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' .1 A na .vw Y -..a-uq fr rf... -muah.-1 ..:,.Q-.e, Q I ,uv ' , , ,, . , , , , . , A -. , K ,.,.. -A .faq-A 2, f- ,..uf. M rf , ., , -. 1-. . .... .1 1..',..v, A-4 .3-N. fu.. .. .41-'fvf44.':"-,,."' ' ,.- 'v v1..' sn .- -' .. 41-f-gy it '1 f. - . - - '4 1 - 4 . -- ,- . v. . .' 57.1, , ,, If J- .VA h .umm - ,, ...I i, A AQQ 4 Am! A ,,A A , A N .awk 1 .Q Ax . ,- .A A AA .A :fp .A 3 ft AA H . . M, L4 A, 4,4,,. L. ., 14. - M , - . . .. .fh . - A W4 . Q A44-24 - ivy 5 K 1 6 1971 verdian nicnols' school buffalo, nevv york editors-in-chief: david Clarke david mindell business manager: paul trimper faculty advisors: steve Clem robin hogen ,AXE viii ,J ,- X P5126 "' M-ff 5:13- -.. J 131 "uv f fi . - K. . . 5. ... A xg-gtg f , t I I' tag., ..-' , fQrlTL. ' r 54 1? 'wa . 553-f ' lill, 'I 971 verdiam faculty, page 12 seniors, page 40 Liiicivirlassvs, pagv 80 activities, page 98 I I I . Q t Y ' 1" ' Q 1 h . I ,...- I 5 V Y-xg,-,1,,,,, .A , ,..:: L rl- '- 'V-Nz: :A -3, ,-. - -- .l'f:fmE,g.-559529-F '-'fn--- -"":a:'2 .. if -- , ,-Y - - -- ' ' ""' ' " . . I ' Q- gefsiw ' --M x . L- Vx:- 5?x ,Qi ' A , :fa--2 as . ..,.f.eaf'?.'s!+'r Aw' Q Hr' 'f'Qbv,Q.' . LL- 2 ' , fls 'V . ' . Q., 5 ' 5?iv.'7 . , 5?gQ,g,g,gfj ,g fa , Q., ,H -, A . 4 Qi59vB,5? 5 . R315 I fl I varsity 5 ports, page I 3-1 su l J-va rsily sports, pagv I58 acixfwlisi ng, pagc I7b dedication Man abandoned Nature and attended to the development of his mind. Mind rubbed against mind and produced knowledge, but as knowledge was not adequate to bring peace to the world, they re- sorted to cultural refinement and learning and scholarship. Cultural refinement destroyed the inner character of man and scholarship and learning sub- merged man's mind. From that time on, the people were per- plexed and confused and lost the way whereby they could recover their original nature and return to the original state. LAO TSE When gold and jade fill your hall You will not be able to keep them safe To be proud with wealth and honor ls to sow the seeds of one's downfall Retire when your work is done, Such is heaven's way. LAO TSE oldiers are vveapons of evil. They are not the Weapons ofthe gentle man. When the use of soldiers can not be helped The best policy is calm restraint. Even in victory there is no beauty, And who calls it beautiful ls one vvho delights in slaughter. He vvho delights in slaughter Will not succeed in his ambition to rule the vvorld. SUZUKI The Heaven and Earth join, And the sweet rain falls, Beyond the command of men, Yet evenly upon all. Then human civilisation arose and there vvere names. Since there vvere names, lt were well one knew where to stop. He vvho knovvs vvhere to stop May be exempt from danger. Tao in the world May be compared to rivers that run into the sea. LAC TSE 1 4 "lt is a beautiful river," he said to his Nature says fevv vvords: Companion. Hence it is that a squall lasts not a "Yes," said the ferryman, "it is a very vvhole morning. beautiful river. I love it above everything. A rainstorm continues not a vvhole day. l have often listened to it, gazed at it, Where do they come from? and I have always learned something From Nature. from it. Even Nature does not last long in its One can learn much from a river." utterances, HESSE Hovv much less should human beings? LAO TSE Futility of contention To yield is to be preserved whole. To be bent is to become straight. To be hollow is to be filled. To be tattered is to be renewed. To be in want is to possess. To have plenty is to be confused. LAO TSE f -P' .I 7 AL p5v 'wwe -.' I I -., ,, , Y In his dwelling, the Sage loves the earth, The descent beckons - ln his heart, he loves what is profound, as the ascent beckoned. I In his relations with others, he loves kindness, Memory is a kind ln his words, he loves sincerity, of accomplishment, In government, he loves peace, a sort of renewal , In business affairs, he loves ability, even In his actions, he loves choosing the right time. an initiation, since the spaces it opens are new placesi I It is because he does not contend inhabited by hordes That he is without reproach. heretofore unrealized, LAO TSE of new kinds- since their movements Q are toward new objectives I feven though formerly they were abandonedl. I WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS I I I 4 yu r -uv fx, r ,f , an. af ff" 'kv I Ni. pf ' If in 1 . ' nt tif. I 4' 55, JN. Igflfori qv -2- K ,g:g- Lf' , ...Ls V -.453 swf fini silk' Q ww WF 1. -1 . .J we wo- law" "'QB-WN Wi eval- Q' W -n , 'n rx lflo 1 1 i .. . ' ff , if ,j,,-. ' Q, . ia' gal" n ' " . 3, "' egg , H' M, I av" vu J '42- new nichols The purpose of this section is to discuss and expose those practices and programs which are new to Nichols. ln the future, when these progressions become status quo, this section will serve as a reminder that change can occur at Nichols, and that the students and administration should continue working together for the many changes that Nichols needs. New at Nichols are: . . . a second physics course for stu- dents who do not plan to major in a science at college . . . ...graphic arts and cinema courses to develop the students' talents in graphic design and photography. .. ...a flight ground school under the guidance of Mr. Hoff. .. ...a work program in which the students save the school some money by helping with the maintenance... . . . a light lunch program featuring mostly soup and sandwiches, for weight-conscience athletes and other disgruntled eaters . . . . . .several slightly co-ed senior classes . . .a series of Senior English mini-courses, ranging from existentialism to modern poetry. . . .. .optional study halls-the dining room has been opened to students as a place to relax. . . . . .a summer science project Cfor the third yearj to teach underprivileged students . . . . . . and a different marking system, with gradations of HH, H, HP, P, LP, F. These changes are not perfected reforms, but they are a step in the right direction. i 11 E ...Sl-f' , ,, WT ,,....""..:-f,,,,.. l v n w A -v-ff" ' in ---,-.,,.... Q9 46+ 6 'VCE' g1i..! r'v"j 0 ifiiiiff I X. , ,.- -f E 3' I-1 A A MAH .77 li i .. ffii WWQWW '46 J faculty and administration 1 QQ? MQ RX -f - l f 1 64 2, 'N - N M7541 ' , 3722 iigffiiiz-'stil 'I 5 ' . J, . ir 1 49 'Fl- miu ilil gp? if xi 5. 2 rm Ubi! Y iii? if 0 J if!! lui I board of trustees FIRST ROW D Bruce Merrifield, Ph.D., Garfield L. Miller, Jr., H. Ernest W. Oppenheimer, John A. Williams, Karr Parker Jr Louis L Berger Montgomery ll Edward N. Marlette, E. W. Dann Stevens, president, Jr., Russell A. Anderson, Dr. Robert J. Patterson John N Walsh Jr Charles W Tracy David J. Laub, Raymond H. Ewell, Ph.D. SECOND ABSENT: Charles H. Coley, lll, Dr. E. K. Fretwell Jr Ralph E Henrich ROW Richard O Hopkins, Robert S. Scheu, Thomas B. Healy, Jr., James In this era of increasingly rapid change, your Board of Trustees endeavors to work with our Headmaster and Faculty to keep Nichols in its established position of leadership in independent education. Faced with rising costs in a period of economic slowdown, the Board now faces new challenges in operating with a balanced budget while providing the outstanding educational opportunity for which Nichols is known. lt is our hope that with the continued and growing support of parents, alumni, and friends, we can enlarge our modest endowment to provide assistance in defraying the added costs of the increased diversity of the curriculum. Nichols faces all ofthe problems of 1970 living with optimism and enthusiasm and shares the successes and concerns of our students. We are justifiably proud of past accomplishments and are striving to continue to be responsive to new demands of current education and life styles. We are proud of the Class of 1971 and are appreciative of their leadership. As they continue their quest for knowledge, we are confident that their Nichols experience leaves them well prepared for the years ahead. 14 A alumni board of managers FIRST ROW: J. Micheal Duffett, Gordon Gannon, Jr., James M. Cranz, C, Russell Kelleran, Norman F. Ernst, Jr. ABSENT: John Fl. Bray. Harry ll,C. Victor Raiser, ll,president, Jack E. Mimmack, D.D.S.,vice president, M. Dent, Jr., Dwight D. Hopkins, William W. Irwin, Phillip R. Jacobs, David Fernow, Oliver F. Cabana, Jr., George H. Ostendorf. SECOND Stephen Kellogg, George C. Morris, Robert E. Rich, Philip T. Smith, ROW: William L. VanSchoonhoven, Richard K. Buerk, Charles A. Smith, James M. Wadsworth, Thomas E. Webb. D.D.S.. John W. Henrich, Cyrus S. Siegfried, Ill, Joel M. Levin, D.D.S., Nichols School has long been fortunate to have had an Alumni Association maintaining a high level of interest in the school. In the past several years, the participation of Nichols Alumni has not only increased in general terms, but also taken an important new directiong greater emphasis has been placed upon immediate needs of the school and its students. The Annual Giving Campaign has grown astoundingly in recent years and currently provides a significant source of unrestricted funds to Nichols. The expanded scholar- ship program is another example of the alumni of Nichols trying to strengthen the school, and to assist in meeting its educational responsibilities to the community. Accordingly, the Board of Managers will continue to work in the future and to preserve Nichols' position among the finest private secondary schools in the country. , 15 ' I 1 ' v I Ti L 3 D1 Q k:,,,'yg Q " ug: .. ,.., ,. , 1 6 I 3. .l alumni head master CHRISTOPHER WADSWORTH BA., M.A.T., M.A., Harvard To the Class of 1971: As l write my sentence or two for your Verdian two men are landing on the moon, on target, watched by millionsg countless other Americans are wandering the streets, lost, unnoticed by most. As we discussed our "alternate lunch" program this winter, thousands of others have gone without food. For everyone of you who have complained about too much work, there are hundreds who are in search of ajob. You are growing up in a confusing world-a different kind of "tough times" when healthy growth is constantly threatened by the hazards of affluence. You have been lucky to spend time at Nichols. I trust that during your years here you have gained some understanding of yourselves, the world you live in, and your responsibilities in that world. I hope we have encouraged you to be aware of the problems of your society and that we have helped you develop the competence and concern which will be essential in searching effectively for solutions to those problems. Working with you has been challenging and rewarding. Good luck to you in years ahead. 18 , associate headmaster During this past year, First and Second Formers, like their older brothers in the Upper School, have had more choice and more freedom in the use of spare time than ever before. Instead of going to formal study halls, they have scattered to empty classrooms or the chapel for individual study, group study, or casual rap sessions. CAccording to the Stentorian some new versions of indoor hockey have been invented also, to supplement marble bowling in the chapel pews.J There are still study halls at key times of day for the boys who prefer them or who seem to need them, but the significant trend has been toward a freer and more relaxed atmosphere. As net results, we have seen increasingly responsible behavior along with the lessening of pressure in the school day, we have seen boys talking together at some length who never had time to do so before, and we have seen pleasing academic progress accomplished with heightened interest and initiative. 19 PLINY H. HAYES, lll B. A., Yale . rg, , assistant headmasters lt is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arenag whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood who strives valiantlyg who errs and comes short again and again: who knows great enthusiasms, great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy causeg who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievementg and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. -attributed to Theodore Roosevelt G. FREDERICK ZELLER, JR. W. RICHARD OHLER, JR. B.A., Yale 1 DENNIS C. BROWN B.A. Baldwin-Wallaceg M.Ed., Buffalo I HENRY D. WATERS B.A. Dartmouth rf- F. 4 if , deans The dean system was created for the benefit of the students, hopefully creating a rapport between the student and his dean. The deans still fulfill their capacities as teachers, although their work loads have been decreased. This is a manifestation of the Nichols philosophy: "more individual attention." ttii l it silile llii t EDWARD A. wlLl.lAivls T M B.A.,Princeton 21 EDWIN H. ANDERSON, JR. B.A., Buffalo WILLIAM L. MORRIS B.A., University of Pennsylvania M.F.A. Iowa AUSTIN MCC. FOX, Chairman B.A., Uniong M.A., Harvard 22 english .. .is an attempt at communication . . . HOWARD L. PENNY B.S., University College at Buffalo WILLIAM W. SAYENGA MRS. WILLIAM I. SCHAPIRO B.A., Washington and Jefferson A.B., Mills 23 THEODORE W. ROUSSIN B.A., Bowdoin - ' 9115, i MICHAEL J. EKISS B.A., Bucknell University, M.A., Middlebury College ALBERT Fl. SUTTER, Chairman B.A., Buffalog M.A., Columbia STEPHEN C. CLEM B.A., Yale WILLIAM F. KIMBERLY B.A., Hobart PETER K. AMERSHADIAN B.A., Yale 25 language . . .isthetranslation of attempts to communicate JERRY KEARNEY GUY M. JOHNSON, JR. B.A., Princeton B.A., Dukeg M.A., Buffalo DAVID L. BARBER B.A., Hamilton Collegeg M.S. State University College at Buffalo 26 history . . .is the study of man's attempts at communication . . . GEORGE B. TRUSCOTT B.A., Trinity MILLARD SESSIONS, Chairman, B.A., Rochesterg M.A., Harvard EDWARD J. PAQUETTE B.S., Northwestern University 27 JAY A. TOBIN B.S., University of Colorado BRUCE Fi. FEIRING B.A., University of Minnesota ,ij gi Q .J DON E. COCKERILL, Co-Chairman B.S., Ohio Stateg M.S., Missouri 28 COLEMAN A. FELSER B.S., Cortland State Teachers College math . . .isthe communication of attempts. JAMES W. WALTZ, C0-Chairman WILLIAM R. SLATER B.A., BuffaI0 B.S., Lock Haven Stateg M.A., State University College at Buffalo 29 45' ia b a to Y 3 , fi