- gered in the hall to dis- cuss possible themes for prom. Sanfelippo, John Sattler, Richard Sauer, Charles Schaetz, Jeffrey Schatz, Marsha Scheibel, Claudia Schilling, Nancy Schober. Marianne Schultz, Tony Schur, Julie Schuster, Jeffrey Schutz, Dick Schwade, Sandra Scott, Richard Scott, Steve Secord, William Sellin, Carol Sernoe, Wendy Seymour, Lee Shamburek, Wm Shaw, Edmund Shepherd, Bruce Sherkow, Barbara Shindell, Roger SQ. --F., 3 x JU IORSE VISIO ED SENIOR LE DERSHIP 171 f 1 1 f Q Q! M as Trebbe, Wayne Trosper, William Turim. Maureen Tyler, Kenneth Vanhousen, Barbara Vann, Ellis Vieau, Glenn Vogeler, Jane Wageman, Robert Wagner, Penny Waisbren, Laura Walters, Robert Wangerin, Patti Watson, Durward Weber, David Weber, Linda Weidenbaum, Mike Wendorf, Fred Wendt, Elizabeth Wentz, George Wenzel. David West, Robert White, Frank Whiting, Carolyn Whiting, Marilyn Wiedeman, Herb Wigle, David Wilke, Pat Williams, Kirk Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Kenneth Winnik, Judy .-14 ' am , , fy, K 1 ' QI f 41, 1 W1 " -. 3121.511 1' 5 ' .. ' 1 A f 11 I M, 1, 1 1 f ,,,. 331 1 554 r' I 1155, V, ' ,111 av: ,11-,, . f I 1 J, 1 4 9 0 1 I ff if 1 1 5 4 1 Z M ., 4 1 5' fl ' 11 , 1 , 1 91 1 , 4! f1 1 191 CW 1 X 1 .,,. ,I ,,,A,1 1 1 1 '32 1 6 1 1 1 M 1 "f1i1,11f1f , ,, 1 111 7 1 J 1 1 af 4' 1 f 1 -.1 '1 14' 15 H11 f' f. '4'-1-M ff .1,, , 1 1 1 ff 1 ' 1 111 - Strutz, Terry Suminski, Joanne Swenson, Jeff Swerin, Leon Sydow, Eileen Szilagyi, Betty Tarnof, Bradley Taus, Linda Techtmann, Cathy Tiefenthaler, Joe Tierney, Kathleen Tillman, Linda Tilton, Scott Tobian, Carl Trapp, Grace Trautman, Charles W.,,e,,,,,.,,-1,-1V 1-111 ..,, N, 1 MM.. . :,11,3,1- . 4 1,1 ,, . K J F f W S f X .1 1 ff? if 1 rj' ' - f. 5 . 4 f ' J'- -as af - 'fax 117' 1 f ,fx 4 IC , ,1 , ' ,: 1 4. Z, 11- 5 1 ff M 1 A:1:':A. ' i V ', '- f '?j3'?' 1 1x s 5 M1 " Q'1f 11a , 3 1 1! X - I '- 1 1,1 1 4 1 1 2 1 '7 f 1 1 Q 1 1 1 ,' f P7 1 1 1 "1.1 'J 'Nl - -1 1 f ' 11-17 , 1,1 ,11,11.-511541121 1 1 ff! ff f 1 I 6! 1 1 ff C :- , .. f 2 is, 3 5 -36 f 411-.Q - 1.1 ,, 1131 M11 1 411.y11f41" - - . . 1 .1 - 'ff - Z :Hr-5, o if '- 4' ff! X ,fl K WEN 1 51 1 W 11 17 f 1 M ,gli 1 -Li 7b Z ff 1 1 ,111 -5 L1 ff-1 .rr . ' f -ff-.1413 Q J 4. 934 X I J 1125 f 1 f pf' 71 A .1 440 , .-94111. K 1-1 4 19 I K ..,..,.111 1. .T Zucker, Wendy 1 f A 1 . ,- -f 1-v..,s--1. - 41' 151' " ".'f:f4-fs 1-1 1 gi I I f 1 , 11 1,141 , '57 f zz-sag. wr ' Z M T -1,' 1 1 M X ,Pfam 1 ' '31 ' " ,,. , ,', 1 ' ,f X 1 W 1 af it f'1g1c v1fy,1 , 1 ' 1 1 ff 1 If f 1 X 1 f1 1' f 4 1 1 W gg, 1 1 11-1-A ?" ' ,- . 1-121. - , , '1 J y 1 5 t 6 1 I 1 1 11 I 1 1' . ' 11,11 - 1 ff , 4 f ff 5, 4 V .-Zn , , ,r 44 .. . . ,, t f 1 7 1 1 4 1 1 1' 5 ' L 2 I , 1 1 I1 1 'M I 1 f fi 1. I V , 1. -.ggya 41,11 ,-uf 11, I 11 0 - 'ig 1? . 134 17 - . , .N i --'t 1 Ayyr M. ' 1' 1 ,cf 1 5 f f I gg ' 1 7 4 1 , Yi 'g 'l1 Wisniewski, Mary Withey, Celeste Wojciechowski, B. Wolf, Deborah Wolf, Roberta Wolf, William Wolfenberger, K. Wolfe, Alice Wulf, Christine Young, John Young, Karen Younger, Sherry Ziehm, N. Zieve, Gary Zimmerman, Brent Zucker, Nancy . . , ,.,. 5 S f?5sXV?xNSfSc?. -:ilk SENIORS ASSUMED -I S ANDI G W K W... .L VW-M LW SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Laurie Shumow, treasurer, Armin Taus, vice-president, Vicki Petzko, secretary: Bill Younger, president. CHRISTINE ABTS, Debate9,IO, Latin Club 9,IOg Youth Council IL Gres! II, Editor of finance and promotion IL Biology Club IO,II. BARBARA ADDYQ Forensics IOI NGA II, FBLA 9,I0,II,l2. PEGGY ALBERT: Pep Club 9: Drama Club 9, French Club 9,lO,ll, president Il, Student Council IO,Il, secre- tary II, Youth Council I2, Sl1iddlO. Q pw" . ll Christine Abts Barbara Lee Addy Ann Marie Albano Peggy Alben Lynn Altshuler David Anderson ORIGINATED MUSICAL HOMECOMI G Guy Andreotti Thomas R. Bach Pamela Bamford Barbara Barrows GUY ANDREOTTI, Industrial Arts Club 9, Wis- consin Science Fair 9 CHonorable Mentionj. TOM BACH, Transferred II, Cross-country var- sity ll,l2, Track Varsity II,I2, Secretary varsity club I2. CLAUDIA BACKUS, Kniynfs Pays 9,IO, Drama Club 9,lO, French Club 9, Biology Club IO, Soph- omore Council IO, National Honor Society Il,I2. SUSAN BAER,Transferred I2. KIM BALLONE, Basketball Intramurals 9, Span- ish Club 9, Hall Monitor IO, Earth Science Club II,l2. BARBARA BARROWS, Prom Court, Homecom- ingCourt, Pep Club 9, Drama Club 9,lO, Hall Monitor II. RON BARRY, Football 9, Basketball 9,IO,lI,I2, Varsity Club ll,I2, Intramurals II,I2. KATHY BATTERMANN, FBLA II. ROGER BATTERMANN, Football 9,lO,II,I2, Golf 9, Varsity Club ll,l2, Biology Club IO. DONNA BECHTEL, Creative Dance IO. HOWARD BECKER, Wrestling 9, Cross Country I2, Russian Club 9,IO,Il, president I2, National Honor Society, Social Studies Club I2, Intramur- als II,l2. Claudia Backus Susan Baer Ronald Barry Kathy Battermann SCOTT BEDUHN, Football 9,lO,lI,I2, Basketball 9,lO, Urs ldng and .Z Cnc ,Music Man, Cn: Halls ,Ars Kinging. . PAT BEHLING, F.B.L.A. I2, Student Supervisor IJ. BARBARA BELFUS, German Club 9,IO, Pep Club 9,lO, FIA ll, Kn1yl1I'sPagclO,ll. KAREN BENNEWITZ, NGA lO,II. DENNIS BERG, Cross country 9,lO,II,I2, Captain CC team I2, Track 9,lO,ll,I2, Varsity Club lI,I2, Good Citizen Award Il. GAYLE BERLIN, Pep Club 9,IO, Spanish Club 9. lO,lI,I2. MARC BERN, Drama Club 9, Golf Team 9, Jun- ior Spanish Club 9, Latin Club lO,Il, Intramural Basketball IO, Hall Monitor lI,l2, Sunday Hosts WV: Paws Il, Zauing of tn: Shrew ll, Zh: ,Cutlery I2, Stu- dent Supervisor l2, Student Responsibility Committee I2. MARY BISHOP, NGA lO,lI, FBLA lO,lI,I2, Kdls .Arc Ringing IJ. LINDA BLACHLY, NGA ll,l2, FIA Il. MARY BLECKER, Hall Monitor I2, Noon Recrea- tion Supervisor I2. MIKE BLEIER, Football 9, Weight Lifting 9. 136 Kim A. Ballone Richard Balsley Roger Battermann Donna Bechtel WARREN BLUMENTHAL, Freshman Council, Youth Council IO, Central Prom Committee Il, Student Council I2, Social Studies Club IO,ll,I2, vice-president, president. ROBERT BRAZNER, Stage Crew 9,lO,lI,I2, Chess Club IO, Checkers club lO,Il, Radio Club II,I2, National Honor Society Il,I2, Good Citizen Award II. BARBARA BRENDEMUEHL, FTA IO,lI, Bells' Arc Ringing. DOUGLAS BRENGEL, Swimming 9,lO,ll,l2, Biol- ogy Club 9,IO,II,I2, Social Studies Club ll, Var- sity Club II,I2, French Club 9. MARGARET BROAS, NGA 9, AFS IO, French Club IO, Ski Club IO, Knzylffs Pays Circulation Staff Il. BARRY BRUSKIN, World Affairs Club 9, AFS IO, ll, Latin Club ll,I2, Secretary II, President ll, 2711: Nciglflwm 9, Pink and Patches, assistant director 9, National Honor Society Il, Drama Club IO. JAMES BUMBY, Social Studies Club 9, Latin Club I0,II,l2, Concert Band ll, Track IO, Cross country II. g ANCED THEIR FI AL DANC ling! Nu' ,J Howard Becker Scott Beduhn Patty Behling Barbara Belfus Karen Bennewitz K , y, Mary C. Bishop Robert G. Bishop ll X Dennis Berg Gayle Berlin Marc J. Bern Warren Blumenthal Robert Brazner Linda Blachly Mary Blecker Michael Bleier 1' Barry F. Bruskin James Bumby Barbara Brendemuehl Douglas Brengel Margaret Broas 137 CONSTRUCTED A NEW FLOAT SHIELD, Alouette Burns John Burns Jean Butzin John Buzzard ALOUETTE BURNS, Debate Club IO, AFS IO,ll. I2, National Honor Society ll,I2. JOHN BURNS, Swimming 9, Student Council 9, Biology Club 9,IO,Il,I2, Freshman Class Vice- president, Freshman council, Sophomore Coun- cil, Junior Council, Social Studies Club I2, Checkers IO. JEAN BUTZIN, Drama Club 9, Pep Club 9,I0 Sliidd IO, Slfidd Art IO,II,I2, Social Studies Club l2. JOHN BUZZARD, Track 9,lO,II,I2, Cross Coun- try lI,I2, Nicolet Host 9,I0, Varsity Club II,l2, National Honor Society President Il,I2, Intra- murals 9,IO,lI,I2. MARY HELEN CANNON, Transfer Il. JOHN CEBULA, Biology Club IO,lI, FTA II: Southeastern Wis. Science Fair, Honorable Mention, Wis. Junior Academy of Science, Ist Place Biology, Jr. Division 9, Ford Future Scien- tist of America, Honorable Mention II. CAROL CHAPMAN, Pep Club 9, Spanish Club 9. IO, Aqua Knights 9,IO,lI,I2, vice-president I2, Youth Council 9,lO,Il,I2, Cheerleader IO. CHRIS CHAPMAN, Pep Club 9. CRAIG CHAPMAN, Cross Country 9,IO,II,l2, Track 9,IO,LatinClub lO,Il,I2,Chess Club II, Debate I2, Varsity Club I2. WILLIAM CHASE, German Club 9,I0, Biology Club IO, Nicolet Rifle Club vice-president IO, President lI,I2. Brian Byrum Mary Cannon John Cebula Carol Chapman Christine Chapman Craig Chapman NANCY CHEN, Health Careers Club 9, Pep Club IO,II,I2, FTA IO,I2, NGA IO,II, Biology Club IO, National Honor Society II,I2. MARK CHESTER, Oklahoma, Ur: Mag and .L Cho Musir Man, 27l1cB':I1s,Arcki11gi11g, Z'l1cGroatB'ia Doomtcp, Ur: Taming of!l1eSl1rc'W, .Auligom Spanish Club 9,I0, German Club 9, Forensics 9,I0, Soph- omore Council. DEBORAH COFFMAN, NGA IO, Pep Club 9, Ur: King and .L ,Musik Man, Hells' .Arc kinging. MIKE COHEN, Track Team 9, Spanish Club 9, IO, Senior Council. SANDY COHEN, French Club IO, AFS IO, FTA I2, Varsity Show 9, Student Supervisor ll. MIKE COLEGROVE, Varsity Club II,I2, Basket- ball 9,IO,lI,l2, Baseball 9,lO,Il,I2, Football 9,IO,lI, I2. BRUCE COLWELL, Football Il,l2, Basketball 9, lO,II,I2, Track IO, German Club IO,lI,l2, Varsity Club ll,I2, president ll, National Honor Society vice-president I2, Hall Monitor IO,Il, Hosts IO,lI. DENNIS CONNERTON, Track 9,I0, Latin Club 9,I0, Biology Club 9,IO, FBLA ll, Trim II,I2, Ro- tary Club Summer Music Scholarship ll, Un: Jlfluszl' ,Main Clif Hdls ,Arc kzhging ,A Uasllz in 111: Vdlagcf Variety Show lI,I2, Senior Council. RICHARD COX, German Club IO,Il,l2, Camera Club vice-president 9, Track 9,I0, Basketball IO, II. 138 William Chase Nancy Chen g DECGRATED A CLGW TIP-CFP WAGO By winning the Homecoming rope pulling contest, the class of '68 proved that senior Mark Chester Rosalie Cianciolo strength is far superior to that ofjuniors, sophomores, and freshman. "'- ,MXN f We Deborah Coffman Michael Cohen Sandra Cohen Bruce Colburn Michael Colegrove l A 255-S I f ii ' '-5 , - i sk .6 Bruce Colwell Dennis Conerton Cynthia Conway 139 Richard Cox Carole Crohn SENIOR BOYS JOI EDI TR MURALS, David Cunningham Jane Cupery .,..n , .f fi Gilbert Dickinson John Dilges JOHN D. CUNNINGHAM, Basketball 9,lO, Cross Country IO, Golf lO,ll,l2, Biology Club Il, I2, Social Studies Club I2, National Honor Socie- ty Il, National Merit Letter of Commendation I2, Basketball Intramurals lI,l2, Football Intra- murals lI,l2. JANE CUPERY, Junior Spanish Club 9, Water Ballet IO, Drill Team I2. JACKIE DAVIS, Pep Club 9,IO, Checkers Club IO, Vice-president IO, Ski Club II, Drama Club 9, IO. NANCI DAVIS, FTA lO,lI,l2, President Il, treas- urer ll, Biology IO, Trees for Tomorrow, Good Citizen Award IO. ALETHA DEAN, NGA 9, FTA 9, Latin Club IO, Secretary Il, l01igl1t's Pagcll, Senior Council, Monitor l2. GILBERT DICKENSON, Wrestling 9,lO,lI,I2, Track 9, Spanish Club 9,IO, Ski Club lO,lI, Band 9,IO. JOHN DILGES, Radio Club 9,lO, Biology Club IO,Il,I2, Earth Science Club ll,l2, Secretary I2, .Iacalyn Davis Nanci Davis Tracy Distenfeld Deborah Dolnick Monitor II,I2, AFS 9. DEBBIE DOLNICK, Pep Club 9,lO, French Club 9, AFS 9. KEN DOPIERALA, Radio Club 9, Biology Club IO, German Club ll, Intramurals Basketball lO,Il, ll. LYNDA DRESCHER, Debate Club 9, Pep Club 9, French Club 9, ,Mus12.ManlI. DALE DULBERGER, Football 9,IO,II,I2, All-Con- ference Defensive Safety ll.l2, Varsity Club Il,l2, Track 9,IO,Il,I2. JOHN EDWARDS, Football 9, Swimming 9,I0, Baseball 9,lO, Ur: IGngand.Z ,Muszk .Main Hells .Are Ringing Intramurals I2. KURT EICHSTEADT, S'l1idd9, lCn1yl1t's Pagc9,IO,II, National Merit Semi-finalist I2, Tri - M ll. CAROL EISENHARDT, Pep Club 9,Checkers Club IO, Secretary Sophomore Class, Stage Band IO,ll,l2, l01igl1t's Pap: Circulation 9, Fresh- man Class Council Representative 9. BARBARA ELKON, Russian Club II,I2. CHRIS ELLISON, Nicolet Singers lO,I2, 571: ldng 140 Aletha Dean Dorothy De Angela Kenneth Dopierala Lynda Drescher and Z Zflre ,Musk Man, Hells ,Are flinging, Checkers Club I2. CRAIG ENGLE, Track 9, Junior Spanish Club 9, Senior Spanish Club IO, Intramurals ll,I2. SUSAN ERBACH, Health Careers 9,lO,lI, AFS 9, IO. TOM ERBES, Ski Club I2. HAL ERICKSON, Radio Club 9,lO,lI, Forensics Il, ICmyl1t's Pug: Art IJ, 2711: Z'aningaftl1:Sl1rcW II, 2711: lupoztafrrc nf Kamp Eames! ll, Hdls ,Arc kinging I2, eliflf in Ili: Village I2. RICK ERLIEN, Transfer Il, Tennis II, Noon Recre- ation Supervisor I2. J. R. ESCHWEILER, Football IO, Swimming IO,ll, I2. GARY FEHLHABER, Track 9,lO, Cross Country IO, Intramurals 9,IO,II. SUE FERADI, Spanish Club IO,II, AFS 9, Stage Crew lO,ll,l2, FBLA ll, Pep Club 9. DAVID FEUER, German Club 9.IO,Il,I2, Honor- able mention in State German essay contest IO, SIGNED WITH ELECTIVE SERVICE Dale Dulberger Catherine Edwards John Edwards Kurt Eichsteadt Carol Eisenhardt Mary Embach Craig Engle Beth Elewitz Barbara Elkon Chris Ellison Richard Erlien Jim Eschweiler Susan Erbach Tom Erbes Harold Erickson Susan Feradi David Feuer John S. Evans Gary Fehlhaber Jill Feldman 141 SENIOR GIRL H D D TES WITH DADS, Jocelyn Fischer Daniel Fling Darryl Fox Douglas Fransee JOCELYN FISCHER, Chamber Orchestra 9, Pit Orchestra lO,II,l2, Pep Club Band 9,II,I2, NGA IO, Sl11e1dArt ll,I2, Quota Club Award Il, Sum- mer Music Clinic Scholarship II, National Hon- or Society secretary-treasurer Il, Nicolet Music Award II. DAN FLING, Freshman Council 9, Tennis 9,IO, II, Good Citizen Award 9. DARRYL FOX, Football 9,lO, Golf9. DOUGLAS FRANSEE, Football 9, Archery IO,lI, l2. ELLEN FRANZ, FTA lO,ll,l2, German Club 9,lO. lI,I2, Biology Club IO. BARBARA FRAZIER, French Club 9, NBS I2. ELLEN FREDERICKSEN, FTA 9,IO, Nicolet Sing- ers l2, Mllsir .Mum Ch: ldug and .Z Bdls' ,Arc king- ing, lCn1yl1l's Page Circulation Staff lO,II, AFS 9, Scholarship to Madison Music Clinic II, Tri-M ll. SHARON FLEITAG, German Club 9,IO.II,I2, Health Careers IO,II. JEFF GAINES, Tennis 9, Youth Council 9, Span- ish Club 9, Football IO, Intramurals Basketball 9,IO,Il,I2, Intramural Football ll, Social Studies Club IJ. DEAN GARDNER, Basketball 9, Track IO, Base- ball IO, Checkers Club ll. SUE GAUGER, Drama Club 9,IO, U1f,Ne1y!111ars9, Forensics IO, Biology Club IO. JOHN GERMAN, Freshman Football. ROGER GILLER, Wrestling 9, Tennis 9,IO, Hosts 9,IO, chairman II, Student Council lO,II,l2, AFS Ellen Franz Barbara Frazier Connie Fredenthal Ellen Fredericksen Sharon Freitag Jeffrey Gaines II,l2, American Abroad Summer Exchange Stu- dent Il, Nicolet Magic Company IO,II, chairman I2, National Honor Society lI,I2, Freshman Council, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Senior Council, Citizenship Award IO, M. C. Nicolet Variety Show ll,l2, Intramural Sports ll, l2. HARRY GLASSPIEDGEL, Football 9,ll,I2, Basket- ball 9,IO,lI, Tennis 9,I0,II,l2, Freshman Class President, Delegate to Badger Boys State ll, Morp Court IO, Nicolet Hosts, secretary 9,IO,Il, National Honor Society I2. RICHARD GOISMAN, Spanish Club 9,IO, NBS lla Hall Monitor IO,II,I2. MARK GOLANOWSKI, Biology Club IO, Intra- mural Basketball 9,IO,II,I2, Intramural Football Il,I2. PETER GOLDBERG, Biology Club 9,IO, Latin Club IO, Intramurals ll, National Honor Society II,l2, Ski Club l2. PAM GOLDSMITH, .S'l1ic1dII,l2, Picture Editor I2, Tri-M, Clic King and .L Ulf: ,Music ,Mum Nicolet Singers I2. BLANE GOODMAN, Prep Band 9,l0. LARRY GOODMAN, Football 9, Golf 9,lO,II, In- tramural Basketball lI,I2, Biology Club lO,Il, Lat- in Club lI,l2, President II, Student Council 9,IO, Forensics IO. LOUISE GOREN, Dim19, French Club lO,II. BARBARA GORSKY, Spanish Club 9,lO,lIs AFS IO. l42 Dean Gardner Susan Gauger E TERTAINED MQTHERS AT TE Leading Knight Supporters in the "Blue, White" yell, Varsity Cheerleaders instilled John German Roger Giller spirit at the Homecoming Pep Rally. 