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HISTORY OF NICHOLAS COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL In the year of 1929 in the Western part of Nicholas County, a building was erected that was known to be the Headquarters High School. This building was ready for use in the fall of 1930, but in the year of its building 1929 the high school pupils from Barterville joined the high school group at Irvingsville in the Old Irvingsville Baptist Church with Miss Mae Neal of Robinson County as Principal. . The year following the pupils were transferred to the New Building at Head- quarters with Miss Lorraine Booth as Principal. There was a very small grad- uating class in 1931, eight in number. However, many pupils graduated from as Headquarters High School. changed to Nicholas County High School. It all over the county. The year 1951 was the this school during the years it serves In the year 1947-48 the name was now received high school pupils from last of its graduating classes, a class of 23. During the school term of 1951-52 the high school was again transferred to a new building--The new Nicholas County High School, located near Carlisle. Mr. Henry Hale served as principal for one semester in the new building and saw the first class graduate. Thirty in number. The year 1952-53 is the first full year of school work in the new building. Mr Howard Moore is Principal, There will be a graduating class in this year of '53, Thirty-six students. Nlcholss County Library 223 Bm may Carlisle, Kentucky 40311 Q rcs me LC6lfL0l'l vm Names under picture Left to right Blair S Stephenson Reynolds Gaunce Supt Raymondl Wesley Dan E Wells Charrman Eugene Letcher and Russell Wrlls We the Senior Class of the Nicholas County High School in the year of 1952 1953 take great przde and with pleasure dedlcate our high school annual The Nicholas Countlan to the Hon Raymond .T Wesley County Superintendent of Schools and to Members of the Nicholas County Board of Education Hon Dan E Wells Chairman Hon Blarr S Stephenson Hon Reynolds Gaunce Hon Eugene Letcher Hon Russell Wills and the new member Hon. Woodrow Gaunce. We thank you, in behalf of our student body, faculty and parents, for the magnificient school building, our splended transportation system, and for all the other many conveniences that we have to make our school a great seat of learning, with high scholastic standing, and where friendship abounds in no end. "May it serve the future as it has served the past." Z 4 0 o IW- , . . , r . 1 2 ,,' , 3 4 i ' ' O . A jf- V. gy Ar ' - 1 Q1 V , ' f Q1-pt . 1 I G' 'V' . . lo 5 ., ' r ' ' ,"' I 43 - . 0 ' I I u I ' 0 I I I l I .V . . ' 1 1 , . D l 0 l I I , . . , , . . , . Y 4 I ' 7 Fx- nr MRS. GLADYS KENNEY B. S. Degree Eastern Kentucky State College Sponsor-Eighth Grade Boys MRS. FAYE WESLEY A. B. Degree University of Kentucky Sponsor-Sophomore Boys QC" F" X CICU '51 gz- V y nv- ,Fi-fy f ' r , 5 if -to A HOWARD MOORE A, B. Degree Eastern Kentucky State Colleg Principal CHARLES FINNELL A. B. Degree University of Kentucky Coach and Physical Education 8 X -.A K. MISS ROBBIE HARNEY Morehead State College A, B. Degree Sponsor - Senior Class ISABELLE KNIGHT A. B. Degree Stetson University Sponsor-Eighth Grade Girls 'r iw. I' '1- "' 0 - JOHN ADAMS, Ir. B. S. Agriculture Berea College M. S, Agriculture University of Kentucky MARIE LOWE B. S. Home Ec. University of Kentucky QNX 'T Q. vw, 1 Hath? -wf'6ii XJ X .1 MARY ETHEL BOTTS A,B. . M. A. University of Kentucky Sponsor-Junior Class FOSTER PUMPHREY B. S. Agriculture University of Kentucky Teacher of Veterans l 4 'if' .t afqr l ' r ,tQj,!' xsggqaw K '5' x 5- ' 7-. ' f X I H X n , E OLIS ADAMS 'University of Kentucky B. S. Agriculture Teacher of Veterans MARGARET DRUMMAND University of Kentucky Music 'L-M ala, QQ I ff I. f ,OXX TRUMAN RICHEY JACK THAXTON A B Asbury College B S Agnculture Seated left to nght MARYLENE WATKINS BOBBY SHROUT Standmg left to right. HAROLD HAMM TOMMY McCARTY POLLY WAGONER Club Committee Chauman EDGAR BOYD Cuculation Manager QI'lLOI'5 193 MILDRED JUNE FLORA Mrbs Pep Club I 2 3 4 Class Secretary 4 LI brary Staffz 3 Glee Club I 2 3 F H A GERALD D HUGHES Peanut F F A I 2 3 Drsmct Reporter 3 Pep Club I 3 4 Basketball 2 Student Councrl 3 Class Presrdent 3 4 Songleader 2 Ann ual Staff 4 Fxsh 84 Game Club 3 Glee Club I 2 3 4 Quartet 4 IUANITA DELOIS CASWELL Woodle Class Treasurer 4 4 H Club I 2 3 Re porter 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Llbrary Staff 3 JANE VICE lame Annual Staff 3 Class Secretary 2 3 Vice Presrdent 4 Student Counc1l2 3 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Secretary 3 4 H 2 3 Presxdent 3 Glee Club I 2 3 4 Cheer leader 4 F H.A I 3 4, Presldent 4 RUBY KATHLEEN MANLEY Rhubarb Class Songleader 4 Pep Club 3 4 Glee Club I 2, 3 Llbrary Staff 3 6 HAROLD HAMM Buddy eeClub1234FFA 23 porter 4 Quartet 3 4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Reporter 4 BETTY JEAN TINCHER Teeme Cheerleader 2 3 4 Captam 3 4 F H A 1 2 3 4 Reporter 2 Parliamentarxan 4 4 H C1ub12 3 PepC1ub1 2 34 FRANCES LYNN ALEXANDER Frankie Cheerleader 2. 