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 - Class of 1958

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. GATA! M010 W :fm J WP 'Ni JH fWvff J9 ,' 175 -,gfwfbi ? fz c D 2 ,L del- Qfffffifawa ,Cvffjjblb 6PLW"'f7f4ff' Q N5 Mqygi 0 ,UL MQW fm, Jo vm h , ww, fffwdwwi My fifkqjd "CML JLJJQ ,M Wa. 'fd M ffm D074 f L wi PM af' . gl W I J 2bW'mEif Lwfif TW xfLZ,wlWVO'ol,U3. JQIU7 fb 'V VT bij SEy9L",,1j1 ylbbfyf C J L. ,495 ,,.l,,'.LL,.j Ajfibg, 'L Fl h ,LW-ggffip OR? , WvqfwwWdwJiq Q , M2?WUwVmwVMA' CLCQQ wa!-9-, i x TJ3QMMM,i'xiTm"'b2 ij. CWM, Nga?-.Eg.u.Jx9n,f?grbX.:t.:-A-SGYNQ wuv. ' Zia-,Ute 5: 483,-,-A 9,09 I dpfyayaf GQ Mxfi if 33221 ff AX Vxb' ffyOoVJaf9'f.f1JlQ fy w fQvQbfg'f 15 fi 21mg 9555 pjypcy 'bf 2, ZQQQYWAJ P NA- AQ '3 QyJ2Qf4,ez,4f' 22,153 fy' P!! ' flijffcwl, yfpy dp, Agiffmvq ,QQ ,VL J. f . V" I ' Y, 0 'Sp .fzffoffn clc,f?,4 f. f.,+Zf' ,fy I ,U I f - 5 A ff!-4f 97 2 21Qc4fQ,,'?f4L- ,fdlvff-,323 2 Q m m MQW I 3 Y 3 ' -ff-cc,-Q J defy ,1k2,,?'6LcC-fr2'Z,g moi? ,S ' x fafgd-Que Z2?'cf-Q62 54,51 -e124 az! wwf 3, 5 ay imfzrxiizfff,-iff f f ,fW, fig? 'S '7?f'm7Z2'ff' eiwfmj ff. 6 A if :i"66-iiff.2eG4Z07"fslci'CQ7cf:4fe'u itxfaeffffal, 0' 7 ig 55? MQ f QLw' fflgb F lefrybb' JL - 76431 iff 11.40 , 1 MJ' Tfjffv-Sf-f ,c'QcQ1,.,fL,7j Q 'Z 'J E iff -Cf at 4 44-,lg ffx, 5 Ein 4 fn uf ' cj-C 4144 4451-lL.f,,gi' L J Ng 6 A , 2511 -6 ,fpqzfvafaffvdf it L61 Kg ,, J A5 17 . 3 Ci' if ar w M Wwgygywyk :ww fy v . 1 - - wwwtiwwwjfipw ,ff UWM 1v wfibgPgii5? W wif A W W f 'OC' f WfJw SVN W fififkwiff MiZffWi1,5QQ Q53,353f'W NM wfmwf' M39 fMpfW'2'fWW Y' of W NV WWW UMW A526 im if? Q 15 XGDUZ Wgiim iq? Ziffgk grggg Hezfiigfigy V350 2 Sf SQ bajflw iffy Qi? ' 9 2795 3459 fkfyma qv? ,Qfi-Q ff "' ,sg fjf 7' ffm? -- 'A' A 'M Q. ,jab ,ff 25.-ff - F" 'Ffh - xjy far N ef X, 127 w- if' faf'ff wf"5'- Qfzfgff,-fgr,vf3vM: . . . - 0 mcolet h1gh school mllwaukee, W1SCOI1S11'1 ,I ..f ,Ag Q' a fi ,5 11 I I f I -a 3 ,Q u t f A -7 ff' x 1521 -3 df' if V' 'f f 1 'XY J . . ff .. jf. Qsgfxg gn f"?7i1J ,h 5 " F words, thc tools which huilcl ideas, and pin urcs, mmbine thc iunzngcs which 1'cc'1'cz1lczu'tir amd ru-atc' an JIIIIJIKKTSSHDII, likc' our il Ill! an impwssirm of thoughts. :md CIIIUUOIIS, and lllClllOlKil'S 111odc'rl1s1'h00l. mclc-rn imprc-ssicm in f'l'Cl'-HOXViI1Q,' vcrsc, in i1iSli1ll'liVC 2111, in cxpwssivc' IJll0I0g'l'ZlIJllY, llUlll1'IIllJHl'1ll'Vlllflllll' 4 ui ourvmllc-l11pur:1I'v svlmol. HIS A , . 1 J - administration english department social science department if " J X l library science department . language department music and art department home economics department .f .1 .bp A, business education department X ,A 1. mathematics department industrial arts department physical education department special activities honors freshman class sophomore class junior class senior class board of education meeting in committees, in a body, working as individuals, as a group, the hoard of education considers and decides the policy, the procedures, organizes and approves the curriculum, the activities plans and manages the plant, the grounds, interviews and selects the faculty, the staffs to operate nicolet-efficiently, smoothly- for the students, for the community. .I .J Kgax . .ul mr. Woodbury weinhagen, mr. howard helm, mr. stanley olyniec, mr. nicholas cupery, mrs. richard wells, mr. edwin eckenrod. 'll 4 , administration nicholas p. cupery principal delmar b. pockat vice-principal developing a philosophy, proposing a policy, operating a school, the administration with personnel to interview, equipment to select, curriculum to supervise, transportation to oversee, reports to prepare, carries into action decisions of the school board concerning the faculty and students, the plant and grounds, the school and community. 5 parents' advisory council advising and counseling, suggesting and proposing, consulting and conferring with the administration about decisions, with the faculty about academics, with the student body about activities, the parents committee gives time and ideas, help and assistance, to the school, the community. mr. delmar pockat, mrs. albert icke, mr. paul engberg, mr. frank f kemp, mrs. theodore laatsch, mrs. orville fuller, mr. nicolas cupery QI not pictured: mr. peter day. typing and filing letters and reports, programs and records, duplicating and mailing forms and report cards, orders and bulletins, checking and counting money and tickets, deposits and withdrawals. the office staff provides help, clerical and secretarial- quickly and cheerfully- to the school board, to the administration. Cecelia murphy, phyllis fling bernice turner, marge muth 6 special departments 4 erna paul, r.n. eunice hahn guidance munselm' melvin wade rerrerztion dirertm' ik 7 M . Q- A i f A 5 kk i.jff?- 'J 5 K my ,Q yr, bggj e AQ elleen severson reading mnsultant rxchmond banks james lawrence guidnnre rounselm' business manager 7 student council . li with interest, spirit, e f . . f p r,,sf and ambition, if student council decides, K i deliberates, es e f and designs. V "'s the many committees actively participate 'ffl W in checking charters, , . it wt' Y Q S in improying lunches, david hase in planning assemblies. president highlight of the year- it's the carnival! responsibility of the year-- it's monitoring the halls! it's selling from the snack bar! it's raising money for a.f.s.! gail friend .secretary allen sampson mre-president jill knaak tT6aS'LtT6T X X 5 carnival the carnival! clubs, classes, homerooms join in spirit, join in fun, by sponsoring a booth in the student council carnival. through the noise and music can be heard the splashing of water, the fizzle of candles, and the bouncing of balls. through the color and booths can be seen the racing of turtles, the tossing of rings, the throwing of sponges. through the air can be sensed the rich aroma of french, german, spanish, and latin foods. crowds of people gather to have fun, to win prizes, to increase the a.fl.s. fund. learning usage, colons and commas, subjects to verbs, reading literature, old world and new world, ancient to modern, communicating ideas, papers and themes, reports to increasing vocabulary, soma! v X nllll T lt' l 1 . students gain skills les s t IHS l e, 1 -J wr, f-. saw Q .QJBQS-sw-w.:5"S 1. 7 f s . , ,Wa .,. - M .,,s ...a in l duke pt mary goebel nancy hoefs jean jacohsen edith broetzman william dwyer 11' 4.2 leila kessler edna kliesch frances magdanz marilyn radke howard rom gladys veidemanis knights' page editors send reporters scurrymg to all parts of the bllllfllnu to all clubs, to all classes, to all students to get all the who's, the why's, the what's, the where's, the how's of then they write, and rewrite, and cut, and addg and they count words measure columns ssrlte headllnes type artleles schedule photographs draw pu tures and correct proofs so that once a month the knzghts page can be pubhshed 'I2 shield think! create! imagine! write and revise, criticize and compare. out of the process a theme is born: the art staff develops layouts and drawings, the editorial staff, copy and transitiong the photography staff, pictures and composites. and the results are redrawn and changed, rewritten and edited, retaken and trimmed. then the parts, at first unrelated, unorganized, are combined and collected to flow constantly, Consistently a theme becomes a reality, a yearbook. -- -4 nieolet news billy never tells me anything!" where did you hear that?" what meeting? at nictolet? when?" it .1 1 new grading system? how? why?' "so, they check on student driving! well!" graphic arts?" engineering?" photography?" parents want it- news of school: activities, events, and personalities, students write it- items of interest: interviews, features, and announcements teachers direct it- areas of journalism: writing, researching, and composing. it's all a part of education, it's our nicolet news. it ti 'I4 english workshop Uhaving punctuation troubles?" "can't spell?" "no inspiration? can't see the value of writing?" "End the comma insignificant?" "having trouble making outlines?" theres a twosome tackling trite expressions, there's a group grappling grievous grammar problems. there's a cluster confronting composition errors, in the english workshop where students are helping stutlcuts, and teachers are helping students, and students are helping themselves. 15 first knighters the script sclctitccl, the tryouts liclcl, thc cast clioscn, thc- rcliczlrsal begun, thc first knightvrs rollcrt personal props and stage props, fit fliaraftcrs with fostumcs and make-up huilcl sc-ts, rrcatc cffcfts, devise publicity, scll tiflacts and programs, preparing for opt-ning night, thc pc-rf'orumm't-. I , gk, T I6 first knighters I7 oCiAL Tuoie ,am edifying, informing, e training and instructing man in geography, his world and environment, f s civics, his governments and politics, i' history, his trials and triumphs, W s problems, his community and culture, 3 making man aware of his surroundings and times, s his society and state, social studies provides a knowledge of people, an understanding of society, a concept of life. yn lit sq 5 earl bakalzirs lmernard bieterman james davis audrey stier I8 planning areas and competition, selecting readings and topics, writing speeches and introductions, the members of forensics edit manuscripts, strengthen weaknesses, develop abilities, practice techniques, to enter contests in speech, in reading, in discussion. forensics I9 L1 BRAR in a stillness, a quiet, a hush, studying, reading, applying thoughts and concepts, utilizing books and periodicals, the student, searching out facts and ideas, extending interests and studies, matures, develops. I il L ""'i edwin wibracht 20 books, books, books, 18,000 books- books are covered, catalogued, classified, circulated, cards, typed and filed, magazines, shelved and organized library aides , il , bulletin boards, designed and developed, it f by the library aides serving and helping- g 5 efficiently, smoothly the students, the faculty, the school. chess pawns and bishops, rooks and knights, kings and queens move and castle, clash and capture, while chess club members plot and plan, organize and attack, seeking to check, to check-mate, to end the game. 21 SCIGNCG our science department is led by a team of six, teaching students in physics mechanics of liquids, motion of fluids, -5 measurements of electricity, in chemistry aluminum-al, ammonia-nh 4, antimony-sb, in science conditions of weather, 'Q charges of + and -, I changes in topography, X35 in biology f XXQJ fungus of thallophyta, t S fish of Chordata, V flagella of protozoa. these six of our faculty work to mold future scientists, to promote better scientific understanding, to acquaint students with science. Y I ,Q ., l 'QI -i 1' 34 X 1 . I L-.s -L SPSS- - - Su. kenneth henton harold liebherr jerome fischer frances rudert 'vs roy gromme milton schwartl audio-visual club service to the studentsg service to the faculty, service to the school is the motto and aim of audio-visual club twenty-two members are trained and available to set up, to organize, and to operate the projectors, amplifiers, and recorders. shutterbugs load camera! elick shutter! develop film! in the year's course, shuttaerbugs learn techniques of photography, developing, composing, enlarging, attend lectures on photography. the art of Contact printing, the study of lighting. the skill of stylingg and participate in various activities photo tours and camera Club contests, to be tapable of good photography, to be ready for a good picture. science club to further their knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of their hobbies and fields of interest, members of sfienfe club learn by feeding hamsters, by making atom models, and by studying slides. they experimen.. they observe. they attend lectures. they gain satisfaction and experience in science. 