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YI I I' 1'5" x '4 1-1' g if!! I :Kj- ...mrs -v Q. . I1 Jil ails nkm-JEFF' S I' qw - . 2 A: ' ' ,i' V , -' Rm hir ..--191, 4 Y i l -i ', N -Szkiiwfl my f 1 2 5' -fe I CX. ,:359":1' f , 4, 1? 2 gli g 1 e 1? H :if 'fflifl -iff-f -wx I' V. I-I 1' 1 ii 5 ' 5 if g E- UQ I: :ig X . Yffli- -LJ , - , if f f 1 1,-11411 '- ' ' Y f If - g T - 4 ' 4 A 421' ", T 2 Q Q if eg i ,N L - fii Qt fggrugj 1 . ' J ' K -J-.. jk. ..- - ' rl' :- VV ' -J ,, ., -.- fi I .35 31 N ' DEDI Tl0 TO THE OLD.. . Y We the Semor Class of Nlcholas of the Nlcholas Counuan to the County l-hgh School dedlcate th1s annual the 1952 edluon parents faculty and all others who have helped to make our hzgh school days such valuable and memorable ones TO THE NEW .... NNU AL TAFF 5 I'X,:. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patsy Fryman ASSISTANT EDITOR Alma D. Hudnall BUSINESS MANAGER Joe Blount ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Jimmy Judge LAYOUT MANAGER June Anderson 1-.K 'EY' Agpmvh'-v X ao. . my, N ASSISTANT LAYOUT MANAGER Billy Doyle ART EDITOR Josephine Fryman ADVERTISING MANAGER Ann Fryman LITERARY EDITOR Margaret Crouch ADV ISOR John Scanlon JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Jane Vice x I I Gerald Watkins This page sponsoredby GIFFIN MFG. CO., INC., Carlisle, KY- aa? U , AD INISTR TIO NICHOLAS SCHOOL COU TY SUPERINTENDENT BOARD or EDUCATION Dan E Wells elected member 1938 1942 1946 1950 Chauman 1939 1947 1951 Mrs Howard Irvm elected member 1938 1942 1946 Vtce , Chatrman 1939 1943 1947 PGS Reynolds Gaunce elected member 1940 1944 1948 """ B S Stephenson appotnted February 1945 elected 1948 Vtce Charrman 1951 Eugene Letcher elected member 1948 t - f Raymond I Wesley The Ntcholas County Board of Educatton durtng tlus school year has been composed of outstandtng ctttzens of Ntcholas County Each member of the board ts a member of one of the churches of Ntcholas County and takes an acttve part tn church affatrs In addttton to church acttvtttes all members serve tn tmportant places tn the clubs lodges communtty organtzattons and many other worthwlule efforts that are made for the betterment of Ntcholas County In transacttng the bustness of the schools and tn adapung the poltctes for the operatton of the schools the board has always functtoned as a un1t and 'kept tn mtnd the needs of all the schools of Ntcholas County as one school system Under thetr co operattve admmtstratton tt has been posstble to strtve for htgher standards for the education of the youth of Nicholas County and to provtde better educatton factlttxes and opportumttes for all children s H ' Z - - - ' ' ' R 4 ' n 1 ' ' ' U 5 - . - n H , ' V V I Russell S. Wills: elected member 1950. HENRY HALE Principal ROBBIE HARXEY Science fOh5 :CABLON English JANE STUMP Music ALPHA BRIERLY Commerce N 2 -ws 'r . 'RX Q, hw .. ,Q -V , 'T r 'N . K v- ,-.5 fa, , 'H "ff - X Q - - hr if :ft '65 55 N -s':'...s .',-T0 J 1 -i 5' inf TTC' Q . 4 452. is P . QI: 45, Y S l, X. F CHA?LES FINNELL Coach ETHEL BOTTS Mathematics JEWELL ELLIS Home Economics GLADYS KENNEY Social Science TRUMAN RICHEY Librarian LILLIAN FERGUSON Grades 6 SL 7 JEANETTE WALLACE Grade 3 JANE GAFFIN Grade 1 RICHARD HOWARD Associate Teacher of Agriculture MARION ROBERTS Assistant Teacher of Agriculture s . F75 vin I 4.- J... I IQ. , . 1' osx I fi ,T LA fb l , y 4 if , A ' C on. 'Dfw V.. 3 1 AWS' 54 af" U 4- s 1 v azlq S. 5 in--.. af L F 4 I 5.72 Z I ff - H I. I 1 Q 'V' it 3. J s IP" ,4'W 5 Bfj. LAURA MATHES Grades 4 8: 5 FLEET ALLISON Grade 2 JOHN ADAMS Head Teacher of Agriculture ALBERT LEE .ssociate Teacher of Agriculture A. I. THAXTON Assistant Teacher of Agriculture -l2rl1UC'.-lm r"-OZCOG Y' P" 1 , 1. . . O . . I I I , J x . . ' R . . n' fl. I Y: 4,5 Q ' . f I I f I I I I I A A A I , , - - ' A 3 . - . lil ku' . ' ' . 'sf Q , . ' ' . K G Qi ts :sw ' .. 7,5 -. of ,. ' . , fag, , .. . , , mpg Appr'-fa 3 . a "LA G' ' ' 'X s .. , ' lg 2 e ,v . 0 -'A-Q A", - . , 3 X ' . e V 1 U- 4 :lf - L' ' .. 5 - 74 tA,V ' '4 ,H U A b h I , 1, at ' 'Ev nw , 4. . , ft A 2 'ff EL If ' . 3,3 4 fr if as h - , - u 1 l ' 'A 1 V K G ' en. E M4 g 3 3 x K wha ,i L! 1 I 5 my , LEFT TO RIGHT Luther Wrlson Kennetl Baker Gerald Hughes Jrmmy Judge Marjorle Hamm Jane Vrce Gerald Watktns Anna Lee Hollar Vtrgrma Rerd Shtrley Iennrngs Margaret Crouch Secretary Anne Colhns Donnre Gaunce Pres1dent was not present when the prcture was taken NICIIULAS C UNTY BREEZER STAF Edrtor rn Chtef Bonnre Rttclue Features Anne Colltns Asststant Ednor Harvey Wrlson Dome Shaw News Edrtor Polly Wagoner Productron Mgr Margaret Crouch Sports Edrtor Gerald Watkms Advertrsrng Mgr Peggy Maffett Reporters Alma Hudnall Bobby Shrout Anna Mae Fryman Turner Shannon BradleyLogan Advlser Mr Scanlon 'gy -S T --'www mp, Thxs page 15 sponsored by LERMAN BROTHERS Carltsle Kentucky TUDE 'I' BUDY C UNCIL 'M lv I' 1,51 Roume Karim lreasurer Harvey Wllson Presxdent Johnny Fryman V1cePres1dem Luther Wllson Reporter Tommy McCarty Secretary LIBR RY STAFF -'-1 N ig I LIBRARIAN Mlss Truman R1chey STAFF Lucille Crouch Mary McCarty Sue Shrum Iewe11Morr1s Iewel1K V1ce Lenore R.1ChCY La Vonne Taylor Ruby Manley Wilma Gaunce Iuamta Caswell Norma Mynear Lynwood Roe Patsy Crawford Mxldred Flora .zu I - X 2 u f 1 ix ., -. ---- -A I ,N v , . 