iii. at V 155 1' . i 41- science . . .attempts to discover those things which ought to be communicated. . . GEORGE W. MICHALKO B.S., St. Bonaventure EDGAR E. ANDERSON, Chairman B.A., M.A., Columbia J 30 GEORGE M. MAYER Wiiliamsg M.S.T., New Hampshire PAUL A. SEAMANS B.A., Buffalo 5 1 1 gi ii iii , H. RICHARD MacKINDER B.S., Steven F. Austin University 31 HIT is an attempt at visual communication . . . CHARLES R. HOGEN, JR. B.A., Yale University -- -ti. mf----tr MRS. WILLIAM LEVIN B.A., American University MRS. CAROL G. BECCUE B.M., Denisong M.M. Northwestern P... CALVIN CABELL TENNIS B.A., B C L William and Mary B.D., Virginia Theological Seminary 33 shop MICHAEL G. O'CONNELL B.S., M.S., University College at Buffalo library MRS. EDWARD G. CART B.A. Smith athletics HAROLD N. GERARD B.Ed., Buffalo DAVID A. OCKERMAN B.S., Brockport State BILL LOWETH development lf a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. -Thoreau Since 1892, Nichols School has been tuning ears with a dedication that each student is an individual, measuring the beat of life in his own way. The Development Office and the Alumni Association congratulate the class of 1971, and urge each individual to continue stepping to the music he hears. We exist to help you become an active member of the Nichols family. Our job is to insure for future generations the educational preparation you received at Nichols. We shall seek support from our alumni, parents and friends for two primary causes. Financially, strong support will preserve the individualized education which Nichols offers. Spiritually, strong support is a sign of confidence vitally important to the dedicated faculty and staff. MRS. ERNEST BRIGGS 36 CHARLES HOFF MISS LORETTA SCHORK business Under the guidance of Mr. Hoff the Business Staff of the school deals with financial and maintenance matters. All bills, checks, statements and orders pass through this office for processing. Miss Schork and her assistant form an excellent team in keeping the financial data in top shape. Mrs. Peggy Byrne and her crew toil endlessly in order to appease the tactile desires of the student body. , 37 MRS. PEGGY BYRNE office l'm sorry your boy is sick. . . Mildred, do you think that you could get this out today. . . straighten that tie. . .Mrs. Coleman, where am I supposed to be . . . nerve center of school . . .WelI, Mrs. Eckley, first my mother didn't get 'me up, then the car broke down, then there was this accident . . .change for -a quarter. . . Virginia, how does the ll form stack up percentwise against the class of '49. . . huh. MRS. CHARLES P. coLEMAN MRS. LESTER E. ECKLEY MRS. LAUREN ANDRES -4u MRS. ANTHONY A. PAELLA 38 hip - JIM BROWN KEN CICCAFIELLI 39 BILL FEDCHAK maintenance "Tis the gardener who knows the earth's sweet dirt best." sf if 43 fd Gzfiwfwfm i? I' ' xiii Ex Q3 l W fx W fr.: Q , 3 E of 4 A ' '. -5 I A G43 fo 'ETS' I ' Q, - Ra-ME , 7 H .Y - - -5 fu f H X ' ,K -21 A mix 3,--psi'-l""' i 'K I I NKCHUZ? "pRxv?1'3S SCMQL EDUGITUN wk-M ., in seniors ,M , w if 4' W 'W , W -gy. A., , fm. - Kgqf 44 ,, iff mb 4' Mr 4 Y YV' uv- 42 I 2, if It 1 En Ll I 'Ax' 4 fi ,ai is JIM ADAMSON JOHN LANDSBERG Rising the earliest inhibitions are the Primary the morning still black Causes of Misunderstanding yet not at rest l think the snowfall gleams back That l will find what l want through my lone illuminated window pane For I am truly looking. Leaving, forgetting much I only hope meeting my friendly snow That when I find it tingling at its touch l know what it is. which served to show the frosty warmth l melting the ice of my drudgery l i 44 DENNIS DOBKIN The five most important words are "I am proud of you." The four most: "What is your opinion?" The three most: "lf you please." The two most: 1' "Thankyou." s 1 I , The least important word is: ee kmilixjiii. uln DAVE SCAMUFIRA Each step I takeg Each day I wait, The closer l comeg The farther away. That last bell seems to ring too late, And I must stay here more each day. 45 JIM HARKINS Hark. . . Football . . .Art Lastor. . .Avon Ub Subs. . .2nd, 3rd,4th. Free. . . "What's the word?" . . . "Who burned my pants?" . . . Hockey. . . "Hit the net, willya!" . . .Captain Action. ROS PARK While drowsing in my room, a snake entered and curled up in my open guitar case on the floor. l fell asleep. When I awoke, the snake had left and my D string was missing. Yet he left an apple which said, "There is no joy in Mudville." PETE DOLL To make the test? Anarchy at purest? Only a forest? Was ist es? C'est ce que Je desire. JIM ORLIN Our choicest plans have fallen through, our airiest castles tumbled over because of lines we neatly drew and later neatly stumbled over. -Piet Hein 47 LARRY GIORDANO A passing thought: That someday peace will be the prime postulate of world order and that man will soon learn that true progress can only be achieved through reason, amity, kindness, and most of all, understanding. QI guess it doesn't hurt to dream does it?j IGNACIO UFIIARTE Oh, raisones de mi vida, poesias desnudas, mias para siempre! 48 ,ps 4. '1 I NEIL MASTERS Be cool, you got it now. . . "but never forget you didn't always." I'm a bad dude. . . "don't let the sun catch you cryin." Racism and Racists. . . "up against the walI!" l go to . . . "did you ever feel like a bus token?" GIB HEDSTRONI As the American and Spaniard sat in the small cafe in the center of Madrid, and the American was bragging about how big and powerful his country was, the Spaniard replied by telling himg "Put on your white lace shirt, your little black shoes, and your pink tights, and go out and fight that bull like a man. DAVID MINDELL N x-Tun! J' IURBULI- BIBILE FUIBVLI. Cn!!!-E g A I1 A 0 o r ,Y 1- 4 i W,-4i'1r . g .Mm M A . Ml!!-I ,hvibxw , 1 --,-A-Cl' t' -s4w:s:i-39 "-.-11ij"f':5.f- ' ig'.i'I5N-' 4 i MIKE W0'-FSOHN when man determined to destroy n I himself he picked the was ' when 99d demded 10 'Went of snail and finding only why eVe'Vth"f'9 he took Om? smashed it into because breath bigger than a circustent and everything began 9, 9, Cummings 50 DAVID CLARKE MIKE ELMES He remarked: "l will be perfectly fair with you. l'll play you left handed." I felt hurt, for he was cross-eyed, freckled and had red hair, and I determined to teach him a lesson. He won first shot, ran out, took my half dollar, and all I got was the opportunity to chalk my cue. "lf you can play like that with your left hand, "I said, "l'd like to see you play with your right." "Couldn't play at alI," he said. "l'm left-handed." -Mark Twain , 51 BOB BARTON Great. . . Friz . . .peace. . . bazzoom I. . .Why?. . . not. . . Harvey. . .Chicago . . . smartpants. . .Z. . . rubber-legs. . . DAVID HOWARD "What's he doing with such floppy shoes? He makes them himself. That's no excuse! H 52 .,,- --G que .- ""m"- "H ' Jy- -or .Q Y., - f- Q... ,456 .,,1.i,. DAVE NOLLER Have you ever thought about the infinite distance of the universe? Try and you will realize just how far your mind can go. PAUL TRIMPER Now that we've survived all the get-togethers at Howard Johnson's after Janie's classes, the super sessions during Pete Kritzer's class f?J. all the roaming tigers in Don's Domain, the free periods instead of chemistry after St. Bona lost, we have survived, and we have life to look forward and back to. ALAN CRAIG The interest in classical music in our society is faltering. Major orchestras throughout the country are foundering for lack of financial support. A society as affluent as ours is in trouble when it will not support its performing artists. Be concerned. ANDY TOMARKEN seventh period free . . . creation ofan ugly duck. . .gushy Lucky Whip outside of Super Duper . . . Jack Webb smiled. . .the first oral surgeon in Israel. . .What's in the bag, Mike. . , new fountain at Joe's . . . Grelek, we're engaged. . . hand me a bromo . . . DAVE AQUILINA "This is my commandmentg Love one another, just as l love you. The greatest love a man can have for his friends is to give his life for them." John 15:12-13 55 BIP FEINE Try to attain what you lack. Don't look for outside help. You may only receive something simple But it will be your own. LARRY KLEIN In Love with . . . B.B. King. . . the News-Verdian-Prometheus room circuit . . . fall tennis. . .the Minotaur. . .my banjo. . .the girl next door . . . Harvard Square . . . guinea pigs . . . BRUCE DOBOZIN Roomer in the pit au regulaire . . . Ed's on weekends ...studious wiff the moon phases . . . here I come big city. . .l'm Going Home . . . festival spirit in my blood . . . seven day cynic. . .24 hour days ...gungy. . .waste no time. . . sleep is a drag. 56 ,Ii JAKE DANN H Yes, but what about the purple horse that fell off the merry-go-round. BOB MERRIFIELD . Do what you want to do, because your choice really only matters to you anyway. Live, and don't impress your life on others. They might not want it. If they . do, you won't need to force them. BOB HAYWARD l can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. DAVID FARMELO It is most important that each person discover who he is, and then be that person in order to make his contribution to the world . . . for each person's contribution is as unique as the person himself. -Philippians 4.13 TAD KRAMARCZYK As "Mr. Conservative-Republican," I have found a constant challenge in providing the opposition viewpoint amid a sea of liberalism, hoping that my efforts have caused some students to think at least once before accepting the "liberal" position. MALCOLM MacDONALD Once in the dark isaw returning with a smile a sailor dressed in white running into thin air he disappeared as the night spirit cried ooooooooo and my cape fluttered in the wind 59 JOHN GRIDLEY Eight years have passed. Where once I looked up, I now look down. Eight years in Nichols worrying about marks, ranks, and assignments. Now to college and four years more. Dead- lines for the News, water buckets for soccer, exchanges for the Council, Glee Club-arrive on time-all these are Nichols and will be of memory only. Live, experience, enjoy-the hours of high school are too short. The barrier is reached and passed, never will it return. Adios para siempre, adios. DAVID TALLEY Eight long years ago I came, who thought eight long years ago I would leave. Thank God ldid. 60 MIKE MARLETTE now l'm back unpacked Sidewalk and pigeon you look likea city but you feel like religion , to me T -Laura Nyro DOUG BEAN lf anything should put an end to This, I'm thinking the unborn would never miss What they had never had of vital bliss. . . Who would they be? The guild of social planners With the intention blazoned on their banners Of getting one more chance to change our manners? These anyway might think it was important That human history should not be shortened. 61 -Robert Frost RAY WEIL Infinite-1 J Without actual or conceivable bounds in magnitude, number, or durationg limitlessg measurelessg countlessg as, EULIS CATHY . . .for my people standing staring trying to fashion a better way from confusion from hypocrisy and misunder- standing, trying to fashion a world that will hold all the people, all the faces, all the adams and eves and their countless generations . . . -Margaret Walker . .we're gonna unite the world! infinite power. . . 62 PETER BRADY In woods where many rivers run Among the unbent hills And fields of our childhood Where rocks and rainbow mix in memory Although our fields were streets l see those myriad mornings rise When every living thing Casts its shadow on eternity , , EV 3 'asm BRUCE DUNLAP Baby Child as a man as a living grain of sand . . . Sitting on the ever changing shore, Greeting the sunrise. . . These two worlds crossed each other in front of me, when afterwards, Baby Child sipped a heartful of ocean . . . Spat out the waste and walked upon the New Day -Jimi Hendrix if MARK ROSS The euphoria is over. Standing alone The crutch of the eternal lie is cast away. The lights are dimmed. They rush by, and Yet still believing nothing, Since something has to die. BOB STFIAUBINGER The old man turned and saw and turned and wept for the face was young and the hand was cold. 64 MIKE KENNEDY lf you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds worth of distance run Yours is the Earth and Everything that's in it, And-which is more-you'll be a man, my son. -Rudyard Kipling CLINT BROWN We hold these truths to be sacred preservation of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. -Thomas Jefferson The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less. -Eldridge Cleaver Smile. 65 i BILL DILL What, me militant? No, just confused, excited, worried, cautious, cynical, sometimes humble, often s frustrated, seldom right. No, not militant, just young and black. DICK JACOBS lf I had my dream l would fill a hall and tell all the people tear down the wallsthat keep them from being part of it all cause they gotta get close to it all and all accept and be part of it all -Melanie 66 TOM SEAMANS Tom "the Rock, Little weed, Seamo," Seamans could be found "Pushing steel" in Ward's Gym in winter and "Pushing wood" of the chessboard in his free time. Tom was the only one who could outshovel Hercules in the Augean stables when writing term papers. JIM ALLEN Ahhhhhh, yes. I remember that name now. Yea, l say it on a poster in the hall a few times and on one or two of the articles in Prometheus. Yea, I rememberthat name, but who the hell was Jim Allen? GRAHAM SEARS Doesn't she ever tire out coming back to a smile or a frown on me like a governess, until l am put under the vigilance of Autumn. -unknown eff F lf PETE BILTEKOFF Living must contain happiness, for happiness furthers the society of man. Hostilities must be blown away, perhaps with a sneeze. Be friendly, for some day you too might meet a black brother, a chick, or four drunks on your train, who will ask you to play a kazoo for them. 68 AMBRUS ragra Fl!! X1 'Ei' , Q JAMES EVANS ADAMSON Gleaner 3, 4, Publicity 1, 2, 3, 45 Orientation 3, 45 Football 3, 43 Wrestling 3, Co-Captain 43 Track 3. Asst. Secretary of NSSC 3, Secretary 4, JAMES ROGER ALLEN Honors 13 Publicity 1, 2, 3, Co- Chairman 4, Prometheus 3, 43 Activities 43 Orientation 45 Assemblies 4, Proctor 45 Hockey 4, Manager JULIAN LAWRENCE AMBRUS, JR. Highest Honors 2, Honors 1, 33 Keating Chemistry Award 3, Political Discussion Group 35 Charities 1, 2, 3, - 4, Squash 3, 43 Tennis 3. ROBERT OLIVER BARTON, JR. Honors 2, 33 News Ed 2, 3, 4, Dance 3, 4, Paperback Bookstore 1, 2, Orientation 3, 43 Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4. DAVID CHARLES AQUILINA Honors 2, 33 Class President 25 Class Secretary 33 Dance 2, 3, 45 Publicity 3, 43 Orientation 3, 43 Paperback Bookstore 1, 2, 3, 43 Assemblies 4, Political Discussion Group 3, 4g Miguel Reys 2, 3, 4. PETER ALAN BILTEKOFF Dance 1, 2, 3. Chairman 43 Verdian Ad 13 Verdian Ed 43 Orientation 33 Green Key 43 Squash 4. DOUGLAS COMPTON BEAN Dance 1, 23 Verdian Ad 13 News Ad 3, Circulation Manager 43 Prometheus, 2, Associate Ed. 3, 43 Dance 1, 23 Charities 3, 43 Publicity 33 Glee Club 3, Vice-President 43 Nicholodeons 3, 4. PETER CLARK BRADY Charities 1, 2, 3, 4, Orientation 3, 4, Dance 1, 2, 3, 43 Verdian Ed 43 Soccer 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3, Captain 43 Lacrosse 2, 3, 4. CLINTON EGBEFIT BROWN News Ed 2, 3, Editor 43 Orientation 3.4, Political Discussion Group 2, 3, 43 Dance 1, 23 Charities 33 Assemblies 4. 