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5 -. 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1. 1 N, 1 , , 1 xv,- -. v , , ' ax-.4 ' ' aw vp 'km '24, Qu .,f Jw- ,.., , , - E ' '-ww-wr... , My im V- mm-Fam,-,, ae, :VL 1. ws... X ,4 ' , in .V . VV 1 ,B ,WLAN , 95 ,V ' - A , , I4 .4 Q. uf N f if, fl X, CC 0 . , arrylng on a roud mI'3dltl0l1,, radition has always played a significant role in the history of the United States Navy. From the basic concept of the naming of ships to the establishment of a particular unit's crest or shield, the tradition of fighting spirit and service to this nation established by past leaders and crew members lives on. NICHOLAS, motto, "Carrying On a Proud Traditionj, serves to honor the tradition established by two prior ships who carried the name NICHOLAS. The current USS NICHOLAS CFFG 475 has continued the pattern of excellence. Since commissioning in March of 1984, she has made two deployments to the Persian Gulf and three to the Mediterranean Sea, as well as participating in maritime interception operations and various fleet exercises. When Gulf War hostilities broke out on 17 January 1991, NICHOLAS was serving in the extreme Noithem Persian Gulf as an advance CSAR platform over 70 miles forward of the nearest allied warship. During the first weeks of the war, she distinguished herself in action by attacking Iraqi positions off the coast of Kuwait, capturing the first 23 Iraqi prisoners of war, sinking or damaging 7 Iraqi patrol boats, destroying 8 drifting mines, and successfully rescuing a downed USAF F-16 pilot from the waters off the Kuwait coast. NICHOLAS also escorted the battleship USS MIS- SOURI and USS WISCONSIN during naval gunfire support opera- tions near Khagi off the coast of the Saudi Arabia!Kuwait border. In her 1993 six month deployment, NICHOLAS conducted operations in the Red, Mediterranean, Ionian, and Adriatic Seas. This was in support of United Nations sanctions against the governments of Iraq and the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. During these operations, NICHOLAS safely conducted over 174 boardings of merchant vessels to inspect for illegal cargo shipments. During her current 1995 deployment in the Adriatic, NICHOLAS is assigned to the Standing Naval Forces Atlantic, again operating in support of United Nations resolutions in Operation SHARP GUARD. NICHOLAS has earned the Combat Action Ribbon, Southwest Asia Service Medal Cwith three bronze starsj, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Sea Service Ribbon Cwith four bronze starsj, a Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation Cwith "O" for Law Enforcement Operationsj and five Battle Effi- ciency Awards as the top ship in her squadron. It being appropriate to look toward the future while being ever mindful of the past, USS NICHO- LAS CFFG 475 has accepted the challenge laid down by her forbears, and is indeed "Carrying On A Proud Traditionf' USS NICHOLAS it 1 X Commander Neil C. Burlingame United