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my I fgjggwfj A ', 59 0 1 I n i? mg 5170533 J D QEAw 2 -Q N sl? YM, 3:-iii, ,,,, 41' 29 'qdfp Sb 062922 Ctzrfvw - gn QRE f . N 'o -X VID U w. Q Kb Am Xi, s f PA.C,xFxQ OCEAN -SJW N il 0 QW i E: ,we-F-7'-:vm--.,x 1-12.1 yr- .. f I -ff, I--"'7TAf' 'AQ I""'-v .f"1w., wk'--as K- i'.u..A J-LM V' - X if? YM "J A 4' 2 1 . ,A ,531 AX .ra-.QJG i R Viyxiiw-N -42 1969 N5 h . 5' f,-,n , ,- 4347. -1-' U + - Yovccnsum P M TOkl-QLL'Q1.,B-E., Umwe- SUM, EM -' Mona lame, -- 553536-ld ' Bmasme, -J Kxmwsuuwq , Cfwvan- mcuom vi fa- USS NICHCLAS DD 449 Far East Cruise 1966-19e7 x f f - . 1 , K - X , f , A , . ,J x .. ' , '4' X ' 'll 1' Z . M . w, . X I, ' Z 'gk 1 4994 - I ' uh, ',. 51' . , -."""':- H ,. ,fji fx-" . lf" I if 0 :1 ll UFX N X 1 ,' .I ," -If I3 .V K ' I .'I I I' gh I Y t f' 'f ' ' I ' I .f : 1 , I 'V I If ' A 74 .. X ' 1 , ! i 'K ,I , 1 I, I ,AN , :-' I ' :JJ sw 3.1 -? 12-6- h ' H216 ' I :nm V 5' 'F-Elf. fr-'S .X -'ML 1942 - 1967 ,,. Z ll7.,,,,-T. if iii- N ,,' -,IK , I, , f- f 1' I' ,A .T I I ,,. 1 i. 'jv - .... .., 4 .L . .- r N 1 I I f , I I fl ff! 11. ' Q 1 N X rx A-f l Foreword This year's cruise book is a little different from those of other cruises. Perhaps the biggest difference is the ship itself - USS NICHOLAS QDD449J. The ship reall hasn't Y changed very much from outward appearances, except that it is a year older. But when that year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of NICHOLAS, it does make a difference - at least, to us. A quarter of a century is a long time for a ship, especially if that ship is still serving a full deployment schedule as did NICHOLAS this year. She Went thousands of miles, visiting Yokosuka, Subic Bay, Gulf of Tonkin, Danang, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Sasebo, and Brisbane. That's a big order for the "old lady" of the fleet, but she never complained. In fact,'she was on the gun line in Vietnam along with some of those fancy new ships. Instead of a dark blue cover, as is traditional with cruise books, We decided to celebrate a little. Twenty-five years ,seemed like a good excuse to have a golden anniversary. It might seem strange to dedicate this book to a ship, but that is what we would like to do. This book is dedicated to NICHOLAS, for twenty-five years of service to the fleet and to the thousands of men that she has served so Well. Happy Anniversary, NICHOLAS! . I -,: 21- f 111' 2' .14 ,L 1 Z f ' l xx XM fy Y x -"Af 4 I, H ,, XX Eur h , :HL X . A' '.'I: I x--xlxx.: Ax X , ,ff,1f,'l I 1 1 ,,-" I' I If i' X 'I ' N ' , I ' I ' n ll 1: ' I ' ' ' ' I - 5 xl, ' IW 1. 1 I :QF I ' 1 1 U? I 55' 'P L' -. .3...: - X F.: f N N4 x ,-Q , i ' - ' I x ."'--f' 3 7llN 57. if WW fu f f Off MQ fd K : ,ff W I mf ' ,W f :Q AW .- f MMM -- Yvrn 1713, ,, ,,, :,,,,L,,,,,,,,. .. - . H .,,, V wwf--1----Vf - - 'W' - Commanding Officer pw at 6 'v' ff fllZZZfZ, 1 ii Cdr. W. B. Hooffstetter There is little doubt that if a popularity con- test were held aboard NICHOLAS that Captain Hooffstetter would come out on top. He is probably one of the most popular com- manding officers that the crew has known, and he owes much of his success to the unity and high morale that he has instilled among the crew. He specializes in getting things done. That is why NICHOLAS was able to make a WesPac deployment only a few weeks after a four month yard period and accomplish its mission with the seventh fleet with little difficulty. He is a strict administrator, an able shiphandler, and an extremely per- sonable man. Commander Hoffstetter was graduated from the University of Louisville and commissioned in 1946. Tours of duty have included the USS FRANK KNOX QDDR 74233 Aide for Admirals Gerald and Long, COMCRUDESFLOT lg BUPERSg U. S. Naval War College, Command and Staff Course in 1957-585 Executive Officer, USS HAZELWOOD QDD 531Jg Commanding Officer, USS RIVAL QMSO 4685. He received a Master of Arts De- gree in International Affairs from George Washington University, after completion of the Naval Warfare course in 1962-63. Com- mander Hoffstetter served on CINPAC Staff until taking command of the USS NICHOLAS QDD4-49J on September 1965 and was selected for the rank of Captain by the 1966 Captain Selection Board. LCDR. A. G. MERGET EXECUTIVE OFFICER ENS. E., W. POLSON SECOND DIVISION LT. W. E. SMALL CHIEF ENGINEER LTjg C. OEHLER DCA ENS. G. E. ERICKSON LTjg R. H. BRANSHAW OC DIVISION AS DIVISION arwvw- --- f - -ff' -V .IL LTjgD. V. ESSEX, jr. oc DIVISION LTjg W. P. LINK ' OI DIVISION ENS. W. W. POSENECKER EMO LT. WALTER HOLL DOCTOR ENS. J. T. BARNOWE DCA ENS. W. C. BROOKSf EMO ENS. D. D. DURKEE EDUCATION OFFICER LT. W. H. MAJOR OPERATIONS OFFICER LTjg W. C. KITCH SUPPLY OFFICER LT. A. D. CLARK WEAPONS OFFICER - LT WU, Chinese Navy The Wardroom L'I'jg ROY THOMPSON LTjg L. H. TURNER FIRST DIVISION , K. ff , W , f , ,,f I :Z fy., - X. 4 Z X W ' ,f -J , gg, A. ,A,ee,, .La ,, f X , !!.xX X WIN. W T50 ..v,,Q f f .M ,,T.- X. 'gi enjoyed many good times on the cruise. LTjg K. o. MOHR MPA Japan NICHOLAS made two stops in Japan - Yokosuka, at the beginning of the Cruise and Sasebo, near the end. Japan offered excellent sightseeing. Many took tours of Tokyo to see the Olympic games sight and Tokyo Tower. From Sasebo, a ship's tour Went to Nagasaki to see the A-bomb museum and ground zero. Japan was one of the cleanest and most beautiful countries visited and probably had the best bargains for photo- graphic and sound equipment. 