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., 1 1 4. ., xx .' A , '. ' xv ' f J ' ' , 1 X 1, pb-.-xp . ff Nx f X ,X I. ,Inn 1 .-M.-.i.... ' 5. xmas f , - V r .'f..'M 1 . .wa K '. A ' . ' 1 . f f 'f -.,,1v , uns ,r 1: if g, A5-4,1 E ' 1 QE? .mln- '-his www ff? X 'I' .. , A i -sena- YTP LN-Y ,gun-M.. 1051515 Wi pug, x, 1 --QJW ,- N . , L, v 4 V MN, 7,2 ,Q ,,- You are about to read a book whose value to you will increase greatly with the passing years. Twenty years hence, it will serve as a magic carpet to transport you back to your halcyon high school days. These write-ups and pictures of your teachers and classmates will serve as a key to open the door to scores of nostalgic memories -a door that the fleeting years will have locked. This yearbook can hardly be appreciated now, but knowing how much it will someday mean to you, we of this year's staff proudly present to you- The 1955 VERDIAN DAVID LEE SHIRE-Editor-in-Chief LAWRENCE MAXWELL LEVY-Business Manager EDWARD HOLMES ZANDER-Advertising Manager Tl-IE VERDIAN IQ55 NICHOLS SCHOOL I" Published by the Sfudenfs of BUFFALO, NEW YORK VOLUME NUMBER FORTY-F VE g A 4 CONTENTS .Ask M' 5 Q 1 DEDICATION .............. SCHOOL CALENDAR FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION SENIOR CLASS .,................,.,.,........ UNDERCLASSES .....,........,. HONORS AND AWARDS ....,...A A TYPICAL DAY AT NICHOLS ACTIVITIES ............................ ATHLETICS ...,..,.,.,. ADVERTISEMENTS .,.... v .lf FQIAQ-I 9, fi" ,fv- jl7,Q,,,,,- X-f", Fi aff? 4' f.. -pdl .L ti A u" .F, ffm I D E D ICAT I O N AUSTIN McC FOX Scholar sportsman and gentleman Austm MCC Fox has served Nlchols School tirelessly for fourteen years Has sound lnterpr tatnons of the luterature he so tastefully chooses for hrs students make has classes a umque Intellectual expernence Hrs renowned athletuc ablllty has won hum the admiration of the Nlchols tennis and squash enthusiasts whom he so ably coaches The Semor Class proudly dedlcates the l955 VERDIAN to a man whose achievements assume an even finer luster when one conslders the quiet unas summg manner rn which he has accompllshed them 15 SCHOOL CALENDER 19541955 SEPTEMBER Formal football and soccer proctrces begm rn 1950 9 9 W ew 1953 95 1954 no comment or Whew 9 Ohoo' Where s the Tuff Sk1n'J lt looks lrke a long hard ear B t s1r nobody grves tests on the second day' Soccer snows Allendale under wrth rmpressrve score 1 O OCTOBER NOVEM 22 24 25 28 Soccer wrns N1ght lrghts at Olean blrnd football team lgood excuse N1chols edges out DeVeaux 10 O rn soccer Grrdders f1ght through Hurncane Hazel to beat Cranbrook 12 6 Soccer team gone wrth the wrnd Pork orange dyed green by booters 4 2 Sweet revenge on W R A 26 0 Gee we lust couldnt aet started Shorty G E S Nerther could soccer OO Davrsmen blast W1ll1omsv1lle 61 Teams to U S and back Trorn strangely quret an return BER Playt1me at Allendale 400 and 60 Tr a arn next ear sonn opponents Boaters over Gow rn rough battle 3 0 Dr Dornberaer of Bell sends us lnto outer space rn a gurded m1ss1le Shadysrde lynched at pep rally Sock flop fa ls to hop lmpressrve vrctones drsplay teams power rn Leaaue 350 21 Presentrng Freld Marshall Vrscount Montgomery Here he comes There he goes' Somebody goofedl Grrdders gurgle rn aook to 120 vlctory No rest for the weary Home o study Exams You sure you drdnt rve me the wrong one? Thanksgrvrng vocat1on Rest for the weary DECEMBER h ras Illustrated lecture of several s1m1lor monthly exhtbrts and talks Swordmen stab U B 9 8 Touchel Football and soccer teams honored B season y ars' Feet fly at fall ete lmpressronrst School rmpresses us Furs Hockey makes hrstory by flyrng to Prrnceton Taft and outdoor rrnk defeat hockey 32 rn double overtrme Consolatron Tournament too easy to an Senror reunron at Orosven r well vacatronl Alumnr es n oc e Eats non vrctor meal afterward JANUARY 24 28 The Very Reverend Phrllp McNa1ry reopens school land our blaodshot eyes strrrrng talk on New Years resolutrors Senrors head for bed after hondrng rn hrstory papers Nrchols Allendale and defeat 77 7B College Boards Conferences wrth P B about P G course next year Dr Murray Yost penetrates the deep dark recesses of the mlnd wth talk on psychratry Basketball team slrnks home rn shadows after losrng to Park 54 50 Hockey gl1des to 53 vrctory over Oakwood Flood of bluebooks hrts school and hrts hard as we hrt halfway mark trouble wrth St ndrews rn osketball 6241 Hoc e s 30 oss defeat rn anyone s eyes FEBRUARY 4 Vrctor Peacock makes f1fth graders squeal wth hrs hrlarrously funny o 18 25 MARCH drawer entertornment llf you want to know look rt up yourselfl Jorvrs over Nrchols 32 Trme out for tears Hockey dance Genn Mller admrtted free wrth date Plttsburgh crowd lrn camels harr coatsl drstracts cagers tn overtrme SSA wrns 4946 Forest Hrlls drowns sorrows after 5 4 setback Holnday because of Honest Abe and Old Georae Bless thetr souls ey wrns 62 r e lrnge rn mau o Park repard 75 70 99th element added Junlor School Gleonerete lnternatronal Chrmneys swept 7 5 Talk on Columbra Forum and Basrn Streetl by two drstrnaurshed senrors B Sabol and Mr T Erg m Basketball trounces UTS 62 37 Hockey loses real heartbreaker 54 College Boards agarnl PG applrcatrons relected Navy gets the rav but the Army gets the senrors Sh re o un ll have 1t done by dea me Mr Cond1t leads thesprans to success the lrmelrght Repeat performance followed by dance Verdran goes to press Agarn rest for the weary 19 J . 2 o S , 7 - -- I g 1 51 Huglt-I 20 ' los to B-ball, 60-57, a d h k y, 41. - ' y 152, " h N, , U, , l '- A MUGUIA If ' 501. gg U A ' Y ' 3 wrlh 1 . l 24 , , V A - U I 4 . . . , 4 1 7 , I I I A V I . . 1 J, 17 . , A 1 :Z 'A T - , . g I8 ' . , , y g ' . l ' 21 - . X I 1 tt 29No ' .A 'b ,-. ry fl-no 26 A, . , V I y ,- I . 30 . . . ' A . 1 ' ' 1 p- 5 ' , - - - Y 9 ' Y . rl 5 - - - I A 1 A r 6 Junror School undefeated 1n seven, w1n last 31-O Total 209 to 12 for 9 Gleaner Out: two 1551195 ll'l5 Ycafl 11 ' ' - . . - l ' TQ V J I 12 Q , ., . 12 ' . 1 , 1 ' - 13 ' ' ' ' H I . I . I 18 Q - , 16 ' 1 - . . . ' S - - A - V 25 Ridl ' , - . Bitte last of d1rt still ' rs 1 ths f all. 20 ' ' N - A . . t - ' ' . , 3 - ' I , 4 1 , - . 11 s l W ' , 1 Mr. S 1 ' ' on ' . ' f Mr. . . . ' h y. ' ' . 11 . . ., A . , - . 3 . ., - . . 12 ' , , . ' ' ' . g y, 4 . est in e . ' . f . 14 "Oh, 1 , g r up a tree! l ' dl 16 ' 1 . 17 . ' ln . 17 , - , ' ' , 1 18 . . 21 . ' . 6 l ! Mfyw .qanw "W , ww 1 11-'51 2 fifnm ,jfig wi V 4 gzpg' , law 4 .fy p-.. V... THE FACULTY Frrsf Row Messrs Kleuser Hayes Boocock Verrlll Glliesple Second Row Messrs Pedersen Gerorcl Suiter Sessuons Burdrck Gull Fox Brody Shnrcs Stevens Broome Thfrd Row Messrs Wofermon Turcoff Cockroft Ohler Seomons Johnson Anderson Smith Dovus Berst 8 was ua--fwxv 'w . ,.- 4, ff,-vw.:-0 . 11' M -Q , - W-,. ff . . . . ., ,- , 5 ' 1 1 1 1 - 5 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 FACULTY PHILIP M B BOOCOCK Rutgers BA Headmaster ENGLISH DEPARTMENT RAY M VERRILL Bowdoin BA Harvard MA AUSTIN MCC FOX Unron College BA Harvard MA NORMAN A PEDERSEN Princeton BA G PETER SHIRAS Yale BA GEORGE E STEVENS Princeton B A Unlversrty of Buffalo MA HISTORY DEPARTMENT MILLARD SESSIONS University of Buffalo BA Harvard MA Institut des Hautes Etudes lnternatronales Unrversrty of Geneva Geneva Swrtzerland Certuflcat LATIN DEPARTMENT RONALD S DAVIS Unrversnty College of Wales at Carclrlf B A MATHEMATICS D EPARTMENT ROBERT A GILLESPIE Monmouth BA WILLIAM BURDICK Cornell BA MERRILL E CONDIT Dartmouth BA DEPARIMENT OF MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES ALBERT R SUTTER Unrversrty of Buffalo BA Colurnbna MA DONALD M COCKROFT Bowdoin BA Mrddlebury MA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL SCIENCES EDGAR E ANDERSON Columbia BA MA PAUL A SEAMANS Unrverstty of Buffalo BA DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS DONALDL WATERMAN Harvard BA HAROLD N GERARD Unrversrty of Buffalo BEd DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC KENNETH C GILL Unnversrty of Buffalo Julluard School of Musrc JUNIOR SCHOOL PLINY H HAYES III Yale BA Assrstant to the Headmaster rn charge of the Junuor School FRANCIS P J BERST Manhattan BA PHILIP BRADY Unuon BA Unlverslty of Buffalo MEd C ALLAN BROOME UHIVQTSIIY of Wales BA GUY JOHNSON Duke BA CHARLESI KLEISER Lehrgh W RICHARD OHLER JR Yale BA DANIEL J TURCOTT State College for Teachers BS - - 1 1 - -1 ' I l I ' " 1 ' ' . , . , . ., . . - 1 1 - -1 1 - - D I I ' I . l . , , . . . , , . . 1 1 I 1 - '1 S 1 ' - . , , . , . , , . . 1 l I 1 ' -1 1 ' '1 A . I T I I I I ' ' 1 I I 1 I A 1 W. Yale. Muglf Djredgf, , , ' ' ' , . .,M.A. n , ' I I I ' 'I I 1 , I V n . . , , . . 1 1 - '1 1 - - 1 1 ' ' 4 I - I I I i . , , . . , , . . . , . . , I . , . ., . , . . . , ., , . . . , . , . ., I , . . . , , . . 9 STAFF 19541955 PHILIP M B BOOCOCK PLINY H HAYES III Rutgers BA YALE BA Headmaster Asststant Headmaster ADRIAN W SMITH Busrness Manager MRS MARGARET E WILCOX Assistant to the Treasurer FRANCES M MATHIAS Executive Secretary MRS RUSSELL SCHURR Dretrcran MILDRED J STICKNEY Assistant to the Secretary MRS CHARLES H STEWART Lrbrarran JOAN C IRLBACHER Assrstant to the Secretary GEORGE C BRADY M D JAMES R SULLIVAN MD Consulting Physrcrans BOARD OF TRUSTEES 19541955 EUGENE F MCCARTHY Presrdent NEL SON T MONTGOMERY Secretary THOMAS W MITCHELL VIcePres1dent JOSEPH L HUDSON Treasurer Term Exprrrng June 1955 JESSE C DANN HAROLD M HECHT JOSEPH L HUDSON THEODORE G KENEFICK EUGENE F MCCARTHY CARL N REED DR WILLIAMF LIPP Term Exprrrng June 7956 Term Explrrng June I957 HENRY W COMSTOCK CHESTER O GALE DUDLEY M IRWIN HUBERT L PERRY LARS S POTTER RT REV LAURISTONL HAMILTON H WENDE IO SCAIFE WILLIAM C BAIRD DR WINFIELDL BUTSCH ROBERT E DILLON HOWARD KELLOGG JR THOMAS W MITCHELL NELSON T MONTGOMERY DAVID A THOMPSON . . , I , . . , . . . , . . , - 1 f 1 . , . . , - 1 . , . . . , . . . , , I ' 1 ' - 1 I 1 1 V . , , ,.w,,,,,....-4 Mm ,J I ' W A. WHL ' ,f j, I I 1 1 .l S Unable to attaIn an easy success the Class of l955 has compen ThIs class has produced IIS share of outstandlng students and THE SENIOR CLASS I shall always remember the class of T955 for theIr warm frlendltness and good Splfll They have had a dlfftcult posItIon In the order of classes as they have marched through the years for they followed the class that mrght be known as the great Innovator The present class found the Innovatlons to theIr llklng but faced the somewhat more dIffIcult task of establlshlng and Slfenglhenlng these new developments so that they mIght grow Into true NIchols tradItIons They have had a unIty of Splfll and purpose that has left IIS effect on the whole school They have glven us excellent teams IH football soccer and hockey although It IS unfortunate that the competttlon they faced In two of these sports prevented them from fully tastlng the frurt of VICIOFY Academically theIr record has not been an outstandIng one but wIth the exceptIon ofa few they have been an Industrlous and serrous group They have made a contrIbutIon to NIchols that has been sIncere and as the SenIor Class of the school they have provrded the leadershIp that IS so essentlal for the welfare of the student body PHILIP M B BOOCOCK sated by an admlrable dogged perslstence In pursuIt of Its goal of growth toward Intellectual maturIty I flnd It a great pleasure to work Wllh students of such rare QUOIITICS of sweet reasonableness and even temper A class That Fortunes buFfets and rewards Hast ta en wIth equal thanks RAY M VERRILL Wuthout a doubt the spIrIt of the Class of 55 has changed In theIr last few years at NIchols One sees thIs GVOIUIIOD ID theIr acceptance of the VerrIll Doctrlne In theIr growIng Interest In the Intangtble and In theIr responslble OllIlUd6 toward Nlchols To achleve fully thIs attItude of Intellectual maturIty the Class of 55 of HSCSSSIIY has had to overcome a mocktng attItude and a spIrIt of petty lealousy learned from some of our predecessors at NIchols For theIr un faIlIng and sympathetIc gutdance IH helpIng us achreve thIs changed attItude we shall long be grateful to the headmaster and all the members of the faculty .IOHN WADSWORTH athletes as have Its predecessors The characterIstIc of the Class of 55 that has Impressed me IS Its WIIIIDQHESS and cooperatxveness Thus class has made for a happy congenIal atmosphere In and out of the classroom It has conscIentIousIy performed Its tasks Gentlemen It has been a pleasure MILLARD SESSIONS Even last year the two fold lob of the Class of l955 was mapped out It concerned personal Intellectual growth and better school admlnlstratton One can count at least a score of Indtvlduals who In the last year have developed a startllngly mature Intellectual curI osIty and a thIrst for knowledge Instead of merely a d6SIf6 to memorlze for a test The foundatlons for a llberal educahon have been laId ThIs class has also supplIed the sIncere Interest and cooperatlon necessary to carry on and Improve such baslc Innovatlons In school polIcy as the student proctored study halls and new approach to the problem of dIscIplIne JAMES HOWARD , . 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 r ' 1 , .1 . . , . 1 . .. , - . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 I . THE SENIOR CLASS Frrst Row James Warner Penn Watson Thomas MacArthur Lawrence Levy John Wadsworth Olrver Jones James Howard Theodore Putnam Norman Wilson Richard Hamlett Walter Malschoss Edward Zander Phullp McNa1ry Second Row Robert Gorskl Thomas Rumsey Walter Hoftman Dale Skoog Robert Zeller lrwln Kletter Wnllnam Harder George Truscott Danforth Rogers Chauncey Maguire Mlchael Wells Tracy Perry Wyndham Eaton Thrrd Row Darvrn DeMcrchl Harvey Putterman Burton Sabol Robert Thomas Rlchard Fischer Thomas Elghmy Raymond Empson Robert Spntzmuller George Lockle Stephen Kellogg Rlchard Narnns Mules Bender Fourth Row Bruce Block John Cryer Waldron Hayes Davud Shure Wulllam Zacher Jerry Burns Thomas Webb I3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 - MILES DENNIS BENDER Born: February 26, 7937 Entered: September, 7948 ln 1948, Miles brought his quiet, courteous manner to our class and to Nichols. The following year he began his career as a powerful football lineman. His physical fitness and ability have assisted him in his climb upward to the varsity teams. This year Miles helped give the varsity eleven the depth and support which are always necessary for a victorious team. During the spring season he may be seen driving hits on the diamond. Miles also manages to incorporate the Glee Club into his heavy scholastic schedule. During his three years as a vocalist, Miles has used his vibrant low voice as a leader of the small bass section. Next year in college, Miles will major in economics. Football squad '55, Glee Club '53, 54, 55 BRUCE BLOCK Born: February 7, 7938 Entered: September, 7957 When the class bell rings, a blurred figure can be seen streaking across the quadrangle and disappearing into the confines of Mitchell Hall. lt's Bruce, who has remained after physics class arguing over one of his scientific hypotheses. But these creative thoughts are not in vain, for Bruce obviously is one of those destined to build that "better mousetrapf' Anything that is an adventure intrigues him, from extracting and mounting a dog skeleton to the art of trick-photography and a journey to Mexico on five-minutes notice. Despite his apparent restlessness and preoccupation with the esoteric, Bruce has one of the easy-going and care- free dispositions of the Senior Class. Happy journey next year, Bruce. Soccer squad '52, '53, team '54, Squash team '54, '55, Charities Committee 55: Forum '55, Math Club '54, '55. 74 Q, JERRY ROBERT BURNS Born: September 73, 7936 Entered: September, 7954 Last fall Jerry Burns, an Irishman with a big Irish grin, came to Nichols. With his good humor and congeniality, Doc started winning friends from the first day he graced our campus, and he became a part of Nichols life with no trouble at all. But a knack for making friends is only one of Doc's assets, for he has made quite a name for himself on the athletic field. Love of sports, natural coordina- tion, and just plain hard work have brought him success on the gridiron and on the basketball court. Furthermore, Jerry plays the guitar in several bands and has appeared on radio and television. If genuine good-nature and sincerity are any criteria for success, Doc can't miss. Football team '54, Basketball team 55. JOHN WILLIAM CRYER Born: August 74, 7937 Entered: September, 7947 With trusting optimism, Trey decided to face the rigors of Nichols life eight years ago, Endowed with tremendous enthusiasim and spirit, he joined the elite circle of cheerleaders and subsequently became one of the finest Nichols has produced. Not content with striving to create organized uproar on the sidelines, Trey also wished to reveal his athletic ability. The result: soccer and varsity hockey in 7955. As a member of the Dance Committee, Trey used his powers of organization to help plan and carry out the successful Fall Sports Dance. Among a class of sartorially significant seniors, Trey often flaurits an extraordinary ward- robe of mixed chartreuse, fuschia and Scotch plaid. We are certain that Trey will be noticed at St. Lawrence next year. Soccer squad '54, Hockey team '55, Track Manager '55, Dance Committee '55, Glee Club '54, '55, Cheerleader 52, '53, 454. 