4 Y Mary Glaisner Harry Glasspiegel Richard Goisman Pamela Goldsmith Blane Goodman Lawrence Goodman 143 Mark Golanowski Pete Goldberg Louise Goren Barbara Gorsky SENIORS CREATED 68th STREET, Jane Grede Steven Green Ruth E. Grossman Peggy Grotenrath JANE GREDE, Pep Club 9,IO, AFS 9, Youth Council II, Freshman Council, Sophomore Council, Publicity Chairman II. STEVE GREEN, Robert Club II,l2, Officer I2. LARRY GROSSMAN, Khiglflis' I7age9,lO,lI, Sports Editor II, Student Council 9,IO,Il, Track 9,IO,II, l2, Nicolet Hosts IO, Varsity Club I2, Latin Club 9,IO, Intramurals II,I2. ROBERT GROSSMAN, Freshman Council, Soph- omore Council, Senior Council, Social Studies Club Il, K111yl1t's Page9,IO,lI,l2, Chess Club 9,IO, ll, Latin Club lI,I2, National Honor Society Il,I2, Basketball Mgr. 9. RUTHELLEN GROSSMAN, Spanish Club 9,IO,Il, ,Mum .Mum Kdb .Arc Kiuging, Noon recreation Supervisor I2. PEG GROTEN RATH, Transfer Student II. DONALD GUIDINGER, Track 9,IO,ll,l2, Cross Country lO,II,l2, Basketball Manager IO, Varsity Club Il,I2, Basketball Intramurals ll. MILT HABECK, Youth Council 9,IO,I2, Student Council lO,II,I2, Chairman II,l2, National Honor Society lI,l2. LEONARD HACK, Football 9,lO, Swimming II, S I Patricia Green John Grochowske Donald Guidinger Milton Habeck German Club IO,II, Biology Club IO, Intramural Basketball II, Golf 9, Cafeteria Supervisor I2. ROBERT HAGE, German Club 9,IO, Camera Club vice-president 9. JAMES HAMMILL, Track 9,IO,Il,l2, Cross Coun- try II, Choir 9,IO,I2, 2711: ldlzgandl Helo' ,Arc King- ihg, Biology IO, Latin Club II,I2, secretary I2. MICHAEL HARRIS, NBS II,l2, vice-president. NANCY HARRIS, Pep Club 9, AFS IO. PATRICIA HARRIS, Pep Club 9, secretary IO, l011yl11's Pug: Circulation Staff 9, Manager lO,ll, Kffzylffs Page Staff ll,I2, Youth Council IO, secre- tary II, Dad's Date Night Chairman I2, National Honor Society Il,l2, Quill and Scroll Interna- tional Honor Society Il, Good Citizen Award Il. CHRIS HARRISON, Cheerleader 9, Intramural Hockey 9,IO, Intramural Basketball 9,IO, Trans- fer U.S.M. IO. RON HARWICK, Swimming IO, German Club IO,II,I2, Biology Club IO,lI,I2,Sl112ldI2, National Honor Society ll,I2, Noon Recreation Supervisor I2. JAMES HAYES, Track IO,II,I2, Football II, Var- sity Club II,I2. I44 Lawrence Grossman Robert Grossman Leonard Hack Robert Hage SUSAN HEBERER, Rifle Club IO, FBLA ll. CARYL HEIDHUES, Transfer l2. HEIDI HEIM, Pep Club 9,lO. MARIANNE HERRICK, Youth Council IO,Il,l2, President I2, Student Council I2, Aqua Knights 9,lO,II,I2, secretary ll, president I2, National Honor Society II,I2, Freshman Council, Central Prom Committee, Badger Girls State Alternate, Hall Monitor, Noon Recreation Supervisor, Planning Board, Pep Club 9, 6rcstlI. SUE HINRICHS, Pep Club 9. MICHAEL HINTZ, Checkers Club ll. IRENE HOE, AFS l2, Social Studies Club I2, Creative Dance Club Secretary-treasurer ll, Edo' .Arc Ringing. LISA HOEBRECKX, Pep Club 9, French Club IO, Prom Committee II, Drill Team ll, Class Coun- cils 9,IO,II,I2. DEBBIE HOWE, Drama Club 9, Pep Club 9, French Club 9, Freshman Council, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Senior Council, Social Studies Club I2. PHIL HUMBER, Tennis 9,lO, Biology Club IO, German Club 9,lO. SANG CAROLS TH RGUGH THE H LLS l 6 , James Hammill Michael Harris Nancy Harris Patricia Harris Christine Harrison Ronald Harwick James Hasley James Hayes Heidi Heim Marianne Herrick Susan L. Hinrich f Lisa Hoebreckx William Holmes Deborah Howe 145 Susan M. Heberer Caryl Heidhues Michael Hintz Irene Hoe Philip Humber Robert Hurda NNOVATED OO REC PRIVILEGE, Robert Hurwitz Lucy Hyde ,J T? Roberta Ingoldt Steven Israel BOB HURWITZQ Basketball 9, Golf 9,lI,I2. LUCY HYDEgTransfer IL FIA IL AFS IJ. STEVE ISREAL, Track 9, Drama Club 95 Junior Spanish Club IO? Biology Club IOQ U15 King afrdl Un' ,lluszt ,Hairy 271: Edls Ar: Ringing: Dino: Antz'- gonr. Variety Show IO. TERRY JACKSONQ Pep Club 9,lOp NGA IO.Il,lL AFS lO,ll: Biology Club Ilp Latin Club IIE Shiddart I2. GARY JACOBSONQ Camera Club 9,lO: Spanish Club 9,IO: Earth Science Club Il,lL Vice-presi- dent IJ. STEVE JACOBSONQ Camera Club 9,IO, Spanish Club 9,IOg Vice-president secretary-treasurerp Earth Science Club IO,II,lL Vice-president, sec- retary-treasurer. BARB .IAHNQ NGA 9.IO. Pep Club 9,IO: Biology Club IO: FTA Il, German Club lO,ll,l2. KATHY .IAMBORQ Pep Club 9,lO, French Club IO, NGA 9,lO, Sltidd II, Z-71E,IrIlL912' ,Ham Halls ,Aff Kzhgilrgf Nicolet Singers IL Biology Club IO,II,I2. MARGE JARACZEWSKIQ Pep Club 9: FBLA ll,lL treasurer. CHUCK JOHNSON? Track 9,lO,lI,IL Football IO: Varsity Club IL Ski Club vice-president I2. -S' Teresa Jackson Gary Jacobson Steven Jacobson 1 EA" ,V fm .-K L . 2 Barbara Jahn Kathleen Jambor Marg Jaraczewskl DOUGLAS JOHNSON. Archery Club Il,lL Rocket Club Il,IL Intramurals ll,lLTrack ll. MARK JOHNSON: Football 9,lO,lI,lL Tennis 9, lO,ll,lL Intramurals 9,lO, Ski Club 9,lO, Junior Spanish Club 9,lOQ Noon Recreation Supervisor ll. RON JOHNSONE Football 9,IO,Il,lL Basketball 9,lO. BOB JONES: Golf 9,IO,Il,lL Varsity Club ll. TOM JUDGE, Cross Country IOQ Swimming 9, lO,Il, ,llllilk ,llzzlip Hdls ,Arr Iibiglligf Archery Club ll. BARBARA KAHN: French Club 9,lOE Pep Club 9. IO: Knighl? Pay: 9, Social Studies Club IO,lI, sec- retary lLSl1iddl2. DENNIS KAHN,Transfer Il: Latin CIubVice- president ll, Latin Club I2. SHELLIE KAHN, Pep Club 9, Spanish Club 9,IOg FTA IO. AFS 9. DAVID KANINQ Social Studies Club lO,II,IL Na- tional Merit Semi-finalist I2. GINNY KAUFMANNQ Spanish Club IO: FIA IO 1 fy' v, -fr .... 3. '.,..' Mark Jefferies Il,l2, Vice-president IL Secretary lO.lI. I DAVE KELLER, Football 9,io,u2, Track 9, Biology Shades Johnsan Club IO,ll,lL Ski Club ll,l2. 146 LED THE DRIVE FOR CLDTHE lift , gk Taking advantage of their noon rec privilege, D. Cunningham. L Ha-ck. R. Goisman. D. Johnson Mark Johnson and J. Gaines tested their bidding ability in a game of bridge. N Ronald Johnson Robert Jones Thomas Judge ,arf ,,, - Shellie Kahn David Kanin James Karl: l-1" Barbara Kahn Dennis A Kahn Virginia Kaufmann Daxid Keller BOYS SOCIALIZED WITH YOLI GER SET, Jim Kelley Marie Kenehan William Klein Carolyn Kmett JIM KELLY, Swimming lI,IL Transfer Il. MARIE KENEHANI FBLA ll. PATRICIA KIEFERg Transfer from Neenah, Wisc. III National Honor Society Il,IL Tri-M Il,IL Ni- colet Singers lI,lL ,Musir .Mum Hdls' Arc Kinginp, Variety Show Ill Scholarship to University of Wisconsin Music Clinic II. KARIN KLAGSTAD, Latin Club 95 Debate Club 9, IO, Social Studies Club 9,lO,Il,l2, secretary Ili Russian Club lI,I2. DEBBIE KLEINQ FBLA I2. CAROLYN KMETT, NGA II, President IL Betty Crocker Homemakers Award Il, National Hon- or Society IL Student Supervisor I2. PAT KNIGHT, French Club IO,IlI NGA l2. TOM KN UDSENg Football 9, Intramural Basket- ball l2. NANCY KOHLER5 AFS 9, Pep Club 9,lOg French Club 9,lOi Sophomore Council, Prom Co-chair- man II, Cheerleader IO,Il,l2, captain IO, Home- Patricia Kiefer Todd Kistenmacher Charles Knight Patricia Knight comingCourt, National Honor Society II,lL Senior Council. JEFF KOMISAR, Earth Science Club 9,IO,II, German Club 9,lO,II,lL National Honor Society lI,IL Social Studies Club 9. DAREL KORCHUNOFFQ Pep Club 9. JEAN KRAEGALQAFS 9,IO,II,ILtreasurer II, president IL French Club 9,IO,II,l2, treasurer IO vice-president Il, National Honor Society II,lL Wellesley Book Award ll, National Merit Letter of Commendation IL Good Citizenship Award Ili Music Honor Society IO,Il,IL Pit Orchestra. BRAD KRAL, Russian Club IOI Biology Club IL Archery II,IL President. RICHARD KRATZEg Football 9, Swimming 9,lO. lI,lL Varsity Club ll,l2. ELLEN KRAUSI French Club IO4 AFS IO,II, Hall Monitor l2. NANCY KRAVIT, Spanish Club 9,IO,II,IL Biolo- gy Club 9,IO,ll.lL State 4th Place, AATSP Il. 148 Karin Klagstad Debrah Klein Thomas Knudsen James Koeppler STEVE KRAVITE Freshman Council, Spanish Club 9,lO, Biology Club IO,II3 Executive Board Il, Nicolet Host 9,IO,llf National Honor Society Il, IL Student Council Ili Knight? Page 9,IO,Il,lL Feature Editor IJ. GARY KRENKE, Golf 9, German Club IO, Arch- ery Club Il. DEIDRE KUPER, French Club 9,lO, Pep Club 9, IO: SlriddArt 9,IOi AFS 9,lO. RICK LAKESg Track 9, Spanish Club 9,IOg Secre- tary 9. ROBERT LANZAI Industrial Arts Club 91 Arch- ery Club II,l2. SUE LARSON, AFS 9, NGA IL Jullill' ,Mani Hdla' Aff killyiliyf Office Monitor l2. STEVE LEFCOI Radio Club II. LIN DA LEMON DSI AFS IOg French Club IOQ KM! IO, Shkld Art ll, Ski Club IL Creative Dance IL Ch: Kung and .Z Hdls Arc k'fll17'I- GIRL DREAMED CF FARAWAY GRADS f Nancy Kohler Jeffrey Komisar Darel Korchnoff Jean Kraegel Bradford Kral Frank Kral Richard Kratze Ellen Kraus Gary Krenke Deirdre Kuper Richard Lakes Nancy Kravit Stephen Kravit Lisa Lane Kendra Langetieg Robert Lanza Susan Larson Sandra Leepart 149 Steven Lefco Linda Lemonds SENIORS MADE THEIR COLLEGE CHOICES, 2 I Q Martin Lerner James Lewenauer Rita Lick Robert Lick JAMES LEWENAUER, Basketball 9,IO,IIg Tennis 9,IO,II,IL Intramurals IL Latin Club 9, National Honor Society II,IL Good Citizenship Award ll. RITA LICK, Health Careers Club 9g AFS 9,IOg FTA II, German Club 9,lO,II,I2. ROBERT LICKQ Football 9, German Club 9,lO,lI, I2. JAMES LIEBHERRg Nicolet Host, Student Coun- cil 9,IO,lL Junior Class Vice-president, Biology Club Executive Board 9,IO,lI, President IL Cross Country 9,lO, National Honor Society II, IL National Merit Letter ofCommendation. DEBORAH LINDMARKQ Biology Club IOQ Span- ish Club II,lL FBLA I2. DEBORAH LOBNERQ FBLA I2. LUANNE LOEFFLERQ Biology Club IO: AFS II: Health Careers IO, Hall Monitor ll, Pep Club 9. JOANNE LONNBORG, Pep Club 9, Aqua Knights 9,IO,II,IL treasurer II, Cheerleading IO, Drill Team IL Freshman Council, Youth Council 9,IO,IL Sophomore Homecoming Princess, Prom Court, Homecoming Oueen, Good Citi- i . James Liebherr Deborah Lindmark Deborah Lobner V ., 7 1-'.x,1Qi.IZ,ff Luanne Loeffler Jo Anne Lonnborg Ben Loosen zenship Award IO. RICHARD LOZOFFQ Spanish Club 9,IO,II: Kniglrfs Pagrllg Intramural Football II. BARB LUBOTSKYQ Junior Spanish Club 9, Pep Club 9? Sl1ic1dIO,IIg FTA IOQ 2711: lCD1gal1d.Z ,Musir ,Mum Nicolet Singers II,IL Tri-M llp Scholarship to Madison Music Clinic II,Variety Show II, Spanish Club IL Hells' Are Kinging. GENEVIEVE LUM: AFS 9: FBLA I2. CHRISTINE LUY, German Club 9,lO,II, Health Careers Club 9,IO. GRACE MACPHAILQ NGA 9,IO,lI, vice-president ll. LYN DA MACRURY4 NGA 94 Pep Club 95 AFS 9. ROSEMARY MAIDA4 Pep Club 9,IOa NGA 9,lO,II. NGA Council Ili Latin Club 9,IOQ Biology Club IO. BARBARA MALLEY, Pep Club 9gjl'f1l.9l2' Man, Edls ,Are kinging. SARI MANDEL, Pep Club 9,IO, Spanish Club IO, FTA IOQ Sophomore Council. l50 ,S . f Vicki Lore 41 Richard Lozoff AWAITED THE F TEFUL APRIL DAY Barbara Lubotsky Dillgently translating his Spanish, Marty Lerner showed that seniors still knew how to study. David Luc ht . , Chris Luedeman Genevieve Lum Christine Luy Linda MacRury Rosemary Maida Barbara Malley l5l Marilynn MacAlister Grace MacPhaiI B ,vw Sari E. Mandel Nina Mandella SATIRIZED IN MOD " AD SHOW," Frederick Manger Michael Maradick Kenneth Mastenbrook Mary Masty FRED MANGER, Football 9,lO,Il,l2, Basketball 9, lO,ll, Varsity Club Il,l2. MICHAEL MARADICK, Football 9,l0, Basketball IO, German Club 9,IO,lI. BONNIE MARESH, Pep Club 9, Biology Club IO. II,l2, Senior Spanish Club I2, 2711: ldng andi Ulf: ,Musk Man, Ch: Edie .Arc kinging, Tri-M lI,I2, Na- tional Honor Society lI,l2. JOE MARINO, Hells' .Arc Kingiup Student Supervi- sor ll. BRYNN MARKS, Transfer IO, Pep Club IO, Cheerleading I2, National Honor Society ll,l2, Varsity Club Sweetheart, Homecoming Court, French Club IO,ll, secretary ll. LINDA MARTIN, PepClub9,lO,ll,I2, Biology Club