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vyjrf' v 1 L 5 J 3 X 1 A I ,Q LLi'i:9., maafscsufk IQ 'ZH USS NICHOLAS DDE-449 RECE-ZSIVW JAN 8 15260 NAVY DEPARTMENT LIBRARY cl llg h ff hlp h Y .,, J uss NicHoLAs QDDE-4491 The USS NICHOLAS was commissioned on 4 June T942 at the Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts, and was the first Fletcher class destroyer to ioin the fleet. Three months later she was participating in her first battle in the Guadalcanal theater. Thereafter she saw continuous action in the Asiatic-Pacific Area, earning sixteen battle stars in operations including Leyte, Luzon, Manila Bay-Bicol, Hollandia, Borneo, Okinawa, New Guinea and Gilbert Islands. Her proudest moment occured on 6 July I943. The task group of which she was a part made contact with enemy surface vessels. Resulting action was the Battle of Kula Gulf, during which the Cruiser USS HELENA was sunk. The NICHOLAS rescued 29I HELENA survivors taking enemy ships under gunfire and torpedo fire during the rescue operations. For her exploits this night the NICHOLAS was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. In January, I947, the ship was inactivated and placed in the U.S. Pacific Fleet, remaining there until her conversion to an Escort Destroyer. On I9 February I95I, the NICHOLAS was recommissioned. For the next two years she took part in the Korean confiict and Formosa Straits patrol. - This trip to WestPac makes the seventh trip to the Far East in recent years. Her primary iob is anti-submarine warfare, and as such, she finds continuous operations with HUK groups while deployed. In addition, these trips provide the NICHOLAS team with a chance to visit foreign countries, observe their customs, and know their people. The NICHOLAS is named after the first commissioned officeriof the United States Marine Corps, Major Samuel Nicholas. She is home ported in Pearl Harbor and operates as part of Destroyer Division TWO FIFTY TWO. V X f 1 ,, f , X . 1 is 1 5 N1 f . . f, Q , , 9 , I, . N S 1 - Q 9 5 - ff X ' 1 fx s' lieutenant Cgniindet iggenistonggciggjji gxecutive Offcelifqiggq C.Q.Q38:4z,L9D lieutenant Coisgmaneieei gbeniston gfiagiziateai fiom file giavai Llciioiemy in 1946, egfis Aust towi of alaty was aboafzci file Jn Qecembee, 1947 he was ozalefieei to .gaediuit gfiaining Command, .Qaeat lakes, cgiiinois. QMS next assignment was as Qpefia: tions Qjgjccefz on tile fQQ:757D, jgoiioweai by trle same Liiiet on tile CQQ:866D. :gn Uqpfiii 1951, Ile was assigneci as navigatoti of trle gbfiesizientiai Qfaciuf Jn Qecembea 1952, ne was cietacneci ana, oaeiefieci to tne pfiecommis: Sim, ,fmt of fig fuss fW,1.,fL1s 111. tcezs 49,1245 as Gpefiations Gfjqceti. Jn 1955, commenceci a tow: of aluty as giavy .Qepaztment Qiacement Qfjqcefi in tile Quzeaa of jiavai glefisonnei. .Q-his was foiioweal by post gmaeiuate tuaining at Stanjiofifz' qjnivefisity wizeie flze 'ieceiveci a ejifiastefi of Lfifits ciegfzee. We fiepofizfeci to file in Jugust 1958 as gxecutive Ujfjqcea. give is now 'iesiziing in eqfonciuiu, egfawaii witiz ilis wife, tile fomefi geances of Cwasnington, anci izis cfliicifien .gzoivefit anei ofisa. commanizei emi ,L Jeeiiy, fusm comming Offset, fuss 3211511915915 4915152495 Comrnanciefi cjceiiey gfiaciuateci fiom the gfiavai uqcaeiemy in 1943. eggs fest towi of iiuty was aooazei file CUSS JMJZCJCSHZZJS C.QLQl614D. Jn eafii rlze was assigned to ine alesttoyem KQQ-7839 H 1945, in the Qacijqc gieet anci sefiveei on Loan! as Qanneay Gffceq, 4511 1946 11 C!l6'lP'lQC of ciuty sent Aim to tile Staff of Com: manelei Qestloyeh Stowe, Qaeife as czqssistant Upefiations Qfjqcee. Jn 1948, commenceei trflee yeafis of gfiaciuate stueiy in 0"ZCL'LCl21C6 gngineezing at tile giavai .gbostglaciuate agcizooi at cjqnnapoiis, Qjiiazyiarzei anal at Qjiiassaciiusetts :jnstitute of gecnnoiogy wiiefie rlze was awafieieci a cifiastefi of Science ziegfiee in 1951. fjoiiowing tizis, he seem' on Loafiii file CUSS 3205250572 SUCUSZQ CJZCVJIMD and LUSS JMJSSJSSJEPQS 16112511281 in connection witii guieieef missiie testing. egn 1953 Ae was assignee! to file ciestwyel CQQ-7015 as Cgxecutive Gfficefi. Jn 1955 was assignee! eiuty in tize Qjuicieci Qjifiissiie .gpilflllillg Qzancn, Quzeau of Gfieinace at tile many Qepahtmelzt in Washington, Jn gguiy 19571 iw assumeal commanal of trfe CCQ6,.CR:316D anci sewer! in tizis capacity pziofi to assuming commanci of tile CZJSS gijcjieofuqeg in ganuaey, 1959. is now fiesiciing in jixozoiuia, jiawaii witflz izis wife, f!l6 foemeh Wesiia of gaston, ejiiaeyianei, anei ciliidlen Qaii, .Qavhi anei gzobezt. ', .,,,,,,, . X, J . QM4' , lst Row: LTJG Whitten, Engineering Officer, LT Ritter, Operations Officer, CDR Kelley, Com- manding Officer, LCDR Peniston, Executive Officer, LTJG Morgan, Gunnery Officer, ENS Stuart, Supply Officer. 