3 4 Class Vtce Presxdent FHA I2 34 G1eeClub1 Club I,2 3 Pep C1ub1 2 3 4 PHIL HILLOCK Flxp Class Reporter 1 Songleader 4 Pep Club I 2,3 4 Glee Club 1.2 3 4 Quartet 1 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 1.2. 3 4 Fish and Game Club 1 DAVID LEE BAKER F F A 1.2.3 4 Beta Club 4 Basketball 1.2.3 4 Pep Club 1.2.3 4 7 R -91497 425315 3 1 en L0l"5 193 POLLY WAGONER Clllle P16 A I 2 5 4 Rec Leaderz Tr urer 5 F T A 2 5, Song Leader 2, Sec retary 5 Beta Club 2 5 4 Song Leader 5 4 4 H Club I 2 5 Secretary 5 Paper Staff 5 Glrls Trro 5 WARD SHANNON Class Treasurer I 2 5 Basketball I 2 5 Glee Club I 2 5 Male Quartet 5 Pep .Ib I 2 5 GERALD WATKINS Buck F F A I 2 5 4, SentIne15 V1ce Presr dent 4 Basketball Manager 5 4 Student Councrl 2 5 Class Watch Dog 2 4 Vrce Presxdent 5 Annual Staff 5 Paper Staff 5 Glee Club I 2 5 4 Quartet 5 4 Pep C ub I 2 5 4 WILMA IO GAUNCE Toots Pep Club 2 5 4 Lrbrary Staff 2 5 Club 5 Beta Club 4 Glee Club 5 SUE KATHLEEN SHRUM Suzre Pep Club 2 5 4 Annual Staff 4 Lrbrary Staffz 5 4 H Club 5 Glee Club 5 Beta Club 2 5 4 Presldent 4 8 .uv- 'K ell LOPJ BILLY HAT LER SCOTT A 2 PATSY RUTH CRAWFORD Patty Pep Club I 2 3 4 Llbrary Staff 3 4 H Clu 1234GleeClubI2 3 FHA IR ENE SMOOT ll-ue f sf 4 I93 Garden Club I Glee Club I 4 Audlo Vls ual Alds Club I Home Makmg Club I Handicraft Club I WILBURN GRIMES Wlmpy F F A 3 4 HClubI 2 GleeC1ubI 2 Pep Club I 2 3 4 MARION RUDDLES BRADY Pop F F A I2 3 4 Pep Club I,3,4 Basket ball 2, Glee Club 2. 9 3' QHLOPJ 1+ 193 MARY MILDRED MCCARTY M11 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Lrbrary Staff 3 Glee C u I 2 3 EVALYN ATRICE MCDONALD Cncket Pep Club 3 4 Student Coun 11 3 Annual Staff 4 Lrbrary Staff 3 EDGAR BOYD Jake A I 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Class Presldent 2 Annual Staff 4 Ftsh and Game Club I JOHNNIE LOWE LuJack F F A 1 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 MARIORIE BRADLEY Marg F. H. A. 1. 2, 3.455199 Club I. 3.4. Pep Club I, 2, 3,43 Cheerleader 3, 4: Library Staf 1.2. 10 OPAL MCCARTY Shorty Trl H1 Y I 2 3 Journellsm l 2 Fold Dancmg 1 2 F H A 2 3 4 Pep Club I 2 M1xed Chorus I 2 3 Basketballl MARYLENE ELLIS WATKINS Sally F H A 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Vxce Presl dent 4 4 H Club 2 3 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Pep Club x 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 L1brarg, Staffz Glee Club I 2 JAMES WOODARD F F A 1 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 BOBBY SHROUT Moe F F A 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent4 Pep Club 2 3 4 H Clubl 2 3 Annual ST.3ff4 Edltor Glee Clubl 2 3 JEWELL CHRISTINE MORRIS "Chr1s" Beta Club 2, 3,4, Glee Club l,2, 3, 4 H Club 2, 3, F. H,A, 1, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Llbrary Staff 3. ll '-'-..: '.: '.:.....: all ss: 12- .ourrui :A "' 5' U: :If :uri il ' S 1- ...S :roi l,,3. .agnuln ' Q ls' ll: U 'P nr- 'H el'll0l':5 QP: 193 TOMMY MCCARTY Shlmp F F A I 2 Basketball 1,2 Student Council 3 Annual Staff 4 NORMA LOUISE MYNEAR Lou Glee Club I 3 Library sxaff 3 F STER LING HOLLAR Sterl A LUTHER ANDERSON A 1 2 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Fish and Game Club 1 2 4 H Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 1,2 LAYNE HOLLAR A . 12 ell LOI'f5 GARNER RITCHIE F F A 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Manager NORMA JEAN GEORGE Iellybean A 4 P b 4 2 3 G1eeC1ubI 3 193 DONALD RAY HAMM Dude Pep Club I 2,3 4 Basketball I 2 F F A RAY DIXON A DELANO SMOOT Shorty Glee Club I 2 3 Pep Club l,2,3 4 13 3 arid cyidfory ln 1949 a group of 50 "Green" freshmen entered what is now known as Headquarters School. Before the end of the school year we had lost eight. As we entered our Silly Sophomore year we had 42 but had gained four. Wilrna Jo Gaunce, Evalyn McDonald, Opal McCarty, and Sue Shrum, all from Bourbon County Vocational High School. Coming to the New Nicholas County High School as Jolly Juniors we were all anticipating the tirne when we would have what we have been working for so many years, the title of "Dignified Seniors". We also found two new teachers, Mr. John Scanlon, teaching English Miss Jane Sturnp, music, and Mr. Charles Finnell, Coach. As the group of 38 Juniors finally became Seniors and entered school, we found a new Principal, Mr. Howard Moore from Tolles- boro High School. Also Miss Esabella Knight replacing Mr. John Scanlon in English. We lost 4 of our members. Ray Dixon, Sterling Hollar, Layne Hollar, and Ward Shannon who was called to the Air Force. As we measured for our caps and gowns, ordered invitations and planned our trip, we realized that our goal was alrnost won. So with 12 years of knowledge in our head and a diploma under our arm we leave all our lower classmate friends and teachers behind to begin an new life all our own. 1 D S m lb... CAM W We the Senior Class of 1953, being of a sound mind and body do hereby make and declare this our last will and test- ament hereby revoking all former wills made by or for us. To the nosey faculty, we leave the right to be that way and our deepest thanks and appreciation for the four glorious years we have spent at Nicholas County High To Mr Moore the ability to keep up with the seniors at all times and places To the rest of the teachers just anything they see and would like to have