1 l . r' 'L' Q. IZ ' . 'KL ' A 1 Q TN" . ' ." I ' - In , ' I . P Y 'K I lj, ' 4 .A . 'f i.azf1fz5Si y . f ' 71+ ' ' 3 A J R X . ,' ' , 1 f I I I I U I l f . ASS Ill TORY CLASS HISTORY As we near the end of our last year of school we look back over our hlgh school days wrth fond memorres and deep regret for we are sorry to leave the school whrch has been home to us for the past four years In the fall of 1948 there were 54 very green and scared Freshmen who enrolled at what was then known as Headquarters Hrgh School We spent a very uneventful frrst year 1n hrgh school We lost several students durrng the course of the year and the followlng summer When we returned rn the fall of 49 there were only 40 of us left Mlss Ethyl Botts was our home room teacher Class Offrcers were June Anderson Presrdent Johnny Fryman Vrce Presrdent Patsy Fryman Secretary Paul McNees Treasurer We rarsed some money by grvrng a box supper The proceeds of rhrs event helped to frnance a trrp to Crncrnnatl where we vrsrted many hrstorrcal scenes and attended a baseball game We lost more of our classmates durmg the vear and at the begrnmng of our Junror year there were only 31 members who returned Whereas our Freshman year was uneventful our Junror year was full of excrtement and fun We produced a play entrtled The Blue Bag whrch was a brg success The funds netted from thrs venture mto the realm of the dramatrc arts frnanced our trrp to Mammouth Cave In the sprlng of 50 we went to Natural Brrdge w1th the Senlor Class Th1S was one of the best years we have spent rn school and we were sorry to leave rt behmd us Our Class Offrcers for the year were Donme Gaunce Presrdent Harvey W11S0r1 Vrce Presrdent Alma Hudnall Secretary Patsy Fryman Treasurer June Anderson Song Leader Joe Blount Reporter and Jenrungs Mattox Sergeant at Arms Mrss Botts moved up wrth us and was agarn our sponsor Although we were sorry to leave the old Junlor room behrnd we were glad to have t.he precrous name of Senror flnally bestowed upon us When we returned to school rn September 1951 we found that we were to have two new teachers as sponsors Mrss Jane Stump and Mr Charles Flnnell We elected Donnre Gaunce Patsy Fryman, Johnny ryman June Anderson Alma Hudnall Jennrngs Mattox and Ruby Smrth as offrcers for the year We pubhshed thrs annual under the gurdance of Mr John Scanlon who along wlth Mlss Stump drrected and produced our Semor play We also managed the concessrons at the ballgames durlng the basketball season As we were measured for our caps and gowns the realrzauon suddenly struck us that thls was truly to be our last year of high school We were sad at the thought of leavrng but we could not help reahzrng that we are now grown men and women As such we must face the future wrth warm courage and lugh hopes for we are the future crtrzens of Amerrca , y K . X . x l 1 x , 1 1. 1. , 1. . 11 1. , , ' 1 1. .1 - - - - , . . . , ' l . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' I - -1 11 ' - - . . , . . . . , ' l ' I ' ' Q 1 I 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 , v 1 ' - - ' ' 11 - 1- 1 1 1 v - ' 1 I , I I I ' ' 1 1 1 - 1 I ' 1 ' I I . ,wg Q: 25 2. 1, . 5 . ful. Qvx XJ fb' ' X' Ts SENIOR GFFI ERS DONNIE GAUNCE President F.F.A., 1,2,3,45 Pep Club, 2.3.45 Basketball. 1, 2.3.45 Student Council. 3,45 Class President, 3.45 Annual Staff. 3.45 F.T.A., 2.3.45 Parlimentarian. 3,45 Breezer Staff, 35 Fish and Game Club. 1,23 4-HC1ub. 1.2. JOHNNY FRYMAN Treasurer F.F.A. 1.35 Pep Club. 2.3.45 Basketball. Fish and Game Club. 1,25 F.T.A. 2.3.45 Vice-Presi- dent, 35 Reporter. 45 Student Body. Vice-President, 45 4-H Club 1.25 Beta Club, 2.3.4. PATSY FRYMAN Vice-President F.H.A. , 1.2,3.4g Reporter. 35 President. 45 Cheer- leader. 3,45 Pep Club, 2,3,45 Annual Editor. 45 Assistant Editor Paper Staff. 35 Library Staff. 15 Class Secretary, 25 Treasurer, 35 Vice-President,4. ALMA HUDNELL Reporter F.H.A., l.2,3.45G1ee Club. 1.2.3,43 F.T.A., 2, 3.45 Treasurer. President, 35 Beta Club. 2.3.45 Annual Staff. 3.45 Assistant Editor, Annual. 45 Junior Representative, 35 Breezer Staff. 45 Class kRe- porter 45 Secretary, 35 4-H Club. 15 Library Staff. 25 Pep Club. 2.3.4. JUNE ANDERSON Secretary F.H.A., 1,2,3.4g Song Leader, lg Vice-President. 35 Parliamentarian. 45 Beta Club. 2.3.4. Glee Club. 1.2,3.45 Pep Club. 2.3.45 President. 45 Annual Staff, 45 Layout Manager5 Class President. 25 Song Leader. 35 Secretary, 45 4-H Club. 1. IESSINGS MATTOX Song Leader F.F.A.. Basketball Manager 2.35 Glee Club. 1,2.3,45 Class Song Leader, 45 Sergeant-av Arms, 3. ,- vw . J,,,,.,, 5. iq ,Q I-v Q 9 W' 's '1 Ji V-MQVO ibm , 1 1 4 '- , ,QQ X -5'-r u is - SENIUR JOE BLOUNT . ,vw 4- F.F.A. 1,2.3,4. Pres.. 4. Beta Club. 3.4. Vice Pres. . 4. Basketball. 1.2.4. Glee Club. 4. Business i' .5 Mgr. , Annual Staff. 4. Class Reporter. 3. pvx - f ik me--f 1, XR MARGARET cnoucu A 'fa .A. 1.2. Pep Club. 2.3.4. 4-H. 1.2.3. Beta Club, 2.3.4. Annual Literary Editor. 4. Business Mgr. Breezer Staff. 4. Student Council. Secretary. M S., DOUGLAS CLAY " " A ,vm -mp. 'IA F.F.A.. Pep Club, 3.4. N " ' A V is' . BILLY DAVIS X .F.A.. 1. G1eeC1ub, 1.2.3,4. Pep Club. 2.3.4. X . ANNE COLLINS F.H.A., F.T.A.. 2.3.4. Treasurer, 2.3. Reporter, 3. President, 4. 4-H. 1. Glee Club. 1.2.3. 4. Student Council. 3.4. Pep Club. 2.3.4. Cheer- leader. 