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4"s,. I' -Him' ff :f'T'Q V .A Alffii' Z 54 1 .E-iFFf?"f1- Effvi' '31 25 f - F' uf. F1::-ff-ffv T' ,,2wf':'Ti ' ! . ulsT'-f , .gg , gijnfl' -HSE' Q: .ni :5Lj,W.,J3!x'5j: x nj .A Qw- V-:P . F 'U' I M --IA " +1"'7: f'4',Fx i:' 3'l I 'li ,fl , rfJ.L1.f 1 A M Lam -,M 41,,,llCg.:!-up , x' L... fy'-cfh.1q'QJF!-se J I ff: , ,I ...FY 'f A 3 nh - 3,3 riff-iff, T 9 -I' "Eiffel Sflii., 1, arf? qpigigsisi 41, Q'-2,5-,TQ-:f:.5, MJ 25i,fi!:.l-L A,d,flF,,',o,r4-:VE ' bt j. . E:T15,ii1Q:,'lA- 9.54111 i3Q:52..Jwxf,?-, , v .-5-4.1,,,wQ1'f tLaE?L:iwgx,fiAu',1iZ ' '," a.-il 5 fgigslgiy A Hyli' fvsjig- -:1g,f,,f-, ' x'!',"x:bl.-,h - il. ',,, -L Q- :gp ,, 452.-I, E 1. ,-v,,.g- :' xbgf,3'ff--:W -rw -e5542'55jff.Fff '-,AQ--K-Pff'vf fQf:45a,.F:Q3' "-,-Q4qlkf'51Q'fg wt-if:-ij. a -.-EEA .-A5N'5L.:1m5A,4!g1i -,li ulriu ,.- gl 1 aw , , . ,gig-115-.i.hgLgLp,5 ,. ua . J YE' Eff S'fT?.'gI-.2 ?Q'F"g44j..zx"'fjQ .gig 'bb W V 5. ,ni'7', 21 ly'-J.:-fu - I QQE K,qj'..r-Jgq? -,ix .IM Yi nv.,-l.:4. -x l: C'- 111,55 All 'gh 2. " i1',Q...2f4'L--7--D' 5.21 '.-- ,ij "-515 f,'1-L 2. AMI- 'i- H n, ',T'1c,.,j. t- H Y, H C, ',iR:..,.v:I!-' 1-ITL -,I . -Q A . V .T I A' Hn H :-I J Al l -Q1 4- .. ,I V- -E, Y 5-,x,g:5wg,4'gQ,+, y,QgE,fu.wwnp+r.g1j Sung-, J ' I fa- - l a .g,f'1-2528. gh -Ag, A:',gf,.3, , . vi K ' 5, .. '.,iL-13i?f'3g,5' -we Q'-. fl- ' ID' fn I-1 Y '-i'fw'3.i::-xl q. ' 4'.3",. ,'gf"-L',1f,..G fp-.'1,PT".,.QE:,,. '1. ' ,, ",23?i f-Jffl-r ' wif-ire: 24 ' wvwm . . " . f L . ' 'fi-fn ': e.. .l'ffgig5 'f 4 14332 -QQ - 15,5-?5 . '- ,W - ' S' 443'-,l lg: 1' -5255.11- l:,.,' , g, ,5LAf . , '. 'fau x gy? ,. 1,,,g1.-QQ, ' ' Z . V 5 Ll. ":'.E,I,xs 1" git f1 ,.'.,,'h'5qf'i,,,:w59 Q: f "5 c.i'9'11gQ:fw2g4gS. ' -p442g ' f '- if gf' f Qmfn . ' '41 T-lim, f m "' W " FW ' 1 2 . -: -v iw T im. -..- aifw- ,. v, , 1,..-,,-I.. vi 6, , Q, NW, - -V -. '-yur. C, -.V K .. 33 rr-fy:-ll' gi-E Fi 'gui- ' if :L 'P'- 1- .ski -?-. ffTf"?f'g,l ' V "'.,L"- af, 55 ,2 - -- ' i - 431: -' :'jf.Q4,: ?9,i'.:' 3!:ggTi"fl,, 1 '34 3,1-1 , Pg' .-E ' 'J 5. - -+P-,h 2 -- , U r .EI U ' ' - .,iqgL:,:L',a ,Mir 5 : Y-'V-gfggirgr ,.J,h:,W-lgi gijsu ,IQ EA 1 1kEi,, J, if in ",Qj5g 1 H3533-3 g. f , 'ff'M3.g ..:'.?gg'1 4 '- P h , -3.1:-, I.. -5 . ja C if-,L!EIf".y , iii ul- ...xl ,V 3 'fi Q 5. -if -3-VIE, rigi- ' 2 ff? A f 'g nigijghluitugiy -ip I? 'I '. If '5-543 f"g1'gg,Q:::ff'S5,'j""vV Kii,:1'V-5 5?" "'5 jf':L-1-lf , ggti-4,1-rE'iiJ1n?,fT+i'L5 j Y ,M ' 'v,1.,,5'j,Kx 755, '1.,1gP,v', 'gif-, '- '37 Hy- Y- JL, .jig :..,,gf-. ggv- ,5':':-'gizwgm-fgiiggir ming " 1 L-fp 'E-,. -1. gg - gi 55? - T f5?,iE.SAiE,.I f,-'?g,:kg.3--l,A,H,h iv-'E L, :Piguet afv,g ,.w,i-in qs: f.fEQ .QgL .l3, vggFg,t,15j:5Wij, :jI.l,.. Q'gV V, -gg? Jug,-'g:.g,95 wg I 1 J1f,w1.5Nf,-, -Eg 'P +42 , ' 15. I 1: 5 17 -F-L 'I--, :Juv I 4 I-A, iwicw, -- b- 1-Y .4114-Fgihu-JP, 1 ffv- , w 55.. ' -. Lg. ggmgx-iflyrg ilng .3 aaE1i l':4'..,. f n '51 .4 w '5h,fQ,,'5 '- N:,39'Af Egg, -if - 3 ' .14 Eg. lI'n'X,lQz,,x I- I 2 7'-:T K 2'f'e,i:fGf2?Tsf??ifi -.,.',j.5 Elilgq A,,J5f,.4g,. 95135 in ' .,l it 5 2?-1 , .jig ' ' fffg fi, fejfifi- Af . . 4A1ugc:Lw-g:, -.5 ,h 1 - 'Tis' I 1 - Y, ' :,'T ':if+-265512 'af gg ,A 16 535. xii' ,gg-ig. I: 51- V943 VHQUIHN DAVID C. DIEFENDORF, Co-lfdilor RICHARD T. KRUEGER, C0-Editor FREDERICK J. ROSS. Jr., Business JIUIIIIHPI' EDWARD F. YVALSH, .'1fll'Pl'IiSillg .Manager UBLISHED BY THE STUDENTSO W3 NIEHULE VHXUHXN VOLUME NUMBER THIRTY-THREE xffsc 0 6- 4' o E o A NICHOLS SCHOOL,BUFFALO,NEWYORK He has served the students of Nicllols patiently and faithfully for almost a decade. For his years of character-building and unswerving loyalty, we, the Senior Class of 1943 lldllllfillgly and proudly dedicate this year's VBRDIAN to Donald L. Waterman. UUNMU L WAHHMAN ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS 194-2-1943 Glsoncz Nuzuons PHILIP M. B. Boococu XVILLIANI C. 0'Nm1. llarvard, A.B. Rulgx-rs, .-LB. RlIIgl'l'S S1-nior :Wasil-r llvmlnmstvr New York University :lssislanl lo Ihr- HPHIIIYIIISIPF llouxmu Oscoon, M.D. KATE ENNIS INIABIKISTTH Consulting l,Il.VSil'ilIl! Ex'01'1llil'r' S!'!'N'llll1V Sums S. VAl'clmN Doms Alrruuns RING Sins. M.uu.xx AIINTIIORNE .-lssislnnl Io llw Svcrelllqv .-lssislunl Trmsurvr Dizflilinn THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 194-2-194-3 LARS S. l'01'rER, President MAX li. BRla1'scHGEn, l'irv-Prvsidvnl ,Ions MCW. REED, Sl'l'l'PIl1liV' DIJDLEY M. IRWIN. Trvnsuror Tc-rms llvpiring in june. I9-13 .losm-u .-K. ARCIIIKALD, Jn. Tulaonoma G. Klaxlax-'uzu limmun ll. LETCIIWORTII Slavxmun ll. KN0x Rum lhmusu I". PEO JOHN MCW. REED 72'rms Evpiring in ,Ium'. 19-ll WI1.I.l.m C. lhllxlr Al.Ex.wlmlalx P. DANN Llawls G. ll.umm.xN Dvmm' M. limvm. Jn. linwlxw LANG IVIILLICR Lms S. POTTER J. FREDERICK Romans 5 Tvrnls Evpiring in Julw, I9-15 M A x E. B1ua'rsclmEn Tumi.-xs W. M l1'nuEl.l, LMVIQENCE W. GRIFFIS llowum KELLDGG, Jn, IIARRY C. LAUTENSACK CHARLES ll. DIEFENDOIIF KENNETH STHACHAN 6 PHILIP M. B. BOOCOCK, Wtt.t.tAxt C. 0'NtEL. Rutgers, New York University, Assistant to tht- Headmaster. In charge of Junior School. Gsottcts NtcttoLs, Harvard, A.ll., Senior Master. ELTON M. Atwts, Brown, PILB.. Ht-ntl ol' tht- Science Dt-pttrttnt-ttl. But-zu. Cnt'rt:ttt.ow, Amlterst, A.B. AUSTIN MCC. FOX. Union College, A.B., Harvard. Romain' A. Gtt.t.Est'tt2, Monmouth, A.B. Htznutatvr T. Ktztwox, Massachusetts Normal Art School. CHAttLt4:s l. Kmatstsn, Lt-high University. W1LBUtt J. LEE, New York State Tout-lters College, Stout Instituto, B.S. Bnttmttn B. Pttamxtz, Brown., llt-atl of History Department. FRANS A. 'I'ttottss0N, llarvartl. A.B., llcatl ofthe Modern l"ort-ign La ngttage Department. IN 'l'l'll11 ARM RAY G. Sctttrtstunz, Normal College, Indianapolis Rotztawr P. Rtatsr, Slate Tt-avlters College, ILS. Rutgers, A.B.,, Headntasler I-I,tmn' C. Tnomvron. St. ltlit-hat-l's College, Toronto. Ttucv E. 'I'U'rtttLL. Oberlin., A.M., lleatl of Mathematics Dt-parttnettt. Rn M. Vt:mttt.L, Bowdoin, A.B., Harvard, A.M., llc-atl of English Department. Vtxct-:NT E. Wftnst-t, Oxford, A.A., Rome, Ph.D., llt-atl ol' Latin Department. DONALD L. W.vrEmt.tN, llarvartl, A.B. Mn. Rotmtn-, llttffnlo State Teachers College, B.S Mk. At.tttztt1' R. SU'r'rER, Uttivt-t-sity of Bttffalo, A.B., Colttmhitt University, M.A. Mn. DANIEL ll. GRAY, Hobart, A.B. Mn. w.kLTER ll. LoHANs, Springheld College, B.S., New York University, MA. ED SERVICES ROGER E. Gnort-t, BulTaIo State Teachers College, B.S. Lftutu-:NCE 0. Ttt0ttN'roN, Platlslmrg State Tt-acltvrs College, Catholic University 7 IN MEMORIAM ln remembrance of George F. Rand, who served Nichols as zu ineniher of the Board of Trustees for almost a quarter ofa century. llis death was a great loss to our school, for Mr. lland was con- stantly aiding Nichols, either morally or linan- cially. We of Nichols wish to extend our sincerest sympathy to his family, for their loss is also ours. EHIHEE P HHNU OFFICERS President Eugene l". MrCarthy Vice'-1'rt-sitlvlll Bryant ll. Prenlivv. Jr. Permanent Svcrvlary Buell Critvhlou' '33 Trvasurir William G. Sluniluntl. ll ALUMNI BOARD OF MANAGERS Exmna 1943 Colman Curtiss. .lr Class lftlgeuz: F. McCarthy Class Clifford Nichols, Jr. Class Bryant ll. Prcnticc, Jr. Class William G. Slanilancl. ll Class Rirllard A. Stovkton Class Wlilliam S. Wright. .lr. Class uf 1928 of 1922 af 1936 fy' 1933 aj 1931 cj 1931 cy' 193-1 EXPIRE 1944 Thomas Curliss Class Charles S. Davis Class Cecil S. Farrar Class John F. llubcr, ,lr. Class Dr. Warren Montgomery Class llcnry Rt-vb Svliat-fer Class Robert F. Spilzmillcr Class 14 1932 tg 1924 .ff 1935 zj 1923 fy 1932 14 1926 14 1927 Ext-ma 19-LS William P. Cranz George li. Matthews, Jr. Clayton G. Smith Geoffrey J. Lt-tchwortli, Jr. Nathanlicl A. Harrell Dr. Charles F. Becker llowartl C. Lavcrack, Jr. Class af 1936 Class tj 1932 Class of 193-1 Class cj 1933 Class of 1932 Class of 1930 Class of 1929 The Alumni Association has give-n to thc school this yt-ur, a War Plaque containing the names of all alumni in the armed forces. It is fitting and right that these mon be remembered, and thc staff of the Nichols Vt-rdian, on behalf ofthe student body. extends its sincore apprvviation for tht' alnmni's gcnvrous gift. 9 THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1943 Like so many other boys all over the country, we fthe senior classl were faced with a truly perplexing problem. The future was unknown, and indefinite, and few could make any plans. On looking at the record ofour class, each of us is inclined to pal himself 011 the back, for regardless of all the "unknowns," our record is good. We have managed to continue all senior activities, carry heavy courses, and yet we have come out on top. The future for most of us still remains uncertain, but a few of the more fortunate are certain. ln the