4 EULIS MERLE CATHEY, JR. Class President 1, Secretary 23 Glee Club 3, Treasurer 43 Nicholodeons 3,4 Publicity 1, 43 Activities 33 Orientation 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4, Most Outstanding Player 33 Track 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. DAVID RODGER CLARKE Honors 1, Verdlan Ed 2, Photographic Editor 3, 4, Editor 45 News Ed 2, 35 Charities 1, 2, 35 Green Key 2, 35 Student Orientation 3, 4. ALAN ELLSWOFITH CFIAIG Merit Semi-Finalist 45 Glee Club 3,45 Publicity 3, 45 Paperback Bookstore 3, 45 Assemblies 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Lacrosse 4. JESSE CHASE DANN Charities 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Lacrosse 3, Captain DENNIS LEE DOBKIN Green Key 1, 2, 3, 45 Orientation 45 Charities 45 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. WILLIAM ELLIOTT DILL Radio Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 45 News Ed 1, 2, 3, 45 Gleaner 2, 3, 45 Orientation 35 Activities 1, 2, 3, Co- Chairman 45 Assemblies 3, Chairman 45 Proctor 3. ff? "E lg 95' Meds- - F 1f'i'..cTwa12 f"i an gg, 3,5 -ta if Hn. 3, L as ,f Jw T? - ,RH ,, , ,L , 1,-....t-, 5 HSM?" 1 V . V.,, Y M70 - -v,.s... I -A '-A essay-- BRUCE STEVEN DOBOZIN Honors 1, 23 Verdian Ad 23 News Ed 1, 2, 3, 43 Orientation 3,42 Football 3 PETER JAMES DOLL Honors 23 Dance 2, 3,41 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Nicholodeons 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Three Sport Varsity 3, 4. BRUCE EDWARD DUNLAP News Ed 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Publicity 2, Track 3, 4, Cross Country MICHAEL BOYER ELMES News Ed 43 Publicity 3, 43 Charities 1 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Lacrosse 3, 4 DAVID ALLEN FARMELO Honors 1, 2, 33 Merit Semi-Finalist 43 Asst. Secretary NSSC 13 Charities 1, 2, 3, 43 Orientation 3, 43 Dance 1, 4. JOHN HAINES GRIDLEY, JR. Class Treasurer 4 News Ed 2 3 Editor 4 Prometheus 4 Glee Club 1, 3, 45 Charities 3 Political Discussion Group 2 3 4 Dance 3 Debating 4 Assembly 4 Soccer Manager 2, 3, 4. AUGUST BAHR FEINE News Ad 1, 2, 3, Manager 45 Charities 1, 2, 3, Chairman 45 Orientation 3, 45 Football 2, 35 Hockey 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Three Sport Varsity 3. LAWRENCE FRANCIS GIORDANO Class Vice-President 45 Verdian Ed 1 25 News Ed 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, President 45 Nioholodeons 3, 45 Orientation 3, 45 Publicity 2, 3, Co- Chairman 45 Proctor 35 Football 35 Wrestling 3, 45 Baseball 3, Manager. ROBERT BENT HAYWARD, JR Prometheus 3, 45 Orientation 3, 45 Activities 2, 3, 45 Paperback Bookstore 2, 3, 45 Proctor 45 Publicity 15 Squash 3, 4. JAMES JOSEPH HARKINS, JR. 1 elei' Honors 25 Class Treasurer 35 Yale Award 2, Charities 3, 4, Orientation 3, Publicity 25 Dance 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, Captain 45 Hockey 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, Captain 45 Three Sport Varsity 3, 4. GILBERT STOCKTON HEDSTROM News Ed 4g Charities 1, 2, 3, 45 Orientation 3, 45 Dance 2, 43 Football 35 Hockey 4g Lacrosse 3, 4. RICHARD ROBLIN JACOBS Orientation 3, 43 Activities 1, 2, 3, Chairman 4, Basketball Asst. Manager 3. DAVID POWEL HOWARD Publicity 25 Cross Country 4. ' MICHAEL EUGENE KENNEDY Orientation 3, 45 Green Key 43 Dance 2 3, 43 Activities 1, 2, 3, 4. Q: LAWRENCE EDWARD KLEIN Radio Club 1, 2, President 3, 43 News Ed 3, 4, Prometheus 2, 3, Editor 43 Glee Club 3, 4, Orientation 3, 43 Political Discussion Group 2, 3, 43 Paperback Bookstore 1, 2, 35 Debating 33 Cross Country 1, 25 Basketball Manager 2, 3. f I 41 TAD MICHAEL KRAMARCZYK Honors 1, 2, 33 Harvard Club Award 33 Merit Semi-Finalist 43 Nat'l Spanish Award 23 News Ed 2, 3, 43 Political Discussion Group 2, 3, 43 Debating 43 Proctor 3, Chairman 43 Cross Country 2 Captain MVP3 4 Wrestling 3,41 Track1 2 3,4. PAUL MALCOLM MacDONALD Brown English Award 33 Verdian 33 News Ed 1, 2, 3, Editor 43 Gleaner 2, 3, Editor 43 Glee Club 1, 3, 43 Orientation 3, 43 Publicity 3, 43 Dramatics 1, 2, 3: Proctor 33 Green Key 43 Cross Country Manager 1. JOHN MICHAEL LANDSBERG Football 43 Wrestling Manager 4. NEIL GEORGE MASTERS Class Secretary 43 Butzer Award 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Nicholodeons 1, 2, 3, 43 Orientation 43 Activities 1, 2, 3, 43 Political Discussion Group 1, 2, 3, President 43 Debating Captain 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Publicity 23 Verdian Ad 13 Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Manager 43 Lacrosse 3, 4. MICHAEL JOHN MARLETTE Class Vice-President1, 2, 33 Verdian 1 2, Ad 23 News Ed 1, 2, Circulation Manager 3, Business Manager 43 Orientation 3, Chairman 43 Green Key 1, 2, 3, Co-Chairman 43 Dance 43 Squash 4: Soccer Manager 3. ROBERT MARSHALL MERRIFIELD Class President 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Charities 2, 33 Soccer 3, 43 Basketball 2, 33 Track 2. DAVID PAUL MINDELL Honors 2, 33 Verdian Ed 1, 2, 3, Editor 43 Dance 1, 2, 3, 43 News Ed 43 Green Key 43 Charities 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Nicholodeons 43 Publicity 23 Soccer 3, 43 MIP 43 Track 3, 4. JAMES BERGER ORLIN Honors 1, 2, 33 National Math Contest 2, 33 News Ed 3, 43 Orientation 3, 43 Political Discussion Group 3, 43 Charities 1, 2, 3, Co-Chairman 43 Football Statistician 2, 33 Basketball Statistician 2. lil 'lm DAVID CARL NOLLER Charities 1, 2, 3, 43 Orientation 43 Publicity 43 Paperback Bookstore 23 Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4. ROSWELL PARK News Ed 1, 2, 3, Editor 43 Verdian 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Orientation 3, 43 Dance 1, 2, 3, 43 Debating 3, 43 Proctor 33 Dramatics 3. 77 3 MARK ALEXANDER ROSS Charities 1, 2, 3, 43 Activities 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID ORESTES SCAMURRA Honors 1, 2, 33 Class Treasurer 23 Charities 1, 2, 31 Orientation 3, Tennis 1, 2, Captain 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, Captain 4, MVP 4, Hockey 2, 3, 45 Three Sport Varsity 2, 3, 4. f TOM MICHAEL SEAMANS Class President 33 Dudley Irwin Award 33 Orientation 3, Chairman 45 Publicity 3, 43 Paperback Bookstore 2, 3, 4: Proctor 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 4. GRAHAM MITCHELL SEARS Orientation 4, Activities 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, 45 Lacrosse 3, 4. ROBERT MCKENNA STRAUBINGER Activities 1, 2, 3, Co-Chairman 4g Dance 43 Assemblies 43 Green Key 4. DAVID GRANT TALLEY Orientation 3, 4g Paperback Bookstore 2, 3, Chairman 4, Charities 1, 2, 3. ANDREW JOHN TOMARKEN Honors 1, 2, 33 Class Treasurer 13 Paperback Bookstore 1, 2, 3, Chairman 43 Dance 23 Football 1, 2, 33 MIP 4. IGNACIO F. URIARTE Soccer 43 Track 4. PAUL DESMOND TRIMPER Verdian Ad 1, 2, Ad Manager 3, ' Business Manager 43 Glee Club 43 Charities 1, 23 Orientation 3, 43 Activities 1, 2, 3, 43 Proctor 33 Squash 43 Track 1, 2, MIP 3, Co-Captain 43 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 43 Three Sport Varsity 4. CLIFFORD GREGORY VOGELSANG Honors 1, 2, 33 Verdian Ed 1, 43 News I Ed 1, 2, 3, 43 Orientation 33 Assemblies 3 3, 43 Hockey 3, 43 Lacrosse 3, 4. I RAYMOND PHILIP WEIL, JR. Radio Club 1, 23 News Ad 1, 2, 33 Charities 2, 33 Orientation 33 Green Key 1, 2, 3, Co-Chairman 43 Activities 3, 43 Paperback Bookstore 3, 43 Dance 2, 33 Proctor 33 Hockey 33 Lacrosse 3, 4. MICHAEL DAVID WOLFSOHN Verdian Ad 23 Orientation 43 Green Key 1, 2, 3, Chairman 43 Dance 43 Squash Captain 4. '1 W MKMWLDS . QW , 25' Qf Z 69 12 fig X Z X N A f 1 572 wbuqqpn- 4qwg B Qiiifm gm ff+'5MS 1 Qfofm Xf WMBER ff Q ,fQf!f7'K2Q ""' if ig N Zix ZX? MW Q F07 1? I . F! if -fffli' XS, N ,F 1' xilx J Y I J K X X E17 1' '!'Y 5- I 's X , 'If-V 'aff Ng ' Z 1 1 2 X X 1217! I 'if 1.57. '73 V, ,7,.V. , underclassmen if ' 1 3 v , ' A I X97 A' I J 557, , , 'F Af' K '. 1 , .4 , ,X X . I 4 , '94 X fi , I " ' Q N X N XX l M' If U Qc X ' Q fx fa, 'lI1'fgg'Q" D f-9 Fw db ,Ra-I kg, ' in ff " ' N X igg? f O , w,h ffaxx Liv.- X X fifth form Cchanfingj K yrielle elation. Dave Roberts FIRST ROW: Peter Stanley, John Mineo, Dave Roberts, Rick Wad- sworth, Ted Walsh, Kevin Gaughan, Rich Lewis, Peter Santin, Ron Kill- inger, Tom Caufield, Russell Franklin, Horace Gioia. SECOND ROW: Chris Adams, John Lango, Skip Hammil, Steve Egri, Chuck Swane- kamp, Kevin Hurley, Jeff Reed, Rusty Collins, Bill Knodel, George Tritsch, Karl Hubbard, Mike Kmiecik, John Eaton. THIRD ROW: Bob Bredenberg, Bill Hanavan, Mark Weinfeld, Gene Schaeffer, Randy Car- lson, John Greenman, John Bardol, John Chudy, Skip Ferguson, George Hoffman, Dave Gruen, Arnie Dilaura. FOURTH ROW: John Greene, Bob Grieves, Rollie Hayes, Chuck Diefendorf, Howie Freed, Steve Egan, Hector Todd, Dave Peterson, Tim Finnegan, George Auffi- nger, Lou Cordia. ABSENT: Mark Kelley, Dirk VanScoonhoven, Maurice Yerkovich. "Dear friend whoever you are take this kiss Mike Kmiecik, Arnie DiLaura l "Which one ov da buttons?" "Oh, may the diablo twisk your seifety pin. " Arnie DiLaura John Chudy, Randy Carlson Cordia works out his absence schedule. Ted Walsh, Rich Lewis, Lou Cordia, Steve Egan 83 fourth form Chinese peasants preparing for monsoon. Paul Smith, Jeff Heckman, Steve Scott R ef K K in --:fn 221 iii FIRST ROW: Gogi Cohen, Peter Feldman, Bob Cecilia, Paul Lee, Rick Posmantur, Marc Reinhardt, Mitch Owen, Ken Anderson, Andy Wheeler, Lint Hengerer, Tom Donohue. SECOND ROW: Jon Reynolds, Kevin Doyle, Frank Evans, Dave Comerford, Kurt Ziemendorf, Carroll, Chris Vogelsang, Peter Scamurra, Peter Mimmack, Brad Hubbell, Doc Bagley. THIRD ROW: Rick Zeller, Jim Carlson, Tony Miller, Peter Butzer, Rick Kraetz, Gary Ogden, Larry Michel, Jim Renaldo, Marc Whitman, Phil Miller, Pat Lango, Steve Scott, Peter Gates. FOURTH ROW: Chip Wil- liams, Tim Hayes, Greg McNamara, Burke Breneman, Craig Huber, Rick Brodzik, John Lehman, Carter Frank, Billy Wadsworth, Peter Linder, Tim Maloney, Steve Metzger, Jay Waters. ABSENT: Phil Bean, Kevin Campbell, Jeff Heckman, John Jacob, Adie Jewitt, John Lenahan, Jeff May, Joe McGrier, Paul Noller, Billy Ott, Ted Pierce, Warren Schintzius, Paul Smith. if fff! Y I 5 Q' 2 fi' WF i as 'E 4 Oh the pane. Adie Jewett "Hold on Mr. Seamans-we'II have you out of there in a jiffy, " Bill Wadsworth N Miller and his performing quarter. Phil Miller, Rupert Quarter . and the tunnel should end up in the women's john. Joe McGrier, Gary Ogden l 85 "Boy, can't wait fill I'm a Senior." Randy Gridley, Tom Braun, Eliot Lazar . . . as if a phantom carressed me. . . Mr. Amershadian, Pat Shields "Look at this naked munchkin. " "lt's got my finger!" Ed Wick, Paul Ricotta Doug Swift, Penn Starke 86 i third form FIRST ROW: Eric Hahn, Henry Nicponski, George Sinks, Tom Frizzell, Tom Herrick, Tom Braun, Tod Jebb, Don Perese, Doug Hamill, Harold Hodges, Mark Liebman. SECOND ROW: Doug Hamilton, Randy Gridley, Dave Anthone, Mike Wilcove, Scott Williams, Brian Wilson, Adam Le- hotay, Greg Stevens, Jamie Oppenheimer, Bill Steck, Rick Hayden, John Adams. THIRD ROW: George Hawk, Steve Nesbitt, Jay Smith, Charles Holland, Vince Bargen, Gordie Gannon, Greg Leslie, Pat Shields, Doug Swift, Tom Cary, Penn Starke, Tim Paxson, Al Bellanca, Bob Hubbard, Bill Fanning. FOURTH ROW: Dick Melzer, Tim Shea, Joe Trimboli, Harold Lippes, Dennis Reilly, John Gabrieli, Don Beckstein, Tory Williams, Randy Omel, Dave Tokarczyk, Tim Burke, Jerry Przy- bilski, Tom Meyers, Bill Epes. FIFTH ROW: Doug Rait, Mark Ehrenreich, Willard Uncapher, Seth Crone, Bob Buckley, Ed Wick, Barney Walsh, David Mahoney, Harold Ginsberg, Peter Jones, Paul Ricotta, David Schopp, Dave Maghran, Dave Alfano, Doug Hopkins. ABSENT: Eliot La- zar, John Schapiro, Tim Seoord. Coach Ohler discusses pre-class strategy. Mr. Ohler, John Kennedy Moose at the waterhole. Moose Alexander Bill Newell, Tom Lynetl "CAdmiringlyj Beats that cachucha Flat. " 'Now you know its true in your hardup hearts. " Brett Greenky, Jack Clifford, Neil Goodman second form Blanda with two seconds left. . . John Giardino, Carl Yerkovich, Mike Haar KNEELING: Bob Spier, Mark Dower, John Froehlich, Dave Gates, John Kennedy, Tom Newell, Tim Dillon, Charles Masterson, Brett Greenky, John Cullen. FIRST ROW: Clint Ivins, Tom Lynett, Chris Gilbert, Brian Breneman, Hugh Siegner, Stuart Jones, George Hurley, John Egan, Pe- ter Crosby, Ken Freed, Mike Haar. SECOND ROW: Bill Huffman, Avery Knox, Tad Roach, Charles Gurney, Tom Collins, Vincent Moravec, Philip Barth, Brad Randaccio, Chris Scheu, Cam Brown, Paul Gaughan, Tim McClive, Clark Kent. THIRD ROW: John Viele, Dave Parker, William Wettlaufer, Carnac Mindell, Brian Anderson, Robert Wells, David Alex- ander, Martin McMahon, William Cromwell, Robert Anderson, Neil Fatin, Randy Fling, Richard Franklin. FOURTH ROW: Neil Goodman, Carl Yer- kovich, Harry Dent, Mark Stoveroff, Jim Levi, Laurie Littlewood, John Clifford, William Weiksnar, David Heath, Carl Goldfarb, John Giardino, Sam Galeota. ABSENT: William Newell. first form First-form po w-wo w. Gordy Sears, Ed Hoch, Jim Hettrick, Tom Adler, John Linder ,--rr FIRST ROW: David Wilcove, Robert Davidson, John Cortner, Brian Cromwell, Nelson Montgomery, Dave Anthony, James Hettrick, Carl To- doro, Charles Collura, Jerald Sultz, Tom Adler. SECOND ROW: Tom Hanavan, Brian Dillon, Benjamin Mann, Ben Loenthal, Phil Gates, Mark Moran, Jonathan Graff, Geoffrey Flickinger, Peter Klein, Benjamin Campbell, Bill Hopkins. THIRD ROW: Eugene Beltrami, Dave Lansky, Adam Cornelius, Keith Dunlap, Brian Maghran, David Harrod, Ed Hoch, Ronald Koch, Peter Rait, Doug Pfeiffer, Gordon Sears, Bob Murray, Stephen Lane. FOURTH ROW: Peter Cutler, George Hambleton, Robert Augsberger, Stephen Marlette, Tom Alfano, Revere Kinkel, Jeffrey Street, Band Man, Clint Brown, John Linder, Calvin Tennis, Arthur Hor- ton, Mike Dolan, Doug Doolittle, Peter Marlette. 