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Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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H+ 5- -rauni-o .. . qmaahw ' 'iii- ..-nf 1 2-..1.,., . QM? k 4.'3 Sm, -a -s i -J' vH"x,!4l . i . A J, ,. 5 ,,,, l3L. -uv- ,M '57 a' 1 ,4 Sd af 1 3 .9 it f 2 'sl Q' 'Ur 1 , n an -Q 'ish-,., Ji- vumwf- - 1 ,w,.,N V ., ,,..,, ,- -.-A-aww-uf as-A f---haw wxilgwwiiie 5145544-M W . M W ..!,w.w,., t A M, .. , -M V . , f 1 ga,KSQ I uf - Q- ., -M M- Q' - .Rf .,.,,:f1A :lm vi- M ' F22 'Q-5 fs' Yffff. '. " '-E511 , IL, -Q., V f, , '..'1'1:f- H' 1.7. 4 ' . ,,. ,. . , A -Mm V ji' . 66 4 ,.,, , A I LI Q K I .Awww- M fx .2 .. . .LA A. HMX-an , wi iq ,Y as x it. r ,. .. Q, jx 1 'r bin' N... "QV" 2: EER tha' "'- ,. , 4'W.7'f'Z fr' iw- , -1 ' fgqg-x, I 4. Mgr 'N A 111 .. as ' M' G4 1 "'l THE NICHOLAS CGUNTIAN OF 1957 fi The 1957 NICHOLAS COUNTIAN will try to outline all the happenings for the year of 1956 and 1957. When Time has stolen our years and we are no longer youthful, we hope its pages help you to recall all the smiles and tears--all the images of well known places and events at NICHOLAS COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL. THE ANNUAL STAFF STANDING: Bobby Taylor, Stanley Rose, Miss Harney, Donnie Hovermale, Charles Moore, Peggy Hubbard, Imogene Stivers, Lillian Riggs. FRONT: Barbara Lail, Sidney Hollar, Ned Jennings, Barbara Link, Eva Lee Lynam, MILLERSBURG COAL Sc LUMBER CO. Millersburg Kentucky Phone 4484 MISS ROBBIE ikdicatian we, the Seniors of Nicholas County High School, Class of 1957, do hereby dedicate our annual to you, Miss Harney and Miss Botts. It is with deepest re- spect and appreciation that we do so. Our yearbook is one of the most important achievements in our school life and we would like to share it with you. Please accept the dedication of our annual as an expression of the love and appreciation we have for YOU- HARNEY MISS ETHEL BOTTS Sponsored by: McNEE SERVICE STATION X Millersburg, Kentucky up Cauno WILLARD SANDLDGE RAYMOND J WESLEY ROY HUTCHESON Pr1nc1pa1 bupenntendent Guldance Counselor OTTA R FRYNAM MRS WILLIAM CAMPBELL Duector of Pup11 Personnel Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT, Standmg: buperlnrendent Raymond J Wesley, Eugene Letcher, Woodrow Gaunce SEATED: Russell W111s, Dan E. Wells, Chaxrman, and B. S. Stephenson. bponsored by: THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Cyntluana, Kentucky 9' ' ' S ' V e'A y vs I f L L A x fr r MISS TRUMAN RICHEY, A. B. Freshman S ponsor Librarian ffacuftg MRS. FAYE WESLEY, A. B Junior Sponsor English 5 MISS ROBBIE HARNEY, A. B. S enior Sponsor English CHARLES FINNELL, A, B Senior Sponsor Coach ll el U fi uf' A JOE FRANK IRELAND, B. M. Eighth Grade Sponsor Band MISS JEWELL ELLIS, B. S Sophomore Sponsor Home Economics 'S N-. N JOHN ADAMS, IR. M. A. Sophomore Sponsor MRS. GLADYS KENNEY, A. Eighth Grade Sponsor Social Science .. ,gs , N. I TEDDY POE, A. B. Eighth Grade Sponsor Agriculture Science Jacufly, ,. C. gf. ,. MISS ALPHA BRIERLY, A. B. Freshman Sponsor Commerce Q- FOSTER PUMPHREY, B. S. Teacher of Veterans MRS. LOUISE LINVILLE, A. Junior Sponsor Mathematics 1 j N K 3 S .GSW wr'-X 5' lvx.W Perhaps you have heard etghth graders say What would I grve to be a Semor'7 Well don t be too glad for ll means you won I be corrung back and meettng and talkmg wrth your frtends Ftve years ago we the Semor Class ofmneteen hundred and ftfty seven were elcthth graders too and entered Ntcholas County Htgh School On that day we could not vtsuahze the day we would be Sentors That seemed too far tn the future Mrs Gladys Kenny Mxss Ethel Botts and Mtss Isabelle Kmght were our home room teachers The followtng year we returned as the Green Freshmen We weren t really green Thxs year we had gatned more confxdence tn ourselves as hxgh school students We had SIXIY mne students 1n our class Our sponsors were M1ss Alpha Brlerly and Mr John Adams ln September of the followmg year we returned as hfty four Stlly Sophomores and stlly we were We were very glad to have our new prxncxpal Mr Wtllard Sandtdge We also had our Band orgamzed Our band dtrector was Mr W11l1am Ste1den Our home room teachers were M1ss Jewell Elhs and Mr John Adams In the fall of 55 we returned as forty two Jolly Jumors and jolly we were for tt was gettmg close to our sen1or year We had a new band chrector Mr Carroll Hall Our sponsor was Mrs Faye Wesley Well the year has come and we are now SENIORS We have been looklng forward to th1s year and our Semor Trlp We have a new student Barbara Latl ln our home room there are thu-ty seven happy students and Ivhss Robbre Harney as sponsor We have a new band dxrector Mr Joe Ireland W were very fortunate mdeed tn havmg Mr Wxllard Sandldge as our prtnctpal the past three years And now the sun 13 setung on our h1gh school days we regret to see these happy days pass The curtatn w1ll fall forever on the CLASS OF 57 Our school days wtll be over but we go forward to face hfe s problems anew Semwt 1.