arnled forces up to date are: Bill lless-Army Air Corpsg Paul Hemmerich and David Archbald-Naval Air Corps: Eddie Walsh- Navyg and Torn Schaeffer. Al Rogers and Ross Hall will probably enter the Army, via draft, shortly. "Dutch" Cole has already left for the Air Corps, and Park Bagley is now in the Coast Guard. Wayne Rutter and BQMHFSIIQ, Davis are both in college. Many others are planning to attend college, but few are sure of il. The Senior Class of I943 has completed a successful year, and we feel certain that such a class as this will continue its fine record, wherever it may be. 11 Sllllllll Burn: NIAY lb, 1925 mvm ARCHBALD ,f,,,.,,,,,:1.,35 David is one ol that distinguished group of boys who entered way back in '35. Even in the lifth and sixth rntlcs he was recognized as a natural wil. and has retained his title throughout his eight years at Niebtis. Since the momentous day of his arrival, he has tlayed an important part in the schnol's ac- tivities. "Little Arch," as he is fondly called, has not nnly 'been an outstanding: athlete, eaptaining both varsity. tennis and soccer teams. but can be frequently found on the honor roll. Dave divides his spare time between various forms of enjoyment at Lorraine, and his hobby, birds. llisiornithological studies will be carried on at Cornell next fall, ifn Naval Aviation Cadet is allowed such Sill IPB. Socwr Tvuln '40, '-II, '42, Cupluin V123 Tennis Team '40, '41, '42, Captain '43: lluss Ufievr 'fl2: Charities Comlnillvt' '40, '41 . Burn: lltat:t+:Mtttan 31, 1924 f lfnlvrwl: Sul-'rammaa 1937 Park taint to us tn l0d7. and tmnluhalely took his vlare autonv the outstanding students of his class. Athlelieally ntindt-tl, Park was forcntost in football. lincltey, null hast-ball. He was a member nl' that select roup of boys wlln played varsity football, and received their letters, for three years. "Roe" was not st-liolastit-ally inclined, but somehow he usually managed to fool the teachers by comin through with llyiug eolurs, llis smile and friendly nature became known to us all. and his lu-fklin of"llll" Walsh was a constant source of humor in the locker room. A strung advocate nl' the UWOSIS' and similar orrvanizations. he devoted a lar e part ot' his time tu sueh "extra-curricular" activities. hl'ark lt-ft Nivlmls in the middlle of the year to enter the Coast Guard. He is now at Manhattan Beach, 'ew York. lttrsily I"oollmll '40, '-ll. '-12. 12 JOHN DANIEL COLE lfulerr-rl: SEt'1't-:Mneu N36 Born: Fenutunx' -l-, N25 A broad smile, an unrestrained manner of speech. and n brown aportscout announced the arrival of Danny Cole. As far back as l937. "Dutch" was entertaining his classmates with amusing comments and avlinns. The members of the senior class will remember hint its the fellow who drove the "Blue Mist," a great "lover," a hunter who shot but three tlucl-as in a season. autl a sailnr and owner of what is t-omlnoulv ralletl tt sailboat. ln the hockey season just passed. he held tlowu the tlillicult position uf goalie ou the varsity. Schu- laslically, "Dutch" was not at the top of his class. lull he frequently managed to grace Mr. 'l'uthill's mark lists with an eighty. or so. Dan has already honored the Army Air Corps with his presence. zunl is now in training in Mississippi. hmtlulll Sqttutl H Hurltu Tvrml Li Vtcltlhlfxlu Board 712. Burn: Novutvttum 24, 1925 NIARSHALL EWIING DAVIS Entered: Setfrsmman 1939 "Joe Davis' son." Since enteriuv Nichols as a freshman, Marsh has distinguished himself in various lields of athletics. Making the basketball tenln for three consecutive 'cars, his hei ht has made him n mainstay of the team at center. Besides throwing the discus on the trach team, Mari was a member of the hue forward wall of this year's football team. Outside of his school activities, Marsh takes quite an interest in howling and swimming, not to men- tion . . . Well maybe we had better not mention her here. Due to a tough academic schedule and these outside interests we are unable to classify him as one of the "brains" of the class, but Marsh does hope to be able to further his knowledge of heating, refrigera- tion, and stcanilitting at Carnegie Tech next year. Fanlbull Squad '41, Team 12: Basketball Team '41, '42, V139 Track Team '41, 512. 13 EENIUH Burn: 0c'l'otnan 6, 1925 JOHN FELIX DESBECKER1 JR' Entert-il: Stetfrt-:n1tEnl938 Although John is of a nnturnlly reservctl and retidng disposition. tnnl therefore not ns eonspivnous as some of his fellow classmates. he lms, in his quiet way, nmtle many frientls att Nichols, llis votes for "Biggest Grind" speak well for John, in so far as this shows that he is not laeking in effort in his studies. This effort he enrrtes over to the athletic liehl, although he is lunulieupped hy his slight fnune. Early this winter John, along with several other seniors, volunteered for rluty in the llonic Guard, unit has contrilintetl ntutilt valuable titne tu this tlnrin tlte ycttr. Jolnfs plnns for the future ure us yet itttlelittittxiltl we ure sure wherever hc goes, he will he welcomed. f ',.,.v1 W :,17j Hum: Dtecsxtnmtt 9, 1025 Du ID ultRLFs ntmrxnoltr E,.,,,,,,,, S,,.,,,.,,,,,, 1931, p Since entering Nichols in lfllitu, Dine has developed his tputlities of leadership, untl this yenr has he- come the real leutler of tht- senior elttss. Besides being l'rt'sltl1-tit of the Stutlent Conneil, Dnve is Vice- Presitlent ol' the at-niur eluss, nntl Cu-Editor ol' the Vtatmtim. Ile luis served nn the Dance nntl Charities Committees for two years, mul on the Assemblies for three. This utltnirnhle list ol' ollires neeounts for Dave's election as "Biggest Bcliefnctoru in the senior rlttss. llc nlso reeeivetl votes for "Clues Optimist" and "Most Argtltttentativef' "Diet" is also one of the hetter ulhletes in the seltool. llc proved his versatility on the football team this your hy switching from the guard position to fulllutek, nntl ln-coming tht- second highest srorer of the tc-um. Davtfs tlestinution after his grntluation is either Williams College nr the Army, but he will he wel- comed wlmn-vcr he goes, due to his outstnuding character and optimistic disposition. Fnollmll Team '40, '41, '42q Hockey Team '43g Track Squad '40, '41, '42, VERDIAN Buortl '41, '42, Ca- Erlilur '43: l'resi:lz-nl of Student Council '43g Vice-President of Class '43, Charities Comntillee '-II, '42, Dann- Cmnrnim-1' '41, '42: Assemblies Committee '41, '42, V135 Class Onicer '40, '41, 14 V Barn: MAY 7, 1925 DAVID FERNOW Entered: Sstfraxtusn 1940 In the three years Dave has been here. he has acquired prominence in athletics and in scholarship. In soccer and hocke ', Dave has eapably held down the position of center for two years. The title of "Biggest Grind," for which he placed second, accounts for the fact that his name frequently appears ou the honors list and the coveted ' privileged seniors" list. Dave has more than held his own with the fairer sex too. Replete with his "Mercury 19-il snappy club coupe" and the two titles, "Best Dressed" and "lIandsomest," Dave has learned more about triangles out of school than in class. Lately, Dave has been saving his ration coupons by not driving his car to school duri 1' the week. This gives him enou h gas to ride out to the suburbs over the week-end. Dave wiiltleave his drums home, when he qeavcs for Cornell. Soccer Team '40, '41, '42: Hockey Tc-um '43: Baseball Team '42g Cltariliox Conunitlve '+I-3: Assentblies Com- miuee 3135 "News" Board '41, 3125 Vttttntatt Board '42g Dmmalir Club '-ll, '-32. Burn: Mancu 6, 1925 NATHANIEL ROSS HALL Entered: Sstrrtattnttlt 1935 "The hockey team will hand in its jerseys, or else!" This, or some other statement, made in Ross's inimitable voice, has frequently been heard at luuclt hour. Another member of that clan of distinguished young men who entered in 1935, "Nat" has since made an enviable name for himself. Of a naturally quiet nature, Ross surprised the entire upper sehool by his forceful statements, or demands, on the hockey team. His executive ability was demonstrated during his tnanagership of the hockey team. It was during this term that he gained his reputation as a slave driver, which his assistants will verify. His charming per- sonality, and good nature were proven by his uncanny ability to obtain ads for this yearbook. "Nat" will vacation and matriculate in the U. S. Army. Illanager of Hockey Team '43g Manager af Tennis Team '43, VERDIAN Board '42, '43. 15 EENIUH Born: APIIII. 