States Navy ommander Neil C. Burlingame was born February 15, 1950 in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a graduate of the Uni- versity of Rhode Island where he received a Bach- elor of Arts degree. Following commissioning at Officer's Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island in February 1975, he was assigned to USS TOWERS CDDG 95 in San Diego, California, serving as Division Officer in Weapons and Operations Departments until October 1978. His following assignment was at the Naval Military Personnel Command in Washington, DC. Commander Burlingame attended Department Head School in Newport, Rhode Island from May through December 1981, then served as Combat Systems Officer in USS JOHN L. HALL CFFG 325 CCommissioning Crew5 until February 1985. From February 1985 to April 1987, while in the Personnel Exchange Program with the Royal Navy, he was assigned to the joint Maritime Operational Training 2 'F USS NICHOLAS Staff, Edinburgh, Scotland. Commander Burlingame next served as Executive Officer in USS SEMMES CDDG 185 from June 1987 to June 1989. From August 1989 until July 1993, he served in successive staff officer assignments with Commander, Carrier Group EIGHT and Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group TWO, deploying with the THEODORE ROOSEVELT and AMERICA Battle Groups to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Desert Storm. Since taking command of USS NICHOLAS in January 1994, the ship was employed in the Carib- bean, participated in NATO Exercise STRONG RESOLVE 95 in the Norwegian Sea, and deployed tO the Mediterranean for assignment to the Standing Naval Force Atlantic in Operation SHARP GUARD in the Adriatic Sea. Commander Burlingame's personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal Ctwo awardsi, the Navy Commendation Medal Cfour awards5, and the Navy Achievement Medal. Y Commander James H. McKinney, Jr. United States Navy ommander Jim McKinney was born near Nashville, Tennessee on 13 November 1955. He graduated cum laude from the University of Mississippi in 1977 with a Bachelors of Business Administration and was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy through the Naval ROTC program. Following graduation, Commander McKinney served division officer tours as Damage Control Assistant in USS TOWERS CDDG-95 and Anti- Submarine Warfare Officer in USS SIDES CFFG-145 Ccommissioning crewj. After completion of Depart- ment Head School in Newport, RI in July 1983, Commander McKinney served as Combat Systems Officer in USS JOHN B. WILSON CDDG-75 and CIC Officer in USS LONG BEACH CCGN-93. Commander McKinney then reported in 1989 to USS THACH CFFG-435 as Executive Officer. Commander McKinney's shore assignments include a tour on the staff of the Chief of a Naval Operations COPO3fN865J in the Surface Strike and Anti-Submarine Warfare Divisions. He graduated in 1994 from the Naval War College in Newport, RI earning a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies and is designated an Anti- Submarine Warfare sub-specialist. Commander McKinney's personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal Cthree awardsb, and the Navy Achievement Medal. He is married to the former Shannon Pettit of Tenino, Washington. They have two sons, Patrick and Sean. USS NICHOLAS at 3 ,H , ,, - M,,,,,,,,,,, -,, ,, ,7 - M... ....,, ,, 7, ,, , , , .. ,.. S ' " Q " ' ,,,, S 1 if F , , , k X , - 4. i ffl : . , s f? , , , K , f , , f , ,ff rw ff , Z ' ,f ' HVTVW' X S rl f f f ,mf aff i i LT Philip Jordan Combat Systems Officer LT Davld Bement Chief Engineer LT Stuart Lewis Operations Officer 4 if USS NICHOLAS LT James Williams Supply Officer wfwfw V f , A X fl ' Wf ' S ,F LTjg Henry Stewart LTjg Luke Sironi LTjg Gustavo Vergara Auxiliaries Officer Fire Control Officer Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer ENS Richard Rogalin Damage Control Assistant 1Far Leftj LTjg Jonathan Rischmiller Disbursing Officer fLeftj ENS Shane Correa Combat Information Center Officer 1Far Leftj CW02 D. Mark Zimmerman Main Propulsion Assistant fLeft1 USS NICHOLAS if 5 V ' gm, 12:wg-f,ww215affffmm1f'f'ffwm"'' X ,:::::g,1:::f,---N-----U-23:21 W, -Y - We , M N. ,,,,V 4fff:w:1:g:M- Q N... , - N,,., . L f-f-"iii 1 , 5 S V ,Sv if N S, ef S f'fffA .5 .,... S SM """" 'Q' Vjv1W"K VVVV ' . ....N , ,,,vvVv .,.4jj7'Wfa6--mf--- ,,,,,,,,,, mf ,,,,, ,,,,,,. ,IWW ,,,,, V W W M W 4 KK ,K K ,,,,,,, .ti ,,, ,,,, KK ,,,.,,,,,,.. L K KK KK K K K ,M K K Z KK , , gg KK 'S T' fm gf- fig' - eff M . Q 'ff X ,, My " KW ,K K M W S , . , . 4, 1 ,,, K, . f NH I x ff, S 'f H S' U! I f ff! 'WW .- V' X' WA wf x..:, fn W ,, M .ff OSCCSWJ Kevin Aylesworth 6 fk USS NICHOLAS BMCMCSW BMCSCSWJ Ronnie Walters arney MSCCSWD ETCCSWJ Kenny Girdner Starkey GSMCCSWJ EMCSCSWJ GSECCSWJ Ben Askew Robert Honcik Kurt Kessler Left to Right: EMCCSWJ Richard Smith, EMCSCSWD Eric Howard, DCCCSWJ Lewis Fountain, CDR Burlingame, FCCSCSWJ David Mullis Left to Right: ENS Leonard Coley, MSCCSWJ Paul Marshall, CDR Burlingame, GMCCSWD Whidden, EMCCSWD Smith, GSECCSWJ Kessler USS NICHOLAS X 7 , . .. ,,i........ f 'v-:.N,s,,,.e-fffwffff-vw W W 1 ' V df 'fu A ' , 1 nf, ,,,,,,, 5 ,,,,, , Www L ,,,,,, KK ,VVVVV XK ,VVV KK K VV,7jZiV K K KKK ,kkyvyv ,,,,V,Vvv, ,VVVV K vvvv , , MK KKKKKW ,,,,,,,,,,V,,V q,,,,,, K KM ,,,,V,,V L ,,,, K , KKK KK KK KK K K 1 My , . , f 1 ' i ' t ',', 'Vt W2 W' " , ,,,, Q, H rw - - -L ff X 1 X .Q f , - of W! K K N! C. KK K KV KW K K! KK, ff sg. f , 1, KK ,VKL Z t , tt 1 f A t S A t X ,,, f .A . , 4 K K K K. . t 3, - K XC Kf, KK K KK 7,0 r, ,,,, . K. KK.K KKK, KKKKX KKKKxK K KKKK. E-2 Division Left to Right: LTjg Stewart, ENCSCSWD Santos, EN3Bigner, EM2 Andrews, EMlCswj Lyons, EN2 Russell, FN Ashby, EM3 Urban, EMFN Lew, FN Ruth, EMFN Hannum, EN 3 Bernard, EN2 Collins, FN Williams, EN3 Moore, FN Evans, EN2 Wells, EMCCSWJ Smith, ENlCswj Johnson E-1 Division Standing: GSM2CswJ Deleon, GSM2CswJ Smith, GSEZCSWJ Swerkes, GSEFN Brown, GSEFN Logan, GSM3 Ballentine, GSMlCswj Basso, GSE2 Riddick, GSMFN