24 biology club from biology, the study of plants and animals, club members find the fun of learning, of working together, of reaching a goal, learning, working, reaching toward a permanent museum for our school. isoptera, prolloeriecus, sporozoa- the collections are begun as, steeped in formaldehyde, surrounded by books and labels, students press leaves and mount insects, work during and between other projects, tours, and experiments. ciliata, mallophaga. sperogira- the collections are begun, but they will continue to grow-starting a tradition, leaving a memory of our biology elub. sim LANGU GG fe is 4 all french, latin, spanish, german the students must stud must learn, yr i S ...-rl' must speak. mmprenez-vous franeais? yes i am learning. 'Ar . .. ' . X is dicmsne lat1numP X no, but i read it. A061110 se llama? my name? i'm called pedro sprechen sie deutsch? yes, i speak german. eins, zwei, drei, vier, cuatro, Cinco, seis, siete, novem, decem, xx, xxx, quarante, cinquante, soixante, mille number the days as i learn to french, latin, spanish l german. I 'E 26 1 latin club translations forgotten, grammar forsaken, the latin club gathers to learn about romans- their customs, their Clothes, their way of life. an ancient world of togas and sandals, of muses and furies, of catacombs and forums eneircles the club as members hear records, Construct models, create dramas to further their knowledge of the power, of the splendor, of the pageantry that was rome. 27 french club white sands stretching beside blue waters, gnarled, burly fishermen heaving their nets, brown bathers basking on the riviera, cheerful young children cycling to school, flowing farmlands covered with arbors, g0flllC'C'l1llYCll spircs spearing the sky- this is the france the club members know this is the france they sing about, hear about, plan about. this is the france they talk about, think about, read about. this is thf- france of nicolet. 28 german club members study germany, a land of red-topped villages curling into hillsides, mighty castles soaring into clouded skies, and flowering trees blooming over cobblestone walks, germany, a land of rivermen lured by the golden-haired lorelei, warriors stricken by armored valkyries, and princes entranced by graceful swan-maidens, germany, a land of skyscrapers rising above the war rubble, blackened engines steaming through tunnels, and gigantic turbines spinning with power: germany, a land of stein songs sung by heidleburg students, lilting lullabyes bummed to small, drowsy children, and evensongs chanted in impressive cathedralsg germany, a land of beauty, legend, industry, german club and song. 'lf' i 1 r 'is ill , W .. A , 4 29 spanish club the color of mexico and the charm of old spain embrace living, warm people-mestizos and peasantsg striking sefioritas in bright, swirling skirtsg melodious mariachis serenading young loversg fleet-footed dancers, their Castanets claeking: intermingle the ways and the modes ofa living: close, cobbled alleyways, fast-moving speedwaysg a slow, sleepy siesta, a lighthearted fiesta: the flash ol' a cape, the death of a bull: blend the color and pattern of the costumes of dress: aztec designing and cool, flowing white garments, the paneho and sarape of bold, splashing eolorg wide-brimmed sombreros of hand woven palm hbersg suggest quaint, hidden villages-people and places: personable little donkeys heavy-laden with panniersg open-air marketmen hawking their wares: cool, shady plazas with flowers and fountains. they're spanish, they're mexican. the names bring to view the gay, vivid color. intensified heat, the dancing festivity, and lazy routine. they're captured by spanish club in fiestas and fun: the distinctive people, the picturesque life, the vivacious charm, and small, sleepy village. 30 T a 5 ' 'Q ART 8 CDUSIC I Wu. 1, f gf A , F: ,ri rr 1 fr robert johnson robert peterson 32 music- A orchestral, choral, instrumental, ensemble- and art- painting, lettering, molding, designing- are expressions of beauty, and mood, and feeling, which our students learn to create and produce, appreciate and experience, in fullilling the human design. modern music masters modern music masters society, the honorary, national, fraternal society founded for students interested and gifted in music, gives them opportunities to perform, to enjoy, and to appreciate music. during the year, a noted instrumentalist, a well-known vocalist, and our own musicians present concerts for the members of tri-m, the outstanding students of chorus, band, and orchestra. everybody is invited: come on in and have a dance. everyone will like the music, like the soft and dreamy music, made for dancing in the dark, like the cool and solid music, with the rhythm and the heat. everyone will like the music of our :lance band on the stage. . 33 band a roll of drums, the clash of cymbals, the trill of flutes and clarinets, and the blare of trumpets and cioronetsg the mellow notes of the saxophone, the rliiming ofthe g'l0c'kenspiel. the unclertone ol' the sousaphonc, l and the raucous voice ol' slide trombones- all blend together and harmonize all unite in mnsonanee at the delicate touch and clcunite beat ofthe powerful, exacting, waving baton that rontrols the nieolet v hanrl. , 34 orchestra strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion create a world of sound between overture and finale, strings drawing richness and resonance in swaying tonal paintings: brass and woodwinds interpreting allegro, andante, pianissimo, forte: percussion tapping, crashing, rollin knocking, brushing, ringing. rich, legato tones, sustaining phrases, hlend together in depth and swaying, moving color color at times deep, moody, entrancing and again light, gay, vivacious. the nicolet orchestra creates the music of lifting, lilting melodies, of rhapsodies, preludes, nocturnes- a harmonious world of sound hetween overture and finale. 4 vocal music in mu- mmm thc Sopranos, scroncls, and alms of ilu' girls' K'll0l'llS lnm lin- t'l'1'St't'IlClUS :mel climinm-ndus. IlHki'llISZlllll1JI't'2lkS. IJIUIICIlllNIlJ2lI1lIlK'l'f wluilv in zumtlu-r, llnc hzlssvs, lmritom-s. :incl I1'Illll'SOI,llIl'IDOYS cl !1"lL'1lYSi' clmmxlls by Inu-In :md lmmlcl. aplrlluzlls Imm ilu- rlcvp south. folk songs of1'lc'c'l10slcW:ll4i2l. :In-I1 num- llu' s:1Ilslzu'l14m nl lK'!'lL'CsllOll. thc- L-xc'ilc1m'nt of zmlidpzllion, thc joyul'pc'1'i'fm1lz1m'c' :ll IIN- lslll'lSllllZlS l'HIl1'i'l'I. illIllc'Slll'lI1L11'flll1'c'I'I, :ll :lssc-lllhlws, llSOI0,l'llSt'lIlIlIt'11bl11'l'!'lS. H1 .Q i W s Q stage crew solitude, darkness, silence are broken by searching spots, splashing lights, by hammering and sawing, finishing and assembling, by painters, carpenters, set designersg solitude, darkness, and silence are broken, broken by the stage crew working for all events, dramatic, assembly, musical. DOG? CONOCDICS ,QL 38 c-tlicl eclwurcls pziuline relicler ' ,.w""" t f a if a T e wasps fm F1138 3 pattern and guide sheet, three yards of linen, tape measure, pins, needles and thread, home arts student is Ee a dress. Sm .313 in lisss ' 'QL f11w .,ffit x - - .ef i 1 - . ,yn . -- "H fl ,:s,:. i,. L f' i-'TX -- Q 'I ii 1 Us ,i?S ' V s. Pj '-ski, 'B i f- ' :Z ' Sig, - - .. klsifw Em .s , . t A'fil,.,sef,??w t E? iff.-V ' V 'sc f w e NN xr - .."-sQ.f:t,J5 Iizgqgairgl X AX 3 5-5,5 :iffy X ssfssf Q . , - 7 A- --'1 -. s m.--., ,y Q' 15 1, ,,6,.p- .-ss 1 rs s 5' i 5 : X 4, s g K WW vanilla, Q X Sf . ' ii ,L K i W R 3 and eggs, ,eeef measures, and spoons e e mixing bowls, recipes, fs as so me .fs- X i , is?-rs. f .4 ji Q1 plryjsi a home arts student equal a cake. how to cook, how to sew, prepare food, and decorate- all the skills of a homemaker, mother, and wife these girls practice and master to help them in life. grouping shiny red balls on fresh evergreen boughs for christmas displays, combining floral print draperies with solid beige rugs for colorful rooms, discussing the opportunities and qualifications for tv careers, cooking charcoal-broiled steaks over out-of-doors grills for patio parties, making fresh chocolate fudge mixed with finely chopped nuts for their carnival booth, home economics girls learn from professionals, learn from their projects, the addedskills, the extra frills, that make homemaking fun. home economics club l s 41--N A BU mes ebuc 'noN ip' QS' K . . 1' x M - ff' -sw, 1 1-is - K ,-,, -. ,.,. ,JfiQff.?A A TY ' i A 1 5- Q uf X -. ,, fi s V :sf Hu - A - W K , ' N"- f srss Q 5 s vs r M- WU, -m:f.+f-Aw-- M- 1- .. ----- - -va-A Q-sw., - , - 4 ff A V' r v e - ' rf ' . . .,A. - 1 r debit and Credlt X iz, . s ssss X X + X the business world speaks a ig' 5 and our students learn to understand if melvm lm-nk palm-k lc-wnlmg and to use its skills l ll 1 l tlrrougln courses in shorthand and typing, general business and clerical practice. 