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I s 'A x I 5 4? . V' ev I 4 4. 4, .. .' . 1 i 1 l V x if V if-1is'+Zf9i'lfQ5f4?f'Vi',411 V1VffQ lf: 'A ' 4544, 44 . 'ff 2 3' 2 E J. 44 4. Vwf 1m"+T.'. 'V V VA ,V-VV-V . 1f'1f'2f7-TVAVZT' V V H' 'ffff PCVA wg, :Q-?'..fiZ5'4j5 2 V44 . 4,4 4 M-44 44 ,..-fA?Si44 W H 4- 4 4 '44 4 4. VV A A 1 I ' V-5' 3 A V. .' 4 , .4 , V' 4,4 44'fxTf'f'ii: 14'H'i-1'r'-"fVm4f!V'f1vfsf4P2'SV 'V figf5"?fIA5f FA if A AAT Mig' Q V A 4 I 'AA ff, M, GU 'Q -2 'J Q x -v, gp! ' V ff N V. 2 Dfxf V-'-, CI- 3' 7-'AQ F L9 + 5 , ' A V I I A w ,. L 5 , -..., 4 X :" 4. L, .Q U lu .gn-,C 5 Qi Pi -I 'NN 4 4 4 4 -,S V 4, z ,MQ i VV '1 ff xx ,cgiut F- 1 Q g shi! I gy! 4? ' V . - 5 :, :VV V X- QV CV , ,X .1 -K, V -I V 1 V , 4 4 , 4+ , Q-V V V ffvf Vs ff f VV is 5 49- :ffl xx lx V Q E -2 4 N,...,4.--.-.-.1......:S'?"f If J, 44 XSJXX xg 4 f 4 4 fx Vx, ,, Q 4 I , U Y? 1? 4 ,555 Q I I .D A4 !"BE+4 4 .' 43' Af , I 2- SV fa 'swff Ve C- ff V ' VV +A V 5fV 12' V -1:VVV'Nrn 3 3 -V I-tm QE U K A ff-U gk 2 f pi Z 95. 'rg jg 2, 42,44 4 E? H79 C40 P V Q fpggimb RX ,J "'+ 4 , Q U2 ' ,4 is fy al, U3 3 -T: J 'N A -2 E 4 ff fx! 3 5 X 'V Y fx V -3 5 3 Q V, ,V V 0 ,yi :V V4 V, ,. -f V -1.3 14 PM ff! 5 45' ig N 3 :Q Q 9 C xr- U vw 1 '3 'Q' , ' 9 . X Q4 Q' " m 4 14.1 gg 1 Q, '1 Q, LFP' 41 3' .. N f ,f - ff 19 I f fs 5 2- '33 9 1 V 3- fs 2. E W f' ' ' H Y f S 2 ' :V fr vw 4 ,f '4 - -- :Q 4 1 - 4 J ff' U 22 WC S: . 1 , Co ST, 2.14 ff V -Q :V Z -7 :44 2 '41 3 13 5- LM rj! ,J 9 3 QR 5 -.1 4. . 4444 44 W 44 V VHVVVVV 'f ' 39 X' A . 2 an U- "1 ' 93 1 W' V' T ' nv, V--ff frx - V 2 -- A V V I aw an Q OV ffff V .4 4444 44 , 2. . 4 V 4444,,n. ,.. V V U W 'Ea 5?-V, V o 3' V 1, E V V 4 44 .,,.,WVVVVV V ff . 5 1 . EE 3, ,NU E 5,2 , on fu 44444-34 NV-VVVVf'VVVVVT' px 4 if i Q? f "NX 4 V VV , A -V HM -'AA f -V r V A , VV-VV "MA VV cz Q 4:4 2. V 2: S V1 C V ef 3 V 4 VV 4 VV V 'f' ,, V .2 5 55 xp g 4 W, V ,f : V1 3- 2 X A '45, 32 9' ' X ' :xx f' i"f'V"'A V Cf K f ' V' ,f I :QV VU -,,,a,.fVV 'ww Y Gaia, V f - VVVVV' I V f .V Z: 'Q 3 'J V ' XXV K H ' ' . fi' u VV, o 2 3X 5 as' V 2 VV 434' I Av- 44 ,.f' Es X 4 Aw- KS. xxj 3 4 +' ', 3? ,X , V 2 2 If 0-1 Q 'NN ,' . .. I A -3 E u If 3- pk A- 'I 4 ,,.l , 4:5 I ix lAr4-,,.4W V+ V W4 Q4 G ex ,J VX gf v 3 , . E I x V 9 l:,L:j-3314.1 N IJ 44 X54 - 4 g Q Qx 4, - 4 , 44, 44 -1 5 . - Q + 4 . - V V .4 51, 3' AMI' 5 X! ,V "" gl L9 4 X .4 S 3 4 - 1, - 4 xnxx. " X 14 JJ f N V il!! x fi ff' E 'gi Va. -I X xxx X!! B. 3 4, -i V 4 4.14-,xx 54 11' X 'F' ,w-'Qi' i pf", J S-' K M4 41 4- 4 ll H I A . A I EJ 'LA' E' qu-'V F f N If I. 5 , Vi -Q-Lu, V 4f A M? 4 4 LJ: Ig. . I wg' If X O yi D. Q K. If i 1 . if 4 A 4 gf' ", -1- V .-4 ,J 1 I' "-N., cr 4 4 V 4--MJ 4 V 4 . Eg, 114 !fN, f' rg in L A il fx, E' VV . If If . ,V , 4 an UVA V V+ ff QQ A 'Q' V SJ QV Vf-1 VV ,af V VV .. . .f'ffV V jg 1 S3 .V-VV GX Q A V E ,fl 1 V V V V V f V' :A 4 4, 4 fy ! 2: 4, 4 i"'?- 'uf V 4 ' A Y ff If iff 4 x Q. ,V 45 VV A as ff -1 fx ,f - ' ' 'iff 4 um' ' -, I 5 ,V ' ' , -1 fn 4 fs iv w Jr 'P-gg 4 cv 'I' , 2 , V 5 if ,V 44 M N ! 3' X .V 'M gg V 4 U , 1 A i X, 2- 111 " 'A ' 'A' , NA ' A 4 ' " -' 7 V - S 4 Fx v7 'A 4 E V A AV Vx 3 Q V VV V , V I g J ii' ,X Q, - , V 2534? 57 I, Q? A1 4, g V41 V Of-X113 V74 44 44 K4 94 .4 , VV ,,. 4 44 V 4 , ' y"' + X X 'Q X f X- J V - Q 4 . V QV VV V N ff 6 Q V f VW 4 A XV wx 54 VVVVV 4 V V 4 zz V' ff' 5 4 X If .uf 4 C54 E V 4' ' 4 , V V UL L f'.,3f1'. V X ,V V, S V+' f , A QV V :r ' A N44 4 4 ,4 , VA VA 4 ' 4+-H A V 1 ,y 3 55- E '4 xxx 4 gf 4, ,ff 4V of 4 44,4 V Vs:-, 'Be f, 1 - - ,J ff- fi A 1 fVVV4,,, , 11 V ,, , 4V"', V ,V Z' A' I 4 , -QV " ' ,ff X V ,VV :fl 'J 2 V, V V x V4 44 VV- ,Q ,f -4 VV1qf+ ,V ,V .,-4 ,- V . H, ,f Q V, V .SJ 4 4 VV V . 4 1,3 4 ,f 5. 4 ., 1-, 'X If ft A ? 5 k ' V, . V-fygi ' "'7A J ,- VV 4 nu uf J ' V ' I ' " X 1 -1 3 ,4444.,..,1- 1 4 4 4 V V A 44 ' VH 4 V VV . A 4fiQTfV'i42T 7'-3 MNVVVVVAA y V 4+ ff A , V 5 fb x4 if 1 VV V 34 fa A A V V 4 EV X-'gig H,4.,.M--VV fm' 'AAW an V VA 4VV. ' V A 4 fx V ,V 4 VV V44V V 4 A Q 54 V' V44 V' 4 413'-VV-V 'AAAM X 1 f VV 'V ATVQM . '+V' V- ff V 041- VVV is-,VESA V4'4 V Q 44V4 oz ,,,.-,.,+V , 'V 2. Q- 4 DVV V if 'ff-f .V V ,V V 4 11,1 V ,V 4V V VVV 4 V ex ' ,...'-VV-'W 0. -3: V H -4 44 Vk. V V 4 V4 4' jVV V 1 VA-V 1 44V' 444 -V ,V 44V4 A 44449 4:15. VV44V, VV ,4VV .3 4, V fb- 4, gl V 2' 4 ,j 44 VV V,V, "4 -V 4 V 43 V 'x V , ,'v'1:,i4 V 4 f'1sP13-A2545 ,VV4 '1' V4 A 4,33 q4j-2, ' tx. ' 4-4g 44 A A 4 Qu 44 V A' V .4 ' QV .iv A V ,A.4 Vrff ,'-' ji? :.f?g4jg4gx .A V 4 , 4 A 4, .V'4 '444 4 V VVV ,V A V V 'VV , . VV'V V 1 V VVV4" 4 4 V ,, . A 'V f VV qf4:.4V V V 444V V .VVV4 f , -V 4 4.'4 Vi - V 4 - :Ver VN 4 , V- 4 V4 1 VVV:4eV , 4 I 4' 11 N TQ", V Q- 1' V 2 ff '4', V, 1 V44 15 4 l .A 4.V X 15:4 fA'VV . , 4'..' , pgs 4444434 4 A 54 4. 4'4V I A 4 ' V, 4 , '4,4V ff 4 4 ,14-4 444 S,44A4V"4 4',4V4 A' V AV VVV4 I ' -V,VQ 4 V 4 V 4V4V 4.44 4 , 44 V4 ,44- V- N 4V,4V .A ,VV4 A .'4444 V4 lhhv 4',4 V V 4 4 4V44 f 1 A' V " "'A ' 'VVV V' X. 4. V. 1 , .uf- ,, .,..Q.- 4 f g f 5 2 A Lfbu ala! M QQ img I fixlp ,. USS N CH OLSON IDD-9822 One of the world ,s largest and most modern destroyers, USS NICHOLSON was designed and built with the ability to strilce at foes und d h ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - er, over, an on t e surface of the ocean. The ship s primary mission is Anti-Submarine Warfare Honoring the memory of Hive family mem bers who distinguished themselves in Na val careers during the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War, NICHOLSON was constructed by Ingalls Shipbuilding Division, Litton Industries at Pascagoula, Mississippi and commissioned on May 13, 1979. NICHOLSON is the Twentieth of 31 SPR UANCE IDD-9632 class destroyers and the fourth ship to bear the name of NICHOLSON. This is the Hrst major class of surfa ce ship in the U.S. Navy to be powered by Gas Turbine engines. Four marinized versions of the same engine used in the DC-10 and C5A aircraft coupled with twin controllable reversible pitch