is theirs To the Juniors we leave our seinor privileges and our love for Chaucer and Shakespeare in English Literature To the Sophomores we will a touch of sophistication so that they will no longer be known as Silly Sophomores To the Freshmen we will the right to call next years class of Freshmen Green To the Eighth Grade our sympathy and the hope that your years to come at Nicholas High will be as happy as ours have been We the Seniors each will the following Frances Alexander w111s her pep and energy to Betty Stephenson Marylene Watkins wills her favorite seat at Williams Resturant to Bonnie Price and Ralph Taylor Phil Hillock wills his positionon the basketball team to Sammy Ritche Betty Tincher wills her ability to be capatm of the Cheer leaders squad to Anna Lee Hollar Gerald Hughes wills his love seat in study hall to Byron Fryman Marjorie Bradly wills her ability to be the only sophist icated senior to Lenore Richey Harold Hamm wills his masculine physique to Kenneth Baker Evalyn McDonald wills her ability to turn handsprings to Janet Mitchell Wilburn Grirnes wills his heighth to Ned Jennings Norma Mynear wills her naturally curly hair and her ability to do without a boyfiend to LaVonne Taylor Gerald Watkins wills his ability to be the biggest flirt in the class and almost get by with it to Ronnie Ratliff Sue Shrum wills her Job at Lermans to Shirley Shaw James Woodard wills his reckless driving to Garnett Gray Ruby Manley wills her love for Moorehead College to Maxine Gillispie Q mi L , Q 5. SN 1 1 I Vs . . . ' I Q' . l . . . . I . . I I ' ll UI . ll ll 1 . . . ' . I I ' . , ... . . . . . u . . I . . . . , - . I . . . . . . , - . . . I . . I . . , . . I I I 0 -- . . . I . . . , . , . . . I . I . . . S M 1 V :ll Y W V 3 , WM 60lltll1lle Luther Anderson wllls hls fore1gn speech and voxce to Gene R1tch1e Mary McCarty and Mzldred Flora wxlls the1r abzhty to work for Mr Moore to Peggy Small Donald Hamm wllls his favorlte seat on the bus to Johnrue Kmg W1lIl'1a Gaunce w1lls her flxrty ways to Della Greene Bobby Shrout wllls hls abllity to be a teachers pet to Marvm Fryrnan Patsy Crawford wllls her ablllty to get one boy and rerna1n true to hlm to Betty V1ce Tommy McCarty wills h1s ab1l1ty to sklp class and get by wlth It to Jewell Vice Jane V166 w1lls her love for a certam semor boy to Josephine McKee Delano Smoot w11ls his bashful smlle and grades to Turner Shannon Jewell Morrls w1lls her nice manners and good behavlor to Vxrguua Stmvers Davld Baker wxlls h1s consclence and love for drivlng to school to John Jacobs to reach 5 7 to Sh1r1ey Jenmngs Edgar Boyd wills h1s ab1l1ty to be captain of the Basket ball team to Bzlly Anderson Opal McCarty wills her love for bookkeeping and Home Ec to D1'11S1e Hudnall Johnny Lowe wills h1s ab1l1ty to be a true fr1end to Bobby Moore Juanzta Caswell wxlls her ability to wrzte love letters ln study hall to Colleen Roe B1l1y Scott wxlls hzs many nicknames to Charles Rose Polly Wagoner wills her ab1l1ty to slng and her love for one boy to Betty Jacobs Mar1on Brady w1lls hrs good manners and sweet disposltlon to W1ll1am Hubbard Irnee Smoot wills her giggles Ln Class to V1rg1nia Rled Garner R1tch1e wllls h1s love for English to Kenneth Hardwick Havmg bequeathed all we posses and ever expect to possess we hereby appomt Miss Robble Harney and Mr Charles Finnell as executor of thls our last will and testament whlch we seal tlus ZZ day of May 1953 4,-,m-m ff'- f ,Z I ,f , . I . . . . 9 . , . . . 5 I l . . . . I 1 i Jean George, wills her ninety-one pounds and her ambition D OI ' ' , - I , . . . . I . , . . . I C I , . . . . u I . 9 . , , . . .-' 1 tv Y' 1 .,:'- Mx uf, ,gp 1059 Q, f 4.35 'K-Q-f The year IS 1960 Here we see Bxlly Scott telev1s1on s newest croonumg sen satmon Lady and gentlemen tonlght on our fea ture event a tag team cons1st1ng of those un defeated demonds James Woodard and Bobby Shrout Vs Buddy Rogers and The Greatest Here we see Dav1d Baker presldent of the Men s Lace Shorts Inc Hurry hurry hurry step rxght thls way sa1d Norma Mynear barker for the R1ngl1ng Bros C1rcus Sa1d Johnny Lowe General of the U S Mar1nes Retreat Hell we re just f1ght1ng 1n a d1fferent d1rert1on Tommy McCarty to th1s date 15 the only l1v1ng man to take the Henery H111 Curve at 95 M P H on a b1cycle Flywe1ght Harold Hamm 112 defeated Rocky Marclano last nlght rn a 12 round feature at Mad1son Square Garden sa1d Hamm after the f1ght 'an It was nothrng I Just blew hmm over Edgar Boyd for the N1cholas County In dependents held George Mlkan scoreless 1n beneflt game held at Nlcholas County gym last mght Hcroad I9 lf, e y Tr1ck shot artxst Donald Hamm k1lled two bears w1th one shot when hxs bullet h1t a rock between the bears spl1tt1ng the bullet k1ll1n them both Better luck next tune Donald Who 1S th1s we see 1n the Greatest Show on Earth why 1t's Mar1on Brady Trapeze art1st Steady bgy Today Luther Anderson U S A F flew h1s Jet flghter through a key hole after com pletlng th1s fear he sa1d I had room to spare spare Today Garner R1tch1e boxer football player and werghthfter suffered a broken nose whlle flghtlng w1th h1S w1fe We hear that Wllburn Gr1mes has gone 1nto buslness for hlmself teachlng mldgets he art of pole vault1ng Here we see Ph1l H1llock propr1etor of the 4th Street Baby Nursery smothered to death when a stack of ten col umn work sheets fell on hmm wh1le worklng late at h1s bookkeep1ng Job Ladles and Gentlemen present1ng Al Jolson Znd Buck Watk1ns s1ng1ng Apr1l Showers We see where Marylene Watklns en rolled at Morehead College last week Wonder Why? 9 We are sorry to hear that Polly Wagoner broke all her valuable Ch1na whxle s1ng1ng Rock A B-yg Baby 1n her hlgh saprano volce We hear where MarJor1e Bradley and FfanC1S Alexander have Slgned twelve year contracts w1th the Metropohtan Modellng F1rm Pohce women Jaumta Caswell and Patsy Crawford frnally got thelr man when after long bltter chase that ended 1n a double wed dlng ceremony . 