75 . ...em ,,. ,A M 7 1 fr DARVIN ALBERT DeMARCHl, JR. Born: November 26, 7938 Entered: September, 7957 "Hey Darv!" shouts a senior from the Newsroom door, but no response is heard, tor Dee, cracking the whip over a battery of News writers, seldom has time to spare. As Co-editor ot the News this year, D. D. has done a superb iob- no surprise when one considers his richly creative mind, fine organizing ability, and his almost irksome ability in always writing what's right on those Tuesday morning English themes. Even with the tough iob ot running the News, Mr. D. has found time to spend three years in the Nichols Glee Club and ably head the Green Key Committee this year. Darv, with his boundless energy, is sure to be a success on the Yale campus. Tennis squad 53, '54, team 55, Manager 55, News staff, 54, Co-editor '55, VERDIAN staff '55, Green Key Committee Chairman 55, Glee Club 53, 54, 55, Forum 55, Cheerleader '52, 53, '54, Math Club '53, Study Hall Proctor 54. WYNDHAM EATON III Born: November 78, 7936 Entered: September, 7947 Spirited soccer, aggressive hockey, and phenomenal pole-vaults are this talented lad's contribution to Nichols athletics. For his agility and enthusiastic play, Wyn was elected captain of this year's soccer team and given a starting berth as the hockey team's center. Last spring, Wyn set his mark permanently in our athletic records when he vaulted a record 77'9". This spring again saw him star- ring as the track team's pole-vaulter supreme and as an 880 relay man. Wyn, be- sides being a member of the Three Sport Varsity Society and the Athletic Council, served the underclassmen as a member at the Freshman Orientation Committee and a study hall proctor in the Junior School. Williams will welcome this per- sonable athlete. Honors '45f Soccer team '53, Captain 54- Hockey team 54, '55- Track team 54, '55f Freshman Orientation Committee '55. 5 76 r rig., 511 THOMAS HARDEN EIGHMY Born: .lune 22, 1937 ' Entered, September, 7951 To scan multitudinous themes and choose unerringly the most appealing for our literary journal is a task to tax the most critical of minds. Tom's appoint- ment to the coveted Gleaner Editorship and his success in that post stem from a superb verbal aptitude and writing ability, the prime assets of an English scholar-par excellence. Tom generously shares his talents with the News as its Alumni Editor. As a freshman, Tom surprised the school by winning the General Information Test, an unprecedented feat for a third former. Not only a scholar, Tom is an indefatigable representative of the Charities Committee. With his im- aginative mind, subtle humor, and solid scholastic ability, Tom will become an educated engineer at the college of his choice. Soccer squad '54, Track squad '54, team '55, News staff '54, Alumni Editor '55, Gleaner Editor '55, Charities Committee '53, '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55, Forum '55. GEORGE RAYMOND EMPSON, III Born: August 2l, 7937 Entered: September, 7952 "Fifteen, ten, five-he's over for his third T. D. today!" booms the loudspeaker with gratifying regularity. The eighty yard kick-off return, the quick drive for the basket, and a deer-like 220 won for this nine-letter man the captaincy of the track team and both the Jack James Football Trophy and the Lehigh Track Trophy. But many are unaware of Ray's achievements off the field. A superior student, he frequently achieves honors, a popular leader, he is on the Student Council and ably heads the Dance Committee, and as a sophomore Ray won the Yale Award for "outstanding character and scholastic performance." Along with a certain poet, we too can "say to all the world, 'This was a man'!" Honors '52, '53, Yale Award '53, Lehigh Trophy '54, .lack James Trophy '54, Student Council '55, Football team '52, '53, '54, Basketball team '53, '54, '55, Track team '53, '54, Captain '55, Athletic Council '55, News staff '53, '54, Sports Editor '55, Charities Committee '52, Dance Committee '54, Chairman '55, Glee Club '54, '55, 17 fr? 3 3.1 t . TL . 4i LM, 44 ., , .mf A '57, 1 A I I? 64 .5 " L, Q-1, , .. if ,,-,S im,- DAVlD ALLEN FELDMAN Born: June 2, 7937 Entered: September, 7952 When Dave entered Nichols in the fourth form, he brought with him a distinct sense of humor and a propensity for argument, which he employs to good ad- vantage in the impromptu forums that frequently develop in economics class. A good student, Dave especially excels in math, his favorite subject. His athletic career was unfortunately cut short by a leg injury this year, however, in his junior year, he won a major letter in track, the shotput being his forte. ln the winter, Dave lends his acting talents to the Dramatics Club. Judging by his ability with hgures and his practical outlook on life, Dave is sure to go far in the field of professional accounting which he chooses to make his life-long career. Track team '54, '55, Dramatics Club '55. RICHARD SAMUEL FISCHER Born: July 37, 7937 Entered, September, 7947 Since the fifth grade, Dick Fischer has scored constantly in all the activities of school life-scholastic, athletic, and extracurricular. Scholastically he has made a most creditable record: honors or highest honors for eight years straight! Athletically, Fish has utilized his natural coordination, his scoring punch, and his desire for victory to become a nine-letterman. High scorer on the hockey team as a junior, Fish won this Year's captaincy, along with the most valuable player trophy. Moreover, Dick is a familiar figure on All-Interstate League soccer and baseball teams. ln addition to these scholastic and athletic achievements, Dick's rnultitudinous extracurricular activities show a truly remarkable versatility. Lucky the college which gains this tricky puckster! Highest Honors '48, '49, Honors '5O, '57 '52, 53, 54, Brown University Trophy '54, Soccer team '52, '53, '54, Hockey team '53, 54, Captain '55, Baseball team '53, '54, '55, Athletic Council '54, 55, News staFf '52, '53, '54, VERDIAN stal7 '53, '54, '55, Charities Committee '54, Dance Committee '52, '53, Freshman Orientation Committee Chairman '55, Cheerleader 52 Study Hall Proctor '55, 78 ,Q ROBERT JOHN GORSKI Born, August 5, 7937 Entered: September, 7957 "l want all you boys to support your team! Where is your school spirit?" Thus ends another of Bob's postprandial forensic displays. Such untiring enthusi- asm as this has made Bob an extraordinary team manager-able to build spirit for and within the team. His apparent aversion to the study hall has caused some comment-but we know that he sacrifices, without hesitation, his valuable free periods either to correcting football polls or to typing the myriad articles of the News. Neither snow, sleet, nor tons of homework have kept him from fulfilling his appointed tasks. Bob's eager and complete cooperation, so cheerfully given, has made him a great asset both to Nichols School and the Class of '55. Football squad '54, Basketball Manager '55, News staff '53, '54, '55. JOHN RICHARD HAMLETT Born: July 74, 7937 Entered: September, 7950 ln 7950, quietly, almost unnoticed, John Richard Hamlett began his stay at Nichols. Throughout the years that have followed, Dick has remained calrn and self-possessed-the boisterous, the angry, the frenzied seem foreign to his nature. This fall, determination and spirit earned Ham a berth in the Wharton line. After a winter in the rugged atmosphere of Ward's Gym, Hammy moved into the fresh air and sunshine to run middle distance for the track team. OH the athletic Held, Dick aids the Dance and Charities Committee and uses his mellow baritone to harmonize with the Glee Club, We have it straight from Dick that next year at college he plans to continue spending his week-ends discussing world affairs with his classmates. Football squad '53, team '54, Track squad '53, Charities Committees '52, Dance Com- mittee '53, '54, '55, Dramatics Club '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55 79 ,rf-Q. an e , -3 ,, sf x -,K Z .ff X S Ng.. an WILLIAM HARTMAN HARDER JR Born November 9 7937 Entered September, 7957 When a tied together Model A coughs to a stop enveloped in a cloud of smoke and a lanky six footer eases out chances are its Bill Harder One of our easy going seniors Willie has learned to take the knocks of life with good natured acquiescence The Helping Hand has always shown a sincere desire to succor one and all his classmates the faculty and his friends in the front office Both the Glee Club and the soccer team have been recipients of Bill s paternal ministrations A veteran racqueteer Bill gives steady support to the squash team in the winter and the tennis team come spring Bill s desire to help others and his evenness of temper will make lite easier for all who come to know him Squash team 55 Tennis team 54 55 Soccer Manager 54 VERDIAN staff 55 Hockey Dance Committee 55 Cvlee Club 53 54 55 WALDRON STANLEY HAYES JR Born April ll 938 Entered September l95l What' Last year he gave us a full page ad' This familiar moan comes from Terry Hayes the able Advertising Manager of the Nichols News as he bewalls a loss of revenue. Terry s enthusiasm for whatever activity he undertakes is not only evidenced by his noteworthy career on the News but also by his four years as a stalwart baritone in the Glee Club his four years as a star of the Dramatics Club and his two years as a persuasive member of the Charities Com- mittee-what a record! And as if all these accomplishments werent enough last fall Terry became temporary tenant of the football managers office. By virtue of his amiable nature and capacity for hard work Terry is sure to meet with success at college. Football Manager '54, News staff '54, Advertising Manager '55, Charities Committee ' , ' 4, ramatics Club '52 '53 ' ' , Gee u ' '53 '54 '55, VERD staff '55. -.Af At Qs? 4' fi yy an KEITH STANFORD HERBST Born: April 23, 7937 Entered: September, i954 As a one year man, Keith has made his contribution to Nichols School primarily in the field of athletics. ln the fall he donned football equipment for the first time in his life. Starting at the bottom, but improving every day, he soon supplied the team with that reserve strength so necessary in the daily practices as well as during the game. For the past few years, Nichols track teams have lacked one link in their otherwise strong chain-a good miler. This year at last, Keith filled that spot, to the gratification of all those interested in track and field events. Keith's placid nature will be as much appreciated on the college campus as it has been by his friends at Nichols. Football team '54, Basketball squad '55, Track team '55. WALTER DIETSCH HOFFMAN Born: March 3, i938 Entered: September, l95i The third form year brought us lanky Wally Hoffman. Shining brightest in his junior and senior years, Walt earned great prominence as a hardeworking student and Solid athlete. For two years he has been a member of the football, basketball, and baseball teams, acting as captain of the cagers last winter. As President of the Athletic Council, Wally was among the initiators of the Three Sport Varsity Society. Endowed with a rich baritone voice, he has graced the Glee Club ranks for four years. His sense of responsibility and qualities of lead- ership made Wally a natural choice not only for a study hall proctorship, but also for a post on the Dance Committee. Walt will be Dr. Hoffman someday. Football team '53, '54, Basketball team '54, Captain '55f Baseball team '53, '54, '55, Athletic Council '54, Chairman '55, VERDIAN stat? '55s Dance Committee '54, '55, Glee Club '52, '53, '54, '55, Study Hall Proctor '55, 21 JAMES LEWIS HOWARD Born: June 9, 7937 Entered: September, 7957 "Ask Louie," is the usual reioinder to many an anxious question concerning anything from football to physics. And Jim has more than amply iustified this trust in both his mental and athletic prowess. His uncanny attainment of honors every year since his entrance in the third form has gratified his teachers and amazed his classmates, while his accumulation of eight major letters in three years on the varsity football, basketball, and baseball teams has made him a favorite of coaches, players, and rooters alike. Jim's classmates recognized his superlative leadership when they elected him President of both the fourth form and Senior Class. His never-failing modesty in the light of his superior ability will make Jim a welcome personality at any college. Highest Honors '52, '54, Honors '53, Class Officer '53, '54, President ol the Senior Class '55, Student Council '54, '55, Football team '52, '53, '54, Basketball squad '53, '54, team '55, Baseball team '53, '54, '55, News staff '55, VERDIAN staff '55, Charities Committee '52, '53, Hockey Dance Committee '54, Glee Club '52, '53, '54, '55, Forum '55, Study Hall Proctor '55. OLIVER PERRY JONES Ill Born: December 27, 7937 Entered: September, 7957 Leadership, scholastic achievements, a lengthy list of extracurricular activ- ities, six varsity letters, and a nice guy-What more can you ask? Yes, we're talk- ing of O.P., Vice-President of the Senior Class. Quite a versatile fellow, as one can see, Ollie is a member of the Math Club and Charities Committee, Art Editor of the VERDIAN, and recipient of an Honors prize last year, a fitting reward for his diligent study. Ollie is equally prominent on the athletic field, as proved by the number of varsity "N's" he has amassed in his few years stay at Nichols. With his most pleasant personality and ability to get things done expediently and correctly, we will not be surprised to hear of Ollie's future success. Honors '53, Vice-President of Senior Class '55, Student Council '53, '54, Soccer team '53, '54, Basketball squad '53, team '54, '55, Tennis squad '52, team '53, '54, Captain '55, Class Officer '54, Athletic Council '55, VERDIAN Art Editor '54, Charities Committee '53, '54, Math Club '53, Cheerleader '52, Study Hall Proctor '55. 22 STEPHEN KELLOGG Born: September I5 7937 Entered: September I947 It takes a certain intangible quality perhaps doggedness to stagger suc- cessfully through eight years of rigorous Nichols training. Steve is one of the few originals of the class who has made it. And somewhere along the way he acquired an enviable moth aptitude which later won him the secretaryship of the Math Club. Steves genuinely cheerful personality and social savoir-faire made him an obvious choice for the Green Key Committee. In athletics he has started for both the soccer and the tennis teams for two seasons. As Co-circulation Manager for the News Steve performs creditably under the ceaseless pressure of the varied activities. Steve plans to major in business administration in college. Honors '5l, Soccer squad '52 team '53 '54, Tennis team '53 '54 '55, Squash team '55 News staff '54 Co-circulation Manager '55, Charities Committee '52 '53 '54, ,ff I 5 I' 'Ei -:nf ' deadline. Membership in the Glee Club and Charities Committee round out his I -if ' '. if , , , , QM l Green Key Committee '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55, Math Club '54, Secretary, '55, Study Hall Proctor '55, IRWIN STANLEY KLETTER Born: December 22, I936 Entered: September, l95l When Irwin came to Nichols four years ago, the class of '55 gained a keen wit and affable personality. Irwin, better known as Sonny, better known as Bowie, although one of the more easy-going members of the class, nevertheless devotes much of his time to school activities. He has been a determined member of both the football and basketball teams in addition to putting the shot for the Big Green in the spring. Bowie's firm belief in "spare the rod and thus the child" has made him a very popular lower school study hall proctor. In today's pessi- mistic world, Irwin's optimistic attitude toward pressing problems will do much to lighten the burdens of his future acquaintances. Football team '54, Basketball team '54, '55, Track team 55, VERDIAN stat? '53, '55, Study Hall Proctor 55. R461 23 '?f,i.l:i. 5 ,,. ,, K ' 'Q f E 44' 'F LAWRENCE MAXWELL LEVY Born: April 26, 7938 Entered: September, 7957 The year 7957 brought to Nichols one of our most active students. As Busi- ness Manager, Larry had the responsibility of handling the complicated financial affairs of the VERDIAN. Larry managed this position and all the others he held with great facility and a pleasant lack of officiousness. This year, he was also chosen a member of the Green Key Committee, on which he fulfilled his duties with his customary cheerfulness and amiability. ln addition, Larry was a member of the Glee Club, Forum, and Dramatics Club. His inexhaustable energy also led him to play varsity soccer. Although Larry's extracurricular schedule was an educae tion in itself, he found time to "hit the books" enough to achieve honors for three years. Honors '52, '53, '54, Soccer squad '54, VERDIAN staff '53, '54, Business Manager '55, Green Key Committee '55, Dramatics Club '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55, Forum '55, Math club '53, '54, '55. GEORGE NELSON LOCKIE Born: October 28, 7937 Entered: September, 7947 Eight years ago a chubby, black-haired boy came to Nichols in search of the great Tree of Knowledge, and for eight years he has waxed strong on its nourishing fruit. However, a few of us think that for some time now the Tree has assumed for our embryonic Einstein the stark outline of a telephone pole, for George's erudition in the field of electronics has bewildered his classmates and won him the respect of his masters. Telephones, radios, electroencephalographs -he builds them all. But electricity does not occupy all of George's time. As halfback on this year's soccer team, he helped spark the Green through one of its most successful seasons. Our expert in electrodynamics should give any college a charge. Soccer squad '52, '53, team '54, Squash squad '57, Track squad '53, '54, team '55, News staff '54, Gleaner Board '55, Hockey Dance Committee '55, Math Club '55, 24 THOMAS CARPENTER McicARTHUR Born: February 73, 7937 Entered: September, 7947 lt's hard to imagine the Senior Class without Tom MacArthur, whose delight- ful levity and sparkling witticisms have lightened the burden on many a tiring day. Possessed of a booming voice, Mac has put it to varied use in terrorizing Junior School study hall delinquents, amusing his friends with tolk ballads, and making announcements that at last can be heard. Besides being President of the Glee Club and Chairman of the Hockey Dance Committee, Tom has won three varsity letters in soccer, coached and captained the fencing team, and nimbly hurdled and high jumped to fame on the track team. His wit, self-con- fidence, and ingenuity in unexpected fields will amuse his college acquaintances. Soccer team '53, '54, '55, Fencing