2nd Row: LTJG Di Palma, 2nd Division Officer, ENS Yarbrough, lst Division Officer, LTJG Hough, Communications Officer, LTJG Kershner, CIC Officer, LTJG Bussard, ASW Officer, 0Fr,cE R lst Row: Johnston, MMC, Randall, MMC, Clement, ETC, McCIanahon, SFC, Farrall, HMC Blanken, QMC. 2nd Row: Pennington, MMCS, Salisbury, FTC, Mitchell, BMC, Rolen, EMC Keller, CSC. - WESTPAC 'I959 At approximately II00 on I8 February I959, Chief Mitchell bellowed out, "Take in two." Wilkerson, SN, on orders of the Captain indicated back two-thirds on all engines and with Betterton, MM3, and Sullivan, MM3, answering the bells in their respective engine rooms, the NICHOLAS slipped away from Baker 24. With buoy one on our starboard beam, we turned West and set ai course for Yokosuka, Japan. On Saturday, at midnight, we entered the realm of the Golden Dragon. Beauchamp, PNI, awoke the next morning wondering what had happened to Sunday's holiday routine. A rendezvous with DESDIV 253 and General Quarters at 0400 in flqe morning made us think briefly of our return in five months. The day before entering Japan was a rough one and the crew got their holiday routine through courtesy of the elements. The only man up and about besides those on watch was ENS Stuart, hunched over his abacus in preparation for the coming pay day. Fuii, with its snow-capped peak, appeared on the horizon on the 28th of February, and a few hours later the NICHOLAS was tied up next to the destroyer tender DIXIE for a two week availability and some much needed rest and recreation. Yokosuka was much the same as we left it last year with the busy shops on "Thieves' Alley," the night clubs with their aesthetic art forms, the race back to the Fleet Landing to make the 2400 dead line, and the never ending search for a stand-by or some yen so we could get on the beach again. Many of us took advantage of trips to Tokyo or Kamakura to see some of the sights. An added attraction this year was the ship's party, at the Club Alliance with floor shows from Tokyo, delicacies from Chief KelIer's cuisine and narrative translation from Chief Loughmiller's gifted repertoire of repartee. Bidding "sayonara" to what we thought was our last visit, we pointed our bow south and headed towards Okinawa. We hoisted the absentee pennant once on the way when the captain left the ship by heio for a conference on the carrier YORKTOWN. An early detachment from the HUK group resulted in an extra day's liberty in Buckner Bay. Utilizing greenbacks again our biggest decision was whether to go to village I, ll, or Ill. Most of us never got that for as the golden dandies were much cheaper at the EM club and O club at White Beach. Fritsinger, SK3, couldn't believe it when 0400 reveille was sounded and the anchor heaved in at 0500 for a HUK to Subic Bay. Subic Bay, with all its tropical splendor, offered a lush paradise for the NICHOLAS' arrival on 3I March where we tied up next to the BRYCE CANYON. The California, Tia Juana and Mocambo were much same as last year for those who got past the new EM club. With its air-conditioning, San Miguel was hardly needed to relax us for our coming iourney to Singapore. On 6 April we left for Singapore. As the southern cross loomed high er and higher onthe horizon, we knew that soon we would be entering the domain of Neptunus Rex. The 9th of April, King Nepturne and his Royal Court came aboard to serve iustice on slimy pollywogs, who the night previous had incited a mass uprising. Shellback CDR Kelley greeted the Royal Court when they came aboard and then escorted them back to the fantail where the trials began. After a small amout of bloodshed the pollywogs were duly initiated into the solemn mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep and the NICHOLAS then proceeded into Singapore. Two days later, we went through Johore Straits to Her Maiesty's Royal Dockyards, passing many ships of other Navies reminding us of the coming SEATO operation. One and all were ready for a Tiger beer to alleviate a parched throat. Those of us who braved the T7 mile taxi ride to town visited the Tiger Balm Gardens, Raffles Museum, American Club, and various other sights to be found there. Four days later, all the ships present pulled out of the dockyards to commence Phase I of Operation