-44isC""" X1 I T Hammonds Donnte Hovermale Gertrude Mynear Eva Lee Lynam, Lydla B Davxs Peggy Hubbard Imogene St1vers ONE HOUR MARTINIZING The most tn DryC1ean1ng 5lO M310 Street Pai-15 Kentucky I I ' lg ' ' It I I ' l . , . . . . . I - ' . x I I . ' A l O . . , . - .. .. . ' , . . I - . I a - 4 1 1 v ' I4 ' lv ' p ' 1 . ' I j 1 ' U 9 I n . , . h ,K . ,, . . . D I I . Q g . . f . Kg li ' ' I w ,I . . ,. . . . , . , ' . ' . . . e I I I I ' n , . . . , , 0 I G - , . 1 U I I I W, M :,aaf-v -fr -,fra V , A 'rift ' -1 , rl " 1 ,Q Q f qi' 'rl , , t t t - Vi 1 . '. 1 A - 1, Q 1 l. tj 5 S Q .nf t X 'L Y I ., 4 Nt- ' ' D I I A n . 1 1 . I 4 ' . I MARILYN KAY DUNCAN "Kit" FJ-LA, 1,2,3,4g Band 2,33 Glee Club 2, 35 Office l,2,3: Library Staff 2,4g Pep Club 1, 2, 3, -Song Leader 1. X T BARBARA ANN LINK "Barb" Library Staff 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1, 23 Annual Staff 4. S . 7957 HAROLD DONALD HILLOCK "Duck" Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Song Leader 3g F,F,A, lp Band 2,35 Glee Club 2, 35 Basketball Co-Cap- tain 4, ROBERT EARL TAYLOR "Bobby" Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g F.F',A, lg Fish 8: Game Club lg Annual Staff 4. PAULINE JONES "Peanut" F.H.A. l,2,3,4g Parliamentarian 3, Vice-President lg Band 2,3gG1ee Club 1,2,3gOffice 3, Library Staff 2,35 Pep Club l,2,3, CHARIDTTE SUE JONES "Susie Q" F,l-LA, l,2,3g Cheerleader l,2,3,4: Glee Club l,2g Library Staff 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,4g Honorary Page 3. V' un.. '... . 1 . ... , ig -- ' , , ' . Iss 3 ' x .' ".. . ' . -'-A BEVERLY ANN BROGAN "Bev" F,H,A. 1,2,3,4, Second Vice-Presi- dem 3, 4-H 1,2,3,4, President 4, Secretary 3, Glee Club 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 1,3,4, .TUNE TEDDER "Junie" F,H,A, 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4, Tri-Hi-Y lg Cheerleader 2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Library Staff 2, Band 2,3,4, Glee Club 1,1-Ionorary Page3, 1957 J. T. HAMMONDS Glee Club 1,25 Junior Conservation Club 2,3,4, President 3,43 Class President 3, 43 F,F,A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Second Vice-President 2, Band 2,3,4, Junior High Basketball 1. DONNIE HOVE RMA LE F.F.A. 1.2: Junior Conservation 1, 2 Beta Club 2,3,4: Paper Staff 3, Annual Staff 4, Class Treasurer 4, BARBARA LAIL "Doddle-Bug' F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Reporter 1, Secretary 1, President 2: Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 3, PATSY RITCHIE -'Pav' F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 1,2,3, 4: Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Library Staff 2,35 Band 2,3,4g Glee Club 1,25 Beta Club 2,3,4g Paper Staff 3,45 Class Reporter 3: Honorary Page 3. says. IANICI? MORRIS A V ' Class President 1. rue, 49555 CAROL If LA INE HA MILTON 4-H Club l, 2, ci, Secretary l, 2g F.H,A, 3,4g Beta Club 253,45 Glee Club l,2,flg Double Quartet lg Pep Club 1,253 Band 2,f3,4, Reporter 3, 1957 STANLEY TILTON ROSE lxlton l',F,A, l,'2,.3,4,JL1n1or Conservatmn l,2g Basketball 2,fl,4g Sergeant at- Arms A, Annual Staff 4, NED .TENNINGS "Shorty" Basketball l,2,3,4g Fish SL Game Club 1: F,F.A, lg Annual SraH'4g Baseball Il,-41 Basketbal1Co-Captain 3,4, .xl 'Aa' 5 I , PATSY MORRIS ' ' Pat " 'Jim luv er' ' GERTRUDE MYNEAR "Gert" Class Serretary 1, 2, -1. LILLIAN RIGGS nfrootsn Beta Club2,3,4g Band 2.3, Treasurer 3: F,H.A. 1,2,3,4, Songleader 4g Cheerleader l,3,4g Honorary Page3g Tri-Hi-Y 1g Paper Staff 35 Annual Staff 45 Glee Club 1,2. . .1', . up CHARLES SMITH "Chuck" Junior Conservation 1,2,3p F,F,A, 1,2,3,4p F.F.A. Treasurer 4. 1957 CLIFTON RITCHIE nfl-'ickyn Junior Conservation 1,2g F.F.A. 1. 2,3,4g Baskerbati 1,2,3,4. JIMMY EA RLYWINE "Jim " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Sentinel 43 Ir. Conservation 1.2,3,4g Vice-Presi- dent 4. IMOGENE STIVERS "Jean" Annual Staff 4g 4-H Club lg F,H,A, 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g F.H.A, Reporter 3,4, Rec- reational Leader 2g Class President 2, Secretary 3, Sergeant at-Arms 45 Beta Club 2,3,4g Band 2,35 Paper Staff 3. -".'. - C xx E 2 V" I5 T r' 11 ,., ia f...L . , 5 S CARLOS BROMAGEN HCM.. Song Leader lg Pep Club 1,2.3.4: Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y 1qHonor- ary Page 35 News Reporter 4. DOROTHY BROMAGEN --Dot" 1957 SIDNEY HOLLAR "Garnett" F,F,A, l,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice' President 45 Junior Conservation 2, Vice-President 2, WILLIA M DA MPIER "Guinea " F.F.A. l,2,3,4g Junior Conservation l,2,3,4 Basketball lg Class Officer 2. ANNA BE LLE POLLA RD "Annie" ED SCOTT "ScoIty" Basketball 1,2,3,4g F.F,A. 12.3.41 Glee Club l,2,3g Conservation Club 1,2,3g 4-H Club 1.2.3. YZ? BETTY BRIERLY Band 2, 3, 4. EVA LEE LY NAM "Buckwheat" F,H,A, 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 45 4-H Club 2, 3, Secre- tary 3g Beta Club 2,3,-lz Pep Club 1,2,3g Editor Annual Staff 45 Class Reporter 2, Vice-President 3, 4: Associate Editor School Paper 3g Band 2,3,4, Reporter 2: Glee Club 1,2. LY DIA BELLE DAVIS Glee Club 1: Beta Club 1,2,4,Secre- tary 4: Double Quartet 3g Class Reporter 4, S . 