90 i Ibrushed my teeth this morning. Dave Lansky, Dave Anthony, Peter Cutler, Jerry Sultz l Mr. Johnson 's good little boys. Brian Cromwell, Dave Harrod, Cam Brown "Look how intricately they build these notebooks." Mark Stovroff, Peter Klein "Sharpen his pillowscone, tap up his bier. " Mike Dolan, Peter Graves, Jim Koch, Carl Todoro, Doug Pfeiffer, Bruce Horton, Hip Kinkel 91 Mild-mannered students turned tough cyclists at 3:06. "Tuck up your sleeves and loosen your talktapes. " John Farmelo, Nicky Bakay David Adams "And we can slide it under Mr. Hayes' door." Harley Spiller, Jim Nolan l g "Let me out of here!" Klaus Helm, Harley Spiller, Jin Nolan, Dave Adams, Jim Dillan 92 J sixth grade FIRST ROW: Jim Dillon, Robert Morsberger, David Adams, Eric Hal- pern, Steven Yaffe, Doug Moog, John Dower, Kluas Helm, Don Dudley. SECOND ROW: Lewis Young, Rory Howard, John Moravec, Chris Ken- nedy, John Sikes, Grovy Potter, Matk Coley, Tim Alien, Nelson Bassett, Dudley Irwin, James Hurley. THIRD ROW: Bill Brock, James Horne John Farmelo, Manly lshwardas, Jim Nolan, John Loonsk, John Rogers, Andrew Foote, David Teach, Carl Henzelman, Robert Stuart, John Al- ker. FOURTH ROW: John Gardner, Jim Clifford, Nick Bakay, Kingman Bassett, Bruce Anderson, Robert Brown, Harley Spiller, DeWitt Ivins, Chris Gabrieli, John Mernam. ABSENT: David Street, David Hershey. fifth grade He lifts the Iifewand and the dumb speak. Donald Dudley FIRST ROW: Doug Jebb, Chris Crone, Mike Cloutien, Wilson Crone, Sean O'Conner, Pete De Rose, Deniz Perese, Tom Cullen, Steve Fox. SECOND ROW: Mike Reynolds, Charles Phillips, Hugh Russ, Whiting Tennis, David Stewart, Rich More, Eric Harrod, Bill Fitzhenry, Jeremy Clifford, Doug Batt, John Schutkeker. THIRD ROW: Jon Wilcove, Eric Hobbs, Bob Fryer, Doug Notman, Joe Alfano, Eric Rait, Steve Ambrus, Jeff Light, Tim Butzer, Andy Koren. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Barron, Ward Urban, Ed Johnston, Tom Flickenger, John Newell, Charles Hart, Wilson Crone, Noor Ali, Pele Dent, Mark Trammell, Jim Rachlin. ABSENT: George Binette, Tom Harper, Theodore Marks, Robert Seidenbetrg. "Aput the butfle, surd. " Mr. MacKinder, Joe Alfano "Bet you fippence, anythesious, there's no purgatory, are yous game? Doug Jebb, Doug Batt, Tom Flickenger, Eric Harrod Crone meticulously works on assignment. Bill Crone Four tests tomorrow means heavy bookbags. Bill Hart, Donald Notman 95 honors Vl FORM Highest Honors William Paul LaPiana Honors Max Becker, Ill Richard William Brouse, lll John William Buscaglia Trumbull Cary William George Gisel, Jr. David Alastair Lewis Paul Anthony Rutecki Allen Wesp Siegner, Jr. Peter Cline Warzel John MacLean Waters, ll Lorne Everd Weeks, lll Edward Michael Zablocki V FORM Julian Lawrence Ambrus, Jr. David Charles Aquilina Robert Oliver Barton, Jr. Alan Ellsworth Craig Bruce Edward Dunlap David Allen Farmelo David Powel Howard Tad Michael Kramarczyk David Paul Mindell James Berger Orlin David Orestes Scamurra Andrew Hohn Tomarken Clifford Gregory Vogelsang, Jr. IV FORM Honors Richard Andrew Carlson, Jr. Thomas Eugene Caulfield Horace Anthony Gioia, Jr. John Bingham Greenman William Francis Hanavan, ll George Milliard Hoffman Karl Winsor Hubbard Michael Anthony Kmiecik Jeffery Barcalo Reed Peter George Santin Eugene Hohn Schaefer Mark Neil Weinfeld III FORM Honors Kenneth Stuart Anderson Richard Frank Brodzik Robert Wilson Cecilia Harry David Cohen Carter James Frank Peter Allen Linder Laurence Alexander Michel Peter Craig Mim mack Richard Alan Posmantur, Jr. Marc Thomas Reinhardt Peter Vincent Scamurra Roy Stevens Il FORM Highest Honors Walter Seth Crone, Jr. John Harris Schapiro Honors John King Adams, Jr. Robert Sean Buckley Daneil Kenefick Fryer John David Elme'er Gabrieli Douglas Parker Hamilton Dwight Douglas Hopkins, Jr. William Thomas Jebb Eliot Stuart Lazar Randall Russ Omel James Walter Oppenheimer, Jr. Dogan Aydin Perese Douglas Samuel Rait George W. Sinks Michael Nelson Wilcove John Scott Williams Reginald Victor Williams, Ill IFORM Highest Honors Charles Blatchford Hecht Honors John Murray Clifford, Jr. Harry Mason Dent, lll Timothy Michael Dillon Neal Vincent Fatin, lll Carl Edward Goldfarb 96 Neil Michael Goodman David Montgomery Heath Avery Fabyan Knox Martin Henry McMahon George Graham Smith, Ill Robert Hodgson Spier William John Weiksnar 6th GRADE Honors David George Anthony Adam Edward Cornelius, Ill Brian Gordon Cromwell Brian David Dillon Jonathan Aaron Graff George Kautz Hambleton, Ill William Pratt Hopkins R. Philip Kinkel, ll Peter Steven Klein Bennett Young Lowenthal Douglas Franklin Pfeiffer Peter Niles Rait Calvin Cabell Tennis, lll 5th GRADE Highest Honors Douglas Bartlett Moog Honors John Leslie Alker Bruce Edwin Anderson Nelson Vanlnwagen Bassett Robert Howard Brown James Charles Clifford John Christopher Farmelo Andrew Shelley Foote Christophe Frater O. Gabrieli Eric Brian Halpern Klaus Frederick Helm Jaes Dana Horne Rory Hames Howard Michael Anthony Mayo Milton Grosvenor Potter, Ill Harley Judd Spiller Robert Bazley Stuart, Jr. David Owen Teach awards THE EDMUND PETRIE COTTLE, JR. AWARD for achievement, leadership, and influence based on character: WILLAIM PAUL LaPlANA THE FACULTY PRIZE for prominence in school ac- tivities other than athletics: DAVID ALASTAIR LEWIS THE HEADMASTER'S AWARD for outstanding con- tribution tothe school during the senior year: JOHN W. BUSCAGLIA PAUL A. RUTECKI THE McCARTHY AWARD to the senior who has shown outstanding growth during his years at Nich- ols: TRUMBULL CARY JAMES N. KAPLAN THE WILLIAMS CUP to the boy with a high scholas- tic standing and a Varsity letter: MAX BECKER, lll THE ALUMNI CUP to the boy who has shown promi- nence in athletics: EDWARD M. ZABLOCKI THE GEORGE KNIGHT HOUPT AWARD for profi- ciency in English literature: WILLIAM P. LaPlANA THE MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGE AWARD for excellence in a foreign language: WILLIAM P. LaPlANA ' THE HISTORY AWARD for excellence in history: WILLAIM P. LaPlANA THE TRACY TUTHILL AWARD for excellence in mathematics: MAX BECKER, III THE BALDWIN PHYSICS AWARD for excellence in physics: WILLIAM P. LaPlANA HIGHEST SCHOLASTIC AVERAGE IN THE UPPER SCHOOL: WILLIAM P. LaPIANA HIGHEST ON THE GENERAL INFORMATION TEST: WILLIAM LaPIANA THE DUDLEY M. IRWIN MEMORIAL AWARD to a junior for past performance and future promise: TOM M. SEAMANS THE HARVARD CLUB AWARD to a junior for high scholarship and good character: TAD M. KRAMARCZYK ' THE YALE AWARD to a sophomore for outstanding character and scholastic performance: JOHN B. GREENMAN HECTOR L. TODD THE BROWN UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATED ALUMNI AWARD to a junior for excellence in English liter- ature: P. MALCOLM MacDONALD THE ROBERT KEATING AWARD to a junior for ex- cellence in chemistry: JULIAN L. AMBRUS, JR. JUNIOR SCHOOL AWARDS for character and lead- ership. THE CHARLES KLEISER AWARD: TIMOTHY E. BURKE THE FIRST FORM AWARD: DAVID H. ALEXANDER I CHARLES B. HECHT THE SIXTH GRADE AWARD: CALVIN C. TENNIS, Ill THE FIFTH GRADE AWARD: BRUCE E. ANDERSON CUM LAUDE SOCIETY: MAX BECKER, III RICHARD WILLIAM BROUSE, Ill WILLIAM PAUL LaPIANA DAVID ALASTAIR LEWIS JOHN WILLIAM BUSCAGLIA EDWARD MACHEL ZABLOCKI PAUL ANTHONY RUTECKI ALLAN WESP SIEGNER, JR. JOHN MACLEAN WATERS, III PETER CLINE WARZEL D 0 L, 06 0 ,-fb g0f:fQ,wx0Q Eijxfx W X' ff if 4 if Q 4 X K W COFFEE Q5 3 f1 0 ' SW KW ?2f 5 EQ X , 5 ' 350511 'W PAPER man , Jie? ,EI WwiA - , Supg QQ u flfvp NW . xg I I Q 5173. I I 41 QW! X Am X f GLEE M 19 CLUQ "WZ rf' 45' , "-Tx . A N ew I. lb 7, 1 , "1 I' Ulu "' Q5 .HZ -vu H. 7 ff 55 5 lx ,, A I wwf j E Q55 activities QRITQ Qigiwimi fs X . is MZWW N og' if XX f 'L..x 1 . pox ' O ., y I lm X 4 0 , 1 i ' O . 1 5 f mi ,v ii 0 .a . . I 'i', auf-rvldwf' Vin' SITTING: Ftich Lewis, Jim Adamson, Larry Giordano, Bob Mer- mendorf, Ted Walsh, John Gabriela Dick Melzer Williard Unca rifield, Neil Masters, Kevin Gaughan. STANDING: Greg Stevens, pher. Doc Bagley, Peter Santin, Jon Reynolds, Frank Evans, Kurt Zie- student council The '71 NSSC became involved!! Through the Coordinating Committee, the council held a dress code discussion and a work program seminar. The body made an extremely progressive change when they managed to abolish study halls. The council's most popular decision was to buy a combination stereo record 8-track tape player and AM FM radio for the senior room. This year's council has surpassed the reputation of past councils. 224 if SI4 . . .the United Nations ain't really united The Organizations aren't really organized. When lwas a young man, I was led to believe that there were organizations to kill my snakes for me. l.E. the Church-l.E. the government-l.E. School. Butthen as I grew a little older, I learned that I had to kill 'em myself. Ftiki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone. Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone -Donovan "Money from the magazine sale? What money?" Bob Merrifield radio club The radio has enjoyed great success this year. Mr. Armes, the trustee of the school's station CWBZNKEJ, has given the Radio Club invaluable guidance. Under the leadership of Larry Klein and Mr. Armes, the membership has doubled, three men have earned their licenses, and one huge, iron antenna has been jabbed into the roof of Mitchell Hall. SITTING John Lango Larry Klein Bill Dill Ken Anderson STANDING Burke Breneman, Charles Holland, Mark Kelley, Randall Omel, pu bl ic i ty "What do you mean, your baby sister flushed the posterboard down the toilet." The publicity committee runs into hang-ups like this during the assigning of posters to advertise sports events and dances. With the organization of more groups such as wrestling Iacross, political discussion and intramural all-stars, more publicity posters have been demanded. To create a more efficient progressive committee, the chairman has instituted an assignment sheet to cut down on misspelled names, incorrect dates and non-existent places. fthe Dann Memorial Gym?J In fact we have eliminated all the hang-ups in poster productions except baby sisters and dogs. V -. ,inf jg 1 1 v J n 'mt Q . . SITTING: Jeff Reed, Tom Seamans, Larry Giordano, Jim John Lango Dave Aquilina ClintBrown Dave Noller Eulis Allen, Malcolm MacDonald, Bob Grieves. STANDING: Cathey,Allen Craig Greg Leslie Tim Finnegan Mike Elms 102 FIRST ROW: Allen Craig, Bob Hayward, Ray Weil, Dave Talley, nger, Bob Bredenburg, Eliot Lazar, Tim Buckley, Tom Herrick. Dave Aquilina, Tom Seamans, Steve Egan. SECOND ROW: Seth ABSENT: Andy Tomarken. Crone, John Chudy, Randy Carlson, Hector Todd, Judge Auffi- "Thaf will be 320. " paperback bookstore The main purpose of the Paperback Bookstore is to acquaint the students with a wide variety of reading material, Ably managed by Andy Tomarken and David Talley along with a host of hardy salesman, the store is able to turn over a profit to the school. Books ranging from isometric Exercises to Airport are available to the would be buyer. Inspite of the apparent lack of interest among the students, The store attempts to awaken the unintellectual and to aid the interested. 103 . . . Who knows butlam enjoying this?. . . Marlefte scans the competition Mike Marlette NEWS The Nichols News can hold its own with comparable school newspapers. Published seven times a year, it gives an accurate record of what is going on at school-perhaps more for the benefit of parents and alumni, who sometimes fail to hear it from their sons. Mr. Williams, the Nichols News advisor, is amenable to changes in format, style and content, so long as students stick to the principles of good, fundamental news coverage. Underclassmen are not excluded, although they are mostly confined to feature and sports articles. The News prints all the news that fits. :lr if bk Flecessions, depressions, depreciation, inflation, multiplication, and division were only small parts of the trouble the News business staff experienced this year. Although ably managed Mike Marlette and Bip Fiene, the News had considerable financial difficulty. This problem was blamed on the slowing economy, higher taxes, messy desks, bad lunches, and the new marking system Y Ros Park "Boy I really love this editorial! Clint Brown 104 FIRST ROW: Bill Dill, Larry Giordano, Jim Orlin, Greg Vogelsang, John Lehman, Barnum Walsh, Doug Rait. THIRD ROW: Doug Clint Brown, John Gridley, Ros Park, Malcolm MacDonald, Bruce Hopkins, Mike Elms, Peter Linder, Randall Omel, John Gabrieli, Dunlop, Larry Klein, Tad Kramarczyk. SECOND ROW: Greg Ste- Phil Bean. John Greenman, Bruce Dobozin, Rich Lewis, Rick vens, Todd Jebb, Eliot Lazar, George Hoffman, Ted Walsh, Kevin Kraetz, Pal Lango, John Schapiro. Gaughn, Bob Barton, Bob Grieves, John Lango, Jon Reynolds, ,, , , . . -,L ,f - --i -Q. , , Q L.. 154.15 SL - - V - V H W 1 . -V V ,,,, ,,., . , . .. .. A . . 1, , . , , K ,V , -4 ,,, - ., , .. it t f.,-f 1,,, 3 ., ,, . , , 1 S J f T T 1 ,,,,, is g ll - ff J- f 1 , , ,1 L -f f -1 l -' .. :ww 1 J- ff: ,L :T H 11, - if FIRST ROW: Mike Marlette, Greg Stevens, Gordie Gannon, Bip Feine, John Mineo, Seth Crone, Doug Bean. SECOND ROW: Mark Kelley, Pierre Pillar, Chris Vogelsang, Mark Ehrenreich. 