IO, FTA lO,II, secretary II, FTA Apple Award ll, Good Citizenship Award ll. KEN MASTENBROOK, Varsity Gulf 9,IO,II,I2, Intramurals I2. MARY MASTY, Pep Club 9, FTA IO, Latin Club IO, SlriddAret II. DORIS MATCHETTE,JuniorSpanish Club 9, Pep Club 9, Water Ballet IO, NGA I2. Bonnie Maresh Joe Marino Daniel Matchette Doris Matchette SHERYL MEISTER, Pep Club 9,IO, Spanish Club 9,IO, Sophomore Council. JOHN MELAMED, Nicolet Host 9,IO,ll, National Honor Society lI,l2, Latin Club IO, Football 9,Il, ll, All-Conference Te Defensive Team ll, Hon- orable Mention l2, Varsity Club II,I2, treasurer l2, Basketball 9,IO,II,I2,Tennis lO,Il,I2, Hall Monitor 9,II,l2, Sophomore Class Vice-presi- dent, Morp Court. JOY MEREDITH, Variety Show 9,lO, Health Careers 9,IO. JANE MEYER, AFS lO,I2, Biology Club I2, Home Ec. Club IO,Il, Spanish Club IO,lI,l2, Drill Team I2, National Honor Society II, Clit' .Mu.s'12' ,Mum Kuilrtiv Pug: IO,ll. BRUCE MICHAELS, Archery Club IO,Il,l2. SUE MILANT, Pep Club 9, AFS 9, FTA I0,Ils Vice-president ll, Tri-M ll,l2, Ulf: Kingandl Clic Musk Mau, Kdb .Arc Kinginp Music Clinic Schol- arship I2, Nicolet Singers. JULIE MILHAUPT, AFS 9,IO, Pep Club 9, Drama Club IO. MARK MILLARD, Track IO, Intramurals 9,lO. 152 Brynn Marks Linda Martin Elizabeth Matichek Maureen McGowan GARY MILLER, Stage Crew Il,I2, ACEA Building Contest Finalist Il. SANDY MITZ, Camera Club 9, President IO,II, Head of Slfidd Photography 9,IO,lI,I2, Junior Spanish Club IO, Student Supervisor l2, Chair- man of Nicolet Broadcasting Board ll, Photog- rapher for All Special Publications IO,Il,I2. BILL MOHAUPT, OKLAHOMA, 2711: King and Z Variety Show 9,lI, Sophomore Council, Weight Lifting ll, Biology Club IO. PAMELA MOORE, Spanish Club 9,IO,ll,I2, Crea- tive Dance lO,ll,l2, FTA 9,lO,lI, Biology Club IO. SHIRLEY MUNDT, NGA IO,lI. DEBBIE NAGLER, Pep Club 9, AFS 9, German Club 9,lO,lI,I2, FTA IO,Il,I2. JOAN NAHRE, Russian Club 9,lO,II,I2, secretary lO,ll,I2, Pep Club IO. DAVE NAUERT, Swimming 9,Il,l2, Varsity Club I2, State Swimming Award Il. SUSAN NEUMANN, German Club 9,IO,lI,I2, Pep Club 9,lO, NGA 9,IO,Il, FIA Il, AFS Fiesta Night IO. SOLD K IGHTSHIRTS FDR FU DRAISING Sheryl Meister John Melamed Joy Meredith Charlotte Meyer Jane Owens Meyer Michael Micelli Bruce Michels Gary Miller Sandford Mitz Shirley Mundt Deborah Nagler Susan Milant 'William Mohaupt Joan A.Nahre 153 S '. if Julie Milhaupt Mark Millard Pamela Moore Gayle Ann Mottram David Nauert Susan Nuemann SENIORS POSED PRETTILY T PLATZ', Donna Newland John Niss Gail Novey Ellen Nowak GAIL NOVEY,Transfer ll,AFS ll,Sl1icIdII,l2, Snidd Editor I2. ELLEN NOWAK, Pep Club 9, FTA IO. JOE NOWICK, Football IO, ,Mu.s'12',Man, Rdls Arc' Ringing Nicolet Singers ll, Forensics ll, Central Prom Committee, Senior Council. KAY OLBRYS, Pep Club 9,IO, AFS 9,IO, Drama Club 9, Zn: Kdls ,-Ire Ringing. PIERRE OVANIN, Track 9,IO, SI1ieldlI,l2. SUE OWEN, Pep Club 9,lO,lI, AFS I2, Biology Club ll,l2, S11fndAn ll, Kl1lgf11'5pHyKIl,I2, Cheer- leading IO, National Honor Society ll,I2, Cnc Ringandl NICK PADWAY, Swimming 9,IO,II,l2, Track 9, IO, Golf II, Football 9, Cross Country IO,lI,I2, Russian Club II,l2. RON PALER, Chess Club I2, Intramural Basket- ball I2, BECKY PAYNE, Pep club 9,IO, Biology Club IO,ll, AFS 9. JAMES PECARSKY, Swimming 9,lO,ll,l2, Latin Club 9,IO, National Honor Society ll,l2, Nicolet Host, Student Council 9,II, Youth Council 9,IO, II, .Music Man, Edie ,Arr Ringing knight? Page Cir- culation Staff IO, Intramurals Basketball 9, Vari- ety Show ll. TIM PECKHAM, Wrestling 9,IO, Track ll,l2, Rifle Club lI,CheckerClub ll. KATHY PENSKE, NGA 9,lO,Il, Pep Club 9,IO, Latin Club 9, AFS 9. VICKI PETZKO, Pep Club 9,IO, AFS 9,Il,I2, Biolo- Joan Nowak Joseph Nowick Kathryn Olbrys Pierre Ovanin Susan Owen Manuel Padway gy Club IO,lI,l2, Forensics 9,IO, Ski Club IJ: American Abroad Candidate II, Good Citizen Award ll, National Honor Society ll,I2, Tri-M II, I2, Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Secre- tary. STEVE PIC US, Wrestling 9,IO, Nicolet Host 9,IO, II, Nicolet Magic Company 9,IO,ll,l2,Youth Council lO,lI,l2, National Honor Society IO,lI,I2. JANE PINCUS, French Club IO,ll, Representa- tive ll, Rnigntis' Page staff IO, Picture Editor Il, Assistant News Editor l2, Sophomore Council, Prom Sub-chairman of Decorations, Seniors Council, Hall Monitor I2, Noon Recreation Su- pervisor I2, National Honor Society ll,I2, Pep Club 9. MARC C. PINGRY, Football 9, Basketball 9, Rniglftif Page 9, Drama Club IO, Baan Grant Wm' Drinking .Al v4RR0llIdd01G V011 l?an'l Cake .71 With Van, 2711: Canfing of Inc Shrew, Hells .Are Ringing Intra- murals II, Dcadg Bdomi BARBARA PINZER, German Club 9,IO, Pep Club 9,IO, FBLA II, secretary I2, Z'l1:.Musif Man, Rdls .Are Ringing. LANCE PITTLEMAN, Junior Spanish Club IO, Spanish Club ll, Chess Club IO, Oklalianm Stage Crew 9, Un: Ring and .L ,Music Man, Bells ,Are Ringing Ut: llglg Dnrkling 9, 6'nariiz's Aunt IO, Flu' Canfing of Inc Shrew II, Biology Club IO, Nicolet Singers II,I2, Variety Show IO. STEVEN PLOTKIN, Spanish Club 9,IO, Rnlglflis' Pag:9,IO. 154 Ronald Paler Carol Parsons g RECOLLECTED FGUR-YEARS' ACTIVITIES . f ,, K ,, ff V, ft, .J,.,,-ff,,ugzf2'f?Wf,2 ,C ' WI.,,,: .Ilu 5 Iiv, 1 . A,,,, XIJ, I I, ,, ,, Mr. Grassi Conveyed to his Humanities Class the details of the Elizabethan theatre. Thomas Paul Becky Payne ft If James Peckarsky Timothy Peckham Kathleen Penske .lane Pincus Marc C. Pingry Barbara Pinzer 1 5 5 Vicki Petzko Steven N. Picus Lance Pittleman Steven Plotkin SUGGESTED SENIOR PRI ILEGES Robert Pokrass Kate Polachek Linda Postles Robert Pratt ROBERT POKRASS, Swimming 9,lO, Track 9,ll, ll, Football I2, Wrestling ll. KATIE POLACHECK, French Club 9, Pep Club 9, Youth Council 9,IO,lI,I2, National Honor Society ll,l2, Central Prom Committee, Freshman and Sophomore Council. HARV POLLACK, German Club 9,lO,II,I2, Var- sity Club II,l2, Football 9, Baseball 9, Basketball 9,IO,Il, Track 9,lO,Il,I2, Intramurals Football Il, I2. JUDY POLLACK, German Club 9,IO,I2, Biology Club IO, Rocket Club lO,lI, Pep Band IO,II,I2, Pit Band ll,I2, National Honor Society. ARMAND POSNER, Knight? l7ag:9,IO,lI.l2, Copy Editor ll,l2, Sltidd Photographer 9,IO,Il,l2, Social Studies Club IO, Secretary IO, National Honor Society. LINDA POSTLES, Pep Club 9,IO, Student Coun- cil 9,lO, WASC Delegate and Discussion Leader 9, Honor Roll 9,IO,Il,I2, Treble Choir IO, Sl1ia'dlO Creative Dance IO, Spanish Club IO. ROBERT PRATT, Track 9, Swimming 9,lO,ll, Bi- ology Club lO,Il, Varsity Club II,I2. GINNIE PRUETZ, German Club 9,IO,Il,I2, FBLA Il,I2, vice-president I2, NGA 9. Harvey Pollack Judy Pollack Pamela Pritchard Virginia Pruetz NANCY QUACKENBUSH, Concert Band I2. ROBIN RADOFF, Basketball Intramurals II,l2, Social Studies Club 9,lO, Chess Club I2, German Club IO. GEHRMAN RADTKE, Golf 9, Stage Band ll,l2, FTA ll, President I2, Latin Club Il, Archery I2, National Honor Society. CHERIE RAFFEL, Pep Club 9, Biology Club IO, AFS IO, Junior Spanish Club IO, Health Careers ll: NGA II. JOHN RAMMINGER, Intramural Basketball 9, IO,II. MINDY RAND, Drama Club 9,IO, Home Ec Club IO,Il, President II, FTA II, AFS 9, Pep Club 9,lO,II Forensics, NGA 9. MARY PAT RAVERET, NBS I2, FBLA l2. DAN REDA, Football IO,II, Wrestling IO,ll,l2, Supervisor II. BLAKE REICHGELD, Football 9,lO,ll,l2, Varsity Club lI,I2. JANE REISS, National Honor Society II, Biology Club ll, Drill Team I2, Spanish Club IO, Pep Club IO,II, AFS IO, Home Ec Club IO, President II. RACHELLE RESNICK, Water Ballet IO,lI.l2, AFS 156 Lawrence Polzin Armand Posner x Nancy Quackenbush Robin Radoff 9, Central Prom Committee, Senior Council, Knight? Pagc9,l0. SUSAN RICE, Transfer ll. NANCY RIESEN, Transfer IO, French Club IO,II, Archery Club II,I2, President I2, Secretary- treasurer I2, FTA I2, Creative Dance I2. LIN DA ROEMING, Pep Club 9,lO,Il,I2,Treasurer IO, Vice-president ll, President I2, Cheerleading lO,lI,I2, Captain II, Oklahoma Dancer 9, Clic Mug and .Z Dancer, Musk' .Man Dancer, Hells' .Arc king- ing, Youth Council 9, Majorette lO,lI, National Honor Society ll,I2, Aqua Knights 9,IO, Prom Queen II, Homecoming Court ll. RICHARD ROSEN BERG, Football 9,IO, Rifle Club ll, Spanish Club IO, Rifle Club President I2. NANCY RUGE, German Club IO, NGA II, FBLA lI,I2, Intramural Badminton II. PEGGY RUSSELL, Health Careers Club 9, Pep Club IO,Il,l2, NGA IO, Sl1iddArt ll, Biology Club IO,I2, Edt? Ar: Ringing. KATHY RUST, Kmylrlis' Pug: IO, Drama Club IO, Biology Club IO,II,I2, Secretary l2, Treasurer Il. DENNIS SCHAEFER, Football 9, Intramural Basketball IO. ANNETTE SCHIEBLE, NGA 9, NBS l2. , E JGYED ARIED CDURSE SELECTIO 3 Mfg Gehrman Radtke Cherie Raffel John Ramminger Melinda Rand Mary Pat Raveret Daniel M. Reda David R. Regner Kathy Rice Susan Rice Nangy Ruge Peggy Russell Blake Reichgeld Nancy Riesen Kathleen M. Rust I 57 Jane Reiss Rachelle Resnick Linda Roeming Richard Rosenberg Dennis Schaefer Annette Schieble SENIORS CONTRIVED AN INGE IOUS PRAN , Douglas Schier Karen Schmidt Carol Schneider Susan Schobert DOUG SCHIER, Rifle Club lO,II, Latin Club IO: Intramural Basketball I2, Social Studies Club IO. KAREN SCHMIDT, Health Careers Club 9, NGA ll, Pep Club I2, Citizenship Award ll. CAROL SCHNEIDER, FIA 9,IO, NGA IO, Spanish Club II, Biology Club IO. SUSIE SCHOBERT, Pep Club 9,lO, Drama Club IO, French Club II,I2, Biology Club lI,l2, Nation- al Honor Society Il,l2, Mortar Board Award ll. JOANNE SCHRINSKY, Transfer ll. SHARLENE SCHROEDER, Library Aid 9, Health Careers Club 9,lO, NGA ll. BRIAN SCHUMAKER, Rifle Club lO,ll,I2, .Musif ,Mum Kalb' ,Arc Kingilrg, Intramural Basketball 9, IO,ll,l2. JEAN SCHWULST, German Club II,I2, Pep Club 9,IO, AFS 9, NGA 9, Health Careers Club 9. DAVID SCOTT, Track 9,IO,lI,l2, Cross Country IO,Il. MICHAEL SHAMBUREK, Freshman Council, German Club I2, Youth Council lI,l2, Basketball 9,IO,Il,I2, Football 9,IO, Library Aide I2. LARRY SHERKOW, Shield Sports Editor I2, Ger- man Club 9,IO,II,I2, Football 9, Wrestling IO, Basketball 9, Track 9,lO,II, Basketball Intramur- als lI,l2, Host 9,IO,lI,National Honor Society ll, I2. NANCY SHILTS, AFS 9, Future Secretaries IQ. LONNIE SHlMON,0k1aho1ua, U15 King audi .Mlliif .Mlm Halls .Aff kfffyilfyf One and Three Act Plays 9,IO,Il, Biology Club lO,lI,I2, French Club ll,I2, Nicolet Singers I2, Variety Show II,l2, AFS Joanne Schrinsky Sharlene Schroeder Brian Schumaker Jean Schwulst David Scott Michael Shamburek 9,lO,lI,l2, Drill Team I2, National Honor Society, Tri-M, Music Clinic Scholarship C9 alt.j, Nation- al Merit Letter of Commendation, Pep Club 9, FIA IO, lC11igl1t's Pagc'Circulation Staff. EDWARD SHULAKER, Track 9,lO,II,I2, Chess Club 9, Biology Club IO,I2, Radio Club ll, Cross Country lO,II,I2, Russian Club Il,I2, Intramurals II,I2, National Honor Society. LAURIE SHUMOW, Spanish Club 9,IO, AFS 9,IO, Pep Club 9, Klilyllfi Page 9,IO,lI,l2, News Editor II,l2, Student Council IO,Il,l2, Senior Class Treasurer, National Honor Society Il,l2, Quill and Scroll ll,I2, Freshman Homecoming Prin- cess, Prom Court, Badger Girls' State Repre- sentative, Sophomore Council. SUE SHUMOW, Pep Club 9,lO, French Club 9, IO, Sophomore Council, Drama Club 9. MARK SILVERMAN, Marching Band 9,lO,Il,l2, Stage Band IO,lI,l2, Pep Band 9,IO,lI,I2, Nicolet Host 9,lO, Assistant Chairman of Host IO, Soph- omore Council, Pit Band, Tri-M, Variety Show IO,ll,l2, Morp Court. TOM SINGER, Dino, Cross Country 9,lO,Il, Track 9,IO, Biology Club IO, Latin Club II, Weight Lifting Club ll, NBS Il, President ll. JAMES SKOWRONSKI, Football 9,lO, Track 9, IO, Weight Lifting Club 9,IO, National Honor Society II,l2, FBLA I2. PETER SKOWRONSKI, Football 9, Weight lifting Club 9,lO. SUE SKWIERAWSKI, NGA 9,lO, Junior Spanish Club IO, AFS 9,lO. 158 Maureen Shannon Larry Sherkow CONTEMPL TED THE SENIOR GIFT f i -,.,,M,w A I i f . ,I A , , H 1 I 5. 