5' mf? Top photo: Night life in world's largest city is second to none. Instead of "Gay Pareef' it's now "Terrific Tokyof' Bottom photo: Japanese wrestlers - - pretty rough boys. QM glee func! of flue riaing Jun H One of the memorable sights of our cruise was the size and majesty of Ah: Soy, Japan,s famed Mount Fuji. i Short-timers Chiefs Just about every division aboard NICHOLAS has its chief petty officer. The "Chief," ag he is often called, is the specialist - a Spe- cialist, not only in his technical field but also in leadership and in getting things done. He can often remember the "good ol' days" when the Navy was somehow a diff- erent Navy. Without these career people, it is sure that the Navy could not go very far. c if Q s Www 4? Q 1 E 5 Q ,, f ZZ f 7, f ff, ,ff f V , ,V A f 'WW M, Wi W 4 Wlfi F!T'5?"" N Q f , A, R ff fff, an .. ,, ,,.f-,- , , , . ,M-. ,f ff! wwwf x ,f uh f Mx -Q AS N xQx m 2 ,H fin 3 A an 1, XXX ff: ' :U 'l ff ., 4 :S 'K 1. 1 fa' ' , x f G ffwsw . ' vw ,ef . f 23 A N X - N si r i:'SRE.skaw F .. . f 4 , W., -,fa-,-.T FRONT ROW QL to Ry: M. D. Rotach, J. F. Marsden, G. E. Ferreira, D. A. Johnson, A, E. Jackson. MIDDLE ROW: LTJG L. H. Turner, D. R. Causey, J. W. Agee, G. R. Laymance, J. A. Warren, B. D. Sawyer, R. D. Kazinski. BACK ROW: E. R. Hammer, B. J. Lewis, P. 'O. Rohrbach, R. S. Quaintance, J. L. Gilley, W. E. Phillips. First Division lf any division joins hands with traditions of the past, it is First Division. On the old sailing vessels, a ship probably had only one division, and that was the deck force. It did the navigating, the cooking, and everything else. Ships have got more complicated but the deck force has yet to be replaced by new electronic gear. You can still see a seaman of only a few months scrubbing the deck and heaving the monkey's fist to the dock when the ship pulls in to port. A seaman is a rare breed. As a member of First Division for his first six months in the Navy, he becomes a specialist is such time honored tasks as chipping paint Qsometimes, it seems, before the old coat is dryj, scrubbing decks, handling lines, steering the ship, and many other jobs. A seaman can tie more different kinds of knots than any other person - don't ever try to tie a "granny" knot around a member of the deck force. First Division 'W ---'F " -M" has a big job. It-is responsible for handling the lines during refueling at sea. It keeps up and runs the Captain's gig and the motor whale boat. It also handles the lines for docking and undocking. First Division keeps up the outside appearance of the ship. A bos 'n mate will tell you he is the "real" Navy gland in terms of tradition, he is probably right. f 1 FRONT ROW QL to RD: J. B. Luchenbill, W. L. Pressler, D. S. Keane, R. A. Steiner, J. O. Birdsong. W. H. Bert. MIDDLE ROW: J. R. Meyer J. A. Johnson, D. Dee, R. F. Curry, E. D. Rockow. BACK ROW: R.P. Rice, E. G. Molina, N. K. Hekel, M. F. Doss, P. H. Pesci. .bam Mk- J. A11 right, then I'11 take my drums and go home. 8 C Q is My .yx Jg,s.f I Mr. Turner, sir, I lost the motor whale boat again. lu ,7 W, , Q J ,Y ,, os-4, M TVWW, : f , W- -f""""" fm...-1 MWWWW so Q FRONT ROW QL to RJ: N. D. Abulencia,F. L. Escudero, I. S. Alfonso, A. K. Seele, T. R. Hart, F. V. Ranjo, K. L. Jensen, R. D. Davis. MIDDLE ROW: LTJG W. C. Kitch, T. D. Breedlove. R. H. Fowler, G. K. Massey, B. D. McBurnett, D. W. Williams, Chief T. M. Wrenn, Chief G. Kraynak. BACK ROW: W. Hill, B. C. Williams, W. R. Guilmette, C. D. Mitten, H. P. Coito, F. M. Stukes, C. D. Harvey, D. G. Pinkerton. Supply Division Kp We are the men 'of Supply ,gl mr Our "aim to please" rating is high. fl! .NN W We run a ship's store, and I , l a laundry what's more. i K '4'1f'f' .ll Q X Where your clothes come out ' A lean and dry. I v 1 I ML C - I' , I , Need a repair part? : 'I ru I , Q ' You'll have it in a cinch. If I , I 'i t ' ' Be it for radar, boiler, or winch. f' y I W NX Our oommissary men are a big hit , . ' T , . Making Waiting in the chow line tives I f"',' 4 well worth it l - - if rg H1 X A A R H The officers are kept very happy g A - by By our stewards who are very snappy v W , And the disbursing clerks K T fl . give you your money 1' For liquor, souvenirs, or your "Honey". 'S ! Yes, We are the men of Supply. X' - . . me miss WM moi!! Clues MEMMP-K ll 7--qlili I We lost Q the laundry this time, Fowler. I so ee , W0 But those black speoks are part of the tile! This is some Waffle iron. Marlboro Country Keegan, you didnwg los e gy pay reoord?! 30 years to go. Maxy MI ,Y A h Une Cunningham Special coming up! What? . . . No more tootsie Rolls! This my GQ station! 3 S., - V --------I-W . - L . .- - ..., f.-.1..Y,-Q... . -: . --.-5.-.. - Ku : 4-.-rr-.-.11-nl.-:L1.-.,.-.-.1-sy, -f.:-1--1114- -,- fig: ,m:132.1,:,-:: .-ng.,-.V 5.1-.fig-Y-, gg, L,::. a.e:- A 'i--,-.-vu-W . " - - f 'A ' ' ' ' "- " v ' - " ' ' - "'- f- ' 4' 1' "' " 'fl 'C ' ' FRONT ROW QL to RJ: R. L. Alves, J. E. Ganser, R. E. Wilder, R. C. ' Fitting, C. A. Petraglia. MIDDLE ROW: D. L. Fuller, T. P. Fox, R. L. Sinnet, M. L. Moreland, E. J. McParland. BACK ROW: LTJG R. H. Branshaw, G. G. Hedlund, L. L. Laughlin, J. M. Faby, H. E. FOX, W- T- Mizell, J. R. Pierce. AS Division On the ol' Nick with her div's aplenty, Stands one of its own called Anti-Sub, With torpedomen and sonarmen always ready, At sea, the enemy -- on shore, the Pub. Out of many recollections while underway, We once tracked a pinnacle for a nite and a day, Thinking for sure a sub we had found, Readying torpedoes to fire a round. With hedgehogs in lines and the rocket to go We pinpointed the target and planned an attackg ' Then faster we went, 30 knots or so, And hoped the "enemy" would not fire back. Alas, it was clear what the target be, And we all joined a chorus of "It might have been , More than just topography." Thus, to avoid it would be a sin. How can it be such skill is acquired To combat the threat of an alien force With nothing more than the oldest destroyer? Our secret must surely be "tour de force." All is kept well and vigilance maintainedg That is the job of the men in AIS. It's an unbeatable team which remains , always trained with a pledge to win by doing its best. Ooh Melvin, you say the sweetest things! If you call me Abe Lmooln one more t1me.... ....... ...,.