105 H wg -1 5,1 ff Q Poet sits on floor. Jim Adamson gleaner Living vertically is such a bore, Darling barbarian, daughter of Icarus. . . lt's the plight Only of vestal virgin and suburbanite To live vertical and upright. -Andrei Voznesensky SPRAWLED: Jim Adamson Chappy tuesday, Jimj, John Lehman, Malcolm MacDonald, Bill Dill, Adie Jewitt, Bill Morris Qruler of cosmic permiationsj, Jon Reynolds. 106 FIRST ROW: Jim Allen, Doug Bean, Larry Klein, Chuck Swanekamp, Bob Hayward. SECOND ROW: Ken Anderson, Seth Crone, Gordie Gannon, John Gabrieli, John Gridley, Willard Uncapher. Give a scarecrow a bit ofstraw and he 's good for the whole day. Chuck Swanekamp prometheus Prometheus, the science journal, attempts to keep the school informed about scientific activity within Nichols and in the world at large. The Prometheus put out two issues this year, with articles ranging from "Statistical Decision Making" to "Old lndian Bones." The fact that the Prometheus sells well proves that there is a thriving scientific community at Nichols FIRST ROW: Al Craig, John Gridley, Neil Masters, Pete Doll, Adams, Randy Gridley, Mrs. Beccue. THIRD ROW Bob Buckley Doug Bean, Larry Giordano, Eulis Cathey, Ros Park, Paul Trim- Carter Frank, Ed Wick, Malcolm MacDonald, Bob Merrifield Hec per, David Mindell. SECOND ROW: Doug Hopkins, Seth Crone, tor Todd, John Greenman, Phil Bean, Bruce Dunlap Vincent Bar John Lango, Phil Miller, Randy Carlson, Jim Carlson, Joe ber, Larry Klein. McGrier, Richard Melzer, Doug Rait, John Schapiro, John L . . , - I r J 1 J J Ya g E y ,i ,.. g if , J g gg , y 4 Warm up. glee club Over the summer President Larry Giordano sent recruiting letters to all freshmen and new students, resulting in seventeen new members, for a record enrollement of thirty-three. Despite many technical difficulties, the Christmas program was a success, even the organist felt a sense of euphoria. The two spring concerts sealed the Glee Club's reputation as a well trained, highly fertilized performing group. Mrs. Beccue must be recognized as an inspiring leader and a devout Nichols loyalist. Second tenor repents for clunker. 108 l St. VaIentine's Day Massacre. nicholodeons With only five members returning, this year's Nicholodeons recruited seven new members, including one freshman. The Group is highlighted by experienced tenors and particularly strong bass voices. Once again 5 L . ,if the Nicholodeons sang at the United Church Home, from whom they received a citation last year. During the spring the group toured local old folks homes and hospitals, leaving behind a path of good cheer. "Yes we have no bananas. . Doll, Mindell, Carlson, McGrier, Giordano t ,, .. .Q .4-1 f '-- E ti r A .:: z,,,5.QQgs yi A H i,55f',1e',,e?3ei , , '- Vl"i"1lt.,i., ' ,w'evi, .sv for A T it Aff ff i 'K 1. jiffi l' ' ...D -. .it SITTING: Larry Giordano. STANDING: Phil Miller, Eulis Cathey, Hector Todd, Doug Bean, John Lango, Neil Masters, Joe McGrier, David Mindell, Jim Carlson, Pete Doll, John Adams. 109 charities Directly in line with the Nichols aim of involving students in helping those less fortunate, this year's Charities Committee set its goal for S3,100. Proving that Nichols boys are not only generous in giving money, but also generous in giving of their time and energy, many students spent their time trying to secure pledges from every member of the school. By raising money for worthy organizations such as the United Fund, the Charities Committee serves as a link between the school and outside organizations in both the United States and Europe. "That's one for me and one for me. . Bip Feine FIRST ROW: Doug Hamill, Bob Cecilia, Williard Uncapher, Jamie Oppenheimer, Mitch Owen, Eliot Lazar, Greg Stevens, John Adams, Peter Feldman, Kevin Campbell, Doug Hamilton. SEC- OND ROW: Gogie Cohen, Dave Noller, Russ Franklin, Mike Elms, David Farmelo, Dennis Dobkin, Jim Orlin, Bip Feine, Jim Harkins, John Mineo, Peter Brady, Jeff Reed, John Greene. THIRD ROW: Ron Killinger, Dirk VanSchoonhoven, Ted Walsh, Peter Stanley, Dave Roberts, Louie Cordia, Chris Vogelsang, Bob Bredenburg, Kevin Doyle, Skip Hamill, Peter Mimmack, Tony Miller, Greg McNamara. FOURTH ROW: Rick Brodzik, Phil Miller, Larry Michel, Bill Knodel, Warren Schintzius, Frank Evans, Hector Todd, Ted Pierce, Gordie Gannon, Dave Peterson, Judge Auffi- nger, Randy Carlson, Maurice Yerkovich, Steve Egri. FIFTH ROW: Tom Meyer, Ed Wick, Tim Hayes, Mark Ehrenreich, Dick Melzer, Pete Jones, Doug Hopkins, Doug Rait, George Tritsch, Seth Crone, John Chudy, John Bardol, Rick Wadsworth, Barnum Walsh. 110 l FIRST ROW: Clint Brown, Dave Noller, Neil Masters, Larry Gior- dano, Dave Farmelo, Dennis Dobkin, Tom Seamans, Mike Mar- lette, Malcolm MacDonald, Mike Wolfsohn, Pete Brady, Bruce Dobozin. SECOND ROW: Paul Trimper, Chris Adams, George Hoffman, Russ Franklin, Mark Kelley, John Mineo, Kevin Gaug- han, Maurice Yerkovich, Ron Killinger, Bob Grieves, 'Jim Allen, Dave Aquilina, Jeff Reed, Mike Kennedy, Larry Klein. THIRD ROW:JimOrlin,DirkVanSchoonhoven,HoraceGioia,SkipHam- ill, Graham Sears, Bill Knodel, Rick Wadsworth, Ted Walsh, Louie Cordia, George Tritsch, Dave Peterson, Judge Auffinger, Randy Carlson, Mike Kmiecik, Skip Ferguson, Doug Bean. FOURTH ROW: Big Jacobs, Ray Weil, Kevin Hurley, John Bardol, Dave Talley, Bob Barton, Steve Egan, Bob Hayward, Hector Todd, Jim Adamson, Tim Finnegan, Eugene Schaefer, Chuck Swanekamp. Ros Park. "And start calling me 'sir'. " student orientation The purpose of the Student Orientation Committee is to acquaint all new students and incoming Freshman with the schooI's faculty and facilities. Having conquered the initial days of confusion, the advisees soon adapted to the Nichols life style. Composed of experienced juniors and seniors, the Student Orientation Committee underwent a change in which form deans replaced faculty advisors. This new system proved to be a more expedient means of coping with a student's difficulties. SlTTlNG: Paul Noller, Joe McGrier, Seth Crone, Mark Eh- Masters, Bob Hayward, MarkWeinfeld.THIFlD ROW: Randy Grid- renreich, Dave Maghran, Mitch Owen, Scott Williams, David Wil- Iey, Tom Herrick, Roland Hayes, Gary Ogden, Tory Williams, cove, Todd Jebb. SECOND ROW: Dogan Perese, Jim Allen, Paul Frank Evans, Kevin Doyle, Phil Miller, Jeff May, John Bardol, Tim Trimper, Bob Straubinger, Big Jacobs, Bill Dill, Ray Weil, Neil Hayes, George Tritsch. activities To be sung to the tune of "America the Beautiful" Cif you canj Activities the dutiful Hey, give me one of those. We stuff thy mouths with candy and lots of goodies. For orange drink and coffee Hoff shed your grace on us. , .4 "Tijuana here Icome!" Dick Jacobs 112 The ambassadors motto: If they're late, no towels. Mike Wolfsohn green key The members of the Green Key Committee are the ambassadors of the Nichols School. We are the first to welcome our visiting teams and extend our warm hospitality to them. Time permitting, we give them a tour of the school. When settled in their locker rooms, they are provided with towels, tape, and other necessities. As ambassadors, we try to promote good will and hope that, after their stay here, they remember what its all about at Nichols. FIRST ROW: Dave Mindell, Peter Biltekoff, Malcolm MacDonald, Skip Hamill, Rick Wadsworth, Joe McGrier, Tom Herrick, Paul Dennis Dobkin, Mike Marlette, Mike Wolfsohn, Ray Weil, Mike Trimper. THIRD ROW: Bob Straubinger, Jamie Oppenheimer, Kennedy, Ron Killinger. SECOND ROW: Tod Jebb, Dick Melzer, Rich Hayden, Bill Wadsworth, Jeff Reed, Peter Linder, Tony Eliot Lazar, Pete Brown, Kevin Doyle, Gary Ogden, Bill Knodel, Miller, Horace Gioia, Tim Hayes, Bob Cecelia, Kevin Campbell. 113 FIRST ROW: Tad Kramarczyk, Bob Hayward, Gordie Gannon, Jim Allen. SECOND ROW: David Ehrenreich, Charles Swanekamp, Tom Seamans, John Greenman. yy . ...yi . T , proctors The Nichols School Library has recently acquired new chairs, new magazines, a new record player. The new Library Committee provides a valuable service to the school: its members check in books, serve as proctors, and thus enable Librarian Mrs. Cart to devote more time to improving the library by making it a more efficient and comprehensive source of information for students and faculty members. "Lordy, Iordy, none of your comphlstery English here! Tad Kramarczyk 114 Peace sign from political genius. Neil Masters political discussion group The Political Discussion Group weekly mulls over current worldly issues, such as pollution, inflation, war, sexual promiscuity, and trash disposal. Delegates from this group also go to the Model U.N., where they get first-hand insights into the problems of an international legislative body. The group provides a forum forthe orderly discussion of political problems. FIRST ROW: Jim Orlin, Tad Kramarczyk, Neil Masters, John Gridley, Jim Allen. SECOND ROW: Larry Klein, Dave Aquilina, Bill Epes, Charles Swanekamp, John Greenman, John Gabrieli, Doug Rait, Doug Hopkins. Adams set to leap upon competition. Billy Ott, Chris Adams, Holly Montesano Argyle AI hypnotized by date. Andy Cutler Betsy Thu rner d a n Al Bellanca, Margaret Fort Under new management for the 1970-71 school year, the dance committee is out to change the type of music generally heard by the Nichols students. ln previous years, Nichols dances have had a terrible reputation, and we're happy to say that they still do. But this year the committee planned new bands who do not play the top twenty, but try to express their feelings thru progressive music. This year the committee discussed such areas as open dances, concerts, and non-formal proms. A dance committee should do more than just propagate ridiculous claustrophobi sessions in Goodyear Lecture Room. FIRST ROW: Todd Jebb, Doug Hammil, Jay Smith, Ed Wick, Dick Hurley, Maurice Yerkovich, Gary Ogden, Frank Evans, David Pe- Melzer, Joe McGrier, Jamie Oppenheimer, Tom Herrick, Don Per- terson, Judge Auffinger, Gene Schaelter, Jeff May. FOURTH ese. SECOND ROW: Mike Marlette, Bob Straubinger, Ray Weil, ROW: Skip Ferguson, Bill Wadsworth, Steve Egri, Bob Breden- Mike Wolfsohn, Sherlock Biltekoff, Pete Brady, David Mindell, Da- berg, Ros Park, Jim Carlson, Russ Franklin, Dirk Van- vid Aquilina, Bub Berton. THIRD ROW: Kevin Gaughan, Kevin Schoonhoven, Peter Linder. 116 SITTING: Clint Brown, Bill Dill, Allen Craig, John Gridley. SECOND ROW: Bob Straubinger, Jim Allen, Mark Kelley, Kevin Gaughan, David Aquilina. we ' . 'QS -my 1 BUILD Academy speaker before full crowd. Mrs. Mayo assemblies The assemblies committee has attempted to bring to Nichols programs that are both interesting and educational. The committee has made attempts to garner suggestions from the school at large. These suggestions together with making our programs optional has given a new freer appearance to assemblies programs. verdian There lived a green wrinkled hunchback in a striped underground space station. Four years, Naidrev lived with her nagging mother-in-law and slithy trashdidinal pet snake. Once every period, early in the middle she rosey reared and took windabone- spewing meriamsweet and rememberries, singing elison to hears behind. Thus sliddeling down intrite mud bogs for lack ov celestrial significance und miristic qualities. Her setting sun spat a triteem of nutall wriders who pludged in bed to enlightenate the others. Poor Naidrev sits repressed a glooming so glumming. Being good enough to symperise, the triteem gave her a new coat, brought tansy, and threw mirthle and relegance down her belly. They pushed her out to glow upon the garden of Tickles, expecting yet not caring about her death, for who wakes to view the slores of the cruel world and encounters with Satan. Under the organization of business manager Paul Trimper and advertising manager Mark Kelley, the 1971 VERDIAN business staff smoothly handled the finances of this year's book. The advertising section remained short, and the list of patrons was lengthened. By Christmas, the majority of the book was sold. Due to the lack of last year's records, this year's staff was unable to collect unsettled accounts of 1970 and thus ended up paying part of last year's and all of this year's bills entirely from the , 1971 VEFiDlAN's funds. Despite the handicap, We were still able to make a donation to the school, labeling 1971 as a financial success. FIRST ROW: Seth Crone, Paul Trimper, Gordie Gannon. SECOND ROW: Peter Mimmack, Mark Kelley, Peter Linder. 118 LAST THROW: Then Bilbo turned away, and he went by himself, and sat alone wrapped in a blanket, and, whether you believe it nor not, he wept until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse. He was a kindly little soul. Indeed it was long before he had the heart to make a joke again. "A mercy it is," he said at last to himself, "that I woke up when I did. I wish Thorin were living, but I am glad that we parted in kindness. You are a fool, Bilbo Baggins, and you made a great mess of that business with the stone, and there was a battle, in spite of all your efforts to buy peace and quiet, but I suppose you can hardly be blamed for that." r David Mindell K I .Y 1 Dave Clarke 119 FIRST ROW: Kim Wettlaufer, Tom Lynett, Moose Alexander, Sam Hambleton, Henry Hoch, Fred Rogers, Eric Halpern Bruce Bar Gurney, Brian Anderson, Marty McMahon. SECOND ROW: Don- ron. ald Dudley, Mark Trammel, Brian Dillon, Gordie Sears, George j. s. council Once again, this year's Junior School Council consists of Junior Sohoolers. They range in age from ten to fourteen years old, and in height from 4'9" to 5'8V2". The astrological sign of the '71 Council is Pisces, making it a round, strong yet courteous group. They have had slight trouble planning Tea-Dances since Pisces dictates, "Beware of Family Skating Night which may befudglle your attempts at romance." The Council has successfully executed a raffle, for their stars smile upon endeavors of chance. Undoubtedly, this years Junior Council will go on to rule the world and reshape the heavens. 