propellers give NICHOL- SON a degree of maneuverability unique among large warships. This permits sustained speeds in excess of 30 knots. Fitted with a fully integrated weapons and sensor systems, NICHOLSON can operate independently or in company with amphibious or carrier task forces, carrying out a wide variety of missions. For Anti-Submarine Warfare, NICHOLSON is equipped with the sophisticated AN XSQS-53 Long Range Sonar. This submarine detection system is integrated with a digital computer complex called the "Na vy Tactical Data System". This sophisticated system generates Hring solutions for the Ships Anti-Su bmarine Rockets "ASR OC" and two triple-barrelled MK 32 Torpedo Tubes. NICHOLSON is also Htted with a landing platform and hangar facilities to support the Light Airborne M ulti-Purpose System Helicopter I LA MPS Q. With this versatile suite of short and long range weapons, NI CH OLSON is more than capable to react rapidly and effectively to any undersea threats. The NICHOLSON also carries NA TO Sea-Sparrow Anti-Air Missile System, Vulcan Phalanx Close In Weapons System, Harpoon Anti-Ship Cruise Missile System and two MK 45 Light Weight Five Inch Guns, all integrated by the Navy Tactical Da ta System. Aided by the MK 86 Digital Fire Control System, NICHOLSON is prepared for assignments in the secondary mission areas of shore bombardment, surface warfare action and anti-aircraft warfare. The ANXSPG-60 Fire Control Radar and the ANXSPQ-9 Surface Track-while-Scan Radar provide inputs to the Fire Control computers for subsequent target designa tion and weapons assignment. The NA TO Sea Sparrow system, along with the Vulcan Phalanx, two Five-Inch guns, the SLQ-32 Electronics Surveillance and super RBOC Launcher Systems provide N1 CH OLSON with an excellent missile defense capability. The Harpoon Anti-Ship Cruise Missile provides NICHOLSON with a powerful over-the-horizon capability. Although built for maximum combat effectiveness, crew comfort and habitability are an integral part of NICHOLSONB design. The berthing compartments are spacious, and the ship is equipped with many amenities not usually found in other destroyer classes. These include a Crew's Library, Lounge and Gymnasium. Automated weapons and engineering systems permit opera tion of the ship, the size ofa World War II Light Cruiser, by a reduced crew of a pproxima tely 20 Ofhcers and 320 crewmembers. N M ORIA COMMANDER JAMES MICHAEL LOPACINSKI UNITED STATES NAVY 1946-1986 COMMANDER James M. Lopacinski was a graduate of the United Sta tes Na val Academy, Class of 1966. Following his graduation and commissioning, Commander Lopacinski reported to the USS JOHN A. BOLE I DD- 755 2 serving as Gunnery Assistant and later as Weapons OfHcer. He attended the Na val Destroyer School with class 2 7 and in October 1969 reported to USS CHE VALIER CDD-8052 as the Operations OfHcer. After a tour with Commander Na val Advisory Group, Vietnam as the Staff Physchological Warfare Advisor, Commander Lopacinski assumed command of USS CREE KA TF-842 in August 1972i He then attended the United States Navy Post-Graduate School, where he received his Master of Science Degree, and the Na val War College Command and Staff Course. In July 1976, Commander Lopacinski was assigned to the Na val Military Personnel Command as a Computer Systems Analyst, and in May 1979 reported as the Executive Officer, USS PA UL IFF-10802. Commander Lopacinski was relieved 25 July 1986 in the Persian Gulf His subsequent assignment to the Na val Data Automation Command, Washington, D.C. was cut short because of his suddden and unexpected death in December 1986. COMMANDER JOHN PRESCOTT MORSE UNITED STATES NAVY Commander Morse is a 1970 graduate of Dartmouth College where he received his regular commission through the NR OTC Program. Following commissioning, Commander Morse served as the Gunnery Ofhcer and as a Deck OfHcer in USS CHICAGO CCG-1 lj. Assigned subsequently as Executive OfHcer in USS CA NON KPG-901, he participated in Coastal Operations in the contiguous wa ters of Vietnam and patrols of the Trust Territories in the PaciHc. After a brief assignment in 1973 as Assistant Operations Ofhcer for Commander, Coastal Squadron Three, Commander Morse served as Chief Engineer, USS DAMA TO I DD-8 71 j. He was assigned to the Na val War College in 1976, Hrst in the Center for Advanced Research and later as Aide and Executive Assistant to the President. In 1980, Commander Morse reported to Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group Eight where he served as Scheduler, Assistant Surface Operations Ofhcer, and Combat Systems OfHcer. His previous sea tour was as Executive OfHcer, USS SPR UANCE IDD-9632. Commander Morse received a masterfs degree in Financial Management from the Naval Post-Graduate School in December 1985. In addition to various unit awards and campaign ribbons, Commander Morse is authorized to wear the Bronze Star with Combat "V", the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Navy Commendation Medal. Commander Morse assumed command of USS NICHOLSON on 25 July 1986. LCDR WILLIAM D. UPDEGRAFF UNITED STATES NAVY Lieutenant Commander Updegraff is a 1971 graduate of Emory and Henry College. Enlisting in the Navy in January 1972, he was selected for OfHcers candidate School and received his commission in September 1972. Following commissioning, LCDR Updegraff served as Anti-Submarine Warfare OfHcer in USS BLA NDY IDD-9-432. Assigned subsequently as Combat Information Center OfHcer in USS PETERSON CDD-9692. In January 1979, he was Hrst assigned to Surface Warfare OfHcers School and later Department Head School. Upon completion, he was assigned as Combat Systems OfHcer in USS O'BA NNON I DD- 987j until August 1981. LCDR Updegraff was assigned then as Chief Engineer in USS WILLIAM V. PRA TT CDDG-441. In August 1983 he was assigned as Combat Systems Programs Director at Fleet and Mine Warfare Training Center, Charleston, SC until his assignment as Executive OfHcer in November 1985. Lieutenant Commander Updegraff is authorized to wear the following awards: Battle "E " I2 awardsj, Navy Expeditionary, National Defense, Sea Service 14 awardsj and the Marksman Pistol ribbon. 