1' ,. I ' ' g Vicki Shernell TM, .35 Nancy Shilts Working on his science seminar project, Sandy Mitz photographed drops of water. Laurie Shumow Sue Shumow Lonnie Shimon Nancy Shomperlen Rex Shulaker Peter Skowronski Susan Skwierawski Mark Silverman Thomas Singer James Skowronski 159 PLANNED FOR EX M EXEMPTIONS, if ff ugh 'IWHEI' "1-"J , Elf"l567'j,:"4-.".,,,'T:f,, Barry Smith Dennis S. Smith Lynn Sondel Paul Sondel BARRY SMITH, Track, Junior Spanish Club 9, Spanish Club IO, Biology Club IO. DENNIS SMITH, Track 9, Radion Club 9, Rocket Club 9. JIM SMITH, Spanish Club 9, Baseball 9, Biology Club IO, Intramurals Basketball IO,II,I2. RUTH ANN SMITH, NGA 9, Biology Club Il. SUE SOLDAN, NGA lO,Il, Pep Club IO, German Club 9,lO,Il,I2, Biology Club IO,II,I2, Sl1iz1dArt Il. LYNN SON DEL, Drama Club 9, Spanish Club 9, IO,II, Pep Club 9,lO, Office Monitor II, lCl11yl1t'.9 Pug: IO,ll,I2, Senior Council, Student Supervisor I2, Central Prom Committee II. PAUL SONDEL, Nicolet Host, Student Council 9,IO,Il, President l2, Sophomore Class Presi- dent, Junior Class President, National Honor Society II,l2, National Merit Semi-finalist IJ, Rensselaer Polytechnic Mathematic and Sci- ence Award II, Nicolet Magic Company II,l2, Football 9,IO,II,I2, Wrestling 9, Honors in State Mathematics Association of America Contest, Varsity Club II,I2, Spanish Club 9, Biology Club IO, Variety Show II,I2. JACK SPARACINO, Pep Band lO,II,I2, Pit Or- chestra I2, Stage Band I2, Summer Music Clinic Scholarship Il, Tri-M. James Smith Ruth Anne Smith Jack Sparacino Kent Speight KENT SPEIGHT, Stage Band 9,IO,II,I2, Swim- ming IO, Pit Band ll,I2, National Honor Society II,l2, Tri-M lI,I2, Spanish Club 9, Prep Band 9,lO, lI,I2, Sophomore and Freshman Council. DON SPITZBART, Biology Club IO, Earth Sci- ence Club I2, Slot Racing Club lO,II.' BETSY STANICK, Pep Club 9, NGA IO,II,I2, Biol- ogy Club IO, Archery IO. JON STARKE, Football 9,lO,II,I2, Basketball 9,lO, II,l2, Track 9,IO,II,l2, All Conference Guard. JOSEPH STEREN, Swimming 9, Junior Spanish Club 9, Rifle Club IO,II,I2. TERRY STUHLMACHER, Football 9,lO,II,I2, Bas- ketball 9,,!l411.s1Z'JI4al1, Intramural Basketball I2. RAY SUMINSKI, Football IO. TAMAYO KANARI, AFS Student IJ, Social Stud- ies Club I2, Biology Club l2, NGA I2. RAN DI TARILLION, Pep Club 9, German Club 9, IO, Sophomore Council. ARMIN TAUS, Golf 9, Spanish Club 9,lO, Nicolet Host 9,lO, Biology Club IO,II,I2, President II, Errsl II,I2, Editor I2, National Honor Society II, ll, Music Honor Society II,I2, Badger Boys State II, Class Vice-president IJ. TERRI TELLOCK, Biology Club IO, FBLA I2. LYNN TEPLE, German Club II,I2, lflliglflls' Page I2, I60 Michael Sobol Suzanne Soldan Donald Spitzbart Elizabeth Stanich Uhr Kingand .Z TERRIE TEMKIN, Debate Club 9, Health Careers Club 9,IO,II, treasurer IO, President II, Biology Club lO,Il, AFS IO,II,I2, Forensics I2, Musicals IO, II.I2. DONALD TERONDE, Biology Club IO,II, Rus- sian Club II. SUE TORTI, Biology Club IO, Pep Club 9, NGA IO. JANO VAN DEN BERG, Class Treasurer 9,lO, Pep Club 9,lO, Sl1idd9,IO,Il,I2, ICnigl1t's Pay: lO,II, Youth Council II, Student Council l2, Social Studies Club ll. MERYDITH VINE, FBLA II. JEFF WAGNER, Spanish Club 9,lO, Biology Club IO,II, Social Studies Club IO, Wrestling Club 9. IO,lI,I2, Champion Braveland Conference Golf IO,lI, Captain of Golf Team, Youth Council IO, Student Council 9. NANCY WAKEFIELD, NGA 9,I2, Water Ballet II, I2, French Club IO,lI. ELYSE WATT, Transfer IO, AFS IO, l0uyltl's Pay: Circulation Staff IO, Hall Monitor II, Senior Council, Student Supervisor IQ, CHRIS WEEKS, Pep Club 9, AFS IO, FIA II,I2, STAGED FINAL CGU TDOW Jonathon Starke Joseph Steren Terry Stuhlmacher Ray Suminski Kanari Tamayo ff Z Randi Tarillion Armin Taus Terri Tellock Donald Teronde Susan Torti Paul Uebelher Jeffrey Wagner Nancy M. Wakefield George Walls 161 WM- K+-,ul ' Lynn Teple Terri Temkin Jano Van DenBerg Merydith Vine 'Bari 1221. Elyse Watt Christine Weeks SENIOQS RE ,qw-vw 'H' Wendy Weinberg William Weingart Tim Weiss Tim Wendle WEN DY WEINBERG, Pep Club 9, l01igl1t's l7agc9, IO,Il,l2, Assistant Feature Editor I2, Freshman Council, Youth Council IO, Student Council IO, IJ, Junior Class Treasurer, French Club 9,lO,Il, l2, Vice-president ll, Senior Council, U15 King and .L Music .Mum Hells ,Are Kilfging, N ational Honor Society II,I2. BILL WEINGART, Nicolet Host 9,lO, National Honor Society, Chess Club 9,IO,lI, Checkers Club IO, Band 9, Rocket Club IO,ll, Russian Club II,l2. TIM WEISS, Tri-M II,I2, Stage Band ll. TIM WEN DLE, Spanish Club 9,IO,Il. JOHN WEN DORF, Cross Czountry Manager 9, IO,lI,l2, Stage Crew lO,ll,I2, Varsity Club lO,Il,I2, Golf 9,lO, Camera Club 9,IO,Il. ROSS WETHERBEE, Cross Country ll,I2, Track lI,l2, Chess Club 9. BARBARA WETZEL, FBLA II, Sliidd Art ll, Pep Club 9,lO, Biology Club IO, Latin Club IO. COLLINS WHTTFIELD, Football 9,lO, Track 9,lO, Sophomore Council, Social Studies Club, Senior Council. BARBARA WIGGINS, Cheerleading IO,lI,l2, Youth Council I2, Pep Club 9,lO, Biology Club IO, NGA 9,lO, National Honor Society ll,l2. SUE WILSON, l01igl1t'sPage9, 5'l1i:1dIO,Il, Pep Club 9, Freshman Council, Sophomore Council, Senior Council, Drill Team I2, Junior Home- IVED THEIR HO ORS, John Wendorf Ross Wetherbee Barbara Wetzel Collins Whitfield Barbara Wiggin Susan Wilson coming Princess, Prom Court, Homecoming Court, Youth Council ll. TOM WINKLER, Football 9,IO. JAMES WINSTON, German Club 9,IO, Track 9, Zrlit' 16119 and .Z ,Musik Man, Kalb ,Are Ringing Tri- M, Scholarship to Madison Music Clinic Il. STEVE WlRTH,Transfer II. CATHY WISIEWSKI RUTH YAROW, FBLA I2. MARY JO YOUNGBLOOD, Biology Club I2, Creative Dance I2, Student Supervisor l2. WILLIAM YOUNGER, Senior Class President, Football 9,IO,lI,I2, Student Council II,I2, Har- vard Book Award II, Good Citizenship Award Il, Student Responsibilities Committee Chairman I2, Morp King lO,Varsity Club lI,l2, German Club 9,IO,II,I2, Treasurer IO, Nicolet Host 9,IO, Assistant Chairman IO, Nicolet Magic Compa- ny IO,l2, 616.91 II,I2, Bell Telephone Trip l2. DAN ZARN E, Wrestling 9,lO,lI,l2, 101igl1t's P1469 IO, Student Council I2, Latin Club 9,lO, vice- president IO, Sophomore Council. STEVE ZASTROW, Biology Club lO,II,l2, Treas- urer I2, Cross Country ll, Senior Spanish Club IO. ANDREW ZIEVE, German Club 9,IO,Il,I2, Treas- urer IJ, Biology Club IO,Il.l2, Cross Country I2: Track II,l2, National Honor Society II. AL ZIMMER, NBS ll. 162 Thomas Winkler James Winston LEFT COMMENCEMENT SAD BUT GL D ,, VW, , ,, 5 I ig? , L V ' L"i""J J n, , A J f 2 ., S '4"4 ,, , After calling an infonnal gathering of senior council, president Bill Younger led the group in discussion about the senior gift. Steve Wirth Cathy Wisniewski Michael Wolf William Younger Daniel Zarne Stephen Zastrow 1 6 3 -,NNW Ruth Yarow Mary Youngblood it J B 1 I Andrew Zieve Allen Zimmer SENIORS NOT PICTURED: Paul Berkholtz, Kathy Bira- cree, Wanda Brandt, Constana Coerper, John Evans, Richard Eclien, Barb Gutho Susan Heberer, Penny Heine, Jack Jensen, Kathleen Kersting, Dean Lampiris, John McDonald, Linda Mishlove, George Otto, Larry Schotz, Suzanne Yopack, ,fl 7, 3, my ' f-VL, . ' HL' -4 - . ' ,1- MVI4 I- , I I he QTL it I I. QI. I. '-. .- -V.Vg-,.V-VI., fx 1--. -- - ' 2.523 f 2 .4 3-'f-VV:VaN-.ffgrwa -V V... V .I .0 --I - 'yan -V 5- .I '-H753 7 V. SQLA , .I . 'V -v - 5 I 4 V- Q9 V- 1: I I ,xgY'.'V'j1Z3-2 - I ,nf II'-:L :TLC X' ga.: 1 . VIVI ' gif.. ' I I I 25, ' ,,,Zk'g.V,,gV-I ,fi3VVgLVg,i, 53. .,4.!LV - ,V-IV-IV.. ' .'- LL' - If-' ' f"'::'L"7 I" 4'- -r.-V". '-- 3 . .V" Q 7-V , :QI .VII V'-V,f'f4s V ,sf " , 5,-',.'.':ag:ff, .. V VI- - 1-f-'iff-.-""7 7, V. V, -? 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' 1 '--.-. f.,7..... , V1 Led by their cheerleaders, spirited juniors captured first place in the yelling competition. ENTHUSIASM BRIGHTENED OVERCAST OCTOBER WEEKEND Coldness, rain, and spirit characterized Nicolet's Homecoming. Friday night, spirits climbed high at the pep rally as students fought hard in the relay races and cheering competition, hoping to win honor for' their classes. Saturday, before the game colorful floats paraded around the field, and at half-time the marching band lifted dampened spirits. This feeling soon gave way to frustration as onlookers shivered through the last half of the game only to see their gallant, muddy team meet defeat. Later, gloomy skies and a disappointing game forgotten, students danced to the lively music of "Freddy and the Freeloaders," chatted about the events of the weekend, and thrilled to the glorious moment of Joanne Lonnborg's coronation. The victory bell rang for sophomore's first place. Q tan. m . 166 The noble efforts and the early lead of the enthusiastic sopho- mores were negated by a disqualification. 1 I i Flowers and balloons escaped the crush of dancing couples. T524 :wwf . 'yin'-J 15' . Qgnf . 'mv fkighvi' '- - i ,'-' - ' 1 AVI ' Q' l. t ft ' f ' asf l. fa fa l J .. 'if .gtyf V. I mf L 23' "fyn,,,'a ' 1 .X K' ye 4' 'L J A' g -f fsf"f': g -ttf 'V ,",5, " ezfufififgiri-5" Qi' ,Q . W ffl? M P'-'53 he W, ' , xp K 3 f - w ' Q WJ X nu A e ' '. A '--S' -1' ' - , -if , " ' "' V I bis. ' U fi-.L. a-s.. ,- Music resumed after the band's break, a signal to conversationalists gathered around the refresh- ments that dancing was beginning. On the second time around the Held. Linda Roeming, Brynn Marks, Nancy Kohler, Joanne Lonnborg, Sue Wilson, and Barbara Barrows, the Homecoming court, eagerly anticipated the announcement of queen. During the last moments of the half-time perform- ance, Joanne Lonnborg accepted the traditional bouquet of red roses, the symbol of her role as Homecoming Queen. 167 l I Unrhythmlc music from The Velvet Whip set the tone for an individual- . 3 V ' 1 ly active dance. SADIE RRIVED THGROUGHLY MODER Costumes, music, and decorations each accounted for the psychedelic effect of the junior-sponsored turnabout dance - Sadie Hawkins. This year Sadie went psychedelic. Levis, ponchos, and beads replaced the dungarees, tennis shoes, and corncob pipes of the past. "The Velvet Whip" entertained with music and poetry readings. Flashing lights, reflecting the unusual band and striking posters, added to a psychedelic atmosphere. That was the scene of Dogpatch l967. Hallucinatory pictures, representing the prevalent mood, hypnotized viewers. I - .l ,z Playing a one night stand, the mod look became a part of the Nicolet Scene. l68 Aw' if A In his newly acquired German accent, Hal Erickson led this unknowing group to sing the code for a horse race gambling outfit. NBELL ii A NICOLET After long hours of rehearsing to the ding-a-ling of the telephone bell and of repeating, "Hello, this is Suesanswer- phone," Nicolet actors and actresses grandly performed the musical Hells are Ringing. Outfitted in modern day skirts and evening gowns, Ella, the main character, revealed her love of Jeff, a lazy playwright, who frequently used the services of the Suesanswerphone system. To complicate the plot, a mysterious German record dealer converted the downstairs ofhce into a cover up for horse race gambling. Humorous, but slightly sad, this musical caused the audi- ence to chuckle when Ella attempted to flirt and to sympa- thize when Jeff paid little attention to her. With two sepa- rate casts and four performances, Hells are lfzhging brought delight to Nicolet students. Dentist Uim Peeplesb entertained the audience as well as Ella CLonnie Shimonj when singing his off-key version of "The Midas Touch." 2lTlflElCl Sue CWendy Weinbergj watched as Carl Uim Dahlmanj, After a useless day on the streets, wild Lance Pittleman and Steve Israel humorously exag- who was awed by Ella's CPat Kieferb special evening dress, gerated their actions and conversation at the local drugstore. attempted to lead her in a tango. X H Peter's and Anne's CMike Sparacino and Janet Stamflj solemn expressions re- vealed the severity of Mr. Frank's Uoe Nowickb comment on the present food shortage. REHEARSALS ASSURED " NNE FRA K" PRODUCTIO "Anne, this time try to repeat Tom twice and then say ml. Mrs. Frank, could you please put up you hands to cue Anne's entrance?" Such comments indicated that glaring mistakes filled practices of 2715 Diary ayfflune Ymnk during the first weeks. Howev- er, as rehearsals progressed, performers finally remembered once-forgotten sentences and included necessary gestures. The Thursday night dress rehearsal proved that the daily 3:lO prac- tices had been imperative to successfully produce the play. Changing their personalities to those of the play characters, ac- tors and actresses assembled on the auditorium stage, skillfully performing the three-act play. On the following nights the cast received its deserving reward as the audience responded in en- Mr. Van Daan Uim Peeplesj and Mrs. Van Daan Uanice Rudolphj concentrated on memorizing their lines during scenes when they wer- en't on stage. thusiastic applause. ? . 'W ' i . ' i .-,',. E .. ,' L ,Q I 3 sg ' 'v 'Wai Mrs. Pierson commented on he play's blocking as the other direc- tors, Miss Machnick and Dennis Connerton, attentively listened. l J n 7' Dfw l s ,V 4 I I ' -er ' , 'K , , up A 2 V fd .I . g -:ww 27 Despite Mr. LIewllyn's attention-getting argument in "Castle in the While the young boys continued to amass a pile of stones, their fathers predicted Village," Lydia still refused his request to rent her apartment. the outcome of "The Lottery." TALE TDEBUTEDI CNE-AC S ln tryouts for the three one-act plays, aspiring actors exhibited their undiscovered talent. During the weeks of prac- tice that followed for the selected casts, these students polished the techniques which would be necessary to reflect the more serious nature of this year's plays, "The Dear Departed," "Castle in the Village," and "The Lottery." ln these plays, aside from portraying a character effectively, each performer had the added job of conveying a message to the audi- ence. However, this task was not too difficult as the convincing actors successfully performed before an unusually large audience. In "The Dear Departed" Peg Boergadine and Larry Zucker, following their grandfather's tragic death, began to disassemble the apartment. DANCERS AND SINGERS VISITED FOREIG LANDS at Costumed Japanese dancers concentrated on their next step as they per- formed the traditional Japanese Sakura, Sakura. At the annual AFS dinner, three performances of Nicolet dancers and singers provided an around-the-world excur- sion in less than an hour. Before the shows, a Dixie Land band serenaded the eaters while they carefully twisted the forksful of spaghetti. After dinner, a German handkerchief dance set the mood. Next, foreign exchange student Irene Hoe highlighted the evening with a short dance from her native land, Singapore. Shrill sopranos and deep altos then sang gay French melodies and the traditional Mexican ,Ca Gucaraclla. Following the songs, performers made short stops at other foreign countries such as Japan and Israel. The all-American ending of the song "This Land Is Your Land" brought spectators back to their own land after an enjoyable night. The Dixie Land band provided lively music for spa' ghetti eaters. Freshly made cotton candy for sale! The chocolate chip cookie and frosted cupcake sales brought in funds which helped support NicoIet's AFS students. Trumpeteer Kent Speight sounded the musical talent each Swing Band member possessed -talent which spelled out Showtime. SPECTATQRS SPENT AN EVENING WITH NICOET TALE T The band tuned up, spotlights flashed across the auditorium stage, drums rolled and a voice announced, "Welcome to an evening of mirth, melody and magic." Then curtains opened to display to the audience a Swing Band in white tux- edoes. Hanging fluorescent letters spelled out Nicolet's Variety Show. During the two-night performances, such acts as the absentminded professor and colleague, portrayed by Armin Taus and Kurt Eichstedt, amused the show's audiences. Musicians Pat Kiefer, Barb Lubotsky and Dennis Conerton, the "Flower Fields," and Jim Dahlman and company creat- ed melody. The Nicolet Magic Company joined the three emcees, Bill and Sherry Younger and Roger Giller, to conclude the effective nights' performances with their own wondrous effects. ln top hat style, the evenings' hosts, Bill State baton champion, Patti .lellison Emcee Roger Giller shared the rest of the Showtime audi- and Sherry Younger and Roger Giller, sang twirled not only with scarves but with tire, ences' awe of Don Grieb's trampoline skills. "Together." too, ii 0 1 -. , V ,,, f 5335, f ,g.4f,,4f I Wu-K-' . . . ., V, .2 ,, L ,c 173 K IGHTS KLUBS E HANCED FRIDAY IGHTS The color of popular bands, a dab of dancing, a shade of pushing to get in, a touch of refreshments, and a stroke of fun painted the picture of NicoIet's Friday night Knight Klubs. Often special events - a Halloween costume con- test, a clothes drive, a battle of bands, a date with Dad, a sock hop, or a pizza party - created a difference in design. But at every Knight Klub Nicolet students enjoyed them- selves. The Homecoming pep rally at an end. spirit overflowed into the sock hop QP Dave Wigle and Jack Hearst, as mother and child, brought the very unusual to the Halloween dance. Dressed as alittle girl, Rick Rand Cthird from rightj won the costume contest which highlighted the Halloween dance. 