-...,.L I X FRONT ROW QL to RJ: LTJG R. W. Thompson, Chief D. F. Cunningham, Ens. E. W. Polson. MIDDLE ROW: R. G. Franks, D. R. Crowe, J..L. Ulven. BACK ROW: G. S. Flanders, R. J. Moran, P. J. Putzer, P. J. Donigan, R. C. Davis. Second Division This is Second Division, but it is by no means second in any respect. The Division is com- prised of two rates, Gunners' Mates and Fire Control Technicians. They work to- gether to keep the guns and Gun Fire Con- trol Systems in good repair, and able to deliver accurate fire against Aircraft, surface ships, and shore targets. The Gunners' Mates keep the firing end of the system in repair. They maintain the two 5" X 38 Gun Mounts, as well as the mechanical components of the variable depth sonar KVDSJ-, and the MK-108 Anti-Submarine Rocket. They are also responsible for the storage, care, and distribution of the ships "small arms". QRifles, Pistols, etc J. The Fire control teclmicians are responsible for the maintenance and operation- of the gun director, fire control radar, and the MK-1A computer. These components track the tar- get to be fired upon, compute the point where the guns must be aimed to hit the target, and electrically positions the guns at this X 1-"2 -1 Ni.,--"' - ' MY' J Nl ff!! on L .m g X xx-.jjfzjam . KKWEQE. Lodcao on Now Smal" point. During this cruise, NICHOLAS spent a week on the gun line nearfDanang in Vietnam, sometimes firing as much as two hundred rounds a night. That the firing was accomplished without incident or casualty is 'ak -tribute to the competence of the men of Second Division. X FRONT ROW QL to RJ: R. L. Knight, W. R. Howard, R. J. Gable. MIDDLE ROW: H. F. Johnson, P. A. Selvage, R. J. Wagner, J. E. Corby, R. M. Sundberg, T. H. Fowler, H. E. Stephens. BACK ROW: V. R. Villarreal, M. G. Daniels, C. A. Lynd, D. L. Crawford, 'R. R. Johle, J. S. Kern. Would you like this dance? 4 ! Mg- Z Vu Hey, it's the white Knight! f , i 4 Z . , '04 ' . if S. Q! L 1 Q.. A .df J L, , J .J s , MQ L W , N CIC, IC, aye!!" ,!' 'f ,f fb For my next miracle... 4, "--...CN-.s....... CL to RJ: M. J. Krisman, D. E. Reed, R. A. Wollney, V. D. Burns, Ens. C. W. Koontz. 5. Dash "SPLISH! SPLASH! I was flying my DASH, Cruising on a Saturday night. BLOB! BLOB! We were hunting for a sub, Thinking everything was all right. Then, SPLISH! SPLASH! What happened to my DASH. DASH means drone anti-sub helicopter. It is a remote controlled, torpedo-carrying weapons system used in conjunction with radar and sonar to seek out and destroy enemy subs. During the cruise, DASH Division flew more than twenty-five hours in twenty flights, of those, nine hours were in Vietnam. Unfortunately, two of our DASH were lost during flight. The gang of DASH Division -- Burns, Krisman, Wollney, Mayor Russell, and Reed --are perhaps the most versatile men aboard, Besides being ex- perts in their field, they also serve as MDC coordinators, gun director personnel, and New Guinea wild dog custodians. A . ...............4. .w.,..... .4.,-..,uw...1.u,-mmm Z W, .1 ,,,, 5 W, ' , f - I X xx 67 2 X , , , f 7 Q Q f . f 7 f iif AQ - W f . 5, f , ffyf , , ff :Q , f mfwm 'I f rf ' f - , -'fp fx' 'AWA-' 5 ' ,A E '17 'T' ,J ,wx ' R -1, "T", ,, L 'l"""'5 Q :SU f d' 4 I , ,,, QS -,Jai 34 xA:: X . x ,, ' gl i W l :Ai '+A' 'Il x , -Se' Xi x ANZ ' x , Q 1 - X , Q Q , e- 3 y 1 ,n,, , X A Q .. I t .Ju mf 1, ff . W fir.. 4 'I ' N A. 5 f " 'V V' . x x 1 M , ,W , , XE M i 5 N WQZQV f f fl ,- 9 ?j '50 f f f f QW! ! f 4 W y , X .- mf X Q . . . f i P 'lf 1' 5 H f y X fi? ' ' Q'll , S X I 1 KS vb. m -fx-v :' Qanfltzfr-3. 'lW4L'3!'Y .. Q. ,,,,......,,-,N-MM 1-Qs E iw unlplrzlr. -Q-:gin-un. . Aprmnvnwn Hong Kong - The Pearl of the Orient! Central district of Hong Kong as seen from "The Peak? Top photo: "The Sea Palacef floating restaurant. Bottom W DI! Fil photo: Refugees from Red China prefer to live as "Squat- ters" here rather than behind the Bamboo Curtain. 1n.i.rl1v+.,N.uzu1 u Many Hong Kong gals reminded us of our sisters at home. . .. , , ,- .- ,.. .. , - .- -. .-. ..-ii... -,.,-1... w-...fs-.rv.-,w.,..1g.f',-,.,:.sq.,-.,-vqf,-f,g,f.,f-.--,-1:--s,-f..3-.1v.1-,,1:'fi11::i.A.-gg.7 3.-5 A, .., ,. , . . . . -,.. ,.,.. ,.... .... ...., T., ..A. ...-....,.-...,,,,. l -um- - All mrrw., .Z,,,W.,, ..