40 nlaurlenc mznrx lurzlinc misslin, future business leaders the clerks, stenographers, secretaries, and business leaders of tomorrow start at one end of the fbla ladder. degree by degree they climb their way to assistant, supervisor, leader. they'll send miss and mr. fbla to compete with others across the stateg they'll sponsor outstanding spellers to compete with others across the nation, these assistants, supervisors, leaders. these are the students who run the bookstore, use business machines, and type for our teachers. these are the students who hope to become the clerks, stenographers, secretaries, and business leaders of tomorrow. fl: ', . Sa 41 Tb cn TIC algebra students, learning logs and slide rules, progressions and determinants, permutations and combinations, geometry students, studying congruent triangles, t construction of loci, Proofs of thefnemsf vincent brunner shirley buth and trig students, conquering radians, identities, haversines, i progress from x, y, z, to alpha, beta, gamma, X advance from signed numbers to imaginary numbers, tg p proceed from equilateral triangles to spherical triangles, i acquiring knowledge of time and space. . . was -V U in N, 5 t. ' earl cotter my lrzmtlriclr walter stlroenleld william wiersmzl roger yeager 42 3 Q0 IN b u s'rR1Al RTS . . . lrses the screech ol the Jomter, the scra tch of the saw, '25 ', V f f' . -2 :fr ' the rasp ol the Hle are heard rkshops, .as studems, from rough sket, b ueprmts Ll nd plans :L m..A lrmn scraps and scattermgs, jggnatietns . o 1 x' - . then revlse and redraw, tear down and pl2istlCS, Wootls, K " if from metals in the acmive, the noisy, the busy workshops where raw mzuerials are transformed to projects, to finished products. Q 5 si XX X eine rrrsr e or lloyd engen howard greening john widmar vu liao ,ea- pbysl c L D u CATION in phy. ed. classes, boys- swinging for homers, passing for touchdowns, jumping for rebounds- and girls- interpreting music, mocking arrows, perfecting dives- improve their skill and coordination, increase their spirit and sportsmanship, that they may learn to live together, work together, and play together. M. Y ilfkqg QP Q w,z,.:i:1 J ,azitilitf-ef 1 7-' - 'J-' ffkll ' . 5 ,ff 154. . i ' '74 ' 5' :nlvo cheine kathryn lim mrv h'lc'hm'm 'nam hzirvcy phil inzimlers, ',' ' .I 44 8 mloris stiehi these are the boys who pitch, who punt, who pass. these are the boys who swim, who swing, who shoot. these are the boys who represent nicolet in the braveland conference, in the milwaukee area, in the badger state. these are the boys who participate in varsity club to develop sportsmanship, to sponsor homecoming, to promote school spirit. Varsity club semi, , Mm ., , t 45 life saving .0 with smooth strokes girls swim thc hrcast strokv, side strokc, and crawl. with strugglcs :mtl gulps girls lc-arn thc breaks, parries, and holds. with im'rt-asing skill girls prac'tic'c' thc pI'L'SSlll'L'. lift, and rclcasc. girls swim, lvzlrn, :mtl przrftiu- to lmcronic junior fmcl scnior lilo savcrs. .1 Swim club the rhythmic movements as music lilts, as voices count, the swishing water as legs kick, as arms glide, the graceful formations as girls dophin, as swimmers bob. harmonize and create a synclironizccl number by the water ballet. boys' intramurals tlierc's action, excitement, and thrill in a basketball game. the-re's action, excitement, and thrill for the boys who every saturday, 9.00 to 11:00 a.m., december to march participate in boys' intramurals, organized to give our boys exercise, competition, and enjoyment. girls' intramurals as set-ups send volleyballs high in the air, as jump-shots swish basketballs down through the hoop, as bow strings whizz arrows straight for the gold, girls, gaining their goals in intramural diversion, better their skills, their scores, and their sportsmanship. pep club pep club members counting pennies, nickels, and dimes, from a fund raising drive compiling addresses, names, and zones for student directories, planning assemblies, dances, and skits for student enjoyment, selling shakeroos, tickets, and programs, cheering individuals, teams, and squads give nicolet its spirit and spark. pep club WL.J ieihveerleiaclvers Qi 5, gbwk -EAU-A W ' ,JYNUPQ Qgou. pgxv-Uicxbss. oJE' team S ' to go, SSE uk tO IO calling K0 IO to PCP' noise, encouragement, cheerleaders add to the spirit and the crow yell, M scream, - cheer, with with with they fight, clpkh. win, UWA Quik N t fun practice their styles to prepare for the cheers side jumping, hack jumping split Jumping flipping, running, cfartwheeling smiling, directing, and calling the crowd they accomplish their aims by Splllflq the game inspiring, exciting, propelling rallying, quiclcening, promoting Iivening, pushing, and ur ing the crowd with pep, with noise, with encouragement, cheerleaders add to the spirit and v . , l Mfr' , ffl . A at fun 52 cross country night after night, week after week, mile after mile, seventeen stalwart athletes chase up hill, down hill, farther-still farther. panting, sweating, gasping for the last breath, the harriers grind out the rugged two-mile course to victory. 53 football roars abound as the blue and white clad men in shoulder pads, hip pads, rib guards, and helmets swarm onto the held, roars for the players, roars for the team, roars for n-i-c-o . . . "ol" "we've got the ball!" the varsity 54 football the crowd tenses. the team bristles. the quarterback shouts: U25 on 2" H34 on 3" "l2 on 1" and the players react: they smash, they plunge, they pass, they' SCOTC1 "b" squad they fight for nicolet! and the knights of the gridiron win a fourth place standing in the braveland ronference. freshman team 55 swimming splash! churning waves as they race, chopping water as they swim, challenging opponents as they compete, the nicolet finmen practice, the nicolet Hnmen perform their dives, their starts, their turns: the nicolet finmen practice and perform so that they may become better swimmers, better divers, better competitors. swimming 1958 state swimming meet Him basketball tltc-rc-'s action. excitement, and thrill as the knights fight. tllvros action in fast breaks, in tries for rebounds, in pressing rlclcnsvs. thc-rc-'s excitement in ovcrtimes, in jump balls. in free throws. tlu-rt-'s thrill in pt-rl'ec't set shots, in "thinks", in last-Scfonfl baskets. thc-rt-'s action, excitement, and thrill in playing. in watching score, and win another basketball game a basketball QZIINC. "b" sql 58 lreshmen team Uuj - N Q 'Luigi' , XLHOQ, Ql7xQ32JU.Jv3 basketball 59 track is runners, take your marks! get set! QOV, "clear the take-off areaf "nun ourt uber twenty-three on deck." "the first place time is :l0.l "the winning height is 5-ll "the last toss was 54-IO." running and jumping, putting and throwing, winning and losing, rack team worked for better lX'l'i'0l'Il13lll'l'S, for team cooperation, and for victory. baseball dashing to beat out a bunt, sliding to steal a base, swinging to crack out a hit, pitching to win a game, our players worked 1 sweated, toiled, and took second place in th suburban baseball league. 121957 gO 62 "forel " they tee up. zs.L...i they swing. they hook and slice. they hit into sand traps, lush greens, rolling fairways. they vie in medal play and match play, dual meets and conference meets. practicing daily, they work on their form to hit par, hit a birdie, hit an eagle. tennis H30-love" "40-love" "game!" the swish of the air through the racket, the smash of the racket on the ball, the slam of the ball against the court fill the air as the tennis team trains. working, practicing, working still more, going from dual meets to state meets, backyard play to tournament play, our boys took lifth place in the 1957 state tourney. 63 , ,.....X... W.. ., ...Q ,..,.. 9? -A fi 'f Z, I .. Q 5 ii -f g X l X S 'NAL A X- Q - I xwsm Q W' Q ,M . ,k,.+xes8t8 - . S S ii " .va -' A - D H T ,1-1 . ,w Q v ' gzsx .Q f 'V T P- rm . Q 4 ,pg Sfkgihngf- 111' f A :Hr- , 2 . -'vga' - H, 1 . E x,Qv.-, . .3 iehki x Mn . ' " ' 1 I ' its . ,. , Q "'T'::Q lg gill., ," A ,, fm ' ,. ,S ,N 65 kitchen staff using piles of plates, papers of butter, tiers of trays, cartons of milk, racks of food, and shelves of desserts, the cooks in the kitchen plan our lunches, food for one thousand every day. with pots and pans, bottles and kettles, boxes and barrels of food, food, food, cooks are working, planning, cooking, seasoning, baking, and preparing lunch at nicolet. , I me fxsvf 1 f n fi-"In-. 'Q 4 of sa custodians janitors armed with pails and sponges, soaps and dusters, brooms and brushes clean our classrooms, blackboards, halls, and floors. janitors labor sweeping, mopping, brushing, scrubbing, swabbing, rinsing, washing, and polishing nicolet with tahle tennis HOOD noon hour comes the big break, lunch rush, happy chatter, competition, and just fun: comes with the irregular -rhythm of the bouncing' hall and shuflleboard with the slip and slide of the flat, round disk: Comes luke-box mu sic recreation with the hlare, the swing of the latest hand an conversation d with the jahhcr and gossip ol' whispering' lriencls. with noon hour comes food and fun. poster club 68 ffl' X 5 paint in brightening reds and blues, india ink in striking black, poster board and tracing paper, brushes, pencils, straight-edge rulers pens and points and soft erasers employed together, combined in ways, illustrate and publicize our meetings, dances, games, and programs. the poster painters letter, draw, design, and paint pictures, posters, placques, and flyers forthe halls of nicolet. youth council is people planning. it's work, and it's fun. it's planning a regular knight klubg it's arranging a special dance. youth council is committees working. it's wrangling over records, battling for bandsg it's planning programs, entertaining the crowd: it's serving steaming cocoa, chilling sherbet punch: 1t's trimming evergreen trees, painting wintry scenes. outh council youth council is people planning. it's work, and it's fun. 1 ai 69 prom into a dream world of sweet music, of soft lights, and scented flowers glides each couple on this moonlit night. over this dream world of gondolas, of facades, and candy-cane moorings reign peg and clyde on this enchanted night. from this dream world of sweet music, of gondolas, and deep blue canals glides each couple on this bewitching night- a night to remember in venice, in venice, city of dreams. ax! NN. x 70 dances :avQs x i.kk M 'Ng ., if fs srasasnnp L -X ,Q 1-gpuu,anilmj" 4 Qfnnllffwii ,.,. , ,L Qu -xi, f-'H-. X I ,ll :iff 2 X L. 1 71 auditorium club 1 4 early in the evening when the halls are dark, when the light is dim, the auditorium eluh enters the school. members unloek the doors, make ready the eheek rooms, await the crowd. there's the thrill of hrst arrivals, the responsibility of taking tickets the ushering of people to seats: the elub is kept husy. late in the evening when the program is over, when the last note has been played. when the last line has heen read. t,here's the returning of coats: there's the directing of crowds: then there is quiet, and the eluh leaves the school. 72 throughout the year special events nicolet has sponsored educational and recreational, community and all-school activities: the science exhibit with an engineering lecture, educational movies, and informative exhibits: pep assemblies with clever skits, cheerleaders' cheering, and students' yelling: assembly programs on african safaris, dickensian monologues, and negro spiritualsg the student-faculty game with all-star teams, ridiculous costumes, and rescue squads. exhibits, assemblies, programs, games- all bring information and knowledge, entertainment and fun to students and teachers and interested friends. honors " V 3'..4','f'.."