65? lil! Ya THE 5 flutes DME? lyv , E sl SQPHS TRIPPED DGW THE RABBIT HOLE A beautiful spring night, brimming with antici- pation of summer, accompanied underclassmen to the annual Sophomore sponsored Morp, the turna- bout of Prom. At the entrance a dark rabbit hole invited the couples to a crowded Student Com- mons dressed with scavenged Prom decorations in the mode of Alice's Wonderland. For the night's highlight Sophomores laid down the toilet paper carpet for their court and crowned Frank Olbrys Morp king. After the coronation, dancing contin- ued until the crowd dwindled down to the handful which heard the band's finale, "Do You Want Somebody To Love?" King Frank Olbrys and his escort Barb Marsh reighned over the I967 Morp. Helpful senior girls served lemonade and the delicious face-covered cookies made by the Sophomore refreshment commit- lee. B Winning first place in the Battle of the Bands earned the Renaissance their chance to play at Morp. 'V' r -, A 'x . Sm'-ng' X-154,14 A - NW, Q., ...ri I ,UN - A-,-. ..., 'T' .s Zilslm " FW an ,U1 JFS S-A 2' , 1, "fel PROM STEPPED TH RCUGH THE LOQKI G GLASS www H fzmvffm, ry ' V, 8 Tweedle dee CF. Olbrysj and Tweedle dum CB. Wolfj offered balloons at a penny apiece as a souvenir of Wonderland. Linda Roeming and Dennis Connerton, the royal couple. Juniors and seniors danced to the music of the royal musicians "Tommy Sheridan and His Band" in the Queen of Heart's room. 176 Alice in Wonderland hostesses Barb Howe and Jay Olbrys served cookies and teacakes to guests Chris Ellison, Sue Shumow, Cookie Seiden and Paul Hy- then in the palace dining room. ff' ff A M inc 9' 1 3 ., 1' gyywkyg gs di . fa. L J fire sy The queen and her court: Joanne Lonnborg, Jack Handley, Barbara Barrows, John Moriarty, Vicky Petzko, secretary, Jim Liebherr, vice-prsident, Laura Walsbren, Paul Sondel, president, Linda Roeming, Dennis Connerton, Kendra Langetieg, Rick Posner, Susie Wilson. Collins Whitfield, Laurie Shumow, Jeff Rattner, Kathy Rice, Greg Gridley. - l "fav"- ff it V Prom chainnen: Wendy Weinberg, treasurer, and Warren Blumenthal, co-chairman, Lisa Hoebreckx, refreshments, and Roger Giller, her escort, Debbie Howe, decorations, and Dennis Schaefer, her escort, Jane Grede, publicity, and Bob Young, Jean Vergeront, escorted by Bill Younger, personel and pro- graming, Jano Van Den Berg, post prom. and Dave Nauert, her escort. V 1' Lynn Sondel and Skip Nashban paused in the student commons to view Sir Caterpillar and his kingdom of ornately woven vines and vibrant flowers. L I77 , . . P rg. :gal .J 51 1 s f ff il Q , s I Q, . it i t Y' M rf, -as f"" The watermelon made its uncertain way over the heads of twenty boys and between the legs of twenty girls as these seniors fought vainly for first place. Bruised ankles and tearful laughter followed each loud "pop" of a lJ3ll00n- QQ The grapefruit relay was the race that students loved best. NICGLETI ITIATED FIELDD Y Enthusiastic laughter and unrestrained shouts marked Nicolet's first Field Day. With classes dismissed at noon, students rushed onto the green grass to munch on bag lunches. During the afternoon, class members competed in relay and obstacle races. Some students threw eggs, and others broke balloons in hopes ofwinning the golden spirit cup. More athletic participants played Robin Hood or "Casey at the Bat." And though the day began damp and gloomy, at 3:00 p.m. Knights headed for the buses laughing at the guy with watermelon juice dripping down his shirt front and at the girl with the smashed egg in her Hair. ' - ,, A . 178 l :V V ,I . fn, fag. W! While junior Penny Wagner excitedly awaited her turn, the senior girls hastily tore the clothes off their runner, threw them into a suitcase, then tossed the case to the next racer, who ran off in vain pursuit of victory. Hippity hop around the hurdles, Hippity hop in a potato sack, Hippity hop in a losing race. Penny flapped down the field securing victory for the juniors. W , Eff-5. , ? f f , 'fZf'f5'?:- ' , ' - -5 '-- ,N , ,M n 1 . , .M "'5' 'Z-I " 44 M .f 1. Y fu. ,ws Y ..,, , ' A ' . 1' I Q ff ' I " ' l 1 , f , , . 1 f r' J . 'f'- V A-"K ' - --.- ff E ..,, - V ' ' A 2. .,.' 'Vi" l ij.f,gg.i H M y V A .". . ' - " I 2 'A . ff' ff l W" ' ,Q , il. ll f.W'?W"""'f..', ' ',.- . H M51 V4 ll 4 ,, K 9 K Ai fits A 1,5 1 . f , . . I , H Q t..., , 4 I . K Mi" 'f' ' I ,L 1-'j:".. Q7 'Qfff-1 J xifwi if Ik?fif5f9"fg'W'1ilviQ5C2," wif wil ll' N Mft is xy fffy I if Y 0 if 3 an is 3 ? 9142 4 Q 3 5 '21 fx EW is A 5 fb H 'is 9 5 43 SQ Q '5117 . , 1 e , V . -3. , ,,-. . 1 Q . .- -t . ,W ff- ,gt ' " , ?"?fva, " x 4 I-? , f , 4 "1 1. mia 1 ' ' 12 , , Q ,wif 45 'Q-1 gr-.ff 3.9, "'-'1 41--' 1" '- A ' 3' I ""' . ' ,. , - -ff..-.-" - We '- 5 4f".G',5,'2:g"- H , ' ffm - . '5- ft.s ' -Q'i5"l'?N3l'f35ggwe ' -'l' 5 ,ilf25? 'fl -llgfx l - .. D U is 'f 'f-, -'s' '-vig, 5, ' , 1: if ,, s-'i A A LQ vgs'.N"f5 f "fe ' , 'i ' . 1" 5. Yihiggq ,iv . , QQ 3,1 V, Ag y ., Nt . AV, Fixqo.. 1 U17-K - .ir I ir -,fl , 5' Q will 'Ah I jf, Q , 'I' n ,i-f..,'.,,,. . ,Qi 'K Wi g. " 9 L fi. 3 5 1, I .1 : 179 I DEX Abramson, Benita IOS Abts, Christine 7O, l35 Abts, Karen I26 Adair Dennis IOS Adair, Patrick II7 Addy, Barbara I35 Adashek, James II7 Adornato, Cynthia IOS Ahrendt,Candis S6, I26 Ahrendt, Kim IOS Albano, Ann Marie S4, I35 Albert, Peggy IS, 70, I35 Albert, Suzan 52. II7 Albrecht, Susan S4, II7 Albright, Kirby 54, II7 Aldenhoff, Diane IOS Aldenhoff, K. l26 Aldridge, John IOO, IO2, I26, I29 Allen, Betsy I26 Alt, Mrs. Claudia J. 25 Altman, Marc S7, IOO, IO3, II7 Altshuler, Lynn 37, 87, I35 Ambrookian, Sandra IOS American Field Service 52 American Field Service Students 58 Anderson, David I35 Anderson, Keith IOS Anderson, Kristi 84, IOS Andreotti, Guy SI, I36 Andrews, Edward II7 Anhalt, David IOS Apel, Nancy II7 Appleby. Gary IOS Appleby, Kitty IOS Aqua Knights 78 Arbit, Scott 68, 70, l26 Arbuckle, Ellen SI, I26 Archery Club SO Ardern, Nancy I26 Armour, Elaine 73, II7 Annour, Julie IOS Arnow, Douglas II7 Aronson, Robert 44, II7 Artin, Ken II7 Artin, Susan 67, IOS Arveson, Miss Beth 25 Askot, Phillip 94, IOS Atkins, Maura 48, 78. I26 Atlas, Debra I26 Atlas, Les 53, IOS Att ridge, Michael I26 Audio-VisuaIClub S3 Auditorium-Gym Hosts Augustin, Steven IOO, II7 Averkamp, Kathy 6I, II7 Bach, Mary II7 Bach, Thomas 4I, 76, IOO, IO2, I36 Bachman, Mr. Cary J. 25, 93 Backes, William 86, 94. I26 Backus,Claudia I36 Backus, Paul 99, IOS Bagley, Mark II7 Bahneman, Mrs. Juanita J. 25 Bain, Barbara S4, II7 Bakalars, Lee 52.70, IOS Bakalars. Mr. Earl J. 25, 30, 52 Bako, Steve 92, II7 Baldikoski, Mrs. Jean 25 Ballone, Eric 64, II7 Ballone, Kim 64, I36 Balmer, Gail Balsley, Richard I36 Bamford, Pamela I36 Bampton, Marcia 66, IOS BarbateIIi.Val I26 Baron, Janet IOS Barnett, James IOS Barrows, Barbara I36, I66 Barry, Ronald I04, I36 Bartels. David 7I. S3, 87 Bartz, Mr. Frank J. 25 Baseball IO5 Basketball 96 Bate, David 86, II7 Bateman, William Sl, IO4, I26 Battermann. Gary IOS Batterman, Kathy l36 Battermann. Roger 9O, I36 Bauer, James l26 Baumann, Michael 93 Bauman, Roc IOS Bazelon, Stephen 40, 90, 97, I26 Bechtel, Donna I36 Becker, Ann 44, 48, II7 Becker,Charles IOS Becker, Howard 36, 50. 53, IOO, I37 Becker, Michael 54. 66, IO4, II7 Becker, Randi Sue II7 Becker, Victoria I26 Beckwith. Cathy I9, 54, 84, II7 Beduhn, Scott 86, 90, I37 Beduhn, Todd 85, 93, 99, IOS Beers, Laurel S4 Beggan, Bonnie 56. l26 Behling, Patty I37 Beimline, Christine II7 Belfus. Barbara I37 Belgum, Cathie 52, 84, II7 "Bells Are Ringing" I69 Bender, Randi IOS Benner, Thomas D. 94, I26 Bennewitz. Karen I37 Bennewitz, Kathy II7 Beno. Susan II7 Bensman, Jeff 66, SI, I26 Benton, Mr. Kenneth E. 25, IO4 Benz, Kathy S4, IOS Benz, Richard S3, S7, I26 Berg, Dennis IOO, IO2, I37 Berger, Karen II7 Bergson. Janice 63, I26 Berk, Vicki 84, II7 Berland, Andrew I26 Berlin, Gayle I37 Berlin, Jeffrey II7 Bern, Marc I37 Bern, Mindy 66, SI, 85, IOS Bern, Ross SI, I26 Berstein, Bradley l26 Brucato, William I27 Bruner,James IIS Brunner, Mr. Vincent F. 26 Bruskin, Barry 36, 57, I37 Bryson, Nancy IOS Bub, Richard 93, 99, IOS Buck, Steven I27 Bucolt, Cathy I27 Bucolt, Glenn IOS Budzinski, Debra IOS Bugler, Dennis S7, I27 Bugler, Kenneth S7, I27 Bumby, Harold S5, IIS Bumby, James I37 Bundeson, Robert S7, IIS Bupp. Chris IOO, IIS Burchman, Lori IO9 Burgess. G. S4, IIS Burke, Michael 92, I27 Burns, Alouette 36, ISS Burns, John I3S Burns, Timothy I27 Bernstein, Ellen I26 Bernstein. Howard I4, 63, I26 Bernstein, Mary 48, I26 Bernstein, Richard 70, IO3 Bernstein, W. I26 Berwick, Michael S7, I26 Berwick, Barbara IOS Bella, Mary Kay I26 Beyer, Carolyn S4, I26 Bieterman, Mr. Bernard P. 25, IOO Bigelow, Robert IIS Binder, Glenn IOS Biology Club 60 Bishop, Mary 82, S4, I37 Bishop, Robert I37 Blachly, Linda I37 Blachly, Vicki 44, S4, IOS Blanchard, John I26 Blankenburg, Dean I26 Blankenburg, D. I26 Blankenburg, D. IIS Blau, Fred IIS Blecker, Mary I37 Bleier, Jeff IIS Bleier, Mike I37 Bleier, Tim IOS Blenski, Mr, Michael E. 25 BIesch.CarI 5l, 62, S3, S7, II8 Bloemers, Mr. Roger 25, 84 Bloom, Robin 56, I26 Blowers, Randy IIS Blumberg, Bonnie IOS Blumberg, Charles l26 Blumenthal, Steven 85, IOO, IOS Blumenthal, Warren 44, I37, l76 Board Members 22 Boergadine, Peggy 6l, 84, IIS Bograd, Frances IOS Boldt, Pat IOS Bollow, Frederic IOS Bollow, Linda IIS Borkin, Donna IIS Borkin, Russel I5, 44, 50 Borowski. Ann IIS Borth, Robert IOS Bosley. Mrs. Joanne K. 25, 46 Bowen, Donna l26 Bowen, Ralph I26 Boxer. Mark IOS Boxer, Vicki 52, SI, 86, I27 Boyes, Deborah IIS Braam, Michael IOS Brandt. Deborah 55.84, IIS Brauer, Timothy I27 Braun, Candace I27 Brazner. Debra IIS Brazner. Robert 36, SI, I37 Breit, Jonathan 98, IO4, IIS Breithaupt,C. I27 Brendemuehl, B. S4, I37 Brendemuehl, Nancy S7 Brengel, Douglas 4I, I37 Brengel, Edith 85, IOS Breul, Gary I27 Breul, Linda I27 Breul, Robert 54, IIS Brickman, Harriet 85, IOS Brill. Barbara 78, 84. IIS Brindis, JoAnn IOS Broas, Margret l37 Brodbeck, Randy IOS Brodbeck, Rickie IIS Brodkin, Adriane IIS Broetzman, Miss Edith C. 26 Brokaw, Mrs. Lowanne M. 26 Bronson, James 97, IO3, I27 Bronson, Wendy 70, S5, IO8 Brooks, Marlowe IIS Brotton,Thomas I27 Brown, Jeffrey 92, 98, IIS. I27 Browne. E. Fraser I27 Browne, Sarah 56. 7O. I27 Burroughs, William IO9 Bursten, Bruce IO9 Bursten, Scott 93, IO9 Business Department I2 Buth, Christine 56, IO9 Butler, William IO9 Butzin, Jean 5O. ISS Buzzard, John 36, 38, 70, IOO, IO2 Byers, Robin 53, S4, IO9 Byrum, Brian l38 Cadillac. Don IO9 Caine,Candace 78, IIS Camera Club 62 Cannizzaro,Toni I27 Cannon, Mary I38 Caplin, Michael IIS Carey,Chrys I27 Carey, Tanina IO9 Carini, Joanne 52, I27 Carlson, Richard 92. IIS Carlton, Leora I27 Carter, Richard S7, I27 Cash, Ellen 53, IIS Ceaman, Judith IO9 Ceaman, Lynn 82, I27 Cebula, David I27 Cebula, John I3S Cechvala, Joe I27 Champeau, John 86, I27 Champion.. Dawn 39, 67, IIS Chapman, Barbara 56, 7O, 78, IIS Chapman, Brian 57.63, IIS Chapman, Carol 70, 78, I3S Chapman, Christine l3S Chapman, Craig 39, 63, 93, IO9 Chapman, Craig 57, IOO, I3S Chapman, Gregory IIS Chapman, Joel S4, IIS Chapman, Nancy 78, IO9 Chase, William l38 Check, Dennis I27 Check, Donald IO9, I27 Checkers Club 65 Cheerleaders 72 Chen, Keith 62.94, IO3, I27 Chen, Nancy 36, 74, I3S Chen,Susan IIS Chenery,C. 92, IO3, IIS Cherney, James S4, 94, IO9 Chess Club 65 Chester, Mark S6, I39 Chick, Nancy I27 Chiesa, Donald IO9 Christman, Daniel IIS Chudnow, Jean IIS Church,Thomas I27 Cianciolo,Chris I27 Cianciolo, Linnda IO9 Cianciolo, R. I39 Cienian, Catherine 69, IIS Clark,Vicki I27 Coffman, Deborah I39 Coheen, David I27 Conerton, Dennis 37, 86, I39 Conley, Ellen I27 Conway,Cynthia S4, I39 Conway, William F. 93, IO9 Cook, Diane 70. 