1 Y ff . ' Q U I 5 r G. f J Q Q ro c V X . . . x I I I 17 I , . . - t . . Scotch, I We see where Delano Smoot was nearly I . . . H H , I I U . ' . . A - . . a . . a 17 0,0 QC Cont1nued Class Prophecy A tag teim cons1st1ng of four lady wrestlers mcluded Mary McCarty and Sue Shrurn vs Mlldred Burke and Nell 1tor1um Opal McCarty recently enlmsted ID the XN omans Marxne Corp Wonder Whyo 'P We were surprlsed last week to see that Ewalyn McDonald sold one of her val uable pa1nt1ng for S5 OOO Ruby Manley has taken temporary resldenee 1D Morehead untll Morehead College lets out next sprlng Three guesses why Irene Smoot last week broke the womens world we1ghtl1ft1ng record W1lma .lo Gaunce advanced to the rank of Captaln 1n the U S Naxy Cessful campaxgn for state Senator and ls now on her way to Frankfort Jean Georgie 1S one ofthe new 1n structors at Author Murray Danelng School Jewell Morrxs IS our new ambas sador to Indla Jean Tlncher and .lane V1ce have just completed thelr rocket sh1p that w11l travel to the moon There 15 one problem left to be solved How to get back 18 X2 Steward was featured at Woodland Aud- Last week Mildred Flora led a sue . y K . Q . 5 -- Shirley Jennings Bonnie Spencer Anna Mae Fryman uniom Shirley Bussell Shi1'1eY Shaw Maxine Brady Colleen ROC Gllhsple Vlrginia Stivers Della Mae Greene Peggy Small Janet Sue M1tche11 Bonnie Price Gene Ritchie John Jacobs Bobby Bowles Drusie Hudnall Dora Merrell No picture Garnett Gray No picture Kenneth Hardwick No picture 'B Virginia Recd Ura Mae Horseman William Earl Hubbard v R -1' v .J Ann Curtis V W A Tv Q., c, . lil il in i 52,9 0l'l'l0l'e1f ZX i . Byron Fryman Betty Vice Ronnie Ratliff Billy K. Anderson Betty Jacobs Maxine McMarty Billy Lynam 'A 1 '1 'fe Norma Ann Witaker Jewell Vice Patsy Asbury Janice Feeback Turner Shannon Josephine McKee Mayme Fryman Vernon Wagoner Thelma Brierly Anna Lee I-Iollar Sammie Ritchie Denna Dwelly X A4 r 0'-R' G. ,' -N ,f X, fl ' ' 6 R U bff.I1i:..A,,l. !,i:f"fffi'i'le fi t- , 'vs ' r 1 E ' ' -:Md ' lx f I 4 'Nix' I P." ,fllll 'Jive 'JW-ki! 1 sip OIR 0l'25 k 3-s. Ifzwr fl Faye Ann Judge Luther Wilson Hazel Caudill Ralph Taylor Thelma Flora Spears Collins Innis Feeback Ray Anderson William Crump Elmer Clavel James Snapp Frank Conyers Bobby Brady Linda Terrel Tommy Livingood Alma Duncan Lorena Clavel Jackie Tincher Donnie Bradley Donald Gillispie filfffw fs. 1- I 4 1 s 1 t CX! l f lx 1- H 1 N 5. ,Il iw Q 1- rn? .-, .nf ,. ,Z N . , is C , z. r A 4. Patsy Alexander Connie Barbee Helen Barrett Norman Broderick Peggy Bryant Donnie Caswell Leslie Caudill Harold Dale Jerry Davis Carolyn Delaney Jimmy Downing Phyllis Ellington Phyllis Gaunce Billy Grimes Marjorie Hamm Ronald Hardin Vivian Howard Vivian Jones Bobby Kenney Ronald Letcher Donnie Lynam Anna Marie Manley Betty Marshall Billy Mathes Rogers Mattox Charles McCarty Wanda McCarty Wilma McCarty Jeanette McKee Kathleen McKee s , lx 'ji F 7 PE f X I xx Xl A x Wayne McKinzie Merrill Mitchell Virginia Mitchell Mary Alice Myers Carlton Ockerman Ardena Richey Anita Ring Mabel Ring Bobby Ritchie Janice Scott Billy Shrout Gary Shrout Mae Shrout Bobby Smith Earl Smith Lena Spencer Wilma Watkins Virgaleen White Carl Wills Bobbie Jane Wilson 57 FQJAHQQIQ B .1 6f29AfA GPGJQ 1 EMJQ 4. ' 4 4. Ns Iv vx A fi' lx .YP QQ X, L . 5 X OSQJA -' , . 4. n 5 f-, 4 L v-i X' 5- N! ff fi f E .2 rf . 'Wh 1. 1 S A XT -.-s .495 gm 3 mf. ,gf I . I . X f X f,f,giw Uh Qtr 5. I ij l 25 f' X Jw .mn Xff R .FN 4 .' A T--.. ' fi: mm' gee cm rio QM ,X3N?Xf,9ff5 f4 X 7, Ii ' Y-f .5 A ' in M Y N J Quaffef ' fi ' .-A 1 'K A ,. NU xg rx 4 YXQ Q f -u ' I 3 t, r' 'V' 1 if ii. . ' I , . f g-1 R -if 1' 3, J. Y ..--annual Q x TP rl., -fill, L! 1 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Lee Hollar, Song Leader, La Vonne Taylor, Historiang Betty lean Tincher, Parliamentariang Shirley Jennings, Secretary, Mrs. Faye Wesley, Sponsor, Peggy Small, Devotional Leader Jane Vice, President, Marylene Watkins, Vice President. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Lenora Richey, Treasurer, Drusie Hudnall, Reporter. Compliments of C. C. COLE, CO. 'k'I-Iome of Better Clothes" Carlisle, Kentucky SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Ratliff, Treasurer, Billy Lynam, Secretary, Gerald Watkins, Vice President, Bobby Shrout, President: Harold Hamm, Reporter, Billy Scott, Sentinel. STANDING: Mr. John Adams, Jr. , Sponsor. .fvl W, 1 . 