?"' Wally schoenfeld president state fbla P A . r v S , t rv 1 5 inargaret hicks second place ir. academy ol' science 74 s X ed carberry " XG david hase and ellen holland badger boys' state representative badger girls' state representative f-. Q. this I 1 fifth place WX J science fain 1 alice Weidner wellesley hook award winner S A ' 5 af Q i Y i Y: 1 fs, ' ted rose, silver pallette, journal art contest tom wachs, first place, fritzel's art contest honors halldor gudjonsson iceland rosalind Cowie new zealand als exchange students sandy bartels afs exchange student from nicolet 5? 3 nl MA, ' 3 qi mary mc carter dar good citizenship award winner jim podell and ellen holland national merit scholarship certificate winners . L' ---we M, ,L I donald edwards medalist at state sectionals ning, "1 tom weisel north .nnerican speed skating champion .I gary adelman terry terhorst second place Wilmer state cross-country meet all-conference football and basketball team member freshman class david dusenberry president peggy polacheck 0 fi treasurer joan steube secretary daniel grable :fire-president elaine achterberg penny adams william albrecht william allen sandra altenbern barbara anderson janet andrews phyllis artis priscilla bahr franklin ballmer john ballmer john barnes virginia bate arlene bear melvin behling james bell john bell walter bendfelt christine benke jean bischolf robert blank cl ia ne bla nkenburg 76 45 Us F j A is fs M is E g E s freshmen, freshmen, are marching, marching, ro nicolet from fox point, from green tree, and mequon, .nw if lv sg. L ji it H K' is .,,. s H f "fe is ,-,,:k: J : . - or r sash fi. ' am X sis as X to nicolet from riverview, from maple dale, and bayside. .. --ferrari:-2 ' 5 7 i Maris 4 ,. , 5 Y si? is Vi: Qi? is se A Bi? : . ,. - bf Q 5 J sig J M f s H 4 if Mk t . .i K Wafiif vi. 121575K-55 . 5 -, fr- 3, as, 13 - za., 6 :P A: , . ,,,s.s,, 55553 . - 'ffff gs-1 H it is tg ill it sl? M 5 is K V1 J Q f s r e it I . . i A 'Jill 2-'Y'-3-Ez e ,fff'f31f1iIf. ' ,- -We fswhm A-is fag W,..., it . i 516' ag 5,55 ' - 'K l , ss ' X, , ,. .i fr f A t . ., W Q I 7 -1 'J" - ' Q 22 1. 1 5 " i . A 5 4:-gh L X A " -,-- - -. gg L H 1 . gf - k. ,gyv:5 L1 . A 7 f-'uf '- k .siffln 1 f Ay. 9.1 9 - fi - - . - in 'S V . -ve?.a?'- S. W 'X wi ---. K ' '1 ss s 1: , f? , pw L U? an freshman class sandra black robert blumberg michael bohlmann margo bond rollene borghardt rollie borchardt karen bothe mary brautigam joyce breul clifford brickman nancy broesder jonathan brown john brummer marian bryant nancy buchmann bonnie bursten barbara callner harold callum martin chandler peter Chapman david christifulli anne collins roger conant emily conley susan dady diane daly richard davis david dentinger judith doering pa tricia donner richard dornfeld john drescher donald dugar george dunst david dusenberry dennis ebert 77 freshman class hundreds of freshmen are marching, marching, to nicolet, to the freshman class. john eckenrod victoria edwards j udith ehrhardt jeanette eich richard engberg kenneth eshrich nancy evenson art evert ruby fagan carol fehlhaber karen fehlhaber phyllis finkler gary Fischer susan flower patricia flynn steven foster janice fratrick daniel frey joen gagliano james gardner clyde geilfuss jeffrey gerlach nancy gibson donald gillette richard glaisner janire goelzer donald goldenberg gail goldman patricia gorder daniel grable douglas grade kenneth graef michael graham cyann grant janire grosskopf 'robert guenther Curtis guidinger 78 A as I Q K s fr, :T X ff? X. 3 Q Y he ,. 'H ae? ,fx Q Q -an ,. 2 .. 5? , L W ia: P, K . xl, 5 ,SQ ' o , ' K A I ,W i xi. jg, ,,,. Qt ' QSSZQQQEQZCQ- : V j 1.j1f5?Ei1F?1f' W freshman freshmen, freshmen, are learning, learning, at nicolet of algebra solutions, of english punctuations, of language conjugations, . . .,w,.-,,ff.szf,, L. .Us . . -s D.-fs,-M-fs-.L Ni, Q v Q li'-K S A S sk 5 if ul sk "" Q ai , 1 any s ..,.'.. e j f s , 'W' as s , a :-2 -f zm.. ..f. f- Q l.. - 1. W' 'ir FQ, ,E , , . , s M 4,3 . 3 5 S -. sli , A rr eh 4 Q is ,Y 4 :K , its X W ,Q if x is E HQ 4' x -'-t.,,,. ,Ji :iw-V. F S SkE XR!! class pamela habert betty ann hadler shirley hafemeister jean hamilton nola hartwig lynne hathaway gary haydork eileen heil jean heine joan heine william helfer ma-rilyn helm frances herman byron herrider thomas hinz sharon hoefs thomas holbrook barbara holland ellen holt susan holton joan hood james howell marilyn icke roseann jager dean johnson katherine kaestner carol kane dawn katsembel roger kaul james kenehan john king james kintzele joan kleist robert knudsen karen koeppen lynn korchunofl 79 freshman class at nicolet pat kuhn jane kundmann joan lacey john langworthy susan lee linda lehman robert lehmann alan leopold richard lepak marsha lerner rae lynne levinson david lichtinsteiger brian liebau mary logemann elliott loke penny lozalf virginia lueeke richard lyshek james mai bonnie marcus dorothy margoles john marsh carol martin joseph martin michael mccallfrey wayne mcveigh richard michel john michelstetter nancy mihleisen jean milant susan miller robert milner garry mintz thomas mirecki judith moebius henry moeller thomas moench 80 of football and basketball, of clubs and meetings, of plays and knight klubs. . M S , 55 mmm ky l' . ws Eg vl ,xv s my 2 , 5 .m i 1 s. 1 ' A lf. 5 QS? ,P i- o V, Q 154:22 .E I , l .,. L N Qt H 1 E 1 la : - ag Q N K Q . . ., W .R KM F V, E- K K. NN .I i 4 :Fi ii ji' l , , ilni wx- fi Qs A 512 ' faux ., A X freshman class hundreds of freshmen are learning, learning, at nicolet, in the freshman class. x E' .,, s. . ff . iw W t , R tif " 'S , J L ..5.E. xi.. ggi, .Q , ., .A. , , . lfqsf' as . ' "Y P I Q . Fifi .l- 55-HQ, "-:Q , 1. .. 7 -K' H ' : 55:5 " 'Wifi 7'.' 1 ' 1 r-is -f" .':: f?'.'T25T?5:i7ifi"S ' ' ' ' L Q tiff'-M' 4 H ug: fbi - .. .am ff- l W. ,Q 5 A ,.: eli f'- it . sres r e s e - Er , t I ,K F ,::, Wifi 'N ' . 3 ' E li-it ' F-P ff- donald mohr paul mordini sandra morgenroth ruth mosner jacqueline mueller bruce nahrath bruce nelson gareth nelson ronald nelson donna olson nancy outland marilyn pasch miriam pasch sandra peck dwight peterson thomas peterson margaret polacheck waldon porterheld frederick post james prust gene quandt janet raabe sherry ravenscroft margaret redmond peter reed deann reichert ronald remmel judith richards sandra rietz barbara risch david robinson barbara roll diane rosenberg robert rosha charles roup margaret ryan 81 freshman class barbara schaefer james schaefer keith schall sue schalmo evertt schellpfeffer walter schieble richard schilsky lutz schlicke rarrol schneeweis carlos schneider nancy schneider sharon schuckit carl schulz elaine schwandner mary ann schwartz serene sendik cheryl seydel harvey sherman gerald siefkes ronna sigal stewart sims william slick sandra smith nancy soper theresa sonun nancy staats ronald stegner gregory stehling cheryl stein mark stein joan stuebe ethel swerdloff pat tank susan thiele neils thogersen thomas tigerman susan tillman 82 their memories will always linger, of freshman newness, of freshman confusion, and freshman fun. -A 1- QW gg Q -.-.num E L 'Q 1 ,eyt as Q ,,,, ,if x w A t is . 1' Q Q 'N . X , N - i . in sf ,Qt tx. ,WK gm P' . F A 1 4 ,gl e A 4 gi ey s X 5 ' . 3 three :Qe t f j .fpwgysff ' , . ,-, f i . NM? ,. ' .!:"' i iii Qllglsb sais I .., ia? b ' 1 'l' 'Q' .l? "Q': f 5 3 fffij liars? lass "fSi tet , Q L , i 1 ,A ,Isl , - . .Rex freshman class their memories will always linger, of classes and homework, of games and activities, of nicolet and the freshman year. ug X E39 EW s Q 53552, , Y sf X f E wk QQ, t Ji m -s X ix S il 4' X bi F S l M-l 45 :. , 5, izfisxf ss- Vfs: 'Ps.:::Zj5'ii , 1 "i F5'fZSl' i Ziff Q., 4 ,A rj, carol treis mark ulevich kathryn vedder karl wachs james wagner susan wagner charles waldeck Constance waldenburg richard weisel andrea weller david wells toby werner barbara westfahl richard white richard wilberg heidi wilde darleen wilkowski mitchell winnik carol wolf ronald zagorski floreen ziehm jay zuelzke patricia foley michael nilsson not pictured: allen brown james conley mary kavalski jill ross robert ryan alan weiss 83 sophomore class 1-Q K3 x-vs-x- my-Srl I . H fe un fn 1 - '. , 0 . lc in Ll ffl Qlgh Q' GHS Q7 'QL-SS 'lu' 'VL x ,QC ', " c - - X . 1 J LL lf ' xfC1..,Q,5, Qi -it Cixlvy xjnickjk 5-sri vuvixn M JV 1443. ,WE gl lg gfgjg sophomores returning 10,2 E VX jx. e C E4 C. L,U'd,QQ , ,.' - 'KUNG 'ml-fs 3v3iQf-CX,j id-an iaith 2IllllL.lIJ2lIl0I'lV WX? SUR 6- NYSE X ,on 'gil so man thinfrs are ha uening' afram " Pavel Q66 UL, Y l merry mam mfsirlent f ,. thomas collins U 'WV5 +ifQ-mfg gqfsaes -S18 552143-gglslre. Qgjwiv QDlQL.UBgQj Xl? VNr'xcl5l jj UJQVE Vw Wglzlof-Egg ? fix 'JALZS , . C 504 0-lmcal -Uni LQ,fsslf"l1 slows 3 1 up MSS e e M HCCJ? UQ? Q.CSe.,UW L-Vu Ck Ql 5,55 ESECLS SQ? I Q Cmx Raglan if 0 Q,kcDll1 I r G A e Folfbtli WHS , A f7'?f151l7'6T ' ng Q jg gl-L Uv Qi mzmlyn cohen serretury Q . . william jelenchick V fx- Citi CQ QLLQ 5 - :fire-flresiderlt if : an X9 gig KOH -lhcli 5 umnwwif. Lad L5 X CL . ' 0 sandra abrahamson e 3 will peter aldrian A j 1, I. v sharon allschwang 5 'G' 1 '55 - A Wh carol anderson a 5" e neil atherton l ' . . 4 is - F3555 ' E A Q A 1145.42 C .5 ,. .gr ::.?L:J, - . H e f y john atterberry . j H P david atwell j A ' P ' .Q ' A , dennis aumann 1 s- - fe gf- , ' e q N, X v fi f I judy bagemihl ' 'Z FI L m y . L ' jx harold bahr , ' ,P jj he L' ,.. joann bahr . kxvx ' R marion bzlkowski Q- , t L j, ' 1 9 j S .5 ronald bnlsom , j -f-' , K "' I 3 Q If ir gg 'F fh Q ml raymond banse , jj :L X b ' " . 4 Q mary baranek i A gr, YS" ,A Q j john bargenqnast L Y rp is s 'F e ':': f A r L fl jill barnes j - e . beverly behrens u f 1 S N K Q gerald berndt j j xv 1- I , EQ ,. ij '. g l f' arno bischofl Ne' L L - 4 :L g ljll Fr- jkkt A dianc black ' V L jj 1 , flilf, ' j ronaldbleckcr F U L 6 'N ' 4 . ,eer f . 84 sophomore class old friends are greetedg new classes are startedg a wonderful year is beginning for them. Q ir? fa at gq,y,f1 5 ' '- f, fi ..,i.., .,kk, Lfzyigg - 3315 ai t L as i aififi i ll 5 W ..x5f5.'iisf-ii f i i -- aa if Sf A Q i 3 J 'lm f if? 1 QR A , 5, ea' ,E 5 8 .. - ii 4 1 fd ,r 4- N ix N W , as ,S ,W 5' F S' 'X A 5- K vb Q if NY? ,, sly, ,:. ,K . -a. er i . .Q .,2s.,-ful Q ' . 