84, IIS Coors. Richard IIS Costa, Johathon I27 Cox,Martha S3, S7, IIS Cox, Pamela I27 Cox, Richard SI, I39 Craig, Michael IIS Creative Dance Club 79 Crest 49 Crivello, Joseph 93, IO9 Crivello, Madeline l6, 48, 52, 55, I27 Croen, Frederick 53, II7. IIS Crohn,CaroIe I39 Cross Country IOO Culliney, Mrs. Helen E. 26 Cummings, Robert I27 Cunningham, Robert I27 Cunningham, David 50, Sl, I4O, I46 Cunningham, L. IO9. I27 Cupertino. Karen I27 Cupery Jane 73, I4O Cupery. Mr. N. 23 Cutler, Diane IO9 Cutler, Janice I27 Cybela, Dennis 92. 98, IIS Dahlman, James 86, I27 Dailey, Timothy IO9 Dallmann, Lyle IO9 Damico, Peter IIS Damico,Tom 62, IO9 Danoff, Bernard IIS Dannenberg, Harry 85, IO9 Davidman, Larry IIS Davis, Davis Davis Davis Davis Davidoff, IIS Davies, Charles IO9 Mr. James S. I4, 26, 99 Mr, Jerry 26 Debbie IIS ,Jacalyn I4O ,Nanci I4O Day, Dennis IIS Day, Donald IIS Cohen, Barbara 48, IO9 CoI1en,Cathy I27 Cohen, Ilene I27 Cohen, Mathew 90, I27 Cohen ,Michael IO5, I39 Cohen. Randi Gail S4, IIS Cohen, Sandra I39 Cohen,Susan 86, I27 Cohn, Beth I27 Colberg, Michael 39, 59, IIS Colburn, Bruce I39 Colegrove, Michael 90, 97, IO5, I39 Collins, Christy, 56, I27 Collins, Ellen II8 Collins, Scott I27 Colucci, Mrs. June M.26 Colwell, Bruce 36, 90, 97, I39 Calwell, Martha II8 Concert Band 87 Concert Choir S6 Dean, Aletha SI, I4O Deangelis, Mary Jo IO9 De Angelis, D. I4O Debate Club 5I Diedrick, Dan 90, 98, IO3, IO5, I27 Deising, Jane S4, IO9 Delaplain, Stephen IO9 De La Torre. Lynn I27 De munck, Barabara IIS Dennis. John IIS Denniston, Marla I27 Derse, Patricia 44, 78, I27 Devorkin. Mona 87,127 Dewey, Mike IOO, IO3, I27 Dickinson, Gilbert I4O Dickinson, Joyce 7O, IIS Diefenthaler, A. 69, IO9 Dilges, John I4O Distenfeld, Tracy 86, I4O Dittmar, Debra 84, IO9 Dohmen, Linda II8 Dolnick, Deborah I4O Doperalo, Kenneth I4O Dourgarian, Doug IO9 Downey, Sarah 44, I24 Dowsett, Cara 86, I27 Drake. Jamie 78, IIS Drake. Julie 78, I27 Drama Club 6I Drescher, Lynda I4O Drewek, Richard S5, 93, IO9 Drill Team 73 Driss. Gregory IIS Drukker, Carla I27 Druschke, Mary I27 Dubman. Barbara I27 Duftin, Shawn IIS Dulberger, Dale 40, 90, 9l, IO2, I4l Dunker, Thomas 4I, I27 Dunker, Virginia I2S Eade, Jennifer S4, IIS Earth Science Club 64 East, Joe S4, II9 Eaton. Russell 94, II9 Edelman, Robert IO9 Eder, Richard I2S Edwards, Catherine l4I Edwards, John 86, l4l Edwardson, Kris IO9 Ehr, Michael IO9 Eich, Carol 53, I2S Eichsteadt, Gary S3, S7, IO9 Eichsteadt, Kurt 37, 38, 87. I4I Einwald, Susan S4, I2S Eisenhardt,Carol S3, 87, I4l, I72 Elconin, Michael 84, IO9 Eldred, Pat SI, I28 Elenbaas, Mrs. Margaret 26 Elewitz. Beth l4l Eliott, Gregory l28 Elkind, Neal l28 Elkon, Barbara l4l Eller, Nancy Jo 6l, II9 Ellis, Dean l28 Ellison, Chris 86, l4l Ellsworth, James IO3, l28 Ellsworth, Peter 93, IO9 Embach, Mary l4l Endeian, Gregory 93, IO9 Engle, Craig l4l Engel, Judith I28 Engel, Richard 67, II9 Engel, Stephen IO3, II9 Engen, Mr. Lloyd C. 26 English Department I3 Erbach, Christine 54, II9 Erbach, Susan 84. l4l Erbes, Kathleen II4 Erbes,Tom l4l Erdmann, Jerry 84, IOO, IO3, l28 Erickson, Bill IO9 Erickson, Gary l28 Erickson, Harold 86 Erickson, Marcia l4l Erickson, William 87 Erlien, Richard l4l Eschweiler, J. l4l Escobar, Cherri 87, l28 Etzweiler. John 84, 92, II9 Evans, John l4l Evans, Lawrence 67, IO9 Evans, Nancy 70, 73, II9 Evers, Penny I28 Everts, Judith l28 Everts, Susan IO9 Evrard, Wendy I28 Ewing, Katherine II9 Fauber, Patricia 86, l28 Feerick, Patrick 93, IO9 Fefer, Thomas 66, l28 Fehlhaber, Gary l4l Feiss, Len 54, l28 Feldman,Jill l4l Feradi. Susan l4l Ferguson, Patricia 86, l28 Ferrara, Paula 56, 60, II9 Feuer, David I5, 39, l4l Fiebing, Miss Linda A. 26 Field Day I78 Fiesta Night I72 Filachek, Joellen 86, l28 Fine, Suzanne 56, 85, IO9 Fine Arts Dpeartment Fingold, Barry II9 Fischer, Daniel I28 Fischer, Mr. Jerome H. 26 Fischer Jocelyn 36, 37, 87, I42 Fischer, Patricia 52, 87, I28 Fisher, Mary Jo 54, IO9 Fisher, Richard IO4, l28 Fischer, Therese 50.72.128 Flaherty, Kimberly 8l, II9 Fling, Cathy II9 Fling, Daniel I42 Fling, Michael I28 Flowers, Louis II9 Flowers, Lynda IO9 Fluhr. Sharon 54, I28 Flynn, Mrs. Alice A. 26 Flynn, Daniel Il, l28 Foley, Mark IO9 - Foreign Language Department I5 Forensics 59 Football 90 Fox, Dale 62, 87, IO9 Fox, Darryl I42 Fox, Miss Margaret M. 26 France, Marc IO3, II9 Frank, Bruce l6, 62, 64, I28 Frank, Cynthia IO9 Frank, Daniel 93, IO9 Frank, Jacquelin l28 Frank, Mr. Melvin A. 27 Fransee, Donald 93, IO9 Fransee, Douglas 80, I42 Franz, Ellen 54, I42 Franz, Joan 54, 87, IO9 Fratrick, James l28 Frazier, Barbara I42 Fredenthal, Connie I42 Fredenthal, Mindy 85, IO9 Fredericksen, E. 37, 86, I42 Fredericksen, Eric II9 Fredericksen, John IO9 Fredericksen, S. I7, II9 Freedman, Barton IJS Freitag, Patricia II9 Freitag, Sharon I42 French Club 55 Frenkel, Danny IO9 Fricke, Paula II9 Frieberg, John IO9 Friedlander, James SO, I28 Friedman, Linda II9 Friedman,Thomas II9, l28 Friedrich, Jim 54, II9 Friedrich, Karen 52. 85, IO9 Friesler, Mindy II9 Froemming,Curt IO9 Fromstein, Jane IO9 Future Business Leaders of America 82 Future Teachers of America 68 Gaborsky, Miriam 6I, 85, II9 Gaedke,Sally I4, Sl, l28 Gaines, Howard IO9 Gaines, Jeffrey l8, 94, I42, I46 'Galewski, Mary l28 Galewski, Stephen IO9 Galvin, Linda l28 Garber, Mark II9 Gardner, Dean I42 Garman, Jacquelyn 52, 85, IO9 Garry, Miss Louise A. 27 Gates, Mr. Glen T. 27 Gauger, Susan I42 Gecht, Ellen 52. II9 Gehweiler, Richard IO9 Geiger, Catherine IO9 Gelfman, Stephen II9 Gellman, David 85, IO9 Gendelman, Lisbeth 72, II9, I72 German Club 54 German, John I43 Gersen, Jerry I28 Gertler, Mark 90, 94, lO2, I28 Gettelman, James 53, 69, 85, IO9 Giffen, David 39, 59, I29 Gifford, Marc I29 Giller, Roger 36, 44, SO, 66, I43, I76 Gimbel, Barry 39, 44, 59, 66, II7 Gimbel, Jeffrey 39, 57, 59, IO3, l29 Ginda, Karyn l29 Gindlin, Mark II9 Girdauskas, Brian IOO, IO3, l29 Girls Chorus 85 Glaisner, Mary I43 Glassner, David l29 Glassner, Ruth II9 Glasspiegel, Harry 36, 38. 90, l43 Goelzer, John IO9 Goerne, Robert 87, IO3, I29 Goetzke, Gary IO9 Goisman, Richard I43 Golanowski, Mark I43 Golanowski, Pamela II9 Goldberg, Pete 36, I43 Goldin, Martin IIO Goldman, JoAnne 52, 56, 72. 8l, 86. I29 Goldman, Laurie IIO Goldsmith, Pamela I7, 37, 86, I43 Golf I04 Gollin, James 50, IIO Gollner, David IIO Gollner, Paul 70, SI, I29 Gonzalez, Fernando 90, l29 Goodman, Blane I43 Goodman, Judy I29 Goodman, Laurie 48, 86, I29 Goodman. Lawrence 57. IO4, l43 Gorbette, Richard 83.87, II9 Gordon, Polly I29 Gorectke. Craig IIO Goren, Louise I43 Gorenstein, Steven 90, l29 Grede, Jane I44, I76 Grede, Kathy 52, II9 Green, Steven 62, I44 Greenamyer, Gayle 84, IIO Greene, Donna I29 Greene, Patricia l43 Greenebaum, Judy II9 Greenebaum, Sally 85, IIO Greening, Mr. Howard L. 27 Gridley, Clifford 99, IIO Grieb, Donald II9 Grieger, Jay 87, 90, 97, lO2, I29 Grimm,Christine 85, II9 Grimm. Daniel I29 Grober, Debra 72. IIO Grober, Donna 73, 86, I29 Grochowski, John I44 Grochowski, Mary I2O Groeschell, Bruce 93, 99, IIO Groeschell, Margaret I2O Graeschell, Patricia 39, I2O Gromme, Mr. Roy O. 27, 44 Gross, Robert I2O Grossman. Lawrence 66, 8I, I44 Grossman, Linda IIO Grossman, Robert 36, 38, 57, 8I, I44, I46 Grossman, Ruth E. 63, 86. I44 Grossman, Scott 93, 94, IIO Grossman.Terry 98.104, I2O Grotenrath, M. I44 Gruen, Lorelie 87, I2O Gruoner, Richard 93, IIO Guex, Jeffrey IIO Guidnger, Donald IOO, IO2, I44 Guidance Department I8 Gutglass, James 44, 53, IO8, IIO Haarman, Bruce I2O Habeck, Beverly 77, 87. IIO Habeck, Milton 36, 44, I44 Hack,Joanne 73, I2O Hack, Leonard I44, I46 Hadfield, Lynn IIO Hadler, Linda I2O Haeuser.Charles llO,94 Hage, Robert I44 Hahn, Gail IIO Hall, JoAnn IIO Hall, Pat 67. I2O Hallada, Ann I2O Halliburton, Mark IO3. I2O Hall Monitors 66 Halloran, Diane 85, IIO Hamel, Robert IIO Hamer, Donna 77. IIO Hammel.Alan I29 Hammerschlag. L. 52, 55, 87, l29 Hammerschlagf Ron IIO Hammill , James 57, 86, IO3, l45 Handley, Penelope IIO Handley,Timothy I29 Handrich, Mr. Roy W. 27 Hankin, Julie 85. IIO Hansen, Michael I2O Hanson, Miss Lois M. 26, 27 Hardeman, Stephen I29 Harde, Don IIO Harley, Joe I2O Harold, Mr. Robert I2O Harman, Bruce 67 Harrington, John Harris. Jeanne 52. I29 Harris. Judy IIO Harris, Michael l45 Harris, Nancy l45 Harris, Patricia 48, 70, I45 Harrison,C, E. l45 Harsh, Karen I2O Harwick, Ronald l5, 36, 54. 66. 8l, I45 Hasey, Mark 39, l29 Hasey, Susan IIO Hasley, James l45 Hasley, Scott IIO Hasley, Terry 84, IIO Hatch, Scott 53, II7, I2O Hatheld, Lyn 85 Harick, Richard IIO Hayes, Mr. C. 24 Hayes,James I45 Hayes, Pam I29 Hearst, Jack l29, I74 Heberer,Susan 84, l45 Heck, Nancy 54, I2O Hedlund, Mrs. Ellen 27 Heidhues,Caryl l45 Heibetz, Deborah 85, IIO Heil, Katherine I2O Heim, Heidi I45 Heine,Craig I29 Heine, Penny 86 Heinecke, Stephen IO3, I2O Heise,John IIO Heise, Michael 92. I29 Herser. John C, I2O Hellman, Daniel I2O Hellman, Robert I2O Helm, Robert 44, I29 Hentzen, Deborah l6, 52, 54, I29 Hentzen, Mary Kim I2O, I29 Herbst, Mari Lee 85, IIO Herman, Bruce 39, 63, I29 Herman, Gregg 53, IOO, I2O Herman, Richie I2O Herman,Suzanne 85, IIO Herman,Vicky 72. IIO Herold, Jane 85, IIO Herold, Mr. Robert F. 27 Herrick, Marianne 36, 39, 44. 66, 70, 78, 8l, l45 Herrick, Nancy 66, 70. IIO Herte, Ron I2O Hetzel, Kay I2O Hetzel, Sandra I29 Heuser.Charles 85 Heyman, Gail 39. 44, 59, 66. Hickey,Susan I29 Higgins, Katherine IIO High, Mrs. Barbara A, Hiken, Marjorie I2O Hilbert, Lisa 87, I2O Hill, Timothy 5I, 84. IIO HiIler,James 39. l29 Hiller, James I29 Hiller, Jeffrey 63. I2O Hiller, Willian 94, IIO Himes,Scott IIO Hink,Thomas IIO Hinkens, Christine 85, IIO Hinkens, Janet I29 Hinrichs,Susan I45 IDE Hintz, Jacquie IIO Hintz, Michael 65, I45 Hirsch, Jeffrey IIO Hochtritt, Mr. Lester D, 27, 92 Hoe, Irene 50, 52. SI, I45 Hoebreckx, Lisa l45, I76 Hoefs, Miss Nancy C, 27 Hoffman, Miss Elizabeth 27 Hoffman,Jim 4l, I29 Hoffman, William I29 Hoffmeister. Roy I2O, l29 Hogan,Thomas 66 Hogan,Thomas 67, IIO Hogeboom, Charissa 52, I29 Hogeboom, Starr IIO Hokanson, Kathleen 52, 54, 85, IIO Holland, Marla IIO Holman, Andrew 64, IIO Holmes, Richard I2O Holmes, William I45 Holscher, Debbie 84, I2O Holtz, David I2O Holub, Robert IIO Holzman.Jim 84, IOO, I2O Holzman, Marilyn 85, IIO Holzman, Robin 63. I2O Homecoming l66 Home Economics Department IO Hornik, Morris I29 Hornung, Chris 50. 53, I2O Horton,Julie 85. IIO Hosler. Kirk 90, IO3, IO5, I2O Hosts 45 Howard, Diane 84, I2O Howard, Mr. Homer 27 Howard,Susan IIO Howe, Barbara 46. I2O Howe, Deborah 39, 50, II4, I-I5, I76 Hubbard, Debra 66, I2O Hubbard, Todd I2O Hudson, Lynn I2O Huff.Linda I29 Humber, Philip I5, I45 Humphreys, Kathy 87, I29 Humphreys, Susan 87, IIO Hunt, David IIO Hunt, Kathrine l29 Huntsinger,John I29 Hurcla. Robert l45 Hurwitz, Leslie I2O Hurwitz, Robert 66, IO4, I46 Hurwitz. William Bl, I29 Huston. Huxtabl Mary 6l, I2O e, Mr. Richard D, 27,93 Huxtable, Sherry I2O Hyde, D. J. 70 Hyde, Lucy 52, IIO, I46 Hytken, Alice I20 Industrial Arts Department Il Ingoldt. lngoldt. Bruce 93,lIO Roberta I46 Irwin, Mr. Douglas W. 27, 90, 98 Israel, Steven 86, I46 Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson .David I2O .Gregory IIO .J, 98 .Teresa I46 Jacobs, James IOO, l29 Jacobson. Gary 64, I46 Jacobso Jacobso n. Miss Jean L. 28 n, Marc IIO Jacobson, Roberta I29 Jacobson, Steven 67, I46 Jager, Ruthy I29 Jaggard, Karen I29 Jagger, John 44, 93, IIO Jahn, Barbara I46 Jambor, Kathleen 86, I46 Jambor, Jack I29 Jankins, Scott I29 Janowitsch, Helmut 93. 99, IIO Jarazewski, B. I29 Jaraczewski, Marg 82.l-16 Jasculca. Robin IIO Jear1son,Risa I29 Jeatran. Jeffries. Julie IIO Mark I46 Jelich,Susan 85, IIO Jellison. Pat 72, I2O Jendlin,Jay IIO Jenkins. Jenkins, David I29 Walter IIO Jipson, Vlr. Wayne 28. 85, 86 Johannes, Kay 8-l Johannsen, Miss Eileen 28,54 John. Je nnifer 52, 56. l29 Johnson,Carla 78, I29 Johnson, Vliss Carol 28 Johnson,Charles I46 Johnson.Cynthia 85, III Johnson, Nflr. Dan 28. 29 Johnson, Mr, David R. I6, 28 Johnson, David 94, I29 Johnson, David 57. I2O I DEX Johnson. Douglas IOS, I47 Johnson, Mark Sl. 90, I-I7 Johnson. Richard III Johnson, Mr. Robert H. 28. 87 Johnson, Rolfe 84, I2O Johnson. Ronald 90, I-I7 Johnston. Jennifer III Jones, David I47 Jones, James III Jones. Mrs. Maw 28 Jones, Robert IO-I Jones, W. III Jorgensen, James 92. 94. I29 Jorgensen, Jeffrey III Jubelirer, Jeff 54. Bl. I26, I29 Jubelirer, Lynn I2O Judge. Barbara I20 Judge. Thomas 86, I47 Junior Spanish Club 56 Kabins, Jeffrey III Kadrich, Douglas I29 Kaempfer, Kay III Kagen, Ellen I29 Kagin, James I29 Kahn, Barbara 50. I47 Kahn, Dennis 57, I47 Kahn. Jeffrey 56, Ill, I20 Kahn. Karen 86, I29 Kahn. Sandra 52, I29 Kahn. Shellie 66. I47 Kaiser. Bruce Ill Kaiser. David 62, I29 Kaiser. Harry I2O Kallman, Matthew 93. III Kanari. Tamayo 52, I72 Kanin. David S8, I47 Kanin, Sandra 63. I20 Karides, George 84, Ill Kark, James I47 Kark. Laurie I20 Kark, Linda I2O Kasal. Roger 92, IOS. l2O Kashou, George I29 Kashou. John 84.94, ISO Kass. Deborah I2O Katz, Aaron 92, 98, IO5, l2O Katz, Rea 52, SS, 46. ISO, IS4 Katzmann, Barry ISO Kaufert, Roger ISO Kaufmann, Harry III Kaufmann. Janet 56. I2O Kaufman. Lynne 85, III Kaufman. Marsha I20 Kaufmann,Virginia I47 Kaul, Barbara Ill Keily, Barbara l2O Kelble, Karen III Keller. Miss Ann 28 Keller. David 90, I47 KelIer.John l2O Keller. Richard C. III Kelley, Jim I48 Kelley. ThomasC. IOO. III Kendall. J. 99 Kendall. Gail I2O Kenehan. Marie l48 Kenehan,Joan Ill Kern. Debbie ISO Kern, Douglas III Kersting. Donald S9, ISO Kesselman, Lee 53, 86, 87. IOS, l20 Kickbush. Mr. Kenneth 28 Kiedrow, Judith 85, III Kiefer. Patricia S7, 86. I48 Kiessling, B. Ill Kilian, John III Kimmel. Dawn I20 Kimmel, Michael III Kimmel. Steve III King, Mark ISO Kirschnerr, Mark ISO Kistenmacher, Todd I48 Kittower, Peter 54. III Klabough. Jan I20 Klagstad. Jay l20 Klagstad. Kasin SS, 50. l48 Klapperich, Nancy Ill Klass, Larry lll Klein, Bruce Ill, I20 Klein, Richard I-I8 Klein, William I-I8 Klinkert. Mary 79, 85, III Klocksin, Michael I20 Kmett. Carolyn S6. l4S Kmaack. Kim 72, I2O Kiniaz. Beth 84. l2O Krniaz, Diane III Knight. Patricia l48 Knight,CharIes ISO Knight.J. 92 Knights Page 48 Knops,Craig III Knudsen,Tom I-I8 Koch, Karen 47.60, ISO Koch, Kristine Ill Koehler, Tom 90, IO4. ISO Koepke,Jon III Koeppen, John 90, 94. IOS, l2O KoeppIer,James I48 Koerner. Norman 67. l2I Kohlbeck, Terry III Kohler. Martin 54, ISO Kohler. Nancy S6, 72, Sl. I49. l66 Kolowith. Barbara III Kolowith, Michael I05, ISO Komisar, Jeff 67, I49 Komisar, William 67. Ill Konar. Ellen 39, 54. 