4. Beta Club. 2.3.4. Paper Staff. 4. Class Secretary. 1. Library Staff 1. JIMMY DENTON F.F.A., 1,2 Pep Club. 1 Glee Club 1 4 1 J Nt' 'K I "-1 1-vs f .s, SENIOR F.F.A.. 3, Pep Club, 2,3-.49 Glee Club, 1,2,3,4g' Assistant Layout Mgr. Annual Staff, 4. ' 91' am' JOSEPHINE FRYMAN F.H.A., 1.2, Pep Club, 2.3.4, Glee Club, 2.3.4, Annual Art Editor, 4. JEAN EARLYWINE 'dm 4311 L-o"x iff' I uf F.H.A. , 1,2,3,4g Vice President, 45 Glee Club, 2, 3.4, Pep Club, 2,3.4. TOMMY GRIMES F.F.A. , 1,2.3gG1ee Club, 2,3gBasketba11. 1,2.3.4. ANN FRYMAN F-H-A.. 1.2,3.4g Pep Club, 2.3.45 Glee Club, 4, Cheerleader, 3.4, Beta Club, 3.4, Secretary, 4g 4-H 1.2, Annual Advertising Manager, 4. JIMMY JUDGE F.F.A.. 1,2,3,4g Secretary, 4g Pep Club, 2,3,4g Fish and Game Club, 1,25 Beta Club. 2.3.4, Assist- 5' ant Business Manager, Annual Staff, 4, Glee Club, J Q ' is SENIOR ,a .7 n fo ' JERRY KIMES F.F.A., 1, Pep Club, 2,3,4. BONNIE RITCHIE F.H.A.. 1,2,3,4g Pep Club, 2,3,4g F.T.A., 4 Beta Club, 2,3,4, Glee Club, l.2.3,4,4 H, 1,2,.3. 45 Editor, Breezer Staff, 4. Q? 4 "' S.. fag. ,K FAYE LETCHER F.H.A.. 1,2.3,4g Glee Club, 1,2,3,4g Class Song ue. X r Leader, 1.2, Pep Club 2,3,4. fag' S iff- ' LYNWOOD ROE Library Staff, 1,2,4gG1ee Club, 1,2.3,4g Pep Club, 2.3.4. BILLY MATTOX F.F.A.. 1.2,3,4g Secretary. 33 Vice President, 4: Reporter, 2, Glee Club. 3: Basketball. 1.2.3. ROY SAPP F.F.A.. Basketball Manager, 2.3.4, Pep Club, 2.3.4, Fish and Game Club, 1.2. If-"T x Y -vt -Q I 'tv- Mih wr, ! . -- , , . . T5-'XNSQ' X - .f " " 4 yi-1,.,ig.5Z-if gd , , Q-:I-Q1-j.':,' -' .x55.y, 1 5 ' .--:.f.-1. v-.N -", , if ft 'T .x ,V 14 Eff fig 3 :',,f0.'.-- -' 33323 '- tV1:lf."" - 'I2..""'I.4 H 'fmflff 91 1: - 5n....-- I . , x -5 SENIOR 2. Y. l gg - DOTTIE SHAW as ' 1-4 V F.H.A., Pep Club. 2.3.4, Glee Club, 2, -... 3,43 Breezer Staff. 45 4-H, 1,2,3.4gC1ass Sergeant- , I ' at Arms. 2. ' WAYNE SPEGAL f I F.F.A., 3,4gG1ee Club, 2.3. K fl, 5 I , I X , ' -ss 1. Qu pi GRACE SMITH 'VX ,vs F.H.A., G1eeC1ub, 1,2,3,4g Pep Club, in 2.3.45 4-H Club, 1.2.3,4. 'sf " JEWELL WAGONER F.H.A.. 1.2,3,4g Glee Club. 2.3.43 Pep Club, 2, 3.4. RUBY SMITH F.H.A., 1,2.3.4: Pep Club. 2,3,4gG1ee Club, 1, 2.3.4, Library smff, 3. Class Sergeant-at-Arms, 4. HARVEY WILSON F.F.A.. 1.2.3. Pep Club. 2.3.4. Student Body Class Vice President. 3g Assistant Editor. Breezer Staff. 4. President. 43 Fish and Game Club, 1,23 Basketball. ffl 5 ' 'ht 4.1- iv" x.. A 1 5 5 ASS 1 PROPHE MARFUEO As we gaze rnto our magrc crysral ball we can sec ren years rhtad tnto the future l1w Cs of the ktdS who graduated from Ntcholas Countv Htgh School Cl rss of J The frrst thang we see rs Tommy Grlmes oper rung 1 shoe rcpatr shop rn Cleveland Ohto A stgn hangs over the door readmg No Job too large no job too small Grtmts Frxes cm all We read tn the papers that Ruby Smlth newest 'I V Sensatlon has suffered a manor rnjury durtng her last rehearsal She wtll soon be up md about though What s thtso Row bapp has just completed the flrst successful rocket trap to thc moon Only ont catch however he can t get back No gas stattons up there We are surprrsed to hear that Dottte Shaw now an up andcomtng vetertnartan has receaved wtde acclatm for betng the attendtng horse doctor at the btrth of qutntuplet calves at Roanoke Vtrglnta Here comes M C Stlvers through the mrst He has on has new usher s untform He won the job at the Opera House Theatre by catchtng the rat wtth the lucky numbe on tts back We see someone readtng the latest best seller I Know Who Threw the Overalls tn Mrs Murphy s Chowder Who wrote rt'7 Why Faye Letcher of course We are not surprtsed to see that Lynwood Roe IS the new star of the Kentucky Wtldcats He succeeded btg B111 Sprvey We see Mr and Mrs Bally Mattox fthe former Jewell Wagonerj dolng a thrtvtng bustness wtth thetr new Drrve rn and Super Market at Possum Hollar We see that June Anderson who for the past ftve years has been teachtng the art of Modem Danctng at Ntcholas County Hrgh School ts dotng very well at her chosen professron The new Nrcholas County Judge 1S betng sworn an Why tt s Iennrngs Mattox He plans to curb reck less drrvrng at once He has as has slogan A lrcense a day taken away We see Patsy Fryman operatmg a thrtvtng Day Nursery at Carltsle Her polrcy IS Hot bottles every hour all changes made promptly Our Pat has always been fond of chlldren Btlly Doyle once our quretest student ts now chtef aucttoneer at Keeneland Horse Sales Alma Dean Hudnall and Margaret Crouch are operattng The Turkrsh Bath House where you can sweat away your troubles every day from 7 to 9 They boast many of thetr old school frtends as steady customers We aren t surprtsed to see that the new comedy team that has rocked New York and left Dean Marttn and Jerry Lewxs selltng peanuts and apples ts none other than our own Btlly Davrs and Jerry Krmes Stall at at eh boys? We see that our agrrcultural expert, Irmmy Judge has just rnvented a very useful arttcle- a mtlktng machtne for goats What next? X S , . , 4 . ' ' , . 'FO i Y , A n t A. L . . , . ' y ' s s ' s ' s ' ' ' V ' . , . . . , . , ' 4 1 , . ' ' 1 ' ' s s ' - ' . Y. , . , . ............ ..... . I I , . . . I A , . . . , . . , . . . . . . , . - . , . x , . . D I ' . . . A . ' I I Wrestling fans were very much surprised last month when newcomer Bonnie Ritchie took the title away from former women's champ Mildred Burke. Bonnie was one of the most brilliant students in the class of 1952. What is this? A speck on the crystal ball? No, it's Joe Blount, the new singing sensation. In case any old friends want to drop him a fan letter, his stage name is Joe Notsohotra. Donnie Gaunce is coming through the mist of the crystal ball. He is driving a huckster cart pulled by a one- eared mule. It seems that he secured a regular run from Barterville to Saltwell after his graduation from Okla- homa A St M. Well, well, look at Ann Fryman's alligator farm in Florida. She has been retailing the creatures to mer- chants for shoes and handbags. We feel that her business would be a bigger success if she would kill the animals before she ships them. We see that the Jackstown Chamber of Commerce has elected Wayne Speagle official "Welcome to Visitors" Chairman in that metropolitan area. We understand that there is only one girl in our class slated to be an old maid ---- Anne Collins. We see her as the feature editor of "True Confessions". We look in on a run-down shack in Coyote Trail, Wyoming and we are surprised to learn that it is the home of Jimmy Denton, his wife, and the seven little "Dents". Jean Earlywine, who got her start at Lerman Brother's, has attained wide fame as a fashion model. Atpre- sent she is employed at the Power's Modeling Agency in New York City. Johnny Fryman, still very much the Lady's Man, is preparing to wed a wealthy French countess fwe can't re- her namej. This is Johnny's 6th try at marital bliss. The ball seems to be focusing on a lovely new night club. It's "The Silver Slipper" and it's run by Grace Smith. Newsboys are yelling the headlines of the extra that has just hit the streets. "Daredevi1 Wilson Crosses Niagara on a Bicycle." Good old Harvey. Lots of astonishing things are happening, but this beats them all ...... Douglas Clay, the famous Disc-Jockey, is signing off after his "Doug1as for Dimple Doughnuts" program which is broadcast every evening over Station WBMR in St. Louis, Missouri. We see in the "Star" that Captain and Mrs. Mert Jackson fthe former Josie Frymanj are spending a 30 day furlough with their parents. They have just returned from a 2 year assignment in Toocold, Siberia. 1"" fs - . " '11 " , . in ,JL 1 'N ASS WILL We the 1952 graduating class of Nicholas County High School being of sound rnrnd and body do hereby make md declare this to be our last will and testament hereby revoking all former wrlls made by or for us To the frculty we leave our deepest thanks ind apprecr rtron for all th rt they have done or tried to do for us during our four years of high school To the Juniors we leave all the Senior privileges which we have enjoyed so much To the Sophomores we leave our hope that they will have as much fun rn the next two ye rrs as we have a To the Freshmen we crn leave only our sympathy for the three years rhead of them rlong wrth the assurance that never again will they be called Green Freshmen Having made these bequests we proceed wrth the rndrvrdual bequests Caswell RUBY SMITH wrlls her wrllowy figure and her discarded boy friends to Lucille Crouch FAYE LETCHERw11ls her ambition to reach 5 1 and her positron on the girl s basketbal team to Bonrrre Lou Price JEWELL WAGONER wrlls her red harr and brown eyes to Marylene Watkins GRACE SMITH wrlls her lack of abrlrty to lure the boys to Jewell Morris BILLY DAVIS wrlls hrs Gregory Peck profile to Television Scott PATSY FRYMAN wrlls her leadership qualrtres pep and energy to Virginia Reid LYNWOOD ROE wrlls hrs courae rn contradicting hrs teachers to Delano Smoot DOUGLAS CLAY wrlls hrs unrque abrlrty to drrve a car without brakes to Brlly Marshall ' TOMMY GRIMES wrlls hrs abrlrty to skip class and get by with rt to Phil Hrllock DOTTIE SHAW wrlls her pleasant personality and extensive wardrobe to Jane Vrce BONNIE RITCHIE wrlls her life long ambition to be a concert pranrst to Betty Lynn Jacobs ANN FRYMAN wrlls her giggles to Mildred Flora WAYNE SPEAGLE wrlls hrs5TUDIES to Tommy McCarty JERRY KIMES wrlls hrs abrlrty to Parlez vous like a native to Buck Watkins BILLY MATTOX wrlls hrs abrlrty to drrve an Offenshouser No 1 at the Cincinnati Race Bowl to Layne Hollar s Z 1. L 1 ' 1 ' . , , 1 s y L - . ' K s k . L 1 4 I I 1 , A x 1 I rr ' h el. ' s s 1 ' ' ' ' 1 s JOSEPHINE FRYMAN wills her artistic ability and her abrlrty to remain true to one boy to Juanita Y. 1 1 4 4 A I - I O JLAN EARLYWINF wills her pleasant ptrsonalrty and jet black hlrr to Evelyn McDonald ANNE COLLINS wills her engaging grin to Shrrltv Jennings he r dimples to Marjorie Bradlf v and her flirty attitude to Della Mae Greene JENNINGS MATTOX wills his curly locks to Edgar Boyd DONNIE GAUNCE wrlls h1s glorious basketball career to Ward Shannon HARVEY WILSON wrlls his ability to be the all round guy to Cene Ritchie ALMA DEAN HUDNALL wills her love for sailors to Sue Shrum JIMMY DENTON wills his promptness and attentrveness IH class to Sterling Hollar JOE BLOUNT wills his abrlrty to bc a true friend to Marlon Brady JIMMY JUDGE wills his ambltron to reach 6 feet to Kenneth Baker ROY SAPP wills his expert driving ability to Franklin Clay JUNE ANDERSON w1lls her blushes and cute grin to Polly Wagoner BILLY DOYLE wllls his polite atutude and courtesy to the