team '54, Captain '55, Track team '53, '54, '55, News stati '55, Hockey Dance Committee '54, Chairman '55, Glee Club '53, '54, President '55, Cheerleader '52, '53, Captain '54, '55 CHAUNCEY HATCH MAGUIRE Born: April 28, 7936 Entered: September, 7948 Whoosh-What was that? No, not the Green Hornet, just Chan in his green Ford headed for home after a hard day. Chan, so devil-may-care when cruising the countryside, is really a quiet, pleasant character when hitting the books. Apparently, Mr. Verrill's principles have had great ettect on Hatch as he has spent several summers relaxing in the Canadian woods. However, if one headed over the Bridge for Canada last summer, he could see a tall, blond figure in blue standing at the ticket booth-Collector Maguire, Nichols' answer to inter- national cooperation along our border. Conscientious is the word for Hatch, as those who try to hide in his back seat find out to their regret. Luck, Chan! 25 WALTER FRANKLIN MAISCHOSS, JR. Born: May 2, I937 Entered: September, I949 Since entering Nichols in I949, Walt has established himself as a hard-work- ing student and an adept athlete. In football, he is renowned for his precise centering, clean blocking, and hard tackling. Assuming the role of goalie for the hockey team during the winter, Maisch drew wild praise for his sensational net-minding, and when spring arrived, he stepped up to the pitcher's mound to hurl his specialties. Wally climaxed a successful career on the News' staff this year with an appointment as Co-circulation Manager. When he raises his voice in his study hall, quiet prevails immediately, for Walt has the respect of classmates and underclassmen alike. Maisch's conscientious effort and sense of humor will be appreciated on any college campus. Football team '53, '54, Hockey team '54, '55, Baseball squad '54, team '55, News staff '54, Co-circulation Manager '55, Charities Committee '54, '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55, Study Hall Proctor '55. PHILIP EDWARD McNAlRY Born: March 6, I937 Entered: September, 7950 Nichols football opponents would be amazed if they could see Captain McNairy off the gridiron. Phil, a rugged terror when turned loose on the football field, is in reality one of the most gentle and good natured members of our class. He'll always stand still while classmates cry on his shoulders. In addition to doing a fine iob as captain of football and as a miler in track, Phil, as a defenseman on the hockey team, has broken up more plays than we could shake a stick at. The Glee Club and Charities Committee have also benefited from Phil's generous and cooperative spirit. Nichols' fighting deacon will be a sure bet on the college campus. Football team '53, Captain '54, Hockey team '54, '55, Track squad '54, team '55, Charities Committee '54, '55, Glee Club '52, '53, '54 26 ALBERT LOUIS MICHAELS Born: June 20, 7937 Entered: September, 7949 "I contest that!" dissents the Sheu Room philosopher, affectionately known to his friends as Albie. A devotee of the ideals of Omar Khayyam and a possessor of the social savoir-faire necessary to put them into practice, Albie is widely acclaimed as the true sophistocate. Reservoir of a vast store of facts and past master at the art of debate, he uses his consummate skill to tie up every naive opponent whom he can caiole into a discussion. The Forum has proved the ideal outlet for Al's forensic talents. lWill M. S. ever be the same?l Always sedately attired in grey flannels, "rep" tie, and sport coat, Albie will be fondly remembered for his admirable understanding of the social graces and the ways of the world. VERDIAN stat7 '54, Dramatics Club '55, Forum '54, 55. RICHARD BRUCE NARINS Born: January 77, 7937 Entered: September, 7952 Dick has made his mark at Nichols since 7952. Possessing superior athletic ability, he excels in three sports. An able member of the basketball team for the last two years, he received a squad letter in 7954 and a maior letter in 7955. One of the best tennis players in the school, Dick has achieved the unusual distinction of winning major letters in that sport for three straight years. Dick's prowess on the golf links in local junior golf tournaments is well-known to all those who read the sports section in the papers. We are sure that Dick, with his broad smile and friendly manner, will go far in any f7eld he chooses. Basketball squad '54, team '55, Tennis team '53, '54, '55. 27 TRACY BALCOLM PERRY Born: October 29, 1936 Entered: September, 1947 Way back when the nucleus of our class was forming, one of the first to enter was Tracy Balcolm Perry-with a pair of skates tucked under his arm. As the years slipped by, Tracy and his blades moved along from form to form while the varsity hockey coaches smiled in anticipation. Ready for action in the fourth form, the hard-checking blue-liner became a mainstay of the varsity and so remained for three successive seasons. However, he does find time-between hockey, football, track, and studies to help out on the Assemblies Committee. Looking forward to an engineering major at college, Tracy will certainly continue to spend a part of the cold-weather months within the dasher boards of a hockey rink. Football squad '54, Hockey team '53, '54, '55, Track team '55, VERDIAN staff '54, Assemblies Committee '55. HARVEY PITTERMAN Born: April 21, 1937 Entered: September, 1951 Coming to us in 1951, Harvey has since been recognized as one of the steady and concientious members of the class both on the athletic field and in the class- room. Harve's drive and determination as he patrolled the backfield last fall earned for him the coveted varsity letter. Having previously served as a member of the VERDIAN advertising staff, Harve this year turned for his extracurricular activities to the Forum and Dramatics Club, where his histrionic talent found ready outlet. ln addition to running a study hall with the touch of a veteran, he helps collect for the Charities Committee. Harvey's rare ability to come out on top in a heated debate will stand him in good stead in the field of law. Football team '54, VERDIAN staff '54, Charities Committee '55, Dramatics Club '55, Forum '55. 28 LAM ur. W4 EI' THEODORE INMAN PUTNAM Born: September 7, 7937 Entered: September, 7947 Although voted Typical Joe Nichols, Tip is far above average in everything that's good. Few have equalled his enviable record at Nichols, fewer still contributed so much to the school. Since fifth grade, Tip has never failed to receive Honors for the yearllll. ln spheres intellectual, he has served both the News and the VERDIAN. After three years in the Glee Club, his faithfulness and enthusiasm were rewarded with the managership in his senior year. Besides his work on the Charities and Dance Committees, Tip has proved himself a stellar de- fenseman in hockey, a good football lineman, and a steady stalwart in track. Tip culminated his career by being elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class. lf this is typical-we must be good! Highest Honors '49, Honors '48, '50, '57, '52, '53, '54, Class Officer '55, Student Council '55, Football team '53, '54, Hockey team '53, '54, '55, Track squad '54, team '55, News staff '54, '55, VERDIAN staff '54, literary Editor '55, Charities Committee '52, '53, Dance Committee '54, '55, Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Manager '55, DANFORTH WILLIAM ROGERS Born: May 73, 7937 Entered: September, 7948 As the words "Ready set! Ready hike!" echo down the field, Rogers snaps the pigskin, demonstrating again the form that has made him one of the mainstays of the Wharton line for three years. Dan's drive and persistence on the football field is also shown in his other activities, for he most successfully inveigles funds for the Charities Committee from timid freshmen and procrastinating seniors alike. This year the News honored Dan by appointing him Exchange Editor, a position entailing the gathering of information from other schools and exchanging news- papers with them. Needless to say, Dan has done this job completely and faith- fully. Dan takes his place among a long line of kinsmen who have worn the Yale blue with distinction. Football team '52, '53, '54, Basketball squad '55, News Exchange Editor '55, Charities Committee '53, '54. 29 vs THOMAS LOCKWOOD RUMSEY Born: October 77, 7937 Entered: September, 7948 Nichols study hall proctors would be grateful it a few more students like Tom had learned that "Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." Without a doubt, T. R. is our most soft-spoken and reserved classmate. One might think that Laconic Tom would have gone unnoticed through his years here, but the contrary is true. Ever since the sixth grade, Tom has been growing in soccer ability until, in the last two years, he has become one ot the boaters' most valuable players. In many a tight spot, Tom's educated toe has blasted through the opposing team's defense and tallied. The baseball squad has also made use of his athletic prowess. We wish our "Quiet Man" success in all that he does. Soccer team '53, '54, Baseball squad '54, team '55, Charities Committee '54, '55. BURTON ELSTER SABOL Born: October 30, 7937 Entered: September, 7949 "I disagree with that,"-and so begins an exposition ot another facet of the philosophia saboliana, well-known to any Scheu Room visitor or Forum member. The News, VERDIAN, and Gleaner-all publish Burt's saner thoughts. As an Assemblies Committeeman, Burt has an opportunity to test his persuasiveness on reluctant speakers. Leading roles in the Dramatics Club for three years have proved Burt an accomplished thespian, Along with his histrionic ability goes a clear singing voice, a welcome addition to the Glee Club tor two years. During the spring months, Burt finds an occasional moment to take his eyes OH the tennis ball and watch the "birds ot the wilderness, blithesome and cumberlessn. Burt will ioin the Columbia Bird-Watchers while preparing tor law. Honors '54, Soccer squad '54, Tennis squad '54, team '55, News staff '54, '55, VERDIAN Staff '54, '55, Gleaner '55, Assemblies Committee '55 Dramatics Club '53, '54, '55, Glee Club '54, '55, Forum '55, Study Hall Proctor '55. 30 DAVID LEE SHIRE Born: July 3, 7937 Entered: September, 7957 "Man, that Shire can really swing. Look at him go!" Dave's talent at the keyboard is known throughout Buffalo, for his own band plays not only at dances, but also for radio and television. Naturally, Dave plans a music major in college. However, his practicing does not prevent him from regularly making honors. His preciseness and efticiency as o student have carried over into his extra- curricular work as well and have resulted in his appointment to the Editorship of the VERDIAN. But Dave is more than mind and music-witness his three years as a varsity cager. Along with these important activities go Dave's magic shows, public-speaking contests, and four year stint in the Glee Club. "Hey, Dad, rock those frantic quads next fiscal." Honors '52, '53, '54, Basketball squad '53, '54, '55, News staff '55, VERDIAN staff '54, Editor '55, Dance Committee '52, Glee Club '52, '53, '54, '55, Forum '55, Cheerleader '52, '53. DALE PARKER SKOOG Born: April 27, 7938 Entered: September, 7957 Nichols School has its types, and dapper Dale is the paragon of its well- dressed set. A Beau Brummel with button-downs and a wild man with a Windsor, he has managed meticulously to maintain his distinction as '55's best-dressed dandy. Apart from his cosmopolitan dress, Skoogie transports his lanky length to the hardwoods in the winter where his basketball know-how and impressive variety of classy shots lends polish to the team. Two years on the Nichols News advertising staff have instructed Dale in the ways of the successful business man. Skoogie will matriculate at Cornell next year to begin a career in medicine. Basketball team '55, News staff '54, '55, Study Hall Proctor '55, 37 E' ROBERT FRANK SPITZMILLER, JR. Born: August 27, 7936 Entered: September, 7947 An original of the class of '55, Bob has distinguished himself as the class financial wizard. His appointment as Business Manager of the News, climaxing four years work on the publication, has revealed his outstanding ability to balance books and handle figures. Result: this year the News stayed in the black. Besides donating his knowledge of finance to the Charities and Dance Committees in the past, Bob was one of the elite chosen to preside over a Junior School study hall. During his limited spare time, Bob may be seen grooming his steeds for the local horse shows, eager to accumulate more trophies and ribbons for his collection. Bob's sanguine disposition and high good humor will make any tough course at college bearable for his classmates. News staff '52, '53, '54, Business Manager '55, Dance Committee 52, Study Hall Proctor '55. ARTHU R ROBERT THOMAS Born: August 26, 7936 Entered: September, 7954 Locker room discussions, dull by comparison in previous years, certainly perked up when Bob entered Nichols. Possessor of a most paternal manner, "T" has befriended all at Nichols. Even funnier than "Dads" iokes is the exasperation of opposing football players trying to tackle a ball carrier with big Bob running interference for him. Bob's bone-crushing tackles earned him a berth on the All- lnterstate team this year. Every second period, "T" lugs his two hundred pound frame to English class where he appears to be in seventh heaven. Bob's iocular manner in the corridor changes to wondrous profundity when he begins to discuss the motives of Macbeth or the theories of Thoreau. We're sure that Bob at college will be as likable as he has been at Nichols. Football teom '54, 32 GEORGE BOSLEY TRUSCOTT Born: January 20, 7937 Entered: September, 7949 In 7949, a long, lanky lad with bright blue eyes and two-colored hair burst upon Nichols and has been startling us ever since. A fanatic follower of the Nichols flag, George may be found fighting wherever the banners lead, whether it be on the football or baseball field or on the hockey rink. For five years Bos has squeezed his classmates as he would a sponge, all for the benefit of the Charities Committee. In his spare time he makes music with the Glee Club. An integral part of the class, George will be remembered as long as the men of '55, He and Trinity will certainly make a fine pair next year. Honors '50, Football squad '53, team '54, Hockey team '55, Baseball team '54, '55, Charities Committee '52, '53, '54, '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55, JOHN MURRAY WADSWORTH Born: March 7, 7937 Entered: September, 7957 John Wadsworth was awarded the Dudley M. lrwin Scholarship for 7955 in recognition of his leadership, character, and contribution to Nichols. Vice- President of his class in 7953, President in 7954, and Student Council President in 7955-here is a leader! Classmates, underclassmen, and faculty alike appreciate his uncompromising integrity, his constant cooperation, and the democratic treatment he accords to all. His posts on the Charities Committee, the News and VERDIAN staffs, the football, hockey, and tennis teams, in addition to the herculean task of Student Council President-all give John clear title to "Done Most for Nichols". Stop here? Not John. Honors and highest honors round out his list of achievements. Next year Princeton will gain where Nichols loses. Highest Honors '52, Honors '57, '53, Dudley M. lrwin Scholarship '55, Class Officer '53, '54, President of Student Council '55, Football squad '53, '54, team '55, Hockey team '53, '54, '55, Tennis team '53, '54, '55, News staff '55, VERDIAN staff '55, Charities Committee '52, '53. 33 N-f..t4 'N-W. JAMES LAWRENCE WARNER Born: August 30, 7937 Entered: September, 7950 'Gimme that towel, you bird!" barks out of the hockey managers room, and the startled frosh flees in terror. Little did the poor lad know that here J. L. W. rules the roost. But under this grutt exterior beats the benign heart of one of the best-liked members of the class of 7955. As Chairman of the Charities Committees, he has completed most successfully one of the school's rigorous tasks-that of squeezing blood from the proverbial turnips. Also, Jim's work as Sports Editor has contributed to the success of this volume. Added to these, a term on the Student Council and a four year Honors record have made Ner's life a full one. lt will be fuller at Dartmouth, Honors '57, '52, '53, '54, Hockey Manager '55, VERDIAN Sports Editor '55, Charities Committee Chairman '55, Forum '55. PENNINGTON RICH WATSON IV Born: May 9, 7937 Entered: September, 7957 By nature quiet and reserved, Penn is nevertheless an ardent participant in Nichols life. He is one of those boys who unobtrusively contributes much to the school. During the past two seasons, Penn could be seen energetically "cracking" Mr. Davis's soccer ball about the field. This spring, he ioined Mr. Fox's raqueteers on the courts. Penn is also a conscientious collector for the Charities Committee and the possessor of a fine tenor voice, which melodiously supports the Glee Club. Furthermore, Penn capably shouldered a position on the News advertising staff. His perserverance and hard work made him a superlative ad-getter. By this manifold show of cooperation, Penn has made himself a true asset to Nichols. Luck to Penn at college. Soccer squad '53, team '54, Tennis squad '55, News staff '53, Charities Committee '54, 34 THOMAS EARL WEBB Born: December 24, 7936 Entered: September, 7954 Though a good deal of favorable publicity preceded him on the Nichols campus, Tom has lived up to every word of it and then some. At the late summer football practices his athletic prowess and keen sense of humor soon made him a favorite of all. During the fall, Tom's expert running, passing, kicking, and defensive play helped spark the team to an extremely successful season. In the winter, Webby helped the hoopers and then slipped into his track shoes to strengthen the cindermen. Tom, with equal spirit, attacked the difficulties of Nichols academic life and by perserverence won as great a triumph in the classroom as he had achieved on the athletic field. Bonne chance, mon vieux! Football team '54, Track team '55. CHARLES MICHAEL WELLS Born: January 2, 7937 Entered: September, 7953 Our subject of discussion, C. Michael Wells, came to Nichols in his iunior year and thus launched a short but bright career. He began by receiving honors his first month here and has continued raking in the good marks ever since. Few new boys have gained a berth on the hockey team, but "Miguel" belongs among these select few. However, this boy's forte is his baseball ability. ln a tight spot, one can always depend on Mike's superb fielding and good batting eye to pull the team through or disconcert the opposition. Captaining the team this year, he displayed a fine sense of leadership and responsibility. Who can doubt that Mike Wells will be a real asset to his college next year? Honors '54, Hockey team '54, '55, Baseball team '54, Captain '55, Study Hall Proctor '55. 