30, l925 PAUL HEM MERICH lfnn-ml: Smrrtexunt-:tt 1941 Paul, one of the most amiable and good natured of the seniors, came to us in Septemher of '41, as a ffth former. "Bah Face" soon hecitme one of the more mpulur members ol' the class. and his witty ' Y remarks have amused many students and teachers alike. Although Paul has not excelled either athleueslly ' ' ' ' l' l , l B k th ll or in hut studies, hts hard worl. has won ltim his share of good marks. and a so a p ner on t te as e tt Squad this year. Many "Sem" irs wt a tr , . "Handsomest." leaul also received votes for "Class Optimist," and "Best Natured. Due to the war Paul's future is indelinite. hut he hopes to heeome a naval avintor after graduation. l 'll ll' m the truth of his election as "Best Dressed" and his many votes for Basketball Squnrl '43, Burn: ,lou lo, 192-l ll ILLIAM ALBERT H1255 Hun-n-fl: Sstvrsxtnsn 1942 lu his one short year at Nichols, Bill has made a great impression upon the school, and has hecome exceedingly popular with his classmates. Although entt-rin-v sc tool late in the year, hc proved himself to he a welcome addition to the soccer team at fu hack. and later developed into the fastest man on the squad. Hill an all around nthlete, was the spark plug and high scorer of the lntskethull team. netting v over one humlred and forty points this season. Although generally quiet, Bill dex elops into quite a clown on the eourt, when employing his famed pivot play. Bill's claim for distinction in the senior class lies not only with his athletie abilities. hut also in his election ns "llantlsomest" in the senior poll. Bill will he missed at Nichols next year, hut the Army Air Forces ure getting n good utnu. Sow:-r 'l'emu 312: llnskelbull Team '43, 16 , Born: Dsctsxtutnt l, 1924 DAVID FERGUSON HOW ARD Entered: Sisrrmtttsu 19-I0 Coming ln us in the fourth fnrnt, the "0nf," as "Sclmef" fondly refers to Dave, wasted nu tintc in hecnming one of tlte well liketl tnetulxcrs of tlte class. His rnngenial easy-going manner has won hint tt host of friends. Darrin impressive stnturt' has in no way hantlicnppetl him in his relations with the fnirrr sex, ns vvinlenvetl by his eleelinn on the senior hnllol, as "Biggest Heartbreaker," "Biggest Son-intl Light." t-mtl "Best Dnnrt'r." t Although Dave wats nut u nttluntl athlete upon cttlcrinv Nichols. he showed great improvelttvltl in ent-h sum-vessive game. as a result nl' steady hard work. By the end of tlte football and lmskt-tlntll st-asmts this yt-nr, Dave haul het-onto an imlispcnsnlvle regular on lmth teams. Dave is also un able high jumper. tying fur first plat-c in the 1912 Inu-r-State Trnrk Meet. lhwv has no plains for college ns he anticipates living rnllml into the armed forces in July. Fnollnlll Squml 710. 'JL Tvuut '-IZ: Basin-lluill Squad '-ll, '42, Ttwlrlt 513: Truck Squml '-ll, Team '42, mittee, .untl its thc vircnlalion manager nf the chews. nn this subject to the entire school. Ed plans to matricnlule next year nt Hamilton. blies Cnmmillm- '43. 1 7 :te 1. .oat Iv., . Enxmltu c.UsT,tvUs KINKEL, Jlt. ,,,,,,.,, b,,m,,,,,, ,038 This yt-ur Ed enmlflctenl n highly' successful live years at Nichols. Smut utttrm-' ut tho. bn nml l nrm he has proven lnmxw f a hard worltcr hy serving on the Charities Cntnnttlteu. on the Ksxunhln-s loin Although Etl is almve average sclnnlasticxtlly he is lr ' no :nouns unntltlettc Serung in mthe on out of tlte finest, soccer learns this school hats at-en in years. EJ nlluwetl hut four grmli to be Hvnru nlvznnal luut all season. Outside of svlmol he is interested in builtling model airplanes for uit- ln tlte urntul fnrtes tn tutch ing their pilots to identify aircraft. Early in the seltonl yenr, Emhlic nlcln ered an mu-rt sting th:--1 rlatton Soccer Squad '41, T1-mu '-12: Hot-kqv Squad 313: Nmw Board '-IJ: Chnl-ilu v l ummulee 10 11 42 Amin 222' Barn: I-'i-:iuumw 3, 1927 RICHARD THEODORE KRUEGER lg,,n,,,,,l, gm.,-mmm, 1949 ll is not often that an honor student is also an "honor" athlete, but Dim-k is an exception to this rule. Noi only was he captain and mainstay nfour basketball team. hut he also played varsity football. and ' ' ' ' f ' ll ', l'l".'t was an outstanding distance runner on our track team. Regardless of his outstanding at i eta- a u ui i is matched by his schnlastie ability. for Dick may be constantly found on the honor roll. But wait, you have only heard the beginning. Aside from the minor ai-emuplishments already men- tioned. he was co-editor of the Vantuan, chairman ofthe Assemblies Coiumiuee, president of the Senior Lil ss and a member ofthe News stall' il , . llis tremendous ability and amiable nature have made him the outstanding lneluber of the Senior Class. Dick will. nu doubt, grace the honor rolls at Nl. I. T. next year. Fuollulll Signal "IL Tenn: '-12: Baslrellnlll Temn '41, '-12, Captain '-13: Truck Ta-urn 712: "Nuns" Heard: Vsnnmn oanla .-lax:-nililiex lfununimevq l'n-xinlmt tif Si-uinr Class. , lla : Orzronsa 2-t, 19:10 -IABIES KNIGHT Bloukoxv lfunxwl: Ssvrsutuin l93T The fact most clcsely associated witll .lim this year, has been his lille job as Editor of the Gleaner. He also cupably held down the positions of mana er of the baseball tealn, and Grandstand Cossi 1 Editor of the Neue. Another fuel we associate witliiim is his love of disagreeing with teachers, which nu- douhtedly won him second place as "lu Worst with the Faculty." Despite his diminutive size, Jimmy, showing great ituproveiuenl, made a cotnluendablc record on Mr. Pierce s soccer team. Besides these activities. lim hnds time to train two nights a week at the llonu. Guard, and manages to keep his marks in sclloolwork well above average. llis unusual talent in mathematics has lcd Jim to select 1 ale, where he will study engineering next year. Somvr 'learn '41, '-I 18 2: ".Yela's" Board "IS: Hrlilur-ill-Clliijnf"Gleurlvr": llmrunlivs ',Il, "IZ: Honors '41, 712. I : : s -. 1. RUSSELL BARTON OSBORN lirilliljxl: By n eululninulinn of exeeplinnal alrility with inlluxtriuusness. Russ has won the enviable position of In-ing the brightest lmy in the senior eluss, wlmse name sehlmn if ever misses the highest hnnnr lint. lie has nu aptitunle for languages, esp:-einlly English. and he hns lent his talents, this vc-ar, to hath the Years and the tfleuner. v :ilthnngh snceer in the only sport in whieh Russ has an outstuntling alxilily, he is an ardent sport eullnlximxt. and likes tu watch nr play nhunsl any game. llusn, our higgest woman hater, is xuhnirenl hy many of the class for his iutlnntilnlule rcsistanet- against the npposite sex. and he has sn far prnven to us that his interests lie in worthier Iielals. The splendid work that he has thine here will mnloulitetlly make Russ a welcome ntltlitinn ln llnmilton. where he plum to emuinuc his tumties. Surn-r Team '-H, '-KZ: Buslcellmll Sqnml 713: "Nr-wx" livunl '-l3:"lilmru-r" Bmml 713: lliglu-st Hnrmrs'-lI,7l2?, X Horn: NIM' ll, i920 EARLE XVELLS PUGHE Iinlvrerl: Stuvrmlltt-an 1010 "Boy, you uin'l just aftalking, buy!" With this or some other Kansas City expression, Wells intliealcs his henrtv ap xrnval of must any statement. Since entering Nichols in the fourth form. Wells has proved himself a tlelinite and lo the school lxolh sc-lmlnstienllv and alhletieally. The inet that Wells' name consistently graces the hmmr roll is prnlmlxly responsible for his liein v vntctl the "Biggest Grind." As well ns lu-ing the eu :tain ot' tliis yenr's trnek team. and one nt' the lu-st hall'-milers the schonl has seen in nulny n year. Wells won his letter in lmlh footlmll and basketball. Away from iwliool, Nvells uses his talents nt shooting, in which lielml he has won many medals. Ile is also interested in gymnastics, and dm-inf the winter he was a great help um Xlr. lmhans, in this department. We ls plans tn follow in his fnlhcfs footsteps. and take up engineering tu li. P. l. Football Sl mul '41, 'IY'mu '-12: Buskellmll Squad '41, '42, 'I'emn 513: Truck Tenn: A-12. Cuplnin '43: llrulnlllic Club 512: honors '-12. 19 I Rl DI RICK JANIFS R055 JR linlvrvd: SEl"l'l'lMIlEll 1939 ALPHONSUS ROGERS linterml: Slalfrmllu-:R 1942 Burn: Al-nn, 26, 1923 Enrlv lnsl fall, many slndenls ln-gan In suspeel lhnl a enmcdinn had joined lhe ranks ul' lhe senior claw. This suspicion was conlirmed when Al first nnveilnl "Queenie." llis eonslanl and ingeuioue puns and willirislns have. within one slmrl year, made Al unc of the mosl. if nol lhe mosl, popular seniors in the school. llc has nnl confined himself In nmusing lhe sludenl hudy. for he is regarded as une nf lhe lineal athletes in the school. Three years nn lhe grid team al East has made Al une nl' the lnesl ends in the cilv. and needless lo say, an invaluable memher of our lean: this year. Ile was also one of the hes! de- fensive hnskelhall players on the squad this winter, and we uudrrsunul that he is a shul puller of some nnle. lf the unexpected docs not happen, Al will continue his mis:-cracking far the army nexl yn-ar. Fnollulll Twun 512: lfuxkvllnlll Wwlm '43, Ilurn: JUNE 2, 1926 lhunnv suns for Maul lnlluumal. this illustrious nnnuher ol' the Senior Class entered Nichols in lhe Third. Form. Sinve lhis lime. Fred has sucreeded in hilllng n high mark for scholarship, particularly in Cheluislrv and Uuiled States llislurv, in which sulnjntls he ullained lerm marks in the ninelies. Une nl' lhe "llandsumesx" and "lien Dancers," Fred is vonlinually disturbed hy Ihr lhnughl Ihal some unknuwiug young lady will divulge eerlain information al an inopporlune moment. "The Sheik" capalnly handled the dillin-ull juh nf Business Manager for hoth lhc News and Vsnnus, managed the Varsity Baskelhall 'IR-ann. and look an ar-live parm in the work nf dm llanre Committee. .