'grkg-gy 2 Qpl' 2? K X i A an , X L 1 if ui- i I X . as T barbara blumberg james boelkow hugh boice agnes borchardt john boyd mary brady thomas braun diane brooks william brophy lynne brown barbara budzinski thomas burke allen burns merle butenhoff karen casadonte Carole Cashman sandra Casper william ciscel jane clausing barbara cline marilyn cohen gary cohn joseph collins Cynthia Conant penelope cooper barbara dailey mary day richard dedrick arnold dennis nancy dieringer jellirey dizon jane donner marilyn duecker steven dunker alois eiglmeier robert elliott 85 sophomore class sophomores returning with a sense of belonging hnd so many things familiar this year: roger engleking henry ericson william evers david farley glen fehlhaber howard lenner gary fischer susan fogelson ross lraser Clive frazier jane lroemming susan gaertner bernadine galewski carol gallepp barbara geisar katherine getter roslyn gill judy glatxel peter gleysteen linda goldmann paula gresso judith guy karen hafemeister george hage eileen hahn ellen hahn sally hahn anne halsted nancy hamer emily harris john harris paul hase lorelie haufk lyn hauck charles hays james heicher paul hermes 86 Lk N , ,. A QW Sl QL , is Y im As, l' , g H l i -4, Q 'f , ,L ' M :,' QW ., ll' il' if vw 2 A W ' X , . mx H E gl l .sly '..f. E Q Q . is 'I' . tg '2 4-ei v- gf it kk 5 is if I x X" fi ' --4' :., " X K NF - r , i t it s s e ,QQSQQQLQL K lil: : Ei Y - - 5:1 -iliiifw ,.e' - K 1 ' 5 'M Q . e ,Ba wx 0 x .s 4-'N D' W9 - , H- f.441'N't, - Q wiwfr M A 3 'gs A 5 'G-me """'1' gg -.e s X S t - 4? ff 52 it Q inf ai it XQQ x 0 Q X 5 E J.: 3. Q fx Ji X .K . ,E My fx gf mi? 3 x L .K .Mii, 1 .E Q Q F SE Q 5 56 xg is sophomore class same clubs are attendedg same sports are applauded: high school routine is beginning again. karl hokamon Q john holland if .A 5 My at william holland . Q. . g gffi Q A:.N . . j richard hojton don hudson bonita hufnagel james jacobs gary jahn richard jahns thomas jambor s A , ssl, william jelenchick ...Q - . , i .L . .ly , . 'ir W 5 Q- Q -. is ,gg 1.555 . , 'Q - JW -. jk . . . 3 'Fil .J S' 'E 1 S1 as . J?" Qs s Y 3 ..,.. - -545 We L.. .L ,, .. .,, . ., . K s-sam Q -- 4- fsfll., Seziill , -' New r. sw- 5 w Q in 2 l 2::i .. . .A J .ffl wx ig 2 3 is if Y. Qi M x my il. 'N , , . , if Q ws Qi? ' -if H' , , fm .ti "iii: 11. ' is T , t on he ass .A-. -. V. . 53.5, a, david johnson X 555 kenneth jopke . , K ,:- sr A -1 Q Q X, louise jung at ... Q 1-. ,f A l kenneth kaiser T i kenneth karol 1 3 X gordon kelley 5 l john kiesendahl b Q, is Q lyle kistenmacher E S Sig? gkzz X alice knox . V karen kocli 3 at .Epi 1 f wayne koch . , . Q H william kovacek i aiq ,E it ppiyplil Q. so renee krasno ' Q, virginia kraus i ii s . -':1:' 5 ll ' "E:'.. , - '-3r i - reynold kr'-leger f ..:: E ,K :,: .-s f'-:,f E krkv Yvonne la bode 1 .e. QQ ' I- .,,,.., e,:. j , ffi Y -:'E'i i dennis lambrecht ..Q i . . as in a Q 5 is K Qts. 'it NJ " no Q Q1a.421.f4s-1 . f .fl V. . allan lauterbach . if , . . LL.5.:. 'beverly lauterbach sandra lee l E i aivin leitl A sharon lerman joan lex 87 flasses give them added knowledge. so much, they find, there is to learn david linda linda linde patricia lindner neil lowitz karen lucas gary luck gilbert luebbe michael lutz gay manders elke mandat terry mam michael margoles judith marter robert martin karin martinson katherine matzner lawrence mcdonald reinhard meihsner thomas meisenheimer daniel melnick john messer dwight meyer carl mihleisen sheila mooney elizabeth moore richard neubauer bonnie neuman waldemar neumann sharon norman michael oberndorfer sandra ollech mary olson eve parrish thomas peterman donald peters catherine pfeifer diane phinney 6 : in science, in history, language and math w 1 i M away, Ti W 1 K I 'iw ., '-,, ' Q l Q " si .1- , g iiiii - l ,ak A . f fi ' is -' 5 l ' gap f I iv ii if E rf' if 0.5 Rl socials give them added pleasure. in sports, in games, 3 .K 5:51 ie. 'i X Skis 29 . 2 .7,- 15' . .. , . 'fgrsgtgg --pg 15.525 ,1 i -' 'Qi i ,L .. .. .. ..,, W ..xsjs, M 5 K 5 "H+ . X W Q 15 ff 4 M-.vw-. 5.zf' f ,. .aw .. L 7, V k it 1. - Q ,5:+: g',f: . . fy ex A .fix - ' if -- .1 . . 3 . . the is C if sa l K Q Egg Q, , i lg 4 ' 8 it my fs.. QL. .,..,.., l. 292: . Fsifgipm f. , A rig, t. st Y -we Q A Q gsjg Q: X gpgljjfk .f ,ff iegfezrff' - ' f ff- . -tres.:-if,.1 -. H f fr F-2591 .- . Q ,. ,.i. S f'-sf? -. X. , I x X .uk W, ' Y Q. , . , as 1 rl ll 2 sag 5-5 E' QM? x t, 1 We 'iii 5 'il' 4.11 er ls, X , W e f s QE X f S ss .J st Q at S-'Z 'WS We wvgesltsfasf L 'rfigx t in committees and clubs. ' .. j eP'- 5, f ' ' " '-fi." Q. el H, - snaiffe-If -es .. ff fes s ' aw:-1 , - : r. sa. -V1-33515 Q K z' " K 'sf-1'-'+ 5.-i ff Q1 " 1 K r .- ' 1 'W i 1 .. if - - f .t 1 . sf- L W 1 I- f f. t 5 " 's i L M' . 8 .sw - A :ff-s , . , 8. , ,, X NM' " j fs - Iii., 9 Q1-xgv K a f K ragga? . Qjg, . L K as ' 1 Q X E - . .. ' Ig f f .pf 3 v .Q n Q is . s e"e ' . 'bbb E ..,: . jj y K . '."f" Y 5 so much, they Find, there is to do ellen pieper steven pinsky jerilyn plapper kaaren powers lynn prange penelope pritchard douglas prust karen rader michael rands robert rauschenberger jack reiger penelope rice jeffrey ring charles roethke patricia rose thomas rose janet rosenberg bruce rowe richard scarvaci richard schaar nancy scharf ' sue schinner william schlapmann sandra schlehlein mike schmid ellen schmitt susan Schmitt james schmitz lois schoenfeldt marilyn scholl laura seaholm stuart searles gary seise harvey shadur ruth shaner ellen shea 89 sophomore class sophomores returning for knowledge and pleasure End so much to do in classes and clubs. joanne shepherd macleline shilling rochelle shulman pamela siefert marilyn simon michael smith roger sommer elizabeth stein lloyd steiner eugene strauss robert strauss judy streicher cluane swatek michael swirsky gini taylor maren teple mluane thornton cliane tincknell philip toussaint jeffrey tyrlinski jerald ulrich eleanor vieau james vieau carl Vogel harold voss carol vuk frederick Warner rarla Wasberg joan Weber karen Wegner john Weidner james Weiss peter Wells richard Wells jack Wheeler martin Wilk karen Wilke 90 1. 4. , 1 fr p gs E s , sw-'ggi g Q V . ""'?- ip lu' U' fi t ...f at l' rl 'i a A +- E F , e, 4 .Q 4 . we ,Y or ss sf' ,S ...., . , fr- .. r. J . is Q -X it is jj ,, N! t ey ttf ts. .. me lf? W is stir J .. 5 , i. :. as asa 'wm- 'I' W 15 N K re , Q 1 ,bs 'i K L 1 s ,f V . I f-- an Q sl , 1 '-' E 5 at J 14 Y I its 5 , fi r asf? -1 A it at fs st K it r . jh. ,,. . jkj X.. -jj' f as "'-" s ,,. xx Qjjj ,5. riff: ' ' . :' I-' E 1 fl I ., J., Q, , H F: Y N5 j :j. , 'F W A . K s Q N is AN fv' J ' X X 1 if ' ' .X " 4- Q W- 'Q Qs f if "' f ' , Q , 5 1 r N Y Na I Q ' S lei K i A ,K . .L as -' X s wt 2 5 -'B QS 8 , at-ar , ... f' fn. y S i g? ' K' .5 'E .. 135' ,i R g . 1 , r 3- 5 sophomore class SOIJll0lll0l'CS fCfllTnlI'lg to the same scenes and faces lincl a marvelous year at nitiolet high. .. k .V -. 3 -sf--it - 1.5 - i 7--me-Q. . - 'z.e2:ws.3: iq is 14 X is ,S F . ,.,. ,. If. ...E 'Q K , fi ,,-: fl Y , N ,," i ...iii-iQ - N me , he ll wr! an Q -fwkiii i kgs, y "W ..5 ri. a E3 3 Q .L an l V 1. .- :QM if , Y' I.. 1252 , .- -- at -R X s 5 . -:. - . .. . W i fig K W + 1 Qi' Q i M 'P gig ir ' 2 in W.. . X we-avg, if u-.Wd it X . . tom Willoughby lynn winter charlotte winters pzitrieizi Wirth steven wolf carol Wolff richard worth karen zanfzi william zastrow sue zingsheim herbert luleger honnie helm elaine kadow sherry lic-htensteiger jutly tyler ea rl wern er not pictured: rorinne smith 91 junior Class joanne fox president beverly keller treasurer lois goll secretary carol heinl rfire-president john abendroth gary adelman john aebly john albrecht thomas allman jane amerell marilyn andrews susan armstrong walter axniclc marilyn axt mary lou baird julia baldi sandra bartels christine bauschek dan bell kenneth bender jim bloom barbara booth rona borkon michael brendel robert breyer nena brickman 92 VIIIHIOTS, at last! and, oh, what a time! to them the best school year now is at hand. to them the best fun is now bein0' had. to them the best friends are now hemv' made. ii , iiti ft., i i f . I e te.e ft- - - Y A . i . i ii i. A gs m V , f ,Q it s5 V .Q qltg Q Q ii . ,g,,,..g t , ,, ,.t. , ' . . 5 ' is s ref L 'A ip by s A ,e..,,e ,,, y .SQ gg' we e e e i XX . Q- X .1-A gk , N , , I Y junior class .1un1ors,at ast. and classes again! in in literature-american-with hawthorne and Sandburg, 1 i m in history-u.s.-with the story of our nation, 'ii i in sciences-physical-with acids and bases, i ii i bonnie brill S V h :N,, carol bublitz - an A caniel buttita a edward carberry Elf ., ",:': P- ' W -55 .. S " Q .,,. iff, , I'lCl'l2iYd cash ' '?? l ff ':,,Q.: ' i - . . f 5' i ' donald coltart QPQ , .:.' . 1hA , 1', H . f A c J dlane cook ".: A julie COPHU "" ' i e ss befsel' Curtis h ss ' ' - aasse 'ss's' rsaa d H' ' igjey .i james doolittle l PQUY douglas . ' qlaz. -:: . , -1 file diane drescher e'Y 1 A, diane effenheim ' l ,,,,:. P v robert ehrhardt virginia eich . s, f i, richard engler gary erlichman a i f zgr. is juanita escobar g , i t i helen fehlhaber zii ii ' richard fellenz iaad :-. w "':' 3' Steve fleming - a s i michael forman , :xl i V p , SIISRTI fI'lClJCY'I , ,. ..,, . , - :H i . ,sis s ' Q l 3 jeffrey foulks iii "i, , lm, 'X 1 .yoanne fox Z , N gemld frank I NAS? as loreen fratrick P at kathleen friend 1 E at 1, c : X isolde fuchs - . ii ' james fuersten s i 'iii L. .-., - 4' gi . .,.,f . uk my Y h 'I It .,:, h blqub P james garbe - 1 A thomas geisler f- - ' ' ' . -:.. -if ic - .gn " - , L 5 5 . .ia .Z iyi .aA: f '1""' Q 5 :-' lOlS goll ' -asa s s thomas gfegofy - i iii " "' - f , ctcc Us "md gm 93 junior class karen grunwaldt mary haas gail harkett yvonne harquet gary hahn michael hahn david harter julie hasselkus mary kay haydork stanley heine robert hinrirhs carol heinl gladys herman michael herman sandra herrmann margaret hirks james hifkstein sharon hirshman kurt hoesterman sharon hofschulle william holland dolores hueuel rnargo jones david joseph gary jungkunu barbara kaflor steven kaiser marcia kapal gail kaufman barbara kay jerry keehn barbara keller beverly keller karen kleist john klinkerl jane knierh geoflrey koetsch karren kohls 94 it's great! it's grand! R- fi 'Q . w 5 '- , v ...: M . .1 Q l x QI 1,,n-Q . ,-Q: ,. .. .N it's a wonderful year. ! W IP' -5 is N5 'xx Ke yi is X ml is - ,xv R S3 A. ,I -93 A M: L 6,45 .- QE 5. . + fn ' -- 1. +V M-ff J Q Xi 1 ff.-4' 1 it i , Q H -.. an V Lanai' X 1--? mm, 3 .Q Sift V S E .Q WF iw. 5 f M N N Q., ga .. 3 . M 4 z w P . 1 5 1, .aww .. 5 . . X E P X? 3 QQ? ' , X Q 6:44 Q - . 9 WWE X , R yi N 5 LN x X X X Q X x --h fb." I 'I T51 Q 1 fa.. sr y . . . .Ir ,, , X . . .x -I xffie. ' 55' 'lx K '- - Q ' ' T -- L, ff X : X X . - . QT . . . fb Q sr' V- X . '- 5 x my 'au X , X X , . K an We-an ' X ,. W W A,.. K X i 5 Q " ai. x - ig L 5435 K f..,.: Q... X gt g ,, ' pigs? Q-g .J W 'fr -Ji x . il 3 1: long awaited, this year, means so many great things, like a license to drive, like apermit to work, j like a class ring to wear. 1. ,ff my it ,W ' wi . 