35 Q x NORMAN LOUIS WILSON, JR. Born: October 4, 1937 Entered: September, 1949 Six years ago, a mild-mannered gentleman ioined our ranks and quietly discovered to us a remarkable talent for scholarship. By 1952 he had reached the ultimate in scholarly achievements, the award for the highest scholastic average in the school. The work involved in leading the class academically, you might believe, would hamper Norm's attempts to distinguish himself in other fields. On the contrary, the capable application of his iournalistic ability to the News, inevitably led to the Co-editorship this year. With his ineradicable smile, he has served on the VERDIAN, in the Glee Club, and as manager of the baseball team, with his unfailing good sense, he has helped guide the Student Council. Nichols School will surely be proud of Norm's continued success at Yale. Highest Honors '51, '52, '53, '54, Honors '50, Harvard Club Award '54, Student Council '55, Soccer squad '54, Baseball Manager '55, News stall '54, Co-editor '55, VERDlAN stall '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55, Math Club '54, President '55, WILLIAM HERBERT ZACHER Born: October 11, 1936 Entered: September, 1950 Slam! bam!-another opposing half-back is ground into the mud as he desperately tries to skirt Zach's end. The ball changes hands and Bill becomes the receiving half of that famed passing combination of Webb to Zacher, which completed seventy percent of its attempted passes this season. For play such as this, Zach was twice awarded a place on the All-Interstate team. Although loot- ball is Zach's favorite sport, he has also won major letters in basketball and track. A firm believer in Epicurean principles, Zach takes advantage of every opportunity to join the social swirl. A friendly, easy-going approach mask in Zach a fighting spirit which will stand him in good stead at college and in his engineering career. Football team 52, 53, '54, Basketball squad '53, team '54, Track squad '53, '54, team '52. 36 EDWARD HOLMES ZANDER Born: February 77, 7938 Entered: September, l95l Ted has the honor of being the first winner of the newly created Pierce and Stevens Scholarship, given for exceptional ability and interest in the field of chemistry. Reds mental aptitude and his avid quest for knowledge have helped him to gain this scholarship and rank scholastically among the highest in the class. In athletics, his eagerness and physical agility made him a stalwart fullback on the soccer team. A great deal of Ted's free time is occupied in fulfilling his duties as Advertising Manager of the VERDIAN. And who do you think moves all the furniture for the Hockey Dances? Red's ability and interest in chemistry will assist him in his pursuit of a chemical engineering degree in college. Honors '52, '53, '54, Pierce and Stevens Scholarship '54, Soccer team '54, VERDIAN staff '54, Advertising Manager '55, Hockey Dance Committee 55, Study Hall Proctor '55. ROBERT STUART ZELLER Born: January 24, i938 Entered: September, 7950 "But sir, you're not considering the tenth digit ot the co-eFticent of linear expansion," smugly remarks the boy in the rear of the physics class, who then proceeds to consider it. Quick thinking and plenty of study have enabled Bob to maintain a high rank in his class and Honors for the year l954. His under- standing of people have made him a capable Chairman of the Assemblies Com- mittee and Junior School study hall proctor, His charges bear witness to his being not only the "innocent flower", but also "the dragon underneath". A good man with a pen, Bob has contributed both to the Gleaner Board and the VERDIAN staft. Since his entrance in l95O, Bob has impressed us all with his forthrightness and sincerity. Honors '54, Soccer squad '54, News stall '53, VERDIAN staff '55, Gleaner Board '54, '55, Assemblies Committee Chairman '55, Glee Club '53, '54, '55, Forum '55, Math Club '53, '54, Cheerleader '54, Study Hall Proctor 55. 37 THE UNDERCLASSES THE JUNIOR SCHOOL The JunIor School has witnessed several InnovatIons this year An OFISDIGIIOD program for new boys helped to ease the straIn of the first days A room for art and visual educahon was completed and In the prInt shop a formIdable multIlIth duplrcator replaced the old press After a stIrrIng debate IH chapel by members of the Second Form Ives was elected governor of the Junior School The football team had an undefeated season and the soccer team beat DeVeaux When wInter appeared there was a tea dance run by the Junior CouncIl and the Glee Club sang for the alumnI Strong hockey and basketball teams downed almost all opponents In a season hIgh lighted by Fathers Day Furthermore on that day The Gleanerette climaxed the wmter wIth a splendld performance of MolIeres The MIser Wlth frequent and varled GCIIVIIIES coupled to the challenges of scholarshIp It has been a stImulatIng year PLINY H HAYES Ill THE FOURTH FORM GenIalIty and balance seem to be the keynotes of the Fourth Form Its members are almost unIversally good natured and affable They have a good sense of humor and seem to get along well with one another The balance of the form IS evIdent IH Its having an ad mIrable share of braIns athletic prowess and leadershIp Gblllly of humor and serlousness of Idleness and energy of naIvete and maturIty As a class the Fourth Form approaches the Greek Ideal of harmony and balance AUSTIN McC FOX THE FIFTH FORM The Class of I956 had the honor of belng guinea pIgs In an expenment to determIne whether fifth formers were capable of self dIscIplIne At mId year fifth formers who had received no demerIts all year were made non demerItable The expenment proved to be a resoundlng success and should be excellent traInIng for college lrfe The dIsparate IndIvIduals who have Ioined thIs class year by year have slowly coalesced to form the Class of 56 A good share of fine athletes and scholars are among Its ranks Perhaps when one thinks of thIs class In future years the first plcture to come to mind wIll be Mr Boocock standlng on the chapel platform readIng the hlghest honors lIst His readIng of three well remembered names has almost shIfts to thIs class we find them ready to carry NIchols forward EDGAR ANDERSON THE THIRD FORM The Class of l958 IS IU many ways a potentially strong class They exhiblt conslderable SGTIOUSDSSS of purpose and as a group show unquestioned loyalty to NIchols and all that It stands for The faculty has been Impressed wIth theIr wIll to succeed not only aca demIcalIy but In athletIcs and In all areas of school lIfe lt IS hoped that the class as a whole wIll lIve up to Its potentlal and make some outstanding contributions to the school PAUL A SEAMANS was launched with great hopes for future issues. The Dramatics Club become a Nichols tradition. As the burden of school leadership 1 'Z - I 40 THE FIFTH FORM Frrst Row Jack Lytle Davrd Laub Bradtord Congdon Gerald Goldstern Roger Barth Alan McCarthy Robert Battel Trmothy Norbeck Davld Chapnn Robert Berghash James Forman Andrew Purdy Edward Paul Second Row Jean Beyer Thomas Trlmble Robert Jordon Frank Wrnch Wrllram Genske Frederick Shepard Gllzford Salusbury Third Row Walter Jones Paul Bonn Mnchael Ryan Mrchael Flemmg Frederrck Pamton Norman Bednarcyk Paul Gudgel Robert Kruger Willard Pottle Lrnn Smuth Charles Ward John Debus Fourth Row James Carter Ruchard Yellen Eugene Moss Davrd Lev: Terrence Watson Frank Wltebsky David Donaldson John Wendler 41 I f 1 A 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 . I . ' I I I I ' : I ' I I - I 4 . I . I . . I Richard Gale, Jack Hellriegel, David Stewart, Myron Roberts, Van Ness Harwood, Carlton Kavle. I : I I I I 4 I l - I I I I I D I U F I I ' I I I I I J -I I I I Q I THE FOURTH FGRM Frrst Row Mrtchell Gratwnclc Maxwell Stachura Peter Boer Bryant McCarthy Peter Wachtel Wrllram Gomez Walter Glbbs Alan Nordstrom Robert McCormack James Cole Douglas Hohl Michael Hecht Robin Crosfleld Second Row Alexander Tasso Charles Smith Donald Bradley Ned McGrath James Hagadorn Roger Bakos James Greene Trum bull Rogers Cameron Ross Donald Pappas Edward Vallon James Corrln Charles Halpern David Wharton Daniel Donaldson Thrrd Row John Henry Frank Sprtzmuller Alan Oestrench Thomas Welmers Roger Plummer John Russ Stephen Kass Bruce Conover Alan Lapey Kenneth Fuhrmann Donald LeWrn George Sprtzmuller Laurence Relneman Roger Slmon Fourth Row Gary Becker Paul Nelson Robert Greene Arthur Rosenberg James Wadsworth George Morrls Kenneth Agostl Kenneth Parks Charles Kelly 42 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Q . . . 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . THE THIRD FORM First Row James Vogel Roger Muller Marc Comstock Taylor Kew Brewster Ward Steven Seeberg Kermit Relneman Dyke Wtllaams Jack Peek John Constantune Hugh Johnson Edward Mathlas Stuart Johnson Second Row James Sanders Henry May Davrd Butsch Wulluam Leed Robert Goldun Terr nce Hartnett Victor Rasser Murray Third Row Kenneth Kahn Howard Saperston Michael Weiner Robert George Hoover Banlcard Frank Ernst James Klmberly George Ostendort Robert Koester Donald Bums Peter Regan Wulluam Johnston Fourth Row Peter Morrlson James Lytle Frederrclc Wray Maurice Lutwack Paul TenHoopen John Matanle Thomas Doran Bernard Hamby Wllllam Prerce James Watson 43 Yost, Hugh McLean, John Chatsworth, John Greene, Alfred Buerger, Gary Grossman, Stuart Angert, Stephen Astman. : I I - I I I I I A I THE SECGND FORM First Row Mark Clement Peter MacMurtrle M1chaelTannhauser Colln Campbell Howard Benatovlch Robert Rrch James Cranz Richard Laub Kelth Alford Ronald Hoffmann Robert Keller Timothy Riggs Rlchard Flelschman Second Row Jeffrey Llnsky John Henruch Vernon Schaller David Thompson Joel Stoesser Ronald Crone Carter Trauster Davnd Barrett Charles Sellhelmer Peter Shabaclcer Daniel Kraft Edward Hand David Bankard Thfrd Row Robert Yost Peter Gannon Elbrrdge Spauldlng Davld Rumsey Davtd Babcock Donald Roberts Curtuss Siegel Curtis Wettlaufer 44 5 1 1 1 I 1 1 I : I I I I I I I I I I I I ' : I I I I I I I THE FIRST FORM First Row David Schulman Walter Empson John Richmond Alden Harwood Sheldon Benatovich William Beswick Michael Crane Second Row Jettrey Bonn Steven Biltekoff David Smith Robert Klepfer Douglas Learman Thomas Klepfer John Doran William Morey Joseph Mellor James Barrett David McCormick Norman Ernst Thomas Finn Third Row Robert Moeschler Charles Stephens Henry Nathan John DeMarchi Peter Wyckoff David Diebold 45 Richard Colestoclc, Clarence Littell, Andrew Peek, John Cheney, William Riley, Bruce Stoesser. THE SIXTH GRADE First Row Donald Whlte George MacDonald Harry LaForge Geoffrey Letchworth Grant Eshelman Wnlllam Cranz Christopher Reid Robert Williams Mlchell Haddad Arthur Vlctor Wllluam Levltz Walter Stafford Ronald Benderson Second Row Richard Adams Peter Parshall Ronald Cauley John Bohrman Arthur Roberts John Yochelson Paul Mooney Mzchael Benson Kevm Lewis Wllllam Franklin Andrew Flelschman Allen Spaulding Baldwin Smith Peter Rothenberg Rnchard Renser 46 , 1 . ,,, y -1, ' .- . K --- 'A -'.,.. ', "T. ' f' , , 'A Q- , - , l - ,n Q ff ,., X, - 1 -c, , -V a - , Q . ,. ,, Q ' 0. 1 S ' ' ,, ' A ' . 1 ,- . ' ' ' . . ' .' .K L A . -r 3 ,-,, .- .. . .. . 4 , , ., A .H -. .. 4 VE ,gs J. J , Q-.qw -, ' . - 1. 5 1 - - Y - P ' 'H . - A ' " ,' Q. ,gyfi-.V.f, .g , -s U . 11- , , ' ' , - ' ., . . A1 . -- K L I V K . rl ,T 7- 'E bf? , I, 5 A A , I ' - , A V 1 , 2. - , ' .11 , v' ,gi f -,ew . Y, -, ' ' ' ff .v ' . . 2 ' ' 'JW N 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I ' THE FIFTH GRADE Flrst Row Marshall Clmlon Jack Quackenbush Wllllam Cooley Rufus Meadows Robert Oshel Wrlluam Fuge John Sessions Wrlllam Loweth George Kellogg Davud Rlch David Desmon Second Row Douglas Rumsey Barry Williams Frederick Clark Frederick Eagle Stephen Clement Alan Kew Gregory Graham James Bankard Benlamln Johnson Davrd Lev: 47 K g Z 3 ,VV ix, N of VVS I V My Am fl , J ,I 'A A - t A L- I Q A I X -A nl v, 1, yy V it . ,b , I -1 1. . rf 1, s 1. . - . ' 5. w - , 4, V f M, ,T 'Wg ' 57.5 P F ' we 1, J ' ' ' ' f- 4, f 5 M A V", ' 'V ' 5 , V fg1f.Sf51rW7 r , , Q , w -"lg ,, I5 , ' ' e ' W' g - - . f ' f r A 1 2, .. X K 'H' rg, , .. . f. - 1 .- ,' - X . , 1.1 ..-'.'q. . " 'Q - .' 7 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Ft t Grade ll Form Fr t Grade Sixth Grad I Forn- Form HONORS Jumor School Hlghest Honors John Norman Yochelson Davld Wtnfleld Butsch Honors Richard B Adams Andrew Mlchael Flelschman Kevln Lewls Rnchard Maxwell Rleser Jr Peter Martln Rothenberg John DeMarchu John Edward Rnchmond Davld Oltver Smlth David Merrill Bankard Rlchard K Fletschman J Ronald Trant Hoffman Jeffery Lawrence Lxnsky Michael Peter Tannhauser Thomas John Chatsworth John Boland Constantrne Robert Carr George Hugh A Johnson J Hugh Charles McLean Charles Vlctor Ralser Michael Samuel Werner 19531954 lll Form IV Form Form VI Form Ill Form IV Form Form Form 48 Upper School Hlghest Honors F Peter Boer Charles Robert Halpern Alan Emll Oestreuch Davrd Saul Chapin L Davld Lev: Frank Gulbert Wltebsky James Lewls Howard Norman Lewts Wilson Jr John Cecnl Bates Jr Coleman Park Colla Thomas Penney lll Honors Wllllam Moran Gomez John Boyd Henry Allen Lapey George Craig Morris E Allan Nordstrom J Lawrence Sandford Relneman Arthur Max Rosenberg James Marshall Wadsworth Paul Vern Bonn Richard Archbald Gale George Raymond Empson lll Richard Samuel Fischer Ollver Perry Jones lll Lawrence Maxwell Levy Theodore Inman Putnam Burton Flster Sabol Davzd Lee Shire John Murray Wadsworth James Lawrence Warner Charles Mlchael Wells Edward Holmes Zander Robert Stuart Zeller H Fred Clark Franklin Crevlung Farrow Jr James Bladen Halpern Robert Martnn Nllson Henry Mel vm Porter Kalman Ruttensteln Davtd Joel Stern berg Robert Alexander Travis Alan Cameron Wal knnson Davld Charles Wood - I . , , U 'th : . : I ' I A V : , ' ' , . : - I 'I I , . 'th : A . , ' ' , Q I 1 J 1 -r . . , : r 1 . I I ' I r., , V f , , ' .: , . , r., r 1 , ' I I " I ' I I , . ll : , ' , VI' f . , ' ' , ., 1 - r rw , ' , D' T . . . 1 1 ' ' r r ' '- , , AWARDS I The Cum Laude Society G 9 C G 9 COLEMAN PARK COLLA THOMAS PENNEY III JOHN CECIL BATES JR HENRY MELVIN PORTER JAMES BLADEN HALPERN FRANKLIN CREVLING FARROW JR ROBERT MARTIN NILSON KALMAN RUTTENSTEIN Edmund Petrle Cattle Jr Award for Achievement Leadership and Influence Based on Character DAVID CHARLES WOOD Faculty Prtze for Promtnence In School Acttvtttes Other tan Athletrcs JAMES BLADEN HALPERN Harvard Club Award to a Junlor for Hugh Scholarship and Good Character NORMAN LOUIS WILSON JR Dudley M lrwtn Ill Memorral Scholarship to a Jumor for Past Performance and Future Promfse JOHN MURRAY WADSWORTH Alumni Cup for Promtnence In Athlettcs TERENCE CARNEY 49 9 G 9 6 9 9 9 e The 531954 Wtlltams Cup for Hrgh Scholastic Average wlth a Varsity Letter COLEMAN PARK COLLA Lehlgh Cup for the Hfghest Scorer on the Track Team GEORGE RAYMOND EMPSON III Yale Award to a Sophomore lor Outstanding Character and Scholastic Performance FRANK GILBERT WITEBSKY Rensselaer Award for Excellency ln Mathematlcs and Science COLEMAN PARK COLLA George Knight Houpt Prize for Prohcren y IH English Ltterature HENRY MELVIN PORTER McCarthy Award for Outstandlng Achievement tn the Way of L MAXWELL LOCKIE JR Headmasters Award for the Student who has Contr buted Most to the School durmg hrs Sentor Year THOMAS PENNEY III Tracy E Tuthlll Award for Excellence IH Mathematics COLEMAN PARK COLLA Htghest tn the General lnformatron Test HENRY MELVIN PORTER Htghest Boy tn the Upper School L DAVID LEVI . - Th . . . , . . . , Th ' ' , Th ' I I . . . I , , A Th ' ' ' bc ' ' ' . Th , - , , I Th ' ' ' Th t ' 4 A r A h Overcoming Personal or Scholastic DilTlcultles. I rt, ' 1 Th ' ' A I Th I . f . , . Th ' ' ' ' . ' ' . .lun .. 