- x,xxXXxx,X M , , ,.., ...... z ..,..,..,... . .....l . . - FRONT ROW QL to RJ: L. A. Fabela, R. C. Suazo, J. J. Bell, J. B. Ball. BACK ROW: Chief B. V. Spain, C. D. Hunter, R. G. Gresens, R. J. Hentges, J. P. Smith, J. D. Proctor. OC' Division Our signalmen stand all through thef night, To signal and answer by flashing light. A , When alongside, it has been said, Our semaphores are easily read. Our flagbag uncovered a hoist in the air - A All show we are the fleet's finest, we do our share. y Our quartermasters are a rare'-breed of men, A , Taking their fixes, then checking , again. They stand by their charts all 'A through the day, ' Never leaving themwhen underway. Inport, sunset they find, So colors will be held on time. Yeomen and Personelmen, our records ' keep, , Sorting' pubs, instructions and losing A sleep. The plan of the day, you' surely will find, ' ' Is always out just on time. ' Though a thousand one jobs they are tossed, J ' . ,I In the ship's office, a man has yet to Q be lost. ' - ' Q Curradiornen work with electronic 1 gear, , . A ' So important messages we will hear. Radios, teletype, speed-key, and such, All of these, just to keep us in touch. A telephone patch they get with a ham, To keep us all happy on this ol' I tin can. Our postal clerk is hot on the trail, , Routing and sorting and getting us mail In his cage, that stately stall, Stamps and money orders are sold to all Now, these are the men of the mighty OC Doing their jobs inport and at sea. No finer group stands out in the crowd We men of "OC" have a right to be proud FRONT ROW QL to RJ: C. D. Routh, R. G. Bashford, J. R. Rhoades, R. W. Hamilton, R. M. Anderson, R. F. Hough, R. M. Abrenica. BACK ROW: Ens. G, E. Erickson, J. A. MoConne11,.A, G, Laverock, H, E, Manning, R. D. McCabe, T. W. Hurd, LTJG D. V. Essex. n sg X55 SH P Q ovuinga That's right reverse the charges GK, Who Stole the 13011913 paper? Hey Suazo, they're blinking that light at us again I'll count to 50 While you hide. Flashing light bears 3630 I oan't help you now. I have the next mail buoy watch. I oan't get no satisfaction. QuaI'terrnaste1"s lounge 1, W Q wif , x Q . pf: , . 'if FRONT ROW QL to RJ: A. S. Ragat, R. W. Winslow, G. A. Smith, W. H. Mann, E. E. Aubertin, L. E. Claphan. BACK ROW: Chief C. P. Kemmer, R. L. Peterson, A. T. Rota, E. H. Johnson, S. D. Whittenburg, D. E. Wallick, W. D. Logan, T. R. Jaegle, Ens. W. W. Posenecker. OI Division There are three rates in OI Division: The electronics technicians, the corpsmen, and the radarmen. The part the electronics technician plays aboard ship is a many- fold one.. He maintains, repairs and calibrates all the electronic devices pertaining to the eyes and ears of the ship. The eyes being it's radar and associated equipment, which enables us to operate and see what surrounds us 65 .Q 1 OO " U45 T Rakim CHIEF, ur Qouto BE me nec sa NO.l ore. mms, 9 regardless of visability and weather conditions. RU.. I QV THE. WQZXS Z.. NO. L 5 MZE. The ears are it's numerous complex com- munications equipment, which insures our ability to receive and send messages at any given moment. To accomplish this an ET undergoes an extensive training school where the fundamentals of electronic , theory and its application is taught. But this is only the beginning. Many more months foften during liberty hoursy is spent learning and maintaining the vast interlaced network Of equipment We have. The electronic technician is an integral part of the complex SLOXMN.. . . organization of the ship working 'together for the common purpose of keeping this ship a READY, ALERT, FIGHTING VESSEL. The function of the corpsman on the NICHOLAS is two fold. That isg one, the health of the crew as a day by day affair, two, preserving, during battle, the lives of the men of the NICHOLAS to the best of his ability. """:4""'n':" ' "A"""wx"" ':1"'fM":"L" '5'1"'nG ""':' "1 ""A " 'L" " 'A ' " " " ' "' ' " ' "TL f """' , ..,...,, ..,,, ,. ..... ,...,.,.,,,,,,, , The Radarmanis an important mani in the combat readiness of our ship. An enemy can be engaged only after he is detected, and our own ship's ability to detect an air- borne or surface enemy depends upon the skill and alertness of the men in the combat information center. A few of the many jobs performed by these men are: Aircraft control, Antisubmarine Warfare, Torpedo.Qcontrol, Small FRONT ROW QL to Rh: B. C. Layton, R. D. Stenhoff, G. L. Buck, J. E. Pamblanco, J. L. York, J. R. Saia, J. G. Horacek. BACK ROW: Chief J. M. Smith, J. M. Kojali, J. L. Gaddy, R. L. Smith, R. T. Losch, S. F Yonke, W. C. Bloor, M. R. Fisher, R. M. Conn, LTJG W. P. Link. craft control, and a skill used during this deployment, gunfire support of shore based troops. I can't do that, Chief. iam-:u l ' l'm a petty officer! I It , ,,f ff Here comes the Chief. Look busy. ,M You'1'e coloring outside the lines, Walliok. M, , 4 vi, , 2 That'11 keep you from sucking your thumb FRONT ROW QL to Ry: J. M. Woodruff, W. R. Brock, V. T. Savage, D. L. Blake, C. W. Alston, C. J,.Tittelbach. MIDDLE ROW: Ens. K. O. Mohr, Chief G. D. Pounds, R. C. Lester, W. O. Mallory, D. F. Bruski, M. J. Curton, A. E..Siter, J. E. Brown, L. D. Dailey, LT W. E. Small. BACK ROW: W. G. Franklin, W. R. Farris, D. A. Lutz, R. D. Fliss, J. W. Trantham, G. M. Morrison, G. Bush. B Division Down deep in the heart of this mighty man 'of war is a group of snipe's referred to as the "Black Gang". These are the men of "B" Division. Their job is to tend the boilers that provide steam to the main engines and all other auxiliary machinery. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the boilers and it's associated equipment. Besides just making steam they are noted for getting up at all hours of the night to take on oil. They are also noted for making smoke ftwo kindsj Black and White. While at sea they are specialist in their rate. While in port for repairs they are specialist in Early Liberty, Special Liberty or just plain Liberty. They are a friendly group of guys that get along with everyone except Airdales, Deck-Apes, and J arheads. When they're asked to shipover, they will laugh in your face, but call them a no good snipe and some one will go off mumbling, "He'd rather fight then sWitch." "--'S' - is 'Q ff "vw 'Fa - I' - Q-- Xj m auf! . 'I 11713 -f+ fi- iflggjg -251 "' -Q1 E-E :ii 'iiiigiiil ' qasfizial '12-iS':i we-EEE L jk UNO W, -5 , LIBERTY CALL I know We'r'e tied up, but I'm still sick. !?' 