Seademon. International co-operation was at its best. After Morrison, RM3, and Stanford, RM3, were able to tune the Enlish accents in on the proper frequency, Phase l of Seademon got well underway. A brief rest was granted the following weekend when we anchored in Johore Straits. LTJG DiPalma and Chief Holmes were frustrated not being able to get ashore on a non-duty day, but various exchanges between ships for dinner and movies provided entertainment for all. Pennington, MMCS, and Pallo, MMT, made a remarkable repair on our number one generator during anchorage that enabled us to get underway on the 20th with both generators on the line for Phase ll. The trek to Manila was as hectic an operation as the NICHOLAS has ever had. Even Halpin, SK3, with a shock of disbelief, was put on watch in combat. Once we learned to covert long tons to gallons, refueling from the RFA OLNA went smoothly. A lot of beneficial lessons were learned, but all hands were glad to tie up in Manila on the 28th, thus ending Seademon. Two days of liberty in Manila hardly gave Case, YNSN, and Olson, ET3, time to sightsee along Dewey Boulevard or Godfrey, SM3, to sip a glass of cherry brandy in the Jungle Bar of the Manila Hotel. Kennedy, our new GMT, met the shi here in time to dodge a few natives with special sales on pesos or cigars before we steamed out of the harbor for a payday and Hong Kong. The 2nd of May started one of the highlights of the cruise. With a warm greeting from Mary Soo and her side cleaners, we tied up next to the EPPERSON for a seven day stay in " the Pearl of the Orient." ENS Keasler rejoined the ship here in time to enjoy with the rest of us sightseeing trips to Victoria Peak, Kowloon, the fishing village of Aberdeen and Tiger Balm Gardens. McColl, GM2, celebrated his shipping over and several Lieutenant Junior Grades threw their wetting down party. The shore patrol appeared to be getting a rake off from the nearby barber-they even looked twice at LT Ritter, two hours after Jett, SN, had performed his tonsorial mastery on him. Some ot us were clipped again by local tailors, but most of us were happy with our purchases from British Textiles or James S. Lee. Two days steaming and on the Tlth we were back in San Miguel land where Blackburn, BT3, and Shipe, EMFN, went on leave. Most of us were broke, but Colburn, BM2, had enough pesos left to celebrate his impending advance to first class. LTJG Whitten relieved LTJG Horowitz as chief engineer, and Mitchell, BMC, took over the reins as CMAA when Loughmiller, SFC, left for his new duty station in Pearl Harbor. The ship pulled out of Subic and headed north towards Sasebo, Japan, and cooler weather. Some of us renewed acquaintances from two cruises ago while others, there for the fisrt time, took sightseeing trips to nearby Nagasaki. But, also, Operation Granite Creek beckoned, and the 25th of May, we steamed out of Sasebo enroute to Kobe. Liberty went down shortly after tying up to the DIXIE in Kobe. A lot of sightseeing was in store for us. The Horyuii Temple in Nara course, many of us will With the ships put facility or supply depot, And then to our last the Osaka Castle, and the Niioio Shirine left a lasting impression on our memories. Of also remeber the Australian beer on tap at the King's Arms in Kobe. back together once again, we departed on a five day HUK to Nagoya. With no repair all hands were able to relax and enioy the most pure Japanese port of our visit. HUK and our last Hg, visit to Japan. We arrived in Yokosuka on the 23rd for our last chance to stock up on gifts for wives and sweethearts. Johnson, I MMC, departed for his new duty station and LT Viera took over as operations officer. . Bidding "sayonara" we headed south to the "Land Down Under." ' A brief stop for fuel in Guam and Manus Island and on the llth of July, we steamed up the river to Brisbane for eight days. The Executive Officer was overwhelmed with leave chits. Dusting off our blues we hit the beach to greet the smilling lassies on the dock. We mustered on the l9th, and finding all hands present, took in all lines and finally wended our weary way home via Pago Pago, our last port of call. On the 29th of July, with Diamond Head on our right, we passed through Papa Hotel and set a course for Baker Docks waving to our wives at Widow's Point on the way. Nothing much had changed except Old Glory which showed forth a new star-Aloha Hawaii, our fiftieth state! As we settled down to our first cold glass of Lucky Lager in over five months at NHA :lil or the Riverside Bar ldepending