teachers to Bobby Shrout MARGARET CROUCH wills her Job in Lexmgton to Wilma Jo Gaunce MARION STIVERS wills his studrous att1tude and love for his books to Johnny Lowe Slgned Graduates of 52 Nicholas County Hlgh School iv '33 Xls, 7 JOHNNY FRYMAN wills his ability to woo the women to David Baker. R ,, l- - l- S. 1 XF, J x, var ' 1- FIRST ROW, LEFT RIGHT: Evelyn McDo1 Jewell Morris, Jane Vice, Mi Flora, Ruby Manley, Sue Sh Marjorie Bradley, Mary McCarty, N Mynear, Polly Wagoner, Anna Wilson. SKI , ROW: Miss Ethyl Botts, Gerald Watkins, David Baker, fo Phil Hillock, Billy Scott, Donald Hamm, Marion Brady, Edgar Boyd, Delano Smoot, JohnnylLowe, Ward an Shannon, Harold Hamm. THIRD ROW: Garner Ritchie " Luther Anderson, Wilma Gaunce, Peggy Maffett, Juanita Caswell Theresa Hardin, Patsy Crawford, Joy Shrout, Virgaleen Sorrell, Gerald Hughes, Sterling Hollar, Mr. John Scanlon. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Shrout Wilburn Grimes, Jean George, Jean Tincher, Layne Hollar, Ray Dixon Frances Alexander, Marylene Watkins, Tom McCarty, Jim Woodward. OFFICERS: President. . . . . Gerald Hughes Vice President. . - Gerald Watkins Secretary . . - - ' Jane Vice Treasure, I , , . . Ward Shannon Reporter ..... - Bobby Shrout Sargeant at Arms. . . .Sterling Holla' Song Leader' . . ....... Polly Wagoner Spgnsors , , . . Miss Ethyl Botts, Mr. Scanlon This page is sponsored by the C. C. COLE. CO. . Carlisle, Kentucky A o mx . 'V FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Webb, Betty F. Stephenson, '- Virginia Reid, Barbara Iones, Dora Merrell, li' ' Shirley Bussell, Colleen Roe, Lenore Richey, Hilda Watkins. SKZOND ROW: Miss Jewell Elliss, Kenneth Hardwick, Charles Rose, Gene Ritchie, John "N Jacobs, Allen Earlywine, William Hubbard, Royce George, Marvin Fryman, Billy Tincher, B.F. Howard, Garnett Gray, , Kenneth Baker, Mr. Henry Hale. THIRD ROW: Johnny King, Betty Dampier, Anna Mae Fryman, Peggy Small-, Drusie Hudnall, Shirley Jennings, Virginia Stivers, Shirley Shaw, Dottie Bretz, Bobby Moore, Bobby Bowles. FOURTH ROW: Della Mae Greene, Bonnie Spencer, Bonnie Price, Jewell Davis, LaVonne Taylor, Alma McCarty, Lucille Crouch, Uramae Horsenian. OFFICERS: President. . . . Shirley Jennings Vice President. . , , ,Johnny King Secretary - . . Dottie Bretz Treasurer . . . Colleen Roe RCPOHCF - - . Anna Mae Fryman Song Leader . . . Bonnie Price Sponsor . . . . ............ . Miss Jewell Ellis This page is sponsored by COLE HARDWARE, Carlisle, Kentucky S f! FRESHME FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Wilcoxson, Allen Bowles, Frank Conyers, Vernon Wagoner, Russel Dixon, Jackie Tincher. SIKZOND ROW: Helen Morris, Patsy Tedder, Jeamle Fryman, Anna Lee Hollar, Alma Dturcan, Hazel Caudil, Thelma Brierly, Ruth Wagoner, Linda Terrell, Patsy Asbury, Dena Divelly, Mary Alice Smoot, Ann Curtis. THIRD ROW: Mr. John Adams, Kenneth Maze, Tommy Livingood, Donald Davis, Jewell Vice, Elmo Myers, Ray Anderson, Billy Keen Anderson, Wayne Davis, Ronnie Ratliff, Samual Ritchie, James Snapp, Byron Fryman. FOURTH ROW: Innes Feeback, William Crump, Donnie Gillispie, Dudley Burke, Billy Lynam, Turner Shannon, Luther Wilson, Spears Collins, Elmer T. Clavell, Ralph Taylor, Bobby Brady. FIFTH ROW: Bonnie Bradley, Janice Feeback, Coretta Vice, Betty Lynn Jacobs, Josephine McKee, Norma Ann Whitaker, Faye Ann Judge, Thelma Flora, Maxine McCarty, Lorena Clavell, Buby Bartlett, Mayme Fryman, Bettye Vice. V OFFICERS: President. . . . Luther Wilson Vice President. . , Byron Fryman Secretary . . . Billy Anderson Treasurer. . . . Josephine McKee' Reporter .... , Turner Sh,-mngn Sargeant at Arms. . ................ Ronnie Ratliff This page is sponsored by DAMPIER MOTORS, Carlisle, Kentucky SNA HES and SNAPSHOT 0 I-L'-Q 'mf Aw 041 THE GANG S ALL HERE OR WHAT A CREW' KIND TO ANIMAL WEEK ROGUE S GALLERY? WAITING FOR A BUS? A I, ' QM I -' V' , I 'A A 01 I Q . J, I' 57 R' A F5 ffm! Q f - :Ji ky T. I ' A v I . if I ' oo " L' H ,I LM WT! V f , M I 'Q' ,Q P - ' , . 005524 6' 34008, I L Q . ' 1, ' M .. 'Y' ff , JH,-fn' . Y Ar! ' A 3 BE swf A 'i - M' , ol - , Q' Z. A ' . 1, 424 . .A r P. -T 1, af vb Q u i , I ,A .I ' Ki..-.. SNAT HES f,,.? X V I ' f',AS I 'gif 3,6 To F " DIGNIFIED SENIORS, OR WHAT WITH THIS PICTURE? and 93 'S WRONG I WHEW, WHAT A TRIP! . I, -0 SNAPSHOT F ..r" .- I, 4 " - n I . ' is 1 WATCHING THE BIRDIE 'W F' ' G Vi U E S S x W H I - O s I rf, A --Q -., A :H Gulf: ,fi F"- Hn R 43' M553 'G after' Cf. fs 'Sh fits-"ff gr K IMG Mxss Roberta Harney and Mrs Gladys Kenney Sponsors JSM., nr-H Q x L. We 'inn sfk. lhlv 'gn I Mrs. Lxlhan Ferguson, Teacher Thxs page is sponsored by BUNTINS GARAGE, Carhsle, Kentucky gl! ix Mrs. L X 5 ,. aufa M ' fl awe-Y, Tea S' P A X 1 I sq A ' 3 51 1 ,3 Sponsored by: ALAS and PALAS RESTAURANT Cynthiana, Kentucky fy 55 Y MIS v ii bi If 344' ' .. 