3 Y , Q W f f ,in X X 4 iff f ' ' . Q , .Q SQ: 7 17 X 4 Q 4 zx Y b f X A if . V iv X, 0 A if ,X , , ff X ' 3 f K 00, . s , , if X 2 x W W 1' , f ,witzif P, f 0 1 X I love you, too . , ., .- . -.-7 . -a.,-,,--'--.--QQ '.f.,mtv-:.",-QL-ig.-4:3vffwxuivflrlfhs,Ears.-33712-?"?5'i:3-fi.-5I"E?f3?ffC 3.1-' 31- -1.7vLv3.-'-3,111-'-: i' as,-:XZ-:.q'f,P-'-5-Q., , -.ggxc-T f:-.Q-1,!-rg-. :-pq.-la.-e tegfi-1. af-Sq,-.'-gf.:-.'l,-.w.-5.0"M: .q, . 4.53, ,,i.5,5. .its T,-.-Y.-L ., .,...,,,-,-,,.,,,g, 51.4 ag, - :J-.aim-..,.4.,,.,v.K 1. . we 2...-sz... ga... ,, s L- - A, , .W- - FRQNT RQW QL to Ry: V, G. Mobarry, Chief W. J. Clooney, Ens. K. O. Mohr, LT w. E. Small. MIDDLE ROW: S. J. Powers, M. R, Flot, B- Heyborne, F. A. cristan, D. W. Nagel, P. H. Braxton- BAQK RGW' W- C- Bartosh, B. C. Sampson, A. K, Mueller, L- Davis, D- L- Blshopb S- A- Lounsberry. M Division The movement of the ship is M Division's job. It is the responsibility of the men in M Division to maintain the speed of the NICHOLAS. Also to see that there is plenty of fresh water aboard for cooling,personal use, and to feed the hungry boilers. This is a hard job to do because of the age of the NICHOLAS It seems like ever other da - Y Y one of the 8 water tanks has rusted through, thus dumping about 5000 gallons of water into the oily bilges below. lt is nothing new for these hard working men to be awakened during the night having to fix a piece of machinery or slug down on a main steam line. lt seems that equipment is alwaysbreaking down at' night or at liberty call, thus postponing liberty for some and sleep for others. The men never quite know what it is like outside the hole. ls it day- light, or is it dark out? ls it warm. or is it cold? It is always the same in the two engine rooms. The artificial light makes it working time 24 hours a day. The heat fI'OH1 the steam keeps it warm and the sound of the machinery keeps it noisy. on .ooo , , ., , an ,f 1 Z HV +'fWfjj+MfMf--lwfwf f wwf- W,,,y , W. ,,,,,,,,,, ..,.. ,,,, Mr-, I W FgMl FRONT ROW QL to RJ: Chief V. A. Rand, R. D. Santos, Ens. K. O. Mohr, LT W. E. Small. MIDDLE ROW: M. G. Moore, R. C. Hinzpeter, J. H. Wilshuesen, D. L. Dixon, L. R. MoDanie1s, R. B. Muntz, J. A. Credle. BACK ROW: K. D. Manning, S. E. Robards, J. J. Urban, E. G. Sohliokeiser, P. W. Sohoonmaker . Good night, Chet. Remember. . . .Only you can prevent forest fires. FRONT ROW QL to RJ: M. R. George, J. H. Frobisher, Jr., C. P. Mitchell, W. W..Hilleger, K. R. Jenders, M. A. Deguzman, W- G. Pitts. L- Lo Horsford, H. W. Spade. MIDDLE ROW: Chief J. A. Fuhr, Chief W. H. Heyser, W. J. Crolick, D. S. McComas, J. J. Fulbright, T. L. Clayton, G. A. Wise, T. J. Morris, J. M. Horton, H. K. Browne, Ens. J. T. Barnowe, LTJG C. Oehler. BACK ROW: M. W. Boyden, T. B. Meronek, J. K. Touhsant, G. S. Phillips, A. A. Puig, M. D. Warren, R. E. Meyers, D. L. Browne. N. R. Freeman. R Division R Division is divided according to type of work into four gangs: Shipfitter, Electrical, Auxiliary Machinery, and Interior Commu- nications. Functionally they are independent of one another, but have in common the fact that their work takes them to all parts of the ship. The Shipfitter gang is re- sponsible for the hull and hull fittings, damage control functions, certain piping systems outside the main machinery spaces and for miscellaneous jobs which require welding, cutting, or sheet metal work. "E" gang and its electricians are responsible for the ship's electrical plant and wiring systems for power and lighting. "A" gang maintains and repairs auxiliary machinery such as air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, the emergency diesel and en- L gines for portable pumps and both boats, the J P-5 system and the laundry. The IC men have charge of the gyroscope and gyro re- peaters, the IMC, 17MC, and 21MC systemS. the sound powered phone network, and movies and projectors. No one complains of Wasting away in idleness. f l Hi Saiiorl. . The sheet on the right is definitely whiter. W' V J' 5 3 Did he say A11 AHEAD Full or A11 BACK Full? x ., , xiii , Watch me blow this bubble gllyS. I know there's a button here some Where. The Black Gang The intellectuals Sure I'm old enough to smoke. L x iiluuafsx x fr x WW f' S x, , X. , f ff, ,V ,Jax 5 ,, , 7 77 .l , mm' 5, X , i pff W 2 , f ,f f , - .X f wh .' L ,M ' N-I I A .- , X 1 rw , . 7, :X , , , 'af if , ' 'i ""' k,. . A -- 1 ..'.f., .- vi. , Y-,uw i N x ff' ..-s , 'lx f - ? sxgp' -x J , MN .X... mm- ,, , KQW X x x X X 5 X my -XWw I 0,1 in mt .4 'fa f 9 an i 33, ag. Q 'n , ',, H, , M x VI, j , ffjwwl f 2 I. 5 W , I' X i lx- '1af My In A ,,,,.,,.,, -..-,....v.. V, , wx. -tv-m'3i X 4551--., ,.. . ,......,, ., W. ,, , .av ,f 1 -.1 b , 5 hw, if :J . 'QS-1lf,?2i?wgfff:L1LgfL' - .., 4 1 VV 59' SQ " 95151, ,aw ' 2 U br"-+ 'T' ','x f: W-lQf'j 3 1 'F , -as -A . " 1 ' 1 K , -5-5,-N rf- ,. .wa :A J: an - V M -...W Mg, iz: l , ' : , x Y, - ff - Pdf? , ,sg-ai f '-1 I rg . ' , , wf A wfgggt . - 5 ' Q 1. ,U ...ffl . . f '.-rs I 11 , ' 2 "' Q , m 4 1:77, , N. A f 1 ,Af - 1! xi . J, A pf! Lia -Y ' 7- - 'i1'vf-.'Tg1E??.:-111-Tf. 'ltiiiff "':""" ' Kao Hsiung Kao Hsiung became our second home port during this cruise. For over a month We were here, spending five days at sea in the unpredictable Taiwan Straits and five days of predictable "outstanding" night life in Kao Hsiung. Kao Hsiung is rapidly becoming the busiest seaport and biggest city of Taiwan . A sunken 'ship at the mouth of Kao Hsiung Harbor is a stark reminder of the often- violent seas in the Straits. The Water buffalo is a familiar sight here. It does much of the heavy work in this agricultural country. The petticab is an inexpensive Way to travel around Kao Hsiung. lt is seen here, passing in front of the ' Mormon Church recently constructed in Kao Hsiung. A Taiwan 3.34165 The ship's crew proved popular ambassadors as they visited the attractions near Kao Hsiung. 