on our marital statusl, we thought back on some of the more serious aspects of our cruise. All was not play, and arduous work is needed to keep Navy ships in operation. In replenishment alone, Barebo, CS2, can reflect back on the more than 225 tons of food he helped prepare and eat. Haddock, BTC, can reminisce over the more than 2,000,000 gallons of fuel oil his boilers burned. LTJG Morgan can recall the more than 300 rounds of ammunition he fired. LTJG Hough and Blanken, QMC, can recollect the more than 33,000 miles we steamed. Water hours was a minor irritation, but yet McClanahan, SFC, opened enough valves to allow us to consumealmost l,000,000 gallons of fresh water. We were all part of these statistics, each and every one of us, that made Westpac T959 a memorable cruise. I ???? Love ????? Kd111312L1Id Bllflfllla B1E1C12 Ivlilfket , -1- zswwwx i 'A iffrgkszix ,4::iw::.: 411.1 41 31, , ,, pr.: Ad 'W ai-i'+23i2Q'59 1 1' 1. , l - if WJ' 'ff,.i':' f..j-:mtv ,, ..x. gf: 535 i ""W'Ki3f?'4 CZ -'ZLN21' 4- ZW? fx-vi XJ., J ' 6f'51?5v2fYSh:415izIE?5 'Q P 'Mf'-15 . V25-f1:1"f?i -12ftr:nZ" ' 'X Mamie rw func - ' ff ' , wr , 5 51573 EI. 1 .,..fWf.1v+ I gg, ' W-zzqin ,J map-5 f x.1l?fize:f f -nf?-+fc1'3Hi -xqw g, . . , UN -ff lj ' f ,..., L' ' . , .13 ff", 2. f B- ' lj? 971' :La-I ::,:12r." -1' Wa' , 'wfffaeffzL1.ff-sg 3 1 A xf'K-L-24' CDN Q 2wwmwwH,Qwma2 :T :ff-axe, Eiiiff.-EZ' ,Sf'iQS'ei?Zir ff-iff? 1 'N M4 g of 1 u , K A -my 34?-ASESQQMHEMQESQ ,ff 1 . A M, - 1,354 Q fZff?.f:4m QHMM W I 3-v .1 'WWI T"Eix7fi1 gg: pmfng. 493-WB! '- ME , 4 7' -X fi ' M994 235355523 L, 214542 .gg-31116, lf' , in ix 5's I "+'f", . in 1?m Ammmgg wmamms RE I Q .4 M355 1 ci-mf ' , "" xQwmQa4m -wx. F71 ww! 2 I 4 'Fix-'Hifi A5221 1?-7:-VW 1. ' 5? A ' M 9 Ilsljjfjvr v45n, wax 'VXI , W1 H " .il A , +3ws fx mmm :Y fi-wifi? rbi '1 4? ,'wS,.A'3Z' ' ESQSV -EL-5Ef5??L?f5?H5 E' P4 H 'Q ,MAE S'?'TLg-g..v fixlsfnifzl ry?-EQQQGEZ' Qww4w4JAmyg 'S Y fi PM ...I ' 'T?E7n.1"i ' 5dW3fT'5 CZQS. : A Q32 ,- ' 1 if' ,Z W: XI J fl W "' fu-5 . 1 f?13-Tipp" 0 2 , , L- ., X ,,,, -vb ' W -, . 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Z ij mx, 4, , rw: NW? ua W +12-' 15:3 ,, fkiwngjlf 'Q L , . , , 3 ,ff ,, -,f., 59, I ff ,- W, mf W, .,,,, I-5 K3 fe? f ,Jn W .4 f 2, ,, ,1 , ff, wgglgf- X . --H, ff f xv, zf, x ' x' f 6 1 .fix f , ,9 75 V' 'L 1? G 1 , X Q, 4 ,N f- 1 1 A 1 g M .Um , .0 , 2 wffvw "af, ,Wy "Z , M14 4. N "wwf 7 ff 44 Ufxw H .M , J ,,, -fl 5 , , aff: iff W' ,N I if . ' H, .0 W, 4 , 1 11141 fa' , 1..A,,,,, 4 G fm Q f ga., 5 f .57 f , , W-1 -WN , M, 1 , ., ,W W. , 4 M if M 505 ,4,,rc'L , 5 ,Jia W' 2 , , , Zi: W, Q Wivwf' -I an , 4 , ,.,,, fm ,Wy , My N 4' , ' W City Han Queen Street View ot tt1e City to the Beach The Capital at Night wwf 'WWW FRCXSE SEADEMQN JMX! MMKL if U EXL '43 xv , X ' ' d,'.x x 1 U I I f 1 ig QM SL-'A TO Q4Pf?fL -28 1959 Slmp y Amazlng Zz,-I Insurance Paid Up? A Qs Ch Chl? "'-n.N, HUM MATE 0,0 L f Y? HGHVG Ho Mary Sods BOYIS? Lower Away Mate On the following pages are the divisions of the ship. These are the units to which each man is assigned, and it is this group which makers up the organizational structure of the ship. Each division has an officer assigned as division officer. They are as follows: GUNNERY OFFICER-LTJG w.N. MORGAN Fox DIVISION OFFICER-LTJG R.H. BUSSARD 2nd DIVISION OFFICER-LTJG M. DIPALMA 151 DIVISION OFFICER-ENS. c.R. YARBROUGH OPERATIONS OFFICER -LT F.o. RITTER ua FEB.-29 JUNEl LT 1.1. VIERA T29 JUNE - l oi DIVISION OFFICER-LTJG KERSHNER oc DIVISION OFFICES-LTJG R.A. Houoi-I ENGINEER OFFICER-LTJG R. HOROWITZ Us FEB-ll MAYT mo s.B. WHITTEN ui MAY - J M and B DIVISION OFFICER-LTJG s.B. WHITTEN R DIVISION oFElcER-ENS E.s. KEASLER SUPPLY OFFICER-ENS N.A. STUART Ist DIVISION Ist Row, Hoffman, BM2, Mcle, BMI, Perry, SN, Richardson, SN, McCowin, SN, Crowell, SN, Freitas, SN. 2nd Row: Buford, SN, Clowers, SN, Torres, SN, Hornick, SN, Kramer, SN, Torres, SN, Enos, SN, Matteson, SN, ENS Yarbrough. 3rd Row: Bunger, SN, Keith, SN, Bates, SN, Hammonds, SN, Franks, SN, Luttrell, SN, Hayes, SN. A visitor coming aboard the ship wonders who is responsible for the general cleanliness of the topside spaces, gloss on the brightwork, and freshly painted decks. He hears a cry of "Hey, Boats!" and there's a good chance that either Colburn, BMI, Mcle BMI, Haas, BMI, or Hoffman, BM2, will answer up. These men are the leading petty officers of Ist Division and are responsible for the outstanding condition of the ship. At any given time of the day, one might find Perry, SN, on the helm, Torres, SN, standing lookout watch, while a group composed of Cotton, SN, Clowers, SN, Crowell, SN, and Keith, SN, chips paint on the fantail. Chief Mitchell may be seen performing his duty as CMAA more than likely Mr. Yarbrough may be seen signing a paint chit for Franks, SN. Through the efforts of Ist Division the NICHOLAS is a cleaner home for all. 