Barnes, GSM3 Fuher, GSM2 Bryan, GSMFN Lewinski, GSMlCswj Osborn. Front Row: CWO2 Zimmerman, GSECfswj Kessler, GSMCCSWD Askew, GSMCCSWJ Fahey 8 "' USS NICHOLAS Ee3 Division Standing: DCCCSWJ Fountain, DC2 Richardson, DC2 Lewis, MR2 Brown, HTl Thornton, ENS Rogalin. Front Row: DC3 Sehoenack, DClCswj Williams, DC3 Dunlap, HT3 Kizer Left: CWO Getting Down and Dirty Below: BMI Thornton? f ,rf fx Q W f X . """ fi NW V 1-'SSW ,f 7 Wim' ,fi X , X f if ' ,f ,f"'Xfff' f 2 x ,' W XQX ,Q ,,,, K ffl ff HKS! ' W , ff ff A I S f ,H f, ' -55? ff' 1 4' AS f ,, v, J fm, ff 1 " X' , XS ff X N 1 X , X ,f X I Y 1 W QV 1 7 f f Q f f S f W S Q f f fri! S f on r S ':' ,S t, is x .Q mf , .1 V Above: The Status Boarci Left: Hard at Work USS NICHOLAS 'F 9 L ,,,,,, , , , , M- M, L- ,. ff is If IM .f Siwfdqvpds Saswwg' 'V'-w ' , 1 ""' ft ' '1 "" -S fn ' ' ' "" "' ""' s ,f ' t 5 ' ' 5 X if if MW' ff X ff wi Wt in f ' gt gf M T ht X I K ,t Ak in ' Q, . K C , My Kg ,Wy gif f fy- ' f K' ' S ,, fi ' qi: - Q , I K fi' X 1 'ff K ' ,I j XKKL' pf K s 'S N . , S 1 r it K ,, ',,,,,,?t ,. , M 5 f ,, N ,, ,, H f, it f X, l , ,,, ,f ,W ft, , y We " ttf ,, ' W S . L 1 JV Q . , it " , lf? Q " ' ,ZZ 1,1 , l ,, . ffffjflf ,,,gJw"WU Q f X 1 ,wif f' f K W" ss W ,ft . , , , , f , 1 tf Q W ,ff x f - Wfftt ,I Wgff,,az,g,,, f cf H , . A ,, in x I K . gy I ft, Q xkkk ,, V7 f f I Z A I X Y s ,, f' t f' 2' f, SQ., , ff 1 p-4 - L g f ff - f f Q.. , . , f, 9 Q Q Z X Z Q , W ffffff f f f , e f "' f , f ,f X f f X, W ,f ,f f W fi f f f f fy f W 4 W f fffff f W f 1 y 7 f X X 'ff "Ll, ,L QQ, ffff' x,,x- f I 'X X , , , X U f!7',7 H 0 ,l..L Ylfx ,, Q 'X X-11L , ' -X M " f 'f " f X X X j J 10? f at 1 tw .5 f I ,, C fa, 'ttf ss nf Q, -F mf X CS-1 Division Standing: OSl CSWD Shipman, ENS Correa, OSl CSWD Wyche, OS3 Cornett, OSl Cswj Beck, OS2 CSWD Riley, OSC fswj Aylesworth. F rant: OSSN Baker, OSSN Key, OS2 Harris, OSl CSWD Shaw. CS-2 Division Standing: STG3 Embaby, TM3 Lauderdale, STG3 Weatherspoon, STG3 Yourkiewicz, STG3 Winston, STG3 Lambert, Kneeling: LTjg Vergara, STG2 Winslett, STG1 Rooney, STG1 Smoyer, STG2 Cswj Swalby, STGC Cswj Harrington. USS NICHOLAS f sw ,,,, ,f l f X ,4 VW! ,mf Left to Right: OSSN Gleaton, OSI CSWD Brooks, OS2 Cswj Jordan, OS2 Cswj Merson, OS3 Campbell, OS3 Korff, OS3 Rawls, OS2 Cswj Loving, OS1 CSWJ Supe. CS-4 Division Back Row: ET3 Palmer, ETI Gillingham, ICI Cswj Naylor, ET3 Burke, ET3 Dawson, ET3 Foster, DWI Cswb Bonadies, ET2 Stevens. Front Row: IC3 Cswj Bernal, ET1 Cswj Savard, ET3 Fosse, IC2 Cswj Dalli, ET3 Brown. CS-3 Division Left to Right: GMC Cswj Jaquez, GMC Cswj Whidden, FC2 Bell, GMGI Wood- ward, LTjg Sironi, FC2 Nelson, FC3 Karnmerdiener, GMM2 Morris, GMGSN Fiedler, FCI Cswj White, GMMI Cswj Moore, GMG3 Davis, FC3 Martin, FCC Cswj Merrill, GMMSN Berry. 4... Hey, this is just like Nintendo! USS NICHOLAS it II ,, ,,AAA AA , , AAA... P ,T ..A. . , it r . C . A A aaaaa ,,,, 1 A "" f .......N J- , ff as V"P' - f , I A I , , C I I I I f f I llf K f , A I , P S I , It I . , W P I , ' f 4 I P I , - A 3 ' A ,,,, f 5 - if ".'