-Kllluulgh lu' has delinitely devided upnn n career in ehemieal engineering. Fred is, as yel, undecided nx ln his 1-lmivo nl' University. Surfer Squad 712: llvvlrqv Squad 'IIUQ fllunu r Ilnxkellmll Team 713: "News" Blmrd 'fl3: VILIIDIAN Board 7135 lhnlru' Cnnunillr-0, '-13: ' Cl1'ull1'r" Boar: '-I3. 20 Burn: Mutclt 24. l925 WAYNE RUTTER lim.-ml: sm-nnnnnt 1942 Wayne eatue to ns this year, and left in the middle nf the terln for eolleve. Yet, he is rcntelnbered by ns all. and tlte memory is favorable. He was quivk lu partake in tln- schnolts netivities, and in the short K time he attended Nichols was able tn nhtain two varsity letters and the position of "Editor of Glimp- selorialsu nn the Netra! staff. Ile played an outstanding game nf football. lxnt lmekey was his forte. The right wing nf a high searing line. "Gut" won the admiratinn of ns all. ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' - " ll . lmltnlastieally. Aside from his extra-eurrtettlar aelnttles, Ni aym held an un ta 1 e reform s Nieltnln' tnid-year loss was U. B. s gain. Football Team 712: Hurlret' Tvulll 713: ".X'elt:v" llnurll '43, Horn: Sm-1't1:unm1 9. l4l2-l- THOMAS REBADOW SCHAEFFLR ,,,,,,,,.,,,: SE,.m,,,E,, ,.,,,,, "The Big 0af." This title was not meant for Tom. hut could he easily' applied, far 'l'nnt is the biggest hm' in the scltnull about six feel. and, two hundred lifty pounds ol' solid "ntusele." ln tln- three years "Sehael"' has been ln-re. he has established for himself an extremely enviable repntatinn. The fact that he is a nnnnlrer nf the Student Council, and Captain of Van-uit ' Football gives snnn- ith-n nl' the respect ln-ld for him hy all. This respect is increased when it is oliservctl that he is one nf tln- few nten ever tn graduate fmtn Nichols with nine vnrsit "N"s. Although "Sch'ael"' is another staunch advocate of the "Wows." his tvnrk has not sttfferetl-tonntneh, alnl he has maintained a steady level sehnlaslieally. ,-llthnugh we at Nichols have not been alilu to get 'l'nnt's nnxnher, tln- draft heard has. lt's the army for Tam. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' '- I '-12. 713: lfavelulll Team '11, 'l2: lhlvlre Calnlnillve Hmtlmll Team JU. -ll, l,4lpmlu -IZ. floeltet 'learn I , '-13: Student Cuuneil '-LY. 21 , , 1 nu A za ALLEN SHORT Mxttttztt 27. l920 Ssvrtwtttt-:tt 1940 llaving been with ns since the fourth hwrnt. Al is one ofthe otttstannling tncmln-rn of the class. llis eliusive nature accounts hir his titles of "Class Rottglttiecku and "Biggest lilnll'cr." Good nntnretl. optitnistiu. nntl popular, Allen is a leather in his class, holding positions mi the Dance Committee, Char- ities Connnittcv. and thc Nm-it-s Board. Al's attainment in athletics have hcen equally impressive. ln his sophomore rear he wnn his letter in liasclmll. and has for two seasons hccn tx regular nn the varsity' foothall team. Last winter hc captainetl the fast skating liockm-y team in it very sncccssfttl season. ' As are ntost of the seniors this year. Allen is nnrcrtain athont his fntnre, lint he hopes, next year, to atlentl Dartmouth. ' fiwllntll 72-0111 '-H, '-12: Horkvv Tm-nut 712. Cnpluin '-I3: Hnxvlntll Tmnt '-ll, 12: Clmriliuv Contrnitlvl' '-l3: llamv- Coruntillm' '-13: "Nuns" Boftrtl '-13. , V N Burn: lhzcmtttt-:R 17. 192-L AORMAA JOHN THOMA5 linu-ml: Stat-'rsinn-:tt 1035 1 .lohn is one of tht- ft-w huys who have had the privih-ge ot' cntt-rinv Nichols in the lifth grade and con- tinuinv through the sixth form. ln ull ofltis many vcars here, tht-rcltas scarcely hccn a tnnnth when his ntnnc has not appcart-tl on tht' llonor or lligln-at llvunnr Rolla. John's tnany nlltrcs inclntle Etlitor of tht- .Yt-uxv. Chairman of tht' Dttttrt- Committvc. annl tnclnlwr of tht' Sttulvnt Counvil. Volt-tl "Must lttllttrtltialu nntl "Most lint-r'ctiv," "J. 'l'." also received votes as "Best Dressvtlu anll "Most ltikcly to Sita-rt-t-tl.'i,loliti's litany votttrsnttiutts to thu pulrlicatiotnz imlicttle ltiscxccptional interest anal ahilitv in litwlislt. llis titnluition olrstnnlying engineering at Yah' University will iw renlizcnl in his tnatricnlatinn this July. Sotivr Stltuttl '-H. 712. .llunngvr '-I3: Sltuleltt Cuttllcil '-13: Cltrtirnlult Dunrc lfomntillvt' i-13: "N0ttzvi' Btxtrll 712, lftlilor 513: VEtttit,tN lfourtl '-12. 343: "Clt'mtt'r" llonrul '-11. '-l2: Higlxvxl Honors '10, Hunnrx '-H, '-12: Class l'n'xi1ll'ttt '10, '-H. 22 Burn: lhacmtlntzn 28, 192-1 Enlvrvd: Slctfrmttat-:lt 1935 EDWARD FRANCIS WAISII "You take eare nl' vour end ot' it, and l'll take care of mine!" These words. and ninuy lnueh lnorc forceful, have often been heard in the News Room. 'l'ht-ir eause was ads, and tnnrh to the editor's surprise, lxul nevertheless delight. Ed kept his word: lte did take eare of his end of il. This iustanve is merely one of many that could he used to demonstrate his ability. 'l'he position uf advertising manager of the Vlctmrtw did not. however, keep him front other equally tlilluzult activities. Ile has adequately hllt-tl the position of rhnirmtut of the Charities Connnitlee, and Secretary and 'l'reas- urer of the Senior Class. It should he known that lid was not purely n "desk man," for he is an "eight letter" luan. alul has eaptained this yt'ar's lunselmll leant. Apprenliee Senuuut Walsh will lu-ueiit Cornell lay his presenee. Fnollrull Tenn: '-IU. 'll. A-12: llnrlcev 'll-any 712. 713: lluselrull Team '-ll. '-I2. Cnpluiu 743: Slade-nl Council '-IZ, '-I3: Clmrilies lfornlnillvt- '-Xl, K-12, Clmirmun '-13: llunn' Commiller' '-H. '-12, '-I3: VEltnl.tN lfonrrl '43q Cluxs Qlliver '-lil: Svrn-Inav uml T11-uslnrer Qf Senior Clnsx. CARL DO IGIAS WALTI ofthe Newsi willy. Clirupsetorial Editors. Sorrvr Team 712: "Nvt4w" Board '-13. 23 i Horn M M 15 105 l " 7 5R I nun-al Si-.ln annul Ilill The haiulsonu- visnge greeting us front the corner of the page is none other than that of Duufv Xl alter Doug. it quiet and divnificd lad, entered Nichols two years ago and soon ez-talilt-:hed lumstlfas one ofthe "Best Dressed" of the seniors. ln his two short vears here Doug has non the nun rrsul respect ol his classmates for his diligenee and consistent effort. Doug is sen nut rested tu matttrs of a sueutihc nature es eeially Physies. in which he constantly receives marks ut the nineties Lllonning a soeecr uniform last fall. Doug. with eharat tertsttc hard work and 1 lTort prom ecded to make ltimself a valuable man on tlte leant, although he is perhaps hellcr known lhroulvltout the school .ts one While his future is uncertain. we feel sure that Doug will he royally reeen ed wlu-rex er he goes Bom: Arun. 3. 1925 ROBERT DAN! bb W ILKES - SENVHH V Barn: :mv 30, 1925 ROBERT DIASON WHELAIN Entered: St-:lfrmxxnen 19-10 Bolt entered his first class at Nichols three years ago, and his amicable manner and personality' noon made him nountless friends, Ilis ready wit and im mersonations of "Sal" the one time Bison pitcher, brings laughter from cveu the must serious minded imys. Bolt is one of those hoys who is nut nutstandin in any partirulnr Iield. Inu is -'ood in everything. The time he must expend trarellinv to and from lax-Eiaport each day is quite n hamhr-ap. ne-vertlteless. Bob is a three letterman in sports. llc is also a farmer of no small ability. and has more than mire interrupted the lirst period English class for a disrnssion ur argument with Mr. Verrill ahont some agrirullnral topic. Boll is, as yet, undecided in his plans for next year. Foullmll Sqruul '-11. Team '-l2: florlfqv Tenn: 713: Trurl: Squad '40, '41 : llnlmrs 'fIl. lurln-rr-tl: Sl-:Vrsmn-:n l937 Holm is one of the small group of seniors, who were formulate enonvfh to come to Nichols way hack in l937. llis dislike for ull matters academic may account for his votes fhr "Laziest" in the senior poll, but eonlrnrv heliefs seem to he present, as evidenced hy the fuel that Bob also received several votes for "Most linergeticf' The latter contention is borne out hy his line work as manager nf the football team this venr. While not a regular on the basketball team, Bob served for three years as a valuable replacement on Coach Gillespixfs squad. Une of Bolfs chief interests is swinnning, in which sport he has proven his prowess in the Interform swimming meets of recent yn-nm. After graduation it is one ofthe armed services for Bob. who seems to prefer the Marine Corps. lmolbull Squml '-ll, Manager 312: Basketball Squad '-ll, '-I2, '-I3. 