120 Anderson blows another one. Moose Alexander, Brian Anderson Week-end radicals ferment in Junior School. Moose Alexander, Steve Holland. stentorian Training boys in editorial techniques and rapid information, the Stentorian is excellent preparation for a future in binuclear- aerogymnastics, for isn't that what a newspaper is all about anyway? Through hard work and a deft sense of today's moral issues, this year's Stentorian staff has lifted the already sparkling tradition. ,gh-V. ,. . It .. FIRST ROW: John Clifford, Jim Levi, MOOse Alexander, Steve Holland, Tad Roach. SECOND ROW: Tim Dillon, Mark Stovroff, Jud Weiksnar, John Giardino, Neil Goodman. THIRD ROW: Carl Goldfarb, David Gates, Bob Spier. ABSENT: David Heath. 121 SITTING: Bill Hopkins, Peter Klein, Peter Rait, Adam Cornelius, Bruce Horton, Jim Koch. FIRST ROW: Tim McCIive, Charles Col- lura, Mark Stovroff, Rip Kinkel, Bruce Anderson, Moose Alexan- der, Steve Holland, Jim Levi, Paul Moravec, Doug Doolittle, Bob Murray. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Beccue, Mike Cloutier, John New- ell, Don Notman, Doug Batt, Nelson Bassett, Carl Goldfarb, Chris Kennedy, Grovy Potter, Bill Fitzhenry, Kingman Bassett. THIRD ROW: John Viele, Charles Collura, Mark Stovroff, Bill Weiksnar, Rip Kinkel, Bruce Anderson, Steve Holland, Jim Levi, Paul Mora- vec, Doug Doolittle, Bob Murray j. S. glee Club The Junior School Glee Club could be compared to a choir of Iilting Cherubs offering divine melodies unto the masses of the universe, but this would be a poor comparison, for the Junior School Glee Club is actuallyjust a group of young boys who, through the unyielding elforts and verve of Carol Beccue, have become a respected body of fine singers. Someday God will reward Carol Beccue for the infinite number of times that she has played the Sweet melodies come from the mouths of little boys. the glee clubbers Halleluia Chorus. 122 "In conclusion, this picture is fake." John Clifford j. 5. debating This year's batch of eager debaters have received a maturing experience as a result of their hard work. Through the discussion of contemporary questions, the debaters have learned: the fundamentals of public speaking, how to clearly express their ideas, some new vocabulary, and most important, who their friends are. FIRST ROW: Peter Klein, Neil Goodman, Avery Knox, Rip Kinkel, Brian Breneman, Jim Levi, Jud Wieksnar, John Giardino, Bruce Marty McMahon, Charlie Masterson, Carl Goldfarb. SECOND Dunlap, Brian Dillon. ROW: Brian Maghran, Tim McClive, Mark Stovroff, John Clifford, 123 "Sure you can give me S 100. and l remain anonymous." , ?, Bill Huffman, Moose Alexander j. S. Charities The Junior School Charities is an early indoctrination into the American, thus Nichols, way of life. ln making the '71 drive a success, the boys are learning through hard work, generosity, and various other means, just how important money really is. FIRST ROW: Tim Dillon, Sam Gurney, Moose Alexander, Tom Ly- Hambleton, Kim Wettlaufer, David Parker, Jud Weiksnar, Neal Fa- nett, Brian Anderson. SECOND ROW: Marty McMahon, George tin, Edward Hoch, Gordie Sears. 124 FIRST ROW: Stew Jones, John Clifford, David Parker, Moose Al- Goodman. THIRD ROW: Brian Maghran, John Kennedy Tim exander, Brian Anderson, Neal Fatin, Peter Crosby, Jim Levi. MCClive, Peter Cutler. Tom Lyrlett. Sam Gurney Mike Haar Cris SECOND ROW: Mark Dower, Rip Collins, Mark Stovroff, Bill New- Scheu, John Giardino. ell, Tim Dillon, Chip Ivins, Charlie Masterson, Gordie Sears, Neil j. 5. green key The purpose of Junior School Green Key is parallel to that of Upper School Green Key, to provide ambassadors of Nichols. But, with all due respect, one could argue that the teams from Stella Niagara, Park, and Ridley have been here so often that they know their way around Nichols better than many of our fifth graders. Besides, the bus always drops the young athletes off right at the gym. So with this in mind, the true purpose of the Green Key is to show the opponents that we have the capacity to love. 125 "Wasn't this picture in before? Bill Newell, Tom Lynett. ' ' f . if , -. v qi YY, , -'11 nf f..1 'f. -'.i m".,1f 1 1 .V A fire! xi- ,. X In I .xV 1i.',a'l:,,1:-. X. ,9 ,E , ' .U -, -2. . 4, nf' 1--5 D A - , ,Q - w. 3 3' : ..i? , Lb , I- ,, , ,,w,. , :gp Q f LA f.' K '7 ALJ'-tsl. , 5kfbQ!'z" .NN A .J 'yd .15 A i' ". Y., 'iz Ei Aff gf? .1 135, ,g u x I. .2Qk.trrf B! ' ff L v ' ' ' J ' 7 'b " . - . . f 2 ' H 91' 5 . 0 ' 5 1.-A 1 .- xox I " ' ' f - fif' 'P 5' fl 11" 1' 5 P 'Q -' vt, ' il' r ' "' Q ' t -W 1 2, F , . l '? .5 x Q I s. f , Q I, I 51 'gf .-'. . V h BF" Nw- X ' '4v- xv' 1. f WW! vi' - I 4 ' "f gfg 1 ,I La' F J 'A gig' . fra! . -. 9'1" , , . .K , 4 L 31: . 3.2 m. ' ff' 5' f Q23 f .-Q, iw- - ..,P'z ,- 52415-'ST' Iliff? -W4 Y gg 1 -A .4 if 37- -5- Q' 'gg'f55'fgx W' 'N -735""g"'? -1+ QE?-g . :-- , ..-ms' j f-f1",,,g -Mg.-A1 Q.,-faq 'fa jr, .. fflkw-:,L' .,w.piQi,,f-lfffw ef f " . I -, f, " '-Lg , 1, ' 'B As- A 'jffif' 51153-f'f" ':2'z"?'r .I 2.1: ff 2 f,,5'1v'f',3 ' 'ig Q33 f' ry , H ' I 'Q 'Mi L GQ :fl - : 1Ms1Z1Lfk'fl'f. fulfil F' V EI" 1 I- l 'N . I f' Y X '.:i',,m-'Z Ju Qi I -, gflfi -iZ'pp bl gi' 1 W ,V li 'Qi' I , t I . A.. LQ' -15 i-My , '. K 1 F V .. .51 1 , 5 lk, ' 1, -4 Qrfifgi d Q! M, V-.QI ' A l .if qi I ' :Q : " 47 325 1-fmxi' - 4 f ' ' ' " X F ' i2 " 4V V 1 ...ff -iw 'S' vs- f' - ff 1 lm lg ...A xx If ,N .YN Ki Q ,- ' 'P . f at 4 7 1? 5 Y QT ' 4' vw This U! -.Q A" 'G -' ' - f A ' f 0 .-, I T ,V f A, , .hiv Q5 . .76 A 6 .R is h 0,1 N E ,Uv f I ."' IE., , 34, . 31 inf '51, 2 , ' iff ,- z 1' ,, f f- iff i"'hif4'Mf3iff 4- M' , A.. 'QF .wf w' W -Wu - H' N ' iw' f xr-' ww. -' I 1 1 is-f ,:'M'. ' 1' A D b gg i I ' 4' - af QL. ' Q22 li, L - ' . . pr , a W .f 0' f J , fx 2 42, ,:.-nh ,nj 'N I' 'haf - if -f f' 1 A I ,143-,fs ,J .- 1 , ' K tu. t ,i 5 C. mv ..,.. f .VM ,A - -Q u .-W, -A - A-'Q . . , +- . Q- ' 'M' S- , .' ' I .gg Wh i.gQ'f1' QM-L, f 4 ' , Y gh 1'-I' N' , . A, , U, A W .. t , Y V H 5 . - jg if-,....i.,f 1 3 W h,, 4i " " , .U ni . cryin ,., v B rr ,' R A I F s 1 LQ' , 31 p' if - -- ,H . Q , X V .Z 'K' 5 ' ,a"'fFf arsag iii-9. -P '32 T' . , ' 6,1 ' F ,v , gig., if A- ,gi U ,-,S 4 j 1 , P , ' f- ifslfi' 1 -i i. ' ' f"' """vc ini X 4' f ufffg f ' ' . 's J' 5 ' 1 ' f' U 'N fs Y 4---' ure 1 P if 'Q NM G- .fa H gif A AAR fl ' J 'H' -I .. -ff Q- M. fp 'X-49' 'Q' Ae -:rv Q6 Tv -ff " lr.. , , ,... Sa 4 L Q Y -gm - Vcx.-. 'i Hgrif- 'T '21 2' -ar ,, .1 574- -Af,,ffaff W'-4' . lg.: 355,.?2-:- '-'ifgeiw T 'E -3. E9 -.g i if. ,. lr'-J ,Q-Eflfaii L, mpg - '-if-1 ,ei ' . 4 'j.,f11-- -1 mi.-L gif,-41. 2 V' 5 2 'Si 55 ifflzijif 1 'V . 5517 EJQQH' , , ,A ,, f , ,pf ,mr - V lC M v. Ag .a I qi f,r' A .' gi . Yikw, IN f 2 Q 128 Q 1 1 130 , f. - - v V w V,,, , 7 131 1 1 i ll QZ lfl l 5 b ,, , 4 T 1 " "A-Wi Tn, ' 551 :WU '4 ir?" if' if frm w ' -- V Ei i . ikliil- -- " JH, f W :if 151 2:5 HH, l , - V -- ,, ,.h-- , ' - i i . . ,. 11 '- 7 ,' 11 -, , f K -'H I -LLL "f' ' :: - 'ii i bi 551,12 A A ,,,. ki EV i 5 A x H A V 1 . A 132 133 1-val., ,N ,- -4 Q. . . - ' sv-""" " ,V ' N. , W? 1 f f DN X V, i! 119 , ' - 'QQ "' XXX XX ilwiff ,. z K -ff a ..q -, J' 1 !lX ld aff! W E531 RW gxgffi Q? fpi' - ,M 145-A , S' N . , ,, f 4- fffN"- A 4, a 'gg'?Q X if 5 , K Zfjh f? 1 ,j nf-i,l"f1.EL' . M f 4, -- f- 'i f' ' 'KNQ7 ' fiwffyf X MW'? 'W 4 Q 0 x ' A f If i' X I Z' -4 Y LA-,xy 1 varsity sports G"'QS" ax QW ff . yu V., - ,- 'H' "" ' 'W' A . :--" f: 0,11 'fx' I 5 Q 2 :eng 235425 f " J Q if -'Q ' x-Rs 0 0 - Hamburg Orchard Park Williamsville S. Bishop Gibbons Shady Side Park Grant Island St. Francis Maryvale U.S. Maryvale Riverside Cranbrook St. Francis Hutch Tech Orchard Park Williamsville S. Kiski "ooooooo . . Gary Wilson FIRST ROW Tom Szydlowski Pete Warzel, Tim McNamara, Kip Weeks, Giordano, manager THIRD ROW Bob Barton George Mayer coach co-captain Ed Zablocki Gary Wilson, co-captain. SECOND ROW: Bill John Mineo, Andy Anderson coach Jim Harkins Knodel Dave Roberts Ron Killinger, John Eaton, Tom Caulfield, Larry varsity baseball Well co-capt. Weeks, how would you sum up this season? "Beautiful, coach, beautiful!" . . . Boys, l'Il never forget the time the ball got stuck under MacNamara's carg it was good for a homer. . .WE've had fantastic leadership from Gary Wilson . . .A great victory over Cranbrook for our first Interstate win . . .Who told Elmo Niswander that he could pitch this game? . . .So you decided to celebrate my 100th win as a coach at Nichols by breaking training, champagne in the locker no less. . .So Amal and Penelope, after finishing their oatmeal, embarked upon theirjourney to track the virgin mastadon . . . Zablocki, is it true that you've been dizzy ever since the hail storm at WRA? "Three fingers means bean the umpire." Tom Szydlowski, Gary Wilson, Jim Harkins C Infield pepper. . . Tom Caufield, Tom Szydlowski 100l'h victory shelebrashun! Coach Mayer, Kip Weeks, Coach Anderson who took the peanutbutter sandwiches?" Jim Harkins 137 x rv"-' g ' 1' gt-' r x KX b 5' Q - -. hi?-fl, A P Q" 'A - ' '-' 'X . . SCR ' 1 mg.. 3' J . Qbklx- 1k :U .,f",- 'Q1E'.uf'-' .N 1 H.:- -AWS... 2. ,Aviv 'X V I, flmiff L 5.- -5 . Wuqz, 'M' ' J' ' ...' 5 "' N ,Q xii" ' , , sn-rp f 5 :ln If -:Z va-. Q NN. . N N v 512, U-C! 'U 'I up V-MQ 'gf V , ,-- 545-2' , f - , ,-Z E -,E--..-, 1217.-.5 fj 1 A . ' , n 1' - 3. f 5, Z L, ' ' Q., -S fjlg-L.-Y-.ff - t 'r ' Lf, ... V ,f--"J H ,ff -. a 'X 1,. 'f ' -Eiiwba -4' , as' ? 'L fi ff 521 is I K I , i .ai H f i. K r 3 Qi Q. . ax ii 2 K gi . M 2, L Qs ,Af ' N, ' X 5 IV' i Fifa ' J, ,, , ,fi A Q A Sw' , 48 Ridley L 47 Orchard Park 48 Batavia 59 St. Mary's 37 Hamburg 1st-Nichols Invitational C5 teamsj 2nd-Batavia Relays C11 teamsj 6th-Interstate C6 teamsj Link wins by a lip. , ., ,, . Jeff Link, Eulis Cathey If I land just right, I can break my neck. Kevin Gaughan Boys, if we ever lose the Nichols' Invitational we'lI be in trouble: teams that are of the right caliber for our meet are tough to find . . . Feine is showered and done with practice already? . . .Ya know Bill, if we only had more stars on this team we might have won those first three meets. Okay Don l'lI give the pitch to the Lacrosse Club . . . Sir, Link wants to know if he can take his sweat pants off now. . .Amalg wait! The hand warmer is in my other sequined tuxedo . . . Hey, listen, we made radio headlines: "Nichols was second out of eleven teams, led by the record shattering 880 relay team of Link, Cathey, Doll and Trimper . . . and the Interstate meet was at least fun. Tad calculates victory. Tad Kramarczyk 139 varsity tennis Scamurra's rendition of "Swan Lake." David Scamurra Hi there sports fans!" Pete Faust Now remember, when running for a backhand, you must sublimate the reilex action of your gastrocnemeous muscle, and the tension in your mid-hyperflerbious . . .Our singles were reliable victors, while our doubles teams were fairly consistent. Unfortunately, they did not enjoy playing the girls from Amherst. . .Very strong season overall Q14-21, best win against Cranbrook . . .God help us Penelope, we've touched his kosher inferno!! . . .Lookfor us in future interstate. . . Golly Mr. Ockerman, l didn't realize how important vectors are in tennis. . . 140 Boy hits ball. Peter Scamurra Teddy on his toes. Ted Walsh Touchdown! David Scamurra For it the nebula cohered to an orb. Dan Fioblin 'R fx il. ,I ff-N . ' ir,-. .fl . in O G A- . I h v J 'T-'s - 51.1.7 ' x Vkiwfi 'V Ai,A', 1N '13 X VII Fri f .I l lf Ken. West Ken. East Orchard Park Hamburg DeVeaux Shady Side Amherst Ken. West Park Hamburg U.S. Cranbrook Amherst WHA Kiski KNEELING: Mark Reinhardt, Paul Noller, manager. STANDING: David Scamurra, captain: Dan Roblin, Pete Scamurra, Pete Faust, Rich Lewis, Ted Walsh. ABSENT: David Ockerman, coach. football interstate champions!-undefeated-third time in Nichols' history . . .superlative coachingg "May yer Fitz be Cockerthrilling!" . . .year of revenge. . .air oriented attack, made possible by powerful blocking . . . boy wonder Harkins sets WNY passing record, is chosen All- American defensive end . . . Penelope, I am dizzy o so dizzy-Aiiiii we're being singed by His fiery rings of gravity . . . physical game at Kiski possible turning point. . . midnight serenade of Irish folk songs at Cranbrook. . . good talent, great hustle, and excellent spirit were the key traits of the 1970 football team. Power on the ground. John Mineo FIRST ROW: Jake Dann, Pete Doll, Tom Seamans, Eulis Cathey, Jim Harkins, captain, Bob Barton, Jim Adamson, Mike Elmes, Andy Tomarken. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cockerill, coach, Mr. Fitz- henry, coach, Steve Scott, Jim Carlson, Jim Reynaldo, Louie Cor- dia, Hector Todd, Frank Evans, John Mineo, Tim Finnegan, Ron Killinger, Dave Noller, manager, Mr. Mayer, coach. THIRD ROW: Tim Hayes, Jeff May, Randy Carlson, Gary Ogden, Pete Stanley, Pete Santin, Phil Miller, Rollie Hayes, Doc Bagley. FOURTH ROW: Tony Miller, Ted Walsh, Greg McNamara, Tom Caulfield, Dave Roberts, Rick Brodzick, Horace Gioia, Bill Hanavan, Burke Breneman. FIFTH ROW: Rick Kraetz, Paul Smith. ABSENT: Mark Whitman. 12 38 30 38 16 40 64 UPPER LEFT: Harkins hands off. Jim Adamson, John Mineo, Jim Harkins LEFT: Talbot snags pass one-handed. Greg McNamara BELOW: That little cloud, a nibulissa, still hangs isky. Jim Harki ns llfflll, r ,Al I' I ,I ' 4 .fe filly, Orchard Park 7 Wilson 6 Kiski 24 Shady Side 14 Western Reserve 12 University School 6 Cranbrook 6 Boy runs with ball. Hector Todd, Greg McNamara, Gary Ogden ' 143 Combined with an effective ground offense . . . the air attack kept on 144 going .."?.-U, ," -0 ,1 S, Jn. .-my n-kg-'A-V. qv, E .,.'- . Ulf. r--f-"' 1"a"' 'BP44' Lu '35 ,, . ' ,Y 1 v 1 . 'Y . "lvl '..- -Q, - fi 44' L ...andgoing... ,..andgoing... ...and going. r .H-llw:'21.'2: " 'f' m,,.,: , ,, pk 4, H, - " , 77- , 1' ui "You can sit down now, Jim." 145 s '15 N I . 