'I ST DIVISION an-W., I W 'sxmxwm "Q-. Znd DIVISION lst Row: Gilmore, SN, Davison, GMI, Brenner, GM2, 2nd Row: Shaw, GM3, Gallegos, SN ' Uncangco, SN, Dugan, SN. 3rd Row: Kennedy, GMI, Croley, SN, Rainbolt, SN, LTJG Di Palma, Clouston, GMSN, GilIham,iGMSN, Sapp, GM3, Wiederhoeft, GM3, Luuga, GM3. An observer during General Quarters, Watching a sleeve falling into the ocean after a perfect shot, can commend 2nd Division for efficient performance on the gun mounts. On these occasions, it's either Davison, GMI, taking a bow for his 3"f5Os, or Kennedy, GMI, accepting kudos for his 5"f38s. Of course, all of 2nd Division, from the main gun captain down to the 2nd loader, play a part in these events. In order to get these guns ready for action, one may see Shaw, GM3, cleaning the barrel of Mount 52, Brenner, GM2, supervising an ammo loading party, and Croley, SN, Gilmore, SN, and Mumford, SN, working on the gun mounts keeping all the mechanism in top working order. Mr. Di Palma can be found in Sky 2 during General Quarters, while Mr. Morgan, Gunnery Officer, can be heard from the flying bridge yelling, "Commence firing-commence firing!" Although at times the crew may resent the noise the guns make, they nevertheless are thankful for keeping our ship in combat readiness. ZW! 27775707 FOX DIVISION Ist Row: LTJG Bussard5 Sims, FT35 Stevens, S035 Henninger, S035 Jones, S035 Murphy, TMI5 Ramsay, FT3. 2nd Row: Buehner, S035 Lalonde, FTSN5 Franklin, FT35 Schermerhorn, SOSN5 Schroeder, SOSA5 York, TM35 Massey, FT35 Schmitz, S015 Salisbury, FTC. 3rd Row: Lowe, FT35 Lloyd, FT25 Hefley, FT25 Lind, FT35 Decker, TM35 Schneider, S035 Gutridge, S03. A porpoise swimming in the water might wonder who is causing that otlensive "ping" in his ears. It he knew it was Mr. Bussard and his collection of Sonarmen, he would realize that members of Fox Division were doing their duty. Schmitz, SOI heads the Sonarmen who work in the air-conditioned ASW space. 0t equal importance in Fox Division are the Torpedomen and Fire Control Technicians. The Torpedomen under Murphy, TMI, take care of the "Fish " with their deadly load of explosives. The Fire Control Technicians headed by Salisbury, FTC, keep our directors ever ready to train our guns on the enemy. 0n occasions other than General Quarters, one may find Gutridge, S03, and Schneider, S03, rigging For BfT drops, or Lloyd, FT2, and Massey, FT3, hunched over a wiring diagram in the Mk. 56 director room. Sometimes York, TM3, may be found showing Decker, SN, how to make the regular morning pot of coFlee in the torpedo workshop. Through this division, the NICHOLAS is able to carry out its primary mission of anti-submarine warfare. FOX DJIVJISIIUN M DIVISION 'N Ist Row: Sullivan, MM3, Klinkner, MMI, Lucht, FN, Morris, MM3, Thorpe, FN, Kompsi, MM3. 2nd Row: Lamaster FN, Dudley, FN, Johnson, MM3, Fisher, MM3, Whitledge, FN, Howell, MM3. 3rd Row: O'Dell, MM3, Hartley, MM3, Terpstra, FN, Betterton, MM3, Rentz, MM3. An observer standing on the fantail watching the wake the NICHOLAS leaves behind as she churns through the water can rest assured that LTJG Whitten and his machinist mates have opened a sufficient number, of valves to' make the propellers go around. The machinery that causes the starboard screw to rotate is the responsiblity ot Pennington, MMCS, and Pallo, MMI, the machinery under the cognizance of Johnson, MMC, and Klinkner, MMI. It one should venture down into the holes where the snipes las they are altectionately calledl work, one would see Gast, MM3, and his evaporator gang making water tor the ship to use, or Sullivan, MM3, port screw is rotated by and Fisher, MM3, lining up the tire and bilge pump for operations. Without M Division being ever ready, the ship could never get underway when sea detail is set. 5 I' ,M I I 1 I I I i I I I I I . M 259713.