24 ELAEE Y Y V Burn: JULY 8, 1925 DONALD ART HUR x OUNG Elm-rml: Sxalrrmum-:R 1939 Vieiug for honors us "Biggest Wonutn Hater" wilh Russ Osborn, Don has very successfully spurned the affection of all females. Another one of D-nfs veculiarilies is his love of experimenting with chemirnls. No one will he sur mrisetl ifsometluy we hear llml bon has just blown up his house. Despite these oddities, Don is one nf the fxriglitest nlenlhers of the senior clues, especially in ntnlllelmllics, in which hc has shown exec tional ability. Alllhough he has ucvcr won u position on a major varsity tetun. Don is very interested in athletics, null he narticiputes in soccer, basketball, mul hasehull. llecause of his talent for u tl l ' D nuule his rlioiec of eollege. ut 1 ant srtenve, on plans on u career in engineering, lrut he has not yet 25 THE SENIOR CLASS FRONT Row: Nathaniel Ross llall, Rohcrt Dawes Wilkvs. David Charles Dil-fcndorf, Richard Theodore Krueger, Edward Francis Walsh. David Archhald. David Furnow. SECOND Row: James Knight Morrow, Earle Wells Pu-vhc, Frederick James Ross, Jr., Robert Mason Whelan, Thomas Rcbarlow St'l1acl'fi'r, William Albert llcss, Alphonsus Rogers, Donald Arthur Young, Carl Douglas Walter. BACK Row: Paul llEllllI'll3l'll'll, Nlarsllall Ewing Davis, Norman Jolm Thomas, David Ferguson llowarcl, John Daniel Cole, Russell Barton Osborn. Edward Gustavus Kinkel, Jr. ABSENT: Allt-u Short, John Fvlix Dcsbevker, Jr., Roswell Park Bagley, Jr., Wayne Rutter. 26 THE SENIOR BALLOT Biggest B 1-11 qfaelor: Diefenclorf 9. Krueger 8, Thomas 2. lllost lryl 144-r1 lial: Thomas T, Kr II1- ger 5, Diefendorf, Walsh 4. lllosl Pnpular: Krueger 6, Rogers 5. Arehbald 4. lllosi Likely' lo Succeed: Krueger 6, Diefexulorf Al. Thonms 3. lllosl E rlz' rgvlic: Thomas 5. Short 3. Laziesl: Cole 9, Morrow 7. Wilkes 6. Best Nalurvrl: Shorl 3. Rogers 7, llem llxm' rich, Davis 2. lfornan Haier: Osborn 15, Young 5. Marry First: Sellaeffer 5. Cole, llowaral. Walsh 3. Biggesl llvarlbrvakvr: llowarcl 5. Kinlile 4, Short 3. In lluorsl will: lln' l"IlCllIl'Yi Cole 9, Morrow 4. llelnlnerieh 3. Biggest Drag will: lllc Facull-V: Krueger 6. Diefcnllorf 5, Short 3. Biggesl Bluffer: Short 8. Morrow, Walsh 6. Biggest Sorial Light: Howard 8, Bagley 4, Walsh 3. Besl Dressed: llcmmerich 6, Walter 5, Diefendorf. Fernow 3. Class Pl'SSillliSl! Walsh 7, Dcsbecker, Walter 3. Class Oplinlisl: Short T, Dicfenmlorf, llexnlnerieh 3. Briglllest: Osborn 12. Krueger 6, Thomas 2. lllusl Versatile: Krueger 10, flrchbald, Diefrmlorf. Tholnas 3 BOS! Allilelv: Sellaeffer 10. Rogers 6, lless Ll-. .lloxl ,-lrgurrwnlalire: Diefcndorf 8, Morrow 5. Pughe 4. Williesl: Rogers 16. t Class Balrv: Morrow. Walsh 6, llc llll nerich 4. Biggesl Grind: Pughe 11, Fornow, Hall, Waller 2. Class Flunlfer: Cole ll, Davis 5, Howard, Wilkes 2. Mos! Retiring: Desbeckvr 7. lless 6, Osborn 5. Class Raughnvrlr: Short ll, Sm-lmelTer 7. Cole Hnmlsonwxl: lless -l. Fernow. llenunerich, Ross, Schaeffer 2. Besl Dancer: lloward 6. Walsh 5, Ilall 4. SCHOLASTIC HONORS 19411-1942 Upper School Honors Highest Boy in the Upper School: HARRY LAUTENSACK Highest Honors in Ihr- Upper School: EDWARD EAMES DONALDSON, HARRY LAUTENSACK, RUSSELL BARTON OSBORN, STEPHEN POTTER, JOHN LOVERING TRUSCOTT. VI FORM ROGER JAMES CHAMBERS. JR. THOMAS SHACKELI-'ORD HEMEN JOHN GEORGE KLOEPFER RODERIC BRUCE IVIACDONIKLD RICHARD WILSON NIORE II FORM JOHN NE1N'TON G.xRvER BRI-IWSTER ROE IIEIIENWRY WILLIAM REVERE KINKEL JEAN M ICIIEL MONTIAS Honors , v FORM RICHARD THEODORE KRUEGER wma, JR. EARLE AVELLS PUGIIE NORMAN JOHN THOMAS IV FORM HURT PRENTICE FLICKINGER, JR. DOUGLAS ROGER LEWIS THOMAS ROOSEVELT PUNNETT, JR. FORREST GODFREY READ, II E. W. DANN STEVENS DEKVID IWACIQENZIE ULINE Lower School Honors Highcsl Boy in lho Lower School: HUGH MCMASTER RUSS, JR. Highest Honors in the Lmwr School: CHESTER CRAVES DANN, ROBERT E. DILLON, JR., GEORGE ERASTUS STEVENS, MALCOLM STRACHAN. Honors I FORM TH EOIJORE IVIEYER GARVER ALBERT RAMSDELL GURNEY ROBERT SINCLAIR JONES ROBERT PUTNAM KEATING l'IOw,xRn LAWRENCE OSGOOD, II JOHN P. MACARTHUR CALVIN GORDON JRAND 28 II I FORM JOHN NJORTON BOSER RADCLIFFE DANN, JR. GEORGE ROOT DURi'E BRUCE FRIEOMAN 6TH GRADE STH GRADE D.ARHN'IN MARTIN FOSTER CHARLES P. ROGERS, III JACK LINCOLN SANDERS LEE ROMAN SAPERSTON GEORGE J. SCULLY REGINALII VICTOR WILLIABIS, JR. GRAHAM WOOD SMITH DAVID COFFEY SYMONS RICHARD SETII SMITH, JR. IJENRY DOUBLEDAY WATERS KENNETH WENDT JJARRY HERRON WESTBAY, III A AWARDS 1941-1942 The Cum Laurie Society. Thomas Slmckelford Hcmenway, Jr., John George Kloepfer, Rodcric Bruce MacDonald. The Edmund Pelrie Collle, Jr. .4ll'lll'dflIl' Aclziuvwlxvrli, Lvader- The W'ilIimns Cup for High Scholastic .-lrvrage wilh ll Vurxily shi p, mul Irylucnce Busvrl on Chnrarlor. Letter. II,um1.n NlClIOL:KS Gamma JOHN GEORGE KLOEPFEII The Facull-V Prize- for I,7'01lliI1f'lN'l' in School .-Iclivilies other lhun Tl1vCf'0fgff Kuff-'l" HOUP' Prixfor P"'ffiCif"'QV if1Ef1s:1iSl'Li1ffH- .-ltlzlclivs. lun-. FREDERICK Snavmas, Jn. RICHARD WILSON MORE The McCnr1hy .-Iwnnlfnr Oulstunding Acllievurrn-:zr in the way of TIN' Lehigl' Cvpfvf Emllllsfflslll, L0yl1ll,V. 07111 Spur lS"1f1"-'FMP i" Overcoming Personal or Scholastic Diflicullivs. -4fl1lf"iC5- Emygmp IXIAGNUS Sgmgu, JR, ERNEST IJARVEY l'l0LZWORTH, JR. The Alumni Cup for Pf0lllillPIlCl' in .-lthlvlfcs. Highest in lhe Cent-ral Irgformmiah Tvsl. llAnoLn NICIIOLAS GERARD RICHARD THEODORE KRUEGER 29 THE FIFTH FORM FRONT Row: Irving Walter Grcnzehac-h, Jr., Herbert James llamhleton. Jr.. Thomas Lothrop Mitchvll. William Rains-dell Dann, li. W. Dann Stevens. Douglas Roger Lewis. Alan David Oppenheimer, Jr. SECOND ROW: James Durand Lindsay, Richard William Dales. Frank Kipp Semans, Paul Calvin Dilzel. David MacKenzie Uline, Weldon Devurt-ll Smith, Jr., Forrest Godfrey Read, II, Denis Powcl. BACK Row: William llilyer Taylor. Jr., John Robert Griflis. Norman Dicfonhacli. Joseph Dudley Devine, Roswell Park, II, Thomas Roosevelt Pmmcti, .lr. AHSENT: Javkson Bntlerbaugh. Fulton Maxwell Cooke. Carl Norton Reed, Jr. 30 THE FOURTH FORM FRONT Row: Charles Geyer, Casimir Thomas Snron, Jr.. Ric-hard Wan Mi-islmrgrr. David Julian Park. John Murlon Bom-r. William Cru or Crook, .lr., K. Bruce Friedman. SECOND ROW: iludlcy Marvin lrwin. III. Roland Edward M4-tzloff, Rnyinsmd Philip Weil. Jri. Julian lN'lnrslmll llalmw. lfldward Eanlcs Donaldson. Raymond Donald Stevvns, .lr.. .luhn Luvuring Trusvolt. llobvrl G. Tahor. THIIKD ROW: Stuart. Mann Coil. Charles .lohn VanVh-ul. Jr.. Donald Lung llcrshey. Robert Lang Millvr. Philip llrznly. Rohcrt Tvlcr Kav. ,luck Ilahu. ,lamrs Xlortow Orr. lhcli R0w:'Allicr! August Carlin-r. jr.. Donald ll. Scully. ,lr.. Radrliffr- Dunn. Jr.. llarry Luutcnsark. 'l'lu'oduro Roosvvcll Sanders. Gm-orgv Kool Dnryea. Jr.. Sidney lirrinfflon Smith. ABSENT: Charlm-s EIIIOFB Farnham. ,lolm li-lowland Osgood. Porter .-Karon Su-Q-lv. .lr. 31 THE THIRD FORM FRONT ROW: Frcrlcriek Wilcox Danlbrtlx, Jr., Max Beelzer, Jr., George Wesley Lanb, llazard Knox Campbell, Andrew NValson Bray. Robert Gordon Derrick. Irving Williams, III. SECOND ROW: llenry Erb, ll, Herbert Levine, Daniel Duffy Erb, llnrare Reed, III, llarry Stanton Chvyney, Thomas Bernard llealy. Cutler Underwood Ilalsicail, Charles Clinton Lathrop. Tnum Row: llownrd Lawrenec Osgood. Il, Nathaniel Shaw Norton. Jr.. William Pierce Taylor, Jr., Robert Andrews Beekcr, William Lansing Van Schoonlioven, ,lohn Newton Garvcr, Jr., Fred James Balson. BACK Row: Jolxn William Lanlz, Nvillialn Revere Kinkel, Joseph Lonsdale Li-eming, Ray George Scliiferlv. Jr., John Steele Rcntllcr. ABSENT: Brewster Roc Ilcinenway. 322 THE SECOND FORM FRONT Row: Rubs-rl Sinvluir ,lone-s, .lark Edward lilimnuwk, Theodore Meyer Garwr. Edward W4-lush-r Dann. Roln-rl William Jones, William Fiske Kimbvrly. jr., llarold David Slmvkumu, Jr. SEn0Nn Row: Albert Ramada-ll Gurnvy , Jr.. John Provost lVl1ll'Al'llllll', Ruilm-y William Garlnvr. 'Flu-oilorc Lumuing Ricluuoml, III, llurtou Francis Wilkinson, Jr.. G. lircflerirk Zvllvr, ,l r., David ll askius Yllllvll'1'l, John Graves llulnam. Jr., Peter Maxwell, Charles Cook. Jr. THIRD ROW: Bradley Morrell Walls, Siduvy Warren Priurc, Jr., William llrzullvy Bucluuiuslcr, Pclvr Baker l"lim'kingcr, ,lolln Alvxaumlor Williams. Richard Li-aliy. Robert Puluuul Keating. Alexander ,lolm Ross. ,lolin Hailey Finck. BACK Row: Paul Rocder Kinkvl, lloury Ernest Montgonu-ry, ll, Calvin Gordon Ruud, llugll MacMastvr Russ, Martin Claudius Ta.-rplnn. llublrard Trvfts. 