1957 CHARLES MOORE F.F.A, 1g Junior Conservation Club 2,3g Annual Staff 4. DA VID SMALL Basketball 2,3,-4, Conservation Club 1,2g Glee Club l,2,3g F,F.A. 1,2,3, Reporter 4, PE GGY HUBBARD "Spanky" F.H.A. 12.3.41 Pell Club l,2,3,4g F.H.A. Recreation Leader 3, Song Leader 2.3: Band 2.3.43 Annua1Staff 4: 4-H Club 2. IDA BELLE BRODERICK Glee Club 3. 'Our Tomko Loo .Tfwiphecg Donnie Hovermale is working at the "Gulf" oil station. Donnie Hillock is one of the great athletics of "Athena." Ned Jennings is playing the dead role in the new show "Giant," We see Sue Jones as a Navy Wife. Barbara Link is now part owner in the Lynam Manufacturing Co. June Tedder is playing opposite "Ned" in real life. Pauline Jones is now "President" of the P.T,A, at Sharpsburg. Kay Duncan is now English teacher at Nicholas High. Carol Hamilton is majoring in Science at the University of Kentucky. Patsy Morris is now working for the Wayne ' Bus Manufacturing Co We hear Janice Morris is yelling Hollar Gertrude Mynear is president of a girls college Betty Brierly is coach at Midway Dorothy Bromagen IS working at Giffin s Manufacturing Co Lydia Davis is secretary for the principal of Nicholas High Carlos Bromagen is sponsor of the Yell Leader at Fleming County lda Broderick is now on her trip to Hawaii as a result of being Cueen for a day Anna Belle Pollard is the new owner of the Lyric Theatre Lillian Riggs is now seen living in the suburbs of Letcherville Imogene Stivers is still Livingood Peggy Hubbard is the latest Kool Kat of Chicago Eva Lee Lynam is head nurse at General Hospital Charles Moore IS the new Physics Professor at Georgetown J T Hammonds has made a million dollars on his new book Reasons for Keeping Your Class Ring. Bobby Taylor is the latest husband of the cfreat star Marion Crace Anderson Clifton Ritchie s latest Job is Guide of Cyn hi nz Stanley Rose is in the meat packing business specializing in Hamm Ed Scott is the new Square Dance instructor at Arthur Murrays David Small has a 1ll0 acre farm in Sharpsburg William Dampier was recently made the Hot Rod King Jimmy Earlywine is now Mustache Growing Champion Sidney Hollar is now running for Senator on the Democrat Ticket Barbara Lall has recently bought a new home at Hooktown Patsy Ritchie s latest Job is Ma1lCensor at Moorefield Beverly Brogan is now Captain of the Hammond s household Charles Smith is teaching Better Home Living at Carhs le vlig e C lass " Home Mba N c fs LITTLE. Ned HAM DN 1 I' C S I-'mc rmgf-nilfir " SoPhisTcAT2d Seniors Ussagneefr 0 lm I . 4. ii , . ' ' ll ' ' 1 ' O! . ., - L . . x . . . . M ..,, . ' ti A v V! . ' ' ' -a ' ' nv . 1 4. H - , . . . V - - - t. - - i. . N . .,, cf 1 ' . . . , . . M . I L .H C.,. - ' f f - -,- ' at 1- , , , k , I 1. .. - . k Y - it .- - - 1 .. ., 4 ,. ' ' ' u - - my - .. ,. . . , . . ,, . ,, . . . , , D . . . H . '. ,, . 1 I Ni-P, if . 'tilfit i ia hu . Y If ,ar y 'V ,ll ' ,K A C f 12 ,' 'Q ' I yt Aft ,, . x ll X 1 .- , fl 4, Q Q X 7 Q' L if I gafgig . fab' ' .42 X, Q ,-. ..q.w...- . ', ' , 4 J, . 5 5 Y . at ,Q .' - ' 1 I ' l'- 1 I ' ' ' ,' 'lllhah 'llflin My-, ' -A ,W es 1 ' 4.5 i K f , , ,--7 .J , 1 .' a Beat students Most POPUIHF CHARLEB MOORE and GERTRUDE MYNEAR EVA L LYNAM and I T HANNONDS mp' Fr1endl1est M I Aim OS eue .Q-vu, L--..- 'many-W fn., Besr Lookln BUE JONES and BOBBY TAYLOR D 5 Best All Around ONNIE HILLOCK and PEGGY HUBBARD S Harney Owner C Pans BOURBON HATCHERY omplxments of Baby Chicks Kentucky Claw will Thrs rs the last wrll and testament of the Senror Class of 1957 of Nrcholas County Hrgh School We the members of the sard class berng of same mrnd and wrth an abundance of knowledge do hereby decree and bestow our legacres rn full as follows To our prrncrpal Mr Sandrdge we wrll the apprecratron of the wonderful trmes we have spent wrth htm To the parents we leave our thanks for the patrences and gurdance they gave us To the faculty we leave the memorres of the good trmes we gave them To the Janrtor and cooks we leave the hard trme we gave them. To the Junrors we leave the dear name Sophrstrcated Senrors To the Sophomores we wrll the slogan Some day we ll be senrors To the Freshmen we leave our sympathy wrth them rn Englrsh Class To the Erghth Grade we bestow upon them the next four years Peggy Hubbard wrlls her frrendlrness to Patsy Watkrns Jrmmy Earlywrne wrlls hrs abrhty to go wrth all the grrls to Turner Moreland Betty Brrerly leaves her athletrc abrlrty to Emrly Phrllrps Wrllram Damprer wrlls hrs love for Better Home Lrvrng to Larry Crawford Patsy Morrrs leaves her quret ways to Esther Buckler Donnre Hrllock wrlls hrs herght to Brlly Mack Gaunce Pauhne .Tones wrlls her love to one boy to Geraldrne Mrtchell J T Hammonds wrlls hrs loss of rnterest rn Sophomore grrls to Wrlson Mathes Kay Duncan leaves her abrhty to get along wrth everybody to Patty Bromagen Bobby Taylor wrlls hrs good looks to Donald Bowles Sue Jones leaves her blonde harr to Wanada Rrng, Clrfton Rrtchre leaves hrs abrhty to play basketball to Hayward Baker Barbara Lrnk wrlls her abrlrty to go wrth one boy all through hrgh