141-JS 61 Eftiii W, edffl CAQQPLCICJQFJ 1,1 LEFT TO RIGHT Della Mae Greene Bonnle Lou Prrce Jane Vrce Anna Lee l-lollar Shrrley Jennrngs UHJOI' ,H CAQQFAQJQPJ LEFT TO RIGHT Maryorre Hamm Phyllrs Gaunce Wrlma Watkms Beverly Brogan Helen Jean Barrett 2 8 .., F 6 T r I, , I 1 , ' f , .-,-.. X T, ,T N . "T ' H" QT' T f -..- , .. f if w . K fx V Ex : T . ' ' . ' . , ' ' . I I I h-bQ--.1-.... , 1 U! - - ' . Q' r ' -1 -- - rf ' Y ' M' N - 'sadi- X X T ' , 3. , 3 ' 4' . f ' 2' lg Y . ,.- - ? f. JA .mai ' -r l ' : . . , . ' . . I D ga! Mgr! ucrdifg .iam ..L 'Nu-af... 'Ui 29 Cl OLUQQFI afflllfa Lil? CLI? M890 i-'L-QQJGJE -:YS 'Q-fsgh ti, Al.-Ain? LEFT TO RIGHT Raymond Wesley Superlntendent Frankltn Caswell Ward Shannon Ronnte Ratllff H1l1ock Charle McCarty SEATED Ktng Wtlma Watkms SEATED Queen Faye W1lcox1n Marylene Watktn Betty V1ce Janet Sue Mttchell Kmgs attendant Jaclue Pumphrey Queens attendant Mary Ann Adams Z? Lgeffy .gwiillfdf Queen Donnle 41 Compltments of Mary M1ldred McCarty RATLIFF BROS CO. Carhsle, Kentucky .J g f . F J . Q - , - G-V -rf A- w-a- Y Af i-Qi 1- , 'er W i ,Y - 7? ll ft 'T' Q1 5 ' 'ey 7 5 Tit ' Al ' E S 2 ' d l Q - , i A xl Y A .2 5 ! ' ' - 5 S .' '-' X' Q . i' npvf 'A ' . ' V -0 ' ' ' . , ti U 1 3 , . 7 fi K - QC 2? 9 A. r. '. 5 ' lr ffx gf OZ: far? 5? lh 11 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Lenore Richey, Chairmang Betty Vice, Reporterg Alma Duncan, Secretaryg Maxine McCarty, Treasuxerg Kathleen McKee, Vice Chairman. Compliments of BOURBON LAUNDRY Agent Gladys Maffett 31 Carlisle, Kentucky ,f .six I " H 1 qs L X i, Cakferia C00 A ' 4-f., li' LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Kenneth Stephenson, Mrs, Thelma Lynam. . ii ix ,'l ,, , 'i s KN 1--I 3.5 Cuafoolian Hudson "Huddie " Snapp Compliments of 32 SEAL-TEST ICE CREAM 'X . unior ,Mg .iam ,f, av 'I .x. . PH 'T 4 "1 f'hAPL'1 55.2- ' 'Eng QCLIT1 9 7' ea 7 54 G 35" ,. Y? ' 2 s gala. arriify Ckeerca em nalaaAofa All dressen up and no place to g Don't drop me. Miss Sophisticated. And so he is a dignified senior. Gone to the dogs. Just a plan old country boy. My teeth is out but I'm still corn Who's leaning on who. Ain't love grand. When is the twin with the toni. When we were silly sophomores Baby it's cold outside. On the sunny side of the street. 5, v-I. 7.5 naplola My how he's changed. Just got to school but ready to leave. Charles Moore Don't worry we will make it. To lazy to breathe. Three lonely girls. lnnoncence. Easter Parade Five of a kind. Juanita facing the world. Ain't she sweet. Reminising Be Careful Boys l .3 ' ,. wg ,tv . 'b 3' 'f l IN ws' N "" is v-5. l l V- 3 " ' - ., ' , 3' 5 3- 1+ . .. 4 X, - -Q 4,4 A - S" -l r 4 V4 iw, PTH. r 11 'I' ' .Li-.Q -.. pkgdicaf glclucafion Cfarkied 36 Cornphments of GRIFFIN MANUFACTURING CO Cdrhele Kentucky Cornphrnentb of EDYTHE S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 44 J Carhsle Kentuc ky Cornphments of COUINTY CLERKS OFI' ICE .Iohn F Sugg Clcrk Carllsle Kentucky Comphrnents of PAT CONLEY Carlxsle Kentucky Cornpllmentb of CHARLES M COX Attorney At Law Carhsle Kentucky Comphments of ROGER WOMACK Carhsle Kentucky Cornphments of DUNCAN S ELECTRICAL SHOP Rad1O Repatrxng EIectr1c Wlrlng If 1ts eIectr1c We f1x It Carlisle Kentucky Comphrnents of DR W D McAFEE Optomertrlst 11OE Ma1n Carhsle Kentucky Complmments of DR G T COWAN Carhsle Kentucky Comphments of MODERN FURNITURE COMPANY Where Homes Begl Phone 69 E A Van Bever Mgr Carhsle Kentucky We Dehver Compllments of HOPKINS MACHINE SHOP Carlxsle Kentucky Comphments of W J PRYOR Dealer ln Walnuts Phone 412 J Carhsle Kentucky 1 I- f J . - ,i .N L , .A h V ' 1 ' 1 , ' r . ' 1 1 . 7 ! , -. II ' ' ' ' II V ' - . I , I yy 'nu . . . A .. . ' ' - I , . 1 , . ' 9 Comphments of NICHOLAS COUNTY HOSPITAL Carhsle Kentucky Complxments of BERRY WILSON Electr1calAppl1ances Carl1sle Kentucky Comphments of CAMPBELL BARBER SHOP Carllsle Kentucky Comphments SOUTHERN STATES CARLISLE COOPERATION Phone 87 Carllsle Kentucky Compllments of CARLISLE MILL AND SUPPLY Carhsle Kentucky Compllments of STANLEY CALBRAITH AND John Deere Tractor Internatmonal Trucks Carl1sle Kentucky O HUNT S BARBER SHOP Where part1cular people go Carllsle Kentucky Comphments of DR MORFORD Carlxsle Kentucky Comp11ments of SCOTT'S PRODUCE Poultry eggs and Cream Agent for DeLaval Products Carlxsle Kentucky Comphments of THE CARLISLE MERCURY Quahty Job Pr1nt1ng Carhsle Kentucky Comphments of DR A B PLUMMER Vetermarlan Phone 2771 M111ersburg Kentucky Comphments of R V TURNER Agent for Ralemgh products Carhsle Kentucky , ' of ' ' S , ' , CO. Compliments of . 'V ' IV ' Cornphments of T P SCOTT M D Carhsle Kentucky Congratulatlons from HOBART STOLL Manager your Kroger Store Carhsle Kentucky Comphments of DR B F REYNOLDS CarI1sIe Kentucky Congratulatxons Senmors LOUISE BEAUTY SHOP CarI1sIe Kentucky Cornphments of REX S SHELL SERVICE Shell Gas and O11 Comphrnents of KENTUCKY UTILITIES Phone 339 Carhsle Kentucky Cornphments of EVERETT SMOOT S BARB R SHOP CarI1sIe Kentucky CarI1sIe Kentucky Phone 402 E Comphments of RUTH'S DRESS SHOP CarI1sIe Kentucky Comphtnents of Henry Hale STERLING INSURANCE COMPANY Phone 92W Carhsle Kentucky Cornphrnents of MR GMRS W M LAYSON CarI1sIe Kentucky Cornphments of SPENCER TAYLOR COUNTY JUDGE Carhsle Kentucky Congratulatlons Semors The World 15 now Yours COUNTY AGRICULTURE AND HOME AGENT CarI1sIe Kentucky . . , . . , . l . . . 