33 THE FIRST FORM Fuoivr Row: Robert Allan Kaiser, Graham Wood Smith, Richard Seth Smith. Jr.. Richard Hamilton Barrivk, Roger Rily Gibson, George Erastus Stevens, Henry Doubleday Waters. SECOND Row: Williatn Harold Orr, William Fairbairn Cass, Howard Kellogg, lll. Rolf Ursin-Smith, David Coffey Sylnons, Darwin Marlin Foster., Wolcott Howe Johnson, Leston Patil Faneuf, Jr., Irving Arthur Laub, Harry Lnnenfcld Murstcn. THIRD ROW: Kenneth W'endt, Milton John Strobel, George Jackson Scully, David Albert Rumble., Malcolm Strachan, JamesVan Inwagen Bassett, Frederick C. C. Wilhelm, Jr., Ray Palmer Whitman, Randolph Larkin Robb. BACK Row: John Powell, Roderick L. Griflis, Jack Lincoln Sanders, James Edward Mann. 34 THE SIXTH GRADE FRONT Row: Robert D. Klinvk, ,lr.. .-Kndrrw L1-sliv Slnilll. .lr., Novl Revh Wviss, Lev Roman Supcrsion, Charles Pingrcy Rogers, II BACK Rmv: Mivllacl Douglas Clary-Slnilll. Rivluml lh-njfnnin Ullman. Charles llubharll Larkin. lll. Matthew Rozmarynowski ,losvpll l.40N'llll2lll llndson. Jr.. c:lll'Sl0l' Cravvs Dunn. Paul Laulenszwk. Davill Lowell Mauclc. Rolls-rl Nelson Larkin, .lames M M4-Calm-. llrun- Gerald llaliow. 35 Q THE FIFTH GRADE Fu0N'r Row: Warn-n Frederick Bender, Durrant Kellogg, Roger Wcarc Gralwick, Jr. BACK ROW: George Kautz ll1lIlllllCl0ll, Jr., Robert .lamcs Adams, Robert Barrel Laub, Tlloluns Radcliffe Flickinger 3 6 ATHLETICS x . , X A ' .,. 5 .1 , My ' - 1 X , , l- 37 VAR ITY BASEBALL' 194 Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols BASEBALL SCHEDULE 15 3 4 2 7 8 11 DcVeaux Canisius Shadyside Academy St. .loseplfs C. I. Sl. Mary's of Niagara Western Reserve University School Falls THE BASEBALL TEAM DAVID Fan Now, Manager M ii. GILLESPIE, Coach James Bra-nil Francis Boulcl Richard DeNiord Harold Gerard David Hoopes .lolm Marlene William San Jule Thomas Schaeffer Edward Scheu Allen Short John Snyder Robert Toole EdwardWagner Edward Walsh VAR ITY TR THE TRACK TEAM E. llanvm' l'Io1,zw0n'ru, Cupmin IIAYXIOND Scuwmxzlsx, lllmmgor Paul llrctsrligvr Marshall Davis Paul Ditzvl Lawrcnrc Grillis David lloward Richard Krueger Willi allll Kuhns Rex Peters Wells Pughe Edward Reed XvilliB!ll Wall ACK'1 Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols TRACK SCHEDULE T0 Parker lligh Svhool so Pinv llill A T6 Sl. Jnseplfs C. I. placed liflh in the Interstate Track Mvel. 94 VARSITY TENN '1942 Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols TENNIS SCHEDULE DeVf-aux Canisius Shadysidv Academy U. of B. Frosh Cranbrook School University School THE TENNIS TEAM Todd Archbald David Archhalll Robert Boocock Roger Chambers William Dann Roger Hayes Thomas Hemenway VAR ITY FOUTBALL' 1942 THE FOOTBALL TEAM 'l'uon.xs Sun xrzvrlsn. Capmin RDBEII1' Wiuuzs, ,llunuger Mn. W:x'1'lalulAN, Couch Park Bagley Marshall Davis David Diell-mlorf lrving Grenzebaeh .lack Griflis llcrberl llamblelon David llowaril Richard Krueger Robert Miller Wells Pughe Alphonsus Rogers Wayne liutler Carl Reed Kipp Senuinh Allen Short Weldon Smith Dann Stevens Rnymoml Slevcnv. William Taylor David Uline lidward Walsh Robert Whelan Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols N ichols F0 26 6 T 0 A 9 T OTBALL SCHEDULE Allendale Cranbrook Sehool University School Western Reservi- St. .loseplfs C. I. Shadyside Acadenn VAR ITY 0CCER'194 N in-hols N ichuls Nivhols N ichols Nichols SOCCER SCHEDULE D4-Veanx Park School Clarenrc University School Park School THE SOCCER TEAM D-win .'xRClIBAl.D, Cupluin N. ,lonx Tnmus. Jfnnngvr Mu. Pnamzna. Conch Jackson But lvrllllllgll l William Dann Norman Diefcnbach David F nvrrx ow William Hess Iirlward Kinkcl Dougl as Wal Douglas lmwis Roland Mclzloff Thomas Mitchell .l 311105 Morrow Russell Osborn Denis Powel ter VAR ITY BASKETBALL ' 1943 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Nivhols Nichols Nichols Nix-hols Nichols Nichols N ivhols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols 31 35 52 14 38 42 20 -L9 43 27 27 31 36 Garclcnville Sl. Francis of Alhol Springs Alumni Amhvrsl-Central Norlh Tonawanfln Park Svhool Gardcnvillc Allendale Kenmore Sl. Francis of Athol Springs North Tonawanda Amherst-Central Tonawanda THE BASKETBALL TEAM RICHARD Knuscan, Caplain FREDERICK Ross, illnnnger Marshall Davis llerbert llambleton David lloward William llcss Mu. Ginnisspm, Conch Wells Pnghc Alphonsns Rogers Kipp Semans Sirlnvy Smith VAR ITY HOCKEY'19 .l. Danicl Cole William Dann David Dicfs-nrlorf David licrnow Edward Kinkcl Thomas Mitchell THE HOCKEY TEAM Al.l.iaN Snoirr. Cnpmin NfK1'II:XNlliI, R. IIALL, Mmmger w ' 5 ' 1 Mn. 'l nolzwroh, Co Robert Whelan rl: 1 Carl Recd Thomas Schucffcr Wclrlon Smith William Taylor Edward Walsh Raymond Wcil HOCKEY SCHEDULE Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols N ichols Nichols Nichols 5 10 15 6 5 4 1 8 5 1 Alumni Canisius North Park Wagner lnsurancc Yellow .lackcls Fronlicrs llamillon Ccnlrnl Cullmgmli Ridgeway Fronticrs Univcrsity Toronto 91 hools 44 , THIRD FOOTBALL TEAM FOURTH FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT Row: Oppcnlwinu-r, llerslwy. R. Dann. Brady, Orr, FRONT ROW: Sllaclunnn. G. Slvvvns. Prinvv. ll. S. Jones, Rand Scully. N. Garvvr. Montgomery, Zeller, Vanvlecl, Putnam. SECOND Row: llalsu-ml. Geyer. VamVlocl, Rcutlxer, Coach SECOND Row: Mimmack, J. Williams. T. Gurver, Tcrplan Gillespie. Scllifvrlv. Laulcnsuck, YV. Kinkvl. Danforth. Coach Klciscr, Finvk. MacArthur, R. Grillis, Barrick. BACK Row: Bray, LeVine, ll. Erb. Rubow, Irwin, Crook, BACK Row: J. Mann. Sanders. J. Pom-ll. P. Kinkel, Leahy Healy, Lathrop. R. W. Joncs, Cook. 45 FIFTH FOOTBALL TEAM RESERVE SOCCER l-'noxr Row: Wilhelm. W. Orr. R. Gibson, Waters, Johnson. Klllllll'Fl?. Kaiser. SECOND Row: Kellogg. Maxwell. Richmonrl. R. Kealing, Coueh Lee. Bassett. Gurney. R. Smith. Faneuf. lhck Row: G. Scully. Foster. T E A M l"u0N'r Row: llahn, C. Laub, llemcnway, R. Becker, M. Becker, Soron, Campbell. ll. Osgood. Fricslman. SECOND Row: Cheyney, Truscou, Donaldson, Park, Coach Thornton. VanSeho0nhovcn. liaison. ll. Reed. Derrick. BACK Row: Farnham. Bozer, Laulz, Lceming, J. Osgood, Gartner. Duryea. FOURTH SOCCER TEAM Fn0N'r Row: Wendt, W. Dann. G. Smith. P. Flickingn-r. Ursin- Smilh. l. Lauh, Wi-stbay. SECOND Row: R. Glll'llll'l', Biivkiiiiiista-r, Walls, Russ. Couch Crilchlow, Trcfls. A. Ross. Strachan, Symons. BACK Row: Sm-bel. Whitman, Mursten. 5lh and 6th GRADE SOCCER and FOOTBALL FRONT Row: R. Lurkin. Hcmlvr, C. Larkin, Ullman. McCaln-, lludson. Carroll. L. Smith. SECOND ROW: Klinck, P. Lnulcnsack, Dillon, C. Dunn, C. Rogers, Grativirk, R. Williams. BACK ROW: Ralmw. Clary-Smith, Phillips, Rozmarynowski, Adams, Sapcrston. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT Row: Opin-nlu-inivr, Williams, Steele, B011-r. L01-luing, Garvvr. llntlvrlmngh. Sscoxn Row: D. Erh. LcVinc, Soron, Kay, Ca-yi-r, D. Park. BACK Row: Young, Mr. Wan-rman, Grillis, Morrow. FOURTH BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT Row: MacArllmr, G. Smith, T. Carver, Zeller, Maxwell, Putnam, Powell. SELIUND Row: Bassett, Buckminstcr, Cook, Coach Kleiser, Foster, Gurney, Whitman. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM T H I R D H O C K E Y T E A M FRONT ROW: Dates, Trusvntt, Rcnthvr, Brnmly, R. Stcvcn Scully, Uline. SECOND Row: Ditzel, Powcl, Irwin, Schiferle, D. Stevens, R. Dann, R. Miller, Coach Fox. FRONT Row: Frivmlnlan, lirb, Becker, Danforth, Cheney, Lanb, Batson. D1-rrivk, Lathrop. SECOND Row: llcaly. Recd, Osgood. VanSclmonhovcn, Cooke, Conch Thornton, Yun Vlvcl, Donaldson, Dnryoa, IIClllCllW8y, llalstcad. FOURTH HOCKEY TEAM FIFTH HOCKEY TEAM FRONT Row: Shackman. R. S. Jones, Flickinger, Montgomery, R. W. Jones, Finck, Rand, W. Dann, Kimberley. Sacozvn Row: Richmond, R. Gartner, Williams, A. Ross, Vun Vleet, Leahy, Prince. BACK Row: P. Kinkel, Terplan, Coach Critclxlow, Walls, Keat- ing. FRONT Row: Kaiser, I. Lanb, Wcstbay, Waters, Fanenf, Gibson, Barrick, Johnson, Scully. SECOND Row: W. Orr, Symons, Robb, B. Catlin, Slrebel, Strachan, Wilhelm, Ursin-Smith. BACK Row: R. Griflis, Johnston, Coach Fox, Sanders, Rumble. SIXTH HOCKEY TEAM FRONT Row: Adams, Sapurston. Williams, C. Larkin, Klinck R. Larkin. lludson. Rabow, Phillips. SECOND Row: llamblclon, Bender, Dillon, Maude. Laulvnsack R05lllRf,'HOS5'5kl, Gratwick. R. Lanb. T. Flickingvr. BACK Row: Couch Lolians. SI IC. Wagner .l. Snyder ll. Gerard .l. Marlette F. llontet R. Hayes T. Arrrhhald P. Bretsehger ll. Holzworth 0. Knhns E. Pngho E. Kinkel W. Hess D. Fernow D. Archbald J. Morrow BAS li BA LL-19-l-2 D. Fernow, MUl1Hgl'f W. San .lule D. lloopes R. Tools A. Short TENNIS-1942 D. Archlmld W. Boocock R. Chambers TRACK-19-I-2 R. Sehwenzer, llflmager R. Krueger W. Wall R. Peters E. Reed SOCCE R-1942 ,l. Tlionms, Manager N. Thomas C. Waller R. Osborn W. Dann T. Milehell 66 79 E. Schell R. DcNi0rLl J. Brcuil E. Walsh T. Schaeffer T. llememvuy W. Dann M. Davis L. Grillis P. Ditzel D. Howard D. Powell D. Lewis .l. But lcrhangh N. Dicfenbach R. Mclzlofl' ME A. Rogers D. Howard A. Short T. Schaeffer M. Davis R. P. Bagley D. Dicfcudorf R. Krueger R. Weil T. Schaeffer A. Short W Taylor E. Yvalsh R. Krueger W Hess M Davis FOOTBALL-'10-1,2 R. Wilkes, llfmmgcr R. Whalen YV. Rutter E. XValsh W. Pnghc W. H. Taylor ll. Hainbleton F. Semans HOCKEY-1943 N. R. Hall, Illmmger XV. Dann E. Kinkel D. Diefendorf R. Whalen BASKETBALL-1943 F. Ross, lllmmger F. Seinans S. Smith W. Pughe l. Grcnzclxach E. W. D. Stevens W. Smith C. Reed J. Crillis D. Uline R Stevens R Miller D T. J. C W D R H Fernow M it chell Cole . Reed . Smith . Howard . Rogers . Hamblelon AEWVHHEI 53 THE STUDENT COUNCH. Dfxvlu Cnanuas DIEFENDDRF, 1943, President I-Iumuro Fmxcis WALSH, 1943 Nouxms Jonw Tnoyus, 1943 E. W. DANN STEVENS, 1944 Doucms Ronan Lawls, 1944 Tuoxms Ralunow Scu.