school to Wrlla Donnre Hovermale wrlls hrs abrlrtv to stand up grrls and get by wrth rt to Wayne Gumm Gertrude Mynear wrlls her beautrful red harr to Lourse Clay Charles Moore wrlls hrs brarn to the Unrversrty of Calrfornra Lydra Davrs leaves her wrnnrng smrle to Ahce Faye Terrell Ned Jennrngs wrlls hrs herght to Charles Judge Imogene Strvers leaves her werght to Ann Garrett Charles Smrth wrlls hrs memorres rn Better Home Lrvrng to Emerson Baker Carole Hamrlton wrlls her grggles to Martha Darrell. Davrd Small leaves hrs love for Sharpaburg graduates to Stewart Hamrlton Ida Belle Braderrck leaves her good drsposrtron to Carolyn Bussell Ed Scott wrlls hrs Cadrllac to Larry Faulconer Patsy Rrtchre leaves her love for the boys to Shrrley Hamm Carlos Bromgan wrlls hrs love for Elvrs Presley to James Jones Janrce Morrrs leaves her good grades to Barbara Curtrs Stanley Rose leaves hrs wolf whrstle to Norman Duncan Anna Belle Pollard wrlls her love for the back row of the theatre to Elrzabeth Tapp Srdney Hollar leaves hrs wavy harr to Don Hamrlton Barbara Larl leaves her comb and hpstrck to Sammre Jo Hamm Beverly Brogan wrlls her love for green Oldsmobrle to Brenda Hollar Eva Lee Lynam wrlls her last name of Lynam to Barbara Lrnk Lrllran Prggs wrlls her cheerleadrng abrhty to Brlly Clark Jtme Tedder wrlls her famous words Brg Ned to Shrrley Spencer Dorothy Bromogan wrlls her good grades rn Englrsh to Donna Ray Scott F Selvage I I 1 9 s U I l . y . 1 . H . . . ,, g - ' er 1 - n - , . g . . . . f b . . . Q Q 1 I - u ' n ' C . Jimmy Link Sammie Jo Hamm Charles Judge Louise Clay Larry Faulconer Marion Anderson Jimmy Hall Willa Faye Selvage Emerson Baker Martha Flora Cecil Shrout Wanda Ring Bobby Bretz Geraldine Mitchell Lonnie Morris Elizabeth Tapp Charles Marshall Anneta Stephenson Eddie Gates Lenore Scott Ray Earlywine Joesphine Curtsinger Bobby Green Alma Dampier Don Hamilton Emily Phillips Eddie Matrox Tommy Purcell Stewart Hamilton Ann Smith Paul Markwell Shirley Spencer James Mitchell Barbara Snapp Tumer Moreland Wanda Wagoner Harmon Ritchie Esther Buckler Allen Lee Gaunce Kay Irvin ,,.... '12 I .2 . g J g. ' x V pnorn'snanuEns , ,, 'f ' . me sv. - cmcmnne 2. only 9-f' x, ' has , 2 lf! I. A -'ff - -,Q, tb -- xv Q I. .2 Janet Fryrnan Leo Lynam Brenda l-lollar ,-Q5 3 I we-R - sf 5 1 ' T . -- A. A56 - ' ' 'sv at J , Aifigll. ' -'f Q , .gg-..,'S.. ' - 5 7 1' 91: Marion Campbell Patsy Watkins Charles Hardin Rebecca Qaunce David Faulconer Judy McGuire Elcon Gaunce Peggy Mitchell R. S. Wills Donna Ray Scott Johnny Baker Barbara Curtis Wayne Gumm Sue Sparks Franklin Howard Carolyn Bussell Dannie Curtis Phyllis White Billy Mac Gaunce Doris Bently Jimmy Sandidge Linda Caswell Wilson Mathes Beverly Mcllvian Allen l-lamey Frances Willoughby James Tincher Betty Jean Hollar Stanley Morris Alice Faye Clary Donald Bowles Brenda Sue Hollar Douglas Gates Tommy Reid Billy Purvis Helen Shrout Bobby House Alice Faye Terrell Gaylord Gillispie Nancy Lyons Brooks George Brenda Moss Harold Sidle Charley Kaye Barton Buddy Mattox Charlotte Bowles Rondall George Susan Wells Maurice Wagoner Ruth Wilson Cecil Howard Sylvia Snapp Janice Flora Linda Shrout any S-T i..X 1 I Wayne Gumm, Brenda Moss, Marion Campbell, Jimmy Sandidge Charles Hardin, Leo Lynam, Billy Mac Gaunce Sponsored by: CITIZENS BANK OF SHARPSBURG Sharpsburg, Kentucky fizceohmen Rodney Dale Shirley Holland Eugene Wilson Linda McClanahan Bobby Curtsinger Ann Garrett Lyle Anderson Bemice Richards Billy Clark Sallie Poole Johnny Jackson Malinda Moore Johnny Mattox Patsy McKee Runyon Smith Phyllis Morris Lloyd Anderson Mildred Howard Donnie Scott Barbara Wills Steve Pumphrey Joan Smart Jimmy Crump Faye Evans Mack Wagoner Hattie Dale Dollie Jones Cecil Curtis Linda Earlywine Mary Link Faye Earlywine Linda Ried Jessie Smith Elnora Harney Carolyn Hurst Ann Dampier Douglas Hamilton Hayward Baker SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 488 Keith Bldg Cynthiana, Kentuckv fffceo Earlene Lykins Delores Gaunce Donnie Rawlings Jessie Barnett Anna Lou Bromagen Phyllis Bromagen Gene Hamilton Wanda Hopkins Ray Barnett Kay Spears Billy Linville Joy Livingood Bascom Sorrell Betty Cartmill Allen Wilson Dottie Hollar Douglas George Marjorie Phillips Thornton Caswell Betty George Rodney Brookshire Rose Scott Kenneth Mitchell Patty Holland Ray Snapp Judy Snapp Earl Plank E wx- . '32 Nav in 4 ff .. . 'X Sponsored by: FARMERS STOCKYARDS CO. INC. Sales Every Wednesday 12:30 P. M. Mt. Sterling, Kentucky fifaeo '-rrrrzagrr Sale 5-iisirls if-11 I3 H FF Johnny Jackson, Thornton Caswell, Dollie Jones, Ray Snapp, Malinda Moore, Barbara Wills, Joan Smart, and Rodney Brookshire. Www, Harold Pru1tr Sue Faulconer Phylhs TaDD IoycePr1ce V1rQ,1n1a Shrour and Sue Irvxn C0l'1'lD11f1'l6Hl-v Hf LERMAN BROTHERS Carhsle Kentucky I I I 9 I I . I I 1 .