1. .1 X This suspension bridge gave quite a thrill to these sailors. They are on their way to visit St. Joseph's Hospital in the mountains. It is maintained by Catholic nuns and treats a borigines who walk miles from the interior to receive medical help. .3 1 WN A , Q, ' F 4 if f fi . X ., 7 ' KJ' X 'f i fl 7 fwwfi l Q -W f - Crossing the Line Royal Barber . What d'ya mean, no seconds? NICHOLAS crossed the equator at longitude 140000' East and latitude 00000', on the Way to Brisbane, Australia. Davey Jones and his men came aboard and duly initiated a rather stubborn and lowly group of pollywogs. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! 1-1 Hit'm harder! Kiss da' babyo Open wide . fs F G ' 5 9 Qzffvw, .P 40613 w N Razz In WFS 41 fggegq fi ,f, Royal Dog This is the last time I'11 go on a blind date. """' r - Mama said there'd be days like this. ,f 4-.. Yay, I'm a Shellbaekl . . . . .But I'm the Cruise Book Officer. M ' M1121 I J mlhuuxlll K H,-fx 1 .,: fi 'OW if f SK-Li-7 sf? xi we QQ ,X x XX ggi? cf-:Qi - ,,::- - 4 1 1 's ! l E f s f f 3 1 J Q, X , 1 I i V 5 X i I -. 5 L 11 L L V 44 Paul Putzer sang about the "worthy" Shellbaoks. Prof. Fu Ling Yu presented his magic act. ' Talent Show On the evening before crossing the equator, Davey Jones came aboard to warn all the polly- wogs of the arrival of King Neptune the following morning. ln an effort to gain mercy and please Davey, the pollywogs put on a talent show. Enter- tainment, organized by Mr. Branshaw, was a oredit to the high caliber of pollywog on this year's cruise. Everyone seemed to have some talent to offer, and Mr. Jones went away quite impressed. The rights of all Pollywogs were affirmed by this rebel quartet. 1 tf, I'.1 n u 'I 1 Royal Beauty Pageant It is true that everyone seemed to have "some" talent to demon- strate before Davey Jones at the show. Often the only talent that a pollywog possessed was being "beautiful." The Royal Beauty Pageant was perhaps the most interesting part of the program. Actually, this group of lovelies I 4 did not stow away when We left Subic Bay for Brisbane. They are all members of the ship's crew and Were duly introduced to the mysteries of the deep on the following morning - even Mr. Erickson, who was chosen fairest of the fair and reigned as Neptune's Queen. W, ' " x ,wwe V 1- is Q Q, E my., -, V. 3 fs , fwf i"i X A , -kg! if X , wf.4ff?ffsEQ N , f ,g X x , Eff 5 ,' ,, i f? ' ' . if ,f f, V I X fi! V Q M 5 i , x ,X . QS I Peter Palmer Show It isn't too often that entertainers bring their shows to the"'tin cans" . Most of the time, the big shows stay aboard the carriers. It was a pleasant surprise when the Peter Palmer show arrived by helo while we were working with the HANCOCK. Peter Palmer played Lil' Abner on Broadway' and in the movie. With him he brought his Wife, the former Miss Canada and one of the Three Sons. ut u 1 ,. lil - lrrrmrlil .if ff- ,-,? ., . -4- -vxufumf-,'fe:'.:. 311 .:.55.,53g iig:A:4,gA.J Beard Judging wwf fn Q A :px wir X s Nl. KHFA Jw ,,, The Winners While we were in Kao Hsiung, we held our beard judging contest. Many of the crew had worked on their beards for months. These were the stalwarts. Others became disillusioned after only a few Weeks and mercifully put the razor to the acquired fuz. Beards were judged on length, thickness and pure aesthetic beauty. Burton Qshown belowj rated the booby prize for the least beautiful growth. Life at Sea + Whoopsll Boy, what an Easter basket! Peek- a-Boo Queek Draw McGraw When does Lynda Bird arrive? What did you say was my life raft station? I don't know how to stop it. I thought you did. Did you get the number of that carrier? Smoke screen When did you first notice this problem, Doc? rf' 7 4 . . .and my recruiter said I'd get a school. l'm glad I don't have to eat this -- , P, ' . f -- P I , N , . fy X x 1 fm f , , Swim Call When We left the Tonkin Gulf for the last time, the crew enjoyed swim call on the Way to Subic Bay. The sky was sunny, and the seas were calm. A11 hands tried to get an early start on their Hawaiian sun tans. t f Don't worry about hitting bottom. It's over a mile deep. I I - I xiii' ' ti e L. ' Now, Swm QALM Cruise Book Staff Donald D. Durkee Officer in Charge Charles J. Tittelbach Editor and Photographer John H Froblsher Joh-n R Rhoads Copy Edltor Art Editor ...,,............,-J Diamond Head, Hawaiiis greatest landmark. "ALOHA NUI" Thousands pay homage to the men lost on the U.S.S. Arizona. I The S.S. Lurline - - some people have to pay. Statue of Kamehameha, the great Hawaiian king. Ship'S Roster Officers Cdr' W'B' Hooffstetter Columbus' Ohio egliilmggonsLoiaxkggicogilifornia Lcdr. A.G. Merget West Hempstead' Long IS" N'Y' lg' ' L T r San Die o California Lt. A,D, Clark Baltimore, Maryland Ltjg. L.H. urne Q , Lt, W,H, Major Scottsdale, Arizona Lt. W,E. Small Brookline, Massachusetts Ltjg. R,H, Branshaw Oswego, New York . Ltjg, D,V, Essex, Jr. St. Louis, Missouri Ltjg. W.C, Kitch Santa Monica, California Ltjg. W.P, Link Loredo, Texas Ltjg. K,O, Mohr Salem, Oregon Cunningham, D.F., GMGC Minot, North Dakota DeGuzman, M,A., MRC Honolulu, Hawaii Fuhr, J.A., MMC Mt. Morris, Michigan Heyser, W,H., SFC Portland, Oregon Horacek, J,G,, RDC Parsippany, New Jersey CPO's Ens. Ens, Ens. J ,T. Barnowe