-S'90!V B DIVISION Ist Row: Virock, FN, Sisco, FA. 2nd Row: Schuster, BTI, Laborde, BT3, Franssens, FN, Mudd, FN, Eccles, FN. 3rd Row: Hamrick, BT2, Moore, FN, Hall, FN, Timm, BT2, Clifford, BT3, Richardson, BTI. A passer-by noting flecks of soot settling gently on his freshly pressed inspection whites might note that B Division is busy at work in one of their holes. Haddock, BTC, the ship's unlicensed perfume maker, has often been complimented on the sweet smell emulating from the stacks of the ship. His right hand men are Talbert, BT2 and Richardson, BTI in charge of the forward and after fire room respectively. The lack of oil spills during refueling is due to the efficiency of Chlifford, BT3, the Oil King. With Timm, BT2 regulating the forced draft blowers, Henderson, FN adiusting the oil pressure, Finks, FN checking the feed water and Farmer, FN tending to "pump alley" the steaming boilers are able to produce the means by which our ship operates. The steam thus produced operates the laundry, gives us light and heat and, most important, turnes the turbines that enables our ship to get underway. When the Captain secures sea detail, B Division can be commended for a job well done. I B DQUQSJQOTZ , :L. ,sb ' f ' mf V . ' N 1 Q 1 1 ,I 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 E I 1 1 1 1 1 R DIVISION Ist Row: Cummings, FN, Balingit, EM2, McKenna, ICFN, Williams, EM2, Hammonds, EMFNp Case, YNSN, Newell, MRFN. 2nd Row, Grogan, EM2, Reed, DC2, Hasme, EM3, Duran, SF3, Currier, EMFN, Olson, FN, Potter, MMI. 3rd Row: Melody, MEFN, Hickerson, EN3, Camp, EMFN, Owens, ICFN, Milliron, lC2, Shipe, EM3, Cooper, MMI , Wilhite, FN, Bruntmeyer, EN3. A visitor to the NICHOLAS, whether he's enioying the air-conditioning, the lighting, or various shipboard metal construction, can be thankful tor the existence of R Division. ENS Keasler has full time iob coordinating the etlorts of McClanahan, SFC, and his crew of shiptitters and metalsmiths, Rolen, EMC, and his electrician mates, and Cooper, MMI, and his auxiliary gang in the overall repair and maintenance of the ship. On any given working day one might find Milliron, ICQ, cleaning the gyro compass, or Williams, EM2, and Shipe, EM3, putting up a tan in one ot the living spaces, Bruntmeyer, EN3, working on the ice machine, or Melody, FN, welding a life line stanchion on the main weather deck. At night, one might find'Hammonds, FN, showing o movie tor the crew in the mess deck, or Newell, MRFN, making an emergency repair on atscuttlebutt in the Chiet's quarters. Whether it be a stopped-up commode or'an ungroundedfcoltee pot, R Division is always on call. Q EMWISIUXV 59' ,, 435 4 f E l l oc Division l 1 ,Q l 1 i i l i l l I ,l it I l il l lst Row: Godfrey, SM3, King, RM3, Goodrich, SM2, Sterling, SM3. 2nd Row: LTJG Hough, Lepper, SM3, Brinyark, SM3, Hanson, RM2, Morrison, RM3, Stanford, RM3, Blanken, QMC. J 3rd Row: Martinez, SN, Ellis, SN, Mahon, SN, Ramsay, QM3, Mayer, RMI. li l I At the cry of " India closeup" an observer on the dock might see Zornes, SMC directing Godfrey, l SM3 to two-block the yellow and black flag on the starboard halyard. This means of communictions and others including radio, flashing light and semaphore, are all handled by LTJG Hough and his men I yl from OC Division. Mayer, RMl coordinates the efforts of the radio gang while Blanken, QMC is the l R leading petty officer of the navigation department. On a quick walk around the bridge of the yt NICHOLAS, one might discover Martinez, SN diligently keeping the ship's deck long, Lepper, SM3 putting the signal flags back in order or Morrison, RM3 routing the latest radio message to LT Ritter, the Operations Officer. Communications and navigation can be thankful to OC Division for getting us there and back. UCC DIIVIISIICODN Ol DIVISION lst Row: Byrd, YN3, Stubbs, RDI, Miller, SN, Dingman, RD3, Rader, RD2. 2nd Raw: LTJG Kershner, Betteridge, ET3, Bruner, SN, Allen, RD3, Miller, SN, Sirles, SN, Clement, ETC. 3rd Row: White, SN, Olsen, ET3, Fruechting, SN, Foster, ET2, Beauchamp, PNI. A visitor walking past the Ship's Office, hearing the continuous clack-clack of the typewriters, knows that Holmes, YNC, and his yeomen are busy at work. The noise may be emitting from Byrd, YN3, typing out the smooth deck logs, and Fruechting, ISN, cutting a stencil for the Executive Officers Plan of the Day, and Beauchamp, PNI, making entries in the service records. If this visitor happened to wander astray and found himself in a darkened room behind the pilot house, he might find Stubbs, RDI, calling out to Dingman, RD3, to give range and bearing to an unidentified "skunk." Olsen, ET3, and Foster, ET2, might also be found in the corner repairing some equipment. Rader, ET2, and Betteridge, ET3, may be found in the ET shop trying to fix LTJG Kershner's radio in an effort to score a few points with their division officer. Clement, ETC, might be found nearby in the tube