9 Setting up the attack. Graham Sears, Lint Hengerer to 1 Amherst 2 1 Kenmore West 4 1 Ridley 3 5 Williamsville North 1 ' 1 Kenmore East 0 6 Williamsville North 0 3 Allendale 0 2 Kiski 1 0 Amherst 2 1 Shady Side O 4 Maryvale 0 1 Western Reserve 1 0 Park O 3 University School 1 2 Cranbrook 4 v FIRST ROW: Ignacio Uriarte, Dave Mindell, Graham Sears, Dave Sca- A Gridley, manager. THIRD ROW: Chris Adams, Rick Wadsworth, John murra, captain, Bob Merrifield, Pete Brady, Marc Reinhardt. SECOND Eaton, Kurt Ziemendorf, Bob Bredenberg, Jay Waters, ABSENT: Dave ROW: Mr. Zeller, coach, Mr. Hogen, coach, Pete Butzer, George Auffi- Gwen' Lint Hengerer, pete, Scamurral Charles Swanekamp' nger, Warren Schintzlus, Larry Michel, Rick Zeller, Chip Witliams, John 146 American does it while foreigner stands by. Ignacio Uriarte, Bob Bredenberg. SOCCGI' Five returning lettermen . . . eighteen open slots on the squadg young team . . .a winning season overall . . . plagued by injuries, the team's performance was somewhat inconsistent . . .Amal, some salt, these green leeches draining my body. . . two great games with Amherst Cmaybe next yearj. . . "These boys just don't give up-I like that!" . . .We had two exceptionally fast men, unfortunately one was a hurdler and the other was a coach . . .the underclassmen will provide a good nucleus for next year fever notice how these always talk about next year?J. Respite . . . Dave Mindell. Captain drives to ward goal. Ha wks steal from Amherst Tigers. Dave Scamurra. Pete Brady, Pete Scamurra. ' Green defense covers up. Ziemendorf, Michel, Merrifield, Wadsworth, Williams, Brady. ,, V ,...-in ff-, t .,- 3 W.- F 147 A ..N '33 'N Q -if .Q x 9 m ' a Q , ' . ' . inn' T.. '- ' 5 . X I x 4 . I ' 7 V Q ff 5, A A . Y , ,- K Y, ,U fl, I Qi W 5 A I ,i M14 5 x 1 A X X f Q v 1 G X X , -9 2 f , A y 1 6 p f ,,, 1 , 9 M 7 ' ffh X u 1 X ' N x R X T- 4 A-,.. N -f N- . 350 Xl A E O J ws K Q A ny- ...- 18 Wilson 37 40 Ridley 39 21 Akron 35 17 Medina 45 39 North Tonawanda 20 30 Kiski 25 38 Shady Side 23 41 Western Reserve 20 23 University School 33 44 Cranbrook 15 Join the march for America!" Tad Kramarczyk. More litter in the park. Everybody. Going, Going, Gone. Reynolds up in the air all the way. Kevin Gaughani Ken Anderson Jon Reynolds. 149 Tricky Ricky fakes forechecker hQC Rick zeuer. Vogelsang parries a slash Greg Vogelsang, Jim Harkins. 1 . FIRST ROW: John Mineo, Pete Scamurra, Rick Zeller, Chip Williams, murra, Pete Brady, captain, Jim Harkins, Jake Dann, Jay Waters, Harold Rick Wadsworth, Rusty Collins, Kurt Ziemendorf. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ginsberg, manager, Mr. Truscott, coach. Waters, coach, Jim Allen, manager, Bill Knodel, Bip Feine, David Sca- , 150 .4-45 df f 2' i s Lani 10 Westdale 2 14 Delta 0 3 Choate 5 1 Trinity 5 6 Lawrenceville 2 8 York 5 5 Upper Canada 2 2 Ridley 4 8 Appelby O 7 U.T.S. 2 5 Southmont 3 4 Ithaca 4 11 Bloor 3 2 Ftidley 4 7 Clinton 2 5 U.T.S. 1 Winners of the Nichols tourney for the first time ever. . . Knodel flops like greased lightning . . . great victories againstVUTS and UCC. . . Gung Ho Brady sets sterling example. . . Penelope, our bodies, now dipped and rolled in our own regurgitated ocean . . . a record-setting offense with 98 goals. . . warring spirit overtakes biblically non-violent Friday nights . next year this year's seniors will be ineligible to play. Richie breaks away Rich Lewis. Only two members of the team being seniors, the rest were underclassmen . . .great victory against Reserve. . . even the loss to Kensington showed great hustle. . . 2nd place in the Maryvale Xmas Tournament... highscoring Eulis pumped in 30 points against Cranbrook.. .Argggh,Amal,arggh-our spit is wasted how is one to clutch nature in this reality? . . .thejuniors form a rotund light-fingered nucleus for next year. E ulis takes off for two Eulis Cathey, Hector Todd, Ron Killinger. 152 Reynolds has that fingertip control Bob Barton, Dave Roberts, Jon Reynolds. basketball KNEELING: Paul Noller, Neil Masters, John Bardol, managers. STAND- Evans, Bob Barton, Eulis Cathey captain Gary Ogden Rich Lewis Lou ING: Mr. Anderson, coach, Mr. Paquette, coach, Hector Todd, Frank Cordia, Jon Reynolds, Kevin Gaughan Rin Killinger Dave Roberts Barton in for a swish. Kevin Gaughan, Bob Barton. WO Campus Maryvale Dunkirk Bennett St. Francis Riverside Wilson Allendale Oakwood Kiski Kensington Shady Side Hamburg Western Reserve Park University School Wilson Cranbrook N f 47, Italian power controls the mats . Z, f Horace Gioia. , K , ' - M1151 I W fi . g 'qi Wilson 27 Medina "B" 23 Cheektowaga 44 West Seneca East 20 West Seneca West 9 Wilson 10 Newfane 27 Kiski 22 Akron 14 Shady Side 29 Western Reserve 39 University School 33 Steck gets another pin Bill Steck. Tad prepares to reverse . . . . . . and does it Tad Kramarczyk. 154 J i g wrestling First interstate victory in history over Cranbrook, Jeff May sparked a great team effort. . . wrestlers show great dedication, keep weight down, hair short, and fingernails trim . . . Co-captains Adamson and Dobkin's warning to Frosh: basketball is a great sport.. .the opponents' mothers are studies in sadism.. . Finally, a clue, the mastadon's track flaming back home . . . overall fantastic spirit . . should next year too maybe. Varsity grappler up-ends opponent Jeff May. FIRST ROW: Bill Dill, Dennis Dobkin, captain, Tad Kramarczyk, Pete Bill Hanavan, Burke Breneman, Horace Gioia, Tom Caulfield. ABSENT Doll. SECOND ROW: Brian Wilson, Billy Steck. Carl Hubbard, Jeff May, Jim Adamson, captain, Tim Finnegan. 155 QQQQEQQW 5" M3 ""'r'f Mi M r is 1- w yr -1: if N, We we f33UFiQ 1 J 11- 5 , , , '-fi Q --s -,, I a1z"" w , Q lm. - 'Sf . H- el. an 3 2 rf' 'uf ti' 2' YWQB4' N ',, 11' 5 Q' ejafl , ' L-, t?3ii,'f':pg Q 'fa A squash :UT Le, if A young team, with only two returning Iettermen . . . had a shakey start, but came on after the first few matches. . .squash named after a short squat man who jumped out of one too many airplanes . . . Aiiiii boo, after such an era back forever to oatmeal-just empty and colder. . . overall 5-4 record in city C competition . . .the Baha Wolf showed great leadership as captain . . . Hayward 's deftness makes opponents climb walls Bob Hayward. FlRST ROW: Jim Orlin, Mike Marlette, Scott Williams. SECOND ROW: Ambrus, Mike Wolfson, captain, Paul Trimper, Mr. Ockerman, coach Harold Ginsberg, manager, Marc Reinhardt, Bob Hayward, Julian A 156 ,A , All M-,,,.,..L, "0-e ,,-r,....a.- ...T- three sport varsity JIM ADAMSON: Track 2, 3 Football 3, 4 Wrestling 3, 4 BOB BARTON: Baseball 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 EULIS CATHEY: Track 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 TOM CAULFIELDZ Baseball 2 Football 2, 3 Wrestling 2, 3 PETE DOLL: Track 2, 3 Football 3, 4 Wrestling 3, 4 KEVIN GAUGHAN: Track 2 Cross-Country 3 Basketball 3 JIM HARKINS: Baseball 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Hockey 3, 4 RON KILLINGER: Baseball 2 Football 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 TAD KRAMARCZYK: Track 1, 2, 3 Cross-Country 1, 2, Wrestling 3, 4 JOHN MINEO: Baseball 2 Football 2, 3 Hockey 2, 3 GARY OGDEN: Track 1 Football 2 Basketball 2 DAVE ROBERTS: Baseball 2 Football 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 3,4 DAVE SCAMURRA: Tennis 1, 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 PETE SCAMURRA: Tennis 1 Soccer 2 Hockey 2 PAUL TRIMPER: Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4 Squash 4 TED WALSH: Tennis 1, 2 Football 3 Hockey 2, 3 ...T- FIRST ROW: Marc Reinhardt, Pete Scamurra, Te Caulfield, Ron Kill- Pete Doll, Paul Trimper. FOURTH ROW: Bob Barton, John Mineo. AB- Inger, Kevin Gaughan. SECOND ROW: Dave Roberts, Ted Walsh, Eulis SENT: Dave Scamurra. Cathey, Tad Kramarczyk, Jim Harkins, Gary Ogden, Jim Adamson, N , MW f J' ,F f x V ' I ffwfma - 'L 4 ,Z H f ,fff 1, ,..-' fff 1,5-7 .,,,?,,,1?4'! .--' ff' Q A .. - 'jfjip .-f-ff' -"' ,,rr' - "" I . ff, ff,-X, fr,-VY. 'jf I X7, X, XXI., . I-1-if --,Rf fa. 1 no K, - V fri! 4, If ivir , fx! ,f VA L? gif' 10' Ulf Z 'X XB S 4 3-1 N 'z , , NN i 1 3 I-Q X 14 ' 'QA . I x Q , Q ' C I V . V was L 5 K 0 V- " 'IM' ,fig.L, U 'L l 3 f , iahgiii? f f' win X , JA .6411-fjggip if--Mm' ::l:-1122 XXX ffm, I f Q! D0 Q 6 X fail 72 71 , , X Xggiggig 1 f Q f I ci ff, X f-a f 1 ii ii VJ L i x ' E X37 ,, X I 1 . x L A ,, ,iii- sub-varsity sports fix X WX, 1 Wm '3,l U 7. W ,X 1 N + l 2 I X X fl , Y Q f X 1 klf- J , , ,T . N rf jfs! I-ff, 6. Z, , ' , 1 , 4.n,.7' 3' . i ' I U" 'W' ,Q f xg-, -ELL ' , T' i .hw lf. 1 A -- X - E U I ,ng- ' 1:1 nw! SN 1. z 1, 1' 1-1, ,-1' .1 1, 19133531 " Q I .. Q . r K ,L , -. - Q. Q Q x.nH4'S-we Q. . . Y, f . A - ' A-.ev , if 4,5 A., 5 . ,, .,,ag-w..p.m, jf? -X 13, N ' , Fflfv-4-h 1. ii ai ' Q 'L x, v,.,,. if 1,3 i - I . .41 f M.-c E4 J 2. Q 1? 5 ' a x , f V Q.,,,,N,,i,- gs,-if-k -:N 1-,vs W, sw- Q1- fwf i 3. vf Eqinff fha-fx wfxffq' Kai. 4' I lf Q, N . ,gg Q, A ' ii xv , ' f few , ', 3 u A ' mb ffri is ' , V L" 9 f - Q' H. - ., 1 ' ! Z x - ' 'N f .-- A - V ugfbwh H Li. -f .,,! 1 3. , bi 1 - A 'WF - . 3 4 ' 1 ff: X' Jr " A . , X 4 , - 5 ' if swf if mfg if fl ZW Aw!! rpg? "- ff X W E fy 'N j.v. tennis KNEELING: David Mahoney, manager: John Moot, Chris Adams, Rick Posmantur. STANDING: Jim Orlin, Julian Am- brus, Ted Pierce, Trum Cary, Peter Linder, Mr. Bird, coach. I I I 5 LEFT: Chris Adams RIGHT: Rick Posmantur LOWER RIGHT: Julian Ambrus j.v. soccer Gogi Cohen-Heads. Opponent bows in submission. Pete Jones, Chris Vogelsang, Bill Wadsworth, Gogi Cohen, Mark Kelley Steve Nesbitt, Chris Vogelsang ,K o Hoffman delivers the ball. George Hoffman. FIRST ROW: Tom Meyer, manager, Adam Lehotay, Tod Jebb, Kevin Campbell. SECOND ROW: Penn Starke, Chris Vogelsang, Rusty Franklin, Peter Linder, Billy Wadsworth. THIRD ROW: Mr. Ockerman, coach, Tim Secord, Gogi Cohen, George Hoffman, Billy Epes, Jamie Oppenheimer, Greg Vogelsang, manager. FOURTH ROW: Brian Wilson, Billy Ott, Steve Nesbitt, Tim Shea, Bob Cecilia. FIFTH ROW: Seth Crone, Peter Jones, Eliot Lazar, Harold Lippes. 162 T - .. f .:. 5 ' .. .. , , ' ' 'i Q K' ff. x. 1.7 'W ' ' I 'fn K ' ' SklpHamlll . , , Q- gee. . A Hamill deftly lays an elbow to opponent's neck. j.v. hockey J. - .7 x L.. ..,, V ---- V... H , in ,,, IN. H M .. -. 'N MM. v. . .. , ,VL I , Mile- if L. "X 'Z " ' A H 1 V Q , .. 1-'Me - ... r " ... .. ' "-""'-rw 'A M a " '59 e . 3. . 'fi ' ,E U . 3, - .fi - . -,r:,pqf:,, - M5 ,e.,,.,., . A , , . ... - . e f , ,V NJ . W V ,,,.w,, . ,ii J-Y-. elif ' .. FIRST ROW: Bill Wadsworth, Mark Kelley, John Eaton, Ray Weil, Mike Bob Cecilia, Chris Vogelsang, Mr. Kearney, coach. THIRD ROW: Skip Kennedy, Pat Langom, Chris Adams. SECOND ROW: John Lehman, Hamill, Pete Butzer, Warren Schintzius, Rick Kraetz. manager, Pete Linder, Doc Bagley, George Hoffman, Barney Walsh, Left wing's moves put foe on ice. Warren Schintzius Defenseman handles opposing brute. Doc Bagley - 163 j.v. basketball FIRST ROW: Mike Wilcove, Harold Hodges, Joe McGrier, Tim Ma- son, Eliot Lazar, Vince Barber. THIRD ROW: Greg Leslie, Pat Shields Ioney, Rick Brodzik, Mark Ehrenreich. SECOND ROW: Mr. Brown. GOI'di6 Gar1r10I'1. Kevin D0yIe. Gerry Przybylski. Dick Nlelzer. coach, Greg McNamara, Paul Ricotta, Ed Wick, Joe Trimboli, Tim Pax- -2 lx? A 'li,f'f ' ' V l Q . .L : "I can roll the ball if I want!" Harold Hodges, Jim Carroll Wick out-jumps opponent. Ed Wick, Joe Trimboli, Greg McNamara 164 j.v. wrestling Hubbard reverses weakening opponent. Carl Hubbard Reilly breaks hold. Dennis Reilly ,.........-Y V4....es4g.-05.-QCP' FIRST ROW: Eric Hahn, Charles Swanekamp, Randy Carlson, Dave nis Reilly, Phil Miller, Bob Hubbard, Ken Anderson, Mr. Cockerill Gruen, Tom Frizzell. SECOND ROW: Mr. Waltz, coach, Paul Lee, Den- coach. 165 freshman football FIRST ROW: Greg Stevens, Doug Hamill, Tom Frizzell, Eric Hahn. SECOND ROW: William Fan- ning, Dennis Riley, Dwight Hopkins, Paul Ri- cotta, Dave Tokarczyk. THIRD ROW: Mr. Waltz, coach, Al Bellanca, Vince Barber, Dave Alexan- der, Dick Melzer, Gerry Przybylski, Mr. Pac- quette, coach. FOURTH ROW: George Hawk, Ed Wick, Brian Cromwell, Bill Steck. FIFTH ROW: Tim Paxson, Tory Williams, Greg Leslie, Pat Shields, Don Beckstein. FIRST ROW: Tom Braun, Chunky Holland, Pete Jones, ilton, Bill Epes, Dwight Hopkins, Tim Shea, Tory Williams, Tim Burke, Steve Nesbitt, Mark Liebman, Tod Jebb, Doug James Smith, Tim Secord, Bill Fanning, Rick Hayden, Hamill. SECOND ROW: Mr. Feiring, coach, Doug freshman hockey Ham- Seth Crone, Doug Rait. fourth team track FIRST ROW: Charlie Masterson, Tom Herrick, David Alfano, David Maghran, Tim Secord, Bob Hubbard, Kim Wettlauffer, Sam Gurney. SEC- OND ROW: Carl Yerkovich, manager: Chris Scheu, Willard Uncapher, Steve Holland, David Alexander, Gordie Gannon, Bill Cromwell, Bob Anderson, David Parker, Mr. Sayenga, coach. T lf if gun-0 4 ef-Q -fins ff: 'i I . - T K ' , , 3 " gm, ,W,ltgg???Y,, .Z 3-W 1.i,r:Q, La k 1 1 5- 1-Lil' W Ei fy FIRST ROW: Tom Braun, Adam Lehotay, Tim Shea, Al Lynett, Brad RanDaccio, Tad Roach, Bill Fanning, Bob Bellanca, Eliot Lazar, Ed Wick, Kurt Holme, Steve Nes- Wells, ChuCky H0llaFld. Brian AIWGSYSOD. John Cliff0fd, bitt, Dave Anthone, Todd Jebb. SECOND ROW: Tom Bill Newell, David Gales. Nlr. Ohler, Coach. fourth team baseball 167 fourth team tennis KNEELING: Carl Goldfarb, Doug Hamill, Dogan Per- Dick Melzer, Doug Rait, Tory Williams, Rob Buckley ese, Doug Hopkins. STANDING: Mr. Johnson, coach, Peter Jones, Tom Meyers, Mrs. Warner, coach. fourth team soccer FIRST ROW: Gordy Sears, Mark Dower, Bob Spier, Tim Dillon, Carl Goldfarb. SECOND ROW: Doug Doolittle, Tom Collins, Peter Cutler, Chris Scheu, Vince Moravec, Steve Marlette, Mr. Kim- berly, coach. THIRD ROW: Mark Moran, Clint Ivins, Richard Franklin, Charles Gurney, Peter Crosby. FOURTH ROW: John Egan, Neal Fatin, Martin McMahon, Dave Parker, Hugh Siegner. 