1, ' , . A '5 J' r J 4 u. .f"-1 S? F 2 P 1 Z Xfhxss Yxeex 1 P-960 eacxxei I' Q 5 0. U f pk 4' if I 4, YV in 'ie2CVe't Sponsored by- ix ' e G3 SPRING GROVE DAIRY YMSSVW Flemmgsburg. Kentucky BETA CLUB 3 FIRST ROW Ann Fryman Secretary Joe Blount Vrce Presrdent Patsy Fryman une Anderson Treasurer Polly Wagoner Song Leader SECOND ROW Jewell Morrrs Anne Colhns Johnny Fryman Margaret Crouch Alma Hudnall Jrmmy Judge Reporter Bonn1eR1tch1e M1ssEr.hy1Botts Sponsor TUBE TEACHERS of MERICA .wa-udqg W LEFT TO RIGHT Shuley Jennrngs Treasurer Drusre Hudnali Vrce Presrdent Polly Wagoner Secretary Anne Colhns Presrdent Johnny Fryman Reporter Donme Gaunce Parhamentarran was not present when the prcture was taken This page sponsored by BOURBON LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS, Carlisle Ky 1 I ! A 1 ' V P 'KJ' : , E 3 , I I I , I , 3 , - 2 ' . ' . . . . ' , L . . . I . , . r ' A r su' .0 V A 5 R -ei Jig ' nf. ., V . . ' 'f A v . ' s N.. . .. q 4,,r:,-7M f ls " 15 ' " . , '51 ,dt 1.1-' we ' V . A' J Q-.-sy, ' N 5. , , l I ' A V r ' i - ' ,. r l : . . ' Z . , . . S ' I , 2 I , . , ' I , , . Future Homemakers of America -vans'-' fa'i?g. fp!!! Fil LEFT TO RIGHT June Anderson H1stor1an Polly Wagoner Treasurer La Vonne Taylor Reporter Jean Earlywrne Vrce Presldent Patsy Fryman Presrdent Alma Hudnall Parhamentarran Marylene Watkrns Secretary LenoreR1chey Song Leader M1ssJewe11E111s Sponsor Future Farmers of America lla LEFT TO RIGHT B111y Mattox, Vrce Presrdent, Mr John Adams, Sponsor, Irmmy Judge, Secretary Joe Blount, Presrdent, Gerald Hughes, Reporter, Gerald WaLk1ns, Sentrnel. Bobby Shrout, Treasurer 0 ' "' " ""'r"-' -"-1 , ,A , -v--r-w-gg-v"fv-r-f--- - .- . y A A? Jil sx . 1 - 2513 A Q ' 1 'I 4. X T Wg V ., 4 I rf V' ig K Y ' " df I '- Q , 3 ' ' U , ' 1- T ,,g,4,l...,,af . 2 y ,I ', , , xl 4 V A . sf I , ', I V i y if ' .N',,j, A V. L as 3 A L Q, . . 1 'f Wy ,- ' . .., Q -" ' ,, 4 4 E g 'Q Q, 1 '- i. ' 'fli"' . ' V 1 ' l J' ix S- ' . ' ' a ,L I L ' O 1 '. 1 i 3 V 3 0 T' GLEE C U 4 Miss Jane Stump, Director QV' Q IA . T U4 'lr ., - 9803 ww xX Y OW! 14 lr Qaiiexx U 8171004 Ybggi 064314 sg xiao - W 96 614, . lqs lfrhold H Q02 QW 01-d 57,8 01700 C Nl FTIRIA S'I AFF ,r W9 LEFI TO RIGHT Mrs Mtller Mrs Snapp Mrs Conyers Mrs Stephenson Mr Snapp Huddre to those who know h1m has been a member of the school staff for several years H rs tn charge of the care and mamtenance of the blllldlllg He 15 also 1n charge of showing movtes and ts an expert at handhng the projector If CUSTODIAN .f xlln 1 Y ' Hudson Snapp , 1 " ' I 1 I 7. A J .5 i t Q h 1 ' 31 3 5 H xg is 2 x , 15" P 4 -,-X -- wx, . . .QA Al l ' ' , A 1 . e Xi 1 PEP if 'S N-f 1 L ,ff-C STANDING June Anderson Presrdent Colleen Row Reporter SEA TED PO1ly Wagoner Vrce Presrdent Jane Vrce Secretary CREED Iwrll attend all games possrble I w111 s1t rn the specral cheerlng sectron reserved for members Iw111 follow the drrectlons of the cheerleaders and coach I w1l1 learn the yells and support the cheer leaders I wrll conduct myself rn a good sportsmanshlp way I w1l1 be happy when the team w1ns but never be angry when they lose lwrll be courteous to the opposrng team cheerleaders and Pep Club members Iwill not carry on any unorganrzed cheers such as boorng the players and offlcrals Iwlll not rnterfere wrth the play of other players or throw anything on the playlng floor that mrght cause the mjury of any of the players , I 4 fa Mx JI ff, f-ff' 1 I ',, v x ! . I Q x T x V V Q . U V U- A A 5 .pikxiy ,- I E. BOYD H. WILSON D. GAUNCE P. HILLOCK Center Forward Guard Guard 1 T. GR.Uv1ES ' BLOUNT I. FRYMAN W. SHANNON Center Guard Forward Forward 'SY BLUE JACKETS VA SITY TE M FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Johnny Fryman Joe Blount Donnre Gaunce Ph11H1l1ock Marvm Fryman SECOND ROW Charles F1nne11 Coach Roy Sapp Manager Ward Shannon Edgar Boyd Tommy Grrmes Harvey Wrlson W1111amE Hubbard Henry Hale Prmcrpal R ITY HEERLE DER Jean Tincher Captarn Marylene Watkrns Frances Alexander Ann Fryman Patsy Fryman This page sponsored by STANDARD OIL SERVICE STATION Carltsle Kentucky 9 1 , 4 p - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 n 1 1 1 n v - 1 1 - , , . , I Y P I I u 5 n ly! It I 3 Y? A-a FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Gerald Watkrns Manager Johnny Lowe Johnny Krng Marvru Fryman arner Rrtchre Manager Charles Fmnell Coach Wrllram Earl Hubbard Charles Rose Donald Hamm Davrd Baker Henry Hale Prrncrpal HEERLE DER l Della Mae Greene, Marjorre Bradley, Anne Collrns, Captarn. Shrrley Jennrngf PP 99 W 'Q N .Y l 9 ,Q N 40 r'E4'- R G " ,X K I , I 4 N-'ls 'P ' 1. . s f ,. l , Q mx , 2' , 1 K 'N -nj Q N, - . H 1 f -" ' , L r I X .. l3UX 83X R :ji , .-A. . 5. It I rn I l tl s X ,' x A ESX . , l JU IOR HI ll TEAM 7 1 FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Turner Shwnnon Byron Fryman Don Ronnre Ratlrff Tommy Lrvrngood Luther Wrlson Bobby Webb Bobby Brady SECOND ROW Rrchard Howard Coach James Snapp Charles McCarty Merrell Mrtchell Sammy Rrtchre Elmo Myers Ray Anderson Jewell Vrce Ralph Taylor Bobby Smrth Donnre Caswell Spears Collrns THIRD ROW Norman Brodrrck B1llyMathes Vernon Wagoner Frank Conyers Shrxley Eubanks, Betty Lynn Jacobs, Anna Lee Hollar, Jamce Feeback, Phylhs Gaunce, Captarn T o F rw X5 'u if xy oil" 1' I P 1 Xe' '6 A ' Q' ' I 33' 33 42 0 ' dl , - nf ' F M I M 6 u I BDOSTER PAGE C1ty Rad1o Shop A 81 P Tea Co Owens 81 Taylor s Market Charles P Cook 81 Co McA1pins Ma1n Street Market Bourbon Hardware. PHTIS Auto Supply Co Bourbon Produce Co G S Varden gl Son Ray Mart1n Harr1son Rural Electric Co Russel B Whalen Cynthxa Ann s Bakery The Nat1onal Bank M Goldburg Cynth1ana Democrat Sz The Brumf1e1d Motor Company C1ty Gr1l1 Rees Wxlliams, Jeweler M. T. Patton, Dry Goods . Log Cab1n Par 1S Parxs