1 ', ,, ef h,!3,'ay , .J -'qv 31, 1 ' QF' Here we go again. TYPICAL DAY -,Z-',,... fill q1+ wt W W" xl sin B ustanllls 0 ne, tbfeey 4 nd We ffshe was th e greatest! f! va "Look al if And llre II Pat mid ,0 Mike Quiet reigns this way " A friend AT NICHOLS '12 need A friend 5,1466 d .Qs nm V+ um ,aw A fl uesiim' of fl SHPPW a nd Only iw fem left on this fmzff e irzvestlgauons Wk 050 got my ,di ". . . wends his weary way v Il 'These 50043 .on ,,,, Tfu f ss-QYQR n- A I Q l1lUl.Ul'Ilf.f 0 J A I R2 si iii eifm y M I MWM . ,pe f V Hamm JOHN WADSWORTH, '55, President RAYMOND EMPSON, '55 JAMES WARNER, '55 JAMES HOWARD, '55 NORMAN WILSON, '55 OLIVER JONES, '55 ROBERT BATTEL, '56 THEODORE PUTNAM, '55 ALAN MCCARTHY, '56 TIMOTHY NORBECK, '56 THE STUDENT COUNCIL The main purpose ot the Student Council this year has been the further development and soliditication of the student responsibility program, initiated on such a grand scale by lost year's Senior Class. ln a series of pre-school meetings, the Council selected committee heads and added new members. At this time, the members also chose the proctors for each study hall. Furthermore, as the year progressed, the Council maintained careful supervision over this important facet of student discipline and succeeded effectively in handling several urgent problems. This year, the Student Council gave the fifth form much added responsibility by placing upon their shoulders the duty ot being third form advisors. In picking out seventeen juniors for this work, the Council helped prepare these students for the responsibilities they will have to assume as seniors. One should measure the success ot this year's Student Council not only by its innovations, but by the capable and efficient manner in which it has cemented last year's changes into school tradi- tion. ll THE JUNIOR COUNCIL The Junior Council is the nucleus of student leadership from which the Junior School derives a sense of unity and esprit de corps. Its chief aims are to establish and maintain high standards of self-discipline and thoughtfulness for others throughout the school, to present the point of view of the students to the faculty, and to work with the faculty toward enriching the life of the school. The Council has, in addition, many special functions. The three members of the incoming second form, who have been elected the previous year by the entire school, form an executive committee which meets before school opens in September to organize plans for the coming year. The Council this year, aside from routine supervisory duties, played an invaluable part in the orientation program for new boys, worked hard to increase attendance at athletic contests, and gave a tea dance for the first and second forms. 55 'i f Z Z it 1 3 DAVID BARRETT, '59 MICHAEL BENSON, '61 MICHAEL CRANE, '60 WALTER EMPSON, '60 JOHN YOCHELSON, ROBERT KELLER, '59 RICHARD LAUB, '59 ROBERT RICH, '59 BARRY WILLIAMS, '62 '6I if .XA r. ? WALTER HOFFMAN, Basketball, President WYNDHAM EATON, Soccer OLIVER JONES, Tennis RAYMOND EMPSON, Track PHILIP McNAlRY, Football RICHARD FISCHER, Hockey MICHAEL WELLS, Baseball THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Athletic Council is composed of the captains of the varsity teams and the captains for next year as they are elected. Its chief purposes are to strengthen the morale of teams, to increase school spirit in gen- eral, and to serve as a repository for criticisms and suggestions con- cerning athletics. In the second year of its existence, the Council did a great deal to improve the athletic picture at Nichols. In addition to advising the Board of Athletic Control on the awarding of varsity letters, the Council managed the pep rallies, introduced female cheerleaders, held the school's first "sock-hop," and instituted the Three Sport Varsity Club. The latter is composed of all those boys who have received major letters in three different sports. Members of this club are allowed to wear special blazers and have their names inscribed on a special plaque. Although only two years old, the Council this year proved that it definitely holds a responsible place in the administration of the school. 56 THE DRAMATICS CLUB A Slight Case of Murder, a comedy in two acts by Damon Runyon and Howard Lindsay, was the delightful production of the Dramatics Club this year. Two representatives from the Buftalo Seminary in the leading roles greatly increased the appeal ot the play. The action revolves around a former moonshiner-turned-legitimate, Remy Marko, por- trayed by Burton Sabol. The feminine lead, Remy's social-climbing wife Nora, was taken by Nancy Bloomer. Nora is anxious to see her daughter, Mary lGayle LaForgel, marry socially prominent Chancellor Whitelaw lHarvey Pittermanl. Marko, opposed to this match, creates many confusing situations to prevent it. He is aided by his hooligan friends, Chances austere father, and a political cronie. The actors and actresses deserve much praise for their lively interpretation of this witty comedy. Plaudits are also due Mr. Condit for his excellent direction ot the play, Mr. Turcott for his technical supervision, and Jerry Carter and Alex Tasso for their assistance with lighting and props. t Y I e e ,X Q, MR, MERRILL CONDIT, Faculty Advisor JEAN BEYER DONALD BUNIS DAVID CHAPIN JAMES CARTER DAVID FELDMAN GARY GROSSMAN WALDRON HAYES JAMES KIMBERLY LAWRENCE LEVY CHAUNCEY MAGUIRE ALBERT MICHAELS PETER MORRISON RAYMOND EMPSON, Chairman ROBERT BATTEL ROBERT BERGHASH MARC COMSTOCK JOHN CRYER RICHARD HAMLETT WALTER HOFFMAN HUGH JOHNSON DONALD LeWlN ALAN McCARTHY ROBERT McCORMICK THEODORE PUTNAM EDWARD VALLONE THE DANCE COMMITTEE The Dance Committee, in its debut, organized the Fall Sports Dance to honor the football and soccer teams. Held in December rather than on its usual pre-Thanksgiving date, this year's dance featured the musical entertainment of Dave Shire's Orchestra. Decorations on a fall sports theme transformed Rand Memorial Dining Room into a gay ballroom. Mrs. Schurr and her staff provided welcome refreshments for the revelers. Mr. and Mrs. Boocock and Mr. and Mrs. Hayes ioined with the parents of the fall sports captains and managers, the coaches and their wives, and various members of the faculty to serve as chaperones. The capacity attendance assured the dances success both socially and financially. The Senior Prom following the final exams is intended to remove all traces of tension in the student body while honoring the departing seniors. The Dance Committee expresses its heartfelt thanks to Mr. Boocock, Mrs. Schurr, and Mr. Smith for their guidance which was of greatest value in preparing for and carrying out these dances. THE HOCKEY DANCE COMMITTEE This year the Hockey Dance Committee sponsored dances after four home hockey games. Composed of Chairman Tom MacArthur, George Lockie, Ted Zander, Bill'Harder, John Debus, and Dave Stewart, the committee performed its many chores most efficiently, For each dance the tables and chairs had to be cleared from the dancing area in the dining room, a record player and records procured, and arrange- ments made for a large quantity of food to be sold to the exhausted players and spectators. After the guests had departed, the committee not only put the dining room back in order but also prepared careful reports on the cost of the food, the amount of sales, and the total profits of the dance. The net earnings were then presented to the Charities Committee. The committee wishes to express its gratitude to the Head- master and Mrs. Boocock, to Mr, and Mrs. Hayes, and to Mrs. Schurr and the ianitorial staff tor their assistance in making these dances as success- ful cs they were. 59 ROBERT ZELLER, Chairman TRACY PERRY BURTON SABOL THE ASSEMBLIES COMMITTEE This year the Assemblies Committee, under the leadership of Bob Zeller, presented a wide variety of programs which broadened our knowledge in many fields. ln the first assembly of the year, Joseph Maloney, a union official, told us about the foundation and Hmodus operandin of the modern labor union. ln November, Dr. Dornberger, o rocket and guided missile expert, spoke to us about the possibilities of establishing a man-made satellite in outer space. ln our next assembly, the Glee Club entertained us with some beautifully sung Christmas Carols among other selections. ln an amusing and informative talk, Dr. Murray Yost explained a few of the fundamental principles of psychiatry. Mr. Shiras added a cultural note to the assembly programs with a monthly talk on various schools of art. Under the valuable guidance of Mr. Seamans, the committees faculty advisor, this year's Assemblies Committee has continued the tradition of presenting regularly to the school interesting and informative programs. THE GREEN KEY COMMITTEE In a quiet, unassuming way, the Green Key Committee performs a valuable function about the school in its efforts to cement relations with visiting teams and gain for Nichols a reputation for courtesy and hospitality. A triumvirate of glad-handers, the boys meet the incoming teams, conduct informal tours of the campus, answer myriad questions, and in general, give the visitors an insight into the Nichols spirit and tradition. During the year, Darv DeMarchi, Larry Levy, and Steve Kellogg have capably carried out the committee's responsibilities with a broad smile and outstretched hand. Not content with fulfilling the basic require- ments, the trio has provided consolation to the teams which fell before the impact of a Big Green iuggernaut. During daylight or darkness, the Committee stands ready to greet our rivals from the U.S. and Canada, who, thanks to the efforts of Green Key, find Nichols something more than a mere collection of buildings against the sky. el? 61 'l y Q I LQLLJ, . 1 DARVlN DeMARCHl, Chairman LAWRENCE LEVY STEPHEN KELLOGG MR. MILLARD SESSIONS, Faculty Advisor BRUCE BLOCK EUGENE MOSS DARVIN DeMARCHl HARVEY PITTERMAN THOMAS EIGHMY ANDREW PURDY MICHAEL FLEMING BURTON SABOL LAWRENCE LEVY DAVID SHIRE JAMES HOWARD DAVID STEWART ALBERT MICHAELS JAMES WARNER ROBERT ZELLER THE FORUM The Forum this year successfully realized its purpose of making each member aware of important world, national, and local issues. Gathering every Thursday in the History Room, the participants discussed such pertinent topics as the T.V.A., the Formosa situation, German reunifica- tion, lndochina, and peaceful co-existence, Every two weeks, members prepared a fifteen-minute speech, which was followed by a discussion of the topic by the Forum. On alternate weeks, the meetings consisted of the consideration of a general problem under the guidance of Mr. Sessions, Besides debating vigorously among themselves, the group sent a twoeman delegation to the Columbia University Forum in February. The representatives, Tom Eighmy and Burt Sabol, discussed the theme of this forum, Science and Democracy, in ci special assembly. The Forum also sent a deputation of five members to the U.N. Model Assembly at the State University College for Teachers. This delegation represented Nationalist China. The discussions and undertakings of this year's Forum, without a doubt, broadened its members' views on contemporary problems. ll gli THE CHARITIES CCJMMITTEE The primary goal of the Charities Committee is to support the Com- munity Chest. To accumulate the necessary funds, the committee resorts to many methods. Almost three-fourths of the money collected comes directly from the student body and the faculty in subscriptions, which are paid in two installments. This money is collected in the Upper School by members of the Charities Committee in each form. ln the Junior School, the task of collecting the funds pledged is performed by the Junior Council and directed by the Assistant Chairman of the committee. Along with these direct subscriptions, the committee sells candy after lunch and at varsity games. Another lucrative source of income is the proceeds from the Hockey Dances and from both the Upper and Junior School plays. Not all the money collected goes to the Community Chest. This year as last, the committee will make a donation to the Save the Children Federation, which supports many impoverished schools both in our country and abroad. X JAMES WARNER, Chairman First Row: Michael Benson, John Yochelson, Barry Williams, John Sessions, Stephen Clement, Walter Empson, Norman Ernst, William Cranz. Second Row: James Wadsworth, Penn Watson, Walter Maischoss, Philip McNairy, Harvey Pitterman, James Warner, George Truscatt, Oliver Jones, Michael Fleming, Charles Halpern, David Chapin. Third Row: Richard Adams, John DeMarchi, James Cole, Thomas Rurnsey, Paul Bonn, David Levi, Kermit Reineman, Alan Lapey, Laurence Reineman, George Spitzmiller, Robert Rich, Michael Crane. Fourth Row- Robert Keller, James Cranz, Thomas Eighrny, Danforth Rogers, Frederick Shepard, Gifford Salisbury, James Cornn, Bruce Block, Victor Raiser, Edward Paul, David Barrett, Fifth Row: Edward Mathias, Alexander Tasso, William Gomez, Richard Laub, GBOYQC Ostendorf, James Lytle, Henry May, Hugh Johnson, David Butsch. .U , THEEEFF CLUB MR KENNETH GILL Drrector THOMAS MGCARTHUR President THEODORE PUTNAM Manager First Row Walter Jones James Carter Walter Malschoss R1chardFlscher Theodore Putnam Thomas MacArthur James Howard Wtlluam Harder Davld Shure Waldron Hayes Rtchard Harnlett Second Row Roger Barth Davrd Wharton Donald LeWln Paul Gudgel Darvln DeMarch1 Norman Bednarcyk George Truscott Stephen Kellogg Robert Zeller Thomas Elghmy Phlllp McNaury Mules Bender Norman Wllson Lawrence Levy Mr Gll Ttmothy Norbeck Burton Sabol Fourth Row Robert Jordon Peter Wachtel James Hagadorn Kenneth Fuhrmann Frank Wlnch Jack Wendler Lunn Smuth James Corrtn Thomas Trnrnble Davud Lev: Charles Smith James Klmberly Walter Gubbs Wulluam Genske Ftfrh Row James Wadsworth Frank Sputzmlller Robert Battel Robert McCorrnnck Douglas Hohl Maxtmuluan Stachura Edward Mathuas John Constantune Mltchell Gratwtclc Laurence Rememan Marc Comstock Jack Lytle 64 I I' H Q, I I If I ,I , I ' i A , f . , , Third Row: John Cryer, James Forman, Edward Paul, Alan Lapey, Robert Greene, Michael Ryan, David Stewart, Michael Fleming, Roger Bakos, Andrew Purdy, John Debus, Because so many boys were eager to ioin the Glee Club this year, Mr. Gill was able to select the very best voices through careful auditions. For the first time in years, the group has contained voices capable of giving full value to the tenor parts, thus improving the quality of the entire repertoire. Full bass voices supplied the indispensable foundation, while the baritones carried their middle part with assurance, a most difficult task in group singing. Combining with the keyboard artistry of Miss Stickney, the Glee Club displayed its talent for the first time late in December. During the spring months, the Club made several appearances acting as vocal ambassadors for the school. On Class Night, the Gillmen, as usual, brought down the house with another of their highly amusing satires. Voices of good natural quality trained under inspiring and thorough direction have made this year's Glee Club one of Nichols' finest singing groups. Last year a new musical group, the Chapel Choir, was established. Organized to sing more serious music in four part arrangements, this group continued its work during the present season and was everywhere received with approbation. The Nicholodeons also entertained as in past years with their amusing renditions, provoking uproarious applause at every appearance. Yet the task of the indefatigable Mr. Gill does not end with the direction of the musical program in the Upper School, he also trains and conducts the Glee Club in the Junior School. A group of twenty-five boys is chosen through auditions to form this select organization. ln the limited range these boys possess, Mr. Gill has skillfully arranged many three part scores. Appearing with the Upper School Glee Club in De- cember, the Junior Club displayed o fine quality in their singing as well as considerable poise in their first public appearance. At the Alumni Dinner, they sang a delightful selection of Christmas carols which was very well received. Several engagements in the spring fill out the schedule of these budding Carusos. 65 THE JUNIOR GLEE CLUB . V . . - , f . U V ' II' I . . '.,1,'g,,?g:v.yg45.'5 s 4 . f., ff- .4 fffs. -is '., ,.:,-.V wif, wi .' 15 -xi MR. KENNETH GlLL, Director HOWARD BENATOVICH, President CURTIS WETTLAUFER, Manager First Row: Sheldon Benatovich, William Cranz, John Richmond, Harry LaForge, Howard Benatovich, Curtis Wettlaufer, Walter Empson, David Rich, David Schulman. Second Row: David McCormick, Paul Mooney, Jeffrey Bonn, Timothy Riggs, John Barrett, David Diebold, Fred Clark, Bruce Stoesser. Third Row: John DeMarchi, Peter Gannon, Vernon Schaller, David Thompson, Mr. Gill, Donald Roberts, Charles Seilheimer, Brian Kellogg, Jeffrey Linsky. We Ca-Editors DARVIN DeMARCHI NORMAN WILSON ROBERT SPITZMILLER, Business Manager WALDRON HAYES, Advertising Manager THOMAS EIGHMY, Alumni Editor RAYMOND EMPSON, Sports Editor STEPHEN KELLOGG, Circulation Manager WALTER MAISCHOSS, Circulation Manager ROBERT BATTEL JACK LYTLE JOHN DEBUS THOMAS MacARTHUR JACK HELLRIEGEL ALAN MCCARTHY JAMES HOWARD EDWARD PAUL JAMES KAVLE ANDREW PURDY ALAN LAPEY THEODORE PUTNAM BURTON SABOI. DAVID SHIRE DAVID STEWART JOHN WADSWORTH FRANK WINCH FRANK WITEBSKY THE NICHOLS NEWS Keeping in mind the interests of students, faculty, and alumni, the l955 News supplemented its record of school events with lively photo- graphs and more articles of general interest. Co-editors Wilson and DeMarchi infused an active spirit into their staff, achieving as a result higher literary quality and a wider variety of reading material. A touch of humor in the articles Ieavened the journalistic fare offered by the News. Student Council decisions and obiectives were conveyed to the students with clarity and dispatch. Other informative columns, such as the News' hep iazz corner, "On the Beat," and "College of the Month," contributed to the quality of this year's paper. The arrival of the new Multilith Duplicator presented by the alumni permitted the printing of the Nichols chronicle on our campus. Two-color pictures were one of the several physical improvements the duplicator afforded. It is hoped that next year's staff will continue the high standards of literary and artistic quality set by the l955 News staff. Q s ' sst' . ii.. ' Qf J , V H i THE GLEANER Oft proclaimed in the past to be on the verge of extinction, the Gleaner this year came forth with two solid issues. This reversal of an unfortunate trend was due in large measure to the acquisition of the Multilith Duplicator, a gift of the alumni, which at last solved the finan- cial problem. The high Iiterary quality of the T955 Gleaners, however, must be credited to the work of the staff headed by Tom Eighmy, and to the guidance of Mr. Verrill, the faculty advisor. Poetry and satire added spice to the usual fare of essays and short stories, while the variety which keynoted the contents was reflected in the colorfully de- signed front covers. Although the Senior Class contributed the maiority of the articles, the cooperation of the entire English Department assured representation from every form in the Upper School. The indications this year of increased literary activity in the school and a renewed interest in the Gleaner augur well for the future of the Nichols literary review. I IA THOMAS EIGHMY, Editor-in-Chief GEORGE LOCKIE FRANK WITEBSKY BURTON SABOL ROBERT ZELLER , ii- DAVID SHIRE, Editor-in-Chief LAWRENCE LEVY, Business Manager EDWARD ZANDER, Advertising Manager THEODORE PUTNAM, Literary Editor NORMAN WILSON, Activities E JAMES WARNER, Sports Editor JOHN DEBUS, Photographer OLIVER JONES, Art Editor EUGENE MOSS, Photographer ROBERT BATTEL JAMES KAVLE WILLARD POTTLE DAVID CHAPIN ALAN LAPEY BURTON SABOL DARVIN DeMARCHl DAVID LEVI FRANK SPITZMILLER ditor RICHARD FISCHER MICHAEL FLEMING CHARLES HALPERN MICHAEL HECHT JAMES HOWARD WALTER MAISCHOSS ALAN MCCARTHY GEORGE MORRIS EDWARD PAUL DAVID STEWART EDWARD VALLONE JOHN WADSWORTH FRANK WINCH ROBERT ZELLER THE VERDIAN The key word for this year's Verdian staff has been originality. Many innovations that we hope will be considered improvements are to be found throughout the book. First of all, the 1955 VERDIAN was printed in photo- offset, thus giving the editors greater freedom in planning page layouts. A full page of Science Fair photographs, a pictorial essay on a typical day at Nichols, and pictures of Nichols students in the advertisements appear this year for the first time. Write-ups of the underclasses help to make the story of the year more complete. A table of contents and full-page divider pictures complete the list of maior changes. The cheer- ful cooperation of the staff along with the profound counseling and optimistic assurance of its faculty adviser, Mr. Sutter, has made the editorship of this volume more a pleasure than a chore. We hope that the I955 VERDIAN has fulfilled its purpose-to present the most accurate, complete, and interesting record of the school year possible. 