-yarn-'En, 1943 RICHARD Tnaouoius Knuizcsri, 1943 Wii.i.l.m R.uism:i.L DANN. 1944 '1'llo:sl.ts Lornnov lWllTCllEl.L, 194-I The Student Council is organized for the same purpose as is the "middle man." Through this Council the students may ex- prcss their various likes and dislikes lo thc faculty, and rice versa. lt is an intermediary committee betwecn the faculty and student. Although it lacks the necessary power to act on its own, over cithcr facility or students. il is particularly effective in acts of discipline on thc student hody as a whole. It docs not enforce rules, but explains their "why and wherefore," and thus a con- fidence in. and understanding ol' the school's rules evolves. Another of the Council's more important duties is the election of the various committee chairmen, usually from the Counci1's ranks. This year the Student Council was headed hy David C. Dicfendorf, and was composed of the following: Richard T. Krueger, Edward F. Walsh, Thomas R. Seliaeffer. and N. John Thomas from the Senior Class, and E. W. Dann Stevens, William R. Dann. Douglas R. Lewis. and Thomas L. Mitchell from the Fifth Form. THE JUNIOR COUNCIL Romain' WILLlfKDl JONES, 1947 EDNYARD Wansrl-Jn DANN, 1947 Cnssrsa Canvas DANN, 19-19 Room RILY Gmsow, 1917 RICHARD llnuurow Bruuucu, 1948 Dunnfnrr KEu,oc, 1950 The Junior Council is a Lower Sehool organization eonlposed of representatives of the various elnsses. Mueh like the Student Conneil, its purpose is to uequninl the faeully with the wislles of the students, and to help lhe faculty in wlmtever way possible. ll is un iinporlanl cog in the disciplinary SyEl0Ill of lhe Lower Sehool. and it has done ntueh I0 develop leaders among the boys. Another important funelion of the Conn:-il is the super- vision of all extra-eurrieular uetivilies. This year they met with unusual sueress in direeting several Red Cross drives. Coming from the Fifth Grade is Durranl Kellog. with Chester Dann representing the Sixth Grade. Dick Barrick is the First Form xnemhcr. Robert W. Jones, Edward Webster Dann, and Roger Gibson represent the Seeond Form. These boys deserve congratulations for having very sueressfully fulfilled their duties during the past year. THE NICHOLS VERDIAN Cu-lfrlimrs Dum CnAiu.Es DIE:-'ENnonF. l9,l-3 ltlmuuin Tnsonons KnuEi:Eu, I9-L3 Business Manager .fldncrtising .Ununger lfuansntnx .Innes Ross. Ja.. 1943 Enwutn FnANcls WALSH, l9Al-3 Assislmll Editors Nomutw JonN 'l'uoxi1ts, 1943 Pun. CALVIN Dinan., 19-M- Plmtugmpllic Slug' Dum Clunm-:s Dian-'xNnoEr, 1943 .Lures K. Momtow, 1943 Advertising Surg NA'rnANisi, lt. llu.l,, I9-I3 ALLEN Snonr, I943 Roswsu. PARK, I944 Cult. N. REED, 1944 Davin M. Uuns., l9il-l- IJUDLEY DRX'lNE, 1944 l'iu'ulty Advisor DE. VINCENT E. WALSH Al the beginning of this school year the senior class was faced with the problem of whether or not to continue the publication of the VERDIAN. This question arose out ol' an anticipated scarcity of advertisers, and a lack of an editor having suflicient time to spend on the hook. The appointment of eo-editors solved the latter problem. therefore the class decided that the VERDIAN should be published this year. although with a somewhat re- dueetl budget. One of the steps taken in the interests of economy was the elimination of individual informal snapshots, which have appeared in the yearlxooks of the last few years. In most other respects this thirty-third edition resembles its immediate predecessors. Because the securing of advertising has been a very difficult job, the Verdian Board feels doubly proud of the fact that it has been able to offer the VERDIAN for sale at the lowest price in its history. Although a comparatively small body this year, the Verdian Board has endeavored to maintain the fine standards set by previous VERDIANS, and we here wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of this edition. THE NICHOLS NEWS Editor-in-Chief Nomms Joi-IN Tnouss, 1943 Assistant Editor .fllunmi Editor E. W. DANE S11-:vt-:Ns. 19-t-t Russsu. B. Ossoiuw, 1943 Sports Editor Glimpsctorials Editors ALLEN Suoar, 1943 NVAYNE RUTTBR, 1943 C. Doucms WVALTER, 1943 Ricmtan T. KRUEGER, 1943 Associate Editors DOUGLAS R. LEYVIS, 194-4 Tuosus L. RTITCIIELL, 1944 Tnosms R. PUNNETT, 1944 Following faculty requests for newsprint of better quality, the editors of the 19-1-3 News took il upon themselves to make many radical changes which would remedy the situation. ll was finally decided to publish a quarterly review of Nichols activities, initiating such novelties as a noteworthy alumni colnlnn and feature articles by masters concerning wartime life and educa- tion. The quarterly offers great flexibility, and, should the school go on nn accelerated schedule sometime in the future. a review of summer happenings will appear. The magazine form permits the advantageous use of more euts and has been widely heralded by the advertisers and alumni. This year's staff has been formed chiefly from new material, and it is very gratifying to see such widely spread Fifth Form talcnt. The editors wish to express their appreciation of the coopera- tion of the staff. the contributing masters, and especially to the Faculty Advisor of the News, Dr. Vincent E. Walsh, whose open-minded reception of new policies made possible its great latitude. Business Manager Admrtising Illunager FREDERICK J. Ross, ja., 1943 Davin M. ULINE, 1944 Circulation Manager Assistant Circulation Manager EDWVARD G. KINKEL, Jn., 19-L3 Pmuv BRADY, 1945 Advertising Stay Dunuax' DEv1NE, 1944 Rtcnstm W. DATES, 194-t Typist F acully Advisor PAUL C. DITZEL, 1944 Da. VINCENT E. xv.-KLSII THE CLEANER Edilar-in-Chief Jttnas KNIGHT Mormow, 1943 Board of Editors Russ!-zu. B. Osu0lxN, 1943 FREDERICK J. Ross, 1943 D0llGLAS R. LEWIS, 1944 HARRY LAUTENSACK, 1945 MR. RAY M. VEmxn.L, Faculty Advisor llleclmnicnl Slaf ROBERT S. JONES, 1947 RUBERT W. JONES, 1947 PETER Fnlcicmcsn, 1947 WEBSTER DANN, 1947 NR. XVILBUR J. LEE, Faculty Supervisor Duc to the delay in appointing an editor and to unavoidable priming delays, thc lirst issue ofthe Gleaner did not appear until March 21, but the high standard of quality set by the Cleaners in recent years was upheld. The "Nichols Publications' Literary Award," consisting ofa livc dollar prizc given to thc author of the best article in the issue, provided an incentive particularly to the students of thc lowcr forms, who contributed a host of remarkably mature articlcs. The great majority of the articles in the first issuc had to do with thc war or with problems brought about by thc war. The Literary Award was presented by Mr. Fox, who reviewed thc first Gleaner, to Russell Osborn, for a stirring poem entitled "Pearl Harbor." Both issues showed the consciousness of the students to the great war and post-war problems facing the nation today. We wish to congratulate the editor and staff of the Gleaner for the fine work they have done under trying conditions. A promis- ing future is seen for our literary publications due to the wealth of material contributed to the Gleaner by the Fourth and Fifth Forms this year. THE CHARITIES COMMITTEE Chairman IDWAIID RA I . s , 1 . 14 F NC s WAL n 198 l"ice-Clmirmen ALLEN Snonr, 1943 E. W. DANN STEVENS, 1944- DAvID FI-:RNow, 1943 EDWARD G. KINKEL, 1943 DAVID ARCIIBALD, 1943 JoIIN L. Tnuscorr, 1945 RAYMOND D. STEVENS. 1945 DUDLEX' M. IRWVIN, 1945 PHILIP BRADY, 1945 RADCLIFFE DANN. Jn., 1943 WILLIAII R. DANN, 1944 Tno:sI.As L. MITCHELL, 1944 DOUGLAS R. LEWIS, 1944 TnoMAs R. PUNNETT, Jn., 1944 MAX BECKEII, JR., 1946 HAZARD K. CAMPBELL, 1946 WILLIAM R. K1NIcEL, 1946 BREWSTER R. IIEMENHVAY, 1946 The Charities Committee this year was forced to undergo one of the most trying campaigns in its history. Owing to the post- ponement of the Drantatics Club and the candy sales for the duration, the committee lost two of its chief sources of raising funds. The Committee, under the leadership of Eddie Walsh who was ably assisted by Allen Short and Dann Stevens, took over completely the running of the Hockey Dances. Five very successful Record Dances were given and all the proceeds were added to the Charity Drive. Since it is the custom to aid all other charitable organizations, the Red Cross Drive was waged during the winter months under the able leadership of Allen Short. The final drive which carried the school over the top took place the first week iII May. Completion of a successful drive was due chiefly to the splendid co-operation of the students, aIId the line work carried on by the mepthers of the Committee. THE DANCE COMMITTEE Clmirnmn Nomux JonN Tnoxms. 