! -- 1 J' C, w 'I C, A if , f ' ' I Q A A I , 5 I no , , test - A i I S , , , I f I ini wg, , .. ,,,,, is A ,ir ,. ,,,,, . X- M -A ff SC-2 Division Back: RMSN Dunnells, RMSC Cswj Samual, RMSN Parker, RMSN Rybacki, RMSN Schroeder, RM2 CSWJ Moss, RM2 Allen, RMI Huffman, RM2 Combs, RM3 Paulk. I2 it USS NICHOLAS SC-1 Division Back: QMSN Riley, SM3 Smith, SM3 Roberts, QM3 Lewis, LTjg Cooper, QM2 Potter. F font: SM3 Wilkerson, SM2 Dickens, SM3 Chiles,.QM2 Williams, SMI Samuel. Not Shown: QMI Woods, SM3 Averhart SC-3 D1v1s1on Back Row: BMCM Cswj Walters, SN Walton, SR Blanchard, SN Eckert, SN Allen, SA Shinkonis, SN Voorhies, SA Steinmetz, SR Gryparis, SN Vanmeter. Middle Row: SN Webb, SN Scales, SN Dickerson, SA Bickford, SA Hotzler, SA Berry, SA Hanika, SA Pike. Front Row: BMI Cswj Savarese, SN Peterman, SA Siron, SA Swanson, SA Gray, SN Boags, SR Ledrew, SN Bayard, SA Ziola, SN Merchant, BMI Cswj Hansen. Kneeling: BM2 Watts, BM3 Henderson, BM2 Cswj Iverson. W a , X S ,, ff am, X T S 1 W XQQ Z4 4 v A f f4 Left: We brought on many supplies Below: Radio Above: 'Standby to receive shot linesln Left: RHIB ops USS NICHOLAS bk 13 i s W fffff Aff'f'fA ssss L ,,V,,,,V,, W' ' ,S i Right: SHC Cswj Pittman and SH3 Fullwood selling the store. Left: SK2 Solomon hard at Work in Supply. S-4 Division Standing: EMCS CSWD Honcik, YN1 Cswj Emick, PNl Williams, MAl Cswl Willman, HM l Cswj Landers. Kneeling: PN3 Ramos, YN3 Arce, HM3 Ferretta. 14 it USS NICHOLAS S-1 Division Left to Right: SKC Cswj Reddy, SK3 Hradisky, PC2 Sanders, SKl Cswj Sepke, SK3 Hughes, SK3 Little, SK2 Solomon J I l 1 J l Top Left: Taking out the trash Top Right: It,s a SNAP! Middle Left: This may hurt a little, Captain Middle Right: Sick Call! Left: 46Customer Servicew L USS NICHOLAS it 15 HSL-42's DET-5 UDirty Dawgs homeported in N.S. Mayport, Florida, is the ship's air department. This small DET, of four officers and 13 enlisted men, provides an able Weapons system utilizing the SH-608 helicopter. An afternoon at the swimming pool. Oxygen Deprivation. - X Holiday Routine? From left to right: AW2 Pfundston, AW2 Ambuehl, AZ2 Thomason, AT2 Bruhn, LCDR Tooker, ATAN Folkman, LT Gaudin, AE2 Foley, LT Harold, AMSAN Darling, LT Brady, AD3 Howell, AMH3 Sims, AD2 Hall, AE3 Horner. MIA: ADC Neal, AMHl Smith. Never say 'cYou ean't get men When Oh What a treat. crossing 2000 hrs. Pizza for a l000 hrs. 16 it USS' NICHOLAS CC Pappyl' Pfundston thinking of changing rates? Not!! Left: ACD Neal still trying to clear the Water hazard. Below: Darn. Another Liberty Port. . Q f. MH . 4 t I Left. Shootin forthe gold. '4Goldie', Skeet shooting. ,J Above:',Did We ever tell you how good looking we are'?', Left: Another Airport, another cappuccino X Aboves Washing the W1ndoWs...again! Left: The big dawg, LCDR Tooker. USS NICHOLAS it 17 Z 7, ..m-,- ---------f1 f :,9,,,,W eww! -------- lllll 5 sf W , ' " , L W, 12" ,X-, ' ,.... "1 V J, 4tE,zz:ZL:1'f1fW "" 5 1fj11iEIe'r "' W' ' -In .