Parls P3I'1S Paris Par1s Parls Parls PHIIS Par1s Cynth1ana Cyntluana Cynthlana Cy ntluana Cynthxana Cyntluana Cyntlnana Cynthlana Cynthiana Cynth1ana Cynthiana Wood Rose ...... . . Cynthiana BGOSTER PAGE .Tulxa Desha M11l1nery Harrlson Deposlt Bank Carr Furn1ture Co Cyntluana Food Market W L Thomas Charles E Rankm Camel s Motors Spark s Used Cars T1mes Democrat Kathryn Nlcholl Ruth Anderson Elva Kendall John Adams Harry Letton St Son Eva Mae Henson Judge Herdy Myers Mr and Mrs Paul Garrett Belks Sxmpson 81 Co Roberts Ladxes Wear Cynthlana Cyntluana Cynth1ana Cynth1ana Flemmgsburg Flemlngsburg Flemmgsburg Flemlngsburg Flemmgsburg Carl1sle Carl1sle Carl1sle Carllsle Carlxsle Carhsle Carl1s1e Carllsle Sterling Sterling We w1sh to take th1s opportumty to thank all of the advertisers who have helped to make tlus annual posslble. , . Effie Anderson . . . Carlisle ' . . . Mt. . ' . . .......... Mt. Best W1shes and Comphments N1cho1as County H1gh School COATNEY BROTHERS Carhsle Kentucky Comp11me nts DORSEY BROTHERS Sz FISHER Carlisle Kentucky 1- Success and Best Wlshes to The Seniors of 1952 D E P O S I T B A NK Carlisle Kentucky To the Seniors of of Compliments of YOUR WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Tommy Johnson ...... Owner Carlisle, Ky. Western I -1 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1952 John L. Clinkenbeard Sheriff A1110 J. Milton Fryman A ' t 5521533 Q Deputy Success and Best Wishes 9 Senior Class of 1952 MATHERS Sz SHEARER Kentucky to th Carlisle Compliments Compliments BILL and PEANUTS ALLISON R C A M P B E L L Carlisle Car 11519 Ke ntu cky Ke ntucky of SCOTT PRODUCE McGINLEY SHOE SHOP Buyers of poultry eggs cream Country Hams and black walnuts Expert Shoe Repair Authorized dealers for De Lavel Separators Sz Milkers Carlisle Carlisle Kentucky Kentucky THE NICHOLAS COUNTY STAR More Folks Read It Carlisle Kentucky HARPERS GARAGE BONUS BUILT TRUCKS FORD TRACTORS DEARBORN INIPLEMENTS Complete Car Service Carlisle, Ky of of l ' J . . Compliments Compliments of STONES SERVICE STATION Gas O11 Tires Batteries and Accessories Kentucky Compliments of WILLIAMS RESTAURANT and ICE CREAM BAR Ma1nStreet Carlisle Ky Compliments STANLEY GALBRAITH gl SON Carlisle Kentucky Compliments HOLBROOK'S Carlisle Kentucky Compliments RUTHS DRESS SHOP Carlisle Kentucky Congratulauons Seniors The World Is Now Yours COUNTY AGRICULTURE and HOME AGENT Carlisle Ke ntucky Compliments of JOHN ANDERSON Ta,x Commissioner Carlisle Kentucky C arlisle of of of Congratulations Nicholas County High Seniors FIRST NATIONAL BANK Carlisle Kentucky Compliments CASWELL FURNITURE CO Carlisle Ky Compliments .TACKSTOWN STORE Carlisle Compliments of T R U E M A C K E Y Blue Licks Service Station Mt Olivet Kentucky P I T M A N ' S Jewelry Store Carlisle Kentucky of of Mack Ritchie, Proprietor . , Ky. THE VARIETY STORE Frigidaire Appliances Carlisle, Ky. Compliments of COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE John F. Suggs - Clerk Mrs. John F. Suggs - Deputy Carlisle Kentucky Congratulations from HOBART C. STALL Manager YOUR KROGER STORE Carlisle Ky Compliments of DR. G. T. COWAN Dentist Carlisle Ky Compliments PAT CONLEY Carlisle Kentucky Complime nts WILLIAM CONLEY Carlisle Kentucky Compliments SEXTON'S CASH GROCERY Carlisle Kentucky Compliments MARKWELL gl JONES Carlisle Kentucky of of f 0 of Compl1ments MAURICE KING Haig! DEALER Carllsle Kentucky Compllments .T T M O R FO RD Carhsle Kentucky Congratulauons PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Kentucky Cornpllments BEULAH M HUGHES C1rcu1t Court Clerk Carl1sle Ky Congratulatwns To the Graduates of 52 CARLISLE DRUG Carhsle Kentucky Compllments CARLISLE DRY CLEANERS Carlisle Kentucky Compliments of C A M P B E L L BARBER SHOP Carlisle Ky Kentuck Comphments ROGER C WOMACK Carhsle Y of . of , D R . . . of Carlisle I of of Complxments Comphments REX S SHELL SERVICE RexSmoot HOPKINS DRUG CO Prescmptxon Specxahsts Servlce IS our Motto Carhsle Comphments Kentucky SOUTHERN STATES Phone 18 CARLISLE COOPERATION Carhsle Ky Compl1mentS WELLS PRODUCE P Dan Wells Proprxetor Carl1s1e Kentucky Phone 21 . of of J D D V i Carlisle, Ky. . of of RA'ILIFF BROS CO Always glad to see you Always glad to serve you Phone 10 Carllsle Ky Comphme nts HOPKINS MACHINE SHOP KERN S RESTAURANT Carllsle Carl1sle Kentucky Ke ntuc ky Compllments Compl1ments of ABRAHAM S DEPT STORE Quallty Wearmg Apparel CARLISLE MILL and SUPPLY CO For the Entlre Family C31'11s1e Cal'11S16 Ky Kentucky Comphments To the Class of 1952 F I G H T M A S T E R Real Estate Agency FITSI Nat1ona1 Bank Bldg Carhsle Ky U - . ll ll w . ll of ' I of I 1 ' , . THOMPSON S GRILENHOUSL Flowers for any occas1on H W SMALL Carhsle Kentucky Phone 262 R Comphments C GALBRAITH Carhsle Kentucky Comp11ments CARLISLE MERCURY Car11s1e Kentucky C0mP11m9UtS Congratulatmns to the Semor Class of 1952 SQUARE DEAL GROCERY SPENCER TAYLQR Where Ma saves Pa's Dough" County Judge Carlisle Carlisle K9 ntucky Kentucky 1 of H . . of ' 1 of RICK IXHOQ AIA! Dodge and Plymouth D D D G E- Phone 307 901 Pans Kentucky Compllments ARDERY DRUG CO Par1s Kentucky C0fT1P11m9f1fS Comp11ments of WHEELERS 6th and Main St., Paris, Ky. The Store Where Homes Begin" of 1 BOURBON HATCHERY ---.. .---,-.- ,e.