1 I I ' 1 , - ,W 7 f Y I f I V 2 ' J ' v n 9 n ,KW Compliments of TRACTOR EQUIPMENT CO. North Middleton Kentucky Cornplirnents of M. E. PRUITT Ambulance and Funeral Millersburg, Kentucky Cornpllrncnts f HEDGE S CASH STORE L.1ttle Rock Kentucky Comphrnents of HOME WAREHOUSE Maysvllle Kentucky Cornphrnents of IOURLON I UMIuER COMPANY Phone IZZ 125 Parxs Kentucky Cornpllrnents of SUMMERHAYES LUMBER AND COAL CO Parls Kentucky Cornphrnents of SEXTOIN S GROCERY Complmments of PITTMAN S JEWELERS Compllments of MAIN STREET GARAGE Oldsmobxle Sales 8: Servmce Pans Kentucky Complmnents of WILSON BROS Pans Kentucky Complmments of DORSEY FURNITURE CO Ewerythmng for the home Phone 36 302 Ma1n Street Parls Kentucky C ornphments of PIPES CHEVROLET The best ID every way New and Used Cars Parts 81 Serv1ces Parls Kentucky . X O . I I 7 J 1 I T YI l v Carlisle, Kentucky Carlisle, KSYUUCIQY Comphrnents of F C JOHNSTONS Weldmg and Machlne Shop Parls Kentucky Cornphrnents of 1'HE ARMY GOODS STORE Headquarters of the workxng man Parls Kentucky Comphments of FILER BODY SHOP We take the dents out of accxdents Phone 105 Parls Kentucky Complxments ot BOURBON AGRICULTURE BANK gl TRUST CO Par1s Kentucky Complmments Parls Kentucky Comphments of WOOLSTEIN S Everythlng IH men and Boy s wear Parls Kentucky Cornphrnents of JACK COHAN gl SONS 705 Maln Street Parls Kentucky Phone 535 Cornphrnents of PARIS DAILY ENTERPRISE Parls Kentucky Comp11ments of OTTIE'S SERVICE STATION Standard O11 Products Phone 4171 M111ersburg Kentucky Complxments of T R FARRIS Phone 2451 'vhllersburg Kentucky Connphments of Comphments of BROOKSHIRE GROCERY BOURBON IMPLEMENT 81 WELDING CO Shell Products 32.9 Pleasant St Par1s Kentucky Mlllersburg Kentucky P11036 1555 of w N1cK's RESTAURANT ' ' ' I Cornphments of ELLIS JEWELERS Par1s Kentucky Compllments of DIXIE RES I'AURAN'I Mr 8zMr5 J T Buren 722 Maln St PBTIS Kentucky Comphments of BOURBON LOCKER PLANT 8th and Ma1n Par1s Kentucky Phone 244 Compllments of J K GREER Jeweler and Optornertmst 604 Maxn Street Par1s Kentucky Comphments of GRAY S BARBER SHOP Par1s Kentucky Comphments of MILLERSBURG MARKET M11Iersburg Kentucky Cornphments of R J NIXON Blue Grass Serv1ce Stat1on E Mamn St Par1s Kentucky Cornphments of COLONIAL MILK PRODUCTS Par1s Kentucky Congratulatxons from CYNTHIANA STOCKYARDS INC Cynth1ana, Kentucky Comphments of RIGGLES COAL YARD Cynthlana, Kentucky Comphments of SOUTHERN STATES CYNTHIANA COOPERATIVE, INC Cynthlana, Kentucky Cornphments of M GOLDBERG AND SON Men's Shop Cynth1ana, Kentucky ' Y Q , . . . , . ' ' H ' I y 1 ' x I 1 1 . . . . I . . , Comphments of ROBINSON AND LAIR Prescrxptlon Drugglst Cyntluana Kentucky Phone 255 Comphments of HILL, S P URNITURE STORE Mt Sterhng Kentucky Comphments of HENRYH BRAMBLET Mt Sterhng Kentucky Comphrnents of J C PENNEY CO Mt Sterhng Kentucky Comphrnents of OREAR HARDWARE COMPANY Mi Sterhng Kentucky Comphrnents of THE SUNSHINE INN Mt Sterhng Kentucky A D VICE GROCERY Grocer1es And Meats Mt Sterhng Kentucky W JONESSISON Jeweler Mt Sterhng Kentucky Congratulatxons Semors EXCHANGE BANK OF KENTUCKY Comphments of Member of F D I C MONTGOMERY NATIONAL. BANK Mt Sterhng Kentucky Mt Sterhng Kentucky Comphments Of Comphments of T STERLING NATIONAL BANK BURROW S MEN S SHOP Mt Sterllng Kentucky Maysvllle Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of . . J. . M . ' ' Comphrnents of THE GEORGE H FRANK CO Maysx 1I1e Kentucky Comphndents ot R .I MJRPHY Quahty Jewelers smnce I878 Maysv11Ie Kentucky Cornplmrnents of VICTOR BOGART CO INC Jewelers and Importers Phone 2. 62.30 Lexlngton Kentucky Cornphments of CONWAY S GROCERE FBITVICW Kentucky Comphments of RYLES SERVICE STATION Maysv11Ie Kentucky R Comphments of MAYSLICK BANK MayS11Ck Kentucky Comphments of BLUE LICKS STORE Blue Llcks Kentucky Comphments of HUNSICKER'S MEN STORE Where better apparel cost less Maysvxlle Kentucky Comphments of HOLMES PHARMACY Grass Pa1nt and Wallpaper Mt OI1vet Kentucky Cornphrnents of MOORE S DRY CLEANERS FIern1ngsburg Kentucky H B Moore Prop Congratulatmons Sen1ors McCORMICK CO Mt Sterhng Kentucky Comphments of GERRETT HIGHWAY SERVICE STATION Corner Queen Sz Locust St Mt Sterhng Kentucky , . L I A , ! . I 5 ' I ' Y ' 1 , . R 2 ' " T""'T " "A" ' " . l Y , . ' Y I ll " ' 7 . . ' 9 Comphments of FULLER TIRE AND APPLIANCE Good Year T1re General Electrxc Apphances Mt Sterhng Kentucky Comphments of ELI ROBERTS AND SON Dry Goods Grocemes 8. Meats Phone 2661 Sharpsburg Kentucky Comphrnents of SHARPSBURG BARBER SHOP Sharpsburg Kentucky Everett E Morton Prop Comphrnents of FRANKA WEAVER General Merchandise Mooref1e1d Kentucky Cornphments of JENNINGS GROCERY Ashland Gas and O11 Comphments of CURTIS CANDY CO Comphrnents of STANLEY C WIGGINS Maysv111e Kentucky Congratulatwns To The Senlors gl MRS PITTINGER Pans Kentucky Comphrnents of SHIREI.. WILLS KROGER COMPANY Parxs Kentucky Comphments of PARIS STOCKYARDS Sales Every Frxday Parls Kentucky Cornphments of THE MEN S SHOP Comphments of PEOPLES BANK OF FLEMING CO Flemlngsburg Kentucky ll "Whe1'9 Quahm' Relgn Member of Federal Reserve Phone 3411 Flemlngsburg Kef113UCkY System Headquarters, Kentucky Franchise Salesman, Frank Lynam . ' DR. . I , I . - S ' C ongratulatlonb R P ANDVv J ALEXANDER Carhble Kentucky Phone 509 204 Fa rm custom Dozlng Comphrnents of I-I C GALBRAITH , ? CYFIISIC' Kentucky Cornphments of HARRISON COUNTY RURAL ELECTRIC COOP Member owned and controlled serv1ng Rural areas of N1cho1as County General Cynthlana Kentucky Cornphments of WALTER BRADLEY Merchandlse Coal Llrne Fert1I1zer Moore fxeld Kentucky Compllments of STEWART S FINE FOODS Bob Varner Dxst Salesman Mt Sterhng Kentucky Comphrnents of THE BOURBON HATCI-IERY Pans Kentucky I . . 