locker requisitioning a tube from a storekeeper. All in all, Ol Division can be commended for keeping the ship informed for operations. GI DIVISION S DIVISION lst Row: Ledden, CS2, Chavez, SN, Jett, SN, Guerrero, TN, Beck, SA ,Slockbower, SKI. 2nd Row: Keller, CSC, Moisey, SH3, Giannini, CS3, Gamez, SN, Rivera, SDI , Fritsinger, SK2, Farrall, HMC. 3rd Row: ENS Stuart, Halpin, SK3, Searcy, SN, Maiam, DK2, Harris, SN, Follis, SK3. A passer-by seeing greenbacks blowing out of the Supply Ottice knows that the paymaster has left his sate open again. Besides disbursing, Supply, as its name connotes, provides the ship with food from Keller, CSC's recipe book, haircuts from Jett, SN's barber shop, laundry service Ansagay, SH2's laundry and goodies from Moisey, SH3's ship's store. Halpin, SK3, Slockbower, SKI, and Fritsinger, SK2, assist ENS Stuart in keeping his records straight. " Pancho " Verzosa, SHI, and Maiam, DK2, balance the books for ship's store and disbursing, respectively. Whether it's Ledden, CS2, making ice cream, Harris, SK3, breaking out a part from the storeroom, or Gamez, SN, and Schultz, SN, washing a bundle ol laundry, Supply Division is always ready to supply service to the ship. QUPDQLI rossin The Line Q , 4 2 T , X 1 V A iv H I V S, M 'ffl i! - ! , 1- , 11' 5 f-x ,I -1 . IM, 'L ,1 .w g ,gm P 3' 55 511 M EN fi , : -N , I , H 'N lx 1 Hi ' ., y X A ,H Y 1 1 P ' I .J 4:4 'wr ,. ! 1 V , fl H, M V y. wx ' .Ni in 1 H Lg V f I 1 ly 1 H 1 H IN L 53 R ,Q , M2 3 5 H i X . ,I 5 V V if i 3 N I 1' 1 f V ii . 'i F . . l i I i 5 4 f I i 1 i V 4 ALABAMA Bates, Charlie J. Brinyark, Bruce L. Byrd, Charles E. Camp, James K. Crowell, Bob Grogan, Charles W. Howell, Theodore E. Jett, Edward S. Lloyd, Kirce W. Surrett, Kenneth E. ARIZONA Hanson, Roger A. Lowe, Douglas T. Mayer, Harold C. Murphy, Frank M. ARKANSAS Brummett, Billie E. Hamrick, William H. Keith, Alvus R. Salisbury, Virgil A. Summers, Lee V. White David W. CALIFORNIA Beck, Richard L. Blanken, John D. Buehner, Milton T. Case, Budd E. Chavez, Ernesto J. Clouston, Kenneth R. Cotten, David Currier, Darryl D. Dugan, Charles F. Duran, Frank A. Enos, Donald M. Farmer, Robert E. Freitas, Robert J. Gamez, Joe J. Giannini, Bernard D. Halpin, Joseph W. USS Harrington, Daniel M. Henry, Kenneth R. Hickerson, Robert J. Holmes, Elvin S. LTJG R.A. Hough Johnston, Robert J. Massey, Michael G. Moore, Dale L. LTJG W.N. Morgan Morrison, Ralph D. Miller, Dallas S. Mitchell, James E. Ramsey, Daniel L. Richardson, Robert P. Schuster, Walter H. Spencer, David W. Stevens, Alve L. Stubbs, Leslie L. York, Donald E. Yost, Donald R. COLORADO Bruntmeyer, Charles Kruml, Richard J. Lamb, Clarence L. Melody, Philip D. Thorpe, Jack R. FLORIDA Airgood, Paul E. Croley, James C. Hefley, Gerald L. Henninger Richard D. Schneider, Robert F. Sullivan, Albert J. LTJG S.B. Whitten A. RO TER ICHOL S CDDE-449 Moundville Holt Dothan Cullman Andalusia Talladega Leroy Anniston Forest Home Anniston Tucson Tucson Tucson Phoenix Magnolia Otwell Russellville Harrison Winslow Springdale Hughson Upland Lucerne Torrance San Jose Tujunga Oakland Torrance Haywood Azusa San Jose Menlo Park Merced Santa Maria Los Angeles Santa Rosa Preston City Bakersfield San Francisco Los Angeles Tujunga San Francisco Bell Gardens Martinez Manteca Los Angeles Yuba City San Francisco Paradise Sacramento Chico Hollywood Santa Rosa Hawthorne Hickman La Cresenta Denver Denver Burlington Arvad Denver Fort Lauderdale Sarasota Clearwater Miami Miami Daytona Beach Winterpark GEORGIA Adams, Hugh Foster, Max F. Henderson, Jerry B. Rentz, Walton C. Wilkerson, Dan M. HAWAII Balingit, Bonifacio N. Clement, John C. Mailo, Faeesea P. Mailo, loane Guerrero, Bienvenido C. Lomiga, Finauga IDAHO Clifford, Howard E. Mudd, Leo D. Owens, Ralph B. ILLINOIS Beauchamp, Gorden E. Blevins, Larry J. Cooper, Coy H. Finks, Alfred E. Gast, Robert W. McKenna, Gerard J. Talbert, Harlen L. Terpstra, Robert F. INDIANA Reed, George C. IOWA Franssens, Charles E. Olson, Dennis M. Ross, Robert L. Sisco, Hollis L. Timm, Leonard C. KANSAS Blackburn, Roy F. Fisher, Ronald D. Guthridge, Truman C. Jr. Marcotte, Leverette L. Martin, Raymond L. LCDR R.C. Peniston Schermerhor, Randall J. Schroeder, Lee M. KENTUCKY Bruner, Donald E. Whitledge, Ronald L. LOUISIANA Dalfrey, Melbon J. Laborde, Charles N. McCowin, William G. Searcy, Sam A. MARYLAND CDR E.L. Kelley King, Charles W. MASSACHUSETTS Cummings, Donald C. MICHIGAN Haddock, Bill E. Hammond, James R. Hurlburt, James R. Irwin, Stuart W. Jr. Kompsi, Joseph W. McNeal, William A. Macon Dibb Albany