68 ,,v SCIENCE FAIR 1954 E I'1e iuteresls all ageg 'QXL 4-I DESTRUCTIDN DF BACTERIA IN FDDU 'He gill? me ml A fv H2710 lvled His fi' st lffwfe L... Bacilllzx fedemalis maliqni III'-'Til Tearbiu Z g fbe learberx ,I :I u'bat's in the bf' I. "B: , . 11. "I Unk 1mu'lJc S Emu 54 , ,,,o, 0 .4 . 1 N :wsu Q1 223 lv-: T5 XS.. W 1? ,Q ' Q-13" ' 'wx I '- 'O ,f - NICHOLS .ls W, 'u Y I L, ..'x"' 1'- 'H ' "' .Q ',. 15:2 Lai' 'M 1 , v. n Q un" . -".. . - Dguble date 4 , V, 52 ' Af' 'bf a X ,qi X xx, X 5 Q ,lk . EM 'fa --'-wa. , , l -V 7 fc X, Nm was 4 1 3 K -j llvv f 4 if A -.3 4 i 'vii 1 '1' .W Aw- ! 5 J ff 5-.4 WL4 Iwzxe 111r,me,,, denim, D Q ' ' f . . 'tb K Sg. A ' n I - 3" ' , N F 6 Jn 5 i A nv ., 5 , K x my ' . , ,5 07 . Q .', SPRING SPORTS 6-O, 6-0, 6'0 Q S Przug prank fc . - fx 4 A -MH . b.,eakS f' ,L f age, 1 ff1P""" I e T 9 , A Ffffm- ui" iff' llfa for I'il'fflf1' ,,.4,-1,1414 s Dirk 110175 q lr lllk eb 0710 5 E 111175011 in :l0.2 ll sa!! MLW f J0urx oblz ' 35552 'rl ala "' 17' wb 5, ?"' J V 5- 2, ': ' A Q, 1 . , 4 xt aww x,,5?Sf ,qw -' ' A xr 'Q's g 5K,' W7 . : 99" IJ! ,Q S Ug 'vv 1 A 'P' 2 ' - . mf .,7,n 44 v' K 3: tl ,. i "rv,Lin5gf wi V151 , ,,. , ,fx " ,, ,,,' f, ' H THREE SPORT VARSITY CLUB F1rstRow Olrver Jones soccer basketball tennrs Raymond Empson football basketball track Rrchard Frscher soccer hockey baseball Walter HofTrnan football basketball baseball Second Row David Laub soccer hockey baseball John Wadsworth football hockey tennrs Wyndam Eaton soccer hockey track Wrllram Zacher football basketball track Robert Battel tootball hockey track 73 : 1 , , f' A f Q 1 X 'rr ,fs 1 " Ag , rs , S 1 -, . W- A 'I' 1 1 , 3 ' f V fi 1 1 f 1 A 5 A '- X 1 l s , ' , 5 1 , , 5 ' 3 5 1 Q In AV, I 1 ,.... .-f 2 r ' - , 1 V fn 1 5 1 ' V e .. Q, 1 AJ -,gf n lg 0' ' A a 3 l 1, I f 3 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 P 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 - ' e Y , Q95 N , M iw ' 6 Mi' , ' , M,-f 4 iw l :X s, ,. . ' 9 gf' 'Q ' x5 5 , ' 1 K is fx ,K ,iw 3 Y Bl S v WHA ,Q 'dim ' 'lf' lrvv I I' MQ.- , y C 1 . Sboestrmg ,able g 'vg- dx 'E , , , is I N44 3s - 4-. 1 ' -K' 'On " Thomas go A T659 nl""" . 1 g R X- F f - Q' KD! 'Q A! 'h xi! g ' lu' . , -, jk ' fm' 44 A ' pl YA ,1 I ,, az. 35 ,. W 'u " 0' ll HMA fi' fm. , 9 if ..... , ,f M-X Q BE: 0 k J' 1' .if r , t ,. r- 6, 'fra 1-o I games T ffP.r1clmfean tri k 1' e x9 - Q! ' Y 75. 4. M' wif fx ', aff Q' 8 'J' U 11 X 'X- 1 ,.,, BASEBALL T954 Terence Carney Dems Doyle Richard Fischer David Gordon Walter Hoffman James Howard David Laub George Truscott Michael Wells Ward Wettlaufer Richard Gordon Manager TRACK T954 Roger Putnam Captain Robert Battel Wyndham Eaton Raymond Empson David Feldman Walter Jones Thomas MacArthur Oscar Oberkircher Lars Pederson Thomas Penney Gifford Salisbury William Stone Robert Travis Frederick Turner David Wood Captain William Peck Manager TENNlS T954 John McLean Captain William Harder Oliver Jones Donald l.eWm Richard Narins John Wadsworth Alan Wilkinson John Bates Manager FOOTBALL T954 Philip McNaury Captain Robert Battel Jerry Burns Raymond Empson Michael Fleming Richard Gale Richard Hamlett Walter Hoffman James Howard Robert Jordon Robert Kruger Walter Maischoss Harvey Pitterman Theodore Putnam Danforth Rogers Gifford Salisbury Robert Thomas George Truscott John Wadsworth Charles Ward Thomas Webb William Zacher Waldron Hayes Manag r SOCCER T954 Wyndham Eaton Captain Robert Berghash Bruce Block Richard Fischer Oliver Jones Walter Jones Stephen Kellogg David Laub Donald LeWm George Lockie Thomas MacArthur Timothy Norbeck Thomas Rumsey James Wadsworth Pennington Watson Edward Zander HOCKEY T955 Richard Fischer Captain Robert Battel Wyndham Eaton Richard Gale David Laub Alan Lapey Robert McCormick Philip McNairy Timothy Norbeck Tracy Perry Theodore Putnam George Truscott John Wadsworth Michael Wells James Warner Manager BASKETBALL T955 Walter Hoffman Captain Jerry Burns Raymond Empson James Howard Oliver Jones Robert Kruger Richard Narins Dale Slcoog William Harder Manager Robert Gorslci Manager VARSITY LETTER WINNERS K Frrst Row David Gordon Ward Wettlaufer Ronald Schmltt Terence Carney Denis Doyle Peter Taggart Richard Fischer Second Row Mr Stevens Terrence Watson Thomas Rumsey Walter Hoffman James Howard Walter Manschoss Davld Laub Mr Gillespie Thrrd Row Richard Gordon George Truscott Frederuclc Shepard Muchael Wells 76 - ' 1 4 ' ., " ' ' 'T 'll' ' ' NWO' ,F ' - -142, f 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 - VARSITY BASEBALL 1954 The T954 season for the Nnchols baseball team was one of utmost success and bltterest defeat In Interstate competltlon the team flnlshed rn a three way tue with Un: versity School and Western Reserve but In local competntlon there were many dns appointments Before the start of the season IDIUFISS Including Captam Terry Carneys fractured ankle caused great dtsmay After wlnnnng the opener agarnst Wtlluamsvllle 6 3 behlnd Walt Hoffman s sharp patching the team bowed to Olean 7 3 and to our arch rnvals Park School 7 2 However after Ward Wettlaufer s brllllant four hut 5 O shutout agarnst Shady Slde at Pittsburgh the Green seemed to revive and proceeded to take five In a row Having swamped Allendale ISI and Wllluamsvtlle 74 the varsnty men faced thenr most cruclal test agarnst Cranbrook Wrth the score tued 2 2 after 8 lnnnngs the Mlchngan school pushed across a run In the nrnth but the determuned Nnchols team rallied to knot the count Ron Schmitt havlng relieved starter Wettlaufer In the nlnth then hurled four scoreless lnnlngs untnl Wally Hoffmans single wnth two out In the I3th frame drove In the wrnnnng Nrchols tally Next DeVeaux was crushed 204 by the Nnchols power Thereafter a complete change In the teams fortunes took place ln successnon the varslty nlne fell before St Joes 4 3 Western Reserve 42 and Ham burg 43 In the all Important final encounter for the Interstate tutle however the diamond crew sparked by Ward Wettlaufers styllsh mound performance crushed Unlversuty School 61 Thus Nlchols team lnsprred by Terry Carneys leadershrp was characterized by unquenchable splrnt and abrlrty to come back after drsheartenlng fatlure Partncular credit IS due to Mr Grllespte and Mr Stevens for theur patrent and dnllgent coachrng 77 Coaches Mr Gtllespue Mr Stevens Captain Terry Carney Manager Duck Gordon Nichols Nuchols Nrchols Nlchols Nichols Nichols Nuchols Nlchols Nichols Nichols Nichols THE SCHEDULE Olean Park School Shady Side Allendale Wrlllamsvllle Cranbrook DeVeaux St Joseph s C I Western Reserve Hamburg Unlverslty School Members of the Interstate Team Terry Carney Icatcherl Mtke Wells Ilst basel Duck Fuscher Iutnllty flelderl Ronny Schmutt Icenterheldl I . - '. , . . . 1 Nichols 6 3 Williamsville . . . . I 3 7 ' I ' f ' 2 7 ' . , ' ' . ' 5 O ' ' I ' ' I 'I . I I , I - I I8 I l -4 D . 7 4 . . . . ' I , . I ' ' 4 3 I U ' ' ' 20 4 I ' - ' 3 4 , ' . . , . I . . , . I . . 2 4 .. .. . . . i . - 3 4 Ftrst Row Lars Pederson Thomas Penney Wulluam Stone Fredenck Turner Roger Putnam Raymond Empson Oscar Oberkurcher Thomas MacArthur Davtd Wood Second Row Mr Hyatt Gtftord Salusbury Davld Feldman Robert Battel Charles Smtth Robert McCormtclc Norman Bednarcylc Theodore Putnam Peter TlfTt Dan1elMcDonald Mr Waterman Th rd Row Thomas Elghmy Walter Glbbs Wyndham Eaton Walter Jones James Park Wulllam Zacher Maxwell Loclcue Wtlluam G nslce lrwln Kletter 78 I ,, , ' 'H-' fm ' A ""'j .9 , :HRW , f , A -rf rr., 1 I ,- b' , 'ur ' N' , - f ' I , rw - Ir W , , , ,V I A no . I ft, , , If ,nh . k ,, I I I I I I I I , . : ' I I I I I I I I I I A ' l I I I I I I I I Q . .. , . VARSITY TRACK 1954 Under the flne leadershtp of Captarn Jerry Putnam and through the able coachung of Mr Hyatt and Mr Waterman the T954 track team worked hard and was well pard for nts efforts lndlvldually the team had many stand outs Captatn elect Ray Empson was undefeated rn the broad lump and also excelled In the TOO and 220 yard dashes Returning to Nuchols Wyn Eaton contnbuted a great deal to the team setting a new school record rn the pole vault and helplng out handrly nn the relay Tom MacArthur continued to be the team s best low hurdler Lars Pederson and Dave Feldman handled the shot whale sophomore Glff Salusbury proved valuable rn the duscus throw The sensors on the team Dave Wood Fred Turner Bob Travls Oscar Oberkurcher Bull Stone and Tom Penney gave not only excellent performances but also flne leadership The team may well be proud of nts credrtable record 5 wans 2 losses and thurd place In the lnterstate Meet lt opened nts season wlth a wtn rn the annual lnvltatuon Meet defeating Pork Lakemont and Allendale In Its closest contest wlth Kenmore IH belng defeated by Hamburg but came back to wln Its next four outings over Olean Canusrus Wilson and Dunkirk For the annual lnterstate Meet the team traveled to Unlverslty School ID Cleveland where rt gave an outstandrng performance to galn thlrd place The team comprled 23112 polnts nts hlghest score In lnterstate competltron In over l5 years Ray Empson turned In the flnest performance for Nlchols wunnlng the broad lump and placrng second In the TOO and 220 yard dashes 79 Coaches Mr Hyatt Mr Waterman Mr Murray Captarn Rog Putnam Manager Jam Park Nlchols Nnchols Nuchols rchols Nlchols Nrchols Nlchols Nnchols l 2 l THE SCHEDULE 32' 2 2 50' 2 3313 2 39l 2 22' 2 5612 GI' Allendale Kenmore Hamburg Olean Canisius Wllson Dunkrrk Cranoroo Unlversuty School Shady Sade West rn Reserve Trackm n placrng un the lnterstate Meet Ray Empson Wyn Eaton Grff Salusbury 1 I I I - A H I ' 93 f P k recent years, Nichols suffered its Hrst setback, 60-44. The team was disappointed after 3 l-0l49fT1Of1T . . . . ' ' 44 60 ' . .' ' . ' . . ' , . ' 45 59 . 4 . , . ., . N' 53f f . , A 75 28 ' ' . ' ' , ' ' A 5? fa X ' - A ' . . ' 61 43 ' l A 231 X ' k X , , T2 ' X e ff! 4' 1' 1,fw'3M,Nx mm First Row Wnlham Harder Oliver Jones Richard Norms John Wadsworth John McLean Kellogg Alan Wnlklnson Donald LeWun Stephen Second Row John Bates Robert Nnlson Darvm DeMarchl Lester Knapp Peter Helllarun Burton Sabol Mr Fox 80 VARSITY TENNIS T954 Wlth the return of all of last year s lettermen the Nlchols T954 tennis team compiled one of the most Impressive records In the hlstory of the school Captalned by John McLean and ably coached by Mr Fox the team boasted steady powerful players In every slot The first singles post was handled IH spectacular fashion by Captain McLean as he attalned the pinnacle of tennns success an undefeated season Sandy Wllktnson ln the second slngles positron provlded solid support whale freshman Don LeWln holdlng down the thnrd singles post came through with an unmarred record The doubles teams composed of Duck Narlns and O P Jones Steve Kellogg and John Wadsworth also performed handsomely After llftlng the curtain with a 50 wln over Lockport Hugh the netmen then pro ceeded to blank Tonawanda and DeVeaux by the 50 route Playrng Lockport agann the Bug Green racqueteers scored another 50 whltewash However at Shady Side the team bowed In Interstate competrtuon 2 3 After returnlng home and drubblng 23 But thereafter the Bug Green proved lnvlnclble as Cathedral School Western Reserve Kenmore and Unlverslty School all fell by the wayside 50 Congratulatnons must be extended to John McLean who whale wrnmng thlrty three matches lost only one and thus defeat was thoroughly avenged rn one of the most thrllllng matches ever wltnessed at Nlchols School Not only playing outstandlngly at Nuchols John McLean competed un many nation wlde tournaments this summer John as now New York State Junnor Singles and Doubles Champnon as well as 4th IH the East 81 Coach Mr Fox Captam John McLean Manager Jack Bates Nlchols Nuchols Nichols Nichols Nnchols Nuchols Nachols Nlchols Nlchols Nrchols THE SCHEDULE Lockport DeVeaux Lockport Shady Side Kenmore Cranbrook Western Reserve Kenmore Cathedral Prep Unlverslty School Members of the Interstate Team John McLean lno I snnglesl Don LeWnn Ino 3 sunglesl Kenmore 5-0, the Foxmen dropped a crucial battle to the champion Cranbrook netters, Nichols 2 3 Tonowondo ' ' ' ' Q . ' ' 5 0 ' ' ' ' ' ' 5 0 - I ' - - - . ' 2 3 ' . ' ' ' 5 O . . ' '. . D . . ' 2 3 . . . - . . ' 5 0 . ' . . , . ' ' 5 0 ' ' ' 5 0 . 5 0 . . Flrst Row Harvey Pltterman Danforth Rogers George Truscott Wtlllam Zacher Phlllp McNalry Raymond Ernpson Walter Hoff man James Howard Theodore Putnam Second Row Mr Pedersen Mr Stevens Wlllard Pottle Edward Paul Charles Ward Glttord Salusbury Richard Gale lrwrn Kletter Michael Fleming Rrchard Hamlett Mules Bender Waldron Hayes Third Row John Lytle Thomas Webb Robert Thomas Robert Jordon Edward McGrath Charles Smith Kenneth Agostl Robert Battel Fourth Row Jerry Burns Robert Kruger Walter Gibbs Frederick Shepard Kexth Herbst Tracy Perry Robert Gorslcl John Wadsworth 82 I : I I 1 1 J I 1 I . 4 1 1 ' I I ' : ' I ' I I I I I ' l I . I l I 4 : I I I I I U I -I : I I I I . I I I I .I I VARSITY FOOTBALL 1954 Wlth the soundlng of the last whistle on November 20th the T954 football team completed Its finest season rn recent years The team s sux wrns and two losses a srgnal triumph for coaches George Stevens Tom Wharton and Norm Pedersen as well as for the entire team furnished the school wlth plenty of excitement during the entrre fall season The team got off to a slow start by loslng nts flrst game to a strong Olean eleven but It was a different story In the weeks that followed After coasting to a wln over Um versity School of Toronto the team was ready to enter unto Interstate competition ln ts tlrst League game Nichols defeated a fine Cranbrook team by a close score Playlng their next game at home the Green took revenge on Western Reserve Academy for the defeats suffered In recent years by wlnnmg 26 O Nichols was on top ofthe League when It lourneyed to Unlversrty School The game at Cleveland was a heart breaker The Nlchols grldders outplayed their opponent but were unable to score even though they Bug Green stall smartmg from :ts loss at Umverslty School marched over Shady Sade 350 Long wall be remembered Capt Phll McNalrys touchdown dash agalnst Cran brook Ray Empsons aglle broken Held running Thomas and Howards bone crushrng blocks and the fabulous combination of Webb to Zacher The lme support of Malschoss Rogers and Ward the adept signal callnng of Burns and Hoffman and Krugers fancy ball snagglng all contributed greatly to the excellence of this fine team 83 Coaches Mr Stevens Mr Wharton Mr Pedersen Captain Phll McNarry Manager Terry Hay-es THE SCHEDULE Nichols Nichols Nichols Nlchols Nlchols Nlchols Nrchols Olean Cranbrook Western Reserve University School Allendale School Shady Side St Joseph s C l Members of the Interstate Team Bull Zacher lendl Bob Thomas ltacklel Jlm Howard lguardl Ray Empson lhalfbackl , , I ' . . . f I ' 6 T9 repeatedly penetrated enemy territory. Final score: 7-O. ln its final Interstate game, the Nichols 39 6 U-T-3 . I . . . . . I . ' , 12 6 ' ' ' 26 0 . I . . , . 5 - O 7 - - , ' l ' , ' ' - ' ' 40 O I ' D ' U - ' V' f ' 35 o ' ' . ' U ' I ' ' l2 0 . ' . . First Row Thomas MacArthur George Lockie Thomas Rumsey Stephen Kellogg Richard Fischer Wyndham Eaton Bruce Block Pen nington Watson Oliver Jones Robert Zeller David Laub Genslce Walter Jones Donald LeWin Burton Sabol Mr Davis Third Row Lawrence Levy Alan Lapey Kermit Reineman David Donaldson John Cryer James Hagadorn Thomas Eighmy James Forman Richard Yellen 84 Second Row: William Harder, James Wadsworth, Robert Berghash, Norman Wilson, Edward Zander, Timothy Norbeck, William VARSITY SGCCER 1954 The I954 soccer team achieved one ot the best records In many years tlmshrng the season wnth a record of ten wlns three losses and one tue Ten ot the schools played were non league lncludmg Allendale Wulllamsvrlle Amherst Central DeVeaux Park Gow and Rldgeway The team lost only one ot these games a tough one to Amherst Central by the close score ot IO The greatest trlumph was against DeVeaux The score IOOI However everybody consrdered these games warm ups for the Interstate League competrtuon In whlch Nrchols placed fourth wnth a record of one wtn two losses and one tue The Bug Green dropped a heart breaker at Cranbrook In the last flfteen seconds ot a sudden death overtlme In the next League game Nichols and WRA In a great display of defensnve power stood each other oft In a scoreless tue Then at Unlverslty School after rallying to knot the count our boaters suftered defeat late In the game on a goal from an unusual angle Back home at Nlchols the team thrrlled a homecoming crowd wuth a 2 I declsron over Shady Sade to end the season Almost every game was marked by the excellent play of Tum lThe Catl Norbeck In fourteen games Tum allowed only eleven goals Senior haltbacks George Lockle Tom MacArthur and Captarn Wyn Eaton all had terrlflc seasons Hold overs Duck Fischer Dave Laub and Steve Kellogg along with newcomers Bob Berghash and Jim Wadsworth formed a powerful hugh scorrng Ime booting In 30 of the 45 goals scored by the Bug Green Don LeWln and Ted Zander alternating at fullback completed the Ilne up Mr Davis dld a grand 'ob In leading the team to Its tlne record 85 Coach Mr Davrs Captam Wyn Eaton Manager Bull Harder Nrchols Nichols Ntchols Nuchols Nlchols Nichols Nrchols Nichols Nlchols Ntchols Nrchols Nrchols Nuchols Nichols THE SCHEDULE O Allendale Wllllamsvrlle Amherst DeVeaux Cranbrook Park School Western Reserve Wrllramsvllle Umversuty School Allendale Gow Shady Slde Ridgeway Rrdgeway Members of the Interstate Team Dave Laub llnslde torwardl Wyn Eaton lhalfbackl . . .. T .I I ' I .4 1... , ' ' .