'ill' 01' exist x g!! O ,iv dll -- -4 ,-f'i.",?.f-E-'-'..-.5 1: , Migfft-Tfff J A li ,! s ,211 ,Z -it-x 'I' Lf Q x I DEPAR TMEN T HEADS ENGINEERING LT SCHELLER OPERATIONS COMBAT SYSTEMS LT WOOL WEBER LT SHANNON I SUPPLY NAVXADMIN LT ESCA NO ENS NEIRA WARDR OO ww Mwkw 'M-'I--.-,M 115-WF" ,ww If Z' Q45 xg, Q vr ix , Q4 km X V X Q ,Mm X, S ? ui I x X. 'NP ' f X, Q ' x if f 5 X x -,I .fax 'Y ,W A kv f f f fi ,, W ' K A W., Q I w W X Q Vw V? IM J K 1 X K ,, X yr Lg, K1 JZ! Q ,, ' -4, U fw, x ,W ,X M 23 'qjs 1 Y ng ., K T , f -X ,V W-ff ,I 6 S 3 Q f, Wwfxw X X K ,Z Q am f , Minky ae' x ivf"f"N, f KM .7 3 J K if 0, Wgxfixk-WN x5'ZwQAf7,+ X Www M Q S I wx wi, ,QA4f,N,,k Q, x Q ' 7 x M A 3 X I z S M 74 XSXNZ Q-Q, x x L f IQ, wx, " 'x,vf,f.ffs'QJ X ,vi V , ,W W sf 'g-Q fm.. 'Q-, 1 2 Q Q. W Q MX X fm-wi Mwwfqgq in if, W, v fx f wg ,K , was X x W X 5, .XX f x I - ,M 15,4 WSQSZQ ,, Asligi X7 X, . V fax x f xzxw ff,-an ,Q gf x S sf . Q -V W Qxfk f ,,3 wQ,6,x.x , , ,x H. f- My 4 QS f cg fx ggi V XZ' h f mx V S K Nfz,.gf2Axf 'x S,Q15N.', mf K X . i Q f ' " "W,INPXWwf fx NWT , " ff 4 , X. ,f A V Q N fl N rv I In X , ff, ,N ,f 4 A X , in WX x 'Sf ' Z 'M ix f - x 6 wf, vf on g ' :-X fx ,M 19, , x -'NW N ' S . W X ff 'MM 1 f 3, 4- v ' 14' 4 7 ' Mx 'Ci ' - . ' ' - - M -, A , 'www , wiv 1 1 wx fm , Q f' , "4 4 R 1 4 4 -N ,211 x',.,f AQ-f Y-jx K X , .Y ,lv-,,7lWR 'X-'fNTi.S," - .N 1 'Q . ,-Q QQ, sf KEEPING UP Q UAL S CI WS v , Q QI N. f-MEM, 4.7 4027 41 Qgfiff mf 'eff 'Sus "' 7' Www Nw Ms M MA .M 3+-MV 'WS 31591 Ax Q. ez -I 11 STOREY CAPTAIN LOPACINSKI The Challengef The Challenged SHOOTOU T AT NICHOLSON CORRAL ' H 'A -my Www. The 'Challenger Shoots First . . . , , , AND SECOND 'I2 WHO NOW COMES . . . THE CHALLEN GED Zf '51 if '1 WON? WE IL LE T YOU DECIDEU!! V W, ww, , ,AW M, W W The Commodores target The Captain 'S target 13 .N s f - x X 1 ,,.,w-N-nf-Q1 H 1119401 SHIPS SELF D FENSE FORCE W0 ULD YOU TR UST YO UR SHIP TO THESE PEOPLE? "The Nicholson "A" Team" Our Leader CMACS ISWj Campbellj W 7', f ' ' ff, , 'Y'T'f'N s K 3, ,Q N x df aux gb N, ,fx f-. Q. ,Q WN ff 2257 W W., M x, 'Z 4-1141 YO DAM RIGHTVII! 99 r 1 i , I-,. OPER TIONS DEPARTMENT f A Operations Department: The Opera tions Department performs the Command, Control and Communications functions in support of NICH OLSON 's missions. Under the DD-963 Organization, Operations Department also provides the deck Seamanship skills for anchoring, mooring and underway replenishments. Underway, opera tions personnel main- tain the AirfSurfacefSubsurface "PICTURE U with the use of radars and sensitive radio receivers which are used to detect, classify, and track airfsurfacefsubsurface contacts. 4 Opera tions Specialist K OS l: Radar provides the electronic eyes of the ship. It provides information on I the position of shipping and aircraft. It is also used for navigating in restricted visibility and during restricted maneuvering. Among the many OS duties are operating the N TDS consoles, interpreting the information gathered, and disseminating it to the Bridge and Weapons Control Sta tions. I Electronic Warfare Technician KEWL Electronic Warfare Technicians monitor and identify all electronic intercepts. The EW1s work closely with the OS 's and other Naval units to assist with i it correlating unknown contacts by detecting and evaluating electromagnetic transmissions. With their 'Lx - sophisticated equipment, E W's keep a close watch on the electronic environment. I Signalman fSM2: The execution of maneuvers at sea depends upon accurate and rapid communica- It tions. To this end Signalmen send and receive messages by flag hoist, semaphore and flashing light. X? Radioman fRM2.' The radiomen maintain and operate NICHOLSON's electronic communications E' , equipment. With this equipment the radiomen process hundreds of messages a day, keeping NICH- X-K OLSON supplied with information that will enable her to effectively support any Na val mission. Boatswain's Mate KBML The Boatswain's IBO 'sun 'sj Mates are the master seaman on board NICH- OLSON. They are experts in all facets of deck seamanship including mooring, anchoring, underway geplenishment, and towing. Among their many duties is the operation and maintenance of the ship's oats. i i Ci C C 9 7 5 V A . 1 oscs MEEKS, os2 WILSON, osi CIT- 2 RON, OS3 LAR- 1 N SON, OS3 CIN- A TRON, OS3 SAN- if W SEVAR0,0S3CAR- .2 .SRAM p. VALHO, OS3 DE- l Q MONS OS3 MAT A THEWS OS2 MAN GUM OS3 GUN TER OS3 PEL FREY OSI KEL 1. I T . ' ' W ' ar 9 ' ' t , . ff 4 s W 'f g ' YB ff mi s-f'.5?5 if ' P -'fwvxsif w - f q . a . N ako W 4 - S R L ER OS 3 JA C K W' we s soN os3 T , ' -3 A I OSCIA OS T' 1 i- ,-,fx Q , ' 'L ,fa Z, .Z Z 3 AJ W ff 1 e'QLs.Hs,.-,S ., .., 1 -.-: - - X 53 . v A 'T- X i ,,, , x VS. A X1 1 Y? W, .XX. , M7 I 1' , - - rf. fr , - I , ffy- R If X' 1 f ,,-, X N s 5 I ? V' A X I 3' ,sv , 4 A J A 660 97 SMSN WEAER, SMSN PE- TERSON, RM3 HINES, RM3 SOTO, RMCS DONA- HUE, SMI HANEEELD, RMSN DYER, SMSN MCKENNEY, RM2 SHOOK, SMSN YOUNG, RMSN BURGESS, RM3 PERRY, RMI DOCK- STEADER AND RM3 CARVER. j ON WATCH, PERSIAN GULF 6 7 BM2 L UCER O, BMI THA CKER, SN TA YL OR, SN FRENCH, SN FA- GA N, SN HERRIN, SN NORRIS, SN PIRIZ, BMI KEL- LEY, SN ANDER- SON, SN NA DEA U, SN SHERMAN, SN SIMPSON, SA HARRIS, SN BON- IOL, SA SPARKS, BM3 WIGGINS, BMC BROWNING, SN KL UKAS, BM3 MCLOYD, SN HO VEY, BM3 KAR- ENKE, SN HICKS, SA GORDON. SAK ISN'T THIS THE COOK'S JOB? k,X.k.x...... f- -....,,,-H.-N - his fa X ,,: Q 66 79 EW3 HICKSON, EWSN BRADDOCK, EWSN CHAM- PAGNE, EWC KEENAN, EW2 COOPER, EW2 CONKLIN, EW2 PELOQUIN. Y i f ,,,f my fy A-ww ,, A E E. W 3 'sa' hit 5 , ljtx N A r-' sM2 ENGELSON ON WA TCH BM2 DELA TORRE HARD AT WORK li "YES, I write your evals. 