---'uw' wr- .JY mf' ,,,,,,,,,,, ,Q ,,,,,,, ,:9:f.,'fv,,,M.:' , ,,,,,,,,,, AwF"'j"j"f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,W,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, ,, W 1 W x M M, x I ,WM-V , ,, ,,,,, ,.,,,,, , .... I K H VVVV ff M I in V ' . S V r "X '7 H ,f fn f Wg ,if I ' " ff K . , 'ff I" f 7,551 If ' , A if "f S :mf f 1'-'1f,,,!' x. A - i i P-4 X ' S fa W i , 'ff vw , W f , W f 2 wap , ,f ff, W f, -2 ,M t I S xx.-. - ,M .. . . . .. We operated with many ships of various nations, including some Western European Union ships. The embargo produced some interesting potential smugglers. , f ,X . ,V , f f M . J' :M S ,Dj ' , W , tt" , --4 cfg ,ff ,a.- rf fe, fn? fff' dxf!! ei 18 if USS NICHOLAS Above: Burnin' one Left: Friendly Contests on the messdecks Left: Catchin' some rays The flight deck was one of the places to spend some time off Above: No, they are not Air Det USS NICHOLAS 'F 19 , 4 I If V A ' ' S I , I , X , ,,,c ' , N , V S V , V I , 'VII If V , 56' V X I ...wlth sports Below: GSMl Cswj Osborn looking for lunch Until the real thing could be played . . . R xxx lk X if USS NICHOLAS if Skeet... l And Basketball For Fun. USS NICHOLAS ,M W W 7 X ff Left F1re dr111s were smokm Below Rzght P1pe patching mock up got Rzght. Isn tth1s fun? Helicopter Crash and Salvage Crew In back: YNI Emick, PN 3 Ramos, DC3 Dunlap, SH2 Collins, DC1 Williams, DC2 Lewis, DC3 Schoenack, SH3 Buetti, HM3 Feretta. Center: SH3 Mungin, SK3 Hughes. Front: SM3 Chiles, SK2 Solomon, BMI Hansen, ET2 Stevens, BM2 Iverson. FOD Walkdown Testing the gas fDon't drop itj Over and over, again! and sending lt to the helo. In Support of our Flying Friends USS NICHOLAS it 23 A ,,...... ,A...... .,.,A , , - ,,,,,.......,...., A ,,,A..A,,,,,, .......... ..---. 5,,,V ---f'fff -------i------' fa' V , ,,,,,,,,, - ............. ............ .,,.........,. V, ........,,. .... , 1, ..........A.,, u ...,, , .... ...... ,W .. , V x X. W f nawwmfl 1-1 - """ M eff W 1 1 A V,-A.' ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , l la S , , ,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,.,,,, - ii ,.,,.,, VV ......k,,,,, ...,,,,,., - ..., ,,,,,,,,,, . .,,, H I VV, 4 I , , Q ' ff ff V , f , , " ,,,,,, f, , ,I f ' fl ' ' m',A D 9 - , C ,, " ' 5 I I , , K f ,V ,, 'fx 1 ,, . A ,V , , . . W I lf, 5 CDR Burlingame bids farewell will I A i , ,S CDR McKinney says hello Congratulations aaa,, Niels Jules, NICHOLAS, CDR Burlingame, and DESRON I8 24 'k USS NICHOLAS The cake cutting ,, 'Wvllumrrl R f CAPT Ronald R. Peterrnan, Com- mander, Destroyer Squadron Eighteen CORE U, GREECE Frequent customers inside and out. USS NICHOLAS bk 25 26 if USS NICHOLAS Was it really that funny? Is Bernard awake? I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Nice beach Nighttime in Corfu USS NICHOLAS if 27 And More NATO Op6l'2lfi0l1S I ii 1 W 6,1 Pt ' X ' Hey, OOD, how close did you say that CPA Was?', 28 Pk USS NICHOLAS DMX the torpedoes, full speed ahead!! FCI White: '4Have you seen the fire integrity key?" USS NICHOLAS it 29 o Counting change Deleon and Smith make 2nd Class. Good job, guys. 30 X USS NICHOLAS Wifg, I ,. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, . , ! i The 3MC in a rare out-of-office experience The PACE Program was 21 big hit. C The Few, the Proud -- Supply Corps. ,li Ib' L' 5 f W ,,,, x X A ' ,Wwfffw Q X , , ,,,,,, 1 0, V6 -'i 41 ,,,, ,, vp! 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Middle Right: Check, please! Bottom Left: Don,t ask, don7t tell Z ,, , I ,f USS NICHOLAS X 49 'fx is Q5 'AX XXX .X X E55 if 145 if I :D P3 325 Wd ry M it gs ga, Xe? 32 104 si? 53 3? X1 X 51 V r' Eg Ei 15 XX X, XV E1 Xi QL! H mfg XQX 433 GS 25 wx wg M X52 553 51 H fl? M 5? iii ii ag 23 543 fu XX: KS is is fix Sf? Xe? ri Q, 5 il EX Xfx vi U! U we 5? X 35? 53 53 lg: il Ei "5 ,. H4 E? 5? sd 1 K Til ,XX 6 A 1 X ,X G ,X Q fl ,X 'X is T! iii , f 'I x X 'A I X .H g if 'X X 4 1 X 4 1 2 1 1 1 3 1. Where are We? Grasshopper and Big 'C, Painting CCS on a hot day 1 50 96 USS NICHOLAS w X WEIKC up, R031 Left: Hey lst LT, is this right? Above: Nav trying to change jobs Bottom: Burn baby, burn! USS NICHOLAS if 51 Back from liberty Flex I 52 yt USS NICHOLAS Joy ride i Is this my rack? Cross-Pof with Niels Jules -- Good time, Mr. H01meS'? The f1repoWer of the Nasty N1ck Hey Nav, you can't plot us over land!'?! USS NICHOLAS X 53 When did you say Officer's Call Was? SMI "Mad Dogn Samuel Above: C'mon Senior Chief, just one picture Right: A busy CCS 54 X USS NICHOLAS Y FCS on the flight deck Hey OPS, nice paint job Khakis go erankina, always a good time Andy Harold with the inseparable Duo USS NICHOLAS X 55 Cheers ! Left: Ziola and Pike in today s fashion 7 5 ,W ll Parker the diplomat G0 away, Fm busy , 4. , ,-.. ... ,M A rare out-of-rack experience 56 if USS NICHOLAS , .-..... M453 SX A4.. S M '- N Left: Who's she? Below: The Women really love him Spending time with friends Mi ief'i'i' A N' eeee iw S ,iiii "" f W A K Tl'1C RM S f ' :Z ' ' , Vxf -'fa S, kicking back. X Friends for life USS NICHOLAS bk 57 What movies did you bring? S 58 Dk USS NICHOLAS Working hard What time is it? I Z M I R Turkey Left: Have I got a deal for you! Middle Left: Is he an American? Middle Right: Relaxing in the USO A Pizza Hut in Turkey ii Fm hungry! USS NICHOLAS ik 59 Mungin: This is MY house! 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Suggestions in the Nicholas (FFG 47) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Nicholas (FFG 47) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 52

1995, pg 52

Nicholas (FFG 47) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 58

1995, pg 58

Nicholas (FFG 47) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 39

1995, pg 39

Nicholas (FFG 47) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 7

1995, pg 7

Nicholas (FFG 47) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 55

1995, pg 55

Nicholas (FFG 47) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 40

1995, pg 40

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