- ' 'O I 'I I I ' ' 'IO 0 .. '0 1 .' .' ' . '4 2 . .. .' . ' '0 0 . '6 1"' .3 4.. ' 6 O ' 3 0 .2 1 . .3 0. .3 O. First Row Tracy Perry Wyndham Eaton Philip McNairy Richard Fischer Theodore Putnam John Wadsworth Walter Maischoss Third Row David Laub Robert Battel Alan Lapey Robert McCormick James Warner 86 Second Row: Mr. Ohler, Jack Hellriegel, Timothy Norbeck, Michael Wells, George Truscott, Richard Gale, Mr. Coley. VARSITY HCDCKEY 1955 Wlth ten returnmg lettermen from last year s squad the outlook for thus season was Indeed brlght Led by Captam Duck Frscher and stalwarts Wyn Eaton John Wadsworth and Dave Laub the forward Innes generally managed to take advantage of every chance to score key goals Furthermore the brurslng checks of defensemen Putnam Perry and McNaury consistently halted the onslaughts of the opposntlon These boys were backed up by Walt Malschoss rated one of the top Nichols goaltes ot the past two decades After a history making flight to Princeton for the Lawrenceville lnvrtatlon Tourna ment the lcers In their first game encountered Taft School the ultimate tourney cham pron and dropped a 3 2 decrslon after two sudden death overtrmes In thelr next two games the Green crushed Deerfield 51 and Choate 42 to wan the Consolatron Trophy Returmng to home Ice the team steam rolled the Alumnr 4l and having lost a close battle to Central Tech bounced back to down Oakwood 53 A week later In their most splendrd effort of the season the pucksters dropped a 3 O squeaker to St Andrews Atter drsapponntung losses to Trrmty and Jarvns the Ohlerrnen came back to edge Forest Hrlls 54 However Ridley proved too strong and conquered the Green lcers 6 2 But a week later It was a dufferent story as the lnternatlonals of the Muny League fell 7 5 before the flashung blades of the varslty men In the tlnal contest against U T S the Nichols seniors playing theur last game and flghtlng flercely all the way came back from a three goal deflclt to make the final count a tight U T S 5-Nlchols 4 and thus displayed agaln the splrlt and flghtlng heart that had characterized the team throughout the season 87 Coaches Mr Ohler Mr Coley Captam Duck Fischer Manager Jtm Warner Nlchols Nichols Nuchols Nichols Nrchols Nrchols Ntchols Nrchols Nrchols Nichols Nrchols Nrchols THE SCHEDULE 3 Taft School Choate Alumni Central Tech Oakwood C I St Andrews Trmlty College Jarvls C I Forest Halls C I Rrdley College lnternatlonals U T S Members of the Lawrenceville Tournament All Star Tea m Duck Fischer lrught WIDQI Tracy Perry Idefensel . .. I. . ' Nichols 5 IDeerfIeld ' . . ' ' 4 2 . .' . . ' 4 1 ' . . . ' 5 7 "1 . . . ' '. ' 5 3 .. ' . . . ' ' 0 3. . . .. . N1 ' I 7 " ' 2 3 ' ' 5 4 ' . . 2 6. . 7 5 . ' 4 5 First Row Rlchard Narlns Jerry Bums Robert Kruger Walter Hoffman Raymond Empson Ollver Jones James Howard Thzrd Row David Shure Irwln Kleffer Frederick Shepard 88 Second Row: Mr. Gerard, Dale Skoog, Keith Herbsf, Danforth Rogers, Robert Gorski. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1955 For the Nichols basketball team the T955 season represented a series of disheart emng defeats brightened only by fleeting flashes of success Their disappointing record notwithstanding the cagers battled throughout every game always retaining their spark of spirit and determination to win After an Impressive 60 57 victory over a powerful Alumni squad the Green faced not only unusually strong Interstate opponents but also many power laden area outfits Outmanned in most of their games the varsity men through inspired effort managed to make nearly every contest so close that one or two timely baskets might have opened the door to victory Exceptionally bad breaks and a lack of height led to four consecu tive Interstate League losses However when opposing squads more nearly equal to them physically the Green hoopsters routed St Andrews 62 4l DeVeaux 69 53 Ridley 82 61 and University of Toronto School 62 37 Moreover a poised sharpshooting Allendale aggregation tested to their utmost first eeked out a 78 77 overtime victory and later in the season had to execute a sensational comeback to edge the fighting earlier 54 50 loss the Green cagers fought to a 70 65 overtime triumph their most re wording effort of the season Despite innumerable disappointments the players eager to improve and willing to work constantly sought the wise and vugorous assistance of long suffering Coach Gerard Specual credit must go to Captain Wally Hoffman whose spirited leadership and prolific scoring distinguished him throughout the season In learning to take defeat in stride while at the some time not despairing of future success the team experienced an essential part of the maturing process 89 Coach Mr Gerard Captain Walt Hoffman Manager Bob Gorski THE SCHEDULE Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols 4 Nichols 6 Nichols 46 Nichols 8 Nichols 5 Nichols 6 Nichols 7 Nichols 5 Nichols 6 57 Alumni 78 Allendale 54 Park School 65 Olean 4l St Andrews 53 DeVeaux 63 Western Reserve 63 Allendale 49 Shady Side 6'l Ridley 80 University School 86 Cranbrook 65 Park School 80 St Joseph s C I 37 U T S h Deaf Member of the Interstate Team Walt Hoffman . ' ' - - ' 60 ' Gerardmen, 63-6l. Furthermore, against arch-rival Park School, having sustained an - Z 53 Sf. Moryvs S. for' e . - I E . . I . n , 50 ' . ' 55 . . . . . . . ' 6? . I I . I. A I T . I 9 I . . . I . . . . 1 ' I , . 9 . . . ' 6 ' 0 ' 8 . ' . . ' 2 . . . O.P. r IIe'5 fm! loo fuxl :' The fapiaiu leads Ibe allark N.. AM f bfeyj Ill 011150, 'N Bn 41 As ' A-My 1-. if W5 . A f ?f" Vi Q Q Q , Luiz 'E vi, 'Txli , v- , f xiii? X 1 2 . 1 :""' by N - A Q I a . 56137 'LK' fl , 'Y af defewe if JLWX Some badj pmb bm, , R' 'Mg M face 0 WINTER SPORTS Skoog tries for the rebound JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Record 5 wms 3 losses 2 tres Frrst Row Mlchael Flemrng Danforth Rogers Edward Paul Richard Mrllar Wrllram Gomez Robert Jordon Trmothy Norbeck Rlchard Gale Roger Bakos Second Row Alexander Tasso Ned McGrath Donald Pappas David Lev: David Stewart Edward Zander Andrew Purdy Stephen Kass Mr Gerard Third Row Mltchell Gratwrck Alan Nordstrom Michael Hecht INTRAMURAL BASEBALL Frrst Row Mules Bender Thomas Welmers Robrn Crosfleld Second Row Donald Bradley Christopher Schabacker Edward McDermrd Frederuck Parnton Bryant McCarthy lrwrn Altman George Spntzmrller Bruce Conover David Whar ton Barton Marcy Third Row Mr Shlras Maxlmlllan Stachura Robert Wers Bruce Block James Corrm Cameron Ross Llnn Smrth Edward Vallone Kenneth Parks Gary Becker James Greene John Henry Fourth Row Alan Oestrerch Roger Plummer Arthur Rosenberg John Watson Myron Roberts Chauncey Maguire Charles Halpern George Morrrs Laurence Rerneman : I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I : I I ' I : I I I Jan Shoemaker. : I I I I I - , . : ' I I I , f , , I I I I : I I I FOURTH BASEBALL TEAM Record 4 wins 3 losses First Row James Vogel Marc Comstock Paul TenHoopen Stuart Johnson Hugh Johnson Victor Raiser Maurice Lutwack Peter MacMurtrie Second Row Mr Harlow Stuart Angert James Cranz Robert Barrett Joel Stoesser JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS Record 2 wins O losses First Row Frank Spitzmiller Pennington Watson Thomas Trimble Alan McCarthy Robert Zeller Gerald Goldstein Frederick Terplan James Cole Second Row Robert Berghash Alan Lapey James Wadsworth Rich, Richard Loub, Curtiss Siegel, John Constantine, David JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Record 3wnns I oss F1rstRow Paul Nelson Freder1ckPalnton Robert Carter Roger Bakos Robert McCormick Bernard Hamby Marc Comstock Davld Lev: Roger Barth Second Row Mr Gerard George Spntzmlller Gary Becker Paul TenHoopen Maurice Lutwack John Debus George Morrus Vnctor Ralser Wulllam Gomez Davld Butsch Kenneth Fuhrmann Thrrd Row Brewster Ward Carlton Kavle James Corrln John HeIIr1egeI David Stewart Terrence Watson Terrence Hart THIRD FOOTBALL TEAM Record 2 wlns 2 losses Frrst Row George Ostendort Murray Yost Hugh McLean Ned Mathias Second Row Kenneth Kahn DougIas Hohl Wulluam Johnston Hugh Johnson Howard Saperston Stuart Johnson John Constantlne James Vogel John Peek Peter Regan Thrrd Row Damel DonaIdson Dyke Wulllams Peter Boer Thomas Doran John MatanIe Cameron Ross James Kam berly Frederxck Wray Robnn CrostIeId Steven Seeberg Mr Shtras Fourth Row James Sanders James Lytle Frank Ernst James Greene Bruce Conover Kenneth Parks Davud Wharton 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . F ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 r 1 1 s FOURTH FOOTBALL TEAM Record 7 wms O losses First Row Sheldon Benatovlch Peter MacMurtrle Howard Benatovlch John Henrlch James Cranz Richard Laub Joel Stroesser Carter Trarster Davrd Barrett Damel Kraft John Cheney Second Row Walter Empson Charles Stephens John Rnchmoncl Robert Rich Wlllram Beswick Colm Campbell Thomas Klepfer Ronald Crone Davld Babcock David McCormick Peter Gannon Curtls Wettlaufer Mark Clement Ronald Hoffmann Mr Ohler Third Row Mr Berst Mr Gerard Timothy Rsggs Andrew Peek Davld Smith James Barrett Wrlllam Morey Douglas Lear man Mrchael Crane Robert Klepter Peter Wyckoff Clar ence Lrttell Alden Harwood RESERVE SOCCER First Row Frank Spltzmlller Robert George John Russ Michael Hecht Laurence Rememan Thomas Trimble Arthur Rosen berg Jerome Carter James Cole Henry May Lmn Smrth Second Row Mr Cockcroft John Henry Robert Goldrn Charles Halpern Edward Vallone Bryant McCarthy Frank Wmch Van Ness Harwood Roger Plummer Charles Kelly Mrtchell Gratwlck Maxlmrllan Stachura Mr Burdlck Third Row Taylor Kew Alfred Buerger Michael Werner Thomas Welmers John Chatsworth Hoover Bankard Robert Koes ter Robert Greene Wnlllam Leed Stephen Astman Fourth Row Roger Muller James Watson Wlllxam Pierce Frank Wltebsky Jean Beyer Trumbull Rogers Peter Wachtel Alan Oestrelch Stuart Angert Peter Morrrson 5 1 1 I I I I I I I I : I I I I I I , , , , I I I ' : ' I ' I I I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' , . Record: 3 wlns - l loss -- 'I tue : I I I 1 1 1 ' I I I I ' : ' I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 - - : I I I I I I - , 1 , - : I I I , , , , I I ' FOURTH SOCCER TEAM ecord lwln l oss tles Ftrs? Row David Drebold JelTrey Bonn Robert Moeschler Davrd Rumsey Donald Roberts Curtrss Slegel Davld Bankard Elbrrdge Spaulding Vernon Schaller Rrchard Colestock Jeffrey Lrnsky Second Row Mr Broome Rrchard Flelschman Steven Blltekofl Henry Nathan Keuth Alford Mrchael Tannhauser Edward Hand Bruce Stacy Davld Thompson John Doran Brran Kellogg Peter Schabacker Thomas Frnn JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY Record 5 wuns 2 losses 2 res Frrst Row Ned McGrath Edward Paul Robert Jordon Jack Lytle Thomas Rumsey Frank Wlnch Donald Bradley Howard Saperston Second Row Mr Waters James Wadsworth Marc Comstock Bruce Conover George Sputzmlller George Morrrs Bernard Hamby Dyke Wlllrams Mr Brady Thrrd Row Wrllard Pottle Laurence Relneman Terrence Hart nett Davrd Butsch James Cole R : ' - I - 3 ' . : . . I I I . I I I I I I I : ' I I . I l I , , , I I ' Third Row: David Schulman, Joseph Mellor, Charles Seilheimer, I I I . ' : . - - t. l 5 r 1 1 I I I I : ' I I I I I I I I ' ' ' r I , ' , - I I ' eww THIRD HOCKEY TEAM ecord 2 wms l loss e Frrst Row John Henry Wrlllam Leed James Sanders John Constantane Henry May Jack Peek Stephen Astman Roger Bakos Second Row Paul Nelson Daniel Donaldson Muchael Hecht Van Ness Harwood Frederick Pamton Bryant McCarthy Vlctor Rauser Thrrd Row Mr Shuras Frank Ernst Thomas Welmers Robln Crosfleld Thomas Doran David Wharton Douglas Hoh James Lytle Frederick Wray Fourth Row Taylor Kew James Pierce Carlton Kavle John ebus John Chatsworth Thomas Tnmble Robert Carter James Watson John Matanle FOURTH HOCKEY TEAM Record Swlns loss 3 nes Frrst Row Clarence Llttell Curtrss Suegel James Cranz Robert Ruch Richard Laub Curtis Wettlauter Davrd McCormack Second Row Mr Ohler Robert Keller Davud Babcock Kerth Alford Davrd Barrett Peter Gannon Thard Row Elbrudge Spauldnng James Barrett Peter Wyckoff Andrew Peek FIFTH HGCKEY TEAM Record 0 wms 3 losses e Frrst Row Robert Moeschler Wulllam Beswick Wrlluam Morey Douglas Learman Davnd Thompson Brian Kellogg Mnchael Crane Thomas Flnn Second Row Mr Ohler Peter Skinner Colm Campbell Ronald Crone David Rumsey Alden Harwood John Ruchmond Bruce Stoesser Third Row Davld Diebold Wllluam Rlley Robert Klepfer Peter Schabacker Stephen Bultekoft Sheldon Benatovltch David Schulman Record 3 wms O losses Frrst Row Wllllam Fuge Gregory Graham Wllllam Franklnn Robert Wllllams Baldwin Smrth Ruchard Adams Wllluam Cranz Kevin Lewls Christopher Read Ruchard Rleser Second Row Douglas Rumsey George MacDonald GeoFlrey Hosta Frederick Eagle Grant Eshelman Mr Brady Stephen Clement Peter Parshall Arthur Roberts John Sessrons Bengamm Johnson Thrrd Row Richard Steger Mitchell Haddad Frederick Clark Wnlllam Loweth Barry Wllllams Alan Kew Geoftrey Letchworth Davud Rlch George Kellogg Davud Lev: 97 r ' - -1 fi j J . V .i SIXTH HOCKEY TEAM -f-ll JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Record 9 wlns 3 losses Frrst Row Edward Zander David Lev: Donald LeWln Wnllaarn Gomez Robert Zeller Myron Roberts Davud Donaldson Second Row Mr Gerard Charles Smith Donald Pappas James Corrln Stephen Koss Alfred Buerger berg Steven Seeberg FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Record 5 wlns 5 losses Frrst Row John Greene Murray Yost Edward Mathias Hoover Bankard Hugh McLean Second Row Wullnam Johnston Kenneth Kahn George Osten dorf Jonathan Paune Mr Pedersen I I ' Third Row: Kenneth Agosti, Paul TenHoopen, Arthur Rosen- FOURTH BASKETBALL TEAM Record 7 wins l loss First Row Howard Benatovich Carter Traister Robert Yost Walter Empson Peter MacMurtrle Donald Roberts John Henrich Joel Stoesser Second Row Jeffrey Bonn Jeftrey Llnsky Vernon Schaller Michael Tannhauser Mr Berst Ronald Hoftman Thomas Klepfer Davud Bankard John DeMarchi man David Smith Norman Ernst John Cheney William Miles FIFTH BASKETBALL TEAM First Row Peter Rothenberg Marshall Clinton Ronald Bender son Rufus Meadows Arthur Victor James Bankard David Desmon Walter Stafford William Levitz Second Row Andrew Fleischman Michael Benson Mr Johnson John Yochelson Paul Mooney Third Row: Henry Nathan, Richard Colestock, Richard Fleisch- QM-, vw ' 'we-,A I ' n X fr .,,,,., WARD S GYM First Row Mlchael Flemung Gifford Salxsbury Charles Ward Richard Hamlelf Mules Bender Second Row Walter Jones Llnn Smith Mnchael Ryan M Davus ms-bw' OUHAQWYW' 1,1 lOl My ,,,M,, NW, -, , ,,,, ,:,'w,f',ff,c, , 1 , ,, ,M- f,,,V,fa,4 d5,,,f,f'w55,, - , il Aff, ,,., V, V ,, , 4 , , v ,,4.,,m,W,,,.,,.,. .. -fl, ' ,mf-W, ., 4 5' ,,M,,,, K Jgvaiwl .,,"'f"'q.,c ri ' I ,,,,,:,...,,,ff' , . c . A .FW ,,,r . WL WW.,-ww, 5 M-ywfwwwf . , , , , W ,,,, 5 1 1 1 """""" f - ' ? : , , , I'. l 'vc 7 E -' '52 fa ' V , V I-IU V l X , 9 Q ,f f fm? Wwyg F 1 if , 14254 ,jg . QC 9 .. ki' i ' The Staff wishes to thank the many firms who of the VERDIAN possible With the aid of these friends old and new we are able to present the 7955 VERDIAN 104 by their advertising, have made the publication Congrofulcmons fo the Class of 55 PARK EDGE SUPER MARKETS SHERIDAN DRIVE and NIAGARA FALLS BLVD MCKINLEY PKWY ond ABBOTT RD Phone HU I8OO FARRAR 81 TREFTS INC ALLOY 8. STEEL PRESSURE VESSELS X RAY 8. STRESS RELIEF 20 MILBURN STREET BUFFALO I2 N Y h VERDIAN Ad IO5 1 c ik STEEL BOILERS - - - BOILER REPAIRS P P I ,' Compliments of CRESBURY'S FACTORY 4 Convenient Locations In Buffalo Buy em Where They re Made pl m nts o TONTINE SHOPS 89 BROADWAY BUFFALO N Y Co pl ts of NATIONAL CASH REGISTER C omplimenfs of FRIEND G Com l e I m nmen CO. Please P Vranize lhe VERDlAN Advertisers 106 CONGRATULATIONS to NICHOLS Class of 55 The Kinetic Dispersion Corpora for continuing success to the I955 graduating class t Nichols School The New KADY MILL empIoys the principIe of kinetic energy tor mixing varnish and paint ingre dients This principle cuts mixing time and does a more thorough 'ob of particle dispersion KINETIO DISPERSION CORPORATION vs :onion n. IUIFALO N Y PI as Pat o ze the VERDIAN Ad e Isers 7 ,A-"' ff N I , P I fl, R ? O tion extends their sincerest wish . O . O O Q . , . . e e r ni v ri Compliments 0 WICKWIRE SPENCER STEEL DIVISl0N THE COLORADO FUEL AND IRON CORPORATION 361 DELAWARE AVENUE BUFFALO 2 NEW YORK Phone MOhawk 5 600 ers The B F GOODRICH CO THOMA PAPER BOX ,mo ffb CO NC G R EMPSON Dsr Mg 1050 MAIN STREET 108 h VERDIAN Ad - ' Complim n of Origi r o u eless Tires I' I O . . , i . r. P! 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Co New York Please P to e th VERDIAN Ad et e We Fanto sheres alone feature the Fanta last top for extra stretch and comfort above lengths In every size 8V2 to ll for perfect fit 113 .L 6- AT ALL LEADING STORES EVERYWHERE zff ' A Q9 A. ln X 4 ' . ii fu . . . . ., the knee and four ,,+'s:j' f . . , :X . , -1,44 ' My -'V R- . . Q 1 1 - J LQ? .I I . Y. -I , . . . , - . 