168 ,.,..t....1.., Q L . fourth team football FIRST ROW: Brad Gates, Tom Hanavan, David Lansky, Peter Graves, Bill Newell, David Heath, Peter Marlette, Carl Todoro. SECOND ROW: Brian Dillon, Brian Anderson, David Gates, Harry Dent, John Giardino, John Clifford, Tom Lynett, Mark Stovroff, George Smith, Brett Greenky, Charlie Collura. THIRD ROW: Mr. Tobin, coach, Doug Pfieffer, Jim Koch, Tom Alfano, Mike Do- lan, Brian Cromwell, Brian Davidson, Nelson Montgomery, John Hettrick, David Anthony, Mr. Truscott, coach. FOURTH ROW: Tim McCIive, Sam Galeota, Tad Roach, Tom Newell, Brad Randaccio, Randy Fling, Brian Breneman, George Hambleton, Kim Wettlauffer, Nick Miller, Dave Harrod, John Linder, Rip Kinkel, Cabby Tennis, Bob Auxburger, John Courtner. FIRST ROW Phil Barth Paul Gaughan Brad Ran- Dave Alexander, Tad Roach, John Frolick, Bill Newell, daccro Stu Jones Carl Todoro Marty McMahon Tom Mr. Felser, coach. STANDING: Bill Huffman, David Alfano SECOND ROW Randy Fling Brian Anderson, Heath. fourth team basketball 169 H9909 'J9ll4O 'JW 39NIClNV.LS '19M '-Ulbl '0UlDJ0!9 UUOI' 3MOH GNOOBS 'J9NlJ9d DIAHCJ 01919109 U90 '91l9l-IEW J919d '5l0!J119H UUCP '19U59!S 'PUUIIOH 9ll91S '119Ql!O SUMO 'DJOLUIO ULl0f' 'l19UK'1 LU0.L 1.l6nH lepul-I uuop 'IGB-IUD-I dgg 'sailing :ated 'Jegnen 'lteumg seueug 39199 pgfxeg 's1leM11aqoH :M05 13515 Aeqooq Lueel q1Jno,l TPR- Rf' x, CZ ' 4 . ll Q 170 - Q fifth team hockey . ut. 1 FIRST ROW: Peter Crosby, Brian Cromwell, Kim Wettlauf- fer, Neal Fatin, Clint Ivins, Cam Brown, Doug Pfeiffer. SECOND ROW: John Giordino, Tom Flickinger, John Courtner, Steve Marlette, Jim Hettrick, Pe- ter Cutler, Nelson Montgomery, Bob Murray, Ben Campbell. STANDING: Mr. Kimberly, coach. FIRST ROW: Kevin Cullen, Dave Wilcove, Peter Klein, Geoffrey Flickinger. SECOND ROW: Ed Hoak, Brian Maghran, Jerry Sultz, Ben Loenthal, John Frolick, Ben Mann, John Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Judd Weiksnar, Peter Rait, John Graff, Avery Knox, Keith Dunlap, Skip Cornelius, Mr. Fel- ser, coach. FOURTH ROW: George Hurley, Bruce Horton, Jeff Street, Steve Holland, James Levi. -f, - --.I - .lf . ,, , . , FIRST ROW: Jim Dillon, Tim Butzer, Dennis Perese, Doug Jebb, Sean O'Conner, Bob Morsburger, Steve Ambrus, Carl Henselman. SECOND ROW: Don Dudley, Dud lrwin, Dewitt Ivins, Fred Rogers, Kingman Bassett, Greg Dower, John Loonsk, Harley Spiller, Don Notman, Ted Marks. fifth team soccer THIRD ROW: Mr. Waters, coach, Grovy Potter, Charles Epes, David Adams, Ward Urban, Jim Nolan, Bruce An- derson, Mark Coley, Jim Clifford, Bob Brown, Mr. Kearney, coach. sixth team hockey 171 S 9 seventh team hockey FIRST ROW: Nelson Bassett, Steve Yaffie, Peter DiRose, Harry Dent, Steve Fox, Tim Cullen, Doug Batt. SECOND ROW: Mr. Waters, coach, Jeff Light, Hugh Ftuss, Rick More, John Moran, Bob Stuart, David Teach, Peter Rait, David Street, Bobby Fryer, David Stuart, Mr. Kearney, coach. 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Ambrus Mrs. Owen B. Augspurger Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. .Alfonso V. Bellanca .Joseph Biltekoff Richard J. Buckley .Thomas W. Burke Hazard K. Campbell Charles Cary Carl A. Cecilia L. John Clarke Herman Cohen James M. Cole Compliments ofa Friend Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Cowper Dr. and Mrs. William R. Cromwell 178 Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. .James M. Cranz, ll .William P. Cranz William Fl. Dann and Mrs. Adrian F. Dedecker, Jr. .Harry M. Dent, Jr. . David C. Diefendorf Arnold E. DiLaura Edward A. Dunlap, Jr. J. N. Walsh and Norman Duffield Co Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Badgley A. Elmes Frank G. Evans and Mrs. James S. Fanning Neil R. Farmelo Melvin A. Freed E. K. Fretwell, Jr. Elmer R. Gabrieli Samuel B. Galeota Gordon Gannon, Jr. Vincent M. Gaughan 179 and Mrs .Irwin A. Ginsberg and Mrs. Harold L. Graff and Mrs. Fred T. Greene James H. Grieves and Mrs. Charles L. Gurney, ll and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Melvin I. Hamill Jean George Haar John P. Hayes Robert B. Hayward Thomas B. Healy, Jr. Peter Hebborn Eric L. Hedstrom, Jr. Edward L.bHengerer, Jr Ralph E. Henrich Richard O. Hopkins and Mrs. James G. Hurley and Mrs. Edwin M. Johnston, Jr. J. L. Kahle, Jr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Kelley 8 Mrs. David Kennedy and Mrs. and Mrs. Edmund Klein Tadeusz Kmiecik 180 and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Seymour H. Knox, Ill David J. Laub Louis Lazar Joseph C. Lee John J. Lenahan, ll Norman B. Lewis Jack Lippes Herman P. Loonsk David J. Mahoney, Jr. Edward N. Marlette D. Bruce Merrifield Donald Lang Miller Eugene Fl. Mindell Richard E. Moot and Mrs. Welles V. Moot and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Frederick E. Munschauer, Jr Peter C. Newell James W. Oppenheimer Albert N. Orlin Karr Parker, Jr. 181 and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Robert J. Patterson Dogan M. Perese Frederick S. Pierce Kenneth J. Plants Albert V. Randaccio Anthony J. Renaldo William S. Reynolds and Mrs. Charles P. Rogers and Mrs. and Mrs. Peter C. Santin Howard T. Saperston, Jr and Mrs. Vincent Scamurra and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Leonard B. Schintzius Randolph J. Seidenberg Allan W. Siegner Robert E. Shea George Graham Smith Graham Wood Smith Richard P. Starke E. W. Dann Stevens Clarence A. Straubinger and Mrs. Thomas A. Street and Mrs. Harlan J. Swift 182 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Talley Mr. and Mrs. Hector L. Todd Mr. and Mrs. George J. Trimper Dr. George L. Tritsch Mr. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Richard H. Wadsworth Edward F. Walsh Philip B. Wels .T. Paul Weiksnar Henry S. Wick Ralph H. Wilcove .John A. Williams Ray P. Whitman Howard L. Wolfsohn Dr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Yerkovich Dr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Young, Ill 183 Compliments of THE COUNTRY CORNER 3384 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y. 836-2071 "CLOTHING FOR TODAY'S WOMAN . . ." Your Shoppe Keeper - BRUCE RABOW BUFFALO'S MOST TALKED ABOUT SHOPPE! 4525 MAIN ST TF 91715 LEWIN-M EYERS CO. Qeahw 184 OUTSTANDING VALUE! N,lL.l!, 185 QIIIEIII MOTOR TIRE 81 ELECTRIC CO., INC. WESTERN NEW YORK'S OLDEST 84 LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF MAJOR BRAND TIRES Manufactured By FIRESTONE GOODYEAR UNIROYAL GENERAL B. F. GOODRICH CTWO LOCATIONSJ 1350 MAIN ST., NEAR UTICA PHONE: 884-9422 870 BROADWAY, NEAR FILLMORE PHONE: 896-0133 3454 SHERIDAN DR., NEAR SWEET HOME PHONE: 837-2602 Integrated Ceiling Systems LERCH-HUBBELL INC. Agents and Distributors for Steel 84 Aluminum Building Products 495 Aero Drive P. O. Box 128 Buffalo, New York 14225 C7163 634-6470 186 To the beloved Snake: May you rest in peace -D.Fl.C. p.d.t. MG with a little help from 1 'oo my friends Great maldo yes pi?- F fl if A PLUQ, IN A. p if I Jr' Q l l Best Wishes to the Classes of 1975 and 1977 Every kind of Sportsman knows IJIIIK FISIIHEIYS the greatest! s. M eir Mm? DICK FISCHER e Your SF FREE harge Q S max: 699 Main Street. Buffalo, N. Y. Thruway Plaza ain Street, Tonawanda. N P- . at we X' X W 7 Vx' , v ,f ' xv fe5t 1,5 eil J 1 ss' li i .. v Aug H ECTOR'S HARDWARE 81 PAINT COMPANY HERTEL AVE. BRANCH Complete Line of Builders Hardware Tools - Housewares - Paint- Glass Hot Water Tanks - Vanities Buffalo, New York 14216 838-2700 GOOD MOR INGS start with the BUFFALO COURIER-EXPRESS Compliments of STAR RING MANUFACTURING COMPANY ROBLIN INDUSTRIES, INC Congratulations to the Class of 1971 The first step is now behind you. As you take another, always remember that Nichols is your school. Visit her often. Support her always. October 5, 1970 Nichols School Scholarship Ball Proceeds for Scholarships: 32,466.20 The Nichols School Alumni Association 191 MA.IOR'S MEN,S Sc BOYS' WEAR INC. JOSEPH PALANKER 8. SONS 695 Main St. East Aurora,N N. Y. 14052 FURRIERS 852-2560 80 West Genesee Buffalo, N. Y. 14202 Ah R ,SIg1JE 1 REEY o9-875-B400 The Most Trusted Dealership on the Niagara Frontier "The Old Reliable 'C . . L A 192 FAS!-NGN PCDLL '71 Most Popular Place to Shop . . 9 ' 998 Broadway ' Boulevard Mall ' Seneca Mall ' Thruway Plaza ' Broadway Home Sfore ' Home Furnishings City, U.S.A. lElmwood at Herfell 193 CROSS COUNTRY Congratulations on the Interstate Victory KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! . 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Buffalo, New York Artificial Ice Rinks Installer of Nichols School Hockey rinks 194 6omp6menfA o mm. Janie oligman Eridcoff AMHERST CableVision OFFICE 8L STUDIO 602 GROVER CLEVELAND DRIVE AMHERST, NEW YORK 14226 195 THE RACING TEAM Gopher Man Huff Timo fphoto by Maurice and Miecik Pervy Aug Hur Naldo fwuth a lnttle help from Naldob COMPLIMEN TS OF Charles and Michel Holland 196 RAYMOND E. KELLEY, INC 33 MAIN ST. ,BOWMANSVILLE, NEW YORK EXTERIOR BUILDING RESTORATION 197 Compliments of MARLETTE PLATING CCMPANY TH RIFTY RENT-A-CAR in the Howard Johnson Motel CQMPLIMENT5 across from QF the Airport A 634-5990 Genesee St. Wm. Franklin Ed Atwill Armstrong-Roth-Cady Co., Ina GENERAL INSURANCE Telephone 854-7800 930 MARINE TRUST BLDG. BUFFALO, N. Y. 14203 Charles M. Epes C. Morgan Epes, Jr. David H. Eslick Lavern C. Frey 198 COMPLIMENTS OF ' fewmg Ifwffem New York - 9 GIANT DISCOUNT STORES - 6 COMPLETE SUPERMARKETS TO THE CLASS OF T971 FROM KLINCK BROS., INC. STANLEY STEEL SERVICE CORPORATION BUFFALO 0 ROCHESTER 0 SYRACUSE 0 ERIE DISTRIBUTORS OF COLD FINISHED STEEL BARS X l A -. S- X x Modern Warehouse . I " 3 - 1 at 1612 Wllham Street, P O Box 236 I E' Buffalo, N. Y. 14240 , 2 522533 Il :em 1, IPII TX 3-8292 usif15agEEn.2" 200 A CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL NICHOLS GRADUATES, STUDENTS, AND PARENTS OF THE BOYS. 5175 BROADWAY LANCASTER, NEW YORK 683-9300 633-3334 COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHERN DEMOLITIO N INC. 201 JOHN P. HOFFMAN INSURANCE 81 MUTUAL FUNDS JOHN HANCOCK LIBERTY BANK BUILDING CHIP PICKERING, C.L.U. Insurance MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE 400 Genesee Bldg. Buffalo - 852-I700 Buying from RAY WEIL is Worthwhile" RAY WEIL CHEVROLET 1135 MILLERSPORT HIGHWAY AMHERST, NEW YORK 837-7600 Chevrolet-Nova-Camaro-Corvette-Trucks 202 Ted Shiek Chris Peter Peter Greg John Warren compumems or Middle-Meadow Golf and Country Club "Home of the K. G. C." Our 55th Year Building 0 Engineering METZGER CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION GENERAL CONTRACTOR Builders of Moot Science Building 8t Squash Courts of New Gymnasium Specializing in industrial, commercial and institutional construction. New plants, additions, remodeling, alterations and maintenance. PHONE 684-1300 2570 WALDEN AVENUE BUFFALO, N. Y. 14240 203 i Dry arder Hardness is just one Luxall fea- ture you can rely on. Our paints for metal excel in corrosion resist- ance, adhesion, chemical stabil- ity, finish coat appearance, hide- ability . . . you name it! Let us help you protect and enhance your product. NATIUNAI. MANUFACTURING CORPORA'l'ION 116-ssz-sooo sux 189 ToNAwANnA, N.Y. 14150 COMPLIMENTS OF ' BOB BARTON OLDSMOBILE Lockport, N.Y. 204 Your livin textbook- As fast as this modern world changes, you read about it in The Buffalo Evening News. Add strength to your knowledge of impor- tant local, national and world news by read- ing The News every day. BUF F ALO EVENING NEW in The Pacemakers iagara Frontier Bank of evWork Buffalo Sf Orchard Park A member of The Bank of New York Company, Inc. fMember FDIC IA Full Service Bank 205 H U NT REAL ESTATE CORPORATION 3189 DELAWARE AVE.-876-3024 4140 MAIN STREET-832-4838 47 W. HURON STREET-854-5943 "Our 59th Year" Compliments of UNITED ALLOYS and STEEL CORP. 41 Hannah St. Buffalo, New York Edward Linder 856-6969 SENECA MALL ' THRUWAY, SHERIDAN, NORTHTOWN PLAZAS Downtown 514 Main Sl. Bulfalo, N. Y. 14202 Wm Mark Kelley shows Madame "X" the Finest Assortment of Men's Accessories and Furnish- ings in Buffalo. Berger's downtown store and conveniently located Plazas are the home of America's Most Famous Brands. 207 TRIBUTE mind and soul of a sweet honeydew, patience of a fine wine, dedication of a lingering kiss, smoothness of a fog covered lake at dawn Steve Clem and his family. . . the tickle under your ribs, the peanut butter in your cookie, and the carrot in your boot. May Judy and Adam always bask in the sands of good health and better fortune. Assistant Editors- Arnold DiLaura George Hoffman Ad Manager- Mark Kelly Art Editor- David Gates Photo credits for the senior index and the Delaware Park essay: Jim Allen, Peter Brady, Clint Brown, David Clarke, Jake Dann, Mike Elmes, Gib Hedstrom, Mike Kennedy, Tom Seamans, Greg Vogelsang. Captions: Joyce and Tolkien Cover design by David Mindell l X .Nl acknowledgements .n'f"" ' .ci , Lift dv t e , J N if , si ' X " V ' K .tp at ,if ' . A. - ,Y V- ,- ' , A, ,Ag , ,V , X-1 -ll Pl' I I' , -' i V x gf K f I K V1 .,.' X 1 V Q . . u I 2- 1 F' "F .J fry, laik' ' fi . X Vt ' i - -, wr X- iv g W ,K Ht' ' ' ' Fx 'K' E A ,S , Q its ' '. ' J, 4 e- -ny A .' 1 ., 'A'lW'iif Y A: ks 'Tilt if 'Q if I Ji ' A .4 g ..4, . I xy J" . ki 'J X I " V - is-V 6 3 G 'bvll 5 ' . ,ii .. . ll , if . ' 1 xx it , ,.,k K i XL U ft '- . 'F D ' ' ' A ., ,TM Q r I . ' U ,Q V ff ' . Q G V' 'V E 'i ' I. 'ze X' 3'f,.,, 1 ' 6' -PI III,-1 -1 , , ,I ,,. I u - .f,.Ti.f . -.n L' "H -,,- I, ,l I 'LI' .Ir In , ,I . I .I I...I .iw I 1 f T'-ff 1- TI -WF 'J' . I. . -,II , its ' ,z.' n I . . I -.-I . 'M 1- 1 I.. I. . . ..n ,. , , ,W-' I , I ,I ,I -. II ,II .-. fr- -. u, ' ' I' ' ' .- 4 . 1, n H: I. 7 qu-.I-A A 4- ' 1 ggi n ' . " . -A 1' fun, W 1 N y HE: I.: l. 4 'il -'L q ' wg i - r' , .n - x -uv' 'K 'f i V I' I - A 5' n I I. ,, I. II I I 5: 1--L ., 1' .- 14' , I I' 'I 'EI-1I1,I -A . I I . . I-I ' 1?-, ,. . - ,, I 'I V I - ' "i'TE..51 1 4' .. "' I ' -' IIs3l'I' -Af I ,III'f.I!R",II Q Sgr VIII: - H ' II A I ' ' .rf-.' "L wif' - I?In" .24 ml "H: A " .I - I- .F " . 1 9561" I. ,Qu 'Q ' I L. . - 'I " A ' 11.-. "til I-Qf"'5, ' I I Iw5"AI.' .wiv . v!II,I ' ':I. -,- 1 -iq.g.I,I.. ' i' ' l , In I Ii- , I 1 . -,i- ' ,J' f I . .II I. . . . I. mf -' 'A g...'I ' -. '. ., " 'I Y gf' - -.III 7.15. ,I P ' "- ,, -'h-',I":' It ,!". ,, WI' I, I-QV. 'r f HI Jn- jI',.:4l' '. qs ' 'IQ ' I 4" -' . I., It.: . . IIIIIII-ri I III, I If I I I- wt- A: v. --- A I if - :,.I1 5-gm. I.III II 5 I I II . - Hu A I 5 .fr- X 'H 51 . 24"-" 1i'AnF'! IL I Ile ' "" 'u I lr 1-5 1 . Zu" F 1- lan .I .-, I, Pr- NI. T-A with -I, . 'Alt 1 I In .r -I, le, Ll -- I: . -. 1 ' HI f .'fI QI- I . '- .Q -IK- IIII,I I 'iv-I I g v- ii I I In v nt I . II. n III III-I .- III II .ru . I .' 'I' 'l 'Ein' .lim .' 4 ,thxra ' ' f- : : IH- . I YI YJ"I:.w I n., tm I 3. I , . I .I ' I' ,If IW-ef. -':'.'rl"" ' ' 'QQ -R , ,- X - .. v - . il f H. - 7 - . KI ---.I If . 5-:I f- '- '+' 12' 'A '

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