Seattle, Washington W,C, Brooks Bedford, Massachusetts D,D, Durkee Seattle, Washington Ens. G,E, Erickson Exeter, California EHS. Ens. E,W, Polson Mitchell, Indiana W,W. Posenecker Atlanta, Georgia Pounds, G,D,, BTC Tygh Valley, Oregon Rand, V,A., MMCS Idaho Falls, Idaho Santos, R,D,, MMC Manila, Philippines Smith, J ,M,, RDC Springfield, Illinois Spain, B,V,, QMC Houston, Texas Kemmer, C,P,, ETC San Francisco, California Kraynak, G., CSC Honolulu, Hawaii Wrerm, T.M,, SKC San Diego, Calif. First Division Adamson, R,D,, SN Dewey, Oklahoma, Agee, J,W,, SN Hendersonville, Tenn. Bert, W.H., BM2 Harmony, Pennsylvania Birdsong, J .O,, SN Canton, Mississippi Causey, D.R., SN San Marcos, Texas Curry, R.F,, SA Naples, Florida Dee, D., SN Woodland Hills, California Ferreira, G,E,, SA San Leandro, California Gilley, J ,L,, SN Fairfield, California Hammer, E,R,, SN Newburry, Massachusetts Hofeditz, D,J., SN Sequin, Texas Jackson, A,E,, SN Hayti, Missiouri Jensen, E,M., SN Sacramento, California Johnson, J,A,, SA Brooklyn, New York Kazinski, R,D., BM1 Honolulu, Hawaii Keane, D,S,, SN Rochester, New York Keil, J ,E., SN Sacramento, California Laymance, G.R., SN Lynwood, California Lewis, B.J., SN Sacramento, California Luchenbill, B.J., BMSN Elkhart, Indiana Marsden, J.F,, FN Rochester, New York Mensik, D.R., SN Sacramento, Calif, Meyer, R.J., SN Sheboygan, Wisconsin Minter, R,J,, SA Concord, California Molina, E,G,, SN Phoenix, Arizona Morelos, D.R., SA Santa Barbara, California Nelson, E,L,, SN San Francisco, California Parisi, B., SN Morristown, New Jersey Pesci, P,H,, SN Indiana, Pennsylvania Phillips, W,E,, SA Vincentown, New Jersey Pressler, W,L., BMSN Elkhart, Indiana Prince, J ,B,, SA Chino, California Quaintance, R., SN Honolulu, Hawaii Ransom, L,R,, SA Mesa, Arizona Rice, R,P,, SA Moremci, Arizona Rivera, C., BM2 Mounabe, Puerto Rico Rohrbach, P,O, SN Waialua, Hawaii Rotach, M.D,, SN Honolulu, Hawaii Sawyer, B,D,, BM3 Abilene, Texas Steiner, R.A., BM3 Columbia City, Indiana Squire, D.C., SN Marietta, New York Warren, J .A., SN Waldron, Michigan Watts, J ,W, , SN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Second Division Bateman, H,H,, GMG2 Columbia, North Carolina Corby, J .E., GMGSN Detroit, Michigan Crawford, D.L,, GMGSN Marquette, Michigan Crowe, D.R., FTG3 Vancouver, Washington Daniels, M.G,, GMG3 Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Davis, R.G., FTG3 Great Falls, Montana Donigan, P.J., FTGSN Albuquerque, New Mexico Flanders, G.S., FTG1 Freeport, Maine Fowler, T.H., GMG3 Tehachapi, California Franks, R.G., FTG2 Amarillo, Texas Gabel, R.J., SN San Diego, California HOW2.I'd, W.R,, GMG3 Salem, Oregon Johle, R.R., SN Los Angeles, California Dash Burns, V.D., AT1 Fresno, California Johnson, H.F., GMG1 Jonesboro, Illinois Knight, R.L., GMGSN Denver, Colorado MacMaster, R.H., FTGSN Somerville, New J Moran, R.J., FTG3 Chicago, Illinois Putzer, P.J., FTG3 Appleton, Wisconsin ROSGTS, T.L., SN Kansas City, Missouri Selvaae, P.A., GMG3 Pueblo, Colorado Stephens, H.E., GMG1 Bartow, Florida ersey Sundbefg, R.M., GMGSN Guerneville California UAVQU, J .L. , FTG3 Hawley, Minnesota Villarreal, V.R., SN San Antonio, Texas Wagfler, R.J., GMG3 Detroit, Michigan Krisman, M.J., ET2 Kansas City, Kansas -'i- Reed, D,E,, SN Thornton, Colorado Russell, R.D., SN Alva, Oklahoma . As Division Alves, R.L., SN Atwater, California Connin, F,L,, STG3 Jersey City, New Jersey Faby, J.M., STG3 Baltimore, Maryland Fitting, R,C,, SN Houston, Texas Fox, H.E,, STG2 Willamina, Oregon Fox, T.P,, TM1 Jersey City, New Jersey Fuller, D.L., SN Lakewood, California Ganser, J.E,, STGSN La Puente, California Gorud, R.A., STG3 Minong, Wisconsin OC Division Abrenica, R,M., PN1 Wilmington, Delaware Ball, J,B,, QM2 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Bashford, R,G,, RM3 Virginia Beach, Virginia Bell, J,J., SMSN Florissant, Missouri Black, W.S,, PC3 Fresno, California Collins, J ,H,, RM1 Wilmington, California Doss, M,F,, SN Pomona, California Fabela, L.A,, SN Franklin, New Jersey Gresens, R,G,, SN Rochester, New York Hagblom, R.A., SN Soquel, California Hamilton, R,W,, YN3 Dallas, Texas Hekel, N.K., SN Carson, Iowa Hough, R,F,, RM3 Chillicothe, Ohio Hunter, C,D,, QM3 Protem, Missouri OI Division Aubertin, E,E, ETN3 Crownpoint, Indiana Bloor, W,C,, RD3 Morrisville, Pennsylvania Buck, G,L,, RDSN Ashtabula, Ohio Claphan, L,E,, SN Fontana, California Conn, R,M., RD2 San Diego, California Fisher, M,R,, RDSN Anaheim, California Gaddy, J ,L,, RDSN Brevard, North Carolina Jaegle, T,R,, ETN3 Toledo, Ohio Johnson, E,H., ETNSN Sacramento, California Kojali, J.M., RD3 Miami, Florida Layton, B,C,, RD2 Charlotte, North Carolina Logan, W,D,, ETR2 Gladstone, Oregon Losch, R,T,, RDSN Alhambra, California Mann, W,H., ET1 Apex, North Carolina Pamblanco, J.E., RDSN Cleveland, Ohio Supply Abulencia, N,D,, TN Pangasinan, Philippines Alfonso, LS., TN Paranaque Rizal, Philippines Berger, S,S., SN Brooklyn, New York Bevilaqua, D,S., SH3 Boston, Massachusetts Breedlove, T., SN Shervport, Louisiana Coito, H., SN Kaneohe, Hawaii Davis, R.D., SN Burnet, Texas Elemos, P,D,, SD2 Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines Escudero, F,L,, TN Balanga Bataan, Philippines Fowler, R.H., SHI Walton, Oregon Guilmette, W,R,, SH3 Fallriver, Massachusetts Hart, T,R,, SK3 St. Louis, Missou1'i Harvey, C,D,, SN Farmington, Misso Hartman, A.V., SN Beeville, Texas uri B Division Blake, D,L., BT3 Denver, Colorado Brock, W R , BT3 Lawson, Missouri Brown, J E , BT3 Monona, Iowa Wollney, R.A., EN2 Houston, Texas Hedlund, G.G., STGSN San Bernardino, California