-,,,- ...,. o-, --.WW ..,. ,,.,, ,, ,, , , H ,I 1 ' Y Y 1 Y I W O J , nj . tl l 1 It l - n r 1 7 of I ,W ,, ,.,---..--,.j BOND CLEANERS Pans Kentucky Compllments BOURBON TIRF SERV Pans Kentucky Phone 1865 ICE Comphrnents BOBBIT and HUDSON Pans Kentucky Phone 385 DORSEY FURNITURE CO Everything for the home Paris Kentucky Comphme nts P A U L C R U M P Phone 1386 .T Pans Kentucky DAUGHERTY PAINT AND SUPPLY CO F1fth and Ma1n Streets D T McCracken Sr 8L .Tr Owners Let's Bu11d Together SHEELER LUMBER CO Phones Pans Kentucky Comphments KENTUCKY FINANC 526 Mam Street Phone 1533 Paris E KY of of 0 of . , Paris, Kentucky of 500 300 Comphments 'I HE KENTUCKIAN CITIZEN The County s Oldest Newspaper ELI IS IEWELERS Pans Kentucky Parls Kentucky NICKS RESTAURANT Jeweler SL Optometrlst Pans Kentucky 604 Ma1n Street pans Kentucky Best Foods To Eat Comphments Comp11ments WQODF-ORD SPEARS BOURBON IMPLEMENTS SL and SONS WELDING SUPPLY CO P K t k ans en uc Y Phone 1555 Pans Ky F of J. K. GREER of of WOLI STEIN And Boys Wear PIFIS Kentucky Conxplunentw Phone 958 or 1492 Par1s Kentucky Comp11me nts JACK COHAN 81 SONS Phone 535 705 Maln Street Pans Kentucky Comphments BOURBON LOCKER PLANT Pans Kentucky Congratulatlons to The Sen1ors and The1r New School . Sz Mrs. B. N. Pxttenger Pans, Kentucky Comphments WALLACE SERVICE STATION Paris, Kentucky Compliments of TOMMY'S ICE CREAM BAR Paris. Kentucky Compliments of BUTLER TAXI CO. No. 4 West 8th St. Phone 2284 Pans, Kentucky , 'S of "Everything In Men GOREY INSURANCE AGENCY of of ' of Dr ' RYE S Pans Kentucky Infants Ch1ldrens .Tumors Mlsses Apparel and Accessories Compl1ments CRAYCRAFT Sz SON Grocer1es and Meats D STONE SERVICE STATION M1l1ersburg Ky Phones 2691 2693 Phone 2 53 1 Compliments STONE'S CLEANERS Comphments ROY ENDICOTT Dry Goods Sz Shoes Millersburg Kentucky Millersburg Ky Compliments BROOKSHIRE GROCERY of Shell Products D R A B P L UM M E R Millersbur Kentucky Veterinarian 5 Mulersburg. Ky Phone 2771 of . W. . Gas, Oil, and Tires Mmersburg' Ky' Of of MILLERSBURG COAL gl LUMBER CO Hanna Pa1nt F1e1d Seeds Fertxhzer Phone 4571 M111ersburg Ky Comphments Congratulahons from WAGONER 8. LIVER Bottle Gas M M Apphances phone 2451 M111-ersburg M111erSbUrg Comp11ments Comphments of NOEL S GROCERY KADET INN M1l1ersburg Kentucky M111ersburg Ky MILLERSBURG MARKET Grocer1es Meats Vegetables Frozen Foods Electric Appliances, Etc. Millersburg, Kentucky of ' T. R. FARR1s's GROCERY of I Congratulatlons to the Graduates Nlcholas County H1gh School BLUE GRASS PLANT FOODS INC Cynthlana Kentucky Manufacturers Bluegrass Burley Grower The f1nest 1n tobacco fert111zer RENAKER S DRUG STORE Cynthiana Ky Compliments Walnut Street Cynthiana Ky ASHLAND SERV O CENTER Cynthiana Ky Corner Main and Pleasant Compliments GOLDBERG Sz SONS Cyntluana of of of "The Old Reliable" A . A . C L E A N E R S Q - of , . A . . y Ky. Cornphments MONARCH MILLING Mt Sterling Kentucky Congratulatxons from PEPPER PEAK FLORENCE TOB WHSE CO INC an CYNTHIANA STOCKYARDS INC Thankmg Nxcholas Count1ans for The1r Patronage W E B B E R S Made on the Farm S A U S A G E Near Cynthiana Ky VANHOOK HARDWARE CO Best Wxshes Cynthiana Ky to the Hardware Field Seeds Graduates of 52 Tuxedo Feeds Stoves SKINNER'S TEXACO SERVICE Hoover Cleaners Fence Butch Brand Paints Cynthiana, Ky. of C O . d Cynthiana. Ky. Motox Iluvl-' Iraneportauon ILCK'AR MOORF EXPRESS INC Cyntluana Ky Phone 1 100 Comphments CYNTHIANA MOTOR CO INC Chevrolet Sales an Serv1ce Cynthlana Ky Comphments of HARRISON MOTOR CO Cynthiana, Ky. Congratulatlons from FLOYD G SOUP BARLOW Cynthiana, Ky. Xl , rw, rw Y . ,, -1 1 1 LJ .J 1 , , y a Q Q . 1 O . ' ll ll o KENTUCKY CARDINAL DAIRIES L O U IS G O R D O N Incorporated Men s and Boy s Wear Cynthlana Ky Cyntluana Ky Comp11ments WHALEY FUNERAL HOME Cyntluana Ky TUSSEY FURNITURE COMPANY HOME FURNISHINGS APT LIANC ES 107 S Ma1n St Cyntlnana Ky Comphments of BARLOW TEXACO SERVICE Ma1n and Peach Cynth1ana Ky Congratulations from S M I T H R E E S Cyntluana Ky RIGGLES COAL YARD Cynthiana Ky ROBINSON gl LAIR Prescrlptlon Drugglsts The Rexall Store Phone 255 Cynthiana, Ky. of A f Phone 286 .T C IH. A. WEAVER General Merchandwe Mooref1e1d Kentucky MOORE FIELD DEPOSIT Compllments BANK Moorefxeld Kentucky Congratulatmns Compllments L A BARNARD Mt Sterhng Kentucky E PRUITT 81 S Mlllersburg Ky 2863 Phones 2861 PE NNY S DEPT Mt Sterhng Kentucky Compllments STORE O'REAR HARDWARE CO Westmghouse Maytag R C A Vlctor Mt Sterlmg Kentucky of of M . . O N Ambulance and Funeral Service . ' . of Cornp11rnents OTTE S SERVICE STATION Standard O11 Products Millersburg Ky Phone 41 71 FARMERS EXCHANGE BANK Kentucky Comphments CITIZENS BANK Federal Deposit Insurance S10 O00 for each account Sharpsburg Ky Congratulatlons from .I W JONES .IEWELER Mt Sterling Kentucky Comphments SHARP STUDIO MONTGOMERY NATIONAL BANK Mt. Sterling Mt. Sterling Kentucky Kentucky Compliments of MT. STERLING NATIONAL BANK Mt. Sterling Kentucky Congratulations Seniors EXCHANGE BANK OF KENTUCKY Mt. Sterling Kentucky of ' I Millersburg of of Comnpllmtnt Your R3W191f.,h Dealer Carhble Kentucky G O R M A N 8. L O Agmcultural L1me gl Stone Flemmgsburg Ky Cornphments DOYLE USED CARS Buy Trade Sell Carhsle. Ky Phone 190 Compliments of .TENNINGS GROCERY Route 2 Carlisle, Ky. of A. V. TURNER 'J' of

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