1 ss S1 . lafsihiw ' 11 -More fl 5 N455 S5 fl 3 rs: ' f r-if gi :fig .5 ll , T i ea, K ,K 6 rl bs, Eiga pi il K 1 V if ' e 1 .fs - Q' 9 X k B H' Xl A 5 sk i j in gills ll? We My ii' 'S ,l,,i, has ffifsuffff- ffiifif ' "7i'iAf:5Qf. 2" 2355251.55-is - "lil-e t 'vzesgfgfis 'V .. - 1-.ei iff' if . . X 1 fo- V fx if e aj H s 4, 2 X S E an U ' Ta, V ' -I -I I' 1 1' A . , Miki Sw ? , as ,fzliWiS??5i?1 w L K lla, t ., E was N M , ,.. is L , rim ,,,, -- i ' 3, .J as 'gf ,i 'Q as-. iss a , j,g,5: ,: K- ' si A junior class linda kollauf david koven richard kraus james krauskopf susan kreuser john kropp james kuhn timothy kuhns noel kunde gail kuntzsch gary kwas jay laskin susan lattow richard lee david leer patricia leidy james lepak michelle levinson anne lichtfeldt gerold Iogemann Carolyn lovelace mary luker mary martins susan marsh arno michaelis james mattison elizabeth mcdonald arthur meilicke lee meyer gloria miller james model william moebius karen morgenroth sharon moriarty robert naujok marlene nehrbass jerry nicholas 95 junior class long awaited. this year. mt-ans so many great days. with meetings and projects, with bake-sales and buttons, ' with plans forthe prom. sharon nigel j j V patricia nissen . - , iii, roger olsen 2 P j william oxman " l N. H " "" wayne parfitt it an s. 3 I sandra parnell . jean paul i paul petrykowski , .ff kenneth pfeil N r.'V :Zn eugene praelke - linda prudhomme ' zflxifi' at ig N sflrz aff 1 jerry quasius june ramthun ' susan redlin patricia regenfuss 3' russell reichert ' ttf 4 15: if CW -13, 9 mt .2:. richard remy - s john rieke Q -5 E . - ' ssrf'. 1" ' Q' donald riemann ' s ' ' Q N' W .. ,:,. .. ,N U 4 up j richard rohan lred roser frank rotter , rug Y X Q as janice ryb .i daniel sass s ,. richard schaefer up susan srhaleben A 'l astrid srhlirke -s Qu t ,, Li jerry schmidt walter schoenfeld sandra srhoenfeldt 1 jean srhroeder ' V I mary schulpius s ' carol srhuppner 'ff fr ii " L fl r lT A if wayne schwartlmatt thomas semmens miles seter ' :L , l FV ii i l's . A .. randolph seydel ' stt ' t s jane shafer A p N I'red Shapiro A A iii: j A 'lgj Vp kqjj E j ij 96 N if 5 if an 1' Q 32 x 9 1 Y" s ",. 4, His. Q My 1 Q' Y I t LL , Ti - 1,1 f junior class juniors, at last! and, oh, is it fun! it's great: it's grand: it's a Wonderful year! t Q ft? HQ Q 'lil sgwx K has . dx .V -1f.,: t ., emi it , vp W , L. f if :: :.,4,,, .as . - 6 ,...... Q i i, .. , f ., Q ,.. , 4 Q Q 4 an . W Y .N , ,if-. ' L ' f i: 1 .,., i i, aw fm- - i 'ss s T ff ' ,E sf, ., ,,.. s K ,ij I, t ' ' 'hb r i sw- W if Q L iv Q H - i ' wait , ' mg 4 lj j IQ. r r jj R jr ,tj 55 -5 D ,g Q ,.W.. ' H 21 5 if not pictured: patricia schneider, William johnson, michael terwelp. elliot sharpe pauline shilling carolyn shirvanian thomas siefkes donna skowron chuck songstad kenneth stanossek nancy stein judy stelzl lenore sweet joan tank patrick taylor richard terhorst thomas toldrian dennis tollefson betty unger richard unger judith valind barbara vogel helene Vogel diane vanderhout judith Walter jack Weidner frederick weinhagen thomas weisel victor Weiss terence Welch barbara Wendorl' nancy Werner gail Westendorl' john White kathleen Willing barbara Wiesner thomas woj towiu michael Wolf William Wolf patrick woodall earl zaage larry zentgrai' 97 senior class with prestige and honor the seniors return for one last, glorious, crammed full year. each game, each dance, each special production recall the old memories of quickly sped years- the time they were freshmen in various schools the time they were sophomores and getting acquainted, the time they were juniors and founding traditions, the time they were seniors and climaxing all. with prestige and honor the seniors returned for one last, glorious, crammed full year to lead and direct the events of the school, to be led by their classmates: dick eberhardt, president, mary mc carter, vice-president, peggy dunker, secretary, alice weidner, treasurer, jim pauls, treasurer, now watching their class walk into the future, the oflicers reflect on each single graduate, on each contribution, service, honor, hobby on the outstanding part each senior has played. alice abrahamson counted piles of pennies toward a thermometer goal, painted picture posters to advertise the games, and cut out colored shakeroos, promoting pep, promoting cheering. june ackers reported on fbla's many projects, published its varied activities contributed service to nicolet as chairman of its typing-for-teachers committee, found her place to be a leader, her chance to take responsibility, in fbla. ann alshuler as president of spanish club this year and last, through assemblies, displays, parties, and songs, led the members to admire the 'colorful culture of spain and appreciate mexican culture and arts. shirley anderson a cheerleader composed of pure spirit, PCP' and fun called to the crowd, urged on the team to f-i-g-h-t. 98 senior class ed baireuther devoted his time to the classes and clubs by running projectors, recorders, and tapes for teachers and students who needed the service of audio-visual club. dick bassman used backhand shots and forehand drives, volleys, lobs, serves, and aces to smash the ball across the net, to win a tennis tourney. pete benke a varsity swimmer with a major letter, went out for swimming for all three years and practiced and timed and worked 1 and competed to be a top man in the breast-stroke event. tom berwick at guard for our football team, built up speed and skill and spirit. at the bottom of a pile-up, or tackling out in the clear, he fought toward victories for the team, victories for nicolet. sue bethke as president of first knighters, planned future activities of the club, appointed committees to help with the plays, and selected new members to join the club. nadine blech in the f.b.l.a. found companionship and work, found interest and separation, found pleasure today in working toward her future. sheila bohn knew the challenge of intramurals, of swim club, of girls' sports club, knew the friendship and excitement of many competitive sports. mary bolich learned business skills and techniques of a business world, met new friends, and enjoyed her experiences in f.b.l.a. 99 senior class judy borchert a leader in the club, at the state and national conventions stored business knowledge, had enjoyable times, gained experience for the future in future business leaders of america. kay brown elected to the student council as a homeroom representative, helped discuss and plan and carry out business affecting the student body, business affecting the school. dick bundesen in a string trio last year, in orchestra this year. appreciating good music, sharing his talent, played second chair violin. mary butenhoff as vice-president of the home ec. club, learned the skills that are useful, the skills that are fun, learned the skills that will help her in keeping house. jane callum a member of fbla. contributed service and time to her school by joining the typing-for-teachers committee and selling supplies in the school book store. bill chambers enjoyed the comradship of the varsity club. attending its dances, its picnics, its meetings, worked on the varsity club, on its constitution committee, and on one of its carnival booths. bill cieslewicz was nominated junior vice-president, campaigned, and was elected to help the president, help the committees, help the class achieve its goals. rosalind cowie working toward world friendship. came halfway round the world, came from new zealand to wisconsin, came to see, to hear, to leam, to learn of our america, came to speak, to remember. to teach, to teach us of her country. pat darkow enjoyed her work in f.b.l.a. where she worked her way up to become a leader: enjoyed especially the state convention where she met new friends and learned from discussions. ,F l if-is --Ilgi xili .L 7 if Q 155355 ft? st. .- " gasi- sv it? rw. YP' K ki Q .i,..g.ZLEifklitikill h.A T 'h S 5 Q senior class dick dassow knows of flowers and animals, plants and wild birds, knows of trees and their leaves, knows of Hshes and frogs through his hobby, his interest-biology. jon davies knew the speed of skis on slippery hills, the sting of wind and snow, helped to organize nicolet's hrst ski club so that others too could know these things. clyde davis enjoying each experience, led the nicolet band on march, led the band in drill patterns, parade formations, and half-time shows, donna denton planned for fun in f.b.l.a. worked in the typing pool, in the school store, and went to the many conferences, planned for fun in f.b.l.a. and planned for her future too. joan diamond charter member of the pep club, helped to plan this organization, the assemblies, the cheers, helped to give our school its spirit. art dietrich knows much of the science of aeronautics, knows how to read the weather conditions, knows how to repair airplane engines, knows how to take off, and fly, and land, and has earned a student pilot license. helen dueringer singing for a cappella choir, singing for dances, singing for variety shows, singing for club groups, entertained others with her contralto voice. darleen dugar as vice-president of the latin club, worked to bring and to teach to interested members all the glory and manners of rome in the past through parties and games, and movies and slides. peggy dunker as literary editor, staff reporter, and front page editor, watched the knight's page spring from dittoed pages to four printed sides and learned, while enjoying a valuable experience. senior class jierry dunst caring "take your marks! get set! go!" sped off in the running of races and relays for the cross-country team, for the track team. barbara dutcher , captained the squad which spurred the team to win, s the crowd to yell, to cheer, captained the squad and led the crowd, cheered for the white and the blue. dick eberhardt pounded the gavel to call to order the senior class meetings. he conducted meetings, coordinated committees, and helped to plan graduation. then he pounded the gavel: meeting adjourned. X don edwards medalist in the state tourney, used drivers, irons, and putters to send a small white ball, captained the squad and scored low to win the braveland conference. dennie eggert went out for football his sophomore year, was elected team captain his junior year, and reelected captain his senior year, was honored, was named all-conference end. chuck engberg as president of this class last year, offered the class his careful guidance in designing and ordering class rings, and planning and sponsoring carnival in venice sharon entner from meetings and discussions derived from her favorite club untold pleasure and ranked as a leader in future business leaders of america. cleanna erickson knights' page reporter, harvested three-year rewards of enjoyment, of experience, while writing to meet deadlines. K w senior class judy eschrich through her three years at nicolet went out for drama in first knighters, acting as treasurer, heading committees, and working on the three-act productions gene fehlhaber takes amplifiers, resisters, speakers, and tubes and combines them and puts them together to build radios and repair tv sets. tom finnegan knew of lighting, focusing, developing, learned the many difficult tricks of his hobby, of photography. pete fischer with his french horn and trombone supported a world of musical language, martial music, and resounding rhythms in the concert band of nicolet. judy fleischmann in f.b.l.a. met other students with similar interests had fun with f.b.l.a.'s many projects while learning, practicing, and enjoying business techniques, business skill. syril foster made speeches, lectures, declamations. found pleasure in public speaking as a member of forensics. gail friend with official paper, sharpened pencils, ledgers and notebooks read minutes of student council meetings, composed letters on student council doings, and earned her title-secretary. john galewski a tackle in blue and white, fought for nicolet: not hearing the roars of the crowd, not noticing setbacks and injuries, he plunged forward toward the goal line. 