Johnson, D.A., SN Ottumwa, Iowa Laughlin, L,L,, STGSN Stockton, California Mizell, W.T., STG2 Valdosta, Georgia McParland, J .E., Jr., STG3 Chicago, Illinois Moreland, M,L,, SN Edwardsville, Illinois Petraglia, C.A., TM3 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sinnett, R.L., STG3 Ketchikan, Alaska Wilder, R.E., Jr., STG3 Marquette, Michigan Hurd, T.W., RMSN Cambria, California Laverock, A.B., RM3 Struthers, Ohio Manning, H.E., YN3 Poway, California McCabe, R.D., RM3 Bayonne, New Jersey Mcllvain, J .A., SMSN Fredonia, New York Olzewski, T,S,, SN Syracuse, New York Proctor, J ,D,, SM1 Tulsa, Oklahoma Rhoads, J .R., Ill, SN Austin, Texas Roby, G,A,, SN New Brighten, Minnesota Routh, C,D., RMSN St. Joseph, Missouri Smith, B,A., RMSN Freedom, Pennsylvania Smith, D.A., SN Honolulu, Hawaii Suazo, R,C,, SM2 Pueblo, Colorado Stelting, C,E,, SN Corn, Oklahoma ' Peterson, R., ETN3 Salt Lake City, Utah Powell, C,D,, HMI Chattanooga, Tennessee Ragat, A., HMI Honolulu, Hawaii Rota, A.T,, SN Alta Loma, California Saia, J,R,, RD2 N. Trenton, New Jersey Smith, G,A,, ETNSN Hialeah, Florida Smith, R.L., RD2 Wiapahu, Hawaii Stenhoff, R.D., RD2 Minniapolis, Minnesota Wallick, D,E,, ETN3 Columbus, Nebraska Whittenburg, S,D,, ETR2 Denver, Colorado Winslow, R,W,, ETN3 Salem, Indiana Yonke, S,F,, RDSN Kankakee, Illinois York, J ,L,, RD2 Covington, Louisiana Zimmerman, R,E,, ETR2 Pickett, Wisconsin Hill, W., CS1 Oakland, California Keegan, D.K,, SN Redwood City, California Magpayo, O., DK1 Sunnyvale, California Massey, G., CS2 Redding, Pennsylvania McBurnett, B,D,, SN Pine Bluff, Arkansas Mitten, C,D,, SN Fontana, California Pinkerton, D,G,, SHB3 North Platte, Nebraska Ranjo, F,V,, TN Ilocos Norte, Philippines Rider, T,R,, SN,Troy, New,York Seele, A., CS2 St. Louis, Missouri Stukes, F., CS3 Charleston, South Carolina Williams, B,C., SD3 Oakland, California Williams, D,W,, SHSN Satsuma, Florida Bush, G., BTFN New Orleans, Louisiana Crispin, P R , BT2 Seattle, Washington Curton, M J , FN Little Rock, Arkansas l Dailey, L,D,, BTI Aeia, Hawaii Davis, J., BT2 Tulsa, Oklahoma Doeing, J .H., BT3 Griffin, Indiana Farris, W,R,, BT3 Portland, Oregon Fliss, R,D,, FN Hamburg, New York Hougland, A,J,, FN Watseka, Illinois Hunger, G,J., FN Chicago, Illinois Kehano, R., FN Maui, Hawaii Lester, R,C,, FN Norfolk, Virginia Lutz, D,A,, BT3 Cupertino, California Mallory, W.O., BT3 Tribune, Kansas Alston, C,W,, FN Baltimore, Maryland Beu, W., FN San Jose, California Boyden, M,W,, EMFN Ionia, Michigan Browne, D,L,, EMFN Butler, Pennsylvania Carroll, M,E,, EM1 Butte, Montana Clayton, T,L., EN3 Shawano, Wisconsin Crolick, W,J., FN Cayuga, New York Frisbey, L,A., FN Brighton, Michigan Frobisher, J .H., Jr., SN Van Nuys, California Fulbright, J .J . , IC2 Walnut Ridge, Arkansas George, M,R., MM3 Milwalkee, Wisconsin Hilleger, W,W,, FN Baldwin Park, California Horsford, L., SFP3 Wareham, Massachusetts Horton, J ., EM3 Victoria, Texas Leon, R.H., EM3 Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico Bartosh, W., FN Toledo, Iowa Bishop, D.L., MM3 New Orleans, Louisiana Bishop, S,D., MMFN Laguna Beach, California R Division M Division Braxton, P.A., MMFN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Credle, J .A. , MM2 Honolulu, Hawaii Cristan, F.A,, FN Tempe, Arizona Davis, L., MM3 Los Angeles, California Dixon, D., MM3 Medford, Oregon Flot, G., MM2 Greeley, Colorado Hinzpeter, R,C,, MM3 Port Angeles, Washington Heyborne, K., MM3 Las Vegas, Nevada Lounsberry, S., FN Oak Harbor, Washington Manning, K,D., FN Richland, Iowa 4 A 2-I WALSWORTH Miller, K,A,, FN Detroit, Michigan Morrison, G.M,, BT3 Freeland, Pennsylvania Reed, C., BT3 LasVegas, Nevada Savage, V., BTI Honolulu, Hawaii Siter, A,E,, BT2 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Smith, E,A,, BT3 Seattle, Washington Strand, R,J., BT3 Fort Pick, Montana Tittelbach, C., BT2 Chicago, Illinois Trantham, J ,W,, BT2 Baltimore, Maryland Woirol, F,A,, BT2 Springlake, Michigan Woodruff, J.M., BT3 Plainsville, New Jersey McComas, D,S,, FN Smithville, Missouri McLaughlin, H,E,, FN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Meronek, T., ICFN Stenno Point, Wisconsin Meyers, R,E,, MM3 Caney, Kansas Mitchell, C,P,, EN3 Pinole, California Morris, T,J., EM3 Wellsville, Ohio Phillips, G.S., Jr., EM3 Lansing, Michigan Puig, A,A., MMl San Antonio, Texas Rodriguez, A,R,, FN Stockton, California Ruddell, R,M,A,, IC2 Atkins, Arkansas Schultz, J .P,, FN Terra Bella, California Spade, H,W,, SFM3 Stillwell, Oklahoma Touhsant, J,K,, FN Bergenfield, New Jersey Warren, M,D,, MM2 Shawnee, Oklahoma Zembas, V,T,, DC3 Baltimore, Maryland McDa.niel, L,R., MM3 Nashwauck, Minnesota Moore, M.G., FN Ruthuen, Iowa Mobarry, V,G., MMl Waipahu, Hawaii Mueller, A., MMFN Las Vegas, Nevada Muntz, R,B,, MM3 Dillonvale, Ohio Nagel, D,W,, MM3 Saginaw, Michigan Powers, S., FN Boston, Massachusetts Robards, S,E,, MM3 Dawson Spring, Kentucky Sampson, G., MMFN Billings, Montana Schoonmaker, P.W., MM2 Brentwood, New York Schlickeiser, E,G,, FN Peqout Lakes, Minnesota Urban, J.J., FN Akron, Ohio Wilshusen, H.J., Jr., FN Fresno, California W J iff, wi O so OC? 3 ,X F 0 was ,Q D Q ff iff ' Fx ig up 2 . Mx N 31i.g-gm M, af Q wi? 5 53:-X Q9 'ov s ' 'aku N 9 as g"NfX-Q-., PAUHQ OCEAN ebb MW ' ' 6, U 1 ' Yovcosum '4 gg N TUNE!-Qi-ig umm- ' Suiamc EM -N, "" Hom lam -- Ex Gm 553,236-yd Bmaame, 1 -J Kxcvvxsuwif-4 ,X 13---2.45: .,. 4 I

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Nicholas (DDE 449) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 56

1967, pg 56

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