1 1 ' , I - lv V- y. , 1 , . . s If C 1 1 1 9 1 1 , . , v , . - 2 I Compllments of WILLIAMI' MURPHY D1amonds Watches Jewelry Comphments of Kentucky s Most Modern Beauty School KAUFMAN SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Jewelw RePa1T Sefvlffe 151 1X2 E Ma1n sr Phone 27954 206 Market St Lex1ngton Kentuc ky Maysv1I1e Kentucky Cornphments of Compllments of JOYLAND PARK GORMAN S CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Crushed Stone and R1dCS Danc1ng andSw1mm1ng Ag!-lculture Llme Home of Named Bandg Flerrnngsburg Kentucky Par1s Road Lexmgton Kentucky Comphments of JUDY DRIVE IN THEATRE Mt Sterhng Kentucky "You 11 Love Judy Comphments of Comphments of THE CITIZENS BANK THE MOOREFIELD DEPOSIT BANK Sharpsburg Kentucky Mooref1e1d Kentucky l "Playground of the Bluegrass" I ll Cornp11mcr1t-5 ol MII I ERSBURC APPI IANCE AND If URNI I URL S IORE Phone 4622 Mamn Street M1IIer5burg Kentucky Frank McDan1e1 Owner Coxnplunents ot Cornphrnents of BI UEGRASS TRACTOR CO Chevrolet ealeb 81 Qerwxces Ford Dearborn Tractors Farm Equ1pment Cynthlana Kentucky Phone 648 Cynthlana Kentucky CHEVROLET CompI1ments of TI-IE TRADERS NATIONAL BAINK Slnce 1902 50 years of SSTVICC Mt Sterhng Kentucky Member F D I C Comphments of Cornphrnents of MASON COUNTY IMPLEMENT CO A1115 Chalmer Farm Equxpment TI-IE RELIABLE SHOP STORE Bottle Gas Home Apphances Mayshck, Kentucky Maysv111e, 'Kentucky Phone 2641 CYNTHIANA MOTOR CO, INC. Comp11ments of PARIS MONUMENT WORKS 16th and Mdln Sta Phone Day 78 Nlght 175 1' red W I-I11ke Parls Kentucky Comp11rnents of NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST Parls Kentucky Cornphrnents of FARMERS EXCHANGE BANK and TRUST COMPANY M111ersburg Kentucky Pans Kentucky Member of? D I C Cornpnrnents of I-IANSLEY MILLS INC Pans Kentucky Comp11ments of BOURBON TIRE SERVICE Recapp1ng and Vulcdmzmg Phone 1865 127 Maln St Parls Kentucky co. PEOPLES DEPOSIT BANK Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of CARLISLE DRUG CO. 'Your friendly Rexall Store" SQUARE DEAL CROCERY 126 Main Street Phone 81 RI Phone 61 g Carlisle, Kentucky Carlisle, Kentucky Compliments I-IINKLE CONSTRUCTION Paris Kentucky Compliments of WORICKS GARAGE Paris Kentucky Compliments MILLERSBURG COAL AND LUMBER CO Compliments or PIPES CHEVROLET The Best in every way new and used cars X Parts and service 53ZE Main Paris Kentucky Phone 1265 " ' of CO. ' of Millersburg, Kentucky Compllrnents of SCOTT KENDALL SAI ES CO Conuphments of H T LITTOIN AND SOIN Real Estate Agency and Auchoneer L t R It makes a d1fference Web OC and Insurance C 1 1 Carllsle Kentucky Cornphnaents of THE NICHOLAS COUNTY S'I AR More Folks Read It Carhsle Kentucky Comp11ments of GENE S Radlo and Telev1s1on 'Servlce Bu11t our Buslness Phone 71J or 71R Carhsle Kentucky Confmphrnents of INDEPENDENT WAREHOIJ SE Parls Kentucky Comphments of WILLIAMS RESTAURANT and ICE CREAM BAR Maxn Street Carhsle, Kentucky Il , ' ll 1 ' ar is e, Kentucky ' VI YI Y I I ' ' ' II Y ' ! Y Compllmc nts, of Cornphrrlents to H PUMPHREY DISTRIBUTOR THE SENIORS OP N C H Gulf Ref1n1ng Co P oducts A E KEARNS Carhsle Kentucky Restaurant and Grocery J -'Ja Carhsle Kentucky Comphments of GREEN MILLER SERVICE STATION Standard O11 Products lgmnnhko Car11sIe Kentucky Cornphrnents of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Car11s1e Kentucky Member ofthe F D I C C 1 t omp lmen S Comphments of FUTZ HARDWARE NICHOLAS CO FARM BUREAU ' th f th f d H " Every Ing or e arm an Ome Incurance of all Kmds Phone 101 Carhsle Kentucky Carhsle Kentucky B. . , fun' , , - ?yL I W I ' of I . Compliments of THE DEPOSIT BANK Carlisle, Kentucky Compliments of THOMPSON'S GREEN HOUSE "Flowers for all occasions" Carlisle, Kentucky Compliments of CARI ISLE DRY CLEANING CO Phone 370 Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of DORSEY BROTHERS AND FISHER Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of DOYLEIMOTORS wAsanwssERvM1:sTATKnJ Phone 9 Carlisle Kentucky New and used auto parts IUSEDCARS Phone 318 Carlisle Kentucky ll A8 1 0 ' , H I I ff"-'P'N. r Xxx 1, 4 ' Compliments of Complinients of BROWNING gl McKEE CO, INC. RAZOR ORCHARDS "Remember Bald Hill Apples are better Furniture, Stoves, Rugs Flerningsburg, Kentucky Flemingsburg, Kentucky COmP11m9UIS Of Compliments of BEULAH M HUGHES LERMAN BRQS C11'CU1t Clerk Carlisle Kentucky Carlisle Kentucky Pau1Ga1-1-QU Mgr Compliments of McGINLEY SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe Repair Broadway Carlisle Kentucky fx Compliments of western WESTERIN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Auto Auto Parts and Accessories ASg?g:gu