'IO3 gail gillette learned the precise movements of water ballet, knew the crystal coolness of the water, the exhaustion of hard exercise, the pleasure of working with others, showed all that she had learned and knew in a final rhythmic performance. karen goldman for her soprano voice, for her musical lore. was selected a member of modern music masters. jim goldstein as tennis team captain smashed his serves across the net and volleyed the ball around the court to defeat opponents, to place nicolet in the state tennis meet. jim gran joined in intramural games, found pleasure there in skills he learned, in friends he made, as he handled the ball for his team. darlene greiber liked being a member of nicolet's choir, performing in all of its musical programs. for her interest, - her talent, her outstanding work, she became a member of tri-m. halldor gudjonsson came here to school from iceland, came as an afs student to see america- america's people. schools, ideas, Q and waysg to tell us of iceland- iceland's history, govemment, custo,ms, and families: came in a step toward international friendship. mary hamilton in dramatics club served as secretary and senior executive, acted in and directed nicolet productions. dave hase for meetings called to order, for reports read and approved, for motions made and carried, pounded his gavel, conducted the business as the student council president. betty hazlewood learned as she worked in spanish club, organized a party with tortillas and a piriata, helped on an assembly of dances and a bulliight, learned the spanish culture, its graces and its leisure. senior class senior class donna heine worked her way up the f.b.l.a. ladder: assistant, supervisor, leader: then for f.b.l.a. she worked in the bookstore selling paper and pencils and school supplies. chips heller knew the flash of fins in crystal water, knew the quick glint of exotic color of anglefish, of guppies, and of zebra fish, brought the tropics to wisconsin with his many fish. kim henderson studied, perused, and enjoyed his subjects and became one of the top students in judy hintertheur participated in f.b.l.a. served on committees, enjoying and learning in f.b.l.a. jeff hively aimed for better performances, for team victories, as he put the shot, as he threw the disk, as he worked for the track team. aimed ellen holland feature editor of newspaper, art editor' of shield, wrote, Cut, and arranged the write-ups, articles, layouts, for a paper, a yearbook. Sondra holmes promoting pep, spirit, and support for the team worked for the school, for the pep club. russ horne playing for nicolet on the football team, running, blocking, tackling, pushed forward with the team, pushed forward for nicolet. his class ' senior class charles huettel had school spirit, supported our teams, came with interest, PCP' enthusiasm to every game of nicolet. warren icke shot to score, jumped for rebounds, as the center, as the captain of nicolet's basketball team. russ kavalski likes to tinker and rebuild engines and, in general, customize old cars, likes to work on, to drive, his 1958 model. Loan keehn elped to form f.b.l.a. and, as a first member of the club, worked on committees, attended conventions, and ranked as a leader in the club. wes keller won a football letter and then joined nicolet's varsity club to help develop sportsmanship, to help sponsor homecoming. fritz kemp first student council president banged his gavel to preside o'er meetings, head committees, and start the wheels of a new organization tim kenehan workedwith cars, with his hands, and with his mind, leaming as he worked, learning patience and mechanics as he worked to build up engines. bill kernats knew the throb of the motor, the feel of spray and wind, and the thrill of competition as he raced his speed boat on the river. senior class pat kersey learned amo, amas, amat and, after studying, learned roman thoughts, ideas, customs, learned of roman fun and friends, found all this in latin club. janice kippa a leader of f.b.l.a., contributed to committees and conventions, gathering knowledge in new personalities, in business procedures. jill knaak with budgets, deposits, and withdrawals, reigned over a world of dollars, bills, receipts, and vouchers, as the student council treasurer. lealon knecht led meetings in a bus, ran contests and parties, organized a youth for christ club. jeff knox together with teammates, controlled rebounds, passed down the court, shot basketsg together with his teammates, scored basketball victories for nicolet. sue kratze two years pep club president, sold shakeroos, student directories, game tickets, cheered the teain at home and away, channeled the spirit of the school. lee kressin g found challenge in table tennis, entered a tournament, worked his way up through a series of tense games, won his place as the fourth best, and received a medal to honor his playing. barbara laatsch took charge of paper subscriptions, took charge of seeing who got which issue when, took charge as circulation manager of our school paper. IO7 senior class sue ladwig joined f.b.l.a. for its business world atmosphere and business experience, for its travel and conventions, and gained her goals of experience and fun. bob langlitz had one eye on the future and on his prospective job when he took architectural drafting. the class which held his interest, the class, for him, most worthwhile. t0lh laupp a member of both cross country and track, participated in the races, the shot put, the discus throw. gaining points at meets, gaining points for nicolet. niall laux managed machines for all purposes, machines of all types- opaque, slide, and movie projectors, tape recorders, and record players- in service to the school. ida lutz enioyed the monologues of dickens. the film of safaris to africa, the discussions of safe driving habits, the explanation of the telephone and thought the assembly programs were interesting. fun, educational. jim malwitz competed, shooting baskets, getting rebounds, making passes 'playing basketball for pleasure, for the student-faculty game, for intramurals. phillis manders hanged her gavel for the representatives to lay a foundation. to erect a girls' sports club for nicolet. nancy martins held the oflice of president of home economics club, led her group in home management and interior decorating, in planning a patio party and designing centerpieces to learn future homemaking skills. cliane mastenbrook in f.b.I.a. found a professional atmosphere and professional skills while learning and enjoying the ways of future business, senior class barbara mayer a latin club member, enjoyed its activities, worked on committees. and acted as sybil, . predicting long life, happiness, wealth and fame for the people who came to the carnival booth. chuck mccaffery in dramatics found his interest, developed his interest by playing many roles in all school plays. lllafy l'l1CCEiI'lfCl' in prodding reporters for unfinished articles, counting precious missing inches, squeezing headlines in minute letter holes, edited the knight's page, led its growth, its development. otto mcveigh knows of pawns and castles and bishops and knights. knows the moves they can make and the powers they have, for last year he played , with the nicolet chess club. stephanie michel decked herself in gay greasy make-up Illld character COSIIHHCS to help portray three roles in three first knighter productions. tom miller displayed his interest in dramatics, in plays, in productions, in the lighting, costumes. props, and stage- all that is the theater. Connie moriarty with' you-rah-rahs for nicolet cheered for the blue and the white at home and away calling always to win, team, win! charlene neer as a senorita in spanish club, contributed to committees. enjoyed the parties, while Ending the color and charm of mexico and spain. senior class jack nissen in testing loudspeakers. switching on lighting, A readying coat racks is a one-man stage crew for recreation affairs. john nygren vaulted high with a pole in hands flying high to clear the bar oft-times landing roughly amid the chips, oft-times measuring high to beat opponents vaulted high with a pole in hands for the track team of nicolet. karen olsen head typist for our school paper, typed, yes, but also wrote stories, ' corrected copy, helped bring order out of chaos, helped to meet the many deadlines. dick olyniec listened to, enjoyed, and bought records for our knight klubs. dances, and noon hours, as a member of the youth council music committee. jim gauls para ed in formations on the field, performed in concerts on the stage lending musical tones to musical compositions for the band of nicolet. tom perry an at lete of football, baseball, and track. served varsity club as its treasurer. jim pfeil in his junior and senior years was chosen to play on the all-star teams that challenged their elders, their advisors, their teacher., V in the faculty-student basketball games. jim podell worked on the shield staff interviewing. scheduling. writing, and rewriting to produce images in free verse. to add pages of pictures and words to our book betty polacheck yelling for all to go, to fight, and to win, cheered our team through football and basketball at games and assemblies. senior class IOTH POWCI' as a library aide, helped to classify, catalogue, process our books. helped to keep our library running smoothly and well. beverly pratt a charter member, the first secretary of modern music masters, installed otlicers at another school's initiation and played in nicolet's musical programs. ralph radtke churned waves. chopped water, challenged opponents. while on nicolet's swim team, and, in the process, perfected his breast stroke. sue ramsburg as exchange editor of the