20 b V. "Is this the adventure part?" 1 X A. Ei W ,., i ., 1 if I SN HERRIN just hanging aroun OI Division at Muster "Who 's in charge? , 4340 W Z "Hotdogs, get your hotdogs here. " , Z 33 if' sf ,K Qffzrwxff EW2 Cooper, poolside Bahrain "What do you mean, I missed quarters?" "Innkeeper, more beer, A.S.A.P." "Ever try to explain something to an Engineer?" 3 Watering Steel Beach. 66 Come on Luciano, 10 Laps to go i CX FLIGHT OPERATIONS COMIDEAS TF OR 'S Finest, DESER T DUCK LOWCI' A Way CKneeIingj L to Rf D52 DEHOSSEN, HT2 RINGIER, SK3 CONNOR, HT3 HINMAN. fsfandmgy L to Rf STG3 CA GE, HT2 QUEEN, STG3 MUSCARELLO, HT2 PRESCOTT, HT2 MARTIN, HT3 HALL, HT3 CURRK EN1 ED- WARDS. H 1 'ln "You can't take the Gun Mount!" .,.,k,,,m-W1 WWW NICHOLSON'S full service station E GI EERI G DEPARTMENT Th ' ers ro el NICHOLSON to where she has to go and provide the hotel services Engineering Department: e engine p p ' . , to support the crew and equipment. Their duties are as diverse as producing 80 000 shaft horsepower to turn two large ' d ed manufacturing repair arts 'd ' h 1' f ' ht l d s with special lighting and providing emergency repair an amage control gm ing 6 Icoptefs to S3 6 mg siblleuffr e uipment all the wa y forward and aft IAnchor Lightsj and from the highest services The engineers are respon q . I point tAircraft Warning Lightsj to the deepest underwater projection ISonar Domegi Nqg11geSknows.the shgpbin depth as the engineers do. These responsibilities and many, many more keep NI CH OLSON SN urmng an urnmg . . . propellers, making fresh water from salt water, measuring wind direction an spe , q d d .D , Hull Technicians IHTJJ Many types of metals ha ve been brought together to build NICHOLSON. Steel and aluminum for structure, bronze for equipment, cooper and nickel for piping, brass for Httings, and monel for bolts and equipment. The H T's are experts at working with metal. Cutting, brazing, welding, plumbing are their daily chores. In addition, the HT has long been considered the Damage Control expert in the Na vy. They direct the efforts of the ship 's repair parties and emergency teams when any emergency such as Hre or flooding occurs. Machinery Repairman KMRL A rating manned by craftsman, the machinery repairman is best known for his ability to manufacture metal into repair parts for use by other work centers aboard Nicholson. Operating a lathe, he can cut, bend, shape, drill, and do all with unbelievable precision. He also has the ability to repair auxiliary machinery. Engineman QENQ: Nicholson has two boats, a captain 's gig and motor whale boa t, propelled by diesel engines. Although much of an engineman's formal training is spent studying diesel engines, the En 's spend little time working on diesel engines. Most of an engineman 's time is spent maintaining and repairing equipment that provides "hotel services". These services include air conditioning, refrigera- tion, fresh wa ter, hot water, galley and laundry support. They also maintain important systems such as steering gear and anchor windlass. if Electrician s Mate'fEML The electricians are responsible for the distribution of electrical power mm throughout the ship. Nicholson has hundreds of miles of electrical cable, countless motor, and wg controllers to be maintained by these man. There Is hardly a spa ce on the ship that doesn 't have a piece 3 of gear belonging to the electrician's mate. Interior Communications Electrician UCL The IC men operate and maintain electrical equipment which transmits information throughout the ship. This equipment includes shore telephones, sound- powered phones, ship 's announcing systems, alarms, dial telephones, electrically operated guages and indicators, and the gyrocompass that provides heading information and provides input to navigation and Hre control radars, the weapons systems computer and other vital systems. The TV Repair and Site TV operation also fall into their area of responsibility. In the area of TV Opera tion, they provided a great boost to morale during NICHOLSON's assignment to the Persian Gulf EN3 BRADSHA wg EN POIRIER and GSM2 JELL YMAN MUR PHY'S LA w.- "SHOR rf!.f1.f" g U u ,- Q QW 7 MR3 MARCHAND, HTFN CUNDIFF, HT3 RICHARD- SON, HT2 QUEEN, HTFN RUNION, HT2 PRESCOTT, HTI BUCHANAN, HT1 WASHINGTON, HT2 44 L, Gas Turbine S Vstems Technician Mechanical I GSM J: The GSM 'S are responsible for the maintenance d . an opera tion of the 4 LM250O Gas Turbine Engines and the 3 Allison 501 K I 7 Gas Turbine Genera tors. The LM2500,S are the ship's main propulsion units and are essential to NICHOLSON's ability to accomplish her mission. These men are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the numerous pieces of equipment associated with the opera tion Of NICH OLSON 'S two main engine rooms. Gas Turbine Systems Technician Electrical I GSE L The GSE's are responsible for the operation and maintenance Of the Ship'S automated propulsion control equipment and the ship's service power genera tion equipment and switchboards. Through the use of these engineering control and surveillance systems, the manning Of engineering spa ces is greatly reduced when compared to conventional CSteamj powered ships. ,Q --if R.- LTJG ATKINSON , 5 OSM2 HOPSON GSM3 A , I A -1, BETTS, FA BEAMAN 5 ' GSM3 SCOOCINS FA 7 ap, 4 v PERRY, GSM3 POSEY t,t,s,tt A 1 5 Z - , f SMITH. 6 6 7 7 I Y , y t 5 ' wma CMAQ HALL, HTFN HALL, MRFN CLARK, HTI BOWEN, HT2 MARTIN, HTFN CIPRIANI, HT2 CURRK HTC MALM- GREN. 66 77 Kneeling L to R GSE3 ANDERSON GSM3 RE MACLE, YN3 FOSTER GSM2 RAYBUCK EM3 SEARS, GSM2 JOHN ' 'R' STON, GSM2 Z SMITH f GSE2 JACOBS GSM3 DECKARD, Standing L to GSM2 HENRY GSE2 'EA A TWP SCHUENEMAN FN , ROBERTS, GSM2 OEL BRACHQI1 OSM1 CORRI VEA U, GSE2 JELLY MAN, GSMC WEST Standing Back Row GSE2 CARLSON, FN GART MAN and GSE2 K 66 77 EM2 CRUM, IC2 MONETTE, IC3 SMITH, EM3 PALACIO, EMI BROW, FN ENGLISH, EMC SEMMLER, ENS DA- VIS, IC3 SWAIN, IC3 BAR- TON, FN SUTTNER. GSE2 BARNETT ON WA TCH 32 K S VHIRL You connect the WHA TCHAMACALLIT to the . . . Nr 0' You want it Hxed when?? ,X P, Q , Now, on the count of three, we rush him. X 4 5 3 M7 Shucks, twern 't nuthin Z Z Z Z . . . Pick me!! x J .af , gin! 1 X X Whaddya mean, No L1b6I'fy?.' If this were my ship . . 