-1' Eighth James W. Small Helen Brumagen Oscar Curran Carol Faye Tincher Douglas Fryman Darlene McGlothin Frankie Hamm Nanyce Faye Mattox Harold Pruitt Phyllis Tapp Harvey Clark Sue Hopkins Donald Jolly Wilma Stanfield David Gaunce Brenda Flora John D. Faulconer Patty Willoughby Merrell Vice Charlotte Duncan Tommy Tedder Dorothy Fryman Donald Ritchie Ronnie Wills Frances Markwell Jerry Henry Tressia Hollar Rondall Storey Betty Lou Howard Billy Joe scott Elizabeth Holland Jimmie George Roberta Robinson Anna Ruth Sosby Sponsored by: FARMERS NATIONAL BANK "The Accommodating, Bank Lynthrana Kentucky Eighth Joyce Caswell Woody Allison Emma Jean Yazell Wallace Clary Mary M. Denton Curtis Jones Linda Conkright Shirley White Sue Faulconer Paul Judge Linda King Cavanaugh Booth Phyllis Gordley Earl Capps Phyllis Larrison Bryon Hamilton Connie McKenzie Carl Hollon Mildred Mynear Kenneth Lyons Reba Evans Ronnie Gaunce Francis Curtis Freddie Prather June Smith Bonnie Vice Anna Curtis Sue Bowles Joyce Fryman Elizabeth Mynear Virginia Shrout Phyllis Scott Ronald Watkins Dorothy Sams Hazel Hamey Barbara K. Shaw Dora Holland Lillian Willoughby X QIX 'i 'T ,Le 4 -x 'W' LJBRARY'STAFF BETA CLUB L ff A 1g,s1I"T ,rj STUDY HALL Sponsored by: GIFFIN'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY Carlisle, Kentucky NIC HOLAS C OI N FY HIGH SC HOOL BAND LEAVITNG AT THE END OF THE DAY i Wm Barbara Wmlls Shlrley Hamm Marlon Anderson Ramona Hollar Joan Smart Y-vw, --ef X 0 PTH 0 ngored b F B Ref' E LMI., Phone 600 F u1fRef1nmg Fompany ful: le Kentucky T . W 1 N Y , L 1 V' 1 N1 7 L . . l , ,Ui Q 4' A "" 4 1 -1 I I I I . -.5--3: .,-32.1. J' ' ' w-Hy: ".+s"5' 1:-ef'-: - f su' ,H f-ffm . 1 A nw 1 , gy. 3 Jrgg. -:1 ' fn, fx f kv- '-A 4 "T '- ' wif, 37-fC"XY+-'fl ffl' ' w-' fl.-f ' " f - ..., ., d,,,M .. M--r -, -, . mf,-.Y,vx'-,,,. ., ., ..,....,,,1, N, ., Y- - f , r , ---, 1... 1.,. 1 -,..., .Q-R .X .f , iv- , Qvfffnw--Q..zJ-u..,.L'f' 1 ' r ., -".g4?3grf1 ,,.5 ,.zw.m-Xe L-, E -4g4k -.xxk ' ' 1 ' N'-vsj"' 7 , P ,I . 1 E r. A .L S, f- ' yz -. . ,. . .1 4 59N. BETTER HOME LIVING MARILYN MCNU1-TY Student Teacher F. H. A. CFFICERS F. H, A. GROUP Sponsored by: THE C. C. COLE CO. Carlisle, Kentucky Home of Better CLOTHES c1'I'e The S Angers M 43 JW If X A7'TeN77oN' 3' Nurse OP N!! H S' M Mom-ae Donn e'S 'Dream LAv hm Ev 7 hAT H Cv-au u 777 Shygw Hold Thar Lnve I-l47PyE . fb G ".2ooK' Wov'MS,"' "'l'4L4'Nq 'fT CAS!" x C. , 0:1716 NlfhAT Yen I' Wnmr Live YD- A CRO D .D'q- F F A OFPICLRQ LEFT TO RIGHT Charles Smltl Stewart Hamxlton Stdney Hollar Mr Adams J T Hammonds Dav1d Small J1mmyEar1ywxne AGRICULTURE CLASS Mr Adams and h1s Agrtculture Class Sponsored by Butck Dealer H C. GALBRAITH Carhsle, Kentucky D , -:.i:'4a,. F, F, , 1 tr. Q -9' 1.1 39-'.,,: if ' e Ghzfhr' J- I ' A, . , . ' I 1 n a I A ' . . . e L ,fs , lk.. 6 is aff. N- E rg z E S VARSITY TEAM CHEERLEADERS Betty Vinson, Lillian Riggs, Patsy Ritchie, June Tedder, Sue Jones, Carlos Bromagen, Beverly Brogan, Kaye Irvin. VARSITY Spgngored by: BROOKS!-IIRE'S RESTAURANT CBFHSIC, KBDIUCICY "We Try To Please" DONNIE HILLOCK and NED .TENNINGS THE LONG AND SHORT OF N,C,H,S BALL-TEAM, Betty Vinson, Jtme Tedder, Sue Jones, Kaye Irvin, Carlos Bromagen, Beverly Brogan, Patsy Ritchie, Lillian Riggs. N. C. H.. S CHEERLEADERS SDOHSOFCC1 bY: Studebaker Dealer DA MPIER MOTORS Carlisle, Kentucky 'TF' HB TEAM" I I I I ..L TABLE TENNIS DONNIE HOVERNALE, BARBARA LAIL, SUE JONES, CHARLES MOORE PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS Compliments of GARRETT'S DEPARTMENT and Carlisle, Kentucky MODERN FURNITURE STORES GEGMETRY CLASS Mrs. Linvi11e's Geometry Class TYPING CLASS Miss Brierly's Typing Class '12-'fl SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS Mrs. Kenney's History Class Sponsored by: FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CARLISLE x Carlisle, Kentucky PHYSICS CLASS Mr. Poe's Physics Class i-I C-Q FRE SHMAN ENGLISH Miss Harney's English Class F.F.A. GROUP Mr. Adams, Advisor Sponsored by: BUNTIN'S GARAGE Dodge Dealer Carlisle, Kentucky CAFETERIA COOKS Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Lynam '4 3 1 CUSTODIAN Huddie Snapp LUNCHROOM Sponsored by E. M. 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Mxllersburg Mlllersburq Parts Lexmgton Parts Pa r1s Parts Pans Mlllerburg Mlllersburg Cynthxana Parts Parts Parts Ivhllersburg Carhsle Parts Ehzavtlle Flemtngsburg Flemxngsburg, Flemmgsburg Flerrungsburg Maysvtlle Cynthtana Cynthtana Cynthxana Ehmvtlle Flermngsburg Flemmgsburg Flemmgsburg Eltzavtlle Flemtngsburg Flemmgsbu rg Parts Parts Bartervllle Flemtngsburg Flenungsburg Flemmgsburg Mt Ohvet Maysvllle Maysvtlle Mt Ohvet Parts Parts Parts Bartervxlle Mt Sterlmg Mt Sterlmg Frogtown Bethel Loutsvtlle Parts Carhsle Carhsle Carhsle Carhsle Carhsle Carhsle . . Carhsle, Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentuc ky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentuc kx Kentuc kx Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky 1 ' I .-. ........ ... . . . ......-. .1 1 , . . . ..- . . . . . . .. ' A, , ..... - .. - . -. ..... D, I 0 sl n 1 1 In I' f .. ......... . .. , . . ....... .. . , . ....... .. .. . .. , -...-.....- -. ... . . . ..... I , , .. .... . . . . . , ... . ... ...un ly I . an.. .. .. . ....