newspaper staff in charge of receiving papers from other schools and sending the knight's page to other schools, liked learning just how to put newspapers outa liked working with many students and teachers. jerry remy went out for football, smashing and blocking. plunging and tackling: played in many games: and earned his letter in football. susan rice wanting to draw a crowd to our games. wanting to promote a feeling of spirit, was the first president of pep club, the club she helped organize. lead, and promote. jack risch as a member of the senior all-stars, fought against outstanding competition. worked under extreme pressure, struggled against mighty odds. in the annual student-faculty game. judy robinson took an active part in home ec club's projects and learned a lot from the club's discussions as she acted as club secretary and learned the arts of homemaking. dick rogers spent his summers painting props and collecting costumes. bracing backdrops and studying scripts. worked in all the many sides of the gaiety and companionship of summer stock theater. senior class ted rose sketching, recopying, worked on the shield, and did its art work for two years. drawing, painting, he entered a statewide contest and won a top journal award. june runnoe with you-rah-rahs and yay-rah-teams cheered in her sophomore year on the Hrst squad at nicolet. cheered for the blue and the white. ronny sadoff pushed balls through a hoop in basketball. served balls over a net in volleyball, using team work and skill for boys' intramurals. jackie st. john found her fun, and recreation. in f.b.l.a., which kept her busy with many projects, kept her busy meeting new friends, while she learned of business and office work. alan saltzstein gave much of his time to the sports department by publicizing the news of its numerous games. he telephoned news to milwaukee's papers. wrote reports for community papers, and turned in accounts to our school paper as he followed our teams to all of their games. allen samson served on student council as vice-president and as executive board member. found his place to serve the school, receiving invaluable experience and leadership training in student government. dick scheerer memorized intricate football plays, followed them through on the lield. off tackle, end run, and full back draw, lighting through our victories and our defeats, struggling to clear the way to the elusive goal line. karen schmitt met many girls, made new friends, learned teamwork skills and team cooperation playing volleyball in intramurals. senior class barbara schott in various activities of the club of her choice found, in travel to conventions in committees for the carnival, for the valentine dance, a world of experience, a realm of enjoyment from f.b.l.a. peter schultz midst the blocks and tackles, passes and punts, carried the ball and smashed through the line for the varsity football team. bob schulz smashed into opposing players, outguessing strategies, following patterned maneuvers, as tackle on the football team. bill schurmann loved to paint, draw, sketch and developed his enjoyment of art while at nicolet. phil simon during swim meets raced, straining to wing talked, making friends of opponents: swam, well enough to qualify for three state meets swam, well enough to place in all three. wayne skowron last year, as the student director of the audio-visual aides, gave up his time to the various classes to run projectors, tape recorders, and record machines. donna sorensen worked'hard to make last year's prom a success. the co-chairman of the ticket committee, she helped design tickets, had them printed, and sold them: an member of the central committee, she helped choose a theme, helped nominate the queen. bill stehling swam, straining against the water, the opponents, the time, racing a little faster, a little smoother, racing to reach the finish to score more points for nicolet. john sullivan with a sprint, a take-off, a leap through the air, came down on his heels in a cloud of sand, to set the school broadjump record last year. 113 senior class pete talboys fought his battles with racquet and balls, served and returned, volleyed and smashed, winning games and his major letter, on nicolet's varsity tennis team. pat todd participated in the nicolet pep club, at games- pushing attendance, building spirit, supporting the team, and yelling herself hoarse for all sport affairs. tom wachs used his art ability on posters which told of school dances, plays, and games and in a contest in which he won the blue ribbon, first prize. donna wasberg a charter member of f.b.l.a.. this year was elected its secretary to handle minutes and correspondence and both years attended the state conventions to join in discussions and meet new friends. blythe weber represented spanish club on foreign language council, presided o'er the spanish club, planning, producing. acting, costuming an colorful program for all. alice Weidner produced the pages of the shield scribbling write-ups till weary hours, proofing mats of names and photos, leading her team through laughter, fights, and fun to puhlish our volumes of memories. darrell welke because of his talent and interest in music, his work and his playing in band, orchestra, and dance band received the honor of being chosen a member of tri-m and became its first vice-president. jim wells served game after exciting game of tennis and found pleasure in playing for the team, in playing for fun, in playing for a challenge. 14 senior class charlotte wezel midst the spirit of the crowd and the light of the team led the cheers to excite and encourage , ill football and basketball games of our school. don wibracht enjoyed sports as a spectator, as a participant, of basketball, of swimming, while at nicolet. mike winter going into a wind-up, delivered a pitch right over the plate to strike the man out in baseball, his favorite major sport. paul wolff knew the tension of waiting for the starting gun, the exhaustion of racing a mile-long course, the glory of winning track team points as one of the top runners in the mile event. bob wordell as a runner, as a jumper, on nicolet's track squad. highlighted his career by setting a school record, by being elected captain. with prestige and honor the seniors march on, march on and away from four short years of working together, of sharing good times, of enjoying close friendships, march on and away and into the future of college or service, marriage or career? they're marching away with finality now, i marching away through the wide open ,doors and closing them fast on a whole way of lifeg they're marching ahead with firm aspirations and opening the doors on a new phase of life. ww mwffcwem Q ,wgiik 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JJ by ,N F? ,, , '3 1- ,A - A-' X -f' J fi .mc 6-E? v QV MC -.1 Af: M ., ww Nl. , NS s.J x .N ,ff X M., ..,., x,-, R, A, -N ., V , ' ' - Q 0 6,6 4, D Nj-, 4- Y' 3 QF - 3:37 , Jr, f QQ 51 ,E x' k N- O.-U N? N - RZ J" i F i- l -Q zz?" A '-aL,' ,X sis s ' 4 Q :J 5, gf - . , Egg .N 4 P v sir ..-. ' 0, - KJ 'N V 5 nb sl ' Q' A . ,-,M HN- A- . , ..- -X ' H.-92 ,X - A ' "W , f NN Q 'Y' -, ., . N K - f ' ' -f I - . xx -'21, -E 'Qf - f - .sf -gf . - N. - -ww cf ' 'wa wp., - , mf 3 .. ., X sq, sa f V - N ., , 5-71 W, - .,9' ff , -ff 1 v - My-' .ff .... .. -gif 'NN Q V . A gf., My c, 5, -. , Q7 U51 ..-, " ' rj ' Z." ' 'I ,5..f WR" 4 , " ...4 s my V t N 1 ff-' .X jf - .fv .. . V ,-- 5 , - Q:-7 . J' --". 1 " - ,J X- , f --, ,,, x' ' k,,I 'Z-Q V. . 5 ff ' Wg ,?" ' --fm" .uf "' . - - w- 'V - 'XD-P" Li-. -73 O . 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Q s D A x X n Q - 1 ' - , X . 4 . l' xx ., ' b Dear Marylin, I am sure in the four years of your signing annuals, no one will ever get such a brain storm as I just got a few minutes ago. Since you were impolite enough not to save me at least two pages to elate to you our various, ,Q-XPERIEKPQCS, and I really mean VARIOUS. Therefore, I will type to make up for the space that was never granted to me. uChonz1e', you are a wonderful girl, but as far as being easy to get along with, I am dubious. I think than A I have fought with you when you d1dn't even know it, more than any other person I have ever met. To put it short, our riotous gripes we had with eachother were something that I'll always remember. Such things as, my walking up to you in the halls and getting the coldest shoulder ever given, and when I ask if anything is wrong, your reply is, 'who me Dick, me mad at you, oh no! Then you proceed to walk ten feet in fromt of me down the hall. Enough of that, I want to have room for the fun times we have had, and that is a lot of fun. Remember the time you kids dragged me out to the Fiesta. I was outnumbered and there was nothing that I could do about it! I will always remember the ballgames, BBG dance, Qwhich cost 82.757, George Dev e r e weetheart dance, Hawlian party, talks on t'mA qmahygglg --smashing games of tennis, and most of of , vmg g nothing. I hope that this summer we can go on having a lot of fun. Marylin, I will really miss you this next year and I hope we will be seeing eachother this next summer. Always stay the way you are, well organized, level headed C 3351 of the timel, -..A - ..--'l -0145-6 1.-Rav V 1,n1rQ V nk Q . 636 'zGe,Z.v4 ,42z4Zd4JaWw,L,A,L.Ac.J 2WJ.Q?f"'fMN,wMx?Nf,,QfA. 4,,9fvwM'4J j4'L A1HfnuVw fl12MfW" fWWMft3?ffw MMG rv fSf1fuf"dQRfWM,x'0LWJ49Jf'.1AfAff0f'-f . 4,,,M,gwZf01f0d'e"4""' i,,,,,,,,,,g,,L Swm ' z:4.w..s,Qw-f- 1"'7""""""7d o.:,,g,,Z-4-9 vQ,u-Ln fqfxlixiv I -4C510'T W i05"'J'J - fxibw QW 9 W N ff W QJMQW Mm X W mv SNw X y MGX ww Lf u A X - -- ' -- 7- -'W' ' 11 -15 , : V-g,:. .cF -1 ':.. .HSL a w '-. .,,5m. , .- ,1 ' ,. 1, if 1 - ., .. ' ,- ::--w.Z -I-, f ,1':f'g44gf'-3:g"m.:E'-'LLL'--rue-W 'Lv "- -' .'v.aL,f r':5-:Liz-f' ' 12- :Q Q.. .:.,,., ' - u. V -fr f?Ef'-af., . , .V -451. 'm:a:q..::'., n.-,q--'..p-.w.,:'. fu, A-.+..-gfqfgm-.-ngqge, 9351- YQ... 'Lusk ,rg up-.,5,5.w. --,.x.,1:+,n-, f 4 -mfg,---, .f MW-1-Q.-3. Jq-15.4 -- is- -V--b-H -- - f WK?1iC4i4ffw 4 mf? 537945545 Huff 2 gggc . .r1 5.4. X " ,. ? i 5555555 fif5i S sig? Qi if 3 gigxigwixg 33 ESQ ?i52?3 SSS? ii fmilfi 3 524 1 gag if 3 3 E352 if .353 . LS if la, fm. ce-:E am if, :Q - ,fw- ' Es.-. get sag: 513515. Qime E-if 527555. SEQ. E75 " P4175 ge? riff? L-:ir -.. . ,:.:.xe.4 ' L,-H-ff QZFL. :-.94 . 5-1:2 522 1f,L" 55 E hx? 31+ f if Er. 53.116 lfff Q' 'E A51 E v Liga' ' EERE-. E' .44 nga.: 5:.f5s.. I ,.-, 'Tier .925-I was 1225? Q :Wy ,GLSL ,-1 rx 1.5-. 4 fir. 1- Ffflk 'J-4 .,.,,. - ifiif I ...- ,mn '-NCQ: Qjggfi aw ,E - ' Mi? 'FEE' E, 1'f5"lAi 3:59 :isps E3 , - .11 5-mr: lf ' 'Az 31,1-S 43,515 -ft-S1 iz?-S -E153 1:-,QE zffvdsv 517525 -,H 5 , ,vez- :.'J5."- A Jgfet'

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