59, l2I Koomz, Miss Helen 28 Kops, Lawrence I. ISO Kops, William l2l, IOO Korchnoff, Darel I49 Korchunoff, Dale 7S. l2l Kornman, Peter 92. IOS, I2I Koshakow. Jeff 94. l00, ISO Kotecki, Jeff 90. 94, IO2. ISO Kottke. Mr. LeRoy I6, 28, 69 Kowalewski, Jim 86, I05, ISO Kraegel, Jean S6. S7. 38, 52, 87. I49 Leopold. Ripp II2 Lepak II8 Lerner, Martin S6. 63, I46, l50 Lesnick,Carole 84, I2l Later. Mrs. Joy E. Letizia,James ISO Letizia, Richard II2 Letizia, Sharon l2I Leussler, Mr. Donn 24, 44 Levesque. Miss Janet 29 Levi,Janet 52. l2I Levin, Bruce 66, 97, IOS, I2I Levin, Gary 56.90, IOS Levine. Barbara 63. ISO Levine. Susan 50, II2 Levine. Micaela 87. ISO Levine, Michael S9, 86. ISO Levine. Sherry l2I, 50 Le Vine,Susan 84. ISO Lewenaur. James S6. l5O Lewenauer,John II2 Lewin,Jeffrey 85. II2 Lewis. Joanne II2, ISO Kral. Bradford 40. I49 Kral. Frank 20. 40. I49 Kraft. Deborah III Kraniak. ISO Kratze. Richard I49 Kraus, Ellen I49 Kravit, Nancy SS. I49, 56 Kravit, Robin ISO Kravit. Stephen 48, 66, Sl. I49 Kravit. Wendy 56. ISO Krenke. Gary I49, I8O Krieger, Barbara 84, III Krieger, William 83. 87. IOS, ISO Kriew ald. Miss June 25, 28 Kritzek. Susan 5S. I2l Kroening, Jeffrey 92. l2I Krohn. John Ill Krueg er. Kurt 90, 94. IO2. ISO Kruse. Douglas 86. ISO Kuehl .Cindy l2I Kuehn, Michael 9S, III Kuem Kuffel Kuntz merlein, Dan III .Michael 92, 94. IOS, I05, l2I .Gerald III Kuper. Craig I2I Kuper, Deidre I49 Kupper, James 56, ISO Kupper, Steven 85, 93, II2 Kvasnica, Richard II2 Labiszak, Mary l2l LaBudde. Gretchen 54. I2l Lahl, Barbara 85, II2 Lahl, Karen 78. ISO Lakam, Michelle 70, I2I Lakes, Richard I49 Lakes. Robin 48. I2I Lamal Lamal fa. Robert ISO fa. Roberta ISO Lamek, Perry l2I Lampi Lande Lande ris. Jean lS0 r. Francie ISO rs,Timothy II2 Landom, Patrick I2I Lands ness, Miss Rothanne 29, 56 Lane, Lisa I49 Lane, Michael ISO Lange, Carl II2 Lange, Margaret I2I Lange, Martin IOO, IOS. ISO Langer, Frederick 84. I2I Langetieg. Karen II2 Langetieg. Kendra 46.l-19 Langu age Department I5 Lanman, Rich Jr, I2l Lanza, Robert I49 LaPort, Mrs. Vivian 29 Larimore, Deborah 54, 78, 8I, ISO Larimore, Mr. Larry 29 Larimore, Nina 78, II2 Larson, Mr. Alden C. 29 Larson. Miss Helen E. 29 Larson. Susan 86. I49 Latin Club 57 Laur, Joseph 84. I2I Laur, Keith II2 Lauwasser, Mark IOS. l2I LaVenture. Miss Regina Lawent. Sharon l2l Lawre Laws. nce, Jeffrey II2 Andrea ISO Leclaire, Randy I04, ISO Leet, Fred 53. I2I Leeport, Sandra I49 Lefeber, David ISO Lefco, Steven I49 Lehmann, Larry I2l Leidel, Michael II2 LeMahieu. Mr. Richard 29 Lemanczyk, James II2 Lemanczyk, Susan II2 Lemense, Donna I2I Lemonds. Debra 56, 70. l2I Lemonds, Linda 79. I49 Leno, Mark 44. 66. 8l. I04. I26. ISO Lewis, Steven 93. 94 Libber, Tobias I2l Libowsky. Sherry l2l Library I9 Library Aids 66 Lichter. Linda 59, I29, ISO Lichtman. Peter II2 Lick, Raymond 54, 84, I2l Lick. Rita I5. 54, 87. I49 Lick. Robert IS. 54. SS, 87, I49 Liddiard, Douglas ISO Lieberman. Richard I2l Lieberthal. Jerry 53. 67. II2 Liebherr, Mr. Harold G. 29 Liebherr, James S6, 44 Lilly, Daniel l2l Lindemann.C. ISO Lindmark, Deborah 63 Lindsay, Susan II2 - Lisker. Pamela 86. ISO Loeffler. Luanne I5O Loeffler, Becky 79, II2 Lobner, Jeffrey 93, II2 Logerquist. Miss Helen 29 Lohman, Linda 53. 8I, ISI Loke, Donna II2 London. Steven II2 Lonnborg. Jo Anne 44, 70. 73. 78, I5 Lonnborg. Thomas 90. 97. IOS, l3l Lookatch. Seema S9, 86, ISI Looper. Cathy 52. 74, II2 Looper. Gary 87. IOO, IOS. ISI Loosen, Ben ISI Lorch, Tom II2 Lord, Margaret II2 Lore, Thomas 9l, I2I Lore. Vicki. l5O Losinski, Gary A. 99. II2 Losinski, Linda l2I Loveland, I2I Lovos, David 70. ISI Lowder. Mr. Dennis W. 29. SS Lowenstein.C.52. 56.84, ISI Lozoff. Richard l50 Lubotsky. Barbara S7, 56, 6S, 86. I5I Lubotsky. Jody 70, II2 Lucht, David l5l Lucht, Daniel II2 Luck, Barbara 44. 48, 55. ISI Luck. Sari 44, 55. 87, ISI Luczak, Donald ISI Luedeman.Chris l5I Luedeman. Gayle II2 Luey. Nanette 78, ISI Lukitsch. Gary II2 Lum Genevieve l5I Lurie, Annette 56, l2l Lurie, Debra ISI Lurie, James II2 Lurie, Marc GS, l04. ISI Luther, Gary II2 Lutsky. Aviva. II2 Lutsky. Berel ISI Luy. Christine, ISI Lettrell, Ronald 84, I2I Maas, Deborah ISI Maas. Ellen ISI MacAlister, Marilyn l5I Mace. Mr. David E. 29. 93 Magin, Gary ISI Mahnke. Debra II2 Macknick. Miss Nanette H. 29 Macphail, Grace l5l MacRury. Debbie l2I MacRury. Linda l5l Mahler, Janis 52, 56, 73, 84, I2I Mahnke. Diane l2I Maida. Rosemary I5I Maier.Carol ISI Maier. Michael l2I Malley. Barbara 86. l5l Malloy, Gregory II2 Mandel, Barry 93, II2 Mandel,Sari l5I 0. l66 Mandel, William. II2 Mandella Nettie ISI Mandella. Nina l5I Manders, Mr. Phil 29 Manes. Laurel II2 Manes. Mark 94. ISI Manger, Fred SI. 90, I05, I52 Manger, Kay II2 Maniaci. Michael 93, II2 Manley, Steven 93. II2 Mann, Barbara II2 Mann, Jeffrey 5S l2l Mansfield. Susan l2l Manske, Connie I4, 47. 59. SI Marach. Patrick II2 Maradik. Gary 93, 99. II2 Maradik. Michael l52 Marceau, Brian II2 Marceau, Kirk ISI Marcel, Nacny 72. SI. S6 Marchand. Jackie II2 Marck, Peter IOS Marcus. Bruce 99. II2 Marcus. Marc 52. 54, 87, II2 Maresh, Bonnie S6, 56, 86, l2l Maresh, Jeffry I52 Margolis, Howard II2 Marino. Kay 56, II2 Marino, Joe 86, I52 Mark. Denise II2 Marks, Daryl 8I, ISI Markson. Simpson I2I Marohl, M. ISI Marsh, Barbara I2I. l75 Marsh. William l2l Marshall, James ISI Marshall, Jeffrey II2 Martin, Linda 87. l52 Marx. Susan S9, 52, 59, SI. ISI Massey, Gwen l2I Mastenbrook, Ken l52, I04 Masty, Mary I52 Matar, Kris 93. ISI Matar, Norman I6, 44. 84, II2 Matchette. Doris l52 Mateika.Vera I2I Mateika, Eva ISI Mathematics Department I6 Math Club 63 Matichek, E. I52 Matichek, Susan II2 Matko. Pamela ISI May. John 64, l2l Mayer. Paul II2 Mayer. Susan 52. l2l Mayer. Thomas II2 Mayerson, Julie 54, 66. I2I Maylahn. Kathy 50, I26, ISI McConnohie, Mrs. Irene E. 29,67 McCormick, Ronald ISI McCullough, Miss Eileen I9, 29. 48 McCullough, Mrs. Kathleen 29 McFadden, Craig ISI McFadden, Mrs, Lorraine S0 McGee, Mrs. Madeline SO McGowan. Maureen IO. I52 McGowan. Michael 92, I2I Mclntosh, Peter II2 McLarty. David 84. II2. I2I McMahon, Shiela II2 McMorrow. Lynn ISI McMorrow. William 98. l2I Mehran, Shereen II2 Meissner. Ann ISI Meister. Mark 93, 99, II2 Meister. Sheryl l5S Melamed. John 90. 9l. l5S Mendelblatt. Gary 66, SI. ISI Mendeloff. Cheryl 56. II2 Menran. S. 54 Merar, David II2 Meredith. Joy l5S Mesirow, Michael 86, 90. 94. IOS, ISI Messer.Thomas 54, ISI Meyer, Charlotte ISS Meyer. Jane SG, 52, ISS Meyer, Jeffrey 99. II2 Meyer. Laure Ann I2I Meyers, Louise 78. I2l Micelli. Michael l5S Michael, John I2l Michaelsen, Jill II2, I2l Michels, Bruce I5S Milant, Susan S7, 86, l5S Milanowski, A. IOO, IOS, l2l Mileske, Lizabeth ISI Milhaupt. I5S Millard. Mark I5S Millela. Dennis II2 Miller, Branda l2I Miller. Dennis l2I Miller, Don ISI Miller, Gary ISS Miller, James 85. 93. II2 Miller, Jamie I2l Miller, Jeanna 84 Miller. Jeffrey 66, II2 Miler, Marilyn 69, IIS Miller. Mark IIS Miller. Mary I8. SS. 86. ISI Miller. Sandra S4, ISI Millikin, Jeff III Milstein. Marjorie 66, 70, ISI Minahan. William I22 Miner, Chris 4-I, 92. I22 Minkin. Richard SS, IIS Mishlove. Linda 86 Miottel. Karen S-I. IIS Mislove. Eileen I22 Mitchell, Nancy SS, IIS Mitz, Carolyn 70. IIS Mitz,Jody ISI Mitz, Richard 62. ISI Mitz, Sanford 47, ISS, IS9 Mixed Chorus SS Mixer. Terry I22 Moebius, John I22 Moeckler, Laurie S2, BS, II2 Moeller, Gerard ISI Mohaupt. William 76. ISS Mologne, Mary ISI Monaghan, Britt ISI Monitors 66 Montag, Heidi IIS Montag, Jeffrey Sl. S6. ISI Moore, Pamela ISS Moore, William 85. III Mor, Michael IIS Morgan, Mr. James SO Morgan. Mrs. Nancy SO Moriarty, Patricia I22 Moriarty. Ted I22 Morp. I7S Morris. Al 84. I22 Morris. Marla S9. 59. 84, I22 Moser. Kathy ISI Mottram, Gayle ISS Moss, Barbara IIS Moss. Julie I22 Mueller, Diane ISI Mueller. Harold 4I, ISI Mueller, James 93, IIS Mueller, Jeanne IIS Mumm, Barry ISI Mundt. AI 85, 92 Mundt. Leo ISI Mundt, Shirley ISS Musickant, Pamela SS. I22 Mycrynek, J. 77. II2 Mycrynek. Judith 69.77. IIS Myles. Claire ISI Nagler, Deborah IO. 8-I. ISS Nahre. Joan SS. ISS Naimon. Errol S-I, IOO. IOS, II2 Nash, Marcie 8-I. I22 Nashban, Broote 78. SS, IIS National Honor Society S6 Nauert. David ISS. I76 Neff. Deborah III Nelson.CharIes III NeIson,JilI IIS Nelson, Keith IIS Nelson, Wayne 84 Neubeck, Miss Joyce SO Neuman.Susan IS, ISS Neuwirth. Jaklyn 84. III Newland. Donna IS4 Neuman, Susan S-4, 66 Newman. Rick S-I, IO4. ISI Nicolet Girls Athletic Club 77 Nicolet Broadcasting Society 67 Nicolet Magic Company 7I Niemczyk, Pebra III Nienow, Mark 36, 94, I22 Nihlean. Richard ISI Niss. John IS4 Noon. Ree 8I North. Nancy IIS North, Patrick, I22 North. Timothy ISI Novak, Deborah 84. I22 Novak, Mark IIS Novey. Gail IS4 Novey. Jeffrey II3 Novshek. Mary Kay 53, 69, I22 Nowak, Ellen IS4 Nowak, Jill IS4 Nowak, Susan IIS Nowick. Joseph 86, IS-I Nurse I9 Nye, Nancy 72, IIS, ISI O'ConneII,Jon III Okerlund. Karen IIS Olson. Mrs. Julia S0 Olson. Karna III Orenstein. Jill IIS Orenstein. Marsha SS. I2I Osman.CarI ISI Osman. Roxanne 72. SS, IIS Ostach, Jeffrey IIS Osterndorf,.lanis ISI Otto. Lois 87. IIS Oust, Miss Irene SO Ovanin, Pierre S9. IS4 Owen. Nancy II2 Owen. Susan S6, S2, 8I. IS-I Pabian.Chris I22 Padek. Julie ISI Padway, Deborah SI. III. I7I Padway, Lawrence IOO. IIS Padway, Manuel SI. IS-I Pahlisch. Gary R. 62. 84, IIS Paine. Nancie 73. IS2 Palay. Steven S-I, I22 PaIay.Thomas 93. IIS Paler, Bruce I2I Paler, Ronald IS-I Papa, Suzanne ISS Pape, William -II, 83, 87, IOO. ISI Parchia, Earl I22 Parchia, Kathy S-I. ISI Parker, David IIS Parker, Jill 73, ISI Parsons, Carol SS, IS-I Paton. Mrs. Neil SO Paul. Pamela IS2 Paul, Thomas ISS Payne. Becky ISS Pearl. Meryl I22 Pearson, Pam 7S. IS2 Peck, Jodi SS. IIS Peck. Karen ISI Peck. Russel IS2 Peck, Wade I22 Peckarsky. James S6. 86. ISS. I8I Peckham, Dan 76. IOS. ISI Peckham. Timothy ISS Pedersen. Arthur ISI Peeples. James 86. IS2 Pehoski. Denis S9, Sl. IS2 Peltz. Arline 84. I22 Penske. Kathleen ISS Peplin, Elizabeth ISI Perlstein, Mark III Pestka. Paul 84. IIS Peters. Karen I22 Pratt, Robert S-I. IS6 Prentlce, Michael ISI Price, Bruce IOS. IS2 Price, Guy III Price. Julie I22 Price, Kerry II-I Pritchard. Pamela IS6 Pruetz. Virginia IS6 Quackenbush, Nancy 87. IS2. IS6 Quackenbush, Steve 87, II-I Quale. Marsha I22 Radtke. Maxine 85. II4 Radtke. Bill 86, ISI Radtke. Gehram SS. 87, IS7 Radloff, Susan ISI Radoff. Robin IS6 Raffel. Cherie IS7 Ragatz. Greg IS2 Raithel, John 9-I. IOS, II4 Raithel. Thomas IOO. IS2 Ramminger, James B-I, Il-I Ramminger. John IS7 Rand, Debra 70, 72, I22 Rand. Melinda IS7 Rand. Richard 70, II4. I7-I Randall, Robert II-I Rasche. Pamela ISI Rattner, Gary 90. IOS, IOS. IS2 Rattner, Larry 92. 98, I22 Raveret. Mary Pat IS7 Read, William I22 Recht, David 44. 76. 93, II-I Reda, Daniel 94. IS7 Reda. Pat I22 Reedy, Pat I22 Reese. Michael Il-I Regner, David IS7 Reichert, Jean S2, I22 Reichgeld, Blake 90. IS7 Reif, Kurt III Reif. William SS. II-I Reimer, Jeffrey -I-I. 87, IS2 Reimer. Sandra III Reimer. Ann 6I. S-I, I22 Reiss, Jane 36. -IO, IS7 Reiss, John IOS. ISI Reiter. Robin S2, 84. I22 Reiter, Jane IS2 Remmel, Janis IS2 Renack, Robin SS. 84. I22 Resnick, Rachelle 78. IS7 Respondek, A, I22 Olbrys, Frank 4I, 86, 70, 94, IOS, ISI, I7S. I76 Olbrys, Jo Jean I22 Olbrys, Kayryn IS4 O'Leary, Reginald IIS Oleszak, Dirk 93. IIS Oleszak, Mark ISI Oleszak, Nancy IIS Olroyd. Richard 92. 9-I. IOS, I2I Olsen. Chris I22 Olsen. Miss Darlene SO Olsen. Miss Deanne SO Peterson, David 87, III Pethe. Bruce IIS Pethe. Mark IS2 Petros. Diane 72. 85. IIS Petrukowski, Mark I22 Petzko, Vickie 37. SI. 86. ISS. ISS Pezoldt. Richard 84. IW. IIS Pezoldt. Robert S-I, 8-I, 99, IOO. III Pfeifer. Nancy III Peiffer, Julie 8-I, IS2 Pfeil, Pat ISI Pfeil, Ricky IS2 Picard.James I22 Picciurro. Dominic IIS Picus. Laurie SS. 86, ISI Picus. Steven 36. 70. ISS Piener. Robert 69, SS, IIS Pierson. Wendy IIS Pincus. Amy I22 Pincus. Jane S6. S9. 48. SI, ISS Pingry, Marc ISS Pingry, James 8-I. I22 Pinkham, Jeff IS2 Pinkham, Laurie 87, IIS Pinter.V. IIS Pinzer. Barbara 86, III. ISS Pinzer, Douglas l02. IOS, ISI Pitt, Ron 84 Pittlekow. Mark 84, IIS Pittleman, Lance 86. ISS Plank. Jody IIS Plotkin. Steven ISS Poenisch. Patrick ISI Pokrass. Bob 90.94.156 Polacheck. Kate 70, IS6 Polisky, Beth SI, S-I, III Pollack. Harvey IS, IOI. IS6 Pollack, Jane S4, 84, IIS Pollack, Judy S6, SS. 87, IS6 PolIow.Cheryl ISI Pollow. Jill 85, IIS Polzin, Lawrence IS6 Poppendieck. J. S4, I22 Porter. Barbara I22 Porterfield, Kevin ll-I Portnoy, Linda SS. II4 Posner. Alan S9, II-I Posner, Armand S6. -IS. IS6 Post. Lisbeth S-I, III Postles, Karen IS2 Postles, Linda IS6 Prange, Dianne 7S, ISI Prange, Gene III Prange, Paul I22 Ruepert, Mark III Reynolds. Barbara 86, IS2 Rezack, Carmen 8-I. ISI Rezack. Donald II4 Rezack, Eileen SS. ll-I Rhyan. Lindy Sue -I-I. S-I. III Ribar, Thomas 92. 98. IOS. I22 Rice. Jeff 86, IS2 Rice, Kathy IS7 Rice. Susan IS7 Richards, Robin IS2 Richman. Gregory 8S. 93. IOS. II-I Ridberg. Richard 8I, IS2 Rieboldt. Gary 90. 