--- ' n 5 .. ....... . . .. . .. .. . . .. . I iloclirll I no on cs . Q I Q I ull oloul 1 nun :soo . I I a a 4 Illsnisllllnllio U u Q unoul I Q Dl'.C.D.B1air.......... . . .. ...Flemingsburg, Kentucky . . :gill 1 1 00 I I , I -.... .. .-.-. A ' g I losllcolalocalsl c ul F I Q .5 I ' fo.. .. -. .......-n. .u ICO!!! I J Q 9 ulllcl I Y .. ..... .... . . .. .. . .. , . .... . . . , Q.. . .... . . .. ..-. -. - , . .... . . , . . .... .. .... . . . ........ . .. . , .. ..... .. . .. . .. .. Y . .. . U I lllliitclull u U Q ICI -I . . .... . . Qlillbylil n n uno 1 on Q ,V ill 0 I onlin . l I .. .... . . . a...-n-.. . . - ne p V Coml 1 iment: S I of MATHERS - SHEARER MGRTICIANS Carlisle 'j Klmlucky A "70nncw-v6 Comp 1 lment s COATN EY BROTH E RS I G A GROCERY STORE Meat Market Low Prlces Every Day Carllsle Kentucky 4 S o f ' I I A 3' . 92. lil 9m M I 4? !.- uf, :Z-Q T WELL'S PRODUCE Highest Market Prices Phone 2l Carlisle Kentucky I 400 SOUTHERN STATES CO - OPERATIVE Feeds, seeds, fertilizer farm and home supplies Carlisle Kentucky fi SOUTHERN s1'A'r:s W RATLIFF BROTHERS COMPANY INC Buildino Material of All Kinds Always Glad To See You Always Glad To Serve You Carlisle Kentucky Phone lO f' -3 LQC I One Board or a Tramload Best Wishes Seniors CARLISLE DRUG COMPANY Rekall Dixie Whitman s rub Ice Cream Candy You can depend on any dru Product that bears the name REXALL Carlisle Kentucky 15' . Oy..1,1,, . . , . . . . fr f o s o I D Us . C- D . 4 . ?"+" -T. 2'-1i...1i'i' - T .,..... - - -L, - .. - t 2 -4 A - "' '-' . .: , " " Q' -E- .-1. Q- . -.1 bf - : ,Q -." , . 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S 4 Grocerles Hardware Gas O11 P Buyer of Country Produce Moorefleld Kentucky Compllments of fame Sendai MT STERLING LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Uwe plck up n ay ellver on Frlda s In Carlls le Mt Sterllng Kentucky Complnnents of Compllments of OMER DAVIS Contractor Phone 1085 Sterllng Kentucky Heektewn Kentucky Compllments of SKATING RINK compllments Of BETHEL RIDGE ROAD atlng every nlght' RALPH CROUCH'S STORE Charlie Lyons Sharp sburg Kentucky Bethel Kefltuekbf C ' AR ERAI .' -L-V LL!- o 0 ,L-ibsi ',.. IJ. '46 . - - - . ggVa1:.f 'v '-O 0 D- 154 . U . I' ' Mo d . D ' ' y ." Mt. ' llsk ' ' I Carllsle GREEN G MILLER Servlce Statlon Standard O11 Products Ken ucky Carllsle Compllmente of HARPER'S GARAGE Ford Deulfl Slnce l9l5 Kentucky IHA. dwwhyff 70261116 Y Carllsle THOMPSON'S GREENHOUSE nt 'Let our flowers say lt for you W H Small Kentucky Carll le DORSEY BROTHERS at FISHER PW COAL 0 7X unw- Kentucky B 29 Carllsle Compllments of COMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE CO A R Llttle Jr , Aoent Phone 359 Kentucky Carllsle Compllments of M C BLAIR INSURANCE AGENCY Hartford Accldent and Indemnlty Co l :af Kentucky 6 . . 'dp' ds, ..-:QV , . 45,3 For m"f' . A lzgs' 0 3' ' - x - 1 ' on ' . I ' ll . . Comp l irgen t S in .Nl ,,.,, . ,l . A b..'.hala. 8 . . ox l I . . ' , . 0 Comsllmcrt of THE GIFT BOX 425 Maln St Parls Kentucky RYE'S Speclallzln 1U Chlldren JUDIOI Clothes Accessorles Parls Kentucky KERR'S RADIATOR SHOP Expert Cleanlno and Rpalrlng Phone 228 Parls Kentucky DOYLE AND ALEXANDER 'Servlce on all ma es cars and trucks' Phone 527 Parls Kentucky Compllments of C AND H GROCERY Parls Kentuck PARIS MONUMENT WORKS S1 teenth and Maln Street Fred W Hllke Parls Kenttck WOLLSTEIN'S For Men and Boy s Wear Phone 40 619 Maln Street Parls, Kentucky BALL'S GULF SERVICE Gas O11 Tlres Batterles Phones 9199 or 567 W 10tn and Maln St Parls X Arnold H Ball Prop MARKWELL AND JONES H e Prlce Wlse Store D1a1 7781 P O Bow 8 Flemlnosburb Kentucky C L MAIRS AND SON HThe Furnlture Store Where Dreams Come True 42 West Second Street Maysvllle Kentucky ' emlng Coun OWENS HATCHERY HQual1ty aby Ch1c sn Ellzavllle Kentucky Compllments of CLARK AND CLARY Standard O11 Products Phone 2576 Ellzavllle Kcntuc'y - - ,I - ' I. 1 - k I I Y ' 1V 3' Everything Accessories - Road Service . 1 ' ' . ' , Ky. Th ' ' " H n ' . . , 14 U ' U I ' F1 ty . B . k . . . . . - K' ROBINSON AND LAIR REDD HARDWARE co. Prescription Druggists Hardware - Paint - Gifts Phone - 255 CYf1thia1'13 KeUtUCkY Cynthiana Kentucky Compliments of A. GOLDBERG G SONS HQuality is Remembered After TUSSEY FURNITURE CO Price is Forgotten" ' Main Street Phone 286 Opposite Court House Cynthiana Kenucky Cynthiana Kentucky CARR FURNITURE CO. C 1. nts of 106 - 108 East Pike su. Om? me "Cynthiana's Oldest KH: Furniture Store" ET INN Phone ll4 . Q Cynthiana Kentucky Millersburg Kentucky Compliments of WOODFORD SPEARS AND SONS Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Paris Kentucky U . Compliments of Swan- 'fffhed ,, BOURBON LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING dun nv Phone ll Carlisle Kentucky l'l!fM",Qs:J: Compliments of Qg-'ji EOURBON TIRE SERVICE , EA: Paris 4, tfgj' X xXN."' ' Kentucky M GOLDBERG AND SON EERE gitgier Il Cynthlana S Finest Dlamonds-Watches-Sterling en Shop Chlna Crystal 15 17 East Plke Street Pike Street Phone 600 Cynthlana Kentucky Cynthlana Kentucky HARRISON MACHINE SHOP Compllments of I You Break em We Frx m SOLOMON S Brlgos 6 Stratton Motors I G A Super Market Low Prlces Every Day West Plke Street Phone 516 Cynthlana Kentucky Cynthlana Kentucky Compllments of Comp11ments of ROSE SHOP BROOK'S I G A STORE 14 E Plke Street Phone 41 Cynthlana K rtucky Cynthlana Kentucky Compllments of Compllment f DAM IER'S CREAM STATION WILLS PLUMBING CO Cyntn1a1a Kentucky Mlllersbur Kentucky Compllments of BRENT AND COMPANY Pnone 14 15 Parls Kentucky Complrments of DELANEY'S IDC Ford Sales G Servlce Mercury Sth 6 H1 h Street Parls Ktntucky 0 H . , . Th M 's H . ' v ll I - - le u . 