'L U I , . . a r niz e v r is rs l AMERICAS KING .5 J 1 SPORTING cooos E ' 'T for the FINEST IN SPORTING GOODS 'if .4 DICK FISCHER GSSEEETIEC 699 MAIN of WA 8080 THRUWAY PLAZA Q I9 W BA 8820 TONAWANDA N N NIAGARA FALLS 4 BIG SPORTING GOODS CENTERS II4 Pl P I th VERDIAN Ad :W I 5 I -. -A 5 i SEE 'S 4 TT N ' 5 X QI ': f M ' I a . 'S 6--4' Q' I f I K L 'F' J I I E I I P o x ,T ' 3? x , I . K and mure J L OSGOOD MACHINERY TOWNE AND COUNTRY sho 8. 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Power Mow EM 2020 Jan Power Scythes Golf Course Tractors 81 Gang Mowers Scott Seed 8. Fertrllzer Mllorganlte Fertrllzer HERBERT F DARLING Heavy Constructzon a Specralty I3I CALIFORNIA DRIVE WILLIAMSVILLE 21 N Y Move nghr right move LINCOLN STORAGE IIO5 II27 NIAGARA STREET LIncoln 6516 os DIAN Ad I 9 ' ers ' ' ' ' GENERAL CONTRACTOR e Patfomze the VER ver fsers and MRS ZELLER THE RITTLING CORP BUFFALO N BRIAN BLQCK LOIBLS COMPLETE COLLISION SERVICE SIGNS PAINTED LAWNS MOWED ODD JOBS ELMWOOD 2794 828 GENESEE STREET B FALO II N Y BOXES SHOOKS 8K CRATES NAILED 81 WIREBOUND S50 fp X 4 I ig, I Eg- E,uH'f'T JONES BOX and MIL 344 DELAWARE AVE BUFFALO 2 N Y L DIVISION 120 1 VERDIAN Ad Complimenfs of MR. . , . Y. Complfmenis of COWPIWIPUIS Of 1 Ou P ' es Are Very Reasonable UF , . I T TW TT ,f 5 fm v , 0 L - A 4 2 -.- , 5, - 3. " QE D' PI P I ' I1 BUFFALO Compliments of DAVENPORT CO INC J L FI R President pl THE FENCING CLUB POSMANTUR S 92? BROADWAY 3116 BAILEV AVENUE W WINSMITH BUFFALO CO Industrial Tronsmfsslon Specvolfsls SPEED REDUCERS 8. COUPUNGS Morune Trust Building MOhc1wk 5133 BUHClO New York of Y DIAN Acels s 121 O' O . . SHE Com lmenls of I K3 1 Fine Clollmng 8. Arc o A S Formal ear-R 1 ls I 1 .lg 1ER 1 ELECTRICAL HEADQUARTERS APPARATUS REPAIRS CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES APPLIANCES BUFFALO ELECTRIC CO INC Formerly MCCARTHY BROS 81 FORD INC Wholesale Dlsfrrbulors More Than 55 Years of Serv ce I22 VERDIAN Ad O, O PHONE: WAshingIon 4422 75 WEST MOHAWK STREET .. i ,. Pl P th ADDEX ROOF SHIELD C A WALKER Srcndo d Drsfr bufors 1425 Fnllmore Avenue BAlley 6540 Complrnenfs of MR 8. MRS PETER HOSTA JR Comp! ments of 500 ELMWOOD AVENUE rh VERDIAN Ad Ask your dealer fo demonsfrofe 51- ulck WALL COVERING Just dup nn woter and apply 'A' NO TOOLS 'A' NO TRIMMING i' NO PASTING THE BIRGE COMPANY BUFFALO 1 New Yonex O O I O 0 O I I 0 O . 0 , 4 0 ' 0 I BALDVS MEAT MARKET ' The Marvelous New Do-If-Yourself C I -'23 . . . O I C O . I .O 00000000000 123 SUNDAES AND SHAKES ARE THEIR VERY BEST When Made Wnth BOYD FOUNTAIN TOPPINGS Always at your Favorite Fountain Manufactured by HENRY 8. HENRY INC FOR THE FINEST IVY LEAGUE STYLING IN THE BROOKS TRADITION Sport Coats Slacks Surts and all Accessories Including Button down and Pm thru Oxfords and Prques and o Complete Colle-ctron of Repps ' -A - jane BUFFALO I5 N Y Q5 Q 5 'V Q ' ' 4545 MAIN ST Phone Clrcle 2950 SNYDER N Y I24 th VERDIAN Ad gy ,, 1 5. , II , , I K W 'I 1 ' ' K X I I. . I -. . 0 . 5' fl? ' 4 U ' I 0 I ' i I , : Pl P I nize e v Comphmenls of MARITIME MILLING CO INC 1009 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUILDING BUFFALO N Y OLD Friend THE PERCY KENT BAG CO BUFFALO ENVELOPE CO ATKINSON and LEFF Op? 678 MAIN MR and MRS JACK BUNIS 1h VERDIAN Ad r Complime I ., . of on , . . Compliments of Complimenis of Compliments of Complrmenfs of icions ' ' 'ze e ver isers I 25 Congratulations to The Class of 55 afrii' Everything That Grows In Western New York FERGUSON E'-ECTWC Foulz WINDS NURSERY CONSTRUCTION co N WILLIAM R BOOCOCK Pres dent Pt Pr 126 th VERDIAN Ad tis . I c. ' I855-I955- IOO Years of Experience GERBER'S HICKORY FARM WIENERS and MEAT PRODUCTS Compliments of CHARLES KELLY Compliments of THE ELMWOOD FLOWER SHOP 976 ELMWOOD AVENUE ENGELHAUPT 81 CO VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL WORKS 925 Bo1Iey Avenue Buffalo 6 N Y , . Q we VEPDIAN Acne" . 127 COMPLIMENTS OF ACME SHALE BRICK COMPANY H53 MAIN STREET BUFFALO 9 N Y Congrofuloflons fo The Class of 55 2290 DELAWARE AVENUE BUFFALO N Y 128 I1 VERDIAN Ad "HUNT" for CHEVROLETS MEN S SHOP T"""'T' Bob Zeller and Dave Lev: choosing from the Finest Assortment of Men s Accessories and Furmshmgs In Buffalo Bergers downtown store and Thruway Plaza are the Home of Americas Most Famous Brands th VERDIAN Ad 1 129 Compliments of HOHL MACHINE 8: CONVEYOR CO INC 266 MAIN STREET BU FFALO N Phone 2524 He p the Hungry un Foreign Lands by giving to CARE CARE, Inc 660 FIRST AVENUE NEW YORK I6 N Y Compl ments of AN OLD GRAD Compl ments of GEORGE PARKS CONTRACTORS I30 Please Par on e Ihe VERDIAN Ad e Yse s ol o 1' T N , ' :X I 1 5 K 'I . 5. if I I xx ,fp .xx I. Q' .f l k ln 1. -I N...::....,...,...,..,-.-.......,-.Ifs-m" I I4, . Y, : AM. I I . i , . . r iz v ri KRAMER STUDIO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER GRonf 11 I3 Compliments of CHEPLO--THRASHAR GOWANDA, N. Y. OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC All Best Wishes to the Class of 55 MEARL D PRITCHARD 856 Mom Sfreef Buffalo 2 N Y FELLOW AMERICAN COLLEGE or Arorl-LECARLES 7Nfht N r VERDIAN Ad 1 , O , . . 35-3 or S reef Bu5olo 2, T I ph : Lincoln S227 P! P onize he vemsels I 31 Planning BOILER modernlzuhon? Sl ?.!!.f".?3.""" Jlwf cmsnvsn 'if all F :nooks l 1 y I lo Io cos h 1 T OM 0 0 15 SW HP Oll GAS AND COMBINATION OIUGAS FIRED FOR INDUSTRIAL COM MERCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL NEEDS 3 Tel CLeveIc1nd 6846 Congrcfuloffons fo the Class of 55 EASTERN SIGNS INC Complrmenfs of TOM S FRUIT 8. VEGETABLE MARKET 427 ELLICOTT STREET BUFFALO N Y 358 Delgw HODGE Inc Florlsfs FLOWERS cmd GIFTS are Avenue BUITOIO 132 Please Pcnronfze the VERDIAN Ad erisers O 0 U 10.13- I L92 5 Q. - 1 - 'Q'4.'Q.,f , ,"' -. sonsns 0 todo 'J nador r w- I 7 ' s 1 I woior service ! I . , . . v I CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I955 HUGH JOHNSON 8: COMPANY INC Members Mfdwesf Sfock Exchange RAND BUILDING BUFFALO N Y BOSTON MASS COOPERSTOWN GOWANDA WESTFIELD N Y TOM MacARTHUR GEORGE H DRAKE INC HEATING PLUMBING REFRIGERATION PIPING WILLIAM E MATHIAS INC 218 Lexington Ave BUITOIO 22 N Y Phone SUmmer 7II'I 3I7 MAIN STREET th VERDIAN Ad I 133 l o , . . I J I I I . . CompIimenIs of . , . . ' I . , . . I I Hovono Clgors-Brncr Pupes P ronize e ver isers AT NICHOLS . . . reads THE NEWS -:f 12 -:xr COMPLIMENTS ALMOST Everybody ir -Af is KEEBLER BISCUIT CO lFormerly Ontoruo Blsculf Company! 134 OF O Please P f ' th VERDIAN Advert Complfmenfs of ALAN MCCARTHY TIM NORBECK BOB BATTEL FRANK WINCH BILL POTTLE DAVE STEWART MIKE FLEMING DAVE LAUB ED PAUL DOC JORDON MEYER EQUIPMENT C0 N 408 BROADWAY CL 861 SWITCH T0 If Q10 NEVER AN AFTER THIRST SQUIRT BEVERAGE CO BUFFALO N X1 pI is THE DICK MAILER CO WEST TUPPER STREET Co pl me Is of A FRIEND TH AND DAVE SHIRE ORCHESTRAS Please Por on ze The VERDIAN Ad erfsers . ., I C. . 1 ,I J .- A A f : 1 ,, '56 - rl Com imen of - E 137 IRV I35 Comphmenfs of HAMLETT FURNACE CONSTRUCTION CO 1664 MAIN STREET BUFFALO N Y h VERDIAN Ad 1 Pl Pl ' 136 OSTENDORF MOTOR CAR CORP T325 MAIN STREET Esfablfshed T908 DUST VAC INC Dusr CONTROL CLOTHS Telephone MOhowk 5578 563 WILLIAM BUFFALO 6 N Y It has Io be good If If comes rom FLICKINGER S RED 81 WHITE SUPPLY HOUSE Nnagara Fronher Food Terminal BUFFALO N Y ELMIRA ROCHESTER SYRACUSE ERIE PENNA JAMESTOWN COLUMBUS OHIO COMMERCIAL CHEMICALS INC Raw Maferlals DIrecI Represenfaflves for 26 Manufacturers Carlood and Less Carlood Lofs Warehouse Stocks 2II HERTEL AVENUE DElcwczre 53 4 PIeose Palro ze the VERDIAN Ad errsers 7 - I . 4 ' f . . . 1 I . S. M. FLICKINGER CO., INC. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS I 'I I Niagara Falls Lancaster Elmwoodg Qui, 5, 'Bane X V 5200 l N 138 Please Fotromze fhe VERDIAN Adverlnsers ol I , . SI STORES TO SERVE OU 0 "BusySince18H" All! - NIIGIIA FlllS W' INCISTER - LACKIWI Nl RAB S La gest Stock of Jazz Records IH Western N Y 1672 MAIN STREET 432 LEND A BOOK LIBRARY 262 BRYANT smear Expert Watch and Clock Reponnng PATRICOLA JEWELERS DIAMONDS-WATCHES CLOCKS-JEWELRY THEODORE lTEDl PATRICOLA Phone GR 6074 518 ELMWOOD AVE BUFFALO N backer' Congrctulatvons fOf71 fnwm MIOWI' elim' 3 LOUIS OMEL Brnngrng You MORE for Every Dollar You Spend Please Potronrze the VERDIAN Advertisers 139 7 GA. 4 I 121 X' ' - - X C++ t Gifts-Library-Cords A , , . b 1 22, .v. Q - f Best Wfslwes to the Class ol 55 From the Manufaclurers ol RUGBY SPORTSWARE RUGBY KNITTING MILLS BUFFALO N Y Phone VI 3000 NEUMAN MOTORS INC Complfmeflfs Of IO25 HERTEL AVE BUFFALO NEW YORK lyusl a few steps from Delaware toward Elmwoodl A FRIEND I4O Please Par on lhe VERDIAN Ad erlsers I ' I DE SOTO-PLYMOUTH SALES 8- SERVICE il? MODERNFOLD DOOR CO The Door that folds lrke an accordion N7 2267 DELAWARE AVENUE Vlcforla 5l03 mr, I 2. Phone Lincoln Eslabl shed 1923 Choose Your Cleaner as Carefully as You Choose Your Clolhes BURT S 752 ELMWOOD AVENUE ODORLESS DRY CLEANERS eO Ope are O P 1 THE PARK LANE for your mos? remembered party WARD S PHARMACY Call Us lor Any Drug Store Need Prescrrpllons Called For and Dellvered 9l6 ELMWOOD AVE Please Pa on e the VERDIAN Ad lsers NN' , SP "4 4 L 5 lllll 5 2 ' 5 V0 G? MIM. , mm . , . . Y , 1 l lr if l ,ll W wn and ' ll r u ' ' Own lan 7 . Ll. 0l6l lr iz verl l4l Comphmenfs of PRINCE RUBBER COMPANY ELLICOTT PAINT CO INC 356 ELM STREET BUFFALO N Y R J NAGEL C J NAGEL Cornplfme-nfs of A FRIEND GOD BLESS YOU EVERYONE' A FRIEND 1h VERDIAN Ad Y ., . , . . , . Cornplimenfs of Pl P I I42 WISE CHOICE BUFFALO OPTICAL CO OIL 4 ffcw- 559 MAIN STREET 297 MAIN STREET 2830 DELAWARE AVENUE Compliments of PETER T ALLEN on Assocnates Buffalo s Flrsf Stahon R A D I 0 WA 3100 55 WGR v CHANNEL 2 TELEVISION ' SU 7115 FORREST READ 8. COMPANY REAL ESTATE 70 NIAGARA STREET BUFFALO Ih VERDIAN Ad I4 O O ' d 0 If' The Favorite View INSURANCE I 2 I mze e verIIse 3 LUMBER MILLWORK MONTGOMERY MALLUE COMPANY RIVERSIDE MEN S SHOP .nun nl" Ill 'UWT X 1 lllll' llllluillll 'hun Mfg' alll!! lllul "'-. MIIIZJIIEHIIM X TONAWANDA STREET CORNER ONTARIO The Smartest Shop In Town SOUTH PARK LINCOLN MERCURY N 2375 SO PARK AVENUE 51 WILKESON STREET CL 5920 BUFFALO N Y 'I44 Please Pai the VERDIAN Adverf I Q is X . ,,.nnlumun..,. XS ...--"' "--. Q ,....,... ...I - ..-"" "'--,H ff miiii..iil rx, ll I I A , Q -,lull Q. M r lui,-- 'Q P' fxn:w: ' P' " I ,'T5m5i: IIE'-ll P - EEnf.r.s'2lI5'-I-"""'!l"' 3 ' , ""!'l1'Mm:5 jx 'jg ii H LII' I tl IIB' ,-.f I I , -Nlfllf ,lad I In : ' , -. ' IIN Ami ,.. Q. -....n-nlulllllnigu' V IMI M ' ulgllllllunmn- ' - 1 L I - f f -: g ,S 7 X , g S1 , . E f ' 'Afff ' 'V f ' I I C. - , . . PARK EDGE BEVERAGE CHOICE WINES AND UQUORS 2132 Delaware Avenue Delaware Park Shoppmg Plaza pl m nts MILLINGTON LOCKWCOD INC MENIGS SERVICE HUGH D WHARTON JR Presfdenf EARL MENIG Commercial Stationers Buslness Furniture Fllmg Equlpmenf Office Supplles MAd'SOn 1772 JOHNSON SEA HORSE MOTORS ELLICOTT SQUARE BUILDING SWAN MARINE SALES 7 SOUTH DIVISION STREET T e olo 2 BUFFALO 3 N Y WA soar Dock Phoe WA 9603 v DIAN Ad 145 J Com I e of 1 , . ' I 'I I I 290 rrace Buff , N. Y. ' ' ' . T1 I . PI P tranfze fhe ER verris S Compllments of DR CHARLES G SALISBURY VIKING TOOL 8. STEEL 1039 Niagara St Buftalo 13 N Y Flne Cutting Tools Abrasuves Tool and Stainless Steels BRAINARD and COMPANY INSURANCE 471 473 Ellicott Square Bldg DEUEL LAPEY 8. CO INC Complete Insurance Service 302 GENESEE BLDG EO 146 DlAN Ad , ., . Buffalo, N. Y. BUFFALO 2, NEW YORK Pl se Patronize the VER WE HOPE YOU ENJOY READING THIS VERDIAN AS MUCH AS WE HAVE ENJOYED PREPARING IT FOR YOU DAVE SHIRE TED ZANDER LARRY LEVY WRAPPING PAPER SANITARY FINE PAPER PRODUCTS nl 6 SSIIUM B u F F A L 0 ROCHESTER SYRACUSE ch VERDIAN Ad T47 C B S COLOR TV RECEIVERS Dastrlbuted by C B S COLUMBIA OF WESTERN NEW YORK 165 GEORGIA STREET MOhawk 3535 UTICA FLOWER SHOP GRont 5381 284 286 W UTICA ST Near ELMWOOD BUFFALO 22 N Y Open Evenmgs and Sundays SAMUEL T ARRIGO EVELYN R SINCLAIR COMPLETE FLOWER SERVICE After Hours GArfleld 9l96 Lrabtlrty Plate Glass Surety Bonds Compensatlon Automobile Frre Burglary EDMOND M BAKOS INSURANCE Real Estate Mortgages Office 1845 Clinton Street SO lO5l SO T050 Operated by Nye Park Cleaners lnc T596 ELMWOOD AVE Rl 30 VERDlAN Ad A NYE PARK V2 HOUR LAUNDRY ' I ' .10 Please Patronlze the I48 ple CONGRATUWONS CLASS OF 55 FADEMAN s KOSHER DELICATESbEN You have passed the first mllestone on the road to success' As you continue your career at college appearance IS a bug asset We Invite you to conslder Klelnhans as the Alma Mater of your wardrobe 2087 DELAWARE AVENUE Phone VI 9256 Complrments of STEWART 8. BENSON II counr STREET BUFFALO 2 N Y Home of Fnne Luggage KLEINHANS MINIT CAR wAsH INC 2165 DELAWARE AVENUE KLEINHANS CORNER MAIN and CLINTON The Fastest a d the Best Please Patromze the VERDIAN Adverttsers Com im nts of ' I 1 or in the business world, you will End that a smart , . I T1 'I49 MANUFACTURERS OF COLOR PUBLICITY NIAGARA LITHOGRAPH COMPANY BUFFALO NEW YORK CLEVELAND CHICAGO HAYES FISH CO INC WHOLESALE RETAIL Complfmenlg of Dealers rn All Kmds ol Sea Foods Lake and Ocean Fish A Oysfers Game Poultry Frozen Foods Elc WA 0512 0513 46 NIAGARA STREET BUFFALO N Y 150 ., . I l 1 1 1 1 V Please Polronize the VERDIAN Adverlis JOSEPH DAVIS INC HEATING ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS Worfhmgton Refrfgerarors Sprrnkler Sysfems Phone WA 8435 Joseph L FI LEFF OPTICAL CO 768 MAIN STREET INe 1 To Tech Theo! I MA 4820 HARRY HARTZBERG CLOTHING MANUFACTURER W TUPP V 5' BUFIOIO N Y CLOTHING MADE TO MEASURE Complrmenfs of Complrments of CHESTER O GALE A FRIEND , . x Te 9 . . 9 . , . . P' P rorwze The VERDIAN Adverfvsers ISI B EALS MCCART HY few RO GERS STEEL INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 152 VERDIAN Ad nr BUFFALO 5 N. Y. WAshingIon 4900 PI P I fh X W PIERCE 8. Fguwgi STEVENS INC BUFFALO 3 N Y 1 noel l9""" Since 1884 BUFFALO AERONAUTICAL CORP Single and Mull: Engine Charter Service AIRCRAFT SALES AND SERVICE Buffalo Mumclpcl Airport Buffalo 25 N Y PL A FRIEND Congrafulotes the Closs ol 55 Compllments of CRYER AGENCY INC Genesee Bldg GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS Jock Cryer Jr President Please Porromze rhe VERDIAN Adverrlsers Jgf. B 5? 4 If gif, MX. H . . . I t I , K Mu ' Q lac- f A A A jk mu.. .A .,.,,.. I n U X ,H MH,,,M,. U Tel.: . II56 , . ' 8- , -, 153 BISON ELECTROTYPE CO INC Elecfrofypes Nlckelfypes Tenoplofe Mofs Sfereofypes Wax Engrovrngs Cleveland 30103011 37 FRANKLIN STRECT BUFFALO N Y Fo fhe BEST MEATS Srop cf Comp! ts f scHwElcHLERs RED s. wnms ORUN BEAUTY SUPPLY 2089 DELAWARE AVE P o e DE 8 FIERSTEIN S RED 8. WHITE FAH-ING OPTICAL Co 6 veg 166165 D6 ly 166 FRANKLIN STREET 964 W FREE DELIVERY GA 2241 BUFFALO N Y Piece Poi o ze the VERDIAN Ad tse s 154 ol 4 33- ' , . . r in lmen 0 1 h rx 1 . 123 1 Qualify Groceries Fresh Erui1s on e i . Ferry Sf. , ' ' ' 5 r nf veri COLEY S MILK 220 PARKDALE The Mrlk the Athletes Tram On LI 71 Compliments COOLEY MOTORS INC 207 W HURON STREET ot NIAGARA Buffolos Downtown Ford Dealer BUFFALO MADE SOIL PIPE AND FITTINGS Ask Your Jobber For It BUFFALO PIPE 8. FOUNDRY CORP Patron ze Home lndustry RIVER ROAD at SAWYER STREET th VERDIAN Ad I SIFICG before ,he turn ' of the century Wu-BER FARMS OSTENDORF MOTOR CAR CORP has been serving RICH MILK 1325 MAIN of RILEY FOR HOME SERVICE CALL GA 3211 Es! 1908 DELAWARE TEXACO SERVICE BARBER' CLOTHES or DISHNCTION 24 HOUR SERVICE CAR WASHING MOTOR TUNE UP ROAD SERVICE CL 9243 MA 7953 CHARLIE AND THE MONKEY Delaware at Vlrglma St BuHaIo N Y CHARLIE S BARBER SHOP 156 th VERDIAN Ad . CompIImen1s of . .. 1 - , . . Please PaIronIze e MOLLENBERG BETZ MACHINE CO INC GENERAL MACHINISTS Refrigeration and Arr Condmonlng 20 26 Henry Street BUFFALO N Y Phone CLeveland 7l38 MR NICHOLS YOU ARE A V I P You are becoming a very Important person' to this commumty You will have many serlous responslbllntles to face as you partucnpote more and more ID community affanrs Nothnng wall help you more or give you a greater sense of security than a savings account buult on regular weekly or monthly deposlts the WESTERN SAVINGS BANK of Buffalo C e H ll Pqzq Delo a e Park Shopp g Cente K , MAIN AND COURT 215 Dela e A s g on qt Egger: Rd North of Amhe st St Member Federal Depost lnsu a ce Co po at o Pl as Patron the VERDIAN Ad ertsers I57 ' of o - I Q 4 18 C ' U U I lev - I l W Y in en In 6 war ve. . r . r r n r r , ize v i HUBERT L PERRY BUILDING and DEVELOPER Good DBSIQDS In Good Homes Complimenfs of LUEDEKE STUDIO COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY ALEX TASSO THE WINDSOR SHOP 459 ELMWOOD AVENUE BLIEEALO N Y Ih VERDIAN Ad . 'Y if ,iz Comphmems of P' . F I 158 LAMONT WRAY MOTORS Congratulations to the Class of 55 H96 Mum SUMMIT HARDWARE 8. ELECTRIC GA 6230 COMPANY CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sates Servtce H LAMONT A WRAY 1469 Heftel Ave 2832 Delaware Ave BuHolo N Y Kenmore N Y MR and MRS ROBERT DRISCOLL BRADY 5 DANCING STUDIOS Complete Danc ng Program For All Ages RED 81 WHITE STORE Select Fruit 81 Vegetables Dally 71V2 HODGE AVE GRont 4705 ELMWOOD at HODGE th VERDIAN Ad t 1 i Adult Classes A Specialty , R R Pl P trontze e ver lxers 159 WILLIAM F KIMBERLY 8. CO INC REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 162 Fronklm Street BUFFALO O NEIL MOTOR CO 1790 MAIN STREET BUFFALO N Y Of course all Nichols boys buy their C lassrcal Pops Jazz, etc records at MUSIC HOUSE Umversrty Plaza 307 Falls Nlagara Falls Park Free at All 4 Stores Plea e Pal on ze Ihe VERDIAN Ad efsers . ., . l I I ' 1 291 Delaware Ave. L. B. Smith Plaza s r i v ri I60 GURNEY, OVERTURF, 81 BECKER INCORPORATED REAL ESTATE INSURANCE AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ELLICOTT SQUARE BUFFALO N Y 1 , . . Please Palronize the VERDIAN Adverlisecs Compliments Of SIEGFRIED CONSTRUCTION CO INC 6 NORTH PEARL ST BUFFALO NEW YORK 162 I, I ' 1 P., P s h VERDVA Congratulations and Best Washes TO THE CLASS OF 55 RAUCH 81 STOECKL PRINTING CO INC I63 1 O, C PHONES: GArHeId 6700 - 6701 - 6702 19,1 ie? Q . 9 5- , I W' f' V I H ra. 1,41 5 5'-vffg '

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