Compliments of MARKVNELL JONES AND CO The Price Wise Store Carlisle Kentucky D , Carlisle, Kentucky ! A YI ' ' V! ' I Cornphments of Dr E Asbury For C1 better Nmholds County coope ate wlth The S011 Conservahon Representatne The Farm Bureau and The Green Pastures Program DR ELSIE ASBURY FOREST RETREAT FARM Carhsle Kentucky Nmcholas County Best Wtshes 'Io The Graduates of '53 BRENT AND COMPANY INC Par1s Kentucky Cornphments of SHEELER LUMBER CO Lets Bulld Together Phones 500 300 Par1s Kentucky Comphrnents of BOND CLEANERS Parts Kentucky Cornphments of TOMMY S ICE CREAM BAR Par1s Kentucky Comphrnents of Compliments of ADAMS AND WATSON DRUGS Rehable Prescr1pt1on Free Delxvery DAUGHERTY PAINT AND SUPPLY CO Fxfth and Maln St 509 Maxn St Par1s Kentucky Phone 100 Par1s Kentucky J . r . 'Q r . . . K ,V V Y l .. J 1 , T , . Y ul ' ' 1 v I 1 -x r . Y Conuphrnenfb 0 P irnurw Depogmt Bank oi Pe iru. Cornphrnentb oi 1- XNI AND CO CAMERON b SIORE, Q10 OOOP1 x1n1urn1n-.ur.,uuL tor Cas O11 Crofc rua e1ch riepo:-lt Myers Kentucky Flgmmngsburo Kentup ky Cornphrnen S of MAFHERS SIIEARER Mortlcmans Carhsle Kentucky Comphrnents of THE. SHERIFI' S Off' ICE Tohnl Chnkenbeard Shemff Tohn Mxlton Fryman Deputy Sherxff Carhsle, Kentucky . 1 '- , , A ' , - Y-' f Y ' -- - 1 ' - ' L . L , N f . f f- I a -7, f 1 I A 1 1 . , - . ., , A HX Q ' 'f 1 f - - 1 ' 'Q it - 1 cn ' , 0 L ' 3 1 1 ...l.-...-.ggqffu Y, .. , W, ,Y ,YY W , ,, ,,,,7, 4,,7 ,,,. ,W W, WW, W, - Q., 4 -. . . J. , . , , L omphmentb of BUNTIN S GARAGE Dodge and D'ymouth Dodge Job Rated Trucks Internatlonal Machxnery Carhsle Kentucky if Cornphrnents TO THE CLASS OF 53 FICHTMASTER Real Estate Agency Carhsle Kentucky Comphments of Favorlte Bread. Tastes Better Toasts Better MANCHESTER BAKING COMPANY Manchester, Oh1o I A. I ll ll K I I 3 C ompl ments ol LEVN IS M CROSLY C, 1rl1-,le Kentucky Cornphments of HARPER S GARAGE Your Ford dealer slnce 1915 N Ford Cars and Trucks Ford Tractors Dearborn 1mplements Complete serv1ce on all makes p 5 X ART X Phone 53 Carhsle Kentucky Complmments of COATNEY BROS GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET Llttle House wlth B1g Eats Carlmsle Kentucky 1 i 1 A ' Q Q , , I . I , , Y Cornphrnents of STANDARD OIL CO E M Snuth Agent Gas O11 Accessorxes Tlres and Tubes ,STANDARD SERVICE Phone 291 Carhsle Kentucky Compllments of WELLS PRODUCE DanE Wells Prop Phone Z1 Carhs le Kentucky Comphments of STONE S SERVICE STATIOIN Gas O11 t1res batterles and accessomes Carhsle Kentucky Compllments of WOODFORD SPEARS AND SONS PQFIS Kentucky Cornphrnents of CITY RADIO SHOP Par1s Kentucky , . I 'Xxx , , . , , 7 , . ' I . I .. . . 7 D ' ' 1 y i l . , , ! I T 1 ! Y ! 7 1 D Congratulatmons to The Sen1or Class of 53 FARRIS STUDIO 512 Ma1n St Par1s Kentucky Compllments of RYE S Featunng Fur Coats Capes Scarfs Apparel and ACCESSOTICS Parls Kentucky Cornphrnents of JAMES I.. GOREY INSURANCE AGENCY All Klnds of Insurance Parls Kentucky Phones 258 1492 BOOSTER PAGE Comphrnents of Campbell s Grocery Paul Garrett Andrew Gray Pauhne Farms Laura Hollar Ruth House Patsy Smoot Hamm s Restaurant Peanut Allmson s Restaur It Betty and Helen K1m s Ethel Caswell Carhsle Carhsle Carlls le Carlxs le Carlxs le Carhs le Carhsle Carhsle Carhsle Car11s1e Carhs le Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky . . I I ' , Emory Clark .............. Carlisle, Kentucky , . 1 I 'l' ....... I , Stoner Inn Jones Serv1ce Statxon BOOST ER PAGE Cornpllments of Chfton Avenue Market Bourbon Produce Noel s Grocery Kadet Inn Harry Duncan Salchh s Bakery Parms Laundry W T Bealert Ch1efofPol1ce Charles P Cook and Co Well s Grocery Ruby sBeauty Shoppe I..ou1s Gordon Awsley Lumber Co Western Auto Assocla Mmss Effle Anderson Mrs Brooks Henson Mrs Ruth Anderson M1ss Kathryn Nxchols te Store Vermon Cralgs Texaco btatlon Mlranda Ande rs on . . . . ..... . . , , . . . . . ..... . . . . . . , ., , . . . . . . ...... . , . . . , ........ , . . . . .... . . . Paris, Kentucky , . , . . ...... . . . . . . , I ' bl h . . - . . . . , . . . . . . . . , - Parls Kentucky Par1s Kentucky PEFIS Kentucky Parls Kentucky Mxllersburg Kentucky Mlllersburg Kentucky Carllsle Kentucky Parxs Kentucky Parls Kentucky Mlllersburg Kentucky M11lersburg Kentucky Mmllersburg Kentucky Cynthlana Kentucky Cynthmana Kentucky Mt Sterhng Kentucky Carhsle Kentucky Car11s1e Kentucky Carhsle Kentucky Carhsle Kentucky Car11sle Kentucky Carhsle Kentucky Compliments of DAMPIER MOTORS Studebaker Farm Mach1nery Sales and Servlce Carhsle Kentucky BOOSTER PAGE Comphments of H G Wh1te Palnt Sr Wallpaper Store Chr1st1ne Orem F I.. Donovan Mason Wh1te V1lla Grocery Jolly s Garage W W Catrom Dr L. B Anderson R P andW J Alexander Wr1ght's Hardware K1rnes and Cameron Sardls Kentucky Flemxngsburg Kentucky Fa1rV1CW Kentucky Mayslxck Kentucky Mayshck Kentucky Wash1ngton Kentucky Maysvxlle Kentucky Carhsle Kentucky Flemmgsburg Kentucky Myers Kentucky , . Mayslick Implement Co. .......... Mayslick, Kentucky YEARIOOKS Hgx fi-Acl.,ef1'Zwu: MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS Ablk' uxdv , 1 K- ,H , i '

Suggestions in the Nicholas County High School - Nicholas Countian Yearbook (Carlisle, KY) collection:

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