'CT O I I ll ' , ll ' er ' H 1 ' s o 'T 1 ' 'x . ' cr 4: 1 . 1 7 Q . lllllllulllbl '1, Compliments of Compliments of CYNTHIANA MOTOR COMPANY INC CHARLES WICGLESWORTH Harrlson and Nlcholas Countles Harrlson County Largest Tay Com lssloner New and Used Car Dealers Cynthlana Kentucky Cynthlana Kentucky DON T FORG E T 44 Compllments of Compllments of KENTUCKY UTILITY COMPANY LEMKN BROS Harrlson County s Oldest Cynthlana Kentuck Largest Department Store Cynthlana Kentucky Q EIS. Compllments of ELGIN CHURCH Conoratulatlons J I Case, New Holland JUDY DRIVE IN THEATER and New Idea Farm Machlnery, Hay ovles are fun Fertlllzer, Llme and Used Machlnery Phone Sharpsburg 2204 Mt Sterllng Kentucky Bethel Kentucky 2 1' X Xbf f 1 4, 7 . Il ' I 66 Y n . Xyr . .--. X .XX I . - HM - u 3 . . . , HATHERlCK'S MEAT MARKET HFresh Home Kllled Mea 175 Maln St Phone 239 Cyntnlana Kentucky NU-ART STUDIO AND JEWELERS Dlamonds-Watches-Jewelry Plke Street Cynthlana, K THOMPSON SHOE REPAIR SHOP Shoes Tennls Shoes Flshlng Boots Telephone l050 Plke Street Cynthlana Kentucky Compllments of COOPER INSURANCE AGENCY Pnone 2 Cynthlana Kentucky Compllments of KROGER STORE Don Dlxon, Manaoer Cynthlana Kentuck VAN HOOK HARDWARE CO Fleld Seeds Tu edo Feeds Dutch Brand Palnts Hoover Cleaners Fence Barbwlre Gates 29 E Plke St Cynthlana Kentucky Compllments of DOUGLAS MC LONEY CO Purlna Dealers Cynthlana Phone Kentucky Compl1ments of HARRISON MOTOR CO H e Stop Servlce Phone 403 404 Cynthlana Kentucky Compllments of SMITH AND REES FUNERAL HOME Cynthlana Kentucky Compllments of CUM INS, RENAKER G WHALEN Real Estate Insurance Auctloneerln Maln Street Phone l45 l9b ynthlana Kentucky Compllments of JUANITA'S SHOP East Plke Cynthlana Kentucky CORNER DRUGS Smlth Corona Portable Typewrlters Corner Maln and Plke Cynthlana Kentucky L ' tl! - . O 7 9 1 J 8 y. i 1 ,. U ' - X . fl' - - ' - I . O Y . . ' On ' H ' e C . . . .I- . l, .I L 7 Flemln sb Compllments of MOORE'S DRY CLEANING RUE ERVICE WE HIT THE MARK Kentucky Flemlnosbur Compllments of GORMAN CONSTRUCTION Phone 7071 Kentucky YOU smsncn Flemlngsburg Compllments of DOYLE MOTOR SALES Phone 6963 Kentucky Genulne Hlckory Smoked Bar B Q Mt Sterllng Compllments DRIVE BIG New and Used Cars Bought and Sold Shell O11 Products Kentucky Complnnents of Compliments of BOB HARNEY G SON BARBER SHOP ' "We speclallze ln halrcu s WHEELER S at cops The store where Parls Kentucky omes bebln Parls Kentucky I Folks Ln Bourbon 8 Nlcholas Compllments of Countles DR. G MRS. B. N. PITTENGER Read It In The ENTERPRISE . The Paris Daily Enterprise Parls Kentucky Paris Kcntuc ky ' Ssvl Mu? 1 X G S UYS ' CO. ' cr MUST BE "The best in Used Cars" ' of IN I O 0 . t , ll F1 I H . h Q' H Com 1 mtnts of AUTHUR WELLS PRODUCE Ollve Kentucky I 1' LII I Ml Infant lcr Compllmtnt or 3 V lle Ken uc15 amfllnfnt Mlller bur H iff Compllments of DR A B PLUMBER Mlller our Kentuckf COmJllmLHC5 of WTLSOk'S DRUC CO Phone Mllltr our KVUCJLK WAGOYER'S CAS SERVICE Heatln E ulpment Hardware Rural Bottle Gas Mlllersbur Kentucky Compllmcnts f GRAY'S BARLER SHOP Parls Kcntutkf Corilrments of JTDY'S MlllGISuUf Supermarket Pnone 4913 Mlller ouro Kentucky Compllmcnte of PEOPLE'S DEPOSIT DARK and TRUST CO PaIlS Kentucky Compliments of FARMER'S EXCHANGE MALK Mu. f,,,fU Kfntucky ARDERY DRUG 7th Main Phone bu lhxxl ,, K1x1Lm1tl4y , A "YuL1' KvnLLuf,y PVmni LL11 - Q 1 1'n' E ' a MIL -44:-Jauwg JIKJQ1 M' I J ' '14 f:1"1 L' " A J Mil "pbHfL, K ntwufy L ' I 'S 5 Cf g 'sf an ui THE GEORGE H. FRANK CO, FRED'S BARBER SHOP Mafs i , 1 t' Q' ' - 5 5 Kc LULK , I l I ' A- J C I T T 9 Zh ' S'1 Q X . S 11, -,A 7- -'ry . , 4 D Q Q ' , ' ff v . 1 ' ' L9 ul ' ' ' ' L ' ' L ' Sf- -- ' I . 1 ' l A 1 D Compliments of Compliments of 111i CHARLES P. COOK AND CO. LYNN DALE KBNAELS Frosted G S G W Food Reg. Cocker Spaniels Phone 206 Lillie Hollar Route Three Paris Kentucky paris Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of NICKS RESTAURANT BOURBON LOCKER PLANT Phone 244 Main Street Paris Kentucky Paris Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of FARRIS STUDIO HERRINGTON REPAIR SHOP Farm Machinery Paris Kentucky Millersburb Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of W D ST NE Service Station BOND CLEANERS Millersbur Kentucky Pafls Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAMSON FURNITURE CO MT PTIILTCO, MBYEEIC, SlHIIHOI1S, Oc Kroehler 37 N Maysville St Mt Sterling Kentucky hll E Main St Phone 279 Sterling Kentucky COmP1lmeUtS of Compliments of PATIOPAL JANK Service SL tion G R staurant 4 Sher ln Kintuckf Siarp bur Kentucky . . O . 