34 ,, ,, , 2 , 942 is , 4 m f at ff Wm, , 2 Z: : This place is turning me into an animal" GUNNER Y 'f,, UVM, f 4W, Staging for VER TREP GMG3 DOUGLAS and SN TAYLOR stand ready on the 50 CAL. NA VAL GUNFIRE SUPPORT Anyone? NICHOLSON3 target, "The dreaded Killer Tomato!" 1' NICHOLSON takes her shot! The results, "ONE DEAD TOMA TO" 1llU""'l U-2 IT COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPAR TMEN T D : O f'tt d 'th f ll Automated Weapons and Sensor System, the Combat Systems Combat Systems epartmem l Hill F: vAlICl'1-1G1L.JSlON's highly successful Middle East Force I MEF 3-86 Q Deploy- Department played a crucial ro e uring a , I ment. The ship ls primary .tasking was to maintain and operate the Navy Tactical Data. Symnghlg gjgzvigjifgnk Data vital to U.S. operations in the Middle East. With a highly capable Weapons Suite, , ' p a ' Battle EfH'cienc able to provide AA W and AS U W defense against potentially hostile airfsurface craft. maximum y l NICH OLSON 's sophisticated combat arsenal included ASROC, Two Triple-barrelled MK 32 Torpedo Tubes and the T b t th air and surface threat, the ship is ANXSQS-53 Long Range Sonar for Anti-Submarine Warfare KASWQ. ocom a. e ' equipped with the NATO Sea Sparrow Anti-Air Missile, and 5 inch 54 Caliber Guns, all mtegratedby NTDS. NICHOLSON's success was a direct result of the joint effort of the following Combat Systems Technicians. Fire Controlman KFCJ: FC 's operated and maintained NICHOLSON's intricate missile systems, X 1 i gunnery systems, radars, computers and electronics systems. During the cruise, CSF division ensured maximum Combat Readiness against all AA W and AS U W threats. NICH OLSON 's superior select- ed exercise results in Gunnery and Missile shoots contributed to the ship 's top scores in the Battle EfHciency Competition. Gunners Mates KGMGJ' Gunners Mates kept NICHOLSON s Hve inch 54 Caliber gun systems operational during an arduous cruise. Additionally the GM G s organized a comprehensive small arms Q qualiHcation program to train the Ship s Security Forces. ASROC Gunners Mate KGMMJ: GMMS maintain and operate the Ships ASROC Launcher magazines and Rocket Thrown Torpedos. An integral part of NICHOLSON S ASW Team the Q GMM s conducted extensive handling evolutions and cross-trained to supplement the Sonar Watch Team. Sonar Technician fSTGl.' In addition to analyzing underwater data for operational use the STG s maintained all sonar equipment and auxiliaries at IOOZ operation during the cruise. The S Ts trained the ASW Attack Teams during the cruise and aggressively pursued all AS W contacts during transits. loading equipment. During MEF 3-86 the TMS manned mine sonar and security watches. X! , , , O Q 9 2 r O Q Torpedoman's Mate tTMJ.' The Torpedomen maintained and operated all torpedo launching and ,vat - fl! it Z. 'I V ' . f7Q Electronic Technician KETJ: The ETS repaired and tested NICHOLSON s Radio and Communica- tions equipment. Maintenance of communications ge zr md r'1d1rs contributed to preserving Combat MJ Readiness by improving communications, detection, .md rtporting .zbility l V Data Svstems Te h ' ' DSI' NIC ' " ' ' - C .UICIQIQ f . HOLSON s DS s rcmamcd constantly busy conducting tests and C, 4. repairs on electronic digital data systems and test equipment during thc entire MEF deployment. The t ships primary objective of maintaining the link was achicvcd because of the DS 's ability to keep 4 NTDS continually operative. OWO2 BBHLBR, ETI TUBRK, DSI BA- BYAK, BT3 GOD- FREK ET3 YABGBR, BT3 JARAMILLO, DS3 NUNN, ET3 WIL- LIAMS, DS3 TOWN- ,777-B ccC A 99 STG3 CAGE, TMI LYKES, STG2 FRANCE, TMSN SMITH, STG3 BENNETT, S TG3 FOYE, STG2 WOODS, STG3 JONES, TMSN WAG- NER, STGC LUKE, STG3 MUSCARELLO, STG2 MCLEAN, STG2 PEPPER, STG3 COPELAND, STG2 APGER, STG2 NESTER, TMI PA UL, GMTI MOLES, STGSN CIOFFI, STGI PO- LIKOFE STG2 WASHING- TON, GMT3 RAY, STG3 WALLIS, TM3 MCGHIE, GMT3 BOTHELO, STG2 SPENCER, STG3 COLIE, STG3 SULLIVAN, LT MC- HUGH, GMTC HUDNALL. I -4 'Z A ' 1 y sf . 1 ff WS:- SBND, DSC OSB URN, ET3 DULIN, DS3 BER- MUDEZ ET1 GRBSH- AM ETI BAKBLBR, ET2 THORN, BT3 MARTIN, ET3 BER G, BT2 PETERS. J .-1 , J' 5,19 xx A Q ,i ,L 5 W ,221 .Wm .T Q X -cr V X 75 ff W- GMG1 CARO, GMG3 WILLIAMS, ENS STEWART, GMGC CHAPMAN, GMG3 MCCORMICK, GMG3 DOUG- LAS, GMGC CONOVER, GMGSN HARMON. 35 if 'll-4. Q A 66CSF79 FC2 HARLESS, FCSN DA VIS, FC2 WALDROP, FCI WAT. SON, FC3 LEE-LANC, FCC I STA NTON, EC2 WEBER, FC2 ' I MEYER, FCI YANNUZZI, FC2 DEGRUY, EC2 KELSO, nl FC2 NOIRFALISE, LTJG ""' EEE, LONG, FC2 VENN, EC2 ZIM- MER, FC3 BRANCH, EC2 L BO WMA N, FC3 JOHNSON, I FCC MURRA Y. I ffil I II EIL lf' A fix 'r It U A ,ff A M QM S ' 9 "IS IT SAFE NOW?" , 14 "WHAT BUTTON DO I PUSH?" I GMGC CONOVER LOOKING FOR THE GROUND. 36 GMGC CHAPMAN, GMG3 DOUGLAS AND GMGSN HARMON. GMGI CARO GETTING INTO HIS WORK IJ' FCSA JONES, FC3 CARNEY and FCSA DA vis. FC3 KELSO, FC3 WALDROP, and I FC2 VENN. 5 is we iw M1 ' A ' . v a"'A ' F, un-firultif A f l 'vw FC2 FARMER, FCI WATSON and FC2 BOWMAN FCSA DA VIS, Doing the work while FC2 NOIRFALISE "Looking for Liberty" looks out for the Chief FC2 DEGRUY FCI YANNUZZI FCC SLYE 37 ET2 PETERS ' DS3 NUNN, DS3 BERMUDEZ and ET3 GODFREY DS1 BABYAK ET3 MARTIN V ET1 TUERK C FC2 TO WNSEND and D52 DEHOSSEN ET3 BERG ET3 JARAMILLO w GMT3 CRA WLE Y, "On Watch " STG2 NESTER, 66WOfk1'Hg?,7 S TG3 CA GE ET2 THORN FC2 FARMER E T3 YA EGER FC2 "ABDUL,' TOWNSEND f Nv 1 if FC3 BRANCH T A TIME UR CAKE f MACS CAMPBELL look on. Y 1 l 1 Commodore STOREY and OS3 CARIOSCIA cut the 4th of July cake as Captain LOPACINSKI, Lieutenant ESCANO and -'M 4 tk aw! W.