97. IOS. ISI Reimer, Charles IS2 Reimer, Susan IIS Ridberg. Rick -I8 Riesen, Nancy IS7 Rittmeyer. David 63. 90, 9-I. IOS. ISI Ritz, Christine II-I Ritz, Mary ISI Ritz, Peter 87, 90. IO-I, ISI Robertson, Bonnie IIS Robertson. Kent S-I. 90, IOS. IS2 Robinson, Jay II-I Rodd. Diane IIS Rodgers. David II-I Rodwell. Stephan 90,132 Roeming. Linda 72, 7-I. IS7, I66 Roginske, Lynn S2, S-I. IS2 Rohan. Elaine 7S, IS2 Roistaczer. Paul SI. S-I. ISI Roitbalt, Susan 84, I2S, IS2 Roll. David L. II-I Roller, Barbara 67, ISI Roozen, Jeffrey 8-I. II-I Rosenberg. Laurey ll-I Rosenberg, Marilyn IIS Rosenberg, Richard SO. IS7 Rosenfeld. Phillip I-1.63. ISI Ross,Jerry IOS, ISI Ross. John I2S Ross. Judith ISI Roth, Jeffrey Sl. IIS Rothstein. Steven 90, 9-I. IOS, ISI Rotter. David IS. ISI Rotter, W illiam Il-I Rowen, Susan I2S Rubin. llane Sue SS. II-I Rubin. Richard I6. 63. SI. IS2 Rudberg, Nancy 39. -I-I. SS, IS2, IS-I Ruderman, Lori II-I Rudolph, Janice 8-I, 86. ISI IDE Rudolph. Nlark 98. IOO. IOS. IS2 Ruess, Richard IS2 Ruff, Brad S-I, S19-I. ll-I Ruge. Nancy IS' Rupp. Bernard IS2 Ruppa. Daniel II-I Rupple. Nlartha 66. S-I, IIS Russell. Peggy T-I. 86, IS7 Russell. Vlark S-I. IO-I. IS2 Russell, Scott D. II-I Rust, Kathy IS7 Rutter. David SI. ST. I2S Rybold.Thomas ll-I Sagstaedter. Hans II-I Saicheck. Mark II-I Sakl1eck.Vicki ll-I St. George, Michael 93, II-I SaIzer.Christine S-I. ISI Sampson. Kay 70. ISI Sampson. Linda IS, S2, S6, 63. IS2 Sanderson. Hollie 86. IS2 Sanlfelippo. John ISS Sasso. Eric II-I Sattell. Barry S-I. IOO. IOS, IIS Sattler, Richard SI, IO-I. ISS Sauer, Charles IO0, S-I, IOS. ISS Scarvaci, Robert. II-I Schaaf,John II-I Schaefer. Dennis I76, IS7 Schaetz. Jeffrey IOS, ISS Schalmo, Scott 93, II-I Schatz. Monte IIS Schear, Karen 8S Scheibel. Claudia S-I. S9. ISS Scheinfeld, John II-I Scherer, William ll-I Scherbarth, P. S, IIS Schieble. Annette. IS7 Scheir, Douglas S7. ISS Schilling. Linda ll-I, IOS Schilling, Nancy 70, 7S, S7, ISS Schmidt. Karen ISS Schmidt,Susan S-I. IIS Scl1mitt.Charles IIS Schmitt. Ronald S-I, 67, I23 Schneeweis. Nancy II-I Schneeweis, Steven 92. IOS, IIS Schneider.CaroI ISS Scheider, Jeffrey 92. 9-I. IIS Schneller, Lisa IIS Sclinoll. Ellen S6. IIS Schnoll. Nancy I2S Schoker, Frank ll-I Schober, Marianne ISS Schoberl, Richard 98, IOS. IIS Schobert, Susan S6. 38. ISS Schoenfeld, Kathie S2, 8-I, I2S Schoenfeldt, H. 93. 99. II-I Schoenharr. John 87. 90. IO2 Schoettl. Lauriell-I Scholl. Paul IO-I. IIS Schroeder. S. ISS Schuett,Tod SS. S7. IOS. I2S Scholtz. A. ISS Schultz. Kevin IIS Schultz. Scott II-I Schumaker, Bonny SS. II4 Schumaker. Brian 84, IS8 Schur. Julie I-I, S2, 66, ISS Schuster,Jeffery IOS Scuster.Judith IIS Schutz, Dick 8I, ISS Schwade,Sandra S-I, ISS Schwartz. Mr. 'Vlilton R. Sl Schwulst.Jean IS8 Science Department I7 Science Club 6-I Scott David I00 Scott, Dick IOS. ISS Scott.John ISS Scott. Michael 93. 9-I. IIS Scott. Steven 92, IOS. ISS Secord. William ISS Secretaries SS Segall. William IIS Segerdayl, Johan -I-I, 86. IOS. IIS Seidel. Lynn 66. IIS Seidel.Sherrw IIS SeidI.Star1lew I2S Seil. Diane IIS Selig. Steiie 66, II-I Sellin. Carol 8-I, ISS Sellm, Diane IIS Senn, Debbue S2, 87, IIS Sennett.Garw IIS Sernoe.Nhendw ISS Sesmour. Lee ISS Shackman. Carol IIS Shafrin, Fred IS. SS. I2-I Shafton. Andrea 85, IIS Shamburek. Nlichael 70, 97, IS8 Shamburek. William IOO. IOS. ISS Shandley. Mike SS Shanley. Whitney I2-I Shannon, Maureen ISS Shanowich, C. IIS Shapiro. Robin 63. II-I Silverstein I DEX Shapson, Steve 62.66, IIS Shaw. Edmund S-I, l33 Sheldon. James 84, IIS Shepherd. Bruce IOS, l33 Shepherd, Michael IIS Sherer. William 93. IIS Sherkow, Barb l33 Sherkow, Larry 36. 38. IS8 Shernell, Robyn IIS SherneIl,Vicki IS9 Shlklif 4 6 Slilkldfllf 47 Shilling, Linda SS Shllts, Nancy IS9 Shimon. Lonnie 36. 37, S2, S9, 73, 86. IS9 Shindell. Larry 94, IIS Shindell, Roger 94. l38 Shires, Mr. Paul R. 3l Shoenhair. John I33 Shomperlen. Doug IIS Shomperlen, Nancy IS9 Shulaker, Edward S3, IO3, IS9 Shulaker. Richard 36. IOO Shukur. Sally SS, IIS Shulkin, Dara SS, IIS Shumow, Laurie 36. 38. 44. 48, l3S, lS9 Shumow. Mark 92, I24 Shumow. Steven 93, 99, IIS Shumow, Sue IS9 Sieckman, Brian 93, IIS Sieckman, Gregory 67. IO4, IOS. I33 Siegel.AlIan S6, I24 Siegel. Marhorie S2, I33 Siegel. Neil S6.92, IO3, I33 Siegel, Robert IIS Sievers, Bonnie S4, I24 Sievers, Stephen I33 Silbar. Margo 78, IIS Silberman, Debra 84 Silberman, Craig IIS Silverman, Mark 83, 84, 87, IS9 Silverman, Silverstein Mark IIS .Linda I33 Steve 93. 94. IIS Silverstein. .Tammy 8S. IIS Simos, Joy I33 Sineni, George I04. I24 Singer, Matthew IIS Singer. Thomas IS9 Sires. Laurie S2, I24 Sitarz, Michael 93. IIS Ski Club 68 Skowronski, J. 36 Skowronski. Peter IS9 Skwierowski, Dean IIS Skwierowski, Mark l33 Skwierowski. Susan 39, IS9 Smith. Barry I60 Smith. Caren 85, IIS Smith. Dennis I24 Smith. Dennis I60 Smith, James I60 Smith, Janine IIS Smith, Lynn IIS Smith, Michael IIS Smith, Ruth Anne I60 Smith, Thomas 85, 93, 94, IIS Snyder, Mike I24 Snyder, Phillip l33 Sobol, Jerri IIS Sobol, Michael 84, I6O Social Studies Department I4 Social Studies Club S0 Soldan. Suzanne I60 Solochek, Arlen 93, 99, IIS Sondel, Jeffrey 92. l04, I24 Sondel. Lynn I60, I76 Sondel. Paul 36, 38, 40, 44, 7l, 90. I60 Sonin. Beth IIS Sosman, Sharon l33 Southcott, Vicky S2, I24 Spaciel, Linda I33 Spanish Club S6 Sparacino, Jack 37, 83, 87, I60, I72 Sparacino. Michael 84, 93, IIS Spector, Jill IIS Spector, Sari I33 Speight, Kent 36, 37. 83, 87, I60, I72 Spewachek, Amy IIS Spewachek, John I24 Spitzbart, Donald I60 Spooner, Mr. Stanley M. 3l, 44 Squires. David IIS Staats, Cutis IIS Stage Band 83 Stahl, John 92, l33 Stahl. Thomas 93. IIS Stamas, Kristine 85, IIS Stampfl, Barry 99. IIS Stampfl, Janet S2, 84, I33 Stanford, Janette S2, 8S, IIS Stanich. Elizabeth I60 Starke. Jonathan 40, 90, 97, I02, I6O Starke, Kim 9197, I03. I24 Stathas, Cynthia I24 Stathas, Yvonne IIS Stefaniak, Bonnie 67, IIS I Stein, Donna S4, 78. I24 Stein. Karen l33 Stein, Steven IIS Steiner, Jody IIS Steiner. Kenyon l33 Steinmesch, Annette I33 Stelzel. Michael I24 Stenzel, Edwin 99, IIS Steren. Joseph Stern, Alan I33 Stern, Bruce IIS Stern, Douglas S4. 90, I33 Stern,JoeI IIS Stewart. Mark I33 Stockey. Janet S4, l33 Stoekl, Allan I33 Stoik. Mrs. Patricia L. 3l Stolz, Michael 63, 94, I24 Stone. Andrew IIS Stone, Robert 84. l33 Straub, Leslie Ann IIS Strauss. Wendy I33 Strehlow, Mr. Roland P. 3I, 90,94 Stroiman. Jeri 44, 85, IIS Strutz, Terry IOO, I34 Stryker, Terri I24 Student Council 44 Stuhlmacher, Terry 90 Stuhlmacher, Tom IIS Suminski, Joanne 84, I34 Suminski, Ray 87 Surdyk. Thomas 66, IIS Swenson. Jeff 90, 97, l02, IOS. I34 Swerin, Leon 44, SO. S6, 66, SI, I34 Swerin, Rennee S2, IIS Swidler. Steven S3, 93, IIS Swimming 95 Sydow, Eileen 84. I34 Sylvester. Michael 94, I24 Szilagy, Betty I34 Tarkinow. Ted I24 Tarney. Julie I24 Tarnof, Bradley I34 Tarnof, Madelyn IIS Tarnof, Mindy SS, IIS Taus, Armin 36, 38. 66. Sl, 87, I60 Taus, Linda I34 Taylor, Mrs. Dianne 3l Techtman, Cathy I34 Tellier, Laurie I24 Tellock, Lori 67, I24 Temkin. Mark 83. 87. I24 Temkin, Terrie 39. 85. I6O Ten Haken, Gary 67. IIS Tennessen, Pat 84, IIS . Tennessen, Thomas S4, 83. 87, I24 Tennis IOI Teple, Lynn 87, I60 Tess, Beverly IIS Thalman, Jan 85, IIS Thistle. Karen S3, 77, I24 Thompson, James IIS Thompson, Maria IIS Thompson,Thcmas I24 Thomson, Judith I7, 39, 44, S9, I24 Tiefenthaler, K, A. 6I. I24 Tiefenthaler, Joe 47, I34 Tierney. Kathleen I34 Tierney, Mark IIS Tiesling. Chris 93, II6 Tillman, Betsy 84. II7, I24 Tillman, Linda S6, 70, I34 Tilton, Scott 62. I34 Tilton, Steve I24 Tincknell. Bruce IO3 Tishberg, Tamie 8S, II6 Tobian.Carl 93, I34 Toeller. Susan 84, II6 Tolkan, James I24 Tornow, Sharon 85. I24 Torti, Tom I24 Tracey, Gregory I24 Track I02 Trapp. Grace I34 Trautmann,CharIes I34 Traxler, Jeanne 77. II6 Trebbe, Wayne I34 Treble Choir 86 Triske. Paula 66, I24 Treu, Jens 92, 98, I24 Tripi. Rose Ann I2S Troester. Ermgard II6 Troester, Walter I2S Trosch, Lynn II6 Trosper, David 92, I03, I2S Trosper, Douglas 93, 94, II6 Trosper, William 4I, 66, 90, 96. I02. I34 Troutman. Bobby IIS Trude, Mark I2S Trump, Roxanne 78. 84, II6 Trovinger, Mrs. Ethel 32 Tuchman. Shila S3, I2S Tumler, Vicki I2S Turim, Maureen 39, S9, I34 Tuler, Kenneth I34 Uebelher, Nancy I2S Ulevich,Janis I2S Unertl. Joan S6, I2S Unertl, Scott 93, II6 Usow,Jeffrey S6, I2S Van Beck, Miss Mary 32 Van Den Berg, Jano S0, l76 Van Den Berg.Tracy 67, II6 Van Es, Thomas 93, 99, II6 Vanhousen, Barbara I34 Vann, Christine II6 Vann, E. Ellis I34 Van Peursen, Miss Patricia 32 Variety Show I73 Varish, Margaret II6 Varish, Robert I2S Varsity Club 7S Vieau, Glenn I34 Victor, Roberta II6 Vogeler, Dana 93. II6 Vogeler, Jane I34 Vogeler, Terry II6 Vogeler, Karen 84, I2S Vredenbregt, Jeff II6 Wachholz. Mr. James 32 Wachs, Mr. Theodore 32, 92 Wade, Mr. Melvin 24 Wageman, Robert I34 Wageman, Toni 84, I2S Wageman, Tracy II6 Wagner, Jeffrey 40, I04 Wagner, Penny I29, I34, l79 Waisbren, Laura 66, 86, I34 Wakefield, C. 85. II6 Wakefield, Nancy 78 Walker. Laura I2S Walters. Mr. Charles 32 Walters, Robert 90, 97, I34 Wangerin, Dan 94, II6 Wangerin, Patti I34 War Games Club 63 Wasilevich, Max IO3 Wasserman. Judith S6, II6 Wasserman, Harry II6 Watson. Durward 83, 87, I34 Watt, Elyse I62 Waxer, Miriam II6 Waxman, Marsha S6, II6 Weber. David 94. I34 Weber, James 93, II6 Weber, Lisa 44, S0, II6 Weber. Linda 66, I34 Weeks, Christine 87 Weeks. Jim 62. II6 Weich. Miss Mary 32 Weidenbaum. Mike I34 Weight Lifting Club 76 Weinberg, Bradd 44, 85, 93, II6 Weinberg, Wendy 36. 44, SS, 86, Weingart, Mark I2S Weingart, William 36, I62 Weingarten, Mrs. Judith 32 Weinstein, Mrs. Suzanne 32. S2 Weis. Kathleen 87, I2S Weiss. Nondon 87 Weis. Tim 87 Welles, Dean II6 Weller, Thomas II6 Wells, James 84. II6 Wells. Walter I2S WempIe.Cathy II6 Wendle,Thomas II6 Wendle. Tim I62 Wendorf, Fred 86. IOO, I34 Wendorf, John I62 Wendt, Elizabeth I34 Wendt, Wendy I2S Wentz, David II6 Wentz, George I34 Wenzel, David I34 Wenzel, Paul I2S Werner, Brian S4, I2S West, Robert I34 Westphal, Diane 85, II6 Wetherbee, Ross I00, IO3, I62 Wetherbee, Scott l00. I03, I2S Wetzel, Barbara I62 Whaley, Michael I2S Whipple, Jeff II6 White. Frank I34 White, Sue I2S White, Thomas P. II6 Whitfield. Collins S0. I62 Whitfield. Nicolas SO, II6 Whiting. Mrs. Darlene I8, 32 Whiting,CaroIyn 65, I34 Whiting, Marilyn 84, I34 Widmar, Mr. John 32 Wiedemann, Douglas S3, 63, II6 Wiedemann, Herb I4, I6, S3, 63, I34 Wiggin, Barbara 36, 70. 72. I62 Wiggin, Jack l04. I2S Wigle. David I34. I74 Wilfong. Daryl II6 I62, I76 S0. 92, I26. Wilke, Pat 8l. I34 Willens, Jann 84 Wilkins, Miss I9. 32 Williams, Kirk I34 Williams, Sue S4. I2S Willyerd. Karie 8S Wilson, Kathy 84 Wilson, Kenneth SI. I00, IO3. I34 Wilson, Susan I62, I66 Wilvers, Floyd I2S Winfrey, Oprah II6 Winkler. Susan 85, II6 Winkler, Thomas I62 Winnik. Judy 44, 86. I34 Winston. James 37, 86. I62 Winter, Jeffrey S3, II6 Winter. Michael IS. S3, 66, 82, I2S Wirth. Cynthia II6 Wirth. Scott I2S Wirth, Steve I63 Wirth, Timothy I2S Wisler, Charles II6 Wisniewski, C. I63 Wisniewske. Mary I34 Wissing, James I03, I2S Withey, Celeste S2, 73, I34 Withey, Denise S2 Wiviott, Gary I2S Woiciechowski, B. I34 Woiciechowske, F. I2S Wolf, Deborah 73, I34 Wolf, Michael I2S Wolf, Michael I63 Wolfe, Alice I34 Wolfe, Roberta S4. I34 Wolfe, William S0, I34, l76 Wolfenberger, K. I34 Wolff. Alice I34 Wolfgram, Miss Sue 32 Wollmer. Michael I2S Wondracheck, E. I2S Woodwonh, Mr. Thomas 32 Woolweber. Debra I2S Wrestling IOO Wulf, Candice I2S Wulf, Christine I34 Wycklendt. Alan I2S Yanow, Beth 85, II6 Yanow.Jacque IIS Yarow, Ruth I63 Yates, Lynn I2S Young, John I34 Young, Karen I34 Young. Mary I2S Young, Susan I08,ll6 Youngblood, Mary I63 Younger, Sherry S2, 44, 7l. 86. I34 Younger, William IS, 36, 38, 44, S4. 90, l3S, I62. I63. l76 Youth Council 70 Zachariasen. Lyn S2, 85, II6 Zache, James 84, II6 Zareck, Jack II6 Zarne, Daniel 44, 94. I63 Zastrow, Stephen 94, I63 Zedler, Penelope II6 Zeiger, David 64, II6 Zembrosky, Jeffrey II6 Zens, Jeffrey 66, 83, 87, I2S Zetley. Faye I2S Zganjar, Ken 90. 98, l03, I2S Ziehm, Francine 89, I34 Ziemer, Bonnie S2, I2S Zien, Debra S2, S4. II6 Zien, Florence S2, S6, I2S Zieve, Andrew IS, 36. S4, I00, IO3. I Zieve. Gary 94, I00, IO3, I34 Zill, Mrs. Janet 32 Zimmer, Allen I63 Zimmerman, Brent I34 Zipter. David S3, I2S Zucker, Larry S3, II6 Zucker, Nancy I34 Zucker, Wendy I34 Zurlo, Rosemery II6 66, 70 63 L ku I if I . , MHMFIV: ' ,w LQ' ' I QQK A N '--'5-x, QQQ -X K fy MTC, i1X "X ' LA NN CL 'QQ A , . X QCT3QTTiX 'X X KS? ' M, Hi? MAO CQVLWQQFQQWM Qi Qfi faq f ' N , Mg QSYX i X KQM W E W-M . X, + Nix ,Baan-fvww , is W J ,J xwi N Ja' MN W aw MQ X- X365 ww Q XM UfQf JB "VALE W. Q3 Q ' HUQ, A A K gmac 'XS nw FM J D may Ajoxifgjo Amfillw miiifgfi 4 lqwN4?FyMMVf,jgfOW ff,AW,,ffO'X,ff M' Wm A6 ' Eff? 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" R' K W ' A I ' ' ' . f ' f . 4' ' , 1 , t ,H f 0 1 1 , , . u 0 I ' 5 1 7 I , ' 9 C ' fi f F -A 'f f - 3 - f A62 l s if ! V , 6 47 w . ,Qf Sr 4, X . A' X, up 7 4 J v C -y Q l g e L is ' , 1 Y 70 a ,H , k f ' :Q 4 - 1- . Q . N, ir mfck lr I A I , -,f . n v. xr' Nigga 'S Q 7, , 'um f '5 i9,'.'," L VA , , :L , Q f . N A if 1 In U . W -Y .f jfs ga A I A H ., M X I A , , wx . 'hff A I Q I ' F' -A ,Q ' 4' H ' ,n l f , , A " , T fix f Q V S. 1' 1 K ' + 1,' . -A 1 'Q' x - I- A Q K :A U - R am' ',,' 5 1 ' li -G 1 wwwwgggwmwwwmmwm 6vfffff 2 qfl fffcUQ ' f Q 5 ff0 1 '

Suggestions in the Nicolet High School - Shield Yearbook (Glendale, WI) collection:

Nicolet High School - Shield Yearbook (Glendale, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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