1 . T , Mt. -, I ' . I , MONTGOMERY COUNTY HATTON BROS- It. t l' 5 A K gf 5 U I A Compliments of Complimfnts 1 EVERETT WATKINS Grocery Filling Station Carlisle Kentucky IOHN BOWLPS Grocery Fillin, SL1L1on Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of EARL M HAMM Real Estate Broker Farm Sales and City Property Carlisle Kentucky JOE CROUCH Phone JZ9 Carlisle Kcntucky Compliments of RUTH'S DRESS SHOP Carlisle Kentucky PlTMAN'S H lways The Bcs H Diamonds Watches Silverware Fine Repairing A Specialty Carlisle Ktntucky Compliments of KROGER COMPANY Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of LOUISE'S BEAUTY SHOP Louise Sheen Carlisle Ktntuckj Compliments of DR S F HUTCHINSON Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of HUNT'S BARBER SHOP Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of ANDREW BRETZ Grocery Scrvicc Station Myers Kentucky Compliments of MCDONALD'S GROCERY Phone 505 R4 Headquarters Kentucky I I ' ' : A 0' ,3 X . . Z ,pg K Auctioneer and Insurance of All Kinds . Q ,, A - - t Success and Best Wlshes to the Senlors of 1957 DEPOSIT BAN K Carllsle Kentucky 'T 5 if 19:44 Best Wlshes Senlor Class of 1957 HOPKINS DRUG COMPANY Carllsle Kentucky ll? F'Ul?E PDUHPT Stnvnci Compllments of THE EXCHANGE BAN OF KENTUCKY Rendering S rvlce for over One Hundred Years M mber F D I C Mt Sterllng Kentucky K Compllments of DR G T CO AN Dentlst Carllsle Kentucky Compllments of A V QDOC J ALLISON Tax Commlssloner Nlcholas County Carllsle Kentucky l , , , gg, f 5 -M zg.. cf' 'R'-' E2 fi'-I . - Q' 13?- ft: . . 5:!.A3:.:Q5"' K . 1-E-.-af: , . UR U 0 5 ' ' " '-:kg :. 'u' 5 , 25 5-3 5 f!g:5:Q:Ig5 -"f, N-I EQ ft.. I im ' 3 E 5' :Z-in 5 I 2 Fx -zu X K . . . W . he . T . . . 9 . . . . - . . . Compliments of TRUE MACKEY'S SERVTLP STATION Aetna Oil Products Country Ham Sandwichee Blue Licks Kentucky SFLICDIESF MC GINLEY SHOE SHOP VDUVWMY Expert Shoe Repair Broadway Carlisle Kentucky Congratulations To The Class of '57 CARLISLE VARIETY AND JUNIOR DEPARTMENT STORE Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of STEWART MOORE AGT Coe Oil Service Inc Shell Oil Distributor Carlisle Kentucky Compliments to Class of 57 FIGHTMASTER REAL ESTATE AGENCY Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of GENE'S RADIO, TV THELMA'S LUNCH ROOM Sales and Services Best nEatinH in Town Mt. Olivet Kentucky Mt. Olivet Kentucky I elf: lf! I Mlllersburg 'Where You Get The Best De MILLERSBURG Appllance G Furnlture Stole Frank McDan1el Owner 0 Pm UFURNIBH A Wikia ushll N x. Kentucky C Congratulatlons to The Senlor Class of l957 J MILTON FRYMAN and J MAURICE CAMERON rllsle Kentucky Compllments of NICHOLAS COUNTY BAR Joe F. Conley Charles M. Cox Roger Womack Carlisle Kentucky 1 A alll 3 I I ... gr, 1. , E 1 If I ' vow J ff al R -.a-c:S'7 Q . Q B. J. Alexander ..... ... Stewart Florence .... ... Standard Oil ...... ... Jerome Harney ........................... Carlisle, Kentucky Cynthiana, Kentucky Carlisle, Kentucky Paris, Kentucky THE H. A. ROHS JEWELRY STORE Cynthiana Your Jeweler Since l895 Kentucky Compliments of ROBERTSON CO. LOCKER Phone 750 Mt. Olivet, Kentucky Compliments of Millersburg GREENLEES GROCERY Kentucky Compliments of Mt. Olivet Y. B. LINVILLE Kentucky Compliments of WALTER BRADLEY General Merchandise Coal Lime Moorefield Fertilizer Kentucky Best Wishes from N evoted o he es ln eres of icholas Coun yn Carlisle Kentucky THE NICHOLAS COUNTY STAR THE x, mm IN Compliments of Compliments oi BEULAH HUGHhS Otta R Fryman Agent KENTUCKY FARM BLREAL Carlisle Ktntutky MUTUA INS C0 Clrlislt Kentucky D C C B IZ - C C N ' C 4 eg. 6 I G' C9 OOD E N00 NEAL S SQUARE DEAL GROCERY 1 MAR'E"3,f6f FAVGRITE MANCHESTER BAKING COMPANY Manchester, Ohio Compliments of 9 Where Ma Saves Pa's Dough Carlisle, Kentucky Q 'A 3" 'Aw lp-4 'V' Q SNEEK' A 'ix' x lf NJ 1 N-. J ,iff t S ucky Food Try Bread and Rolls Compliments of CROSS ACRES DAIRY Your Local Grade A Pasteurized Milk Producers Carllsle Kentucky FRANK LYNAM Candy Clgarettes and Notlons 111 North Street Phone 180 Car11s1e Kentucky Compl1ments of HAIL 8 FIRE INSURANCE H T Letton 6 Son Phone 500 G 519J1 Carllsle Kentucky You drlve your sales message Home 1n the nhome town' paper when you use THE CARLISLE MERCURY Carllsle, Nicholas County: Kentucky a ! o o , s 3 o 0 0 o o ' I an u I Mrs Rose G Mrs Lyman Cooks Nlcholas Co Hlgh School Edlth Rlch Carllsle Kentucky Compllments of Compllments of MORRIS GROCERY ALLISON'S RESTAURANT Shell O11 G Gas G Grocerles Broadway Forrest Morrls Bartervllle Y Carllsle Kentucky LLOYD EARLYWINE Compllments of Upholsterlng and Reflnlshlng Shop ALLISON'S DRIVE INN Antlques For Sale Phone 9lO9 Phone 572 J3 R D 03 Carllsle Ky Carl1sle Kentucky There were times we thought we wouldn't But we finally got it done, It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. 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Suggestions in the Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) collection:

Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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