-af ,W Happy Birthday, LT CALLAS an Y - 1 Captain MORSE gets a hand from the oldest CGSE2 BARNETTQ and the youngest KSTGSN Q ' CIOFFD in cutting the Navy's 211th Birthday 5 40 Cake. Wow W 46 M I ff K A wwlxxmivm. v.mW.c.w,,,4r-0-h K N K FL f1vzN6M.Ih'ZS'cf39AQ.':mv.h2: t Nm'W'm'W's""',:' , .wixwfs at .41 wmsm 7atmmfwf'1wt.g, A ww ,A RE -ENLIS TMEN TS JUNE 1986 OS3 BOLER C5 YRSj LT HOFFMAN PN1 HAND I2 YRSj LT HOFFMAN JULY 1986 GMT3 MILLICAN I4 YRSQ ENS STEWART AUGUST 1986 SGT2 GANTT K6 YRSQ LT MCHUGH FC3 HEITMEYER I6 YRSQ CWO2 DEHLER DS2 DEHOSSON C6 YRSQ CWO2 DEHLER QM1 SLOVACK I6 YRSQ CAPTAIN MORSE OS2 CARDEN I5 YRSj LTANDERSON HT3 PIERCEY K4 YRSQ LTJG DOBBS SM2 DOUBERLY I4 YRSj LCDR UPDEGRAFF SEPTEMBER 1986 FC2 TOWNSEND K6 YRSQ LT ANDERSON SH3 MCMURRAY K4 YRSQ ENS ROUSELL MSCKSSj AGUILAR I4 YRSj CAPTAIN MORSE OCTOBER 1986 GSE2 BARNETT I6 YRSQ CAPTAIN MORSE GSM2 GALLAGHER C4 YRSj CAPTAIN MORSE SK2 BROWN K4 YRSQ LT ESCANO NOVEMBER 1986 TM3 MCGHIE I6 YRSQ LT MCHUGH SM2 ENGELSON I4 YRSQ LTJG LONG YN3 HAMPTON C4 YRSQ LT HOFFMAN EN3 WARE C4 YRSj LTJG ATKINSON DECEMBER 1986 OM3 LEWIS K6 YRSQ LCDR UPDEGRAFF STG3 SPENCER I5 YRSj LT MCHUGH HT3 HINMAN I4 YRSQ LTJG DOBBS DK1 STRINGER I2 YRSQ LT CAUTHON EXTENSIONS OF 24 MONTHS OR GREATER EN1 BEA TTIE HTI BUCHANAN ET3 BERG DS3 NUNN COMMAND CAREER COUNSELOR: NCI TOM ROOKE Y WELL DONE!!! CL SUPPLY DEP R TME T Supply Department: The many functions of NI CH OLSON 's Supply Departmentnare categorized into material support ' f ' M t 'al Su ort functions relate to operational and maintenance requirements, while service and service unctions. a err pp n . , v functions enta,-1 operating facilities. Material Support functions include procurement, receipt, slgowage, issue, and accounting for all types of material in accordance with directives and in' quantities necessary or t. e operation of the shi . The service functions include the operation of the following facilities, GalleyfMessdecks, Shipls Store, Vending P Machines, Laundry, Barber Shop, and most important, the disbursmg of government funds, namely I PA YDA Yj , , . Ship Serviceman KSHJ: The goal of the ship 's servicemen is "Service to the Crew". Whether it 's clean laundry, a soda from the machine, a regulation haircut, or a quick shopping trip through the Shipla Store, the SH 's provide a few of life 's necessities and conveniences. Storekeeper fSK2: When any work center needs spare parts, technical items, special clothing and essential consummables they depend on the Storekeepers. By procuring, receiving and distributing these items, the SK 's make an important contribution toward keeping NICHOLSON "EVER READY". Disbursing Clerk KDKJ: Without a doubt, NlCHOLSON's crew has two favorite days a month, the I ' 15th and the 30th, which are paydays. On a business scale the Navy is comparable to the largest I " -' civilian enterprises, and by taking care of tra vel claims, allotments, per diem pa y, and a host of other things that affect our wallets, the DK 's indeed have a full time job. Mess Management Specialist KMSI: NICI-IOLSON,s Mess Specialists are responsible for providing R JX appealing, nourishing meals four times a day. This requires the efforts of ll cooks and fourteen A p messcooks. While underway in the gulf the cooks worked many long hours. A real favorite ofthe crew was the fantail cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the Hxin 's. The cookouts were a real morale booster and special thanks are in order to all involved for their extra effort . . . 66 77 MSI TAPOC, MS2 VIRENE, OSSN CINTRON, MS3 BAU- TISTA, ENFN KLINOWSKL SA WALL, MS2 WATTS, MS3 BAINES, QMSA WARE, RMSN TWITTYQ MS3 LONG- WELL, OSSN GIVENS, MSI KENNEDY, MS2 DA VIS, QMSA STECH, MSI TELFER, BMI KELLEY AND LT ES- CANO. ' AGCSI 77 SKSN SLOANE, SK3 MARKS SKC DEEN, SK2 D'ALIOSIO CANO 44 C6S3!S 97 m A ENS ROUSELL, LT ESCANO, DK3 ROSA- RIO, SH2 WILLOUGHBK SH3 APONTE, SH3 FIFER, SH3 MCMURRA Yand SHI POR- TER. I fm T H ,HWJ SKC DEEN trying to convince SNAP II that he used the right access code. 9 ! SK3 CONNER and LT ES- Rmb It SHI PORTER, MSI TELFER and SK3 MARKS wondering when DK3 ROSARIO, Of' Watch, SITRA AHChOrage this cruise will come to an end. 1 F Y 5 i , 11 ii A f M er N ? MS2 WATTS and MS2 VIRENE cooking the next meal. JUS! Sign On the dotted line and it's all yours. ' SK 1 MORENO doing Stock Checks. S112 WILLOUGHBY Working sea detail. R ,1 l N LIU "Why Yes, I am me Suppow DING oifvo, MSC AGUILAR d iv l i . 'i iz Z La SNA o WM. eparting. N YK, You want it When? MSC AGUILAR looking for his relief MS3 BA UTISTA, Wardroom Cooking 5 f '60 R COMMA D MASTER CHIEF " PNCMISWQ AL. TAYLOR UNITED STATES NAVY Hi. -5'-, . 'wg X U7 X , WM- 7 1 W' f f 455 , Q Z Rafi . fASSY wfmw ,, , faxes.- W f We YZ! .mv i LIBER TY Master Chief giving the impression of working fwfr S 51 f i A N Q f X R V A 435 4 QM, QS X Y X F Q QS S Y js X 1 p i f 2 s X gig?-' r nw v CXMC Modeling latest headwear 7iT!f MXC "HELL YEAH" TAYLOR ON f f W' ' ,Ly my " '- fy QQ, x , WW! V iw BM2 JA NSEN modeling the latest uniform change for BMOW's. W , OS3 CARIOSCIA ON WATCH QM3 LEWIS, "A real QM on Watch ll Tii di in ll xl Ll Q! ji 1 Y Y 1. 5 i if V, 5. L: T 1 I 1 i b a l 1E BM2 LUCERO, OM1 DALY, LT HOFFMAN and QM3 LEWIS. "NO L'Thjs W3SH,f taught at Supply School " 3 SIR, WERE NOT LOST. 2 .Z X, Z . 2 S-1 Z ll J na Z 2 5 SX ' -' -fi New v ff 5 2' Ng. STAT, K S Qgy Xxfgfazjf-Riff F N L W vw X - -. Q L -1 Rm! ' XCSXXWM zw x ff Q V . yqx S x XX QXN XSXQ w Y Jw X Q TX M N rxws f, X X XT . X fl mr xx Q M, N T, W- .hgh iqlyggww N 7 fm, ff ,T9Y,,x Q S S S xc , Sw , lxxm XS X i SANS f' P: Y N l Y R , I 6 VW W 'M f M M WW! WMWW ff' I W ' ,ff MW X W' W' ,fx ,ff ig ,ff f,,,fffi,,,- X M, X ff Q.,f'M f f WWW, f X If M ,,f Mfjflf W ,, ' 'f W WWMW W, X ff ,ff f f , ' ff MM' N ,wffpff I A f , .f ,lg My J , 'ff WWW ,M N., W, fwfiyw fl ,f ,M f f , Www ' f"""1ff" ff",-f,,w MM! M Q--"' Wffww Mfg fr' W! f ff f X 1 f 4 'M 1. F Q ' X wif V9 f y X W W Aww , V' X , - W M, ,fwfav ' MW, ,, un t MZ fy! zwf , v 3 0 -Mg! ww Q E I Q y I t 1 V x ,i A I! i ,I , 5 f 1 .A i I i F' D., 1 6 T f--. Na one A v GA TIONXADMINISTRA rio h "C t and Do s" Department. The safe navigation ofthe ship ig ' ' " t' D t nt:Thisiste as gm , , Vhiaihgengijzjiolrisihiiiziesogf