Griffin Forest Park Columbus Hilo, Hawaii Honolulu, Oahu Pearl City, Oahu Pearl City, Oahu Kualapuu, Molokai Aiea, Oahu Buhl Buhl Kuna Meredosia Lawrenceville Marshall Montrose Chicago Oak Park Coulterville Harvard Coverdale Des Moines Leland Mystic Grinnell Marengo Olathe Isabell Wichita Plainville Atchison Wichita Larned Garden City Louisville Henderson Opelousas Hessmer Merrouge Basken Silver Springs Glen Burnie Westport Flint Sabewaine Fairhaven Harbert Mackinac Island South Haven MINNESOTA Devescovi, Peter P. Fritsinger, Bruce L. Ness, Roger C. Newell, Lloyd A. Pallo, Donald R. Schultz, Fred W. MISSISSIPPI Andrson, Jimmy D. Bunger, Larry D. Godfrey, William J. Hill, William F. Simpson, Larry S. Sterling, Joseph L. Jr. MISSOURI Betteridge, Carlton J. LTJG R.H. Bussard Dingman, Clinton C. Follis, John L. Gutridge, Wallace G. Lamaster, Kirchel W. Lepper, Raymond L. Wilhite, William N. Woods, Jackie J. ENS C.R. Yarbrough MONTANA Buckalew, Fredrick A. Franks, George A. Virock, Jacob L. NEBRASKA Connell, William C. Miller, Keith E. Morris, Leroy R. NEW HAMPSHIRE Ramsa Bruce P Y, - Schmitz, Alphonse M., Jr. NEW JERSEY Slockbower, William M. Stanford, Ronald A. NEW MEXICO Gallegos, Andrew L. Thompson, Dwight L. NEW YORK Colburn, Nelson E. LTJG M. Dipalma Downey, Patrick J. Keller, Andrew Potter, Robert R. NORTH CAROLINA Black, Charles B Williams, Bobby G. NORTH DAKOTA Matteson, Rollie W. OHIO Hartley, John A. Johnson, James D. LTJG R.L. Kershner ENS N.A. Stuart OKLAHOMA Buford, Billy E. Fruechting, Donald G. Moore, Stanley L. Richardson, Robert E. OREGON Dudley, Robert A. Falardeau, Conrad L. Haas, Roy M. Lind, Harold A. Murphy, Gary W. Rader, George S. Read, Rodney C. PENNSYLVANIA Ledden, James J. McColl, Harold W. Moisey, Kenneth N. Randall, J.D. LT F.O. Ritter Eveleth Baudette Anoka Austin Minneapolis Princeton Biloxi Jacksonville Arbyard Marks Batesville Peace Kansas City Kansas City Neosha Peaceful Valley St. Joseph Doniphan Kansas City Joplin Kenett Kansas City Roundup Polson Houston Whitney ' Bellevue Houston Penacook Portsmouth Jersey City Rahway Albuquerque Clovis Morris New York City Yonkers Astoria Buffalo Mount Holy Raleigh Westhope Delaware West Alexandria Niles Warren Shawnee Owasso Midwest City Owasso Portland Woodburn Astoria Oak Grove Sweethome Eugene Medford Bradford Valley Forge Sewickley Pittsburgh Fleetwood TENNESSEE Farrell, Andrew J. Nashville Hammonds, James Donelson McClanahan, Lyle R. Nashville O'Dell, William H., Jr. Crossville Pennington, Philip E. S. Pittsburg Shipe, James W.S. Knoxville TEXAS Allen, Phillip A. Victoria Betterton, Bodd W. Dallas Bowens, Oscar J. Jr. Houston Hall, Robert W. Houston Harris, Virge Jr. Houston ENS E.S. Keasler San Antonio Kennedy, Joseph A. Jr. El Paso Luttrell, George C. Ralls Martinez, Joe J. Texas City Morales, Narcissoo R. Houston Rainbolt, Alfred L. Afton Sapp, Daniel W. Temple Schuchardt, Marvin L. San Antonio Sims, Jerry J. Mesquite Sirles, Loberious Henderson Thomas, Robert R. Carthage Torres, Benny E. San Antonio UTAH Gillham, Don M. Dugway Proving Grounds Kramer, William M. Salt Lake City Olsen, James D. Ogden VIRGINIA Davison, Harry G., Jr. Highland Springs Franklin, William R. Gretna WASHINGTON Celmer, Merlin H. Tacoma Clowers, Kenneth J. Seattle Decker, James R. Spokane Eccles, Ronald E. Underwood Frazier, Larry D. Naches Gilmore, Lanny R. Billingham Goodrich, Carl D. Gold Bar Hasme, Ramon M. Seattle Lalonde, Ronald R. Spokane Mahon, George W. Ashford Milliron, John M., Jr. Spokane WEST VIRGINIA P Hoffman, Charles R. Nitro Mcie, James D. Morgantown Rolen, C.W. Blueheld WISCONSIN Brenner, Laverne F. Ellsworth Lllcht, Kenneth E. Okauchee Wiederhoft, Lavern W. Merrill WYOMING Perry, Marvin R. Cheyenne SOUTH CAROLINA Ellis, JOl'lI'1 Greer Hayes, Earman L. Andersgn Hornic, Harry C. Fair Play Mumford, Bobby E. MCC011 GUAM Quenga, Frank Agana Rivera, Jesus S. Agat Torres, Francis A. Agana Heights UUCaH8C0, .Juan G. Chalantage Sinajana SAMOA Luuga, Moana Pago Pago PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Abbatuan, lnocencio L. Ansagay, Jose Lleva, Salvador . Majam, Rosben R. Aparri Cagayan Makati, Rizal Daraga, Albay Quezon City Rfillo, Rizal u San Antonio, Cavite City 6rZOSa, Aniceto Lingayen, Pangasinan f... ,--.,. lr.-,Q Y L xi lisa ':l5!, - I. 131-'f.jIi -46" , I Ioggzik, FINE' DEPfI.RTNIEIFI'II LIBRARY DAITO ART PRINTING CO., LTD. 19, 2-chome. Shintomi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tel. Tokyo: C553 0202, 0211, 1009, 1712, 3228

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