1943 Evwutn Fnmcis 1943 Isniauizitlczii Junes Ross, 1943 Tnoxms R. Scinusvrnlt, 1943 ALLEN SHORT, 1943 li. W. DANN STEVENS, 1944 Tuosms L. Mircitau., 1944 Davin M. ULINE. 19-L4 PHILIP BRADY, 1945 Dunuax' M. IRWIN, 1945 The Dance Committee opened the 1942-4-3 season on the lwcnty-fifth of November with a dance honoring the Varsity Football Team. Couples danced in the Rand Memorial Dining Room to the music of thc Bob Cleveland-J ack Spencer orchestra. An innovation of u door prize of war stamps was adopted at the Hockey Dance which took place on the second of April. The decorations of red, white, and blue curricd out the patriotic motif. Harold F1-ldinan's music lent a great zest to the evening, and that, together with a splendid attendance, made this dance very enjoyable. The Senior Dance following the Class Day exercises, we feel sure. will be a great success and will bring a happy close to this yeafs activities. The committee memln-rs. under the clniirnianship of N. .lolm 'l'homas, included Fred Ross, Allen Short, lldward Nvalsh, and Toni Schaeffer of the Senior Class, Tom Mitchell, Dave Ulinc. and Dann Stevens among the Juniors, and Phil Brady and Dudley Irwin from the Fourth Form. THE ASSEMBLIES COMMITTEE Clmirnmn Ricumo Tmaonmua Knulzcan. 19-I3 Enwsnu Gusrrwtis Ktmual., Jn.. 10-L3 DAVID Fmmow. 1943 Dunn C. Dleifanooiuf. 19-t3 XVILLIAM RAMSDELL DANN, 1944 Fcnnues'r G. Rmn. ll. 1941 Romawr LANG MILLER, 19-L5 Bicnxsno B. l'ualu:a, Faculty Advisor The program of the Assemblies Committee, this year. was late in starting, however, under the guiilanee of M r. Pix-ree, the com- mittee eompnsed ol' four seniors, twojuniors, and one sophomore, provided the student body with a variety ol' interesting assem- hlies. Among the many speakers was Dr. Holmes, a noted world traveler and Y. M. C. A. worker, who addressed us on his work, and told us of his experienees. An interesting talk by Mr. Sutter about Mexico was followed several weeks later by eolorful mov- ing pictures of the country. seen through the courtesy of the Mexican government. The committee presented several other moving pictures this year ineluding the feature length film "Young Mr. Lineolnf' appropriately shown on Lineoln's birth- day. Although lnueh of the musical talent in the school did not return. several assemblies were eondueted entirely by the stu- dents themselves. These included a political debate on New York's gubernatorial election last fall, a Pearl llarbor Day Celebration. and several informal talks by the students about their hobbies. During this last year we believe that the Assemblies Com- mittee has eontinued its progress as a Nichols institution, as it has in past years, and has provided us with many enjoyable and beneficial programs. Milli llllUllIUN HAS HHN HW HP! Yes, the tradition of the NICHOLS VERDIAN has been main- tained, and in these times it is indeed gratifying to know that all fine traditions are not broken. Without the aid and generosity of our advertisers, we wonld have failed, and we fthe editorsj wish to extend our gratitude to all our adver- tisers, old and new. 63 Reading. . . a good newspaper is part of eVeryone's education BUFFALO EVENING NEWS EDWARD H. BUTLER . . . Editor and Publisher Il I' :v the VERDIAN 41 0-L 6017111301 Glltzi of The BUFF!-XLU PATTERN W n r k s, In n. RAY M. xmlfrzn President FRED J. ROSS Real Eslule, Insurance and .IlIl'0SlllIPIIlS 313 linux COUNTY SAVINGS BANK linlm. BUFFALO, N. Y. Phone XVA 0123 Complimcnls of MYRON S. SHORT PI1-axe Prllrorl llu- VER D I AN .rlzlwrlisvrs 65 JOSEPH DAVIS Compliments Engineer and Cnnlraclor Pi9l'C9 81 Sfevens YORK REFRIGERATION BUFFALO. N- Y- Root Bldg., 70 wus' Chippewa st. Buvr.u.o, N. Y. Bun-'Al.0's GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT FANCY FRUITS FRESH VEGETABLES I Q ---11 www- CRAMER S FINER F0008 5 H E A T ll E H t I' E S ELMWOOD AT Honors There's One Near Your Home NOW FEATURING SELF-SERVICE Plvllsv I 'ulrun i :le Um VER DIA N Advvrlisors 66 Compliments Of HUTEI. STATLEH I THEODORE KRUEGER .Man ager SUMMIT ELECTRIC-HARDWARE CO. Two Complete Hardware-Electrical Dept. Stores 1469-71 IIERTEL AVE. 2832 DELMMRE Buffalo Kenmore AVE ROSWELL P. BAGLEY Life Insurance Estates 1 I louse I 'atm llm VERDIAN Aflvmtist-rs 67 FRONTIER FUEL OIL Rochester 81 Pittsburgh Coal Go CORPORATION Producers of Ernest Coke 986 ELLICOTT SQUARE BUILDING yv,gShi,,g,0,, 4069 1904 LIBERTY BANK BLDG. Phone WAsh. 6867 Plmsv Palmnizr- the VERDIAN Arlvertise 68 BEALS-MCCAKLHY 6.110 GERS STEEL-HARDWARE-METALS-MOTOR CAR ACCESSORIES "Omer a Century of Continuous Customer Servicen BUF FALO, NEW YORK A. c. G LASSER umm mm- SAFETY gi SERVICE a Ilmml, Lalmy 8 Eumpany Lake and Ocean Transpormlion 'NC0"P0"ATED ummm, N. Y. .IOIIN J. Houma AIMM E. ConNELms 120 PEARL STREET Jolm J. BOLAND, JR, ADAM E. Cnrmmmvs, JR Pmxcx' G. l.APEY Pharma V. R. L,xl'Ex' COMPLIMENTS OF Plvusr Pulrunizv llxr' VERDIAN .-irlvcrtisz-rs 69 DOOLITTLE, SCHOELLKOPF Sc CO. Esnnusman 1919 1Wcrnbers New York Stock Ewclmnge 1415 LIBERTY HANK BLDC., BUFFALO, N. Y. Telephone WAsl1ingtnll 4970 Compliments of A FRIEND Com plimenls Of S. A. WHISTLER Compliments of WALKER 81 MITCHELL A FRIEND INVESTMENT COUNSEL JOHN K. WALKER E1,LIC0'l'T SQUARE C0"lPli"1U"1-' THOMAS w. MITCIIELL BUFFALO, N. Y. of "OUR DRUGGISTH AL-RO DRUGSTORE H08 Elumood Avenue Please Pulrunizv ilu- VERIHAN .4d1'er1isvrs '70 J. N. WALSH COMPANY INSURANCE SURETY BONDS Metal and Alloy Specialties Company, Inc. 1875 Elmwood Avenue BUFFALO, N. Y. 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Y. 1 HOTEL STATLER DIS FOR MISSES AND Ill HHCTIVE FHSHIUIIS PI ir 11' 'A' ease Pzurnnize :Iu- ir ir i' 'ir Qmh if VERDIAN Arlverzi 85 dk -a Food for Fighters -11 Food for W'orlrers -ll Food for Young and Old! i' 'A' 00' A w..m Q-fn.. l .. ..1"...:'g, e 3 -5-v: W, 5332 : 3.1 45'.fE?'?: w E52 2-E3 :rv g-Wagga 3 za., Y:-E2 .6-g 3, 3,3 sz'-L .... .- - .- an -f , .. '- Q ua 'W sew: vis: :EI 25' .J --um- -I v-0.2 'E-v ,Lge w Q no-D ,Q Q" -EZ' .Q-:'r-ua.: Q: :S--5 3 2-55 an-is 2 Visa 2 vias:-sf -2 war-1 :Q-: 5255 c --' avg I- .: Q-:ui -I -- E- ,mm ... ..,g: :. a -.- E Q urge.. 3 SLS? E: Z,g':.E E330 5.42253 Sai sie? . 3,,""3: OE N:-1:-E"g'...w. 35:53 Q'-L Eu! 3 -cn. .n S :UD-i 031 at-Umm: SIN 155: Q D- 3 'Sis '.E.s.,v -1-1 as E:-fl :"'i.-5 50,3 sv Md. E 3,E"3"' mE.: E' ig., 3.51 3.125 mf-1 me '51 ' li 9 5 o'- '.:v.,,,gE,,EP: "5 'DEDE gin: 5 lgiffi as riicsgcua Bo 4502 as-fs Sala 5 3 13522 ESE 591 'D-K5 L EYE QI., ,Q C-Q 'f. 2- QQ' H.. gnu. ., gg., :N -3 -.-. .--..., .,- mv.. .2 E 9-vw .'- -.5 ,, E D.. 1.8 '53 E .N vw!! , 31 :... n. an-nl: ,. : u..,,,-Suu as 1 - . 0 Z, ence .. cg: en.: .7 .nEFDE-'l- .. ua: an. 5-1, .53-E Pam' Ill Z -I lil CD BUFFALO, NEW YORK 'KEEP BUYING VAR BONDS' I-zu... nualaans. ryan nuslaans.. w' D. c,. me Ch Ci'KIO York New sgiigfiigiszzzzlexisvgqigk . 9 W yfffasffwri ,N ,sf .,Az 'iff 5 f f fvgw' ,mv- afgig X "N'tNN3??'iif?3gfv aw , -lzsiftzefieasfaf , 2 f Nth KW Q' Nia!112slgcigssaisiiggsififwgikfrlffiilfiaiiiiftsv- ax . 4 sf ki' rv ' Pfitlliik wxiftiifi' ,f ass- .sa MSEIQSS View ral T - N N N N NV I N N P N I N Tl N G ' N I N N I N G Q W Wim "COORDINATION"-not a large word but a word America is becoming more conscious of every day as we bend our united might to the struggle before us and lndustry keeps ponderous step with the rythmic sweep of our Armed Forces. A small word-but it embodies a principle upon which our success depends. It means the strictest economy of Money, Materials, and Time! B J H learned to appreciate tllat principle a long time ago. It is for tllat reason that we have consistently advocated the coordination of all factors of yearbook production. We are proud to have demonstrated this principle in the production of this yearbook. BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUEB, INC. Combined wilh lhe Personnel mul Equipment of The lf"hitney-Graham Company BUFFALO, NEW Y0llK I 4 OWEIOAIHQIQL6 0 A FRIEND Pnlrom 0 OUR OFFICIAL FLORIST Bl-ssic Bellanca gozzniaf gzzwnr' .szola DICLAWIARE AT TUPPER Flowers For All Occasion: WA 5310 Cmnplimenls Qf V A N H A A L T E l'I1-use Pulrrmize lllv V E RDI A N .-lrlrcrliscrs 88

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