tlfigailelgjrtment. There are also the admmistra tive ra tzngs that support the paper Na yy' il has to be distributed. The crew can ha ve medical complaints checked at sickcall. Navy and Ships Regulations 5 E5 99+ Q- Q1 Q Z EP -Q Q to 9- Q R ru -1 B ru rn ff- m P3 'S- 3 RT Q. nn :D rv T1 HSS! L It takes precise navigation to take NICH OLSON through a broad expanse of water and bring her back into port again. This is the job of the Quartermasters, and to accomplish it they use methods as old as the PYTHAGORIAN THEOREM in CELESTIAL NA VIGA TION and as modern as the computer. Yeoman QYNZ: OfHcial correspondence with government agencies, private industry, and individuals is an important part of the Navy. Letters, messages and records must be prepared to procure and use the personnel and materials to operate the ship. Paperwork keeps the record straight, and NICHOL- SON 's Yeoman deal with mountains of it every day. Personnelman QPNQ: Helping crewmembers stay aware of Na vy ratings, training, promotion require- ments, educational opportunities and beneHts is a huge task. Performing all these duties that relate to Personnel Administration is the job of the Personnelman. Postal Clerk fPC2.' NICHOLS ON is PC is one of our fa vorite crewmembers, since he is responsible for delivering letters and packages from loved ones. That in itself is a big responsibility, but he also has to deal with incoming and outgoing business mail. With the help of letter writers, PC is without a doubt the largest morale booster on board. Hospital Corpsman I HM J: NI CH OLSON 's corpsman are a professional team who are ready and able to deal with almost any emergency health-care need. It is also their job to inspect spaces for cleanliness, and to make sure food service personnel are healthy and clean. During extended periods at sea, the crew relies on the Corpsman for their good health. Master-at-Arms IMAX The Master-at-Arms are the ships "Police Forcen. They are charged with enforcing lalws and regulations that govern the military community and with investigating violations of flCMJ.Articles. They organize and train personnel assigned to police duties, and are instrumental in indoctrina ting new crewmembers. It is a 24 hour job to ensure security and NICH OLSON 's MA s are always ready to support good order and discipline. .CHFGCF COUHS610r I NC lg The Career Counselor is the ships link to the detailers of the 26 ratings on board NICHOLSON. ,The.Comma.nd Career Counselor is the Commanding Ofhcers retention program manager and in this capacity, he attempts to negotiate that "SPECIAL" set of orders. is so ' 3 4 Q . I, ie lunar Xi at YW' 'I 4- , X It ' A 'Y I2 5 I. I LCDR UPDEGRAFF, QM3 LEWIS, YN3 HARDK PNSN TUB- MAN, QMI DALY, YN3 HOLLOWA Y, MACS CAMPBELL, YN3 FOSTER, YN3 HAMPTON, HM3 SMITH, NCI ROO- KEK QM3 DE VINE, PNSN ELLIOT11 HM3 HODGES, EMCM JONES, PNCM TA Y- LOR, QM1 SLO YACK, PNI HA ND, PC3 CONLE Y, QMSA MA NSELL, YNC BROYLES, HMC COF- FEY and LT HOFF- MAN. E Boy, .am I Sorry I Stopped in. X X A Self-ra ted "4 " ENS NEIRA Prospective Department Head. I, 51 QM3 NADEAU SK3 MARKS, PNSN ELLIOTT 1 Q. 12 v 4 A, 'N 'QQ' My and QMSA WARE. QM! SLOVACK on the 50 cal VV , NNNI4 X : gx Wx WW! 7 Z 4 Z fgfl K FZ ' W J, f' fam? N 66 Q: CAND D SHOTS 0 N 'Z N 5 Q wx w S 59, Q6 I We 'iw Ki 982 RUNN NG CLUB During the cruise, the majority of the Ship's Company joined the NICHOLSON "982 RUNNING CL UBH. Daily, crew members jogged around the UI Level K 6 laps equal a milej and recorded their efforts. Several Club Members lost weight and increased their physical stamina, and 17 members of the crew completed 982 laps U 64 miles Q or more while NICHOLSON patrolled the Persian Gulf The following personnel completed 982 plus laps: DSC OSBURM LT MCH UGI-L IC3 TURLEK YN3 HARDK OS2 BLEVINS, MS2 DA VIS, RM3 SOTO, BM2 DELA TORRE, ETI - TUERK, OS3 LARSOM BMC BROWNING, OS2 PIRRL QM I SLOVACK, LTJG LONG, ET3 YAEGER, R M2 SHOOK and LT ANDERSON. .O :V N ' Y Ycerfs ,f Wf -47 1--N. 4 . ' A N f V - . .ff , gsliufi I Q f xx. ,L r CET. N 9 T. a li? Q ffl M i! ' 9 , ff ' ,sw .. sk, wi N s T T ns... ,4 JM- ...Nr .f ., , ,i5 me - ' f we +V 'V-8 It gh ,P , mf? 1, xiffx 11,44 aaa' V ' " f Q .,,, , 9 it Q, ww M, My if 3 E9 3 XX xx XX X X 2 The I 7 Honorary 982 Club Members sporting their 982 Running Club Shirts y t -." ,, , X , x TMA we 1 K . N '0 , 56 The top three Hnishers were: DSC OSBURN, LT MCHUGH and IC3 TURLEY. Each ran OVW 1,500 laps during the cruise. -A in MS2 DA vis, osz PIRRI, os2 BLE vrNs, ET3 YAEGER, rcs rurernx Bri TUERK, BM2 DELA roman, LT MCHUGH, LT ANDERSON, BMC BROWNING and Dsc osn URN. A 05 ua- Wi , wav" ,,, USS CHANDLER IDDG-9962 "READY TO BE RELIEVEDH . .,g W VZ' N- .... ,f Wf an 1 , A QW! A N X f, ff CW W' k ' -L ,up-w ,:"""' HUP M..-Q V"!'T,WzsX,y ffm, ' K ,W !f,W,, , fr! ww W Wf' K I 94 W K M4i"i,".2' WWW .,,. M - . ,, ,W ,yn-1, W ' A ' 4- W E aim Wy. "AWfC.xf - f f f'p:g?i.v2h,41'f.' , '- . W' f , f f wf 'Q CHA GE UF COM 25 July 1986 Commander LOPACINSKI, parting Remarks Captain MORSE, Frocks Commander LOPA CINSKI to Full Captam, Reading of the Orders Commander MORSE prepares to take the Conn. .T, Captain MORSE In Command N CHOLSON TALENT SHOW CO-HOSTED By LT CALLAS 1un1-u-cn.. PICKIN, Country style with OSSN JAMISON, ENI EDWARDS, LTJG DOBBS, ETI TUERK, HT1 BOWEN and HT2 QUEEN. SN MAGEE and his SAX F i ' l Z , i BM3 WIGGINS frying Our. A DSI BABYAK and ENS ROUSELL W HPUTTIN, ON THE HITS." fi YL, lil? a 59 Hlgh Power JAMMIN with ET3 BERG, OS3 THOMPSON, OS2 LUCIANO, HM3 OS3 LARSON "Where did I SMITH and OSSN JAMISON. gO Wf0I7g7" ETI TUERK and SMSN PETERSON BABS and DOC .il ,muh The Morning after. RAPPIN with FN ENGLISH, OS2 JACKSON, TM3 MA YO, MRFN WASHINGTON A and EN3 DUNN. MS2 VIRENE and ET3 JARAMILLO 'AND THE WINNERS ARE CP? W 1 1 I LT HOFFMAN and HM3 SMITH I 3 S ETI TUERK's drum SOLO Special THANKS to LT CAL- f LAS, DSI BABYAK, RMI DOCKSTEADER, QMI SLO- VACK and the First Class Mess I for sponsoring the show. i i 1 J 'T 4 I i i L sooo ,TMJ BERT CALL ON TLU5 BARGE Wx a, gy 4' l:?lxgX,,. , unnvy, f NE 4 V 5 f vm ,W,..'4, ,, Q i 0 f , f I Z 'Ti 'ix Tometimes it was necessary to ease the ftress of separa tion. STEEL BEACH PI CNI C f ..f ir'-I-,,,,. i S ry.- K T E f'fY??f'-fi-Q , f '- 5+-f '2:W:s-fw., -:Tai fi iilsff ,j likwff M f 5 we 3'5f3'E4'4 - 15:-an 73 Q:E5?fl:3 A :vm-' ""Q"6-.. y- th n A .1-f ' 1 vw: 1 ?-' .X-V ,K X5 ' " LQ ' 31 . 4- " ' li, ' . n 'Q 'zfn I , I 'en Ox I . ar, A V 4 'flfgi E A! Q Q. .x 2 T L 7.51.41 , I ff 'r-F1 , II, - ,M . , 4 3 1 I, 1 1 'HU' 1 cr. ,i ., IH 'E 'T if gvlffzkg 'w j IJ' I 'I 'J 6 '- 971' i ,:- ' I if 4 if . it J' ,Y 1 , , '-"R I 1-V"' X .HJ II, at IIIQQ AA' : V 4 i I ,,....-.+-ww...M..w-ww L .1-4 1 , , X Y A . A wb.K,,..,,-,,,,,. W uw-M-N ,un ,NWI I ,,, .,,,, ,,, . N 4. , 1 " ' :"f41'.wfvfs1.wm ' - pf- f' - 'J ' m.+-.vmfa-ms " ' - Q 1 Z .vw , m'h.,..,-f..- , l . . ,,,- S Arm- A 11. 1 4ft,.,. . E i i W Q,,5,,g,,3Q,gg,,,,Q,,- ,mL.,,...,g,.,.,:, JQM., My fha: VA:.nm-.-.LL-::,-. , I .. 1 4' - - - 5 if . ,.. 3, J' I . X Ii . La .s z W I 5 0 i w Ig, ' u"'v' Q 3 H. V, K I 5 . num f , GOLD Anyone? R I ,gf J Q H3 ...Q A 1 gnu FC2 TOWNSEND 4 1 F0 J I -9 A Some ofthe . . . and H701-6 D , I LT's STUART and MCHUGH, The BLUES BROTHERS? LIBERTY HOUNDS: FN CUNDIFF, HT3 HALL and f ,,,.., HT3 PIERCY if E g 9 W iw f ghd W 1 , SW My A if 7 , f f XA? A I L E 2 E PEACEKEEPER ...Q s"""fu-LV 4 1 ,J- 41 xx my X X "N A ' NJZSQQQ' YRS ,H I r -r-f 2' Mn if: J 4 M 3: 11 Hia: 551355 X535 ,Es 74:14, fvffiifb 1155 5,23 :V ,1f1??f 3 -Q4 'Iv , f, .17 5 vi '. vi :rg X 'fi 4 ff V-.-, 1, v 'Z 21, 15" mi 1 , , :Z fi' 'K fi 1 iggw WP 59 l'7 15: , ,jf ff, 'fi' 'J W. ,E 1, ,g , 'I 1 1 1 1 ,V HMM! . fe' I 1 mm T57 1.-,My -.,,y . i' 5 , , A, .X Q! 1 , ,f J I m 1 , , g , W...- fi I i X ' . Maw' . . wig-M'-?Y 2a1wssf .5 :fr lx--1 1 - . FT ig 79' . ra .--,.,mm-H.. LIBER TY CALL . .V f A imizenmz' s ,v QW A , iifff' .gg '. Q ' ' T, ,rg MH my fm J , .,.f':. : . . , L, , , . 'f.,g:g,,,, .V W L , ,N fvnli W . ...- ,..,. ..'. , xww- www, ww :f uf--rw 1 fem 4: I Q--.T1 ,r 1 W 0, ,QM "N A V my 7"7fN-15, I , lg .. ff - + .W R, ' -Q2-L: -.,.f- nf- r., ,N A-f ' L- fu . 2-M' 'Xm- ff- lz ., - - - -1'- -1- U..-.f.,..N .., ...q.U.'.b-,,.,,,.- ,H . -- . .V . 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WA ,,..X .,,,,M.x. 1 I 0 ,W , X . f A-:1'.+., W NJN fb 2' ' :wg ,.i. V N J X 53 X ,, X 'Q XM" Z4 -1 - fw , X ,ix Z Z ,, A ,. fx, NIA az 4 X ' Q ' x, Q11 X f ff . ' N f, A , D 5 ww, C WMS v f I N A I , WK S, N A Vi.- XX I K .Q x. SWWK I M A - gm ? ' -, , lx A ,X X' UMW M ggtvj.,-"" X X iv X, xy wtf- Q wg " fix m f Qi? x S . I 3 ,X n f 1-lun, A, l '4 J Q - x V2 COMING HOME THE SEAS WERE CLEAR AND CALM 4 DECEMBER THE DAY AND THE WEATHER WAS CRISP AND SUN WAS OUT BRIGHT, WE'RE AT TWO CHARLIE AFTER ABSEN T HALF A YEAR. THREE HUNDRED OFFICERS AND MEN LOOKING THEIR BEST COMING HOME FROM A DEPLOYMEN T THAT TAXED THE VERY BEST ALL STANDING TOPSIDE, MANNING THE RAIL, WHEN ONE MAN POIN TED, AND NOTED WITH GLEE "COOPER RIVER BRIDGE IS RIGHT THERE, JUST WAITING FOR MEM. WE SLOWED TO MANE U VER THE RIVER UP AHEAD THE DISTANCE SEEMED ENDLESS, THE TUGS AWFULLY SLOW AS HEAR TS BEAT FASTER THAN ANYONE COULD EVER KNOW IT SEEMED AN ETERNITY BEFORE THE PIER CAME , IN SIGHT WE ALL LOOKED FOR LOVED ONES, WHO HAD BEEN HIDDEN FROM OUR SIGHT THE CROWD SEEMED ENDLESS, AS WE ALL STRAINED TO SEE JUST THOSE LOVED ONES WHO WAITED FOR ME. WE BER THED AT NOVEMBER, AND THE BOS'UN DID CALL "MOORED, SHIFT COLORS, I T'S OVER FOR US ALLD. THE BROW WENT DOWN AND THE CREW DID CHEER AS LOVED ONES AFTER LOVED ONES EMBRACED VERY DEAR. WITH HONEY I MISSED YOU AND GLAD YOU ARE HOME. WITH HEAR TACHES AND LONELINESS BEHIND US TODAK THE PRIDE AND THE LOVE WELLS DEEP INSIDE AS BOTH MEN AND WOMEN NOW ENDED, ITS NOW YOU AND ME. DEDICATED TO JEANNIE. MACSISWQ C.F CAMPBELL CELEBRATE WITH ME, THE DEPLOYMEN T IS 94 CREDITS CR UISE BOOK STAFF MACSISWI C.F CAMPBELL FCC IG. MURRAY DS3 M V N UNN TYPING COMPLETED BY YNCISWI A.G. BROYLES AND PN1 IA. HAND PHOTO CONTRIBUTIONS COMMA NDINO OFFICER ICDR MORSE J, MACSIS W2 CAMPBELL, OSMC IS W2 WEST ICQ JACOBS DS3 NUNN GSE3 ANDERSON OS3 LARSON AND MANY MANY MORE . . Q S TA TIS TI CS POUNDS OF BEEF: 3,670 POUNDS OF PORK: 5,470 POUNDS OF POULTRY: 6,313 POUNDS OF SEAFOOD: 4,651 POUNDS OF FRESH FRUIT: 13,448 PO PO F D : 1,0 4 POUNDS OF HAMBURGERS: 3,504 OR 18,688 SLIDERS DOZENS OF EGGS: 6,190 OR 74,280 EGGS GALLONS OF ICE CREAM: 839 GALLONS OF FRESH MILK: 5,497 CANS OF SODA: 170,175 QQ .35 EA I 559,651.25 REWED 370 OR ABOUT 57 800 CUPS UNDS OF FRESH VEGETABLES: 13,074 UNDS O HOT OGS 4 POUNDS OF COFFEE B : 1, - -, SALES IN THE SHIP'S STORE S123,461.05 MONEY SPENT IN VIDEO GAMES 12,000 QUARTERS OR 53,000 POUNDS OF LAUNDRY WASHED 108,000 HAIRCUTS ON BOARD 25,000 qw Q , x V A-f J- r X . X 1 K " xii Epiwg- K f K ff M M ,4 f ' ' f ff x is Q W 7QQ 7203 , 1 x x X Kxkk .X .X V msn, if 4 2 i V E X 4 1 ,fn ,X 0, f ,W i I v ,wg HM LLER IM 96 9 97 r 98 l I 1 n w I v 1 i . x H" ,I x ,,,.,. H Bfran Midi Nap, 1.1 Divliniyah ix Qi 1 QI! V' ix 'wsu-W ' ' 01,221 N'- Hm. , + 375 ,ff gf 1 ' V wif f' AS V A! Ma' f 7 1 Hun 1 aY1f' 1 5-.ffl X1 384 FK Makhfar ai Takhinido ulban Layyah ', ,JV 240 Khir W! xl aqbabfi 'Q' Ahrnadi .. Sa ud h.f1,xdoon Khaiji ff'f'.MHPif1I1 . X X 4 +503 .1 354+ 6 X T R Tufaba 3, . N T 3934?,ASN L S ai Q 5 ' ,130 'ff Safaniya Y ,gf or f 4 ' fl A Xxx ff! Nuqayro Ai, . f A 532 + ' fi Manx a Kgxrgn ,un X 'V l ' , X AY1WlY:gWU"5mahO'q ' Ng XXN5 gals 536173 E f , , , ' - H m 9 W b aho t -' a Q0 f Jana "jp pf. A V anNU ATTN 2' QDAzm A '.f 'Xbu f. .. , . , V. ' in fi Q A W v7 ! . L 408+ M A Bern 1 bafah ., 7' V X 'lf' A Fadhm Jubayi fd: onmah 1 ' ' . .-Z , ' sax 'B R j M A l H ' ' q A xggwah M L V' 9539310333 - q X . oh Q a qaa Pnypoob I ,-- - V i- Q 509 Fazr H bqalq m y V. L . A- ' H I L h M ' A . A 'u , wabwa 6 ' 6 Jafar! If Y 376 if 039 N-5"-.. 'Q,' f'l gffQii,f Bfishawaaho ' 3 L , A x.,L' Y , ' N 4',,-X -K-U fx! 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